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13 ' 




Write for particulars of NEW MODEL 128 ST. VINCENT STREET, GLASGOW 


TYPEWRITERS on Cash and Deferred Terms T E L E P H O N E : — C I T Y 6761 (4 lines) 

Name .';; 









UP TO 40% 







Insurance Brokers and Independent Consultants 







Write for particulars of NEW MODEL 128 ST. VINCENT STREET, GLASGOW 


TYPEWRITERS on Cash and Deferred Terms TE L E P H O N E : — C I T Y 6761 (4 lines) 












OVER £195,000,000 





Funds exceed £11 ,000,000. 

President— The Right Hon. THE EARL OF STAIR, K.T., D.S.O. 
Vice-President— The Right Hon. THE EARL BALDWIN, K.G., P.C. 



Whatever form of Life Assurance policy is selected with the Scottish Equitable Life Assurance 
Society, a special benefit may be added at very small cost which provides a substantial 
income for dependants — the largest benefit where the need is greatest. 


Loans granted for large proportion of price. 
Easy repayments with moderate interest. 
Loans cleared by policy in case of death. 





1. Early entry secures assurance costing less than £ I for every £100. 

2. Valuable Education benefits. 

3. Guaranteed cash payment at age 21. 

Write for Particulars to any of the Addresses as undernoted — 

Glasgow Office— 155 WEST GEORGE STREET 


Aberdeen— 218 UNION STREET Dundee— 6 PANMURE STREET 

Inverness— 42 HIGH STREET 


Xne National Bank of Scotland 


Established 1825 and Incorporated by Royal Charter and Act of Parliament 


Subscribed, - 

Paid up, - 

Reserve Fund, - - - - - 

Deposit and Credit Balances as at 

1st November, 1938, ... 



Head Office : 9-11 GEORGE ST., EDINBURGH (Temporary Premises). 

General Manager— JOHN T. LEGGAT. Secretary—]. ALLAN BROWN. 

City Office: 37 NICHOLAS LANE, Lombard Street, E.C.4 

Manager— JOHN COWAN. Assist. Manager— WILLIAM. R. GILCHRIST. 

West-End Office 

18-20 REGENT STREET, Piccadilly Circus, S.W.I 

Manager— JAMES MOIR. 

Glasgow Chief Office : 

Manager— M. F. MATHESON. 
Cashier— W. G. CAMPBELL. 


Assistant Manager— ALEXANDER DOWIE. 
Accountant — W. MELLES. 

Anderston — 
528 Argyle Street C.3. 

Bothwell Street — 
65-69 Bothwell Street C.2 


218 Dalmarnock Rd 

Byres Road — 
257 Byres Road W.2. 

Canniesburn — 
2 CanniesburnToll, Bearsden 

Cardonald — 
2139 Paisley Road W. , S . W. 2 . 

Cathcart — 
2 Clarkston Rd. Cathcart S.4. 
Central Hotel — 
Central Station Hotel, C.2. 
Crosshill — 
398 Victoria Road S.2 


Dennistoun — ,- 
504 Duke Street E. 

Gallowgate — 
431 Gallowgate S.E. 

Govan Road — 
718 Govan Road S.W. 

Hillhead — 
535 Gt. Western Rd. W.2 

Maryhill — 
753 Maryhill Road N.W. 

Paisley Road — 

469 Paisley Road C.5. 

Parkhead — 

8 Westmuir Street E. 

Partick — 

280 Dumbarton Rd. W.i. 

Renfield Street — 
Renfield Street C.2. 

St. Enoch Square — 
22 St. Enoch Square C.i. 

St. George's Cross. 
35 Gt. Western Rd. C.4. 

St. Rollox— 
181 Castle Street C.4. 

Sauchiehall Street — 
437 Sauchiehall Street C.2. 
Shawlands — 
29 Kilmarnock Road S.i. 
Springburn — 
536 Springburn Road N. 
Trongate — 
2 Glassford Street C. 1. 

Union Street — 78 Union Street C.i. 

Every description of Banking Business, including Foreign Exchange and all othei 
classes of Overseas Business, transacted at the Bank's Branches throughout Scotland and 
at the London Offices. 

Savings Accounts, bearing interest, may be opened with small sums. 

The Bank undertakes the duties of Trustee or Executor, etc. 

Post Office 
Grlasgow Directory 

For 1939-1940 

Arranged as General, 
Street, Y Commercial, 
and Suburban: with an 


containing useful Local 
and General Information 



Cloth, 17/6 Half Bound, 20/-. Full Bound, 22/-. 

Lettering on Outside Cover (Name only), Is. extra. 

Glasgow: Printed by Aird & Coghill, Ltd., 24 Douglas St., C.2 

For the Glasgow Post Office Directory Association, Limited 



In issuing the Post Office Glasgow Directory for 1939-40, the Publishers 
beg to express their thanks for the liberal patronage bestowed on the 
work in the past, and desire to state that, as formerly, no effort has 
been spared to render it as accurate and complete as possible. They, 
however, do not. hold themselves responsible for any error or omission. 
The Banks, &c, Statistics of the Population of the City and 
Suburbs, the Parliamentary and Municipal Voters for 1938-1939, with 
the Parliamentary Divisions of the City and Members of Parliament, 
also a description of the revised Municipal Wards, brought up to date, 
will be found in their former positions, and other items of general 
information. To these have been added a list of the Secretaries of the 
various Ward Committees. The Car Parking places, as agreed to by 
the Magistrates of the City of Glasgow, are described and directions are 
given regarding their proximity to the main thoroughfares. In the Streets 
Section of the Directory (pages 681 to 1412), the letters or numerals 
affixed to the name of each street or place indicate the Postal District 
in which such street is situated. Pages 26 to 71 comprise an Alphabetical 
List of Streets, with Postal Districts, showing the locality in which 
they are situated. The numbers affixed to each street show, in the 
rently described columns, the Re-arranged Registration District 
unicipal Ward. 

named Streets.- — At the request of the Corporation of the City, 

of the Re-named Streets since 1922, showing the Old Names 

habetical Order, together with the New Names with their Postal 

ress, will be found on page 71. 

The Plan Map, by Messrs. J. Bartholomew & Son, Ltd., Edinburgh, 

will show, in blue, the Parliamentary Divisions, and in red the Municipal 

Wards of the City. 

The various Suburban Districts around the City are given, as formerly, 
revised and corrected. 

In the Appendix will be found useful details regarding various 
Institutions and Public Offices. 

The printing has been done by Messrs. Aird & Coghill, Ltd., 24 
Douglas Street, C.2, and the binding by Messrs. Gowans & Gray, Ltd., 
'58 Cadogan Street, C.2. 

All communications on Directory business should be addressed to the 
Editor, Post Office Directory, 207 Ingram Street, Glasgow, C.i. Tel. 
No. Central S628. 

All communications regarding Advertisements in the Post Office 
Directory to be addressed to Mr. A. H. Sturrock, 101 St. Vincent 
Street, C.2. Tel. No. Central 3293. 

207 Ingram Street. Glasgow, C. i, May, rgjg. 




APPENDIX INDEX, .. ' .. .. .. •• ? 



MUNICIPAL WARDS— For number o! Ward in which each Street is 
situated, see Alphabetical List of Streets. 






RE-NAMED STREETS, showing Old and New Names 71 

CLYDE NAVIGATION TRUST (Cross River Ferries Time Table) . . 83 

SPORTS SECTION— Badminton, Bowling, Football, Cricket, Golf, Chess, 

Tennis, Miniature Rifle Clubs, 84 








Barrhead, 1894 

Bearsden, 1894 

Bishopbriggs 1901 

Bothwell, 1901 

Cambuslang, 1902 

Drumchapel, 1905 

Giifnock 1905 

Kirkintilloch, .. .. ,, 1909 

Lenzie, , . . , . . . 1911 

Millerston, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1914 

Milngavie. , 1914 

Mount Vernon and Carmyle, . . . . , . , . . . . . 1915 

Rutherglen, , 1915 

Stepps, . . 1919 

Uddingston, 1921 

Westerton, .. .. .. .. 1921 


POST TOWNS, .. .. .. .. ,. . ,. 1976 


Allan, James, & Son, Limited, 146 Sauchiehall 

street, C.2, - - - - - - 2368 

Arrol, Sir William, & Co., Ltd. (second page 

inside back cover). 
Baird, Robert, wholesale optician, 4 West 

Regent street, C.2 - 
Bank of Scotland, 2 St. Vincent place, C.I., - 
Boardman, James, Glasgow Stamp Works, 

153 London road, C.l, 
British Income Tax Advisory Assoe., Ltd., 

30 Gordon street, C.I.- 
Brown, A. Kirkwood, & Sons, house factors, - 
Brown & Co., 73 to 85 M l Alpine St., C.2, 
Commercial Union Assurance Co., Ltd., 
County Fire Office, 158 St. Vincent st., C.2 
Cousland, C. J., & Sons, Edinburgh (beside 

" Colour Printers," Trades section). 

Cowiesons Ltd., Charles street, St. Rollox, N., 

Craigpark Electric Cable Co., Ltd., Spring- 
burn ------- 

Dick, R. & J, Greenhead, S.E, (facing p. 240 
General section, also beside "Ropes, Driv- 
ing, Balata," Trades section). 

Druminond, James, Glasgow Zinc Works, 

Eagle Star and British Dominions Insurance 
Co., Ltd., 140 W. George St., C.2, 

Edmkton, Brown & Co., 46 Midwharf st. C.4 
(besides "Electricians," Trades section). 

Ferguson & Timpson, Ltd., 50 Wellington 
street, C.2, ------ 

Liverpool & London & Globe Insurance Co., 
Ltd., ------ - 1 

Lloyd's Insurances (Mann, Ballantyne & Co.), 
183 W. George street C.2 (first page inside 
front cover). 

M'Lagan & Gumming, Warriston road, Edin- 
burgh (General section, p. 435). 

MacLellan & Rose, Ltd., 43 Arcadia street, 
S.E., ------- 1479 

M'Skimming, John, 45 Hope st., C.2, - - 1819 

Milligan, D., 113 Albion street, C.l ■ - 2368 

National Bank of Scotland, Ltd., - 2 









Pillans & Wilson, 58 Renfield street, C.2 
(beside " Printers," Trades section). 

Royal Bank of Scotland, Royal Exchange 
square, C.l (see inside of back cover). 

Scottish Equitable Life Assurance Society, 1 

Scottish National (The) Key Registry and 

Assurance Association, Ltd., - - - 207 5 

Scottish (The) Reversionary Co., Ltd., Edin- 
burgh, - ----- 2367 

Scottish Temperance and General Assurance 
Co., Ltd., - - - - - - 4 

Standard Property Investment Co., Ltd., - 94 
Struthers, David, 126 Broomielaw, C.l, - 1631 

The British Linen Bank, 110 Queen street, 

C.l, 155 

The Clydesdale Bank, 30 St. Vincent place, 

C.l, 199 

The Commercial Bank, 113-115 Buchanan 

street, C.l, - 207 

The Heritable Securities and Mortgage Invest- 
ment Association, Ltd., Edinburgh, - - 2367 

The Shipwrecked Fishermen and Mariners 
Royal Benevolent Society, - - - 1412 

Thom, Robert A., & Co., 54 Gordon st„ C.l, 1823 

Tullis, John, & Son, Ltd., Tullis street, S.E. 

(beside " Belting Manufacturers," Trades 

Union (The) Bank of Australia, Limited (first 

page inside back cover). 

Walker & Wilson, Imperial Works, Hamilton, 14?1 

Warne, Wm., & Co., Ltd., 29 Grssham street, 
London, E.G. 2, and 40 West Nile street, 
C.l, ------- 1641 

Watson, John M., & Co., Crownpoint Works, 1869 

Watson's Art Metal Office Furniture, 128 St. 
Vincent street, C.2, - 1709 

Watson's Typewriters Ltd., 128 St. Vincent 
street, C.2 (see inside front cover). 







Abstainers Union, .... 2295 

Academy of Music (The Scottish National),2347 
Accountants and Actuaries (Institute of), 2263 
Accountants and Auditors (The Society 

of Incorporated), - 2262 

Actuaries in Scotland (Fellows of the 

Faculty of), 2278 

Aged Christian Friend Society, - - 2301 
Aged Seamen's Relief Fund (The Glasgow) 2314 
Aged Women's Society, - - - 2309 

Agricultural College (The West of 

Scotland), 2335 

Air Force, 2358 

Alliance of Honour, - 2298 

Ambulance Association (St. Andrew's), - 2315 
An Comunn Gaidbealach, - - - 2336 
Anderson College of Medicine, - - 2336 
Andersonian Natural History and Micro- 
scopical Society (Glasgow and), - 2344 
Anderston and District Health Association, 2342 
Angus and Mearns Eenevolent Society, - 2318 
Anti-vivisection Society (Scottish), - 2354 
Aquarium Society (The Scottish), - 2354 
Archaeological Society (Glasgow), - - 2344 
Architects (Institute of), - - - 2279 
Arran Society of Glasgow, - - - 2316 
Art Club (Glasgow), .... 2344 
Artists' Benevolent Association (Scottish), 2320 
Assemblies of Christian Brethren, - 2292 
Astronomical Association (The British), - 2345 
Asylum for the Blind (Royal Glasgow), - 2301 
Automobile Club (The Royal Scottish), - 2355 
Ayrshire Society, 2309 

Baillie's Institution Free Public Reference 

Library, - 2352 

Balmanno Bequest, .... 2303 
Band of Hope Union (Scottish), - - 2300 
Bank of Scotland, .... 2132 

Banking Houses and Branches, - - 2134 

Baptist Church, 2292 

Barony of Gorbals Benevolent Society, - 2305 
Bellahouston Dispensary, - - - 2339 
Bible Society of Scotland, - - - 2297 
Black's Bequest for Domestic Servants, 2306 
Boy Scouts' Association, - - - 2299 
Boys' Brigade, Glasgow Battalion, - 2298 

British Astronomical Association (The), 2345 
British Industries (The Federation of), - 2350 
British (The) Linen Bank, - - - 2132 


Brown's Society of Glasgow, - - 2314 

Building Contractors' Association, - 2348 

Burgh Courts, 2217 

Burial Reform and Cremation Society 

(Limited), 2355 

Burns Association (Glasgow and District), 2355 
Bute Benevolent Society, - - - 2308 

Caithness Benevolent Association, - 2308 

Caledonian Catholic Association, - - 2299 
Cancer Hospital (The Glasgow Royal), - 2342 
Canine Defence League, - - - 2356 

Canniesburn Auxiliary Hospital, - - 2337 
Carpet Manufacturers' Association, - 2351 
Carriers' Quarters, .... 2237 

Catherine M'Caig's Trust (The Governors 

of), 2335 

Catholic Apostolic Church, - - - 2292 
Celtic Society (The Glasgow), - - 2355 
Central Dispensary, .... 2342 
Chamber of Commerce, - - - 2351 

Chartered Institute of Secretaries, - - 2275 
Chartered Surveyors' Institution, - - 2257 
Chemists Friendly Society, - - - 2321 
Children's Home Hospital, Strathblane, - 2313 
Choral Union (Glasgow), - - - 2347 
Christian Brethren (Assemblies of), - 2292 
Christian Friend Society (Aged), - - 2301 
Christian Literature Society for China, - 2294 
Christian Science, - - - - - 2293 

Church of Christ, 2294 

Church of the Nazarene, - - - 2293 
Church of Scotland, .... 2286 

Citizens' Union, 2354 

City Business Club, .... 2354 
City of Glasgow Native Benevolent 

Association, - - - - - 2311 
City of Glasgow Society of Social Service, 2301 

City Mission, 2296 

City Temple, 2294 

Civic Society, ..... 2356 

Clan Campbell Society, - - - 2317 

Clan Lamont Society, ... - 2308 
Clan Macfarlane Benevolent Society, - 2321 
Clan MacLean Association, - - - 2305 
Clan MacNab Association, - - - 2306 
Clan Macrae Association, - - - 2320 
Clothing Association (The Scottish 

Wholesale), 2351 

Clyde Lighthouses Trust, - - - 2236 



Clyde Navigation Trust, - - - 2236 
Clyde Pilotage Authority, - - - 2236 

Clydesdale Bank, 2132 

Clydesdale Merchants' and Tradesmen's 

Society, 2312 

Clydesdale Upper Ward Society, - - 2306 
College of Domestic Science (The Glasgow 

and West of Scotland), - - - 2332 
Colquhoun Bequest for Incurables, - 2306 
Commercial Bank of Scotland, - - 2133 
Commercial College (Glasgow and West 

of Scotland), 2333 

Commercial Friendly Society (Glasgow 

and West of Scotland), - - - 2307 
Commercial Library, .... 2352 
Commercial Travellers of Scotland Benev- 
olent Fund for Widows and Orphans, 2318 
Community Service ia Unemployment 

(The Glasgow Council for), - - 2321 
Company of Stationers of Glasgow, - 2306 
Congregational Union of Scotland, - 2292 

Consumption Sanatoria, - - - 2310 

Convalescent Home, Lenzie, - - - 2303 
Convalescent Home for Children(Scottish),2317 
Convalescent Seaside Homes, Dunoon, - 2307 
Corn Trade Association, Ltd., - - 2351 
Corn Trade Benevolent Association, - 2310 
Corporation of the City of Glasgow, - 2201 
Corporation of Insurance Brokers, - - 2351 
Country Home for Poor Children, 

Langbank, 2302 

County Courts, 2217 

Cremation Society, Limited (The Scottish 

Burial Reform and), - - - 2355 
Cruelty to Animals (Society for the 

Prevention of), .... 2320 
Cruelty to Children (Royal Scottish 

Society for Prevention of), - - 2312 
Cumberland and Westmorland Assoc 

iation, 2317 

Cyclists' Touring Club, .... 2354 

David Elder Infirmary, Govan, - - 2338 
Deacons of the Fourteen Incorporated 

Trades (Association of), - - - 2216 
Deacons and Free Preseses (Society of), - 2313 
Deaf and Dumb (Mission to the Adult), - 2309 
Deaf and Dumb (Royal Glasgow 

Institute for), .... 2304 

Deaf and Dumb (The Glasgow Society 

for the Education of the), . - - 2319 
Defective and Feeble-minded Children 

(The Glasgow Association for the 

Care of), 2308 

Dental Hospital and School (Glasgow), - 2340 
Development Council (The Scottish), - 2356 

Dickens Society, 2345 

Discharged Prisoners' Aid Society, - 2312 
Distributive Trades Federation, - - 2350 
District Libraries, .... 2352 

District Nursing Association (The 

Glasgow), ' 2339 

Dog and Cat Home for Glasgow and 

West of Scotland, - - - - 2311 
Domestic Science (Glasgow and West of 

Scotland College of), - - - 2332 
Domestic Servants (Black's Bequest for), 2306 

Dorcas Society of the Royal Infirmary, - 
Dorcas Society of the Victoria Infirmary, 
Drapers' Benevolent Fund (The Scottish 

Wholesale and Retail), - 
Drapers, Outfitters, Garment Makers and 
Milliners Association (The Glasgow 
and West of Scotland Retail), - 
Drapers, Outfitters, Garment Makers and 
Milliners Federation (The Scottish 


Dumbartonshire Benevolent Society, - 
Dunoon Convalescent Seaside Homes, - 



- 2307 



Ear, Nose, and Throat Hospital, - - 2340 

Earl Haig Fund, 2313 

East Park Home for Infirm Children, - 2320 
Eastern Merchants' and Tradesmen's 

Society, 2312 

Eastwood Club, 2315 

Education of the Deaf and Dumb (The 

Glasgow Society for the), - - 2319 
Education Department, ... 2328 

Educational Trust, .... 2332 
E. M'Laren Fund for Indigent Ladies, - 2319 
Elder Cottage Hospital, Govan, - - 2341 
Elder Park Library, Govan, - - 2352 

Elders' and Office-bearers' Unions of 

Church of Scotland (Central Council 

of), 2295 

Epileptics, Colony for, ... - 2310 
Episcopal Church of Scotland, - - 2290 
Esperanto Societies, .... 2355 
Evangelistic Association (Glasgow United) 2295 
Eye Infirmary (The Glasgow), - - 2341 

Factors' Association (see Property 

Owners' and Factors'), - - - 2349 
Faculty of Actuaries in Scotland 

(Fellows of the), .... 2278 
Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons 

(Royal), 2256 

Faculty of Procurators, - - - 2258 

Federation of British Industries (The), - 2350 
Federation of Merchant Tailors, - - 2350 
Fellows of the Faculty of Actuaries in 

Scotland (Resident in Glasgow), - 2278 
Fife, Kinross, and Clackmannan Chari- 
table Society, .... 2318 
Fishmongers' and Poulterers' Association, 2350 
Foot Hospital (Glasgow and West of 

Scotland), 2342 

Forsyth Association, - - - - 2313 
Foundry Boys Religious Society, - - 2298 
Free Church of Scotland, - - - 2290 
Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland, - 2290 
Friends' Meeting House, - - - 2294 
Fruit Buyers' Association (The Scottish 

Wholesale), 2351 

Furniture Trades Benevolent Association, 2319 

Galloway Brotherly Society, - - - 2319 
General Post Office, .... 2083 
Girl Guides' Association, ... 2298 



Girl's Guildry, 2296 

Girl's Life Brigade, ... - 2297 
Glasgow Academy, .... 2334 
Glasgow and Andersonian Natural 

History and Microscopical Society, 2344 
Glasgow Benevolent Society, - - 2306 

Glasgow Choral Union, - - - 2347 

Glasgow Society of Organists, - - 2347 
Glasgow United Evangelistic Association, 2295 
Glasgow and West Coast Mission, - - 2300 
Glaziers' Association (The Glasgow and 

West of Scotland Master), - - 2350 
Gospel Mission and Poor Children's Free 

Breakfast (The South Western), - 2309 
Govan Weavers' Society, - - - 2320 
Government Officers (National Associa- 
tion of Local), .... 2354 
Graham Charitable, .... 2307 
Grand Antiquity Society (The), - -. 2216 
Grocer Company of Glasgow, - - 2305 
Grove Street Institute, ... - 2299 
Guild of Aid and Day Nursery, - - 2298 

Hamilton's Annuity Fund, - - - 2304 
Henry George Freedom League, - - 2335 
High School of Glasgow, - - - 2336 
Highland Club (The Glasgow), - - 2320 
Highland Society (Glasgow), - - 2336 

Highlanders' Institute, - - - - 2315 
His Majesty's Ministers, - - - 2191 
His Majesty's Privy Council, - - 2193 

Home for Deserted Mothers, - - 2312 

Homoeopathic Hospital for Children, 

Mount Vernon, .... 2318 
Hospital for Sick Children (Royal), - 2341 
Hospital for Women (Glasgow), - - 2340 
Hostels' Association (Scottish Youth), - 2318 
Household of the King, - - - 2192 

Humane Society, 2314 

Hutchesons' Educational Trust, - - 2334 
Hutehesons' Hospital, - 2303 

Incorporated Accountants and Auditors 

(Society of), 2262 

Incorporation of Bakers, - - - 2214 
Incorporation of Barbers, - - - 2215 
Incorporation of Bonnetmakers and Dyers,2215 
Incorporation of Coopers, - - - 2215 
Incorporation of Cordiners, - - - 2214 
Incorporation of Fleshers, - - - 2215 
Incorporation of Gardeners, - 2215 

Incorporation of Hammermen, - - 2213 
Incorporation of Maltmen, - - - 2214 
Incorporation of Masons, - - - 2215 
Incorporation of Skinners, - - - 2214 
Incorporation of Tailors, - - - 2213 
Incorporation of Weavers, - - - 2214 
Incorporation of Wrights, - - - 2214 
Incurables in Glasgow and West of 
Scotland (Association for the Relief 

of), 2303 

Inland Revenue, ----- 2158 
Inland Revenue Office, - - - 2218 

Institute of Accountants and Actuaries, 2263 
Institute of Architects (Glasgow), - - 2279 

Institute of the Fine Arts, - - - 2344 
Institution of British Launderers, Ltd., - 2354 
Insurance Brokers (Corporation of), - 2351 
Iron and Steel Institute, - - - 2336 
Iron, Steel, and Ironmongery Benevolent 

Association, - 2319 

Justices of the Peace for the City of 

Glasgow, 2245 

Justices of the Peace for the County of 

Dumbarton, - 2255 

Justices of the Peace for the County of 

Stirling, 2255 

Justices of the Peace for the Lower Ward 

of Lanarkshire, - 2253 

Kelvinside Academy, 
Kilmun Convalescent Home, 
Kintyre Club, 


" La Methode Directe," - - . 2336 

Ladies' Auxiliary of the Association for 

the Relief of Incurables, - . 2308 

Ladies' Auxiliary to the Glasgow Citv 

Mission, ----.". 2297 
Larchfield Club, - 2355 

Launderers, Ltd. (Institution of British), 2354 
Lenzie Convalescent Home, - - . 2303 
Liberal Federation (The Scottish), - - 2346 
Libraries (List of), - 2212 

Licensed Trade Defence Association, - 2350 
Lieutenancy of Glasgow, - - . 2200 
Lieutenancy of Lanarkshire, - - - 2200 
Lifeboat Institution (Royal National), - 2316 

Lochaber Society, 2308 

Lock Hospital, - 2339 

London Missionary Society (Glasgow 

Auxiliary to the), - 2299 

M'All Mission in France, - - . 2297 

M'Alpin Nursing Home, - - . 2334 

Macalpine's Mortification, - - . 2304 

Macdonald Society, - 2309 

Magdalene Institution, - 2295 

Maimed and Limbless Sailors and Soldiers, 2343 

Manx Association, - 2314 

Marine Biological Association (Scottish), 2344 

Masonic, ----.. 2282 

Maternity and Women's Hospital (The 

Glasgow Royal), - 2343 

Maxwell and Hutcheson Charitable Trust, 231 1 

Medical Missionary Society, - - . 2305 

Members of Parliament for Scotland, - 2198 
Mental Hospital, Gartnavel (The Glasgow 

Royal), - 2340 

Merchants House, - - - - - 2213 

Messengers at Arms, - 2257 

Methodist Church, - 2292 

Mission Coast Homes, Saltcoats, - - 2302 

Mission to the Adult Deaf and Dumb, - 2309 

Mission to the Out-Door Blind, - - 2313 

Mitchell Library, - 2352 




Montrose Maternity Hospital, Govan, - 2335 
Moray and Banffshire Friendly Society, 2312 
Mountjoy Orphan Home, - - - 2313 
Musical Festival Association, ' - - 2347 

National Bank of Scotland, - - - 2132 
National Council of Women of Great 

Britain, 2346 

National Health Insurance and Pensions, 2189 
Natural History and Microscopical Society 

(Glasgow and Andersonian), - - 2344 

Navv League, 2354 

N.E'W.S.-Boys' League and Home, - 2311 
Newspapers, Periodicals, and Magazines, 2353 
Night Asylum for the Houseless, - - 2308 
North Parish Washing Green Society, - 2321 
North of Scotland Bank, Ltd., - - 2133 
Northern Highland Benevolent Society, 2319 
Nursing Association (The Glasgow 

District), 2339 

Ohan and Lorn Association, - - 2307 

Officers of State (Scotland), - - - 2192 
Old Glasgow Glub, .... 2334 
Old Man's Friend Society and Old 

Women's Home, - 2305 

Old Maryhill Neighbourly Society, - - 2316 
Ophthalmic Institution, - - - 2339 

Orkney and Shetland Benevolent Society, 2311 
Orphan Homes of Scotland, - - - 2310 
Orthopaedic and Rheumatic Clinic, - 2312 
Out-Door Blind (Mission to the), - - 2313 

Painters' Association (The Glasgow 

Master), 2348 

Painters in Water Colours (The Royal 

Scottish Society of), - - - 2344 
Paper Box Manufacturers Association, - 2351 

Parking Places, 2231 

Penny Savings Banks, .... 2155 
Perthshire Association, - - - - 2312 
Perthshire Charitable, - 2303 

Philosophical Society of Glasgow (Royal), 2346 
Physicians and Surgeons (Royal Faculty 

of), 2256 

Plasterers' Association (Glasgow and 

West of Scotland Master), - - 2350 
P.S.A. Brotherhood Federation, - - 2299 
Police Offices and Stations, - - - 2219 

Police Officials, 2212 

Poor Children's Holiday Homes, - - 2309 
Postal Information, - - - 2083-2131 
Prevention of Vivisection (Scottish 

Society for the), .... 2356 
Procurators (The Faculty of), - - 2258 
Property Owners' and Factors' Associ- 
ation, Glasgow, Limited, - - 2349 
Protestant League, .... 2296 
Provand's Lordship Club, - - - 2345 
Public Assistance Department, - - 2220 

Public Offices, 2218 

Public Halls (Corporation), - - - 2211 
Public Health Department, - - - 2220 
Public Libraries (Corporation), - - 2352 

Radium Institute (The Glasgow and West 

of Scotland), 2342 

Railway Benevolent Institution, - - 2304 

Rates for Ferries, 2235 

Red Cross Society (British), - - - 2311 
Redlands Hospital for Women, - - 2342 
Reformation Society, - 2296 

Refraction Hospital (The Glasgow), - 2343 
Regions Beyond Missionary Union (The), 2296 
Registry of Friendly Societies, - - 2278 
Renfrewshire Society (The Incorporated 

Glasgow), - - - " - - 2316 
Retail Drapers, Outfitters, Garment 

Makers, and Milliners Association, - 2307 
Rodmure School of Dress Designing, 

Dressmaking, and Tailoring, - - 2335 
Roman Catholic Church, - - - 2291 

Rotary Club, 2349 

Royal Bank of Scotland, - - - 2132 
Royal Exchange Glasgow, Limited, - 2351 
Royal Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons,2256 
Royal Family (The), .... 2191 
Royal Glasgow Asylum for the Blind, - 2301 
Royal Glasgow Institute for Deaf and 

Dumb, 2304 

Royal Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts, 2344 
Royal Hospital for Sick Children, - - 2341 
Royal Infirmary (Glasgow), - 2337 

Royal Infirmary Dorcas Society, • - 2307 
Royal National Lifeboat Institution, - 2316 
Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve (Clyde 

Division), 2357 

Royal Northern Yacht Club, - - 2355 

Royal Samaritan Hospital for Women, - 2338 
Royal Scottish Automobile Club (The), - 2355 
Royal Scottish National Institution, 

Larbert, 2315 

Royal Technical College (The), - - 2327 

Sailors' Home (The Glasgow), - - 2319 
Sailors' Orphan Society of Scotland, - 2303 
Sailors' Society (British), - - - 2316 
Saint Andrew Society (Glasgow), - - 2345 
St. Andrew's Ambulance Association, - 2315 
St. Vincent de Paul Society, - - - 2302 

Salvation Army, 2293 

Samaritan Hospital for Women (Royal), 2338 
Samaritan Society — Western Infirmary, - 2307 
Sanitary Association of Scotland (The 

Royal), 2334 

Savings Bank of Glasgow, - - - 2132 
Schaw Convalescent Home, Bearsden, - 2337 
School of Architecture (The Glasgow), - 2327 
School of Art (The Glasgow), - - 2333 
Scientific Society of the Royal Technical 

College, 2335 

Scoto-Italian Society, .... 2335 
Scottish Artists' Benevolent Association, 2320 
Scottish Bankers Association, - - 2350 
Scottish Clerks Association, - - - 2316 
Scottish Development Council (The), - 2356 
Scottish Employers' Council for the Clay 

Industries, - - . • - - - 2351 
Scottish Horse (The Glasgow District) 

Regimental Association and Club, - 2320 
Scottish National Academy of Music 

(The), 2347 



Scottish Peerage, 2194 

Scottish Representative Peers, - - 2198 
Scottish Temperance Alliance, - - 2294 
Seamen's Friend Society, - - - 2295 
Seamen's Relief Fund (The Glasgow Aged),2314 
Secretaries (Chartered Institute of), - 2275 
Servants' Home or House of Mercy, - 2310 
Sheriff Small Debt Court, - - - 2216 
Shipwrecked Mariners' Society, - - 2313 
Shoe Factors' Association, - - - 2350 
Shorthand-Writers' Association, - - 2333 
Sick Children's Hospital (Royal Hospital 

for Sick Children), .... 2341 
Sir Walter Scott Club, .... 2345 

Skerry's College, 2335 

Slate Trade Benevolent Association, - 2301 
Slaters' Association (Glasgow and West 

of Scotland Master), - - - 2350 
Small Debt Court of the Justices, - - 2216 
Social Service (City of Glasgow Society of), 2301 

Soldiers' Home, 2294 

Sons of Scotland Temperance Friendly 

Society, 2308 

Southern Merchants' and Tradesmen's 

Society, - 2308 

Spanish Society of Scotland, - - 2336 

Spiritualist Association, - - - 2297 

Steamship Owners' Association (The 

Glasgow and Clyde), - - - 2348 
Stevenson Bequest, - - - - 2317 

Stewart Society, 2302 

Stirling's Library, .... 2352 

Stirlingshire and Sons of the Rock 

Society (Glasgow), - - - 2310 

Sunday School Association (World's), - 2297 
Sunday School Union for Christian 

Education, 2295 

Surveyors' Institution (The Chartered), 2257 
Sutherlandshire Association, - - - 2306 

Tail-Waggers' Club, .... 2355 
Technical College (The Royal), - - 2327 
Territorial Army and Air Force 

Association, 2358 

Textile Association (West of Scotland), - 2349 
' Theosophical Society, .... 2299 
Trades House, - - - - - 2213 
' Tree Lovers' Society, .... 2356 
'Trinity College (Church of Scotland), - 2326 


Underwriters and Insurance Brokers in 

Glasgow (Association of), - - 2348 
Union Bank of Scotland, - - - 2133 
Unionist Association (Glasgow), - - 2346 
Unionist Association (Scottish), - - 2346 
Unitarian Church, .... 2294 
United Free Church of Scotland, - - 2289 
United Original Secession Church, - - 2292 
University, 2322 

Veterinary College (Glasgow), - - 2327 
Victoria Infirmary, .... 2338 
Victoria Infirmary Dorcas Society, - 2301 

Warehousemen's Association (The Scot- 
tish Wholesale), .... 2351 
Watchmakers and Jewellers (The Scottish 

Association of), - - - - 2314 
Water-of-Endrick Friendly Society, - 2314 
Weavers' Society of Anderston, - - 2306 
West Coast Mission (The Glasgow and), - 2300 
Western Baths, Hillhead, - - - 2355 
Western Infirmary, .... 2337 
Widows' Friend Society, - - - 2306 
Wild Birds (The Scottish Society for the 

Protection of), .... 2354 
Wine and Spirit Merchants' Benevolent 

Institution, 2311 

Women's Help Committee, - 2317 

World's Sunday School Association, - 2297 
Wrights' and Builders' Association 

(Glasgow Master), .... 2349 

Yacht Club (Royal Northern), 

Y.M.C.A., Glasgow, - 

Young Women's Christian Association 

(Y.W.C.A. of Scotland), 
Y.W.C.A., Glasgow (Y.W.C.A. of Great 


Youth Hostels' Association (Scottish), - 




Zachary Merton Convalescent Home, - 2337 


Population in City 

Estimated Population within Municipal 

Boundary, 1931, ... 
Increase since last Census (1921), 


Municipal Wards of the Burgh and 
Number of Electors in each Ward. 









Shettleston and 

Tollcross, ... 
Dalmarnock, ... 
Dennistoun, . . . 
Springburn, ... 
Blythswood, . . . 
Sandyf ord, 


Cowcaddens, ... 



North Kelvin, 



Partick East, . . . 

Partick West, 

Whiteinch, ... 







Pollokshields, . . . 


Pollokshaws, ... 




Yoker and Knight s 















































































of Electors. 
Female. Total. 







281,163 321,870 603,033 

Population within the Municipal Boundaries of the 
City of Glasgow from 1821 to 1931 : 

1821 1831 1841 1851 1861 

147,043 202,426 265,650 329,096 395,503 

1871 1881 1891 1901 1911 

477,732 511,415 658,198 761,709 784,496 

1921 1931 

1.034,174 1,088,624 












St. Rollox 





3rd and 4th Wards. 
Member — James Maxton, 

Beechwood, Gateside road, 

5th, 6th and 7th Wards. 
Member — Rev. Campbell 

Stephen, M.A., B.D., B.Sc. 

45 Brougham St., Greenock. 
35th, 36th and 37th Wards. 
Member — Sir John Train, 

Cathkin Ho., Rutherglen. 
11th, 12th and 13th Wards. 
Member — Sir Wm. Alexander, 

K.B.E., C.B., C.M.G., 

D.S.O., 93 West George 

street, C.2. 
26th and 27th Wards. 
Member — George Buchanan, 

16 Ardbeg btreet, S.2. 
30th and 31st Wards. 
Member — Neil Maclean, 

759 Mosspark drive. 
22nd and 23rd Wards. 
Member— J. S. C. Reid, B.A., 

L.L.B., K.C., 46 Northum- 
berland st., Edinburgh. 
14th, 16th and 16th Wards. 
Member— Right Hon. Walter 

Elliot, M.C., D.Sc, M.B., 

LL.D., Harwood, Bonchester 

Bridge, Roxburgh-shire. 
19th, 20th and 21st Wards. 
Member — John J. Davidson, 

22 Sunart road. S.W.2. . 
24th and 25th Wards. 
Membei — Arthur S. L. Young, 

Auchentoshan, Dalmuir. 
32nd, 33rd and 34th Wards. 
Membei — Rt. Hon. Sir John 

Gilmour, Bart., D.S.O., P.O. 

Montrave, Leven, Fife. 
17th and 18th Wards. 
Member — Wm. Leonard, 

2 Lochview road, Bewsden 
1st and 2nd Wards. 
Member — John M 'Gov era, 

2 Strathord street, E.2. 
8th, 9th and 10th Wards. 
Member — Mrs. Agnes Hardie, 

12 Etchingham court, 
Finchley, N.3. 
28th and 29th Wards. 

-Thomas Henderson, 

14 Ardshiel road, S.W.I. 


Description of Boundaries of Wards which have been extended or altered by the 
operation of the Glasgow Boundaries Act, 1925 ; the Glasgow Corporation 
Act, 1930; the Glasgow Boundaries Act, 1937, and an Order under 
Sections 36 and 37 of the Local Government (Scotland) Act, 1929. 
I. Ward, Shettleston and Tollcross.— 
That portion of the City which is bounded 
by a line commencing at a point on the 
Edinburgh Road at Greyfriars Street ; 

thence eastward along the centre of Edin- 
burgh Road to the municipal boundary; 
thence south-westward, northward, west- 
ward, north-westward, southward, south- 
eastward and south-westward along the 
municipal boundary to the centre of Toll- 
cross Road; thence westward along the 
centre of Tollcross Road to the centre of 
Duke Street; thence north-westward along 
the oentre of Duke Street to the centre of 
the London, Midland & Scottish Railway 
(Glasgow Lines) ; thence north-eastward 
along the centre of the said railway to a 
point 380 yards south of the centre of 
Cumbernauld Road, where the said railway 
crosses that road; thence south-eastward to 
a point on the centre of Carntyne Road 
where it was intersected by a former 
municipal boundary; thence eastward along 
the centre of the said Carntyne Road to 
the centre of Greyfriars Street ; thence 
northward along _ the centre of Greyfriars 
Steeet to the point of commencement. 

II. Ward, Parkhead.— That portion of 

Ihe City which is bounded by a line com- 
mencing at & point on the municipal 
boundary where it intersects the centre line 
of Tollcross Road, thence westward along 
the municipal boundary to the centre of the 
London Midland & Scottish Railway 
Branch Line from Rutherglen to Dalmar- 
nock ; thence northward along the centre line 
of the said railway to the London Midland 
& Scottish Railway (Glasgow lines) ; thence 
northward, north-eastward, northward, and 
north-eastward along the centre line of the 
last-mentioned railway to the centre of 
Duke Street ; thence south-eastward along 
the centre line of Duke Street to the centre 
of Tollcross Road ; thence eastward along 
the centre line of Tollcross Road to the 
point of commencement. 

III. Ward, Dalmarnock.— That portion 

of the City which is bounded by a line com- 
mencing at a point on the centre line of 
London Road where that road is crossed by 
the London Midland & Scottish Railway 
(Glasgow lines) ; thence south-westward and 
southward along the centre line of that 
railway to the London Midland & Scottish 
Railway Branch Line from Dalmarnock to 
Rutherglen; thence southward along the 
centre line of the last-mentioned railway 
to a point on the municipal boundary at 
the centre of the River Clyde ; thence 
south-westward and north-westward along 
the municipal boundary to a point on the 
centre line of the River Clyde about 77 yards 
south-eastward from the centre of Ruther- 
glen Bridge ; thence westward along the 
centre line of the River Clyde to the centre 

of Rutherglen Bridge; thence northward 
along the centre line of Rutherglen Bridge 
and Main Street, Bridgeton, to the oentre of 
London Road at Bridgeton Cross; thence 
eastward along the centre line of London 
Road to the point of commencement. 

IV. Ward, Calton.— That portion of the 
City which is bounded by a line commencing 
at a point on the centre line of London 
Road at Bridgeton Cross thence southward 
to and along the centre line of Main Street, 
Bridgeton, and Rutherglen Bridge to the 
centre of the River Clyde; thence west- 
ward, northward, and westward along the 
centre line of the River Clyde to the centre 
of Albert Bridge; thence northward along 
the centre line of Albert Bridge and Salt- 
market to the centre of Gallowgate ; thence 
eastward along the centre line of Gallow- 
gate to the centre of Abercromby Street; 
thence south-westward along the centre line 
of Abercromby Street to the centre of 
London Road ; thence eastward along the 
oentre line of London Road to the point of 

V. Ward, Mile-End.— That portion of the 
City which is bounded by a line com- 
mencing at a point on the centre line of 
Gallowgate where that road is crossed by 
the London Midland & Scottish Railway 
(Glasgow lines) ; thence southward along 
the centre line of the said railway to the 
centre of London Road ; thence westward 
along the centre line of London Road 
to the centre of Abercromby Street ; 
thence north-eastward along the centre line 
of Abercromby Street to the centre of 
Gallowgate ; thence eastward along the 
centre line of Gallowgate to the point of 

VI. Ward, Wttltevale.— That portion o\ 
the City which is bounded by a line com 
mencing at a point on the centre line oi 
Carntyne Road where that road is crossed 
by the London Midland & Scottish Rail 
way (Glasgow lines) ; thence south-west 
ward along the centre line of that railway 
to the centre of Gallowgate; thence west- 
ward along the centre line of Gallowgate 
to the centre of Sydney Street; thence 
northward along the centre line of Sydney 
Street to the centre of Duke Street; thence 
eastward along the centre line of Duke 
Street to Carntyne Road ; thence eastward 
along the centre line of Carntyne Road to 
the point of commencement. 

VII. Ward, Dennistoun.— That portion 

of the City which is bounded by a line 
commencing at a point on the former 
municipal boundary on the south-east side 
of Cumbernauld Road where that road ir 
intersected by the east side of the London 
Midland & Scottish Railway (Glasgow 
lines) ; thence southward along the former 
municipal boundary to a point about 299 



yards north-westward from the centre of 
Carntyne Road where the former 
municipal boundary intersects that road ; 
thence north-westward to a point on the 
said railway 380 yards south of the centre 
of Cumbernauld Road where the said rail- 
way crosses that road ; thence south-west- 
ward along the centre line of the said 
railway to the centre of Carntyne Road ; 
thence westward along the centre line of 
Carntyne Road to Duke Street; thence 
westward along the centre line of Duke 
Street to the centre of Ark Lane ; thence 
northward along the centre line of Ark 
Lane and Firpark Street to the centre of 
Alexandra Parade ; thence eastward and 
north-eastward along the centre line of 
Alexandra Parade and Cumbernauld Road 
to the East side of the London Midland 
& Scottish Railway (Glasgow lines) ; thence 
southward to the point of commencement. 

VIII. Ward, Provan.— That portion of the 
City which is bounded by a line commencing 
at a point on the centre of Springburn 
Road where it is intersected by the London, 
Midland & Scottish Railway (Garnkirk 
Line near St. Rollox Station) ; thence east- 
ward along the centre line of that railway 
to the east boundary of the Springburn 
Parliamentary Division ; thence southward 
along that parliamentary boundary to the 
south side of the said London, Midland & 
Scottish Railway ; thence eastward along 
the south side of that railway to the east 
kerb of Robroyston Road ; thence south- 
ward along the east kerb of Robroyston 
Road to the south side of Garngad Road ; 
thenoe westward along the south side of 
Garngad Road to the cast side of Provan- 
mill Road ; thenoe south-eastward along the 
north-east side of Provanmill Road to the 
south-east side of Cumbernauld Road; 
thence continuing south-eastward along a 
former municipal boundary to the centre 
of the Monkland Canal ; thence eastward 
along the centre of the Monkland Canal 
and the oentre of the road leading from 
Bartiebeith Bridge by Provanhall, Wester- 
house, Lochwood and Baillie Moss Wood, 
to the Whitehill and Cuillhill Highway ; 
thence southward and westward along the 
municipal boundary to the centre of the 
Edinburgh Road ; thenoe westward along 
the centre of Edinburgh Road to the centre 
line of Greyf riars Street ; thence southward 
along the oentre of Greyfriars Street to 
the centre of Carntyne Road ; thence west- 
ward along the oentre of Carntyne Road 
to the point where it was intersected by a 
former municipal boundary ; thence north- 
westward and northward along the former 
municipal boundary to the centre of Cum- 
bernauld Road where_ that road is inter- 
sected by the east side of the London, 
Midland & Scottish Railway (Glasgow 
Lines) ; thence -south-westward and westward 
along the centre of Cumbernauld Road and 
Alexandra Parade to the centre of Castle 
Street ; thence northward along the centre 
of Castle Street and Springburn Road to 
the point of commencement. 

IX. Ward, COWlalrs.— That portion of 
the City which is bounded by a line com- 
mencing at a point on the former municipal 
boundary where that boundary is inter- 

sected by the centre line of the London 
Midland & Scottish Railway (Garnkirk 
Extension) ; thence westward along the 
centre line of that railway to the oentre of 
Springburn Road; thence northward along 
the centre of Springburn Road to the 
oentre of Fountainwell Road ; thence north- 
westward along the centre line of 
B^ountainwell Road to the centre of the 
London & North-Eastern Railway (Edin- 
burgh and Glasgow line) ; thence north- 
ward along the centre line of the said 
London & North-Eastern Railway to the 
junction with the London & North-Eastern 
Railway (Sighthill Branch) ; thence south- 
eastward along the oentre line of the last- 
mentioned railway to a point in line with 
the continuation of the centre line of 
Hillkirk Street; thence eastward to and 
along the centre line of Hillkirk Street to 
the centre of Springburn Road ; thenoe 
northward along the oentre line of Spring- 
burn Road to the centre of Northcroft 
Road ; thence north-eastward along the 
oentre line of Northoroft Road to the 
oentre of Wellfield Street; thence east- 
ward along the centre line of Wellfield 
Street to the centre of Edgef auld Road ; 
thence in a straight line to the south-west 
corner of enclosure marked 1280 on the 
Ordnance Survey Map of the County of 
Lanark, scale 25.344 inches to one mile, 
edition of 1913; thence eastward along the 
southern boundaries of enclosures marked 
1280, 1278, and 1277 on the Ordnanci 
Survey Map of the County of Lanark, scale 
25.344 inches to one mile, edition of 1912, 
to the south-east corner of said enclosure 
marked 1277 ; thence northward along the 
eastern boundary of said enclosure marked 
1277 and continuation thereof to the centre 
of Broomfield Road ; thence south-eastward 
along the centre line of Broomfield Road 
to a point in line with the continuation of 
the northern boundary of enclosure marked 
1240 on the last-mentioned Ordnance Map ; 
thence eastward to and along the northern 
boundary of said enclosure marked 1240 to 
the former municipal boundary ; thence 
southward along the former municipal 
boundary to the point of commencement. 

X. Ward, Springburn.— That portion of 
the City which is bounded by a line com- 
mencing at a point on the municipal 
boundary where it passes the south-east side 
of the London & North-Eastern Railway 
(Glasgow and Edinburgh Line) about 87 
yards north-east of Colston Road; thenoe 
eastward, southward, again eastward and 
again southward along the municipal 
boundary_ to the centre of the road leading 
from _ Whitehill, and Cuillhill Highway, by 
Baillie Moss Wood, Lochwood, Westerhouse 
and Provanhall to Baxtiebeith; thence 
westward along the centre of that roadway 
and the centre of the Monkland Canal to 
where it is intersected by a former muni- 
cipal boundary; thence north-westward 
along that former boundary to the south- 
east side of Cumbernauld Road ; thenoe 
north-westward along the north-east side of 
Provanmill Road to the south side of 
Garngad Road ; thence eastward along the 
south side of Garngad Road to the east 
kerb line of Robroyston Road ; thenoe 
northward along the east kerb line of Rob- 



royston Road to the south side of London, 
Midland & Scottish Railway ; thence west- 
ward along the south side of that railway 
to where it is intersected by the east 
boundary of the Springburn Parliamentary 
Division; thence northward along that 
boundary to the northern boundary of 
Enclosure marked 1240 on the Ordnance 
Survey Map of the County of Lanark, scale 
25.344 inches to one mile (Edition of 1912) ; 
thence westward along the northern 
boundary of said enclosure and the con- 
tinuation thereof to the centre of Broom- 
field Road ; thenoe north-westward along 
the centre of Broomfield Road to a point in 
line with the continuation of the eastern 
boundary marked 1277 on the said Ordnance 
Survey Map ; thence southward to and 
along the eastern boundary of said enclos- 
ure to the south-east corner of that enclos- 
ure; thence westward along the southern 
boundaries of enclosures marked 1277, 1278 
an:] 1280 on the Ordnanoe Survey Map of 
the County of Lanark, scale 25.344 inches 
to one mile (Edition of 1912) ; thence west- 
ward in a straight line to a point in the 
centre of Edgefauld Road at Wellfield 
Street ; thence westward along the centre 
of Wellfield Street to the centre of North- 
oroft Road ; thence south-westward along 
the centre of Northcroft Road to the centre 
of Springburn Road ; thenoe southward 
along the centre of Springburn Road to 
the centre of Hillkirk Street ; thence west- 
ward along the centre of Hillkirk Street 
and continuation thereof to the centre of 
the London & North-Eastern Railway 
(Sighthill Branch) ; thence north-weistward 
along the centre line of said London & 
North-Eastern Railway (Sighthill Branch) 
to the centre of the London & North- 
Eastern Railway (Edinburgh and Glasgow 
Line) ; thence northward along the centre 
line of said last-mentioned railway to the 
point where said line is joined by the Cow- 
lairs Loop Line ; thence continuing north- 
ward along the south-east side of said 
London & North-Eastern Railway (Edin- 
burgh and Glasgow Line) to the point of 

XI. Ward, Town he ad. —That portion of 

the City which is bounded by a line com- 
mencing at a point at the intersection of the 
centre lines of Parliamentary Road and 
Castle Street ; thence southward along the 
centre line of Castle Street to the centre of 
Alexandra Parade: thence eastward along 
the centre line of Alexandra Parade to the 
centre of Firpark Street; thence southward 
along the centre line of Firpark Street and 
Ark Lane to the centre of Duke Street; 
thenoe westward along the centre line of 
Duke Street to the centre of John Knox 
Street; thence northward along the centre 
line of John Knox Street to the centre of 
Drygate ; thence westward along the centre 
line of Drygate and Cathedral Square (South 
Roadway) to the centre of High Street; 
thence northward along the centre line of 
High Street to the centre of Rottenrow ; 
thenoe westward along the centre line of 
Rottenrow and Love Loan to the centre of 
North Frederick Street; thenoe northward 
along the centre line of North Frederick 
Street to the centre of Cathedral Street; 
thence westward along the centre line of 

Cathedral Street to the centre of Buchanan 
Street; thence northward along the centre 
line of Buchanan Street to the centre of 
Parliamentary Road; thence north-eastward 
along the centre hne of Parliamentary Road 
to the point of commencement. 

XIS. Ward, Exchange.—That portion of 
the City which is bounded by a line com- 
mencing at a point at the intersection of 
the centre lines of Duke Street and Sydney 
Street; thence southward along the centre 
line of Sydney Street to the centre of Gal- 
lowgate; thenoe westward along the centre 
line of Gallowgate to the centre of Salt- 
market ; thence southward along the centre 
line of Saltmarket and Albert Bridge to the 
centre of the River Clyde ; thence westward 
along the centre line of the River Clyde to 
a point in line with the centre line of Dixon 
Street; thence northward to and along the 
centre line of Dixon Street to the centre of 
Howard Street; thence westward along the 
centre line of Howard Street to the centre 
of St. Enoch Square (West Roadway) ; 
thence northward along the centre line of 
St. Enoch Square (West Roadway) and 
Buchanan Street to the centre of Cathedral 
Street; thence eastward along the centre 
line of Cathedral Street to the centre of 
North Frederick Street; thence southward 
along the centre line of North Frederick 
Street to the centre of Love Loan; thence 
eastward along the centre line of Love Loan 
and Rottenrow to the centre of High Street ; 
thence southward along the centre Hne of 
High Street to the centre of Cathedral 
Square (South Roadway) ; thence eastward 
along the centre line of. Cathedral Square 
(South Roadway) and Drygate to the centre 
of John Knox Street; thence southward 
along the centre line of John Knox Street 
to the centre of Duke Street; thence east- 
ward along the centre line of Duke Street 
to the point of commencement. 

XIII. Ward, Blythswood.— That portion 
of the City which is bounded by a line com- 
mencing at a point at the intersection of the 
centre lines of Parliamentary Road and 
Buchanan Street; thenoe southward along 
the centre line of Buchanan Street and St 
Enoch Square (West Roadway) to the centre 
of Howard Street; thenoe eastward along 
the centre line of Howard Street to the 
centre of Dixon Street; thence southward 
along the centre line of Dixon Street and 
continuation thereof to the centre of the 
River Clyde; thence westward along the 
centre line of the River Clyde to a point in 
line with the centre line of M'Alpine Street ; 
thence northward to end along the centre 
line of M'Alpine Street, Pitt Street, and 
Scott Street to the centre of New City Road ; 
thence south-eastward along the centre line 
of New City Road, Cowcaddens, and 
Buchanan Street to the point of commence- 

XIV. Ward, Anderston.— That portion of 

the City which is bounded by a line com- 
mencing at a point at the intersection of the 
centre lines of Argyle Street and M Alpine 
Street; thence southward along the centre 
line of M'Alpine Street, and the continua- 
tion thereof to the centre of the River Clyde ; 
thence westward along the centre line ot 
the River Clyde to the centre of the Riyer 
Kelvin; thence north-eastward along Uw 



centre line of the River Kelvin to the centre 
line of Argyle Street ; thence south-eastward 
along the centre line of Argyle Street to 
the point of commencement. 

XV. Ward, Sandyford.— That portion of 
the City which is bounded by a line com- 
mencing at a point at the intersection of the 
centre lines of Sauchiehall Street and Pitt 
Street ; thence southward along the centre 
line of Pitt Street to the centre of Argyle 
Street; thence north-westward along the 
centre line of Argyle Street to the centre of 
Kelvingrove Street; thstice northward along 
the centre line of Kelvingrove Street to the 
centre of Sauchiehall Street ; thence east- 
ward along the centre line of Sauchiehall 
Street to the point of commencement. 

XVI. Ward, Park.— That portion of the 
City which is bounded by a line commencing 
at a point at the intersection of the centre 
lines of New City Road and Scott Street: 
thence southward along the centre line of 
Scott Street to the centre of Sauchiehall 
Street ; thence westward along the centre 
line of Sauohiehall Street to the centre of 
Kelvingrove Street ; thence southward along 
the centre line of Kelvingrove Street to the 
centre of Argyle Street ; thence north-west- 
ward along the centre line of Argyle Street 
to the centre of the River Kelvin; thence 
north-eastward along the centre line of the 
River Kelvin to the centre of Great Western 
Road ; thence south-eastward along the 
centre line of Great Western Road and New 
Cjty Road to the point of commencement. 

XVII. Ward, Cowcaddens.— That portion 
of the City which is bounded by a line com- 
mencing at a point at the intersection of the 
centre lines of Castle Street and Parliamen- 
tary Road ; thenoe south-westward along the 
centre line of Parliamentary Road to the 
centre of Buchanan Street; thence north- 
ward along the centre line of Buchanan 
Street to the centre of Cowcaddens; thence 
north-westward along the centre line of Cow- 
caddens and New City Road to the centre 
of St. George's Road ; thenoe north-eastward 
along the centre line of St. George's Road 
to fee centre of North Woodside Road ; 
thence south-eastward along the centre line 
of North Woodside Road to the centre of 
Garscube Road ; thence southward along the 
centre line of Garscube Road to the centre 
of Com Street; thence eastward along the 
centre line of Corn Street and the continua- 
tion thereof to the centre of the Forth and 
Clyde Canal (Glasgow Branch) ; thence 
northward along the centre line of the said 
Forth and Clyde Canal to the centre of 
Possil Road ; thence north-eastward along 
the centre line of Possil Road to the centre 
of Saracen Street; thence eastward and 
north-eastward along the centre line of 
Keppochhill Road to the centre of the Lon- 
don & North-Eastern Railway (Edinburgh 
and Glasgow line) ; thence south-westward 
along the centre line of the said London & 
North-Eastern Railway to the centre of 
Fountarnwell Road; thence south-eastward 
along the centre line of Fountainwell Road 
to the centre of Springburn Road; thence 
southward along the centre lines of Spring- 
burn Road and Castle Street to the point 
of commencement. 

XVIII. Ward, Woodside.— That portion of 

the City which is bounded By a line com- 

mencing at a point at the intersection of the 
centre lines of Great Western Road and St. 
George's Road ; thence north-westward along 
the centre line of Great Western Road te 
the centre of the River Kelvin; thence 
northward along the centre line of the River 
Kelvin .a the centre of Belmont Street; 
thence north-eastward along the centre line 
of Belmont Street to the centre of Striven 
Gardens ; thence eastward along the centre 
line of Striven Gardens and Raeberry Street 
to the centre of Maryhill Road; thence 
north-eastwiard along the centre line of Tros- 
sachs Street and the continuation thereof to 
the centre of the Forth and Clyde Canal 
(Glasgow Branch) ; thence south-eastward 
and southward along the centre line of the 
said Forth and Clyde Canal to a point in line 
with the centre line of Corn Street; thence 
westward to and along the centre line of 
Corn Street to the centre of Garsoube Road ; 
thenoe northward along the centre line of 
Garscube Road to the centre of North Wood- 
side Road; thence north-westward along the 
centre line of North Woodside Road to the 
centre of St. George's Road; thence south- 
westward along the centre line of St 
George's Road to the point of commence- 

XIX. Ward, Ruchiil.— That portion of the 
City which is bounded by a line commencing 
at a point on the municipal boundary where 
it crosses Balmore Road ; thence eastward 
and south-eastward along the municipal 
boundary to a point on the south-east side 
of the London & North-Eastern Railway 
(Edinburgh and Glasgow Line) about 87 
yards north-east of Colston Road ; thence 
southward along the south-east side of _ the 
said railway to the point where it is joined 
by Cowlairs Loop Line ; thence continuing 
southward along the centre of the London 
& North-Eastern Railway (Glasgow and 
Edinburgh Line) to the centre of Keppoch- 
hill Road ; thence south-westward and west- 
ward along the centre of Keppochhill Road 
to the centre of Saracen Street; thence 
south-westward along the centre of Possil 
Road to the centre of the Forth and Clyde 
Canal (Glasgow Branch) ; thence north- 
westward along the centre of the said Forth 
and Clyde Canal to a point in line with 
the centre of Trossachs Street; thence 
south-westward to and along the centre of 
Trossachs Street to the centre of Maryhill 
Road; thence north-westward along the 
centre of Maryhill Road to the centre of 
Braeside Street; thence northward along a 
line in continuation of the centre line of 
Braeside Street to the centre of the Forth 
and Clyde Canal (Glasgow Branch) ; thence 
northward along the centre line of the said 
Forth and Clyde Canal to the centre of 
Bilsland Drive; thence north-eastward 
along the centre of Bilsland Drive to the 
centre of Shannon Street ; thence northward 
along the centre of Shannon Street and 
the continuation thereof to the centre of 
the London & North-Eastern Railway 
(Ruchiil Branch); thence north-eastward 
along the centre line of that railway to a 
point in line with the continuation of the 
eastern boundary of Enclosures marked 1682 
on the Ordnance Survey Map of the County 
of Lanarkshire, scale 25.344 inches to one 



mile (Revision of 1932) ; thence northward 
to and along the eastern boundary of 6aid 
enclosure to the south side of the London 
& North-Eastern Railway (Glasgow and 
Helensburgh Line) ; thence north-westward 
along the south side of that railway to the 
centre of the Forth and Clyde Canal ; 
thence north-eastward along the centre of 
the said canal to the centre of Balmore 
Road ; thence northward along the centre of 
Balmore Road to the point of commence- 

XX. Ward, Korth Kelvin.— That portion 

of the City which is bounded by a line com- 
mencing at a point at the intersection of the 
centre lines of Maryhill Road and Raeberry 
Street; thence westward along the centre 
line of Raeberry Street and Striven Gardens 
to the centre of Belmont Street; thence 
south-westward along the centre line of Bel- 
mont Street to the centre of the River 
Kelvin ; thence north-westward along the 
centre line of the River Kelvin to a point 
in line with the continuation of the centre 
line of Kelbourne Street; thence south-east- 
ward to and along the centre line of Kel- 
bourne Street to the centre of Sanda Street ; 
thence north-eastward along the centre line 
of Sanda Street and Oran Street to the 
centre of Maryhill Road ; thence south- 
eastward along the centre line of Maryhill 
Road to the centre of Bilsland Drive ; thence 
north-eastward along the centre line of Bils- 
land Drive to the centre of the Forth and 
Clyde Canal (Glasgow Branch) ; thence 
south-eastward along the centre line of the 
said Forth and Clyde Canal to a point in 
line with the centre line of Braeside Street ; 
thence southward to the centre of Maryhill 
Road at a point in line with the centre line 
of Braeside Street; thence south-eastward 
along the centre line of Maryhill Road to 
the point of commencement. 

XXI. Ward, Maryhill.— That portion of the 
City which is bounded by a line commencing 
at a point on the municipal boundary where 
it crosses Balmore Road ; thence southward 
along the centre line of Balmore Road to the 
centre of the Forth and Clyde Canal; thence 
south-westward along the centre of the said 
Canal to the south side of the London & 
North-Eastern Railway (Glasgow and Helens- 
burgh line) ; thence south-eastward along the 
south side of that railway to the north-east 
corner of enclosure marked 1682 on the 
Ordnance Survey Map of the County of 
Lanark, scale 25.344 inches to one mile, 
Revision of 1932 ; thence southward along the 
eastern boundary of said enclosure to the 
centre of the London & North-Eastern Rail- 
way (Ruchill Branch) ; thence south-westward 
along the centre of that railway to a point in 
line with the continuation of the centre line 
of Shannon Street ; thence southward to and 
along the centre line of Shannon Street to 
the centre of Bilsland Drive ; thence south- 
westward along the centre of Bilsland Drive 
to the centre of Maryhill Road ; thence 
north-westward along the centre of Maryhill 
Road to the centre of Oran Street ; thence 
south-westward along the centre of Oran 
Street and Sanda Street to the centre of 
Kelbourne Street; thence north-westward 
along the centre of Kelbourne Street to the 
centre of the River Kelvin; thence north- 
westward along: the centre of the River 

Kelvin to the munioipal boundary; thence 

north-westward, northward and eastward 
along the municipal boundary to the point 
of commencement. 

XXII. Ward, Kelvinside.— That portion 
of the City which is bounded by a line com- 
mencing at a point on the municipal bound- 
ary at the centre line of the River Kelvin 
in hue with the southern boundary of the 
enclosure marked 412 on the Ordnance Sur- 
vey Map of the County of Dunbarton, scale 
25.344 inches to one mile, Revision of 
1933 ; thence south-eastward and southward 
along the centre line of the River Kelvin to 
a point 120 yards south-westward from the 
centre of Eldon Street Bridge ; thence west- 
ward in a straight line to the boundary be- 
tween the Kelvingrove Park and the Glas- 
gow University grounds at the south side of 
University Avenue ; thence northward along 
a line in continuation of the said boundary 
to the centre of University Avenue ; thence 
westward along the centre line of University 
Avenue to the centre of Ashton Road ; 
thence north-westward along the centre line 
of Ashton Road to the centre of Byres 
Road; thence north-eastward along the 
centre line of Byres Road to the centre of 
Dowanside Road ; thence westward along 
the centre line of Dowanside Road to the 
centre of Crown Circus Road (South) ; 
thence westward along the centre line of 
Crown Circus Road (South) to the centre 
of Hyndland Road ; thence north-westward 
along the centre line of Hyndland Road 
to the centre of Turnberry Road ; 
thence westward along the centre line of 
Turnberry Road and the continuation 
thereof to the centre of the London & 
North-Eastern Railway (Stobcross Branch) ; 
thence north-westward along the centre line 
of the London & North-Eastern Railway to 
its intersection with the municipal boundary : 
thence north-eastward along the municipal 
boundary to the point of commencement. 

XXIII. Ward, Partick, East.— That por 
tion of the City which is bounded by a line 
commencing at a point in the centre of the 
River Kelvin 120 yards south-westward from 
the centre of Eldon Street Bridge; thence 
southward and south-westward along the 
centre line of the River Kelvin to the centre 
of the London & North-Eastern Railway 
(Stobcross Branch) ; thence north-westward 
along the centre line of the said London & 
North-Eastern Railway to a point in line 
with the centre line of Turnberry Road ; 
thenoe eastward to and along the centre 
line of Turnberry Road to the centre of 
Hyndland Road; _ thence south-eastward 
along the centre line of Hyndland Road 
to the centre of Crown Circus Road 
(South) ; thence eastward along the centre 
line of Crown Circus Road (South) to the 
centre of Dowanside Road ; thence eastward 
along the centre line of Dowanside Road 
to the centre of Byres Road ; thence south- 
westward along the centre line of Byres 
Road to the centre of Ashton Road ; 
thence south-eastward along the centre line 
of Ashton Road to the centre of 
University Avenue ; thence eastward along 
the centre line of University Avenue 
to a point in line with the boundary between 
Kelvingrove Park and the Glasgow Univer- 
sity grounds; thence southward to the said 



boundary at the south side of University 
Avenue ; thence eastward in a straight line 
to the point of commencement. 

XXIV. Ward, PartlCk, West.— That por- 
tion of the City which is bounded by a line 
commencing at a point in the centre of the 
River Kelvin where that river is intersected 
by the centre line of the London & North- 
Eastern Railway (Stobcross Branch) ; thence 
south-westward along the centre line of the 
River Kelvin to the centre of the River 
Clyde; thence westward along the centre 
line of the River Clyde to a point in line 
with the centre line of Ferryden SI* ; thenoe 
northward to and along the centre line of 
Ferryden Street to the centre of Dumbarton 
Road ; thence eastward along the centre line 
of Dumbarton Road to the centre of Bal- 
shagray Avenue; thence northward along 
the centre line of Balshagray Avenue to the 
centre of Crow Road: thence northward 
along the centre line of Crow Road to the 
centre of the London & North-Eastern Rail- 
way (Yoker and Clydebank Branch) ; thence 
eastward along the centre line of that rail- 
way to the centre of the London & North- 
Eastern Railway (Stobcross i Branch) ; thence 
South-eastward along the said last-mentioned 
railway to the point of commencement. 

XXV. Ward, WhSteinch.— That portion of 
the City which is bounded by a line com- 
mencing at a point at the centre of the 
River Clyde in line with the centre line oi 
Ferryden Street; thence north-westward 
along the centre line of the River Clyde to 
a point in line with the centre line of Bal- 
moral Street; thence northward to and 
along the centre line of Balmoral Street 
and Queen Victoria Drive to the centre ol 
Anniesland Road ; thence northward, north- 
eastward, north-westward and again north- 
eastward following the boundary of tne 
City as denned in the Glasgow Boundaries 
Act, 1912, to a point on the centre line oi,, 
the 'London and North Eastern Railway 
(Stobcross Branch) ; thence south-eastward 
and southward along the said London and 
North Eastern Railway to the centre line 
of the London and North Eastern Railwaj 
(Yoker and Clydebank Branch) ; thence 
westward along the centre line of the said 
last mentioned railway to the centre of 
Crow Road ; thence southward along the 
centre of Crow Road and Balshagray 
Avenue to the centre of Dumbarton Road; 
thence westward along the centre line of 
Dumbarton Road to the centre line of 
Ferryden Street; thence southward along 
the centre line of Ferryden Street and the 
continuation thereof to the centre of the 
River Clyde at the point of commencement. 

XXVI. Ward, Hutchesontown. — That 
portion of the City which is bounded by a 
line commencing at a point on the municipal 
boundary at the centre of the River Clyde, 
about 77 yards east of the centre of Ruther- 
glen Bridge; thence south-westward along 
the municipal boundary to the centre of the 
London Midland & Scottish Railway mam 
line from Glasgow to Rutherglen; thence 
north-westward along the centre line of the 
said London Midland & Scottish Railway to 
the centre of Cathcart Road; thence north- 
ward along the centre line c£ Cathcart Road 
to Crown Street; thence northward along 
tho centre line of Crown Street to the centre 

of Caledonia Road ; thence eastward along 
the centre line of Caledonia Road to the 
centre of Lawmoor Street; thence north- 
eastward along the centre line of Lawmoor 
Street and the continuation thereof to the 
centre of the River Clyde; thence south- 
eastward along the centre line of the River 
Clyde to the point of commencement. 

XXVn. Ward, CorbalS.— That portion of 
the City which is bounded by a line com- 
mencing at a point in the centre of the River 
Clyde in line with the centre line of 
Lawmoor Street ; thence south-westward 
along the centre line of Lawmoor Street 
to the centre of Caledonia Road ; 
thence westward along the centre line ol 
Caledonia Road to the centre of Crown 
Qtreet; thence southward along the centre 
line of Crown Street to Cathcart Road ; 
thence southward along the centre line of 
Cathcart Road to the centre of the London 
Midland & Scottish Railway main line from 
Glasgow to Rutherglen ; thence north-west- 
ward along the centre line of the said 
London Midland & Scottish Railway to the 
centre of the Glasgow, Barrhead, and Kil- 
marnock Joint Railway; thence south-west- 
ward along the said Glasgow, Barrhead, and 
Kilmarnock Joint Railway to the centre of 
Victoria Road ; thence northward along the 
centre line of Victoria Road, Eglinton Street, 
Bridge Street, and Glasgow Bridge to the 
centre of the River Clyde; thence south- 
eastward along the centre line of the River 
Clyde to the point of commencement. 

XXVIII. Ward, Kingston.— That portion 
of the City which is bounded by a line com- 
mencing at a point on the centre of Glasgow 
Bridge at the centre of the River Clyde: 
thence southward along the centre line of 
Glasgow Bridge, Bridge Street, and Eglinton 
Street to the centre of the London Midland 
& Scottish Railway (Southmost Branch) ; 
thence westward along the centre line of 
the said London Midland & Scottish Rail- 
way to the London Midland & Scottish Rail- 
way (Paisley Canal line) ; thence westward 
along the centre line of the last-mentioned 
railway to the centre of Shields Road ; thence 
northward along the centre line of Shields 
Road to the centre of the Glasgow and Pais- 
ley Joint Railway; thence westward along 
the centre line of the said Glasgow and Pais- 
ley Joint Railway to a point in line with the 
centre line of Stanley Street; thence north- 
ward to and along the centre line of Stanley 
Street to the centre of Paisley Road, West; 
thence eastward along the centre line_ of 
Paisley Road, West, to the centre of Admiral 
Street; thence northward on a line in 
line with the centre line of Admiral Street 
to the centre of the River Clyde; thence 
eastward along the centre line of the River 
Clyde to the point of commencement. 

XXIX. Ward, Kinnfng Park.— That por- 
tion of the City which is bounded by a line 
commencing at a point in the centre of the 
River Clyde in line with the centre line of 
Admiral Street; thence southward, to the 
centre of Paisley Road, West, at a point 
in line with the centre line of Admiral 
Street; thence westward along the 
centre line of Paisley Road, West, to the 
centre of Stanley Street; thence southward 
along the centre line of Stanley Street and 



the continuation thereof to the centre of the 
Glasgow and Paisley Joint Railway; thence 
westward along the centre line of the said 
railway to a point in line with the centre 
line of Carillon Road ; thence northward to 
and along the centre line of Carillon Road, 
Whitefield Road, and the portion of Govan 
Road to the west of Prince's Dock and the 
continuation thereof to the centre of the 
River Clyde; thence eastward along the 
centre line of the River Clyde to the point 
of commencement. 

XXX. Ward, Covan.— That portion of the 
City which is bounded by a line commencing 
at a point in the centre of the River Clyde 
in line with the centre line of the portion of 
Govan Road to the west of Prince's Dock; 
thence southwards to and along the centre 
line of the said portion of Govan Road. 
Whitefield Road, Carillon Road, and the 
continuation thereof to the centre of the 
Glasgow and Paisley Joint Railway ; thence 
westward along the centre line of the said 
Glasgow and Paisley Joint Railway to the 
centre of Craigton Road ; thence northward 
along the centre line of Craigton Road to 
the centre of Crossloan Road ; thence west- 
ward along the centre line of Crossloan 
Road to the centre of Greenfield Street; 
thence northward along the centre line of 
Greenfield Street to the centre of Langlanda 
Road; thence north-eastward along the 
centre line of Langlands Road to the centre 
of Harmony Row ; thence northward along 
the centre line of Harmony Row to the 
centre of Govan Road ; thence eastward along 
the centre line of Govan Road to the centre 
of Wanlock Street ; thence northward along 
the centre line of Wanlock Street and the 
continuation thereof to the centre of the 
River Clyde; thence eastward along the 
centre line of the River Clyde to the point 
of commencement. 

XXXI. Ward, Fairfield.— That portion of 
the City which is bounded by a line com- 
mencing at a point in the centre of the 
River Clyde in line with the centre line of 
Wanlock Street; thence southward to and 
along the centre line of Wanlock Street to 
the centre of Govan Road ; thence westward 
along the centre line of Govan Road to the 
centre of Harmony Row ; thence southward 
along the centre line of Harmony Row to 
the centre of Langlands Road ; thence south- 
westward along the centre line of Langlands 
Road to the centre of Greenfield Street; 
thence southward along the centre line of 
Greenfield Street to the centre of Crossloan 
Road ; thence eastward along the centre line 
of Crossloan Road to the centre of Craigton 
Road ; thence southward along the centre 
line of Craigton Road to the centre of the 
Glasgow and Paisley Joint Railway ; thence 
westward along the centre line of tho said 
Glasgow and Paisley Joint Railway to the 
municipal boundary; thence north-eastward, 
north-westward, and northward along the 
municipal boundary to the centre of the Rivor 
Clyde ; thence eastward along the centre 
line of the River Clyde to the point of com- 

XXXII. Ward, Pollokshields.— That por- 
tion of the City which is bounded by a line 
commencing at a point in the centre of 
Eglinton Street where that street is crossed 

by the London Midland & Scottish Railway 
(Southmost Branch at Cumberland Street 
Station) ; thence southward along the centre 
line of Eglinton Street and Victoria Road 
to the centre of the L.M. & S. Railway 
(Glasgow, Barrhead and Kilmarnock Joint 
line) ; thence south-westward along the 
centre of the last-mentioned railway to the 
former municipal boundary near Haggs 
Road; thence south-westward along the 
former municipal boundary to the centre of 
Barrhead Road ; thence westward and 
south-westward along the centre of Barr- 
head Road to the municipal boundary at 
Hurlet; thence north-westward, northward, 
again north-westward and eastward along 
the said municipal boundary to the point 
where the London Midland & Scottish 
Railway (Glasgow and Paisley Joint line) 
intersects Hillington Road ; thence eastward 
along the centre of that railway to the 
centre of Shields Road; thence southward 
along the centre of Shields Road to the 
centre o'f the L. M. & S. Railway (Paisley 
Canal line) ; thence eastward along the 
centre line of the said railway to the point 
of commenoemejit. 

XXXIII. Ward, Camphill.— That portion 
of the City which is bounded by a line 
commencing at a point in the centre of 
Victoria Road where that road is crossed 
by the L. M. & S. Railway Glasgow, 
Barrhead, and Kilmarnock line; thence 
southward along the centre line of 
Victoria Road to the centre of Queen's 
Drive; _ thence southward along the 
centre line of the main avenue in Queen's 
Park to the centre of Langside Road; 
thence south-westward along the centre line 
of Langside Road to the centre of Milibrae 
Road ; thence southward along the centre 
line of Milibrae Road and Langside Road 
to the centre of the River Cart at Milibrae 
Bridge; thence westward and north-west- 
ward along the centre line of the said river 
to the centre of Kilmarnock Road: thence 
northward along the centre line of Kilmar- 
nock Road and Pollokshaws Road to the 
centre of Minard Road; thence north-west- 
ward along the centre line of Minard Road 
to the centre of the L. M. & S. Railway 
Glasgow, Barrhead, and Kilmarnock line; 
thence north-eastward along the centre line 
of the L. M. & S. Railway Glasgow, Barr- 
head, and Kilmarnock line to the point of 

XXXIV. Ward, Pollokshaws.— That por- 
tion of the City which is bounded by a line 
commencing at a point on the municipal 
boundary at the centre of Kilmarnock 
Road; thence westward, southward, again 
westward and northward along the 
Municipal Boundary to the centre of 
Barrhead Road at Hurlet; thence north- 
eastward and eastward along the centre 
line _ of Barrhead Road to the former 
municipal boundary of Pollokshaws : thence 
north-eastward along the former municipal 
boundary to a point near Haggs Road on 
the centre of the L. M. & S. Railway 
Glasgow, Barrhead, and Kilmarnock line; 
thence north-eastward along the centre 
of that railway to the centre line of 
Minard Road ; thence south-eastward along 
the centre of Minard Road to the centre of 
Pollokshaws Road ; thence southward along 



the centre line of Pollokshaws Road to Kil- 
marnock Road ; and thence southward along 
the centre of Kilmarnock Road to the 
point of commencement. 

XXXV. Ward, Covanhill.— That portion 

of the City which is bounded by a line com- 
mencing at a point on the municipal bound- 
ary where it is crossed by the centre line 
of the London Midland & Scottish Railway 
main line from Glasgow to Rutherglen ; 
thence southward along the municipal 
boundary to the centre of Prospecthill 
Road ; thence westward along the centre 
line of Prospecthill Road and Mallsmire 
Road to the centre of Aikenhead Road ; 
thence southward along the centre line of 
Aikenhead Road to the centre of Dixon 
Road ; thence westward along the centre 
line of Dixon Road and Dixon Avenue to 
the centre of Victoria Road ; thence north- 
ward along the centre line of Victoria Road 
to the centre of the L. M. & S. Railway 
Glasgow, Barrhead, and Kilmarnock line ; 
thence north-eastward along the centre line 
of the said L. M. & S. Railway Glasgow, 
Barrhead, and Kilmarnock line to the 
centre of the London Midland & Scottish 
Railway main line from Glasgow to Ruther- 
glen ; thence south-eastward along the 
centre line of the said London Midland & 
Scottish Railway to the point of commence- 

XXXVI. Ward, Langside.— That portion 

of the City which is bounded by a line com- 
mencing at a point on the municipal bound- 
dry at the centre of Prospecthill Road; 
Shence southward to a point on the centre 
of Cathcart Road (Rutherglen) ; thence 
south-westward along the centre line of the 
said Cathcart Road to a point on the 
boundary between the Counties of Lanark 
and Renfrew at Westhouse; thence north- 
westward along the said county boundary 
to the former municipal boundary at Aiken- 
head Colliery ; thence westward and south- 
ward along the former municipal boundary 
to a point in line with the centre line of 
Letherby Drive; thence westward to and 
along the centre line of Letherby Drive and 
the continuation thereof to the centre of 
Cathcart Road (Glasgow) ; thence south- 
westward along the centre line of Cathcart 
Road to a point in line with the centre line 
of Ruel Street, thence westward to and 
along the_ centre line of Ruel Street and the 
continuation thereof to the centre of the 
River Cart; thence westward, southward, 
and westward along the centre line of the 
River Cart to the centre of Langside Road 
at Millbrae Bridge; thence north-eastward 
along the centre line of Langside Rd., Mill- 
brae Rd., and Langside Rd. to the centre of 
the main avenue in the Queen's Park, near 
Victoria Infirmary ; thence northward along 
the centre line of the said main avenue to 

the centre of Queen's Drive, thence north- 
ward along the centre line of Victoria Road 
to the centre of Dixon Avenue ; thence east- 
ward along the centre line of Dixon Avenue 
and Dixon Road to the centre of Aikenhead 
Road ; thence northward along the centre 
line of Aikenhead Road to the centre of 
Mallsmire Road ; thence eastward along the 
centre line of Mallsmire Road and Prospect- 
hill Road to the point of commencement. 

XXXVII. Ward, Cathcart.— That portion 
of the City which is bounded by a line com- 
mencing at a point on the municipal bound- 
ary where it intersects the centre line of 
Kilmarnock Road ; thence northward along 
the centre of Kilmarnock Road to the 
centre of the River Cart ; thence south-east- 
ward, eastward, northward, and eastward 
along the centre line of the River Cart 
to a point in line with the centre line of 
Ruel St., thence eastward to and along the 
centre_ line of Ruel Street, and the con- 
tinuation thereof to the centre of Cathcart 
Road; thence north-eastward along the 
centre line of Cathcart Road to a point in 
line with the centre line of Letherby Drive ; 
thence eastward to and along the centre line 
of Letherby Drive and the continuation 
thereof to the former municipal boundary 
on the west side of Aikenhead Road ; thence 
northward and eastward along the said 
former _ municipal boundary to the point 
where it meets the boundary between the 
Counties of Lanark and Renfrew ; thence 
south-eastward along the said county bound- 
ary to the municipal boundary at West- 
house; thence southward, eastward, again 
southward, generally south-westward, west- 
ward, north-westward, north-eastward and 
westward along the said municipal 
boundary to the point of co mm encement. 

XXXVIII. Ward, Yoker & Knightswood. 

— That portion of the City which is 
bounded by a line commencing at a point 
at the centre of the River Clyde in line 
with the centre line of Balmoral Street; 
thence north-westward along the centre line 
of the River Clyde to the Municipal 
Boundary ; thence north-westward, north- 
eastward, again north-westward, northward, 
again north-eastward, eastward, southward 
and south-eastward along the Municipal 
Boundary to a point where it meets the 
boundary of the City as described in the 
Glasgow Boundaries Act, 1912, thence 
generally south-westward, south-eastward, 
again south-westward, and then southward 
along the said boundary as described in 
the Glasgow Boundaries Act, 1912, to a point 
in the centre of Anniesland Road ; thence 
southward along the centre lines of Queen 
Victoria Drive, Balmoral Street and the 
continuation thereof to the centre of the 
River Clyde at the point of commencement. 



Secretary's Name and Address. 

1. Shettleston and Tollcross, 

2. Parkhead, 

3. Dalmarnock, 

(Minutes to Hugh M 

4. Calton, .... 


Mile-end, - 















Exchange, - 








Park, - 








North Kelvin, - 


Maryhtll, - 




Partick East, - 


Partick West, - 








Kingston, - 


Kinning Park, - 




Fairfield, - 










Langside, - 


Cathcart, - 


Knightswood, - 

- Mrs. Mina Mansfield, 399 Wellshot Road, E.2. 

- William Wilkie, 490 Baltic Street, S.E. 

- William Hare, 9 Bernard Street, S.E. 
Fulton, J.P., 300 Swanston Street, S.E.) 

- John Kirkwood, 110 Bain Street, S.E. 
(Minutes to William M'Caig, 510 Gallowgate, S.E.) 

- J. B. Potts, 58 Crownpoint Road, S.E. 

- James H. Forrest, Meat Market, Moore Street, E.l. 

- John Muir, 334 Golfhill Drive, E.l. 

- John Rice, jun., 114 Liberton Street, E.l. 

- John M'Guire, 174 Adamswell Street, N. 
(Minutes to Mrs. Gaston, 9b Angus Street, N.) 

- Charles J. Hamilton, 21 Sheila Street, Robroyston 
(Minutes to H. C. Russell, 65 Balgraybank Street, N.) 

A. Barker, 8 Barony Street, C.4. 

George H. Atkins, 276 High Street, C.4. 

George C. Murray, 206 Sauchiehall Street, C.2. 

Thomas Armstrong, 166 Buchanan Street, C.l. 

Thomas Armstrong, 166 Buchanan Street, C.l. 

John Boyd, c/o Russell & Duncan, 105 St. Vincent 

Street, C.2. 
Lockhart Swann, 32 Abercorn Street, C.4. 
Charles Meek, 16 Seamore Street, N.W. 
Archibald Wilson, 41 Kippen Street, N. 
James Smith, 160 Fergus Drive, N.W. 
William Robertson, 76 Cumlodden Drive, N.W 
Hugh M. Fyfe, 25 Queensborough Gardens, W.2. 
Alexander L. Tureff, 19 Highburgh Road, W.2. 
Ernest J. Johnstone, 143 Broomhill Drive, W.l. 
Harry Morris, 173 St. Vincent Street, C.2. 
Alice Cullen, 257 Rutherglen Road, C.5. 
Denis Cuddihy, 77 Portugal Street, C.5. 
George Henderson, 109 West Street, C.5. 
Archibald Gardner, 12 Langshot Street, S.W.I. 
Mrs. Ina Elder, 3 Burleigh Street, S.W.I. 
Thomas M'Gregor, 325 ShieldhaU Road, S.W.I. 
Hugh Carmichael, 40 Keir Street, S.l. 
R. Percival Henry, 14 Titwood Road, S.l. 
William Bryce, 128 Hope Street, C.2. 
Joseph A. Cook, 208 Allison Street, S.2. 
Williain Frew, 41 Carmichael Place, S.2. 
Thomas Blair, 58 Bath Street, C.2. 
William Nimmo, 38 Thornley Avenue, W.3. 



Proclamations may be made through (a) Session Clerk of Church, or through 
(b) one of the Clerks of Banns for the Presbytery of Glasgow, viz. : — 

THOMAS SMITH, 25 Nicholson Street, C.5. 
JAMES WADDELL, 213 West Campbell Street, C.2. 

Hours of Attendance — Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 1 to 3 p.m. ; and 
Wednesday, 6.30 to 8 p.m. 

Parties may have Banns proclaimed in any Church of Scotland situated within 
the Registration District or Districts in which they have been resident for 
not less than 15 days. 



Highlanders' Memorial. St. George's. St. Vincent Street. 

John Street. St. Paul's (Outer High). Tron St. Mary's. 
Renfield Street. St. Peter's. 


Bridgeton East. Fairbairn. Rockclifie. 

Bridgeton West and Barrowfleld. Greenhead East. St. Andrew's. 

Calton Relief. Greenhead West. St. Francis-in-the-East. 

p , , London Road East. St. James'. 

entra . Macmillan. St. James', Glasgow Crosse 

Chalmers. Newhall. St. Luke's. 


Alexandra Parade. Gallowgate. St. Clement's. 

Bellgrove. London Road. St. Thomas'. 

Blaekfriars. Newlands East. Sydney PI. & East Campbell St. 

Bluevale. Regent Place. Whitehill. 

Dennistoun. Rutherford. Whitevale. 


Battlefield East. Erskine Old. Netherlee. 

Battlefield West. Govanhill West. New Bridgegate. 

Candlish Memorial. Govanhill South. New Cathcart. 

Cathcart Old. King's Park. Newlands South. 

Cathcart South. Langside Old. Polmadie. 

Croftfoot. Merrylea. Queen's Park High. 

Crosshill-Victoria. Mount Florida. Queen's Park St. George's. 


Greyfriars. St. David's (Ramshorn). St. John's. 




Abbotsford Chalmers. 


Buchanan Memorial. 

Eglinton Elgin. 

Erskine (South Portland Street). 



Hutchesontown and Caledonia 

John Knox. 

Oatlands St. Bernard's. 

Old Rose Street. 

St. Margaret's. 

St. Ninian's Wynd. 

Shearer Memorial. 

Elder Park. 


Govan Old. 

Macgregor Memorial. 
St. Kenneth's. 






Gardner Street. 




Kelvinside (Botanic Gardens). 

Newton Place. 

Old Partick. 

Partick Anderson. 

Partick East. 

Partick High. 

St. John's (Renfield). 

St. Mary's (Partick). 




Anderston St. Martin's. 
Henderson Memorial. 
Kent Road St. Vincent. 


St. Columba's. 

St. Enoch's (Kelvinhaugh). 

St. George's and St. Peter's. 

St. Mark's. 

St. Mark's Lancefield. 

St. Matthew's. 

St. Matthew's (Blythswood). 





East Park. 
Kelvinside Old. 

Maryhill High. 
Maryhill Old. 
North Kelvinside. 

St. David's-in-the-West. 
St. George's-in-the-Fields. 

Cambridge Street. 


Lyon Street. 

St. George's Road. 

St. Stephen's. 

St. Stephen's West. 


Anniesland Cross. 




Gordon Park. 
Knightswood West. 
St. Bride's. 

Scotstoun East. 
Seotstcun West. 
Victoria Park. 


Hillington Park. 
Langside Avenue, 
Langside Hill. 

Pollokshields East. 
Pollokshields West. 
Queen's Park West. 
St. Gilbert's. 
St. Kentigern's. 
Shawlands Cross. 
Shawlands Old. 


South Shawlands. 


Thornliebank Spiersbridge. 

Thornliebank Woodlands. 


Trinity (Pollokshields). 


Henry Drummond. 


St. Cuthbert's. 


Trinity Church, Possil. 



High Carntyne. 


Johnston. St. Rollox. 

Millerston. Sighthill. 

St. Andrew's East. Townhead. 
St. Enoch's (Hogganfield). 


Calton Old. 
Calton New. 
Carntyne Old. 

Colston - Wellpark. 

Hall Memorial. 
Parkhead East. 
Parkhead West. 
St. Margaret's (Tollcross). 
St. Michael's (Carntyne). 

Shettleston Old. 
Tollcross Central. 
Tollcross Park. 
Tollcross Victoria. 


Springburn Hill. Wellfield. 

Springburn North. 


Barony of Glasgow. 
Cathedral Square. 

Martyrs' West. 
Robertson Memorial. 

St. Paul's North. 
Tron St. Anne's. 





Kinning Park East. 

Kinning Park West. 


Paisley Road. 

Plantation (Cornwall Street). 

Plantation (St. Andrew's). 

Pollok Street. 

St. Kiaran's Dean Park. 

St. Mary's (Govan). 

Steven Memorial. 



White Memorial. 



BIRTHS, DEATHS and MARRIAGES in the City and Suburbs 








A. M. Shearer, 

1345 Gallowgate, E.l. 



William B. C. Toner, 

209 Main Street, S.E. 



William Connelly, 

200 Duke Street, E.l. 



John RtiUy, 

70 Garngad Road, N. 



W. G. Donaldson, 

806 Springburn Road, N. 



Walter T. Mackenzie, 

1 Duke Street, C.4. 



Hugh Welsh, 

100 Montrose Street, C.4. 



John G. Lamond, 

207 W. George Street, C.2. 



A. Maclean, 

8 Minerva Street, C.3. 



John Walker, 

33 West Graham Street, C.4. 



Robert Morton, 

401 Hawthorn Street, N. 


Mary hill, 

John Edgar, 

1028 Maryhill Road, N.W. 



James M. Grieve, 

172 Great George Street, W.2. 



Wm. F. Nicol, 

3 Burgh Hall Street, W.l. 



William Bissett, 

313 Crown Street, C.5. 



John L. M. Lawrie, 

8 Summertown Road, S.W.I. 



Alex. P. Mnnro, 

11 Holmfauldhead Drive, S.W.I. 



John Macleod, 

317 Pollokshaws Road, S.l. 



Wm. Maclaren, 

183 Prospecthill Road, S.2. 



Robert Gilchrist, 

167 Main Street, Rutherglen. 

Office hours from 10 till 
from 6 till 8 p.m. 

Act 17 & 18 Vict., cap. 80, 
a Marriage within three 

3-30, and from 10 till 12-30 on Saturdays, and on Mondays and Fridays 

it is enacted that a Birth must be registered within twbkty-one days, 
days, and a Death within eight days, respectively, thereafter. 

Births must be notified within 36 hours after the event to the Medical Officer of Health, Sanitary 
Chambers, 23 Montrose Street, Glasgow. 

Deaths. — It is usual, and saves considerable trouble to parties, to get a Death registered previous to 
the interment. 

By Marriage Notice Act of 1878 (41 and 42 Vict, c. 43), seven clear days' notice of intended marriage 
is required. 

Penalties are exigible if the above notifications are not complied with. 







The first number after name of street denotes the Registration District for 
Births, &c, and the second number the Municipal Ward in which the street is 
situated. Reference numbers for Registration Districts for Births, &c, are on 
page 25 and for Municipal Wards on page 12. 

A separate list of streets re -named since 1922, with former names, has been 
prepared (at the request of the Corporation of the City) and appears on page 71 

For extended Boundaries of the City, see Map (explanatory note re Map will 
be found in Preface). 



Abbey Drive, W.4, at 443 Crow road, - 

Abbeyhill Street, E.2, from Glencorse 
street to Carntyne road, 

Abbot Street, S.l, from 1080 Pollok- 
shaws road to Frankfort street, 

Abbotsford Avenue, off Dryburgh 
avenue, Rutherglen, ... 

Abbotsford Lane and Place, C.5, from 
Bedford street to Devon street, 

Abercorn Street,C4, at 98 New City rd., 

Abercromby Street, S.E., from* 550 
Gallowgate to London road. 
All Even Nos., .... 
All Odd Nos., .... 

Aberdour Street, E.l, at 368 Cumber- 
nauld road, 

Aberfeldy Street, E.l, at 412 Cumber- 
nauld road, 

Aberfoyle Street, E.l, at 426 Cumber- 
nauld road, 

Aberlady Road, S.W.I, at 173 Druni- 
oyne road, ..... 

Abernetliy Street, E.l, off Duke street, 
at Carntyne road, .... 

Abington Street, N.W., at 280 Maryhill 

Aboukir Street, S.W.I, from 1200 
Govan road to River Clyde, - 

Aboyne Street, S.W.I, from Arthurlie 
Street to Cults Street, - 

Academy Street, E.2, at 1342 Shettles- 
ton road, 

Acorn Street, S.E., off Muslin street, - 

Acre Road, N.W., off Maryhill road, 
near Killermont, .... 

Acrehill Street, E.l, off Craigendmuir 

Adam's Court Lane, C.2, at 185 Argyle 

Adamswell Street, N., at 336 Spring- 
a ra road, - - 

1 S 

CO 3 














































Addiewell Street, E.2, off Cardowan 

road, Carntyne, ... 
Addison Road, W.2, off Kirklee road, 
Adelphi Street, C.5, at 1 Gorbals street, 
Admiral Street, S.l, at 473 Paisley road 
Advie Place, S.2, at 394 Prospecthill 
road, --.--. 
Afton Street, S.l, at 47 Deanston drive, 
Agnes Street and Lane, N.W., off 

Kelvinside avenue, 
Aigas Cottages, W.3, at 620 Crow 

road, ...... 

Aikenbead Road (1/2 to 899/458, S.2 : 

other Nos., S.4), at 293 Cathcart road 

to Carmunnock road, 
Ailsa Drive, S.2, at 85 Millbrae road, 


Ailsa Villas, Clarkston road, Cathcart, 
Airdrie Street, C.4, at 42 Cowcaddens 

Nos. 21 to 23 and 14 to 24, - 

Other Nos., 

Aird's Lane, C.l, off Goosedubs, 
Airlie Street and Lane, W.2, from 

Turnberry road to Clarence drive, • 
Airlour Road, S.3, off Lubnaig road, - 
Airth Drive, Lane and Place, S.W.2, 


Airthrey Avenue and Lane, W.4, off 

Abbey drive, 

Aitken Street, E.l, at 342 Cumber- 
nauld road, 

Albany Cottages, W.3, at 620 Crow 

road, ...... 

Albany Drive, High Crosshill, 

Rutherglen, ..... 
Albany Street, S.E., off Baltic street, 
Albert Avenue, S.2, at 514 Victoria 


Albert Bridge, foot of Saltmarket. 
North half, East side, - 
North half, West side, - 

South half, 

Albert Cross, S.l, Albert drive, 
























































Albert Drive, S.l, at 486 Pollokshawi 


Albert Drive, off Victoria road, Ruther- 


Albert Road, S.2, at 505 Victoria road, 

Albion Street, C.l, from Trongate to 

George street. 

Nos. 131 to 221 and 132 to 214, - 

Nos. 1 to 117 and 2 to 124, - 

Akaig Road, S.W.2, a t97 Ashdale road, 

Alder Road, S.3, at 43 Mansewood rd., 

Alderman Place, W.3, off Alderman 


Alderman Road, W.3, at 384 Annies- 
land road, 

Alexandra Parade, E.l, from Castle 

street to Alexandra Park. 

Nos. 170 to 708, - 

Nos. 1 to 705, - 

Nos. 4 to 164, - 

Alexandra Park, E.l, Cumbernauld rd. 

Alexandra Park Street, E.l, at 

Alexandra Park. 

Nos. 1 to 45 and 2 to 46, - 

Nos. 81 to 129 and No. 70 upwards 

Alford Street, N., at 240 New Keppoch 

hill road, 

Alfred Terrace and Lane, W.2, Great 

Western road, at, - 
Algie Street, S.l, at Langside Monu 


Alice Street, C.5, off Wolseley street, 
Allan Street, S.E., at 717 Dalmarnock 


Allander Street, N., from Hobart street 

to Byshot street, - 
AHanton Drive, S.W.2, off Berry knowes 


Allison Place, S.2, Allison street, 
Allison Street, S.2, from Pollokshaws 
road to Aikenhead road. 
Nos. 1 to 125 and 2 to 124, - 
Nos. 133 and 136 upwards, - 
Alloway Road, S.3, at 382 Kilmarnock 


Alma Street, S.E., off Camlachie street, 
Almond Street, E.l, at Tay crescent, 
Alness Crescent, S.W.2, at 105 Corker- 
hill road, 

Alston Lane, S.E., off Risk street, - 

Altyre Street, E.2, at 579 Tollcross rd., 

Alva Gardens, S.W.2, at 424 Mosspark 

drive, ...... 

Alyth Gardens, S.W.2, at 35 Mosspark 


Amisfield Street, N.W., off Shakespeare 


Amulree Place, E.2, off Amulree street, 
Amulree Street, E.2, from 1194 Shettle- 

ston road to Tollcross road, - 
Ancaster Drive and Lane, W.3, at 736 

Crow road, 

Anchor Lane, C.l, at 14 St. Vincent pi., 
Ancroft Street, N.W., at 83 Hopehill 


Ancrum Street, E.2, off Gartocher 


Anderson Street, W.l, at 345 Dumbar- 
ton road, 

Anderston Quay, C.3, at 232 Broomie- 

law, ..... 
Anglegate, W.4, off Westland drive, - 



14 25-38 








Angus Avenue, Oval, and Place, S.W.2 

Cardonald, .... 
Angus Road, S.l, from Shawmoss road ; 
Angus Street, N., at 437 Springburn 

road, - ... 

Ann Street, C.4, off Cowoaddens street 
Annan Street, S.2, off Grange road, 
Annandale Street, S.2, at 152 Butter- 
biggins road, .... 
Annbank Street, E.l, at 312 Duke st 
Annette Street, S.2, at 182 Calder st. 
Annfield Place, E.l, 295 Duke street, 
Annfield Street, E.l, at 533 Gallowgate, 
Annick Street, E.2, at 1271 Shettleston 


Anniesland Crescent, W.4, at Kingsway, 
Anniesland Road (1/2 to 599/594, W.3; 
other Nos., W.4), off Crow road, • 
Anson Street, S.E., at 680 London rd., 
Anstruther Street,E.2, Shettleston, at 

Elvan street, 

Anthony Street, C.3, at 663 Argyle st., 
Antigua Place, C.l, off Albion street, - 
Anwoth Street, E.2, at 1117 Tollcross 


Appin Road, E.l, at 296 Cumbernauld 


Appleby Street, N., off Ellesmere street, 

Applecross Street, N., from Ellesmere 

street to Forth and Clyde (Sanal, - 

Apsley Street, W.l, at 544 Dumbarton 


Aray Street, N.W., off Cumlodden dr., 
Arbroath Avenue, S.W.2, from 
Mosspark drive to Dundee drive, - 
Arcadia Street, S.E., at 478 London rd., 
Arch Street, E. 1 , at 1023 Gallowgate, - 
Archerhill Crescent, W.3, Knightsw'd, 
Archerhill Road, W.3, Knightswood, 

at 1997 Great Western road, 
Ard Street, E.2, off Dalness Street, Toll- 
cross ..-•-. 
Ardbeg Street, S.2, off Coplawhill st. 
Ardconnel Street, Thornliebank, Carn- 
wadric, ------ 

Arden Street and Lane, N.W., at 855 

Maryhill road, - 

Ardenlea Street, S.E., off Millerfield rd., 

Ardery Street, W.l, off Apsley street, 

Ardfern Street, E.2, at 1077 Tollcross 

road, ------ 

Ardgay Place and Street, E.2, 

at 143 WelLshot road, - - 
Ardgour Street, E.l, off Burgher street, 
Ardgowan Place, C.5, off Houston 
street, ------ 

Ardgowan Street.C.5, at 218 Carnoustie 
street, ------ 

Ardholm Street,E.2,at 1001 Shettleston 


Ardlaw Street, S.W.I, from Arthurlie 

st. toShieldhallroad, 
Ardle Road, S.3, from Merrylee road, 

northwards, • 
Ardlui Street, E.2, at 140 Wellshotroad 
Ardmay Crescent, S.4, off Aikenhead 


Ardmillan Street, E.l. off Gartcraig 
road, ------ 

Ardmore Street and Lane, E.l, off 

Edina street, 

ArdneU Road, S.W.I, off Luss road, - 






























17 I 31 




Ardnish Street, S.W.I, at 31 Cromdale 


Ardo Gardens, S.W.I, at 331 Broom- 
loan road, .-..-, 
Ardoch Street, N., off Bardowie street, 
Ardshiel Road, S.W.I, at 32 Balfron rd., 
Ardsloy Place and Lane, W.4, at 1821 

Dumbarton road, - 
Arduthie Road, S.W.I, at 12 Arngask 


Ardwell Road, S.W.2, at 97 Arisaig dr., 
Argyll Arcade, C.2, 100 Argyle street 

and 30 Buchanan street, 
Argyle Court, C.2, 90 Argyle street, - 
Argyle Street (1/2 to 451/478, C.2; 

other Nos., C.3J, from Glassford st. 

and Stockwell st. to Partick Bridge. 
Nos. 1 to 437 and 2 to 468, - 
From Nos. 439 and 470 upwards, - 
Arisaig Drive and Place, S.W.2, 

Mosspark, at 101 Corkerhill road, - 
Ark Lane, E.l, at 167 Duke street. 

Even Nos., 

Odd Nos., 

Arklet Road, S.W.l, at 243 Langlands 


Arlington Street,C3, at 132 Woodlands 

road, ...... 

Armadale Street, E.l, at 567 Duke st. 
Nos. 1 to 161 and 2 to 220, - 
All other Nos., .... 

Armour Street, E.l, off Barrack street. 
Nos. 55 to 59 and 46 upwards, - 
Nos. 1 to 37 and 2 to 26. - 
Arngask Road, S.W.l, at 101 Drumoyne 


Arnhall Place, S.W.2, at 4 Ardwell road, 

Arnholm Place, S.W.2, at 3 Ardwell 

road, ------ 

Amiston Street, E.2, from Merchiston 

street to Haymarket street, - 
Arnold Street, N.W., off Bilsland drive, 
Arnott Street, off Farie St., Rutherglen, 
Arnwood Drive,W.2,ofi Whittingehame 

drive, ... . . 

Aros Drive, S.W.2, at 387 Mosspark dr., 
Arran Drive, S.W.2, at 277 Mosspark 


Arrol Place, S.E., at 1058 London road, 
Arrowsmith Avenue, W.3, Knights- 

Arthur Street, C.3, at 21 Old Dumbar- 
ton road, 

Arthurlie Street, S.W.l, off Craigton 


Artisan Street, Rutherglen, 
Arundel Drive, S.2, off Craigmillar rd., 
Ascaig Crescent, S.W.2, Mosspark, - 
Ascog Street, S.2, off Coplaw street, - 
Ascot Avenue, W.2, Great Western rd. 

to University Recreation Grounds, - 
Ashburton Road, W.2, at 82 Cleveden 


Ashby Crescent, W.3, off Avenel road, 
Ashcroft Drive, S.4, at 216 Menock 


Ashdale Drive, S.W.2, at 29 Mosspark 


Ashfield Gardens, W.2, off Crow road, 
Ashfield Street, N., off Hawthorn st., 
Ashgill Place, N.W., from Haywood 

street to Ashgill road, - 

















































Ashgill Road, N.W., from Colston rd. 


Ashgrove Street, S.E., off Strathclyde 


Ashkirk Drive, S.W.2, at 20 Mosspark 

avenue, ------ 

Ashley Street and Lane, C.3, off Wood- 
lands road, ..... 

Ashton Gardens, W.2, off University 


Ashton Lane, Ashton Lane, North, and 

Place, W.2, off Byres road, - 
Ashton Road, W.2, at 174 Byres road, 
Ashtree Road, S.3, at 22 Shawbridge st. 
Ashvale Row East, N., off Hillkirk st., 
Ashvale Row West, N.„ off Hillkirk st., 
Athelstane Road, W.3, at 169 Knights- 
wood road, ..... 
Athole Gardens, S.3, Newlands, - 
Athole Gardens and Lane, W.2, off 

Saltoun street, .... 
Athole Gardens Place, W.2, Kelvinside, 
Atlas Street, N., at 478 Springburn rd., 
Attow Road, S.3, off Mansewood road, 


Auchentorlie Street, W.l, at 678 

Dumbarton road, - 
Auchentoshan Terrace, N., at 194 

Springburn road, .... 
Auchinloch Street, N., at 137 Petershill 


Auckland Street, N., at 136 Ellesmere 

street, ...... 

Auldbar Road, S.W.2, at 321 Mosspark 


Auldburn Road, S.3, off Wellmeadow 

road, - 

Auldgirth Road, S.W.2, at 32 Mosspark 

avenue, ------ 

Auldhouse Avenue, S.3, off Harriet 


Auldhouse Road, S.3, from 298 Kil- 
marnock road to Old City Boundary, 
Austen Lane, W.3, Jordanhill, - 
Austen Road, W.3, off Woodend dr., 
Avenel Road, W.3, off Glendinning rd., 
Avenue End Road, Miilerston, from 

Cumbernauld road to City Boundary, 
Avenuepark Street, N.W., at 1043 

Maryhill road, - 

Avenue Street. S.E., off Fordneuk st. ( 
Aviemore Road, S.W.2, at 185 Ashdale 

drive, ------ 

Avon Street, C.5, at 119 Shields road, - 
Avonspark Street, N., off Edgefauld rd. 
Avonbank Road, Rutherglen, - 
Aylmer Road, S.3, off Newlands road, 
Ayr Street, N., off Adamswell street, - 
Aytoun Road, S.l, off Shields road, - 

Backcauseway, E.l, at 171 WeBtmuir 

Back Wynd, 109 Trongate, C.l, - 
Bagnell Street, N., off Broomfield rd 
Bain Square, S.E., at 290 Gallowgate 
Bain Street, S.E., at 290 Gallowgate, 
Baird Street, C.4, at 189 Glebe street, 
Baird's Brae, C.4, off Fossil road, ■ 





Baker Place and Street, S.l, off 
Langside avenue, .... 

Balbeg Street, S.W.I, off Shieldhall rd., 

Balblair Road, S.W.2, at 45 Ashdale dr., 

Balcarres Avenue, W.2, at 345 Kelvin- 
dale road, ..... 

Baldovie Road, S.W.2, at 74 Dundee 
drive, ...... 

Baldric Road, W.3, at 57 Hermitage 

Baldwin Avenue, W.3, at 1986 Great 
Western road, .... 

Balerno Drive, S.W.2, at 73 Mosspark 

avenue, ------ 

Balfour Street, N.W., off Gairbraid 
avenue, ...... 

Balfron Road, S.W.I, at 60 Drumoyne 


Balgair Street, N., off Bardowie street, 

Balglass Street, N., off Sunnvlaw street, 

Balgonie Road, S.W.2, at 222 Ashkirk 

drive, ...... 

Balgray, N., Balgray Hill, Springburn, 
Balgray Bank Street, N., off Edgefauld 


Balgray Hill Road, N., off Springburn 


Balintore Street, E.2, from Pettigrew 

street to South Chester street, 
Baliol Street and Lane, C.3, off Wood- 
lands road, ... 
Ballater Street, C.5, from Gorbals 

6treet, eastwards. - ' 

Ballindalloch Drive and Lane, E.l, off 

Alexandra Park street, - 
BaUoch Gardens, S.W.2, at 367 Moss- 
park boulevard, - 
Ballochmill Road, Rutherglen, - 
Ballogie Road, S.4, at 51 King's Park 
road, ...... 

Balmano Street, C.4, at 54 George st., 

Balmoral Crescent, Stonelaw road, 

Rutherglen, ..... 

Balmoral Street, W.4, at 1545 Dum- 
barton road, 

Balmore Road (1/2 to 479/446, N. ; 

other Nos., N.W.), off Saracen street. 

West side to Canal and East side to 

City Boundary, ... 

Odd Nos. from Lambhill Bridge to 

City Boundary, 

Balmore Square, N., off Bilsland drive, 

Balnain Street, C.4, at 61 North 

Woodside road, .... 

Balornock Rd., N., off Broomfield rd. 

East of L.M.S. Branch Line and 

Stobhill Mortuary Road, - 
Nos. 133, 222 and 469, 
Balshagray Avenue, W.l, from 922 

Dumbarton road to Crow road, 
Balshagray Lane, W.l, off Marlborough 


Baltic Lane, S.E., at 365 Dalmarnock 

No. 1 only, 

All other Nos., .... 
Baltic Street, S.E., off Heron street. 
Nos. 345 and 374 upwards, - 
Nos. 1 to 323 and 8 to 338. - 
Balure Street, E.l, from Todd street 
to Ledaig street, .... 
Balvaird Drive, Rutherglen, 























































Balvicar Drive, S.2, off Queen's drive, 
Balvicar Street, S.2, at 777 Pollokshaws 


Balvie Avenue, Drumchapel, off Great 

Western road, .... 

Banavie Road, W.l, top of Peel street, 

Banchory Avenue, S.3,off Thornliebank 


Bangorshill Street, Thornliebank, Cam- 
wadric, ------ 

Bank Street, W.2, at 495 Gt. Western 


Bankfoot Road, S.W.2, at 1988 Paisley 

road, west, - - - - - 

Bankhall Street, S.2, off Daisy st., 

Bankhead Avenue, W.3, at 38 Gleniffer 


Bankhead Place, Harriet street, 

Rutherglen, - - 
Bankhead Road, off Mill street, 
Rutherglen, ..... 
Bankier Street, S.E., off Claythorn 


Bannatyne Avenue, E.l, at 217 Cum- 

bernauld road, ... 

Banner Road, W.3, at 165 Rotherwood 

avenue, ------ 

Bantaskin Street, N.W., off Cowal 


Barbreck Road, S.2, at 645 Pollokshaws 


Barcaple Street, N., off Wellfield st., 

Nos. 1 to 57 and 2 to 54, - 

Nos. 66 and 70, - 

Barclay Street, N., ofl Balgrayhill, - 

Bard Avenue, W.3, at 194 Archerhill 

road, ...... 

Bardowie Street, N., off Carbeth street, 
Barfillan Drive, S.W.2, at 1470 Paisley 

road, West, ... 
Bargeddie Street, E.l, off Blackhill 
street ...... 

Barlinnie Prison and Officers' Quarters, 

E.l, off Smithycroft road, - 
Barloch Street, N., off Bardowie street, 
Barlogan Avenue, S.W.2, off Barfillan 
drive, ------ 

Barlogan Quadrant, S.W.2, north of 
Barlogan avenue, - - - - 

Barmulloch Cottages, N., Springburn, 
Barmulloch Road, N., off Broomknowes 
road, --..-. 
Barnbeth Road, Nitshill, - 
Barnes Road, N.W., off Emerson street, 
Barnflat Street, Rutherglen, 
Barnhill Poor House, N., at 657 
Edgefauld road, .... 

Barnton Street, E.2, Marfield street to 
Edinburgh road. 
Nos. 2 to 14 ; no Odd Numbers, - 
Nos. 27 and 28 upwards, - 
Barnwell Terrace, S.W.I, off Drumoyne 

road, Go van, 

Barochan Road, Nitshill, - 
Baronald Drive, W.2, at Baronald gate, 
Baronald Gate, W.2, at 100 Cleveden 
road, ------ 

Baronald Street, Rutherglen, 
Barony Street and Place, C.4, east end 
of Stirling road, .... 

Barr Street, N.W., at 461 Garscube rd., 
Barra Street, N.W., off Caldercuilt rd., 








CO fl 







Barrack Street, C.4, at 353 Gallowgate, 
Barracks, Infantry, N.W., Maryhill 


Barrhead Road, S.3, from Pollokshaws 

road to City Boundary, - 
Barrie Road, S.W.2, - - 

Barrington Drive, C.4, at 321 Great 
Western road, .... 
Barrland Street, S.l, at 25 Maxwell rd., 
Barrowfield Street, S.E., off Avenue 


Ban-wood Street, E.l, off Provanmill 


Bartholomew Street, S.E., at 148 Old 

Dalmarnock road, .... 

Bassett Avenue and Crescent, W.3, 

at Archerhill road, 
Bath Lane (3/4 to 325/330, C.2 ; other 
Nos., C.3). 
East of Pitt street, 
West of Pitt street, - 
Bath Lane, W., C.3, off North street, - 
Bath Lane, East, Bath street to 
Sauchiehall street, .... 
Bath Street, C.2, from Buchanan street 
to North street. 
Nos. 1 to 223 and 2 to 218, - 

Other Nos., 

Bath Street Lane, off West Nile street, 
Bathgate Street, E.l, at 402 Duke 

street, - - - - - 
Batson Street, S.2, at 126 Aikenhead 


Battle Place, S.l, Langside, - 
Battleburn Street, E.2, at 830 Tollcross 


Battlefield Avenue, S.2, off Battlefield 
road, ...... 

Battlefield Crescent, S.2, Mount Florida 
Battlefield Gardens, S.2, at 108 Battle- 
field road, 

Battlefield Road, S.2, at Langside 

Monument ..... 

Bazaar, C.l, Candleriggs and Bell st., 

Beaconsfield Road W.2, off Great 

Western road, at Kelvinside, - 
Bearford Drive, S.W.2, off Tweedsmuir 
road, Cardonald, .... 
Bearsden Road (1/2 to 363/278, W.3 ; 
above these, Bearsden), Anniesland 
Cross to City Boundary. 
Nos. 1 to 367 and 2 to 278, - 
Nos. 401 to 419 and Nos. 442 to 464, 
Beaton Road, S.l, off Fotheringay 


Beattock Street, E.l, off Crail st., 

Beaufort Avenue, S.3, off Nether 

Auldhouse road, .... 

Beaumont Gate, W.2, off Dowanside 
road, ...... 

Bedford Lane, C.5, off Gorbals street, 

Bedford Row, C.5, off Bedford Lane, 

Bedford Street,C5, at 113 Eglinton 

street, ...... 

Bedlay Street, N.. off Petershill road, 
Beech Avenue, S.l, from Paisley road, 
W., to Dalkeith avenue. 
North of Railway Bridge, - 
South of Railway Bridge, - 
Beechgrove Street, S.E., off Strathclyde 


Beechmount Cottages, W.4, Scotstoun, 






























































Beech wood Drive, W.l, at 450 Crow 


Beechwood Place, S.E., Dalmarnock rd 
Beechwood Terrace, S.E., Dalmarnock 
Beith Street, W.l, off Vine street. 
Nos. 1 to 9 and 4 to 22, - 
Nos. 17 and 26 upwards, 
Belch Street, S.W.I, off Crossloan road 
Belfort Lane, N.W., Maryhill, - 
Belgrave Terrace, W.2, Great Western 

road, Hillhead, 
Belhaven Terrace, Stonelaw road, 

Rutherglen, .... 
Belhaven Terrace, W.2, Gt. Western 

road, ..... 
Belhaven Terrace Lane, W.2, Gt 

Western road, 
Belhaven Terrace, West, W.2, Gt 

Western road, 
Bell Place, C.4, off Bell st., Candleriggs, 
Bell Street, off Candleriggs (1/2 to 

83/90, C.l ; above these, C.4). 
Nos. 1 to 83 and 2 to 90, - 
Other Nos., - 
Bellahouston Drive and Lane, S.W.2 

Paisley road, West, Bellahouston ; 
Belleisle Street, S.2, at 326 Allison 

BeUfield Street, E.l, from 653 Gallow 
gate to Duke street, 

Bellgrove Street, E.l, from 479 Gallow- 
gate to Duke street, 

Bellshaugh Road and Lane, W.2, at 23 
Kirklee road, 

Bellvue Place, N., at 236 Garngad Hill 

Bellwood Street, S.l, off Edgemont st. 

Belmont Crescent, W.2, off Belmont st. 

Belmont Drive, Rutherglen, 

Belmont Lane, off Belmont Street, 

Belmont Road, N., at 198 Balgray Hill 
road, ...... 

Belmont Street, W.2, at 488 Great 
Western road. 
Gt. Western rd. to Kelvin Bridge, 
Other portion, .... 

Belses Drive, S.W.2, off Berryknowes 
road, ...... 

Beltane Street, C.3, at 428 St. Vincent 
street, ------ 

Beltrees Avenue, Nitshill, - 

Beltrees Crescent, Nitshill, 

Beltrees Road, Nitshill, 

Belvidere Hospital, E.l, London road, 

Bemersyde Avenue, S.3, off Thomlie- 
bank road, 

Benalder Street, W.l, at 157 Dum- 
barton road, - - - - - 

Bencroft Drive, S.4, King's Park, 

Bengairn Street, E.l, off Appin road, - 

Bengal Street and Place, S.3, Pollok- 

Benhar Place, E.l, Edinburgh road to 

Morningside street, 
Benholm Street, E.2, off Prosen street, 
Benmore Street, N., off 162 Balgrayhill, 
Bennan Square, S.2, at 115 Hickman 

street, ------ 

Benthall Street, C.5, off Adelphi street, 
Bentinck Street, C.3, at 35 Kelvingrove 

Benview Street, N.W., at 207 Firhill 
road, - - 





Berelands Place, off Bumhill street, 

Rutherglen, - 
Beresford Avenue, W.4, off Victoria 

Park drive, 

Berkeley Street and Terrace, C.3, off 

North street, Anderston, 
Bernard Street, S.E., off Heron street, 
Berridale Avenue, S.4, off Delvin 


Berryknowes Road, S.W.2, at 1814 

Paisley road, West, ... 
Bertram Street, S.l, off Norham st., 
Bervie Street, S.W.I, off Luss road, - 
Berwick Drive, S.W.2, between Ross 

and Fife avenues, .... 
Beverley Road, S.3, at 29 Merrylee rd., 
Biggar Place, E.l, off Biggar street, - 
Biggar Street, E.l, at 1009 Gallowgate, 
Bilbao Street, C.5, off Rutherglen road, 
Bilsland Drive, N.W., at 974 Maryhill 

Nos. 257 to 837 and 50 to 816, 
Nos. 3 to 219 and 2 to 16, - 
Binend Road, Nitshill, 
Binnie Place, S.E., at 422 London rd., 
Birch Street, C.5, at 524 Rutherglen 


Birchfield Drive, W.4, off Queen 

Victoria drive, .... 
Birkenshaw Street, E.l, at 270 

Cumbernauld road, ... 

Birkkall Avenue, S.W.2, off Hillington 

road, ...... 

Birkwood Street, S.E., at 787 Dal- 

marnock road, .... 
Birnam Road, E.l, off London road, 

Shettleston, ..... 
Birness Street, S.3, Pollokshaws, 
Bishop Place, N.W., off Firhill road, ■ 
Bishop Street, C.3, at 532 Argyle st., 
Black Street, C.4, at 174 Parliamentary 


Blackburn Street, S.W.I, from 117 

Govan road to Paisley road, W., - 
Blaokfaulds Place, S.E., at 538 London 


Blackfriars Street, C.l, at 101 Highst., 
Blackhill Locks, E.l, 
Blackhill Place, E.l, off Blackhill st,, 
Blackhill Road, N., off Caldercuilt rd. 

(portion to City Boundary), - 
Blackhill Street, E.l, off Cumbernauld 


Blackie Street, C.3, at 1323 Argyle St., 
Blackstone Avenue, Nitshill, 
Blackstone Crescent, Nitshill, - 
Blackthorn Street, N., at 536 Haw- 
thorn street, ..... 
Blackwood Street, W.3, off Fulton 

street, ...... 

Blair Street, E.2, at 645 Shettleston 

road, ...... 

Blairbeth Drive, S.4, at 80 Mount 

Annan drive, 

Blairdardie Farm Road, W.3, off Bard 

avenue, ------ 

Blairdardie Road and Cottages, W.3, 

at 2142 Great Western road, - 
Blairgowrie Road, S.W.2, off Paisley 

road, West, Cardonald, - - - 
Blairhall Avenue, S.l, at 82 Langside 

avenue, • - 


























































































Blairtum Drive, off Broomieknowe 

road, Rutherglen, .... 
Blairtummock Road, E.2, off Craigend 


Blane Street, C.4, at 264 Pinkston rd., 
Blantyre Street, C.3, at 104 Old 

Dumbarton road, - - - - 
Blawarthill Hospital, W.3, Garscadden 


Blawarthill Street, W.4, Yoker, 
Blenheim Street, N., 500 Springburn 


Blind Asylum, C.4, Castle street, 
Blochairn Road, N., off Garngad.road, 
Bloomfield Terrace, S.W.I, off Cross- 
loan road, Govan, - - - - 
Bluevale Street, E.l, at 472 Duke st., 
Blythswood Square, C.2, west end of 

West George street, 
Blythswood Street, C.2, from 392 

Argyle street to Sauchiehall street, 
Boclair Street, W.3, off Netherton road, 
Boden Street, S.E., at 936 London rd., 
Boghead Road, N., off Broomknowes 


Bogmoor Road, S.W.I, off Renfrew 

road, Shieldhall, .... 
Bogside Farm, N., Robroyston, - 
Bogside Street, S.E., off Springfield 


Bogton Avenue, S.4, off Cairndow avon., 
Bogton Avenue Lane, S.4, off Bogton 


Boleyn Road, S.l , at 54 Darnley road, 
Bolivar Terrace, S.2, from Somerville 

drive to Prospecthill road, 
Bolton Drive, S.2, at 1102 Cathcart 

road, ------ 

Bonawe Street, N.W., at 471 Maryhill 


Boness Street, S.E., off Springfield rd., 
Bonhill Street, N., off Ellesmere street, 
Bonnar Street, S.E., off French street, 
Bonnyholrn Avenue, Nitshill, - 
Bonyton Avenue, W.3, at 16 Moorhouse 

avenue, ------ 

Borden Lane, W.3, Jordanhili, - 
Borden Road, W.3, at 38 Woodend dr., 
Boreland Drive, W.3, at 101 Lincoln 

avenue, ------ 

Borron Street, C.4, off North Canal 

Bank street, 

Botanic Crescent, N.W., off Kelvin dr., 
Botanic Crescent Lane, N.W., off 

Kelvin drive, - - - 

Botanic Gardens, W.2, Great Western 

road, Hillhead. 
South of River Kelvin, 
North of River Kelvin, 
Bothwell Lane, C.2, off W. Campbell 


Bothwell Street, C.2, at 115 Hope st. 
Nos. 1 to 145 and 2 to 158, - 

Other Nos., 

Bouverie Street, W.4, at 2475 Dum- 
barton road, - - - - - 
Bouverie Street, off Farie street, 


Bowden Drive, S.W.2, off Tweedsmuir 

road, Cardonald, - - - - 
Bower Street, W.2, off Southpark ave., 

Bowfield Road, Nitshill, 




Bowling Green Road and Lane, W.4, 

off Westland drive, Whiteinch, 
Bowling Green Road, S.4, at 94 

Clarkston road, .... 
Bowling Green Terrace, E.2, Bridgeton, 
Bowman Street, S.2, Westmoreland 

street to Craigie street. 
Nos. 1 to 85 and 2 to 86, - 
Nos. 94 and 95 upwards, - 
Bo wmont Gardens, W.2, at 1 Dundonald 


Bowmont Terrace, W.2, off Bowmont 

gardens, ... . - 

Bowmore Road, S.W.2, off Carsaig 


Boyd Street, S.2, at 647 Cathcart road, 
Boydstone Road, Kennishead, - 
Bracken Street, N.W., off Broadholm 


Braco Street, C.4, at 492 St. George's 

road, ...... 

Bradfield Avenue, W.2, off Balcarres 

avenue, .-.-.. 
Braehead Street, C.5, at 572 Rutherglen 


Braemar Street, S.2, off Ledard road, 
Braeside Avenue, Gallowflat, Ruther- 

Braeside Street, N.W., at 595 Maryhill 


Braid Street, C.4, at 50 Grove street, - 
Braidcraft Road, Nitshill - 
Braidfauld Avenue, E.2, off Braid- 

fauld street, ..... 
Braidfauld Gardens and Place, E.2, off 

Braidfauld street, - - - . 
Braidfauld Street,E.2, at 950 Tollcross 


Brand Street, S.W.I, from Lome street 

to Whitefieldroad, - - - . 
Brandon Street, E.l , at 20 Bellgrove st. 
Brassey Street, N.W., off Smeaton st., 
Breadalbane Street, C.3, at 544 St. 

Vincent street, .... 
Brechin Street, C..3, at 214 Kent road, 
Brenfield Road, S.4, at 495 Clarkston 


Brereton Street, S.2, at 406 Calder st., 
Briar Road, S.3, at 597 Kilmarnock rd., 
Bridge Street, C.5, south end of Glasgow 


Odd Nos., 

Even Nos., - - - - - 
Bridge Wharf, C.l, off Jamaica 

Bridge to foot of Robertson street, 
Bridgegate, C.l, at 164 Saltmarket st.. 
Bridgeton Cross, S.E., at 621 London 

road, ...... 

Bright Street, N., at 145 Garngad rd., 
Brighton Place, S.W.I, at 102 Copland 

road, ...... 

Brighton Street, S.W.I, off Copland 

road, ...... 

Brisbane Street, S.2, at 18 Holmlea rd., 
Briton Street, S.W.I, at 71 Summer- 
town road, ..... 

Broad Place, S.E., off Broad street, - 
Broad Street, S.E., off Orr street, 
Broadford Street, C.4, off Vintner st., 
Broadholm Street, N., off Balmore rd., 
Broadlie Drive, W.3, at 58 Holehouse 































































































Broadwood Drive, S.4, from Menock 

road to Carmunnock road, - 
Brockburn Road, Nitshill, - 
Brockburn Terrace, Nitshill, 
Brodick Street, N., off Garngad road, 
Brook Street, S.E., from 124 Crown- 
point road to London road, - 
Brookside Street, S.E., off Avenue 

street, - - ... 

Broom Road, S.3, off Merrylee road, - 
Broom Street, Rutherglen, 
Broomfield Avenue, N., off Broomfield 


Broomfield Road, N., off Garngad rd. 
Prom Garngad rd. to L.M.S. Branch 
Line near Barmulloch, - 
North side West of Branch Railway 
Line and South side West of Red rd. 
Broomfield Terrace, N., off Balgrayhill, 
Broomhill Avenue, W.l, off Broomhill 

drive, ...... 

Broomhill Drive, W.l, at 736 Dum- 
barton road, Partick, ... 
Broomhill Drive, off Broomieknowe 

road, Rutherglen, - 
Broomhill Gardens, W.l, off Broomhill 


Broomhill Place, W.l, off Broomhill dr., 
Broomhill Road, W.l, off Broomhill dr., 
Broomhill Terrace, W.l, off Broomhill 

avenue, ...... 

Broomieknowe Road, off Overtoun 

drive, Rutherglen, .... 
Broomielaw, C.l, from Jamaica street 

to M' Alpine street. 
Nos. 2 to 226, .... 

Other Nos., 

Broomknowes Road, N., off Edgefauld 


Broomloan Place, S.W.I, off Broomloan 

road, ------ 

Broomloan Road, S.W.I, at 699 Govan 


All Odd Nos., .... 

All Even Nos., - - - - 

Broompark Circus, E.l, off Circus dr., 

Broompark Drive, E.l , at 150 Ark lane , 

Broompark St., E.l, off Broompark 

drive, ------ 

Brora Street and Lane, E.l, Riddrie, 
Brown Street, C.2, from 200 Broomie- 
law to Argyle street, - - - 
Brownlie Street, S.2, at 136 Stanmore 

road, ...... 

Brownside Drive, W.3, at Moorhouse 


Bruce Road, S.l, at 510 Shields 
road, ------ 

Brunswick Lane, C.l, off Brunswick st., 
Brunswick Street, C.l, from Trongate 

to Ingram street, - - - - 
Brunton Street and Terrace, S.4, at 

309 Clarkston road, 
Bryce Street, S.E., at 217 Stevenson 

street, ...... 

Buccleuch Lane, C.3, from Rose street 

to West Graham street, 
Buccleuch Street, C.3 , at 1 1 5 Cambridge 


Buchan Street, C.5, off Norfolk street, 
Buchanan Drive, Stonelaw road, 

Rutherglen, - - . - 



Buchanan Street (30 and 296 to 320, 
C.2; other Nos., C.l), at 132 Argyle at. 
Nos. 1 to 245 and 2 to 210, - 
From 222 upwards, 
Nos. 255 to 295, - 
Buchanan Street Railway Station, C.2, 
Buckie Place, N.W., off Garscube road, 
Buckingham Street, W.2, off Great 
Western road, .... 

Buckingham Terrace, W.2, Great 

Western road, Hillhead, 
Bucklaw Gardens, Place and Terrace 
S.W.2, off Lammermoor avenue, - 
Buckley Street, N, off Crowhill street, 
Buddon Street, S.E., off Springfield rd., 
Bulldale Street, W.4, off Yoker Ferry 


Bunessan Street, S.W.2, at 8 Jura st., 

Bunhouse Road, C.3, off Argyle street 

at Kelvin Hall, .... 

Burgh Lane, W.2, at 50 Cresswell st., 

Burghead Drive, S.W.I, at 1213 Govan 

road, ...... 

Burgher Street, E.l, at 2 Tollcross rd., 

Burgh Hall Lane and Street, W.l, off 

Fortrose street, .... 

Burleigh Street, S.W.I, at 801 Govan 

road, - - 
Burlington Avenue, W.2, at 153 

Cleveden road, 
Burmola Street, N., off Bardowie 

street, - 

Burn Road, off Cathcart street, 


Burnbank Gardens, N.W., Great 

Western road, .... 

Burnbank Place and Meuse, N.W., off 

Burnbank terrace, .... 

Burnbank Terrace, N.W., at 208 Great 

Western road, .... 

Burnbrae Street, N., Hornshill street 

to Red road. 

All Even Nos., .... 

All Odd Nos., .... 

Burndyke Street, S.W.I, at 569 Govan 


Burnfield Road and Cottages, Thornlie- 

bank road, 

Burnfoot Drive, S.W.2, off Tweedsmuir 
road, Cardonald, .... 
Burnham Road, W.4, at 1907 Dum- 
barton road, 

Burnhead Road, S.3, at 78 Langside rd. 
Burnhill Street, Rutherglen, 
Bumhouse Street, N.W., off Gairbraid 
avenue, Maryhill, .... 
Burns Street, C.4, at 15 Sawmillfieldst., 
Burnside Road, off Chapel street, 
Rutherglen, ..... 
Burnside Road, S.4, Netherlee, - 
Burnside Buildings and Street, C.4, at 

83 Garscube road, - 
Burrell's Lane, C.4, at 31 Duke street, 
Burton Lane, off Langside road, - 
Bute Gardens, W.2, off Hillhead street, 
Bute Gardens, S.4, off Clarkston road, 
Bute Lane, W.2, at Bute gardens,- 
Butterbiggins Road, S.2, from Victoria 

road to Cathcart road, - 
Butterfield Place, S.2, from Pollok- 

shawB road to Victoria road, - 
Byrebush Road, Nitshill, . - - 













Byres Road (1/2 to 115/90, W.l; 
other Nos., W.2), from Partick Cross 
to Botanio Gardens, 13 

Byres Road Court, W.2, off Byres rd., 13 

Byron Street and Lane, W.l, off 
Sawmill road, ... 14 

Byshot Street, N., at 7 Killearn street, 11 

Cadder Road, N. W., off Lochburn road, 12 
Cadogan Street, C.2, at 60 Wellington 


Cadzow Street, C.3, at 343 St. Vincent 

street, .... -9 

Caird Drive, W.l, at 85 Hyndland St., 13 
Cairn Street, N., at 1286 Springburn 

road, 5 

Cairnban Street, S.W.I, at 53 Inverness 

street, - - 17 

Cairncraig Street, E.l, at 1350 London 

road, 1 

Cairndow Aven. S.4 at 31 6 Clarkston rd 19 
Cairndow Avenue Lane, S.4, off 

Cairndow avenue, - - - 19 

Cairngorm Road, S.3, off Tinto road, - 18 
Cairnlea Drive, S.W.I, off Harrison dr., 16 
Cairntoul Drive and Place, W.4, at 

776 Anniesland road, 14 

Caithness Street, C.4, at 330 Garscube 

road, 10 

Caldarvan Street, N., Hamiltonhill, - 11 
Calder Street, S.2, from 559 Pollok- 
shaws road to Polmadie road. 
Nos. I to 81 and 2 to 80, - - 18 
Nos. 91 and 92 upwards, - - 19 
Caldercuilfc Road, N.W., at 2002 Mary- 
hill road, 12 

Calderwood Road, Rutherglen, - - 20 
Calderwood Road, S.3, at 441 Kilmar- 
nock road, 19 

Caldwell Avenue, W.3, at 7 Polnoon 

avenue, 14 

Caledon Lane and Street, W.2, off 

Highburgh road, 13 
Caledonia Road, C.5, at 45 Cathcart rd., 15 
Caledonian Crescent, W.2, off Otago st., 13 
Calfhill Road, Nitshill, ... 18 
Calgary Street, C.4, off Dobbie's loan, 
Callander Street, N.W., at 28 Grove- 
park street 12 

Calton Entry, S.E., at 226 Gallowgate, 2 
Cambridge Lane, C.3, at 194 Cambridge 

street 10 

Cambridge Street (1/2 to 33/24, C.2; 
other Nos., C.3), at 224 Sauchiehall 

street, 10 

Camburn Street, E.2, off Carntynehall 
road, ...... 1 

Camboslang Road, Rutherglen, • • 20 
Camden Street, C.5, at 192 Rutherglen 

road, 15 

Cameron Street, N.W., at 39 Trossachs 


Camlachie Street, E.l, at 792 Gallow- 
gate, ....«,• 
Campbell Arcade, C.l, 74 Trongate and 

34 Candleriggs, 10 
Campbell's Court, C.l, 40 Candleriggs, 10 
Campbell Street, N.W., at 190 Sand- 
bank street, 12 




Campbellfield Street, S.E., at 676 


Camperdown Street, N.W., at 526 

Garscube road, .... 
Camphill Avenue, S.l, at 88 Langside 

avenue, ...... 

Campside Orescent, S.2, Cathkin road, 
Campsie Drive, N.W., off Viewmount 


Campsie Street, N., at 147 Edgefauld 


Canal Bank, from L.N.E. Railway 

(Stobcross Branch) Tunnel to Aque- 
duct over River Kelvin, - 
Canal Basin, C.4, Port-Dundas, - 
Canal Street, C.4, off Dobbie's loan, - 
CandLriggs, C.l, from Trongate to 

Ingram street, .... 

Canmore Place and Street, E.l, at 

1447 London road, 
Canning Place, C.4, at 198 Cathedral 


Capelrig Street, Thornliebank, Carn- 

wadric. ..... 

Cara Drive, S.W.I, at 37 St. Kenneth 

drive, ...... 

Carberry Road, S.l, off Kirkcaldy rd., 
Carbeth Street, N.. off Bardowie street, 
Car brook Street, N., Garngadhill. 
Cardarrach Street, N., at 74 Boghead 

road, ...... 

Carding Lane, C.3, 605 Argyle street, 
Cardonald Gardens, S.W.2, Cardonald, 
Cardonald Place Road, S.W.2, at 2139 

Paisley road, West .... 
Cardowan Road, E.2. at 228 Carntyne- 

hall road. 
Cardross Street, E.l, at 105 Fisher st., 
Cardwell Street, C.5, at 628 Eglinton st 
Cardyke Street, N., off Barmulloch rd., 
Carfin Street, S.2, off Cathcart road, - 
Carfrae Street, C.3, off Yorkhill street, 
Cargill Street, E.l, off Cuthelton street, 
Carham Crescent and Drive, S.W.2, 

Berryknowes, .... 

Carillon Road, S.W.I, at 437 Paisley 

road, West, 

Carlaverock Road, S.3, at 39 Kil- 
marnock road, .... 
Carleith Quadrant, S.W.I, at 262 Moss 

road, ...... 

Carleston Street, N, at 677 Springburn 

road, ...... 

Carlibar Avenue, W.3, at 64 Brownside 

drive, ...... 

Carlisle Street, N., off Keppochhill rd., 
Carlton Court, C.5, at 15 Bridge street, 
Carlton Place, C.5, off Bridge street, - 
Carlton Terrace, N.W., N. Kelvinside, 
Carlyle Terrace, Rutherglen, 
Carment Drive and Lane, S.l, at 204 

Kilmarnock road, - - - - 
Carmichael Place, S.2, off Ledard rd., 
Carmichael Street, S.W.I, at 483 Govan 

road, .... 

Carmunnock Lane, S.4, off Crompton 


Carmunnock Road, S.4, from Cathcart 
road to City Boundary (1 to J 19 and 

2 to 356), 

Carnarvon Street, C.3, at 129 St. 
George's road, .... 


































































Carnbroe Street, N.W., at 29 Possil rd., 
Carnock Road, Nitshill, - 
Carnoustie Street, C.5, at 185 Paisley 


Carntyne Road (1/2 to 203/240, E.l ; 
above these, E.2), at 991 Duke street. 
Nos. 1 to 69 and 2 to 60, - 
Even Nos. above 60 (from Railway 

Bridge) to end, - 

Odd Nos. 203 to a point opposite 

340, and 841 to end, 
North side only from point opposite 
340 to 839, - 
Carntynehall Road, E.2, at 181 
Shettleston road. 
Nos. 1 to 349 and 2 to 346, - 

Other Nos., 

Carnwadric Road, Thornliebank, Cam- 

wadric, ---... 

Carnwath Avenue, S.3, off Inverlair av. 

Caroline Street, E.l, at 349 Westmuir 


Carradale Street, W.l, off Hayburn 
street, ...... 

Carrick Street, C.2, at 415 Argyle street, 

Carrickarden Street,N.W., off Raeberry 

street, ...... 

Carrington Street, C.4, at 135 Gt. 
Western road, .... 

Carron Street, N., at 801 Springburn rd., 
Carsaig Drive, S.W.2, at 101 Jura st., 
Carstairs Street, S.E., at 180 French st., 
Carswell Gardens, S.l, at 66 Titwood 


Cartcraigs Road, S.3, off Wellmeadon' 
road, ...... 

Cartha Street, S.l, off Tantallon road, 
Cartside Quadrant, S.2, off Dundrennan 


Cartside Street, S.2, at Sinclair drive, 
Cartvale Road, S.2, off Battlefield ave., 
Castle Street, off Main st., Rutherglen, 
Castle Street, C.4, off Rottenrow. 
Even Nos. from 132 upwards, 
Nos. 1 to 207 and 2 to 130, - 
Odd Nos. above 227, - 
Castlebank Street, W.l, at 42 Cooper's 
Well street. 
Nos. 1 to 83 and 2 to 112, - 
Nos. 85 and 116 upwards, - 
Castlebank Villas, W.3, off Anniesland 

road, at Anniesland, 
Castlemilk Crescent, S.4, off Castlemilk 
road, ...... 

Castlemilk Mews, S.4, off Castlemilk rd., 

Castlemilk Road, S.4, King's Park, - 

Castleton Avenue, Bishopbriggs, off 

Auchinaim road, .... 

Cathcart Road, S.2, from head of 

Gorbals street to Holmlea road. 

Both sides from Gorbals street 

to Gushetfaulds Railway Bridge, 

Nos. 285 and 286 upwards, - 

Cathcart Road, Rutherglen, 

Cathcart Street, off Main street, 

Rutherglen, ..... 

Cathedral Court, C.4, 25 Rottenrow, - 
Cathedral Lane, C.4, off Cathedral st., 
Cathedral Square, C.4, top of High 
Nos. 14 to 70, - 
Nos. 2 to 12, 




Cathedral Street (9/16 to 281/281, C.4 ; 

other Nos., C.l), from Buchanan 

street to Castle street. 

Nos. 1 to 355 and all Even Nos., - 

Nos. 369 to 491, .... 

Catherine Place, C.3, off Hydepark st., 

Cathkin Ave., Gallowflat, Rutherglen, 

CathMn Braes Park, Rutherglen, 

Cathkin Road, S.2, off Millbrae road, 

Cathkin view Road, S.2, at 1154 

Cathcart road, .... 

Cattle Market, E.l, Graham square to 

Duke street, ..... 

Causewayside Street, E.2, at 1140 

Tollcross road. 

1 to 15 and 2 to 14, - 

Other Nos. Old Monkland Western 

District, ..... 

Cavendish Place and Street, C.5, off 

Eglinton street, - 
Caxton Street, W.3, off Crow road, 
Cecil Street, W.2, at 629 Great Western 
road, Hillhead, .... 
Cedar Place, N.W., off Cedar street, - 
Cedar Street, N.W.,at421 Garscube rd. 
Cedric Place and Road, W.3, Knights- 

Celtic Street, N.W., at 1961 Maryhill 
road, ...... 

Cemetery Road and Place, S.W.2, at 

1512 Paisley road, west, - 
Central Avenue, W.l, off Broomhill 
terrace, ...... 

Central Railway Station, C.l, Gordon 
street, ...... 

Centre Street, C.5, off Clyde place, - 

Cessnock Lane, S.W.I, from Cessnock 

street to Harley street, ... 

Cessnock Street, S.W.I, at 290 Paisley 

road, West, ..... 

Chalmers Street, S.E., off Claythorn st., 

Chamberlain Lane, W.3, Jordanhill, - 

Chamberlain Road, W.3, off Southbrae 

drive, ...... 

Chancellor Street, W.l , at 69 Byres rd., 
Chapel Street, N.W., off Ruchill street, 
Chapel Street, Main st., Rutherglen, 
Chapelton Street, N.W., from Claddens 

street to Colston road, - 
Chaplet Avenue, W.3, at 50 Archerhill 
road, ...... 

Chapman Street, S.2, at 105 Allison St., 

Charing Cross Lane and Mansions, C.3, 

Charing Cross, .... 

Charles Street, N., at 322 Castle street, 
Charlotte Lane, C.l, at 118 London rd., 
Charlotte Street, C.l, at 148 Gallowgate, 
Chatham Place, C.4, at 216 Cathedral 


Cheapside Street, C.3, at 63 Stobcross 
street, ...... 

Chelmsford Drive, W.2, off Leicester 
avenue, ...... 

Chester Street, E.2, at 1041 Shettleston 


Chesterfield Avenue, W.2, off Great 
Western road, .... 
Chesters Place, Rutherglen, 
Chestnut Street, N., off Hawthorn st., 
Cheviot Road, S.3, at 40 Tinto road, - 
Children's Hospital, C.3, Yorkhill, • 














































Chirnside Road, S.W.2, off Hillington 

road, Cardonald, .... 

Chisholm Street, C.l, at 39 Trongite - 

Christian Street, S.3, at 1541 Pollok- 

shaws road, 

Christopher Street, N., off Garnock st., 
Church Place, off Main st., Rutherglen, 
Church Street, W. 78 Dumbarton rd. 
Churchill Drive, W.l, at 238 Crow road, 
Circus Drive, E.l, at 182 Ark lane, 
Circus Place, E.l, off Circus drive, - 
Circus Place Lane, E.l, off Circus drive, 
Citizen Lane, C.l, Anchor lane to 
Buchanan street, .... 
City Hall, C.l, 90 Candleriggs, - 
Civic Street, C.4, off Corn street, 
Clachan Drive, S.W.I, at 1155 Govan 


Claddens Street and Quadrant, N., 

off Balmore road, .... 

Clairmont Gardens and Lane, C.3, off 

Clifton street, .... 

Clare Street, N., off Garngad road, - 

Claremont Street, C.3, at 952 Argyle st., 

Claremont Terrace, C.3, west end of 

Woodside terrace, .... 

Claremont Terrace Lane, C.3, at 

Claremont terrace, .... 

Clarence Drive and Lane (1/2 to 

111 /110a, W.2 ; above these, W.l), 

at 152 Hyndland road. 

Nos. 1 to 1 1 1 and 2 to 1 10, W.2, 

Other Nos., W.l, - 

Clarendon Lane, N.W., off Clarendon st 

Clarendon Street, N.W., at 102 

Maryhill road, .... 

Clarion Crescent and Road, W.3, 

at 139 Archerhill road, - - . 

Clark Street, S.l, off Tower street, - 

Clarkston Road (1/2 to 789/728, S.4 ; 

above these, Clarkston), begins at 

Cathcart Bridge, .... 

Clayslaps Road, C.3, at 1278 Argyle st., 

Claythorn Street, S.E., from 384 

Gallowgate to London road, - 
Clayton Terrace, E.l, off Westercraigs, 
Cleghorn Street, N., Hamiltonhill, 
Cleland Lane, Co, Gorbals, 
Cleland Street, C.5, at 164 Crown street, 
Clerwood Street, E.2, South Carntyne, 
Cleveden Crescent, W.2, off Cleveden dr 
Cleveden Crescent Lane, W.2, off 

Cleveden drive, - 

Cleveden Drive, W.2, off Cleveden rd., 

Cleveden Gardens and Lane, W.2, off 

Cleveden road, .... 

Cleveden Road, W.2, at 990 Great 

Western road, .... 

Cleveland Lane and Street, C.3, at 386 

St. Vincent street, .... 

Clifford Place, S.W.I, off Clifford street, 

Clifford Street and Lane, S.W.I, off 

Langshot street, .... 

Clifton Place, C.3, west end of Clifton 


Clifton Street, C.3, off Somerset place, 
Clincart Road, S.2, at 1022 Cathcart 

road, Mount Florida, 
Cloberhill Road, W.3, at 59 Rotherwood 
avenue, ------ 

Closeburn Street, N., off Balmore 
street, ------ 





Clouston Street and Lane, N.W., ofi 

Queen Margaret drive, ... 
Clova Street, Thornliebank, Carn- 


Cloverbank Street, N., off Blochaim rd. 
Clunie Road, S.W.2, at 138 Bella- 

houston drive, .... 
Cluny Villas, W.4, off Abbey drive, 
Clutha Street, S.W.I, at 264 Paisley 

road, West, 

Clyde Place, C.5, from Bridge street 

to West street, .... 
Clyde Place Quay, C.5, on south side 

of River at George V Bridge, 
Clyde Street, C.l, from Jamaica street 

to Saltmarket, .... 
Clydebrae Street, S.W.I, off Stag street, 
Clydeferry Street, C.3, at 35 Stobcross 

street, ...... 

Clydeford Drive, E.2, off Maukinfauld 


Clydeview and Lane, W.l, on Dumbar- 
ton road at Balshagray avenue, 
Clydeview PL, Eastfield, Rutherglen, 
Clynder Street, S.W.I, off Summer- 
town road, 

Coalhill Street, E.l, at 1051 Gallowgate, 
Cobden Street, N, at 155 Garngad rd., 
Coburg Street, C.5, at 1 19 Oxford street, 
Cochrane Street, C.l, off George square, 
Cockmuir Street, N., off Langrig road, 
Cogan Street, S.3, off Shawbridge st., 


Colbert Street, S.E., off Franklin street, 
Colchester Drive, W.2, off Winchester 

drive, ...... 

Coldingham Avenue, W.4, at 2472 

Dumbarton road, .... 
Coldstream Place, N., Keppochhill rd., 
Colebrooke Place, Street and Terrace, 

W.2, at 458 Great Western road, 
Colgrain Street, N.W., off Bilsland dr., 
Colgrain Terrace, N., Springburn, 
Colinslie Road, Nitshill, ... 
Colinton Street, C.4, from Port-Dundas 

road to Payne street, ... 
Coll Street, N., off Darnick street, 
College Lane, C.l, at 191 High street, - 
College Station, C.l, High street, 
College Street, C.l, at 177 High street, 
Collina Street, N.W., off Stirrat street, 
Collins Street, C.4, off Rottenrow, 
Colmonell Avenue, W.3, at Hurlford 

avenue ------ 

Colonsay Road, S.W.2, off Carsaig dr., 
Colston Drive, Bishopbriggs, off 

Springburn road, - - - - 
Colston Road (1/2 and 445/600, 

Bishopbriggs ; other Nos., N.W.), 

off Springburn road. 

Nos. 1 to 267 and 2 to 286, - 

Other Nos., 

Coltmuir Street, N., off Bracken street, 
Columba Street, S.W.I, off Clynder st., 
Colvend Street, S.E., off Carstairs St., 
Comelypark Place and Terrace, E.l, 

off Comelypark street, - - - 
Comelypark' Street, E.l, at 679 

Gallowgate, ..... 
Commerce Street, C.5, off Clyde place, 
Commercial Rd. C.5, at 120 Adelphi st., 
Commons Lane, S.W.I , at 602 Go van rd 













9 14 




















16 1 




Commore Drive, W.3, at 334 Alderman 


Comrie Street, E.2, at 582 Sandyhills 


Cona Street, Thornliebank, Carnwadric, 
Congleton Street, off Nitshill road, - 
Connal Street, S.E., off Baltic street, - 
Conniston Street, E.2, 671 Carntyne 

road to Abbeyhill street, ... 
Cook Street, C.5, at 122 Eglinton street, 
Cooper's Well Street and Lane, W.l, 

off Partick Bridge street, 
Copland Place, S.W.I, off Copland rd., 
Copland Quadrant, S.W.I, off Copland 

road, ...... 

Copland Road, S.W.I, from 505 Govan 

road to 550 Paisley road, West, 
Coplaw Street, S.2, from Pollokshaws 

road to Cathcart road. 
Both sides, west of Victoria road, - 
Both sides, east of Victoria road, - 
Corbett Street, E.2, at 1114 Tollcross 


Cordiner Street, S.4, at 1143 Cathcart 


Corkerhill Road, S.W.2, at 1471 Paisley 

road, west, - 
Corkerhill Terrace, S.W.2, Halfway 

houses, ...... 

Corn Exchange, C.2, 81 Hope street, - 
Corn Street, C.4, at 196 Garscube road, 
Cornalee Road, Nitshill 
Cornfield Street, S.E., off Cubie street, 
Cornhill Street, N., off Broomfield 


Cornwall Street, S.l, at 195 Paisley 

road, West, 

Corrie Grove, S.4, at 541 Clarkston 


Corrour Road,S.3,at 325 Kilmarnock rd. 
Corselet Road, Nitshill, 
Corsock Street, E.l, at 63 Appin road, 
Corston Street, E.l, 309 Edinburgh 

road to Warriston street, 
Corunna Street, C.3, at 1143 Argyle st., 
Cottar Street, N.W., off Campbell st., 


Cotton Street, S.E., at 301 Swanston st. 
Coulter's Lane, S.E., at 209 Aber- 

cromby street, .... 
County Buildings, C.l, 38 to 46 Wilson 

street, ------ 

Couper Place, C.4, off North Wallace 

street, ...--. 
Couper Street, C.4, off Kennedy street, 
Court Avenue, W.3, off Anniesland rd., 
Courthill Avenue, S.4, off Crompton 


Coustonhill Street, S.3, off Couston- 

holm road, ..... 
Coustonholm Road, S.3, at 228 

Kilmarnock road, .... 
Coventry Drive, E.l, off Harcourt 

drive, ...... 

Cowal Street, N.W., at 1733 Maryhill 


Cowan Lane and Street, W.2, off Otago 


Cowcaddens Street, C.2, at 179 West 

Nile street, ..... 
Cowden Street, S.W.I, off Shieldhall 

road, ...... 




Cowdenhill Circus, Place and Road, 

W.3, at 1 Rotherwood avenue, 
Cowie Street, S.l, at 607 Scotland st , 
Cowlairs Road, N., at 381 Springburn 


Coxhill Street, N., off New Keppoch- 

hill road, 

Coylton Road, S.3, Merrylee road to 

Laggan road, 

Craig Road, S.4, at 203 Clarkston road, 
Craiganour Street, S.3, off Nether 

Auldhouse road, - 
Craigbank Street, N., off Keppochhill 

road, ...... 

Craigenbay Street, N., off Barmulloch 

North of Burnbrae street, - 
South of Burnbrae street, - 
Craigend House, Lodge, Nursery, and 

Poultry Farm, MUlerston, - 
Craigend Road, E.2, 
Craigend Street, W.3, off Anniesland 


Craigendmuir Street, E.l, off Blackhill 


Craigengillan Road, S.3, off Kilmarnock 


Craggan Drive, W.4, at Kingsway, - 
Craighall Road, C.4, from Canal to 

Possil road, 

Craighead Avenue, Provanmill, Mil- 

lerston, ...... 

Craigie Street, S.2, at 50 Calder street, 
Craigiehali Street, S.W.I, off Mair st., 
Craigielea Street, E.l, at 560 Alexandra 


Craigleith Street, E.2, South Camtyne, 
Craigmillar Road, S.2, off Lochleven 


Craigmont Drive, N.W., at 1316 

Maryhill road, .... 
Craigmont Street, N.W., off Shaw Park 

street, ...... 

Craigmore Street, E.l, at 842 Duke st., 
Craignestock Place and Street, S.E., at 

431 London road, .... 
Craigpark, E.l, from 293 Duke street 

to Alexandra parade, 
Craigpark Drive, E.l, off Craigpark, - 
Craigpark Terrace, E.l, Craigpark, - 
Craigton Road, S.W.I, from Paisley 

road, West, northwards to Railway, 

From Railway northwards to Cross- 
loan road, 

Crail Street, E.l, at 222 Westmuir 

street, - 

Cramond Street, C.5, at 39 Polmadie rd 
Cranborne Road, W.2, at 1483 Great 

Western road, .... 

Cranbrooke Drive, N.W., off Duncruin 

street, ...... 

Cranhill Street, E.l, off Craigendmuir 

street, ...... 

Cranston Street, C.3, at 757 Argyle st. 
Cranworth Street and Lane, W.2, off 

Vinicombe street, .... 
Crathie Drive and Lane, W.l, from 

Apsley street to Thornwood avenue, 
Crawford Place, Stonelaw street, 

Rutherglen, ..... 
Crawford Street, W.l, at 519 Dum- 
barton road, 




£ 3 




















































































Crawford Street, off King street, 


Crebar Street, Thornliebank, Carn- 


Cree Street, E.2, at 678 Shettleston rd., 
Creran Street, S.E., at 16 Tobago street, 
Crescent Road (No. 6, W.4; Nos. 

1 to 61 , W.3), at 706 Anniesland road, 


Cresswell Street and Lane, W.2, off 

Byres road, 

Cressy Street, S.W.I, at 1226 Govan 


Crest Avenue, W.3, at 39 Rampart ave., 
Crichton Street, N., at 76 Keppochhill 

road, ...... 

Crieff Court, C.3, at 25 North street, 
Crimea Street, C.2, from M'AIpine 

street to Brown street, - 
Crinan Street, E.l, off Culloden street, 
Croft Street, E.l, at 989 Gallowgate, - 
Croftbank Street, N., at 135 Wellfield 

street, ...... 

Croftburn Drive, S.4, at 128 Croftpark 


Croftend Avenue and Lane, S.4, off 

Castlemilk road, .... 
Croftfoot Road, S.4, at 635 Castlemilk 

Odd Nos. 21 to 401, - 

Other Nos., 

Crofthill Road, S.4, at 146 Menock rd., 
Crofthouse Drive, S.4, at 281 Croftfoot 

road, ...... 

Croftland Street, N., off Wellfield 


Croftmont Avenue, S.4, at 19 Croft- 
house drive, ..... 
Crofton Avenue, S.4, at 49 Thorncroft 

drive, -.-... 
Croftpark Avenue, S.4, at 458 Castle- 
milk road, 

Croftside Avenue, S.4, at 197 Croftfoot 

road, ...... 

Croftwood Avenue, S.4, at 61 Croftburn 


Cromarty Avenue, S.3, off Kintore 

road, Newlands, - 
Cromdale Street, S.W.I, at 232 Shield- 
hall road, 

Cromer Street, N.W., off Mayfield 


Crompton Avenue, S.4, at 140 Carmun- 

nock road, 

Cromwell Lane and Street, N.W., at 

121 Maryhill road, .... 
Crookston Avenue, S.W.2, Crookston, 
Crookston Drive (1/ 2 to 61/80 S.W.2 ; 

above these Paisley), Crookston road 

to City Boundary, .... 
Crookston Road (1/2 to 571/716, 

S.W.2; above these, Nitshill), at 

2379 Paisley road West, 
Crosbie Street, N.W., at 5 Caldercuilt 


Cross Street, S.3, off Harriet street, 


Crossburn Street, C.4, off Braid street, 
Crosshill Avenue, S.2, off Queen's Park 


Crosshill Drive, Rutherglen, 
Crosshill (High), Rutherglen, - 

-2 c 




CrosshiE (Low), Rutherglen, 
Crosslee Street, S.W.2, off Maryland 

drive, ...... 

Crossloan Place, S.W.I, off Crossloan rd. 
Crossloan Road, S.W.I, off Langlands 

road, ...... 

Crosstobs Road, Nitshill, - 

Crovie Road, Nitshill, ... 

Crow Road and Lane, from 482 

Dumbarton road to Canal (1/2 to 

507/500, W.l ; above these, W.3), - 
Crowhill Street, N., off Broadholm st., 
Crown Circus, W.2, Dowanhill, - 
Crown Court, C.l, 33 Virginia street, 
Crown Gardens, W.2, Dowanhill, 
Crown Mansions, W.l, North Gardner 

street, Partickhill, .... 
Crown Road, North, W.2, from Crown 

circus to Hyndland road, 
Crown Road, South, W.2, from Crown 

circus to Hyndland road, 
Crown Street, C.6, from Adelphi street, 


Crown Terrace and Lane, W.2, Dowan- 

Crownpoint Road, S.E., from 219 

Abercromby street to Cubie street, - 
Croy Place, C.2, at 15 Maxwell street, - 
Croydon Street, E.l, off Duke street, - 
Cruachan Street, Thornliebank, Carn- 


Cruden St., S.W.I, at 139 Craigton rd., 
Crum Street, S.3, off Bengal street, 


Crusader Avenue, W.3, at 34 Trinley rd 
Cubie Street, S.E., at 614 Gallowgate, 
Cullen Street, E.2, at 1 32 Culrain street, 
Culloden Street, E.l, off Coventry dr., 
Culrain Street, E.2, at 83 Wellshot rd., 

Shettleston, ...... 

Culross Street, E.2, at 1530 Shettleston 


Cults Street, S.W.I, off Ardlaw street, 
Cumberland Court, C.l, 168 Gallow- 
gate, ...... 

Cumberland Lane, C.5, at 40 Cumber- 
land street, ..... 

Cumberland Street,C5, at 203 Eglinton 


Cumbernauld Road (1/2 to 1135/1020, 

E.l ; above these, Millerston), off 

east end of Duke street. 
Nos. 1 to 275 and 2 to 704, - 
Nos. 335 to 1769 and 730 to 1794, 
Cumlodden Drive, N.W., off Sandbank 

street, --.... 
Cumming Drive, S.2, at 1073 Cathcart 


Cunningham Street, C.l, off Dundas st., 
Curfew Road, W.3, at 69 Rotherwood 

avenue, ...... 

Curie Street, W.4, off Ferryden street, 
Curling Crescent, S.4, at 894 Aikenhead 

road, ...... 

Currie Street, N.W., off Shuna street, 
Curtis Avenue, S.4, at 903 Aikenhead 

Nos. 49 to 339 and 6 to 340, - 
Other Nos., Rutherglen, 
Curzon Street, N.W., off Brassey street, 
Custom House Quay, C.l, East of 

Glasgow Bridge, .... 






























































































Cuthbertson Street, S.2, at 465 Pollok- 
shaws road. 
East of Victoria road, - 
West of Victoria road, - 
Cuthelton Street, E.l, from 94 Maukin- 

fauld road to Canmore street, - 
Cypress Street, N., off Hawthorn st., 

Dairsie Street, S.4, at 355 Clarkston rd., 
Daisy Street, S.2, at 246 Calder street, 
Dalbeth Cemetery, E.2, London road, 
Dalcross Street and Lane, W.l, at 29 

Byres road, 

Dale Row, N.W., Lambhill, - 
Dale Street, S.E., at 153 Main street, - 
Daleview Avenue, W.2, Kelvindale, - 
Dalhousie Lane, C.3, at 39 Dalhousie 

street, ------ 

Dalhousie Street, C.3, at 284 Sauchie- 

hall street, 

Dalintober Street, C.5, at 119 Paisley 


Dalkeith A venue, S.l, from Bellahouston 

Station to Dumbreck road, - 
Dalmahoy Street, E.2, at 18 Gorebridge 


Dalmally Street and Lane, N.W., at 

439 Maryhill road, - 
Dalmarnock Bridge, S.E., East end of 

Dalmarnock road, - 
Dalmarnock Road, S.E., from Bridge- 
ton Cross to Dalmarnock bridge. 
Nos. 367 and 378 upwards, - 
Nos. 1 to 365 ; Nos. 8 to 274, 
Dalmarnock Road, Rutherglen, 
Dalmeny Street, C.5, at 836 Rutherglen 


Dalnair Street, C.3, at 67 Old Dum- 
barton road, Yorkhill, - 
Dalness Street and Passage, E.2, at 

987 Tollcross road, 
Dalriada Street, S.E., from London 

road to Janefield street, 
Dairy Street, E.2, off Gelston street, - 
Dalsholm Road, N.W., off Maryhill 

road near Tram Depot. 
From Maryhill road to River Kelvin 
Other portion, Nos. 2 to 304 and 

1 to 257, 

Dalton Street (1 to 61 and 2 to 62, E.l ; 

above these, E.2), - - - - 
Dalveen Street, E.2, at 742 Shettleston 

road, ---... 
Dalziel Drive, S.l , at 68 Glencairn drive 
Damshot Crescent, Nitshill, 
Damshot Road, Nitshill, - 
Danes Crescent, W.4, on north side of 

Danes drive, 

Danes Drive, W.4, at 27 Westland dr., 
Danes Lane North, W.4, off Upland rd., 
Danes Lane South, W.4, off Lennox av., 
Dargarvel Avenue, S.l, off Dalkeith 

avenue, ------ 

Darleith Street, E.2, at 875 Shettleston 


Darnick Street, N., from 370 Petershill 

road to Garngad road, - 
Darnley Gardens.S.l, off Fotheringay rd 
Darnley Place, S.l, Darnley road, 




Darnley Road, S.l, from Strathbungo 

Station to Titwood road, 
Darnley Street, S.l, off Maxwell road, 


Dartford Street, N., off Auckland st., 

Darvel Street, Nitshill, - 

Dava Street, S.W.I, at 192 Broomloan 


Davaar Street, S.E., at 1101 London 


David Street, S.E., at 746 Gallowgate, 
Davidson Gardens, W.4, off Abbey 


Davidson Street, S.E., at 618 Dalmar- 

nock road, 

Daviot Street, S.W.I, off Caimban st., 
Dawsholm, N.W., between Hillhead 

and Maryhill, 

Dawson Place, C.4, off Dawson road, - 
Dawson Road, C.4, off Craighall rd., 
Dean Street, C.4, off Balmano street, 
Deanside Lane, 0.1, off 74 George st., 
Deanston Drive, S.l, at 28 Langside 


Dechmont Street, E.l, at 820 Spring- 
field road, ..... 
Dee Street, E.l, at 727 Cumbernauld 


Delburn Street, E.l, off Janefield st., 
Delvin Road, S.4, at 25 Clarkston rd., 
Dempster Street, C.l, at 59 North 

Frederick street, .... 
Denbeck Street, E.2, off Darleitb street, 
Denbrae Street, E.2, at 82 Wellshot 


Denham Street, N., at 20 Auckland 


Denmark Street, N., off Allander st., 
Derby Street, C.3, at 1138 Argyle St., 
Dervaig Street, E.l, at 17 Westmuir st., 
Derwent Street, N., at 277 Stoneyhurst 


Deveron Street, E.l, Riddrie, - 
Devol Crescent, Nitshill, - 
Devon Street, 0.5, at 339 Eglinton st., 
Devonshire Gardens and Lane, W.2, 

off Hyndland road, ... 

Devonshire Terrace, W.2, Great 

Western road, .... 

Diana Avenue, W.3, Knightswood, - 
Dick Street, N.W., at 296 North 

Woodside road, .... 
Dinart Street, E.l, at 865 Cumbernauld 

road, ...... 

Dingwall Street, C.3, at 172 Kelvin- 

haugh street, - - 

Dinmont Place, S.l, at 99 Norham st., 
Dinmont Road, S.l, at 139 Minard rd., 


Dinnet Street, E.2, at 259 Old Shettle- 

ston road, ..... 
Dinwiddie Street, N., off Garngad rd., 
Dirleton Avenue, S.l, at 55 Tantallon 


Dixon Avenue, S.2, at 461 Victoria rd., 
Dixon Road, S.2, at 675 Cathcart road, 
Dixon Street, C.l, at 286 Clyde street, 
Dobbie's Loan, C.4, from 256 Parlia- 
mentary road to Garscube road. 

Nos. 1 to 441 and 2 to 416, - 

Nos. 447 and 430 upwards, - 
Dochart Street, E.l, Riddrie, - 
































4 1 



Dock Street, C.3, at 200 Kelvinhaugh 
street, ...... 

Dodhill Place, W.3, at 166 Alderman 


Dodside Street, E.2, at 1732 Shettleston 


Dollar Terrace,N.W., off Caldercuilt rd. 
Dolphin Road, S.l, at 107 Fotheringay 


Don Street, E.l, at 31 Gadie street, - 
Doncaster Street, N. W., at 60 Trossachs 


Dora Street, S.E., off Poplin street, - 
Dorchester Avenue, W.2, Kelvinside, 
Dormanside Road, Nitshill, 
Dornoch Street, S.E., at 245 Aber- 
cromby street, .... 
Dorset Street, C.3, off Elderslie street, 
Douglas Lane, C.2, from W. George 

lane to Pitt street, 
Douglas Street, C.2, at 436 Argyle st., 
Doune Gardens and Lane, N.W., 
N. Kelvinside, .... 
Doune Quadrant, N.W., North Kelvin- 

Dove Street, Nitshill, 
Dovecot, S.3, at 9 Shawhill road, 
Dover Street, C.3, at 79 Elderslie street, 
Dowanhill Street, at 184 Dumbarton 
road (1/2 to 49/44, W.l; other Nos., 


Dowanside Lane and Road, W.2, at 

211 Byres road, .... 

Dowanvale Terrace, W.l, off Hyndland 

street, Partick, .... 

Downfield Street, E.2, off London road, 

Downiebrae Road, Ruthergien, - 

Downs Street, N., at 187 Edgefauld 

road, - - .... 

Dowrie Crescent, Nitshill, - 

Drake Street, S.E., at 48 Tobago street, 

Dreghorn Street, E.l, off Aitken street, 

Drem Place, W.l , at 72 Merkland street 

Drive Road, S.W.I, at 1121 Govan rd., 


Druid Avenue, W.3, from Anniesland 


Drumbottie Road, N., off Syriam st., 
Drumcross Road, Nitshill - 
Drummond Street, C.4, at 230 Parlia- 
mentary road, .... 
Drumover Dr., E.l, at 291 Tollcross rd., 
Drumoyne Avenue, S.W.I, at 301 
Langlands road, .... 
Drumoyne Drive and Road, S.W.I, off 

Langlands road, Govan, 

Drumoyne Quadrant and Square, 

S.W.I, Govan, .... 

Drampark Street, Thornliebank, Carn- 

wadric, ----.. 

Drumpellier Street, E.l, Frankfield 

street to Bargeddie street, 
Drums Road, Nitshill 
Drury Street, C.2, at 14 Renfield street, 
Dryad Street, Thornliebank, Carn- 


Dryburgh Avenue, off Calderwood rd., 

Ruthergien, ..... 

Dryburgh Gardens and Lane, N.W., 

off Wilton street, .... 

Dryburn Avenue, S.W.2, off Tweeds- 

muir road, Cardonald, - - . 




Dry gate, C.4, from Cathedral square to 
Ladywell street. 
Nos. 65 to 143 and 116 to 144, - 
AU other Nos., .... 

Drymen Street, S.W.2, at 62 Moidart 

Duart St., N.W., at 1968 Maryhill rd„ 

Duehall Place, W.4, from 1643 Dum- 
barton road to Earl street, - 

Duchary Street and Lane, E.l, at 76 
Dinart street, .... 

Dncraig Street, E.2, off Darleith street, 

Dudley Drive, W.2, oft Turnberry road, 

Dudley Lane, W.2, off Novar drive, - 

Duke 'Street (1/80 to 151/146, C.4; 
above these, E.l), from High street 
to Parkhead cross. 
Nos. 960 and 1075 to end, - 
Nos. 167 to 1071 and Nos. 168 to 994 
Nos. Ill to 165, .... 
Nos. 1 to 105 and 2 to 166, - 

Duke's Road, Burnside, 

Dumbarton Road (1/2 to 915/736, 
W.l ; above these, W.4), from 
Partick Bridge westwards. 
Nos. 1 to 431 and 2 to 418, - 
Nos. 424 and 435 upwards, - 

Dumbreck Avenue, S.l, at 50 Dum- 
breck road, 

Dumbreck Road, S.l, at 675 Paisley 
road, West, 

Dunard Road, Rutherglen, 

Dunard Street, N.W., from 54 Dalmally 
street to Maryhill road, - 

Dunaskin Street, W.l, off Partick 
Bridge street, .... 

Dunbar Street, E.l, at 1304 Duke st. 

Dunblane Street, C.4, at 72 Cowcaddens 
street, ...... 

Duncan Avenue, W.4, at 1374 Dum- 
barton road, ..... 

Duncan Lane, W.4, off Gleneagles 
lane north, ..... 

Duncan Lane North, W.4, off Norse 
lane north, ..... 

Duncan Lane South, W.4, off Glen- 
eagles lane north, .... 

Dunchattan Place, E.l, off Duke street, 

Dunchattan Street, E.l, at 225 Duke 

Dunclutha Street, S.E., off Woddrop st. 

Duncombe Street, N.W., off Duncruin 
street, ...... 

Duncruin Street, N.W., at 1850 Mary- 
hill road, 

Dundas Lane, C. 1 , off Dundas street, - 

Dundas Place, C.l, from Dundas street 
to Buchanan street, ... 

Dundas Street, C.l, off W. George st., 
at Queen Street Station. 
Nos. 1 to 105 and 2 to 58, 
Other Nos., 

Dundee Drive,S.W.2at 865 Mosspark dr 

Dundonald Road, W.2, at 1 Victoria 
circus, ...... 

Dundrennan Road, S.2,off Sinclair dr., 

Dunearn Street, C.4, at 223 Great 
Western road, .... 

Dunellan Street, S.W.2, at 1350 Paisley 
road, West, 

Dunglass Avenue, W.4, at 1420 Dum- 
barton road, - 

1 a 































































1 25 


Dunglass Lane, W.4, off Earlbank lane 

north, - - • - 

Dunglass Lane North, W.4, off Norse 

lane north, 

Dunglass Lane South, W.4, off Glen- 
eagles lane north, .... 
Dungoyne Street, N.W., off Crosbie 
street, Maryhill, .... 
Dunira Place and Street, E.2, off 
Tollcross road, .... 
Dunkeld Avenue, Rutherglen, - 
Dunkeld Street, E.l, off Helen vale st., 
Dunlop Street, C.l, at 65 Argyle street, 
Dunmore Lane, C.5, at 23 Norfolk st 
Dunmore Street, C.5, at 104 Gorbals st., 
Dunn Street, S.E., at 878 London road, 
Dunning Street, E.l, off Cuthelton st., 
Dunolly Street, N, at 320 Garngad rd., 
Dunragit Street, E.l, off Dreghorn St., 
Dunrobin Street, E.l, off Society street, 
Dunrod Street, E.2, off Gelston street, 
Dunsmuir Street, S. W. 1 , at 60 Summer- 
town road, ..... 
Dunsyre Street, E.l, at 441 Edinburgh 


Dunterlie Avenue, W.3, at 229 Alder- 
man road, ..... 
Duntocher Street, N., at 63 Northcroft 


Duntroon Street, E.l, off Culloden st., 
Dunure Street, N.W., off Cranbrook dr. 
Dunvegan Street, S.W.I, off Sharp st., 
Dunwan Place and Avenue, W.3, 

at 261 Garscadden road, 
Durham Street, S.l, off Lambhill street, 
Duror Street, E.2, off Old Shettleston 
road, ...... 

Durward Avenue, S.l, off Dinmont rd., 
Duthil Street, S.W.I, off Inverness st., 
Dyce Lane, W. 1 , at 67 Peel street, 
Dyer's Lane, C.l, off St. Andrew sq., 
Dykebar Avenue, W.3, at 9 Foxbar dr., 
Dykemuir Street and Place, N., off 

Red road, 

Dysart Street, S.W.I, off Drumoyne rd., 


Eagle Street, C.4, off High CraighaU 

Eaglesham Street, S.W.I, 138 Paisley 
road West to 69 Govan road, - 

Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital, St. 
Vincent street, .... 

Earl Place, W.4, at 1519 Dumbarton 

Earl Street ana Lane, W.4, off Hen- 
rietta street, - 

Earlbank Avenue, W.4, off Lennox 
avenue, ------ 

Earlbank Lane North, W.4, off Van- 
couver road, - - - - - 

Earlbank Lane South, W.4, off Lennox 
avenue, ------ 

Earlspark Avenue (3/4 to 115/104, 
S.3 ; above these, Cathcart), at 3 
Langside road, - 

Earlston Avenue, N., at 22 Garngad 

Earn Street, E.l, at 9 Tay crescent, - 




Earnock Street, Millerston, off Rob- 

royston road, 

Earnside Street, E.2, at 579 Old Shet- 


Easdale Drive, E.2, at 115 Wellshot 


East Bath Lane, Bath street to Sauchie- 

hall street, 

East Campbell Street, CI, at 229 

Gallowgate, ..... 
East Croft Lane, off Hamilton road, 

Rutherglen, - 
East Wellington Street, E.l, at 1251 

Duke street, Parkhead, - 
East Wharf, C.4, Port Dundas, - 
Eastcote Avenue, W.4, off Abbey drive, 
Eastcroft Terrace, N., off Edgefauld rd., 
Easter Craigs, E.l, at 681 Alexandra 

parade, ------ 

Easter Cardowan Row, Stepps, 
Easterhill Place, at Braidfauld street, - 
Easterhill Street, E.2, off Braidfauld 

street (Nos. 59 to 78 to end), - 
Eastern Necropolis, E.l, 1264 Gallow- 
gate, ------ 

Eastfield Terrace, N., Springburn, 
Eastfield View, Rutherglen, 
Eastvale Place, C.3, off Kelvinhaughet., 
Eastwood Avenue, S.l, at 150 Kilmar- 
nock road, - - - - - 

Eastwood Lane, C.4, at 338 Gallowgate, 
Eckford Street, E.2, at 102 Culrain st., 
Edelweiss Terrace, W.l, off Partickhill 


Eden Lane and Street, E.l, at 6 Nith 


Edenwood Street (1 to 41 and 2 to 38, 

E.l. Above these, E.2, Shettleston), 

off Muiryfauld drive, ... 
Edgam Drive, S.W.2, Berryknowes, - 
Edgefauld Place and Terrace, N., off 

Balgray, Springburn, - - - 
Edgefauld Road, N., from Balgrayhill 

to Petershill road. 
Nos. 1 to 361 and 2 to 308, - 
Above these, - 

Edgehill Road and Lane, W.l, off 

Woodcroft avenue, - 
Edgemont Street, S.l, at 113 Tantallon 


Edina Street, E.l, at 43 Culloden street, 
Edinburgh Road (1/2 to 537/534, E.l ; 

539/538 to 1125/1246, E.2). 

Nos. 2 to 62, 

From Railway to old City boundary; 
Nos. 309 and 340 to 572, - 
Nos. 576 to 1246,- 
Edington Street, C.4, off Corn street, - 
Edmiston Drive, S.W.I, off Copland rd. 
To Broomloan road, 
AH West of Broomloan Road, 
Edmiston Street, E.l, at 785 Springfield 


Edmund Street, E.l, at 106 Ark lane, - 
Edrom Street, E.2, at 800 Shettleston 


Edward Street, C.3, off Lumsden st., 
Edwin Street, S.W.I, at 247 Paisley 

road, West, 

Edzell Street, W.4, at 1215 Dumbarton 


Eglinton Lane, C.5, at 173 Eglinton st., 
































Eglinton Street, C.5, from Bridge street 

to Pollokshaws road. 

All Odd Nos., .... 

Nos. 2 to 210 and to centre of L.M.S. 

Railway bridge, ... 

Above centre of Railway bridge to 

No. 676, 

Elba Lane, E.l, at 1340 Gallowgate, 
Elcho Street, S.E., at 476 Gallowgate, - 
Elder Street, S.W.I, off Taransay st., 

Govan, ------ 

Elder (The) Park, Govan, S.W.I, 
Elder Park Street, S.W.I, at 1011 

Govan road, - - - - - 
Elderslie Street, C.3, at 782 Argyle st. 

(Argyle st. to Sauchiehall st.), 
Eldon Street, C.3, off Woodlands road, 
Eldon Terrace, W.l, at 24 Caird drive, 
Elgin Street, S.E., off Rowchester st., 
Elie Street, W.l, off Havelock street, 
Elizabeth Street, S.W.I, at 442 Paisley 

road, West, 

Ellangowan Road, S.l, at 36 Haggs rd., 
Ellesmere Street, N., off Possil road, 
Elliot Street and Place, C.3, at 911 

Argyle street, .... 

EHisland Road, S.3, at 360 Kilmarnock 


Elm Lane East, W.4, off Westland 

drive lane, 

Elm Lane West, W.4, off Westland 

drive lane, ..... 
Elm Street, W.4, at 1246 Dumbarton 

road, ------ 

Elmbank Crescent, C.2, off Elmbank 


Elmbank Lane, C.3, back of Elmbank 


Elmbank Street, C.2, from 312 St. 

Vincent street to Sauchiehall street, 
Elmfoot Street, C.5, at 188 Wolseley st., 
Elmore Avenue and Lane, S.4, off 

Crompton avenue, 
Elmvale Row, N., off Hillkirk street, 
Elmvale Street, N., at 721 Springburn 


Elmwood Avenue, W.l, at 412 Crow 


Elmwood Lane, W.l, off Elmwood aven. 
Elphinstone Street, S.W.I, at 443 

Govan road, 

Elrig Road, S.4, off Monreith road, E., 
Eltham Street, N., off Appleby street, 
Elvan Street, E.2, at 38 Wellshot road, 
Embo Drive, W.3, off Lincoln avenue, 
Emerson Street, N.W., off Barnes road, 
Emily Place, E.l, off Sword street, - 
Endfield Avenue, W.2, at 128 Cleveden 


Endrick Street, N., at 222 New Kep- 

pochhill road, ... - 

Ennerdale Street, E.2, at 164 Old 

Shettleston road, - 
Enterkin Street, E.2, off Edrom street, 
Ericht Road, S.3, off Rostan road, - 
Eriska Avenue, W.4, at Kingsway, - 
Errol Street, C.5, off Camden street,- 
Erskine Avenue, S.l, at 256 Nithsdale 

road, - - - . - 
Esk Street, W.4, at 2115 Dumbarton 

road, .-.-.- 
Eskdale Street, S.2, at 42 Dixon road, - 




Essex Drive, W.4, off Balshagray 


Esses Lane, W.4, off Westland drive, 
Esslemont Avenue and Lane, W.4, off 

Birchfield drive, .... 
Esmond Street, C.3, off Old Dumbarton 


Etive Street, E.2, at 1083 Shettleston 


Ettriek Crescent. Rutherglen, 
Ettrick Place, S.3, at 70 Coustonholm 


Eveline Street, E.l, off Dunchattan st., 
Everard Drive, Bishop briggs, at 1359 

Springburn road, .... 
Eversley Street, E.2, at 1172 Tollcross 


Everton Road, Nitshill, ... 
Ewart Place, C.3, off Keivinhaugh st., 
Ewing Place, E.l, at 1401 Gallowgate, 
Ewing Street, Rutherglen, 
Exchange Court, C.l, 85 Queen st., - 
Exchange Place, C.l, off Exchange sq., 
Exchange Square, C.l, off Queen street, 
Exeter Drive, W.l, at 594 Dumbarton 

road, - .... 

Factory Lane, off Main st., Rutherglen, 
Fairbairn Street, S.E., at 221 Dalmar- 

nock road, ..... 
Fairburn Street, E.2, at 189 Wellshot 


Fairfax Avenue, S.4, at 174 Carmun- 

nock road, ..... 
Fairfield Street, S.W.I, at 24 Golspie 

street, Govan, .... 

Fairholm Street, E.2, off Wellshot rd., 
Fairley Street, S.W.I, at 41 Whitefield 


Fairliepark Drive, W.l, at 37 Crow rd., 
Falcon Terrace, N.W., off Caldercuilt 


Falfield Street, C.5 , off Mauchline street 
Falkland Street and Lane, W.2, off 

Clarence drive, .... 
Farie Street, off Mill street, Rutherglen, 
Farm Road, S.l, off Beech avenue, 
Farmeloan Road, off Main street, 


Farnell Street, C.4, at 346 Garscube rd., 
Faskin Road, Mtshill, 
Fauldhouse Street, C.5, at 614 Ruther- 
glen road, 

Fendoch Street, E.2, off Ochil street, - 
Fenella Street, E.2, at 1201 Shettleston 


Fereneze Crescent, W.3, at 266 Gars- 

cadden road, 

Fergus Drive, N.W., from Kelvinside 

gardens to Queen Margaret drive, - 
Fergus Lane, N.W., off Agnes street, - 
Ferguson Street,C.2,at 177 Cowcaddens 


Fern Cottages, W.3, off Crow road, 
Fernan Street, E.2, at 761 Shettleston 

road, - - - - 
Fernbank Place and Street, N., off 

Hawthorn street, .... 
Ferncrof t Drive S.4 at 22 Midcrof t aven 



























































































Ferngrove Avenue, W.2, at 350 Kelvin- 
dale road, 

Fernie Street and Lane, N.W., from 

Arden street to Oran street, - 
Fernleigh Road, S.3, at 617 Kilmarnock 


Ferry Road, C.3, Yorkhill, 
Ferryden Street, W.4, at 979 Dum- 
barton road, .... 
Fersit Street, S.3, off Auldhouse road, 
Fettes Street, E.l, off Gartcraig road, 
Fielden Place, S.E., off Fielden street, 
Fielden Street, S.E., at 792 Gallowgate, 
Fife Avenue, S.W.2, at 2005 Paisley 

road, West, 

Fifth Avenue, W.2, at 1483 Gt. Western 


Fifth Gardens, S.l, off Dumbreck ave., 
Findhorn Street, E.l, at 811 Cumber- 
nauld road, ..... 
Fingal Street, N.W.,at 1712 Maryhill rd 
Fingask Street, E.2, at 1696 Shettleston 


Finhaven Street, E.2, off Rattray St., 
Finlas Street, N., from Fruin street to 

Torr street, 

Finlay Drive, E.l, at 40 Whitehill st., 
Finnart Street, S.E., off Savoy street, 
Finnieston Lane and Place, C.3, off 

Finnieston street, 
Finnieston Quay, C.3, foot of Finnieston 
street, ...... 

Finnieston Street, C.3, at 971 Argyle st., 
Finsbay Street, S.W.I, at 239 Shieldhall 


Fintry Drive, S.4, at 100 Curtis ave., 
Firhill Road, N.W., at 740 Garscube rd 
Firhill Street, N.W., from 854 Garscube 

road to Firhill road, 
Firpark Place, E.l, off Firpark 3treet, 
Firpark Street, E.l, at 164 Alexandra 

Odd Nos., 

Even Nos., 

Firpark Terrace, E.l, Ark lane, - 
First Gardens, S.l, off Dumbreck ave., 
Firwood Drive, S.4, from Menock road 

to Woodgreen avenue, - 
Fish Market, C.l, 36 East Clyde street, 
Fisher Street, E.l, off Ark lane, - 
Fitzroy Lane, C.3, off Claremont street, 
Fitzroy Place, C.3, Sauchiehall street, 
Fleet Street, E.2, at 40 Gatehouse st., 
Fleming Street, E.l, at 660 Duke street, 
Flemington Street, N., at 380 Spring- 
burn road, 

Fleurs Avenue, S.l, at 252 Nithsdale 


Fleurs Road, S.l, off Fleurs avenue, - 

Florence Street, C.5, 71 Adelphi street 

to Kidston street, ... - 

Florentine Lane, W.2, off Southpark 


Florida Avenue, S.2, at 973 Cathcartrd., 
Florida Crescent and Square, S.2, at 
923 Cathcart road, - - - - 
Florida Drive, S.2, off M'Lennan st., 
Florida Street, S.2, at 30 Clincart road, 
Forbes Street, S.E., at 115 Abercromby 


Ford Road, W.2, at 10 Kirklee road, - 
Fordel Street, E.2, off Carntynehall rd 




Eordneuk Street, S.E., at 787 London 


Fordyce Street, W.l, at 25 Hyndland 


Fore Street, W.4, off Scotstoun street, 
Foremount Gardens, W.2, off Hynd- 
land street, 

Foremount Terrace, W.2, off Hyndland 

street, Partiok, .... 
Forfar Avenue, S.W.2, at 2115 Paisley 

road, West, Cardonald, - 
Forge Street, N., at 435 Gamgad road, 
Forglen Road, Nitshill, 
Forrest Street, S.E., off St. Marnock 


Forrestfield Street, N.,off Hollybankst., 
Forth Street, S.l, at 177 Maxwell road, 

Pollokshields, .... 

Fortrie Road, Nitshill, 
Fortrose Street, W.l, at 358 Dumbarton 

road, - ... 

Fotheringay Road, S.l, off Darnley rd., 
Foulis Street and Lane, W.3, at 860 

Crow road, 

Foundry Lane, N., Keppochhill rd., 
Foundry Open, S.E., off Gallowgate, 
Fountain Street, E.l, at 90 Barrack st. 
Fountainwell Road, N., at 149 Spring- 

burn road. 
All Even Nos., - 
All Odd Nos., .... 
Fourth Gardens, S.l, off Dumbreck 


Fr>x lane and Street, C.l, off Dixon st.. 
Foxbar Drive, W.3, at 70 Kirkton 

avenue, - ... 

Foyers Terrace, N., off Edgefauld 


Francis Street, C.5, at 31 Stromness st, 
Frankfield Loch, portion to City 

Boundary, .... 
Frankfield Street, E.l, off Blackhill st. 
Frankfort Street, S.l, at 23 Minard rd. 

Crossmyloof, .... 
Franklin Street, S.E., from 191 Main 

street to Reid street, 
Fraser Avenue, Rutherglen, 
Fraserbank Street, N., at 418 Keppoch 

hill road, .... 
Frazer Street, S.E., at 937 London rd. 
Frederick Lane,C.l,off N. Frederick st. 
French Street, S.E., at 285 Main street; 

Bridgeton, .... 
Friars Place, W.3, at 69 Friarscourt 


Friarscourt Avenue and Lane, W.3, 

at 43 Arrowsmith avenue, 
Fruin Place, N., off Bardowie street, 
Fruin Street, N., from Ashfield street 

to Finlas street, .... 
Fulbar Road, S.W.I, at 379 Shieldhall 


Fullarton Avenue, E.2, off Tollcross 

road to City Boundary, ... 
Fulton Street and Lane, W.3, at 987 

Crow road, Temple, ... 
Fulwood Avenue and Place, W.3, 

Knightswood, .... 

Furnace Row, W.3, Netherton, - 
Fyvie Avenue, S.3, off Garvock 

drive, - ... 

















Gadie Street, E.l, at 779 Cumbernauld 
road, ...... 

Gadloch Street, N., off Broadholm st., 
Gadshill Street, N., at 100 Garngad id., 
Gailes Street, S.E., off Springfield road, 
Gairbraid Avenue, N.W., at 1445 Mary- 
hill road, 

Gairbraid Place, N.W., off Gairbraid 
avenue, ...... 

Gairn Street, W.l, off Castlebank st., 
Gala Street, E.l, at 17 Tweed crescent, 
Galbraith Avenue, S.W.I, at 53 Burg- 
head drive, 

Galbraith Drive, S.W.I, at 64 Burghead 

drive, ..... 
Galloway Court, C.l, 37 Glassford st., 
Galloway Street, N., off Huntershill 


Gallowflat Cottages, Rutherglen, 
Gallowflat Street, Rutherglen, - 
Gallowgate (1/2 to 229/216, C.l ; 231/ 
222 to 303/382, C.4 ; 319/384 to 
869/794, S.E. ; above these E.l), 
from the Cross to Parkhead cross. 
Nos. 1023 and 1026 upwards, 
Even Nos. to 550, .... 
Nos. 365 to 1021 and 552 to 1020, - 
Nos. 1 to 363, .... 
Galston Street, Nitshill, 
Gamrie Road, Nitshill, off Crookston 


Garden Street, C.4, off Weaver street, 
Gardner Street, W.l, at 312 Dum- 
barton road, - - 
Garfield Street, E.l, at 380 Duke street, 
Garion Drive, W.3, off Kirkton avenue, 
Garmouth Street, S.W.I, off Golspie st., 
Garnet Street and Lane, C.3, at 450 
Sauchiehall street, .... 
Garnethill Street, C.3, from 94 Hill 

street to Shamrock street, 
Garngadhill, N., at 144 Castle street, - 
Garngad Road (1/2 to 435/722, N. ; 
above these Millerston), at 234 Castle 


Garngad Square, N., at 15 Garngad rd., 
Garnkirk Street, N., off Charles street, 
Garnock Street, N., at 191 Garngad rd. 
Garrioch Crescent.N.W., at 168 Garriooh 


Garrioch Drive, N.W., off Garrioch rd., 
Garrioch Quadrant, N.W., off Garrioch 


Garrioch Road, N.W., off Maryhill rd., 

Garriochmill Road, N.W., at 340 North 

Woodside road, .... 

Garry Street, S.4, from 172 Holmlea 

road to Spean street, Cathcart, 
Garscadden Road (5 to 105, W.4: 
above these and all even Nos., W.3), 
from 2132 Dumbarton road through 
Knightswood, to City Boundary, - 
Garscube Road, off Cowcaddens street 
(Nos. 1 to 357 and 2 to 346, C.4; 
Nos. 348 and upwards and 359 and 
upwards, N.W.). 
Nos. 1 to 357 and 2 to 470, - 
Nos. 721 to 925 and 708 to 870, - 
Nos. 365 to 715 and 480 to 706, - 
Gartcraig Road, E.l, Camtyne, . 





Gartferry Street, N., off Balgraybank 


Garth Street, C.l, off Glassford street, 
Garthamlock Road, E.2, off West Hall- 
hill road, 

Garthland Drive, E.l, off Whitehill st., 
Gartloch Road, Millerston, at 1120 
Cumbernauld road, Riddrie, portion 
to City Boundary, - 
Gartly Street, S.4, at 437 Clarkston rd., 
Gartmore Street, N., off Balrnore rd., 
Gartness Street, E.l, at 845 Duke st., - 
Gartocher Road, E.2, at 1585 Shettle- 
ston road. 
Nos. 19/87 and 32/116, 
Garturk Street, S.2, at 216 Calder st., 
Garvald Street, S.E., off Baltic street, 
Garvock Drive, S.3, off Thornliebank 


Gatehouse Street, E.2, at 59 Killin at., 
Gateside Street, E.l, at 598 Duke St., 
Gauldry Avenue, S.W.2, at 116 Muir- 
drum avenue, .... 

Gavinton Street, S.4, at 268 Clarkston 


Gayfield Street, C.4, off Scotia street, 
Gelston Street, E.2, at 205 Amulree st., 
Gemmell Street, S.E., at 111 Crown- 
point road, 

George V. Bridge. 

North half, 

South half, 

George Square, C.2, west end George 

street and Cochrane street, - 
George Street, C.l, from High street to 
George square. 
Nos. 1 to 187 and 2 to 168, - 
Nos. 193 to 285 and 204 to 280, - 
George Gray Street, Rutherglen, 
Germiston Street, C.2, at 290 Buchanan 


Gibb Street, N., at 150 Garngad road, 
Gibson Street, S.E., at 258 Gallowgate, 
Gibson Street, W.2, from Kelvin bridge 

to Hillhead street, - 
Gifford Drive, S.W.2, off Hillington 

road, Cardonald, 
Gigha Gardens, S.3, off Banchory ave., 
Gilbert Street, C.3, off Yorkhill street, 
Gilhill Street, N.W., off Sandbank st., 
Gilmerton Street, E.2, at 39 Ochil st., 
Gilmour Street, Co, 444 Rutherglen 

road to Caledonia road, - 
Girthon Street, E.2, off Gatehouse st., 
Girvan Street, E.l, at 56 Gadie street, 
Gladsmuir Road, S.W.2, off Tweeds- 

muir road, Cardonald, 
Gladstone Street, C.4, from St. George's 

road to St. Peter's street, 
Glaive Road, W.3, at 179 Baldwin ave., 
Glamis Road, E.l, off Helen vale street, 
Glanderston Drive, W.3, at 346 Alder- 
man road, 

Glasgow Bridge, south end of Jamaica 
North half, .... 
South half (West side), 
South half (East side), 
Glasgow Observatory, W.2, Dowanhill, 
Glasgow Road, Rutherglen, 
Glasgow Royal Mental Hospital, Gart- 




































































































Glasgow Street, W.2, off Otago street, 
Glasgow University, W.2, Gilmorehill, 
Glasserton Road, S.3, off Elrig road, - 
Glassford Street, C.l, at 12 Argyle st., 
Glebe Street, C.4, off Castle street. 
Nos. 1 to 189 and 2 to 180, - 


Glen Crescent, W.4, off Hawick street, 
Glenalmond Street, E.2, from Fendoch 

street to Amulree street, - 
Glenapp Street, S.l, off Leslie street, 
Glenavon Terrace, W.l, at 125 Crow rd., 
Glenbarr Street, N., off Garngad road, 
Glenburn Street and Lane, N.W., off 

Cadder road, .... 

Glencairn Drive, S.l, at 147 Nithsdale 


Glencairn Lane, S.l, off Glencairn drive, 
Glencairn Terrace, N.W., Kelvinside 

gardens, ------ 

Glencloy Street, N.W., at 1901 Maryhill 


Glenooe Place, W.3, off Glencoe street, 
Glencoe Street, W.3, off Crow road, - 
Glencorse Street, E.2, 643 Camtyne 

road to Edinburgh road. 
North of Carntyne road, 
Glencroft Road, S.4, at 20 Crofthill rd., 
Glendale Street and Place, E.l, at 546 

Duke street, 

Glendore Street, W.4, at 1048 Dum- 
barton road, 

Gleneagles Lane North, W.4, off 

Lennox lane east, - 
Gleneagles Lane South, W.4, off 

Methil street, 

Glenfarg Street, N.W., at 367 St. 

George's road, .... 
Glenfield Street, E.l, at 58 Alexandra 

parade, -..--. 
Glengarry Drive, S.W.2, off Wedderlea 

drive, ------ 

Glenhead Street and Crescent, N., off 

Crowhill street, .... 
Gleniffer Avenue, W.3, at 251 Kirkton 


Glenisla St., E.l, off Maukinfauld rd., 
Glenlora Avenue, Nitshill, ... 
Glenlyon Street, E.l, at 55 Whitevale 


Glenmavis Street, C.4, off Milton st., 
Glenpark Road, E.l, off Millerston st., 
Glenpark Street, E.l, off Millerston st., 
Glenshee Street, E.l, off Maukinfauld 


Glenepean Street, S.3, off Nether Auld- 

houseroad, - 
Glenton Terrace, W.2, Roxburgh st., 
Glenturret Street, E.2, off Stratford St., 
Gloucester Street, C.5, off West 

street, ...... 

Gogar Street, E.l, Warriston cresoent 

to Liberton street, .... 
Goldberry Avenue and Lane, W.4, off 

Danes drive, ..... 
Golf hill Drive and Lane, E.l, off Craig- 

park street, 

Golf hill Terrace, E.l, Firpark street, 
Golspie Street, S.W.I, at 907 Govan 

road. ...... 

Goosedubbs Street, C.l, at 129 Stock- 
well street, .... 




Gorbals Lane, C.5, off Norfolk street, 
Gorbals Street, C.5, from Victoria 

Bridge to Cumberland street, - 
Gordon Lane, C.l, 9 Gordon street, - 
Gordon Street, C.l, at 111 Buchanan 


. Gorebridge Street, E.2, 629 Carntyne 

road to Abbeyhill street, 
Gorget Avenue and Place, W.3, 


Gosford Lane, W.4, off Riversdale lane, 
Gough Lane and Street, E.l, at 767 

Cumbernauld road. 
Gourlay Street, N. at 357 Springburn rd 
Nos. 1 to 169 and 2 to 160, - 

Other Nos., 

Gourock Street, C.5, from Eglinton 

street to Pollokshaws road, - 

West of Eglinton street, - 
Go van Road, S.W.I, from Paisley road 

toll to Govan. 
Nos. 1 to 699 and 2 to 796, - 
Nos. 705 and 816 upwards, - 
Govan Wharf, S.W.I, near Water Row, 
Govanhill Street, S.2, at 452 Cathcart 


Gower Lane, S.W.I, off Gower street, 
Gower Street (1/6 to 79/62, S.W.I; 

above these, S.l) from 417 Paisley 

road, W., to Nithsdale road. 

1 to 61 and 2 to 16, • 

From Railway, south, - 
Gower Terrace, S.l, off Gower street 
Grace Street, C.3, at 244 Stobcross st. 
Grafton Place, C.l, off Grafton street 
Grafton Square, C.l, head of Grafton 

street, ..... 
Grafton Street, C.l, off Cathedral st 
Graham's Square, E.l, 445 Gallowgate 
Grampian Crescent, Place and Street 

E.2, Sandyhills, 
Grange Road, S.2, off Battlefield road 
Grant Street, C.3, at 157 St. George's 


Grantlea Terrace, E.2, Mount Vernon 
Grantley Gardens, S.l, off Shawhill rd 
Grantley Street and Terrace, S.l, at 

226 Kilmarnock road, - 
Granton Street, C.5, from Rosebery 

street to Toryglen street, 
Granville Street, C.3, at 48 Kent road 
Graving Dock, S.W.I, Govan road, 
Gray's Road, near Rutherglen, - 
Gray Street, C.3, at 1202 Argyle street 
Great Dovehill, C.l, at 183 Gallowgate 
Great George Lane, W.2, off Gt. George 


Great George Street, W.2, at 268 Byres 


Great Western Road, at St. George's 

Cross (1/2 to 441/416, C.4; 445/1483 

to 462/1548, W.2; 1485/1550 to 

2141/2150, W.3: above these, 

Nos. 1 to 441, 
Nos. 2 to 420, - 
Nos. 445 to 1483 and 458 to 1546, 
Nos. 1550 and 1551 upwards, 
Great Western Terrace, W.2, Kelvin' 


Great Western Terrace Lane, W.2, 

behind Gt. Western terrace, • 















Green Road, Rutherglen, off King st., 
Green Street, S.E., at 409 London road, 
Greenbank Street, Rutherglen, - 
Greenbank Street, S.3, at 35 Harriet i 


Greendyke Street, C.l, at 177 Salt- 

Greenfield Street, S.W.I, off Langlands 


Greengairs Avenue, S.W.I, off St. 
Kenneth drive, .... 
Greenhaugh Street, S.W.I, at 777 
Govan road, ..... 
Greenhead Street, S.E., from Temple- 
ton street to Main street, 
Greenhill Place, W., C.3, off Finnieston 


Greenhill Road, Rutherglen, 
Greenhill Street, Rutherglen, 
Greenholme Street, S.4, at261 Holmlea 


Greenknowe Road, S.3, off Well- 
meadow road, .... 
Greenlaw Road, W.4, at 2499 Dum- 
barton road, Yoker, 
Greenlea Street, W.3, off Craigend 


Greenloan Avenue, S.W.I, off St. 

Kenneth drive, .... 

Greenlodge Terrace, S.E., Greenhead 


Greenmount Road, N.W., at 54 Hillend 


Greenock Avenue, S.4, at 1 1 Netherlee 


Greenrig Street, Millerston, off Provan- 

mill road, 

Greenside Crescent, Millerston, off 
Greenside street, .... 
Greenside Street, Millerston, off Lang- 
dale street, ..... 
Green vale Street, S.E., off Forbes st., 
Greenview Street, S.3, off Pleasance 


Greenwell Place and Street, S.W.I, at 

Govan cross, ..... 

Gretna Street, S.E., off Springfield rd., 

Greyfriars Street, E.2, off Carntyne rd. 

Odd Nos. north of Carntyne road, - 

All other Nos., .... 

Greystone Avenue, off Stonelaw road, 


Greywood Street, W.3, off Rosewood 
street, ...... 

Grier Street, E., off Crail st., Parkhead, 

Grierson Street, E., off Dee street, - 

Grosvenor Crescent and Grosvenor 

Crescent Lane, W.2,Observatory road, 

Kelvinside, ..... 

Grosvenor Lane, .... 

Grosvenor Terrace, W.2, at Botanic 


Grove Street, C.4, at 145 Garscube rd., 
Grovepark Place, N.W., off Hopehill 


Grovepark Street, N.W., at 433 Gars- 
cube road, 
Gryffe Street, S.4, off Holmlea road, • 
Guest Street, at 779 Argyle street, 
Gullane Street, W.l, off Purdon street, 
Gurth Avenue, W.3, off Ashby crescent, 
Gushetfaulds, S.2, Gorbals, 












Gushetfaulds Street, S.2, at 155 

Cathcart road, - 
Guthrie Street, N.W., at 104 Gairbraid 


Haggs Road (2 to 38, S.3 ; 41/42 up- 
wards, S.l), at 1534 Pollokshaws rd., 
Haghill, E.l, Dennistoun, - 
HaghiJJ Road, E.l, at 991 Duke street, 
Haig Street, N., off Edgefauld road, - 
Hairrnyres Street, S.2, off Govanhill st., 
Halbert Street, S.l, off Norhani street, 
Haldane Lane, W.4, off Westland Drive 
lane, ...... 

Haldane Street, W.4, at 1222 Dum- 
barton road, 

Halfway House, S.W.2, at 1605 Paisley 

road, west, 

Halkirk Street, W.l, off Merkland st., 
Hallbrae Street, E.l, off Provanmill rd., 
Halley Street, W.4, off Hawick street, 


Hallhill Road E.,2, off Gartocher road, 
Hallrule Drive, S.W.2, off Carham dr., 
Hallside Street, C.5, off Naburn street, 
Hamilton Avenue, S.l, at 74 St. 
Andrew's drive, .... 
Hamilton Drive, W.2, off Queen Mar- 
garet drive, 

Hamilton Hill, N., off Possil road, 
Hamilton Hill Road, N., at 70 Elles- 

mere street, 

Hamilton Park Avenue, W.2, Hillhead, 
Hamilton Road, Rutherglen, 
Hamilton Street, S.2, at 489 Aikenhead 


Hampden Drive and Terrace, S.2, off 

Cathcart road, .... 

Hangingshaw Row, S.2, off Aikenhead 


Hanover Street, C.l, off Ingram street. 
Nos. 1 to 63 and 2 to 70, 
Nos. 78 and 87 up, 
Hanson Street, E.I, off Circus drive, - 
Hapland Avenue, Nitshill, 
Hapland Road, Nitshill, - 
Harbour, North Side, from Glasgow 
Bridge to River Kelvin ; South 
Side, from Glasgow Bridge to 
entrance to Princes Dock. 
Odd Nos., Berths 1 to 83, - 
Even Nos., Berths Nos. 2 to 22, - 
Even Nos., Berths Nos. 24 to 72, - 
Harcourt Drive, E.l, off Roebank st., 
Hardgate Road, S.W.I, from Renfrew 

road to Shieldhall road, - 
Hardie Avenue, off Main street, Ruther- 

Hardridge Avenue, Nitshill, 
Hardridge Road, Nitshill, - 
Harefield Drive, W.4,off Esslemont av., 
Harelaw Avenue, S.4, at 62 Muirend 


Harhili Street, S.W.I, off Elder street, 
Harland Street and Cottages, W.4, at 

1475 Dumbarton road, - 
Harlaw Street, C.4, off Canal street, 
Port-Dundas, .... 






















































































Harley Street, S.W.I, at 408 Paisiey 
road, West, 

Harmony Row, S.W.I, at 829 Govan 

Harmsworth Street, W.l, at 779 Dum- 
barton road, 

Harport Street, Thornliebank, Carn- 

Harriet Street, S.3, off Shawbridge st., 

Harriet Street, Rutherglen, 

Harrington Street, N.W., at 1224 
Maryhill road, .... 

Harrison Drive, S.W.I, at 182 Copland 
road, ...... 

Hart Street, E.l, Westmuir, Parkhead, 

Hartfield Street, C.4, at 32 Parlia- 
mentary road, .... 

Hartlaw Crescent, S.W.2, off Thurston 
road, Cardonald, .... 

Harvey Street, C.4, off Borron street, 

Harvie Street, S.W.I, at 256 Paisley 
road, West, 

Harwood Street, E.2, 593 Carntyne 
road to Abbeyhill street, 

Hastie Street, C.3, at 50 Old Dumbar- 
ton road, 

Hatfield Drive, W.2,off Whittingehame 
drive, ...... 

Hathaway Street and Lane, N.W., off 
Shakespeare street, 

Hatter's Row, S.E., at 80 Dalmarnock 

Hatton Gardens, S.W.2, at 32 Moulin 

Haugh Road, C.3, at 1285 Argyle street, 

Havelock Street, W.l, at 145 Byres rd., 

Hawick Street, W.4, at 2494 Dum- 
barton road, Yoker, 

Hawkhead Cottages, S.W.2, Crookston 
road, ...... 

Hawthorn Place, S.W.2, Paisley road 
(West), at Halfway, ... 

Hawthorn Quadrant, N., off Ashfield 

Hawthorn Street, N., from Balmore 
road to Springburn road. 
From 511 and 620 upwards, - 
Nos. 1 to 499 and 2 to L. & N.E. 

Hayburn Crescent, W.l, off Peel street, 
Hayburn Lane, at 97 Turnberry road 
(l/2toll7,W.l ; above these, W.2), 
Hayburn Street, W.l, at 443 Dum- 
barton road. - - - - - 

Hayfield Street, C.5, at 157 Moffat 
street, ------ 

Haylynn Street, W.4, at 994 Dumbar- 
ton road, ..... 

Haymarket Street, E.2, at 271 Ruchazie 


Hayston Crescent, N., off Hayston 


Hayston Street, N., at 810 Bilsland dr., 
Haywood Street, N.W., off Balmore rd., 
Hazel Aven., S.4, at 403 Clarkston rd., 
Hazelden Gardens. S.4, Muirend road, 
Hazelwood Road, S.l, off Gower street, 
Hazlitt Street, N.W., off Bilsland drive, 
Heather Street, S.l, at 563 Scotland st., 
Heathfield Terrace, N., Broomfield rd., 
Hector Road, S.3, off Shawhill road, - 
Heddle Place, C.3, at 566 Argyle street, 




Helen Street (1/8 to 369/470, S.W.I ; 
above these, S.W.2), off Govan road 

at Govan cross. 
Nes. 1 to 369 and 2 to 470, • 
Above these, 
Helensburgh Drive, W.3, at 205 Annies- 
land road, 

Helenvale Street, E.l, at 48 Tollcross 


Hemlock Street, W.3, from Fulton st. 

to Sutcliffe road, - 
Henderson Street, N.W., at 303 Mary- 
hill road, 

Henrietta Place and Street, W.4, at 

1431 Dumbarton road, - 
Herald Avenue, W.3, at 38 Monksbridge 


Herald Buildings, 0.1, 67 Buchanan st., 
Herbert Street, N.W., at 317 North 

Woodside road, - 
Herbertson Street, C.5, at 73 EglintOR 


Hermitage Avenue, W.3, at 14 Alder- 
man road, 

Heron Street, S.E., from 81 Dalmar- 

nock road to London road, - 
Herries Road, S.l, at 139 Terregles ave., 
Herriet Street, S.l, at 317 Maxwell 

road, Pollokshields, - 
Herschell Street and Lane, W.3, at 

1058 Great Western road, 
Hertford Avenue, W.2, at 10 Burlington 

avenue, ------ 

Hickman Street, S.2, at 196 Aikenhead 


Hickory Street, N., at 564 Hawthorn 


High Bogton, S.4, Clarkston road, 
High Craighall Road, C.4, Port Dundas, 
High Crossbill Villas, Rutherglen, 
High Street, at Glasgow Cross (1/2 to 

229/216, C.l ; other Nos., C.4). 
Nos. 171 to 289 and all Even Nos., 
Nos. 1 to 155, - - - . 
High Street, Rutherglen, - - - 
Highburgh Drive, Burnside, 
Highburgb Road, W.2, at 189 Byres rd. 
Highcroft Avenue, S.4, at 117 Glencroft 

road, ...... 

Highfield Drive, W.2, at 170 Cleveden 


Highland Lane, S.W.2, off Clydebrae 

street, ------ 

Hilda Crescent, Millerston, 

Hill Street, C.3, at 75 Cambridge street, 

Hillcrest Avenue, S.4, off Muirhil) 


Hillend Road, N.W., off Balmore road, 
Hillfoot Street, E.l, at 443 Duke street, 
Hillhead Street, W.2, at 617 Great 

Western road, Hillhead, 
Hillhouse Street, Terrace and Place, 

N., off Broomfield road, - 
Hilhngton Gardens, S.W.2, at 1856 

Paisley road, West, ... 
Hilhngton Park Circus, S.W.2, off 

Berryknowes road, Cardonald, 
Hillington Road, S.W.2, at 2246 Paisley 

road, West, 
South of Railway, 
North of Railway, ... 
Hillkirk Place, N., off Springburn road, 













































Hillkirk Street, N, at 647 Springburn 

All Odd numbers, 
All Even numbers, 
Hillkirk Street Lane, N., Springburn, 
Hillsborough Lane, W.2, off Glasgow st., 
Hillside Gardens Lane, W.l, off Hynd - 

land road, .... 
Hillside Road, S.3, at 3 Thornliebank rd 
Hillview Street, E.2, at 114 WeUshot 

road, ..... 
Hilton Gardens, W.3, off Fulton street 
Hilton Gardens Lane, W.3, off Hilton 

gardens, - - - - - 
Hinshaw Street, N.W., from 763 

Garscube road to Maryhill road, 
Hinshelwood Drive and Place, S.W.I 

at 198 Copland road, 
Hobart Street, N. , off Bardowie street. 
Hobden Street, N., at 350 Petershill 


Hoey Street, S.W.I, at 533 Govan rd, 
Hogganfield Loch and Park, Millerston 
Hogganfield Street, E.l, Lcehwood 

street to Craigendmuir street, - 
Holeburn Gardens, S.3, 440 Kilmarnock 

road, Newlands, 
Holeburn Lane and Road, S.3, at 221 

Auldhouse road, 
Holehouse Drive, W.3, at 50 Dunterlie 


Holland Street, C.2, off Sauchiehall st, 
Hollybrook Street, S.2, at 142 Aiken 

head road, .... 
Holm Street, C.2, off Wellington street; 
Holmbank Avenue, S.l, at 303 Kilmar- 
nock road, .... 
Holmfauld Road, S.W.I, at 1240 Govan 


Holmfauldhead Drive, S.W.I, at 1191 

Govan road, Linthouse, - 
Holmhead Crescent, S.4, at 2 Clarkston 


Holmhead Place, S.4, at 179 Newlands 


Holmhead Road. S.4, at 147 Clarkston 


Holmhead Terrace, S.4, off Newlands 


Holmlea Road, S.4, at 250 Battlefield 


Holyrood Crescent, N.W., at 360 Great 

Western road, - 

Holyrood Quadrant,* N.W., off Great 

Western road, .... 

Holywell Street, E.l, at 1046 Gallow- 


Hope Street, C.2, at 252 Argyle street. 
Nos. 1 to 235 and 2 to 202, - 

Other Nos., 

Hopefield Avenue, W.2, off Balcarres 


HopehiU Place, N.W., off Hopehill rd., 
Hopehill Road, N.W., at 246 Maryhill 


Hopeman Street, Thornliebank, Carn- 

wadric, - 

Hopetoun Place, C.4, at 181 Cathedral 


Home Street, N, at 621 Hawthorn st., 
Hornshill Street, N., off Broomknowes 






Horselethill Road, W.2, off Great 

Western road, Kelvinside, 
Hospital Street, C.5, at 34 Adelphi st., 
Hotspur Street, N.W., off Sanda street, 
Houldsworth Lane, 0.3, at 7 Finnieston 


Houldsworth Street, C.3, at 799 Argyle 

street, ...--. 

Housel Avenue, W.3, at 282 Alderman 


Houston Place, Co, at 139 Houston st., 
Houston Street, 0.5, at 110 Carnoustie 


Howard Court, C.l, 12 Howard street, 
Howard Square, C.l, 9 Howard street, 
Howard Street, C.l, at 67 Jamaica st., 
Howat Street, S.W.I, at 980 Govan rd., 
Howford Road, S.W.2, at 21 Cardonald 
gardens, ------ 

Howwood Street, S.l, at 531 Scotland 
street, ------ 

Hozier Street, S.E., at 125 Dalmarnock 
road, ------ 

Hubbard Drive, W.l, off Thornwood 

avenue, - - - 

Hughenden Drive, W.2, off Hughenden 


Hughenden Road and Lane, W.2, at 

997 Great Western road, 
Hughenden Terrace, W.2, off Hughen- 
den road, 

Hugo Street, N.W., from Shuna street 
to Ruchill street, .... 

Humane Society House, C.5, Green, - 
Humber Street, E., off Society street, 
Hume Street, C.4, off Rottenrow, 
Hunter Street, C.4, 287 Gallowgate 

to Duke street, - 
Huntershill Street, N., at 1224 Spring- 
burn road, - - - - - 

Huntingdon Place, N., at 111 Spring- 
burn road, . - - - - 

Huntly Gardens and Road, W.2, near 

Botanic Gardens, - 
Hurlford Avenue, W.3, at 85 Carlibar 
avenue, ------ 

Hutcheson Square, C.5, off Camden st , 

Hutcheson Street, C. 1 , at 1 78 Trongate, 

Hutton Drive, S.W.I, off Skipness 

drive, Linthouse, - - - - 

Huxley Street, N.W., off Mayfield St., 
Hydepark Place, N., at 476 Springburn 
road, ..... 

Hydepark Street, C.3, off Stobcross st., 
Hyndal Avenue, Nitshill, ... 
Hyndford Street, S.W.I, at 680 Govan 


Hyndland Avenue, W.l, off Hyndland 
road, .... . - 
Hyndland Road, W.2, at 985 Great 
Western road, .... 

Hyndland Street, W.l, at 230 Dum- 
barton road, Partick, 
Hyndlee Drive, S.W.2, Berryknowes, - 

Ibrox Lane, S.W.I, off Whitefield road, 
Ibrox Station, S.W.I, Paisley rd West. 

North side, 

South side, 


















Ibrox Street, S.W.I, off Whitefield rd., 
Ibrox Terrace, S.W.I, off Copland rd., 
Ibroxholm Avenue, S.W.I, at 504 

Paisley road, West, - 
Ibroxholm Oval, S.W.I, off Paisley rd., 


Ibroxholm Place, S.W.I, at 520 Paisley 

road, West, 

Hay Avenue, Bearsden, from Bearsden 

road to Hay road, - 
Hay Road, Bearsden, off Bearsden 

road, .--... 
Inchbrae Road, S.W.2, at 142 Angus 


Inchholm Street, W.l, at 915 Dum- 
barton road, W., Partick, 
Inchiee Street, W.4, at 1132 Dumbar- 
ton road, ..... 
India Street, C.2, at 324 St. Vincent st., 
India Street, Rutherglen, off Glasgow 


Ingleby Drive, E.l, at 126 Whitehillst., 
Inglefield Street, S.2, off Butterbiggins 

road, - - - - - 
Inglis Street, E.l, at 83 Bluevale street, 
Ingram Street, C.l, from High street 

to Queen street. 
Nos. 2 to 112, - - - - 
Nos. 1 to 243 and 118 to 224, 
Innerwick Drive, S.W.2, off Tweeds- 

muir road, Cardonald, - 
Inverclyde Gardens, W.l, off Crow rd., 
Invergyle Drive, S.W.2, off Hillington 

Park circus, Cardonald, - 
Inverkip Street, C.5, from 15 Adelphi 

street to Ballater street, ... 
Inverlair Avenue (No. 5, S.3 ; No. 19, 

S.4), Newlands, - - - - 
Inverleith Street, E.2, off Myreside 


Invernairn Street, E.l, at 1295 Gallow- 
gate, ------ 

Inverness Street, S.W.I, at 12 Finsbay 


Inverurie Street, N., off Endrick street, 
Iona Street, S.W.I, off Brighton street, 
Irongray Street, E.l, off Corsock street, 
Irvine Street, S.E., off Kinnear road, - 
Iser Lane, S.l, at 30 Mansion House 

road, • • - 
Ivanhoe Road, W.3, at 89 Friarscourt 


Jamaica Street, C.l, from Argyle street 

to Glasgow Bridge, 
James Street, S.E., at Bridgeton cross, 
James Gray Street, S.l, off Tantallon 


James Morrison Street, C.l, at 72 

London road, ... - 

James Nisbet Street, N., at 92 Garn- 


James Orr Street, E.l, at 86 Alex- 
andra parade, - 
James Street Bridge, from Ballater 

street to James street. 

East end, 

West end, 

James Watt Street and Lane, C.2, at 

176 Broomielaw, ... - 




Jamieson Street, S.2, at 397 Cathcart rd. 
Jane Street, S.W.I, at 16 Gower street, 
Janefield Cemetery, E.l, Gallowgate, 
Janefield Street, E.l, at 188 Camlachie 

Nos. 3 to 59a and 2 to 66, - 
Nos. 61 and 80 upwards, 
Jardine Street, N.W., off Tillie street, 
Jedburgh Avenue, Rutherglen, - 
Jedburgh Gardens and Lane, N.W., 
opposite Doune terrace, Kelvinside, 
Jessie Street, S.2, at 279 Polmadie 


Jocelyn Square, C.l, foot of Salt- 
market, ------ 

John Street, C.l, at 162 Ingram street, 
Nos. 1 to 109 and 2 to 110, - 

Other Nos., 

John Carrick Street, N., at 83 Edge- 

fauld road, 

John Knox Street and Lane, C.4, at 
111 Duke street. 

Whole of East side ; West side from 

Drygate ; Even Nos. and 51 upwards 

West side, Duke street to Drygate, 

Johnstone Drive, Rutherglen, - 

Joppa Street, E.l, 409 Edinburgh road 

to Morningside street, - 
Jordan Street, W.4, at 1199 Dumbarton 


Jordanhill Drive, W.3, off Chamber- 
lain road, ...... 

Jordanhill Lane, W.3, Jordanhill, 
Julian Avenue and Lane, W.2, east of 

Lancaster crescent, - 
Jura Street S.W.2, at 1278 Paisley 
road, West, 

Karnes Street, C.5, at 473 Crown street, 
Kay Street, N., at 559 Spi:ngburn rd., 
Kaystone Road, Drumchapel, off Great 

Western road, - 

Keir Street, S.l , at 277 Maxwell road, - 
Keith Street, W.l, at 229 Dumbarton 


Kelbourne Street, N.W., off Queen 

Margaret drive, - 

Kelhead Avenue, S.W.2, Hillington, - 
Kellas Street, S.W.I, Broomloan road, 
Kelso Avenue, Rutherglen, 
Kelso Street (4/5 to 20/31, W.4 ; 

above these, W.3), off YokerFerry rd; 

Knightswood to City Boundary, - 
Kelton Street, E.2, off Ardgay street, 
Kelty Place and Street, C.5, at 117 

Eglinton street, .... 
Kelvin Drive, N.W., off Queen Mar- 
garet drive, 

Kelvin Way. 

From River Kelvin to Bank street, 

Remainder, - - - - - 

Kelvindale Buildings, Cottages and 

Glen, W.2, off Kelvindale road, - 
Kelvindale Place, N.W., off Kelvindale 


Kelvindale Road (1/2 to 239/214, 

N.W. ; above these, W.2), at 1369 

Maryhill road. 
From Maryhill rd. to River Kelvin, 
From River Kelvin to Cleveden rd., 




■a a 

3 9 




















































































Kelvingrove Park, C.3, west end of 
Sauchiehall street. 
Part West of River Kelvin, - 


Kelvingrove St., C.3, at 1102 Argyle 


Kelvinhaugh Place, C.3, off Kelvin- 

haugh street, 

Kelvinhaugh St.,C3, at 1163 Argyle st., 
Kelvinside Avenue, N.W., at 753 Mary- 
hill road, 

Kelvinside Gardens Lane, N.W., off 

Kelvinside gardens, 

Kelvinside Gardens, N.W., from 

Queen Margaret drive to Kelvinside 

gardens, Last, N. Kelvinside, 

Kelvinside Gardens, East, N.W., from 

Kelvinside gardens to Agnes street, 

Kelvinside Terrace, South and West, 

North Kelvinside, N.W., 
Kemp Street, N., at 14 Cowlairs road, - 
Kempock St., S.E., off Springfield rd., 
Kempsthorn Crescent, Nitshill, - 
Kempsthorn Road, Nitshill, 
Kendal Avenue, W.2, off Ripon drive, 
Kenilworth Avenue, S.l, at 11 Ravens- 
wood drive, 

Kenmore Street, E.2, at 931 Shettleston 


Kenmure Street, S.l, at 129 St. 

Andrew's road, .... 

Kennedar Drive, S.W.I, off Skipness 


Kennedy Street, C.4, at 195 Castle st., 
Kennishead Road, S.3, Pollokshaws, - 
Kennoway Drive and Lane, W.l, off 

Thornwood avenue, 
Kennyhill Square, E.l, at 705 Alex- 
andra parade, - 
Kensington Gate, W.2, Lorraine road, 
Kensington Road, W.2, off Sydenham 

road, - - - 

Kent Road, C.3, at 183 North street, - 
Kent Street, S.E., from 222 Gallowgate 
to London road, ... - 
Keppel Drive, S.4, at 214 Kingsacre rd., 
Keppoch Street, N., off Gourlay Street, 
Keppochhill Road, N., at 321 Spring- 
burn road. 
Nos. 1 to 95 and 2 to 198, 
Nos. 291 upwards and 222 upwards, 
Kerr Street, S.E., at 575 London road, 
Kerrydale Street, S.E., at 1139 London 


Kersland Street, W.2, at 697 Great 

Western road, - 

Kessock Street, C.4, at 17 Canal street, 
Kestrel Road, W.3, at 153 Knightswood 
road, ...... 

Kew Terrace and Lane, W.2, Great 
Western road, .... 

Keyden Street, S.l, at 451 Scotland 


Kidston Street, C.5, at 437 Crown st., 
Kilbarchan Street, C.5, at 85 Bedford 


Kilberry Street, N., at 21 3 Millburn st., 

Kilbirnie Street, C.5, off Eglinton St., 

Kilbride Street, C.5, at 116 Polmadie 

road, ...... 

Kilburn Place, W.3, at 236 Alderman 




Kilchattan Drive, S.4, at 40 Curtis ave., 
Kildale Street, Rutherglen, 
Kildary Road, S.4, ofi Struan road, - 
Kildonan Drive, W.l, off Apsley 

street, ... . 

Kildrostan Street, S.l, off Nithsdale'rd 
Kilfinan Street, N.W., off Balmore rd., 
Killearn Street, N. 

East and West of Saracen street, - 
Killermont Street, C.2, at 420 Parlia- 
mentary road, .... 
Killiegrew Road, S.l, off Springkell 

avenue. ...... 

Killin Street, E.2, at 1406 Shettleston 


Killoch Drive, W.3, at 20 Dunterlie 


Kilmailing Road, S.4, at 55 Old Castle 


Kilmarnock Road, at 1153 Pollokshaws 


(1/2 to 265/204, S.l ; 269/206 to 

617/594, S.3; above these, Giffnock). 

Nos. 1 to 303 and 2 to 594, 

Nos. 307 to 617, - 
Kilmaurs Street, S.W.I, off Luss road, 

Kilmorie Drive, King's Park, Ruther- 

Kilmun Place and Lane, N.W., off 

Kilmun street, .... 
Kilmun Street, N.W., at 1920 Maryhill 


Kiloran Street, Thornliebank, Carn- 


Kinarvie Road, Nitshill, off Crookston 


Kinbuck Street, N., from Stonyhurst 

street to Killearn street, 
Kincraig Street, S.W.I, at 265 Shield- 
hall road, ..... 
Kinellar Drive, W.4, off Craggan drive, 
King Street, C.l, at 97 Trongate, 
King Street, Rutherglen - 
King Street Lane, Rutherglen, - 
Kingarth Street, S.2, at 323 Victoria rd 
East of Victoria Road (Nos. 179 to 

181 and 92 upwards), 
West of Victoria road (Nos. 2 to 78), 
King Edward Road and Lane, W.3, off 

Southbrae drive, Jordanhill, - 
King George V Dock, S.W.I, Shieldhall, 
King's Drive, S.E., from James street, 

Bridgeton, to James Street Bridge, - 
Kinghorn Drive and Lane, S.4, off Mt. 

Annan drive, - 
King's Park Avenue, S.4, off Carmun- 

nock road. 
Nos. 1 to 323 and 2 to 320 , 
Above these, .... 

King's Park Place, from James street 

to Tullis street, .... 
King's Park Road, S.4, at 1143 Cath- 

cart road, 

Kingsacre Road (1/2 to 215/220, S.4; 

above these, Rutherglen), off Kings- 
house avenue. 
Nos. 1 to 257 and 2 to 238, 
Above these, .... 

Kingsbarns Drive, S.4, off Blairbeth dr., 
Kingsborough Gardens and Lane, W.2, 

off Hyndland Road, 

























































Kingsborough Lane East, W.2, off 

Kingsborough gardens, ... 

Kingsbrae Avenue, S.4, at 1031 Aiken- 

head road, 

Kingsbndge Crescent, S.4, King's Park, 

Kingsbridge Drive (1/2 to 177/198, 

S.4 ; above these, Rutherglen), 

King's Park. 

Nos. 1 to 195 and 2 to 198, 

Above these, .... 

Kingscliffe Avenue, S.4, at 10 Kings- 
dyke avenue, ..... 

Kingscourt Avenue, S.4, at 12 Kings- 
dyke avenue, ----- 

Kingsdale Avenue, S.4, off Kinghorn 

drive, .---.. 

Kingsdyke Avenue, S.4, off Kingsacre 

road, ...... 

Kingsford Avenue, S.4, off Muirend 
road, .... 

Kingsheath Avenue, Rutherglen, off 
Castlemilk road. 
Nos. 10 to 64, - 
Above these, .... 

Kingshill Drive, S.4, off Kingsbrae ave., 
Kingshouse Avenue, S.4, off Kingswood 


Kingshurst Avenue, S.4, at 1037 Aiken- 

head road, 

Kingsknowe Drive, Rutherglen, off 
King's Park avenue. 
Nos. 2 to 24 and 1 to 37, - 
Above these, .... 

Kingsland Drive and Lane, S.W.2, off 

Berryknowes road, - 
Kingsland Crescent, S.W.2, off Kings- 
land drive, 

ELingsley Avenue, S.2, at 15 Queen's 

Park avenue, ..... 

Kingslynn Drive and Lane, S.4, at 

165 King's Park avenue, 
Kingsmuir Drive, King's Park, Ruther- 

Kingston Docks, C.5, at West street, - 
Kingston Street, C.5, at 22 Bridge st., 
Kingsway, W.4, off Dumbarton road, 
Kingswood Drive, S.4, off Kingsbrae 
avenue, ------ 

Kingussie Drive, S.4, off Eangshouse 
avenue, ------ 

Kinlocb Street, S.E., from London road 
to Celtic Park, .... 

Kinmount Avenue and Lane, S.4, off 
Carmunnock road, .... 

Kinnear Road, S.E., at 351 Baltic st., 
Kinnell Avenue and Place, S.W.2, 


Kinning Street, C.5, at 135 Gloucester 


Kinross Avenue, S.W.2, at 2071 Paisley 

road, West, 

Kinstone Avenue, W.4, at Kingsway, 
Kintillo Drive, W.3, off Garion drive, 
Kintore Road, S.3, off Cromarty ave., 
Kintra Street, S.W.I, off Vicarfield st., 
Kintyre Street, N., off Holiybank St., 
Kippen Street, N., off Ashfield street, 
Kippford Street, E.2, off Gelston street, 
Kirkcaldy Road, S.l, at 17 Dolphin rd., 
Kirkconnel Avenue, W.3, Knightswood, 
Kirkdale Drive, S.W.2, at 66 Bella- 
houston drive, ... 




Kirkland Street, N.W., at 50 Raeberry 


Kirklee Gardens and Lane, W.2, Hill- 


Kirklee Place, W.2, off Kirklee road, - 
Kirklee Circus, Quadrant, Terrace, and 

Lane, W.2, off Kirklee road, 
Kirklee road, W.2, off Great Western 

road, - .... 

Kirkliston Street, E.2, off Cardowan rd 
Kirkpatrick Street, S.E., at 825 London 


Kirkton Avenue, W.3, at 59 Lincoln 


Kirkton Crescent, W.3, off Kir kton ave., 
Kirkwell Road, S.4, at 83 Old Castle 


Kirkwood Street, Rutherglen, - 
Kirkwood Street, S.W.I, at 429 Paisley 

road, West, - 
Kirn Street, N.W., off Kilmun street, - 
Kirriemuir Avenue, S.W.2, off Paisley 

road, West, at Cardonald, 
Knapdale St., N.W., off Balmore rd., 
Knightsbridge Street, W.3, at 160 

Knightswood road, 
Knightscliffe Avenue, W.3, at 1912 

Great Western road, - 
Knightswood Hospital, W.3, at 125 

Knightswood road, ... 

Knightswood Road, W.3, from Annies- 
land road to Banner road, 
Knightswood Rows, W.3, off Knights- 
wood road, ..... 
Knockhill Drive and Lane, S.4, off 

Mount Annan drive, ... 
Knowetap Street, N.W., at 73 Cadder 


Kyle Street, C.4, at 110 Dobbie's loan, 


La Belle Place and Allee, C.3, off 

Clifton street, .... 

Laburnum Road, S.l, at 58 Gower st., - 

Lacrosse Terrace, W.2, off Belmont 


Lady Anne Street, W.4, at 2208 Dum- 
barton road, ..... 

Ladybank Drive, S.W.2, off Bella- 
houston drive, .... 

Ladykirk Crescent, S.W.2, off Ladykirk 
drive, ...... 

Ladykirk Drive, S.W.2, off Kingsland 


Ladymuir Crescent, Nitshill, 
Ladywell Street, C.4, from John Knox 

street to Duke street, - 
Laggan Road, S.3, at 83 Langside road, 
Laidlaw Street and Lane, C.5, at 91 

Paisley road, 

Laigh Possil Road, N.W., Lambhill, - 
Laird Place, S.E., off Laird street, - 
Laird Street, S.E., at 156 Main street, 


Lamb Street, N., off Broadholm street, 
Lambert Street, S.E., at 438 Gallow- 


Lamberton Drive, S.W.2, off Kingsland 


Lambhill Crescent, N.W., at 642 Bal- 
more road, 


T- 1 e! 


















































Lambhill Square, N.W., Lambhill, - 

Lambhill Street, S.l, at 165 Paisley rd. 

Lamington Road, S.W.2, at 2162 
Paisley road, West, - - - - 

Lammermoor Avenue, S.W.2, at 1829 
Paisley road, West, 

Lanark Street, C.l, at 77 Greendyke 

Lancaster Crescent and Lane, W.2, off 
Cleveden road, .... 

Lancaster Terrace and Lane, W.2, 

Lancefield Quay, C.3, foot of Elliot st., 

Lancefield Street, C.3, off Cranston St., 

Landressy Street, S.E., Bridgeton cross, 

Lane off Vicarfield street, S.W.I, 

Langbank Street, C.5, at 198 Eglinton 
street, ... . . 

Langcroft Road, S.W.I, off Moss road, 

Langdale Avenue, Millerston, off Lang- 
dale street, ..... 

Langdale Street, Millerston, Garngad 

Langholm Street, W.4, from Blawart- 
MLl street to Kelso street, 

Langlands Avenue, S.W.I, at 354 Lang- 
lands road, ----- 

Langlands Drive, S.W.I, at 374 Lang- 
lands road, 

Langlands Road, S.W.I, at 14 Helen st., 

Langley Avenue, W.3, at 167 Archerhill 

Langrig Road, N., off Barmulloch road, 

Langshot Street, S.W.I, at 303 Paisley 
road, west, - - 

Langside Avenue, S.l, at 1039 Pollok- 
shaws road, -.---. 

Langside Drive, S.3, from River Cart, 

Langside Lane, S.2, at 541 Victoria rd., 

Langside Road, S.2, at 142 Butter- 
biggins road, - 

Langton Crescent, Nits hill , 

Langton Road, Nitshill, 

Lansdowne Crescent and Meuse, N.W., 
Gt. Western rd., near Kelvin bridge, 

Lansdowne Crescent Lane, N.W., at 
382 Great Western road, 

Lanton Drive, S.W.2, Berryknowes, - 

Lanton Road, S.3, off Burnhead road, 
Larbert Street, C.4, off M'Phater st., - 

Larch Road, S.l, off Urrdale road, - 

Larchfield Avenue, W.4, off Queen 
Victoria Drive, .... 

Larchfield Place, W.4, off Dumbarton 
road, at Scotstoun, 

Largie Road, S.3, at 123 Merrylee rd., 

Largo Place, S.W.I, at 60 Arklet road, 

Largs Street, E.l, at 727 Duke street, - 
Larkfield Street, S.2, at 288 Cathcart 
road to Inglefield street, 

Lasswade Street, W.4, off Greenlaw 
road, Yoker, 

Latimer Gardens, S.W.2, at 47 Hattan 
gardens, - 

Lauder Street, C.6, at 450 Eglinton st., 

Lauderdale Gardens and Lane, W.2, 

off Clarence drive, .... 

Laurel Place, W.l, off Laurel street, 

Laurel Street, W.l, at 125 Crow road, 




Laverockhall St., N., off Petershill rd., 
Law Street, S.E., off Fielden street, - 
Lawers Road, S.3, off Mansewood road, 
Lawmoor Lane, C.5, at 339 Ballater st. 
Lawmoor Street, C.5, off Rutherglen rd 
Lawrence Street, W.l, at 115 Byres rd., 
Lawrie Street, W.l, off Stewartville st., 
Leadburn Street, E.2, Abbeybill st. 

to Edinburgh road, 
Leader Street, E.l, at 11 Tweed ores., 
Leckethill Street, N., at 284 Springburn 


Leekie Street, S.3, at 1453 Pollokshaws 


Ledaig Street, E.l, from Edinburgh 

road to Todd street, 
Ledard Road, S.2, at 59 Millbrae road, 
Ledi Road, S.3, off Tinto road, - 
Lednock Road, S.W.2, off Westfield dr., 
Leicester Avenue, W.2, off Ashburton 


Leighton Street, N.W., off Curzon St., - 
Leitch's Court, C.l, 157 Trongate, - 
Leith Street, E.l, Corston street to 

Warriston street, .... 
Leithland Avenue, Nitshill, 
Leithland Road, Nitshill, - 
Lendel Place, S.W.I, at 276 Paisley 

road, West, 

Lennox Avenue, W.4, at 1334 Dum- 
barton road, 

Lennox Lane East, W.4, off Gleneagles 

lane, N., 

Lennox Lane West, W.4, off Gleneagles 

lane, N., 

Leny Street, N.W., at 208 Firhill road, 
Lenzie Street, N., off Northcroft road, - 
Lerwick Street, C.4, at 490 Dobbie's 


Leslie Road, S.l, at 598 Shields road, 
Leslie Street, S.l, at 154 Darnley street, 
Lesmuir Drive, W.4, at Kingsway, 
Letham Drive, S.3, at 30 Merryleeroad, 
Lethamhill Golf Club House, at Gart- 


Letherby Drive, S.4, at 33 Carmunnock 


Lethington Avenue, S.l, at 65 Tan- 

tallon road, 

Lettoch Street, S.W.I, Broomloan rd., 
Leven Street, S.l, at 206 Darnley St., 
Levernshields Terrace, Nitshill, - 
Levernside Avenue, Nitshill, 
Levernside Crescent, Nitshill, - 
Levernside Road, Nitshill, 
Lewis Street, N., off Blochaim road, - 
Leyden Gardens, N.W., off Leyden st., 
Leyden Street, N.W., at 13 Bilsland 


Liberton Street, E.l, 31 Warriston 

street to Morningside street, - 
Libo Avenue, Nitshill, 
Lightburn Hospital, E.2, Shettleston, 

Western Dist. of Old Monkland, - 
Lightburn Road, E.l, off Duke street, 
Lilac Place, N.W., at 391 Garscube rd., 
Lily Street, S.E., at 151 Springfield rd., 
Lilybank Gardens, W.2, Great George 


Lilybank Gardens Lane, W.2, off Great 

George Lane, ..... 
Lilybank Terrace, W.2, Kersland St., 




































































Lilybank Terrace Lane, W.2, off Great 

George Street, - 
Lime Lane, W.4, off Westland Drive 

lane, ...... 

Lime Street, W.4, at 1258 Dumbarton 

road, Whiteineh, - 
Limeside Avenue, Rutherglen, - 
Lincoln Avenue, W.3, at 2053 Great 

Western road, .... 

Lincroft Avenue, King's Park, - 
Linden Street and Place, W.3, Temple, 
Lindores Street, S.2, off Somerville dr., 
Lindsay Drive, W.2, at 136 Cleveden 


Lindsay Place, W.2, at 21 Lindsay dr., 
Linfern Road, W.2, off Sydenham rd., 
Linn Drive, S.4, off Clarkston road, - 
Linnhead Place, W.4, from 1579 Dum- 
barton road to Earl street, Scots- 


Linthaugh Road, Nitshill, - 
Linthouse Buildings, S.W.I, at 1298 

Govan road, 

Lintlaw Drive, S.W.2, off Kingsland dr., 

Lintmill Road, Nitshill, 

Linton Street, E.l, 335 Edinburgh road 

to Warriston crescent, - 
Lismore Road, W.2, near Kelvins ide 

L. M. & S. station, 
Lister Road, S.W.2, - 
Lister Street, C.4, at 212 Parliamentary 


Little Dovehill, C.l, at 163 Gallowgate, 
Little Drumbottie, N., Springburn, 
Littlehill Street, N., off Edgefauld road, 
Livingston Street, N. , at 436 Keppoch- 

hill road, 

Lizzieville Place, Rutherglen, - 
Lloyd Street, E., at 255 Golfhill drive, 
Lloyd Street, Rutherglen, - 
Loanbank Street, S.W.I, at 174 Har- 
mony row, - - - - - 
Loanfoot Avenue, W.3, Knightswood, 
Loanhead Street, E.2, at 77 Merchiston 

street, ..---. 
Lochar Crescent, Nitshill, - 
Lochburn Pass, N.W., off Lochburn rd., 
Lochburn Road, N.W., at 1482 Maryhill 


Lochfauld Road, N.W., off Balmore 


Lochgilp Street, N.W., off Cowal street, 
Lochgreen Street, Millerston, 
Lochiel Street, S.E., off Cubie street, - 
Lochlea Road, S.3, off Riverford road, 
Lochleven Lane and Road, S.2, from 

190 Battlefield road to River Cart, - 
Lochlibo Avenue, W.3, at 32 Moorhouse 


Lochmaben Road, S.W.2, off Crookston 


Lochside Street, S.l, at 95 Minard road, 

Crossmyloof, .... 

Lochwood Street, E.l, off Provanmill 


Lockerbie Avenue, S.3, at 79 Earlspark 


Lockhart Street, N., off Stronsay st., 
Locksley Avenue, W.3, at 32 Archerhill 


Logan St., C.5, at 680 Rutherglen rd., 
Logie Street, S.W.I, off Nethan street, 

i 13 




Lomax Street, E.l, at 745 Cumbernauld 


Lomond Street, N., off Hawthorn street, 
London Arcade, C.l, from 67 London 

road to Gallowgate, 

London Lane, C.l, 48 London road, - 

London Midland and Scottish Railway 

(Central Station), Gordon street, - 

London Midland and Scottish Railway, 

Buchanan Street Station, 
London Midland and Scottish Railway, 

London Road Station, - 
London Midland and Scottish Railway, 

Eglinton Street Station, 
London Road (1/2 to 177/180, C.l; 
179/182 to 1285/1274, S.E. ; 1287/ 
1276 to 1671/1580, E.l; above 
these, E.2), from Trongate eastwards. 
Nos. 1133 and 1114 upwards, 
Nos. 1 to 515 and 2 to 1090, - 
Nos. 517 to 1127, 
Longford Street, E.l, at 804 Cumber- 
nauld road, ..... 
Loom Street and Place, S.E., off 
Stevenson street, .... 
Lora Drive, S.W.2, off Paisley rd, West 
Loretto Street, E.l, off Gartcraig road, 
Lome Place, S.4, Clarkston road, 
Lome Street, S.W.I, at 226 Paisley rd., 


Lorraine Gardens, W.2, Dowanhill, - 
Lorraine Gardens Lane, W.2, Dowanhill 
Lorraine Road, W.2, off Westbourne 


Ioskin Drive, N.W., off Auchinairn 
road, ...... 

Lossie Street, E.l, at 29 Gala street, - 

Lothian Gardens, S.W.2, Cardonald, - 

Lothian Gardens and Lane, N.W., off 

Wilton street, .... 

Loudon Terrace and Terrace Lane, 
W.2, Byres road, .... 

Lounsdale Place, W.4, from 1603 Dum- 
barton road to Earl street, Scotstoun, 
Lourdes Avenue, S.W.2, at 1631 Paisley 

road, West, 

Lovat Street, C.4, off Borron street, - 
Love Loan, C.l, from High John street 
to North Frederick street. 
Even Nos., - ... 

Odd Nos., 

Lower Craighall Road, Port-Dundas, - 

Lower English Buildings, S.2, at 285 

Cathcart road, .... 

Lowther Terrace and Lane, W.2, on 

Great Western road at Kirklee, 
Luath Street, S.W.I, off Elder street, 
Lubnaig Road, S.3, at 50 Corrour road 
Lugar Drive, S.W.2, off Moness drive, 
Lugton Street, W.l, off Purdon street, 
Luing Road, S.W.2, off Carsaig drive, - 
Lumloch Street, N., off Balgraybank 


Lumsden Street, C.3, at 43 Old Dum- 
barton road, 

Lunan Place, S.W.I, off Arngask road, 
Luncarty .Place and Street, E.2, 

Sandy hills, 

Lundie Street, E.2, off London road, 

Luss Road, S.W.I, at 80 Craigton road, 

Lyall Street and Place, N., off Kep- 

pochhill road, .... 











































































Lymburn Street, C.3, at 42 Kelvin- 

haugh street, ..... 
Lyndhurst Gardens, N.W., off Wilton 


Lyndhurst Gardens Lane, N.W., behind 

Lyndhurst gardens, 
Lynedoch Crescent, C.3, off Lynedoch 


Lynedoch Place, C.3, off Lynedoch st., 
Lynedoch Street, C.3, at 55 Woodlands 


Lynedoch Terrace, C.3, off Lynedoch 


Lyon Street, C.4, at 305 Garscube road, 

Lyoncross Road, Nitshill, - 

L. & N. E. Railway Station, Dundas 

street and George square, 


Macalpine Place, Rutherglen, - 

M'Alpine Street, C.2, from Argyle 
street to Broomielaw. 
All even Nos., .... 
All odd Nos., .... 

M'Arthur Street, S.3, at 24 Pleasance 

M'Aslin Street, C.4, at 305 Parlia- 
mentary road, .... 

Macbeth Place and Street, E.l, at 1397 
London road, - ... 

M'Callum Avenue, off Hamilton road, 
Rutherglen, ..... 

M'Culloch Street, S.l, at 31 St. 
Andrew's road, .... 

M'Donald Street, Rutherglen, - 

M'Dougall Street, S.3, at 37 Riverford 

Macduff Place and Street, E.l, at 1415 
London road, 

M'Ewan Street, E.l, off Burgher street, 

Macfarlane Street, C.4, at 263 Gallow- 
gate, ...... 

MacGregor Street, S.W.I, at 110 Craig- 
ton road, 

M'Intosh Street, E.l, at 24 Ark lane, - 

M'Intyre Street, C.3, at 695 Argyle st., 

M'Kechnie Street, S.W.I, at 904 Govan 

MacKeith Street, S.E., at 56 Main st., 

M'Kinlay Street, C.5, off Devon street, 

Maclean Street, S.W.I, at 139 Govan 

Maclellan Street, S.l, at 98 Cornwall st. 

M'Lennan Street, S.2, at 1022 Cathcart 
road, ...... 

M'Leod Street, C.4, off Castle street - 

M'Nair Street and Square, E.2, 
at 1127 Shettleston road, 

M'Neil Street, C.5, at 443 Rutherglen 

M'Phail Street, S.E., at 47 Greenhead 

M'Phater Street, C.4, at 55 Port- 
Dundas road, .... 

M'Pherson Street, C.l, at 40 High st., 

Mace Road, W.3, at 347 Knightswood 

Mackie Street, C.4, off Borron street - 

Madison Avenue and Lane, S.4, at 156 
Carmunnock road, ... 












19 37 




Madias Place, S.E., off Madras street, 
Madras Street, S.E., off Newhall street, 
Maida Street, S.3, at 2097 PoUokshaws 


Maidland Road, Nitshill, - 

Main Street, Bridgeton, S.E., from 

London road to Rutherglen bridge, 
Main Street, Rutherglen, - 
Mair Street, S.W.I, at 45 Govan road, 
Maitland Place, C.4, off Maitland street, 
Maitland Street, C.4, at 92 Cow- 

caddens, - 

Major Street, S.E., at 157 Abercromby 

* street, 

Malcolm Street, E., at 811 Springfield 


Mallaig Road, S.W.I, at 250 Shieldhall 

road, ...... 

Mallocb. Street, N.W., off Avenuepark 


Malt barns Street, N.W., from Trossachs 

street to Hinshaw street, 
Malvern Place, E., off Comelypark st., 
Mambeg Drive, S.W.I, at 244 Lang- 
lands road, 

Mamore Street, S.3, off Nether Auld- 

house road, - - - - 

Manchester Drive, W.2, off Winchester 

drive, ..... 
Manitoba Place, E.l, off Janefield st., 
Mannering Road, S.l, at 1432 PoUok- 
shaws road, 

Manor Road, W.4, off Orleans avenue, 
Manresa Place, C.4, at 261 Garscube 

road, .... 

Manse Brae, S.4, at 51 Old Castle road, 
Manse Road, E.2, off Hallhill road, - 
Mansel Street, N., at 16 St. Monance 

street, ...... 

Mansewood Road, S.3, Mansewood, - 
Mansfield Street, W.l, at 208 Dum- 
barton road, Partick, 
Mansion Street, N., at 62 Balmore rd., 
Mansion House Road, S.l, at 96 

Langside avenue, .... 
Maple Koad, S.l, off Urrdale road, - 
March Street, S.l, off Nithsdale street, 
Marchfield Terrace, N., at 125 Edge- 

fauld road, 

Marchmont Terrace, W.2, Observatory 

road, Kelvinside, - 
Maree Drive, S.W.2, off Moness drive, 
Marfield Street, E.2, Carntyne road to 

Greyfriars street, - 
Margaret Street, C.l, off Martha street, 
Margaretta Buildings, S.4, at 21 Clark- 

ston road, ..... 
Marine Street, S.W.I, off Govan road, 
Mariscat Road, S.l, at 26 Darnley rd., 
Market Lane, C.l, off Market street, - 
Market Street, S.E., at 514 Gallowgate, 
Markinch Street, C.5, at 38 West st., 
Marlborough Avenue, W.l , at 298 Crow 


Marldon Lane, W.l, off Marlborough 


Marlow Street, S.l, at 15 Vermont St., 
Marlow Terrace, S.l, off Marlow st., 
Marmion Street, N.W., off Rolland st., 
Marne Street, E.l, at 610 Alexandra 


Marquis St., S.E., at 832 London rd., 











































































Marr Street, S.W.I, at 100 Helen st., 
Marshall Street, S.E., at 356 Gallow- 

Mart Street, C.l, at 65 Bridgegate, - 

Martha Street, C.l, at 93 John street, - 

Martin Street, S.E., off French street,- 

Martyr Street, C.4, at 30 Parson street, 

Marwick Street, E.l, off Appin road, - 

Mary Street, C.4, off Craighall road, - 

Maryhill Barracks, N.W., Maryhill, - 

Maryhill Road, N.W., from St. George's 

cross to Maryhill. 

Even Nos. from 352 to 650, - 

All Odd Nos.; 2 to 350; then from 

660 upwards, - 

Maryland Drive, S.W.2, at 1506 Paisley 

road, west, ..... 

Maryland Gardens, S.W.2, at 62 Bar- 

logan avenue, .... 

Mary's Place, N.W., Calderouilt road, 

Maryston Street and Place, E.l, off 

Blackhill street, .... 

Marywood Square, S.l, off Pollokshaws 


Masterton Place and Street, N., at 477 

Keppochhill road, Springburn, 
Maternity Hospital, C.4, Rottenrow, - 
Mathieson Lane and Street, C.5, from 

Caledonia road to the Clyde, - 
Matilda Road, S.l, at 29 Maxwell drive, 
Mauchline Street, C.5, off Salkeld st., 
Maukinfauld Road,E.2, at 514 Tollcross 


Mauldslie Street and Terrace, S.E., 

at 1055 London road, ... 

Maule Drive and Terrace, W.l, at 622 

Dumbarton road, Partick, 
Mavisbank Quay, Plantation, S.W.I, 
Mavisbank Road, S.W.I, at 152 Govan 
road, - - ... 

Maxwell Drive, S.l, at 444 Shields road, 
Maxwell Place, S.l , at 28 Maxwell road, 
Maxwell Road, S.l, from 676 Eglinton 

street to Shields road, 
Maxwell Square, S.l, at 54 Keir street, 
Maxwell Street (5/4 to 19/18, C.2 ; 
above these, C.l), at 119 Argyle st., 
May Terrace, S.2, Mount Florida, 
Maybank Lane and Street, S.2, at 41 
Albert avenue, .... 
Maybole Street, Nitshill, - 
Mayfield Street, N.W., at 295 Bilsland 


Meadow Road, W.l, at 577 Dumbarton 


Meadowpark Street, E.l, at 629 Duke 
Nos. 1 to 201 and 2 to 214, - 
Nos. 229 to 233 and 224 to 228, - 
Meadowside Quay, W.l, off Meadow- 
side street, ..... 
Meadowside Street, W.l, off Castlebank 


Meadowwell Street, E.2, at 1242 Shet- 


Medwyn Street, W.4, at 3 Balshagray 

avenue, - 
Megan Street, S.E., at 60 Dalmarnock 
road, ...... 

Meikle Road, Nitshill, 
Meiklerig Crescent, Nitshill, 
Meiklewood Road, S.W.I, off Moss rd., 




















































Melbourne Street, E.l, at 196 Duke st., 
Meldrum Gardens, S.l, off Dolphin rd., 
Melfort Avenue, S.l, at 27 Dalkeith 


Melrose Avenue, from Calderwood road 

to Stonelaw road, Rutherglen, - 
Melrose Gardens and Lane, N.W., off 
Carlton terrace, .... 
Melrose Street, 0.4, at 7 1 Great Western 


Melville Place, C.l, 132 Trongate, 
Melville Street, S.l, at 184 Darnley at., 
Memel Street, N-, off Hawthorn street, 
Memus Drive, S.W.2, at 989 Mosspark 


Menock Road, S.4, at 109 Carmunnock 


Menzies Street, Rutherglen, 
Merchiston Street, E.2, 626 Carntyne 

road to Cardowan road, 
Merkland Street, W.l, at 405 Dumbar- 
ton road, Partick. 
Nos. 1 to 55 and 2 to 56, - 
Nos. 57 and 60 upwards, 
Merklands Wharf, W.l, off Ferryden 
street, ...... 

Merrick Gardens, S.W.I, at 538 Paisley 

road, West, 

Merryflats Cottages, S.W.I, Renfrew 

road, Govan, 

Merryland St., S.W.I, at 407 Govan rd., 

Merrylee Road (1/2 to 123/116, S.3 ; 

above these, S.4), at 447 Kilmarnock 


Nos. 1 to 151 and 2 to 144, - 

Above these, .... 

Merton Drive, S.W.2, off Hillington 
road, Cardonald, - - - - 

Methil Street, W.4, at 1397 Dumbarton 
road, ...... 

Methven Street, E.l, off London road, 
Metropole Lane, C.l, off Howard street, 
Mews Lane, W.l, Partick, • 
Mid Wharf, C.4, between Forth and 

Canal streets, 

Mid Wharf Street, C.4, Port Dundas 

(from Mid Wharf to Kessoek street), 

Midcroft Avenue, S.4, off Castlemilk 


Middle Rov, W.2, off Fulton street, 


Middlesex Street, S.l, at 99 Paisley rd., 


Middleton Street, S.W.I, at 17 Cessnock 


Midland Street, C.I, off Jamaica street, 
Midlem Drive, S.W.2, at 56 Redpath 


Midlem Oval, S.W.2, off Midlem drive, 
Midlock Street, S.W.I, at 478 Paisley 

road, West, 

Midlothian Cottages, S.W.2, Cardonald, 
Midlothian Drive, S.l, at 1350 Pollok- 

shaws road, 

Midton Street, N., off Petershill road, - 
Milan Street, S.l, at 30 Maxwell road, 
Mill Street, S.E., off Greenhead street, 
Mill Street, Rutherglen, - 
Millar Terrace, Farme, Rutherglen, - 
Millarbank Street, N., from 24 
Keppochhill road, - - - - 
Millbrae Crescent, S.2,at 99 Millbrae rd. 














































Millbrae Crescent Lane, S.2, off Millbrae 

Millbrae Road, S.2, from Langside 
Monument to River Cart. 
Nos. 1 to 99, 
Even Nos., 

Millbrix Avenue, W.4, at Kingsway, 

Millburn Street, N„ off Alexandra 

Miller Street, C.l, from 48 Argyle street 
to Ingram street, - - - - 

MiUerfield Road, S.E., at 116 Spring- 
field road, 

Millerston Street, E.l, from 504 Duke 
street to Gallowgate, 

Millport Avenue, S.4, at 58 Kingswood 

Millroad Street, S.E., at 9 Bain street, 

Millwood Street, S.l, at 137 Kilmarnock 

Milncroft Road, Millerston, 

Milnbank Street, E.l, at 425 Alexandra 

Milner Road and Lane, W.3, off Wood- 
end drive, - - - - 
Milnpark Street, S.l, at 90 Seaward st., 
Milrig Road, off Mill street, Rutherglen, 
Milton Place, C.4. off Milton street, - 
Milton Street, C.4, from 148 Cow- 
caddens to Port Dundas road. 
All Nos. from 86 and 77 upwards, - 
Nos. 1 to 71 and 4 to 82, - 
Minard Road, S.l, from 1034 Pollok- 
shaws road to Crossmyloof station, 
Minerva Street, C.3, at 2 Finnieston st., 
Mingarry Lane, from Mingarry street 

to Queen Margaret drive, 
Mingarry Street, N.W., off Hotspur st. 
Minmoir Road, Nitshill, - 
Minstrel Road, W.3, at 15 Rowena ave., 
Minto Crescent and Street, S.W.2, off 

Torbreck street, - 
Mireton Street, N., off Balmore road, - 
Mirrlees Drive and Lane, W.2, at 9 
Bellshaugh road, - - - 

Mitchell Drive, Rutherglen, 
Mitchell Lane, C.l, 81 Buchanan street, 
Mitchell Street, C.l, from 158 Argyle 

street to Gordon street, 
Mitchell Street, Rutherglen, 
Mitre Lane, W.4, off St. Kilda avenue, 
Mitre Lane West, W.4, off Essex drive, 
Mitre Road (1/2 to 33/28, W.l ; above 

these, W.4), off Crow road, - 
Moat Avenue, W.3, at 40 Archerhill 


Mochrum Road (Nos. 14 and 16, S.3 ; 
101/100 upwards, S.4), at 33 Lang- 
side road, Newlands, . - - 
Moffat Street, C.5, at 313 Rutherglen 


Moidart Crescent, S.W.2, off Moidart 


Moidart Place, S.W.2, off Moidart rd., 
Moidart Road, S.W.2, Morven street to 

Jura street, 

Moir Lane and Street, C.l, from 117 
London road to 134 Gallowgate, - 
Molendinar Street, C.l, at 77 Gallow- 

Mollinsburn Street, N., at 322 Spring- 
burn road, - 










Moncrieff Street and Place, 0.4, off 

Balnain street, .... 
Moncur Street, S.E., off Kent street, - 
Moness Drive, S.W.2, at 20 Bella- 

houston drive, .... 
Monifieth Avenue, S.W.2, at 19 Tarfside 


Monkland Canal, Castle street to city- 
boundary, ..... 
Monkland Street, C.4, at 165 Castle st., 
Monksbridge Avenue, W.3, at 105 

Eriarscourt avenue, 
Monreith Road, S.3, at 385 Kilmarnock 


Monreith Road, East, S.4, ofi Bowling 

Green road, 

Montague Lane, W.2, Hyndland road, 
Montague Street, C.4, at 375 Great 

Western road, .... 
Monteith Place, S.E., off Monteith row, 
Monteith Row, S.E., off Greendyke st., 
Monteith Row Lane, S.E., off Mon- 
teith place, ..... 
Montford Avenue (1/2 to 187/196, S.4 ; 

above these, Rutherglen), King'B 

Nos. 5 to 231 and 6 to 246, - 
Above these, .... 

Montgomerie Gardens, W.4, Lennox 

avenue, Scotstoun, .... 
.Montgomery Street, S.E., at 770 

London road, - 
Montrave Street, S.W.2, at 1800 Paisley 

road, West, 

Montrose Street (1/2 to 45/42, C.l ; 

above these, C.4), at 118 Ingram st. 

All No?, from 98 and 99 upwards, - 

Nos. 2 to 96, 

Nos. 1 to 95, 

Moodie's Court, C.2, 31 Argyle street, 

Moodiesburn Street, E.l, Provanmill 

road to Bargeddie street, 
Moore Street, E.l, at 409 Gallowgate, 
Moorhouse Avenue, W.3, at 229 Gars- 

cadden road, ..... 
Moorfoot Street, E.2, South Carntyne, 
Moraine Avenue, Drumchapel, - 
Morar Road, S.W.2, at 50 Moidart rd., 
Moray Place, S.l, at 81 Nithsdale 


Moray Place, Rutherglen, ... 
Mordaunt Street, S.E., at 349 Dalmar- 

nock road, ..... 
Morgan Street, S.2, at 31 Robson street, 
Morion Road, W.3, off Great Western 

road, Knightswood, 
Morley Street, S.2, at 102 Holmlea rd., 
Morna Place and Lane, W.4, off 

Medwyn street, .... 
Morningside Street, E.l, 70 Corston 

street to Ruchazie road, 
Momn Square, C.4, off Rottenrow, - 
Morrin Street, N., off Millarbank street, 
Morris Place, S.E., at 24 Monteith row, 
Morrison's Court, C.2, 108 Argyle street, 
Morrison Place, C.5, at 80 West street, 
Morrison Street, C.5, from West street 

to Paisley road, .... 
Mortimer Street, N.W., off Hotspur st., 
Morton Gardens, S.l, off Titwood road, 
Morven Street, S.W.2, at 1336 Paisley 

road, West, 














































































Mosesfield Street and Terrace, N., 148 
Balgrayhill road, .... 

Moss Road, S.W.I, at 1277 Govau road, 

Mossbank Cottages, Millerston, - 

Mossbank Industrial School, Millerston, 
1531 and 1609 Cumbernauld road, - 

Mossgiel Road, S.3, off Auldhouse road, 

Mosspark Avenue, S-W-2, at 230 Moss- 
park drive, 

Mosspark Boulevard, S.W.2, at 62 
Dumbreck road, .... 

Mosspark Drive, S.W.2, at 53 Mosspark 
Boulevard, ..... 

Mosspark Lane, S.W.2, at 500 Mosspark 

Mosspark Oval, S.W.2, at 91 Mosspark 

Mosspark Square, S.W.2, at 77 Balerno 
drive, ...... 

Moss Side Road, S.l, at 1110 PoUok- 
shaws road, ..... 

Mossvale Farm, Millerston, at 1739 
Cumbernauld road, ... 

Moulin Road, S.W.2, at 2187 Paisley 
road, West, - 

Mount Street, N.W., at 262 N. Wood- 
side road, 

Mountainblue Street, E.l, at 133 
Fielden street, .... 

Mount Annan Drive, S.4, at 33 Carmun- 
nock road, ..... 

Mount Stuart Street, S.l, at 21 Kilmar- 
nock road, . . - - 

Moy Street, W.l, at 8 Church street, - 

Moyne Road, Nitshill, 

Muir Street, N., off Reidhouse street, - 

Muirdrum Avenue, S.W.2, Cardonald, 

Muirend Avenue, S.4, at 226 Clarkston 
road, ... ... 

Muirend Road (1/2 to 125/112, S.4; 
175, S.3) and Gardens, at 400 Clarks- 
ton road, 

Muirhead Street, W.l, at 74 Purdon st., 

Muirhill Avenue, S.4, at 60 Muirend rd., 

Muirhill Crescent, W.3, off Kirkton 
avenue, ------ 

Muirhouse Street, S.l, from 4u8 Pollok- 
shaws road to Barrland street, - 

Muirpark Street, W.l, at 24 Gardner 

Muiryfauld Drive, E.l, off Tollcross 
road, ------ 

Mulben Road, Nitshill, off Kinarvie rd. 

Mulberry Road and Terrace, S.3, at 469 
Kilmarnock road, . - - - 

Mull Street, N., off Garngad road, 

Munro Lane, Place, and Road, W.3, 
off Woodend drive, 

Murano Street, N.W., at 189 Firhill rd., 

Murdoch Street, N., at 20 Balgray H01, 

Murray Street, C.4, at 233 Parlia- 
mentary road, .... 

Murrayfield Street, E.2, from Carntyne 
road to Inverleith street, 

Muslin Street, S.E., at 79 Main street, 

Myres Road, Nitshill, 

Myreside Place and Street, E.2, South 
Carntyne, ..... 

Myrtle Park and Villas, S.2, off Cath- 
cart road, Crosshill, 

Myrtle Street, N.W., at 431 St. George's 
road, .... 


us 3 










Naburn Street, C.5, at 344 Cumberland 


Nairn Street, C.3, off Old Dumbarton 

road, - 
Nansen Street, N.W., at 674 Garacube 
road, - .... 

Napier Street, S.W.I, at 648 Govan 


Napiersliall Lane, N.W., off Napiers- 

hall street, 

Napiershall Street, N.W., at 298 Great 

Western road, .... 

Naseby Avenue and Lane, W.l, at 68 

Randolph road, 
Naver Street, E.l, off Cumbernauld rd., 
Necropolis, C.4, east of Cathedral sq., 
Necropolis (Eastern), 1264 Gallowgate, 


Necropolis (Southern), Caledonia road, 


Necropolis (Western), Lambhill, N.W., 
Neilsland Oval, Nitshill, - 
Neilsland Square, Nitshill, 
Nelson Street, C.5, from Bridge street 
to West street, .... 
Neptune Street, S.W.I, at 663 Govan 


Ness Street, E.l, at 109 Smithycroft 


Nethan Street, S.W.I, at 101 Langlands 
road, ...... 

Nether Auldhouse Road, from Kilmar- 
nock road to Auldhouse road, - 
Netherby Drive, S.l , at 47 Maxwell dr., 
Nethercraigs Road, Nitshill, 
Nethercraigs Terrace, Nitshill, - 
Netherfield Street, E.l, at 784 Duke st., 
Netherlee Road, S.4, 148 Old Castle 

road to City Boundary, - 
Netherplace Road, Nitshill, 
Netherton Farm, Bearsden, Temple, 
Netherton Lock, W.3, Temple, - 
Netherton Road, W.3, off Crow road, 

at Temple, 

Netherton Rows, W.3, Temple, - 
Netherton Street, W.3, Crow road, 


Nevis Road, S.3, at 43 Mansewood rd., 
New Street, Rutherglen, ... 
New Wynd, C.l, at 119 Trongate, 
Newark Drive, S.l, at 157 Nithsdale 
road, ...... 

Newbold Avenue, at 1425 Springburn 


Newburgh Street, S.3, off Newlands- 

field road, 

New City Road, C.4, from 241 Cow- 

caddens street to St. George's cross, 

Newcroft Drive, S.4, at 83 Glencroft 

road, ...... 

New Farme Place, off Farmeloan road, 


Newfield Lane, C.5, off Houston street, 

Newhall Street, S.E. , at 274 Main street, 

Bridgeton, ..... 

Newhaven Street, E.2, from Carntyne 

road to Haymarket street, 
Newington Street, E.2, Carntynehall 
road to 256 Cardowan road, - 




























Newlands Crescent, S.3, Cathcart, off 
Kilmarnock road, .... 
Newlands Road (5/6 to 79/104, S.3 ; 
115/122 upwards, S.4), at 371 Kil- 
marnock road, .... 
Newlands Terrace, S.3, at 254 Kilmar- 
nock road, - ... 
Newlandsfield Road, S.3, at 296 Kil- 
marnock road, 
Newton Place, C.3, at 568 Sauchiehall 


Newton Street, C.2, at 477 Sauchiehall 


Newton Terrace, C.3, 681 Sauchiehall 
street, ...... 

Newton Terrace Lane, C.3, off Newton 
terrace, ...... 

Nicholas Street, C.l, at 216 High street, 

Nicholson Lane and Street, C.5, off 

Norfolk street, .... 

Niddrie Road, S.2, at 26 Calder street, 
Niddrie Square, S.2, at 175 Queen's 


Nigel Gardens, S.l, off Peveril avenue, 
Nimmo Drive, S.W.I, off Drumoyne rd., 
Nisbet Street, E.l, at 106 We&tmuir 


Nith Street, E.l, at 7 Tweed crescent, 
Nithsdale Drive, S.l, at 630 Pollok- 

shaws road, 

Nithsdale Piace, S.l, Leven street, • 
Nithsdale Road, S.l, at 752 Pollok- 

shaws road, 

Nithsdale Street, S.l, at 692 Pollok- 
shaws road, ..... 

Nitshill Road, Nitshill, - 
Niven Street, N.W., off Guthrie street, 
Nor by Road, W.l, at 24 Marlborough 
avenue, ------ 

Norfield Drive, S.4, back of Mount 

Annan drive, 

Norfolk Court, C.5, at 83 Norfolk street, 
Norfolk Lane, C.5, off Norfolk street, - 
Norfolk Street, C.5, at 70 Gorbals st., - 
Norham Street, S.l, at 16 Frankfort st., 
Norman Street, S.E., at 116 Poplin st.. 
Norse Lane North, W.4, off Lennox av., 
Norse Lane South, W.4, off Vancouver 


Norse Road, W.4, off Lennox avenue, 
Northbank Terrace Lane, N.W., off 

Kelvinside gardens, 
Northbrae Place, W.3, Knightswood, - 
Northburn Street, C.4, off Crossburn 


North Canal Bank Street, C.4, from 

Speirs' Wharf, North, to Pinkston rd., 

North Cardonald Farm and Cottage, 

S.W.I, Hillington road, - 

North Claremont Street, C.3, off Royal 

crescent, ..... 

North Court Royal Exchange, C.l, from 

22 Exchange square to St. Vincent 


Northcroft Road, N., at 536 Springburn 

No. 2 only, 

All other Nos., .... 

North Drive, C.l, off St. Enoch square, 

North Exchange Court, C.l, St. 

Vincent place and 22 Royal Exchange 

square - .... 





North Frederick Street, C.l, off George 
Nos. 1 to 79 and 2 to 66, - 
Other Nos., 

North Gardner Street, W.l s off Hynd- 
land road, 

North Hanover Street, C.l, off George 
All Nos. above 78 and 87, - 
Nos. 1 to 63 and 2 to 70, - 

North John Street^ C.l, off George st., 

Northampton Drive and Lane, W.2, 

Northineh Street, W.4, off Ferryden 
street, ...... 

Northland Drive, W.4, at 120 Danes dr., 

Northland Lane, W.4, off Danes lane N. 

Northland Lane South, W.4, off North- 
land drive, 

Northpark Street, N.W., at 584 Mary- 
hill road, .... 

North Portland Street, C.l, at 94 
George street, .... 

North Queen Street, C.2, N.W. side 
George square, - - - 

North Place, C.3, off North street, - 

North Street, C.3, at 596 Argyle street, 

Northumberland Street, N.W., off Kel- 
bourne street, .... 

North Wallace Street and Place, C.4, 
at 240 Parliamentary road, - 

North Woodside Road, from 207 Gars- 
cube road to Gt. Western road. 
Nos. 1 to 93 and 2 to 104 (C.4),- 
Other Nos. (N.W.), 

Norval Street, W.l, at 16 Crow road, - 

Norwich Drive, W.2, off Beaconsfield 

Nottingham Avenue, W.2, at 26 Bur- 
lington avenue, .... 

Novar Drive, W.2, at 84 Hyndland rd., 

Nuneaton Street, S.E., from 319 Dal- 
marnock road to 1006 London road, 

Nursery Street, S.l, at 570 Pollokshaws 
road, ... . 

Oak Place, C.3, off Guest street, 
Oak Street, C.3, at 172 Stobcross street, 
Oakbank Hospital, C.4, at Garscube cr., 
Oakbank Street, N.W., at 416 Garscube 


Oakbank Terrace and Lane, N.W., at 

470 Garscube road. 

Even Nos., 

Odd Nos., 

Oakfield Avenue, W.2, at 535 Great 

Western road, Hillhead, 
Oakley Drive, S.4, off Linn drive, - 
Oakley Terrace, E.l, off Westercraigs, 
Oatfield Street, N., off Petershill road, 
Oatlands Square, C.5, off Gilmour st., 
Oban Drive and Lane, N.W., off Fergus 

drive, ...... 

Oban Passage, N.W., from Oban drive 

to Kelvinside avenue, ... 
Observatory Road, W.2, at 337 Byres 


Ochil Place and Street, E.2, Tollcross, 
Octavia Terrace, S.l, Eastwood avenue, 





1 a 
































18 1 



Ogilvie Street and Place, E.l, Canmore 

street to Tollcross road, 
Old Basin, Port Dundas, C.4. 

North side, 

South side, 

Old Castle Road, S.4, at 365 Holmlea 


Old Dalmarnock Road, S.E., at 98 Dal- 

marnock road, - 
Old Dumbarton Road, C.3, at 1323 
Argyle street, .... 

Old Langside Road, S.2, at 138 Butter- 
biggins road, - 
Old Post Office Court, C.l, 114 

Trongate, - - - - 
Old Shettleston Road, E.2, at 567 

Shettleston road, - 
Old Wynd, C.l, from 153 Trongate to 

Bridgegate, - 
Olive Street, Millerston, at 137 Robroy- 
ston road, ..... 
Olympia Street, S.E., off Orr street, - 
Onslow Drive, E.l, at 24 Craigpark st., 
Onslow Square, E.l, off Onslow drive, 
Oran Street and Lane, N.W., at 995 
Maryhill road, .... 
Orchard Street, C.5, off Moffat street, 
Orchy Street, S.4, off Spean street, - 
Oregon Street, C.5 , at 40 1 Moffat street, 
Orkney Place, S.W.I, off Orkney street, 
Orkney Street, S.W.I, at 687 Govanrd., 
Orleans Avenue and Lane, W.4, off 

Abbey drive, 

Ormiston Avenue, W.4, at 1396 Dum- 
barton road, 

Ormiston Lane, W.4, off Earlbank lane 


Ormiston Lane North, W.4, off Norse 

lane north, 

Ormiston Lane South, W.4, off Glen- 
eagles lane, 

Orr Place, S.E, at 274 Orr street, - 
Orr Street, S.E., at Bridgeton cross, - 
Orton Street, S.W.I, at 252 Broomloan 


Orwell Street, N., off Reid street, 
Springburn, ..... 
Osborne Street, C.l, at 66 Saltmarket, 
Ossian Road, S.3, at 45 Newlands road, 
Oswald Lane, C.l, off Oswald street, - 
Oswald Street, C.l, at 275 Argyle street, 
Otago Lane and Street, W.2, at 459 

Great Western road, 
Otter Lane, W.l, Partick, 
Oval Path, S.W.2, at 135 AshMrk drive, 
Overdale Avenue, S.2, at 20 Battlefield 


Overdale Gardens, S.2, at 50 Battlefield 


Overdale Street, S.2, at 39 Millbrae rd., 

Overnewton Place, C.3, off Kelvin- 

haugh street, .... 

Overnewton Square, C.3, off Lumsden 


Overnewton Street, C.3, at 1287 Argyle 


Overtoun Drive, Rutherglen, 
Overtown Street, S.E., off Law street, 
Overwood Drive, S.4, from Mennockrd. 

to Southwood drive, 
Oxford Lane, C.5, from Oxford street 
to Norfolk street, .... 























































































19 1 


15 | 





Oxford Street, C.5, at 32 Gorbal3 street, 

Oxton Drive, S.W.2, off Tweedsmuir 


Paisley Road, C.5, from Kingston street, 

to Admiral street, - - - - 
Paisley Road, West (1/2 to 683/928, 

S.W.I : 685/930 upwards, S.W.2). 

Nos. 1 to 685 and 2 to 634, 

Other Nos. to 2379 and 2252, - 

Palace Street, E.l, off Edmiston street, 

Paladin Avenue, W.3, at 2143 Great 

Western road, .... 

Palermo Street, N., at 400 Springburn 


Palm Street, N.W., off Cedar street, - 
Palmer Avenue, W.3, at 68 Trinley rd., 
Palmerston Place, C.3, off Kelvinhaugh 


Panmure Street.N.W., at 200 Firhill rd. 
Park Avenue, C.3, off Woodlands road, 
Park Circus, C.3, near West- end Park, 
Park Circus Place and Lane, C.3, off 

Park circus, 

Park Drive, C.3, off Park avenue, - 
Park Drive, Rutherglen, ... 
Park Gardens, C.3, West-end Park, - 
Park Gardens Lane, C.3, Westrend 


Park Gate, C.3, at Park ter. and cir., - 
Park Lane, S.E., oft Orr street, - 
Park Quadrant, C.3, West-end Park, - 
Park Road, C.4, at 405 Gt. Western rd. , 
Park Street South, C.3, West-end Park, 
Park Terrace, C.3, West-end Park, - 
Park Terrace East Lane. C.3, West-end 

Park, - - 
Park Terrace Lane, C.3, West-end Park, 
Parker Street, W.4, at 1013 Dumbarton 

road, Whiteinch, .... 
Parkgrove Terrace, C.3, off Derby st., 
Parkgrove Terrace Lane, C.3, at Park- 
grove terrace, .... 
Parkhill Avenue, Rutherglen, - 
Parkliill Drive, Rutherglen, 
Parkhill Road, S.3, off Shawhill road, 
Parkholm Lane, C.5, at 350 Paisley rd., 
Parkhouse Lane, C.4, from 151 Duke 

street to Ladywell, ... 

Parkhouse Road, Nitshill, - 
Parliamentary Road, C.4, off Buchanan 


Parnie Street, C.l, at 66 Saltmarket, - 
Parson Street, C.4, at 135 Castle street, 
Partick Bridge Street, W.l, at 141 

Dumbarton road, .... 
Partickhill Avenue, Road, and Lane, 

W.l, Partickhill, .... 
Paterson Street, C.5, at 55 Paisley rd., 
Patna Street, S.E., off Kinnear road, 
Paton Street, E.l, at 683 Duke street, 
Paul Street, C.4, at 91 Cathedral street, 
Payne Street, C.4, off Colinton street, 
Pearce Lane, S.W.l , off Water row, - 
Pearce Street, S.W.l , at 834 Govan rd., 
Peat Road, Nitshill, - 
Peathill Street, N., off Scone street, - 
Peebles Street, C.6, at 151 Eglinton st., 
Peel Street and Lane, W.l, at 392 

Dumbarton road, ■ 

























































. — 











































Pembroke Street, C.3, at 103 Kent 
road ,------ 

Penicuik Street, E.2, South Carntyne, 
Peninver Drive, S.W.l, off Burghead 


Pennan Place, W.4, at Kingsway, 
Penrith Drive, W.2, at 12 Kendal ave., 
Pentland Place, S.E., off French street, 
Pentland Road, S.3, off Tinto road, - 
Percy Street, S.W.l, at 381 Paisley 

road, West, 

Perth Street, C.3, at 688 Argyle street, 

Peterahill Road, N., at 216 Springburn 

road, ...... 

Pettigrew Street, E.2, at 15 Wellshot 


Peveril Avenue, S.l, off Ravenswood 


Peveril Avenue, Burnside,- 
Pharonhill Street,E.2, off Quarrybrae st 
Phcenix Park, C.4, Garscube road, - 
Phoenix Park Terrace, C.4, off Dobbie's 


Phoenix Recreation Grounds, C.4, 

Garscube road, .... 

Piccadilly Street, C.3, off Stobcross st., 

Piershill Street, E.2, Abbeyhill street 

to Edinburgh road, 
Pikeman Road, W.3, at 9 Archerhill 


Pilmuir Avenue, S.4, off Harelaw ave., 
Pilrig Street, E.2, at 22 Glencorse street. 
Pine Street, C.5, at 470 Rutherglen rd., 
Pinkston Road (1/2 to 441/448, C.4; 
443/450 upwards, N.), from Glebe 
street to Keppochhill road, - 
Pinmore Street, Nitshill, - 
Pirn Street, S.E., at 107 Dalmarnock rd 
Piteairn Street, E.l, off Cuthelton st., 
Pitcaple Drive, S.3, off Garvoch drive, 
Pitlochry Drive, S.W.2, at 1970 Paisley 

road, West, 

Pitt Street, C.2, from 476 Argyle street 
to Sauchiehall street. 

Even Nos., 

Odd Nos., 

Pladda Street, C.4, at 362 Parlia- 
mentary road, .... 
Plant Street, E.l, off Netherfield street, 
Plantation Park, S.W.l, Plantation, 
Plantation Place, S.W.l, off Govan rd., 
Plantation Quay, S.W.l, wpst of Mavis- 
bank quay, ..... 
Plantation Staeet, S.W.l, 91 Govan rd. 

to 166 Paisley road, West, 
Playfair Street, S.E., at 256 Dalmar- 
nock road, - 
Plean Street, W.4, off Langholm street, 
Pleasance Lane, S.3, off Coustonholm 


Pleasance Street, S.3, off Coustonholm 


Pointhouse, C.3, at Govan Eerry, north 


Pointhouse Road and Terrace, C.3, 

Yorkhill, - 

Pollok Street, C.5, at 333 Paisley road, 
Pollokshaws Road (1/2 to 1437/1446, 
S.l: above these, S.3), from 138 
Cumberland street to Pollokshaws. 
Nos. 1 to 279 and 2 to 302, 
Nos. 320 and 343 upwards, - 


►5 § 


































































































Pclmadie Road (1/2 to 199/202, C.5 ; 

above these, S.2), at 742 Rutherglen 


North of Railway bridge. 

South of Railway bridge. Nos. 

900 to 400 and 279 to 281, - 

Polmadie Street, S.2, off Polmadie rd., 

Polnoon Avenue, W.3, at 166 Kirkton 


Polwarth Street, Gardens and Lane, 

W.2, off Clarence drive, 
Poplar Avenue, W.l, at 430 Crow road, 
Poplar Cottages, W.4, Scotstoun West, 
Poplar Road, S.l, off Urrdale road, - 
Poplin Street, 8.E., at 245 Main street, 


Port Street, C.3, at 198 Stobcross street, 
Port Dundas Road, C.4, from top of 

Buchanan street to Port Dundas. 

All Even Nos., .... 

All Odd Nos., .... 

Portal Road, W.3, at 92 Chaplet ave., 

Porter Street, S.W.I, at 51 Clifford 

street, ...... 

Portman Street.S . 1 ,at 63 Paisley rd. , W. 
Portree Street, C.4, off Dobbie's loan, 
Portugal Street and Lane, C.5, at 45 

Norfolk street, ... 

Possil Road, C.4. 

From 346 Garscube road to Canal 

Nos. 161 upwards and 186 upwards, 
Possil Row, N.W., Lambhill, - 
Potter Street, E.2, off London road, - 
Potterhill Road, Nitshill, - 
Powfoot Street, E.l, off Sorby st., 
Preston Street, S.2, at 429 Cathcart rd., 
Prestwick Street, off Nitshill road to 

City Boundary, .... 
Primrose Street, W.4, at 1333 Dumbar- 
ton road, 

Prince's Dock, S.W.I, Govan road, - 
Prince's Gardens, W.2, Dowanhill, - 
Prince's Place and Terrace, W.2, 


Prince's Square, C.l, at 48 Buchanan 


Prince's Street, Rutherglen, 

Prince Albert Road, W.2, at 127 Hynd- 

land road, 

Prince Edward Street, S.2, at 462 

Victoria road, .... 

Prince of Wales Gardens, N.W., at 

Crosbie street, .... 
Priory Place and Road, W.3, Knights- 

Prosen Street, E.2, off Downfield street, 
Prospect Road, S.3, at 66 Rossendale 


Prospecthill Road, S.2, at 1000 Cathcart 

road, ...... 

Provan Road, E.l, from Cumbernauld 

road to Provan Gas Works, - 
Provanhill Street, N., at 136 Garngad 


Provanmill Place, Millerston, off 

Provanmill road, .... 
Provanmill Road, at 1210 Garngad rd. 

(1 to 229, E.l; all other Nos., 


Purdon Street, W.l, at 309 Dumbarton 

road, ... 
















































Quadrant Road, S.3, at 30 Langside rd., 
Quarrybrae Street, E.l, off Crail street. 
Quariyknowe Street, E.l, at 296 West> 

muir street, ..... 
Queen Arcade, C.2, 110 Renfrew street, 
Queen's Crescent, C.4, off Melrose st., 
Queen's Dock, C.3, from Finnieston 

street, westward, .... 
Queen's Drive, S.2, off Cathcart road. 
Both sides from Cathcart road to 
Victoria road (Nos. 2 to 118), - 
Both sides from Victoria road to 
Pollokshaws road (Nos. 120 to 182 
and 163 to 183), 
Queen's Drive Lane, S.2, - 
Queen Elizabeth Drive,S.W.2,Hillington 
Queen's Gardens, W.2, off Victoria 

Crescent road, .... 
Queen's Park, S.2, Crosshili. 

East of Main avenue, ... 
West of Main avenue, 
Queen's Park Avenue, S.2, off Queen 

Mary avenue, .... 

Queen Square, S.l, Regent Park, 


Queen Street, C.l, at 76 Argyle street, 

Queen Street, Rutherglen,- 

Queen Margaret Crescent, W.2, off 

Hamilton drive, .... 
Queen Margaret Drive, N.W., from 

Great Western road, at Botanic 

gardens to Kelvinside avenue. 
Nos. 71 upwards and 80 upwards, 
Below these, .... 

Queen Margaret Road, N.W., Kelvin- 
side, North. 
North of River Kelvin, 
South of River Kelvin, 
Queen Mary Avenue, S.2, from 361 

Langside road to Cathcart road, - 
Qupen Mary Street, S.E., at 798 

London road, 

Queen Victoria Drive (1/2 to 217/216, 

W.4; above these, W.3), at 1454 

Dumbarton road, .... 
Queen Victoria Gate, W.3, at 218 

Queen Victoria drive, ... 
Queensborough Gardens, W.2, at 98 

Hyndland road, .... 
Queensferry Street, C.5, at 918 Ruther- 
glen road, ..... 
Queenshill Street, N. , at 520 Springburn 

road, ...... 

Queensland Drive, S.W.2, off Berry- 

knawes road, 

Queensland Lane East, S.W.2, off 

Queensland drive, .... 
Queensland Lane West, S.W.2, off 

Queensland drive, - 
Queenslie Street, E.l, from Hoggan- 

field street to Frankfield street, 
Quentin Street, S.l, off Dinmont road, 


Radnor Street, C.3, at 1260 Argyle St., 
Rae Street, C.4, off Kessock street, - 
Raeberry Street, N.W., at 329 Maryhill 

















Rafford Street, S.W.I, at 240 Broom- 
loan road, 

Raglan Street, C.4, at 333 Garscube 

Ralston Avenue (1/2 to 113/112, 
S.VV.2 ; above these, Paisley), Crook- 
ston drive to City boundary, 

Ram Street, E.2, at 100 Old Shettleston 

Rampart Avenue, W.3, off Archerhill 

Randolph Road, W.l, at 484 Crow 

Rannoch Street, S.4, at 326 Holmlea 

Ranza Place, Millerston, off Garngad 

Raploeh Avenue and Lane, W.4, off 
Dumbarton road at Scotstoun,- 

Rathlin Street, S.W.I, at 950 Govan rd. 

Ratho Terrace, N., off Fernbank street, 

Rattray Street, E.2, off Maukinfauld 

Ravel Row, E.l, at 73 Westmuir street, 

Ravelston Street, E.2, South Carntyne, 

Ravenshall Road, S.l, at 1 Haggs road, 

Ravenswood Drive, S.l, from 1296 
Pollokshaws road to Barrhead Rail- 

Rayne Road, Nitshill, 

Red Road, N., off Petershill road. 

3 to 61, 

Other portion, .... 

Redan Street, S.E., at 80 Crownpoint 

Redford Street, E.l, 766 Cumbernauld 
road to Warriston crescent, - 

Redgate Place, W.4, from 1667 Dum- 
barton road to Earl street, Scotstoun, 

Redlands Hospital, W.2, Lancaster 

Redlands Road and Lane, W.2, at 
3 Kirklee road, .... 

Redlands Terrace, W.2, off Julian ave., 

Redmoss Street, N., off Mireton street, 

Rednock Street, N., from Allander 
street to Killearn street, - 

Redpath Drive, S.W.2, at 73 Berry- 
knowes road, 

Regent Street, Rutherglen, 

Regent Moray Street, C.3, at 90 Old 
Dumbarton road, .... 

Regent Park Square, S.l, at 782 Pollok- 
shaws road, ..... 

Regwood Street, S.l, at 265 Kilmar- 
nock road, ..... 

Reid Street, S.E., at 56 Muslin street, 

Reid Street, Rutherglen, ... 

Reidhouse Street, N., off Northcroft 
street, ...... 

Reidvale Street, E.l, off 78 Bellgrove 
street, ..... 

Renfield Lane, C.2, off Eenfield street, 

Renfield Street, C.2, from 60 Gordon 
street to Cowoaddens street. 
Nos. 1 to 103 and 2 to 112, 
Other Nos., 

Renfrew Court, C.2, 18 Renfrew street, 
Renfrew Lane, C.2, off West Nile 


Renfrew Road, S.W.I, South Govan, - 










I J 













































Renfrew Street (1/2 to 107/134, C.2: 
above these, C.3), at 275 Buchanan 


Renshaw Drive, S.W.2, off Gladsmuir 

road, Cardonald, .... 

Renton Street, C.4, at 103 Milton street, 

Renwick Street, S.l, at 483 Scotland 


Reston Drive, S.W.2, off Tweedsmuir 

road, Cardonald, .... 

Revoch Drive, W.3, at 339 Garscadden 


Rhannan Road, S.4, at 25 Clarkston rd. , 

| Rhannan Terrace, S.4, off Rhannan rd., 

Rhymer Street, N., at 121 Earlston ave., 

Rhynie Drive, S.W.I, at 200 Copland 


Riccarton Street, S.2, at 369 Calder st., 
Richard Street, C.3, off Elderslie street, 
Richmond Park, C.5, on South side of 

Clyde at Rutherglen bridge, - 
Richmond Place, off Main street, 
Rutherglen, ----- 
Richmond Street, C.l, from 60 Mon- 
trose street to Portland street, 
Riddrie Crescent, E.l, off Riddrie 


Riddrie Knowes, E.l, at 18 Smithy- 
croft road, ..... 
Riddrievale Street, E. 1 , off Smithycrof t 


Rig by Street, E.l, at 447 Shettleston 


Riglaw Place, W.3, at 147 Loanfoot 


Rigmuir Road, S.W.I, at 420 Moss rd., 
Rimsdale Street, S.E., at 775 London 


Ringford Street, N., off Elemington st., 
Ripon Drive, W.2, off Dorchester ave., 
Risk Street, S.E, at 367 London road, 
Ristol Road, W.3, at 585 Anniesland 


Ritchie Street, C.5, at 49 Stromness 


River Street, N., at 283 Blochaim rd., 
Riverbank Street, S.3, off Shawbridge 


Riverford Road, S.3, off Pleasance 


Riversdale Lane, W.4, off Ardsloy pi., 
Riverside Road, S.3, at 11 Corrour rd., 
Robb Street, N., at 52 Cowlairs road, 
Robert Street, S.W.I, at 51 Helen st., 
Robertson Lane, C.2, off Robertson St., 
Robertson St., C.2. at 309 Argyle st., 
Robroyston Avenue, Millerston, off 
Robroyston road, .... 
Robroyston Hospital, Millerston, 
Robroyston road, .... 
Robroyston House, Millerston, off Rob- 
royston road, Provanmill, 
Robroyston Mains, Robroyston road, 
Robrovston Road, Millerston, Provan- 


Robson Street, S.2, at 28 Aikenhead 


Rock Street, C.4, at 240 Possil road, - 

Rockbank Street, S.E., at 298 Broad 

street, Mile-end, .... 

Rockcliffe Street, S.E., at 156 French 










Rock Dove Gardens, E.2, 518 to 610 
Tollcross road, .... 
Rockvilla Street, C.4, off Dawson road, 
Rodger Drive, Rutherglen, 
Rodney Street, C.4. at 42 Possil road, 
Roebank Street, E.l, off Alexandra 
Park street, - ... 

Rogart Street, S.E., off Orr street, - 
Rokeby Terrace, W.2, 595-617 Great 

Western road, Hillhead, - 
Rolland Street, N.W., at 799 Maryhill 


Roman Avenue, Drumchapel, off Gt. 

Western road, .... 

Romney Avenue, S.4, at 202 Carmun- 

nock road, 

Rona Street, N., off Garngad road, - 
Ronald Street, C.4, off St. James' road, 
Ropework Lane, 6.1, at 166 Howard 


Rose Street, C.3, at 254 Sauchiehall st., 
Rosebery Street, C.5, at 21 Polmadie 


Roseby Terrace, Burnside, 

Rosedale Gardens, N.W., Caldercuilt 


Rosehall Street, C.4, at 147 New City 


Roselea Gardens, W.3, off Pulton street, 
Rosemount St., N, at 104 Millburn st., 
Rosevale Street, W.l, at 483 Dum- 
barton road, - 
Rosewood Street, W.3, off Blackwood 
street, ...... 

Roslea Drive, E.l, off Whitehill street, 


Roslin Place, C.4, at Burnside street - 
Rosneath Street, S.W.l, off Langlands 


Ross Street, S.E., at 202 Gallowgate, - 
Rossendale Road (1/2 to 39/58, S.3 ; 
other Nos., S.l), off Greenview street, 
Rosslyn Avenue, Rutherglen, - 
Rosslyn Terrace, W.2, at 20 Huntly 


Rostan Road, S.3, at 8 Cairngorm road, 
Rosyth Street, C.5, at 148 Rosebery St., 
Rotherwood Avenue and Place, W.3, 


Rottenrow, C.4, at 291 High street. 
AU Even Nos. 

Ncs. 1 to 163, .... 
Nos. 187 to 207, - 
Roukenburn Street, Thornliebank, 


RowalJan Gardens, W.l, off Churchill 
drive, ...... 

Rowallan Lane East, W.l, off Churchill 
drive, ...... 

Rowan Road, S.l, off Dumbreck road, 
Rowchester Street, S.E., at 708 Gallow- 

Rowena Avenue, W.3, at 10 Trinley 
road, ...... 

Roxburgh Lane, W.2, off Saltoun st., 

Roxburgh Street, W.2, at 303 Byres 

road, ...... 

Roy Street, N., at 374 Keppochhill rd., 
Royal Bank Place, C.l, off Royal Ex- 
change square, .... 

Royal Blind Asylum, C.4, 106 Castle 































7 ' 











Royal Crescent, C.3, at 902 Sauchiehall 

street, - - 
Royal Exchange Court, 85 Queen street, 


Royal Exchange Square, Queen st. C.l, 
Royal Hospital for Sick Children, 

C.3, YorkhiU, 

Royal Infirmary, C.4, Castle street, - 
Royal Terrace, C.3, back of Royal cres., 
Royal Terrace Lane, C.3, Royal Terrace 
Royston Place, W.3, at 38 Boreland dr., 
Ruby St., S.E., at 193 Dalmarnock rd., 
Ruchazie Road (1/2 to 317/318, E.2; 
above these, E.l), 35 Newington st. 
to Gartcraig road. 
Nos. 1 to 289 and 2 to 290, - 
Nos. 293 and 300 upwards, - 
Ruchill Hospital, N.W., Bilsland drive, 
Ruchill Place, N.W., off Ruchill street, 
Ruchill Street, N.W., from 1190 Mary- 
hill road to Canal bridge and extends 
across Canal bridge. 
Both sides from Shannon street and 

Mayfield street, - 
Nos. 5 to 257 and 24 to 148, 
Ruchill Terrace, N.W., off Maryhill rd., 
Ruel Street, S.4, at 126 Holmlea road, 
Rugby Avenue, W.3, off Rampart ave., 
Rullion Place, E.l, 285 Morningside 

street to Warriston street, 
Rumford Street, S.E., at 223 Main 
street, Bridgeton, - - - - 
Rupert Street, C.4, at 177 Great Western 


Rushy hill Street, N., off Broomknowes 


Ruskin Lane, Place, and Terrace, W.2, 

off Great Western road, 

Ruskin Terrace, Rutherglen, 

Russell Street, W.l, off Merkland st., 

Rutherford Lane, C.2, from Renfield 

street to Hope street, - - - 

Rutherglen Road, C.5, from 105 

Gorbals st. to Millcroft row (City 

boundary), - - - - - 

Ruthven Lane, W.2, off Byres road, - 

Ruthven Street, W.2, at 257 Byres rd., 

Rutland Crescent, S.W.l, at 23 Govan 


Rutland Lane, S.W.l, at 45 Govan rd., 
Ryat Street, Thornliebank, Camwadric, 
Ryvra Road, W.3, off Anniesland road, 

St. Andrew's Drive, S.l, Pollokshields, 
from 402 Shields road to Eastwood 
Parish boundary, - 

St. Andrew's Lane, C.l, at 62 Gallow- 

St. Andrew's Road, S.l, from 164 
Maxwell road to Shields road, 

St. Andrew's Square, C.l, off Salt- 
market, ------ 

St. Andrew's Street, C.l, at 67 Salt- 
market, ------ 

St. Blane's Drive, King's Park, 

St. Bride's Road, S.3, at 4 Corrour rd., 

St. Clair Street, N.W., at 233 N. Wood- 
side road, 



















































































St. Conval Place, S.3, off Shawbridge st., 
St. Crispin's Buildings, Spoutmouth, - 
St. Enoch Lane, C.2, 145 Argyle street, 
St. Enoch. Place, C.l, off St. Enoch sq., 
St. Enoch Square, C.l, at 165 Argyle 


St. Enoch Railway Station, C.l, St. 

Enoch square, .... 
St. Enoch's Wynd (South end), C.l, off 

West Howard street, 
St. George's Court, C.l, 94 West Nile 

street, ...... 

St. George's Place, C.2, off Buchanan 


St. George's Road, C.3, from 554 

Sauchiehall street to Garscube road. 

Nos. 1 to 245, .... 

All Even Nos., .... 

From 279 upwards, ... 

St. James' Road, C.4, off Parliamentary 


St. John's Road, S.l, at21 St. Andrew's 


St. John's Siding, C.4, Bell street, 
St. Joseph's Home, N., 180 Garngadhill, 
St. Joseph's Place, S.E., off Aber- 

cromby street, .... 
St. Kenneth Drive, S.W.I, off Drive 


St. Kilda Drive, W.4, off Abbey drive, 
St. Margaret's Place, C.l, from Bridge- 
gate to Jocelyn square, - 
St. Mark Street, E.2, at 620 Shettleston 


St. Marnock Street, S.E., at 198 Crown- 
point road, 

St. Mary's Lane, C.2, from 41 West 

Nile street to Renfield street, - 
St. Mary's Place, N.W., Napiershall st., 
St. Monance Street, N., off Broomfield 

road, .... . . 

St. Mungo Street, C.4, off Parliament- 
ary road, 

St. Ninian Street, C.5, from 28 Adelphi 

street to Ballater street, 
St. Peter's Lane, C.2, from 55 Blyths- 

wood street to Douglas street, 
St. Peter's Street, C.4, at 176 New City 


St. Ronan's Drive, S.l, at 1402 Pollok- 

shaws road, 

St. Ronan's Drive, off Greystone aven, 


St. Vincent Crescent, C.3, at 32 Minerva 


St. Vincent Crescent Lane, C.3, 


St. Vincent Lane, C.2, from Hope street 

to Pitt street, .... 
St. Vincent Place, C.l, from George 

square to Buchanan street, including 

Nos. 1 to 41 and 2 to 44 St. Vincent 

street, ...... 

St. Vincent Street (47/58 to 335A/310, 

C.2; above these, C.3}, at 137 

Buchanan street. 
Nos. 1 to 265 and 2 to 282, 
Other Nos., ..... 
Sackville Avenue, W.3, at 720 Crow 


Salamanca Street, E.l, at .1275 Duke 

street, ...... 

















































































1 1 

Salen Street, S. W.2, at 550 Helen street, 
Salisbury Street, C.5, at 90 Cumberland 

street, - - - 

Salkeld Street, C.5, at 7 Cook street. 

North of centre of L.M.S. Railway 

bridge, ..... 

South of centre of L.M.S. Railway 


Salmona Street, N., off Auckland 


Salterland Road, Nitshill, - 
Saltmarket, C.l, from Cross to Albert 


All Even Nos., .... 

All Odd Nos., ..... 

Saltmarket Place, C.l, off Saltmarket, 

Saltoun Gardens, Street, and Lane, W.2, 

off Ruthven street, 
Sanda Street, N.W., off Hotspur st., - 
Sandbank Place, W.l, Dumbarton road. 

Partick, ...... 

Sandbank Street, N.W., at 1588 Mary- 
hill road, 

Sandeman Street, W.l, at 749 Dum- 
barton road, 

Sandend Road, Nitshill, off Barrhead 


Sandfield Street, N.W., at 1014 Mary- 
hill road, 

Sandhaven Road, Nitshill, off Gamrie 


Sandmill Street, N., from Dunolly street 

to Cloverbank street, 
Sandringham Lane, W.2, behind 711 to 

729 Great Western road, 
Sandwood Road, S.W.2, Hillington, - 
Sandy Road, W.l, at 549 Dumbarton 

road, ...... 

Sandyfaulds Lane and Street, C.5, at 

366 Rutherglen road, 
Sandyford Place, C.3, at 665 Sauchie- 
hall street, 

Sandyford Place Lane, C.3, off Elderslie 


Sandyford Street, C.3, off Kelvinhaugh 

street, ------ 

Sandyhills Place, E.2, Sandyhills, 


Sandyhills Road, E.2, off Shettleston 

All except No. 5, - 
No. 5, West Dist. of Old Monkland, 
Sannox Gardens, E.l, at 661 Alexandra 


Saracen Street, N., at 311 Possil road, 
Saracen Head Lane, C.l, at 205 Gallow- 


Sardinia Lane, W.2, Cecil street, 
Sauchiehall Lane, C.2, from West Nile 

street to Newton street. 
From West Nile street to Pitt street, 
From Pitt street to Newton street, 
Sauchiehall Street (1/2 to 511/568, C.2; 

above these, C.3), from 249 Buchanan 

street, west. 
Nos. 1 to 305, - 
From 309 and 554 upwards, - 
Nos. 2 to 540, .... 
Saughs Road, Millerston, - 
Saughton Street, E.2, Pilrig street to 

Abbeyhill street, .... 
Savoy Street, S.E., at 121 Main street, 




Sawfield Place, C.4, at 244 Garscube 


Sawmill Road, W.l, at 713 Dumbarton 

road, Partick, - 

Sawmillfield St., C.4, at 306 Garscube 


Saxon Road, W.3, at 1933 Gt. Western 


Scarba Drive, S.3, off Thornliebank 

road, ...... 

Schipka Pass, 0.1, 60 Gallowgate to 

London road, 

School Wynd, C.3, at 654 Argyle street, 
Scioncroft Avenue, Rutherglen, - 
Scone Street, N., at 456 Keppochhill 


Scotia Street, C.4, off New City road, 
Scotland Street (1 to 375 and 2 to 376, 

C.5; above these, S.l), from West 

street to Cornwall street, 
Scotstoun Place and Street, W.4, at 

1363 Dumbarton road, - 
Scotstounmill Road, W.l, off Thurso st. 
Scott Street, C.3, at 338 Sauchiehall 


Seagrove Street, E.2, off Myreside St., 
Seamill Street, Nitshill, - 
Seamore St., N.W., at 215 Maryhill rd., 
Seath Street, S.2, at 45 Hickman street, 
Seaward Street and Lane, S.l, at 447 

Paisley road, 

Second Avenue and Lane, S.4, off Car- 

munnock road, .... 
Second Gardens, S.l, off Dumbreck av., 
Sefton Terrace, Rutherglen, 
Seggielea Lane and Road, W.3, off 

Helensburgh drive, ... 

Selborne Place, W.3, off Selborne rd., 
Selborne Place Lane, W.3, off Woodend 

Lane, ...... 

Selborne Road, W.3, off Southbrae 


Selkirk Avenue, S.W.2, at 1975 

Paisley road, West, 
Selkirk Drive, off Hamilton road, 


Seton Terrace, E.l, off Westercraigs, - 
Shaftesbury Lane and Street, C.3, at 

746 Argyle street, .... 
Shafton Road, W.3, off Wilverton road, 
Shakespeare Street, N.W., at 1151 

Maryhill road, .... 

Shamrock Street, C.4, at 101 New City 

road, ...... 

Shandon Street, S.W.I, at 615 Govan 


Shanks Street, N.W., off Shortridge st., 
Shannon Street, N.W., at 259 Bilsland 


All Even Nos., .... 

All Odd Nos., .... 

Sharp Street, S.W.I, off Wanlock st., 

Sharrocks Street, S.W.I, at 29 Clifford 


Shaw Street, S.W.I, at 879 Govan rd., 
Shawbridge Street, S.3, Pollokshaws, - 
Shawfield Drive, C.5, from Rutherglen 

road to Rutherglen bridge, - 
Shawfield Park, C.5, off Glasgow road, 
Shawhill Road (1/2 to 83/124, S.l; 

above these, S.3), at 1317 Pollok- 
shaws road, - ... 














18 34 


Shawholm Street, S.3, off Cogan street, 
Shawmoss Road, S.l , off Titwood road, 
Shawpark Street, N.W., at 1316 Mary- 
hill road, 

Shearer Lane and Place, C.5, off 
Shearer street, .... 

Shearer Street, C.5, at 182 Paisley road, 

Sheila Street, Millerston, at 102 Rob- 

royston road, .... 

Shelley Road, W.2, at 1057 Gt. Western 
road, ...... 

Sheppard Street, N., at 88 Cowlairs rd., 
Sherbrooke Avenue, S.l, off Dalziel dr., 
Sherwood Place, Mill street, Ruther- 

Shettleston Road, Parkhead. 

Nos. 1 and 2 to 567 and 620, E.l ; 

Nos. 577 and 632 to 1783 and 1830, 

E.2 ...... 

Shieldbur'n Road, S.W.I, at 361 Shield- 
hall road, ..... 

Shieldhall Riverside Quay, S.W.I, 


Shieldhall Road, S.W.I, at 172 Craigton 


Shieldhall Wharf, S.W.I, Shieldhall, - 

Shields Road, S.l, at 395 Paisley road. 

East side, 1 to 311, and West side, 

from Paisley road to Shields road 


South of Shields road station, 
Shilford Avenue, W.3, at 21 Glander- 
ston drive, ..... 
Shipbank Lane, C.l, off Bridgegate, - 
Shiskine Street, N.W., off Kilmun st., 
Shore Street, S.E., at 388 Swanston st., 
Shortridge Street, N.W., off Malloch st., 
Shuna Place and Street, N.W., off 

Ruchill street, Maryhill, 
Shuttle Street, 0.1, at 44 Ingram st., 
Shuttle Lane, C.l, at 55 Shuttle street, 
Siemens Street, N., off Blochairn road, 
Sigh thill Cemetery, N., Springburn, - 
Silverburn Street, E.l, 391 Edinburgh 

road to Warriston street, 
Silverdale Street, E.l, at 1326 London 


Silverfir Street, C.5, off Birch street, - 
Silvergrove Street, S.E., at 558 London 


Simpson Street, N.W., at 24 Raeberry 
street, ...... 

Sinclair Drive,S.2,at 88 Battlefield rd., 

Skaethorn Road, N.W., off Bantaskin 

street, ... ... 

Skene Road, S.W.I, at 574 Paisley road 


Skipness Drive, S.W.I , at 4 Drive road, 
Skirving Street, S.l, at 1153 Pollok- 
shaws road, 

Skye Street, N.W., off Cowal street, - 
Slatefield Street, E.l, at 717 Gallowgate 
Sleads Street, S.l, at 464 Scotland st., 
Sloy Street, N., Fruin street to Torr st., 
Smeaton Street, N.W., off Shannon St., 
Smith Street, W.4, at 1049 Dumbarton 


Smith Terrace, Farme, Rutherglen, - 
Smith's Court, C.l, 62 Brunswick street 
and 53 Candleriggs, ... 
Smithycroft Road, E.l, at 870 Cumber- 
nauld road, ..... 




Snowdon Street, C.5, at 467 Rutherglen 


Society Street, E.l, at 1075 Gallowgate, 
Soho Street, S.E., at 648 Gallowgate, - 
Solway Street, S.E., off Carstairs street, 
Somerset Place, C.3, Charing Cross, - 
Somerset Place Meuse, C.3, at 169 

Elderslie street, - 
Somerville Drive, S.2, at 1109 Cathcart 


Sjrby Street, E.l, at 119 Tollcrossrd., - 
Sorley St., W.l, at 645 Dumbarton rd., 
Sorn Street, S.E., off Kinnear road, - 
South Street (3 to 53, W.l ; 115/620 

upwards, W.4), off Fenyden street, 
Southampton Drive and Lane, W.2, 


South Annandale Street, S.2, at 181 

Calder street, 

Southbank Street, E.l, off Sorby street, 
Southbar Avenue, W.3, at 327 Gars- 

cadden road, 

Southbrae Drive and Lane, W.3, at 

503 Crow road, - 
South Chester Street, E.2, at 1084 

Shettleston road, - 
South Exchange Court, C.l, 77 Queen 


South Exchange Place, C.l, off Royal 

Exchange square, .... 
South Frederick Street, C.l, from 188 

Ingram street to George square, 
South Hillington, S.W.2, Cardonald to 

City boundary, .... 
South Portland Street, C.5, at 63 Carl- 
ton place, 

South Vesalius Street, E.2, at 984 

Shettleston road, .... 
South Woodside Road (1/2 to 93/84, 

C.4; other Nos., N.W.), from 78 

Park road to Gt. Western road, - 

Other portion, .... 
Southcroft Street, S.W.I, at 595 Govan 


Southern Necropolis, C.5, Caledonia rd., 
Southfield Crescent, Nitshill, 
Soutkinch Avenue, W.4, off Tweedvale 


Southloch Street, N., at 163 Petershill 


Southpark Avenue and Terrace, W.2, 

at 695 Great Western road, - 
Southwood Drive,S.4, at52 Menockrd., 
Spean Street, S.4, at 352 Holmlea road, 
Speirs' Wharf, South, C.4, Port Dun- 
das road, 

Speirs' Wharf, North, 
Spenee Street, N.W., off Crosbie street, 
Spencer Street, W.3, off Fulton street, 
Spoutmouth, C.l, at 105 Gallowgate, - 
SpreulPs Court, C.l, 182 Trongate, - 
Spring Lane, C.5, at 182 Lawmoor st., 
Springbank Street, N.W., at 558 

Maryhill road, 
Springboig Avenue, E.2, off Hallhill rd., 
Springboig Road,E.2,off Edinburgh rd.. 
Springbum Road (1/2 to 835/1328, N.; 

1357/1360 upwards, Bishopbriggs), 

from Castle street to Springbum. 
Nos. 155 to 547 and 2 to 536, 
Nos. 549 and 538a upwards, - 
Nos. 1 to 149, .... 





























































































Springfield Court, C.l, 69 Queen street 

and 58 Buchanan street, - 
Springfield Park, Rutherglen, - 
Springfield Quay, C.5, at Shearer street, 
Springfield Road, at 557 Dalmarnock 

road to Gallowgate (1/2 to 711/716, 

S.E. ; above these, E.l), 
Springhill Gardens, S.l, at 924 Pollok- 

shaws road, 

Springkell Avenue, S.l, off Fother- 

ingay road, 

Springvale Terrace, N., at 477 Spring- 
burn road, .... 
Spruce Street, N., at 259 Hawthorn st., 
Squire Street, W.4, at 1129 Dumbarton 


Staffa Place, E.l, off Coventry drive, - 
Staffa Street, E.l, off Kennyhill 


Stafford Street, C.4, off Kyle street, - 
Stag Street, S.W.I, at 564 Govan road, 
Stair Street, N.W., off Braeside street, 
Stamford Street, S.E., at 995 London 


Stanalane Street, Thornliebank, Carn- 

wadric, ...... 

Standburn Road, Millerston, off Rob- 

royston road, .... 

Standburn Road, S.W.2, Cardonald, - 
Stanhope Street, C.4, off St. James' rd., 
Stanley Street, S.l, at 27 Paisley road, 


Stanmore Road, S.2, at 1041 Cathcart 


Station Road, Millerston, odd Nos., - 
Steel Street, C.l, at 141 Saltmarket, - 
Stenton Street, E.2, South Carntyne, - 
Steven Street, C.4, at 213 New City rd., 
Stevenson Street, S.E., off Abercromby 


Stewart Street, C.4, off Ann street, - 
Stewartville Street, W.l, at 278 

Dumbarton road, .... 
Stirling Drive, Rutherglen, 
Stirling Road, C.4, from 97 Castle 

street to Cathedral street, 
Stirrat Street, N.W., off Guthrie street, 
Stobcross Quay, C.3, at Queen's Dock, 
Stobcross Square, C.3, off Stobcross 


Stobcross Street, C.3, from Washington 

street to Finnieston, 
Stobhill Cottages, N., Springbum, 
Stobhill Hospital, N., Springbum, 
Stobhill Road, N., off Springbum road, 
Stobo Street, E.l, off Croft street, 
Stockwell Bridge, south end of Stock- 
well street, 

Stockwell Place, C.l, off Stockwell 


Stockwell Street, C.l, from Trongate 

to Victoria bridge, .... 
Stonefield Avenue, W.2, at 342 Kelvin- 
dale road, ..... 
Stonelaw Drive and Road, Rutherglen, 
Stonyhurst Street, N., at 121 Saracen 

street, ...... 

Stow Street, C.2, at 153 Cowcaddens st. 
Strachur Street, N.W., at 729 Balmore 


Straiton Street, E.2, 17 Abbeyhill st. 

to Edinburgh road, ... 




Stratford Street, N.W., at 155 Garrioch 


Strathallan Lane, W.2, Caledon street, 
Strathbran Street, E.l, off Dunkeld st., 
Strathclyde Street, S.E., at 662 Dal- 

marnock road. 
Nos. 1 to 97 and 2 to 70, - 
Nos. 213 to 237 (No Even Nos.), - 
Strathcona Drive, W.3, at 962 Crow rd. 
Nos. 1 to 55 and 2 to 56, - 

Other Nos., 

Strathcona Street,W.3, at 940 Crow rd., 
Strathord Street, E.2, Sandyhills, 

Tolleross, ..... 

Strathyre Street, S.l, from 123 Dean- 

ston drive to Tantallon road, - 
Street, S.W.I, off Copland road, - 
Striven Gardens, N.W., off Belmont st., 
Stroma Street, N., off Garngad road, - 
Stromness Street, C.5, off Salkeld st., 
Stronend Street, N., off Balmore road, 
Stronsay Street, N., off Garngad road, 
Stronvar Drive and Lane, W.4, off 

Larchfield avenue, - 
Strowan Crescent, E.2, Sandyhills 

Tolleross, .... 
Strowan Street, E.2, Sandyhill 

Tolleross, .... 
Struan Gardens, S.4, at 141 Clarkston 


Struan Road, S.4, at 127 Clarkston rd, 
Stuart Drive, Burnside, 
Succoth Street, W.3, at 53 Fulton st, 
Suffolk Street, S.E., off Kent street, 
Summer Street, S.E., at 50 Broad st. 
Summerfield Cottages, W.4, off Smith 

street, Whiteinch, - 
Summerfield Street, S.E., at 663 Dal 

marnock road, ... 
Summertown Road, S.W.I, at 401 

Govan road, - 
Sunart Road, S.W.2, off Morven street, 
Sunnybank Street, S.E., off Springfield 


Sunnylaw Street, N., at 33 Balmore rd 
Surrey Lane, C.5, from Cumberland 

street to Pollokshaws road, - 
Surrey Place, C.5, head of Surrey street, 
Surrey Street, C.5, from Portugal street 

to Pollokshaws road, 
Sussex Street, S.l, at 123 Paisley 

road, West, .... 
Sutcliffe Road, W.2, off Blackwood st. 
Sutherland Avenue, S.l, at 78 St 

Andrew's drive, 
Sutherland Street, W.2, off University 

avenue, ..... 
Swan Lane, C.4, Port Dundas, - 
Swan Street, C.4, off Canal street, Port 

Dundas, ..... 
Swanston Street, S.E., at 274 Dalmar- 

nock road, .... 
Swinton Drive, S.W.2, off Redpath dr, 
Sword Street, E.l, 571 Gallowgate to 

Duke street, .... 
Sydenham Road, W.2, Dowanhill, 
Sydney Court, C.2, 62 Argyle street, 
Sydney Street, E.l, from 365 Gallow. 

gate to Duke street. 
All Even Nos., 
All Odd Nos., 
Syriam Street, N., off Balgraybank st. 








Tabard Place, North and South, W.3, 

Knightswood, - 

Tabard Road, W.3, at 64 Chaplet ave 
Talbot Drive, W.3, off Talbot terrace, 
Talbot Place, W.3, off Talbot terrace, 
Talbot Terrace, W.3, at 680 Anniesland 

road, ...... 

Talisman Road, W.3, at 41 Hermitage 

avenue, - 
Talla Road, S.W.2, off Hillington road. 

Cardonald, - 
Tambowie Street, W.3, from Fulton 

street to Netherton road, 
Tamshill Street, N.W., off Ruchill st., 
Tamworth Street, S.E., off Rimsdale 


Tankerland Road, S.4, at 134 Newlands 

road, ...... 

Tanna Drive, S.W.2, at 120 Mosspark 

drive, ------ 

Tannadice Avenue, S.W.2, at 20 Buck- 
law gardens, - - - - - 

Tannahill Road, S.3, Cathcart, ■ 
Tantallon Road, S.l, at 68 Langside 

avenue, ------ 

Taransay Street, S.W.I, off Howat 

street, ...... 

Tarbet Street, C.4, off Balmano street, 
Tarbolton Road, S.3, off Kilmarnock 

road, ..... 

Tarfside Avenue and Crescent, S.W.2, 

at 80 Muirdrum avenue, 
Tarland Street, S.W.I, Ardlaw street 

to Aboync street, .... 
Tassie Street, S.l, from 83 Coustonholm 

road to Hector road, ... 
Tavistock Drive, S.3, at 24 Merrylee rd. 
Tay Crescent, E.l, at 989 Cumbernauld 

road, ..... 

Taylor Street,C4, at 195 Parliamentary 

road, ...... 

Tay mouth Street, E.2, at 405 Amulree 


Tayport Street, C.4, off Port Dundas 

road, ...... 

Tealing Avenue and Crescent, S.W.2, 

Cardonald, - ... 

Teith Street, E., off Cumbernauld road, 
Templar Avenue, W.3, at 49 Cowden- 

hill circus, - 
Temple Gardens, W.3, off Crow road, 
Temple Road, W.3, off Bearsden road, 
East of L. <fc N. E. railway tunnel to 

Dawsholm road, No. 51 only 
West of L. & N. E. railway, 
Templeland Avenue, Nitshul, - 
Templeland Road, Nitshill, 
Templeton Street, S.E., at 470 London 


Tennant Street, C.4, at 2f>7 Castle st., 
Tennyson Drive, E.l, off Drumother 


Terminus Quay, S.W.I, at Paisley road 


Terrace Street, C.2, at 160 Bothwell st., 
Terregles Avenue, S.l, off Nithsdale 


Teviot Street, C.3, at 180 Kelvinhaugh 





Tliane Road, W.3, at 9 Hermitage ave., 

Tharsis Street, N., at 246 Gamgad 

Third Avenue and Lane, S.4, off Car- 
munnoek road, .... 

Third Gardens, S.l, off Dumbreck ave., 

Thistle Street, C.5, at 46 Adelphi street, 

Thomson Street, E.l, at 122 Reidvale 

Thorn Street, W.l, at 687 Dumbarton 

Thornbank Street, C.3, Overnewton, - 

Thornbridge Avenue, W.2, off Balcarres 

Thorncliffe Gardens, S.l, off Titwood 

Thornoroft Drive, S.4, at 26 Croftpark 
avenue, ------ 

Thornden Cottages and Lane, W.4, 
Scotstoun West, .... 

Thornhill Street, E.l, off Crail street, 

Thornley Avenue, W.3, at 67 Lincoln 

Thornliebank Road, S.3, continuation 
of Harriet street, .... 

Thornton Street and Lane, N.W., off 
Sandbank street, .... 

Thornwood Avenue, W.l, at 650 Dum- 
barton road, 

Thornwood Drive, W.l, at 722 Dum- 
barton road, 

Thornwood Gardens, W.l, off Thorn- 
wood avenue, .... 

Thornwood Terrace, W.l, near Broom- 
hill drive, Partick, ... 

Three Ell Lane, S.W.I, at 572 Govan 

Three Ell Road, S.W.I, off Stag street, 

Thurso Street, W.l, at 61 Dumbarton 

Thurston Road, S.W.2, off Tweedsmuir 
road, Cardonald, .... 

Tillie Street, N.W., off North Wood- 
side road, 

Tilt Street, E.l, at 33 Tay orescent, - 

Tinto Road, S.3, at 470 Kilmarnock rd. , 

Tinwald Avenue, S.W.2, off Hillington 

Tiree Street, N., off Garngad road, 

Titwood Road, S.l, at 860 Pollokshaws 

Tobago Place, S.E., off Tobago street, 

Tobago Street, S.E., at 467 London rd., 

Todd Street, E.l, at 1071 Duke street, 

Toll Lane, S.l, at 1 Govan road, - 

Tollcross Park and Lodges, 

Tollcross Road (1/2 to 451/514, E.l ; 
above these, E.2), continuation from 
Gallowgate, .... 

Tontine Lane, C.l, from 34 Trongate to 

Bell street, 

Top Long Row, W.3, Netherton, 

Torbain Road, Nitshill, 

Torbreck Street, S.W.2, at 1254 Paisley 
road, West, ..... 

Tormore Street, S.W.I, at 325 Shield- 
hall road, ..... 
Torness Street, W.l, off Byres road, - 
Torr Street, N., Sloy street to Finlasst. 
Torrance Street, N., at 578 Springburn 


Torridon Avenue,S.l, off Dumbreckrd., 

I J 






















Torrisdale Street, S.2, at 697 Victoria 


Toryglen Street, C.5, at 57 Polmadie 


Tower Street, S.l , at 54 Sussex street, - 
Towerhill Road, W.3, at 41 Herald ave., 
Towerhill Terrace, N., Balgrayhill, - 
Towerside Crescent, Nitshill, 
Towerside Road, Nitshill, • 
Townmill Road, E.l, from Alexandra 

parade to Canal bank, ... 
Townsend Street, C.4, off Colinton 


Tracy Street, S.3, off Coustonhill street, 
Tradeston Street, C.5 , at 52 Clyde place, 
Trafalgar Street, S.E., at 291 Main 

street, Bridgeton, - - - - 
Trainard Avenue, E.2, off Wellshot 

road, --...- 
Tranent Place, E.l, at 158 Warriston 


Traquair Drive, S.W.2, at 2120 Paisley 

road, West, 

Trefoil Avenue, S.l, at 168 Kilmarnock 


Treig Street, S.4, .... 
Trinity Avenue, S.W.2, at 66 Angus 


Trinley Brae and Road, W.3, at 25 

Rotherwood avenue, ... 
Trongate, C.l, from Cross to Stockwell 

and Glassford streets, 
Troon Street, S.E., off Lily street, - 
Trossachs Street, N.W., at 715 Maryhill 


Even Nos., 

Odd Nos., 

Truce Road, W.3, at 138 Archerhill rd., 
Tudor Lane North, W.4, off Orleans 

avenue, ..... 
Tudor Lane South, W.4, off Tudor road, 
Tudor Road, W.4, at 24 Victoria Park 

drive, North, 

Tullis Street, S.E., at 94 Main street, 


Tulloch Street, S.4, at 350 Holmlea 

road, ...... 

Tummel Street, E.l, at 21 Tay crescent, 
Tunnel Street, C.3, at 182 Einnieston 


Tureen Street, S.E., at 462 Gallowgate, 
Turnberry Avenue, W.l, off Turnberry 


Turnberry Road, W.l, at 176 Hynd- 

land road, 

Tumbull Street, C.l, off St. Andrew's 


Turner Street, N., at 113 Garngad rd., 
Turnlaw Street, C.5, off Adelphi street, 
Turret Crescent and Road, W.3, off 

Cowdenhill road, .... 
Turriff Street, C.5, at 429 Eglinton st., 
Tweed Crescent, E.l, at 903 Cumber- 
nauld road, ----- 
Tweedsmuir Road, S.W.2, at 2142 

Paisley road, West, - - - - 
Tweedvale Avenue, W.4, at 2452 Dum- 
barton road, 

Tweedvale Place, W.4, Dumbarton 

road, Yoker, - 
Tylefield Street, S.E., at 656 Gallow- 



Tyndrum Street, C.4, Renton street to 
Dobbie's loan, .... 

Tyne Street, W.4, at 1167 Dumbarton 

Uist Street, S.W.I, at 227 Langlands 

road. - 
Diva Street, S.W.2, at 12 Minto street, 
Underwood Street, S.l, off Bellwood 


Union Court, C.2, 172 Argyle street, - 
Union Place, Rutherglen, - 
Union Place, C.l, 43 Gordon street, - 
Union Street, C.l, at 182 Argyle street, 
University, Gilmorehill, W.2, in Uni- 
versity avenue, .... 
University Avenue, W.2 , at 69 Bank st. , 
University Gardens, W.2, off University 


University Gardens Lane, W.2, off 

Hillhead street, .... 
Uphall Place, E.l, 365 Edinburgh road 

to Morningside street, ... 
Upland Lane, W.4, off Danes lane 

north, ...... 

Upland Road, W.4, at 138 Danes drive, 
Ure Place, C.4, at 78 Montrose street, 
Urrdale Road, S.l , at 7 Dumbreckroad, 


Valeview Terrace, S.2, off Battlefield 


Valleyfield Street, N., at 17 Adamswell 


Van Street, E.l, at 1255 Gallowgate, - 
Vancouver Road and Lane, W.4, off 

Earl bank avenue, - - . . 
Varna Road, W.4, off Orleans avenue, 
Vennard Gardens, S.l, at 856 Pollok- 

shaws road, 

Vere Street, N., at 566 Keppochhill 


Vermont Avenue, off Greenhill street, 


Vermont Street, S.l, at 230 Seaward 


Vernon Street, N.W, 921 Maryhill rd., 
Verona Avenue, W.4, at 1444 Dum- 
barton road, ..... 
Verona Lane, W.4, off Gleneagles lane 


Vesalius Street, E.2, at 963 Shettleston 

road, - - . . . 
Vicarfield Place, S.W.I , off Vicarfield st 
Vicarfield Street, S.W.I, at 423 Govan 


Vicars Alley, 

Victoria Bridge. 

North half, 

South half, 

Victoria Circus, W.2, at Victoria 


Victoria Crescent, Road, and Lane, 

W.2, off Dowanside road, 
Victoria Gardens, Rutherglen, • 
Victoria Infirmary, S.2, Queen's Park, 


Victoria Park, W. 4 , Balsh agray avenue, 







































f2 » 

Victoria Park Corner, W.4, at 25 West- 
land drive, 

Victoria Park Drive, North, W.4, 

at 79 Balshagray avenue, 
Victoria Park Drive, South, W.4, 

at 3 Balshagray avenue, - 
Victoria Park Gardens, North, W.l, 

at 319 Crow road, - 
Victoria Park Gardens, South, W.l, 

at 319 Crow road, .... 
Victoria Park Lane, North, W.4, off 

Westland drive, .... 
Victoria Park Lane, South, W.4, off 

Westland drive, .... 
Victoria Park Street, W.4, at 1230 

Dumbarton road, - 
Victoria Place, Rutherglen, 
Victoria Road, S.2, south from Eglinton 

Nos. 1 to 41, 

All Even Nos., .... 
Nos. 193 to 545, ■ 
Victoria Road, Nitshill, ... 
Victoria Road, Rutherglen, 
Victoria Street, Rutherglen, 
Viewmount Drive, N.W., off Duncruin 


Viewpark Avenue, E.l, at 184 Coventry 


Viewpark Drive, Burnside, 
Viewpoint Road, N., off Stobhill road, 
Villiers Street, N., at 129 Garngad rd., 
Vine Street, W.l, at 381 Dumbarton 

Nos. 1 to 87 and 2 to 72, - 

No. 100 only 

Vinegar Hill, S.E., at 843 Gallowgate, 
Vinegarhill Street, E.l, at 867 Gallow- 

Vinicombe Street and Lane, W.2, at 22 

Kersland street, .... 
Vintner Street, C.4, near Speirs' Wharf, 


Virginia Court, C.l, 71 Virginia street, 
Virginia Place, C.l, head of Virginia st., 
Virginia Street, C.l, from 12 Argyle 

street to Ingram street, - 
Vulcan Street, N., at 426 Springbum 



Waddell Street, C.5, at 299 Rutherglen 


Waldemar Road, W.4, at 78 Archerhill 

road, ...... 

Waldo Street, W.3, off Strathcona dr., 
Walker Square, N.W., off Bantaskin 


Walker Street, W.l, off Pur don street, 
Walkerburn Road, S.W.2, at 2033 

Paisley road, West, - - 
Walkinshaw Street, S.E., at 63 Baltic 


Wallace Street, C.5, at 64 Eglinton St., 
Wallace Street, Rutherglen, 
Wallacegrove Place, C.5, at 44 Watt st., 
Walls Street, C. 1 , at 55 Bell street, - 
Walmer Crescent, S.W.I, at 290 Paisley 

road, West, 

Walnut Crescent, N., off Walnut road, 




Walnut Place, N., off Walnut crescent, 
Walnut Road, N., at 469 Hawthorn 


Walter Street, E.l, at 61 Appin road, - 
Walton Street, S.l, from 101 Kilmar- 
nock road to Tantallon road, 
Wamba Avenue, W.3, off Wilverton rd., 
Wanlock Street, S.W.I, at 890 Govan 

road, - - • - 

Ward Street, C.4, at 192 Parliamentary 


Warden Road, W.3, at 1911 Great 

Western road, .... 

Wardlaw Avenue, Rutherglen, - 
Wardlaw Drive, Rutherglen, 
Wardlaw Street, N., Keppochhill, 
Wardlawhill Street, Rutherglen, 
Warnock Street, E.l, off James Orr 

street, ...... 

Warp Lane, C.3, at 629 Argyle street, - 
Warren Street, S.2, at 39 Dixon road, - 
Warriston Crescent and Street, E.l, at 

750 Cumbernauld road to Ruchazie 


Warroch Street, C.3, at 76 Stobcross 


Warwick Street, C.5, at 69 Norfolk 


Washington Street, C.3, at 483 Argyle 


Water Row, S.W.I, from 816 Govan 

road to River Clyde. 
All Even Nos., .... 
All Odd Nos., .... 
Water Street, C.4, Port Dundas, from 

Ann street to Port Dundas road. 
Nos. 1 to 63 and 2 to 68, - 
Nos. 69 and 72 upwards, 
Waterfoot Avenue, Nitshill, 
Waterfoot Terrace, Nitshill, 
Waterloo Lane, C.2, off Waterloo 

street, ...... 

Waterloo Street, C.2, from 85 Hope 

street to Pitt street, 
Watson Avenue, Rutherglen, - 
Watson Lane, C.l, off Watson street, 
Watson Street, C.l, at 37 Gallowgate, 
Watt Road, S.W.2, Hillington, - 
Watt Street, C.5, at 357 Paisley road, 
Wanlkmill Street, Thornliebank, Cam- 


Waverley Drive, off Hamilton road, 

Rutherglen, - - - -.'. 
Waverley Gardens, S.l, at 90 Minard 

road, Crossmyloof, 
Waverley Park, S.l, Poilokshaws rd., 


Waverley Street, S.l, at 48 Minard 

road, ...... 

Waverley Terrace, E.l, at 38 Whitevale 


Weaver Street, C.4, from 60 Rottenrow 

to Cathedral street, ... 
Webster Street, S.E., at 156 Swanston 

street, ...... 

Wedderlea Drive, S.W.2, at 27 Berry- 

knowes road, 

Weir Street, C.6, at 305 Paisley road, - 
Well Green, S.3, off Poilokshaws road, 
Well Street, S.E., at 305 London road, 
Wellcroft Place, C.5, at 237 Eglinton 

























































































27 I" 

Wellfield Street, N., at 2 Northcroft 


All Even Nos., .... 

All Odd Nos., .... 

Wellington Lane, C.2, from Wellington 

street to Pitt street, 
Wellington Street, C.2, from 306 Argyle 

street to Sauchiehall street, - 
Wellmeadow Road, S.3, off Harriet st., 
Wellpark Street, E.l, at 112 Barrack 
East of Sydney street, - 
West of Sydney street, 
Wellpark Terrace, E.l, Ark lane, 
Wellroad Place, S.l, Crossmyloof, 
Wellshot Road, E.2, from Tollcross 

road to 854 Shettleston road, 
Wemyss Street, C.2, from 299 Hope 

street to Cambridge street, - 
Wesleyan Street, S.E., at 600 Gallow- 

West Street, C.5, from 64 Clyde place 

to Gas works, .... 

West Campbell Street, C.2, from 348 

Argyle street to Sauchiehall street, - 

West George Lane, C.2, from 51 West 

Nile street to Douglas street. 

To Pitt street, .... 

West of Pitt street, ... 

West George Street, C.2, off George sq., 

Nos. 1 to 331 and 2 to 282, 

Other Nos., 

West Graham Street, C.4, at 201 Cam- 
bridge street, 

West Greenhill Place, C.3, off Stobcross 


West Nile Street, C.l, at 20 Gordon 

Nos. 1 to 127 and 2 to 160, 

Other Nos., 

West Princes Street, C.4, at 201 St. 

George's road, .... 
West Regent Lane, C.2, off West Nile 


West Regent Street, C.2, from 79 West 

Nile street to Pitt street. 
Nos. 1 to 187 and 2 to 212, 
From 189 and upwards and 214 and 


Westbank Lane and Court, W.2, off 

Gibson street, 

Westbank Quadrant, W.2, Gibson st., 


Westbourne Gardens, North and South, 

W.2, off Great Western road, - 
Westbourne Road,W.2, at 39 Hyndland 


Westbourne Terrace Lane, North and 

South, W.2, off Westbourne road, 
Westbrae Drive, W.4, at 65 Westland 


Westbury Street, N.W., at 483 St. 

George's road, - 
Westclyffe Street, S.l , at 64 Minard rd., 
West- end Park, C.3, from Royal ores. 

to River Kelvin, - 
West-end Park Street, C.3, at 160 

Woodlands road, .... 
Wester Craigs, E.l, at 293 Duke street, 
Wester Road, E.2, off Sandyhills road, 

1 to 39 and 2 to 48 ; other Nos., 

West District of Old Monkland, 




Westerhill Street, N., off Craigbank 


Western Infirmary, W.l, Dumbarton 

road, Partick, .... 

Westerton Avenue, Bearsden, from 

Bearsden road to Citv Boundary, - 

Westfield Drive, S.W.2, at 16 Laming- 

ton road, 

Westfield Lane, S.l, off Pollokshaws 


Westfield Place and Villas, Rutherglen, 
Westfield Villas. Rutherglen. 
Westland Drive, W.4, at 1272 Dum- 
barton road, 

Westland Drive Lane, W.4, off West- 
land drive, ----- 
Westminster Gardens, W.2, 6 Cresswell 


Westminster Terrace, C.3, off Kelvin- 
grove street, ----- 
Westmoreland Street, S. 2, at 118 Calder 

street, - 

Westmuir Place. Rutherglen, 
Westmuir Street, E.l, at 1 Tollcrossrd., 
Westwood Road, S.3, off Harriet street, 
Weymouth Drive and Lane, W.2, off 

Leicester avenue 

Whinhill Road, Nitshill, - 
Whins Road, S.l, off Haggs road, 
Whitburn Street, E.2, Arniston street 

to Cardowan road, 
Whitby Street, E.l, at 770 Springfield 


White Street, W.l, at 89 Byres road, - 
Whitefield Road, S.W.I, at 401 Govan 


Whitehall Court and Street, C.3, off 

Stobcross street 
Whitehill Gardens, E.l, off Armadale 


Whitehill Street, E.l, at 481 Duke st. 
Nos. 1 to 253 and 2 to 250, - 
Nos. North of Alexandra Parade, - 
Whitelaw Street, N.W., off Cowal st., 
Whitemoss Avenue, S.4, off Muirend rd. 
Whitevale Street, E.l, from Gallowgate 

to 420 Duke street, 
Whittingehame Drive, at 1087 Great 
Western road. 
Even Nos. 6/120 and Odd Nos. 
1/125 (W.2), .... 

Other Nos. (W.3), 
Whittliemuir Avenue, S.4, off Gavinton 
street, ...... 

Whitton Street, N.W., off Caldercuilt 


Whitworth Street, N.W., off Smeaton 


Wick Street, S.W.I, at 70 Helen street, 
Wigton Street, C.4, Canal Bank, Old 


Wilfred Avenue, W.3, off Pikeman rd., 
Wilkie Street, E.l, at 33 Whitevale 


William Place, C.3, off William street, 
William Street, C.3, at 63 North street, 
Williamson Street, E.l, at 1300 London 


Willock Street and Lane, N.W., off 

Arden street, - 
Willoughby Drive, W.3, at 778 Crow 
























Willow Street, W.3, off Fulton street, 
Willowbank Crescent, C.3, off Willow- 
bank street, ..... 
Willowbank Street, C.3, at 188 Wood- 
lands road, 

Wilmot Road, W.3, off Helensburgh 


Wilson Street, C.l, from Candleriggs 

to Virginia street, .... 
Wilton Drive, N.W., off Wilton street, 
Wilton Lane and Street, N.W., at 377 

MarykilJ road, .... 
Wilverton Road, W.3, off Rotherwood 

avenue, ------ 

Winchester Drive, W.2, Kelvinside, - 
Windlaw Gardens,S.4, at 400 Clarkston 


Windmillcroft Quay, C.5, from West 

street to Swing bridge, - 
Windsor Street, N.W., at 148 Maryhill 


Windsor Terrace, N.W., at 403 St. 

George's road, .... 
Windsor Terrace, Rutherglen, - 
Winifred Street, Millerston, off Rob- 

royston road, - 
Winning Row, E., at 239 Westmuir 


Winton Drive and Lane, W.2, off 

Cleveden road, Kelvinside, 
Wishart Street, E.l, at 160 Alexandra 


Woddrop Street, S.E., off Birkwood 


Wolseley Street, C.5, off Braehead st., 
Wood Street, E.l, at 607 Alexandra 


Woodburn Road, S.3, at 457 Kilmar- 
nock road, ...... 

Woodcroft Avenue, W.l, at 348 Crow 


Woodcroft Terrace, W.l, at 428 Crow 


Woodend Drive and Lane, W.3, at 571 

Crow road, 

Woodford Street, S.l, off Tantallon 

road, ------ 

Woodgreen Avenue, S.4, from Aiken- 

head road to Broadwood drive, 
Woodhall Street, S.E., at 720 Dalmar- 

nock road, 

Woodholm Avenue, S.4, from Over- 
wood drive to Southwood drive, - 
Woodhouse Street, W.3, off Fulton St., 
Woodlands Drive, C.4, at 273 Great 

Western road, .... 

Woodlands Road, C.3, at 65 St. 

George's road, .... 

Woodlands Terrace, C.3, West- end 


Woodlinn Avenue, S.4, off Old Castle 


Woodrow Circus, S.l, Woodrow road, 
Woodrow Road, S.l, off Maxwell drive, 
Woodside Avenue, Rutherglen, - 
Woodside Crescent, C.3, at 566 Sauchie- 
hall street, . - - . - 
Woodside Place, C.3, off Woodside cres. 
Woodside Place Lane, C.3, at Woodside 
crescent,- ...... 

Woodside Terrace, C.3, north side of 
Woodside crescent, 




Woodside Terrace Lane, C.3, off Wood- 
lands road, - 

Woodstock Avenue, S.l, at 27 Ravens- 
wood drive, 

Woodville Street and Place, S.W.I, at 
99 Whitefield road, 

Wright Street, C.4, off Ladywell street, 

Wykeham Road, W.3, at 522 Annies- 
land road, 

Wyndham Street, W.2, at 61 Kirklee 

Wyper Place, S.E., off Gallowgate, - 

Wyvil Avenue, W.3, at 86 Rotherwood 

Yair Drive, S.W.2, off Hillington road, 

Cardonald, - 
Yarrow Gardens and Lane, N.W., off 

Striven gardens, 

























Yate Street, E.l, at 976 Gallowgate, - 
Yetholm Street, W.4, off Yoker Ferry 


Yoker Ferry Road, W.4, at 2359 

Dumbarton road, - - - - 

Yoker Mill Road, from Garscadden 

road to City Boundary, - 
York Lane, C.2, 26 York street, - 
York Street, C.2, at 345 Argyle street - 
Yorkhill Parade, C.3, at 80 Yorkhill 

street, ------ 

Yorkhill Quay, C.3, north side of the 

Harbour, near Queen's docks, 
Yorkhill Street and Lane, C.3, at 67 

Old Dumbarton road, - 
Young Terrace, N. , off Edgefauld road, 

Zena Street, Millerston, Robroyston 
road, .... 
























Showing the old names in Alphabetical Order and the new names 
with their Postal District. 



Adelphi Street, Bridgeton, 
Agnes Drive, Govan, 
Albany Street, North Kelvinside, 
Albert Drive, Crosshill, 
Albert Gate, 
Albert Road, Langside, 
Albert Road, Pollokshields, 
Albert Street, Govan, 
Albert Street, Highburgh Road, 
Albert Street, off Possil Road, 
Albert Street, Townhead, 
Albert Terrace, Maryhill , 
Albion Lane, Dowanhill, 
Albion Street; Dowanhill, 
Albion Street, North, 
Albion Street, Govan, 
Alexander Row, 
Alexander Street, 
Alexandra Avenue, 
Alexandra Park Gardens, 
Alexandra Street, Cathcart, 
Alexandra Street, Partick, 
Allan Drive, Maryhill, 
Alma Street, Govan, . . 
■ Amulree Street, 

(Portion from Tollcross Road to Taymouth Street) 
Anderson Street, Calton, 
Anderson Street, Tollcross, 
Anderson Street, Springbum, 
Anderson Street, Kinning Park, 
Anderson Street, Govan, 
Ann Street, off Jamaica Street, 
Ann Street, Bridgeton, 
Ann Street, Hillhead, . . 
Anne Street, Pollokshaws, 
Annfield Road, Partick, 
Annfield Street, 

(Portion from Reidvale Street to Duke Street) 

Poplin Street, S.E. 

Cara Drive, S.W.I. 

Mingarry Street, N.W. 
Albert Avenue, S.2. 

Dowanside Road, W.2. 
Tantallon Road, S.l. 

Albert Drive, S.l. 

Orkney Street, S.W.I. 

Beaumont Gate, W.2. 

Rock Street, C.4. 

M'Aslin Street, C.4. 

Falcon Terrace, N.W. 

Dowanside Lane, W.2. 

Dowanside Road, W.2. 

Albion Street, C.l. 

Briton Street, S.W.I. 

Gushetfaulds Street, S.2. 

Brechin Street, C.3. 

Coldingham Avenue, W.4. 

Easter Craigs, E.l. 

Dairsie Street, S.4. 

Elie Street, W.l. 

Loskih Drive, N.W. 

Hoey Street, S.W.I. 

Strathord Street, E.2. 

Lambert Street, S.E. 
Easterhill Place, E.2. 
Croftbank Street, N" 
Sleads Street, S.l. 
Taransay Street, S.W.I. 
Midland Street, C.l. 
Laird Street, S.E. 
Southpark Avenue, W.2. 
Christian Street, S.3. 
Banavie Road, W.l. 
Annbank Street, E.l. 




Apsley Place* 
Argyle Lane, Maryhill, 
Argyle Place, Maryhill, 
Argyle Street, Maryhill, 
Arthur Street, Bridgeton, 
Ashfield Lane, Hillhead, 
Auchinairn Road, 

(part within City Boundary) 
Auldhouse Road, 

(portion from Old Boundary to Drill Hall) 
Avenue Road, Springburn, 


Warwick Street, C.5. 
Kilmun Lane, N.W. 
Kilmun Place, N.W. 
Kilmun Street, N.W. 
Cotton Street, S.E. 
Otago Lane, W.2. 
Colston Road, N.W. 

Merrylee Road, S.3. 

Northcroft Road, N. 

Baird Street, Govan, . . 
Balcary Street, Mosspark, 
Balgray Terrace, Springburn 
Balmoral Avenue, Cathcart, 
Balmoral Lane, Langside, 
Bank Street, Port-Dundas, 
Barr Street, East, 
Barrhead Road, 
Barry Street, Bridgeton, 
Bearsden Road, Anniesland, 
Beechwood Road, Cathcart, 
Belgrave Street, 
Belhaven Crescent, 
Bell Street, Bridgeton, 
Bell Street, Calton, 
Bell Street, Whiteinch, 
Bishops Road, 

Bishop Street, Port Dundas, 

Blair Street, South of Shettleston Road, 

Blairdardie Road, Knightswood, 

Blenheim Drive, Partick, 

Blythswood Drive, 

Bouverie Avenue, 

Bowling Green Drive or Avenue, Shettleston, 

Boyd Terrace, 

Bridge Street, Maryhill, 

Bridge Street, Partick, 

Bridge Street, New, Partick, 

Broad Street, Parkhead, 

Broad Street, Camlachie, 

Broomhall R o ad — 

(from Glasserton Road to Merrylee Road), . . 

(from Merrylee Road to Laggan Road), 

(from Merrylee Road northwards) 
Broomhall Street, Kinning Park, 
BroomhiU Street, 
Broompark Terrace, 
Brown Street, Bridgeton, 
Brown Street, Port Dundas, 
Brownlie Gardens, Tollcross, 
Bruce Street, Hillhead, 
Bruce Street, off Keppoohhill Road, 
Brunswick Avenue, Scotstoun, 
Bryce Lane, Govan, 
Buchanan Court, 
Buchanan Lane, Calton, 
Buchanan Lane, Partick, 
Buchanan Street, Partick, 
Buchanan Terrace, Nitshill, 
Burghead Avenue, 
Burnbrae Place, Tollcross, 
Burnbrae Street Tollcross, 
Burn Road , Parkhead, 
Burn Road, Shettleston, 
Burn Street, Scotstoun, 
Burnside Row, Nitshill, 
Bute Street, Maryhill, 

Butterbiggins Road, . . 

ortion from Pollokshaws Road to L.M. & S.Rly.) 

Southcroft Street, S.W.I. 
Clunie Road, S.W.2. 
Eastcroft Terrace, N. 
Berridale Avenue, S.4. 
Burton Lane. 
Payne Street, C.4. 
Davaar Street, S.E. 
Pollokshaws Road, S.3. 
Boness Street, S.E. 
Temple Road and Hay Road, W.3. 
BrenBeld Road, S.4. 
Beltane Street, C.3. 
Westbourne Gardens, W.2. 
Laird Place, S.E. 
Loom Street, S.E. 
Tyne Street, W.4. 
Mitre Road, W.l ; Nos. 30/35 

upwards, W.4. 
Ronton Street, C.4. 
Cree Street, E.2. 
Garscadden Road, W.3. 
Churchill Drive, W.l. 
Woodlands Drive, C.4. 
Tweedvale Avenue, W.4, 
Culrain Street, E.2. 
Shearer Place, C.5. 
Bantaskin Street, N.W. 
Partick Bridge Street, W.l. 
Benalder Street, W.l. 
Arch Street, E.l. 
Biggar Street, E.l. 

Largie Road, S.3. 
Coylton Road, S.3. 
Ardle Road, S.3. 
Heather Street, S.l. 
Kessock Street, C.4. 
Broompark Drive, E.l. 
Acorn Street, S.E. 
Civic Street, C.4. 
Braidfauld Gardens, E.2. 
Bower Street, W.2. 
Scone Street, N. 
Beresford Avenue, W.4. 
Three Ell Lane, S.W.I. 
Kelty Street, C.5. 
Loom Place, S.E. 
Dalcross Lane, W.l. 
Dalcross Street, W.l. 
Pinmore Street, Nitshill. 
Greengairs Avenue, S.W.I. 
Dunira Street, E.2. 
Dunira Street, E.2. 
Invernairn Street, E.l. 
Culross Street, E.2. 
Yetholm Street, W.3. 
Congleton Street, Nitshill. 
Kirn Street, N.W. 
Butterfield Place, S.2. 





Cadder Street, Pollokshields, 

Calderwood Street, 

Caledonia Street, 

Calton Street, Tollcross, 

Cambridge Drive, North Kelvinside, 

Cameron Court, 

Cameron Street, South, 

Campbell Street, Springburn, 

Campbell Street, Govan, 

Camperdown Road, 

Camphill Drive, Crosshill, 

Camphill Street, Crosshill, 

Campsie Road, Pollokshaws, 

Canal Street, Port Eglinton, 

Canberra Drive, Knightswood, 

Canning Street, Anderston, 

Canning Street, Calton, 

Canniesburn Road, 

Carlton Gardens, Cardonald, 

Carlton Gardens, North Kelvinside, 

Carlyle Drive and Road, Cardonald, 

Castle Road, Cathcart, 

Catherine Lane, 

Catherine Place, Tollcross, 

Catherine Street, Calton, 

Catherine Street, Townhead, 

Cec il Avenue and Lane, Cathcart, 

Cecil Street, off Paisley Road, West, 

Centre Street, Whiteinch, 

Chamberlain Road, off Kirklee Road, 

Chapel Terrace, 

Charles Street, Bridgeton, 

Charlotte Place. 

Charlotte Street, Port Dundas, 

Church Lane, Langside, 

Church Place, Anderston, 

Church Place, Garscube Road, 

Church Road, off Paisley Road, West, 

Church Street, Govan, 

Church Street, Maryhill, 

Clarence Street, off Morrison Street, S.S., 

Claythorn Road, Kelvinside, 

Clyde Street, Anderston, 

Clyde Street (East), , 

Clyde Street, Port Dundas, 

Clyde Street, Partick, 

Clyde Terrace, 

Clydeview Terrace, Bridgeton, 

Cobden Place, 

Colledge Street, Pollokshaws, 

College Street, West, 

Comelypark Street, 

(portion from Reidvale Street to Duke Street) 

Compass Cottages, Anniesland, 

Comrie Road, Cardonald, 

Cook Street, Govan, 

Coplawhill Street, 

Cornwall Avenue, Jordanhill, 
- Cow Loan (formerly Pollok Street, Pollokshaws), 

Cowglen Road, 

Craig Street, East, 

Craig Street, Banning Park, 

Craigend Cottages, Anniesland, 

Craigton Terrace, Springburn, 

Crawford Street, East, 

Crawford Street, Port Eglinton, 

Crawford Street, Port Dundas, 

Crawford Street, Lambhill, 

Crescent, Lambhill, 

Croft Road, Cathcart, 

Cromwell Road, Crosshill, 

Cromwell Square, Crosshill, 

Crookston Street, off Paisley Road, 

Glenapp Street, S.l. 
Pladda Street, C.4. 

Garnkirk Street, N. 

Dalness Street, E.2. 
Fergus Drive, N.W. 
Crieff Court, C.3. 
Lindores Street, S.2. 
Fernbank Street, N. 
Dunsmuir Street, S.W.I 
Earlbank Avenue, W.4. 
Balvicar Drive, S.2. 
Balvicar Street, S.2. 
Ledi Road, S.3. 
Mauchline Street, C.5. 
Bearsden Road, W.3. 
North Place, C.3. 
London Road, S.E. 
Maryhill Road, N.W. 
Crookston Avenue, S.W.2. 
Striven Gardens, N.W. 

Traquair Drive, S.W.2. 

Old Castle Road, S.4. 

Cathedral Lane, C.4. 

Corbett Street, E.2. 

Drake Street, S.E. 

M'Aslin Street, C.4. 

Cairndow Avenue and Lane, S.4 

Langshot Street, S.W.I. 

Curie Street, W.4. 

Addison Road, W.2. 

Croydon Street, E.l. 

Olympia Street, S.E. 

Kelty Place, C.5. 

Portree Street, C.4. 

Langside Lane, S.2. 

Heddle Place, C3. 

Lilac Place, N.W. 

Carillon Road, S.W.I. 

Clynder Street, S.W.I. 

Sandbank Street, N.W. 

Dalintober Street, C.5. 

Shelley Road, W.2. 

Clvde-Ferry Street, C.3. 

Clyde Street, C.l. 

Tayport Street, C.4. 

Sandy Road, W.l. 

Carlton Place, C.5. 

Greenhead Street, S.E. 

Advie Place, S.2. 

Leckie Street, S.3. 

Crimea Street, C.2. 

Garfield Street, E.l. 

Part of Anniesland Road, W.3. 
Blairgowrie Road, S.W.2. 
Cruden Street, S.W.I. 
Coplaw Street, S.2. 
Airthrey Avenue, W.4. 
Greenview Street, S.3. 
Barrhead Road, S.3. 
Gartness Street, E.l. 
Cowie Street, S.l. 
Craigend Street, W.3. 
Fernbank Place, N. 
Glendale Street, E.l. 
Kilbirnie Street, C.5. 
Townsend Street, C.4. 
Knapdale Street, N.W. 
Balmore Road, N. 
Lanton Road, S.4. 
Niddrie Road, S.2. 
Niddrie Square, S.2. 
Carnoustie Street, C.5. 




Cross Street, Partick, 
Crossloan Road, Kelvinside, 
Crown Circus Road North, 
Crown Circus Road South, 
Crownpoint Street, 
Cumbernauld Road, 

(Easter Kennyhill to Smithycroft Bridge) 
Cumnock Street, Pollokshaws, 


Fordyce Street, W.l. 
Cleveden Road, W.2. 
Crown Road North, W.2. 
Crown Road South, W.2. 
Fielden Street, S.E. 
Smithycroft Road, E.l. 

Eastwood Avenue, S.l. 


Dale Street, South Side, 

Dalmarnock Street, Farkhead, 

Dalree Street, 

Dalton Street, 

Darnley Avenue, Scotstoun, 

Darnley Gardens, 

Dawson Street, Farkhead, 

Dawsholm Road, 

Dean Lane, 

Dean Road, Jordanhill, 

Deerpark Gardens, . . . . . . 

Derby Crescent, 
Dock Lane, 

Douglas Street, Partick, 
Doune Gardens, Cathcart, 
Drummond Street, 
Drummond Street, Lambhill, 
Drumoyne Terrace, 
Duguid Street, Partick, 
Dumbarton Road (Old), 
Duncan Street, Calton, 
Duncan Street, Mile-end, 
Duncan Street, Pollokshaws, 
Dundas Street, off Paisley Road, 

Dungoyne Gardens, Maryhill, 
Dunlop Street, Tollcross, 
Dunlop Street, Nitshill, 
Durward Avenue, 

(portion from Minard Road to Dinmont Road) 

Tradeston Street, C.5. 
Springfield Road, E.l. 
Killin Street, E.2. 
Kintyre Street, N. 
Dunglass Avenue, W.4. 
Darnley Place, S.l. 
Dunbar Street, E.l. 
Dalsholm Road, N.W 
Varna Lane, W.4. 
Varna Road, W.4. 
Tollcross Road, E.l. 
Botanic Crescent, N.W 
Shearer Lane, C.5. 
Purdon Street, W.l. 
Struan Gardens, S.4. 
Dalveen Street, E.2. 
Straohur Street, N.W. 
Nimmo Drive, S.W.I. 
Thornwood Terrace, W.3. 
Old Dumbarton Road, C.3. 
Anson Street, S.E. 
Major Street, S.E. 
Tracy Street, S.3. 
Laidlaw Street, C.5. 
High Craighall Road, C.4. 
Dungoyne Street, N.W. 
Corbett Street, E.2. 
Dove Street, Nitshill. 
Dinmont Road, S.l. 

Earnock Terrace, Robroyston, 

East Cumberland Street, 

East Hope Street, 

East John Street, 

East Miller Street, 

East Nelson Street, 

East Nile Street, 

East Union Street, 

East Waterloo Street, 

Easter hill Street, 

Edward Gardens, Cardonald, 

Edzell Avenue, 

Edzell Place 

Eglinton Drive, 

Eildon Villas and Place, 

Elgin Road, Cathcart, 

Elgin Street, 

Elizabeth Drive, Craigton, 

Ellerslie Street, Scotstoun, 

Elliot Street and Lane, Hillhead, 

Elm Street, S.S 

Erskine Road, Cardonald, 

Earnock Street, N. 
Arcadia Street, S.E. 
Holywell Street, E.l. 
Bluevale Street, E.l. 
Millerston Street, E.l. 
Millerston Street, E.l 
Molendinar Street, C.l. 
Dunrobin Street, E.l 
Forbes Street, S.E. 
Peathill Street, N. 
Cardonald Gardens, S.W.2. 
Bradfield Avenue, W.2. 
Hopefield Avenue, W.2. 
Cleveden Gardens, W.2. 
Cathkinview Road, S.2. 
Tannahill Road, S.3. 
Turriff Street, C.5. 
Corkerhill Road, S.W.2. 
Lasswade Street, W.4. 
Cresswell Street and Lane, W.2. 
Birch Street, C.5. 
Talla Road, S.W.2. 

Fairley Street, Dennistoun, 
Ferguson Street, Scotstoun, . . 
Ferry Road, off Govan Road, 
Fielden Drive, . . .. .. 

Largs Street, E.l. 
Esk Street, W.4. 
Plantation Place, S.W.I. 
Kildonan Drive, W.l. 




Findlay Street, 

Firpark Street, Shettleston, . . 

First Avenue, Dumbreck, . . 
First Avenue, Kelvinside, 
Fleming Street, off Garscube Road, 

Forth Street, Port Dundas, . . 

Fourth Avenue, Dumbreck, . . 

Francis Street, Shettleston, . . 


Stow Street, C.2. 
Dalreith Street, E.2. 
First Gardens, S.l. 
Arnwood Drive, W.2. 
Farnell Street, C.4. 
Colinton Street, C.4. 
Fourth Gardens, S.l. 
Vesalius Street, E.2. 

Gairbraid Street, 

Galbraith Street, Anderston, 


(from Fielden Street to Janefield Street) 
Gardner Street, off New City Road, 
Garngad Avenue, 
Garrioch Gardens, Maryhill, 
Garrioch Road, 

(portion from Botanic Crescent to Clouston Street) 
Garsoadden Street, 
Garscube Lane, 
Garsoube Road (Temple), 
Garthland Street, 
George Drive, Govan, 
George Drive, West, Govan, 
George Lane East, 
George Street, Shettleston, 
George Street, Mile -end, 
George Street, Whiteinch, 
Gilmour Street, off Paisley Road, West, 
Gladstone Place, Anderston, 
Glebe Road, King's Park — 

(portion from Aikenhead Road to L.M.S. Rly.), 

(portion from Rly. to Carmunnock Road), 
Glen Street, 
Glendinning Road, 
Goldsmith Terrace, 
Gordon Street, Cathcart, 
Gordon Street, Craigton, 
Gordon Street, Whiteinch, 
Gourlay Place, 
Govan Street, S.S., 
Gower Street, North Kelvinside , 
Grace Drive, off Govan Road, 
Grace Street, Partick, 
Graeme Street, 
Graham Street, Dalmarnock, 
Graham Street, Tollcross. 
Graham Street, Partick, 
Graham Street, Govan, 
Grampian Road, Pollokshaws, 
Grantly Gardens, Shawlands, 
Grantly Street, Shawlands, 
Granville Street, off St. George's Road, 
Granville Street, West, 
Gray Street, Shettleston, 
Gray Street, Parkhead, 
Gray Street, Scotstoun, 
Great Clyde Street, 
Great Eastern Road 

(from the Old Royalty Boundary to Burgher Street) 
Great Eastern Road, 

(from Fielden Street to Janefield Street) 
Great Eastern Road, 

(from Burgher Street to Tollcross Road) 
Great Hamilton Street, 

Great Wellington Street, Paisley Road Toll, 
Green Lane, Pollokshaws, 
Green Road, Yoker, 
Green Street, Shettleston, 
Green Street, Bridgeton, 
Green Street, off Clifford Street, 

Maryhill Road, N.W. 
Minerva Street, C.3. 
Camlaohie Street, E.l. 

St. Peter's Street, C.4. 
James Nisbet Street, N. 
Garrioch Road, N.W. 
Kelvin Drive, N.W. 

Airdrie Street, C.4. 
M'Phater Street, C.4. 
Bearsden Road. W.3. 
Garth Street, C.l. 
Skipness Drive, S.W.I. 
Peninver Drive, S.W.I. 
Citizen Lane, C.l. 
Denbrae Street, E.2. 
Rogart Street, S.E. 
Medwvn Street, W.4. 
Midlock Street, S.W.I. 
Ewart Place, C.3. 

Aikenhead Road, S.4. 
Menock Road, S.4. 
Brodick Street, N. 
Shafton Road, W.3. 
Devonshire Terrace, W.2. 
Gartly Street, S.4. 
Kilmaurs Street, S.W.I. 
Glendore Street, W.4. 
Gibb Street, N. 
Ballater Street, C.5. 
Sanda Street, N.W. 
Clachan Drive, S.W.I. 
Lugton Street, W.l. 
Bell Street, C.4. 
Pirn Street, S.E. 
Eversley Street, E.2. 
Halkirk Street, W.l. 
Garmouth Street, S.W.I. 
Cairngorm Road, S.3. 
Grantley Gardens, S.l. 
Grantley Street, S.l. 
Glenfarg Street, N.W. 
Granville Street, C.3. 
Denbeck Street, E.2. 
Dervaig Street, E.l. 
Langholm Street, W.4. 
Clyde Street, C.l. 
Gallowgate, E.l. 

Camlachie Street, E.l. 

Tollcross Road, E.l. 

London Road, S.E. 
Admiral Street, S.l. 
Pleasance Lane, S.3. 
Greenlaw Road, W.4. 
Ducraig Street, E.2. 
Maokeith Street, S.E. 
Clifford Place, S.W.I. 




Greenbank Street, off Govan Road, 
Greenfield Road, Shettleston, 
Greenfield Street, Shettleston, 
Greenhead Avenue, Linthouse, 
Greenhead Drive, Linthouse, 
Greenock Place, off West Street, S.S., 
Grovepark Street, 


Marine Street, S.W.I. 
Duror Street, E.2. 
Earnside Street, E.2. 
Burghead Avenue, S.W.I. 
Burghead Drive, S.W.I. 
Markinch Street, C.5. 
Grovepark Place, N.W. 


Haghill Street, Dennistoun, .. .. .. .. .. Abernethy Street, E.l. 

Hamilton Drive, Pollokshields, . . . . . . . . Hamilton Avenue, S.l. 

Hamilton Drive, Hillhead . . . . . . . . . . Queen Margaret Drive, W.2. 

(portion from River Kelvin to Gt. Western Road) 

Hamilton Drive, Pollokshields, . . . . . . . . Hamilton Avenue, S.l. 

Hamilton Drive, Shettleston, . . . . . . . . Easdale Drive, E.2. 

Hamilton Street, Cathcart, . . . . . . . . . . Gavinton Street, S.4. 

Hamilton Street (Little), .. .. . .. .. Martha Street, C.l. 

Hamilton Street, Partick, .. .. .. .. .. Fortrose Street, W.l. 

Hamilton Street, Govan, . . . . . . . . . . Nethan Street, S.W.I. 

Hamilton Terrace, Shettleston, . . . . . . . . Eckford Street, E.2. 

Hampden Street, North Kelvinside, . . . . . . Bonawe Street, N.W. 

Hangingshaw Road, . . . . . . - . . . . . Prospeothill Road, S.2. 

Hanover Avenue, Jordanhill, . . . . . . . . St. Kilda Drive, W.4. 

Hanover Terrace, Kelvinside, . . . . . . . . Kingsborough Gardens, W.2 

Harvey Street, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Hawick Street, W.4. 

Harvie Street, Dalmarnock, . . . . . . . . . . Fairbairn Street, S.E. 

Havelock Lane, Anderston, . . . . . . . . . . Houldsworth Lane, C.3. 

Havelock Street, off Paisley Road, West, . . . . Edwin Street, S.W.I. 

Henderson Street, Kinning Park, . . . . . . . . Howwood Street, S.l. 

Henrietta Place, Mile-end, . . . . . . . . . . Orr Place, S.E. 

Henrietta Street, Mile-end, . . . . . . . . . . Orr Street, S.E. 

Henry's Croft Road, Mansewood, . . . . . . . . Mansewood Road, S.3. 

High Cartcraigs Street, . . . . . . . . . . Kennishead Road, S.3. 

Hill Square, Anderston, . . . . . . . . . . Stobcros3 Square, C.3. 

Hill Street, Anderston, . . . . . . . . . . Guest Street, C.3. 

Hill Street, Springburn Hillkirk Street, N. 

Hill Street, Parkhead, . . . . . . . . . . Humber Street, E.l. 

Hill Street, Shettleston Edrom Street, E.2. 

Hill Street, Whiteinch, Edzell Street, W.4. 

Hill Street, Whitevale, Melbourne Street, E.l. 

Hill Street, Maryhill, Duncruin Street, N.W. 

Hillend Road (portion of ) . . . . . . . . . . Knapdale Street, N.W. 

Hillhead Avenue, Shettleston, . . . . . . . . Enterkin Street, E.2. 

Hillhead Road, . . . . . . . . . . . . Standburn Road. 

Hillside Place, Springburn, . . . . . . . . . . Hillkirk Place, N. 

Hillside Street, Springburn, . . . . . . . . . . Springvale Terrace, N. 

Hillside Terrace, Springburn, . . . . . . . . Springvale Terrace, N. 

Holland Lane, Whiteinch, . . . . . . . . . . Morna Lane, W.4. 

Holland Place, Whiteinch, . . . . . . . . . . Morna Place, W.4. 

Holmhead Street, .. .. .. .. .. .. Cunningham Street, C.l. 

Holms Street, Govan, . . . . . . . . . . Wanlock Street, S.W.I. 

Hope Street, Anderston, . . . . . . . . . . Anthony Street, C.3. 

Hopehill Street, Pollokshaws, . . . . . . . . Birness Street, S.3. 

Hopetoun Terrace, Springburn, . . . . . . . . Foyers Terrace, N. 

Hospital Road, Govan, . . . . . . . . . . Langlands Drive, S.W.I. 

Howard Street, Dalmarnock, . . . . . . . . Finnart Street, S.E. 

Howth Terrace, Anniesland, . . . . . . . . . . Linden Street, W.3. 

Hozier Street, Partick, . . . . . . . . . . Beith Street, W.l. 

Hutoheson Street, Govan, . . . . . . . . . . Rosneath Street, S.W.I. 

Hutcheson Street, Maryhill, . . . . . . . . . . Rolland Street, N.W. 

Hutchison Drive, Partiok, . . . . . . . . . . Hubbard Drive, W.l. 


Inglis Street, .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Glen dale Place, E.l. 

(portion from Glendale Street westwards) 

Ingram Street, Govan, . . . . . . . . . . Wick Street, S.W.I. 


Jail Square, . . .. .. .. .. .. .. Jocelyn Square, 0.1. 

James Street, Port Dundas, . . . . . . . . . . Kessook Street, C.4. 

James Street, Mile-end. », .» .. .. .. Gemmell Street, S.E. 




James Street, Whiteinch, 
James Street, Shettleston. 
James Street, Calton, 
Jameson Lane, Anderston, 
Jamieson Street, Bridgeton, 
Jamieson Street, 

(portion from Inglefield Street to Cathcart Road) 
Jane Street, 

Janefield Avenue, Springburn, 
John Street, Bridgeton, 
John Street, Tollcross, 
John Street, Partick, 
■ John Street, Lambhill, 
John Street, Maryhill, 
John Street Lane, Bridgeton, 


Ferryden Street, W.4. 
Elvan Street, E.2. 
Bryce Street, S.E. 
Carding Lane, C.3 
Dora Street, S.E. 
Coplaw Street, S.2. 

George Street (West), 0.2. 
Broomfield Avenue, N. 
Tulhs Street, S.E. 
Battleburn Street, E.2. 
Gairn Street, W.l. 
Kilfinan Street, N.W. 
Cottar Street, N.W. 
Landressy Street, S.E, 


Kaiser Street, Dennistoun, 

Katharine Avenue, Govan 

Katharine Drive, Govan, 

Kelburn Avenue, Dumbreck, 

Kelvin Street, Maryhill, 

Kelvin Street, Partick, 

Kelvin Street, off North Woodside Road, 

Kelvindale Lane, Maryhill, 

Kelvindale Street, Maryhill, 

Kelvinhaugh Road, Anderston, 

Kennedy Drive, Partook, 

Kennedy Lane, Partick, 

Kennet Street, Garngad, 

Kennyhill Gardens, off Alexandra Parade, 

Kensington Avenue, Pollokshaws, 

Kent Avenue, Jordanhill, 

Kent Street, Anderston, 

Kerr Street, off Hopehill Road, 

Kilkerran Street, 

Killearn Terrace, Springburn, 

Kilmany Street, 

King Street, Mile-end, 

King Street, Calton, 

King Street, Tradeston, 

King Street, Govan, 

King Street, Pollokshaws, 

King's Gate, Dowanhill, 

Kirk Street, Calton, 

Kirklee Circus, 

Knightswood Road, 

Marne Street, E.l. 
St. Kenneth Avenue, S.W.I 
St. Kenneth Drive, S.W.I. 
Torridon Avenue, S.l. 
Cowal Street, N.W. 
Keith Street, W.l. 
Balnain Street, C.4. 
Dalmally Lane, N.W. 
Dalmally Street, N.W. 
Haugh Road, C.3. 
Kennoway Drive, W.l. 
Kennoway Lane, W.l. 
Dunolly Street, N. 
Sannox Gardens, E.l. 
Bemersyde Avenue, S.3. 
Orleans Avenue, W.4. 
Finnieston Place, C.3. 
Ancroft Street, N.W. 
Stoneyhurst Street, N. 
Eastfield Terrace, N. 
Muiryfauld Drive, E.l. 
Redan Street, S.E. 
MiUroad Street, S.E. 
Kingston Street, C.5. 
Kintra Street, S.W.I. 
Shaw bridge Street, S.3. 
Dowanside Road, W.2. 
Stevenson Street, S.E. 
Kirklee Place, W.2. 
Blairdardie Road, W.3. 

Lanark Street, off Dobbie's Loan, . . 

Langlands Road, Newlands, 

Langside Road, Cathcart, 

Lansdowne Avenue, Anniesland. 

Lansdowne Gardens, Cathcart, 

Lauderdale Avenue, Newlands, 

Lennox Road, Cardonald, 

Lennox Street, off Saracen Streat, 

Levern Crescent, Knightswood, 

Levern Road, 

Lilybank Place, Pollokshaws, 

Lilybank Road, 

Lilybank Street, off Eglinton Street, 

Lime Street, S.S., 

Linden Lane, Langside, 

Lismore Street, Craigton, 

Little Street, Mile-end, 

Little Brown Street, Dalmarnock, . . 

Lochburn Road, 

(portion fronting Magdalene Inst.) 
Lochmaben Road, Scotstoun, 

Calgary Street, C.4. 
Carlaverock Road, S.3. 
Langside Drive, S.3. 
Sackville Avenue, W.3 
Windlaw Gardens, S.4. 
Lockerbie Avenue, S.3. 
Lamington Road, S.W.2. 
Stonyhurst Street, N. 
Muirhill Crescent, W.3. 
Barrhead Road, S.3. 
St. Conval Place, S.3. 
Gourock Street, 0.5. 
Cardwell Street, 0.5. 
Oregon Street, C.5. 
Iser Lane, S.l. 
Drymen Street, S.W.2. 
Crownpoint Road, S.E. 
Megan Street, S.E. 
Cadder Road, N.W. 

Burnham Road, W.3. 




Lomond Road, Pollokshaws, 

London Street, 

Lome Terrace, Maryhill, 

Low Green Street, 

Lyon Street, Whitevale, 


Attow Road, S.3. 
London Road, C.l. 
Dollar Terrace, N.W. 
Turnbull Street, C.l. 
Glenlyon Street, E.l. 


M'Arthur Street, Mile-end, Fislden Place, S.E. 

M'Dougall Street, Parkhead, . . . . . . . . Malcolm Street, E.l. 

M'Farlane Street, Port Dundas, . . . . . . . . Broadford Street, C.4. 

M'Farlane Street, Springburn, . . . . . . . . Syriam Street, N. 

M'Kechnie Street, Mile-end, . . . . . . . . Dornoch Street, S.E. 

M'Lean Street, Partick, . . . . . . . . . . Lawrie Street, W.l. 

M'Leod Street, Govan, .. .. .. .. .. Dunvegan Street, S.W.I. 

Main Street, Calton Well Street, S.E. 

Main Street, Gorbals, . . . . . . . . . . . . Gorbals Street, C.6. 

Main Street, Govan, .. .. .. .. .. .. Clydebrae Street, S.W.I. 

Main Street, Maryhill, . . . . . . . . . . Maryhill Road, N.W. 

Main Street, Pollokshaws, . . . . . . . . . . Shawbridge Street, S.3. 

Main Street, Shettleston, .. .. .. .. .. Shettleston Road, E.l. 

Main Street Tollcross, .. .. .. .. .. Tollcross Road, E.l. 

Mains Street, .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Blythswood Street, C.2. 

Mair Street, Shettleston, . . . . . . . . Etive Street, E.2. 

Maitland Avenue, Langside, . . . . . . . . . . Dirleton Avenue, S. 1 . 

Maitland Lane, off Cowcaddens, . . . . . . . . Maitland Place, C.4. 

Manor Road (from Dumbreck Road to Maple Road), . . Urrdale Road, S.l. 

Manor Road (from Hazelwood Road to Gower Street), Gower Terrace, S.l. 

Manse Lane, Govan, . . . . . . . . . . . . Pearce Lane, S.W.I. 

Mansefield Street, Govan, .. .. .. .. .. Pearce Street, S.W.I. 

Mansfield Terrace, Springburn, . . . . . . . . Marchfield Terrace, N. 

Mar Street, Dennistoun, . . . . ... . . . . Marwick Street, E.l. 

Margaret Drive, Govan, .. .. .. .. .. Mambeg Drive, S.W.I. 

Margaret Street, . . . . . . . . . . . . Peebles Street, C.5. 

Market Street and Lane, off Bridgegate, .. .. .. Mart Street, C.l. 

Marlborough Drive, Kelvinside, . . . . . . . . Hughenden Drive, W.2. 

Marlborough Road, Cathcart, . . . . . . . . Kirkwell Road, S.4. 

Marlborough Street, Mile-end, . . . . . . . . Orr Street, S.E. 

Marlborough Terrace, . . . . . . . . . . . . Devonshire Terrace, W.2 

Marshall Place, Partick, . . . . . . . . . . Drem Place, W.l. 

Mathieson Road, Maryhill, . . . . . . . . . . Grovepark Street, N.W. 

Mathieson Street, Govan, . . . . . . . . . . Luath Street, S.W.I. 

Matilda Street, Pollokshaws, . . . . . . . . Maida Street, S.3. 

Mauldslie Street, Partick, . . . . . . ..... Meadow Road, W.l. 

Maxwell Lane, Partick, . . . . . . . . . . Burgh Hall Lane, W.l. 

Maxwell Road, Govan, .. .. .. .. .. Bogmoor Road, S.W.I. 

Maxwell Street, Govan, . . . . . . . . . . Stag Street, S.W.I. 

Maxwell Street, Partick, Burgh Hall Street, W.l. 

Maxwell Street, Pollokshaws, . . . . . . . . Pollokshaws Road, S.3. 

Melville Lane, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Union Place, C.l. 

Merchant Lane, . . . . . . . . . . . . Shipbank Lane, C.l. 

Merrylee Road, . . . . . . . . . . . . Nether Auldhouse Road, S.3. 

(portion from point west of Kilmarnock Road to 
Kilmarnock Road) 

Mill Road, Cardonald, Moulin Road, S.W.2. 

Mill Road, Yoker, . . . . . . . . . . . . Yokermill Road. 

Miller Street, Partick, . . . . . . . . . . Carradale Street, W.l. 

Miller Street, Shawlands, . . . . . . . . . . Millwood Street, S.l. 

Miller's Place, .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Saltmarket Plaoe, C.l. 

Milton Drive, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Colston Drive, Bishopbriggs. 

Milton Lane, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Milton Place, 0.4. 

Milton Lane, Partick, . . . . . . . . . . Byron Lane, W.l. 

Milton Street, Partick, .. .. .. .. .. Byron Street, W.l. 

Minard Avenue, Partiok, . . . . . . . . . . Turnberry Avenue, W.l. 

Minard Road, Partick, . . . . . . . . . . Turnberry Road, W.l. 

Minard Road, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Titwood Road, S.l. 

(portion across Rly. Bridge, at Crossmyloof) 

Minto Avenue, Newlands, . . . . . . . . . . Inverlair Avenue, S.3 and S.4. 

Moncrieff Lane, . . . . . . . . . . . Monorieff Place, C.4. 

Moncrieff Lane, . . . . . . . . . . . . Gorbals Lane, C.5. 

Monteith Street, Bridgeton, . . . . . . . . . . Bonnar Street, S.E. 

Montgomerie Crescent, Kelvinside, . . . . . . . . Cleveden Crescent, W.2. 

Montgomerie Drive, Kelvinside, . . . . . . . . Cleveden Drive, W.2. 

Montgomerie Road, Scotstoun, . . . . . . . . Vancouver Road, W.4. 

Montgomerie Street, North Kelvinside, . . . . . . Clouston Street, N.W. 


Montgomerie Terrace, Mount Florida, 

Montgomery Road, Cathcart, 

Moore Street (portion off Duke Street), 

Moray Avenue, Scotstoun, 

Mordaunt Place, Bridgeton, 

Morrison Place, Parkhead, 

Morrison Street, MaryhiU, 

Morrison Street, Govan, 

Moss Lane, Dennistoun, 

Moss Street E., Dennistoun, 

Moss Street, off Keppochhill, 

Mossknowe Avenue, Mosspark, 

Muirhead Street, 

Murray Street, Maryhill, 

Muse Lane, 



Bolivar Terrace, S.2. 
Beverley Road, S.3. 
Dunchattan Place, E.l. 
Ormiston Avenue, W.4. 
Arrol Place, S.E. 
Manitoba Place, E.l. 
Skye Street, N.W. 
Burleigh Street, S.W.I. 
Circus Place Lane, E.l. 
Circus Place, E.l. 
Westerhill Street, N. 
Lourdes Avenue, S.W.2. 
Inverkip Street, C.5. 
Willock Street, N.W 
Larbert Street, C.4. 


Netherlea Road, Partiok, . . . . . . . . . . Norby Road, W.l. 

Netherton Road, Cathcart, . . . . . . . . . . Ballogie Road, S.4. 

New Street, Calton, . . . . . . . . • . . . Stevenson Street, S.E. 

Newhall Terrace, Calton, .. .. .. .. .. Greenhead Street, S.E. 

Newlands Drive, Partiok, . . . . . . . . . . Crathie Drive, W.l. 

Newlands Lane, Partiok, . . . . . . . . . . Crathie Lane, W.L 

Newton Street, Partiok, . . . . . . . . . . Dunaskin Street, W.l. 

Norman Lane, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Masterton Place, N. 

North Albert Road, Pollokshields, . . . . . . . . Netherby Drive, S.l. 

North Avenue Road, . . . . . . . . . . . . Campsie Street, N. 

North Avenue, Yoker, . . . . . . . . . . Southinch Avenue, W.4. 

North Burn, Shettleston, Fairburn Street, E.2. 

North Ferry Road, Yoker, . . . . . . . . . . Yoker Ferry Road. 

North Street, Springburn, . . . . . . Lenzie Street, N. 

North Street, Whiteinch Northinch Street, W.4. 

North Craigpark Street, .. .. .. .. .. Milnbank Street, E.l. 

North Oswald Street, . . . . . . . . . . . . Lister Street. C.4. 

North Watson Street, .. .. .. .. .. Callander Street, N.W. 

Nutberry Street, Cathcart, . . . . . . . . . . Florida Avenue, S.2. 


Orchard Lane, Govan, . . . . . . . . . . Commons Lane, S.W.I. 

Orchard Street, Partick, . . . . . . . . . . Vine Street, W.l. 

Osborne Place, Govan, . . . . . . . . . . Copland Place, S.W.I. 

Oswald Street, Dalmarnock, . . . . . . . . . . Heron Street, S.E. 

Oswald Street, Whiteinch, .. .. .. .. .. Inohlee Street, W.4. 

Oxford Drive, North Kelvinside, . . . . . . . . Oban Drive, N.W. 

Oxford Passage, North Kelvinside, . . . . . . Oban Passage, N.W. 


Paisley Road, Cardonald, Paisley Road West, S.W.2. 

Park Lane, Govan Road, . . . . . . . . . . Toll Lane, S.W.I. 

Park Road, Ibrox, .. .. .. .. .. .. Merrick Gardens, S.W.I. 

Park Road, Pollokshaws, .. .. Parkhill Road, S.3. 

Park Street, Kinning Park, . . . . . . . . . . Milnpark Street, S.l. 

Park Street, Anderston, . . , . . . . . . . Yorkhill Street, C.3. 

Park Street, Shettleston Fenella Street, E.2. 

Parkgrove Terrace, Parkhead, .. .. .. .. Tollcross Road, E.l. 

Parkville Road, Hillhead Ashton Road, W.3. 

Paterson Street, Anderston, . . . . . . . . . . William Place, C.3. 

Paterson Street, off Rottenrow, . . . . . . . . Hume Street, C.4. 

Peel Street, Bridgeton, . . . . . . . . . . Rimsdale Street, S.E. 

Percy Street, North Kelvinside, . . . . . . . . Hotspur Street, N.W. 

Pointhouse Lane, Partiok, .. .. .. .. .. Otter Lane, W.l. 

Pollok Buildings (from Corkerhill Road, South of the L. M. 

and S. Railway), Corkerhill Road, S.W.2. 

Pollok Buildings (portion extending North-Eastwards from 

the latter portion),, . . . . . . . . . . Corkerhill Terraoe, S.W.2. 

Pollok Road, Shawlands, .. .. .. .. .. Hector Road, S.l. 

Pollok Street, Pollokshaws, . . . . . . . . . . Greenview Street, S.3. 

Pollok Street, Sootstoun, Kelso Street, W.3. 

Porter Street, .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Janefield Street, E.l. 

Portland Street, . . . . North Portland Street, C.l. 

Portland Street (South), South Portland Street, 0.5. 




Fossil Road, Lambhill, 
Preston Street, Dalmarnock, 
Prince Albert Street, . . 
Princes Square, Strathbungo, 
Princes Street, Govan, . 

Princes Street, Pollokshields, 
Princes Street (West), 
Provanmill Place, 


Balmore Road, N.W. 

Dunn Street, S.E. 

Torrisdale Street, S.2. 
Marywood Square, S.l. 
Vicarfield Street, S.W.I. 
M'Culloch Street, S.l. 
West Princes Street, C.4. 
Ranza Place, Millerston. 

Queen Avenue, Shettleston, 
Queen Street, Partick, 
Queen Street, Govan, 
Queen's Gardens, 
Queen's Gate, Sootstounhill, 

Fingaek Street, E.2. 
Thurso Street, W.l. 
Neptune Street, S.W.I. 
Regal Gardens, W.2. 
Queen Victoria Gate, W,3. 


Ralston Drive, Govan, 
Regent Street, Shawlands, 
Reid Street, Shettleston, 
Reid Street, Maryhill, 
Reid Street, Springburn, 
Reid Street, Govan, . . 
Richmond Drive, 
Richmond Road, Dowanhill, 
River Street, Dalmarnock, 
Robertson Street, Partiok, 
Rosebery Terrace, 
Rose Street, 
Rose Street, Mile-end, 
Ross Avenue, Cardonald, 
Roxburgh Circus, Cardonald, 
Royal Avenue, Shettleston, , 
Royal Crescent, Crosshill, 
Russell Place, Anderston, 
Russell Street, Calton, , 

Russell Street, Govan, 

Rhynie Drive, S.W.I. 
Regwood Street, S.l. 
Dinnet Street, E.2. 
Loohgilp Street, N.W. 
Reidhouse Street, N. 
Rathlin Street, S.W.I. 
Shawfield Drive, C.5. 
Linfern Road, W.2. 
Shore Street, S.E. 
Sorley Street, W.l. 
North Woodside Road, N.W. 
Florence Street, C.5. 
Forbes Street, S.E. 
Walkerburn Road, S.W.2. 
Berwick Drive, S.W.2. 
Dodside Street, E.2. 
Queen's Drive, S.2. 
Kelvinhaugh Place, C.3. 
Stevenson Street, S.E. 
Orkney Place, S.W.I. 

St. Andrews Street, Shettleston, 

St. Clair Street, Shettleston, 

St. James Lane, 

St. James Lane, Hillhead, 

St. James Place, Hillhead, 

St. James' Road, Cathcart, 

St. James Street, Hillhead, 

St. James Street, off Paisley Road, 

St. James Terrace, Hillhead, 

St. John's Place, 

St. John's Road, Cathcart, 

St. John's Street, 

St. Kenneth Avenue, 

St. Mary's Lane, 

St. Ninian's Road, Cardonald, 

St. Vincent Lane, 

Sandyhills Road, 

(from City Boundary, N.) 
Saraoen Lane, 
Saturland Road, . . . . . . 

School Wynd, Shettleston 
Scott Street, Bridgeton, 
Soott Street, Port Dundas, 
Seoond Avenue, Dumbreck, 
Seymour Street, Crossmyloof, 
Seyton Avenue, Langside, 
Shamrock Street (South), 
Sharp's Lane, Anderston, 
Shawhill Street, Pollokshaws, 
Shawmoss Road, 

(portion between Fotheringay Road and Boleyn Road) 
Shields Terrace, Kinning Park, 

Dalton Street, E.2. 
Edenwood Street, E.2. 
Seaward Lane, S.l. 
Ruskin Lane, W.2. 
Ruskin Place, W.2. 
Kildary Road, S.4. 
Hamilton Park Avenue, W.2. 
Seaward Street, S.l. 
Ruskin Terrace, W.2. 
Bell Place, C.4. 
Struan Road, S.4. 
Borron Street, C.4. 
Greenloan Avenue, S.W.I. 
Napiershall Lane, N.W. 
Howford Road, S.W.2. 
Anchor Lane, C.l. 
Killin Street, E.2. 

Saracen Head Lane, C.l 
Salterland Road. 
Ennerdale Street, E.2. 
Madras Street, S.E. 
Tyndrum Street, C.4. 
Seoond Gardens, S.l. 
Waverley Street, S.l. 
Blairhall Avenue, S.l. 
Camden Street, C.5. 
Warp Lane, C.3. 
Shawhill Road, S.3. 
Darnley Gardens, S.l. 

Marlow Terrace, S.l. 




Simpson Street, Shettleston, 

Sister Street, Bridgeton, 

Slatefield Street, 

(portion from Reidvale Street to Duke Street) 

Smith Street, Govanhill, 

Smith Street, Billhead, 

Smith Street, off Paisley Road, West, 

Sooiety Row, 

Somerville Place, Calton, 

Somerville Street, Sootstoun, 

South Burn, Tolloross, 

South Cameron Street, 

South Wellington Street, S.S., 

South York Street, 

Springfield Place, 

Springfield Road, 

Springfield Street, off Paisley Road, 

Stanhope Place, Anderston, 

Stanley Lane, 

Stanley Street, off Woodlands Road, 

Stanley Street, Govan — 

(portion West of Craigton Road), 
(portion East of Craigton Road), 

Station Lane, Partick, 

Station Lane, Shettleston, 

Station Road, Cathcart, 

Station Road, Springburn, 

Station Road, Shettleston, 

Station Road, Sootstounhill, 

Station Road, Strathbungo, 

Station Road, 

Stephen Drive, Govan, 

Steven Parade, Parkhead, 

Stevenson Drive, Langside, 

Stewart Street, off Crown Street, 

Stirling Street, Cowcaddens, 

Stirling Street, off High Street 

Stirling Street (South), 

Struthers Street, Calton, 

Stuart Avenue, Scotstoun, 

Stuart Place, Govan, 

Stuart Street, Partick, 

Succoth Street, Maryhill, 

Sutherland Street, Springburn, 

Syriam Terrace, Springburn, 


Fernan Street, E.2. 
Orr Street, S.E. 
Bathgate Street, E.l. 

Inglefield Street, S.2. 
Otago Street, W.2. 
Middlesex Street, S.l. 
Carnbroe Street, C.4. 
Monteith Place, S.E. 
Methil Street, W.4. 
Fairholm Street, E.2 
Lindores Street, S.2. 
Lawmoor Street, C.6. 
Moffat Street, C.5. 
Buckie Place, N.W. 
Amulree Street, E.2. 
Shearer Street, C.5. 
Oak Place. C.3. 
Baliol Lane, C.3. 
Baliol Street, C.3. 

Luss Road, S.W.I. 
Arthurlie Street, S.W.I. 
Dyce Lane, W.l. 
Ancrum Street, E.2. 
Delvin Road, S.4. 
Atlas Street, N. 
Annick Street, E.2- 
Ristol Road, W.3. 
Barbreck Road, S.2. 
Loohmaben Road, S.W.2. 
Kennedar Drive, S.W.I. 
Silverdale Street, E.l. 
Deanston Drive, S.l. 
Karnes Street, 0.5. 
Dunblane Street, C.4. 
Blackfriars Street, C.l. 
Kilbarchan Street, C.6. 
Tobago Street, S.E. 
Verona Avenue, W.4. 
Crossloan Place, S.W.I. 
Moy Street, W.l. 
Aray Street, N.W. 
Lenzie Street, N. 
Syriam Street, N. 

Third Avenue, Dumbreck, 
Thistle Lane, Garnethill, . . 
Thistle Street, Garnethill, 
Thomson Street, Partick, 
Thomson's Lane, Mile-end, . . 

Three Ell Road 

Tower Street, off Bloohairn Road, 
Turnberry Road, Nitshill, 


Union Place, Anderston, 

Union Street, Calton 

Union Street, Springburn, 
University Street, 
Upper Dunlop Street, Tollcross, 
Ure Street, Govan, . . 

Vermont Street, Kinning Park, 
Victoria Drive, Scotstoun, . . 
Victoria Road, Springburn, 
Viotoria Street, Govan, 
Victoria Street, Port Eglinton, 
Vuloan Street, Port Dundee, 

Third Gardens, S.l. 
Garnet Lane, C.3. 
Garnet Street, C.3. 
Torness Street, W.l. 
Crownpoint Road, S.E. 
Crosslee Street, S.W.2. 
Lewis Street N. 
Prestwick Street, Nitshill 

School Wynd, C.3. 
Monour Street, S.E. 
Torranoe Street, N. 
Hastie Street, C.3. 
Anworth Street, E.2. 
Uist Street, S.W.I. 

Durham Street, S.l. 
Queen Viotoria Drive, W.4. 
Mosesfield Street, N. 
Neptune Street, S.W.I. 
Strorrmess Street, C.5. 
Vintner Street, C.4. 





Walker Street, Maryhill, 

Walker Street, off Hopehill Road, . . 

Wallace Lane North, 

Wallace Street, Govan, 

Wallace Street North, 

Walter Street, Scotstoun, 

Washington Street, Govan, 

Water Street, Maryhill, 

Waterloo Street, East, 

Wateon Parade, Tolloross, 

Watt Street, Maryhill, 

Well Lane, Partick, 

Well Road, off Maryhill Road, 

Well Street, Partick, 

Wellcroft Street, off Eglinton Street, 

Wellfield Terrace, Springburn, 

Wellington Lane (South), 

Wemyss Place, . . 

West Street, Calton, 

West Bothwell Street, 
West College Street, 
West Cumberland Lane, 
West Cumberland Street, 
West Garden Place, 
West Garden Street, 
West Ibrox Terrace, Govan, 
West Russell Street, 
West Scotland Street, 
Westfield Street, Crossmyloof, 
Westerton Avenue, Tollcross, 
White Street, Govan, 

Whitehill Street, Cathcart 

Whitehill Terrace, Cathcart, 
William Street, off Eglinton Street, 
William Street, Calton, 
William Street, Cowoaddens, 
William Street, Mile-end, 
William Street, Shettlestpn, 
William Street, Tollcross, 
Wilson Street, Hillhead, 
Wilson Street, Partiok, 
Windsor Circus, Kelvinside, 
Windsor Cottages, Scotstoun, 
Windsor Quadrant, Kelvinside, 
Windsor Street, Scotstoun, 
Windsor Terrace, Kelvinside, 
Windsor Villas, Cathcart, 
Winifred Terrace, Robroyston, 
Winston Avenue, Broomhill, 
Winston Street, off Springfield Road, 
Wodrow Street, Pollokshaws, 
Wood Street, Partick, 
Wood Street, Port Dundas, 
Woodburn Place, Anderston, 
Woodburn Road, 

(portion South of Merrylee Road) 
Woodend Avenue, Cathcart, 
Woodend Place, Shettleston, 
Woodend Road, Newlands, 
Woodhall Drive, Cardonald, 
Woodside Place, Shettleston, 
Woodside Road North, 

Woodstock Drive, Newlands, 
Woodville Street, Langside, 
Wyndford Street, Maryhill, 

Yarrow Cottages, Scotstoun, 

Yoker Road, 

York Avenue, Jordanhill, 

York Drive, off Hyndland Road 

Young Street, Calton, 


Glenoloy Street, N.W. 

Grovepark Street, N.W. 

North Wallace Place, C.4. 

Harhill Street, S.W.I. 

North Wallace Street, C.4. 

Langholm Street, W.4. 

Harmony Row, S.W.I. 

Shiskine Street, N.W. 

Forbes Street, S.E. 

Altyre Street, E.2. 

Duart Street. N.W. 

Cooper's Well Lane, W.l. 

Trossachs Street, N.W. 

Cooper's Well Street, W.l. 

Lauder Street, C.5. 

Foyers Terrace, N. 

Lawmoor Lane, C.5. 

Wemyss Street, C.2. 

Kerr Street, S.E. 

William Street, C.3. 

Crimea Street, C.2. 

Ashley Lane, C.3. 

Ashley Street, C.3. 

BurnbaT,k Place, N.W. 

Burnbank Terrace, N.W. 
Broomloan Place, S.W.I. 
Wemyss Street, C.2. 
Scotland Street, S.l. 
Westclyffe Street, S.l. 
Ard Street, E.2. 
Golspie Street, S.W.I. 
Brunton Street, S.4. 
Brunton Terrace, S.4. 
Langbank Street, C.5. 
Templeton Street, S.E. 
Glenmavis Street, C.4. 
Broad Place, S.E. 
Ardholm Street, E.2. 
Ardfern Street, E.2. 
Oakfield Avenue, W.2. 
Gullane Street, W.l. 
Kirklee Cirous, W.2. 
Harland Cottages, W.4. 
Kirklee Quadrant, W.2. 
Harland Street, W.4. 
Kirklee Terrace, W.2. 
Rhannan Terrace, S.4. 
Winifred Street, Millerston. 
Naseby Avenue, W.l. 
Whitby Street, E.l. 
Shawholm Street, S.3. 
White Street, W.l. 
Lerwick Street, C.4. 
Palmerston Place, C.3. 
Broom Road, S.3. 

Woodlinn Avenue, S.4. 
Ardgay Street, E.2. 
Burnhead Road, S.3. 
Queensland Drive, S.W.2. 
Ardlui Street, E.2. 
North Woodside Road, 1/2 to 
959 and 104, C.4 ; above these, N.W, 
Tavistock Drive, S.3. 
Woodford Street, S.l. 
Maryhill Road, N.W. 

Ardsloy Place, W.4. 
Dumbarton Road, W.3. 
Eastcote Avenue, W.4. 
Novar Drive, W.2. 
Tobago Street, S.E. 






Clyde Street (Passenger), . . 

Finnieston (Passenger), 

Finnieston (Vehicular), 

Kelvinhaugh (Passenger), 

Govan (Passenger), 
Govan (Vehicular), 

Whiteinch (Passenger), 

Whiteinch (Vehicular), 

Renfrew (Passenger and Vehicular), 
Erskine (Passenger and Vehicular), 

Continuous day and night. 

Continuous day and night. 

Monday till Friday. — 6.30 a.m. till 6.30 p.m. 
Saturday. — 6.30 a.m. till 4 p.m. 

Monday till Saturday. — 5 a.m. till 11 p.m. 
Sunday. — 10 a.m. till 10 p.m. 

Continuous day and night. 

Monday till Saturday.- — 6 a.m. till 10 p.m. 

Monday till Saturday. — 5 a.m. till 11 p.m. 
Sunday. — 10 a.m. till 10 p.m. 

Monday till Friday. — 5 a.m. till 11 p.m. 
Saturday. — 5 a.m. till midnight. 
Sunday. — 9 a.m. till 10.30 p.m. 

Monday till Friday.— 6.30 a.m. till 6.30 p.m. 
Saturday. — 6.30 a.m. till 4 p.m. 

Continuous day and night. 

April to September — ■ 

Monday to Saturday. — 6 a.m. till 11 p.m. 
Sunday. — 8 a.m. till 11 p.m. 

October to March — 

Monday to Friday. — 6 a.m. till 10 p.m. 
Saturday. — 6 a.m. till 11 p.m. 
Sunday. — 8 a.m. till 10 p.m. 



Badminton. — Bowling.— Cricket. — Football. — Golf. — Tennis. 
Miniature Rifle. — Chess. 



Group Convener— FRED. M. MACGREGOR, 13 Winton Drive, Glasgow, W.2. 

Alexa. — A. L. Reid, Woodlands, Old Kilpatrick. 

Abgos. — M. Martin, jun., 3 Grantley Street, Glasgow, S.l. 

Burnside. — R. G. Fraser, 6 Sutherland Avenue, Giffnock. 

Calder Street. — A. J. Watson, Calder Street School, Calder Street, Govanhill. 

Central Y.M.C.A.— R. Wilson, 333 Tantallon Road, Glasgow, S.l. 

City Assessors.— W. Broadfoot, 40 Cochran Street, Glasgow. 

Civil Service. — J. S. Millar, 88 Green Stree % Glasgow, S.E. 

Clydesdale. — G. G. Stevenson, 83 Langside Drive, Newlands, Glasgow. 

Corkerhill Institute. — D. Stevenson, 110 Corkerhill Road, Glasgow, S.W.2. 

Eastmuir. — David G. Semple, 34 Gelston Street, Sandyhills, Glasgow, E.2. 

Eastwood. — A. Bailie, 55 Albert Road, Queen's Park, Glasgow. 

Eastwood Parish Church. — S. Forest, 1381 Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow, S.l. 

General Electric Sports. — Miss M. B. Coutts, c/o G.E.C., 71 Waterloo Street, Glasgow. 

Glasgow. — J. K. M. Wylie, 45 Buchanan Street, Glasgow. 

Glasgow Fire Brigade. — Geo. B. MacLean, 33 Ingram Street, Glasgow. 

Glasgow Police Headquarters. — J. A. Robertson, Chief Constable's Office, 21 St. Andrew's 

Street, Glasgow. 
Glasgow Stock Exchange. — J. M. K. Wren, 75 St. George's Place, Glasgow. 
Glasgow Teachers. — W. M'Cauley, 46 Inchinnan Road, Paisley. 

Glasgow and West of Scotland Commercial College. — Jas. Ronald, 173 Pitt Street, Glasgow. 
Glasgow University. — F. C. Rodger, The University Union, Glasgow, W.2. 
Glasgow University Graduates. — W. A. Crane, Airlie Cottage, Neilston, Renfrewshire. 
Govanhill. — William Arbuckle, 673 Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow, S.l. 
Highlanders' Institute. — D. W. Campbell, 32 Dunbar Avenue, Rutherglen. 
Hutchesons' Boys' Grammar School F.P. — S. M. Robertson, 95 Kinghorn Drive, Glasgow, S.4. 
Hutchesons' Girls'. — Miss Dunbar, Hutchesons' Girls' School, 44 Kingarth Street, Glasgow. 
Hutchesons' Girls' F.P. — Miss L. Disher, 145 Kenilworth Avenue, Glasgow, S.l. 
Ibrox. — Miss S. Logan, 55 Marlborough Avenue, Glasgow, W.l. 
Kelvin. — L. D. MacLaren, 63 Victoria Park Drive South, Glasgow, W.4. 
K.T.A. — Geo. C. Imlach, 10 Princes Terrace, Glasgow, W.2. 
Moray. — R. C. Wyper, 48 Dixon Avenue, Crosshill, Glasgow, S.2. 
Myrtle — Jas. Sharp, 47 Woodford Street, Glasgow, S.l. 
Newlands (A). — D. H. Munro, 95 Bath Street, Glasgow 

Newton Place Church of Scotland. — Jack Hood, 268 Crow Road, Glasgow. 
Northern.— Miss M. Allan, 133 Kirkintilloch Road, Bishop briggs. 
Old Shettleston Sabbath School. — Wm. L. Duncan, 18 Trainard Avenue, Tollcross, Glasgow, 

Partick East Church of Scotland. — Miss H. G. Harrold, 39 Orleans Avenue, Jordanhill, 

Glasgow, W.4. 
Partick High Church of Scotland. — J. Simpson, 205 Crow Road, Glasgow, W.l. 
Pollokshaws Methodist.— D. J. Macdonald, 112 Tantallon Road, Glasgow, S.l. 
Public Health Department. — Wm. M'Kenzie, c/o P.H.D., 23 Montrose Street, Glasgow, C.l 
Puritans Touring. — J. J. M'Carry, 30 Broompark Drive, Glasgow, E.l. 
Queen's Park. — Miss Mitchell, 42 Mansion House Road, Langside. 

St. Columba's Episcopal Church. — Miss K. J. Ellis, 68 Langside Road, Glasgow, S.2. 
St. Mary's Parish Church. — Chas. K. Smail, Falkland Bank, 67 Partickhill Road, Glasgow 
St. Paul's.— Miss C. F. Sim, 29 Ruchill Street, Glasgow, N.W. 
St. Peter's. — Wm, G. Hammill, 568 Maryhill Road, Glasgow, N.W. 


St. Roch's A.C. — Miss M. M. A. Smith, 41 Kelvinside Gardens, Glasgow, N.W. 

Southern Y.M.O.A. — Miss E. H. C. Cowie, 1057 Aikenhead Road, Glasgow, S.4. 

Stephen Recreation Club. — Wm. Rae, 97 Greyfriars Street, Glasgow, E.2. 

Templeton.— I. Banford, c/o Jas. Templeton & Co., Templeton Street, Glasgow, S.E. 

The Royal Technical College.- — J. F. T. MacLaren, Students' Union, The Royal Technical 

College, George Street, Glasgow. 
Thursday. — James Thomson, 20 Sandyford Place, Glasgow. 
Titwood. — B. A. Moulding, 13 Wendover Crescent, Mount Florida, Glasgow. 
Town Clerk's Office. — James Fisher, Town Clerk's Office, City Chambers, Glasgow. 
Victoria. — W. A. Edwards, 32 Leven Street, Pollokshields, Glasgow. 
Western Y.M.C.A. — Miss M. G. Marshall, 9 Airlie Gardens, Glasgow, W.l. 
Wilton Church. — Miss M. F. M'Nab, 14 Lyndhurst Gardens, Glasgow, N.W. 
7th Cameronians. — Capt. A. M'G. Walker, 34-36 Weaver Street, Glasgow, C.4. 
307th Field Battery. — B. S. M. Wheeler, Drill Hall, Inverlair Avenue, Cathcart, Glasgow. 
7th H.L.I. Officers (Private). — Lieut. Wm. M'Millan, 172 Camphill Avenue, Langside. 
6th H.L.I. — A. Moore Shaw, C.A., 190 West George Street, Glasgow. 


Barclay Curle. — C. Storey, 82 Kestrel Road, Knightswood, W.3. 

Bearsden. — B. B. M'Kinnon, Newark, 20 Hutchison Drive, Bearsden. 

Bellahouston. — James Leith, 73 Aros Drive, Mo3spark, S.W.2. 

Belvidere. — John F. M'Ghie, 49 Ravel Row, Parkhead, E.l. 

Bishopbriggs. — John W. Edmistone, Ashgrove, Bishopbriggs. 

Blackhell. — William Campbell, 5 Whitehill Gardens, E.l. 

Broomhlll. — J. D. M'Kay, 310 Crow Road, W.l. 

Bubnbank. — John Aitken, 10 Fergus Drive, N.W. 

Burnside. — R. Clark, 69 Underwood Road, Burnside. 

Cambuslang. — Geo. Jamieson, 7 Ardoch Gardens, Cambuslang. 

Camphill. — Andrew Wyllie, Thornhill, Lethington Avenue, S.l. 

Cardonald. — James J. Smith, 24 Cardonald Gardens, S.W.2. 

Cathcart. — Hugh M'Donald, 61 Kingsaere Road, King's Park, S.4. 

City Bakeries. — A. Irvine, 114 Maryhill Road, N.W. 

Clarkston. — W. M. Hutcheson, 47 Stamperland Gardens, Clarkston, Glasgow. 

Cowlairs. — Wm. M'Callum, 14 Morrin Street, N. 

Drumoyne. — Geo. Bruce, 1 Shandon Street, S.W.I. 

Fairfield. — G. Wilson, Jun., 68 Ardshiel Road, S.W.I. 

Foxley. — G. S. Anderson, 22 Easdale Drive, E.2. 

Giffnock. — J. W. Fulton, Kinkell, Dorian Drive, Clarkston. 

G. C. Electricity. — Thomas Lucas, 75 Waterloo Street, C.2. 

G. G. Gas. — A. G. Thomsen, 40 Ronald Street, C.4. 

G. Post Office. — James Arnold, 32 Dowanhill Street, W.l. 

Govan. — John Gibson, 24 Minto Crescent, S.W.2. 

Hampden. — H. D. Ferguson, 961 Cathcart Road, S.2. 

Hawthorn. — Alex. Maedonald, 156 Glenhead Street, N. 

HttiLheap. — J. K. Mackenzie, 10 Garrioch Drive, N.W. 

Hillpark. — J. V. Paton, 38 Briar Road, S.3. 

Hutchesontown. — Alex. Pryde, 601 Rutherglen Road, C.5. 

Hyndland. — T. C. Robertson, c/o Sweeney, 213 Crow Road, W.l. 

Imperial Tobacco Co. — A. Aitken, 101 Armadale Street, E.l. 

JoRDANHrxx. — H. B. Milliken, 192 Hyndland Road, W.2. 

Kelvindale. — R. Marshall, 14 Stonefield Avenue, W.2. 

King's Park. — Alex. Watson, 498 Castlemilk Road, S.4. 

K-INuston.— James Ritchie, 108 Pollok Street, C.5. 


Kingswood. — T. G. Smith, 410 King's Park Avenue, Bankhead, Rutherglen. 

Kirkhill. — James Kirkland, 1 Mansefield Avenue, Canbuslang. 

Llnthouse. — Hugh Paton, 161 Moss Road, S.W.I. 

Maryhill. — W. J. Scott, 21 Crosbie Street, Maryhill, N.W. 

Mosspark. — J. M. Muir, 93 Balerno Drive, Mosspark, S.W.2. 

Mount Florida. — Geo. B. Harper, 170 King's Park Road, S.4. 

Mount Vernon. — William Park, 1324 Shettleston Road, E.2. 

Newiands. — Robert Yuille, 121 West Regent Street, C.2. 

Nitshill and Hurlet. — H. Andrew, 42 Pinmore Street, Nitshill. 

North British. — J. Cunningham, 1034 Shettleston Road, E.2. 

Partick. — Kenneth M'Lennan, 99 Mitre Road, W.4. 

Partickhill. — Wm. C. Baird, 42 Gardner Street, W.l. 

Pollokshaws. — John King, 60 Auldburn Road, Newiands, S.3. 

Poilokshields. — J. V. Calder, 19 Moray Place, Strathbungo, S.l. 

Possilpark. — D. Reid, 189 Killearn Street, N. 

Queen's Park. — George W. Knight, 22a West Nile Street, C.l. 

Riddrie.— R. Robson, c/o Leven, 49 Roslea Drive, E.l. 

Rothley.— J. O. Fulton, 25 Boclair Street, W.3. 

Rutherglen. — James Rodgers, 7 Belmont Drive, Rutherglen. 

St. Rollox. — Alex. B. Rankin, 18 Aitken Street, E.l. 

St. Vincent. — J. Lawrence, 7 Hillside Avenue, Clarkston, Glasgow. 

Sandyhills. — A. M. Auchincloss, 408 Amulree Street, E.2. 

Scotstounhlll. — James Gibson, 112 Earlbank Avenue, Scotstoun, W.4. 

Shawlands. — W. G. Sinclair, 179 Auldhouse Road, Newiands, S.3. 

Shettleston. — W. Angus, 229 Ardgay Street, E.2. 

Springboig. — Sydney C. Gordon, 21 Glen Avenue, E.2. 

Springburn. — George Kant, 631 Hawthorn Street, Springburn, N. 

Stepps. — W. P. Crawford, Hazelbank, Stepps. 

Stephen. — David M'Innes, 362 Langlands Road, Govan, S.W.I. 

Thornliebank. — John F. Parker, 20 Kennishead Road, Thornliebank. 

Titwood. — Robert C. M'Intosh, 33 Virginia Street, C.l. 

Tollcross. — J. C. Brown, 39 Braidfauld Gardens, E.2. 

Transport. — John Wilson, 72 Garthland Drive, E.l. 

Victoria Park. — Joseph Dick, 28 Lennox Avenue, Scotstoun, W.4. 

Weir. — George E. Ramsay, 437 Tantallon Road, Langside, S.l. 

Wellcropt. — R. B. H. Paterson, 79 West Regent Street, C.2. 

Whiteinch. — George Graham, 18 Earl Street, W.4. 

Whitevale. — T. C. Macnab, 18 Kingslynn Drive, S.4. 

Willow Bank. — Norman Bruce, C.A., 95 Bath Street, C.2. 

Woodend. — Edward S. Hannah, 6 Southbrae Avenue, W.3. 



Glasgow Association. — T. Galbraith, Secretary, 121 St. Vincent Street, C.2. 
Celtic. — Ground, Celtic Park, London Road. — W. Maley, Celtic Park, Parkhead, E. 
Clyde. — Ground, Shawfield Park, Rutherglen Road. — P. Travers, Shawfield Park, C.5. 
Partick Thistle.— Ground, Firhill Park, Queen's Cross. — D. M. Turner, Firhill Park, N.W. 
Queen's Park. — Ground, Hampden Park, Mount Florida. — Robert Gillespie, 162 Bath Street, C.2 
Rangers. — Ground, Ibrox Park, Copland Road. — W. Struth, Ibrox Park, Govan, S.W.I. 
Third Lanark. — Ground, Cathkin Park, Crosshill. — J. Johnston, Cathkin Park, Crosshill. 


Allan Glen's School F.P. — Ground, Bishopbriggs. — J. Menziea Anderson, 162 Bath Street, C.2 
Cartha. — Ground, Durnbroek. — Kenneth A. H. Paterson, 7 Dalziel Drive, Maxwell Park, S.l. 
Ulasgow Academicals. — Ground, Anniesland. — Ian B. Mackinlay, c/o Rowan's, Ltd., 70 

Buchanan Street, C.l. 
Glasgow Academy. — Ground, Anniesland. — Eon. Secretary, R. F. C, Glasgow Academy, 

Kelvinbridge, W.2. 
Glasgow High School F.P. — Ground, Old Anniesland, Crow Road. — C. W. Stewart, 303 Crow 

Road, Broomhill, W.l. 

Glasgow High School. — Ground, Old Anniesland. — Hon. Secretary, R. F. C, The High School' 

Elmbank Street, C.2. 
Glasgow University. — Ground, Westerlands. — Hon. Secretary, G.U.R.F.C, University Union, 

The University, W.2. 
Glasgow and District Rugby Union. — Ian B. MacKinlay, c/o Rowans, Ltd., 70 Buchanan 

Street, C.l. 
Hellhead High School F.P. — Ground, Hughenden. — W. A. Mackinnon, 17 Fergus Drive, N.W. 
Hillhead High School. — Ground, Hughenden. — Hon. Secy., R. F. C, Hillhead High School. 

Oakfield Avenue, W.2. 
Hutchesons' Grammar School. — Ground, Auldhouse, Thomliebank Station. — Hon. Secy., 

R. F. C, Hutchesons' Grammar School, 211 Crown Street, C.5. 
Kelvinside Academicals. — Ground, Balgray. — Ian M'Lachlan, 9 Victoria Park Gardens, South, 

Kelvinside Academy. — Ground, Balgray. — A. R. Forrester, M.A., Kelvinside Academy, W.2. 
Royal Technical College. — Ground, Morriston Park, Cambuslang. — Hon. Secretary, R.T.C 

R.F.C., Students' Union, Royal Technical College, C.l. 
Shawlands Academy F.P. — Ground, Nether Pollok. — Alan Turner, 12 Millwood Street, S.l. 
West of Scotland. — Ground, Hamilton Crescent, Partick. — John Thorburn, jun., C.A., 190 West 

George Street, C.2. 
Whitehill School F.P. — Ground, Millerston. — R. P. Johnston, 136 Friarscourt Avenue, W.3. 
Whttehill School. — Ground, Millerston. — Hon. Secy., R. F. C, Whitehill School, E.l. 



Cartha. — Ground, Dumbreck, Glasgow. — E. V. Crombie, Haggs Castle, Glasgow, S.l. 
Clydesdale. — Ground, Titwood, Beaton Rd., Maxwell Park. — Geo. G. P. Gardiner, 44 Keir Street, 

Glasgow, S.l. 
Drumpellier. — Ground, Drumpellier Policies, Coatbridge. — John W. Saxelby, 35 Burnbank Street, 

Golfhill. — Ground, Meadowpark, Dennistoun. — W. F. Ferguson, 60 Finlay Dr., Dennistoun, E.l. 
Hutchesons' Grammar School F.P. — Ground, Auldhouse, Thornliebank. — J. Matthewson, 

288 Springburn Road, N. 
Poloc. — Ground, Shawholm. — Eric M. Swanson, 7 Elliot Drive, Giffnock. 

Uddingston. — Ground, Bothwell Castle Policies. — J. M. Murdoch, 3 Woodlands Terrace, Bothwell. 
West of Scotland. — Ground, Hamilton Crescent, Partick. — A. C. Munro, 47 Balvicar Street, 

Glasgow, S.2. 


Bishopbriggs. — F. S. Brown, C.A., 11 Bothwell Street, C.2. 

Busby and Clabkston. — Robert Law, 20 Benview Road, Clarkston. 

Blaibbeth. — James Campbell, 105 Blairbeth Road, Burnside. 

Cambuslang. — James Blyth, Culdoon, 78 Buchanan Drive, Cambuslang. 

Cathcabt Castle.— A Reid Walker, J.P., C.A., 141 Bath Street, C.2. 

Cathkin Bbaes.— J. Taylor, 143 Bath Street, C.3. 

Cowolen.— W. Hood Stewart, 156 St. Vincent Street, C.2. 

Cbow Wood. — Wm, Greig, C.A., 38 Bath Street, C.2. 

Douglas Park. — W. S. M'Dougall, 94 Hope Street, C.2. 

Eastwood. — R. D. Brand, 59 Bath Street, C.2. 

East Renfrewshire. — H. Muir Lawson, C.A., 156 St. Vincent Street, C.2. 

Ebskine. — J. A. Lang, B.L. Bank, 65 Gordon Street, C.2. 

Fairfield. — Jas. C. M'Donald, 89 Ardshiel Road, South Govan, S.W.I. 

Glasgow. — R. Stirling, C.A., 121 St. Vincent Street, C.2. 

Haggs Castle. — J. Carrick Kerr, C.A., 115 St. Vincent Stieet, C.2. 

Ktrttwtt.t- — Quintin S. Muir, 18 Mansafield Avenue, Cambuslang. 

Old Ranfubly. — W. G. Millar, 77 Queen Street, C.I. 

Pollok. — And. J. Nairn, (Nairn, Bowes & Craig), 125 Buchanan Street, C.l. 

Ralston — R. A. Russell, 293 Mosspark Boulevard, S.W.2. 

Sandyhxlls. — J. M'Clymont Wylie, C.A., 166 Buchanan Street, C.l. 

Toryglen. — A. Brownlie, 72 Govanhill Street, Glasgow, S.2. 

Whitecbaigs. — C. Campbell, 19 St. Vincent Place, C.l. 

Williamwood. — W. C. Cowan, 103 Bath Street, C.2. 

Windyhill. — J. Kerr, 9 Wilton Drive, N.W. 


Athen-etjm, St. George's Place, C.2. 
(Instituted 1840.) 

President — G. B. Nicol. 

Hon. Secretary — D. G. Nicolson, 12 Gowanlea Drive, Giffnock, Glasgow. 

Clubroom open daily (except Sundays) from 9 a.m. till 10.45 p.m. Annual subscription, £1. 



The West of Scotland Lawn Tennis Association. — Hon. Secretary and Treasurer. — JOHN 
G. PATRICK, Solicitor, Bank of Scotland Chambebs, 147 Blythswood Street, C.2. 

Anchor. — Blackhall, Paisley — J. Finn, jun., 11 Townhead Terrace, Paisley. 
Ardgowan. — Ardgowan Square, Greenock — W. B. Jack, 9 Ardgowan Street, Greenock. 
Baillieston.— Muirhead Road, Baillieston — J. T. Dingwall, 46 Maxwell Drive, Garrowhill. 
Bearsden. — Jubilee Gardens, Bearsden — J. M. Aitken, Craigmillar, Carsview Drive, Bearsden. 
Bellahouston. — 148 Urrdale Road, Bellahouston, S.l. — A. H. Edmiston, 122 Crookston Avenue, 

Glasgow, S.W.2. 
Bridge-of-Weir. — Bridge-of-Weir — W. P. N. Perfect, Tigh-na-Fleurs, Bridge-of-Weir. 
Broomhill. — 2 Mitre Road, Jordanhill — H. D. MacKinlay, Brucelands, Sinclair Street, Helensburgh. 
Burnside. — Burnside Road, Burnside — Miss C. Whyte, 21 Tynwald Avenue, High Burnside. 
Cambuslang. — Central Avenue, Cambuslang — R. R. Todd, Dunolly, Central Avenue, Cambuslang. 
Cardonald. — Forfar Avenue, Cardonald — Miss N. K. Mitchell, 31 Kinross Avenue, S.W.2. 
Cartha. — Dumbreck Road, Glasgow, S.W.2 — R. D. Gemmell, 47 Aviemore Road, S.W.2. 
Cathcart. — Clarkston Road, Cathcart — J. T. M'Neil, 33 Madison Avenue, S.4. 
Cathcart Old Church. — Carrmjnnock Road, Cathcart — R. A. Howieson, 39 Kingshill Drive. 

Glasgow, S.4. 
City Bakeries. — Helensburgh Drive, Jordanhill — J. Gray, 62 Carrington Street, C.4. 
Civil Service. — Scotstoun — D. Muckersie, 40 Edgehill Road, Glasgow, W.l. 
Clarkston. — Eastwoodmains Road, Clarkston — A. Bilsland, 4 Drumby Drive, Clarkston. 
Clyde Paper. — Eastfield Estate, Cambuslang — W. Hay, 34 St. Blanes Dr., Bankhead, Rutherglen. 
Dalmuir. — Stevenson Street, Dalmuir — J. Graham, 34 Glasgow Road, Clydebank. 
Dowanhill. — Dowanside Road — J. Blair, 14 Westbourne Gardens, W.2. 

Drttmchapel. — 25 Garscadden Road, Drumchapel — N. N. White, 39 Garscadden Road, Drumchapel, 
Drumpellier. — Drumpellier Street, Coatbridge — M. A. Boyd, 18 Finlaystone Street, Coatbridge 
Eaglesham. — Cheapside Street, Eaglesham — J. Smith, Bankhead, Eaglesham. 
Elderslie. — Elderslie — W. G. H. Wallace, Sunnyside, King's Crescent, Elderslie. 
Erskine. — Bishopton — Mrs. H. H. Muir, Lindisfame, Bishopton. 

Fairfield Works.— Shieldhall Road, S.W.I — Miss C. B. M'Leod, 76 Shieldhall Road, S.W.I. 
Falcon. — Falcon Terrace, Maryhill, N.W. — N. Muir, 50 Caldercuilt Road, N.W. 

Fergtjslie. — Meikleriggs, Paisley — W. K. Stevenson, 19 King's Street, Paisley. 

Ferguslie Girls. — Meikleriggs — Miss C. Murphy, 27 Ferguslie, Paisley. 

Fort Matilda. — Fort Matilda — A. J. N. Brown, 56 Esplanade, Greenock. 

Giffnock. — Percy Drive, Giffnock. — Miss C. Robertson, 15 Carrick Crescent, Giffnock. 

Glasgow and West of Scotland College of Domestic Science. — Chesterfield Avenue, Kelvin- 
side— Miss D. M'Caldin, 1 Park Drive, C.3. 

Gourock. — Broomberry Drive, Gourock — R. G. Tennent, Ravenswood, Victoria Road, Gourock. 

Greenock High School F.P. — Dunlop Street, Greenock — W. Murray, 9 South Street, Greenock. 

Halfway and District. — Mill Road, Halfway, Cambuslang — R. M. Campbell, 21 Castle Chimmins 
Road, Cambuslang. 

Hallside. — L.MS Station, Newton — J. Mack, 8 Spittal Terrace, Cambuslang. 

Hamilton. — Motherwell Road, Hamilton — A. Thorburn, 68 Union Street, Hamilton. 

Hawthorn.— 22 Spruce Street, N. — J. M. Goold, 369 M'Aslin Street, C.4. 

Hlllhead. — Hamilton Drive, W.2 — J. Monach, 138 Fergus Drive, N.W. 

Hillhead High School F.P. — Hughenden Road — H. C. MacLennan, 13 Caird Drive, N.W. 

Hillpark. — Tinto Road, Newlands — A. W. Webster, 15 Harelaw Avenue, Muirend, S.4. 

Hyndland School F.P. — Scotstoun Showground, Danes Drive, Scotstoun — J. B. M. Robertson, 
101 Essex Drive, W.4. 

Jewish Athletic. — Langside — I. Naftalin, Rosslyn, 82 Albert Road, S.2. 

Kelvindale. — Baronald Drive — J. Marshall, 14 Stonefield Avenue, W. 

Kelvinside. — Beaconsfield Road — A. F. Ferguson, 29 Oakfield Avenue, W.2. 

Kenmtjre. — Colston Road, Bishopbriggs — Miss A. M. Morrison, 46 Laverockhall Street, N. 

Ktlmacolm. — Castlehill Road, Kilmacolm — C. H. Robinson, Westdene, Kilmaeolm. 

King's Park. — 112 Carmunnoek Road, Cathcart — A. Watson, 498 Castlemilk Road, S.4. 


Kingswood. — Kingsbrae Avenue, S.4 — T. G. Smith, 410 King's Park Avenue, Rutherglen. 

Ktrkhill. — Whitefleld Avenue, Cambuslang — D. F. Masterton, 11 Mansefield Avenue, Cambuslang. 

Kirktonhill. — Kirktonhill Drive, Dumbarton — W. W. Cotton, Sunningdale, Kirktonhill, Dum- 

Langside Hill Church. — Kilchattan Drive, S.4 — W. Watson, 46 Dixon Road, S.2. 

Lenzie. — Millersneuk, Lenzie — T. Forbes, Barochan, Lenzie. 

Linthouse. — 15 Drumoyne Avenue — Miss M. C. Arbuthnot, 31 Hartlaw Crescent, W.2. 

Mansewood. — Mansewood — Miss H. M. Stobo, 4 St. Leonard's Drive, Giffnoek. 

Millbrae. — Mill Road, Clydebank — W. Johnston, 28- Taylor Street, Clydebank. 

Milngavie. — Dougalston, Milngavie — I. M. Kennedy, 3 Herschell Street, W.3. 

Motherwell. — Cadzow Street, Motherwell — H. S. Ormiston, The Moorings, Motherwell. 

Mount Vernon. — North Mount Vernon — A. MacWilliam, Corrielea, North Mount Vernon. 

Muirend. — Hazeldene Gardens, Muirend, S.4 — G. M. Hunter, 10 Ormonde Avenue, S.4. 

Newxands. — Mochrum Road, S.3 — E. V. Abbott, jun., 8 Ossian Road, Newlands, S.3. 

Oban Town Council Lawn Tennis Committee. — Oban — D. Galloway, Burgh Surveyor, Municipal 
Buildings, Oban. 

Old Kilpatrick. — Old Kilpatrick — W. B. Paul, jun., Glenlea, Old Kilpatrick. 

Paisley. — Thomly Park, Paisley — G. J. Hill, 86 Renfrew Road, Paisley. 

Partick. — Balshagray Avenue, W.l — R. W. Brown, 12 Marlborough Avenue, W.l. 

Partickhill. — North Gardner Street — C. Robertson, 155 Hyndland Road, Glasgow. 

Pollokshields. — Netherby Drive, S.l — R. L. Paul, 67 St. Andrew's Drive, Glasgow. 

Poloc. — Shawholm, Pollokshaws — J. M. S. Nicol, 33 Marywood Square, S.l. 

Port-Glasgow. — Ardenclutha, Port-Glasgow — B. A. Miller, Meflyn, 15 Lilybank, Port-Glasgow 

Possilpark. — 772 Bilsland Drive, Possilpark — W. B. Mitchell, 231 Borron Street, C.4. 

Queen's Park. — 381 Langside Road — G. M'Knight, 16 Campsie Gardens, Clarkston. 

Ralston. — Hawkhead Road, Paisley — A. A. Gardner, 10 Neilston Road, Paisley. 

Renfrew. — Sandy Road, Renfrew — G. M. Ballantyne, 13 East Avenue, Renfrew. 

Riddrie. — Smithycroft Road, Riddrie — R. M'Govan, 21 Ness Street, E.l. 

Rothley. — Anniesland Road — A. Gibson, jun., 4 Helensburgh Drive, Jordanhill. 

Rutherglen. — Viewpark Drive, Rutherglen — R. M. Jenkins, 13 Rodger Drive, Rutherglen. 

Sandyhills. — Amulree Street, Sandyhills, E.2 — Miss M. M'Gregor, 149 Glenalmond Street, E.21 

Scotstounhill. — Kingsway, Scotstounhill — J. Gibson, 16 Polwarth Gardens, W.2. 

Springboig. — Bowling Green Road, Springboig — G. B. Macfarlane, 81 Springboig Road, Springboig 

Springburn North Church. — Newbold Avenue, Colston, Bishopbriggs — J. Vaughan, 172 Balgray. 
bank Street, Balorriock, N. 

Springwells. — Motherwell Street, Airdrie — Miss C. R. Anderson, 13 Armour Avenue, Airdrie. 

Stephen. — Coila Park, Shieldhall, Glasgow. — Miss J. M'Grorie, 53 Carleith Quadrant, Glasgow. 

Stepps. — Lenzie Road, Stepps — J. H. Maxwell, Ellangowan, Whitehill Avenue, Stepps. 

Templeton. — Stonelaw Drive, Rutherglen — J. C. Miller, 27 Kirkwood Street, Rutherglen. 

Thorn Park. — Thorn Road, Bearsden — Miss N. Howie, Inverlochy, Bearsden. 

Thorntonhall. — Thorntonhall — R. F. Jones, 136 Wellington Street, C.2. 

Titwood. — Terregles Avenue, Pollokshields — B. A. Moulding, 13 Wendover Crescent, Motmt 
Florida, Glasgow. 

Uddingston. — Old Glasgow Road — John Duncan, Burnpark, Uddingston. 

University. — Westerlands — R. Glendinning, Maclay Hall, Park Terrace, C.3. 

Wallace & Weir. — Dolphin Road, Maxwell Park, Glasgow — J. Good, 14 Maxwell Road, S.l. 

Weir.— Albert Park, Newlands — J. Shiels, 1143 Cathcart Road, S.2. 

Western. — Hyndland Road, Glasgow — H. M. Herbert, 7 Rosslyn Terrace, W.2. 

Westerton. — Maxwell Avenue, Westerton — J. A. Mason, 64 Maxwell Avenue, Westerton. 

Whitecraigs. — Roddinghead Road, Whitecraigs — L. Kennedy, Hillcrest, Capelrig Road, Newton 

Whittingehame. — Whittingehame Drive, W.2 — J. A. Hutton, 61 Hillhead Street, W.2. 

Woodend. — Selborne Road, W.3 — C. M'Dougall, 19 Lennox Avenue, W.4. 



Local Agents and Depot: Messrs. F. & R. Kelso, 22 Citizen Lane, Glasgow, C.l. 

Telephone: Central 4786. 

County of Lanark Miniature Rifle Association. 

Hon. President — The Rt. Hon. Lord Provost P. J. Dollan, Esq., City Chambers, 

Chairman — J. M. Bernard, 43 Great Western Road, Glasgow. 
General Secretary — D. M'Gillivray, 22 Thorncroft Drive, Glasgow, S.4. 
Treasurer — R. G. Balfour, c/o Miller, 31 St. Vincent Place, Glasgow. 

Telephone No. Central 8287. 

Names and Addresses of Clubs and Secretaries. 

Arthur & Hinshaw. — Works, Chapel Street, N.W. J. Brady, 8 Chapel Street, N.W. 

Barr & Stroud. — Works, Anniesland West. J. Hutchison, Woodburn, 11 Station Rd., Bearsden. 

Blochairn. — Works, Blochairn Road, N. H. N. Evans, 693 Garngad Road. 

Cathcart. — Old Castle Road, S.4. H. Fraser, 25 Rannoch Street, S.4. 

Glasgow Police. — Police Training School, 71 Oxford Street. (Telephone No., South 894). 

D. M'Gillivray, 22 Thorncroft Drive, S.4. 
Glasgow Fire Brigade. — Central Fire Station, Ingram Street, C.l. R. Wilson, 33 Ingram St., C.l. 
Glasgow Academy O.T.C. — Glasgow Academy. Major F. Bachelor, Glasgow Academy, Kelvin- 
bridge, W.2. 
Glasgow High School O.T.C. — Glasgow High School, Elmbank Street, C.3. The Secretary, 

Glasgow High School O.T.C, Elmbank Street, C.3. 
Glasgow Railwaymen's. — Barrack Street, E.l. A. E. M'Ausland, 674 Edinburgh Road, E.2. 
Glasgow Post Office (Postal Section). — Police Range, 71 Oxford Street. W. A. Watson, 

45 Dalnair Street, C.3. 
Glasgow and District P.O. (Engineers). — Coplaw Street, Drill Hall. Mr. Buchan, 400a 

Cathedral Street. 
Insurance. — Wylie & Lochhead, Berkeley Street, C.3. N. M'Monnies, c/o Wylie & Lochhead, 

Berkeley Street, C.3. 
Kirkintilloch. — Drill Hall, Kirkintilloch. W. Reid, 61 Freeland Place, Kirkintilloch. 
Lodge. — 111 Gorbals Street. J. G. Fraser, 26 Carnarvon Street, C.3. 
Outram Press. — 71 Oxford Street. H. G. Peddie, 6 Portal Road, W.3. 
Patsley. — Thread Street. Mr. Craigmyle, 61 Kilnside Road, Paisley. 
[R.N.V.R. Clyde Division. — Whitefield Road, Govan. The Secretary, Rifle Club, R.N.V.R., 

Whitefield Road, S.W.I. 
Renfield. — Indoor Range — 111 Gorbals Street. W. Kenny, c/o W. W. Scott, 5 Royal Exchange 

Square, Glasgow. Outdoor Range — Beetling Works, Cogan Street, S.3. 
Martin's Central. — Cambridge Street, C.4. R. Tod, 35 Torrisdale Street, Glasgow. 
Seaforth Highlanders. — Maryhill Barracks. Weapon Training Officer, 2nd Batt., Seaforth 

Highlanders, Maryhill Barracks. 
Scottish Oils & Shell Mex. — -111 Gorbals Street. M. B. Anderson, Craigard, Kilmarnock Road, 

Newton Mearns. 
West of Scotland (West). — S. F. Wheeler, 45 Renfield Street, Glasgow. (South) — Drill Hall, 

Coplaw Street. A. E. Martin, 82 Inglefield Street, S.2. (North)— Drill Hall, Yorkhill 

Parade. G. Kirkwood, 90 Marlborough Avenue, W.l. (Ladies) — Wylie & Lochhead, 

Berkeley Street. Mrs. M'Monnies, Derwent, Alexandra Avenue, Stepps. 

List of Clubs Affiliated to Society of Miniature Rlfle Clubs. 
Burnside Rover Scouts. — J. R. Horsburgh, 22 Wardlaw Avenue, Rutherglen. 
Beardmore Company Scottish Cadets. — Drill Hall, Shettleston Road. Capt. W. Gibson, 5 

Shettleston Road. 
Kent Works. — W. Jenkins, 31 Lyndhurst Gardens, Glasgow, N.W. 

Legion of Frontiersmen (Glasgow). — Barrack Street. W. Chalmers, 141 Allison Street, S.2. 
Lewis' Royal Polytechnic. — Barrack Street. J. Fletcher, c/o Burroughs, 76 Tarfside Avenue, 

Glasgow, S.W.2. 
Lowland Signals T.A. — Drill Hall, Jardine Street. Capt. L. T. Shawcross, R.S.T.A., 21 Jardine 

Street, N.W. 




Public Parks, Bowling Greens, Golf Courses, Tennis Courts, Boating Lochs, 

Cricket, Football, and Hockey Pitches. 

Name ov Park. 

Alexandra Park, - 

Auldhouse Park, • 

Bellahouston Park, 

Botanic Gardens, 

Cardonald Park, - 

Cathkin Braes Park, 

Cowlairs Park, 

Cross Park. - 

Dawsholm Park, 

Dowanhtll Park, 

Elder Park, 

Glasgow Green, 

Glenconner Park, 

Govanhill Park, - 

Hogganfield Loch and Park, 

Kelvinorove Park, 

King's Park, 

Knightswood Park, 

Linn Park, - 

Loch Lomond Park, 

Maryhill Park, - 

Maxwell Park, 

Meadowside Park, 

Newlands Park, - 

Plantation Park, 

Pollok Grounds, - 

Queen's Park, 

Richmond Park, - 

Rouken Glen Park, 

Ruchill Park, 

Springburn Park, 

Temple Park, 

Tolloross Park, - 

Victoria Park, 

Yoker Recreation Ground, 

STorkhill Recreation Ground, 



Alexandra Parade, E. 

Auldhouse Road and Riverford Road, Pollokshawa. 

Mosspark, Dumbreck Road, and Paisley Road. 

Great Western Road, W.2. 

Moss Road, Cardonald, S.W.I 

East Kilbride Road, via Burnside. 

Carlisle Street, off Keppochhill Road, N. 

Crow Road, W.l. 

Crow Road, Anniesland, and Dawsholm Road. 

Highburgh Road, W.2. 

Govan Road, S.W.I. 

Saltmarket and London Road, C.l. 

Garngad Road, N. 

Langside Road, S.2. 

Cumbernauld Road and Millerston. 

West End Sauchiehall St. and University Avenue, W.2. 

Carmunnock Road. 


Clarkston Road and Greenock Avenue, Cathcart. 

Bus or Train to Balloch. 

Canniesburn Road, N.W. 

St. Andrew's Drive, S.l. 

Hozier Street, Partick, W.l. 

Kilmarnock Road, S.l. 

Percy Street, off Paisley Road, S.W.I. 

Haggs Road, S.l. 

Victoria Road, S.2, and Pollokshaws Road, S.l. 

Rutherglen Road, C.5. 

Eastwood Mains Road and Daviland Road, Whitecraigs 

Firhill Road and Bilsland Drive, N.W. 

Balgray Hill Road, N. 


Tollcross Road and Wellshot Road, E.2. 

Balshagray Avenue, W.l. 


Yorkhill Street, C.3. 

Glasgow Green, 
Kelvinorove Park, 
Queen's Park, - 
Alexandra Park, 
Springburn Park, 
Ruchill Park, - 
Bellahouston Park 
Tollcross Park, 
Richmond Park, 
Victoria Park, 
Elder Park, 
Plantation Park, 
Glenconner Park, 


No. of Greens 


ot Greens. 

Lister Street 

Cowlairs Park, .... 4 

Auldhouse Park, - 2 

Maryhill Park, .... 2 

Springfield Road, ... 2 

Holmlea Recreation Ground, - 2 

Knightswood Park, ... 2 

Knightswood ..... 2 

Temple Recreation Grounds, - 2 

Langlands Recreation Ground,- 2 

Westhorn Recreation Ground, - 2 

Smeaton Street Recreation Ground, 2 

(Under construction.) 
Craigton Recreation Ground, - 






Alexandra Park, 
Deaconsbank, Rouken Glen, 
Ruchili., .... 

Lethamhill, • 


of Holes, 



Linn Park, Cathcart, 
Bella Houston, 
King's Park, 

No. of Holes. 

Glasgow Green, 

Kelvtngrove Park (6 Tar-macadam) 

Queen's Park, 


Alexandra Park, 
Springburn Park, - 
Bellahouston Park, 
Tollcross Park (Tar-macadam), 
Victoria Park, ... 

King's Park, .... 

No. of Courts. 



No. of Courts 

Plantation Park, s 5 

Glenconner Park, ... 4 

Cowl airs Park, .... 5 

Auldhouse Park, - 6 

Maryhill Park, .... 5 

Newlands Park, .... 4 

Maxwell Park, - 4 

Elder Park, .... 5 

Yoker Recreation Ground, - 4 

Knightswood Park, ... 6 


Rouken Glen, 6 super craft, 3 skiffs, 36 row Hogganeield, 

and 1 motor boat. 
Alexandra Park, - . 24 paddle boats. Victoria Park, 

Springburn Park,- - 10 paddle boats. 

12 canoes, 90 row and 

2 motor boats. 

10 paddle boats. 

Glasgow Green. 
Alexandra Park. 


(with Sand Beds.) 
Elder Park. 
Kelvlngrove Park. 

Richmond Park. 

Tollcross Park. 
Richmond Park. 


Victoria Park. 
Springburn Park. 
Knightswood Park. 

King's Park. 

Rouken Glen Park (2). 

Glasgow Green, - 
Alexandra Park, - 
Springburn Park, - 
Rttchill Park, 
Bellahouston Park, 
Queen's Park, 
Victoria Park, 

Richmond Park, - 
Bellahouston Park, 
Rouken Glen, 
Tollcross Park, - 
Springburn Park, - 
Maryhill Park, 






Dawsholm Park, - 




Glenconner Park, 




Cardonald Park, - 




Plantation Park, - 




Shettlestonhill, - 




Cowlairs Park, 




Temple Recreation 




Gartcraig Playing Field, - 








Glasgow Green, - 





Victoria Park, 





Cardonald Park, - 





Knightswood Park, 




Gartcraig Playing 

Field, - 







Established 1857 



Associated with the Scottish Equitable Life Assurance Society 


Loans on Houses, Shops, Business Premises 


Repayments arranged to suit each individual Loan 

Fixed Loans with Life Assurance 

For particulars apply HEAD OFFICE :— 





The Scottish Temperance 

and General Assurance Company, Limited. 

Head Office: 109 St. Vincent Street, Glasgow, G2. 


A. K. Rodger, J.P., Chairman 

Tne Rt. Hon. Lord Maclay, LL.D., D.L. 

G. W. Service, J.P. 

Andrew Law, J.P. 

Sir Andrew H. Pettigrew, LL.D., D.L. 
John Craig, C.B.E., D.L. 
David T. C. Sloan 
John C. Weir 

Manager, Wm. Bannatyne, F.F.A. 
The Company being on Mutual Lines, all Profits are reserved for Policyholders. 

Life Funds, - - • £8,549,386 

Premium Income, - - £640,126 

Before assuring, send for full Prospectus, and ask for special leaflets. 



For the purpose of Saving Space the following abbreviations have been used : — cres. for 
crescent ; pi. for place ; sq. for square ; st. for street ; ter. for terrace ; aven. for avenue ; 
res. for residence; ho. for house ; ch. for church ; s.s. for south side of the river, &c 

Abbey Road Building Society, 119 Hope street, C. 2; 

teL No., Central 9449. Local manager, James 

Riddell, M.A., LL.B. Scottish, agency manager, 

C. W. Campbell, 
Abbey, Robt. S., Ltd., cabinetmakers, 286-290 

Parliamentary road, C.4 j telephone No., 1943 

Abbey Studio, artists and craftsmen in ecclesiasti- 
cal, heraldic, and memorial stained glass, 167 

West Graham street, C.4 ; tel. No., Douglas 6641. 

Also at Edinburgh. 
Abbot Engineering Co., Ltd., engineers and gear 

cutters, Smithhills street, Paisley. 
Abbott, Ernest T., M.A., teacher, The High School ; 

ho , 58 Barns st., Whitecrook, Clydebank. 
Abbott, James, chemist and druggist, 265 Mary hill 

road, N.W. ; ho., 4 Melrose gdns., N.W. 
Abbott, Jas., & Co, Scotch whisky exporters, 2-6 

Castle street, Dumbarton. 
Abbot, P. H., traveller (commercial), 5 Great George 

street, W.2. 
Abbott, S. G., M.R.C.V S„ D.V.S.M., chief veterin 

ary officer, 60 Melbourne st., El (tel. No., 

Bridgeton 16); ho., Lyndburst, Woodfarm road, 

Abbott, William, surgical chiropodist, 12 Renfield St., 

C.2, 1st floor (tel. No., 9100 Central); res. Sorel, 

Ossian road, Newlands. 
Abbott & Wilson, wholesale woollen merchants, 82 

Union street , C.l. 
Abbotsford-Chalmers Church, 100 Pollokshaws road, 

Abbotsford Parish Church, Devon street, C.5. 
Abbotsford Public School, Abbotsford place, C.6. 
Abbotshaugh Engineering Co., Ltd., 89 Helen street, 

S.W. 1. 
AB C Co., Educational Booksellers, publishers, print- 
ers, bookbinders, manufacturing stationers, &c, 

80 West Regent street, C.2. 
Abel, James T., R.D., R.N.R., superintendent and 

registrar, R.N.R. Mercantile Marine Office. 
Abell, Horace W. (of James Spencer & Co.), Nithsdale, 

Abell, Wm A., manufacturers* agent. 111 Old Castle 

road, S 4. 
Abel], W. S., grocer, 371 Carnmnnock road, S.4. 

Abel, Mrs. (of James Johnston & Co.), ho. 4 

Kennyhill square, E.l. 
Abercrombie, Brisbane & Brown, pitwood im- 
porters and timber merchants, Royal Exchange 

buildings, Glasgow, C.l ; Abergrange Saw Mills, 

Grangemouth ; tele. No., 7100 Central ; telegrams 

" Props." 
Abercrombie & Co., iron and steel merchants, 18 

Craig-mont dr., N.W. ; ho., 14 Killermont terrace 

Abercrombie, David, 78 Minard rd., Crossmyloof , S. 1. 
Abercrombie, Geo. L., commercial traveller, 43 Gala 

st., Riddrie, E.l. 
Abercrombie, H. M., representative, 12 Williamwood 

Park West, Netherlee. 
Abercrombie, James, agent, 27 Jamaica st., C.l; 

ho., 42 Apsley street, W.l. 
Aberdeen Free Press, office for advertisements, 

9 South Exchange pi., C.l ; tel. No., 8624 Central 
Aberdeen Journals Ltd., repres., A. Rea, 12 Renfield 

street, C.2 ; tel. No., 1366 Central. 
Aberfoyle Slate Quarries Co. (Lim.), slate quarries, 

Aberfoyle, Perthshire; secretaries, Andrew 

MacCulloth & Co.. Ltd., 7 Royal Bank place, C.l. 
Abernethy, A. F., manufacturers' agent, 144 

Woodlands road, C.3; tel. No., Douglas 4236 
Abernethy, Jas., newsagent and bookseller, 66 Old 

Dumbarton road, C.3. 
Abernethy, M. & F., baby linen and ladies' out- 
fitters, 62 Woodlands road, C.3. 
Abernethy & Macdonald, smiths, 239 Govan road; 

works, 40 Brand st., S.W.I ; tel. No., Ibrox 96. 
Abernethy, Wm., manufacturer's agent, 49 Queen 

st., C.l ; res., Gladsmuir, Kilmacolm. Telephone, 

Central 4880. 
Abernethy, William, smith, Queen Elizabeth 

avenue, Hillington; tel. No., Halfway 2289. 
Aberthaw & Bristol Channel Portland Cement Co., 

cement manufacturers, 141 St. Vincent St., C.2; 

tel. add. " Druid " ; tel. No., Central 0206. 
Abraham, Miss H. E., 148 Peveril avenue, S.l ; 

tel. No., Langside 742. 
Abrahams, A. & D., manufacturing furriers, 17 

Oswald street, C.l ; tel. No., Central 4444. 
Abrahamson, K., wholesale grocer, 37 Ruther- 

glen road, C.5 ; house, 41 do. 
Abram, Henry, Limited, shipowners and delivery 

contractors, 93 Hope street, 0.2; tel. add. 

"Abram, Glasgow {" telephone Nos., Central 

3075 and 3076. 




Abram, H. Kerr (of Henry Abram, Ltd.); res., 

The Knock, Bishopton, Renfrewshire; tel. No , 

Bishopton 77. 
Abram, R. K., director (Scott, North & Co., Ltd.); 

ho. 36 Cleveden dr., W.2 ; tel. No. Western 4438 
Abrams, Arthur, furniture dealer, 163 Gallowgate, 

Abramson, Samuel, importer and exporter. 75 

Dunlop street, C.l ; house, 6 Cheviot road, S.3. 
Absalom, R. Gregory, M.Sc, Ph.D., curator, Natural 

History Department, Glasgow Art Galleries and 

Museums, Kelvingrove, 0.3; res., Ainsdale, 36 

Helensburgh drive, Jordanhill, W.3. 
Acadia Sugar Refining Co., Ltd., 118 Queen at., CI ; 

David W. Brand, F.C.I.S., secretary. 
Accessory Supply Co., manufacturers' agents, 54 

Gordon st., C.l. 
ACE Ladder Works (M'Millan Bros., agents), 87 

Gallowgate, C.l ; tel. No., Bell 3115. 
Acetylene (The Scottish) Gas and Carbide Stores, 

Ltd.; Wm. Moyes & Sons, acetylene engineers, 142 

Waterloo st., C2 ; tel. No., 1104 Central; tel. 

address, "Acetylene, Glasgow." 
Acheson, H. J., provision merchant, 79 Watt st., C.6; 

ho. 76 Seymour street, Crossmyloof, 8.1. 
Achilles Steel Co., Ltd., 74 York street, C.2. 
Ackerley, Mrs. E., draper, 317 Cathcart road, S.2. 
Acme Billposting Co., 3 '9 Hope street, C.2 
Acme Electric Welding and Marine Scaling Co., Ltd., 

registered office, 59 Govan rd., S.W.I ; tel. Nos., 

Ibrox 256 (after 5.30, Halfway 1044 and 2172); 

tel. add., "Weldable." 
Acme Rope aud Twine Warehouse, horse clothing 

and stable requisites, 58 Howard street, C.l. 
Acme Showcard & Sign Co., Ltd. ; repres., R. B. 

Strang, 25 Gordon street, C 1 (tel. No., Central 

1883), ho. Nether Knockbuckle, Kilmacolm. 
Acme Stamp and Brand Works, 125 London 

road, CI. 
Acme Steel and Foundry Co., steel and 

castings (Siemens Crucible and Manganese) manu- 
facturers, &c, Shettleston. 
Acme (The) Tea Chest Co, Ltd., Hardie, 

Caldwell Ker & Hardie, C.A., secretaries, 145 St. 

Vincent street, C.2. 
Acme (The) Tea Chest Co., Ltd., manufacturers of 

tea and rubber chests, whisky cases, &c, 204 

Polmadie road, S.2; tel. No., 970 Queen's Park 

(3 lines). 
Acme Wringers, Ltd., sole makers of Acme and 

Acme Brand wringers, David St., Bridgeton, S.E.; 

tel. add., " Closringerj Glasgow"; teL Nos., 

2920, 2921, and 2922 Bridgeton. 
Acre Rubber Co , Ltd., motor tyre factors, 23 

Turnbull st., C.l, off St. Andrew's sq. j tel. add., 

" Acruco, Glasgow"; tel. Nos. Bell 0795 and 0796. 
Acton, Agnes, M.T., chemist and druggist, 173 

Paisley road W. (tel. No., Ibrox 1456); ho., 21 

Greenock road, Paisley. 
A. C. S. Motors, Ltd. (The), auto engineers and 

haulage contractors, 113-117 Elliot street, C.3; 

tel. Nos., City 4181-2-3. 
Adair, Alexander (at Scottish Temperance Alliance) i 

ho., 584 Crow road, W.3. 
Adair and Co., exporters of Scotch whisky, 2-6 

Castle street, Dumbarton 
Adair, Jame9, Procurator Fiscal, County Buildings, 

Glasgow (tel. No., Bell 2716) ; house, 22 Newark 

drive, Pollokshields, S.l. 

Adair, Irene, modiste, 85 Renfield street, C.2. 
Adam, Alex., A.R.I.B.A, architect (of Duncan & 

Copland, 160 Hope street, C.2) j ho., Bushes aven., 

Adam, Allan (of John Adam & Co., Ltd.) ; ho., 99 

M'Culloch street, Pollokshields, S.l; tel. No, 

South 1837. 
Adam, Arthur, L.D.S., surgeon dentist, 62 Golspie 

st, S.W.I; ho., 10 Blairgowrie road, S. W.2. 
Adam, Charles, & Co., fire assessors, 101 St. Vincent 

street, C.2. 
Adam, C, stationer and tobacconist, 277a Parlia- 
mentary road, C.4. 
Adam, David R. (of R. & D. Adam); house, 76 

Stewarton drive, Cambuslang; tel. No., 50 Cam- 

Adam, D. & Co., printers, stationers, and litho- 
graphers, 43 Mitchell street, C.l. 

Adam, George (at Ingall, Parsons, Clive & Co., 
Ltd.); house, 265 King's Park avenue, S. 4} 
tel. add., " Loop " ; tel. No., Langside 1945. 

Adam & Gray, cabinetmakers, 21 Sandyford Place 
lane, C.3. 

Adam, G., manufacturers' agent, 1 Argyll arcade, C.2 

Adam, I., Ltd., lard manufacturers, 154, 156 
Stockwell st., C.l ; tel. No., Bell 1770. 

Adam, James (of Johnston, Watt & Adam), 
ho. Mervyn, Helensburgh. 

Adam, James, manufacturers' agent, 166 Buchanan 
st, C.l (tel. No., Douglas 4689); ies., Glencairn, 
Potterhill avenue, Paisley. 

Adam, James, M.A., M.D., F.R.F.P.S., surgeon 
for diseases of ear, nose, and throat at Stobhill 
Hospital ; hon. surgeon for same at Royal In- 
firmary, 5 Clifton pi., C.3; tel. No., 4634 Douglas. 

Adam, James, F.S.I, (of Turnbull, Parnie & Adam), 
211 Hope street, C2. 

Adam, James, contractor, 87 Curie street, Whiteinch, 
Scotstoun, W.4; tel. No., Scotstoun 1193. 

Adam, Rev. James A., M.A., clergyman (retired), 
107 Woodstock aven. , S.l ; tel. No, Langside 358. 

Adam, John, & Co. , Ltd., masons, builders, and con- 
tractors, property assessors and valuators, 584 
Pollokshaws road, Strathbungo, S.l; tel. No., 
Langside 1249. 

Adam, John, manufacturer' agent, 36 Arundel dr., 
S.2 j teL No., 934 Langside. 

Adam, John, & Son, lard and fat manufacturers, 
122 Stockwell street, CI ; telephone No., Bell 1013. 

Adam, John (of John Adam & Co., Ltd.) ; house, 
109 Herries road, Pollokshields, S.l; tel. No. 
Queen's Paik 639. 

Adam, John R., iron merchant, 1404 Gallowgate, 
Parkhead, E.l; house, 26 Huntly ave., Giffnock. 

Adam, J. L, M.I.N.A., assistant chief surveyor, 
B'itish Corporation Register; res., Gardyne, Mng- 
doik road, Milngavie ; tel. No., Mihigavie 1641. 

A' 1 an, J. M'Murray, secretary at David & John 
Anderaon, Ltd. ; res., Kilrenny, Fergnston road, 

Adam, Robert, stationer, 146 St. George's road, C.3; 
ho., 48 Carnarvon street, C.3. 

Adam, R & D., brickmakers ; office, Belridere 
Brick Works, London road, Tollcroes, E.2 ; tel. 
Nos., 27 and 2714 Bridgeton. Works — plastic 
clay, Belvidere, London road, E.2 ; Brick 
Works Composition — Nitshill Brick Works, Nits- 
hill (tel. No., 1492 Barrhead), and Inkerman 
Bri= k Works, Paisley ; tel. No., 2301 Paisley. 





Adam, R. & J., "Commercial" agents, 115 Howard 

street, C.l ; tel. address, " Push, Glasgow" ; 

tel. No., 5415 Central. 
Adam, Robert (of T. & R. Adam), 77 Southbrae 

drive, Jordanhill, W.3. 
Adam, Robert D., 6 Golf road, Burnside, Rutherglen, 
Adam, Robert, Sunnylaw, 26 Campbell drive, 

Bearsden ; tel. No., Bearsden 257. 
Adam, Robert R. (of Archibald Sliman & Fisher); 

house, 5 Brtce r ad, Pollokslrelds, S.l. 
Adam & Smith, Ltd., financiers and business agents, 

65 West Regent street, C.2. 
Adam, Thomas (of Nicholas M. Reid, Ltd.); ho., 7 

Oakley ter., E.l ; tel No., Bridgeton 50. 
Adam, Thos. P., assistant governor, Barnhill Insti- 
tution ; ho., 657 £dgefauld road, N. 
Adam, T. &R., smiths and builders' ironmongers, 44 

Sbaw street, Govan, S.W.I. 
Adam, William (of Armour, Browne & Adam, C.A.), 

40 Wett Nile st., C.l (tel. Nos , Central 4766-7); 

bo., 6 Gt. Western ter., Kelvinside, W.2; tel. No., 

Western 7010 
Adam, William, coal merchant, Stobcross station, 

L.N.E. Ry.. C3 (tel. No , Central 2725); ho., 446 

Crow rd. ; tel. No., 4199 West. 
Adam, W. & R. R , Ltd., carpet manufacturers, 64 

Queen st., C.l; tel. add., "Smadacarp, Glasgow"; 

tel. No., Central 6741. 
Adam, Miss Caroline, 4 Brora st., Riddrie, E.l. 
Adams, A. M., pianoforte and musical instrument 

dealer and expert in flutes (agents for Scotland 

for Rudall Carte & Co., Ltd., London), 51 West 

Princes street, C.4. 
Adams, Andrew, 391 Albert drive, S.l. 
Adams, Charles, piano tuner, 257 Bilsland dr., N.W. 
Adams, D., golf club manufacturer and sports 

outfitter, 8, 10 Royal Exchange sq., C.l (tel. No., 

Central 7108); ho., Balcarres, Bearsden. 
Adams, David, manufacturing chemist, maker of 

harness composition, boot, furniture and metal 

polishes, &c, City Polish Works, 14 and 16 

Drummond street, C4. 
Adams, David, & Co., Ltd., grain merchants, 11 

and 13 Crownpoint road, S.E. 
Adams, Douglas, 39 Fotheringay road, Maxwell 

park, S.l. 
Adams, Douglas K., M.D., F.R.F.P.S.G., physician, 

12 Lynedoch cres., C.3; tel. No., 4368 Douglas. 
Adams, E., hardwareman, 223 Florence st., C.5. 
Adams, H. B. (of James Adams & Co., Ltd., Cardonald 

Sawmills, late Tradeston Sawmills) ; res., Fernie 

bank, Biidge of Weir road, Kilmacolm. 
Adams, James, St Co., Ltd., timber merchants 

and importers, Cardonald Sawmills, Cardonald, 

S.W.2 (late Tradeston Sawmills); tel. No., 1611 

Halfway (2 lines); tel. address, " Sawmills." 
Adams, John, hatter and hosier, 212 North sU, C.3 ; 

house, Reedbolm, Drurochapel. 
Adams, John, hatter, 932 Argyle street, C.3. 
Adams, John, cloth singer, 5 Frederick lane, C.l. 
Adams, Rev. J>hn C, M.A., St. Andrews East 

Church of Scotland ; ho., 13 Onslow drive, E.l. 
Adams, P. W. (A.M.I. Mech E), chief engineer, 

Scottish Auto & Gen. Ins. Co., Ltd., 136 Hope 

•treet, C.2 ; house, 27 Albert drive, Burnside. 
Adams, Robert, " Victor," Ltd., London, manufac- 
turers of floor and butt spring hinges, " Panic " 
bolts and continuous gearing. Agents, John 
Mitchell & Co., 74 York st., C.2. 

Adams, Robt. G., mantle manufacturer, 9 Hutcheson 

St., C.l ; house, 33 Albany aven., Springboig, E2. 
Adams, Dr. R., 60 Queen Mary avenue, S 2 
Adams, T. & Co., wholesale provision merchants, 50 

Spoutmouth, C.l; tel. add., "Telferada"; tel. 

No., 156 Bell. 
Adams, William, & Son, Ltd., fancy boxmakers, 

bookbinders, printers, and wholesale stationers, 

87 Gallowgate, CI ; telephone No., 1860 Bell. 
Adams, William, bank agent, Royal Bank of Scot- 
land, Charing Cross branch (tel. No., Western 

5442); ho 41 Hillhead street, W. L. 
Adams, Mrs. John, 1 Queen's crescent, C.4. 
Adams, Miss M., teacher of piano and singing, 2 

Park terrace, C.3 ; tel. No., Douglas 4771. 
Adamson, A. G, agent, 86 Virginia street C.l i ho., 

91 Henderland road, Westerton. 
Adamson, Adam W., Glasgow Herald; ho., 70 Victoria 

Park drive, north, W.4; tel. No., Scotstoun 2318. 
Adamson, James (managing director, Jas. Wilkie, 

Ltd.); ho. 194 Hyndla' dread, W.2. 
Adamson, James, commissionaire (Utd. Coll., Ltd.); 

ho., 319 Clarkston road, Cathcart, S.4. 
Adamson, John, C.A. (of M'Clelland, Ker & Co.), 

res., Turfhills, Priory Close, Stanmore, Middlesex. 
Adamson, John (of The Dock Coopering Co.), ho., 

46 Frankfort street, S.l ; tel. No., Langside 2045 
Adamson, Robert O, traveller (Marshall & 

Steven, Ltd.), ho., 21 Quarrybrae aven., Clarkston. 
Adamson, Robert, & Co., distillers of Scotch whisky, 

2-6 Castle st., Dumbarton. 
Adamson, Robert O., M.A., M.D., physician, 15 

Grosvecor crescent, W.2. 
Adamson, S. J. Scott, C.A. (of Scott Adamson 

& Co., C.A), 190 West George street, C.2 (teL 

No., Douglas 4131; tel. add., "Compliance"); 

ho., 90 Hyndland road, W.2. 
Adamson's Registry, 205 Hope street, C.2 

(established 1895), agency for first class male 

and female servants and official staff in hotels, 
hydros, clubs, institutions, private houses; also 

nurses and managerial appointments, &c, ; tel. 

No., Douglas 1986. Miss Mabel Scott Adamson, 

proprietrix ; ho., 165 Kestrel road, W.3. 
Adcroft, Robert, newsagent, 100 Swanston st., S.E. 
Addie, Dunlop (Insurance Brokers), Ltd., insurance 

brokers, 190 West George st., C.2; tel. No., 

Douglas 1173. 
Addie, Peter George, accountant, Bank of Scotland, 

235 Sauchiehall st., C.2 ; ho., 166 Camphill aven., 

Addie, Robert, & Sons' Collieries (Ltd.), coal- 
masters, 36 Robertson st., C.2; tel. No., 9664 

Central; James Brown, secretary. 
Rosehall Colliery, Coatbridge. 
Viewpark Colliery, Uddingston, 
Herbertshire Colliery, Denny. 
Rosehall Brickworks Co., Coatbridge. 
Addie, Mrs. James, fruiterer, 981 Tollcross rd., E.2. 
Addison, A. S. & Co. Ltd., electrical contractors, 61 

Mount Annan dr., S.4. 
Addison, P. M. (at W. Roberton & Son)« ho., 16 

Albert road, S.2. 
Addison, William (of David Thomson's, 102 St, 

Vincent st., C.2) | ho., 162 King's Park avenue, 

Cathcart, S.4 ; tel No. Langside 242. 
Addison, William Lyall, 66 Norham st., S.l. 
Addressall Machine Co., 134 St, Vincent street, 





Addressograph Multigraph Ltd., 200 St. VinceDt st„ 

Adelaide Place Baptist Church, 209 Bath street, C.2. 

Adelphi Hotel (Toe) (Glasgow), Ltd., 170 Argyle 
St., C.2; tel. add., "Unafraid, Glasgow"; teL 
No*.. Central 4161-5. 

Adelphi Stores (The), general supply 
contractors; hotel ana institution supplies a 
specialty; estimates given, 45 Govan road, S.W.I ; 
tel. No., Ibrox 820. 

Adelphi Terrace Advanced Central School, 85 
Adelphi street, C.5. 

Aden Line of Steamers, The City Line, Limited, 75 
Bothwell street, C.2. 

Aden Line of Steamers (Cayzer, Irvine & Co., Ltd., 
managers), 109 Hope street, C.2. 

Aden Steamers (Union- Castle Line), 4 Bothwell 
street, C.2. 

Adie, Alexander, china and glass merchant, 25 
Ruiherglen road, C 6. 

Admiral Shipping Co. Ltd. — Glen & Co., Ltd., 
managers, 165 St. Vincent street, C.2. 

Admiralty Central Offices, 14 Crown ter., Dowan- 
hill, W.S. 

Adrema, Ltd., 50 Wellington street, C.2. 

AdHanrje Gowns, 1? West George St., C.2 

Adshead, N., & Son, general printers, wholesale 
stationers, account book makers, lithographers, 
bookbinders, and die stampers, 34, 36 Cadogan 
street, C.2» tel No., Douglas 5892-3. 

Advance Display, display kiiitting manufacturers, 90 
Wellington lane, C.2 

Adviser, The, Monthly, Publishing Office, 226 West 
George street, C. 2. 

Aerial Photographs. Ltd., aerial taxis and survey, 
93 Lauderdale gdns, W.2 ; teL add., •* Autoaero, 
Glasgow " j tel Nos., Western 2200-1 (P.B.E.). 

Aerocrete (Scotland) Limited, precast 
block and beam manufacturers, Victoria 
Works, Gartlea road, Airdrie ; tel. No., 
Airdrie 3036. 

Aero ElectroPlating Co., electro platers, 327 Argyle 
street, C.2. 

Aerograph Co.. Ltd. (The), manufacturers 
of spraying equipment complete plants 
for cellulose finishing, 72 Berkeley St., 
C.3; tel. add., " Aerography, Glasgow"; 
tel No., Douglas 827. 

Aerostyle. Ltd., engineers makers of paint 
spraying plant, 211 St. Vincent street, C.2; teL 
add. " Barchemo''; tel. No. Central 29^5. 

Aerox Filters Ltd., Hillington road, S.W.2 ; tel. 
add., " Filters, Glasgow"; tel. No. Halfwav 2015. 

Affreck, R., boot repairer, 193 Milburn St., N. 

Africa, 8outh, West and East (Union-Castle Line), 
4 Both»ell street, C 2. 

African Shipping (England), Ltd., 91 Mitchell st., C.l. 

African (The) Lakes Corporation (Ltd.). 
East African Merchants, Shipowners and Planters, 
122 Ingram street, C.l ; telegraphic add., " Nyasa, 
Glasgow;'' teUphon* Nos., Bell 998 and 999. 

Agency for British, Colonial, and Foreign 
Patents. Designs, and Trade Marks, John 
Liddle (formerly BottOTley and Liddle), estab- 
lished 1889, 184 8t. Vincent street, C 2. 

A?er Wm. J., tea agent, 17 Oiwald street, C.l (tel. 
No., Central 2394); house, 90 Holeburn road, 
Newlands, S.3. 

Agnew, Alex. M., 132 Renfrew street, C.2. 

Agnew. Frank, Ltd., import and export merchants, 

60 Wellington St., C.2| tel. add., " Wengaf;" tel. 

No.. Central 2922. 
Agnew, F. & Son harness compo manufacturers and 

merchants, 13 Pitt street, C.2. 
Agnew, Jame*, M B , Ch B., physician and surgeon, 

Kyngarry, 26 Drive road, S.W.I. 
Agnew, Jas., physician and surgeon, 26 Drive road, 

Agnew, John A, engineer (Morris, Warden fc Co., 

Ltd.) ; bouse, 13 Queensborongh gardens, Hynd- 

land, W2. 
Agnew, J. Percival, C. A (Mitchell & Smith) ; 

house, Broadmeadows, Kilmarnock. 
Agnew, P. V., nurseryman, Gallowflat, Rntherglen. 
Agnew, Robert R., M.A, 25 Campbill avenue, 

Langside, S.l ; tel. No , Langside 2280. 
Agnew, Robert W„ M.Ch. (Orth). F.R.C S.E., 

surgeon, 23 Royal crescent, C 3 (tel. No., Western 

2133); house, 33 KelvL grove street, C.3. 
Agnew, Wm., fishmonger, 335 Sprirgburn rd., N. 
Agnew, Wm., Ltd., fishmongers, poulterers ard game 

dealer*-, 115, 117 New City road, C.4 ; tel. No., 

Douglas 263. 
Agnew, Mrs. Frank H., 26 Dungoyne gardens, Mary- 
hill park, N.W. 
Agostini, G., restaurant, 22 Aikenhead road, 8 3>. 
Agricultural College ; Principal, Wm. G. R. Paterson, 

B.Sc, N.D.A (Hons.); A. J. Wilsen, secretary, 

6 Blythswood sq., C2 ; tel. Nos., Douglas 2240 

and 2241. 
Aiken, M., hat and cap, military, men's, boys', 

and school cap manufacturer, 114 Candleriggs, 

CI; tel. No., Bell 612. 
Aikenhead Estate Office — Albert G. Deans, factor, 

232 West George street, C.2. 
Aikman, C. B., & Thomson, writers, 157 W. 

George st., C.2 ; telephone, Central 5502 ; tel. 

add., "Aikman." 
Aikman, Geo., produce broker, 62 Virginia st., C.l 

(tel. Nos., Bell 2271 and 2272); ho. Margareta, 

Aikman & Glen, chartered accountants, 121 St 

Vincent St., C.2. Telegraphic address, " Actuary." 
Aikman, John Logan, C A. (of Aikman & Glen), 

res., Novar, Milngavie. 
Aikman, William M., L.M.S Railway, St. Rollox, 

N4 house, 88 Hyndland street, W 1. 
AikmaD, Mrs P. H., 4 Grosvenor crescent. W.2. 
Aikman, Miss Mary, fraiterer, 337 Parliamentary 

road ; ho., 45 Garthland drive, E.l. 
Aileen, hairdressers, 494 Crow road, W.l. 
Ainslie, Alfred A., 124 Croftwood avenue, King's 

Park, S.4. 
Ainslie & Heilbron (Distillers) Ltd., whisky exporters, 

64 Waterloo street, C.2; teL add., ''Ainslie, 

Glasgow"; tel. No., Central 1631. 
Ainslie, T. B., hosier and hatter, 118-120 Great 

Western road, C4 ; ho. 26 Ashburton road, W.2. 
Ainsworth & Son*, Ltd., linen thread manufac- 
turers, 95 Bothwell street, C.2. 
Air Raid Precautions, 263 High st., C.4 
Air Registration Board, 50 Wellii gton street, C.2. 
Aird Bros., garage, 893 Springfield road, E.l ; teL 

No., Bndgeton 6«2. 
Aird & Coghill, Ltd., printers, publishers, wholesale 

stationers, &c, 24 Douglas street, C.2; tel. No., 

Central 260 (3 lines) 3 tel. address, " Coghill, 






Aird, E. t fruiterer, 4 Blackburn st., S.W.I 

Aird, Erskine M., secretary, Caledonian Insurance 

Company, 64 St Vincent street, C.2. 
Aird, Gavin, & Co., tailors and clothiers, 89 Dum- 
barton road. Partick. W.l 
Aird, Hugh MacColl (of John A. Aird) ; ho. 1 Mul- 
berry road, Newlands. 
Aird, John A., merchant and agent, 147 Bath 

St., C.2 i tel. No , Douglas 2358. 
Aird, Robert, tailor and clothier, 6 Monteith place, 

Aird, Robert, physician, 203 Southbrae drive, W.3. 
Aird, R.. dairy keeper, 087 Alexandra parade, E.l; 

ho., 199 Meadowpark street, E. 1. 
Airlie, Mrs. Janie, Kil-pindie, 160 Nithsdale rd., S.l ; 

teL No , Queen's Park 1741. 
Airways, Ltd., electric cleaner manufacturers, 170 

Hope street, C.2. 
Aitchinsnn, J)hn G., junr., commercial traveller, 

21 Hillington gardens, Cardinald, S.W.2. 
Aitchisoo, A., Woodhurst, 12 Riveroide road, S.3 
Aitchison, Blair, Ltd., engineers and boilermakers, 

Whitecrook Engine Works, Clydebank; tel. Nos., 

374 and 375 Clydebank. 
Aitchison, David, boot maker, 726 Pollokshaws rd., 

S.l; ho. 31 Carmunnock road, Cathcart. 
Aitchison, D. J., assistant registrar of births, &c, 

317 Pollokshaws rd., S.l ; ho. 144 Ardmay 

crescent, S.4. 
Aitchison, J. & W., Dumbarton and Vale of Leven 

carriers, 50 Bell street, C.l ; bo., 11 Station road, 

Dumbarton ; tel. No., Dumbarton 141. 
Aiichison, James, L. D S , surgeon dentist, 92 Calder 

street, 8.2 bo. 16 Park terrace, C-3 
Aitchison, James, chemiit and druggist (Cockburn & 

Co , Ltd., IsO Howard St., C.l); ho., 5 Parkhill 

drive, Rutherglen. 
Aitchison, Ja9. G. & Son, architects, surveyors, and 

valuers, 170 Hope st, C.2 ; tel. No., Douglas 11. 
Aitchison, John, & Co., Ltd., brewers, Edin- 
burgh ; W. A. Roxburgh, ag*nt, 1 15 Wellington 

St., C.2; teL No., Douglas 1283. 
Aitchison, John A. (Chinee Bros. & Co., Ltd.) ; ho. 

25 Queensborough gardens. W.2. 
Aitchison, Stewart, hairdresser, 242 Main street. S.E. 
Aitchison (The) Trust, 174 W. George st., C.2 ; Jas. 

A. Garriock and M. Boyd Wright, joint treasurers; 

Wright, Johnston & Orr, solicitors. 
Aitchiaoo, William, newsagent, 4 Oran street, N.W. ; 

ho., 42 Ourrie street, N.W. 
Aitchison, Wni., hairdresser, 494 Cathcart road, 8.2. 
Aiichison, Mrs., 10 Hillington Park circus, Car- 

donald, S.W.2. 
Aitchison, Margaret, newsagent, 105 Earlston ave.,N. 
Aitken, Albert Renton, 44 Eelvingrove street, C.8. 
Aitken, Alexander, 9 Lossie at., Riddrie, E.l; tel. 

No., Provanmill 4029. 
Aitken, Alex., agent, Union Bank of Scotland, 

Partick, W.l ; house, 22 Banavie road, do. 
Aitken, A. Kennedy, C.A. (managing director R. 

& J. Dick, Ltd.); house, 017 Kilmarnock road, 

Newlands, S.3| tel. No., Merrylee 1787. 
Aitken, Andrew & J. ML, solicitors, 308 Dum- 
barton rd., Partick, W.l (tel No., Western 1076), 

ho. Craigmillar, Bearsden; tel. No., Bearsden 139 
Aitken. A., captain (at Bums & Laird Lines. Ltd.); 

ho. 32 Thornwoi'd avenue, W.l. 
Aitken, Archd., dispensing chemist, 380 Dumbarton 

rd., W.l; ho. 16 Curfew road, W.3, 

Aitken, A. C, & Co., Ltd., food manufacturers, 

Watt road, Hillington; tel. No.. Halfway 198?. 
Aitken & Co. (incorporating Ed. Wilso', Jnn. & 

Co.), drysalters, salt and "hiting merchants, 

37 Osborne St., C.l; tel. No., Bell 1870. 
Aitken, David, mauager, Souse Plumbing Dept., 

Ar<hd. Low & Sons, Ltd. ; ho., 1 Partickhill road, 

Aitken, D.Jeffrey & Co., solicitors, 123 Hope street, 

C.2, and at Beiih; tel. No., Central 5983 (2 lijjes). 
Aitken, David Jeffrey (of D. Jeffrey Aitken & Co.); 

res.. The Mount, Beith ; tel. No , 37 B^ith. 
Aitken, Fred, meat salesman. Meat Market, E.l J ho., 

45 Tinto road, S.3. 
Aitken, Hugh Wallace, colonial engineer (retired), 

Torburn, Bearsden; tel. No., Bearsden 158. 
Aitken, H. S., ladies' outfitter, 99 Gt. Western road, 

Aitken, H. W., Co., Ltd., sugar machinery 

specialists, merchants and exporters, Caledonia 

Engineering Works, Paisley ;teL add., "Sugarcane, 

Paisley"; tel. No. 2191 3 lines). 
Aitken, Hamilton & Duncan, solicitors, 156 St. 

Vincent street, C 2 ; tel. add., " Vigilance "j 

tel. No.. Central 8258. 
Aitken, James, & Co. (Falkirk), Ltd., The 

Brewery, Falkirk. Glasgow office and stores, 431 

Keppochhill road, N ; tel. Nos., Doutjas 1248 9. 
Aitken, James (director, Hendry Brothers, Ltd.); 

house, Norwood, 671 Crow road, Jordanhill, W.3. 
Aitken, James, contractor, 443 Pinkston road, N. ; 

teL No., 129 Douglas. 
Aitken, James, dental surgery, 546 Gallowgate, S.E.; 

ho., Aitkenlea, North Erskii e park, Bearsden. 
Aitken, James, & Sons, grain merchants, 8 L Hope 

street, C.2. 
Aitken, James (of James Aitken & Sons) ; ho., 15 

Dolphin road, SI. 
Aitken, James I., sales manager, The Steel Co. of 

Scotland, Ltd. ; ho., 3 Braemar st., Langside, S.2. 
Aitken, John (L. & H. Williams & Co. Ltd.); 

ho. 34 Leader street, E.l, 
Aitken, John, manufacturer's agent, 62 Virginia st., 

C. 1 ; house, 22 Underwood street, Langside, 

Aii ken, Jno., 53 Fulwood avenue, W.3. 
Aitken, John M., manufacturers' agent, 11 Miller 

sneet, C.l. 
Aitken, John M. , wine and spirit merchant, 97 

Bluevble street, E.l; tel. No., Bridgeton 1886. 
Aitken, John M., stocktaker and accountant, 96 

Renfield St., C.2 (tel. No., Douglas 564); ho., 

87 Ear'spark avenue, Newlands, S. 3. 
Aitken, John M., cashier (Wm. Walker & Co., 75 

St. George's place, C.2 ; tel. add., " Bulwark "; tel. 

No. Central 8191); house, 49 Walton street, 

Shawlands, S.l. 
Aitken, J., C.A (of MacEwing, Brown & Martin, 

C A.); bo., 189 Ketimure street, S.l. 
Aitken, J. B., 24 Dixon road, S.2. 
Aitken, Lilburn, & Co., Limited, loading 

brofcers ano agents for the Blue Funnel Line of 

Steamers from Glasgow to Adelaide, S-A., Mel- 
bourne, Sydney, Newcastle, N.S.W., Hobart and 

Launceston, T., 80 Buchanan st., C.l; telephone 

No., 3775 Central (4 lines). 
Aitken, Lilburn, & Co., Ltd., ship brokers and 

marine insurance brokers, 80 Buchanan street, 





Aitken, Mackenzie, & Clapperton, chartered 

accountants and stock brokers, 2 West Regent St., 

C.2 j tel. No., Douglas 6301 (3 lines); tel. add., 

Aitken, Peter, 280 London road, S.E.; tel. 

Mo., Bell 2510. 
Aitken & Ramsay, chartered accountants, 65 Bath 

street, C.2. 
Aitken, Robert B. (at James Turner & Co.), ho. 

26 Leith street, E.l. 
Aitken, R. (at John Simpson, junr. (Glasgow) Ltd.); 

ho., Annieslea, 110 Knapdale s-t , Lambbill, N.W. 
Aitken & Robertson, coal merchants, Old Barracks 

Mineral Depot (tel. No., Bell 2540); ho., 280 

London road, S.E 
Aitken, T. (of Gilmour & Aitken Ltd.); ho., 10 

Kelvin dr., N.W.; tel. No., Maryhill 762. 
Aitken, William, boring contractor, 64 Church st., 

Aitken, William, poultry farmer, Wellpark, Calder- 

cuilt road, N.W. 
Aitken, William, & Co., surgical instrument makers, 

132 West Nile street, CI ; tel. No. Douglas 6788. 
Aitken, William B., marble merchants' representative, 

23 Crow rd., Partick, W.l (tel. add, "Gooddy"); 

res., Balgaryie, StrathblaDe road, Milngavie; tel. 

No., 1204 Milngavie. 
Aitken, William G., house factor, 490 Paisley road, 

C.6; tel. No. South 1978. 
Aitken, Wm. H. (of James Aitken & Sons); res. 

Maxwelton, 11 Newark drive, Pollokshields, S.l. 
Aitken, Elizabeth, wholesale vegetable merchant, 

Bazaar, C.l (tel. No., 1097 Bell); ho., 45 Ochil 

street, Tollcross, E.2. 
Aitken, Jean Kinross, licensed grocer, 361 Dumbar- 
ton road, W.l ; house, 22 Annfield road, W.l. 
Aitkens, milliners, 515 Duke street, E.l (tel. No., 

Bridgeton 1346) J ho., 75 Armadale street, E.l. 
Aitkenhead, A. F., & Co., printing and shipping 

offices, 46 Main st., Uddingston. 
Aitkenhead, Alex., plumber and electrical 

contractor, 372 London rd. ; tel. No., 

Bridgeton 917. 
Aitkenhead, Anne Cunningham, physician and 

surgeon, 13 Lockerbie ave., Newlands, S.3; tel. 

No., Langside 4i8. 
Aitkeiihead, D. O., draper and children's outfitter. 

18 Deanston drive, S.l. 
Aitkenhead, Robert, dairyman, 37 Regent Moray 

street, C.3. 
Aitkenhead, Mrs. James, dairy, 287 Maxwell road, 

Pollokshields, S.l; ho., 303 do. 
Aiton & Co., Ltd., engineers, 79 West Regent st., 

C.2 ; tel. No. Douglas 2706. 
Aiton, Walter H. (secy., J. & R. Snodgrass, Ltd.); 

ho., 39 fllerrylee Park avenue, Giffnock. 
Aiton, Wm. Arthur, chartered accountant, 33a 

Gordon street, C.l ; ho., 89 Ormonde avenue, 

Muirend; tel. No., 2020 Merry lee. 
Ajax Advertising Co., Ltd., advertising contractors, 

79 West Regent st., C.2; tel. No. Douglas 1809. 
Ajax Trucks, Ltd., 94 Wellington lane, C. 2 ; tel. 

No., Central 7673. 
Akelis, Andrew, tailor, 20 Dixon street, C.l. 
Albany Hairdressers, Ltd., hairdressers and per- 
fumers, 528 Saucbiehall street, C.2. 
Albany Special School, 44 Ashley street, C.3. 
Albert Ballroom, 285 Bath street, C.2; tel. Nos., 

Douglas 5736 aid 3502. 

Albert Cross Post Office, 133 Albert drive, Pollok- 
shields, S.l. 

Albion Chemical Co., Ltd., manufacturing chemists, 
24 Cecil street, Hillhead, W.2 ; tel. No., Western 

Albion Grayhounds (Stoke) Ltd. (Fleming & Wilson, 
C. A., secretaries), registered office, 200 St. Vincent 
street, C.2; tel. add., "Scrutators"; tel. No., 
2523 Central. 

Albion Motors Limited, manufacturers of 
" Albion " commercial and public service motor 
vehicles, head office and works, Scotstoun, W. 4. 

Albion Oil & Petrol Co., Ltd., filling station and 
garage, 349 Gallowgate, S.E. ; tel. Nos., 3212 
and 650 Bridgeton. 

Albion Printing Co., printers, 42 Millar street, C.l. 

Albion Upholstery Works, Ltd., upholsterers, 98 
Commerce St., C.5 (tel. No., South 588); ho., 7 
Garment drive, Shawlands, S.l; tel. No. Lang- 
side 2210. 

Albrethson, A. & Co., merchants and commission 
agents, 28 Clifford st., S.W.I ; tel. add. "Albreth- 
son, GlaBgow"; tel. No., Ibrox 1662. 

Albright & Wilson, Limited, chemical manufacturers, 
75 St. George's place, C.2. 

Alder & Mackay, Ltd., gas meter manufaci urers, 364 
Broad street, S.E. ; tel. No. Bridgeton 0535. 

AJderson, John, confectioner, 147 Garrioch rd., N.W. 

Aldred, Guy A., secretarial work, 5 Baliol street, 

Alexander, Allan M., sausage skin merchant, 402 
Gallowgate, S.E. ; tel No., Bridgeton 527. 

Alexander, A. G. (of H. & A. G. Alexander & Co., 
Ltd.), res., The Beeches, Newton Mearns. 

Alexander, A, clothier, 365 Sauchiehall street, C.2. 

Alexander, A. W , secretary, Rosebery Burns Club, 
45 Jura street, S.W. 2. 

Alexander, Archibald, pigbreeder, piggeries and 
house, 209 Fountainweli rd., N. ; tel. No. Bell 932. 

Alexander, Arch. S., jeweller and silversmith, 62 
Buchanan st., C.l ; ho. c/o MacGregor, 54 Cleve- 
den drive, W.2, 

Alexander, Arthur M. (of Donaldson & Alexander), 
house, 4 Duchal terrace, Kilmacolm. 

Alexander, A. A, & Co., 136 Buchanan street, C.l ; 
tel. No., Central 6 295. 

Alexander Bros. (Wines) Ltd., wholesale wine mer- 
chants, 26, 28 Carlton court, C.6 (tel. add., 
"Abdouro, Glasgow''; tel. No., South 1428); res., 
The Pleasaunce, Windlaw road, Carmunnock; tel. 
No. Busby 1307. 

Alexander & Brown, Ltd., financiers, 153 Oxford st., 
C.5; tel. No., South 2462. 

Alexander, Chas. G. (of J. Taylor Dunford & Co., 
Ltd.), ho., 44 Regent Park square, S.l. 

Alexander, Chas. T., stocktaker and valuator, 26, 
28 Carlton court, C.5 (tel. No., South 1428); 
res., The Pleasaunce, Windlaw road, Carmunnock ; 
tel. No. Busby 1307. 

Alexander, Claude, Ltd., clothing manufacturers, 
93-133 Brook street, Bridgeton, S.E.; tel. add., i 
" Smartness"; tel. Nos. Bridgeton 1180, 1181, and ' 

Alexander & Co., drapers, 377 Ballater St., C.5 ; 
house, 379 do. 

Alexander & Co., motor, motor cycle, and cycle 
agents, 264-286 Gt. Western road, C.4. 

Alexander & Co. (Barrhead), Ltd., Scotch Pulley 
Works, Barrhead : tel. No., 1430 Barrhead. 




Alexander, David, & Sons, shipowners, shipbrokers, 
and iron ore importers, 95 Both well St., C.2 ; tel. 
Nob., Central 3436-3437 (3 lines). 

Alexander, David D., manufacturers' agent, 52 St. 
Enoch square. C.l 

Alexander, D. J., optician, 74 Main street, S.E. 

Alexander, Eben, engineer, iron & steel merchant, 
213 West Campbell St., C.2; house, Sunbeam, 

Alexander, Fergusson & Co., Ld., manufs. of 
sheet lead, lead pipes, white lead, red lead, litharge, 
paints, colours, and varnishes, oil merchants and 
refiners ; lead, paint, colour, and varnish factories, 
Ruchill wharf, Forth and Clyde Canal, Maryhill, 
N.W. ; lead rolling mills and warehouses, 126 
Cornwall street, S.l ; offices, 50 Ruchill street, 
Maryhill, N.W ; tel. No., Maryhill 101 (4 lines) 

Alexander, George H., Machinery, Ltd., 27 Oswald 
street, E.l. 

Alexander, George W., secretary and treasurer, Glas- 
gow Corporation Transport ; house, 50 Melville 
street, Pollokshields, S. 1. 

Alexander, H., dairykeeper, 46 George street, C.l. 

Alexander, Hugh, solicitor (, Mackillop & Co.), 
ho., 20 Lochlea road, S.3; tel , Langside 2<635. 

Alexander, Hugh (of G. & J. Miller. Lid.), ho., 75 
Waverley gardens, S.l. 

Alexander, Rev. H. A. D., M.A., 35 Hillhead 
street, W.2. 

Alexander, Jas., tailors' trimming warehouseman, 
134 St. Vincent street, C.2; tel. No., Central 7648. 

Alexander, James, grocer, 179 Neptune st., S.W.I; 
ho., 16 Lennox aven., W.4 ; tel. No. 2340 Scotstoun 

Alexander, James (John Kyles, partner), fish 
salesman, Fishmarket and 23 Merchant lane, C.l 
(tel. Nos.. Bell 671 and 672); ho., 53 TiDto road, 
S.3; tel. No. Merrylee 2885. 

Alexander, Jas. & Son, sailcloth, linen and 
cotton manufacturers, and colonial export mer- 
chants, 164 Howard st., C.l. Telegraphic address, 

Alexander, Jas., spirit merchant, 55 Kingston st., 
Tradeston, C.5; ho. Redmyre, Eglinton dr., 

Alexander, James, C.A. (of Fleming & Black, C.A., 
124 St. Vincent st. , C.2) ; ho. Dunmyat, Bearsden. 

Alexander, James P. (of David Alexander & Sons); 
ho. 26 Cleveden gardens, W.2; tel. No. Western 

Alexander, James Y., carting contractor, 469 
Pinkston road, N. ; ho. Norman cottage. 

Alexander, John, Edenside, 34 Newlands road, S.3. 

Alexander, John, postman, 45 Whitby street, Park- 
head, E.l. 

Alexander, John, draper, 1866 Maryhill rd., N.W. ; 
ho. 16 Viewmount dr., N.W. ; tel. No. Maryhill 82. 

Alexander, John (of Alex. Riley & Co.) ; ho. 671 
Kilmarnock road, Giffnock 

Alexander, John C, M.B., Ob.B., physician, 5 
Foremount ter., Dowanhill, W 2. 

Alexander, J., wine and spirit merchant, 58 Bridge 
street, C.6. 

Alexander, J. N., pianist, accompanist, and music 
teacher, 51 Rose street, Garnethill, C.3. 

Alexander, Jubb & Taylor, writers, 124 St 
Vincent street, C.2 ; tel. Nos., Central 6297-8. 

Alexander, Peter, 15 Overdale avenue, Langside, S.2 

Alexander, Robert, boot merchant, 131 West Gn 
street, C.4. 

Alexander, R., dairykeeper, 9 Lochburn rd. N.W. ; 

ho. 1490 Marytill road, N.W. 
Alexander R. F. & J. & Co. (Ld.), sewing cotton 

manufacturers, 58 Bothwell st., C.2; warehouse, 

87 Wellington street, C.2. 
Alexander, R. Glassford (of Laird & Macintyre) ; 

ho. Rachan, Kilmacolm. 
Alexander, S. W., accountant, National Bank, 398 

Victoria road, S.2. 
Alexander. T. (at P. M'Roslie & Co.); ho., 8 

Leebank drive, Netberlee. 
Alexander, Walter Stoddart (of Alexander, Jubb & 

Taylor); res., Dunbriton, Bearsden. 
Alexander, William (of John Jaap & Co.), chemist 

and druggist, 268 Buchanan street, C.l; ho., 44 

Southbrae drive, Jordanhill, W.3. 
Alexander, William, billiard room proprietor, 225 

Paisley road, west; ho. 11 Lamington road, 

Alexander, Wm., consulting engineer and 

agent, 167 St. Vincent st, C.2 ; tel. No., Central 122. 
Alexander, Wm., J. P. (of James Alexander & Son); 

res., Broomlaw, West Kilbride; tel. No., West 

Kilbride 137. 
Alexander, Sir Wm., M.P. (of Chas. Tennant & Co., 

Ltd.), Warlston House, near Newbury, Berks. 
Alexander, W., & Sons, Ltd. (Royal Blue 

Coaches), 473 Cathedral st, C.l; tel. Nos., 

63*1, 6342, 6343, and 63*4 Douglas. 

The symbol of the 
most comfortable 
Motor Coach Ser- 
vice in Britain. 

A fleet of 1400 at 
your disposal* 



Douglas 6341 (4 lines) 

M., writer, 27 Lochlea road, 

Alexander, W., confectioner, 12 Sawmill road, 

Partick, W.l. 
Alexander, W. 

Newlands, S.3. 
Alexander, Mrs. Jean, wine and spirit merchant, 61 

and 62 Anderston quay, C.3 (tel. No., Central 

1639); ho., 28 Crown mansions, Partickhill rd., 

Alexander, Mrs. N., greengrocer, 119 Springbnrn 

rd., N.; ho. 121 do. 
Alexander, Mrs., dairy-keeper, 49 Fulton st., W.3; 

ho., 39 Linden street, W.3. 
Alexander, Miss, dairy keeper, 8 Martyr street, C.4; 

house, 18 Parson street, C. 4. 
Alexander, Miss E., fishmonger and poulterer, 995 

Cathcart road, 8.2 (tel. No., Langside 567); 
ouse, 14 M'Lennan st., S.2. 
,nder, Miss K. M., 12 Colebrooke street, W.2. 




Alexander, Maida, gowns, 196 Pitt street, C.2 (tel. 

No., Douglas 8297); ho., 180 Nithsdale road, 

Alexanders of Edinburgh, Ltd., motor agents, 240 

Great Western rd , C.4. 
Alexanders Stores, Ltd., 392, 396 Argyle st.,C2 

(tel. Nob., 3931-5 Central); also at Kirkintilloch, 

Kilsyth, Ayr, Falkirk, Bo'ness, Stirling, and 

Alexandra Hotel, Oban, Co. Ltd. W. Maxwell 

Simmers, C.A., secy.; reg. office, 98 West George 

street, C.2. 
Alexandra Parade Public School, 136 Armadale street, 

Alexandra Transport Co., Ltd., building trades 

merchants, 250 Alexandra parade, E.l ; tel. Nos., 

1125 and 3163 Bridgeton (4 lines). 
Alexandre, Ltd., tailors, 33-37 Argyle street, C.2. 
Alexandria Line of Steamers, The City Line, Ltd., 

75 Bothwell street. C.2. 
Alfa-Laval Co., Ltd., London, British Separators, 

Ltd., London. Agents, W. Cfiristie & Co., Ltd., 

105 St. Vincent street, C.2. 
Alfa-Laval Co., Ltd., London, manufacturers of puri- 
fiers and separators for all oils and other liquids. 

Representatives for Scotland, Morris Warden & 

Co., Ltd., 90 Mitchell street, C.l. 
Alford, Robert, & Son, trank and portmanteau makers, 

84-90 Fiunart street S.E. 
Algie, John, 22 Albert road, Crosshill, S.2. 
Algie, J. C, 5 Dixon street, C.l. 
Algie, Matthew, & Co., wholesale tea merchants, 

58 Cadogan st., C.2 Telegrams, " Algie," Glasgow : 

telephone, Central 5620. 
Algitha, ladies' hair dresser, 8a Otago st., W.2 ; 

ho., 56 Gibson street, W.2. 
Algoa Bay Line of Steamers, The City Line, Ltd., 

75 Bothwell street, C.2. 
Alhambra Theatre, 43 Wellington street, city, C.2. 
Allan, Alexander & Son, joiners, 13 Eglinton st., 

C.5 (tel. No, South 1371); ho. 130 Nithsdale 

road and 14 Bellwood street, S.l. 
Allan, Alex, (of Allan & Jenkins), 14 Bain street, 

Calton, S.E. ; ho. 12 Menock rd., King's Park, 

Allan, Alex. R. (British Ropes Ltd.); ho., 

Windygates, Troon. 
Allan, Alex., baker, 647 Duke street; ho., 10 White- 
vale street, E. 1. 
Allan, Arthur, Ltd., gunmakers, fishing gut 

importers, and fishing rod and tackle makers, 3 

West Nile street, C.l ; res., Fair-a-Far, Beach 

avenue, Newton Mearns. 
Allan & Bogle, brassfounders, patentees, engineers, 

plumbers and furnishers to the aerated water, wine, 

spirit and beer trade, 246, 248 Abercromby street, 

S.E. ; tel. address, "Alloyed, Glasgow"; tel. No., 

Bridgeton 2504. 
Allan, Claud A. (of R. & C. Allan) ; res. Kilmahew, 

Allen, David & Sons, Billposting, Ltd., 

billposters and general advertising contractors ; 

head offices, 84 St. George's road, C 3 ; tel. Nos. 

Douglas 7366, 7367 and 7368 (3 lines); tel. add., 

" Dallen, Glasgow." 
Allan, David (of John Allan & Sons, Ltd , 79 Sword 

street, E.l); res., 26 Riddrie Knowes, Riddrie, 

E.l j tel. No., Bridgeton 1105. 
Allan, David, 53 Dalnair street, Yorkhill, O.3. 

Allen, David, & Sons, Ltd., printers, litho- 
graphers, poater and showc&rd specialists, 84 St. 
George's road, C.3; tel. No., Douglas 7366 

Allan, David E., ladies' and gent.'s tailor, Central 
Chaubers, 11 Bothwell street, C.2 (tel. No, 
Central 4424); ho., 30 Alder road, S.3. 

Allan, David G. & Co. Ltd., coal contractors 
ai d shippers, 166 Bachanan St., C.l; house, 51 
Hamilton aven., Pollokshields, S.l; tel add., 
"Charcoal, Glasgow;" teL No., Douglas 6661 
(4 lines). 

Allan, D., & Son, engineers, 20 Lennox avenue, 
Scotstoun, W.4. 

Allan, D. M., manufacturers* agent, 142 Queen 
street, C. 1 (tel. No., 2164 Central) ; ho., 9 Hexham 
gardens, Maxwell Park, S.l. 

Alien, Edgar & Co., Ltd., steel manufacturers, 
Sheffield. Representative, Archd. Macphail, Royal 
Exchange (tel. add., " Cast&teel, Glasgow " ; tel. 
No. Central 7080) \ ho., 154 Betchwood drive, 

Allan, E., wardrobe, 201 Cambridge street, C.3. 

Allan, F. G., & Cunningham, engineers, iron and 
steel merchants, 19 Wellington st., C.2 (tel. add., 
"Allcun, Glasgow"; tel. No., Central 720) ; ho., 
2 Glenville avenue, Giffnock. 

Allan, George, registrar, 200 Duke st., S.E. ; ho., 
18 Comrie street, E.2. 

Allan, George, slater and plasterer, 20 Stewartville 
street, W.l. 

Allan, George A., M.D., F.R.C.P., physician, 22 
Sandyford place, C 3 ; tel. No., Douglas 4946. 

Allan Glen's School, 134 Montrose street, C.4. 

Allen, Haydn, music teacher, 62 Kingarth street, 

Allen, H., dairykeeper, 104 Houston st., C.S ; house, 
102 do. 

Allan, Henry, flesher, 166 Holmlea road, Cathcart; 
ho., 68 Balmoral avenue, Cathcart, S.4. 

Allan, Hugh, builder, 26 Baillieston rd., E 2 (tel. 
No., Shettleston 1208) ; ho., Larbraid, 50 Carrick 
drive, E.2. 

Allan, I. B., F.S.L (of John H. Allan & Sons, 
chartered quantity surveyors). 147 Bath street, 
C2; ho., Quothquan, Roddinghead road, White- 
craigs; tel. No. Giffnock 1302. 

Allan, Irwin & Co., electrical and mechanical 
engineers, 261 West George street, C.2 ; teL add., 
" Medium, Glasgow"; tel. No., Central 6522. 

Allan, Jas. & Sons, masons, slaters and plasterers, 
653, 1095 Pollokshaws road, S.l; tel. No., Lang- 
side 1330. 

Allan, James (of Jas. M'Queen & Co.); ho., 63 
Polwarth street, W. 2. 

Allan, James, & Son, Ltd., bootmakers, 146 
Sauchiehall st., C.2 ; telephone No., 1984 Douglas. 
Telegrams, " Brogues, Glasgow." — See Advert. 

Allan, James, writer and notary public (of Kennedy, 
Cameron & Allan) ; ho., 50 Lauderdale gardens, 
W.2; tel. No., Western 5984. 

Allan, James (of Holmes & Allan) ; res., Broomlea, 

Allan, James, sen., & Son, Ltd., architec- 
tural and general ironfounders and 
sanitary engineers, Elmbank Foundry, 
37 Farnell St., C 4 ; tel. Nos., Douglas 631 
632 and 633 ; tel. add., " Elmbank," Glas- 







Allan, James, family baker, 204 London rd. , S.E. ; 

ho. c/o A. Cunningham, 276 Kicg's Park aven., 

Allan, James, electrical contractor, 178 Nithsdale 

road, Polloksbields, S.l. 
Allan, James, slater (of James Allan & Sons) ; bo., 

65 Tantallon road, Langside ; tel. No., Langside 

Allan. James, 102 Drumover drive, E.l; teL No., 

Bridgeton 3579. 
Allan, James, M.P.S , chemist and pharmacist, 11 

Skirving street, Shawlands, S.l ; tel. No., Lang- 
side 3082 
Allan, James H. (of Smitb & Wellstood, Lim.), ho., 

Ellisland, 22 Rowan road, S.l. 
Allan, James Jackson, L.D.S., R.F.P.S.G., dental 

surgeon, 969 Sauchiehall street, 0.3 ; teL No., 

Western 2981. 
Allan, James W. (of Cameron & Sons), ho. 

Lagmhor, 12 Tavistock dries, Newlands, S.3. 
Allan, James W., building trades agent, 27 Hope 

street, C.2 ; tel. No., Central 114. 
Allan, James Y., grocer and wine merchant, 70 

Copland road, SW.l (tel. No., Govan 292); ho., 

17 Merrick gardens, S.W.I. 
Allan & Jenkins, leather goods, 93 Hope street, C.2. 
Allan & Jenkins, seed merchants, chemical mannre 

manufacturers, grain and oilcake importers, 14 

Bain street, S. E. ; tel. add., " Festuca, Glasgow" ; 

tel. No., Bell 1748. 
Allan, J., house factor, 296 High street, C 4. 
Allan, J., caretaker, Methodist Central Halls, 304 

Mary hill road, N.W. 
Allan, J., fruiterer, 190 Aikenhead road, S.2. 
Allan, J. A. (of Struthers & Stewart); house, 17 

Bellevale avenue, Ayr; tel. No., Ayr 3587. 
Allen, J. B., Ankerdine, 22 Munro road, Jordanhill, 

Allan, J. L., stationer and tobacconist, 168 Byres 

road, W.2. 
Allan, J. P., dentist, 136 Gallowgate, C.l ; ho. 

31 Grampian street, Sandyhills, Tollcross, E.2. 
Allan, John & Sons, Ltd., engine, pump, hydraulic 

and steam hammer packing manufacturers, 79-83 

Sword st., E 1; tel. add. " Jonaln, Glasgow" ; tel. 

No., Bridgeton 717. 
Allan, John (D. Allan & Son), 20 Lennox aven., 

Scotstoun, W.4. 
Allan, John, & Co., hamcurers and provision mer- 
chants, 34 Wilson St., 0.1; teL No., 2074 Bell; 

telegraphic address, " Segton." 
Allan, John, farmer, Skaterigg Farm, Anniesland, 

Allan, John, physician, 1084 Cathcart road,S.2 ; ho. 

Redcliffe, Cathcart. 
Allan, John, wright and builder, 27 Sword st, E.l; 

res., Marness, Lothian drive, Clarkston. 
Allan, John (of John Allan & Sons, Ltd., 79 Sword 

at., E.l); res. Beechwood, 18 Carrick drive, North 

Mt. Vernon, E 2; tel. No.. ShettUston 1812. 
Allan, John, St Co. (Glenpark\ Ltd., metal 

refiners, smelters and merchants, 258 Glen park 

road, Camlachie, E.1 ; telephone Nos., Bridgeton 

1655 and 1656. 
Allan, John (of Andrew Elliot & Co.); ho. 1 Brown- 
side avenue, Cambuslang. 
Allan, John, B.L. (of John Smith & Co. (Wools), 

Ltd.); ho., The Whins, Newton Mearns; teL No. 

Newton Mearns 2930. 

Allan, J., cabinetmaker, 168 Surrey lane, C.6. 
Allan, John, Millbum, 64 Earlspark avenue, New* 

lands, S.3. 
Allan, John, & Son (Wrights) Ltd,, wrights and 

bnilders, 565 and 567 Cathcart road, S.2. 
Allan, JohD, fruiterer, 22 Cow lairs road, N. 
Allan, John G , grocer, 113 Cambridge street, C.3; 

tel. No., Douglas 2285. 
Allan, John H., & Sons, F/FS I„ chartered quantity 

surveyors, property valuators and fire assessors, 

147 Bath street. 0.2 ; tel. No., Douglas 4566. 
Allan, John S., & Co., wrights and contractors, 34 

Annbank street, E.l. 
Allan, Joseph C. (at Education Offices); house, 

73 Ingleby drive, E.l. 
Allan, Malcolm (of John Allan & Sons, Ltd., 79 

Sword St., E.l) ; ho., 20 Milngavie rd., Bearsden; 

tel. No., Bearsden 674. 
Allan, Matthew, F.S.I, (of John H. Allan & Sons), 

chartered quantity surveyor, 147 Bath street, C.2; 

house. 104 Fernleigh road, NewlaDds, S.3. 
Allan, Mozart, music publisher, 84 Carlton pL, C.5; 

ho. 43 Overdale st., Langside, S.2 
Allan, Norman G., property agent and fire loss 

assessor, 96 Buchanan street, C.l ; ho., Cairndhu, 

Watt rd., Bridge of Weir. 
Allan & Orr, hat and cap manufacturers and tailors* 

trimmings warehousemen, 22 Fox street, C.l; 

teL No., Central 2873. 
Allan, Robert, 29 Chisholm st, C.l. 
Allan, Robert (of Logan & Allan), Almar, 19 Albert 

drive, Bnrnside ; tel. No., 68 Rutherglen. 
Allan, Robert, shopfitter, 18, 20 Adelphi st., 0.6 (tel. 

No., South 2015); ho., 938 Aikenhead road, 

Allan, Robert (of John Allan & Sons, Ltd., 79 

Sword st„ E.l) ; ho., Kilkerran, Carrick dr., 

N. Mount Vernon, E.2 ; tel. No., Shettleston 1918. 
Allan, Robert A. (G.P.O.) ; ho. 5 Kingsdale avenue, 

Allan, Robert B., solicitor, 173 St. Vincent st., C.2, 
Allan, Robert G. (of Jas. Allan & Son, Ltd.); 

ho. Hignfield, Balfleurs St., Milngavie. 
Allen, Robert J, F.G.I.S., secretary (Harland & 

Wolff, Ltd., Govan); res., Fairholme, Colquhoun 

dr., Bearsden ; tel. No., Bearsden 472. 
Allen, Robt. (of W. C. Willis), Woodyett, Hillneuk 

avenue, Bearsden. 
Allan, R. & C, shipowners, 127 St. Vincent st., 0.2 ; 

telegrams, " Fratres, Glasgow.*' 
Allan, R. L. & Son, Ltd., booksellers and stationers, 

139, 141 Sauchiehall street, C.2 
Allan, R. R. (at T. C. Nelson's, Ld.), ho., 33 Ingleby 

drive, E.l. 
Allan, R. Ronald, director and secy. (Thomson & 

Mathieson, Ltd.) ; ho.,Gossford, Elmwood avenue, 

Whitecraigs; teL No. Newton Mearns 21/4. 
Allan, R. S. (at Prentice, Service & Henderson); 

ho., 42 Calderwood road, Rutherglen. 
Allan, Robert, chartered accountant, 60 Kentrd., O.3. 
Allan, Samuel (at Andrew Gibson & Co.), ho. 24 

f'inart street. Riddne. E.l. 
Allan, S. Wallace, Ltd., brick and tile merchants, 

ijushetfauldi Tdods Depot, 80 Cathcart road, S.2; 

tel address, "Tileries, Glasgow"; teL Ncs,, South 

1415 and 1416. 
Allan, Thomas, & Co., Ltd, wholesale fruit merchant*, 

and commission agents, 82 to 90 Candleriggs, 0,1 ; 

teL Nos., Bell 0024 and 0025. 




Allan, Ure & Go. Ltd., Springbank Ironworks and 

Showrooms, 355 Keppochhill road, N. ; tel. No. 

Douglas 2640 ; tel. add., "Superior, Glasgow." 
Allan & Wall, tailors and clothiers, 118 Blythswcod 

st.,C.2 ; tel. No., Douglas 0200. 
Allen West & Co., Ltd., electrical engineers, 147 

Bath street, C.2. 
Allen, William, physician, 17 North Claremont st., 

Charing Cross. C.3 ; tel. No., 4678 Douglas. 
Allan, William, insurance agent, 182 Ark lane, E.l. 
Allan, William, slater (of James Allen & Sons) ; ho., 

65 Tmtallon road, Langside, S.l ; tel. No., 

Langside 1330. 
Allan, William, manufacturers' agent, 16 St. Enoch 

square, C.l. 
Allan, Wm., cashier (Fiscal's Department, County 

Buildings); house, 55 Dundrennan road, S.2. 
Allan, Wm. (late G. P. O.) ; ho., 176 Abbeybill street, 

Allan, Wm., dairyman, 64a Cowcaddens st. , C.2. 
Allan, Wm. F., chemist, 300 Dumbarton road, W.l; 

ho., 2 Hamilton street, W.l. 
Allan, William I., & Co., importers, 25 Wellington 

street, C.2 . 
Allan, Wm. S. (of W. S. Allan & Co. and Watson 

Bros., 7 W. George st., C.2); house, Clovernook, 

Allan, Wm. W. (of D. G. Allan & Co. Ltd.), ho., 

51 Hamilton avenue, Pollokshields, S.l. 
Allan, Wm., caretaker, Saracen Head Buildings, 

Gallowgate, C. 1. 
Allen, W. H., Sons, & Co., Ltd., electrical and 

mechanical engineers, Bedford ; sole agents, Chas. 

Henderson & Co., Ltd., 73 Robertson street, 

Allan, W. S. & Co., merchants and shippers, 7 

W. George st., C.2. 
Allan, W. W., grocer and wine merchant, 22 West- 

muir street and 119 Tollcross road, E.l (tel. No., 

Bridgeton 2702); house, 285 Killin street, E.2. 
Allan & Wilson, agents (manufacturers), 1 Prince's 

square (48 Buchanan street), C.l. 
Allen, Mrs. Jean, confectioner, 48 Mansion st. N. 
Allan, Mrs. P., 15 St. Ronans drive, Shawlands, 

Allan, M'Callum & Henry, Misses, private nursing 

home, The Park Nursing Home, 12 Claremont 

terrace, C.8 ; tel. No., Douglas 2002 
Allan, Miss M., stationer, 98 Cathedral st., C.4. 
Allan, Miss M. O., stationer and tobacconist, 565 

Pollokshaws road, S.l. 
Allan, Isabel P., M.B., Ch. B., physician, 120 Queen's 

drive ; house, 12 Glencairn drive, S.l j tel. No. 

1055 Queen's Park. 
Allan, Winifred R., gowns, 402 Sauchiehall st., C.2 ; 

tel. No., Douglas 1451. 
Allardyce, Arch., & Co., silver engravers and 

designers, 11 West Nile street, C I. 
Allardyce, Frank, Union Bank of Scotland, Ltd.; 

ho., 11 Harelaw aven., Mnirend, S.4. 
Allardyce, Robert M., O.BE., J.P., M.A., LL.B., 

Director of Education, Corporation of Glasgow; 

res. 228 Queen Victoria drive, W.3. 
Alldritt, Edmond A., advertising contractor, 101 St. 

Vincent street, C.2 | house, 29 Dinmont road, 

Alley & MacLellan, Ltd., engineers and iron founders, 

Sentinel Works, Polmadie, 8.2, and Sentinel Valve 

Works, Worcester. 

Alliance Assurance Co., Ltd. (Marine Dept.), 

Gellatly, Hankey & Co., Ltd., agents, Gordon 

chambers, 82 Mitchell street, C.l. 
Alliance Assurance Co., Ltd. (Provident Life Branch), 

158 St. Vincent street, C.2. 
Alliance Assurance Company, Ltd., 151 West 

George street, C.2 ; Frank Straughan, manager; 

tel. add , "Societate, Glasgow" ; tel. No., Central 

5858 (2 lines).—- See Advt. 
Alliance of Honour (The), purity organisation, 

Scottish National Council headquarters, 170 Hope 

street, C.2 ; tel. No., Douglas 3296. 
Allied Industrial Services Ltd., sponge cloths supply 

services, 10 Payne st., C.4; tel. add., "Mochrum, 

Glasgow" ; tel. No., Douglas 1566. 
Allied Music Traders, Ltd., 49 West George street, 

C.2; tel add., "Rhythm"; tel. No., Central 733 
Allied Newspapers, Ltd., 67 Hope street. C.2. 
Allied Paper Merchants ( W. T. & Co ), Ltd., 

incorporating Brown & Thomson and Charles 

Morgan & Co., town and country dept., paper 

merchants, 48 Queen street, C.l ; tel. add., " Teape, 

Glasgow" j tel. No., Central 7611 (4 lines). 
Allied Suppliers (Scotland) Limited, grocers and 

provision merchants, 72 Hydepark st., C.3; tel. 

add., "Allisupply, Phone, Glasgow;" tel. No., 

Central 6964 (4 lines). 
Allied Suppliers (Scoiland) Limited, transport and 

architect's depts., 88 Hydepark st., C.3 ; tel. No., 

Central 3798. 
Allison, Alex, (of A. Allison & Co.); ho. 14 Victoria 

cres., Clarkston, Glasgow; tel. No., Busby 1621. 
Allison, Alexander & Co., merchant tailors, 79 

W. Regent street, C.2 ; tel. No., Douglas 3277. 
Allison, Andrew, physician and surgeon, St. Vincent 

Park, Paisley road west, Ibrox, S.W.I. 
Allison, Carrick B., general manager, City & County 

House Purchase Co., Ltd., head office, 2<'l Bath St., 

C.2 (tel. No., Douglas 3219) ; ho. 104 Beechwood 

drive, Broomhill, W.l; tel. No., Western 3439. 
Allison, C, watchmaker, 319 Paisley road west, 

Allison, James, dairyman, 36 Harmony row, S.W.I. 
Allison, James (of John Allijon Ltd.), 119 Mitre 

road, W.4. 
Allison, John D. (of M'Kichan & Allison, 180 

West Regent street, C.2); ho., 12 Bradda avenue, 

Allison, John, Ltd., cartage contractors, 53 Bishop 

street, C.3. 
Allison, John, builder and decorator, 453 Pollok- 
shaws rd., S.l (tel. No., Queen's Park 944) ; ho., 

84 Langside drivej S.3. 
Allison, John, chartered accountant, 113 West 

Regent st. C.2 (tel. No. Douglas 4614); ho. 101 

Arkleston drive, Paisley. 
Allison, J. B., chemist, 246 Crow road, W.l. 
Allison, J. D., hairdresser, 150 Wellington street, 

Allison, Joseph, C.A. (Thomson, Craston & 

Allison, C.A.) ; ho. 6 Princes ter. , Dowanhill, W.2. 
Allison, M., dairy, 11 Battlefield avenue, S.2. 
Allison, Morris & Co., Ltd., wholesale photographic 

dealers, 52A Howard street, C.l. 
Allison, Robert (of Hunter & Marshall); house, 17 

Battlefield gardens, Langside, S.2. 
Allison, Robert, butcher, 1069 Tollcross road, E.2. 
Allison, R. D., LL.B., writer (of Biggart, Lumsden 

& Co.) ; house, Stewarthall, Irvine. 




Allison, Samuel B., Ltd., wood merchants, 27 White- 
vale street, E.l (tel. Nos., Bridgeton 1690-1, 
P.B.E.); ho., 7 Buchanan gdns. Mount Vernon 

Allison, Walter, 40 St. Enoch sq., CI ; ho., Peveril 
aven,, Burnside, Buthe^glen. 

Allison, William, butchers' clothier, 133 Coplaw 
street, S 2. 

Allison, William, general manager, The Glasgow Iron 
& Steel Co. Ltd., 29 St. Vincent place, C.l ; ho., 
40 Quadrant road, Newlands, S.3 ; tel. No., 
Merrylee 2217. 

Allison, Mrs. M., ladies' and children's outfitter, 607 
Cathcart road, S.2. 

Alison, Miss E., staymaker, 153 Renfrew street, 

Allnutt, Jno. & Co., Ltd., 3 Cadogan st, C.2, and at 
6 York buildings, Adelphi, London, W.C.2. 

Alloa (The) Coal Co., Ltd., coalmasters, 124 St. 
Vincent street, C.2. 

Alloa (Tho) Glass Work Co., Ltd., glass bottle 
manufacturers, 124 St. Vincent st., C.2; repre- 
sentative, A. R. Fraser ; tel. No., Central 6367. 

Allott, Jones, & Co., Ltd., engineering and architec- 
tural stationers, 22 Pall Mall, Liverpool ; local 
representative, Jas. G. Martin, 74 York street, 

Allpress's College (shorthand, typewriting, book- 
keeping), 158 Queen's drive, S.2 ; tel. No., Queen's 
Park 597. 

Allum, Joseph Wm., manufacturing optician, 179 
Shamrock street, C.4. 

Alma (The) Tea Estates Co., Ltd., tea growers, 175 
West George street, C.2 ; telephone, Central 3793 ; 
telegrams, " Altees, Glasgow." 

Almond, C. S., Scottish Provident Institution, 25 St. 
Vincent place, C.l; house, 28 Belhaven terrace, 
W.2 ; tel. No. Western 2664 

Alpha Servants* Registry, 208 Buchanan street, 

Alston & Blyth, electric accessories merchants and 
colliery engineers and mill furnishers, 330 St. 
Vincent street, C.3; tel. No., Central 5551. 

Alston, Gavin (of Alston & Blyth, 330 St. 
Vincent street, C.3) ; house, Drumgelloch Park, 

Alston, John M. & Son, W.S., Commercial Bank 
buildings, Coatbridge; tel. No., 555. 

Alston, Scott & Co., electrical and mechanical en- 
gineers and agents, 50 Wellington St., C.2. 

Alston, W., tobacconist, 435 Maryhill road, N W. 

Alston, W. B., director (of The Clyde Cooperage Co., 
Ltd ) ; res., Hillholm, Glenpatrick road, Elderslie. 

Alston, Mary L. (of James C. Paterson, Ltd., 20 
West Nile street, C.l) ; ho., 74 Kirkcaldy road, 
Pollokshields, 8.1. 

Alston's Tea Rooms, Ltd., 201 Ingram street, C.l, 
336 Argyle street, C.2, and 200 High street, C.l 
(Wm. Alston, manager) ; tel., Central 1252 ; ho., 
Roseacre, Old Mearns road, Newton Mearns. 

Aluminium (The), British Co., Ltd.; agents 
for Scotland, Alex. Brown & Co., 113 W. Regent 
st., C.2. ; tel. add., "Alex, Glasgow"; tel. No., 
Douglas 6528. 

Aluminium Patent Glazing & Roofing Co., Ltd., 
roofing, 223 Parliamentary road, C.4; tel. Nos., 
Bell 1945-6. 

Alves, John, grocer and provision merchant, 6 
Eelvingrove st., C.3; tel. No., 4700 Douglas. 

Alymer, William, custom and excise, Woodside, 94 

Albert road, S.2. 
Amalgamated Engineering Union ; dist. secy., 

William Fyfe, 71 Carlton pi., C.5 ; tel. No., South 

Amalgamated Press, Ltd. (The), 93 Maxwell st., 

C 1 ; tel. No.. 4028 Central. 
Amalgamated Press Ltd. (The) advertisement offices, 

12 Renfield street, C.2. 
Amalgamated Society of Wood Cutting Machinists, 

35 Robertson street, C.2; John Small, organiser ; 

tel. No. Central 2213. 
Amalgamated Society of Woodworkers, 7 Burnbank 

gardens, N.W. 
Amalgamated Union of Building Trade Workers of 
Great Britain and Ireland, 285 High street, C.4. 
Amateur Photographer (The), publishers, 26b 

Renfield street, C.2 
Amberg (The) File and Index Co., 13a Bath st., C 2. 
Ambulance Association, 98-108 North street, C.3; 

sub. station, Govan, S.W.I ; James H. H. Hen- 
derson, general secy. ; telephone Nos., 7181, 7182 

and 7183 Central ; tel. add., " Ambulance." 
A.M.E. School of Dresscutting, 385 Sauchiehall 

st., C.2. 
American Bureau of Shipping, 14 Blythswood square, 

American Express Co., Inc. (The), general forward- 
ing agents, 115 Hope street, C.2 ; tel. No., 

Central 1496 ; telegrams, " Cruise, Glasgow." 
American Passenger and Freight Office, Canadian 

National Railways, 107 Hope st., C.2. 
American President Lines Ltd., steamship owners, 

-4 George sq., C.2 ; tel. add. "Preslines"; tel. 

No., Central 2827- 
Amerina Del a Corte, Italian hairdresser, 915 Argyle 

st., C.3; ho., 4 Elliot st., C.3. 
Ames Crosta Mills & Co., Ltd., Heywood, London and 

Nottingham. Agents, T. F. Craig & Co., 60 

Wellington street, C.2. 
Ames Crosta Sanitary Engineering Co., Ltd., 

Nottingham ; agents, T. F. Craig & Co., 60 

Wellington st,C.2; tel. add. u Wacal "; teL No., 

Central 6044. 
Ames, W. A. B., agent, electrical and mechanical, 

187 St. Vincent street, C.2 } tel. add., "Britelect"; 

tel. Nos., Central 3286, 3287 and 3288. 
Amicable Wind >w Cleaning Co. (Alfred C. Car- 

ruthers), 319 Sauchiehall st., C.2 (tel. No. Douglas 

539); ho., 3 Turret rd., W.3. 
Amiot, Veuve, French wine shippers, Saumur ; 

agents, Robertson & Baxter, Ltd., 106, 108 West 

Nile St., C.l. 
Amplivox, Ltd. (Deaf Aids), 29 St. Vincent place. 
Amsterdam Steamship Office, George Gibson & Co., 

Ltd., 45 W. Nile st., C.l. 
An Comunn Gaidhealach (the Highland Association), 

131 West Regent street, C.2; secy., Neil Shaw; 

tel. No., Douglas 1433. 
Anchor Laundry Co., 8 M'Lean st., Plantation, 

Anchor Line Ltd., shipowners, Anchor Line 

Buildings, 12-16 St. Vincent place, C.l. 
Anchor Line, Ltd. ; store and repair works, 100 

Eastvale place, Kelvinhaugh street, C.3. 
Anchor Line, Passenger Booking Office, 107 Hope 

st., C.2. J. Mitchell Walker, agent. 
Ancient Order of Foresters Friendly Society, 3 Ronald 

St., C.4; tel. No., Bell 1496. 




Ancient Order of Hibernians National Health Insur- 
ance Approved Society, James Donnelly, secretary, 
31 North Frederick street, C.l (tel. No., Douglas 
1729) ; ho., 112 Stobcross st., C.3 

Ancrum, Wm., buicher, 625, 627 Gt. Western 
road. W.2 ; res., Easterton House, Helensburgh. 

Anderson, Alastair (of A. & G. Anderson, coal- 
masters); res., Woodside, Beith. 

Anderson, Alexander, steel trade generally, 68 West 
Regent St., C.2 (tel. No., Douglas 3292); ho., 
80 Great Western rd., C.4. 

Anderson, A., commissionaire (Albion Motors Ltd.); 
house, 102 Friarscourt avenue, Knigbtswood, W.3. 

Anderson, Alex., painter and decorator, 
211 W. George street, C.2 ; res., Leewood, West 
Princes st., Helensburgh. 

Anderson, Alex., optician, 271 Dalmarnock rd., S.E. 

Anderson, Alexander (M'Naughtan & Gowanlock, 
Ltd.) ; ho., Annieslee, 44 dolmhead rd., Cat hear t c 

Anderson, Alexander, plumber and electrician, 3 
Abbot street, Sbawlands, S.l. 

Anderson, Alex, (of James Jenkins & Son), house, 
46 Honieshill road, Cambuslang. 

Anderson, Alexander, draper, 560 Gallowgate, S.E.; 
house, 68 Johnbtone drive, Rutherglen. 

Anderson, Alexander Allan, dairymaD, 9 Earlston 
avenue, N. 

Anderson, Alex. & Sons, Ltd., makers of vertical, 
locomotive and marine return tube boilers, under 
any survey, Carfin Boiler Works, by Motherwell. 
Telegrams, " Marine, Motherwell "; tel. No., 30 

Anderson, Alex. G., Procurater Fiscal Depute, 
County Buildings, C.l; ho. Marchmont, Beech 
avf nue, Newton Mearns. 

Anderson, Alex. M. (of Fraser, Gordon & Co., 54 
Miller st., C.l); ho,, Roseland, Kirkintilloch. 

Anderson, Alfred G., wine atd spirit merchant, 
950 Argyle street, C.3 ; ho., 419 North Woodside 
road, N.W. 

Anderson, A. B. (of A. & G. Anderson, coalmasters), 
121 St. Vincent street, C.2. 

Anderson, A. C. J. M. (P. B. Wiikie & Anderson); 
ho., Waltry, Milton of Campsie. 

Anderson, Andrew, wine and spirit merchant, 163 
Orr street and 52 Major street, S.E. 

Anderson, Andrew, grocer, 307 Parliamentary road, 
C.4 ; house, Carnock, Marar drive, Bearsden. 

Anderson, Andrew A., tobacco and cigar merchant, 
21 Renfield st., C.2; 114 Hope st., C.2; and 
1145 Pollokshaws rd., S.l ; house, Auchenbrae, 
West Kilbride. 

Anderson, Rev. A F., B.D., clergyman, Violet 
Bank, Bishopbriggs. 

Anderson, A. F., foreman plumber, MacKinlay & 
Co., 339 Byres road, W.2 (tel. No. Western 2017) ; 
house, 2 do. 

Anderson, A. & G., coalmasters and coal exporters, 
producers of " A.B.C." house and washed smithy 
anthracite coal and nuts, Blairmuckhill naviga- 
tion and gas coal, also cannel and gas coal 
merchants; Scottish agents for Orr's Zinc White 
Ltd., Widnes, Lancashire ; also Frickers Metal 
& Chemical Co., Ltd., 27 Horseferry rd., London, 
S.W.I ; 121 St. Vincent st., C.2 (tel. No., Central 
3127, 3 lines), and at 9 Alva street, Edinburgh, 2 ; 
telephone No., 20349 Edinburgh. 

Anderson, A. M., 17 Fernleigh road, Newlands. 

Anderson, A. Harvie (of David & John Anderson, 

Ltd.) ; ho., Knockderry, Cove, Dumbartonshire. 
Anderson, A. C. & Co. stockbrokers, 7 Royal Bank 

place. C 1, and Stock Exchange, C.2; i el. No., 

2048 Central (2 lines); telegrams "Anson," 

Anderson, A. & M., corsetieres, 370 Victoria road, 

Crof shill, S.2 ; ho., 360 do. 
Anderson, A. Philip, accountant (The British Linen 

Bank) ; ho., Ardonnie, Craigie drive, Mearnskirk. 
Anderson Bros., weighing machine makers and shop 

outfitters, 43 Stockwell st., C.l 
Anderson, Carpenter & Co., iron, steel and metal 

merchants, 83 West Regent street, C.2 ; tel. 

add., "Carpenter, Glasgow"; tel. No., Douglas 

Anderson, Charles, meRsenger-at-arms, sheriff 

and J. P. officer, 9 Wat son St., C.l (tel. No., Bell 

2290); house, 257 King's Park avenue, S.4. 
Anderson, Charles, cashier, 127 Buchanan street, 

C.l ; ho., 13 Stratton drive, Giffnock. 
Anderson, Charles Hall (manager, Rust on & Hornsby, 

Ltd.), 200 St. Vincent St., C.2 ; ho., 28 Queen 

square, S.l; tel. No., Queen's Park 1707. 
Anderson, Chas M.,M. A., teacher, Tne High School 

ho., 6U Rossendale road, S.l. 
Anderson College of Medicine (The), Dumbarton rd. 

W.l (near Western Infirmary); A. Lawrie Brown, 

secy, and treas., 185 St. Vincent street, C.2. 
Anderson, C. & J., slaters and plasterers, 245 

London road, S.E. 
Anderson & Coltman, Ltd., merchants, 54 Miller 

street, C.l. 
Anderson & Co. (Glasgow), Ltd., fruit brokers, 

Bazaar, C.l. 
Anderson, David, & Co., blacksmiths, 351 Baltic st., 

Anderson, David Blyth (of David & John Anderson, 

Ltd.) ; res., Auchengower, Cove, Dumbartonshire. 
Anderson, David & John, Ltd., manufacturers, 26 

Walkinshaw street, S.E. 
Anderson, David Fyfe, surgeon, 20 Royal terrace, 

Anderson, D. & Co., Ltd., upholsterers' furnishers, 12 

Cadogan street, C.2. 
Anderson, D. R., tobacconist, 1050 Arygle st., C.3. 
Anderson, D. R. (of D. Anderson & Co., Ltd.) ; 

honse, 6 Ormonde avenue, Muirend, S.4. 
Aoderson, D. Shanks, C.A., 8 Queensborough gdns., 

Hyndland, W.2; tel. No.. Western 4418. 
Anderson, D. & Son, Ltd., roofing felt and 

aampcourse manufacturers, Barfillan drive, S. W.2; 

tel. No., Halfway 2514. 
Anderson, E. A., agent, 33 Virginia st., C.l; ho., 

17 No. Gardner st., W.l. 
Anderson, Frank, wireless manufacturers* agent, 

10 We«t Campbell street, C.2 (tel No., Central 

6052); house, 30 Ruthven aven., Giffnock 
Anderson, Frederick, manufacturer's agent, 134 St. 

Vincent st., C2; tel. No., 2325 Central. 
Anderson, F. B., manufacturers' agent, 19 Queen st., 

C.l (tel. add. " Habits;" tel. No. Central 7400); 

ho. 28 Highfield drive, Carolside Park. 
Anderson, Fyfe, Littlejohn & Co., solicitors, 201 

West George street, C.2; tel. add., "Decue"; 

tel. No., Central 7415 (4 lines). 
Anderson & Gardiner, writers and notaries public, 

29 St. Vincent place, C.l. 
Anderson, George, 45 Mosspark drive, S.W.2. 





Anderson, George (at Watson Bros., 7 West 

George street, C.2); ho., 35 County aveiue, 

Anderson, George (of Hetherington & Anderson) ; 

ho. 9 Grampian btreet, Tollcross, E. 2. 
Anderson, George, ironmonger, 627 Govan road, 

S.W.I; ho.. 97 Monifiethaveiue,Cardonald, S.W.2 
Anderson, George R., & Co., ribbons, tapes and small 

wate merchants, 86 Queen st., C.l ; tel. No., 

Central 2866. 
Anderson, George, works manager, Glasgow Engin- 
eers, Ltd. ; ho., 26 Dinmont road, S 1. 
Anderson, George (of George Anderson & Co.), ho., 

29 Stewart drive, Clarkston. 
Anderson, George, & Co., plumbers and electricians, 

7a Scotia at., C 4. 
Anderson, Geo. D., commercial traveller, 5 Maybank 

street, Queen'b Park, S.2. 
Anderson, Geo. S., provision merchant, 211 Mary- 
hill rd., X.W.; ho. 2ri Gladstone St., C.4. 
Anderson, George Victor, M.S., Ch. B., dental 

surgeon, 36 Beikeley St., C.3 ; ho., 51 Lochlea rd., 

Anderson, G. K.,. life agency inspector (N. B. & 

M. Ins. Co., Ltd.); ho., 22 Merryvale aven., 

Merrylee, Giffoock ; tel. No. Merrylee 2959. 
Anderson, Graham, butcher, 476 Duke St., E.l; 

ho., Lynwood, Riddrie crescent, E.l. 
Anderson & Gray, slaters and plasterers, 82 

M 'Alpine street, C.2 j tel. No., Ceniral 5272. 
Anderson, G. Menzies, LL.B., solicitor (of West, 

Anderson & Co.); ho., 44 Westbourne gardens, 

Anderson, G. S„ dairyman, 120 Forge street, N. 
Anderson, G. Y. M., Sun Life Office; ho., 41 

Craigdhu road, Milngavie; tel. No., Milngavie 

Anderson Gypsum Products, Limited, 

plaster board aanufacturers, Barfillan dr., S.W.2; 

tel. No., Halfway 2514. 
Anderson, Hamish A., dentist, 4 Clifton place, C.3. 
Anderson, Harry R. (of F. H. McLeod & Sons) ; 

house, 33 Carlaverock road, Newlands; tel. No., 

Langside, 1974. 
Anderson, Henry M., electrical engineer, 19 Clare- 

mont street, 0.3. 
Anderson, Hugh, insurance agent, 209 Crowhill st., 

Anderson, Hume R , lithographic writer and artist, 

67 Dalhousie street, C.3. 
Anderson, H. (of Paulsen & Co.), ho. 28 St. George's 

road, C.3. 
Anderson, Iain F., solicitor (Chalk, Bertram & 

Anderson, 38 Bath street, C.2); ho., Lochmor, 

21 Giffnock park, Giffnock; tel. No., Merrylee 2561. 
Anderson & Ireland, chemists and druggists, 513 

Springburn road, N. 
Anderson, James (at Lawson & Co. (Govan) Ltd.); 

ho., 31 Queensland drive, Cardonald S.W.2. 
Anderson, James, newsagent, 71 Meadowpark 

street, E.l; house, 129 Garthland drive, E.l. 
Anderson, James, pawnbroker, 124 Green street, 

Calton, S.E., and 21 Schipka Pass, C.1 ; res., 

Ben-cree, Cambuslang. 
Anderson, James (of Skefko Ball Bearing Co., Ltd.), 

ho., 23 Lilybank gardens, W.2. 
Anderson, Col. James, C.M.G., D.S.O. (of I C. T. 

Bowie Fisher & Co.); ho., The Elms, Milliken 


Anderson, James, Sc Co. (now James A. Morrice 

(James Anderson & Co.) Ltd.), farina, starch and 

gum manufacturers and merchants, 124 St. Vincent 

St., C.2 ; works, Surrey street, C.6 ; tel. No., 648 

Centra] (2 lines). 
Anderson, James & Co. (Colours) Ltd., 

colour manufacturers, 124 St. Vincent st., C.2. 

Wtrks, 61 Florence St., C.5 ; tel. No., Central 548. 
Anderson, James, stockbroker (Garvie & Anderson); 

ho., 24 Falkland mansions, W.2. 
Anderson, James, painter and decorator, 13 Crom- 
well street, N.W.; house, 23 Barrington drive, 

Anderson, James Scott, representative, 54 Polwarth 

gardens, Hyndland, W.2. 
Anderson, J. Scott (of A. and G. Anderson); res., 

Tullichewan, Alexandria, Dumbartonshire. 
Anderson, J., baker and confectioner,193 Gallowgate, 

Anderson, Jas., & Co., plumbers and electrical 

engineers, 39,41 Brnnswick st. C.l (tel. No., Bell 

0538); house, 33 Elmore avenue, S.4; tel. No., 

Merrylee 2068. 
Ana erson, James B. (of Archd. Hamilton (Shopfitters) 

Ltd.); ho., 36 Ravenswood drive, SI; tel No., 

Langside 1810 
Anderson, James D. (of C. Johnstone, plumber and 

gasfitier, 78 South Portland St., C.6); ho., 634 

Cathcart rd , S.2. 
Anderson, James Farie, LL.B. (of Anderson, Young 

& Dickson); res., 11 Grosvenor terrace, W.2, and 

Redbrae, Monkton, Ayrshire. 
Anderson, James L. (of John Anderson, slater and 

slate merchant, 362 Parliamentary road, C.4); 

house, 44 Ringsford avenue, Muirend, Cathcart. 
Anderson, James R., tartan goods warehouse, 12, 13 

14, 44 and 45 Argyll arcade, C.2 ; tel. No" 

Central 2132. 
Anderson, James Wallace, M.B., C.M.B., physician 

and surgeon, 17 Westercraigs, E.l. 
Anderson, James (sole partner), Robert Anderson, 

property agent and valuator, 39 Bath street, C.2. 

Branch offices, 110 Allander street, N., and 286 

Springburn rd., N. (tel. No., Douglas 3187); ho., 

24 Berridale avenue, S.4. 
Anderson, Jas. (of Jas. Anderson & Co.); ho., 33 

Elmore aven., S.4. 
Anderson, J. B. Mackenzie, M.B., consulting 

physician, 21 Lynedoch street, C.3; tel. No., 4463 

Anderson, J. D. & Co., iron, steel, and metal 

merchants, 657 Clarkston road, S.4 ; telegrams, 

"Assiduous ;" tel. No., Merrylee, 1170. 
Anderson, J. D. (of J. D. Anderson & Co.); ho. 39 

Linn terrace, Muirend, Cathcart. 
Anderson, John F. (of Brunswick Manufacturing 

Co.) ; ho., 22 Gordon drive, Netherlee, S.4; tel. 

No., Merrylee 3804. 
Anderson, John, carpet mannfacturer (of Jas. Temple- 
ton & Co.): res., Fairlawn, Bearsden; tel. No., 

Bearsden 928. 
Anderson, Dr. J. Lindsay, M.B., CM., Wanlockbank, 

99 Kilmarnock road, Giffnock. 
Anderson, John Melvin, chemist and druggist, 372 

Cumbernauld rd., E.l 
Anderson. J. Menzies, chartered accountant 

(of Gillespie & Anderson, C.A.); ho., Eaisdale, 

34 Lenzie road, Stepps; teL Nos., Douglas 1963 

andJStepps 22. 




Anderson, J. M., manufacturer's agent, 54 Miller st., 

C.l; res., The Anchorage, Kirkintilloch. 
Anderson, J. M., stat'oner, 109 Dunchattan street, 

Anderson, J. & R., painters and decorators, 115 

Douglas street, C.2. 
Anderson, John, flesher, 263 Parliamentary rd., C.4 ; 

ho., 3 Stratton drive, Giffnock. 
Anderson, John, wine and spirit merchant, 46 Guest 
. st, Anderston, C3; house, 3 Toryglen street, 

Anderson, John, flesher, 1401 London rd., E.l 
Anderson, John, clergyman, Presbytery clerk; ho., 

11 Lethington ave., S.l 
Anderson, John (G.P.O.); ho., 29 Garfield st, E 1. 
Anderson, John (C A.), chartered accountant, 79 

West Regert street, C2 ; tel. No., Douglas 3953, 
Anderson, John D , butcher, 157 Great Western 

road, C 4 ; ho., 160 Great George st., W 2. 
Anderson, John (Law, Dawson & Co.); ho., North- 
cote, Central avenue, Cambuslang. 
Anderson, J., & Sons, slaters, 108 Queensborough 

gardens, W 2 ; tel. No., Western 6618. 
Anderson, John, & Son, slaters and plasterers, 17-25 

Risk st, S.E., and 77-89 Torrisdale st, S.2; 

house, 1 Kersland st., W.2. 
Anderson, John, slater and slate merchant, 362 Par- 
liamentary road, C 4 ; tel. No., 3517 Douglas. 
Anderson, John, fire loss assessor, 170 Hope st. 

C2; ho., Garthland, Lothian drive, Clarkston. 
AndersoD, John Colquhoun, physician, 23 Old Dum- 
barton road, C.3 (tel. No. 993 Western); ho. 68 

Eighburgh road, W.2. 
Anderson, Dr. John, pathologist, Victoria Infirmary, 

S.2 ; ho., 7 St Bride's road, Newlands, 8.3. 
Anderson, John, J.P., solicitor (of Chalk, Bertram 

& Anderson), 38 Bath street, C.2, and the Clydesdale 

Bank, Ltd.,Govanhill,S2; house, Kenmure, Tinto 

road, Hillpark, Newlands; tel. No., Merry lee 1636. 
Anderson, John, grocer and provision merchant, 90 

Alexandra parade, E 1. 
Anderson, John Dunlop, M.A., B.Sc, M.I.St.E., 

depute, Director of Education, Corporation of 

Glasgow ; res., Invermay, Milngavie. 
Anderson, John G. (of Anderson & Robertson, Ltd.) ; 

ho., Inistore, 58 James st., Helensburgh. 
Anderson, John G., superintendent, 27 Paisley rd. 

West, S.W.I; ho. Rudhaban, 53 Lochleard, S.3. 
Anderson, Dr John Gfllan, surgeon, 97 Main street, 

Bridgeton, S.E. (tel Ne. Bridgeton 3059); ho. 5 

Upper Bourtree drive, Burnside. 
Anderson, John Locke, solicitor, 163 St. Vincent st, 

Anderson, J. G., slater and plasterer, 1224 Cathcart 

rd., S.2 
Anderson, J. & J. H., watchmakers and jewellers, 

913 Springfield road, E 1. 
Anderson, Joseph, watchm iter and jeweller, 1817 

Maryhill road, N.W. 
Anderson, J. G., grocer, 511 Clarkston rd., Cathcart, 

Anderson, J. & I. F., solicitors (of Chalk, Bertram 

& Anderson), 38 Bath st, C2 ; tel., Douglas 720. 
Anderson, J. MacGregor, merchant, 25 Wellington 

st, C.2; ho. 6 Ailsa drive, Giffnock. 
Anderson & Kay, milliners, 402 Sauchiehall street, 

C 2 j ho. 122 Novar drive, Hyndland, W.2. 
Anderson & Kerr, writers, Bank of Scotland buildings, 
Port- Glasgow. 

Anderson & Macfarlane, house factors, 102 Bath 

street, C.2. 
Anderson & M'Innes, motor engineers, 258 Paisley 

road, C.5; tel. No. South 0106. 
Anderson, Matthew, tailor, 159 Beidvale st, E 1 ; 

ho., 573 Duke street, E 1. 
Anderson & Munro, Ltd., electrieal engineers, 

196 Bath street, C 2 ; telegraphic address, " Light "; 

telephone 2637 Douglas. Also at Bucclever st, 

Dumfries ; Academy street, Troon, and George 

street, Perth. 
Anderson, M., stationer, tobacconist, and confectioner, 

232 Kilmarnock road, S 3 ; ho., 142 Tantallon rd. 

Anderson, M., dairy-keeper, 377 London road, S.E. 
Anderson, M., house furnisher, 81 Cambridge street, 

Anderson, M., greengrocer, 1303 Gallowgate, E.l 
Anderson & Nicol, engineers, colliery, mill, and 

laundry furnishers, 49 Blyths«ood street, C2. 
Anderson, Norman Carrick, LL.B., solicitor and 

notary public (of Finlayson, Auld, Mackechnie & 

Co., 34 West George St., C.2); ho., 330 Albert 

drive, S. 1. 
Anderson, Norman R., manufacturers' agent, 38 

Miller street, C.l ; ho., 37 Regwood street, S.l. 
Anderson, P. & W. (Glasgow) Ltd., masons, 

builders and public works contractors, 64 Douglas 

street, C.2; tel. No., Central 1991 (2 lines); 

telegrams, " Freestone, Glasgow." 
Anderson & Reid, Ltd., ironfounders, Woodville st, 

Govan, S.W 1. 
Anderson & Ritchie, chartered accountants, 156 

St. Vincent street, C.2 ; telephone No., Central 

Anderson, Robert (of R. Anderson, Son & Co., 

Ltd.) ; ho., 29 Hemes road, SI. 
Anderson, Robert, & Sons, Ltd., printers and 

wholesale stationers, 142 West Nile street, C 1. 
Anderson, R., Son, & Co., Ltd., leather merchants, 

manufacturers of " Rasco " and " Kelvin " leather 

belting for motors, dynamos, &c, balata belting, 

fire hose, hydraulic leathers, and leathers for all 

mechanical purposes, Kelvin Leather Works, 36 

Charlotte lane, C 1. 
Anderson, R., hairdresser, 1991 Dumbarton road W. 4. 
Anderson, Robert, factor, property agent, and 

valuator, 39 Bath street, C 2 ; branch offices, 

110 Allander st.,N., and 236 Springburn road, N. 
Anderson, Robert, butcher, 140 Woodlands road, C 3 

(tel. No., Douglas 4430); ho., David Anderson, 

23 Woodlands drive, O 4. 
Anaerson, R. Wodrow, writer (of Anderson & 

Gardiner); ho. Ardenmhor, 15 Crookston drive, 

S.W 2. 
Anderson, R. M'O. (of J. & R. Anderson); res.. 

Rhubeg, Busby. 
Anderson, Robt, & Co., wine and spirit merchants, 

427 and 429 Dumbarton road, W.l. 
Anderson, Robert C, engineer (of Beckett & 

Anderson, Ltd.); ho Copshaw, Tynwald avenue, 

Burnside; tel. No., Rntherglen 698. 
Anderson, Robert T. (of P. & W. Anderson (Glasgow), 

Ltd.); house, 32 Dolphin road, Maxwell Park, 

Anderson, Robt. T. (at Chas. Rattray & Co., Ltd.); 

ho. 12 Kingussse dr., King's Park, S.4. 
Anderson & Robertson, motor accessory factors, 39 

Cadogan St., 0.2; teL No., Central 5342. 




Anderson & Robertson, Ltd., silk throwsters and silk 

dyers, 111 Golspie St., Govan, 8.W.I. Head office, 

Anderson & Russell, printers, 35 Shamrock street, 

Anderson, S. & I., 56 Dalmeny st., C.5. 
Anderson, Stenart, Ardnagowan, 76 Balshagray 

avenne, Jordanhill, W.l. 
Anderson & Shaw, Scotch whisky merchants, 41 

Renfrew st., C.2; tel. add., "Freedom"; tel. 

Nos., Donglas2322-3 
Anderson, Thos. (Sawers Ld.), fishmonger and 

poulterer, 58 and 60 West Nile street, C.l. 
Anderson, Thomas, draughtsman, 21 Gartha street, 

Langside, S.l. 
Anderson, Thomas, butcher, 666 Eglinton st., C.5 ; 

ho., 89 Lochleven rd., S. 2. 
Anderson, Thomas, fishing tackle maker, 1127 

Pollokshaws road, S.l. 
Anderson, Thomas S. (of T. S. Anderson Ltd.) ; ho. 

137 Fotheringay road, S.l. 
Anderson, Thos. & Son, ironmongers, blacksmiths, 

and hardware merchants, 31 Main st, Bridgeton, 

S.E. ; ho. Lamorna, Duke's road, Cambuslang; 

tel. No., Bridgeton 180. 
Anderson, T. & B., general drapers, 217 and 276 

Rutherglen road, 0.5 ; house, 18 Watson avenue, 

Anderson, Thos. B., Ltd., cigar merchants and 

tobacconists, 19 Renfield street, C.2; tel. address, 

"Turkish"; tel. No., Central 1350. 
Anderson, Thomas M. (at Smith, Smith & Co.); 

ho., 78 Wilton street, N.W. 
Anderson, Thomas W., J.P., electrical engineer, 99 

Otago street, W.2 ; tel. No. Western 1892. 
Anderson, Thomas, M.B., Ch.B., M.RC.P.E., phy- 
sician, Ruchill Fever Hospital (tel. No., Mary hill 

1230); ho., 548 Bilsland drive, N.W. 
Anderson, T. A. Harvie, C.B., D.L., M.A., LL.B. 

(of Anderson, Fyfe, Littlejohn & Co); house, 

Quarter, by Denny, Stirlingshire. 
Anderson, T. S., Ltd., fruit salesmen, Fruit Bazaar, 

Glaogow, CI; teL No., Bell 3099. 
Anderson, T. R., solicitor (of Stewart & Andersons); 

house, 40 Queensborough gardens, W.2 ; teL No., 

Western 6067. 
Anderson, T. R., jun., solicitor (of Stewart & 

Andersons) ; house, 40 Queensborough gardens, 

W.2; tel. No., Western 6067. 
Anderson, Thos. F., works manager, Sewage Purifica- 
tion Works, S.W.I ; house, 19 Borden rd., W.3. 
Anderson, Walter Dick, insurance broker and 

specialist, 220 West Regent street, 0.2; tel. Nos., 

Douglas 5670 and 5671. 
Anderson, Whan & Co., engineers and edge-tool 

makers, 2 10 Fielden street, Bridgeton, S.E. ; tel. 

No., Bridgeton 264 
Anderson, William, & Co. (Ld.), manufac- 
turers, Burnbank Mill, Hamilton ; 

registered offices and warehouse, 14, 16 

Princes square, 48 Buchanan St., C.l. 
Anderson, William, manufacturers' agent, 

634 Sanchiehall street, C.2. 
Anderson, William, wholesale confectioner, 27 Com- 
mercial road, 0.5 ; house, 121 Batson street, S.2. 
Anderson, William Burns, spirit merchant, 70 

Elderslie st., C.3. 
Anderson, Wm. (of Anderson & Reid, Ltd.); house, 

69 Mosspark oval, Mosspark, 8 -W.2. 

Anderson Wm. (at Jas. B. Fraser & Co., Ltd ), ho. 

Enderley, Second avenue, Millerston. 
Anderson, Wm. & Co., quarriers, 96 Bath street, 0.2 

(tel. No., Douglas 3546); works, Drumcavil 

Moulding Sand Works, Gartcosh. 
Anderson, William, wine and spirit merchant, 447 

Gallowgate, S.E.; house, 670 Tollcross road, 

Anderson, Wm., painter and decorator, 497 Crow 

road, Jordanhill, W.l. 
Anderson, William, drapery and boot manager, 

St. George Co-operative Society, Ltd. t ho. 110 

Essex drive, W. 4. 
Anderson, Wm. (at The City Line Ltd.) ; house, 86 

Donald crescent, Troon. 
Anderson, William, Ltd., plumbers (regd.), 

gasritteis, sanitary engineers and electricians, 

133 Wellington st., C.2j 115a Bath st, C.2; 

76 Cleland street, C.5; 897 Dumbarton road, W.l 

58 Gower street, Bellahouston, S.W.I ; Giffnock 

Station and Carmichael place, Eilmacolm ; tel. 

Nos., 6541 (2 lines) and 1671 Douglas ; 13 Ibrox; 

0602 South; 2271 Western; 239 Giffnock; and 

370 Kilmacolns } res. Ardtornish, Sutherland 

avenue, Polloksb'elds, S.l. Night phones, Ibrox 

13 and Western 2271. 
Anderson, William, veterinary surgeon, 630 

Keppochhill rd„ N. (tel. No., Douglas 1503); ho., 

47 Hillend road, Lambhill, N.W.; tel. No., 

Possil 8177. 
Anderson, William, managing director, Atlas Express 

Co., Ltd., 202, 204 Albion st., 0.1; ho. 13 

May ter., Giffnock. 
Anderson, Wm. & Sons (Stationers) Limited, whole- 
sale and manufacturing stationers, 176 Ingram St., 

CI ; telephone, 2443 Bell. 
Anderson, Wm., Junr., manufacturers' agent, 49 

Queen St., C.l ; ho., 9 Tavistock drive, Merry lee 

park. Newlands. 
Anderson, Wm. & Sons, Ltd., naval, military, air 

force and civilian outfitters, 155 Hope St., C.2 

(tel. No., Central 1149), and at 14 and 16 George 

st, Edinburgh, 2. 
Anderson, William C. (of Hendry & Anderson, Ltd.); 

ho., 654 Clarkston road, Nether lee, Cathcart, S.4; 

tel. No., 1979 Merrjlee. 
Anderson, William James, architect (of John 

M'Kissack & Son), 65 Renfield st, C.2 ; tel No., 

Douglas 1607. 
Anderson, Dr. Wm. K., physician, 2 Woodside 

crescent, O.3. 
Anderson, Wm. M. D., F.A.L.P.A., estatt 

agent, house factor, property and in- 
surance agent, property valuator, 108 

West Regent street, C.2 (tel. No., Douglas 

922); ho. 1 Circus place, Dennistoun, E.l; tel. 

No., Bridgeton 617. 
Anderson, William Wallace, L.D.S., 651 Sauchiehall 

street, C.3. 
Anderson, W. (of James Anderson & Co.); house, 99 

King's Park avenue, S.4. 
Anderson, W. Menzies, D.S.O., M.C., solicitor (of 

West, Anderson & Co.) ; house, 44 Westbourne 

gardens, W.2. 
Anderson, Wm. W. (of J. & R. Anderson); res., 

Rhubeg, Busby. 
Anderson, W. B., & Sons, Ltd., fruit merchants, 93 

Candleriggs, C.l. 
Anderson, W. C, butcher, 1199 Govan road, S.W.I. 




Anderson, W. J., joiner, 3 Salkeld st., C.fl ; house, 

188 Eglinton street, C.5. 
Anderson. W. K (of A> derson & Robertson Ltd.); 

res., Hazelbank, Bridge of Weir. 
Anderson, Dr. W. D., Redcliffe, 3 Beech avenue, 

Dumbieek, 8.1 ; consnltii g rooms, 248 Pauley 

road West, S.W.I. 
Andersen. W„ plumber, 58 Go wer street, S.W.I. 
Anderson, Young & Dickson, writers, 137 St. Vincent 

street, C2; tel. No., Central 3213. 
Anderson, Mrs. E. J., 119 Peveril avenue, 8.1. 
Anderson, Mrs. G. R., 133 Broomhill drive, 

W. I. 
Anderson, Mrs. H. G., 19 Dowanside road, W.2. 
Anderson, Mrs. J. R., 3 Dudley drive, W 2. 
Anderson, Mrs. J. W. N., 20 Waverley park, Shaw- 
lands, S. 1. 
Anderson, Mrs. Mary, dairy keeper, 40 Kingston street 

Anderson, Mrs. Mary, spire! la corse' iere, 112 Ken- 
mure at., 8 1 1 tel. No.. 1273 South. 
Anderson, Misses 25 Billhead street, W.2. 
Anderson, Misses Carrick, 63 Hillhead street, W 2. 
Anderson, Miss E. R. (at Kerr & Co., seedsmen); 

no , 19 Halber* street, Shawlands, S.l 
ADderson, Miss M.H., matron, Barnbili Institution, N. 
Anderson, Miss M., 937 London road, S.E. ; res., 

Bnfehead House, Old Kilpatrick; tel. No., 

Bowling 12. 
Anderson, Mabel, D.O., osteopath, 80 Berkeley 

street, Charing cross, C.3; tel. No., Douglas 5(165. 
Anderson's, fruiterer and florist, 555 Duke st. E.l ; 

tel. No., Bridgeton, 289. 
Anderson's Dairy, merchant dairymen, 292 Great 

Western road, C4 (tel. No., 2374 Douglas)} ho. 

4 Woodlands drive, C.4. 
Andersons Dairy, dairykeepers, 12 George St., C.l. 
Andersons Insulation Co., Ltd., 171 Helen street, 

Andersons (Newton Mearns) Ltd., motor engineers 

and agents, Maryville avenue, Giffnock; tel. No., 

Giffnock 297. 
Anderson's Stores, dairy keepers, 1280 London rd., 

Anderston Branch Post Office, 22 Pitt street, C.2. 
Anderston Cross Station (L. M. & S. Railway), 4-14 

Stobcross street, C.3. 
Anderston and District Health Association Dispen- 
sary, 37 Stobcross street, C.3. 
Anderston District Library, 18 M'Intyre street, 

Anderston Girls' Home, 64 Port st., C.3 ; Mrs. Qauld, 

Andison, David G. A., solicitor (of J & J. StewaTt 

& Young), 131 St. Vincent street, C.2. 
Andison, T., 41 Spriugboig rd, Springboig, 8hettleston, 

Andrew, B., junr., & Co., oil merchants, 12 Waterloo 

st.,C2; ho. 17 Tavistock drive, Newlands. 
Andrew, Cnarles W. (of M'Kinnon & M'Donald, Ltd. ) ; 

house, Frinton, Bearsden. 
Andrew, D., 165 Bedlay street, N. 
Andrew, J., dairyman, Burnstyle Farm, 86 Millbrae 

road, Lang-ide. S 2. 
Andrew, John, & Son, manufacturers' agents, 142 

Queen st , CI ; ho. 3 Carleton drive, Giffnock. 
Andrew, John, secretary, Scottish Band of Hope 

Union, 38 Bath street, C.2; house, 1 Carrickarden 

road, Bearsden; tel. No., Bearsden 1730. 

Andrew, John W., 168 West George street C.2 ; ho. 
Glaisnock, &ilmacolm. 

Andrew, J. A , agent, National Bank of Scotland, 
Parkhead, E.l | house, 36 Clincarthill road, 

Andrew, R. M., & Co., joiners and cabinetmakers, 
984 Pollokshaws road ; garage, 78 Seymour street, 
Crossmyloof, S.l; tel. No., Langside 615. 

Andrew, William M., solicitor, 41 Queensborough 
gardens, W.2. 

Andrew, W. J., & Gray, solicitors, 1 Academy St., 
Coatbridge; tel. No., Coatbridge 110. 

Andrew, Margaret, certified midwife (by exam.), 170 
Paisley road, west, S.W 1. 

Andrews & Cameron, Ltd., mechanical and con- 
sulting engineers, Kelvin Engineering Works, Kirk* 

Andrews, Duncan W., M.P.S., chemist, 66 Ardgowan 
street, C.6. 

Andrews Duplicators Ltd , duplicator manufacturers, 
90 West Regent street, C.2. 

Andrews, George J. (Enfield Cable Works, Ltd., 
260 St. Vincent street, C.2); res. Riverstone, 

Andrews, H. , portmanteau maker, 145 Queen st., C.l 
(tel. No., Central 2869); ho 47 Dorchester aven., 
Kelvinside. W.2 ; tel. No., West 4773. 

Andrews, James (of Copland & Lye, Ltd.) ; ho., 23 
Kincath avenue, Burnside, Rutherglen. 

Andrews, Sidney, A.M.I.E.E., electrical engineer, 
133 Mount Annan drive, S.4. 

Andson, SVm., cashier, Royal Insurance Co., Ltd. ; 
house, 30 Kessington road, Bearsden j tel. No., 
Bearsden 1291. 

Anemostat (Scotland), Ltd., Draughtless ventilating 
and heating engineers, 181 West Regent st., C.2 
(tel. add., "Anemostat, Glasgow; " tel. No., Doug- 
las 495) ; res., Melbourne House, Dalmuir. 

Angless, Edwin, 32 Woodlands drive, C.4. 

Anglo-American Book Co., booksellers, 40 George 
street, C.l. 

Anglo-American (The) Direct Tea Trading Co., Ltd., 
tea planters, &c. ; regd. office. 22 West Nile st C.l. 

Anglo-American Oil Co. (Ltd.), importers and 
distributors of lubricating and burning oils, motor 
spirit, &c, 118 Queen street, C.l; stores, Port- 
Dundasand Port-Eglinton; tel. No., Central 2903 
(4 lines) ; telegrams, "Esso, Glasgow." 

Anglo Baltic Produce Company, Ltd., butter and 
produce importers, 43 Candleriggs, C. I ; tel. add., 
" Anglobalt, Phone, Glasgow " ; tel. No., Bell 397. 

Anglo-Russian Fur Co., Ltd., St. Enoch House, 163 
Argyle street, C.2; tel. Nos., Central 4136-7. 

Anglo-Scottish Chemical Co., Ltd., merchants 
and exporters (coal tar products including pitch, 
tar, creosote, cresylic and carbolic acids, naph- 
thaline, &c), 20 Renfield street, C.2; tel. add., 
" Askol, Glasgow "; tel. No., Central 8100. 

Anglo-Scottish Surgical Stores, Ltd. (regis- 
tered office, 136 WeLiugton street), HO West Nile 
street, C.l ; 148 Wellington street, C 2 ; 3 Queen's 
Arcade, C.2 ; 15 Dundas place, C.l ; tel. No., 
DougliB 1536 (2 lines). 

Angl >-Sweaish Electrio Welding Co., Ltd., electric 
welders, 16 Forth st., Pollokshields, S.l ; tel. No., 
South 693. W. M. Morgan, 152 King's Park 
road, S.4 ; tel. No., Laneside 2478. 

Angus, Bob, dance novelties, 169 West Nile st., 
C.l ; tel. No., 1227 Douglas, 




Angus Brothers, importers and merchants, 73 Robert- 
son st., 0.2 1 tel. address, " Angus |" tel. Nos., 

Central 9996-7. 
Angus, Ch»rles, firemaster, 33 Ingram street, C.l; 

bouse, 25 do. 
Angus, David, produce agent, 40 S'. Enoch square, 

C.l; house, 6 Biythswood crescent, Largs. 
Angus, David C. tailor to ladies and gentlemen, 82 

Mitchell si reet, CI; tel No.. C ntral 7154. 
Angus, George, & Co., Ltd., leather, rubber and 

asnestos goods, 117 Howard street, C.l ; tel. add., 

"Angnstate, Glasgow"; tel No., City 4139. 
Angus, Hugh M'Phee, L.D.S., dental surgeon, 1 

Regent Park sq., S.l ; bo. 27 Alder rd., Hillpark ; 

tel. No., Queen's Park 32. 
Angus, J. G. Steuart, manufacturers* agent, S3 

Virginia street, C.l. 
Angus. Jas. H.. M.P.8., F.B O.A., F.G.O., F.N.A.O., 

chemist and optician, 418 Maryhill road, N.W.; 

tel. No., Maryhill 938. 
Angus,, stationer and printer, 6 Oswald st., C.l. 
Angus John, Secretary's dept., Stock Exchaige; 

res., Bentinck House, Galston. 
Angus, L. S. (of L. S. Angus & Co.) ; house, 244 

Kelso street, W.3. 
Angus, L. 8. & Co., iron and steel merchants and 

colliery furnishers, 136 Wellirgton st„ C.2; tel. 

add. "Laurang" ; tel. No. Douglas 854. 
Angus, M., chaBdler, 279 Main street, S.E. 
Angas, Robert L. (of Wm. Baird & Co., Ltd., and 

Bairds & Dalmellington, Ltd.); res., Ladykirk, 

Monkton, Ayrshire. 
Angus, R. S. (of Daniel Henry & Co., stockbrokers); 

ho., Tne Barrs, Cardross. 
Angus, W., grocer, 2475 Dumbarton road, W.4. 
Angus, Walier W., 107 Peveril ave., Shawlands, S.l. 
Angus, Wm., drysalter, 141 Garscube road, C.4. 
Angus, Wm., grocer, 1499 Dumbarton rd., Scotstoun, 

Angus, Wm., licensed grocer, 610 Cathcart road, 

Angus, Mrs. Kate, caretaker, John St. Baptist 

Church, CI; ho., 27 Grafton st, C.l. 
Angus, Miss, Breifond, 113 St. Andrew's drive, S.l. 
Angus, Miss, stationer and tobacconist, 229 Duke st., 

E.1; ho., 2 Firpark ten-ace, E.l. 
Angus, Helen S., chiropodist, 534 Sauchiehall st., C.2. 
Angus, Mary, ladies' outfitter, 136 Maryhill rd., N.W. 
Anker, Victor (secretary A. & J. Inglis, Ltd., Point- 
house, C.3); ho., 32 Victoria Park drive North, 

Annacker, ham and bacon curers, sausage manufrs., 

81 Napiershall street, N.W. ; tel. add., " Annacker, 

Annan, Donald D. (of W. Norman Scott & Co.) ; 

ho., Greenlands, Neidpath road, Whitecraigs. 
Annan, J. Craig (of T. & R. Annan & Sons), ho., 

Glenbank, Lenzie. 
Annan, John (of T. & R. Annan & Sons), house, 

Ivy bank, Bearsden. 
Annan Pictures Ltd.— Wm. Duncan, C.A., 208 

Bath street, C.2. 
Annan, T. C. (of T. & R. Annan A Sons), ho., 60 

Kersland street, W.2. 
Annan, T & R. & Sons, portrait and commercial 

photographers, portrait painters, fine art dealers, 

copper-plate and printers' engravers, 518 Sauchie- 
hall st., C.2 (tel. Nos., Douglas 5087 and 6088) ; 

works, Glenbank, Lenzie. 

Annan, W., E., & A. J., writers, 112 W. Regent 
at., C.2; tel. add., "AnDans"; tel. No. 2001 

Annan, Mrs. Charles Ingram, 73 Fothericgay road, 

Annand, James M. (of John Twaddle, 605 Gallow- 
gate, S.E.) ; ho., 1 Bradda avunue, Burnside. 

Annand, Miss, M.E., R.N., C.S.M.M.G., masseuse, 
28 Huntly gardens W.2. 

Annandale, J., curator, Ruchill Park, N.W. 

"Annette," gowns, 110 Sauchiehall street, C.2. 

Anniesland Motor Transport, motor contract- 
ors, Temple road, W.3; tel. Nos., Scotstoun 

Anslow, Frank, consulting engineer (Walter Dixon & 
Co., 261 West George st., C.2); ho., 1 Cairndow ave., 
Cathcart. Tel. No. Meirylee 2320. 

" Anthonette," milliners and hairdressers, 303 Byres 
road. Hillhead, W.2. 

Anthony, A. W., chartered accountant (of Sidney 
Lyle & Co., C.A.), 86 St. Vincent st., C.2. 

Anthony, Lady. Dalmenv Hout-e, 13 Corridor aven., 
Dumbreik, S.l; tel. No., Ibrox 719. 

Anthracite Co., Ltd., North British, coalmasters, 96 
Renfield street, C.2. 

Anton, John, grocer and wine merchant, 149 Neptune 
St., Govan, 8 W.l ; ho., 13 Kildonan ter., S.W.I. 

Anton, Wm. (James Lindsay & Son, Ltd.) ; ho., 
956 Cumbernauld road. Riddrie, E.l. 

Antwerp Direct Steamers Office, 78 Carlton place, C.6, 

Antwerp Steamship Office (George Gibson & Co., 
Ltd.), 45 West Nile street, C.l. 

Aplin & Barrett, Ltd., provision merchants, 17, 19 
Osborne street, C.l ; tel. No., Bell 2315. 

Apolllnaris Co., Ltd., 121 Bell street, C.4 

Apostodc Cnurch Finance Centre, 172 Buchanan st. 
C.l; tel. No., Douglas 3888 

Applebey, Wilfred C, artist etcher. Carlotta, 72 
Chamberlain road, Jordanhill, W.3 ; tel. No., 
Scotstoun 1123. 

Appleton, Machin & Smiles, Limited, wholesale 
tea and coffee dealers, 41 Midland street, C.l ; tel. 
No., Central 2927. 

Ar buckle, A. S., slater, plasterer and building con- 
tractor, 34 ttonald St., C.4 (tel. No., Bell 1941); 
ho., 33 Alexandra Park street, E.l. 

Arbuckle, Hugh, & Son, L'd., slaters and plasterers, 
Anson street, Bridgeton Cross, S.E. ; tel. No. 
Bridgeton 4*>9. 

Arbuckle, John, Ltd., wholesale cabinet and 
general ironmongers, 147 Howard street, C.l. 

Arbuckle, Smith & Co., Ltd., shipping and 
forwarding agents; warehouse proprietors (all 
bonded and free goods) ; insurance brokers, freight 
contractors, customs clearance agei ts and in'and 
transport contractors, Head office, 91 Mitchell st. 
C.l ; tel. add, "Arbor"; tel. No., Central 7321 (6 
lines). Storage warehouses at 21 West st., C.5; 
Clyde pi., C.5; 40 William st., Anderston 0.3; 85 
Cheaphide street, C.3; 45, 55, 57 Commerce st., 
C.5; 36, 38 Middlesex street, K.P., 81; 47 
Osborne street, C.l ; 71 Howard street, C.l ; 87 
Lancefield street, C 3 ; 121 Bell street, C.4; 223 
M'Aslin street, C.4; 184 Stanley street, 8.1. 
Also at Liverpool and London, &c. 

Arbuckle, Thomas, cork a' d bottle cap manufacturers, 
12 Carlton place, C.5 (tel. No., 75 South) ; 36 
Oxford street, C.5. 

Arcadia Picture House, 484 London road, S.E. 




Arcari, hairdresser, 214 Clarkston road, S.4. 
Arcari, G., confectioner and ice cream merchant, 236 

Sanchieball street, C.2, 
Arcari, Sante, confectioner, 612 Alexandra parade, E. 
Archer, Andrew, engineer surveyor, Athole Souse, 

15 Sheepburn road, Uddingston. 
Archer, P., tobacconist, 347 Parliamentary road, C.4; 

house, 38 St. Vincent crescent, C.3. 
Archer, Thomas Francis, herbalist and masseur, 186 

West Nile st, CI; ho., Inglescott, Milngavie 

road, Bearsden. 
Archibald, Andrew, wine merchant, 279 Crown st., 

and 213 Cumberland st.,C5; res., Sunny holm, 59 

Lochlea rd., Newlands; tel. No., 1998 Langside. 
Archibald & Brown, writers, 111 Union st., CI. 
Archibald, E., Ltd., Kingston Bakery, 90 

Seaward street. KinninR Park, S. 1 ; tel. address, 

"Nourobred, Glasgow." 
Archibald, J. A., automobile engineer, 106 Bishop 

street, C.3 (tel. No., Central 2510); house, 48 

Maxwell avenue, Westerton. 
Archibald, John, printer and stationer, 104 Byres 

road, W. 2. 
Archibald, Rennie (of W. Archibald & Son (Glasgow), 

Ltd.) ; h»., 29 Gala st., Biddrie, El. 
Archibald, Thomas, M.D., physician supt., Belvidere 

Fever Hospital, E 1. 
Archibald, William, plumber and gasfitter, 13, 15 

Villiers street, N ; ho. 4 Binnie place, S.E. 
Archibald, William, & Son (Glasgow), Ltd., plumbers 

and gasfitters, 19 Parliamentary road, C.4 (tel. 

No., Bell 2177); ho., 29 Gala street, Biddrie, E.l. 
Architects, The Glasgow Institute of ; Wm. 

MacLean, secretary, 21 West George street, C 2. 

— See Appendix. 
Ardbeg Distillery, Islay ; Buchanan, Wilson, & 

Co., Ltd., agents, 12 L St. Vincent street, C. 2 
Ardale Trust Ltd.— Wm. Duncan & Co., C.A., 208 

Bath street, C.2. 
Ardath Pottery Co., china, glass and earthenware 

dealers, 284 London rd.,S.E. Also Stoke-on-Trent 
Arden Coal Co., Ltd., coalmasters, Bankend 

Collieries, Coalburn, Lanarkshire ; registered office, 

45 Renfield st., C2 ; teL add., " Ardendhu, Glas- 
gow "; tel. No., 5491 Central. 
Arden Lime Works ; Allan Kirkwood, Ltd., 

Nitshill (tel. No., Giffnock 409); store, 101 

Pollokshaws rd., Glasgow, S.l ; tel. No., South 261. 
Ardenrigg (The) Coal Co , Ltd., anthracite pro- 
ducers, 87 Union st, C.l ; tel. No., Central 8577. 
Ardern, A. W. (of Heenan & Froude Limited) ; ho., 

163 Old Castle road, S.4. 
Ardern, Lawrence, Ltd., sewing cotton manufac- 
turers, 58 Bothwell street, C 2 ; warehouse, 87 

Wellington St., C 2. 
Ardrey, David, sheriff officer and J.P., 217 St. 

George's road, C.3. 
Ardrishaig Steam Packet Office, 44 Robertson street, 

C 2 ; David MacBrayne, Ltd. 
Ardrossan Dockyard, Ltd., shipbuilders, ship- 
repairers, &c, Shipyard, Ardrossan ; tel. add., 

•' Salvors, Ardrossan "j tel. Nos , 214-6 Ardrossan, 

Ardrossan Repairs Co., Ltd., ship repairers, 17 

Anderston quay, C.3; tel. No., Central 1086. 
Ardweir Picture House, Weir St., C 5. 
Arend, Eric C. W., director (Matthew White & 

Company, Limited); res., Heath House, Kilmacolm; 

tel. No., Kilmacolm 154. 

Argent, George F., ladies' tailor, 124 West Graham 

street, C 4. 
Argentine Consulate (Francisco Torrome'), 180 West 

Regent street, C 2. 
Argo, J. C.f M.N.Ch.A., chiropodist, 281 Sauchie- 

hall St., C.2 ; tel. No., Douglas 4082. 
Argo Shipping Co. (Scotland) Ltd., shipping agents, 

24 St. Vincent place, C.l; tel. add., "Argo"; 

tel. Nos., Central 5297-8. 
Argus Advertising Agency, advertising agents, 101 

West Nile street, C.l 
Argyle Boarding House, 79 Brown st., C2 ; Francis 

Marron, manager. 
Argyle Boot Repairing Co., 43 Mitchell 

street, C 1 ; tel. No., Central 5966. 
Argyle Chair Works, cabinetmakers and uphol- 
sterers, 77-83 Colvend street, S.E. (tel. Nos., 

Bridgeton 3390-3391); ho., 49 Gloucester avenue,' 

Carolside Park; tel. No., Giffnock 358. 
Argyll Confectionery Co., manufacturing confec- 
tioners, 63, 65 Colvend street, S.E. 
Argyle Furniture Co. (Maurice Silverstein Ltd.), 

linoleum warehouse, 72 Gallowgate, C.l; teL No., 

Bell 2748. 
Argyle Picture House, 51 Argyle street,C2. 
Argyle Rubber Co., waterproof india rubber 

merchants and druggists' sundriesmen, 44 Jamaica 

street, C.l; telegrams, "Magnus"; tel. No., 

Central 8102. 
Argyle Street (The) and Wellington Street Property 

Co., Ltd., 243 West George street, C 2 ; M'Farlane, 

Hutton & Patrick, C.A., secy. 
Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders' Club (War 

Memorial), 9 Lynedoch place, C3; tel. No., 

Douglas 1263. 
Arkle, Percy W., surgeon dentist, 80 Megan street, 

S.E (tel. No. Bridgeton 645); ho., 12 Ormonde 

drive, Muirend; tel. No., Merrylee 1553. 
Arkwright, Sir Richard, & Co., Ltd., sewing 

cotton manufrs., 58 Bothwell st., C 2 ; ware- 
house, 87 Wellington st, C 2. 
Arlington Baths Club, 61 Arlington street, CS; 

J. Wilson Bruce, secretary, 82 West Regent st. 

Armenante, R., restaurateur, 197 Stobcross st., C 3. 
Armit, A. Y., manufacturers* agent, 12 York st, 

C 2 ; res., Lilhesleaf, Giffnock. 
Armour, Alexander, tailor and clothier, 108 

Renfield street, C.2. 
Armour, A. Edward, writer (of Wm. Armour & Son) ; 

ho. 80 Queen's dr., S.2 ; tel. No. 350 Queen's 

Armour, Browne & Adam, C. A., 40 West Nile st., 

CI; tel. add., " Darbro, Glasgow "j tel. No. 

Central 4766. 
Armour & Christie, coal merchants, Knightswood 

Depot, W.3; tel. No., Scotstoun 1853. 
Armour & Company, Ltd., importers of canned meats, 

fiuits, &c, 223 Ingram st, C.l. 
Armour Dairy Co., 268-272 Thistle st., C 6 ; ho., 

4 Brunton street, Cathcart ; tel. No., South 390. 
Armour, James, 1 Loudon terrace, W.2. 
Armour, John, sub- postmaster, 1050 Tollcross 

road, E.2. 
Armour, J. (of Calder & Armour), ho., c/o Young, 

24 Keir street, S 1. 
Armour, John A., motor engineer and garage pro- 
prietor, Newlands garage ; ho , 77 Merrylee road, 

Newlands ; tel. No., Merrylee 1587. 




Armour & Melvin, Ltd., motor engineers and agents, 

Newlands garage, Newlands ; tel. add., " Ar- 

melvin"; tel. Nos., Langside 2720 and 2721. 
Armour & Melvin, Ltd., motor car agents, 91 

Bothtvellst, C.2; tel. add., '"Armelvin, Glasgow"; 

tel. Nos., Central 0373 and 9374. 
Armour, Robert (of T. D. Findlay & Son, Ltd.); 

residence, Dunmohr, Hazehvood avenue, Newton 

Armour, Robert, dairyman, 222 Carnoustie st., C.5; 

house, 76 Pollok street, C.5. 
Armour, R., asst. manager, Sun Life Office; ho., 10 

Mansion House rd., S.l ; tel. No., Langside 1638. 
Annour, R. Sinclair, osteopath, 5 Newton ter., C.3 ; 

tel. No., Douglas 2268. 
Armour, Wm., & Son, writers, 153 Queen st., 

C.l; tel. Nos., 296 Central (2 lines); telegrams, 

" Compromise, Glasgow." 
Armour, William (of Calder & Armour) ; house, 

Southfield avenue, Paisley. 
Armour, Wm., writer (of Wm. Armour & Son, 

writers), 80 Queen's drive, S.2; tel. No., 350 

Queen's Park. 
Armour, Wm. S., secretary, Wm. Milne, Ltd., 40 

Old Wynd, C.l; ho., 40 Dolphin id, S.l » tel. 

No. Queen's Park 1313. 
Armour, W. N. M., C.A (of Armour, Browne & 

Adam, 40 West Nile street, C.l ; tel. No., Central 

4766); house, 1 Loudon terrace, W.2. 
Armour, Miss, 1027 Sauchiehall st., Sandyford, C.S. 
" Armstrong " Beef & Malt Wine, proprietors, 

James Murray (Glasgow), Ltd., 23-27 St. Enoch 

square, C.l. 
Armstrong Cork Company, Ltd., 141 Bath st., C.2. 
Armstrong, David G. (City Collector's office); ho., 

3 Hillfojt terrace, Bearsden. 
Armstrong, Earnest B., accountant and income tax 

agent, 43 Annette street. Crossbill, S.2. 
Armstrong, Edward, C.A. (of Matthew Armstrong 

Ltd.) ; res., Netherby, 10 Netherby drive, Pollok- 

shields, S.l ; tel. No., Ibrox 49. 
Armstrong, Gilbert (James Currie & Co.); house, 

18 Montague street, C.4. 
Armstrong. Hugh B., warehouseman (of Matthew 

Armstrong Ltd.); res., The Ingle, Deramore aven., 

Whitecraigs; tel. No., Giffnock 2073. 
Armstrong, James, & Co., Ltd., laundry 

engineers, 170 Hope st, C.2; tel. No., Douglas 

Armstrong, James, joiner, 272 North Woodside 

road, N.W. 
Armstrong, James M., commercial traveller (Geo. 

Barnsley & Sons, Sheffield); ho. 8 Cluny Villas, 

Jordanhill, W.4; tel. No., Scotstoun 2055. 
Armstrong, John, Scottish Temperance and General 

Assurance Co., Ltd. ; ho., 625 Shields rd., S.l. 
Armstrongs & Main, Ltd.— See A. & J. 

Main & Co. , Ltd., Clydesdale Ironworks, Possilpark, 

Armstrong, Matthew, warehouseman (of Matthew 

Armstrong Ltd.) ; res., Netherby, 10 Netherby 

drive, Pollokshields, S.l; tel. No., Ibrox 49. 
Armstrong, Matthew, Ltd., manufacturers and 

wholesale warehousemen, 177 Trongate, C.l ; tel. 

address, " Mighty, Glasgow"; teLNo., Bell 1561 

(7 lines). 
Armstrong, Matt. R„ C.A., secretary (of Matthew 

Armstrong Ltd.); res., Anavon, Neidpath road, 

East, Whitecraigs; tel. No., Giffnock 2136. 

Armstrong Robt., C. A. (of French & Cowan); res., 
Irjgleside, Lochwinnoch. 

Armstrong, Robert, potato merchant, 100 Helen 
street, S.W. 1 ; tel. No., Govan 575. 

Armstrong, R., plumber and electrician, 1995 Dum- 
barton road, W.4. 

Armstrorg, R. M. s agent and merchant, 19 Queen 
st., C.l (tel. No. Central 8675) ; ho. 5 Hazelea dr. 
Merry lea Park, Giffnock. 

Armstrong- Siddeley Motors, Ltd., motor car manu- 
facturers, 4 te 20 Grant street, C.3; tel. address, 
"Sidarm"; tel. No., 4220 Douglas. 

Armstrong, Thomas, M.A., LL.B., writer and notary 
public, 166 Buchanan street, C.l (tel. No., Douglas 
4689); res., Duddingston, Lenziej tel. No., 
Kirkintilloch 518. 

Armstrong, Thomas, church officer, Pollokshields 
Parish Church, 525 Shields rd, Pollokshields, S.l 

Armstrong, Thos., warehouseman, 70 Meadowpark 
street, E.l. 

Armstrong, Thomas, warehouseman (of Matthew 
Armstrong Ltd ) ; res. Eckford, 323 Albert dr , 
Pollokshields, S.l; tel. No., Queen's Park 1210. 

Armstrong, Wm., manufacturer's agent, 9 Prkce's 
square, C.l. 

Armstrong, William Cunningham, M.B., Ch B., 
gynaecoljgist, 13 Sandyford place, C. 3 ; tel. No. 
Douglas 108. 

Armstrong, W. H., licensed grocer, 212 Springburn 
road, N. 

Armstrong, W. H. Stirling, physician and surgeon, 
730 Anniesland road, Scotstounhill, W.4. 

Armstrong. Miss Margaret, fruiterer and confec- 
tioner, 16 Saltmarket, C.l 

Arneil, M. & J., stationers, 576 Cathcart rd., S.2. 

Army Recruiting office, 139 Bath street, C.2. 

Arnett & Co., Ltd., cargo superintendents, 10 
Plantation street, S.W.I. 

Arnold, E„ draper, 4 Martyr street, C.4; house, 6 
Comrie road, Stepps. 

Arnold, 32. J. & Son, Ltd. (of Leeds), scholastic 
publishers and outfitters, Glasgow branch, 27 
Jamaica street, C. 1 ; tel. No., 7189 CentraL 

Arnold, Lindsay, agent, 207 Ingram street, C.l. 

Arnold, P. & J. Ltd., 132 Renfrew street, C.2. 

Arnot, Chas. M. (at Roxburgh, Colin Scott & Co., 
Ltd.); ho., 41 Mosspark Boulevard, S.W. 2. 

Arnott, David, dairyman, 233 Berkeley street, C.3; 
house, 223 do. 

Arnott, Jas., & Sons, Ltd., oil importers, refiners 
and merchants, 136 Wellington st. C.2 ; head 
office, Newcastle -on-Tyne; and at Cardiff, &c. 

Arnot, John, accountant, Commercial Bank of Scot- 
land, 113 Buchanan street, C.l ; house, Westfield, 
Stevenston road, Kilwinning. 

Arnott, John, Ltd., financiers, 75 Buchanan st., C. 1. 

Arnott, John, 160 Byres rd., W.2 

Arnott, L., & Co., advertising novelty manufacturers, 
22 Robertson street, C.2. 

Arnot & M'Guffie, stockbrokers, 166 Buchanan St., 
C.1; tel Nos., Douglas 2537 and 2538. 

Arnot & Mackie, printers and stationers, 74 York 
street, C.2. 

Arnott Simpson, Ltd., warehouseman, 1-19 
Jamaica street, C.l; tel. add. "Thane 
Glasgow ;" tel. Nos. Central 4684-5-6-7. 

Arnott, Robt. T., agent, Clydesdale Bank Ltd.; ho., 
Overton, Milngavie. 

Arnott, Thomas B., hairdresser, 83 Renfield st., C.2. 




Arnott, Walter, & Son, building trades merchants, 
251 Eglinton street C.5 (tel. add., "Doors, Glas- 
gow"; tel. Nos., Soutb 944 and 945); ho. 1105 
Aikeabead rd.. King's Park, Cathcart. 
Arnott, W. Blackadder, liquor ageDt, 12 Waterloo st., 
0.2 ; ho., 7 Berryknowes road. C^rdonald, S.W.2. 
Arnot, Wm., stockbroker, 166 Buchanan st., C.l. 
Arnott, W. H. Young & Co., Ltd., iron and steel 
merchants, 21 West Nile st,C 1. Works, Fullar- 
ton Iron Works, E.2; also Victoria Scrap Works, 
Arnot, Miss, 40 Victoria Crescent rd., Dowanhill, W.2. 
Arran Barytes Co., Ltd., 90 Mitchell st., C.l ; tel. 

No., Central 2641 (3 lines). 
Arright, Antonio, fish restaurant, 56 Garngad Hill , N. 
Arrol, John (Donaldson Atlantic Line Ltd.) ; house, 

Winona, 33 Blairbeth rd., Bnrnside, Rutherelen. 

Arroll, Richard H., & Son (Robert Kelly), 

house painters and decorators, 117 West 

Princes street, C 4 ; tel. jmo., Douglas 130. 

Arroll, William, ironmonger, smallware merchant, 

hardwareman, 50 Gorbals St., Gorbals, C.5 ; res., 

Arola, King's Park, Cat heart ; tel. No., South 442. 

Arrol, Sir Wm. & Co., Ltd., 85 Dunn st. 

Bridgeton, S.E. 
Arrol, Sir William, & Co., Ltd., engineers, bridge 
builders, and contractors, Dalmarnock Ironworks, 
85 Dunn street, Bridgeton, S.E.; telephone Nos., 
940, 941, 942, 943 and 944 Bridgeton; telegrams, 
" Tay, Glasgow." 
Arrol, Sir William Sc Co. Ltd., makers of electric, 
steam, and hand cranes of all types and powers ; 
winches, transporters (Temperley patents) equip- 
ments for shipyards, railways, harbours, and steel 
works and general excavating machinery, Crane 
Dept., Parkhead, E.l ; telegrams, "Adaptable, 
Glasgow"; tel. No. 2762 (three lines) Briogeton. 
Art Club, 185 Bath street. C.2; tel. No. , Douglas 1779 
*' Artee" Motors, motor engineers, 20 Grove st. C.4 
(tel. No. Douglas 1058); ho. 30 Windsor ter. N.W. 
Art Fabrics (Glasgow) Ltd., house furnishers, 373, 375 
Sauchiehall street, C 2; tel. add., "Textiles, 
Glasgow " ; tel. No.. Douglas 3687. 
Art Galleries and Museums— Art Galleries 
and Museum, Kelvingrove; tel. Nos. Western 
3334 and 3345. Open to Public: — 

8ummer Months — Mondays, Wednesdays and 
Fridays, 10 a.m. till 5 p.m. 
Tnes., Tnurs. and Sats., 10 a.m. till 9 p.m. 
Sundays, 2 p.m. till 5 p.m. 
Winter Months — Mondays to Fridays, 10 a.m. 
till 5 p.m. 
Saturdays, 10 a.m. till 9 p.m. 
Sundays, 2 p.m. till dusk. 
Organ Recitals — October to March inclusive — 

Tues., 3-30 p.m. and Sats., 7-30 p.m. 
Branches — People's Palace Branch Museum, 
Glasgow Green, open same hours as 
Kelvir grove. 

Camphill Museum. Queen's Park, open Mon- 
days, Wednesdays and Hridays, 11 a.m. till 

5 p.m. ; Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays 
11 a m. till 9 p.m. ; Sundays 2 p.m. till 

6 p.m., summer months. Open daily 11 
a.m. till dusk; Sundays 2 p.m. till dusk, 
winter months. 

Tollcrosj Museum, Tollcross Park, do. 

Mosesfield Museum, Springburn Park, do. 
Aikenhead Museum, King's Park, do. 

Art Metal Steel Office Furniture and Equipment 

(Watson's Typewriters Ltd ), 128 St. Vincent st., 

C.2, and 130 Hope strett, C.2 ; tel. No., City 

6761 (4 lines). 
Art Publishing Co., printers and lithographers, 48 

King st, C.l ; teL No.. 664 Bell 
Art Union of the Royal Glasgow Institute of the 

Fine Arts, 270 Saucniehall street, C.2. Secv. and 

Treas., Th"s. Campbell; tel. No., Douglas 2547. 
Arthur, Alexander, C.A. (of Arthur, Alexander & 

Co.); ho., 5 Naseby avenue, W.l. 
Arthur, Alexander, & Co., chartered accountants, 128 

Hope street, C.2. ; tel. No., Central 2430. 
Arthur Allan & Ure, electrical engineers and 

contractors, 107 Douglas street,^ C.2; tel. No., 

3945 Central; telegrams, " Allure." 
Arthur, Allan, AM.I.C E., A.M.LE.E. (of Allan 

Arthur & Ure); ho., 35 Carlaverock rd., Newlands, 

Arthur & Co., Limited, warehousemen and manufac- 
turers, 78 Queen st, CI ; tel. No., Central 8747 

(11 lines). 
Arthur, Edward, manufacturers' agent, 

93 Hope street, C.2; house, 21 Huntly gardens, 

Arthur, Evelyn S., chairman (of Arthur & Co., Ltd.) ; 

res., Montgomerie, Mauchline. 
Arthur, Frank, chemist and druggist, Post Office 

buildings, Lenzie. 
Arthur, F. W., Ltd., manufacturers of typewriter 

ribbons and carbon papers, specialists in office 

supplies, 170 St. Vincent street, C.2; tel. No., 

Central 886. 
Arthur, George, chief cle^k, Singer Sewing Machine 

Co, Ltd., 331 Sauchiehall St., C.2; ho., 371 

Warri«ton st., E.l 
Arthur, George, & Son, architects, 233 St. Vincent 

street, C.2. 
Arthur & Gray, accountants, 34 Argyll arcade, 30 

Buchanan St., C.2 (tel. No., Central 7192), ho., 

Hugbenen, Port Glasgow. 
Arthur, H. & M., newsagents and stationery, 501 

Maryhill rd., N.W.; ho., 63 Fergus dr., N.W. 
Arthur, Harvey P., chemist, druggist, and photo- 
graphic dealer, 361 Victoria road, S.2 ; ho., 18 

Valeview terrace, Langside, S.2. 
Arthur & Hinshaw, Ltd., 4 Blythswood square, 

C.2 ; chemical, dyestuff, and general produce 

merchants; also lake color, oil and chemical 

manufacturers, at Craighall Color Works, 54 Chapel 

street, Maryhill, N.W. 
Arthur, James, writer (of Bishop, Milne Boyd & Co.); 

res., Lanercost, Carmunnock ; tel. No., Busby 

Arthur, John, & Son, wool, cotton waste, yarn mer- 
chants, and mill furnishers, 54 Moncur st.. S.E.j 

ho., 690 Alexandra parade, Dennistonn, E.l. 
Arthur, J. K. & Co., cabinetmakers, Faifley Mills, 

Duntocher; tel. No. Dun tocher 3. 
Arthur, Robert, baker and confectioner, 16 Alexandra 

Park street, E.l; tel. No. Bridgeton, 1815. 
Anhur, William, motor factor, 114, 116 Clyde st„ 

CI ; tel. No. Bell 158. 
Arthur, Anne Knox, decorative artist, The Arthur 

Studio, 15 Rose street, C.3. 
Arthurs, A., grocer, 114 Neptune St., S.W.I. 
Artie Fuse and Electrical Mfg. Co. Ltd., fuse boards 

and switch board makers, 16a Blythswood square, 

C.2 ; tel. No., City 6211. 




Artistic (The) Engraving Co. (Glasgow), 

Ltd., engravers, diecutters, diestampers, 10-14 

Bi&hop St., ADderaton, C.3; tel. add., ''Enterprise, 

Glasgow " ; tel. No , Central 4680. 

Arton, John D., grocer, 551 Govan road, 8.W.1 

Artsigns Display Service (John Leiper, proprietor), 

115 West Nile st, C.l. 
Ascension ( Union Castle Line), 4 Bothwell st., C.2. 
Asea Electric Ltd., electrical engineers ; branch 
office, 233 St Vincent street, C.2 ; tel. add. 
" Autosyncro, Glasgow" ; tel. No., Douglas 2872. 
Ashbrooks (1932) Ltd., Woodley, colour manu- 
facturers, 66 Bath street, C.2| tel. add., "Acetic, 
Glasgow ; " tel. No., Douglas 3308. 
Ashby, R. W S., physician and surgeoD, 352 Garscube 
rd., C.4 (tel. No., Douglas 1582); ho., 9 Buck- 
ingham terrace, W.2. 
Ashby, Ida E., M.B., Cb.B., Assistant Medical 

Officer of Health, Paisley. 
Asher, B.. watchmaker and jeweller, 10 Oxford st., C.6 
Asher, William (Fry's Metal Foundries, Ltd.); 

house, 23 Kingslynn drive, S.4. 
Ashford, Leslie, consultant, 48 Ingram street,, C 1. 
Ashforth, E. M,, electrical and radio engineer, 362 4 

Eutherglen rd., C.5 ; tel. No., South 2301. 
Ashley Wallpaper Co., Ltd., wallpaper manufac- 
turers, 36 Buchanan street, C.l; tel. Nos. Central 
5585 55*6. 
Ashtree liarage (T. Freer, prop.), 1590 Pollokshaws 

road. S.3. 
Ashwell & Nesbit, Ltd. (J. M. Play fair), heating 
and ventilating engineers, 103 Douglas street, C.2. 
Ashworth, E. & Sons, Ltd., sewing cotton manu- 
facturers, 58 Bothwell street, C.2 ; warehouse, 87 
Wellington street, C.2. 
Ashworth, G, 3^8 Byres road, W.2; house, 719 

Gt. Western road, W 2. 
Ashworth, Ross & Co., Ltd., weighing machine 
manufacturers and repairers, 81 Nicholson street, 
C.5; tel. No. South 1558. 
Aakit Ltd., manufacturing chemists, 93 Saracen st., 

N. j tel. No., Possil 8913. 
Aspen Grove Land Company, Limited, registered 
office, 149 West George street, C.2 ; Kerr, Mac- 
leod & Macfarlan, C.A., secretaries. 
Aspin. James, commission merchant and manufrs.' 
agent, 308 Clyde street, C.l ; tel. No. Central 
Aspin, Jas., & Sons, varnish and paint manufacturers, 
87 Hydepark street, C.3; tel. No., Central 
Aspin, John S. (of James Aspin & Sons); ho. 1 

Crown terrace, Dowanhill, W.2. 
AspinalTs Patent Governor Co. (Marine), Liver- 
pool; agents. Alex. Brown & Co., 113 West Regent 
street, C.2. 
Aspol (Chemists) Ltd., wholesale and retail chemists, 

6, 8 Grove street, C.4. 
Aspro Ltd., 81 Mitchell street, C.l. 
Assam-Dooars lea Co. Ltd., managing agents, 
Walter Duncan & Co., 137 West George st., C.2, 
and 45 Renfield street, C.2. 
Assay Office, 14 Mitchell lane, C.l ; E. Walker, 

A.-say Master. 
Assessor's Office for Glasgow, City Chambers, 

40 Cochrane street, C I. ; tel. No., Central 9600. 
Associated Bakeries and General Investment Co., 
Ltd., Ill Union street, C.l; tel. add. "Explain, 
Glasgow !*; tel. No., Central 6186 (3 lines). 

Associated Biscuits Ltd., biscuit manufacturers, 

L.&.N.E. Railway stores High Street Station, C.l. 

Associated Blacksmiths, Forge and Smithy Workers' 

Society, 177 Hill streei, GarnethiJl, C.3; William 

Li, rimer, J.P., general secretary; telephone No., 

Douglas 2409. 

Associated British Cinemas Ltd. (Scottish branch), 

105 St. Vincent st.. 0.2 ; tel. Nos. Central 6662-3 

Associated British Film Distributors, Ltd., film 

renters, 167 Bath St., C 2; tel. add., "Emtalrent" 

tel. Nos., Dong las 0904-0905 

Associated British Machine Tool Makers, Ltd., 

machine tool makers, Phoenix Buildings, 78 St. 

Vincent street, C.2. 

Associated British Picture Corporation Ltd., film 

renters, 39 Bath street, C.2. 
Associated Equipment Co., Ltd., manufacturers 
of •' A E.C." Commercial mi, tor vehicles j spares 
and service depot, 343 St. Vincent street, C.3 ; tel. 
add., " Vangastow, Glasgow;" tel. No., Central 
5604. Works, Southall, Middlesex. 
Associated Fire Alarms, Ltd., fire alarm engineers, 

79 West Regent street, C.2. 
Associated Iron, Steel, and Brass Dressers of Scot- 
land Trades Union, 69 Ingram street, C.l. 
Associated Metal Works, tinsmiths, sheet metal 
workers, bakers' utensil, ventilating, sanitary, add 
stainless steel specialists, SO St. Andrews sq., C 1 ; 
tel. add. "Stainless, Glasgow"; tel. No., Bell 
Associated Scottish Distilleries Ltd., distillers, Oswald 
chambers, 5 Oswald St., C.l; tel. add. " Spirits, 
Glasgow"; tel. Nos. City 0051-52. 
Associated Scottish Newspapers, Ltd., newspaper 

publishers, 67 Hope st., C.2. 
Associated Typewriters, typ-wrhers, 250 Hope st.,C2 
Association for the Relief of Incurables in 
Glasgow and the West of Scotland, 121 St. Vincent 
st., C.2; Donald D. MacLeod, secy.; tel. No., 
Central 6070. 
Association of Underwriters and Insurance Brokers in 
Glasgow, Royal Exchange, C.l. Alex. G. Wood, 
secy. ; tel. add., " Underwriters, Glasgow " ; tel. 
No., Central 9621 (2 lines). 
Assur, M. F., draper, 1027 Maryhill road, N.W.; 

house, 75 Danes drive, W.4. 
Aston (Ihe) Chain and Hook Co., Ltd., turbine 
blading, weldless steel chains, &c, Birmingham ; 
agents for Scotland, Alexander Brown & Co., 113 
West Regent street, C.2. 
Astoria Cinema, Ltd — Wm. Duncan & Co., C.A., 

208 Bath street, C.2. 
" Astra " Adding & Accounting Machine, 12 Water- 
loo st , C.2 ; tel. No. Central 3280. 
Astrel Gown Co., Ltd., wholesale gowns, 49 Queen 

street, C.l ; tel. No., Central 8861. 
Athol Gardens Hotel Ltd., hotel, 10 Athol gardens; 

tel. No., Western 2fe34. 
Athja, James I., leather merchant, 320 Gallowgate, 

Atkins (A.R.P.\ G. H„ 276 High street, C.4. 
Atkins, W. W., managing director, Glasgow En- 
graving Co., Ltd., 65 Virginia street, C.l ; ho., 
17 Browr lie street, S.2 
Atkinson, Edward (of Stalker & Daye, plumbers, 
Eaton place, Bearsden ; tel. No. Bearsden 26); 
ret,, Edwina, Drymen road, Bearsden. 
Atkinson, Rev, G. R., clergyman, 156 Broomfield rd., 




Atkinson, James.homoeopathic specialist, 2 Crown rd., 
North, Dowanhill, W 2 ; tel. No. West 1469. 

AtkinsoD, James W., assist, director of parks, 120 
Blythswood street, C.2; res., Millerston House, 
Millerston j tel. No, Stepps 147. 

Atkinson, R. G. B., Carntyne radio supplies, and 
hairdressers' saloons, 133 Abbeyhill street, E.2 

Atkinson, Thomas, painter and decorator, 4 Euthven 
st.,W.2 (tel No., Western 3368) ; ho., 2 Vinicombe 
street, W.2. 

Atkinson, Mrs. Mary, Park Gate Hotel, 1, 3 Park 
gate, C.3; tel. No., Douglas 810. 

Atlantic Mills, 26 Walkinsnaw street, Bridgeton, 

Atlas Assurance Company, Limited, 174 West 
George street, C.2 (est. 1808) ; fire, life, accident, 
burglary and marine ; A. W. Harvie, branch 
manager; telephone Nos., 2871 and 2872 
Douglas; teL add., "Atlas," Glasgow. 

Atlas Crucible Co., Ltd., blacking manufacturers. 
Works, Carntyne Hall road, E.2 (telephone No., 
Shettleston 1378) | house, 4 Carmyle avenue, 
Toller oss. 

Atlas Diesel Co., Ltd., London, " Polar" oil engines, 
pneumatic tools, rock drills, air compressors ; 
agents, W. Christie & Co., Ltd., 105 St. Vincent st., 

Atlas Express Co. , Ltd., registered office, 202, 
204 Albion st. C.l; branch office, 9 Springfield court, 
Buchanan st., C.l. City and suburban carriers, 
motors, horse vans and lorries on hire at lowest 
terms, per hour, month or year; telephone No., 
Bell 2 L01 (3 lines). 

Atlas Portland Cement Co., Ltd., cement manu- 
facturers and merchants, 176 West George st., 
C.2; tel. No., Central 4975. 

Atlas Preservative Co., Ltd., paint manufacturers, 16 
York street, C.2. 

Atlas Sprinkler Co., Ltd., 40 Wellington street, C.2. 

Attrill, Percy T., director (G. & G. Transports, Ltd.); 
res., 19 Kelvinside gardens, East, N.W. 

Aubanel & Alabaster, Ltd., cork merchants, 45 
Renfield street, C.2. 

Auchengeich Colliery Office (James Nimmo & Co., 
Ltd.), 21 Bothwell street, C.2. 

Auchterlonie, Agnes R., stationer and tobacconist, 
1309 Pollokshaws road, S.l. 

Audrey Gowns, 41 Argyle street, C.2. 

Audsley, Eric J. (at Gow Brothers & Gemmell); ho., 
Chellowdene, First avenue, S.4. 

August, H., dairyman and baker, 20 Ballater st., C.5; 
ho. 29 Braemar st , S.l. 

August, M., creamery owner, 15-23 Portugal street, 
C.6 ; house, 128 Queen's drive, Queen's Park, 
S.2 ; teL No., South 77 ; tel. add., " Delacrem, 

Augustine Church, 283 Rutherglen road, C.5. 

Auld, David, & Sons, Ltd., sole makers of Auld's 
patent steam air gas and water-reducing valves, 
surplus steam valves, steam traps, safety valves, 
exhaust relief valves, stop valves, desuperheaters, 
&c, &c., Whitevale Foundry, 91 Rowchester 
St., S.E. ; tel. address, " Reducing, Glasgow ;" 
tel. No., Bridgeton 256 (2 lines). 

Auld, John (of David Auld & Sons, Ltd.); house, 
Logie Aston, Bridge of Allan. 

Auld & MacEwan, accountants and stockbrokers, 
24 St. Vincent place, C.l; teL No., Central 
7196; tel. add., " Auld, Glasgow,*! 

Auld, Matthew, dairy keeper, 171 Allison street, 

Auld, W./M.B., Ch.B., 143 Friarscourt avenue, W.3. 
Auld, William, C.A. (of Auld & MacEwan); res., 

The Grange, Bridge of Weir ; tel. No. 102 Bridge 

of Weir. 
Auld's Dairy Co. (R. C. Laing), 2 Northcroft 

road, Springburn, N; ho., Esslemont, 136 

Balgrayhill, Springburn, N. 
Austin, Dr. Alex. B. (retired), 14 Lennox avenue, 

Scotstoun, W.4. 
Austin, Alfred J., & Co., stockbrokers, 21 West 

Nile street, C.l ; te). address, " Alfaust, Glasgow"; 

tel. Nos., 651 and 652 Central. 
Austin, Alfred J., stockbroker (of Alfred J. Austin 

& Co.) ; ho., Glencairn, Bridge of Weir ; tel. No. 

68 Bridge of Weir. 
Austin, Arthur Joseph, City Chamberlain's Office; 

ho., 48 Clifford st., S.W.I. 
Austin, James, M.A., LL.B. (of Russell & Duncan), 

105 St. Vincent street, C.2 (teL No. 2065 Central), 

Clerk of the Peace for Glasgow and Lower 

Ward of Lanarkshire, County buildings, 149 

Ingram street, C.l (teL No. 84 Bell); secy. 

andtreas., Glasgow Veterinary College (Incorp.) ; 

res., Glenpark, 148 Terregles aven., Maxwell Park, 

S.1 ; tel. No. 1308 Ibrox. 
Austin & M' Asian, Ltd., nurserymen and seeds- 
men, 91 to 95 Mitchell st., C.l; 108 Salkeld st, 

C.5, and Cathcart Nurseries, Newlands, S.3. 
Austin Reed, Ltd., men's wear stylists, 58 

Gordon street, C.l ; tel. address, "Sumit- 

kolla, Glasgow " ; tel. No. Central 427. 
Austin, Robert, L.D.S., D.D.S., dental surgeon, 41 

Elmbank street C.2 ; house, Fernlea, Colly lien 

road, Bearsden. 
Austin, Thomas, funeral undertaker, 995 Govan rd., 

Austin, William, newsagent, 

ho., 1 Lome St., S W.l. 
Australia & New Zealand P 

36 West Nile street, C.l. 
Autocar (The), publishers, 26b Renfield street, C.2. 
Auto Klean Strainers, Limited, London, 

patentees and manufacturers of Auto Elean and 

Lolos strainers for petrol, fuel oil, lubricating oil, 

paraffin, water, &c. Sole agents, Hendry Brothers, 

Ltd., 4 West Regent street, C.2. 
Auto Port Auto-Services (Glasgow), Ltd., motor 

agents, Glasgow rd., Milngavie (teL Nos., Milngavie 

1014-15); house, 26 Glasgow road. 
Auto Services (Glasgow), Ltd., garage proprietors, 

Milngavie; tel. No. Milngavie 1014. Glasgow 

showrooms, 100 Byres road, W.l; tel. No., 

Western 6752. Registered office, 78 St. Vincent 

St., C.2 ; tel. No. Central 4720. 
Automatic Telephone and Electric Co., Ltd. (works. 

Liver pool), mine signalling and telephone apparatus, 

305 West George street, C.2; tel. Nos. 2151 and 

2152 Central; l el. add., "Connectors." 
Automatic Spraying & Chipping Co., Ltd., 199 St. 

Vincent street, C.2. 
Automatickei Limited, ticket issuing machines, 143 

West Nile street, C.l; tel. No., Douglas 1362. 
Automatic Scale Co., Ltd , scale makers, 91 j 

Cambridge street, C.3; tel. No., Douglas 1254. 
Automatic Telephone & Electric Co., Ltd., 154 West 

Regent st, C.2 ; tel. add., " Strowger Glasgow " ; 

tel. No. Douglas 6021. 

)9 Maclean st., S.W.I ; 
& O. Passenger Office, 




Automobile Association, 247 West George st., 

Automobile Engineer (The), publishers, 26b Renfield 

street, C 2. 
Auto way Co.. automatic weighing machine manu- 
facturers, 13 Wellington street, C.2. 
Auxiliary Air Force, Nos. 945, 946, 947 (City of 
Glasgow), Balloon Squad, 178 Bothwell street, 
C.2 ; tel. No., Central 7705. 
Auxiliary Air Force (602 Squadron), 49 ( opelaw 

street, S.2. 
Auxiliary Territorial Service (for Women), 128 Hope 

street, C 2. 
Avail Window Cleaning Co., 222 Cambridge st., C.3. 
Avella, A., hairdresser, 35 West George street, 

Avery, W. & T., Ltd. (of Birmingham 
established 1730). manufacturers of Modern 
weighing apparatus, testing and counting 
machinery, eliminating friction ensuring accuracy ; 
latest self-indicating types weighbridges up to 
300 tons for every purpose ; platform weigh- 
ing machines, beams and scales in all sizes. 
Offices, showrooms, and repair depot, 301 
St. Vincent st. C.2 (next Ear and Throat 
Hospital); tel. add., " Avery, Glasgow " ; tel. No., 
Central 8446 ; showrooms also at 10 Stockwell 
street, C.l. Govan repair depot, 413 Govan road, 
S.W.I; tel. No., Govan 194. 
Axelrod, 0., tool merchant and ironmonger, 68 

Commerce street C.5. 
Axworthy, Jeannie, confectioner, 69 Alexandra 

parade, E.l. 
Aykroyd & Grandage, Ltd., dyers and mercerisers, 
Bradford, 104 West George street, C.2 ; teL add., 
"Laine;" tel. No., Douglas 3070. 
Ayling, George, caretaker, Christian Science Church, 

9 Clifton street, C 3. 
Aylmer, Albert T., M.B., Ch.B., physician, Western 
District Hospital, C.4 (tel. No., Western 3770) ; 
house, 53 Oakfield avenue, W.2. 
Aylmer, Alexander Thomson, solicitor and notary 
public (of Rodie, Barras & Aylmer); house, 53 
Oakfield avenue, W 2. 
Aylmer, Henry R., M.A., LL.B., solicitor (of Rodie 
Barras & Aylmer) ; ho., 53 Oakfield avenue, Hill- 
head, W.2. 
Aylmer, Henry, stock and sharebroker, 48 West 
Regent st., C.2; tel. add., "Remlya, Glasgow;'* 
tel. No. Douglas 6966 (2 lines). 
Ayr Ice Rink, Ltd. — William Dancan & Co., C.A., 

208 Bath st., C.2. 
Ayres, Charles, chair manufacturer, 162 Colvend St., 

S.E.; house, 14 Viewpark drive, Rutherglen. 
Ayres, Mrs. L., board residence, 5 Hill street, 

Ayrshire (The) Dairy, dairymen, 423 St. George's 

ioad, C.3, 
Ayrshire Dockyard Co., Ltd., ship repairers and 
engineers, Irvine; telegraphic address, "Shipbuilder, 
Irvine"; tel. No., 171 Irvine. 
Ayrshire Post, Ltd., newspaper and general printers, 

Nile court, Ayr; telephone 3521. 
Ayrshire Wool & Hosiery Co. (The), wool merchants, 

134 St. George's road, C.3. 
Ajton, David (of James Ayton & Son),, ho. 293 

Onslow drive, E.l. 
Ayton, James (of James Ayton & Son), house, 110 
Garthland drive, E.l. 

Ayton, Jam»s, & Son, lithographic printers, 13 
Arcadia street, S.E. ; tel. No. Bridgeton 2812. 

Ayton, Mrs. Janet, hardware merchant, 9 Carntyne 
road ; ho., 30 Blenheim avenue, Stepps. 

Babbin, F., outfitter, 948 Argyle st, C.3 ; ho. 84 
Westmoreland street, S.2. 

Babcock & Wilcox, Ltd., engineers, patent water 
tube steam boiler makers, 145 St. Vincent street, 
C.2; works, Renfrew. TeL No., 9932 Central. 

Babtie & Craig, writers, Church St., Dumbarton; 
tel. Nos. 490 and 491. 

Babtie, John T. (of Babtie, Shaw & Morton, C.E.) ; 
res., Braehead, Bishopton. 

Babtie, Shaw & Morton, chartered civil engineers, 
17 Blythswood square, C.2. 

Babyfair, prams, cots, toys, 405 Great Western road, 
C.4j tel. No.. Western 5345. 

Babyland (Glasgow) Ltd., baby carriages, 323, 
326 Victoria road, S.2 : tel. No., 920 Queen's Park. 

Bach, J., wireless or radio and gramophone dealer, 
23, 25 Bridge street, C.5. 

Back, Wm. George, manufacturers' agent, 19 Queen 
street, C.l. 

Bacon, A. L. & Co., tailors and warehousemen, 62 
Oswald street, C.l. 

Baddeley, D. S., manufacturers' sales engineer, 62 
Robertson st., C.2 (tel. No., Central 4388); ho., 
2 Douglas gardens, Bearsden. 

Badger, A. E. (of Pritchett & Gold,& E. P. S. Co., 
Ltd.), 93 Dunlop st.,C.l (tel. No., Central 4263) | 
ho., 10 Lochside st., Shawlands, S.l. 

Badger, John, groceries and provisions, 261 Holm- 
lea road, Cathcart; ho., 49 Cartside street, S.2. 

Bagley & Wright, Ltd., sewing cotton manufac- 
turers, 58 Bothwell street, C.2; warehouse, 87 
Wellington street, C.2. 

Baikie& Hogg. Ltd., launderers, Ruchill, N.W. 

Baikie & Hogg, Ltd., shirt factory, Ruchill, N.W. 

Baikie & Hogg, Ltd., dyers and cleaners, Ruchill, 

Baikie & Hogg, Ltd., shirt makers, hosiers, and 
glovers, 75 St. Vincent street, C.2. 

Bailey, Clark & Co., Ltd., serated water manufacturers, 
24 Major street, S.E. 

Bailey, T. D., & Son, Ltd., grain brokers, 50 Well- 
ington street, C.2. 

Bailie, Albert, 1 Moray place, Strathbungo, S.l ; 
tel. No., Queen's Park 98. 

Baillie, A. C. (of Archd. Shearer & Son), 45-51 
Ingram street, C.l (tel. No., Bell 1831); house, 
8 Balmoral drive, Cambuslang. 

Baillie, A. D., flesher, 1466 Paisley rd., West, S.W.2. 

Baillie, Andrew Steven (of Jas. Baillie, malt mer- 
chant). 89 Cecil street, W.2. 
Baillie, F., chemist, 1219 Govan road, S.W 1. 
Baillie, Fred., chemist, 1181 Govan road, S.W.I. 
Baillie & Hum, automobile engineers, garage and 
showrooms, 92, 94 John street, C.l ; tel. No. 
Bell 956. 
Baillie & Hurn, motor car dealers and engineers, 
Crown Garage, 31 89 Hopehill road, N.W. ; tel. 
No., Douglas 1762 (2 lines). 
Baillie, James, malt merchant, 11 Bothwell street, 
C.2 (tel. No., Central 307) ; store, 31a Elderslie 
street, C.3. 




Baillie, James (of James Baillie, malt merchant); 

house, 12 Oakfield avenue, W. 2. 
Baillie, James (of Wm. Gilchrist & Co.) ; house, 12 

Second avenue, King's Park, Cathcart, S. 4. 
Baillie, James R., baker and confectioner, 111 and 

113 Nelson street, C.6 (tel. No., South 0637) ; ho. 

147 Auldhouse road, Newlands. 
Baillie, John, dentist, 2 Byres road, Partick, W.l ; 

tel No., Western 1589. 
Baillie, John M., & Sons, bakers and confectioners, 64 

Fordneuk street, S.E. (tel. No., Bridgeton 126); 

house, 101 Ralston avenue, Crookston. 
Baillie, J., dentist, 20 St. Peter's street, C.4. 
Baillie, J. R., agent, National Bank of Scotland, 

Ltd., Clydebank (tel. No., 323 Clydebank); ho., 

13 Niddrie square, S.2. 
Baillie, Penny & Co., wholesale confectioners, 

78 Elderslie street, C 3. 
Baillie, Robert A (at J. & E. Hall, 56 Byron street, 

Partick, W.l); house, 306 Alderman road, 

Baillie, S. F., manager (Rowan & Boden, Ltd.); 

house, Moirtart, Kilmacolm. 
Baillie & Telfer, glass merchants and glazing 

contractors, I8«2u Milton street, C.4; tel. No., 

Douglas 389. 
Baillie, Wm., & Co., printers and stationers, Burgh 

Printing Works, Main street, Barrhead. 
Baillie, Wm., & Son, chartered architects, 2 West 

Regent street, C.2 (tel. No., Douglas 2096); res., 

Storrs, Whitecraigs. 
Baillie, William (of Baillie & Hum); ho.,Craigengour, 

Drumctiapel road Bearsden. 
Baillie, Wm., cork manufacturer, 120 Bain street 

Baillie, Wm. R., 85 Oban drive, N.W. 
Baillie, Mrs. M., wine and spirit merchant, 11 and 

13 Butcheson street, C.l ; ho., 5 Fourth gardens, 

Dumbreck, 8.1. 
Baillie, Miss E., draper, 216 Calder street, S.2. 
Baillie's Institution Chamberlain's Office, 50 West 

Regent st, C.2 \ Chas. Batchelor, J. P., Chamberlain. 
Baillie's Institution Free Public Reference Library, 

153 West Regent street, C.2 — See Appendix. 
Bain, Alex. G. (of Kennedy & Bain) ; ho. 15 Balblair 

road, S.W.2. 
Bain, Alex. D., M.A., LL.B., writer (of M'Leish & 

Johnston) | house 5 Bellfield road, Stirling. 
Bain, A. J., agent, 170 Hope street, C.2. 
Bain, A. & J., 62 Robertson street, C.2. 
Bain, A. W., The London Assce. j ho., Ill Hyndland 

road, W.2. 
Bain, B. (British Ropes, Ltd., Rutherglen) ; house, 

30 Glenburn avenue, Cambuslang. 
Bain, Donald, & Co. (proprietors, Benmore Distil- 
leries Ltd.), blenders and exporters* 64 Waterloo 

s»., C.2 ; tel. add., " Bendaal " ; tel. No., Central 

Bain, Gardner & Co., shipbrokers and owners, 19 

Waterloo street, C.2. 
Bain, Hugh, & Sons, Ltd., colliery agents, coal, 

gravel, and sand merchants, West street, C.5, 

Crussmjloof S.l, and Gushatfaulds, S.2, Mineral 

Depots Head Office, 62 Robertson street, C.2 ; 

tel. Nos., Central 492 and 493. 
Bain, H., boot repairer, 435 Shields rd.. S.l 
Bain, H. G., & Co., tea merchants, 62 Robertson st, 

Bain, James, coal agent, 52 Dinmont rd., S.l 

Bain, J. Herbert, manufacturer's agert, 35 Miller 
street, C.l (tel. No., Central 3424); ho., 21 
Corrour rd., S.3 ; tel. No., Langside 3284 

Bain, John, timber importer, 118 Broomielaw, C.l 
(tel. Nos., Central 58o8-69); ho., Wester Ha^ston, 
Kirkintilloch; tel. No. Kirkintilloch 134. 

Bain, J. D., manufacturer's agent, 40 St. Enoch sq , 
C. 1 ; res. , Ivy Bank, Kirkintilloch. 

Bain, J. J. (of John Bain, 118 Broomielaw, C.l); 
res., Broompark, Houston road, Bridge of Weir; 
tel. No. 329. 

Bain, K., boarding house, 28 India street, C.2. 

Bain, M. & L., drapers, 615 Duke St., E.l ; house, 
Roachbank, London road, Tollcross, E.2. 

Bain, Robert, City Librarian, The Mitchell Library ; 
ho., 25 Kmgslynn dr., Cathcart, S.4 ; tel. No., 
Langaide 158-<. 

Bain. Robert (of Bain, Gardner & Co.); house, Rona, 
Hazelwood avenue, Newton Mearns, Renfrewshire. 

Bain, Robert B., glass stainer, embosser, lead crafts- 
man, tinsr-ith aid sheet metalworker, 28 Milton 
place, C.4 (tel. No. Douglas 171); house, 13 Wood- 
linn avenue, Cathcart. S 4. 

Bain, Robert (of Philp, Hay & Co.) ; house, 38 
Hots- pur street, N.W. 

Bain, Thomas G. L. (G.P.O.); ho., 47 Killoch 
drive, W.3. 

Bain, Thomas, florist, 672 Eglinton street, C.5 ; tel. 
No.. South 697. 

Bam, T, W , Bank of Scotland, 32 Gorbals st., C.fl 

Bain, William, & Co., Ltd., wrot-iron and steel 
fencing and gates, constructional engineers, cement 
mixers, light railway makers, wire drawers, 
Lochrin Iron Works, Coatbridge. 

Bain, W. B. & J., Ltd., agents for Royle's, Ltd., Man- 
chester; Samuel Marsden & Son, Ltd., Manchester; 
W. N. Baines & Co., Ltd., Rotherham; Crofts 
(Engineers) Ltd., Bradford; Joseph Evans & 
Sons (Wolverhampton), Ltd., Wolverhampton ; 
John Garrington & Sons, Ltd., Darlaston; A. 
E. Jenks & Cattell Ltd., Wolverhampton ; Joseph 
Tomey & Sons, Ltd., Birmingham ; 73 Robertson 
street, C.2; tel. No., Central 1196. 

Bain, W. B. (of W. B. & J. Bain, Ltd.), ho., 16 
Marine court, St. Leonards-on-Sea. 

Bain, Wm. Hendry (of Honeyman & Co.) ; house, 
69 Leslie street, Pollokshields, S.l. 

Bain, Mrs. J. Whyte, 162 Buccleuch street, C.3 

Bain, Misses G. P. & J. F., 23 Burnbank gardens, 

Bainbridge, Geo., & Co., florists, 17 Eglinton street, 

Baines, W. N., & Co., Ltd., Rotherham, gun metal 
boiler mountings ; agents, W. B. & J. Bain, Ltd., 
73 Robertson street, C.2. 

Baird, Adam H. (British Ropes Ltd., Farme Cross, 
Rutherglen) ; ho., Woodhall, Stirling dr., Burnside. 

Baird, Albert J. A., timber merchant, 128 Prospect- 
hill road, Mount Florida, S.2. 

Baird, Alexander (of Boyd, Barrow & Co.) ; house, 
59 Woooend drive, Jordanhill. W.3. 

Baird, Alexander, & Son, Ltd., fit e art Christ- 
mas card printers and publisbers, Kelvinbridge 
Works, Herbert street, North Woodside road, 

Baird, Andrew, solicitor (of Young, Dand, & Reed); 
ho., Jessamine, Dalmuir. 

Baird, Andrew C, writer, 140 West George st.. C 2 ; 
res., Anwoth, Buchanan drive, Rutherglen. 





Baird, A. C. Mackenzie, & Co., writers, 140 West 

George street, C. 2. 
Baird, A., & Co., timber brokers, 11 Botbwell st., 

C.2 ; tel. add., "Nowadays;" teL No., Central 

Baird, A. J. A., timber merchant, 50 Wellington st., 

C.2; ho., 128 Prospecthill rd., Mount Fl .nda, S.2. 
Baird, A. M , optician, 54 St. Enoch sq., C.l; tel. 

No., 6460 Central. 
Baird, A. Watson, C.A (Baird & Macnaillan, C.A..); 

house, 26 Mossgiel road, Newlands, 8.3 ; tel. No. 

Langside 531, 
Baird, Arcbd., & Son, Ltd., iron merchants, 

wholesale and export ironmongers, colliery and 

iron works furnishers, engineers, steel, iron, and 

brass founders, gutta-percha and brattice cloth 

manufacturers, Clyde Steel and Engineering Works, 

Baird, Archd., & Son, Ltd., engineers and manu- 
facturers of every description of steel, iron, and brass 

castings, locomotive engines for sale or hire, Clyde 

Steel and Engineering Works, Hamilton. 
Baird, Arthur, optician, 26 Kilmarnock rd., S.l (tel. 

No. Langside 2161); ho., Merryvale ave.. Giffnock 
Baird, A. C., representing Goodlass, Wall & Co., 

Ltd.; res., Drumclog, Second ave., Millerston; 

tel. No., Stepps 228. 
Baird Brothers, surgical dressing manufacturers, 97 

Bath street, C.2. 
Baird, Charles, pawnbroker, 665 Gallowgate, S.E. ; 

house, 169 Reidvale street, E.l. 
Baird & Coutts, manufacturers' agents, 77 Queen st. 

C.1; t.el. No., Ci y 0851. 
Baird, Eric G., Ltd., opticians, 82 Mitchell st.. 

C 1; tel. No Central 6727 
Baird, Eric G. (of Eric G. 8aird, Ltd.); house, 49 

Vennard gardens, S.l ; tel. No., Langside 269. 
Baird, G. (Sun Life office), ho., 19 Ruthven bt, W.2 ; 

tel. No., Western 6354 
Baird, George, dentist, 4 Petershill rd., Springbnrn, 

N. (tel. No, Springbnrn 5570); ho., 224 Broom- 
field rd., Springburn, N. 
Baird, George C. (of Gilmour & Co., Ltd.); house, 

8 Northbank ter,, N.W. 
Baird, G. Fearns, & Co., electrical engineers and 

contractors, 126 Elderslie street, C.3. 
Baird. Gilbert T., produce, oil and chemical broker, 

44 South Portland street, C.6. 
Baird, Harry (John Brown & Son, Ltd.), Clutha 

Factory, 62 Carstairs st,, S.E.; ho., 40 Queens- 
borough gardens, W.2. 
Baird, Harry A. (of Archibald Baird & Son, Ltd.) ; 

res., Loaningdaie, Biggar. 
Baird, H. Stanley M. (Hugh Baird & Sons, Ltd.) ; 

house, Pound Farm, Wood St., near Guildford, 

Baird, Hugh, marine insurance broker, Royal 

Exchange buildings, C. 1. 
Baird, Hugh, & Sons, Ltd., maltsters, malt flour 

manufacturers, hop, and grain merchants, 113 

Douglas St., C.2; tel. No., Douglas 6822(2 lines). 
Baird Hughes & Co., Ltd., 10 Dundas lane, C.l; 

tel. No., Douglas 3169. 
Baird James, warehouseman, 292 High st., C.4; 

tel. No., Bell 2979. 
Baird, James, F S.A Scot., cashier (at Kyle, 
Dennison & Laing), bo., 81 Meadowpark st. E.l 
Baird, James (of Baird Bros., 97 Bath st., C.2): ho., 
14 Seres road, Clarkston. 

Baird John & Brackenridge (F.S.I. Surveyors), 261 

West George street, C.2 ; house, 1 2 Terregles aven., 

Baird, John F., chartered accountant ("of Fletcher, 

Manson & Co., C A , 144 St. Vincent st., C 2; 

tel. No., Central 3536); bo., 7 Muirhill avenue, 

Muirend ; tel. No., Mem lee 3621. 
Baird, J. & L., manufacturers, umbrellas, corsets, 

shirts, underclothing, and baby linen, 12 Ingram 

street, C.l ; teL No., Bell 234. 
Baird, John (of John Baird & Son (Opticians) 

Ltd.) 88, 70 Mitchell st., C.l; house, 14 

Langtree avenue, Whitecraigs; tel. No., Giffnock 

Baird, John, draper and clothier, 102 New City rd. 

C.4; ho., 8 Mansefield avenue, Cambuslang. 
Baird, John, F.B.O.A., F.R.P.S. (at T. Baird & 

Sons); ho., 25 Herriet street, Pollokshields, S.l; 

tel. No., South 1491. 
Baird, John (of Archibald Baird & Son, Ltd.), res., 

Colinhill, Stratbaven. 
Baird, John, & Sons, Avenuehead Sand Quarry, 

Glenboig ; Dullatur Sand Quarry, Dullatur. 

Glasgow offices, 147 Blythswood St., C.2 ; tel. No., 

Douglas 1291. 
Baird, John, Ltd., glass manufacturers, 99 Milton 

street, Port- Dundas, C.4 
Baird, John D. (of J. & L. Baird); ho., Kathieville, 

Cathcart, S.4. 
Baird, John, & Son (Opticians) Ltd., whole- 
sale and manufacturing opticians, 68, 70 Mitchell 

st, C.l ; tel. No., Central 541. 
Baird, John, & James Thomson, architects, 

150 Holland st., C.2. 
Baird, John, & Sons, letterpress printers and manu- 
facturing stationers, 22 Royal Exchange square, 

C.l; tel. No., Central 6060. 
Baird & Macmillan, chartered accountants, 

65 Renfield street, C.2 ; tel. No , Douglas 1403. 
Baird, Matthew B. (of Archibald Baird & Son, Ltd.) ; 

house, West Quarter, Glassford, by Strathaven. 
Baird, M. M., Limited, whiting and chalk merchants, 

116-120 Rentcn St., Port- Dundas, C.4; tel. add. 

''Limestone"; tel. No., Douglas 17. 
Baird (Motors), Ltd., garage, 73 Balnain st., off 

Grove st., C.4; tel. No., Douglas 1386. 
Baird, P. M. L, M.B., Cb.B.. physician and surgeon, 

177 Crown St., C.5 (tel. No., South 3«5); house, 

11 Myrtle Park; tel. No., Queen's Park 552. 
Baird, Robert, wholesale optician, clock and 

bronze importer, jewellery dealer, &c, 4 West 

Regent st., C.2; tel. No., Donghn 6187.— -See Advt. 
Baird, Robert, Coal Owners' Association, 100 Welling- 
ton street, C,2; ho. Annick Bank, Greenback av., 

Whitecraigs ; tel. add., " Coalassoc, Glasgow " ; tel. 

No., Central 4471. 
Baird, Kobt., general blacksmith, 37 Sword st., E.l 

(tel. No., Bridgeton 460); ho., 43 Greystone 

avenue, Burnside. 
Baird, Robert, Ltd., garage and motor hirers, 911- 

915 Springburn road, N.; tel. No., Springburn 

Baird, Robt., commercial traveller. 28 Gala st., E.l. 
Baird, Robert M. (Canadian Pacific Bailway Co.); 

ho., 73 Nithsdale drive, Strathbungo, S.l. 
Baird, Robert S., joiner and cabinetmaker, 202 

Byres road, Hillhead, W.2; house, 143 Maxwell 

avenue, Westerton. 




Baird, Robert S., bank agent, The British Linen 
Bank, 175 Glasgow road, Clydebank; res., Bank 
House, Clydebaiak ; tel. No., Clydebank 23. 
Baird, R., wholesale and retail confectioner, 735 

Balmore road, N. W.; tel. No., Possil 8163. 
Baird Smith, Barclay & Mnirhead, writers, 205 St. 

Vincent street, C.2. 
Baird 6s Stevenson (Quarrymasters), Ltd., 
Locharbriggs Quarries, 11 Bothwell street, C.2. 
Baird, Stirling & Riddell, writers, 104 West George 

street, C.2. 
Baird-Taylor, Ltd., wholesale and export Scotch 

whisky merchants, 68 Bath street, C.2 ; proprietors 

of Red Tape, The whisky and " Tamarind" Jamaica 

mm; tel. Nos., 6994 5 Douglas; tel. add., 

" Tamarind," Glasgow. 
Baird, Thomas, draper, 166 London road, C.l. 
Baird, T. Herbertson, 44 Kingsborough gardens, 

Kelvinside, W.2. 
Baird, T. & Sons, opticians, 71 Queen st., C.l ; tel. 

No., Central 7222. 
Baird, T. Elliot (of Alexander Baird & Son, Ltd.); 

house, 9 Redlands road, Kelvinside, W.2. 
Baird, T. S., F.R.M.S., F.S.M.C., &c, Principal, 

College of Optics, 133 Trongate, C.l (tel. No., 

Bell 469); ho., 42 Kiagsknowe drive, Rutherglen. 
Baird Trust (The) 182 Bath street, C.2 ; Roger G. 

Manson, B.L., secy.; tel. No., 0476 Douglas. 
Baird, Walter, cashier, Shettleston Co-op. Society, 
Ltd. ; house, 1631 Shettleston road, Shettleston. 
Baird, William, & Co., Ltd., iron and coal 

masters, foundry and smithy coke, brick, cement, 

and chemical manufacturers (coal tar bye- 
products) ; Works, Gai tsherrie, Twechar, and 

Beolay. Head office, 168 West George St., C.2. 

Transfer office, 175 Hope street, C 2. 
Baird, William (of Edward Simpson & Co., Ltd.) ; 

house, 175 Ashkirk drive, Mosspark, S W.2. 
Baird, Wm.T., F.B.O.A.,F.LO. (atT. Baird & Sons); 

ho., 44 Bolton drive, Mount Florida, S.2 ; tel. No., 

Langside 2062. 
Baird, William M. (of William Baird & Son, Ltd) ; 

ho., 6 Spring gardens, Kelvinside N, N.W. ; tel. 

No., Western 3004. 
Baird, Wm. L. (of J. & L. Baird), ho., 51 Camphill 

avenue, Langside, S.l. 
Baird, Wm. S. (of Baird Bros., 97 Bath St., C.2); 

house, 16 Sannyside drive, Clarkston. 
Baird, Wm., & Son, Ltd., steel roof and bridge 

builders, Temple Iron Works, Anniesland, W.3. 

Tel. Nos., 2206 and 2207 Scotstoun; telegrams, 

''Bridging, Glasgow." 
Baird, W. A. (of Baird & Coutts) ; ho., Anath, Kil- 

macolm ; tel. No., Kilmacolm 71. 
Baird, Wm H. (of John Baird & Son (Opticians) 

Ltd.); house, 41 Victoria Park gardens South, 

Broomhill, W.l; tel. No., Western 1476. 
Baird, Wolton & May, Ltd., British fruit and 

vegetable canners, 11 3 Douglas street, C.2. ; tel. 

No., Douglas 5822. 
Baird, Mrs. Annie, Anchor restaurant, 208 Kelvin- 

haugh street, C.3. 
Baird, Mrs. A. W., wine and spirit merchant, 478 

Duke St., E.l; ho., Ivyhill, Kilcreggan. 
Baird, Miss Agnes H., Kathieville, 9 Kilmailing rd., 

Cathcart, S.4 ; tel. No., Merrylee 1822. 
Baird, Bridget, dealer, 80 North Woodside road, C.4. 
Baird, Isobel M., writer, 140 West George st., C.2 ; 

ho., Anwoth, Buchanan drive, Rutherglen. 

Baird's Dairies Ltd., 960 Crow rd , Anniesland, W.3 

(tel. No., Scotstoun 2632); house, 1002 do. 
Bairds 6s Dalmellington Ltd., coal masters and 
brick manufacturers manufacturers of '• Eglinton " 
briquettes, Auchincruive, Lugar, Muirkirk, Kil- 
winning, Sanquhar and Dalmellington. Head office, 
168 West George street, C.2. Transfer office, 175 
Hope street, C.2. 
Bairds Mining Co., Ltd., iron ore mineowners and 

shippers, 168 W. George st., C,2. 
Bairn3on Bros., 87 Union street, C.l. 
Bairnson, G. L. (of Bairnson Bros.); ho., 9 Novar drive, 

Bairsto, W. H., & Sons, iron and steel merchants, 428 
St. Vincent street, C. 3 ; tel. add., " Bairsto " ; tel. 
No., Central 1059. 
Bakau and Kenya Extract Company, Ltd., 24 George 

square, C.2. 
Baker, A. J, (E. Showell & Sons, Ltd.); house, 

33 Lenzie road, Stepps. 
Baker, A. & L., Ltd., tood products manufacturers, 

1103 Argyle street, C.3; tel. No., Central 7185. 
Baker & Bessemer, John, Ltd., Rotherham. Wm. 

Clark & Co., agents, 141 West George st., C.2. 
Baker, Duthie & Co., Ltd., lighting glassware 
importers and agents, 25 Robertson street, C.2 
(tel. add., " Liteglass " ; tel. No., Central 2300); 
house, 17 Archerhill crescent, W.3. 
Baker, John, manufacturer's agent, 52 St. Enoch 
sq., C.l (tel. No., 6549 Central) ; ho., 25 William- 
wood park, Netherlee. 
Baker, Perkins Ltd., bread, confectionery, biscuit, 
and chocolate engineers, 70 Wellington street, 
Bakewell, Wilfrid, manager (T. I. Birkin & Co., 
Baltic st, S.E.); ho., Sherwood, Tynwald av., 
Balabanian & Yuill, photographers, 184 Paisley rd. 

C.5; ho., 24 Riverside road, Newlands, S.3. 
Balden, Jas. C, insurance broker (of D. J. Ritchie 
& Co., Ltd.); ho., 6 Crown mansions, Partickhill, 
Balderston, C. A., manager and secretary, Royal 
Exchange, C.l; house, 11 Kirklee circus, W.2 ; 
tel. No., Western 2876 
Balderstone, James M. (at The City Line Ltd.); 

ho., 120 Munro road, Jordanhill, W.3. 
Balderston, John M. (of Geo. Younger & Co.); 

house, 320 Albert drive, Pollokshields, S.l. 
Baldie, P. C, 6s Co., asbestos manufacturers, 
steam boiler and pipe coverers, 159- 163 Centre 
street, C.6; tel. No., South 0146. 
Baldie, P. C , 159 163 Centre street, C.5. 
Baldie, P. C, 94 Nithsdale rd., S.l 
Baldwins, Ltd., makers of tinplates, lead-coated 
sheets, galvanised sheets, &c. , &c. Sole agents 
for Scotland, Lindsay, Crookston & Co., Ltd., 163 
Hope st., C 2. 
Bale, Alex., hairdresser, 351 Paisley road, C.5 ; 

ho., 145 Drumoyne road, Govan, S.W 1. 
Balfour, And., & Wm. F. T. Stewart, FF.R.I.B.A., 

architects, 110 Blythswood st., C 2. 
Balfour, Andrew (of A. Balfour & Stewart) ; ho., 

Rostrevor, Bridge of- Weir. 
Balfour, Dr. A. L, 1 Kew ter., W.2 
Balfour, James G., agent and importer, 62 Virginia 
st., C.l ; ho., 50 Kingsbridge dr., King's Park, S.4 
Balfour & Pryde, tailors and clothiers, 12 and 14 
Stow street, C.2. 


Notice to Advertisers. 

If you want more business — advertise in 

The Post Office 
Glasgow Directory. 

Now is the time to get in front. 

□ D O □ □ D 

The Glasgow Post Office Directory circulates 
amongst the best firms in the City and 
Neighbouring Burghs, and as an adver- 
tising medium is "SECOND TO NONE." 

Scale of Charges Moderate. 


• Alex. H. Sturrock, 

Advertising Manager, 






Balfour, Walter W. B., Union Bank of 8cotland, Ltd.; 

ho., 5 Airlie gardens, Hyndland, W.2. 
Balharrie'8, tobacconist, 24 Renfield street, C 2. 
Balbarrie's, tobacconist, 479 Great Western rd., W.S 
Ball Beaiing Cowl Co. (The), chimney cowls and 

ventilating engineers, 24 Tureen street, S.B; teL 

No., Bridgeton 2797. 
Ball, Stephen Jas., furrier, 21 Drury street, C.2. 
Ballantine. Alastair C. (of John F. Ballantine & Son); 

res., 1 Athole gdns., W.2. 
Ballantine, A. Russell, financial adviser, member of 

the Stock Exchange (Glasgow) ; ho. , Ashenyards 

Russell, Kilwinning ; tel. No., Kilwinning 5. 
Ballantine, Arthur (of J. Lizars); res. Dullatur 

House, Dullatur. 
Ballantyne, Arthur J.,M.D., F.R.F.P.S.G., ophthal- 
mic surgeon, 11 Sandyford place, C 3. 
Ballantyne, A. M., general merchant, 138 Pollok- 

shaws road, S.l ; ho., 9 Leslie street, S.l. 
Ballantine, George, jnnr., 8 Cleveden gardens, 

Kelvinside, W 2. 
Ballantine, George, & Son, Ltd., distillers and whisky 

exporters, Castle street, Dumbarton; tel. add., 

"George, Dumbarton"; tel. Nos., 501 2-3-4 
Ballantyne, Hugh D. , engineer, 261 West George 

street, C.2 j tel. No., Central 2923. 
Ballantyne, James, colliery agent (of J. L. Rodger & 

Co. Ltd.) | ho., Craigneish, 9 Heiries road, S.l ; 

tel No., Queen's Park 342. 
Ballantyne, Jas, R., F.S.I., charteied surveyor, 112 

B*ta btreet, 0.2 1 house, Bathfield, Wemyss Bay. 
Ballantine, John B., C.A., 173 St. Vincent st., C.2; 

tel. No., Central 26i 8. 
Ballantine, John F., & Son, solicitors, 241 West 

George street 
Ballantine, John F. (of John F. Ballantine & Son) ; 

ho., 2 Queensborough gdns., W 2. 
Ballantyne, J, O.BE., Chief Officer for Scotland, 

L.M.S. Railway, 302 Buchanan st. (tel. add., c/o 

Besiine, Glasgow; tel. No., Douglas 2900)} ho., 

Roseneath, 36 Dalziel drive, S.l 
Ballantine, M. Dumfries (of Lizars); res., Dullatur 

House, Dullatur. 
Ballantine, Robert, Ltd., opticians, photo- 
graphic, wireless, and scientific instruments, 103^ 

St. Vincent st„ C.2 (tel. No., Central 5619); ho., 

1 Racecourse road, Ayr. 
Ballantine, R. H. (of J. Wyllie Guild & Ballantine, 

C.A.); ho. Clevanshill, Bridge-of- Weir. 
Ballantine, Robert Stanley (of J. Lizars) ; house, 

Newstead, flamstradden drive, Bearsden. 
Ballantyne, Thos , Assoc M.Inst.C.E., 35 Lilybank 

gardens, Hillhead, W.2. 
Ballantine, W. & Co., fruit brokers, Bazaar ; 

tel. add., " Prolific " ; tel. No. Bell 1024. 
Ballantyne, Wm. N., managing director, Benmore 

Distilleries Ltd., also Macleay Duff (Distillers) Ltd., 

64 Waterloo street, C.2; res., Balmar, Craignethan 

road, Whitecraigs, Renfrewshire. 
Ballantyne, Miss Nell, entertainer, 2 Queen Margaret 

dnve, W.2; tel. No., Western 6495. 
Ballantyne, Dora, hairdresser, 16 Elmbank St., C.2. 
Ballenden, A. R. (G.P.O.) ; ho., 49 Fergus drive, 

Ballingall, A W., chemist (of Ballingall & Co., 

449 Great Western road, W.2) ; ho., 12 Hamilton 

drive, W.2. 
Ballingall & Coy., dispensing and photographic 

chemists, 449 Gt. Western road, Hillhead, W.2. 

Ballingall, James, accountant and property agent, 8 
Elmbank street, C.2. 

Balloch, Wilson & Co , Ltd.. shirt manufacturers, 
48 Queen street, C.l| tel. No., Central 3544. 

Balloch, Wilson & Co., Ltd.; secretary, Herbert C. 
Sloan, C.A., 46 West Nil* street. C.l. 

" Ballochmyle " Scotch Whisky, sole proprie- 
tors, Watson & Middleton, 16 York St., 0.2, 

Balmano Mission, 13 Balmano street, C.4. 

Balmore Steamship Co., Ltd. (John Bruce & Co., 
managers), 63 Bothwell street, C.2. 

Balshagray Nu sing Home (M. Cnthbert, S.R.N., 
C.M.B.), 30 Balshagray aven., W.l ; tel. No., 
Western 5130. 

Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, 91 Mitchell street, C.l. 

Baly, Ernest, physician and surgeon, 2 Victoria Park 
drive. South, Whiteinch, Scotstoun, W 4. 

Bamber, Jas., hair dresser, chiropodist, perfumer, 
and theatrical costumier and wig maker, 92 Gordon 
street, C.l (tel. No. 8653 Central); and 522, 624 
Gt. Western road, W.2; tel. No., 5509 Western. 

Bamber, B. Sheldon, Ltd., hairdressers, perfum- 
ers, theatrical wig makers, theatrical costumiers 
and scenery contractors, 12 and 13 Charing Cross 
Mansions, C.3, and 104, 106 Renfield street, C.2 
(tel. add., " Bamberre, Glasgow"; tel. Nos., 
Douglas 1471 P.B.E. and 2076); ho., St. 
Andrews, Bearsden; tel. No., Bearsden 400. 

Bamber, Mrs. John R., 48 Carlton place, C.5. 

Banake Co , Ltd., chemists, 5 Oswald street, C.l. 

" Bandall " System of Insulation. — Donald- 
Bean Insulators & Engineers, Ltd., 153-177 

. Elder street. S.W.I 

Bank of New South Wales; deposit agents, Miller, 
Thompson, Henderson & Co., solicitors, 190 St. 
Vincent street, C.2. 

Bank Restaurant, 35-41 Queen street, C.l ; tel. No. 
7928 Central. 

Bank of Scotland, Chief Office, 2 St. Vin- 
cent place, C.l ; tel. Nos., Central 713, 714, 
715. James Craig, manager | H. G. Carswell, 
asst. manager; W. O. Suttie, accountant; James 
B. Bryce, Hugh G. Millar, George H. Henderson, 
and James O. Black sign pro manager. 

District Brahchess — 
Anderston, 470 Argyle street, C.2. 

A. C. Orr, agent ; S. B. Westland, accountant, 
signs pro agent. 
Anniesland, 1561 Great Western road, W.3. 

David Logie, agent. 
Bath street, 87 Renfield street, C.2. 

D. M. Wright, agent; R. W. Pringle, accountant, 
signs pro agent. 
Calton, 517 London road, S.E; 

Andrew Morton, agent 
Cathcart, 67 Clarkston road, Cathcart. 

John Brodie, agent. 
Charing Cross, 10 Charing Cross Mansions, St. 
George's road, C.3. 

Ronald Carmichael, agent. 
Crosshill, 464 Victoria road, S.2; 

A. F. M'Lacblan. agent. 
Dennistoun, 336 Duke street, E. 

Alex. Gray, agent. 
East Park, 1049 Maryhill road, N.W. 

T. P. Bennet, agent. 
Gorbals, 32 Gorbals street, 0,6 

Telfer W. Bain, agent. 



Constituted by Act of Parliament 






RESERVE FUND and BALANCE carried forward 



February, 1939 


Governor: The Right Hon. LORD ELPHINSTONE, K.T. 
Deputy-Governor: The LORD HENRY SCOTT. 



GLASGOW, Ghief Office: 2 St. Vincent Place. 

JAMES CRAIG, Manager. H. G. CARSWELL, Assistant Manager. 


City Office, - 30 Bishopsgate, E.C.2. 

A. BALLINGALL, Manager. D. P. PETRIE, Assistant Manager. 

Piccadilly Circus Branch, 16/18 Piccadilly, W. 

C. D. ALLISON, Manager. D. L. ALLARDICE, Assistant Manager. 

263 Branches and Sub-Branches in Edinburgh, Glasgow, and throughout Scotland. 

Every Description of British and Foreign Banking: Business transacted. 

J. W. MACFARLANE, Treasurer. 




Govan, 779 Govan road, Govan, S.W.I. 

W. H. A. Torry, agent. 
Govanhill, 347 Cathcart road, S.2. 

A. C. Rae, agent. 
Hillhead, 711 Great Western road, W.2. 
A. M. Guild, agent ; D. W. Petrie, accountant 
signs pro agent. 
Hillington Road, 2228 Paisley road, west 

D. M Campbell, agent. 
Hope Street, 96 Hope street, C.2. 
John Miller, agent ; John Waters, acconntant, 
signs pro agent. 
Hutchesontown, 130 Crown street, C.5. 

T. M'Millan, agent; T. K. Mcllvean, account- 
ant, signs pro agent. 
Kinning Park, 46 Paisley road, West, S.W.I. 

A. K. Kennedy, agent. 
Laurieston, 1 Bridge street, C.5. 

James Glover, agent ; Jas. Halley, accountant, 
signs pro agent. 
Miller Street, 50 Argyle street, C.2. 
John Johnston, agent; T. M. B. Smith, sub- 
agent; Kenneth Mackay, accountant, signs 
pro agent. 
Mount Florida, 1022 Cathcart road, S.2. 

James A. Macdonald, agent. 
Partick, 478 Dumbarton road, Partick, W.l. 

Andrew Maclennan, agent. 
Pollokshields, 236 Albert drive, Pollokshields.S.l. 
J. A. Corbet, agent; James Hunter, acct., signs 
pro agerit. 
Renfield Branch, 93 St. Vincent street, C.2. 
James Neilson, agent j N. C. Riddell, account- 
ant, signs pro agent. 
St. George's Cross, 2 Maryhill road, N.W. 

James A. Cameron, agent; A. M 'Arthur, 
accountant, signs pro agent. 
Sandyford, 544 St. Vincent street, C.3. 

P. G. Neill, agent. 
Sauchiehall Street, 235 Sauchiehall street, C.2. 
James Murray, agent; P. G. Addie, acct., 
signs pro agent. 
Scotstoun, 23 Gleneagles terrace, Scotstoun, W.4. 

William Hogg, agent. 
Shawlands, 1096 Pollokshaws road, S.l. 

Charles M'Kay, agent. 
Springburn, 387 Springburn road, Springburn, N. 

Archd. Montgomerie, agent. 
Strathbnngo, 20 Kildrostan buildings, S.l. 

Jas. C. Smith, agent. 
Trongate, 90 Trongate, C.l. 

George Petrie, agent ; Wm. Lawrie, accountant, 
signs pro agent. 
West George st., 225 West George si, C.2 

James D. Taylor, agent ; R. M. Scott, 
accountant, signs pro agent 
Whitevale, 676 Gallowgate, S.E. 
W. Renfrew, agent. 
Bankers Commercial Security, Ltd., hire purchase 
finance, 124 St. Vineent st., C.2 ; tel. Nos., Central 
Banks, Andrew, company secretary, North British 
Loco. Co., Ltd. ; ho., 106 Mount Annan drive, 
Banks, B , fruiterer, 715 Pollokshaws rd., S.l. 
Banks & Co., Limited, colour and general printers, 

65 West Regent st., C.2. 
Banks, D. C, manufacturers' agent, 92 Union st, 
C.l; ho., 47 Kelvinside gardens, N.W. 

Banks, George, & Co., Ltd., ships' composition 
and paint manufacturers, sole proprietors of 
" Imperial " anti-corrosive and anti-fouling com- 
positions, and "Japlak" for holds; works, 
Crownpoint rd., S.E.: office, 24 Queen st.,C.l. Also 
at London, Liverpool, Cardiff, Newcastle- on-Tyne, 
and agencies at principal ports. Tel No., Central 

Banks, Henry C, newsagent, tobacconist, and hard- 
ware merchant, 1221 Gallowgate, E.l. 

Banks, James A (of Babtie, Shaw & Morton, C.E.); 
res., Nawakwa, 94 Douglas Park cres., Bearsden. 

Banks, John, fourth officer, Northern Fire Engine 
Station, 509 St. George's road, C.3. 

Banks, John, & Son, masons and builders, 16 
Bilsland drive, N.W.; tel. No., Maryhill 1418. 

Banks, J., dairykeeper, 51 Meadowpark street, 

Banks, Robert G., agent, Bank of Scotland, Renfield 
street branch ; ho., 20 Rowan road, S.l ; tel. No., 
Ibrcx 928. 

Bannatyne, A. Millar, LL.D., writer and notary 
public (of Bannatyne, Kirkwood, France & Co.), 
ho., Milheugh, Blantyre. 

Bannatyne, George, provision merchant. 1071 Dum- 
barton road, Whiteinch, ScotstouD, W.4. 

Bannatyne, James (of Connal & Bannatyne), ho. 
3 Burnhead road, Newlands. 

Bannatyne, James, Savings Bank, 177 Ingram st. 
C.l ; ho., 19 Tweedsmuir rd., Cardonald, S.W.2. 

Bannantyne, John, grocer, 27 Gibson street, W.2. 

Bannatyne, John, & Sop, grocers, 257 Kenmure st, 
S 1 ; tel. No. Queen's Park 478. 

Bannatyne, John Hendry, City Chamberlain's office; 
ho., 176 Kiiloch drive, W.3. 

Bannatyne, John Stewart, writer, 271 Wilton 
street, N.W. 

Bannatyne, Kirkwood. France & Co., writers, 145 
West George st , C.2 ; tel Nos , Central 2573 and 
2574 ; tel. add., " Bannatynes." 

Bannatyne, J. Laurence, writer (of Mackinnon, 
Bannatyne & Qurll) ; ho., 327 Kilmarnock road, 
Newlands, S.3 ; tel. No. Langside 2297 

Bannatyne, Wm., F.F.A, manager (Scottish Temper- 
ance and General Assurance Co., Ltd.); ho. 
Morar, South road, Busby ; tel. No. Busby 1444. 

Bannen, John James, solicitor, 72 Main street, 
Coatbridge ; ho. Alderford place, do. 

Banner, Samuel, & Co., Ltd., oil refiners and dis- 
tillers, 289 Castle street, C.4. 

Bannerman, George, agent, 81 Ascaig crescent, 
Mosspark, S.W.2. 

Bannerman, George, assessor of income tax, 180 
Hope st., C.2; house, 5 Manor rd., Jordanhill, W.4. 

Bannerman, George, jun., chartered acconntant, 56 
Bath St., C.2 ; ho., < 92 Crow rd., Auniesland, W.3; 
tel. No., Scotstoun 1401. 

Bannerman, Henry, & Sons, Ltd., shirtmakers, 8 
Prince's square, C.l. 

Bannerman, R. (director of Donaldson Manufac- 
turing Co. (1935) Ltd.); ho., Haggs Castle, 
Maxwell Park. 

Bannerman, Miss Margaret, 130 University avenue, 

Bannerman, Misses, 4 Borland road, Kessington, 

Bannerman, Elizabeth Baird, Ltd., mfg. furriers and 
gowns, 834 Sauchiehall street, C.2 (tel. No., 3419 
Douglas) | ho., 10 Roxburgh st, W.2. 




Bannermana & Robertson, accountants, 65 Bath 
street, C.2. 

Bannister, G. & E., stationers and booksellers, 234 
Great Western road, C.4 ; ho. 230 do. 

Bannor, C, hairdresser, 1155 Tollcross rd., E.2. 

Baptie, Thomas, & Sons, sack merchants, 28 
York st., C.2 (tel. No., Central 6007) ; ho., 
52 Bellahouston drive, S.W.2.; tel. No., Halfway 

Baptist Church, 118 John street, C.l. 

Baptist Theological College of Scotland, 113 West 
Regent street, C.2 ; tel. No., Douglas 567. 

Baptist Union of Scotland, 113 West Regent st., C 2 ; 
tel. No., Douglas 667. 

Bar Knight Model Engineering Co., model 
makers, 15 Margaret street, off John street C. 1 ; 
tel. No. Bell 0779. 

Barback, Miriam, embroideries, hemstitching and 
pleating, 49 Jamaica st, C.l (tel. No., Central 
4391); ho., 1 Carseview drive, Bearsden. 

Barber-Fleming, A. J., M.A., LL.B., solicitor and 
notary public (of Montgomeiie, Flemings, Fyfe, 
M'Lean & Co.); house, 12 Clarendon place, 

Barbour Bros. (Glasgow) Ltd. (estab. 1898), motor 
engineers, motor- cycle and cycle repairers, electro- 
platers and stove enamellers, 80 Dalmarnock rd., 
S.E. j works, Hatters row, S.E. ; tel. No., Bridge 
ton 896. 

Barbour & Co., manufacturers's agent, 64 Miller 
street, C.l. 

Barbour, David, chromium plating, &c, 492 Argyle 
street, C.3. 

Barbour, David, & Co., Ltd., chenille, tapestry and 
moquette manufacturers, Renfield Weaving Factory, 
Pollokshaws ; tel. add , '"Renfield," Pollokshaws. 
London warehouse, 2 Paternoster square, E.C. ; 
tel. add., " Lightful, London." 

Barbour, Duncan, & 8on, haulage contractors, 11 
Ros6vale st. and 31 Clydeview lane, W.l; house, 
1 Balshagray ave., W.l ; tel. No., Western 1283. 

Barbour, Hugh C, C.A., 54 Hamilton cres., Partick, 

Barbour, James, optician, 34 Dunchattan street, 

Barbour, John D. (C. Lyle Thomson & Co.); res., 
Torrisdale, 1 Eastwood aven;, Giffnock ; tel. No., 
Giffnock 1742. 

Barbour, John W., warehouseman, 158 Eglinton st., 
C.5; house, 61 Cromarty aven., Newlands. 

Barbour, John, 61 Airlie gardens, Hyndland, W.2. 

Barbour, John, architect, 42 Polwarth gardens, 
Hyndland, W.2. 

Barbour, John, wine and spirit merchant, 276 Main 
street, S.E. 

Barbour, J., confectioner (retail), 68 Old Dumbarton 
road, C.3. 

Barbour, O. R., sausage skin merchant, 129 Mel- 
bourne street, E.1 

Barbour, Robert (at the Summerlee Iron Co., Ltd.); 
res. Braeface House, Ashton, Gourock. 

Barbour, William, butcher, 73 Millroad street, S.E., 
aDd 380 Govanbill street, S 2 ; ho., Anniston, 
662 Clarkbton road, Netherlee, Cathcart. 

Barbour, William K., grocer, 288 Cumbernauld road, 
E.l (teL No. Briageton 366); ho. 8 Aberfeldy 
street, E.l. 

Barbour, Wm. & Sons, Ltd., linen thread manufac- 
turers, 95 Bothwell street, C.2. 

Barbour, Wm., M.B., CM., physician and surgeon, 
54 Hamilton cres., Partick, W.l ; tel. No., 
Western 2334. 

Barbour, Mrs. W. S., 47 Balvicar street, S.2. 

Barbour, Mrs., draper and milliner, 1018 Maryhill 
road, N.W. 

Barbour, Miss E., surveyor, Old Age Pensions, 266 
Clyde s'reet, C.l. 

Barclay, Andrew, Sons & Co., Ltd., locomotive 
builders, mechanical engineers, iron and brass 
founders and boilermakers, Caledonia Works, 
Kilmarnock. Telegraphic address, " Barclayson," 
Kilmarnock ; telephone Nos., 1366-1367. 

Barclay, Andrew, Sons, & Co., Ltd., hammers, 
pumps and plant for waterworks (successors to 
John Cochrane (Barrhead) Ltd.), Caledonia Works, 
Kilmarnock ; tel. add •' Barclayson, Kilmarnock;" 
tel. Nos., 1366-1367 Kilmarnock. 

Barclay Brothers, insurance brokers. 68 Gordon 
St.. CI; tel. add., "Barcabro;" tel. No. Central 
3788 (2 lines). 

Barclay, Curie & Co., Ltd., shipbuilders and 
engineers. Head office — Clydeholm Yard, White- 
inch, Glasgow. Building yards — Clydeholm Yard, 
Whiteinch; Jordanvale Yard, Whiteinch. Engineer- 
ing works — North British Engine Works, South st., 
Whiteinch, W.4. Boiler works — 90 Kelvinhaugh st. 
C.3. Repair works — Clydeside ship engine and 
boiler repairing works, 167 Whitefield road, Govan, 
S.W.l, and Elderslie Dockyard, Scotstonn, W.4. 

Barclay, C. W., Swedish medical gymnast, 13 Leven 
st, S.l : tel. No., Queen's Park 1005. 

Barclay, Daniel, family and shipping butcher, 171 
Paisley road west, S.W.l ; ho. 175 do. ; tel., 240 

Barclay, H. & D., architects, 121 West Regent 
street, C.2. 

Barclay, H. D., regd. plumber and gasfitter, 
heating, sanitary and domestic engineer, 204 
Bath st, C.2 (tel. No., 1812 Douglas); ho., 18 
Ashley street, C.3. 

Barclay, James, managing director (Alex. M'Gavin 
& Co. (Glasgow), Ltd.), 996 Great Western rd., 

Barclav, James, cashier, High Street Goods Station, 
CI; ho. 8 Kennyhill square, E.l. 

Barclay, James (of Robert Brown, Ltd.); ho., Glen- 
doune, 996 Great Western road, W.2; teL No., 
Western 5115. 

Barclay, Rev. James, M.A., minister, Govanhill 
Church ; ho., 4 Advie place, Mount Florida, 8.2. 

Barclay, James, slater, 5 Milton place, C.4 ; ho. 10 
Fergus drive, N.W. ; tel. No., 951 Douglas. 

Barclay, James, general store, 773 Bilsland drive, 

Barclay, James (of Wm. Macfarlane & Co.), ho. 28 
Hillend road, Bornside. 

Barclay, James, & Co. (Scotland), Ltd., exporters of 
Scotch whisky, 2-6 Castle st, Dumbarton ; tel. No. 
Dumbarton 502. 

Barclay, J. B. & Co., Ltd., wine and spirit brokers, 
33 Hope st, C.2; tel. No., Central 3659. 

Barclay, J. Howard, engineer and small tool 
merchant, 19 Waterloo st., C.2; ho., Eastercraigs, 

Barclay, J. Keith, writer, 156 St Vincent st., 
C.2 (teL No., 2865 Central); ho., 5 University 
avenue, W.2. 

Barclay, John B. S., 45 Fotheringay road, S.l. 




Barclay, John, licensed grocer, 135 Castle street, 

Barclay, John, postman, G.P.O.; ho. 28 Anthony 

street, 0.3. 
Barclay St Blathieson, iron and steel merchants 

(si ocfe holders); -warehouses, 62-72 Wallace street, 

C.5 (formerly of 159-183 Centre st , 0.5); tel. 

No., South 2875; telegraphic address, " Ferrum, 

Barclay, Perkins & Co., Ltd., brewers, London ; 

agents, J. G. Thomson & Co., Ltd., 85 West 

Regent street, C.2. 
Barclay, Peter M. (of Wilson Bros. & D. G. Howat 

& Co., Ltd., 21 Muslin st., S.E.); ho., 146 

Brownside road, Cambuslang. 
Barclay, Richard Hedderwick, M.A., LL.B., writer 

(of Baird Smith, Barclay & Muirhead); ho., 64 

Great George St., W.2. 
Barclay, R. M., branch manager, British General 

Insurance Co., Ltd. 
Barclay, Robert Francis, M.A., LL.B., writer (of 

Baird Smith, Barclay & Muirhead), house, 21 Park 

terrace. 0.3. 
Barclay, Robert W. (of David T. Morrison & Co., Ltd.); 

ho., 12 Attow road, Hillpark, Newlands, S.3. 
Barclay, Thomas, architect, Corporation Housing 

Department ; ho. , 20 Jordanhill drive, W.3. 
Barclay, T. L., dentist, 6 Springfield road, S.E. 
Barclay, William (of Gale & Barclay, Ltd.), 60- 

64 North st., C.3 ; ho. Anwoth, Newton Mearns. 
Barclay, Rev. Win,, M.A., Whitevale Church; 

ho., 6 Lloyd st., Dennistoun, E.l. 
Barclay, W , M.A, teacher of English, High School; 

ho., 48 Mitre road, Jordanhill, W.4. 
Barclay, Wm. B., traveller, 32 Riverside road, 

Newlands, S.3; tel. No., Langside 2767. 
Barclay. Miss F, draper and children's outfitter, 

311 Allison St., S.2. 
Barclay, Miss J., confectioner, 19 Luath st., S.W.I. 
Barcroft, Miss A. E., Yetnil, Rnddinghead rd., White- 

craigs, Giffnocs ; tel. No. Giffnock 7. 
Bardner, Mrs. Sara, 629 Sauchiehall street, 0.3 j 

tel. No., Douglas 6326. 
Bargain Stores (The), drapers, 20-32 High street, 

Barge, Lt-Col. Kenneth, D.S.O , M.C , D.L., manu- 
facturing chemist (of Richard Smith, Limited, 

182 West street, C.6); res., Armadale, Rhu. 
Barimer Limited, welding engineers, 134 West 

Ge>rge lane, C.2. 
Barker, A (G P.O.); ho. 8 Barony st., C.4. 
Barker & Allen, Lid., nickel silver, brass, copper, and 

phospher bronzy sheet metal and wires, Spring 

Hill, Birmingham: tel. No., Edgbaston 2182. 
Barker & Co., house furnishers, 291- 301 Argyle st, 

C.2. ; tel. No. Central 31' 0. 
Barker, Herbert M., L.R.I.B.A., architect, 121 West 

Regent street, C.2. 
Barker, John, photographic artist, 50 Albert road, 

Crosshill, S.2. 
Barker St Rennie, brush manuftrs., 37 Montrose 

street, C.l. 
Barker's Outfitting Stores, 77 Old Govan road, 

S.W.I ; ho., 334 St Vincent street, C.3. 
Barkey & Dobbin, 103 Castle street, C.4 
Barkey, Dobbin & Co., milliners, 449 Paisley road, 

Barkey, J. & A., costumiers, 1 St. George's road, 


Bstrland, 0. A., Board of Trade ; ho. 28 Kyle Park 
crescent, Uddingston. 

Barlas, Mrs G., 6 Barrington drive, C.4. 

Bar-Lock Typewriter Co., 35 Hope street, C.2 ; 
tel. No., Central 3004 (2 lines). 

Barlogan Garage (R. H. R. Gillies, prop.), motor 
engineers, 20 Maryland gHi s, S.W.2; (tel. No., Half- 
way ) 444) ; ho.. 79 Westfield drive, Cardonald; tel. 
No., Halfway 1884. 

Barlow & Jones, Ltd., 57 Miller street, C.l. 

Barlow, James E., dairyman, 156 LoDdon road, C.l ; 
house, 13 Morgan street, S.2. 

Barlow, T. C, flag and banner maker, 137 George 
street, 0.1. 

Barnes St Bell, Ltd., iron and steel machinery 
merchants, mine and mill furnishers} agents for 
Armstrong's hutch greasers, "Premier" safety lamps, 
Wrights Ropes, Ltd., wire ropes ; British Jeffrey 
Diamond, Ltd., Wakefield, chain coal cutters, 
electric locomotives, also coal conveyors of all 
kinds ; mills ; presses and haulages ; Parson's 
chains ; also agents for b tilers, ambulance 
requisites, pit arches, explosives of all kinds, 
forgings. grit for all purposes, &c, 79 St. George's 
place, C.2; tel. No., 2738 Central (3 lines) Iron 
and steel warehouse and general stores, Sunnyside 
road and Prospect yard, Coatbridge. 

Barnes, C. H. W., Board of Trade ; ho., 15 Falkland 
mansions, W.2. 

Barnes, F. A. (representing the Chloride Electrical 
Storage Co., Ltd., Clifton Junction, near Man- 
chester), Box 15, Royal Exchange, Glasgow, C.l 
(tel. No, 7030 Oei tral); bouse, Camalown, Avon 
road, Barnion, Midlothian. 

Barnes, Joseph, LL.B., writer (of Williamson & Bell) ( 
tel. No. Central 8169; house, 3 Darnley gardens^ 
Pollokshields, S.l; tel. No., Queen's Park 

Barnes (Printers) Ltd., 168 Ingram street, 

Barnet St Co., Ld., upholsterers' warehousemen, 
cabinet ironmongers, &c, 55 and 57 Oswald 
street, C.l ; telephone Nos., Central 138 and 139 
(P.B.E.); tel. add ," Barn, Glasgow." 

Barnet, David A. (of John Barnet & Son); res. 
Firhurst, Craignethan road, Whitecraigs. 

Barneti, A. A., manufacturers' agent, 207 Ingram 
street, C.l. 

Barnett, David C, Royal Bank, Glasgow; ho., 1084 
Aikenbead road, S.4. 

Barnett, George (repres. Watson & Gossage, Ltd., 
Leeds); house, 17 Whitehill street, Dennistoun, 

Barnett, Hu„ St Co., Ltd., linen merchants and 
manufacturers, 4 Springfield court, Queen St., C.l; 
tel. No., Central 7235. 

Barnett, J. R., naval architect, 147 Blythswood st., 
C.2 ; res., Westfield, Ralston avenue, Crookston, 
8.W.2; tel. No., Halfway 1483. 

Barnet, John, & Son, cabinetmakers and upholstery 
merchants, 137 West Regent st., C.2 {tel. No., 
Douglas 1703) ; house, Firhurst, Craignethan 
road, Whitecraigs. 

Barnett, Robert, janitor, Townhead Public School, 
Rottenrow, C.4. 

Barnett, William, & Sons, brush makers and hardware 
merchants, 78 Virginia st, C.l ; house, Parklea, 
Larch aven., Lenzie. 




Barns, W., 6c Son, metal perforators and wire 
workers, Globe Works, Queensland r<L, Holloway, 
London, N.7. Scottish representative, David 
Gilmour, 12 Waterloo St., C.2 ; tel. No., Central 

BaroD Line of Steamers — H. Hogarth & Sons, 
120 St. Vincent street, C.2. 

Baronial Rooms, 110a Tbistle street, C.5. 

Barony Institute Hall, 22 Black street, C.4. 

Barony (The), Castle street, C.4, near Cathedral. 

Barony North Church, 47 Castle street, C.4. 

Barr, Alexander, Ltd., ticket writers and printers, 
43 London rd., C.l (tel. No., Bell 1743); house, 
36 Arundel drive, S.2. 

Barr, Alexander A., Barholme, 10 Selborne road, 
Jordar .hill, W.3. 

Barr, A., radio and cycle dealer, 337 Bilsland drive, 

Barr, A. F.. provision merchant, 343a Cumbernauld 
road, E.l. 

Barr, A. G., & Co., Ltd., mineral water manu- 
facturers, 1306 Gallowgate, Parkhead, E.l; tel. 
add., "Soda Water." 

Barr, Andrew, ladder maker, Camphill House, 
Camphill, Bothwell. 

Barr, Andrew, warehouseman, 6 Abbetsford place, 
C.5 (tel. No., South 1563) ; house, 456 Victoria 
road, S.2. 

Barr, Andrew S., M.A., M.D., Ch.B., 11 Doune 
gardens, N.W. 

Barr, Archd. J. (of M'Naughtan & Sinclair, Ltd.) ; 
ho., Hemiston, Eilmacolm; tel. No., Kilmacolm 

Barr, A, & Co., milliners, ladies' and children's out- 
fitters, 170 Crown street, C.5. 

Barr & Co., fur, mantle and gown specialists, 7 
West George street, C.2; tel. No., Central 

Barr, Crombie & Co., Ltd., ship owner3, ship and 
insurance brokers, 109 Hope street, C.2 ; tele- 
graphic address, " Vale, Glasgow"; tel. No., 1178 

Barr, David J., managing director, Coltness Iron Co., 
Ltd., Wilsons & Clyde Coal Co, Ltd., Robert Addie 
& Sons Collieries Ltd., Darngavil Coal Co. Ltd., 
and Scottish Non-Ferrous Tube Industries Ltd. 
(Joint) ; house, Woodend, Eastwoodmains road, 
Giffnock, Glasgow. 

Barr & Duncanson, coal exporters and shipbrokers, 
156 St. Vincent street, C.2; tel. add. 
"Neutrals"; tel. Nos. 656 and 657 Central 

Barr Flue Cleaners, Ltd., 601 Bilsland drive, 

Barr Flue Cleaners, Ltd., boiler flue cleaners, 
Registered office, 114 West Campbell st., C.2; 
tel. Nos. Maryhill 161 and Douglas 322. 

Barr, George W. (Fairfield S. & E. Co., Ltd.) ; res., 
Strathgryffe, Bridge- of- Weir 

Barr, G., hardwareman, 193 Bellfield street, E 1. 

Barr & Harris, mantle manufacturers, 210 Clyde 
street, C.l. 

Barr, Hugh A. (of Shields & Ramsay, Ltd.) ; house, 
35 Falkland Mansions, Hyndland, W.2. 

Barr, H. A. (of Wyllie, Barr & Ross, Ltd., The Sun- 
shine Biscuit Bakery) ; house, 14 Prospect aven., 
Cambuslang ; tel. No. Cambuslang 349. 

Barr, James. C.E., chartered surveyor and valuator, 
213 St. Vincent street, C.2 ; res., Ranfurly House, 
Bridge-of-Weir ; tel. No., 16 Bridge -of -Weir. 

Barr, Rev. James, B.D., M.P., Minister of Religion; 

ho., 75 Clouston St., N.W. ; tel. No., Maryhill 

Barr, James, junr. CR. Douglas & Brittain Ltd.); 

house, 30 Ascaig ciescent, Mosspark; tel. No., 

Ibrox 538. 
Barr, James, & Son, F.S.I., chartered surveyors, 

valuators and assessors of fire losses, 213 St. 

VinceDt St., C.2; tel. Nos., Central 5158 and 

Barr, James, & Sons, slaters and plasterers, Muirend 

rd., S.4 ; tel. No. Merrylee 2211. 
Barr, James (of Thomas Barr, Limited), Craigengar, 

Busby, nr. Glasgow. 
Barr, James F., & Co., sheet metal workers, 153 

Shields road, S. 1 ; tel. No. , South 1376. 
Barr, James F., tinsmith. 153 Shields road, S.l; 

house, 39 Moulin road, S.W.2. 
Barr, John, chandler and shoe furnisher, 17 Ballater 

st., C. 5. 
Barr, John, 27 Braidfauld gardens, Tollcross E.2. 
Barr, John (of Wyllie, Barr, & Ross, Ltd., The 

Sunshine Biscuit Bakery), house, Dun Shee, Beech 

avenue, Cambuslang; telephone No., Cambuslang 

Barr. John (of Barr & Co.); ho., 46 Darnley road, 

S.l ; tel. No., Queen's Park 1730. 
Barr, John, director (A. Stuart Smith Ltd.); house, 

Grahamshill, Airdrie. 
Barr, John M. (The Bulletin) ; ho., 28 Carrick 

cres., Giffnock. 
Barr, John M., J.P. (of J. C. Muir & Barr, writers) ; 

res., Dunshee, 2 Beech avenue, Cambuslang. 
Barr, J., confectioner, 181 Reidvale street. E.l. 
Barr. K., Medipeat, Co., Ltd-, 12 Fonlis lane, 

Anniesland, W.3 ; tel. No., Scotstoun 3280. 
Barr, M. & Co., Ltd., manufacturers of " Oiltex " 

reliable oilskin clothing, oilsilks and "Voltex" 

insulating fabrics and insulating tapes; oilproofers 

to the trade; warehouse, 28 Miller street, C.l; 

tel. No., City 7691. Factory, 110 Dobbies loan, 

C.4; tel. No., Bell 426. 
Barr, Robert, shipowner, 109 Hope street, C.2 ; ho. 

Carlung, West Kilbride. 
Barr, Robert, junr., shipowner, 109 Hope st, C.2; 

house, Bellstanes, West Kilbride. 
Barr, Robert Gabriel, solicitor, 69 St. Vincent street, 

C.2 ; house, 2 Soutbpark orive, Paisley. 
Barr, Robert I. (of James Barr & Son), 213 St. 

Vincent street, C.2; res., Camphill House, Hill- 
foot ; teL No., Bearsden 810. 
Barr, R., ladies' hairdresser, 1273 Govan rd., S.W.I. 
Barr & Son, builders, 152 Glarkston road, Cathcart ; 

house, 3 Newlands crescent, Cathcart. 
Barr (The) Shipping Co., Ltd.; Barr, Crombie & 

Co., Ltd., managers, 109 Hope street, C.2. 
Barr, Stirrat & Co., yarn merchants, 95 Bath 

street, C.2 ; tel. add. " Skips, Glasgow" ; tel. No., 

Dongla3 4100. 
Barr & Stroud, Ltd., engineers, Anniesland, 

W 3 ; tel. xdd , " Telemeter. Glasgow "; tel. Nos., 

Scotstoun 1831, 1832 and 1833. 
Barr. S.W. (.The Parozone Co., Ltd.) ; ho., Montana, 

Lenzie road. Step is. 
Barr, Thomas, Limited, wine merchants, 133 

West Campbell street. C.2. 
Barr, Thomas U. (of Thomas Barr, Limited), Cairn- 
gorm, Lochbroom rd., Newton Mearns. 




Barr & Thornton, Ltd., coal masters, 68 Gordon 

street, C.l ; telephone Nos., Central 946 and 947 

Barr, W., wine and spirit merchant, 320 Garngad 

rd., N. 
Barr, Wni. (director and secy., The British Dyewood 

Co., Ltd.); ho., Strathdale, East Kilbride. 
Barr, William (at The Rivet, Bolt & Nnt Co., 

Ltd.) ; ho., 8 Victoria cres., Clarkston, Glasgow. 
Barr, Isa, tea rooms, 66 Ingram street, 0.1. 
Barr, Mrs., Helenslea, 5 Whitefield ave., Cambus- 

lang; tel. No., Cambuslang 303. 
Barr's Chemical Co., Ltd., chemical and dye 
merchants,agente for dyeing machinery and utensils, 
spraying equipment for all finishes (cellulose, 
paints, japans, &c), 211 St. Vincent st.C.2; teL No. 
Central 2966; tel. add., "Barchemo," Glasgow. 
Barr's Stores, house furnishers and removers, 136 

Cowcaddens st., C 2. 
Barras, John M. (Glen & Co., Ltd.); ho., 23 

Campbell avenue, S. 1. 
Barratt, W., & Co., Ltd., bootmakers, 159, 163 

Sauchiehall street, C.2. 
Barrett & Co., rubber stamp manufrs., 82 Bath 

street, G2; tel. No., Douglas 2744. 
Barrett- Wat son, Robert, B.Mu?., F.R.C.O., 7 Ben- 

tinck street, C.3 ; tel. No., Western 6968. 
Barrhead Co-operative Society, Ltd. : 

Grocery Depts., 70 and 202 Main street, 
Glasgow road, Main street, Neilston, 5a 
George street, and 1 Paisley road, Holehouse, 
Neilston, and South Arthurlie. 
Fleshing Depts., sausage factory, 24 Main St., 
Main st., Neilston, 206 Main st. and 9 
Paisley road and Glasgow road. 
Fish shop, 30 Main street. 
Dairy, Holehouse, Neilston ; and Creamery, 

Cogan st. 
Bread shop, 66 and 132 Main street. 
Furnishing Depts., 26 Main street, and Main 

street, Neilston, and Glasgow road. 
Drapery Depts., 100 Cross Arthurlie st, and Main 
St., Neilston; Gent.'s Outfitting, 62 Main st., 
and Glasgow road. 
Boot and Shoe Depts., 60 Main street, Barrhead. 
Shoemaking Dept., 354 Main st and Glasgow rd. 
Regt. Office, 6 Graham street, Barrhead. 
Barrie, A. M., garages, 60 Manse brae, S.4. 
Barrie, A. N , draper, 759 Argyle street, C.3. 
Barrie, Alexander Baillie, C.A. (of McClelland, Ker 
& Co.) ; 6 Westwood Gardens, Barnes, London, 
S.W 13. 
Barrie Bros., manufacturers* agents, 28 St. Enoch 

square, C.l. 
Barrie, David, wright, 82 Forth street, Pollokshields, 

8.1 ; ho., 8 Melville street, S.l. 
Barrie, David, smith, gasfitter and bellhanger, 3i2 
Parliamentary road, C.4 ; house, 84 Buccleuch 
street, C.3. 
Barrie, George (of Barclay, Curie & Co., Ltd., 
Whiteinch, W.4); house, 6 Broomhill avenue, 
Partick, W.l. 
Barrie, G. & P., Ltd., aerated water manufrs. 
and manufacturers of non-alcoholic wines and 
cordials, Maxwell road and St. Andrew's road; 
office, 164 Maxwell road, S.l ; telephone Nos., 
South 1197 8; also at Dundee. 
Barrie, Hugh, shipping and family butcher, 152a 
Stobcross at., C.3; ho., Glenmosston Model Farm, 

Barrie, Ian, M.A., L.B.A.M., teacher, 8 Morris pi., 

Barrie, Isaac, motor haulage and cartage con- 
tractor, 32 Midland st., C.l ; stables, 80 Kessock 
St., Port Dnndas, C.4. 91 Whitefield rd., S.W.I. 

Barrie, James, motor body, van and lorry builders, 

12 Rodney street and 32 Possil road, C.4; res., 
Inchgarth, Bishopbriggs. 

Barrie, James, engineer (of W. B. & J. Bain, Ltd.), 

8 Broomfield terrace, Springburn, N. 
Barrie, James, solicitor (of Martin & Barrie); 

house, Broom park, Kilmarnock rd., Whitecraigs. 

Office, 163 West George street, C.2. 
Barrie, James, car demolisher, 46 Barrack st., C.4 } 

tel. No., Bridgeton 422 
Barrie, John (of Hendry & Barrie), ho., 39 Vennard 

gardens, Strathbungo, S.l. 
Barrie, John, cartage contractor, 31 Dunblane st. 

Cowcaddens, C.4, and 61 Possil road, C.4. 
Barrie, John, L.D.S., dental surgeon, 674 Eglinton 

St., C.5 ; ho., 167 King's Park aven., King's 

Barrie, John, wine and spirit merchant, 657 Gallow- 

gate, S.E. 
Barrie, J , traveller, 69 Stanmore rd., Mt. Florida, S.2. 
Barrie, J. T., grain merchant, 20 Old Dalmarnock 

road, S.E. 
Barrie, J. W. & Co., grain merchants and commodity 

brokers, 109 Hope st„ C.2 (tel. add., «' Errab ; " tel. 

No. Central 3380); ho., Crosslea Cottage, Houston- 

Barrie, Robert T. B., L.D.S., surgeon dentist, 90 

Queen's drive, S.2 ; tel. No. Queen's Park 1679. 
Barrie, Robert, civil engineer, estates engineer, 

Govanhill, Mosesfield, Wilsontown, &c. ; Govan- 

hill Estates Engineer's office, 1 Dixon street, C. 1 

(tel. No., Central 9181) | ho., 132 Dixon aven., S.2 
Barrie, Thomas, secretary, 8 Morris place, S.E. 
Barrie, T. Stewart, M.B., Ch.B., F.R.F.P.S.G., 

13 Somerset place, C.3; tel. No., Douglas 6182. 
Barrie, T. (of Stratton & Co., Ltd.), 11 Miller street, 

CI (tel. No., Central 6063); ho., Marlynn, Fir- 
wood road, Newton Mearns. 
Barrie, William, draper, 209 Hospital street, C.6 ; ho. 

51 Albert drive, S.l. 
Barrie, William, M.Inst.C.E., manager of works, 

Public Assistance Dept.; ho. 6 Boleyn road, S.l. 
Barrie, Wm., writer (Kerr, Barrie & Goss). 
Barrie, Miss J. C, cashier, Saint Enoch Glass Paint 

& Varnish Co ; ho., 81 Stonelaw dr., Rutherglen 
Barrie, Miss Margaret, 9 Woodlands drive, C.4. 
Barrie's Stores, furniture stores, 84-86 Cowcaddens 

st., C.2. 
Barrington (Glasgow) Ltd., warehousemen, 26 Cum- 
berland st., C.5. ; tel. No., South 1918. 
Barron, Edward B., rag and woollen merchant, 3-7 

Hunter street, C.4; tel. No., Bell 1103. 
Barron & Glendinning, fish salesmen, Fish Market, 

C.l ; teL No., 896 Bell. 
Barron, John S. Ltd., commission agents, Baronial 

House, 214 Renfrew St., C.3; tel. add.. " Baronial "; 

tel. No., Douglas 6722 (10 lines). 
Barron, S., Engineer's office, St Enoch Station, 

C.l; ho., 9 Florence drive, Giffnock. 
Barron, William, manufacturers' agent, 34 St. Enoch 

square, C.l (tel. No. Central 1387) | house, 31 

Braidfauld aven., Tollcross, E.2. 
Barron, Miss Lily, teacher of music, 8 Lyndhurst 

gardens, N.W. 




Barrow Hematite Steel Co., Ltd., iron and steel 
manufacturers, Barrow-in-Furness; agents, Thos. 
Russell & Sod, 166 Buchanan st., C.l ; tel. add., 
"Accomplish, Glasgow"; tel. No., Douglas 1245. 

Barrow, Hepburn & Gale Ltd., Grange Mills, Ber- 
mondsey, London, S.E. 1, leather goods manu- 
facturers (representative, Wm. Rankin), 73 
Robertson street, C.2. 

Barrow, Wm. H. (of Boyd, Barrow & Co.) ; house, 
Cathconnell, 1 Hatfield drive, Kelvinaide. 

Barrow, Mary, dairy keeper, 126 Gloucester st. C.5; 
ho. 98 do. 

Barrowfield Leather Co., Ltd., tanners curriers, 
machinery belt, hose-pipe and hydraulic leather 
manufacturers, Barrowfield Leather Works, 123 
Colvend st., Bridgeton, S.E.; tel. Nos., 1135 and 
1136 Bridgeton. 

Barrowfield Manufacturing Co., tartan manufac- 
turers, 158 George street, C.l. 

Barrowland Ballroom, 244 Gallowgate, C.l (tel. No., 
Bell 2180); ho., 381 Tollcross rd., E.l. 

Barrowman, Hector, stationer and tobacconist, 480 
St. Vincent street. C.3. 

Barrowman, James, hardware, 561 Dumbarton rd., 

Barrowman, R. &E , stationers, 12 Aberdour street, 
E.l; house, 16 do. 

Barrowman, Miss Janet, 15 North Claremont st., C.3. 

Barry, Clark & Co., chartered accountants, 186 St. 
Vincent St., C.2 ; tel. No., Central 4178. 

Barry, Joseph, solicitor, 160 Hope st., C.2 (tel. No. 
Douglas 892); ho., Tay cres., E.l; lei. No., 
Provanmill 4332. 

Barry, Ostlere & Shepherd, Ltd., floorcloth and 
linoleum manufacturers, 110, 112 Brunswick st., 
CI; tel. No. Bell 3311 (4 lines P.B.E.); tel. add., 
"Linoleum." James Beveridge, manager. Works, 

Barry, Thomas, dairy, 53 Eveline street, E.l. 

Barsotti, C. B., fish restaurant, 165 Millburn St., N. 

Bartholomew, E., dentist, 15 Clincart road, Mount 
Florida, S.2 ; ho., 6 Kingsdyke avenue, King's 
Park, Cathcart; tel. No,, 976 Langside. 

Bartholomew, John, & Son, saw and edge tool 
makers, 8 Dorset street, C.3 ; res., Rannoch, 
Miherton road, Whitecraigs. 

Barton, David M., secretary ( Brownlee & Co., Ltd.) ; 
ho., 19 Loskin drive, High Possil, N.W. 

Barton, George, 21 Kingussie drive, King's Park. 

Barton, George A., 33 Mossgiel road, Newlands, S.3. 

Barton, H. J., tea merchant, 23 Cromwell street, 
N.W.; house, 18 Hotspur street, N.W. 

Barton, James, Union Bai.k of Scotland, Ltd. ; ho., 
8 Learmont terrace, Milngavie. 

Barton, James, & Co., ironmongers, 15 Mount Vernon 
ave., Coatbridge ; ho. The Ervie, Blairhill, do. 

Barton, R. & J., & Co., joiners, cabinetmakers, and 
upholsterers, 46 Wellington lane, C 2 ; ho. 93 
Waterloo st., C 2 ; tel. No., 4574 Central. 

Barton, T. C. (of R. & J. Barton & Co.), ho., 93 
Waterloo street, C 2. 

Baskend, J., hairdresser, 17 Orr st, Bridgeton, S.E. 

Bass, Ratcliff & Gretton, Limited, brewers, 149 West 
George street. C 2. 

Bassett, Geo., & Co., Ltd. (Sheffield), manufacturing 
confectioners, 50 Wellington street, C.2. 

Basse tt-Lowke, Limited, scale model railways 
and accessories, 103 \ St. Vincent St., C 2; tel. No. 
Central 6619. Agent, Robert Ballantine, Ltd. 

Bastian & Allen, Ltd., heating engineers, 62 

Robertson st, C.2; tel. No., Central 5166. 
Batchelor, Charles, J. P., writer and notary public (of 

Kidstons & Co., 50 W. Regent st., C2); ho., 75 

Courthill avenue, Cathcart. 
Batchelor, Frederick Stirling, B.L., Ph.D., writer 

(of Kidstons & Co., 50 West Regent tt., C.2); 

ho., 75 Courthill avenue, Cathcart. 
Batchelor Peas Ltd., pea packers and canners, 57 

College st. C.l ; tel. No., Bell 1065. 
Batchelor, Peter, junr., motor haulage and cartage 

contractor, 63, 65 Arcadia street, S.E ; tel. No , 

Bridgeton 725. 
Bate, W. L. & Co., window cleaner contractors, 54 

Cromwell street, N.W. ; telephone No., Douglas 

Bateman, Monica M., M.B., Ch.B., medical 

practitioner, 142 Mathieson st., C.5; ho. Queen 

Mary avenue, S.2; tel No. Queen's Park 1861 
Bates, Alfred, & Son, Ltd., advertising agents, 68 

Gordon st., C.l ; tel. add., " Effectivad, Glasgow " ; 

tel. Nos., Central 6107 and 6108. 
Bates, Daniel, & Son, manufacturers' agents, 64 

Queen street, CI; tel. add., "Central 4453"; 

teL No., Central 4453. 
Bates, W. A. (of Daniel Bates & Son) ; ho., 

Drumblae, 75 Langside drive, Newlands. 
Bath Hotel, 152 Bath street, C.2 ; tel. No., 

Douglas 1457. 
Bathe Brothers, Ltd., vacuum cleaner manufacturers, 

4 West Regent street, C.2; tel. No., Douglas 

Bathgate, George A., agent, Commercial Bank of 

Scotland, Ltd., 59 Queen street, C.l.; ho. lSandi- 

laads, Troon. 
Bathgate, H. S., plasterer and cement worker, 540 

Duke st, El ; tel. Nos., Bridgeton 811 & 812. 
Baths and Washhouses, Public — 

Greenhead Baths, 

North Woodside „ 

Cranstonhill „ 

Townhead „ 

Gorbals ,, 

Hutch esontown ,, 

Springburn „ 
Mary hill 

Glasgow Green. 
Balnain street, C 4. 
68 Elliot street, C 3. 
Collins street, C 4. 
144 Gorbals st., C.6. 
151 Rutherglen rd.,C 5. 
Kay street, N. 
Burnhouse st. N. W. 

Kennedy Street Washhouse, 75 Kennedy st., C 4 

Stobcross „ 181 Stobcross st, C3< 

Bain square „ Gibson street, S.E. 

Ibrox Baths, Summertown rd., S.W. 

Whitevale „ 81 Whitevale st, E. 

Kinning Park „ 507 Scotland st., S 1. 

Dalmarnock „ 56 Ruby street, S.E. 

Parkhead „ 80 Tollcross road, E. 

Springbank „ Cameron st., N.W. 

Garngad „ Garnoek st , N. 

Partick „ Purdon st. , W. 1. 

Kingston „ 96 Nelson street, 6. 

Govanhill Washhouse, Kingarth St., S 2. 

Govanhill Baths, Calder street, S 2. 

Govan „ Harhill st. , S. W. 1 

Whiteinch „ 130-140 Medwyn street, 
Scotstoun, W.4. 

Cowcaddens „ Water st., C.4. 

Pollokshaws „ Ashtree road. 

Shettleston „ Elvan St., E.2. 

Plantation „ Mair st., S.W.I. 
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Oatlands Baths, Fauldhouse st., C.5. 

Mile Ed<1 „ Barrowfield st, 8 E. 

Turkish and Russian Baths at Whitevale, 
Govanhill, Whiteinch, Pollokshaws, and 
Shettle^ton establishments. 

R. B. Thomson, general manager, 38 College 

street, C.l ; house address, 47 St Andrew's 

Drive, Pollokshields, S.1 ; tel. Nos., Bell 

1432 3 

Batley, Miss M., matron, Glasgow Royal Cancer 

Hospital, 182 Hill st., Garnethill, C.3. 
Battersby, R. Gloag, medical practitioner 13 Elderslie 

st., C.3 (tel. No., Douglas 4568) ; ho., 23 West- 

minsi er terrace, C. 3. 
Battersbv & White, writers, 156 St. Vincent street, 

C.2 ; tel. No., Central 7878. 
Battersby, Wm. D., baths superintendent, Pollok- 
shaws Baths; ho., 115 Merrylee road, Newlands, 

Battlefield Billiard Rooms, 9 Battlefield avenue, S.2 
Battlefield East Church, Mount Florida, S.2. 
Bauchop, J. D., M.A., LL.B., writer and notary, 

41 St. Vincent pi., C.l ; ho., 27 Glencairn drive, 

Pollokshields, S.l. 
Baxendale & Co., Ltd., fireplace specialists, 56 

Bothwell st., C.2. 
Baxter, A., confectioner, 1153 Tollcross road, E.2. 
Baxter, A. (of Paterson, Baxter & Co.); ho,, 

Kildare, Milngavie. 
Baxter, Andrew M., commercial traveller, 7 Thorn- 
lee drive, Merrylee Park, Girlnock. 
Baxter, Archibald R., British Corporation Register; 

ho.. Dun vegan, Bearsden ; tel. No.. Bearsden 594 
Baxter, David, wiDe and > pirit merchant, 31 Gallow- 

gate, aDd 11 Watson street, C.l. 
Baxter, Edward J., writer (of R. & J. M. Hill Brown 

& Co.); ho., Balga?, Bearsden. 
Baxter, F. G, F.F.A, assistant branch manager, 

Commercial Union Ass. Co., Ltd.; house, 150 

Wilton street, N.W.; tel. No., Maryhill 680. 
Baxter, George B., Ltd., iron and steel merchants, 

Royal Exchange buildings, Queen street, C.l. 
Baxter, Harry, horseshoer and general smith, 310 

Stobcross at., C.3. 
Baxter, H. T„ fish restaurant. 256 Springburn rd. N. 
Baxter, James, church officer, St. Paul's Outer High 

Cnurch, 97 John st., C.l ; ho., 5 Grafton sq., C.l. 
Baxter, J. Martin (at P. & W. MacLellan, Ltd., 129 

Trongate, 0.1); house, Binkside, Sey ton avenue, 

Giffnock; tel. No., Giffnock 89. 
Baxter, John, Dunn & Gray, FS I., F.F.A.S., 

chartered surveyors (quantity), valuers and fire 

loss assessors, 243 St. Vincent street, C.2; tel. No., 

3091 Central (2 lines). 
Baxter, John, & Sons, wrights and builders, 355 

M'Aslin street, C.4 ; tel. No., Bell 1851. 
Baxter, J. Weir, medical practitioner, 36 Overdale 

street, S.2. 
Baxter, Kerr & Co., commission agents, 70 Robert- 
son street, C.2. 
Baxter, Peter, managing director (James Dunlop & 

Co., Ltd.); res., Bally vain, 18 Calderwood road, 

Newlands, S.3; tel. No., Merrylee 1727. 
Baxter, R. P. (of Paterson, Baxter & Co.) ; res., 

The Heath, Craigmillar avenue, Milngavie, 
Baxter Steel, sugar merchant, 31 Virginia st., C.l ; 

ho., 27 Austen road, W.3. 
Baxter, Thomas, Innisfallen, 42 Cathkin road, 
Langside, S.2. 

Baxter, Thomas S., envelope maker, relief stamper, 
black borderer, address label maker, &c, 30 
Bell street, C.l; tel. No., Hell 1739. 

Baxter, T. T. M'Arthur, L D.S., R.F.P.S., dental 
surgeon, 243 Great Western road, C.4. 

Baxter, W., grocer and provision merchant, 98 
Stirling rd., C.4. 

Baxter, W., grocer, 525 Carntyne road, E.2. 

Baxter, W. & M., shirt manufacturers, 9 Crownpoint 
rd., 8.E. ; res., Lisnanane, Kincath aven,, Burnside. 

Baxter, William, grocer, 658 Alexandra parade, E.l ; 
house, 60 Craigpark street, E.l. 

Baxter, Rev. Wm. J., M.A.. Hon. C.F., Dowanhill 
Church ; house, 76 Psrtickhill road. W 1. 

Baxter's Bus Services, Ltd., motor coach proprietors, 
Railway Road Garage, Coatd^ke, Airdrie ; tel. 
Nos., Coatbridge 215 ; Airdrie 3193 

Baxter (Woodcraftmen) Ltd., cabinetmakers, 35 
Moir street, C. 1 ; tel. No. Bell 2*94. 

Bayly, F. D., stock broker (of Kidston, Goff & 
Company) ; ho. Bryndar, Kilmacolm ; tel. add. , 
'' Goff, Glasgow" ; tel. No., Central 6371. 

Bayley & Ferguson, music sellers and music pub- 
lishers, 54 Queen street, 0.1; tel. add., ''Bayley, 
Glasgow"; tel. No., Central 7240. 

Sayley, Joseph (of Bayley & Ferguson), house, 
6 Barrington drive, C.4. 

Bayne, Alex. R., writer (of Finlayson, Auld, Mac- 
kechnie & Co.); house, 44" Sauchiehall st, C.2. 

BayEe, David, grocer, 1517 Dumbarton road, 
Scotstoun, W,4; ho., 18 Polnoon avenue, W.3. 

Bayne & Duckett, Ltd,, shoe, leather ano general 
merchants, 54 to 74 Brunswick st. C 1 ; telephones, 
Bell 856 (4 lines) and Bell 3266 (2 lines) ; tel. 
address, " Duckett, Glasgow." 

Retail Branches — Tel. Nos. 

121-125 Argyie street, 0.2. Central 363 

215 New City road, 0.4. Douglas 1464 

77-81 Sauchiehall street, 0.2. Douglas 318 
361-363 Sauchiehall St., 0.2. Douglas 1487 

22 Trongate, C.l. 
321 Byres road, Hillhead, W.2. Western 3125 
655 Gt. Western road, Hill- 
head, W.2. Western 4267 
199 Eglinton street, C 5. — 
148 Dumbarton road, W.l. — 
486 Dumbarton rd.,Parriei>, W.l. Western2580 
879 Govan road, Govan, S.W.I. Govan 558 
1351 Dumbarton rd., Scotstoun. — 

8 Tollcross road, E. — 
631 Springburn rd. Springburn, N. — 
407-409 Victoria rd., Cross- 
bill, S.2. Queen's Park 479 

1052-54 Pollokshaws road, S. 1. Langside 168 
2119 Paisle) road, Cardonald. Halfway 1£35. 
839 Cumberrauld road, Riddrie, E. — 
782 Pollokshaws rd., S.l. Queen's Park 504 

9 Sinclair drive. Langside, S.2. — 

157 Hydland road, W.2. Western 5311 

9 Burleigh St., Govan, S.W.I. — 

325 ''a> heart road, S.2. 

905 Shettleston road, E.2. 

497 Duke street, E.l. 
Bayne, D. S., chartered patent agent (J. Alfred 

Brewer), 68 St. Vincent St., C.2 ; tel. No., Central 

73 0. 
Bayne, Henry, Highland outfitter, 15 Cochrane st., 

01 (tel. No., Bell 2194); house, 23 Blairbeth 

drive, Cathcart, S.4; tel No. Langside 1889. 




Bayne & Thomson, confectioners, 17 Sauchiehall 

street, C.2. 
Bayvel, A. M. (at Hogg & Mitchell, 3 Miller 

St., C.l) ; house, 63 Second avenue. King's Park. 
Bayvel, John P., Saving* Bank of Glasgow; ho. 43 

Munro road, J rdanhill, W.3. 
Bazaar Butter & Egg Co., provision merchants, 73 

Ingram street, C.l. 
Be Smart Ltd., gowns, 277 Sauchiehall street, C.2. 
Beacon Insurance Co., Ltd., 79 West Regent st., C.2; 

John Lang, manaeer. 
Beale, Evelyn sculptor, 15 Woodside terrace, C.3; 

house. 197 West Princes street, C.4. 
Beale & M'Tavish (established 1855), messengers- 

at-arms, accountants (Trade Protection), 49 

Virginia street, C.l ; tel. No., BelJ 215. 
Bean, D. Wallace (at Gen Kenning & Son Ltd.); 

house, 63 Turret road, W.3. 
Bean, Mrs. M , dressmaker, 1 58 Albert drive, Pollok- 

shields, SI. 
Beard, Thomas A., electrical supplies, 426 Argyle 

street, C.2 (tel. No., Central 483); house, 21 

Necherh'll avenue, S.4. 
Beardmore Service and Repair Depot, motor car 

repairers, Fulton street, Anniesland, W.3 ; tel. Nbs. , 

Scotstnun 2238; (house), Scotstoun 2079. 
Beardmore, William, & Co., Ltd., manufacturers of 

steel armour plates, ordnance, forgings, castings, 

billets, slabs, railway axles, Parkhead Steel Works, 

E.l. London office, 3 St James's square, S.W.I. 
Beatall Potato Co., 40 Benalder street, W.l. 
Beath & Munro, manufrs ' agents, 1 Royal Exchange 

court, *5 Queen street, C.l. 
Beatie, Jas., butcher, 1 1 27 Aikenhead road, S.4 ; 

ho., SiDg's Park avenue, Rntherglen. 
Beaton, Alexander, 105 Buccleuch street, C.3. 
Beaton, Donald, tailor and clothier, 174 Woodlands 

rd., C.3 ; ho., 10 Hertford ave., Kelvinside, W.2. 
Beaton, Donald, F.S.S. (of Bowies Associated 

Services, Ltd.) ; house, 64 Westland drive, W.4 ; 

tel. No. Scotstonn 1689. 
Beaton, D., confectioner. 30 Stewartville st., W.l ; 

ho., 35 Melville street, S.l 
Beaton, James A., manufacturers' agent, 52 St. 

Enoch square, C.l ; tel. No., Central 3274. 
Beaton, Jam^s, baker, 317 Parliamentary road (tel. 

No., Bell 1286) ; res., Neshanie, Brackenbrae road, 

Beaton, J. D., The London Assurance ; house, 35 

Melville street, Pollokshields, S 1. 
Beaton, Cecilia, outfitter, 2133 Paisley rd, West,S.W 2 
Beaton, Malcolm C, jun., solicitor, 187 West George 

street, C.2 (tel. No. Central 7981); house, 93 

Millbiae road, Langside. 
Beaton, Wilson, architect, 601 Clarkston rd.,Muirend, 

Cat heart. 
Beaton, Mrs. Kate, J.P., town councillor, 324 St. 

George's road, C.3. 
Beat son, David, foreman of Salvage Corps, 203 

Albion street. C. 1. 
Beatson & Fraser. Ltd., dispensing chemists, 1001 

Mary hill r»ad, N.W. 
Beatson, Robt, boot and shoemaker, 166 Cathedral 

street, C.4 ; ho. 161 The Oval, Stamperland, 

Beatson, R., shoemaker, 298 High street, C.4. 
Beattie, Alex., F.C.I.S. (of Andrew MacCulloch & 

Co.), 7 Royal Bank place, C.l ; ho., 74 Weymouth 

drive, W.2. 

Beattie, Francis (of William Beattie, Ltd) ; ho., 6 

Grown ten-ace, Dowanhill, W.2. 
Beattie, Hunter, 25 Monteith row, S.E. (tel. No., 1786 

Bridgeton); res., Eastpark, Rutberglen. 
Beattie, J,, stationer, 1640 Maryhill road, N.W. 
Beattie, James (of Tbos. Binshelwood & Co., 

Ltd.); ho. Raith, 6 Lochbroom drive, Newton 

Me urns, Renfrewshire 
Beattie, John, contractor, 40 Forth street, S.l; 

tel. No. South 1693. 
Beattie, Robert, traveller, 27 Jamaica st, C.l; res., 

Glendale, Henderland road. Bearsden. 
Beattie, R. H., spirit merchant, 41 North Frederick 

St., C.l 
Beattie,Thomas, managing director Thos. Hinehelwood 

& Co., Ltd ; ho., Ferntower, Dundonald rd.,W.2; 
' tel. No., 3917 Western. 
Beattie, Thomas, junr. (of Thos. Hinshelwood & 

Co., Ltd.); res., Strathnethan, Laurence drive, 

Beattie & Thomson, moter van and lorry builders, 

27 Anson street, S.E ; tel. No. Bridgeton 1296. 
Beattie, William (of William Beattie, Ltd.); res., 

Camstradden House, Bearsden. 
Beattie, William, Glenartney, 33 Circus dr., E.l; 

tel. No. Bridgeton 2651. 
Beattie, William, Ltd., Dennistoun Bakery, 

116 Paton St., E 1 and 54 Bellgrove St., 

£.1 ; tel. No. Bridgeton 411 (5 lines) ; order 

offue tel. No., Bridgeton 3400 
Beattie. Mrs. Catherine, board residence, 26 Ashley 

St.. C 3. 
Beatties Bakeries, Ltd., bakers, 116 Paton st., 

E 1 ; tel. No., Bridgeton 411 (5 lines). 
Beatties Biscuits, Limited, Biscuit manu- 
facturers, Drumchapel Biscuit Works; 

tel. add., "Drumery, Glasgow"; tel. No., 

Bearsden 1500. 
Beatty Bros., Ltd. electric washers and ironers, 44, 46 

Carlton placi, C6; tel. No South 1585. 
Beaufort (LoDdon), Ltd., brush manufrs., 213 West 

Campoell st., C.2. 
Beaumont Bros. (Halifax), Ltd., carriers, 358 Broad 

street, S.E. 
Beaumont, John F. (of Wm. Chalmers, Ltd.), 

ho. 32 Hi lbead streei, W.2. 
Bebbington, Peter, engineer and manufacturers' 

agent; specialist in works equipment, machine 

tools, wood-working machinery, electric motors, 

small tools, &c, i40 Croft end avenue, S.4 
Beck, John W., Clydebank secretary, John Brown 

& Co., Ltd. 
Beck, Joseph, electrical engineer, 10 Peebles 

street. C.5. 
Beck, W. D., fruiterer, 1035 Gallowgate, E.l. 
Beckett, Adam, wholesale confectioner, 36 Ibrox st, 

S.W.I; ho. 40 do. 
Beckett, Alfred & Sons, Ltd., steel manufacturers, 

Sheffield ; agents, Dunlop & Dempster, 118 Queen 

street, C.l 
Beckett & Anderson, Ltd., electrical engineers, 

Ddlmarnock bridge, Rutberglen; teL address, 

" Becander." Tel. Nos. Rutberglen 1420-1 ; after 

office hours. 112 Rutberglen, 
Beckett, Charles E., LL.B. (of Brownlie, Watson & 

Beckett); ho., 12 Bute gardens, Hillhead, W.2. 
Beckett, Frank, electrical engineer (of Beckett & 

Anderson, Linited); ho. 31 Calderwood rd., 

Rutherglen ; tel. No., 112 Rntherglen. 




Beckett, Gilbert, Westburn Sugar Refineries Ltd. ; 

house, 39 Arrowsmith avenue, Knights-wood, W.3- 
Beckett & Morrison, writers, 241 St. Vincent st., 

C.2 i tel. add. , ' 'Attestor" ; tel. No , Central 5818. 
Beckett, T. F. & Co. (Fairistytch), Ltd., 

makers of "Fairistytch" art embroidery. Shannon 

st,, Ruchill,N.W. (tel No., Maryhill 222); house, 

Glenelg, Beareden. 
Beckett. William, writer (of Brownlie, Watson & 
Beckett), res. South Arthurlie House, Barrhead. 
Bedford General Insurance Co., Ltd. (The), 

45 Renfield street, C.2; tel. address, "Safinsur, 

Glasgow"; tel. No., Central 3708. 
Bedford, John and Sons, Ltd., steel file and 

tool manufacturers (of Lion Works, S heffield), 12 

Waterloo street, C. 2; tel. add., ''Cupola, Glas- 
gow" ; tel. No. Central 647. 
Bedford, John, & Sons, Ltd., steel and file manu- 
facturers, Sheffield; representative, Herbert Smith, 

12 Waterloo street, C.2; tel. No., Central 647. 
Bedford, Robert L. (at Rivet, Bolt & Nut Co., Ltd.); 

ho., 38 Killearn drive, Ralston, Paisley. 
Bedi- Bunder (Jamnagar) Line of Steamers, The City 

Line, Ltd., 75 Bothwell street, C.2. 
Bedi-Bunder Line of Steamers (Cayzer, Irvine & 

Co., Ltd., managers), 109 Hope street, C.2. 
Beecham, John, 77 Florence st., C.5; house, 52 

Jamieson St., Govanhill, S.2 
Beedle & Co., Ltd., Ridge-, ore, metal and foreign 

merchants, 116 Hope st., C.2. 
Beedle, P. D. Ridge- (of Ridge-Beedle & Co., Ltd.); 

house, 6 Albert Gate, Dowanside road, W.2. 
Beedle, Mrs. William Ridge-, 6 Albert gate, Dowan- 

side rd., W.2. 
Beere, Jnmes, City School of Motoring, 20 Bath st., 

Begbie, Jas. W. (of N.B. Rubber Co., Ltd.) ; res. , 

Southdene, Castlehead, Paisley ; tel. No., 3823 

Begg, A. & T., saw millers and timber merchants, 

London Road Saw Mills, 8.E. Tel. Nos., Bridgeton 

687 and 688. 
Begg, David, C.A., F.F.A (of Mann, Judd, Gordon 

& Co., C.A.), 142 St. Vincent street, C.2 ; house, 

Clydetorre, Victoria road, Gourock; tel. No., 127 

Begg, David H. (of Johnston & Farie (Glasgow) 

Ltd.); ho., Strathview, Potterhill, Paisley. 
Begg, James (of A & T. Begg), St. Ninian's, 

Begg, John, Ltd., distillers, blenders and ex- 
porters of Scotch whisky ; offices, 64 Waterloo 

street, C.2. Tel. Nos., 1631 to 1634 Central; tel. 

add. "Takapeg, Glasgow.' 1 
Begg, John (of T. & J. Hamilton's); ho. 

Craigengour, Stepps; tel. No., Stepps 142. 
Begg, Kennedy, & Elder, wholesale stationers 

and printers, 33 Hope St., C.2 ; Telegraphic add., 

"Typograph, Glasgow;" Tele. No. 937 Central. 
Begg, Noble & Co., writers and notaries. 190 West 

George st., C.2 ; tel. Nos., 6538 and 6539 Douglas. 
Begg, Peebles & Ross, SC.Cons. E., ML 

Mech. E., M.I.E.F., consulting engineers, 

mechanical and electrical, 27 Rutland square, 

Edinburgh ; tel. No., 23986 
Begg, R. W. (of Wm. Riddell, Cousland & Co., 

Ltd.); house, 3 Queen's gate, W.2. 
Begg, Robert (of Dempster & Begg) ; house, 16 
ernleigh road, Newlands. 

Begg, Thos., house factor, 12 Bellgrove street, E.l; 
telephone, 2822 Bridgeton. 

Begg, Thomas, house factor, 12 Bellgrove street 
E.l; ho., Aleppo, Hunter's Quay; tel. No., 276 

Begg, Thomas, builder and joiner, 16Darleith st., E.2; 
teL No., Sbettleston 1167. 

Beggs, Arthur D., manager (British Tyre & Rubber 
Co., Ltd,); ho., 42 Diriment road, Sbawlands, 

Beg&s, John, newsagent, 89 Middleton street, S.W.I. 

Behr, S., & Mathew, Ltd., egg importers, 196 
Howard street, C.l ; tel. Nos. 61 and 62 Bell. 

Beira Line of Steamers (Cayzer, Irvine & Co., Ltd., 
managers), 109 Hope street, C.2. 

Beira Line of Steamers, The City Line Ltd., 75 
Bothwell street, C.2. 

Beira Steamers (Union-Castle Line), 4 Bothwell st., 

Beith, Andrew, asst. secretary and manager, trustee 
dept., The Clydesdale Bank Ltd., Head Office, 
Glasgow ; telephone No., Central 4826. 

Beith, Archd. L., church officer, Langside Hill 
Church; ho., 20 Algie street, Langside, S.l. 

Belbin, Gilbert P., blacksmith, 311 N. Woodside rd., 
N.W. ; ho. 3 Cowan street, W.2. 

Beldam Asbestos Co., Ltd., Hounflow, manu- 
facturers of "Lascar" brand packings, jointings, 
&c, asbestos and rubber goods for all trades. 
Sole agents, Hendry Brothers, Ltd., 4 West Regent 
street, C.2. Telegrams, "Kosmos"; tel. No., 
Douglas 6408. 

Beldam (The) Packing and Rubber Com- 
pany, Ltd., makers of Pilot packings and joint- 
ings, asbestos and rubber goods of every descrip- 
tion (Bendell & Paterson, managers), 16 York 
street, C.2 ; telegraphic address, " Veepilot " ; 
telephone, 5464 Central. 

Belfast Collar Co., Ltd. 35 Miller street, C.l. 

Belfast and Glasgow (via Ayr) Steamers 
(Burns & Laird Lines Ltd.), 62 Robertson st.,C2. 

Belfast & Glasgow Direct Steamers (Burns 
& Laird Lines Ltd.), 52 Robertson street, C.2 . 

Belfast (The) Ropework Co., Ltd., 100 
Broomielaw, C.l ; J. M. Gebbie, representative ; 
tel. No., Central 550 ; tel. address, " Ropeworks, 
Glasgow. " 

Belfry Confectionery Co., manufacturing con- 
fectioners, 5 Kenmure st, Pollokshields, S.l. 

Belhaven Church of Scotland, Dundonald road, W.2. 

Belhaven Hotel (A. E. Hunter, proprietor), 
22 26 Belhaven terrace; tel. address, " Convenient, 
Glasgow " ; tel. No., Western 6833 (4 lines). 

Bell, A. , wholesale egg merchant, 197 Cumberland 
street, C.6. 

Bell, A. B., F.L.A.A., certified accountant, 247 
Bath St., C.2; ho., 145 Greenhead street, S.E. ; 
tel. Nos., Douglas 4876 and Bridgeton 25. 

Bell, A. G, Silverknowe, 9 Williamwood park, West 

Bell, Alex. G., Scottish representative (Marconi 
International Code Co., Ltd.), 25 Wellington 
street C.2. 

Bell, A. W. (at Edward & Sons. Ltd.). ho., 94 Ash 
croft drive, King's Park, S.4 ; tel. No., Merrylee 

Bell, Andrew, general secretary, Glasgow Y.M.C.A, 
70 Bothwell St., C.2 ; ho., 11 Banavie road, 




Bell, Andrew C, & Co., coal merchants and con- 
tractors, tJushetfaulds Mineral Depot, 28 Cathcart 
road ; telephone Nos., 20 and 21 South ; tel. 
address, '' Belcomer.'* 
Bell, A., & Sons, Ltd., dyers, cleaners, and 
laundrymen, Hawkhead, Paisley. 
Tel. No., Paisley 4171. 
Receiving Offices : — 
101 Mitchell street, C.l. 

Tel. No., Central 0410. 
Central Station, C.l, No. 8 Platform. 

Tel. No., Central 2757. 
St. Enoch Station, C.l. 
Tel. No., Central 5115. 
403 Sauchiehall street, C.2. 

Tel. No., Douglas 4564. 
86 Great Western road, C.4. 

Tel. No., Douglas 3822. 
639 Great Western road, W.2. 
Tel. No , Western 1870. 
1634 Great Western road, W.3. 

Tel. No., Scotstoun 1609. 
188 Byres road, W.2. 

Tel. No., Western 5038. 
472 Dumbarton road, W.l. 

Tel. No., Western 1092. 
496 Mary hill road, N.W. 
2121 Paisley road, Cardonald, S.W.2. 
Tel. No., Halfway 1011. 
380 Paisley road, Ibrox, S.W.I. 
Tel. No., Ibrox 1050. 
38 Herriet street. Pollokshields, S.l. 
Tel. No., Queen's Park 1132. 
79 Clarkston road, Cathcart, S.4. 
Tel. No., Merrylee 1637. 
38 Sinclair drive, S.2. 

Tel. No., Langside 2810. 
445 Victoria road, Crossbill, S. 2. 

Tel. No., Queens Park 1934. 
1066 Cathcart road, Mount Florida, S.2. 
Tel. No., Langside 947. 
78 Paisley road west, S.W.I 
Tel. No., Ibrox 1603. 
461 Duke street, Dennistoun, E.l. 
Tel. No., Bridgeton 1512. 
1425 Gallowgate, E.l. 

Tel. No., Bridgeton 1218. 
525 Springburn road, N. 

Tel. No., Springburn 5500 
35 High street, Paisley. 

Tel. No., Paisley 2624. 
83 Causeyside street, Paisley. 
Tel No., Paisley 3266. 
71 Glasgow road, Paisley. 

Tel. No., Paisley 3753. 
33 Wellmeadow street, Paisley. 
Tel. No., Paisley 3764. 
6 West Blackhall street, Greenock. 
Tel. No., Greenock 486. 
Bell, Arthur, cashier and book-keeper (Wotherspoon 
Donald & Geo. Graham, Ltd.), ho., 54 Dryburgh 
avenue, Eutherglen; telephone No., Rutherelen 
Bell, A., church officer, Shamrock Street Church; 

ho., 159£ Shamrock street, C.4. 
Bell, Archd. junr., teacher, High School of Glasgow ; 

ho., 40 Longmuirhead, Lenzie. 
Bell, B. & C, grocers, 40 Dunchattan st., E.l. 

Bell & Bain, Limtd., letterpress printers, book- 
binders, and stereotype founders, 43 Mitchell 
street, C.l i telephone No., 2387 Central. 

Bell, B. & C, provision merchants, 129 Stevenson 
street, S.E. : house, Bencloich, 48 Brackenbrae 
avenue, Bishopbriggs. 

Bell Brothers & Co., steamship owners, brokers, 
and coal exporters, 87 St. Vincent street, C.2. 

Bell Bros. (H. P.), Ltd., motor engineers, 223 St. 
George's road, C.3; tel. add., "Motobike, Glas- 
gow"; tel. No., 6414 Douglas. 

Bell, Chailes, wine and spirit merchant, 54 Crown 
street, C.5 (tel. No., South 830); house, 104 
Carnoustie street, C.5. 

Bell, Chas. E. (at Wm. Robertson, 45 West Nile st,, 
C.l); ho., 9 Botanic cres., N.W. ; tel. No., 979 

Bell, Charles (A. Bell & Sons Limited, Paisley, and 
Hugh Smith & Co. (Possil) Ltd., Glasgow, N.); 
ho., 7 Kirklee gardens, W.2 ; tel. No., 4135 

Bell & Co., hide, skin, and tallow brokers. 332 
334 Bell street, C.4 ; office, 45 Macfarlane st., C.4. 

Bell, David, milk retailer, 34 Elizabeth street, 
Ibrcx, S.W.I. 

Bell, David G., director, British Window Cleaning 
Co., Ltd.; ho., 9 Maxwell drive, S.l. 

Bell, E. M., fruiterer, 22 Rr ebank street, E.l. 

Bell, Finlay (at Wm. Niblock & Co.), 101 W. Nile st., 

"Bell" Fireplace Company, tile fireplace manufac- 
turerers, 98- 100 Bath street, C.2 ; tel. No. 
Douglas 5517. 

Bell, George (of Clarke & Bell, and J. H. Craigie, 
architects), ho. 71 Southpark aven., Hillhead, W.2. 

Bell, George, dairyman, 111 Edington street, C.4. 

BelL G. & H., egg merchants, Hillsborough, 
Co. Down, Ireland; Alex. C. Houston & Co., 102 
George st, C.l, agent. 

Bell, Herbert, M.I.E.E., general manager, Corpora- 
tion Electricity Department, 75 Waterloo street, 
C.2 (tel. add., "Ampere, Glasgow"; tel. No., 
Central 3831); house, Locksley, Gryffe road, 
Kilmacolm ; tel. No., Kilmacolm, 352. 

Bell, H. C, hairdresser, 1318 Argyle street, C.3. 

Bell, J. M., newsagent, 116 Shakespeare st., N.W. 

Bell, J. & M. P., & Co., Glasgow Pottery, 
Stafford street, C.4. 

Bell, J. & W., cigarette specialists, 229 Sauchiehall 
st. C.2 ; ho., 87 Marlborough avenue, Wl. 

Bell, J. & W., slaters and plasterers, 22 Portugal st., 

Bell, J. Stevenson & Co., manufacturers' agents, 43 
Maryhill road, N.W. 

Bell, James (of Bell & Wood), Fishmarket, C.l; 
ho., 161 Ashcroft drive, Kirjg's Park, S.4. 

Bell, James, writer (of Maxton & Gillespie), 175 St. 
Vincent st. C.2 ; ho., 37 Fairfax aven., Cathcart, 

Bell, James, M.B.E., B.Sc, AR.I.B.A. (of Frank 
Burnet & Boston); ho., Tister, Blanefield. 

Bell, James H, engineers' agent, 36 Bentinck street, 
C.3; tel. No., Western 6081. 

Bell, James W., Ltd., printers, publishers, 
bookbinders, fancy leather goods manufacturers, 
and specialists in advertising novelties ; office and 
works, 45 Renfrew street, C.2. Also see under 
Advertising Novelties. Tel. add., " Remember, 
Glasgow"; tel. Nos., Douglas 865 and 866. 




Bell, Sir John, Bart., 87 St. Vincent St., C.2 ; res., 

Montgreenan, Kilwinning, Ayrshire. 
Bell, John (of Albert Smith &' Co.), ho. 3 Balerno 

drive, S.W.2. 
Bell, John (of James Spencer & Co.), ho., 52 

Murrayfield avenue, Edinburgh. 
Bell, John M., designer, 7 Willowbank crescent, 

Bell, M., newsagent, 199 Firhill road, N.W. 
Bell, Robert & Son, drapers and clothiers, 60 South 

Portland street, C.6. 
Bell, Robert Kerr, Assist. Registrar of Births, &c, 

Hillhead district, W.2 ; ho., 8 Dudley drive, W.2. 
Bell, Robert L. P. (of Barnes & Bell, Ltd.); res., 

South Park, Blairhill, Coatbridge. 
Bell, Robertson (of Smith & Wellstood, Ltd.); ho. , 

Dalmeny, Bonn? bridge. 
Bell, Ronald M., painter and decorator, 6, 7 Herschell 

street, W.3 ; ho., 11 Banavie road, W.l. 
Bell, S„ leather grinding merchant, wholesale and 

retail, 1)66 Mary hill road, N.W. ; ho., 8 Striven 

gardens, N.W. 
Bell & Sors, grocers and wine merchants, 1294 

Argyle street, C.3 ; house, 1276 do. 
Bell, Stuart, electrical engineer, Cessnock, Troon. 
Bell, Sir Thomas, K.B.E., John Brown & Co., Ltd., 

Clydebank; res., Furzecroft, Belensbuigh. 
Bell, Thos., dairy and provision merchant, 343 

Ballater street, C. 5. 
Bell, Thomas A., manufacturers' agent. 49 Virginia 

street, C.l ; ho. 287 Holmlea road, S.4. 
Bell, Thos. P., manufacturers' agent, 23 Queen 

square, S.l. 
Bell, W. (of Newlands & Warner, viriters), 4 Boleyn 

road, Pollokshields, S.l. 
Bell, W. A., tobacconist, 229 Sauchiehall st, C.2 ; ho., 

87 Marlborough avenue, W.l. 
Bell, Rev. W. Napier, clergyman, 37 Oakfield 

aveDue, W2. 
Bell, William, hairdresser, 80 Gloucester street, C.5; 

ho., 24 Kinning street, C.5. 
Be)l, William, & Co. auto engineers, 626 Eglinton 

street. C.5. { tel. No., South 2044. 
Bell, William F., postman, 252 Broadholm st., N. 
Bell, William Stewart, surgeon dentist, L.D.S., 65 

Bridge st. C.5; house, Mount Pleasant place, 

Old Kilpatrick. 
Bell & Wood, fish, game, rabbit and poultry salesmen, 

Fishmarket; tel. No., Bell 2641. Office, 121 

Bridgegate, C. 1. 
Bell, Mrs., draper, 192 North street, C.3. 
Bell, Mrs. J., tobacconist and confectioner, 304 

Maxwell road, S.l. 
Bell, Mrs. J., newsagent, 140 Pollok street, C.5. 
Bell, Miss E., draper, 210 Copland road, S.W. ; 

ho., 67 iDglefield street, S.2. 
Bell, Miss Isa, tobacconist and confectioner, 384 

Byres road W.2 ; house, 122 University avenue, 

Bell, Miss J. R., milliner, 326 Pollokshaws road, 

Bell, Miss M., confectioner and newsagent, 354 Scot- 
land st., C.5; to., 356 do. 
Bell, Miss M. F., ironmonger, 183 Hyndland road, 

Bell, Misses, dairy keepers, 123 Allison street, S-2; 

ho., 102 Albert rd., Crossbill, S. 2. 
Bell, Annie, stationer, 155 Garrioch road; house, 

150 do. 

Bell, Elizabeth M., draper, 16 Stirling road, C.4 ; 
ho., 22 Scior croft aven., Rutherglen. 

Bell, Jean, ladies' hairdresser. 640 Crow rd., W.3 
(tel. No. Scotstoun 1455): ho. 810 do. 

Bell's Asbestos & Engineering Limited, 
asbestos goods manufacturers and engineers, 353 
Argyle street, C.2; tel. add., "Bestobell"; tel. 
No., Central 3480. 

Bell's Lanndry, ?8 Crossburn street, C.4. 

Bell's Novelties Ltd., specialists in advertising 
novelties for desk and pocket use, 45 Renfrew st. 
C.2; tel. add., "Bellads, Glasgow"; tel. No., Douglas 
2727. Also see under " Advertising Novelties." 

Bell's Servants' Registry, 83 St. George's road, 
Charing Cross, C. 3, established a century ; tel. 
No., Douglas 4053 ; Gertrude Bell, proprietrix 

Bellahouston Dispensary, in connection with the 
Victoria Infirmary, 40 Morrison St., C 5; Bryce 
M'Call Smith, M.B., C.h.B., superintendent ; secy, 
and treas., John W. Robson, 40 St. Vincent place, 

Bellgrove Church of Scotland, 76 Bellgrove street, 

Bellgrove Hosiery Mfg. Co„ Ltd., 11 Graham 
square E. 

Belliss & Morcom, Ltd., Birmingham, makers of 
reciprocating engines for electric light, power, and 
traction purposes ; paraffin engines, air compressors, 
steam turbines, crude oil engines (Diesel type); 
agents, Morris Warden & Co., Ltd., 90 Mitchell 
street, C.l. 

Belmont House, Ltd. ; reg. office, 216 West George 
street, C.2. 

Belmont, M, & Co., Ltd., wholesale manufacturing 
furriers, 163 Queen street, C.l. 

Belmont Parish Church, Great George street, 
Hillhead, W.2. 

Belting & Mechanical Leather Co., Ltd., 
curriers, leather belting, hydraulic leathers, mechan- 
ical leather manufacturers, sole agents for " Hoyt " 
leather belting and " Maxipower " balata belting, 
201 St. Vincent, street, C.2 ; tel. add. " Maxipower, 
Glasgow " ; tel. No., Central 0960. 

Belvidere Fever Hospital, London road. 

Bemrose-Cooke calendars — Bemrose & Sons, Ltd., 
Dei by ; Alf . Cooke, Ltd., Leeds. Representative, 
L. Boocock, 365 Alderman road, W.3. 

Benbow Slimming Saloon, 435 Sauchiehall st., C.2. 

Bendell & Paterson, merchants and machinery 
agents, 15 York street, C.2 ; telegraphic address, 
"Veepilot"; tel. No., Central 5464. Agents 
for the Beldam Packing and Rubber Co., 
Ltd. Agents for H. Edward Hope Co.'s 
" Jetolastic," &c, &c. ; Foamite Firefoam ex- 
tinguishers for land and marine work. 

Bendon, Prince (of The Bendon Trading Co.) ; ho., 
1 Battlefield crescent, S.2 

Bendon, Samuel (of Bendon Trading Co.); ho., 
74 Queen's drive, S.2 

Bendon (The) Trading Co., film renters and electrical 
factors, 132 West Nile st., C.l ; tel. No., Douglas 

Benhar Moss Litter Co., Ltd., 268 Gorbals street, 
C.6; tel. Nos., Fauldhouse 223; Glasgow, South 
623 (3 lines). 

Benjamin, M. L., & Co., direct sponge importers 
and hardware factors, Howard Sponge House, 45 
Clyde place, C.5 (tel. No. South 454) ; ho., 7 Ailsa 
drive, Giffhock (tel. No. Giffnock 1511). 




Benmore Distilleries, Ltd., Scotch whisky dis- 
tillers and blendero ; proprietors of Dallas Dhu 

Distillery, Forres. Office, 64 Waterloo St., 0.2; 

tel. add.,"Bendaal"; telephone No., Central 1631. 
Benn Brother*, Limited, publishers, 116 Hope st., C.2. 
Bennett, Browne, St Co., insurance brokers, 

Boyal Exchange Building, 0.1; tel address, 

"Benedict"; teL No., Central 7254. 
Bennett & Co., wholesale wine and spirit merchants, 

46 Dundas street, C.l ; tel. add., " Balsam, 

Glasgow"; tel. No., Douglas 2456. 
Bennett, David. A.M.I.E.E. (of Haddow & Co., Ltd.), 

69 Bath street, 0.2 ; ho., 6 Radnor st., C.3. 
Bennett, George, wholesale warehouseman, 375 

Loudon road, S.E. ; tel. No., Bridgeton 1570. 
Bennett, J. B., St Co., painters, interior decorators 

paper-hangers, and fine art dealers, 122 West 

Campbell street, C.2 ; tel. No., Douglas 2181. 
Bennett, J. Gilchrist, civil engineer and land surveyoi, 

113 West Regent street, C.2; ho., 62 Dowanside 

road, W.2j tel. No., Douglas 2182. 
Bennett, J. & J., tailors and clothiers, 26 Maxwell 

road, S.l. 
Bennett, J. W., Ltd., hosiers, glovers, shirtmakers, 

and hatters, 108 Queen St., 0.1. 
Bennett, James, parcels agent, L.N.E.R. Queen 

Street Station. 
BeDnet, James D., Ltd., manufacturers of school, 

church, and hall furniture, 121 Avenue st.,S.E. ; 

tel. Nos., Bridgeton 3497 and 3488. 
Bennett, Jas., garage proprietor, 31 South Annan- 
dale street, S.2 ; tel. No., Queen's Park 22tJ0. 
Bennett, John, draper, 174 London road, C.l ; ho., 

27 Jedburgh avenue, Rutherglen. 
Bennett, John, & Co., encaustic tile layers, 55 Wood- 
lands road, 0.3 (tel. No., 5014 Douglas); ho., 22 

Ashburton road, Kelvmside, W.2. 
Bennet, John S. (James D. Bennet, Ltd., 121 

Avenue street, S E.) ; res., Cronulla. 5 Craigwell 

avenue, Burntide; teL No., Rutherglen 1020. 
Bennet, L. M., St Co., registered plumbers,domestic, 

sanitary aod electrical engineers, lead burners and 

chemical plumbers, 23 Vine street, W.l (tel. 

No., Western 1417); house. 28 Churchill drive, 

W.l ; tel. No., Western 3921. 
Bennett, R. L., painter and decorator, 3 Eldon 

st, 0.3; ho., 10 Jedburgh gdns., Kelvinside, N.W. 
Bennett, T. P., agent, Bank of Scotland, 1049 Mary- 
hill road, Eastpark, N.W. ; ho., 42 Rannoch drive, 

Bennett, T., St Son, pattern book and card 

makers, 45 Montrose street, C. 1. 
Bennett, Thomas (Walker Clark), 182 Albion st., 

C.l ; ho., 25 Mount Stuart street, S.2. 
Bennett, Thomas N., wine and spirit merchant, 16 

Helen street, S.W.I. 
Bennett, T. & Son, gold leaf manufacturers, London; 

agent, J. R. Macfarlane, 191 St. Vincent st , C.2. 

Tel. No., Central 4512. 
Bennett, William, tailor and clothier, 20 Bath st, C.2. 
Bennett, Mrs. J., apartments, 46 Hill street, C.3. 
Bennett, Mrs. M., dairykeeper, 183 Edgefauld road, 

N. ; ho., 45 Brackenbrae avenue, Bishopbriggs. 
Bennett, Miss, boarding house, 3 Elmbank crescent, 

C.2; tel. No., Douglas 114 
Bennett, Mies J., confectioner, 22 John Knox street, 

Bennet, Miss Jean, L.R.A.M., teacher of music, 7 

Bathgate street, E.l. 

Bennett, Lily, furrier, 1145 Cathcart road, S.2. 
Bennett, Margaret, physician, 14 Cecil st., Hillhead, 

Bennett, Dr. Margaret, physician, 671 Mary hill rd., 

Bennett, Margt. S. (of Thomas Bennett & Son, wine 

merchants) ; ho. 10 Lethington ave.,Langside, S.l. 
Bennie, Andrew, & Sons, joiners and shopfitters, 

building contractors and packing case makers, 100 

Barrowfield st., S.E. (tel. No., Bridgeton 610); 

house, 49 Roslea drive, E 1. 
Bennie, David F., commercial traveller, 50 Torris- 

dale street, S 2 ; tel. No., Queen's Park 2741 
Bennie, David F. (of Steel & Bennie, Ltd.); res., 

Wefterag, Victoria Park gardens. North, W 1. 
Bennie, David, St Sons, Limited, steel rolling 

mills, and manufacturers of steel dog spikes ; 

office and works, Petershill road, N. Telegraphic 

add., " Clavos "; telephone Nos., Springburn 5105 

(2 lines). 
Bennie, Gordon Smith (of James Bennie & Sons, 

Ltd.), Clyde Engine Works, Govan, S.W.I. 
Bennie, H. Osbourne (of James Bennie & Sons, Ltd.); 

ho., 10 Knowe terrace, Pollokshields, S.l. 
Bennie, J. & W., firewood merchants, 11 Tyne street, 

Whiteitch, W4. 
Bennie, James, St Sons, Ltd., engineers and 

machine tool makers, Clyde Engine Works, 

4?5-427 Drumoyne road, Govan, S.W.I. 
Bennie, Ltd., John, lift makers, Star Lift Works, 

Moncur st., S.E. ; tel. add., '' Elevator, Glasgow"; 

tel. Nos., Bell 3111 and 3112 
Bennie, Dr. Norman, surgeon, 648 Alexandra parade, 

E.l (tel. No. Bridgeton 6H0); ho. 571 do. 
Bennie, R„ fmiteier, 4<6 St. George's road, C.3. 
Bennie, Mrs. Grace G. J., 4 Kirklee circus, Kelvin- 
side, W.2. 
Bennie, Mrs W. O, teacher of dancing and calis- 
thenics, 1047 Pollokshaws rd., S.l. 
Bennis Combustion, Ltd., Bolton (mechanical stok- 
ing and conveying machinery manufacturers), re- 
presentative, A. C. Borthwick, 200 St. Vincent 

street, C.2. 
Benson, A , dentist, 78t Cumbernauld road, 

Riddrie, E.l. 
Benson. Charles, draper, 136 Castle st., 0.4; house, 

Ruelona, Brackenbrae rd., Bishopbriggs. 
Benson, I , optician, 23 London road, 0.1. 
Benson, J. Hewitt, LD.S.. F.P.S.G., dental surgeon, 

207 St. George's rd., C. 3; tel. No., Douglas 4763. 
Benson, J. L., financier, 24 Oswa!d street, C.l. 
Benson, L., watchmaker and jeweller, 19 Trongate, 

Benson, S. H., Ltd., Incorporated Practitioners in 

Advertising, 144 St. Vincent street, 0.2. 
Benson, William R„ wine and spirit merchant, 173 

Renfield street, 0. 2. 
Benson, Mrs. M., stationer, 401 Cumberland st.,C. 5. 
Bent Colliery Co., Limited, coal masters, 127 St. 

Vincent street, C 2. 
Bentinck Food Products agent, 983 Govan road, 

Bentley, F. G., & Co., printers and stationers, 204 

Bath street, C.2. 
Bentley, F. G. (of F. G. Bentley & Co.); res., 

Stanes, Craigmillar aven., Milngavie. 
Bents Hotel (Montrose), Ltd.; W. Maxwell Simmers, 

C.A., secy. ; reg. office, 98 West George street, 





Benzie & Co., Ltd., furniture dealers, 315 and 323 

Dumbarton rd., W.l ; tel. No., Western 3984 
Benzie, George, manufacturers' agent, 122 Holm 

street, C.2 (tel. No., Central 5270); ho. 17 

Watson avenue, Rntherglen; +el. No., 359. 
Benzie, James, caretaker, 26 Bothwell street, C 2. 
Benzie, James C, manufacturers' agent, 17 Watson 

avenue, Rutherglen. 
Berzie, L., confectioner, 437 Shields road, S. 1. 
Benzie, R. M., C.A. (of Paterson & Benzie, C.A.); 

ho. Clanchlands, 19 Sutherland avenue, Pollok- 

shields, S.l, 
Benzie, Wm. H., L.D.S., dental surgeon, 9 Newton 

terrace, C.3. 
Benzies, Harry T., joiner and builder (of Dick & 

Benzies); house, 3 Merrjlee road, Newlands, S.3 ; 

tel. No., Merry lee 2144 
Benzies, James (late of G.P.O.); ho., 12 Corrour 

road, Newlands, S.3. 
Benzies, James (cf Dick & BeDzies, 86-91 Forth 

street, S.l . ; ho. 11 Dean wood avenue, Muirend ; 

tel. No., Merry lee 3284. 
Benzies, Catherine, 12 Corrour road, Newlands, 

Bercott, Saul & Co., Ltd , silversmiths, 20 Queen 

street, C.l 
Beresford Hotel, 460 Sauchiehall St., C.2 ; 

tel. add., " Beresotel" ; tel. No., Douglas 

Beresford, Betty, 468 Sauchiehall street, C.2. 
Berger, Lewis (Scotland), Ltd., paint, colour and 

varnish manufacturers, 34 Forbes street, S.E. ; tel. 

add., " Lewberger"; tel. No., Bridgeton 947. 
Bergius, A. Norman (of Rob t. Binning, 113 West 

Regent street, C.2, and Binning & Co., Rangoon) ; 

residences, Gonachan, Fintry, Stirlingshire, and 

14 South street, Elie, Fife 
Bergius (The) Co., Ltd., oil engine manufacturers 

and launch builders, Dobbies loan, C.4; teL No. 

1267 Douglas (3 lines). 
Bergius, George C, The Bergius Co., Ltd., 254 

Dobbie's loan, C.4; ho., 10 Queen's gate, 

Dowanhill, W.2. 
Bergius, Walter, engineer, 254 Dobbie's loan, C.4; 

res., 26 Whittingehame drive, W.2. 
Bergius, Walter A. (at Wm. Teacher & Sons, Ltd.) ; 

house, Clairmont, 11 Winton drive, Kelvinside, 

W.2; tel. No., Western 1448. 
Bergius, William M. (of Wm. Teacher & Sons, Ltd.) ; 

house, Clairmont, 11 Winton drive, Kelvinside, 

W.2 (tel. No., Western 1448), and Bonnie Blink, 

Kirn (tel. No., Dunoon 235). 
Bergson, D., boot and shoe maker, 16 M'Kinlay st., 

C.6, and 408 St. Vincent st., C.3. 
Berina Food and Berina Malted Milk — 

Montgomerie & Co., Ltd. (proprietors of " Berma- 

line" bread), head office, Bermaline Factory, Ibrox, 

Glasgow, S.W.I. 
Be*rkel & Parnall's Slicing Machine Manufacturing 

Co., Ltd., 28 Moir street, C.l; tel. No., 429 

Berkley, A. W., Esmond Villa, 6 Lethington aven. 

Langside, S.l ; tel. No., Largside 364 
Berkley's Dental Surgeries, Ltd., dentists, 5 

Chisholm street, C.l. 
Berkowski, S., mantle manufacturer, 81 DDnlop st., 

C.l i teL No., Central 4862. 
Berlitz School of Languages, 206 Sauchiehall 

street, C.2; tel. No., 3946 Douglas. 

Berman Bros., Ltd., wholesale cabinetmakers and 
upholsterers, 11-15 Ritchie street, C.5 ; tel. No., 
South 760. 
Bernard, A., house furnisher, 171, 179 

Cambridge street, C.3; tel. No., Douglas 2766. 
Bernard, J. E , & Co. , Inc., shipping and forwarding 

agents, 82 Mitchell street, C.l ; tel. Nos., Central 

5518 ard 5519 
Bernard, JohD, solicitor, 29 St. Vincent place, C.l 

(tel. No?., Central 3948 and 3949); house, 35 

Alcaig road, S.W.2. 
Bernard, Thos. & James, Ld. , brewers, Edinburgh 

John F. Craig, manager, 95 Bath St., C.2 ; tel. 

Nos., 0426 and 0427 Douglas. 
Bernardine, Elizabeth, ices and confections, 1105 

Tollcross road, Tollcross. 
Bernardine, Mother Mary, headmistress, Our Lady, 

and St. Francis Secondary School, 72 Charlotte 

st., C. 1 ; home, CoDvent, Briar road, Newlands , 

Bernstein, A. Lewis, medical practitioner, 402 Crown 

street, C.5 (tel. No., South 1332); ho., 347 Albert 

drive, S.l ; tel. No., Ibrox 1538. 
Bernstein Bro3., jewellers, 13 Queen street, C.l. 
Bernstein, Joseph, mirror manufacturer and wood- 
worker, 36 Devon street (tel, No., South 2221) ; 

ho., 23 Beaufort avenue, Newlands. 
Bernstein & Simon, drapers and underclothing manu- 
facturers, 76 Saltmarket, C.l. 
Bernthal H. J., merchant, 114 Union st., C.l (tel. 

add., "Ferment"; tel. Nos., Central 7820-1); 

ho., 2 Hamilton drive, Hillhead, W.2 
Berrie, John, & Co., manufacturing tinsmiths and 

coppersmiths, 54 John Knox street, C.4; tel. 

No., Bell 1891. 
Berrie, John M. (of Walker, Fraser & Steele, 

Glasgow and Edinburgh) ; res., Craigallan, Cam- 

buslang; tel. No., Cambuslang 769. 
Berrie. R.,& Co., Ltd. (established 1894), brass- 
founders, contractors, manufacturers of gun metal, 

brass, phosphor bronze, alnminium, copper and 

all kinds of engineering and electrical castings, &c. 

On Admiralty List. 125, 127 Hydepark St., 

C.3; tel. No., Central 2623. 
Berrie, Wm., brassfonnder, 125, 127 Hydepark st., 

C.3 (tel. No., South 285); ho., 29 Herrietst., S.l. 
Berry, C, Board of Trade ; house, 124 Brownside 

rd., Cambuslang. 
Berry, D., mains supt., Electricity Department, 76 

Waterloo street, C.2 ; ho., 18 Trefoil avenue, 

Shawlands, S.l ; tel. No., 873 Langside. 
Berry, George, postman, 122 Boreland drive, W.3. 
Berry, H., British Corporation Register, 24 Victoria 

Park drive, W.4 
Berry, John R., manufacturers' agent, 93 Hope street, 

Berry, R G. (of The Scottish Lubricating Oil Co., 

Ltd.); ho., 12 Denholm drive, Giffnoek. 
Berry, W., Hardgate Farm, Renfrew road, S.W.I. 
Berry, W. Boyd, Sheriff Substitute of Lanarkshire, 

16 Bute gardens, Hillhead, W.2. 
Bertolini, R., fish restaurant, 112J Stobcross 

street, C.3; ho., 117 North street, C 3. 
Bertram, Chas. D. (of Peter Bertram & Sons); 

res. Ellangowan, Newlands, S.3. 
Bertram, Geo., tobacconist and newsagent, 44 

Holmlea road, S.4 
Bertram, George, manufacturer's agent, 19 Queen st., 

C.l ; ho. 117 Fotheringay rd., Pollokshields, S.l. 




Bertram, Harry T., artist, 103 Bath street, C.2. 
Bertram, P. H., LL.B., writer, 38 Bath street, C.2 ; 

res., Ke'sewell, Glebe road, Newton Mearns. 

Bertram, Peter, & Sons, manufacturing, export, 

and wholesale stationers, paper rulers, bookbinders, 

printers, and account-book manufacturers, label 

makers, and fancy goods merchants, agents for 

paper makers (Telephone Exchange No. 5310 

Central), 335 Argyle st., C.2. Established 1847. 

Bertram, William S., manufacturers' agent, 19 Queen 

street, C.l ; ho. 36Darnley rd., Pollokshields, S.l. 

Bertram, Mrs. H. B., 46 Berridale aven., Cathcart. 

Besant, William, director of public parks. Botanic 

gardens, and open spaces, 120 Blythswood 

street, C.2 (tel. No. Central 9600); residence, 

Auldhouse Cottage, Newlands; tel. No. Lang-ude 


Bessler, Waecbter, Glover & Co., Ltd. , coal and coke 

exporters, 228 Clyde street, C.l ; tel. add. 

"Bessler, Glasgow"? tel. No., City 7522 (2 lines). 

Best, A., confectioner, 106 Glebe street, C.4; 

house, 189 do. 
Best, Fred., cinema hairdresser, 145 West Nile street, 

Best, J. G., newsagent, 5 1 Appiu rd, Dennistoun, E. 1 
Best "O" Pure Products, lard manufacturers, 110 
Carntynehall rd., E.2 ; tel. No., Shettleston 2110. 
Bestobell, asbestos goods manufacturers & engin- 
eers, 353 Argyle st.. C.2 ; tel. add., " Bestobell" ; 
tel. No., Central 3480. 
Bethany Congregational Church, Bernard street, 

Bridgeton, S.E. 
Betheada Hall, Holmfauldhead drive, S. Govan, 

Bethune, Eliza, hosiery and wools, 618 Alexandra 

parade, E.l. 
Betournay, L. Wilbur, osteopath, 24 Newton 

place, C.3 ; tel. No., Douglas 3011. 
Bett, P. A., solicitor, 65 West Regent St., C.2 (tel. 

No., Douglas 4940) ; ho., 51 Cecil st., W.2. 
Betterwear Products Ltd., brushmakers, 119 Bell &t. 

C.4; tel. No., Bell 2582. 
Betts, L. J., cashier (at Dunn & Todd, C.A) ; res., 
MarI6-mor, 3 Rockburn dr.,Clarkston, Renfrewshire 
Bevan, W. F. (Board of Trade), 17 Balfron road, 

Rabton, Paisley 
Bevens, J. A., & Co., Ltd., button merchants, 9 
Duke street, C.4; tel. add., "Festoon"; tel. No., 
Bell 1820. 
Beveridge, A. D. (Brown & Beveridge Ltd.) ; res., 

Ballilisk, Lenzie. 
Beveridge Bros. ( W. Robertson, proprietor), grocers 
and wine merchants, 444, 446 Duke street, E.l ; 
tel. No. 2546 Bridgeton. 
Beveridge, Daniel K., writer (of Paterson & Ross); 

house, 81 Balshagray avenue, W.l. 
Beveridge, Ian Lawsor, C.A. (of Arthur Alexander 

& Co.) ; house, 6 Laurel street, W.l. 
Beveridge, J. R,, newsagent, 108 Petershill rd., N. 
(tel. No. Springburn 5502) ; ho., 42 Kenmure ores. , 
Beveridge, James, M.A., schoolmaster, 11 Naseby 

avenue, W.l. 
Beveridge, James, tobacconist, 411 Victoria rd. ; ho. 

47 Overdale street, Langside, S.2. 
Beveridge, James, physician, 91 Westmuir st., E.l ; 
house, Linton villa, 451 Tollcross road, Tollcross; 
tel. No., 746 Bridgeton. 
Beveridge, James F., cashier, 66 White st., W.l. 

Beveridge, Jas., manager, Ravenscraig, 59 Merrylee 

road, S 3. 
Beveridge, J. L. , 6 Laurel street, W.l. 
Beveridge, John, newsagent, 70 Wellfield street, N. 
Beveridge, T. J., architect, 248 West George street, 
C.2 (tel. No., Douglas 4631) ; house, 5 Grenville 
drive, Cambuslang. 
Beveridge, Walter, commercial traveller, 12 Mel- 
ville street, S.l. 
Beveridge, Wm. A. (at Wm. Hodge & Co , Ltd.); 

ho., 145 Kingsaere road.. King's Park, S.4 
Beveridge & Co., skate distributors, 9 Derby street, 

C.3; tel. No, Western 4784. 
Beveridge, Miss, woollens, 631 Maryhill road, 

Beverly, Agnes M. R., draper, 1014 Tollcross road, 

Bevington, Rtv. J. C. H, rector of St. Michael's 

Church, Govan. 
Bews, John William, caretaker, 86 St.Vincent st. C.2. 
Bhavnagar Line of Steamers — The City Line, Ltd., 

75 Bothwell street, C.2. 
Bhavnagar Line of Steamers (Cayzer, Irvine & Co.', 

Ltd., managers), 109 Hope street, C.2. 
Biagiotti, Carlo & Sons, confectioners & tobacconists, 

205 Paisley road West, S.W.I. 

Biagonia, U., confectioner, 411 Shields road, S.l. 

Bibby Line (Marseilles, Port Said, Colombo, and 

Rangoon) Mail Steamers ; agents, Roxburgh, 

Colin Scott & Co., Ltd., 69 Buchanan street, C.l. 

Bible Society of Scotland (National), 224 West 

George street, C.2. 
Bible Training Institute, 64 Bothwell st., C.2 ; Rev. 

Professor Francis Davidson, D.D., principal. 
Bickerton, David T. & Son, ironmongers, tinsmiths 
and coppersmiths, 158 Buchanan St., C.l (tel. No., 
Douglas 3165) ; house, Woodvale, Cambuslang. 
Bickerton, David S. (of David T. Bickerton & Son, 
ironmongers, 158 Buchanan street C.l ; tel. No., 
Douglas, 3165); res., The Firs, Bishopbriggs 
Bicket, J., dairyman, 375, 377 and 381 St. Vincent 

street, C.3. 
Bicket, Miss J., newsagent, 103 Stobcross st., C 3. 
Bicket, Nurse G. M. H., Dennistoun Nursing Home 

(Maternity), 466 Duke street, E.l. 
Bidwell, W. C., manager, Dallas's Ltd. ; house, 18 

Queen Margaret dr., W.2. 
Biello, B., grocer, 60 Todd st., E.l. 
Biggar, Alexander, Ltd., pianoforte and music 
sellers, radio and gramophones, 102 Sauchiehall st. 
C.2 (tel. No., Douglas 58O0) ; house, 23 Hamilton 
drive, W.2. 
Biggar & Hendry, Ltd., brassfonnders and en- 
gineers' factors, 230 West George st., C.2 ; tel. 
add., "Governors Glasgow," teL No., 3706 Douglas. 
Biggar, Hngh, architect, 36 Mount Stuart st, S.l. 
Biggar, John L., commercial artist, incorpd. J. & J. 
Murdoch, Ltd., 32 Albion street, C. 1 ; house, 
40 Riverside road, S.3. 
Biggar, John M., certified accountant, public auditor, 
40 St. Vincent place, C.l (tel. No., Central 6715); 
res., Lairfad, East Kilbride. 
Biggar, May & Forsyth, accountants, 40 St. Vincent 
pi., C.l; tel. add., " Bimafor, Glasgow"; tel. 
No., Central 6715. 
Biggar, Robert, pawnbroker, 303 Argyle 

St., C.2. 
Biggar's, Ltd., costumiers and furriers, 28 Jamaica 
street, C. 1. 




Biggar's Stores, house furnishers, 131 High at., C.l. 

Biggart, Andrew S., writer (of Biggart, Lumsden & 

Co.) | res., 96 Springkell aven., Pollokshields, S.l. 

Biggart, Chas. J., C A. 220 St. Vincent St., C.2; ho., 

31 NewlaDds road Newlands, S.3. 
Biggart, Lumsden & Co., writers, 105 West George 
street, C.2; telephone Nos., Central 9961-9965 
Biggart, Robert L., director (Sir Win. Arrol & Co., 
Ltd.); res., Inchgarvie, Donaldfield road, Bridge- 
Biggart, Sir Thomas (of Biggart, Lumsden & Co.), 
Shipbuilding and Engineering Employers, 105 
West George street, C.2; res., Rossarden, Kilma 
colm; tel. No., Kilmacolm 16. 
Biggart, William M., director (Watson & M'Lean, 

Ltd.), 104 Harmony row, Govan, S.W.I. 
Bigge, D , Selby & Co., consulting, mining and power 
engineers, 48 West Regent street, C. 2; tel. add., 
"Selbig, Glasgow'"; tel. Nos., Douglas 3548 and 
Biggers, Ltd., Londonderry; agent, Geo. Aikman, 

62 Virginia street, C. 1. 

Biggs, Hugh Miller, L.D.S., R.F.P.S. , dental surgeon, 

1 Clifton place, Saucbiehall street, C.3, and 641 

Dumbarton road, Dalmuir; tel. No., Douglas 4795 

Bijou (late Erika) Typewriters ; sole agents, Duncan 

& Co., 185 Hope street, C.2; tel. No., Douglas 


Biles, Sir J. H. & Co., naval architects and 

consulting engineers, 62 Darnley street, S.l. 
Billing, Roger R., Royal Exchange, C.l ; res., Stam- 
ford, Bearsden; tel. No. Bearsden 1599. 
Billington, V. (of Cadbury Bros., Ltd.); house, 

Heath Villa, Mearns rd.,Clarkston, Glasgow. 
Billison, A. J., 208 Clarkston road, S.4. 
Bilsland Brothers, Ltd., bakers, 75 Hydepark street, 
C.3, and 29 Elderslia street, C.3. Tel. address, 
" Bakery," Glasgow; teL No., Central 7793. 
Bilsland, Sir Steven, Bt. (of Bilsland Brothers, Ltd.), 

75 Hydepark street, C.3. 
Bimafor Investment Co. Ltd., 40 St. Vincent place, 

C.l ; tel. No., Central 6715. 
Bingham, J. A., F.R.C.S. (Ed.) surgeon, 8 Park- 
grove terrace, C.3; tel. No., Western 5164. 
Bingham, Joseph (of J. G. Malcolm & Bingham, 
202 Hope street, C.2); ho., 17 North 
Gardner street, W. 1. 
Bingley Building Society — Local Agents, Gillespie 
& Anderson, C.A., 162 Bath street, C.2 ; tel. No., 
Douglas 1963. 
Binks, Frank, manufacturers' agent, 27 Oswald street, 

CI; tel. No., Ceotral 2805. 
Binnie, B., physician and surgeon, 1452 Gallowgate, 

E. 1 (tel. No. Bridgeton 3089) ; ho. 1448 do. 
Binnie, Fred. R. (of Blair & Binnie), ho. Belmont, 

Binnie, John Burnell (at Carswell & Co., stock- 
brokers), 26b Renfield street, C. 2. 
Binnie, M., dairyman, 74 North Woodside road, C.4. 
Binnie, Murray, & Hutton, F.F.S.I., F.F.S., measurers 
and surveyors, 8 Netherby drive, Pollokshields, S. 1. 
Binnie & Son, warehousemen, 139 Gorbals street, C.5 
Binnie, Thomas, & Hendry, F.S.I., land and property 
valuators, 207 Hope st., C.2; tel. No., Douglas 700. 
Binnie, Wm., & Sons, Ltd., slaters and plasterers, 

30- 38 Blenheim street, N. 
Binnie, Mrs. Barbara, newsagent, 211 Weir steeet, 

Binning & Grant, marble cutters, 584 Polloksbaws 
rd., S.l and 636 Eglinton st., C.5 (tel. No., South 
671); ho., 24 Morley street. 8.2. 
Binning, Robert (of James Murray & Sons, Ware- 
housemen, Ltd.) ; ho., 12 i Dee st. E.l. 
Binning, Robert, East India merchant, 113 West 

Regent st., C.2 ; tel. No., Douglas 6974. 
Binyon, James, newsagent, 110 Carnoustie street, 

Birch, Samuel, & Co., Scotch whisky exporters, 20 

Renfield st., C.2. 
Birch, Miss, 3 Cleveden crescent, W.2. 
Bird, Alexander, master of works, The University 

of Glasgow ; ho., 1a The University, W.2. 
Bird, Harold R., writer (Bird, Son, & Semple); 

house, Barnacarry, Bridge of Weir. 
Bird, James C. (of Robert A. Bird & Co.), res., 

Amulree, Bearsden 
Bird, Robert A., & Co., merchants, 140 West George 

St., C.2 ; telephone, Douglas 2333. 
Bird, Son & Semple, writers and notaries, 223 Hope 

street, C.2. 
Bird. Wilfrid J. (of Primrose, Campbell & Bird 
(Glasgow ), Ltd.) ; ho., Ravenscraig, Bridge of Weir ; 
tel. No., Bridge of Weir 133. 
Birkbeck, Geo., civil servant (retired), 5 Strath- 

cona street W.3. 
Birkby (The) Coal Co., Ltd., coalmasters, 118 Queen 

St., C.l ; tel. add., " Waldie, Glasgow." 
Birkenhead & Glasgow Steamers, Robert 

Gilchrist & Co., 70 Wellington St., C.2. 
Birkenshaw Coal Co., coalmasters and cokemasters, 

121 St. Vincent street, C.2. 
Birkin, T. I., & Co., lace curtain manufacturers, 

Baltic street, Bridgeton, S E. 
Birkmyre, W. G. 404 Byres road, W.2 (tel. No., 

Western 112); res., Westbourne House, W.2. 
Birmingham Battery and Metal Co., Ltd., 
Selly Oak, Birmingham. Manufacturers of 
tubes, copper, brass, phosphor bronze and cupro 
nickel for locomotives, condensers, and general 
purposes ; brass, copper, and yellow metal sheets 
and rods, brass atid copper wire, &c. Large 
stock at Glasgow. Office and warehouse, 
51 Cheapside st. and 60 Piccadilly st., 
Glasgow, C.3; tel. No. 6281 Central; tele- 
grams, " Battery, Glasgow." 
Birmingham, Hannah, dairy keeper, 264 Abercromby 

street, S.E. 
Birmingham Post, Birmingham Mail, advertisement 

offices, 12 Renfield st., C.2. 
" Birmingham Post " and " Mail." Office for 

advertisements, 9 South Exchange place, C.l. 
Birnie, Archibald, 99 Waterloo st., C.2 
Birrell, George, manufacturing cabinet maker, 5 
London lane, 48 London rd., C.l (tel. No. Bell 
299); house, Strouel Lodge, Clynder. 
Birrell, J. A., chemist, 428 Cumberland street, 

Birrell, J. B. (of Birrell, Ltd.); ho., Kildarroch, 

Birrell, J. Buchanan, manufacturers' agent, 49 

Jamaica street, C.l. 
Birrell, James W., traveller, John Tullis & Son, 

Ltd. ; ho. Cir Mhor, Winton drive, Skelmorlie. 
Birrell, John G. (of David Sclanders & Co., Ltd.); 

ho., 15 Halbert st, Crossmjloof, S.l. 
Birrell, John Sutherland (Burns & Laird Lines Ltd.) ; 
house, 27 Bassett avenue, Enightswood. 




Birrell, Ltd., chocolate manufacturers and con- 
fectioners, Anniesland, Glasgow, W.3; tel. Nos., 
Scotstoun 1827 (3 lines). 

Birrell, Thos., manufacturers' agent, 221 Maryhill 
road, N.W. 

Birrell, Mrs. M. P., Northfield, 157 Balshagray ave., 

Birrell, Miss, 6 Kelvinside terrace, N., N.W. 

Birss, Ltd., drapers, 310 Dumbarton road W.l; 
ho., Strathdon, 50 Turnberry road, Dowanhill, 

Birstall Carpet Co., Ltd. (Brier Mills, Birstall), 
spool carpet manufacturers, 8 Springfield court, 
C.l ; tel. add. " Mnrgra, Glasgow"; tel. No., 
Crty 6354 (2 lines) 

Bisacre, F. F. P., M.A., B.Sc. (of Blackie & Son, 
Ltd.) ; ho., Ascania, Helensburgh. 

Bishop, A. Henderson (of Cooper & Co.'s Stores, 
Ltd., 8 to 38 Howard st., C 1); res. Thornton Hall. 

Bishop Bros., 2t>7 Argyle st , C.2 

Bishop, Donald M. (at Watson & Middleton's, Ltd.) ; 
ho., 1 Highburgh drive, Burnside, Rutherglen. 

Bishop, James, accountant, stocktaker and licensed 
valuator, 69 West Regent street, C.2 ; house, 30 
Bradda avenue, Burnside, Rutherglen. 

Bishop, John S., commission merchant, 29 Waterloo 
street, C.2. 

Bishop, Milne Boyd & Co., writers, 156 St. Vincent 
street C.2; tel. No., Central 6203. 

Bishop, Thomas, ironmonger, ship chandler, tin- 
smith, and flag maker, 52 Clyde place, C.6 
(tel. No., South 1907); residence, Kingston, St. 
Catherine's road, Giffnock. 

Bishop, Miss J., confectioner, 51 John Knox street, 

Bisquit Dubouche & Co. (Jarnac- Cognac), brandy 
shippers. Agents (West of Scotland), Train & 
M'lntyre Ltd., 5-11 Oswald St., C.l; tel. add., 
"Capacitas, Glasgow"; tel. No., Central 3255. 

Bissell, James, engineer (mechanical), 41 Foulis 
lane, W.3 (tel. No. Scotstoun 1761); ho. 18 
Stirling avenue, Westerton. 

Bissett, Alexander, joiner, 121 Green st., S.E.; tel. 
No. Bridget on 317 6. 

Bisset, Alexr. S., medical practitioner, 2 Petershill 
rd., N. (tel. No., Springburn 5527); ho. Ill 
Balgrayhill rd., N. 

Bissett, A.. R., advertising contractor and publisher, 
183a West George street, C.2 (tel. No., Central 
6767); house, 25 Hathaway drive, Giffnock; 
teL No., Giffnock 1642. 

Bisset, John F., C.A. (of Wylie & Bisset, C.A.), 
ho., 71 First avenue, Nctherlee, S.4; tel. No., 
Merrvlee 3894 

Bissett, J. K., draper and clothier, 44 South 
Portland st. , C 5. 

Bissett, Robert, & Smith, house factors, 96 Ren- 
field street, C.2; tel. No., 1169 Douglas. 

Bisset, Robert, coal merchant, 22 Milleiston St., E.l; 
house, 430 Edinburgh road, E.l. 

Bisset, Thomas D. (at Davis & Mawson) ; house, 
Nanina, Earlspark avenue, Newlands, S.3. 

Bissett, W. S., & Son, Ltd., trade linotypers, 34 
Albion street, C.1 ; tel. No., Bell 3121 

Bissett, W. S., & Son, Ltd., printers and manufactur- 
ing stationers, lithographers, &c, and grain sample 
bag manufacturers, 34 Albion street, C.l. 

BiBsett, W. S. (of W. S. Bissett & Son, Ltd.)j res., 
Dungoyne, Giffnock. 

Bissett, William, Registrar of Births (Gorbals), 313 

Crown st.. C.5 (tel. No., South 2629J ; house, 170 

Broomfield rd., N. 
Bisset, Mrs. F., 78 Holmhead road, Cathcart. 
Bitterlings, Ltd., sausage skin manufacturers, 

Nottingham. Alexander Cowie, agent, 182 Clay- 
thorn street, S.E. ; tel. No 49t Bridgeton. 
Bitulac Ltd., bituminous specialists, 197 Rottenrow, 

C.4; tel. add., " Bitulac"; tel. No. Bell 2266. 
Black, A., tailor and clothier, 107 Dundas street, 

C.l ; ho., 2 Maxwell drive, PolJokshields, S.l 
Black, A. A. Stuart (of John Black & Co., Ltd., 14 

St. Vincent pi., C.l); res., Claverton Manor, near 

Black, A. E. (of John Black & Co., Ltd, 14 St. 

Vincent place, C.l); house, Artarman, Rhu. 
Black, Dr. A. Balfour, radiologist, 24 Westminster 

ter., C.3 ; tel. No., Douglas J)28. 
Black, Alex. R. D., R.N.R., asst. supt. (Mercantile 

Marine Office) ; ho., 71 Holeburn road, S.3. 
Black, Alex S„ manager (General Electric Co., 

Ltd.) ; res., Kilwa, Deramore avenue, Whitecraigs; 

tel. No., Giffnock 1547. 
Black, Alexander, brush manufacturer, 127 Stock- 
well st., 0.1 ; ho., 10 Finlay drive, E.l. 
Black, Andrew, supt, 55-69 Portugal street C.5; 

ho., 69 do. 
Black, Angus N.» ventilating engineer and sheet 

metal worker, 99, 101 Brromloan rd., Govan, 

S.W.I; ho. 12 Battlefield aven., S.2. 
Black, Archd. (at The Glasgow Tobacco Warehouse 

Co., Ltd.); ho. 62 Essex drive, Scotstoun. 
Black, Sir Archibald C, KG, Sher.ff Principal of 

Lanarkshire, 10 Cleveden crescent, W.2. 
Black, Archibald, wine and spirit merchant, 1106 

Tollcross rd., Tollcross 
Black, Archibald, 166 Alderman road, W.3. 
Black, Arthur, gent, 's outfitter, 135 Dumbarton road, 

Partick, W.l. 
Black & Borthwick, shirting, wincey, and dress goods 

manufacturers, 164 Howard st. C.l; tel., 7279 

Central (P.B E.) 
Black, C. (Glasgow, Ltd.), cycle agents, 769 Spring- 
field road, E.l ; tel. No., Bridgeton 1353. 
Black, C. (Glasgow), Ltd., musical and cycle 

repairers, 204 Gallowgate, C.l (tel. No., Bell 

2358) ; ho., 343 Alderman rd„ Knightswood, W.3. 
Black, C. D., engineer, County Buildings, C.l i ho., 

345 Croftfoot road, Croftfoot, Cathcart. 
Black, C. R., 270 Woodlands road, C.3. 
Black, Cameron & Campbell, solicitors, 26B Renfield 

st., C.2. tel. add., " Columis, Glasgow"; tel. Nos., 

Central 5161 and 5162. 
Black & Campbell (Warehousemen) Ltd., 11 George 

square, C.2. 
Black & Co., underclothing manufacturers, 73 

Virginia street, C. 1. 
Black & Co. (Clothiers) Ltd., clothing manufacturers, 

57 Ingram street, C.l ; teL No., Bell 2479. 
Black, Dr. D. M'Kenzie, F.R.F.P.S., L.D.S., dental 

surgeon, 2 Drive road, S.W I. 
Black, Daniel, chief clerk, The National Insurance 

Co. of Great Britain, Ltd., 145 St. Vincent street, 

C.2 ; res., 75 Clunie road, Mosspark, SW.2. 
Black, David, chemist and druggist, 584 Alexandra 

parade, E.l; house, 15 Onslow drive, E.l. 
Black, David, St Co., wholesale warehousemen 

and clothing manufacturers, 69 Wilson st., C.l; 

tel. Nos. Bell 3073 (4 lines). 




Black, David, florist, 308-312 High street, C.4j tel. 

Mo., Bell 163. 
Black, David C. (at The Glasgow Tobacco Ware- 
house Co., Ltd.); ho., Broadlees, Newton-Mearns. 
Black, David E. (Jas Brodie & Co.), 2 Kyle Park 

avenue, UddiDgston. 
Black, Frank S. (of Black & Borthwick) ; house, The 

Ferns, Sunnyside, Paisley ; telephone No., Thornly 

Park 2139. 
Black, G. M„ flesher, 263 Crow road, W.l. 
Black, Q. S., dentist, 150 Main street, Barrhead. 
Black, George H., pianoforte tuner, stationer and 

music seller, 285 Parliamentary road C.4. 
Black, Hector, manufacturers' agent, 50 Wellington 

street, C.2 (tel. No., Central 1916); ho., Ravens- 
wood, Dalmuir. 
Black, Honeyman, & Monteath, writers, 140 West 

George street, C.2 ; tel. Nos., Douglas 7461- 2; tel. 

add., ''Precept, Glasgow." 
Black, I. H. Stuart (of John Black & Co., Ltd., 14 

St Vincent place, C.l) ; ho., Skiff cott., Howwood. 
Black, J., sub-postmaster, Garscube cross, C.4. 
Black, J. Buyers, F.C.I. I., accountant and secretary, 

insurance broker (tel. No. Western 3808) ; ho. 

61 Hillhead street, W.2. 
Black, J. Lindsay (of J. P. M'Phun & Co., Ltd.); 

ho., 58 Glencairn drive, Pollokshields S.l. 
Black, J. MacKinlay (of Partick Motors); house, 

Killoch Brae, Neilston. 
Black, James, agent, The British Linen Bank, 

Williamwood Branch, 49 Eastwoodmains road, 

East GifFnock, and Williamwood Park Branch, 

Seres road, Clarkston; house, Arlington, New- 

tyle road, Ralston, Paisley ; tel. No.. Paisley 2237. 
Black, James, manufacturer's agent, 33 Virginia st., 

C.l ; house, Longcraigs, Overton drive, West 

Black, James, agent, Commercial Bank, 66 Green- 
view street, Pollokshaws, S.3 ; ho., 13) Tantallon 

road, Langside, S.l ; tel. No., Langside 2427. 
Black, James, homoeopathic specialist, 16 .Newton 

ter., C.3. 
Black, Jaroes, & Son, warehousemen, 32 Miller st. 

C.1 ; tel. No, Central 3576. 
Black, John, & Co., Ltd., 14 St. Vincent place, C.l ; 

tel. address, " Lancefield, Glasgow''; telephone 

Nos. 1021 and 1022 Central. 
Black, John, hairdresser, 44 Maryhill road, N.W. | 

ho., 14 Fergus drive, N.W. ; tel. No., Douglas 

Black, John (of Robert Ramsey & Co. Ltd.) ; 

house. 31 Victoria Park gardens South, W.l. 
Black, John, plumber, 162 West George lane, C.2 ; tel. 

No., Central 1159 
Black, John Albert (of John Black & Co., Ltd., 14 

St. Vincent place, C.l); house, Lagarie, Rhu. 
Black, John E. , Anchor Line, Yorkhill quay, C.3 ; 

house, 9 Naseby avenue, Partick, W.l. 
Black, John M., house fnrnisher, 98 North Wood- 
side road, C.4. 
Black, John, & Sons, wholesale provision merchants, 

7 and 11 Duke street, C.4. 
Black, John W., wright, 64 Rhymer St., Garngadhill ; 

tel. No., Bell 1616; ho. tel. No., Langside 1775 
Black, John W., M.I.E.E., electrical engineeer, 43 

Kelvinside gardens, N.W. 
Black, Dr. Joseph, L.D.S., 108 Renfield street, 

Black, K., 6sh monger, 105 McAlpine street, C.2. 

Black, L. S., manufacturers' agent, 7 Royal Bank 

place, C.l. 
Black & Martin, Business Training College and 

Copying Office, 75 Buchanan st, C.l ; tel. No., 

6009 Central. 
Black, Michael, Ltd., wholesale electrical aDd radio 

supplies, 138a. West George street, C.2 (tel. No., 

Douglas 6681, 4 lines ; tel. add., " Faneeka") ; ho., 

The Whins, 106 Haggs road, S.l ; tel. No., Queen's 

Park 1195. 
Black, M. B., & Co., " Fitall " blind clip manufac- 
turers, 11 Bothwell street, C.2. 
Black, R., 107 West Graham street, C.4 
Black, R. C, & Co., Ltd., gowns, mantles, &c, 14 

Mitchell lane and 82 Mitchell street, C.l. 
Black, Robert, & Son, monumental sculptors, 9a 

Lochburn road, Maryhill; house, 15 Cranbrooke 

drive, N.W. 
Black, Son, & Todd, house factors and insurance 

agents, 114 South Portland street, C.5; tel. No., 

South 0167. 
Black, Stewart, & Co., chartered accountants, 

113 Sc Vincent street, C.2 ; tel. No., Central 

9741 ; tel. add., " Certify, Glasgow." 
Black, T. (representing Elliott & Sons, Ltd., Barnet); 

ho., 16 Mulberry road, Newlands, S.3. 
Black. Thomas, confectioners' agent, 74 Randolph 

rd., W.l. 
Black, Thomas, & Son, slaters, plasterers, and 

slate merchants, 11 Peel st., Partick W.l ; res., 

Allarton, Laurel St., W.l; tel. No., 2482 Western. 
Black, W. Hood, 11 Carmichael place, Langside, 

S.2 ; tel. No., 664 Langside. 
Black, W. S., manufacturers' agent, 60 Wellington 

street, C.2; res., Ravenswood, Dalmuir. 
Black, Walter, & Co., stationers, printers, litho- 
graphers and bookbinders, 209, 211 Cambridge 

street, C.3 ; tel. No., Douglas 1799. 
Black, Walter, & Co., wholesale drysalters and 

manufacturing chemists, 1 to 19 Molendinar St., 

C.l ; tel. No., Bell 2247. 
Black Watch Regimental Club, 7 Ashley street, C.3 
Black & Waxman, cap manufacturers, 37 Virginia 

street, C.l. 
Black, William, wine and spirit merchant, 120 

Millerston street, E.l. 
Black, Wm., cycle repairer, 1115 Gallowgate, E.l. 
Black, Wm., fruiterer, 480 Duke St., E.l; ho., 60 

Meadowpark street, E.l. 
Black, Wm. (of Raeburn & Verel, Ltd.); ho., Redcliffe, 

25 W. Chapelton crescent, Bearsden. 
Black, Wm., wholesale confectioner, 8 Windsor 

terrace, N.W. 
Black, Wm. B. (of R. C. Back & Co., Ltd.) ; ho., 

98 Kirkcaldy road, S.l. 
Black, Wm. C, director (Wm. White & Son, 15 

Gibson st, S.E ) ; ho., 23 Williamwood Park West, 

Black, Wm. M., pawnbroker, 43 Marquis st., S.E. ; 

ho , 75 Armadale st„ E 1. 
Black, Wm. P., M.A., teacher, The High School; 

house, 12 Lochlea road, S.3. 
Black & Wingate, Ltd., branch, The Calico Printers' 

Association, Ltd., 4 West Regent street, C.2. 
Black & Sons (Greenock) Ltd., 98 Mitchell st, C.l. 
Black, Mrs. A., stationer, 85 Parson street, C.4. 
Black, Mrs M., confectioner, 59 Appin road, E.l. 
Black, Miss, electrolysis, 262 Bath street, C.2. 
Black, Miss, outfitter, 47, 49 Eglinton st, C.6. 




Black, Miss L. H., wholesale confectioner, 150 

James street, Bridgeton Cross, S.E. 
Blackadder, Robert (P. & W. Hall, Ltd.); house, 

41 Kingsbridge drive, S.4. 
Blackadder, Wm., photographic dealer, 13 West Nile 

street, C.l (tel. No., Central 5969; tel. add., 

" Snapshots, Glasgow "), and 288 Argyle st., C.2 ; 

tel. No., Central 6118. 
Blackater, John C, jnnr., F.R.G.S., F.S.A. (Scot), 

manufacturing chemist, Royal Exchange C.l (tel. 

No. Central 7080) ; house, 296 Golfhill drive, E.l. 
Blackater, J. N. F., manager, Norwich Union Life 

Insurance Society; house, Mid-Shandon, Drymen ; 

tel. No. Drymen 76. 
Blackburn Estate Co., Ltd., 124 St. Vincent street, 

Blackfaulds Quarry Co., Ltd., Cardowan, Stepps ; 

tel. No., Baillieston 115. 
Blackhall, R. H., painter and decorator, 747 Spring- 
field road, E. 1 ; also at Entrance Hall, Burnside 

Station (tel. No. Rutherglen 1175); ho., 54 

Grayston aven., Burnside ; tel. No., Bridgeton 2783. 
Blackhall, Miss A. C, 8 Kildonan terrace, S.W.I. 
Blackie, H. J. (of Motor Union Iosurance Co., 

Ltd.) ; ho., 53 Selkirk aven., Cardonald, S.W.2. 
Blackie, James A., & Co., muslin manufacturers, 27 

Jamaica street, C.l ; ho., Gowanlea, Bellshill. 
Blackie, John J., 24 Hamilton Park aven., W.2. 
Blackie & Son, Limited, publishers, 17 Stanhope st., 

C.4. Tel. No. 3065 Bell (3 lines). Telegraphic 

address* " Blackie, Glasgow." 
Blackie, W., butcher, 12 Watt street, C.5. 
Blackie, Wm., flesher, 85 Paisley road, S.W.I; ho., 

43 Kinross avenue, S.W.2. 
Blackie, Wm., butcher, 451 Paisley road West, S.W.I 

(tel. No., Ibrox 185); ho., 43 Kinross avenue, 

Cardonald, S.W.2. 
Blackie, Misses, Linwood, 10 Prince Albert road, 

Dowarhill, W.2. 
Blackley, iaglis & Co., Ltd., iron and steel merchants, 

Sandyhills, Shettleston, E.2 ; agents in Scotland 

for John Knowles & Co. (Wooden Box), Ltd., fire 

clay manufacturers, Woodville, Burton- on-Trent. 
Blackley, Stuart, 17 Westboume terrace, W.2. 
Blacklock, D. C. Stewart, director (The Scottish 

Asbestos and Rubber Co., Ltd.), res., Haywood, 

Blacklock & Macarthur, Limited, paint, 

colour, and varnish manufacturers, oil merchants, 

and refiners; 'works, 104-118 Tradeston street, 

C.5; offices, 161-173 West st, Tradeston. C.5. 

London office, 157, 158 Palace chambers, Bridge 

st., S W.l. Cardiff Factory, Collingdon road. 

Telephone No. 2731 South (3 lines) ; Telegrams, 

" Blacarth." 
Black's, Joteph, Trustees, wine and spirit merchants, 

40 Bridgegate, C.l. 
Black's Tyre Service, motor car accessories, 11 Clyde 

place, C.5 
Blackstock, W. , warehouseman, 133 Norfolk st., C.5. 
Blackstone & Co., Ltd., engine manufacturers, Baltic 

Chambers, 102 Holm St., C.2 ; tel. add., " Black- 
stone, Glasgow"; tel. Nos., Central 7601-5. 
Blackwood, Alex, (of Muirhead & Maxwell), ho. 

Windy knowe, Busby rd., Carmunnock. 
Blackwood, Andrew M., New Club, 144 West George 

street, C.2. 
Blackwood & Co., coal merchants, 10 Garngadhill, N. 
Blackwood, John, Clober road, Milngavie. 

Blackwood, John, hatter and hosier, 27 Eglinton St., 

C.5 ; house, 6 Ascog street, S.2. 
Blackwood, John & Co., agricultural merchants, 353^ 

Gallowgate, S.E.; tel. No., Bridgeton 3L56. 
Blackwood, John T., draper and clothier, 112 Oxford 

street, C.6; ho., 716 Clarkston road, Netherlee, 

Cat heart. 
Blackwood & Laing, engravers, 13 Queen street, C.l. 
Blackwood, Morton & Sons, Ltd., carpet manufrs. 

99 Glassford street, C.l. 
Blackwood, Wm., butcher, 382 Byres rd. W.2 ; ho., 

32 Vinicombe street, Hillhead, W.2. 
Black woods, Ltd., Neilston, bleachers of cotton in 

cop, hank and chain ; also bleachers and finishers of 

Terry towels ; teL add., " Blackwoods, Neilston"; 

tel. No., Barrhead 1077. 
Bladen & Co., Ltd., structural engineers, 4 West 

Regent street, C.2. 
Blain, George K., teller, Royal Bank of Scotland, 

Charing Cross, C.2 ; ho., 10 Bannercross aven., 

Garrowhill, Baillieston. 
Blain, Jas. & Co., Ltd., grain merchants and feeding 

stuff manufacturers, 13 Thurso st., W.l; tel. add., 

" Thrivont" ; tel. Nos., Western 7222 (4 lines). 
Blain, John, agent, 116 George street, C.l ; res., 

Walden, Mearns road, Clarkston. 
Blain, William J. (of Denny & Blain, architects, 

144 St. Vincent st., C.2); house, 11 Lockerbie 

avenue, Newlands, S 3. 
Blain, Mrs. J., confectioner and tobacconist, 656 

Dalmarnock road, S.E. 
Blair, Alexander (at Outram, Crawford & Smith) ; 

ho. 97 Fotheringay road. Maxwell Park, S.l. 
Blair, Alexander, C.B.E., F.S.I., chartered surveyor, 

44 Queen square, S.l. 
Blair, A. Lawson (of M. Blair & Son); ho., 39 Kel- 

burn avenue, Dumbreck, S.l. 
Blair, Archibald W , 8 Crown road N., W.2. 
Blair, Arch, (of Aitchison, Blair, Ltd. ) ; ho. Noble- 
stone, 24 Victoria Park grdns N., Broomhill, W.l. 
Blair, Arthur W. (M'Lennan, Blair & Munsie, Ltd.); 

house, Ladymuir, Bearsden. 
Blair & Binnie, ship and insurance brokers and 

yacht agents, 93 Hope street, C.2; tel. add., 

"Amaranth, Glasgow"; tel. No., Central 2518 

Blair, Campbell, wholesale and retail tea and wine 

merchant and grocer, 7 and 9 Howard st., C.l. 
Blair, David A, (of Blairs, Ltd.); res., Westray, 

132 Berwick drive, Cardonald, S.W.2; tel. No., 

Halfway 1834. 
Blair, D. Kirkpatrick, C.A. (of Blair & Young) ; 

ho., Morven, 237 Nithsdale road, Pollokshields, 

Blair, D., & Sons, leather merchants, 13 Spoutmouth, 

C.l, 50 Maryhill rd., N.W., and 623 London rd., 

S.E.; tel. No., Bell 558. 
Blair, G., ironmonger, 1007 Aitkenhead rd., King's 

park, S.4. 
Blair, George, 8 Crown road North, W.2. 
Blair, Hugh, & Co., Ltd , boot factors and wholesale 

warehousemen, 23 Royal Exchange sq., C.l ; tel. 

No., Central 6049. 
Blair, Jam63 B. (of D. Blair & Sons), ho. Clifton 

Bridge of Weir. 
Blair, James B. (of Blairs, Limited) ; res., Greystones, 

Kilmacolm ; tel. No., Kilmacolm 3. 
Blair, J, S., & Son, Ltd , corset manufacturers, 49 

Queen st., C.l; factories, Manchester. 




Blair, J., newspaper agent, 98 Caledonia road, C.5. 
Blair, J. & Q.. newsagents, 511 Castlemilk rd. , S.4. 
Blair, J. M. S. (of M'Aulay Bros.) ; ho., 35a Athole 

gardens, W.2. 
Blair, John, at Education offices; house, 407 St. 

Vincent street, C.3. 
Blair, John, 21 Vancouver rd., Scotstoun, W4. 
Blair, Joh D , C A. (of Kidaton, Goff & Co., C.A.); 

ho. 14 Westbourne gardens, W.2. 
Blair, John M , district traffic agent (Canadian 

National Railways); ho., Finnart, Clarkston; tel. 

No., Giff ock 2879. 
Blair, Louis, solicitor (of Syminton & Blair), Hon. 

Consul for Greece ; ho., Woodlands, Bishopton. 
Blair & Marshall, writers, 58 Bath St., C.2. 
Blair, M., & Son, grocers and wine merchants, 113 

Elder street, Govan, S.W.I. 
Blair, M., & Son, grocers and wine merchants, 76 

and 80 Nithsdale road, S 1; tel. No., Queen's 

Park 872. 
Blair, R., wines and spirits, 22 Beith street, W.l. 
Blair, R. S , pawnbroker, 147 Dube St., C.4. 
Blair, Robert, insurance broker, 36 Crow road, W. 2 ; 

house, St. Blanes, Bearsden. 
Blair, Robert (of Blair & Binnie); house, 21 

Shawhill road, Shawlands, S.l. 
Blair, Robert, manufacturers' agent, 85 Queen street, 

Blair, Robert, funeral undertaker and motor hirer, 

65 Harriet street, Pollokshaws, S.3 'tel. No., 

Lang side 787); garage and house, 9 Green bank 

street, PoDoksbaws, S.3. 
Blair, Robert, jun., chartered accountant, 116 Hope 

street, C.2 (tel. No., Central 283 s *); house. 288 

Gladsmnir road, S.W.2 ; tel. No. Halfway 1152 
Blair, Robert J., baker and restaurateur, 2(H Paisley 

road, C.5 ; ho. 230 do. 
Blair, Thomas, writer (Blair & Marshall) ; res. 

Craigard, 47 King's Park avenue, Cathcart; tel. 

No., Langside 1134 
Blair, Thomas, compass adjuster in iron vessels (of 

Christie & Wilson); house, 11 Sinclair drive, 

Blair, Thomas, insurance brokers, 147 West Regent 

st, C.2. 
Blair Travel Goods, Ltd., 12 Ingram street, C.l ; 

tel. No. Bell 1732. 
Blair, William, flesher, 22 Main st., Bridgeton 

Blair, William, butcher, 60 Main st, S.E. 
Blair, W. J., commercial traveller (A. Ritchie & Son, 

Ltd., 91 James street, Bridgeton; tel. Nos. 

Bridgeton 1580-1-2-3-4) j house, Dunean 

Alexandia avenue, Stepps ; tel. No., Stepps 231. 
Blair & Young, chartered aocountants, 190 West 

George street, C.2. 
Blair, Mrs. William, 19 Broomhill ter., W.l. 
Blair, Miss Nora L, 8 Crown road north, 

Blair, HeleD, newsagent, 101 Byres rd., Wl. 
Blairs, Limited, engineers, rounders, and copper- 
smiths, distillery and brewery plant, sugar- making 

and refining plant j all types of evaporating and 

chemical plant ; sole makers of " Imperial " drying 

machines for grains and draff; sole makers of 

Multiplex and Simplex patent film evaporators, 

Blair's centrifugal scrubbers, Blair's multipass 

condensers, complete wood distillation plants, gas 

works plant; coke oven by-produet plantj Mac- 

laurin's patent carbonizing plant, heat exchangers, 

Lowvac patent botile fiDing machines; c-llulose 

acetate plant ; artificial silk plant ; acetic acid plant, 

acetic anhydride plant ; heavy manufactured cop- 
per and brass work of every description. &c. 

Glasgow Engineering Works, Woodville St., Govan, 

S.W.I; tel. No.. Govan 261 (4 lines). London 

office, Sardinia House, Sardinia street, Kingsway, 

Blake, Andrew, caretaker, 113 St. Vincent street, 

Blake, Geo. R., AssocM.Inst.C.E., chartered civil 

engineer, 101 St. Vincent St., C.2; ho., 19 Ard- 

gowan street, W., Greenock. 
Blake & Glover, Ltd., motor engineers, Vauxhall 

Sales and Service Depot, 130 Renfrew st., C.2; 

tel. Nos. Douglas 5332- 3 ; night extension to 

Blake, J. J. &Co., hosiery manufacturers. 142 West 

NiJe street, C.l; tel. No., Douglas 4751. 
Blake, Robert, & Son. carpet specialists, 5 Main st., 

S E. (tel. No., Bridgeton 1252,; house, 4 Beech 

aven., High Burnsire; tel. No., Rntherglen 631. 
Blake, Robert, & Son, carpet merchants, 8 Dalmar- 

nock road, S.E. 
Blake, S M'L., rope and twine manufacturer, 37 

Clarendon street, N.W. ; ho., 33 Windsor terrace 

N.w.; tel. No., 2399 Douglas. 
Blakeborough, J., & Son 1 *, Ltd. (Brighouse), 

engineers, valve makers, iron and brassfounders, 

93 Hope St., C. 2 ; tel No., Central 5802. 
Blakey, Jotin T., lite insurance specialist, 141 Bath 

street, C.2; tel. No., Douglas 3i83. 
Blanche, J. J., & Co., Ltd., wine shippers and 

whisky merchants 69 Garngad rd., N. ; tel. add., 

" Boomerang"; tel. Nos., Btll 4177-78. 
Bland, G. V., Mutual Life and Citizens' Assurance 

Co., Ltd., 223 St. Vincent street, O.2. 
Blankenheym & Nolet, distilleerderij, Rotterdam ; 

agents, W. P. Lowrie & Co., Ld., 44 Washington 

street, C. 3. 
Blantyre Engineering Co., Ltd., engineers 

and ironfounders, Blantyre. 
Blatch, George Foreign Manager, Union Bank of 

Scotland, Ltd. ; ho , 2 Victoria Park drive, North 

Blatchford, Chas. A., & Sons, Ltd., artificial limb 

makers, 38 Bath street, C.2. 
Bleasby, D. P., dentist, 102 Paisley road, W., 

Blench, W. L., O.B.E., 47 Braidbolm road, Giffnock. 
Blin, H., merchant and bullion dealer, 82 Union st., 

C.l ; tel. No., Cemral 2825. 
Blind, Mission to the Out-Door, for Glasgow 

and the West of Scotland, 201 Buchanan 

street, C.l; James Irving, superintendent; tel. 

No., Douglas 1185. 
Blind (The) Tea Agency Ltd., 166 Buchanan street, 

Blint, Ernest, bag and trunk fittings, 60 King st., 

C.l (tel. No., Bell 776) ; ho., 11 Clengh gardens, 

Blocb Bros., Scotch whisky exporters, 138 Renfield 

st., C.2; tel. Nos., Douglas 5(811 and 2812. 
Blochairn, U.F. Church, 8 Blochairn rd., N. 
Block & Anderson Ltd., mail room equipment and 

duplicating machine agents, 63 Berkeley street, 





Bloom. David, motor body supplies, 21 and 25 

Chisholm -t., C.l (tel. add., " Bloom, Glasgow" ; 

tel. No., Bell 1139) and Thornton street, 

Newcastle on-Tyne. 
Bloom, Harry L., C.A., 25 3 Albert drive, S.l; tel. 

No., Queen s Park 2664. 
Bloom, M. W., insurance agent, 23 Cambridge 

street, C.2. 
Bloom, M. W., insurance agent, 21 Cbisholm st.,C.l. 
Bloomer, John, Scottish Provident Institution, 23 

St. Vincent pi., C.l; tel. No , Central 9961. 
Bloomfield, G., Bank of Scotland, 281 St. George's 

road, C.3. 
Bloomfield Laboratories, specialists in bacterial cul- 
tures, 71 Queen st.. C.l.; tel. add. ''Rejuvenate''; 

tel. No. Central 1325. 
Blooms' Opticians, opticians, 2 Carlton court, Bridge 

st. C.5 ; hou-e, 263 Albert drive, Pollokshields. 
Blossom, Joseph B., 99 Bank st., W.2. 
Blower, J. Wingfield. manufacturers' agent, 247a 

St. Vincent street, C.2 ; tel. No.. Central 1410. 
Blue, Alexander (of Allan P. Blue & Sons) ; house, 

12 Dalhousie street, C.3. 
Blue. Allan P. & Sons, coach builders, van and 

lorry builders and smiths, 65 Pitt street, C.2. 
Blue Funnel Line of Steamers to Straits, China, 

Japan, Java, Philippines; agents, Roxburgh, 

Colin S^ott & Co., Ltd.. 69 Buchanan st., C.l. 
Blue Funnel Line of Passenger Steamers 

to Australia; agents, Aitken, Lilburn & Co., 

Ltd., 80 Buchanan street, C. 1. 
Blue Line Petrol Filling Station, 538-550 Pollok- 

shaws road, S.l. 
Blue Star Line Ltd., 42 Bothwell street, C.2 ; 

tel. afld., " No wlan, Glasgow" ; tel. No., 5136 

Bluevale Parish Church, 576 Duke street, E.l. 
Blundell, Spence & Co. Ltd., Hull, paint manufac- 
turers, Hull ; tel. add., " Blundell's, Hull." A. G. 

Kain representative, 206 Albert drive, S.l. 
Blyth, D. D., 18 Queen square, Strathbungo, S.l. 
Blyth, David W. (Sun Insurance Office, Ltd.); ho., 

4 Cedric road. Knights srood, W.3; teL No., 1942 

Blyth, George, commission agent, 96 Miller st., C.1; 

ho., Edgewood, Rysland cres., Newton Mearns. 
Blyth, Hodge & Co., solicitors, 38 Bath street, C.2 
Blyth, James. Mitchell, bank agent, The National 

Bank of Scotland, Ltd., Trongate Branch, C.l. 

(tel. Nos. Bell 1918 9); ho. 40 Tinto road, S.3. ; 

tel. No. Merrylee 4027. 
Blyth, John (of Alston & Blyth), 330 St. ViDcent 

st., C.3; ho. 55 Marlborough ave., Broomhill. 
Blyth, John, dairyman, Merrylee Farm, Newlands, 

Blyth, John, boot and shoe repairer, 1997 Dumbarton 

rd., Blawarthill, Glasgow, W.4. 
Blyth, William, draper, 685, 687 Pollokshaws road, 

S.l; ho., S3 Kilmarnock road, S.l. 
Blythe, Wm. & Co., Ltd., chemical manufacturers and 

drysalters, Holland Bank Chemical Works, Church, 

Lancashire, and 320-323 Royal Exchange, Man- 
chester. Repres., D C. Robertson, 37 Cramond 

terr., Shettleston, E.2 | tel. No , Shettleston 1364. 
Blyth, W. P. (of A. R. Stenhouse & Partners, Ltd., 

insurance brokers); res., Lonsdale, Busby; tel. No., 

Busby 1^32. 
Blyth, W. P. , junr. (A. R. Stenhouse Partners, Ltd.), 

ho., Lonsdale, Busby. 

Blyth, W. & J., tobacconists and confectioners, 19U 
Allison street, S.2. 

Bhthswood Bar (M. Milne, Ltd., proprietors), 97 
Hope st, C.2. 

Blythswood Estate office, 150 West Regent at., C.2; 
J. H. Steel, F.S.I., factor. 

Blythswood Hotel, 320 Argyle street, C.2; tel. add., 
•'Bi> thswood Hotel"; teL Nos., 4133 and 4134 

Blythswood Motors, motor car agents, 62 New City 
road. C.4; i el. Nos., Douglas 843 and 844. 

Blythswood Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., ship- 
builders, South st., Scotstonn W4; tel. add., 
" Blyard, Glasgow "; teL Nos. , Scotstoun 1814 and 

Boag, Thos., & Co., Ltd., sack manufacturers and 
merchants, 102 Holm street, C.2 ; tel. address, 
"Jute"; tel. No., Central 6373. 

Boagey, A., 146 Park road, C.4. 

Boal, Joseph R., produce broker, 49 Virginia st., C.l ; 
ho. 118 Whitehill street, Dennistoun, E. ; tel. 
add., " Trustful, Glisgow " ; tel. No., Sell 1489. 

Boan. Mrs., newsagent, 17 Vernon st., Maryhill, 

Boardman, J. B., butcher, 847 Cumbernauld rd., E.l. 

Boardman, Jas., die sinker, brand cutter, en- 
graver, brass window-plate maker, label manu- 
facturer in metals, stamp cutter, stamp and seal 
engraver, stencil plate maker, trade mark maker, 
print cutter ; all kinds of stamps done in copper 
and wood ; Glasgow Stamp and Brand Works, 
153 London road, C.1; tel. No., Bell 3035— 
See Advt. 

Board of Trade Surveyor's Office, 12 James Watt 
street, C.2. 

Boath, Charles G., photographer, 204 Bath street, 

Boath, W. D., res. Shemore, 24 Cleveden road, 
Kelvinside, W.2. 

B.O.C. Anglo-Iranian (The) Share Trust Ltd., 175 
West George street, C.2; tel. No. Central 3793. 

Bock, Chas. A. (of O. F. Bock & Co.) ho., 41 Oak- 
field avenue, W2. 

Sock, O. F., & Co., timber brokers and merchants, 
Waterloo Chambers, 19 Waterloo street, C.2. 

Bock, Ralston Kerr, 41 Oakfiwla avenue, W.2. 

Boden, John (of Rowan & Boden, Ltd); ho., 11 
Fotheringay rd. S.l ; tel. No., 1482 Queen's 

Boden, Sydney (of Rowan & Boden, Ltd.) ; ho. 343 
Albert drive, S.l ; telephone No. Queen's Park, 

Bodie, Alexander J. (Century Insurance Co., Ltd.) ; 
ho., 242 Kingsacre road, King's Park 

Bodie, John B., F.I.C.S., M.l.Ex., Hungarian 
Consul, 124 St Vincent street, C.2; telephone 
Nos., Central 1478 and 147^. 

Bodie, John B., & Co., insurance brokers, 
124 S 1 . Vincent street, C.2; tel. add., "Burreli"; 
tel. Nos., Central 1478 and 1479. 

Bodie, John B., F.I.C.S., M.l.Ex., Hungarian 
Consul (John B. Bodie & Co. and Burreli & 
Son; tel. Nos., Central 1478 and 1479); ho., 
60 N..var drive, Hyndland, W.2; tel. No. 
Western 3016. 

Bodie, William B., F.C.I.I., insurance broker (of 
A. R. Stenhouse & Partners. Ltd., 117 St. Vincent 
street, C.2)j house, 16 Clarence drive, W.2; 
tel. No., Western 5100. 




Boehm, Fredk., Limited, agents, merchants, 
importers and exporters of chemicals, drugs, 
essential oils, egg and milk products, cane 
sugar syrups, oils, fats, and butters, 17 
Jewry street, London, E.C. 3. Works for the 
manufacture of driers (siccatives), Ester gums, and 
other materials for the paint and varnish trade, 
Pioneer Works, Plaistow, Essex. Scottish Office, 
140 W. George st., 0.2; telegraphic address, 
"Bissula"; tel. No., 1199 Douglas; manager 
for Scotland, John P. Craig. 

Bogie, John A., sub-manager, Royal Bank of Scot- 
land; house, 37 Cleveden road, W.2. 

Bogie, John C. A., Ltd., furnishings and carpets 
and rugs, 128 Renfield street, C.2; tel. No., 
Douglas 4510. 

Bogie, Mrs. J., 363 St. George's road, 0.3. 

Bogle, R. J., pottery agent, 49 Jamaica slreet, C.l ; 
tel. No. , Central 6480. 

Bogue, Mrs. John, 7 Radnor street, C.3. 

Bohan, James, & Co., woollen warehousemen, 68 
Parnie St., C.l (telegraphic add , "Bohan, Glasgow"; 
tel. No., Bell 989); ho., 6 Holyrood crescent, 

Boiler and General Insurance Co., Ltd. 
(Scottish) for the insurance of boilers, 
engines, electrical plant, lifts, &c. ; head 
offices, 82 St. Vincent street, Glasgow C.2; 
W. Wallace Kerr, general manager. 
Temporary address during rebuilding, 
11 Prince sq., 40 Buchanan st., C.l. 

Boiler Insurance (British Engine, Boiler, 
and Electrical Insurance Co., Ltd.), 98 
West George street, C.2. 

Boiler (The) Tube and Flue Cleaner Co., Ltd., engin- 
eers, Eastwood av., Shawlands S.l ; ho., 30 
Riverside road, Newlands; tel. add., " Fludust, 
Glasgow " j tel. No. , 89 Langside. 

Boland, Rev. Peter, R. C. clergyman, 268 Ballater 

street, C.5 ; tel. No., South 740. 
' Bols, Erven Lucas, distillers, Amsterdam. Agents, 
Train & Mclntyre, Ltd., 5-11 Oswald st., C.l; 
tel. aadrees, '' Capacitas, Glasgow"; tel. No., 
Central 3255 (5 lines). 

Bolton, Sir Ian F. C, Bt., C.A (of M'Clelland, Ker 
& Co. ); ho., West Plean, Stirling. 

Bolton, James, J.P.,secy., Sons of Scotland Temper- 
ance Friendly Society, 463 Paisley road, West, 

Bolton, James, M.B., Ch.B., physician and surgeon, 
594 London rd., 8.E. (tel. No. Bridgeton 2631); 
ho., 145 Greenhead st., S.E. 

Bolton, Robert (of Robert Bolton & Co.) ; house, 
48 Gala street, Riddrie, E.l. 

Bolton, Robert, & Co., contractors' plant and 
machinery merchants ; all kinds of second hand 
plant and machinery for builders, contractors, 
collieries, engineers, quarrymasters, &c, 93 Water- 
loo st., C.2 ; tel. No., 1671 Central. 

Bolton, Thomas, & Sons, Ltd., Widnes, Froghall, 
Oakamoor, &c. Wm. Clark & Co., agents, 141 
West George street, C.2. 

Bomanji, Dady Dhunjibhoy, 22 Third avenue, King's 
Park, Cathcart. 

Bombay Line of Steamers (Cayzer, Irvine & Co., 
Ltd., managers), 109 Hope street, C.2. 

Bombay Line of Steamers, The City Line, Ltd. 
75 Bothwell street, C.2, 

Bon-Accord Works, Drysdale & Co., Ltd., 
centrifugal pump makers and steam and hydraulic 
engineers ; office and works, Bon- Accord Works, 
Ferry road, Yoker, Gla3gow, W.4. Telegrams, 
" Bonaccord,'" Glasgow; telephone No., 1241 
Scotstoun (P.B.E.) 

Bonar & Son, coat, gown and neckwear agents, 27 
Union st., C.l (tel. No., Central 4560) ; ho. 22 
Moorburn Avenue, Giffnock. 

Bond, John Robert, 7 Wykeham road, W.3. 

Bone, David, superintendent, Prudentia Assurance 
Co., Ltd., 102 Parson street, C.4. 

Bone & Hulley, printers and stationers, 35 Dundas 
st., C 1 ; tel. No., Douglas 2156 

Bone, John H. (of Bone & Hulley), res., Coylton, 
Churchhill, Giffnock. 

Bone, Robert (of J. M'Aulay & Co.), ho., 72 
Glasserton road, Newlands, S.3. 

Bone, Mrs. A., newsagent, 25 Willock street, N.W.j 
tel. No., Maryhill 66. 

Bonellie, Eliz. T., newsagent, 142 Castle street, C.4; 
ho, 519 Alexandra parade, E.l. 

Boness, 14 Albion street, C.l. 

Bo'ness Iron Co., Ltd. (The), general iron- 
founders, manufacturers of R. W. and soil pipes, 
gutters, rose boxes, railings, columns, manholes, 
and engineers' and builders' castings, 217 Albion 
street, C.l. Head office and works, Bo'ness. 

Bonfigli, C, restaurant, 752 Rutherglen rd., C.5. 

Bonnar, Wm., M. P.S., pharmacist, 742 Rutherglen 
rd., C.5 (tel. No., South 142); res., The Craigie, 
Clincarthill road. Rutherglen. 

Bonnars, herbalist and medical supplies, 1349 
Gallowgate, E.l. 

Bonne Laundry, 885 Argyle street, C.3. 

Bonner, Wm. D., Anntield, Muirhead, Chryston. 

Bonnybridge Foundry, general ironfounders and 
stove and range manufacturers, Bonnybridge, 
and 11 Dixon street, C.l. 

Bonnybridge Silica & Fireclay Co., Ltd., Bonnybridge, 

Bonnyman, T. R., Son & Co., manufacturers of sol- 
dering fluid and paste, case hardening composi- 
tions, brazing powder, lubricating cream for rapid 
turning and screw cutting, 121 Millerfield road, 
Dalmarnock, S.E. ; ho. 134 Cambridge dr., N.W. ; 
tel. No., Bridgeton 2779; tel. add., "Bonnyman 

Bonnyman, Mary, medical practitioner, 250 Crown 
St., C.5; ho., Lingarth, 40 Merryland st., Govan; 
tel. No., 576 Govan. 

Bonthron, J. T„ M.P.S., chemist, 263 Alderman 
road, W.3. 

Boocock, Lawrence, representative, Bemrose-Cooke 
calendars; house, 365 Alderman road, W.3. 

Book-keeping & Accounting Serviee, Secretarial and 
Duplicating Service, 114 West Campbell street, 
C.2 ; tel. No., Douglas 0338. 

Bookless Bros. ^Glasgow), Ltd., fish, game, and, 
rabbit salesmen, wholesale, Fishmarket (tel. No. 
628 Bell), and 149 Bridgegate, C.l. 

Boosey, A. H. A, manufacturers' agent, 20 Dixon 
street, CI. 

Boosey, Walter E. (of A. H. A. Boosey); ho., 66 
Mansewood road, Manse wood. 

Booth, Alex. J., chartered accountant, 104 West 
Campbell st., C.2 (tel. No., Central 4491); ho., 
Ballingair, 28 Finlaystone street, Coatbridge; 
tel. No., Coatbridge 689, 




Booth, Arthur, Ltd., whisky blenders and exporters, 
5-11 Oswald street, C.l ; tel. add., "Capacitas, 
Glasgow"; tel. No., Cent'al 3265 (5 lines). 

Booth, Geo (of Hugh Gall & Son. 16 Glassf'ord st., 
0.1) ; ho., 83 Woodford street, Langside, S.l. 

Booth, Jas. A., G.C.W.W., 50 John st., 0.1 ; 
ho., 28 Partickhill road, W.l. 

Bootb, James, & Co. (1915), Ltd., Argyle 
Works, Birmingham, manufacturers copper, brass, 
duralumin, elektton and cupro nickel tubes, 
extruded rods and sections ; agei ts, Hendry 
Brothers Ltd., 4 West Regent street, 0.2. 

Booth, John, dairyman, 27 Cowcaddeos street, 

Booth, John, & Sons (Bolton), Ltd., steel shutters 
and doors, 93 Hope st. f C.2 ; teL No., 210 

Booth, Miss M., newsagent, 136 London road, C.l. 

Boots, The Chemists. 

Boots corner, Union st. and Argyle st. C.l (Open 
Day and Night); tel. Nos., Central 2548-9. 
101-105 Sauchiehall street, 0.2. 

Telephone Nos., Douglas 1925 and 1926. 
102 Argyle street, 0.2. 

Telephone No., Central 813. 
Kiosk, Central Station, C.l. 

Telephone No., Central 5659. 

18 St. George's road, 0.3. 

Telephone No., Douglas 3942. 
617 Great Western road. W.2. 

Telephone No., Western 790. 
277 Byres road, W.2. 

Telephone No., Western 1954. 
362 Dumbarton road, Partick, W.l. 

Telephone No. Western 4565. 
605 Victoria road, Crosshill, S.2. 

Telephone No., Queen's Park 1065. 
540 Cathcart road, Govanhill, S.2. 

Telephone No. Queen's Park 1383. 
132 Paisley road west, S.W.I. 

19 and 21 Burleigh street, Govan Cross, S.W.I. 
533 Duke street, Dennistoun, E.l. 

Telephone No. Bridgeton 0112. 
Rutherglen, corner Main street and Stonelaw rd. 

Telephone No., Rutherglen 301. 
1083 Polloksbaws rd., Shawlands, S.l. 

Telephone No., Langside 924. 
2115 Paisley rd„ West, Cardonald, S.W. 2. 
1779 Paisley rd., West, Cardonald, S.W.2. 
109 Hope street, C. 2 (territorial general manager) 

Telephone No., Central 4382. 

Borcom, A., fruiterer, 151 Gloucester st., 0.5. 

Border Snaps, 21 Muslin street, S.E. 

Borland, A., grocer, 9c Scotia street; house, 

114 Maryhill rd , N.W. 
Borland Bros., 196 Kilmarnock road, Shawlands, S.l; 

ho., 122 do. 
Borland, Edward T. (Scott, North & Co., Ltd.) ; ho. 

9 Eastwood aven., Giffnock; tel. No,, Giffnock 

Borland, George, L.D.S., R.C.S.Ed.. dental surgeon, 

1 Regent St., Rutherglen ; tel. No., Rutherglen 

Borland, Harold E., C.A. (of Thomson M'Lintock & 

Co., C.A.), house, 43 Kirklee road, W.2 ; tel. 

No., Western 842. 
Borland, Jas. R. P. (of Wm. Borland & Co. Limited); 

house, 16 Redburn avenue, Whitecraigs. 

Borland, James, joiner, Belhaven Crescent lane, W.2 ; 
ho., 348 Kelvindale road, Kelvindale. 

Borland, J. & J., Bros., clothiers (now Eaton & Sons), 
208 W. George st., C.2. 

Borland, John G., & Peat, Ltd., coal exporters, 
merchants, and colliery agents, 190 West George 
St., C.2. Telegraphic address, "Luminant"; tel. 
Nos., 2473 and 2474 Douglas (2 lines). 

Borland, J. Henry, L.D S., surgeon dentist, 10 Ann- 
field place, E.l. 

Borland, John, tailor, 83 Renfield st., C.2. 

Borland, Kenneth A., writer (of Borland, King, Shaw 
& Co.); ho., Dalriada, Craigmillar avenue, 

Borland, King, Shaw & Co., writers, 95 W. 
George street, 0.2 ; telegraphic address, " Jurist"; 
telephone, Central 5826 (2 lines). 

Borland, R,, general merchant, 97 Summerfield street, 

Borland, R. Y., butcher, 552 Cathcart rd., S.2. 

Borland, Robert, Mastic cement manufacturer, 
38 E. Market street, S.E. 

Borland, Robert (of P. Henderson & Co.'s); house, 
Westgarth, Helensburgh. 

Borland, Thos., butcher, 7 Bedford street, C.6. 

Borland, Walter G„ cashier, National Health Insur- 
ance Committee for Glasgow (tel. Nos., 2794 and 
2795 Douglas); ho., Mayholme, 19 Muirhill aven., 
Muirend S.4 ; tel. No., Merrylee 1370. 

Borland, William, & Co , Ltd., makers of ranges, 
interiors, and tiles, 148 Howard street, C 1. 

Borland, W. A. , local manager, N. B. & M. Ins. Co., 
Ltd.; ho. 25 Queensborough gdns., W.2. 

Borlands, Ltd., sugar brokers, 79 Virginia st., C.l ; 
tel. address, " Syrup." 

Boro' Electric Signs, sign manufacturers, 30 Gordon 
street, C.l; tel. No. Central 1079. 

Borrowman, Alex., & Co., seedsmen, 40 Bell street, 

Borthwick, A. C, A.M.I. E.E., engineer, 200 St. 
Vincent street, 0.2 ; house, 51 Hillhead street, 

Borthwick, John, agent, The Clydesdale Bank, Ltd., 
36 Bothwell st., C.2 ; ho., Navarre, 35 Eaglesham 
road, Clarkston ; tel. No., Giffnock 1009. 

Borthwick (E. J. Mills), Ltd., art needlework 
specialists, 465 Sauchiehall street, 0.2 ; tel. No., 
Douglas 1337. 

Borthwick, R. Y., M.I.Sc.H., chiropodist, 626 
London road, S.E. ; ho., 38 Viewpark drive, 
Rutherglen ; tel. No., Rutherglen 828. 

Borthwick, Robert, superintendent (Pettigrew & 
Stephens, Ltd.); house, 3 Carrick cres., Giffnock; 
tel. No., Giffnock 2673. 

Borthwick, Thos., & Sons, Ltd., meat importers, 
Meat Market, Moore street, E.l. 

Borthwick, Thos. (Glasgow) Ltd., grain and feeding 
stuffs importers and exporters, sole distributors 
of extracted soyameal (Clyde Soyameal Factory- 
manufacture), also Scottish seed oat specialists, 53 
Waterloo st., C.2 (tel. No., Central 634), and Corn 
Exchange, Edinburgh; ho., 60 Wellington street, 

Bosch, Ltd., automobile engineers, 218-222 Bothwell 
street, C.2. 

Boscom, Harry, boot repairer, 145 Duke street, C.4; 
ho., 249 Allison street, S.2. 

Bose, N, wholesale manufacturing furrier, 45 Union 
at., C.l; tel. No., Central 6446. 




Bose, Narendra, furrier, 115 Byres road W.l (teL 

No„ Western 6259); ho., 31 Pollock road, 

Kessington, Bearsden. 
Boshell, John G., manufacturers' agent, 164 Howard 

St., C.l ; teL No.. Central 6092 
Bosomworth, John J. (of Win. Bosomworth & Sons), 

residence, Hermiston, 31 Brackenbrae avenue, 

Bosomworth, Wm., & Sons, meat salesmen, Meat 

Market, Moore street, E.l. 
Bosomworth, Wm., & Sons, live stock salesmen, 

217 Duke street, E.l. 
Bostock. E. H., theatrical proprietor, 69 Dalhonsie 

St., C.3 (tel. add., " Bostock, Glasgow '' ; teL No., 

498 Douglas); ho., 2 Burnbank gardens, N.W. 
Boston, George D., agent, Boyal Bank, Govan, 

S.W.I; ho., 212 West Princes street, C.4. 
Bos' on, T. L., stationer, 645 Duke struet, El; 

ho., 65 Ratbv road, Clarkston. 
Boswell & Co., wholesale warehousemen, 17 John 

street, C.l. 
Boswell, George A., F.R.I.B.A., architect, 256 West 

George St., C.2; res. White House of Milliken, 

Boswell, James (of Hetherington & Anderson); 

ho., 79 Woodford street, Langside, S.l ; tel. No. 

Langsidp 3180. 
Boswell- Philips & Co., E., chartered account- 
ants, 166 Buchanan street, C.l (tel. No., Douglas 

4897) ; 65 Babinghall st , London, E.C.2, and 2 

St. Andrew square, Edinburgh. 
Botanic Gardens Garage, motor engineers, 

10-24 Vinicombe street, Hillhead, W.2 ; tel. Nos., 

garage, 3003 W. ; office, 2355 W. 
Botcherby, Wm., F.C.M.S., engineer (consulting), 50 

Wellington st.,C2 (tel. No., Central 4959); ho., 19 

Balfron road, Oldhall, Paisley ; tel. No., Halfway 

Bothwell Electric Co.. electrical and radio engineers, 

50-54 Eglinton street, C.5. 
Bothwell (The) Halls Co., Ltd., 248 West George 

street, C.2. 
Bott, J. G., Postmaster Surveyor for 

BotteriU, Seanor & Co., Ltd., wholesale clothiers, 49 

Jamaica street, C. I. 
Bottle Exchange, 312 Broad street, Mile-end, S.E ; 

teL No., 3278 Bridgeton. 
Bottomley, A. (of Gledhill-Brook, Ltd., Hudders- 

field) ; bouse, 84 Baronald drive, W 2. 
Boltomley. Alfred A., manufacturer (Messrs. Peter 

MacArthur & Co., Ltd., 207 Ingram street, C.l) ; 

ho. , 78 Esslemont avenue, W.4. 
Bottomley, Alfied A. (T/A Jas. Donald), warper, 299 

Bell street, C.4 (tel. No., Bell 2661); ho., 78 

Esslemont aven., W.4, 
Bottomley & laddie (now John Liddle), patent 

agents, and agents for the registration of designs 

and trade marks, British, Foreign and Colonial 

patents; 154 St. Vincent st, C.2; telephone No., 

Central 1227 ; telegrams, " Patentable, Glasgow." 
Bova, J., confectioner, 605 Clarkston road, S 4. 
Boving & Co Ltd., water-power engineers, 50 Wel- 
lington street, C.2 (tel. add., " Lennard, 

Glasgow '*; tel. No., 2882 Central); ho., Stotfield, 

Old Kilpatrick. 
Bovril, Ltd., 42-50 Bridge street. C.5. 
Bow, John W. (R. & J. Bow, Ltd.); ho., Fairholm, 

84 St. Andrew's drive, Pollokshields, S.l. 

Bow, R. & J., Ltd., coal agents and merchants, 21 

West Nile St., C.l ; tel. add., "Bocoal, Glasgow" ; 

tel. Nos., Central 6614 and 5615. 
Bow, Robert 'R. & J. Bow, Ltd.); ho., 17 Knowe 

ter. , Polokshieids, S.l. 
Bow, W. S. (of Bow's Emporium, Ltd.), ho. Duror, 

Kilmacolm; teL No., 222 Kilmaeolm. 
Bow, William, chairman of Bow's Emporium Ltd., 

Wood brook, Whitecraigs ; telephone No., 845 

Bow's Emporium, Ltd., complete house furnishers, 

61 to 73 High street, C.l; tel address, 

"Largest." telephone No. Bell 1501 (7 lines). 
Bowaters & Lloyds Sales Co., Ltd., paper makers and 

export paper merchants, 33-37 Carrick street, 

Bowder, Mrs. IsabeL steamship passenger agent, 

1224 Dumbarton road. Whiieinch, W.4 
Bowden, Robert, caretaker, 156 St. Vincent street, 

Bower, Miss C, A.L.C.M., music teacher, 9 Stanley 

street, S.l. 
Bowers, Johrj, & Co., distillers of Scotch whisky, 2-6 

Castle street, Dumbarton. 
Bowes, James C, C.A. (of Nairn, Bowes, & Craig, 

C.A.); ho., Myrton, Campbell dr., Bearsden. 
Bowes, James, jun., C.A. (of Nairn, Bowes. & Craig, 

C.A.) ; ho. Sunnyknowe, South Erskine Park, 

Bowes, J. S., & Co., stock and share brokers, 116 

Hope street, C.2 ; teL add., " Equity " ; tel. No., 

Central 1087. 
Bowes, J. S. (of J. S. Bowes & Co.) ; ho., 138 

Fotheringay road, Maxwell park, S.l. 
Bowes, Norman P., C A (of Nairn. B jwes & Craig, 

C.A.); ho., Myrton, Campbell drive, Bearsden. 
Bowes, Robert (of J. S. Bowes Co.) ; ho., Overfield, 

Bowie, A. D. G., M.A (of W. T. Bowie & Co. Ltd.); 

res., St \nnes, Cambuslang. 
Bowie, Alan F., funeral superintendent (Jas. Hender- 
son, Ltd.); ho., 85 Hillend road, N.W. 
Bowie, A. P., M.A. (of W. T. Bowie & Co., Ltd.), 

Dunvegan, 19 Stamperland crescent, Clarkston, 

Bowie & Aram, Ltd., grain merchants, 51 Tobago 

street, S.E. (tel. No., Bridgeton 939). 
Bowie, C. T., Fisher & Co., house painters, decora- 
tors, and dealers in paper-hangings, 23 Blythswood 

•square, C.2. 
Bowie, David, Glencoila, 138 Berwick drive, Car- 

donald, S.W.2. 
Bowie, D, dairykeeper, 295 Bilsland drive, N.W. ; 

ho., 307 Ruchill street, N.W. 
Bowie, D., assistant registrar. 11 Holmfanldhead 

drive, S.W.I; house, 147 Burghead drive, 

Bowie, D. Maxwell (City Line, 23 Queen's Dock) 

ho., 9 Hathaway drive, GifFhock. 
Bowie, Douglas, organist and teacher of music, 

Perriston, 14 Lochlea road, Newlands, S.3. 
Bowie, F. W. J. (of W. T. Bowie & Co., Ltd.); res. 

Birchgrove, Cambuslang. 
Bowie, Ivie (James Harper & Co., Ltd.). ho. 160 

Queen "s drive, Crosshill, S. 2. 
Bowie, James (of William Bowie. 220 Buchanan St., 

C.l); bouse, 12 Buchanan gardens, Mount Vernon; 

tel. No., 1242 Shettleston. 
Bowie, James, 11 Highfield drive, Kelvindale, W.2. 




Bowie, John, B.Sc. (of Bowies Associated Services 
Ltd.), house, 4 Prince Albert road, W2; teL No. 
Western 7002. 
Bowie. John, F.F.A, actuary and secretary, Scottish 
Temperance and General Assurance Co., Ltd.; ho., 
46 Mon'eith road, Ncwlanas, S.3 ; tel. No., Lang- 
side 2097. 
Bowie, John & Co., waste paper merchants and 
suppliers of dusters and polishing cloths, 2-6 
Coalmers street; remnants, 2 9 Claythorn street, 
S.E.; telephone No., Bridgeton 1785. 
Bowie, John (John Bowie & Co , 2-6 Chalmers St., 
S.E.), ho., 874 Mosspark drive, Cardonald, S.W.2. 
Bowie. Matthew, farmer, Easter Balmutldy, Mary- 
hill, N.W. 
Bowie, Rev. Robert, M.A, 517 Shields road, 

Polloksnields, S.l. 
Bowie, R. G. (secy, and director, Robert Miller & Co., 

Ltd.), ho., 46 Darnley road, S.l. 
Bowie, Thomas, wood carver, 197 Mordaunt street, 

S. E ; ho., 6 Bonnar street, S.E. 
Bowie, William (of W. & J. Bowie, Ltd.) ; house, 
8trathmore. Strathaven road, East Kilbride ; tel. 
No. East Kilbride 88. 
Bowie. William, wine and spirit merchant, 220 

Buchanan street, C.l. 
Bowie, Wdl ; am. builaer, 367 St. George's road, C.3 
(tel. No., Douglas 3270); house, 50 Thornwood 
avenne W.l. 
Bowie, W. E. P. (managing director of W. T. Bowie & 

Co., Ltd.). res., St. Annes, Cambuslang. 

Bowie, W. T. tic Co., Ltd., manufacturers of steel 

wire ropes of every construction for all pu> poses ; 

locfced coil and flattened strand winding ropes ; 

locked coil aerial ropes ; sinking ropes and guides; 

contractors to principal Government departments 

(telegrams, "Hauling, Glasgow ;" tel. Nos., 696 

and 697 Bridgeton), Barrowfield Wire Rope 

Works. 141 Avenue street, S.E. 

Bowie, W. & J., Ltd., dry cleaners, dyers, carpet 

beaters, &c., Clyde Dye Works, S.E, 

Offices :— West End— 

27 Diury street, C.2. 

430 Sauchiehail street C.2. 

329 Byres road, W.2. 

477 Gt. Western road, W.2. 

143 Hyndland road, W.2. 

180 New City road, C.4. 

413 Dumbarton rcL, Partick, W.l. 

1365 Dumbarton road, Scotstoun. 

193 Knightswood road, Knightswood, W.3. 

247 Crow road, Broomhill, W.l. 

East End — 
280 Stottlaw roao. Burnside. 

24 Main street, Bridgeton, S.E. 
153 Gallowgate, C.l. 
501 Duke street, E.l. 
804 London road, S.E. 
1420 Gallowgate, Parkhead, E.l. 

South Side — 
459 Victoria road, Crosshill, S.2. 
210 Albert drive, Pollokshields, 8.1. 
1098 Pollokshaws road, Shawlands, S.l. 

321 Cathcart road, S.2. 
1027 Cathcart roan, S.2 
148 Crown street, C.5. 
122 Paisley road, west, S.W.I. 
184 Mosspark dive, Mossparb, S.W.2. 
Telephone No., 1210 Bridgeton (5 lines). 

Bowies Associated Services, Ltd., cleaners, dyers and 

launderers, if 16 Stratnclyde street, S.E. ; tel. No., 

Bridgeton 1210. 
Bowies Laundry, Ltd., launderers, Car- 
stairs St., Dalmarnock, S.E. TeL Nos., 

Bridgeton 2014 and 2015. 
Bowmaker, Ltd., bankers, 142 St. Vincent st., C'£ \ 

tel. add., '"Bowmaker"; tel. Nos., Central 5487-8-9. 
Bowman, Arthur, wine and spirit merchant, 616 

Gallowgate, S.E. 
Bowman & Fi-,dlay, leather factors and merchants, 

5-6 Miller St., C.l; teL No , Central 6864. 
Bown an, H., upholsterer and furnisher, 26-28 

Dnntrore s reet, C.5; teL No., South 1903. 
Bowran, Robert & Oo., Ltd.. bituminous paints and 

compound manufacturers, 142 Queen street, C.l ; 

tel. add., '"Business"; tel. No.. Central 4700. 
Bowser, Helena, 18 Highburgh road, W.2. 
Bowsher, H., newsagent, 2489 Dumbarton rd., W.4. 
Bowyer Florence, manufacturers* agent, 76 Wilson 

street. C 1. 
Box, Edward & Co., Ltd., transport contractors, 

60 Portman street, S.l ; tel. No., South 2513. 
Box, Frederick William, officer in charge, Home 

Office store, 70 James Watt street, C.2 ; house, 15 

Cleveden drive, W.2. 
Boxenbaum. 8., tailor, 14 Abbotsford place, C.5. 
Boy Scouts Association, Glasgow County Scout 

Council; county commissioner, Robert E. Yonng, 

headquarters, 21 Elmbank street, C.2 ; treasurer, 

Hugh Brechin, C.A, 34 West George st,, C.2; 

secy., A W. N. MacKenzie ; tel. No., 5698 Central. 

Camping Ground teL No., 56 Blanefield. 
Boy Scouts, First Glasgow Troop Head-quarters, 8 

Alfred terrace, Hillhead, W.2. 
Boyce, C. A., headmaster, Thomson Street Public 

School, E.l. 
Boyce, Charles H., Office of Public Works, City 

Boyce, J as. C, supt.. Cemetery Lodge, New Cathcart. 
Boyce, Wm. C, civil engineer, Office of Public 

Works, City Chambers. 
Boyd, A., fraitshop, 1073 Tollcross road, E 2. 
Boyd, Adam, house factor, 35 Douglas street, C.2. 
Boyd, Albert (at Robert Boyd & Sons, Ltd.), 

Williamswood Park West, Netherlee, Cathcart, 
Boyd, Alexander, licensed grocer and provision 

merchant, 158 Main st., Barrhead. 
Boyd, Alex. , agent, British Linen Bank, Charing Cross 

branch, C 3 ; house, Bellslea, Bearsden. 
Boyd, Alfred, manufacturer's agent, 99 Glassford st., 

C.l ; ho, 54 Queen Victoria drive, Scotstoun, W.4. 
Boyd, Barrow, & Co., fruit brokers, Razaar, Candle- 

riscgs, C.l ; tel. Nos., Bell 2257 and 2258. 
Boyd, Chas. F., hardware merchant, 1127 ToJlcross 

road, E.2. 
Boyd, Clark & Co., Ltd., importers of rices, dried 

fruits and canned goods, 40 King street, C.l, and 

77, 79 Parnie st, C.l ; teL No., Bell 488. 
Boyd, D. J. (of Rowley & Dick), 11 Ormond aven., 

Muirecd. S.4. 
Boyd, D. Murdoch, 22 Eastwood Mains rd., Giffnock. 
Boyd, David T.. & Co., Ltd., merchants, 129 St. 

Vincent st., C.2. Also at 69 Mark lane, London 

Boyd, David M'Vail (of Rowley & Dick), ho. Glenapp, 

61 Newlands road, Newlands. 

Boyd, Duncan R & Co., coal agents and merchants, 
67 Carntyne Hall rd. E.2; teL No. Shettleston 1378 




Boyd & Dunn, bakers, 347 Thistle street, C.5. 
Boyd, Edwin R. (of Campbells and Stewart & 

M'Donalds, Ltd., 137 Ingram street, 0.1) ; house, 

Thinacre, Ayr ; tel. No., 2569 Ayr. 
Boyd, G. & J. Ltd , dry salt ers, Paisley. 
Boyd, G. W., warehouseman, 6 Dixon st„ 0.1. 
Boyd, Gavin, LL.B., writer (of M'Clure, Naismith, 

Brodie & Co.) ; ho., 97 llenock road, S.4 
Boyd, George, Sc Co., ironmongers and smiths, 

229 Buchanan st.. C.l and 2 to 10 Bath st., C.2. 

Tel. No., 6511 (6 lines) Douglas ; tele, address, 

" Locks, Glasgow." 
Boyd, George & Co., smiths, 31 Weaver st., C.4. 
Boyd H. B (City Improvements Department) ; ho., 

4 Leader street, E.l. 
Boyd, Harold A., director (of J. & T. Boyd, Ltd.); 

res., The Rual, Drumchapel { teL No , 484 

Boyd, Harry Duncanson, C.A. (Rattray Brothers, 

Alexander & France, C.A.) ; Auchencraig, Mug- 
dock, Milngavie, Stirlingshire; tel. No., Milngavie 

Boyd, Hart, & Co., paper tube and waxed paper 

manufacturers, 29 Riyal Exchange sq., C.l, and 

Port Dundas Paper Works, 0.4. 
Boyd, Henry Fergus, cashier (St. George Co-op. 

Society, Ltd.) ; ho., 157 Cleveden road, W.2. 
Boyd, J. & T. Ltd., ironfounders, engineers, textile 

machine makers, Shettleston Ironworks, E.2; teL 

Nos., 1001 and 1820 Shettleston. 
Boyd, J. W. & Co , fishmongers and poalterers, 263 

Byres road, W. 2 ; tel. Nos., 4081 & 4' 85 Western. 
Boyd, James, manager, Shettleston Co-op. Society 

Ltd., 18 So. Vesalius street, E.2; (tel. Nos., 

Shettleston 1771-1775); ho., 12 Beech avenue, 

Boyd, James, & Sons, Ltd., hothouse builders, 

heating and ventilating engineers, Macdowall st., 

Boyd, James (of J. & T. Boyd, Ltd., Shettleston) ; 

residence, 76 John street, Helensburgh ; tel. No., 

Helensburgh 79. 
Boyd, Jas. (of Boyd, Clark & Co. Ltd.), Ardgowan, 

Boyd, James A. B., chartered accountant, 19 St 

Vincent place, C.l (tel. No., Central 6832;; 

ho., 15 Jacks road, Saltcoats. 
Boyd, James D., sports outfitter, 41 Midland st , C.l. 
Boyd, Jas. M. (of Geo. Boyd, & Co.); res., Glen- 
head, Lenzie. 
Boyd, James M. (at Robert Boyd & Son, Ltd.); 

ho., Osborne, Glenburn road, Giffnock. 
Boyd, James W., secretary, T. J. Irwin, Ltd., 

Meat Market, Moore street, E.l ; ho., The 

Hermitage, Drumchapel ; tel. No., Bearsden 1682. 
Boyd, Jas., painter and decorator, 98 Torrisdale St., 

S.2 ; (tel. No., Langside 0800); ho., 127 Minard 

roftd, S.l. 
Boyd, John, M.A., LL.B., writer (of Russell & 

Duncan, 105 St. Vincent street, C.2) ; ho., 85 

Oakfield. avenue, W.2. 
Boyd, John B. W. (of James Boyd & Sons, Ltd., 

Paisley); house, 1 Bute gardens, Hillhead, W.U. 
Boyd, John S., A.R.I.B.A., architect, 201 Bath 

street, C.2. 
Boyd, John & Sons, bedding, cushion, and quilt 

manufaciurers, 367 Alexandra parade, E.l; tel. 

add., " Cosibed, Glasgow " ; tel. Nos., Bridgeton 

1577, 1578 and 1679. 

Boyd, John White, & Co., consulting engineers and 
marine surveyors, Waterloo chambers, 19 Waterloo 
street, C.2; tel. add., "Silent"; teL No., 7302 

Boyd, Joseph, architect, 147 Bath street, C.2; ho. 
122 Hatton gardens, S.W. 2; tel. No. Halfway 

Boyd & Matier, painters, 8 Queen Mary ave. ; tel. 
No., Queen's Park 1235. 

Boyd, R. W. (of Boyd, Clark & Co., Ltd.); ho., 48 
Crookston ave., S.W. 2. 

Boyd, Robert, agent Commercial Bank of Scotland, 
Ltd., 275 Argyle st.reet, C.2; res., Dunara, 

Boyd, Robert (of Geo. Bainbridge & Co.), house, 
1 1 Firwood drive, Cathcart. 

Boyd, R. E. (of J. & T. Boyd, Ltd., Shettleston); 
ho. The Haven, Manse rd., Bearsden ; tel. No. 230 

Boyd, R. F. & Coy., stockbrokers, 48 West Regent 
street, C.2; teL No., Douglas 3805. 

Boyd, R. B. G, masseur, 931 Sauchiehall st., C.3 ; 
tel. add., "Massaging Glasgow"; tel. No., Western 

Boyd, Robert, & Sons, Ltd., china, glass and earthen- 
ware, fancy goods, 59 and 61 King street, City, 
C.l; tel. No., 1212 Bell. 

Boyd, R. Clement, writer (of Mackay & Boyd) ; res., 
Balgray House, Newton Mearns. 

Boyd, Robert Campbell, teacher, Bernard St. School ; 
ho., 52 Nith street, E.l. 

Boyd, Robert F., stockbroker (of R. F. Boyd & 
Coy.), 48 West Regent street, C.2. ; res., Glenmill, 

Boyd, Robert M. (of Robert Boyd & Sons, Ltd.), ho., 
636 Clarkston road, Netherlee, Cathcart. 

Boyd, Stewart & Co., Ltd., colour, paint and oil 
manufacturers, Eastfield Works, Ballochmill 
rd., Rutherglen; tel. add., "Rainbow, Rutherglen." 

Boyd, Thomas & Son, Ltd., cartage contractors and 
storekeepers, 113 Berkeley street, C.3 (tel. add., 
" Sapervan, Glasgow " ; tel. Nos., Douglas 6686-7) ; 
ho., 35 Nairn street, C 3. 

Boyd, Thomas, & Son, Ltd., motor hirers and re- 
pairers, Berkeley street, C.3 (tel. add., " Supervan, 
Glasgow"; tel. Nos., Douglas 6686-7) ; ho., 35 
Nairn st„ C.3. 

Boyd, Thomas (John Shannon & Son, Ltd., 45 West 
Nile street, C.l); res., Glenhurst, Clarkston. 

Boyd, Thomas N., joiner, wright and refrigerator 
builder, 18, 24 Brand street, S.W.I. (tel.No.,Ibrox 
680) ; res. Lindhurst, 64 Tweedsmuir road, Car- 
donald S.W.2 ; tel. No., Halfway 1487. 

Bojd, Thos. M'F., tobacconist, 379 Paisley road, 
West, S.W.I. 

Boyd, W. C, architect, 50 Wellington street C.2. 

Boyd, W. & J. (Wm. Johnstone), joiner, 31 Emily 
place, E 1 (tel. No., Bridgeton 1041); house, 320 
Duke street, E.l. 

Boyd, William, drysalter and smallware merchant, 
21 Old Dumbarton road, C.3. 

Boyd, William, clerk, 3 1 Lyndhurst gardens, N.W. 

Boyd, William E., M.A., M.D., physician, 17 Sandy- 
ford place, C 3 ; tel. No., Douglas 4725. 

Boyd, Wilfred A. (of J. & T. Boyd, Ltd., Shettle- 
ston) ; ho., Bute cottage, Lower Sutherland cres., 
Helensburgh ; tel. No. , Helensburgh 328. 

Boyd, Mrs. C. D.. 56 Gala St.. Riddrie, E.l. 

Boyd, Miss, dairykeeper, 30 Devon street, C.5. 




Boyd, Alice S., milliner and outfitter, 217-219 

Paisley rd. west, S.W.I. 
Boyd, Dr. Marion, M.B., Ch. B., 1102 Aikenhead 

road, S.4. 
Boyden, Percy & Co., Ltd., 132 Renfrew street, C.2 
Boyds, Miller & Thompson, solicitors (see Miller. 

Thompson, Henderson & Co). 
Boyes & Cameron, writers, 19 Blythswood sq. C.2 ; 

tel. add., " Solatium"; tel. No., 4496 Central. 
Boyes, George F. H., 80a Commerce street, C.6. 
Boylan, M., dairy keeper, 1295 Gallowgate, E.l 
Boyle, A. Wilson, C.A. (Mitchell & Smith) ; ho. 

Ashlea, Chatelherault ave., Cambuslang. 
Boyle, Alexander(ofM'MillanBros.,87 Gallowgate), 

61 Trefoil avenue, Shawlands, S.l ; tel. No., Lang- 
side 2129, 
Boyle, Andrew (at M'Corquodale & Co., Ltd.), ho. 

678 Pollokshaws road, S.l. 
Boyle, B., wine and spirit merchant, 1 Tyndrum 

street, C.4. 
Boyle, Charles, Savings Bank, 462 Great Western 

road, W.2; ho., 12 Oakfield avenue, Hillhead, 

Boyle, Edward J., solicitor, 278 St. Vincent st., C.2 

(tel. No., Central 6262); house, 49 Aytoun road, 

Pollokshields, S.l ; tel. No., Queen's Park 655. 
Boyle, E. & A., drapers, 90 Dumbarton rd., Partick 

W.l { ho. 5 Kirklee quadrant, W.2. 
Boyle, G., stationer, 15 ^ower street, S.W.I 
Boyle, G. F., M.B., Ch.B., 90 Dixon ave., S.2 
Boyle, G V., L.B.C.P., 104 Dixon ave., S.2 
Boyle, James, grocer, 148 Millburn street, N. 
Boyle, James, tailor and clothier, 199 Bath streot, 


(tel. No., Douglas 3655)} ho., c/o Watson, 107 

Crown road, North, W.2. 
Boyle, James B., asst. supt. engineer, Wm. Robertson, 

46 West Nile street, C.l; house, 19 Cardonald 

gardens, S.W.2; telephone No., 690 Ibrox. 
Boyle, Rev. John, R.C. clergyman, 325 Garngad rd. 

N. ; tel. No., Sell 2945. 
Boyle, John Richard (of M'Millan Bros., 87 Gallow- 
gate ) ; house, 9 I^ockerbie avenue, Newlands, 

S3; tel. No., Langside 788. 
Boyle, John S., Ltd., fish salesmen, Fishmarket, 76 

Clyde st., C.l (tel. No., 745 Bell); ho. Ardgowan, 

Shawlands ; tel. No. 1369 Langside. 
Boyle, Tom, teacher of voice culture, singing, 

49 Duncruin street, N.W. 
Boyle, T. Henry, & Son, property agents and 

valuators, insurance agents and a .countants, 160 

Bath street, C.2 ; telephone No. 283 Douglas. 
Boyle, T. Henry, jun., chartered accountant, 160 

Bath st., C.2 (tel. No., Douglas 283); ho., 17 

Craigmillar rd., S.2 ; tel. No , Langside 601. 
Boyle, T. W., fishmonger and poulterer, 226 St. 

George's road, C 3. 
Boyle, Wm., & Co., manufacturers' agents, 73 

Dunlop street, C. 1. 
Boyle, William (of Wm. Boyle & Co.); res., Rose- 
bank, Mansewood, Pollokshaws. 
Boyle, Wm., & Son, slaters and plasterers, 231 

Maxwell road, S.l. 
Boyle, William R. (at Education Offices); ho., 178 

Carmuunnock rd., S.4 
Boyle, Miss Agnes, outfitter, 186 Mosspark drive, 

Mosspark, S.W.2. 
Boyle, Miss M., tobacconist, 17 New City road, 

Boys' Brigade (Glasgow Battalion and Head- 
quarters Scotland and Ireland), Boys' Brigade 
House, 168 Bath street, C.2 ; tel. add., "Brigade, 
Glasgow"; tel. Nos., Douglas 936 and 937. 

Brabender, J. C, M.P.S., F.N.A.O., chemist and 
optician, 153 Byres rd., W.2; ho., 19 Ruthven 
St., W.2 

Brabender, James F , grocer, wine and spirit mer- 
chant, 18t Kelvinhaugh street, C.3 ; house, 16 
Blantyre street C.3. 

Braby, Frederick, & Co. (Limited), Eclipse Iron 
and Galvanizing Works and Steel Sheet Rolling 
Mills, -Petershill rd., N.; tel. Springburn 5151; tel. 
"Braby, Glasgow." Manufacturers of black and 
galvanized corrugated sheet and rooflights, 
black and galvanized iron and steel sheets (patent 
flattened), constructional engineers, stair 
contractors, galvanizers, perforators, makers of 
wrot. steel and gun metal window sashes and 
casements, gutters, barrows, buckets, wire panels, 
pea trainers, &c. ; iron, zinc, aluminium workers, 
makers of steel and copper boilers, cylinders, tanks, 
coils, &c. ; manufacturers of " Grip Brand " rust- 
less or barffed boilers, &c. Also at London, Dept- 
ford, Liverpool, Bristol, Falkirk, Motherwell, Bel- 
fast, and Dublin. 

Bracken, Miss F. A., physical training and medical 
gymnastics instructress, 15 Oakfield avenue, W.2. 

Brackenridge, Alex., dairy-keeper, 19a and 
19b Blythswood street, C.2; tel. No., 2299 

Brackenridge, Alex., agent, 166 Ingram st., C.l (tel. 
No., Bell 0731); res., 14 St. Anne's dr., Giffnock. 

Brackenridge & Gillies, coal agents, 78, 80 Cornwall 
street, S.l. 

Brackenridge, I. G, divisional manager, Anglo- 
American Oil Co., Ltd.; house 25 First avenue, 
Netherlee ; tel. No., Merrylee 2872. 

Brackenridge, J. A., optician and photographic 
dealer, 1014 Argyle street, C.3. 

Bradburn, W., contractor, 70 Stanhope st., C.4 

Braddon, Thomas & Co., warehousemen and manu- 
facturers, 25 Gordon street, C.l ; tel. No. 
Central 0862. 

Bradford, C. W., manufacturers' agent, 76 Wilson 
street, C.l ; tel. No., Bell ?432. 

Bradford, H, tobacconist, 77 Renfield st., C.2. 

Bradford Permanent Building Society, Fleming & 
Wilson, C.A., Glasgow, agents. Reg. office, 200 
St. Vincent st., C.2; tel. address, "Scrutators"; 
tel. No., 2523 Central 

Bradford Temperance Hotel, 44 Howard St., C.l; tel. 
No., Central 6459. 

Bradley, Chas. A., librarian, Langside Dist. Library ; 
ho., 13 Stamperland drive, Clarkston. 

Bradley & Craven, brick machine spares, 101 Smithy 
croft rd., E. (tel. No., Provaumill 4106); ho , 49 
Riddrie Knowes, E.l 

Bradley, George R., solicitor, 102 Bath st., C.2 (tel. 
No., 1026 Douglas); house, 103 Queensborough 
gardens, W.2; tel. No., Western 4297. 

Bradley, G. & G. R., solicitors, 102 Bath St., C.2 
(tel. No., 1026 Douglas) ; ho., 103 Queensborough 
gardens, W.2; tel. No., Western 4297. 

Bradley, James, wine and spirit merchant, 37 
Marquis st., S. E. 

Bradley, Joseph, dairykeeper, 70 Millroad st., S.E. 

Bradley, P., wine and spirit merchant, 776 Gallow- 
gate, S.E. 




Bradley, William, hairdresser, 182£ Stobeross street, 

Bradley, Mrs. F., newsagent, 92 Stobeross st , C.3 
Bradley, Minnie, draper, 36 Cook St., C.5 
Bradleys, band instruments, 97 Dundas street, 

Bradshaw, Eric, assistant lecturer and demonstrator, 

Royal Technical College; ho., 8 Garrioch drive, 

Bradsiiaw's Guides — agents, James Reid & Son, 

Ltd., stationers, 46 Mitchell street, C.l ; tel. add., 

"Guide, Glasgow"; te). No., Central 8686. 
Bradthaw, M., confectionery, retail, 316 Springburn 

rd., N. 
Bradstreet's British Ltd. (incorporating R. G. 

Dun & Co. in Gi. Britain and Ireland), mercantile 

status reports (home, colonial, and foreign), 65 

West Regent street, C 2 ; tel. No., Douglas 1676. 
Brady, Laurence, wine merchatt, Tron chambers, 43 

Candleriggs, C.l (tel. add " Shandon, Glasgow ;" 

tel. No., Bell 1430) ; ho., 46 Gleneagle Cottages, 

Scotstoun ; tel. No., iScotstoun 1027. 
Brady, L„ wine and spirit merchant, 360 Scotland 

street, C.6. 
Brady, Thomas, funeral undertaker, 65 HyndJand 

street, W.l. 
Brady Mrs. Elizabeth, 701 Cathcart rd., S.2 (tel. 

No., Queen's Park 1849); ho., 703 do. 
Brady, Mrs. Jane, general dealer, 65 Norfolk street, 

Brady, Miss J. draper, 47 Sinclair drive, S.2. 
Braes, A. G. (of Braes, Halliday (Glasgow), Ltd.) ; 

ho., 14 Beaton rd., Maxwell Park, s.l. 
Braes, Haliiday (Glasgow), Ltd., shipping forward- 
ing, insurance, and passengers agents and store 
keepers, 105 St. Vincent street, C.2, and at New- 
castle, Liverpool,) and London; tel. No., 3463 
Central (P. B. E. tel. add., " Braeshaldo." 
Braham & Co., wholesale . wine merchants and 

whisky blenders, 53 College St., C.l ; tel. add., 

"Glen Dhudt, Glasgow;" tel. No., Bell 1125. 

Proprietors of theGlen Dhualt and F.O.H. blends 

of Scotch whisky; agents for J. Favraud & Co., 

Braham, George, wine and spirit merchant, 600 Duke 

street, E.l. 
Braham, Sydney J. (of Bra&ham Co.), house, 12 

Kirklee road, W.2. 
Braid, John S. (of J. S. Nowery & Co.), 9 Clarence 

drive, W.2 ; tel. No., Western 3890. 
Braid, M., & Sous, Limited, wrights and joiners, 

54 Sword street, E.l. 
Braid, Robert, & Son, wholesale stationers, 6 

College st., C.l ; tel. No , 3257 Bell. 
Braid, R. F. & Co., coal agents and merchants, 170 

Hope street, C.2; tel. No. Douglas 5137. 
Braid, Robert Forbes (of R. F. Braid & Co.); ho., 
133 Fotheringay rd., S.l.; tel. No., Queen's 
Park 2320. 
Braida & Delaby, invisible menders, 62 St. George's 

road, C.3. 

Braidwood, H. G., hardware, 207 Copland rd., S.W.I. 

Braithwaite & Co. (Engineers), Ltd., pressed steel 

tanks; agents John A. Murdoch & Co., 93 Hope 

street, C.2. 

Brake Linings Ltd., 208 Bothwell street, C.2; tel. 

add. " Chart,"; tel. No. Central 8360. 
Brand, Adam, & Co., Ltd., linen merchants, 
111 John streetj C.l ; teL address, "Adam." 

Brand, Alex, (of Alex. Brand & Co.), ho. 48 

Davieland road, Whitecraigs. 
Brand, Alexander, & Co., timber merchants, 178 
Maxwell road, Pollokshields, S.l, and 229 
Gorbals street, C.5j tel. add., '* Albrandac " ; 
tel. No., South 1276. 
Brand Bros. & Co., produce merchants and sugar 
brokers, 118 Queen street, C.l; tel. No., 7305 
Brand, Charles, Dundee Lid., demolition contractors, 

250 Kennedy street, C.4 ; tel. No., Bell 1053. 
Brand, David E., writer (of Carruthers, Gemmill & 

M'Killop); res., Birkwood, Symington. 
Brand, G. B., M.B., Ch.B., ear, nose and throat 
surgeon, 10 Woodside place, C.3; teL No., 
Douglas 5243. 
Brand, George M., architect, 10 Highbnrgh terrace, 

Brand, George A. M. (of Alex. Brand & Co.), ho. 

8 Westwood aven., Giffnock. 
Brand, James D., F.S.I., civil engineer, Office of 

Public Works ; ho., St. Ronans, Bearsden. 
Brand, John F. (of Adam Brand & Co., Ltd.), ho. 

21 Whittingehame drive, Kelvinside, W.2. 
Brand, Mark (of William Baird & Co., Ltd., and 
Bairds & Dalmellington, Lid.) ; res., Lauriston, 
South Beach, Ardrossan. 
Brand & Mollison, Ltd., dyers and cleaners — 
Works, Gairbraid avenue, Maryhill. 

35 Renfield st., C.2. 
1080 Argyle st., C,3. 
229 High street, C.l. 
15 Dundas Street, C.l. 
657 London road, S.E. 
439 Gallowgate, S.E. 
603 Duke st, E. 

25 New City rd., C.4. 
520 Victoria road, Crosshill, S.2. 
380 Byres road, Hillhead, W.2 
800 Maryhill road, N W. 
199 Maryhill road, N.W. 
21 Sandgate street, Ayr. 

City of Glasgow Dyeworks, Gairbraid av., 
N.W. Telephones, 105 Maryhill; tel. 
add., "Cleaners.'" 



Brand, Wm, A. (of William Thomson, Brand & Co.) ; 
res., Lauriston, Ardrossan, Ayrshire; tel. No., 
Ardrossan- Saltcoats 78. 




Brand, Miss Margaret, 78 Roslea drive, Dennistoun, 

Brander, J. P., 12 Merrylee road, Newlands, S.3 ; 

tel. No , Merry lee, 1248. 
Brander, W. L., bank agent, The British Linen 

Bank, Partick. 
Branhin, Hugh, hairdresser, 272 Parliamentary rd , 

C.4 ; house, 1-3 Hutton street, Coatbridge, 
Brash & Co., manufacturers, 25 Jamaica st., C.l; 

tel. add., "Walbra"; tel. No., Central 9328. 
Brash, D. & Sons, weighing machine makers and 

repairers, 185, 187 Pollokshaws road, Gorbals 

S.l (late of Renfield st. and Charlotte st ); tel. No., 

South 1319. 
Brash, John, fancy paper box maker, 19 Cochrane 

street, C.l; tel. No., Bell 2837. 
Brash, William (Glasgow and Clyde Ship Owners' 

Associations); ho., 97 Springkell avenue, Maxwell 

park. S.l. 
Bratten, Minnie, modiste, 12 Renfield st., C.2. 
Brawley, J. dairy keeper, 169 Rosebery street, 

Bray, E. N., Ltd., electrical engineers, Waltham- 

stow. Representative, A. C. Borthwick, 200 St- 

Vincent street, C.2. 
Bray, Wm, (Jas. Bray), chemist and druggist, 222 

and 224 Paisley road, S.W.I; ho., 4 Jura street, 

Brazil, Ben (of Egg Market Co., Ltd.); house, 

Birch- holme, 60 Newark drive, Pollokshields, S.l; 

tel. No., Queen's Park, 1673. 
Brazilian Consul — Carlos Escobeiro Fernandes, 

111 Union street; tel. add., "Consbras"; tel. 

No., Douglas 3831). 
Brazil], Earle W., commercial traveller, 14 Waldemar 

road, W.3; tel. No. Scotstoun 3252. 
Brazil and River Plate Steamers (Lamport 

& Holt Line, Ltd.), agents, P. Henderson & Co., 

95 Bothwell street, C.2. 
Breakie, William, & Co., woollen shirting manu- 
facturers, 33 Hope street C.2. 
Brebner, E., signwriter, 34 Wilton street, N.W. 
Brechin, Alex., leather merchant and tobacconist, 

189 Castle street, C.4. 
Brechin, Archibald, cartage and motor haulage con- 
tractor, 140 Pinkston road. C.4. 
Brechin Brothers, Ltd., butchers, 269 Sauchie- 

hall St., C.2; 265 Cathedral st, C.4; 53 Bell st, 

CI ; 75 Elderslie st, C.3 ; 35 Union st, C.l ; 526 

Gt. Western road, W.2 ; 4 Buckingham buildings, 

W.2; 195 Knightswood rd., W.3; 290 Garscadden 

road, W.3; 534 Sprh>gburn road, N. ; and 1042 

Pollokshaws rd. , S. 1 ; also 2 Newington road, 

Brechin Bros., Ltd.. fleshers, 75 Elderslie st., C.3 ; 

tel. Nos., 2114-5 Central. 
Brechin, Hugh, C.A. (Dempster, Brechin & 

Waddell); ho., 22 Roxburgh street, W.2. 
Brechin, James (of Brechin Brothers, Ltd.); ho , 15 

Quadrant road, Newlands. 
Brechin, J. A. (Brechin Bros., Ltd.) j ho., 67 Fother- 

ingay road, S.l. 
Brechin, J. R., shirt manufacturer, 14 Molendinar 

street, C.l ; house, 20 Dinmont road, S.l. 
Brechin, John C, M.A., LL.B., writer (of Risk, 

Brechin & Elder); res., 58 Mansewood rd., S.3; 

tel. No., Langside 2401. 
Brechin, Mathew, flesher, 339 Cumbernauld road, 

E.l; house, 15 Saudyford place, C.3. 

Brechin & Morison, Ltd., automobile engineers and 

agents, 125 Whittingehame drive, W2; tel. No., 

Western 2484. 
Brechin, T. A. (of Brechin Bros., Ltd.), house, 18 

Glencairn drive, S.l. 
Brechin, T. C. (of Brechin Bros., Ltd.), 28 Eastwood 

avenue, Giffnock. 
Brechin, Wm., wine and spirit merchant, 358 Ballater 

street, C 5. 
Brechin, Wm., wine and spirit merchant, 67 Candle- 

riggs, C. 1. 
Brechin, Wm. & Son, wholesale whisky merchants, 

174 Gallowgate, C.l. 
Brechin, William (of William Brechin & Son) ; res., 

Stinchar, Norwood drive, Whitecraigs. 
Brechin, Mrs. Hugh, 47 Newark drive, Pollokshields, 

Breckenridge, A., fruiterer, 116 Battlefield road, S.2. 
Breckenridge, A. M., 18 Cook st, C.5 ; tel. No. 

South 3048. 
Breckenridge, James, optician, F.N.AO., 81 Castle 

street, C 4. 
Breckenridge, Robert M. (Carlton Hosiery Co.); ho., 

Sandhurst, Lethington road, Whitecraigs, East 

Renfrewshire ; tel. No., Giffnock 1784. 
Breen, Hugh, horseshoer and jobbing smith, 3 Stam- 
ford street, S.E.; ho., 1004 London rd.. Bridgeton. 
Breeze, Paterson, & Chapman, writers, 147 Bath st. 

Breingan, Duncan, chemist and druggist, 26 Dundas 

place, C.l ; ho., 22 Polworth gardens, W.2. 
Breingan, John, manufacturers' agent, 48 Queen st, 

Bremen Steam Packet Office (James Currie & Co.), 

200 St. Vincent street, C.2. 
Bremerhaven Steam Packet Office (Jas. Currie & 

Co.), 200 St. Vincent street, C.2. 
Bremner & Co., Ltd., wholesale warehousemen, 

44 Glassford st, C.l ; tel. Nos., Bell 3444 (10 lines) 
Bremner, D., & Son, bakers and confectioners, 127 

Byres road, W.2 ; ho., 163 Byres road, W.2. 
Bremner, David Glass, accountant, 205 Hope street, 

C.2 (tel. No. Douglas 253) ; ho., 4 Buchlyvie rd., 

Ralston, Paisley. 
Bremner, Frederick William, agent, Union Bank of 

Scotland Ltd., Stockwell branch; ho. 18 William- 
wood Park, Netherlee, S.4. 
Bremner, James & Co., mantle manufacturers, 24 

Queen street, C.l; tel. No.. 7311 Central. 
Bremner, James, house painter, 607 Pollokshaws 

road, S.l ; house, 1008 Aikenhead road, Cathcart. 
BremDer, J., & Son, plasterers, slaters aDd cement 

workers, 75 West street, C.5 ; tel. No., South 

Bremner, John, Dalhanna, 18 Dalziel drive, S.l. 
Bremner, John T. (of Bremner & Co., Ltd.), 

wholesale warehouseman, 44 Glassford st, C.l ; 

ho., 67 Lubnaig road, S.3; tel No. Merrylee 1396 
Bremner, Miss Margaret, newspaper agent, 195 

Calder street, S.2. 
Brenme&l, Richard W., general mechanic, 48 Govan- 

hill street S.2. 
Brennan, G., grocer, 14 Minard road, S.l (tel. No. 

Langside 2084) ; house, 25 Hillington road, 

Brennan, D., wine and spirit merchant, 46 John 

Knox street, C.4 ; ho., 42 Garturk street, S.2. 
Brennan, Miss A, newsagent, 153 Lawmoor street, 

C.6; ho., 155 do. 




Brennan, E. & J., slaters and plasterers, 96 Crown 

road, north, W.2. 
Brennan, William, CM., Nurses' Guild of St. 

Camillus, Camillian chambers; ho. 31 Fernan st., 

Shettleston E.2. 
Brereton, Rev. E. H„ clergyman (Episcopal), St. 

Margarets, Newlands, S.3; ho., 22 Monreith road, 

Newlands, S.3. 
Brereton, R. F., wholesale milliner (tel. No., Central 

6310); ho. 16Eliest., W.l. 
Breslin, E., hairdresser, 1267 Tollcross road, E.2. 
Breslin, Michael, restaurateur, 225, 227 Stobcross 

street, C.3 ; house, 522 St. Vincent St., C.3. 
Breslin, Mrs. M., dairykeeper, 401 Mathieson St., C.5. 
Brettle, George, & Co., Ltd., hosiery manufacturers, 

60 St. Enoch square, C.l. 
Brewer, J. Alfred, chartered patent agents, of 58 

St. Vincent street, C.2 ; tel. No., 7310 Central. 
Brewin, M. C, fruiterer, 72 Keppochhill road, N ; ho., 

8 Roy street, N. 
Brewster, F. 0. (agent Blue Cross matches), 49 

Beechwood drive, Broomhill, W.l. 
Brewster, Henry S. (of Mathews, Maclay, & 

Manson, Ltd.) ; house, 19 Alder road, S.3. 
Brewster, W. M., secy. (L. & H. Williams & Co. 

Ltd.) ; ho., 86 Marlborough aven., Broomhill W.l. 
Brewster, Mrs., ladies' and infants' outfitter, 287 

Paisley road, C.5. 
Breyen, C. A. & Co., lager beer importers, 364 

Broad st., S.E ; tel. No., Bridgeton 1498. 
Bridge Chair Frame Makers, chair frame, bed settee 

makers, 8 Stockwell pi., C.l ; tel. No. Bell 2724. 
Bridge, George & Co., cotton merchant and brokers, 

31 St. Vincent pi., C.l (tel. address, "Karbridge "; 

tel. Nos., Central 3145 and 3146); house, Robert 

Gibson, Dalveen, Milngavie. 
Bridge, James EL, clockmaker, 67 Oswald street, 

Bridge, Norman C, consulting engineer (Strain & 

Robertson) ; house, Norwood, Bridge of Weir 
Bridge Street Warehouse Co., furniture merchants, 

5-15 Bridge street, C.5; tel. add., "Bymore 

Glasgow " ; tel. No. South 2566. 
Bridges, James C.Janitor, Springburn Public School ; 

house, 48 Gourlay street, N. 
Bridget, R., draper, 1015 Dumbarton road, W.4. 
Bridgeton Baptist Church, 88 Orr street, S.E. 
Bridgeton Branch Post Office, 169 James street, 

Bridgeton cross S.E. 
Bridgeton Burns Club, secretary, John G. S. Sproll, 

3 Royal Exchange sq., C.l ; tel. No., City 0915. 
Bridgeton Copper, Tin and Lead Works, 

111 Mam street, Bridgeton, S.E.; Duncan Stewart 

& Sons, Ltd. 
Bridgeton District Library, 23 Landressy street, S.E. 
Bridgeton Emporium, hardware and china mer- 
chants, 197 Dalmarnock road, S.E. 
Bridgeton Parish Church (Estab.), 90 Dale st. 

Bridgeton, S.E 
Bridgeton Police Station, 33 Old Dalmarnock road, 

Bridgeton Telephone Exchange, Cnbie street, S.E. 
Bridgeton United Original Secession Church, 424 

London road, S.E. 
Bridgeton West & Barrowfield Church of Scotland, 

10 Landressy street, S.E. 
Bridgett, P. Grandison, writer and notary (of 

Brownlie, Bauchop & Bridgett, 41 St. Vincent pi., 

C.l) ; ho., Caedmor, Springfield park, Burnside. 

j Briele, 0. Van der, merchant, 93 Hope st., C.2 (tel. 

add., "Gruno, Glasgow;" tel. No., Central 2339); 

ho., 14 Athole gardens, W.2 ; tel. No., Western 

Brierton Bros., fleshers, 53 Cowcaddens st., C.2. 
Briggs, A. D., M.B., Ch.B., Medical Superintendent, 

Southern General Hospital, S.W.I. 
Briggs, Henry B., violin and Celtic harp maker, 124 

Renfrew street, C.2 ; ho , Craigiemichael, Innellan, 

Argyll ; tel. No. Innellan 218. 
Briggs, Henry B., violin maker and expert, 124 

Renfrew st, C.2. 
Briggs, Wm., & Sons, Ltd., Dundee, bitu- 
minous specialists; Glasgow office and stores, 

200 Old Dumbarton road, C.3; tel. add., " Solu- 

tions, Glasgow" ; tel. Nos., Western 6801-2. 
Bright, F., caretaker (Bergius Co., Ltd.), house, 67 

Calgary street, C.4. 
Bright Products Co.. disinfectant manufacturers, 398 

Townmill road, E.l. 
Bright, T. G. & Co., wine shippers, 2-6 Castle street, 

Brighter Homes, Ltd., wallpaper merchants, 20 

Trongate, C.l. 
Brimlow, Charles, engineer (Scottish Auto Burners 

Ltd.), 12 Renfield street, C.2. (tel. No. Central 

1404); ho., 11 Upper Bourtree drive, Burnside. 
Brims, David, 106 Buccleuch street, C.3. 
Bringan, P., 36 South Woodside road, C.4. 
Brinkley, John R. (of Brinkley Studio); ho., 68 

Marlborough avenue, Broomhill, W 1. 
Brinkley, John R.. 66 Marlborough avenue, W.l. 
Brinkley Studio— J. R. Brinkley, specialist in 

photographic portraiture and miniature painting, 

86 Woodlands road, C.3 (teLNo.230 Douglas); 

ho., 66 Marlborough avenue, W.l. 
Brintons Ltd., carpet manufrs., 33 Stockwell st., C.l ; 

tel. add.," Brintons"; tel. Nos., Bell 418, 419. 
Brisbane, Bert, musical director, 214 Finlay drive, 

Brisbane, William (of Abercrombie, Brisbane & 

Brown) ; res., 47 Stewarton drive, Cambuslang. 
Brisbane (Queensland) Shipping office; Thos. Law 

& Co., Bank of Scotland Chambers, 20 Renfield 

street, C.2. 
Brisbanes Dairy Ltd., dairy-keepers, 61 Kelvinside 

avenue, N.W. 
Briscoe, Rev. Raymond, The Friary, Cumberland 

street, C.5. 
Brison, A., P.T. teacher, High School of Glasgow ; 

ho., 80 Boreland drive, Knightswood. 
Bristol Clothing & Supply Co. (Glasgow), Ltd., 68 

Bath street, C.2 ; tel. No., 1612 Douglas. 
Bristol and Glasgow Steamers. William Sloan 

& Co.. 200 St. Vincent street, 0.2 
Britannia Folding Box Co., Ltd., printers, litho- 
graphers, and cardboard boxmakers, London. 

Repres., J. A. Hutchison, 9 Novar drive, W.2. 
Britannia Quilt Co., manufacturers, 62 Virginia 

street, C.l. 
Britannic Assurance Co., Ltd., 166 Buchanan st, 

C.l ; tel. No., 1716 Douglas. 
Britannic Electric Cable and Construction Co., Ltd. ; 

repres., A. C. Borthwick, 200 St. Vincent street, 

British (The) Aluminium Co., Ltd., agents 

for Scotland, Alex. Brown & Co., 113 West 

Regent street, C.2 ; tel. add., "Alex., Glasgow "> 

tel. No., Douglas 6528. 




British (The) Aluminium Co., Ltd., Atlantic cham- 
bers, 46 Hope street, C.2 ; tel. address, " Bauxite, 
Glasgow"; tel. No., City 0930. 

British Anti-fouling Composition and Paint 
Co., Ltd., London, ''Torpedo" brand. Glasgow 
branch office, 144 St. Vincent St., C.2; tel. No., 
Central 1910} tel. add., " Glissade, Glasgow." 
Stocks kept at all the principal ports in the 

British Association of Chiropodists (Incp.), Scottish 
Centre, 8 India st , C.2. 

British Auxiliaries, L'd, engineers, 139 Helen st., 
Govan, S.W. I ; tel. add., " Bestauxil, Glasgow " ; 
tel. No., Govan 241 (3 lines). 

British Basket and Besto Company, Ltd., 
manufacturers of fruit packages and packing cases, 
&c, Crownpoint Saw Mills, 332 Crownpoint road, 
S.E. ; tel. No., 2742 Bridgeton. 

British Belting & Asbestos, Ltd, London (Industrial 
Beltings and Brake Linings), 40 St. Enoch &q. ; 
tel. add., "MacMorland, Gla?gow"; tel. No, 
Central 1627. 

British Bitumen Emulsions, Limited, 20 Maukinfauld 
road, E.2. 

British (The) Boiler Cleaning and Enamel- 
ling Co., Corrosion and Incrustation Prevented 
and Cured; head office and works, 11-27 Bishop 
street, C.3; tel. add., "Azote, Glasgow '; tel. 
No., Central 9982 (2 lines). London office 102 
Southwark street, S.E.I 

British Broadcasting Corporation, Broadcasting 
House, Hamilton drive, W.2; tel. No., West 

British and Burmese Steam Navigation Co. Ltd.; 
secretaries, P. Henderson & Co., 95 Bothwell street, 

British (The) Buttner Pipe Company, Ltd. 
pipe manufacturers, 49 Queen street, C.l; tel. 
address, " Pypjoy, Glasgow " ; tel. No. Central 

British Celanese Limited, sole manfrs. of " Celanese " 
yarn and fabrics, and proprietors of the trade 
mark " Celanese," 56 Queen street, C.l; tel. No., 
Central 2835. 

British Celanese Ltd. (yarns only), 48 North 
Hanover street, C.l. 

British Cellophane Ltd. (W. D. Northway, 
representative), transparent cellulose film, 28 St. 
Enoch Sq., C.l ; tel. No., Central 6279. 

British Ceramic Service Co., Ltd., ceramic engineers, 
121 West George st. ; tel. No. Central 2212. 

British Charcoal & Macdonalds, Ltd., chemical 
manufacturers (works, Dellingburn st., Greenock), 
51 Biggar street, E.l ; tel. add., " Poynter" ; tel. 
Nos., Bridgeton 1274 and 1275. 

British (The) Chemical Co. Ltd. (Dunlop & Murray, 
C.A., sees.), 174 West George st., C.2. 

British (The) Corporation Register of Shipping and 
Aircraft, 14 Blythswood square, C.2 ; J. Foster 
King, C.B.E., chief surveyor; W. H. Carslaw, 
B.Sc, secy. ; tel. No., Central 8152 (2 lines). 

British Creosote Co. (1935) Ltd., creosote oil 
merchants and exporters 104 West George street, 
C.2; tel. No., Douglas 3484 (2 lines, P.B.E.). 

British Crown Assurance Corporation (The), Ltd., 
131 St. Vincent street, C.2. 

British Crown Plate Glass Insurance Co., Ltd. (now 
merged in the Yorkshire Insurance Co., Ltd.), 82 
St. Vincent st., C.2. 

British Doby Stokers Ltd., mechanical stokers, 55 
Bath street, C.2. 

British (The) Dye wood Coy., Ltd., drysalters, 
dyewood and tannin extract manufacturers, 19 
St. Vincent place, C.l (tel. No., 4425 Central, 2 
lines; tel. add., "Dyewood, Glasgow"); works, 
567 Shettleston road, Parkhead, E.l. 

British Electrical Development Assoc. (Inc.) E. M. 
Hood, area officer for Scotland, 425-427 Sauchiehall 
street, C.2; tel. No., Douglas 0372. 

British (The) Electrical & Mfg. Co., Ltd., electrical 
supplies, 187 St. Vincent street, C.2 ; tel. add., 
"Britelect"! tel. Nos., Central 3286, 3287, and 

British Electrical Repairs Ltd., electrical and 
mechanical engineers, 139 Reid street, Bridgeton, 
S.E.; tel. Nos., 291 and 292 Bridgeton 

British Electrical Service Coy., radio, electrical and 
refrigeration engineers, 51 Cadogan st., C.2; tel. 
No , Central 0(599. 

British Engine, Boiler, and Electrical In- 
surance Co., Ltd., 9 8 West George St., C.2. 
Inspection and insurance of steam, oil. gas engines, 
gas plants, boilers, dynamos, motors, lifts, &c. 
General manager, Harry M. Longridge, B.A. 
Local manager, A. T. Robertson. Res. engineer, 
C. H. Smith, A.M.I.E.E., A.M.I.Mech.E.; tel. 
No., Douglas 2336; telegraphic address, "Break- 
down, Glasgow." 

British (The) Express Co., Ltd., general carriers and 
forwarding agents, 35 Montrose street, C.l ; tel. 
No., 2993 Bell. 

British Fittings Co. (Glasgow) Ltd,, tubes and tube 
fittings, 69 Robertson street, C 2 ; tel. address, 
" Ougstell" ; telephone No., Central 2200. 

British and Foreign Marine Insurance Co. 
(Ltd.), 7 Royal Bank place, C.l. 

British Furtex Ltd., moquette manufacturers ludden- 
dea foot, 8 Spriagfield court, C.l ; telephone No., 
City 6364 (2 lines). 

British General Insurance Co., Ltd., 146 St. 
Vincent street, C.2. 

British General Insurance Co., Ltd., marine agents, 
William Martin & Co., 7 Royal Bank place, 

British Hair Company (1927) Limited (The), 
manufacturers of bedding of all descriptions, 
cushions, &c, wire mattresses, 250-222 Kennedy 
street, C.4; tel. Nos., Bell 2696 and 2697; 
tel. add., " Horsehair, Glasgow." 

British Import & Export Co., importers, 145 Queen 
St., C.l. 

British Income Tax Advisory Association, Ltd., 
30 Gordon street, CI ; teL No., 8302 Central. 

British (The) India Steam Navigation Co., 
Ltd., official agents for Scotland, Gellatly, Hankey, 
& Co., Ltd., Gordon Chambers, 82 Mitchell st., C.l. 

British Insulated Cables, Ltd.; works, Preseot and 
Helsby, manufacturers of electrical cables and wires, 
paper pinions, welders, &c, 305 West George st., 
C.2 ; tel. Nos., 2151 and 2152 Central; tel. add., 
" Connectors," Glasgow. 

British Ironfounders* Association, 145 St. Vincent 
street, C.2; tel. add., " Groundwork, Glasgow ; " 
teL Nos., Central 2891-2-3. 

British Israel World Federation, honorary secretary, 
Joseph Irving, 219 St. Vincent street, C.2 (tel. 
No., Central 2014); house, 29 Lacrosse terrace, 




British Jaeger Instruments, Ltd., manufacturers of 
motor accessories, 21 Drury street, C 2. Scottish 
representative, George M. Smith. 

British Key and Property Registry, Ltd., head office, 
19 Newton place, C.3 

British Labour Esperanto Association, 65 West 
Regent street, C.2. 

British Law Insurance Co., Ltd., 139 St. 
Vincent St., C.2; H. W. Winchester, dist. secretary ; 
tel. Nos., Central 3560 and 3661; tel. add., 
" Britlaw." 

British Lead Mills, Ltd., lead sheet and pipe manu- 
facturers, London. Agent, Thos. Jamieson, 29 
Waterloo street, C.2. 

British (The) Life Office, Ltd., 7 West George 
street, C.2. 

British (The) Linen • Bank, Chief Office and 
Foreign Department, 110 Queen street. C.l. 
J. M. Lowe, manager ; John G Davidson, assist- 
ant manager; A. P. Anderson, accountant; 
J. L. Carnie, James Winton, James Meldrum 
and W. M. Watson sign " p. manager , " tellers, 
A. B. Jardine, F. Ciaig, D. H. Dunn William 
French, W. S. Findlater and D. Cameron. 


Anderston branch, 468 Argyle St., C.2 ; James 

Gebbie, agent. 
Bearsden branch, 102 Drymen road; C. R 

McKechnie, agent. 
Blythswood branch, 153 St. Vincent st., C.2 ; 

J. A. M'Callum, agent. 
Bothwell street branch, 62 Bothwell street, C.2 ; 

Adam White, agent ; M. C. Winchester 

signs " p. agent." 
Bridgeton Cross branch, 26 Bridgetou Cross, 

S.E. ; Stephen H. Rains, agent 
Broomhill branch, 298 Crow road, W.l ; Ernest 

Russell, agent. 
Buchanan street branch, 34 Buchanan street. 

C.l ; J. L. Feiguson, agent. 
Burnside branch, 289 Stonelaw road, Burnside, 

Rutherglen: F. E Elworthy, agent 
Cardonald branch, 1669 Paisley rd., W., Halfway 

Houses, S.W.2 ; George G. F. Sinclair, agent. 
Charing Cross branch, 515 Sauchiehall St., C.3 ; 

Alex. Boyd, agent. 
Clarkston branch, Kensington mansions, Mearns 

road, Clarkston ; R. Fenton, agent. 
Crookston branch, 237 6 Paisley road West, 

S.W.2; G. G. F. Sinclair, agent. 
Dennistoun branch, 457 Duke St., E.l; A. M. 

M'Kinlay, agent. 
Gallowgate branch, 482 Gallowgate, S.E; James 

Murray, agent. 
Garrowhill branch, 216 Baillieston rd., Garrow- 

hill, Baillieston, Glasgow ; Wm. Kerr, agent; 

F. M'Intosh tigns 'p. agent." 
Gordon street branch, 65 Gordon street, C.l ; 

J. A. Lang, agent. 
Govan branch, Govan Cross S.W.I ; William 

Wilson, agent. 
High Street branch, 215 High st., C.l; R. A G. 

Murdoch, agent. 
Hillhead branch, 11 Buckingham Buildings, 701 

Gt. Western road., W.2; Thos. Snodgrass, 

Hutchesontown branch, 162 Gorbals street, 

C.6 ; A. W. Russell, agent. 

Ibrox branch, 417 Paisley road West, S.W.I; 

Herbert N. Taylor, agent. 
Kelvindala branch, 113 Cleveden road, Kelvin- 
side, W.2; W. G. Flint, agent 
Kelvinhangh branch, 1190 Argyle street, C.3 ; 

Alex. Miller, agent 
Knightswood branch, 1986 Great Western 

road, W.3 ; S. W. Love, agent. 
Langside branch, 52 Millbrae road, S.2 ; J. A. 

Logan, agent. 
Linthouse branch, 1298 Govan rd., S.W.I ; W. 

Wilson, agent; Geo. Dunlop, sub -agent. 
Maryhill road branch, 377 Maryhill road, N.W. ; 

R. L. Inglis, agent. 
Merrylee branch, 622 Kilmarnock road, New- 
lands, S3.; A. J. Smith, agent. 
Mount Florida branch, 1087 Cathcart road, S.2; 

George Murdoch, agent. 
Muirend branch, 449 Clarkston road, Cathcart, 

S.4 ; R. N. Finlay, agent. 
Netheilee branch, 568 Clarkston rd., Cathcart 

S.4 ; R N. Finlay, agent. 
Parkhead Cross branch, 40 Westmuir st., E.l ; 

A. G. Primrose and T. C. Todd, agents. 
Partick branch, 140 Dumbarton road, W.l ; 

W. L. Brander, agent. 
Pollokshields branch, 270 Albert drive, S.l ; 

G. S. M'Donald, agent 
Renfield street branch, 112 Renfield street, C.2; 

John D. M'Gowan, agent 
Riddrie branch, 28 Smithyeroft rd., E.l ; A. M. 

M'Kin'ay, agent; Robert Shannon signs " p. 

Rutherglen branch, 120 Main street; F. E. 

Elworihy, agent; J. W. Still signs "p. 

St. George's Cross branch, 71 Great Western 

road, C.4 ; George White, agent. 
St. Vincent street branch, 91 St. Vincent st,C2; 

Jas. F. M'Gill agent; J. Neish signs **p. 

Sandyford branch, 911 Argyle street, C.3; L. A. 

Edwards, agent. 
Scotstoun branch, 1515 Dumbarton road, W. 4 ; 

Alex. Haldane, agent 
Shawlands branch, 228 Kilmarnock road, New- 
lands, S.3; Alex. J. Smith, agent; W. W. 

Smith signs " p. agent " 
South Side branch, 1 Eglinton St., C.6; Jas. 

Watson, agent. 
Strathbungo branch, 697 Pollokshaws road, S.l; 

William Gebbie, agent. 
Trongate branch, 110 Trongate, C.l; John Cook, 

Uddiagston branch, 195 Main street; Wm. 

Duguid, agent. 
Union street branch, 1 9 Union street, CI ; 

J. B. Y. Murdoch, agent; J. R M'Clung 

signs " p. agent." 
West George street branch, 165 West George 

st., C.2; Waltor Ritchie, agent; G. F. 

Armstrong, sub-agent; T. M. Law signs 

"p. agent." 
West Williamwood Park branch, Seres road, 

Clarkston, Glasgow; Jas. Bl ick, agent. 
Whiteinch branch, 1129 r>mnbarton road, 

Scotstoun, W.4; D. M. M Farlane. agent. 
Williamwood branch, 49 Eastwood Mains road, 

East, Giffnock; Jas. Black, agent. 



Incorporated by Royal Charter, 1746. 

Total Assets exceed £44,000,000. 

Principal Glasgow Office: no Queen Street, C.i. 

J. M. LOWE, Manager. J. G. DAVIDSON, Assistant Manager. 



In direct private telephonic communication with London Foreign Exchange 
Market, and specially equipped for every class of Foreign Business. 

Enquiries Invited. Telephone No. CENTRAL 9012 (4 lines.) 

Every Banking Facility. 

Over 210 Branches throughout Scotland. 

Head Office : 38 St. Andrew Square, Edinburgh. 

ADAM DEMPSTER, General Manager. 




British Lion Film Corporation, Ltd., 71 Sauchiehall 
lane, C.2; tel. Nos., Douglas 468-9. 

British Luma Co-operative Electric Lamp 
Society, Ltd., electric lamp manu- 
facturers, Hardgate rd., S.W.I ; tel. ; 
add. "Brilum Glasgow"; tel. Nos., 
Govan 0783-4. 

British Medical Association, Glasgow and West of 
Scotland branch (J. A. Lister, M.B., Ch.B., hon. 
secy.), 39 Elmbank crescent, C.2. 

British Merchants Incorporated, Ltd., Im- 
port and Export, 62 Robertson st., C.2 ; head 
office, 32 Lime street, London; telegraphic add., 
"Strikingly, Glasgow"; tel. No, Central 2054. 

British Mexican (The) Petroleum Co., Ltd., 
fnel and diesel oils, DuDglass, Bowling, and 146 
St. Vincent St., C.2 ; tel. adds , " Briimexco, 
Bowling," and "Redline, Glasgow''; tel. Nos., 90 
Bowling and Central 5215-6-7. 

British Nantical Instrument Trade Association; 
Biggart, Lumsden & Co., secretaries, 105 West 
George st., C.2. 

British Oil and Turpentine Corporation 
Ltd., manufacturers of "Speedwell" motor oils, 
" Crimsangere " grease* lubricating oils for all 
purposes; Glasgow branch, 71 Commerce street, 
C.6; tel. No., South 1407. 

British Order of Ancient Free Gardeners Friendly and 
Approved Society, West of Scotland District, 24 
Monteith row, S.E.; John Stirling, secy. 

British Packing Products Co., packing specialists, 139 
Reidst, Bridgeton,S.E. 

British Road Freighters, road transport contractors 
and shipping agents, 24 North st., C.3 ; tel. add., 
" Freights, Glasgow " ; tel. No., Central 9950. 

British Ropes, Ltd., Farme Cross, Rutherglen ; 
tel. add., " Britrope, Rutherglen" ; tel. No. 
Rutherglen 620. 

British Sailors' Society, Atlantic Chambers, 45 Hope 
St., C.2 (tel. No. Central 7241). Rev. William 
Martin, organising secretary, St. Malo, Broomley 
late, Giffnock. 

British Sales, Ltd. (canned goods, dried fruits; 
distributors Del Monte and other C.P.C. brands), 
12 Renfield street, C. 2; tel. add., " Bidelmonte, 
Glasgow "; tel. No., Central 4452. 

British School of MotoriDg, Ltd., 206 Sauchiehall st., 
C 2 ; tel. No. Douglas 4427. 

British Steam Specialities, 387 Argyle street, C.2. 

B.T.H. Refrigerator Distributors (Meighan 
Bros. & Bartow, Ltd.), 102 Bothwell street C.2 ; 
tel. No., Central 2842. 

British (The; Tabulating Machine Co., Ltd., 
electrical tabulating and accounting machines, 
200 St. Vincent st., C 2 ; tel. add., " Tabulorial, 
Glasgow;" tel. No., Central 1315. 

British (The) Thomson-Houston Co., Ltd., electrical 
engineers, 53 Pitt street, C.2. 

British Tube Works, Coatbridge, iron and steel tube 
manufacturers ; office, 41 Oswald street, city, C.l. 

British Typewriters, Ltd., 80 Buchanan st., C.l. 

British Tyre and Rubber Co., Ltd., rubber 
manufacturers, 64 Wellington street, C.2 ; ware- 
house, 9 Oswald st , C.l ; tel. aod., ''Britgoods" ; 
tel. Nos., Central 2288 and 2289. 

British United Order of Oddfellows, Montefiore 
Lodge, No. 388; secretary, M. H. Mellick, 23 
Carmichael pi., S,2. 

British (The) United Shoe Machinery Co., Ltd., 153 

Howard st. C.l; tel. add., " Prominent, Glasgow " ; 

tel. No., Central 7110. 
British Vacuum Cleaner and Engineering (Goblin) 

Co., Ltd., 13 Bath st., C.2; tel. No. Douglas 

British Wireless Marine Service, Marine Wireless 

Co., 9 India street, C.2. 
British Women's Temperance Association (S.C.U.). 

Glasgow District Union; office, 116 Hope st., 

C.2; tel. No., Central 0111. 
Britton, J., flesher, 1356 Duke street, C.l. 
Briton (The) Brush Co., Ltd., brush makers, 136 

Renfield street, C.2. 
Brittain, Miss M., greengrocer, 419 Alexandra 

parade E ; ho. 129 Whitehill st., E.l. 
Broad, Miss E., milliner, 86 Maryhill road, N.W. 
Broadbent, Thomas, & Sons, Ltd., sugar machinery 

manufacturers, centrifugal machine manufacturers, 

hydro-extractor manufacturers, friction clutch 

makers, electrical and mechanical engineers ; tel, 

Nos., Central 7116 7 ; tel. add., "Broadbent, 

Glasgow." Representative, H. Topps, 145 St. 

Vincent street, C.2. 
Broadfoot, H. J., ladies' outfitter, 28 Kilmarnock 

road, S.l. 
Broadfoot, John, dairyman, 32 Houston street, 

Broadfoot, John, & Sons, Limited, engineers 

and brassfounders, Admiralty contractors, Inch- 
holm Works, Ferryden street, Wiiteincb. 
Broadley, Hugh, Ltd., builders, 8 Gourock st.,C.5. 
Brock, Archibald B., agent (Union Bank of Scotland, 

Ltd., Denuistoun, E.l) ; ho. 39 Eastcote avenue, 

W.4. ; tel. No., Scotstoun 2125. 
Brock, Charles S. (of Wm. Brock & Son, Ltd.), 

13 York street, C.2. 
Brock, James (of Salmon, Young & Co.), ho Heath 

Villa, Prestwick. 
Brock, Thomas, & Co., ship brokers and foreign 

stevedores' agents, 29 Waterloo street, C.2; 

tel. address, " Linden "; tel. No. 1914 Central. 
Brock, Wm. Walter, C.A. (of Grahams, Rintoul, 

Hay, Bell & Co., C.A., 106 St, Vincent st., C 2); 

res , The Firs, Inner Park rd., Wimbledon, London, 

S.W.I 9i tel. No., Putney 2459. 
Brock, Wm. & Son, Ltd., flour and grain 

importers, 13 York street, C.2; tel. No., Central 

6647; telegrams, " Brock, Glasgow." 
Brockhill, F. G., & Co., chamois specialists, manu- 
facturers of Springfield specialities, 89 Ingram st., 

Brockhouse, J. & Co., Ltd., trailer manufacturers, 

Livingstone St., Clydebank ; tel. add., '"Kwikfiks, 

Clydebank"; tel. No. Clydebank 590 (4 lines.) 
Brockie, Robert, stockbroker (of Robert Easton & 

Co.); house, 16 Fotheringay road, S.l. 
Brocklebank Line — Agents, P. Henderson & Co., 

shipowners, 96 Botbwell street, C.2. 
Brockliss, J. Frank, Ltd., cinematograph specialists 

and engineers, 181 Howard St., C.l ; tel. No., 

Bell 1156. 
Broderick, J. W. (of Sloan & Jackson, Ltd.), 15 

Bertram street, Shawlands S.l ; tel. No. Langside 

Brodie, Andrew, blacksmith-, 18 Lochburn rd., N.W.; 

ho., 106 Broadholm street, N. 
Brodie, Burns & Anderson, incorporated accountants, 

116 Hope street C.2 ; tel. No., 4905 Central. 




Brodie & Colvin, manufacturers' agents, 19 Queen st., 

C.l ; tel. add., "Bohemian"; tel. No., Central 

Brodie, David R., M.P.S., chemist, 42 Woodlands 

road, C.3. 
Brodie, E. Mortimer, F.S.A.A. (of Brodie, Burns & 

Anderson) ; res., Fenwick House, Bishopton, 

Brodie, E. Mortimer, junr. (of Brodie, Burns & 

Anderson); res., Kilmallie, Poplar aven., Bishopton. 
Brodie, E. Fountaine, collector of antiques, com- 
plete house decoration and furnishings, 286, 288 

Renfrew street, C.3; tel. No., Douglas 1126. 
Brodie & Hall, Ltd., sole agents for Scotland, Kelvin- 

ator Refrigerator, 136-140 North st., C.3; tel. 

No., Central 5935. 
Brodie, Hugh, dairyman, 7 Kilfinan street, N.W. 
Brodie, J., newsagent, 527 Clarkston road, S.4. 
Brodie, Jas., & Co., manufacturers, 14 King st., C.l 

(tel. No, Bell 853); ho., 2 Kyle Park avenue, 

Brodie, James, 10 Rosslyn ter., W.2 ; tel. No., 

Western 6326. 
Brodie, John, bank agent, Bank of Scotland, 67 

Clarkston road, S.4. 
Brodie, John Boyd, civil engineer, 141 West George st., 

C.2 (tel. No., Central 5099) ; house, 70 Oakfield 

avenue, Hillhead, W.2; tel. No , 3333 Western. 
Brodie, Rev. John M'Clure, clergyman, 18 Bank 

street, W.2. 
Brodie, R., 102 Park road, C.4. 
Brodie, Robert, AR.I.B.A., architect, 289 Kenmure 

street, Pollokshields, S.l, 
Brodie, Robert, jun., drysalter, 590a Gallowgate, 

Brodie, Robert P., painter and decorator, 342 

Allison street, S.2 ; res., Ill King's Park avenue, 

Cathcart, S.4; tel. No. Queen's Park, 707. 
Brodie, Robt., painter, sign writer, and gilder, 294 

Orr street, S.E. ; ho. 80 Meadowpark st., E.l. 
Biodie, Robert R., butchers' outfitter, 11b Graham 

square, E.l. 
Brodie, Thomas R., sign writer and gilder, 224 

Armadale street, E.l. 
Brodie, Thomas B., drysalter, 5£0a Gallowgate; ho., 

224 Annadale at., C.l. 
Brodie, William, LL.D., writer (of M'Clure, Naismith, 

Brodie & Co.), ho., 9 Kirklee terrace, W.2. 
Brodie, Louise J., L.R.A.M., L.T.C. L., teacher of 

music, 108 Dorchester aven., W.2. 
Brodley, H., chimney sweeper, 48 Trossachs street, 

Brogan, D., fruiterer and florist, 83 Springfield rd., 

Bridgeton, S.E. (tel. No., Bridgeton 322); also 

597 Dalmarnock rd., S.E. 
Brogan, Jobn, butcher, 113 Stobcross street, C.3. 
Brogan, John, Ltd., butchers, 379 Argyle st. C.2, 

and 113 Stobcross st, C.3 ; ho., 303 St Vincent 

street, C.2 ; tel. No., 2069 Central. 
Brogan, Margaret V., ladies' hairdresser and beauty 

specialist, 68 Cambridge st, C.3 (tel. No. Dougias 

3652) ; ho. 138 Renfrew street, C.3. 
Brolly & Martin, dairykeepers, 205 Calder st., S.2. 
Bromell Patents Co , Ltd. (see W. Crc ckatt & Sons, 

Ltd.), 64 Darnley street, S.l. 
Brook, A., tailor and gent.'s outfitter, 380 Paisley 

roid,C5; ho., 83 Ardgay street, E.2. 
Brook & Brander, mantle manufacturers, 14 Molen- 

dinar street, C.l. 

Brook, J., & Co., organ builders (vacuums), Nether- 
lee Mills, Cathcart. 
Brook Motors, Ltd., electric motor manufacturers, 

95 Bath street, C.2. 
Brookarsh, D., tailor, 14 Molendinar street, C.l. 
Brook, Alec, Ltd., 56 Mitchell street, C.l. 
Brooke, Bond & Co., Ltd., wholesale tea dealers, 65- 

69 Avenuepark st.,N.W.; tel. No., Maryhill658. 
Brooke, J. C. & Co., Ltd., carriers, 125 Buchanan 

street, C.l. 
Brooke, Wm., confectioner, 176 St. George's road, C.3. 
Brookens, Charles, potato merchant, 891 Colston 

road, N.W. 
Brookfield, Aitchison, & Co. , Ltd., Manchester; agent, 

James J. Lockhart, 11 Miller street, C.l; ho., 

320 Alderman road, W.3. 
Brookhirst Switchgear, Ltd., 145 St. Vincent street, 

Brooks, A., 227 Cambridge street, C. 3. 
Brooks, Hugh, & Co., Ltd., chemical merchants, 12 

Renfield street, C.2. 
Brooks, Hugh, oil merchant, 12 Renfield st. C.2 ; 

ho, Inglehnrst, The Grove, Whitecraigs. 
Brooks, M. B. & W„ Ltd.. licensed financiers, 5 St. 

Vincent place, C.l ; tel. No., Central 6521. 
Brooks, Richard & Co., Scotch whisky, 133 Water- 
loo st, C.2. ; tel. add., " Berrenchin*' ; tel. No., 

Central 1631. 
Brooksby, George B., organ builder, 33 Hayburn 

cres., Parfickhill, W. 1 (late Scottish representative 

Lewis & Co., Ltd., London). 
Broome & Green, Ltd., fruit brokers and flower sales- 
men, 85, 87 Oandleriggs, C.l (teL Nos. Bell 3282, 

3283), and 72, 76 Candleriggs, C.l; teL No. Bell 

Broomfield, T., secy., 41 St. Vincent place, C.l; res., 

Elwyn, Westbrae road, Newton Mearns. 
Broomhill Church. Marlborough avenue, W.l. 
Broomhill Home for Incurables, 121 St. Vin- 
cent street, C.2 ; Donald D. MacLeod, secretary. 

Telephone No. 6070 Central. 
Broomhill Motor Co., Ltd., garage and repairs, and 

radio, 106 Clarence drive, Hyndland, W.2 ; tel- 

No., 2107 Western. 
Broomhill Nursing Home (Miss Morrison, S.R.N.), 

4 Brooomhill avenue, W.l. 
Brosgall, Mrs. F., fruiterer, 1147 Maryhill road, 

N.W. ; ho. 43 Westmoreland street, S.2. 
Brotchie, John R., printers' furnisher, 122 West 

street, C.5. 
Brotchie, William (of John R. Brotchie) ; house, 38 

Herries road, Pollokshields, S.l. 
Brotherhood, Peter, Ltd., engineers, 48 W. Regent 

st., C.2 ; tel. address, " Multistage, Glasgow" ; tel. 

No., Douglas 3106. 
Brothers, A, (A. & J. Brothers) ; ho. 35 Burlington 

avenue, W.2. 
Brothers, A. & J., wholesale jewellers, 15 Trongate 

(Cross), 0.1. ; tel. No. Bell 2608 
Brothers J. (A. & J. Brothers) ; ho. 7 Stamperland 

avenue, Clarkston. 
Brothers, Lf.-Col. O.F., O.B.E., 28 Huntly gdns., 

Brotherston, John, tobacconist and newsagent, 95 

Langlands road, S.W.I. 
Brough, Leo, plumber, 18 Seamore street, N.W. 

(tel. No., Douglas 2751); house, 22 do. 
Brough & MacLaren, writers, 131 West Regent street 





Brough, Peter (of Peter Brough & Son) ; house, 40 

Hamilton avenue, 
Brough, Peter, & Son, wholesale milliners, 26 Queen 

street CI; tel No., Central 8402. 
Brough, Robert, registrar, The University ; house, 

7 Novar drive, W.2. 
Brough, William, dairykeeper, 114 Norfolk street, 

C.6; ho.. 105 Dun drennan road, S 2. 
Brough, William, 5 Mount Stuart st., Shawlands.S.l. 
Broughton-Head, L. C„ M.B., Ch.B., L.D.S. (Eng.), 

dental surgeon, 163 Bath st. f C.2; tel. No., 181 

Brown, A., boot and shoe maker, 8 Gibson st., W.2. 
Brown, A., newsagent, 75 Cambridge street, C.3. 
Brown, Adam, draper and clothier, 46 Scotia street, 

C.4; ho., Glen Aylmer, Howwod. Renfrewshire. 
Brown, Adam G., & Co., Ltd., iron, steel, 

aluminium and steam fittings stockholders ; office, 

2 Oswald st., C.l; iron and stee' warehouse, 

42 Broomielaw, C.l ; Steam fittings warehouse, 

9,11 Washington street, C.3 ; tel. No., 3379 

Central ; tel. add. " Hazel, Glasgow." 
Brown & Adam, Ltd , bleachers, dyers and finishers, 

Riverbank Works, Riverford road, Pollokshaws, 

Brown, A. E., & Co. (Glasgow) Ltd., bakers' cream, 

Watt Road Industrial Esiate, L.W.2. 
Brown, A. G. & Co., Ltd., colliery agents, 7 Bath 

street, C.2. 
Brown, 1. Gillison (of Adam G. Brown & Co., Ltd.); 

ho., 38 Chesterfield avenue, W.2. 
Brown, A. H., chemist, 240 Kilmarnock rd. S.3 ; ho., 

137 Woodstock avenue, Shawlands, 8.1. 
Brown, A. J. Norman (Steven Struthers, Ltd.) ; 

house 66 Esplanade, Greenock ; tel. No. Greenock 

Brown, A. K., plumber and electrician, 743 London 

road, S E.; tel No., 1247 uridgeton. 
Brown, A. Kirkwood (of A. Kirkwood Brown & Sons), 

ho. 75 Newlands rd., S.3 ; tel. No. Langside 

Brown, A. Kirkwood, & Sons, house factors, 

valuators, property and insurance agents, 180 West 

George st., C.2. Telephone, 483-484 Douglas — See 

Brown, A. Laurie, physician and surgeon, 143 

Gloucester st., C 5; res., 1 Leslie rd., Pollokshields, 

Brown, A. M'Kenzie, J.P., Ardmore, 522 Anniesland 

road, W.3. 
Brown, Alex., & Son, plasterers and cement workers, 

30 Couper place, C.4 (tel. No., Bell 2378) ; house, 

6 Garrioch drive, N.W. 
Brown, Alexander, 6c Sons, property agents, 

valuators, and house factors, 65 Bath street, C 2. 
Brown, Alex, (of Robertson & Reid), ho., 64 Minard 

road, S.I ; tel. No., Douglas 1869 
Brown, Alex., & Co., metal agents and merchants, 

113 West Regent St., C.2 ; telephone No., Douglas 

6528 (2 lines). 
Brown, Alex., & Co., ladies' and gent.'s tailors, 2, 4 

St. Peter's street, C.4 ; ho., Stratheyre, Bardowie. 
Brown, Alex. C, steel founder, Carntyne Steel 

Castings Co., Ltd., Renfrew; house, Norwood, 

Renfrew ; tel. No., 21. 
Brown, Alex. Lawrie (of Geo. Middleton & Brown), 

ho., 48 Hamilton avenue, Pollokshields, 8.1. 
Brown, Alex. M,, Savings Bank of Glasgow, 23 

Struan gardens, Cathcart, S.4. 

Brown, A. M., agent, 44 Crofthill road, S.4. 
Brown, A. M., tobacconist, 269 Gt. Western rd., C.4. 
Brown, Alexander Montgomery, physician, 24 

Hamilton avenue, S.l ; tel. No., Ibrox 1097. 
Brown, Alex. R., Auditor of Court, Sheriff Chambers ; 

ho., 24 Hamilton avenue, Pollokshields, 8.1. 
Brown, Alexander Rankin, auditor, Sheriff Court, 

Sheriff's Chambers ; ho. 24 Hamilton aven, S. 1 ; 

telephone No. Ibrox 1097. 
Brown, Alfred, & Co., electrical wholesale distribu- 
tors, 132 Renfrew st.. C.3; tel. No., Douglas 5780. 
Brown, Alfred, minister, Maxwell Parish, Maxwell 

Manse, 16 Woodrow road, Pollokshields, 8 1. 
Brown, Andrew, solicitor (of Walker, Nisbet & 

Smith) ; ho., 25 Keir street, Pollokshields, S.l. 
Brown, Andrew, tinsmith, gasfitter, and plumber, 

104 George street, C.l ; house, 116 do. 
Brown, Andrew (of Wm. Simons & Co., Ltd., Ren- 
frew); res., Heatheryknowe, Kilmacolm. 
Brown, Andrew, surveyor. 134 Holland street, C.2 

(tel. No.. Douglas 5060); ho., 226 West Princes 

street, C.4 ; tel. No., Douglas 4110. 
Brown, Andrew B., tailor and outfitter, 24 Kilbowie 

road, Clydebank; tel. No., Clydebank 8. 
Brown, Angus, potato merchant, 91 Corbett street, 

Brown, A. R., M'Farlane & Co., Ltd., iron and 

steel merchants, 19 St. Vincent place. C 1. 
Brown, A. R., M'Farlane & Co., Ltd., iron and 

steel merchants, agents Nippon Yusen Kaisha, 

and Tokio Marine and Fire Insurance Co., Ltd., 

19 St. Vincent place, C.l; tel. No., Central 9946 

(3 lines) 
Brown, Arch., agency manager, Scottish Amicable 

Life Office; ho., Lindens, Helensburgh ; tel. No. 

Helensburgh 437. 
Brown, A. Scott & Co., marine insurance brokers, 41 

St. Vincent place, C 1. 
Brown, Archd. H.. chief accountant (Burns & Laird 

Lines Ltd); ho. ,11 Limeside ave.. Rutherglen ; 

tel. No., Rutherglen 106. 
Brown. Archibald, wine and spirit merchant, 67 Old 

Dumbarton rd., C.3 
Brown, Arthur S., C. A. (of MacEwing, Brown & 

Man in, C.A.), ho. 96 Norse rd., Scotstoun, W.4 ; 

tel. No., Scotstoun 1054. 
Brown, Bartram, & Co., paper merchants and agents 

(wholesale), 45 Hope street, C.2 ; tel. No., Central 

9532; telegraphic address, "Substance, Glasgow." 
Brown & Beveridge, Ltd., cabinetmakers, uphol- 
sterers, and carpet warehousemen, 194 Bath street, 

C.2. Telephone No., 126 Douglas. Telegrams, 

"Tapestrv, Glasgow." 
Brown Bros. (Motor Engineers, Ltd.), 

engineers and haulage contractors, 50 

aud 5a Bluevale st., E.l ; ho., 492 Duke st., E.l ; 

tel. Nos., Bridgeton 446 and 447 (P.B.E.). 
Brown Bros., hatters and milliners. 538, 540 Argyle 

street, C.3. 
Brown Brothers & Park, manafacturers' agents, 11 

Miller street, C.l ; tel. No., Central 6841. 
Brown, C. Gordon (of David Brown & Son, factors), 

ho. 11 Stuart avenue, Burnside. 
Browne, Charles, secretary (at R. Hunter Craig & 

Co., Ltd.); ho., 2 Queen square, S.l. 
Brown, Charles Stuart, director, The Acme Tea 

Chest Co., Ltd. ; ho., Auchengrange, Loch 

winnoch, Renfrewshire; telephone No., Loch 

winnoch 210. 






Brown, Charles H., F.B.S.G.S., lecturer, The Royal 
Technical College, C.l ; ho., 6 Earlspark ave., S.3. 

Brown, Chaa. Leigh, & Melville, C.A., 108 Douglas 
street, C.2; telephone Nos., Central 2661 and 2662. 

Brown, Chas. Leigh, C.A. (Chas. Leigh Brown & 
Melville) ; res. iStrathmuir, Kilmacolm ; tel. No. 220 

Brown, Charles D. C. (at Miller, Thompson, Hender- 
son & Co., 190 St. Vincent st., C.2); house, 12 
Pitt i errace, Stirling; tel. No., X 86. 

Brown & Co., Waterloo Saw Mills, saw millers, 
expert packers and shippers of motor cars, 
machinery, &c, joiners, packing bos, tin and zinc 
case makers, makers of bottle cases for brewers, 
wine merchants and aerated water manufacturers ; 
wood turners, milk boxes, plywood containers 
(round and square), show case, mantel-piece, 
cabinet and wood workers for electricians, French 
polishers; all kinds of hard and soft woods cut to 
sizes, bundled or shooked, 73 to 85 M'Alpine st., 
C.2, and 31, 33 Washington st, 0.3. ; Tel. No., 
Central 6568 (3 lines). Tel. address, " Boxes, 

Brown & Co. (Simplex), Ltd., window 
fittings, telephone loud speakers and wireless 
specialists (established 1891), 182 West Regent 
street, C.2 ; tel. No., Douglas 1829. 

Brown & Co., 93 Waterloo street, C.2. 

Brown, Colin S. (of James & William Brown, Ltd.); 
ho., 7 Newark drive, SI; tel. No., Queen's Park 
68 1. 

Brown, D., manager, Scottish Co-operative Wholesale 
Society, Ltd., drapery dept (tel. No., Merry lee 
2634; ho. 646 Clarasion road, S.4. 

Brown, Daniel, Ltd., restaurateurs and 
confectioners, 79 & 83 St. Vincent st., C.2. 

Brown, David, poultry f&rmer, Shielburn, Summer- 
ston, N.W. 

Brown, David & Sons (Huddfd., Ltd.), ma- 
chine cut gearing manufacturers, 2tf St. Vincent 
pi., C.l; tele, add., " Gearingly, Glasgow"; 
tel. No. Central 3282. 

Brown, David C , art dealer, gilder and picture frame 
maker, 4s2 Sauchiehall st., C.2 ; ho., 29 Clincart- 
hill rd., Rutherglen. 

Brown, David, & Son, house factors and insurance 
agents, 669 London road S.E. 

Brown, David S. (of David Brown & Son, factors), ho. 
12 Albany drive, Rutherglen. 

Brown, David, jnnr., Ltd., exporters of coal tar bye- 
products, oils and chemicals, and road material 
manufacturers, 697 Moss road S.W.I (tel. add., 
" Olympic"; tel. No , Govan 598); ho., 21 Central 
avenue, Cambaslang; tel. No., 215 Camrmslang. 

Brown, David P., coal and dross merchant, 
Bridgeton Station, Swanston st , S.E.; 
ho. 34 Johnstone drive, Rutherglen ; tel. No., 
Bridgeton 3153 

Brown, David C. (at Daniel Brown, Ltd.); house, 5 
Bullocb aven., Giffnock. 

Brown, David A. (of Aitken & Ramsay, C.A.) ; ho.. 
58 St. Meddans street, Troon. 

Brown, D, C, L.D.S., dental surgeon, 18 Bridgeton 
cross, S E. (tel. No., Brideeton 234); ho., 266 
Stoneiaw rd., Burnside ; tel. N>., Rutherglen 732. 

Brown, David M., National Bank, 267 Byres rd., 
W.2 ; house, 2 Caledon street. W.2. 

Brown, D. M'Leilan warehouseman, 105 Oxford st., 
C.5 ; ho., 146 Croftpark ave., S.4. 

Brown, David W., secy, (of W. H. Chaplin & Co. 

(Scotland) Ltd.; tel. No., Central 1215); ho., 

Ashgrove, Townhead st., Strathaven; tel. No., 

Brown, David W.,coaohbuilder, 22-30 Shamrock st. 

C.4 (tel. No., Douglas 5567); ho., Rosebery ter. 

Brown & Deas, Ltd. (Clifford), opticians, 141 

Bath st.. C.2 ; tel. No., Douglas 32. 
Brown, Digby, & Co., writers, 116 Hope street, 

Brown, Digby S. (of Digby Brown & Co., writers); 

house, 63 Gibson street, W.2. 
Brown, Donald, M.B.E., assistant postmaster 

(retired), Glasgow; ho., 39 Falkland Mansions, 

W.2 ; tel. No., Western 6821. 
Brown, Downie, tailor and clothier, 137 Eglinton 

street C.5 ; ho., 107 Ormonde avenue, Moirend. 
Brown, Duncan, joiner, 20 Baker st., Shawlands, 

S.l ; tel. No., Langside 1683. 
Brown, E., fruiterer, 9 Burghead dr., S.W.I 
Brown, E., fruiterer, 8 Elder st., S.W.I. 
Brown, E., mantle manufacturer, 205 Buchanan 

street, C.l (tel. No. Douglas 207); ho., 103 

M'Culloch street, S.l. 
Browne, Eric St. Clair, F.F.A.S., quantity surveyor 

and valuator, 102 Bath st, C.2 (tel. No., 0884 

Douglas); ho., Adalea, 28 Bogton Park, Cathcart; 

tel. No., Merrylee 1261. 
Brown, Ernest J., church officer, Lansdowne 

Church ; house, 416 Great Western road, C.4. 
Brown, Ed. S. (director), Connal & Co., Ltd. ; ho., 

27 Sutherland avenue, S. 1. 
Brown, Ewart S. (of Stephenson Brown & Co.) ; res. 

Yorkdene, 27 Sutherland avenue, S.l. 
Brown, Fergus, A.M.I.C.E , director (Wilson, 

Kinmond& Marr, Ltd.); ho., 118 Queen Victoria 

drive, Scotstoun, W.4. 
Brown, Ferguson & Co., solicitors and notaries, 

227 St. Vincent st, C I ; tel. No., Central 1046. 
Brown, Fleming & Murray, 175 West George st., 

C.2, and 4b Fredericks pi., Old Jewry, London, 

E.G. 2 ; tel. No., 6242 Central (3 lines). 
Brown Flemings, Ltd., 141 Bath street, C 2. 
Brown. Francis wine and spirit merchant, 395 

Paisley road, C.6. 
Brown, Francis S., chartered accountant, 11 Both- 
well street, C.2 (tel No. Central 3167) ; house, 

16 Springfield road, Bishopbriggs ; telephone No., 

Bishopbriggs 82. 
Brown, Frank (Finnieston Engineering Co,, Ltd.); 

ho., 114 Queen Victoria drive, Scotstoun, W 4. 
Brown, F. S., boot merchant, 6 and 7 

Charing Cross Mansions, C.3 ; res., Craigend 

House, Bothwell; telephone No., Douglas 728. 
Brown, Fraser, & Co., Ltd., building and 

reinforced concrete contractors. 24 Durward 

avenue, S.l; tel. Nos., Langside 2100 and 2101. 
Brown, G., ticket writer, 3tf6 Crown st., C.5. 
Brown, G A. & Co , Ltd., wholesale grocers, 571 

Argyle St., C.3. 
Brown, Gavin, & Son, wrights and building contractors, 

13 North Portland street, C.l. 
Biown, Gavin (of Gavin Brown & Son, 13 North 

Portland street C.l) ; house, 19 Borland road, 

Kestington, by B j arsden. 
Brown, George (of Wm. Teacher & Sons, Ltd.); 
ho., 37 Deanwood avenue, Muirend, S.4 ; tel, No. 
Merrylee 2531. 




Brown, George, grocer, 348 Tollcross rd., E.l; ho., 

Ellabank, London road. 
Brown, George, joiner and builder, 319 Bath lane, 

C.2; house, Westfield, 188 Souihbrae drive, 

Scotstounhill, W.3. 
Brown, George, 48 Lilybank gardens, W.2. 
Brown, George, joiner and glazier, Station road, 

Uddingston (tel. No. Bothwell 2110); house, 3 

Woodlands avenue, BothwelL 
Brown, George, confectioner, 80 Carstairs st., S.E. 
Brown, Geo. F. T. (of Brown, Sons, & Co.), 75 

Buchanan st., C.l; ho., Enderley, Lenzie. 
Brown, G. F. Fleming (John Brown & Son, Ltd.); 

house, Beechwood, Thorntonhall. 
Brown, George, manufacturers' agent, 82 Mitchell 

st., C.l (tel. No. Central 2998) ; ho., 181 Deanston 

drive, S.l; 
Brown, George J. L. (of Edmiston, Brown & Co. 

Ltd.) ; ho.. 20 Munro road, Jordanhill, W.3; tel. 

No., Scotstoun 1175. 
Brown, George Stuart, manager, Empire Aluminium 

Co., Ltd. ; ho., Dunrowan, Langbank ; tel. No., 

25 Langbank. 
Brown, G. L., Dunedin, 8 Braidfauld place, 

Brown, G. M., joiner, 12 Cambridge lane, C.3. 
Brown & Gracie, Ltd., produce merchants, 82 Mitchell 

st. C.l. ; tel. Nos., City 6181-2. 
Brown, Gray, & Co., Ltd., malt extract merchants and 

druggists' sundriesmen, 548 Argyle street, C.3. 
Brown & Gray (Jotn), printers and stationers; 

works, 43 and 44 Clyde place, C 5 ; telephone No. 

South 1307. 
Brown, H., hardware merchant, 8 Albert road, 

Brown, H. A. Scott (at W. R. Higginbotham & Co.); 

ho. Miyanoshita, Kilcnacolm. 
Brown, H. D., bank teller, British Linen Bank, 112 

Renfield street, C.2 ; ho., 34 Ravensball road, 

Brown, Hailey, Office Public Works, City Chambers ; 

house, 43 Balerno drive, Mosspark. 
Browne, Harold A., O.A., F.B.A.S. (of Armour, 

Browne & Adam), 40 West Nile st.. C.l (tel. No. 

Central 4766); ho., 35 Arundel drive, S.2. 
Brown, Henry, dairyman, 14 Raglan street, C.4. 
Brown, Henry, chartered accountant, 156 St. 

Vincent street, C.2 (tel. Noj. Central 449 and 

460); res., Dalnaskyl, Kilmarnock; tel. No., Kil- 
marnock 655. 
Brown, Henry J. Stuart, director, The Acme Tea Chest 

Co., Ltd. ; ho., Cathlaw, Torphichen, Linlithgow- 
shire ; tel. No., Bathgate 69. 
Brown, H. M. (of C. A. Parsons & Co., Ltd.), 

82 Gordon street, C.l 
Brown, Hugh A., optician (of Pollock & Stewart), 

41 Renfield st , C.2. (tel. No. Central 4066); ho. 

Dungoyne, Birdowie, Milngavie. 
Brown, Hugh, & Co., sheet metal workers, 35 

Dalmarnock rd., Bridgeton, S.E. 
Brown, Hugh, & Co., tinsmiths and gasfitters, 36 

Dalmarnock road, S.E. 
Brown, Hugh, engineer (Alex. Brown &Co., 113 W 

Regent st., C.2); ho., Sunnymeade, Church road, 

Giffnock, S.W.I. 
Brown, J., tailor, 27 Oswald street, C.l. 
Brown, J., fruiterer, 33 Hyndland street, W. 1. 
Brown, J., wine and spirit merchant, 232 Paisley 

road, C.5. 

Brown, J., garage, Maukinfauld road, E.2. 

Brown, J., M.B., Ch. B., physician and surgeon, 

592a Gallowgate ; house, 30 Craigpark, E.l ; 

tel. No., Bridgeton 1761. 
Brown, J. D. L., agent, Commercial Bank of Scotland 

Ltd., Cowcaddens branch, 47 New City road, C.4; 

house, 10 Blansionhouse road, Carmyle. 
Brown, J. S., motor contractor and garages, 28 

Arcadia st., S.E. (tel. No., Bridgeton 331) ; ho., 

65 Main street, S.E. 
Brown, James, coal merchant, Kelvinbridge ; ho. 45 

Kirkland street, N.W. 
Brown, James, secretary, Wilsons & Clyde Coal Co., 

Ltd., 36 Robertson St., C.2; ho., Donaghadee, 

Brown, James (of Abercrombie, Brisbane & Brown), 

Inzievar, 57 Newlands road, Newlands. 
Brown, James A. (of Clyde Automobile Co., Ltd, 

C.2) ; house, 26 Overtoun drive, Rutherglen. 
Brown, James, tobacconist, 150 Dumbarton road, 

W.l; ho., 7 Ash road, Dalmuir. 
Brown, James & William. Ltd , coal merchants, 

180 Hope street, C.2 ; tel. Nos., Douglas 7494 (4 

lines), private branch exchange. 
Brown, James, fish merchant and commission 

agent, 88 Clyde street, C.l (tel. No., 96 Bell); 

res., The Peak, 153 Peveril avenue, Shaw- 
lands, S.l; tel. No., 1495 Langside. 
Brown, James, Glasgow Corporation Water Works, 

C.l; house, Ga:ve, road, Bearsden. 
Brown, James, & Co., sack merchants, 166 Camlachie 

street, E.l. 
Brown, James (of James Brown & Co., 166 Cam- 
lachie st.) ; ho., 26 Dumbreck road, S.l. 
Brown, James F., warehouseman, 87 Carlton place, 

Brown, Jas. H. manager, Camlachie Distillery : 

house, 134 Onslow drive, E.l. 
Brown, Jas. L., Glasgow Savings Bank; res., 

Highbury, Victoria road, Lenzie. 
Brown, James M'Coll, 29 Old Dumbarton road, 

Brown, James M., licensed grocer, 147 Nelson street, 

C.6 ; ho„ 7 Rael street, Cathcart, S.4. 
Brown James M. C, grocer, 87 Ellesmere st., N. ; 

ho. 63 Fergus drive, N.W. 
Brown, James R. (of Brown, Son & Ferguson, Ltd., 

publishers) ; house, 59 Ayton road, Pollokshields, 

Brown, James R. (J. S. & J. Brown, Ltd ) ; ho., 21 

Victoria Park gardens, South, Broomhill, W. 1. 
Brown, James Stewart, Savings Bank, Glasgow; 

house, 83 Clunie road, Mosspark, S.W.2. 
Brown, James, carpet manufacturer (of James 

Templeton & Co ) ; ho., Bariston, Blairbeth road, 

Burnside; tel. No., Rutherglen 931. 
Brown, Jas. M'Call, grocer, 1039 Maryhill road, 

NW. ; house, 17 Bradfield avenue, W.2. 
Brown, Jas. Yates, F.S.M.C., optician, 1016 Shettle- 

ston road, E.2. 
Brown, Jas. B. (of Abercrombie, Brisbane & 

Brown); house, 43 Camphill aven., Langside S.l 
Blown, James & Son, antique dealers, 242 Hope 

street, C.2. 
Brown, J. (director, Arthur & Co.) ; house, 25 

Stamparlaid crescent, Clarkston; tel. No., Giff- 
nock 1916. 
Brown, J. Fulton, tailor and clothier, 82 Union st.i 





Brown, J. (of Brown Bros. & Park); ho., 287 

Braidfauld st., Tollcross. 
Brown, J. & Co., wholesale fruit salesmen, 115 

Albion street, 0.1; tel. add., "Lettuce"; tel. 

No., Bell 589. 
Brown, J. & Co., export whisky merchants, 3 

Cadogan st., Glasgow, C.2, and 7 and 8 Idol lane, 

London, E.C. 
Brown, J., butcher, 1058 Dumbarton road; house, 

13 Lime street, Whiteinch, W.4. 
Brown, J. Campbell (of Logan, MacCormack & 

Brown, 95 Bath st., C.2); ho., 12 King's Park 

avenue, S.4. 
Brown, J. Kirkwood (of A. Eirkwood Brown & Sons), 

ho., Elmbank, 208 Nithsdale rd., Pollokshields 

S.l ; tel. No., Queen's Park 1194. 
Brown, J. K., bond manager, White Horse Distillers, 

Ltd. ; house, 10 Baronald dr., Kelvindale, W.2. 
Brown, J. M. D., agent, Nat. Bank of Scotland, Ltd., 

535 Gt. Western road, W.2 ; house, 39 Camphill 

avenue, Langside, S.l. 
Brown, J. M'Kerrow, writer (of Dixon, Erskine 

& Co ) ; bo., 38 Kylepark crescent, Uddingston ; 

tel. No. Uddingston 302. 
Browne, Messrs J. Nixon, & Partners, Ltd., insurance 

brokers, 12 Renfield street, C.2; teL Nos., Central 

9036 and 2147. 
Brown, J. Primrose (Hugh Baird & Sons, Ltd.); 

ho., 8 Westbourne terr., W.2. 
Brown, J. S. & J., Ltd., wine merchants, 225a W. 

George street, C.2 ; tel. address, " Melline ; " 

tel. No. 4485 Central, 
Brown, J. Stirling, F.S. A.A., C.R.A., accountant 

and auditor, 137 West George street C.2 ; ho., 

Southpark, Newlands road, S.3 ; tel. Nos., City 

4101 and 4102 and 669 Langside. 
Brown, J. T. & Co., tailors' trimming warehousemen, 

silk merchants, accordion pleating and button 

makers, 92 Union st„ C.l ; teL No ,5252 Central. 
Brown, J. W., fruiterer, 1937 Dumbarton road, W. 4. 
Brown, John M. (of Brown, Fraser & Co., Ltd.) ; 

ho., Knowe Top, Elphinston rd., Whitecraigs ; tel. 

No. Giffnock 765. 
Brown, John, dentist, 388 Abercromby street S.E. 
Brown, John, & Co., Ltd., Clydebank Engineering 

and Shipbuilding works, Clydebank. 
Brown, John (Glasgow), Ltd., contractors, 145 

Fielden street S.E. ; tel. No., Bridgeton 975. 
Brown, John (of Wylie & Brown. 45 Renfield st., 

C.2); ho., 71 Marlborough avenue, W.l. 
Brown, John (of Brown, Lawrie, & Sloan, produce 

importers, 164 Howard street, C.l (tel. add., 

" Congou "; tel. No., Central 2764) ; house, 

Mabonga, Ayr; tel. No., Ayr 4319. 
Brown, John, & Son, Ltd., manufacturers of 

muslin and artificial silk fabiics, 111 French 

street, Bridgeton, S.E; and Clutha Factory, 62 

Carstairs st., Bridgeton, S.E. ; tel. add., " Nicol, 

Glasgow"; tel. No„, Bridgeton 1230 (P.B.E.) 
Brown, John, wine and spirit merchant, 111 Duke st., 

C.4 ; ho. 9 Seton terrace, E. 
Brown, John, CCA. (Mitchell & Smith), 5 Cran- 

wonh street, W.2. 
Brown, John C, & Son, yarn merchants, 7 

Midland street, C.l; tel. No. Central 3086; tel. 

add., "Angola." 
Brown, John, hirer of catering utensils, 122 

Broomielaw, C.l (tel. No., Central 2562) j house, 

114 Maxwell drive, Pollokshields, S.l. 

Brown, John A., gowns and mantles, 49 Queen st. 

C.l ; tel. No., Central 8810. 
Brown, John A. (of John A. Brown) ; ho., 4 Arrow- 
smith avenue, W.3. 
Brown, John G., watchmaker and jeweller, 820 

Govan road, S.W.I ; tel. No., Govan 233. 
Brown, John H , slater and plasterer, 169 Gt. George 

St., W.2 (tel. No., Western 6340); ho., 39 Locks- 
ley ave , Knightswood, W.3. 
Brown, John N., tea agent, 36 Oswald street, C.l; 

house, 4 Blairbeth terrace. Burnside, Rutherglen. 
Brown. John S. (of Kenneth & Brown Ltd.) ; house, 

21 Tummel street, Riddrie. 
Brown, John W., commercial traveller (at M'Aulay 

Bros.), 127 Broomhill drive, W.l. 
Brown, John W., manufacturers' agent, 3 Miller st., 

C.l.; tel. No., Central 4385. 
Brown, John, commercial traveller, 60 Meadowpark 

street E.l. 
Brown, John (Anderson & Gray), 29 Baldric road, 

Knightswcod W.3. 
Brown, John A., motor engineer, 107 Riverford road, 

Newlands, S.3 ; ho., 10 May ter., Mount Florida, 

S.2 ; tel. No., Langside 2748. 
Brown, Johnstone, ladies' outfitter, 749 Pollokshaws 

road, S.l. 
Brown, Joseph, & Son, silversmiths and chasers, 218 

Holm street, C.2. 
Brown, Joseph (of Joseph Brown & Son), 185 

Broadholm st., N. 
Brown, L. C, "Brown's Blend" fruit crashes, 19 

North Claremont street, Charing Cross, C.3. 
Brown, Laurence R., M. A., LL.B.,writer (of MaoKenzie 

& Brown); ho. 9 Clairmont gardens, C.3. 
Brown, Laurence R. , 9 Clairmont gdns.,C3 
Brown, Lawrie, & Sloan, produce importers, 164 

Howard st., C.l ; tel. add., " Congou ''; tel. No., 

Central 2764. 
Brown, Lenox & Co., Ltd., manufacturers of chains, 

anchors, buoys, tanks, &c, 170 Hope street, C.2. 
Brown & Lindsay, sauce and pickle manufacturers, 

376 Townmill road, E.l : tel. No., Bridgeton 407. 
Brown & Lynn, carrieis, 16 Fisher st., E.l. 
Brown, Mair, Gemmill, & Hislop, writers, 162 St. 

Vincent street, C.2 ; tel. Nos., 6838 and 6839 

Central; tel. add., "Advisers, Glasgow/ 1 
Brown, Mairi, hair specialist, 339 Sauchiehall street, 

Brown, M., stationer, 267 Maxwell road, S.l. 
Brown, M. , hardware merchant and drysalter, 1 Old 

Dumbarton road, C.3. 
Brown, M. & A., Ltd., bakers and confectioners, 

283 Sauchiehall st., C.2, 380 Great Western rd , 

0.4, and 387 Byers road, W.2 ; tel. Nos., 1665 

Douglas and 6566 and 4354 Western. 
Brown, M. & C, stationers and hardwaremen, 157 

Kent road, C.3. 
Brown, M. G., leather goods agent, 18 Garturk street, 

Brown, M. & M., fruiterers and florists, 63 Clark- 

ston road, Cathcart > house, 55 do. 
Brown, M. & M., fiuiterers and florists, 1071 Cathcart 

road, S.2 (tel. No., Langside 756); house, 55 

Clarkston load, S 4. 
Brown, Matthew, plumber, gasfitter and electrician, 

32 Cowlairs road, N. (tel. No. Springburn 5357) 

and 1050 Cathcart road, S.2 (tel. Nos., Bell 57 and 

Langs-ide 362) ; house, 12 Battlefield avenue, S.2 ; 

tel. No., Langside 683. 




Brown, Matthew, plumber and electrician, 1050 

Cathcart rd., S2 (tel No. Langside 362); ho., 
12 BattleSeld avenne, S 2. 
Brown, Nairn J., accountant, 234 St. Vincent st., 

C.2; tel. No., Central 2610. 
Brown & Partners, Ltd., agents for Gutehoff- 

nungshulte, Haniel & Lueg, Schloemann, A. G. 

and M.A.N., Germany, heavy steel forgings and 

castings, rolling mill plant and diesel engines, 19 

St. Vincent place, C.l ; tel. add., " Brunerican " j 

tel. No., Central 9946. 
Brown, Peter, butcher. 8 Sydney st., E.l. 
Brown, Peter, & Son, manufacturers' agents, 49 

Virginia street, C.l. 
Brown. Peter A. (of Peter Brown & Son), ho., 24 

Rowallan gardens, Broomhill, W.l. 
Brown, P. B. H., managing director (L. Sterne & 

Co., Ltd.); res., Boghall, Baldernock. 
Brown, Peter (of Brown, Primrose & Smyth, Ltd.), ho 

185 Eldon st., Greenock. 
Brown & Poison, Ltd., corn flour manufacturers, 

Brown, P. Wilson, violinist, teacher of .music, 60 

Fergus drive, N.W. 
Brown, Primrose & Smyth. Ltd., engineers and 

agents, 172 West George st., C.2 ; tel. No., 1086 

Brown, R., pastry baker, 604 Dalmarnock rd., S.E. 
Brown, B., agent, 41 Midland street, C.l. 
Brown, R. F., shirting manufacturer, 164 London 

road, C.l. 
Brown, E. & Son, drapers, 25 Nicholson street, C.5. 
Brown, Ralf M. (at Donaldson Bros. & Black, Ltd.) ; 

ho., 22 Letbam drive, Newlands. 
Brown, Ralph S. Stark, writer (of Brown, Mair, 

Gemmill & Hislop), house, 38 Victoria crescent 

road, W.2. 
Brown, Robert (of Ross & Brown), Calder cottage, 

Baltnore, Torrance of Campsie. 
Brown, Robert, Ltd,, drapers, 1768 Mary hill road, 

N.W. ; house, The Ingle, Burnside. 
Brown, Robert, Ltd., distillers and blenders, 20 

Renfield St., C.2 ; tel. add., "Edina"; tel. Nos., 

Central 3617. 
Brown, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 100 

Albion st., C.l. 
Brown. Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 146 Kent 

road. C.3. 
Brown, Robt., watchmaker, jeweller, and cycle 

maker, 472 Rutherglen road, C.5. 
Brown, Robert (of Brown & Gracie, Ltd.); ho., 

Ardlui, 58 Newark drive, Pollokshields.S. I. 
Brown, Robert (at The City Line Ltd.), 9 Herriet 

street, S.l. 
Brown, Robert (of Robt. Brown & Co., 26 Forbes 

st. S.E.); ho., 3 Whitehill st, E.l. 
Brown, Robert (of Alex. Knox & Son); ho., 14 

Wardlaw avenue, Rutherglen. 
Brown, Robert, draper and clothier, 108 Dalmar- 
nock road, S.E. ; ho., The Ingle. Burnside. 
Brown, Robert, superintendent. Western Necropolis, 

Maryhill, N.W. 
Brown, Robert A., cashier (Kirkwood, Mackie & 

Tulloch); ho., 7 Underwood rd., Burnside. 
Brown, Robert C, manufacturers' agent, 62 Virginia 

st., C.l (tel. No., Bell 2341); ho., CarsehilL, 

Hazelwood aven., Newton Mearns. 
Brown, Robert, & Co., machinery name plate makers, 

12 Espedair street, Paisley. 

Brown, Robert, & Co., slaters, 26 Forbes street, 

Brown, Robert, & Son, Ltd., flint millers, 

Garriochmdl roar 1 , N.W. 
Brown, Robert C. (Caldwell, Young & Co., Ltd.); 

res., Dunclutha, Brandon gd s , Cambuslang. 
Brown, Rev. Robert E., Methodist minister, Methodist 

Church, Admiral street, S.l; ho., 3 Larch road, 
Dumbreck S.l. 
Brown, Robert H. (of R. H. Brown & Co., Ltd.), 

ho., 21 Dryburgh avenne, Rutherglen. 
Brown, Robert K. (at Clyde Shipping Co , Ltd.); 

res., Dunbeg, Ralston avenue, Pai.-ley. 
Brown, Robert Yule (of Hephurn & Smith, Ltd.) ; 

ho., 15 Cleveden dr., Burnside, Rutherglen. 
Brown, R., butcher, 12 Queen Margaret place N.W. 
Brown, R., draper, 1424 Gallowgate. Parkhead, E.l. 
Brown, R., draper, 191 Main st., Bridgeton, S.E. 
Brown, R. & Co., drapers, 201 Saracen street, N. ; 

ho , The Ingle, Burnside. 
Brown, R C, secretary, Bible Training Institute j 

house, 34 Dunearn street, C.4. 
Brown, R. F., tobacconist, 516 Victoria road, S.2. 
Brown, R. G., Advertising Agency (The), 166 

Buchanan st, C.l ; tel. No*. 1214-5 Douglas. 
Brown, R. H. & Co., Ltd., paint add general 

brush manufacturers, 44 Brunswick street, C.l; 

tel. No., Bell 0435. 
Brown, R. L„ director (of Stewart Moir & Muir Ltd.) ; 

res., Torwood, Kdmacolm. 
Brown. R. M., Ph.D., D.Sc, M.I.Mech.E., Lecturer in 

Engineering, The University; ho., 49 Kelvinside 

gdns., N.W. ; tel. No., Maryhill 605. 
Brown, R. Paris (of Raid & Pollock), 114 West Nile 

street, C.l ; ho., Han-leeshill, Larkhall. 
Brown, R. S. (formerly Bell's Asbestos 

Scottish Agency); asbestos India rubber and 

engineering supplies, 72 Robertson street, C.2; 

tel. add., "Aresbee,"; tel. No. Central 7246. 
Brown, R. S., & Co., accountants and licensed 

valuators, 121 West Regent st. C.2 ; tel. No ,2050 

Brown, R. S., junr., Oneida, Norwood dr , Giffnock. 
Brown, R. W., managing director (The United 

Collieries Ltd.); house, Nay land, Neidpath road, 

Brown, S., fishmonger, 1076 Tollcnss road, E.2. 
Brown, Sam. (of Shaw & Kennedy) ; ho., Glenora, 

2 1 Williamwood i er. , Netherlee. 
Brown & Sandeman, accountants, 69 West Regent 

street, C.2 ; tel. No., Douglas 2448. 
Brown & Scott, butchers, 144 Paisley road, S.W.l ; 

tel. No., 292 Ibrox. 
Brown, Simon & Sons, dairymen, wholesale and retail, 

33 Whitevale st., E.l (tel. No. Bridgeton, 3 tO); 

ho., 37 do. 
Brown & Simpson, timber brokers, 65 Renfield 

street C.2. 
Brown, Smith, & Co., Ltd., wholesale millinery ware- 
housemen, 14 Buchanan street C.l ; tel. No., 

Central 7349. 
Brown, Son, & Ferguson, Ltd., publishers and 

printers, 52-58 DarLley street. S.l; telegrams, 

"Skipper"; tel. No., South 1234. 
Brown, Sons, & Co., Brazilian merchants and 

Havana cigar importers, 75 Buchanan street C.l; 

tel. No , Central 4822. 
Brown & Son, warehousemen and boot factors, 93 

Howard street CI ; tel. No., Central 5123, 

1 1 




Brown & Sons, oil, paint, colour, and varnish 

manufacturers, 7-27 Finnart street, S.E. j tel. 

Nos., Bridaeton 1590 91 ; tel. add., "Artenoc." 
Brown Stephenson, & Co., iron and steel mer- 
chants, and exporters, 72 Robertson st. C.2. Tel. 

No. Central 5995; telegraphic address, "Stephanos." 
Brown, Stewart, & Co., Limited, paper makers, 

Dalmarnock Paper Mills, Springfield road, S.E. 
Brown, T., dairj keeper, 10 John Knox street, C.4 ; 

ho., Ill Finlay drive, E.l. 
Brown, T. D. S., A- 1- 1- A. (London); 25 Wellington 

street. C? ; house 223 Victoria road, S.2. 
Brown & Tawse Tubes Ltd., tube and 6tting9 

merchants and stockists, 23, 25 Oswald st., C.l ; 

tel. add., " Brotawse "; tel. No., Central 1534. 
Brown, Thomas, licensed grocer, 213 Westmuir St., 

Parkhead, E. ; tel. No., Bridgeton 2793. 
Brown, Thomas, civil and mining engineer, 53 Both- 
well st, C.2; house, 19 Falkland mansions, W.2. 
Br.wn, Thomas, grocer, 9 James Nisbet street, N. 
Brown, Thomas C, newsagent & stationer, 1071 

Tollcro's road, E 2. 
Brown, Thos. Gibson, inspector of agents, Royal 

Insurance Co., Lid. ; ho., 30 Thomson drive, 

Bearsdenj tel. No. Bearsden 215. 
Brown, Thomas, & Sons, building contractors, 10 

Darleith St., Shettleston, E.2 ; tel. No., Shettleston 

Brown, Tbomas M. (of Hugh Findlay & Co.. tea 

mchts., 15-17 Ingram st., C.l (tel No., Bell 0651); 

ho., 52 Calderwood road Rutherglen. 
Brown, Thos. S., St. Ninians, 11 Lothian drive, 

Clarkston, Glasgow; tel. No., Giffaock 1389. 
Brown, Thomas William Lochore, writer and notary 

public (of R. & J. M. Hfll, Brown & Co.), 14 

Kensington gate, Dowanhill, W.2. 
Browne, T. B., Ltd., world-wide advertising 

agents, 65 Bath street, C.2 ; tel add., " Apis ; " 

telephone, 243 Douglas. 
Brown, T. D. S. ( A. I. I. A., London), 223 Victoria 

rd., S.2; tel. No., Queen's Park 1029. 
Brown, T. G. (Jas. Young & Co., 22, 24 Robertson 

St., C.2) ; house, 12 Douglas avenue, Burnside. 
Brown, T. SI., fish restaurant, 223 Allison street, 

B.'own, Victor, manager, Bowmaker, Ltd., 142 St. 

Vincent street, C.2 (tel. No., Queen's Park 2424) ; 

ho., 129 Fotheringay road. S.l. 
Brown, W. B. (of Brown, Stewart & Co., Ltd., S.E.); 

house, 4 Kirklee gardens, W 2. 
Brown, Walter, grocer, 169 Deansion drive, Shaw- 
lands S.l. 
Brown, W. & Co. (Engineers) Ltd., wholesale 

electrical suppliers, 89 Douglas street, C. 2. 
Brown. William, yarn merchant (of John C. Brown 

& Son, 7 Midland St., C. 1) ; res., 20 Stanely drive, 

Paisley ; tel. No., Thornly Park 2221. 
Brown, William, M.D., 84 Beechwood drive, W.l? 
' tel. No., Western 5831. 
Brown, William, newsagent, 528 St. Vincent street, 

O 3 ; ho., 532 do. 
Brown, William (of Adam G. Brown & Co., Ltd.), 

house, 3 Dundonald road, W.2. 
Brown, William, & Sons (Glasgow), Ltd., 

wholesale hardware and fancy gi ods merchants, 

38 Albion street C.l; tel. Nn.. 891 Bell. 
Brown, William (Decorators), Ltd., 117 

West Princes St., C.4; tel. No., Douglas 


Brown, Win., & Son, manufacturers' agents, 13 

Dixon street, C.l ; ho., Thorncroft, Thorn road, 

Brown, Wm. Craig (of Brown, Lawrie & Sloan, 164 

Howard street, C.l) j ho., 4 Dolphin road. Max- 

well Park, S.l; tel. No., Queen's Park 2372. 
Brown, William (G.P.O.), 32 Hawthorn quad., 

Possilpark N. 
Brown, William (at Andrew Brown, 104 George 

street C.l); ho., 621 Alexandra parade E. 
Brown, William (at H. Hogarth & Sons); ho., 

8 Kessington drive, Bearsden. 
Brown, William (of Brown, Gray & Co. Ltd.); ho., 

Rhodesia, Thornhill avenue, Blantyre. 
Brown, Wm., jun., motor builder, 30 Lister st., C.4; 

tel. No., Bell 2965. 
Brown, William T., superintendent of police, 

Southern Police Office; ho., 27 Brownlie street, 

Brown, Wm. C. & Son, wholesale drapery ware- 
housemen, 57 Miller st, C.l; tel. No., Central 

Brown, Wm , & Sons, caniers, 70 Bell street, C.l 

(tel. No., Bell 531) ; ho., 8 Cambridge avenue, 

Ch debank. 
Brown, Wm. G. (of Brown, Stewart & Co., Ltd., 

S.E.); ho., 4 Kirklee edns., W 2 
Brown, William W. (of Brown, Smith & Co., Ltd.); 

ho., Oaklands, Garelochhead. 
Brown, W., dairykeeper, 16 Stow street, C.2 
Brown, Rev. W. E., 53 Southpark aven., W.2. 
Brown, W. G., engineer, 220 Old Shettleston rd. 

E.2 ; ho., 55 Hillview street, Shettleston. 
Browne, W. Gladstone & Muir, F.F.A.S., AI.A.S., 

qaantity surveyors, 102 Bath street, C.2 ; tel. 

No., 0884 Douglas 
Brown, W. Herbert, M.D., physician for diseases of 

the skin, 11 Park circus C 3 ; tel. No., Douglas 

Brown, W. M„ agent, 189 St. Vincent street, C.2 

(tel. No Central 2471); res., Kilmichael, Brodick 
Brown, W. S , wine and spirit merchant, 377 Argyle 

St., C 2. 
Brown, Wm. M., M.A., English teacher, The High 

School; ho., 9 Wood street, E. 1. 
Brown & Young, plumbers, gasfitters, sanitary 

engineers and electricians, 7a Bath st., 0.2 ; 

branch, Upper Skelmorlie, Wemyss Bay (telephones, 

3746 Douglas and 11 Wemyss Bay); house 

telephone. Queen's Park 1570. 
Brown, Mrs., corsetiere ; knitted corsets, corsets 

with abdominal belts, domen belts, also sanitary 

accessories for ladies, 240 Sauchiehall street C.2 
Brown, Mrs. J. B., stationer, 284 Springburn road 

N.; ho., 26 Brackenbrae avenue, Bishopbriggs. 
Brown, Mrs. L., fruiterer and confectioner, 239 St. 

James road C.4; ho., 266 M'Aslin st. C.4. 
Brown, Mrs. Daniel, 705 Shields road, S.l. 
Brown, Mrs. Helen M., 6 Don street, E.l. 
Brown, Mrs. Robert, 114 Maxwell drive, Pollok- 

shields, S.l. 
Brown, Mrs. W., fruit merchant, 45 George street, 

Brown, Miss, tobacconist, 298 Duke street, E.lj 
Brown, Miss Annie, newsagent, 218 Kelvinhaugn 

street, C.3. 
Brown, Miss C, confectioner, 77 West Graham St., 

Brown, Miss H., 20 Arundel drive, Langside, S.2. 




Brown, Miss Janet E., 50 Cranworth street, 

Hillhead, W.2. 
Brown, Miss Johnnie, modiste, 38 Regent Park sq., 

Strathbungo 8.1. 
Brown, Miss M., newsagent, 196 Sandbank st., 

N.W.; house, 235 do. 
Brown, Miss M., confectioner, 208 Newlands rd., S.4. 
Brown & Harvey, Misses, ladies' hairdressers, 107 

Bath st., C.2 ; tel. No., Douglas 4508. 
Brown, Agnes, dairy, 56 Alexandra parade, E.l. 
Brown, Janet Herbert, dairy and home bakery, 432 

Carntynehall rd., E.2 • ho., 429 do. 
Brown, Joyce, ladies' hairdresser, 9 Lochleven road, 

Battlefield, S.2. 
Brown, Margaret, costumiere, 33a Gordon street C.l 
Brown's (Meat Market) Ltd., offal merchants, 74 

Melbourne st., E.l ; tel. Nos. Bridgeton 35 and 38 
Brown's, china and crystal specialists, 245 Sauchie- 

hall street, C.2. 
Brown's, pure food specialists, 376 Towrmill road, 

E.l ; tel. No., Bridgeton 407. 
Brown's Society ot Glasgow; Wm. M'Lean, solicitor, 

secretary, 21 West George st., C.2 — See Appendix. 
Brownieside Coal Co., Ltd., coalmasters, 40 

St. Enoch square C.l. 
Browning, Alex. M. (of Robert Browning & Son); 

ho., 66 Hillhead st., W.2 ; tel. No., Western 6199. 
Browning, Andrew. B.A..M.A., D.Litt., Professor of 

History, Glasgow University; house, Westdel, W.2. 
Browning, Archd.M., solicitor, 144 St. Vincentst., C.2 

(tel. No., Central 7414) % ho., 31 Kessington road, 

Beareden; tel. No., Bearsden 1017. 
Browning & Bowes, solicitors, 144 St. Vincent st., 

C.2 ; tei. No., Central 7414. 
Browning, John M. (of Browning & M'Ewing), 28 

Herriet street, Pollokshields, S.l. 
Browning and M'Ewing, typewriter and office supplies, 

11 Bothwell street, C.2 ; tel. No., Central 830. 
Browning, Robert, metal merchant and agent, 62 

Robertson street C.2 ; house, Stormberg, 100 

Greenlees road, Cambuslang. 
Browning, Robert, M.A., LL.B., C.A. (of John E. 

Watson & Macharg) ; house, 16 West Chapel ton 

aven., Bearsden. 
Browning, Robert, & Son, cardboard box manu- 
facturers, 8 Watson street, C.l ; tel., Bell 2246. 
Brownlie, Andrew Dunn, A.C.I.S., 7 Lothian 

gardens, N.W. 
Brownlie, Archd., Savings Bank (Govan Branch)} 

house, 24 Borland road, Bearsden. 
Brownlie, Bauchop & Bridgett, writers, notaries, 41 

St. Vincent pi., C.l. 
Brownlie & Brunton, Ltd., boot and shoe 

factors, 13 Moir street, C.l; tel. Nos., Bell 2093 

and 2094. Also at 54 Cockburn st., Edinburgh, 

and 17 St. Nicholas street, Aberdeen. 
Brownlee & Co., Limited, timber merchants, 

City Saw Mills, Port-DundasC.4; and at Kilmarnock 

and Grangemouth ; Creosote Works, Saracen st. N. 

Telephone, 7331 Douglas (7 lines); tel. add., 

" Brownlee." 
Brownlie, Duncan, Ltd., bakers and confectioners, 

318 and 629 Duke street, E.l. 
Brownlie, Edward W. (of Jas. Greenshields & Co., 

Ltd.); ho., 1 9 Central avenue, Cambuslang. 
Brownlie, Frederick G., M.I.N.A.. naval architect, 

116 Hope street, C.2 ; tel. No., Central 1429. 
Brownlie, Gavin (of Bilsland Bros., Ltd.) ; ho., 3 

Clarence dr., W.2. 

Brownlie, George, draper, 160-164 Parliamentary 
road, C.4; ho. 249 Whitehill st., Dennistoun, 
Brownlie & Gibb, Ltd., official shorthand writers to 

the Sheriff Courts, 69 Bath street, C.2. 
Brownlie, J. Douglas, M.B.CLB., F.R.F.P.S.,L.D.S. 
dental surgeon, 220 West George st. C.2 ; tel. No., 
2169 Douglas. 
Brownlie, Rev. J. Paterson, 93 Hyndland road, 

Brownlie, John F. (at Moorhead, Sons & Co., Ltd.); 

ho., Braidwood, Bearsden. 
Brownlie & Murray, Ltd., iron roof and bridge 

builders and structural engineers, Possil Ironworks. 

Brownlie & Robertson, messenger-at-arms and 

sheriff officers for Lanark and Renfrew, also J. P. 

and burgh officers for the City of Glasgow, 180 Hope 

street C.2. Telephone No., Douglas 1546. 
Brownlee, R„ chimney sweep, 95 Burnside street, 

Brownlee, Samuel, & Son, joiners and builders, 

Station place, Cambuslang. 
Brownlie, Scandrett, & Graham, Ltd., 

designers and colour printers, lithographic and 

letterpress (wholesale stationers), 116 James st., 

Bridgeton, S.E.; tel. add., "Showcard, Glasgow"; 

tel. Nos., Bridgeton 2401 and 2402 (P.B.E.). 
Brownlie, Thomas L., poultry farmer, Summerston, 

Maryhill ; ho., Woodside, Summerston, N.W. 
Brownlie, T. B., manufrs' agent, 67 Miller street, 

C.1 ; telephone No., Central 1958. 
Brownlie, T. Graeme, 12 Dowanside rd., Dowanhill, 

Brownlie, Watson & Beckett, writers and notaries, 

241 St. Vincent st., C.2, and Bank of Scotland 

buildings, Barrhead. Tel. Nos. — Glasgow, Central 

5818 and 5819 ; Barrhead No. 1403 ; telegraphic 

address, " Attestor." 
Brownlie, Wm., joiner, 14 Hopetoun pi., C.4 ; house 

105 Cartside stredt, S.2. 
Brownbe, William (of White & Kirkland) ; ho. 67 

Glenapp street, Pollokshields, S.l. 
Brownlie, Wm., dairyman, 154 Sinclair drive, S.2 ; 

house, 105 Cartside street, Langside, S.2. 
Brownlie, Wm. (of Brownlie & Gibb, Ltd.), official 

shorthand writer to the Sheriff Courts, &c, 59 

Bath street, C.2; ho., 73 Larchfield avenue, 

Newton Mearns. 
Brownlie, Mrs. J., draper, 693 Duke street, E.l. 
Brownrigg, W., newsagent, 128 and 142 Nelson st., 

Broxburn (The) Oil Company (Limited), 

53 Bothwell street, C.2; manufacturers of burn- 
ing, lubricating, gas and fuel oils, diesel oil, 

motor spirit, candles, paraffin wax, sulphate of 

ammonia, &c. ; works, Broxburn, West Lothian. 

Products now sold through Scottish Oils and Shell 

Mex. Ltd. 
Brucciani & Coli, best cooking fats. Office, 122 

North Wallace str et, C.4 ; factory, 150 Baird St., 

C.4; tel. No., Bell 1987 
Bruce, A. & Co., yarn merchants and agents, 19 

Montrose street, C.l (tel. add. " Bruce Bell 325"; 

tel. No. Bell 325); ho., J. A. Bruce, 21 Hector 

road, S.l. 
Bruce, Anthony, naturalist, 87 Castle street, C.4. 
Bruce, Archd., fruiterer, 436 Paisley road west, 

Ibrox, S.W.I ; tel. No., Ibrox 973 




Bruce Bros. (Glasgow), Ltd., house furnishers, 54-60 

High street, C.l. 
Bruce & Co., manufacturers' agents, 12 Renfield st., 

C.2 (telephone No. , Central 4497) ; res., Bruceville, 

Johnstone drive, Rutherglen. 
Bruce, David, & Co., wholesale tea merchants, 65 

West Regent st., C.2. 
Bruce, David, M.A., LL.B. (of David Bruce & 

Williamson, writers and notaries), 141 West 

George street, C.2 ; house, 729 Gt. Western road, 

W.2; tel. No. Western 888 
Bruce, David, <£. Wil iamson, writers and notaries, 

141 West George street, C.2. 
Bruce, George, 1 Laurel place, W. 1. 
Bruce, Gordon F., Town Clerk's office, City Chambers; 

ho., Senga, Kirkintilloch rd., Bishopbriggs. 
Bruce, Gordon, & Co., exporters of Scotch whisky, 

2-6 Castle st , Dumbarton. 
Bruce, H. M.,wine and spirit merchant, 84 Glouces- 
ter st.,C.5; ho. 97 M'Culloch st, S.l. 
Bruce, Harry, newsagent, 32 Manse brae, S.4 
Bruce, James, 6 Hampden terrace, Mount Florida. 

Bruce, James, wholesale woollan merchant, 85 Queen 

street, C.l. 
Bruce, J. Y. D., shipowner, 53 Both well st. C.2 ; 

res., Chesterhill, Helensburgh. 
Bruce, John, tailor and clothier, 14 Eglinton St., 

C.5; ho., 63 Cartvale road, Langside S.2. 
Bruce, John, Ss Co., shipowners, 53 Bothwell 

street, C.2. Managers Mossgiel S.S. Co., Ltd., 

direct service from Glasgow to Marseilles, Italian, 

Sicilian, Spanish Ports, and 'Alexandria ; agents 

of United Fruit Co., Glasgow to Jamaica, Cuba, 

Nassau, and Central America. 
Bruce, John, shipowner, 53 Bothwell street, C.2; 

ho-, Brackenhill, Helensburgh. 
Bruce, John, minister, 18 Marywood square, Strath- 

bungo S.l. 
Bruce, Lindsay Bros., Ltd., coal merchants, Sighthill 

Station ; tel, add., " Brulinbro " ; tel. Nc, Bell 

Bruce, Lindsay Bros., Ltd., coal and iron merchants, 

coal exporters, 190 West George street C.2. Tel. 

add., "Brulinbro"; tel. No., Douglas 3468. 
Bruce, Marshall Z., chartered accountant, 64 Gordon 

street, C.l (tel No., Central 3557); house, 63 

Langside dr., Newlands, S.3; tel. No., Merrylee 

Bruce, Norman, chartered accountant, 95 Bath st., 

C.2 (tel. No., Douglas 767) ; house, 15 Vancouver 

road, Scotstoun. 
Bruce, Norman S., F.R.F.P. & S.G., physician, 27 

Buckingham terrace, W.2. 
Bruce Peebles & Co., Ltd., engineers, 19 

Waterloo street, C.2; tel. No., Central 3369. 
Bruce, R., B.Sc, A.M.Inst C.E., Office Public 

Works, City Chambers. 
Bruce, Sir Rohert, res., Brisbane House, 9 Rowan 

rd., S.l 
Bruce, Robt., com. trav. (R. Hunter Craig & Co., 

Limited), ho., 28 Woodville street, Langside. 
Bruce, Robert, & Son, masons and builders. Anwoth 

street, Tollcross E 2 ; teL No., Shettleston 1234. 
Bruce, R. Murray, 24 Waverley St., Crossmyloof, 

Bruce, Scott & Co., whisky exporters, 226 St. Vin- 
cent st., C.2 « tel. add., '* Historic, Glasgow " ; tel. 

No.. Central 2062. 

Bruce, Wm. G., solicitor (of J. D. MacDonald & Co.), 

132 West Regent St., C.2 (tel. No. Douglas 5301-2); 

ho. St. Serfs, East Kilbride. 
Bruce, W. Redpath & Miller, house factors, property 

and insurance agents, 59 Bath street C.2; tel. 

No. Douglas 2171. 
Bruce, W. Redpath (of W. Redpath Bruce & Miller) ; 

ho., 9 Hamilton drive, Hillhead, W.2. 
Bruce, Mrs. A., confectioner, 117 Rottenrow, C.4; 

house, 20 College street, C.l 
Bruce, Mrs. Elizabeth B , Alton, 63 Langside drive, 

Newlands, S.3 ; tel. No., Merrylee 207 L. 
Bruin, John, tailor and clothier, 102 West Regent 

street, C.2 (tel. No., Douglas 24); ho., 37 Dudley 

drive, W.2. 
Brunsviga Calculator Co., adding machine agents, 53 

Bothwell st., C.2. 
Brunswick Manufacturing Co., casement curtain 

manufacturers, 74 Glassford street, C.l ; tel. No. 

Bell 2486 
Brunton, Alex., saddler, 470 Gallowgate, S.E. ; ho., 

16 Netherlee Park avenue. Nether lee. 
Brunton, Frank G. (of F. G. Brunton & Co.); ho., 

2 May ter., Giffnock. 
Brunton, Frank G., & Co., F.L.A.A., accountants, 

30 Gordon s'.r^et, C.l. 
Brunton, G. Henderson, inspector, Norwich Union 

Fire Insurance Socy., Ltd., 30 M'Lennan street, 

Brunton, Miller, Alexander & Martin, writers, 146 

West Regent street, C.2 ; tel. Ncs., Douglas 257 

and 25-5. 
Brun on & Skinner, Ltd., wholesale warehousemen, 

9 Cochrane street, C.l 
Brunton, William, 37 Regwood st., Shawlands, S. 1. 
Bruntons (Musselburgh), Ltd., Musselburgh, manu- 
facturers of wire, wire ropes ; representative, 

Peter Ferguson, 83 West Regent street C.2 ; tel. 

No. Douglas 2311. 
Bryan, A. M., professor of mining, R.T.C., Glasgow, 

C.l; res., D*va, Aulohouse road, East Kilbride. 
Bryan, Andrew, slater, plasterer, and mason, 14 and 

16 Hospital street, C.5 ; ho., Eilrjon Villas, 36 

Cathkin View rd., S.2. Telephones, South 0196 ; 

house, 665 Langside. 
Bryan, James, surgeon-dentist, 389 Springburn rd. N. 
Bryan, Joseph D., electrician, 513 St. Vincent st. 

C.3; ho., 14 Tabard road, W.3; tel. No., 

Central 1068. 
Bryan, Peter S. & Son, wrights, 118 W. Princes 

street C.4; tel. No., Douglas 4813. 
Bryan, Miss, 33 Woodlands drive C.4. 
Bryans, John, tobacconist, 1 Gardner st., Partick 

Bryant, F. W., manager (Phoenix Assurance Co., 

Ltd.); ho. 89 Springkell aven., S.l. 
Bryant & May, Limited, match manufacturers, 

Empire Works, Shuna street, Maryhill N.W. ; tel. 

address, "Brymay, Phone, Glasgow"; tel. Ncs., 

Marj hill 247 and "l 127. 
Bryce, A. Houston, manufacturers' agent, 33 Virginia 

street, C.l ; house, 38 Kenmure street, S.l. 
Bryce, Archd., & Co., Ltd., electrical and mechanical 

supplies, 257 West Campbell street C.2 i tel. Nos., 

Douglas 4097 and 4098; tel. add., " Potential." 
Bryce- Buchanan, T. (Albion Motors, Ltd.); house, 

Grenoble, Milngavie 
Bryce, George, 265 Golfhill drive, E.l; tel. No., 

Bridgeton 2568. 




Bryce, George P., importer of table glass, 27 

Cadogan st., C.2. 
Bryce, H. M., dairykeeper, 244 Lawmoor street, C.5. 
Bryce, James, dairyman, 76 Old Dumbarton road 

C.3 ; house, 74 do. 
Bryce, J. C, warehouseman, 17 Oswald st., G.l. 
Bryce, John, butcher, 380 Ballater street, C.5. 
Bryce, M. N., manufacturing furrier, 26 Granville 

street G.3. 
Bryce, M., & Son, Limited, upholsterers, cabinet- 
makers, and carpet warehousemen, 122 to 126 

Sauchiehall street C.2. 
Bryce & Rumpff, merchants and chemical brokers, 

223 West George st. C.2 ; store, 39 Carrick st. C.2 ; 

tel. Nos., 1860 and 1861 Central; tel. address, 

" Rumpff, Glasgow." 
Bryce, Thomas S., Sheriff Clerk Depute, Sheriff Court, 

Glasgow ; ho., Hill crest, 126 Camphill avenue, 

Langside S.l. 
Bryce, William, & Son, Ltd., joiners, Eastern Joinery 

Works, 23-35 Quarry knowe street, Parkhead, E.l ; 

house, Invarault, Crosshill drive, Rutherglen. 
Bryce, William, flesher, 773 Dalmarnock road S.E. ; 

ho., Beechgrove, 32 Balvaird drive, RuthergleD. 
Brjce, William, J. P., grand secretary, Order of the 

Eastern Star, 128 Hope st., C.2 (tel. No., Central 

6246)} ho., 22 Second avenue, Cathcart, S.4. 
Bryce, Mrs. A., provision merchant, 156 Ark lane, 


Bryce, Mrs. J. M., 90 Buccleuch street C.3. 

Brjce, Mrs. M,, confectioner, 679 Cumbernauld rd., 

Bryce, Miss A.V., 46 Kingsborough gardens, W.2. 
Bryce, Miss K., 99 Hyndland road, W.2. 
Bryden, James (of Smith M'Lean, Ltd.) ; res., 

Gartcosh House, Gartcosh. 
Bryden, John, & Sons, makers of window blinds, 

casement curtains, shop sun shades, hand power 

hoists, wood and bronze letters, revolving shutters, 

&c. ; bell, telephone, and electric light fitters, 

&c, 63 West Regent street, C.2 (tel. No., Douglas 

1060); 10 Greenside place, Edinburgh; 109 

Victoria road, Dundee. Established 1809. 
Bryden, R. A., Robertson & Boyd, architects, 147 

Bath street, C.2; tel. No., Douglas 1871 
Bryden, R. Lockhart, B.L., F.S.A. (Scot ), solicitor, 

12 Selborne rd., Jordanhill W.3. 
Bryden, Wm., dairy, 10 Cramond street, C.5. 
Bryson, A. C., stationer and librarian, 178 Byres 

rd., Hillhead, W.2 ; ho. 176 do. 
Bryson, Arch, (of Bryson, Young & Co., produce 

brokers) : ho., Knowlton, Ayr. 
Bry.'on, Arch L. (of Bryson, Young & Co., produce 

brokers); res., Three Stacks, Doonfoot, Ayr. 
Brysons (Motors), Limited, motor agents and 

haulage contractors, B3 Claythorn St., S.E.; tel. 

Nos., Bridgeton 626 and 627. 
Bryson & Co., Ltd., wood importers, 69 Buchanan 

street, C.l ; tel. No., Central 1721. Store, 377 

Dalmarnock rd., S.E. 
Brjson, I., manager, Lyceum Theatre, Govan. 
Bryson, James (of R Hunter Craig & Co., Ltd.); 

ho. Ardvohr, High Crosshill, Rutherglen ; tel. No., 

Rutherglen 35. 
Bryson & Thomson, manufacturers' agents, 77 Queen 

street, C. 1. 
Bryson, William ( United Dairies (Scotland) Ltd. , 1 1 

Millroad st. S.E.) ; ho., 29 Rodger dr., Ruther- 
glen; tel. No., Rutherglen 485. 

Bryson, Young & Co., produce brokers, 60 St. 

Enoch square C.l ; tel. add., " Molasses, Glas- 
gow "; tel. Nos., Central 3980 and 3981. 
Bryterlite Electrical Co., Ltd., 43 Robertson street, 

C.2 ; tel. Nos., Central 2486-7 
Buadley, J. F., wine and spirit merchant, 34 King- 
ston street, O.5. 
Buccleuch Employment Agency (Mrs. Scott, 

proprietrix), 17, 19 Buccleuch St., C 3 ; tel. No., 

Douglas 1999 
Buchan, Alexander M., Savings Bank of Glasgow; 

house, 3 Kinnoull place, Milngavie; tel No., 

Milngavie 1534 
Buchan, Andrew (Union Assurance Society) ; ho., 3 

Hillside road* Mansewood, S 3. 
Buchan, Andrew, Woodvale, Hillside rd., Mansewood. 
Buchan, B. G., C.A.. (directc, Arthur & Co., Ltd.); 

hf'use, 1 Letham drive, Newlands; tel. No., 

Merrylee 2550. 
Buchan, George (of Cnthbert, Service & Jackson) ; 

ho., Davaar, 68 Newlands rd., S.3. 
Buchan, H. W. (at Aitken. Lilburn & Co., Ltd.); 

ho., 66 Norham street, S.l. 
Buchan, James B., painter and decorator, 1051 

Tollcross road, E.2 
Buchan, James M., bank agent, The Clydesdale 

Bank, Ltd , Clvdebank ; tel. No., Clydebank 384. 
Buchan, John, dentist, 4 Blythswood st. C.2 ; ho., 

3 Skirving street, Shawlands S.l. 
Buchan, John Buchanan, L.D.S., dental surgeon, 437 

Crow road, Jordanhill, W.l; tel. No, Western 

Buchan & Tennant, engineers (electrical), Delvin rd., 

Buchan, Thomas (of Hay Nisbet & Co., Ltd.); ho. 

8 Kirklee quadrant, W.2. 
Buchan, W. M., & Stewart, writers, 24 George sq., 

Buchan, Mrs. John H., 22 Terregles avenue.. 

Pollokshields, S.l. 
Buchanan, A., flesher, 413 Clarkston rd., S.4. 
Buchanan, Alex., dairyman, 44 Milton St., C.4. 
Buchanan, A R. H., C.A (of Reid & Mair), ho., 

Windyedge, Helensburgh. 
Buchanan, Andrew, J. P. (of John Buchanan & Bros. , 

Ltd.); res. Dean House, Helensburgh. 
Buchanan, Andrew R. (of John Buchanan & Bros., 

Ltd.), res., 60 Kier street, Pollokshields. 
Buchanan, Archibald, stockbroker, 135 Buchanan 

St., C.2 (tel. add., "Merit, Glasgow"} tel. Nos., 

Central 0281-2); ho., 30 Elmore avenue, S.4. 
Buchanan & Armour, photographers, Alexandra 

Studio, 13 Alexandra Park st. E. ; ho., 45 do. 
Buchanan Bridge Club, 16 Woodsio'e cres , C 3. 
Buchanan Bros., engine indicator and gauge makers, 

16 Carrick st, C.2. Telephone, Central 1695. 
Buchanan, Buchanan, & Co., home, foreign, 

and colonial merchants, manufacturers' agents, 

insurance brokers, commission merchants, &c, 

11 Dundas street C.l. Telegraphic address, 

"Verdastelo, Glasgow"; tel. No., Douglas 3408. 
Buchanan & Carswell, hairdressers, 928 Govan rd., 

Buchatian & Co. (Glasgow and Paisley), Ltd., Old 

Halfway House, Cardonald. 
Buchanan & Co. (Wagons) Ltd , railway wagon 

builders, repairers and hirers, Easterhouse (tel. 

address, "Buchanan, Easterhouse"; tel. No., 

Baillieston 26) ; house tel. No., 1284 Shettleston. 




Buchanan & Co. (Wagons) Ltd., R. Smith Macfarlan, 

secretary; registered office, 149 West George 

street, C.2. 
Buchanan, Daniel, F.S.M.C.. ophthalmic optician, 

53 Queen St., C L (late 12 Gordon st.) and at 138- 

140 Gorbals st, C.6 ; tel. No. Central 418. 
Buchanan, D. M'L. (of Buchanan & Henderson. 

Ltd.), Royston, Bearsden. 
Buchanan, David (of A. A. Anderson & Co.); ho., 

Lingfairn, Bridge of Weir; tel. No. Bridge of 

Weir 21. 
Buchanan, Duncan (of Buchanan Bros., 16 Carrick 

st, C.2) ; res., Clarinnis, Arthurlie drive, Newton 

Buchanan, F. J., Office Public Works, City Chambers; 

house, 37 Leader street, E.l. 
Buchanan, Gairdner & Tennant, stock and share 

brokers, 19 St. Vincent place, C.l ; tel. No. 7364 

Central (3 lines); tel. add., " Rialto, Glasgow." 
Buchanan, George, physician and surgeon, 93 

Drumover dr., E.l ; tel. No. Bridgeton 441 
Buchanan, George Douglas (of Buchanan, Scott & 

Co.), res. Nether Kirkton, Neilston. 
Buchanan, Geo. S., contractor, 92 Eaglesham street, 

S.W.I (tel. No., Ibrox 1239); ho., 81 Monifieth 

avenue, S.W.2. 
Buchanan, H. Parker, dental surgeon, 15 Newton 

street, C.2 ; tel. No., Douglas 1937. 
Buchanan & Henderson, Ltd., wholesale woollen 

warehousemen, 24 Queen st. C.l; tel. No., 

Central 7377 (2 lines). 
Buchanan Hosiery Co., Ltd., children's knit-wear 

manufacturers, 9 Watson strest, C 1. ; tel. No. 

Bell 0890. 
Buchanan, Hugh R., LL.B., S.S.C. (of M'Grigor, 

Donald & Co.); house, Underfell, Milngavie. 
Buchanan, Ian F., manager (Harry Hobbs, Ltd.); 

ho., 72 Randolph rd., W.l ; tel. No. Western 6444. 
Buchanan, J., physician, 82 Dixon avenue, S.2. 
Buchanan, J. C. & Co., wholesale warehousemen, 

17 Oswald street C.l; tel. No., Central 4537. 
Buchanan, J. F., bookseller and newsagent, 13 Paisley 

road West, S.W.I ; ho. 18 Dargarvel avenue, S.l. 
Buchanan, J. F. (at S. M. Penney & Macgeorge)) 

res , Brendan, Kirkburn ave., Cambuslang. 
Buchanan, J. Scouler, surgeon, 7 Park circue, C.3; 

tel. No. Dauglas 5360. 
Buchanan, James, & Son, plumbers, 458 Argyle st. 

C.2 ; ho., 150 Roxburgh circus, Cardonald. 
Buchanan, James, & Co., Ltd., Scotch whisky 

merchants, Washington st. C.3. 
Buchanan, James, managing director, Govancroft 

Pottery Co., Ltd., Tollcross ; ho., Fernisa, Largs, 

Buchanan, James & Wilson, Ltd., screw makers, 25 

Robertson st., C.2 ; tel. add., " Lockup" ; tel. No., 

Central 4229. 
Buchanan, James (of M'Kean & BuchanaD, Ltd.); 

res., Oakfield, Lenzie. 
Buchanan, James, surgical instrument maker, 180 

North st., Charing cross, C.3 ; ho., 18 Cardowan 

drive, Stepps. 
Buchanan, James, 33 Virginia st. C.l; ho. Lyndhurst, 

Buchanan, James O., Ltd., wine and spirit merchants, 

311 Eglinton st., C.5. 
Buchanan, Jas., M.B., Ch.B., physician, 314 Crown 

itreetC.5 (tel. No., South 973); ho., 82 Dixon 

avenue S.2. 

Buchanan, Jas. W. (of Macpherson & Buchanan); 

ho., 12 Quadrant road, S.3. 
Buchanan, J., butcher, 204 New City road C.4; 

house, 96 Gibson street, Hillhead W.2. 
Buchanan, John, newsagent, 58 Garngadhill, N. 
Buchanan, John, surgeon, 645 Alexandra parade, 

Buchanan, John & Brothers, Ltd., wholesale 

and export confectioners, chocolate and preserve 

makers, 51 Stewart st., C.4; tel. No. Douglas 6524. 
Buchanan, John, 10 Bank street, Hillhead W.2. 
Buchanan, John, F.A.I., valuator, assessor of fire 

losses and marine surveyor, 139 St. Vincent street, 

C.2 ; ho., 33 Granville St., C.3. 
Buchanan, John, confectionery agent, 17 Craig- 

millar rd., S.2. 
Buchanan, John, M.B., Ch.B , medical practitioner, 

surgery, 804 Cumbernauld rd., E.l, and 4 Bell- 
grove st., E.l (tel. No., Bridgeton 1543) ; house, 

645 Alexandra parade, E.l. 
Buchanan, John P. (at P. Henderson & Co.), house, 

17 Whittingehame drive W.2. 
Buchanan, John W. , manufacturers' agent, 1 42 Queen 

st., C.l. 
Buchanan, Joseph, Ltd, Broomloan Bakery, 10 

Broomloan road, S.W.I. 
Buchanan, Joshua, & Son, wine merchants and 

cordial manufacturers, 23 Tayport street, Pert- 

Dundas C.4. 
Buchanaa & Lennox, manufacturers' agents, 3 Miller 

St., C.l; tel. add., "Central 7348"; tel. No. Central 

Buchanan, Leslie, M.D.,5 Royal cres., C.3; tel. No. 

Douglas 5251. 
Buchanan, Littlejohn, grocer, 94 M'Aslin st., C.4 

ho. 25 Alexandra parade, E.l. 
Buchanan & M'Donald, hamper and basket 

manufacturers, 45 Carlton place, C.5. 
Buchanan, M. T. (of John Buchanan & Bros., Ltd.) ; 

5 i Stewart St., C.4. 
Buchanan, Maurice B. (of Buchanan Gairdner & 

Tennant) ; res., Hull Lodge, Springvale road, Ayr ; 

tel. No., 3540 Ayr. 
Buchanan Memorial Church, 473 Caledonia road, C.5. 
Buchanan, Moses, world travel passerjger booking 

office ; shipping, tourist, railway and emigration 

agent; foreign money exchange, 22 Ren field 

street, C 2. 
Buchanan, N. McL. (of Buchanan & Co. (Wagors) 

Ltd., Easterhouse) ; res., Silverdale, 7 Wester road, 

North Mount Vernon ; tel. No., Shettleston 1377. 
Buchanan, Peter E. (of Buchanan Bros.); house, 

Bilberry cottage, Strathblane road, Milngavie. 
Buchanan (The) Retreat, Bearsden. Alexander Jubb 

& Taylor, 124 St. Vincent street, C.2, secretaries ; 

teL Nos., Central 6297 and 6*98; tel. add., 

'' Dunmyat Glasgow" 
Buchanan, Robt. (of Hannan & Buchanan) ; ho. 60 

Glencairn drive, Pollokshields S.l. 
Buchanan, Robert (of John Buchanan & Brothers, 

Ltd.), 51 Stewart street C.4. 
Buchanan, Robert M., librarian of. Trinity College, 

C.3 ; ho., 19 Lilybank gardens, W.2. 
Buchanan, R. (of D. M'Ewan), plumber, 1225 

Gallowgate, E. 1. 
Buchanan, R , butcher, 71 Watt street, C.5. 
Buchanan, R. B. (of Buchanan & Go. (Wagons) Ltd., 

Easterhouse); house, 11 Mansionhouse drive, 

Springboig, E.2 ; tel. No., Shettleston 1284. 




Buchanan, E. M. (of Buchanan, Buchanan & Co.); 
ho. Nether Kirkton, Neilston. 

Buchanan, S., newsagent, 7 Preston street, S.2. 

Buchanan, Scott & Co., wholesale wine and spirit 
merchants, proprietors of the " Esperanto " (regis- 
tered trade mark), " Clan," " Old Heather " and 
" Strathendrick " Blends of finest Highland 
whiskies, also '" Autumn Glory " (registered trade 
mark) sherry, ''Kimberley Club" South African 
wines and " Sydney Bridge '' Australian wines, 7 
and 9 Garth street, C.l ; tel. add., " Burgundy 
Glasgow " ; tel. No., 382 Bell. 

Buchanan, Scott & Co., importers, exporters, and 
general merchants, 7 and 9 Garth street. C.l ; tel. 
add., "Burgundy, Glasgow"; tel. No., Bell 382. 

Buchanan, Scott & Co., wine and spirit merchants, 
194 Crwcaddeus street, C.2. 

Buchanan Society (The); Hugh B. Buchanan, secy., 
172 St. Vincent street, C.2. 

Buchanan & Sons, printers, 205 Buchanan st. C.l. 

Buchanan, Stuart P. (of Melville, Dandas & Whit- 
son, Ltd.), 224 St, Vincent street, C.2 ; house, 
Whinfell, Broom road, Newton Mearns. 

Buchanan, Thomas, M.T.M.E.. oil merchant, 1?6 
Wellington stnet, C.2 (tel. No. Douglas 4027); 
ho., 15 Bannatyne avenue, E.l. 

Buchanan, Walker (of Joshua Buchanan & Son); 
ho. 5 Wilton mansions, Kelvinside, N.W. 

Buchanan, Walter, secretary of Ballad Club ; house, 
Dunclutha, Tollcross E.2. 

Buchanan, Walter, secretary (James Dunlop & Co., 
Ltd.) ; res.. Dunclutha, Tollcross, E.2. 

Buchanan, W. G., chief probation officer, 118 
Osborne st., C.l : house, 7 Lindsay drive, W.2. 

Buchanan, W. Scott, & Co., metal merchants 
and agents, 5*28 St. Vincent street, C 2 ; tel. add., 
"Cuprobras, Glasgow; tel No., Central 9384. 

Buchanan, W. Scott (of W. Scott Buchanan & Co.); 
ho., Colling wood, Hillfoot, Bearsden. 

Buchanan, Wm., leather merchant and bootmaker, 
1288 Argyle st , C.3 ; ho., 589 Dumbarton rd. W. 1. 

Buchanan, William, joiner and builder, 370 St. 
Vincent street, C.3; ho., 333 Maxwell road, 
Pollokshields S.l. 

Buchanan, Wm., & Son, house factors and insurance 
agents, 94 South Portland st. C.5. 

Buchanan, William & Co., stock and sharebrokers, 
North Bank Buildings, 26 West Nile St., C.l; 
tel. add., "Acute" ; tel. No., Central 7375. 

Buchanan, William Carrick, stockbroker (of Wm 
Buchanan & Co.); house, 20 Queen's Gate, W.2. 

Buchanan, W. B. (of Geo. Garrett & Co. ( Whiteinch) 
Ltd.); ho., 20 Victoria Crescent road, W.2. 

Buchanan, W. Connell, J.P., solicitor, Consul 
for Roumania 187a West George st., C.2 ; house, 
Ardloch, Beith ; tel. Nos. 6963 Central & Beith 179 

Buchanan, Wilson, & Co., Ltd., wholesale wine 
and spirit merchants, 121 St. Vincent street C.2. 

Buchanan, W. Scott, Collingwood, Hillfoot, Bearsden. 

Buchanan, Mrs. C. P., spirit merchant, Waverley 
Bar, 142 and 144 Langlands road, Govan S.W.I. 

Buchanan, Mrs. Cochran (of Alex Cochran & Co.), 
1 Newton terrace, C.3. 

Buchanan, Mrs. Helen, 26 Montague street, C.4. 

Buchanan, Mrs M. A., wine and spirit merchant, 
205, 207 Castle st. C.4, house, Elmknowe, Kirkin- 
tilloch ; tel. No , 137 Kirkintilloch. 

Buchanan, Mrs. M. A., wine and spirit merchant, 
402 Duke street E.l; ho., Elmknowe, Kirkintilloch. 

Buchanan, Miss Elizabeth (banjo, mandoline, 
guitar), 26 Granville st, C.3. 

Bucaaian, Joan H., M.B., Ch.B., medical prac- 
titioner, 6 Foremouut terrace, W.2. 

Buck & Hickman, Ltd., 49 Robertson street C.2. 

Buck, R. R. & Sons, Ltd. (Carlisle), flannel 
and shirt manufacturers, Central Chambers, 93 
Hope st. C.2 ; tel. No., Central 1314. 

Buckley, A. B., dispensing chemist (member of the 
Pharmaceutical Society), 491 Victoria road, S. 2; 
tel. No. Queen's Park 128. 

Bucknall, Henry & Sons, Ltd., corkwood 
growers, cork merchants, manufacturers and 
importers of granulated cork for insulation ard 
other purposes, 104 Centre street, C.5 ; tel. add. 
" Bucknall, Glasgow"; tel. No., South 1769 ; and 
at 90 Fenchurch St., London, E.C 3, and Lisbon, 

Buck's Head Hotel (Stranraer) Linited, W. Maxwell 
Simmers, C.A., secretary. Reg. office, 98 West 
George street, C.2. 

Budenberg Gauge Co., Ltd., manufacturers 
of pressure, vacuum and hydraulic gauges of every 
description, tachometers, steel tube mercury 
1 hermometers, thalpotassimeters, engine counters, 
test pumps, draught indicators, self-recording 
instruments for pressure, temperature, and speed, 
and otber instruments of precision for industrial 
use, 62 Robertson st. C.2; tel. No., Central 847 ; 
tel. address, " Budenberg, Glasgow." 

Budge, Daniel, lae G P.O. ; ho., 66 Ashcroft drive, 
King's Park, Cathcart. 

Buenos Ayres Steamship Office (Donaldson South 
American Line, Ltd.), 14 St. Vincent place, C.l. 

Buick, Margaret, restaurateur, 147 W. George st. 
C.2 (tel. No. 2465 Central), and 19a Renfield st., 
C.2 (tel. Central 1514); house, 7 Percy drive, 

Builders' Supplies and Fireplaces, Ltd., fireplace 
specialists, 135 Bath St., C.2; tel. No. Douglas 4129. 

Building Industries, monthly trades journal; 
Jack & Carrick, publishers, 148 Renfield St., C.2. 

Building (The) and Insulatirig Material Co., Ltd., 
insulating materials, 37 Renfield st. C.2 ; tel add. 
" Clydecem, Glasgow " ; tel. No., Central 4242 
(3 lines). 

Building and Monumental Workers' Association of 
Scotland, 65 West Regent street, C.2 

Buist, C. R., cashier, The Steel Company of Scotland 
Ltd. ; ho., 176 Aros drive, S.W.2. 

Buist, John A., journalist (Glasgow Herald) ; ho. 
39 Cecil street, W,2. 

Bujnowski, Alex., 312 West Princes st , C.4. 

Buinovski, Alexander, sales and publicity officer, 
Corporation Gas Dept, City Chambers; ho., 151 
Broomhill drive, W.l ; tel. No. Western 8114 

Bulls' Metal and Melloid Co., Ltd., propeller manu- 
facturers, brass and bronze founders and rollers, 
Yoker, W.4, Telegraphic address, "Melloid," 
Yoker; telephone Nos., 2218 and 2219 Scotstoun 
(2 lines). 

Bulloch, A., superintendent of assurance agents, 
30 Garturk St.. S.2; tel. No., Queen's Park 888. 

Bulloch, Alexander, wine and spirit mer- 
chant, 49 and 53 Rose street, C.3; tel. No., 
Douglas 1893. 

Bulloch & Co., Ltd., wholesale wine shippers, 
4, 6 and 8 Cadogan st., C.2 ; tel. add., " Bul- 
lochard "; tel. Nos., Central 1391 and 1392. 




Bulloch, Cowell & Co., muslin manufacturers 

and wholesale warehousemen, 164 Howard street, 


Bulloch, G. & Co., painters and decorators, 231 Crow 

rd., W.l (tel. No., Western 4394-f>) ; house, 27 

Rowallan gardens, Broomhill, W.l. 

Bulloch, James, 46 Melville street, Pollokshield?, S.l. 

Bulloch, Jas. M. (of Bulloch, Cowell & Co.) ; house, 

Drumonr, Busby. 
Bulloch, John A., painter and decorator, 26 
Gardner st., Partick W.l (telephone No., 4217 
Western) ; ho., 108 Munro road, W.3. 
Bulloch, Lade & Co., Ltd., distillers and blenders, 
133 Waterloo st. C.2 ; tel. add., " Bulade, Glas- 
gow;" tel. No., Central 1631. 
Bunnahabhain Distillery, Islay (The Highland Dis 
tilleries Co. Ltd.), agents, Robertson & Baxter, 
Ltd., 106 West Nile street C.l. 
Bunten, Wm, & Co., Ltd., merchants and dry- 
salters, Gordon chambers, 90 Mitchell street C.l. 
Buntin, James, L.D.S., R.F.P.S.G.. surgeon- dentist, 
510 Gallowgate street S.E. j ho., Broomard, 30 
Circus drive, Dennistoun, E. 
Buntin, James S. (of Inglis & Buntin), Hazelvrood 

avenue, Newton Mearns. 
Bunting, Henry C, church officer, St. John's Parish 

Church, 34 M ; Farlane street, C.4. 
Bunting, Rev. T. J., St. Gilbert's Par. Church ; ho., 

St. Gilbert's Manse, 78 Gower street, S.l. 
Bunting, Wm.*, 134 Wellington street, C.2; house, 

The Grange, Cambuslang. 
Bunton, John, insurance broker and estate salesman, 
64 Gordon street, C.l (tel. No., Central 4650); 
house, 260 Bellahouston drive, S.W.2. 
Bunton, Sam, jun., architect and surveyor, 235 
Bath st , C.2 ; house, Aviemore, Stanley drive, 
Brookfield, Renfrewshire. 
Burberrys Ltd. ; agents, Wm. Anderson & Sons, 
Ltd., naval, military, air force and civilian out- 
fitters, 155 Hope street C.2. 
Burberry's Weatherproofs ; Copland & Lye, 

Ltd., agents, 165 Sauchiehall street, C.2. 
Burbidge, Pritchard & Bartleet, wholesale tea dealers, 

.12 York st., C. 2. 
Burchell, Edward S., Union Bank of Scotland, Ltd., 

93 North Hanover street, C. 1. 
Burden, John (Bank of Scot); ho., 17 Leslie st., 

Pollokshield s, S.l. 
Burdon Furnaces, Ltd., furnace designers and 
builders, Industrial Estate, Hillirigton ; tel. add., 
" Kendore." J. M'Quarrie, managing director, 
2 Ferguson rd.,Bearsden; tel. No., Bearsden 595. 
Burdon, G., Board of Trade; ho., 7 Herriot road, 

Burdon, Ian M., assistant surgeon, Victoria Infirmary; 
ho., 6 Woodlands ter., C.3; tel. No., Douglas 
Bureau Veritas, Internationa] Register ef Shipping 

and Aircraft, 29 Waterloo street, C.2. 
Burgess, G., stationer, 1373 Argyle street, C.3. 
Burgess, John, butcher, 475 and 438 St. Vincent 
st., C.3; bouse. 62 Ashburton rd., Kelvinside, 
W.2; tel. No., 6012 Central. 
Burgess, Ledward & Co., Ltd., manufacturers 
of Duro and Flair fabrics, and all classes of 
coloured cotton woven goods, 10 Major street, 
Manchester. Representative, D. S. Gray, 142 
Queen street, C.l (teL No., 3404 Central); house, 
Kilrymont, 4 Mossgiel road, Newlands. 

Burgess & M'Laren, Ltd., brassfounders and finishers, 

164 Main street, Coatbridge. 
Burgess, R. K, fruiterer, 1434 Pollokshaws road, 


Burgess, Samuel, chartered patent agent (of Johnsons, 

41 St. Vincent place, C.l); house, Royal Oak 

Villa, 218 Queen Victoria dr., Scotstounhill, W.3. 

Burgess, Thomas, funeral undertaker, 439 Duke st. 

E.l (tel. No., Bridgeton 2877); ho., 29 Hillfoot 

st., Dennistoun, E.l ; garage 60, 62 Sword street, 


Burgoyne, Richard (at Thomas B. Campbell & Sons, 

Ltd.); house, 9 Nethervale avenue, S.4. 
Burke J., confectioner (retail), 181 Millburn st., N. 
Burke, P., policeman (retired), 205 Saracen st., N. 
Burke, Mrs., dairykeeper, 112 Taylor street C.4. 
Burleigh, John, manufacturers' agent, 56 Queen 

st. C.l ; house, Greenholm, Drumchapel. 
Burleigh Manufacturing Co. of Dermott, 
Arkansas, U.S.A., manufacturers of high-grade 
Hickory Hammers and pick handles, rough turned 
from machines, Hickory, Ash, Oak, and Gum dimen- 
sion. European agent, T. M'Inty re, 60 Wellington 
street, C.2 ; tel. No., Central 0123. 
Burley, Robert, & Sons, Ltd. handle manu- 
facturers, saw millers, timber importers, 
and wood benders, 17 Fair ley St., Govan, 
S.W.I; tel. add., "Handles, Glasgow"; 
tel No., Ibrox 947. Established 1839. 
Burlington House, catering establishment, 183 Bath 

street, C.2. 
Burmah (The) Oil Co., Limited. 175 West George 
street C.2 j tel. No., 3793 Central ; telegraphic 
address, " Burmah, Glasgow." 
Burma Gem, 151 Sauchiehall St., C.2. 
Burman, Harry (of H. Duncan & Co.), house, 

Dunaverty, Provanmill. 
Burmeister & Wain, Ltd., steel forgings, Copenhagen; 
sole agent, Arthur M. Morrison, Baltic lane, 
Dalrrarnock rd., S.E. 
Burnbank Bowling Club, 235 Woodlands road 
C.3 ; hon. sec , John Aitken, 10 Fergus dr., N.W.; 
tel. No., Douglas 359. 
Burnell, H., & Co., manufacturers' agents, 82 

Mitchell St., C.l. 
Burnet, Alex. T. (c/o Thos. B. Campbell & Sons, 
Ltd.; 29 Wellington st., C.2); ho., 34 Hillhead 
St., W.2. 
Burnett, C. J. Russell, solicitor (of Rowley Orr, 
Lamond & Co.); ho., 16 Falkland mansions, 
Hyndland, W.2; tel No., Western 1016. 
Burnet, Frank R., A.R.I. B.A. (of Frank Burnet 

& Boston) ; res., Enterkin, Kilmacolm. 
Burnet, Frank, & Boston, architects, 180 Hope 

st. C.2; teL No., 1414 Douglas. 
Burnett & Fraser, monumental sculptors, near 

Riddrie Cemetery, Cumbernauld rd., Millerston. 
Burnett, George A., M.A., B.Sc, Director of 
Studies, Training Centre, Jordanhill ; ho., 92 
Southbrae drive, Jordanhill W 3. 
Bennett, Dr. George B., medical practitioner, 1264 

Dumbarton road, W.4. 
Burnet, James M., manufacturers' agent, 33 Virginia 

street, C. 1 ; ho., 3 Spring gardens, N.W. 
Burnet, John, Son, & Dick, architects, 16 Blythswood 
«q., C.2. Telegrams, "Architects, Glasgow "; tel. 
No., Central 6172. 
Burnett, J., & Co., Ltd., mantle agents, 90 Mitchell 
street, C.l. 




Burnett, Robert Howie, physician and surgeon, 501 

Springbum rd., N. (tel. add. " Burnett, Bishop- 

briggs " ; tel. Nos., Bishopbriggs 75 and Spring- 
burn 5259); ho., 223 Kirkintilloch rd., Bishop- 
Burnet, Robert P., C.A. (of A. G. M'Bain & Co., 

C.A.,55 West Regent St., C.2); ho., 86 Kirkcaldy 

road, S.l; tel. No., Queen's Park 2552. 
Burnet, T. S., tailor and clothier, 177a Duke street, 

Burnett, Thos. F., warehouseman, 82 Union st., 

Bnrnett, V., automatic machine company, 437 

Crown St., C.5. 
Burnet, Walker, & Co., cotton yarn agents and 

cotton yarn merchants, 2 Anchor lane, C.l; tel. 

Nos., 7381 and 7382 Central 
Burnett, W. H., manufacturers' agent, 136 Renfield 

street C.2; ho., 45 Cecil street, HillheadW.2 
Burnet, Wm. A. (of Burnet, Walker, & Co.), ho. 

Daldrishaig, Thorntonhsll, Lanark. 
Burnet, Wm. W., manufacturers' agent, 90 Mitchell 

St., C.l. 
Burnette & Sons, Victor, motor hirers, 159 Cathcart 

id., S.2; house, 117 Boyd street, S.2 ; tel. No., 

Queen's Park 388. 
Burnham, A., high- class tailor, 134 St. Vincent 

street, C.2. 
Burnham & Co., enamelled letters, electric signs, 

advertising contractors, 89 Stromness street, C.5. 
Burnley Building Society ; agents, Prentice & Eyre- 

Todd, 173 St. Vincent St., C.2; tel. No., Central 

Burns, A. N. (at Union Marine and Gen. Ins. Co.); 

house, Roseneath, Montgomerie drive, Giffnock. 
Burns, Alexander, M.A., head teacher, Onslow Drive 

A.C. School, E.l ; house, 8 Marlborough gardens, 

Burns, Andrew, assistant manager for Scotland, 

Yorkshire Insurance Co., Ltd. ; house, 7 Woodvale 

avenue, Killermont; tel. No., Bearsrten 931. 
Burns, Andrew B , licensed grocer, 651-653 Govan 

rd., S.W.I. 
Burns, Arthur (of Burns, Morrison & Co.) ; ho., 

Knoweside, Giffnock. 
Burns, C, dairy, 1007 Dumbarton rd. W.4 ; ho., 

1005 do. 
Burns, C, news-agent, 79 Saltmarket, C.l. 
Burns, Campbell P., inspector (Yorkshire Insurance 

Co., Ltd.); ies., Allendale, Stirling drive 

Bearsden; tel. No, Bcarsden 1053. 
Burns & Co., monumental sculptors, Netherlee road. 

Burns & Crosbie, Ltd., hairdressers, 273 Sauchiehall 

St., C.2. 
Burns, David L, C.A., 109 Hope st , C.2 ; ho., 5 

Brownside road, Cambuslang ; tel. No., Cambus- 

lang 8S4. 
Burns, Edward D., manager R. K.O. (Radio Pictures 

Ltd.), 10a Bothwell street, C.2. 
Burns & Fulton, automobile engineers, Station 

Garage, Kilmarnock road, Giffnock; tel. Nos., 

Giffnock 773 and 774. 
Burns, George, chartered accountant, 319 Sauchie- 
hall St., C.2. 
Burns House Club Ltd., 27 India st., C.2 ; secy., J. 

M'Clymont Wylie. C.A., 168 Buchanan st., C.l. 
Burns, J., grocer, 281 Carntyne rd., E.2. 
Burns, J., pawnbroker, 219 Tollcross road, E.l, 

Burns, J. A., & Co., engineers' agents, 170 Hope st., 

Burns, J. P., importer of cigars and American 

tobaccos, 17 Exchange place, C.l, one door from 

Buchanan street ; tel. No., 7389 Central. 
Burns, J. S. &Co., garage, 15 Midland St., C.l. 
Burns, J. S. & Sons, advertising contractors, 128 

Renfield st., C.2 (tel. No. Douglas 562); ho., 59 

Carmunnock rd., S.4; tel. No., Langside 993. 
Burns, James D., manufacturers' agent, 16 

St. Enoch sq., C.l (tel. No., Central 5905) ; 

ho., Glenknowe, Westfield, Rutherglen. 
Burns, John, pawnbroker, 2 Kent St., off Gallow- 

gate; ho., Loretto, 35 Buchanan dr., Cambuslang. 
Burns, John, jun., painter and decorator, 138 

George street C.l; teL No., Bell 70. 
Burns, John, wine and spirit merchant, 1046 Argyle 

St.. C.3 ; ho., 307 Todd St., E.l. 
Burns, John, & Co., insurance claims assessors, 

129 St. Vincent street, C2 (tel. No. Central 

4419); house, 32 Thorncliffe gardens, S.l. 
Burns, John S., & Sons, printers (letterpress), 196 

Buccleuch street, Charing cross (tel. No. Douglas 

562) ; and at 128 Renfield street, C.2 (tel. No. 

Douglas 4684) ; house, 59 Carmunnock road, S.4 ; 

tel. No., La guide 993. 
Burns & Laird Lines Ltd., shipowners, 52 

Robertson st.C.2; tel. No., Central 9650 (14 lines). 
Burns & Laird Lines, Ltd., agents for Coast Lines, 

Liverpool and Manchester Steamers, 52 Robertson 

street, C.2. 
Burns, Louise, footwear specialist, 147 Blythswood 

street, C.2. 
Burns & Lindemann, Ltd., coal and coke exporters, 

37 Renfield st., C.2 ; tel. add., " Lindemann, Glas- 
gow"; tel. No. Central 2021. 
Burns, Matthew D., cashier (at Jaidine & Macletchie); 

ho., 339 Tweedsmuir rd., Hillington, S.W.2. 
Burns, Morrison & Co., iron and steel agents, 74 

York street, C.2. 
Burns, Oates & Washbourne, Ltd., church furnishers 

and booksellers, 248 Buchanan St., C.l; tel. No., 

1574 Douglas. 
Burns & Odam, hairdressers, North of Scotland 

Bank Buildings, 26 West Nile st. C.l; tel. No., 

5031 Central. 
Burns, Peter, dairy, 166 Garngadhill, N. 
Burns Petrie & Co., Ltd., druggists' sundriesmea, 

93 Holm street C.2; tel. No., 491 Central 
Burns, Robertson & Co., agents, merchants, and 

quarrymasters, 17 Oswald st. C.l (tel. No., 1131 

Central); ho., Ardell, Uddingston; tel. No., 21 

Burns, William, & Co , wire workers and weavers, 82 

Commerce street C.5 ; house, 61 Tradeston st., C.6. 
Burns, William (Glasgow) Ltd., bag merchants, 

25, 27 Admiral street, S.l; tel. Nos., 1104 and 

1105 South. 
Burns, W. M., grocer, 441 Tantallon road, Langside 

S.l; house, 437 do. 
Burns, Mrs. Elizabeth, 252 Nithsdale rd., Dum- 

breck; tel. No., 223 Ibrox. 
Burns, Mrs. P., 139 Thomson street, E.l. 
Burns, Miss Agnes, laundress, 361 Caledonia road, 

Burns, Miss E., confectioner, 41 West Graham 

street, C.4. 

Burns, Miss E. B., nurse, 49 Duncruin street, N.W. 
Burns, Miss, Woodlands Home, 3 Claremont ter. C.3. 




Burnside, Coll M., writer (of MacBride, M'Grouther 

& Co., 78 St. Vincent street, C.2) ; ho., Denstone, 

9 Calderwood road, Newlands. 
Burnside, D. R , publisher, 60 Stockwell street, C. 1 ; 

tel. No., Bell 1262. 
Burnside, J., confectioner, 1323 Gallowgate, E.l. 
Burnside, James, fish merchant, 11 Salkeld street, 

Burnside. John, engineer, Corporation Housing De- 
partment; ho. 176 King's Park road, 8.4. 
Burnside, S. M. r wine and spirit merchant, 680 

Rutherglen road, C. 5. 
Burnside, Samuel M., wholesale whisky merchant, 

320 Nuneaton st. S.E. 
Burr, Alexr., caretaker, 20 Renfrew street C.2. 
Burr, M. & D. (motor) garaging, 9 Victoria road, 

Eglinton toll (lei. No. Queen's Park 229) ; ho., 

674 EglinU n street, C.5. 
Burr ell & Son, ship brokers and shipowners, 124 

St. Vincent street, C.2; tel. Nos., Central 1478 

and 1479. 
Burrell, Urquhart F. (director, A. R. Brown, 

M'Farlane & Co., Ltd.) ; ho., Hyndfordlea, Lanark; 

tel. No., Lanark 142. 
Burrell, Urquhart Fraser, Hon. Consul for Japan, 

19 St. Vincent place, C.l ; tel. No., Central 9946. 
Bun-ell, Sir William {Burrell & Son); res., Hutton 

Castle, Berwick-on-Tweed. 
Burrell, May H., artist, c/o H. K. Wood, 186 Pitt 

street, C.2. 
Burroughs Adding Machine, Ltd., 120 St. Vincent 

street, C.2. 
Burroughs, Alfred (of Settle Limes); ho., Lang- 

cliffe, Seech avenue, Newton Mearns. 
Burroughes & Watts, Ld., billiards table manu- 
facturers, The Billiards House, 234 Sauchiehall st. 

C.2; tel. No., Douglas 1198. Head Offices, 19 

Soho square, London, W.l. 
Buit Bros., Ltd., metal pressing, stamping and spin- 
ning. Sole agents for Scotland, Wm. Lester & 

Sons, 38 Bath street, C.2. 
Burt, J., dairy keeper, 128 Aikenhead road, S.2. 
Burt, John W (director of Acme Wringers, Ltd., 

Bridgeton, S.E.) ; ho., 2 Park quad., C.3. 
Burt, John M., secretary, D. & J. Tullis, Ltd.; ho., 

Viewfield, Clarence street, Clydebank ; tel. No. 

377 Clydebank. 
Burt, Peter, J. P. (director of Acme Wringers, Ltd., 

Bridgeton, S.E) ; ho., Hollybank, Bothwell. 
Burt, Thomas W. (director of Acme Wringers, Ltd., 

Bridgeton, S.E) ; house, The Heugh, Bothwell. 
Burt, Wilson, Ltd., 546 Sauchiehall street, C.3. 
Burton, A. & Co., Ltd., financiers, 27 Jamaica St., 

C.l ; tel. No., Central 3614. 
Burton, Henry, & Co., Ltd., hosiers, glovers, 

shirtmakers, hatters, outfitters, umbrella, trunk, 

and portmanteau makers, 111 Buchanan street 

C.l ; workrooms, 107 do. ; telephone No., Central 

7380 ; telegraphic address, " Buckskin, Glasgow." 
Burton, Henry, & Co., Ltd., laundry and 

cleaning works, Spencer street, Anniesland, W. 3; 

tel. No., 1673 Sootstoun. 
Burton, Dr. I. E., surgery, 1353 Dake street, E.l 

(tel No., Bridgeton 761); house, 662 Clarkston 

road, Netherlee. 
Burton, I. Edwaid, medical practitioner, 552 Clark- 

ston road, Netherlee ; tel. No., Merrylee 2503. 
Burton, J. A. G., surgeon, 8 Woodside place, C.3 ; 

tel. No., Douglas 733. 

Burton, J. W., & Slaven, Ltd , motor engineers, 98 
Great Western road C.4. 

Burton, Montague, Ltd., tailors and clothiers, 158 
Argyle street O.2. 

Burton, M., tailor and clothier, 106 Argyle street, 

Burton, M., tailor, 122-132 Argyle street, C.2. 

Burton, Son, & Sanders, Ltd., sugar millers, 
syrup refiners, almond and spice grinders, and 
bakers' and confectioners' suDdriesmen, Milnpark 
street, Kinning park S 1. ; tel. add., "Tiptop "; 
tel. Nos., South i 747-9. 

Burton & Tweedy, Glasgow motor distributors, 23- 
25 Commerce street, C.5. 

Burton, William Reid, The Great Western Steam 
Laundry, Jordanhill; res., Hallhill House, 66 
Mitre road, W.4; tel. No., Scotstoun 2241. 

Burtons Ltd., tailors and clothiers, 195-203 Cow- 
caddens street, C.2. 

Bus & Coach publishers, 26b Renfield streat, C.2. 

Bush, Alex., Assistant Registrar of Births, &c, 
8 Minerva street, C.3 ; (tel. No , Central 3119); 
house, 55 Ravensfield drive, Giflxock, 

Bussell, Desmond F. J. (of Geo. Preston & Co., 
umbrella manufacturers, Ltc); ho., 28 Gordon 
drive, Netherlee ; tel. No., Merrylee 1671. 

Buston, A. J. & Co., cotton, rubber, metal and pro- 
duce brokers, 64 Gordon street, C.l; tel. add., 
"Artbuston, Glasgow;" tel. Nos., Central 0395, 
0396 and 0397. Also at Liverpool, London and 

Buswell, Robert, wine meichant, 62 Glassford street, 
C.l(tel. No., Bell 30 59); ho., 30 Buccleuchst.,C3. 

Bute Slip Dock Co., Ltd., yacht builders, 81 Hope 
street C.2. 

Butkr, A. Campbell (of Campbell Butler & Co.) 
ho., I Langshot street, S.W.I. 

Butler, A. Campbell & Co., medicinal oil im 
porters, and " Puppy Emulsion " manufacturers 

16 Oxford St., C.6 (tel. No., South 1240), and 
Fishmarket C.l ; house, 1 Langshot street, S.W.I 

Butler, James M. (The British Express Co., Ltd.) 

Bexholm, Kirkintilloch road, Lenzie. 
Butler, Thomas, & Son, manufacturers' agents 

28 Bridgegate street, C.l. 
Butter, Alex, (of Wm. Walls & Co., Ltd.); ho. 

17 Ormonde avenue, Muirend, Glasgow, S.4. 
Buttercup Dairy Co., 165 Cowcaddens st., C.2 
Butterfield, W. P., Ltd., tank makers (including 

petrol storage), Shipley, Yorks. Agent, W. Robinson, 

93 Hope street C.2 ; tel. No., Central 7696. 
Butterly, J., fruiterer, 141 Stobcross st , C.3 
Butters, Benjamin (of Butters Brothers & Co.) ; ho., 

94 Springkell avenue, Pollokshields S. 1. 
Butters Brothers & Co. (established 1867), 

engineers and crane builders, makers of electric, 
steam, overhead and hand cranes, all types ; head 
office and works, M'Lellan st., Kinning Park S.l ; 
tel. No. 1525 Ibrox (4 lines). 

Butters, Howard Maelaren, writer (of Mackay & 
Boyd) ; res., Middlepenny House, Langbank, 

Butters, John D., cranebuilder (Butters Bros.); ho-, 
2 Darnley road, S.l. 

Butters Willis, cranebuilder (Butters Bros.); ho., 2 
Cleveden drive, W.2 

Buttons, Limited, button manufacturers, Bir- 
mingfiam; agents, R. Ferguson & Son, 76 Wilson 
st. C.l; tel. No., Bell 2622; tel. add., "Buttons, 




Bux, Mohamed, Indian eye specialist, 358 St. 

George's road C. 3. 
Buxton, Mrs. J., 21 Caird drive, PartickhiU W.l. 
Byatt, J. P., financier, 613 Shields road, Pollok- 

shields, S.l. 
Byers, Hugh R., L.R.A.M.., L.C.V., teacher of 

violin, 18 Lossie st., E.I.; tel. No., Provanmill 

Byers, R. & J., produce brokers, 9 St. Margaret's 

place C.l ; tel. No., Bell 0384; tel add., "Serby, 

Byers, W. L., & Co., Ltd., chain and anchor makers. 

Sunderland; agents, W. Christie & Co., Ltd, 

105 St. Vincent street, C2. 
Byers, Mrs. A. E., music teacher, 18 Lossie st., 

Riddrie E.l. 
Bylock S*les (Scotland), Ltd., vacuum cleaners, 180 

West Regent st. ; tel No., Douglas 6655. 
Byrne, Charles, J.P., K.S.G., solicitor and notary 

public, 7 India st., C2; tel. No., Central 2391 

Byrne, Very Rev. Cyprian, The Friary, Cumberland 

street, C5; tel. No., South 256. 
Byrne, James, tobacconist, 89 Finnieston St., C.3 
Byrne, Louis, newsagent, 215, 266 Stobcrcss st., 

Byrne, Miss Ellen, newsagent and tobacconist, 83 

Old Govan road S.W.I ; tel. No., Ibrox 1031. 

C. & A. Modes. Ltd., costumiers, 218-224 Sauchie- 
hall St., C.2. 

O. M. D. Engineering Co., Ltd , 25 Hope st., C.2. 

Cable Lamp Co., elect tical wholesale factors, 595 
Paisley road. West; tel. add. '• Robbo, Glasgow"; 
tel. No, Ibrox 2113. 

Cabie Shoes, bootmakers, 32, 34 Argyle street, C.2. 

Cable Shoes, 135 Argyle street, C.2. 

Cable & Wireless, Ltd., 40 Royal Exchange square, 
0.1; tel. No., City 7761; tel. add. "Empire- 
gram, Glasgow "; J. C. Oumbreck, manager. 

Cadbury Brothers, Ltd., cocoa and chocolate manu- 
facturers, Bournville, near Birmingham. Glasgow 
address, Argyll Chambers, 34 Argyll arcade C.2; 
tel. No., 7398 Central. 

Cadbury Bros, Ltd., cocoa and chocolate manu- 
facturers, distribution depot, Buchanan Street 
Goods Station, LM.S. Railway C.2; tel. Nos., 
Douglas 958-9. 

Cadenhead, Miss N. M. H., M.A., teacher, 58 Shake- 
speare street, N.W. ; tel. No., Maryhill 1210. 

Ca'doro Restaurant, tea rooms, lunch rooms, quick 
lunch counters, banquet and ball rooms, 122 
Union street C.l; tel. No., Central 6314. 

Ca'doro Restaurant, Ltd., restaurateurs, 122 
Union st., C.l ; tel. add., •■ Ca'doro"; tel. No., 
Central 6314. 

Cadoux, Rev. A. T., B.A., D.D., minister, Broomhill 
Congregational Church} ho., 20 Airtbrev avenue, 
Jordanhill, W.4. 

Cadzow, florists, 919 Govan rosd, S.W.I. 

Cadzow Coal Co. (Limited), coal masters; office, 
41 St. Vincent place, 0.1. 

Cadzow, William (James Duthie & Co.); house, 
Arden, Bothwell. 

Cafaro Brothers (Wm. G. M'Kendry), 
international booksellers, 163 West Nile street, 
C.l; tel. jjlo., Douglas 6224. 




Corner of Union Street 
and Gordon Street, C.l 



Cafferata & Co., Ltd., plaster manufacturers, 

Newark-upon-'iient ; agents, Johnstons & Paton 

Limited, 52 Robertson st. C.2 ; warehouse, 264 

West street, 0.5. 
Cab ill, M. F., spirit merchant, 222, 224 Abercromby 

st, S.E.; ho., 8 Limeside avenue, Rutherglen. 
Caira, E., tailor and clothier, 430 Argyle st. C.2. 
Caird, F. P., & Co., Ltd., 19 Waterloo street, 

2, engineers, merchauts and agents; lei. add., 

" Invictus " ; tel. No., Central 4400. 
Cairncross, J. N, L.D.S., surgeon dentist, 143 

Eglinton street 0.5; tel. No.. South 1588. 
Cairney, John, pawnbroker, 86 Elder street, Govan, 

8.W.1 ; ho., 73 Ashkirk drive, S.W.2. 
Cairney, M. M., confectioners' agent, 49 Stonelaw dr., 

Cairneyhill Quarry Co., quarrymasters, 2 1 Bly ths- 

wood sq., C.2. 
Cairns, A. A. & Co., property agents and valuators, 

112 Bath street C.2. 
Cairns, A. A. & Co., shipping and export agents, 

112 Bath street, 0.2. 
Cairns, David (at Jno. Miller & Quaile's), Netherton, 

Cairns, D., confectioner, 3 Mansfield street, W.l. 
Cairns, David, cashier (Lorimer & Moyes, Ltd., 7 

Montrose street, C.l); ho., 312 Cumbernauld 

road, E.l. 
Cairns, Duncan, baker t 422 Rutherglen road, C.5. 
Cairns, Francis, B L.. solicitor, 121 West Regent st. 

C.2; tel. No., Douglas 1460. 
Cairns, Geo. J., provision merchant, 183^ Main st., 

Bridgeton,S.E.; ho. 22 Dry burgh ave., Rutherglen. 
Cairns, James I., newsagent, 76 Craigiehall street 

S.W.I; tel. No., 287 Ibrox. 
Cairns, James T. (of Mackay, Dow, Cairns & Co., 

Ltd.); house, 126 Dixon avenue, S.2. 
Cairns, John, A.L.A.A., 14 Thorncliffe gdns., S.l. 
Cairns, John, registered plumber, lead merchant, 

sanitary, gas and electrical engineer, 329 Great 

Western rd., C.4; tel. No., Western 6791. 
Cairns, John Alex., M.A., LL.B., S.S.C. (of Watt, 

Son & Co., 183 St Vincent street C.2) ; ho. 14 

Victoria crescent, Dowanhill W,2. 
Cairns, M., wardrobe dealer, 30 Stow street, C 2. 
Cairns & Pritty, wholesale milliners, 71 Queen st. , 

Cairns, R., junr., 234 Clyde st., C.l. 




Cairns, R. B., dairyman, 40 Scotstoun street, 

Scotstoun, W.4 
Cairns, K. W., Ltd., wine merchants, 5, 7, 9 

Miller st. d ; tel. Nos., Central 5925 and 1800. 
Cairns, Robert. 385 Great Western road, C.4. 
Cairns, William, engineer, 62 Robertson street, C.2; 

tel. No., Central 2647. 
Cakeland, Limited (F. Irving, director), pastry 

bakers, 42 46 New City road C.4 ; ho., 12 Vini- 

combe st., W.2. 
Calais Steamship office (Geo. Gibson & Co., Ltd.), 

45 West Nile st. C.l. 
Calcutta Line of Steamers, The City Line Ltd., 

75 Bothwell street, C.2. 

Calcutta Line of Steamers (Cayzer, Irvine & Co., Ltd., 

managers), 109 Hope street. C.2. 
Calder, Alex., & Son, plasterers, 586 and 588 

Eglinton street C.6; tel. No., South 1158. 
Calder, Alex. Wm., commercial traveller, 256 Crow 

road W.l. 
Calder & Armour, paint, enamel, and varnish 

manufacturers and merchants, 14 and 16 

Broomielaw C.l ; tel. No., 4606 Central. 
Calder, Eliz., teacher, The High School; ho., 

69 Stanmore road, S.2. 
Calder & Gordon, clothiers, 65 Jamaica street C.l; 

ho., 12 Second ave., Bearsden. 
Calder, Dr. Hector M., D.S.O., M.C., M.D., 26 Bal- 

shagray ave., Partick West W.l. 
Calder, Henderson & Livingston, timber brokers, 

Royal Exchange buildings, C.l. 
Calder, J., insurance agent, 73 Edmund street, E.l. 
Calder, Jas. & Co., neon window signs, 25 Welling- 
ton street, C.2. 
Calder, Jas. B. & Co., oil merchants, 154, 156 

Surrey lane, C.5. 
Calder, John, & Co., general printers, 128 Renfield 

street C.2. 
Calder, John (of Russell & Co., Ltd.); Langley, 7 

Auchencampbell rd., Hamilton. 
Calder, John, & Co., ship brokers and coaling agents, 

163 Hope street, C.2; tel. No., Central 4657; 

house telephone, Bearsden 262. 
Calder, Robert F. (of Calder, Henderson & Living- 
ston); ho., Erskine road, Whitecraigs. 
Calder, Robert Stirling (of Kerr, Newton & Calder), 

9 Novar drive, Hyndland, W.2 ; tel. No. Western 

Calder, R. S., M.P.S., chemist, 584 Cathcart road, 

Calder, R. S., manager, The Dux Engraving Co., 

Ltd.; ho., 9 Cove gardens, Muirend. 
Calder Tube Works, iron and steel tube manu- 
facturers, Coatbridge; office, 41 Oswald street 

Calder, Dr. Jemima Marianna M'Kechnie, physician 

and surgeon, Surgery, 268 Paisley road, West 

S.W.I (tel. No., Ibrox 828) ; ho., 248 Wedderlea 

drive, S.W.2 ; tel. No., Halfway 1218. 
Calder's Yeast Co., Ltd., yeast manufacturers, 4 

Inverkip st., C.5; tel. add. "Adelphi"; tel 

No., South 1862. 
Calderbraes Golf Club, Uddingston ; secretary, John 

Macnaught, 29 Alder rd., S.3 ; tel. No., Merrylee 

Calderwood, Andrew, dairyman, Wellfield cottage, 

76 Northcroft road, Springburn N. 
Calderwood, J., & Co., brassfounders, 86 and 88 

Wellington lane C.2. 

Calderwood, John, builder, 10 Clifford lane, Ibrox, 

S.W.I (tel. No., Ibrox 21); house, 66 Shaw- 

moss road, S.l; tel. No., Qaeen's Park 224. 
Calderwood, M'llraith & Co., lithographers and 

printers, 109 Trongate C.l. 
Calderwood, Matthew, grocer, 720 Dalmarnock 

road S.E. 
Calderwood, Robt., 52 Woodford street, Langside S.l. 
Calderwood, William (of Thomas Thomson & Co.) ; 

ho., Ill Fotheringay road, Pollokshields, S.l. 
Caldwell, Andrew F., insurance manager, 142 

St. Vincent st., C.2 (tel. Nos, Central 7447-8); 

ho., Dornoch, Bridge of Weir. 
Caldwell Brothers (Glasgow), Ltd., manufacturers 

of braces, belts, and vest straps, 43 Virginia street, 

Caldwell, Charles, painter, 85 Douglas street C.2. 
Caldwell, David C, traveller (Walker & Clark, 182 

Albion st, C.l); ho., 93 Airth drive, Mosspark, 

S.W.2; tel. No. Ibrox 2099. 
Caldwell, Douglas H., Scottish Amicable Life Office; 

house, 140 Qaeen's drive, S.2. 
Caldwell, James, engineer, 7 Clydeview, Partick 

Caldwell, James, engineer and merchant, 101 St. 

Vincent street, C.2. 
Caldwell, James K., of Caldwell Bros. (Glasgow), 

Ltd. ; house, 38 Ashburton road, Kelvinside, 

Caldwell, James R. (of The Glasgow Dental Dep6t, 

Ltd.); ho., Westhouse, Milngavie. 
Caldwell, James Thomson, property agent, 179 Duke 

street, E.l ; house, 4 Newlands park, S.3. 
Caldwell, J. & R., Kennyhill Bakery, 10 Roebank st, 

Dennistoun E.l ; tel. No. Bridgeton 950. 
Caldwell, John, Ltd., building constructors, 290 

Kilmarnock road, Newlands, S.3. 
Caldwell, John, & Son, glass merchants and glaziers 

5 and 7 Glebe street, C.4 (tel. No., Bell 1942) 

ho., 1 Comrie road, Stepps. 
Caldwell, Matthew, 64 Carnarvon street C3. 
Caldwell, Matthew, engineer, 57 Oswald st., C.l; 

tel. No. Central 1128. 
Caldwell, R., canned goods agent, 52 St. Enoch sq., 

C.l (tel. add., "Domcanners"; tel. No., Central 

6960); ho. Aylmer, Norwood drive, Whitecraigs; 

tel. No. Giffnock 1663. 
Caldwell, R. F. (Farqubarson Bros., Ltd.) ; ho., 117 

Henderland road, Westerton, Bearsden; tel. No., 

Bearsden 2067. 
Caldwell, Richard (of J. & R. Caldwell), house, 265 

Golfbill drive, Dennistoun E.l. 
Caldwell, R. W. , L.R.I.B.Afof Divisional Engineer's 

Offioe, L. M. & S. Rly., St. Enoch Station); ho. 

653 Shields road, S.l. 
Caldwell, T. O, solicitor (Black, Honeyman & 

Monteatb, 140 West Gsorge street, C.2); ho., 2 

Clifton street, C.3. 
Caldwell, Thomas C. A., Scotstoun Steam Laundry, 

954 South st., Scotstoun, W.4. 
Caldwell, Thomas, dairy keeper, 92 Turnberry road, 

W.l ; house, 63 Laurel street, W.l. 
Caldwell, Thomas, dairyman, 186 Parliamentary rd., 

C.4; ho., 6 Peel street, Partick, W.l. 
Caldwell, William, tailor (Wm. Caldwell & Sons, 11 

Bothwell street, C.2); ho., 240 Darnley street, 

Caldwell, William, & Sons, clothiers and gentlemen's 

outfitters, 11 Bothwell street C.2. 




Caldwell, W. & Co., starch and gum manufac- 
turers, Murray street, Paisley 
Caldwell, W. H. G., silk " manufacturer, 178 

Buchanan street 0.1; ho., Newton of Beltrees, 

Lochwinnoeh ; tel. So., Lochwinnoch 221. 
Caldwell, Young & Co. , Ltd., silk manufacturers and 

printers, registered office, 178 Buchanan st 0.1. 

Telegraph address, " Foulard, Glasgow" ; telephone 

3701 Douglas (2 lines). 
Caldwell, Miss, 6 Clydeview, Partick, W.l. 
Caldwell, J"an M'Dougall, stationer, 1028 Argyle 

street 0.3; house, 29 Tabart road, W.3. 
Caledonia Gardens (J. M'Millan, secretary), 60 

Braehead street, C.5. 
Caledonia (The) Landing, Shipping, and Salvage Co., 

i^td., 109 Hope street C.2. 
Caledonia Oat Cake Baking Co., Ltd., oatcake 

manufacturers, Killearn street, N. 
Caledonia Stevedoring Co., Ltd., stevedores, No. 

22 Queen's dock C.3; telephone No., Central 

Caledonian Insurance Co., founded 1805, 

64 St. Vincent street C.2. Erskine M. Aird, secy.; 

A. S. B. Wardrop, fire superintendent. 
Caledonian Medical Journal, quarterly, printed and 

published by Alex. Macdougall, 104 West George 

St., C.2; also Hillington Printing Works, Lister 

road, S.W.2. 
Caledonian Tailorirg Co., tailors, 79 London rd.. C.l. 
Caledonian Omnibus Co., Ltd., haulage contractors, 

34 Salisbury st., C.5. 
Caledonian Plate Glass Insurance Co., 

Limited, now incorporated with The Scottish 

Plate Glass Insurance Company, Ltd., 187 West 

George street, C.2. 
Caledonian Portland Cement Co., Ltd., 

cement manufacturers, 29 St. Vincent place, C.l ; 

tel. add., " Cement, Glasgow" ; tel. No., Central 

Caledonian Property and Assets Co., Ld. (The), 78 

St. Vincent st. C.2 ; tel. No., Central 4535. 
Caledonian Temperance Hotel, 11 CowcadUens st., 

C.2 (Mrs. Annie Ewart, proprietor) ; tel. No., 

Douglas 20. 
Caledonian (The) Trust Company, Ltd. ; Brown, 

Fleming & Murray, secretaries, 175 West George 

street C.2. 
Caledonian Wireless College, 19 Woodside cres., C.3 
Calico Printers' Association, Ltd., calico 

printers, 4 West Regent street C.2 
Calico Printers' Association, Ltd. (Black & Wingate, 

Ltd., branch), manufacturers and calico printers, 

4 West Regent street, C.2. 
California Packing Corporation, San Fransifco. 

Agents, M'Aulay Brothers, 73 Dunlop street, C.l ; 

tel. add., "Farina;" tel. No., 6825 Central. 
Callagban, Edward, dairy and provisions, 66 Law- 
moor st, C.5. 
Callaghan, P., spirit merchant, 24 Brown st., C.2. 
Callaghan, P., & Sons, Ltd , fruiterers and florists, 

36 to 40 Kilbowie rd. ; res., Red Hill, Clarence 

street, Kilbowie; tel. No., Clydebank 153. 
Callaghan, Miss, confectioner, 78 RotteDrow, C.4. 
Callahan, F. C, 14 Belhaven terrace, W.2. 
Callan, Chas. G., 32 Woodcroft avenue W.l. 
Callan, John, manufacturers' agent, 176 Ingram 

street 0.1. 
Callander, Davies & Ricks, gowns, 34 Argyll arcade, 


Callander, J. B., maimfscturers' agent, 20 West 

Campbell street C.2 
Callander, Wm. A., writer (of A. P. Hamilton & 

Callander); ho., 15 Kirklee terrace, W.2. 
Callander, W. L. B., solicitor (of A. P. Hamilton & 

Callanner); ho., Matherton dr., Newton Mearns. 
Callen, Miss K. , J.P., secy.. Cooperative Women's 

Guild, 5 Elliot street, C.3. 
Callender, Adam, 232 Daraley st., Pollokshields, 8.1 
Callender, A., baker, 43 Hospital street C.5; ho., 97 

Overdale St., S.2. 
Callander's Cable & Construction Co., Ltd., 

electric cable manufacturers, 117 Wellington St., 

C.2; tel. add. and teL No., Douglas 4903. 
Callander Hydro- Hotel, Ltd. ; S. Easton Simmers & 

Co., C A., secretaries; regd. office, 98 West George 

street, C.2. 
Calor Gas (Scotland) Ltd. (Fleming & Wilson. C.A., 

secretaries), reg. office, 200 St. Vincent st., C.2 ; 

tel. and., ••Scrutators" ; tel. No., Central 2523. 
Calor Gas (Scotland) Ltd., bottled gas, 1a. Blyths- 

wood sq.; tel. Nos., Douglas 7137 and 7138. 
Calton ( relief) Church. Stevenson street. S.E. 
Calwell, Ernest T., manager for Scotland, Yorkshire 

Insurance Co., Ltd.; ho., 39 Lubnaig road, S.3; 

tel No., Langside 723. 
Cambridge Instrument Co., Ltd., 170 Hope street, 

Cambridge, Jas. , hardware and confectioner, 111 

Albert drive, Pollokshields, S. 1. 
Cambridge Street Church of Scotland, C.3 ; Rev. R. 

B. Kincaid, B. D. , minister. 
Cambridge Street Baptist Church, 58 Cambridge st., 

Cambridge St. Post Office, 203 Cambridge st. C.3 ; 

A. W. Alexander, postmaster. 
Cameron, A., hosiery manufaciurer, 46 Cunningham 

St., 0.1; ho., 56 Lamington rd., Cardoriald. 
Cameron, A. & Co., tobacconists, 95 Hope street, 

Cameron, A. D., M.A., B.Sc, lecturer, Provincial 

Training College, Jordanhill, W.3; ho., 57 Clous- 
ton street, NW. 
Cameron, A. D., agent, The Clydesdale Bank, Ltd., 

331 Paisley road, C.5; ho, 46 King^ford avenue, 

Muirend, S.4; tel. No., Merrylee 1490. 
Cameron, A. & L., tailors and outfitters, 100 Park 

road, C.4. 
Cameron, Alexander, gas coal merchant, 48 West 

Regent st. C.2 ; tel. No., Douglas 3738. 
Cameron, Alex., cartage contractor, 23 Biggar street, 

Cameron, Alex., manufacturers' agent, 52 St. Enoch 

square C.l ; ho., 51 Keir street, S.l. 
Cameron, Alexander, smith and horseshoer, 145 

Castle street, C.4; ho., Ill Petershill road, N. ; 

tel. No., Bell 1397. 
Cameron, Alex., jeweller, 35 Robertson st. C.2; 

ho. 14 Moray aven. 
Cameron, Angus, M.B., Ch.B., medical practitioner, 

198 Waddell st. C.5 (tel. No., South 1488); ho. 

34 Queen's drive, S.2 ; tel. No., Queen's Park 1128. 
Cameron, Archd. M. (of Mitchells Bags (Glasgow), 

Ltd., Elliot St., C.3); res., Aytoun House, 3 Syden- 
ham road, Dowanhill: tel. No., 1823 Western. 
Cameron, Archd., 81 Bolton drive, Mount Florida, 

Cameron, Archd., & Son, Ltd., tobacconists, 63 St. 

George's pi., C.2. 




Cameron, 0., fruit and confections, 4 Avenuepark 

St., N.W.; ho 65 Balfour street, N.W. 
Cameron, Charles, registered plumber, 206, 208 

Cambridge st. C.3 (telephone No., Douglas 86) 

and at 21 Anderson st. Partick W.l; tel. No., 

2907 Western (day and night). 
Cameron & Campbell, Ltd. , motor agents and electri- 
cal engineers, 171-181 Bothwell st, C.2 ; tel. add., 

"Camcam"; tel. Nos., Central 4121, 4122 and 

Cameron & Co., shipping, insurance, and forward- 
ing agents, Central Chambers, 11 Bothwell st. 

C.2 ; telegraphic add., " Lochiel, Glasgow;" tel. No. 

Central 3679. 
Cameron, Daniel (of Aitken, Lilburn & Co., Ltd.) ; bo., 

Wellcross, 193 Nithsdale road, Pollokshields S. 1. 
Cameron, Donald (of Andrews & Cameron, Ltd., 

Kirkintilloch). Works, Kirkintilloch (tel. No., 

Kirkintilloch 16); ho., The Knoll, Milton of 

Campsie ; tel. No., Lennoxtown 244. 
Cameron, Donald, SnowdeD, 10 Milton avenue, 

Cameron, Donald, wine merchant, 159 Bridgegate 

C.l ; ho., 33 Menock road, King's Park. 
Cameron, Donald, wholesale merchant, 30 Gordon 

street C.l (tel. add. " Latest, Glasgow"; tel. No., 

Central 4847); ho. 17 Tassie street, Shawlands, 

Cameron, Donald 0., manufacturers* representative, 

156 Fergus dure, N.W. 
Cameron. Donald (late G.PjO.), 1723 Gt. Western 

road, W.3. 
Cameron, Donald J., L.R.I. , B.A., architect, 2 Saxon 

road, W.3; tel. No., Scotstoun 2607. 
Cameron, D., wine and spirit merchant, 166 Ruther- 

glen road C.5. 
Cameron, D. L., 34 St. Enoch square C.l ; ho., 149 

StaDmore road, Mount Florida S.2. 
Cameron, D. M., C.A. (secretary, Wm. Beardmore 

& Co., Ltd.); ho. Westoe, Scotstounhill. 
Cameron, Duncan, electrical engineer, 39 Auld- 

girth read, Mosspark S.W.2. 
Cameron, Duncan, linen and cotton warehouse, 48 

Queen st , C.l. 
Cameron, D. F. & Watt, colliery agents and 

merchants, 95 Bath st., C.2; tel. Nos., Douglas 

5838 and 5339. 
Cameron, Easton & Co., Ltd., motor engineers, 

Broomhill Cross Garage, 279 Clarence drive, 

Cameron, Ewen, J.P. (late of G.P.O.) ; ho., 56 West- 
end Park street, C.3 and Riverview, Strontiau, 

Fort William. 
Cameron, E. J. (of Cameron & Co., 11 Bothwell 

street 0.2) ; ho., 1135 Tollcross road E.2. 
Cameron, E. J., manufacturers' agent, 150 Ingram 

street, C.l. 
Cameron, Fergus F. (Gavil Coal <"o., Ltd.), L.N.E.R., 

Sword si., E.l ; ho., 10 Kingsbrae avenue, S.4. 
Cameron, George, & Co., Ltd., timber importers, 

124 St. Vincent st. C.2 ; tel. No., Central 6944. 
Cameron, George, ironmonger, fancy goods merchant, 

&c, 114 Woodlands rd. C.3. 
Cameron, Geo. J., solicitor, and N.P. (of Crawford, 

Herron & Cameron), ho. Inverneil, Merrylee road, 

Newlands. S.3 ; tel. No., Merrylee 2650. 
Cameron, Rev. G. Gordon, Kert Road St Vincent 

Church of Scotland, 16 Banavie road, W.l ; tel. 

No., Western 4 '54. 

Cameron, Herriot, & Co., Ltd., manufacturers 
of coffee essence, and wholesale coffee and spice 
dealers, 139 Brook street, S.E. ; tel No., Bridge- 
ton 5; tel. add., "Coffee, Glasgow." 

Cameron, Ian, chartered accountant, 319 Sauchiehall 
street, C.2. 

Cameron, Ian A., CI., 132 Renfrew street, C.2. 

Cameron, J. (at Charles Rattray & Co., Ltd.); ho., 
30 St. Blanes drive, Bankhead, Rutherglen. 

Cameron, J. & M., drapers, 381 Great Western rd., 

Cameron, James, printer and stationer, 39 Hope 
street, C.2. 

Cameron, James, Motors Ltd., 108 Napiershall 
street, N.W. 

Cameron, Jas. A., agent, Bank of Scotland, St. 
George's Cross N.W. ; ho. 23 Polwarth gardens, 

Cameron, James F., insurance inspector, British 
Law Insce. Co., Ltd., 139 St. Vincent street C.2 ; 
res. Sherbrooke, Park road, Johnstone, 

Cameron, James, newsagent and stationer, 21 
Alexandra parade E.l. 

Cameron, James F. G. (of Walker & Cameron), 
22 Falkland mansions, Hyndland, W.2 ; teL No., 
3349 Western. 

Cameron, Jas. I., manufacturer's agent, 85 Queen 
street, C.l (tel. No. Central 4140); ho., Rock- 
mount, Craigmillar aven., Milngavie. 

Cameron, James S. (of Quentin Campbell & Co.) ; ho., 
240 Ashkirk drive, Mosspark, S.W. 2. 

Cameron, J. Burns, M.A., LL.B., Hon. Consul for 
Turkey, writer (of Boyes & Cameron) ; res., Lyme- 
kilns, East Kilbride. 

Cameron, J. Clelland, butcher, 41 Clarkston road, 
Cathcart ; ho. 12 Manse brae. 

Cameron, Dr. J. Inglis, medical practitioner, 273 
Knightswood rd., W.3 ; tel. No., Scotstoun 1995. 

Cameron, John, dairy, 26 Byron St., W,l. 

Cameron, Dr. John, M.B., Ch.B., 7 Churchill drive, 

Cameron, John, bird dealer, 18 Merkland st., W.l. 

Cameron, John, J.P., M.A.. LL.B., Ph.D., writer (of 
Kennedy, Cameron & Allan); ho., 64 Dalziel 
drive, Pollokshields, S.l; tel. No., 23 Ibrox. 

Cameron, John, plumber (of Chas. Cameron); ho., 
428 Crow road, Jordanhill W.l. 

Cameron, John, wine and spirit merchant, 97 Rotten- 
row, 0.4. 

Cameron, John, hosiery manufacturer, 46 Cunning- 
ham street C.l; tel. add., "Douglas 3424, 
Glasgow "; tel No., Douglas 3424. 

Cameron, John, & Co., timber merchants and saw 
millers, Bogmoor road, Shieldhall, Govan S.W.I 
(tel. No., Govan 78); res , Jalene, Cherrywood 
road, Elderslie ; tel. No. Johnstone 243. 

Cameron, John, Camero Foundry, 41 Hope street, 

Cameron, Captain John, M.C., O/c Corps of Com- 
missionaires, 68 West Regent street, C.2; teL No. 
Douglas 3003. 

Cameron, John D. (of M. Bryce & Son, Ltd.); ho., 
11 Beaumont gate W.2. 

Cameron, John, wine and spirit merchant, 220 
Castle st. C.4; ho. 19 Mount Stuart St., Shaw- 
lands S.l. 

Cameron, Dr. John, physician and surgeon, 498 
Dumbarton road, W.l (tel. No. Western 2389); 
ho., 7 Churchill drive, W.l. 




Cameron, John D., Office of Public Works; ho., 

Brnick, 456 Bearsden road, Bearsden. 
Cameron, M'Lean St Co., glass bevellers and 

silverers, 412-424 St. Vincent street, C.3. 
Cameron, M., general stores, 956 Tollcross rd., E.2. 
Cameron, M. B. (of Cameron, Warncck & Co.) ; ho. 

Achnacarry, N. Mount Vernon E.2. 
Cameron, M. F. (of Brown, Bartram & Co.), ho., 

68 Mosspark Oval, Mosspark, S.W.2. 
Cameron, Neil, Ltd., motor garage, 62 Gower street, 

Cameron's Dairy (proprietor, D. Ramage), 182 West 

Graham street, C.4 ; tel. No., Douglas 397. 
Cameron, Nicol & Son, property agents, auctioneers, 

and valuators, 140 West George st. C.2, and 91 

Shawbridge st., Pollokshaws ; tel. No. , Douglas 

Cameron, P. T. (of Grant, Cameron & Curie); ho., 

Briarfield, Uddingston west. 
Cameron, R., flesher, 899 Garscube road, N. W. ; ho., 

84 Braeside street, N W. 
Cameron, Robert, flesher, 1405 Dumbarton road, 

Scotstoun, W.4; ho., 23 Victoria Park dr., north. 
Cameron, R., & Co. (A. Delbarre, sole partner), 

designers and embroiderers, 326 Shields road 

(Shields Road Station), S.l. 
Cameron, R. M., 9 Matilda road, Pollokshields S.l. 
Cameron, R. M., Garscadden rd. T.S.O., 284 Gars- 

cadden rd., W.3. 
Cam.eron, R. S., missionary, 241 Greenhead st., S.E. 
Cameron, Robert (John Melvin & Co. Ltd.), 34 King 

street, C.l (tel. No., Bell 661); ho., 49 Tassie 

street, Shawland's, S.l; tel. No., Langside 1082 
Cameron, Robert, & Co., coal contractors, 41 St. 

Vincent pi. C.l ; tel. address, " Robcamon " ; teL 

Nos., Central 0241 and 0242 
Cameron & Roberton, Ltd., ironfounders, Southbank 

Ironworks, Kirkintilloch. 
Cameron, Samuel J. M., M.B., B.Ch., F.R.F.P.S., G. 

F.C.O.G., llALynedoch st C.3. Tel., Douglas 4390 
Cameron, Samuel, wine and spirit merchant, 147 

Garngad road, N. 
Cameron St Sons, brush, rope, and twine manu- 
facturers, 36 North Frederick st. C.l ; tel. add., 

"Broomland"; tel. No., Bell 1841. 
Cameron, Stuart, 10 Cathkinview road, Mount 

Florida, S.2. 
Cameron, T. P., iron founder, Craigievar, Lenziej 

tel. No., Kirkintilloch 290. 
Cameron, Thomas, O.B. E., secretary, Chamber of 

Commerce; res., Barnclaitb, West Kilbride. 
Cameron, Warnock St Co., chemical merchants, 

exporters of coal tar pitch, creocote oil, fertilisers, 

feeding stuffs, &c, 31 St. Vincent place, C.l; 

tel. add., " Byproduct, Glasgow "; tel. Nos., 

Central 1580 and 1681. 
Cameron, Wm., chemist and druggist, 887 Govan rd , 

Cameron, Wm., grocer and wine merchant, 749 

Dumbarton road, Partick, West, W. 1 ; tel. No , 

Western 298. 
Cameron, W. J., chartered accountant, 12 Renfield 

St., 0. 2 ; ho., 10 May terrace, Gif fnock. 
Cameron, Mrs. A., confectioner, 67 Cranston st., C.3. 
Cameron, Miss E., draper, 317 Gt. Western rd., C.4. 
Cameron, Miss Jessie R., Dennistoun Private School, 

3 Onslow drive, E.l ; ho., 34 Glasgow street, W.2. 
Cameron, Miss Sarah, newsagent, 694 Rutherglen rd.. 


Cameron, Agnes W.,M.B., B.Ch., 1 Belmont cres.,W.2 
Cameronian's Memorial Club, 4 Lynedoch place, 

C.3; tel. No., Douglas 2626. 
Cameronians (7th) Scottish Rifles, Headquarters, 

35 Coplaw street, S.2. 
Camilo, A., hairdresser, 6 Raglan street, C.4. 
Camlachie Institute, 994 Gallowgate, E.l ; Robert 

Fotheringham, secretary ; ho., 3 Braeside avenue, 

Rutherglen ; tel. No., Rutherglen 847. 
Camlachie Unionist Association, Samuel Hoots, 

organising secy., 128 Finlay drive, E.l. 
Cammock, T., insurance agent, 37 Cailside st., S.2. 
Cammock, Wm. (of W., E., & A J. Annan, writers). 

ho. 114 Stewarton drive, Cambuslang. 
Campbell, A., stationer, 148 Woodlands road, C.3. 
Campbell, A , newsagent, 177 Neptune st., S.W.I ; 

house, 115 Brighton st., S.W.I. 
Campbell, A., British corporation register, 34 Braid- 
holm rd.. Giffnock ; tel. No., Meirylee 3173. 
Campbell, A., garden slab manufacturer, 175 

Milnpark st.,S.l. 
Campbell, Ctpt. A. R., O.B E., J.P., managei, 

secretary and treasurer, Highlanders' Institute, 

27 Elmbank st., C 2; tel. No., Cenlral 7275. 
Campbell, Alex. St Co., Ltd., fruit brokers, 111 

Albion street, C.l ; also 12 and 16 College street; 

tel. No., Bell 83. 
Campbell, Alex, (of James Campbell & Co., joiners, 

69 Robertson lane, C.2); ho. 25 Holmhead cres., 

Campbell, Alexander, plumber, 1570 Gt. Western 

road, W.3 (tel. No., Scotstoun 2492); ho., 780 

Crow road, W.3. 
Campbell, Alex., janitor, St. George's Road School, C.3 
Campbell, Alexander, fishmonger, 13 Lochleven road, 

Campbell, A., St Co., Ltd., printers, wholesale 

manufacturing stationers and paper bag makers, 

56-62 Hutcheson st., C.l. ; tel. No. Bell 0123 
Campbell, A., & Sons, Limited, warehousemen, 41 

Tollcross road, E.l (teL Nos., Bridgeton 1505 8); 

house, 225 Hamilton road, E.v. 
Campbell, A., & Co., blouse, frock and overall 

manufrs., 78 M* Alpine street, C. 2 ; telephone 1069 

Central ; telegraphic address, " Blouses, Glasgow." 
Campbell, Alfred R., F.I.C., analytical chemist (of 

R. R. Tatlock & Thomson, 156 Bath street, C.2); 

ho., 98 Kirkcaldy road, Pollokshields, S.l. 
Campbell, Andrew, agent, The National Bank of 

Scotland, Ltd., 35 Great Western road, C.4 ; ho. 

1605 Great Western road, W.3; tel. No., 

Scotstoun 3011. 
Campbell, Angus F., physician and surgeon, 984 

Dumbarton rd., W.4 (tel. No. Scotstoun 1365); 

res., Ardsheal, 49 Crescent rd., Scotstounhi'l, W.3. 
Campbell, Sir Archd., Bart., of Succoth, Garscube 

House, Bearsden. TeL No., Bearsden 2. 
Campbell, Archd. (of Wright, Johnston & 

Mackenzie), ho., 62 Viewpark drive, Burnside. 
Campbell, Archd., & Co., cargo superintendents, 

93 Hope st C.2; tel. add., 'Starboard, Glasgow"; 

tel. No., Central 5143. 
Campbell, Archd., Hope St King, Ltd., 

brewers and wine merchants, 103 Bath st. C.2, 

by Royal Warrant brewers to His Majesty, Argyle 

Brewery, Edinburgh; proprietors of Braemar 

Scotch Whisky, and Dew of Killarney Irish 

Whisky ; telephone Nos., Douglas 540-1 (2 lines) ; 

telegrams, " Braemar, Glasgow." 




Campbell, Arch. D., writer (of M'Donald, Jamieson 

6 Co.) ; res., Lodore. Kilmacolm. 

Campbell, Archibald Neil, F.C.C.S. company secretary 

(Arthur & Hinshaw, Ltd); ho., 10 Lothian 

gardens, N.W. 
Campbell, Archibald W., wine and spirit merchant, 

96, 98 Hospital St., C.5 ; ho. 14 Bennan sq., S.2. 
Campbell, A. A., dairy, 11 Scotia st. C.4 j ho., 122 

Gt. Western road, C.4. 
Campbell, A. M., warehouseman, 11 Miller street, 

Campbell, A. M., watchmaker, 79 West Regent 

street. C.2. 
Campbell, A. W., grocer and wine merchant, 265 

Allison street, S.2. 
Campbell, Arthur, M.C., M.B , Ch.B., physician and 

surgeon, 16 Westbourne terrace, W.2. 
Campbell, Arthur, & Co., whisky exporters, 2-6 

Castle street, Dumbarton 
Campbell & Baird, mineral boring engineers, 

artesian wells drillers, 144 St. Vincent street, 

C.2 (tel. No., Central 4431) ; ho., 990 Pollokshaws 

road, S.l. 
Campbell, Binnie, Reid & Co., engineers and 

iron and brass founders, Greenfield Foundry and 

Engineering Works, Bnrnbank, Hamilton. 
Campbell's Boot Stores, boot and shoe makers, 129 

London road, C.l. 
Campbell, Cameron & Co., upholsterers' 

warehousemen, cabinet ironmongers, &c, 74 

York st, C.?. ; tel. add., " Cretonne, Glasgow " ; 

tel. No. 8414 Central 
Campbell, Christopher (of Bow's Emporium, Ltd.), 

7 Park quad., C.3. 

Campbell & Clark, Ltd., whisky blenders and ex- 
porters, 5-11 Oswald street, CI; tel. address, 
" Capacitas, Glasgow " ; tel. No., Central 3255 
(5 lines). 

Campbell, Colin, writer (of Todd & Campbell) ; ho., 
25 Woodvale avenue, Whitecraigs; tel. add., 
"Elgato"; tel. No?., Central 3457-8. 

Campbell, Colin, Ltd., financiers, 43 Parnie 
st., 0.1 (tel. No., Bell 2794), and 75 Jamaica 
street, C.l ; tel. No., Central 5193. 

Campbell, Colin (of M'Symon & Potter); ho., 9 
Erskine avenue, Dumbreck S. 1. 

Campbell & Co., fireclay manufacturers, brickmakers, 
Ganister & Fireclay Works, Falkirk. 

Campbell, Currie & Co., oil importers and drysalters, 
72 Waterloo street. C.2 ; tel. No., Central 8433. 

Campbell, D. A., grocer and wine merchant, 144 
Rottenrow; house, 23 Overnewton sqnarp, C.3. 

Campbell, Daniel, newsagent and stationer, 130 
Stirling road 0.4 j ho., 26 Hopetoun place C.4. 

Campbell, D. C, board residence, 971 Sauchiehall 
street, C.3. 

Campbell, D. R., general manager of markets, &&, 
76 Melbourne street, E.l j house, 12 Briar road, 
Newlands, S.3; tel. No., Merry lee 2665. 

Campbell, D. S., traveller (National Asphalt & Con- 
crete Co., Ltd.), 42 Thistle street, C.5. 

Campbell, David, plumber and domestic engineer, 
810 and 1208 Argyle st, 3; house. 60 Beech- 
wood drive, W.l ; tel. No., Western 4180. 

Campbell, David, plumber, 36 George st. C.l ; tel. 
No., Bell 1711. 

Campbell, David D., wine and spirit merchant, 297 
Hope street, C.2; ho., 60 Victoria Park drive, 
South, Scotstoun, W.4. 

Campbell, David, & Son (proprietors Benmore 

Distilleries Ltd.), blenders and exporters, 64 

Waterloo street, C.2 ; tel. add., " Bendaal "; tel. 

No., Central 1631. 
Campbell, Dorald (Glasgow), Ltd., warehousemen, 99 

Waterloo st, C.2 
Campbell, Donald, secretary, Monteiths, Ltd , 12 

Falfield street, C.5. ; house, 29 Warrilaw avenup, 

Rutberglen; tel. No., Rutherglen 1736 
Campbells, Downes & Co., Ltd., timber merchants, 

79 Vicarfield street, S.W.I. 
Campbell, Donald & Son, painters and decora- 
tors, 489 Crow road, W.l.; ho., 113 Randolph 

road, W.l. 
Campbell, Dugald (of Wm. S. Campbell); ho. 612 

Shields road S.l. 
Campbell, Dugald, shop outfitter, 144 Kent rd., C.3. 
Campbell, Duncan & Son, manufacturing stationers, 

132 Hope street C.2. 
Campbell, D., St. George Co-operative Society, Ltd.; 

ho. 9 Caldwell avenue, Knightswood, W.3. 
Campbell, D., manufacturers' agent, 142 Queen 

street, C.l. 
Campbells (Distillery), Ltd., Campbell House, 217 

West George st., C.2 ; tel. add., ''Cigar"; tel. 

No. Central 4047 
Campbell, D. Murray (of Campbell & Hall, Ltd.), 

94 Broomielaw C 1 
Campbell, D. Riddell, medical practitioner, 4 

Belgrave terrace ; teL No., West 1424. 
Campbell, Frank L. (at Prentice, Service & Hender- 
son) ; house, 45 Stewart drive, Clarkston. 
Campbell, Fred. T. (of James Boardman, die sinker) ; 

ho. Cruachan, 34 Kingsford avenue, Muirend. 
Campbell, G., ironmonger and hardware merchant, 

1 Wellfield street, N. (teL No., Springburn 5269); 

house, 226 Broomfield road, N. 
Campbell, G. & R., plumbers and gasfitters, 9 

Abington st. ; res., 6 Cadder road, Bishopbriggs. 
Campbell, G. B., engineer, The Glasgow Steel Rooting 

Co., Ltd. ; ho., 6 Cadder road, Bishopbriggs. 
Campbell, G. 0. L. Mackie (chairman of White 

Horse Distillers, Ltd.); ho., Glenholm, Monkton. 
Campbell, George (at Chas. Rattray & Co., Ltd.); 

ho., 4 Fairholm street, Tellcross, E.2. 
Campbell, George L. (Thaw & Campbell, Ltd ) ; 

ho. , Camphill, Bearsden ; tel. No., Bearsden 370. 
Campbell, Geo. H., iron, steel and metal merchant, 

50 Wellington street, C.2 (tel. add., " Discard, 

Glasgow"; tel. No., Central 1616); ho., 19Munro 

road, W.3. 
Campbell, Geo. H., 19 Munro road, Jordanhill W.3. 
Campbell, Geo. T., boot manufacturers' agent, 

62 Virginia street C.l. 
Campbell, Gordon L., motor car engineer, 67 West 

Nile street, C.l ; tel. No., Douglas 223 ; house, 25 

Hamilton drive, W.2. 
Campbell & Hall Ltd., ship chandlers, yacht furnishers, 

and flag makers, 94 Broomielaw C.l; teL No., 

Central 1024. 
Campbell, Henderson & Co., wholesale wine and 

spirit merchants and shippers, 220-222A Broomie- 
law, C.l; tel. add., ''Superfine, Glasgow"; tel. 

No., Central 2861. 
Campbell & Henry, wholesale grocers, tea and 

sugar merchants, and importers, 19, 21 Turnbull 

street C.l ; telephone Nos., Bell 2205 and 2206 ; 

telegrams, " Argyle." 
Campbell, H., grocer, 1359 Shettleston road, E.2. 




Campbell, H. Dudley (of Shaw Glasgow Ltd., 

Maryhill N.W.) ; ho., 46 Balshagray avenue, W.l. 
Campbell, H. A., commercial travtller, 99 Bowman 

street, S.2. 
Campbell, H. A. (of Jardine & Campbell) ; ho. 

Glenara, Lenzie. 
Campbell, Hugh, joiner, 58 Munro road, W.3. 
Campbell House — Sam Rosenbloom, J.P., 217 West 

George street, C.2. 
Campbell, Hugh, & Co., Ltd.. wholesale stationers, 

101 West Nile street, C.l ; tel. No., Douglas 0239. 
Campbell, Hugh H. & Son, house factors and insurance 

agents, 3 Beech avenue, Cambuslang. 
Campbell, Hugh R., F.S.A. (Scot.), Ardfern, 1 Wood- 
burn road, Newlands ; tel. No., 1731 Merrylee. 
Campbell, Hugh V., M.P.S., chemist, 67 George st., 

C&mpbell & Houston, ladies' outfitters, 731 Poilok- 

shaws road; tel. No., Queen's Park 1843. 
Campbell, Ian D, (of John M. Campbell & Son), 

17 Hillhead st., W.2. 
Campbell & Innes, Ltd., cabinet and builders' iron- 
mongers, 176 Hope street, C.2; tel. No., Douglas 

1914 ; tel. add., " Caminnes, Glasgow." 
Campbell & Isherwood, Ltd., electrical engineers, 

1087 Argyle st., C.3. 
Campbell, J., wine and spirit merchant, 122 Dalin- 

tober street, C.5. 
Campbell, J., dairyman. 414 Crown street, C.5. 
Campbtll, J., boot repairer, 7 Derby street, C.3 ; 

house, 1162 Argyla street, C 3. 
Campbell, J., hairdresser, 85 Caledonia road, C.5 ; 

ho., 87 do. 
Campbell, J. B., fruiterer, 513 Clarkston road, S 4. 
Campbell, J. B., & R. J. Allan, house factors, 628 

Govan rd., S.W.I. 
Campbell, J. 0. & E., watchmakers, 88 Eglinton 

street, C.5. 
Campbell, J. & S., outfitters, 175 Albert drive, 

Pollokshields, S.l. 
Campbell, James F., P.A.S.L, surveyor, 65 Westland 

drive, W.4. 
Campbell, James, <& Co., packing-bos, zinc and 

tin case makers, 17 and 21 Martha st., C.l; tel. 

Nos., Bell 3246 and 3247. 
Campbell, Jas. J., dairyman, 9 1 Jamieson street, S.2. 
Campbell, James G., Savings Bank of Glasgow; 177 

Ingram st. C.l; house, 7 Monksbridge avenue, 

W.3 ; tel. No., Scotstoun 1000. 
Campbell, James, garden contractor, 25 Ruthven st., 

Kelvinside W.2. 
Campbell, James, poultry and egg salesman, 100 

Stockwell street C.l ; telegrams, " Favourite, 

Glasgow"; tel. Nos., Bell 1698 and 1699. 
Campbell, James (of James Campbell & Co.), ho. 

Inchmurrin, Whitecraigs, Gifrhock ; tel. No. 

Giffnock 49. 
Campbell, James C. (of Campbells and Stewart & 

M' Donald, Ltd.); house, Glenlora, Lochwinnoch; 

tel. No., Lochwinnoch 313. 
Campbell, James, shoemaker, 15 Abington street, 

N.W.; ho., 17 do. 
Campbell, James, flesher, 107 Cumberland st. C.5 ; 

ho., 665 Cathcart road S.2 
Campbell, James, confectioner, 212 Lawmoor street, 

Campbell, James (of Campbell & Innes, Ltd., 176 

Hope street, C.2)> res., Rhonadale, Borden road, 

Jordanhill W.3; tel. No., Scotstoun 1127. • 

Campbell, James, & Sons, Ltd., pastry bakers, 660 

Rutherglen road, C.5. 
Campbell, James, & Sons, bakers, 545 Cathcart rd., 

Campbell, Rev. Jame3 A., M.A., Minister of St. 

John's Renfield Church ; ho., 12 Lilybank gdns., 

Campbell, James M., & M'Leau, valuators, 143 West 

Regent st. C.2 (tel. No., Douglas 0356); house, 

Barloch, Mihgavie. 
Campbell, J. , boot and shoe maker, 22 Stewartville 

st., Partick. W.l ; ho. 8 Eastcote aven., W.4. 
Campbell, J. F. & Co., cabinetmakers and uphol- 
sterers, house furnishers, 60 Union st., C.l. 
Campbell, J. Young, M.B., Ch.B., 86 Copland rd., 

S.W.I , tel. No., 373 Govan. 
Campbell, J. & A., wine merchants, 123 Langlands 

road S.W.I 
Campbell, J. A. & A. D. Hislop, architects, 124 St. 

Vincent street C.2; tel. No.. Central 4413. 
Campbell, J. C, matron, Belvidere Hospital, London 

road, E.l; tel. No., Bridgeton 16 tO. 
Campbell, J. Murray (at R. F. Boyd & Co., 48 West 

Regent st. C.2); ho., Moraig, Thornly Park, 

Campbell, J. M., printers', bookbinders' and Box- 
makers' engineer, 12, 14 Hopetoun place, C.4 (tel. 

Nos., Bell 2881, 2882); house, 15 St. Catherine's 

road, Giffnock; tel. No., Giffnock 1762. 
Campbell, J. Menzies, D.D.S. (Univ., Toronto), 

L.D.S., F.R.S.E., surgeon dentist, 14 Buckingham 

terrace, W.2; tel. No., 2640 Western. 
Campbell, J. R., newspaper agent, 1435 Pollokshaws 

road, S.l. 
Campbell, J. T., newsagent and tobacconist, 158 

Gallowgate, C.l ; house, 178 London road, C.l. 
Campbell, Dr. John, 79 Menoch road, S.4. 
Campbell, John (of Geo. Paterson & Co., clothiers, 

98 Bath st. C.2) ; ho., 4 Bellwood street, Langside, 

Campbell, John, draper and tailor, 20 Bath street, 

C.2 ; house, 28 Garrowhill drive. Baillieston. 
Campbell, John, wine and spirit merchant, 70 

Renfield st. C.2. 
Campbell, John A., manufacturing chemist, Rannoch- 

lea, 1 St. Andrew's drive Pollokshields S.l. 
Campbell, John A, " Domino Brand " skin remedies, 

Rannochlea, 1 St Andrew's dr , Pollokshields 8. 1. 
Campbell, John A., newsagent and tobacconist, 235 

St. Andrews road, S.l. 
Campbell, John C. (of Campbell, Cameron & Co., 

Ltd.),Oarisbrooke, Aytoun road, Pollokshields S. 1 
Campbell, John, 9 Hutchison drive, Killermont, 

Campbell, John (Savings Bank, 390 Cathcart road, 

Govanhill), house, 18 King's Park avenue. 
Campbell, John, secretary (Sloan, Munro & Co., 

Ltd.); ho., 136 Kenilworth avenue, S.l. 
Campbell, John J., B.L., solicitor, 26b Renfield st., 

C.2 (tel. add. " Columis, Glasgow" ; tel. Nos., 

Central 5161 and 6162) ; house, Glenisla, 70 

Monreithroad, S.3. 
Campbell, John B. & Co., grain merchants, 29 j 

Waterloo street, C.2; tel. No., Central 4116. 
Campbell, John, L.D.S., surgeon dentist, 44 

Lawrence, st., Partick, W.l; tel. No., West 5535 
Campbell, John, J.P. (Pettigrew & Stephens, Ltd.); 

ho., Dunholme, 76 Hamilton aven., Pollokshields 

S.l; tel. No., Ibrox 1455. 




(Campbell, John R. (of John M. Campbell & Son); 

' res., Elstow, 5 Victoria Circus, Dowanhill W.2. 

Campbell, John M., solicitor, 38 Bath street, C.2 
(tel. No., Douglas 3563) ; ho., 113 Woodstock 
avenue, S.2; tel. No. LaDgside 2195. 

Campbell, John M., & Son, shipowners, ship and 
insurance brokers and export merchants, 98 
West George street C.2; tel. add., " Dalhanna, 
Glasgow"; tel. No., Douglas 1508 (2 lines). 

Campbell. Rev. John McC, F.S.A. (Scot.), clergy- 
man, The Manse, 94 Drumover drive, Parkhead, 
E.l ; tel. No. Bridgeton 2694. 

Campbell, John (of Wycer's). bouse, Woodend, 188 
Southbrae drive, W.3; tel. No., Scotstoun 2114. 

Campbell, John, wine merchant, bonder and blender, 
13 Richard st., C.3, 9 Stobcross st., C.3, 130 
Gloucester street, C.5, and 122 Dalintober street, 
C.5; tel. Nos., Central 5414 and South 1955. 

Campbell, John, & Son, Ltd., Scotch whisky 
merchants, 85 Queen street C.l; tel. add., 
" Nightcap, Glasgow " ; tel. No., Central 4273. 

Campbell, John F., 15 Clouston street, Kelvinside, 
North N.W. 

Campbell John G., sewing n achines, wringers, 
cycles, gramophone dealer, 9 Admiral St., S.l ; 
house, 368 Scotland oireet, C.5. 

Campbell, John (of John Campbell & Son, Ltd); 
ho. Saigton, 53 Hamilton aven., Pollokshields, S.l 

Campbell, John M*A., manufacturers' agent, 122 
Ingram street, C.l ; tel. No., Bell 1378. 

Campbell, Joseph, watchmaker, 103 Saltmarket 
C.l; house, 68 Paisley road, Renfrew. 

Campbell, Kennedy, director (The British Dyewood 
Co., Ltd.); ho. 71 Hill view St., Shettleston. 

Campbell, K., family grocer, poulterer, and provision 
merchant, 435 Victoria road, S.2. 

Campbell, Kenneth, & Co., curtain manufacturers, 76 
Wilson street, C.l; lei. add., "Curtains," 
Glasgow; tel. No., Bell 783. 

Campbell, Kenneth (of Kenneth Campbell & Co.) ; 
house, 7 Dalmeny avenue, Giffnock ; tel. No. , 
Gffnock 1933. 

Campbell, Lachlan, manufacturing opticiaD, 75 
Buchanan street C.l ; tel. No.. Central 5939. 

Campbe 1, L. H, (of J. M. Wilson, Motor Engineers, 
Lid.); house, 54 Brora street, Riddrie E.l. 

Campbell's Linoleum Stores, floorcloi h and linoleum 
manufacturers, 150 Cowcaddens st., C.2 

Campbell Library, 41 Sfcawbridge St., Pollokshaws, 

Campbell, M., bookseller and stationer (Forrest Trust), 
123 Crown St., C.5 ; i el. No. South 441. 

Campbell, M. A., dairy, 10 Marlow street, S.l ; 
hou^e, 20 Sleads street, S.l. 

Campbell, M. & L., drapers, 68 Gallowgate, C.l. 

Campbell, Malcolm B (of Malcolm Campbell, Ltd.); 
ho., Windvridge, Methven road, Whitecraigs. 

Campbell, Malcolm, Ltd., nurserymen, florists, 
confectioners, fruit, vegetable, and potato merchants; 
office and stores, 40 Ingram st., C.l ; branches, 
109 Union st., C.l, 104 St. Vincent st., C.2, 
457 Sauchiehall st., C.2, 32 Dundas st., C.l, 
149 New City rd. C.4, 450 Maryhill road, 191 
Parliamentaiy road, C.4, 343 Byres road, 8 West 
George st., 194 Argyle st, 16 Hope St., C.2, 
429 Victoria rd., S.2. and also at railway stations ; 
nurseries, Hughenden road, Kelvinside, W.2 ; tel. 
No., City 4271 (4 lines) ; tel. add, " Bouquets." 

Campbell, Matthew, 15 York street. C.2. 

Campbell, Matt. B. (of Primrose, Campbell & Bird 

(Glasgow), Ltd.) ; ho., 56 Tinto road, Newlands, 

S.3; tel. No., Merrylee 2368. 
Campbell, M., grocer, 8 Eaglesham street-, S.W.I. 
Campbell, Murdo, pawnbroker, 6 Norfolk st., 

C. 5 , tel. No., 812 South. 
Campbell, Murdo A., Union Bank of Scotland, Ltd. ; 

ho.. 2091 Great Western road, W.3. 
Campbell, Neill & Co., stock and share brokers, 

166 Buchanan street C.l. Telegraphic address, 

"Cerf "; telephone No., Douglas 7551 (5 lines). 
Campbell, Norman R. (of Aitken, Lilburn & Co., 

Ltd.), 1 Kirklee ter., W.2. 
Campbell, P.,wineanj spirit merchant, 134 Gallow- 

ga e, C.l. 
Campbell, P. & A., newsagents, stationers and 

tobacconists, 1.9 Stobcross street, C.3 (tel. No., 

Central 2138); house, 14 Cairnlea drive, S.W.t. 
Campbell, Peter S. newsagent and tobacconist, 76 

Blackburn street, S.W. 1 ; house, 14 Cairnlea drive 

Campbell, Quentin & Co., warehousemen and agents, 

11 Miller st., C.l ; tel. add., "Silks, Glasgow"; 

tel. No. Central 3171. 
Campbell, Quintin Y. L., managing director, 

Union Transit Uo., Ltd.; ho., 54 Polwarth gdns., 

Hyndland. W.2 ; tel. No., Western 2462. 
Campbell, Ritchie M., B.Sc. (of Babtie, Shaw & 

Morton, C.E.); ho., Glengarth, Largs, Ayrshire. 
Campbell, Robt., plumber and domestic engineer, 

810 Argyle street. C.3 and 1208 Argyle St., C.3 ; 

tel. No., 1224 Central; night service, Western 

Campbell, Robert, plumber and gasfitter, 62 Old 

Dumbartrr rd., C.3. 
Campbell, Robert, grocer and provision merchant, 

5? St. George's road, C.3 (tel. No., Douglas 4570) ; 

ho., Glasbford, Cardowan road, Stepps. 
Campbell, Robert O, wr e and spirit merchant, 695 

Argyle st, C.3; tel. No., Central 2861. 
Campbell, Robert O., wine and spirit merchant, 218 

Froomielaw C.l ) house, 106 Cleveden road, 

Campbell, Robert James, bathmaster, 8 Cranworth 

street, Hillhead W.2. 
Campbell, Robert (J. & R. Snodgrass, Ltd.); 

ho. 32 Easttrcraigs, E.l. 
Campbell, Robert R. (of John M. Campbell & Son) ; 

ho. 74 Oakrield avenue, W.2. 
Campbell, R., painter and decorator, 26 Cowcaddens 

street C.2; tel. No., 1015 Douglas. 
Campbell, R. G. (of MacGillivray & Campbell) ; ho. 

Learig. 133 Clober rd., Milngavie ; tel. No. Miln- 

gavie 1239. 
Campbell, R J., Town Clerk- Depute; ho., 11 Falkland 

mansions, W 2:. 
Campbell, S. C, 132 Renfrew st., C.2. 
Campbell, Samuel, bank agent, Commercial Bank 

of Scotland, Limited, 92 West George street, C.2 ; 

res., Barcapel, Newton-Mearns ; tel. No., Newton 

Mearns 2012. 
Campbell, Sidney T. (of Kidstons & Co., 50 West 

Regent street, C.2); house, Machrie Mhor, 

Campbell's Soups, agent, A. Y. Armit. 1 2 York St.. 

Campbell, Struthers & Co., manufacturers' agents, 

227 Bath St., C.2 (tel. No. Douglas 1188); ho., 

136 Wilton street, N.W. 




Campbell, T. C, grocer, 30 Oran street, N.W. 

Campbell, T. (at Charles Rattray & Co., Ltd.) ; ho., 
39 Eckford st., Shettleston, E.2. 

Campbell, T. K., manufacturers' agent, 13 St. Vincent 
place, C.l. 

Campbell, T. Kerr, inspector (Scottish Life Assur- 
ance Co. Ltd.), ho., Beverley, Eastwood Mains rd.. 
West, Giffnock. 

Campbell, T. Murdoch, M.A., M.B., &c, physician 
and surgeon, 773 Springfield road, E.l (tel. No., 
3248 Bridgeton) ; res , Annfield, Bishopbriggs; 
tel. No , Bishopbriggs 158. 

Campbell, T. R., jeweller and optician, 75 Paisley 
road, W., S.W.I. 

Campbell, Thomas B., & Sons (Ltd.), metal 
and tinplate merchants, agents for copper and 
brass tubes, sheets, &c. ; The Vieille Montagne 
Zinc Company, Chenee; The Dominion Radiator 
Co., Toronto, Canada, 29 Wellington st. C.2 ; tel. 
No., Central 6575 (4 lines). 

Campbell, Thomas B., & Sons (Ltd.), sheet 
lead, lead pipe, red lead, and litharge manu- 
facturers, Clyde Lead Works, 124 Cornwall 
street, Paisley road, S.l ; office, 29 Wellington 
street, C.2. 

Campbell, Thomas, F.L.A.A., certified accountant, 
170 Hope st. C.2 ; ho , 57 Kerslandst., Hillhead 
W.2 ; tel. add., " Reciprocal " ; tel. No., Douglas 

Campbell & Tudhope, Ltd., chromo and general 
lithographers, 45 Cranston st., Cranstonhill C.3; 
tel. No., 700 Central. 

Campbell, W., L.D.S., surgeon dentist, 78 Queen's 
drive, S.2. 

Campbell, W. C, district manager, The State Assnce. 
Co., Ltd.; ho., 18 Titwood rd., S.l. 

Campbell, William, Ltd., coal merchants and shipping 
agents, Port-Glasgow ; telegraphic address, "Camp- 
bell," Port-Glasgow; telephone No. 19. 

Campbell, Wm , Greycroft, Tavistock drive, Newlands 

Campbell, Wm., coal merchant, Stobcross Depot, 
L.N.E.R.; tel No., City 7536. 

Campbell, Wm. (of Irwin & Campbell); house, 1137 
Pollokshaws road S.l. 

Campbell, Wm. , provision merchant, 273 Great 
Western road, C.4; ho., 5 Woodlands drive, C.4. 

Campbell, Wm. A., surgeon, 23 Woodside place, C 3. 

Campbell, Wm. & Co., flour importers, 50 Welling- 
ton st., C.2 ; tel. add. "Flourman" ; tel. No. Central 

Campbell, Wm., medical practitioner, 1003 Argyle 
street C.3; house, 20 Lynedoch street, C.3. 

Campbell, Wm. D. (estd. 1908), Sunnyside nursery, 
Shawmoss road S.l. 

Campbell, Wm. H., stockbroker (of Campbell, Neill 
& Co.) ; ho., 42 Calderwood Road, S.3. 

Campbell, Wm. L., Registrar of Births, &c, Paisley; 
house, 9 Holehouse road, Largs. 

Campbell, William J., dentiut, 440 Carntjnehall rd., 

Campbell, Wm., J. & Son, plumbers, 180 Battlefield 
road, S.2; (tel. No., Langside 169); house, 12 
Blairbeth drive, S.4 ; tel. No., Langside 169. 

Campbell, William S., pastry baker, 53 Paisley 
road, W., S.W.I. 

Campbell, W. G., cashier, The National Bank of 
Scotland, Ltd., 47 St. Vincent st., C.2; house, 14 
Falkland Mansions, W.2 ; tel. No., Western 5112. 

Campbell, W. EL, 80 Buchanan street, C.l ; house. 

Daldorch, Catrine, Ayrshire. 
Campbell, Wm., & Co. (Iron Merchants), 

Ltd., 394 Paisley rd. C 5 ; ho. 6 Glenville avenue, 

Giffnock. Paisley branch, Abercorn yard, Ren- 
frew road. 
Campbell, W. J. & Son, plumbers and elec- 
tricians, 196 Lawmoor street, C.6; tel. No., 

South 238. 
Campbell, W. P., manager, Royal Exchange 

Assurance; house, Dellglenan, Helensburgh; tel. 

No., Helensburgh 3207. 
Campbell, W. Forbes, & Partners, architects and 

surveyors. 122 Queen's drive, S.2 ; tel. No., 

Queen's Park 2031. 
Campbell, W. R., wines and spirits, 1137 Tollcross 

road, E 2. 
Campbell, William W., manufacturers' agent, 49 

Queen st., C 1 ; tel. No., Central 3569. 
Campbell, Mrs., confectioner, 60 Commerce street, 

Campbell, Ellen Ross, medical practitioner, 5 Buck- 
ingham street, W.2 ; tel No., Western 4831. 
Campbell, Mrs. R. G., 5 La Belle place, C.3 ; tel. No., 

Douglas 4410. 
Campbell, Mrs. Sarah S., 11 Chapman st., S.2. 
Campbell, Misses E. B. & C. J., 27 Sandyford place, 

Campbell, Misses, 24 Glasgow street, W 2. 
Campbell, Miss E , electrical and lamp shade maker, 4 

Ashton toad, W.2 ; tel. No., Western 1545. 
Campbell, Miss, Cambridge Servants' Registry, 46 

West Princes street C.4. 
Campbell, Misses, 13 Woodside cres., C.3. 
Campbell, Margaret, hardware and china stores, 

1644 Great Western road W.3 ; ho., 1587 do. 
Campbell, Mary, dairy, 7 Washington st., C.3. 
Campbell, Minnie, ladies' and children's outfitter, 

486 Spnngburn road, N. 
Campbells and Stewart & M'Donald, Ltd., 

warehousemen, 137 Ingram st. C.l ; tel. No., Bell 

3424 (P.B.E.). 
Camperdown Police Sub-Office, 24 Camperdown st., 

Campion, A., F.I.C., metallurgist, 60 Thorn road, 

Bearjden (tel. No., Bearsden 21) ; ies., 

Southgate, do. 
Campion, Entwistle, Ltd., millinery manufacturer?, 

27 Jamaica st. C.l; tel. add., ''Catnentat, 

Glasgow" ; tel. No., Centra! 6864. 
Campion, Miss M., A.L.C.M., teacher of music, piano- 
forte and theory, 8 St. Peter street, C.4. 
Campsie, James, M.A, schoolmaster (retired), 97 

Ralston avenue, S.W.2. 
Camrass, Dr. S., physician and surgeon, 769 London 

rd., S.E. (tel. No., Bridgeton 174) and 654 

Rutherglen rd., C.5 ; house, 160 Whitehill street, 

Canada Life Assurance Co. (established 1847), 

branch manager, E. Hawkeswood, Sun buildings, 

12 1 West George street C.2 ; telephone No., 5629 

Central (2 lices.) 
Canadian Canners, Ltd., Canada. Agent, R. Caldwell, 

52 St. Enoch sq., C.l ; tel. No., Central 6960. 
Canadian Fur Co., Ltd , manufacturing furriers, 81 

Renfield st. (tel. No., Douglas 5432) and 18 

Argyll arcade, C.2 ; tel. No., Central 971. 
Canadian Government Emigration Office 

120 St. Vincent St., C.2 ; tel. No., Central 7428' 




Canadian National Railways, 107 Hope 
street C.2 ; tel. No., Ceniral 0472. 

Canadian National Express for rapid 
despatch of parcels, money, &c, to Canada and 
U.S., 107 Hope st. C.2; teL No., 0172 Central. 

Canadian National Steamships, 107 Hope 
street C.2; tel. No., Central 0472. 

Canadian Government Trade Commissioner, 
200 St. Vincent street C.2. 

Canadian Pacific Express Company, Parcels 
despatched from Glasgow to Canada. Special 
facilities for conveyance of live stock, valuables, 
jewellery, &c. Money orders issued payable 
everywhere in Canada and U.S. Drafts and 
travellers' cheques issued acd cable remittances 
arranged, 25 Bothwell street C.2 ; tel. add., " Dom- 
express"; tel. No., Central 6485. 

Canadian Pacific Express Co., carrying 
goods, parcels, valuables and live stock to all parts 
of Canada and the United States ; agents, Thos. 
Meadows & Co., Ltd., 93 Hope street G.2. 

Canadian Pacific Railway Co., Ocean and 
Rail passenger and freight offices, 25 Bothwell 
st. C.2. Telephone No. 6485 Central (5 lines). 

Canadian Pacific Steamship Line ; Passenger Book- 
ing Office, 107 Hope st. C.2; J. Mitchell Walker, 

Canadian Passenger and Freight Office, Canadian 
National Railways, 107 Hope street, C.2. 

Canadian Steamship Office; Donaldson Bros. 
& Black, Ltd., 14 St. Vincent place C.l. 

Canal Boatmen's Institute and Port-Dundas Mission, 
162 Port-Dundas road C.4. 

Canary Islands Steamers (Union-Castle Line), 4 
Bothwell street C.2. 

Cancer Hospital (Glasgow Royal Cancer 
Hospital), 132 Hill street, Garnethill, C.3; tel. 
No., 287 Douglas. Secy., H. Muir Lawson, C.A., 
156 St. Vincent street, C.2 ; tel. No. 784 Central. 

Canderrigg Colliery Office, James Nimmo & Co., 
Ltd., 21 Bothwell st. 0.2 

Candleriggs Branch Post Office, 97 Candleriggs, C.l. 

Candleriggs Furnishing Co., 63 Candleriggs, C.l. 

Candlish, T. S., F.CI.S, secretary and treasurer, 
Stock Exchange ; house, 4 Corrie Grove, Muirend, 
Cathcart ; tel. No., Merrylee 3080. 

Candlish Memorial Church, 513 Cathcart road, S.2 ; 
Rev. Archibald Glen, minister; house, 13 Myrtle 
Park, S.2. 

Canniesburn Auxiliary Hospital, Bearsden; 
tel. No.,Bearsden 2255. Mis* A. Mackay, lady 
superintendent; R. Morrison Smith, C. A., secretary 
and cashier, Royal Infirmary Office, 135 Buchanan 
street, C.l. Office teL No., Central 8975.— 
See Institutions 

Canning, Miss Jeanie, carriers' quarters, 56 College 
street, C.l 

Cannon, B., & Co., Ltd., Lincoln, glue, size, and 
gelatine manufacturers, also " Gluit,' 1 a jelly glue, 
160 Bath st. C.2 ; teL No., 2715 Douglas. 

Cant, David, rutkand spice mere! ant, 150 Buccleuch 
street, C.3 ; teL No. Douglas 5676. 

Cant, John (trading as Bronvn & Fin gland), slaters 
and plapteiprs, 125 Barrack street C.4; branch, 499 
Govan rd.. E.W.I | house, 34 Broompark street, 

Cant & Kemp, timber brokers, 52 St. Enoch sq., C.L 

Cantley, John, superintendent and collector, Night 
Asylum, 73 North Frederick street C.lj 

Cantor, G, hat manufacturer, 23 Wilson street, C.l. 

Cantrell & Cochrane, Ltd., aerated and mineral water 
manufacturers, 122 and 126 Kintra street, S.W.I ; 
tel. No., Govan 403. 

Capaldi, Guy, ice cream manufacturer and whole- 
saler, 66 Cambridge street, C.3 ; house, 42 Hill 
st., Garnethill, C.3; tel. No., 976 Douglas. 

Capaldi, R., confectioner, 103 Stockwell street, C.l 

Cape Asbestos Company, Limited, mine 
owners and asbestos manufacturers, South Africa. 
Factories — London, Turin and Laval. Representa- 
tives, R. D. Millar & Co., 73 Robertson st. C.2 ; 
tel. No., 7744 Central ; tel. address, " Incorrupt." 

Cane of Good Hope Motorship Co., Ltd. — Lyle 
Shipping Co., Ltd., managers, shipowners, 120 
St. Vincent street, C.2. 

Capel. J. H. (of Armour & Co., Ltd.), ho, 64 
Blairbeth road, Burnside. 

Cape Town Line of Steamers (Cayzer, Irvine & Co., 
Ltd., managers), 109 Hope street C.2. 

Capetown Steamers (Union-Castle Line), 4 Bothwell 
street, C.2. 

Cape Town Line of Steamers, The City Line, Ltd., 
75 Bothwell street C.2. 

Cape York Motorship Co., Ltd. — Lyle Shipping 
Co., Ltd., managers, shipowners, 120 St. 
Vincent street C.2. 

Caperns Limited, bird food manufacturers, 39 Towns- 
end street, C.4. 

Capes, William J. (of W. J. Capes & Co., Ltd.); 
house, Berkeley, Uddingston. 

Capes, W. J. & Co., Ltd., agents, 118 Queen st., C.l. 

Capitol Cinema, Lome street, S.W.I ; tel. No., 1261 

Caplan, N. H. & E„ upholsterers, 49 Tobago street, 
S.E.'(tel. Nos., Bridgeton 3751-2); house,2 Percy 
drive, Giffnock. 

Caplan, N. H. & E., wholesale furniture warehouse, 
148 Trongate, C.l ; tel. No., Bell 2738. 

Cappell, Ltd., chemists, 525 Great Western rd , W.2 
(tel. No., Western 216), 120 Sauchiehall st. C.2 
(tel. No., Douglas 470). 

Car Corporation of Great Britain, Ltd., 247 West 
George street, 0.2. 

Car and General Insurance Corporation, Ltd., 185, 
187 St. Vincent st, C.2 ; tel. add., "Insucar"; 
tel. Nos., Central 3714, 3715, and 3716. 

Car Services Ltd., 185, 187 St. Vincent street, C.2; 
tel. add., "Insucar"; tel. Nos., Central 3714 
3715, and 3716. 

Jarabok, I , hairdresser, 47 Paisley road, west, 

darbic, Ltd., London. Representatives for Scotland, 
Jas. E. Robson & Co., 11 Bothwell st., C.2; tel. 
No., Central 1520. 

Carberry, Mrs. J. A., newsagent, 9 Aitken street, 
Dennistoun E.l. 

Carbon (The) Dioxide Company, Ltd., carbonic acid 
gas manufacturers, Caledonian Distillery, Edin- 
burgh ; tel. add., " Maize, Edinburgh " ; tel. Nos., 
Edinburgh 62G01-62002. Glasgow depot, 428 
Pinkston road, C.4; tel. No., Douglas 2199. Also 
Cardice Depot, 4 Inverkip street, C.5 ; tel. No. 
South 1862. 

Carbon Paper Supply Co., Ltd., carbon paper dealers, 
103 Bath street, C.2. 

Cardash, G., wireless dealer, 1361 Gallowgate, E.l. 

Cardiff and Glasgow Steamers, William Sloan 
& Co., 200 St. Vincent street, C.2 




Cardonald District Library, Hillington Schod, S.W.2 

Cardonald Margarine Works, Ltd., margarine manu- 
facturers, Watt road, Hillington ; teJ. No., 
Halfway 20?5. 

Cardonald Motor Co., Ltd., 2199 Paisley rd., west, 

Cardonald Sawmills (late Tradeston Saw- 
mills), James Adams & Co., Ltd., Cardonald 
S.W.2; tel. add., "Sawmills"; tel. No., 1811 

Cardowan Creameries, Ltd., margarine manu- 
facturers, 49, 61 Holywell street, E.l ; tel. Nos., 
Bridgeton 1137 and 1138. 

Card well, F. E., 454 Kilmarnock road, Newlands, 

Care, EL Bristowe, & Son, manufacturers' agents, 52 
St. Erioch square C.l ; tel. No., Central 3089. 

Carey, Davies & Thomas, Ltd., road transport con- 
tractors, 1 32 Broomielaw, C 1 ; tel. address, 
"Transmonde " ; tel. Nos., Central 3756-7 

Carey, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 119 
Norfolk street C.6; house, 62 Cromwell street 

Cargill, D. W. T. (The Burmah Oil Co., Ltd., 175 
West George street, C.2) ; ho., Stanmore, Lanark. 

Cargill, James, butcher, 411 Argyle street, C.2. 

Cargill, Sir John Traill, Bart. (The Burma Oil Co., 
Ltd.), 10 Lowther ter., Kelvinside, W.2. 

Cargills, Ltd, export merchants ; registered office, 
163 Hope st. C.2. Head office, Balfour House, 
119-125 Finsbury pavement, London, E.C. 2. 

Cargil, T., butcher, 630 Gallowgate, S.E. 

Cargo Fleet Iron Co., Ltd. (Middlesborough), 
140 West George st., C.2; tel., Douglas 6971-2. 

Cargo Superintendents (London) Ltd., cargo super- 
intendents, 17 Oswald St., CI; tel. add. "Esiv- 
repus" ; tel. No. Central 7517 

Caribonum Ltd., carbon and ribbon manufacturers, 
200 St. Vincent street, C.2 

Carlaw, A. L. (of D. Carlaw & Sons, Ltd.,) 10 
Somerset place C.3, 

Carlaw, David, & Sons, Ltd., engineers, printers 
and stationers' machinists, paging, perforating, and 
self-acting envelope machine makers, mechanical 
model, steam gauge and mathematical instrument 
makers, 31 Finnieston st. C.3; telephone Nos., 
1262 and 1263 Central. 

Carlaw, David & Sons, Ltd.," motor engineers, 81 
Bothwell street, C.2; tel. add., "Leaders"; tel. 
No., Central 3972. 

Carlaw, James W., 106 Southbrae drive, Jordan- 
hill W.3. 

Carlaw, R. (of D. Carlaw & Sons, Ltd.); ho. Sonachan, 
Camstradden drive, Bearsden. 

Carlaw, Walter, wood turner and fret cutter, 7 
St. Peter's lane C 2; tel. No.. 6016 Central. 

Carlaw, Walter M, DF.C, M.IA.E., A.M.I.N.A., 
consulting engineer and yacht agent, 278 St., 
Vincent st„ C.2; tel. No. Central 5315. 

Carlaw, W. F., draper, milliner, natter, and outfitter, 
221 Cumberland st., C5. 

Carle, G. R., A.M.Inst.C.E., chief inspector, Office 
Public Works, City Chambers ; ho., 39 Madison 
avenue, S.4. 

Carless, Capel & Leonard, London, per Gow & 
M'Culloch, agents, petrol and naphtha white spirit 
distillers, benzoline importers and refiners ; offices 
and stores, 104 Coxhill st., N. ; tel. Nos., 104 
and 105 Douglas. 

Carleton, C. B., dairy keeper, 8 • Shannon street, 

Rucbill N.W. 
Carlin, Thomas, harbour boatman, Glasgow Harbour ; 

ho., 11 Burleigh st, S.W.I. 
Carlisle Picture House Co., Ltd.; registered office, 

95 Bath street C.2; tel. No., Douglas 2769. 
Carlisle, T. hairdresser, 20 Parson street, C.4. 
Carlow, A. J (of D. M. Stevenson & Co., Ltd.); ho., 

28 Cleveden drive, W.2. 
Carlow, Chas., Director (of D. M. Stevenson & Co., 

Ltd.) ; house, Whilehonse, South wood road, Troon. 
Carlow, G. H. 93 Waterloo Street, C.2. 
Carlow, W. Lindsay (of D. M. Stevenson & Co., Ltd); 

ho., Adamton, Monkton. 
Carlow, William Lindsay, Swedish CodsuI, 12 Water- 
loo street, C,2. 
Carlow, Margaret, costumier, 1 North Claremont st., 

C.3; tel. No., Douglas 4800. 
Carlton Battery Service, radio and electrical engineers, 

288 Moffat street, C.5; ho. (Andrew Grant) 8 

Snowdon street, C.5. 
Carlton Hosiery Co., hosiery manufacturers, 18 

Cook st. C.5; tel. No., South 3048. 
Carlton House, 39 Buchan street, Gorbals, C.6. 
Carlton Surgical Co., 44 Carlton place, C.5. 
Carlton, William, picture frame maker, 988 Pollok- 

shaws road S. 1. 
Carlyle, James, agent, Clydesdale Bank Ltd., Park- 
head Branch, 1435 Gallowgate, E.l (tel. No., 

Western 4408); ho., 32 Falnland mansions, W.2. 
Carmelite Convent, 29 Mansionhouse road, Lang- 
side, S 1. 
Carmichael's Advertising Service, Ltd., advertising 

agents, novelties, 104 West George street, C 2 (tel. 

No. Douglas 3188); house, 17 Barrland drive, 

Giffnock ; tel. No., Giffnock 1204. 
Carmichael, A, fruiterer, 162 Kilmarnock rd., S.l. 
Carmichael, And. S., commission agent, 53 Cochrane 

street, 0.1. 
Carmichael, Archd. J,, & Co., manufacturers' agents, 

7 Midland street, C.l ; tel. No., Central 

Carmichael, D. Lyall, M.B., Ch.B., physician and 

surgeon, 177 Nithsdale road, Pollokshields S.l ; 

telephone No., Queen's Park 226. 
Carmichael, David, J.P.. Operative Bakers* secretary 

Glasgow branch, 156 George st., C 1 (tel. No 

Bell 747); ho., 158 Killin street, E.2 ; tel. No., 

Shettleston 1271. 
Carmichael, David, J.P., 158 Killin street, E.2 ; 

tel. No., Shettlefton 1271. 
Carmichael, F. T & A. D., Ltd., yarn merchants 

and agents, 7 Cochrane st., C.l ;tel. add., •' Looms 

Glasgow"; tel. No., Bell 696. 
Carmichael, G. M. & Co., flour importers, 60 Well- 
ington street, C 2. 
Carmichael, G. M. (of G. M. Carmichael & Co.), 167 

Kestrel road, W.3. 
Carmichael, J. & Co., fruit brokers, 100, 102Candle- 

riggs, C.l; tel. add., " Buyem, Glasgow"; teL 

No., Bell 1029. 
Carmichael, James W., tea agent, 52 St. Enoch 

square, C. 1 ; ho., Dunvegan, Bishopbriggs. 
Carmichael, J. C, fruiterer, 476 Crow road, W.l. 
Carmichael, J. D., newsagent, 590 Eglinton street, 

Cam ichael, J. R. & Co., Ltd., cartage contractors, 

70 Milnpark st., S.l 
Carmichael, John, 18 Barrington drive C.4. 




Carmichael, John, dairyman, 14 Crossburn st. C.4 ; 

ho , 32 Windsor street, N.W. 
Oarmichael, M., Ltd., dispensing pharmacist, 1103 

Pollokshaws road S.l. 
Carmicbael, P. (of Hunter, Barr & Co., Ltd.); 

house, Shorelands, Rhu. 
Carmichael, Robert, 60 Kent road, C.3. 
Carmichael, Ronald, agent, Bank of Scotland, 10 

Charing Cross mansions, St. George's rd., C.3. 
Carmichael, Thos. P., tailor and clothier, 68 Eglinton 

street, C.5. 
Carmichael, Thomson, 26 Banavie road, Partickhill. 
Carmichael, Wm., Hundred Acre Hill Dairy, Port- 

Dundas C.4. 
Carmichael, W. M., timber merchant, 53 Waterloo 

street, C.2; ho., 6 Leslie road, S.l. 
Carmichael, Mrs. E., grocer, 1. Webster st., S.E. 
Carmichael, Mi33 J., 96 Great George street, 

Hillhead, W.2. 
Carmyle Concrete Co., Ltd., precast and 

reinforced concrete contractors, 163 St Vincent st., 

C.2; tel. No.. Central 5678. 
Carmyle Sands, Ltd., sand quarry masters, 44 

Hamilton road, E.2; tel. No., Shettleston 1164. 
Carnachan, D. G., fur manufacturers' agent, 60 St. 

Enoch square, C.l ; tel. No., Central 6824 
Carnachan, G. E., garage proprietor, Scotstounhill 

Garage, Crescent rd. (tel. No., W*stern 372); ho., 

35 Westbourne gdns., W.2 
Carnald Engineering Co. (The), engineers, Barfillan 

drive, Cardonald S.W.2. 
Carnduff, A R., agent, Union Bank of Scotland, 

Ltd., Charing Cross branch, 1 Charing Cross 

mansions, C.2 ; ho. 9 Claremont avenue, Giffnock. 
Carnegie, David & Co. (proprietors, Benmore 

Distilleries, Ltd.), blenders and exporters, 64 

Waterloo street, C.2 ; tel. add., "Bendaal" ; tel. 

No., Central 1631. 
Carnegie, J., dairykeeper, 640 Alexandra parade 

E.lj ho., 16 Kilmaurs St., S.W.I. 
Carnegie, J. F., director (Brownlee & Co., Ltd.); 

ho., 11 Westbourne gdns., W.2. 
Carnegie, P. D. & Sons, Ltd., export whisky 

merchants, 3 Cadogan street 0.2, and 7 and 8 Idol 

lane, London, E.C.3. 
Carnie & Gibb, fish salesmen, 66 Clyde street, C.l ; 

tel. add, "Besdigo, Glasgow"; tel. No. Bell 

Carnie, J. L., The British Linen Bank, Glasgow, C.l; 

ho,, 31 Buchanan drive, Cambuslang. 
Carnie, John, manufacturer, Netherton Mills, Kil- 
marnock ; res. , Sherwood, Kilmarnock ; telephone 

No., 292 Kilmarnock ; tel. address, " Carnie, 

Carnie, Liston, civil engineer (of Crouch & Hogg) ; 

ho., Cairnryan, Kilmacolrn. 
Carnl'ough (The) Lime Co., Ltd., 115 Wellington 

st. C.2; tel. add. "Archibald, Glasgow;" tel. No., 

Douglas 7224. 
Carnochan, John R. (secretary, Williamson, Morton 

& Co. Ltd.); house, Netherhall, Beech rd., Lenzie 
Carnosine Dairy and Feeding Meal, sole 

manufacturers, R. Millar & Co., Ltd., 92-97 

Adelphi st., C3; tel. No., 739 South 
Carnovsky, I., wholesale warehouseman, 168 London 

rd , C 1 ; tel. No., Bell 2607 
Carntyne Hosiery Co., hosiery manufacturers, 11 

Graham square, E.l; tel. No., Bridgeton 1081. 
Carntyne Steel Castings Co., Ltd., Moorpark, Renfrew. 

Carpenter, Thos. D. (Metal Containers Ltd.) ; ho., 

Ranfield, Wykeham road, W.2. 
Carpet Trades, Ltd., carpet manufacturers, 146 

Argyle street and 7 Buchanan street; teJ. add., 

"Carpetrado"; te). Noa. Central 5800 01. 
Carr, Charles W., & Co., boot makers, 150 

Paisley road west, S.W.I 
Carr & Co., biscuit depot, 293 Gallowgate ; tel. No. 

Bell 2663. 
Carr & Co., boot and shoe makers, 104 Crown st., C.5. 
Carr, I., hairdresser, 35 Stockwell st., C.l (tel. No., 

Bell 1537); house, 4 James Gray street S.l. 
Carr, J., newsagent and tobacconist, 440 St. 

George's road C.3. 
Carr, R. B. Loonas & Co., Ltd., mantle manufacturers, 

82 Mitchell st. 
Carr, Robert acct., Royal Bank, Jamaica st, C.l; 

res., Garvock, Pollock rd., Kessington, Bearsden. 
Carramon Co., 52 St. Enoch square C.l ; tel. No, 

Central 3089. 
Carrick, Barclay & Co., stock and share brokers, 86 

St. Vincent street C.2 ; tel. add., " Ganges, Glas- 
gow " ; tele. Nos. 7437-8-9 Central. 
Carrick Bros., cutlers, tool merchants, and iron- 
mongers, 237 Argyle street C.2. 
Carrick & Craig, tubes, Strings, flanges for gas, water, 

steam, and oil, 14 Vlidland street C.l. 
Carrick & Craig, tool makers and tube merchants, 

261 Argyle street C.2. 
Carrick, G. & D., B.P., plumbers (Thomas Elliot 

R P., sole partner), 160 Sauchiehall lane C.2 j tel. 

No., Douglas 83 ; house tel. No., 6516 Western. 
Carrick Howat & Lindsay, engineers and mer- 
chants, 121 West George st., C.2; tel. add., 

"Requisite"; tel. No., Central 1559 
Carrick, Jas. G., & Co., Ltd., manufacturing tin- 
smiths and sheet met il workers, tinplate printers, 

makers of drums and kegs for paint, oil, soap, 

disinfectant, &c. ; also tinplate cannisters for paint, 

oil, soap, biscuits, confectionery, cream, &c.» &c, 

23 N. Wallace st., Parliamentary road, C.4. Tel. 

address, "Tins, Glasgow"; tel. No., 2768 Bell 

(2 lines). 
Carrick, James (of Carrick Bros.), ho. 101 Maxwell 

avenue, Westerton, Bearsden. 
Carrick, J., registered moneylender, 12 Cranston 

street, C.3. 
Carrick, J. H., teacher of music, 2 Hay burn cres., 

Partick W.l. 
Carrick, John, 17 Garturk street S.2. 
Carrick, Kerr & Co., accountants, 115 St. Vincent 

st., C.2 ; tel. Nos., Central 6592, 6593 and 6594. 
Carrick, Robt. G. S. (at 20 Trongate, C.l) ; house, 

16 Airdale av., Giffnock; tel. No. Giffnock 2319. 
Carrick Shipping Co., Ltd., shipowners, 45 West Nile 

st,, C.l; tel. add. " Farco, Glasgow"; tel. No. 

Central 0076. 
Carrick, William, telephone engineer, 532 Maryhill 

road N.W. j house, 45 Henderson street ; tel. No., 

Maryhill 623. 
Carrick, Wm. L. (manager, J. G. Carrick & Co., 

Ltd.) ; res., Ry lands, Camphill, Bearsden. 
Carrick, Wm. Mel. (of Carrick Bros.); house, 23 

Craigpark drive, Dennistoun, E.l. 
Carrrick, Wm. Smith, manufacturers' agent, 57 

Miller st„ C.l (tel. No., Central 1958); house, 49 

Hillhead St., W.2 
Carrick, Miss, corsetiere, 1072 Pollokshaws road, 

S.l, tel. No. Langside 1709. 




Carrick, Josephine, dairy keeper, 21 Cran- 
ston street, C 3. 
Carrier, Henry R. (at J. & E. Hall, Ltd.. 56 Byron 

St., W.l) ; ho. 19 Ormiston ave., Scotstoun, W.4 ; 

tel. No., Scotstoun 2484. 
Carrier, Kenneth H., traveller (Walker & Clark, 182 

Albion st., C.l); ho., 19 Ormiston ave., W.4; tel. 

No., Scot3toun 2484. 
Carriers' Quarters, 37 Mitchell street C.l. 
Carriers' Quarters, proprietors, Thomas N. J. Gray, 

136, 138 Broomielaw, C.l ; teL No., Central 8461. 
Carriers' Receiving Office, 55 Robertson street, C.2 ; 

tel. No., Central 4060. 
Carrino, Wm., ladies* hairdresser, 489 Aikenhead 

road, S.2. 
Carrigan, Miss, newsagent and tobacconist, 100 

Garrgad road, N. 
Carroll, Alex. C, janitor, Grove street Institute C.4; 

house, 35 Gadloch street, Parkhouse, N. 
Carroll, John & Son, metal refiners, 121 Admiral 

street, S.l; teL add., " Mackinlay ''; teL No., 

South 1866. 
Carroll, P. J., & Co., Ltd., tobacco, cigarette, cigar, 

and snuff manufacturers, 31 Chisholm street, 

Carroll, Mrs. Mary, 65 Eglinton st., C.5. 
Carron Company, iron founders ; show- 
rooms, 125 Buchanan street, C. 1. 
Carron Company, Iron and Coal masters, 

125 Buchanan street, C.l. 
Carron Company, shippers and shipowners, 

screw steamers for London. Goods Depot, 

High St. Station, Hunter Street entrance ; 

office, 125 Buchanan st. C.l ; telegraphic 

address, "Carronade;" Telephone No. 

5255 Central (Two Lines.) 
Carruth, Mrs. Marie, Catholic repository, 28, 30 

Parson street (tel. No., Bell 2396); ho., 228 

Meadowpark street, E 1. 
Carruthers, David S., C.A., secretary (L. Sterne & 

Co., Ltd.); ho., Craigard, Dunlop, Ayrshire. 
Carruthers, Gemmill & M'Killop, solicitors and 

notaries public, 81 Bath street, C.2 ; tel. add., 

"Cargemmac"; tel. No., Douglas 4i 4 1 (3 lines). 
Carruthers, George, contracts clerk, Public Assistance 

Department, C.l ; res., Ancrum, Victoria road, 

Carruthers, George, & Sons, Ltd., -wholesale fruit 

merchants, Fruit Bazaar, 56 Ingram street, and 

121, 123 Candleriggs, C.l J ho., Linndhuan, 

Newlands; tel. Nos., 2491, 2492 and 2493 Bell. 
Carruthers, George S. (Duncan Stewart & Sons, 

Ltd.), Ill Main St., S.E. ; house, 165 Greenhead 

street, S.E. 
Carruthers, James (at Wm. M'Call & Sons'), 418 

Crow road, Jordanhill W.l. 
Carruthers, James, architect, 209 St. Vincent st, 

C.2 ; house, Earlcliffe, 1396 Pollckshaws road, 

Carruthers, Jas., baker, 285 Main st., S.E. 
Carruthers, J. D., LL.B., solicitor (of Miller, 

Thompson, Henderson & Co., 190 St. Vincent 

street C.2) ; house, Craigard, Dunlop, Ayrshire • 

tel, No. Dunlop 265. 
Carruthers, J. H. & Co., Ltd., manufacturers of 

steam and electrically driven pumps, feed water 

filters, and condensing plants, &c, Hamilton st., 

Polmadie S.2 ; tel. address, u Hoisting, Glasgow " ; 

tel. Nos., 936 and 937 Queen's Park. 

Carruthers, J. S. (of W. Carruthers & Co.) ; house, 3 

Ashlea drive, Merrylee Park, Giffnock. 
Carruthers, John L. (of the Scottish Dental Depot) ; 

ho , Olinda Villa, High Crosshill, Rutherglen. 
Carruthers, R. B., joiner and cabinetmaker, 267 

Langside road; house, 106 Deanston drive, S.l. 
Carruthers, Robert, measurer, 130 Holland st., C.2. 
Carruthers, T., plumber, 15 Cathkinview road, S.2. 
Carruthers, Wm. & Co. (The Scottish Dental Depot), 

dental material manufacturers, 68 Bath st. C.2. 
Carse & Holmes, Ltd., ship carpenters, 23 Tunnel 

streef, C.3 ; ho. 7 Larch road, Dumbreck S. 1. 
Carse, John G., chartered accountant (of Grahams, 

Rimtoul, Hay, Bell & Co., C.A., 105 St. Vincent 

street, C.2) ; house, 27 Lacrosse terrace, W.2 ; 

tel. No., Western 6674. 
Carslaw, James, M.A, M.B., CM., physician, 9 

Woodside terrace C.3. 
Carslaw, Wm., fruiterer, 49 to 57 Salisbury street 

C 5 ; tel. No., South 7. 
Carslaw, W. H., B.Sc. , M.I.N. A, secretary, The British 

Corporation Register of Shipping and Aircraft; 

ho. 6 Sutherland street, HillheadW.2; tel. No. 

Western 971. 
Carslogie Steamship Co., Ltd , shipowners, 12 Water- 
loo street, C.2; tel. add., "Honeyman" ; tel. No. 

Central 6922. 
Carson, David, M.A., B.Sc, teacher, Hyndland 

Sec. School; ho., 10 Merryburn aven., Giffnock. 
Carson, D. S., C. A. (of Moores, Carson & Watson) ; 

ho., St. Oswalds, Kilmacolm. 
Carson Insulation & Scaling Co., Ltd , boiler scalers 

and coverers, 216 Kent road, C.3 ; teL address, 

" Carscale, Glasgow " ; tel. No. Douglas 2348. 
Carson, James, agent, Bank of Scotland (Whitevale), 

650 Gallowgate, S.E. 
Carson, James, shipyard manager, Blythswood 

Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. (tel. No., Western 5430); 

ho., 26 Broomhill terrace, W.l. 
Carson, James C. (of Carson & Nicol, Ltd.) ; house, 

7 Colebrooke terrace W.2. 
Carson, James Glover (of Robert Carson & Co., Ltd.) ; 

house, 44 Victoria Crescent road, W.2. 
Carson, J. F., C.A (of Moores, Carson & Watson); 

res., Dereel, Ayr. 
Carson, J. H., janitor, Queen Mary Street School, S.E. 
Carsons Limited, chocolate manufacturers, 

Glasgow, and Shortwood, near Bristol. Reg. 

office, Barrowfield Works, Colvend lane, Glasgow 

S.E. Tel., Bridgeton 2522 (2 Exchange lines). 

City Show Rooms, 28 St. Enoch sq. C.l. Tel., 

Central 2978 ; telegrams, " Chocolates." 
Carson, L., wine and spirit merchant, 127J Duke 

street, C.4; ho., 46 Garthhnd drive, E.l. 
Carson, M. L., blouse specialist, 251 Kilmarnock 

road, Shawlands S.l. 
Carson, N. B., MIStruct.E., agent, 104 West 

Campbell street, C.2 (tel. No., Central 9770) ; ho., 

173 St. Andrew's road, S.l. 
Carson & Nicol, Limited, letterpress and 

lithographic printers and publishers, 12 and 14 

Bath st. and 2 and 4 East Bath lane C.2. 
Carson, Robert, & Co., Ltd., flour importers, 

Baltic chambers, 50 Wellington st. C.2 ; tel. 

Nos., 1815, 1816 and 3739 Central; tel. add., 

" Diploma, Glasgow." 
Carson, R. G., solicitor, 170 Hope street C.2 

(tel. No., 1479 Douglas) ; house, 10 Merryburn 

aven., Merrylee Park, Giffnock. 




Carson, Mrs. Christina G. (of Robert Carson & Co., 

Ltd.); house, 44 Lilybank Gds., W.2. 
Carson, Miss Jean, 57 Barnhouse st., N.W. ; ho. 58 

Gairbraid ave., N.W. 
Carss, T. T., steward, H.M. Prison, Duke street, C.4. 
Carss, T. T., 2 Cathedral sq , C.4. 
Carstairs, Alex. Morrison, C.A (of Carstairs & Mann, 

C.A.), ho., 5 Bellshaugh road, Kelvinside W.2. 
Carstairs, J. Lindley, M.A., M.B., CM., physician, 

Kilrenny, Muirhead, Chryston; tel. No., Stepps 

Carstairs & Mann, C.A., Albany Chambers, 

Charing Cross C.2 ; London oifice, 10 Dowgate 

Hill, E.C. 4. 
Carstairs, W. D. (of W. Stevenson & Co., 80 Brown 

St., C2); ho., 21 Courthill avenue, Cathcart. 
Carswell, Allan A., gentlemen's outfitter, 25 Kenfield 

street C.2. 
Carswell, Allan G., manufacturers' agent, 30 

Buchanan st., C.2 ; tel. No. Central 3390. 
Carswell, Alexander M'L., stockbroker (Carswell & 

Co., 26b Renfield street, C.2, stockbrokers; tel. 

add., "Transfer ''; tel. No., Central 3402); hj., 

Hughenden, Coatbridge; tel. No. Coatbridge 3 )5. 
Carswell, A. A (of Newton, Robertson & Co., Ltd.); 

ho., Cartref, West Kilbride; tel. No., 2185 West 

Carswell, A. S., the modern man's shop, 64 Argyle 

street, C.2 ; tel. No., Central 5032. 
Carswell, C. (buyer at the United Turkey Red Co., 

Ltd.): ho., 109 Broomhill drive, W.l. 
Carswell & Clark, accountants and property 

factors, 121 West George st. C 2. 
Carswell & Co. (Robert S. Carswell), stockbrokers, 

26b Renfield strf et, C 2 (tel. add., " Transfer" ; tel. 

No., Central 3402) ; res , 447 Kilmarnock rd., S.3; 

tel. No., Merrylee 2808. 
Carswell, Edward, Ltd., financiers, 219 Hope street, 

Carswell, H. G., assist, manager, Bank of Scotland, 

2 St. Vincent pi., C.l; ho. 16 Craigdhu rd., 

Milngavie; tel. No. Blilngavie 1251. 
Carswell, H. G., agent, Bank of Scotland, 235 

Sauchieball street. C.2; ho., 16 Craigdhu road, 

Carswell, Jas., hay and grain merchant, 12 to 14 

Commerce street C.6; tel. No. South 1611. 
Carswell, James, 404 Pollokshaws road, S.l. 
Carswell, Jas. R. (at R. K. Finlay & Roger), 48 

West Regent street, C2; bo., 691 Kilmarnock 

roid, Newlands, S.3. 
Carswell, Rev J. S., 8.D., 1 H«lensburgh dr., W.3. 
Carswell, J. Sinclair, C.A. (of Thomson, Jackson. 

Gourlay & Taylor, accountants), 24 George square, 

Carswell, R., junr., M.A., LL.B., writer (of Carswell 

& Wylie) ; bo., 65 Partickbill rd., W.l ; tel, No., 

West 6203. 
Carswell, Robert & Co., chartered accountants, 

98 West George st., C.2 ; tel. No., Douglas 5714 
Carswell, William, 13 Royal crescent, C.3. 
Carswell & Wylie, writers, 131 West Regent st., C.2; 

tel. No., Douglas 1016 ; tel. add., " Conveyance." 
Carter Advertising Supply Co., advertising agents, 

136 Wellington street ; tel. add., " Opportune, 

Glasgow " -. tel. No., Douglas 4211. 
Carter, F. Farrar, director (Dare & Carter, Ltd.); 

house, 206 King's Park avenue, S.4; tel. No., 

Langside 2827. 

Carter, H. S.. M.D., D.P.H., Public Health Laboratory; 

ho., 13 Falkland mansions, W.2. 
Carter, Percy T., dentist, 3 New City road, C.4; tel, 
. No., Douglas 1286. 
Carter & Pratt, Ltd., lithographers, 61 Mauchline 

street, C.5. 
Carter, W. H. & Co., fruit brokers, 109 Ingram 

street, C.l (tel. No., Bell 1546); bo. 9 Gordon 

dr., Netherlee. 
Cartner, J. W. (of A. Parker & Co.) ; house, 88 

Randolph road, W.l ; tel. No., Western 88. 
Cartner, W. P. (of A. Parker & Co.), 11 Woodholm 

avenue, King's Park. 
Carton, A., coal merchant, 96 Lochburn road, N.W. 
Cartwright, John T. & Sons, Ltd , manufacturers' 

agents and merchants, 195 St. Vincent st., C.2. 
Carty, John J., B.L., solicitor, 37 West George st., 

C.2 ; tel. No. Central 6840. 
Carty, Peter, confectioner, 5 Killearn st, N. 
Carty, S., newsagent, 216 Possi). road, C.4. 
Casa Degli Italiani, 22 Park circus, C.3; tel. No., 

Douglas 2190. 
Cascia, A., & Sons, confectioners, 245 Argyle st., C.2. 
Casey, James, rag aad scrap iron merchant, 784 

Maryhill road, N.W. 
Casey, J. A, dentist, 98 Trongate, C.l. 
Cash Register and Auto Scale Co., 409 Eglinton st., 

Casta, A., confectioner, 21 Bridge st., C.5. 
Caskey, R. Wilson, surgeon- dentist, L D.S., R.C.S.E , 

8 Somerset place, C.3; tel. No., Douglas 4603. 
Caskey, T. Wilson, surgeon- dentist, 8 Somerset place, 

C.3, tel. No., Douglas 4603. 
Caskie, J. C, 28 Bracken street, N. 
Caskie, Don., butcher, 141 Sword street, El; res., 

Carlston, Drumchapel. 
Cassel Cyanide Co., Ltd., casehardening specialists, 

St. Rollox Works, C.4 ; tel. add., •« Ubique ;" tel. 

No., Bell 2915. 
Cassels & Cardwell, provision merchants, 48 Ingram 

street, C. I ; tel. address, " Leanest, Glasgow " ; 

tel. No., 2508 Bell. 
Cassels, Edward, 209 Crow road, W.l. 
Cassels, James L. (of Disbington & Hendry, 52 

St. Enoch squave C.l) ; ho,, 65 Stewarton drive, 

Cassells, John C. (of James Macarthur & Co., 29, 31 

Glassford st C.l), res., Ormidale, Clarke avenue, 

Ayr ; tel. No. Ayr 2963. 
Cassels, J. B., ironfounder (of Pott, Cassels & 

Williamson, Motherwell) ; house, Elizabeth Lodge, 

Sandybills, Tollcross E.2; tel. No., Shettleston 

Cassels, J. H. H., engineer (of Pott, Cassels & 

Williamson, Motherwell); res , Sandyhills House, 

Shettleston E.2; tel. No., Shettleston 1109. 
Cassels, Thomas, solicitor, 86 Church st., Dum- 
barton (tel. No. Dumbarton 459); res. Thoinlea, 

Cassels, Wm.& Co., pattern- book and card makers, 

74 Glassford st. CI. 
Cassidy, Joseph, grocer, 98 Kintra st, S.W.I. 
Cassie, Alexander Whyte, physician and surgeon, 

272 Nithsdale road, Dumbreck, S.l. 
Cast Iron Brazing and Engineering Co., 

braziers of cast iron, welders of aluminium, oxy- 

acetylene and electric welders of all metals, 21a 

St. Vincent cres., Finnieston C.3 } tel. No., 4637 

Central. Telegrams, "Brazing, Glasgow." 




Castell, John (secy., A. & W. Smith & Co., Ltd.); 
ho., 6 Florida street, S.2. 

Castle, A., cycle and gramophone merchant, 629 
Gallowgate, S.E. 

Castlebank Dye Works & Laundry (Alex. 
Kennedy & Sons, Ltd.), sole dyers and cleaners by 
the Franco- Bar be process, carpet heaters and dyers, 
Arniesland west; telephone, Scotstoun 1200 
(7 lines). Private Branch Exchange. 

Branch offices: — Tel. Nos. 

367 Sauchiehall street, C.2, ...Douglas 2105 

27 Union street, C.l Central 7409 

391 Byres road, W.2, Western 3276 

497 Gt. Western road, W.2 „ 2051 

186 Hyndland road, W.2, „ 247 

205 Cambridge street, C.3, Douglas P55 

184 Maryhill road, N.W ,. 1585 

1032 Maryhill road, N.W. Maryhill 332 

800 Argyle street, C.3, Central 6748 

305 Crow road, Broomhill, W.l, Western 3304 

330 Dumbarton road, W 1, , 3y39 

560 Dumbarton road, W.l , 3967 

1361 Dumbarton rd., Scotstoun, Scotstoun 2683 
151 Parliamentary road, C.4, Bell 32.38 

494 Springburn road, N, Springburn 5281 

594 Alexandra parade, E.l,... Bridgeton 620 

322 Duke street, E.l, „ 740 

6 Tollcross road, Parkhead 

Cross, E.l......... , 2573 

522 Loudon road, Bridgeton, S.E. „ 1642 

1205 Shettleston road.. Sbottteston 1480 

873 Govan road, S.W.I, Govan 192 

354 Paisley road, west, S.W.I, Ibrox 132 

1854 Paisley rd., W., Cardonald, Halfway 2060 

159 Kenmure street, S.l Queen's Park 858 

503 Victoria road, S.2, „ 245 

170 Crown street, C.5. — 

777 Pollokshaws road, S.l, „ 1123 

1 86 Kilmarnock rd., Shawlands, S 1, 

Langside 1725 
118 Battlefield road, S.2,. ...... „ 124 

203 Clarkston road, Cathcart, Merrylee 1973 

40 Kilmarnock road Giffnock 2667 

106 Main st , Rutherglen, Rutherglen 506 

256 Stnrelaw read, Burnside, „ 694 

215 Main street, Cambus!arjg, Cambuslang 430 

6 Main street, Coatbridge Coatbridge 379 

25 Graham street, Airdrie, . Airdrie 2187 

64 Brandon St., Motherwell, . . . Motherwell 247 

300 Main street, Wishaw, Wishaw 271 

102 Quarry street, Hamilton ....Hamilton 384 

87 Glasgow road, Clydebank, Clydebank 107 

25 High street, Dumbarton, Dumbarton 59 
51 Sinclair st., Helensburgh, Helensburgh 251 

57 Hairst St., Renfrew, Renfrew 213 

29 Gauze street, Paisley Paisley 3571 

35 Wellmeadow, Paisley „ 3570 

7 John Wood street, Port- Glasgow. — 

26 Hamilton street, Greenock, Greenock 316 
3 W. George st., Kilmarnock, Kilmarnock 347 
9 Bridgegate, Irvine, — 

72 Dockhead st., Saltcoats,... Ardrossan- 

Saltcoats 367 

57 Alloway street, Ayr, Ayr 3139 

65 Port street, Stirling Stirling 474 

106 High street, Falkirk.. Falkirk 405 

16 Ayr street, Troon, Troon 197 

Branch Offices :— Tel. Nos. 

6 Kempoch street Gourock,Gourock 276 
5 Frederick st , Edinburgh, Edinburgh 30748 

137 Bruntsfield place, Edinburgh, 

Edinburgh 51443 
17 South Clerk street, Edinburgh, 

Edinburgh 43466 
Castlemilk Road Garage Co., garages, 351 Car- 

munnock road, 
Catani, D„ fish restaurant, 162 Allison street, S.2. 
Catcheside, T. H. & Co., Ltd., coal exporters and 

shipbrokers, 190 West George st. C.2 ; tel. add., 

"Catcheside, Glasgow"; tel. Nos., 3163 and 

3164 Douglas. 
Cater, F.,boot repairing expert, 910 Springfield road, 

Caier, Jean, dressmaker, 182 Allison street S 2. 
Caterers' Appliances Limited, kitchen en- 
gineers and coofeing apparatus manufacturers ; 

showrooms and works, Carlton Court, C.5 ; tel. 

Nos., South 1006 and 1007. 
Cates, B. R., manufacturers' agent, 71 Queen street, 

Cathcart, Alex. M. (of Cathcart & Co.), Baltic 

chambers, 60 Wellington street, C.2. 
Cathcart & Co., export merchants, Baltic Chambers, 

50 Wellington street C.2. 
Cathcart Cemetery Co. (Limited), John 

Lauder, C A., secy., 121 St. Vincent street, C.2. 
Cathcart, E. P., University Professor, 28 Hillhead 

street W.2. 
Cathcart Laundry Ltd., french cleaners, 

dyers and carpet heaters, Cathcart. 
Cathcart, Mrs. Margaret, 14 Bower street, Hillhead 

Cathcart, Mrs. R. f Queen's Park Hotel, 10 Balvicar 

drive, S.2 ; tel. No., Queen's Park 530. 
Cathedral, Cathedral square, head of High street. 
Cathedral High Church, Castle street C.4. 
Cathedral Square Church of Scotland, Cathedral 

square, C.4. 
Cathkin Laundry (Giffen & Bissett, Ltd.), 

Cathkin Quarries Co., quaniers, 30 George square, 

C.2; tel. add., " Trainard, Glasgow;" tel. Nos., 

Central 293 and 294. 
Catholic Apostolic Church, M'Aslin street, C.4. 
Catholic Apostolic Church, Butterbiggins road 

Catholic Enquiry Office (social and welfare work), 

308 Renfrew street, C.3 ; tel. No., Douglas 1401. 
Catholic Tr^th Society of Scotland, 18 Renfrew st. 

C 2 ; tel. No., Douglas 4593. 
Catrine Cotton and Bleaching Works, Catrine, 

Ayrshire ; proprietors, James Finlay & Co., Ltd. 

22 West Nile st. C.l. 
Cats Protection League Shelter, 41 Heron st., S.E. 
Cattenach, John C , marine supt. (P. Henderson & 

Co.); house, 2 Randolph road, W.l. 
Cattanach, J. C, boot repairer, 1256 Paisley road 

West, S.W 2. 
Cattanach, Wm. W. (of Wm. Walker & Sons), res., 

Ben-Ghoil, 19 Colyton road, Newlands, S.3. 
Cattanach, Mrs. E., 17 Barrington drive, C.4. 
Catto, A. W. Forbes, physician, 9 Lambhill st., S.l. 
Catto, George, storekeeper, stores department, L. & 

N.E. Rly., Cowlairs, N. (tel. add., " Stores Cow- 
lairs Station"; tel. No., Springburn 5161); res.. 

The Nenk, Lenzie. 




Caufield, B., writer and notary public (B. Caulfield 

& M'Gowan), 30 George square, C.2 (tel. No., 

Central 3747); house, 4 BroomhiJl gardens, W.l 
Caughie, Miss Isabella, 29 Sonthbrae drive, Jordan- 
hill, W.3. 
Caulfield, Nicholas Joseph, wine and spirit merchant, 

186 Millburn st., N. ; ho., 323 Craigpark dr., E.l 
Causton, Sir Joseph & Sons, Ltd., designers, printers, 

lithographers, 125 Buchanan str et C.l. 
Cavannah, Mrs E., board-residence, 33 Rose St., C.3. 
Caven, Captain Alex., shipping and tourist 

agent. 49 Jamaica st. C.l ; tel. No. Central 4232. 
Cavendish Hotel, 1 Devonshire gardens, Great 

Western road, W.2; tel. No., Western 2001. 
Gavin, E. , hairdresser, 6 Cambridge lane, C.3. 
Cawkwell, J. Alex., 126 So. Woodside road N.W. 
Cawood, A. M., merchant, 102 Bath St., C.2. 
Cawood, Herbert M., export and import merchant, 

102 Bath street, C.2 (tel. No.. Douglas 3686); 

house, 56 Eastwoodmains rd., Giffnock ; teL No., 

Giffuock 1900. 
Cawood, Lawrence S., stockbroker (at R. W. Mowat 

& Craig, 166 Buchanan st , C.l) ; house, 12 KiDgs- 

ford avenue, Muirend. 
Caxton Publishing Company, Ltd., 220 St. Vincent 

St., C.2. 
Cayrasso, Juan B., Vice-consul for Uruguay, 224 

West Regent st., C 2. 
Cayzer, Lieut. Commander Sir A. B. T., Bart., R.N. 

(of Cayzer, Irvine & Co., Ltd.), 109 Hope st., C.2. 
Cayzer, Major Sir H. R., Bart, M. P. (of Cayzer, 

Irvine & Co., Ltd.), Lanfine, Newmilns. 
Cayzer, Major H. S. (of Cayzer, Irvine & Co., Ltd.), 

109 Hope street C.2. 
Cayzer, Irvine & Co., Ltd. (Managers of the Clan 

Line Steamers, Ltd.), 109 Hope street, C.2 ; tel. 

add., "Cayzer, Glasgow''; tel. No., Central 

7050 (P. BE) 
Cazaly, Mills & Co., Ltd., shipping, insurance, 

and forwarding agents. Central chambers, 11 

Bothwell street, C 2 ; tel. add., " Kazmilanko, 

Glasgow"; tel. No,. Central 3679. 
'* Cecil," costumier, 538 Dumbarton roa^, W.l. 
Cecil Studio, photographer, 206 Sauchiehall St., C.2 

(tel. No., Douglas 4667); Nancy Strain Shaw, 

33 Albert ave.,S.2. 
Cecile, The Flower Shop, 300 Sauchiehall st., C.2; 

tel. No., Douglas 3391 3392 (2 lines); house, 

281 Sauchiehall st., C.2. 
Celcure and Chemical Company, Ltd., 

manufacturers of wood preservatives and insecti- 
cides, Bearsden road, W.3. 
Celcure and Chemical Company, Ltd., 

manufacturers of Anticelbor, kills timber- attacking 

insects, greenfly, flies, moths, &c, Bearsden road, 

Celia, Madame, millinery, gowns, 61 St. George's 

road, Charing Cross C.3. 
Cello Casing Co., 2 Tureen street, S.E. 
Cellon Ltd., Cellon Works, Kingston on- Thanes, 

Surrey, manufacturers of "Cerric" cellulose 

lacquers for wood finishing, metal work, motor 

car finishes, &c. ; "Cerrie" bronzing mediums, 

and "Cerrux" synthetic lacquers for industrial 

finishes, coach finishing and house decoration. 

Scottish depot, 246 Pinkston road, C.4 ; tel. No., 

Bell 1151. 
Celtic Chemical Co. (James Macneil & Sloan Ltd.), 

manufacturing chemists, 38 French st. S.E. 

Celtic Football and Athletic Co., Ltd., 85 Kerrydale 
street, S.E. Wm. Maley, secretary. 

Cement (The) Marketing Co., Ltd., cement manu- 
facturers, 20 Renfield street, C 2 ; tel. add M 
•• Blucircle " j tel. Nos., Central 3224-6-6. 

Central Advertising Co., advertising contractors, 68 
Gordon street, C.l ; telephone No., Central 

Central (The) Agency, Ltd., 60 Bothwell street, C.2 ; 
warehouse, 87 Wellington st. C.2; representing Jonas 
Brook & Bros., Ltd., Meltham; Jas. Chadwiek & 
Bro., Ltd., Eagley Mills, Bolton; Clark & Co., Ltd., 
Paisley ; Sewing Silks, Ltd. ; J. & P. Coats, Ltd., 
Paisley ; Kerr & Co., Ltd., Paisley ; English 
Sewing Cotton Co., Ltd., Manchester; The 
English Needle and Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd., 
Studley, Warwickshire. 

Ceitral Battery & Electrical Services, battery manu- 
facturers, 39 Blvthswood street. C.2 ; tel. add , 
"C. B. & E. S., Glasgow ; tel. No., Central 1181. 

Central Bonding Co., warehouse and office, 6 James 
Watt lane C.2 ; tel. No., Central 5898. 

Central Copying Office, typists and duplicators, 30 
Gordon street C.l ; tel No., Central 3356. 

Central Delivery Co., carriers, 114 Holm street, C.2. 

Central Division Unionist Association, 121 Bath 
street, C 2 ; tel. No., Douglas 4659. 

Central Drawing Office Co., Ltd., drawings, tracings, 
photo, prints and drawing materials, Argyll 
arcade, 30 Buchanan st., C.2 ; tel. Nos., Central 
S3D7 and 9308. 

Central Drug Stores, herbalists and surgical goods, 
54 Renfrew st., C.2. 

Central Electricity Board District Office for Scot- 
land, Grid House, 168 Broomhill drive, W.l; tel. 
add., "Centelect, Glasgow"; tel. No., Western 
6700 (P.B.E.). 

Central Halls, Shepherd's buildings, 25 Bath 
street C.2 ; tel. No., Douglas 187. 

Central Hotel, Central Station, L.M.S. Railway, 
Gordon st. C.l and Hope st. C.2 ; E. J. Vacher, 
resident manager; tel. No., 9680; tel. address, 
" Lartnec.'' 

Central Mutual Service Club, 153 West Nile street, 
C.l; supervisor, H. Toal. 

Central Novelty Co., side shows for hire, fund raising 
novelties for churches, bazaars, clubs, 80 Great 
Western road, C.4 

Central Station, L. M.S. Railway, 97 Gordon street, C 1 

Central Stock Rooms, 92 Union st., C.l ; tel. 
add., " Wy lie, Glasgow " ; tel. No., Central 6484. 

Central Supply Co., drapers and clothiers, 5 Cuuber- 
land street, C.6. 

Central Travel Agency, 75 Kilmarnock road, S.l 
(tel. No., Langside 2453); ho , 5 Kennal avenue, 

Central Vaudeville Agency (J. C. Lawrance), Theatri- 
cal Agency, 132 West Nile street, C.l (tel. No , 
Douglas 4796) ; ho., 200 Battlefield road, S.2 ; 
tel. No., Langside 1868. 

Central Welding Service, welding, 28 Carrick st., C.2 

Central (The) Window Cleaning and Carpet Beating 
Co., 66 Jamaica st. C.l (tel. No., Central 6633) ; 
ho., 66 Moray drive, Clarkston. 

Century (The) Insurance Co., Ltd., and 
Friends Provident and Century Life 
Office, Life Annuity, Fire, Accident, Marine, 1 
Royal Exchange square C 1 ; George Knowles, 
local manager; tel. No., Central 3348 (P.B.E.) 




Cepea Fabrics Ltd., calico printers, 4 West Regent 

street, C.2. 
Cercle, Francais, 105 We?t Princes street, C.4. 
Cerebos Limited, salt manufacturers, 81 Dobbie's 

loan C.4; tel. No., Douglas 1707. 
Ceylon Line of Steamers (Cayzer, Irvine & Co., 

Ltd., managers), 109 Hope street C.2. 
Chadburn's (Ship) Telegraph Co., Ltd., 

Liverpool, London, Newcastle, Belfast, and 112, 

114 Broomielaw C.l ; tel. No., Central 6783. 
Chadfield, H. (of J. F. H. Roberts, Ltd), Ailsa Craig, 

Lochbrae dr., Burnside; tel. No., 437 Rutherglen. 
Chadwick, Reginald, chairman and managing director, 

Clyde Paper Co., Ltd., Rutherglen. 
Chadwick, W. L., Ltd., importers, 36 Oswald st. 

C.l (tel. Nos., Central 1143 and 1144); house, 6 

Quadrant road, Newlands, S.3. 
Chalk & Co.. engineers and machinery merchants 

Maryhill Engine Works, N.W. ; telephone No., 

Mary hill 10. 
Chalk, George B., B.L. (of Chalk, Bertram & 

Anderson), Solmont, Wardlaw road, Bearsden ; tel. 

No., Bearsden 1089. 
Chalk, Bertram & Anderson, solicitors, 38 Bath st., 

C.2; tel. No., Douglas 720. 
Challice, J. F., insurance manager (Th* Employers' 

Liability Assurance Corporation, Ltd.) ; house, 

Lyncroft, Stirling dr., Bearsden; tel. No., Bears- 
den 1458. 
Chalmers, A. K., M.D., LL.D., 20 Huntlv gardens, 

W.2; tel. No., Western 4019. 
Chalmers, Alan, hardwareman, 107 Eveline st.,E.1. 
Chalmers, Alexander, pawnbroker, 6 Coburg street, 

C.6, and 94, 96 Parliamentary road, C.4. 
Chalmers, Alex. C, C.A. (of John E. Watson & 

Macharg); ho. Maintenance, Norwood dr., White- 

craigs, Giffnock, S. 
Chalmers, Andrew, electrical engineer, 249-255 

William St., C.3 (tel. add., "Chalmit"; tel. No. 

2187 Central); ho., 61 Ormonde drive, Muirend; 

tel. No., Merrylee 1294. 
Chalmers, Andrew, & Mitchell, manufacturing elec- 
trical engineers, 249-255 William street, C.3 ; 

tel. address, "Chalmit, Glasgow''; tel. Nos., 

Central 2187-8. 
Chalmers, Andrew W., 14 Lawers road, Hillpark, S 3. 
Chalmers, Charles H, director, James Murray 

(Glasgow), Ltd. ; house, Firhall, Newton Mearns. 
Chalmers, C. R., & Co., glass bottle merchants, straw 

envelope importers, 145 Bath street, C.2 ; tel. No., 

Douglas 2788. 
Chalmer's Church, 100 Pollokshaws road, S.l. 
Chalmers, David & M'Gill, Ltd., masons and build- 
ing contractors, 24a St. Vincent crescent, C.3. 
Chalmers, D., manufacturers' agent, 85 Queen st.C.l; 

ho., Gilmourton crescent, Newton Mearns. 
Chalmers, Gavin, registered plumber, gasfitter, and 

electric engineer, 107 Main st., Cambuslang, and 

at Burnbank, Hamilton; tel., 123 Cambuslang. 
Chalmers, Gilbert, insurance agent, 77 Gala street, 

Riddrie, E.l. 
Chalmers, Henderson, fruit salesman, 94 Albion st. 

C.l; ho., Springbank, East Kilbride. 
Chalmers, Colonel Hugh D. D., 41 A.thole gardens 

Chalmers, J., baker (retail), 913 Govan rd., S.W.I. 
Chalmers, J. & Co., bakers, 91 Firhill road, N.W. 
Chalmers, James, fruiterer and florist, 198 Albert 

drive, S.l. 

Chalmers, Jas. A., pilot master, 16 Robertson street, 
C.2; res., Craigroyston, Cumbernauld, South. 

Chalmers, James A., electrical engineer, 249-255 
William st., C.3 (tel. add., " Chalmit " ; tel. No., 
Central 2187); ho., 38 Stamperland drive, Clark- 
ston ; tel. No., Giffnock 2i62. 

Chalmers, J. & M., dairy keepers, 170 Eglinton st. 

Chalmers, J. M. (G.P.O.), 146 Ashcroft drive, S.4. 

Chalmers, J. M., insurance agent, 85 Sinclair drive, 

Chalmers, John, commercial traveller (of Raines & 
Porter, Ltd.) ; res., Dehra, Balmoral dr., Carmyle, 
E.2 ; tel. No., Cambuslang 48. 

Chalmers, John, ophthalmic optician. 391 Victoria 
rd. S.2 ; tel. No., Queen's Park 166. 

Chalmers, John, poster artist and sandwich boardman, 
2 L3 Buchanan street. C.l. 

Chalmers, John, dairy keeper, 14 Fauldhouse street, 

Chalmers, John, plumber, 710 Govan rd. S.W.I ; 
ho. 13 Caird drive, Partickhill W.l ; tel. No., 267 

Chalmers, John (of John Chalmers & Co.), 16 Ruth- 
ven avenue, Giffnock. 

Chalmers, John, & Co., plumbers and electri- 
cians, 312 St. Vincent street, C.3; tel. No., 
Central 6918. 

Chalmers, John S., Belmont, 36 Woodend drive, 
Jordanhill W.3. 

Chalmers Limited, electrical engineers, theatre 
lighting and kinematograph specialists, 8 Burn- 
side buildings, C.4; tel. No., Douglas 248. 

Chalmers, M., & Son, house factors and pro- 
perty agents, 29 Steven street C.4. 

Chalmers, Malcolm, 14 Dargarvel avenue, Sunnybrae, 
Dumbreck, S.l. 

Chalmers, P., baker and dairy keeper, 578 Cathcart 
road S.2 ; house, 46 Brereton street, S.2. 

Chalmers, P. Macgregor, LL.D., I.A., architect, 95 
Bath street C.2. 

Chalmers, Robert, grocer, 300 Crow rd. W.l ; house 
65 Danes dr., Scotstoun, W.4. 

Chalmers, Robert S., 46 Lilybank gardens, W.2. 

Chalmers' Parish Church, 9 Claythorn street S.E. 

Chalmers' Stores Ltd., retail ironmongers, 
hardwaremen and tinsmiths, 683 Great Western 
road, W.2. 

Chalmers, Thomas W., agent, Union Bank of 
Scotland, Ltd., Battlefield (tel. No. Langside 
503) ; ho., 20 Viewpark drive, Burnside. 

Chalmers, Wm. P. (of M. Chalmers & Son), 76 
Clouston street, N.W. 

Chalmers, William, wireless engineer and sub- 
postmaster, 711 Pollokshaws rd., S.l; ho., 141 
Allison street, S.2 ; tel. No , Queen's Park 1404. 

Chalmers, Wm. C. (Jam?s Bissett), joiner, 8-12 
Arcadia st., S E (tel. No., Bridgeton 757) ; 
ho., 39 Alexandra Park st., E.l. 

Chalmers, Wm,, Ltd., coal merchants and 
colliery agents, 131 West Regent st. C.2 ; tel. No., 
Douglas 0707 (2 lines); tel. add., " Balquhatson.' 1 

Chalmers, Miss Annie, fruiterer and florist, 397 
Cathcart rd. S.2 ; ho., 170 Butterbiggins road, 

Chalmers, Miss H., draper, 197 Calder st., S.2. 

Chamber of Commerce, 30 George square, C.2 ; tel. 
add., " Chamber, Glasgow "; tel. Nos., Central 
8583 (3 lines). 




Chamberlain, Crosbie & Co., insurance brokers, 

Royal Exchange buildings. 
Chamberlain & Hookman, electric meter manufac- 
turers. 53 West Campbell street, C.2. 

Chambers, Alexander (at Burns, Oates & Wash- 
bourne, Ltd.) ; ho. 6 Langrig road, Balornock, N. 

Chambers & Davidson, civil and mining engineers, 
62 Robertson street C.2 ; teL No., Central 2647. 

Chambers, Frances, M.A., teacher, 4 Lilybank ter- 
race, W.2. 

Cbance Brothers & Co., Ltd., manufacturers 
of all kinds of glass for buildings, illuminaion, 
signal lenses, spectacles, ships' lights, -windows, 
roofs, partitions, searchlights, petrol pumps, 
optical instruments, headlamps, welding, insula- 
tion ; also manufacturers of lighthouses, buoys, 
sirens, diaphones, traffic signals, electric lighting 
plant, aerodrome floodlights and beacons, &e. ; 
Firhill N.W. district; tel. add., " Brogan, Glas- 
gow " ; tel. No., Maryhill 2141. 

Chandler, Geo. W., secretary, Glasgow and 
West Coast Mission; ho., 64 Dorian drive, Clark- 
ston, Renfrewshire. 

Chanelle, court dressmaker, 478 Sauchiehall street, 
C.2 ; tel. No. Douglas 965. 

Changkat Salak Rubber & Tin Ltd., Gibson & 
Anderson (Glasgow), Ltd., secretaries, 124 St. 
Vincent st. C.2. 

Chaplin, W. H., <& Co. (Scotland), Ltd., 
wholesale wine and spirit merchants, importers of 
wines, brandies, liqueurs, and cigars, proprietors 
of " Long John" special reserve Scotch whisky and 
''Concord" port, &c. ; office, 63 Bothwell street, 
C.2; stores, Bothwell lane, C.2; tel. No. Central 
1215 (2 lines). 

Chapman, C. A. (of Christie & Chapman, Ltd.); 
ho., 30 Glencairn drive, S.l ; tel. No., Queen'd 
Park 1366. 

Chapman, Frank, confectioner, 14 Nithsdale road, S.l. 

Chapman, George C, writer (of Breeze, Paterson & 
Chapman), ho., Dunnikier, 24 Torridon avenue, 
Dumbreck S.l. 

Chapman, George (of George Chapman & Son); ho. 
119 Wilton street, N.W. 

Chapman, Geo., & Son, grain merchants, 326 
Great Western road, C.4 ; 95 Maryhill rd., N.W.; 
118 Cowcaddens st., C.2 ; 36 Paisley road, west 
S.W.I; 880 Govan road, Govan S.W.I; 460 
Duke st., E.l ; 341 London rd., S.E. ; 84 Main st., 
Cambuslang; house, 119 Wilton street, N.W. ; 
tel. No., Western 2936. 

Chapman, James Henry, newsagent, 1216 Govan 
road, S.W.I. 

Chapman, Norman H. (secretary of Wm. Morrison 
& Son, Ltd.); ho., 20 Mount Harriet dr., Stepps ; 
tel. No., Stepps 196. 

Chapman, Rev. Peter, minister, Wynd Church 
(Cont.), 38 Queen Mary avenue, S.2. 

Chapman, R. & J., butchers, 521 Carntyie rJ., E.2. 

Chapman, Tom L., Hon. Secy., The Scientific 
Society of the Royal Technical College; ho., 115 
Finlay drive, Dennistoun, E.l. 

Chapman, T. L., F.B.C.S., surgeon, 19 Royal ter„ 

Chapman, Wm., pawnbroker, 118 Kirkland street, 

Chargeurs Reunis, Paris. Passenger agents and 
freight brokers, Gellatly, Hankey & Co., Ltd., 
Gordon chambers, 82 Mitchell street C.l. 

Charing Cross Branch Post-Office, 533 Sauchiehall 

street C.3. 
Charing Cross Library, lending library, 70 St. 

George's road, C.3. 
Charles & King, tailors and clothiers, 143 Trongate, 

Charles & Son. Ltd., kindergarten and educational 

publishers, 68 Gordon street C.l. 
Charmatz, R., cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 216 

Commercial road C.5; house, 62 Albert road. S.l. 
Charnock, J., produce aeent, 295 Golfhill drive, E.l. 
Chartered Accountants of Scotland, General Exam- 
ining Board. D. Norman Sloan, C.A., secretary 

and treasurer, 142 S'. Vincent street C.2 
Chartered Bank of India, Australia, and China; 

agents, R. & J. Henderson, 58 St. Vincent st. C.2 
Chartered Institute of Secretaries (Glasgow 

and West of Scotland Branch), 39 Elmbank cres. 

Charteris, Alexander A, M.B., Ch.B., D.P.H., 

FR.F.P.S.C, 28 Buckingham terrace, Hillhead, 

W.2; tel. No, Western 16(54. 
Charteris & Hill, writers and notaries public, 19 

St. Vincent place, C.l. Telephone Nos., Central 

4406 and 4407. 
Charters, Fred. A. (of J. Charters), 261 West George 

street C.2. 
Charters, H. R. (of J. Charters), 261 West George 

street C.2. 
Charters, Messrs. J., electrical engineers and con- 
tractors, 261 West George street. C.2 ; tel. Nos., 

Central 231 and 3982; tel. address, "Kilowatt, 

Chaskelow, S., hardwareman, 456 Argyle street, C.2. 
Chatham, Thomas, & Co., fishcurers and merchants, 

Fishmarket, C 1. 
Chattell, A. R. (of W. T. Bowie & Co., Ltd.) ; res., 

Mon- Haven, Brownside road, Burnside. 
Chatwood Safe Co., Ltd., 26 West Nile street, C.l; 

tel. No., Central 2359. 
Cheap e. J. L. , undertaker, 1067 Tollcross road, E.2. 
Ghekko Brake Lining, 25 Wellington street, C.2; 

tel. No., Central 822. 
Chemical Manufacturers — Sunshine Bleach Ltd., 

North Hillington, S.W.2. 
Chemist *' Friendly Society (Approved), 195 Bath 

street, C.2 ; tel. No., Douglas 4889. 
Chemists' Friendly Society (Approved), William 

M' Galium, J.P.,C. A., manager, 206 Sauchiehall st., 

Cherington, Thomas, painter, 68 Weaver street, C.4. 
Cherry, Robert, boot and shoe maker, 6 Burleigh st., 

Cherrie, W. M. F., bank agent, 480 Gallowgate 

S.E. ; ho., 35 Broompark drive, E.l ; tel. No., 

Bridge' on 3622. 
Cherry, Wdliam, agent, 73 Robertson street, C.2 ; 

tel. No , Central 7233. 
Cherry, William, house factor and property agent, 

102 Bath street C.2 Branch, 8 Scotstoun street, 

Scotstoun, W.4. 
Cherry, Wm. (agent, Commercial Bank of Scotland, 

Ltd., Broomhill); ho., Dinard, 19 Victoria Park 

gardens, Nortb, W.l. 
Cherry, Margaret, bootmaker, 141 Onslow drive, 

Dennistoun E.l. 
Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Company, 

European general agents, Sutherland International 

Despatch, Ltd., 82 Mitchell st., C.l. 




Chesney, Benjamin, grocer and provision merchant, 

22 Caledonia rd. C.5; ho. Stanley, St. John's rd.. 

Chesney, David, provision merchant and grocer, 

198 Mosspark drive, S.W.2 ; tel. No., Ibrox 1 126. 
Chesney, Thos., Ltd., coal merchants, Springburn 

Mineral Station N. 
Chessor, George, Union Bank of Scotland, Ltd.; ho., 

141 Essex drive, W.4. 
Chesterfield Tube Co., Ltd., Chesterfield; Wm, Clark 

& Co , agents, 141 West George street, C.2. 
Cheyne & M'Kinlay, fruiterers, 1138 Argvle street, 

Ch Id Welfare Clinic, 18 Plean street, W.4. 
Children's Home Hospital, Strathblane ; hon. treas., 

M'Farlane, Hutton & Partick, C.A., 243 West 
George street, C.2. 
Children's Special Service Mission, 280 St. Vincent St., 

C.2 ; organising secy., James Beveridge; tel. No., 

Central 1351. 
Chilian and Colonial Agencies, Ltd., fertilisers, 

102 Hope street C.2 ; tel. Nos., Central 0605 and 

Chilprufe Limited — Agents, George Willonghbv & 

S .n. 62 Virginia st , C.l ; tel. No., Bell 46. 
China Inland Mission (Rev Dr. Arthur Taylor, Secy.), 

16 Belmont st., Hillhead W.2. tel. No , Western 800 
Chiropody Sundries Depot, chiropody and medical 

electric equipment, 147 B.ith St., C.? j tel. No. 

Douglas 3182. 
Chisholm, A. M... chemist, 476 Cathcart rd. S.2; ho., 

Dochgarroch, 3 Kenmount avenue, S.4. 
Chisholm, A. Macleod, & Co., C.A., 221 West 

George street, C.2 ; tel. No. Central 130. 
Chisholm, Archibald, minister of Langside Hill 

Church ; ho., 10. Newlands rd., S.3. 
Chisholm, Bros., Ltd , coal, iron, and steel merchants, 

&c, 91 Waterloo street, C.2. 

Government Contractors. 






And at 

Designs and Specifications Submitted. 

Bath Street, 


997 a 998 DOUGLAS. 
178 a 0506 GIFFNOCK. 

Chisholm & Co., decorators, 12 Eastwood Mains 
road (Eastwood Toll), Giffnock; tel. No., Giffnock 

Chisholm & Co., decorators and painting con- 
tractors, 239 Bath street, C.2 tel. Nos., Douglas 
997 and 998), also Eastwood cross and Tudor 
buildings, Giffnock ; tel. Nos., Giffnock 178 and 

Chisholm Decorators, Ltd., painters and 
decorators, 701 Sauchiehall st (Sandy ford place), 
C.3 (tel. Nos. Douglas 068S-0587), 280 Kilmarnock 
road, Newlands, S.3 (tel. No., Langside 1701). 

Chisholm Decorators, Ltd., painters and 
decorators, 280 Kilmarnock road, Newlands, S.3 ; 
tel. No., Langside 1701. 


High Class Work at 
Moderate Charges 


(Sandyfoird Place) 

PJseae - Douglas 0586-0587 

And at 


PJsoiae - • Langside 270 1 

Chisholm, Edward A , manufaciurers' agent, 24 Queen 
street, C.l 

Chisholm, F. H., stationer, bookseller, and news- 
agent, 70 Hyndland road, 147 Hyrdland read, 
285 Byres road, W.2, and 725 Great Western 
road; ho., 22 Woodcroft avenue. Broomhill, W.l. 

Chisholm, Frederick, grocer and wine merchant, 45 
Baeberry street N.W. ; ho., 19 Kelvinside gardens 
East, N.W. 

Chisholm, Geo. A., ironmonger, 299 Parliamentary 
rd., C.4; ho., 3 Marwick st., E 1. 

Chisholm &; Hunters (most interesting stock), 
City Warehouse, 27-29 Trongate C.l, nearly 
opposite Glasgow Cross; tel. No., Bell 717. 

Chisholm, James R., & Co., engineering and motor 
supplies, 91 Waterloo street, C.2. 

Chisholm, John, painter and decorator (of Chisholm 
Decorators, Ltd.), 701 Sauchiehall st. (Sandyford 
pi.), C.3 (tel. Nos., Douglas 05S6-0587 and Lang- 
side 1701) ; house, 20 Eastwood Mams rd., 
Giffnock West; tel. No., Giffcock 2560. 

Chisholm, John, engineer, 114 Copland road, S.W.I. 

Chisholm, John, & Son, painters, paperhangers, and 
decorators, 260 Maxwell road, S.l. 

Chisholm, John, A.C.I.S., secretary (of Chisholm 
Bros., Ltd.); ho., Charlton, 33 Rodger drive, 
Rutherglen ; teL No., Rutherglen 809. 

Chisholm, John S., painter and decorator (of Chisholm 
Decorators, Ltd.), 701 Saucuiehall st. (Sandyford 
pi.), C.3 ; ho., 49 Langside drive, Newlands, S.3 ; 
tel. No., Merrylee 1584. 

Chisholm, M. & J., dealers in jewels, plate, 
antiques, curios, works, of art, watches, musical 
instruments, sportsmen's requisites, furniture, 
clocks, &c, 27-29 Trongate C.l, nearly opposite 
Glasgow Cross. 

Chisholm & M'Kechnie, Ltd., sack manufac- 
turers and merchants, 25 Arcadia street, Calton, 
S.E. ; tel. add., " Chisamac" ; tel. No., Bridgeton 




Chisholm, Rev. Robert F , B.D., general secretary, 

The National Bible Society of Scotland, 224 West 

George st., C.2: bo., 235 Nitbsda'e rd., S.l. 
Chisholm-Ward, Mr. & Mrs. M. (of Chisholm 

& Hunter), 27 29 Trongate, C.l (tel. No., Bell 

0717); ho., 37 Buchanan drive, Kessington, South 

Chisholm Wm. Henry P., L.D.S., dental surgeon, 43 

Falkland mansions, Hyndland W.2; tel. No., 

Western 529. 
Chisbolm, W. G. (of Chisholm & Co.), ho. Strathglass, 

Dalmeny aven., Giffnock ; tel. No., Giffnock 3159. 
Chittagong Line of Steamers (Cayzer, Irvine & Co.. 

Ltd., managers). 109 Hope street C.2. 
Chivas Brothers, Ltd., whisky merchants, 163 

Hope street, C.2 ; tel. No , Central 5900 ; tel. 

address, " Chivas,'* Glasgow. 
Chloride Elect! ical Storage Co., Ltd., 40-44 Tureen 

street, S.E. 
Chora] and Orchestral Union, Joseph Barnes, LL.B., 

manager, 53 Bothwell st. , C.2 ; tel. No., Central 

Christian, David, Son & Irvine, merchants and 

manufacturers, 64 Osborne st. . C.l; tel. No., 

Bell 1100 
Christian, Jas. C. (of Favid Christian, Son & Irvine, 

64 Osborne st, C.l) ; house. 66 Deanwood aven., 

Muirend ; tel. No., Merrylee 1519. 
Christian Institute, 70 Bothwell st. C.2; tel. No. 

Central 6213. 
Christian Science Reading Rooms, 75 Buchanan St., 

CI (tel. No,, Central 3337); 630 Eglraton street, 

C.5 (tel. No., South 397;; and 61 Cresswell st., 

Hillhead, W.2 ; tel. No., Western 6084. 
Christiansand Steam Packet Office, James Currie 

& Co., 200 St. Vincent street C.2. 
Christie, Alexander, agent, 14 Cart side st., Lang- 
side, S.2. 
Christie, A. J., writer (of Sellar & Christie, 160 

Hope street, C.2); tel. Nos., Douglas 868-9. 

Res., Lyleston, Bothwell. 
Christie, Andrew, The Laurels, Mochrum road, 

Christie, 8., drag store, 229 St James road, C.4. 
Christie & Chapman, Ltd, , colliery agents and mer- 
chants, 50 Wellington street, C.2; tel. add., 

"Trebles, Glasgow"; tel. No., Central 4670. 
Christie, David B. (Galvanizers Ltd., Fore street, 

Scotstoun), res., Inehcape, 29 Norse rd. , Scotstoun, 

W.4 ; tel. No , Scotstoun 14S2. 
Christie, David S., naturopath, 17 Newton ter., C.3; 

tel. No.. Douglas 4695, 
Christie, George, & Sons, coopers, 67 Corbett street, 

Christie, Geo. (Ltd.), wire drawers and wire 

cloth manufacturers, Ladywell Wire Works, 197 

Broomloan rd., Govan S.W.I ; tel. Nos , 418 & 419 

Christie, Geo. (of Geo. Stark & Sons (1934), Ltd., 

Grove Park Mills N.W.), ho., Beeehwood, Ewenfield 

road, Ayr. 
Christie, George F., janitor, Strathbungo School; 

ho., 83 Craigie street, S.2. 
Christie, G. Fyffe, commercial attist, 352 Maxwell 

Christie, G"o. H. fof United Turkey Red Co.); ho., 

Ros3 Priory, Balloch, Dumbartonshire. 
Christie, G. Leslie, chartered accountant, 175 West 

George street, C.2i tel. No., Central 1428. 

Christie, Henry W. (of the United Turkey-Red Co., 
Ltd.), and of Levenfield, Alexandria, Dumbarton- 

Christie, H. J. (of Christie & Chapman, Ltd.) ; 
res., Ashton House, Ashton, Gourock; tel. No. 
Gourock 430. 

Christie, James, game and poultry salesman, 138 
Bridgegate C.l ; ho., 60 Menock road, Cathcart. 

Christie, Dr. James G., 66 Turnberry road, W.l. 

Christie, James John (at Slater, Rodger, & Co., Ltd.), 
The Hillocks, Torrington avenue, Whitecraigs. 

Christie, Jas. P., demolition contractor, 8 
M'Farlane st. C.4 ; ho., Coldstream, 48 Cathkin 
road, Langside S.2. 

Christie, J. A. (Guthrie & Wells, Ltd.), 52 St. 
Andrew's drive, Pollob shields, S.l. 

Christie, J. Maxwell, M.I.C.M.-, medical masseur, 
3 Woodlands drive, C.4. 

Christie, J.Stark (of Geo. Stark & Sons (1934) Ltd., 
Grove Park Paper Mills ) ; house, Holmwood, 
Lochbroom dr., Newton Mearns. 

Christie, J. W., 60 Fergus drive, N.W. 

Christie, John Fulton, M.B., Ch.3., F.R.F.P.S. 
(Glas.), 13 Sandyford place, C.3; tel. No., 
Douglas 108. 

Christie, John M., director, Rcbt. Ingham, 
Clark & Co. (Scotland), Ltd , Britannia Works, 
Renfrew ; ho li> Nigel gardens, Waverley Park S.l; 
tel. No , Langside 365. 

Christie, John, newsagent. 170 Hospital street, C.5. 

Christie, John, manufacturer's agent, 93 Hope 
street, C.2; tel. No., Central 6360. 

Christie, John, stave and hoop merchant, 1 10 Craig- 
ton road, Govan S.W.I. 

Christie, John F. (of The United Turkey-Red Co., 
Ltd.), Caldawan House, Alexandria, Dumbarton- 

Christie, Robert, registered plumber and gasfitter, 
12 Blythewood street C.2. 

Christie & Todd, pawnbrokers, 400 Garscuberd. N.W 

Christie, William Melville, medical practitioner, M.B., 
Ch.B. (Ed.), 7 Monreith rd., S.3; tel. No., Lang- 
side 10S0. 

Christie, Wm., tobacco pipe manufacturer, 16 and 20 
Craignestock st. S.E. (tel. No., Bridgeton 97); 
bo., 32 Monteith row S.E. 

Christie, William Walls, M.D., CM., physician and 
surgeon, 12 Rosslyn ter., Kelvinside, W.2. 

Christie, William (of W. Christie & Co., Ltd.) ; ho , 
121 Dowanhill street, W.2. 

Christie, W. & Grey, Ltd., London (agents, W. 
Christie & Co., Ltd., 105 St Vincent st. C.2) patent 
" Typhoon " mixers and agitators for oil, grease, 
chemical, paint, sugar, soap, and paper works ; 
patent Co'esil cork foundation plates, and patent 
anti-vibration devices for absorbing vibration and 
noise from all classes of machinery. 

Christie, W., & Co., Ltd., engineers and 
merchants, 105 St. Vincent street, C2; tel. add.. 
"Khaki"; tel. No. Central 1066. 

Christie, W. S. (of Cadbury Bros., Ltd.) ; house, 11 
May ter, Giffnock. 

Christie & Wilson, nautical opticians and com- 
pass adjusters, 90 Broomielaw C.l ; tel. No., 
Central £430; house tel. No., Queen's Park 2234. 

Christie, Miss M., fruiterer, 51 Elder street, S.W.I. 

Christie, Miss V, draper, 348 Scotland street, C.5. 

Christopherson, Clifford & Co., Ltd., chemical manu- 
facturers, 75 St. George's place. 




Chromium Plating Co., 46 Hydepark st., C.3. 
Chrystal, James (of Pettigrew & Stephens, Ltd.)} 

res., Oakwood, Whitehill aven., Stepps ; tel. No., 

Stepps 174. 
Chrystal, James S., paper makers' agent, 144 

St. Vincent st. C.2 (tel. No., Central 1661); ho., 

Kintour, Kincath avenue, Burnside; tel. No., 

Rutherglen 714. 
Chrystal, J. G. (of Thos. Thomson & Co.), ho. 

Bloomhill, Cardross, Dumbartonshire. 
Chrystal, M'Intyre & Co., chartered accountants, 149 

West George st. C.2 ; tel. No. 1872 Central. 
Chrystal, William, stationer and confectioner, 24 

Maxwell road, Pollokshields S. 1. 
Chrystal, William Yair (Chrystal, M'Intyre & Co.), 

chartered accountant, 149 West George St., C.2 ; 

ho. , 1 Buckingham st., W 2. 
Chrystal, Miss, 2 Park Circus place C.3. 
Chrystie, Mrs. Alex., 16 Mannering road, Shawlands, 

Chubb & Sons, Lock and Safe Co. (Limited), 

manufacturers of Chubb's detector locks, armour 

plate steel safes, doors and bankers' strong rooms. 

Scottish Branch, 229 Buchanan strtet C.l; tel. 

No., Douglas 6511 (5 lines). 
Caurch, John, janr., chartered accountant, 79 West 

Regent street, C.2 (tel. No., Douglas 4308) ; house, 

206 Nithsdale road, S.l. 
Church. P., assurance supt., 49 Bath street, C.2; 

ho , 637 Alexandra parade E.l. 
Church of Christ, Coplaw street S.2. 
Church of the Evangel, 143 Melburn road, N. 
Church of the New Jerusalem, 229 Woodlands rd. C.3; 

minister. Rev. E. Passey, 
Church of Scotland, Homes for Working Lads, 

Ashlea, 162 Urrdale road, S.l. 
Church of Scotland Industrial Home for Women 

and Girls, 39 Lansdowne crescent N.W. 
Church of Scotland Mission, 31 East Campbell st. 

Church of Scotland Offices, 232 St. Vincent st., C.2 ; 

The Very Rev. John White, C.H., D.D., LL.D., 

Rev. A. H. Dunnett, B.D., secretary ; Rev. 

Roderick Macleod. D.D., and Rev. Leslie Duncan, 

M.A. ; Robert Strachan, officer; tel Nos., Cential 

0722 and 0723. 
Church of Scotland Women's Employment Office, 

36 West Princes street, C.4. 
Church of Scotland Young Women's Hostel, Miss 

Davie, matron, 91 West Princes st., C.4. 
Churchill, Charles & Co., Ltd., engineers, 

machinery tools, 238 West George st., C.2 (of 

London, Birmingham, Manchester, and Ntwcastle- 

on-Tyne) ; tel. add., "Opodeldoc," Glasgow ; tel. 

Nos., Douglas 0198-9. 
Churchill, V. L., & Co. Ltd., garage equipment ; phone 

J. A. Murray, 30 Barrachnie road ; telephone No. 

Baillieston 107. 
Cigarette Services, 132 West Campbell st.„ C.2. 
Cinema Construction Co. Ltd. ; secretaries, Wm. H. 

Jack & Co., 49 Bath street, C.2. ; telephone No., 

Douglas 0791. 
Cinema Portrait Studio, photographers, 49 Jamaica 

St., C.l; tel. No., Central 2693. 
Cinematograph Exhibitors' Assoc, of Gt. Britain and 

Ireland (Scottish Branch), secretary, John A. 

Houston, C.A., 90 Mitchell street, C.l. 
Cinetheatre Construction Co. Ltd,, 181 West Regent 

street, C.2. 

" Citizen " Newspaper Office, Citizen buildings, 
St. Vincent place, C 1. 

Telephone, 7000 Central (12 lines). 
Branches: Telephone Nos. 

876 Argyle street, C.3 - 6455 Central. 
65 Gt. Western rd. C.4 - 4378 Douglas. 
85 London road, C.l - 2078 Bell. 
649 London road, S.E. - 2828 Bridgeton. 

15 Parliamentary rd., C.4, 2687 BelL 
117 Sword street, E. - 2597 Bridgeton. 
56 Fleet st., London, E.G., 0359 "Central," Lon. 

3 County place, Paisley, 2766 Paisley. 
32 Cathcart St., Greenock, 43 Greenock. 
530 St. Andrew St., 

Edinburgh, - 21147 Edinburgh 

Citizens' Union (Incorporated in Ratepayers Feder- 
ation), 223 Hope street. 

Citrus Produces Co. Ltd., Hillington road, S.W.2. 

City Bakeries, Ltd.; Bakeries and Offices, 
15-37 Clarendon street, St. George's Cross, 
N.W. (Branches in Glasgow and district). 
Tel. add., " Dainties " ; tel. No., Douglas 
7571 (6 lines). 

City Business Club (Glasgow), Ltd., 213 West George 
street, C.2. T. H. Miller, LL.B., writer, secretary. 

City Chambers, George square C.2. 

City Clothiers, tailors and clothiars, 97 Trongate, C.l. 

City Collector's Office for payment of Con- 
solidated Rates, Water Rates and Charges, Elec- 
tricity, Gas and Statute Labour &c. Accounts, City 
Chambers, 45 John street, C.l; tel. No., 9600 

City and County House Purchase Co., 
Ltd., head office, 201 Bath st. C.2 ; tel., Douglas 

City & Counties Publishing Company, Ltd., pub- 
lishers, 95 Douglas St., C.2; tel. No. Central 4800. 

City Engraving Co., Ltd., engravers, 132 Renfrew 
street, C.2 ; tel. No., Douglas 5780. 

City of Glasgow Advance Co., Ltd. Registered 
office, 124 West Campbell street, C.2. 

City of Glasgow Approved Society, 202 Bath street, 
C.2 ; D. F. C. Lumsden, J. P., secretary. 

City of Glasgow Friendly Society; Thomas 
Johnston, P.C., J.P., general manager, 200 Bath 
street C.2; tel. Nos., 6531-2 Douglas. 

City of Glasgow (The) Native Benevolent Association, 
William Gilchrist, C.A., hon. treas., 7 West George 
stieet C.2 ; tel. Nos., City 6161 and 6162. 

City Glass Company, Ltd., glazing contractors, 
167 West Graham st.,C4 ; tel. No., Douglas 6641. 
Also at Edinburgh. 

City Hall, 92-98 Candlerige;s, C.l. 

City Line of Steamers to India, 75 Bothwell 
st. C.2. 

City Pa*nbroking Co., pawnbroker?, 60 Rosemount 
s r<iet, N. 

City Polish Works, D. Adams, maker of harness 
compo, &c, 16 Drummond st. C.4. 

City Prrss (Glasgow), Ltd., letterpress printing, 
theatrical a specialty, 119 Ballater, C.6 ; tel. No., 
Sou h 554. 

City Repair Co., 81 Virginia street C.l. 

City Saw Mills, Fort-Dundas, C.4, Brownlee 
& Co., Ltd. 

Cities Service Oil Co., Ltd., petroleum dis- 
tributors, 104 W. George st., C.2 ; tel. add., 
" Citisemil, Glasgow" ; tel. Nos., Douglae 4176-7. 
Depo: — 97 Canal street, C.4. 




City Steam Laundry Co., Ltd. (The), laundry, 11 
Adamswell st., N. ; tel. No., Springburn 5507. 

City Stock Rooms, 20 Springfield court, off 
Buchanan st. C.l. 

City Typewriting Office, 148 West Regent street, C.2. 

City Wire Work and Wire Cloth Manufactory, Wm. 
Reid & Sous. 63 Candleriggs, C.l ; tel No. Bell 196. 

Civic Press, Ltd., printers and publishers, 26 Civic 
street, C4 ; telephone, Douglas 1143. 

Civil Service College (Skerry's), 13 Bath 
street C.2; tel. No., Douglas 3444— See Appendix 

Civil Service Employees Economic Association, Ld., 
53 Cochrane street C.l ; tel. No., Bell +46. 

Claasen, Frederick E. (formerly of Blackley, Young 
& Co.), ho. 34 Windsor terrace, N.W. 

Clacher, Robert (at Rowaus, Ltd.); ho., 2 Grampian 
crescent, Sandyhills, Tollcross, E. 2. 

Clan Gregor Society, secretary, J. MacGregor, 85 
Queen street C.l. 

Clan Line Repairing Works, IS 3 Finnieston st., C.3. 

Clan Line Steamers, Limited (The), steam- 
ship owners, 109 Hope st. C.2; tel. add., " Cayzer, 
Glasgow"; tel. No., Central 7050 (P.B.E.). 

Clan Mac Farlane Society; Donald C. C. MacFarlane 
writer, 24 Drury street. C.2, hon. secy. 

Clancey, Sons, & Scott, average adjusters, Royal 
Exchange bldgs. C.l; and at London, Liverpool, 
Hull and Lloyds. 

Clapham, Bros., Ltd., gas engineers, Keighley; 
agent, J. D. Gibson, 40 Causeyside st., Paisley. 

Clapham, D., tailor, 13 Queen street C.l 

Clapham, W. H., Scottish representative, "Ship- 
building and Shipping Record" ; " The Railway 
Gazette" ; " Industrial Chemist " ; " Power and 
Works Engineer"} "Colliery Engineering"; 
"Building"; "Crown Colonist'; "Food"; 
'« Wood " ; 87 Union st., C.l ; tel. No., Central 

Clapperton, Alex. H., journalist, 79 West Regent 
street, C.2. 

Clapperton, Charles R., limestone merchant and 
quarrymaster (of James Reid & Co. Ltd.), 11 
Dundas street, C.l ; house, Glenan Lodge, Helens- 
burgh, Dumbartonshire. 

Clapperton, Lewis, C.A. (of Aitken, Mackenzie & 
Clapperton, C.A.), ho. 2 Bower st., Hillhead, W.2. 

Clapperton, Ralph A., writer, 206 St. Vincent st., 
C.2 ; res., Lochside House, Lochwinnoch. 

Clapperton, Robert, Monteith & Co., stockbrokers, 136 
Buchanan st., C.l ; tel. No., 7476 Central (2 lines). 

Clapperton, Wm. John, organist and teacher of 
singing, 117 Merrylee road, Newlands, 8.3. 

Clapperton, Mrs. John, 5 Grosvenor crescent, W.2. 

Clare, W. A. (of Glasgow Insulation & Scaling Co., 
Ltd.); house, 14 Fernleigh road, S.3; tel. No., 
Merrylee 3337. 

Clarence, James C, & Co., ship riggers, 110 Admiral 
street, S.l ; tel. No., South 776. 

Clarion Rooms Educational Society, 144 Wellington 
street— Fellowship Halls Trust, Clarion Scouts, 
Clarion Players, Clarion Choir, Clarion Camping 
Club, Clarion Cy cling Club, Clarion Fellowship 
Camp, Labour College. 

Clark, Alex. H., property and insurance agent, 
Cockburn buildings, 141 Bath st., C.2 (tel. 
No., Douglas 2752 ) ; ho., Claremont, Ormonde 
Park, Muirend; tel. No , Merrylee 1886. 
Clark, Alexander, produce merchant, 16 King street, 
C.l; ho., 263 Nithsdale road S.l. 

Clark, Alex. M'Kinnell, plumber and gasfitter, 219 

Clarkston road, Cathcart. 
Clark, Alex. (John Bowie & Co.), 2-6 Chalmers st., 

S.E. ; house, 20 Saughton street, E.2. 
Clark, Alex. Stewart, shirt manufacturer, 64 Osborne 

st. C.l (tel. No., Bell 288) ; house, 504 Clarkston 

road, Muirend. 
Clark, Andrew, grain merchant, 456 Cathcart rd., S.2 
Clark, Andrew, C.A. (of Nelson, Gilmour, Scott & 

Co., C.A.) ; res., Arden, 40 Wellhall rd., Hamilton 
Clark, A., milliner, 1159 Tollcross road, E.2. 
Clark, A. B., manager, Star Stores Ltd. (tel. 

No., Central 1808); ho„, 25 Arkleston cres., Paisley. 
Clark, A. C. newsagent and bookseller, 7 Old Dum- 
barton Road, C.3. 
Clark, A. J., plumber, 158 Clarkston roa-l, S.4 
Clark. A. & D. Ltd. (GorbalsTinand Copper Works), 

9 Forth street, S.l (tel. add., " Tinklar " ; tel. 

Nos., South 2724 and 2725) ; house, 67 Mon- 

reith road, S.3 
Clark, A. & W., house factors, 4 Fortrose street, 

Partick W.l. 
Clark, A. & J., Ltd., cartage contractors 

stables and office, 10 Wallace street and 

26 and 32 Eglinton St., C.5; tel. Nos., 

South 1020 and 1021. 
Clark, Alfred Mackenzie, B.A., M.B., surgeon, 14 

Royal crescent, C 3. 
Clark, A. Hendry, 259 Bellahouston dr., Mosspark 

Clarke & Bell, & J. H. Craigie, F.R.I.B.A., architects, 

227 Bath street, C.2; tel. No., Douglas 314. 
Clark Brothers, ironmongers, cutlers, and tool mer- 
chants, 556 Gallowgate S.E. 
Clarke & Buchan, Ltd., ladies' tailors and furriers 

206 Sauchiehall street C.2 ; tel. No., Douglas 229 
Clark & Cameron, writers, National Bank chambers, 

135 Buchanan st. C.l ; tel. Nos., Central 9967. 

and 9968. 
Clarke, Campbell, house factor, 577 Dalmarnock rd. 

Clark, Chas. J., newsagent and tobacconist, 15 1 

Carntvnehall road, E.2 (tel. No., Shettleston 

172) j ho. 216 Marfield st., E.2. 
Clarke, Chapman & Co., Limited, engineers, boiler 

makers, and electrical machinery manufacturers, 

Victoria Works, Gateshead- on- Tyne. Represent- 
ative, George E. Linck, 121 St Vincent street, 

C2 ; tel. No., 2281 Central. 
Clark & Co , sewing machine specialists, 110 

London road ; tel. No., Bell 1850. 
Clark, David, dairy keeper, 159 Kent road C.3, 
Clark. David, tailor, 11 W. Nile street, C.l. 
Clark, David, furniture removal contractor, 292 

Cathcart road, S.2; tel. No., Queen's Park 2117. 
Clark, David L., bedding manufacturer (Walker &• 

Clark 182 Albion st., C.l); ho., Ill Fotheringay 

road, Maxwell Park, 8.1 ; tel. No., Queen's Park 

Clark, David J., Ltd., general printers, manufacturing 
stationers and Christmas card manufacturers, 

34 to 38 Cadogan street C2; tel. add., 

"Stamping, Glasgow;" teL No., Central 7928 
Clerk, Donald, & Son, Ltd., structural engin- 
eers, smiths, fireproof doors, shutters, stairs, 
canopies, hoppers; office and works, Cuthelton 
street, E.l ; tel. No., Bridpeton 2277. 
Clark, Duncan (of Mitchell, Clark & Co.), 37 
Stanmore rd., Mount Florida, 8.2 




Clark, E., confectioner, 63 Clyde pi. C.5 ; ho. 17 

Gilmonr st„ Eaglesham. 
Clark, Edward, newsagent, 37 Garngadhill, N. 
Clark, Forbes & Maitland, wholesale gr cers, 9-13 
Cochrane st. C.l ; tel. add., " Comparison, Glas- 
gow"; tel. Nos., Bell 2797 and 2798. 
Clark, G., dentist, 7 Lochburn road, N. W. 
Clark, George (of Anderson & Robertson, Ltd.) ; res., 

Marionville, Kethers street, Motherwell. 
Clark, George (of Guthrie, Clark & Co.); ho. 

Invermay, Dumbarton. 
Clark, Dr. George L., surgeon-dentist, 532 London 
road, S.E. (tel. No., Bridgeton 693); house, 8 
Qneensborough gardens, W.2. 
Clark, Geo. S. (of Edmiston, Brown & o., Ltd.), 
222 King's Park avenue, S.2 ; tel. No., Langside 
Clark, George & Son, wrights, Clifford lane, S.W.I; 
ho., 5 Langshot st., Paisley rd. S.W.I; tel. No., 
Ibrox 555. 
Clark, Graeme, manufacturers' agent, 76 Wilson st., 

Clark, H , Laxacon Products, 399 Parliamentary rd., 

C.4 ; house, 38 Cowdenhill circus, W.3. 
Clark, H. Armour, L.D.S., surgeon dentist, 9 

Annfield place E.l. 
Clark, Henry, & Sons, Ltd., manufacturers of 
anti corrosive and anti-fouling paints, 144 St. 
Vincent street, 0-2. 
Clark, Hugh, merchant, 11 West Nile street C.l; 

house, 7 Tinto roari, S.3 
Clark, Hugh M., civil and miniDg engineer, 175 St 
Vincent st. C.2 ; ho., 25 Kelvinside ter., South, 
Clark, Hugh, dairyman, 526 St. Vincent street, C.3. 
Clark, Ian M., manufacturers' agent, 40 St. Enoch 
square, C 1 (tel. No., Central 6745) ; res., Moss- 
giel, Station rd., Bearsdcn 
Clark, James H., hay, straw and grain merchant, 11 

Bothwell street, C.2. 
Clark, James A. (G.P.O.), 118 Keppnchhill road, N. 
Clark, Jas. B. (Commercial Bank, Glasgow), ho., 

Connella, Cardross, Dumbartonshire. 
Clark, James Graham, minister of religion, United 

Free Church of Scotland; ho., 34 Gray st., C.3. 
Clark, Rev. James, 56 Hill st., C 3 
Clarke, James S., woollen merchant, 49 Queen street 
C.l ; ho. 58 Kingsbarns drive, Cathcart ; tel. No., 
Central 2889. 
Clark, Jas. YuilL C.A. (of Barry, Clark & Co., 186 
St. Vincent street, C.2; tel. No, Central 4178); 
house, Wilmar, Thornly Park, Paisley. 
Clark, John (of Robert Love, Ltd., 118 Queen street 
C.l); res., Netherton House, Newton Mearns, 
Renfrewshire; tel. No, Newton Mearns 2571. 
Clark, John (of Toward & Clark, 11-13 M'Farlane 
st. C.4.); ho., Dunmore, Paisley road, Cardonald, 
S.W.2 ; tel. No., Halfway 1387. 
Clarke, John, rag merchant, 18 Martha st., CI (tel. 

No. Bell 1327); ho., 9 Rowanlea dr. , Giffnock. 
Clerk, John (of Hislop & Clark) ; ho. 233 MilDgavie 

rd., Bearsden. 
Clark, John G., printer and stationer, 231 Great 

Western road C.4 ; ho. 18 Willowbank st. C.3. 
Clark, John R. (of Montgomerie & Co., Ltd.); ho., 

High Howe, Port Glasgow road, Kilmacolm. 
Clark, John H. (of Clark, Forbes & Maitland); 
house, Deanmount, Greenlees road, Cambuslang ; 
*el. No., Cambuslang 295. 

Clark, John (of Smith, Findlay & Co.), ho., 6 Park 

view, Kilbarchan. 
Clark, John, spirit merchant, 314 Saracen street, 

Possilpark, N. 
Clark, John (of J. Morrison & Sons (Glasgow), Ltd.); 

ho., 176 KiDg's Park road, Cathcart. 
Clark, John Macneill (of John Murray & Son 
(Glasgow) Ltd., grocers and wine merchants, 617 
Gt. Western rd., W.2)j ho. 18 Barrington drive, j 
Clark, J., 312 West Princes St., C.4. 
Clark, J , wine and spirit merchant, 2, 6 Haliside 

st., C.5 
Clark, J. & Co., hosiery manufacturers, Milnbank 

Works, Alexandra parade, E.l. 
Clark, J. Ala&ddir, manufacturing furrier, 8 Prince's 
square, 48 Buchanan st., C.l (tel. No., Central 
6235); res., Tigh-na- eala, Milngavie 
Clark J. E. M., agent, Clydesdale Bank, Ltd., 1869 
Paisley road west, S.W.2 (tel. No. 1138 Halfway); 
bouse, 17 Darvel cres , Ralston, Paisley. 
Clark, J. H. M. (of Clark & Service); ho. 15 Crosbie 

road, Troon. 
Clark, J. F., electrician and wireless accessories, 1 

Cumbernauld road E.l; ho., 11 Gala street E.l. 
Clark, J. K., area manager, W. & T. Avery, Ltd. ; 
tel add., "Avery, Glasgow"; tel. Nos., Central 
8446-8447; res., The Grange, 64 Henderland rd., 
CJark, J. Forbes, C.A. (of Mackie & Clark); ho., 

Oakshaw, 34 MansioDhouse rd., S.l. 
Clark, M., hairdresser, 3 Corbettst.. E.2 
Clark, M., hairdresser, 1059 Tollcross rd., E.2 
Clark, Peter, 88 Hyndland road W.2. 
Clark, Ralph, hairdresser, 353 Parliamentary rd., C.4 
(tel. No., Douglas 2109); ho., 30 Monteith gdns., 
Clark & Ridd^ll, opticians, 52 Queen street, C.l. 
Clark, Robert, wholesale grocer, 110, 114, 
118 Stobcross street C.3 ; tel. No. Central 
Clark, Robert, newsagent, 159 Allison St., S.2. 
Clark, Robert (of Clark & Service), res. 15 Crosbie 

road, Troon. 
Clark, Robert, 43 Jedburgh avenue, Rutherglen. 
Clark, Robert, general draper, 21 Charing Cross 

mansions C.3 ; ho. Westfield,, Bearsden. 
Clarke, Robert (of Wm. Clarke & Sons) ; ho., 26 

Lochbrae drive, Burnside, Rutherglen. 
Clark, Robert H., C.A. (of Mackie & Clark); ho. 

Oakshaw, 34 Mansionhouse road, Langside S.l. 
Clark, R. M., B.Sc, F.I.C., F.C.S. (of Wallace & 
Clark), analytical and consulting chemist, public 
analyst for the Counties of Lanark, Renfrew and 
Ayr, &c, 266 St. Vincent st. C.2 ; house, 1 Novar 
dri^e, Hyndland, W.2. 
Clark, Robt. Ingham & Co. (Scotland), Ltd. 
(incorporating Dowie & Smith), varnish, 
enamel, and paint manufrs., Britannia 
Works, Renfrew; teL add., "Decoro, Ren- 
frew " ; tel. Nos , Renfrew 92 and 93. 
Clark, Robert S., librarian, Springburn District 

Library ; ho., 28 Hilda crescent, Robroyston. 
Clark, R., fishmonger, 1097 Cathcart rd. ; tel. No., 

Langside 1428. 
Clark, R. D. (of J. S. Lockerbie & Co.), ho., 

Ancrum, Otterbum drive, Giffnock. 
Clark & Service, shipowners, ship and insurance 
brokers, 21 Bothwell st. C.2. 





Clarks Structural Painters Ltd., structural painting 

contractors, Balloebmill road, Eastfield, Ruther- 

glen ; tel. add., " Rainbow " ; tel. No. Rutherglen 

Clark & Struthers, manufacturers of fancy dress 

goods, wool and cotton shirtings, skirtings, zephyrs, 

&c, 88 Bell street C.l; tel. No., Bell 2184. 
Clark, T., grain merchant, 392 Victoria rd., S.2 
Clark, T. R. (of Rose, Murison & Thomson, 7 Royal 

Bank place C.l); res., Ferguslee, Prestwick. 
Clark, Thomas, meal and flour merchant, 622 

Dumbarton rd., W.l 
Clarke and Vigilant Sprinklers, Ltd., fire engineers, 

162 Bath street, C.2. 
Clarke, William, & Sons, tailors, 216 Bath 

street C.2. 
Clark, William & Co., iron, steel, and metal mer- 
chants, 141 West George st, C.2. 
Clark, Wm., agent, laundry supplies, 41 Robertson 

St., C.2 (tel. No., Central 8682); ho., 126 West 

Princes St., C.4. 
Clark, Wm., dairy and home bakery, 964 Tollcross 

rd., E.2 
Clark, Wm. (director, Fraser, Ross (Glasgow) 

Limited); house, 12 Banavie road, Partickhill, 

Clark, William, engineer, 68 Sonthbrae dr. W.3. 
Clark, William. baDk agent, 469 Paisley rd., C.5 ; 

ho., Kingston, 9 Hunterhill rd., Paisley; tel. No., 

Paisley 3940. 
Clark, Wm. (Clark & Co.), 1 Holmbank ave., S.l. 
Clark, Rev. Wm. C, minister, St. Mary's, Peel street, 

W.l ; house, 13 Turnberry road, W.l. 
Clarke, William D. , chief officer, Salvage Corps, 203 

Albion street, C.l. 
Clark, William F., J.P., F.C.I. S., director, R. & J. 

Dick, Ltd. ; house, 30 Cathkinview road, S.2 ; 

teL No., Langside 726. 
Clark, William, solicitor, 102 Bath street, C.2 ; ho., 

5 Queen's gate, W.2. 
Clark, William S. & Co., stevedores, licensed 

weighers and samplers, 27 to 31 Tunnel st. C.3; 

tel. Nos., 6140 and 547 Central. 
Clark, W. T. & Son, painters, 332 Crown street, 

C.6 (tel. No., South 419); ho , 26 Cairndow ave. 

Cathcart ; tel. No., Merry lee 1724. 
Clark, Mrs., dairy, 5 Kerr street, Calton S.E. 
Clark, Mrs., milliner, 281 Gallowgate C.4 ; tel. No., 

Bell 2918. 
Clark, Mrs. G. W., wine and spirit merchant, 222 

Springburn road N.; tel. No., Bell 1148. 
Clarke, E. M., milliner, 16 Newton terrace, C 3. 
Clark, Dr. Lily Smellie, Bushyhill House, Oambuslang. 
Chrk, Margaret, fruiterer, 5 Raglan st. C.4. 
Clark, Margaret, consulting optician, 39 New Citj 

road C.4 ; house, 51 Rupert street, C 4. 
Clark, Mary, 44 Kirkland street, N.W. ; house, 

70 do. 
Clarkin, Charles, vacuum cleaning, 186 Allison st., 

S.2 ; tel. No., Queen's Park 617. 
Clarkson, Andrew, caretaker, 142 St. Vincent st., 

C.2 ; res., 49 Edmund st., E.l. 
I Clarkson & Co. (Glasgow), Ltd., distributors for 

Firestone tyres, " P.G.R." motor spirit, " Strath- 

clyde " motor oils, &c, 17 Davidson street, Dal- 

marnock S.E; tel. add., " Strathmore, Glasgow" 

tel. No., Bridgeton 1001 (3 lines). 
Olarkson, D. Durward (of Durward Clarkson & Co.) ; 

ho., 109 St. Andrews drive, S.l. 

Clarkson, Durward, & Co., merchants and 

agents, 137a St. Vincent street C.2. 
Clarkson & Ferguson, manufacturers' agents, 24 

Queen street C.l. 
Clarkson & Goodall, warehousemen, 59 Charlotte 

street C.l. 
Clarkson, James, & Co., cotton doublers and 

manufacturers, 51 Holywell street, E.l. 
Clarkson, R., restaurateur, 102 Cowcaddens street, 

Clarkson, Samuel, hairdresser, 198 Gallowgate, 

Clarkson, T. Inglis (of James Turner & Co.), 135 

Buchanan st., C. 1 ; ho., 109 Fotherirjgay rd , S.l ; 

tel. No., Queen's Park 616. 
Clarkson, Wm. (of The Strathclyde Paint Co., Ltd., 

Wardhaugh, Ltd., and Clarkson & Co. (Glasgow), 

Ltd.), 8 Botanic crescent, N.W. 
Clarmac Engineering Co., Ltd. (The), manufacturing 

engineers, 48 Payne St., C.4; tel, add., ''Aiding, 

Glasgow " ; tel. No., Douglas 7484. 
Claudi, Ove, produce import«r, 40 St. Enoch sq. C.l; 

ho., 17 Doune terrace, N.W. 
Clavering, Thomas, & Co., wheat, cotton, metal and 

produce brokers, 118 Queen st., C.l ; tel. address, 

"Clavering, Glasgow"; tel. Nos., Central 1395 

and 1396 
Clay, W. E , scientific instrument maker, 120 Cow- 
caddens st., O.2. 
Clayton, Dewandre Co., Ltd,, 95 Bath street, C.2. 
Clayton, Son & Co., Ltd., gas engineers, Leeds; 

agent, J. D. Gibson, 40 Causeyside st., Paisley. 
Clayton (The) Aniline Co., Ltd., aniline dye 

manufacturers; agents, A. W. Wardrop & Co., 

183 Pitt street, C.2. 
Cleanswell, Ltd., dyers and cleaners, 1049 Tollcross 

rd., E.2. 
Clearie, James, manager, Dog and Cat Home, 

Cardonald, S.W.2 ; tel. No., Halfway 1688. 
Cleland, Sir Charles (of C. J. Cleland & Co.), res., 

Bonville, Maryhill. N.W. 
Cleland, C. J. & Co., wholesale and mercantile 

stationers, 64 Botbwell street, C.2. 
Cleland, David, manufacturers' agent, 86 Queen 

street C.l. 
Cleland, James (of Watson, Luidlaw & Co., Ltd.) ; 

bouse, 9 Ca'donald Place rd., S.W.2 ; tel. No., 

Halfway 1332. 
CMand, Robert, Scottish Temperance & General 

Assurance Co., Ltd. ; house, 107 Athelstane road, 

Knightswood, W.3. 
Clelland, George Galbraith, butcher (Leishman & 

Son), 216 Gallowgate, C.l ; 342 London rd., S.E. ; 

and 43 Kent st. ; ho. s Craggan, Highburgb drive, 

Bnrnside; tel. No., Rutherglen 783. 
Clelland, James, jun., wine and spirit merchant, 42 

Hospital street C.5; ho. 24 Dixon road S.2. 
Clelland, James, Annfield, 823 Colston road, 

Clelland, James, tailor and clothier, 449 Duke st., 

Clelland, James, butcher, 216 Gallowgate, C.l ; 342 

London rd., S.E ; and 43 Kent St.; ho., Draffan, 

Douglas aven., Burnside; tel. No., Rutherglen 173 
Cleland, Jas., farmer, Shieldhall Farm, Govan, S.W.I. 
Clelland, Mark, wine and spirit merchant, 29 Hyde- 
park street, C.3; house, 50 Thornwood avenue, 

Cleland, Robert, 626 Alexandra parade E.l. 




Gleland & Thorburn, coppersmitlis and brassfounders, 

161 Woodville street, Govan S.W.I. 
Cleland, Martha, M.B., Ch B., B.Sc, naturopath, 18 

Westminster ter., G3 (tel. No., Douglas 3914); 

ho., 8 Boclair rd , Bishopbriggs 
Clement, Andrew, & Sons, Ltd., produce mer- 
chants and importers, 64 Albion st., 0.1; tel. No. 

Bell 2241 ; tel. add., " Clementine." 
Clement, James (of Andrew Clement & Sons, Ltd.); 

res. Inglestone, Newton Mearns. 
Clement, R., tobacconist, 7 Victoria road, S.2, 
Clement, Sir Thos. (of Andrew Clement & Sons, 

Ltd.), res. Barcapel, Mearns. 
Clement, Wm., & Son, Ltd., butter and cheese mer- 
chants, 8 and 12 St. Andrew's street, C.l ; ho., 

Dunlop, Ayrshire. 
Clements, A. B., engineer (G. & A. Harvey, Ltd.) ; 

house, 6 Larch road S.l; tel. No. 78 Ibrox. 
Clements, E. J. W., engineer (G. & A. Harvey, Ltd.), 

ho., Glen Gowan, 28 Urrdale rd., Dumbreck 8.1 ; 

tel. No., 606 Ibrox 
Clements, Patrick D. (of Carson &Nicol, Ltd.) ; ho., 

30 Kerslandst, W.2. 
Clements, T. & D., pawnbrokers, 106, 108 Caledonia 

rd., C.5. 
Clements, T. & D., pawnbrokers, 13 Braehead 

street, C.5. 
Clements, T. & D., pawnbrokers and warehousemen, 

309, 311 Cumberland street, C.5. 
Clendinning, Elizabeth D. C, chiropractor, 24 New- 
ton st., Charing Cross, C.2 j tel. No., Douglas 

Clench & Paterson, Ltd., motor engineers, 37 Ashley 

street, C.3. 
Clerical, Medical, and General Life Assurance Society, 

branch office, 179 West George street C.2 ; 

tel. Nos., Central 69^8-9. 
Clerks' Guild (Scotland) Ltd. (The), duplicating, 

typing, &c, 180 West Regent street, C.2 ; tel. 

No. Doiglas 4288 and 4289. 
CLERK. See Clark. 
Clengh, Tbomas T., insurance inspector, 43 Third 

avenue, King's Park, Cathcart. 
Cleveland Petroleum Co., Ltd , 13 Bath street, C.2. 
Clews, David, dairyman. 25 Whitehill street; house, 

15 Kingsburn drive, Rutherglen. 
Clifford, J., doe breeder, 70 Hamilton Hill rd., N 
Cliiton & Waddell, machine tool makers, John- 
Climax Ventilating and Heating Co., Limited, 

ventilating engineers, ventilator makers, and sheet 

metal workers; office and works, 437 Town 

mill road, Dennistoun E.l; telephone, Bridgeton 

Climie, James, M.P.S., chemist and druggist, 630 

Rutherglen road, C.5 ; house, 8 Kingussie drive, 

King's Park, S.4. 
Climie, Wm. S., misionary, Seamen's Chapel, 200 

Broomielaw, C.l ; house, 23 Arduthie rd., S.W.I. 
Cling-Surface Co. — Thomas & Bishop, Ltd., 95 

Bath st., C.2, and at 37 Tabernacle st. London, 

E.C. 2. 
Clingan, Wm., funeral undertaker, 114 

Parson St., C.4. ; tel. No., Bell 1682. 
Clingan, William, manufacturers' agent, 85 Queen 

street C.l. 
Clinkscales, Charles, assist, secretary for Dunoon 

Convalescent Homes : ho., 20 Boclair road, Bishop- 
briggs; tel. No., Bishopbriggs 179. 

Clinton, Wm., dairy keeper, 66 Gloucester street, 

Clinton, Miss Mary, confectioner, 15 Sandyford 

street C.3. 
Clissold, G. W., engineer, Morris, Warden $ Co., 

Ltd., 90 Mitchell st. C.l; house, Kildare Lodge, 

Close, J., hairdresser, 5 Dowanhill strtet, W.l. 
Clough, W. D., & Co., automobile engineers, 74 

Rowchester street, S.E. 
Cloughley, Joseph, Avoca, 14 Nigel gardens, 

Shawlands S.l. 
Clouston & Co., Ltd., manufacturers of ladies' and 

children's overalls, &c, 127 Stockwell st., C.l ; 

tel. No., Bell 922 ; tel. add., " Pomona." 
Clouston, Dr. R. G., L.D.S., dental snrgeon, 10 

Carrington street, C.4. 
Clouter, G. W. M., manager (Carsons, Ltd.); ho., 

46 Cowdenhill road, Knighfcuwood, W.3; tel. No, 

Scotstoun 1187. 
Clow, W. J. & Co., Ltd., builders' and decorators' 

merchants, 24-28 Broad st., Mile End, S.E. (teL 

add. "Wilclo;" tel. No. Bridgeton 1739); ho., 

Kenilworth, Baillieston. 
Clubb, Alexander (of Cunningham & Clubb); ho., 

Arisaig, Maxwell avenue, Drumchapel. 
Clucas, Miss Lily, ladies' hairdresser, 82 Bath 

St., C.2. 
Cluer, W. T. (at Kelvin, Bottomley & Baird, Ltd.), 

ho., Lyndhurst, Carolside avenue, Clarkston. 
Clunes, Gf-orge & Sons, commission merchants and 

agents, 91 King st, O.l ; tel. add., "Clunes, 

Glasgow; " tel. No., Bell 235. 
Clutha Paint and Oil Co., paint manufacturers and 

oil merchants, 31, 33 Admiral st. S.l , tel. No., 

1794 South ; telegrams, " Zebra, Glasgow." 
Clutha (The) Stevedoring Co., Ltd., Prince's Dock 

S.W.I } tel. Nos., Ibrox 1233 (3 lines). 
Clyde, James R. (at W. N. Gemmill & Co.); ho. 

6 Larchfield avenue, Newton Mearns. 
Clyde, Wm., manufacturers' agent, 11 Miller st. C.l; 

ho., 69 Albert avenue, S.l. 
Clyde, W„ manufacturers' agent, 33 Virginia st., C.l. 
Clyde Area Berring Trade Association ; J. M. Kerr, 

solicitor, secretary, 115 St. Vincent st., C.2 ; tel. 

No., Central 66*2 (3 lines). 
Clyde Automobile Co., Ltd., motor engineers and 

agents, 100 Renfrew street C.2. 
Clyde Blowers Ltd., engineers, Livingstone st, 

Clydebank (tel. add., " Murwils Glasgow"; tel. 

No., Clydebank 577); ho., Cintra, Bearsden; tel. 

No., Bearsden 444. 
Clyde Bonding Co., Ltd., bonded warehouse 

.keepers ; customs and excise No. 8 ; 30 Midland 

street, C.l; customs and excise No. 49; 244 Spiers' 

Wharf, Port-Dundas C.4; office, 3 Cadogan 

street C.2 ; telegraphic address, " Bonding," 

Glasgow; tel. Nos., Central 3341-2. 
Clyde Cabinet Works, wholesale furniture manu- 
facturers, 138 George st., C.l ; tel. Nos., Bell 

3063 and 3069. 
Clyde Confections Ltd., manufacturing confectioner, 

Industrial estate, North Hillington, S.W.2. 
Clyde & Campbeltown Shipping Co., Ltd., 

shipowners, 62 Robertson street, C.2 ; tel. add., 

"Coastwards, Glasgow"; tel. Nos. Central 

Clyde Collapsible Gate Works (Steele & 
Co.), smiths, 29 Dobbie's loan O.4. 





is an indispensable book of reference, particularly 
for commercial and professional people in the city. 
It is also a valuable guide for tradesmen and 
private citizens because of the comprehensive 
character of its contents. It is over a century 
since this ever-increasing compendium was estab- 
lished as an index to the personnel in the social, 
business, religious, and philanthropic life of the 
city. Business and commercial people in particular 
would be severely handicapped if they had not 
at their disposal the varied and accurate information 
it contains. It thus readily meets the eyes of 
purchasers of all classes of goods, and in 
consequence as an advertising medium is 

IN THE 1940-1941 EDITION, 

Mr. Alex. H. Sturrock, 

Advertising Manager,— 






Clyde Cooperage Co., Ltd., Eastvale pi., 
Kelvinhaugh St., C 3. Coopers and vat builders, 
contractors to the War Office and Admiralty. 
Importers of all classes of wine and spirit casks, 
wood hoops, American oak staves, &c. Tel. No., 
Western 5080. 

Clyde Corinthian Yacht Club (William Lyon, hon. 
secy.), 107 West Regent street, C. 2. 

Clyde Crane & Engineering Co., engineers and 
crane manufacturers ; all types of cranes and steel- 
works plant, Mossend, Lanarkshire ; tel. add., 
" Clyde, Motherwell " ; telephone Nos., Motherwell 
354 and 355. 

Clyde Cruising Club, Ca'doro Restaurant, Union 
street, C.l. 

Clyde Export Packing Co. (The), export packers 
and forwarding agents, 33 37 Carrick street, C.2. 

Clyde Fuel Systems Ltd., engineers, 136 
Wellington street, C.2 j tel. add., " Atomiser, 
Glasgow"; tel. Nos., Douglas 6744-6745. 

Clyde Galvanizing Works, Mavisbank. — See 
Smith & M'Lean, Ltd., 179 West George street, C.2 

Clyde Garage Ltd., garage proprietors and contractors, 
211 Howard street C.l ; tel. Nos., Bell 2891-2 

Clyde Kayak Canoe Co , canoe builders and hirers, 
office, 42 Qaeen street, C.l ; factory, Duntocher ; 
tel No., Central 3266 (extension 4). 

Clyde (The) Lead Works, 124 Cornwall st. S.l 
(Thomas B. Campbell & Sons, Ltd.). Tel. No., 
Central 6576. 

Clyde (The) Lighthouses Trustees; James Farie 
Anderson, writer, and Douglas Stanley Dickson, 
writer, joint clerks, 137 St Vincent street, C.2. 

Clyde Metal & machinery Co., metal and 
machinery merchants, Dyke Sidir g, Einning 
Park Goods Station; tel. add., l5 Clydmetal " ; 
tel. No.. South 1358. 

Clyde Model Dockyard, model engineers, yacht 
builders, &c, 22-23 Argyll arcade C.2 ; tel. 
add., "Model Dockyard, Glasgow"; tel. No., 
Central 4926. 

Clyde Nail Co., Ltd., manufacturers of cut and 
patent steel nails, tacks, " Clyde " dogspikes, wall 
ties, rhone hooks and ridging straps ; cut copper, 
brass, and zinc nails and tacks ; also galvanisers; 
Cambuslang, near Glasgow; tel. add., "Clyde 
Cambuslang"; tel. No., 17 Cambuslang (2 lines). 

Clyde Navigation Trustees' Chambers, 16 Robertson st 

Clyde Oil Works, Crownpoint road S.E., 
office, 24 Queen street C.l. 

Clyde (The) Outfitting Co., 1 James Watt st. C.2 
and 176 Broomielaw 0.1 ; tel. No., 3639 Central. 

Clyde Paper Co., Limited, paper makers, Clyde 
Paper Mills, Cambuslang road, Rutherglen. 
Telephone Nos. Rutherglen 810 (4 lines) ; telegra- 
phic address, " Clyde — Phone, Rutherglen." 

Clyde (The) Portland Cement Co., Ltd., cement 
manufacturers, 37 Renfield street, C.2; tel. add., 
"Clydecem, Glasgow"; tel. No. Central 4242 
(3 lines). 

Clyde Property Co., Ltd., 145 West George street, 
Glasgow, C.2 ; Secretaries — Bannatyne, Kirk- 
wood, France & Co. 

Clyde (The) Rigging and Boiler Scaling 
Co., Ltd., ship riggers and transporters, ship 
tank and boiler scalers, &c, 117 Govan id., S.W.I. 
Registered office, 19 St. Vincent place, 01; teL 
No., Ibrox 19. 

Clyde Rivet Works Co., 115 Laidlaw street, Kingston, 
C.5. Office, 74 York street 0.2. 

Clyde (The) Rubber Works Co., Ltd., india- 
rubber and asbestos manufacturers. Works and 
head office, Renfrew. 

Clyde (The) Shipbuilders' Association; secretary, 
David Higgins, 105 W. George st. C.2 ; tel. add. 
"Verify, Glasgow "; tel. Nos., Central 9961 
9965 (P.B.E.). 

Clyde Shipping Co., Limited, 78 Carlton place 0.5. 

Clyde Soap Co., soap, soap powder, toda, starch, 
blue, paint removers, type cleaners, engineers' 
boring composition, Fountainwell rd. N.; teL No., 
Bell 1025. 

Clyde (The> Structural Iron Co., Ltd., steel 
roof and bridge builders, Scotstoun, W.4. 

Clyde Trading Co., Ltd., merchants, 834 Argyle 
street C.3 ; tel. No., Central 4934. Managing 
Director, John Dansken Purdie, Carrick, 9 
Varna road, Jordanhill, W.4. Tel. No., Scots- 
toun 1727. 

Clyde Tube Works, iron and steel tube manufacturers, 
Coatbridge ; office, 41 Oswald street, Glasgow C.l. 

Clyde Valley Accessories, Ltd. (The), 206 St. ViDcent 
street, C.2; James Paterson, general manager, 
Alex. Miller, secretary ; tel. add., " Valley " ; tel 
Nos., Central 3892 and 9900 (10 lines). 

Clyde Valley Cnemical Co., Ltd., cbemical manufac- 
turers, 31 Brown stre-t, C.2. 

Clyde (The) Valley Electrical Power Co., 
electric power suppliers, 206 St. Vincent street, C.2; 
James Paterson, general manager ; Alex. Miller, 
secretary. Tel. Nos., Central 3892 and 9900 
(10 lines) : tel. add. "Valley, Glasgow." 

Clyde Welding Engineering Co., oxy-acetylene wel- 
ders. 39 Dalmarnock road, S.E ; tel. No., Bridge- 
ton 3660. 

Clydebank Co-operative Society (25 branch), grocers, 
269 Alderman road, W.3. 

Clydebank Co-operative Society (23 branch), grocers, 
310 Garscadden road, W.3. 

Clydesdale, Robert, inspector, Norwich Union Fire 
Insurance Society, Ltd. ; house, Cairnryan, 30 
Corrour road, Newlands, S.3. 

Clydesdale Bank, Limited. — Head Office, 30 
St Vincent place C.l. 

Andrew Mitchell, General Manager. 

John D. Dewar, Secretary. 

Wm. B. M'Intyre, Head Office Manager. 

Robert YouDg, Accountant and Cashier. 

David Dewar, Superintendent of Branches. 

Andrew Beith, Assistant Secretary and Manager 

Trnstee Dept. 
M. M. Ramsay, Asst. Supt of Branches. 
John W. Pairman, Assistant Accountant. 
R. J. Dairy mpld, Asst. Cashier. 

District Branches — 
Anderston branch, 344 Argyle st. 0.2; R. H 

Kidd, agent 
Anniesland, 1571 Gt Western rd. W. 3 ; R. R, 

Steven, agent. 
Bath st. branch, 115 Bath st. ; D. Stenhouse, 

Bothwell st branch, 36 Bothwell st. C.2 ; 

John Borthwick, agent; W. H. M'Dougall, 

accountant ; H. Robertson, signs pro agent. 

Continued on page 200 





Head Office—St. Vincent Place, Glasgow, C.l 

Genera! Manager - ANDREW MITCHELL 

Secretary - - - JOHN D. DEWAR 

Head Office Manager - WM. B. M'INTYRE 

London Offices — City — 30 Lombard Street, E.C.3 


Assistant Manager - - - J. J. CAMPBELL 

West End— Piccadilly Circus Branch— 31 Regent Street, S. W.l 


204 Branches throughout Scotland 

ISSUED CAPITAL £5,300,000 

CAPITAL PAID UP £1,300,000 


DEPOSITS (31st December, 1938) - £35,645,422 

Directors — 

Chairman, - - Sir HAROLD E. YARROW, Bart., C.B.E., Craigend Castle, Milngavle 
Deputy Chairman, ARCHIBALD WALKER, Newark Castle, Ayr 
ROBERT L. ANGUS, Ladykirk, Monkton The Rt. Hon. REGINALD McKENNA, Midland 

HERBERT A. ASTBURY, Poultry, London, Bank Limited, Poultry, London, E.C.2 

E -C2 Sir GEORGE A. MITCHELL, LL.D., 4 West Regent 

WILLIAM CUTHBERT, 78 Carlton Place, Street, Glasgow, C.2 

Glasgow, C.5 Sir JOHN PROSSER, C.V.O., LL.D.. W.S., 19 

ANDREW S. MACHARG, C.A., 120 St. Vincent York Place . Edinburgh 

Street, Glasgow, C.2 WILLIAM P. URE, Balvalrd. Helensburgh 
ARTHUR S. L. YOUNG, M.P., 62 Templeton Street, Glasgow, S.E. 

Affiliated to Midland Bank Ltd., with over 2,100 branches. 




Buchanan street branch, 91 Buchanan si. C.l; 
George R. Dewar, agent ; Thos. P. Stewart, 
Calton and Bridgeton branch, 615 London rd. 

S.E.; J. M' Arthur, agent. 
Cardonald, 1868 Paisley Road West, S.W. 2; 
J. E. M. Clark, agent, Hillington Trading 
Cathcart, 32 Clarkston rd.; John D. Kerr, 

Cattlemarket, 508 Gallowgate, S.E. ; John 

M'Pherson, agent. 
Clydebank, 81 Glasgow rd. ; J. M. Bachan, 

Cowcaddens branch, 144 Cowcaddens st. C.2; 

J. M. MacLaren, agent. 
Cranstonhill branch, 782 Argyle street, C.3 ; 

James A. Spiers, agent. 
Dahnarnock road, 256a Dalmarnock rd. S.E.; 

James Morton, agent. 
Dennistoun branch, 597 Duke street, E.l ; J. R. 

Kant, agent. 
Duke street branch, 324 Duke st. E.l ; W. 

Caldwell, agent. 
East George street branch, 8 George street, 

East, C.l ; J. J. Scott, agent. 
Gallowgate branch, 2 Moir st. C.l ; John 

M'Pherson, agent. 
Govan branch, 794 Govan road, Govan S.W.I ; 

James A. Houston, agent 
Govanhill branch, 621 Cathcart rd. S.2 ; John 

Anderson, agent. 
Billhead branch, 326 Byres road W.2 ; R. R. 

SteveD, agent. 
Hutchesontown and Gorbals branch, 2 Carlton 

place, Gorbals, C.5 ; Peter Muirhead, agent. 
Hyndland road branch, 189 Hyndland road, 

W.2 ; R. R. Steven agent. 
King's Park, 1019 Aikenhead rd. ; John D. Kerr, 

Laurieston branch, 65 Carlton place, C.5; 

A. M. M. Muir, agent. 
London road branch, 352 London road, S.E. ; 

J. M'Arthur, agent. 
Moore place branch, 134 West George st. C.2; 

R. Eadie, agent : John R. Kay, accountant 
Mount Florida, 1051 Cathcart rd. S.2 ; V. H. 

Watt, agent. 
North Kelvinside, 88 Queen Margaret drive, 

N.W. ; R. R. Steven, agent. 
Paisley road branch, 331 Paisley road, C.5 ; 

Angus D. Cameron, agent. 
Parkhead branch, 1435 Gallowgate, E.l.; Jas. 

Carlyle, agent. 
Partick branch, 276 Dumbarton road, Partick, 

W.l ; R. M. Sharp, agent. 
Pollokshaws, 268 Shawbridge street; John 

Gibson, agent. 
Possilpark, 162 Saracen st., N. ; G. P. White, 

Radnor Park, Clydebank; J. M. Buchan , agent. 
Rutherglen, Main street; Fred. H. M'Cosh, 

Rutherglen road, 259 Rutherglen road, C.5 ; 

W. J. Inglis Muir. agent. 
St. Enoch square, 8 St. Enoch sq. C.l ; W. 0. 

Spence, agent ; J. J. Scott, acct. 
St. George's road branch, 201 St. George's 

road, C.3 ; J. Kinloch, agent. 

St. Rollox branch, 98 Castle street, C.4 ; R. T. 

Arnott, agent. 
Sauchiehall st. branch, 349 Sauchiehall st. C.2; 

John Walker, agent. 
Shawlands branch, 21 Kilmarnock road, S.l; 

A. 0. Speirs, agent. 
Shettleston branch, 865 Shettleston rd., Shettle- 

ston; Hugh M. Fletcher, agent. 
Springbnrn branch, 381 Springburn road, 

Springburn, N. ; John Howie, agent. 
Tollcross branch, 1077 Tollcross rd., Tollcross ; 

J. A. M. Conochie, agent. 
Trongate branch, 96 Trongate, C.l ; Jas. Mahon, 

Whiteinch, 1050 Dumbarton road, Scotstoun ; 

George Home, agent. 

Clydesdale Bank, Tollcross branch, James A. M. 

Conochie, agent; ho., Ardoch, Mount Vernon 
Clydesdale Building Society, 168 St. Vincent st. 

C.2 ; James M. Davies, C. A , and J. Campbell 

Davies, C.A , joint-managers. 
Clydesdale Cabinet Works, Ltd., cabinet- 
makers and upholsterers, 280 Cathedral st., C.4; 

works, 110 John street, C.l ; tel. No., Bell 

Clydesdale Chemical Co., Ltd., 105-147 Millerston 

street, E.l; tel. No., 2630 Bridgeton. 
Clydesdale Coal Co., Ltd., coalmasters, 19 Waterloo 

street C.2 j tel. No., 6065 Central; telegrams, 

" Coalmining, Glasgow." 
Clydesdale Glass Co., 74 North st., C.3; tel. No., 

Central 77P0. 
Clydesdale (The) Heritable Trust, Ltd., 168 St. 

Vincent st. C.2; Davies, Lochhead & Co., C.A., 

Clydesdale Horse Society of Great Britain 
and Ireland, 93 Hope st, C.2 ; tel. No., 
Central 2230. 

Clydesdale Iron and Steel Works, iron and steel manu- 
facturers, Mossend; office, 41 Oswald street, 

Clydesdale Knitwear Co., hosiery manufacturers, 
199 Fielden St., S.E.; tel. add., "Homalla"; tel. ; 
No., Bridgeton 2647. 

Clydesdale Masonic Lodge 556, 30 Abbotsford place, 

Clydesdale (The) Merchants' and Tradesmen's 
Society; secy., William L. B. Callander, solicitor, 
100 West Regent St., C.2. 

Clydesdale Navigation Co.,Ltd., Steamship Company ; 
Geo. Nisbet & Co., managers, 95 Bothwell street, 

Clydesdale Oil Co., oil blenders and grease manufac- 
turers, Blantyre. Telephone, No. 1 Blantyre. 

Clydesdale Paint, Colour, Oil and Varnish Works 
— See Blacklock & Macarthur, Ltd. 

Clydesdale Rubber Co., waterproof and india- 
rubber manufacturers, 23 Gordon street C.l j tel, 
No., Central 7488. 

Clydesdale Shipowners Co., Ltd. ; Glen & Co., Ltd., 
managers, 165 St. Vincent street C.2. 

Clydesdale Supply Co. Ltd., cycle, motor cycle, 
gramophone and wireless factors, 2 Bridge st., C.5 ; 
tel. Nos. South 328, 329 aod 330. 

Clydeside (The) Constructional Co., Ltd., public 
works contractors, Bridge- of- Weir ; tel. No. 
Bridge -of- Weir 155. 

Clydesdale Press Service, 202 Hope st., C.2. 




Clydeside Package Co., fruit baskets, 44 South Port- 
land st., C.6 ; tel. No., South 83. 
Clydevale Oil and Colour Co., 255 Reid street, 

Bridgeton, S.E.j tel. No., Bridgeton 1293. 
"Coal & Colliery News," 132 Hope at, C.2 ; 

tel. Nos., Central 0506-0507. 
Coal Utilisation Council, 81 Mitchell st, C.l; tel 

add., "Promocoal, Glasgow''; tel. No., Central 

Coast Lines Ltd., Glasgow, Greenock, Ardrossan, 

Liverpool & Manchester steamers ; Barns and 

Laird Lines Ltd., agents, 52 Robertson street, C.2. 
Coaster Construction Co. (1928), Ltd., shipbuilders 

and engineers, designers, contractors, 200 St. 

Vincent st., C.2 ; tel. add., " Midship Glasgow " ; 

tel. No., Central 3644. 
Coatbridge Co-operative Society, Limited, central 

premises, grocery, fleshing, drapery, baking, and 

shoemaking depts., 34 Mniryhall street, Coatbridge; 

tel. Nos., Coatbridge 280, 281 and 282. 
Coatbridge Gas Co. ; office and works, 76 Burnbank 

street, Coatbridge. 
Coatbridge Tinplate Co. (Limited), iron and steel 

tube strips, plates, sheets and washer manu- 
facturers, Tinplate Works, Coatbridge ; tel. add., 

"Tinplate, Coatbridge"; tel. No., 3 Coatbridge. 
Coates Bros. & Co., Ltd., printing ink manufacturers, 

233 St. Vincent st., C.2; tel. No., Central 9600. 
Coats Bros., coal and coke merchants, 328 Clarkston 

road, S.4. 
Coats, J., stationer, 341 Paisley rd., C.5. 
Coats, J. & P., Ltd., thread manufacturers, 155 

St. Vincent street, C.2. 
Coats, James, writer and notary public (of Bannatyne, 

Kirkwood, France & Co.), 145 West George St., 

Coats, John G. (of A. J. & A. Graham, 198 West 

George st. C.2); ho. 4 Crown gardens, Dowanhill, 

Coats, Walter J. J. (of A. J. & A. Graham, 198 

West George st., C.2); ho., 27 Woodside p].,C.3. 
Coats, Rev. W. Holms, M.A., principal, Baptist 

Theological College of Scoiland; ho„ 22 Catnkin 

road, S.2; tel. No., Langside 2636. 
Coats, W. Holms, M.A., B.A., principal, Baptist 

Theological College, 113 West Regent street, C.2 ; 

ho., 22 Ca'hkin rd., S.2 ; tel. No., Langside 2536. 
Coats, The Misses, 20 Queensborough gardens, 

Cobb, Commander R., R.N.. 6 Lynedoch street, C.3. 
Cobb, Wm. F. (of J. A. M'Ara & Co., Ltd) ; ho , 

21 Huotly aven , Giffnock ; tel. No. Giffnock 1664. 
Cochrane, Alexander, dairyman, 248 Crow road, 

Partick W.l. 
Cochrane, Alex., draper and ladies' outfitter, 95 

Cumberland st. C.6; ho. Lethendy, Parkhill drive, 

Cochrane, Alex., stationer and newsagent, 789 Lon- 
don road S.E.; ho., 97 Greenhead street S.E. 
Cochran, Alex., tobacconist, 143 Paisley road W., 

3ochrane, A. D., joiner, Ia Fleurs avenue, S.l. 
Dochrane, Andrew, Ltd., grocers, 220-234 Stevenson 

st. S.E. 
jochrane, Andrew (of John Cochrane & Co. Ltd., 

70 Dobbie's loan C.4) ; house, 21 Couper street, 

Cochran, A. M., public works contractor, 173 St. 

Vincent st., C.2 ; tel. No., Central 4456. 

Cochrane, A., family grocer, 1191 Govan rd., Lint- 
house, Govan S.W. 

Cochrane, A-, tea merchant, 228 Allison street, 

Cochrane & Arnot, wholesale tea merchants, 220 
Elliot St., Finnieston C.3 ; tel. No. Certral 4366. 

Cochrane, Blair & Co., Scotch whisky merchants, 
3 Cadogan st. C.2, and at 47 Mark Lane, London, 

Cochran Bros., printers, 346 Argyle street C.2 ; tel. 
No. Central 4092. 

Cochran, Campbell, B.L., writer (of Campbell Cochran 

6 Co.); res , 34 Dalziel dr., Maxwell Park S.l. 
Cochran, Campbell, & Co., writers, 55 West Regent 

street C.2. 

Cochrane & Co. (Shettleston), Ltd., tubular steel 
barrows, 1 Coatbank street, Coatbridge ; tel. No., 
Coatbridge 576 

Cochrane's (Middlesbro') Foundry, Ltd., 
200 St. Vincent St., 0.2 ; tel. add. " Cochraspun" j 
tel. No., Central 5102. 

Cochran, Hugh M., Scottish Temperance & General 
Assurance Co., Ltd. ; ho., 158 Greenock rd., 
Paisley; tel. No. Paisley 3844. 

Cochrane, J., newsagent, 7 Carstairs street, S.E. 

Cochrane, Jas. (of Reid & Johnstone), ho. Ashgrove, 

Cochran, James (of Wm. Thomson (Glasgow), Ltd.) ,' 
ho., 29 Glasgow road, Paisley. 

Cochran, James, & Son, pawnbrokers and jewellers, 
97 Hospital street C.5 ; tel. No., South 677. 

Cochrane, James (of Andrew Cochrane, Ltd.); ho., 
9 Winton drive, W.2. 

Cochran, J. Tullis, solicitor (of Rosslyn Mitchell & 
Tullis Cochran, 24 Drury street, C.2); house, 
Ormidale, Grange avenue, Milngavie. 

Cochrane, John (Barrhead) & Co., engineers' 
agents and merchants, 74 York street, C2; teL 
address, "Joncocbar"; tel. No., Central 3467. 

Cochrane, John, M. Inst., M. & Cy. E., engineer and 
nanager, G.C.W.W., 50 John st., C.l; house, 17 
King Edward road, Jordanhill W.3. 

Cochrane, John & Co., Ltd. , wrights and con- 
tractors, Townhead Wright Works, 36 to 70 
Dobbie's loan, C.4 ; tel. No., Bell 1866. 

Cochrane, John P. & Son, ship store and potato 
merchants, 15 York street. C.2 (tel. No., Central 
4761); shipping butchers, branch, 176 Kelvin - 
haugh st, C.3; tel. No., Western 3364. 

Cochrane, Morgan & Co., Ltd., engineers, 
boiler and ship repairers, 199 Woodville street, 
Govan S.W.I ; tel. add., " Gangway, Glasgow "; 
tel. Nos., Govan 540 and Queen's Park 960. 

Cochran, R. & A., & Co., wholesale hardware mer- 
chants and importers, curtain rails and poles, 
brassfoundry, domestic woodware, brushes, garden 
canes, Japanese screens, and lacquer trays, &c., 
87 M' Alpine st. C.2 ; tel. No., 2817 Central. 

Cochrane, Thomas (at Craig & Rose, Ltd.); ho., 86 
Mossgiel road, Newlands, S.3. 

Cochran, Thomas, & Co., agents and merchants, 
108 Waterloo street, C.2. 

Cochran, Thos. (Thos. Cochran & Co., 108 Waterloo 
street C.2) ; ho., 2 Springhill road, Clarkston. 

Cochiane, Thompson & Harvey, manufacturers' 
agents, 43 Virginia street C. 1. 

Cochran, W. Douglas, solicitor (of Wm. Cochran, 
Stout & Dunlop). 178 St. Vincent St., C.2 ; ho., 

7 Crown road, South, W.2 ; teL No., Western 6191. 




Cochran, W. Stevenson, solicitor and notary public 

(of Wm. Cochran, Stout & Dunlop); house, 

8 Hatfield drive, Kelvinside W.2. 
Cochrane, Wm. L., 25 Wellington St., C.2 ; ho., 67 

Lincoln avenue, W.3. 
Cochrane, Wm. (at A. C. Whyte & Sons) ; ho., 

Glenview, Dryburgh road, Wishaw. 
Cochrane, Wm., grocer and provision merchant, 407 

Argyle street C.2 ; ho. 1009 Sauchiehall street, 

Cochran, Wm., & Son, solicitors, 178 St. Vincent 

street C. 2. 
Cochran, Wm., Stout & Dunlop, solicitors and notaries, 

178 St. Vincent street C.2; tel. No., Central 

3521 (3 lines). 
Cochrane, Wm., fishmonger and poulterer, 431 Gt. 

Western road C.4 ; house, Lyndhurst, First avenue, 

Cochrane, W., fishmonger, 212 Woodlands road, 

Cochran, W. Scott (of Rosslyn Mitchell and Tullis 

Cochran), 24 Drury street, C.2; res., Kincraig, 

Tannoch drive, Milngavie. 
Cochrane, Miss, hardware merchant, 64 Eveline st., 

Dennistoun E.l. 
Cochrane, Miss E., fishmonger, 90 Stirling road 

Cochrane, Mis9 J., 1 Striven gardens, N.W. 
Cochrane, Margaret H., dressmaker, 7 Newton ter., 

Cockburn, A., & Co., manufacturers of safetJ 

valves, reducing valves, and steam stop valves, 

Thistle Valve Works, Gateside street, Dennistoun 

Cockburn Bros. (Govan) Ltd., patent tubular 

steel barrow and truck manufrs., and general iron 

workers, St. James' Ironworks, Helen st., Govan 

S.W.I. Telegraphic address, " Gudgeon, Glasgow "j 

telephone No., 278 Govan. 
Cockburn & Co., Ltd., wholesale, export, and 

manufacturing chemists (Clyde medicine chest depot) 

130-140 Howard st. CI. 'Phone, 4988, 9678 and 

9679 Central 

56 St. Enoch square CI. 'Phone, 977 Central. 
49-51 Gordon street CI. „ 7524 Central. 
105 Union street CI. n 415 Central. 

113 Hope street C2. „ 2681 Central. 

255 Argyle street C.2. „ 9149 Central. 

40 Queen street 0.1. „ 4308 Central. 

305 Marybill road N.W. „ 473 Western. 
631 Gt. Western road W.2. „ 4725 Western. 
378 Rutherglen road 0.5. „ 758 South. 

2 Bridgeton Cross S.E. „ 2643 Bridgeton. 

16-18 Kilmarnock rd. S.l. „ 2088 Langside 
470 Dumbarton rd. W.l. „ 1646 Western. 
Branches — Paisley, Greenock, Ayr, Kilmarnock, 
Falkirk and Port-Glasgow. Laboratories, Miln- 
bank Works, Townmill road, E. Teleg. address, 
" Tincture," Glasgow 

Cockburn, Dr. J. M., L.D.S., 1 Balshagray avenue, 
Partick, W 1 ; tel. No. Scotstoun 1969. 

Cockburn, James, funeral undertaker, 996 Govan 
road, S.W.I 

Cockburn, John, stockbroker (of Robt. Easton & Co.), 
ho., Balvonie, Skelmorlie. 

Cockburn, Dr. John M., dental surgeon, 49 South- 
brae drive W.3; tel. No., Scotstoun 1671. 

Cockburn, M., & Co., Ltd., ironfounders, Gowanbank 
Iron Works, Falkirk; tel. add., "Cockburn, 
Falkirk"; tel. Nos., 445 and 446 Falkirk. Glasgow 
representative, D. M'Intosh, 96 Oban drive, 
N.W. ; tel. No., Maryhill 848. 

Cockburn, Smithes & Co., port wine shippers, Oporto. 
Robertson & Baxter, Ltd., agents, 106, 108 West 
Nile street, 0.1. 

Cockburn, Thomas, F.I.C., M.Inst.S.P., Corporation 
Chemist and City Analyst, and Agricultural 
Analyst (tel. No., Bell 1824), 20 Trongate, C.l ; 
house, 31 Mannering road, S.l; tel. No , Langside 

Cockburns Limited, Cardonald, Glasgow, 


Marine and Land 


of all 


Makers of 

the original 

" Cockburn" 

Patent Safety 

Stop and 







Steam Traps, 

Feed Water 

Regulators, &c. 

Telegraphic Address, " Cockburn, Glasgow." 
Tel. No.— 361 Govan (2 lines). 

Cockburns (The) Manures Co., Ltd., vine, tomato, 

chrysanthemum, potato manures, 51 Biggar st., 

E.l; tel. add., "Poynter"; tel. Nos., Bridgeton 

1274 and 1275. 
Cocker, William D. (Daily Record) ; ho., 23 Belmont 

street, W.2. 
Cockeram, H. (Board of Trade), 8 Lauderdale gdns. 

Cocozza, F., confectioner, 658 Eglinton st., C.5. 
Codona Brothers, entertainment caterers and 

carnival proprietors, 115 St. Vincent St., 0.2; tel. 

No., Central 5592 (3 lines) 
Coey Ltd., Belfast; agent, Donald Murray, 158 

George street, C.l j tel. No., Bell 2757; tel. add., 

"Veteran, Glasgow.' 1 
Coghill, George, LL.B., solicitor (of Biggart, 

Lumsden & Co.) ; ho., Ingleside, 6 Church road, 

Cohen & Co., clothing manufacturers, 152 Clyde st., 

C.l; tel. No., Central 1814. 
Cohen, D. & H., juvenile clothing manufacturers, 

Kelvinhaugh Clothing Factory, 35 Sandyford st., 

C.3 (tel. Nos., Western 2380 and 2381); house, 

Esslemont, St. Andrews drive, S.l. 
Cohen, E , specialist in embroidered tartan goods, 

116 Clyde street, CI ; tel. No., Bell 700. 
Cohen, George, Sons, & Co., Ltd., engineers 

and machinery merchants, Cogan street, S3; tel. 

add., " Omniplant, Glasgow "; tel. Nos., Langside 

Cohen, Hyman, job stock merchant, 32, 34 Ballater 

street, C.5. 




Cohen, J., general dealer, 178 Rutherglen rd. C.6; 

ho., 139 do. 
Cohen, J., & Son, wholesale tobacconists' furnishers, 

118 iDgram st., 0.1; tel. No., Bell U84. 
Cohen, Lewis, tailor and clothier, 89 Ingram street, 

Cohen, Percy, & Co, Ltd., manufacturers' agents 

for tobacconists' goods, walking sticks, lighters, 

&c, 118 Ingram street CI. 
Cohen, S. W., Ltd., radio musical factors, 7-16 King 
st., C.l; tel. add., " Violins, Glasgow" ; tel. No., 

Bell 1133 (S lines). 
Coia, Dimascio, shopfitter, 71 Cumbernauld road, 

E.l ; ho., 830 Duke street, E.l. 
Coia, P. & Sons, restaurant, 128 Renfrew street, 

C.2 ; ho., 106 do. 
Coia, V., grocer, 21, 39 CaDal street, C.4. 
Coila Shipping Co , Ltd., shipowners, 45 West Nile 

st., C.l ; tel. add., " Farco, Glasgow"; tel. No., 

Central 0076. 
Coir Industrials, Ltd., 66 Lymburn street, C.3 ; tel. 

add., "Snowflake"; tel. Nos., Central 4671-2. 
Colburn, Alex., 24 Second avenue, Cathcart. 
Cole, Albert, hallkeeper, headquarters 7th Came- 

ronians, 35 Coplaw street, S.2. 
Cole, E. K., Ltd., radio manufacturers, 27 Cadogan 

St., 0.2. 
Cole-Hamilton & Dunley, chartered accountants, 31 

St Vincent place, CI; tel. Nos, Central 0767. 
Cole- Hamilton, J. (of Cole- Hamilton & Dunley); 

ho., Viewfield, Kilwinning ; tel. No., Kilwinning 

Cole, S. Wilding, Ltd., wireless merchants, 151 

West Regent street, C. 2 ; tel. No., Douglas 

Cole, W. E., millinery agent, 82 Union street, C.l; 

house, 289 Kenmure street, S. 1. 
Coleman & Fulton, hatters and hosiers, 115 Parlia- 
mentary road 0.4. 
ColemaD, F. & W., bakers, 69 Grove street, C.4. 
Coleman, F. M., baker and confectioner, 376 

Mary hill road N.W. (tel. No., Maryhill 694); 

and 69 Grove st., C.4 (tel. No., Douglas 1968); 

house, 9 Wilton drive, N.W. 
Coleman, William, boot and shoemaker, 17 Leven 

street, PollokshieldsS.l. 
Coleraine & Glasgow Steamers; Burns and 

Laird lines Ltd., 52 Robertson street, C.2. 
Coles, H., bootmaker, 92 Jamieson street S.2 ; ho., 

44 Batson street, Govanhill, S.2. 
Colgan, Mrs. M„ wine and spirit merchant, 125 John 

Knox st., C.4. 
Coley, A. A., hardwareman, 451 Duke street. 
Collars, Ltd., launderers and dry cleaners, Spencer 

street, Anniesland W.3. 
Colledge, F. W. (of Wharrie & Colledge, C.E.), 

Littlewood, Pollokshaws. 
College of Physical Training and Medical Gymnastics, 

15 Oakfield avenue, Hillhead, W.2. 
College Socialist Sunday School, 4 Lansdowne crescent 

Collet's Glasgow Book Shop Ltd., 1 Dundas street, 

Collett, J., Ltd. (repres., W. Arthur), millinery 

manufacturers, 16 St. Enoch sq., C.l; tel. No., 

Central 2992 
Colley, T. A. (of Cadbury Bros., Ltd.), Grendon, 38 

Courthill avenue, Cathcart. 
Collie, Alex.., 16 Burnbank gardens, N.W. 

Collie, Alex, (of Gunn, Collie & Topping) ; ho., 

9 Hamilton avenue, Maxwell Park, S.l. 
Collie & Co., cotton and commodity brokers, 8 Gordon 

st., C.l ; tel. add. " Straddle " ; teL Nos., Central 

Collie, William R., dentist, 3 Pirn street, S.E. ; tel. 

No., Bridgeton 2516. 
Collie, W. Stewart, naval architect, 197 Bath street, 

C.2 ; ho., 16 Burnbank gardens N.W. 
Collier, George, mason and builder. Prior Bank, 105 

Balgrayhill, Springburn, N. 
Collier, John, City Chamberlain's Office; house, 

Bellfield, Muirhead, Chrysion. 
Collier, J. Henderson, L.D.S., 2 Fife avenue, 

Cardonald, S.W 2 ; tel. No., Halfway 1594. 
Collier, Mackay C, A.T.C.L., teacher of music, 8 Mt. 

Stewart st., S.l. 
Collier, Robert, builder, 58 Munro road, W.3. 
Collingwood, H. S. M., musical instrument dealer, 

303 Gt. Western road, 0.4. 
Collingwood Motor Engineering Co., Ltd., haulage 

contractors, 284 Dobbie's loan, C.4 ; tel. No. 

Douglas 2682. 
ColliLgwood, S. & J., Ltd., ship repairers, smiths and 

engineers, Maviabank quay, S.W.I (tel No., 

Ibrox 428); ho., 14 Airthrey ave., W.4 ; tel. No., 

Scotstoun 1162. 
Collins, A. R. H., F.I. A., consulting actuary, 40 

West Nile street, C.l (tel. add., "Darbro Glas- 
gow" ; tel. No., Central 4766) ; ho., 4 Mariscat rd., 

Collins, Arthur E., auctioneer and valuator, 114 

Trongate, C.l (tel. No., 489 Bell) ; ho., Sunny- 
bank, Roman road, Bearsden; tel. No. Bearsden 

Collins Bros. & Co., Ltd., wholesale stationers 

and booksellers, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, 

Auckland, and Wellington ; offices, 4 Bridewell 

place, New Bridge street, London, E 0.4, and 

144 Cathedral street, Glasgow, C.4. 
Collins, Edward, & Sons ( Branch of The Associated 

PapermiUs Ltd.), papermakers, Kelvindale Paper 

Mill, W.2. 
Collins Mantles Ltd., 82 Carlton Court, C.6; tel. 

Nos. South 314 and 315. 
Collins (Glasgow) Limited, juvenile wear manufao 

turers, 37 High st., C.l; tel. Nos., Bell 1391-2; 

tel. add. '* Gymoza." 
Collins' Institute, Wm. Bnllard, superintendent, 35 

Collins street, C.4. 
Collins, J., hairdresser, 422a Parliamentary road, 

C.4 ; house, 376 Calder street. 
Collins, John & Co., gin rectifiers, 2-6 Castle street, 

Collins, Samuel, hat, cap and clothing manufacturer, 

48 Albion st., C.l (tel. No., Bell 1604); house, 

4 Roselea drive, Giffnock. 
Collins, S. D., hairdresser, 302 Allison st., S.2 ; ho. 

43 Daisy street, S.2. 
Collins (The Fred.) Variety Agency, Ltd., 115 

Renfield st. 0.2 (tel. add., "It, Glasgow"-; tel. 

Nos. 1544, 1545 Douglas). Directors, Horace H. 

Collins house, 37 Dalkeith aven., Dumbreck (tel. 

No. Ibrox, 1434), and J. Alfred Collins, house, 

27 Fotheringay road, S.l; teL No. Queen's Park 

Collins, Wm., wine and spirit merchant, 51 Stirling 

road, C.4; house, Ullamara, Circus drive, Dennis- 

toun, E.l. 




Collins, William, Sons, & Co., Limited, 

publishers, wholesale, export, and manufacturing 
stationers, envelope makers, 144 Cathedral street, 
C.4, and at London. Telegraphic address, " Collins 
Glasgow" ; telephone No., 4031 Bell. 
Collins, Wm. A. (of Wm. Collins, Sons, & Co., 

Ltd.), Grey Gables, Monkton, Ayrshire. 
Collins, Wm., plumber and gasfitter, f9 Calhedral 

street, C.4. 
Collinslee Chemical Co., Ltd., manufacturers of 

Extract of Indigo, &c, Paisley. 
Colloid Products Ltd., manufacturers of chemical 

emulsions, Netherfield street, B.I. 
Colman, J. & J., Ltd. (branch of Reckitt & 

Colmari, Ltd.), London and Norwich, mustard, 

starch, cornflour, and blue manufacturers; agent, 

R. W. Mitchell, 195 Howard street, C.l ; ho., 7 
' Dolphin road, Maxwell Park, S. 1 ; tel. No., Bell 

Colombo Line of Steamers (Cayzer, Irvine & Co., 

Ltd., managers), 109 Hope street, C.2. 
Colonial Mutual Life Assurance Society, Limited, 

276 St. Vincent st., C.2. A. E. W. Malcolm, 

manager for Scotland; tel. Nos., Central 7532 and 

Colostat Combustion Systems, Ltd., 142 Queen st., 

0.1. Agent, John B. Maxwell. 
Colosseum War