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Digitized by tiie Internet Arciiive 

in 2010 witii funding from 

National Library of Scotland 







Raines of 4f Prxncipal^^STids ^r aofcs 
ontfaeSoiilhSidfof flieHigt Stieet 
/ Curries Clcse 

4- Tishers dP 
SBrodMS d? 

6 Old Bank d9 

7 Oof/'ordf d^' 

8 Libbertons-Wvnd 

c^>n//mifJfadii 1 

C Za^:/v TfisU 

Gi Lady lli/vi^f 
H J&/A('d/j/Met 
I S.tJndrfM's . 
K BuTifh^rMet 
L Trirdf}' r<yffe> 

IT An/ifiurtffi^i'J 
Ph-e^ieffl/ '-Ens 


■■. i. 

Under the Patronage of 

Postmaster'General of Scotland. 















Otd Bank Close. 





Abercrombie, David writer, 6, Broughton place 
Abercrombie, John surgeon, 8. Nicolson' street 
Abercrombie, Miss of Glassau, 17. George' square 
Abernethy and Walker, printers, old Bank close 
Abernethy, Alexander printer, 1. Tobago street 
Abernethy, Alexander candle-maker, Grassmarket 
Adair, Thomas esq. W. S. 37. St Andrew' square 
Adair, Miss 46. south Hanover street 
Adam, Dr Alexander of the high school, 39. Geo. sq. 
Adam, Alexander of the General Post-office, Buc- 

cleuch place 
Adam, David painter, Leith wynd 
Adam, John and James lint manufacturers, Portsburgh 
Adam, Rev. Robert, 16. James' square 
Adams and Company, wine merchants. Muse lane 
Adams, Alexander tailor, St Ann' street 
Adams, Andrew tailor, 19. James' square 
1807. A 2 


Adamson, A. of Mercury office, Wardrop's court 
Adamson, James writer, 18. north Hanover street 
Adamson, John writer, 1. Thistle street 
Adamson, John solicitor, 1. North Sc David' street 
Adamson, Mrs furnished lodgings, 5. east Richmond 

Addington, Mrs Archibald's land, head of West bow 
Addison, J. grocer, east Richmond street 
Addison, Thoma? esq. 3. south St David' street 
Addison, 9. Charles' street 
Adie, Alex optician, — house 11. Lothian street 
Adie, Matthew fish-hook maker, near College wynd, 

Admiralty office, Parliament close 
Affleck, Mrs furnished lodgings, Blaii'a cl. Castle-hill 
Agnew, Lady 10. Buccleuch place 
Agnew, Mrs 1". James' square 
Aikman, A. shoemaker, head of Lawnmarket, Andrew esq. 4. Buccleuch place 
Aikman, George merchant, Luckenbooths 
Aikman, John preacher, 4. Society 
Aikman, M. wigmaker, head of Lawnmarket 
Aikman, Thomas tailor, low Calton 
Aikman, Mrs 6. Charles' street 
Ainslie, A. & Co. saddlers, 3. Prince' street, — house, 

6. south St David' street 
AinsliC; Alexander esq. merchant, 14. Nicolson' street 
Ainslie, John surveyor, 28. Nicolson' street 
Ainslie, Robert esq. W. S. 9. north Castle street 
Ainslie, Mrs 11. Buccleuch place 
Ainslie, Mrs pastrycook, 3. James' square 
Ainslie, Mrs bookseller, 42. south Hanover street 
Ainslie, Mrs 1. Register street 
Aitd, shoemaker, 3. south Richmond street 


Aird, John boot and shoemaker to the Prince of Wales, 

88. South bridge, — house, 13. west Rich. st. 
Aitchison, Alexander middle of West bow 
Aitchison, David shoemaker, Leith wynd 
Aitchison, James hairdresser, foot of Crosscauseway 
Aitchison, John baker, 3. east Register street 
Aitchison, Thomas Fleshmarket close 
Aitchison, William jeweller, 91. South bridge — house, 

Aitchison, E. and M. milliners, Fleshmarket close 
Aitken, Alexander measurer, St Mary wynd 
Aitken, Alexander teacher, Bull's close, Canongate 
Aitken, William chandler, 19. North bridge 
Aitken, Daniel carver and gilder, mid entry to James' 

court, Lawnmarket 
Aitken, James Glasgow carrier, Grassmarket 
Aitken, James grocer, foot of Canongate 
Aitken, John Broughton 
Aitken, John tailor, head of St Mary wynd 
Aitken, Robert painter, Jack's close, Canongate 
Aitken, R. and W. curriers, West-port 
Aitken, William tailor, 102. South bridge 
Aitken, WiUiam smith and farrier, Pleasance 
Aitken, Mrs 2, King' street 

Aitken, Mrs furnished lodgings, 23. Nicolson' street 
Aitken, Mrs ditto, Bailie Fyfe's close 
Aitken, Mrs stone warehouse, Grassmarket 
Aitken & Co. dress-makers, 20. North bridge 
Alexander, David shoemaker, back of Weigh-house 
Alexander, David painter, west Lochend's close, Ca^ 

Alexander, David writer, north Richmond street 
Alexander, Forrest merchant, Pleasance 
Alexander, John extractor, Fountainbridge 
1807. A3 


Alexander, Joseph wright, 2. James' street 
Alexander, Robert grocer, Bristo street 
Alexander, Thomas druggist, Grassmarket, south side 
Alexander, William writer, Aitken's land, foot of 

Alexander, Wm. innkeeper and stabler, St Mary wynd 
Alexander, Mrs furnished lodgings, 38. Nicolson' st, 
Alexander, Mrs ditto, 2. Bristo street 
Alexander, Mrs ditto, 18. Rose Street 
Alexander, Miss 13. south Charlotte street 
Alexander, Miss dress-maker, G. James' street 
Alison, Charles mason, 34'. west Rose street 
Alison, James, shoemaker, 10. west Rose street 
Alison, Robert bookbinder, Parliament close 
Alison, Mrs New street, Canongate 
Allan, Alexander and Company, bankers and mer- 
chants. High street 
Allan, Alexander merchant — house Hill side 
Allan, Alexander tailor and broker, head of Cowgate 
Allan, Alexander instrument-maker, Baron Grant's cl. 
Allan, David baker, head of Pleasance 
Allan, David silk mercer, Caltonhill 
Allan, David plumber, 38. Nicolson' street 
Allan, Francis sen. cabinet-maker and upholsterer, 23. 

South bridge — house above 
Allan, F. jun. cabinet-maker and upholsterer. Green- 
side place 
— -Allan, George broker, foot of the Cowgate 

Allan, George teacher of music, head of Leith wynd 
i\llan, Henry flesher — house 34. North bridge 
Allan, James and Company, merchants, head of Lib= 

berton' wynd 
Allan, James innkeeper, 6. Drumraond street 
Allan, John turner, Potter-row 


Allan, John hosier, hatter, and glover, head Stamp 

Office close 
Allan, John spirit-dealer, head of Reid' cl. Canongate 
Allan, Robert and Son, bankers, Royal Exchange 
Allan, Robert, printer of the Caledonian Mercury- 
office old Fishmarket close — house 29. Queen' 

Allan, Robert furnished lodgings, 1. James' square 
Allan, Robert surgeon, 2. Heriot row west 
Allan, Thomas, esq. banker, Exchange — house west 

side Charlotte square 
Allan, William gardener, Marshall's entry, Leith walk 
Allan, William furnished lodgings, 3. Gabriel' road 
Allan, William haberdasher, 7. South bridge — house 

Hope street 
Allan, Mrs furnished lodgings, 5. Horse wynd 
Allan, Mrs ditto, 20. Charles' street 
Allan, Mrs Scott's close, Cowgate 
Allan, Mrs David, 14. Buccleuch place 
Alester, William writer, 2. south Castle street 
Alison, James shoemaker, west Rose street 
Alston, Hugh writer, Middlefield, Leith walk 
Alston, John watchmaker, 32. Nicolson' street 
Alston, John wright, 3. James' street 
Alston, Major, 6. Dublin street 
Alston, Miss 6 Charles' street 
Alves Mrs 55. Prince' street 
Alwood, Miss boarding school, 23. York place 
Amos, Arch, spirit-dealer, mid Rose street 
Amos, Richard spirit-dealer, head of Gray's cIosC). 

north side 
Anderson and Livingstone, haberdashers, 105. South 

Anderson and Grant, ironmongers, Exchange 


Andersons and Russell, esqs. W. S. 27. George* st. 
Anderson, Adam tin-plate worker, 51. South bridge, 

—house 99. Nicolson' street 
Anderson, Alexander dealer in paintings, old Assem- 
bly close 
Anderson, Alexander depute secretary to the forces, 

56. Prince' street 
Anderson, Alexander agent for the Albion Fire and 
Life Company of London, 12. South bridge 
Anderson, Archibald merchant, — house 4. Buccleucli 

Anderson, Andrew boot and shoemaker. 22. Prince' 

street p. 

Anderson, Charles merchant, — house w^est end Mer- 
chant street 
Anderson, Charles writer, 13. Terrace 
Anderson, David of the Customs, 1. Buccleuch place 
Anderson, David tailor, 3. St Ann street 
Anderson, David grocer, Bowhead 
Anderson, David furnished lodgings, 23. south Castle 

Anderson, George haberdasher,. 28. South bridge,—" 

house south Gray''s close 
Anderson, Henry spirit-dealer, Bristo street 
Anderson, James surgeon, 1 0. James' square 
Anderson, James justiciary clerk, new Assembly close 
Anderson, James cooper, Maccouochie's close. Cow- 
gate head 
Anderson, James grocer, west Rose street 
Anderson, James cabinet maker, ditto 
Anderson, James grocer, 35. north Hanover street 
Anderson, James stationer, 2. North bridge 
Anderson, James esq. 11. west Richmond street 
Anderson, James spirit-dealer, Buccleuch street 


Anderson, James brewer, Borough loch 
Andt-rson, James spirit-dealer. Brown's square 
Aiiderson, James manufacturer, Bristo street 
Anderson, James lint-dresser, Niddry street 
Anderson, James tailor, Carrubher' close, High street 
Anderson, John excise-officer, Stockbridge 
i^nderson, Jolin merchant, 11. Lothian street 
Anderson, John furnished lodgings, 6. north Rich- 
mond street 
Anderson, John esq. W. S. 28. George' street 
Anderson, John mcssengir, Advocate close 
Anderson, John merchant, British linen bank close, 

Anderson, John furnished lodgings, 14. high Ter- 
Anderson, John bookseller. Royal Exchange 
Anderson, Nathan spirit and porter dealer, 16. George' 

Anderson, Peter esq. W. S. 71. Prince' street 
Anderson, Rev. Robert 31. George' square 
Anderson, Dr Robert Heriot' bridge, Grassmarket 
Anderson, Robert merchant, 4. Buccleuch place 
Anderson, Robert writer, 46. mid Rose street 
Anderson, Robert stabler, mid Rose street 
Anderson, Robert and company, merchants, 30. St 

Andrew' square 
Anderson, Robert ironmonger. West bow and Adam' 

square, — house Fife street 
Anderson, Samuel esq. banker, 45. George' street 

south side 
Anderson, Thomas spirit-dealer, Castlehill 
Anderson, William writer, Carrubber' close 
Anderson, William cabinet-maker, foot of Leith 

10 AND— ANS 

Anderson, WiUiain mason, 4 Charles* street 
Anderson, William grocer, Canal street 
Anderson, William smith, Cross -auseway 
Anderson William writer, 1. James' place 
Anderson, \\'iHiam flesher, Canal street 
Anderson, William grocer, 7. north Richmond street 
Anderson, Mrs furnished lodgings, 20. Thistle street 
And.rson, Mrs ditto, ?. south Richmond street 
Anderson, Mrs 2. Greenside place 
Anderson, Mrs Galloway's entry, foot of Canongate 
Anderson, Mrs spirit-dealer, foot of Bell's wynd 
Anderson, Mrs midwife, Dr Hamilton's ward, Park 

Anderson, Mrs Howe street 
Anderson, Mrs west entry James' court 
Anderson, Mrs Donaldson' close, head of West bow 
Anderson, Mrs grocer, low Calton 
Anderson, Mrs Janet silk shop, Luckenbooths 
Anderson, Miss teacher, 1, Niddry street 
Andrew, David grocer, Potter-row 
Andrew, George tailor, 7. Shakespeare square 
Andrew, George writer, old Assembly close 
Andrew, William writer, west Rose street 
Angelo, Mrs 9. St Patrick square 
Angus, Andrew flesher, 5. Canal street 
Angus, E. grocer. Potter-row 
Angus, John smith, Paul's work, foot of Leith 

Angus, John poulterer, Fleshmarket close 
Annan, Ebenezer smith, 20. College street 
Annan, Robert smith, Forrester' wynd 
Annai'dale, George shoemaker, Lochrin 
Anstruther, John esq. advocat", Brown' square 

ARB— ARR 11 

Arbiithnot, William esq Trustees office, — house* Ex- 
Arbuthnot, Mrs 47 Queen' street 
Archers, Miss straw hatmaker, 8. North bridge 
Archdeacon, Miss house of industry, Canongate 
Archibald, Mrs furnished lodgings, 5. east Rose street 
Archibald, E. jeweller, Gabriel' road 
Archibald, John merchant, Buw-head 
Archibald, John bootcloser, head of Pleasance 
Archibald, Joseph nursery and seedsman, Chapel street 
Archibald, William engraver, Hope park, end 
Archibald, William tailor, 4. St Ann' street 
Arkley, James cooper, head of Pleasance, 
Arkley, R. spirit-dealer, middle of Canongate 
Armadale, Lord 8. George' street 
Armour, John merchant, Fountainbridge 
Armstrong and company, spirit-dealers, head of Black- 
friars wynd 
Armstrong and Smith, wooUen-drapers, and lottery 

office agents, 32. North bridge 
Armstrong, H. coppersmith, Niddry street, — house 

l^. south Union place 
Armstrong, William founder, Niddry street,— -house 

A mot, James teacher, General's entry 
Arnot, John painter, Blair street 
Arnot, Peter shoemaker, high Calton 
Arnot, William baker, Jack's land, Canongate 
Arnot, William bookseller, 38. Prince street 
Arnot, Dr. of Chapel, 29. George' street, south side 
Arnot, Mrs spirit-dealer, Cowgate head 
Arnot, Mrs 23. James' square 
Arras, Robert King street 
Arrigoni, Miss music teacher, 2. James' place 
Arrol, Thomas grocer, 48 — house, 50. South brids-p 
1807. ^ 

12 ARR— AYT 

Arrot and Thomson, surgeons, south Gray's close 
Arthur and son, tool makers, foot of Leith wynd 
Arthur, Frederick apothecary, West bow 
Arthur, Mrs furnished lodgings, 4. James' square 
Ashburton, Lord Heriot row. east 
Assiotti, George esq deputy commissary-general, 55, 

Prince' street 
Asylum for the industrious blind, 20. Nicalson' street 
Atwell, William basketmaker, foot of Libberton's 

wynd, Cowgate 
Auchenleck, Geo musician, foot of Lawson's wynd, 

Auchenleck, William smith, Calton 
Auchenleck, Miss of Woodcockdale, 11. Leith street 
Auchenleck, Mrs south Gray's close 
Auchie, William accountant, Hunter's land West 

Auchterlony, John silk dyer, Infirmary street 
Auld, James spirit-dealer, opposite Chessel' courtj 

Auld, William jeweller, 9. Parliament square 
Austie, John joiner, James' court, Lawnmarket 
Austin, Alexander shoemaker, Park street 
Austin, George slater, foot of Warriston's close 
Austin, Miss 5. south St David' street 
Ayton, Lieut. -Gen. 9. Queen' street 
Ayton, Roger esq. W. S. 37- ditto. 


JBaad, William victual-dealer, 20. Greenside street 
Babington, Mrs 22. north Hanover street 
Babtie, Adam grocer, 21. Thistle street 
Babtie, Alexander wright, raid Rose street 

BAB— BAI 13 

Babtie, William cabinet-maker, Brfsto street 
Bagiiell, P. stone warehouse, foot of Canongate 
Baillie, Col. Alexander of tbe Barrack office — house 

Charlotte square 
Baillie, Andrew solicitor, and clerk of Police Court, 

Bank street 
Eaillie, Charles painter, Richmond place 
Baillie, James bookseller, Luckenbooths 
Baillie, James of the Stamp office, — house opposite 

Mikon house, Canongate 
Baillie, John shoemaker, .Grassmarket, south side 
Baillie, M. spirit-dealer, Anchor close 
Baillie, Robrrt wright, 5.-St Ann street 
Bailli«, Thomas writer, 9. Drummond street 
Badlie, William tailor, Richmond place 
Baillie, WilKam esq. W. S. 11. Duke street 
Baillie, Mis of Lees, 8. south Richmond street 
Baillie. Mrs 4. Thistle court 
Bi;illie, Mis General- Gayfield place 
Baillie, Mrs Carrubber close 
Baillie, Mrs furnished lodgings S.'Nicolson street 
Baillie, M's 3. Moray stre -t 
Badhe. Mrs 30. north C:'Stlf street 
Baillie, Miss 56. Que. n- street 
Baillie, Miss Monr 's close, Canongate 
h'din, Alexai.d. r furnished lodgings, 10. George 

street, south side 
Bain, Alexander spirit-dealer, foot of College wynd 
Bain, Archibald wright, Crosscauseway 
Biiii, Da. boot and sho^- warehouse, 2^. Greenside st. 
\Bain, Ebenezer spirit-dealer, foot of B!ackfriar&' wynd 
Bain, John tailor, Archibald s land, Bow-head 
Bain, John fjrnished lodgui;^ , 13 . "Tlustie street 
-Bam, John grocer, Ltith walls 
1807. B 

14 BAI— BAK 

Bain, John of the- General Post-office, foot of Ste- 
venlavv' close 

Bain, John wright, Potter-row 

Bain, John glazier, 16. St Andrew street 

Bain, Meiizies painter, Niddrj' street — house Castle- 

Bain, William and James boot and shoemakers, 39. 
Prince' street 

Bain, William tailor, head of Chalmers' close 

Bain, William cheesemonger, 11. Calton street 

Bain, WilHam furnished lodgings, 2. east Register st. 

Bain, Mrs silk shop, Luckenbooths 

Bain, Mrs 52. Nicolsou street 

Baird, David broker, opposite Merchant court, Cow- 

Saird, James insurance broker, Royal Exchange, — 
house 25. north Frederick street 

Baird, James shoemaker. Potter-row 

Eaird, James tailor. Skinner's close 

Baird, John mariner, head of Canongate 

Baird, Matthew stabler, Grassmarket, south side 

Eaird, Principal Ramsay lodge. Castle-hill 

Baird, Robert writer, Advocate close 

Baird, Thomas Walker esq. advocate, 7. Queen st. 

Baird, William spirit-dealer, head of Wardrop's court, 

Baird, Mrs teacher, 26. Thistle street 

Baird, Mrs High School yards 

Baird, Mrs 9. James square 

Eaird, Mrs 40. George square 

Biiirnsfather, Hugh esq. W. S. 49. York place 

Baker, Anthony Newcastle glass warehouse, 19, 
Green side street 

Baker, Miss head of St John street, Canongate 


Balcarras, Countess dowager of 51. George st. s. sidd 

Bald, Adam tailor, Fife street 

Balderston. William esq. W. S. 6. Buccleuch place 

Baleny, David spirit-dealer, West-bow 

Baleny, John meal-dealer, 3. Lothian street 

Balfour, John and company, merchants, opposite th<^ 

Cross, south side 
Balfour, David esq. W. S. 9. Charlotte square 
Bilfour, Elphinston bookseller, Adam square 
Balfour, James JLiiiior esq. W. S. Dublin street 
Balfour, John and sons, paper-makers, West bow 
Balfour, Thomas flax-dresser, Richmond place 
Balfour, Thomas shoemaker, Main-point 
Balfour, William spirit-dealer, Lauriston 
Balfour, William apothecary, below Bank street 
Balfour, Mrs 1. Bristo street 
Balfour, Mrs Argyle' square 
Balfour, Mrs 10. south St David street 
Balfour, Mrs 14. Buccleuch place 
Balfour, Mrs 1. Charles' street 
Balfour, Miss H. Stockbridge 
Balharry, Mrs spirit-dealer. Park-row 
Ballantine, Alexander coppersmith, West bow 
Ballantiue, James and company, wholesale wareroom_, 

16. South bridge — house foot of West bow 
Ballantine, James esq. of Holylec, Castle-hill 
Ballantme, James writer, 5. Castlc-hill 
Ballantine, John 9. Society 
Ballantine, John glazier, 2. east Rose street 
Ballantine, John manufactory Brustain mill 
Ballantine, J, cooper, old Assembly close 
Ballantine, William esq. W. S. 33. north Frederick 

Ballantine's furnished lodgings, 60. Prince street 
1807. B 2 

16 BAL— BAR 

Ballantyne, James and company, printers, Paul's-work, 

north back of the Canongate, — house 10. St 

John street 
Ballantyne, John junior printer, — house Foulis' close 
Balmam, Peter dealer in earthen ware, 3. James' square 
Balmain, Mrs Reid's close, Canongate 
Balmuto, Lord 38. St Andrew square 
Balmour, George spirit-dealer, 2. Grecnside row 
Balvaird, James Gihnour place 
Balvaird, John Baxter's buildings, Leith walk 
Banbury, Mrs 100 Prince street 
Bank of Scotland, Bank street, Lavvnmarket 
Bank Royal of Scotland, Cross 
Bank, William tailor. 5. Greenside place 
Banks, William tailor, head of Canongate 
Banks, Mrs furnished lodgings, 1 5. College street 
Banks, Mis ditto, 7. east Kichmond street 
Banks, Mrs ditto, Riddel's close, Lawnmarket 
Bannatyne, Lord — house north Merchi^5ton 
Bannatyne, Richard clothier, 85. South bridge, — 

house Argyll square 
Bannatyne, Roberc wright, i3. mid Rose street 
Bannerujan, Alexander gardener, Stockbridge 
Bannernian, James merchant, St John street 
Eannerrnan, William muslin warehouse, 21. George 

Barclay, Anthony esq. W. S. James' court. Lawnm. 
Barclay, Dr 5. Society, Brown's square 
Barclay, Jofm 10. Duke street 

Barclay, James furnished lodgings, 16. mid Rose st. 
Barclay, Jo. vintner, head of New street, Canongate 
]iarclay, William silversmith, 4. Carnegie street 
Larclay, Mrs Caltor-hill 
Barclay, Mrs Newington 

BAR— BE A 11 

Barker, John surgeon, Strichen close 
Barker, R. bell-hanger, new Assembly close 
Barker, Matthew fish-hook manufacturer, Lindsay's 

Land, Castle-hill 
Barr, Allan silk manufacturer, head of Canongate, — ■ 

house 1. Buccleuch place 
Barr, Robert druggist, Bristo street — house Park st, 
Barr, Robert broker, foot of Cowgate 
Barrack office for Scotland, Charlotte square 
Barrie, Alexander teacher. Writers court 
Barrie, D. 6, James' street 
Barrie, Miss Calton-hill 

Barrow, George furnished lodgings, Bristo street 
Barrow, John jeweller, 9- Drummond street 
Barowman, James 3. Gabriel' road 
' Bartholemew, George 3. engraver, east Richmond st, 
Batchelor, Tho. apothecary, Crosscauseway 
Batchelor, Mrs 8. east Richmond street 
Bathgate, James bookseller, 22. College street 
Bathgate John Skinner, Bell's mills 
Bathgate, William grocer, 2i. James' square 
Bathgate, Mrs 3. Windmill street 
Baughj Captain John 3. George square 
Baxter, Charles 12. Crichton street 
Baxter, James 7. west Chapel street 
Baxter Jo. Italian warehouse, 4. South bridge — house 

Mill's square 
Baxter, John vintner. Byres' close, Luckenbooths 
l^axter, John slater and glazier, low Terrace 
Baxter, Paul insurance broker, — house 9. Charles' st, 
Baxter, William innkeper, 2. Drummond street 
Beath, Andrew pawn-broker, St Mary wynd 
Beatson, Mrs Hope park end 
Beatson, Mrs opposite Archers' hall 
1807. B3- 


Beatson, Mrs broker, foot of Cowgate 

Beatson, Miss governess, Watson's Hospital 

Beattie, Thomas mason, 6. James' street 

Beattie, William spirit-dealer, Swan's close High 

Eeckwith, Mrs 14. south Frederick street 
Eeddic, Andrew gardener, Livingston's yards 
Eegbie, Adam tailor, Bank street 
Begbie, Andrew cabinet-maker, 4'. Society 
Eegbie and Dickson, smiths. Canal street 
Begbie, Robert shoemaker, 61. Nicolson street 
Eegbie, William tailor. High street 
Begbie, Mrs Turk' close, Lawnmarket 
Begg, Allan esq. 1. Lauriston place 
Eegg, John watchmaker to his Majesty, 5. North 

Eegof, Wilham merchant. West bow 
Begg, Mrs 17. James' square 
Begrie, John saddler, 44. Nicolson street 
Belches, Mrs 3. Hill street 
Belfrage, James hosier, 41. South bridge 
Belfrage, Will am writer, foot of Carrubber's close 
Eelhaven, Lady Leven lodge 
Bell, Keir, and company, brewer?, Pleasance 
Bell and company, candlemakers, 4. Drummond st. 
Bell and Eradfute, booksellers, Parliament square 
Bell, Alexander tobacconist, head of Plainstone close, 

Bell, Andrew esq. Encyclopaedia Printing-office, Foun- 

tainbridge, — house Lauriston 
Bell, Andrew cutler, Netherbow 
Bell, Archibald esq. advocate, 30. Prince street 
Bell, Arthur baker, 38. Nicolson street 
Ikll, Carlyle esq. W. 8. 22. Elder street 
UiOT. ' 

BEL— BEN 19 

George surgeon, 31. St Andrew square 

George Joseph esq. advocate, 17. Heriot row 

Henry shoemaker, west end Canal street 

James furnished lodgings, 7. mid Rose street 

James smith, Abbeyhill 

James tailor, 8. Crichton street 

John excise-officer, Canongate 

John gi-ocer, 2. mid Rose street 

John esq. W. S. 30. Prince street 

John surgeon, 9. George street 

John grocer, 'il. Nicolson street 

John land-surveyor, Gib's entry 

Richard broker, toot of the Cowgate 

Robert esq. W. S. Stockbridge 

Robert esq. advocate, 21. St Andrew square 

Robert bootmaker, Toddrick's wynd 

Robert spirit-dealer, Advocate close 

Robert baker, 39. Nicolson street 

Tho. esq. of Nether Horsburgh, St Leonards 

William esq. W. S. 38. north Frederick street 

William merchant, Albany row 

William candlemaker, head Canongate 

William esq. 79. Prince street 

William coach-office, opposite the Tron church 

Mrs ] 1. east Thistle street 

Mrs furnished lodgings, 15. College street 

Mrs north James' place 

Mrs middle entry James' court 

Mrs 38. north Frederick street 
Bellock, James turner, Netherbow 
Belch, Peter esq. advocate, 14' Buccleuch place 
Bennet, Andrew Galloway's entry, foot of Canangate 
Bennet, James smith Crosseauseway 

20 BEN— BIN 

Bennet, John wrigbt, 17. Greenside street 

Bennet, John furnished lodgings, 7. south Richm. St. 

Bennet, Pat. of Whiteside, Simson's court, Potter-row 

Bennet, Peter bookseller, 3. James' street 

Bennet, Thomas flesher, Fleshmarket close 

Bennet, William insurance-broker, 2. Greenside place 

Bennet, Mrs Dr 1. Pilrig street 

Bennet, Mrs furnished lodgings, 10. Cathesine street 

Bennet, Mrs ditto, 7. Richmond street 

Bennet, Mrs tobacconist, foot of Blair street 

Bentley, Mrs of Chiping Norton, 7. Union place 

Berry, James carrier, near the Archers' hall 

Berry, John plasterer, Lauriston 

Beny, Jo. baker, south Richmond street 

Berry, J. shoemaker, 56. Nicolson street 

Berry, Walter wholesale stationery warehouse, 10.- 

Nicolson' square 
Berry, William esq. W. S. 64. Geo. street, s. side 
Berry, Mrs stoneware-shop, west College street 
Bertram, Colonel, 41. George square 
Bertram, Ja. clerk to grand lodge, — house, Silvermills 
Bertram, Mrs Fouhs' close 

Berwick, Alex, brewer, Gentle's close, Canongate" 
Beugo & Co. painters, west Register street 
pjeugo, John engraver, 54. South bridge 
Beveridge, Thomas writer, 3. north St James' street 
Biggar, Jo. cabinet-maker. Horse wynd, — house, Ar= 

gyll square 
Biggar, Walter & Co. manufacturers, Sciennes, — lint- 
shop, foot of Blair street 
Biggar, Walter linen-warehouse, II. Piccardy placc; 

and lint factory, north College street 
Binden, Mrs Tiviot-row 
Binnie, Stewart painter, James' place 


Biuny, Alex. esq. 30. George square 

Binny, Alex, fl sber, Canonmills 

Birtny, Pat. dyer Le'th wynd 

Biniiy, William Kirkbraeliead toll-bar 

Binnini^, Juhii Riddel's close, Lawnmarket 

B'rd, T. professor of music, 7. Shakespeare square 

Bird, Mrs furnished lodgings. Tiviot-row 

Birnl, George esq. Albany street 

Birrel, John b ker, south Richmond street 

Birrel, John senior, ditto, P'easance 

Bishop, David stabler, Gibbet toll 

Bishop, James surveyor of excise, St John's close, Ca« 

Bishop, William grocer, Grassmarket 
Bisset, Andrew writer. Brown's close, Castlehill 
Bisset, William corn-merchant, Candlemaker row 
Bisset, Mrs Capt. foot of Now street 
Black, Adam, bookseller and stiition*»r, 57. South br. 
Black, Adam baker, 4 south St Djvid Street 
Slack, Alexander drugg'st. High street 
Black, Charles builder, Middl^ton's entry, Bristo str. 
Black, David founder, S9. Nioolsou street 
Bla>:k, George broker, Cowgate head 
Black, Hugh merchant, Exchange, — house. Writer's 

Black, Jimes spirit-dealer, Cowgate head 
Black, James cooper. Abbey strand 
Black, John grocer, root of the Canongate 
Black, John cartwright, Dean 
Black, Patrick ot the Customs, — house Paterson*s 

court, Broughton 
Black, Thomas spirit-dealer, High street 
Bla.-k, Wm brass-founder. Weir's close, Canongate 
Black, Wm merchant-tailor, St Mary wynd 
Black, \\ illiam spirit-dealer foot of Canongate 

22 BLA--BLY 

Black, Mrs Calton-hill 

Black, Rev. Mrs David, north Richmond street 
Black, Mrs furnished lodgings, 5. so. Richn:iond St. 
Black, Mrs ,53. George' street south side 
Elackadder, David writer, 11. Leith street 
Elackadder, H. H. surgeon, ditto 
Elackadder. John 2i. Queen street 
Blackburn Mrs 8. Forth street 
Blackhall, John shoemaker, 2. Carnegie street 
Blackball, Thomas writer, 18. Greenside street 
Blackie, George gardener, Fountainbridge 
^ilacklaw, James grocer, low Calton 
Blacklock, Mrs Bristo street 
Blackstock, James teacher, Gib's entry 
Blackwell, John esq. advocate, 11. Picardy place 
Blackwood, Robert tailor, 4. College street 
Blackwood, T. and J. haberdashers, 60. South bridge 
Blackwood, William bookseller, 64. ditto 
Blain, Andrew esq. W. S. 11. St Andrew square 
Blair, Alexander esq. W. S. 34. Geo. str. n. side 
Blair, Francis manufacturer, head of St John street 
Blair, J. lapper of cloth, opposite New street 
Blair, John 8. Potter-row 
Blair, Jo. writer, 18 mid Rose street 
Blair, Robert esq. advocate, 56. George square 
Blair, Robert tailor, 2. Carnegie street 
Blair, Wm. general agent. Weir's cl. Canongate 
Blair, Mrs of [jalthayock, 15. George street 
Blair, Mrs of Dunrode, Drumsheugh 
Blair, Mrs furnished lodgings, high Calton 
Blair, Mrs 1. Park row 
Blair, Miss 9. Hope street 
Blake, Wm. shoemaker, Bristo street 
Blake, Mrs 53. George street, south side 
Blylock, James turner, Netherbow 

BLY-— BON 23 

Blyth, Andrew builder, 19. west Rose street 

Blyth, Geo. grocer, Canongate head 

Blyth, James spirit-dealer, Canal street 

Blyth, William wright, 2. Carnegie street 

Blyth, Mrs 34 Nicolson street 

Boag, Alexander mason, 3. west Rose street 

Boag, John cabinet-maker, west Rose street 

Boag, Mrs toy-shop, Creams 

Boak, Alex, and Son, tanners, West port 

Boak, Allan tanner, \V est port 

Bock, Mrs 17. south Frederick street 

Bodain, Capt. John 3. George street 

Bog, John corn chandlir, 1. Union place 

Eoggie, James turner, north side High street 

Boggie, John furnished lodgings, 15 College street 

Eoggie, '«\illiam Hope-park end 

Bogle, And. of Royal bank, 12. Buccleuch place 

Bogle, Mrs 1 north James street 

Bogue, John esq. V\ . S. 2. St James' square 

Boog, Alex, boot-maker, 12. St Andrew street 

Boog, j\nd. and Alex, cutlers, Netherbow 

Booklass, David plasterer, James' place 

Booklass, G. glazier, 16. mid Rose street, James plasterer, low Calton 

Booklass, James wright, 3. west Rose street 

Eooklasf, John wright, 5. east Rose street 

Bold, V\ m. spirit-dealer, Bidl's close 

Eonar, Alex, banker — house Broughton 

Bonar, Andrew banker — house Royal Exchange 

Bonar, James esq. solicitor of Excise, Broughton 

Bonar, James junior of Excise King' street 

Bonar, John paiuter and coluur-man, head of North 

bridge — house and paper wareroom, south St 

David street 
Bonar, John grocer, 30. Leith street 

24 BON— BOW 

Bonar, Thomas buil ler, Heriot's bridge — work shops 

MagJalene chapel, Cowgate 
■Bonar, Thomson merchant, — house Grove, Fountain- 
Bonnr, \\m. merchant in Leitb — bouse Pilrig street 
i?.onar, \Vm. painter, middle of i' est port 
1 onthron, Ak'X tea merchant. 90 South bridge 
Eontl ron, James jeweller, 9. Prince street, — house 

2. sonth St David street 
Bonthron, Mrs furnished lodgings, 3 Bticcleuch pi. 
Eorthwick, Alexander victual-dealer, head of St Ma- 
ry wynd 
Porthwick, Sndrew smith. Leith wynd 
Eoithwick, Geo. wirc'-wt>rker, Fountain well 
I'-orthwick, John esq. of Cruokston, Lauriston 
Porthwick, Thomas groctr, Cnlton 
Porthwick, Vm. bookbind-er, 'arriston close 
Borthwick, Mrs furnished lodgings. 2. Drummond str. 
Boston, John Wright, Richmond place 
I'oston, Mrs furnisher' lodgings, Richmond court 
Poswell, Alexander esq. 22. north C'Stle street 
Poswell, Thomas esq 27. St Andrew squ re 
Boswi-11, William esq advocate, L3. ditto 
Poswell. Mro R -ditto 
Poswell, Mrs SO, Queen stn-et 
Eow, Robert merchant, ^6 South bridge, — house 1. 

sjuth Hanover street 
Power. Mrs 25. south Frederick street 
Bowers, Archibald grocer, 18 west Richmond street, 
and office for liuen opposite BtU'* 
Vir wery, Plc-asance' 
Bowers, John cabnitt-niaker, Leith wynd 
liow.^rs, Tnomns groc t, Le'th wynd 
Jjowie, James baker, Union place 

BOW— BRA 25 

Bowie, James gardener, Water of Leith 

Bowie, John vintner, 82. South bridge 

Bowie, Robert Bristo street 

Bowie, William baker, Lawnniarket, — house Riddel's 

Bowie, Mrs Captain 7. Carnegie street 
Bowman, Charles depute-clerk of hornings and teinds, 

25. Prince street 
Boyd, Cathcart, Crosscauseway 
Boyd, Charles 12. Charles' street 
Boyd, Charles apothecary, opposite Milton house 
Boyd, John and George merchants, L Piccardy place 
Boyd, John spirit-dealer, Marshall's entry, Leith 

Boyd, John veal-flesher, Grassmarket, south side 
Boyd, Peter flesher, Grassmarket 
Boyd, Robert esq. W. S. 3. north Castle street 
Boyd, William smith, Leith wynd 
Boyd, Mrs furnished lodgings, 4L Nicolson street 
Boyd and Budford, milliners, 1. north James' street 
Eoyes, Andrew tailor, opposite sugarhouse, Canon» 

Boyes, William tailor, 9. east Rose street 
Boyle, Alexander perfumer, 1. Duke street 
Boyle, David esq. advocate, M. P. solicitor-yeneral, 

41. George street, south side 
Brackenrig, Alexander watchmaker, West-port 
Brackenrig, James watchmaker, Lawnmarket 
Eradfute, John bookseller, — house 22. George 

Bradfute, Mrs Park street and Lauriston 
Braid, William spirit-dealer, Netherbow 
Braid, Mrs grocer, Stockbridge 
Braidwood, Adam baker, opposite Hard-well close, 

1807. C 

26 BRA— BRO 

Braidwood, Francis upholsterer, Adam's squgre, — 

house Roxburgh square 
Eraidwood, John boot and shoemaker, Buccleuch str. 
Bi-aidwood, William and Son, ironmongers, 6. Hun- 
ter's square 
Brand, John gardener, Burntsfield links 
Brand and Noble, carvers and gilders, Fountainwell 
Brand, Miss Brand's place 
Brandon, Miss mantua-maker, Miln's square 
Brash, James tailor, 11. Leith street 
Bremner, Charles esq. W. S. 3. Ramsay garden 
Bremner, James accountant, Stamp-of&ce, — house 

Ramsay garden 
Bremner, Robert writer, Chamberlain's office 
Bremner, Walter tailor, High-school wynd 
Bremner, Mrs 12. north Castle street 
Bremner, Mrs innkeeper, below Canongate church 
Bremner, Mrs Paterson's court, Broughton 
Bridges, Francis merchant, Niddry street, — house 

Windmill street 
Bridges, David merchant, Bank street, — house Par- 
liament close 
Bridges, James writer, 4. south Charlotte street 
Briggs, Dr Robert apothecar)-, 65. South bridge 
Brisbane, Thomas esq. of Brisbane, 9. Forth street 
British Linen Company Bank-office, Netherbow 
Brodie, Francis esq. W. S. Northumberland street 
Brodie, John slater, 3. east Rose street 
Brodie, William glass-grinder, north side High street 
Brodie, William ordained measurer, Simon square 
Brodie, Mrs 21. York place 
Brodie, Mrs Major 79. Prince street 
Brodie, Miss 8. south St David street 
Brook and Manderston, fleshers, 18. east Rose street 
Brooks, Adam and company, merchants, Lucken- 

BRO— BRO 27 

Brooks, Adam merchant, — house Kincaid's courc 
Brooks, John ditto, 7. Nicolson street 
Brooks, J. baker, Hay's court, Portsburgh 
Brooks, Mrs Leith wj'nd 

Brooks, Mrs furnished lodgings, 5. Nicolson street 
Brooks, Mrs ditto, 18. mid Rose street 
Broomheld, Robert spirit-dealer, Warriston's close 
Brotherston, Mrs furnished lodgings, 5. south Hano- 
ver street 
Brough, John mortdoth keeper, Blackfriars wynd 
Erough, John cork-cutter, foot of Blair street 
Brough, Robert teacher, 31. South bridge 
Brougham, MoncriefF, and Company, merchants, and 
agents for the Imperial Fire-office, 28. Parlia- 
ment square 
Brougham, H. esq. — house 7- George street 
Brougham, J. W. merchant, — house 7. George street 
Bfougliton, Charles esq. W. S. 5. Elder street 
Broughton, Hugh esq. of the Excise, 5. Hope street 
Broughton, J. W. of the Customs, Nicolson square 
Broughton, Mrs 9. Nicolson square 
Broughton, Mrs corner of St Patrick square 
Brown, Adam boot and shoe warehouse, 7. Catherine 

Brown, Anderson and Company, wholesale grocers 

and spirit-dealers, Lothian street 
Brown and Niven, hosiers, 22. Leith street 
Brown, Alexander solicitor at law, back stairs, P.irlia- 

ment square 
Brown, Alexander 8. south Richmond street 
Brown, Alexander bookseller, 8. North bridge 
Brown, Alexander jeweller, — house 2S. Soutli bridge 
Brown, Alexander perfumer and ladies hairdrcise;-, 

20. George street, south side 
Brown, Andrew engi-aver, Simon squan* 
1807. C2 

^8 - BRO— BRO 

Brown, Andrew founder, Castlehill, — shop, head of 

Dunbar's close 
Brown, Andrew ham-shop, St Patrick square 
Erown, Rev. Dr Andrew 13. Argyll square 
Brown, Benjamin surgeon, 96. Nicolson street, — 

house 5. College street 
Brown, Charles boot and shoe shop, 10. Greenside 

Brown, David esq. Lauriston lane 
Brown, Edward grocer, 5. Frederick street 
Brown, E. stonewarehouse, 17. west Rose street 
Brown, David writer, 13. George street, south side 
Brown, George grocer, Eristo street 
Brown, George watchmaker, Canongate head 
Brown, George spirit-dealer, 28. Thistle street 
Brown, H. R. coachmaker, York place — house Duke 

Bi'own, James whipmaker. Brand's place 
Brown, James (successor to Mr Alexander), boot- 
maker, 17. Leith street 
Brown, James confectioner, head of Canongate 
Brown, James architect, 29. George square 
Brown, James cabinet-maker and undertaker, west 

Chapel street 
Brown, James mason, Wrightshouses 
Brown, James broker, Cowgate 
Brown, James stabler, Grassmarket, north side 
Brown, James stay maker, 16. South bridge 
Brown, James spirit-dealer. West-port 
Brown, James boot and shoe warehouse, 10. Green- 
side street 
Brown, James lastmaker, Leith wynd 
Brown, James Gayfield place 

Brown, John of Messrs Dickson and Company, — ■ 
house, 5. Canal street 



John writer, 8. north St David street 
John grocer, head of Lawnmarket 
John printer, Anchor dose, — house 7. Ni- 
cholson street 

John Wright, west end of Rose street 
John coachmaker, Abbey-hill 
John spirit-dealer, foot of Cowgate 
John grocer, Grassmarket 
John Wright, Lochrin 
John merchant, water of I^eith 
John water-office, 45. mid Rose street 
John architect, Park street 
John glazier, Clark's land, Bristo street 
Joseph baker, Chessels' court, Canongnte 
John Os. esq. W. S. 12. Dublin street 
Patrick broker, Cowgate head 
Peter mason, foot of Leith wynd 
Peter esq. 21. nort'.i Castle street 
Peter Russia and IManchester warehouse, 13. 
South bridge 

Robert hnt manufactory, Heriot's bridge 
Robert weaver, Damhead, water of Leith 
Robert stabler, middle of the Pleasance 
Robert tailor, 3. east Richmond street 
Robert watchmaker, 2. Catherine street 
Robert baker, Fountainbridge 
Robert porter-dealer. Infirmary street 
Robert writer, 37. North bridge 
Robert wright. Potter-row 
Robert furnished lodgings, 9. Nicolson 

Robert W. S. 4-. Dublin street 
Thomas bookseller, 1. North bridge — house 
Playhouse close, Canongate 
Brown, Thomas baker, opposite Linen hail, Canongate 
1807. C 3 

so BRO— BRO 

Erown, Thomas tailor, St Mary wynd 
Brown, Dr Thomas 8. north St David street 
Brown, Walter merchant — house 2. Bucfleuch place- 
Brown, William of the Weekly Journal Office — ho. 

2. St Patrick square 
Brown, William smith, Goose-dub 
Brown, William Wallace writer, 6. James' square 
Brown Dr William 32. north Hanover street 
Brown, William teacher, 5. south Frederick street 
Brown, William spirit-dealer, Infirmary street 
Brown, William wright, opposite the Dispensary 
Erown, William spirit-dealer, head of low Calton 
Brown, William furnished lodgings, 10. east Rose 

Brown, William tool-maker Simon square 
Brown, Mrs Johnston GO. Queen street 
Brown, Mrs 17. James' square 

Brown, Mrs furnished lodgings, IS. Greenside street 
Brown, Mrs ditto, 33. Nicolson street 
Brown, Mrs ditto, 6- Charles' street 
Brown, Mrs ditto, Simon square 
Brown, Mrs ditto, 8. south Richmond street 
Brown, Mrs of Newton, 22. north Castle street 
Brown, Mrs broker. High-school wynd 
Brown, Mrs 1. Charlotte street 
Brown, Mrs Staffordshire warehouse, West-bow 
Brown, Mrs 38. Nicolson street 
Erown, Mrs grocer, Grassmarket, south side 
Brown, Mrs 9. Merchant street 
JBrown, Mrs 8. Calton street 
Brown, Mrs grocer, Leith wynd 
Brown, Mrs flesher — :house Fleshmarket close 
Brown and M'Donald, dress-makers, 32. Prince 

Brown, Misses dress-makers, 37. North bridge 


Brown, Misses mantua-makers, Castle-hill — sale shop 

Brown, Miss dress-maker, opposite the Tron church 
Brown, Miss ditto,. 4. Greenside street 
Brown, Miss opposite Archers' hall 
Brown, C. and A. miUiners, 13. George street, south 

Browning, James grocer, 27. west Thistle street 
Brownlee, George horse-dealer, Grassmarket 
Brownlee, J. builder 10. south Charlotte street 
Bruce and Company, hosiers, Blair street 
Bruce and Burns upholsterers, 27. South bridge, — . 

house Morison's close 
Bruce and Son, upholsterers, 37- North bridge 
Bruce WiUiam and Son tailors. Sellers' close, Lawn- 

Bruce, Adam writer, 1. Hope street 
Eruce, Alexander 4. Lauriston place 
Bruce, Alexander upholsterer, Society- 
Bruce, Burnet esq. advocate. Young street. New town 
Bruce, Captain 59. Queen street 
Eruce, Daniel furnished lodgings, 4. Bristo street 
Bruce, Francis saddler, head of Canongate 
Bruce, George esq. depute-clerk of session, 21. north 

Frederick street 
Bruce, George miniature painter, 4. Greenside street 
Bruce, James saddler, Bristo street 
Bruce, James esq. 7. York place, 
Bruce, James grocer, 14. George street 
Bruce, John planner and land-surveyor, 3. St Patrick 

Bruce, William banker, St John hill 
Bruce, William auctioneer, 37. North bridge 
Bruce, William merchant, 1. Union place 
Bruce, William shoemaker, Luckentiooths 


Bruce, Mrs of Tillycoultry, St Patrick square 

Bruce, Mr3 of Cowden, 4. Hill street 

Bruce, Mrs World end close 

Bruce, Mrs 42. Prince street 

Bruce, Miss of Kennet, Young street, New town 

Bruce, Miss 26. north Hanover street 

Bruce, Miss of Kinnaird, 96. Prince street 

Brumby, Thomas paper warehouse, Niddry street- 
house 17. Rose street 

Bryce, James esq. surgeon, 14. St Andrew square 

Bryce, James painter, 16. east Thistle street 

Bryce, John mason Simon square 

Bryce, 'Thomas and Company booksellers, Infirmary 

Bryce, Miss 1. north St Andrew street 

Bryceson, William working goldsmith, jeweller and 
lapidary, 1 1 . Prince street 

Bryden, James hairdresser, middle of West bow 

Bryden, John worsted shop, ditto 

Bryden, John bell-hanger, Cov/an's close, Crosscause- 

Bryden, Robert spirit-dealer, east Richmond street 

Bryden, William painter and glazier, 27. Rose street 

BryscTh, George piano forte maker, Castlehill 

Bryson, John music-seller. Cross 

Bryson, Robert Libberton wynd 

Brunton, Andrew tailor, 2. east Richmond stre£t 

Brunton, George merchant, Exchange — house Fife 

Brunton, James esq. solicitor, 1 south James' street 

Brunton, Walter saddler, head bailie Eyfe's close — 
house Carrubber's close 

Brunton, Rev. A. 3. Si John street, Canongate 

Brunton, Mrs Hunter's land foot of West-bow 

Brunton, Mrs grocer, Bristo street 

BUG— BUG 33 

Buchan and Drysdale, esqs. W. S. 13. St James' 

Buchan, the Earl of 62. George street, south side 
Buchan, Charles of the General Post-office, — house 

Gilmour street 
Buchan, David of the General Post-office, 7. south 

Richmond street 
Buchan, James esq. W. S. 13. St James' square 
Buchan, John esq. accountant General Post-office, 2. 

St Patrick square 
Buchan, John esq, W. S- James' court 
Buchan, Robert painter, St Mary wynd — house 5. Ni- 

coKion street 
Buchan, Vv^'m. of the bank of Scotland, 2. south 

Richmond street 
Buchan, Miss 46. south Hanover street 
Buchan, Miss A. 12. Crichton street 
Buchanan, Arch, spirit-dealer, back of Muse wtll, 

Buchanan, Ben. silversmith, Potter-row 
Buchanan, Duncan esq. 27. George st. south side 
Buchanan, Hector Macdonald esq. principal clerk of 

session, 61. George street 
BuchanaU) Hugh spirit-dealer, foot of New street 
Buchanan, James flesher, Canal street 
Buchanan, John baker, Bristo street 
Buchanan, John Alison's square 
Buchanan, John bookseller, 4. North bridge — house 

St John street 
Buchanan, John baker, head of St John street 
Buchanan Rev. Dr Reid's court Canongate 
Buchanan, P. G. bookseller, 4. St Andrew street 
Buchanan, Mrs West bow foot 
Buchanan, Mrs of Auchentorlie, 5. Hill street 
Buchanan, Mrs 7. Buccleuch place 

34 BUG— BUR 

Buchanan, Mrs 33. George street, south side 
Buchard, Archibald confectioner, Netherbow 
Buckham, Wm. flesher, Crosscauseway 
Buist, Thomas cooper, 15. mid Rose street 
Burck, Geo. tailor, Gabriel's road 
Burgess and Hog, mantuamakers, 13. Bank street 
Burling, Mrs grocer, head Turk's close 
Burn, Henry baker, Richmond street, east of Dispen- 
Burn, Robert and Company, builders aad marble-cut= 

ters, Leith walk 
Burn, James, Mary field, easter road to Leith 
Burn, James brushmaker, St Mary wynd 
Burns, Robert grocer, Niddiy street 
Burn, Thomas builder, 24. Greenside street 
Burns, Thomas esq. W. S. 4. Park street 
Burns, Mrs David east Lochehd close, Canongate 
Burns, Mrs Tobago street 
Burnet George of the Excise, Crosscauseway 
Burnet, Captain James Fleshmarket close 
Burnet, James grocer, opposite the Magdalen chapel 
Burnet, John esq. advocate, 26. York place 
Burnet, John baksr, 17. Leitli street 
Burnet, John tailor, 5. Lothian street 
Burnet, Thomas tailor, 17. mid Rose street 
Burnet, Williamson of Monboddo, 4. Albany street 
Burnet, Mrs Hunter's land, West-bow 
Burnet, Miss muslin warehouse, 38. Hanover street 
Burnside, "William coach-hirer, ditto 
Burnside, Mrs furnished lodgings 16. north Hanover 

Burr, James mason, Bell's mills 
Burrell, George esq. 3. Albany street 
Burrell, Jo. baker, middle of Pleasancc 

BUR— BUT 3^ 

Burrell, John baker, south Richmond street 

Burrell, J. merchant, west Register street 

Burrell, Wm, tailor, foot of Canongate 

Burrell, Mrs 2. Buccleuch place 

Burt, James veterinary surgeon, low Terrace — house 

24. Greensidc street 
Burt, Robert druggist, L^wnmarket — house Riddell's 

Burton and Johnston, saddlers, Nicolson street 
Burton, Alex, merchant, back of Weigh-house 
Burton, James furnished lodgings, 8. north St David 

Bushby, John mineral surveyor, 3. north Richmond 

Butler and Company, boot and shoe warehouse, 3. low 

Butler, T. H. teacher of music. Bishop's land, High 

Butters, John esq. 2, Moray street 
Butters, William architect, Braehouse 
Butters, L. seal engraver, Toddrick's wynd 
Butters, Robert reed maker, opposite Back stairs Cow- 
Butters, Mrs of Pitlochrie, 6. south St David street 
Butterworth, E, writing master, 18. George street, 

south side 
Butterworth, George ditto, 29. George street, south 



36 CAD— CAL 

^ADDEL, William wine-merchant, 3. north St An- 
drew street, — house, 7. south Union place 
Caddel, William junior of Cockenzie, 40. Prince str. 
Caddel, William and Co. paper warehouse, Royal ex» 

Cadzean, James cabinet-maker, 27. Thistle street 
Caird, John auctioneer, old Assembly close 
Cairncross, George architect, College 
Cairns and Duncan, brewers, Abbey-hill 
Cairns, James wright, Castle wynd 
Cairns, Peter bookseller, 3. College street 
Cairns, Mrs furnished lodgings, 18. Catherine street 
Cairns, Mrs ditto, Richmond place 
Cairnton, Robert smith, Magdalen chapel, Cowgate 
Calder, A. furnished lodgings, 6. west Richmond st. 
Calder, John and Son, merchants, Grassmarket 
Calder, William merchant — shops, head of Cowgate. 

Portsburgh, and Canongate head 
Calder, Mrs Grinlay's close. West-bow 
Calder, Mrs Gilmour place 

Calder, Mrs furnished lodgings, 26. Leith street 
Caldwell, Jo. miniature painter, head of New etreet, 

Caldwell, Mrs 94. Prince street 
Caledonian Insurance office, 98. South bridge 
Callam, Charles watchmaker, Nicolson street 
Callam, George tinsmith, Greenside 
Callender, Alex, of the Council-chamber— house Gos- 

ford's close, Lawnmarket 

CAL— CAM 3^ 

Callendcr, Alexander hairdresser, Cowgate head 
Cal'ender, James head of Bank street 
Callender, Jo. Shoeinakers clos'^, Canongate 
Callender, Thomas tanner, 1. south Richmond street 
Callender, Wm writer, 3. Heriot row west 
Callender and Wilson, dressmakers, 39. South bridge 
Callender, Mrs Carrubber's close 
Cal'ender, Mrs 2o. north Castle street 
Callender, Miss 2. Lothian street 
Cameron, Alexander shoemaker, Calton 
Cameron, Alexander shoemaker St Ann street 
CEmeron, Alexander solicitor at law, Miln's court, 

Cameron, Rev. Alexander Blackfriars wynd 
Cameron, Archibald and Son painters, 1. St John St. 
Cameron, Colin clerk of barrack works, Abbey 
Cameron, Colin poi'ter-dealer, east Rose street 
Cameron, Daniel tailor, 18. Leith street 
Cameron, Donald esq. Malta, Stockhridge 
Cameron, Duncan esq. W. S. 1. east Register street 
Cameron, Francis esq. junior of Glencsk, James' court 
Cameron, James boot and shoe shop, 20. low Terrace 
Cameron, John chiiirmaster. Brown's square 
Cameron, John merchant tailor, 36. Prince street 
Camero' , John hatter, 81. South bridge 
Cameron, John hairdresser, 17. high Terrace 
Cameron, Jo. baker, Crosscauseway 
Cameron, John Perth carrier, High street 
Cameron, Robert and Son, wholesale stationers, 2. 

Bank street 
-Cameron, Mrs grocer, opposite St John street 
Cameron, Mrs Dundas' street 

Cameron, Mrs furnished lodgings, 1. George street 
Campbell and Yule, woollen drapers, 38. South bridge 
1807, D 

38 CAM— CAM 

Campbell and Young, brewers, Cowgate 
Campbell and Cooper, esqs. W. iS. Heriot row west 
Campbell, Alexander esq. 24. George square 
Campbell, Alexander furnished lodgings, 26. Leith st. 
Campbell, Alexander general supervisor of excise, — 

house Potter-row 
Campbell, Alex, accountant, 12. south Frederick str. 
Campbell, Lieut. Col. Archibald 24. south Castle st. 
Campbell, Archibald writer, 95. Prince street 
Campbell, Archibald esq. advocate, Park place 
Campbell, Archibald merchant, High street 
Campbell, Archibald horse-dealer, south back of Ca- 

Campbell, Arclv. town-officer, — hoase Eorthwick's cl. 
Campbell, Charles teacher, Chessels's court, canongate 
Campbell, ('harles engraver, Bortliwick's close 
Campbell, Charles silversmith, Skinner's close 
Campbell, Charles writer, 10. Elair street 
Campbell, Colin spirit-dealer, Castlehill 
Campbell, Daniel spirit-dealer. Cross 
Campbell, Dan. furnished lodgings, 15. east Rose at, 
Campbell, Duncah vintner, 3. Prince street 
Campbell, Islay Right Hon. (Lord President), Park 

Campbell, Col. James 27- George square 
Campbell, James merchant, West bow, furnished lod- 
gings, Castlehill 
Campbell, James shoemaker, 8. south Frederick str. 
Campbell, James measurer, Simon square 
Campbell, James esq. advocate, 39. George square 
Campbell, John esq. W. S. 8. Elder street, — house 
Warriston, near Canonraills 


Campbell, Rev. John secretary to the Society for pro» 
pagating Christian Knowledge, — house, Socie- 
ty hall, Netherbow 

Campbell, John esq. tertius, W. S. 10, Heriot row 

Campbell, John esq quartus W. S. 20. James' square 

Campbell, John grocer, head of Jack's close 

Campbell, John esq. Receiver General, 38. George 
street, north side 

Campbell, Kenneth vintner,' Blackfriars v/ynd 

Campbell, Martin of the Customs, — house, head of 
the Mound 

Campbell, Peter and company, woollen drapers, 19. 
Leith street 

Campbell, Robert esq. W. S. 6. Charlotte street 

Campbell, Roger 19. Nicolson street 

Campbell, Thomas writer. Union street 

Campbell, Thomas Macconochie's close, head of Cow- 

Campbell, William esq. of Shawfield, 12. St Andrew 

Campbell, William esq. W. S. 5. Society 

Campbell, Wilham tap-room, Castlehill 

Campbell, Lady Ardkinglas, 31. N. Frederick street- 
Campbell, Mrs General Fletcher of Salton, Milton 
house, Canongate 

Campbell, Mrs of Duneaves, 95. Prince street 

Campbell, Mrs 2. west Chapel street 

Campbell, Mrs Archibald Braehouse 

Campbell, Mrs 3. Antigua street 

Campbell, Mrs stabler, Grassmarket 

Campbell, Mrs Captain Fountainbridge 

Campbell, Mrs 29. George street, south side 

Campbell, Mrs spirit-dealer, Blackfriars wynd 
1807. D 2 


Campbtll, Mrs Sonachan, 6. south Charlctte street 
Campbell, Mrs William 1. George street, south side 
Carripbeil, Mrs Alifon s close Ccwgate head 
Campbell, Mrs of Belmore, 30, Geo. str. -r-outh siJe 
Carripbtll, Mrs D. of Ardr.eavts, IS. north side Geo. 

Campbell, Mrs of Barcaldon, Gayfield place 
Campbell, Ivlrs Alison's square 
Campbe;}, iMrg 1. and "2. James' squsre 
Campbell, Mrs 12. south Fredej-ck street 
Campbell, Mrs spirit-dealer, Potter-row 
Campbell, Mrs vintner, 8'2. South bridge 
Campbell, Miss E. 5. George street 
Campbell, M'ss mantnamaker, 7. high Terrace 
Campbell. Miss of Newneld, 6. south St David str. 
Campbell, Mirs 50. York place 
Campbell, Miss Crichton street 
Campbell. J. and M. dress-makers, 7- George street, 

north, side 
Campbell, Miss of Barhill, 30. north Castle street 
Candlish, Wrn grocer, 19. south Frederick street 
Canaan, Horatius esq. W. S. 6. George street, — 

house Gilmour place 
Cant and Thomson, basketmakers, foot of Steveulaw's 

Carfrae, James clothier. Si. South bridge — house SS. 

York place 
Carfrae, John coachmaker, Canongate, soutii side 
Carfrae, J. writer, Tobago street 
Carfrae,' Mrs 2. Clyde street 
Cargill, Mrs London patent medicine warehouse, S6. 

South bridge 
Carfrae, Mrs furnished lodgings, head of Leith wynd 
Cargill, Mrs 11. Leith street 

CAR— CAT 41^ 

Cargill, Mrs 14. Leith Terrace 

Carmichael, James poulterer^ Fleshmarket close 

Carmichael, J. baker, 24. Terrace 

Carmichael, Jo. candlemaker, Watergate 

Carmichael, John grocer, opposite the tolbooth, Ca» 

Carmichael, Thomas merchant, West bow 
Carmichael, Walter tailor, 21. Nicolson street 
Carmichael, Wm writer, 5. St James' street 
Carmichael, Mrs A. Libberton wynd 
Carmichael, Mrs J. 2. Hope street 
Carmichael, Mrs of Estend, 29. George str. 8&«th side 
Carmichael, Mrs glover, 20. Nicolson street 
Carmichael, Mrs 10. St Andrew square 
Carmichael, Miss 14. Buccleuch place 
Carmichael, Miss mantua-maker, Infirmary street • 
Carnegie, John esq. Pleasance 
Carnochan, Mrs 1. cast Rose street 
Carphin, George solicitor, Royal Bank close 
Garr, Miss of Nisbet, 7. George square 
Carrick, Andrew candlemaker,' 4= Lothian street 
Carrick, William candlemaker, Portsburgh 
Carse, Alexander miniature painter, 17. James' square 
Carse, John smith, 17- Greenside street 
Carson, A. Ross of the High-school, Richmond place 
Carstairsj William comb-maker, Leith walk 
Carstairs, Mrs 3. Richmond place 
Carruthers, Jo. of the Tax-office, 2. south Frederick 

Carruthers, Jo. cabinet-maker, 17- Greenside street 
Cathcart, David esq advocate, 5. Heriot row east 
Cathcart, Robert esq. W. S. 38. George square 
Cathcart, Mrs Gay field house 
Cathcart Miss 19. Hill street 
1807. D 3 

42 CAS— CHA 

Cassie, Arch, furnished lodgings, 15. Thistle street 

Cassie, James shoemaker, High street 

Cauvin, Louis, French teacher, head of Stamp-office 

Cauviij and Nisbet, esqs. W. S. 41. York place 
Caw, Alexander bookbinder, Warriston close 
Caw, Alexander ditto, old Assembly close 
Caw, George printer, Libberton wynd — house Lau- 

Cay, Adam tin-plate worker, Calton 
Cay, R. H. esq. Judge-Admiral, east Heriot row 
Cess-offi.:e, Bank street, Lawnmarket 
Chalmers, David baker, 24:. west Rose street 
Chalmers, George plumber, opposite New street, Ca- 

Chalmers James esq. solicitor, Chalmers's close 
Chalmers, James lint manufactory. West-port 
Chalmers, Jo. writer, Leith walk 
Chalmers, Jo. wright, Canal street 
Chalmers, Thomas ironmongery warehouse, Lothian 

street — shop and house Potter-row 
Chalmers, William gaiter-maker, 10. low Terra c 
Chalmers, William glover, low Terrace 
Chalmers, William tailor, 19. north Hanover street 
Chalmers, William clock and watch maker, 12. Ca- 
therine street 
Chalmers, William carver and gilder, Back stairs 
Chalmers, Mrs )2. Buccleuch place 
Chalmers, Mrs tinsmith, Lav/nmarket 
Chalmers, Mrs 40. north Frederick street 
Chalmers, Mrs Caltonhill 
Chamberlain's office, 13. Bank street, opposite the 

Bank of Scotland 
Chancellor, John Park street 

CHA— CHR 43 

Chapman, Mrs Dr 11. east Rose street 

Charles, John candlemaker, Sciennes, — shops High 

street and 19. Frederick street 
Charles, Miss boarding school, 27. York place 
Charleston, D. grocer, near Frederick street, Rose st. 
Charlotte, James spirit-dealer, Leith street 
Charteris, Edward flesher, mid Rose street 
Charteris, James flesher, Rose street 
Charteris, T. flesher. Canal street 
Charters, Lady Catherine St John street 
Charteris, Mrs Dundas' street 
Charteris, Mrs 5. Shakespeare square 
Cliatenay, Anthony French teacher, 2. North bridge 
Cheap, James esq. of Strathtyi-um, 45. George street 
Cheap, William esq. opposite St John street 
Cheape, Miss of Rossie, 41. north Frederick street 
Cheyne, Stuart bookseller, 22. George street 
Cheyne, Miss dress-maker, north College street 
Chiesely, Mrs 2. James' square 
Child, William china, stone, and glass warehouse, 41. 

North bridge, — house 2. Union place 
Chisholme, Adam, meal-dealer, Portsburgh 
Ghisholme, John smith, Hastie's close 
Chisholme, Mrs of Chisholme, 50. George street, 

south side 
Chisholme, Mrs Carnegie street 

Christal, Mrs William shoemaker, 10. Nicolson street 
Christie, A. teacher, Morison's close, High street 
Christie, Alexander spirit-dealer, Cowgate head 
Christie, David writer, 31. York place 
Christie, Daniel writer, Warriston close 
Christie, James tobacconist. Exchange, — house in 

Writers' court 
Christie, James corkcutter, Cowgate 

44 CHR— CLE 

Christie, James hairdresser, 18. Greenside street 
Christie, J. breeches-maker, 4. south St Andrew st, 
Christie, John writer, Buchanan's court, Lawnmarket 
Christie, John junior writer, Paterson's court, Lawn- 
Christie, Jo. baker, Buccleuch street 
Christie, Robert shoemaker, 19. low Terrace 
Christie, William spirit-dealer, opposite Tolbooth, Ca- 

Christie, William grocer, head of Tolbooth wynd, Ca- 

Christie, Mrs opposite Canongate church 
Christie, Mrs of Balchristie, 1. George square 
Christie, Mrs 10. York place 
Christie, Mrs 1. St John street 
Christison, Professor middle of Pleasance 
Christison, John teacher, Infirmary street 
Churchill, Mrs 37- north Frederick street 
Clapperton, George esq. W. S. 4. Merchant street 
Ciapperton, John merchant, Luckenbooths — house 

Palmer's buildings, Chapel street 
Clapperton, Mrs Caltonhill 

Clark, Arch, rush-bottom chair manufacturer, Ali- 
son's square 
Clark, Colin baker, 9. Lothian street 
Clark, James furnished lodgings, 3. Catherine street 
Clark, John printer, 3. Richmond place 
Clark, Mrs lint-factory, west College street 
Clarkson, Thomas grocer. West bow 
Cleghorn, Alex, of the Customs, 4f. Dundas' street 
Cleghorn, D. brewer. West port 
Cleghorn, David esq. W. S. 4. Dundas' street 
Cleghorn, Geo. esq. W. S. Heriot row 
Cleghorn, Richard solicitor at law, Allan's close 


Cleghcrn, Thomas esq. Heriot row 

Clfghorn, Miss Gardtiiers hall 

Cleghorn, M'ss Brown's square 

Cleghorn, Miss oppos'te Archers' hall 

C lelar.d, R. grocer, Potter-row 

Clelaud, Robert stabler, Grassmarket 

Cleland, Sulham cutler and liardware merchant, Bank 

Clelard, Mrs l-i. Argyll square 
Clephan, Andrew esq. advocate, G7. Queen street 
Clephan, Harry esq. \S . S. ditto 
Cleplian, James cabiaet-maker, Shoemakers' close, Ca^ 

Clephan, John innkeeper, 43. south Hanover street 
Clephan, Thomas house-painter, below North bridge. 

High street 
Clephan, Thomas junior ditto, FksKraarket close, Ca- 

Clephan, !Mrs Douglas Maclean 17. Queen street 
Clerk and Ross, insurance-brokers, navy and army 

agents, 16. South bridge 
Clerk and Company, printers, Mealmarket stairs. Cow- 

Clerk, Alex, insurance broker,— house Buccleuch st. 
Clerk, Alex, weaver, Broughton 
Clerk, Alex, stabler Grassmarket 
Clerk, Alex, writer, Henderson's stairs 
Clerk, Allan esq. W. S. 5. north St David street 
Clerk, Andrew silversmith, Potter-row 
Clerk, Andrew furnished lodgings, 5. north Rich- 
mond street 
Clerk, David Clerk's land, Bristo street 
Clerk, David Leith waggon-office, Cross 

46 CLE— CLE 

clerk, Edward grocer and spirit-dealer, Buccleuch. 

Clerk, George spirit-dt aler, Ponton street 
Clerk, George furniahed lodgings, Simon square 
Clerk, James farrier to his Majesty, south back of Ca- 

Clerk, James clockmaker, Toddrick wynd 
Clerk, Jam^ broker, foot of Cowgate 
Clerk, James glazier, head of Canongate 
Clerk, James efq. sheriff-depute, 53. Prince street 
Clerk, James pnnter. Cooper's entry, Canongate 
Clerk, John rush-bottom chairmaker, Leith walk 
Clerk, John esq. advocate, Piccardy street 
Clerk, John glazier, High street, —house Stricben*9 

Clerk, John builder, opposite the Archers' hall 
Clerk, K bookbinder, Cowgate 

Clerk, Richard rush-bottom chairmaker, Leith walk 
Clerk, Robert esq. of Mavisbank, 44'. George street 
Clerk, Robert tailor, head of Stevenlaw's close 
CI rk, Robert baker, north Richmond street 
Clerk, Robert vintner, Bailie Fyfe's close 
Clerk. Robert grocer, Wrightshouses 
Clerk, Samuel merchant and general agent, Blair St. 
Clerk, I'homas grocer, foot of Cowgate 
Clerk, Thomas grocer, Quarryholes 
Clerk, Thomas glazier, High street, — house Jlon-^ 

teith's close 
Clerk, ""l homas engraver, Craig's close 
Clerk, WiUiam esq. W. S. 18. Prince street 
Clerk, William spirit-dealer, High street 
Clerk, William jeweller, foot of Blair street 
Clerk, William music-teacher, 6. James' «tree$. 
Clerk, Mrs of Comrie, 14. Hill street 

CLE— COC 47 

Clerk, Lady dowager of Pennycuick, 57. Prince st. 
Clerk, Mra of ditto, 47. George square 
Clerk, Mrs 7. mid Rose street 
Clerk, Mrs painter, Trott'r's close, Bowhead 
Clerk, Mrs mantuamaker, Milne's square ' 
Clerk, Mibs dressnriakers, ditto 
Clerk, Misses 50. George square 
Clerkson, James baker, head of Canongate 
Clerksoii, Mrs mus.c-teaclier, 1. Register street 
C'idfsdale, Robert tailor, Peasance 
Clidesdale, Miss Burn's land, Liberton wynd 
Clifford, Arthur esq. 11. George square 
Ciirirheugh, William wigmaker. High street 
Clogshun and Gordon, milliners, '2. Queen street 
Clutiie, Robert brewei, Summerhall 
Coalston, Mrs Fisher's close, Lavvnmarket 
Cochrane, Commissioner 1 9. George square 
Cochran, James printer, 37. York place 
Cochran, John Hunter's land. West bow 
Cochran, Lieut, -Col. John 51 Prince street 
Cociiraii, Peter sboemak r, low Calton 
Cochran, Thomas sash manufacturer St John's hill 
Cochran, Mrs furnished lodgings, Potter-row 
Cochran, Mrs of Newton, 13. north Hanover s.reet 
Cochran, Miss 2. St Patrick squ re 
Cockburn, Ar. meal-dealer Potter-row 
Cockburn, Jiimes British Linen hall, head St John st. 
Cockburn, Joan baker, 41. south Hanover street 
Cockburn, John porter to the Glasgow waggon, Geo. 

inn, Pristo strt-et 
Cockburn, H. esq. advocate, 64. George street, south 

Cockburn, P. esq. accountant, 5- south St James' st. 
Cockb.;rn, Robert tailor, west Rose street 

48 COC— COL 

Cockburn, Robert wine merchant, 22. south Castle 

Cockburn, Samuel tailor, Main-point 
Cockburn, Thomas merchant, Lawnmarket 
Cockburn, William 16. south St An^^rew street 
Cockburn, Mrs A. 7. Young street. New town 
Cockburn, Mrs music-teacher, baUie Fyfe's close 
Cockburn, Mrs 2. Greenside place 
Cockburn, Mrs poulterer. Flesh market close 
Cockburn, M ss C. 12. Hope street 
Cockburn, Miss Bristo street 
Cockburn, Miss Mary I't north Castle street 
Cockburn, Miss C. 12. Hope street 
Cockson, Wilham china, glass and stoneware giider, 

Cowgate head 
Coldstream, John writer, James' court 
Collie, Mrs furnished lodgings, 1. north Castle street 
Collier, John meal-dealer. West-port 
ColHer, Thomas furnished lodgings, Cross 
Colher, ^Valter tailor, head of Leith wynd 
Colher, Mrs Gosford's close Lawhmarket 
ColHer, Miss E. merchant, ditto ,|| 
Colquhoun, Adam lapidary, WlYriston's close, Luc- 

Colquhoun, Archibald esq. of Kellermount, lord ad- 
vocate, 54 Geo. street^p ^ 
Colquhoun, William merchantSBflfr. 16. Leith street 
Colquhoun,-" Wilham merchanSRailor, west Register 

street ^ 

Colquhoun, W. tailor, Portsburgh 
Colquhoun, Mrs, Garscadden, 13. south Castle street 
Colville and Bruce leather merchants, Lawnmarket 
Colville, Alexander merchant— house 10. Piccardy 

COL— coo 49 

Colville, Joha Wedderburn, esq. 61. George street 

south side 
Col vin, John candlemaker, West port 
Comb, E. and M. dress-m.ikers, 5. South bridge 
Comb, George brewer Livingston's yards, back of 

Comb. John grocer, Lothian road 
Comb, John grocer, 1. Catherine street 
Comb, William tailor, West-port 
Comb, Mrs vintner, Borthwick's close 
Commissary -clerks office, Paterson's court Lawnnsar. 
Commons, John wig-maker, 2'5. Nicolson street 
Comolie, P. artificial feather and flower maker, south 

end of the Mound 
Comrie, Peter leather shop, east -Richmond street 
Congalton, Dr west Grange 
Connel, John esq. advocate, and Procurator for the 

church of Scotland Brown's square 
Connel, John hair-dresser St Patrick square 
Connel, Mrs 25. north Castle btreet 
Constable Archibald and Company, booksellers and 

stationers, Cross, — house Craig's close 
Cook, ^dam grocer, Potter-row 
Cook, John esq. solicitor, before the supreme courts, 

and admiral procurator, Geddes' close 
Cook, Walter esq. W. S. 19. south Frederick street 
'Cooper, D. tailor, Abbeyhiil 
Cooper, E. spirit-dealer, Fountainbridge 
Cooper, James shoemaker, low Calton 
Cooper, James jev/eller, 1. South ■bridge,-"house St 

Patrick square 
Cooper, Jo. grocer, 3. mid Rose street 
Cooper, Peter esq. W. S -12. south Frederick street 
Cooper, Dr Robert Quakers buildings, Pieasance 
1807. E 

5@ COO— GOV 

"Cooper, William merchant, 12.'Drummond street 

Cooper, William Laker, 13. east Rose street 

Cooptr, William upholsterer, 6. Leith Terrace 

Cooper, William carver, and gilder. Potter-row 

Cooper, Mrs 6. Crichtoii street 

Corbett, James shoemaker, Potter-row 

Corbett, John of Tolcross, Blandfield 

Corbett, Robert esq. advocate. Parliament square 

Core, C. H. china warehouse, 6. Nicolson street 

Cormack, D. smith, Chalmers's close 

Cormack, J. teacher of languages, 9. Drunimond 

Cormack, William shoemaker, 6. west Richmond str. 
Corner, D. furnished lodgings, 2. south Castle street 
Cornwall, James of the Excise, Castle barns 
Corrie, Alexander shoemaker, head of low Calton 
Currie, Mrs Hugh 10. south Hanover street 
Covrie, N. music-seller, Concert rooms, Leith walk 
■Corstorphin, Peter shoemaker, Calton 
Cossar, David stabler, head of West port 
Cossar, Jo. vintner, Stevenlavv's close 
Cotton, Geo. & Co. grocers, Buccleuch street 
Cotton, George tobacconist. High street 
Cotton, Elijah stone, glass, china, and stone warehouse, 

High street, — house, Greenside 
Coulter, William hosier. High street, north side 
Cousin, Gideon 42. mid Rose street 
Coutts, Ben. serjeant-major Edinburgh recruiting dis- 
trict, Libberton wynd 
Coutts, Thomas shoemaker, foot of Canongate 
Coutts, Wm. governor of the Magdalen Asylum, Ca- 

■Coventry, Dr Andrew professor of agriculture, 4. 

COV—CPvA 51 

Coventry, Robert of the Bank of Scotland, Buccleuch 

Cowan, D. and A. paper warehouse, British Linen 

court, C'anongate 
Cowan, H. vintner, Don's close 
Cowan, James shoemaker, Crosscauseway 
Cowan, John candL' maker, foot of Labberton wynd, 

Cowan, John Aether, Fleshmarket close 
Cowan, Richard esq. W. S. 33. north Frederick str. 
Cowan, William, candlemaker, High street 
Cowan, William brass-founder, Chalmers' close 
Cowan^ Mrs senior, Canongate 
Cowan, Mrs candlemaker, Grassmarket, south side 
Cowan, Mrs head of Blackfriars wynd 
Cowan, Mrs furnished lodgings, 28. s. Frederick str, 
Co we, > apt. Jo. 14'. east Thistle street 
Cowie, Alexander cabinet-maker, 85. Ni col son street 
Cowie, Alexander grocer, foot of low Calton 
Cowie, George preacher, Caltonhill 
Cowie, Mrs spirit-dealer, Cowgate head 
Cowley and Pomfret, patent china warehouse, 53, 

South bridcre 


Cox, Miss 8. Duke street 
Coy, John tinsmith. High Calton 
Crab, William furnished lodgings, 12. Duke street 
Craig, Alexander merchant, — house, 28. Greenside St. 
Craig, George cowfeeder, Buccleuch street 
Craig, George, 3. east Richmond street 
Craig, Hugh spirit-dealer, 8, Greenside place 
Craig, John tailor, 20. James' square 
Craig, Lord 23. George square 
Craig, Robert esq. 52. Prince street 
Craig, Thomas of Riccarton, 52. Prince street- 
ISO?. E 2 

5i2 CRA— CRA 

Craig, Thomas tailor, new Assembly close 

Crai_Lj, William wright, middle of West bow 

Craig, Mrs 9. Drummond street 

Craig, iNIrs 9. Nicolson street 

Craig, Mrs 6. James' street 

Craig, Mrs 28. Greenside street 

Craig, Miss mantuamaker, bu'l turnpike 

Craigio, Robert esq. advocatf , 5. Elder street 

Craigie, Thomas tailor, head of Cnnongate 

Craigie, Will, am tailor, High street 

Craigie, Mrs 5.' street ' 

Craigio, Mrs of Danbaniie, 15. south Frederick street 

Craigie, Mrs L. SO. north Frederick street 

Craigie, Mrs. Hay street ' -^^ 

Craigie, Mrs 33. George square 

Cram, Will'am vintner, 11. South bridge }■ 

Cramond, Miss boarding-school, 39 George square I 

Cran, Peter saddle-tree maker, low Calton I 

Cranston, George esq. advocate, 3G. George street, <; 

south side 
Cranston, Thomas esq. W S. 23. north Castle street 
Cranston, William mason, 2. James' -street ? 

Cranston, Mrs Lauriston place 
Cranston, Mrs 5. Buccleuch street 
Craw, Alexander bookbinder, Hyndford close 
Craw, John esq. W. S. Parliament square 
Craw, Matthew silver-smith, Stockbridge 
Craw, Mrs of Netherbyers, 36. north Hanover street 
Craw, Mrs 1. north James' street 
Crawford, Archibald, wine-merchant, Infirmary street 
Crawford, D. furnished lodgings, 2. Duke street 
Crawford, David steward of Heriot's hospital, Grass- 



Crawford, Captain H. 2. south Castle street 
Crawford, James painter, foot of New street, Canon- 
Crawford, James wright, 5. James' place 
Crawford, John of the Customs, 14. south Frederick 

Crawford, John Gayfield place 
Crawford, Maurice haberdasher, 33. South bridge,— 

house, 3. Richmond place 
Crawford, Richard tailor, middle of Portsburgh 
Crawford, William land-surveyor, Cameron bank, Gib- 
bet toll 
Ci'awford, Mrs of Carronbank, 2. George square 
Crawford, Rev. Mrs Kincaid's land, Cowgate 
Crawford, Mrs Gilmour place 
Crawford^ Mrs innkeeper, Grassmarket,. north side 
Crawford, Mrs furnished lodgings, 1 4. north Frederick. 

Crawford, Miss 9. Buccleuch street 
Crawford, Miss Dundas' street 
Crawfuird, Archibald esq. W. S. 3. Forth- street 
Crearer, Donald grocer, high Calton 
Crearer, Donald spirit-dealer. Potter-row 
Crearer, Thomas shoemaker, high Calton. 
Crearer, Mrs niantuamaker, Skinner's close 
Crease, Wm. & Co. cotton-merchants, Lawnmarkef 
Crease, Mrs 22. Thistle street 
Creech, VVilliam esq, bookseller, Cross, — house, S-, 

George street 
Crichton, Alexander 39. South bridge 
Crichton, Alexander cap-maker, head of Canongate 
Crichton, Alex, leather-shop, Potter-row 
Crichton, Gall, and Thomson, coach-makers, i^^eith 
1807. E3 

54 CRI— CUM 

Crichton, James architect, Watergate 
Crichton, P. coachmaker, — house, head of Leith walk 
Crichton, Richard architect, head of new Assembly cl. 
Crichton, Thomas & Co. manufacturers of imitation 

shawls, 3. Drummond street 
Crichton, William Miln's square 
Crichton, Mrs milliner, 39. South bridge 
Crockat, George stone warehouse, West bow 
Croll, Wiiham hairdresser, Grassmarket, south side 
Crombie and Thomson, woollen-drapers, 4i. North 

bridge street 
Crombie and Son, dyers, Hume's close, Cowgate 
Crombie, Andrew solicitor at law, 103. Prince street, 
— writing-chambers, Wardrop's court, Lawn- 
Crombie, Charles broker, Blair street 
Crombie, John dyer, 5. Merchant street 
Crombie, Wm rfierchant, — house 17. north Castle st. 
Crooks, Peter gardener. Dean 
Crooks, Thomas tailor, west end Rose street 
Crooks, Mrs furnished lodgings, 18. mid Rose street 
Crosbie, Miss Wardrop's court. Lawn market 
Crouch, John basketmaker, Cowgate 
Cruickshank, A. hosier, 100. Nicolson street 
Cruickshank, James hosier, 95. Nicolson street 
Cruickshank, Robert wright, Symon square 
Cuddie, George stabler, Grassmarket 
Culbert, James shoemaker, high Calton 
Culbert, Robert auctioneer, St Mary wynd 
CuUcn, Lord, Argyll square 
Gullen, Mrs Col. Maitland street 
Cuming, J. and A. staymakers, 22. Prince street 
Cuming, Alex, teacher, Erodie's close, Lawnmarket 
Cuming, Alex, shoemakerj 14. College street 

CUM— CUN 55 

Cuming, Hugh shoemaker, 19. Thistle street ' 

Cuming, James rector of the grammar school, Canon- 

Cuming, John supervisor, Jack's close 

Cuming, Peter shoemaker, 4. east Richmond street 

Cuming, Peter caWer, Netherbow 

Cuming, Robert writer, Paterson's court, Lawnmark. 

Cuming, Robert stay and corset maker, 22. Prince st. 

Cuming, Wm flesher, Monteith's close 

Cuming, Mrs furnished lodgings, 79. Nicolson street 

Cuming, Mrs 9. Crichton street 

Cuming, Lady Gordon, Charlotte square 

Cuming, Mrs Dunbar's close 

Cuming, Mrs 44. Queen street 

Cunningham and Simpson, silverplaters, Castlehill 

Cunningham, Alexander jeweller, 107- South bridge, 
— house, 49. George street 

Cunningham, Alex. esq. W. S. 5. New street, Ca- 

Cunningham, Alex, baker, High street 

Cunningham, Alex, grocer, Netherbow 

Cunningham, Charles writer, 31. George street, north 

Cunningham, David leather-merchant, Blair street 

Cunningham, George esq. Inspector General of the 
Customs, Stockbridge 

Cunningham, Gilbert upholsterer, Blair street 

Cunningham, James furnished lodgings, 5. College st. 

Cunningham, James spirit-dealer, foot of Flcslimarket 

Cunningham, John esq. 1. Fyfe street 

Cunningham, John esq. Park street 

Cunningham, John writer, 1. Duke street 


Cunningham, Patrick silversmith, — house West port, 

Cunningham, P. and W. & Co. goldsmiths. Bank st. 
Cunningham, Ro, furnished lodgings, 15. north Fre- 
derick street 
Cunningham, Simon jeweller, 1. west Lauriston 
Cunningham, Samuel writer, Chalmers* close, High 

Cunningham, Sir Wm. Bart. 5. George square 
Cunningham, Wm. furnished lodgngs, 16. south Fre- 
derick street 
Cunningham, Wm. baker foot of Blackfriars wynd — 

house above 
Cunningham, Mrs of Halcraig, Gayfield place 
Cunningham, Mrs of Lainshaw, 36. George street 

south side 
Cunningham, Mrs General, 40. north Frederick str. 
Cunningham, Mrs 4. Antigua street 
Cunningham, Mrs of Bonnington, 63. George street 
Cunningham, Mrs 11. Elder street 
Cunningham, Mrs painter, Covvgate head 
Cunningham, Mrs Col. 29. south Castle street 
Cunningham, Miss 6- south Castle street 
Curl, James victual-dealer, east end of Portsburgh st = 
Currie, George esq. advocate, south Charlotte street 
Currie, Thomas of Ormiston, Powderhall 
Currie, Thomas clockmaker, Hay's close, Grassmark, 
Currie, Capt. William, head of Pleasance 
Currie, Mrs 8. Buccleuch place 
Currie, Mrs Capt. 5. Windmill street 
Currie. Mrs Stockbridge 

Currie, Mrs furnished lodgings, 10. Catherine street 
Curtis, Charles apothecary, Candlem.aker row 

CUR— DAL 57 

Curtis, Richard musical instrument maker, Riddel's 

entry, Young's street 
Cusine, Ro. writer, 16. mid Rose street 
Custer, James broker, Cowgate hend 
Cuthbert, Robert auctioneer, St Mary wynd 
Cuthbert, Wm. vvri^fit, 46. mid Rose strt-et 
Cuthbertson, Thomas shoemaker, Toddrick wynd 
Cuthbertson, Wm. wright, St Ann street 
Cuthbertson, Wm, wright, Rose street by Castle str. 
Cuthbertson, Wm. wright, 6. St Ann street 


JIJ/ALAWAY and Son, japanners, foot of Tolbooth 

wynd, Canongate 
Dalaway, P. carron warehouse, 28 Leith street 
Dalgliesh and Forrest, auctioneers, Potter-row 
Dalgliesh, James writer, 34. North bridge 
Dalgliesh, Laurence watchmaker, 18. North bridge- 
house, 84. ditto 
Dalker, J. furnished lodgings, east Rose street 
Dallas, Alex. esq. W. S. '.,astlehill 
Dallas, Thomas spirit-dealer, foot of Chalmers' close 
Dallas, Wm. W. S. 42. York place 
Dallas, Mrs Maitland street 

Dalmahoy, Adam surveyor of taxes, 4. Richmond pi. 
Dalmahoy, Alexander 18. south St Andrew street 
Dalrymple, Charles clothier, Exchange — house with- 
in the Exchange 
Dalrymple, Sir John, 15, Buccleuch place 
Dalrymple, Hon. Mrs 33. south Castle street 
Dalrymple, Mrs furnished lodgings, 10. College str, 

58 DAL— DAV 

Dalrynnple, Miss Fountain close 

Dalze', Lady, Brown's square 

DHlzel. Mrs Professor, Rosebank, Bennington roa^ 

D'lrg, Robert stone wareroom, West-bow 

Dnrg, Robert farrier, Grassmarket 

Darling, A. tailor, 2. east Rose street 

Darling, Tliomas writer, 10. Duke street 

Darling, \Vm. shoemaker, Crosscausevvay 

Darling, Mrs Meadow place 

Dariing, Mrs 'vVarriston close 

Darling, Mrs 6- Buccleuch street -W 

Davidson, Alexander surveyor, Watergate 

Davidson, Alex. ^spirit-dealer, Abbeyhill 

Davidson, George spirit*t!ealer, head of Canongate 

Davidson, H. esq. W. S. 11. south Hanover street 

Davidson, Patrick writer, Fountain close 

Davidson, James writer, 3. Lauriston place 

Davidson, James esq. W. S. 24. north Castle street 

Davidson, James mason, Potter-row 

Davidson, James broker, foot of Cowgate 

Davidson, James overseer of water department, Foun- 

Davidson, John esq. of Ravelrig, 2. Society- 
Davidson, John shoemaker, low Calton 
Davidson, Robert smith, high Calton 
Davidson, Robert smith, head of low Caltoa 
Davidson, Thomas glover, ditto 
Davidson, Tho. teacher, Fountain close 
Davidson, Rev. Dr Thomas Heriot row 
Davidson, Walter shoemaker, Calton hill 
Davidson, Wm. basket-maker, Cowgate 
Davidson, Mrs 3. Crichton street 
Davidson, Mrs 1, low Terrace 
Davison, F. confectioner, 5. south St Andrew street 


Davie, James spirit-dealer, Canonmills 

Davie, John spirit-dealer, Hicfh stresrt 

Davie, William tobacconist, Portsburgh 

D.I vie, Miss chemist, Nicolson street 

Davis, L. umbrella-maker, opposite Milton house, Ca- 

Dawson, Andrew tailor, east Richmond street 
Dawson, David shoemaker, 3. Nico'son street 
D.iwson, WiUiam esq. 15. Catherine street 
Dawson, William tailor, Pleasance 
D.iwson, Jaaet merchant, Lawnmarket 
Dawson, Mrs Gaviiiloch's land, Lawnmarket 
Dean ot Guild's office, Parliament square 
Deas, PfttT writer, 2l. north Hanover street 
Deas, W. and J. stationers. High street 
Deas, William silk-dyer, 18. mid Rose street 
D(-maria, Louis of the Register office L.ith street 
Dempster, John apothecary and druggist, opposite 
Fountain well, and Grassmarket — house Cas- 
tle wynd 
Dempster, John grocer, east Richmond street 
Dempster, Mrs Hope park end 
Denham, David club-maker, back of Meadows 
Denham, John bookseller, and circulating library, 20. 

south College street 
Denham, John vintner, foot of Leith wynd 
Denham, Thomas writer, 2. Gabriel road 
Denham, Thomas flesher, Murdoch's close 
De'iham's furnished lodgings, 3. south Richmond str. 
D' nholm, James hatter, 36 North bridge 
Dennistoun, James esq. cf Colgrain, G'i. George street, 

south side 
Denniston, John grocer, east Ri.hmond street 
Dcfii'i'^ton Robert painter, 7. south Hanover street 


Denoon, Miss boarding-school, 3. L,othian street 
Denovan, Fra. Garden writer, CanonmiUs 
Deuchars, D. and A. seal engravers, Cross 
Deuchar, A. seal engraver, — house Hyndford's close 
Deuchar, Alexander ditto — house west end Merchant 

Deuchar, D ditto — house Morningside 
Deuchar, John writer. Cross 
Deuchar, Tho. writer, 2. north St David street 
Dewar and hurrel, cabinet-makers, Chapel street 
D war Thomas and Son, tobacconists, Grassmarket 
Dcwar, Alexander S2. York place 
D-war, Alexander hairdresser West-port 
D^war,'xander smith, high Calton 
DeA'ar, Daniel musician, 5. Shakespeare square 
D-war, Daniel grocer, 21. James' square 
D°war, Duncan painter, Niddry street 
D-"war, Forest surgeon, 27. Prince street 
D war, Henry teacher west Rose street 
Drwar, James builder, Castlebarns 
Dewar, James Simson's court, Potter-row 
Dewar, James grocer, 1. James' street 
Dewar, John musician, 5. Shakespeare square 
D war, John shoeraaktr, Bristo street 
D"vvar, John mason, 3. ditto 
D war Robert glazier, Forrester's wyr.d 
Dewar, Thomas stabler, Grassmarket, north side 
Dewar Miss 9. Patrick square 
Dewar, Miss mantuamaker, larrubber's close 
D;ck and Chalmers spirit-dealers, Crosscauseway 
Dick, Alexander of the Excise, 3. buccleuch place 
Dick, John merchant, Lauriston place 
Dick, John booksellerj 27. Leith street,— house Cal- 

Die— DIG 61 

Dick, John grocer, south Richmond street 

Dick, John smith, Nottingham place 

Dick, Peter brewer, Campbell's close, CowgSte 

Dick, Robert writer, 47. south Hanover street 

Dick, William stabler, south side Grassmarket 

Dick, Ann grocer. Horse wynd 

Dick, Isabella front of the Exchange 

Dick, Mrs turner, Halkerston's wynd 

Dickie, William 2. Greenside place 

Dickson, Benjamin tailor, 61. Nicolson street 

Dickson, Charles builder, Bristo street 

Dickson, Rev. David senior, 28. York place 

Dickson, Rev. David junior, West kirk 

Dickson," David painter, 11. Catherine street 

Dickson, George mason, Simon square 

Dickson, Hugh baker, 4', Shakspear square 

Dickson, James depute-clerk of admiralty, 22. south 

Frederick street, — offi'.e Parliament square 
Dickson, James writer, 17. James' square 
Dickson, James and George nursery, seedsmen, and 

florists, 4. south St Andrew street, — nursery 

Broughton park 
Dickson, James teacher, Gib's entry 
Dickson, James superintendant of the factoiy M'Vi- 

car's entry. Potter-row 
Dickson, John esq. advocate, Nicolson street 
Dickson, John junior esq. W. S, 28. York place 
Dickson, John architect, Caltonhill 
Di^-kson, John merchant-tailor, 17. mid Rose street 
Dickson, Peter stabler, Buccleuch street 
Dickson, Robert plumber, head of Leith walk 
Dickson, Thomas furnished lodgings, 3. east Richmond 

1807. F 

62 Die—- DIG 

Dicksons and Company, nursery, seedsmen, and flo- 
rists, 2. Shakspear square, — nurseries, Leith 

Dickson, Walter esq. W. S. 17. north Frederick str. 

Dickson, William bookseller, High street, — house 
Bishop's land 

Dickson, William cabinet-maker, 5. east Thistle str. 

Dickson, Mrs Leith walk Cottage 

Dickson, Mrs 3. St Andrew street 

Dickson, Mrs mantuamaker, Netherbow 

Dickson, Mrs housekeeper, Heriot's hospital 

Dickson, Mrs S. James' court 

Dickson, MFss 4:1. Nicolson street 

jDickson, Miss cess-office stair, Parliament square 

Dillon, John writer, 20. north Frederick street 

Dingwall, John porter-dealer, Grassmarket, south side 

Dingwall, Mrs eating-house, west College street 

Dirom, General Charlotte square 

Divom, Mrs 30. south Castle street 

Dobie, Richard tailor, foot of low Calton 

•Dods, James wright, Broughton 

Dods, Tho. mason., British Linen Company bank cl. 

Doig, Charles 24. Leith street 

Doig, D. gardener and vintner, Fleshmarket close 

Doig, Frederick grocer, Lawnmarket — house Riddel's 

Doig, John mason, Hyndford's close 

■Dollin, W. M. and Company, grocers and manufac- 
turers of British wines, 92. Nicolson street 

Don, Sir Alexander 4-. east Thistle street 

Don, James hairdresser, 2. east Register street 

Don, William shoemaker, Lothian street 

Don, Lady 53. George square 

Donald, Mrs of Crofts, 17 north Frederick Street 

Donald, Mrs 25. south Frederick street 


Donaldson and Watson, shoemakers, 25. NicolsoB 

Donaldson, Alex. esq. west H^-riot row 
Donaldson, Alexander tool cutter, Covvgate 
Donaldson, Hay esq. W. S. 42. south Hanover str- 
3")onaldson, Rev. James west Campbell's close 
Donaldson, James esq. publisher of the Edinburgh 

Advertiser, — house 46. Prince street 
Donaldson, James ie\yeller, Potter-row 
Donaldson, John flesher, Potter-row 
Donaldson, John Broughton grove 
Donaldson, John spirit -dealer, Portsburgh 
Donaldson, John painter, Halkerston's wynd 
Donaldson, John writer, 2. James' square 
Donaldson, John last and patten maker, Calton 
Donaldson, John grocer and spirit-^ealer, Castlehili 
Donaldson, Jonathan grocer, Piccardy place 
Donaldson, Thomas junior, confectioner, 10. Leith St. 
Donaldson, William 7. Shakspear square 
Donaldson, Mrs furnished lodgings, 14. high Terrace 
Donaldson, Mr? ditto, 15. north Frederick street 
Donaldson, Mrs James 4. Richmond place 
Donaldson, Mrs 11. Meuse lane 
Donaldson, Mrs boot and shoe warehouse, Cowgate 
Donaldson, Miss mantuamaker, 63. South bridge 
Dott, Robert reed maker. Castle wynd 
Dott, Thomas builder, 10. College street 
Dougal, Mrs 15. south Castle street 
Douglas and Co. spirit-dealers, opposite Fishmarket, 

Douglas, Alexander candlemaker, Lawnmarket 
Douglas, Alexander junior ditto, Grassmarket 
Douglas, Alex, dealer in porter and ales, 11. Thistle 


1807. F a 

64 DOU— DOU 

Douglas, Archibald esq. solicitor, 2. north Charlotte 

Douglas, Archibald esq. advocate, ditto 
Douglas. Charles innkeeper and stabler, white horse, 

Canongate head 
Douglas, David esq, advocate, NorthumVerland street 
Douglas, Daniel flax-dresser and spirit-dealer, West 

Douglas, George teacher of mathematics, 7. Terrace 
D'Higlas, Gt'crge esq. advocate, 75. Queen street 
Douglas, George grocer 26. mid Rose street 
Douglas, Jiurit's Potter-row officer, 3. Hristo street 
Douglas, James grocer, cp''Osite linen hall, Canongate 
Dou^^las, James silversmith, he?d of Pleasance 
Pf upl^s John esq, W. S. 1. Antigua street 
Douglas, John grocer, hlacifriars wynd 
Douglap, John furnished lodgings, 2. Prince street ~ 
X'Guglas, John Eoolish teacher, 46, mid Rose street 
Douglas, N ■;! spirit-dealer, head of Canongate 
Douglas, Peter mason, 2, west Rose street 
Douglas, Robert fishing-tackle maker, Grassmarket 
Douglas, S. furnished lodgings, 5. Nicolson street 
Douglas, Thomas letter-carrier, General Post-of&ce, 

Young street 
Douglas, William esq. W. S, 2. North Charlotte stn 
Douglas, William furnished lodgings, 2. and 3. Ga- 
briel road 
Douglas, W'illiam painter, 15. St James' square 
Doughis, Mrs of Cavers, 48. George square 
Douglas, Mrs 14, Buccleuch place 
Douglas, Mrs General 26. south Frederick street 
Douglas, Mrs of Tilliewhilly, 75. Queen street 
Douglas, Mrs Richmond place 
Douglas, Mrs head Burntsfield links 
Douglas, Mrs vintner Anchor close 

DOU-~ DRU 65 

Douglas, Mrs 12. south Charlotte street 

Douglas, Mrs 1. south Charlotte street 

Douglas, Mrs Union place 

Douglas, Mrs mantuamaker, 1. James' street 

Dove, James city-officer, Red lion stair, Luckenbooths 

Dove, John grocer, head of Pleasance 

Dow, Alexander spirit-dealer, below the Play'house 

Dow, David tinsmith, foot of Lady Stair's close 

Dow, James wig-maker, 4. east Register street 

Dow, James porter cellars, old Post-office close 

Dow, James stone warehouse, West bovsr 

Dow, James shoemaker, 14. Greenside street 

Dow, John writer, 4. south Charlotte street 

Dow, John corkcutter, Leith wynd 

Dow, WilUam tailor. High street 

Dbwie, Archibald baker, 2. James' street 

Dowie, Charles grocer, Candlemaker-row 

Dowie, John vintner, Libberton wynd 

Dowie, William vintner, east Register street ■ 

Dowie, M*s head of Pleasance 

Downie, James tailor, 1. Parliament square 

Downie, John vintner, Leith wynd 

Downie, Mrs 9. south St David street 

Drover, William innkeeper 16. west Richmond street 

Drummond, Alexander French teacher, 21. James' 

Drummond, Captain Gavin Forth street 
Drummond, Captain R. N. Brown's square 
Drummond, Major 25. George street, south side 
Drummond, George Home esq. of Blair Drummond, 

68. Prince street 
Drummond, Gregor flesher. Canal street 
Drummond, Hugh grocer, west end of Rose street 
Drummond, James advocate, 51. Queen street 
1807. F3 


Drummond, John Hope park end 

Drummond, John linen manufacturer, 12. South br.-— 

house, 9. Nicolson street 
Drummond J Robert tailor, 81. Nicolson street 
Drummond, Thomas broker, foot of Cowgate 
Drummond, Mrs vintner, Fleshmarket close 
Drummond, Mrs of Gairdrum, 75. Prince street 
Drummond, Mrs 6. north St David street 
Drummond, Miss 24. Queen street 
Drummond, Miss mantuamaker, 38. south Hanover st. 
Dryburgh, Andrew brewer, north back of Canongate 
Dryden, James stabler, Cowgate head 
Dryden, William hairdresser, Netherbow 
Drysdale, Geo. wright, Simon square 
Drysdale, James furnished lodgings, 22. Thistle street 
Drysdale, John builder, Macdougal street foot of Leith 

Drysdale, Peter writing-master, 22. Nicolson street 
Drysdale, Thomas baker, High street, — house, Mo- 

rison's close 
Drysdale, William Turf coffee-house, St Andrew sq. 
Drysdale, William esq. W. S. 11. St James' square 
Drysdale, William watchmaker, 2. Lothian street 
Drysdale, William printers wright, Cowgate head 
Drysdale, Mrs furnished lodgings, 17. mid Rose str. 
Drysdale, Miss 4. Society 
Duddingston, Admiral Heriot row 
Dubison, Jo. dentist, 13. squth St Andrew street 
Dudgeon, Alexander glazier, Potter-row 
Dudgeon, Lockhart manufacturer, middle of Pleasance 
Dudgeon, William tailor, 13. Greenside street 
Duff and Co. grocers and spirit -dealers, Bristo-street 
DuflF, Adam esq. advocate, 55- Prince street 
Duff, Alex, letter-carrier, 2. Bristo street 
DufF, David watchmaker, Hyndford's close 


DufF, John spirit-dealer, head of Jackson's close 

Duff, John ditto Potter-row 

Duff, John ditto head of Bell's wynd 

!Duff, John ditto low Calton 

Duff, John measurer, Canal street 

Duff, John furnished lodgings, 5. west Chapel street 

Duff, Peter shoemaker, Bristo street 

Duff, Peter furnished lodgings, 2. Bristo street 

Duff, Robert saddle -treemaker, 4. New street 

Duff, Thomas furnished lodgings, l^. George street 

north side 
Duff, Wm. esq. W. S. 11. Duke street 
Duff, Mrs Capt. 5. south Castle street 
Duffin and Co. vinegar manufacturers, Palace yard 
Duffus, Mrs furnished lodgings, 3. Richmond street 
Dufresne, F. French teacher, 13. high Terrace 
Dumbreck, John coachmaker, west Register street 
Dumbreck's hotels and lodgings, St Andrew square 
Dumbreck, Mrs furnished lodgings, 32. Prince street 
Dun, Hamilton mason, Lady Stair's close 
Dun, James 8. Dublin street 
Dun, John writer, foot of Cowgate 
Dun, Thomas wine-merchant, foot Libberton wynd— 

house head Fleshmarket close. High street 
Dun, Mrs mantuamaker, 4. Windmill street 
Dun, Miss 32. south Castle street 
Dunbar, Arch. esq. W. S. 45. George square 
Dunbar, H. woollen draper, 19. South bridge 
Dunbar, Professor 6. Nicolson square 
Dunbar, Robert of the tax-office, Mary King's close 
Dunbar, Wm. spirit-dealer, foot of Horse wynd , 
Dunbar, Miss of Hempriggs, 79. Prince street 
Dunbar, Miss St John's hill 

Duncan and Anderson, clothiers, 66. South bridge 
Duncan, Alexander esq. W. S. 4. Yijrk place 


Duncan, Alex, boot and shoe maker, 15. low Terrace 
Duncan, Ur Andrew senior, 72. Adams' square 
Duncan, Dr Andrew junior, 96. Nicolson street 
Duncan, Andrew wigmaker, head of Brodie's close 
Duncan, George spirit-dealer, head St John street, Ca- 

Duncan, Kenr)' merchant, above Writers' court- 
house Warriston close 
Duncan, James wright, Potter-row 
Duncan, James mason, 2. James' place 
Duncan, James gardener, Leith walk 
Duncan, James excise-officer, opposite Linen hall' 
Duncan, John wright, high Calton 
Duncan, Mark cloth and carpet warehouse, opposite 

the Cross—— house, 1. east James' street 
Duncan, Robert brass founder, Dickson's close 
Duncan, Samuel vintner, Burntsfield hnks 
Duncan, Thomas writer. Parliament square 
Duncan, Thomas and Company, bootmakers, PrinCe 

Duncan, William smith, high Calton 
Duncan, William masoji, south Gray's close 
Duncan, WiUiam bootmaker, 23. Leith street 
Duncan, Lady (the Right Hon.) 5. George square 
Duncan, Mrs furnished lodgings, Writers' court 
Duncan, Mrs ladies school, Dickson's court, Bristo sU 
Duncan, Mrs 27. Thistle street 
Dundas and Irving, esqs. W. S. 83. Prince street 
Dundas, James esq. W. S. 25. St Andrew square 
Dundas, James esq. accountant. 24'. George street 
Dundas, John esq. \Y. JS. 83. Prince street 
Dundas, (Right Hon.) Robert of Arniston, Lord 

Chief Baron of Exchequer, 57. George sq; 
Dundas, Robert esq. W. S. 4.- James' square 
Dundas, Mrs John west entry to James' court 

DUN— EAG 69 

Duiulas, Mrs of Arniston, 29. George street 
Dundiis, Mrs C. 4. Charlotte street 
Dundas, M^ss 14. north Castle street 
Diindas, Miss 38. Queen street 
Dundas, Miss 5. James' square 
Dunlop, George writer, 17. Hill street 
Dunlop, James vintner, Thistle and Crown, Grass- 
Dunlop, John auctioneer, Luckenbooths 
Dunlop, John and Company, 15. Greenside street 
D::nlop, John hairdresser, 3. east Richmond street 
Dunlop, Wm. merchant, Grassmarket — house, Mer- 
chant street 
Dunmor, Miss 7. James' square 
Dunsinnan, Lord Argyll square 
Dunsmure, James of the Customs, 4. Duke street 
D irham, Juhn st:>bler, 7. Young street, New town 
Durham, Wm. grocer and v/right, head Caaongate 
Durliam, Miss 42. south Hanover street 
Durich, James flesher, Jackson's close 
Durie, James baker, 3. Greenside street 
Durit, Mrs Turnbull's entry, Potter-row 
Durward, J. watchmaker, 6. Leith street — house, 7. 

Shakspear square 
Dymock, Rev. Mr Brown's square 
Dymock, Wm. writer, Park street 


JcaAGLE and Henderson, nursery and seedsmen, head 

of bailie Fyfe's close, High street 
Eagle, Mrs seed-merchant, Smith's land, ditto 

70 EAR— ELL 

Earle, Ed\%'ard esq. of the Customs, 1 . jfMbany row 
Eastin, Thomas stockingmaker and baker, Back-iow 
Easton, Geo. vvright, opposite Linen hall, Canongate 
Eiston, Henry upholsterer, 86. South bridge 
Easton, .Tames builder, 22. west Thistle street 
Easton, Mrs James, 4. Society, Brown's square 
Easton, Mrs St John's close, Canongate 
Eckford, James furnished lodgings, 1. Bristo street 
Edgar, John accountant of Excise, Tobago street 
Edington, James hnirdresser. Cross 
Edmonston, Alex, silversmith, Parliament close 
Edmonston, Geo. measurer, Plainstone close, Canon- 
Edmonston, Thomas ironmonger, Grassmarket 
Edmonston, Thomas Libberton wynd 
Edmonston, D. surgeon, 29. Hanover street 
Edmonston, Miss 10. Geor.,re street 
Eelbeck, Wm. lapidary, Bull turnpike, High street 
Eelbeck, Mrs grocer, foot of Blair street 
Elder, A. and Co. spirit-dealers, Cross 
Elder, Donald letter carrier, — house old fish Market 

Elder, George wright, 7. north Richmond street 
Elder, Hugh tailor. 3. east Richmond street 
Elder, John writer, 36. north Frederick street 
Elder, Peter shoemaker, 8. low Terrace, house 12. 

James' square 
Elder, Robert Gilmour place 
Elder, Wm., 6. James* street 
Elder, Wm. 7. mid Rose street 
Elder, Mrs St Leonards 

Elliot, C. and J. esqs, W. S. 65. Queen street 
Elliot, Cor. sale and reading rooms. Cross 
Elliot, James architect, 2. King street 

ELL— EWA 71 

Elliot, Wm. flesher, foot of Halkerston wynd 

Elliot, Mrs ) 1. south Charlotte street 

Elliot, Mrs of Borthwitk-brae, 9. George square 

E'liot, Misses 28. Greenside street 

Ellis, Alex, tailor, 5. S'lakespeare square 

Ellis, Wm. writer, 1. Park row 

Elphinstone, Mrs 39. north Frederick street 

E'phinstone, Hon. Miss Heriot row, west 

Emslie, Francis accountant, 68. Nicolson street 

E.islie, iVIiss 105. Prince street 

Errol, Countess dowager of 69. Queen street 

Erskine, John furnish, d lodgings, 2. King street 

Eiskine, Hon. Henry advocate, 66. Prince street 

Erskine, Patrick surgeon Argyll' square 

Erskine, Wm. esq. advocate, 6. Albany street 

Erskine, Wm. tailor, High-school yards 

Erskine, Mrs David, 7. north St David street 

Erskine, Mrs 40. York place 

Erskine, Hon. Mrs Lauriston 

Erskine, Mrs of Vinelaw, 79. Queen street 

Erskine, Mrs Colonel S. Crichton street 

Erskine, Mrs Buccleuch pend 

Erskine, Lady 5. Charlotte square 

Erskine, Miss Alison square 

Erskine, Miss Brodic's buildings, foot of Canongate 

Esplin and Forbes, paper-stainers, Luckenbooths 

Esplin, Robert late brewer, south side, Grassmarket 

Evans, Mrs boarding school, 6. Drummond street 

Evans, Owen publican, opposite Young street Canon* 

Ewart, David Chancery-office, 2. St John street 
Ewart, John stabler and hor^e-dealer, Drummond str. 
Ewart, John wright, 5. west Richmond street. 
Ewart, Robert saddler, 3i, Pnnce street 


72 EWI— FAR 

Ewing, Alexander furnished lodgings, 1 3 High Ter- 
Ewing, John of Signet-office — house Writers' court 
Ewing, Mrs A. Bishop close 
Eyre, James brewer, Canonmills 


Jr AiRBAiRN, Andrew watchmaker, 19. Chapel str. 
Fnrbairi., Jimes shoemaker, 85. Nicolson street. 
Fiirbairn, John bookseller Adam square 
F'lirbairn, The. meal-dealer, Meal market 
Fairbairn, Thomas steelyard maker, Heriot's g^een 
Fiirbairn, Thomas wright, Simon square 
Fairfix, Sir Wm. 28. north Frederick street 
Fiirfowl, Hector shoemaker, 3. east Rose strt^et 
Fairholm<', Mss^-s of Chapel, 59. George square 
Fairley, John umbrella-maker, Cror.s 
Fairnie, David, coachmaker, old Physic gardens 
Fairnie, Wm. b ik^T, St Patrick square 
Falconer, Andnw teacher, 63. South bridge 
Falconer, Cosmo writer, 6. James" square 
Falconer, George currier, B-^yd's close, head of Ca- 

nongate, — house foot of Pleasaiice 
Falconer, J mes guwn-keeper parliament house, 8. 

Crichton street 
Falconer, William wright, head of Canongate 
Farmer, Thomas tailot, 7 east Richmond street 
Farquhar, Alex, marble cutter, Gallowlee, Leith 

Farquhar, Gorge writer, 2. south Frederick street 
F rquhar, J itnes esq. 2. south Charlotte street 
Farquhar, Mrs furnished lodgings, 1. Duke street 
J 807. 

FAR— FER 73 

Farquharson, F. accountant, 20. south Frederick str. 
Farquharson, H. carver and gilder, Cuatomhouse 

Farquharson, Dr Wm. 12. Elder street 
Farquharson, Miss boarding-school, 28. York place 
Farquharson, Miss furnished lodgings, 5. George str. 
Feddes, Walter carver and gilder, 28. Greenside street 
Feggans, James solicitor at law and clerk to the jus- 
tice of peace court for the city and county, 

99. Nicolson street 
Fell, Mrs 1. St John street, Canongate 
Fenwick, Geo. silversmith. Mint — house Chalmers'* 

Ferguson and Young, painters, 4 south Frederick st. 
Ferguson, Adam esq. advocate, 4. Hope street 
Ferguson, Alex. 5. L; dyfitld place, Tobago street 
Ferguson, Alex, painter, 27. mid Rose street 
Ferguson, lex. spirit-dealer, Netherbow 
Ferguson, Douglas ditto, 37. north Hanover street, 

and furnished lodgings, '36. north Hanover 

Fe-rguson, Fergus ditto, 3. west Rose street 
Ferguson, Finlay chairmaster, 10. George street 
Ferguson, George esq. Luckenbooths 
Ferguson, James esq W. S. 26. north Frederick str, 
Ferguson, James esq. M. P. X.uckenbooths 
Ferguson, James tailor, Royal Exchange 
Ferguson, James writer, Covenant close 
Ferguson, James esq advocate, 8. Hill street 
Ferguson, James letter-carrier General Post-office, 5. 

Rose street 
Ferguson, James painter. Bishop close. High street 
Ferguson, John talor, 13. Thistle street 
Ferguson, Patrick grocer, 5. Drummond streer 
1807. G 

74 FER— FER 

Ferguson, Thomas writer, 15. Argyll square 

Ferguson, Thomas coppersmith, Hest bow 

Ferguson, William boot-closer, 6. west Richmond str. 

Ferguson, \^ illiam shoemaker, 7. Chapel street 

Ferguson, Mrs furnished lodgings, 1. James' square 

Ferguson, Mrs ditto, 9. Chapel street 

Ferguson, Mrs ditto, 1. James' street 

.Ferguson, Mrs vintner. Sellers' close, Lawnmarket 

Ferguson, Mrs midwife, Covenant close 

Ferguson, Mrs Neil Hope street 

Ferguson, Mrs of Kidlock, 18. north Hanover street 

Ferguson, Mrs 2. Tiviot row 

Ferguson, Mrs silk-dyer, Forrester's wytid 

Ferguson, Mrs 12. Charles' street 

Ferguson, Miss milliner, 1. James' square 

Ferguson, Miss Gladstone's land, Lawnmarket 

Fernie, Ja. wright, Bristo street 

Feron, Mrs 13. Bank street 

Ferrie, Alexander writer, Gosford's close, — house. 

Abbey hill 
Ferrier and U'aterston, wax-chandlers. High street 
Ferrier, Archibald esq. W. S. 21 south Frederick st. 
Ferrier, Charles esq. accountant, 26. north Hanover st. 
Ferrier, David, porter-dealer, Fountaiubridge 
Ferrier, Ja, esq. principal clerk of session, 11. Geo. stn 
Ferrier, J. esq. 1. south Charlotte street 
Ferrier, John esq. 10. south Castle street 
Ferrier, John esq. VV. S. east Heriot row 
Ferrier, John grocer, Bristo street 
Ferrier, Lewis advocate, 7. George street 
Ferrier, Mrs Park street 
Ferrier, Mrs St John's hill, Canongate 
Ferrier, Mrs funnshed lodgings, 7. east Richmond St. 
Ferrier, Mrs ditto, 5. west Richmond street 

FER— FIN 75 

Ferries, Andrew wright, 2. Bristo street 

Fettes, John boot and shoe shop, 22. low Terrace 

Fettes, Sir Wilham Bart. Charlotte square 

Field, Alexander grocer, west end Rose street 

Field, Peter wright, 3. east Rose street 

Field, Thomas slater, St Mary's wynd 

Field, Thomas meal-dealer, Mealmarket 

Field, Mrs ditto, ditto 

Fife, Alexander umbrella-maker, 6. North bridge . 

Fife, Andrew surgeon, College buildings 

Findlater, Alexander collector, 8. New street, Canon - 

Finlay & Co. merchants, Lawnmarket 
Fmlay, Alexander esq. W. S. 10. St Andrew square 
Finlay, David peifuiiicr, front of James' courtj— . 

house above the shop 
Finlay, James solicitor, Craig's close 
Finlay, John grocer, head of Chessel's court, Canon., 

Finlay, John merchant, Lawnmarket 
Finlay, Peter spirit-dealer, Vealmarket 
Finlay, Robert Seliars' close, Lawnmarket 
Finlay, Ro. writing-master and accountant, Adam'« 

Finlay, William baker, 29. Leith street 
Finlay, William 4-. Buccleuch street 
Finlay, Mrs furnished lodgings, 2. King street 
Finlayson, J. spirit-dealer, head of Pleasance 
Finlayson, Rev. Dr James, 4. Park street 
Finlayson, James candlemaker, Canongate head 
Finlayson, John writer, foot of Canongate 
Finlayson, John writer, Fisher's close, Lawnmarket 
Finlayson, Murdoch vintner, below the play-house 
Finlayson, T. messenger custom-house, Robertson's 

1807. G 2 

16 FIN— FLE 

Finlayson, Walter 9. north Castle street 
Finlayson, Mrs ditto 

Finnic, AVilHani brush-maker, Riddel's close, Lawn- 
Fisher, Andrew spirit-dealer, foot of Parhament stairs, 

Fisher, Duncan tailor, Warriston'sclose, Luckenbootbs 
Fisher, James spirit^dealer, head of Canongate 
Fisher, Miss 16. George square 
Fitch, Alexander bookbinder, west College street 
Fleming and Ireland, Manchester and Glasgow ware- 
house, 46 South biidge 
Fleming, D. W. accountant, Jamt-s' court, north-west 
' "Fleming, D. grocer, head of Canongate 
Fleming, Gilbert, excise-ofhcer, 19. Thistle street 
Fleming, John furnished lodgings, 65 Nicolson street 
fleming, John broker, Foot of Cowgate 
Fleming, Mungo 19. Prmce street 
Fleming, Rev. Dr Ramsay gardens 
Fleming, Robert esq. W. S. 16. north Hanover str, 
Fleming, Thomas baker, Cowgate head 
Fleming, William of the British Linen office, St John 

street, Canongate 
Fleming, V/ill!am candlemaker, north back Canongate 
Fleming, William cork -cutter, foot of Blair street 
Fleming, Mrs ditto, 7. south Richmond street 
Pleming, Mrs furnished lodgings, 8. south St David 

Fleming, Miss 2. Hope street 

Fleming, Miss dress-maker, 7. south Hanover street 
Fletcher, Arch. esq. advocate, 8. north Castle street 
Fletcher, James excise-surveyor, Callender's entry 
Fletcher, Robert grocer, Calton 


Fletcher, Mrs gingerbread-baker, Crosscauseway 

Flint, Mrs 25. north Castle street 

Flockhart, John metal-gilder, foot of Stevenlaw's 

Flounders, John mail-guard, — house, Canal street 
Togo, James writer, 46. Queen street 
Fontaine, Anth tailor, 3. Shakspear square 
Forbes, Sir William, James Hunter, and Company, 

bankers, Parliament close 
Forbes, Alexander St Bernard's well 
Forbes, D. grocer, 12. south Hanover street 
Forbes, Esplin paper-stainer, Luckenbooths 
Forbes, Gen. 5. St Andrew square 
Forbes, John esq. advocate, 41. Prince street 
Forbes Peter & Co. wine and spirit merchants, Adam 

Forbes, Sir William Bart. 39. George street, south 

side , 
Forbes, Walter upholsterer, St Mary's wynd 
Forbes, WiUiam writer, town»elerk's office — house, 4. 

James' street 
Forbes, Mrs of Culloden, 65. George street 
Forbes, Mrs G. furnished lodgings, 5.-Nicolson street 
Forbes, Miss 21. St Andrew square 
Forbes, Miss miUiner, 5. South bridge 
Ford, WilHam haberdasher, 77. South bridge 
Fordyce, George writer, 15. fames' square 
Forman, fames esq. W. S. IS. Catherine street 
Forman, James salt-office, Candlemaker-row 
Forman, John esq. W. S. 3. Queen street 
Forman, Mrs 9. Drummond street 
Forrest & Co. merchants, Grassmarket 
Forrest, Abraham spirit-dealer, ditto 
Forrec^t, Archibald shoemaker, 11. Prince street 
1807. G3 

78 . FOR— FOR 

Forrest, Dan. lottery-office, opposite the Tron church, 
— house, foot of Carrubber's close 

Forrest, David auctioneer, Potter-row 

Forrest, David cooper, Somerviile's close, Canongate 

Forrest, George brewer, Pleasance 

Forrest, James esq. W. S. Lauriston lane 

Forrest, James shoemaker, 5. Canal street 

Forrest, James merchant, Candlemaker-row 

Forrest, John ditto, 14. east Rose street 

Forrest, John tinsmith. Potter-row 

Forrest, John esq. Buccleuch place 

Forrest, John haberdasher, 29. South bridge, — house 
Infirmary street 

Forrest, T. smith, foot of Chalmers's close 

Forrest, WiUiam land surveyor, 1. south Charlotte St. 

Forrest, William grocer, 48. Nicolson street 

Forrest, William auctioneer, Grassmarket 

Forrest, Mrs 14. south Castle street 

Forrest, Mrs grocer, Lawnmarket 

Forrest, Mrs sick nurse, Richmond place 

Forrest, Mrs 2. mid Rose street 

Forrest, Mrs foot of West bow 

Forrester, Robert esq. treasurer of the Bank of Scot- 
land — house above the bank 

Forrester, William of the Bank of Scotland, 3. east 
Rose street 

Forrester, William manufacturer, Sciennes 

Forsyth, Alexander writer, 5. Forth street 

Forsyth, Alexander, shoemaker, west Rose street 

Forsyth, George builder^ ditto 

Forsyth, James baker, Portsburgh 

Forsyth, John builder, west Rose street 

Forsyth, John baker, west Rose street 

Forsyth, N. boot and shoe shop, 9. east Richmond st. 


Forsyth, Robert esq. advocate, 14. north Hanover 

Fortune and Blackwell's hotel and tavern, 4f. Prince 

Fortune, Andrew spirit-dealer, Crosscauseway 
Fortune, Hector stabler, west Richmond street 
Fortune, Peter, Tontine, 5. Prince street 
Fortune, William millsmith. Abbey-hill 
Foster, Richard chimney piece maker, Mint 
Fothringham and Pearson, esqs. W. S. 35. Frederick 

Fothringham, Frederick, esq. commissioner of excise, 

35. Frederick street 
Fothringham, Col. 35. George street, south side 
Fothringham, Henry writer, 19. west Rose streets 
Fothringham, William wright, Gavinloch's land, 

Fowler, Alexander mason, Greenside gardens 
Fowler, Wilham M'Donald writer, 3. east Rose str. 
Fowler, William grocer, foot of West bow 
Fowler, Mrs furnished lodgings, 4. Blair street 
Fowlis, James miniature painter, 37. north Hanover 

Fowlis, James 18. Charles street 
Fowlis, Miss furnished lodgings, 15. Drummond str. 
Fowlis, Miss merchant, Lucktnbooths 
Foyar, James grocer, foot of Blair street 
Fozard, Charles of the stamp-ofiicej 17. south Castle 

Frain, William wright, Gibb's entry 
France, Mrs Heriot's bridge 
Fraser and Macbain, manufacturers and furnishings 

braziers, 12. Greenside street, head of Leith 


80 FRA— FRA 

'■"■ ■ ......1.. - 

Fraser and Son, tailors, old Assembly close 

Eraser, Alexander furnished lodgings, 3. west Rose 

Fraser, Alexander ditto, 22. mid ditto 
Fraser, Alexander messenger, Lawnmarket 
Fraser, Alexander esq. accountant, 5. Baxter's build= 

Fraser, Alexander 16. south St Andrew street 
Fraser, Andrew teacher, west Register street 
Fraser, Charles and George linen warehouse, Leith 

Fraser, Francis writer, 9. Drummond street 
Fraser, George merchant, 2. Moray street 
Fraser, J. copper-founder, Buccleuch street 
Fraser, James bootmaker, 21. low Terrace, — house 

14. high ditto 
Fraser, James B. esq. W. S. 14. York place 
Fraser, Jam^s esq. principal secretary in the Bank of 

Scotland, — house old Bank close 
Fraser, James baker, 18. west Rose street 
Fraser, James carver and gilder, old Assembly close 
Fraser, John teacher, west Register street 
Fraser, John and Company spirit-dealers, mealmarket, 

Fraser, John 1 . Antigua street 
Fraser. John hair merchant. West-port 
Fraser, John writer, High street 
Fraser, John ironmonger, 36. North bridge 
Fraser, John merchant, 41. west end of Rose street 
Fraser, John leather-merchant, foot of south Gray's 

Fraser, John spirit-dealer, head of Barringer's close 
Fraser, John esq. advocate, 5. Hope street 
Fraser, John agent, Jollie's land, head of Canoflgate 

FRA— FUL 81 

Fraser, Richard tailor, 6. Shakspear square 
Fraser, Robert grocer, Bnsto street 
Fraser, Simon of Ford, 17. Buccleuch place 
Fraser, William dyer, foot of Leith wynd 
Fraser, William seal engraver, 31. Southjbridge 
Fraser, William silk dyer, Hristo street 
Fraser, William grocer, 3. King street 
Fraser, Mrs midwife, Toddrick wynd 
Fraser, Mrs spirit-dealer, Wrightshouses 
Fraser, Mrs Gosford's close 
Fraser, Mrs spirit-dealer, Castl^-hill 
Fraser, Hon. Miss 31. York place 
Fraser, Alexander writer, Milii's square 
Frazer, Jaines of the Bank of Scotland, north Rich- 
mond street 
Frazer, Luke esq. Hay street 
Frazer, Mrs pastry school, Milii's square 
Frisken, Joseph furnished lodgings, 21. Rose street 
Freer, Adam clothier, 61. South bridge, — house 

M-.rchant street 
Freer, Cha. victual dealer, Cowgate head 
Freer, David e&q W. S. 4. Merchant street 
Freer, John wool-merchant, West bov/ 
Freer, James victual-dealer, Grassmarket 
, Freer, Wm. baker, east Richmond street 
French, Col. 31. south Castle street 
Friendly Insurance-office, new stairs, Parliament close 
Frier, William merchant, Lawnmarket 
Fry, Mrs straw-hat maker, 20. Catharine street 
FuUerton, Alexander esq. Luckenbooths 
FuUerton, Robert esq. 76. Prince street 
Fullerton, Robert esq. advocate, 30. north Hanover" 

Fullerton, Mrs of Carstairs, 76. Prince street 
Fullerton, Miss dressmaker, 2. Leith Terrace 

82 FUL— GAR 

'. . .' . - . — - - L- ,."'■' j a 

Fulton, George teacher, 21. north Hiinover street 
Fyers, Mrs 25. Prince street 
FyfFe, James 1. Antigua street 


Cjtailor, William stabler, James' street 

Gair, John stabler, Grassmarket 

Gairdner, Ebenezer and Sons manufacturers, Ports= 

Galbraith, Alex, spirit-dealer, foot of Libberton wynd 

Galbraith, U S. writer, south Frederick street 
Galbraith, James slater, Murdoch's close, High street 
Gall, John coach-maker, — houst head of Leith walk 
Gallaway, Wm. insurance broker. Royal Exchange, 

— house, 15. Elder street 
Galloway, Alex, jariiiiiature painter, G. James* square 
Galloway, Alex, grocer, successor to Mr Menelaws, 

foot of West bow 
Galloway and Son, tailors, Luckenbooths 
Galloway, Mrs sick nurse. Bailie Fyle's close 
Galloway, Mrs Gavinloch's land, Lawnmarket 
Gardner, Alexander depute-remembrancer, Fountain- 
Gardner, Campbell writer, James' court, mid entry 
Gardner, David fledher, Canal street 
Gardner, Heniy merchant, Craig's close 
Gardner, James apothecary, 2i. George street, south 

Gardner, James gardener, Summerhall 
Gardner, John furnished lodgings, 15. Thistle street 


Gardner, Richard of the Customs, Paterson's court, 

Gardner, Robert esq. solicitor, 5. St James* street 
Gardner, Miss Hope Park end 
Garof, P. printseller, 8. south Hanover street 
Garthshore, James esq Palmer's Buildings 
Garvie, Mrs furnished lodgings, 3. Canal street 
Gassiot, John teacher of Spanish, 14. Lf^ith Terrace 
Gavin, Hector, engraver, Parliament close 
Gavin, Mrs Hay's court, Portsburgh 
Ged, Robert painter, foot of New street, Canongate 
Geddes, Alex, plasterer, R'chmond place 
Geddes, H. vintner, 8. Suuth bridge 
Geddes, James of the Customs — house, Broughton 
Geddes, John of the adjutant-general's office, Monro's 

close, Canongate 
Geddes, WilHam butcher, Clyde street 
Geikie, Archibald hair-dresser, 1. Charles' street 
Gelletly, Thomas spirit-dealer, Fountainwell 
Gemmels, William flesher, Fleshmarket close 
George, Alexander writer, 7. Terrace 
George, D- writer, Wilson's land high Calton 
Gentle, James writer, baihe Fyfe's close 
Gentle, Mrs Mill's close, Canongate 
Gentle, Mrs Gentle's close, ditto 
Gib and Macdonald, manufacturers, head of Ca^ 

Gib, Alex, teacher of dancing. Skinner's close 
Gib, James writer. Canal street, west end 
Gib, Robert shoemaker, 79. Nicolson street 
Gib, Robert shoemaker, 5. Carnegie street 
Gib, William easter Greenside, east road to Leith 
Gib, Wm. stone warehouse, Nicolson street 
Gib, Mrs Wm. furnished lodgings, 8. Rose street 



Gibsons, Thomson and Craig, clothiers, 104. South 

Gibson and Oliphant, esqs. W. S. Brown square 
Gibson, Christie and Wardlaw, W. S. 15. York p!. 



■ Gibson 


Adam tea and spirit dealer, Merchant street 
Archibald esq. W. S. Brown'^cquare 
Archibald merchant, -house, south Union 

David esq. Broughton place 
James esq. W. S. 15. Ycrk place 
James writer, Forrester wynd 
James surgeon, east Jack close 
J.imes smith, Urchardiield 
James spirit-dealer, high Calton 
James wright, furnished lodgings, West -bow 
James cabinet-maker, mid Rose street 
James silk-dyer, 17. Nicolson street 
James hosier, 19. Prince street 
John esq. V.' S. 13. high Terrace 
John Wright, mid Rose street 
John fiour-dealei, opposite Linen hall, Ca- 


John «tocking-maker, Sciennes 
John saddler, 8. Catherine street 
Robert carver and gilder, 1 . high Terrace 
Robert leather-box maker, Luckenbooths 
T. and R haberdashers, 10 South bridge 
Wm. junior merchant, Luckenbootlis 
Wm. plumber, Greenslde place 
Mrs Gray's court, Nicolson street 
Mrs Park street 

Mrs of Cliftonhall, 4^. Prince street 
Mrs of Pentland, 16. south. Frederick street 
Mrs 1. Moray street > 

Mrs p. head I>icksoifs close, High street 

J 807. 

GIB— GIL 85 

Gibson, Mrs 7. St John street 

Gibson, Miss 79. Prince street 

GifFord and Son, leather-case makers, Fountainwell 

GfFord, Alex, vintner, Larrubber's close 

GifFord, James grocer, north Uaion place 

Gikie, Arch,Jiairdresser. 1. Ch tries' street 

G'lbert, James farmer, Gilmour park 

Giib< rt, John furnished lodgings, 18. Leith street 

Gilchrist and Company, merchants, High street 

Gilchrist, Borthwick esq. banker — house, 3. Nicolson 

Gilchrist, David mason, Netherbow 
Gilchrist, Jamts builder, 17. Greenside street 
^jilchrist, James esq. W. S. Northumberland street 
Gilchrist, J, glover, Parliament square 
Gilchrist, J. grocer. Putter-row 
Gilchrist, Mrs gr6cer, Luckenbooths 
Gilchrist, Mrs and Company, china-shop, 2S. North 

bridge — house Blackfriars vv'ynd 
Gilchrist, Mrs midwife,first entry James' court, IL,a\vn- 

Gilder, Robert post-horse duty ofSce, IG. east Rose 

Giles, y\lex. upholsterer to the Prince of Wales, 35. 

South bridge — house above 
Giles, John cabinet-maker, Cowran's close, Cro6scause= 

Giles, John Park painter, High street— house Bi- 
shop's land 
Giles, Mrs 10. Lethian street 
Giles, Mrs 2- Drummond street 
Gillespi-, r^lex. surgeon, 2. north St Andrew street 
Gillespi-, Geo. Cotton tobacco-.iist. High street 
Gillespie, James architect, X.T..ion street 
1807. H 


Gillespie, Mrs Rollo Stockbridge 
Gilhes, Adam esq. advocate, 6. Duke street 
Gillies, Alex writer, 18. north Hanover street 
GiiU||j Miss dress-maker, 8. Calton street 
Gilliland, Mrs 11. Nicolson street 
Gillon, Joseph esq. W. S. and Solicitor Jtjj the Gene- 
ral Post office, 39. George square 
Gilmour, Robert ropema^er, Grassmarket 
Gilmour, Robert perfumer, Luckenbooths 
Gilmour, Ro. Little esq. VV. S. 7. St Patrick square 
Gilmour, Samuel ropemaker, Grassmarket 
Gilmour, Tho. 2. east Richmond street 
Gilray, James nail manufacturer, Water of Leith 
Gird wood, James grocer, foot of Cowgate 
Girdwood, James shoemaker, 2. James' place 
Gladstanes, James writer, 15. James' square 
Glas, Hugh furnished lodgings, 15. mid Rose street 
Glas, James shoemaker, Calton 
Glas, W. painter, Buccleuch street 
Ghis, Wm. shoemaker, Robertson's close, Cowgate 
"Glas, Mrs south Gray's close 
G1;h, Miss 4. Society 

Glasford, James esq. advocate, 11. north Castle street 
Glasgow, John grocer, opposite the Linen hall, Ca= 

Glassau, Dr 7. north Richmond street 
Glassils, Robert spirit-dealer. Advocate's close 
Glassils, Mrs of Longniddry, 11. Elder street 
Glen, Alexander victual-dealer, Grassmarket 
Glen, Alexander esq. W. S. 5. Duke street 
Glen, John shoemaker, 43. Nicolson street 
Glendinning, Mrs tailor, Bristo street 
Glenlee, Lord Brown's square 
Gloag, John and Company, merchants, Blair's street 

GLO— GOR 87 

Gloag, ]ohn merchant — house Roxburgh street 

Gloag, Thoiras esq. county cess-office. High street 

Gloag, Mrs Dr 4. Park street 

Globe insurance office 20. South bridge 

Goldie and Robertson, hardware merchants, Highstr. 

Goldie, Alex. esq. W. S. 6. Argyll square 

Goldie, fames merchant — house Potter-row 

Goldie, Mrs spirit-dealer, (rlyde street 

Goldie, Mrs 'J. Cathenne street 

Goldie, Mrs Gi^o. back of Panorama, Leith walk 

Goldie, Mrs Hope park house 

Goldsmiths hall. Lady Stair's close 

Goodlet, Alex, saddler, Grassmarket 

Goodlet, David furnished lodgings, 5. College street' 

Goodsir, Alex. 25. north Frederick street 

Goodsir, Henry of the Bank of Scotland, fames' court 

Goodsir, Joseph coach-hirer, east Jack's close, Canon* 

Goodsman, Wm. excise -officer, Hammermen's close, 

Goodwin, Mrs furnished lodgings, Hyndford's close 
Gordon, Charles grocer, Candlemaker row 
Gordon, Charles esq. of Clunie, 4. St Andrew squarfe 
Gordon, Francis spirit-dealer, head of West bow 
Gordon, George spirit-dealer, opposite Forrester's 

wynd, Cowgate 
Gordon, George cabinet-maker, low Calton 
Gordon, George wright, foot of Canongate 
Gordon, James esq. advocate, S. south Castle street 
Gordon, James esq. advocate, younger of Greenlaw, 

7- George street 
Gordon, James Farquhar, esq. W. S. 22. St Andrew- 
Gordon, John linen-manufacturer, Windmill street 
1807. H 2 


Gordon, John brewer, Grassmarket 

Gordon, John Covenant close 

Gordon, John esq. W. S. 24. north Frederick street 

Gordon, John esq. W. S. 32. George str. south side 

Gordon, Joseph esq. W. S. 9. south Castle street 

Gordon, Lachlan esq. W. S. 32. north Frederick str. 

Gordon, Lewis writer and depute secretary to the 

Highland Society of Scotland — house Society 

hall New Assenr.bly close 
Gordon, Maxwell esq. 12. Albany street 
Gordon, Robert esq. W. S. 46. Queen street 
Gordon, Thomas esq. W. S. 3. George street 
Gordon, Wm. writer, 14. Heriot row east 
Gordon, Wm. Paterson's court, Broughton 
Gordon, L.^dy of Park, 8. south Charlotte street 
Gordon, Lady 1. Thistle street, east side 
Gordon, Mrs Cowgate head 
Gordon, Mrs wine and spirit dealer, 7. south Hanover 

Gordon, Mrs 10. Hill street 
Gordon, Mrs 37. York place 
Gordon, Mrs Gavinloch's land, Lawnmarket 
Gordon, Mrs of Pitlurg, 5. St James' street 
Gordon, Miss 10. Blair street 
Gordon, Miss Alison square 

Gordon, Miss of Abergeldie, head of St John street 
Gorrie, Daniel officer of excise, foot of West bow 
Gorrie, Tho. musician, Burnet's close 
Gould, Patrick ensign of the Royal veteran battalion, 

Barringer's close 
Gould, Robert candlemaker, 42. south Hanover str. 
Gourlay, James letterorrier. General Post Office, 10; 

south Castle street 
Gourlay, John candlemaker, Canongate 
Gourlay, Wm. golf-ball maker, Burntsfield links 

GOV— GRA 89 

Govan, John esq. W. S. 5. George street 

Govan, Wm. glazier, front of James' court 

Gow and Shepherd, music-sellers, 16. Prince street 

Gow, James weaver, Causewayside 

Gow, John painter, Blackfriars wynd — house little 

Jack's close, Canongate 
Gowan, N. bookbinder, Forrester's wynd, Lawnm. 
Gowan, Thomas basketmaker, West bow 
Gowan, W. and C. marble-cutters. Abbey-hill and 

Leith walk 
Gowinloch and Small grocers, High street 
Gracie, Wm. W. S. S2. George street, south side 
Graeme, John esq, W. S. 42. Geo. str. north side 
Graeme, Misses 4. Charles' street 
Graham, Admiral 48. Prince street 
Graham, James esq. of Garvock, James' court, Lawn= 

Graham, James lapidary^ Potter-row 
Graham, James inspector of police, Clerk's land, Bristo 
Graham, John shoemaker, 5. Shakspear square 
Graham, John jeweller, Potter-row 
Graham, John macer of court, 1. Charles' stBeet 
Graham, Peter vintner, head of Blackfriars wynd 
Graham, Robert esq. W. 8. 19. north Castle street 
Graham, Mrs spirit-dealer, opposite Botanic garden 
Graham, Mrs 8. Potter-row 
Graham, Mrs 76. Queen street 
Graham, Mi$3 of Gartmore, 1 2. Geo. str. south side 
Graham, Miss 40. Queen street 
Graham and Watson, dressmakers, Bull turnpike 
Grahame, James esq. advocate, Young str. New town 
Grainger, John esq. W. S. Alison's square 
Grandy, John oilman and grocer, 1 8. south St An= 

drew street 
1807. H 3 

90 GRA--GRA 

Grant, Alex, painter, Byers* close, Luckenbooths 
Grant, Alex. esq. W. S. Argyll square 
Grant, Alex, writer, Alison's square 
Grant, Alex, printer, west end Canal street 
Grant, Alex, grocer and spirit-dealer, Blair street 
Grant, Colquhoun merchant, Abbeyhill 
Grant, Allan writer, Campbell's close, Canongate 
Grant, Allan messenger, Luckenbooths 
Grant, James esq, W. S. James' court, Lawnmarket 
Grant, James esq. W. S. Duke street, east side 
Grant, Captain 2. Meadow place 
Grant, John coach-hirer, 4. east Richmond street 
Grant, John cabinet maker, Canongate head 
Grant, John surveyor of excise, 9. James' square 
Grant, John tailor. Potter-row 

Grant, Nathan esq. solicitor, 11. new str. Canongate 
Grant, Peter porter dealer — house, Grange 
Grant, Robert fishing-rod maker. High street 
Grant, Robert furnished lodgings, 43. south Hano- 
ver street 
Grant, Robert quill manufacturer, 12. Lothian street 
Grant, William vi^eavers wright, Castle wrynd . 
Grant, "William painter, Luckenbooths 
Grant, William broker, foot Blackfriars wynd 
Grant, Mrs of Kilgraston, 57. Queen street 
Grant Mrs 72. Prince street 
Grant, Mrs Dr 2. Greenside place 
Grant, Mrs Alison square 
Grant, Mrs 5. east Richmond street 
Grant, Mrs 3. Society 

Grant, Miss teacher of drawing, 2. Greenside place 
Grant, Miss 48. south Hanover street 
Gray and Ponton, esq. solicitors, Parliament square 
Gray and Robertson, hair-drebsers, Parliament square 


1 11 ' ' ' I D I » 

Gray, Archibald and Co. manufacturers of muslins 

and ginghams, 15. Greenside street 
Gray, Alexander farrier, foot of Pleasance 
Gray, Alexander tailor, 3. Prince street 
Gray, Alexander ditto, Portsburgh 
Gray, ri.lexander grocer. High street 
Gray, Andrew currier, Potter-row 
Gray, George surgeon 25. north bridge 
Gray, George mason, 13. west Rose street 
Gray, George furnished lodgings, 2. James' place 
Gray, Hugh solicitor at law, Brodie's close, Lawn- 
Gray, James of the high school — house, Buccleuch pi. 
Gray, James shoemaker, 77. Nicolson street 
Gray, James esq. Strichen close 
Gray, James watchmaker. Parliament square 
Gray, John baker, Grassmarket 
Gray, John esq. W. S. Northumberland street 
Gray, John ladies hairdresser, 18. St Andrew street 
Gray, John candlemaker, Canongate head 
Gray, John solicitor at law — house, 46. south Hano- 
ver street, chambers Parliament square 
Gray, John writer, 40. Ueorge square 
Gray, John writing master, Miln's square 
Gray, Robert and Company, grocers. High street 
Gray, Robert saddler, north side Grassmarket 
Gray, William tailor, 9. Crichton street 
Gray, William, 42. Nicolson street 
Gray, William messenger Writers' court 
Gray, Wm. tailor and habit maker, Warriston close 
Gray, William cowfeeder, Bristo street 
Gray, Mrs Miln's court, Lawnmarket 
Gray, Miss mantua maker, 10. James* place 
Gray, Miss 37. north Hanovec street 

92 GRE— GRE 

Green, K. grocer, 1. east Rose street 
Green, Robert watchmaker, Parliament square- 
house Crichton street 
Green, Wm. hairdresser, and furnished lodgings, 5. 

south Hanover street 
Green, W. straw hat maker, 3. Greenside street 
Greenfield, Alexander upholsterer, Brown's square 
Greenfield, Mrs Alison's close, Cowgate head 
Greenhill, John mason, 21. York place 
Greenlaw, Andrew spirit-dealer, head of Halkerston's 

Greenlaw, George esq. W. S. 7- Duke street, west 

Greenside Company, manufacturers of tin, japan, and 

smithery goods, Baxter's place 
Greenshields, John esq. advocate, 32. George street 

south side 
Gregory, Professor James 2. St Andrew square 
Gregory, John shoemaker, Caltonhill 
Gregory, Thomas shoemaker, 30. York place 
Gregory, Mrs tin-shop. Infirmary street — house AU» 

son's square 
Greig, Alexander teacher, Potter-row port 
Greig, Alexander 50. George street, south side 
Greig, Alexander esq. W. S. 50. George street, north 

Greig, Alexander esq. accountant, 12. north Castle 

Greig, Alexander cooper, 5. west Rose street 
Greig, Andrew grocer, 4-. St Patrick square 
Greig, Captain 2. Duke street 
Greig, David middle of Leith walk 
Greig, James esq. W. S. 2. Piccardy place 
Greig, Jo. insurance broker — house, 9. Greenside St. 
Greig, John ironmonger, head of Leith walk 

GRE— GRI 93 

Greig, Thomas baker, Abbey 
Greig, Wm. vintner, Borthwick's close 
Greig, William writer, Rose sti-eet, near Castle street 
Greig, William esq. Gayfield street 
Greig, William spirit-dealer, 4. Calton street 
Greig, William comb -maker, 10. low Terrace 
Greig, Janet grocer, 60. Nicolsoa street 
Greig, Mrs Bristo street 
Greig, Mrs Pirrie's close, Canongate 
Greig, Mrs midwife, east entry James' court 
Greig, Mrs furnished lodgings, 18. Thistle street 
Grierson, Andrew tailor, 18. Leith street 
Grierson, Richard grocer, Ponton street 
Grierson, I'homas esq. W. S. 7. James' square 
Grierson, Mrs 4. east Richmond street 
Grierson, Mrs dress-maker, 18. North bridge 
Grierson, Mrs mantuamaker, head of Stamp-office cK 
Grierson, Miss opposite the Archers hall 
Grieve, Adam agent, I. Thistle street 
Grieve, David shoemaker, 16. low .Terrace 
Grieve, Rev. Dr Henry Brown square 
Grieve, H. tavern-keeper. Hunter square 
Grieve, Henry spirit-dealer, head ofTleshmarket close 
Grieve, James grocer, 97. Nicolson street 
Grieve, John engineer, 2. Ramsay garden 
Grieve, John and Alexander clothiers. Cross 
Grieve, John builder, west end Rose street 
Grieve, Matthew jeweller, 84. Nicolson street 
Grieve, Robert merchant — house, Carnegie street 
Grieve, Thomas and Company, Manchester Ware- 
housemen, 86. South bridge 
Grieve, Tho. of ditto — ^house, west side Buccleuch 

Grieve, Mrs Carnegie street 

94 GRI-— GUT 

Grieve, Mrs 11. Crichton street 

Grieve, Mrs 22. Nicolson street 

Grieve, Mrs 50. Prince street 

Grieve, Mrs firnished lodgings, 2. east Richmond st. 

Griffith, Wm. umbrella-maker. High street, — house 

Grindlay, Alexander hairdresser, 65. Nicolson street 
Grindlay, D. and J. leather-merc'-ants. West bow 
Grindlay, Mrs 45. Nicolson street 
Grindlay and Fraser, boarding-school, 2. George str. 

north side 
Gritton, J. and T. merchants, 2. Charles' street 
Groot, Mrs 3. Crichton street 

Grubb, Thomas hairdresser, head of Chalmers' close 
Guild, Alexander writer, 2. James' square 
Guild ( Dean of) office, Parliament square 
Gullan, Charles shoemaker, Portsburgh 
Gullan, John late haberdasher — house, St Patrick 

Gullan, Mrs Dr west Jack's close, Canongate 
Gultire, Abbe French teacher, 14 high Terrace 
Gunn, Adam painter and glazier, low Terrace, — houst 

18. Leith street 
Gunn, Alexander spirit-dealer, opposite meal-market^ 

Gunn, John teacher of music, 7. Shakspear squsire 
Gunn, William shoemaker, St Mary wynd 
Gunn, Mrs furnished lodgings, 2. St David street 
Guthrie and Anderson booksellers, 25. South bridge 
Guthrie and Tait booksellers, 2. Nicolson street 
Guthrie, Alexander esq. W. S. 27. north Frederick! 

Guthrie, Charles wright, Morison's close 
Guthrie, Harry writer, 12. Argyll square 

GUT— HAL 95 

Guthrie, William ordained surveyor, and secretary to 
the grand lodge of Scotland, new Assembly 

Guthrie, Mrs furnished lodgings, 54. South bridge 


Jrll ADAWAV, Mrs 9. Greenside street 
Haddovv. James and Company, brokers. Abbey 
Haffie, Mrs 8. east Richmond street 
H.'ggarston, Mrs furnished lodgings, 6. Lothian str. 
Haggart, John esq. advocate, 16. high Terrace 
Haggart, William wine merchant, 69. Prince street 
Haig, Archibald bak.r, north College street 
Haig, James esq. distiller, Lochrin and Sunbury 
Haig, James insurance broker, Exchange, —house 18-. 

Hanover street 
Haig, James furnished lodgings, 5. Canal street 
Haig, James eaq. 10. St Patiick square 
Haig, John esq. distiller, Bennington 
Haig, Wilham esq. of DoUarfield, 2. Terrace 
Haig, Wilham baker, foot of Leith wynd 
Haig, William baker, Potter-row 
Hairstanes, Miss 8 Buccleuch place 
Haldane, James esq. Piccardy place 
H ildane, James architect, 6. James' street 
Haldane, James tailor, Turk's close, Lawnmarket 
Haldane, John sohcitor, Miln's court 
Haldane, John writer, 9. Dublin street 
Haldane, Robert esq. 5. Duke street 
Haldane, Mrs of Gleneagles, 3. Hope street 
Haldon, J. silversmith, werit College street 
Haliday, Robert grocer, i«w Calton 

96 HAL— HAM 

Haliday, Mrs Middleton entry 
Halkerstone, P.iter solicitor, 3. James' street 
Halket, Capt. R. N. 46. George street north side 
Halket, Samuel brewer, foot north back of Canongate 
Halket, Craigie Mrs 23 south Frederick street 
Halket, Mrs 9. James' square 
Hall, Alexander wright, 12. west Thistle street 
Hall, Alexander shoemaker, 6. low Terrace,— house 

4. St Ann street 
Hall, Hugh spirit-dealer, head of St John street 
Hall, Sir James Bart. 62. George street, south side 
Hall, Rev. James east Rose street 
Hall, James spirit-dealer, Grassmarket 
Hall, John hairdresser, Hyndford's close 
H ill, Pluneas esq. 34. George square 
Hall, Robert merchant, house Gosford's close 
Hall, William and Co. merchants, head of Bank str. 
H.d', WiUiam of ditto, — bouse, Buchanan's eourt 
Hall, Miss boarding-school, 1. Bixter's place 
HaUard, M. French teacht r, 4. east Jaracs' street 
Hi'l on, John tavern west Register street 
Hallys, Misses dress-makers, 32. Prince street 
H'iwell, Ro. tailor, low Cakon 
Halyburton, WiUiam of the Customs, S. Antigua 

Hamilton, Alexander mill-wright. Anchor close 
Hami'ton, Alexander spirit-deaW, Greenside row 
Hamilton, Char'es upholsterer, Canal street 
Hnmilton, David wright, 1. v^arnegie street 
Hamihon, David furnished lodgings, 2. Drummond St, 
Hamilton, George horse-dealer, G'"a.5smarket 
Hamilton, James esq. ''''■ . S. 23. north Frederick str. 
Hamilton, James tailor, 5. Nicolsoii street 
■Hamilton, Dr James 4. ditto 

HAM— HAN 97 

Hamilton, Dr James junior, 23. St Andrew square 
Hamilton, James trunk-maker, head of Stevenlavv's 

Hamilton, James ditto, Veal-mai-'ket 
Hamilton, John hotel-keeper, 12. Prince street 
Hamilton, John music-seller, 24-. North bridge,— 

house, Clerk's land, Bristo 
Hamilton, John builder, 29. south Castle street 
Hamilton, John mason, Toddrick's vvynd 
Hamilton, John pump-maker, Tolcross 
Hamilton, John esq. deputy receiver-genei-al of cus= 

toms, — house, in the Custom-house buildings, 

Hamilton, Robert esq. advocate, 6. Hill street 
Hamilton, Thonias cabinet-maker, 12. Thistle street 
Hamilton, Thomas tailor, 50. Nicolson street 
Hamilton, Thomas agent, Newington 
Hamilton, Thomas wrigh:, Allan's close, — house, 47. 

Prince street 
Hamilton, William esq. W. S. 1. Tiviot row 
Hamilton, Mrs Andrew, 4. New street, Canongate 
Hamilton, Mrs 6. north St David street 
Hamilton, Mrs furnished lodgings, 2. east Register st, 
Hamilton, Mrs 5. Buccleuch place 
Hamilton, Mrs 3. east Thistle street 
Hamilton, Mrs Dr Broughton 
Hamilton, Mrs of Fairholme, 2. Windmill street 
Hamilton, Mrs scale stair, old Assembly close 
Hamilton, Mrs innkeeper, Grassmarket 
Hamilton, Mrs of Gilkerscleuch, 11. Windmill str, 
Hamilton, Mrs 17. north Frederick street 
Hamilton, Mrs 53. George street, south side 
^ Handyside, Andrew & Co. clothiers. High street 
Handyside, David baker, 36. Nicolson street 
1S07. I 

.98 HAN— HAR 

Handyside, Hugh merchant, •;— ho. Royal Exchange 
Handyside, Nath. 17. Greenside street 
Handyside, Peter 2. Buccleuch street 
Handyside, William esq. W. S. 6. Hope street,-— 

writing-cliamber, 16. south Frederick street 
-Handyside, Mrs St Leonard street 
Handyside, Mrs lodgings, 6. north Richmond street 
Hannah, Mrs 3, Catherine street 
Hanan, Robert slater, 5, east Richmond steeet 
Hanan, Mrs furnished lodgings, 3. Catherine street 
Hanton, Mrs J. 23. George street 
Hardie, George tailor, Potter-row 
Hardie, George spirit- dealer, 19. Catherine street 
Hardie, Henry baker, Lawnmarket 
Hardie, J. police constable, Tolbooth wynd, Canon° 

Hardie, John merchant, Lawnmarket 
Hardie, John grocer, 101. Nicolson street 
Hardie, Matthew violin-maker, Fountainwell 
Hardie, Peter baker, 11. west Rose street 
Hardie, Ralph baker, foot of Back stairs 
Hardie, Ralph writer, G. King street 
Hardie, Robert tobacconist, Grassmarket 
Hardie, Robert grocer, Portsburgh 
Hardie, Thomas flesher, Canal street 
Hardie, Mrs C. 5. Carnegie street 
Hardie, Mrs Weir's close, Canongate 
Hardie, Mrs Dr Alison square 
Hardie, Miss mantuamaker, 14. high Terrace 
Harkness, John spirit-dealer, Greenside row 
Harkness, Thomas tailor, 5. east Richmond street 
Harkness, l)r Walter Hay street 
Harley, J. lapidary, Simpson's court, Potter-row 
Harold, Dunbar shoemaker, 17. Thistle street 
Harper & Co. straw-hat manufacturers, 8. Society 


Harper, Alexander tailor, Iiigli Calton 

Harper, Thomas candlemaker, Potter-row 

Hanis, Thomas grocer, High street, — house, above 

Harris, Thbmas stationer, 15. Leith street 

Harrison, Mrs butcher, Abbey 

Harrovvcr, James esq. advocate, 41. Queen street 

Hart, Mrs 9. north St David, street 

Hart, Miss 33. York place 

Hartley, Mrs Bernard's bovver , 

Kastie, Robert stabler, Grassmarket 

Hatherell, D. engraver, old Post-office close 

Hatherell, Mrs boarding-school, 6. James' square 

Hathorn, Vans esq. W. S. 12. George street 

Hathorn, Mrs 20. north Hanover street 

Hatton, David carver, 56. Prince street 

Hatton, Robert writer, middle of West bow 

Haxton,. James jeweller, Potter-row 

Haxton, Richard ditto, ditto. 

Hay, Alexander fruit-dealer, Anchor close 

Hay, Alexander trunk-maker, front of Exchange 

Hay, Andrew smith, Calton 

Hay, Andrew painter, St Andrew lane, — house, 10. 

Dublin street 
Hay, Charles and George merchants, Writers' court 
Hay, George merchant, — house, Drummond place 
Hay, George hairdresser, Fountaiuvvell 
Hay, James writer, 2. west Register street 
Hay, James esq. W. S. 4. north Castle street 
Hay, Sir James Bart. M. D. 40. Geo. str. south side 
Hay, James mason, foot of high Calton 
Hay, John seedsman, surveyor, and landscape garden- 
er, Bank street 
Hay, John esq. banker, 34. George street, south side 
Hay, John chairmaster, 16. Charles street 
Hay, John senior, coach-hirer and stablo-, Pleasance 
1807. I 2 

100 HAY— HEN 

Hay, John junior, coach-hirer and stabler, Watergate 

Kay, Patrick spirit-dealer, Cowgate head 

Hay, Peter grocer, 7. east Rose street 

Hay, Peter shoemaker, Calton 

Ha\-, Robert cabinet-maker, Advocate's close 

Hay, Dr Thomas 25. Prince street 

Hay, Thomas ironmonger. High street 

Hay, William victual-dealer, near the Meal-market 

Hay, Mrs Lewis, 12. Buccleuch place 

Hay, Mrs of Belton, 73. Queen street 

Hay, Mrs Col. 10. north Castle street 

Hay, Mrs of Mordun, 7. Duke street ■ 

Hay, Mrs of Newhall, 11. ditto 

Hay, Mrs Col. 3. Elder street 

Hay, Mrs of Mountblairie, 46. George street, south 

Hay, Mrs mantuamaker, 1. north James' street 
Hay, Mrs stoneware-shop, West bow 
Hay, Miss Hay's close, Grassmarket 
Hay, Miss Hope park end 
Hay, Miss 19. west Richmond street 
Hay, Mrs stabler, Canongate 
Heath, J. flesher, Fleshmarket close 
Heiton, John wright, 2. west Rose street 
Henderson, Adam vintner, Wright's houses 
Henderson, Alexander cabinet-maker, 17. west Rich- 

mond street 
Henderson, Alexander silversmith, 80. Nicolson street 
Henderson, Alexander banker, — house Craigleith 

Henderson, Alexander writer, 22. Prince street 
Henderson Alexander, seed-merchant, Smith's land, 

High street 
Henderson, Alexander flesher, 4. east Richmond str. 
Henderson, Alexander silversmith, 80. Nicolson str. 

HEN—HEN 101 

Plenderson, Alexander shoemaker, 20. low Terrace 
Henderson, Andrew writer, West bow 
Henderson, Charles tailor, Byers close, Luckenbooths 
Henderson, Daniel writer, Cundlemaker^row 
Henderson, James wood-yard, south back Canongate 
Henderson, James plasterer, Livingston's yards 
Henderson, James boot and shoemaker, 4. east Rose 

Henderson, James spirit-dealer, James' place 
Henderson, James butcher, west end Rose street 
Henderson, Sir John Bart. 1. north Charlotte street 
Henderson, John hotel-keeper, 4. Prince street 
Henderson, John cowfeeder and meal-dealer, opposite 

Canongate church 
Henderson, John furnished lodgings, 3. Rose street, 

south side 
Henderson, John spirit-dealer, Cowgate head 
Henderson, John furnished lodgings, 2. east Rose 

street, north side 
Henderson, John watchmaker, Parliament square 
Henderson, John tailor, opposite St John street 
Henderson, John tailor. Shoemaker close, Canongate 
Henderson, J. reed-maker, Abbey-hill 
Henderson, Peter patten-maker, Creams 
Henderson, Robert writer, Fife street, 
Henderson, Robert slater, opposite linen hall Canon- 
Henderson, Thomas Russia warehouse, Cross— house 

19. north Hanover street 
Henderson, Thomas porter and spirit-dealer, foot of, 

Libberton wynd 
Henderson, Thomas baker, 19. St Andrew street 
Henderson, Wm. tailor, Mint 
Henderson, Wm. surgeon, Fountainbridge 
Henderson, Wm. glazier, Shoemaker close 
1807. • 13 

102 HEN— HER 

Henderson, Wm. of the General Post-office, 22. 
Prince street 

Henderson, Wm. grocer and oilman, 106. South 

Henderson, Wm. esq. secretary to the British Linen 
Company — house above ditto, Netherbow 

Henderson, Mrs furnished lodgings, 7. south Char- 
lotte street 

Henderson, Mrs ditto, 20. Charles' street 

Henderson, Mrs straw hatmaker, north College street 

Henderson, Mrs 3. Crichton street 

Henderson, Mrs teacher, Buccleuch street 

Henderson, Mrs laboratory, 80, Nicolson street 

Henderson, Mrs Park street 

Henderson, Mrs west College street 

Henderson Miss teacher, Simon square 

Henderson, Miss 4. west Richmond street 

Henderson,, Miss mantuamaker, Jam-es' court, Lawn- 

Hendrie, John smith, Greenside gardens 

Hendrie, John last-maker, Leith wynd 

Hendrie, William v/right, 17. Thistle street 

Hendiie, Miss 2. Lothian street 

Henniker, Mrs corset-maker and milliner, 5. George 

Henning, John portrait modeller, 48. mid Rose str. 

Heury, John stabler, 3. Catherine street 

Henry, John shoemaker, 5- ditto 

Henry, Mrs 1. west Richmond street 

Henry, Mrs Cant's close 

Hepburn, James grocer, west end Rose street 

Hepburn, Wm. grocer, Grassmarket 

Hepburn, Mrs Frame's land, Chapel street 

Hepburn, Miss Miln's court, head of West bow 

Herbert, Miss mantuamaker, 14. north Hanover str. 

Herd, David writer, south end Potter-row 

HER—HIL 103 

Hermand, Lord 60. George street, south side 
Heron, Lauchlau bookbinder, Forrester wynd 
Heron, Miss boarding school, 1. Forth street 
Herriot and Mitehell, straw-hat makers, 18. Prince 

Herriot and Gardner, candlemakers, High street, 

north side 
Herriot, James esq. W. S. 32. Queen street 
Herriot, James merchant, foot of Allan's close 
Herriot, Thomas merchant, Lawnmarket — house Pa- 

terson's court 
Herriot, Mrs furnished lodgings, 2. Drummond street 
Herriot, Mrs straw-hat maker, 9. Drummond street 
Hervie, John esq. W. S. 6. east Rose street 
Hervie, J. S. teacher, 8. south Hanover street 
Hetherton, Thomas lock-smith and bell-hanger to his 

majesty, 8. North bridge 
Hewan, Capt. 7. Buccleuch place 
Hewat, Hugh shoemaker, Potter-row 
Hewat, Henry baker, 2. north St David street 
Hewat, James grocer, Cowgate head 
Hewat, John baker, 1 . Duke street 
Hewat, Robert coach-hirer, 19. west Thistle street 
Hewat, Peter baker, 15. George street, south side 
Higgins, John Alexander esq. W. S. 22. north Fre- 
derick street 
Higgins, Francis hairdresser, foot of Libberton wynd 

Highland Society hall. High street 
Hill, James and Company, grocers, 14. Bank street 
Hill, John shoemaker, Niddry street 
Hill, Mitchell grocer, opposite Libberton wynd Cow. 

Hill, Peter smith, 7. east Richmond street 
Hill, Peter bookseller. Cross — ^house, 1 3. Nicolson St. 
Hill, Peter optician, 7. east Richmond street 

104 HTL— HOG 

Hill, Robert and Niiiian, esq. W. S. 1. Dvike street 

Hill, Robert writer, ^T. York place 

Hill, Thomas merchant, foot of Canongate 

Hill, William baker, middle of Canongate 

Hill, William grocer, 15. north Frederick street 

Hill, Mrs 27. George street, north side 

Hill, Mrs 2. south Castle street 

Hill, Mrs broker, foot of Cowgate 

Hill, Miss 55. Prince street 

Hill, Misses Hope street 

Hillier, T. F. of the general post ofHce— house. 

Young street 
HInmers, Robert watchmaker, 53. South bridge 
Hindmarsh, James teacher of music, 18. Catherine st. 
Hislop, Alexander seed-merchant, Newington 
Hislop, David saddler, Bristo port 
Hislop, James dyer, foot of Libberton wynd, Cow- 
Hislop, John flesher, Carnibber's close 
Hislop, Mrs grocer, High School wynd 
Hislop, Miss Middlefield, Leith walk 
Hodge, David shoemaker, foot of Libberton wynd 
Hodge, John spirit-dealer, foot of Canongate 
Hodge, Robert esq. Hamilton's entry, Bristo street 
Hodge, Mrs spirit-dealer, Crosscauseway 
Hog, Arthur baker, middle of Pleasance 
Hog, David wright, Sellars' close, Lawnmarket 
Hog, Douglas painter to his Royal Highness the 

Prince of Wales, 5. Bristo street 
Hog, George of the Tax-office, James' court 
Hog, G. and M. dress-makers, 18. George street, 

south side 
Hog, James poulterer, Jackson's close 
Hog, Robert baker, 12. south Frederick street 
Hog> Robert brewer, Abbey-hill 

HOG-— HOM 105 

Hog, Richard cabinet-maker, cpposile Magdalen 
^ Chapel, Cowgate 

Hog, Robert stabler, Bristo street 
Hog, Thomas esq. of Newliston, Laurrston 
Hog, Tliomas publican, south back of Canongate 
Hog, William upholsterer, 21. Greensidc street 
Hog, Mrs midwife, Miln's square 
Hog, Mrs T. Clerk's land, Bristo street 
Hog, Miss Simpson's court, Potter-row 
Hog, Miss mantuamakcr, 20. College street 
Hog, Miss 1. St John street 
Hog, Miss 9. Nicolson street 
Hog, Misses teachers, James' court 
Hogarth, George writer, 4'. south Charlotte street 
Hogg, John of the Bank of Scotland, 2. Bristo street 
Holden, Mrs house of industry, Tiviot row 
Holdvvay, Tho. vintner, Byers' close, Luckenbooths 
Home, Alex, writer, 1 . Park row 
Home, Drummond of Blair-Drummond, 68. Prince 

Home, James esq. W. S. and depute Lord Lyon — 

house and office 4-2. George square 
Home, James painter, Carrubber's close 
Home, John esq. of signet-office, south Charlotte str. 
Home, John land-surveyor, Gosford's close, Lawn- 
Home, John of Kilduff, 27. north Hanover street 
Home, Robert keeper of the bakers' cellar, Water of 

Home, William writer, 17. James' square 
Home, Lady 12. south Castle street 
Home, Mrs Admiral Gayfield place 
Home, Mrs of Bassendean, 22. Hill street 
Home, Mrs E. 3. east Rose street 
Home, Mrs Geo. 55. Prince street 
1807. • 

106 HOM— HOS 

Home, Mrs of Whitefield, James' court 

Home, J. milliner, Parliament square 

Honyman, Sir Wm. (Lord Armadale) 8. Geo. stu 

Honyman, Mrs of Grsmsay, 12. Crichron street 

Hood, Miss Ray's close, Canongate 

Hope, Charles (Right Hon. Lord Justice-Clerk) 13^ 

Hill street 
Hope, James esq. W. S- 54. Prince street 
Hope, James James' court, Lawnmarket 
Hope, Col. John, Northumberland street 
Hope, Robert wright, 13. Thistle street 
Hope, Dr T. C. 5't. Prince street - 
Hope, Wm. Capt, R. N. 37. Geo. street, south side 
Hope, Lady senior of Craigiehall, 9. Heriot row ea&t 
Hope, Mrs 21. St Andrew square 
Hope, Mrs- 25. George street, south side 
Plope, Miss 15. north Frederick street 
Hope, Miss 1. Charlotte square 
Hopton, Anthony wooden-clock maker, back of the 

Hopton, Matthew wooden-clock maker, Lawnmarket 
Hopperton, Samuel merchant, Lawnmarket 
Horn, George spirit-dealer Cornniarket, Grassmarket 
Horn, John silversmith, head of Canongate 
Ilovne, James esq. W. S. 6. George street, north side 
Home, Wm. Advocate, 6. George street, north side 
Home, Wm. ladies hairdresser, 17. south St Andrew 

Homer, John and Co. manufacturers, Chapel street 
Horner, Miss 6. James' square 

Horsburgh, Capt. Edwin, 15. New street, Canongate 
Horsburgh, John shoemaker, Catherine street 
Horsburgh, Richard piano-forte maker, High street 
Horsburgh, Mrs parasol-maker, High street 
Hosack, Alex, tailor, 5. St Ann street 

HOT—HUM 101 

Hosack, Wm. tailor (call-house) Blackfriars wynd 
Hosier, Wm. esq. of Newlands, 17. north Castle str. 
Hotchkis and Tytler, esqs. W. S. 9. Duke street 
Hotchkis and Lamond, brewers, Grassmarket 
Houison, J. and G. carvers, Roxburgh close, LuckeR.^ 

'Houison, Wm. writer, Miln's square 
Houison, Wm. junior writer, Alison's square 
Houison, Wm merchant, 1 Drummcnd street 
Houston, Geo. writer, Fife street 
Houston, John grocer, Livingstone's yards 
•Houston, Laurence broker, foot of the Cowgate 
Howden, F. jeweller, 30. South bridge — house Canaan 
.Howden and Son saddlers, Grassmarket 
Howden, J. watchmaker, Hunter's square 
-Howden, Wm. wright, 44'. «outh Hanover street 
Howden, Wm. weaver, Lochend close, Canongato 
Howden, Mrs furnished lodgings, Alison's square 
Howe, Arch, baker, 2. James' street 
Howe, James portrait painter, 25. Greenside street 
Howel, Thomas auctioneer, 2. west College street 
Howel, Mrs grocer, 18. south Frederick street 
Howie, John hosier, Netherbow 
Huggans, Mrs 6. James' street 
Huie, Jsmes of the Excise, corner of St Patrick sq. 
Humble, John grocer. Ponton street 
Humble, Wm. saddler, 29. Greenside street 
Hume, Alex, weaver, Lauriston 
Hume, Archibald of the General Post-office, foot of 

Young street 
Hume, David esq. advocate, 21. Geo. str. north side 
Hume, John reedmaker, Grassmarket 
Hume, Drs J. and F. 34. York place 
Hume, The. 3. north St Andrew street 

108 HUM— HUN 

Hume, Wm. teacher, Niddry street 

Hume, Mrs furnished lodgings, Richmond place 

Hunter, Alex. Gibson esq. of Balskelly, 103. Prince 

Hunter, Rev, Dr Andrew, Young street, Canongate 
Hunter, Andrew merchant, Bristo port 
Hunter, Andrew, esq. 70. Queen street 
Hunter, David grocer, 1 3. Thistle street 
Hunter, Geo. esq. of Drunkie, army-contractor and 

clothier, 96. South bridge — house, 3. Dubhn 
' street 
Hunter, Geo. furnished lodgings, 13. west Thistle 

Hunter, Mrs James John's coffee-house. Parliament 

Hunter, James baker, West bow, east side — house op- 

Hunter, John esq. W. S. 26. Queen street 
Hunter, John and Company, brewers, north back of 

Hunter, John grocer, foot of Niddry street, Cowgate 

— house, M'Conochie's close 
Hunter, John Portsburgh officer, Lauriston 
Hunter, Capt. Patrick, 22. Queen street 
Hunter, Peter watchmaker, 4. Crichton street 
Hunter, Peter candlemaker, Fountainbridge 
Hunter, Robert esq. advocate, 6. Queen street 
Hunter, Robert late of the Bank of Scotland, 4. 

Richmond place 
Hunter, Robert painter, east Richmond street 
Huuter, Thomas tailor, Leith wynd 
Hunter, Thomas messenger, West bow 
Hunter, William grocer, head of St John street 
Hunter, William spirit-dealer, Cross 

HUN— HUT 109 

Hunter, William plasterer, 3. James' street 

Hunter, William of Gilmerton, 3. Baxter's place 

Hunter, William bookseller and stationer, Parliament 

Hunter, William wine-merchant, — house, Park street 

Hunter, W. and T. grocers, Cowgate head 

Hunter, Lady Blair 3^. Queen street 

Hunter, Mes James T^. Queen street 

Hunter, Mrs 1. north Castle street 

Hunter, Mrs V7riters' court 

Hunter, Mrs Pirrie's close, Canongate 

Hunter, Mrs of Haysfield, 42. north Frederick street 

Hunter, Mrs bookbinder, opposite Magdalen Chapel, 

Himter, Misses milliners, 105. South bridge 

Hunter, Miss 23. Queen street 

Hunter, Miss 2. Broughton place 

Hunter, Miss 3. south Charlotte street 

Husband, Elder, and Company, wine, spirit and por- 
ter merchants, High street, opp. Tron church 

Hutcheson, Gilbert esq. advocate, 11. south Frede- 
rick street 

Hutchison and Company, porter-dealers, Blair street 

Hutchison, Alex. 31. South bridge 

Hutchison, Andrew flesher, World's end close 

Hutchison, Andrew esq. 12. south Frederick street 

Hutchison, James broker, foot of Blair street 

Hutchison, John writer, 2. Blair street 

Hutchison, John treasurer to James Gillespie's hospi- 
tal, — house Chapel street 

Hutchison, J. innkeeper. Potter-row , 

Hutchison, Thomas bakei". High street 

Hutchison, T. and A. merchants, head / cl. 

Hutchison, William watch-glass maker, below iHorse 
wynd, Cowgate 
1807. K 

110 HUT— ING 

Hutton, Alex, grocer, middle of West port, north 

Hutton, Andrew shoemaker, Bess wynd 
Hutton, David tailor, 4. Charles' street 
Hutton, John esq. 13. Bank street 
Hutton, John esq. accountant, 7. south Charlotte st. 
Hutton, Peter haberdasher, 22. South bridge 
Hutton, Wm. engraver and stoneware Ifcuse, oppc 

site St John street 
Hutton, Mrs Summer hall 
Hutton, Miss St John hill, CanongrU.e 
Hutton, Miss music teacher. Bank street 
Hyndford, Countess of 8. St John street 
Hyndman, A. C. surgeon, head of Canongate 
Hyndman, Capt. 10. St Patrick square 
Hyndmarsh, J. teacher of music, 18. Catherine street 

JLmrie, Lieut. Col. 63. Queen street 

Inches, Robert stabler, Grassmarket 

Inderwick, Mrs furnished lodgings, 11. east Rose st. 

Inglis, Borthwick Gilchrist, and Company, bankers, 

Hunter square 
Inglis and Robertson, csqs. W. S. 49. Queen street 
Inglis, Alex, agent, 9. Greenside place 
Inglis, Andrew surgeon, Parliament close 
Inglis, George leather-merchant, Grassmarket 
Inglis, Geo. manufacturer — house, Morisoh's close. 

High street 
Inglis, Hugh printer, Portsburgh 
I^.ghs, James wright, Nottingham place 







is, James wright, West port 
is, J. R. esq. Stockbridge 
is, John builder, King streot 
is, John spirit-dealer, Grassniarket 
is, Rev. Dr John i'3. George square 
is Sir Patrick of Sunnyside, 10. George square 
WiUiam esq. W. S. 49. Queen street 
William baker, 10. Charles' street 
Wilham excise-officer, Candlemaker-row 
Mrs Admiral of Redhall, 13. George square 
Mrs H. D. 6- north Castle street 
Mrs grocer, l^. Tliistle street 
Miss furnished lodgings, I.James' square 
Miss- Margaret dress-maker, 32. Prince street 
Miss 1. north James' street 
Ingram, Alexander grocer, mid Rose street 
Ingram, Mrs furnished lodgings, Richmond penJ 
Innes and Ure, esqs. W. S. 50. Queen street 
Innes, A. porter-dealer, Grassmarket 
, Innes, Charles esq. W. S. 39. George street — writing 
chamber, 16. south Frederick street " 
Innes, Duncan grocer, Fountainwell 
Innes, George wright, Pleasance 
Innesf Gilbert esq. of Stow, 24. St Andrew square 
Innes, James gunmaker, 25. North bridge — house 14. 

Innas, James baker, 13, Caiton street 
Innes, Joh/i of Cowie, esq. 50. Queen street 
■ Innes, Robert flesher — house Flcshmarket close 
Innes, Thomas esq. R. N. Broughton Park 
Innes, \Vm. solicitor, 33. George street 
Innes, Wm. esq. W. S. 1. north James' street 
Innes, Mrs Park side 

1S07. ' K 

112 INN— JAC 

Inner., Mrs furnished lodgings, opposite St John str. 

Innes, Mrs ditto, 10. St Andrew sqnare 
Inverarity, John upholsterer, 7. Greenside place — 

house 8. James' place 
Ireland, M. upholsterer, Campbell's close, Cowgate 
Ireland, Robert equestrian, foot of Canongate 
Ireland, Mrs 8. James' place 
Irvine, Alexander esq. advocate, of Newton, Heriot 

row west 

ne, Col. Charles 3. Pilrig street 

ne, D. grocer, 4. Leith street 

ne, Geo. of the High school, 2. Lothian street 

ne, James writer, 9. south Castle street 

ne, John esq. W. S. 73. Prince street 

ne, Patrick, esq. W. S. 18. Queen street _ 

ne, R. esq. advocate, Gihnour park 

ne, Mrs Col. Greenside place 

;ne, Mrs boarding school, 13. Dublin Street 

ne, Mrs Chessels' court, Canongate 

ne, Mrs of Tobago, Roxburgh street 

ne, Mrs 9. south Castle street 

ng, J. stabler and horse-hirer, Grassmarket, nortU 

Isbister, Thomas grocer. Cross 
Izett and Company, hatters, North bridge 
Izett, Chahnersesq. of Ivinnaird, 6. St Joan street 

aJ ACK, David tailor, 5. Buccleuch street 
Jack, Gavin plumber, low Caltoii 

JAC— JAM 115 

— -— ' ■"— 

Jack, Geo. cabinct-rwiker, low Calton 

Jack, James hairdresser, 56. Prince street 

Jack, Misses milliners, 59. South bridge 

Jackson, Andrew corn merchant, Ritchie's land, foot 

Jackson, James esq. city chamberlain, 13. east He- 
riot row 
Jackson, Jo. 'J^heatre-royal, Shakspear square 
Jackson, Mrs furnished lodgings, 15. College street 
, Jaffray, Alex, writer, .5. Elder street 
James, John bootmaker, 8. south Hanover street—- 

house 11. e^st Rose street 
James, M'ss dress-maker and straw-hat manufacturer, 

2. south St David street 
Jameson, John writer, James' court, cast entry 
Jameson, William writer, ditto 
Jamieson, Captain Greenside place 
Jamiescn, George baker, Crosscauseway 
Jamieson, Gilbert spirit-dealer, Grassmarket, no. side 
Jamieson, Gilbert spirit-dealer, 23. Tiiistle street 
Jamieson, H. vintner, Paterson's court, Lav/nmarket 
JamiesoUj Rev. Dr John, 2. Bucclcuch place 
Jamieson, John of Excise, Gavinloch's land, Lav/n- 

Jamieson, Robert esq. senior, W. S. Heriot hill 
Jamieson, Robert esq. junior, W. S. 3. south Frede- 
rick street 
Jamieson, Robert furnished lodgings, 5. west Rose st. 
Jamieson, Robert baker, head of Pleasance 
Jamieson, Robert professor of natural history, 45. 

George square 
Jamieson, Thomas candlemaker, Lawnmarket 
Jamieson William porter-dealer, Niddry street 
Jamieson, Wm. linen-draper, Netherbov/ 
1807. lis 

114 JAM—JOH 

Jamieson, Mrs furnished lodgings, 2. east Richmond 

Jardine, Sir Alexander of Applegirth, 4. Gayfield 

Jardine, Henry esq. W. S. 81. Prince street 
Jardine, John esq. advocate, Northumberland street 
Jeffrey, George depute-clerk of session, Lawnmarket 
Jeffrey, Francis esq. advocate, 62. Queen street 
Jeffrey, James spirit-dealer, head of Reid's close, Ca- 

Jeffrey, John esq. W. S. 6. Duke street 
Jeffrey, Wm. esq. 23. south Caatle street 
Jeffrey, Mrs Henry Bristo street 
.Tenkins, John toy-shop, 10. North bridge 
Jenkins, Mrs furnished lodgings, 2. east Richmond 

•Tenks, Samuel. spirit-dealer, 3. east Rose street 
Joass, Mrs 20. north Frederick street 
Johnson, Henry surgeon, 49. Prince street 
Johnson, John insurance-broker, High street, — house 

39. Queen street 
Johnson, Mrs 1. south Hanover street 
Johnston, Alexander ironmonger, Grassmarket 
Johnston, Alexander stabler, ditto 
JohfiSton, Alexander shoemaker, Middleton's entry 
Johnston, Alexander tailor, low Calton 
Johnston, Andrew esq. gf Rennie-hill, 9. New street 

Johnston, C. surveyor andmeasurer, James' place 
Johnston, David shoemaker, 19. Terrace 
Johnston, George upholsterer, 6. Shakspear square 
Johnston, George merchant, — house 49. York place 
Johnston, James engraver and music-seller, Lawn^^ 


, JOH— JOH 115 

Johnston, James grocer and tobacconist, Slrichen's 

Jolinston, James coach-hirer, 1. Prince street 
Johnston, John grocer, St Ann street 
Johnston, John wright, Potter-row 
Johnston, John grocer, ditto 
Johnston, John coach-hirer, 2. Prince street 
Johnston, John smith, Potter-row 
Johnston, John printer, Strichen's close 
Johnston, John cattle-dealer. Gibbet-toll 
Johnston, John meal-dealer, Cowgate 
Johnston, John engraver, head of Foiilis' close 
Johnston, John merchant, Lawnmarket 
Johnston, John writer, 50. George street, south side 
Johnston, John teacher of deaf and dumb, Reid's close 

Johnston, Joseph writer. Parliament square 
Johnston, Matthew merchant, Lawnmarket 
Johnston, Robert and Company, grocers and oilmen, 

42. North bridge 
Johnston, Robert wright, Stockbridge 
Johnston, Robert vintner, 4. Shakspear square 
Johnston, Thomas baker, Castle of Clouts 
Johnston, Thomas wright, mid Rose street 
Johnston, Thomas land surveyor, back of Meadows 
Johnston, Thomas writer, 62. Queen street 
■ Johnston, Thomas furnished lodgings, Ramsay garden 
Johnston, Captain Wm. 2. north Charlotte street 
Johnston, Wm. shoemaker. Rose str. by Castle str. 
Johnston, Wm. writer, 14. Elder street 
Johnston, Wm. esq. W. S. Young street. New town 
Johnston, Wm. spirit-dealer, St Leonards 
Johnston, Wm. baker, 15. mid Rose street 
Johnston, Mrs Robert St Leonards 

116 JOH— KEA 

Johnston, Mrs furnished lodgings, old Cess-office, Par. 

liament close 
Johnston, Mrs ditto, 2. Drummond street 
Johnston, Mrs S. 12. Crichton street 
Johnston, Mrs gfocer, Netherbow 
Johnston, Mrs Hope park end 
Johnston, Miss S. II. Crichton street 
Johnston, Miss dressmaker, Trotter's close, Bow head 
Jollie, George tailor, head of old Assembly close 
JoUie, James, esq. W. S. 3. Duke street 
Jollie, P. furnished lodgings, west Rose street 
Jolhe, Mrs furnished lodgings, 15. Druinmond street 
Jolly, D. M writer, 19. James' square 
Jones, Rev. T. S. 17. north Hanover street 
Jones, Wm. grocer, foot of Pleasance 
Jones, Mrs Captain Gilmour place 
Justice of Peace Office for the county, foot of Gos» 

ford's close 


jI\.aving, John cabinet-maker, Canal street 
Kay, James plasterer, 19. Thistle street 
Kav, John printseller. Parliament square 
Kay, John tailor, 3. east Richmond street 
Kay, Robert architect, wester Duddingston 
Kay, Mrs feather-dresser, 18. mid Rose street 
Kay, Mrs innkeeper, Buchanan's court, Lawnmarket 
Kay, Mrs 18. south Castle street 
Kay, Mrs AVarristoxi's close 
Kearnan, Mrs 1. Dublin street 
Keay, James writer, 88. Prince street 

KEA— KEM 117 

Keay, James esq. advocate, 88. Prince street 

Keay, John grocer, Cowgate, south side 

Kedie, David tailor, Potter-row 

Kedie, John candlemaker, head of Fleshmarket close, 

— house 10. Lothian street 
Kedie, Mrs candlemaker, Cross 
Kedie, Miss first shop above Writers' court 
Kedslie, A. and Son, merchants, 28. Greensidc street 
Keegan, Thomas grocer, 9. St David street 
Keggie, James spirit-dealer, P%.iddel's close, Lawn- 
Keir, Adam esq. Lauriston 
Keir, John grocer, Abbey strand 
Keir, Robert 10. Buccleuch place 
Keir, Wm. esq. St John street 
Keir, Wm, furnished lodgings, 5. nortlj St D.'^vid 

Keir, William baker, Water gate 
Keir, Mrs 10. George street 
Keir, Mrs Paterson's court, Broughton 
Keith, Alex. esq. accountant, 6. north Charlotte 

Keith, Alex, of Ravelston esq. W. S. 43. Queen 

Keith, John vintner, Watergate 
Keith, Robert esq. 35. Prince street 
Keith, Mrs Murray 51. George street, south side 
Keith, Mrs 5. Broughton place 
Keith, Mrs meal-dealer, mealmarkct 
Keith, Mrs furnished lodgings, .'51. Calton street 
Kelly, John lodgings, south St Andrew street 
Kelly, John tin-plate worker. West-bow 
Kemp, Alexander tailor, 2. Crichton street 
Kemp, Andrew shoemaker, 38. Nicolson street 

118 KEM— KER 

"Kemp, Colin grocer, 9. south St David street 

Kemp, R. baker, 16. south Castle street 

Kemp, Mrs furnished lodgings, Canal street 

Kemp, Mrs Caltonhill 

Kennedy and Armstrong, dress-makers, 82. South., 

Kennedy, James haberdasher, 45. South bridge — ■ 
house Park street 

Kennedy, John of Underwood, 5. Albany row 

Kennedy, RoHert esq. 3. Richmond place 

Kennedy, Thomas glover, Creams 

Kennedy, William glover, 15. South bridge 

Kennedy, Mrs 2. Thistle court 

Kennedy, Mrs 21. York place 

Kennedy, Mrs furnished lodgings, ]. east Richmond 

Kennedy, Miss bailie Fyfe's close 

Keppel, George tailor, 2. Drummond street 

Kennack, John 1. James' square 

Kerr, Alexander haberdasher, S-t. South bridge- 
house, Blair's close, Castlehill 

Kerr, Alexander hairdresser, Candlcmaker row 

Kerr, James of Bhckshiells, esq. 8. Queen street 

Kerr, James grocer, head Canongate 

Kerr, John esq. \Y. S. 4. Clyde street 

Kerr, John teacher, Craig's close • 

Kerr, Jolui baker, 14. west Richmond street 

Kerr, John tailor, 18. Thistle street 

Iverr, Jolui porter-dealer. Potter-row 

Kerr, Jol-m herald painter. New street, Canongate 

Kerr, Patrick baker, Simon square 

Kerr, Robert merchant. Bank street — house above 
the shop 

Kerr, Thomas tailor, 9; College street 

KER— KIN 119 

5ven-, Thomas haberdasher, 14. South bridge — house 

Pirrie's close 
Kerr, William esq. secretary of the general post-ofEce 

—house 99. Nicolson street 
Kerr, William furnished lodgings, 5- north St David 

Kerr, Mrs spirit-^Jealer, Wardrop's court 
Kerr, Mrs of Chatto, Surgeon square 
Kerr, Misses 1. south Charlotte street 
Kerr, Miss Caltonhill 

Ketten, Michael shoemaker, Luckenbooths 
Kettle, Alexander Isaker, 17. Catherine street 
Kettle, George grocer, foot of Cowgate 
Kettle, James writer, Gosfbrd's close, Lawnmarket 
Kettle, John auctioneer, foot of Cowgate / 

Key, Mrs 17. Charles' street 
Kid, James recorder, Caltonhiir 
Kid, J. spirit-dealer, west Register street 
Kidd, Alexander writer, 2. south James' Street 
Kidd, John wine-merchant, Cowgate head 
Kidd, Robert baker, 4. south Castle street 
Kidd,- Mrs head of Stamp-office close 
Kidd, Mrs grocer, Fountainwell 
Kilgour, B. grocer, 55. Nicolson street 
Kilgour, George stonewarehouse, 1. cast Registet- 

Kilgour, James baker, 6. south Hanover street 
Kilpatrick, Alex, tin-smith, west end Crosscauseway 
Kilpatrick, Mrs IS. Catherine street 
Kincaid, Alexander horse-dealer, west end of Rose 

Kincaid, Alexander printing-ink maker, 4. north Rich" 

mond street 
Kincaid, Alexander Fountaiiibridge 

120 KIN— KIR 

Kincaid, George and Company, Edinburgh sugar" 

house, Canongate 
Kincaid, George of ditto, — house foot of Reid's close, 

King, James baker, 18. Catherine street 
King, Duncan tailor, 6. King street 
King, Miss 16. High Terrace 
-. Kinghorn, A. and J. boot and shoemakers, head of 

New street, Canongate — house Netherbow 
Kingston, John vintner, Craig's close 
Kinloch, James stabler, Grassmarket, south side 
Kinloch, James grocer, north Richmond street 
Kinloch, Mrs furnished lodgings, 9. St David street 
Kinnaird, William chemist, outside of Watergate 
Kinnear, Alexander banker, York place 
Kinnear, David banker, 10. Elder street 
Kinnear, George banker, 31. Queen street 
Kinnear, Thomas and Sons, bankers, Royal Exchange 
Kinnear, Miss 3. south St Andrew street 
Kinniburgh, Robert pewterer, foot of West-bowr 
Kinniburgh, William saddler, Grassmarket 
Kinniburgh, William glazier, head of south Gray's 

Kintore, Countess of 10. Queen street 
Kippie, T. stabler, Canongate head 
Kirby, Dr Buccleuch pend 
Kirk, Alex, hairdresser, head of Canongate 
Kirk, James vintner, old Post-office close 
Kirk, John brewer, Drumdryan 
Kirkland, John baker, west end of Rose street 
Kirkwood, James engraver. Parliament square — house 

Borthwick's close 
Kirkwood, J. junior engraver, 3. Bristo street 
Kirkwood, Robert ditto, Carrubber's close 
■ 1807. 

KIT— LAI 121 

Kitchen, Andrew porter and ale dealer, South bridge 

arch, Ccv,-gate 
Kitchen, John grocer, east end of Grassmarket 
Knie, Balthazar weather-glass maker, Lawnmarket 
Knox, Arthur glazier, Broughton 
Knox, James writer, Alison's square 
Knox, Robert grocer, Potter- row 
Knox, Wm. grocer, Bristo street 
Knox, Mrs 17. Charles' street 
Knox, Mrs furnished lodgings, Bristo street 
Knox, Miss milliner, 4-7. South bridge 
Kyles, Mrs furnished lodgings, 5. Bri;;to street 
Kyles, Mrs Abbey-hill ' 
Kymes, ^^'^m. writer, 42. York place 
Kymish, Mrs 13. liigh Terrace 

JuAiDLAW, James esq. \V. S. 7. Herlot row east 
Laidlaw, John builder, Paterson's court, Broughton 
Laidlaw, John builder, Trotter's buildings, Leitli walk 
Xjaidlaw, Robert and Company, corn-dealers and gro- 
cers, Cowgate head 
Laidlaw, Thomas grocer, Crosscauseway 
Laidlaw, Wm. teacher of mathematics, 79. South br. 
Laidlaw, Mrs Alexander, 17. Thistle street, east side 
Laidlaw, Ann merchant, Lawnmarket 
Laidlaw, Mrs midwife, &c. High street 
Laing and Hay, plumbers, pump and water closet 
makers, Rose street, iirst lane west of Frede- 
rick street 
Laing and Company auctioneers, appraisers, £c dcal- 
ers'in household furniture, 5. South bridge 
1807. L 

122 LAI— LAM 

"Liaing, Alexander architect, 6. Gayfield place 

Laing, Alexander mason, Lawnmarket 

L,aing, Gilbert esq. advocate, 26. St Andrew square 

Laing, James solicitor, Parliament stairs 

Laing, James messenger of Customs, Cowan's close, 

Laing, James grocer, head of Carnegie street 
X.aing, John wright, Cowgate head 
Xa'ng, John wright, 19. I'histle street 
Xiaing, Joiin spirit-dealer, old Assembly close 
J^aing, John broker and dealer in furniture, foot of 

Horse wynd 
L.aing, John auctioneer, Chessels' court, Cancngate 
L,aing, John saddler, 5. St Andrew street 
.Laing, Malcolm esq. advocate, 4. Duke street 
Laing, Robert grocer, 17. mid Rose street 
Lainc;-, Robert saddler, 17. South bridge — house, St 

Patrick square 
Laing, Thomas tool maker, 2. James' square 
Laing, William bookseller, 49. South bridge — house, 

Ramsay lodge 
Laing- ^YiUiam teacher, 24. north Hanover street 
Laing, Wm. breeches-maker, west end Luckenbooths 
Laing, Mrs Dr Carrubber's close 
Laing, Mrs James Lochend close, Canongate 
Laing, Mrs M. merchant, Luckenbooths — house, 

Craig's close 
Laing, Mrs grocer, Canongate head 
Lamb and Wright, hairdressers, head Blackfriars wynd 
Lamb and Son, upholsterers, 2. South bridge — house 

Lamb, Andrew smitli, Crosscauseway 
Lamb, Daniel 48. mid Rose street^ 
Lamb, John vvheelmaker, Grassmarket 

LAM—LAW 123 

Lamb, V/dter upholsterer — house 9. south Castle str. 

Lamb, Mrs furnished lodgings, 2. east Richmond str. 

Lamb, Mrs ditto, 5. Chapel street 

Lament, Tames horse-hirer, Grassmarket 

Lament, John of Lamont, esq, 7. Chailotte square 

Lamont, lohn'wood-tnerchant, Forrester's wynd 

Lament, Patrick liut manuiacturer, and treasurer to 
the Charity workhouse, Cancngate 

Lamont, Scott brush and trunk manafacturer, Cross 

Lamont, William of the Customs, 3. Bristo street 

Lamont, Miss 2. Hope street 

L'Amy, James esq. advocate, Hay street 

Lang, Alexander esq. advocate, Hope street 

Lang, Geo. Simon square 

Lang, .lames writer, 18. Catherine street 

Lang, Wm. esq. advocate, 3. north St David street- 

Lattonness, Tho. grocer, mid Rose street 

Law, Alexander brewer, Grassmarket — -house, 10. 
Buccleuch place 

Law, Alex, messenger, Lady Stair^s close 

Law, James surgeon, 4. George street 

Law, Thomas writer. Brown's squaxe 

Law, Thomas baker, Crosscauseway 

Law, Jameo dentist, 4. Rose court 

Law, Mrs 5. Buccleuch street 

Law, Miss IS. Prince street 

Lawder, Francis writer, 3. south Richmond street 

Lawder, James grocer. Potter-row 

Lawder, John skinner, Silvermills 

Lawder, John merchant, Luckenbooths — house, Wri- 
ters' court 

Lawder, T. tailor, Pleasance 

Lawless,. John vintner, Adam square 

Lawrence, David grocer, opposite the FountainweU 
1807. L 2 

124 LAW— LAW 

Lawrence, John coach-hirer, 24. Thistle street 
Lawrence, Mrs 3. Richmond street 
Lawrie ai;d Company, printers, Libberton wynd 
Lawrie, Alex, circulating library, Parliament square 
Lawrie, Alexander silk-dyer, foot of Chalmers' close 
Lawrie, Andrew teacher of dancing, 2S. Thistle str. 
Lawrie, Andrew and Patrick, haberdashers, 84'. So. 

Lawrie, Andrew and Son,' •upholsterers and cabinet- 
rankers, Greenside place — ho. Union street 
Lawrie, Andrew baker, Bristo street 
Lawrie, David candlemaker, 59. Nicolson street 
Lawrie, Geo. flesher — house, Fleshmarket close 
Lawrie, Geo. merchant, 2. south Richmond street 
Lawrie, J. and B. stocking-makers, west Richm. str. 
Lawr:?, John farrier, Portsburgh 
Lawrie, John stabler, Rosa lane 
Lawrie, Rich, spirit-dealer, bead of Chessels' court, 

Lawrie, Wharton, wine and spirit merchant, mid Rose 

Lawrie, Vv^illiam tool-maker, Potter row 
Lawrie, Wilham, weaver, Sciennes 
Lawrie, William of the Friendiy Insurance Office- 
house, Lauriston 
Lawrie, Mrs 15. north Hanover street 
Lawrie, Mrs furnished lodg-ings, Middleton's entry 
Lewrie, Mis ditto, Morison's close 
Lawrie, Miss Bristo street 
Lawriston, Lieut. Col. Meadow Place 
Lawriston, Thomas shoemaker, LTnion place 
Lawscn, Alex, furnished lodgings, IS. Thistle street 
LawsoD, Allan teacher of language, 12. Terrace 
Lawson, D. grocer, Qreenside row 

LAW— LEE ^ 125 

Lavvson, Geo. tanner and leatVicr-merchant, Boyd's 
close, Canongate head — house, Gullon's close 
Lawson, Geo. saddle tree-maker, Caltonhill 
Lawson, James shoemaker, 7. Charles' street 
Lawson, James leather-merchant, Lawnmarket 
Lawson, John esq. W. S. 16. Hill street 
Lawson, Peter seedsman, Blair street 
Lawson, Stephen clothier, 93. South bridge 
Lawson, Tho. writer, 1. Buccleuch place 
Lawson, Dr William 73. Adam square 
Lawson, Wm. junior, woollen-draper and agent, 4. 

Greenside street 
Lawson, William carver, Forrester's v/ynd 
Lawson, William plasterer, ditto 
Lawson, William boot and shoe warehouse, L Greeii" 

side street 
Lawson, William hairdresser, 7. east Richmond sir, 
Lawson, Mrs silk shop, 15. Prince str. & Exchange 
Lawson, Mrs furnished lodgings, High street 

• Lawson, Mrs, Cowgate head 

* Lawson, Mrs gloverj Leith wynd 
Lawson, Miss '2. Puocleuch place 

Learmonth, John & Co. coachmakers, 3. Prince str. 
Learmonth, John grocer, Fountainbridge 
Learmonth, John 16. St John street, Canongate 
Learmonth, John flesher, Fleshmarket close 
Learmonth, J. and W. tanners, St Mary wynd 
Learmonth, Richard wright, Lawson's wynd, Ports- 
Learmonth, Thomas wine-merchant, 33. George stn 

north side 
Leatham, Lieut. Col. 13. George square 
Lee, '\lexander writer, Forrester's wynd 
Lee, George painter, Plainstone close, Canongate 
1807. L 3 

126 LEE~LE5 

Lee, James dentis-t. New street, Canongate 

JLee, Robert stabler, Grassmarket 

Lee, William grocer, north Richmond street 

Lee, Miss 16, north Hanover street 

Lee, Miss Pirrie's close, Canongate 

Leeburn, Hugh of Excise, 3. east Richmond street 

Leechman and son, bookbinders, Covvgate 

Leechman, John teaclier, 5. Blair street 

Leechman, Robert mason, 6. east Richmond street 

Leitch, Daniel tailor, and furnished lodgings, 2j. north 

Frederick street 
Leitch, John messenger of Customs, — house Greenside 

Leitch, Tvl. grocer. Canal street 
Leitch, Mrs furnished lodgings, IS. George street 

south side 
Lekh, Mrs of Freefield, 5. Windmill street 
Leggat, A- grocer, Stockbridge 

Leggat, James stone-ware dealer, old Playhouse close 
Lenain, Nicolas 23. \ve-?t Rose-street 
Lennie, Wm. teacher, 8. Crichton street 
Lennox, Robert tailor, 85. Niculson street 
Leny, Graham esq. W. S 20. south Castle street 
Leslie, Alexander shoemaker, Park row 
-Leslie, Andrew ditto, 3. Charles' street 
Leslie, George teacher, Blackfriars wynd 
Leslie, James working stationer, Warriston's close 
L slir", John land-surveyor and gardener. Grange loan 
Leslie, Sir John of Undrassie, 78. Prince street 
Leslie, P. furnished lodgings, opposite general post- 

Leslie, Mrs scale-stairs, old Assembly close 
Leslie, Mrs Advocate's close, 1st stair left hand 
Leshe, Mrs furnished lodgings, 1. James' place 

LEV— LIS 127 

Leven, John esq. W. S. 1!0. north Frederick street 
L'Evesque, M. French teacher, 15. north Frederick 

. street 
Leutil, Mrs teacher, Fountainwell 
Lewis, John grocer, Market street 
Lewis, Mrs furnished lodgings, 3. south Ilsnover street 
Leyden, John lapidary, Miln's square 
Liddf], Dr 11. south Castle street 
Liddel, James wright, Wrights houses 
Liddel, James carver and gilder, Tiviot-row 
Liddel, John coach-hirer, north back of Canongate 
Liddel, John furnished lodgings, 8. south Hanover st. 
Liddel, Thomas coach-hirer. New street, Canongate 
Liddel, Wm. coach-hirer, 11. I'histle street 
Liddel, Mrs midwife, foot of Cant's close 
Liud, George general agent, Chessels' court, Canon- 
Lindley, Hon. Mrs Holyroodhouse 
Lindsay, David and Company, wool-merchants, West 

bow — house Water of Leitli 
Lindsay, George bow-maker. Archers' hall 
Lindsay, George teacher, 4'(). south Hanover street 
Lindsay, John teacher, 19. James' square 
Lindsay, J. and J. merchant?, and Buff leather manu- 
facturers, Bow-head — house Colt-bridge 
Lindsay, Hon. Robert of Leuchars, 27. Queen street 
Lindsay, Mrs Carnegie of Kinblethmont, 95. Prince 

Lindsay, Miss 3. Carnegie street 
Linning, Michael esq, W. S. 20. Hill street 
Linning, Mrs 6. north Castle street 
Linton, John joiner, head of Leith walk 
Lister, D. esq. W. S, 14. north Castle street 
■Liston, Edward brushniaker, Cant's close 

128 LIS— LOG 

Listen, Wemyss furnishing shop, 7. North bridge- 
house Stevenlavv's close 
Lithgow, Robert grocer, 4. Shakspear square 
Lithgow, Mrs 10. St David street 
Lithgow, Mrs 17. James' square 

Little, James esq. W. S. 4. south Frederick street^ 
writing chambers GoSford's close, Lawnmarket 
Little, John merchant, Brodie's close, Lawnmarket 
Little, Matthew bak(?r, 12. Catherine street 
Little, Mrs Hay street 
Littlejohn, David baker and grocer, New street, Ca«- 

Littlejohn, Mrs 7. Dublin street 
Livingstone, A. — house 45. Nicolson street 
Livingstone, George tailor, foot of Pleasance 
Livingstone, James haberdasher, 92. South bridge 
Livingston, David spirit»dealer, 20. Catherine street 
Livingston, John writer, 24. north Castle street 
Livingston, Josiah merchant, Fife street 
Livingston, Robert tailor, Middleton's entry ' - 
Lizars, Daniel engraver. Parliament stairs 
Lizars, John shoemaker, West port 
Lloyd, William en.gineer, Lauriston lane 
Loch, Miss 104. Prince street 
Lockerby, James schoolmaster, 5. Canal street 
Lockhart and Kennedy, esqs. W. S. 14. south Frede* 

rick street 
Lockhart, E. esq. W. S. 1. south James' street 
Lockhart, John tin-p'.ite worker, West bov/ 
Lockhart, Walter writer, Surgeons square 
Lockhart, Mrs W. 12. south Frederick street 
Lockhart, Miss Park street .^ 

Logan, Alexander baker, Lawnmarket 'fl 

Logan, George writer, Dundas' street *fp 


LOG— LOW 129 

Logan, James shoemaker, 21. George sir. south side 

J.ogan, Jolin esq. 12. Biiccleuch place 

Logr.n, J. Wright, 75. Nicolson street 

Logan, William mason, Nottingham place 

Logan, Mrs midwife, Forrester's wynd 

Logie, Rohert watchmaker, 12. east Richmond street 

London patent mediciiie warehouse, 86. South bridge 

Longmoor, James grocer, Grassmarket 

Longmore, A. of the Exchequer^ — house St Patrick sq. 

I.orran, Capt. 52. George square 

Lorimer, Arthur grocer, west end Rose street 

Lorimer, James agent for St Clement wells distillery, 

Carfrae's entry, Canongate 
Lorimer, James grocer, St John Hill 
Lorimer, Peter builder, 5. James' place 
Lothian, Rev. Andrew Lauriston 
Lothian, Edward esq. W. S. 50. Prince street 
Lothian, Maurice seal engraver, Cross 
Lothian, Thomas surgeon, 59. Prince street 
Lothian, Walter esq. Hope park 
Lothian, Wm. writer, Mihrs court 
! Lothian, Wm. merchant, 5.9. Prince street 
jLoudon, Fori-est tea-dealer, 8. Terrace 
Loudon, James pin mauufactery, opposite Canongate 
1 church 

Love, Mrs midwife, foot of Blackfriars wynd 
iLovi, Mrs glassblower, Geddes' close 
Low, Carnegie bookbinder, mealmarket stairs 
l[Low, David 3. north James' street 
Low, James writer, Craig's close 
JLow, John printer, 8. east Richmond street 
Low, Robert grocer, 20. Thistle street 
jLowe, Misses furnished lodgings, 44. South bridge 
Lowis, Ninian esq. 28. George square 
1 1807, - 


130 LOW— LYO 

Lowis, Miss James' court, Lavvnnyirket 
Lo'.vrance, Wm. mason, Leith walk 
Lowrie, Andrew dyer, Chalmers' close ^ 
Lov.rie, David tailor, 19. west Rose street 
Liowrie, David candlemaker, 64'. Nicolsou street 
JLowrie, John spirit-dealer, Grassmarket 
Lowrie, John livery stables, east Thistle street 
Lowrie, Samuel grocer, opposite Milton house, Ca~ 

Lowrie, Wm. upholsterer, Simon square 
Lowrie, Mrs Peter stabler, foot of Pieasance 
Lowrie, Mrs 1. Buccleuch street 
Lowrie, Miss 16. Queen street 

Lowriston, Mrs thread-mak-jr, 5. east PJchmond stn. 
Lucas, Robert grocer. High street 
Luke, John dyer, west Crosscauseway 
Lumlie, Wm. wright, 29. south Castle street 
Lumsden, General ^S. south Hanover street 
Lumsden,. Alexander esq. advocate. Thistle court 
Lumsden, Wm. wright, Fleshmarket close 
Lumsden, Wm. wright, 1. Charlotte street 
Lunden, Miss 11. WindmiU street 
Lundic, Archibald esq. W. S. 10. Albany street- 
Lur;die, James shoemaker, 6. east Thistle street 
Lunn, Wm. mason, 19. west Rose street 
Lunnie, Wm. upholsterer, Wardrop's court, Lawnm. 
Lyall, Alexander furnished lodgings, 1. James' street 
Lyall, Alexander tailor, Miln's square 
Lyall. John ham-shop, head of Chessels' court, 
Lyall, Robert tailor, St Mary wynd 
Lyle and Company, fleshers, west College street 
, Lyle, James Courant-ofiice, — house Miln's court, 
Lvle, Wm. furnished lodgings, 2. v.'cst Chapel street 

. LYO— iMAG 131 

Lyon and Fraser, bootmakers, 21. low Terrace 
Lyon, Colonel Tiviot row 
Lyon, Alexander tailor, foot of Cowgate 
Lyon, George shoemaker, 20. Catherine street 
Lyon, Peter druggist, 101. South bridge 
Lyon, Robert tacksman of bughts, Grassmarket 
Lyon, Wm. grocer, head of Carnegie street 
Lyon, Wm. stone-shop, head of Pleasance 
Lyon, Mrs grocer, head of Forrester's wynd 


.'Alp IN, Serjeant and clerk for recruiting distiict, 
17. mid Rose street 
M'Ara, John grocer, 5. west Rose street 
M'Ara, John merchant, — house 11. south Castle str. 
M'Arra, James junior ironmonger, 12. Catherine str. 
M'Arra and Company, sprig-makers, Stockbridge 
M' Arthur, Hugh spirit-dealer, foot of Canongate 
M'Arthur, John grocer, head of Chessels' court, Ca- 
M'Aulay, James surgeon, 3. north Richmond street 
M'Aulay Miss 8. James' street 
M'Alister, Mrs of Loup, James' place 
M'Aull, Edward teacher, 3. Bristo street 
M'Bean, iEneas writer, 25. north Frederick street 
M'Bean, Alexander furnished lodgings, Blair's close, 

M'Bean, Alexander merchant, 1. Antigua street 
M'Bean, Mrs furnished lodgings, 3. St Ann street 
M'Beath, Alexander Simon square 
M'Beath, Charles Excise-officer, Grassmarket 
M'Beath, John furnished lodgings., 8. west Rose stn 

132 MAC— MAC 

M'Calkim, Alexander cowfeeder, Grassmarket 
•iTl'Calkim, R. porter-dealer, Tolcross, Fountainbridga 
M'Cheyne, Adam writer, 19. west Rose street 
M'Cleish, James bookseller, 12. south Frederick street 
M'Cleish, John surgeon, West Church 
M'Cleish, Thomas and Company, printers, old As"- 

sembly close 
Ikl'Conochie, Alexander esq. advocate, east Heriot 

M'Conochie, Alexander spirit-dealer, Cowgate 
M'Conochie, Rev. Mis Gardener's hall, Tobago str. 
M'Conochie, Mrs 32'. George street 
!M'Cormick, Edward esq, advocate, 15. tlill street 
M'Cormick, Wm. 4. north James' street 
M'Coul, Mrs broker, foot of Cdwgate 
M'Cou!, Mrs Heleu, Dr Irving's, Miln's court, Lawn^ 

M'Craken, J. supervisor, 2. east Richmond street 
M'Craw, Mrs merchant, Lawnmarket 
M'Crea, Jo. japanner, Roxburgh close, Luckenbooths 
M'Crea, Peter tailor, 17. high Fcrrace 
ISPCrea, Mrs 9. Duke street 
M'Cree, Rev. Thomas east end of Crosscausewav 
M'Diarmid, Angus vintner, foot of Pleasance 
M'Donald and Fairholme, porter-dealers, Alison sqr. 
M' Donald, A. baker, 49. Nicolson street 
M'Donald, Alex. esq. W. S. Powderhall 
M'Donald, Alex, chairmaster, 16. north Castle street 
M'Donald, Angus cook, Lawnmarket 
M'Donald, Arch, glazier, foot of Libberton wynd 
M'Donald, Arch, bookseller, Luckenbooths 
M'Donald, Gapt. barrack-master, Edinburgh Castle 
M'Donald, Coll esq. W. S. 26. north Castle street 
M'Donald, Donald of the General Post-office, fur- 
nished lodgings, 14. Thistle street 


M'Donald, Donald pipe-maker, Advocate's close 
M'Donald, George baker, 8. east Thistle street 
M'Donald, Gilbert teacher, Warriston's close 
M'ljonald, H. stoneware shop, head of Pleasance 
M'Donald, James ironmonger. High street 
M'Donald, James writer, Simpson's court, Potter-row 
M'Donald, James manufacturer, Weir's close, Canon- 
M'Donald, James spirit-dealer, near the Councils- 
M'Donald, John writer, 2. north James' street 
M'Donald, [ohn printer, Potter-row 
M*Donaid, John tailor, 6. north Richmond street 
M'Donald, John grocer, Bristo street 
M'Donald, Rev. Mr Ramsay garden 
M'Donald, Major-Gen. 59. Prince street 
M'Donald, Marcus haberdasher, Lawnmarket 
M'Dona;M, Ranald esq. of Staffa, 1 3. south Frederick 

M'Donald, Wm. esq. W. S. 26. Prince street 
M'Donald, Wm. officer of the Highland society. High 

M'Donald, Mrs furnished lodgings, head of Libert 

ton's wynd 
M'Donald, Mrs ditto, 6. Drummond street 
M'Donald, Mrs ditto, Ganal street 
M'Donald, Mrs ditto, Bristo street 
M'Donald, Mrs 29. north Castle street 
M'Donald, Mrs Col. 8. Shakespear square 
M'Donald, Mrs merchant, Lawnmarket 
M'Donald, Mrs 25. York place 
M'Donald, Mrs younger of Clanronald 65. George 

street, north side 
M'Donald and Gray, dress-makers, Warriston's clos?- 
1807. M 

134 xMAC— lA'IAC 

M'Donald, L. and M. straw-hat makers, Warriston's 

M"Dona!d, Miss of Clanroaald, *i. Dublin street 
M'Dougal, Alexander writer, 59. Nicolson street 
M'Dongal, D. cowfecder, Tolbooth wynd, Canongate 
M'Dougal, James painter, 20. College street 
M'Dougal, Major John Gayfield place 
M'Dougal, John cowfeeder, Bristo street 
M'Dougal, John 4. north Richmond street 
M'Dougal, Mrs 6. Windmill street 
M' Do wall, Jo. engraver, Brown's close, Luckenbooth« 
M'Dowall, Joseph esq. back of the Meadows 
M'Dowall, WiUiam stocking-maker, Luckenbooths 
M'Dowall, Mrs Stockbridge 
M'Dowall, Mrs 4. north Richmond street 
M'Dowall, Miss mantuamaker, Carrubber's close 
M'Dowall, Miss 17. -south Castle street 
M'Ew'dn and Aitken, manufactui"ers. Water of Leith 
M'Evan, D. vintner, Exchange coffeehouse 
M'Ewan, Jo. flesher. Canal street 
M'Evvan, Peter club-maker, Btirntsfield links 
M'Ewan, William writer, Alison's square 
M'Ewan, Miss furnished lodgings, Miln's court, Lawn- 
M'Farlane, Andrew esq. 9. west Richmond street 
M'Farlane, Duncan of the Royal Bank, — hous^ 8. 

north Richmond street 
M'Farlane, Duncan esq. Albany row 
M'Farlane, Ja. chair oftice, 16. south St Andrew st. 
M'Farlane, John esq. advocate, 17. north Frederick st. 
M'Farlane, Peter hairdresser, Cowgate head 
M'Farlane, Peter dealer in stoneware, Broughton st. 
M'Farlane, Robert teacher, Plainstonc close. Canon- 


M'Farlane, Wm. esq. W. S. 47. George street, south 

M'Farlane, Mrs opposite the Archers' hall 
M'Farlane, Mrs furnished lodgings, Ot. South bridge 
M'Farlane, Miss south 6. St David street 
M'Farquhar, John esq. W. S. 28. north Frederick st» 
M'Gregor, Alexander spirit-dealer, IS. Elder street 
M'George, Ebenezer writer, Miln's court, Lawnm. 
IM'George, John button-maker, St Leonard hill 
M'George, Miss Richmond pend 
M'Gibbon, David cabinet-maker, Clyde street 
M'Gibbon, Wm. painter, 14. v^'est Thistle street 
M'Gie, David west Lochend close, Caaongate 
M'Gie, Hugh vintner, west Register street 
TvI'Gill, Henry flesher, Bristo street 
iNl'Gil], Jo. flesh.-r, Borthwick's close 
LI'Gill, T. and J. fleshers, mid Rose street 
M'Gill, Tho. grocer and shoemaker, Pottsr-rc.v 
M'Gill, Miss 101. Prince street 
M'Gillvray, James teacher, James' place 
M'Gillvray, Lewis cabinet-maker, 4. Richmond place 
M'Gillvray, Wm. grocer, 67. Nicolson street 
M'Glashan, Alex, grocer, west end Rose street 
M'GIashan, DoHcdd chairmaster, Dickson's close, High 

!M*Glashan, James musician, High street 
M'Glashan, John musician, Fountainwtll 
M'Glashan, John writer, Royal Bank close 
M'Glashan, John broker, foot of Cowgate 
M'Glashan, Wm. vintner, Fleshmarket close 
IM'Glashan, Mss spirit-dealer, 5. Charles' street 
M'Gowan, Daniel writer, head of Blackfriars wynd 
M'Gowan, Mrs furnished lodgings, 15. College street 
M'Gregor, Alexander Crown hotel, 2. Prince street 
1807. M 2 

136 INI AC— MAC 

M'Gregor, Alex, furnished lodgings, Miln's court 
M'Gregor, Alex, spirit-dealer, 13. Elder street 
M'Gregor, Duncan broker, foot of Cowgate 
^rl'Gregor, Geo.' shoemakei', Canal street 

M'Gregor, J. R. tailor, 11. Greenside street, — house 
5. St Ann street 

M'Gregor, James hotels, 7. and S. Prince street 

M'Gregor, James slater, high Calton 

M'Gregor, James spirit-dealer, Castlehill 

M'Gregor, James spirit-dealer, east Richmond street 

M'Gregor, John corkcutter, Cowgate head 

M'Gregor, John tailor, 5.. St Ann street — shop Green- 
side street ' 

M'Gregor, Peter general agent, Anchor close 

M'Gregor, Peter Glasgow and Manchester muslia 
warehouse, 17. George street 

M'Gregor, Roderick tailor, '5. St Ann street 

M'Gregor, Mrs Capt. 74'. Prince street •, 

M'Gregor, Mrs Major, 2. Duke street 

M'Gregor, Mrs Archers' hall 

M'Gregor, Mrs furnished lodgings, 4. Shakspear sqr- 

M'Griigar, John tailor, 5. St Ann street 

M'Grugar, T. esq. advocate, Gosford's cl. Lawnm. 

M'Haffie, Mrs furnished lodgings, 5. east Richmond 

M'Hardie, Charles ditto, 2. east Register street 

M'Hardie, Wm. spirit-dealer, east Lochend close, 

M'Harg, Wm. 3. James' street 

M'Hattie, George silversmith, Boyd's close, — house 
Murdoch's close 

M'lndo, Mrs grocer, foot (^f Cowgate 

Al'Iimes, James writer, 4. Charles' street 

M'Intosh, Charles esq. W. S. 5. north St David »tp. 

M'Intosh, Dani'-l vintner, Writers* court 


MAC— MAG 137 

M'Intosh, Daniel printseller, 3 5. south St Andrew 

M'Intosh, Daniel grocer, 21. College street 
M'Intosh, Duncan tea and spirit dealer, 21. Elder 

M'Intosh, George tailor, Mint 
M'Intosh, George grocer, head of Panmure close, Ca- 

M'Intosh, James furnished lodgings, 30. west Rose 

M'Intosh, James tailor, 4. Greenside street 
M'Intosh, James 14. south Charlotte street 
M'Intosh, John wnight, Richmond place 
M'Intosh, Peter messenger. West-bow 
M'Intosh, Robert spirit-dealer, High street 
M'Intosh, Thomas mail guard, — house Canal street 
M'Intosh, Rev. Mr bailie Fyfe's close 
Bl'Intyre and Company, merchants, 7G. Adam's sq. 
M'Intyre, A. engraver and printer, 3. east E.ose 

M'Intyre, Alex, spirit-dealer, Castle hill 
M'Intyre, Daniel printer, Paterson's court. Lawn- 
M'Intyre, Duncr,n porter-dealer, Merchant couir 
M'Intyre, John Dunbar's close, Lawrmarket 
M'Kay and Cadzean, cabiiiet-makers, Thistle street 
M<Kay, Capt. Charlotte square 

M'Kay, Ohphant and Company, merchants and gene- 
ral agents, Cowgate head 
M'Kay, Alexander bookseller and circulating library. 

High street, — house .50. Nicolson street 
M'Kay, Alexander grocer, 8. St Ann street 
M'Kay, Duncan spirit-dealer, opposite Magdalen 

chapel, Cowgate 
M'Kay, Dani.-l 9. Thistle street 
1807. IM 3 

138 MAC— MAC 

M'Kay, Donald spirit-dealer, West-bow 

M'Kay, Francis vintner, White-hart-inn, Grass? 

M'Ka)', General 6. St Andrew street 
M*Kay, George grocer, 37. Nicolson street 
M'Kay, George upholsterer, 13. Thistle street 
M'K;*y, George painter, old Assembly close 
M'Kay,^ H. grocer, 2. west Rose street 
M'Kay, James jeweller, 40. South bridge, — house 1. 

Duke street 
M'Kay, James glass-grinder, High street 
M'Kay, James grocer. Park row 
M'Kay, James grocer, head of Anchor close 
M'Kay, James hatter, Grassmarket 
M'Kay, James spirit-dealer. Castle-hill 
M'Kay, [ohn hotel keeper, 1. and 3. Prince street 
M'Kay, John chair-master, -t. west Rose street 
M'Kay, John hatter, 5. Carnegie street 
M'Kay, John esq, 80. Prince street 
M'Kay, John grocer, head of low Calton 
M'Kay, John grocer, south Richmond street 
M'Kay, John jeweller, High street 
M'Kay, Peter grocer, head of St Mary wynd' 
M'Kay, Patrick merchant,— house 8. Buccleuch place 
!M'Kay, Robert manufacturer, Canongate head 
M'Kay, Robert boot and shoemaker, mid Rose street 
M'Kay, William, spirit-dealer, Lawnmarket 
M'Kay, William furnished lodgings, 50. Nicolson 

M'Kay, William tailor, Parliament square 
M'Kay, Mrs dress-maker, 1. Piccardy place 
M'Kay, Mrs 36. north Frederick street 
M'Kay, Mrs mantua-maker, 8. north Richmond place 
M'Kay, Hon. Miss 6. Tivict-row 

MAC— MAC 139 

M'Kean, Andrew writing master, 8G. South bridge 
M'Kean, James builder, west end of Rose street 
M'Kearlie, Robert esq. storekeeper, Castle 
M'JCellar, Asher spirit-dealer, Blackfriara wynd 
M'Kenzie, Alexander turner, and fishingrod-makerj 

25. North bridge 
M'Kenzie, Colin esq. principal clerk of Session, 86,' 

Prince street 
M'Kenzie, Daniel spirit-dealer, 3. Greenside place 
M'Kenzie, Daniel ditto, Blackfriars wynd , 

M'Kenzie, Daniel smith, high Calton 
M'Kenzie, Donald grocer, low Calton 
M'Kenzie, Donald chair-master, 11, Duke street 
M'Kenzie, Donald confectioner, M'Conochie's close, 

Cowgate head 
M'Kenzie, Dr Grieve — house 77. Queen sti-eet 
M'Kenzie, Edw. Hay of Cromarty, 61. Prince street 
M'Kenzie, Henry esq. of Exchequer, Heriot row 
M'Kenzie, James jeweller, Parhament square, — house 

Milu's court 
M'Kenzie, James esq. W. S. 6. Heriot row 
M'Kenzie, J. H. esq. advocate, 6. Heriot row 
M'Kenzie, John esq. Back row 
M'Kenzie, John grocer, head of Calton 
M'Kenzie, John writer, 2. James' street 
M'Kenzie, John glazier, Lawnmarket 
M'Kenzie, John esq. advocate, 4. Leith street 
M'Kenzie, Kenneth apothecary and druggist, High 

street — house 3. James' square 
M'Kenzie, Kenneth confectioner and grocer, 1. Lo- 
thian street, south side 
M'Kenzie, Kenneth esq. W. S. 18. north Castle 

M'Kenzie, Capt. Kenneth GifFord's park 
M'Kenzie, Kincaid merchant — house Buchanan's court 

140 MAC—MAC 

M'Kenzie, Lewis porter-dealer, Fountain close 
M'Kenzie, Richard esq. \V. S. 5. north St Andrew 

M'Kenzie, Robert esq. W. S. 7. south Charlotte str. 
M'Kenzie, Major Roderick Raid's court, Canongate 
M'Kenzie, Robert shoemaker, 46. mid Rose street 
M'Kenzie, Sutherland merchant, — house 63. Prirtce 

IM'Kenzie, Thomas vintner, 6. James' street 
M'Kenzie, Wm. esq. W. S. 63, Prince street 
M'Kenzie, Wm. supervisor, 7. east Richmond street 
M'Kenzie. Wm. writing master, Carrubber's close 
INI'Kenzie, V/m. furnished lodgings, 13. Charles str» 
M'Kenzie, Wm. jeweller, Anchor close 
M'Kenzie, Wm. grocer, Leith walk 
M'Kenzie, Lady 82. Prince street 
M'Kenzie, Lady Jane L Broughton street 
M'Kenzie, Mrs /ilexander 63. Prince street 
M'Kenzie, Mrs 51. ditto 
M'Kenzie, Mrs 4. Buccleuch place 
M'Kenzie, P.lrs C. 33. George street, north side 
M'Kenzie, Mrs of Strathgarvie, 1. north James' str. 
M'Kenzie, Mrs poulterer, east Register street 
M'Kenzie, Mrs Capt. 32. south Castle street 
M'Kenzie, Mrs furnished lodging?, 09. Nicolson str. 
M'Kenzie, Mis ditto, foot of West bcw 
M'Kenzie, Mrs ditto, Middleton's entiy 
M'Kenzie, Mrs ditto, 7. south Richmond street 
M'Kenzie, Miss ccrset-maker, 9.- high Terrace 
M'Kenzie, Miss 3. north St Andrew street 
M'Kev, J. tailor, 0. cast Richmond street 
M'Kinlay, J. and A. haberdashers, 3. South bridge- 
house 2. Blair street 
M'Kinlay, James raaso:i, Caltonhiil 
M'Kinlay, Mrs 1. south Richmond street 

MAC— MAC 141 

M'Kinlay and Lilly, dressmakers, 76. Prince street 
M'Kinnor, Allaa spirit-dealer, foot of Forrester's 

M'Lagan, Dr 2. Buccleuch street 
M' Lagan, Frederick baker, 3. mid Rose street 
M'Lagan, James bookbinder, Covenant close 
M'lLagan, Peter hairdresser, Cowgate 
M'Lagan, Robert agent for commercial houses abroad, 

4. St James' square 
IvI'Lagan, Mrs nnidwife, Covenant close 
M'Lagan, Mrs furnished lodgings, Sellers' close, Lawn- 
M'Laine, Donald merchant, Fyfe place — office, An- 
chor close 
M'Laren, Alexander stabler, Cowgate 
M'Laren, Alexander bookseller, Horse wynd 
M'Laren, Donald musician. Bell's wynd 
LI'Laren, James spirit-dealer, Cowgate 
M'Laren, John tailor, Leith wynd 
M'Laren, John chair-olSce, 2. St James' street 
M'Laren, J. wright, 4. east Richmond street 
IM'Laren, John tinsmith and carron warehouse, High, 

M'Laren, Peter shoemaker, 2. Leith street 
M''Laren, IVIrs 2. York place 
M'Laren, I\Irs furnished lodgings, Gavinloch's land, 

M'Laren, Mrs New street, Canongate 
M'Laren, Mrs 15. Drummond street 
M'Latchie, Geo. shoemaker, 72. Nicolson street 
M'Lauchlanr, ladies hairdresser, 68. Nicolson street 
M'Lauchlane, "Wm. slater, College wynd 
M'Lauchlane, Wm. gun-maker, 8. Lothian street 
M'Lauchlane, I^.Irs 9. Crichtoa street 

142 MAC-^MAC 

M'Lea, Mrs Buccleudi street 

McLean, Alexander ladies hairdresser, 13. south Fre- 
derick street 

M'Lean, Col. Alex, of Coll, Charlotte square 

M'Lean, Archibald St Patrick square 

M'Leaii, Charles mushn warehouse, 3. south St Ac> 
drew street 

M'Lean, Capt. of the g^th — house, St Bernard row 

M'Lean, Col. Donald 7. Gayfield place 

M'Lean, Donald esq. W- S.'ll. Albany street 

M'Lean, Dr 7. Nicolson street 

M'Lean, Janrics ironmonger, High street — -house, 7. 
north Richmond street 

M-Lean, John tailor, 2. St Ann street 

M'Lean, John fishingrod-maker, 1?>. Prince street 

M'Lean, John leltv^r-carrier, Pust-ollice-— 
house Simon square 

M'Lean, Lauchlane tea-dealer, 2. St Ann street 

M'Lean, Richard merchant, — house 7. north Rich- 
mond street 

M'Lean, William and Company, wholesale cloth ware- 
house, Miln's square 

M'Lean, Wm. of the Customs, 7. Nicolson street 

M'Lean, Wm. 29. St Andrew square 

M'Lean, Wm. horse-dealer, 16. irid Rose street 

M'Lean, Rule and Company, gold and silver lac? 
manufacturers, Luckenbooths 

M'Lean, Mrs 22. Prince street 

M'Lean, Mrs of Lochbuy, 3. Gayfield place 

M'Lean, Mrs 3. Queen street 

M'Lean, iV rs 11. Hill street 

M'Lean, Mrs John Park row 

M'Lean, Mrs dressmaker, Clyde street 

M'Lean, Mrs 9. Tobaro street 

MAC— MAC 143 

M'Lcan, Miss and Company, milliners, 2. No. bridge 
M'Lean, Miss ditto, 4. north Richmond street 
M'Lean, Miss 104. Prince street 
M'Leay, Thomas boot-maker, Bristo street 
PvI'Leay, Thomas writer, 68. Nicolson street 
M'Leish, Arch, grocer, west Rose street 
M'Leish, David tinsmith, 8. Union place 
M'Lcish, William tailor, Toddrick wynd 
IVi'Lennan, John spirit-dealer, Carrubber's close 
M'Leod, Daniel engraver, Murdoch's close. High 

M'Leod, Donald furnished lodgings, 6. James' street 
M'Leod, Hugh music teacher, Richmond coui-t 
M'Leod, James merchant, Miln's square 
M'Leod, Murdoch grocer. Potter-row 
M'Leod, Thomas grocer, west College street 
M'Leod, Mrs of Colbeck, Middlefield, Leith walk 
M'Leod, Mrs I. Bristo street 
M'Leod, Mrs furnished lodgings, 18. Leith street 
M'Leod, Mrs 68. Nicolson street 
M'Leod, Miss 30. north Castle street 
M'Leod, Miss milliners, 7. high Terrace 
M'Lure, Miss 98. Prince street 
M'Millan, Angus writer. High street 
M'Millan, Daniel spirit-dealer, Archers' hall 
M'Millan, James flesher, 8. west Richmond street 
M'Millan, Neil chair-office, 3. south St David street 
M'Millan, Robert writer, 10. George street 
M'Millan, Thomas flesher, Hallierston's wynd 
M'Millan, Mrs furnished lodgings, 5. Bristo street 
-M'Millan, Miss ditto, 3. Richmond place 
M'Nab, Charles rope maker, and lint-dresser middle 

M'Nab, Francis spirit-dealer, Summerhall 

144 MAC— MAC 

M'Nab, John cabinet-maker, Leith wynd 

M'Nab, John smith, west Rose street 

M'Nab, Tho. teacher, opposite Linen hall, Canon»> 

M'Nab, Mrs fm'nished lodgings, 4. Castle-hiil 
M'Nab, Mrs broker, Mealmarket 
M'Nab, Miss boarding-school, 13. Albany street 
M'Naught, James confectioner, Cowgate 
M'Naughton, Donald cabinet-maker, Potter-row 
M'Naughton, coppersmith, West-bow 
M'Naughton, Peter spirit-dealer, head of St John str 

M'Naughton, Mrs 8. east Richmond street 
M'Neil, Alexander mail-guard, 14. Thistle street 
M'Neillie, David writer, 3. Duke street 
M 'Night, A. shoemaker. Thistle street 
M'Night, Samuel esq. W. S. 6. Drummond street 
M'Night Rev. Thomas, 11. Nicolson street 
M'Night, Mrs Dr ditto 

M'Night, Mrs midwife, Skinner''s close, High street 
M'Niven, John paper warehouse, Blair street 
M'Pherson, Major Charles of the Barrack office, — 

house Young street. New town 
M'Pherson, Giles vintner, old Assembly close 
M'Pherson, Hugh tailor, Society close 
M'Pherson, John tailor, 18. south St Andrew street 
M'Pherson, John merchant, 16. high Terrace 
M'Pherson, Wm. tailor, Leith wynd 
M'Pherson, Wm. W. S. West bow 
M'Pherson, Wm. furnished lodgings, 1. James' street 
M'Pherson, Mrs ditto, 5. east Richmond street 
M'Pherson, Mrs ditto, Carnegie street 
M'Pherson, Mrs ditto, 18. mid Rose street 
M'Pherson, Miss 3. James' square 

MAC—MAG 145 

M'Pherson, Miss mantuamaker, Trotter's closCi Bow« 

M'Quaes, Miss milliners, 23. Prince street ^ 
M'Queeii and Steel, tin-smiths, Netherbow 
M'Queen, Alexander grocer, 3. Duke street 
M'Queen, Charles merchant, Begbie's close. Grass- 
M'Queen, Wm. lodgings, 7. Shakspear square 
M'Queen, Mrs of Braxfield, 97- Prince street 
M'Queen, Miss Heriot row west 
M'Quillan, Charles merchant. Hunter's close. Grass- 
M'Quillan, Wm. stabler, Cowgate head 
M'Rae, James chaplain, Gillespie s hospital 
M'Rae, James vvright, Hyndford's close 
M'.vne, William shoemaker, 12. Nicolson street 
IVi'Redy, Wm. shoemaker, Calton 
M' Ritchie and Little's writing -chambers, Gosford*s 

court, Lawnmarket 
M' Ritchie, Alex, confectioner, 1. Shakspear square- 
house 4. 
M' Ritchie, John writer, 4. Castle-hill 
M' Ritchie, John writer, bailie Fyfe's close 
M'Ritchie, T. merchant, — house Alexander's land^ 

M^Ritchie, Wm. writer, 8. north Richmond street 
M'Robie, John furnishing shop, High street 
M'Robie, John spirit-dealer, Ooss 
M'Robin, James solicitor, Brown square 
M^Tavish, Dugald writer. 9 James' place 
Tv.'Tavish, John writer, Wilson's court, Canongate 
M'Vicar, Allan and Company, Linen hall, Canongate 
M'Vicar, Neil and Co. manufacturers, Potter-row 
M'Vicar, Neil esq.— house Lothian street 
1807. N 

146 MAC— -MAL 

■M'Vicar, Pat. writer, S8. south Hanover street 

M' Vicar, Mrs St Leonards 

M'Vicar, Miss 17. Charles' street 

M' '. att, D. grocer, Watergate, Canongate 

M'Whinnie and Mackenzie, esq. W. S. 37. north 

Hanover street 
M'^\ illiam, W. and Co. printers, Forrester's wynd 
M'William Mrs A. 6. north Richmond street 
Macao, William of the Excise, 7. Leith Terrace 
Mack, James of Sheriff-clerk's office, Gosford's close 
Mick, Mrs 9. Crichton street 
Mackie, C. jeweller, Simpson s coiut, Potter-row 
Micliie, David saddler, Piccardy place 
Mackie, Joseph tailor, opposite St John street, Canon* 

Mackie, Thomas lapidary, Niddry street 
Mackie, Mrs 36. north Frederick street 
Mahon, John musician. King street 
Main, James bookseller. West bow 
Main, Patrick painter, Brodie's close, Lawnmarket 
Main, William tailor, St Mar)- wynd 
Main, Mrs milliner. West-bow 
Main, Mrs merchant, Luckenbooths 
Maitland, Adam of Dundrennan, 36. George square 
iVlaitland, A. grocer, West-bow 
Maitland, Alex. Charles Gibson of Cliftonhall, 87- 

Prince street 
Maitland, Mrs 3. Gayfield place 
Maitland, Mrs midwife, Libberton's wynd 
Maitland, Hon. Mrs 32. Ouccn street 
Maitland, Mrs Ahson square 
Maitland, Miss IG. north Hanover street 
Malcolm, Gavin boot-maker, 11. low Terrace 
Malcolm, Jolin cabinet-maker- Leith walk 

MAL— MAR 147 

Malcolm, John esq. general supervisor of Excise, Spit= 

tal field 
Malcolm, John mason, south Frederick street 
Malcolm, Tho, senior, boot and shoe maker, J. Bank, 

street — house 43. Hanover street 
Malcolm, Tho. junior ditto, 7. North bridge 
Mallocli, Wm. clock-case maker, Leith walk 
Man, John merchant, Lawnmarket 
Manderston, J. apothecary, 6. east Rose street — house 

1-2. Queen street 
Manderson, Tho. butcher, 18. east Rose street 
Mann, James bookseller, Fountainwell— house Mon= 

teaths close 
Mann, James vintner, old Post-office close 
Manners and Miller, booksellers, Parliament square 
Manners, Alex, bookseller, — house Haddington court" 
Manners, Thomas esq. W. S. Hay street' 
Manse, Alexv printer, 6. Carnegie street 
Mansfield, James esq. of Midmar, 37. George street, 

north side 
Mansfield, Mrs 20. ditto 
Mansfield, Vlrs Capt. 55. Queen street 
Manson, Charles grocer, Park row 
Manson, George tailor. Cross 
Manson, Sinclair grocer, 12. Union place 
Manson, Tho. esq. W. S. Young street, New town 
Manson, Mrs furnished lodgings, 15. Thistle street 
Manwell, Mrs 1. King street 
Manwell, John spirit dealer, head Niddiy street 
Mar, C. furnished lodgings, 11. Leith street 
Mar, WiUiam merchant — house, 4. New street, Ca^ 

Mar, Robert piano-forte maker. High street, n. side 
March, James last-maker, Calton 
1807. N 2 

148 MAR— MAR 

March, Wm. boot-maker, 4. low Terrace 

March, Mrs furnished lodgings, 2. i-Tummond street 

IVIarch, Mrs ditto, S. south James' street 

Marjorihanks, John esq- Drumsheugh 

Mirnoch, John carver, 12. Prmce street 

Marquis, John furnished lodgings, 17. mid Rose str. 

Marshall and Sons, jewellers, 30. North bridge, next 

door to the General Post-office 
?^ar,shall and Son, plumber-', west Register street 
Marshall and Morison millia'.rs, 29. George street, 

south side 
Marshall, Andrew cart-wright, Queen place 
Mirshall, E. of Hillcarnie, iy. George street 
Marshall, Francis jeweller — house Gayfie'd place 
Marshal!, George horse-dealer, Grassmavket 
Marshall, James cabinet-maker and upliolsterer, 2. U- 

nion place 
Marshal], accountant Bank of Scotland — house 
Gilmour place • ■ 

Marshall, James shoemaker, Calton 
Marshall, James painter and glazier, mid Rose street 
Marshall, James writer. West-bow 
Marshall, John marble-cutter, Leith walk 
Marshall, John writer, Tobago street 
Marshall, Scott horse-dealer, Grassmarket 
Marshall, Timothy smoke-doctor, Bristo street 
Marshall, Thomas quill dresser. West-port 
Marshall, Wm. and Company, grocers, 3. south U- 

nion place 
Marshall, Wm. fiesher, 2. south Union place 
Marshall, Wm. jeweller — house, Union street 
Marshall, Wm. manufacturer, Abbey-hill 
Marshall, Mrs 6. James' street 
Marshall, Mrs Gilmour park, Lochrin - 

MAR-— MAS 149 

Mrirsliall, Mrs 1. north James' street 

Marshall, Mrs 7. mid Rose street 

Martin, Alexander merchant, head of West-port 

Martin, Alexander plasterer, Miln's court, Lawnmark. 

Martin, Henry furniture ware-room, Lawnmarket 

Martin, John writer, Buccleuch street 

Martin, John cutler, West-port 

Martin, John porter royal London mail-coach — house, 

east Rose street 
Martin, M. of Chancery, St Patrick square 
Martin, Matthew brass founder, Carrubber's close 
Martin, Peter esq. Chapel street 
Martin, Thomas writer, 5. George street 
Martin, Wm. Alex. esq. W. S. 3. Rose court 
Martin, William bookseller, 1. Lothian street 
Martin, Mrs vintner. Covenant close 
Martin, Mrs midwife, east Mealmarket stair, Cowgate ' 
Martin, Mrs Bristo street 
Martin, Mrs Braid's close. Bow foot 
Masena, P. glass-blower, West-bow 
Mason, Alexander cabinet-maker, Carrubber's closej 

High street 
Mason, Daniel grocer, Cowgate 
Mason, David stabler, south back of Canongate 
Mason, Ebeneaer insurance broker — house, 22. Elder 

Mason, Geo. of the General Post-office, Hume's en= 

try, Potter-row 
Mason, James of Deanbank — house, Stockbridge 
Mason, James shoemaker, low Calton 
Mason, James ditto, 3. Bristo street 
Mason, -John writer, head of Bull's close, Canongate 
Mason, John writer, 15. east Rose street 
Mason, Thomas extractor, 16. Leith Terrace 
1807. N3 

150 MAS—MAX 

INIasterton, A. tailor, 61. Nicolson street 
Mather, David broker, St Mary wynd 
Mather, George George inn, Bristo street 
Mathie, John cabinet-maker. Horse wynd 
Mathie, Peter jeweller, 7. Parhament square 
Mathison and Co. haberdashers, 37. South bridge- 
house, 82. ditto 
Llathison, Adam of the Customs — house, within the 

Custom house buildings, Bellevue 
Mathison, D. type-founder, new Grange 
Mathison, James accountant, Cooper's entry, Canon- 
Mathison, James mason, head of West port 
Matthew, Capt. James, head of Cant's close 
Matthew, Samuel money-order office, Carrubber's cl. 
Matthew, Thomas silver-plater, back of Tabernacle, 

Leith walk 
Matthew, Mrs furnished lodgings, ] 3. high Terrace 
Matthew, Mrs ditto, 99. Nicolson street 
Maughan, M. grocer, west end of Rose street 
Maughan, R. inspector of taxes, 8. Hope street 
Maule, John 5. Broughton 

Maury, Anthony furnished lodgings, 48. mid Rose st. 
Max ton. Josiah saddler, 20. North bridge 
Maxton, J. vintner, old Post-office close 
Maxton, Patrick grocer, High street — house, James' 

Maxton, Patrick banker — hou^, Parliament close 
Maxwell, Rev. Charles Blackfriars wynd 
Maxwell, Rev. Peter 11. north Castle street 
Maxwell, cjir William Bart. 17. ditto 
Maxwell, Wm. esq. of Carriden, 25. Geo. st. so. side 
Maxwell, Lady of Monreith, 19. Elder street 
Maxwell, Mrs H. Ramsay court, Infirmary street 

MAX—MEL 151 

■ ^ 

Maxwell, Mrs Col. 72. Queen street ' 

Maxwell, Miss 17. north Castle street 

May, Christopher painter, Skinner's close, High street 

May, Mrs 16. south Frederick street 

Mazzoni, Mrs 4. James' street 

Meadowbank. Hon. Lord 1. south Castle street 

Meason, Gilbert of Moredun, esq. 26. St Andrew sq^. 

Meek, John esq. W S. 16. high Terrace 

Meek, John wright, old Bank close, Cowgate 

Meek, Mrs vintner, head of Stevenlaw's close 

Meekie, H. shoemaker, 2. Duke street 

Meekie, Walter wright, West-bow 

Meikle, William furnished lodgings. Potter-row 

Mein, Andrew 1. Buccleuch place 

Mein, John apothecary, 20. Leith street — house, 1$» 

Mein, John spirit-dealer, 15. George street, south side 
Megget and Simpson, merchants, opposite head of 

Murdoch's close 
Megget, Aitken merchant — house, St John hill 
Megget, John merchant, 7. New street, Canongate 
Megget, T. esq. W. S. 7. New street, Canongate 
Meldrum, George vintner, Grassmarket 
Meldrum, James shoemaker, high Calton 
Meldrum, M. vintner, Toddrick's wynd 
Meldrum, Mrs Libberton wynd 
Melliss, Andrew agent for Craigend distillery, old 

Fishmarket close 
Melhss, James haberdasher, 95. South bridge 
Mellis, John flesher, 19. Prince street 
Mellis, iVTrs spirit-dealer, Fleshmarket close 
Mellis and Davidson, milliners, 90. South bridge 
Melven, John stabler, 15. east Rose street 
Melville, George writer, 5. Broughton place 

152 MEL—MIL 

I I ,. 

Melville, Mrs Lauriston place 
Melville, Miss 2. George street 
Mennell, W. furnished lodgings, 18. Prince street 
Menzies, J. engraver, Fleshmarket close 
Menzies, John of the Customs, 12. Queen street 
Menzies, John boot and shoe maker, Potter-rovir 
Menzies, John ditto, 8. south Hanover street 
Menzies, Robert, esq. W. S. 19. north Castle street 
Menzies, Robert boot and shoe warehouse, Grassy- 
Menzies, William shoemaker, Potter-rowr 
Mercer, Alex, plasterer, /^itken's land, foot Cowgate 
Mercer, George wholesale clothier, back Cross well 
Mercer, James writer,. 1. Buccleuch place 
Mercer, Mrs 6. ditto 
Mercer, Mrs foot of Canongate 
Mercer, Mrs of Aldie, 90. Prince street / 
Mercer,. Miss Paterson's court, Lawnmarket 
Merry, James furnished lodgings, 22. Prince street 
Merrylies, Charles watchmaker, Watergate 
Merrylies, Robert upholsterer. Covenant close 
Metcalf, Francis inspector of police, Brown's close, 

Michie, Alexander accountant, Wardrop's court—' 

house, Union place 
Mickle, J. tailor, 6. Greenside street 
Micklejohn, J. auctioneer, Grassmarket 
Mickiejohn, Rev. Dr St Patrick square 
Middlemas, Mrs mid Rose street 
Middleton, James boot and shoemaker, 4. mid Rose 

Mill, George solicitor, mid entry, James' court 
Mill, James and Company, merchants," Grassmarke? 
Mill, John mason, 2. James' glace 

MIL—MIL 153 

Mill, Mrs 27. north Castle street 

Millar, Archibald esq. W. S. 4<7. Prince street 

Millar, James junior writer, surveyor of taxes, county 

of Fife, 11. east Rose street 
Miller and Adie, opticians, 96. Nicolson street 
Millers and Connpany, nierchants, 13. Leith street 
Miller and Russi li, trunk-makers, 1,5. South bridge- 
house, Ramsay's land, Canongate 
Miller, Alexander shoemaker, Shoemaker's close, Ca* 

Miller, Alexander esq. advocate, 6. south Castle str. 
Miller, Alexander weaver, Richmond court 
Miller, Andrew depute clerk of bills, Dundas street 
Miller, Andrew merchant, above Brodie's close, Lawn- 
Miller, Andrew esq. 19. George street 
Miller, David music teacher, Fountainbridge 
Miller, Ebenezer furnished lodgings, 5. east Thistle 

Miller, George manufacturer, 2. Nicolson square 
Miller, James Craigend spirit-cellars, old Fishmavket 

Miller, Dr James Fountainbridge 
Miller, James esq. advocate, Alison's square 
Miller, James and Son, glovers, High street — house, 

Carrubber's close 
Miller, James plasterer, and furnished lodgings, 3. west 

Richmond street 
Miller, James furnished lodgings, Castlehill 
Miller, James depute teind-clerk, Fisher's land, Lawii- 

Miller, John baker. Water of Leith 
Miller, John salmon-dealer, Fishmavket 
Miller, John builder, 6. Lothian street 

154 MIL-~MIL 

IViiller, John furnished lodgings, 8. west Rose street 
Miller, John ditto, 6. north Richmond street 
Miller, John printer, Leith wynd 
Miller, !ohn tea and spirit dealer, Grassmarket 
Miller, John brewer, Potter-row 
Miller, Robert bookseller — house, Carrubbei-'s close 
Miller, Robert bookbinder, Forrester's wynd 
Miller, Robert baker, 3. west Richniond street 
Miller, T. H. esq. advocate, 77. Piince street 
Miller, Thomas writer, James' court, Lawnmarket 
Miller, Thomas farmer, at the Dean 
Miller, Thomas writer, Chalmers' close 
Miller, T. esq. advocate, Brown square 
Miller, William draper, 2. south C oUege street 
Miller, William shoemaker, above New st. Canongate 
Miller, William furnished lodgings, 1. James' street 
Miller, WilUam of the General Post-office, head Leith 

Miller, Mrs furnished lodgings, High school yarda 
Miller, Mrs ditto, 14. south Union place 
Miller, Mrs ditto, 27. west Rose street 
Miller, Mrs 19. George street 
Miller, Mrs foot of Trunk close 
Miller, Mrs 8. east Rose street 
Miller, Mrs midwife, Blackfriars wynd 
Miller and Company, milliners, Lawnmarket 
Miller and Steel, dressmakers, 11. South bridge 
Miller, Mrs 11. James" square 
Miller, Ann merchant, Luckenbooths 
Miller, Ann spirit-dealer, Calton 
Millers, Miss dress-makers, foot of old Pishraarket 

Miller, Miss muslin-warehouse, 16. Terrace 
Miller, Miss 5. north St David street 

MIL— MIL 155 

MiHigan, A watchcase-maker, TValn's court, Bowhead 
Milligan, Mrs 5. east Rose street 
Mills and Son, glue-boijf-rs, Brown's close, Canongate 
Mills, Keith esq. W. S. S2. George stre-t, south side 
Milne, Alexander innkeeprr, Fleslimirb-i close 
Milne, Alexander of the Royal Bank, — house, Chal- 
mers' close 
Milne, Andrew teacher, 67. South bridge 
Milne, Aichibald esq. W. S. 44. Y^rk "place 
Milne, :;. and T. merchants, Hunter's square, — house, 

54'. Queen street 
Milne, Frederick shoemaker west Rose street 
Milne, James merchant, Grassmarket 
M !iie, James turner, L' ith wynd 
Mi(ne, James shoemaker, 1. east Rose street 
Miiue, James furnishi-d lodgiugs, 4. New street, Ca- 
Milne, James founder, — house, Chalmers' close 
Milne, John and So is, brass-founders and iron-mon- 
gers. Bishops lond, High street, — house and 
manufactory Chalmers close 
Milne, John shoenaker, 9. east Rose street 
Milne, John merchant, Smith's l.ind. High street 
Riilne, (ohn esq. of Noi-anside, 73. Queen street 
Milne, Peter buker, north Bank street 
IVAilne, p. furnish. d lodgings, 5. Bristo street " 
Milue, Thomas leathtr^merchant, Canongate 
Milne, William painter, Moriso'i's close 
Milne, WiUiam shoemaker, St Leonards 
Milne, Wm. and A. shof- ware-room, 18. low Terrace 
Milne, Walter shoemaker, head of Carnegie street 
Milne, Mrs of .y;ilnefield, 36. York place 
Milnt, Mrs 76. Prince street 

156 MIL—MIT 

Milne, Mrs furnished lodgings, 5. Chapel street 
Milne, Mrs ditto, 19. south Frederick street 
Milroy, Adam and Company, dealers in glass and 

earthen ware, 16. Prince street, — house, 2. St 

Ann street 
Milroy, Andrew jeweller, 35. North bridge, — house, 

28. Greenside street 
Milroy, David stocking-maker, MilPs close, Canongate 
Milroy, Mrs furnished lodgings, Richmond court 
Milton, James bell-hanger, high Calton, — house» 

Greenside place 
Milton, S imnel bell-hanger, Covenant close 
Milton, William grocer, foot of Blair street 
Minto, Mrs midwife, head of Bailie Fj-fe's close 
JV'irgle, Mascaren spirit-dealer, Grassmarket, so. side 
Mirtle, Miss 2. Buccleuch place 
Mitchell, A. of Prrmit-ofiSce, head of Foulis' close 
Mitchell, A. of Customs, — house, Castlehill 
Mitchell, Andrev? spirit-dealer, foot Libberton wynd, 

Mitchell, Charles feather-manufacturer, Castlehill 
Mitchell, Charles hairdrtsser, Crosscaus way 
Mitchell, D. innkeeper, Gosford's close, Lawnmarket 
Mitchell, D. writer, 26. south Castle street 
Mitchell, Edward engraver, 3. bristo street 
Mitchell, Edward hairdresser, 1. east Richmond street 
Mitchell, Francis of Sir William Forbes'' bank, — house, 

Forrester's wynd 
Mitchell, George secretary of the Royal Bank,— 

house, Royal "ank cloae 
Mitchell, George wright, 5. south Richmond street 
^litchell, Henry spirit-dealer, Causewayside 
^litchell, J. grocer, ditto 

]\/IIT— MOI 157 

Mitchell, James bookbinder, Crosscauseway 

Mitchell, Rev. James 11. Lothian Gtrcet 

Mitchell, James shoemaker, Caitlehill 

Mitchell, James silk-weaver, Leith wynd 

^litchell, John furnished lodgings, vi'est Richmond str. 

Mitchell, John spirit-dealer, Wardrop's court 

Mitchell, John Kincaid's court, Cowgate 

Mitchell, Dr John 2. Gabriel's road 

Mitchell, Rev, John furnished lodgings, 3. north R'ch- 

mond street 
Mitchell, Laurence engraver, Eyers close 
Mitchell, Laurence haberdasher, 17. Prince street 
Mitchell, Robert i. St John street 
Mitchell, Robert perfumer, Alison square 
Mitchell, Mrs 6. east Richmond street 
Mitchell, Mrs Capt. 2. Buccleuch place 
Mitchell, Miss 8. Buccleuch place 
Mitchell, Miss mantuamaker, Campbell's close, Cow- 

Mitchelson, Mrs 32. George street, south side 
Moffat, George v/right, Bristo street 
Moffat, James tanner, 1. Merchant street 
Moffat, James baker, foot Pleasance 
Moffat, James writer, Mill's close, Canongate 
Moffat, John writer, 6. Buccleuch street 
Moffat, John shoemaker, Grassmarket, north side 
Moffat, M. French teacher, Hunter square 
Moffat, Lieut, and Adjutant 7. south Richmond str. 
Moffat, Thomas writer, old Bank close 
Moffat, William solicitor, Potter-row 
Moffat, William apothecary, 84. Nicolson street 
Moffat, William printer and stationer, 95. Nicolsoa 

Moinet, Vincent merchant, Lawnmarket 
1807, O 

158 MOI— MON 

Moir, John printer, Royal Bank close, — house, Parlia- 
ment close 

Moir, Robert confectioner, 20. Prince street, — 
house 3. George street 

?vJoir, Walter esq. accountant, 51. George street, 
north side 

J'loir, William officer of Excise, Hammermen's land, 

Moir, Miss furnished lodgings, 9. Windmill street 

Moirs, Tvjisses 10. DubHn street 

MoUe, William esq. W. S. IG. north Castle street 

MoUison, James shoemalcer, low Calton 

Mollison, JMiss miUiner, 63. South bridge 

MoncrieflF, George merchant, — house, 13. Queen str. 

Moncricff, Major Claikson, 40. George street, north 

Moncrieff, Rev. Sir Henry Wellwood Bart. 13. Queen 

MoncriefF, Henry esq. W. S. 23. north Hanover str. 

IVloncrieff, James esq. advocate, 13. Queen street 

MoncriefF, John apothecary, 17. north bridge 

Moncricff, Robert Scott esq. senior, 10. George str. 
south side 

]\5oncriefF, Robert Scott esq. junior 20. Elder street 

Ziloncrieff, Robert writer, 1. east Rose street 

Bloncrieff, Mrs 16. Elder street 

IVloncrieff, Mrs 98. Prince street 

^loncrieff", INlrs 28. Greenside street 

jMoncriefF, Mrs pastry-shop, 23. George street, south 

Moncrieff, Misses of Sauchop, 101. Prince street 

31onro, Drs Alexander senior and junior, 32. St An- 
drew square 

Monro, Alexander upholsterer, mid Rose street 

Monro, Nicol shoemaker, middle of Portsburgh 

MON— MOR 159 

Monro, Mrs 22. south Frederick street 
Monro, Mrs furnished lodgings, 4. Charles' street 
Montgomery George confectioner, 11. Prince street 
IVIontgomery, Alexander wright, east end of Cross- 
Montgomery, Sir James Bart. 8. York place 
Montgomery, Matthew writer, 33. George street, 

north side 
Montgomery, William W. S. 5. Broughton place 
Montgomery, Mrs furnished lodgings, 23. George 

street, south side 
Montgomery, Mr 20. College street 
Monteith, Thomas baker, opposite Archers' Hall 
Monteith, William baker, Crosscauseway 
Ivlonteith, Mrs S.Bristo street 
Monteith, Mrs Hope street 

Monypenny, Alexander esq. W. S. Brown's square 
Mcmypenny, David esq. advocate, 42. George street, 

south side 
Moodie, D. & J. millwrights, Causewayside 
Moodie, Charles of Exchequer,— house, 4. Buccleuch 

Moodie, Rev. Dr 7. George street, north side 
Moodie, James wright, Middleton's entry 
Moodie, Robert writer, I. north James' street 
Moodie, Stuart esq. advocate, 31. George street, 

south side 
Moodie, Mrs of Millsetter, east Lochend's close 
Moon, Duncan grocer, 44. south Hanover street 
Moon, Henry wright, west Rose street 
Moray, Earl of, Drumsheugh 
More, Cha. of the Royal Bank, Gibraltar house, St 

More, David baker, foot of Pleasnnce 
More, George ditto, 3. south Richmond street 
1807. O 2 

160 MOR— MOR 

jSfore, Rev. George, 82. Nicolson street 

More, James bookbinder, Allan's close 

^lore, James tailpr, south Gray's close 

More, John miniature-painter, 2. James' square 

More, John Shank, esq. advocate, 82. Nicolson street 

]\Iorp, Thomas writer, 9. Greenside street 

More, Mrs furnished lodgings, 5. James' place 

More, Mrs muslin-wareroom, Nicolson street 

Tvrorehead, William esq. 10. Duke street 

Moren, Alexander grocer 12. Catherine street 

Moren, John printer, east Campbell's close, CowgiSte 

Morgan, P. of Excise, Buccleuch entry 

Morgan, Thomas watchmaker, 19. College street 

Morham, Robert flcsher, Bailie Fyfe's close 

Moris, James glazier, 20. Thistle street 

Moris, John butcher, Wcit bow 

Moris, Robert boot-shop, 13. low Terrace 

Morison and Fell, boot-makers, 13. Leith street 

Morison, Archibald flcsher, head of Pleasance 

Morison, Charles wright, Buccleuch street 

Morison, George flesher, Grassmarket 

Morison, James furnished lodgings, Caltonhill 

Morison, James shoemaker, foot of Canongate 

Morison, James flesher, Pleasance 

Morison, John agent, north ilichmond street 

Morison, John flesher. Canal street 

Morison, John esq. W. S. Northumberland street 

Morison, John tcy-shop, 5. Ldth street 

Morison, John grocer, 2. north St David street 

Morison, John builder Gib's entr/ 

Morison, Major 4. north St David street 

Morison, iMichacl modeller, second land below North 

bridge, high street 
Morison, Robert architect, 28. north Castle street 
Morison, Thomas builder, Broiijhton 

MOR— MOS 161 

Morlson, William grocer, High street, — house. Bailie 

Fyfe's close 
Morison, William writer, ?• Nicobon square 
Morison, William Maxwell esq. advocate, 10. Buc- 

cleuch place 
Morison, William agent, 28. Greenside street 
Morison, Mrs 20. College street 
Morison, Mrs 10. Charlotte street 
Morison, Mrs 6. Buccleuch place 
Morison, Mrs 19. Elder street 
Morison, Mrs furnished lodgings, 6. George street, 

south side 
Morison, Mrs ditto, 13. Thistle street 
Morison, Mrs ditto, Horse wynd, Abbey 
Morison, Miss dress-maker, 2. James' place 
Morison, Miss teaclier, Luckenbooths 
Morison, Miss straw-hat maker, Jackson's cloee 
Mortimer, Alexander writer, 56. Nicoleon street 
Mortimer, George breeches-miiker, Bristo street 
Mortimer, John glover, 1. low Terrace 
Mortimei-, William spirit-dealer, head of Canongate 
Morton, John spirit-dealer, 5. Greenside street 
Morton, Peter grocer, 43. North bridge, — house, 

Alison square 
Morton, Robert jeweller, l-i. Prince street, — house, 4-. 

Greenside street 
IVTorton, Mrs W. Carrubber's close 
Morton, Mrs opposite the Public Dispensary, Rich- 
mond ftreet 
Morton, Nicol and Co. milliners and mantuamakers, 

Alison square 
Mowbray, John esq. W. S. Howe street 
Moses, Mrs 32. south Castle street 
Mosman, H. esq. of Auchtifardle, Nicolson square 
Mosman, William shoemaker, 4. Charles' street 
1807. O 3 

162 MOU— MUN 

rvJountford, D. Inglis teacher, Chalmers' close 
Mountforc-, Mrs Maiden merchant-hospital, Eristo st. 
' jVIoutrie, James spirit-dealer, east Richmond street 
Moyse, Commissioner 21. Prince street 
Moyse, Dr H. iS. York place 
Tvloype, John cutler, 6. College street 
Jil\:at, Andrew furnished lodgings, 13. high' Terrace 
I\Iuat, David cooper, 12. west Richmond street 
Muat, Miss furnished lodgings, 1. Bristo street 
jMnggerland, George hairdresser, 15. north Hanover 

Muir, Wood, and Ccm.pany, musical instrument ma- 
kers to his Majesty, 7. Leith street 
Muir, Francis hairdresser, low Calton 
Mnir, George baker, 5. south Frederick street 
' Ivluir, John esq. 19. James' square 
Muir, iMrs 28. south Castle street 
Muir, Mrs grocer, high Calton 
Muirhead, A. furnished lodging?, S. Duke street 
A^uirhcad, George spirit-dealer, Meuse lane 
Muirhead, James printer, 7. west Rose stitet — house, 

mid ditto 
Muirhead, Rev. John Ivleadow place 
Muirhead, Robert teacher, 16. mid Rose street 
Muirhead, Thomas innkeeper, 1. St Ann street 
Muirhead, Willir.m smith, Calton 
Muirhead, Mrs 3. north James' street 
Mullo, James plasterer, near the church, Canongate 
Mundell, Doig, and Stevenson, booksellers and print- 
ers, Parliament square 
Munro Alex, circulating Hbrarj', 81. Nicolson street 
Munro, Alexander builder, opposite Canongate church 
Munro, Alexander esq. 1. south Frederick street 
Munro, Daniel tailor, head of St Maiy vvynd 
Munroj Georg(j of Culrain, 19. James' square 

MUN— MUR 163 

Munro, George spirit-dealer, Castlehill 
Munro, James silversmith, Alison's square 
■^'lUnro, John silversmith, 85. Nicolsoii street 
Munro, W. sheriff-officer, Gosford"s close 
]Vlunro, Mrs l^. Buccleuch place 
Munro, IVJrs third entry James' court 
Munro, Mrs vintner, Bristo street 
Munro, Miss 14. south Charlotte street 
Murdoch, William shoemaker, Gib's entry 
Murison, Andrew macer of teind-court, 8. Duke str. 
Murison, Wm. brewer, foot New street, Canongate 
Murray, Baxter, and Mason, insurance-brokers and 

agents, 18. North bridge 
Murray and Cochran, printers, foot of Craig's close 
Murray, A. advocate, 93. Prince street 
Murray, Col. Alex. Macgregor, 53. George street 
Murray, Alexander wnter, 16. north Hanover street 
Murray, /Andrew tailor, 17. Greenside street 
Murray, Andrew shoemaker, Fountain well 
Murray, Angus spint-dealer, 6. Niddry street 
Murray, Arch, west Heriot row 
Murray, Corrie hotel- keeper, 34. Prince street 
Murray, David governor of Bridewell — house, withia 

the buildings of ditto, Caltonhill 
Murray, David esq. W. S. opposite Water house, 

Murray, George spirit-dealer, head of Forrester's wynd 
Jilurray, George confectioner and grocer. High street 
Murray, Gordon smoke-doctor, head Chalmers's close 
Murray, Henry perfumer, 1. south St David street 
Murray, Henry tailor, 4. west Richmond street 
Murray, lames tailor, low Calton 
Murray, James bookbinder, middle College wynd 
Murray, James tailor, 27- west Rose street 
Murray, .lames spirit-dealer, Lawnmarket 

164 MUR— -MUR 

Murray, James comb-maker, High street 

Murray, James upholsterer. Horse wynd 

Murray, James Wolfe esq. advocate, 1. Hill street 

Murray, James broker, Blair street 

Murray, James toy-shop, 82. South bridge 

Murray, John grocer and surveyor of taxes, Strichen*8 

Murray, John cabinet-maker, 12. south Frederick str. 
Murray, John tailor. Abbey 

Murray, John esq. of Henderland, 59. George street 
Murray, John baker, north side High street 
Murray, John grocer, ditto 

Murray, John lecturer on cbcmistr}'-, Nicolson street 
Murray, John esq. W. S. i'^. south Frederick street 
Murray, John of Conland writer, 8. south St David 

street, west side 
Murray, John grocer, Castlehill 
Murray, John baker, 21. mid Rose street 
Murray, Lewis porter-dealer, Allan's close 
Murray, Michael grocer, Bristo street 
Murray, Patrick writer, 2. Argyll square 
Murray, Patrick teacher, 4. St Mary wynd 
Murray, Peter wine-merchant, Hope's close, Fountain- 

Murray, 1 homas clerk cf the mills. Water of Leith 
Murray, Thomas spirit-dealer, head of St John close, 

Murray, Thomas fiirnished lodgings, 6. James' street 
Murray, Thomas saddler, 21. Leith street 
Murray, William spirit-dealer, foot of Cowgate 
Murray, William baker, Cowgate head 
Murray, William writer, and agent for the Church of 

Scotland, 28. south Frederick street 
IMurray, William spirit and porter dealer, Blair street 

— house, 15. Drummond street 

MUR— MYL 165 

Murray, William haberdasher, head of Canongate 

Murray and Company, spirit-dealers, head of low Cal- 

Murray, William Gayfield place 

Murray, William and Company, porter-dealers. Sel- 
lers' close, Lawnmarket 

Murray, William senior — house, 5. north Richmond 

Murray, William junior — house, Gavinloch's land, 
Forrester's vvynd 

Murray, William boot and shoemaker, 12. Terrace 

Murray, Lady 20. south Castle street 

Murray, Lady EHzabeth Holyroodhouse 

Murray, Mrs Simon square 

Murray, Mrs Keith, 51. George street, south side . 

Aiurray, Mrs Peter 58. ditto, north side 

Murray, Mrs of He.iderland, 59. ditto 

Murray, Mrs James' court 

IVlurray, Mrs Miln's court, Lawnmarket 

Murray, Mrs furnished lodgings, Turk's close, ^ditto 

Murray, Mrs ditto, 48. mid Rose street 

Murray, Mrs Gib's entry 

Murray, Mrs 34i. Nicolson street 

Murray, Mrs vintner. Parliament square 

Murray, Miss of Kincairney, 10. south D.wid street 

Murray, Miss of Mitchelston, Gilmour place • 

Murray, Miss 3. Bristo street 

Muschet, M. music -teacher, 5. Shakspear square 

Mylestoie, Misses tea-dealers, west College street 

166 NAE— NEI 


J.^ AESMiTH, Robert esq. advocEte, bsck of Meadows 

Naesmith, Alex, landscape-painter, 41. York place 

Naesmith, Charles tailor, Dickson's close 

Nasmytli, Sir James bart. of Fosso, 19. York place 

Nairn, James esq. W. S. 36. Queen street 

Nairn, Sir William of Dunsinnan, Bart, dne of the_. 

Lords of Session, Argyll square 
Nairn, Mrs merchant, head of Forrester's wynd 
Nairn, Mrs of Dramkilbo, i. north Castle street 
Nairn, Mrs Major, 20. Queen street 
Nalderi Francis agent. Union street 
Napier, A. musician, 6. Sfiajispear square 
Napier, Francis esq. "W. S. 10. Windmill street 
Napier, George writer, 9. north St David street 
Napier, Lord 71. Queen street 
Napier, Macvae, esq. W. S. 48. George street, north 

Napier, Peter corkcutter, Canongate head 
Napier, Robert tailor, 13. Prince street 
Napier, Wm. musician, 7. high Terrace 
Napier, Miss 4. north James' street 
Napier, Hon. Mi«s 2. south Castle street 
Neaves, Charles writer, head of Libberton's wynd 
Neale, John esq. 98. Prince street 
Neill, Adam and Company, printers, old Fishmarket 

Neil, Alex, furnished lodgings, 30. west end Rose st* 
Neil, James fiesher, head of Canongate 
Neil, John buildtr, 8 James' place 
Neil, John spirit-dealer, 1. Pilrig street " 

NEI— NIC 167 

Neil, Robert merchant, Luckenbooths 

Neil, Mrs tin-shop, 5. south Frederick street 

Neil, Mrs furnished lodgings, ditto 

Neilson, James esq. II. Charlotte square 

Neilson, James spirit-deaier. Shoemakers' close, Canon» 

Neilson, James porter-dealer, Warriston's close 
Neilson, James shoemaker, 2. north St David street 
Neilson, John furnished lodgings, 23. w. Rose street 
Neilson, Mrs Miln's court, Lawnmarket 
Neilson, Mrs 68. Nicolson street 
Neilson, Mrs of Corsack, 1. James' place 
Neilson, Mrs lieutenant, 3. north James' street 
Ness, Jessie of Locbrin distillery, Castlebarns 
Ness, Wm. tailor, 25. North bridge 
Nevvbigging, Jaraes esq. Heriot row west 
Newbigging, Robert Justice of peace clerk, Ward- 

rop's court 
Newbigging, William surgeon, 7. Hunter's square 
Newland, John ironmonger, 6. Bank street ' 
Newlands, John writer, Watson's land, head of Ca-- 

Newton, Lord 11. York place 
Newton, Abraham merchant, 8. South bridge 
Newton, Andrew head of Pleasance 
Newton, G. of the General Post office, 5. James' str. 
Newton, Geo. shoemaker, Crosscauseway 
Newton, James baker, Grassmarket 
Newton, John gilder, foot of Leith wynd 
Newton, Robert spirit-dealer, head of Canongate 
Nicol, Alex, glover, 25. low Terrace 
Nicol, Alex, grocer, 40. Nicolson street 
Nicol, John leather-merchant, 5. Terrace 
Nicol, John vintner, Wardrop's court, Lawnmarket 
Nicol, John baker, Main-point 

168 NIG— NTS 

Nicol, Mungo bookbinder, Brown's cl. Luckenbooths 

Nicol, Peter grocer, Potter-row 

Nicol, Robert breeches-maker, Richmond place 

Nicol, Walter planner, Trotter's buildings, Leith walk 

Nicol, William perfumer. 6. Union place 

Nicol, Mrs 9. Buccleuch street 

Nicol Misses mantua-makers, James' court, west entry 

Nicolson, John pump-maker, Abbey-hill 

Nicokon, John tailor, 3. east Rose street 

Nicolson, Wm. hairdresser, head of Cowgate 

Nicolson, Mrs 3. Society 

Nicolson, Miss 4-. south St David street 

Nicolson, Mrs muslin and dimmity warehouse, 32. 

, Leith street 

Nicolson, Miss 5. Broughton place 
Niel, Andrew builder, Llyde street. New town 
Night, John spirit-dealer. Abbey-hill 
Nightingale, Wm. habit-maker, and tailor, Bank str. 
Nimmo, Plugh baker, Cowgate, opposite old Fish- 
Nimmo, James hairdresser, south side of Grassmarket 
Nimmo, James spirit and porter dealer, foot of West- 
Nimmo, John esq. W. S. Parliament square 
Nimmo, Robert furnished lodgings, Alison square 
Nimmo, Tho. wheelwright to her Majesty., Cowgate 
Nimmo, Miss mantuamaker, bailie Fyfe's close 
Ninian, Andrew teacher, 54-. South bridge ■ 
Nisbet and Bennet, merchants, Grassmarket 
N'isbet, Alex, furnished lodgings, 10. Catherine street 
Nisbet, Arch, writer, 4-1. York place — ho. Miln's co. 
Nisbet, James builder, west end of Rose street 
Nisbet, Jumes surgeon. Main-point 
Nisbet, Walter writer, Netherbow 
Nisbet, William piano-forte maker, Dickson's close 

NIV—OGI 169 

Niven, James manufacturer of cottons, Lawnmarket 
Niven, James Dumfries carrier, Lauriston 
Niven, Robert shoemaker, 2. south Richmond street 
Niven, M^s baker, opposite Linen hall, Canongate 
Noble, James vvrtght, 61. Nicolson street 
Noble, John cooper, St Mary wynd 
Noble, John teacher, Carrubber's close, High street 
Noble, T. hosier, Lawnmarket — house, GifFord's park 
Noble, Wm. teacher of language, 50. Nicolson street 
Noble, Mrs Lindsay's land, Castlehill 
Noble, Mrs midwife, St iVtary wynd 
Norris, Miss dress-maker, 8. Calton street 
Norton, Hon. Fletcher one of the Barons of Exche- 
quer, Abbey-hill 
Nuckle, Mrs 45. George square 
Nurse, Mrs pastry-school, 38. Prince street 


^J'akley, J. hairdresser, foot of Blair street 

Oatts, Charles furnished lodgings, 5. G-orge street, 
south side 

Ochiltre^, Archibald essay master, — -house head of 
West bow 

Odonnel, James jeweller and hardware merchant, 2L 
Leith street 

Ogg, James bookseller, 12. St Andrew street 

Ogg, WilHam tailor, Pleacance 

Ogg, Mrs furnished lodgings, Snndiland's close 

Ogill, John of the city clerk's office, 14. Buccleuch pi. 

Ogilvie, Adam esq. 58. Prince street 

Ogilvie, David painter, Burnet's close, — house. Lawn- 
1807. P 

no OGI— -ORM 

Ogilvie, Dr 4. Duke street 
Ogilvie, George cq. 4. Duke street 
Ogilvie, Richard Peri-y esq. Watergate 
O^ilvie's lodgings, l^. liigh '^errace 
Ogilvie, Lady 60. George street, north side 
Ogilvie, Mrs furnished lodgings, 12. west Thistle str. 
Ogilvie, Mrs ditto, 19. west Richmond street 
Ogilvie, Mrs Perr)', 76 Queen street 
Ogilvie, Miss Middlefi':ld, Leith walk 
Oj^'le and Aikman, booksellers. Parliament sqsare 
Old, Wjlliam spirit-dealer, back of Fountain well 
Oliphant aid Company, irerchants, head of Co«'gate 
Oliphant and Brown, booksellers. High street 
Oliphant, Willi arn bookseller, — house Lauriston v. 
Oliphant, Mrs Broughton - 

Oliphant, Mrs spirit-dealer, near Magdalen chapel 
-Oliphant, M-s of Rossie, 10. Charlotte square 
O! phant, Mrs grocer, back of Fountainwell 
Oliphant, Miss Horse wynd, Canongate 
O'iver, Rev. James 1. head of St John street 
Ob'ver, John wright, Canal street 
Oliver, Thomas and Company, printers, Netherbov/— 

house north Richmond street 
Oliver, Mrs coach»hirer, Grassmarket 
Oliver, ISIrs furnished lodgings, 6. north RichmonU 

Oman, Charles new club tavern, west Register strret 
Oneil, I -. and Son, fire-workers and ligure-makers, 

Brov/n's close, Canongate 
Oram, William Stevenlaw's close 
Oram, Mrs 51. Prince street 
Orchart, Miss World's end close 
Ormiston, John solicitor, 4. Society 
"Orniiston, John spirit-dealer, Grassraafket 

ORM— PAI 171 

Ormistoii, William smith. Canonmills 

Ormiston, J. cabinetmaker, 4. south Richmond 

Orphoot, John printer, Blackfriars wynd 
Orr, James vintner, 3. Shakspear square 
Orr, John baker, Newington 
Orr, John grocer, Grassmarkt t 
Orr, John writer, 8. Shakspear ?f[iiare 
Orr, Patrick esq. W. S. 13. north Hanover street 
Orr, Thomas catgut and th'A ad-dealer, Cowg^te hrad 
Orr, Mrs hank street 
Orreck, Charles tailor, 51. Prince street 
Orreck, Mrs of Orreck, Rose court 
Orrock, Robert smith, at the Dean 
Osborne, Alexander esq. of the Customs, 20. York_ 

Ovens, Alexander grocer, Bristo street 
Ovenston, Thomas upholsterer, 16. high Terrace 
Ouchterlony, John esq. of Guynd, 27. north Castle 


Jl AGAN, Thomas grocer, 1. north Castle street 

Pagan, William esq. 13. York place 

Page and Inglis, manufacturers, Leith wynd 

Page, Francis manufacturer, — house Monro's closcp 

Page, Michael heel-maker, low Calton 
paisley, Robert teacher, West kirk session-clerk, 15-. 

College street 
Paisley, Mrs 5. Queen street 
1807. P5 

112 PAN— PAT 

Panton, Rev. George 8. Windmill street 
Panton, Mrs martuamaker, L.eith wynd 
Panton, Miss milliner and furnished lodgings, Parlia- 
ment square 
Park, John bookseller and stationer, Cross 
Park, John of the General Post-office — house, New 

street, Canongate 
Park, Mrs S. raid Rose street 
Parlanen, Miss 3. Buccleuch place 
Pi.tcrson, Andrew vvrito^ 4. Grecnside street 
Paterson, Andrew merchant, Candlemaker-row 
Patcrson, David cabinet-mr.ker, 8. Richmond street 
Paterson, David banker and insurance broker, Aliln's 

square, — house 20. St Andrew square 
Paterson, David stabler, Grassmarket 
Paterson, Gecrgo 10. St Patrick square 
Pc.terscu, George baker, 2. east Rose street 
Patersoii, James writer, 10. College street 
Paterson, James watchmaker, Luckerbooths 
PatersoPj James grocer, Bristo street 
paterson, James manufacturer, Infirmary street 
??aterson, James broker, St I\Iary wynd 
Paterson, James tailor, ditto 
Paterson, James 6. west Richmond street 
Paterson, John tea and spirit dealer, ditto 
Paterson, John plasterer, 7. mid Rose street 
Paterson, John of the Edinburgh foundery.— house 

Leith walk 
paterson, John fiax-dresser, Buccleuch street 
Paterson, John engraver, Fountainwell 
Paterson, John wright, Quakers' buildings, Pleasance 
paterson, John baker, Clyde street 
Paterson, Joseph writer, 19. south Frederick street 
Paterson, Richard merchant, — house 10. College str» 

PAT—PAT 173 

Paterson, Robert baker, Watergate 

Paterson, Robert wright, 45. Nicolson street 

Paterson, Robert tailor. Cross 

Paterson, Robert saddler, 5. South bridge, and IS. 

Prince street, — house 23. Prince street 
Paterson, Samuel and Co.. merchants, Luckenbooths, 

— house head of Bank street 
Paterson, Thomas and Co. grocers, 2. east Register 

Paterson, Thomas furnished lodgings, 14. St Andrew 

Paterson, Walter builder, Broughton 
Paterson, William silk-dyer, Forrester's wynd. Lawn- 
Paterson, William furnished lodgings, 68. Nicolson 

Paterson, Wilham tailor, 8. north Richmond st'reet 
Paterson, W. A. writer, 9. Merchant street 
Paterson, Mrs ditto 

Paterson, Mrs furnished lodgings, 4. Charles' street 
Paterson, Mrs stabler, Gandiemaker-row 
Paterson, Mrs Alison square 
Paterson, Mrs 5. St Patrick square 
Paterson, Mrs 2. Fife street 
Paterson, Miss mantuamaker, 4. Canal street 
Paterson, Miss of Carpord, 75. Prince street 
Patterson, Miles merchant — house. Cooper's entry, 

Patterson, Peter spirit-dealer, 5. Crichton street 
Patison, James smith, Paul's work 
Patison, John esq W. S. 3. York place 
Patison, John esq. advocate, 5. St John street 
Patison, William haberdasher, 6. South bridge— house , 

4. Baxter's place 
1807» P 3 

174 Px\T— PEA 

Patison, William manufacturer, Fife street 
Patison, Miss boarding-school, 17. south Frederick st. 
•Paton, Andrew saddler, 11. Calton street 
Paton, George writing-master, 98. South bridge 
Paton, John builder, first entry James' court 
Paton, John shoemaker, 23. west Thistle street 
Paton, John wright, 25. north Frederick street 
Paton, Robert house-painter, 16. north Hanover str, 
Paton, T. miniature-painter, Aitken's land, foot of the 

Paton> Mrs Lauriston lane 
Paton, Miss milliner, 102. South bridge 
Paton, Miss 2. James' square 
Patrick, William esq. W. S. 11. Duke street 
Pattullo, James writer, Leith wynd 
Pattullo, J. 4. Dublin street 
Pattullo, Mrs furnished lodgings, Leith wynd 
Pattullo, Miss milliner, 31. North bridge 
Paul, Robert writer, 10. Lothian street 
Paul, Thomas wright, Stockbridge 
Paul, Mrs West kirk manse 
Peacock, Adam tobacconist, Nicolson street 
Peacock, William tobacco manufacturer, head of Ca- 

Peae^k, William furnished lodgings, Rose street by 

'■' ' ' Gastle street 
Peacock, Mrs ditto, 8. St Ann street 
Peacock, Miss milliner, 82. South bridge 
Peacock, Miss 7. Young street. New town 
Pearson, Adam esq. secretary of the Excise, 25. north 

Hanover street 
Pearson, And. of Excise, 4. Young street, Charlotte 

Pearson, A. esq. W. S.— house, ditto 

PEA— PEN 175 

Pearson, David esq. W. S. 28. north Castle street 

Pearson, James plasterer, Potter-row 

Pearson, John ropemaker, Grassmarket, north side 

Pearson, John writer, 1. James' street 

Pearson, Thomas butcher, High street 

Pearson, Mrs Dundas' street 

Pearson, Miss St Leonard street 

Peat, Alexander supervisor, Campbell's close, Canon. 

Peat, George baker, Niddry street 
Peat, James writer, 23. Nicolson street 
Peat, John writer, 10. Forth street 
Peat, Thomas esq. W. S. 18. Catherine street 
Peat, William spirit-dealer, head of Panmure close, 

Peat, Miss dressmaker, 10. Catherine street 
Peaston, J. tailor, ,5. east Rose street 
Peattie, Mrs furnished lodgings, 14. Charles' street 
Peddie and Son, trunk-makers, High street 
Peddie, Rev. James Bristo street 
Peddie, James spirit-dealer, High street 
Peddie, John trunk and brush maker, Bank street 
Peddie, Peter trunk-maker, 2. Prince street 
Peddie, William and Company, leather-merchants, Pic> 

cardy place — house, 2. Greenside place 
Pender, Thomas of Stamp-office, Park street 
Pendreich's furnished lodgings, 32. George street, 

south side 
Penman, Daniel apothecary, Cowgate head 
Penman, James and Company, cabinet-makers and up- 

holsterers, 6. Greenside place 
Penn, Ro. cabinet-maker and upholsterer, 13. Lothian 

Penny, Thomas cattle-dealer, Watergate 

176 PEN—PIR 

Pennycook, Alexander wright, west Rose street 
Penrith, Mungo wright, head of Pleasauce 
Pentlaiid, John wheelwright, West bow 
Permit-office head of Stamp-office close 
Peterkin, D. spirit-dealer, head of Niddry street 
Peterkin, J. japanner, foot of Monteath's close 
Peterkin, Mrs spirit-dealer, foot Canongate 
Peters, A. wright. Park street 
Pew, Jonathan brewer, Fountainbridge 
Pew, Mrs Calloway's entry, Canongate 
Phillip, Commissioner, 4. St John street, ditto 
Phillip, John esq. W. S. — writing-chamber, Miln's 

Phillip, John esq. of Stobcross — hovise, Logie green 
Phillip, John tailor, west end Canal street 
Phillip, M. raantua-maker, 13. Thistle street 
Phillip, William teacher, Carrubber's close 
Phillips, Alexander baker, 12. College street 
Philp, Patrick writer, 23. George street, south side 
Phin, W. and C. drapers, 40. North bridge 
Pickard, C agent for Charles Bill, silk manufacturer. 
London, 94. South bridge- — ^house, Fountain- 
Picken, Ebenezer merchant — house, Carrubber's close 
Picken, Ford, and Company, wholesale hosiery and 

glove warehouse, 13. I>rummond street 
Pickford, William Percival esq. 6. south St Eavid st, 
Pillans, B. tailor. Union place 
Pillans, James and Son, printers, Riddell's close, 

Pillans, Robert grocer, head Bull's close, Canongate 
Pillans, Miss milliners, 35. South bridge 
Pirnie, Mrs 40. 'south Hanover street 
Pirrie, James painter,. head of Portsburgh 

PIR-»POL 177 

Pirrie, James writer. Lady Stairs' close 

Pirrie, John plasterer, Fountainbridge 

Pinie, Williim broker, Meal market, Cowgate 

Pirrie, Mrs furnished lodgings, Advocate's close 

Pirrie, Mrs merchant court, Cowgate 

Pirrie, Mrs furnished lodgings, iViiin's square 

Pierotti, John Dominick teacher of Italian, Foulis' 

Pitcairn and Scott, agents and inaurance-brokers, Par- 
liament square 
Pitcairn, Alexander e'-q. 4'. Forth street 
Pitcairn, Alexander junior writer, 3. Buccleuch place 
Pitcairn, David 2. St Patrick square 
Pitcairn, John paper warehouse, old Assembly close- 
house, 17. York place 
Pitcairn, Robert esq. Castlehill 
Pitcairn, Robert extractor, 47. Prince street 
Playfair, professor John 12. Buccleuch place 
Playfair, Robert solicitor in the court of session, St 

Ann's yards 
Playfair, Miss boarding-school, 26. George str. south 

Plenderleith, J. tailor, Sl.Nicolson street 
Plenderleith, R. and Company, hnen manufacturers, 
22. North bridge, — factory Windmill lane,— 
house, Gabriel's road 
Plenderleith, Mrs I. Moray street 
Plenderleith, Miss 16. south Frederick street 
Phmer, N. portrait painter, 1. James' square 
Plummer, T. flesher, Jackson's close 
Plummer, Miss 11. Buccleuch place 
Police-office, Riddell's close, Lawnmarket 
Polkemmet, Hon. Lord 26. George street, south side 
Pollock, David dyer, Horse wynd 
Pollock, Lady 5. south Charlotte street 
' 1807. 

178 POL— PRI 

P jUock, Miss inilliner, S^. Nicolson street 

PoLon, Mrs Geddes' close, High street 

Ponton, John baker, High street, north sidd — house 

Cant's close 
Ponton, Miss 4. south Charlotte street 
P)ole, Dr 17- Greenside street 

Port ecus, C furnished lodgings, 22. mid Rose street 
Poiteous, George spirit-dealer, head of St Mary wynd 
Porteous, George flesher, 3. Canal street 
Porteous, Rev. James Ramsay garden 
Purteous, John hairdresser, Grassmarket 
Porteous, John esq. W. S. 21. mid Rose street 
Porteous, J. wright, 2. south Richmond street 
Porteous, Walter mason, opposite New street, Canon=» 

Porteous, William flesher, Canal street 
Porteous, Mrs 4. west Richmond street 
Porter, Andrew grocer, 5. mid Rose street 
Porter, Clement vintner, west end Fountainbridge 
Porter, Henry wine-merchant, head of the Cowgate,— => 

house Parliament square 
Porter, William esq 62. Prince street 
Porterfield, Miss 49. George square 
Potts and Company, porter-dealers, 22. Catherine str. 
Powlett, Mrs 12. Hill street 
Pratt, Samuel shoemaker, \6. east Rose street 
Prentice, Rich, solicitor at law, 70. Prince street 
Preston, Alexander merchant tailor, 9 Union place 
Preston, Robert tailor, and furnished lodgings, Rich- 
mond place 
Preston, Mrs head of Stamp-office close 
Preston, Mrs furnished lodgings, 50. Nicolson street 
Pretty, L. spirit-dealer, west Rose street 
Pride, Da. shoemaker, 12. Thistle street 

PRI—PUR 179 

'■ ■ ' I " ' . ' 

Pridie, P. and R. hatters, 4^5. North bridge 
Pringle, Macqueen, and Co. spirit-dealers, old Play- 
house close, Canongate 
pringle, -.dam watchmaker, Bristo street 
Pringlr, Alex. esq. oi Whitebank, 55 George square 
Pringle, A'ex. baker, 8. troughton street 
Pringle, David t: iior, S. St Ana's street 
Pringle, Jas. furnished lodgiitji, , west end Rose street 
Pringle, Sir Jis Baronet of Stitchel, 32. George sq. 
Pnnglt, Col. John Gilmour place 
Pruiglc, Jotin fur Mshed lodgM;;>, Alison square 
Pringl; , John fiesher — housi-, Fl slimarket close 
Pi ingle, John clerk of session, 9. York place 
fnnglt, John depute clerk of session, 1". Janus' sq. 
Pringle, Mark of Clifton, esq. 25. George square 
Pringle, i'vobert tailor, 5. Lothian street 
Pringle, Robert ditto, 56. Nicolson street 
Pringle, Samuel mason, 5. St Ann s street 
Pringle, Col. Thomas 9. York place 
Pringle, Thomas wrigiit, Wright's houses 
Pringle, WiUiain broker, foot of St Mary wynd 
Pringle, William writer, 3. James' street 
Prmgle, F^Irs Paterson's court, Lawnmarket 
Pringle, Mrs of Hainii.g, 51. George square 
Pringle, Miss M furnished lodgings, Advocate's cl. 
Pringle, Miss 35. George street, north side 
Iringh, Miss B. furnished lodgings, Advocate's close 
Pringle, Miss of Bowland, 6. Buccleuch place 
Pringle, .iiss7 north St Andrew street 
Prior, William fishmonger, 8. North bridge 
Proctor, Robert esq. W. S. 2 Rose court 
Provan, I harles paper-maker, Candlemaker-row 
Proudfoot, John spirit-dealer, Grissmarket 
Purcell, Gc'orgf grocer. High street, north side,-*. 
house, south Gray's close 

180 PUR— RAE 

Purdie, Andrew tea and spirit dealer, Roxburgh street 
Purdie, David merchant weigh-house, Lawnmarket, — ■ 

house, Castle-wynd 
Purdie, James stabler, Grassmarket 
Purdie, Robert musician, 3. James' street 
Purdie, Robert writer, back of Meadows 
Purdie, IVirs Aiackay's land, '.Vest-bow 
Purdie, Miss teacher of music, 2. Bristo street 
Purves, David grocer, 22. York place 
Purves, David licenced pawnbroker, Canongate head 
Purves, John grocer, Greenside gardens 
Purves, John victual-dealer, low Calton 
Purves, John smith and farrier, Greenside gardens 
Purves, K. and J. ironmongers, 22. Greenside street 
Purves, Robert and Company, smiths, east end of York 

Purves, Wm. merchant tailor, 16. Prince street 
Pym, Mrs St Bernard's row 
Pyper, John hairdresser, Blackfnars' wynd 


^l^^uiN, Edward tailor, St Mary wynd 
Quia, Mrs vintner, 5. Shakspear square 


jtS ABCLiFFE, Mrs teacher, 50, Nicolson street 
R;ie, George candlemaker, Leith wynd 
Rae, James writer, 13. Bank street 

RAE— RAM 181 

Rae, Jas. messenger of Custom-house, 7. Greenside 

Rae, James furnished lodgings, Rose street 
Rae, John surgeon and dentist. Cross 
Rae, La Riz French teacher, 14. high Terrace 
Rae, M. grocer, Stockbridge 

Rae, William esq advocate, 25. fouth Castle street 
Raeburn, Henry landscape painter, 16. York place 
Raeburn, Peter grocer, 6. James' street 
Raeburn, Wm. yarn-boiler. Stock-bridge 
Raeburn, Wm. pprfomer, 13. North bridge—house, 

Carrubber s close 
Ralston, Gavin of Ralston, Castlehill 
R.dston, James livery stables, foot of Pleasance 
Ramage, Alex. I.iston, esq. W. S. 2 east Rose street 
Ramage, Alexander merchant, 1 uckcnbooths 
Ramage, James pewterer, Bnsto street 
Ramage, James clock and watch maker, Lawnmarket 
Ramage, John merchant, ditto 

Ramage, John plasterer, Leith wynd 
Ramage, William victual-dealer, West=bow 
Ramsay, Alexand-^r esq. 41. George str. north side 
Ramsay, Alexander writer, 2. Terrace 
Ramsay, Andrew slater, JoUit's land, Canongate 
Ramsay, Andrew esq. advocate, 14. (St John street 
Ramsays, Bonars and Company, banker.':, Royal Ex- 

. change 
-Ramsay, David and Son, printers of the Edinburgh 

Evening Courant — office opposite the Cross 
Ramsay, David esq. printer, — hoiise Craiglt-ith 
Ramsay, iJaniel grocer, Rose street, corner of Cas- 
tle street 
■ Ramsay, George esq. printer, — ^^house, Dean house 
.Ramsay, John spirit-dealer, L3. Leith street 
Ramsay, Mark watch case-maker, Canal street 
1807. Q 

182 RAM— RAW 

Ramsay, Thomas esq. 91. Prince street 

Ramsay, Wm. esq. banker — house, 8. Charlotte sq. 

Ramsay, Lady of Banff, 29. St Andrew square 

Ramsay, Mrs 9. James' square 

Ramsay, Mrs 2 Antigua street 

Ramsay, Mrs furnished lodgings, 5. College street 

Ramsay, iMrs 9 Drummond street 

Ramsay, Mrs New street, Canongate 

Ramsay, Mrs of Barnton, 56. George street, Jiortk 

Ramsay, "Miss 11. St John street 

Ramsay, Miss milliner, 37. North bridge 

Ramsay, Miss east entry, .Tames' court 

Ramsay, Mss 3. north St Andrew street 

]\anken, James cabinet-maker, foot of Burnet's close 

Ranken, John flint glass manufacturer, middle Leith 

Ranken, Wm. tailor to his Majesty, Parliament sq. 

Ranken, Wm baker, Fountainbridge 

Ranken, Wm. confectioner, Union place, head of 
I^eith walk 

Rankin, Mrs Advocate's close 

R.ankinc, Robert solicitor, Morocco's close, Ca= 

Rate, Mrs 24'. north Hanover street 

Rattray, Major 3 Antigua street 

Rattray, Robert esq. W. S. 24. north Hanover street 

Rattray, Tho. insurance broker, — house head Carne- 
gie street 

Rattray, Mrs 5. Broughton place 

Rattray, Miss dressmaker, Clyde street 

Rattray, Miss 7. Buccleuch place 

Ratty, J. merchant tailor, 1. Duke street 

»Rawson, fishing-rod maker, 29. low Terracf 
J 807. 

REA— REI 183 

Head, Misses dress-makers, 39. South bridge 

Reava, Paul mason, West-bow 

Reddie, James spirit-dealer, High street 

Redpath and Brown, ironmongers, Candlemaker-row 

Redpath, Alex, upholsterer, Luckenbooths — house 

Mill's court 
Reekie, Mrs hoad of Horse wynd 

Reid, A cabinet-maker, furnished lodgings, 5. east- 
Richmond street 
Reid, Alex, builder, 18. south Castle street 
Reid, Andrew teacher, Richmond place 
Reid, Andrew spirit-dealer, royal Bank close 
Reid, Andrew cabinet-maker, 3. Canal street 
Reid, Charles baker, Cross 
Reid, Commissioner David Mound place 
Reid, Dr 7. west Chapel street 
Reid, George and Co. printers, Cowgate head 
Reid, James dealer in furniture, near the College wynd" 
Reid, James esq, of the Exchequer, Newington 
Reid, James baker, 1. west Chapel street 
Reid, James stabler, Cowgate head 
Reid, J. grocer, Luckenbooths — house Advocate's 

Reidj J. and R. mahogany yard, south back Canon- 
Reid, John builder, 7- high Terrace 
Reid, John advocate, 17. Buccleuch place 
Reid, John watch-glass maker, foot Stevenlaw's close 
Reid, John spirit-dealer, Fleshmarket close 
Reid, John, writer, Gavinloch's land, Forrester's wynd 
Reid, John collector of impost, Abbey-hill 
Reid, John writer, 12. James' square 
Reid, John surveyor of Excise, west Lochend?s close, 

Reid, John clockmaker, Bull's close, Cowgate foot 
1807. Q 2 

184 REI— RES 

Reid, John watchmaker, Simon square 
Reid, John wright, ditto 
Reid, Peter vintner, Miln's square 
Reid, Phillis merchant, Lavvnmarket 
Reid, Robert architect, 14'. south Castle street 
Reid, Robert cattle-dealer, Castle of clouts 
Reid, Robert stabler, Grassmarket 
Reid, Silvester, writer, 23. north Frederick street 
Keid, Thomas watchm.aker. Parliament square 
Reid, 'I'hoirias baker, head ot West-bow 
Reid, Thomas grocer, 1. east Richmond street 
Reid, William spirit-dealer. High street, north side 
Reid, WilHam cowfeeder, weft Rose street 
Reid, Mrs, "William head Dickson's close 
Reid, Mrs vintner, Candlcmaker-row 
Reidj Mrs merchant, Lawnmarket 
Rejd, Mrs confectioner, Netherbow 
Reid, JMrs furnished lodgings, Wright's houses 
Reid, Mrs ditto,' court 
Reid, Mrs ditto, 6. north Richmond street 
Keid, Miss milliner, 6. Lothian street 
Reid, Miss Sciennes street 
Reid, Miss 1. Clyde street 

Rcnnie and Giles, slaters and glaziers, 6. south Ha- 
nover street 
Rennie, Alexander ditto, 2. Register street 
Rennie, James ditto, mid Rose street 
Rennie, T. esq. W. S. 16. east Heriot row 
Renton, and Company, hatters, 9. South bridge 
Renter, John esq. W. S. 4. north St James' street 
Rcntcn, Thomas shoemaker, Sievwright square 
Renton, Wm. merchant, 9. North bridge 
Renton, Wm. merchant tailor, IS. College street 
Rcston, Rev. John Park street 
1807 = 

RHI—RIC 185 

Rhind, John writer, Greenside place 
Riccalton, Mrs Carrubber's close 
Rice, Mrs 8. George square 
Riccins, Mrs 52. York place 
Richard, Alex, tailor, 32. Greenside street - 
Richard, D. smith, 4. St Ann's street 
Richard, Jo. of Stamp-ofiice, — house, 6. Lothian str^ 
Richard, John messenger, Libberton''s wynd, Lawn- 
Richard, William tailor, west College street 
Kichard, Mrs midwife, -t. St Ann street 
Richardson, Archibald manager St Ann's brewer^j 

Richardson, James tailor, 37. North bridge 
Richardson, John writer, 2. James' square 
Richardson, John spirit-dealer, 23. low Terrace 
Richardson, John and Company, manufacturers, op- 
posite Cornmarket 
Richardson, Ralph tobacconist, West -bow 
Richardson, Robert gardener, BonningCon road 
Richardson, Thomas tailor, 18. North bridge 
Richardson, Wm. cloth merchant. High street, — ' 

house Tanfield 
Richardson, Wm. china -and glass shop, 26. South 

Richardson, Mrs furnished lodgings,- Brodie's closcj 

Lawn market 
Richardson, Mrs ditto, 4. south Richmond street . 
Richardson, Mrs Fountain close 
Richardson, Mrs 2. Albany street 
Rrchardson, IVIrs grocer, Charles' street 
Richardson, Miss milliner, 37. North bridge 
Richmond, George shawl manufacturer and general a- 
gent, 9. Nicolson square 
1807. Q 3 

186 RIC—RIT 

Richmond, James insurance broker, 20. South bridge 
Richmond, John manufacturer, — house Ahson square 
Richmond, John gardener, Leith walk 
Richmond, J. ditto, back of Queen street 
Richmond, Martin artificial flower manufacturer, 41, 

south Hanover street 
Richmond, Matthew insurance broker, 14. south 

Union place 
Richmond, Mrs Gilmore's close, Grassmarket 
Riddel, George coachmaker, — house Horn's build- 
ings, Caltonhill 
Riddel, J. R. W. S. esq. 2. Hope street 
Riddel, Mrs Si. north Hanover street 
Riddel, Wm. esq. of Exchequer, George square 
Riddel, W. and T. of Comiston, esqs. W. S. 37. 

George square 
Siddel, Mrs 42. Queen street 
Riddel, Mrs 52. George street, north side 
Riddel, J\Irs furnished lodgings, 5. south Richmond 

Riddel, Miss 8. Crichton street 
Riddel, i'.liss 14. Charles' street 
Riddle, James spirit-dealer, head of Cowgate 
Riddle, Thomas \V. S. C. George square 
Riddoch, Alexander tailor, Gibb's entry 
Iliddoch, David vintner, tacksman of the Flesh- 

niarket, — house in ditto 
Riddoch, Wm. veal flesher.aad vintner, — house Veal- 

Ringan, Henry furnished lodgings, 15^ St Andrew. 

Rintoul, Alexander vintner, Archers'' hall 
Rintoul, John mason, Kay's court, Crosscauseway 
Ritchie, Alexander esq. W. S. 7. James' square 
Ritchie, Alexander skinner, Canonraills 

RIT— ROB 187 

Ritchie, Charles ironmonger, High street 

Ritchie, Rev. David 104 Prince street 

Ritchie, David shoemaker, Blackfriars wynd 

Ritchie, George tea-dealer, foot of St Mary wynd 

Ritchie, George furnished lodgings, Charles' street 

Ritchie, James watchmaker, 4. north James' street 

Ritchie, James smith, Scott's close, Cowgate 

Ritchie, James shoemaker, ditto 

Ritchie, John writer, bailie Fyfe's close 

Ritchie, John printer, head of Blackfriars wynd,— = 

house 2. Buccleuch place 
Ritchie, Robert portev-dealer, James' court. Lawn- 
Ritchie, Thomas tailor, 8. north Richmond street 
Ritchie, William of the High school, south Gray's 

Ritchie, William cart-wright, Killibrae 
Ritchie, William teacher of dancing, 22. James' square 
Ritchie, Wilham and Charles, merchants, Lawnmarket 
Ritchie, William writer, head of south Gray's close 
Ritchie, Mrs John 45. Nicolson street 
Ritchie, Mrs Alison square 

Robb, Alexander tin-plate worker, head of Canongate 
Robb, Wm. tacksman, Wrights houses toll 
Robb, Mrs furnished lodgings, 13. west Richmond 

Roberts, Mrs Gray's court; 
Rob-rtson, Lord 45. Queen street 
Robertson, A. esq. L St Andrew square 
Robertson, Adam baker, head of Pkasance 
Robertson, Alexander carver and gilder, Lucken- 

Robertson, Alexander chair-master, 7. Young's street, 

New town 
Robertson, Alexander shoemaker, 65. Nicolson street 

188 ROB— ROB 

Robertson, Alexander furnished lodgings, 13. Thistle 

Robertson, Andrew baker, Water of Leith 
Robertson, Dr Archibald Brown square 
Robertson, A. stocking-maker. Potter-row 
Robertson, Charles coach-wright, 3. Canal street 
Robertson, D. music-seller, Liddel's close 
Robertson, D. furnished lodgings, 36. George street, 

north side -=- 

Robertson, D. ditto, 22. Prince street 
Robertson, D. stoneware-room, WestJjow 
Robertson, D. of the Customs, head of Canongate 
"^Robertson, D. perfumer and hairdresser, 2. Prince 

street, — furnished lodgings, 22. ditto 
Robertson, Edward wine, spirit, ale and porter mer=. 

chant, 1. Shakspear square, — house above 
Robertson, Henry furnished lodgings, 13. west Rose 

Robertson, Henry surgeon, 3. Bueckuch street 
Robertson, Lieut. -Col. James inspecting field-officerj 

85. Prince street 
Robertson, James tobacconist, West-bow 
Robertson, James spirit-dealer and clothier, opposite 

Canongate church 
Robertson, James boot and shoe warehouse, 3. south 

St David street 
Robertson, James writer, 8. north Richmond street 
Robertson, James jeweller, 13. high Terrace 
Robertson, James smith, Canal street 
Robertson, James brass-founder, Anderson's close, 

Cowgate head 
Robertson, James esq. W. S. 3. James' square 
Robertson, James iron-monger and spirit-naercbant,- 

Netherbow, — house Union street 

ROB— ROB 189 

Robertson, James printer and bookseller, 16. Nicol- 

son street 
Robertson, James Ramsay garden 
Robertson, James spirit-dealer, below Chessels' court, 

Robertson, Jenkins hatmaker, west Jack's close 
Robertson, Janies engraver, Lawnmarkt-t 
Robertson, James goldsmith, head of bailie Fyfe's 

Robertson, James furnished lodgings, Caltonhill 
Robertson, James painter and glazier, Portsburgh 
Robertson, Ja'mes wright. Castle wynd 
Robertson, James solicitor at law, 8. Merchant 

Robertson, James tailor, 82. Nicolson street 
Robertson, letter carrier. General Post-office, 

house Fish market close 

Robertson, John esq. 2. Buccleuch place 
Robertson, John tailor, Morison's close, High street 
Robertson, John shoemaker, Morocco close 
Robertson, John teacher, Gillespie's hospital 
RohTertson, John surgeon, 4. James' street 
Robertson, John grocer, 11. Catharine street 
Robertson, John ditto, Grassmarket 
Robertson, John teacher, old Assembly close 
Robertson, John stay.m:iktr, head of Canongate 
Robertson, John wine-merchant, — house Gayfield 

Robertson, John cabinct-rhaker, Bristo street 
Robertson, John seal engraver, Fountainwell 
Robertson, Rev. Joseph Blair street 
Robertson, Patrick writer, 1. east Register street 
Robertson, Peter, of trustees office, Piccardy place 

190 ROB—ROB 

-■ gg 

Robertson, Peter and Co. merchants, front of Ex- 

chang;e, — house Wardrop's court. 
Robertson, Peter perfumer, head of Forrefter's wynd 
Robertson, Peter spirit-dealer, foot of low Calton 
Robertson, Robert of the Bank of Scotland, Thistle 

Robertson, Robert shoemaker, Candlemaker-rcw 
Robertson, Robert writer, 1. Duke street 
Robertson, Robert hairdresser, west Rose street 
Robertson, Thomas writer, 10. Dublin street 
Robertson, ("apt. Thonnas, 6. York place 
Robertson, Walter Staffordshire warehouse, West-bow 
Robertson, William esq. 1. St Andrew square 
Robertson, William furnished lodgings, 39. Prince st<» 
Roberts9n, William esq. W. S. 1. Thistle court 
Robertson, William shoemaker, head of Pleasance 
Robertson, William hairdresser, Potter-row 
Robertson, William grocer, high Calton 
Robertson, William grocer, Bristo street 
Robertson, William furnished lodgings, 8. St David 

Robertson, William auctioneer, cabinet and upholstery 

ware-room, 2. North bridge — house, 10. Blair 

Robertson, William shoe maker, Tweeddale's close. 

Nether bow 
Robertson, Mrs John spirit-dealer, near Horse wynd, 

Robertson, Mrs opposite the east end Crosscauseway 
Robertson, Mrs 50. Nicolson street 
Robertson, Mrs boarding school, S4;. north Frederick 

Robertson, Mrs William auctioneer, Fountainwell 

ROB—ROC 191 

Robertson, iVirs 12. south Charlotte street 
Robertson, Mrs 21. George street, south side 
Robertson, Mrs John 3. Buccleuch place 
Robertson, Mrs midwife, foot of Canongate 
Robertson, Mrs St Bernard row, Stockbridge 
Robertson, Mrs west end Merchant street 
Robertson, Mrs Major 14. St James' square 
Robertson, Mrs 19. James' square 
Robertson, Mrs Professor, 5. Duke street 
Robertson, Mrs 4. south Frederick street 
H.obertson, Mrs Gayfield place 
Robertson, Mrs furnished lodgings, 6. Lothiaa 

Robertson, Mrs ditto, 2d stair below Bank street 
Robertson, Mrs ditto, 13 high Teirace 
Robertson, Mrs ditto, 1. James' square 
Robertson, Mrs ditto, Middleton's entry 
Robertson, Mrs ditto, mid Rofe street 
R9bertson, Mis 15. James' square 
Robertson, Mrs head Lauriston lane 
Robertson, Mrs 46. George square 
Robertson, Miss Dewar's close, West-bow 
Robertson, Miss old Assembly close 
Robertson, Miss miUincr, 27- South bridge 
Robertson, Miss miUiner, 50. ditto 
Robertson, Miss 2. Union place 
Robertson, Miss furnished lodgings, Bristo street 
Robertson^ Miss dress maker, 23. George street, south 

Robertson, Miss Gilmour place 
Robinson and Ainshe, esqs. W. S. 2. Hill street 
Robinson, William esq. advocate, 2. HiU street 
Robson, James victual-dealer, Crosscauseway 
Rocheid, James of Inveileith, Inverleith housp 

192 ROC— ROS 

Rochead and Son, musical instrument makers, 4. 

Greenside place — house. Castle hill 
Rodger, A. pastry-shop, 18. north Hanover street 
Rodger, Arch, shoemaker, 11. College street 
Rodger, Hugh cork-cutter, Cowgate 
Rodger, James furnished lodgings, 4. Richmond place 
Rodger, Thomas printer, Clerk's land, Bristo street 
Rodger, William baker, north P ichmond street 
RoUand, Adam esq. advocate, 15. Queen street 
RoUand, Adam esq. W. S. Gosfurd's close — house, 

8 Hill street 
Rollo, Hugh James esq. W. S. Dundas street 
Rollo, Peter poulterer, Bell's wynd 
Rollo, Lady 8. A'bany stre t 
Rollo, Mrs Patersun, Du..das' street 
Rollo, Miss 12. Cricliton street 
Romanes, George wnght, 39. Nicoliron street 
Romanes, John writer, 26. George square 
Romanes, James Ceddes' c'ose. High street 
Romanes, Mrs grocer, 1 1, south Castle street 
Ronald, And. messenger of Customs, Jastle hill 
Ronald, John painter, 8. Rose street 
Ronald, .Miss Windmill street 
Ronaldson, Francis esq. surveyor General Post-ofEcej 

Ronaldson, James Simpson's ccjrt, Potter.row 
Rose, Alexander spirit-dealer, foot of Cowgate 
Rose, Alexander turnei", foot of Chalmers' c'ose 
Rose, James depute-clerk of session, Stockbridge 
Rose, Jo. boot and shoe maker, 7. College street 
Rose, John wright, head of Pleasance 
Ross and Lawrie, agents. Infirmary street 
Ross, Alex of the General Post-t.fiice, Niddry street 
Ross, A. and D. importers of Irish linen. Hunter sq. 
Ross, Alexander merchant— house, Charles' «treel 

ROS— ROS 193 

Ross, Charles muslin warehouse, Bank street 

Ross, Charles esq. advocate, 3. St Andrew square 

Ross, Charles furnished lodgings, 4(). mid Rose street 

Ross, D. ditto, south Frederick street 

Ross, David tailor, Grassmarket 

Ross, David shoemaker, Cowgate 

Ross, David ladies hairdresser, 6. mid Rose street 

Ross, David tailor, 7. mid Rose street 

Ross, David confectioner, low Calton 

Ross, Col. 1. Buccleuch place 

Ross, George esq. advocate, 18. George street, south 

Ross, George printer, Horse wynd 

Ross, George auctioneer, St Mary wynd 

Ross, h ugh esq. of Skeldon, 12. Buccleuch place 

Ross, Hugh tailor, St Mar/ wynd 

■ Ross, James rat catcher, 8. north Richmond street 
Ross, James spirit-dealer, Greenside row 
Ross, John brass founder, head of Calton 
Ross, John insurance broker — house, G. Buccleuch 

Ross, John esq. W. S. 17. Elder street 
Ross, John' writer, 2. mid Rose street 
Ross, John painter, Castlehill 
Ross, Matthew esq. advocate, 4*. Queen street 
Ross, Nicolas mason, low Calton 
Ross, Robert bookseller, 63. South bridge— hotlse» 

Buccleuch street 
Ross, Robert tailor. Bull turnpike 
Ross, Robert grocer, south Charlotte street 
Ross, Rubert musician, 6. Shakspear square 
Ross, Walter surgeon, head Stamp-office close 
Ross, Walter vintner, 4. Greenside place 
Ross, Dr William, Morison's close, High street 
1807. R 


I? ossj William letter carrier, Genera! Post-ofiBce, 5. 

east Richmond street 
Hoss, William merchant tailor, 2. St Andrew street 
Ross, William painter, Potter-row 
Ross, William shoemaker, 12. south Hanover street 
Ross, William glazier, i. west Richmond street 
Ross, Mrs of Shanwick, 3. north Castle street 
Ross, Mrs Writers' court 

JRoss, Mrs David, 48. George street, north side 
Ross, Mrs hair-worker for jewellers, head Starap-ot 

fice close 
Ross, Miss 19. Queen street 
Ross, Miss mantua-maker. Brown square 
Rossignoli, M. fencing-master, Royal manege 
Rossignoli, Madam bailie Fyfe's close 
Rouan, John spirit-dealer, Chessels' court 
Rough, James c^ndlemaker, 52. Nicolson street 
Rough, John farrier, Grassmarket 
Rouley, WiUiam grocer, 6. north St Andrew street 
Roy, James of Excise, Charles' street 
Roy, James wright, Hope park end 
Roy, John and Company, cabinetma-kers, 3. west 

Chapel street 
Ruddiman, fames 12. James' square 
Ruddiraan, M. dealer in carpets, Riddel's land 
Ruddiman, Thomas 20. south Castle street 
Rule, Mrs Toddrick's wynd 
Runciman, Miss grocer and furnishing shop, Canon= 

gate head 
Russell, Adam builder, Monteith's close 
Russell, Alexander tailor, 7. north Richmond street 
Russell, Alexander coachmaker, 4. Prince street, 

south side 
Russell, Archibald tailor, 19. College street 
Rr.ssell, Claud esq. accountant} Northumberland street 

RUS— -RUT 195 

Russell, C. grocer, west College street 

Russell, George esq. W. S. 5. north Castle street 

Russell, George baker, head of Pleasance 

Russell, James surgeon, 8, St Andrew square 

Russell, James baker, Buccleuch street 

Russell, John writer, 50. George street, south side 

Russell, John esq. W. S. 20. north Frederick street 

Russell, fohn shoemaker, '2. St David street 

Russell, Patrick, esq. W. S; lli. George street, south 

Russell, Thomas measurer, 17. fames' square 
Rusiell, Thomas writer, Donaldson's close, Bowhead 
Russell, Thomas cart-wright, Main point 
Russell, Walter cotton-merchant, Luckenbooths 
Russell, Mrs Blair's close, Castlehill 
Russell, Mrs senior, Northumberland street 
Russfll, Mrs spirit-dealer, 7. Greenside place 
Russell, Mrs baihe Fyfe's close 
Rus3ell, Mrs grocer, south Richmond street 
Rusken, John agent, 15. James' square 
Rutherford, Andrew baker, 83. Nicolson street 
Rutherford, Dr Daniel, 10. Piccardy place 
Rutheiford, J, wright, 4. P.ichmond place 
Rutherford, James esq. Customs, Londo.i street 
Rutherford, James lint manufacturer, 9. west Chapel 

Rutherford, James victual-declsr, Grassmarket 
Rutherford, John grocer, 46. Nicolson street 
Kuthcrford, John leather-merchant, Netherbow 
Rutherford, R. shoemaker and furnished lod^'ings, 19. 

south Frederick street 
Rutherford, Mrs High school square 
Rutherford, Miss 5. Young street, New town 
Ruthedord, Miss 44. George square 
Ruthven and Sons, printers. Merchant court 
1807. R 'J 

196 RUT— SAN 

Ruthven, Robert hosier and draper, 1. Netherbow 
Ruthven, S. teacher, S4-. North bridge 
Ruthven, C. J. and E. milliners, 90. South bridge 
Ryrie, Neil brewer, Grassmarket, south side 
Ryrie, Mrs Galloway's entry, foot of Canongate 


Sadler, Mrs 2, west Chapel street 

Sale, Mrs midwife, Hamilton's entry, Bristo street 

Salisbury, Miss 32. George street, south side 

Salmond, D. meal-dealer, Mealmarket 

Salt, V/ilham grocer, Fountainwell 

Salter, Isaac brewer, Robertson's close 

Saltoii, William glazier, Grassmarket 

Samuel, David grocer, Potter-row 

Sanders and Smith, painters, 16. south St Andrew 

Sanders, Dr James 12. James' square 
Sanders, James tailor, Canal street 
Sander?, Robert baker, mid Rose street 
Sanders, John boot and shoe warehouse, 9. Leith Etr. 
Sanders, Mrs straw-hat maker, 4i. South bridge 
Sanders, Mrs 4. Bristo street 
Sanderson, -Alfxander grocer, 8. North bridge 
Sanderson, D. spirit-dealer, Castlehill 
Sanderson, James merchant-tailor, west Rose street 
Sanderson, John lapidary, Blair street 
Sanderson, John flesher, middle of Canongate 
Sanderson, Patrick banker, St John street, west side 
Sanderson, Thomas woollen draper, front of Royal 

SAN— SAW 197 

Sanderson, William tobacconist, Candlemaker row 
Sanderson, William and Company, candlemakers, 

Sanderson, Mrs Janet W^est-bow 
Sanderson, Miss dressmaker, Advocate's close 
Sandford, Right Rev. Bishop west Heriot row 
Sandie, George esq. W. S. 3. James' street 
Sandie, George esq. secretary Bank of Scotland- 
house, 1. Park row 
Sandilands, John and Company, woollen manufactu- 

rers, Lawnmarket 
Sandilands, John upholsterer, 9. James' square 
Sandilands, M. Dysart esq. W. S. north St Andrew 

Saodison, James of the Excise, Bristo street 
Sandisonj Mrs furnished lodgings, Potter-row 
Sandisons, Miss milliners, 13. south Union street 
Sands, John of the Barrack-ofSce, New street, Canon- 
Sands, Robert esq. Hope street 
Sang, John furnished lodgings, high Calton 
Sangster, Mrs Carrub-ber's close 
Sangun, Mrs head of Fowlis' close 
Sanson, Alexander meal-dealer, West port 
Saunders, Miss dressmakers and miUiners, 35. St An- 
drew square 
Savage, Archibald tailor, head of Leitli wynd 
Savage, Mrs furnished lodgings, Alison square 
Savile, Rev. D. 10. Duke street 
Sawers, James tailor, Covenant close 
Sawers, John Bell's mills 
Sawers, I'homas baker, 2. Elder street 
Sawers, William merchant, Grassmarket 
Sayers, Robert and Company, Glasgow and Paisley 
warehouse, Adams' square 
1807. R 3 

198 SAY—SCO 

Seed, Thomas pocket book-maker, Carrubber's close 
Schaw, D. and son, printers, head of Forrester's wynd 
Scheniman, F. of the ta»cffice, S6. Queen street 
Sch;niman, Miss dressmaker, ditto 
Schetky, Jo. teacher of music, 48. mid Rose street 
Schulcze, E. stay and corset maker, IS. trince street 
Schultze, F. stay-maker, 36. St Andrew square 
Scobie, George mason and spirit-dealer. Abbey-hill 
Scotland, John grocer, foot Forrester's wynd, Cow- 
Scotland, Thomas esq. W. S. 25. Queen street 
Scotland, William 9. east Richmond street 
Scotland, Mrs Galloway's entry, foot of Canongate 
Scott MoncriefF and Robertson, wine merchants, High 

Scott and Thomson, teachers, head Burnet's cl. High 

Scott and Company, butchers, 'i. Broughton street 
Scott and Bishop, writing-masters, 10. 5 1 Andrew st. 
Scott, Alexander grocer, liead of Fieshmarket close 
Scott, Alex, ditto, PlcasHnce 
Scott, Alex, painter. General's entry. Potter-row 
Scott, Andrew shoemaker, 1. James' street 
iScott, Archibald esq. solicitor, 3. Merchant street 
Scott, C. B. esq. W. S. 4. south Ctiarlotte street 
Scott, Charles Windmill street 
Scott, Charles opposite rchers' hall 
Scott, Charles vintner, 5. ohakspear square 
Scott, David farmer, — house Pctter-row 
Scott, David gunsmith, Middleton's entry 
Scott, David spirit-dealer, foot of Calton 
Scott, iJavid writer,_l. Register street 
Scott, Francis grocer, head of West-bow 
Scott, ]ames esq. W. S. 1. east Ross street 

SCO— SCO 199 

Scott, James teacher of dancing, 3. St James 'street 

Scott, James birlder, west end Rose street 

Scott, James tea-dealer, Grassmarket 

Scott, James printer. Potter-row 

Scott, James tailor, 8. east Richmond street 

Scott, James mason, and spirit-dealer, Fountainbridge 

Scott, James fm-nished lodgings, 7. south Richmoad 

Scott, John watchmaker, Portshiirgh 
Scott, John Wright, Lady Lawson'.s wynd 
Scott, John tailor, 2. east Rose street 
Scott, John shoemaker, 12. ditto *» 

Scott, John smith, Lothian road 
Scott, John stabler, Cowgate head 
Scott, John cabinet-maker, and upholsterer, 8. Green» 

side place 
Scott, John wholesale stationer, head of Bank street, 

Scott, John hairdresser, Richm.ond place 
Scott, Lament brush-maker, Cowgate 
Scott MoncriefF, Wilinm esq. accountant, 13. Bank 

street — house, Lauriston lane 
Scott, Peter insurance broker, — house Fountainbridge 
Scott, Robert druggist and apothecary, 100. South 

Scott, Robert engraver. Parliament square 
Scotc, Robert baker, near Canongate church 
S cott, Robert esq. 6. Crichton street 
Scott, Robert tailor, Jackson's close 
Scott, Robert esq. 2. St Patrick square 
Scott, Thomas wholesale linen warehouse, Blair street 
Scott, Thomas esq. W. S. l. Albany street 
Scott, Walter esq. advocate, 2. north Castle street 
Scott, Walter upholsterer, Leith wynd 

200 SCO— SCO 

Scott, William of the Bill-chamber, 15. James' square 
Scott, William wholesale cloth warehouse^ 102. South 

Scott, William teacher, Skinner's close 
Gcott, WiUiam Hope Park end 
Scott, William shoemaker, west Rose street 
Scott, WiUiam of Seafield, Albany row 
Scott, William upholsterer, 16. Greenside street 
Scott, William plumber, 10. Shakspear square 
Scott, William teacher, 105. South bridge 
Scott, William engraver, Candlemaker-row 
Scott, William pewterer, foot of West-bow 
Scott, William esq. soHcitor, 43. Prince street 
Scott, William auctioneer. Potter-row 
Scott, V/illiam furnished lodgings, mid Rose street 
Scott, Mrs late of Bavelaw, S. Windmill street 
Scott, Mrs of Wauchope, 9. east Richmond street 
Scott, Mrs 5. Lauriston place 
Scott, Mrs Chessels' court, Canongate 
Scott, Mrs furnished lodgings, James' court, Lawn- 
Scott, Mrs Gideon midwife. Potter-row 
Scott, Mrs stabler, Candlemaker-row 
Scott, Mrs William midwife, near Hume's court, Pot- 

Scott, Mrs of Thirlestone, east side, George square 
Scott, Mrs of Horsely-hill, 16. St Andrew square 
Scott, Mrs of Caldhouse, Young street, Charlotte 

Scott, Mrs William, Main point 
Scott, Mrs 33. George street, north side 
Scott, Mrs furnished lodgings, 1. Carnegie street 
Scott, Mrs 3. Bristo street 

Scott, R. mantuamaker, Turk's close, Lawninarket 
Scott, Miss Chessels' court, Canongate 

SCO— SHA 201 

Scott, Miss of Rossie, 14. south Frederick street 

Scott, Miss Parkhouse, near Lochrin 

Scott, Miss 19. Prince street 

Scoular and Kay, ironmongers, Grassmarket, no. side 

Secular, John leather-merchant, south end Mound 

Scoular, Thomas furnished lodgings, Park street 

Scrymgeour and Gumming, dressmakers, west end of 

Rose street 
Scrj-mgeour, Daniel spirit-dealer, foot of Libbertou'a 

wyiid, Cowgate 
Scrymgeour, Henry esq. 8. Duke street 
Scrymgeour, Mrs vintner, old Assembly close 
Seanor, Samuel butcher, opposite Reid's close, Canon- 
Seath, James tailor, St Mary wynd 
.Selkrig, Chas. esq. accountant, Park place 
Sellar, Peter tailor, head of Leith wynd 
t;ellar, Mrs Bishop's land, High street 
Sempill, Lord Hope park end 

Semple, Robert advocate, 20. south Frederick street 
Semple, Wm. wright, 5. south Richmond street 
.Sem'ple, Hon. Miss-1. Tliistle street 
Seton, Miss boarding school, ?• George street 
Miand, James painter, 2. St Ann's street 
Shanger, Miss maotuamaker, Fowlis' close 
Shanks, David, shoemaker, 86. Nicolson street 
Shanks, M. spirit-dealer, 27- Greenside street 
Sharp, [o. wright, 25. Thistle street 
Sharp, Joseph shoemaker, Patrick square 
Sharp, i^Irs Surgeon square 
Sharp, Miss 1. Dublin street 
Shaw, Donald porter-dealer, 10. Prince street 
Shaw, Henry merchant tailor, Calton street 
Shaw, John writer, 6. Simon square 

202 SHA— SIB 

Shaw, IMrs furnislicd lodgings, 10. College street 

Shaw, Miss Skinner's close 

Shearer, Alexander trunk, mannfacturer, 26. Green^ 
side street 

Shearer, James farrier, middle of Pleasance 

Shearer, Michael clockmaker, Bowhead 

Shearer, M. 5. George street 

Sheills, James shoemaker, 8. south St David street 

Sheldon, Richard jeweller, — house 8. Nicohon squaie 

Shepherd, James stone warehouse, mid liose street 

Shepherd, Robert and Co. tea-dealer^ 83. South bridge 

Shepherd, William music-seller, 23. Prince street 

Shepherd^ Miss 11. Windmill street 

Sheriff, John merchant, 3, Prince street 

Sheriff, Mat. upholsterer, Brodie's close, Lawnmarket 

Sheriff, P. P. haberdasher, 38. Prince street — house, 

Sheriff, Thomas smith, Skinner's close 

Sherifl, Mrs Col. 36. York place 

Shiells, James writer, Carrubber's close 

Shiells, Mrs milliner, Carrubber's close 

Shiells, Miss Sommerville's close,^ Canongate 

Shillinglaw, Andrew tool-maker, Car.ongate head 

ShiUinglaw, John wine and spirit merchant, 4. north 
Union place 

Shirra, Mrs Clerk's land, Bristo street 

Shirreff, Peter printer, Fishmarket 

Short, Joseph furnished lodgings, 3. south Richmond 

Short, Robert broker and auctioner, Cowgate 

Sibbald, John smith, i'i. ^outh bridge, — house College 

Sibbald, T. furnished lodgings, first stair above Bro- 
die's close, Lawnmarket 

Sibbald, Thomas smith, Baxter's close, Lawnmarket 

SIB— SIM 203 

Sibbald, W. architect, 29. south Castle street 
Sibbald, W. overseer of public works, 10. Catherine 

Sibbald, Mrs of Abden, 3. north James' street 
Sibbald, Miss 3. St James' street 
Sievewright, Andrew agent, insurance broker, and 

lotteiy office, 102. South bridge 
Sievwright, Andrew merchant, Annfield, north back 

of Canongate 
Sievwright, George gardener, Sievwright's square, 

Leith walk 
Sievwright, John engraver, Parliament square 
Sievwright, Thomas esq. of Meggetland, Lauriston 
Sievwright, Mrs 9. Merchant street 
Sime, D. music teacher, 3. St Ann street 
Sim, George tobacconist, foot of Canongate 
Sim, Henry saddler. King's stables, Portsburgh 
Sim, John baker, foot of Cant's close 
Sim, John gardener, Bull's close 
Sim, John rush-chair maker, Leith walk 
Sim, J. teacher of drawing, 40. Hanover street 
Sim, Mrs merchant, head of Dunbar's close, Lawn* 

Simpson and Macdougal, merchants, head of new As= 

sembly close, High street 
Simpson, Alexander esq. of the Royal Bank, 11. Ni= 

colson street 
Simpson, Archibald baker, foot of Pleasance 
Simpson, Edward furnished lodgings, 9. Prince street 
Simpson, Edward musician, 7. Shakspear square 
Simpson, George tailor, Calton 
Simpson, James esq. advocate, 89. Prince street 
Simpson, James bookseller, front of Royal Exchange 

204 SIM— SIN 

Simpson, James shoemaker, Portsburgh 

Simpson, James esq. Chessels' court 

Simpson, James furnished lodgings, 7. south Rich- 

mond street 
Simpson, John hotel, 29. St Andrew square 
Simpson, John spirit-dealer, Crosscauseway 
Simpson, John Svvinton plater, head of Mound 
Simpson, J. and R. cotton-dealers. High street 
Simpson, John smith and founder. Abbey-hill 
Simpson, Peter surveyor of roads, bemple street, Cas- 

tie barns 
Simpson, Baillie Roliert Bristo street ' 

Simpson, Robert builder, 2. Greenside place 
Simpson, Rev. William 89. Prince street 
Simpson, William esq. solicitor, Paterson's court, 

Simpson, WiUiam teacher, Buccleuch street 
Simpson, William grocer, Kincaid's court, Covifgate 
Simpson, William poulterer, Bull's turnpike 
Simpson, William esq. of the Royal Bank of Scotland, 

— house Parson's green 
Simpson, Mrs of Tiviot hank, 9. St Andrew square. ■ 
Simpson, Mrs of Viewfield, 4. Park street 
Simpson, iMrs John, Alison square 
Simpson, ^^rs 13. Dublin street 
Simpson, Mrs 43. south Hanover street 
Simpson, Mrs broker, foot of Covvgate 
Simpson, Miss Dunbar's close, Lawnmarket 
Simpson, Miss 9. north St David street 
Simpson, Miss Aitken's land, Canongate 
St Clair, Colonel, district paymaster, 99. Prince street 
Sinclair, Daniel letter-carrier, General Post-office,— 

house Bishop's close, High street 



Sinclair, David and Company, pipe-makers, Brough- 

Sinclair, David tea-warehouse, 17- high Terrace 
Sinclair, Donald tailor, 4. I^eith street 
Sinclair, Donald town-officer, Warriston's close 
Sinclair, George manufacturer, Crosscauseway 
Sinclair, Sir John Bart. M. P. 6. Charlotte square 
Sinclair, John Russia warehouse, 43. South bridge, 

opposite Adam square 
Sinclair, John shoemaker, Portsburgh 
Sinclair, John seed-merchant. West-bow 
Sinclair, Malcolm merchant — house, Gayneld place 
Sinclair, Malcolm cabinetmaker, Gilchrist's buildings 
.Sinclair, Thomas toolmaker, Leith wynd 
Sinclair, William of the British Linen Company office, 

east Lochend close, Canongate 
Sinclair, William brewer, St I.eonards 
Sinclair, William grocer, 14. south Frederick street 
Sinclair, William silver^plater, iVTonteith's close 
Sinclair, William of Custom-house, 2. east Rose 

Sinclair, William gardner, foot of Horse wynd, Ca- 

Sinclair, Lady of Murkle, 39. York place 
Sinclair, Mrs 16. mid Rose street 
Sinclair, Mrs 18. George square 
Sinclair, Mrs Alexander shoemaker, Fishmarket close 
Sinclair, Miss of Burrock, 6. New street, Canongate 
Sinclair and Ramage, dressmakers, 3. James' street 
Skae, David wine-merchant, Royal Exchange 
Skae, David builder, Middlefield, i.eith walk 
Skae, Thomas smith, Pleasance 
Skaed, John jeweller, — house near Gibraltar 
Skeaf, Joseph quilWresser, middle Mealmarket stair- 
1807, S 

'206 8KE— SMA 

Skeen, James esq. advocate, 75. Prince street 
Skeen, INIrs of Halyards, 5i. George street 
i^keen, Mis Captain, 20. south Castle street 
Fkeen, Mrs of Rubieslaw, £7. south Castle street 
£kelton, George watchmaker. High street — house, 4'L 

Nicolson street 
Skiell, Mrs furnished lodgings, 9. Crichton street 
Skill, Alexander lapidary, Parliament square 
Skinner, James writer, Parliament square 
Skirven, Archibald tanner, Canonmills 
Skirven, V, illiam teacher, bailie Fyfe's close 
Skirs-en, Mrs merchant, Luckcnbooths 
•Skirving, James merchant, Cowgate«head 
Skin'ing, William esq. Trotter's buildings, Leith 

Slater, John marble-cutter, 9. Grcenside place 
Slater, Walter button-maker, Foulis' close 
Slider, John and Son, tailors, 99. Nicolson street 
Sligo, William esq. 79. Prince street 
Sloane, Mrs furnished lodgings, 7. George street 
Smail, Mrs 11. Dublin street 
Small, Alexander stabler, opposite cornmarket 
Small, Alexander shoemaker, 6. Catherine street 
Small, George of Messrs Muir, Wood and Company's 

— house, Caltonhill 
Small, James writer, Riddeli's land, Lawnmarket 
Small, J. esq. advocate, 16. Elder street 
Small, John spirit -dealer, Portsburgh 
Small, Thomas W. S. Lyon clerk depute, Brown 

Small, Mrs furnished lodgings, Carrubber's close 
Small, Miss 38. south Hanover street 
Small, Miss confectioner. Royal Exchange 
Smart, Captain J. iO. George square 

SMA— SMI 20'7 

Smart, George hosier and glover, 32. South brid^"^, 

— house, Nicolson street 
Smcirt, Robert smitli, Caltoii 
Smart, R. furiiished lodgings, 19. Thistle street 
Smart, Walter shoemaker, east end Crosscauseway 
Smeall, James shoemaker, 1.5. ea^t Rose street 
Smeall, John glazier, Libberton wynd 
Smeiton, Mrs painter, New street, Canongate 
Smellie, Alex, printer, Anchor close,— house Castls- 

Smelli'^, David silver-plater, Potter-row 
Smellie, James jeweller, Leith wynd 
Smellie, Thos. copper-plate printer, Blackfriars wynd 
Smellie, Mrs furnished lodgings, 25. Nicolson street 
SipelJie, Mrs innkeeper, Hume's court, Potter-row 
SmeUie, Mrs furnished lodgings, 12. Thistle street 
Smiths and Stevenson, tinsmiths, 1. Blair street 
Smith, Alex, banker, 11. Chapel street 
Sifiith, Andrew perfumer, 38. North bridge 
Smith, Arch, accountant, 4, Society, Brown square 
Smith, Charles glover, 29. ParHament square 
Smith, David governor Watson"s hospital 
Smith, David merchant, Main point, Portsburgh 
Smith, David furnished lodgings, 18. Thistle street 
Smith, Donald and Company bankers, front of Royal 

Smith, Donald esq. banker — house, 10. Chapel street 
Smith, Francis grocer, foot of Pleasance 
Smith, George innkeeper, at the tailor to Brentford, 

head of Canongate 
Smith, Hislop manufacturer, Reid's court, Canongate 
Smith, Jacob shoemaker, 21. west Rose street 
Smith, James tailor, Boag's land, Rose street 
Smith, James watchmaker, 4-. B rough ton street 
1807. S2 

i208 SMI— SMI 

Smith, James writer, Grassmarket 

Smith, James tailor, Canengate bond 

Smith, James esq. W. S. Parliament square 

Smith, James tailor. Potter-row 

.Smith, James builder, 29. south Castle street 

Smith, John junior insurance-broker, Morison's close 

Smith, Captain John, James' court, Ijawnmarket 

Smith, John spirit-dealer, Cowgate head 

Smith, John junior esq. W. S. 7. Argyll square 

Smith, John grocer, L'3. Rose street, west end 

Smith, Joseph smith, Watergate 

Smith, Joseph horse-dealer, 3. east Rose street 

Smith, Peter carver and gilder, Cand!emaker-row 

•fc'mith, Richard lace, fringe, and tassel manufacturer, 

Hope's close, Fountainwell 
»Smith, Robert meal-dealer, head of Canongate 
J^mith, Robert auctioneer, Lady Stair's close 
Smith, Robert builder, 29. Thistle street 
Smith, Robert painter, Miln's court, Lawnmarket 
Smith, Thomas merchant — house, Greenside 
iSmith, Thomas cabinet-m.aker, Richmond placa 
Smith, T. N. esq. Bernard row, Stockbridge 
■omith, Thomas principal clerk of thebills, 7. Argyll 

Smith, meal-dealer, Lawnmarket 
Smith, Walter iron-monger, 7. Leith street 
Smith, William yarn merchant, bailie Fyfe's close 
Smith, William, tailor, St Mary wynd 
Smith, William cork m.anufacturer, ditto 
Sm.ith, William furnished lodgings, 19. Thistle street 
Smith, William ditto, 12. ditto 
Smith, William ditto, Alison square 
Smith, William keeper of the Physicians-hall, George 


SMI— SOM 1209 

Smith, William stabler, 5. east Tliistle street 

Smith, IMrs vintner, Barringer's close 

.Smith, Mrs of Smithlield, 2. St James' street 

Smith, Mrs William coach-hirer, north James' street 

Smith, Mrs 2. west Chapel street 

Smith, Mrs Colonel 3. Moray street 

Smith, Mrs Heriot's bridge 

Smith, Miss 3. Queen street 

Smith, Miss mantuamaker, Donaldson's close, Bow 

Smith, Miss of Methven, 18. Hill street 
Smithson, James woollen manufacturer, Horse wynd 
Smcllet, Mrs 35. north Hanover street 
Smurthwaite, John agent, Calton-hill. 
Smyth, John esq. W. S. 4-. James' square 
Smyth, John esq. advocate, ditto 
Snipe, Mrs spirit-dealer, Grassmarket 
Snodgrass, Ffancis esq. W. S. 2. east Register street 
Sommers, James of Exchequer — house, Brougliton 
Somraers, J. and W, Paterson's court, Broughtou 
Sommers, Robert shoemaker, 3. St Ann's street 
Sommers, T. glazier, Fisher's close, L awnmarket 
Sommerville, Andrew wire-worker, Fountainweli 
Sommerville, S. C. esq. W. S. 18. Elder street 
Sommerviile, D. miniature painter, 7. James' square 
Sommerville, James spirit-dealer and saddler, Fowlis' 

Sommerville, James cap-maker, Simon square 
Sommerville, John writer, 79. Prince street 
Sommerville, John jun. writer, mid Mealmarket stair 
Sommerville, John merchant, 3. George street 
Sommerville, Nicol painter, 10. high Terrace 
Sommerville, Robert clothier, 97. South bridge 
Sommerville, Robert engraver, Bishop's close 
1807. S3 

210 SOM— SPE 

Sommervilie, Sam. and Company, merchants, Lawn- 

maiket — house, Elliot's court, Castlehill 
Sommervilie, Tho. manager, Botanic garden, Leith 

Sommervilie, Walter baker, foot of Blair street, Cow- 

Sommervilie, Win. wire-worker, 12. Leith street 
Sommervilie, Mrs furnished lodgings, Richmond court 
Sommervilie, iVfrs spirit-dealer, high Calton 
Sommervirc, Miss o. George street south side 
Sommervilie, Miss [). ditto, north side 
Somner, Mri 16. north Hanover street 
Spalding, And. writer, James' court, Lawnmarket 
Spalding, Jarnes architect, Antigua street 
Spalding, James furnished lodgings, l-l-. north Hano- 
ver street 
Spalding, John grocer, West-port 
Spalding, Peter 3. Clyde street 
Spalding, Walter builder, Caltor-hill 
Spalding,- Isabella -silk and worsted shop, 10. Prince 

Spalding, I\]rs V7 liter's court 
Spankie, George mjerchant, High street 
Speid, Robert esq. W. 6. 13. St John street 
Spence, Alex, jeweller, 9. Bank street — house, War- 

riston's close 
Spence, Geo. merchant, 3. Bank street 
Spence, James perfumer, 12. South bridge 
Spence, James tailor, St Mary wynd 
Spence, J. victual-dealer, 47. Nicolson street 
Spence, John 3. Tiviot row 
Spence, R. sen. dentist, James' court 
Spence, R. jun. dentist, 4. Canal street 
Spence, Thomas spirit-dealer, Bristo street 

SPE— -STA 211 

Spence, Mrs Buccleuch place 

Spence, Mrs furnished lodgings, Dickson's entry-j 

Bristo street 
Spence, Mrs grocer, head of "West-bow 
Spence, Mrs opposite Archers' hall 
Spence, Miss 1. north James' street 
Spens, Dr Thomas Horse wynd 
Spiers, Mrs 9. north St David street 
Spiers Mrs of Elderslie, 59- George street, north side 
Spink, Henry wright, Richmond entry 
Spittal and Kilgour, wholesale hosiers, 11. Drum- 

mond street 
Spittal, James haberdasher, 5o- South bridge — house, 

59. ditto 
Spottisvvood, Mrs ironmonger, Grassmarket 
Sprott, Alexander tanner, Chessels' court, C&nongate 
.Sprott, Robert new Assembly clost 
Sprott, William esq. solicitor at law, and procurator 

fiscal of the city, 24. York place 
Sprott, William upholsterer, Carrubbcr's close 
Sprott, Mrs 16. Argyll square 
Squair, Jo. flesher, Fleshmarket close 
Stabilini, G. 1. north James' street 
Stalker, P. ladies hairdresser, 6. south Frederick str. 
Stalker, Miss teacher, 13. George street, south side 
Stampa, D. carver and gilder, 14-. Terrace 
Stark, George tinsmith, West-bow 
Stark, John ditto, ditto 
Stark, John printer, Netherbow — house, Carrubber'a 

Stark, Robert merchant — house, Baxters buildings 
Stark, William architect. Union street 
Stark, William plasterer and grocer, corner Carnegie 


212 STA— STE 

Stark, Miss dressmaker, 2. south St David street 
Stedman, George writer, 19. Thistle street 
Stedman, James wright, 23. James' square 
Stedman, Mrs 1. east Rose street 
Stedman, Mrs furnished lodgings, 15. College street 
Stedman, Miss 15. north Frederick street 
Steel, Alexander chairmaster, 1. Crichton street 
Steel, Alexander watchmaker, ] 3. Prince street 
Steel, Andrew esq. W. S. Lady Lawson's wynd 
Steel, C. boot and shoe maker, 55. Prince street 
5teel. James groeer, Crosscauseway 
Steel, Jo. carver, gilder, and printseller, 2. low Ter- 
race — hoi.;se, Caltonhill 
Steel, John wholesale toy shop, 20. Prince street- 
house, west end Canal street 
Steel, John broker, foot Cowgate 
Steel, John printer, Weir's close,. Canongate 
Steel, John saddler, near the Cross 
Steel, John tin-plate worker; Canongate head 
Steel, John grocer, 10. south Union place 
Steel, John writer. 12. south Frederick street 
Steel, John confectioner and grocer, 6. Prince street 
Steel, John furnished lodgings, 2, west Rose ttreet 
Steel, Peter painter, Leith walk 
Steel, Robert mason, 4. north James' street 
Steel, Thomas chemist, Burrowmuirhead 
Steel, Mrs of Gadgirth, 5. south Frederick street 
Stein, John esq. banker and distiller, 68. Queen str. 
Stein, Robert porter-brewer, old Playhouse close, Ca- 
nongate — house, 1. St John street 
Stenhouse, Dr Alexander 17. James' square 
Stenhouse, And. furnished lodgings, 17. east Thistle 

Stenb7use, John baker, Netherbow 

STE— STE 213 

Stenhouse, William esq. accountant, 13. Hope street 
•; Mrs Captain 21. south Castle sm^et 
bteuliouL^c, ldv5 furnished lodgings, 8. south Richmond 

Stephen, Andrew 12. south Frederick street 
Stephen, D. trunk-maker, front of Exchange — house. 

Anchor close 
Stephen, F,'!Irs r.iantua-rriaker, 3. mid Rose street 
iStephen, Mrs furnished lodgings, Eristo street 
Steven, Alexander brewer, Water of Leith 
Steven, Alexander architect, Greenside place 
Steven, Andrew writer, 9. James' square 
Steven, George iron-iounder, Toibocth wynd, Cauon- 

Steven, James wright, S9. Nicolson street 
Steven, Iv. furnished lodgings, 11. Duke street 
Stevenson and Thomson, haberdashers, 5'J. South 

Stevenson. Alexander ^7riter* 19. south Frederick str. 
Stevenson, Alexander depute-clerk of session, 29. 

nonh Hsnovtr street 
Stevenson, A. and G. grocers, Netherbow 
Stevenson, James grocer, 69. Nicolson street 
Stevenso.i, James ditto, 9. north St David street 
Stevenson, James painter, Lawnmarket 
Stevenson, L. spirit-dealer, 42. south Hanover street 
Steven3on, Patrick of city Chamberlain office, 4. So- 
Stevenson, Robert shoemaker, Alison's close, Cowgate 

Stevenson, Robert merchant, Greenside 
Stevenson, Robert painter, Lawnmarket 
Stevenson, William Pelican Fire-o^ce, 10. Huntei* 


214: ST£— STE 

Stevenson, W. of the Bank of Scotland, ncrtk James' 

Stevenson, Mrs west Rose street 
Stevenson, Miss music teacher, Lawnmarket 
Stevenson, Miss 28, George street, south side 
Sevenson, Miss 9. Buccleuch street 
Steuart, Chailes esq. W. S. 17. George street 
Steuart, Dr Charles 5S. George square 
Steuart, David wine-merchant, 20. South bridge 
Steuart, George of the Excise, 7. east Richmond sir. 
Steuart,. George esq. W. S. 11. George street • 
Steuart, John writer, 7. south Richmond street 
Stewart and Ramsay: hosier?, hatters, and glovers, 89. 

South bridge 
Stewart and Son, tool-makers, 70. Nicolson street 
Stewart, A.lexander last-maker, Calton 
Stewart, Alexander shoemaker, IS. St Andrew street 

— house, Meuse lane 
Stewart, Alexander spirit-dealer, Bess wynd, Lawi> 

Stewart, -Alexander wright, Fountainwell 
Stewart, Alexander and Company, insui^ance broker". 

Stev/art, Charles teacher of dancing, 5. Elder street 
Stewart, Charles printer, Itead of Forrester's wynd, 

Stewart, Charles hairdresser, Cross 
Stewart, Charles grocer, head Pleasance 
Stewart, Daniel of the Exchequer, 9. Windmill street 
Stewt^rt, David senior esq. "W. S. 4i. George street, 

south side 
Stewart, David junior esq. W. S. Shakspear square 
Stewatt, D. furnished lodging?, K New street, Canon- 

STE— STE 215 

Stewart, Dugald professor of moral philosophy, GaI-= 

lender house, Canong'ate 
Stewart, Dugald esq. 2. St Patrick square 
Stewart, Duncan writer, 10. George street, south sid^ 
Stewart, James furnished lodgings, 18. i.eith street 
Stewart, Jsmes vintner, head of Blair street 
Stewart, James coachmaker, Quarryholes 
Stewart, James spirit-dealer, foot of Canongate 
Stewart, James jeweller, Potter-row 
Stewart, James accountant, 8. Shakspear square 
Stewart, James esq. of Overtown, Alison square 
Stewart, James spirit-dealer, 2. Picardy place 
Stewart, James merchant, Luckenbooths 
Stewart, James auctioneer, Miln's court, Lawnmarket 
Stewart, James shoemaker, 18. Thistle street 
Stewart, John tailor, 4. Shakspear square 
Stewart, John accountant of Excise, 7. south Rich' 

mond street 
Stewart, John wright, 22. Thistle street 
Stewart, John esq. W. S. 16. north Frederick street 
Stewart, John esq. accountant. Writers' court 
Stewart, John flax-dresser, east Jack's close, Canon= 

Stewart, John letter-carrier General Post-office- 
house, Lawnmarket 
Stewart, John wright, Toddrick wynd 
Stewart, John vintner, old Fishmarket close 
Stewart, J. and G. grocers, opposite Blackfriars wynd 

—house, M orison's close 
Stewart, Capt. K. mid Rose street 
Stewart, Mansfield merchant, Luckenbooths 
Stewart, Neil merchant, Lawnmarket 
Stewart, Oliver vintner. Trunk close 
Stewart, Peter viatner, Leith walk 

216 STE— STE 

Stewart, Robert esq. 2. Buccleuch place 

Stewart, Robert mercliant-tailor, 13. College street 

Stewart, Thomas vintner, below the Playhouse 

Stewart, Thomas writer, Gosford court, Lawnmarket 

Stewart, William seijeant of police, 45. mid Rose str. 

Stewart, William east end o£ York place 

Stewart, William shoemaker, 15. Thistle street 

Stewart, WilKam ditto, Writers' court 

Stewart, William boot and shoe shop, 8. south St 

David street 
Stewart, Lady of Grandtully, 84. Prince street 
Stewart, Mrs of Castleslewart, 66. Queen street 
Stewart, Mrs grocer. Water of L.eith 
Stewart, Mrs 7- James' square 
Stewart, Mrs furnished lodgings, 1. James' square 
Stewart, Mrs ditto, Turks close, Lawnmarket 
Stewart, Mrs ditto, Brodie's close 
Stewart, Mrs boot and shoe warehouse, 7« Terrace 
"Stewart, Mrs Customhouse stairs, Parliament square 
Stewart, Mrs WilHam, 8. Buccleuch street 
Stewart, Mrs 2. St Patrick square 
Stewart, Mrs haberdasher, High street 
Stewart, Mrs Parliament close 
Stewart, Mrs 29. north prederick street 
Stewart, Mrs of Torrence, 61. ditto 
•Stewart, Mrs 17. St Andrew square 
Stewart, Mrs Provost, Kirkbraehead 
Stewart, Mrs stoneware dealer, 57. Nicolson street 
Stewart, Miss east side George square 
Stewart, Miss 9. Crichton street 
Stewart, Miss 5. Thistle street 
Stewart, Miss boarding school, 45. Nicolson street 
Stewart, M. meal dealer, Bristo street 
Stewart, Miss 13. north Castle street 

STE-— STR 217 

Stewart, Miss glover, l-i. North bridge 
J^till, Alexander cutler, Infirmary street 
Stirling, Charles 1 k south Union place 
Stirling, Do'.vager Lady oi" Giorat, Chapel street 
Stirling-, Sir John of Glorat, Kcid's court Cancng:-te 
Stirling, Mrs D- of Keir, £8. St Andrew square 
Stirling, Mrs furnished lodgings, 2. Bristo street 
Stirling, Mrs 9. south St David street 
Stirling, Miss 22. Elder street 
Stiven, Robert teacher, binion square 
Stiven, Robert cabinet-maker, ditto 
Stocks, Oavid spirit-dealer, Gracssmarket 
Stoddart, Andrew mason, 7. Carnegie street 
Stoddart, Commissioner 6. Elder street 
Stoddart, James Potter-row 
Stoddart, John silver-smith, Blackfriars wynd 
Stoddart, Jo. furnished lodgings, 10. St Andrew sq. 
Stoddart, Robert esq. 52. Queen street 
Stoddart, William cork cutter, Cowgate head 
Stoker, L. shoemaker, Scoiety 
Storar, Robert baker, Richmond place 
Storar, Thomas ditto, 3. west Richmond street 
Storar, Miss straw-hat maker, 52. Nicolson street 
Storie, Andrew esq. W. S. 39. York place 
Storie, F. farrier, west Rose street 
Storio, Wm, spirit-dealer, 1. Broughton street 
Storie, Mrs James' court Lawnmarket 
Stormont, writer, 18. north Hanover street 
Stott, Charles stone warehouse, West-bow 
Stott, James butcher, Bristo street 
Stout, Lawrence grocer. High street 
Strabuck, H. glass cutter, Sandiland's close 
•Strachan, Alexander letter carrier General Post-ofiif?e, 
— house Fleshinarket clbse 
IS07, T 

^8 STR— SUT 

^^" ■■■■■ 111 I J I ■ — iM^»l ,^ ■ Ml 

Strachan, A. of the Customs, 9. Greenside place 

Strachan, A grocer, 17. Nicolson street 

Strachan George grocer, 2. Bank street 

Strachan, J. wholesale grocer, Don's close, Lucken- 

Strachan, James esq. 43. George street, north side 
Strachan, Robert, esq, W. S. 17. Argyll square 
Strachan, Miss S. James' street 
Strain, Hugh and Michael jewellers, 15. south Union 

Straiten, Charles turner, Fountainwell 
Straiten, William smith, foot of Pleasance 
Straiton, William horse-hirer, ditto 
Strath, Hugh glass grinder, 5. north Richmond street 
Strathendry, Wm. flax-dresser, 63. Nicolson street 
Stratton, Charles nail-maker, Roxburgh close 
Stronach, Mrs merchant, Lawnmarket 
Struthers, James "W. S. Mill's square 
Struthers, John cooper, King's stables 
Struthers, Mrs St Patrick square 
Stuart, Andrew coach-hirer, St John's hill 
Stuart, Charles general agent, Royal Exchange 
Stuart and Donaldson, esqs. W. S. 5. norlh Chariot 

Stuart, Sir John of Allanbank, 15. St John street 
Stuart, John esq. 39- south Hanover street ^ 
Stuart, James grocer Carnegie street 
Stuart, Major 4. north James' street 
Stuart, Malcolm, grocer, head of Pleasance 
Stuart, Lady Dowager, of Allanbank, 102. Prince 

Stuart, Miss 5. east Rose street 
&tykes', W. wright, low Calton 
Sutherland, Alexander bookbinder, Advocate's close, 


SUT— SUT ^19 

Sutherland, David builder, 1. Moray str. Leith walk 
Sutherland, David vvright, pleasance t 

Sutherland, David lath-splitter, yimon square 
Sutherland, Cap. Eneas Lochend close, Canongate 
Sutherland, George grocer, 98, Nicolson street 
Sutherland, J. musician, head of l.eith walk 
Sutherland, John architect, 1. Moray str. Leitb walk 
Sutherland, John glazier, Fleshmarket close 
Sutherland, Joseph wright, Richmond court, — house 

Simon square 
Sutherland, L. butcher, 15. Charles street 
Sutherland, Thomas tailor, 91. Nicolson street, — ■ 

house Crichton street 
Sutherland, Thomas haherda,iher, IC. ronh bridge, — < 

house Carrubber's close' 
Sutlierland, William 5. Shakespcar pquare 
Sutherland, William grocer, 10. Calton street 
Sutherland, William shoemaker, Cowgate head 
Sutherland, William tailor, 3. Bristo street 
Sutherland, Mrs Co!. 48. George street 
Sutherland, Mrs Col. 17. north Frederick street 
Sutherland, Mrs grocer, Bristo street 
Sutherland, Mrs Mill's court, Lawnmarket 
Sutherland, Mrs Thomas flesher 19. Charles' street 
Sutherland, 'Mrs Back stairs, Parhament close 
Sutherland, Miss mantua-maker, 5. South bridge 
Sutherland, Miss 3. James' street 
Sutter, James slater, head of Chalmers' close 
Sutter, James cabinet-maker, head of John's street, Ca.. 

Sutter, Richard Wz-ight, Canal street 
Suttie, George shoemaker, Queen place 
Suttie, Sir James Argyll square 
Suttie, Robert writer, 2^. Greenside street 
1807. T 2 

±20 SUT—SYM 

Suttie, Lady 9. John street, Canongate 

Swan aud Ewart, jewellers, Can6ngate head 

Swan, Geo. furniihed lodgings, head Fleshmarket clo. 

Swan, James hairdresser, Parliament square 

Swan, James esq. W. S. 1. James' square 

8wan, John tanner, Livingston's yards 

Swan, John cabinet-maker, old Physic gardens, — house 

Fishmarket close 
Sv/anston, John grocer, High street, — house Niddry 

Swanston, |ohn 2. east Rose street 
Swanston, William writing-master, Royal Bank close 
Swine, Peter builder, Broughton 

Swinton and Peacock, mantuamakers, 82. South bridge 
tSwinton, A. esq. W. S. 33. Queen street 
Sword, Thomas spirit-dealer, 18. south St David st. 
Syme, George gardner. Bank street 
Syme, James fiesher, — house Fleshmarket close 
Syme, James bell-hanger, 28. Greenside street 
Syme, James 20. York place 

Syme, fohn esq. W. S. 23. north Hanover street 
Syme, P. drawing-master, 40 south Hanover street 
Syme, Robert esq. W. S, 20. George square 
Syme, William teacher, Baringer's close. High street 
Syme, Mrs 9. Crichton street 
Syme, Mrs 1. Lauriston place 
Symons, George umbrella-maker, Lackenbooths 

TAI— TAY 221 

JLait, Alexander Kincaid writer, Royal Exchange 

Tait, Crawford esq. \V. S. 2. Park place 

Tait, George grocer, Main point, Portsburgh 

Tait, James architect, Maitland street 

Tait, John esq. W. S. Superintendant and Judge of 

Police, — house 28. Oiicen street 
Tait, John spirit -dealer, Leith walk 
Tait, Robert shoenriaker, opposite Oueensberry house, 

Tait, Robert vintner. Hunter square 
Tait, Thomas cabinet-maker. Canal street 
Tait, William merchant, 99. Nicolson street 
Tait, William spirit-dealer, head Candlemaker-rov/ 
Tait, Walter spirit-dealer, head of Canongate ^ 

Tait, William soap-maker, north back of Canongate 
Tait, Wilham grocer and spirit-deakr, Luckenbooths 
Tait, Mrs 7. James' square 
Tait, Mrs broker, foot of Cowgate 
Tait, Miss mantuamaker Morison's close 
Tasker, George tailor, 5. north Union place 
Tawse, John writer, 27. York place 
Tax-office General for Scotland, 4.5. Prince street 
Taylor, and Norric, painters, — shops High street and 

Register street 
Taylor, Andrew meal-dealer, Buccleuch street 
Taylor, Archibald tailor, Canongate head 
Taylor, David upholsterer and furnished lodgings, 5. 

College street 
Taylor, David window-bhnd maker, Gib's entry 
Taylor, Daniel, writer, 1. north James' street 
1807. T 3 

222 TAY— THA 

Taylor, James tailor, St Mary wynd 

Taylor, James, slater, Foulis' close 

Taylor, James bookbinder, Kintore's court, Lucken- 

Taylor, James furnished lodgings, west end Canal st. 
Taylor, James grocer, Simon square 
Taylor, ]ohn of the Exchequer, — house 3. Park st, 
Taylor, John esq. W. S. 31. York place 
Taylor, Peter grocer, King street 
Taylor, Phillip spirit and porter dealer, — vaults Not- 

tingliam place 
Taylor, Robert spirit-dealer, 17. east Rose street 
Taylor, Thomas cooper, opposite JLady Milton's lod- 

g-.'ig, Canongate 
Taylor, Thomas flasher, Fleshmarket close 
Taylor, Mrs 2. south Hanover street 
Taylor, Mrs mantuamaker, 1. east Register street 
Taylor, Mrs furnished lodgings, Candlemaker-row 
Taylor, Mrs 4<. Buccleuch place 
Taylor, Mrs Blair's close, Castlehill 
Taylor, Misses J. and F. grocers, 51. Nicolson street 
Taylor, Miss opposite Linen hall, Canongate 
Telfer, George merchant, Luckenbooths 
Telfer, Mrs Gilmour place 
Telford, Mrs mieal-dealer, middle of Canongate 
Temple, John grocer, Portsburgh 
Tennant, Dr 55. George street 
Tennant, Robert shoemaker, Potter-row 
Tennant, Wm. merchant, High st. — ho. 6. James* sq. 
Tennant, William writer, 3. Moray street 
Tennant, Mrs vintner, Fleshmarket close 
Tennant, Mrs furnished lodgings, 59. South bridge 
Tennant, Mrs ditto, Potter-row 
Tennant, Miss Pirrie's close Canongate 
Thatcher, Dr John 3. E^der street 

THI— THO 223 

Thin, John builder, Howe street 

Thorn, y. china and stone ware-house, Cowgate 

Thorn, Wm. grocer, Canongate 

Thorn, Mrs grocer, St Mary wynd 

Thomas, Mrs vintner. Royal Bank close 

Thomsons, and Company, agents and insurance brokers, 

8. South bridge 
Thomson, Wotherspoon and Ewan, woollen drapers, 

32. North bridge 
Thomson and Lothian, linen drapers. Royal Exchange 
Thomson and Company, spirit-dealers, opposite New 

street, Canongate 
Thomson and Company, bridle cutters and harness ^ 

makers, Blackfriars wynd 
Thomson, A. and J. candlemakers, 75. Nicolson st. 
Thomson, Abraham bookbinder, old Fishmarket clo. 
Thomson, Alex, wright, 28. west Rose street 
Thomson, Alex, furnished lodgings, 40. so. Hanover 

Thomson, Alexander carver and gilder, head of Cal- 

Thomson, Alexander wright, foot of Leith wynd 
Thomson, Alexander tobacconist, foot of Horse wynd 
Thomson, Alexander tailor, Simon square 
Thomson, Alexander Ramsay garden 
Thomson, Alexander writer. Royal Bank close 
Thomson, Alexander wright, St Leonards 
Thomson, Andrew flesher, east Richmond street 
Thomson, Andrew shoemaker, Richmond entry 
Thomson, Archibald watchmaker, l^. North bridge, 

— house, Bull turnpike 
Thomson, David baker, Cowgate 
1 homson, David esq. W. S 24. south Frederick st. 
Thomson, David merchant-tailor, north College street 

224 THO— THO 

Thomson, David merchant, — house, 15. St Andrev/ 

Thomson, Donald tobacconist, High street 
Thomson, Edward tailor, Leith wynd 
Thomson, Edward ironmonger, Grassjnarket 
Thomson, Francis grocer, Crosscauseway 
Thomson, George of the Trustees-office, Baxter's pi. 
Thomson, George hairdresser. Main point 
Thomson, George wrigh:. Cowan's close, Crosscause- 
Thomson, George furnished lodgings, 28. south Fre- 
derick street 
Thomson, George baker, 7. George street, north side 
Thomson, James damask weaver, Leith wynd 
Thomson, James printer, Grassmarket 
Thomson, James hairdresser, 9. south Frederick street 
Thomson, James grocer. High street — house, Carrub- 

ber's close 
Thomson, James woollen draper, 87. South bridge 
Thomson, James bell-hanger, Luckenbooths 
Thomson, James baker, head of Libberton wynd 
Thomson, James esq. W. S. 20. north Castle street 
Thomson, James manufacturer, Drumsheugh 
Thomson, James baker. Potter-row 
Thomson, James co ch-maker, Caltonhill 
Thomson, James gun-maker, Canongate head 
Thomson, James tailor, Richmond place 
Thomson, James grocer, north Richmond street 
Thomson, James founder, opposite Forrester's w^'nd, 

Thomson, James lath-splitter, Canal street 
Thomson, James vintner, 5. Greenside street 
Thomson, James insurance-broker, 8. James' square 
Thomson, John furnished lodgings, John's close, Ca- 

THO— THO 225 

Thomson, John insurance broker, — house, 10. Gay- 
field place 
Thomson, John carver and gilder, 7. east Rose street 

— house, 10. ditto 
Thomson, John of Prior-letham, 3. south James' street 
Thomson, John music teacher, 9. Drummond street 
Thomson, John watchmaker, 78. Nicolson street 
Thomson, John founder. New street, Canongate 
Thomson, Johi> writer, Gavinloch'a land, Lawnmarket 
Thomson, Kev. Dr John 8. Buccleuch place 
Thomson, John vintner, Toddrick's wynd 
Thomson, John teacher, first entry, James' court 
Thomson, John baker, head of Pleasance 
Thomson, John merchant, — house, Bishop's land 

High street 
Thomson, John baker, Tobago street 
Thomson, John grocer, Netherbow 
Thomson, John slater and smoke-doctor, Bristo-port 
Thomson, John and Robert brush manufacturers, li^. 

south St Andrew street 
Thomson, John chair-maker, I. Carnegie street 
Thomson, John junior and Company, booksellers. 

Hunter square 
Thomson, John slater, east end of Crosscauseway 
Thomson, John esq. JoUie's buildings, Gayfield place 
Thomson, John surgeon, Brown square 
Thomson, Joseph tea and spirit-dealer. Potter-row 
Thomson, Joseph founder, Castlehill 
Thomson, Lewis smith, Rae's close, Canongate 
Thomson, Peter builder 20. west Rose street 
Thomson, Robert of the Tax-office, Gilmour place 
Thomson, Robert notary public, IG. Leith Terrace 
Thomson, Rev. Thomas 10. Catherine street 
Thomson, Dr Thomas Gilmour place 

226 THO-— THO 

Thomson, Thomas esq. advocate, 12. north Castle st. 
Thomson, Thomas glass-blower, Cowgate 
Thomson, Thomas teacher, Carrubber's dose 
Thomson, William and Co. smiths, High street, — » 

house, St John street, Canongate 
Thomson, William commission, sale, and agency of- 
fice, 56. South bridsre 
. . . *^ . 

Thomson, William printers' joiner, Scott's close, Cow-. 

S^'^ ... 
Thomson, William furnished lodgings, 4-. south St An- 
drew street 
Thomson, William salmon-deal'jr. Bull's close- 
Thomson, Mrs sick-nurse, Lcith wynd 
Thomson, Mrs 1. James' place 
1'homson, Mrs cor,;?t-makcr, Anchor close 
Thomson, Mrs head of St John's street, Canongate 
Thomson, Mrs stone warehouse, Candlemaker.row 
Thomson, Mrs furnished lodgings, Hay street 
Thomson, Mrs 2. Clyde street 
Thomson, Mrs midwife, Gray's court 
Thompson, Mrs 18. west Richmond street 
Tiiomson, Mary grocer, Fountainbridge 
Thomson, Miss 5. south St Andrew street 
Thomsan, Miss B. mantuamaker, Bishop's land, Higli 

Thomson, Misses dress-makers, 6. Drummond street 
Thomson, Miss Gardners hall 
Thomson, Miss 7. Buccleuch street 
Thomson, Miss furnished lodgings, 8. south Hanover 

Thorburn, A. merchant-tailor, Y-t. Nicolson street 
Thorburn, George candlemaktr, Richmond place 
Thorburn, George vintner, livery-stables and coach» 

house, 45. Rose street, west end 
Thorburn, James poulterer. Mill's square 

THO— TOR 227 

Thorbuni, James currier, Potter-row, — leather-shop. 

Horse wynd 
Thorburn, John writer, Buccleuch place 
Thorburn, John mason, IViill's court, Lawnmarket 
Thorburn, Joseph grocer, south Hanover street 
Thorburn, William and Son of Leith, tea-warcroonij 

south side High street 
Thrlepland, P. Murray, esq. 18. Buccleuch place 
Thriepland, Mrs grocer, 2. south St James' street 
TifFodells, Mrs tambouring manufactory, Leith wynd 
Tinning, John esq. W. S. 5. George street, no. side 
Tinto, William grocer, 70. Nicolson street 
Tod, A. and J. esq. W. S. 26. George square 
Tod, Capt. Alex. 57. George street, north side 
Tod, George writer, 21. north Hanover street 
Tod, George junior writer, 3. Catherine street 
Tod, Henry upholsterer, opposite Canongate church 
Tod, Hugh writer, 2. north St David street 
Tod, James cabinet-maker, foot of Cowgate 
Tod, Capt. James 15. George square 
Tod, James esq. Hope park 
Tod, John grocer, east Richmond street 
Tod, John lather and plasterer, west Rose street 
Tod, Mrs Col. 12. St John street 
Tod, Mrs of Drygrange, 21. George square 
Torbet, J. grocer, head of Pleasance 
Torbet, Robert smith, West-port 
Torbet, Wilham grocer, Cowgate 
Torrence, A. wigmaker, Mealmarket 
Torrence, Capt. Hay's court, Portsburgh, 
Torrence, Robert tinsmith, Crosscauseway 
Torrence, Mrs furnished lodgings, west Rose street 
Torrence, Miss opposite the Archers hall 
Torry, Arch, dress-shop Cross,— house, Hope street 

^58 TOR— TRU 

Torry, Capt. 2. Duke street 

Torry, Mrs 48. mid Rose street 

Torup, A. confectioner, Blackfriars wynd 

Tottie, Mrs furnislied lodgings, Richmond entiy 

Tough, Rev. Dr Simpson court, Potter-row 

'l*ough, Uavid painter, Anchor close 

Tough, George governor of the Asylum for the In. 

dustrious Blind, 13. Nicolson street 
Tough, John writer, 2. Bristo street 
Townly, Tho. manufacturer, foot of Canongate 
Trail, Mrs furnished lodgings, 31. Leith street 
Train, Wm. stabler, Grassmarket 
Traquair, John tobacconist, Cross 
Traquair, Wm. builder, west end Rose street 
Treasurer, Kenneth tailor, 2. Shakspear square 
Trotter, James and Company, merchants, Cowgate 

Trotter, Robert esq. of Castlelaw, Postmaster- 
General of Scotland, 30. George square 
Trotter, Robert merchant, foot of old Assembly close 
Trotter, Thomas esq. W. S. 15. St John street 
Trotter, Thomas tailor, Middleton's entry 
Trotter, WiUiam of bhore-dues office Leith, 79. 

Prince street 
Trotter, William builder, Leith walk 
Trotter, Wm. (late Young and Trotter) cabinet-ma- 
ker, upholsterer, and undertaker, east end 
Prince street 
Trotter, Mrs of Mortonhall, 15. St John street 
Trotter, Mrs of Mirtlemount, 9. Charles' street 
Trotter, Mrs 2. Shakspear square 
Trotter, Mrs furnished lodgings, 41. Nicolson street 
Trotter, Mrs 1. Dublin street 
Trotter, Miss of Bush, 12. George square 
Trustees Office, Writers' xourt, Exchange 

TUL— TYV 229 

Tullls, William baker, Fife street 
Tulloch, Mrs 12. Charles' street 
Turbot, James vintner, Fishmarket 
Taring, Sir Robert Bart. 55. George street 
TuriibuU, John woollen-draper, High street — house, 

76. Prince street 
Turnbull, Francis cabmet-maker, 2. King street 
TurnbuU, John baker, Buchanan s court, JLawn= 

Turnbull, Thomas printer, Canongate head 
Turnbull, Tiiomas agent 1. Antigua street 
Turnbull, ■ ilham woollen draper, Cross 
Turnbull, Mrs vintner, 86. South bridge 
Turi.buli, Mrs broker foot of Cowgate 
Turnbull, Misses 4. CharLs' street 
Turner, George spirit-dealer, rlorse wynd 
Turner, James wright, furnished lodgings, 3. ea,^* 

Richmond street 
Turner, Peter porter-dealer, 2. south St David street 
Turner, Robert furnished lodgings, George-inn, liiis- 

to street 
Tweedell, George grocer, Portsburgh 
Twecdell, Wm. writer, east end Giassmarket 
Tweedie, Alexander haberdasher, 1. Nicolson street 
Tweediey James baker, head of Lanongate 
Tweedit, John esq. W. S. 56. Queen street 
Tweedie, P. carver and gilder, 65 Nicolson street 
Tweed.e, Mrs of Quarter-; Ramsay couil, Infirmary 

Tytler,. Dr Hay's court, Portsburgh 
Tytler, Jameo etq. W. S. 9. Duke street 
'I ytler, Li'-ut.-Col. 3. Charlotte street 
Tytler, W. Fraseresq. advocate, 7. south Castle Street 
Tyri^ , A shoemaker, low Calton 
Tyvendale, Mrs tambourer, Leith wynd 
1807. U 

230 URE— VEI 


ICre, Masterton, esq. W. S 21. Hill street 
TJrquhart, Wm v ntner, 44. South bridge 
Urquhart, David merchant, Luckenbooths 
Urquhart, Henry perfumer, 5. south St David street 
Urquhart, William agent, 1. George street, south 
side — furnished lodgings, 11. St David street 
Urquhart, William boot and shoe maker, 2. Catherine 

Usher, Andrew agent, 59. South bridge — house, Mer- 
chant street 


W ALENCE, David and Company, merchants and ge- 
neral agents, 1 3. Catherine street, head of 
Leith walk — house, Heriot's bridge 
Valence, iw. changekerper, Canal street 
Valence, Wilhani glover, west Register street 
Vaughan, Airs :i6. west end of Rose street 
Veitch, Commissioner 35. George square 
Veitch, George 4. Jit James' street 
Veitch, nugii writer, 3. north Richmond street 
Veitch, John baker, West-nort 

V itch, John mason, 11. Thistle street 

V tch, John cabinet-maker, foot of Cowgate 

V 'tc(-, Thomas fcuar, btockbridge 

Veitch, Wilham of Exchequer — house, Maryfield 
Veiled. rs 14. north Frederick street 

VEI— WAL 231 

Veitch, Mrs 31. North Hanover street 
Vessie, John hairdresser, foot of Canongate 
Vincent, Rev. Charles 19. Elder street 
Virtue, John stabler, Grassmarket 
Virtue, Jo. writer, 3. Fife street 


vVaddel, Andrew wright, Abbey-hilf 
Waddel, James writer, Parliament square 
Waddel, William manager for his Majesty's printers, 

— house, Blair street 
Waddel, Mrs furnished lodgings, 3. Richmond place 
"Waddel, Miss mantua-maker. Exchange 
"Wade, Mrs 16. Thistle street 
Wade, Misses miUiners, 79. South bridge 
Wagoner, Philip 5. St James' street 
Walde, Peter spirit-dealer, Canonmills 
Walker and Company, grocers, foot Blair street 
Walker and Oreig, printers, Foulis' close 
Walker and Menzies, printers, Brodie's close, Lawn- 
Walker, Morison, and Company, Fife tap-room, Cal- 

ton street 
Walker, Alexander (late of the hotel) Newington 
Walker, Alexander brewer, south back of Canongate 
Walker, Alexander esq. 21. Queen street 
Walker, Andrew Shakspear coffee-house, 2. Shak- 

spear square 
Walker, Andrew saddler, Main point 
Walker, Colonel of 9th Veteran battalion, Rose- 
1807. U 2 

^32 WAL— WAL 

Walker, Captain 9. west Richmond street 

Walker, Francis esq. W. S. 26, George street, north 

Walker, Gabriel coachmaker, St Ann street 
Walker, George engraver and music printer, Fountain* 

Walker, George cowfceder, high Calton 
Walker, George landscape painter in crayons to his 

Majesty — drawing academy, I. Hunter square 
Walker, James printer, 1. Tobago street 
Walker, James cabinet-maker, 5. east Thistle street 
Walker, James esq. principal Clerk of Session, 26, 

George street 
Walker, James wine-merchant, 2. Baxter's buildings 
Walker, James baker, 2. south James' street 
Walker, John victualler, Hope street 
Walker, John brush-maker, I )unbar's close 
Walker, John turner, head Lawnmarket 
Walker, Jo!m teacher, St John hill 
Walker, John surgeon, 44. South bridge 
Walker, John tobacconist,^ High street 
Walker, John woollen-draper, Royal Exchange — 

house, York place 
Walker, Patrick esq. advocate, Drumsheugh 
Walker, Rev. Robert Wilson's court, Canongate 
Vv^alker, Robert vintner, Foulis' close 
Walker, Robert Prince street coffee-house, 1. Prince 

Walker, Thomas wright, Canal street 
Walker, Thomas of Cess-ofiice — house. Back stairs 
Walker, WiUiam esq. of the Exchequer, Drum- 

Walker, William wright. Canal street 
Walker, William gardener, contractor, and uuderta« 

ker, Cowgate head 

WAL— WAL 233 

Walker, William, esq. W. S. Forth street 

Walker, William teacher, 9. Charles' street 

Walker, Mrs 20. York place 

Walker, Mrs 43. ditto 

Walker, Mrs St Patrick square 

Walker, Mrs furnished lodgings, 99. Nicolson street- 

Walker, Mrs Richmond place 

Walker, Mrs 32. south Castle street 

Walker, Mrs below Milton house, Canongate 

Walker, Miss Reid's court, ditto 

Walker, Miss 5. south Frederick street 

V/alker, Miss milliners and dress-makers, Back stairs 

Wallace, Alexander letter-carrier General Post-of- 

lice, Lochend close, Canongate 
Wallace, Alexander boot and shoe warehouse, 18. 

Thistle street 
Wallace, Alexander boot and shoe maker, 7. south 

Frederick street 
Wallace, David spirit-dealer, Canonmills 
Wallace, James boot and shoe warehouse, 16. Thistle 

Wallace, James gun-maker, High street — house, Pil- 

rig street 
Wallace, James furnished lodgings, 38. Nicolson str. 
Wallace, John wright, Water of Leith 
Wallace, John grocer, 26. west Rose street 
Wallace, John spirit-dealer, Leith walk 
"Wallace, Nmian and Company, brewers, Newington 
Wallace, Rubert baker, i'otter-row 
Wallace, William manufacturer, ;'ciennes 
Wallace, William grocer, v.anongate head 
Wallace, William mason, below the church, ditto 
Wallace, William builder, back Heriot row 
Wallace, Mrs M ddleton's entry 
Wallace, Mrs furnished lodgings, 38. Nicolson stree~ 
1807. U S 

231 WAL— WAT 

Wallace, Mrs furnished lodgings, 13. Thistle street 
Wallace, Miss 4'5. George square 
Wallis, Mrs furnished lodgings, 23. Thistle street 
Walsingham, Mrs midwife, Carrubber's close 
Walton, John music teacher, 9. Greenside place 
Ward, Samuel esq. 14. south Charlotte street 
Warden, James meal-dealer, West port 
Waidlaw, David writer, 1. Piccardy place 
Wardlaw, James grocer, Bow head 
Wardlaw, Thomas hosier, 4:3. North bridge 
Wardrope, Alexander banker, Caltonhill 
Wardrope, Dr Andrew 4. south Hanover street 
Wardrope, James surgeon, 4. south Hanover street 
Wardrope, John and Company, bankers, Royal Ex- 
Wardrope, John banker — house, 48. George street, 

north side 
Wardrope, Mrs St Patrick square 
Wardrope, Mrs Munro's close, Canongate 
Wardrope, Mrs 4. north Charlotte street 
Wardrope, Miss opposite the Archers' hall 
Warner, Mrs 7. south Union place 
Warreuder, Hugh esq. W. S. Castlehill 
Warrender, Miss back of Meadows 
Waters, John grocer, west end Rose street 
Waters, John cabinet-maker and stabler, Grassmarket 
Waters, William cabinet-maker, middle Pleasance 
Watson & Marshall, jewellers, silversmiths, and watch- 
makers, near the Cross 
Watson and Company, confectioners, 24. Nicolson 

Watson, Andrew esq. W. S. 50. George street, south 

Watson, Arch, piano forte-maker — house. Potter-row 
Watson, Archibald spirit-dealer, 5. Horse wynd 

WAT-— WAT 235 

Watson, Charles upholsterer, 8. Greenside street 
Watson, Daniel nailer, Abbey-hill 
Watson, David writer, 3. Canal street 
Watson, David spirit-dealer, foot New str. Canongate 
Watson, George portrait painter, 4. James' square 
Watson, George wool-merchant, 1 Piccardy place 
Watson, George grocer, 25. Thistle street 
Watson, George writer, Royal Exchange 
Watson, George boot and shoe maker, 8. east Rich- 
mond street 
Watson, Henry tanner, head of Pleasance 
Watson, Hugh esq. W. S. 14'. north Hanover street 
Watson, Captain James Chessels' court 
Watson, James mason, west Rose street 
Watson, John writer, 6. north bt David street 
Watson, John and Archibald, piano forte-makers, 20. 

South bridge 
Watson, John ditto — house, Carrubber's close 
Watson, John skinner, Canonmills 
Watson, John nailer. Abbey-hill 
Watson, John cabinet-maker, middle of Pleasance 
Watson, Samuel esq. solicitor, 14. north Hanover str, 
Watson, Thomas rush bottom chair-maker, Leith walk 
Watson, Thomas lath-sphtter. Main point 
Watson, Walter esq. 3. Charlotte square 
Watson, William Dickson merchant and insurance- 
broker, 9. Greenside place 
Watson, William farmer — -house, 2d stair above Car- 
negie street 
Watson, Mrs James 14. Hope street 
Watson, Mrs 45. mid Rose street 
Watson, Mrs 3. Bristo street 
Watson, Mrs 8. James' place 
Watson, Mrs VVardrope's court 
Watson, Miss Ramsay gardens 

236 WAT— WED 

Watt, Alexander grocer, above New street, Canongate 
Watt, Alexander of the General Post-o£&ce — house, 

Fleshmarket close 
Watt, Charles esq, 4. Shakspear square 
Watt, Henry painter, Alison square 
Watt, James bookbinder, Parliament square 
Watt, James smith, James' place 
Watt, John Wright, 52. Nicolson street 
Watt, John ivory turner, Netherbow 
Watt, John weaver, Water of Leith 
Watt, John tobacconist, Bristo street 
Watt, Robert builder, north James' street 
Watt, William farrier, James' place 
Watt, Miss dress-maker, 15. east Rose street 
Wauchope, George tobacconist, 2. Shakspear square 

— house, 8. ditto 
Wauchope, John esq. W. S. 29. Prince street 
Wauchope, John ivory turner, 18. South bridge- 
house, Crosscauseway 
Wauchope, Miss of Niddry, 45. George square 
Waugh, Wilham writer, Gavinloch's laud, Forrester's 

Waugh, Mrs 3. Young street 
Webb, Thomas broker, foot of Cowgate^ 
Webber, James teacher. West bow 
\\ ebster, Alexander wright, Chalmers' close 
Webster, David writer, 11. '. bistle street 
Webster, Muiigo stabler, west Register street 
Webster^ Mrs furnished lodgings, 15. east Kose street 
Websttrr, M'S Richmond place 
Webyer, Ueorge ditto, 17. Thistle street 
Weddell, James and Company, confectioners and gro- 
cers, head of North bridge 
Weddell, james confectioner and grocer, 33. Prince 

WED— WEM 237 

— ■ .J - -— . ' ; 

Wedderburn, James esq. advocate, 61. George street, 

south side 
Wedderburn, Mrs 4f. George square 
Wedderburn, iMiss 4. north James' street 
Wedderburn, Pviiss milliner, 5. Carnegie street 
Weir, Alexander preacher, Tolcross, i^othian road 
Weir, Andrew candlemaker, 1. Leith street, — house 

New street 
Weir, James merchant, King street 
Weir, John writer, 11. Windmill street 
Weir, I homas writer, 7. west Chapel street 
Weir, Walter portrait-painter, 19. James' square 
Weir, William 8. Charles' street 
Weir, WiUiam undertaker, Queen place 
Weir, Mrs 19. south Frederick street 
Weir, Mrs grocer, 29. Calton street 
Weir, Mrs Diumsheugh 
Weir, iVrs World's end close 
Weir, Mrs of Carss, 18. north Hanover street 
Welch, Archibald solicitor, mid entry James' court 
Welch, George 1. St Patrick square 
Welch, James 2d stair below Bank street 
Welch, Robert 8. Merchant street 
Wells, David slater, Cowgate 
Wells, John coach-hirer, bristo street 
WelUvood, Mrs 33. north Hanover street 
WemysF, Andrew manufacturer, Lauriston 
Wemyss, David tea and spirit dealer, Watergate 
Wemyss, David esq. W. S. 25. George street 
Wemyss, (Hon. Earl of) Lauriston 
Wemyss, O. H. esq. advocate, 12. Buccleuch place 
Wemyss, Robert Dean of Guild's office — house. 

Ward rope's court 
Wemyss, WiUiam baker, i-i. south. Hanover street 

238 WEM— WHI 

Wemyss, Mrs grocer, opposite Back stairs, Cowgate 

West, James painter, Broughton 

A' est, James leather-shop Netberhow 

West, IVfaior 50. George street, south side 

West, Morris secretary Custom-house, New street, 

West, S. iUi;tm hairdresser, and lodgings, 13. south St 

Andrew street 
Westgarth, Jo. of the Customs — house,- Stockbridge 
Weston, William spirit-dealer. West-bow 
W hillis, Thomas wright, Portsburgii 
White, Adam baker, 17. west 'histle street 
White, Alexander innkeeper, 8. Leith street 
White, D. and Company, merchant-tailors, 9. south 

St David street 
White, David cabinet-maker, S. Canal street 
Whit , David wright and builder, Richmond place 
White, David woollen-draper, 9- low i errace 
White, Dr 8. Charles' street 
White, George clothier, Lawnmarket — house, 8. east 

Richmond street 
Wbite, Gilbert tailor, 4. Leith street 
White, salmon-dealer, 1 ishmarket 
White, John painter, Miln's square 
Wliite, John writer, 9 Crichton street 
White, John candlemaker, 7. Greenside st. — house, 

50. Nicolson street 
White, John and Company, jewellers, 108. South 

White, John lapidary, Jack's close 
White, John late of the Lottery-office, — house, 45. 

Nicolson street 
White, Peter bookbinder, Campbell's close, Cowgate 
White, .Robert hatter, 67. "Nicolson street 

WHI— WIG 239 

White, rhomas clothier, Luckenbooths, — house, 39. 

Nicolsoa street 
White, Wilham spirit dealer. Potter-row 
White, William smith, Warnstoa's close 
Wiiite, Mrs iurnisht d lodgings, 4-. Kichmond place 
\^ hite, Mrs spirit-dealer, h.-ad of Cowgate 
White, Airs 15. 1 histle street 

V hite, Mrs milliner and drcss-maker, 8. North bridge 
Whit<-cross, Mrs 5. St Ann's street 
Whitehead, J spint-dealer, hit^h Calton 
Whitehead, homas ditto, middle of Pieasance 
Whiteliead, William mason, 3. Carnegie street 
Whitelaw and Kirk, brewers, head ut vVest-port 
Whitelaw, :'.J. stocking-maker, 23. Nicolson street 
Whitelaw, homas smith, Potter-row 
Wnyt, Bain esq W S. 50. South bridge 
Vi h)te, James esq. 21. York place 
Whyte, James merchant, 9 Shakspear square 
Whyte, Kobert pewterer, C'owgate head 
Wiiyte, William writer, 5. George street 
Whyte, William bookseller, i south St /\ndrew str. 
Whytei, . builder, Portsburgh 
Whytock, i^ichard haberdasher, 67. South bridge — 

house riviot row 
Wigham, John juiiior manufacturer, Lothian street 
Wight, Arch. esq. ol Ormiston, S irgeou square 
Wight, George upholsterer, 3. high Terrace 
Wight, Kobert Swedish consul, 3. Greenside street- 
counting house, foot Lei h walk 
Wight, Robert accountant, 3. Catherine street 
Wight, Robert of Byers, St John hill 
Wight, i homas shoemaker, high '. alcon 
Wight, William cutler, head Horse wyud 
Wight, tVIrs 3. Greenside street 

240 WIG— WIL 

Wight, Mrs Advocate's close 

Wiglit, Mrs 6. west Richmond street 

V/ight, Mrs Col. 7. Hill street 

Wightman, Lieut. Vennel, West port 

Wilkie, Alexander cabinet-maker, Greenside gardens 

Wilkie, David of .Mercury-office, Trotter's close 

Wilkie, James cliair-makcr, Windmill street 

Wilkie, P. coach-makfr, south back Canongate 

Wilkie, Robert builder, Paterson's court, Broughton 

Wilkie, William tailor, 1. James' square 

Wilkie, virs 30. north Castle street 

Wi'kie, Miss of Foulden, 22. George street, no. side 

Wiikieson, Mrs grocer, 7. east Rose street 

Wilkinson, ,A. gunsmith, 4. Greenside street, — house 

Baron Grant's close 
W^illiamson, Adam printer, old Fishmarket close 
Williamson, Alex, sheriff-officer, Presif'ent st.iirs 
Williamson, Alex, glass ware-house, 80 outh bridge 
Williamson, i;avid esq. advocate, Alison square 
WilHamson, David extractor, 11. south Castle street 
Williamson, David esq. 3. north James' street 
Williamson, (ieorge messenger, 'Parliament square 
WilHamson, James grocer, 33. Nicolson street 
WilHamson, James ditto, 16. north Hanover street 
Williamson, James writer. Post office stairs, Parliament 

Williamson, James esq. 4. George street 
WilHamson, James furnished lodgings, Simpson's 

court, Potter-row 
WilHamson, John wright and wood merchant, Rich= 

mond place 
Williamson, John grocer, 1. James' street 
Williamson, Joseph principal clerk of Teinds, IL 

south Castle st^reet 

WIL~.WIL 241 

Williamson, i amuel esq. 4. George street, south side 
W l.iamson, William poulterer, — house, Chalmers' 

Williamson, William writer, 34. west Rose street 
Williamson, Mrs innkeeper, Abbey-strand 
Williamson, Mrs Pirie's close, Canongate 
Wiliiamson, Mrs Capt. Newington 
Williamson, Mrs grocer, N-'therbovv 
Williamson, Mrs tea and spirit dealer. Potter-row 
Williamson, Miss 35. Queen street 
Willis, James wright, Lauriston 
Willis, John wnier, Uuiidas' street 
Willison and Company, porter and spirit dealerSj 

Willison, David printer, Craig's close 
Willison,' !%. confectioner, 6. north Richmond street 
W'llison, William plasterer, Potter-row 
Wilson and Graham, lathers, 8. w-cst Rose street 
Wilson, Adam extractor, St James' square 
Wilson, Adam session clerk. Advocate's close 
Wil on, Alexander builder, west end Canal street 
Wilson, Alexander hatter, 78. South bridge 
W'.lson, Andrew flesher — house, i anal street 
Wilson, Andrew engraver, i^orthwick's close 
Wilson, Andrew solicitor, Niddry street 
Wiison, Andr w and Company, brewers, head ox 

Wilson, Andrew merchant, I^awnmarket 
Wilson, Andrew spirit-dealer, Cowgate 
Wilson, Andrt'W smith, in the Mint 
Wilson, Audrey/ wright, 59. Nicolson street 
Wilson, Charles solicitor, Niddry street 
Wilson, David currier, Abbey-hill 
Wilson, U ivid music-teacher, Stevenlaw's close 
1807. - X 

242 WIL— WIL 

Wilson, Francis esq W. S. 74.. Prince street 
Wilsoi:, Gtorge writer, Writers' court 
"\\ilson, George spirit-dealer, head o*" St Mary wynd 
Wilson. James of Sheriff-clerk's-office, — house, Gos« 

ford'-s close 
Wilson, James heckle-maker, Crosscauseway 
Wilson, James tailor, head of Lavvnmarket 
Wilson, James grocer, L.awnmarket 
W^ilson, J .mes baker, King street 
Wilson, John butcher, 13. west Rose street 
Wilson, John wright and grocer, Canal street 
Wilson, John town-officer, Roxburgh close 
Wilson, John grocer, 1. east Register street 
Wilson, John baker, 28. Nicolson street 
Wilson, John ter.cher, 8 Leith street 
Wi'son, John furnished lodgings, ^5. York place 
Wilson, John grocer, Canal street 
Wilson, L. ditto, mid Rose street 
Wilson, Macdougal hairdresser, head of St Maiy 

Wikon Robert mason, Lauriston lane 
Wilson, Robert esq. accountant, i. north Charlotte 

^Vilson, 1- obert wright, 5. Carnegie street 
Wilson, Robert hat-maker, rdbooth wynd, Canon« 

Wilson, Robert cabinet-maker. Windmill street 
Wilson, Robert baker, 62. Nicolson street 
Wilson, Stanhope ttachi r of dancing, Alison square 
Wilson, 1 homas broker and auctioneer, near the CoU 

lege wynd, Cowgate 
Wilson, 'Bhomas tailor, 4. St Ann street 
Wilson, Thomas writer, old Assembly close 
\^ ilson, Thomas grocer, Crosscausevvay 
Wilson, Vv ihiam smith, foot of Chalmers' close 


\\ ilson, William teacher, Gray's court 
Wilson, William Rae writer, 26. south Castle street 
^^ ilson, William esq. W. S. 71. Prince street 
Wilson, William gariiener, Stockbridge 
Wilson, William plasterer, S. west Rose street- 
Wilson, William baker, east Richmond street 
Wilson, William and H. smiths, Greenside gardens 
Wilson, Leitch and Company, tailors and clothiers to 

the Duke of York, 16. Prince street 
Wilson, Mrs furnished lodgings, 7. Shakspear square 
Wilson, Mrs Gilmour place 
Wilson, Mrs milliner, back of Fountainwell 
Wilson, Mrs 53. Queen street 
Wilson, Mrs furnished lodgings, 1. Charles' street- 
Wilson, Mrs ditto, 7. east Richmond street 
Wilson, Mrs (. lerk's hand, Bristo street 
Wilson, Mrs broker, foot of Cowgate 
Wilson, Mrs C. 16. south Frederick street 
Wilson, Mrs midwife, Tolbooth wynd, Canongatc 
Wilson, IVlrs head of Cowgate 
Wilson, Mrs straw-hat manufacturer, 5. Lothian 

Wilson, Mrs 3. Buccleuch street 
Wilson, Mrs Major 19. Queen street 
Wilson, Miss J. mantuamaker, and keeper of the Re» 

pository, 59. South bridge 
Wilson, Miss 5. south Frederick street 
Wilson, Miss 2. Carnegie street 
Winks, James lather, west end Rose street 
Wint, H. T esq. M. D. 10. Dublin street 
Winton, George builder, 11. Duke street 
Wise, Alex, grocer, 3. south Castle street 
Wiseman, David upholsterer, Leith wynd 
Wishart, Capt. 1. Bristo street 
1807. X 2 

244, WIS— WRI 

Wishart, Brigade Major, 3. Bristo street 
Wisiuirt, J. surgeon, ,5. Nicolson square 
Wishart, Patrick esq. W. b. 5. Nicolson square 
Wishart, Mrs '29. George street, south side 
Wood, Andrew surgeon. 9. south Hanover street 
W^ood, Andrew musical instrument maker, 8. Leith 

*Wood, George surgeon, 6. St Andrew square 
Wood, James furnished lodgings, west end Rose 

W'ood, John esq. of the Excise, 92. Prince street 
Wood, John esq. solicitor, 10. south Charlotte 

Wood, Thomas surgeon, Piccardy place 
Wood, Vv'illiam surgeon, 9. south Hanover street 
Wood, Mrs ] 1 . i eith street 
Wood, Mro 5. Buccleuch street 
Wood, Mrs Cowgate head 
Woods, Miss 2 Broughton place 
Woocburn, Vv m. wright, Murdoch's close, High 

Woodhouselee, Lord 65. Prince street 
Woolforc, J. landscape-painter, 2. Terrace 
Wordsworth, Samuel repositoiy for the sale of horses, 

&c. Nottingham place 
W^otherspoon, Miss 10. Buccleuch place 
Wriglit, Alex, seed and nurseryman, 11. soutli Union 

Wught, David baker, 6. west Chapel street 
Wright, David tailor, Craig's close 
W^right, Francis spirit-dealer, Netherbow ' 
Wright, James pewterer, 'v\'est-bow 
Wright, James cartvvright, Castle wynd 
Wright, John esq. advocate, new Assembly close 

WRI— YAT 245 

Wright, John gardener, Watergate 

Wright, John builder, West end Rose street 

Wright, John clothier, High street 

Wright, John grocer, opposite the Canongate church. 

Wright, John writer, Weir's land, Toddrick wynd 

Wright, John letter carrier General Post-office, 2. Lo= 

thian street 
Wright, John at the distillery, Quarry holes 
Wright, Malcolm of the Bulker's office Leith, — ho, 

Baxter's buildings, Leith walk 
Wright, Robert architect, 7. south Charlotte street 
Wright, Thomas Guthrie esq. W. S. 2. north James' 

Wright, Thomas plasterer at the Dean 
Wright, Dr William 19. north Hanover street 
Wright, William n>erchant-tailor, 1 9. east Rose street 
Wright, Mrs 2. north St James' street 
Wright; Mrs milliner, Trotter's close, West-bow 
Wright, Mrs confectioner, 2. Greenside street 
Wright, Mrs Alexander's land, Bristo street 
Wright, Mrs 4. James* street 
Wright, Miss teacher, west entry James' court 
Wyber, John ditto, foot of West-bow 
Wyld, Thomas merchant, Cowgate head 
Wylie, Alex. esq. Northumberland street 
Wylie, Henry Johnston writer, ditto 
Wylie, James esq. W. S. 1. north James' street- , 

JL AXES, M. and Company, dress-makers and milH- 
ners, 20. Prince street 
1807. S3 

246 YEA— YOU 

Ycaman, George riding-master, Campbell's close, Ca- 

Yetts, Fletcher overseer of public wells, and keeper of 

the fire-engines, at the Reservoir, Castlehill 
Yellowlees, John painter, Trotter's close, Bow head 
Young and Himter, hatters, 3. North bridge 
Young, Alexander esq. W. S. 48. Queen street 
Young, Andrew wright, baron Grant's close 
Young, Arciiibald cutler, head of Leith wynd 
Young, David wright, high Calton 
Young, Edward esq. solicitor, 5. Merchant street 
Young, George accountant of Excise, Caltonhill 
Young, George spirit-dealer, south Hanover street' 
Young, George spirit-dealer, 9. south Frederick street 
Young, Henry vintner, Wright's houses 
Young, John furnished lodgings, Hamilton's entr)', 

Bristo street ' 
Young, Joseph coach-maker, 5. St Aan street 
Young, John architect, 7. George street 
Vouug, John esq. solicitor, and agent for the PhcEnix 

fire-office, 82. South bridge 
Young, John poulterer, Candlemaker row 
Young, John farrier, foot of Leith wynd 
Young, John esq. W. S. 19. south Castle street 
foung, John bookbinder, Castlehill 
Young, Michael painter, back of Exchange 
Young, Richard brewer, Covvgate "• 

I'oung, Robert esq. merchant, 78. Queen street 
Young, Robei-t esq. 12. south Frederick street 
Young, Robert writer, 2. Merchant street 
Young, Robert umbrella and staymaker, 55' Prince 

Young, Robert of the General Post-office, St Patrick 

Young, Robert furnished lodgings, 8. ^anover street 

YOU-— YUL 24T 

Young, Roger shoemaker, 8. west Rose street 
Young, ! lion:ias smith, 3. east Richmond street 
Young, Thomas grocer, north Richmond street 
Young, Thomas writer, St Patrick square 
Young, WiUiam of the General Post-office, 17. Green- 

side street 
Young, William cork-manufacturer, Mealmarket 
Young, William wright, 79. Nicolson street 
Young, William and Company, cotton manufacturers, 

1. Shakspear square — house, 2. King street 
Young, WiUiam writer, Dunbar'3 close 
Young, Mrs midwife, Libberton wynd 
Young, Mrs Andrew 4-. Richmond place 
Young, Mrs 5. Elder street 
Young, Mrs of Netherfield, 47. George street, north 

Young, Mrs foot of West bow 
Young, Miss 1 1 . south Castle street 
Young, Miss 4. north James' street 
Younger and Somerville, brewers, head of north back 

of Canongate 
Younger, Alexander spirit-dealer, opposite Chessels' 

court, Canongate 
Younger, Alexander merchant-tailor, west Register 

Younger, A. C. esq. New street, Canongate 
YoHuger, John tailor, 2. mid Rose street 
Younger, WiUiam brewer. Horse wynd, Canongate 
Youngson, Alexander esq. W. S. 1. east Register St. 
Yule, Dr 88. Nicolson street 
Yule, George writer, Fowlis' close, High street 
Yule, George merchant — house, head of West bow 
Yule, John baker, head of Chalmers' close 
Yule, John ditto. Chapel street 

248 YUL— ZUI 

Yule, Joseph hairdresser, Blackfriars wynd 
Yule, William baker, head of West bow 


^EiGLER, Alexander jeweller, Alison square 

Zeigler, Jo. jeweller, 12. Crichton street 

Zail, John grocer, head of Gentle's close, Canongate 


Ferguson, William linen-draper, 22. North bridge— j 
house. Windmill lane ' 

Jay, John and Company, merchants, Duke street 
Low, John writer, foot Young street, Canongate 
Ormiston, William teacher, Bristo street 
Simpson, Mrs furnished lodgings, 18. mid Rose street 


C :\?>*' (7nat^A 


S ^/7jTrt^ 



L E I T H 


■ A 

-i^i DAMSON, Mrs furnished lodgings, Cooper street 

A I'e, John hook-maker, St Giles' street 

i"iiBeck, Robert grocer, Shoi. 

Aiaslies, Messrs J, and W, nerchants, Constitution 

Aitchison, Rev. Thomas KirKgate 
Aitken, John wood-raerchant, back Assembly halj 
Aitken, Robert shQi^maker, on the Shore 
Aitken, Thomas vintuer, foot of Shirra brae 
Alexander, Captain Giles' street 
Alexander, James merchant, Kirkgate* 
Alexander, Robert watchmaker, Shore 
Alexander, Thomas cooper, Tod-hole close 
Alexander, William Morton street 
Alexander, Mrs toy-shop, Kirkgate 
Alison, Alexander merchant, Bernard street 
Alison, Andrew and Son, rope and sail makers, oppo- 
' site the Glasshouse 

250 ALI— AND 

Alison, James and Company, vinetrar manufacturers, 

King's buildings, LHth walk 
Alison, James corn-merchant, Constitution street 
Alison, Mrs furnished lodgings, Shore 
Allan, Andrew and Alexander, spirit-merchants. Shir- 

ra brae 
Allan, David collector of Excise — house, Morton's 

entr)', Kirkgate 
Allan, Nicol merchant, Constitution lane, Middlefield 
Allan, William merchant. Quality street — house, Cas= 

silis' place, Leith walk 
Allan, Mrs furnished lodgings, Fife place 
Allardice, A. books^'Uer, opposite Custom-house 
Alston, Hugh agent — house, Middlefield 
Amos, John slater, Shore 
Anderson, Charles surgeon, Quality street 
Anderson, Charles letter-carrier, Bernard street 
Anderson, George builder. Constitution street 
Anderson, James cooper, ditto 
Anderson, James wholesale merchant. Constitution 

lane — house, Summerfield 
Anderson, Captain John Old bridge 
Anderson, J. shoe warehouse, Tollsooth wynd 
Anderson, J. vintner, Fleshmarket 
Anderson, John founder, Leith walk 
Anderson, Peter stage-coach office, New Quay — live-* 

ry-stables, Charlotte street 
Anderson, Peter vintner, Ferry boat stairs 
Anderson^ Dr Thomas Quality street 
Anderson, Walker merchant, Quality street 
Anderson, William grocer, St Andrew street 
Anderson, Mrs furnished lodgings, Kirkgate 
Anderson, Mrs opposite British linen office 
Anderson, Mrs King place, Leith walk 
Anderson, Mrs vintner, Shore 

AND—BEL 251 

1* ' ' 

Andrew, vv illiam hairdresser, Kirkgate 
Archibald, Miss grocer, St Ann street 
Arclay, James king''s weigher, Bernard street 
Arclay, John hairdresser, ' t Andrew street 
Arnot, George merchant, Bush 
Aniot, Peter ditto, Broad wynd 


JljAiN, John teacher, High school, — house Kirkgate 

Bam, John merchant, Laurie street 

Baldwin, John shipmaster, W. Waters' close 

Baleny, Wni, merchant, Yard heads 

Balfour, Gourlay ship-chandler, north Leith 

Ballingal, John shipmaster. Cooper street 

Eallingal, Capt. William Cooper street 

Baimain, A. mason, Giles' street 

Band, Henry, corn-merchant, King street 

Bannerman, James wine-merchant, Links 

Barker, Thomas merchant, Kirkgate 

Barr, Charles, shipmaBter, Cooper street 

Barr, Roderick shipmaster, Old bridge 

Bayne, Robert grocer, New quay 

Beadie, John corn-merchant, Shirra-brae 

3eck, Kerr and Company, wholesale merchants. Bush 

Begbie, vV. and A. plumbers, foot of Leith walk 

Begne, Alex, merchant, Bonnington 

Bells and Mansfield, wine-merchants. Quality street 

Bell, James coppersmith, foot of Waters' close 

Bell, James manager of British linen Company, north 

Bell, James esq. Williamfield, —counting house Shore 
Bell, Josias turner, St Andrew street 

252 BEN—BRO 

Eennet, Alexander \nntner, Broad wynd 

Bennet, Alexander cabinet-maker, St Andrew street 

Beiinet, /^ilt-xander joiner, St Giles' street 

Eennet, P.obert ship.master. Cooper street 

B'-Triard, D. brewer, Leith distillery 

Btrrtram, J. G and W. wine-merchants, Charlotte st. 

Berwick, Old Shipping Company's office, Burges' cl. 

Berwick, Union Shipyping Company's office. Shore 

Bett, David merchant, — house Albany street 

Bews, William vintner, Gil' s' street 

Eieth, ti obert baker, Kiikgate 

Bilby, Jonathan agent, foot of Leith walk 

Binny, Wm. flesher, Liddle's close 

Bishop, Tiiomas shipmaster, Cooper street 

Bisset, Adam merchant, Cotefield lane 

Elttck and Linn, agents Old Shipping Company's 

Black, James tobacconist, Shore 
Biack, John sRip agent Constitution lane 
Elackie, \\ alter cooper, Bush, — house St Andrew St. 
Blackwood, John shipmaster, St Giles' street 
BlytL, James shipm.asttr, Meetirg-house green 
Blyth, Jobn cooper, Kirkgate 
Biyth, Stephen shoe warehouse, New quay 
Bonn-, Mrs Fife place 
Boston, Walter teacher. Horse wynd 
Boswell, Geo tailor, Tolnooth wynd 
Bowman, Alex, vintner, Signal tower 
Boyd, John shipmaster, north Leith 
Boyd, Wm. timber-merchant, Sawmills 
B'adberry, Mrs vintner. Shore 
Bradfute, John merchant, Cassilis place, Leith v/alk,— 

counting house, Quahty street 
Brash, David grocer, St Andrew street 
Broadfoot, John merchant, Quality street 

BRO— BUR 253 

Brodie, Alex, corn-merchant, Bush 

Brodie, A. iuiiior, ditto, Baltic street 

Brodid, Capt. Joseph Old bridge 

Brodie, Lewis vvrighc, L.eith walk 

Brotherston, James, teller, Leith Banlc, — house 5. 

south Hanover street, Edinburgh 
Brown and Wyld, spirit-dealers, Kirkgate 
Bro\vi>, Miller & Company, wine-merchants, Cotefield 

Brown, Edward merchant, Old bridge 
r>rown, George town-officer, New quay 
Brown, George baker. Citadel 
Brown, George shipmaater; Giles' street 
Erown, James teacher, Tolbooth v.'ynd 
Brown, John shipmaster, Queen street 
Brown, Jo. clothier, north Leith 
Brown, John smith, foot of Leith walk 
Brown, Kobert shipmaster, Tolbooth wynd 
Brown, Robert, ditto, St Andrew street 
Brown, Robert merchant. Bush 
Brown, Wm. gardener, Bowershall 
Erown, Wm. tobacconist, Tolbooth wynd 
Bruce, Walter grocer, ditto, 
Bruce and Sons, wrights. Constitution street 
Bruce, Major James of naval yard, — house, foot of 

Leith walk, counting house Elbe street 
Bruce, Robert shipmaster, Shirra brae 
Brunton, Robert, carron warehouse, Tolbooth wynd, 
Brunton, merchant, Charlotte street 
Buie, George ale and spirit dealer, St Andrew street 
Buie, James ditto, Fleshmarket 
Bullock, A. shoemaker. Broad wynd 
Burl, John shipmaster, Giles' street 
Burnet, Alexander baker, Tolbooth wynd 
Burnet, Mrs furnished lodgings, Citadel 
1807. Y 

254 BUR—CHA 

Rurrel, James tailor, Kirkgate 

Butler, James shipmaster, Tolbooth wynd 

"C^'AtRNs, James vintner, Waddel's land, Sliore 
Cairns, Mrs mantuamaker, Kirkgate 
Calder, Charles hatter, Leith walk 
CalJer, John grocer, New quay 
Calder, Thomas shipmaster, Liddei's close 
Caldervvood, John vintner, Queen street 
Calvert, F. porter storehouse. Bush ^ 

Cameron, James vintner, Golf house, Links ' 

Cameron, Leonard cooper, St Andrew street 
Cameron, Murdoch grocer, foot of Queen street 
Campbell, Henry grocer, Cooper street 
Campbell, James shipm.aster, St Andrew street 
Campbell, John agent and merchant, St Andrew str, 
Campbell, William vintner, CoaUiill 
Campbell, William shoemaker, foot of Leith walk 
Canivet, Charles vintner, north Leith 
Carfrae, Thomas grocer, north end Draw bridge 
'Carse, Duncan hairdresser, Sheephead wynd 
Cassills, Scougal, and Co. merchants, St John place 
Cassills, And. merchant, Cassills' place, Leith walk 
Cassills, Robert merchant — house, Cassilk' place, Lei^ 

walk ' 

Cassills, Walter merchant, St John place 
Cathcart and Henderson, merchants, St Andrew str. 
Chalmers, William shipmaster. Citadel 
Chalmers, William tailor, Tolbooth- wynd 
Charteris, John shipmaster, Queen street 
Charteris, Miss miUiner, Kirkgate 

CHE— COS , 255 

Clieape, Captain Albany street 

Chc'yne, John surgeon, north Leitli — 'laboratory, Pipes 

Chisholme, Thomas vintner, Fleshmarket 

Christie, Alexander ironmonger, Shore 

Cliiistie, S. and 11 slaters, Tolbooth wynd 

Christie, William wharfinger, Shore 

Claistie, William grocer, Green tree 

Clapperton, James carron and ironmongery warehoase, 

Tolbooth wynd 
Clark, Robert merchant, Bush 
Cleghora ar.J Scales, bakers, Tolbot th wynd 
Clegiiorn, Archibald corn-merchant, north Leith 
Cleghorn, Mrs Alexander furnished lodgings, ditlo 
Cierk, James tailor, Kirkjate 
Clerk, John pipe-maker, Yard heads 
CIcugh, Alexander meal-dealer. Green tree 
Clyne, John shipmaster, Giles' street 
Cockburn, Robert and John wine-merchants, Consti- 
tution lane 
Coke, William bookseller and stationer, corner Ber- 
nard street 
Coldstream and Carstairs, merchants. Bush - • 

Colquhoun, David stone-warehouse — house St An- 
drew street 
Colquhoun, Uev. John Constitution street 
Comb, James and Company, coopers, Kirkgate 
Comb, Matthew junior brewer, Yard heads 
Comb, Matthew brewer, Kirkgate 
Conncl, James agent, Constitution street 
Constable, Thomas baker, Tolbooth wynd 
Cooper, Richard grocer, north Leith 
Corbett, Borthwick, and Company, wood-merchants, 

Leith mills 
Corrie, Andrew publican, foot of Walk 
Cossar, Simon club-maker, ditto 
1S07. Y2 

256 COU~CUR 

Cousin, Robert merchant, Kirl- gate 

Cowan, C. and Co. wholesale dealers, Tolbooth wynd 

Cowan, Mrs vintner, Newcastle arms, Shore 

Craig, David vintner, north Leith 

Craigie, David shoemaker, ditto 

Craigie, W. T. merchant, Shirra brae 

Craigie, Mrs midwife, Leith walk 

Craw, John coach-hirer, Charlotte street 

Crawford, Archibald wine-merchant — house, foot of 

Leith walk 
Crawford, Phihp slater. Old bridge 
Crawford, W. and J. ironmongers, Baltic street 
Cree, M. milliner, Kirkgate 
Creer, J. teacher, Annfidd 
Crockat, J. slater. Brickfield 
Crockat, Peter ditto, ditto 
Crichton, Ah xander shipmaster, Shore 
Crow and Wood, v,'hoL'sale merchants, Charlotte str. 
Cuming, David shipmaster, north Leith 
Cuming, James shipmaster. Shore 
Cuming, John ditto, ditto 
Cuming, William vintner, Bernard street 
Cundel, John brewer, Shirra brae 
Cundel, William junior, Leith candle Company-ofTicc, 

Giles' street 
Cundel, William cashier Leith Bank office — house, 

St James' place, Links 
Cunningham, James esq. Bonnington mills 
Cunningham, John weaver, north Leith 
Cunningham, Ninian ditto, ditto 
Cunningham, William spirit-dealer, Shore 
Currie, John c'audlemaker, Rjtten row 
Currie, Captain John T. Royal George Excise yacht 

— house, foot of Burgess' close 
Currie, Mrs vintner, Coalhiii 

CUR— Die 257 

Cunie, Miss, Ffankfr--ld by Brickfield 
Cuthbertson, John merchant, Broad wynd 
Cuthbertson, Rev. Robert foot of Leith walk 

JLi/ALLAS, Robert hairdresser, Coalhill 

Danish Consul's office, Constitution street 

Darg, Robert fanier, Weir's close, Kirkgate 

Darnie, James tailor, Coalhill 

Davidson, James shipmaster, Kirkgate 

Davidson, John ship-chandler, Shore — house, Thom- 
son's buildings 

Davidson, Lieut. Constitution street 

Dennat, Charles vintner, Bernard street 

Denoon, Daniel shipmaster, ditto 

Denovan, J. F. council-chamber 

Deperaux, M. French teacher, Yard heads 

Dewar and Lcdingham, merchants, Bush 

Dewar, Duncan vintner, St Ann street 

Dick and Chalmers, spirit-dealeis, Horse wynd 

Dick, Wiiiiam shipmaster. Cooper street 

Dickman, John watchmaker, corner Bernard street 

Dickson, George tailor, New quay 

Dickson, Henry tailor, north Leith 

Dickson, James senior insurance-broker, and agent for 
the Glasgow Fire-office, New wharf, n. Leith 

Dickson, James junior. Black's new land, Shore 

Dickson, John plumber, north Leith 

Dickson, John vintner, Giles' street 

Dickson, John and William, rope-makers,. W. Waters* 

Dickson, Rev. Dr Robert, Bernard street 

J807. y 3 

258 DOI—ELD 

Doig, Andrew vintner, Bath street 

Dorrs, Mrs butcher. Vaults 

Douglas, H. W. and R. wholesale merchants, Elbe 

Douglas, Strachan, and Gavin, minufacturers of an- 
chors and iron-work for shipping, west end of 
north Leith toll-bar 

Douglas, William wine-merchant. Quality street 

Dow, Anthony B. Iw. office — house, King's buildings, 
Lc'th walk 

Dryburgh, Mrs vintner, Queen street 

Diyden, John blockmaker. Bush 

Dudgeon, John and Robert, corn-merchants, Bernard 

Dudgeon, John merchant, St John place 

Dudgeon, Robert merchant — house, Charlotte street 

Duguid, Mrs vintner, Newhaven 

Duncan, Alexander vintner, St Andrew street 

Duncan, Henry baker, north Lfith 

Duncan, James shipmaster, St Bernard street 

Duncan, James insurance-broker, Quality street 

Duncan, Joseph gardener, Fife place 

Duncan, S. shipmaster, Cooper street 

Dunlop and Hay, grocers, Kirkgate 

Dune, John agent. Rotten-row 


JIliDiSBURGH and Leith Shipping Company's office, 
Draw bridge 

Eggo, John grocer, Kirkgate 

Elder, Archibald and Company, wine-merchants, Con- 
stitution street 

ELD—FIS 259 

Elder and Deas, agents, Cliarlotte street 
Elder, Captain Charles, foot Leith walk 
Elder, George muslin manufacturer, Pipes 
Elder, William merchant ditto 
Elliot, John shoemaker, Giles' street 
Ellis, Mrs vintner, Old bridge 
Elphinston, George linen-draper, Shore 
Erskine, Do of Cardross, Denham greea 


Jr AiRLEY, Robert furnished lodgings, Bror.d wynd 
Falconar, Robert vintner, St Andrew street 
Farqahar, James vintner, Shore 

Farquhar, Peter in the Bank-office — house. Carpet lane 
Farquharson, J. esq. of Inverary, Fife place 
Farquharson, Thomas merchant, Kirkgate 
Feild, George hairdresser, north Leith 
Fenwick, Captain Cherry-brae, Newhaven 
Fen wick, Ebenezer Custom-house officer, Kirkgate 
Ferguson, R. vintner. Shore 
Ferrier, Mrs Fife place, Leith walk 
Fife, George coppersmith, Queen street 
Fife, George merchant, Fife place, Leith walk 
Fife, James landwaiter, Bonnington toll 
Fife, John grocer, Kirkgate 
Fife, I^ady Hermitage, Links 
Finlay, James ship-chandler, Shore 
Finlay, Mrs vintner, ditto 

Finlayson and Robertson, coopers, Elbe street ' ' 
Finlayson, Murdoch Inverness tap-room, Pipes 
Finlayson, Thomas corn-merchant, bhore 
Fisher, James merchant, Bernard street 

260 FOG— GIB 

Foggo, David teacher, Tolbooth wynd 

Foggo, John teacher and session-clerk of south Leith» 

Forbes, C. haberdasher, Tolbooth wynd 
Forrat, Thomas baker, Newhaven 
Fortune and Wilson, merchants. Broad wynd 
Fothringham, William shoemaker, Kirkgate 
Fowler, Th<3mas grocer, Annfield 
France, William spirit-dealer, St Andrew street 
Fraser, William tailor, Bonnington toll 
French, Adam wine-merchant, Queen street 
Freebairn, Charles merchant, Cassills' place 


iC^TAtLOWAv, John architect, Giles' street 
Galloway, John shipmaster, Hope street 
Gardner and Co. tea merchants, north Leith 
Gavine, Duncan resident manager, Leith bottle-house 
Gavine, Peter shipmaster, north Leith 
Gavine, Wm. ditto, Sim's court 
Ged, Richard cooper. Queen street 
Geddes, A. resident manager, Edinburgh glass-house 
Gerrard, Mrs vintner, north Leith 
Gerrj, Wm. ditto, Shore 
Gib, Wm. boot and shoe warehouse, Kirkgate 
Gibson, George junior, insurance-broker and general 
agent, Bernard's street, — house Cotefield lane 
Gibson, George senior merchant, Quality street 
Gibson, Gilbert esq. of Glencroish, corner of Eon«> 

nington road, Leith walk 
Gibson, John tailor, Kirkgate 
Gibson, Robert £tocking-mak?r, Leith walk 

GIB— GRA 261 

Gibson, Win. painter, Tolbooth wynd 

Gi'diriht, John land-waiter, north Leith ■ 

Giles, Gilbert grocer, Giles' street 

Giles, Wm. brewer. Factory wynd 

Gillespie, George merchant, Tolbooth wynd 

Gillespie, Wm. shoremaster, north Leith 

Gillies, Alex, pilot, Newhaven 

Gladstanes, Thomas and Son, merchants, Coal-hill 

Glasgow, John grocer, St Andrew street 

Glasgow, Mrs gi-ocer, Kirkgate 

Glashan, John merchant, Bernard street 

Giefi and Walker, wholesale spirit merchants, Timber 

Glendinning, John \intner, New quay 
Gloag, Robert shipmaster, Giles' street 
Glover, Jsrces glazier, Tolbooth wynd 
Glover, John wright, Queen street 
Glover, Wm. cooper, Lawrie street 
Glover, Mrs furnished lodgings, Kirkgate 
Goddart, William and Company, insurance-brokers^ 

agents, and merchants, John''s place 
G oldie, John tailor. Old bridge 
Goodale, James innkeeper, Cooper's street 
Goodlet, Alex, land-v/aiter, John's place 
Goodlet, [ohn Leith candle company office, James plasterer, Kirkgate 
Gordon, Alex, shipmaster. Broad wynd 
Gordon, John shipmaster, .^irn's court 
Gordon, Jo. flax-dresser, St Andrew street 
Gourlay, Capt. D. shipmaster. Mill's land, Shore 
Gov/ans, W. and A. wood-merchants, foot Leith walk 
Gowans, Mrs vintner, north Leith 
.Graham, Robert shipmaster, ditto 
Grant, Duncan ditto, ."jhore 
Grant, John mcrchaur, Shore 

262 GRA— HAM 

Grant, John cooper, St Andrew street 

Grant, Mrs grocer, Kirkgate 

Gray, Alex, vintner, Coal-hill 

Gray, Alex, grocer. New quay 

Gray, John Excise-officer, Yard-Iieads. 

Gray, William shipmaster. Cooper's street 

Greig, D. ditto, New quay 

Greig, George cooper, Pipes 

Greig, John shipmaster, Giles' street 

Grierson, Gilbert, corn-merchant, Jdhn place 

Grieve, Robert -ship-chandler,, Shore, — housc, Jamea* 

Grieve, Robert grocer, Cooper's street 
Grieve, Walter uierchant, Tolbooth wynd 
Grindlay, Richard corn-merchant, Yard heads 
Grindlay, WiiHam auctioneer. Pipes 
Grindlay, Thomas master of Trinity house, foot cj 

Leith walk 
Grindlay, Mrs Yard-heads 


JjLACKNEY, John smith. Burgess' close- 

Hadawsy, Patrick brewer, Yard-heads 

Haggart, Henry wine-merchant, Quality street, — ho. 

north Leith 
Haig, John esq. Leith distillery, Bonnington 
Hall, Archibald barber, Shore 
Hall, James merchant, Kirkgate 
Hall, Joseph shipmaster, north Leith 
Hall, William ditto, Sheephead v/ynd 
Hamilton, D. tailor, New quay 
Hamilton, William wright.. Shirra-brae 

HAM—HEW 263 

Hamilton, William gardener and spirit dealer, above 

Hamilton, Mrs Jessfteld 
Hardie and Company, merchants, Bush 
Hardie, George baker, Tolbooth wynd 
Hardie, Peter porter-dealer, Pipes 
Hardie, Thomas vintner, New quay- 
Harper, Thomas candlemaker, St Andrew street 
Harper, Mrs meal-dealer, ditto 
Hart, Thomas corn-merchant, Shirra-brae, — housej 

Constitution street 
Hart, Mrs furnished lodgings, Lawrie street 
Hay, Charles shipmaster. Constitution street 
Hay, Capt. John Links 
Hav, John agent, W. Waters' close 
Hay, Mrs Col. Bathfield 
Hedderwick, Peter boat-builder, north Leith 
'Henderson and Son, flax-merchants. Cable wynd,-»» 

house Bernard street 
Henderson, Alexander smith, St Andrew street 
Henderson, Daniel linen-draper, New quay 
Henderson, John shoemaker, north Leith 
Henderson, John Staffordshire and crystal warehouse^ 

Tolbooth wynd 
Henderson, Robert shipmaster, old sugar-house close, 

Tolbooth wynd 
Henderson, Thomas and Company, soap-manufactu- 
rers, Giles' street 
Henderson, Wm. of the Edinburgh Glass-house, Elbe 

Henderson, William vintner, north Leith 
Henderson, Mrs ditto, Old bridge 
Hepburn, George merchant, Baltic street 
Hewatt, James baker, coal-hill 
Hill> Alexander shipbuilder, Shirra-brao 

264 HIL— IRE 

Hodge, Lieut. R. N. Cooper's street 
Hodge, Peter merchant, Baltic street 
HodiTe, Mrs vintner, Old bridge 
Home, George Danish consul, Constitution street 
Home, George candlemaker, Tolbooth vvynd 
Hossie, Mrs furnished lodgings. Broad wynd 
Howden, Alexander corn-mere haiit, Constitution str. 
Howston, Alexander spirit-dealer, Ruttenrovv 
Howston, Alexander livery stables, Charlotte street 
Howston, Mrs furnished lodgings, Kirkgate 
Hull shipping Company's ofEce, Ntw quay 
Hume, I), marble -cutter, foot of Leith walk 
Hunter, John grocer, north Leith 
Hunter, William esq. Annfield 
Huntly, Charles broker. Pipes 
Hutchison, A. shoemaker, Tolbooth wynd 
Hutchison, John cloth-merchant, Shore 
Hutchison, T. wood-merchant, Bush — house, St Ber- 
nard street 
Hutton and Lind, merchant-tailors, Tolbooth wynd 
Hutton, William tailor. Shore 
Hutton, William shipmaster, north Leith 
Hutton, Mrs rope and ssil maker, Charlotte street 

JLngram, Alexander teacher of mathematies. Consti- 
tution street 

Innes, William mill-wright, Cotefield lane 

Innes, Mrs foot of Leith walk 

Inverarity, James merchant — counting-house Constitu- 
tion street 

Ireland, Rev. W. F. Catherine bank 

IRV—KEM 265 

Irvine, James corn-agent, Shore 
Irvine, Magnus vintner, Coal-hill 
Irvine, Capt. 1 homas Cooper street 

cl/ AFFERS, George innkeeper. Coal-hill 

Jamieson, J. and R. merchants, Timber bush 

Jamieson, Robert hosier, Leith walk 

Jamieson, T. and Lawrence, soapmakers, Shirra-brae 

Jardine, James Excise-officer, Elbe street 

Jay, John and Company, merchants, Elbe str. Links 

Johnston & Wight', timber-merchants, foot Leith walk 

Johnston, Rev. Dr north Leith 

Johnston, H. accountant in the Bank, — ho. Cooper st« 

Johnston, Henry perfumer. Shore 

Johnston, John baker, Rottenrow — house Yard heads 

Johnston, Moses shipmaster. New ouay 

Jones, Jame« rope maker, Kirkgate 

jE^ay, John wharfinger, Bush 
Keir, William baker, foot of Leith walk 
Keith, William vintner, Newhaven 
Kelly and Thomson, merchants, St Bernard street 
Kelly, James spirit-dealer, Giles' street 
Kelly, John solicitor, ditto 

Kelly, Jo. merchant, — house Constitution street 
Kelly, John shipmaster, Tolbooth wynd 
Kenr.p, Alexander vintner, Shore 
1807. Z 

"26^ KEM— LAW 

Kerrp, RuLert aoapraaker, Yard-heads 

Kerr, James esq. rrianager Leith bank — house Queen 

street^ Edinburgh 
Kerr, John fruit-merchant, Cooper street 
Kerr, William postmaster, Constitution street 
»Kerr, William wholesale merchant, St Bernard street 
Kinghorn, Hugh mason, north Leith 
Kid, David cooper, Giles' street 
Kirk, fnrnished lodgings, Rottenrow 
Kirkj Robert shipmaster, north Leith 
Kirk, Wm. and Co. spirit-dealers, Leith walk 
Knic-ht, Miss teacher, Cotefield lane 
Kyle, James shoemaker, St Andrew street 


JLiAiDLAW, John grocer, New quay 
Laidlaw, John builder, Leith walk 
Laing and Currie, candlemakers, Rottenrow 
Laing, George wright, Kirkgate 
Laing, William baker, Queen street 
Laii'd, Anthony cooper, Lang-gate side 
Lamb, Alexander N. solicitor, Shore 
Lamb, Francis shoemaker, Kirkgate 
Lamb, John wright. Yard-heads 
Lamb, Peter wright, Kirkgate 
Lambert, David baker, Yard-heads 
Lang, Mrs slater. Old bridge 
Law, A. tinsmith, ditto 

Law, Hugh and Son, wrights, Constitution lane 
Lawrie, Alexander writer, Leith walk 
Lawrie, Alexander bookseller, Shore 
Lawrie, Alexander candlemaker, Tolbooth wynd 

LAW— -LUM . 267 

Lawrie, jolin shipmaster, Old bridge 

Lawrie, Robert hairdresser, Shore 

Lawrie, Robert surveyor of Excise, head. Kirkgate 

Lawson, James baker, Kirkgate 

L,a\vson, WilHam ditto, ditto 

Lawton, Edward esq. Fife place 

Learmonth, Mrs vintner, Newhaven 

Ledgerwood, James furnished lodging?, Annfield' 

J^ekie, Al. boat-builder, north Leith 

1^ ;ibe. T. D. ship broker, Carnegie street 

L,?ith Roperif Company's office, Batli street 

J.eslie, Roh>ert shipmaster, Shirra-brae 

L:ddel and Reid, merchants and insurance-brokers, 

foot of Leith walk 
TJddel, Evan merchant, ditto 
Liddel, Robert manager for the Edinburgh and Leith 

Shipping Company, north Leith 
Liddel, Miss miUiner, Charlotte street 
Lidingham, George merchant, — house, Fife place 
Lighterness, Capt. New quay 

LiTidsay, James and Sons, wine-mcrchants. Quality str. 
Lindsay, Mrs grocer, Newhaven 
Linkison, Mrs furnished lodgings. Citadel 
Linn, D. rope-maker, Bernard sireet 
Linn, David and Company, agents ditto 
Lithem, Jolni spirit-dealer, Tolbooth wynd 
Lithgow, Andrew shoemaker. Coal-hill 
Livingston, George tailor, north Leith 
Lizars, William and Son, shoemakers, Pipes 
Lloyd, Rev. Dr Seacot 
Lockhart, E- land-waiter, Pipes 
Lockhart, Peter shipmaster. Coal-hill 
Luchafs, Alexander shoemaker, north Leith 
Lumsden, Thomas shoemaker, Kirkgate 
Lumsden, William shipmaster, Coal-hiU 
iS07. Z 2 

268 MAC— MAG 


a.m'ALTHATON, Johu wiight, St AnJrew street 

JVT'Donald, John vintner, Whisky row 

M' Dowall, Arch, surveyor, Bell's court 

M'Dovvall, Jo. agent, ditto 

M'Dougal, Allan esq. W. S. Bowling-green 

M'Ewan, Mrs vintner. Shore 

M'Fail, Alex, foot of Leith walk 

M'Farlane and Sim, merchant-tailors, Kirkgate 

M'Farlane, Alex, corn-merchnnt. Sugar-house close 

M'Farlane, John grocer, St Andrew street 

M'Fie, John sugar-house, Elbe street 

M'Gall, Wm. clerk to Messrs Bells and Mansfield^— 

house Constitution street 
M'Gie, James Excise-officer, Morton street 
M'Glashan, Mrs Springfield, Leith walk 
M'Glashan, Mrs furnished lodgings, Broad wynd 
M'Innes, Arch, overseer, Vv'^et dock, Citadel 
M'Intosh, James stationer, Rtid's nursery Leith walk 
ri'Intosh, William vintner, ditto 
M'Intyre, D. and J. corn-raerchfints, Baltic street 
M'Kay, Mrs ^-oal-hill 
M'Kenzie, S. and J. wine and wholesale merchants, 

Quality street 
M'Kenzie, Mrs furnished lodgings, Citadel 
I.I'Kerras, Andrew tailor, Newhaven 
M'Kerras, Mrs merchant, Baltic street 
I'I'Lean and Gilchrists, merchants, Leith walk 
I^.T'Lean, Dr H. Annfield 
M'J^ean, John hairdresser, Bernard street 
M'Lean, ."^imcn gardener, foot of Leith walk 

MAC—MIL 26^ 

M'Leran and Thomson, corn-merchants. Dub row, — - 

houses, Leith walk 
M'Leraii, Alex, shipmaster, foot of Tolbooth wynd 
M'Leran, J. shoemaker Yard-heads 
M'Leran, Peter gardener, Redhall 
M'Nab, Peter ropemaker, 'rolbooth wynd 
M'Nair, Alex, merchant, Morton's entry Kirkgate- 
M'Neil, Dr James foot of Leith walk 
M' Ritchie, James shipmaster, Cooper street 
TvI'Vicar, INIrs vintner, Shore 
Mack, James shipmaster, north Leith 
Mackav, John spirit-dealer, Parliament square 
Marquis, H. Excise-officer, Liddel's close 
Marr, Robert merchant. Shore, — house Springfield 
?<Iarshal!, Andrew shipmaster, Coal-hill 
Marbhall, John meal-merchant, Giles' street 
Martin, Ellis and Company, Ncwcaitle (ire insurance- 
office, Bernard street 
Martin, Wm. parchment-manufacturer, Bonnington 
Martin, Mrs vintner, Coal-hill 
Mathi&on, I'ho, vintner, Giles' street 
Mathison, Mrs haberdasher, Constitution street 
Matthew, Tho. shipmaster, St Andrew street 
Maule, Mrs foot of Leith walk 
Menzies and GoUan, ship-builders, north Leith 
Menzies, Arch, merchant, Williamfield 
Menzies, John grocer, Shore 
Miller and Baleny, corn-merchants. Yard-heads 
Miller, Arch, merchant, Cassels place, Leith walk 
Miller, James meal-merchant, Shirra-brae 
Miller, James cooper, Constitution street 
Miller, James junior grocer. Queen street 
Miller, William grocer, Green-tree 
Miller, William baker, Kirkgate 
Milne, Ogilvie, and Patison, merchants, Elbe street 
1807. Z 3 

i270 MIL— NEI 

Milne, John plasterer, Kirkgate 

Milne, Wm. merchant, Bernard street, — house. Red- 
Millons and Thomson, builders, Albany street 
Moffat and Sinclair, coopers, Constitution lane 
Moffat, J. surgeon, Bernard street 
Moffat, Mrs Charlotte street 
Morison, James merchant, Bernard street 
Morison, Murdoch merchant, Broad wynd 
Morison, Robert merchant. Shore 
Morison, Wm. thread-manufacturer, Bonningtoa 
Morton and Btirns, ship-builders, north Leith 
Morton, A. shipmaster, St Andrew street 
Morton, Samuel cart-wright, foot of Leith walk 
Mowbray, W. and R. merchants. Links 
Mudie, Capt. Robert Morton's entrvs Kirkgate 
Muir, James brewer, Yard-heads 
Munro, Donald esq. Summerfield 
Munro, D. laboratory, Tolbooth wynd 
Munro, George grocer, St Andrew street 
Munro, John vintner, Coal-hill 
Murray, Alexander teacher, St Andrew street 
Murray, David grocer, ditto 
Murray, John and Ebenezer ditto, ditto 
Murray, Capt. William Newfield, Newhaven 

■ " N 

^AESMitH, Gavin wright, Constitution lane 
Nairn, Mrs Cherry bank, Newhaven 
Nairn, Lady Pilrig street 
Nash, Cjipt. 9f the R. N. Factory wynd 
Neilson, Arch, shipmaster, Cooper street 

NEI— OLI 271 

Neilson, R. cooper, Queen street 

Newton, Abram merchant, opposite the Naval yard 

Newton, Capt. John Timber bush 

Nicol, James saddler, Kirkgate 

Nicol, Michael baker, St Andrew street 

Nicol, Thomas furnished lodgings, Annfield 

Nicolson, Lady head Broad wynd 

Nimmo, Andrew blockmaker, Burges' close 

Nimmo, J. and A. wrights, Citadel 

Nimmo, John watchmaker, New quay 

Nimmo, John baker, Coalhill 

Nisbet, Robert shipmaster, Shirra brae 

Nisbet, WilHam ditto, Giles' street 

Niven, James gardener, Lawrie's street 

Niven, John merchant, St Andrew street 

Noble, Alexander grocer, Newhaven 

Norrie, Mrs watchmaker, New quay 

Norris, Edward Sheep head wynd 

Norris, George shipmaster, Albany street, north Leith 


Ogilvie, Collector, Fife place 

Ogilvie, David roperie. Links 

Ogilvie, James wine-merchant, Tolbooth wynd 

Ogilvie, J. and G. merchants. Tod's close^house, 

Middlefield, Leith walk 
Ogilvie, Robert St John place 
Ogilvie, William merchant, Leith walk 
Ogilvie, Mrs Cassels' place 
Ogilvie, Mrs head of Kirkgate 
Ohphant, William collector of the Customs — house, 
Tolbooth wynd 

272 OLI~PIL 

Olipliant, William printer, Broad wynd 
Ord, Francis shipmaster, Queen street 

ir AisLEY, James merchant, foot of Leith walk 

Paisley, Mrs foot of Leith walk 

Parker, W. smith, north Leith 

Paterson and Sim, wholesale wine and spirit merchantSj. 

Pipes, Kirkgate 
Paterson, Alexander spirit-dealer, north Leith 
Paterson, John engineer, Wet docks 
Paterson, Robert painter, Shore 
Paterson, Miss grocer, Tolbooth'wynd 
Paton, Robert vintner, St Andrew street 
Paton, Mrs ropemaker, Bernard street 
Pattison, J. towu-clerk — house, foot of Links 
Paul, Alexander and Company, merchants, 3. Links 
Paul, Jo. merchant — house, 7. Baltic street 
Paul, John letter-carrier, Lamb's court 
Peacock, John gardener, Stanley lodge 
Pearson, Lieut. St Andrew street 
Pearson, John shipmaster, ditto 
Perguvie, Alex, grocer, ditto 
;*5*eftmit-office, Tolbooth wynd 

Pew, Mrs blockmaker, Queen street 
Phillip, A. merchant, Constitution lane 
Phillip, Charles merchant, Quality street 
Phillip, John tailor. Crane 
Phillip, Ro. grocer, St Andrew street 
Pillans, and Company, merchants, Bernard str. 
Pillans, James senior — house, ditto 
Pillans, James junior. Leith mount 

PIT— RIT 273 

. _■ ■ I. ' — KM_ 

Pitketlily, James builder, Cables wynd 

Pollock, James silk and cotton dyer, Tolbooth wynd 

Prentice, T. letter-carrier, P>.edhall 

Primrose, John shoe warehouse, Kirkgate 

Primrose, John dyer, north Leith 

Primrose, Mrs foot of Leith walk 

Pringle, Alexander shipmaster, Cooper street 

Proctor, Alexander vintner, Kirkgate 


JrxAEBURN, Henry and Co. merchants, Citadel 
Ramsay, Williamson, and Company, merchants, St 

Bernard street 
Ramsay, Captain David of the R. N. Newhav.eij 
Ramsay, John shipmaster, Eowie's close 
Ramsay, M. shipmaster, Kirkgate 
Ramsay, Robert junior. Assembly street 
Ranken and Scott, wood-merchants, ditto 
Rankea, Henry Excise-officer, Citadel port 
Kanken, Roger writing-master, Kirkgate 
ReiJ, AlexanJ:-r hosier, bhcre 
Reid, Alexander gardener, JLawrie street 
Reid, David fill niihed lodgings, ditto 
Reid, John wood-merchant, Queen place, Leith walk 
Reid, John baker, Coalhill 

Reid, John clerk Post oifice — house, Elbe street 
Reid, William bookseller, New quay 
Richardson and Company, druggists, Pipes 
Richardson, WiUiam coast-waiter. Constitution street 
R.ic!imond, Joshua shipmaster, north Leith 
Ritchie, George shipmaster, Eroad wynd 
Ritchie, Thomas shipmaster, Bernard street 

274 RIT— SAN 

Ritchie, Williara surj^eon, Broad wynd 

Ritchie, Mrs James Shore 

Roberts, Capt. Fife place, Leith walk 

Robertson, David shipmaster, St Andrew street 

Robertson, George writer, W. Vv^aters' close 

Robertson, Rev. James Stead's place, Leith walk 

Robertson, .Tames tobacconist, Sibbald's entry, Kirkg» 

Robertson, John ship tavern,- Shore 

Robertson, Thomas shipmaster, Giles' street 

Robertson, William shipmaster, Broad wyr.d 

Robertson, Mrs Fife place 

Robertson, Mrs Stirling's land. Leith walk 

Robertson, Mrs furnished lodgings. Shore 

Robertson, ^liss boarding school, Charlotte street 

Rodgers, Mrs furnished lodgings, Tolbooth wynd 

Ronaidson, A. flesher, Fleshmarket 

Rose, .-Captain James Sand port 

Ross, Alexander teacher, north Leith 

Ross, Alexander council-chamber' 

Ross, George smith, Kirkgate 

Ross, James agent, foot Queen street 

Ross, John Waterhouse 

Ross, John ropemaker, Kirkgate 

Ross, William merchant, Tolbooth wynd 

Runciman, Feter grocer, foot of Leith walk 

Russell, John senior builder, Lawrie's street 

Russell, John junior, ditto ditto 

St George, J. damask weaver, Leith walk 
Sanders and Laird, coopers, Lang-gate side 
Sanders, Jo. agent, Rotten^row 


SAN— SIM 275 

Sanderson, Robert cooper, Rotten-row 

Scales, Adolphus and Andrew and Sons, ropemakersj 

Scales, Andrew junior, insurance-broker, Tod-hole cl, 
Scarth, James merchant — house, Quality street 
Scott, Andrew vintner, Yard-heads 
Scott, James watchmaker, Shore 
Scott, James wood-merchant. Constitution street 
Scott, John merchant, Timber bush — house, Pilrlg 

Scott, Thomas candlemaker, St Andrew street 
Scott, V/illiam brewer, Kirkgate — house, St James' 

place. Links 
Scott, William cooper. Quality street 
Scclt, Mrs vintner. Shore 
S.cott, Mrs Cooper street 
Scougal, Richard and_Company, merchants, Charlotte 

Scougal, George merchant,, Cassills' place 
Scougal, Richard merchant, — house, Marionville 
Sharp, F. comptroller, Baltic street 
Shaw, John heckle-maker. King street * 

Shirreff, R. and A. wood-merchants, Constitution str. 
Shirreff, James corn-merchant, Quahty street 
ShirrefF, Thomas glazier, Tolbooth wynd 
Sibbald, James shipmaster, Citadel 
Sibbald, L. ditto, north Leith 

Sibbald, William and Company, merchants, Kirkgate 
Sibbald, William esq. — house. Constitution street 
Sim, Alexander ship-builder, north Leith 
Sim, George tobacconist, Tolbooth wynd 
Simpson, John bathing-coaches, Glasshouse 
Simpson, Robert spirit-dealer, Citadel house. Spring* 

field . . 
Simpson, Robert shipmaster, St Andrew street 

276 SIM— STE 

Simpson, Jo. teller Leith bank — house, Quality street 
Sinclair, Wilson, and Horn, Laltic merchants, oppo- 
site Custom-house 
Sinclair, Alexander weaver, north Leith 
Skae, Alexander of the Wet dock — house;^ Sand port 
Sksrj'ne, L. shipmaster, Draw bridge 
Skinner, George and tion, coopers, Constitution lane 
Skinner, Robert wright. King street 
Skirving, George merchant, Shirra brae 
Sligo, John esq. Constitution street 
Small, James and Alex, plough wrights, Leith walk 
Smith, George furnished lodgings, Kirkgate 
Smith, George shipmaster, Fife place 
Smith, George carpenter, north Leith 
Smith, shipmaster, Citadel 
Smith, James and Co. wholesale merchants, ship-own- 
ers and agents. Limber bush 
Sm.ith, James Excise-of&cer, Annfield 
Smith, John flax-dresser, St Andrew street 
Smith, William writer, foot of Shore 
"Smith, William shipmaster. Citadel 
Sommerville, John tanner, Factory wynd 
Som.merville, Nicol painter. Shore " 
SoramerviUe, Miss haberdasher. Shore 
Spittal, Mrs Kirkgate 
Stables, Captain Constitution street 
Stark, Craig and Company, merchants, Charlotte str. 
Steed, John and Co. card manufacturers, Leith walk 
Stenhouse, G. and A- merchants, Queen street , 
Stephen and Gray, stone-ware shop, Shore 
Stephen, David Pife place 

Stewart and Primrose, merchants, Quality street 
Stewart, D. vintner, Coalhill 
Stewart, J. ditto, Mill's land, Shore 

STE—TAY 277 

Stewart, Fhomas and Company, vinegar manufactu= 
rers, Leith walk — house, Aliddlefield 

Stewart, Mrs Pilrig street 

tJtevenson, Alexander smith, Shirra brae 

Stevenson, Thomas merchant — house, Baltic street 

Stevenson, Mrs milliner, Kirkgate 

Stirling, Robert and Company, manufacturer, Char- 
lotte street 

Stirling, Walter Leith walk 

Stoddart, Thomas merchant, Quality street 

btrachan and Gavin, ship-builders, west end of nortfe 
Leith toll-bar 

Strachan, James wright, St Andrew street 

Strachan, Robert merchant, Quality street 

Strong-, James and Company, merchants, north Leith 

Strong, R. merchant, Old bridge 

Sutherland, James spirit-dealer, north Leith 

Sutherland, James grocer, Sand port 

Sutherland, James Captain of the Roxburgh packet, 
W. Waters' close 

Sutherland, James merchant, Constitution street — = 
house, Leith walk 

Sutherland, John glazier, Tolbooth wynd 

Sutherland, Walter tailor, Tolbooth wynd 

Swan, David merchant, Swanfield 

Sword, John shipmaster. Cooper street 


JL AIT, George wright, Leith walk 
Tait, James grocer, Kirkgate 
Tatlock, James grocer, Charlotte street 
Taylor, Alexander coast-waiter, Lawrie's street 
1807. A a 

278 TAY—TUU 

Taylor, Francis^ shipmaster, north Leith 

Taylor, James ditto, Queen street 

Taylor, J. V. porter storehouse, Yard-heads 

Taylor, Mrs vintner. Citadel 

Tarylor. Mrs grocer, Newhaven 

Telford, W. merchant, Carpet lane 

Temple, W. English teacher, Cotefield lane 

Thin, James builder, Cooper street 

Thomson and Bonar, merchants, Bernard street 

Thomson, Alexander tailor, Coalhill 

Thomson, A. flesher. Vaults 

Thomson, George merchant—house, Constitution str. 

Thomson, James mason, Constitution street 

Thomson, James vintner, New quay 

Thomson, James ditto, north Leith 

Thomson, John blockmaker, Bowie's close 

Thomson, John shipmaster, Hope street 

Thomson, R. ditto, St Andrew street 

Thomson, Thomas merchant, Tolbooth wynd 

Thomson, T. Edinburgh glasshouse — house, Mortoij 

Thomson, William merchant, Cassills' place 
Thorburn, William and Sons, tea-merchants, Kirkgate 
Thorup; ^'t"s merchant, Shore 
Tod, George shipmaster. Cooper street 
Tod, John mctxhant— house, Elbe street 
Tosh, Mrs vintner, Shore 
Trail, James grocer, St Andrew street 
Traquair, James publican, Reid's nursery, Leith walk 
Tulloch, James vintner, Cables wynd 
Tulloch, James shipmaster. Broad wynd 
Turnbull, James ditto. Shore 
Turner, G. merchant, Giles' street 


URQ— WAL 279 


iUrquhart, James shoemaker, Pipes 


V AS HAN, Admiral Cassills' place 
Veitch, James meal-dealer, Giles' street 
Veitch, John cork-manufacturer, Kirkgate 
Virtue, Mrs King's buildings, Leith walk 
Vogan, Francis cork-manufacturer, Rotten-row 


^y ADDEL, John grocer, St Andrew street 

Waddel, Alexander inspector of Yachts — house, Pop- 
lar lane, Links 

Waddel, William manager, Rope work-. -house, ditto 

Waits, D. grocer, Giles' street 

Walker, Alexander and Company, wine and spirit 
merchants. Vaults 

Vv'alker, Thomson and Company, wine-merchants, 
Factory wynd 

Walker, John agent and broker, Bernard street 

Walker, Thomas merchant. Quality street 

Wallace, Andrew merchant, bhore 

Walters, William baeketmaker, Pipes 
1807. A a 2 

280 WAT— WIL 

Waters, B. merchant. Constitution street 
Watson, Jaraiss grocer, north Leith 
Watson, J. senior and junior, inerchants, New quay- 
house, Constitution street 
Watson, K. M. of Messrs Ramsay and Williamson,, 

1. >St Bernard stivet 
Watson, Na. of ditto. New glass-works 
W:nson, Robert of ditto, 1 St Bernard street 
Watt, John merchant. Assembly street 
Wart, Mrs furnished lodgings. Broad wynd 
Wauchope and Mudie, wine-merchants, Bell's court. 

Quality street 
Waugn, J. meal-dealer. Horse wynd 
Waugh, Miss confectioner, Kirkgate 
W^ebster, John grocer. Cooper street 
Webster, 1.. grocer, Kirkgate 
Vv'eir, James baker, Kirkgate 
\\ eir, Pvobert mL-rchant, Constitution street 
'\\eLsh, George tailor, W Waters' close 
White and Son, spirit-dealers, Lang-gate side 
White, Adam and Co. merchant--, Queen street 
White, George shoe warehouse, Shore 
Vv liite, James ship-broker, St ^xndrew street 
White, John confectioner, ivirkgate 
W^hite, Thomas railor, Tolbooth wynd 
Whitlavv, William shoe warehouse. Raid's nursery 
Wight, Ro. Swedish consul, foot Leith walk 
Wiklgoose, Charles shipmascer. Cooper street 
Williamson, Alexander baker, Green tree 
Williamson, James rope and sail maker, Bernard str. 
Williamson, Thomas esq.— house, Constitution street 
Willis, Robert mercljafnt. Pipes 
Wilson and Brown, skinners, Bonnington 
Wilson, Adam shoemaker, St Andrew street 
Wilson, James shipmaster. New quay- 

WIL—YUL 281 

■ ^ ■ ■* 

Wilson, James clerk, Leith distillery 

W'Ison, James maltster, Cables wynd 

Wilson, James meal-dealer, St Andrew street 

Wilson, P. L. merchant, Constitution street 

Wilson, Robert ditto, .St A.ndrevv street 

Wilsoi', William grocer, Fox lane 

Wishart, Andrew pilot, Shirra brae 

Wishart, D. shipmaster, north Leith _ 

Wishart, James merchant, Coalhill 

Wishart, John shipmaster, St Andrew street 

Wood, P and Company, merchants, Bernard street 

Wood, Peter grocer, north Leith 

Wood, William and on, shoemakers, New quay 

Wright, James smith, Giles' street 

Wright, Jo. shipmaster, Cooper street 

Wyld, Alexander of Leith bank — house, Links 

Wyld, James wine-merchant, Tolbooth wynd 


jL oung, Alexander shipmaster, north Leiti^ 
Young, James grocer, Kirkgate 
Young, J imes brewer, ditto 
Young, Robert grocer. Cooper street 
Young, William shiptnaster, Sheephead wynd 
Young, William shoemaker, Tolbooth wynd 
Younghusband, G. innkeeper, Leith cofFec-houRe 
Yule, Mrs Springfield 

1 807. ■ a 3 


Court of Session. 

Hay Campbell of Succoth, 

Charles Hope, 

Sir William NaTrne, 

William Craig, 

William Baillie, 

Sir William Miller, 

Allan Maconochie, 

Robert CuUen, 

Sir William Honyman, 

William Macleod Hannatyne, 

Claud Irvine Boswell, 

George Fergusson, 

A. F. Tytler, 

William Robertson, 

Ghatles Hay 

Lord President 
Lord Just'tci-Ckrk 
Lord Dunsinnan 
Lord Craig 
Lord Polkemmet 
Lord Glenlee 
Lord Meadowbank ^ 
Lord Ciillen 
Lord Armadale 
Lord Bannatyne 
Lord Balmuto 
Lord Hermand 
Lord Woodhouselee 
Lord Kobertson 
Lord Newton 

George Hume 
John Pringle 
James Ferrier 
James Walker 

Principal Clerks. 

Colin Mackenzie 
H. M, Buchanan 
Walter Scott 

Defivte Clerks. 

Alexander Stevenson 
George Bruce 
George Jeffrey 

John Pringle 
James Rose 
Robert Menzies 

John Balvaird, 
Thomas Beveridge 
Thomas Blackhall 


John Kermack 
John Chalmers 
James Hay 


Robert Pitcairn 
Jolin Alexander 
Adam Wilson 
David George 
Thomas Mason 
Alex. Pitcairn 
Thomas M*Leay 
George Murray 
Thomas Miller 

Robert Pitcairn 
Al(*xander Pitcairn 
John Peat 


William Pringic 
William Reid 
Joseph Johnston 
William Smith 
John Haldane 
John Elder 
James bhiells 
Lewis de Maria 
James Spence 

Keepers of Registers. 

Thomas Blackball 
William Smith 
Harry Guthrie 

Col. Robert Anstruther, and Thomas Smith, Princlfial 

Clerks to the Bills 
And. Miller, Ja. Mercer, and Jo. Watson, Depute 

Clerhs to ditto William Scott, Assistatit Clerk 

Sir John Stuart, Clerk to the admission of Notaries 
George Stuart, W. S. Depute 
Right Hon. Robert Dundas of Arniston, Lord Chief 

Baron, Principal keeper of the Register of Seisins 
Robt. Dundas, Depute — Tho. Weir, Sabstitute 
James Newbigging, Keeper of the Register of Harnings 

— Cha. Bowman, Depute 
Wra. Macfarlane, Keeper of the Minute-Book 

James Steel, Clerk 
Walter Lockhart, Keeper of the Inner-House RoUf- 
K. W. Burnet, ditto oi Outer ditto 
John Pringle, Clerk of King's Processes 
Geo. Bruce, Under clerk to ditto 
John Elder, Extractor to ditto 
fames Ferrier, Keeper of Records of Entails 
J, Graham, R. Moffat, Alex. M'Beath, and John 

INIonro, Macers, 


High Court of J Ltsi"Iciary. 

The Duke of Montrose, Lord Justice-General 

Charles iiope, Lord Justice-Clerk 

Sir William Nairne, Burt. 

William Craig, "J 

Robort Ciillen, I Lords Commissioners 

Sir William Honyman, Bart, f of Justiciar y 

Allai: Maconochie, J 

Archibald i_olquhoun, esq: of Killermont, Lord Ad-^ 

Dav^d Boyle, esq. Solicitor-General 
William Erskiiie, ile-cander Maconochie, and Henry 

Cockburn, Advocale-De/iutes 
Robert Dundas Macqueeii, Principal Clerk 
Thomas Smith, Depute Clirk 
James Anderson, Substitute Clerk 
Henry Johnston Wylie, Alex, Guthrie, and James 

Anderson, Circuit Clerks 
Andrew Murison, John Grant, and Finlay M*Naucrh- 

ton, Macers. 

Court of Excliequer. 

Right Hon. Robert Dundas, Lord Chief Baron 
Hon. Fletcher Norton "J 

Sir John Dalrymple Baronet I „ 
Archibald Cockburn esq. f ^^''^"^ 

G. Buchan Hepburn j 

Sir Patrick iVlurray, King's Remembrancer 
Henry Jardine, Esq. Depute 
A. Ferrier, Lord Treasurer'' s Remembrancer 
A. Gardner, Depute 
John Buchan, Esq. Solicitor of Court 


Henry Jardine, Solicllor of JVindotv duties 
Andrew Hamilton, Clerk to the Barons 
James Townshend C^swald, Esq. Auditor 
Francis Anderson, Depute 
James Reid, and Charles Moodie, Clerks 
James Walker, and Jo. A. Murray, Clerks of Pipe 
Sir James Montgomery, Pres. of Signatures 
■Robert Stewart, Depute 
G. and P. "Walker, Depute Ushers 
William Riddel, King's nvriler 
Henry M'Kenzie, William Walker, Robert Turner^ 

James sommers, and John Taylor, Attornies 
Alexander M'Lean, Esq. Receiver General of Land 

Jo. Gordon, Esq. Depute 

Sir Jo. Anstruther, Receiver General of Bishops s Renit 
W. Bethune, and C. Innes, Deputes 
Thomas Weir, Examiner 
James Sommers, Clerk to Port Bonds 
A. Longmore, Keeper of the Register of Resignations 
Alexander Gardner, Court Marshall 
Daniel Stewart, Depute 

D. Stewart, W. M'Millan, and J. Crooks, Macers 
William Veitch, and William Allan, Doorkeepers 

Exchequer Terms. 
Candlemas begins 15th January, ends 3d February 
Whitsuntide 12th May, 2d June B 

Lammas 17th June, 5th July 

Martinmas S^th November, 20th December 

Tax-Office, 45. Prince Street 

Henry Mackenzie, Esq. Comjitroller 
Robert Dunbar, Clerk 


James Durham, Esq. Surveyor General 

John Carruthers, Esq. ditto 

T. Brown, and T. Campbell, ylssistants 

Alexander Davidson, and Robert Thomson, Surveyors 

for the City 
Robert Dunbar, \st Clerk in General Surveyor's Ojjics 
James Glover, 2^ ditto ditto 

James Carmichael, "id ditto ditto 

Henry Jardme, esq. Solicitor 
Robert Maughan, George Black, John Scott, ar/d 

George Haig, Inspectors 

Cess-Office, Bank Street. 

Neil Macvicar, Esq. Collector for the City - 

Jo. Davidson, and Thomas Gloag, Esqs. Collccto 

for the County, office Jackson's close 
J. Wood, Surveyor for the County 
W. Cunningham, ditto ditto 
John Caird, ditto 

Adam Dalmahoy, ditto 

John Lawder, ditto 

Board of Excise. 

Thomas Wharton, James Stodart, Robert Graham, 
Esqrs. rtir John Stuart, Bart, and Frederick Foth- 
ringham, Esq. Commissioners 

Adam Pearson Esq. Secretary 

David Pearson, And. Pearson, and Alex. Brown, 
Clerks to Secretary 


Richard Wharton Dufi, Esq. Comptroller 

John Scott, Robert Maughan, Nicolas Stowf, James 
Roy, J. W.Wilcarson, D. Murray, E. J. Maughan, 
and Alex. Young, Clerks in Comptrclkr''s oj^ce 

James M'Dovvall, Esq. Auditor 

Eraser Wilson, Defmiy Auditor 

John Robertson, John V\ ilson, and Robert Nonie, 
Auditor'' s Clerks 

Sir James Grants of Grant Bart. Cashier 

Hugh Broughton, Esq. Deputy Cashier 

John Liniiing, Billman and G(ishier to tlu Excise Incor- 

James Young, and John Hamilton, Clerks in Cashier^s 
ojjlce _ I 

William Jackson, Esq. \st Solicitor 

James Bonar, Esq. 2d Solicitor 

James Huie, James Bonar junior, and Andrew Scott, 
Clerks to Solicitors 

Robert Dundas, Agent before the Court of Session j 

Robert Milford, Agent at London " 

John Blackadder, and James Bruce, Esqrs. Accomp- 
tants General 

Allan Begg, William Macao, James Dundas, John 
Edgar, George Young, John Wood, James Hamil- 
ton, John MofFat, G.' B. Moiton, John Linning, 
and John Stewart, Accomptants 

Andrew Turnbull, Clerk in Accompdant' s o^ce for De- 

Alex. Dick, Esq. General Examiner, 

Alexander Mitchell, \st Permit Examiner 

Robert Garnock, Id Pertnit Examiner 

David MilHgan Jolly, Diary Clerk 

John Cumming, Alex. \.erchant, ! lector Swanston, 
John Gardner, John Reid, Walter Vass, Edward 


Crosbie, John Lewars, Angus Campbell, and Pa*- 

trick Scott, Examiners 
Alex. Dick, James Bruce, David Allan, John Black- 

adder, Allan Begg, and John Grant, Sworn Afj^ 

Patrick White, Register of Seizures 
William Macao, Cashier of Tachts 
James Dundas, Agent for ditto 
J(An Laurie, lusfiector of ditto 
John Scott, and Robert Maughan, joint ComfiiroUers 

for ditto 
James Bruce, Storekeeper^ — Hugh Murray, Assistant 

Alex. Dick, Inspector of Stores 
Miss Graham *iylne, Houscheeper 
George Williamson, Constable in Edinhurgk 
William Mum-o, ditto in Leith 
George Muirhead, principal Doorkeeper 
Andrew Hume, Warehouse-keeper and Letter-carrier 
John Adams, Usher,&ic. &c. &c. 

Board of Customs. 

J. H. Cochrane, R. E. Philips, S. Moyse, Kenry 
Veitch, Ed. E?.rl, Eiqrs. Commissioners 

Morris West, Esq. Secreiarij 

J. Westgarth, \st Clerk and Storekeeper 

E. Cunningham, J. Rutherford, J. Crawford, A. Stra- 
chan, J. Young, J. H. Maclean, J. Watson, and J, 
W. BroughtO'-, Clerks 

John Campbejl, Esq. Receiver-General 

John amilton, Defiutij Receipt r-Girneral 

J. Dunsmure, and G. Hastie, Cicrks 
1807. B b 


Earl of Leven and Melville, Comptroller-General 

Richard Gardner, Assistant 

Geo. Gardn, r, W. S. M'Lean, and J. Geddes, C/erh 

Alexaiider Osborn, Solicitor 

John Menzies, J. Dinning, and D. Robertson, Clerks 

Hugh Warrender, Assistant Solicitor 

Lord Colvil, Inspector-General oj Out-Ports 

George Cunninghamc, Esq. ditto 

George Cunninghame junior, Clerk 

Alex. Cleghorn, Inspector-General of Imports and Ex' 

W. Haliburton, J. Dunsmure, and T. Burke, Clerk-4 
1). Anderson, and P. Black, Examiners 
P. Herriot, Clerk 

Adam Matheson. Clerk of Postage Accounts 
Mrs Matheson, Housekeeper 
Francis Anderson, Inspector of Seizures 
Alex. Waddel, Inspector of Cutters and Boats 
J. W Broiighton, Clerk 
ilobert Cairns, Regkter of Debentures 
Richard Gardner, Assistant Inspector of Securities 
James Hay, Register of Seizures 
William Ranken, Clerk 
Alexander Mitchell, Register of Shijiplng and Exami' 

ner for Fisheries 
Archibald Douglas, Clerk 

John Menzies, Examiner and Recorder of Incidents 
Thomas Burke, Clerk 
William Sinclair, Usher 
Six Messengers. 




Bank of Scotland, Bank street, north side of Lawn- 
Royal Bank'of Scotland, Cross, south side 
British Linen Company office, Netherbow 

Private Bankers. 
Robert Allan and Son, office, Royal Exchange 

Alex. Allan and Co. ^'g^ street 

Sir Wm. Forbes and Co. Parliament close 

Inghs, Borthwick G ilchrist and Co. Hunter square 
Kinnear and Sons Royal Exchange 

David Paterson, Milne's square 

Ramsays. Bonars, and Co. Royal Exchange 

Scott, Smith, Stein, and Co. Royal Exchange 

Donald Smith and Co. Royal Exchange 

John V/ardrop and Co. Royal Exchange 

Holidays at the Banks* 

New-Year's day, — — 

Queen's Birth-day, — — 

King Charles's Martyrdom, — 

Good Friday, — — — 
King Charles IL's Restoration, — 

prince of Wales Birth-day, — 

King's Coronation, — — 

King's Accession, — — 

Gun-powder Plot, — — 

Christmas — — — 
1807. B b 2 

January 1. 

January 18. 

January 30. 

April 12. 

May 29. 
August i'Z. 

Septem. 22. 

October 25. 

Novem. 5. 

Decern. 25. 


Provincial Banks. 

Banks. Cashiers, Sic. Agents in Edinburgh. 

Aberdeen B. Co James Brand Sir W. Forbes & Co. 
.Do. Commercial '\ lex. Chivas Ditto 
Ayr Hunters, 6cc. Ditto 

Berw. Tweed B.Shadford& Co. Ro. Allan & Sons 
Cupar Jo. Ferguson Ditto 

Dundee D. Jobson T. Kinnear & Sons 

Dundee New V/. Roberts Ditto 
Falkirk Alex. Ramsay Ditto 

Falkirk Union {ames Brown Jo. Wardrop & Co. 
Fifeshire George AikenT. Kinnear & Sons 

Galloway J. Napier Ro. Allan & Son 

Greenock A. Thomson Sir W. Forbes & Co. 

Glasgow, Ship R. Carrick Ditto 
GlasgowjTiiistleA. Graham Kinnear & Sons 
Kilmarnock M. Fairlie, Sec. Alex. Allan & Co. 

XT 1 Sir W. Loraine r> o '-.t, o r- 

Newcastle o /- Don. Smith & Co. 

& C o. 

Ditto Lambton&Co. Sir W. Forbes & Co. 

Paisley, Union James Likly Ditto 

Paisley Adam Keir T. Kinnear & Sons 

Perth David Walker Sir W. Forbes & Co. 

Renfrewshire James Paton Don. Smith & Co. 

Stirling Wm. Telford T. Kinnear & Sona 

Stamp-Office, Edinburgh. 

Robert Hepburn, Esq. Head Fistrihutcr and CcUeclor 
Cha. Fozard, Defntty and \st Cleth 
James Small, John Maule, and Wm. Young, Ckrhs 
Thomas Pender, Comptroller 
Thomas Pender junior^ De/iutu and 1st Clerk 


Thomas Logan, Id Clik 

James Baillie, Distributor for Edinburgh and Leith 

John Richard, and Jo. Gray, his Clerks , 

James Waddell, Inspector 

George Buchan, Solicitor 

James Bremner, and John Pringle, Deputes- 

Mrs Hill, Housekeeper 

Table of the Stamp Duties. 

On Bills of Exchange, Pr^omissory Notes, 
and Receipts. Oct. 11. 1804. 

Bills of Exchange, and Promissory Notes . 
For 40s. and not exceeding 51. 5s, on 

demand, - - - 

For 40s. and not exceeding 51. 5 s. pay- 
able otherwise than on demand, 

Exceeding 51. 5 s. and not 

exceeding 301. 
Exceeding 30L and not ex- 
ceeding 501. 
Payable Exceeding 501. and not ex- 

on ceeding lOOl. 

demand ^ Exceeding 1001. and not ex- 
or ceeding 2001. 

•therwise. Exceeding 2001. and not ex- 
ceeding 5001. 
Exceeding 5001. and not ex- 
I ceeding 10001. - 7 6 

J Exceeding 10001. - 10 

1807. B b 3 











Amounting to 21. and notamountingto 101. L.O 2 
Amountingto lOl. and notamounting to20l. 4 
Amountingto 20l. and notamounting to50l. 8 
Amounting to 501. and not amount ir.go 

1001. 10 

Amountingto 1001. and notamounting to 

2001 2 

Amounting to 2001. andnot amountingto 

5001. 3 

Amounting to 5001. and all sums above 

5001. or in full of all demands. - 5 

Magistrates of Edinburgh. 

Right Honourable Dosald Smith, Lord Provost. 

Thomas Henderson, Esq. '^ 

William Calder, Esq. ( „ .,. 

Walter Dickson, Esq. f 

R. S. MoncriefFe jun. Esq. J 

William Coulter, Esq, Dean of Guild. 

Archibald Campbell, Esq. Treasurer. 

Sir William Fettes, Bart. Old Provost. 

Richard Bannatyne, Esq. T 

John Walker, Esq. ( ^, , „ •;• 

Archibald ]\-Kinlay, Esq. >01d Ba^hcs. 

John Dick, Esq. J 

Peter Hill, Esq. Old Dean of Guild. 

John Fairbairn, Esq. OldTreasurer. 

Messrs David Kin near, "^ 

Robert Cockburn, > Merchant Counsellors, 
William Trotter, J 


Messrs Josjah Maxton, 1 ^^^^^^ CounselUrs. 
William White, 3 

Ordinary Council Deacons. 
James Denholm, IVaukers, Convener. 
William Kennedy, Furriers. 
Matthew Sherriff, Wrights. 
John Paton, Masons. 
William Fraser junior, Tailors. 
Alexander Logan, Bakers. 

Extraordinary Council Deacons. 
William Farquh arson, Surgeons. 
Alexander Zeigler, Goldsmiths. 
Adam Anderson, Hammermen. 
John Bathgate, Skinners. 
Henry Allan, Fleshers. 
Andrew Murray, Cor diners. 
James Thomson, Weavers. 
David Pollock, Bonnetmakers. 
David Kinnear, Esq. Captain of Orange Colours. 
John Pattison, W. Fraser Tytler, David Douglas, and 

James Ferguson, Esqs. Advocates, Assessors. 
John Dundas, and John Gray, Principal Clerks. 
Alexander Duncan, Depute Clerk. 
James Feggans, Clerk to the Justice of Peace Court for 

the City and Sheriffdom of the City. 
Wilham Forbes, Keeper of Records of Council. 
James Jackson, Esq. Chamberlain. 
John Macritchie, Agent. 
James Bruce, Accountant. 
John Hutton, Superintendant of Water, 
James Burnet, Captain of City Guard. 
W^'.liam '^prott, Fiscal. 
Thomas Neilson, Kirk Treasurer. 


Magistrates of Canongate, Pleasance, 
North Leith, Coalhill, and Citadel. 

John Walker, Esq. Baron Bailie. 

Geo. Rae, and Wm Arnot, Esqs. Resident Bailies, 

Alexander Boog, Esq. Treasurer. 

George Cranstoun, Esq. Advocate, Assessor. 

John Macritchie, Clerk. 

John Mason, Depute. 

James Laing, Fisc4il. 

City of Edinburgh Lieutenancy, 

Right Honourable Donald Smith, Lord Provosti* 
his Majesty^ s Lieutenant. 

Extraordinary I^eputy Lieutenants. 
Right Hon. Charles Hope, Lord Justice-Clerk. 
Lord Robertson. 
Arch. Campbell, Esq. Advocate. 
David Hume Esq. ditto. 
Bain Whyt, Esq. Writer to the Signet, 

Ancient and Extended Royalty. 

Thomas Henderson, Esq. "J 

William Calder, Esq. 

Walter Dickson, Esq. 

R S. iMoncrieffe iun. Esq. I r> . , r- . 
i^;,; /-.IT? P Dehuty Lieaitenants. 

Wilham Coulter, E?q. f -' •=' 

Archibald Campbell, Esq. 

Sir William Feftes, Bart. 

Peter Hill, Esq. 

Alexander Callender, Clerk. 



Deputy Lielitenants of Canongate, Plea- 
sance, and Abbey. 


John Walker, Esq. 

George Rae, Esq. > Deputy Lieutenants. 

William Arnot. Esq. 

John Macritchie, and John Mason, Joint Clerks. 

Abbey Court. 

John Craw, Esq. Writer to the Signet, Bailie, 
James Lightbody, Clerk. 
John Mason, Fiscal. 
William Petrie, Officer. 

Commissioners for Ligbting and Cleaning 
the Streets of the Ancient Royalty of. 

'6. Kobert Johnston, merchant 
4<. A.ddm Brooks, ditto 

5. Robert Green, watchmaker 

6. Archibald Constable, bookseller 

7. Peter Scott, insurance-broker 

8. James Denholm, hatter 

9. James Clarkson, baker 



10. William Diinlop, spirit-dealer 

11. David Bridges iunior, merchant 

12. Adam Freer, merchant 

13. Patrick Mackay, merchant 

14. William Waddell, printer 

15. Hugh Handyside, merchant 
Alexander Callender, chrk. 

Slieriff's Otiice. 

Duke of Buccleuch, Lord Luntenant and High Sheriff", 
James Clerk, Esq. Sheriff-defiute. 
Harry Davidson, Esq. Sheriff-subslltute. 
James Newbigging, principal clerk. 
Adam, depute. 
William Scott, Procurator-Jiscal. 
James Wilson, Sheriff's private clerh. 
James Mack, assistant clerh to sequestrations and roups ^ 
and keeper of records. 

1 Court of Admiralty. 

William Campbell, Principal Clerk. 
James Dick.^n, Depute. 
Alexander Kidd, Procurator Fiscal. 
John Johnston, Chrk to Judgc-jidmiraU 




Samuel Watson 
"William Scott 
Edward Young 
Willi im Spiott 
James Feggans 
John Gray 
John Wood 
Richard Ventice 
Alexander Kidd 
James Chalmers 
John Peat 

Alexander Youngson 
Robert Ranken 
Andrew Crombie 
James Laing 
P. Malkerston 
James WaddiU 
James hohertson 
G'l-orge Carphiii 
David Christie 
Jam' s Dickson 
William Smith 
Archibald Welsh 

George Mill 
John Patison 
John Dillon 
Richard Cleghorn 
Alexander Ponton 
James Little 
James M'Robin 
Charles Bremner 
John uibson 
John Cook 
William Simpson 
Archibald Duncan 
William Innes 
WiUiam Moffat 
Thomas tewart 
Thomas ' marling 
A. Neilson Lamb 
John Kelly 

G. V/illiamson 
Alexander Law 
Allan Grant 

Dean of Guild Court. 

William Coulter, Esq. Dean of Guild. 
Peter Hill, Esq. Old Dean of Guild. 

John Mackinlay, James Spittal, Alexander Reid, 

James Clephane, and John Paton. 
Charles Cunningham, ckrk.-^Ko. WemysS; officer. 
J 807. 


General Post Office Establishment. 

1st Jul^ 1S07. 
Robert Trotter, Esq. of Castlelaw, Postmasier- 

W. Young, Clerk to Postmaster-General, and Deputy- 

William Kerr, Esq. Secretary. 
T. F. Hillier, and Crichton Ramsay, his Clerks. 
John Buchan, Accountant. 

C. Buchan, J. T. Todd, and J. Park, his Clerks. 
F. Ronaldson, and J. Shearer, Joint Surveyors. 
Jos. Gillon, Solicitor. 

R. Young, Inspector of Dead and Missent Letters. 
A. HiuTie, Clerk of English Road — G. Newton, Assist. 
S. Matthew, Clerk of West Road. — F. Gibson, Assist. 
David Buchan, and G. Mason, Clerks of North Road. 
.John Laws, and WilHam Henderson, Assistants. 
A. Adam, and Wm Miller, IVindoiu men. 
A. Paterson, Letter Sorter. 
Alex. Watt, Stamper. — John Bain, Assistant. 
Alex. Ross, Superintendant of Letter-carriers. 

Letter Carriers. 

1. George Smith 11. William Ross 

2. Alexander btrachan 12. John W^rght 

3. John M'Lean 13. James Morpeth 

4. John ' tewart 14. James Gourlay 

5. Donald Sinclair 15. Alexander Wallace 

6. Peter Finlay 16. George Watson 

7. James •obertson 17. John DufF 

8. Alexander V)\\^ 18. Henry Bain 

9. Thomas Douglas 19 Donald Elder 
I 0. James Ferguson 20. Robert Forbes. 

D. McDonald, Porter. 


List of Post Towns in Scotland, witli tlie 
Postage of a Suigle Letter from Edin- 
burgli, and the time of dispatcii to each. 




every day at 8 morning 











Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday at 8 a m 



every day except Sunday at 8 p 

ni and 

daily at 9 a m 




every day at 8 a m and 8 p m 




Sunday, Tuesda), and Friday at 




every morning at 8 a m 







Monday, Thursday Saturday at 8 p m 



Monday and Thursday 




Monday, Thursday Saturday 




daily except Tuesday 




Monday, 'iliursduy, Saturday 




every day 








ditto a quarter after 3pm 




ditto at 8 p m 




ditto, Wednesday excepted, at 8 

a JTi 


ditto at 8 a m 




daily at 8 a m Sunday excepted 



every day at 8 a m 




ditto at 8 a m 




ditto at 8 p m 




every day at 8 a m 




ditto a quarter after 3pm 




Monday, Thursday, and Satur 

lay, at 




Sunday Tuesday, Friday, at 8 a 




every day at 8 a m 




Monday, Thursday, and Saturday, at 






Eorrostownnesi jdaily at 8 a m and 8pm 

Brecliin daily at 8 a m 

Bridge of Earn Iditto 
Bridge of Halkirk Monday, Thursday, and Saturday, at 

I 8 a m 

Broughton jdaily at 8 a m 

Burntisland levery day at 8 a m 

Cairndow every day except Tuesday at 8 p m 

Callender Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 

and Sunday at 8 p m 
Camphelton Monday, Thursday, Saturday at 8pm 

Carinish .Monday and Thursday at 8 a m 

Carlisle 'every morning at 8 

l.'arriv,':;t.h 'Monday, Thursday, and Satur-day at 

I 8 a m 

Castle-Donglas levery n-.orning at 8 

Chance- Inn (every morning at 8 

Coldstream levtry day at a quarter past 3 

Coliiisburgh [every day at 8 a m - 

CoUington [every day at 8 a m 

Coll Thursday at 8 p m 

Comrie 'every day at 8 a m 

Corstorphlne levery day at 8 p m 

Coupar- Angus every day at 8 a m 

Coupar-Fife every day at 8 a m 

Cowdenburn every day, Sunday excepted, at 8 a m 

Craill every day at 8 a m 

Cramond every day at 8 a m 

Creetown every day at 8 a m 

Creiff every day at 8 a m 
Cro iiarty Sunday, Tuesday, Friday at Sam 

Cullen . . every day 8am 

f.^ulroas every day 8 a m 
Cumnock daily, 1 uesday excepted, 8 p m 

Currie every day Sam 
Dalkeith every day Sam Monday. Thursday, Saturday, 8pm 

Dairy every day 8pm 

Dei.ny every day 8pm 

Dingv/all every day Sam -. 

Dornoch every day Sam 

Donf^las-mUl jevery dav 8pm 


Postage d, 
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 

and Sunday 8pm 6 

every day at 8 p m 7 

every dajr at 8 p m 7 

every day at 8 a m 5 

every day at 8 a m 7 

evei y day at a quarter past 3 5 

every duy at S a m 12 

every day at 8 p m 6 

every day at 8 a m 7 

every day at 8 a m 7 

every day at 8 a m 7 

Tuesday, Friday, Sunday at 8 p m 7 

every day a quarter past 3 7 

Monday and Thursday at 8 a m 12 

every day at 8 a ni 5 

every day at 8 p m 7 
Sunday, Tuesday, Friday, at a qmrter 

past 3 6 

every day at 8 a m 7 

every day, Sunday excepted, at 8 a m 5 

every day at 8 a m 10 

every day at 8 a m 9 

every day at 8 am 6 

every day at 8 a m 7 

every day at 8 p m 5 

every day at 8 a m 6' 

every day at 8 a m 10 

every day at 8 a m 7 

every day at 8 a m lO 

Monday, Thursday, Saturday Bam 11 

every day at 8 a m 11 

ditto, Wednesday excepted, at 8 a m II 

Monday, Thursday, Saturday, at 8 p m ID 

every day except Wednesday, at 8 a m lO 
every day, except Tuesday, a quarter 

past three 8 

every day at 8 a m g 

every day at 8 p m 8 

every day at 8 a m and 8pm 6 

every day at 8 a m 7 

every day at 8 a m 9-^ 

C c 2 
























Kehy bridge 


















•every day at 8 a m - ~ 

every day at 8 a m 

Monday, Thursday, Saturday, a quarter 
past 3 - . 

every day at 8 a m and 8pm 

every day at a quarter past 3 

every day at 8 a m Sunday excepted 

Saturday at S p m 

every day, except Tuesday, a quarter 
past 3 - - 

every day 8 p ni 

every day at 8 a m 

every day at 8 a m 

every day at 8 a ni 

Wednesday and Saturday at 8 a m 

Sunday, Tuesday, Friday at 8 a m 

every day at eight am 

every day, except Tuesday, at eight p m 

every day at eight am 

every day at eight am 

every day at eight am 

every day at eight p m 

[every day, except Tuesday, a quarter 

past three 
jMonday, Thursday, Saturday, at 8 a m 
every day a quarter past three 
every day at eight am 
every day at eight am 
Monday, Thursday, Saturday eight p ra 
every day at eight p m 
every day at eight p m 
every day at eight a m and eight p m 
every day but Wednesday, at fight a m 
every day at eight am 
Monday, Thursday, Saturday, eight a m 
ever y day at eight am 
Sunday, 'I'uesday, Friday, at eight a m 
Monday, Thursday, Saturday, at 8 p m 
everyday at eight am 
every day at nine am 
every day at eight p m 
levery day at eight p m 





































Mu irk irk 



Wednesday, Saturday, at eight a m 

ever)- day, except Wednesday, at 8 a m 

Monday, Thursday, Saturday, 8 a ni 

every day at eight p ni 

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, at 8 a m 

every day at eight p m 

every day at eight am 

Sunday, Tuesday, Friday, at eight a m 

every day except Wednesday, at 8 a m 

Monday and Thursday, at eight p m 

Saturday at eight am 

every day at eight am 

every day at eight am 

every day at eight p ni 

Tuesday and Friday, at eight a m 

Monday and Thursday, at eight a m 

Monday, Thursday, and Saturday, at 

• eight p m 

Monday, Tliursday, and Saturday, at 
eight p m 

every day except Sunday, at eight a m 

every day at eight am 

every day at eight a m 

every day at eight p m 

every day except Tuesday, at eigiit p m 

every day at eight p ni 

every day but Tuesday, ut a quarter af- 
ter three 

Sund. Tuesd. and Frid. at eight a m 

every day at eight am 

every day at eight a m 

Tuesd. and Frid. at eight a m 

every day at eigiit a m 

Mond. Thursd. and Satur. at eight a in 

every day at eight a ni 

Mond. Thursd. Saturd. at eight a m 

Thursd. at eight p m 

every day at eight am 

Mond. Tuesd. Thursd. and Saturd. at 
sight p m 

every day at eight a m, and a quarter 
after three p m 
C c 3 



New Galloway- 
Newton Stewart 
Xorth Ferry 

Old Deer 
Old Meldrum 
Old Rain 
1 Pittenweeni 

;>t Andrews 
tit Bo swells 

•South Ferry 

Postage 6, 
every day at eight am - H 

iUonday, Wednesday, and Friday, at 

eight p ni - - 7 

every day at eight am - 6 

Sunday, I'uesday, Thursday, and Friday 

at eight am - - 8 

every day at eight am 
every day at eight am 
every day at eight a ni 
Monday, Thursday, and Saturday, at 

eight p m 
every day but Wednesday, at eight a m 
every day at eight am 
Sunday, Tuesday Friday, at eight a m 
every day at eight a m and eight p m 
every day at eight a m 
every day but Sunday, at eight a m 
every day at eight am 
every day at eight am 
every day at eight am 
every day at eight am 
iVIonday, Thursday, Saturday, eight p m 10 
every day at eight a m and eight p m 7 
tvery day eight am - Q 

every day eight a m and three p m 
every day eight am 
every day a quarter past 3 
every day at eight a m and three p m 
every day at a quarter past three 
every day at eight a m 
every day at eight p m 
Sunday, Tuesday, Friday, eight a m 
every day eight p m 
Sunday, Tuesday, Friday, eight a m 
every day eight am 
every day but Tuesday, a quarter past 3 7 
Monday, Thursday, Saturday, eight a ni 8 
Monday and Thursday, eight a ni 12 

every day but Tuesday, a quarter past 3 8 
jsimday, Tuesday, Friday, eight am 9 

'every day at eight am - - - 4 






















Postage d, 
Tuesday and Friday, eight am - S 
every day eight p m - 7 

every day eight a m and eight p m 6 

every day eight am - 8 

Saturday, eight am - - 12' 

every day eight p m - 9^ 

Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday, eight a m 10 
Monday, Thursday, and Saturday, eight 

am - - 9 

Wednesday and Saturday, eight am 13 
Monday, Thursday, and Saturday, eight 

p m - - 10 

every day at eight am - 11 

Monday, Thursday, and Saturday, eight 

p m - - 9 

every day but Wednesday, eight am 9 

IVIonday, Thursday, and Saturday, eight 

am - - 8 

every day at eight am - 12 

Monday, Thursday, and Saturday, eight. 

p m - - 10 

Monday, Thursday, and Saturday, eight 

am - - 12 

Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday, eight am 10 
every day at eight am - 9 

Thursday, eight p m - 10 

Monday, Thursday, and Saturday, eight 

;Monday, eight am 

every morning at eight am 

every day at eight am 

every day at eight am 

every day at eioht am 

every day but Wednesday, eight a m 







.V. B. — The lettets for London, the west and the 
east of Scotland, are dispatched on Sundays at two 
p. m. instead of a quarter after three, and eight in 
tiie evening of otlier Jays. 



The London Mail is dispatched every day, Thursday 
excepted, at a quarter after 3 o'clock, Pos- 
tage Is. Arrives every morning, except 

The Irish Mail is dispatched every day, at 8 morning 
and 8 night. 

The Mails for the West Indies, and North America, 
are made up at London, on the first Wed- 
nesday of every month- Letters for Ame- 
rica and such West India Islands as are not 
British, must be paid at in-giving. Postage 
from Edinburgh 2s, 4d. 

Letters for the East Indies must be paid at. Edinburgh, 
Postage, Is. 

Letters for any part of France, Holland, Italy, Turkey, 
Germany, Prussia, Switzerland, Denmark, 
Sweden, Russia, Sec. 2s. 5d. 

Letters for Gibraltar, Ss. 

Letters for Egypt, Sicily, and Malta, 3s. 4d. 

Letters for the Cape of Good Hope, Monte Video, 
and Buenos Ayres, is. 6^d. 

Shio Letters coming by vessels (other than packet- 
boats ) are chargeable with 4d. for every '* 
single Letter, and so in proportion, in ad- V 
dition to the internal Postage upon the in- 
land conveyance of such i>eiters. 

Letters for Spain to be forwarded under cover to a 
correspondent in Lisbon. Postage 2s. 8d. 

Newspapers. One pennymust bi- paid at in-giving with 
all Newspapers for IiC'-'land sent by post. 

Penny Post Letters delivered thiee times a day in 
Edinburgh, viz. 8 a. m, L and 6 p. m. 

Departures from Edinburgh to Leith — eight morning 
— one afternoon — a quarter past 3 afternoon 
— and 8 at nigjit. 

Departures from Leith to Edinburgh, at 7 morning, 
one, three, and 7 evening. 


Small De])t Court lor the County of 

The acting Justices of Peace, Jtuhcs 

James Nevvbiggiug, Principal clerk 

Acl. Rolland, James Wilson, and R. Newbigging, De- 

■h Hies 
James Mack, Ast'istant 

The Court in Edinburgh is held every Monday, at 
eleven o'clock forenoon, within the High Justiciary- 
Court room. 

At Dalkeith the last Thursday of every month ; 
and at mid Calder, by adjournment, four times in the 

Two or more Justices of Peace may transact business. 
No sum above 51. can be sued for. 
No practitioner in the law allowed to act. 
No appeal Hes, but by reduction, on the head of op- 
pression, to the Court of Session ; and the party 
complaining must End security for the amount of 
the debt, also past and future costs. — Where a de- 
cree has gone in absence, the cause may be re-heard, 
upon consigning the Sums decerned for, and giving 
intimation to the other party to attend. 

Fees jlxed hi/ Act of Parliament, 

To the Clerk of Court for drawing up petition or 

complaint - - L.. 6 

For *;ntering and transcribing the same in 

his book 6 

To the Clerk for a copy of service - 2 


To the Clerk for signing and entering the 

same in his book - - - L. 4; 

To ditto for entering the appearance of eve- 
ry defender - - - - 6 

To ditto for every oath - - - 4 

To ditto for the decree containing the war- 
rant of execution - - - 6 

To ditto for Warrant to cite defenders, wit- 
nesses, or any other warrant or order 

To the crier for calung the action 

To the officer, for sumnaoning the defenders 
or witnesses, each - ' - 

To ditto, for the execution of arrestment of 
the defender's effects . . - 

To ditto and his assistants, for poinding ef- 
fects - - 

To them for selling the Gnme 

To them for execution against the defender's 
person - ' 

To the ofBcer, for every mile he shall travel 
to the country 

And to each assistant, where assistance is 
necessary - . _ 










City and County of Edinburgh Ten 
Mcrk and Small Debt Courts. 

These Courts are held every Tuesday, at ten o'clock 
forenoon, in the old Justiciary court-house, by the 
Magistrates, as Justices of Peace within the city 
and Liberties thereof. Ih the former, are deter- 
mined all causes to the amount of ten merks Scots, 
or lis. l^d. and ander, and claims for wages to 
1 807. 

311 . 

any amount, upon verbal citations ; and in the latter, 
questions respecting debts to the extent 6f 31, 6s. 8d. 
upon libels given out by James Feggans clerk of 
court, whose office is adjoining to the court-house, 
and at the Council Chamber. 

High Constables for the City for 1807, 
and their respective Bounds. 

Kincaid Mackenzie, Moderator. 
Arcliibald Constable, Treasurer. 
James Kallantyne, Chaplain. 
George Moncrieff, Secrdary. 

1. Francis Cameron begins at the West port, and ends 
at the south-west corner of the West bow, compre- 
hending all the north side of the Grassmaiket. 

2. John Brougham begins at the foot of the West bow, 
goes up the west side thereof to and including the 
uppermost close. 

3. Peter Murray begins at the head of the West bow, 
west side, and goes up the south side of the street 
to the Castlehill. 

4. Alexander Henderson begins at the Castlehill, and 
goes down the north side of the street to Nairn's 
close, including in it Ramsay Garden, &c. 

5. George Young begins at Nairn's close, and goes 
down the north side of the street to Gladstone's 

€. Andrew Dickson begins at Gladstone's close, and 
ends with the west side of Bank street. 


7. David Allan begins with the east side of Bank 
street, including the Bank of Scotland, and ends at 
Byers' close, wes't side. 

8. John Kedie begins at the east of Byers' close, and 
ends at Allan's close, west side 

9. Forbes Hunter Blair begins at the east side of Al- 
lan's close, and ends at Geddes' close, west side. 

10. Archibald Constable btgins at the east side of 
Geddes' close, ^n^ ends at the west side of Bull s 

11. David Bridges junior begins at the east side of 
Bull's close, and ends with tht- west sid-e ot Halker- 
ston's wynd, including both sides of North bridge. 

12. Paul Baxter begins at the east side of Halkeiston's 
wynd, and ends at Monson's close, west side. 

13. Andrew Wilson begins at the east s'de of Morison's 
close, and ends at the west side of Cimlmers' close. 

li. William Hunter begins at the east side of Chalmers' 
close, and ends at the west side of Leith wynd. 

15. Francis Davison begins at the head of St Mary 
wynd, west side, and goes up the south side of the 
High street to Gray's close, east side, inclusive. 

16. Andrew Milroy begins at the west side of Gray's 
close, and goes up the south side of the High street 
to Blackfriars wynd. 

17. John Stenhouse begins at the Cowgate port, oh 
both sides of the street, to Blackfriars wynd, and the 
east side of the High school wynd. 

IS. Robert Stevenson begins at the High school gate, 
southwards, and the west side of that wynd to the 
east of Robertson's close, and includes the new build- 
ings opposite the College, 

19. P. P. Sherriff begins at the west side of Black- 
friars wynd, and goes up the south side of the street 
to Cant's close, east side, including the intermediats 
spacj down to the Canongate. 


•20. Charles Smith begins at the west side of Cant's 
close, and ends at the east side of Niddry street, 
including the intermediate space down to the Cow- 

21. James Thomson begins at the west side of N:d- 
dry street, includes the east side of South bridge to 
Infirmary street, and from the west side of R.cbert- 
son's close to the Soutli bridge. 

22. James Weddell junior, begins at the Tron church, 
including the west side of South bridge, Hunter's 
square and Blair's street, both sides, and the oppo- 
site side of the Cowgate to the College. 

23. Arcliibald Torry begins at the north west corner 
of Hunter's square, and up the south side of the 
High street, to and including the east side cf Bell's 
wynd, and the north side of the Cowgate, from BeU"s 
wynd to Blair street. 

2i<. William GrilHchs begins at the west side of Ball's 
wynd, and ends at the Covenant close, i.icluding 
both sides of it, and the north side of the Cowgate, 
from Bell's wynd to Burnet's close. 

2.5^ John M'Lean begins at the head of Covenant 
close, and ends at the east side of Borthwick's close, 
including the north side of the Cowgate, from Bur- 
net's close to Borthwick's close. 

25. William Ewan begins at the west side of Borth- 
wick's close, and ends with the east side of the Royal 
Bank close, including the intermediate space, and 
the north side of the Cowgate, from Borthwick's 
close to the entry to Heron's court. 

27. Henry Martin begins at the west side of the Royal 
Bank close, and ends at the entry to the Parliament 
close, including the Cowgate, from Heron's court to 
Back stairs. 

28. Charles Henry Core begins at the entry to the 
parliament close, including the Parliament close; to 

1807. D d 


the Councll-Kouse door, and south side of the 

29. Alexander Mackny begins at the east side of Has- 

tie's close, to the east side of the Horse wynd, up 

to tlie- College, and along the Potter-row port. 
SO. George Ramsay, printer, begins at the Laigk 

Council-house door, up the High street to Libber- 

ton's wynd, including Bess wynd, Forrester's wynd, 

and Turk's close, with the entry from Forrester's 

wynd to Libberton's wynd. 
?A. Thomas Bonar begins at the head of Libberton's 

wynd, down the east side thereof to the Cowgate, 

and the north side of the Cowgate, to and including 

the Back stairs. 
32. Robert Hall begins r.t the west side of Libberton's 

wynd, and goes up the High street to Brodie's close, 

53, James Newton begins at the head of Brodie's close, 

and goes up the High street to the head of the West 

S^. Archibald Anderson begins at the head of the 

Cowgate, and goes down the east thereof, including 

the closes. 

35. George Hay begins at the Cowgate head, and 
goes down the Cowgate to Libberton's wynd, in- 
cluding all the closes except the uppermost. 

36. Kincaid Mackenzie begins at the Potter-row, goes 
down the west side of the Horse wynd, and up the 
south side of the Cowgate, to under Campbell's close, 

37' John Smith begins at the first house above under 
Campbell s cLose, and goes up the south side of the 
Cowgate, including Merchant court, and up the east 
side of the Candlemaker-row, to and including Mer- 
chant street. 



38. Alexander Smellie begins at the first house above 
Merchant street, and goes up the east side of the 
Candlemaker-rovv, and eastward to the Potter-row 
porl:, inckiding the Society, Brown's and ArgylPs 
squares, Merchant street, and 5\Ierchant court. 

39. Robert Green begins at the Society port, and goes 
down the west side cf the Candlemaker-row to the 
Cowgate, and west the south side of th& Grassmar- 
ket to the east side of Campbell's close, inclusive, 

40. Alexander Livingstone begins at the west side of 
CaiTipbeU's close, goes west the south side of the 
Grassmarket to the east side of \vc;;t Hamilton's 
close, inclusive. 

41. James Sheriff begins at the west side of west Ha- 
milton's close, and goes west the south side of the 
Grassmarket to the West port. 

42. and 43. Peter Maclaurin and William Waddell 
begin at the south side of the Canongate head, and 
go to St John's cross, west side. 

44. William Gilchrist begins at the south' side of 
Prince street, and goes through St Ann and Canal 

45. James Ballantyne begins at the Register office, goes 
west Prince street, includes the east side of south 
and north St Andrew street, and the east side of 
the- square, and Queen street from 6t Andrew street 
to St George's chapel, west Register street, and 
Gabriel s road. 

46. Alexander Craig, botii sides of York place and 
Elder street. 

47- John Paterson includes Duke street, Albany row, 
the buildings at Bellevue, Heriot row, and the new 
buik'ings to the west and north 

48. Wilham Sibbald begins with north and south St 
Andrew street, west side, and ends witk south and 
!3orth St David street, east side, including that aart 
1807. ■ D d 2 



of Prince street to the south and north side of St 
Andrew square, and the Meuse. 

49. A. G. Hunter begins at the south west of south 
St David street, goes up the west side to Rose 
street, incUiding south side of Rose street, to Ha- 
rover street, with the Meuse, and east side of Ha- 
nover street, from Rose street to Prince street, and 
Prince street, from Hanover street to St David str. 

50. James Hamilton begins at the east side of Hano- 
ver street, from Rose street to Thistle street, inclu- 
ding both sides of George street, from Hanover 
r-treet to St Andrew square, and the west side of 
St Andix'U' square, from Thistle street to Rose 

51. Hugh Handyslde begins at the east side of Ha- 
never street, from Thistle street to Queen street, 
from Hanorver street to St David street, and west 
side of St David sti-eet, from Queen street to 
Thistle street, both sides of Thistle street, from St 
David street to Hanover street, with the Meuse 
behind, also Thistle court, Rose court, and Union 

52. John Anderson begins at the west side of south 
Hanover street, including the east side of south 
Frederick street and the intermediate space of Prince 
street, Rose street, the Meuse, and south side of 
George street. 

53. Sutherland Mackenzie begins at west side of north 
Hanover street, includes east side of north Frede- 
rick street, and the intermediate space of Queen 
street, Thistle street, the Meuse, and the north side 
of George strett. 

5i. Francis Bridges begins at the west side of south 
Frederick street, including the east side of south 
Castle stret-t, and the intermediate spaces of Prince 
street and Rcse street. 


55. George MoiicreifT begins, at the v/est side of north. 
Frederick street, includes theeast side of north Castle 
street, and the intermediate space of Queen street, 
Hill street, and both sides of George street. 

56. Robert Mdler begins at the west side of south 
Castle street, includes the east side of south Char- 
lotte street, and the intervening space of Prince 
street, Rose street, and south side of George 

57. John Pitcairn begins at the west side of north 
Castle street, includes the east side of north Char- 
lotte street, and the intermediate space of Q leen 
street and north side of George street, 

.58. Richard Paterson begins at south Charlotte st;vet, 
includes north Cliarlotte street, west side, Charlotte 
square, and all the extended Roytilty to the v/est- 

59. George Winton includes Shakspeare square, and 
goes down the right hand side of Leith walk to and 
including Baxter's buildings. 

60. Robert Smith begins at the west end of Leith 
Terrace, includes that street, high and low, with 
Eroiighton, down to the toll-bar. 

Const ahks of CanongaU and Plmsauce, 

{^Each residing nvithin his Bounds.^ 

1 . Thomas Bowers, Leith wynd 

2. Thomas i urnbull, from head of Leith wynd to 
Morocco s close. 

S. Andrew Drybrough, from Morocco's close to Jack's 

4. Robert Aitken, from Jack's entry to the Canon- 
• gate church. 

5. William Plill, from the church to Can>pbell's close* 

1807. L> d 3 


6. George Gordon, from Campbell's close to Water- 

b ~' 

7. David Ncilson, from the Abbey strand to Milton 

8. Heiiry Tod, moderator, from Milton dyke to the 
Linen hall 

9. Archibald Cameron junior, from the Linen hall to 
St John cross. 

10. Aitken Megget, St John hill. 

11. James Ralston, east side of I'leasance street. 

Ii2. and 13. Forrest Alexander and , 

west side of Pleasance, including Roxburgh and 
Hunter's parks, from the City wall along the east 
side of the Back row to the old Crackling house, 
being within the jurisdiction of Canongate and lieu- 
tenancy thereof. 

John Mason, Clerh. 

Abbey Constables. 

John Ivliller, John Carmichael, and Charles Stewart. 

NicGlson's Park. 

3. Aiidrev/ Rutherford and WiUiam Young, bounds 
from North end of Nicolson street to tlie corner 
of west Nicolson street. 

2. John Bell and John AVilson, bounds west Nicolson 

3. John White and John Begrie, bounds south end of 
Nicolson street. 

4'. W ilham Cormack and .Tames Stewart, bounds west 
Richmond street and Back row. 

5. R. Mitchell and W. Drysdale, Simon square. 

6. G. More and Jo, M'Kay, south Richmond street* 

7. H. Lyburn and G. Watson, north Richmond str. 



Wester Portsbur^.li. 

I'irst bounds. Nicol Wilson, brewer, Moderator 
John Lizars, shoemaker 
Andrew Walker, saddler 

2d bounds- William Wilson, brewer 
.. John Veitch, baker 

James Warden, corn-chandler 

3d bounds. William Laurie, farrier 
William Davie, grocer 
Richard Learmonth, wright 

4th bounds. John Donaldson, spirit-dealeF 
John Scott, watchmaker 
John Small, spirit-dealer 

Easter Portsburgh. 

David Scott, gunsmith, Moderator 
Alexander Phillip, baker 
William Haig, baker 
Douglas Hog, painter 
George Sutherland, grocer 
James Hog, smith 
John Robertson, wright 
Andrew Lawrie, baker 
John Miller, brewer 
William Martin, bookseller 
James Grieve, grocer 
Thomas Easton, baker 

George Sutherland, grocer, Nicolson's street, Quarter 
(Billet) master, 

320 . 

List of Parishes within the Suhdivisioii 
of the Ancient and Extended Royalty 
of the City of Edinburgh. 

1. Nenv North Church. 
Begins sooth side of Castlehill, ends at the Council- 
chamber, takes hi Mr Creech's land. 

2. High Church. 
Begins Warriston's close, ends at Bishop's land. 

3. Old Church. 
Begins Parliament close, takes in the Back stairs, 
ends at Blair street, takes in the west side of said street. 

4. Tolbooth Church. 
Begins north side of the Castle-hill, ends head of 
Warriston's close. 

5. .College Church. 
Begins head of Gray's close, north side, ends head 
oi Leith wynd, takes in St Mary's wynd, and down to 
St John's Cross, Canongate, south side. 

6. Lady 7~ester's. 

Takes in the College wynd, and from the foot of 
Blair street to the Covvgate port, the houses on the 
south side of the arch, South bridge, Adam's square, 
north College street, Infirmary street. High school 

7. Tron Church. 

Begins east side of Blair street, takes in the South 
bridge, north side ot the arch, and goes down to the 
head of St Mary's wynd. 



8. Old Greyfriars. 

Takes in the casi side of the \Ve3t-bo\v, and from 
the Cowgate head dovyii to the Colltge Avyiid, south 
tidt, and to the foot of Blair street on the north side, 
Argyll bquarc, Brown's square, Merchant street. 

9. Neiv Grcijfr'iars. 

Takes in the west side of AVest-bow, Grassniarketj 

10. St Andrew's. 
The whole of the New Town. 

Police Court, Riddel's Close, Lawn- 

John Tait, Esq. Sufierlntendant and Judge 
Andrew Baillie, Principal Clerk 

Inspectors of Wards. 
Ward 1. Sc 4. James Graham, — Ancient Royalty? — 

Canongate and Portobello — office, 

Ward 2. 5: 3. Francis M-tcalf,— Extended Royalty 

— Caltcn and down to Bonnington 

road — office, 17. mid Rose street 
Ward 5. 5c G. W. H. Stevenson, — South districts — 

easter and wester Portsburgh— of. 

fice, Bristo street 

Ward 1. £c 4'. Angus Cameron, and Jolm Hardi* 
Ward 2, & 3. Clement Porter 


Waid 5, Sc 6. Robert Ross 

David Gray, cff.ct-hejier, and cr'ier oj 

N. B. The Police court sits every 
lawful day at Ten o'clock forenoooj 

for the Court of Police for the City of Edinburgh-, 
and adioining districts. 

Which fcrms of procedure and table of fees are esta- 
blished by his Majesty's Sheriff-depute of the coimty 
of Edinburgh, and the Lord Provost and IVlagis- 
trates of the City of Edinburgh, with the advice 
and approbation of the Lord President of the Couit 
of Session, and Lord Justice-Clerk, in terms of the 
act of the 45th year of the reign of his Majesty 
George IIL intituled, " An act for regulating the 
" Police of the City of Edinburgh, and the adjoin- 
*' ing districts, and for other purposes relating 
" thereto. 


Into, The person in custody ot the constable or 
watchmen, to b^? brought before the Judge, and the 
complaint or cause of apprehension to be stated as di- 
rected in article 5. 

2do, The examination of the offender and witnesses 
to be taken instanter, viva "voce. 

"do, The Judge to determine and decide upon the 
case, de jiJano, or to delay procedure for twenty-four 
hours, exclusive of Sundays and holidays, if he shall 
think tit to comply with the d.-sire either of the corn- 
plainer or defender to that effect ; and the defender to 
obt^n a copy of the complaint if required. 

4/0, In bailable offences, the offender may apply fov 


find be admitted to bail as soon as the examination is 
concluded, and the amount thereof shall be at the di- 
rection of the Judge, agreeably to the statute S9, 
Geo. lil. cap. 49. 

5to, All complaints shall be made either in writing, 
or in printed forms, having the names of the parties 
and grounds of complaint filled up in writing, in as feW 
words as possible. 

6/0, The judgment shall be engrossed upon the com- 
|)laint, and subscribed by the Judge. 

Imo, Where the case is not determined at the first 
hearing, the party complained upon may be committed 
to jail, kept in custody, admitted to bail, or appointed 
to appear at the after hearings, according as the cir- 
cumstances of the case may x'equire. 

Svo, The Clerk to keep an exact list of all the cases 
determined, with an abstract of the sentences. 

9no, The complaints and Judgments thereon to be 
kept as a Record in terms of the Act, and certified 
copies to be given by the Clerk, either wholly in wri- 
ting or partly printed. 

lOwo, When sentence is pronounced, execution is 
to follow in terms of the Act. 

1 \mo, When the party offending is absent, and no 
bail found, warrant maybe granted upon the complaint 
to apprehend him and bring hira before the Judge, to 
answer to the matters therein contained, as also to sum- 
mon witnesses, and if the witnesses fail to attend, a 
second warrant to be granted for apprehending and 
detaining them till examined, or till caution is found 
for their appearance. 

\2mo, If the Judge shall deem it unnecessary or im- 
proper to grant warrant for apprehension, he may grant 
warrant to summon the offender to appear at an ap- 
pointed time, and on his failing to attend, may theB 


eithei*issue his warrant for sppreheiisicn, or proceed 
to take evidence, and give judgnnent in the case. 

1'3/io, The Constable or Officer, when suinmoning-, 
requires no witnesses. His written return of the exe- 
cution shall be held to be sufficient evidence thereof. 

14-/0, In cases where bail has been found, either to 
Appear at a certain diet, or to appear when notice is 
given to the party or cautioner, and no appearance is 
made, the Judge may declare the bail bond forfeited, 
and the money recovered in consequence thereof, is 
to go to the fund for fines, or to the private party for 
damages, or part each purpost , after deducting what is 
necessary for defraying the expences, according to the 
nature of the complaint, and as the judge may deter- 
mine. The money to be recovered in the same way 
as fines or damages themselves would be recoverable. 

15/'?, Every public outrage, every theft, robbery, or 
depredation, every obstruction or nuisance, or breach 
of cleanliness, and every imposition or overcharge in 
articles under the cognisance of the Act before refer- 
red to, are to be deemed public offences, and to be 
prosecuted by the Inspectors of the bounds. 

FEES Ckrl'. 

Eveiy bail-bond for appearance in the Po- 
lice Court, - " L.6 1 

Every bail-bond in terms of the Act 1701, 
or bond to keep the peace, 

Every complaint by a private party. 

Entering in list, - - - 

Written warrant, when such is necessary, at 
instance of a private party, to apprehend 
or summon the person or persons com- 
plained upon, - - 4< 

"Written warrant, when such is necessary, to 





summon witnesses for a private party, or 
witnesses for any defender, L. 4 

Attendance at a visit of tlie Judge in cases 

reqniring local inspection, - 2 

Extract complaint at the instance of any pri- 
vate party, with sentence thereon, 10 

Constables: . 

Executing any written warrant against party 
or witnesses upon a complaint by a pri- 
vate party, or witnesses for any defend- 
er ; for each person against whom exe- 
cuted - - - 4. 

Detaining in custody after sentence till the 
sums decerned for are paid, or the party 
imprisoned, - - - 4 

Arresting the effects of the person com- 
plained upon ; for each arrestee, 4 

Executing search-warrants for stolen articles at the 
instance of private parties. — Where searches are 
made and nothing found, no charge whatever shall 
be made for the search ; but when any thing is 
found, the Constable shall be allowed One .Suilling, 
and each of the witnesses Foiirpence, for making the 
search, if the time necessarily employed in such 
search does not exceed one hour : But if it sliall 
exceed one hour, to be allowed more, according to 
circumstances, as the Judge may di-t-.Tmine ; and 
without prejudice to persons who may recover va- 
luable articles to make further allowances to the 
Constables and v/itnesses, but so as that such al- 
lowances shall always be authorised by the Judge. 

Where summonses are given, or warrir.ts executed, 
without the bounds of Police, the Constable shall 
be allowed Threepence for every mile he goes be- 
yond these bounds. 

1807. Ee 


Crier of Court. 
For every complaint at the instance of a private party, 

One Penny. 

No fees to be charged to the complainer in com- 
plaints at the instance of the Inspector as Fiscal of a 
Ward, or for the complainer's part of the procedure 
thereon ; but where the private partv joins the Inspec- 
tor in the same complaint, and demands damages pay- 
able to himself, the fua fees to be charged against the 
private party, conform to the foregoing rules : And 
•where tlie party complained upon shall be subjected in 
expences in complaints at the instance of the Inspector 
Fiscal of a Ward, such expences shall be stated con- 
form to the foregoing rules, and paid to the General 
Collector, or any person authorised by him to receive 
the same, for behoof of those interested, and to be di- 
vided among them according to their sever^ interests. 
The furegoing Forms of Procedure, and Tables of 
Fees, are established in the mean time, but are only of 
an experimental nature, and are therefore subject to 
such alterations as practice and experience may suggest 
to be proper : And in so far as such alterations may 
hereafter be made in a regular manner, by his Majes- 
ty's Sheriff-depute of the County, and by the Lord 
Provost and Magistrates of the city, with the advice 
and approbation of the Lord President of the Court 
of oession, and the Lord Justice-Clerk, in terms of the 



Public Ofiiccs in Edinburgh. 



Admiralty oftice 
Barriick office 
Caledonian Insur. of. 
Cess office 
Chamberlain's office 
City-Tax office 
County Tax office 
ditto Collector's of. 
Dead of Guild's of: 
Excise of. 

Excise Permit-office 
Friendly Insur. office 
General Post-office 
Glasgow Fire-office 
Justice of Peace of. 
Kirk Treasurer's of. 
Kirk-Sess. Clerks of. 
Lyon Clerk's office 
Mail Coach office 
Min. Wid. Fund of. 
Phcenix Fire office 
Sheriff Clerk's office 
Signet office 
Scamp office 
Tax office 
Town Clerk's office 
Trustees' office 
Water duty office 

10 to S,and 6 to 8 

from 10 to 3 

10 to 3 and 6 to 8 

9 to 3 and 6 to 8 

10 to 4, and 6 to 8 

9 to 3, and 6 to 8 

10 to 3 p m 

10 to 3, and 6 to 8 

9 a m to 10 p ra 
! 10 to 3 

jlO to 4, and 6 to 8 
|8to 9am 1 to2pm 
fromlOam to8 pm 
|6 a m to 8 p m 
jfrom 10 to 3 

10 to 3, and 5 to 8 

9 to 4 

10 to 3 

10 to 4, and 6 to 8 
6 a m to 10 p m. 
10 to 4, and 6 to 8 

9 to 4, and S to 8 

10 to 3, and 5 to 8 

1 1 to 1'2, and*5 to C 
10 to 4, and 6 to 8 

10 to 4, and 6 to 8 

11 to 3 

10 to 4, and 6 to 8 


Wliere situated. 

Parliament close 
2. Charlotte square 
South bridge 
Bank st, Lawnniar. 
head of Bank street 
Bank st. Lawnniar. 

Jackson's close 
Eellevue place 
Parliament square 
St Andrew's square 
High street 
head of Back stairs 
North bridge 
Royal exchange 
Gosford's cl Lawn.' 
Royal Exchange 
2. Parliament square 
George square 
so. St Andrew str, 
Scott's close 
South bridge 
Writers' court 
Old ship close 
45. Prince street 
Writers' court 
sani. with Cham. of. 


GtTtcral Agents, Insurance-Brokers, 
&c. in Edinburoli. 

Allan, Robert and Son 
Ck;rk and Koss 
(jallaway, VViliiam 
Haig, James and Co. 
John Johnstone 
Kinnear and Sons 
Mackay, 01iphr:iit & Co. 
ocott Moncrieff, and Ro- 
Murray, Baxter & Mason 
Paterso:;, David 
Pitcairn and Scott 
James Richmond ' 
Sievwright, A. 
Stewart, A. 

Thomson and Company 
Thomson, James 
Wardrope, J. and Co. 

Royal Excliange 
South bridge 
Royal Exchange 
Royal Exchange 
High street 
Royal Exchange 
Cowgate head 

High street 
North bridge 
Mihi's square 
Parliament square 
20. South bridge 
102. South bridge 
8. South bridge 
James' square 
Royal Exchange 

Stage Coaches from Edinburgh. 

Aberdeen Royal Mail coach, from Drysdale's Mail 
Goach office, south St Andrew street, 
every morning at 9 a. m. 

Carlisle Royal Mail coach, from ditto, every day at 2 
p. m. by Selkirk, Hawick, &c. 

Dalkeith coach from William Bell's and P. Maxton's 
Pligh street, at 11 and 12 forenoon, and 
7 and 8 evening — from Mackay's High 
street, at 12 noon, and 7 evening, 


Dumfries. The Royal Mail coach from Drysdale^s 
at half past 8, every morning, by Bridge- 
house, Moffat, &c. 

Glasgow Royal Mail coach from ditto, at 9 a. m. 
Sundays half past 8 by mid Calder, Whit- 
burn, &c. 

... — Royal Telegraph every day at S morning, 
also at 4 afternoon, Sundays excepted, 
from Mackay's 3. Prince street, so. side. 

— ^— — The Mercury Long-coach from M'Gre- 
gor's Crown hotel. Prince street, every 
morning at nine, Sunday excepted. 
■ ■■ The Royal Eagle Long-coach every day at 
3 afternoon, from ditto, Sunday except- 

< The Queen Charlotte, Long-coach, from 

Mrs Lawson's Cowgate head, eveiy law- 
ful day at 9 morning 

Haddington coach arrives at 1 1 forenoon at Swanston'r. 
head of Niddry street — sets off "half past 
three every lawful day. 

coach from W. Bell's High street, ?X 9 

o'clock morning, ditto. 

Haddington and Dunbar, from ditto (Long-coach) 
every lawful day at 3 afternoon. 

Jedburgh coach from Drydcn's Cowgate head, Mon- 
day and Thursday at 7 morning. 

eoach from H, Fortune's Chapel ttreet, at 

9j.every morning. 

Kelso Fly, from the White horse Lin, Canongate 
head — Summer, Tuesday, Thursday, and 
Satmday, at 8 morning — Winter, Tues- 
day, and Saturday. — Another from Cun- 
ningham's Nethcrbow, same days, Sum- 
mer and Winter. 
iS07. E e 3/ 


Lanark coach rrom Drydeu's Cowgate head, Tuesday 
and Friday, at 7 

Leith coaches from Wm. Bell's High street, every 
half hour, from 1 1 forenoon to 9 even- 

' from John Duff's, High street, every 

hour, from 11 forenoon to 9 evening 

■ ■ — from Mrs Mackay's High street, every 

hour, from 1 1 forenoon to 9 evening. 

Linlithgow and Falkirk Flys from Water's, Grass- 
market, every day at 4 afternoon, Sunday 

London. The Royal Mail-coach from Di^sdale's, 
by Berwick, Newcastle, and York, every 
lawful day at half past three — Sundays 
at three p. m. 

— The High Flyer coach from ditto, every law- 
ful day, at 5 morning, by Berwick, 
Newcastle, and York ; stops at Newcas- 
tle and York a night each. 

Musselburgh. A coach frotp Greenlaw's High street, 
to Musselburgh, at l'.i noon, returns at 7 
p. m. 

— A coach from Swanston's High street, to 

ditto, at 1 p. m. returns at 7 p. m. 

>- From William Bell's High street, at 10 

forenoon, and half past 5 afternoon. 

Newhaven coach from VV. Bell's High street, every 
lawful day, at half past 1 forenoon, half 
past 3, and 8 evening. 

Prestonpans coach from Greenlaw's High street, at 4 
p. m. (Returns at 9 morning following.) 

Peebles^ A caravan from Reid's Candlemaker-row, 
every Friday morning at 8. 

• . — A coach from from li. Fortune's, Chapel 

street, every morning at 9. 
1 807. 


Perth. The Union coach from Drysdale's, by 
Queensferry and Kinross. — Tuesday, 
Thursday, Saturday, at 10 a. m. 

Stirhng and Falkirk. Long coach from Mackay's, 
Oliver's and Proudfoot's Grassmarket, 
every lawful day at 9 morning. 

Stirling. Mail coach from Drysdale's every morn- 
ing at half past 8, by Linlithgow, Fal- 
kirk, Sec. 

coach from Mackay's 3. Prince street, south 

side, evei-y morning at 9. 

So. Queensferry from W. Bell's High street, every 
morning at 9, and at 4 p. m. Departures 
from the feri-y at t;.': same hours. 



A LIST of Carriers, where they put up^ 
with the days of their Arrival at and 
Departure from Edinburgh. 

From ivhence. 

1 Aberdour 

2 Aberdeen 

3 Ditto 

4 Ditto 

5 Aberlady 

6 Alloa 

7 Annan 

8 Anstruther 

9 AirtH 

10 Athole 

11 Atholstoiiford 

12 Ditto 

13 Auchterardcr 
14" Auchtermuclity 

15 Ayr 

16 Ditto 

17 Ditto 

18 Arbroath 

19 Balgone E. L. 

20 Bathgate 

21 Ballcncrief 

22 Berwick North 

23 Ditto 

24 Berwick on Tweed 

25 Bervie 

26 Biggar 

27 Di\to 

28 Ditto 

29 Ditto 


TVhere lodged. 

Walker's, Bell's wynd 
Hog's, King's close 
buff's, High street 
Walker's, Bell's wynd 
Kt'ppie's, Canongate head 
M'Quillan's, Cowgate head 
Brown's, Grassmarket 
M'Intosh's, Blair street 
Virtue's, Grassmarket 
Clelaud's, ditto 
Jiay's, Canongate head 
Stewart's, ditto 
Dryden's, Cowgate 
Davie's, old Assembly close 
Clark's, Grassmarket 
Inches, ditto 
Ditto, ditto 
Walker's, Bell's wynd 
Keppie's, Canongate head 
Clark'?-, Grassmarket 
Hay's, Canongate head 
Ditto - 

Stewart's, s. back Canongate 
H'.y's, Canongate head 
Walktr's, Bt-U's wynd 
Virtue's, Grassmarket 

Train's, ditto 
. Patersoii's, Candlemaker-row 


Carriers names. 


Departures . 

1 G. Edmonston 



2 J. Cameron 

ues, Thur. Sat. 

Mon. Wed. Frid. 

3 J. Stewart 

T ditto 


4 G. Skirving 



5 J. Mathison 

6 J. Wright 

7 C. Richardson 

once a fortnight 


8 J. Robertson 

9 P. M'Queen 



10 J. Robertson 

once a month 

11 G. Brooks 

12 D. Thomson 



13 A. Hume 

once a fortnight 

14 J. Walker 



15 WyleandCo. 



16 J. Boyd 

17 W. Culbert 



18 G. Skirving 



19 K. Sliear 



20 J. LesHe 



21 H. Buchanan 



22 R. Bertram 

23 G. Ramage 
24. W. Burns 





25 G. Skirving 



26 W. Ferguson 

27 J. Mmto 



28 A. Law 

29 J. Bryce 





From tuJience. 

1 BoiTowstounacss 

2 Brechin 

.S Crouj^hton 

4 Burntisland 

5 Cairnmiiir 

6 Callender 

7 Cambusnethan 
S Castle Craig 

9 Carmichael 

10 Carron 

1 1 Calder Mid 

12 Calder West 

13 Calder West 

14 Carluke 

15 Carnwath 

16 Ditto 

17 Carlisle 

18 Ditto 

19 Ditto 

20 Cirlops 

21 Carnie hill 

22 Causewell 

23 Cleghorii 

24 Coldstream 

25 Coulter 

26 Crieff # 

27 Ditto 

28 Cumnock 

29 Crail 

30 Cupar Fife 

31 Cupar Angus 

32 Culross 

33 Churnside 

34 Ditto 


Where lodged. 

A. Clark, Grassmarket 

Walker's, Bell's wynd 

Virtue's Grassmarket 

Walker's, Bell's wynd 

'Scott's, Candlemaker-row 

Clark's, Grassmarket 


Train's, ditto 

Cleland's, Grassmarket 

Ormiston, ditto 

Cleland's, ditto 

Scott's, Candlemaker-row 

Devvar's, ditto 

Clark's, Grassmarket 

Train's, ditto 

Kinloch's, ditto 

Virtue's, ditto 

Hog's, Bristo street 

Paterson's, Candlemaker-row 

Ormiston, Grassmarket 

Clark's, ditto 

Train's, ditto 


Scott's, Candlemaker-row 

Paterson's, ditto 

Campbell's, Grassmarket 


Brown's, ditto 

Reid's, Kinloch's close 

Davie's, old Assembly close 

Hunter's, Fishmarket close 

M'Callum's, Grassmarket 

Tait's, Canongate head 

Keppie's, ditto 


Carriers Names. 



1 R. Henderson 

twice a-week 

2 G. Skirving 



3 J. Taylor, 

once a fortnight 

4 J. Anderson 



5 J. Bertram 
G D. M'Phail 

once a fortnight 


7 J. Weir 



8 D. MofFat 



9 W. Johnston 

10 D. Morison 

1 1 J. Robertson 

Monday Friday 

Monday Friday 

12 D. Davidson 



13 J. Tailor 

Thursd. Saturd. 

Thurs. Satur. 

14 J. M'Ghie 



15 W. Anderson 

16 J. Somerville 



17 J. Leech man 



18 R. Hislop 

Wed. and Satur. 

Thurs. and Mon. 




20 A. Brown 

21 A. Wilson 

22 W. Robb 




23 J. Brown 

once a fortnight 

24 J. Purves 



25 R. Ramsay 

26 A. White 

once a-vveek 


27 D. Davidson 


28 R. Latta 

29 J. Fleming 

30 R. Roger 







31 A. Murray 



32 <• Henderson 



33 T. Carse 



34 D. Gray 





From "whence. 

1 Covington 

2 .' alkeith 


4 Dalton 

5 Dolphington 

6 Dunbar 

7 Ditto 

8 Dunblane 

9 Duddingston 

10 Dundee 

11 Ditto 

12 Dunglass 

13 Dunfernnline 
14' Ditto 

15 LJunkeld 

16 Dunmore 

17 Dumfries 

18 Ditto 

19 J>itto 

20 Ditto 

21 Ditto 

22 Dunse 

23 Ditto 
9.^ Dunsyre 

25 Dollar 

26 Dysart 

27 Dunning 

28 Dirleton 

29 Earlstone 
SO Ditto 

31 Ebenton 

32 Eddlestone 

33 Ecclefechan 

34 Ely 


JVhere lodged. 

Paterson's, Grassmarket 

Dryden's, Cowgate head 

M'Quillan's, ditto 

Inches, Grassmarket 

Brown's, ditto 

Hay's, Canongate head 

Keppie's, ditto 

Onmston's, Grassmarket 

Cbrk's, ditto 

Walker's, Bell's wynd 

Duff's, High street 

H.iy's, Canongate head 

Clark's, Grassmarket 

Virtue's, ditto 

Hog's, King's close 

Virtue's, '. rrassmarket 

Virtue's, ditto 


Inches,' ditto 


Ti-aiii's, ditto 

M'Quillan's, Cowgate head 


Brown's, Grassmarket 

Reid's, Candlemaker-row 
I Stewart's, Netherbow 
j Brown's, Grassmarket 
I Keppie's Canongate bead 
I Dryden's, Cowgate licad 
I Scott's, Candlemaker-row 
I Keid's, ditto 
I Ditto 

I Inches, Grassmarket 
I Jleid's, Kinlcch's close 


uarYters names. 

1 W. Brown 

2 J. Stivenson 

3 VV. AUan 

4 J. Johnston 

5 W. Wilson 

6 J Renton 

7 J. Black 

8 D. Morison 

9 M, Hamilton 

10 G. Skirving 

11 J Stevfart 

12 J. Christison 

13 W. Gentle 

14 J. Gibson 

15 J. Cameron 
IG P. M'Queen 

17 J Niven 

18 J. M'Keggie 

19 T. Beck 

20 R. M'Vittie 

21 G. Callender 

22 T. Penny 

23 J. Stivenson 

24 J. Sanderson 

25 J. Wright 

26 J. Garland 

27 J. Young 

28 R. Waldie 

29 T. Burnet 

30 W. Phin 

31 H. Hunter 

32 W. Thomson 

33 -v. Ferries 

34 P. White 



daily, Monday 

Tu sday 


once a-week 
Wednes y 
Tues. T ur. Sat. 
once a-week 
twice a-week 
Tues. Thur. Sat. 
twice a-week 

Mon. Tues. Sat. 

once a fortnight 














Mon. Wed. Tues. 


Mon. Wed. Frid. 




Mon. Tues. Sat. 











cm tv/ience. 

1 Fa] a 

2 Falkland 

3 Falkirl: 

4 Ditto 
T) Ditto 

6 Ditto 

7 Forfar 

8 Gilford 

9 Giffordhan 

10 Gallashiells 

11 Glasart 

12 Glammis 

13 Glasgow, and Gree- 

15 Gulhn " 

16 Greenlaw 

17 Haddington 

18 Ditto 

19 Hamilton 
■20 Hawick 

21 Ditto 

22 Houston 

23 Hurabie 

24 Ditto 

25 Inverkeithinj 

26 Inverleithing 

27 Inverness 

28 Jedburgh 

29 Ditto 

30 Ditto 

31 Kelso 

32 Ditto 

33 Kilmarnock 
34- Kilsyth 

1807 • 

Where lodged. 

Dryden's, Cowgate head 
Walker's, Bell's wynd 
Dryden's, Cowgate head 
Virtue's, Grassmarket 

Ormiston's, Grassmarket 
Walker's, Bell's wynd 
Keppie's, Canongate head 
Stewart's, ditto 
Faterson's, Candlemaker-rovv 
Cleland's, Grassmarket 
Walker's, Bell's wynd 
Turner's & Aitken's, Grass- 
Mrs Cunningham's, Nether. 
Dryden's, Cowgate head 
Hay's, Canongate head 
Keppie's, ditto 
Cleland's Grassmarket 
Paterson's, Candlemaker-row 
Reid's, ditto 
Clark's, Grassmarket 
M'Quillan's, Cowgate head 
Dryden's, ditto 
Inches, Grassmarket 
Paterson's, Candlemaker-row 
Fisher's, Kinloch's close 
Scott's, Candlemaker-row 
Paterson's, ditto 
Ormiston's, Grassmarket 
Dryden's, Cowgate head 
M'Quillan's, ditto 
Train's, Grassmarket 
Ormiston's, ditto 


corners names. 


ejiartui is. 

1 J. Notman 



2 J. Goodwill y 



3 A. Morison 

Wed. and Sat. 

Wed. and Satur, 

4 P. M' Queen 



5 A. CaiTender 



G D. Morison 



7 G. Skirving 



8 R. Wright 



9 G. Gibson 



10 J. Young 

1 1 A. Jackson 


once a fortnight 


12 G. Skirving 

13 Turner &Aitken 



^ 14 P. Ormiston 
'^ 15 G. Haig 
7 16 A. Burns 

Tues. Thur. Sat. 


Tues, Thur. Gat. 

^ 17 T. Keppie 



9 18 J. Watson 
19 G. Rae 



/ 20 J. Thomson 



2 21 A. Clark 

once a-w^eek 

3 22 G. Hogg 



^ 23 G. Morton 



5 24 W. Anderson 



^~ 25 J. Scott 



/ 26 Urquhart&Shavv 
' 27 R. Roger 

each once a 


? 28 W. Davidson 


• ditto 

^ 29 J. Bonar 



^ SOG.Laidlaw 
., 31 W. Crease 



32 G. Finlay 
S3 D. Morison 

] 1807. 


Ff 2. 



From 11 hit 

I Kinghorn 
1 Kingston 
'-) Kinross 

4 Kirkcaldy 

5 Ditto 

6 Kirkintulloch 

7 KirkhiU 

8 Kirkcudbright 

9 Kirrienniur 
10 Lanark 

1 ] Largo 

12 I.avvder 

13 Ditto 
i'i Leslie 

15 Lethani Fife 

16 Leven 

IT Lilliesleaf 

18 Linlithgow 

19 Ditto 

20 Linton East 

21 Ditto 

22 Linton West 

23 Little Vantage- 
s' Livingston 

25 Lochmaten 

26 Lockerby 

27 Ditto 

28 Markinch 

29 Meigle 

30 Ditto 

31 Melrose 

32 Ditto 

33 Moffat 

34 Ditto 


, IVhere lodtred, 

I ! 

Davie's, High street 
Keppie'a, Canongate head 
Brown's, Grassmarket 
Cunningham s, Todd, wjynd 
Walker's, Bell's wynd 
Ormiston's, Grassmarket 
Peterkin's, Niddry street 
Virtue's, Grassmarket 
Walker's, Bell's wynd 
Inches, Grassmarket 
Cunningham's, Todd, wynd 
Paterson's, Candlemaker-row 
Scott's, ditto 
Davie's, High street 
Stewart's, Netherbow 
M'Tntosh's, Blair street 
Scott's, Candlemaker-row 

Virtue's, Grassmarket 

Clark's, ditto 

Stewart's, back Canongate 

Cleland'p, Grassmarket 


Johnson's, ditto 

Inches, ditto 

Ditto, ditto 


Hardie's, Netherbow 

Campbell's, Grassmarket 

Walker's, Bell's wynd 

Paterson's, Candlemaker-row 

Hog's, Bristo street 

Scott's, Candlemaker-row 

Inches, Grassmarket 


Carriers names. 



1 W. Lindsay 

2 G. Smith 

3 J. Sharp 

4 H. Rae 

5 R- Buchanan 

6 D. Morison 
-7 W. Hunter 

8 J. Niven 

9 G. Skirving 
30 J. Muir 

1 1 J. Wilson 

12 A. Aitchison 

1 3 G. Jameson 

14 R. Fowler 

1 5 T. Forrest 

16 J. Brown 

17 J. Kidd 

18 J. Anderson 

19 W. Dumbreck 

20 A. King 

21 R. Hamilton 

22 J. Smith 

23 Vv^ Stiven 
2i G. Haig 

25 J. Johnson 

26 J. Smith 

27 T. Grierson 

28 V/. Stark 

29 A. Clear 

30 G. Skirving 

31 J. Brownfield 

32 J. Martin 

33 D. Haliday 

34 R. Murray 
















twice a-week 



















Wed. and Sat. 

Wed. and t'at. 











Wed. and Friday 

Wed. and Sat. 









once a fortnight. 











Ff 3 


JPrcm Wkente, 

1 IVoniaive 
12 Montrose 

3 Musselburgh 

4 Ditto 

5 Muthiil 

6 Nine mile burn 

7 Ormiston 

8 Paisley 

9 Ditto 

T Peebles 
l\ Ditto 

12 Path head 

13 Pencaitland 

14 Pennycuick 

15 Ditto 
76 Perth 
17 Ditto 
3 8 Ditto 

19 Pittenweem 
iiO Presto pans 
^1 Polmont 

22 Queensferry 

23 Katho 

24 Robert on 

25 Romano 

26 Salt on 

27 Ditto 

28 Sanquhar ■ 

29 Selkirk 
SO Ditto 

31 Ditto 

32 St Andrew's 

33 Stirling 

34 Ditto 


Where ledged, 

Virtue's, Grassmarket 

Walker's, Bell's wynd • 

Tait's, Canongate head 

Hay's, ditto 

Campbell's, Grassmarket 

Inches, ditto 

Hay's, Canongate head 

Water's, Grassmarket 

Clark's, ditto 

Paterson's, Candlemaker-row 

Reid's, ditto 

Dryden's, Cowgate head 

Hay's, (lanongate head 

Virtue's, Grassmarket 


Hog's, King's close 

Duff's, High street 

Walker's, Bell's wynd 

M'Intosh's, Blair street 

Hay's, Canongate head 

Virtue's, Grassmarket 

Inches, ditto 

Reid's, Grassmarket 

Cleland's, ditto 


Stewart's, s. back Canongate 

Keppie's, Canongate head 

Kinloch'i, Grassmarket 

Dryden's, Cowgate head 

Scott's, Candlemaker-row 

Reii's ditto 

Duff's, High street 

M'OuTllaa's, Cowgate head 

Dryden's, ditto