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Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2011 with funding from 

National Library of Scotland 



'"*"" ^i'rinleilfrcm Zut 


lELAS<&<nJW 9 

Printed, f (ft- the Publishers of th&Post Office Directory. 




For 1837-38: 
containing an alphabetical list 










Cva&e or ^rofeg&ton; 









~j$ i o f (> 

19 MAR 9 8 






Glasgow Directory, 


Letter Carriers 1 Names and 

Addresses, with their Dis- 

tricts arranged as the Let- 

ters are delivered, 


Municipal Polling- Places, 


Parliamentary Do. 
Stamp Duties, 
Street Directory, 






Aberdeen, Inverness, & Edin- 
burgh Steam Packets, 75 
Advertisements, 114 
Almanack and Tide Tables, 100 
Andersonian Institution & 

Museum, 47 

Banking Houses, 57 

Billeting Soldiers, 64 

Burgh Small Debt Court, 55 

Burying Ground Rates, 84 
Calton and Mile-end Police, 45 

Canal Passage Boats, 71 

Carriers' Quarters, 86 

Carron Company's Vessels, 74 

Cess Office, 63 

Chamber of Commerce, 41 

Churches, 51 

Clyde Police, 46 

Coal Porters' Rates, 70 
Constables acting in Justice 

of Peace Court, 55 


Commissioners of Assessed 

Taxes, 63 
County and City Bridewell 

Commissioners, 42 

Court of Session Sittings, 98 

Dean of Guild Court, 60 
Edinburgh & London Steam 

Packets, 75 

Edinburgh Traders, 75 

Eye Infirmary, 50 
Fares and Regulations for 

Carters, 66 
Foreign Places to which 

Letters are forwarded, 8 
Form of Proceeding in the 

Recovery of Small Debts, 56 

Franking of Letters, 4 

Glasgow Letters, Delivery of 34 

Glasgow Royal Infirmary, 49 

Glasgow Road Trusts, 38 

Gorbals Police, 45 

Hunterian Museum, 46 
Justices of the Peace in 

Lower Ward, 54 

J. P. Small Debt Court, 55 
Leith and London Smacks 

and Steam Vessels, 75 
Leith, Hamburgh, and Rot- 
terdam Shipping Company, 76 
Magistrates and Town Coun- 
cil of Glasgow, 37 
Magistrates of Calton, 42 
Magistrates of Gorbals, 4 1 
Magistrates of Anderston, 42 
Mail Coaches, 95 


Messengers-at-Arms for Scot- 
land, 99 
Mechanics' Institu., Glasgow, 47 
Do. Anderston, 48 
Do. Calton, &c. 48 
Merchants' House, 38 
Ministers of Glasgow and 

Suburbs, 51 

Medical School, Portland st. 49 
Newspaper Offices, 63 

Newspaper Regulations to 

Colonies, 4 

Newspapers, Printed Votes, 
and Proceedings in Par- 
liament, 5 
Passage Boats, 71 
Penny Posts in Scotland, 34 
Pemij' Post Towns to Glas- 

Penny Posts in Ireland, 
Penny Post Towns in Eng- 
Post-Office, Delivery of Let- 
ters, Dispatch of Mails, &c. 
Post Towns in England and 

Post Towns in Ireland, 
Post Towns in Scotland, 


Postages to Foreign Coun- 
tries, with days of Dis- 
patch , 

Post-Office Receiving House, 

Postages of Single Letters 
in Great Britain, 

Police Establishments, 

Porters' Rates, 

Porters' Rates at Broomielaw 

Printed Votes and Parlia- 
mentary Proceedings, 

Public Offices, 

Rates of Statute Labour for 

River and Harbour Dues, 

Shipping and Steam Packet 

Sheriff Small Debt Court, 

Statute Labour Trustees, 

Stage Coaches, 

Steam Boats on the Clyde, 

Tide Table, 

Traders on the Clyde, 

Traders on the Forth and 
Clyde Canal, 

Trades' House, 


Water Baillie Court, 









JULY, 1837. 

JANUARY, 1838. 

JULY, 183S. 

Sunday 2 9 16 23 30 
Monday 3 10 17 24 31 
Tuesday 4 11 18 25 
Wednes. 5 12 19 26 
Thurs. 6 1 3 20 27 
Friday 7 14 21 28 
Satur. 1 8 15 22 29 

Sunday 7 14 2128 
Monday 1 8 15 22 29 
Tuesday 2 9 16 23 30 
Wednes. 3 10 17 2431 
Thurs. 4 1118 25 
Friday 5 12 19 26 
Satur. 6 13 20 27 

Sunday 1 8 15 22 29 
Monday 2 9 16 23 30 
Tuesday 3 10 17 24 31 
Wednes. 4 1118 25 
Thurs. 5 12 19 26 
Friday 6 13 20 27 
Satur. 7 14 2128 




Sunday 6 13 20 27 
Monday 7 14 21 28 
Tuesday 1 8 15 22 29 
Wednes. 2 9 16 23 30 
Thurs. 3 10 17 24 31 
Friday 4 11 18 25 
Satur. 5 12 19 26 

Sunday 4 11 18 25 
Monday 5 12 19 26 
Tuesday 6 13 20 27 
Wednes. 7 14 21 28 
Thurs. 1 8 15 22 
Friday 2 9 16 23 
Satur. 3 10 17 24 

Sunday 5 12 19 26 
Monday 6 13 20 27 
Tuesday 7 14 21 28 
Wednes. 1 8 15 22 29 
Thurs. 2 9 16 23 30 * 
Friday 3 10 17 24 31 
Satur. 4 1118 25 




Sunday 3 10 17 24 
Monday 4 11 18 25 
Tuesday 5 12 19 26 
Wednes. 6 13 20 27 
Thurs. 7 14 21 28 
Friday 1 8 15 22 29 
Satur. 2 9 16 23 30 

Sunday 4 11 18 25 
Monday 5 12 19 26 
Tuesday 6 13 20 27 
Wednes. 7 14 21 28 
Thurs. 1 8 15 22 29 
Friday 2 9 16 23 30 
Satur. 3 10 17 24 31 

Sunday 2 9 16 23 30 
Monday 3 10 17 24 
Tuesday 4 11 18 25 
Wednes. 5 12 19 26 
Thurs. 6 13 20 27 
Friday 7 14 21 28 
Satur. 1 S 15 22 29 




Sunday 1 8 15 22 29 
Monday 2 9 16 23 30 
Tuesday 3 10 17 2431 
Wednes. 4 1118 25 
Thurs. 5 12 19 26 
Friday 6 13 20 27 
Satur. 7 14 21 2S 

Sunday 1 8 15 22 29 
Monday 2 9 16 23 30 
Tuesday 3 10 17 24 
Wednes. 4 11 18 25 
Thurs. 5 12 10 26 
Friday 6 13 20 27 
Satur. 7 14 21 28 

Sunday 7 14 21 28 
Monday 1 8 15 22 29 
Tuesday 2 9 16 23 30 
Wednes. 3 10 17 24 31 
Thurs. 4 11 18 25 
Friday 5 12 19 26 
Satur. 6 13 20 27 




Sunday 5 12 19 26 
Monday 6 13 20 27 
Tuesday 7 14 21 28 
Wednes. 1 S 15 22 29 
Thurs. 2 9 16 23 30 
Friday 3 10 17 24 
Satur. 4 11 18 25 

Sundav 6 13 20 27 
Monday 7 14 21 28 
Tuesday 1 8 15 22 29 
Wednes. 2 9 16 23 30 
Thurs. 3 10 17 24 31 
Friday 4 11 18 25 
Satur. 5 12 19 26 

Sunday 4 1118 25 
Monday 5 12 19 26 
Tuesday 6 13 20 27 
Wednes. 7 14 21 28 
Thurs. 1 8 15 22 29 
Friday 2 9 16 23 30 
Satur. 3 10 17 24 




Sunday 3 10 17 24 31 
Monday 4 11 18 25 
Tuesday 5 12 19 26 
Wednes. 6 13 20 27 
Thurs. 7 14 21 28 
Friday 1 8 15 22 29 
Satur. 2 9 16 23 30 

Sunday 3 10 17 24 
Monday 4 11 18 25 
Tuesday 5 12 19 26 
Wednes. 6 13 20 27 
Thurs. 7 14 21 28 
Friday 1 8 15 22 29 
Satur. 2 9 16 23 30 

Sunday 2 9 16 23 30 
Monday 3 10 17 24 31 
Tuesday 4 11 18 25 
Wednes. 5 12 19 26 
Thurs. 6 13 20 27 
Friday 7 14 21 28 
Satur. 1 8 15 22 29 

N. B. Bank Holidays 25th December, 1st January, 28th May, and 
Two Fast Days. 


Bills, Promissory Notes, fyc. 

On demand or after date. 

L..2 and not above L. 5: 5 

5 . 20 : 


































Not exceeding 2 
months date, or 
GO days' sight 




1 5 

Exceeding 2 

months date, or 

60 days' sight. 

L.0 1 6 


Foreign Bills of Exchange. 

For any sum not ab. L.100 Is. 6'd. 

Above L.1C0. . 200 3s. 

Above 200 . . 500 4s. 

Above 500 . . 1000 5s. 

Above L.1000 not ab.L.20CO 7s. 6d. 
Above 2000 . 3000 10s. 
Above 3000 . . . 15s. 
Every Bill of each Set pays. 




L.5 and under 10 3d. 

10 . . 20 6d. 

20 . . 50 is. 

50 . . 100 is. 6d. 
100 . . 200 2s. 6d. 
200 . . 300 4s. 

For L. 300 and under 500 5s. 
For 500 . .1000 7s. 6d. 

For 1000 and upwards,10s. 

In full of all demands, 10s. 

Receiver of Honey pays Stamp. 

Policies of Sea Insurance. 

For every policy of Insurance or other Instrument whereby any 
insurance shall be made upon any Ship or Vessel, or goods on 
board thereof, or any interest in or relating to any Ship or Vessel 
insured for or upon any voyage other than a voyage from any port 
or place in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, or 
in the Islands of Guernsey, Jersey, Alderney, or Sark, or the 
Isle of Man, to any other port or place in the said kingdom or 
islands, where the premium for such insurance, actually paid, or 
contracted for, shall not exceed the rate of 15s. per cent, on the 
sum insured; if the same does not exceed £100 — Is. 3d. 

And if the sum insured shall exceed £100, then for every £100, 
or any fractional part thereof — Is. 3d. 

And where premium for such insurance, actually paid, or con- 
tracted for, shall exceed the rate of 15s. per cent, and shall not 
exceed the rate of 30s. per cent, on the sum insured. 

If the sum insured shall not exceed £100 — 2s. 6d. 

And if the sum insured shall exceed £100, then for every £100, 
or any fractional part thereof — 2s. 6d. 

Stamp Duties. 

And where the premium for such insurance, actually paid, or 
contracted for, shall exceed the rate of 30s. per cent, on the sum 

If the sum shall not exceed £100 — 5s. 

And if the sum shall exceed <£100, then for every £100, or any 
fractional part thereof — 5s. 

But if the separate interests of two or more distinct persons 
shall be insured by one policy, then the said duty of Is. 3d — 2s. 

6d or 5s. as the case may require, shall be charged thereon, in 

respect of each and fractional part of £100, as well as in respect 
of every full sum of £100, which shall be thereby insured upon 
any separate and distinct interest. 

And for every policy of insurance, or other instrument, whereby 
any insurance shall be made upon any Ship or Vessel, or the 
freight of any Ship or Vessel, or any interest in or relating to any 
Ship or Vessel which may be insured for any period of time, the 
following rates for every £100, and also for any fractional part 
thereof; that is to say, where any such insurance shall be made 
for any term or period not exceeding three calendar months — 2s. 6d. 

Exceeding three calendar months — 5s. 

AGREEMENTS, not above 1080 words, 20s Above 1080 

words, 35s. — With a progressive duty of 25s. for every 
1080 words additional. 

Personal Bonds and Mortgages. 

Sura not exceeding L50 



L2000 not exc. L3000 


Above L50 - - 100 




3000 - - 4000 


Above 100 - - 200 



4000 - - 5000 


Above 200 - - 300 



5000 - - 10,000 


Above 300 - - 500 



10,000 - - 15 000 


Above 500 - - 1000 



15,000 - - 20,000 


Above 1000 - - 2000 



20,000 ..---- 


Progressive Duty 25s Mortgages same Duty as Bonds. 



Not amounting to L20 2s. 

L20 and under 100 3s. 

100 500 5s. 

L500, or upwards, - - - - 10s. 

Any other kind, 5s. and for every 

additional sheet, 5s. 

DEBENTURES, If not above £100, 5s. Above £100, and 
not above £200, 10s. Above £200, and not above £500, 10s. 
Above £500, 40s. 

DECREE ARBITRAL, 1080 words, £1, 15s. And for 
every entire quantity of 1080 words additional, 25s. 


For any sum not above L50 - 

Exceeding L50, and not above LlOO - 
100 - 200 - 

200 - 500 - 

500 - .... 







i - 



Stamp Duties. 





Under L20 . 

• . • 



If 20 and not L50 


50 . 




150 . 



300 . 



500 . 



750 . 

. 1000 


1000 . 

. 2000 


20C0 . 

. 3000 


30CO . 

. 4000 


4000 . 

. 5000 


5000 . 

. 6000 


6000 . 

. 7000 


7000 . 

. 8000 


8000 . 

. 9000 


9000 . 

. 10,000 


10,000 . 

. 12,500 


12,500 . 

. 15,000 


15,000 . 

. 20 000 



. 30,000 



. 40,000 


40,000 . 

. 50,000 


50,000 . 

. 60,000 


60,000 . 

. 80,000 





100,000 or 



And for the counterpart of any 
other lease whatsoever, £1 10 

And for every 1080 words 
above the first, . 1 


Testa- Testa- 


Lease of any lands, at a 
yearly rent, where no sum of 
money by way of fine, or gras- 
sum, has been paid : — 

Where the yearly rent shall 

not amount to L20, Ll 

And where the same shall 
amount to L20, and not to 

L100, ... 1 10 

Amtg. to LlOO, not to LSOO 2 

200 . . 400 3 

1 — 400 . . COO 4 

tOO . . 600 5 

£00 . . iooo a o 

1000 & upwards, 10 

And for the counterpart of 
any Lease hereby charged with 
a duty, if not exceeding £1, the 
like duty as on the same. 

Value of Effects. 




. not left. 

L s 

L s. 

Above L2 

and not 50 


If 50 








































































For every £100 insured, when 
the Premium does not exceed 20s. 
per cent. Is. 3d. When the 
Premium exceeds 20s. per cent. 
2s. 6d. 

And for every lOiO words, 1 

NEY, or Commission, or 
Factory, - - Ll 10 

And for every 10&0 words, 1 




With a Reference to ilieir Situation. 

Abercromby Place, West Geo. 

Abercromby Street, Calton 
Abbotsford Place, south of Port- 
land Street, Laurieston 
Academy Court, 65, Crown st. 
Academy Court, 20, Candleriggs 
Adam's Court, 193, Argyll st. 
Adam's Court, 36, Rose st. South 
Adam's Court Lane, from Argyll 

street to Howard street 
Adelphi Street, Bridgeton, south 

end of Reid street 
Adelphi Street, Hutchesontown, 

fronting the river 
Adelphi Place, 4, Adelphi st. 
Aird's Lane, between 1 18 and 

120, Bridgegate 
Albany Place, Sauchiehall Road, 

west end 
Albion Buildings, 116, George 

Albion Court, 23, South Albion 

Albion Court, 41, North Albion 

street, and 141, George street 
Albion Street, (South,) from 

Bell street to Canon street 
Albion Street, (North,) from 

Canon street to George street 

Allan Place, Douglas st. Blyths- 
wood Holme 

Alston Street, from Argyll st. 
to Gordon street 

America Court, 24, Adelphi st. 

Anderston, west end of Argyll 

Anderston Quay, from M'Alpin 
street to Lancefield 

Anderson's Court, Main street 

Ann Street, Main street, Bridge- 

Ann Street, from Jamaica street 
to Oswald street 

Ann Street, from Cowcaddens 
to Port-Dundas 

Annuity Court, 52, York street 

Antigua Place, Nelson street 

Argyll Arcade, 100 Argyll street, 
and 32, Buchanan street 

Argyll Buildings, corner of Mac- 
Alpin Street 

Argyll Court, 90, Argyll street 

Argyll Place, corner of Robert- 
son street 

Argyll Street, from Stockwell 
and Glassford street, to An- 

Ark Close, 46, St. Enoch's wynd 

Street Directory. 

Ark Lane, Duke Street, north 

Armour Street, from Barrack 

street to Hill street 
Athole Place, west end of Bath 

Ayton Court, 62, Old vennal 
Ayton Place, 52, Old venual 

Back Wynd, 109, Trongate to 

Bain's Court, Port-Dundas 
Bain's Place, 151, West Nile 

Balmanno Place, from George 

street to Shuttle street 
Balmanno Street, from George 

street to Rottenrow 
Barher's Close, 97, Saltmarket 
Barony, Glebe, Townhead 
Barony Place, east end of Stir- 
ling's road 
Barrack Street, from Gallow- 

gate to Duke street 
Bath Lane (East), Bath street 

to Cathcart street 
Bath Street, from Buchanan st. 

to Douglas street 
Bath Street Lane, from West 

Nile street to Blythsvvood 

Bazaar, Candleriggs, east side 
Bedford street, from Surry st. 

to Eglinton street 
Beef Market, 81, King street, 

and 66, Bell street 
Bellgrove Place, from Gallow- 

gate to Duke street 
Bell's Court, 24>, Rose street, 

Bell's Place, 15, Love loan 
Bell Street, from Candleriggs to 

High street 
Bell street, Bridgeton 
Bell Street, Calton 
Beaver Court, 53, King street, 

Bilsland's Open, Kirk st. Calton 
Bishop Street, from Main street, 

Anderston, to Both well street 
Bishop Street, Port-Dundas 

Bishop Place, north end to 
Bishop street 

Black Boy Close, 35, Gallovv- 

Black friar Street, High street, 
east side 

Blair's Court, 23, Jamaica st. 

Blair Street, Tobago street, Cal- 

Blenheim Place, Campbell st. 

Bluevale, from Whitevale to 
Cumbernauld Toll 

Blyth's Court, 17, Virginia st. 

Blythswood Holme, from Wel- 
lington street to Anderston 

Blythswood Place, St. Vincent 

Blythswood Square, west end 
of George street, west 

Boarhead Close, 66, High street 

Bothwell Street, from Bishop 
street to North street 

Bran-on Place, West George st. 

Bridgegate, from Stockvvell to 

Bridge Street, from Glasgow 
Bridge to Eglinton street 

Broad Close, 167, High street 

Broad Street, Mile-end, from Orr 
street to Brock street 

Brock Street North and South 

Broomward, M'Kechnie street, 

Broomielaw, west of Glasgow 

Brownfield, from Brown street 
to M' Alpine street Anderston 

Brown street, from Argyll street 
to Broomielaw 

Brown Street, Bridgeton, from 
Muslin street to Dalmarnock 

Brougham Place, head of North 
Hope street 

Brunswick Court, 120, Bruns- 
wick street, and 109, Candle- 
rigg street 

Brunswick Lane, from Bruns- 
wick street to Melville place 

Street Directory. 

Brunswick Street and Place, 
from Trongate to Ingram st. 

Buccleuch Street, Garnethill 

Buchanan Buildings, Cowcad- 

Buchau Street, Gorbals, from 
Clyde terrace to Malta street 

Buchanan Court, 95, Candle- 
rigg street 

Buchanan Court and Buildings, 
105, Stockvvell street 

Buchanan Court, 16, Broomie- 

Buchanan Court, 75, Argyll 

Buchanan Court, east side of 
Eglinton street 

Buchanan Court, 44, Trongate 

Buchanan Street, from Argyll 
street to Port-Dundas toll 

Buns Wynd, from High street 
to Shuttle street 

Burnside Lane, from Duke st. 
to New vennal 

Burrell's Lane, from Duke st. 
to High street 

Caledonian Buildings, 228, 

Callenders Close, 70, Stock well 

Calton Entry, from Gallowgate 
to New street Calton 

Calton Mouth, from Gallowgate 
to King street, Calton 

Cambridge Lane, from Cam- 
bridge 6treet to Cowcaddeus 

Cambridge Street, from Sau- 
chiehall street to New Wood- 
side street 

Camlachie, east end of Gallow- 

Campbell's Court, 40, Candle- 

Campbell Street (West) Argyll 
street to Sauchiehall street 

Campbellfield, 1012, Gallowgate 

Campbell Street, from Gallow- 
gate to Graeme street 

Candlerigg Street, from Tron- 
gate to Inoram street 

Candlerigg Court, 63, Candle- 

Canning Place, Stirling's road, 
north side 

Canning Street, formerly Bar- 
row-field road, from Great 
Hamilton street to Bridgeton 

Canon Street, from Ingram street 
to Shuttle street 

Cannon Street, from North st. 
Anderston, to School wynd 

Carlton Place, Laurieston. from 
Nicholson st. to New Bridge 

Carlton Court, 13, New Bridge 

Carrick Street, from Argyll st. 
to Broomielaw 

Carswell's Court, 26, George st. 

Castlemilk Place, south of Hos- 
pital street 

Castle Street, from Kirk street 
to Townhead toll 

Castlepen's Closes, 136 and 14B, 
High street 

Cathcart Street, from Buchanan 
street to West Nile street 

Catherine Street, Tobago street, 

Catherine Street, Anderston. 
' from Main st. to Stobcross st. 

Cattle Market, Graham square, 
south side of duke street 

Cavendish Street, Laurieston, 
from Surry place to Eglin- 
ton street 

Centre street, from Clyde place 
to Cook street 

Chalmers' Street, Claythorn st. 

Chapel Close, 85, Main street, 

Charity Court, 65, Bridgegate 

Charlotte Lane, from Charlotte 
street to St Andrew's Lane 

Charlotte Place, from 32, to 42, 
Great Clyde street 

Charlotte Street, from Gallow- 
gate to Green street 

Charles Street, from Orr street, 

Charlie's Close, 103, Canning st. 

Street Directory. 


Cheapside Street, Stobcross st. 

to Anderston quay 
Claremont Place, from 44, to 

5i, Great Clyde street 
Clarence Street, Morrison st., 

Clarence Place, Sauchiehall st. 
Clark's Buildings, 167, Main 

street, Gorbals 
Clark's Court, 109, Bridgegate 
Clark's Court, Main st., Calton 
Clarkson's Court, 16, Kirk St., 

Cleland's Court, 339, Argyll st. 
Claybrae, Burnside lane 
Clay thorn Street, from Gallovv- 

gate to King street, Calton 
Cleland Testimonial, corner of 

Buchanan street and Cathcart 

Cleland Street, from Greenside 

street to Crown street 
Clyde Bank, south end of Fin- 

Clyde Buildings and Place, 

Tradeston, fronting the Har- 
bour from Glasgow Bridge to 

West street 
Clyde Street (Great,) from Ja- 
maica street to Stock well 
Clyde Street (East), from Hut- 

cheson's bridge to Stockwell 

Clyde Street (North,) from Main 

st. to Stobcross st. Anderston 
Clyde Street, from Stobcross st. 

to Anderston quay 
Clyde Street, Calton, from Can- 
ning street to Abercromby 

Clyde Terrace, from the Old 

bridge to Carlton place 
Clyde Terrace Court, 13, Clyde 

Coach Work Close, 82, George 

Coburg Court, 51, Cochran st. 
Coburg Street (South), from 

Norfolk street to Bedford st. 
Coburg Street, from Oxford st. 

to Norfolk street 

Cochran Street, from Montrose 
street to George square 

Columbia Place, Woodside st. 

College Church Open, High st. 
east side 

College Old and New Court, 
High street, east side 

College Street, High street, op- 
posite the College 

College Street, west, from M'- 
Alpin street to Brown street 

Commerce Street, Tradeston 

Commerce Court, 8, Commerce 

Commercial Court, 1 14, Candle- 
rigg street 

Commercial Court, 106, Gallow- 

Commercial Road, from Adelphi 
street to Govanhaugh 

Cook Street, from Eglinton 
street to Centre st, Tradeston 

Cordiners' Court, 47, Stockwell 

Corn Street, from Port-Dundas 
to Burnside 

Coronation Buildings, Lauries- 

Coulter's Lane, from Abercrom- 
by street to Little street 

Coulter's Square, adjoining to 
Marlborough street and Little 

Craig's Close, 71, Stockwell 

Craig's Court, 11, Canning st. 

Craig's Court, 95, Argyll street 

Cranston Hill, west end of An- 

Cranston Street, west end of 
Main street, Anderston 

Craignestock, east end of Great 
Hamilton street 

Crawford Place, 131, Rottenrow 

Crescent, north side of Sauchie- 
hall road, west end 

Crispin Place, Kirk street 

Crown Court, 33, Virginia st. 

Crown Street, from Adelphi st. 
to Rutherglen loan 

Crown Street, upper, from Ru- 
therglen loan, southwards 


Street Directory. 

Croy Place, from Turner's court 

to Maxwell street 
Crum's Close, 63, Gallowgate 
Cumberland Court, 160, Gallow- 
Cumberland Place, Eglinton 

street to Abbotsford place 
Cumberland Street, Canning, st. 
Cumberland Street, Lauricston 
Currie's Close, 50, High street 
Cutler's Close, 88, Gallowgate 
Dale Street, Main street, Bridge- 
Dale Street, from Clyde Build- 
ings, southward 
Dalhousie Street, Garnethill 
Dallas Court, 229, Argyll street 
Dalmarnock Road, Bridgeton 
Deacon's Close, 60, Calton 

Deanside Lane, from 74, George 

street to Rottenrow 
Dean street, Balmanno street 
Delphrield Lane, from Argyll 

street to Broomielaw 
Dempster Street, west side of 

North Frederick street 
Dinning's Court, 47, Dale street, 

Dixon Street, from Great Clyde 

street to Howard street 
Dobbie's Loan, from Castle st. 

head of Taylor street 
Douglas Court, 1 92, Argyll st. 
Douglas Street (North), Blyths- 

wood square 
Douglas Street, north side of 

Argyll street 
Dowhill, Great and Little, from 

Gallowgate to Graeme street 
Drury Street, from west Nile 

street to Renfield street 
Drygate, from High street to 

Ladywell street 
Duke Street, from High street 

to Whitevale 
Duncan's Close, 177, Trongate 
Duncan's Close, 125, High st. 
D uncan's Street, Canning street 
Dundas street, Morrison street, 


Dundas St., from West George 
street to Buchanan street 

Dunlop Street, from Argyll st. 
to Jackson street 

Eagle Lane, 53, Maxwell street 
Eastfield Row, head of North 

street Anderston 
Edwin Place, Gorbals Toll 
Eldon Place, Kingston place, 

Eglinton Street, from Bridge 

street to Gorbals Toll 
Elmbank Place, west end of St. 

Vincent street 
Ewing Place, corner of York 

Exchange Square, Royal, west 

side of Queen street 
Exchange Court, 85, Queen st. 
Exchange Court (South), 77, 

Queen street 
Exchange Court (North), St. 

Vincent place, and 22, Royal 

Exchange square. 

Ferguson Street, from Cowcad- 

dens street to Cambridge 

Fiddler's Close, 75, High street 
Fife Place, West George street 
Finnieston, west end of Stob- 

cross street, Anderston 
Fish Market, 108, King street 
Fleming's Place, Cowcaddens 
Forefield Lane, Ladywell street 
Fox Street, from Dixon street 

to Maxwell street 
Franklin Street, Bridgeton 
Frazer's Court, Reid street, 

Frederick Lane, from North 

Frederick street to North 

Hanover street 
Frederick Street (North), from 

George square to Love loan 
Frederick Street (South), from. 

Ingram street to George square 
French Horn Close, 88, Tron- 
Fulton's Close, 80, Trongate. 


Street Directory. 


Gallowgate, from the Cross to 

Camlachie Bridge 
Galloway's Court, 10, George 

Galloway's Court, 37, Glassford 

Garnet Hill, north side of 

Sauchiehall street 
Garnet Place, Hill street, Gar- 
net hill 
Garscube Place, head of Bu- 
chanan street 
Garthland Street, from Hutehe- 

son street to Glassford street 
George Court, 33, Crown street 
George street, from Duke street 

to George square 
George Street, off Eglinton st. 
George Street (West), from 

George square to Blythswood 

George Street, Mile-End, Calton 
George Square, west end of 

George street and Cochran 

Gibson's Court, 46, Saltmarket, 

and 12 and 30, Prince's street 
Gibson Lane, 151, Covvcaddens 
Gibson Street, south side of Gal- 

lowgate, near Barracks 
Gillies Court, 200, Broomielaw 
Gilmour Place, London street 

and St. Andrew's lane 
Glasgow Bridge south end of 

Jamaica street 
Glassford Street, from Argyll 

street to Ingram street 
Glebe Street, Barony glebe 
Gloucester Street, Paterson st. 
• Tradeston 

Goosedubbs Street, from Stock- 
well to foot of Old wynd 
Gorbals, south end of Old bridge 
Gordon Lane, 9, Gordon street 
Gordon Street, from Buchanan 

street to Hope street 
Govanhaugh, south east side of 

Govan Street, Hutchesontown, 

from south end of St. Ninian 

street to Commercial road 

Graham's Buildings, 62, George 

Graham's Court, 1 17, Candle- 

Graham's Square, 441, Gallow- 

Grahamston, west end of Argyll 
street, north side 

Graeme Street, from Old Venel 
to Barrack wall 

Graham Street, Dalmarnock 

Gray's Court, 34, Dale street, 

Greenhead, south side of Can- 
ning street 

Greenhill Place, west end of St. 
Vincent street 

Greenhill Street, from Greenhill 
place to Bishop street 

Green Street, Calton, from Can- 
ning street to Turreen street 

Green Street, from foot of ^alt- 
market to east end of London 

Green Street, Main st. Bridgeton 

Green Street Lane, west side of 
• Green street, Bridgeton 

Greenside Street, between Hos- 
pital street to Maiu street, 

Greenvale, from Bluevale to 
Glen park 

Greenvale Street, to East Rose 
street, north of Marlborough 

Greyfriars' Wynd, High street, 
opposite the College church 

Guiklry Court, 137, Bridgegate, 
and 25, East Clyde street 

Hamilton Court, 51, Stock well 

Hamilton Court, Main street, 

Hamilton Street (Little), from 

High John street to North 

Frederick street 
Hamilton Street (Great), from 

St. Mungo's lane to Canning 



Street Directory. 

Hanover Street (North), from 

George square to Love loan 
Hanover Street (South), from 

Ingram street to George sq. 
Havannah Street, from High st. 

to Burnside lane 
High Street, from the Cross to 

Kirk street 
Hill's Court, 30, Rose street, 

Hill place, 20, Stirling's road 
Hill Street, from Duke street to 

Hill Street, from Stobcross st. 

to Main street, Anderston 
Hill square, 79, Stobcross street 
Holm Place, 278, Argyll street 
Holme Street, from Wellington 

street to Pitt street 
Holland Place, west end of St. 

Vincent street 
Hope Street, from Argyll street 

to Sauchiehall street 
Hope Street, from Main street, 

Anderston to Stobcross street 
Hopetoun Place, from Rotten- 
row to Stirling's Road 
Horn's Court, 3, St. Enoch 

Horn's Court, 24, Queen street 
Hospital Street, from Adelphi 

street to Greenside street 
Howard Street, from Jamaica 

street to Maxwell street 
Howard Street, from Dale st. 

to Savoy street 
Hunter Street, near Barracks, 

Hutcheson's Bridge, south end 

of Saltmarket 
Hutcheson Street, from Tron- 

gate to Ingram street 
Hutchesontown, south end of 

Hutchesons' bridge 
Hyde Park Corner, foot of An- 
derston quay 

India Street, from St. Vincent 

street to Elmbank crescent 
Ingram Buildings, 131, Ingram 


Ingram Court (East), 21, Ingram 

Ingram Court (West), 163, In- 
gram street, south side, and 
100, Queen street 

Ingram Place, 111, Ingram st. 

Ingram Street, from Candleriggs 
to Queen street 

Inkle Factory Lane, from Shuttle 
street to North Albion street 

Jackson Street, from Stock well 

to Dunlop street 
Jaflfray's Close, 14>, Goosedubbs 

Jail Square, foot of Saltmarket 
Jamaica Street, from Argyll st. 

to Glasgow Bridge 
James's Court, 18, Rose street, 

James Street,Greenhead,Bridge- 

James Street, from Stevenson 

street to Millroad street 
Jamieson's Court, 113, King st. 
Jamieson's Lane, Main street, 

Jane Street, Blythswood square 
Johnston's Place, Barony Glebe, 

(east end), Stirling's road 
John's Court, 39, Crown street 
John Street (High), from George 

street to Stirling's road 
John Street (Low), from Ingram 

street to George street 
John Street, Main st. Bridgeton 
John Street (East), Whitevale 
John Street Lane, John street, 


Kensington Place, Sauchiehall 

Kent Road, from Sauchiehall st. 

to North street 
Kent Street, from Gallowgate 

to Great Hamilton street 
Kerr Street, from Little street 

to Millroad street 
Kingfield Row, Gallowgate 
Kingston Place, Paisley road 
King's Arms Close, 6i, Trong. 

Street Directory. 


King Street, from Trongate to 

King Street, Calton, from Cal- 

ton mouth to Green street 
King Street, Mile-end 
King Street, Tradeston, from 

Bridge street, westward 
Kirk Close, 63, Main street, An- 

Kirk Street, from end of Dry- 
gate to the High church 
Kirk Street, from Main street 

to Green street, Calton 
Kirk Street, from Main street 

to Buchan Street, Gorbals 

Lady well Street, foot of Drygate 
Laigh Kirk Close, from 59, 

Trongate to Princes street 
Lancefield, west end of Stob- 

cross street 
Lancefield Street, from Stob- 

cross to Clyde street 
Landressy Street, south of Can- 
ning street 
Laurieston, south side of the 
river between Portugal street 
and Bridge street 
Law's Buildings, 112 and 126, 

Lawmoor Place, Govanhaugh, 

Lawson's Court, 125, Trongate 
Leitch's Court, 157, Trongate 
Leopard Close, 80, High street 
Little Street, Calton 
London Lane, from London st, 

to St. Andrew street 
London Road, east end Canning 

London Street, from the Cross 

to Monteith Row 
Love Loan, from Rottenrow to 

Dundas street 
Low Green Street, from St. 
Andrews Square to Green st. 
Lyceum Court, 72, Nelson street 

M' Alpin's Close, 27, Stock well st 
M* Alpine Street, from Argyll st. 
to Broomielaw 

M'Arthur's Buildings, Ander- 

ston Quay 
M'Farlane Place, east end of 

Canning street 
M'Farlane Street, from Gallow- 

gate to Graeme street 
M'Gill's Close, 87, Stockwell 
M'Kechnie st. Clyde st. Calton 
M'Nichol's Court, 209, High st. 
M'Symon Place, west Campbell 

Madeira Buildings, Argyll st. 

corner of Oswald street 
Madeira Court, 263, Argyll st. 
Main Street, Bridgeton, from 
Canning street to Rutherglen 
Main Street, Calton, from Great 

Hamilton street to King st. 
Main Street, Gorbals, from the 

Old bridge to Gorbals toll 
Main Street, Anderston, from 

Argyll street to Sandyford 
Mains Street, from Argyll st. to 

Sauchiehall street 
Maitland Street, from Cowcad- 

dens to Port-Dundas 
Malta Street, from Main street 

to Norfolk street 
Manhattan Buildings, 30, South 

Hanover street 
Margaret Street, (South), off 

Eglinton street 
Margaret ' Street, from Little 
Hamilton street, to Love loan 
Market Street, from Bridgegate 

to Jail 
Marlborough Street, from Little 

street to East Rose street 
Marshall's Close, 81 and 147, 

Marshall's Court, 5 and 9, South 

Hanover street 
Marshall Street, opposite the 

Martin's Court, 58 Buchanan st. 
Mason Street, from Castle street 

to Weaver street 
Maxwell Street, south from Ar- 
gyll street to Great Clyde st. 
Maxweltown Place, Paisley road 


Street Directory. 

Mechanics' Buildings, Millroad 

Melville Lane, 9, Gordon street 
Melville Place, 132, Trongate 
Melville Street, from Wallace 

street to St. James street 
Merchant Lane, from Bridgegate 

to East Clyde street 
Mile-end, east of Canning street 
Miller's Place, from King street 

to Saltmarket 
Miller Street, from Argyll street 

to Ingram street 
Miller Street, east end of Blue- 
Millfield, Rose street, Hutche- 

Millroad Street Tureen street, 

Milton Place, West St. Vincent 

Milton Street, from Cowcaddens 

to Port-Dundas road 
Mirlees' Court, Main st. Bridge- 
Mirlees' Close, 100, Canning st. 
Mitchell Court, 69, Mitchell st. 
Mitchell Lane, 81, Buchanan st. 

to Mitchell street 
Mitchell Street, from Argyll st. 

to Gordon street 
Moncrieff Street, from Kirk st. 

to Malta street 
Monkland Street, from Castle 

street to Parliamentary road 
Montagu Place, Bath street 
Montrose Street from Ingram 

street to Stirling's road 
Moodie's Court, 31, Argyll st. 
Monteith Row, east of London 

Monteith Lane, back of Mon- 
teith Row 
Moore Place, West George st. 
Moore Street, Gallowgate 
Morrison's Court, 1 08, Argyll st. 
Morris Place, Monteith Row 
Morrison Street, Nelson street, 

Muir's Buildings, Melville st. 


Muirhead Street, Hutcheson- 
town, from Adelphi street to 
Ruthergleu loan 
Munro's Court, 63, Stockwell 
Muslin Street, Main st. Bridgeton 
Mutton Market, 86, King street 

Napier's Close, 77 and 85, Salt- 

Nassau Court, 47, Main street, 

Nelson Street, from Trongate to 
Stirling square 

Nelson Street, Eglinton street, 
west side, Tradeston 

New London road, from Can- 
ning street, eastward 

New Street, Calton, from Rus- 
sell street to Calton cross 

New Venel, High street, east 
side, near the College 

New Wyud.from 1 19, Trongate 
to Bridgegate 

Nicholson Street, Carlton place 

Nile street, (east,) at the Gal- 
lowgate bridge, north side 

Nile Street, (west,) from Gor- 
don street to Cowcaddens toll 

Norfolk Court, 23, Norfolk st. 

Norfolk Lane, from Norfolk st. 
to Bedford street 

Norfolk Street, Laurieston, from 
Bridge street to Portugal st. 

North Street, Anderston, from 
Main street to Both well st. 

North Row, head of Bishop st. 

Oak field Place, North Douglas 
street, Blythswood square 

Old Coach Close, 151, Gallow- 

Old Post Office Court, 114, 

Old Swan Close, 187, Trongate 

Old Wynd, from 155, Trongate 
to Bridgegate 

Old Venel, from High street to 
Graeme street 

Orr Street, Mile-end, Calton 

Oswald's Buildings, New Lon- 
don road 

Street Directory. 


Oswald Court, 71, Maxwell st. 
Oswald Street, from Argyll st. 

to Broomielaw quay 
Oxford Street, Laurieston, from 

Bridge street, to Nicholson st. 

Parker's Court, 22, King street, 

Parkhouse Lane, from Duke st. 
to Ladywell 

Park Laue, Mile-end, Calton 

Park Place, west end of Bridge- 

Park Place, Paisley road 

Parliamentary Road (New), 

Parson Street, Barony glebe 

Patterson Street, from Tarbet 
street to Rottenrow 

Paterson Street, Morrison st. 

Peel Street, north side of Lon- 
don road 

Peter's Buildings, 9 and 13, An- 
derston quay 

Peter's Buildings, 67, West Nile 

Pettigrew Street (South), from 
Havannah street to Duke st. 

Piccadilly Street, Anderston, 
from Stobcross street to An- 
derston quay 

Pipehouse Close, 93, High st. 

Pitt Street, from Argyll street to 
St Vincent street 

Pitt Street, Nelson st. Tradeston 

Pollock Court, 5, Thistle street 

Pollock Court, 5, Commerce st. 

Port-Dundas, Canal New Basin 

Port-Eglinton, Paisley Canal 

Portland Place, corner of Rot- 
tenrow and Hopetoun place 

Portland Place, Portland street 

Portland Street, (South) end of 
New Wooden Bridge, Laurie- 

Portland Street, from George 
street to Rottenrow 

Portugal Street, from Norfolk 

street to Surrey Street, Lau- 

Potato Market, foot of Market 

Pratt's Court, 109, Argyll street, 
and 9, Maxwell street 

Prince's Street, from Saltmarket 
to King street 

Provan Court, 40, North Fre- 
derick street 

Provan Place, head of North 
Montrose street 

Provanside, 127 Stirling's road 

Puddock Row, from Portugal 
street to Main street, Gorbals 

Queen's Court, 62, Queen street 

Queen Street, from Argyll st* 
to George's square 

Queen Street (North), north 
west side of George's square 

Queen Street and Place, Trades- 

Regent Place, West Campbell 

Regent Street, from Nile street 

to Blythswood square 
Regent Terrace, Stirling's road 
Reid's Court, 56, Trongate 
Reid Street, Bridgeton 
Renfield Lane, from Renfield st. 

to Hope street 
Renfield Street, from Union st. 

to Cowcaddens road 
Renfrew Lane, from West Nile 

street to Hope street 
Renfrew Street, from Buchanan 

street to St. George road 
Richmond Street, from Mon- 
trose street to Portland street 
Risk Street, Great Hamilton st, 
Ritchie's Lane, 19, Clyde street, 

Robertson's Court, 179, Argyll 

Robertson's Lane, Robertson st. 
Robertson s Place, corner of 

Shuttle street and Buns wynd 
Robertson Street, from Argyll 

street to Broomielaw 


Street Directory., 

Rope Work Entry, 108, Stock- 

Rope Work Lane, from Jackson 
street to Great Clyde street 

Rose Street, from Adelphi street 
to Rutherglen loan 

Rose Street (East), north end 
of Marlborough street 

Rose Street, Garnetbill, from 
Sauchiehall street to Cowcad- 

Rottenrow, from Drygate to 
High John street 

Royal Bank Place, from Bu- 
chanan street to Royal Ex- 
change square 

Rumford Street, Main street, 

Russel Street, Kent st. east side 

Russel Street (West), north end 
of Hope street 

Rutherford Lane, from Renfield 
street to Hope street 

Rutherglen Loan, from Main st. 
to Little Govau 

Salisbury Street, Laurieston 

Saltmarket, from Cross to 
Hutchesons' Bridge 

Sandyford, west end of Andcr- 

Saracen's Lane, Gallowgate, op- 
posite St. Mungo's Lane 

Sauchiehall Street, from West 
Nile Street to Botanic garden 

Sauchiehall Lane, from Renfield 
Street to Douglas street 

Savoy Street, Bridgeton 

Sawmillheld Place, from the 
south west extremity of 
Phoenix Iron Works, to Ac- 
queduct Bridge over Possil 

Scott's Street, from Sauchiehall 
street to Hill street 

Scott's Court, 349 Gallowgate 

Scotia Street, Columbia Place 

School Wynd, from Main street, 
Anderston, to Union place 

Sharp's Lane, 96 Main street, 

Simpson's Court, Frankland st' 
east side 

Sniithfield Buildings, foot of 
Oswald street 

St. Andrew's Open, from Gal- 
lowgate to St. Andrew's 

St. Andrew's Lane, from St. 
Andrew's open to Charlotte 

St. Andrew's Square, principal 
entry from Saltmarket 

St. Andrew's Street, from Salt- 
market to St. Andrew's sq. 

St. Ann's Street, from Duke st. 
to the Merchants' Quarry 

St. David's Court, 16, Canon st. 

St. Enoch's Lane, 145, Argyll 

St. Enoch's Square, south side 
of Argyll street, opposite 
Buchanan street 

St. Enoch's Wynd, south side of 
Argyll street to Howard st. 

St. George's Court, 94, West 
Nile street 

St. George Place, west side of 
Buchanan street 

St. George's Road, Dundas vale 

St. James's Road, from Taylor 
street to Parliamentary road 

St. James's Street, from Mel- 
ville street to Kingston Place 

St. Margaret Place, from Bridge - 
gate to Jail 

St. Mary's Lane, from West 
Nile street to Renfield street. 

St. Mungo's Lane, from Gallow- 
gate to Green entry 

St. Mungo Street, from Stir- 
ling's road to Parson street 

St. Nicholas Street, from Kirk 
street to Weaver street 

St. Ninian Street, Adelphi street 

St. Rollox, Townhead 

St. Vincent Place, from George 
square to Buchanan street 

St. Vincent Street (West), from 
Buchanan street westward 

Shuttle Street, from Canon st. 
to George street 


Street Directory. 


Shuttle street Lane, top of 

Shuttle street 
Sidney Court, 62, Argyll street 
Sidney street, east end of Gal- 
lowgate, north side 
Sinclair's Court, 363, Gallo wgate 
Sister street, Orr street, Calton 
S meal's Buildings, Govanhaugh 
Smith's Court, 62, Brunswick 

street and 53, Candlerigg st. 
Smith's Court, 64i, Jamaica st. 
Sommerville Place, Monteith 

Spoutmouth, from Gallowgate 

to Old Venel 
Spreull's Court, 26, Glassford 

street and 182, Trongate 
Spring Place, opposite Lawmoor 

Stevenson street, from Kirk 

street to Clyde street, Calton 
Steel street, from Saltmarket to 

Low Green street 
Stirling's Road, from High John 

street to Townhead toll 
Stirling square, west end of 

Stirling street 
Stirling street, from High st. 

to Stirling square 
Stobcross street, from Wash- 
ington street to Finnieston 
Stockwell Court, 39, Stockwell 
Stockwell Place, Stockwell st. 

west side 
Stockwell street, from Tron- 
gate to Stockwell Bridge 
Stormont street, east side of 

Maxwell street 
Stourbridge Court, 210, Argyll 

Struthers' street, Calton 
Suffolk street, from StMungo's 

lane to Kent street 
Sugar-house Closes, 132 and 138, 

Gallowgate, and 47, King st. 
Summer street, Mile End 
Sun Close, 19, Saltmarket 
Surrey Place, west of Gorbals 

toll, Pollokshaws road 
Surrey street, from Portugal 

street to Edwin place 

Sussex Place, 9, Adelphi street 
Swan Close, 112, Main street, 

Sweeps' Close, 72, High street 
Sweet's Court, 109, Great 

Hamilton street 

Tanwork Close, S9, Gallowgate 
Tarbet street, Balmanno street 
Taylor street, from Rottenrow 

to Parson street 
Thistle street, from Adelphi st. 

to Cleland street 
Thistle street, from Sauchie- 

hall road to Hill street, Gar- 

Thomas street, East end of 

Duke street, Bluevale. 
Thomson's Lane, Marlborough 

street, Calton 
Thomson's Lane, Green street, 

to Risk street 
Thomson's square, 70, Main st, 

Tobago street, Calton, Canning 

Tontine Buildings, Exchange 
Tontine Close, 34, Trongate 
Tradeston, at the south end of 

Glasgow Bridge 
Trafalgar street, Main st. Bridge- 
Trafalgar Place, 120, Brooroie- 

Trongate, from the Cross to 

Stockwell and Glassford st. 
Tureen street, from Gallowgate 

to King street Calton 
Turner's Court, 87, Argyll street 
Tylefield street, south side of 


Union Court, corner of Union 
street and Argyll street, north 

Union Place, North street, An- 

Union street, Argyll street, op- 
posite Jamaica street 

Union street and Place, Calton 

Ure Place, Montrose street 


Street Directory. 

Villafield, north end of Taylor st. 
Virginia Buildings, 43, Virginia 

Virginia Court, 71, Virginia st. 
Virginia Place, head of Virginia 

Virginia street, from Argyll st. 

to Ingram street 

Waddell's Court, 48, Stockwell 
Wallace Court, Bell street, south 

Wallace street, Eglinton street 
Warroch street, from Stohcross 

street to Anderston quay 
Wardrop's Court, 38, Queen st. 
Warwick street, from Norfolk 

street to Bedford street 
Washington street, from Main 

street, Anderston, to Ander- 
ston quay 
Water street, Port-Dundas 
Waterloo Close, 91, Stockwell 
Waterport Buildings, from 10 to 

18, Great Clyde street 
Watson's Court, 1 96, Gallowgate 
Weaver Street, from Rottenrow 

to Stirling's road 
Wellfield, west end of North st. 

Wellpark, Finnieston 
Wellpark Lane, Parkhouse lane, 

Ladywell, off Duke street 
Well Street, Main street, Calton 
Wellington Court, 43, Argyll st. 

Wellington Place, east end of 

Adelphi street 
Wellington Place (North), Sau- 

chiehall street 
Wellington Street, from Argyll 

street, to Sauchiehall street 
West Street, Tradeston 
Whitevale, from Gallowgate to 

Duke street 
William St., Greenhead, south 

of Canning street 
William Street, Broad street, 

William Street, Cowcaddens 
Wilson Street, from Candleriggs 

to Virginia street 
Wilson's Close, 139, Saltmarket 
Wilson's Court, 57, Argyll st. 
Wilson's Court, 8, Broomielaw 
Windsor Place, Sauchiehall st. 
Wood's Buildings, 55, Duke st. 
Wood Lane, 338, Gallowgate 
Wood Lane, 24, Broomielaw 
Woodside Crescent, west end of 

Sauchiehall road, north side 
World's End, Finnieston 
Wright Street, from Duke st. 

to Ladywell 

York Street, from Argyll street 

to Broomielaw 
York Lane, 24, York street 
York Place, 339, Argyll street 
Young's Buildings, 292, Argyll 


Letter- Carriers. 20 


With their Districts arranged as Letters are Delivered. 

There are now four complete Deliveries daily (Sunday excepted) of 
Letters throughout Glasgow, viz., at 

Eight a. m. — Ten a. m. — Two p. m. — Five p. m. 

And to ensure punctuality, each Letter bears the Stamp, not only of the 
day, but also of the hour of the delivery by which it should be delivered ; and 
it is requested that any instance of delay may be immediately made known 
to the Postmaster of Glasgow. 

I DAVID PARK, 148, High Street. 

From the Cross to the Candleriggs (both sides), Candleriggs to Ingram street, but. 
no part of Ingram street, Montrose street to Stirling road, and the houses beyond 
in that line, Richmond street, and George street, from Montrose street to Albion 
street, Albion street, from George street, to Canon street, Canon street to Shuttle 
street, Stirling square, down Nelson street to Bell street, all Bell street, and down 
Nelson street to Trongate. 

II WILLIAM F. LANG, 15, College Street. 

From Hutcheson street to Candleriggs, North side of Trongate, between these two, 
Hutcheson street (both sides), and Ingram street (south side) to Candleriggs, and all 
within these bounds. 

HI.— ROBERT MILLER, 103, Graeme Street. 

From Miller street to Hutcheson street, and north side of Argyle street, and Tron- 
gate between these two streets, Virginia street and Glassford street (both sides), to 
Ingram street, South side of Ingram street, from Miller street to Hutcheson street, 
and all within these bounds. 

IV.—JAMES GENTLE, 15, College Street. 

From Queen street to Miller street, delivering north side of Argyll street between 
these two, both sides of Queen street to George square, both sides of Miller street 
to Ingram street, and south side of Ingram street from Miller street to Queen street. 

V DANIEL MILLER, 5, King Street. 

From the bottom of Union street, to Buchanan street, but no delivery in Argyll 
street, both sides of Buchanan street to Bath street, Gordon street, St. Vincent 
Place, West George street from Buchanan street to George square. 

VI WILLIAM HALL, 29, Havannah Street. 

From Washington street to Jamaica street on the south and on the north, from 
Jamaica Street to Pitt street, comprehending both sides of Anderston walk. 

VII ALEXANDER JAFFERY, 45, Taylor Street. 

Clyde street from Maxwell street to Stockwell, both sides of the Stockwell from 
the bridge, and the south side of Argyll street from Stockwell to Maxwell street, and 
all within these bounds. 

VIIL— JOHN MILLER, 20, Clyde Terrace. 

The south side of the Trongate from the Saltmarket to the Stockwell, East Clyde 
street to the Jail, the Jail and on to the Saltmarket, and all within the bounds. 

IX PETER KIRKLAND, 29, Havannah Street. 

From the Jail, both sides of the Saltmarket, including the lanes on both sides, SI 
Andrew square and London street, and along Green street to Charlotte street, both 
sides of the High street to Duke street, including on the west side Stirling street to 
Stirling square, Grammar School Wynd to Shuttle street, Shuttle street, College 
street, and Buns wynd, on the east side of High street, Crosswell lane to the bridge, 
Blackfriars street, Havannah street, and the Venels to the burn. 

2 J Letter- Carriers. 

X.— JOHN MONTGOMERY, 184, Gallowgate. 
Hunter's dock to Washington street, up Washington street and Pitt street, both 
sides to St. Vincent street, but no part of St. Vincent street, all Anderston to Sandy- 
ford Toll. '»- v J 

XI— ALEXANDER ANDERSON, 48, George Square. 

North side of Ingram street from Queen street to Montrose street, from Montrose 
street by the head of John street to Renfrew street, George square, South Hanover 
street, and all within these bounds. 

XII — MALCOLM RUSSELL, 29, Havannali. 

From the Cross, both sides of the Gallowgate to Calton mouth and Barrack street, 
down Green street, both sides to Great Hamilton street, both sides of Great Hamilton 
street to Charlotte street, both sides of Charlotte street to Gallowgate. 

XIII — ROBERT GALBRAITH, 66, Hospital Street. 

From Little Govan along the south side of the river to Main street, both sides of 
Main street, and the continuation of it south to the Pollockshaws road. 

XIV— ALEXANDER ANDERSON, 25, St. Andrew Street. 

West George street, except George place, from Buchanan street to Kent road, 
West Regent street, St. Vincent street from George square to Pitt street, and west 
of Union Place down to Anderston walk. 

XV— BENJAMIN GRANT, 136, High Street. 

George street from N. Portland street to Duke street, High street from Duke street 
to Castle street, Townhead to the Garnkirk rail road, by the Garnkirk Depot and 
Parliamentary street to the Asylum, by Stirling road to Portland street, and all 
within these bounds. 

XVI — JOHN CAMPBELL, 136, High Street. 

From S. Portland street to Springfield mill, and up to Pollockshaws road, and the 
whole bounds which extend on the north of the Paisley canal, from Port-Eglinton to 
Springfield mill. 

XVII — WILLIAM SMITH, 22, Shuttle Street. 

From Great Hamilton street by the Green to Rutherglen Bridge, Bridgeton, Cal- 
ton, from Barrowfield Toll to Crown Point, from Crown Point the whole of the north 
division of the Calton to Tureen street. 

XVIII— DAVID ANDERSON, 199, Rottenrow. 

Lunatic Asylum, and by Port Dundas to Springbank Toll, and on along Woodside 
Road to St. George road, all St. George road and Garnet hill down to Sauchiehall 
road, but no part of Sauchiehall road, east through Renfrew street to top of Buch- 
anan street. 

XIX— JAMES CRAIG, 113, Grceme Street. 

From St. Vincent street, down Union street and Jamaica street to the Glasgow 
Bridge, being Union street and Jamaica street, both sides, Great Clyde street from 
Glasgow Bridge to Maxwell street, the whole of Maxwell street, and the whole of 
Mitchell street, and both sides of Argyle street from Queen street and Maxwell 
street to Union street. 

XX— JOHN DINGWALL, 20, Candleriggs. 

All Sauchiehall road from Buchanan street to Mr. Fleming of Claremont's house, 
by Botanic Garden on south, and including Elmbank crescent north side of Blyths- 
wood square, and all north of West Regent street to Buchanan street. 

XXI— ANDREW CLYDE, 13, Oxford Lane. 

From Main street to Portland street, both sides of Portland street up to Pollock- 
shaws road. 

XXII— JAMES LEMON, 138, Gallowgate. 

Drygate street, both sides of Duke street from George street east to Glenpark, and 
down to Camlachie bridge, from Camlachie bridge, both sides of the Gallowgate to 
Calton mouth, through Calton mouth along King street and Potter Row to Crown 


District 1.— Cattle Market 

,~-s. 2. — St. John's Church 

. 3. — St. Andrew's Church 

4 — St. David's Church 

5 — The Trades' Hall 

6. — The Town's Hospital 

— ™. 7.— St. George's Church 
— ~™ 8. — Seaman's Chapel 

9 — Robertson Street— Court Hall of the Water Baillie 

10. — Upper John Street 

11 — Baronial Hall, South Portland Street 

12 — Catholic School, Portugal Street 


District 1. — St. John's Church 

2 Montrose Street 

3 — Brunswick Street 

„~ 4. — George's Square 

5. —St. Enoch's Square 



AARON, Sarah, furniture warehouse, 37 Candleriggs, house 18 Great 

Clyde street 
ABERCROMBY, Alex, of M'Laren & Abercromby, ho. 1 Albany pi. 
Abercromby, John, of Lade and Abercromby, house 45 Union street 
Aberdeen Bank. Royal Bank, agents 
Aberdeen Fire and Life Assdrance Co., Office 89 St. Vincent st. 

Win. Smith, agent for Glasgow 
ADAM, Alex, surgeon, 341 High street, house 26 George street 
Adam, Archd. M. of Cunningham, Adam, Strangs & Co. 
Adam & Co. linen and woollen drapers, silk mercers, &c. 172 and 174 

Argyll street and 6 Union street 
Adam, George, flesher, Bell Street Market 

Adam, J. G. calico printer, 51 Cochran st. works, Denovan, near Denny 
Adam, James, baker, 31 Hospital street 
Adam, James, spirit dealer, 104 King street, Tradeston 
Adam, John, builder, brick and tile maker, Gallowmuir, 206 Duke st. 

house do. 
Adam, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 254 Gallowgate 
Adam, John, spirit dealer, 30 Orr street, Calton 
. Adam, John, of William Adam & Son, house Milnbank 
\ Adam, John William, merchant, 8 Gordon street, at Mrs. Wilson's, 2 
Clyde place 
Adam, John, of Adam & Co. house 10 Abbotsford place 
Adam, John, of Lamb & Adam, house 58 Buccleugh street 
i Adam, Joseph, japanner and clock-dial manufacturer, 60 High street 
i Adam, Peter, builder and brickmaker, 24 Warwick street 
j Adam, Robert Parker, merchant, 8 Gordon street, and Rio de Janeiro 
j Adam, Thomas, grocer and spirit dealer, 45, Dale street Tradeston 
Adam, William, at Lancaster & Clark's 
Adam, William, upholsterer and cabinet maker, 30 Renfield street, house 

12 Clyde place 
Adam, William, of William Adam & Co. house 20 Monteith row 
Adam, William, jun. manufacturer, 94, Miller street, house 1 West 
Russell street 


Adam, William, & Son, bleachers, Milnbank. Letters left at A. M'- 

Nair's, 71 Bell street 
Adam, William, & Co. cotton yarn merchants, 103, Brunswick street 
Adam & Wright, manufacturers of small wares, hosiers, glovers, and 

button factors, Old Post Office Court, 114 Trongate 
Adam, Mrs. paper box maker, 34 George street 
Adam, Mrs. John, baker, 52 Main street, Anderston 
Adam, Mrs. lodgings, 155 Great Hamilton street 
Adam, Miss, milliner, 20 Clyde Terrace 
Adam, Miss, stay maker, 26 College street 
Adam, Misses E. & M. milliners, 36 Candleriggs 
ADAMSON, F. & Co. merchants, 14 Montrose street 
Adamson & Logan, manufacturers, 14 Montrose street 
Adamson, F. of Adamson & Logan, house 53 West George street 
Adamson, Woodcock & Co. general agents, 135 Buchanan street 
Adelphi Brewery, Govan street 
Adelfhi Dyework, Hutchesontown 
Adelphi Foundry, Commercial road, Hutchesontown 
ADSHEAD, Peter, fancy toy warehouse, 31 Nelson street 
ADIE, William, 29 Dobie's loan 
Affidavit Office, for Court of King's Bench, in Ireland, at Mr 

Moir's, 38 Great Clyde street 
Affidavit Office, for England, James Drew, writer, 67 Miller street 
Affidavit Office, for Courts of King's Bench, Common Pleas, and 

Exchequer in Ireland, at Mr Agnew's, 16 Buchanan street 
AFLECK, J. & T. pawnbrokers, 139 Saltmarket, ho. 1 Monteith row 
AGNEW, John, merchant, Brazilian Consul, and Commissioner for 

taking affidavits for all the King's courts, Ireland, office 16 Buchanan 

street, house Columbia place 
Agnew, John, surgeon, 49 King street, Tradeston, house 49 Oxford street 
Agnew, William, agent, umbrella maker, &c. 74 Stevenson street 
Agnew, Mrs. straw-hat maker and furnishing shop, 74 Stevenson street 
AIKMAN & Co. calenderers, 10 Garthland street 
Aikman, John, clerk, Royal Bank, ho. Dunchattan buildings, Duke st, 
Aikman, Robert, of Robert Rodger & Co. house 49 Renfield street 
Aikman, William, 49 Renfield street 

AINSLIE, John, sheriff-officer and constable, 36 East Clyde street 
Ainslie, William, candlemaker, 47 Main street, Gorbals 
AIRD, John, of Aird and Russell, house 34 Centre street, Tradeston 
Aird and Russell, printers, Buchanan court, 75 Argyll street 
Aird, Thomas, saddler, 45 Oxford street 
Aird, William, saddler, 159 Buchanan street 
AITCHISON, John, merchant and patentee for machines for suga; 

refining, Adam's court lane, Argyll street, house 52 Renfield street 
Aitchison, William, writer, and town clerk of Anderston, 39, Hutchesoi 

Aitchison, Misses, milliners and dress makers, 29, Hutcheson street 
AITKEN, Alexander, at Robertson, Donaldson & Dougall's, house ( 

Nicholson street 
Aitken, Alexander, watch maker and jeweller, 98 Queen street, hous< 

Garscube place 
Aitken, Andrew & Co. dyers, 709 Gallowgate 

Aitken, Archibald, baker and spirit dealer, 1C5, Canning street, Caltoi 
Aitken, B. wine and spirit merchant, 102 Bridgegate 


Aitken, D. J. teacher, 6 Eottenrow, house 350 High street 
Aitken, Edward, grocer, 107 King st. Glasgow, and 110 Washington st. 
Aitken, Hugh & Robert, dyers, 709 Gallowgate 
Aitken, Hugh, salt office, 1 Stockwell 

Aitken, James, superintendent of scavenging, 108 Arg3'll street 
Aitken, J. H. St. John's Academy, 40 Macfarlane street, house above 
Aitken, James, writing-master, 3 St. George's place, house 4 Bath st. 
Aitken, James, watch maker, 48 Stevenson street 
Aitken, James, of Murdoch, Aitken & Co. house 23 Monteith row 
Aitken James & John, woollen drapers, 14 Gallowgate 
Aitken, John, & Co. printers, 72 Nelson street, ho. 45 Blackfriar street 
Aitken, John, wine and spirit mercht. 92 Bell st. ho. 26 St. Andrew st. 
Aitken, John, spirit dealer, 396 Gallowgate 
Aitken, Dr. John, surgeon, 342 Argyll street 

Aitken, John, wine and spirit merchant. 92 High st. and 134 King st. 
Aitken's Lodgings, 103 Argyll street 

Aitken, Mark, builder, Fulton's land, Hill street, Garnethill 
Aitken, Peter, boot tavern, 39 Saltmarket 

Aitken, Peter, jeweller, 96 Argyll street, house 90 Argyll court 
Aitken, Robert, accountant, 60 Ingram street, house I Uakfield place 
Aitken, Eobert, baker and spirit dealer, 80 Jamaica street 
' Aitken, Eobert, baker, 13 Well street, Calton 
Aitken, Eobert, marble cutter, 21 Gordon street 

Aitken, Eobert, wine and spirit merchant, 9 and 11 Nile st. Gallowgate 
Aitken, Thomas, wine and spirit dealer, 81 King street, iradeston 
Aitken, William, silk mercer, 2 and 4 Glassford street 
Aitken, William, builder, 4 M'Farlane street 
Aitken, William, candle maker, 4 and 6 Gibson street 
Aitken, William, manufacturer of zebra dresses, &c. 70 Hutcheson st. 

house 9 Oakfield place, Blythswood square 
Aitken, William, surgeon, 68 Stockwell street, house 69 do. 
Aitken, William, cotton yarn twister, 69 Mitchell st. ho. 28 Adam's c. lane 
Aitken, Mrs. victualler, 340 Gallowgate 
Aitken, Mrs. James, rag merchant, 28 Spoutmouth 
Aitken, Mrs. John, Perth and Aberdeen carrier, 102 Brunswick street 
Aitken, Mrs. victualler, 344 Gallowgate 
Aitken, Mrs. Eobert, 223 Gallowgate 

AITKEN HEAD, Alexander, & Co. victuallers, 222 Gallowgate 
Aitkenhead, A. Jun. & Co. grocers. 3 Gordon street ho. 1 Kent street 
Aitkenhead, John, victualler, 75 Main street, Gorbals 
Albyn Iron Works, Albyn place 
ALCOEN, James, plasterer, 30 Ann street, Cowcaddens, orders left 

with Eobert King, 15 Buns wynd 
ALDEESON, George, ofC. L. Philips & Co. ho 40 Great Clyde street 
ALEXANDEB, Alexander, grocer, 152 Sauchiehall street 
Alexander, A. & Co. fish curers and commission agents, 6 and 8 E. Nile st. 
Alexander, A. W. watch and clock maker and jeweller, 9 Nelson street 
Alexander, Claud, 144 Queen street 

Alexander, & Co. fishmongers, 401 Argyll street, house 4 Bridge street 
Alexander, David, painter, 17 St. Andrew's street 
Alexander, Edward, of Corbett, Alexander, & Co. ho. 73 So. Portland st. 
Alexander, Hugh Joiners' House of Call, 62 Argyll street 
Alexander, James, & Co. merchants, 100 Queen street 



Alexander, James, of J. Alexander, 8r Co. ho. Greenhill pi. St. Vincent st. 
Alexander, Jas. Tertius, of Bogle, Alexander & Co. ho. 83 W. Regent st. 
Alexander, James, ironmonger, 28 High street 
Alexander, James, grocer and spirit dealer 18 Little street. 
Alexander James, jun- wine and spirit merchant, 43 Queen street, house 

7 Oakfield place 
Alexander, James, surgeon-dentist, 40 and 42 Union street 
Alexander, James, wright and builder, Holme street 
Alexander, James, currier and leather merchant, 65 Bridgegate, and 5G 

New street, Calton 
Alexander, John, jun. 34 Duke street 

Alexander, John Henry, manager, Theatre Royal, 33 Dunlop street 
Alexander, John, Courier Office, house 33 Abbotsford place 
Alexander, John, of John Alexander & Co. ho. Greenhill pi. St. Vincent st. 
Alexander, John, reed maker, 23 High street 
Alexander, John, dealer in Irish linen, 100 George street 
Alexander, John, flesher, 105 Main street, Gorbals 
Alexander, John, confectioner, 232 High street 
Alexander, John, builder, Maitland street 
Alexander, John, & Co. calico printers, 100 Queen street 
Alexander, John, victualler, 114 Stockwell 

Alexander, Joseph, confectioner, 49 Arcade, ho. 50 King st. Tradeston 
Alexander, Matthew, 1 Woodside crescent. Letters to be left at Cor- 

bett, Alexander & Co. 
Alexander, R. F. & J. 97 Brunswick street, spinning and thread works, 

Duke street, and Burnside Lane 
Alexander, Robert Fulton, merchant, 38 West George street 
Alexander, Robert, spirit dealer, 80 Low Green street 
Alexander, Robert, merchant, 144, Queen street 
Alexander, Thomas, lithographer and engraver, 179 Argyll street 
Alexander, Walter, of James Somerville & Co. 16 Brunswick lane 
Alexander, Walter, at Robert Eccles & Co. 64 Buchanan street 
Alexander, William, victualler, 97 High street 
Alexander, William goldsmith and watchmaker, 11 Nelson street, house 

12 Charlotte street 
Alexander, William, shoe and furnishing shop, 35 Stevenson street 
Alexander, William, Aberdeen tavern, 33 Trongate 
Alexander, Mrs.. Thomas, spirit dealer, 35 Shuttle street 
Alexander, Mrs. William, boarding school, 180 West Regent street 
Alexander, Margaret, grocer and fruiterer, 75 George street 
Alexander, Miss, of Ballochmyle, 44 George square 
ALLAN, Alexander, spirit dealer, 164 Main street, Gorbals 
Allan, Alexander, ham curer, 26 King street 
Allan, Alexander, manager, M'Haffie & Co.'s weaving works, Peel st. 

house 2 Canning street 
Allan, Alexander, piano-forte maker, 72 Norfolk street 
Alkm, A. & J. grocers and provision dealers, 81 Gallowgate 
Allan, David, of Allan & Ferguson, ho. Young's buildings, 292 Argyll st 
Allan & Ferguson, lithographic printers and engravers, 57 Argyll street 
Allan, James, bill poster, 124 Trongate 
Allan, James, & lion, grain merchants, 6 Hutcheson street, house 2 

Carlton place 
Allan, James, tailor, 94 Gallowgate 


Allan, James, tinsmith and furnishing ironmonger, 138 Argyll street 

Allan, James, of P. Brown Si Co. house 10 Abbotsford place 

Allan, James, English and commercial seminary, 7 St Andrew square, 

house 6 Suffolk street 
Allan, James, spirit dealer, 27 Hospital street 
Allan, John, victualler and cowfeeder, Lochore's land, Townhead 
Allan, John, victualler, 159 High street 
Allan, John, spirit dealer, 77 Old wynd 
Allan, John Robert, 103 Hutcheson street 
Allan, John, sheriff-officer and constable, for the shires of Lanark and 

Renfrew 57 Stockwell 
Allan, John, fe Co. manufacturers, 14 Garthland street 
Allan, John, of John Allan & Co. house 184 Buchanan street 
Allan, John, writer, 144 Queen street, house 107 West Regent street 
Allan, John, jun. agent, 16 Turner's Court, Argyll street, house 40 

Buccleugh street 
Allan, John, silk dyer, Cowcaddens 
Allan & Man, brickmakers, and fire works, Port-Eglinton. Letters and 

orders left at Govan Colliery office, 37 Glassford street 
Allan, Neil, spirit dealer, 177 Cowcaddens 

Allan Place Reading Room and Stationary Warehouse, 426 Argyll st. 
Allan, P. fe Co. shawl manufacturers, 95 Hutcheson street 
Allan, P. of P. Allan & Co. house 5 St. Vincent street 
Allan, Robert, of Robert & Thomas Allan, house Holland place 
Allan, Robert, & Co. piano-forte manufacturers, 54 South Portland st. 

manufactory 103 Eglinton street 
Allan, Robert, brushmaker, 5 Princes street 
Allan, Robert, of Wm. Allan & Co. house Kent road 
Allan, Robert, & Co. manufacturers, 103 Hutcheson street 
Allan, Robert it Thomas, accountants and factors, 24 Stockwell 
Allan, Thomas, of P. A. Black & Co. 87 Queen street 
Allan, Thomas, of Robert Sz Thomas Allan, house Holland place 
Allan, William, & Son, ham curers, 72 Candleriggs, house 95 do. 
Allan, William, & Co. manufacturers, 43 Virginia street 
Allan, William, baker, 103 Bridgegate 

Allan, William, jun. of William Allan & Co. house Kent road 
Allan, William, diaper and clothier, 55 Trongate 
Allan, William, spirit dealer, Duke street 
Allan, William, brushmaker, 132 Gallowgate 
Allan, William, sen. of William Allan & Co. house Kent road 
Allan, Mrs. Newhall, Greenhead 
Allan, Mrs. Greenhill place, 296 St. Vincent street 
Allan, Mrs. John, 7 Queen street 
Allan, Misses, lodgings, 168 Gallowgate 
Allan, Miss, 33 North Hanover street 
Alliance Fire and Life Assurance Co. of London. Messrs Mem 

& Johnston, 42 Miller st. and John M'Vey, 95 Hutcheson st. agents. 
ALISON, Archd. sheriff of Lanarkshire, 60 Stockwell, house Possil house 
Allison, John, glass and china warehouse, 107 Argyll street, and cut 

glass manufactory, 78 Queen street 
-Allison, Joseph, 79 South Portland street 
Allison, William, spirit dealer, 4 Coburg street 
Allison, Mrs. poultry shop, 139 Argyll street 


ALMOND, Rev. George, of St. Mary's Episcopal Chapel, house 194 

Renfrew street 
ALSTON, Arthur, victualler and spirit dealer, 28 King street Calton 
Alston, George, merchant, of Campbell, Rivers & Co. house 118 St. 

Vincent street 
Alston, Henry, writer, Ingram Buildings, house 101 N. Douglas street 
Alston, James, poulterer, 59 Prince's street 
Alston, John, 6c Son, gingham, pullicate and nygslin. manufacturers, 55 

Glassford street «*» * 

Alston, John, of John Alston & Son, house Rosemount, GarB^idhill 
Alston, John, jun. of William M'Caul & Co. 35 Miller street 
Alston, John Thomas, & Co. merchants, 13 West Regent street 
Alston, John, of John Thomas Alston & Co* 37 Buccleugh street 
Alston, Mather & Co. merchants and general commission agenls, 26 

Glassford street and 39 Hutcheson street 
Alston, R. D. insurance broker, 126 Queen street 
Alston, T. Scott, of John Alston & Son, house 13 Elmbank Crescent 
Alston, William, & Co. gingham and pullicate manufacturers, 62 Hut- 
cheson street 
Alston, William C- of John Alston & Son, house 177 West Regent st. 
Alston, Mrs. straw-hat maker and milliner, 209 High street 
American Consulate. Alexander Thomson, Consul, 91 Buchanan st. 
ANDERSON, Alexander, fiesher, 81 Main street, Gorbals 
Anderson, A. beadle and coal agent, Wellington street 
Anderson, Alexander, civil engineer, Glasgow Water "Works, house 40 

St. Andrew's square 
Anderson, Andrew, fever hospital clerk 

Anderson, Dr. A. D. 159 St Vincent st. consulting rooms 10 St. Vincent pi. 
Anderson & Co. warehousemen, 20 Candleriggs 
Anderson, D. teacher, Deaf and Dumb Institution, Barony glebe 
Anderson, David, of Anderson & Laurie, house Buccleugh street 
Anderson, David, victualler, 407 dallowgate 
Anderson, Ebenezer, victualler, 64, King street 
Anderson, George, of Anderson & Smith, 9 Royal Exchange square 
Anderson, George, of George Anderson & Co. house Hill street 
Anderson, G. hair dresser, 51, Nelson street 
Anderson, George, & Co. colour makers, ivory black, charcoal and grain 

mills, Hill street 
A nderson & Haldane, corn factors, 1 90 Trongate 
Anderson, James, tin plate worker, 309 High street 
Anderson, James, A. manager, Glasgow Union Bank, house Garnethill 
Anderson, James O. merchant, 58 Cambridge street 
Anderson, James, baker, 240 High street, house 2 Duke street 
Anderson, James, candle manufacturer, 71 Hutcheson street 
Anderson, James, commercial bank, 
Anderson, James, jun. baker, 151 High street 
Anderson, James, glass and china merchant, 31 Candleriggs 
Anderson, J. B. wig maker and perfumer, 121 and 123 Ingram street 
Anderson, J. B. hosier and glover, 73 Trongate 
Anderson, James & Co. calenderers and packers, 30 South Hanover st. 
Anderson, James, provision merchant, 74 King street 
/(.nderson, J. ."i: A. gingham & pullicate manufacturers, 114 Candleriggs 
Anderson, James, of J. & A. Anderson, house 6 Provanside 


.Anderson, James, victualler, 210 Gallowgate 

Anderson, J. C. at Alex. Dewar & Co.'s house, 56 Oxford street 

Anderson & Jarvis, shoe furnishing warehouse, 70 Princes street 

Anderson, John, purser, R. N. John Street, Greenhead 

Anderson, John, of Anderson & Haldane, house 57 York street 

Anderson, John, draper, under the Piazzas, Tontine 

-Anderson, John, & Co. merchants, 4 Gordon street 

Anderson, John, of John Anderson 8c Co. house 212 St. Vincent street 

Anderson, John, victualler, 40 Stockwell 

Anderson, John, grocer and toy dealer, 31 Main street, Anderston 

Anderson, John, of Anderson & Co. house 37 Abbotsford place 

Anderson, John G. manufacturer, 12 Stirling sq. ho. 112 Rottenrow 

Anderson, John, merchant, 72 George place, house Sandyford House 

Anderson, J. manager, Castle Steam Packet Co. 23 Anderston quay 

Anderson, Rev. Jonathan R. 39 Abbotsford place 

Andersonfe Laurie, pullicatefe gingham manufacturers, 30 S. Hanover st. 

Anderson, Matthew, sen. baker, 65 King street, house 71 do. 

Anderson, Matthew, jun. baker, 60 King street 

Anderson & Muir, manufacturers, 16 Montrose street 

Anderson, N. spirit dealer, 85 King street, Tradeston 

Anderson, Peter & Co. slaters, slateyard, Hyde Park, 164 Broomielaw 

Anderson, Peter, boot and shoe maker, 36 Hospital street 

Anderson, Robert, at R. Dalglish, Falconer & Co.'s. ho. 24 Jamaica st. 

Anderson, Robert fe James, boot makers, 53 John stre&t 

Anderson, Robert, writer, 68, Glassford street 

Anderson, Robert, baker, 15 Stockwell 

Anderson, Robert, hair dresser, 7 East Nile street 

Anderson, Robert, at J. fe W. Crum & Co.'s, 51 Cochran street 

Anderson & Smith, merchants, 9 Royal Exchange square 

Anderson & Son, clothiers, 33 Buchanan street 

Anderson, Thomas, of Galloway & Anderson, ho. 52 Weaver street 

Anderson, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 77 Stockwell, house 140 do. 

Anderson, Thomas, spirit dealer, 9 Cheapside street 

Anderson, William, wine and spirit merchant, 23 Main street, Gorbals 

Anderson & Thomson, shawl and Thibet cutters, 36 John street 

Anderson. W. G. merchant, 66 Miller street 

Anderson, William, Corn Exchange tavern, 92 and 94 Candleriggs 

Anderson, William, flesher, 4 Main street, Anderston 

Anderson, William, slater, 7 Park place, yard, 74 Broomielaw 

Anderson, William, upholsterer, 13 Argyll street 

Anderson, William, provision merchant, 133 Campbell street 

Anderson, Rev. William, John st. Relief Church, ho. 34 S. Portland st. 

Anderson, William, spirit dealer, 114 King street 

Anderson, William, jun. of Anderson & Son, ho. 40 Great Clyde street 

Anderson, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 118 Sauchiehall street 

Anderson, William, victualler and spirit dealer, 70 King street, Calton 

Anderson, William, & Co reedmakers, 53 Bell street 

Anderson, William, merchant, 35 Abbotsford place 

Anderson, William, spirit dealer, and grocer, Villafield place 

Anderson, Mrs. John, Swan tavern, 187 Trongate 

Anderson, Mrs. A. lodgings, 48 George square 

Anderson, Miss, lodgings, 118, George street 

Anderson, Miss, housekeeper, Town's Hospital 



Anderson, Misses, dressmakers, 136 Main street, Gorbals 

Anderson, Misses, milliners and straw hat makers, 104 Sauchiehall st. 

Anderson, Miss A. furnished lodgings, 114 Trongate 

Anderson, Miss Janet, grocer and spirit dealer, 287 High street 

Anderson, Misses, dress makers, 28 Garscube place 

Andersonian University, 204 George street 

Anderston Economical Society,5 Cheapside st. Andrew M'Laren, salesman 

Anderston Old Victualling Society, John Barnet, manager, 107 Main st. 

Anderston Brewery Co. Warroch street, Anderston 

Anderston Benevolent Dispensary, 67 Main street 

Anderston Police Office, 8 Warroch street, Anderston 

A nderston Pottery Works, Anderston 

A nderston Bottle Work, Lancefield 

Anderston Foundry Company, 42 Cheapside street 

A nderston Union Victualling Society, 21 Stobcross st. J. Mather, salesman 

A NDREW, Mrs. Abraham, Anchor Tavern, 37 Trongate 

A ndrew, Alexander, 51 Erunswick Place 

ANGUS, Forbes, physician's clerk, Royal Infirmary 

Angus, George, at Wingate, Son, & Co.'s 

A ngus & Hardie, teachers of English, 130 Ingram street 

Angus, John, house, sign, and ornamental painter, and paper hanger, 17 

and 19 Maxwell street, house 52 Howard street 
Angus, John, victualler, 153 Gallowgate 

Angus, James, baker, 120 Main street, Anderston 

-Angus, James, upholsterer, 60 Stockwell, house Clayslaps, near Particle 

A ngus, James, spirit dealer, 6 Duke street 

Angus, Ritchie, of Ewing, May & Co. house 133 St. Vincent street 

A ngus, Robert, upholstery and cabinet warehouse, 1 1 South Portland st. 

A ngus, William, teacher of English, 130 Ingram st. ho. 108 N. Douglas st. 

Angus, Mrs. James, grocer, 100 Rottenrow 

Angus, Mrs. John, spirit dealer, 10 Jackson street 

A ngus, Miss, lodgings, 49 Renfield street 

Annfield School, 557 Gallowgate 

Annuity Society, Thomas Brown, Secretary, 49 Virginia street 

Annutty Hall, Pratt's court, 109, Argyll street 

ARBUCKLE, Andrew, glass warehouse, 126 Trongate 

Arbuckle, William, cork cutter, 48 Stockwell 

Akcadf. Carpet, Floor Cloth, and Paper Hanging Warehouse; 1 

ARCHER, Charles, cabinet maker and joiner, 62 Argyll street 

ARCHIBALD, J. Wright, 17 High street 

Argus Life Assurance Company Agency Office, 49 Virginia 
street, and 71 Union street, Thomas i^rown, agent 

Argus Newspaper Printing and Publishing Office, 24 Queen st. 

ARGYLL Hotel, 152 Argyll street, Dugald Sinclair 

ARMOUR, James, provision merchant, 61 Clyde street, Anderston 

Armour, John, muslm manufacturer, 63 Candleriggs court 

Armour, Robert, & Co. straw bonnet manufacturers, lacemen, &c. 25 
Queen street 

ARMSTRONG, James, spirit dealer, 43 Trongate 

Armstrong, John, & Co. warehousemen, 97 Argj'll street 

Armstrong, John, of John Armstrong & Co. house 19 Croy place 
Armstrong, Rev. D. 26 Great Hamilton street 


Armstrong, Thos. gold beater and printer of gold tickets, 102 Stockwell 

Armstrong, Hannah, leather cutter, 74 Nelson st. ho. 86 S. Portland st. 

Armstrong, Miss, furnishing shop, 59 Nelson street, Tradeston 

ARNOLD, John, at R. Cochran's 17 John Street 

ARNOT, Alex, commission merchant, 5 Melville place 

Arnot, Peter, maltster, 3 Buchan street 

A mot, Robert, victualler, 88 M 'Alpine street 

Arnot, Thomas, decorative painter and paper hanger, 62 St. Vincent st. 

house 58 Renfield street 
Arnot, Wm. cotton waste merchant, 63 Candleriggs, and 12 Wilson st. 
ARTHUR, Alex, draper and hosier, 4 Trongate, ho. 102 Rlackfriar st. 
Arthur & Co. calico printers, 276 George street 
Arthur, Thomas, baker, 73 Crown street 
Arthur, Thomas, 132 St. Vincent street 

Arthur, Wm. millwright and machine maker, Bishop st. ho 21 Allan pi. 
Arthur, Wm. & Co. gingham and pullicate manufact. 19 Cochran street 
Arthur, William, of William Arthur & Co. house 44 Taylor street 
Arthur, Mrs. David, furniture dealer, 20 Bridgegate 
Assembly Rooms, 110 Ingram street 
Asylum Foreign and Domestic Life Assurance Office, Robert 

Findlay, Virginia Buildings, Directors' Correspondent 
Asylum for the Blind, Castle street, Townhead, Matthew Semple and 

Miss Stobo, teachers 
Asylum for Indigent Old Men, 85 Rottenrow, Mrs. Cameron, matron 
ATHERTON, Charles, of Claud Giidwood & Co. ho. 65 Charlotte st. 
ATKINSON, Thomas, engraver, copperplate and lithographic printer, 

16 Queen street 
Atkinson, Thomas, Buck's Head hotel, 61 Argyll street 
Atkinson, Thomas, flesher, I Beef Market, house 2 St. Andrew square 
Atkinson, W. D. 2 St. Andrew square 
Atlas Fire and Life Assurance Company, William Carrick, agent, 

Office, Virginia Buildings. See Advertisement in Appendix 
AUCHIE, James, merchant, 79 West Regent street 
AUCHINCLOSS, William, M.D. 92 West George street, Fife place.. 

consulting rooms 280 George street 
AUCH1NVOLE, John, shawl and zebra dress manufacturer, 4 Mon- 
trose street, house 10 Great Hamilton street 
AUCOTT, Thomas, furnishing shop, 159 Gallowgate 
Auction Mart, Sidney Court 

AULD, Archibald, of Robert Watson & Son, ho. 26 Robertson street 
Auld, Hugh, sen. ironmonger, 130 Gallowgate, house 49 East Rose st. 
Auld, Hugh, jun. ironmonger, 10 London street 
Auld, Rev. John M. superintendent of the Model Juvenile School, Ann- 

field, 557 Gallowgate 
Auld, Thomas, baker, 130 Queen street 
Auld, William, mustard jnanufacturer, snuff miller and general grinder, 

46 Sidney street 
Auld, AVm. of MacEwan and Auld, accountants, 17 Royal Exchange sq. 
AUSTIN, James, 168 Trongate 
Austin & M'Auslan, nursery and seedsmen, 168 Trongate, nurseries, 

Coplawhill, Pollokshaws road 
Austin, William, at Robert Buchanan & Co.'s, 109 Fife place 
Austin, Miss Mary, grocer, 86 Kirk street, Calton 
AYTON, J. & A. hair cutters and perfumers, 68 George street 



BABCOCK, B. F. of W. B. Huggins & Co. ho. 153 St. Vincent st. 

BADHAM, Dr. Prof, of the Theory and Practice of Physic, College 

BAILLIE, James, victualler, 63 Main street, Gorbals 

BAIN, Alexander, baker, 7 Well street, Calton 

Bain, A. furnishing shop, 64 Norfolk street 

Bain, Andrew, of Bell & Bain, house, 58 North Hanover street 

Bain, David & Thos. wrights, trunk and packing box makers, 40 John 

street, house 82 George street 
Bain, George, agent, 48 Nelson st. house Bain's court, Port-Dundas 
Bain, George, victualler, 6 Little Dowhill 
Bain, Greenlees, & Co. merchants, 93 Virginia street 
Bain, Hugh, baker and spirit dealer, 103 Cowcaddens 
Bain, James, spirit dealer, 121 Renfield street 
Bain, John, spirit dealer, 31 Oxford street, Laurieston 
Bain, John, provision merchant, 72 King street, and 46 Clyde street,' 

Bain, John, mail coach office, G4 Trongate, house 5 Richmond street 
Bain, Joseph, Morriston, Cambuslang 

Bain, Quintin, victualler and spirit dealer, 114 Gallowgate 
Bain, Robert, reed maker, 167 High street 
Bain, Thomas, shawl and zebra manufacturer, 4 Montrose street 
Bain, William, & Co. tallow chandlers, 146 High street 
Bain, William, baker, 121 Argyll street 

Bain, Wm. wine and spirit merchant, 57 Argyll street, house 315 do. 
Bain, Mrs. James, 15 Elmbank place 

Bain, Misses J. & A. milliners and furnishing shop, 234 Argyll street 
Bayne, D. C- 101 Miller street 

Bayne, James, china warehouse, 22 Candleriggs, ho. 34 Glassforcl st 
Bayne, John, grocer and tea dealer, 207 High street 
Bayne, William, dyer, 137 Stirling's road 
BAIRD, Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, 400 Gallowgate 
Baird, Alexander, of. William Baird & Co. house St. Mungo street 
Baird, Alexander, of Baird & Brown, house at the works, Port-Dundas ' 
Baird, Alexander, boot and shoe maker, 13 Crown street 
Baird, Andrew, cabinet maker, 81 Buchanan street 
Baird, Andrew, spirit dealer, 133 Renfield street 

Baird & Brown, timber merchants, Port-Dundas— call at 5 Miller street 
Baird, Charles R of C. & R. Baird, ho. Morton Bank, Cambridge st. 
Baird, Charles and Robert, writers, 45 Queen street 
Baird, David, btick maker, head of Eglinton street, house 181 do. 
Baird, David, baker, 4 North street, Anderslon 
Baird, George, tobacconist, 5 Miller street 
Baird, H. and R. engineers and founders, Canal basin 
Baird, Hugh R. Rockvilla, Old basin 
Baird, Hugh, & Co. brewers and ma'sters, Old basin 
Baird, James, builder, 76 Bell street 

Baird, James, of Lilbnrn, Baird & Co. house 148 West Nile street 
Baird, James, baker, 21 Norfolk street 
Baird, John, commission merchant and agent for William Younger & Co. 

ale brewers, Edinburgh, 359 Argyll street 
Baird, John, Post-office, Springbank 


Baird, John, canvas and sacking merchant, 18, York street, and store- 
keeper and forwarding agent, 24 do. 
Baird, John, architect, 5 Buchanan street 
Baird, John, spirit dealer, 57 Candleriggs 
Baird, John, grocer, 64 Gordon street 
Baird, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 34 Fedford street 
Baird, John, victualler and hay dealer, 446 Gallowgate 
Baird, R. Gartsherrie, letters left at W. Baird and Co.'s, 263 Argyll st. 
Baird, Robert, architect, 8 Eglinton street 
Baird, R. Bellfield, Old basin 

Baird, R. B. ship agent, 58 I uchanan street, house Crookedshields 
Baird, Robert, jun. of C. & R. Baird, house 176 West Regent street 
Baird, Thomas, spirit dealer, 82 Havannah street 
Baird, Thomas, & Son, turkey-red yarn merchants, 32 Ingram street, 

works Greenbank, Pollokshaws 
Baird, William, baker, 28, Little street 
Baird, William, cabinet maker, 17 Canon street 
Baird, William, shoe merchant, 22 and 24 Saltmarket 
Baird, William, & Co. Gartsherrie iron and coal office, 263 -Argyll st. 
Baird, Wm. Sheriff's Chambers, 60 Stockwell, ho. 1 King sti Tradeston 
Baird, William, grain merchant, 6 Union street, ho. 51 Abbotsford place 
Baird, Mrs. Thomas, 55 Bath street 
Baird, Misses J. & M. silk dyers, 137 Argyll street 
BALBIRNIE, George, dyer, 26 Stockwell street, house 48 do. 
Balbimie, James, plumber, 58 Buchanan street 
Balbimie, R. A. silk dyer, 6 Queen street, house 24 Warwick street 
Balbimie, Robert M. silk dyer and renovator, 146 Stockwell 
Balbimie, William, silk dyer, 34 Arcade, house 32 Dunlop street 
BALD, Adam, of Peter Bald & Son, house 152 Renfrew street 
Bald, Peter, & Son, drysalters, Melville place, 132 Trongate 
Bald, Robert, tinsmith, 9 Hutcheson street 
BALDERSTON, Alexander, 38, Oxford street 
Balderston, James, baker, 85 High street - 

Balderston, William, furnishings, hosiery, &c. 38 Candleriggs, house 20 

Hill place 
Balerno Paper Warehouse, 81 and 83 Glassford street 
BALFOUR, David, & Son, hosiers, 153 Trongate 
Balfour, David, of Balfour & M'Callum, house 297 Argyll street 
Balfour, John, Bowling green tavern and lodgings, Buchanan court, 44 

Balfour, John, victualler, 27 Centre street, Tradeston 
Balfour & M'Callum, smiths and iron founders, bellhangers and gas 

fitters, 52 New wynd 
Balfour, William, commission merchant and warehouseman, 18 Glassford 

street, house Provan place 
BALLANTINE, A. boot and shoe maker, and furnishings, 145 High st. 
Ballantine, James, officer of excise, Port-Dundas 
Ballantine, John, sheriff-officer, constable and club agent, Ferguson's 

land, Franklin street, Bridgeton 
Ballantyne, John, spirit dealer, 222 High street 
Ballantyne, John, dairyman, 7 Low Green street 
Ballantyne, Thomas, tailor and clothier, 5 Buchanan street 
Ballantine William, brewer, 57 Crown street 


BALLENDALLOCH Co. at James Finlay & Co.'s 

BALLINGALL, Andrew, writer, 30 South Hanover street 

Ballochnie Colliery Office, 41 North Albion street 

BALMANNO, Dr. 37 St. Vincent place 

BALNEAVES, Henry, pattern drawer and print cutter, 44 Hutcheson st 

BANCKS, C. J. ironmonger, 17 and 19 Stockwell place 

Banks, John, plasterer, 104 Centre street, Tradesion 

BANKIER, John, at C. Tennent & Co.'s. St. Rollox 

Bankier, William, of Ure & Bankier, ho. 54 North Hanover street 

Bank of Scotland, 68 Ingram street, Charles Campbell, cashier 

BANNATYNE, Alex, merchant, 13 Queen street, house Newton Lodge 

Sauchiehall street 
Bannatyne, A. & D. J. writers, 16 Gordon street 

Bannatyne, Andrew, of A. & D. J. Bannatyne, ho. 14 Abercromby pi. 
Bannatyne, Dugald, of Birkenshaw, post-master, ho. 18S "W. Regent st. 
Bannatyne, Dugald J. of A. & D. J. Bannatyne, house 213 St Vin- i 

cent street, in summer Dalbeth cottage 
Bannatyne, Dugald, jun. of Perston, Bannatyne, Moir & Co. house 222 

Hill street, Garnethill 
Bannatyne, D. & N. agents for the North British Fire and Life Insur- 
ance Co. 183 George street 
Bannatyne, John, of R. Kinnier & Co. house 221 Brandon place 
Bannatyne, Ninian, provision merchant, 60 Jamaica street, house New- 
ton Lodge, Sauchiehall road 
Bannatyne, William, grocer, Main street, Bridgeton 
Bannatyne, Mrs John, 222 Hill street, Garnethill 
BANNERMAN, David, 184 West Nile street 
Bannerman, Dixon & Jenner, manufacturers, 25 Cochran street 
Bannerman, William, of Bannerman, Dixon & Jenner, house 2 Kensing- 
ton place, Sauchiehall street 
BARBOUR, Samuel, teacher, 36 Thistle street, Hutchesontown 
BARCLAY, Alex, spirit dealer, Dalmarnock road 
Barclay, James, tea dealer and grocer, 101 Argyll street 
Barclay, Robert & Co. ship carpenters, at the Slip Docks, boat yard and 

smithy, 36 M' Alpine street 
Barclay, Robert, of Robert Barclay & Co. house 12 Anderston quay 
Barclay & Skirving, auctioneers and appraisers, 67 Buchanan street 
Barclay, Thomas, of Barclay & Skirving, house 10 St Vincent place 
Barclay, Thomas, beadle of St Luke's, 78 Great Hamilton street 
Barclay, William, clothier, 7 Queen street, house 45 Dundas street 
BARLAND, Andrew, accountant, 118 George street 
BARLAS, Alexander, of Farias & Ritchie, ho. 90 Regent terrace 
Barlas, George, grocer, 83 Main street, Gorbals 
Barlas, G. manufacturer, warehouse 153 Queen street 
Barlas & Ritchie, writers, 9 George square 

Barlas, James, at John Orr Ewing & Co.'s ho. 15 Hill street, Garnethill 
BARNET, J. manager, Old Victualling Society, 107 Mainst. Anderston 
BARNHILL, Jas. & Co. tanners, 63 Spoutmouth, and 90 Old venel 
Barnhill, James, of James I'amhill & Co. 
Barnhill, Mrs. James, 94 Montrose street 
BARON, George, jun. silk and worsted dyer, 86 Duke street 
Barony Parish Session Clerk's Office, 5 Drury street, David 
M'Brayne, clerk 


Barony Parish Poor Rates Office, 5 Drury street 
: BARR, Alexander, of Richardson & Barr, house 119 N. Montrose st. 
j Barr, Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, 27 Tobago street 
Barr & Buchanan, tea merchants and grocers, 150 and 152 High st. 
Barr, David, at James Findlay & Co. 's, house 24 S. Portland street 
Barr fe Douie, wine merchants, 22^ Buchanan street 
Barr, Gavin, at George & John Buchanan & Co.'s 20 St. Vincent pi. 
Barr, James, spirit dealer, 1 Great Hamilton street 
j Barr, James, spirit dealer, John street, Bridgeton 
Barr, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 48 Bishop street, Anderston 
Bair, James, of Barr & Douie, house "West Kingston 
Barr, James, grocer and cowfeeder, Dalmamock road 
Barr, John, dyer, 45 Sidney street 
Barr, John, tinplate worker, G3 Saltmarket 
Barr, Rev. John, house 5 Russell street 
Barr, Peter and John, victuallers, 166 Argyll street 
Barr, Robert, brick maker and builder, 6 Sidney st. works College Park 
Barr, Robert, writer, 4 Gordon street 
Barr & Stewart, writers, 4 Gordon street 

Barr, Samuel, teacher of music and piano forte tuner, 137 Argyll street 
Barr, Thomas, tinplate worker, Main street, Bridgeton 
Barr, Thomas, provision dealer, 233 Argyll street, house do. 
Barr, William, china and glass merchant, 24 Candleriggs 
Barr, William, plasterer, 20 Candleriggs 
Barr, William, teacher, 9 Brown street 

Barr, William, oil and colour merchant, 77 Main street, Gorbals 
Barr, William, of Cowan & Barr, house 79 South Portland street 
Barr, "William, cabinet maker, 33 Crown street 
Barr, "William, builder, 203 Cowcaddens street 
Barr, Mrs. William, 42 St. Andrew square 
Barr, Mrs. druggist, 61 Main street, Anderston 
Barr, Miss, teacher of white seam, 277 Gallowgate 
BARRIE, Alexander, slater, Main street, Bridgeton 
Barrie, Andrew, warper, 70 Brimswick street 
Barrie, David, hair dresser, 44 Miller place 
Barrie, John, gas office, house V\ hi te vale 
Barrie, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 3 Drygate toll 
Barrie, Robert, hair dresser, 26 Shuttle street 
Barrie, Thomas, flesher and spirit dealer, Main street, Bridgeton 
Barrowfif.ld Weaving Co. Mile-end, warehouse 77 Glassford street 
BARTHOLOMEW, John, & Co. merchants, 72 Ingram street 
Bartholomew, John, of J. Bartholomew & Co. ho. 11 Abercromby place 
Bartholomew, Rob. mercht of J. Bartholomew & Co. ho. 16 Brandon pi. 
Bartholomew, Thomas, merchant, of J. Bartholomew & Co. house 132 
. West Regent street 
(BARTON, Ben. writer and insurance agent, 25 Queen street, house 4 

Dunlop street 
Barton, Ben. perfumer, fee. 82 Argyll street, house 9 Nile street 
Barton, John, of William Kelly & Co. house 11 West George street 
BATHGATE, David, spirit dealer, Commercial road 
BATTISON, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 67 Taylor street 
BATJHAUP, John, spirit dealer, 113 Grame street 
BAXTER, Arch, clothier, 7 Union street 


Baxter, Isaac, & Son, Italian warehouse, 137 Buchanan street 
Baxter, Isaac, of Isaac Baxter & Son, house 138 N. Montrose street 
Baxter, Walter, of Isaac Baxter & Son 

Baxter, Gilbert, plumber and lead merchant, 48 Stockwell and 22 Jack- 
son street, house 42 Dunlop street 
BEATIE, Rev. Dr. A. (). 237 Hill street, Garnethill 
BECK, Dr. H. & Co. patent medicine proprietors, 42 Dunlop street 
Beef Market, 83 King street 
BEGBIE, John, victualler, 28 Main street, Gorbals 
BEGG, James A. bookseller and stationer, 32 Buchanan street 
Begg, James, of Begg & Stenhouse, house Garscube place 
Begg, John, boot maker, 143 (ieorge street 
Begg, Josiah, tea dealer, 27 Green street, Gallon 
Begg & Stenhouse, tobacconists, wine and spirit merchants, 3S Hutclie- 

son street and 403 Gallowgate 
Beggs, Thomas, clock and watchmaker, 145 Trongate 
Begg, Mrs. lodgings, 74 Argyll street 

BEATH, David A. 6 York street, house 101 Eglinton street 
BEITH, James, umbrella maker, 65 and 67 Candleriggs 
Beith, James, of Thorburn & Beith, house 3 Portland place 
BELCH, John, wine and spirit merchant, 10 and 32 Stobcross street 
Belch, John, plumber and lead merchant, 112 Washington st. house do. 
Belfast Steam Packet Office, 9 Buchanan street 
Belfast Steam Packet Companjr, 15 Jamaica street 
Belgian Consuls Office, 16 Gordon st. Frederick Zoller, jun. consul 
BELL, Allan, tailor, 74 London street 
Bell, Andrew, spirit dealer, 55 King street, Tradeston 
Bell & Bain, printers and stereotype founders, 85 Queen street 
Bell, Christopher, tea and spirit merchant, 142 Trongate, lodgings 39 

Hutcheson street 
Bell, Daniel, boot maker, 153 Argyll street 
Bell, Daniel, clerk, Glasgow bank 
Bell, David, merchant, 37 Clyde buildings 

Bell, Frederick A. wine and spirit broker, and vice-consul for Portugal, 
and agent for the Eagle Life Insurance Co. of London, 58 Miller st. 
house 21 Elmbank crescent 
Bell, George, of J. Mackie & Co. house 25 Commerce street 
Bell, Isaac, brass founder, 10 Carrick street 
Bell, James, baker, 104 South Portland street 
Bell, James, of Bell & Bain, house 74 South Portland street 
Bell, James, boot maker, 81 and 83 George street, house above' 
Bell, James, & Co. victuallers, 213 High street 
Bell, James, crown-glass warehouse, 3 and 9 Howard street 
Bell, John, tailor, 95 Argyll street, house do. 
Bell, John, Glasgow field 

Bell, John, writer, 135 Buchanan street, house 245 St. Vincent street 
Bell, John, merchant, 245 St Vincent street 
Bell, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 57 Nelson street, Tradeston 
Bell, John, flesher, 178 Argyll street, house 23 Jamaica street 
Eell, M. P- zebra, fancy, and shawl dress manufact. 103 Hutcheson st. 
Bell, Peter, at "Win. Hay & Co.'s 

Bell, Primrose, crown glass and bottle warehouse, Dixon street, house 
St. Enoch scpiare, entry 41 Howard street 


Bell, Robert, sub- cashier, Royal bank, house 10 St. George's road 
Bell, Stuart, writer and agent for London Union Asurance Office, 41 

Howard street 
Bell, William, agent, 76 Gallowgate 
Bell, William, Glasgow field 

Bell, William, spirit dealer, 36 Kirk street, Calton 
Bell, William, flesher, 176 Argyll street 
Bell, Mrs. George, 28 Whitevaie 
Bell Street Market, 66 Bell street 

BENNETT & Browne, insurance brokers, 126 Queen street 
Bennet, James, brassfounder, 12 Charlotte stseet 
Bennet, Laurence, victualler, 34 High street, house 8 Spoutmouth 
Bennet & Smith, plumbers and lead merchants, 138 and 140 Stockwe!!_. 

house 15 Waterport buildings, Great Clyde street 
Bennet, Williaw, agent, 27 Virginia street, house 115 Hope street 
Bennett, Mrs. 169 West George Street 
Bennett, Mrs. Robert, 223 St. Vincent street 
BENNIE, David, brick maker, 124 Barrack street 
Bennie, Gabriel, portioner, Main street, Bridgeton 
Binnie, George, sen. builder, 51 South Portland street 
Binnie, George, measurer, 1 1 Miller street 
Binnie, James, of Newton, Binnie & Co. house 80 West street 
Bennie, James, slater and spirit dealer, 17 St. Mungo's lans 
Bennie, James, beadle, St. James's Church, 54 Great Hamilton street 
Binnie John, jun. 8 South Portland street 
Binnie, John, wright and builder, works 43 Eglinton street 
Bennie, John, superintendent Broomielaw Harbour works, 16 Robert- 
son street 
Binnie, John, sen. 8 South Portland street 
Bennie, John, boot and shoe warehouse, 40 Saltmarket 
Bennie, John, fruit merchant, 105 Candleriggs 
Binnie, Thomas, builder, 7 Somerville place 
Bennie, William, wine and spirit dealer, 3 Croy place 
Bennie, William, builder, 20 Hope street 
Binnie, William, jun. wright and builder, 30 Hope street 
BENSON, John, cotton yarn twister, 31 Inkle Factory lane 
BENTLEY, William, sen. & Co. merchants, 81 Brunswick slieet 
Bentley, William, sen. of William Bentley, sen. & Co. house Wellshot 
Bentley, John J. surveyor of taxes, office 46 Gordon street, lodgings 

70 South Portland street 
BERRY, Charles, at Claud Girdwood & Co.'s 
BERTRAM, Hugh, spirit dealer, 55 Bell street 
BEVERIDGE, J. of J. & W. Whyte & Co. 74 Brunswick street 
BEWLEY, J. & T. H. of Manchester, 58 North Hanover street 
BIGGERT, Robert, union tavern, Buchanan court, 44 Trongate 
BIGHAM'S, Mrs. lodgings, 14 Cathcart street 

Billet-Master's Office, 15 Charlotte lane, Thos. Sweet, billet-master 
BILSLAND, Alexander, japanner, 2 College open, High street 
Bilsland, William, bookseller, 183 High street 

BINKS, T. tea merchant, 78 Glassford st. house 22 Abbotsford place 
BINNING, Robert, spirit dealer, 133 Great Hamilton street 
BIRD, George, commercial traveller, 37 South Portland street 
BIRKMYRE, Henry, at J, Birkmyre & Co.'s 



B irkmyre, John, & Co. manufacturers, 21 Ingram street 
jjirkmyre, William, 18 Monteith row 

jjIRRELL, Alexander, & Son, leather merchants, 51 Prince's street 
Birrell, David, grocer and spirit dealer, 62 Stock-well 
jjirrell, George, of Birrell & M'Math, house 29 Hospital street 
Birrell, Henry, spirit dealer, 67 Clyde street, Anderston 
Birrell, John, tobacconist and spirit dealer, 22 & 24 Main st. Anderston" 
Birrell & M'Math, woollen drapers. 12 Gallowgate 
BISHOP & DRUMMOND. ironmongers 15 Main street, Gorbals 
Bishop, J. B. Western Bank, ho. 76 South Portland street 
Bishop, Thomas, of Bishop & Drummond, ho. 17 Hospital street 
BlSKET, Robert, spirit dealer, 1 Centre street 
Bisket, Miss Janet, milliner, 44 Bell street 
BISSET, Robert, chemist and druggist, 423 Argyll street 
Bisset, Roderick, beadle, house 18 Buchan street 
Bisset, William, manufacturer, 73, Hutcheson st. ho. Abbolsford pi. 
BISSLAND, James, at J. C. Douglas's 
Bissland, James, grocer, Cowcaddens 
BLACK, Alexander, 4 Argyll street 
Black, Alexander, boot and shoemaker, 121 Rottenrow 
Black, Archibald, merchant, 1 North Albion street 
Black, Archibald, merchant, 31 Miller street 
Black, Archibald, fruiterer, 103 George street 
Black Bull Inn, 1 2 Argyll street 
Black Bull Sale-Rooms, 8 Virginia street 
Black, David, 4 Argyll street 

Black, David, woollen draper, 28 Gallowgate, house 1 Monteith row 
Black, Duncan, reed work, 24 High street, house do. 
Black, George, surgeon, 246 Gallowgate 

Black, George, & Co. manufacturers, 3 Royal Exchange square 
Black, James, James Watt tavern, 19 George's sq. corner of Queen st 
Black, James, beamer and heddle maker, 56 Kirk street, Calton 
Black, James, of James Black & Co. ho 5 Blythswood square 
Black, James, baker and flour dealer, SI Kirk street, Calton 
Black, James, at J. fe W. Campbell is: C'o.'s, ho. 4 Abbotsford place 
Black, James, of John Black & Co. house 12 Montagu place 
Black, James, & Co. wine merchants, 34 George's square 
Black, James, & Co. manufacturers & printers, 23 Royal Exchange sq. 
Black, James, of John Black & Co. house 17 Blythswood square 
B lack, James, spirit dealer, 5 Anderston quay 

Black, J. & J. gingham and print warehouse 30 South Hanover street 
Black, James, sen. of J.& J. Black, house 17 Monteith row 
Black, James, S. of John Black & Co. house 17 Blythswood square 
Black, James, jun. of J. & J. Black, house 28 York street 
Black, James, builder, 76 Bell street 

Black, James, beer, ale, and porter dealer, 81 St. Vincent street 
Black, James, hosier, Cowcaddens 
Black, James, furniture dealer, London street 
Black, James, George inn and hotel, 26 George square 
Black, James, tailor, 33 Trongate 
Black, John, & Co. calico printers, Royal Bank place 
Black, John, manufacturer, Commercial court, Candleriggs, house \ 
Monteith row 


Black, John, grocer, 135 Ingram st. house 62 North Frederick street 

Black, John W. surgeon, 2 Calton-mouth 

Black, John & Philip, Woodside weaving factory, office 89 Miller st. 

Black, John, surgeon, 1 Kent street 

Black, John, of J. & P. Black, house Woodside 

Black, John, of J. & J. Black, house 38 York street 

Rlack, Neil, fruit merchant, 381 Argyll Street 

Black, Patrick, spirit dealer, 8 and 10 Bridgegate 

Black, Patrick, funeral undertaker, 156 Saltmarket. See Advertise- 
ment in Appendix. 

Black, P. A. & Co. drysalters, 87 Queen st. Milton mills, Port-Dundas ro. 

Black, Patrick Adair, of P. A. Black & Co ho. 130 Wellington st 

Black, Philip, of J. & P. Black, house 141 Bath street 

Black & Rae, commission merchants, 62 Queen street 

Black, Robert, of Black & Wingate, house 56 George square 

Black, Robert, architect, 2 Royal Exchange court, house Sandyford 

Black & Wingate, manufacturers and printers, 9 Royal Exchange square 

Black, William, spirit dealer, 22 Kirk street, Calton 

Black, William, spirit dealer, 11 Park place, Stockwell 

Black, William & John, merchants, 86 West George street 

Black, William, baker, 19 Nelson street, Tradeslon 

Black, Rev. William, D. D. Barony, Villafield House, Stirling's road 

Black, Mrs. J. cheese dealer, 71 Candleriggs 

Black, Mrs. W. cheese merchant, 11 Wilson street 

Black, Miss, lodgings, 100 George street 

Black, Miss, 108 North Douglas street 

BLACKBURN, David, of Blackburn & Whyte, ho. 93 West Bath st. 

Blackburn, Robert, & Co. manufacturers, 63 Candleriggs 

Blackburn & Whyte, manufacturers, 37 Ingram street 

Blackburn, Mrs. 28 Jamaica street 

Blackburn, Mrs. tavern, 94 Eglinton street 

BLACKIE, Alex, grocer and spirit dealer, 226 Gallowgate 

Blackie, Alexander, tailor, 102 Renfield street 

Blackie & Son, publishers and booksellers, 38 Queen street 

Blackie, John, of Blackie & Son, house 6 Monteith row 

BLAIKIE, Francis & Sons, merchants and insurance brokers, 153 
Queen street 

Blaikie, John, gun-maker, 27 Stockwell 

Blaikie, Robert, agent for Norwich Union Fire and Life Office, 153 
Queen street 

BLACKLAWS, William, bookseller and stationer, 236 Argyll street 

BLACKLEY, James, Fraser's land, Cowcaddens toll 

Blackley, John, chandler, 39 King street, Tradeston 

BLACK WELL, Samuel, leather merchant, 244 Gallowgate 

BLACKWOOD, Geo. bill poster and keeper of Lyceum Rooms, 72 
Nelson street 

Blackwood, James, agent and tea dealer, 44 Crown street 

Blackwood, William & Hugh, silk mercers, 133 Buchanan street 

Blackwood, William, at James Finlay & Co.'s 

Blackwood, Wm. of Urquhart, Blackwood, & Co. ho. 175 Buchanan st. 

Blackwood, Mis. James, 13 St. Andrew square 

BLAIKLEY, John L., tobacconist, 82 High st. house 99 Gallowgate 

BLAIR, Alexander, & Co. clothiers and hatters, 95 Buchanan street 


Blair, Alexander, & Co. tea dealers, 124 High street, ho. 168 Gallowgate 
Blair, Andrew, portrait painter, 66 Miller street 
Blair, Archibald, grocer and spirit dealer, Dalmarnock road 
Blair, Campbell, grocer, 19 Stobcross street 
Blair, David, tailor, Main street, Bridgeton 
Blair, David, & Co. bookbinders, 77 Brunswick street 
Blair, David, fish store, 42 Howard street 

Blair, Henry, of Henderson & Blair, house 24 Robertson street 
Blair, Horatius, writer, 63 Argyll arcade, house 301 St. Vincent street 
Blair, John, small ware merchant, 120 Trongate, house 41 Howard St. 
Blair, John, eating house, 107 Gallowgate 
Blair, John, turner, 20 Main street, Gorbals 
Blair, John, portioner, 1 Nelson street, Tradeston 
Blair, John, 83 High street 
Blair, John, tailor, 125 Trongate 

Blair & Peacock, silk and calico printers, Linside, orders left at 159 In- 
gram street 
Blair, Robert, king William tavern, 119 Gallowgate 
Blair, Walter, eating house, 71 King street, Tradeston 
Blair, W. D. wine merchant, Morrison's court, ho. Greenbank, Govan ro. 
Blair, W. & Co. muslin manufacturers, 153 Queen street 
Blair, W. D. clerk to the commissioners of assessed taxes for the city, 63 

Argyll arcade 
Blair, Mrs. Archibald, 193 Argyll street 
Blair, Mrs. William, gingerbread baker, 50 Stockwell 
Blair, Mrs. milliner, 45 Bell street 
Blair, Mrs. eating house, 257 Argyll street 
Blair, Misses, 35 Charlotte street 
Blair, Miss, boys' dress maker, 4 Oxford street 
BLAND, James, & Co. drapers, 8 High street 
Bland, James, of Robert Forrester & Co. house 7 Abbotsford place 
Bland, Robert, of James Bland & Co. house 10 College street 
Blantyre \arn Warehouse, 11 George square 

BLEAYMIRE, Wm. at Thos. Shiels & Co.'s, house 45 West Nile street 
BLYTH, H. M. gas office, house 58 Buchanan street 
Blyth, John museum tavern, 30 East Clyde street 
Blyth, James S. of Letham & Roberton, house 5 Canning place 
Blyth, Thomas, bootmaker, 44 Argyll street 

BOAG, John, surgeon, consulting rooms, 353 Argyll st. ho. 57 Union st- 
Boag, John, & Co. boot and shoemakers, 271 George street 
Boag, William, spirit dealer, 16 Marshall lane 
BOGGIE, Andrew, brush manufacturer, 10 Candleriggs 
BOGLE, Alexander, & Co. merchants, 50 Gordon street 
Bogle, Archibald, of Gilmourhill, at Robert Bogle & Co.'s 
Bogle, Archibald, victualler and spirit dealer, Dalmarnock road 
Eogle, Douglas, & Co. general agents, 1 North court, Royal Exchange 
Bogle & Forrester, clothiers, hosiers, and glovers, 33 and 35 Queen st. 
Bogle, George, of Calderbank, at Robert Bogle & Co.'s 
Bogle, Gilbert K. of David Wardrop & Co. ho. 23 Elmbank crescent 
Bogle, Hugh, writer, 131 Ingram street, house 20 Biythswood square 
Bogle, J. & W. hosiers, 34 Oxford street 
Bogle, James, writer, 40 Candleriggs, house 10 Coburg street 
Bogle, James, jun. of Bogle, Douglas & Co. house 193 Bath street 



Bogle, James K. accountant and clerk to commissioners of assessed taxes 

for lower ward of Lanarkshire, 63 St. Vincent st. house 20 Myths* 

wood square 
Bogle, James K. & M. agents for Imperial Fire and Life Insurance 

Office, 63 St. Vincent street 
Bogle, John, of Pogle, Alexander fc Co 50 Gordon street 
Bogle, Michael, & lo. painters, &c. and agents for stained glass, 63 St. 

Vincent street 
Bogle, Michael, of M. Kogle & Co. house 20 Hlythswood square 
Bogle, Peter, of P. Bogle & Co. house 20 Monteith row 
Bogle, Peter & Co. cotton spinners, 122 Ingram street, woiks Main st. 

Bogle, Bobert, & Co. merchants, 1 "West Regent street 
Bogle, William, 20 Blythswood square 
Bogle, William, writer, 62 Brunswick street 
Bogle, Mrs. Archibald, 20 Blythswood square 
Bogle, Mrs. James, 119 St. Vincent street 
Bogle, Mrs. R. giocer and spirit dealer, Main street, Bridgeton 
Bogle, Mrs. William, 21 Blythswood square 

BOLES, John, glass dealer and basket manufacturer, 45 Candleriggs 
BOLTON, George, grocer, 182 West Nile street 
Bolton, William, cS: Sons, professors of dancing, Tylefield street 
Bolton, William, jun. teacher of dancing, Assembly Rooms, Ingram street, 

house 19 Blackfriar street 
BONAR, David, grocer, 4 Eglinton street 

Bonar, John, manager, Burgh Victualling Society, 8 North Clyde street 
Bonnar, Thomas, spirit dealer, 136 Sawmillfield place 
BOOKLASS, George, carver and gilder, 253 Argyll street 
BOOTH, John, spirit dealer, 28 Saltmarket 
BORLAND, Robert, boot and shoe maker, 76 King street 
Borland & Sommerville, fire brick and grinding work, Graham's square 
BORROWS, Jeremiah, baker, 169 Gallowgate, and 29 Saltmarket 
BOSTON, Thomas, seal engraver, 190 Trongate 
BOW, A. & T. brick and tile makers and builders, works at Shields, 

West street, Tradeston 
Bow, A. of A. & T. Bow, house 46 Rose street, Hutchesontown 
Bow, Peter, draper and hosier, 13 Trongate, house Somerville place 
Bow, William, currier and leather merchant, 66 High street, house 6 

Somerville place 
BOWDEN, M. J. teller, Glasgow bank 
Bowden, Mrs. Robert, 122 Wellington street 
BOWES, Miss A. flesher, 18 Mutton Market, King street 
BOWIE, David, brushmaker, 71 Gallowgate and 161 Buchanan street 
Bowie, James & Co. commission merchants, 116 Ingram street 
Bowie, James, of James Bowie & Co. house 73 West Nile street 
BOWMAN, Andrew, agent and pawnbroker, Buchanan Court, 44 Tron- 
Bowman, Robert, smith and bell hanger, gas fitter, and grate and fender 

maker, 147 Upper Nile street 
Bowman, Thomas, smith and bell hanger, 22 Shuttle st. & 195 High st. 
Bowman, Miss E. shoe shop, 160 Trongate 
Bowman, Mrs. stay and corset maker, 23 East Clyde street 
BOYD, Alexander, Calton town crier, 10 Tobago street, Calton 



Boyd, Charles, soap and candle manufacturer, 72 Clyde st. Anderston, 

house Allan place, Douglas street 
Boyd, David, wholesale stationer, 119 Ingram street, ho. 94 Renfield st. 
Boyd, James, cotton yarn merchant and agent, warehouse 29 Ingram st. 

house, 9 Oxford street 
Boyd, James, baker. 191 Argyll street 
Boyd, James, wine and spirit merchant, 42 Miller place, King street 
Boyd, John, architect, 310 Argyll street 
Boyd, John, grocer, 25 Clyde street, Anderston 
Boyd, John, hair dresser, 64 Stockwell 
Boyd, John, spirit dealer, 32 Norfolk street 
Boyd, John, at J. B. Gray's, writer, 131 Ingram street 
Boyd, M'Nab, & Co. calico printers, 145 Ingram street 
Boyd, William, cabinet warehouse, 14 Buchanan street, works 86 Ren- 
frew street, house, 295 Argyll street 
Boyd, William, mercantile academy, 68 Glassford street, house 193 Hill 

street, Garnethiil 
Boyd, William, engraver for calico printers, 40 John street 
Boyd, Mrs. Alexander, baker, 8 Frederick lane 
Boyd, Miss, 92 West Regent street 
Boyd, Miss, ladies' boarding school, 39 Norfolk street 
Boyd, Miss, lodgings, 7 Queen street 

BOYLE, James, & Co. calenderers, packers, hot piessers, &c. 36 In- 
gram street , 
Boyle, James, spirit dealer, 1 Commerce street 
Bo3de, James, grocer, 42 Crown street 
Boyle, John, spirit dealer and stabler, 106 High street 
Boyle, John, flesher, 46 Crown street 
BRADFOOT & Co. booksellers, 62 Hutcheson street 
BRAID, Alexander, hair dresser, 5 Kirk street 
Braid, Mrs. grocer and spirit dealer, 46 Adelphi street 
Braid, Miss, of Carriagehill, 53 Abbotsford place 
BRANNAN, F. grocer, 53 King street, Calton 
BRAND, Andrew, at R. Brand & Co.'s 1 Ingram street 
Brand, David, teacher, Infant school, Chambers' street 
Brand, James, manufacturer, 16 Brunswick lane 
Brand, Mark, livery stable keeper, 62 North Hanover street 
Brand & Mollison, silk, woollen and cotton dyers, 74 Queen street 
Brand, Robert, & Co. silk, gauze, &c. manufacturers, 1 Ingram stieet 
Brand, Robert, of Robert Brand & Co. house Stewartville, near Parties 
Brand, William, of Brand & Mollison, house Hillhead 
BRARD, Augustus F. 100 Hope street 

BRASH, James, & Co, booksellers and stationers, 50 Trongate 
Brash, James, of James Brash & Co. house Brandon place 
Brash, John, architect, head of Crown street 
Brash, Rev. William, house 28 Richmond street 

Brazilian Consul's Office, John Agnew, consul, 16 Buchanan street 
BREAKEN RIDGE, John, spirit dealer, 68 Canning street 
Breckenridge, Wm. English and commercial teacher, 15 Charlotte lane, 

house 19 Well street, Calton 
BREBNER, William, governor of county and city bridewell, Duke st- 
Brebner, Misses, milliners and dress makers, 89 Gallowgate 
BxlECHIN, J. draper, 323 Argyll street, house 40 Holm street 


BREMNER, Duncan, baker, 324 Gallowgate 

Breraner, George, wine and spirit dealer, 11 Adelphi St. Hutchesontown 

Breraner, Walter, joiner, 48 Blackfriar street, house 2 Stirling street 

Bremner, Wm. H. Western Bank, house 51 South Portland street 

BRENNAN, Patrick, surgeon, 158 Broomielaw 

BREWSTER, James, hosier and glover, 56 Argyll street 

BRICELAND, Neil, stoneware dealer, 92 Main street, Gorbals 

BRIDGE, Robert, fruit merchant, 205 George street 

BRIDGES, Adam, lodgings, 50 North Hanover street 

BRIDGETON Beef Society, Main street, Bridgeton 

Bridgeton Library, Muslin street, Bridgeton 

Bridgeton Mortcloth Office, William Grierson, Green street, Bridgeton 

Bridgeton Union Victualling Society, Main street, Bridgeton 

Bridgeton Baking Society, Main street, Bridgeton 

Bridgeton Old Victualling and Baking Society, Main street, Bridgeton 

BRIGGS, Miss, Boarding School, 27 Blythswood square 

BRISTOL Vinegar Company, Alexander Arnott, agent, 5 Melville pi. 

BRISTOW, Mrs. L. M., teacher of piano forte and singing, 82 W. Nile st. 

BRITISH American Land Company, office 3 Royal Exchange Court, 

Gillespie, Stewart & Co. agents 
British American West Indian and General Shipping Association, 60 

Ingram street, T. G. Buchanan, secretary 
British Commercial Life Assurance Company, Hamilton & Brother- & 

Co. 240 Broomielaw, & James Stevens, 29 Hutcheson street, agents 
British Fire Office and Westminster Office for Insurance of Lives, 135 

Buchanan street, R. Spears, agent 
British Iron Foundry, Gallowgate 

British Linen Company Bank, 71, Queen street, David Goodsir, agent 
British Plate Glass Company, Buchanan, Gray & Co. agents, 36 Royal 

Exchange square 
British Woollen Mart, 67 Argyll street 
BROADFOOT, Mrs. spirit dealer, 32 Shuttle street 
Eroadfoot, Mrs. William, grocer and spirit dealer, 23 W. Campbell st. 
EROADLY, John, of Robert Dalglish & Co. 13 Montrose street 
BROCK, Henry, accountant, 40 Wilson street, ho. Kinning tlouse 
Erock, James, of YV. Brock & Co. house 88 George street 
Brock, J. & J. tobacconists, 78 Bridgegate 
Brock, John, fruiterer, 266 High street 

Erock, Walter, & Co. cotton yarn merchants, 38 Wilson street 
Erock, William, victualler, 296 High street 
Brock, William, victualler and spirit dealer, 312 Argyll street 
Brock, Mrs. coffee house, 1 Antigua place 
BROCKET, Andrew, house and ship wright, 24 York street 
BRODIE, Archibald, carver and gilder, 60 Buchanan st. ho. Hope st. 
Brodie, D. & Co. brassfounders, 28 Old wynd 
Brodie, Captain Hugh, 29 N; Portland street 
Trodie, Hugh J., MD., 39 High street, ho. 29 N. Portland street 
p.rodie & M'Leod, clothiers, 65 Buchanan street 
Brodie, Rev. Robert, 10 Monteith row 

Brodie, William & Co. manufacturers and merchants, 17 R. Exchange sq. 
Brodie, William, of William Brodie & Co. house 21 Abbotsford place" 
Brodie, Miss, matron, Royal Infirmary 
BROOKE, J. bootmaker from London, 43 George square 


BROOKMAN, George, printer and stereotype founder, Villafield, 

house 23 Weaver street 
B ROOKS, Robert, spirit dealer, 7 Old venel 
B rooks, William & James, merchant, 68, St. Vincent street 
Brooks, William, of William & James Brooks, Swedish and Norwegian 

vice-consul, house Britannia place, Woodside crescent 
B ROOM, Alexander, builder, 65 Bath street 
Broom, Alexander, silk and shawl warehouse, 146 Trongate 
Broom, James, & Co. worsted and shawl warehouse, 163 Ingram street 
Broom, James, of James Broom & Co. lodgings Mrs. Smith's, 63 High 

John street 
Broom, John, spirit dealer, Clydebank, Finnieston 
Broom, Wm. builder, 47 Oswald street 
BROWN, Alexander, watch and clock maker, 28 Arcade 
Brown, Alexander, fleshers 31 Bridge street 
B rown, Alexander, hosier and furnisher, 52 Bridge street 
Brown, Alexander, agent for the Paisley bank, house 58 Virginia street 
Brown, Alexander, furnishing shop, 6 Eglinton street 
Brown, Alexander, of Alexander Brown & Co. house 46 West George st 
Brown, Alexander, ironmonger, smith and brassfounder, 114 Argyll st 
Brown, Alexander, & Co- 55 Queen st. weaving works Commercial road 

and Rose st. Hutchesontown, and spinning and weaving works Port 

Brown, Alexander, teacher, at 4 Havannab street 
Brown, Andrew, spirit cellar, 103 Ingram street 
Brown, Andrew, tailor, 51 Gallowgate 

Brown, Archibald & Co. silk gauze manufacturers, 102 Virginia place 
Brown, Archd. of Archd. Brown & Co. house 5 West Regent street 
Brown, Archibald, baker, 118 Buchanan street 
Brown, Archibald, M.D., 43 King street, house 21 College street 
Brown, Bernard, block maker, 10 Oswald street 
Brown, Caddell, spirit dealer, 31 Kirk street 
Brown, C. & Co. saddlers, 23 Union street 
Brown, Daniel, brush manufacturer, 12 Candleriggs 
Brown, David, boot and shoe maker, 45 Orr street 
Brown, David, flesher, 166 Gallowgate 
Brown, David, shuttle maker, 38 St. Andrew square 
B rown, D. vintner, 4, Brown street 
Brown, Duncan, merchant, 12 Nicholson street 
Brown, Duncan, druggist, 31 Kent street 
Brown & Downs, wholesale grocers, 79 Gallowgate 
Brown, Edward, Glasgow bank 

Brown, Edward, of Baird & Brown, house at the works, Port-Dundas 
Brown, Hugh & Co. manufacturers, 102 Virginia place 
Brown, Hugh, of Hugh Brown & Co. house 62 North Frederick street 
Brown, Hugh, of Gilkison & Brown, house Kingston cottage 
Brown, Hugh, jun. of Hugh Brown & Co. house 122 "Wellington street 
Brown, Hugh, cabinet warehouse, 93, Stockwell 
Brown, James, surgeon, 72 Stockwell, house 105 Douglas street 
Brown, James & Cornelius, (late C. Brown & Sons,) sewed muslin ma- 
nufacturers, 47 Cochran street, house Buccleugh street 
Brown, James, of Brown & Purdie, house 45 Crown street 
Brown, James Thomas, of Wighton, Gray 8r Co. 




Brown, James, flesher, 17 Main street, Gorbals 

Brown, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 28 Renfrew street 

Brown, James, boot and shoemaker, 36 Dale street, Trade ston 

Brown, James, jun. spirit dealer, 66 Centre street, Tradeston 

Brown, James, tailor and furnisher, 30 Bedford street 

Brown, James, M.D. surgeon, professor of midwifery, 73 St. Vincent st. 

Brown, James, spirit dealer, 12 St. Andrew street 

Brown, James, cabinet maker, 7 Eglinton street 

Brown, James & Thomas, & Co. (late James Bannatyne & Co.) general 

grocers and fruit merchants, 104 Argyll street 
Brown, James, cabinet maker, 352 Argyll street 
Brown, James, house Broomhill nursery 

Brown, James, of James fe Thomas Brown & Co. house 44 Howard st. 
Brown, James, of J. & J. Brown, house 139 Drygate 
Brown, James, pastry baker, 107 Saltmarket 
Brown, James C. teacher, 24 Hospital street 
Brown, James, merchant, 52 Virginia street 
Brown, James, jun. box and trunk maker, 5 Montrose street, house 90 

Brunswick street 
Browne, James, of Bennett & Browne, house 183 West George street 
Brown, James, grocer 72 Eglinton street 
Brown, John, broker, 22 Miller's place 
Brown, John C. artist, 212 Main street, Gorbals 
Brown, John, stamp office, 157 Trongate 

Brown, John, millwright and machine maker, Union place, Anderston 
Brown, J. & J. dyers, Drygate bridge 
Brown, John, cotton broker, 31 Argyll street, house above 
Brown, John, spirit dealer, 30 North Albion street 
Brown, John, of William Brown & Son, house 16 Hope street 
Brown, John, cabinet and plate chest maker, 48 Stockwell 
Brown, John, bootmaker, 5 Nelson street 
Brown, John, at C. Tennent & Co.'s house Garngad hill 
Brown, John, Ballochnie colliery, office 41 North Albion street 
Brown, John, jun. of Sharp & Co. house Garngad hill 
Brown, John, cabinet maker and funeral undertaker, 6 St Andrew street 
Brown, John, tavern, 65 High street 

Brown, John (late S. Evans) bolt and screw maker, Piccadilly street 
Brown, John, painter, 19 Norfolk street 
Brown, John, flesher, 57 Stevenson street 
Brown, John, baker, 46 Gallowgate 
Brown, Joseph, of J. & J. Brown, house 17 Whitevale 
Brown, M. & J. nursery and seedsmen, 171 Trongate, nursery near 

Railway Depot, Keppoch hill road 
Brown, Moses, house Broomhill nursery 
Brown, Niven, victualler, 105 Saltmarket 
Brown, Paterson & Co. iron merchant, 7 Fox street 
Brown, Peter, & Co. merchants, 67 Virginia street 
. Brown, Peter, jun. 1 Richmond street 
Brown, Peter, of Peter Brown & Co. house 1 Richmond street 
Brown, P. M'T. at Gilkison & Brown's, 23 Miller street 
Brown & Purdie, manufacturers, 96 Virginia place 
Brown, Robert, baker and spirit dealer, 52 High street 
Brown, Robert, of Smith & Brown, house 209 Brandon place 


Brown, Samuel R. of Cochran & Browns, house 59 Bath street 

Brown, Capt. Thomas, 3 M 'Alpine street 

Brown, Thomas, writer, agent for the Argus Life Assurance Company, 

49 Virginia street 
Brown, Thomas, of Baird & Brown, house 40 Buccleuch place 
Brown, Thomas W. of James & Thomas Brown & Co. ho. 44 Howard st. 
Brown, Thomas, of Cochran & Browns, house 137 Bath street 
Brown, Thomas, victualler, 397 Gallowgate 
Brown, Thomas, clerk, canal office, Port-Dundas 
Brown, Rev. Dr. Thomas, 98 High Montrose street 
Brown, Wm. & Son, buckram & muslin manufacturers, 120 Brunswick st. 
Brown, Dr. William, 317 Argyll street, house 23 Robertson street 
Brown, Wm. writer, 1 Royal Exchange court, house 105 N. Douglas st. 
Brown, William, & Co. oil and colour merchants, 24 Stockwell 
Brown, William, of Brown & Downs, house 36 Kent street 
Brown, William, of William Brown & Co. house 9 Moore place 
Brown, William, clothier, 11 Buchanan street, house above 
Brown, William, jun. at Pearson, Wilson & Co.'s, lodging, 51 West 

Regent street 
Brown, William, slater, 36 Centre street, Tradeston 
Brown, William, spirit dealer, 6 Turner's court 
Brown, Mrs. A. grocer, 4 St. Ninian street 
Brown, Mrs. furnishing shop, 23 Adelphi street 
Brown, Mrs. Andrew, cabinet maker, St. Vincent lane 
Brown, Mrs. E. baker, 88 High street 
Brown, Mrs. grocer, 392 Argyll street 

Brown, Mrs. J. B. grocer and spirit dealer, 132 Main st. Andeiston 
Brown, Mrs. James, music seller and publisher, 75 Wilson street, house 

55 Glassford street 
Brown, Mrs. John, boarding school, 13 St. Andrew square 
Brown, Mrs. P. fiesher, 24 New town market 
Brown, Mrs. William, 55 St. Andrew square 
Brown, Mrs. jeweller, seal engraver, &c. 53 Arcade, ho. 56 Howard st. 
B rown, Mrs. lodgings, 44 Carrick street 
Brown, Mrs. J. spirit dealer, 80 Broomielaw 
Brown, Mrs. tavern, 100 Nelson street 
Brown, Miss J. milliner, 23 Maxwell street 
B rown, Miss M. grocer, 9 Melville street, Tradeston 
BROWNING, Andrew, baker, 187 Gallowgate 
B rowning, Matthew, grain weigher, 22 York street 
Browning, James, saddler, 33 Stockwell 
BROWNLIE, Archibald, timber merchant, Port-Dundas 
Brownlie, A. boot maker, 6 Royal Bank place, house 11 Sauchiehall st. 
B rownlie, James, spirit dealer, 82 Stevenson street 
Brownlie, John, victualler, 64 Stevenson street 
Brownlie, John, lappet-wheel cutter and weaving utensil maker, 31 Inkle 

factory lane 
B rownlie, Thomas, baker, 48 Bridge street 
Brownlie, William, tavern & coffee-house, 40 Candleriggs, & 79 Bell st. 
Brownlie, Miss Agnes, grocer, 31 Eglinton street 
B RUCE & Anderson, lithographic printers, 35 Miller street 
B ruce, Andrew, grocer and spirit dealer, 29 Clyde street, Pulton 
B ruce, James, surgeon's clerk, Royal Infirmary 


Bruce, James, commission merchant, shipping and general agent, 6.5 

Oswald street 
Bmce, Peter, paper and rag merchant, 6 Shuttle street, and 168 and 

170 Broomielaw 
Bruce, Robert, agent, 13 Little Hamilton street 
Bruce, Robert, provision and grocery merchant, 8 Bath street ' 
Bruce, Robert, flesher, 34 John street, house 30 do 
Bruce, Mrs. flesher, 2"J Mutton market, King street 
BRUFF, John, brushmaker, 62 Main street, Gorbals 
BRUNTON, Charles, mason and oven builder, 60 Clyde st. Anderston 
Brunton, James, confectioner, 80 Stevenson street, Calton 
Brunton, John, bill poster, 8 Sidney street 

BRYCE, Alex, wine and spirit merchant, 42 St- Andrew st. ho. 40 do. 
Bryce, David, bookseller and stationer, 105 Buchanan st. ho. Eglinton st. 
Bryce, John, architect, 189 Buchanan street 
Bryce, John, grocer, 179 Buchanan street and 333 High street 
Bryce, John, cabinet maker and undertaker, 181 Argyll street 
Bryce, John, merchant, Bryce's land, Cowcaddens 
Bryce, J. D. of Denniston, Bryce & Co. house 105 North Douglas street 
Bryce, Peter, victualler, 59 New street, Calton, and Port-Dundas 
Bryce, Thomas, spirit dealer, 68J Eglinton street 

Bryce, Wm. beadle, North Albion street chapel, house 209 High street 
Bryce, William, of Irvine and Bryce, house 75 Bath street 
Bryce, William, spirit dealer, Bryce's land, Clyde street, Port-Dundas 
Bryce, William, grocer, 32 King street, Calton 
Bryce, Mrs. lodgings, 49 Renfield street 
Bryce, Mrs. Thomas, grocer, 9 Wallace street, Tradeston 
Bryce, Miss, embroiderer, Holm place, 278 Argyll street 
BRYDON, Wm. coach maker, 32 Great Clyde street, ho. 36 Dunlop st. 
BRYDSON, William, accountant, 4 York street 
BRYSON, Charles, jeweller and watchmaker, 31 Trongate, house 30 

St, Andrew's square 
Bryson, John, spirit dealer, 3 Wallace street 

Bryson & Miller, merchants, cotton brokers and cotton spinners, work* 
; at Eaglesham, 55 Wilson street 
Bryson, Robert, of Bryson & Miller 
Bryson, William, & Co. manufacturers, 89 Ingram street 
Bryson, William, of William Bryson & Co. house 46 Oxford street 
Bryson, William, plasterer, 5 Wallace street 
Bryson, Mrs. Peter, stay warehouse, 3 Nelson street 
BUCHAN, Alex, of Buchan & Stewart 
Buchan, David, at Robert Blackburn & Co.'s 

Buchan & Stewart, spinning and thread works, Howard st. Bridgeton 
Buchan, William, agent, 13 East Nile street 

BUCHANAN, A. surgeon, 112 Broomielaw, house 128 Union street 
Buchanan, Allan, of G- Buchanan fe Sons, house 9 Abercromby place 
Buchanan, Dr. Andrew, surgeon, 110 St. Vincent street 
Buchanan, Andrew, spirit dealer, 4 Castle street 
Buchanan, Andrew, flesher, 4 Mutton market, King street 
Buchanan, Andrew, tobacconist, &c. 352 High street 
Buchanan, Archibald, grocer, 2 Abercromby street, Calton 
Buchanan, Archibald, painter, 89 Gallowgate 
Buchanan & Cairns, ham curers, 16 and 18 Wilson street 


Buchanan, Charles, grocer and spirit dealer, 39 Bell street, Calton 
Buchanan, Cunningham, flesher, 17 Mutton market, King street 
B uchanan, D. carver, 30 Steel street 
Buchanan, D. optician, 169 Hill street, Garnethill 
Buchanan, E. B. wine and spirit merchant, 12 Stirling street 
Buchanan, Dr. George, 154 Sauchiehall street 

Buchanan, George and John, & Co. merchants, 20 St- Vincent place 
Buchanan, George, & Sons, bleachers and calenderers, 95 Candlerigg 
Buchanan & Giffen, manufacturers, 106 Hutcheson street 
Buchanan, Gray, & Co. commission merchants, 36 Royal Exchange s 
Buchanan, Hamilton, & Co. merchants, 74 Buchanan street 
Buchanan, Herbert, merchant, 125 Virginia street, house 241 Wt 

George street 
Buchanan, Isaac, of Peter Buchanan & Co. 
Buchanan, Isaac, surgeon, 41 Bridge street 
Buchanan, James, Ship bank, 9 Glassford street 
B uchanan, James (Catrine). French Consular agent, 36 Exchange squar 

house 103 Kensington place 
Buchanan, James, spirit dealer, 27 Bell street 
B uchanan, James, of Dowanhill, at Dennistoun, Buchanan & Co.'s 
Buchanan, James, smith and edge-tool maker, 79 Stockwell 
^uchanan, James, Aitkenhead. Letters left at T. Buchanan junr.'s S 

Miller street 
Buchanan, James, Tertius, merchant, 68 West Regent street 
B uchanan, James, victualler, 264 Gallowgate 
Buchanan, James, at James Ewing & Co.'s, Ingram buildings 
Buchanan, James, of Woodlands, of Jas. Finlay & Co. 
Buchanan, John & Co. coach builders, 52 Union street 
Buchanan, John, of Ardoch, 6 Wellington place, Sauchiehall street 
Buchanan, John, jun. of Ardoch, 6 Wellington place, Sauchiehall slree 
Buchanan, John, secretary Western bank, ho. Southcroft, Long Gova 
Buchanan, John, of John Buchanan & Co. ho. 103 Kensington place 
B uchanan, John, sen. smith, 4 Cathcart street 
Buchanan, John, at C. Tennant & Co's, St. Rollox 
Buchanan, John, & Co. wrights, 44 Ingram st. and 70 Hutcheson st. 
Buchanan, John of J. Buchanan & Co. wrights, house Govanbank 
Buchanan, John, surgeon, 16 Georgestreet, ho. 10 Galloway's court, d( 
Buchanan, John, & Co. wine and spirit merchants, 15 Prince's street 
Buchanan, John, wine and spirit merchant, 295 High street 
Buchanan, J. &. J. wine and spirit merchants, 63 Stockwell 
Buchanan, John, sen. of J. fe J. Buchanan, house 111 St. Vincent stree 
Buchanan, John, jun. of J. & J. Buchanan, house 194 West St. Vincen 

Buchanan, John, spirit dealer, 56 Stevenson street 
Buchanan, John, black borderer, &c. 170 Trongate 
Buchanan, John, wine and spirit merchant, 26 Stobcross street 
Buchanan, John, Gorbals, burgh officer, 123 Main street, Gorbals 
Buchanan, John, victualler, Port-Dundas 

Buchanan, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 5 North Woodside road 
Buchanan, Kennedy & Co. wine and spirit merchants, 59 Stockwell 
Buchanan, Moses, miller and burr stone manufacturer Washington stree 
Buchanan, Dr. M. S. surgeon, 194 Buchanan street 
Buchanan, Peter, & Co. merchants, 39 North Hanover street 


Buchanan, Peter, of Peter Buchanan & Co. ho. 39 North Hanover street 

Buchanan, Robert Carrick, Drumpeller 

Buchanan, Robert, & Co. merchants, 109 Fife place 

Buchanan, Robert, victualler, 73 Argyll street 

Buchanan, Robert, watch maker, 37 Dundas street 

Buchanan, Robert, of Robert Buchanan & Co. house 131 West Regent 

Buchanan, Rev. Robert, of the Tron Church, house 2 Richmond street 
Buchanan, Robert, broker and commission merchant, 33 Virginia street, 

house 25 Blythswood square 
Buchanan, Thomas, jun. broker and commission merchant, 28 Miller st. 

house 5 Montague place 
Buchanan, Thomas, of Sharp & Buchanan, house 41 George square 
Buchanan, Thomas, merchant, of Buchanan, Watson & Co. 
Buchanan, T. G. accountant, 60 Ingram street, house 11 Abbotsford 

Buchanan, Thomas, baker and confectioner, 33 Main street Gorbals 
Buchanan, W. & C. lithographic printers, 4 Steel street 
Buchanan, Waller & Co. printfield warehouse, 33 Virginia street 
Buchanan, Walter, surgeon, 94 Main street, Gorbals, house 88 do. 
Buchanan, Walter, of Buchanan, Hamilton & Co. house 212 West 

George street 
Buchanan, Walter, flesher, 291 Argyll street 
Buchanan, Watson & Co. merchants, 20 St. Vincent place 
Buchanan, William & Co. shawl manufacturers, 145 Ingram street 
Buchanan, William, & Co. painters and paper hangers, 72 and 76 

Hutcheson street 
Buchanan, William, watch glass cutter, 3 New wynd 
Buchanan, William, of G. Buchanan & Sons, house 7 Brandon place 
et Buchanan, W. & J. gingham & pullicate manufacturers, 9 S. Hanover 

Buchanan, W. M. commercial teacher, 21 Cochran street, house 107 

George street. 
Buchanan, William, of Buchanan, Kennedy & Co. house 3 Portland pi. 
Buchanan, William, victualler, 165 Main street, Gorbals 
Buchanan, W. druggist, 71 Nelson street, Tradeston 
I uchanan, William, Elephant tavern, 29 Gallovvgate 
Buchanan, Young & Co. 33 Virginia street 
B uchanan, Mrs. J. G. 45 Union street 

Buchanan, Mrs. James, grocer and spirit dealer, 58 Canning st. Calton 
B uchanan, Miss Agnes, grocer, North Portland place 
Buck's Head Hotel, 61 Argyll street 
BULLOCH, James, tobacconist, 68 Argyll street 
Bulloch, James, spirit dealer, 88 Kirk street, Calton 
Bulloch, James, cabinetmaker, Oswald street, Dalmarnock 
BUN TEN, James, timber merchant, 37 Oswald street, house Holmhead, 

Bunten, Robert, iron merchant, 28 Jamaica st. ho. 33 Abbotsford place 
Bunten, William, 37 Oswald street 
BUNTING, David, of W. Buchanan & Co. painters, house 246 Argyll 

Bunting, John, china and glass merchant, 181£ High street 
Bunting John, of William M'Farlane & Co.'s, 19 South Hanover st. 


BURDEN, Mrs. J. rag merchant, 24 Calton mouth 

BURGESS, A. glazier, 26 Commerce street 

Burgess, Colin, teacher, 18 Warwick street, Laurieston 

Burges, David, brass founder, head of Portugal street 

Burgess, George, at Alston, Mather & Co.'s, 26 Glassford street 

Burgess, James, messenger at arms and sheriff-officer, 17 Brunswick 

place, house 8 Charlotte street 
Burgess, William, clothier, 31 Queen street, house 49 Hutcheson st. 
BURGH Victualling Society, 8 North Clyde st. John Bonar, manager 
BURN, J. H. treasurer, Statute Labour office, house 15 Oxford street 
Burn, Peter, & Co. auctioneers and appraisers, 132 Trongate 
Burn. Peter, of Peter Burn & Co. house 23 Warwick street 
BURNET, John, writer, 14 Stirling square, house 21 Richmond st. 
Burnet, Samuel, grocer and spirit dealer, 69 King street, Calton 
BURNLEY. W. F. merchant, of Robert Eccles & Co. and W. and J. 
Eccles & Co. house 128 St. Vincent street 

i BURNS. Allan, surgeon, 59 St. Vincent street 
Burns, Alexander, of A. & J. Burns, house 22 Monteith row 
Burns, A. & J. silk manufacturers, S South Frederick street 
Burns, Daniel, furniture warehouse, 112 Saltmarket 

n/ Burns, George, of James and George Burns, house 243 Brandon place 
Burns & Howard, bolt and screw manufacturers, Main street and 17 
North street, Anderson 

k Burns, James, of James and George Burns, ho. 209 W. St. Vincent st. 

/Burns, James and George, merchants and Steam Packet office, 9, 
Buchanan street 
Burns, James, tailor, 240 Argyll street 

Burns, James, chemist and druggist, 161 Ingram st. works, PortDundas 
Burns, Islay, surveyor of H. M. customs, house 14 Elmbank crescent 
Burns, John, victualler, 104 Old wynd 

V Burns, Dr. professor of surgery, Glasgow college, ho. 59 St. Vincent st. 
Burns, Michael, broker, 1 Miller place and 108 Saltmarket 
Burns, John, & Co. manufacturers, 51 South Albion street 
Burns, John, of A. & J. Burns, house Hope park. Kirkintilloch road 

l Burns, Rev. Dr. John, Barony glebe fyH*nfLZ<trff/i rfajp J/A.-.^ .J+jife 
Burns, John, spirit dealer, 2 Kirk street, Calton ht& ff2t/ & (f4- y. 

Burns, John, vintner, mason and stone engraver, 40 High street ' "' 
Burns, Robert, of Ferguson & Burns, house 5 Stockwell place 
Burns, Robert, bookseller and stationer, 55 Hutcheson street 
Burns, Thcynas, architect, Church Building Society's office, 66 Miller 

street, house 70 Renfrew street 
Burns, William, spirit dealer, 44 Rose street, Hutchesontown 
Burns. Miss Mary, furnishing shop, 138 Main street, Gorbals 
BURNS1DE, Allan, manufacturer, 81 Nelson st. ho. 139 Eglinton st. 
Burnside, David, wine and spirit merchant, 207 Gallowgate 
Burnside, J. hoot and shoe maker, 128 Trongate, house Eglinton st. 
Burnside, Robert, spirit dealer, 98 High street 
BURNSTONE, Nathan, tobacconist, 23 Saltmarket 
BURRETT, Thomas, smith, 145 Renfield street, ho. 53 Cowcaddens 
BURT, William, tailor and clothier, 48 Gallowgate 
BURTON, Alexander, smith, 38 Buchan street 
Burton, John, stationer and librarian, and Post Office receiving house 

6 Main street, Gorbals 
Burton, Mrs. repository, 193 Argyll street 
Burton, Miss B. Hope place 


BUSBY Company, 52 Virginia street 

Bushy, Edward S. 74 Brunswick street 

Bute Steam Packet Co. office 18 Steam Boat quay, Alexander Shields* 

BUTT, George, Old Hawk house tavern, 16 Anderson quay 
Butt, Thomas, commercial traveller, 127 Argyll street 
BUTTERS, Benjamin, grocer and spirit dealer, 59 Thistle street 
BYERS, A. G. tailor and clothier, 46 Glassford st. ho. 64 S. Portland 

Byers, Rev. J. teacher, Highland Society school, 69 Montrose street 
Byers, Robert, veterinary surgeon, Hope street 
BY RAM, Joseph, stoneware warehouse, 4,5 High street 

CABBEL, George, at Glasgow Bank 
Cahbell, John, at Glasgow Bank 
Cabbel, John, at 54, Buccleugh street 
CADDELL, William, & Co. clothiers, 39 Queen street 
CADENHEADS, Mrs. lodgings, Adam's court, 193 Argyll street 
CAIRD, John, plasterer, 22, Howard street, letters left at U'm. 

Caird's, 90 Cambridge street 
CAIRNEY, William, glazier and glass stainer, S5 Candleriggs, and 

46 Bath street 
CAIRNS, George, grain merchant, 192 Argyll street, house do. 
Cairns, James, paper ruler, 22 Argyll street 

Cairns, James, merchant tailor, 49 London street, house 2 Morris place 
Cairns, James, 16 Wilson street 
Cairns, John, broker, 7 St. Margaret place 
Cairns, John, merchant, J 92 Argyll street 
Cairns, Walter, paper ruler, 32 Argyll street 
CALDER & Wilsontown Iron Works Office, 37 Glassford street 
Calder, John, of Gordon and Calder, house 40 Union street 
Calder, John, writer, 114 Trongate 

CALDERHEAD, Mrs. John, spirit dealer, 53 Bishop street 
CALDWELL, George, baker, 7 Clyde terrace 
.Caldwell, James, baker, 39 Bridge street 
Caldwell, James, grocer, 9 Marlborough street 
.Caldwell, William, watchmaker, 5 Malta street 
Caledonian Fire Insurance Office, Henry Paul, 153 Queen Street, 

Gilbert Kennedy, Rentield street, Robert M'Nair, 4S Virginia street, 

John Cunningham, 16 St. Enoch square, and Wm, Ferguson. 

Chamberlain's Office, Agents 
Caledonian Pottery, Canal basin, Townhead 
CALLAGHAN, John, grocer, 91 Eglinton street 
CALLAM, Charles, lace manufacturer, 48 Queen street, house 33 

Warwick street 
CALLUM & Woodrow, tuscan and straw bonnet manufacturers and 

dealers in flowers, 127 and 132 Trongate 
Callum, Miss E. tnscan and straw hat warehouse, 38 Arcade 
CALLEN, John, sailmaker, 108 Broomielaw, house 34 York street 
CALLENDAR, Adam, spirit dealer, 128 High street 
Callendar, Thomas, vintner and hay dealer, 160 Stockvvell 
Callendar, William, teller, Royal Bank 
CALTON and Bridgeton Bread Society, 18 Tobago street 
Calton Mortcloth and Mortsafe office, 3Q Clyde street 


Calton Police Office, 33 Stevenson street, Calton 

Calton Victualling Society, 76 Canning street 

Calton Post-Office receiving; house, 69 Canning street 

Calton Public Library, 7 James's street 

Cameron, Angus, grocer and spirit dealer, 111 Rottenrow 

Cameron, Archibald, spirit dealer, 2 Govan street 

Cameron, Archibald, spirit dealer, 109 High street 

Cameron, Archibald, hardware and smallware merchant, 36 Trongate 

Cameron & Co. hardware merchants, 7 Trongate 

Cameron, Campbell, pawnbroker, 31 Saltmarket 

Cameron, Rev. Daniel, minister of Bridgegate parish, ho. 49 Renfieldst 

Cameron, Daniel, tailor, 89 Gallowgate 

Cameron, Daniel, spirit dealer, 82 Gallowgate 

Cameron, Donald, spirit dealer, 54 George street 

Cameron, Donald, & Co. spirit dealers, 56 New wynd 

Cameron, Donald, spirit dealer, 213 Main street, Gorbals 

Cameron, Duncan, clerk, stamp office, 157 Trongate 

Cameron, Duncan, putty maker, 77 Saltmarket 

Cameron, D. A. surgeon-dentist, 76 George square 

Cameron, James, bookseller and printer, 244 Argyll street 

Cameron, James, of James Jackson, & Co. Miller street 

Cameron, J. tavern, 34 Trongate 

Cameron, John, spirit merchant, 104 High street 

Cameron, John, boot and shoe maker, 22 Stobcross street 

Cameron, John, spirit dealer, 53 Piccadily street 

Cameron, John, spirit dealer, 61 King street, house 45 Crown street 

Cameron, John, boot and shoe maker, 33 Hospital street 

Cameron, John, Lochiel tavern, 14 Turner's court 

Cameron, John, cabinet maker, 159 Saltmarket 

Cameron, John, spirit dealer, 16 Rose street, Hutchesontown 

Cameron, John, spirit dealer, 55 Back wynd 

Cameron, John, victualler, 9 Park place 

Cameron, John, and James Gullagher, pawnbrokers, 8 East Clyde st. 

Cameron, J. & P. Dundee, Perth, Aberdeen, and Cupar Fife carriers, 

27 Blackfriar street 
Cameron, Lewis, provision and spirit merchant, and keeper of the 

Post-Office receiving house, Port-Dundas 
Cameron, Martin, mercantile academy, 40 Brunswick street 
Cameron, Neil, lace and sewed muslin manufacturer, 88 Buchanan st. 

house 47 Gordon street 
Cameron, Peter, at Duncan Morrison & Co.'s, 95 Hutcheson street 
Cameron & Rankin, spirit dealers, 67 High street 
Cameron, Robert, teacher, 4 Oxford street 
Cameron, Robert, melting pot maker, 21 Tureen street 
Cameron, Ronald, spirit dealer, 28 Blackfriar street 
Cameron, Thomas, & Co. agents for Londonderry steamers, 83 Miller st. 
Cameron, Thomas, druggist, 43 Norfolk street, Laurieston 
Cameron, Thomas, of Thomas Cameron & Co. house 189 St. Vincent st: 
Cameron, W. & P. smiths and bell hangers, 38 Stockwell 
Cameron, William, of Simpson and Cameron, house 15 Commerce st. 
Cameron, William, pawnbroker, 49 Princes street 
Cameron, Mrs. John, grocer and spirit dealer, 27 Maxwell street 
Cameron, Mrs. &Mrs. Black, spirit dealers, 182 Gallowgate 
Cameron, Mrs. leather-cap maker, 30 King street 
Cameron, Miss M. spirit dealer, 38 Clyde street, Anderstoa 


Cameron, Misses, & Hardie, milliners and dress makers, 175 Hope st. 
Cameron, Misses, milliners and dress makers, 1 15 Fife place 
CAMPBELL, Alexander, spirit dealer, 6 New wynd 
Campbell, Alexander, writer, clerk to the presbytery, 3 Antigua place, 

house, 231 Hill street, Garnethill 
Campbell, Alex. jun. of Campbell and Tennents, writers, house Bedlay 
Campbell, Alexander, teller, Glasgow bank 
Campbell, Alexander, corkcutter, 27 King street 
Campbell, Alexander, & Co. manufacturers, 51 Brunswick street 
Campbell, Andrew, silk factory, John street Mill, Bridgeton, house 24 

Monteith row 
Camgbell, A. Surgeon, 120 High street 
Campbell, Archibald, wholesale and retail wine and spirit merchant, 

419 Argyll street 
Campbell, Archibald, spirit dealer, 30 Old wynd 
Campbell, Archibald, corkcutter, 38 Shuttle street 
Campbell, Archibald, victualler, 16 Melville street, Tradeston 
Campbell, Archibald, ship broker and general agent, 29 Carrick st. 
Campbell, Archibald, of Blythswood, office 81 St. George's place 
Campbell, Archibald, spirit dealer and coach hirer, 226 Broomielaw 
Campbell, A. D. merchant, 35 Union street 
Campbell, B. accountant, 48 Garscube place 
Campbell & Christie, British iron foundry, Greenvale, Gallowgate. 

and 49 East Rose street 
Campbell, Colin, tea merchant and general grocer, 256 George street 
Campbell, Colin, flour merchant, 85 Candleriggs, house 36 Warroch 

Campbell, Colin, miniature painter, 46 Arcade, house 7 Queen street 
Campbell, Colin, of Colgrain, of J. Campbell, sen. & Co. 
Campbell, Charles, Ship bank, house 24 Monteith row 
Campbell, Charles, cashier and agent of the Bank of Scotland, 68 In- 
gram street 
Campbell and Cruden, commission agents, 127 Brunswick street 
Campbell, Daniel, merchant, 3 Antigua place 
Campbell, Daniel, spirit dealer, 2 Clyde place 

Campbell, Daniel, reed maker, 77 Brunswick street 

Campbell, D. & R. ironmongers, 4 Duke street 

Campbell, Donald, merchant. 14 Gordon street 

Campbell, D. cartwright, 86 Cowcaddens 

Campbell, Dugald, victualler, 9 Well street 

Campbell, Dugald, of Campbell & M'Dougall, house 44 Howard st. 

Campbell, Duncan, wholesale bookseller and stationer, 3 and 13 
Buchanan street 

Campbell, Duncan, contractor, 93 Eglinton street 

Campbell, Duncan, spirit dealer, 347 Argyll street 

Campbell, Duncan, chemist and druggist, 136 Argyll street, ho. 90 do. 

Campbell and Henderson, lath splitters, Oswald street 

Campbell and Howie, woollen drapers, 54 Gallowgate, and 2 St. An- 
drew's open 

Campbell, Hugh, victualler, 21 Stockwell 

Campbell, Hugh, victualler and spirit dealer, 76 Carrick street 

Campbell, Hugh, sen. coal agent, 12 Clyde street, Calton 

Campbell, Hugh, grocer, 5 Crown street 

Campbell, J. and W. & Co. merchants, warehousemen and manufac- 
turers, 34 Candleriggs 


Campbell, James, of Moorepark, of John Campbell, sen. & Co. house 

218 St. Vincent Street 
Campbell, James, Surgeon, 12 Millroad street 
Campbell, James, London street bondage warehouse, 18 St. Andrew's 

open, lodging 192 Argyll street 
Campbell, J. & J. slaters, 2 North Clyde street, Anderston 
Campbell's wine and spirit cellars, 73 Nelson street, and 16 South 

Albion street 
Campbell, James, of J. and W. Campbell & Co. house Kelvinside, and 

129 Bath street 
Campbell, James, broker, 130 Bridgegate 

Campbell, James, at Dennistoun, Buchanan & Co.'s, 20 St. Vincent pi. 
Campbell, John, pastry baker and spirit dealer, 51 Clyde st. Anderston 
Campbell, John Gordon, merchant, silk factory, John street, Bridge- 
ton. Orders left at 1 19 Brunswick street 
Campbell, John, missionary, 11 East Bath lane 
Campbell, John, of Campbell & Christie, house 5 Morris place 
Campbell, John, sen. & Co. merchants, 43 Buchanan street 
Campbell, John, tailor and clothier, 11 Stockwell 
Campbell, John, at Govan Colliery, office 37 Glassford street 
Campbell, John, wine and spirit merchant, 6 Norfolk street 
Campbell. John, surgeon, R. N. 44 Kent street 
Campbell, John, of Campbell, M'Lean, and Kennedy, house 15 St. 

Andrew square 
Campbell, John, at J. & W. Campbell & Co. house 3 Abbotsford place 
Campbell, John, 33 West George street 
Campbell, John, spirit dealer, 11 St. Andrew's street 
Campbell, John, sheriff officer for Lanark, Dumbarton, and Renfrew 

counties, 37 Gordon street 
Campbell, John and James, cabinet and upholstery manufacturers, 12 

Buchanan street, house 57 Oswald street 
Campbell, John, tailor, 10 Frederick Lane 
Campbell, John, of A. and J. M'Keand 
Campbell, Rev. John, 198 Hope street 
Campbell, Joseph, broker, 167 Cowcaddens 
Campbell, Kenneth, victualling house, 83 Bridgegate 
Campbell, M. N. of Baltimore, of J. Campbell, sen. & Co. 
Campbell, Mungo, of J. Campbell, sen. & Co. house 12 Moore place 
Campbell, M. of J. Campbell, sen. & Co. 
Campbell and M'Dougall, drysalters, 8 Croy place 
Campbell, M'Lean, and Kennedy, clothiers, 7 Royal Exchange square 
Campbell, N. fishmonger, 62 West Nile street 

Campbell, N. C. at Mitchell, Grahame, and Mitchell's, 36 Miller st. 
Campbell, Peter, coal agent for Govan colliery, house 69 Dale street, 

Campbell, Peter, spirit dealer, Commerce street 
Campbell and Reddoch, provision merchants, Buchanan court, 75 

Argyll street 
Campbell, Rivers, & Co. merchants, 26 Glassford street 
Campbell, Robert, of Campbell and Cruden, house 24 Jamaica street 
Campbell, Robert, boot and shoemaker, 12 Main street, Anderston 
Campbell, Robert, spirit dealer, 10 Hospital street 
Campbell and Rodger, wine and spirit merchants, 39 Bridgegate 
Campbell, Simon, spirit dealer, 68 Robertson street 
Campbell, Stevenson, & Co. merchants, 14 Gordon street 


Campbell and Tennents, writers, 33 Ingram street 
Campbell, Thomas, of John Campbell, sen. & Co. 
Campbell, Walter C. & Co. cotton spinners, John street mill, Bridge- 
ton. Orders left at 119 Brunswick street 
Campbell & Watt, ironmongers, 79 Argyll street 
Campbell, Wm. bookseller, stationer and librarian, 404 Argyll street 
Campbell, William, of Dunoon castle, of J. & W. Campbell & Co. 

house 200 Bath street 
Campbell, William, spirit dealer, 6 Tobaga street 
Campbell, William, clothier, 62 Argyll street 
Campbell, William, upholsterer and paper hanger, 36 Arcade 
Campbell, William, grocer, 2 Stobcross street 
Campbell, William, gun maker, Buchanan court, 44 Trongate 
Campbell, William, turner, 229 Argyll street 
Campbell, William, cartwright, 22 Hill street, Gallowgate 
Campbell, William, bookbinder, 179 Argyll street 
Campbell, Mrs. and Misses, boarding and day school, 12 S. Portland st. 
Campbell, Mrs. Isabella, spirit dealer, 58 Broomielaw 
Campbell, Mrs. James, register for servants, N. Albion court, N.Albion 

Campbell, Mrs. John, 98 West Nile street 
Campbell, Mrs. John, baker, 21 Maxwell street 
Campbell, Mrs. M. lodgings, 128 Union street 

Campbell, Miss M. straw hat maker and milliner, Main st. Bridgeton 
Campbell, Miss, dress maker, 82 West Nile street 
Campbell, Miss, 110 Bath street 
Campbell, Miss, lodgings, 59 Union street 
Campbell, Miss, 180 Hope street 
Campbell, Misses, dress makers, 77 Renfrew street 
Campbelltown Distilleries' Duty-free warehouse, 57 Argyll street, 

W. Bain, agent 
Campbelltown Steam Packet office, James Reid, agt. 20 Anderston quay 
Canada Company's Office, 23 Miller street. Gilkison & Brown, agents 
Canal Company's Office, Port-Dundas. Thos. Johnston, superintendent 
CANNAN, Thomson, clerk, Royal Bank, house 72 Bath street 
CANSH, Maxwell, spirit dealer, 69 Bell street 
CANVAN, John, spirit dealer, 95 Mitchell street 
CARFRAE, John, & Co. paper and rag merchants, 73 London street, 

house 8 Saltmarket 
CARILAN, Daniel, spirit dealer, 10 Marlborough street 
Carlin, John, clothier, 66 Queen street, house 19 Coburg street 
CARLILE, James, comb and spoon maker, 9 Saltmarket 
CARMICHAEL, D. at Pollock, Gilmour & Co.'s, ho. 23 Carlton pi. 
Carmichael, Donald, spirit dealer, 130 Drygate 
Carmichael, Duncan, tailor and clothier, 313 Argyll street 
Carmichael, D. & D. wrights and builders, 13 King street, Tradeston 
Carmichael, James, builder, 4 Russell street west, house Springfield 

house, Cadder 
Carmichael, James, spirit dealer, 35 King street 
Carmichael, John, at Hamilton & Monteath's, ho. 60 Maxwell street 
Carmichael, John, vintner, 145 Stockwell 
Carmichael, John, spirit dealer, 3 St. Andrew's open 
Carmichael, Neil, spirit dealer, 47 King street, Tradeston 
Carmichael, Neil, upholsterer, cabinet maker, and paper hanger, 11 

Portland street, house 7 Norfolk street 


Carmichael, P. at James Stewart's, 22 Ingram street 
CARNACHAN, J. S. chemist and druggist, 140 Argyll street, house 

Dundas street, Kingston 
Carnachan, Mrs. lodgings, 315 Argyll street 
CARNDUFF, Robert, of Findlater & Carnduff 

CARNJE, Charles, of Thomas Shields & Co. house 4 Abercromby pi. 
Carnie, James, spirit dealer, 83 New wynd 
Carnie, John & Co. distillers, Orr street, Barrowfield 
CARNTYNE Chemical Co. 10 Stirling square, works at Carntyne 
CARRICK, Andrew, portioner, 11 Thomson's lane, Calton 
Carrick, Andrew, timber merchant, 15 Renfrew street 
Carrick, Hutcheson, & Co. Letters left at J. Allan's, 144 Queen st. 
Carrick, James, merchant. Letters left at J. Allan's, 144 Queen st. 
Carrick, J. A. & R. Letters left at J. Allan's, J 44 Queen street 
Carrick, James, weaving utensil maker, 13 Kirk street, Townhead 
Carrick, James, victualler, 47 Saltmarket 
Carrick, John, spirit dealer, 56 Trongate 
Carrick, Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, 23 Kirk street 
Carrick, Robert, teacher, 68 Barrack street 
Carrick, William, accountant, and agent for Atlas Assurance Co. and 

Family Endowment Society, Virginia buildings, ho. Montague pi. 

143 Campbell street west 
Carrick, William, Royal Hotel, 66 George square 
Carrick, Miss, lodgings, 255 George street 
Carrick, Miss, 41 Rose street, Garnet hill 
Carro Chemical Company, manufacturers of writing ink, blacking, 

&c. 15 Maxwell street. See advertisement in appendix 
CARRON Company, 123 Buchanan st. Thos. Dawson, acting partner 
Carron Co.'s Shipping Office, Port Dundas 
CARSLAW & Henderson, manufacturers, 79 Bell street 
Carslaw, William, of Carslaw & Henderson, house 6 Warwick street 
CARSS, Andrew, merchant tailor and clothier, 170 Trongate 
Carss, John, bookbinder, Moodie's court, 31 Argyll street, house 

Lochbank, Cadder parish 
CARSWELL, Allan, sen. wright, trunk and packing box maker, 25 

North Albion street, house above 
Carswell, James, & Son, joiners and cabinet makers, Carswell's court, 

26 George street 
Carswell, James, of James Carswell & Son, house Provanside 
Carswell, James, jun. of James Carswell & Son, house Provanside 
Carswell, Walter, & Co. sewed muslin manufacturers, 74 Buchanan st. 
Carswell, William, sen. builder, North Provanside 
Carswell, William, jun. of James Carswell & Son, house Provanside 
Carswell, William, baker, 137 Gallowgate 
Carswell, Mrs. 99 Montrose street 
CASEY, William, agent for White & Batt, silk merchants, London, 

11 John street 
CASSILS, Charles, writer, of Turner & Cassils, house Kirklee cottage, 

near Partick 
Cassils, David, spirit dealer, 58 High street 

Cassils, James, surgeon, 24 Sauchiehall street, ho. 9S Renfield street 
Cassels, John, wine and spirit merchant, 66 Saltmarket 
Cassels, John, grain merchant, 34 Well street, Calton 
Cassels, R. hat manufacturer, 103 Trongate, ho. 69 South Portland st. 
Cassils & Stewart, wine and spirit merchants, 28 and 30 Jackson st. 


Cassils, William, spirit dealer, 5 and 7 M'Farlane street 

Cassels, Mrs. confectioner, 199 Trongate, house 18 Great Clyde street 

Castles Steam Packet Office, 23 Anderston quay, Broomielaw. John 

Anderson, manager 
CATHIE, Andrew, slater and glazier, Shield's land, Dalmarnock road 
CATHCART & Wardlaw, writers, and agents for the North of Scot- 
land Fire and Life Assurance company, 20 Buchanan street 
Cathcart, William, of Cathcart & Wardlaw, lodgings Mr. Gartley's, 

North Albion court 
Cathcart Paper Mill, Warehouse 16 Bell street 
Catholic School, Portugal street. George Docherty, teacher 
Catrine Co. at James Finlay & Co„'s, Queen street 
CATTERNS, S. drysalter, 43 Montrose street, house do. 
Cattle Market, Graham's square and east end of Duke street 
CAUGHIE, David, infant teacher, Normal Seminary, Dundas vale. 

CAW, Neil and Samuel, merchants, 9 Gordon street 
Caw, Neil, of N. & S. Caw, house 168 West George street 
CAWDEN, Patrick, spirit dealer, 76 King street 
Cess and Tax Office, for the City and Counties of Lanark, Renfrew, 

Dumbarton, and Bute, 66 Miller street, T. P. Sharp, collector 
CHALMERS, Alexander, hair dresser, 128 Gallowgate 
Chalmers, Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, 44 Dale st. Tradeston 
Chalmers, George, brassfounder, 57 Gallowgate 
Chalmers, James, gardner, 156 Hope street 

Chalmers, J. Mail Coach Taproom, 66 Trongate, and 25 Nelson street 
Chalmers, James, boot and shoe maker, 37 Gallowgate 
Chalmers, John, provision merchant, 81 Stockwell 
Chalmers, John, slater, 485 Gallowgate 
Chalmers, John, tailor, 258 High street 
Chalmers, John, painter, 4 Millroad street 
Chalmers, Thomas, & Co. warehousemen, 161 Trongate 
Chalmers, Thomas, surgeon, 76 High street, house 93 do. 
jChalmers, Thomas, of Thomas Chalmers & Co. house Polmadie 
Chalmers, William, spirit dealer, 94 Carrick street 
Chalmers, William, spirit dealer, Dalmarnock road 
Chalmers, William, at Couper & White's, house 30 Oxford street 
Chamberlain's Office, Council Chambers, John Strang, chamberlain 
CHAMBERS, D. & T. hat manufacturers, 88 Stockwell 
Chambers, George, flesher, 141 Main street, Gorbals 
Chambers, John, flesher, 11 Eglinton street 
CHAPMAN & Potter, ship agents, 39 Miller street 
Chapman, William, commission agent, 11 Miller street 
Chapman, William, wright, 189 High street 
CHARLES, John, S6 South Portland street 
Charles, Robert, house 82 West street, Tradeston 
Charles, William, remnant warehouse, 49 High street, ho. 60 Canon st. 
CHARTERS, Robert, cabinet maker, 82 Main street, Anderston 
CHATTO, Miss, dressmaker, 45 Union street 
CHEYNE, Dr. 24 St. Enoch Square 
CHERRY, David, spirit dealer, 34 New street, Calton 
CHISHOLM, Daniel, carver, gilder, printseller, and plate glass 

warehouse, 62 Ingram street, house 69 do 
Phisholm, Smith & Co. manufacturers and merchants, 70 Brunswick 



Chisholm, Wm. of Chisholm, Smith & Co. ho. 29 Richmond street 
Chisholm, Wm. jun. of Chisholm, Smith & Co. ho. 29 Richmond st. 
Chisholm, Miss H. ladies' London made boot and shoe warehouse, 94 

Queen street, house .3 South Frederick street 
Christy, Andrew, of Christy M'Isaac & Co. house 32 Buccleugh street 
Christie, David, portioner, 9 College street 
Chistie, James, of Wm. Dixon & Co. accountant and agent for Globe 

insurance office, 37 Glassford street, house 1 Woodside terrace 
Christie, James, & Co. warehousemen, 48 Nelson street 
Christie, James, of James Christie & Co. house 6 Monteith row 
Christie, James, at George Anderson & Co.'s, Hill street 
Christie, John, umbrella manufacturer, and small-ware merchant, 21 

Arcade, manufactory 108 Argyle street 
Christie, John, house factor, 4 Russel street west, house 179 Hope st. 
Christy, M'Isaac, & Co. soap and candle manufacturers, 58 Ingram st. 

works, Port-Dundas road 
Christie, Peter, spirit dealer, 23 Bun's wynd 
Christie Thomas, writer, 53 Dunlop street, house Surrey place 
Christie, Rev. Thomas, 11 York street 
Christie, William, grocer, 2 Green street, Calton 
Christie, William, 103 Hutcheson street 
Christie, William, beamer, 14 Abercromby street 
Christie, W. W. of Campbell & Christie, house Greenvale house 
Christie, Mrs. H. lodgings, 39 Hutcheson street 
Christie, Mrs. silk dyer and straw hat maker, 21 Clyde street, Calton 
Chronicle Newspaper Office, 8 Miller street 
Chrystal, Mrs. 13 Richmond street 
Church Building Society Office, 66 Miller street 
CHURCH, William, & Co. manufacturers, South Exchange Court, 

Queen street 
Church, William, of William Church & Co. house Woodside terrace 
City of Glasgow Steam-Packet Co. 15 Jamaica street 
City Poor Rates' Office, 52 Virginia street, John Miller, collector 
CLAPPERTON, John, & Co. thread makers. Letters, &c. left at 

William Clapperton & Co.'s, 58 Miller street 
Clapperton, Thomas, of H. M'Tavish & Co. 71 Virginia street 
Clapperton, Wm. & Co. yarn merchants, 58 Miller street 
Clapperton, William, of Wm. Clapperton & Co. ho. 21 Abbotsford pi. 
CLARK, Allan, cotton yarn merchant, 120 Brunswick street, house 

156 George street 
Clark, Allan, jun. of A Clark, jun. & Co. house 156 George street 
Clark, Allan, jun. & Co. cotton yarn and goods merchants, 50 Wilson st. 
Clark, Alexander, cabinet and chair maker, 4 Renfrew street 
Clark, A. coal agent, 132 Stockwell 
Clark, Andrew, vintner, 22 East Clyde street 
Clark, Daniel, gardner, 37 Commerce street 
Clark, Edward, of Clark, Gray, & Co. house Clydevilla, Govan 
Clark, George, cabinet maker and joiner, &c. 6 Green street, Calton 
Clarke, Gray, & Co. West India merchants, 144 Queen street 
Clark, Henry, surgeon, 174 Saltmarket, house 98 G. Hamilton street 
Clerk, James, of Thomas Maxwell & Co. 1 1 Miller street 
Clark, James, spirit dealer, 57 Main street, Gorbals 
Clark, J. & Co. straw hat manufacturers, Nelson street 
Clark, James, pocket book and jewel case maker, 95 Argyll street 
Clark, James, & Co. clothier6, 186 Trongate 


Clark, James, linen & canvas warehouse, A3 Virginia st. ho. 2 Morris pi. 

Clark, John, Argus office, 24 Queen street, house 156 George street 

Clark, John, spirit dealer, 70 Havannah 

^lark, Capt. John, 12 Anderston quay 

^lark, John, jun. & Co. cotton spinners, thread manufacturers, and 

turners, 7 Broad street, Mile-end 
Clark, John, of Lancaster and Clark, house Crofthead 
Clark, John, jun. of John Clark, jun. & Co. house 7 Broad street 
Clark, J. and W. steam loom factory, East Woodside. Letters left at 

Wm. Haig's, 45 George square 
Clark, John, spirit dealer, 261 High street 
Clark, John, grocer and house factor, 52 Hospital street 
Clark and M'Alister, founders and Engineers, Barrhead. Orders left 

at James Clark's, 53 Virginia street 
Clark, Peter W. commission merchant, 8 John st. ho. 63 S. Portland st. 
Clark, Robert, saddler, 11 Argyll arcade 
Clark, Robert, stone carver, Maitland street, Covvcaddens 
Clark, Robert, & Co. spirit dealers, 111 King street, Calton 
Clark, Robert, writer, 47 Queen street, house Crosshill 
Clark, Robert, of Crosshill. Letters left at R. Clark's, 47 Queen st. 
Clarke, Samuel, surgeon, 235 High street, house 173 George street 
Clark, W. E. C. surgeon, 38 North Frederick street 
Clark, William, iron turner, 25 Turner's court 
Clark, William, brazier and tin plate worker, 44 John street 
Clark, Mrs. M. lodgings, 116 George street 
Clark, Mrs. Thomas, 63 South Portland street 

Clark and Parker, Misses, milliners and dress makers, 52 W. Nile st. 
Clarkston Mill Paper Warehouse, 77 Bell street 
CLAY and Davidson, builders, Woodside crescent 
CLEE, William, provision merchant, 6S Main street, Gorbals 
CLELAND, Alexander B. physician's clerk, royal infirmary 
Cleland, J. S. upholsterer, cabinet maker, and general builder, 140 * 

West Nile street, house 5 West Regent street m 

Cleland and Buchanan, sewed muslin and lace manufacturers, 102 

Virginia place 
Cleland Coal Office, Monkland Canal basin. Orders left at J. and 

E. Reid's, 41 Argyll street 
Cleland, Dr. George, surgeon, 43 Bridge street 
Cleland, James, LL. D. house 130 West Nile street — - — * 
Cleland, Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, 46 Bedford street 
CLEMENT, James, wine and spirit dealer, 15 Anderston quay 
CLIFFORD, J. and G. machine and hand engravers to calico printers, 

64 Duke street 
CLIMIE, Robert, civil engineer and land surveyor, 7 Queen street 
CLEUGH, R. manager at R. A. Kidston's & Co.'s ho. Lancefield cot. 
Cleugh, Wm. of Gray and Cleugh, ho. Windy bank, Port Eglinton st. 
CLOUDSLIE, James, bonded warehouse, 43 Howard street, and 

granary, east end of Holm street, office 41 Howard street 
CLOUSTON, Peter, of Bennett and Browne, ho. 28 Abbotsford place 
Clouston, Miss, milliner and dress maker, 119 George street 
!CLOW, Henry, tailor, 96 Trongate 
Clow, Rev. James, chaplain, Town's Hospital 
Clow, James, shoemaker, 10 Saltmarket 
Clow, Misses, dressmakers, 151 West Nile street 
CLUNJE, R. A. corn merchant, 7 Queen Street, house 5 Albany place 


Clydebank Victualling Society, Finnieston, James M'Kie, manager 

CLYDE, J. cork cutter, 41 Gordon street 

Clyde, William, inspector of Letter carriers, Post-office, house 15 

Warwick street 
Clyde Brewery, Commercial road 
Clyde Bottle Work Co. Lancefield street 
Clyde Grain Mills, Commercial road 
Clyde Hotel, A. Towers, 13 Anderston quay 
Clyde Iron Works, office 19 John street 

Clyde New Shipping Company, 122 Broomielaw, John Tassie, man. 
Clyee Police Office, 16 Robertson street 
Clyde Rope Work, Lancefield, J. Steven 
Clyde Shipping Company, 4 York street, and 126 Broomielaw, James 

Steele, manager 
Clyde Ship Register Office, 23 Miller street 
CLYDESDALE Arms Inn, East Nile street 
Clydesdale, Miss, corset shop, 84 Gallowgate 
COATS, Archibald, surgeon, 8 Jamaica street 
Coats, James, brassfounder, 13 Muirhead street, Gorbals 
Coats, Jervis, & Son, ham cnrers, 21 south Albion street 
Coats, Jervis, jun. of Jervis Coats & Son, ho. 12 Charlotte street 
COCHRAN, Adam, spirit dealer, 43 Clyde street, Anderston 
Cochran & Browns, sewed muslin manufacturers, 62 Queen street 
Cochran & Couper, china show rooms, 36 Buchanan street 
Cochran & Co. cotton yarn merchants, and power loom cloth agents, 

27 S. Frederick street 
Cochran, C. S. & Co. worsted spinners, Bothwell street 
Cochran, James, of Cochran & Co. house 111 Kensington place 
Cochran, John, builder, and tacksman of Possil Quarry, house 72 

Sauchiehall street 
Cochran, John, jun. merchaut, 62 Argyll street, house Haughead, 

Govan road 
Cochran, Malcolm, beadle of Bridgegate Church, ho. 48 N. Portland st. 
Cochran, M. teacher, 24 Campbell street 
Cochran, Matthew, silk merchant, 11 Montrose street 
Cochran, Robert, sewed muslin manufacturer, 17 John street 
Cochran, Robert, of Cochran & Couper, 180 Hope street 
Cochran, Robert, of James and Thomas Brown & Co. ho. 206 Argyll 6t. 
Cochran, Robert, chief clerk, Post-office, house 61 Duke street 
Cochran, Samuel, of Cochran and Browns, house 18 Brandon place 
Cochran, Thomas, spirit dealer, 40 High street 
Cochran, Thomas, grocer, 71 Clyde street, Anderston 
Cochrane, Thomas, of Grieve and Cochrane, house 12 Bedford street 
Cochran, William, calenderer and packer, 12 Stirling square 
Cochran, William, & Co. calenderers and packers, 82 Miller street 
Cochran, Mrs. 49 Bath street 
COCKBURN, John, grocer, 8 Dempster street 
COCKER, James, 8s Son, cutlers, and gun makers, 31, 32, and 33 

Arcade, agents to Joseph Rodgers & Sons, cutlers to their Majesties 
Cocker, Wm. D. cutler and gun maker, 1 and 3 Glassford street 
COCKFIELD, Joseph, bootmaker, 184 Gallowgate 
COGAN, Hugh, merchant, of J. Bartholomew & Co. house Brandon 

place, 248 West George street 
Cogan, John & Robert, 12 Montrose street, spinning and weaving 

works, Graham square, Tobago st. Barrhead and Pollockshaws 


Cogan, John, of J. & R. Cogan, house 248 West George street 

Cogan, Robert, of J. & R. Cogan, house 8 Brandon place 

COGHILL, Alex, silversmith, 18 Dunlop street, and pipe manufacturer, 

4 Ropework lane, house 20 Stockwell place 
Coghill, & Co. earthenware, glass and china warehouse, 233 Gallowgate 
COLEMAN, S. & Co. commission merchants, Queen court, 62 Queen 

street, house 30 Richmond street 
COLE, Geo. merchant, 39 West Nile street, house 104 W. Regent street 
COLL, Henry, jeweller and hardware merchant, 51 Trongate 
Coll, John, jeweller, 29 Trongate 
COLLEDGE, William, writer, 40 Dunlop street 
COL LEY, F. of M. cSc F. Colley, house 1 Coburg street 
Colley, M. & F. hide and leather factors, 27 St. Andrew square 
Colley, M. of M. & F. Colley, house 21 Eglinton street 
Collie, A. at J. & W. Campbell & Co.'s, house 1 Cathcart street 
Collie, James, architect, 45 Queen street 
COLLIER, James W. wine and spirit merchant, 108 Argyll st. house 

240 Renfrew street, Garnethill 
Collier, John & Co. machine makers, engineers and ironfounders, Delft- 
field lane 
Collier, John, of John Collier & Co. house 193 Holm street 
COLLIGNON, N. wholesale French basket warehouse, 32 S. Albion st. 
COLLINS, Edward, paper maker, 48 Virginia street 
Collins, James, umbrella maker, 12 Bridge street 
Collins, William, bookseller, stationer and printer, 155 Ingram st. house 

270 George street 
COLQUHOUN, Alexander, jun. clothier, 39 Cowcaddens 
Colquhoun, Archibald, accountant, 48 St. Andrew square 
Colquhoun, Archibald, cork manufacturer, 58 Prince's street 
Colquhoun, Dr. Hugh, 59 Renfield street 
Colquhoun, Hugh, spirit dealer, 196 West Nile street 
Colquhoun, James, lead merchant and plumber, works 45 Jamaica street, 

house 39 Maxwell street 
Colquhoun, John, victualler, 51 Burnside 

Colquhoun, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 8 M'Kechnie street 
Colquhoun, Peter, commission merchant, 106 Brunswick street, house 

246 Argyll street 
Colquhoun, William, spirit dealer, 25 Gallowgate 

Colquhoun, William, lapidary and watch-glass maker, 32 Argyll street 
COLVILLE, Hugh, wine and spirit merchant, 23 Bridge street, house 

49 Oxford street 
Colville, Robert, bookbinder, 43 Queen street 

Commercial Bank of Scotland, 66 Virginia street, John Wyld, agent 
Commissary Clerk's Office, 37 Virginia street, C. D. Donald, clerk 
COMRIE, George, Royal Hotel, George's square 
Comrie's lodgings, 250 High street 
CONDIE, Mrs spirit dealer, 44 Little Dowhill 
CONELY, John, spirit dealer, 96 Back wynd 
CONNELL, Alexander, baker, 5 Charles street 

Connell, & Co. merchants, 12,Gordon street, house 24 St. Vincent place 
Connal, Ebenezer, brewer, Struther's street, Calton. Orders taken in 

at Wm. Lindsay junr.'s, grocer and fruiterer, 60£ Buchanan street, for 

the Stirling brewery 



Connal, James, spirit dealer, Drygate toll 

Connal, James, commercial and mathematical master, High school, house 

157 Hill street, Garnet hill 
Connel, Hugh, spirit dealer, 55 Kirk street, Calton 
Connell, James, of Wilson & Connell, surgeons, house 9 Stirling street 
Connall, John, flesher, 35 Sauchiehall street 
Connall, John, brewer, Burnside and 119 Havannah 
Connell, Robert, teacher of English, history and geography, 120 and 126 

West Campbell street 
Connell T. & G. spirit dealers, 59 High street 
Connall, William, broker and commission merchant, Virginia buildings, 

house 220 St. Vincent street 
Connell, Mrs. tuscan and straw hat warehouse, millinery, &c. 54 St. Vin- 
cent street, and 45 Glassford street 
Connell, Mrs. David, 26 St. Vincent place 
Connell, Mrs. James, 24 St. Vincent place 
Connell, Miss M. milliner, 41 Bell street 

Constitutional Newspaper Company's Office, 21 Argyll street 
CONWAY, Patrick, clothier, 142 Saltmarket 
CONWELL, Halbert, spirit dealer, 81 Newwynd 
COOK, David, of D. Cook & Co. house Westfield cottage, Kingston 
Cook, David, & Co. (late James Cook & Co.) engineers and machine 

makers, 95 Commerce street 
Cook, Donald, jun. spirit dealer, 188 Broomielaw 
Cook, Robert, smith, 25 West street, house 33 Bedford street 
Cook, Robert, of Gorbals Foundry Co. house 35 Warwick street 
Cook, Thos. grain merchant, 56 Gallowgate, house Newlands, N. L. R. 
Cook, William, pattern drawer and print cutter, 29 Hutcheson street 
COPLAND, Wm. writer, 107 Buchanan street, house Deanpark, Govaa 
CORBETT, Alexander, of Corbett, Alexander & Co. 
Corbett, Alex. & Co. 74 Buchanan street, cotton works Burnside lane 
Corbett, James, of Corbett, Alexander & Co. house 22 Clyde place 
Corbett, John, bell hanger, 28 Old wynd 
Corbet, King & Morrison, silk mercers and general warehousemen, 142 

and 144 Trongate 
Corbett, Peter, at Alston, Mather & Co.'s, 26 Glassford street 
Corbett, Robert, porter, Glasgow bank 
Corbett, Robert, watchmaker, 27 Stockwell 

Corbett, William, bed furniture glazer and coal agent, 29 Union street 
Corbet, William, at Rose street Factory Co. house 25 Bath street 
CORKIND ALE, James, M.D. consulting rooms and ho. 69 Glassford st. 
CORMIE, John, spirit dealer, 68 Main street, Anderston 
CORN, A. M. of Watson, Corn & Co. 

Corn Exchange, Bazar, Candleriggs. John Sawyers, keeper, house do. 
CORSAIR, David, grocer and spirit dealer, 107 Great Hamilton street 
CORSAN, Jas. & Co. silk dyers & printers, 34 Thistle st. Hutchesontown 
Corsan, James, spirit dealer, Dale street, Bridgeton 
CORSE, David, & Co. yarn merchants, 45 Cochran street 
Corse, David, of D. Corse & Co. house 23 Montrose street 
Corse, Miss, dressmaker, 37 Glassford street 
CORTI, Antoni, carver and gilder, manufacturer of barometers, &c. 97 

Nelson street 
COTTON, Stephen, commercial lodgings, 24 Stockwell 


COUBROUGH, A. P. of Hardie & Coubrough, ho 12 Great Clyde st. 

Coubrough, J. H. P. 12 Great Clyde street 

Coubrough, John, agent, 12 Great Clyde street 

Coubrough, Malcolm, furniture warehouse, 8 Miller's place 

COULTER, John, grocer and spirit dealer, Main street, Bridgeton 

Coulter, Samuel & John, brick and tyle makers, Tylefield street 

Coulter, William, tailor and clothier, 47 John street 

County Fire and Provident Life Offices, 49 Queen street, Gray 
& Cleugh, agents 

COUPEES, Mrs. Francis, tuscan and straw hat warehouse, 24 and 26 
Brunswick place, house 114 Trongate j 

COUPER, Alex, of Couper, Maitlandfe Co. house 32 West George st. 

Couper, David, turner, 66 High street 

Couper, James, of Cochran fe Couper, house Port-Dundas cottage 

Couper, James, insurance broker, Royal Exchange buildings, house 32 
West George street 

Couper, John. Letters left at Jas. Couper's, Royal Exchange buildings, 
house 79 Renfield street 

Couper, John, spirit merchant, 93 Saltmarket 

Couper, Dr. John, professor of Materia Medica, 133 West George st. 

Couper, John, hatter, 87 Trongate 

Couper, Maitland, & Co. cotton spinners and manufacturers, 35 Vir- 
ginia street, works St. Rollox 

Couper, Robert, victualler and grocer, 32 Stevenson street 

Couper, Robert, tobaccconist, 189 Trongate 

Couper & White, writers, 49 Ingram street 

Couper, William, surgeon, 32 West George street 

Couper, William, of Couper & White, house 193 Bath street 

Courier Newspaper Office, 75 Argyll street 

COURTNEY, David, & Co. sewed muslin manufacturers, 38 Queen st. 

COUSIN, Peter, coal agent, 303 Argyll street 

COUSLAND, Archibald, wire worker and wire clbth manufacturer, 3 
New wynd and 43 Saltmarket 

Cousland, John, pocket book maker, 54 High street 

COUTTS, James, tailor, 22 Gallowgate 

COVENTRY, Charles, spirit dealer, Burnside place 

COVERLY, James, coal agent, 2 Washington street 

Coverly, William, stoneware shop and glass cutter, 83 and 85 Sto.ckwell 

COWAN, Alex, merchant, of Alex. Smyth & Co. ho. 1 Montagu place 

Cowan, Alexander, & Son, manufacturers, 46 John street 

Cowan, Alex. sen. of A. Cowan & Son, house 26 Rose street, Garnethill 

Cowan, Alexander, jun. of A. Cowan & Son, house 177 Hope street 

Cowan, Alexander, spirit dealer, Dalmarnock road 

Cowan, Andrew, 62 Bath street 

Cowan & Barr, manufacturers, 8 John street 

Cowan & Co. nurserymen, florists and seedsmen, 37 Argyll street, nur- 
series, Clydehaugh, Paisley road 

Cowan, David, spirit dealer, Finnieston 

Cowan, Hutton & Baird, merchants, 77 Brunswick street 

Cowan, James, & Co. engravers, 60 Gordon street 

Cowan, James, victualler and spirit dealer, Dalmarnock road 

Cowan, James, tailor and clothier, 42 Glassford street 

Cowan, John, spirit dealer, 347 Gallowgate 


Cowan, John M. of Cowan & Barr, house 1 Montagu place 

Cowan, John, at Ship Bank, 9 Glassford street 

Cowan, Robert, writer, 20 Buchanan street 

Cowan, Robert, merchant and corn factor, 18 Union street 

Cowan, Robert, M.D. 13 Moore place 

Cowan, Robert, of Cowan, Hutton & Baird 

Cowan, Rev. William, 28 Jamaica street 

Cowan, William, brass founder, 73 Maxwell st. ho. 70 S.^Portland street 

Cowan, Mrs. broker, 13 Miller place 

Cowan, Mrs. Alexander, Clyde bank, Finnieston 

COWIE, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 124 Burnside, Port-Dundas 

CRAIG, Alexander, Tradeston mills, house 51 Abbotsford place, meal 
and flour warehouses, 132 High street, 247 Gallowgate, 212 Argyll 
street, and 1 Clyde place 

Craig, Andrew, of Sanderson, Craig & Co. house S. Wellington place 

Craig, Archibald, of Craigs, Brothers, house 19 Abbotsford place 

Craigs, Brothers, wholesale and retail woollen drapers and hatters, 163 

Craig, Crichton & Fairley, merchants, 55 Glassford street 

Craig, David Mathie, of Craig & Ranken, house Langside 

Craig, David, wine and spirit dealer, 10 Eglinton street 

Craig, George, turner, 93 Union street t 

Craig, James, wine and spirit merchant, 9 Miller st. house 21 Abbots- 
ford place 

Craig, James, currier and leather merchant, 87 Maxwell street, house 4S 
South Portland street 

Craig, James, Earl Durham tavern, 57 Gallowgate 

Craig, James, paper and rag merchant, 19 Bell street 

Craig, James, victualler, 8 Duke street 

Craig, James, & Co. warehousemen, 4 Argyll street 

Craig, James, of James Craig & Co. house 94 Regent terrace 

Craig, James, manager Adelphi distillery, house 45 Adelphi street 

Craig, John, merchant, 86 Miller street, house 120 West Regent street 

Craig, John, Saracen Head inn and hotel, 1 St. Mungo lane 

Craig, John, retailer of porter and ales, 105 Stockwell 

Craig, John, grocer and tea merchant, 34 Stockwell 

Craig, John, spirit dealer, 7 Greenhill street, Anderston 

Craig, John, boot and shoe warehouse, 8 and 9 Arcade 

Craig, John, grain and provision merchant, 164 Trongate, house 189 
Buchanan street 

Craig, John, victualler and spirit dealer, 231 Argyll street 

Craig, John, victualler and coal agent, 260 Gallowgate 

Craig, John, flesher, 96 Canning street 

Craig, J. painter and paper hanger, 113 Candleriggs 

Craig, John, flesher, 193 High street, house 63 George street 

Craig, J. Jamieson, of Mountflorida, 109 King street 

Craig, Peter, ironmonger, 50 Jamaica street 

Craig, Peter, japanner and clock dial maker, 20 Jackson street 

Craig & Ranken, writers, 65 Ingram street 

Craig, Robert, merchant, 4 Montagu place 

Craig, Robert, fruiterer, 7 Wilson street 

Craig, Thomas, coach hirer, 32 Renfield street and 141 Campbell street 

Craig, Walter, spirit dealer, 20 Kopework lane 



Craig, Win. of Craig, Crichton & Fairley, house 152 St. George's road 
Craig, William, woollen draper, 32 Gallowgate, house 4 Monteith row 
Craig, W. C. & J. teachers of English and geography, 33 George square, 

house 23 Warwick street 
Craig, William, surgeon, 23S High street, house 78 George street 
Craig, William, victualler and spirit dealer, South Woodside 
Craig, Mrs. milliner, 25 Charlotte street 
Craig, Misses, 116 West Regent street 
CRAIGHEAD, J. gardener, Rosehill, Pollokshaws road 
Craighead, Peter, gardener, 3 Salisbury lane 
Cranstonhill Water Co.'s Office, 8 Gordon street 
CRAW, John, & Co. shawl warehouse, 107 Buchanan street 
CRAWFORD, A. pocket-book maker and bookbinder, 27 King street 
Crawford, Alex, tea merchant, 41 Glassford street 
Crawford, Archibald, grocer, 42 and 44 Broomielaw 
Crawford & Campbell, agents for English Copper Co. 14 Gordon street 
Crawford, Charles, baker, 165 West Nile street 
Crawford, David, die, stamp and seal cutter, 280 George street 
Crawford, Dr. D. Main street, Bridgeton 

Crawford, D. & Co. wrights, mangle and machine makers, 86 Carrick st. 
Crawford & Eadie, joiners and cabinet makers, 101 John street 
Crawford & Easton, calenderers and packers, 24 Canon street 
Crawfurd, George, writer, 93 Glassford street, house 64 W. Regent st. 
Crawford, George, grocer, 127 High street 
Crawford, George, spirit dealer, 5 Melville street, Tradeston 
Crawford, George, portioner, grocer and house factor, Dalmarnock road 
Crawford, George, sen. spirit dealer, 56 S. Coburg street 
Crawford, George, cabinet maker, &c. 385 Argyll street 
Crawford, Hugh & Son, paper box manufacturers, paper stainers and 

marblers, 24 Queen street, house 1 48 High street 
Crawford, James, surgeon, 76 Garscube road 

Crawford, James, saddler, 2S9 Buchanan street, house 15 Renfrew street 
Crawford, James, at Alex. Crawford's 41 Glassford street 
Crawford, James, builder, Spring place, Hutchesontown 
Crawford, James, spirit dealer, 85 Commerce street 
Crawford, James, spirit dealer, 13 Carrick street 
Crawford, J. joiner and cabinet maker, 60 Howard street 
Crawford, John, of Tweedie & Crawford, house Milbrae, Cathcart 
Crawford, John, spirit dealer, 146 Eglinton street 
Crawford, John, wine and spirit merchant, 321 Argyll street 
Crawford, John, wright, 3 Little Hamilton street, house 81 John street 
Crawford, John, painter, 18 Stevenson street 
Crawford, John S. dancing academy, 54 St. George's place 
Crawford & Leech, wood-merchants, Port Eglinton 
Crawford, Robert, of Crawford & Leech, house 2 Cumberland street 
Crawford, Thos. of Crawford & Easton, house 31 Scott street, Garnethill 
Crawford, VV. G. Dean of Guild officer, 62 Prince's street 
Crawford, William, surgeon, 5 1 Bridge street 
Crawford, William, seedsman and florist, 3 Argyll arcade 
Crawford, William, & Son, wrights and builders, 23 S. Portland street 
Crawford, Mrs. poulterer, 69 Prince's street 
Crawford, Mrs David, HI Bath street 
Crawford, Miss, Langside. Letters left at 147 Trongate 




Crawford, Mrs. tavern, Port-Dundas 

Crawford, Mrs. Thomas, VVaverley tavern, 18 Saltmarket 
Crawford, Misses, milliners and dress makers, 82 George street 
CREE, John, ship and insurance broker, Virginia buildings, house 22 

St. George's road 
Cree, John, watchmaker, 47 Stockwell 

Cree, Robert, manufacturer, 59 Hutcheson street, ho. 74 Crown street 
Cree, Thomas, manufacturer, 59 Hutcheson street, house Surry place 
Cree, William, & Co. manufacturers, Virginia buildings 
Cree, Wm. of W. Cree & Co. house Lilly-bank, Port-Eglinton road 
CRICHTON, Alexander, hair dresser, 40 Havannah 
Crichton, Alexander, spirit dealer, 5 Jamaica street 
Crichton, Andrew, smith, beam maker and gas fitter, 18 London street 
Crichton, David, merchant, 24 Wilson street 
Crichton, Hugh, accountant, commission merchant and general agent, 29 

Hutcheson street 
Crichton, James, boot and shoe maker, 32 Saltmarket 
Crichton, John, shipping and forwarding agent, 58 Buchanan street, 

house 201 do. 
Crichton, Robert, spirit dealer, 31 St. Ninians street 
Crichton, Walter, smith, scale and beam maker, 66 High street 
Crichton, William, agent for London, Leith, Edinburgh and Glasgow 

Shipping Co. 17 Virginia street, house 69 Sauchiehall street 
Crichton, William, commission agent, 230 Argyll street 
Crichton, Mrs. lodgings, 25 George square 
Crichton, Mrs. boot and shoe maker, 11 Trongate 
CROCKET, James, at Bogle & Forrester's, house 118 Union street 
CROIL, Alexander, merchant, 13 John street, house Woodside crescent 
Croil, William, merchant, 3 Royal Exchange court, ho. 9 Montagu place 
CROLL, D. at James Finlay & Co.'s 
Croll, John, of Ross and Croll, house 73 Duke street 
CROMBIE, John, old baking and provision store, 34 Cheapside street 
CROOKS, John, surgeon-dentist, 15 Dixon street, St. Enoch's square 
CROOM, John, muslin warehouse, 90 Bell street, ho. 49 Montrose st. 
Croom, Mrs William, 49 Montrose street 
CROSBIE, James, fruiterer, &c. 66 Main street, Anderston 
Crosbie, James, boot and shoe maker, 60 Thistle street, Hutchesontown 
CROSS, Alex, general seed mercht. 17 Gallowgate, ho. 11 Monteith row 
Cross, Alexander, manufacturer, 127 Brunswick street 
Cross, Andrew, of Tayler & Cross, house Sauchiehall road 
Cross, David, & Co. grocers and spirit dealers, 23 Nelson st. Tradeston 
Cross, Ebenezer, turner, 32 Duke street. # 

Cross, James, jun. last and boot-tree maker, 11 Spoutmouth .- ™ 
Cross, John, boot maker, 141 Trongate, house 18 Glassford street 
Cross, John, & Co. merchants, 86 West George street 
Cross, John, of John Cross & Co. house 29 St. Vincent place 
Cross, Rankin, furnishing shop, 242 Gallowgate 

Cross, Richard & Co. rope makers, 371 Argyll st. house 13 Brown street 
Cross, Robert, of A. Galloway & Son, house 85 South Portland street 
Cross, Robert, turner, 8 Buchan street, Gorbals 
Cross, William, of J. & A. Dennistoun, house Moore park 
Cross, William, wine and spirit dealer, 42 Gallowgate 
Cross, Mrs. E. poulterer, Newtown market 


Cross, Mrs. James, grocer and spirit dealer, 77 Clyde street, Anderston 
CROUTHER, J. H. gold thread and plate manufacturer, 83 John st. 
CRUDEN, George, linen draper and hosier, 185 Gallowgate 
Cruden, James, writer, 38 Queen street 

CRUIKSHANKS, Alex, wine and spirit cellars, 36 S- Portland street 
Cruickshanks, Carey, at William Gilmour's 17 Brunswick place 
Cruickshanks, Charles, wine and spirit cellars, 84 VV. Nile st. ho. 80 do. 
Cruickshanks, James, at J. & J. Wilson's 45 Saltmarket 
Cruickshanks, John, at Muirkirk iron yard, 27 Ann street 
Cruickshanks, Matt, of Muirkirk Iron Co. Ingram huilds. ho. Sandyford 
Cruikshanks, Robert, builder, Main street, Bridgeton 
Cruikshanks, William, spirit dealer, 63 .Nelson st. Tradeston 
CRUM, Humphry E. of J. & W. Crum & Co. house 134 VV. Bath st. 
Crum, James, tea merchant, 39 Glassford street, house 33 St. Andrew st. 
Crum, James, jun. cotton spinner, 51 Cochran street 
Crum, John, 51 Cochran street 
Crum, J. & VV. & Co. calico printers and bleachers, 51 Cochran street, 

works Thornliebank 
Crum, Walter, 51 Cochran street 

CUDDIE, John, flesher and spirit dealer, 1 and 3 Crown street 
Culcreuch Cotton Company, 26 Ingram street 

CULLEN, James, teacher, Cowcaddens Infant School, Maitland street 
Cullen, James, baker, 44 Adelphi street 
Cullen, Thomas, grocer, 85 Green street, Calton 
Cullen, T. W. writer, 20 Brunswick place 
Cullen, W. surgeon, 287 Gallowgate 

Cullen, Robert C. surgeon, 87 Canning st. ho. 85 Green st. Calton 
Cullen, Misses, straw hat makers, 169 Great Hamilton street 
CUMINE, Archibald & Co. merchants, 67 Trongate 
Cumins & Graham, sewed muslin manufacturers, 16 Canon street 
Cumine, W. T. of A. Cumine & Co. house 1 Surry place 
Cumin, William, M. D. professor of midwifery, 136 St. Vincent street 
Cummin, Misses, 33 North Hanover street 

CUMMING, Andrew, at Thomas Laurie's, ho. 4 Cathcart street 
Cumming, George, joiner and hat-block maker, 29 South Montrose st. 
Cumming, James, print, cloth and shawl warehouse, 52 and 54 Trongate 
Cumming, John, at Peter Cumming's, house 76 South Portland street 
Cumming, Peter, wholesale Scotch woollen and linen warehouse, 21 

Glassford street, house 175 Buchanan street 
Cumming. W. & R. grocers, 16 Stevenson street 
Cumming, William, turner and weaving utensil maker, 14 Orr street 
Cumming, William, tea dealer, 111 High street 
Cumming, Mrs. lodgings, 29 College street 
Cumming, Mrs. milliner and corset maker, &c. 58 Argyll arcade 
Cumming, Miss, 97 West Regent street 

CUNLIFF, Richard S. of Randolph & Co. house 5 Kingston place 
CUNNINGHAM, Adam & Co. commission merchants, 5 Drury st. 
Cunningham, Adam, Strangs & Co. merchants, 5 Drury street 
Cunningham, Alex, grocer and spirit dealer, John street lane 
Cunninghame, Andrew, Sasine Office, Council Chambers, ho. 68 Bath st 
Cunningham, Archibald, grocer, 83 Argyll street, house 9 Maxwell st. 
Cunningham, Charles, of Cunningham, Adam, Strangs & Co. 
Cunningham, Charles, beadle of St. David's, house 88 John street 


Cunninghame, David, surgeon, 8 Tobago street, house 9 William street 

Cunningham, George, of Cunningham & Nicolson, ho. 42 Buccleuch st. 

Cunningham, George G. 72 Bath street 

Cunningham, James, tartan and shawl manufacturer, 51 Brunswick pi. 

Cunningham, John, coffee roaster, 16 Gibson street 

Cunninghame, John, accountant and agent for the Caledonian Fire and 
Life Insurance Co. 16 St. Enoch square 

Cunningham & Nicolson, writers, and agents for the Friendly Fire Insur- 
ance Society, 20 Buchanan street 

Cunningham, Dr. Thomas, I Norfolk street and 30 Centre street 

Cunningham, William, Greenhead 

Cunningham, William, writer, 21 Stockwell place 

Cunningham, William, teacher of music, 56 Howard street 

Cunningham, Mrs. band-box maker, 70 Brunswick street 

Cunningham, Mrs. and Misses, milliners, &c. 2 Coburg street 

CURLE & RAILTON, auctioneers, appraisers and general agents, 
Sidney court, 62 Argyll street 

Curie, Robert, of Curie & Railton, house Sidney court 

CURR, Michael, victualler, 223 High street 

CURRAN, Henry, broker, 19 Miller's place 

Currie, Alexander, jun. baker, 354 High street, house 350 do. 

Currie, Alexander, plane maker, 79 Hope street 

Currie, Duncan, spirit dealer, 17 Union street 

Currie, Hector, portioner, 1 William street, Greenhead 

Currie, James, victualler, 12 Clyde street, Anderston 

Currie, James, mangle maker and millwright, 51 Hospital street 

Currie John, 21 Argyll street 

Currie, Rev. Peter, 23 Monteith row 

Currie, William, cartwright, 12 Pitt street 

Currie, Mrs. grocer and spirit dealer, Dale street, Bridgeton 

CURTIS, Richard, pawnbroker, 43 Trongate 

Curtis, Richard, pawnbroker, 49 St. Andrew's square 

Curtis, Richard, jun. musical instrument maker, 5 St. Andrew's lane 

Custom House, 22 St. Enoch square, D. V". M'Murdo, collector 

CUTHBERT, John, carrier and fish dealer, 38 Miller place 

Cuthbert, John, smith and ironmonger, 168 Argyll street 

CUTHBERTSON, Allan, accountant, 110 Fife place, ho. 188 St. 
Vincent street 

Cuthbertson, Donald, accountant, 110 Fife pi. house 188 St. Vincent st. 

Cuthbertson, Hugh, victualler, 163 Bridgegale and 121 Saltmarket 

Cuthbertson, James, victualler, 75 Gallowgate 

Cuthbertson, James, of William Gilmour & Co. house 121 West Bath st. 

Cuthbertson, James, spirit dealer, 86 Bridgegate 

Cuthbertson, John, at Cuthbertson & Tweedie's 

Cuthbertson, J. merchant, of Jamieson, M'Cracken & Co. 

Cuthbertson, John, cabinet warehouse, 42 Oxford st. ho. 25 Coburg st. 

Cuthbertson, Thomas, iron merchant, Stourbridge court, 210 Argyll st. 
house 23 Blythswood square 

Cuthbertson & Tweedie, ironmongers, Morrison's Court, 108 Argyll st. 

Cuthbertson, William, of Cuthbertson & Tweedie, house Carlton place 

Cuthbertson, Mrs. John, 75 Bath street 



DAHMS, George, sugar refiner, 24 Oswald street 

DAILY, Thomas, grocer, 143 Main street, Gorbals 

DALE, Ambrose, glass, china and wedge wood ware, warehouse 130 

Argyll street 
Dale, David, grocer and spirit dealer, 193 Buchanan street 
Dale, James, of Dale & Lockhart, house 140 West Campbell street 
Dale & Lockhart, wine merchants, 90 Miller street 
Dale, Robert G. 130 Argyll street 
Dale, Mrs. James, 140 West Campbell street 
DALGLISH, A. S. of R. Dalglish, Falconer & Co. house 25 St. 

Vincent place 
Dalglish, George, & Co. merchants, 135 Buchanan street 
Dalglish, George, of George Dalglish & Co. house 133 West Bath st. 
Dalglish, James, of J. & J. Dalglish, house 103 West St. Vincent street 
Dalglish, James, jun. of J. & J. Dalglish, 74 Buchanan street 
Dalglish, John, of J. & J. Dalglish, house 119 Hope street 
Dalglish, J. & J. manufacturers, 7b Buchanan street 
Dalglish, R. Falconer, & Co. Lennoxmill Printfield, warehouse North 

Court, Royal Exchange 
Dalglish, Robert, & Co. muslin manufacturers, 13 Montrose street 
Dalglish, Robert, of R. Dalglish, Falconer & Co. ho. 25 St. Vincent pi. 
Dalglish, William, 95 St. Vincent street 

Dalglish, William, jun. of George Dalglish & Co. ho. 252 Brandon pi. 
DALLAS, Peter, & Co. manufacturers, 17 Cochran street 
Dallas, Miss F. furnishing shop, 175 Trongate 
DALRYMPLE, David, writer, 33 Ingram street 
Dalrymple, Mrs. Alexander, baker, 288 High street 
DALMUIR Paper Warehouse, 48 Virginia street 
Dalmuir Soda Company, at Charles Todd's, 12 Exchange square 
D ALT ON, Robert, & Co. spirit merchants, Gushet house, Townhead 
DALZIEL, Alexander, of Taylor & Dalziel, house 22 Charlotte street 
Dalziel, Captain James, agent for underwriters, at Bennet & Browne's 
Dalziel, John, yarn merchant, 62 Queen st. house 82 Upper Kingston 
Dalzell, Robert, & Co. engineers, 25 Brown street 
Dalziel, Robert, artist, 58 Renfield street 

DARION & Renwick, plasterers, 1 Suffolk st. or 113 G. Hamilton st. 
DARNLEY, James, manufacturer, 40 Glassford street 
DARSIE, James, provision and spirit dealer, 13 George street 
DAVIE, James, house factor, Finnieston 

Davie, James, sen. & Co. sewed muslin manufacturers, 74 Buchanan st. 
Davie, William, town clerk, council chambers, house 43 North Hanover 

Davie, William, agent, Finnieston 

DAVIS, D. wholesale jeweller and general factor, 24 Queen street 
Davis, J. china and glass merchant, 48 Candleriggs 
Davis, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 58 Hospital street 
Davis, R. H. & Co. woollen merchants, 07 Argyll ^street, house 11 

Abbotsford place 
Davis, Thomas, boot and shoemaker, 70 Broomielaw 
[DAVIDSON, Allan, victualler, 18 Calton mouth 
Davidson, David, tea, coffee, and sugar shop, 49 Bell street 


Davidson, James, Son & Co. manufacturers, 22 South Frederick street 
Davidson, James, of J. Davidson, Son & Co. house 40 St. Vincent place 
Davidson, John, & Co. commission merchants, 23 South Albion street 
Davidson, John, clock and watch maker, 21 Oxford street 
Davidson, John, shipping agent, 4 St. Enoch square 
Davidson, John, wholesale boot and shoe manufacturer, 1 Cleland street,' 

Davidson, Robert, teacher of music, 109 West George street 
Davidson, Thomas, teacher of M'Lauchlan's school, 109 John street 
Davidson, Thomas, of M'Leod, Davidson & Co. bouse 9 Abbotsford pi. 
Davidson, William J. of J. Davidson, Son & Co. ho. 40 St. Vincent pi. 
Davidson, Dr. William, surgeon, 71 West Nile street 
Davidson, Dr. W. M. 46 Stockwell, house 32 Bell street, Calton 
Davidson, William, shoemaker, Cleland's court, Argyll street 
Davidson, William, boot and shoemaker, 43 Adelphi street 
Davidson, William, of Hill & Davidson, house 32 St. Vincent place 
Davidson, W. of Watson, Corn & Co 

Davidson, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 121 Main street, Gorbals 
Davidson, Mrs. Robert, victualler and spirit merchant, Reid st. Bridgeton 
Davidson, Miss, 41 St. Vincent place 
Davidson, Miss, teacher, 255 George street 

DAWSON, Alex, yarn merchant, 58 Brunswick st. ho. 91 W. Regent st. 
Dawson, James, & Co. clothiers and hatters, 149 Queen street 
Dawson, James, of J. & J. Dawson & Co. house 18 Great Hamilton st. 
Dawson, James, beadle, Greyfriars' church, 25 Inkle Factory lane 
Dawson, John, of J. & J. Dawson & Co. ho. 18 Great Hamilton street 
Dawson, J. & J. & Co. general brassfounders and gas fitters, Ayton court, 

warehouse 11 Hutcheson street 
Dawson & M'Nicol, Scotch and Irish linen warehouse, 68 Buchanan st. 
Dawson, Patrick, of J. Mitchell & Co. house Hogganfield 
Dawson, Thomas, of Carron Co. 131 Buchanan street 
Dawson, Miss, teacher, Miller's school, 151 George street 
Dbaf and Dumb Institution, Parson street, Barony glebe, Duncan 

Anderson, teacher. Seen on Wednesdays at 2 o'clock 
DEAKIN, James, smallware merchant, 39 Buchanan street 
DEANS, David D. ship agent, 15 Buchanan street, ho. Port-Dundas 
Deans, Effingham, tavern, 80 Trongate 
Deanston' Co. James Finlay, & Co. 63 Queen street 
4gE MUNNICK, William, & Co. gingham and pullicate manufacturers, 
102 Virginia place 
DEMPSTER, John, flesher, 32 King street 
Dempster, William, smith and bell hanger, 37 Bun's wynd 
Dempster, Thomas D. sheriff-officer, 74 Great Dowhill 
Dempster, Mrs. Wm. milliner and straw hat maker, 26 George street 
DENNY, Alex, of D. & A. Denny & Co. house 137 West Regent st. 
Denny D. & A. & Co. merchants, 23 Miller street 
Denny, William, general grocer, 43 King street, Tradeston 
DENNISTOUN, Alexander, M.P. of Golfhill, and in London at Re- 
form Club 
Dennistoun, Bryce, & Co. merchants, 20 Buchanan street 
Dennistoun, Buchanan, & Co. merchants, 20 St. Vincent place 
Dennistoun, J. R. of Dennistoun, M'Gregor, & Co. ho. 7 Moore place 
Dennistoun, James & Alexander, merchants, 7 Montrose street 


Dennistoun, John, of J. & A. Dennistoun, house 178 West Bath street 

Dennistoun, John, & Co. cotton spinners, 7 Montrose street 

Dennistoun, M'Gregor, & Co. merchants, 75 West Nile street 

Dennistoun, William, of Dennistoun, Bryce, & Co. house Kelvingrove 

DENG VAN, Alexander, at R. Kinnier & Co.'s 

DEVLIN, Patrick, jeweller, Gl Trongate, house 10 Russell street 

DEWAR, Alexander, & Co. wholesale grocers and tea merchants, 6.'} 
Candleriggs, and 205 High street 

Dewar, Charles, bookseller and stationer, 181 High street 

Dewar, John, Glasgow tavern, 179 Argyll street 

Dewar & Orr, warehousemen, 6 Candleriggs 

Dewar, William, of Dewar & Orr, house 16 Monteith row 

DICK, Alexander, writer, 86 Miller street, house Kensington place 

Dick, A. land surveying chain and safety lamp maker, 105 Stockwell 

Dick, Allan, beadle of Barony church, house Villafield place 

Dick, David, tobacconist, 7 Grr street 

Dick, Geo. lime and stone merchant, Port-Dundas, ho. St George's ro. 

Dick, G. C. & Co. manufact. 13 Montrose street, ho. 46 Cambridge st. 

Dick, James, builder, 184 West Renfrew street, Garnethill 

Dick, James, type founder and grocer, 4 Balmanno street 

Dick, John, tailor, 153 Trongate 

Dick, John, surgeon and apothecary, 2 London st. ho. 30 Charlotte st. 

Dick, John, broker and constable, 83 Canning street 

Dick, Matthew, & Co. soap and candle manufacturers, 73 and 75 Glass- 
ford street, house Brougham place 

Dick, Peter, jun. baker, 170 Argyll street 

Dick, P. of VV. & P. Dick, & Co. house 11 Monteith row 

Dick, Dr. Robert, 99 Kensington place 

jDick, Robert, pawnbroker, 55 Bell street 

Dick, Robert, egg and butter store, 263 High street 

Dick, Robert, of J. & A. Dennistoun, house at Bridgeton mill 

Dick, Robert, & Co. tobacconists, 5 London street 

Dick, Walter, M.D. 238 George street 

Dick, William, spirit dealer, 88 Candleriggs, and cheese dealer, Bazar, 
house 27 Renfrew street 

Dick, William, spirit dealer, 50 Green street, Calton 

Dick, W. & P. & Co. shawl warehouse, 33 Candleriggs 

Dick, W. of W. & P. Dick, & Co. house 240 George street 

Dick, William, jeweller and hardwareman, 57 Trongate 

Dick, Mrs. 99 Kensington place 

Dick, Mrs. grocer and spirit dealer, 61 Crown street 

Dick, Mrs. seminary for young ladies, 26 Blythswood square 

DICKIE, Robert, 50 Buccleuch street 

Dickie, William, skinner, 24 Clyde terrace, and 8 Buchan street 

DICKSON, Alexander, confectioner, 17 Saltmarket 

Dickson, J. & J. merchants, 35 Tureen street 

Dickson, James, Crow tavern, 25 George square 

Dickson, James, currier, 36 St. Andrew street 

Dickson, James, hosier, 117 George street 

Dickson, James, shoe shop, 53 Trongate 
ickson, John, coal and iron agent, 19 John street, house 53 Maxwell st. 
ickson, John, victualler and spirit dealer, 67 and 69 Saltmarket 
ickson, John, victualling house, 66 Bridgegate 


Dickson, L. wine and spirit merchant, 53 Kirk street, Calton 

Dickson, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 9 Main street, Gorhals 

Dickson, Thomas, sheriff-officer and constahle, 1 60 Saltmarket 

Dickson, Wm, N. at Oswald, Stevenson, & Co.'s, ho. 77 Montrose street 

Dickson, William, fruit merchant, 126 Gallowgate 

Dickson, Wm. confectioner and pastry baker, 139 Gallowgate 

Dilettanti Rooms, 51 Buchanan street 

DINGWALL, Alexander, spirit dealer, 34 Rutherglen loan 

DINWIDDIE, Mrs. 166 Stirling's road 

DIXON, Joseph, officer of excise, 3 Cowcaddens 

Dixon, P. W. of Finnieston store Co. house Finnieston house 

Dixon, Thomas, of Bannerman, Dixon & Jenner, house 5 Windsor place 

Dixon, William, & Co. merchants, 37 Glassford street 

Dixon, William, 37 Glassford street 

Dixon, William & Co. cotton spinners, Finnieston mills 

Dixon, William, of W. Dixon & Co. house Finnieston house 

Dixon, Mrs. Adam, Finnieston house, Finnieston 

DOBBIE, James, spirit dealer, 19 Saltmarket 

Dobbie, Thomas, watch and clock maker, 51 Adelphi street 

Dobie, W. H. merchant, 66 Miller street, house 198 Buchanan street 

DODD, Andw. mathematical, &c. instrument maker, 70 Hutcheson st. 

Dodd, Edward, spirit dealer, 3 Spoutmouth 

Dodd, Peter, & Co. provision merchants, 31 Hutcheson street, and 14 

St. Enoch wynd 
Dodd, Peter, of P. Dodd & Co. 

Dodd, William, of Peter Dodd & Co. house 42 Great Clyde street 
DODS, Archibald, smith, 27 Bishop street, house 2 Washington street 
DOIG, Mrs. Charles, grocer and spirit dealer, 60 Main street, Gorha'.s 
DON, James, beadle of St. Paul's, house Johnston's land, Stirling's road 
DONALD, Andrew, bookseller and stationer, 50 Adelphi street 
Donald, Colin Dunlop, writer and commissary clerk, 37 Virginia street, 

house 30 St. Enoch square 
Donald, Charles, snuffbox and comb manufacturer, 137 Argyll street 
Donald, James, spirit dealer, Port-Dundas 
Donald, James, cooper, 322 Argyll street 
Donald, James, spirit dealer, Main street, Port-Dundas 
Donald, James, victualler, 105 Bridgegate 
Donald, John, auctioneer and appraiser, 8 Virginia street, house 8 Ab- 

botsford place 
Donald, John, wright, Muslin street 
Donald, Matthew, joiner, Dale street, Bridgeton 
Donald, Mrs. midwife, 139 High street 
Donald, Miss, furnishing shop, 9 South Portland street 
Donald, Walter, spirit dealer, 42 Eglinton street 
Donald, Walter, spirit dealer, Muslin street, Bridgeton 
DONALDSON, Alexander, tailor, 84 John street 
Donaldson, Alexander, surgeon, 121 High street 

Donaldson, Alexander, saddler, 68 Queen street, house 1 Coburg street 
Donaldson, Alexander, jun. clerk, Royal bank, house 2 Edwin place 
Donaldson, Andw. teacher of drawing And painting, 107 Buchanan st. 
Donaldson, Chas. carpet manufact. Port-Eglinton, ho. 86 S. Portland st. 
Donaldson, Charles, linen merchant, 103 Saltmarket 
Donaldson, David, provision merchant, 70 Argyll street 


Donaldson, George, of M'Pherson & Donaldson, house 14 Warwick st. 
Donaldson, George, lime merchant, 63 Carrick st. ho. 246 Argyll st. 
Donaldson, James, & Co. cotton brokers, 25 South Hanover street 
Donaldson, James, of James & John Donaldson, ho. 33 George square 
Donaldson, Jas. jun. of James Donaldson, jun. & Co. ho. Middleton 
Donaldson, James, & Son, slaters, 55 North Frederick street 
Donaldson, James, of James Donaldson & Co. house Thornwood 
Donaldson, James & John, slate merchants, 9 Oswald street 
Donaldson, James, jun. & Co. merchants, 33 Buchanan street 
Donaldson, James, of Robertson, Donaldson, & Dougall, house 100 

George street 
Donaldson, John, of James & John Donaldson, house 89 John street 
Donaldson, John, house factor, Union court, 6 Union street 
Donaldson, John, watch and clock manufacturer, 3 Brunswick court 
Donaldson, Peter, portioner, 25 Tobago street 
Donaldson, Samuel, starcher, 13 George street, Mile-end 
Donaldson, Mrs. J. private commercial lodgings, Union court, 6 

Union street 
Donaldson, James, wine and spirit merchant, 10 George square 
DORC v Y, Alexander J. D. master of the English department, High 

School, house 96 Regent terrace, Stirling's road 
DOUGALD, Andrew, baker and spirit dealer, 165 Duke street 
Dougall, Andrew, Post-office receiving house, 227 Gallowgate, house 

25 Campbell street 
Dougall, Andrew, grocer and spirit dealer, Glenpark 
Dougall, James, spirit dealer, 93 Kirk street, Calton 
Dougall, John, spirit dealer, 97 New venel 

Dougall, John, beadle, victualler, and spirit dealer, 64 Kirk st. Calton 
Dougall, John, general grocer, 311 Argyll street and 81 Robertson st. 
Dougall., J. & J. gunmakers, fishing and fowling tackle makers, 52 

Argyll arcade, house 22 Charlotte street 
Dougall and Kaye, tea merchants and general grocers, 229 Gallowgate 
Dougall, Patrick, 45 Union street 
Dougall, Patrick, jun. of Robertson, Donaldson, & Dougall, house 45 

Union street 
Dougall, Robert, of Thomson & Dougall, house 24 Robertson street 
Dougall, Robert, furnishing shop & band-box maker, Main st. Bridgeton 
Dougall, William, of Dougall & Kaye, house 223 Gallowgate 
Dougal, Mrs. grocer, 8 Gibson street 
DOUGAN, John, spirit dealer, 48 Cheapside street 
DOUGHERTY, Hugh, victualler and spirit dealer, 93 Canning street 
Dougherty, John, grocer and spirit dealer, Cowcaddens 
DOUGLAS, Abraham, smith, 169 West Nile street 
Douglas, Archibald, of J. T. & A. Douglas, & Co. 69 West Nile street 
Douglas, Archibald, slater, 95 Argyll street 
Douglas Arms' Tavern, 35 Gallowgate 
Douglas & Co. general grocers, 201 Trongate 
Douglas, Charles, surgeon, 115 King street, house 113 do. 
Douglas, Dougald, grocer and spirit dealer, 214 Broomielaw 
Douglas, E. &. J. dealers in metal borings, 35 Gallowgate 
Douglas, George, lead merchant and plumber, 118 Argyll street 
Douglas, George, reed maker, 20,Candleriggs 
Douglas, George, silk dyer, 280 High street 
Douglas & Holmes, writers, 73 Hutcheson street 
Douglas, Hugh, surgeon, Main street, Bridgeton 



Douglas, J. T. & A. & Co. West India merchants, 69 West Nile street 

Douglas, James, writer, 68 Glassford street, house 142 Renfrew street 

Douglas, James, slater, 187 Trongate 

Douglas, James, measurer, 90 Argyll street 

Douglas, James, surgeon, 93 Brunswick st. and lecturer on Anatomy,' 

North Albion street 
Douglas, Rev. James, chaplin, Royal Infirmary 
Douglas, James, spirit dealer, 35 Gallowgate 

Douglas, John C. writer, 81 St. George's place, ho. 194 Athole place 
Douglas, John, writer, Clerk of the Peace for Lanarkshire, office 73 

Hutcheson street, house 39 Bath street 
Douglas, John, hair-dresser, 23 Kirk street, Calton 
Douglas, Peter, provision merchant, 10 Great Clyde street 
Douglas, Peter, provision merchant, 19 New town market 
Douglas, Robert, broker, 15 Miller's place 

Douglas, Thomas D. merchant and insurance broker, Royal Exchange 
Douglas, William, engraver to calico printers, Ayton place, Old venel 
Douglas, William, at A. & J. Downie's, house 16 Hope street 
Douglas, W. silk dyer, 22 Kent street, 11 St. Andrew's lane, and 40 

South Portland street 
Douglas, Mrs. china and stoneware dealer, 12 Jail square 
Douglas, Mrs. 142 Renfrew street 
Donglas, Misses, dressmakers, 40 Union street 
DOUIE, Robert, 5 Nicholson street 

Douie, William C. of Barr and Douie, house 5 Nicholson street 
DOVE, John, cider merchant and agent for Falkirk Ale Co. and 

Manders and Powell's porter, Hope street 
DOW, Alex, wine and spirit dealer, 73 and 75 Bridgegate, and 218 

High street, house 9 College street 
Dow, Alexander, spirit dealer, 67 London street, ho. 27 Charlotte st. 
Dow, Andrew, writer, house Cessnock, Renfrew road. Letters left 

at Gibson and M'Nee's, £ Montrose street 
Dow, Andrew, watch and plate brush maker, 22 Argyll street 
Dow, Charles & Henry, tea dealers and grocers, 231 High street 
Dow, H. and A. wine and spirit merchants, 96 Gallowgate * 
Dow, John, bookseller, 187 High street 

Dow, John, watch and plate brush manufacturer, 132 Trongate 
Dow, Samuel, spirit dealer, 41 and 81 Saltmarket, house 97 do. 
Dow, Samuel, of Wilson and Dow, house 4 Kingston place 
Dow, Mrs. lodgings, 12 Anderston quay 
DOWELL and Braun, importers of foreign goods. Agents, N. and R. 

Handyside, 16 Gordon street 
DOWIE, George, Dundee sacking and pack sheet warehouse, 14 

Candleriggs, house 26 College street 
Dowie, John, ropemaker, 161 Duke street 
DOWNIE, Alexander and John, merchants, 48 Queen street 
Downie, Alex, of A. and J. Downie, house Crossbasket, Blantyre 
Downie, David, silver-plate chest maker, 60 Rutherglen loan 
Downie, D. spirit dealer, 113 Saltmarket 
Downie, John, of A. and J. Downie, house Woodside terrace 
Downie, John, Grapes' tavern, 200 Broomielaw 
Downie, John, grocer and spirit dealer, Cowcaddens 
Downie, Thomas, grocer, &c. Maitland street, Cowcaddens 
Downie, William, farrier, 43 Gallowgate 
Downie, William, victualler. 132 Main street Gorbals 


DOWNS, James, baker, 96 Renfield street 

Downs, Thomas, of Brown and Downs, house 22 Charlotte street 

DRESCHER, John, clock maker, 125 Saltmarket 

DREW, James, writer and commissioner for taking English affidavits, 

67 Miller street, house Greenhaugh, Long govan 
Drew, John, japanner, 31 Moodie's court, house Steel street 
Drew, John, of Drew and M'Symon, ho. Ewing place, 57 York street 
Drew, John, spirit dealer, 15 Jackson street 
Drew, John, furniture warehouse, 147 Saltmarket 
Drew and M'Simon, general agents and ship brokers, 3 York street 
Drew, Peter, victualler, 132 Bridgegate 
Drew, William, tinplate worker, brassfounder, coppersmith, pewterer. 

japanner, &c. 66 Wilson street, works Little Hamilton 6treet 
Drew, W. and R. victuallers, 1 10 High street 
DRON. Alexander, edge tool maker, 178 Gallowgate 
DRUMMOND, Andrew, tailor and clothier, 22 Argyll street 
Drummond, James, of Drummond, Kirkpatrick and Kevan, house 4 

Abbotsford place 
Drummond, J. S. of Bishop and Drummond, ho. 4 Nicholson street 
Drummond, James, spirit dealer, 113 King street 
Drummond, James, baker, 104 Burnside, Garscube road 
Drummond, James, spirit dealer and ship agent, Port-Dundas 
Drummond, James, of Allan Clark, jun. & Co. ho. 42 N. Frederick st. 
Drummond, J. & C. fishmongers, 5 Newtown market 
Drummond, John, surgeon, 280 Argyll street, house 269 do. 
Drummond, Kirkpatrick, and Kevan, wholesale and retail general 

drapers, corner of St. Enoch square, 165 Argyll street 
Drummond, Robert, & Co. millwrights, engineers, and cast iron 

founders, Calton Foundry, 35 Canning street 
Drummond, Thomas, fancy heddle maker, 28 Nelson street 
Drummond, William, blacking manufacturer, 28 Drygate 
Drummond, Wm. & Co. lace manufacturers, 38 Queen street, house 6 

Warwick street 
Drummond, Mrs. William, spirit dealer, 6 New London road 
Drummond", Mrs. R. grocer, 46 Argyll street, house 65 Renfield street 
Drummond, Misses E. & C. milliners and dressmakers, 42 N. Fredk. st. 
DRUMPELLIER Coal Office, 39 West Nile street 
DRURY, William, surgeon, lunatic asylum, Garngadhill. Letters left 

at 8 Argyll street 
DRYNAN, J. of W. and J. Drynan, house 11 Monteith row 
Drynan, W. and J. silk mercers, 95 Trongate 
Drynan, W. of W. and J. Drynan, house 6 Ure place 
DRYBRUGH, James, spirit dealer, 4 Drygate 
DRYSDALE, Adam, spirit dealer, 31 and 33 Struthers street, agent 

for Stirling Brewery 
|Drysdale, Alexander, grocer, 87 Gallowgate 
Drysdale, David, beadle, 46 Campbell street 
Drysdale, James, Agent, 17 Turner's court 
Drysdale, John, baker, 29 Bedford street 

Drysdale, John, blacksmith, Port-Dundas, ho. Strathearn's land, do. 
Dublin Steam Packet Office, 12 York street 
Dubne, Emile, M.D. professor of French, 5 West Regent street 
[DUDGEON, Eben. grocer and spirit dealer, St. George's road 
Dudgeon, George, spirit dealer, Catherine street. Anderston 
Dudgeon, Thos. at M. Bogle & Co.'s, house 59 Renfrew street 


DUFF, Charles, dyer and scourer, 70 St. George's place 

Duff', Henry, of the Trades' House School, lodgings 105 High street 

Duff, Thom. spindle maker, Mews lane, 64 Duke st. ho. 338 High st. 

Duff, Mrs. John, silk dyer, 51 John street 

DUFFY, James, provision store, 38 Market street 

DUGARY, Mrs. broker, 80 Saltmarket 

DUGGAN, J. P. of Port-Dundas Bottle Co. house 213 Buchanan st. 

DUKE, Roger, 45 North Hanover street 

Duke street rope work, 200 Duke street. Peter M'Kay 

DUMBRECK, Thomas, collector of Excise, ho. 50 west Regent st. 

Dumbreck, Mrs. John, spirit dealer, 50 New wynd 

DUNBAR, Thos. London hat warehouse, 105 Trongate, ho. 114 do. 

DUNCAN, A. & J. & Co. calico printers, 32 George square, works 

Ruthvenfield, near Perth 
Duncan, Alexander, sen. at William Dunn's, house 4 Abbotsford place 
Duncan, Alexander, jun. of Duncan & Murray, house 49 Bath street 
Duncan, Alexander, baker, 148 Eglinton street 
Duncan, Alexander, tinsmith, Main street, Bridgeton 
Duncan, Alexander, & Son, quill merchants, 190 Trongate 
Duncan, Andrew John, 43 West Nile street 
Duncan, Andrew, baker, 25 King street, Tradeston 
Duncan, Andrew, pastor of the Scotch Baptist Church meeting 75 

St. George's place, house 43 West Nile street 
Duncan, Archibald, grocer. 25 Govan street 

Duncan, Archibald, of A. & J. Duncan & Co. ho. 44 St. George's road 
Duncan, George, at Mitchell, Graham, & Mitchell's 
Duncan, Handasyde, M.D. 43 West Nile street, consulting rooms 26 

Glassford street 
Duncan, Henry B. at T. D. Douglas's, Royal Exchange 
Duncan, James, of Carro chemical company, house 9 Maxwell street 
Duncan, James L. at W. G. Mitchell & Co.'s, 76 Virginia street 
Duncan, James J. Fire and Life Insurance Office, 147 Buchanan street, 

house Blochearn 
Duncan, James, manufacturer, 70 Hutcheson street 
Duncan, John, warder of Anderston church-yard, 3 Main street 
Duncan, Rev. John, of Milton church, 52 Buccleuch street 
Duncan, John, boot and shoe maker, Craig's court, 11 Canning street 
Duncan, John, jun. merchant, 47 North Hanover street 
Duncan, John, spirit dealer, 12 Portugal street 
Duncan, John, hardware merchant, 14 Saltmarket 
Duncan, John, baker, 180 Argyll street 
Duncan, John, brewer, Port-Dundas road 

Duncan, J. & W. zebra dress and shawl manufacturers, 59 Hutcheson st., 
Duncan & Murray, confectioners, rusk and buscuit manufacturers, 104 

and 106 Buchanan street --" 

Duncan, R. surgeon, 7 Clyde place 
Duncan, Richard, 92 St. Vincent street 
Duncan, Thomas, spirit dealer, 1 King street, Calton 
Duncan, T. L. ship master, 207 Cowcaddens street 
Duncan, Wm. provision curer, 80 Candleriggs, ho. 10 College street 
Duncan, William, confectioner, 51 London street 
Duncan, W. & D. engravers and printers, 43 Queen street 
Duncan, Mrs. G. lodgings, 100 George street 
Duncan, Mrs. John, museum tavern, 1 Ann street 
Duncan, Mrs. dress maker, 36 Buchan street 


Duncan, Mrs. R. grocer, 69 Hutcheson street 
DUNCANSON, Alexander, baker, 61 Glassford street 
Duncanson, Edward, slater, 87 Neilson street, Tradeston 
Duncanson, John, flesher, 5 Mutton market, and 61 St. Georges place. 

house 3 Bath street 
Duncanson, Robert, of J. Dawson & Co. 149 Queen street 
DUNDYVAN Iron Co. 19 John street 
DUNLOP, Alexander, accountant, Renfrewshire bank 
Dunlop, Alexander, spirit dealer, 149 Trongate 
Dunlop, Alexander, spirit dealer, 51 Main street, Gorbals 
Dunlop, Charles, of James Dunlop & Sons, house Carlibar 
Dunlop, C. J. at Dunlop & Rowan's 
Dunlop, Colin, of Dunlop, Wilson, & Co.'s 19 John street, house 

Clyde Iron Works 
Dunlop, Gilbert, spirit dealer, 44 and 66 Main street, Gorbals 
Dunlop, Henry, of James Dunlop & Sons, house Craigton 
Dunlop, Hugh, & Co. warehousemen, 114 Trongate 
Dunlop, Jas. & Sons, cotton spinners, 86 Miller st. and 91 Virginia st. 
Dunlop, James, wine and spirit merchant, 28 Dunlop street, house 

1 8 Warwick street, Laurieston 
Dunlop, James, merchant, 102 Virginia pi. ho. 18 Elmbank crescent 
Dunlop, Jas. provision mercht. 47 and 49 Brunswick pi. ho. 48 Crown st. 
Dunlop, James, agent. Letters left at 23 Glassford street 
Dunlop, John, victualler, 77 High street 
Dunlop, John, writer, 42 Miller street, house 44 Trongate 
Dunlop, Robert, agent, 2 Antigua court 

Dunlop, Rowand, & Co. commission merchants, 63 St. Vincent street 
Dunlop, William, 114 St. Vincent street 

Dunlop, Wm. grocer and spirit dealer, 43 North Frederick street 
Dunlop, Wilson & Co. iron masters, 19 John street 
Dunlop, Mrs. 50 Claremont place 
Dunlop, Mi's. 3 College street 

Dunlop, Miss, 4 Wellington place, Sauchiehall street 
Dunlop, Miss, 11 Turner's court 
DUNN, Alexander, dairyman, 125 High street 
Dunn, Andrew, baker, 22 Bridge street 
Dunn, Andrew, spirit dealer, 224 High street 
Dunn, David, victualler, 183 Trongate 
Dunn, James, & Co. fleshers, 78 Bath street 
Dunn, James, wine and spirit merchant, 21 Wilson street 
Dunn, James, spirit dealer, 68 Barrack street 
Dunn, James, baker, 33 Govan street 

Dunn, John, grocer and provision merchant, 289 Argyll st. bo. 310 do. 
Dunn, John, grocer, 34 College street, Brownfield 
Dunn, John, comb maker, 60 Bell street 
Dunn, John, purifier and bottler of wines, 35 Union street 
Dunn, John, flesher, 9 Mutton market, King street, and 241 High st. 
Dunn, Peter, spirit dealer, 35 & 37 Bell street 
Dunn, R. & J. spirit dealers, 55 Argyll street 

Dunn, Thomas, accountant, Bank of Scotland, ho. near Port-Dundas 
Dunn, Thomas, ironmonger and tool merchant, 151 Argyll street, 

house 23 Jamaica street 
Dunn, William, counting house and cotton yarn warehouse, 62 George 
square, machine works 110 High John street, ho. 42 St. Vincent pi, 

I Dunn, Rev. William, of St. Peter's 


Dunn, Mrs. W. 297 Argyll street 

Dunn, Mrs. stay maker, 6 Nelson street 

DUNSMORE, James, tavern keeper, 28 Saltmarket 

DYKES, John, victualler, 454 Argyll street 

Dykes, John, wright, 11 Thomson's lane, Green st. Calton, ho 12 do. 

Dykes, John, house agent, 155 Saltmarket and 14 James street, Calton, 

house 4 Steel street 
Dykes, Robert, 2 Woodside terrace 
Dykes, Mrs. Thomas, 2 Woodside terrace 
DYMOCK, John, L.L.D 58 North Hanover street 

EADIE, James, at J. and J. Wright's, Virginia buildings 
Eadie, John, grocer, 3 Puddock row, Gorbals 
Eadie, Rev. John, 43 Cambridge street 
Eadie, Rev. John, teacher of languages, 32 Bun's wynd 
Eadie, Robt. wine & spirit merchant, 130 Saltmarket, ho. 4 Adelphi st. 
Eadie, William, joiner, 116 Sauchiehall street 
Eagle Foundry, Port-Dundass 

Eagle Life Insurance Co. of London, F. A. Bell> agent, 58 Miller st. 
Eagle Inn and Hotel, 59 Maxwell street 

EARL, James, beadle of St. Stephen's Church, ho. 50 Renfrew lane 
EARLY, James, broker, 7 Miller's place 

EASDON, George, wright and glazier, 11 Stormont st. house 7 do. 
East India Association Office, 91 Buchanan street, A. Wardrop 
EASTON, Rev. Alexander, classical teacher, 31 College street 
Eisten, George, & Co. tea dealers and grocers, 437 Argyll street 
Easton, James & John, skinners, 20 Greenside street, Gorbals 
Easton, Dr. 31 College street 

Easton, Robert, cabinet maker, 79 Stockwell, house 32 Dunlop street 
Easton, Samuel, of Crawford & Easton, house 173 George street 
Easton, William, surgeon and druggist, 10 Green street, Calton 
Easton, William, & Co. commission merchants, 3 St. Enoch square 
Easton, William, of William Easton & Co. house 3 St. Enoch square 
EATON, Andrew, portioner, Dalmarnock road 
Eaton, David, cabinet maker, 14 Kent street 
ECCLES, Robert, & Co. merchants, 64 Buchanan street 
Eccles, Robert, merchant, of Robert Eccles & Co. 64 Buchanan street 
Eccles, William, merchant, of Robert Eccles & Co. house 1 Moore pi. 
Eccles, William & James, & Co. merchants, 64 Buchanan street 
Eccles, Mrs. James, 33 St. Vincent place 
Economic Life Assurance Society Office, 29 Hutcheson street, 

Hugh Crichton, agent 
EDGAR & Fraser, tailors and clothiers, 145 Argyll street 
Edgar, R. manufacturing chemist, Low Green st. ho. 74 Charlotte st. 
Edgar, VVilliam, shoe maker, Cowcaddens 
EDGELY, Emmerson and Frew, merchants and manufacturers, 107 

Candlerigg street 
Edinburgh Friendly Assurance Office, 20 Buchanan street, Cun- 
ningham and Nicholson, agents 
Edinburgh Life Assurance Company, 153 Queen street, Henry 

Paul, agent 
EDINBURGH Ropery, and Sail Cloth Company, 76' Jamaica street 
EDINGTON. James, Eagle Foundry, Port-Dundas. Letters left at 
T. Ogilvie's, 14 Argyll street 


Edington, Thomas, and Sons, Phoenix Iron Works, near Port-Dundas 
Edington, Thomas, of Thomas Edington & Sons, Phoenix house. 

Letters left at David Boyd's, 119 Ingram steeet 
EDMISTON, Archd. timber merchant and builder, Upper Crown st. 
Edmiston, James, baker, 158 Argyll street 

EDMOND, James, & Co. commission merchants, 120 Brunswick st. 
Edmond, Thomas, grocer, 9 Nelson street, Tradeston 
Edmond, Miss, furnishing warehouse, 69 Wilson street 
Edmond, Misses L. & J. furnishing warehouse, 116 Buchanan street 
EDMONDS TONE, Duncan, perfumer and hair cutter, 254 Argyll st. 
EDWARDS, James, furniture broker, 25 Miller place 
Edwards, Rev. John, 17 Monteith row 

Edwards, John, at Mitchell, Grahame, & Mitchell's, 36 Miller street 
Edwards, Sym, hair dresser, 2 Hospital street 

EGLAN, William, currier and leather merchant, 18 Main st. Calton 
EGLINTON, Thomas, spirit dealer, 37 High street 
ELBORN, Samuel, china warehouse, 167 Saltmarket 
ELDER, David, vintner, 112 Gallowgate 
Elder, Donald, Gas Office, house 38 Virginia street 
Elder, George, hair dresser, 346 Gallowgate 
Elder, Thomas, smith and lockmaker, 118 High street 
Elder, Mrs. James, 213 Buchanan street 
ELLIOT and Kelleys, merchants, 4 Montrose street 
Elliot, William, Burns' tavern, 114 Trongate 
ELLIS, Hutcheson & Co. muslin and cambric manufacturers, 109 

Ellis, James, of Walrond, Ellis & Co. house 7 Montagu place 
Ellis, James, at Ellis, Hutcheson & Co.'s 
Ellis, John, of John Ellis & Co. house 102 Bath street 
Ellis, John, & Co. manufacturers of shawls, zebra dresses and muslin, 

101 Virginia place 
Ellis, J. Kennedy & Co. warehousemen, 127 Brunswick street 
Ellis, J. of J. Ellis, Kennedy & Co. house 21 Rose street, Garnethill 
Ellis, Peter, of Ellis, Hutcheson & Co. house 11 Hopetoun place 
Ellis, Septimus, 102 Bath street 

EMMERSON, James, of Edgely, Emmerson & Frew, 107 Candleriggs 
English Copper Co. at Donald Campbell's, 14 Gordon street 
ERSKINE, Andrew, commission and ship agent, Smithfield buildings, 

Erskine, C. W. T. writer, Leitch's court, 157 Trongate, house Belize, 

Govan road 
Erskine, John, machine maker, at William Dunn's, 1 10 High John st. 
Erskine, Thomas, tobacconist, 413 Argyll street 
ESDAILE, James, & Co. hat furnishers and hat manufacturers, 36 

Hutcheson street 
ES1LMAN, Alexander, spirit dealer, 108 High street 
ESTOP, Thomas, manager for Campbell and Christie, British Iron 

Foundry, house 56 East Rose street 
European Life Insurance and Annuity Office, 73 Hutcheson street, 

Patrick Neilson, agent 
Evening Post, Paisley and Renfrewshire Reformer. Office, 8 

Miller street 
EWING, Alexander, merchant, 32 St. Andrew square , 
Ewing, Rev. Greville, 4 Carlton place 
Ewing, James Lindsay, merchant, 32 St. Andrew square 


Ewing, James, & Co. merchants, Ingram buildings 

Ewing, James, of Levenside, of James Ewing & Co. Ingram buildings 

Ewing, John, spirit dealer, 38 Shuttle street 

Ewing, John, merchant, 32 St. Andrew square 

Ewing, John, smith, 13 Stormont street, off Maxwell street 

Ewing, John, grocer, 59 Main street, Anderston 

Ewing, John, manager, Greenhead brewery 

Ewing, John, spirit dealer, 340 High street 

Ewing, John, jun. flesher, 51 Bell street 

Ewing, John, sen. flesher, 9 Bell street market, house 90 Bell street 

Ewing, John, victualler, 81 Jamaica street 

Ewing, J. &. J. oil and colourmen, 7 Stirling street 

Ewing, John Orr, & Co. turkey-red dyers and calico printers, 17 

George square, counting-house, 144 Queen street 
Ewing, May & Co. merchants. 57 Argyll street 
Ewing, Peter, calenderer and packer, 8 John street, house T5 Great 

Clyde street 
Ewing, Robert, merchant, 63 Virginia street 

Ewing, Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, 43 Cheapside st. Anderston 
Ewing, Walter, of Ewing & Wingate, house Springbog 
Ewing, William, & Co. manufacturers, North Albion court 
Ewing, W. Leckie, of Stirling, Gordon & Co. house Athol place 
Euing, William, insurance broker, Royal Exchange 
Ewing, William, at John Muir's, II West Nile street 
Ewing & Wingate, clothiers, 79 Buchanan street 
Ewing, Mrs. E. midwife and hygeian agent, 40 George street 
Excise Office, 45 Dunlop street, Thomas Dumbreck, collector 
Excise Journal Office, 11 Nicholson street 
Extractor's Office, Council Chambers 
Eye Infirmary, 14 College street, J. M'Beth, porter and collector 

FAIRBAIRN, Rev. Patrick, Greenlodge, Bridgeton 
Fairbairn, Mrs. Thomas, spirit dealer, 199 High street 
FAIRLEY, Edward, accountant, Royal Bank, house 97 Maxwell st. 
Fairlie, James, grocer, 31 Spoutmouth, Gallogate 
Fairlie, Robert, grocer, 147 Great Hamilton street 
Fairley, John, jun. of Craig, Crichton & Fairley, house Gayfield, st. 

George's road 
Fairlev, Thomas, umbrella manufacturer, 8 Nelson street 
FAIRMAN & Bell, tavern, 164 Trongate 
FALCONER, Robert, boekseller, 29 Miller's place 
Falconer, Robert, hosiery and glove warehouse, 132 Argyll street, and 

116 Trongate, silk and worsted shop, 4 Buchanan street, house do. 
Falconer, Thomas, writer, 72 Wilson street 
Falconer, William, merchant, 30 Montrose street 
Falconer, W. & A. hosiers and glovers, 50 Argyll street, corner of 

Miller street, house 5 Hope street, Anderston 
Family Endowment Society, William Carrick, agent, Virginia builds. 
FARIE, G. S, of Johnston & Farie, house 30 Monteith row 
Farie, Glen & Co. silk manufacturers, Queen court, 62 Queen street 
Farie, James, coal office, 4 Broomielaw 
Farie, Robert, of Farie, Glen & Co. house 6 Monteith row 
Farie, Robert, & Co. bookbinders, Wilson's court, 57 Argyll street 
Farme and Wellshot colliery office, 4 Broomielaw, Wm. Mason, agent 


FARMER, Thomas, sugar boiler, 180 Saltmarket 

FARMS, John, sheriff-officer for the counties of Dumbarton and 

Lanark, 36 Gallowgate 
FARQUHAR & Gunn, machine makers, Sidney street 
FARQUHARSON, Alex, saddler, 478 Gallowgate 
Farquharson, John, herbalist and bone setter, 50 Eglinton street 
FAULDS, James, victualler, 137 High street 

Faulds, J. beadle of Church Presbyter. Congregation, 49 St. Andrew sq. 
Faulds, Robert, jun. cartvvright, Monkland street, Barony glebe 
Faulds, R. spirit dealer and coal agent, Monkland Canal basin 
FENDER, John, tartan shawl and drugget manufact. 120 Brunswick st. 
FENTON, Thomas, grocer, 45 Bridge street 
Fereneze Bleachfield and Printfield office, 57 Queen street 
FERGUS, Ralph, muslin manufacturer, 55 Glassford street, and 81 

Wilson street, house 14 Warwick street 
Fergus, Thos. fruiterer, 188 Argyll street 
Fergus, A. clothier and outfitter. 132 Broomielaw 
FERGUSON, Alexander, Sun tavern, 131 Trongate 
Ferguson, Alexander, merchant, and general agent, 30 Turner's court 
Ferguson, Alexander, cooper, 25 Crown street, Hutchesontown 
Ferguson, Archibald, surgeon, 109 Argyll street 
Ferguson, Alex, white horse tavern, 17 High street 
Ferguson, Archd. plumber, 20 New wynd, house 73 Hutcheson street 
Ferguson, Baird & Co. ship and insurance brokers, 39 Robertson st. 
Ferguson & Burns, soap and candle manufacturers, oil merchants, &c. 

37 Hutcheson street and 242 High street, works Old wynd 
Ferguson & Co. cotton spinners, and power loom manufacturers, 120 

Brunswick street, factory, Mile-end 
Ferguson, Daniel, wholesale and retail wine and spirit merchant, 10 

Maxwell street 
Ferguson, Daniel, fancy box maker, 77 Brunswick street 
Ferguson, David, of Urquhart, Blackwood & Co. house 51 W. Regent st. 
Ferguson, David, of Ferguson, Monteith & Co. ho. Blythswood square 
Ferguson, Hugh, Commercial bank, ho. 113 Great Hamilton street 
Ferguson, James, cattle dealer, Dunchattan buildings, Duke street 
Ferguson, James, wine and spirit merchant, 47 Jamaica street 
Ferguson, James, tin smith, 137 Stockwell 

Ferguson, John, of Ferguson & Burns, house 4 Cambridge street 
Ferguson, John, writer, agent for the Sun Fire and Life office, 70 

Hutcheson street, house 6 Montagu place 
Ferguson, John, baker, Main street, Bridgeton 
Ferguson, John, manager, Gaswork, Tradeston 
Ferguson, John, marble and fancy paper maker, 26 Hutcheson street, 

house 30 Charlotte street 
Ferguson, John, tinplate worker, brassfounder, pewterer, blacksmith, 

syringe and stomach pump maker, 69 Stockwell, house above 
Ferguson, John, janitor, Royal Infirmary 
Ferguson, John, flesher, 356 Argyll street 
Ferguson, Joseph, boot and shoe maker, 69 Commerce street 
Ferguson & Co. paper and rag warehouse, 6 Kent street 
Ferguson, Lewis, tailor and clothier, 122 Argyll street 
Ferguson, M. paper warehouse, 14 King street 
Ferguson, Monteith & Co. merchants, 15 Hutcheson street 
Ferguson, Peter, fire brick and tile works, Heathfield, store» Railway 

depot. Orders left at J. Ferguson's, 70 Hutcheson street 


Ferguson, Peter, spirit dealer, 12 Stockwell 

Ferguson, Peter, Gas office, house Weaver street 

Ferguson, Robert, & Co. merchants, 1 10 Buchanan street 

Ferguson, Robert, portioner, Franklin street, Bridgeton 

Ferguson, Robert, of Robert Ferguson & Co. and of John Miller, jun. 
& Co. house 237 West George street 

Ferguson & Sommerville, manufacturers, 74 Buchanan street 

Ferguson, Thomas, writer, 81 St. George place, house St George road 

Ferguson, Thomas G. commission agent, 13 Exchange place, ho. Jane 
street, Blythswood square 

Ferguson, William, Chamberlain's office, agent for Caledonian Life and 
Fire Insurance Company, house 92 South Portland street 

Ferguson, W. Gas office, house 117 West Regent street 

Ferguson, William, of Allan & Ferguson, ho. 39 Abbotsford place. 

Ferguson, William, smith, 2 Corn street, Port-Dundas 

Ferguson, William, agent for Andrew Roy, Alloa brewery, 108 Stock- 
well, house above 

Ferguson, Mrs. William, 50 Charlotte street 

Ferguson, Mrs. Lodgings, 201 Buchanan street 

Ferguson, Mrs. silk dyer, 33 John street 

Ferguson, Miss J. lodgings, 6 Anderston quay 

FERAN, Daniel, broker, 118 Saltmarket 

FERNIE, George, tobacconist, 96 Glassford street 

Fernie, Miss, 16 Bath street 

FERRIE, Lawrence, & Son, hardware merchants, 367 Argyll street 

Ferrie, Peter, writer, 107 Buchanan street, house 18 Renfield street 

Ferrie, Robert, 77 St. Vincent street 

FERRJER, Andrew, at Thomas Young & Co.'s, ho. 85 S. Portland st. 

Ferrier, Hugh, at J. & R. Cogan's, 51 S. Portland street 

Ferrier, Robert & Co. merchants, 57 Miller street 

Ferrier, Robert, merchant, 57 Miller street 

FIELD, Alex, of A. & J. Turnbull & Co. house 143 W. Campbell st. 

Field, Henry, tinplate worker, 65 Argyll street, works 12 Dunlop st. 
house Sidney court, 62 Argyll street 

FILSHILL, D. at Laurie & Hamilton's 

FINDLATER, Alex, retired collector of excise, 7 N. Wellington pi. 

Findlater, Rev. Charles, 115 Hope street 

Findlater & Carnduff, gingham and pullicate manufacturers, Com- 
mercial Court, candleriggs 

Findlater, John, of Findlater & Carnduff 

Findlater, Miss Helen, dressmaker, 17 Muirhead street 

FINGLAND, Thos. wine, spirit, and tea merchant, 54 Prince's street, 
and 260 High street, house 53 Charlotte street 

FINLAY, Hunter, of R. G. Finlay & Brothers, house Villafield place 

Findlay, James, of Marshall, Findlay, & Co. 105 Glassford street 

Finlay, James, of Finlay & Neilson, house 6 Ure place 

Finlay, James, & Co. merchants, 63 Queen street 

Finlay, James, of James Finlay & Co. house 5 Blythswood place 

Finlay, J. & M. carvers, gilders, plate glass manufacturers, and print- 
sellers to the King, 49 Buchanan street 

Finlay, John, of Stuart, Finlay & Co. house Parkholm 

Finlay, John, of R. G. Finlay & Brothers, house 115 N. Montrose 6t. 

Findlay, John, jun. sewed muslin manufacturer, 95 Hutcheson street, 
house 167 Eglinton street 

Finlay, John, baker, 5 Clyde street, Calton 


Findlay, John, victualler, 46 Candleriggs 

Finlay, John, manufacturer, 81 Virginia street, house 11 Cathcart 8t. 
Finlay. John, of John Finlay & Co. house 127 Candleriggs 
| Finlay. John, of John M'Intyre & Co. house Rosemount cottage 
Finlay, John, & Co. jewellers, 104 Trongate 
Findlay, Joseph, of William Clapperton & Co. 58 Miller street 
Findlay, Joseph, of Marshall, Findlay & Co. house Springvale 
Finlay, Kirkman, of Castle Toward, 63 Queen street 
Findlay. M'Cleave & Co. manufacturers, 12 Stirling square 
Finlay & Neilson, joiners, 120 South Albion street 
Finlay, K. G. of R. G. Finlay & Brothers, house 9 Hopetoun place 
Finlay, R. G. & Brothers, manufacturers, 30 Montrose street 
Finlay, R. victualler, 71 Norfolk street 
Finlay, Robert, Garrick Hotel, 32 Dunlop street 
Findlay, Robert, of Easterhill, manager, Glasgow bank 
Findlay, Robert, spirit dealer, 109 Candleriggs 
Findlay, Robert, jun. of Findlay, Wilson & Co. house Easterhill 
Findlay, William, of Marshall, Findlay & Co. house Barnhill 
Findlay, William, at Mitchell, Grahame & Mitchell's, 36 Miller street 
Findlay, William, & Brothers, cotton spinners, 105 Glassford street, 

works at Springvale 
Findlay, Wilson & Co. brokers, 43 Virginia buildings 
FINLAYSON, F. & Co. pullicate, gingham, and lappet manufacturers, 

9 Cochran street 
Finlayson, F. of F. Finlayson & Co. house 12 Warwick street 
Finlayson, James, merchant, 50 Nelson street 
Finlayson, James, writer, 8 Gordon street, house 44 Howard street 
Finlayson, John, Customs, house I Columbia place 
Finlayson & Mencrieff, agents for the Scottish Union Insurance Co. S 

Gordon street 
Finlayson, Wm. thread manufacturer, Barony place, Stirling's road 
Finlayson, Mrs. lodgings, 141 George street 
Finlayson, Elizabeth, tobacconist, Main street, Bridgeton 
Finnnieston Slips for building and repairing vessels, Finnieston 
Finnieston store Co. grocers, provision, wine and spirit merchants 
FIRMSTONE, J. P. iron and tinplate merchant, and manufacturer of 

every kind of malleable iron, 21 S. Hanover street 
Fish Market, 108 King street 
jFISHER, Alex, apothecary, Royal Infirmary 
Fisher, Daniel, grocer and spirit dealer, 2 Tarbert street 
Fisher, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 46 Bell 6treet 
Fisher, James, & Son, hosiers and woollen drapers, 45 Trongate 
Fisher, John, architect, Turner's court, 87 Argyll street 
Fisher, Rev. John, chaplain of the jail, 2 Warwick street 
Fisher, John, writer, council chambers, house 9 Abbotsford place 
Fisher, John, pawnbroker, 12 Prince's street, house 170 Saltmarket 
Fisher, Peter, oil and colourman, 57 High street 
Fisher, Robert, oil and colourman, 161 High street 
Fisher, Robert, smith and bell hanger, 6 Frederick lane, house 12 do, 
Fisher, William, pocket-book maker, 5 King street 
f isher, Miss, milliner and hat maker, 88 Eglinton street 
?ISKEN, James, of Fisken & Kellar, house 11 St. Andrew square 
? isken, John, White Hart inn, 98 Candleriggs 
? isken & Kellar, silk mercers, 63 Trongate, successors to P. Inglis 
'isken, Miss M. milliner, 21 Saltmarket 


FITZGERALD, George, confectioner, 16 Stobcross street 

FLECK, Alexander, writer, 33 Virginia street 

Fleck, James, Black Bull hotel, 12 Argyll street 

FLECKFIELD, Robert, stationer, &c. 119 Candleriggs 

FLEMING, Alexander, chimney sweeper, 28 Maxwell street 

Fleming, A. H. cloth merchant, 21 Trongate, ho. 9 St. Mungo's lane 

Fleming, Archibald, victualler, 80 Stockwell 

Fleming, Bowman, of Fleming, Watson, & Nairn, ho. 161 Eglinton St. 

Fleming, David, spirit dealer, 47 Millroad street 

Fleming, David, grocer and spirit dealer, 52 Stevenson street 

Fleming, Col. inspecting field officer, house Crescent 

Fleming, George, of W. 8s J. Fleming & Co. house Whitevale 

Fleming & Hope, commission merchants, 26 South Hanover street 

Fleming, Hugh, of Fleming & Hope, house 93 Regent street 

Fleming, James, baker. Fleming place, Cowcaddens 

Fleming, James, of W. & J. Fleming & Co. house Whitevale 

Fleming, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 30 Cheapside street 

Fleming, James, coal agent, 15 Wood lane, Broomielaw 

Fleming, James, ale and porter cellars, 25 Jackson street 

Fleming, Dr. J. G. consulting rooms, 93 Brunswick street, house 121 

West Regent street 
Fleming, John, merchant, 85 Buchanan street, house Clairmont 
Fleming, John Park, of Montgomerie & Fleming, house Provansidc. 

Stirling's road 
Fleming, John, writer, 45 Queen street, house 1 1 Bath street 
Fleming, John, of W. & J. Fleming & Co. house Whitevale 
Fleming, John, & Co. pullicate and gingham manufacturers, 95 Hu 

cheson street, house 15 Dixon street 
Fleming, J. manufacturer of ginghams and pullicates, 82 Hutcheson st. 
Fleming, John, at J. & R. Tennent's, house Duke street 
Fleming, Joseph, surgeon, 51 Main street, Anderson 
Fleming, Matthew, 3 Moore place, 142 West George street 
Fleming, Peter, provision and spirit merchant, 145 Drygate 
Fleming, P. & R. ironmongers and iron merchants, 17 Argyll street, 

and 18 Stockwell 
Fleming, Robert, of P. & R. Fleming, ho. 9 Jane st. Blytheswood sq. 
Fleeming, Robert, merchant, 16 Bath street 
Fleeming, R. D. agent and commission merchant, 8 John street, ho. 

133 West Regent street 
Fleming, Robert, baker, 10 Sauchiehall street 
Fleming, Robert, grocer, 18 Little Dow hill 
Fleming, Thomas, billiard rooms, 63 Buchanan street 
Fleming, Watson, & Nairn, dyers, 66 Brunswick street 
Fleming, W. & J. & Co. linen and bagging warehouse, 4 Stirling sq. 
Fleming, Wm. & Co. sewed muslin manufacturers, 65 Virginia street 
Fleming, William, of Paul & Fleming, house 121 West Regent street 
Fleming, William, writer, 45 Queen street, house 11 Bath street 
Fleming, William, horse shoer, Maxwell street 
Fleming, William, Provision merchant, 121 Gallowgate, ho. 20 Kent 

Fleming, William, spirit dealer, 37 High street 
Fleming, William, coal agent, 1 1 Sauchiehall street 
Fleming, William, spirit dealer, 424 Gallowgate 
Fleming, Mrs. grocer and spirit dealer, 43 Main street, Calton 
Fleming, Mrs. cook, 239 George street 


Fleming, Mrs. lodgings, 26 George street 
Fleming, Miss M. milliner, 77 Renfrew street 

FLEMINGTON, John, straw hat manufacturer and importer of Tus- 
can grass and plait, 154 Trongate 
Fleshers' Free School, 30 Miller place, James Reid, teacher 
FLETCHER, Alex, of John Todd & Co. house 6 Blythswood square 
Fletcher, Dun. at John Todd & Co.'s 

Fletcher, Duncan, spirit dealer, 65 Burnside, Port-Dundas 
Fletcher, Hugh, turner, 7 Calton entry, house 223 Gallowgate 
Fletcher, James, wood merchant, of Henry & Fletcher, Craignestock 
Fletcher, John, jun. hat manufacturer, 18 St. Andrew's street 
Fletcher, Ronald, of Fletcher & Taylor, house 198 Buchanan street 
Fletcher & Taylor, calico printers, 74 Buchanan street 
FLETT, James, A. wholesale warehouseman, 50 Brunswick street 
FLOCKHART, John, furniture warehouse, 26 Bridgegate 
Flockhart, John, coal agent, 34 Gallowgate, house above 
Flockhart, John, cabinet maker, &c. 385 Gallowgate 
Flockhart, Mrs. mangier, 34 Gallowgate 
FOGO, David, of Row, at Craig & Ranken's 
FOOTE, Robert, architect, 50 Gordon street 
FORBES, Alexander, general grocer, 23 King street 
•Forbes, Arthur, writer, 14 Gordon street, house 2 N. Douglas street 
Forbes, A. W. & Co. merchants, 52 Virginia street 
Forbes, A. W. of A. W. Forbes & Co. house Woodside crescent 
Forbes, Daniel, wright and contractor, 89 Main street, Gorbals 
•JForbes, Dugald, writer, 14 Gordon street, house 2 N. Douglas street 
Forbes, Duncan, hair dresser, 4 St. Enoch's lane 
Forbes, M. feather merchant, 80 Trongate 
Forbes, Rev. John, D.D. 2 North Ure place 
Forbes, Rev. Peter, 32 Great Clyde street 
Forbes, Reddiefe Forbes, writers, 14 Gordon street 
Forbes, William, spirit dealer, 13 Bun's wynd 
Forbes, Mrs. 11 George street 
FORD, Hugh, spirit dealer, 20 Low Green street 
FORDYCE, Robert, victualler, 51 High street 
FORGAN, Thomas, tailor, 48 King street 
FORLONG, Mrs. 130 West Bath street 
FORMAN, A. M. surgeon, 1 Kirk street 
FORREST, Alexander, tailor and grocer, 67 Crown street 
Forrest, David, ship and insurance broker, and commission agent, 50 

Union street, house Hopehill, North Woodside road 
Forrest, George, brewer, Clyde street, Anderston, house 40 York street 
Forrest, John, wholesale and retail grocer, 299 Argyll street 
Forrest, John, tinplate worker, 86 Gallowgate 

Forrest, J. & Son, joiners and cabinet makers, &c. 68 Sauchiehall street 
Forrest, Robert, tailor, 2 James's street, Calton 
Forrest, William victualler, 73 Stockwell 
Forrest, William, tailor, 40 Kirk street, Calton 

FORRESTER, Alex, baker, 158 West Regent street, house 1G6 do. 
Forrester, Andrew, baker and spirit dealer, 19 Stevenson street 
Forrester, David, baker and spirit dealer, 20 King street, Calton 
Forrester, George, & Son, plasterers, 10 Russell street 
Forrester, John, surgeon, 3J4 High street 



Forrester, John, fancy bread and biscuit baker, 7 Gordon st. ho. 50 do. 

Forrester, John, of Bogle & Forrester, house 37 Glassford street 

Forrester, Robert, & Co. wholesale silk warehouse, 31 Argyll street 

Forrester, Robert, of Robert Forrester & Co. house 103 Bath street 

Forrester, Robert, baker and spirit dealer, 21 Ort street, Calton 

Forrester, Wm. wine and spirit merchant, 22 Mitchell street, house 113 
St. Vincent street 

Forrester, William, Cossack Inn, Miller's place 

Forrester, Mrs. James, Black Boy tavern, 48 Stockwell 

FORSYTH, Charles, cabinet maker and joiner, 20 Thistle street, 
Hutchesontown, warehouse 59 Ingram street 

Forsyth, David, wine and spirit merchant, 23 Canning street 

Forsyth, James, constable and sheriff officer, Police office, Anderston 

Forsyth, John, bookseller and stationer, 40 Argyll street 

Forsyth, Matthew, victualler and spirit dealer, 92 and 94 King st. Calton 

Forsyth, Robert, builder, Villafield, Taylor street 

Forsyth, Walter, victualler, 50 King street 

Forsyth, William, timber merchant and joiner, 12 Canning street 

Forsyth, Mrs. spirit and pastry shop, 160 High st. & 214 Gallowgate 

Forsyth, Mrs. W. victualler, 163 High street 

Forsyth, Miss, 73 John street 

Forth and Clyde Canal Co.'s Office, Port-Dundas 

FOSTER, Isaiah, clock merchant, 134 Argyll street 

FOTHERINGHAM, Alexander, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 110 

Fotheringham, Robert, grocer, 34 Brown street 

FOUCART, Francis, professor of fencing and gymnastics, Andersoniaa 
University, George street, house 239 do. 

FOULNER, John, hosier, 18 Candleriggs 

FOWLER, Andrew, of Cowan & Co. ho. Clydehaugh, Paisley road 

Fowler, Mrs. John, turner, 9 Calton entry 

FRAME, Alexander, & Co. spirit dealers, 103 Hutcheson street 

Frame, Andrew, spirit dealer, 231 Buchanan street 

Frame, James, victualler, 143 Trongate, and grocer and spirit dealer, 
123 Rottenrow 

Frame, John, Son & Co. Locherbank printfield warehouse, 59 Hutche- 
son street 

Frame, John, purchaser, Bridgeton Victualling Society, Peebles' land, 
Main street, Bridgeton 

Frame, John, editor of the Constitutional, 21 Argyll street, house Thor- 
burn's land, Upper Crown street, Hutchesontown 

Frame, Robt. & Son, wood merchants, 9 Hunter st. and 20 M'Farlanest. 

Frame, Robert, of Robert Frame & Son, house 50 Graeme street 

Frame, Robert, jun. 20 M'Farlane street 

Frame, Thomas, timber merchant, 91 Graeme street 

Frame, Wm. 59 Hutcheson street, house 73 South Portland street 

Frame, William, grain merchant, 20 Union street 

Frame, William, victualler and spirit dealer, 402, 443, and 447 Gallow- 
gate, house 441 do. 

FRANCE, Rev. William, Wesleyan methodist minister, 10 Bridge st. 

France, Wm. bootmaker, 40 Queen street, house 109 Great Hamilton st. 

FRANKLAND, Alexander, commission agent, 21 College street 

FRASER, Archibald, spirit dealer, 52 Crown street 


Fraser, Archibald, warper, 74 Glassford street 

Fraser, Charles, tavern keeper, 6 St. Enoch wynd 

Frazer, Charles, spirit dealer, 6 Spoutmouth 

Fraser, Daniel, pie and porter house, 30 Gallowgate 

Fraser, David, mason and superintendent of buildings, 125 Renfield st. 

Fraser, David, spirit dealer, 150 Saltmarket and 7 Bridgegate 

Fraser, D. rag dealer, 13 Canon street 

Fraser & Green, chemists and druggists, 111 Buchanan st. ho. 107 do. 

Fraser, James, Eagle inn and hotel, 59 Maxwell street 

Fraser, James, of Fraser, Sinclair & Co. house 1 New Bridge street 

Fraser, James, horse surgeon, 229 Argyll street 

Fraser, James, at James Whyte & Sons, house 41 Adelphi street 

Fraser, James, tailor and clothier, 226 Argyll street 

Fraser, John, clothier, 88 Glassford street 

Fraser, John, manufacturer, 25 Queen street 

Fraser, John, fe Co. pawnbrokers, 4 St. Andrew's square 

Fraser, J. curled hair and hair cloth manufacturer, 70 Stockwell 

Fraser, Sinclair, & Co. clothiers, 6 Miller street 

Fraser, Thomas, teacher, 110 George street 

Fraser, Thomas, girth manufacturer, 3 Canning street, Gallon 

Fraser, William, teller, Royal Bank, house 27 Abbotsford place 

Fraser, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 22 Govan street 

Fraser, William, manufacturer, 3 Antigua place 

Fraser, Mrs. James, furnishing shop, 135 High street 

Frazer, Misses, 35 Charlotte street 

FREELAND, George S. of John Freeland & Co. 56 Wilson street 

Freeland, John, & Co. cotton spinners, 56 Wilson street 

Freeland, John, writer, 20 Miller street, house 304 Greenhill place 

Freeland, Robert, merchant, 35 Montrose st. house 5 Abercromby place 

Freeland, W. & J. candlemakers, 99 High street 

FREEMAN, Ben. vintner, 9 Gallowgate 

French Consular Agency, James Buchanan, (Catrine) French Con- 
sular Agent, 36 Exchange square 

FREW, Archibald, & Co. coal masters, Railway depot, orders left at 
R. Scott's, 119 High street 

Frew, Colin, M. at Dunlop, Wilson & Co.'s, house 60 Renfrew street 

Frew & Glasgow, merchants, 30 South Hanover street 

Frew, James L. of Hanna & Frew, house Brougham pi. 60 Renfrew st. 

Frew, James, of Frew & Glasgow, house 22 Abbotsford place 

Frew, John & Alex, smithy coal and coke merchants, Port-Dundas 

Frew, John, of Edgley, Emmerson & Frew, house 115 N. Montrose st. 

Frew, Robert, chemical manufacturer. Letters left at James Anderson 
& Co.'s, 30 South Hanover street 

Frew, Robert, manufacturer, 18 Saltmarket 

Frew, Thomas, wine and spirit dealer, 52 Bell street 

Friendly Fire Insurance Society, Cunningham & Nicholson, agents, 
20 Buchanan street 

Friendly Bread Association, 229 Argyll street, J. Wallace, Treas. 

FRIAR, William, ham curer and provision merchant, 79 Great Clyde sc. 

Fruit Market for Scotch fruit, 11 Kent street, Alex. Wilson, keeper 

FULLARTON, Allan, commissioner for the four courts of Ireland, 11 
West Nile street 

Fullarton, Allan H. writer, 11 Nile street 


Fullarton, Archd. & Co. publishers and booksellers, 110 Brunswick st. 

Fullarton & Co. printers and stereotype founders, Villafield 

Fullarton & Hamilton, Farm coal office, 19 John street 

Fullarton, John A. of A. Fullarton & Co. house^lSO West Regent st. 

Fullarton, William, writer, 20 Brunswick place 

Fullarton, Wm. of A. Fullarton & Co. house 1 Woodside crescent 

FULTON, Archd. manager, Paisley canal, office Port-Eglinton 

Fulton, Mrs. Archibald, 60 Bath street 

Fultons, Buchanan & Co. cotton spinners, works Lochwinnoch. Letters, 

&c. left at Herbert Buchanan's, 125 Virginia street 
Fulton, David, slater, 37 Adelphi street 
Fulton, Hugh & William, ham curers, 91 Candleriggs 
Fulton, Hugh, victualler, 89 High street 
Fulton, Hugh, builder, 23 Crown street 
Fulton, James, wine and spirit merchant, 4 Anderston quay 
Fulton, James, victualler, 40 Broomielaw 
Fulton, James, slater, 1C6 Gallowgate 

Fulton, John, jun. provision dealer, 111, Argyll st. & spirit dealer, 93 do. 
Fulton, John, victualler, 36 King street, house 42 do. 
Fulton & Neilson, Lancefield forge, 14 Lancefield street 
Fulton, Robert, victualler and provision merchant, 127 Bridgegate 
Fulton, William, tobacconist, 6 Gallowgate, house 12 Charlotte street 
Fulton, William, spirit dealer, 29 High street 
Fulton, Miss, straw hat maker, 76 Gallowgate 
FURNESS, Nicholas, tavern, 85 Trongate 
FYFE, Alex. & Co. shawl manufacturers, 77 Queen street 
Fyfe, Alex, of Alex. Fyfe & ( o house 52 Buccleugh street 
Fyfe, George, tinplate worker, 114 Bridgegate 
Fyfe, Henry, & Co. manufacturers, Queen court, 62 Queen street 
Fyfe, Henry, of H. Fyfe & Co. house Regent terrace, Stirling's road 
Fyfe, Hugh, victualler, 2 Caltonmouth 
Fyfe, James, stone merchant, Port-Dundas 

Fyfe, John, merchant, 42 Miller street, house Dalmarnock house 
Fyfe's, Mrs. lodgings, 50 North Albion street 

GALBRAITH, Alexander, flesher, 36 Main street, Gorbals 
Galbraith, Andrew, of Johnston, Galbraith & Co. house Content cottage, 

Woodside road 
Galbraith, H. A. surgeon, Royal Lunatic Asylum 
Galbraith, James, brazier and tinplate worker, 53 Bridgegate 
Galbraith, James, flesher, 311 High street 
Galbraith, John, grocer, 50 Cavendish street 
Galbraith, John, sub-collector of statute labour, 63 George street 
Galbraith, John, gun maker, 12 Main street, Gorbals 
Galbiaith, 'Robert, brazier, pewterer and tinplate worker, 118 King st. 
Galbraith, Robert, woollen draper, 39, Trongate, lodgings, Mrs. M'Gre- 

gor's, 41, Charlotte street 
Galbraith, Robert, of W. & R. Galbraith, house Greenhead, Govan 
Galbraith, Robert, commercial traveller, 18 Thistle st. Hutchesontown 
Galbraith, Wm. of W. & R. Galbraith, ho. 182 Trongate 
Galbraith, William, wine and spirit merchant, 75 Saltmarket 
Galbraith, William, marble cutter, 350 Argyll st. house Hope street 


Galbraith, W. & R. silk mercers, 180 Trongate 

Galbraith, Wm. at Charles Tennant & Co.'s, St. Rollox 

Galbraith, Miss, lodgings, 157, West Nile street 

GALE, William, of Scott, Stephen & Gale, house 63 George street 

GALL, William & Son, shuttle and shuttlemounting makers, 11 Welt st. 

Gall, William, baker, 39 Adelphi street 
GALLACHER, Daniel, broker and clothier, 51 Bridgegate 
GALLAWAY, Alexander, merchant, 53 Alston street 
Galloway, Alexander, jun. accountant, Ship bank, 9 Glassford street 
Galloway, Alexander & Son, warehousemen, 25 Candleriggs 
Galloway, Alex, of A. Galloway & Son, house 39 St. Andrew square 
Galloway, A. & W. merchants, 38 Queen street 
Galloway & Anderson, cabinet and chair makers, 57 Ingram st. works 

Stirling road east 
Galloway, George, 48 George square 
Galloway, James, writer, 20 Great Clyde street 
Gallavvay, John & James, merchants, 51 Alston street 
Galloway, John, of Murray & Galloway, writers, ho. 55 Renfrew street 
Galloway, John of Galloway & Anderson, house 69 Ingram street 
Galloway, John, builder, 10 George street 
Galloway & M'Millan, merchants 38 Queen street 
Galloway, Robert, baker, 135 Argyll street 

Galloway, Robert, at John Galloway's, 10 George st. ho. 284 High st. 
Galloway, Thomas, of A. Galloway & Son, 25 Candleriggs 
Galloway, William, distiller, Wellfield 
Galloway, William, baker, 16 Clyde place, Tradeston 
GALLIE, Geo. theological bookseller, 99 Buchanan street, house 166 

West Regent street 
Gallie, J. 45 North Frederick street 
GALLETTI, Antoni, carver, gilder, looking-glass manufacturer and 

optician, 24 and 25 Argyll arcade, house Park place, Stockwell 
Gallowgate Apothecaries' Co. 31 Gallowgate, Wm. Hilston, manager 
Gait & Kerr, silk mercers and woollen drapers, 83 Trongate 
Gait, Robert, of Gait & Kerr, house, 137 Stirling's road 
GARDEN, Alexander, of H. Monteith & Co. house 124 St. Vincent st. 
Garden, Robert, agent for the Scottish Union Insurance Co. 85 Miller 

street, house 302 St. Vincent street 
GARDNER, Alex, house factor, 30 Kelvin street 
Gairdner, Andrew, of J. & A. Gairdner, house 176 Sauchiehall street 
Gairdner, Archd. cabinet maker, 10S and 110 Saltmarket 
Gardner, C. S. wig maker, 8 St. Andrew street 

Gardner & Co. optical and mathematical instrument makers, 44 Glass- 
ford street 
Gardner, George, grain merchant, office 20 Washington street 
Gardner, George, spirit dealer, 381 Gallowgate 
Gardner, Henry, manager, Glasgow agency office, 44 Trongate 
Gardner, Henry, rope maker, 226 Duke street 
Gairdner, J. & A. commission merchants, 43 Turner's court 
Gairdner, James, of J. & A. Gairdner, house 43 West Regent street 
Gardner, James, perfumer, 41 Queen street, house 234 George street 
Gardner, James, English and classical academy, 14 Stirling street 
Gardner, J. fruit dealer and soda water manufacturer, 55 Nelson street 



Gardner, J. M. teacher of short-hand, 2 Antigua place 

Gardiner, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 58 South Portland street 

Gardiner, John, spirit dealer, 427 Gallowgate 

Gardner, John, beadle, College church, house 17 George street 

Gardner, John, cabinet maker, 42 King street 

Gardner, J. R. writer, 19 Cochran street, house ditto 

Gardner, John, flesher, 12 Bell street and 136 Queen street 

Gardner, Dr. John, 67 George street 

Gardner, John, rope maker, 207 Duke street 

Gardiner & M' Donald, curriers and leather merchants, 78 Spoutmouth 

Gardiner, Robert & Co. damask and linen manufacturers, 29 Dean street 

Gardiner, R, cotton waste and mill furnishing dealer, 95 Glassford street 

Gardiner, T. W. organ builder, 1 2 N. Portland street, ho. Villafield pi. 

Gardner, William, portioner, 71 Tureen street 

Gardner, William, of Glasgow Iron work Co. ho. Glasgow Iron works 

Gardner, William, ropemaker, 208 Duke street, house 426 Gallowgate 

Gairdner, Mrs. furnishing shop, 13 Clyde street, Calton 

Gardner, Mrs. N. furnishing shop, 26 Adelphi street 

Gardner, Miss, milliner and dress maker, 13 St. Vincent place 

Gardner, Miss, dressmaker, 58 Buchanan street 

Garnkirk Coal Co. and Fire Brick. Work Office, at Railway depot, 

Townhead. Orders and Letters left at Thomas Murray's S Argyll st. 
Garnkirk and Glasgow Railway oifice and depot, St. Rollox, 

GARROW, John, saddler, Barony Glebe 
GARROWAY, John, manufacturer, 90 Bell street 
Garraway, Robert, surgeon, Main street, Bridgeton 
GARTLY, James, teacher of English, 15 Cochran street 
Gartly, Mrs. 6, East Nile street, Gallowgate 
Gartly, Miss, teacher, 12 Ropework lane 
Gartness Forge, office 7 Fox street 
Gartsherrie Iron and Coal Office, 263 Argyll street 
GAS COYNE, Hugh, wine and spirit dealer, 181 Gallowgate 
Gascoyne, John, spirit dealer, 55 King street 

GASH, Thomas, of Glasgow distillery Co. house 124 Renfrew street 
GASS & Bell, tailors & clothiers, Buchanan court, 44 Trongate 
Gas Light Company's Office, 42 Virginia street, Walter Ferguson, 

GATHERAL, George, furnishing shop, 105 Gallowgate 
Gatheral, James, spirit dealer, 40 Rose street, Hutchesontown 
Gatheral, James & George, fringe and lace manufacturers, 15 Arcade 
GAUL, George, Gorbals grain mills and Port-Eglinton inn, 152 Eg- 

linton street 
GEBBIE, Alex, pawnbroker, 65 Old venel 
Gebbie, James, grocer, 50 Havannah 

Gebbie, James, grocer and spirit dealer, Reid street, Bridgeton 
GEDDES, James, comb maker, 178 Saltmarket, house 84 do. 
Geddes, John, glass manufacturer, St. Mungo street 
Geddes, John, comb maker, 86 Saltmarket 

Geddes, John, & Son, dyers, 10 Commerce st. Tradeston, ho. adjoining 
Geddes, William, of John Geddes & Son, 10 Commerce street 
Geddes, Wm. Anderston bottle works, place of call, glass warehouse 69 & 71 

Argyll st. and Cochran and Couper's, 33 Buchanan st. houte Whitehall 



Geddes, Wm. of Thomas Howatson, sen. & Co. house 29 Kent street 

Geddes, Mrs. John, 11 William street, Gveenhead 

Geddes,- Miss, lodgings, 40 Oxford street 

GEMMELL, Allan, rag merchant, 16 Stockwell place 

Gemmell, Alexander, broker, 50 Bridgegate 

Gemmill, Andrew, writer, of King & Gemmill, ho. 30 Charlotte street 

Gemmell, George, grocer, 20 King street, Tradeston 

Gemmell, James, of M. Gemmell & Co. house Barony place 

Gemmill, John, warper, 96 Virginia place 

Gemmill, John, wholesale provision merchant, 103 Stockwell, house 20 
Stockwell place 

Gemmell, John, grocer and spirit dealer, Finnieston 

Gemmell, John, shipping agent and merchant, York pi. 339 Argyll st. 

Gemmel, M. & Co. coal masters, Monkland canal basin. Orders left at 
J. & T. More's, 108 Trongate 

Gemmell, Robert, baker, 159 Main street, Gorbals, and 172 Saltiuarket 

Gemmel & Seaton, cabinet makers, 22 ( )xford street 

Gemmell, Thomas, merchant, 23 St. Enoch square 

Gemmell, William, merchant, 58 St. Vincent street, works Savoy street, 
Bridgeton, house 2 Woodside crescent 

Gemmell, William, baker, 115 Candleriggs 

Gemmill, William, bread and pastry baker, 77 George street 

General Registry Office, 33 John street 
| General Steam Navigation Co. Office, Robert Sanderson, agent, 
80 Queen street 

GENTLE, John, baker and flour merchant, 215 High street 

Gentles, John, victualler, 336 High street 

George Inn and Hotel, 26 George square, James Black 

GEORGE, John, victualling house, 123 Bridgegate 

George, Miss, lodgings, Horn's court, 3 St. Enoch square 

GERLACH, Dr. J. J. teacher of modern languages, 59 Renfield street, 

GERLETTI, Charles, looking glass manufacturer, 145 Saltrnarket 

GIBB, Elias, wine and spirit merchant, 17 Virginia street, ho. Ruchill 

Gibb, Francis, spirit dealer, 1 4 Canning street 

Gibb, James, at C. Tennent & Co.'s, house 47 Cochran street 

Gibb, James, of Gibb & Smith, house 18 Ure place, Montrose street 

Gibb, James, surgeon, 129 Regent place, West Campbell street, house 

190 Hope street 
Gibb, James, boot maker, 105 Rottenrow 
Gibb, John James, merchant, 226 St. Vincent street 
Gibb, John, shoemaker, 17 Clyde terrace 
Gibb, John, baker, 369 Gallowgate 
Gibb, John, spirit dealer, Monkland Canal basin 
Gibb & Smith, cotton yarn merchants, 123 Brunswick street 
Gibb, William, victualler, 29 Oxford street 
Gibb, William, wine and spirit merchant, 14 Stockwell 
Gibb, W. R. M. D. 80 St. Vincent street 

Gibb & Yuile, commission agents, Blyth's court, 17 Virginia street 
Gibb, Mrs. Gabriel, baker, 273 Gallowgate 
GIBSON, A. cap manufacturer, 2 Antigua place 
Gibson, Rev. Alexander, 13 Monteith row 
Gibson, Archd. clerk, canal office, Pprt-Dundas 
Gibson, Charles, at Ferguson & Co.'s. T20 Brunswick street 


Gibson, Charles, 175 Buchanan street 

Gibson, David, M. D. of J. & D. Gibson, house 17 Gordon street 
Gibson, H. teacher, College and St. Paul's parish school, 51 Stirling sq. 
Gibson, Rev. James, College church, house 57 West Nile street 
Gibson, James, infant teacher, Oswald street 

Gibson, James, writer, 11 Virginia street, house 26 Abbotsford place 
Gibson, James, spirit dealer, 21 Malta street 

Gibson, John, writer, sasine office, council chambers, ho. 108 Grreme at. 
Gibson, John D. artist, 175 Buchanan street 
Gibson, John & David, surgeons, 72 Wilson street, house 76 do. 
Gibson, John & George, & Co. merchants, 49 Hutcheson street 
Gibson, John, hat manufacturer, 77 Trongate 
Gibson, John, spirit dealer, 143 Argyll street 
Gibson, John, of Gibson, Service & Co. house 177 Hope street 
Gibson, John, at D. Cook & Co.'s, house 7 Eglinton street 
Gibson, Joseph, & Co. tinplate workers, packing cases, and mill ma- 
chinery, 46 Ingram street 
Gibson, Laurence, grocer and spirit dealer, 146 Broomielaw 
Gibson, Matthew, wine and spirit merchant, 77 Nelson street, house 

Warroch street, Anderston 
Gibson, Matthew, surgeon and oculist, 10 Adelphi st. ho. Govanhaugli 
Gibson & Macnee, sewed muslin manufacturers, 5 Montrose street 
Gibson, Robert, surgeon, Port-Dundas 

Gibson, Robeit, twister, 69 Mitchell st. warehouse Inkle Factory lane 
Gibson, Robert, & Co. manufacturers, 153 Queen street, and 2 North 

court, Royal Exchange 
Gibson, Service & Co. sewed muslin manufacturers, 111 Ingram street 
Gibson, Thomas E. tailor and clothier, 4 Clyde place 
Gibson, Thomas, provision merchant, 22 Ann street 
Gibson, William, weaving utensil, shuttle mounting maker and tamer, 

24 East Campbell street, house 7 do. 
Gibson, William, merchant, 105 St. Vincent street 
Gibson, William, of Gibson & Macnee, house 69 Union street 
Gibson, William, flesher, 250 George street, house 13 L. Hamilton street 
Gibson, Mrs. Peter, spirit dealer, 95 Drygate 
Gibson, Mrs. fruit shop, 44 London street 
Gibson, Mrs. spirit dealer, 66 Canon street 
Gibson, Misses, & Co. stay makers, 16i Buchanan street 
GIF FEN, Robertson & Co. cotton spinners, 109 Brunswick street, 

works Port-Dundas 
GIFFORD, Thomas, tailor, 13 Oxford street 

GILBERT, Rob. Greenock and falls of Clyde tavern, 238 Broomielaw 
Gilbert, William, wright and glazier, 168 Gallowgate, house 240 do. 
Gilbert, Mrs. 146 Sauchiehall street 

GILCHRIST, Alexander, spirit dealer, 55 Stevenson street, Calton 
Gilchrist, Archibald, spirit dealer, 22 Centre street, Tradeston 
Gilchrist, Daniel, & Co calico printers, 19 South Hanover street 
Gilchrist, G. & W. silk, cotton, & piece goods dyers, works 52 Bishop st. 
Gilchrist, Gavin, of G. & W. Gilchrist, 50 Bishop street 
Gilchrist, George, hair dresser, 5 Eglinton street 
Gilchrist, John, cabinet maker, 101 Holme street 
Gilchrist, John, spirit dealer, 75 Bell street, house 13 Stirling street 
Gilchrist, J. S. & Co. dyers, Cook street, Tradeston 


Gilchrist, Robert, painter, 8 Brown street 

Gilchrist, Thomas, spirit dealer, 6 Crown street 

Gilkirst, Thomas, grocer, Main street, Bridgeton 

Gilchrist, Rev. William, 4 York street 

Gilchrist, William, fe Son, grocers and spirit dealers, 65 Carrick street 

Gilchrist, William, flesher, 74 Bell street 

Gilchrist, William, spirit dealer, 11 Clyde terrace 

Gilchrist, Mrs. dyer, 5 Little Dowhill 

GILFILLAN, George, messenger, 1 King street, Tradeston 

Gilfillan, J. A. professor of painting, Andersonian University, house 

Regent terrace, Stirling's road 
Gilfillan, Michael, writer, 76 Virginia street 
Gilfillan, Thomas, coal agent, 28 St. Andrew street 
Gilfillan, William, sheriff officer and constable, for Lanarkshire and 

Renfrewshire, 28 St. Andrew street 
Gilfillan, Miss, 8 Montagu place and 164 West Bath street 
GILFORD, Mrs. lodgings, 92 Broomielaw 

GILKISON, Alex. G. of Gilkison & Brown, ho. 174 Sauchiehall street 
Gilkison & Brown, ship and insurance brokers, and general commission 

agents, 23 Miller street 
Gilkison, David, umbrella maker, 14 Crown street 
Gilkison, John, manufacturer, 50 Gordon street, house 2 St. George's 

road, works Cook street, Tradeston 
GILLESPIE, Campbell, beadle of Nile st. church, ho. 35 Renfrew st. 
Gillespie, D. carter and coal agent, 44 Weaver street 
Gillespie, George, general commission merchant, 102 Virginia place 
Gillespie, Stewart & Co. merchants, 3 Royal Exchange court 
GILLIES, Daniel, spirit dealer, 34 Broomielaw 
Gillies, David, baker and spirit dealer, 25 Main street, Anderston 
Gillies, David, surgeon-dentist, 108 Argyll street 
Gillies, Duncan, gardener, 10 Green market, garden Overnewton 
Gillies, James, general rope and rag store, 200 Broomielaw 
Gillies, James, wright, Drygate toll 
Gillies, Peter, smith and chain manufacturer, 39 Carrick street, house 

138 Broomielaw 
Gillies, Mrs. Thomas, wine and spirit dealer, 45 King street 
Gillies, Misses, lodgings, 62 George street 
GILL ON, Alex, grain weigher, Port-Dundas 
GILMOUR, Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, 15 James street 
Gilmour, Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, 76 Canon street 
Gilmour, Alexander, flesher, 86 Burnside, Port-Dundas 
Gilmour, Allan, flesher, 118 Queen street, house 81 Wilson street 
Gilmour, Andrew, hair-cutter and wig maker, 187 Trongate 
Gilmour, D. & P. bakers and flour dealers, 157 Gallowgate 
Gilmour, James, baker, 92 West Nile street, house 90 do. 
Gilmour, James, cotton yarn merchant, 12 South Hanover street, housc- 

11 Hopeton place 
Gilmour, John, of W. Gilmour & Co. house Provanside, Stirling's road 
Gilmour, John, grocer, 28 Portugal street 
Gilmour, John, Old Exchange tavern, 25 Trongate 
Gilmour, Matthew, of Gilmour & Kerr, house 71 Stirling's road 
Gilmour & Kerr, cotton spinners and power loom cloth manufacturers,. 

119 Brunswick street, works St. Rollox 


Gilmour, Robert, of Wm. Church & Co. house 160 Buchanan street 
Gilmour, Robert, wine and spirit dealer, 13-1 Union street 
Gilmour, Robert, of Gilmour & Waters, house 15 Abbotsford place 
Gilmour, Thomas, spirit dealer, 66 Stevenson street 
Gilmour & Waters, timber merchants, London street 
Gilmour, William, & Co. woollen manufacturers, 9 London street 
Gilmour, Wm. of Wm. Gilmour & Co. house Oatlands, Little Govan 
Gilmour, W. timber merchant, 94 Maxwell st. ho. Millbank, Shawfield 
Gilmour, William, writer and notary public, 17 Brunswick place, house 

Horn's court, St. Enoch square 
Gilmour, William, baker, 7 Adelphi street 
Gilmour, Mrs- A. silk dyer, Adam's court, 193 Argyll street 
Gilmour, Mrs. Robert, Albion court 
Gilmour, Miss, 54 Buchanan street 
Gilmour, Mrs. Thomas, baker and Post-office receiving house, Sauchie- 

hall street 
Gilmour, Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 33 George square 
GIRDWOOD, Claud & Co. engineers, founders and machine makers, 

Govan street, Hutchesontown 
GLASGOW, Alex, of Frew & Glasgow, house 11 Blythswood square 
Glasgow, Robert, screw and bolt maker, 100 Commerce street 
Glasgow, Mrs. lodgings, 255 George street 

Glasgow Annuity Society, office 49 Virginia street, Thos. Brown, secy. 
Glasgow Apothecaries' Hall, 32 & 34 Virginia st. A. Mitchell, manager 
Glasgow Assay Office, 9 Melville place, John Paterson, master 
Glasgow Bank, 12 Ingram street. James Watson, cashier 
Glasgow Blind Asylum, Castle street, Townhead — seen from 10 till 8. 

M. Semple, superintendent 
Glasgow Boot and Shoe Establishment, 23 London street 
Glasgow Brass Foundry, R. Rettie & Co. 31 Graeme street 
Glasgow Bridge Inn, 58 Oxford street 

Glasgow Card Manufactory, 13 Great Clyde street, William M'Cracken 
Glasgow Chain Cable and Anchor Manufactory, and General Smithwork, 

Archd. M'Vicar, 17 Robertson street 
Glasgow Cloth Hall, 163 Trongate 
Glasgow Cow Pock Institution Hall, 56 London street. Open from 12 

to 1 on Fridays 
Glasgow Distillery Co. Distillers, Port-Dundas 
Glasgow and Edinburgh Canal Shipping Company, 80 Queen street. 

Robert Sanderson, manager 
Glasgow Education Society's Normal Seminary, Dundas vale 
Glasgow Flint Glass Company, Verreville, Finnieston 
Glasgow Gas Light Co.'s Office, 42 Virginia street, works Kirk street. 

James B. Neilson, engineer, house 37 Weaver street 
Glasgow Highland Society School, 69 Montrose street 
Glasgow Iron and Brass Wire Co. 24 Turner's court 
Glasgow Iron Work Co. manufacturers of bar, bolt and rod boiler plate, 

sheet and hoop iron, works Townhead, office 21 S. Hanover street 
Glasgow Lock and Hinge Co. Ayton court. James Shearer, manager 
Glasgow Lying-in Hospital and Dispensary, 1 Greyfriar's wynd 
Glasgow Magdalen Asylum, entry off New Parliamentary road 
Glasgow Medical Hall, 84 Argyll street. G. Penfold manager- 
Glasgow Medicine Warehouse, Mat. Mather, M.D. 110 & 112 Trongate 


Glasgow Music Circulating Library, 75 Wilson street 

Glasgow New Apothecaries' Co. 57 and 59 Glassford street. William 

Greig, manager 
Glasgow Provident Bank, 86 Miller street. Archd. Lawson, secretary 
Glasgow Public Library, 151 George street, open from 10 a. m. till 12 

noon, and from 7 till 9 p. m. Librarian Rev. John Moncrieff 
Glasgow Ropework, 108 Stockwell 

Glasgow Royal Botanic Garden, west end of Sauchiehall street 
Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Castle street 

Glasgow Royal Lunatic Asylum, entry off New Parliamentary Road 
Glasgow Saw Mills, Baird & Brown, Port-Dundas 
Glasgow Tea and Wine Co. importers and general merchants, 33, 37, & 

39 College street 
Glasgow Union Banking Company, 15 Virginia street. James Andrew 

Anderson, manager 
Glasgow Waterproof Cloth Co. 33 Virginia street, P. Ramsay & Co. 
Glasgow Water Works 1 Office, 15 Queen street. Archibald M'Kechnie, 

manager. Works at Dalmarnock 
Glasgow Writing Ink Manufactory, 137 George street 
GLASS, Alexander, tailor, 44 Maxwell street 
Glass James, teacher, 3 Gibson street 
Glass, Robert, old book bazar, 73 London street 
Glass, Samuel, bookseller, 53 Jamaica street 
Glass, William, spirit dealer, 13 Gallowgate 
Glass, William, boot and shoe maker, 13S Trongate, house 9 Abbotsford 


GLASSFORD, Alexander, baker, 55 Gallowgate, and 81 Argyll street 
Glassford, J. B. 70 Robertson street 

Glassford, M. of Young, Glassford, & Co. house 57 Sauchiehall street 
Glassford, James, 28 Stevenson street 
Glassford, Rev. Peter, 28 Stevenson street 
Glassford, Robert, house factor, 28 Stevenson street 
Glassford, William, accountant, 5 1 North Hanover street 
GLEN, Alexander, Old Boot tavern, 78 Saltmarket 
Glen, Allan, wright, 63 North Frederick street 

Glen, Archibald, of Farie, Glen & Co. house 108 South Portland street 
Glen, George, & Co. merchants, 99 Bath street 
Glen, George, of George Glen & Co. house 99 Bath street 
Glen, H. & J. cabinet makers, &c. 112 Renfield street 
Glen, James, spirit dealer, 89 Stockwell 
Glen, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 185 Eglinton street 
Glen, J. P. surgeon, 30 St. Andrew street 
Glen, Robert, fancy snuff and cigar repository, 23 Queen street 
Glen, Mrs- 101 Kensington place, Sauchiehall street 
GLENDINNING, J. wright, 19 Spoutmouth, house 5 Russell street 
Glenlean Gunpowder Co. Office 4S Queen street 
Globe Insurance Co. Fire, Life, and Annuities, James Christie, 37 

Glassford street, and Scott Moncrieff Penney, 39 Miller street, agents 
GOOD, G- boot and shoe maker, 27 Glassford st. ho- 21 Portland st. 
GOODSIR, David, agent, British Linen Co. 's bank, ho 71 Queen st 
GOODWIN, John, of Sclanders & Goodwin, ho. 51 North Haiiover st. 
Lioodwin, Robert, of George Rutherford & Co. house 122 Hope street 
Goodwin, Robert, grocer and house factor, 39 Castle street 



Goodwin, Robert, writer, 23 Hutcheson street, house 152 Rottemow 

Goodwin, Thomas, baker, 228 High street 

GOOLU, John, grocer, 16 Clyde street, Calton 

Goold, Robert, spirit dealer, 23 High street 

Goold, Thomas, blacksmith, Drygate toll 

Gould, Thomas, & Co. lace manufacturers, 102 Maxwell street, house 
44 Claremont place 

Goold William, wholesale and retail grocer, 91 High street 

Goldsmith's Hall, 9 Melville place 

GORBALS Foundry Company, 206 Main street, Gorbals 

Gorbals Church and Parish Library, Heritors' Hall 

Gorbals, Heritors of, collector's office, 51 Adelphi street, Gorbals 

Gorbals Infant School, Greenside street 

Gorbals Parish Poor School, 12 Bridge street 

Gorbals Police Office, 27 South Portland street 

Gorbals Popular Institution, Lecture room, Baronial Hall, Henry Paul, 
Esq. president 

Gorbals Savings' Bank, 23 Nicholson street. Thomas Meikle, treasurer 

Goibals Trades' Mortcloth Office, 8 Puddock row. James Gibson, keeper 

Gordon & Calder, writers, 13 John street 

Gordon, Daniel, grocer, 26 Bishop street 

Gordon, Henry, writer, 70 George square, house Gartshore House, by 

Gordon, Hugh, eating house and spirit dealer, 7 Duke street 

Gordon, J. W. at Sheriff clerk's office, house 86 South Portland street 

Gordon, John, draper, 18 High street 

Gordon, John & James, oil and colourmen, 200 George street 

Gordon, Smith, & Co. tea dealers, 4 Argyll street and 10 King street 

Gordon, Thomas, of Gordon & Calder, house Bunnell's lane, Duke street 

Gordon, Rev. William, 32 Great Clyde street 

Gordon, William, plasterer, 66 and 70 North Hanover street 

Gordon, William, preserver of birds and quadrupeds, 48 Jamaica street 

Gordon, William, tinsmith, 29 Main street, Anderston 

Gordon, William, slater, 141 New venel 

Gordon, William, grocer and spirit dealer, Dale street, Bridgeton 

Gordon, W. C. writer, at City Fiscal's office, Council Chambers, house 
15 Oxford street 

Gordon, Mrs. 85 Bath street 

Gordon, Mrs. John, midwife, 169 Main street, Anderston 

Gordon, Mrs. Major, 86 South Portland street 

Gordon, Mrs. William, 30 Charlotte street 

GORMAN, Daniel, surgeon, 144 Bridgegate, ho. 161 Stockwell 

Gorman, William, engine turner, &c. 4 Hutcheson street 

GOURLIE, George, baker, 39 Kent street 

Gourlay, James, paper and rag warehouse, 3 Little Dowhill 

Gourlay, James, of Gourlays & Knox, house 56 Oxford street 

Gourlay, John, & Co. distillers, Port-Dundas 

Gourlay, John B. cloth and haberdashery warehouse, 50 Oxford street 

Gourlays & Knox, wholesale Scotch and English warehousemen, 24 
London street 

Gourlay, Robert, bookseller and stationer, 3 North Clyde street, Ander- 
ston, and beadle of the Relief Church, Anderston 

Gourlay, Robert, of John Gourlay, & Co. distillers, Port-Dundas 


Gourlie, William, merchant, 8 South Frederick street, house 164 Hill 

street, Garnethill 
GO VAN Colliery Office, 37 Glassford street 
Govan, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 56 Main street, Anderston 
Govan, James, tavern, 4 Govan street 
Govan, James, builder, 25 Dundas street 

Govan, John, at John M'Call & Co.'s, house 24 Robertson street 
Govan, T. & J. spirit dealers, 19 Mitchell street, house 17 do. 
Govan, William, student in divinity, 4 College street 
GOW, George, merchant, 230 St. Vincent street 
Gow, Primrose & Co. calico printers and dyers, Royal Exchange court, 

85 Queen street, works Little Govan 
Gow, Peter, spirit dealer, 6 Calton mouth 
Gow, Ralston & Co. Letters left at Gow, Primrose & Co.'s 
Gow, Robert, merchant, 3 Royal Exchange court, house, Govanbank 
Gow, Robert, jun. of Gow, Primrose & Co. house Govanbank 
Gow, Robert, joiner and spirit dealer, 10 Great Dowhill 
Gow, Walter, auctioneer, of Peter Burn & Co. 132 Trongate 
Gow, William, leller, Royal Bank, house 62 South Portland street 
Gow, Mrs. lodgings, 63 South Portland street 
GOWANS, Henry, of Muir, Gowans & Co. house 78 Stockwell 
Gowans, Mrs. tuscany and straw hat maker, 40 Nelson street, and 78 

GOVVDIE, David, & Co. silk gauze manufacturers, 62 Queen street 
Gowdie, David, of David Gowdie & Co. house 2 Clyde place 
Gowdie, David, jun. of David Gowdie & Co. ho. 2 East Kingston 
Gowdie, D. surgeon, 72 King street, Tradeston 

Goudie, George, manufacturer of potato flour, 10 Main street, Anderston 
GRAHAM, Adam, writer, 42 George square 

Graham, Aitchison & Co. Springbank printfield, warehouse 88 Glassford st. 
Graham, Alexander, Islay distillery store, and bonding warehouse, agent 

for Islay traders, 82 Maxwell street, house 5 Milton place 
Graham, Alexander, baker, 145 Gallowgate 
Graham, Alexander, cooper, 116 Stockwell 

Graham, Alexander, of W. Graham & Co. house 92 West Bath street 
Grahame, Alexander, writer, 135 Buchanan street, ho. 82 West Regent st. 
Graham, Archibald, merchant, 37 Ingram street 

Graham, Archd. & Co. manufacturers of weaving utensils, goldthread and 
plate, gold and silver laces, for exportation, sewing and tambouring 
coloured worsteds, 109 Brunswick street 

Graham, Charles, M. merchant, Blythswood square 

Graham, Daniel, cartwright, 16 Howard street 

Graham, David, tea, wine and spirit merchant, 24 Main street, Gorbals 

Graham's Furniture Warehouse, 193 Argyll street 

Graham, George, of John Alexander & Co. 

Graham, G. R. D. of Graham, Aitchison fc Co. house Broadly, Neilston 

Graham, Henry, writer, 86 Hutcheson street 

Graham, James, manufacturer, 86 Hutcheson street, house Cloverbank, 

Graham, James, furnishing shop, 63 Crown street 

Graeme, James, writer, 3 Horn's court, St. Enoch square 

Graham, James M. cotton works, Sister street, Calton. Letters, &c. 
left at William Sleigh's, 84 Wilson street, ho. 176 Blythswood place 


Graham, James, wright, 117 Candieriggs 

Graham, James, jun. wright, 184 George street, house 141 do. 

Graham, John, printer, 124 Trongate, house 40 North Frederick street 

Graham, John, of Graham & M'Dougall, at Rev. M. Graham's 41 North 
Albion street 

Graham, John, accountant and factor, 193 Argyll street, house S. Wel- 
lington place 

Graham, John, artist, St. Vincent place 

Graham, John, beadle of St. John's Church, 46 Graeme street 

Graham, John, of Cumins & Graham, house 117 Candieriggs 

Graham, John, tavern keeper, 8 Broomielaw 

Graeme, J. surgeon, 144 High street, lodgings Mrs. Mather's 105 do. 

Graham, Dr. John, 425 Anderston walk 

Graham, John, tobacconist and flour merchant, 374 Gallowgate 

Graham, John, victualling house, 172 Broomielaw 

Graham, J. & W. auctioneers and appraisers, 90 Argyll street, house 33 
Abbotsford place 

Graham, John, victualler, 68 Castle street 

Graham, Joseph, watchmaker, jeweller & hardware mercht. 71 Trongate 

Graham & Lang, grain merchants, 20 Charlotte street 

Graham & M'Dougall, manufacturers, 145 Ingram street 

Graham, M'Kenzie & Co. merchants, 23 South Hanover street 

Graham, Rev. Matthew, 41 North Albion street 

Graham, Miller, spirit dealer, 200 Argyll street 

Graham, Patrick, of Graham & Lang, house 160 Garnethill 

Graham, Patrick, grain merchant, 22 Great Hamilton street 

Graham, P. surgeon, 11 Well street, Calton 

Graham, Capt. Peter, Lochgoil steamer, house 70 Robertson street 

Graham, Robert, writer, 17 Nelson street 

Graham, Robert, flesher, 18 Stobcross street, Anderston 

Graham, Robert & Co. pullicate and gingham manufacturers, 1 Royal 
Bank place 

Graham, Robert, provision dealer, 300 Argyll street 

Graham, Robert, hosier, 117 Saltmarket 

Graham, Robert, spirit dealer, 3 & 5 Nelson street, Tradeston 

Graham, Robert, cooper, 87 Carrick street 

Graham, Robert, surgeon, 34 Bridgegate 

Grahame, Robert, of Whitehill 

Grahame, Robert, pocket book and jewel case maker, 221 Argyll street 

Graham, Simon, upholsterer and cabinet maker, &c. 57 St. George place 

Graham, Thomas, tailor, 66 Trongate 

Graham, Thomas, of Mitchell, Grahame & Mitchell, house Whitehill 

Graham, Thomas, professor of chemistry, Andersonian University, or 
225 George street 

Graham, Walter, cooper, 86 Duke street, and 25 Brown street 

Graham, William, & Co. merchants, 70 Miller street 

Graham, William, & Co. wholesale grocers and tea dealers, Melville 
place, 132 Trongate 

Graham, William, write'r, 42 George square 

Graham, William, jun. of William Graham & Co. house Gilmour hill 

Graham, William, of Graham, M'Kenzie & Co. house Lambhill 

Graham, William, woollen draper, 8 Gallowgate 
Graham, William & Adam, writers, 42 George square 


Graham, William, teacher, Millar's School, 151 George street, ho. North 

Albion court 
Graham, William, 2 Monteith row 
Graham, W. S. 156 George street 
Graham's lodgings, Pratt's ciurt 
Graham, Mrs. Graham's buildings, 62 George street 
Graham, Mrs. John, 156 George street 

Graham, Mrs. William, flesher, Bell street maket, and 56 Bell street 
Graham, Mrs. A. sen. 82 West Regent street 
Graham, Mrs. 30 Charlotte street 

Graham, Mrs. & Miss Fleming, seminary for ladies, 133 W. Regent st. 
Graham, Miss J. stay warehouse, 24 Nelson street 
Graham, Miss, lodgings, 44 North Frederick street 
Graham, Misses, lodgings, 10 George street 
Graham, Misses, stay warehouse, 29 Nelson street 
GRANGE, Thomas, boot maker, 7 West George street 
GRANGER, James, baker, 107 Renfield street 
Granger, John, baker, 84 Burnside, Port-Dundas 
Granger, Robert, upholsterer and paper hanger, 24 Queen street, house 

York place 
Granger, Robert, spirit dealer, Lister's land, Dalmarnock road 
Granger, Robert, beamer and spirit dealer, 6 Weaver street 
Granger, Robert, cartwright, 29 King street, Tradeston 
Granger, Robert, teacher, 11 Norfolk court 
GRANT, Alexander, writer, 17 Brunswick place 
Grant, Alexander, spirit dealer and horse hirer, 41 1 Gallowgate 
Grant, Andrew, merchant, Barony glebe 
Grant, Andrew, boot maker, 99 George street 

Grant, Archibald, flesher, 231 Gallowgate, house 6 Campbell street 
Grant & Co. cotton yarn merchants, 34 Wilson street 
Grant, Daniel, clothier, 4 St. Vincent place 

Grant, Duncan, of Grant & Co. house Clydebank, near Rutherglen 
Grant, G. A. & Co. hosiery yarn warehouse, 88 Trongate 
Grant, George, & Son, power loom weavers, 5 Graham square, house 21 

Grant, Hector, merchant, 29 Brunswick place, house 15 Moore place 
Grant, James, spirit dealer, 4 Abercromby street 
Grant, James, builder, 11 Douglas street 
Grant, James, slater, 47 Gordon street 
Grant, John, watch and clock maker, 109 Trongate 
Grant, John, watch maker, 1 Bishop street 
Grant, John, shipmaster, 39 Maxwell street 
Grant, Nathaniel, spirit dealer, 177 Trongate 

Grant, Peter, bookseller, 79 Stockwell, house Rosehill, Pollokshawsroad 
Grant, Thomas, wine and spirit dealer, 81 Candleriggs 
Grant, Mrs. artificial flower maker, 109 Trongate 
GRAY", Alexander, insurance broker, Royal Exchange buildings 
Gray, Alexander, of Gray & Cleugh, house Clarence pi. Sauchiehall st. 
Gray, Andrew, mathematical and commercial academy, 77 Brunswick st. 
Gray, Andrew, baker, 11 Bridge street 
Gray, Andrew, surgeon, 685 Gallowgate 

Gray Archibald, flesher, 26 Mutton market, house 7 Guildry court 
Gray, Benjamin, bootmaker, 57, Nelson street 


Gray & Cleugh, accountants, agents for the County Fire and Provident 
Life Office, 49 Queen street, and the General Reversionary and In- 
vestment Co. of London 
Gray, Charles & David, distillers, 4 Muirhead street 
Gray, Charles, of Charles & David Gray, house 12 Carlton place 
Gray, Daniel, tailor and clothier, 263 George street 
Gray, David, & Son, tailors and clothiers, 4 Dunlop street 
Gray, David, grocer and spirit dealer, 685 Gallowgate 
Gray, D. K. at Craig and Ranken's, house 63 George street 
Gray, George, engraver, printer, and stamp cutter, 124 Trongate 
Gray, James, confectioner, 155 Trongate, house 12 Great Clyde street 
Gray, James, victualler and spirit dealer, 663 Gallowgate 
Gray, James & John, North British Advertiser Office, 112 Queen street 
Gray, James, & Co. iron founders, engineers and machine makers, 

Washington street 
Gray, James, cabinet maker, 75 Green street, Calton 
Gray, John Boyle, writer, 131 Ingram street, ho. 185 St. Vincent st. 
Gray, John, manufacturer of tobacco and snuff, 3 Argyll street 
Gray, John, manufacturer, 14 Garthland street, house 102 Bath street 
Gray, John, saddler, 11 Blackfriar street 
Gray, John, spirit dealer, 47 Castle street 
Gray, John, engraver, 67 Trongate, house 75 Crown street 
Gray, John, 213 Buchanan street 
Gray, John, baker, 85 Saltmarket 
Gray John, spirit dealer, 64 Glassford street 
Gray, J. & W. haberdashers, hosiers and glovers, 156 Trongate 
Gray, Middleton, & Co. merchants, 46 Gordon street 
Gray, Patrick, porter, Renfrewshire bank, house 94 Miller street 
Gray, Peter, spirit dealer, 101 King street, Tradeston 
Gray, Richard, of Gray, Middleton, & Co. house Sandyford 
Gray, Robert, manufacturer, 15 Gordon street, house Glenorchard 
Gray, Robert, spirit dealer, 25 Saltmarket 
Gray, Robert, engraver, 67 Trongate, house 75 Crown street 
Gray, Robt. & Son, goldsmiths, jewellers and watchmakers, 78 Argyll st. 
Gray, Robert, of Buchanan, Gray & Co. house 10 Abbotsford place 
Gray, Robert, teacher, Gorbals Charity School, 11 Norfolk court 
Gray, Samuel, grocer and spirit dealer, Franklin street 
Gray & Son, engravers and printers, Tron steeple, 67 Trongate 
Gray, Thomas, builder, 119 Great Hamilton street 
Gray, Thomas, comb-maker, 35 Trongate, house 79 Charlotte street 
Gray Thomas, surgeon, 127 Gallowgate, house 1 Monteith row 
Gray, Thomas, grocer and spirit dealer, Phoenix buildings 
Gray, William, of Robert Gray & Son, house 53 Claremont place 
Gray, William, wine and spirit merchant, 22 Anderston quay 
Gray, William, tailor and clothier, 22 Argyll street 
Gray, William, of Wighton, Gray & Co. house 19 Elmbank crescent 
Gray, William, wright, Jamieson's lane, Anderston 
Gray, Mrs. James, lodgings, 42 York street 
Gray, Mrs. grocer, 14 Little Dowhill 
Gray, Misses, 213 Buchanan street 
Gray, Miss, dress maker, 48 Garscube place 

GRAZEBROOK, Henry, iron merchant, 13 Dixon street, house 8 
Woodside terrace 


GREEN, John, tailor and clothier, 7G Saltmarket 
Green, William, spirit dealer, 67 High street 
Green Market, 46 Back wynd and New wynd 
Greenhead Brewery Bottling; Store, 16 Gordon street 
GREENHILL, Mrs. 43 Cambridge street 

GREENLEES, Matthew, commission merchant, 93 Virginia street 
Greenlees, M. & R. London yeast merchants, 73 Virginia street 
Greenlees, William, portrait painter, 44 Hospital street 
GREENLIE, John, boot and shoe maker, 109 Great Hamilton street 
GREENSHIELDS, Archd. clothier, 83 Queen st. ho. 45 Abbotsford pi. 
Greenock Bank, 64 Buchanan street, John Robertson, agent 
GREER, James, M. D. professor of hygeanism, 37 South Portland st. 
GREIG, Benjamin, warehouse 90 Candleriggs, house 2 Fife place 
Greig, David, accountant, agent for the Hercules Insurance Co. 9 St. 

Vincent street 
Greig, H. grocer, 139 Main street, Gorbals 
Greig, James, confectioner, 29 Main street, Gorbals 
Greig, J. G. surgeon-dentist, 9' St. Vincent place 
Greig, Robert, wright, 7 Canon street, house 44 Taylor street 
Greig, William, manager, Glasgow New Apothecaries' Company, house 

55 Glassford street 
Greig, William, grocer, 85 Kirk street, Calton 

Greig, Wm. cabinet and chair maker, 30 Thistle street, Hutchesontown 
Greig, Miss, milliner and dressmaker, 86 Blackfriar street 
G RIB BEN, Henry, surgeon, accoucheur, &c. 26 Portugal street 
GRIERSON, Janies, spirit dealer, 234 Gallowgate 
Grierson, James, house factor, 2 Paisley road. Orders left at Mrs. 

Donald's, 50 Adelphi street 
Grierson, James, tailor, 3 Govan street, Hutchesontown 
Grierson & Murray, goldsmiths and jewellers, 16 Argyll street 
Grierson, William, of Claud Girdwood & Co. house 27 Abbotsford place 
Grierson, William, warden, Bridgeton burying ground, Green street 
GRIEVE, Archibald, wright, 5 Balmanno street, house 10 Ure place 
Grieve, Archibald, jun. commercial agent, house 54 Renfrew street 
Grieve & Cochran, tobacco manufacturers, 44 High street 
Grieve & Cree, upholsterers and paper hangers, 9 Maxwell street 
Grieve, John, jun. Ruchill colliery. Letters left at J. P. Williamson's, 

5 West George street 
Grieve, Robert, tobacconist, writing & copying ink maker, 19 Exchange 

Grieve, Robert & Thomas, wholesale tea merchants, 71 Wilson street 
Grieve, Robert, jun. 71 Wilson street 
Grieve, Thomas, of Grieve & Cree, 20 Union street 
Grieve, Thomas, 54 Renfrew street 
Grieve, Mrs. 3 St. Enoch square 

GRIFFIN, John Joseph, of R. Griffin & Co. house 4 Gordon street 
Griffin, Richard, & Co. wholesale booksellers and fancy stationers, 115 

Buchanan street 
Griffin, Mrs. Richard, 13 Monteith row 
GRIMSHAW, Ambrose, Star inn, 80 George square 
Grimshaw, Joseph, coach proprietor, 35 Renfield street 
GRINDLAY, James, pastry baker and confectioner, 209 Gallowgate, 
house 211 do. 




Grindlay, James, pye and pastry baker, 164 High street 
GROSSART, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 104 Main st. Gorbals 
GROVE, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 11 George street, Mile-end 
Guardian Fire and Life Assurance Office, 19 Cochran street, 

Wm. Parry, agent 
GUILD, Alexander, Calton distillery 
Guild, George, Calton distillery 

Guild, James, & Sons, distillers, Calton distillery, Calton 
Guild, James, jun. distiller, Camlachie distillery 
Guild, Nore, & Co. merchants, 39 West. Nile street 
Guild, William, & Co. merchants, 57 West Nile street 
Guild, William, of W. Guild & Co. 57 West Nile street 
GULLAN, James, spirit dealer, 34 Renfield street 
Gullan, John G. teacher of English and Geography, 48 George square, 

house 29 Abbotsford place 
GUMPRECHT, Julius, merchant, 51 Buchanan street, house 28 St. 

George's road 
GUNN, John,' clothier, 29 Queen street, house Allan place 
Gunn, John, of Farquhar & Gunn, house, 35 St. Andrew street 
Gunn, Neil, turner and shuttle maker, 6 Canning street 
Gunn, W. & Co. clothiers, 142 Queen street 
Gunn, William, bagpipe maker, 48 Gallowgate 

Gunn, William, jun. clothier, 15 Buchanan street, house Beech Bank 
GUTHRIE, Kinloch & Co, calico printers, 78 Hutcheson street 

HADDEN, Alex, bookseller and stationer, 155 High street 
Haddin, James, writer, 32 Dunlop street 
Haddin, Mrs. 12 Monteith row 

HAD DOW, Archibald, spirit dealer, 26 Cheapside street 
Haddow, William, baker, Maitland street, Cowcaddens 
HADFIELD, Geo. cutler, saw maker & ironmonger, 47 Argyll street 
HAIG, James, & Sons, distillers, Lochrin. James Thomson, agent, 12 

Jackson street 
Haig, James, brewer, Barrowfield toll 
Haig, John, Rainbow tavern, 13 Gordon street 
Haig, William, city fiscal, council chambers 
Haig, William, fringe manufacturer and general furnisher, 45 George 

square, works 8 Miller street 
H ALBERT-, William, teacher of English, 1 South Portland street 
HALDANE, Henry, of Anderson & Haldane, house 17 York street 
Haldane, James, engraver, 42 Argyll street 
HALL, A. & Co. boot and shoemakers, 44 and 45 Arcade, house 109 

Argyll street 
Hall, James & Co. pullicate and gingham manufact. 14 Garthland street 
Hall, J. & J. merchants, 153 Queen street 
Hall, James, upholstery warehouse, 244 Argyll street 
Hall, John, brazier, and tinplate worker, 171 Main street, Gorbals 
Hall, John, haberdasher, 305 Argyll street 
Hall, Richard, writer, 60 Ingram street, house Little Govan 
Hall, Robert, & Son, ropemakers, head of Glebe street 
Hall, Wm. spirit dealer and victualler, 22 Graham street and 334 High 



Hall, Wm. & Co. printfield warehouse, 103 Glassford st. works Green- 
holm, Kilmarnock 
HALLEY, Thomas, weigher, ho. 169 Great Hamilton street 
HALLIDAY, Matthew, shoemaker, 1 Oxford street 
Haliburton, M. Post-office, house 12 Monteith row 
Halliday, Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 5 St. Vincent place 
HAMILTON, Alexander, tailor, 60 Maxwell street 
Hamilton, A. & P. & Co. tobacconists, 28 and 30 Stockwell street 
Hamilton, A. jun. wine and spirit merchant, 71 and 73 Canning street 
Hamilton, Alexander, tobacconist, 177 Gallowgate 
Hamilton, Andrew, tailor and clothier, 124 Trongate 
Hamilton, Andrew, victualler, 205 Cowcaddens 

Hamilton, And. manufacturer, 16 Brunswick lane, ho. 90 S. Portland st. 
Hamilton, Andrew, draper and stocking manufacturer, 52 Gallowgate 
Hamilton, Andrew, 231 St. Vincent street 
Hamilton, A. 57 Queen street, house 208 St. Vincent street 
Hamilton Archd. victualler, 26 Main street, Anderston 
Hamilton, Bernard, weaver's office, 44 King street, Calton 
Hamilton, Brother & Co. merchants, ship and insurance brokers, 240 

Broomielaw quay 
Hamilton, Cha. wine merchant, 110 & 112 Buchanan st. house 6 Holland pi. 
Hamilton, D. H. haberdasher, 36 Norfolk street 
Hamilton, David, architect, 233 Buchanan street 
Hamilton, David, spirit dealer, 1 King street, Calton 
Hamilton Farm and Fullakton Coal Office, 19 John street 
Hamilton, F. & R. manufacturers of hosiery, 115 Trongate 
Hamilton, Gavin, grocer and spirit dealer, 264 High street 
Hamilton & Gourlay, slaters, 14 and 20 James street, Calton 
Hamilton, Hugh, 38 St. Andrew square 
Hamilton & Jack, manufacturers, 16 Montrose street 
Hamilton, James, grocer and spirit dealer, Reid street, Bridgeton 
Hamilton, James, jun. of J. & J. Hamilton, house 154 George street 
Hamilton, James, victualler, 95 Saltmarket 
Hamilton, James, at D. Hamilton's, architect 

Hamilton, James, of A. & P. Hamilton & Co. house 5 Maxwelton place 
Hamilton, J. & J. writers, 57 Miller street 
Hamilton, James, sen. & Co. merchants, Robertson street 
Hamilton, James, of J. & J. Hamilton, house 6 South Hanover street 
Hamilton, James, manufacturer, 104, Brunswick street 
Hamilton, James, Prussian Consul, 23 St. Andrew street 
Hamilton, James, accountant, Western bank, house 24 Abbotsford place 
Hamilton, James M. at R. Aitken's, 60 Ingram street 
Hamilton, J. toy shop, 53 London street 

Hamilton, John, shuttle maker, 10 Gibson street house 248 Gallowgate 
Hamilton, John, at Andvv. Liddell & Co.'s, ho. 28 Abbotsfqprd place 
Hamilton, John, victualler, 29 King st. and 129 Gallowgate, ho. 131 do. 
Hamilton, John George, of H. Monteith & Co. ho. 157 Ulythswood pi. 
Hamilton, John, of A. & P. Hamilton & Co. house Brandon place 
Hamilton, John, calico printer and bleacher, 57 Queen street, works 

Fereneze and Cross, Arthurlie, house 208 St. Vincent street 
Hamilton, John, spirit dealer, 346 High street 
Hamilton, John, marble and stone cutter, 235 Buchanan street 
Hamilton, John, gardener, 215 Argyll street 


Hamilton, John, 14 Centre street, Tradeston 

Hamilton, John, 39 Clyde buildings 

Hamilton, John, tobacco and snuff manufacturer, 33 Saltmarket 

Hamilton, J. victualler, 348 High street 

Hamilton, John, spirit dealer, 1 Anderston quay 

Hamilton, John, victualler, 26 Kent street 

Hamilton, John, victualler, 129 Gallowgate 

Hamilton, John, victualler, 155 Bridgegate 

Hamilton, Joseph, baker, Dalmarnock road 

Hamilton, Matthew, & Co. cotton yarn merchants, -85 Candieiiggs 

Hamilton, Monteath & Co. wine merchants and wholesale tea dealers, 

157 Trongate 
Hamilton, Peter, of J. Davidson, Son & Co. ho. 115 N. Montrose st. 
Hamilton, Robert, portioner, Hamilton place, Main street, Bridgetois 
Hamilton, Robert, Airdrie foot carrier, at A. Esilman's, 108 High street 
Hamilton, Robt. at Perston, Bannatyne, Moir& Co. 's, house 6 Saltmarket 
Hamilton, Thomas, victualler, 53 Saltmarket 
Hamilton, Thomas, hat manufacturer, 1 Argyll street 
Hamilton, Thomas, Black Bull Inn, Duke street 
Hamilton, William, stationer and librarian, 139 Renfield street, house 

Brougham place 
Hamilton, William, pattern drawer and piint cutter, 70 Hutcheson st. 
Hamilton, Wm. victualler, 162 High street 
Hamilton, William, at Robert Bogle & Co.'s, ho. Noith park 
Hamilton, Wm. of Buchanan, Hamilton & Co. ho. 264 St. Vincent st. 
Hamilton, W. B. at Hamilton, Monteath & Co.'s, ho. 208 St. Vincent st. 
Hamilton, William, grocer, 24 Kent street 
Hamilton, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 40 Bishop street 
Hamilton, William, & Son, rope and twine manufacturers, 31 and 35 

Ropework lane, house 24 do. 
Hamilton, Mrs. milliner, 39 Bell street 
Hamilton, Mrs. Burnside, Woodside street 
Hamilton, Mrs. furnishing shop, 17 Norfolk street 
Hamilton, Mrs. T. Elmbank house 

Hamilton, Miss Agnes, grocer, 127 Main street, Gorbals 
Hamilton, Miss, Woodside crescent 
Hamilton, Miss, mangier, 19 Brunswick street 
Hamilton, Miss, 25 George square 

HAMIL, Francis, grocer and spirit dealer, 57 Bridgegate 
HANDLEY, John, trunk and portmanteau maker, 10 Queen street 
HANNAY, Alexander, baker, 126 Cowcaddens 
Hannay, Alex. John, professor of physic, Anderson's University, house 

65 St. Vincent street 
Hannah, Bright, surgeon's clerk, Royal Infirmary 
Hannah, David, spirit dealer, 49 Trongate 
Hanna & Frew, manufacturers, 2 North court, Royal Exchange 
Hannah, James, coal agent, 5 Charlotte street 
Hannay, James, horse dealer, 9 Gordon street 
Hanna, John, of Hanna & Frew, house 70 Bath street 
Hannay, John, writer, 11 Miller street 

Hannah, Robert, flesher, 21 Mutton market, house 6 Guildry court 
Hannah, Thomas, grocer and spirit dealer, 45 Gordon street 
Hannah, William, victualler, 350 Gallowgate 


Hannay, William, at George Young's, house Edwin place 

Hannah, William, surgeon and druggist, 142 Garscube ro,ad 

Hannah, William, baker, 25 Adelphi street 

Hannah, Mrs. grocer and spirit dealer, 1 41 Main street, Anderston 

Hannah, Mrs. W. stay and corset warehouse, 35 Nelson street 

HAN NAN, James, of H. Monteith & Co. house Blythswood square 

HANDYSIDE, N. & R. merchants, ship and insurance brokers, and 

agents for the National Provident Institution, 16 Gordon street 
Handyside, N. of N. & R. Handyside, house 4 Windsor place 
Handyside, R. B. agent for Shotts Iron Co. 68 Howard street 
Harbour- Master's Office, 16 Robertson street 
HARDIE, Alexander, builder, 1 Bothwell street 
Hardie, Archibald, wholesale and retail grocer, 134 Gallowgate 
Hardie & Blair, hat and cap manufacturer, 6 Trongate 
Hardie & Coubrough, printfield warehouse, 11 South Hanover street 
Hardie, David, sheriff- officer, 60 Stockwell street 
Hardie, Edmund, boot and shoemaker, 38 Saltmarket 
Hardie, Henry R. grocer, 38 Sauchiehall street 
Hardie, John, boot and shoe maker, 3 London street 
Hardie, John, house factor, 158 Gallowgate, office 3 Antigua place 
Hardie, John, at D. & A. Cuthbertson's, house 158 Gallowgate 
Hardy, Robert B. teacher of elocution, 250 High street 
Hardie, William, 148 High street 
Hardie, Miss, dress maker, 250 High street 
I HARE, John, spirit dealer, 4 Portugal street 
| HARGREAVES, James, merchant, 52 Howard street 
Hargreaves, John, carrier, 124 Brunswick street 
HARGAN, J. & J. spirit dealers 120 King street 
HARLEY, Andrew, fishmonger, 65 St. George's place, West George 

street, and Regent place, 135 Campbell street, house 29 Jamaica st. 
Harley, Andrew, of D. Harley & Co. house 1 1 South Portland street 
Harley, David, & Co. cotton yarn merchants, 22 John street 
Harley, James, boot and shoe maker, 16 Adelphi street 
Harley, James, & Co. silk and stuff, hosiery and glove, woollen, cotton, 

and general haberdashery warehousemen, 125 Trongate 
Harley, James, of J. Harley & Co. house 50 Buccleuch street 
Harley, William, starcher, 68 Rose street, Hutchesontown 
HARPER, A. & R. victuallers, 106 Main street, Gorbals 
Harper, J. merchant, 83 Virginia street 

Harper, Samuel, commission merchant and agent, 303 St. Vincent st 
Harper, Miss, boarding for gentlemen, 94 West Regent street 
HARRIS, Rev. George, 27 Abbotsford place 
HARRISON'S, Mrs. lodgings, 63 John street 
HARROWER, William, lodgings, 106 Union street 
HART, Jacob, spirit dealer and pastry baker, 4 Clyde place 
Hart, James, of Robert Hart & Co. house 54 West Regent street 
Hart, James, clothier, 126 Saltmarket 
Hart, John, manager, Barrowfield distillery 

Hart, John, at W. Dunn's, 62 George square, house 145 Wellington st. 
Hart, John, commission merchant and general agent, 41 Bnunswick st. 

house Upper Crown street 
Hart, J. & R. Millbrae. Letters left at Campbell & Watt's, 79 Argyll st. 
Hart, Robert, & Co. manufacturers, 23 South Frederick street 


Hart, Robert, of Robert Hart & Co. house 16 St. George's road 
Hart, William, Sheriff's chambers, 60 Stockwell, house 9 Mains street 
Hart, William, spirit dealler, 27 Struthers street 

HARTLEY, A. M. elocutionist, 175 St. Vincent st. or 280 George st. 
HARVEY, Rev. Alexander, 38 Whitevale 
Harvie, Alexander, Anderston, grain mills 20 Washington street 
Harvey, A. manager of H. Monteith & Co.'s works, Rutherglen bridge 
Harvie, Andrew, of Paul & Harvie, house 63 John street 
Harvey, Archibald, of Harvey, Brand, & Co. house Muirpark, Dum- 
barton road 
Harvey, Brand & Co. silk and shawl merchants, 5 Ingram street, and silk 

mills, Blackhall, Paisley 
Harvey & Brock, Clyde grain mills, Commercial road 
Harvey, C. D. grocer, 74 Green street, Calton 
Hervey, Henry, spirit dealer, 17 South Portland street 
Harvey, Hugh, and Son, wrighis, 89 Mitchell street ho. 4 Cathcart st. 
Harvey, J. E. wine and spirit merchant, 64 High street 
Harvey, James S. portrait and miniature painter, 59 Renfield street 
Harvey, James, surgeon, 41 Cowcaddens, corner of Renfield street, ho. 

55 Renfrew street 
Harvey, James, wine and spirit merchant, 21 and 23 Candleriggs 
Harvey, James, of Farie, Glen & Co. house 33 Warwick street 
Harvey, James, Royal Exchange coffee house and tavern, Royal Ex- 
change buildings 
Harvie, James, town and sheriff-officer, 170 Saltmarket 
Harvey, John, warden Calton burying ground, 36 Clyde street, Calton 
Harvie, John, horse repository, Madeira court, 251 Argyll street 
Harvie, John, writer, 70 Hutcheson street 
Harvie, John, grocer, 382 Gallowgate 
Harvie, John, victualler, 55 Shuttle street 

Harvey, John, of Herveys, Wilson & Co. house 100 W. Regent street 
Harvey, John and William, & Co. distillers, Yoker, 76 Maxwell street 
Harvey, Dr. John, consulting rooms 405 Argyll st. ho. 21 N. Portland st. 
Harvie, Robert, baker, 9 Main street, Calton 
Harvie, Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, 1 Clyde street, Calton 
Harvey, Robert, distiller, Port-Dundas, house Pinkston 
Harvie, Robert, cabinet maker and upholsterer, 48 Stockwell, and 8 

Miller street 
Harvie, Robert, land surveyor, 18 Glassford street, house 40 Kent st. 
Harvey, S. E. 59 Renfield street 
Harvie, Thomas, Glasgow distillery, Port-Dundas 
Harvey, William, bootmaker, 13 Arcade 
Harvey, William, Yoker distillery cellars, 76 Maxwell street 
Harveys, Wilson & Co. wholesale silk warehousemen, 197 Trongate 
Harvey, Mrs. R. lodgings, 87 Montrose street 

HASTIE, Alexander, of R. Hastie c% Co. house 139 W. Campbell st. 
Hastie, Robert, & Co. merchants, 60 Ingram street 
Hastie, William, painter, 157 High street 
Hastie, William, grocer, 42 Canon street 
Hastie, William, Union victualling society, 21 Stobcross street 
HASTINGS, Alexander, corn merchant, 38 Union street, house 257 

Brandon place 
HASWELL, Robert, merchant, 8 Blythswood square 


HATRICK, John, surgeon and druggist, 371 Gallowgate, house 3 Sid- 
ney street 
Hatrick, W. & Co. seriated soda water manufactory, 13 Turner's court 
HATHORN, John, spirit dealer, 35 Gallowgate 
HAUKS, William, bridle-bit and spur maker, 101 High street 
HAY, Alexander, architect, 10 Coburg lane 
Hay, Andrew, victualler, 20 Candleriggs and 96 Trongate 
Hay, Charles, vintner and stabler, 5 St. Enoch wynd, and livery stabler, 

West Regent lane, Hope street 
Hay, David, distiller, Port-Dundas road, office 49 Virginia street 
Hay, Ebenezer, victualler, 163 Gallowgate 
Hay, Ebenezer, victualler, 35 Crown street 
Hay, James, of William Hay & Co. 

Hay, James, mason and smoke doctor, 13 Wellington street 
Hay, James, jun. smoke doctor, 40 N. Frederick street 
Hay, John, victualler, 28 Rose street, Hutchesontown 
Hay, John, dairyman, St. Vincent lane 
Hay, John B. St. Vincent lane 
Haj r , Matthew, spirit dealer, 32 Crown street 
Hay, Robert P. teacher, 18 Marshall's lane, Gallowgate 
Hay, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 58 Buchanan street, house St. 

George's road 
Hay, Thomas, carver and gilder, 40 Fox street 
Hay, William, & Co. wine merchants, 106 and 110 Candleriggs 
Hay, William, of William Hay & Co. house 109 Hope street 
lay, William, surgeon, 58 Crown street, Hutchesontown 
Hay, Miss J. straw hatmaker 272 High street 
Hay, Mrs. Robert, lodgings, 52 York street 
Hay, Mrs. grocer and spirit dealer, 30 South Coburg street 
HEANY, John, spirit dealer, 88 Trongate 
HECTOR, John, bootmaker, 284 Argyll street 
HEDDERWICK, Alexander, brewer, 22 Buchan street, Gorbals 
Hedderwick, James, & Son, printers, 43 Argyll street, house 36 Clyde 

Hedderwick, John & Co. Dundee warehouse, 50 High street, house 23 

Nicholson street 
Hedderwick, John W. brewer, Govan street 

Hedderwick, Peter, of Hedderwick & Rankin, house 54 Cheapside street 
Hedderwick & Rankin, ship wrights, &c. Lancefield street 
HEGGIE, Andrew, 10 Jamaica street 

Heggie, George, cabinet maker, 25 Ingram street, workshops 100 Stir- 
ling's road, house above workshops 
Heggie, James, bookseller, 13 Saltmarket 
Heggie, James, Bryce & Co. brassfounders, Delftfield lane 
Heggie, J. B. of J. B. Heggie & Co. house 435 Argyll street 
HENDERSON, Alexander, of Mitchell, Grahame & Mitchell 
Henderson, A. R. of Henderson & Blair, house 48 South Portland street 
Henderson, A. & Co. girth web manufacturers, 3 Brunswick court 
Henderson, Andrew, of R. & J. Henderson, house Regent terrace 
Henderson & Blair, shawl manufacturers, 74 Glassford street 
Henderson, Dun. grocer, 72 Renfrew street 
Henderson, Frederick & William brokers, 316 High street 
Henderson, George, grocer, 84 Stockwel' 


Henderson, George, & Co. Letters left at J. Reid's 94 Miller street 

Henderson, George, spirit dealer, Main street, Bridgeton 

Henderson, Hugh, house agent and factor, 286 Gailowgate 

Henderson, Rev. James, of St. Enoch's, 29 Bath street 

Henderson, James, prepairer of cotton yarn chains, 120 Brunswick street 

Henderson, James, 57 York street 

Henderson, James, ship agent, Port-Dundas 

Henderson, John, spirit dealer, 62 Old wynd 

Henderson, John, bookseller, stationer and librarian, 460 Argyll street 

Henderson, John, [spirit dealer, 101 Canning street 

Henderson, John C. & Co. warehousemen, 52 Argyll st. house above 

Henderson, John, of Carslan & Henderson, house 90 Regent ten-ace 

Henderson, John^ slater, 42 Claythorn street 

Henderson, John, saddle-tree, cart hem and chain manufacturer, 39 

Stockwell, house 77 M 'Alpine street 
Henderson, John, wine and spirit merchant, 29 Norfolk street, house 51 

Bridge street 
Henderson & M'Alister, wine merchants, 67 Buchanan street 
Henderson, Patrick, & Co. cork manufacturers, 74 Prince's street 
Henderson, Patrick, merchants, 22 Ingram st, ho. 119 N. Montrose st. 
Henderson, R. & J. merchants and drysalters, 4 South Frederick street, 

shop 31 High street, house 15 Blythswood square 
Henderson, Robert, broker, 318 High street 
Henderson, Samuel, of Ure & Henderson, Mrs. M'Intyre's lodgings, 34 

Portland street 
Henderson, Thomas, at Alexander Dawson's, 5S Brunswick street 
Henderson, Thomas, tailor and clothier, 15 Hutcheson street 
Henderson, William, soap and candle manufacturer, house and works 83 

and 90 New wynd, shop 74 Bridgegate 
Henderson, William, victualler, 227 Cowcaddens 
Henderson, Mrs. lodgings, 6 Union street 
Henderson, Miss C. dress maker, 23 Clyde place 
Henderson, Mrs. midwife and sick nurse, 4 West Milton street 
HENDRY, Alexander, victualler, 73 Saltmarket 
Hendry, Archibald, grocer and spirit dealer, 122 Drygate 
Hendry, Daniel, grocer and spirit dealer, 13 Melville street, Tradeston 
Hendry, David, dealer in teas, wine and spirits, 143 Bridgegate 
Hendry & Fletcher, wood merchants, Craignestock 
Hendrie, Dr. George, 7 Hutcheson street, house 37 Glassford street 
Hendrie, James, & Son, marble cutters and stone masons, 41 Candleriggs, 

house 50 Howard street 
Hendry, James, wright, 28 Crown street 
Hendry, James & Co. calico printers, 95 Candleriggs 
Hendry, James, waiter, Tontine coffee room, house Back buildings 
Hendry, James, of James Hendry & Co. house 49 Montrose street 
Hendry, John, manufacturer, 29 Stirling street, house 23 Warwick st. 
Hendrie, John, of Lockhart & Hendrie, house 239 George street 
Hendry, John, tailor and clothier, 148 Trongate 
Hendry, John, tea merchant and general grocer, 397 Argyll stieet 
Hendry, Robert, rope maker, 17 Pitt street, Anderston walk 
Hendry, William, spirit dealer, 117 Midwoodside street 
HEPBURN, Alexander, spirit dealer, 27 King street 
Hepburn, Robert, boot and shoemaker, 56 George street 


Herald Newspaper Office, Old Post- Office court, Trongate 
HERBERTSON, James, joiner and cabinet maker, 29J Bedford st. 

Herbertson, John, architect, 85 George place, house 4 Bath street 

Herbertson, Thomas, wright and builder, west end of Albany place 

Herbertson, Thomas H. collector of canal dues, Port-Dundas 

Hercules Fire Incrance Company, P. Neilson, 73 Hutcheson street, 
C.R. Baird, 47 Queen st. and David Greig, 9 St. Vincent place, agents 

HERON, David, chandlery and nautical warehouse, ironmonger, oil and 
colourman, 212 Broomielaw 

HERRIOT, James, smith, 22 Campbell street 

Herriot, John, wine and spirit merchant, 27 Jamaica street 

HERTZ, J. at R. Dalglish, Falconer & Co.'s, ho. 8 Blythswood square 

HESPEL, J. G. teacher of music, 145 Campbell street 

HETHERINGTON, James, manager, Anderston foundry Co. house 
139 Main street, Anderston 

Hetherington, John, file cutter, 32 Thistle street, house 27 do 

HE UGH, Rev. Dr. Hugh, house 126 Montrose street 

Heugh, John, of Wilson, Heugh & Co. house 126 North Montrose street 

HEWITT, John Anderson, painter and colourman, 75 Norfolk street 

Hewitt,' J. warehouseman, 62 Hutcheson street 

HICKES, John, bookseller, stationer, and librarian, 21 Bridge street 

Hicks, George, drysalter and agent, 64 Hutcheson street, house Hill- 
side, near Partick 

HIGGINBOTHAM, Samuel, of Charles Todd & Higginbotham, house 
Springfield house 

HIGGENS, Mrs. Andrew, silk dyer, 174 High street 

Higgens, Mrs. straw hat maker, &c. 7 Campbell street east 

Highland Society School, 69 Montrose street. Miss Mennons, teacher 

HILL, Archibald, wholesale & retail grocer, & tea dealer, 157 [Argyll st. 

Hill, Archibald, baker 136 Hope street 

Hill, David, grocer and confectioner, 146 Hope street 

Hill & Davidson, writers, 1 South Frederick street 

Hill & Drummond, cartwr'ights, 458 Gallowgate 

Hill, George, spirit dealer, 46 Hospital street 

Hill, James H. at Hill & Davidson's 

Hill, James, flesher, 1 M'Farlane street 

Hill, Laurence, writer, 1 South Frederick street, house Barlanark, 
Shuttleston parish 

Hill, Neil, agent, 10 Jamaica street 

Hill, Dr. Ninian, 1 1 West Regent street 

Hill, Ninian, tea merchant, 167 Gallowgate 

Hill, Peter, superintendent, Town's Hospital, house 39 Norfolk street 

Hill, Robert, at N. Tweedie's, house 20 L T nion street 

Hill, Thomas, maltster, 35 Cavendish street 

Hill, Thomas, writer, 68 St. Vincent street 

Hill, William, victualler and spirit dealer, 20 Marlborough street 

Hill, William D. manufacturer, 51 Cochran street, house 40 Union st. 

Hill, William, supervisor, Excise office, house Broomhill 

Hill, Mrs. Dr. Henry, 43 Cambridge street 

Hill, Mrs. 20 Union street 

HILLAS, James, spirit dealer, 46 Saltmarket street 

HILLIARD, Harvey, cutlery, surgical instrument, and patent syringe 
manufacturer 28 Argyll street 



Hilliard, J. W. cupper to the Royal Infirmary 28 Argyll street 
HILPERT, Andrew, teacher of music, 249 Argyll street 
HILSTON, William, manager, Gallowgate apothecaries 1 Co. 31 Gal- 

lowgate street 
HILTON, Thomas, beadle, St Andrew's Episcopal chapel, 7 George sq. 
Hilton, Mrs. James, tavern, 7 George square 
HINSHAW, John, & Co. merchants, 4 Royal Bank place 
Hinshaw, Robert, of John Hinshaw & Co. house 195 Bath street 
Hinshaw, William, & Co. manufacturers, 9 George square, south side 
Hinshaw, William, of William Hinshaw & Co. house 82 S. Portland st. 
HINSHELWOOD, John, agent, auctioneer and appraiser, 107 Bu- 
chanan street, house 1 6 Robertson street 
HISLOP, George, smith and machine maker, 29 St. Enoch lane, house 

Horn's court, 3 St. Enoch square 
HODGES, George, merchant, 57 Miller street, house 10 Bedford street 
HOGARTH, William, coal agent, 75 Carrick street 
HODGE, John, flesher, 62 Taylor street 
Hodge, Robert, 102 East Regent street 
Hodge, Robert, victualler, 20 Nicholson street 
Hodge, William, spirit dealer, 56 Trongate 
Hodge, W. B. writer, Buchanan street, house 327 Argyll street 
Hodge, Mrs. furnishing shop, and register office, 57 Hutcheson street 
HOGG, Arthur, plane maker, 6 North Albion street 
Hogg, John, tinplate worker, 14 Spoutmouth 

HOLA WAY, James, bolt and screw maker, Kirkcloss, Main st. Anderston 
HOLLAND, Vice Consdl's Office, 2 Royal Exchange court, John 

M'Pherson, vice consul 
HOLMES, John, spirit dealer, Finnieston 
Holmes, John, broker, 11 Miller place 
Holmes, R. R. writer, depute clerk of the peace for Lanarkshire, office 

73 Hutcheson street 
HONEYMAN, John, & Co. corn factors, 43 Dunlop street 
Honeyman, John, of John Honeyman & Co. house 21 Carlton place 
HOOD, Andrew, merchant tailor, 58 Buchanan street 
Hood, Charles, at C. D. Donald's, 37 Virginia street 
Hood, John, spirit dealer, 111 Carrick street 

Hood, John, & Co. muslin manufacturers, Smith's court, Brunswick st. 
Hood, John, manufacturer, 24 Miller street 
Hood, J. of John Hood & Co. house 82 West street 
Hood Robert, cooper, 90 Candleriggs, house 95 do. 
HOOKER, Joseph, sen. 10 Woodside crescent 
Hooker, Sir William Jackson, LL.D. regius professor of botany in the 

University, house 10 Woodside crescent 
Home, George, merchant, 33 Nicholson street 

HOPE, David, of Fleming & Hope, ho. 5 Wellington pi. Sauchiehall st. 
HOPKIRK, John, Wheat Sheaf Inn, Clyde terrace 
Hopkirk, Walter, spirit dealer, 4 Renfield street 
HORN, David, town and sheriff-officer, 62 Bridgegate 
Horn, James, ship wright, 136 Broomielaw 
Horn, John, furnishing shop, 56 High street 
Home, John, woollen draper and hatter, 27 Trongate, house 17 St. 

Andrew square 
Horn, Miss E. milliner and stay maker, 8 Bell street 


HOSIE, J. ropemaker, 23 Stockwell, house 27 do. 

HOSSACK, John, & Co. ale and spirit merchants, 9 Jamaica street, 

and 12 and 14 Stockwell place, and 27 Oxford street 
Hossack, Miss, teacher of piano forte, 70 Robertson street 
HOTSON, John, of MacDowall & Hotson, house 16 ^bbotsford place 
HOULDSWORTH, Henry, & Sons, cotton spinners, Cheapside street, 

Anderston, house Cranstonhill 
Houldsworth, John, of H. Houldsworth fe Sons, ho. 76 St. Vincent st. 
Houldsworth, William, of H. Houldsworth & Sons, house Belvidere 
HOUSTOUN, A. M'D. of Houston, Watson & Co. house 63 John st. 
Houstoun, James, baker, 19 Clyde terrace 
Houstoun, James, bottler, 83 Nelson street, Tradeston 
Houstoun, John, grocer, 45 Cheapside street 

Houstoun, John G. writer, 24 Miller street, house 92 Eglinton street 
Houstoun, John, spirit dealer, Rumford street, Bridgeton 
Houstoun, John, stripe and check manufacturer, 20 Candleriggs 
Houston, John, lappet-wheel maker, 45 John street 
Houston, Joseph, victualler and spirit dealer, 333 Gallowgate 
Houstoun, M. hosier, general smallware and umbrella manufacturer, 79 

Trongate, house Bennie's New land, Great Hamilton street 
Houstoun, Robert, shoe shop, 34 Prince's street 

Houston, Watson & Co. plumbers and lead merchants, College street 
Houstoun, William, shawl manufacturer, 100 Queen st. & 163 Ingram st. 
Houston, William, wholesale butter, ham, and meal store, 72 Great 

Hamilton street, house above 
Houstoun, Miss, milliner and dress maker, 310 Argyll street 
Houstoun, Miss, Springbank Retreat. Letters, &c. to the care of Mr. 

John Gray, 3 Argyll street 
HOUTEN, H. L. van den, professor of drawing and painting, High 

School, house 175 Buchanan street 
HO WATT, Henry R. druggist, 158 Main street, Gorbals 
Howatt, William, cooper. 61 Canning street, Calton 
HOWATSON, Thomas, sen. & Co. manufacturers, 81 Wilson street 
Howatson, W. of W. M'Gown & Co. house 26 North Portland street 
HOWIE, James, writer, 67 Miller street, house 25 St. Enoch square 
Howie, James, of Campbell & Howie, house 6 St. Andrew square 
Howie, James, furniture warehouse, 32 Bridgegate 
Howie, James, & Co. cabinet and chairmakers and funeral undertakers, 

8 Puddock row 
Howey, Thomas & Co. carriers, 38 Montrose street, J. M'Innes, agent 
HOWIE SON, Thomas, spirit dealer and ship agent, Port-Dundas 
HUGGINS, William B. & Co. merchants, 17 John street 
HUGHES, Daniel, spirit dealer, 18 Market street 
Hughes, Edward, button manufacturer, 53 Crown street 
Hughes, George, writing master, 1 South Portland street 
Hughes, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 67 Kingfield row, Calton 
Hull Linseed & Rape Oil Co. Alex. Arnott, agent, 5 Melville place 
HUMBER, John, victualling house, 22 Clyde place, Tradeston 
HUME, Alex, book agent, 2 Coburg street 
Hume, James, spirit dealer, 2 Bell street 
Hume, Thomas, spirit dealer, 162 West Regent street 
HUMPHREYS, Robert, & Sons, weaving factory, Greenhead 
Humphreys, Robert, of Robert Humphreys & Sons, house Greenhead 


HUNTER, Alexander & Moore, tailors, 59 Great Hamilton street 
Hunter, Andrew, civil engineer, Bothwell street, Anderston 
Hunter, Archibald, & Sons, clothiers, 151 Buchanan street 
Hunter, A. G. hatter, 28 Buchanan street, house 53 S. Portland street | 
Hunter, David, grocer and spirit dealer, Dalmarnock road 
Hunter & Dow, ship builders, New Slip Dock, Hyde Park, Broomielaw I 
Hunter, Duncan, jun. & Co. muslin manufacturers, 38 Queen street 
Hunter, George, & Co. merchants, 107 Buchanan street 
Hunter & Gillies, warehousemen, 6 Maxwell street 
Hunter, James, baker, Port-Dundas 
Hunter, James, grocer, 55 Mitchell street 
Hunter, James & Robert, brewers, 23 Montrose street 
Hunter, John, cabinet and upholstery warehouse, 152 Hope street 
Hunter, John, flour merchant, 16 Buchanan st. ho. 37 S. Portland st. 
Hunter, John, grocer and spisit dealer, 24 Portugal street 
Hunter, J. grocer, 2 Union street, Calton - 
Hunter, John, victualler, 225 High street 
Hunter, Moses, & Co. wood merchants, 21 M'Farlane street 
Hunter, Moses, of Moses Hunter & Co. house 4 Great Hamilton street I 
Hunter, Malcolm, Edgefield Cottage, near Springburn 
Hunier, Robert, & Son, cabinet makers and upholsterers, 410 Argyll st. 5 
Hunter, Robert, M. D. professor of anatomy, Andersonian University, I 
house 33 North Hanover street 

Hunter, Samuel, of Herald Office, house 168 George street 

Hunter, Samuel, spirit dealer, 39 Gordon street 

Hunter, Thomas, baker and spirit dealer, 6 Stevenson street 

Hunter, Wm. & Geo. insurance brokers, 107 Buchanan st. ho. 1S6 Bath st. 

Hunter, Wm. wood merchant and cabinet maker, 116 & 155 Stockwell 

Hunter, William, flesher, 70 Bell street, house 24 Wilson street 

Hunter, William, rag merchant, 14 Steel street 

Hunter, William, surgeon, 249 Gallowgate 

Hunter, Mrs. scale-board and hat box maker, 71 Crown street 

Hunter, Mrs. lodgings, 12 Anderston quay 

Hunter, Miss, 2 Windsor place 

Hunterian Museum, behind the College 

HURLET and Campsie Alum Co. 77 Union street 

HUSSEY, William, & Son, cotton spinners 18 Ingram street, works 
Dale street, Bridgeton 

Hussey, Wm. sen. of William Hussey & Son, house Newhall, Greenhead 

Hussey, Wm. jun. of Wm. Hussey & Son, ho. Green Lodge, Greenhead 

Hotcheson's Hospital, 56 Ingram street 

HUTCHISON, Alexander, cabinet arid chair maker, 112 Renfield st. 

Hutcheson, Charles, merchant, house 3 Carlton place 

Hutcheson, Charles, & Co. 80 Buchanan street 

Hutcheson, David, at J. & G. Burns, 9 Buchanan st. 

Hutcheson, George, writer, 135 Buchanan street 

Hutchison, George, of Hutchison & Milne, house 27 Elmbank place 

Hutchison, George, victualler, 37 Kirk street, Calton 

Hutchison, George, at Cochran & Co.'s, house 42 Garscube place 

Hutchison, Graham, of James Hutchison & Co. house 74 George square 

Hutchison, James, & Co. manufacturers, 79 Hutcheson street 

Hutchison, James, of James Hutchison & Co. house 149 St. Vincent st. 

Hutchison, James, bootmaker, 160 Argyll street 


Hutchison, James, bookbinder, 12 Prince's street 

Hutcheson, James, at John Cross & Co.'s, house 16 Sauchiehall strett 

Hutcheson, John, spirit dealer, New Parliamentary road 

Hutchison, Joseph, comb manufacturer, 27 St. Andrew street 

Hutchison & Milne, general commission merchants, 35 Miller street 

Hutchison, N. tea and spirit dealer, 78 Eglinton street 

Hutchison, Robert, bookseller and stationer, 11 Saltmarket 

Hutchison, Robert, at J. Hutchison & Co.'s, 79 Hutcheson street 

Hutchison, Thomas, manager, Perth Baking Co. 78 Union street 

Hutchison, W. & H. victuallers, 40 & 42 Norfolk street 

Hutchesontown Victualling Society, 14 Govan street, G. Park, manager 

HUTTON, Alexander, tailor, 17 Trongate 

Hutton, Alexander, victualler, 105 Burnside, Port-Dundas 

Hutton, Alexander, of Cowan, Hutton, & Baird 

Hutton, Archibald, spirit dealer, 21 Main street, Calton 

Hutton, John, confectioner, 60 Queen street, house 5 S. Hanover street 

Hutton & Wilson, merchants, 6 Wellington street 

Hutton, William, power-loom cloth manufacturer, Tureen steeet, ho. do. 

Hutton, William, shawl warehouse, 4 Argyll street 

HYND, Mrs. grocer, 60 Commerce street 


Imperial Fire and Life Insurance Office, 63 St. Vincent street. 

James K. Boyle, agent 
IMRIE, Andrew, shoemaker, 135 Main street, Anderston 
Imrie, Mrs. grocer, 80 King street, Tradeston 
Imrie, Mrs. lodgings, 243 Gallowgate 
Independent West Middlesex Assurance Co. Agent, Archibald 

Livingston, writer, 68 St. Vincent street. See Advertisement in 

INGLIS, Andrew, hat maker, Old Post-office court, 114 Trongafc 
Inglis, Anthony, smith and bell hanger, 3 Main street, Anderston 
Inglis, Charles, commission merchant, 82 Virginia street, ho. 60 Bath st 
Inglis, David, spirit dealer, 26 King street, Calton 
Ingles, D. & H. calico printers, 28 Cochran street 
Ingles, George, spirit dealer, 45 Old venel 
Ingles, H. of D. & H. Ingles, house 69 St. Vincent street 
Inglis, James, Lieut. R.N. 120 Buchanan street 
Inglis, James, writer and clerk of police, house Bain's buildings 
Inglis, James, Melbourne tavern, 19 Gallowgate 
Inglis, John, grocer, 8 Moore street 

Inglis, M'Gregor & Co. wholesale warehousemen, 20 Buchanan street 
Inglis, Peter, Carmyle. Letters left at 63 Trongate 
Inglis, Peter, furnishing shop, 25 King street, Calton 
Inglis, Robert, 24 Ropework lane 

Inglis, Thomas, of Inglis, M'Gregor & Co. house 48 Brougham place 
Inglis, Thomas, M.D. 178 George street 
Inglis, Thomas, grocer and spirit dealer, 649 Gallowgate 
Inglis, Thomas, grocer, 20 Adelphi stree-t 
Inglis, William, spirit dealer, 6 Stockwell 
Inglis, William, turner, 103 Main street, Anderston 
Inglis, Mrs. John, spirit dealer, 56 Hutcheson street 
Inglis & Gibb, Misses, boarding and day school, 7 Queen street 



INGRAM, Charles, tobacconist, 13 Nelson street 

Ingram, Charles, gun and lock maker, 43 Jamaica street 

INNERARITY, Alex. & Co. merchants, 230 St. Vincent street 

Innerarity, Alex, of Alex. Innerarity & Co. house 232 St. Vincent street 

INNES, Alexander, victualler, 72 Gallowgale 

Innes, George, jeweller and watchmaker, 58 Argyll street 

Innes, John, pattern drawer and print cutter, 24 Wilson street 

Innes, William, spirit dealer, 14 High street 

Innes, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 23 Eglinton street 

Innes & Hislop, Misses, milliners and dress makers, 48 George square 

Innes, Mrs. John, muslin and lace printing establishment, 24 Wilson st. 

Inspecting Field Officer's office, 112 Sauchiehall street 

IONIDES & Co. J. T. Perman, agent, 23 South Hanover street 

Insurance Company of Scotland, George Ord, 125 Virginia street, 

John Wyld, 66 Virginia street, D. & N. Bannatyne, George street, 

and G. Neil, 280 George street, agents 
Inverness Steam-Packet Office, 9 Buchanan street 
Inverness Steam-Packet Company, 5 Jamaica street 
IRVINE & Bryce, chemists, Port-Dundas road 
Irvine, D. S. merchant, 135 Buchanan street, lodgings 2 Fife place 
Irvine, James, umbrella maker, 3 Bridge street 
Irvine, John, sen, 190 Hope street 

Irvine, John, jun. of Irvine & Bryce, ho. 60 Brougham pi. Renfrew st. 
Irvine, Maxwell, London Chop-house, 24 Royal Exchange square 
Irvin, William & Samuel, merchants, 42 Miller st. ho. 143 Hope st. 
Islay Distilleries' Store and Bonding Warehouse, 82 Maxwell street, 

Alexander Graham, agent 
IZETT, Andrew, tavern, 6 Bell street 

JAAP, Ludovick, teacher of music, and Post-office receiving-house, 34 

Main street, Anderston 
JACK, Allan, writer, 51 Brunswick place 

Jack, Alexander, victualler and spirit dealer, Reid street, Bridgeton 
Jack, David, portioner, 21 George street, Mile-end 
Jack, David, spirit dealer, 14 New street, Calton 
Jack, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 23 Oxford street 
Jack, John, tailor and broker, 285 High street 
Jack, Paterson & Co. upholstery and cabinet warehouse, 167 Trongate, 

works Hope street, Sauchiehall street 
Jack, Thomas, sheriff-officer and constable, 5 Little street, Calton 
Jack, William, cabinet-maker, 28 Green street, Calton 
Jack, W. & J. victuallers, Cowcaddens 
Jack, Mrs. Thomas, lodgings, 14 Cathcart street 
JACKSON, Andrew, surgeon, 67 Anderston, ho. 103 do. 
Jackson, Andrew & Son, grain merchants, 22 Union st. house 20 do. 
Jackson, James, spirit dealer, Drygate toll 

Jackson, James & Co. rectifiers and spirit merchants, 8 Miller street 
Jackson, James, brazier and tinplate worker, 141 Argyll street, works 

St. Enoch wynd 
Jackson, John, grocer, 166 Main street, Gorbals 
Jackson, John, surgeon, lecturer on medical jurisprudence, 25 Maxwell' 

street, house 56 do. 


Jackson & M'Laurin, power loom cloth manufacturers, Tureen st. factory 

Jackson, Robert, & Co. booksellers and stationers, 66 Argyll street 

Jackson, Robert, victualler, 121 West Nile street 

Jackson, Thomas, of Jackson & M'Laurin, house 1 Morris place 

Jackson, William, baker, 48 Norfolk street 

Jackson, William, plasterer, 40 Hospital street 

Jackson, Mrs. milliner, 54 Argyll arcade 

JEFFREY, David, at A. & J. Downie's, house 44 Norfolk street 

Jaffrey & Gunion, wholesale cheese merchants and victuallers, 87 Can- 
dleriggs, house 85 do. 

Jeffrey, Capt. George, superintendent of police, police chambers, South 
Portland street 

Jaffrey, Hugh, writer, 23 Cochran street, house 107 Kensington place 

Jeffrey, John, teacher of English, 21 Cochran street 

Jeffrey, John, wine and spirit merchant, 196 Argyll st. ho. lti Hope st. 

Jaffiey, John, & Co. merchants, 2 Antigua place 

Jeffrey, Joseph, Custom House, house 27 Abbotsford place 

Jeffrey, M. tailor and clothier, 46 London street, house 109 Argyll st. 

Jeffrey, Robert, jun. & Co. wine and spirit cellars, 145 Trongate, or 11 
Old wynd, house 1 Norfolk court, Laurieston 

Jaffrey, R. manufacturer, 37 St. Andrew street, ho. 49 St. Andrew sq. 

Jaffrey, R. accountant and house factor, agent for the North British Fire 
and Life Insurance Co. 1 1 Virginia street, house 27 Abbotsford place 

Jaffrey, Robert, builder, Reid street, Bridgeton 
Jaffrey, William, & Son, tailors, 1 1 Stockwell 

Jeffrey, William, sen. accountant and agent, 24 Queen street, house 44 

Norfolk street 
Jaffray, William, jun. accountant, law agent, and notary public, 63 

High John street 
Jaffray, Mrs. D. 119 George street 

JAMES, George, at Alston, Mather & Co.'s, 26 Glassford street 
James, John, superintendent of factories, 98 West George street 
JAMESON, Robert, writer, 58 Miller street, bouse 220 Hill street, 

Jamieson, Ebenezer, pawnbroker, 43 Trongate 

Jamieson, George, of Alexander Rankin & Co. ho. 195 G. Hamilton st. 
Jamieson, James, merchant, at John Fyfe's, 42 Miller street 
Jamieson, Dr. James, 294 High street, house above 
Jamieson, James, of M'Bean, Jamieson & Co. house 199 West Bath st. 
Jamieson, John, of Paterson, Jamieson & Co. house 247 Brandon place 
Jamieson, J. P. of Jamieson & Thomson, house 68 West Regent street 
Jamieson, John, tailor, head of Port-Dundas road 
Jamieson, M'Crackan & Co. merchants, 106 Fyfe place 
Jamieson, R. of Jamieson, M'Crackan & Co. ho. 186 St. Vincent street 
Jamieson, Robert, merchant, 1^5^ Buchanan street 
Jamieson & Thomson, pullicafe and gingham manufacturers, 3 Royal 

Exchange square 
Jamieson, William, & Co. merchants, 3 Royal Exchange court 
Jamieson, Win. & Jas. & Co. merchants, 3 Royal Exchange court 
Jamieson, William, of William Jamieson & Co. house 3 Montagu place 
Jamieson, William, wright, trunk and packing box maker, 33 George 

square, house 16 Portland place, Laurieston 
Jamieson, W. M. commission merchant, 29 Ann street 


Jamieson, Mrs. stay maker, Fife place, 100 West George street 
JARDINE, J. B. of Pasley, Jardine & Co. ho. Hallside, Cambnslaug 
Jardine, William, clothier, 96 Saltmarket, house Couper's land, Upper 

Crown street 
JARVIS, Alexander, tailor, 9 Gallowgate 
JARVEY, Andrew, measurer of timber and dry goods, 152 Broomie- 

law, house M'Symon place 
Jarvie, J. of R. .larvie & Sons, house 112 Washington street 
Jarvie, Robert, & Sons, Anderston rope work, 18 Stobcross street 
Jarvie, Robert, merchant, Robertson street 

Jarvie, R. sen. of Robert Jarvie & Sons, ho. Allan place, Anderston walk 
Jarvie, R. jun. of Robert Jarvie & Sons, ho. Allan pi. Anderston w;ilk 
JENKINE, Jas. spirit dealer and coal merchant, Monkland canal hasin 
Jenkins, Joseph, flesher, 387 Gallowgate, 

JOHNSTON, Alexander, & Co. merchants, 8 Royal Excliange rooms 
Johnston, Alexander, of A. Johnston & (Jo. house 16 Blythswood square 
Johnston, Alexander, tavern, 5 King street 

Johnston, Alexander, of James Eisdale & Co. 36 Hutcheson street 
Johnston, Alexander, straw hat manufacturer, 122 Trongate 
Johnston, Andrew, of Walrond, Ellis, & Co. house 5 Moore place 
Johnston, Archibald, builder, 22 Eglinton street 
Johnston, Archibald, surgeon, 195 Cowcaddens, house 207 do. 
Johnstone & Bell, warehousemen and silk mercers, 127 Argyll street 
Johnston, Charles, boot and shoemaker, 267 George stieet 
Johnston, Charles, painter and colourman, 17 London street 
Johnston, Charles, plasterer, 115 Montrose street 
Johnston, Daniel, cabinet maker and upholsterer, 43 High street 
Johnston, David, of Wm. Brown & Co. house 11 Montagu place 
Johnston, David, of Middleton & Johnston, ho. 21 Rose st. Garnethifl 
Johnston, David, writer, Villafield place 

Johnston, David, & Co. wine and spirit merchants, 116 Ingram street 
Johnston, David, of David Johnston & Go. house 43 Cambridge street 
Johnston, Donald, spirit dealer, 111 Stockwell 
Johnston & Farie, yarn merchants, 62 Wilson street 
Johnston, Galbraith & Co. manufacturers and cotton spinners. 8 Royal 

Exchange rooms, works Oakbank, near Springbank 
Johnston, George, baker, 36 Crown street, Hutchesontown 
Johnston & Henry, manufacturers, 1 North court, Royal Exchange 
Johnston, James, & Co. brewers, 23 Stirling street, house 36 do. 
Johnston, James, jun. currier, Burnside lane, Duke street 
Johnston, James, manufacturer, 30 South Hanover street 
Johnston, J. M. clothier, 142 Trongate, ho. 2 Morris pi. Monteitli row 
Johnston, Rev. John, 73 South Portland street 

Johnston, John, & Co. pocket book, work box and dressing case manu- 
facturers, 48 St. Vincent street, house 15 Commerce strpet 
Johnston, John M'N. & Co. tanners and agents, Burnside lane, Duke st. 
Johnston, John, boot and shoemaker, 5 Stevenson street, Calton 
Johnston, John, baker, 99 Eglinton street 

Johnston, M. K, surgeon and druggist, 30 South Portland st. ho. 65 do. 
Johnston, Michael, shoemaker, 99 Nelson street 

Johnston, Michael, grocer and spirit dealer, 1 Maitland st. Cowcaddeni 
Johnston, Peter, smith and bell hanger, 17 Govan St. ho. 43 Crown St. 
Johnston, Robert, at J. and R, Cogan's, 9 Tobago street 

JOHNSTON — KAY. ] 1 7 

Johnston, Robert, spirit dealer, 224 Broomielaw 

Johnston, Ronald, spirit dealer, 114 Broomielaw 

Johnston, Samuel, hosier, 80 Trongate 

Johnston, Thomas, grocer and spirit dealer, 17 Little street 

Johnston, Thomas, superintendent of the affairs of the Forth and Clyde 

Canal Navigation 
Johnston, Thomas, spirit dealer, 5 Laigh Kirk close 
Johnston T. & Co. stationery warehouse and reading room, 426 Argyll st. 
Johnston, Thomas, & Co. writing ink makers and stationers, 137 

George street 
Johnston, Thos. victualler, 154 Main street, Gorbals 
Johnston, Thos. clothier, 13 London street 
Johnston, Thomas, file cutter, Ayton court 
Johnston, Thos. tobacconist, 217 High street 
Johnston, William, fire brick and grinding works, Port-Dundas road, 

house Cleland testimonial 
Johnston, William, harbour-master, office 16 Robertson street 
Johnston, William, flesher, 14 Great Hamilton street 
Johnston, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 24 Marlborough street 
Johnston, William, grocer, 13 King street, house, 117 Candleriggs 
Johnston, William, teacher, 24 Piccadilly st. ho. 20 Main st. Anderston 
Johnston, William, at J. M. Johnston's 
Johnston, Mrs. Captain, College buildings, 3 College street 
Johnston, Mrs. baker, 11 King street, Calton 
Johnston, Mrs. 2 Monis place, Monteith row 
Johnston, Mrs. John, spirit dealer, 222 Broomielaw 
Johnston, Mrs. Lodgings, 33 George square < 

Johnston, Mrs. lodgings, 233 High street 
Johnston, Mrs. mangier, 9 St. Andrew square 
Johnston, Mrs. R. lodgings, 47 Bath street 
Joiners' Hodse of Call, 62 Argyll street. H. Alexander 
JONES, Mrs. John, bleacher, Clober office, and Dunfermline table linen 

warehouse, 76 Bell street 
Jones, William, gardener, 2 Green market, house Huntingdondale 
Journal Office, 8 Miller street 
Justice of Peace Clerk's Office for Lanarkshire, 73 Hutcheson 

street. John Douglas, clerk. R. R. Holmes, depute-clerk 

KAINE, Charles, provision merchant, 68 Clyde street, Anderston 
KAY, Alexander, manufacturer, 82 George street 
Kay, Alexander, at R. D. Alston's, 126 Queen street 
Kay, Daniel, grocer, 409 Gallowgate 
Kay, H. boot and shoe manufacturer, 20 Coburg street 
Kaye, John, of Dougall & Kaye, house 24 Russell street 
Kay, John, wine and spirit merchant, 32 Main street, Anderston 
Kay, John, surgeon, 16 Go van street 
Kaye, Robert, tea merchant and general grocer, 94 Trongate, house 26 

Great Hamilton street 
Kay, Thomas, carver and gilder, 40 Fox street 
Kay, William, gas office, house 38 Virginia street 
Kay, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 33 Adelphi street 
Kay, Mrs. grocer, 1 62 Saltmarket 


KEAN, George, slater, 89 Gallowgate 

Kean, James, slater, 30 King street, Calton 

KEEL, Mrs. Alexander, grocer, 79 King street, Tradeston 

KELLAR, Alexander, of Fisken & Kellar, house 5 Morris place 

Kellar, Mrs. grocer and spirit dealer, 12 Great Hamilton street 

KEILLER, John, builder, New Parliamentary road 

KEIR, Walter, tea dealer, 19 Blackfriar street 

Keir, John, beadle to the Rev. Dr. Heugh, 36 Blackfriar street 

KEITH, Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, Main street, Bridgeton 

Keith, John, bookseller and book auctioneer and appraiser, 5 Hutcheson 

street, house 5 Sommerville place 
Keith, M. teacher of music and piano forte tuner, 7 Croy place 
KELLY, Charles, baker, 32 Clyde street, Anderston 
Kelly, David, tea and spirit merchant, 330 Argyll street 
Kelly and Harvie, clothiers, 26 Royal Exchange square 
Kelley, James, foreman, 58 North Hanover street 

Kelly, James, muslin manufacturer, 48 Nelson st. house 168 Gallowgate 
Kelly, James, coal merchant, Railway depot, house 12 Glebe st. Orders 

for all kinds of coal left at 25 Gallowgate 
Kelley, James, cutler and gun maker, 90 Argyll street 
Kelley, John, surgeon, 635 Gallowgate 
Kelley, John P. of Elliot & Kelleys, 4 Slontrose street 
Kelly, Peter, grocer and spirit dealer, 98 Burnside, Poit-Dundas 
Kelly, William & Co. cotton brokers and agents for York and North of 

England Assurance Co. 52 Virginia street 
Kelly, William, sen. of W. Kelly & Co. house 110 Bath street 
Kelly, William, jun. of W. Kelly & Co. house 112 Wellington street 
Kelly, Mrs. H. grocer, Main street, Bridgeton, corner of Rumford street 
Kelley, Mrs. midwife, 58 North Hanover street 
KELSO, Peter, of Wilson and Kelso, house 102 Bath street 
KELT, James, tea and wine merchant, commission agent, &c. 15 Pt. 

Andrew lane 

Kelt, Thomas, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 43 Nelson street, Tradeston 
KELTIE, William H. grocer, 39 Candleriggs 
Keltie, Miss, 145 Campbell street 

KEMP, David, of Kemp, Pringle & Lawson, house 65 Renfield street 
Kemp, Pringle & Lawson, emporium for Foreign and British shawls, 

47 Buchanan street 
KENNEDY, Alexander, spirit dealer, 236 High street 
Kennedy, Allan, tavern, Buchanan court, 44 Trongate 
Kennedy, Archibald, spirit dealer, Muslin street 
Kennedy, David, tailor, 193 Argyll street 
Kennedy, Denis, catholic bookseller, printer, publisher and stationer, 

Waterport buildings, 16 & 17 Great Clyde street 
Kennedy, G. stationer, 89 Argyll street 

Kennedy, Gilbert, collector for county of Lanark, and affent for Caledo- 
nian Insurance Co. 10 Renfield lane, house 15 Renfield street 
Kennedy, Dr. Hugh, 41 Gallowgate 
Kennedy, Hugh, china merchant, 22 Russell street 
Kennedy, Hugh, of J. Ellis, Kennedy & Co. house 9 Hopetoun place 
Kennedy, James, stationer, 115 Ingram street, house 44 Norfolk street 
Kennedy, J. spirit dealer, and beadle of Duke st. chapel, 257 Ceorg*> st 
Kennedy, John, cork cutter, 166 Trongate 


Kennedy, N. of Campbell, M'Lean & Kennedy, ho. 101 Castlemilk pi. 

Kennedy, Patrick M. of Old Drug warehouse, 59 Trongate 

Kennedy, Robert, of Buchanan, Kennedy & Co. house 2 Fife place 

Kennedy & Strang, spirit and porter vaults, 67 Stockwell 

Kennedy, Thomas, merchant tailor, 24 Bedford street 

Kennedy, Thomas, & Co. silk and calico printers, Little Govan. Orders 
and letters left at J. Kennedy's, 115 Ingram street 

Kennedy, Thomas, carpet manufacturer and dyer, 103 & 105 Havannah 
street, house South Woodside road 

Kennedy, Thomas, tailor, 255 George street 

Kennedy, Mrs. A. chandler, 59 Main street, Gorbals 

KERR, Alex, tinplate worker, brazier, &c. 104 Argyll st. ho. 108 do. 

Kerr, Archibald, of Russell and Kerr, house 28 South Portland street 

Kerr, Hugh, writer and auditor of court, 13 John st. ho. 109 Argyll st. 

Kerr, James, ladies' boot and shoe warehouse, 21 Buchanan st. house 
273 George street 

Kerr, James, engraver, copperplate and lithographic printer, 59 Tron- 
gate, house 21 Eglinton street 

Kerr, James, at Oswald, Tennent & Co.'s, house Murrow's park, Govan 

Kerr, James, accountant, 1 1 Miller st. ho. 3 Eldon place, Kingston 
i Kerr, James, & Son, starchers, 53 Great Hamilton street 
I Kerr, James, jun. of Waddell and Kerr, writers, ho. 3 Eldon pi. Kingston 
! Kerr, James, slater, 35 Hospital street, and spirit dealer, 37 do. 
; Kerr, James M. of Gait & Kerr, house 28 South Portland street 
! Ker, John, manufacturer, 127 Brunswick street, ho. 193 St. Vincent st. 
" Kerr, John, jun. manufacturer, 14 Garthland street, ho. 112 Rottenrow 
' Kerr, John, surgeon, 71 George street 

j Kerr, John, writer, 97 Brunswick street, house 145 St. Vincent street 
j Kerr, Malcolm, wholesale stationer, 89 Queen st. house 2 S. Portland st. 
| Kerr, Robert, jun. merchant, 119 Brunswick street 
I, Kerr, Robert, merchant, 113 Brunswick street, house 107 Hope street 
i 1 Ker, Stewart & Co. 7 Exchange place 
|j Kerr, Thomas, of M'Nab, Kerr & Co. house Lancefield 
j Kerr, William, at Paterson, Jamieson & Co.'s, house 130 Hope street 
I Ker, William, ironmonger, 8 London street 
| Kerr, William, merchant tailor, 72 Saltmarket 

Kerr, William, bookseller, 6 College street 
j Kerr, William, grocer and spirit dealer, Muslin street 

Kerr, Mrs. Connell, clothier, 60 Saltmarket 

Kerr, Mrs. James, lodgings, 3 College street 

KETTLE, Robert, cotton yarn merchant, 76 Virginia street, house 65 
Renfield street 

KEYDEN, James, of Strang, Yuille& Keyden, house Caledonian place, 
Sauchiehall road 

Keyden, Mrs. 177 St. Vincent street 

KHULL, Edward, printer to the University, and stereotype founder, 
Dunlop street, house 217 Buchanan street 

KIBBLE, James, & Co. metal warehouse, 24 Turner's court 

Kibble, James, of J. Kibble & Co. house Park place, Paisley road 

Kibble, James, jun. of J. Kibble & Co. house Park place, Paisley road 

Kibble, Thomas, of J. Kibble & Co. house Park place, Paisley road 

KIDD, William, tinsmith, 60 Gallowgate 

KIDSTON, A. G. of William Kidston & Sons, ho. 103 W. Regent st. 


Kidston, Richard, of Wm. Kidston & Sons, 19 Queen street 

Kidston, Robert Alex. & Co. potters, Anderston, and Verreville Works 

Kidston, R. A. of Robert Alex. Kidston & Co, house Verreville 

Kidston, William, & Sons, merchants, 19 Queen street 

Kidston, William, of W. Kidston & Sons, 19 Queen street 

Kidston, Rev. Dr. William, 47 Bellgrove place 

KILGOUR, Allan, baker, 99, Main street, Anderston 

KILPATRICK, George, grocer and spirit dealer, 165 G. Hamilton st. 

Kilpatrick John, flesher, 337 Argyll street 

Kilpatrick, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 19 Portugal street 

Kilpatrick, William, & Co. fleshers, 103 Fife place, ho. 16 Sauchiehall st. 

Kilpatrick, William, jun. flesher, 73 George street, house 62 do. 

Kilpatrick, Mrs. vintner, 85 Candleriggs 

KINCAID, George, tobacconist, 6 Trongate 

King's Arms Inn and Hotel, 66 Trongate. D. M'Gregor 

KING, Alexander, 40 Old wynd 

King, Andrew, & Co. manufacturers, 25 North Albion street 

King, Rev. Andrew, minister of St. Stephen's, house 43 Rose street 

King, Andrew, of A. King & Co. house Carlton place 

King, Campbell, at Wm. Falconer's, 30 Montrose st. ho. S. Woodside 

King, C. A. of Woodnuick, Garnkirk and Glasgow Railway office, 

Townhead, house 1 Ure place 
King, Rev. David, 4 Canning place, Stirling's road 
King, David, hardware merchant, 42 Main street, Anderston 
King, Dr. George, 55 West Nile street 
King, George H. merchant, 5 Bath street 
King & Gemmill, writers, 48 Nelson street 
King, James, of King & Gemmill, house Horn's court, St. Enoch square 
King, James, jun. writer, 328 Sauchiehall street 
King, James, tailor, 28 Saltmarket 
King, J. & W. grocers, 391 Gallowgate 
King, John, jun. cooper, 9 High street 

King, John, of Geo. M'Intosh & Co. house 14 Monteith row 
King, John, tea merchant, 182 Trongate 

King, John, & Son, manufacturers, Aytoun place, 52 Old venel 
King, John, victualler, 283 Argyll street 
King, Matthew, victualler, 111 Cowcaddens 

King, Richard, grocer and spirit dealer, 74 Main street, Anderston 
King, Robert, spirit dealer, 3 Stevenson street 
King & Scott, wine merchants, 19 Buchanan street 
King, William, cooper, 25 and 27 High street 
King, Miss, 75 Renfield street 
KINNEAR, Bernard, wright, 30 Balmanno street 
Kinnear, Conrad, German clockmaker, 22 Glassford street 
Kinnear, John G. of Watson & M'William, house 137 Clarence place 
Kinnier, Robert, & Co. merchants, 89 West St. Vincent street 
Kinnier, Robert, of R. Kinnier & Co. house 11 Moore place 
KINNIBURGH, Mrs. R. G. matron Deaf and Dumb Institution 

Barony Glebe 
KINROSS & M'Donald, grocers and tea dealers, 52 Green street 
KIPPEN, William, of Busby, 202 West George street 
Kippen, Miss, 40 George square 
KIRK, J. B., M.D. 15 Eglinton street 

KIRK — LADE. 121 

Kirk, John, poulterer, 125 Fife place 

Kirk, Robert, at J. & A. Smith & Co-'s, house 1 Montagu place 

KIRKALDIE, Thomas, starcher, 52 Rose street, ho. 2 Monteith row 

KIRKLAND, A. M'Kenzie, of J. Kirkland & Son, house Germiston 

Kirkland, James, victualler, 93 Bridgegate 

Kirkland, James, jun. of Kirkland & Zuill, house 57 York street 

Kirkland, James, merchant, 57 York street 

Kirkland, James, victualler and spirit dealer, 64 Centre street, Tradeston 

Kirkland, John, & Son, merchants, 32 Roj'al Exchange square 

Kirkland, Kenneth W. sugar refiner, Washington st. ho. 19 Elmbank pi. 

Kirkland, William Scott, merchant, 140 West Bath street 

Kirkland, W. F. writer, house 57 York street 

Kirkland, William, vintner, Fort-Dundas 

Kirkland fe Zuill, shawl manufacturers, 80 Buchanan street 

KIRKPATRICK, Robert, tailor and clothier, 15 Hutcheson street, 

house Thorburn's land, head of Crown street 
Kirkpatrick, Thomas, of Drummond, Kirkpatrick & Keven, house 24 

Robertson street 
KIRKWOOD, Alexander, house factor, 89 Ingram street 
Kirkwood John, house factor, 31 Virginia st. house 396 Argyll street 
Kirkwood, John, writer, 84 Wilson street 

Kirkwood, Robert, house factor, 40 Miller street, house 3 Bath street 
Kirkwood, Robert, merchant, 62 Hutcheson street, ho. 17 Nicholson st. 
Kirkwood, Walter, lace and muslin merchant, 28 Balmanno street 
KIRSOP, Thomas, hat manufacturer,, 93 High street 
KNIGHT, Alexander, tailor, 44 Trongate 
Knight, Mrs. John, furnishings and worsted, 1 1 King street 
KNOX, Adam, clerk, Clyde street, Anderston 

Knox, Andrew L. at R. Knox's, manufacturer, house 391 Argyll street 
Knox, Andrew, spirit dealer, 37 George street, Mile-end 
Knox & Bissett, cabinet makers and upholsterers, 100 SauchiehalV street 
Knox, Henry, of Cochran & Co. house Cartbank 
Knox, Henry, merchant, 9 Cochran street, house Elmbank place 
Knox, John, of Gourlays & Knox, house 6 Nicholson street 
Knox, John, artist, 85 St. Vincent street 

Knox, Robert, writer, 85 Queen street, house 109 Douglas street 
Knox, Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, Glen park 
Knox, Robert, shawl and zebra dress manufacturer, 13 Exchange place, 

and 86 Buchanan street, house Garnetbank 
Knox, Thomas, artist, 85 St. Vincent street 
Knox, William, muslin manufacturer, 5 Montrose street, house 49 St. 

Andrew's square 
Knox, Mrs. James, tavern, 80 Trongate 
KOCH, Mrs. 105 Sauchiehall street 
KYLE, John, baker, Main street, Bridgeton 
Kyle, William, heddlemaker, 35 Gallowgate 
Kyle, William, land surveyor, 45 Union street 
Kyle, William, Glasgow arms tavern, 10 King street 


LACHLAN, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 92 Rottenrow 
LADE & Abercromby, wine and spirit merchants, 34 Jackson street 
Lade, D. of Lade & Abercromby, house Provan place 


1 22 LADE — LANG. 

Lade, John, writer, at Couper & White's, 49 Ingram street 

Laing, David, veterinary surgeon, 89 Union street, house 80 do. 

Laing, James, flesher, 291 High street 

Laing, Robt. & Jas. drysalters & commission merchants, 96 Virginia pi. 

Laing, Robert, commission merchant, 23 Hutcheson st. ho. Columbia pi. 

Laing, Thomas, spirit dealer, 14 Caltonmoulh 

Laing, William, currier and leather merchant, 40 King street 

LAIRD, Alex. & Sons, steam packets and general agents, 12 York st. 

Laird, Alexander, of Alex. Laird & Sons, house 357 Argyll street 

Laird, Alexander A. of Alex. Laird & Sons, house 357 Argyll street 

Laird, David, & Co. merchants, 31 North Frederick street 

Laird, James, of Mackinnon & Laird 

Laird, James, brazier and tinsmith, 62 Crown street, ho. 4 Adelphi place 

Laird, John & Andrew, clockmakers, Delftfield la. ho. 38 Brown street 

Laird, John, house factor, 47 Renfrew street 

LAMB & Adam, commission merchants, 2 Royal Exchange Court 

Lamb, Alexander, spirit dealer, 16 Main street, Anderston 

Lamb, Hans, spirit dealer, 667 Gallowgate 

Lamb, James, spirit dealer, 106 Bridgegate 

Lamb, James, & Son, wrights, 45 Dundas street and Milton street 

Lamb, James, jun. of James Lamb & Son, house Garscube place 

Lamb, Peter, ironmonger, 15 Argyll street 

Lamb, Misses, general furnishing shop, 167 Ingram street 

LAMBERT, James, messenger-at-arms, 4 Dunlop street, house do. 

Lambert, Mrs. James, Garngadhill. Letters left at 98 Glassford street 

LAMONT, D. leather merchant, 02 Jamaica street 

Lamont, Duncan, Soho tavern, 126 Queen street 

Lamont, Dugald, tailor, 320 Argyll street 

Lamont, Hugh, at Wm. & Jas. Eccles & Co.'s, 64 Buchanan street 

Lamont, John, agent for Woodhall Colliery, Monkland canal basin, house 

Lamont, John, writer, 20 Buchanan street, house 70 Renfrew street 
Lamond & Monteith, writers, 60 Ingram street 
Lamont, Neil, spirit dealer, 122 Stockwell 

Lamond, Robert, of Lamond & Monteith, house 2 Jane st. Blythswood sq. 
Lamond, Robert, & Co. ship agents, 11 York street 
Lamont, William, 40 Clyde buildings 
Lamond, Miss, milliner, &c. 47 Renfrew street 
Lamond, Mrs. and Misses, boarding and day school, 11 York street 
LANCASTER & Clark, calico printers, warehouse North court, Royalli 

Exchange, works Crofthead fl 

Lancaster, Thomas, of Lancaster & Clark, ho. Parkhouse, Paisley road | 
LANCEFIELD Forge, Lancefield street 
Lancefield Spinning Company, 70 Miller street 
LANG, Alexander, spirit dealer, 43 Kirk street, Calton 
Lang, Andrew, of William Lang & Co. 

Lang, Archibald, victualler and spirit dealer, 2 Orr street, Calton 
Lang, Archd. Grahame, of Wigton, Gray & Co. ho. 20 Elmbank crescent: 
Lang, D. writer, 37 Virginia street, house 18 St. Enoch square 
Lang, David, wright, 47 Sauchiehall street 
Lang, George, victualler and spirit dealer, 286 Argyll street 
Lang, G. H. writer, 13 Queen street, house 73 West Regent street 
Lang, Hugh, spirit dealer, 128 Broomielaw 


Lang, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 1 Marlborough street 

Lang, James, baker, 183 Gallowgate 

Lang, James, hat manufacturer, 123 Trongate, house 5 Montrose street 

Lang, John, writer, 13 John street, house 221 Buchanan street 

Lang, John, accountant, share broker and agent for the Yorkshire Fire • 

and Life Insurance Office, 135 Buchanan street 
Lang, John, jun. J. P. procurator fiscal, 13 John street 
Lang, Robert, spirit dealer, 3 and 5 Shuttle street 
Lang, Robert, agent, 9 St. Andrew street 
Lang, Thomas, gardener, 20 New Town market 

Lang, William, printer, 72 Nelson street, house Burrell's lane, 33 Dukest. 
Lang, William, jun. of William Lang & Co. 

Lang, \V. & J. leather merchants and last makers, 63 Nelson street 
Lang, William, & Son, smiths and jack screw makers, 52 Old wynd 
Lang, William, & Co. furnishing ironmongers and brassfounders, 93 

Buchanan street, works 52 Old wynd 
Lang, William, jun. of William Lang & Co. 
Lang, William, beadle and spirit dealer, 16 Great Hamilton street 
Lang, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 46 Bridge street 
Lang, William, of Graham & Lang, 20 Charlotte street 
Lang, Miss R. tea dealer, 30 King street 
Lang, Miss, lodgings, 3 Balmanno street 
Lang, Miss C. straw hat and dress maker, 30 King street 
LANGLANDS, Edward, of Neil & Langlands, house Cliffhouse, South 

Woodside road 
Langlands, H. of Reid, Robertson & Co. house 18 South Portland street 
Langlands, Matthew, grain and provision merchant, 6 Maxwell street, 

house 94 Torwood place, Buccleuch street 
LANG WILL, Peter, tea merchant and Post-office receiving-house, 110 

and 112 South Portland street 
LAPRAIK, John, baker, 87 Main street, Anderston 
LATTA, David, 32 Buccleuch street, Garnethill 
Latta, Mrs. John, spirit dealer, 120 Candleriggs 
LAUDER, Alexander, waiter, Royal Bank 
Lauder, James, at Charles Tennant & Co.'s, St. Rollox 
Lauder, John, surgeon, 7 New street, Calton 
Lauder, Robert, victualler, 15 King street, Calton 
Lauder, Mrs. Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, 54 Bishop street 
LAUTHER, Miss M. dress maker and milliner, 18 George street 
LAURIE, A. & J. gingham and pullicate manufacturers, 69 Ingram st. 
Laurie, Alexander, & Co. manufacturers, 36 Ingram street 
Laurie, David, merchant, 74 South Portland street 
Lawrie, Gavin, builder, 25 George square 
Lawrie, Gavin, jun. writing master, 25 George square 
Lawrie, G. L. writer, 68 St. Vincent street 
Laurie & Hamilton, merchants, 1 Nicholson street 
Lawrie, Dr. James Adair, 48 West Nile street 
Laurie, James, of Anderson & Laurie, house Regent terrace 
Laurie, James, of Laurie & Hamilton, house 8 Carlton place 
Laurie, John, grocer, 21 Govan street 
Laurie, John, & Co. merchants, 31 Montrose street 
Laurie, Newton & Co. merchants, 87 Buchanan street 
Laurie, Robert, & Co. merchants, 179 Argyll street 


Laurie, Robert, of Robert Laurie & Co. house Maxwelton place 
Laurie, Robert, bookbinder, bookseller, stationer, and librarian, 8 King 

street, Tradeston 
Laurie, R. B. spirit dealer, 37 Trongate 
Laurie, Thomas, merchant, 179 Argyll street, house Rossbill 
Laurie, William, wine and spirit merchant, 145 Bridgegate 
LAVERTON, James, tailor, 15 Well street, Calton 
LAWRENCE, Peter, sculptor, 27 Renfrew street 
Lawrence, Mrs. W. furrier, 26 Renfrew lane 

LAW, Alexander, tea and spirit merchant, 26 Bedford st. house 28 do. 
Law, David, shoemaker, 3 Trongate 
Law, Mrs. shoe shop, 2 Saltmarket 
LAVVCOCK, James, provision and flour merchant, Wilson's court, 57 

Argyll street, and grocer, 7 Rottenrow 
LAWSON, Alexander, at Lamond & Monteith's, house 25 Coburg st. 
Lawson, Andrew, spirit dealer, 35 Tobago street 
Lawson, Archibald, merchant, 86 Miller street 
Lawson & Brown, (successois to James M'Farlane,) clothiers, 75 

Queen street 
Lawson, Gavin, provision dealer, 129 Bridgegate 
Lawson, John, collector, house Kingston place 
Lawson, John, confectioner, 91 George street 
Lawson, Thomas, 201 Buchanan street 
Lawson, William, hardware merchant, 8 Saltmarket 
Lawson, W. & Son, wholesale and retail grocers, 151 Trongate 
Lawson, Mrs. C. milliner, 47 Nelson street 
LAYBURN, William, plasterer, 24 Portugal street 
LEADBETTER, John, & Co. commission merchants, 77 Queen street 
Leadbetter, John, of J. Leadbetter & Co. house 227 Brandon place 
Leadbetter, Thomas, 2 Royal Exchange co. ho. 215 Hill st. GarnethiU 
LEAN, John, spirit dealer, 41 Castle street 

LExiRMONTH, James, saddler, 202 Gallowgate, ho. 4 Monteith row 
Learmonth, Rodie, hair dresser, 68 West Nile street 
LECK & Ford, plasterers, 13 Norfolk street, Laurieston 
Leek, John, plasterer, 44 Norfolk street, casting shop, 52 Glassford st. 
Leek, John, agent, 3 Upper Thistle street, Hutchesontown 
Leek, Thomas, plasterer, 54 Maxwell street 
Leek, William, of Leek & Ford, house 34 Maxwell street 
Leek, Mrs. lodgings, 118 George street 
LECKIE, Alexander, flesher, 63 Norfolk street 
Leckie, Archibald, Paisley carrier, 29 Montrose street 
Leckie, Henry, spirit dealer, 85 Nelson street 
Leckie, John, flesher, 21 Adelphi street 

Leckie, Robt. warden of Ramshorn burying ground, ho. N. Albion court 
Leckie, Robert, flesher, 2S1 Argyll street 
LEE, James, plasterer, 9 Blackfriar street 
Lee, John, crown and plate glass merchant, 39 Turner's court 
Lee, John, sen. tailor, 9 Stirling street 
Lee, John, jun. clothier and hatter, 122 Queen street 
Lees, John, spirit dealer, Port-Dundas 
Lee, Thomas, beadle, 98 Union street 
Lees, Walter, manufacturer, 60 Buchanan street, house Mrs. M'Ruer's. 

1 Jane street 


Leeds and Yorkshire Assurance Company, 60 Ingram st. James 
. Turnbull, agent 
LEISHMAN, Andrew, flesher, 4 Stevenson street 
Leishman, James, spirit dealer, Bumside, Port-Dundas 
Lecchman, James, jun. commercial agent, 10 Buchanan street 
Leechman, William & James, iron merchants, 21 Melville place 
Leishman, William, flesher, 218 Gallowgate 
LEGGAT, Archibald, spirit dealer, 33 Kirk street, Townhead 

Legate, F. jun. warehouseman, 93 Brunswick street 

Leggat, J. spirit dealer, 462 Gallowgate 

Legat, John, victualler, 3 King street 

Legat, Matthew, chamber keeper, house Council Chambers 

LEIPER, William, writing-master, 187 George st. ho. 53 Buccleugh st. 

LEITCH, Archibald, & Co. fringe, coach, and livery lace manufac- 
turers, 28 Dunlop street 

Leitch, Charles, victuallers, 20 Wood lane 

Leech, David, of Crawford & Leech, house 2 Cumberland street 

Leech, George B. writer, 75 Virginia street, house S. Portland street 

Leech, James L. of J. L. & D, Leech, house 18 South Frederick street 

Leech, J. L. & D. calendered, 85 Candleriggs 

Leech, Dr. 15 South Portland street 

Leitch, Joseph, plasterer, 75 Robertson street 

Leitch, Neil, muslin omamenter, 33 Virginia street 

Leitch, William, pawnbroker, 49 St. Andrew square, house above 

Leitch, William, baker, 336 Argyll street 

Leitch, Mrs- steak shop, 47 Hutcheson street 

Leitch, Miss, 23 Dixon street, St. Enoch square 

LEMON, John, Three-Tun tavern, 37 Trongate and 18 Saltmarket 

Lemon, Mrs. James, 17 Monteith row 

LENNIE, Mrs. 63 John street 

Lennie, Moses, grocer and spirit dealer, 43 Taylor street 

LENNOX, Colin, slater, 1 Glebe street, Townhead 

Lennox, Gilbert, 32 Ingram street 

Lennox, William, slater, head of John street, Bridgeton 

LESLIE, David, baker, 434 Argyll street 

Leslie, Dickson, hosier and glover, 43 Arcade 

Leslie, James, builder and spirit dealer, 153 Saltmarket 

Leslie, John, 68 Glassford street 

Leslie, Robert, of Reid, Robertson, & Co. house 3 Windsor place 

Leslie, Robert, surgeon, Hope place, St. Rollox 

Leslie, Mrs. lodgings, 14 Shuttle street 

LETHEM, Patrick, of Lethem & Roberton, house 3 Canning place 

Lethem & Roberton, muslin manufacturers, 49 Virginia street 

Lethera, Peter, spirit dealer, St. Rollox 

LETTERS, M. draper, 104 Great Hamilton street 

LEVY, Woolf, fur manufacturer and skin merchant, Foreign and British 
skins bought and sold, 18 Argyll street, house 49 Hutcheson street 

LEVENSON, James, wax and quill manufacturer and stationer, 90 Tron- 
gate and 12 Prince's street 

LEWIS, George, Grovepark, North Woodside road 

Liberator Newspaper Office, Tontine square 

LIDDELL, Andrew, & Co. ironmongers and brassfounders, 102 Argyll 
street, works Globe Foundry, Washington street 
L 2 



Liddell, Andrew, of Andrew Liddell & Co. house 101 Maxwell street 
Liddell, Archibald, & Co. oil and colour merchants and painters, 192 

Trongate, and 43 Queen street 
Liddell, Archibald, of Archd. Liddell & Co. house 50 Buchanan street 
Liddell, Charles, gas office 
Liddell, D. & Brothers, ship brokers and commission merchants, 77 

Buchanan street 
Liddell, Hodge, flesher, 51 King street, Tradeston 
Liddell, John, spirit dealer, 101 New venel 
Liddell, J. agent, 96 Virginia street 

Liddell, John, & Co. Manchester warehouse, 114 Trongate 
Liddell, John, of D. Liddell & Brothers, house 94 West Regent street ' 
Liddell, John, of John Liddell & Co. house 73 South Ponland street 
Liddell, Robert, furnishing shop, George street, Mile-end 
Liddell, William, trunk and band box shop, 62 Gordon street 
Liddell, William, surgeon, 84 John street 
Liddell, William, teacher, 8 Sidney street 
LIDDON, H. baker, 276 Argyll street 

LIGHTBOD Y, Alex, joiner and cabinet maker, 26 King st. Calton 
Lightbody, James, wine and spirit dealer, 69 Gallowgate and 16 Kentst. 
Lightbody, John, tailor, 8 Charlotte street 
Lightbody, Thomas, surgeon, 5 Bridge street 

Lightbody, William, joiner & cabinet maker, 24 Sidney st. house 22 do. 
Lightbody, William, grocer and tobacconist, 98 Main street, Gorbals 
LILBURN, Baird & Co. upholstery and cabinet warehouse, 125 Bu- 
chanan street 
LILLIE, George, general commission agent, 68 St. Vincent street, ho. 

22 Elmbank crescent 
Lillie, James, general haberdashery dealer, 245 Argyll street 
Lillie, John, hairdresser, 64 King street, Tradeston 
Lillie, John D. insurance broker, Royal Exchange 
Lillie, William, grocer and spirit dealer,-21 Crown street 
LIMEBURN, Hugh, grocer and spirit dealer, 22 Adelphi street 
LIMONT, David, wine and spirit merchant, 377 Argyll street 
Limont, William, spirit dealer, 34 Sauchiehall street 
LINDSAY, Alexander, writer, 24 Miller street, ho. 425 Argyll street 
Lindsay, A. perfumer, &c. 20 Arcade, house 56 Howard street 
Lindsay, Alexander, smith and machine maker, 39 Old wynd, house 79 

Lindsay, Alexander, & Co. spirit dealers, 341 Argyll street 
Lindsay, Andrew, hat manufacturer, 1CJ St. Andrew lane 
Lindsay, Andrew, victualler, 38 King street 
Lindsay, David, victualler, 40 Dale street, Tradeston 
Lindsay, David, spirit dealer, 117 Main street, Anderston 
Lindsay, H. furnishing shop, 22 Portugal street 
Lindsay, James, jun. grocer, 27 Drygate 
Lindsay, James, provision merchant, 201 Gallowgate 
Lindsay, James, brush manufacturer, 19 High street 
Lindsay, James, spirit dealer and cowfeeder, 93 High street 
Lindsay, J. & Co. calenderers, Smith's court, Candleriggs 
Lindsay, J. of J. Lindsay & Co. house 23 Jamaica street 
Lindsay, John, surgeon, 47 Kirk street, Calton. and 21 Hutcheson street 
Lindsay, John & George, joiners and cabinet makers, 71 Cowcaddens 


Lindsay, John, starcher and bleacher, 13 Brown street 
Lindsay, M. fringe, thread and lace manufacturer and agent for Perman 
wools & patterns for coloured works, 41 Arcade, works 14 Morrison ct. 
Lindsay, P. of Clyde Bottle Co. Lancefield 

Lindsay, Robert, wright and builder, Elmbank cottage, Sauchiehall street 
Lindsay, R. M. mercantile academy, 24 Wilson street, house do. 
Lindsay, Thomas, grocer and spirit dealer, 75 Stobcross st. house above 
Lindsay, Win. jun. fruiterer, 60J Buchanan St. ho. Parliamentary road 
Lindsay, "William, farmer, Stobcross. Letters left at Barclay & Skir- 

ving's, Buchanan street 
Lindsay, William, fringe, worsted and thread manufacturer, 19 Argyll 

arcade, house 10 South Portland street 
Lindsay, William, sen. fruiterer and grocer, 165 Ingram street 
Lindsay, Rev. William, 12 Monteith row 
Lindsay, Miss J. straw hat maker and milliner, 29 Arcade 
Lindsay, Miss M. dressmaker, 24 Wilson street 
LINN, John, & Co. boot and shoe makers, John street, Bridgeton 
LISENHEIM, M. H. 43 High street 
LISTON, Robert, brush maker, 107 Gallowgate 
LITHGQW, William H. teacher of music, 41 South Albion street 
Lithgow, Peter, fent dealer, 48 Nelson street 
LITSTER, James, spirit dealer, Main street, Bridgeton 
Litster, William, spirit dealer, Dalmarnock road 
LITT, John, of Ewing, May & Co. house 2 Montagu place 
LITTLE, Robert, grocer, 35 Drygate 
LITTLEDALE, Mrs. Henry, 306 Greenhill place 
Liverpool Fike and Life Insurance Co. MacEwan & Auld, ac- 
;, countants, 17 Royal Exchange square, Agents. See Adv. in Appendix 
, Liverfool Steam-Packet Office, 15 Jamaica street 
Liverpool Steam-Packet Office, 9 Buchanan street 
LIVEY, Thomas, Plough-boy tavern, Laigh Kirk close 
LIVINGSTON, A. writer, 68 St. Vincent street, ho. 83 S. Portland st. 
I Livingston, Alexander, spirit dealer, 19 Stockwell 
Livingston, Dun. jun. shoemaker, 186 Broomielaw 
Livingston, Angus, spirit dealer, 328 Gallowgate 
Livingston, John, leather merchant, 10 Turner's court, and 75 Kirk 

street, Calton 
Livingston, N. teacher, St. David's parish school, lodgings 37 Love loan 
Livingston, Peter, boot and shoemaker, 407 Argyll street 
Livingston, William, calenderer and packer, 17 Virginia street, house 3 

Abbotsford place 
; LOCHEAD, Robert, stationer and librarian, and post-office receiving 

house, 154 Argyll street 
Lochead, Thomas, bookseller and publisher, 5 Park place, Stockwell 
.Lochead, Wm. sen. cabinet maker and undertaker, 122 & 124 Saltmarke! 
jLochead, William, of Wylie & Lochead, house 12 Cochran street 
f'LOCHQRE, John, builder, Parliamentary road, Townhead 
Lochore, Robert, & Co. boot and shoemakers, 191 Trongate, house 1 

Coburg street 
Lochore, William, & Son, boot and shoemakers, 185 Trongate, house 

46 Dunlop street 
Lock Hospital, 151 Rottenrow. Open for patients at ten minutes 

before one o'clock, p.m. only 


LOCKHART, Andrew, brazier, tin plate worker, and coach lamp 

maker, 25 Glassford street, house 21 N. Portland street 
Lockhart & Hendrie, fleshers, 159 Trongate, and 127 Fife place 
Lockhart, James, of R. & J. Lockhart, house 25 Dundas street 
Lockhart, Rev. Dr. John, 9 Blylhswood square 
Lockhart, John, of Lockhart & Hendrie, house 146 George street 
Lockhart, John, teacher, Balfour's school, 24 North Portland street 
Lockhart, Robert, corn factor, 24 Stockwell 
Lockhart, R. & J. clothiers, 60 St. Vincent street 
Lockhart, Robert, of Dale & Lockhart, house 9 Blythswood square 
Lockhart, Robert, of R. & J. Lockhart, house 294 St. Vincent street 
Lockhart, William, broker, London street 
Lockhart, William, brush manufacturer, Hill street, Anderston 
Lockhart, Mrs. General, 125 Bath street 
Lockhart, Mrs. James, victualler, 149 High street 
Lockhart, Mrs. lodgings, 26 George street 
LOGAN, Alexander, provision merchant, 14 Stobcross street 
Logan, Andrew, baker, 8 Main street, Anderston 

Logan, A. & T. wine and spirit merchants, 168 Gallowgate, house do. 
Logan, David, civil engineer, 310 St. Vincent street 
Logan, David, tailor, 3 King street, Tradeston 
Logan, James, fish dealer and victualler, 82 Stockwell 
Logan, John, stationer, 16 Bell street 
Logan, John, spirit dealer, 50 Main street, Gorbals 
Logan, John, giocer, 417 Argyll street, and 115 Carrick street 
Logan, John, manufacturer of girths, carpet shoes, &c. 20 St. Andrew sq. 
Logan, John, spirit dealer, 29 Kirk street, Townhead 
Logan, Robert, tailor and clothier, 60 Oxford street 
Logan, Thomas, fruiterer, 125 Gallowgate 
Logan, William, of Adamson & Logan, house 130 Hope street 
Logan, William, copper and tinsmith, 22 Wilson street 
Logan, William, grocer, 89 Main street, Anderston 
Logan, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 130 Stockwell 
Logan, William, spirit dealer, 24 Norfolk street 
LOGIE, William, writer, 19 South Hanover street 
LONDON and Edinburgh Steam Co. R. Sanderson, agent, 80 Queen st. 
London, Leith, Edinburgh and Glasgow Shipping Co. 17 Virginia st. 

William Crichton, agent 
London & Leith Old Shipping Co. 36 Montrose st. Thos. Howie, agt. 
London and Edinburgh Shipping Co. 80 Queen st. R. Sanderson, agent 
London Fire and Life Assurance office, Royal Exchange Buildings. A. 

M'Taggart, agent 
London and Leith Steam Vessels, 17 Virginia st. Wm. Crichton, agt. 
London Porter Co. 35 Ingram street 
London Union Fire and Life Assurance Co. 41 Howard st. Stuart 

Bell, agent 
London dekry Steam-Packet office, 83 Miller street. T. Cameron & 

Co. agents 
LONG, John, merchant, house 127 Sauchiehall street 
Long and Nicholson, muslin and gingham manufacturers, 23 South 

Frederick street 
Long, William, of Long & Nicholson, house 26 Portland street 
LORRIMER, Rev. John G. of St. David's, house 6 Richmond street 


Lorimer, Robert, brassfounder, 45 Jamaica street 

LOTHIAN, George, power-loom manufacturer, 124 Bath street 

Lothian, John, 167 St. Vincent street 

LOTTIMER, Andrew, bookseller and stationer, 4S Trongate 

Lottimer, John S. bookseller, 11 Canon street 

Lotlirner & Turner, manufacturers, 85 Candleriggs 

LOUDOUN, John, insurance broker, and agent for the Phcenix Fire 
and Pelican Life Offices, 13 Queen street, house 9 Woodside crescent 

Loudoun, Matthew, spirit dealer, 35 New street, Calton 

Loudoun, Miss, 162 Hope street 

LOVE, George, bookseller, 21 & 23 Nelson street 

Love, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 24 Canning street 

Love, John, & Co. pawnbrokers, 31 Saltmarket 

Love, Robert, baker, 1 Cowcaddens street 

Love, William, wright, 17 Kerr street, Calton 

Love, Mrs. Hugh, lodgings, 12 Hope street 

LOWNDES, Thomas, 173 St. Vincent street 

LOWRY, Miss, 15 William street, Greenhead 

LUCCHESI, B. & Co. figure makers, 47 Arcade, house 118 Union st. 

LUCK, Abraham, officer of excise, Hope place, Woodside street 

LUKE, William, Crook of Devon paper warehouse, 5 Adelphi street 

LUMSDEN, James, & Son, wholesale stationers, 20 Queen street 

LUNDIE, John, hatter, 68 Trongate 

LUSK, John, of R. B. Lusk & Co. house 49 Abbotsford place 

Lusk, R. B. & Co. wholesale stationers and ink manufacturers, 18 Bu- 
chanan street 

LUTENOR, G. A. portrait and miniature painter, Horn's court, St. 
Enoch square 

LYALL, Wm. general agent, 16 St. Enoch sq. ho. 3 Abbotsford place 

Lyceum Rooms, 72 Nelson street. George Blackwood, keeper 

LYLE, James, agent, 172 High street 

LYON, Andrew, china and glass warehouse, 43 Main st. Anderston 

Lyon, David, contractor, 2 Clyde place 

Lyon, George, tinplate worker, 149 Gallowgate 

iLyon, George, jun. coppersmith, &c. 16 Candleriggs, house Lawmoorpl. 

Lyon, George Jasper, of G. L. Walker & Co. 117 Candleriggs 
[Lyon, William, coach office, 78 Trongate and 1 Dunlop street, house 4a 
Dunlop street 

Lyon, William, surgeon, 48 London street 

Lyon, William, carter and spirit dealer, 47 King street 

Lyon, William, & Son, braziers and tinplate workers, 124 Buchanan 

S street, house Montblue, near Camlachie 

Lyon, Miss M. brush and basket warehouse, 32 Candleriggs 

■MACK, John, porter, Commercial Bank 
I Mack, Robert, baker and spirit dealer, Main st. Bridgeton 
IMack & Thomson, writers, 12 Exchange square 

gtack, Mrs. 10 Montagu place, Bath street 

M'ADAM, James, spirit dealer, 8 New London road 

iM'Adain, James, Wallace tavern, 139 Garscube road 

M'Adam, James, cooper, 8 Nelson street Tradeston 

'M'Adam, James, tinsmith, 42 Phcenix buildings 

■130 m'adam — m'arthur. 

M'Adam, John, of John M'Intyre & Co. house 1 Morris place 

M'Adam, John, manufacturer, 77 Glassford street ho. 88 Regent terrace 

M'Adam, William, Police Collector's Office 

M'Adam, William, of William Hall & Co. house 169 George street 

M'Adam, Mrs. of Easterhouse, 160 St. George's road 

M'Adam, Mrs. tavern, 51 Hutcheson street 

M'ADIE, Daniel, tailor and clothier, 95 Argyll street 

M'ALLAN, John, of Guthrie, Kinloch & Co. 78 Hutcheson street 

M'Allan, Walter, hat maker, Cowcaddens 

M'ALLISTER, Archibald, and John Clark, writers, Spreull's court 

182 Trongate 
M'Allister, Archibald, writer, house Regent terrace, Stirling's road 
M'Allister, David, victualler and spirit dealer, 16 Glebe street 
M'Allister, D. of Smyth & M'Allister, house 2S Eglinton street 
M'Allister, Hugh, candlemaker, 94 Bell street 
M'Allister, James, at William Young's, 419 Argyll street 
M'Allister, James, deputy session clerk, 57 George's place 
M'Allister, James, glass merchant, 27 and 29 Robertson street 
M'Allister, John, & Co. cambric and muslin manufacturers, Queen court, 

62 Queen street 
M'Allister, Matthew, of Henderson & M'Allister, 67 Buchanan street 
MacAllister, Patrick, wine and spirit merchant, 39 Stockwell 
M'Allister, William, cabinet maker, 6 Candleriggs 
M'Allister, Mrs. fishmonger, 25 and 27 Buchanan street market, house 

190 Brougham place 
M'Allister, Mrs. lodgings, 48 South Portland street 
M'Allister, Mrs. Wm. Greenhead rope work, ho. 169 G. Hamilton st. 
M'ALPINE, Angus, dyer, 63 Cheapside st. house 303 Greenhill pi. 
M'Alpine, Colin, ship and anchor smith and bell hanger, 5 Brown st. 
M'Alpine, Daniel, nail manufacturer, 57 Gallowgate 
M'Alpine, Duncan, spirit dealer, Dunchattan buildings, Duke street 
M'Alpine, Hugh, brazier, 24 Glassford street 
M'Alpine, J. H. rectifier, 26 Jackson street 
M'Alpine, James, spirit dealer, 30 Maxwell street 
M'Alpine/ James, grocer and victualler, 244 High street 
M'Alpine, John, brazier, 24 Glassford street 
M'Alpine, William, grocer and spirit dealer, Mid Woodside street 
M'Alpine, Miss M. dealer in spirits and provisions, 42 St. Ninian street 
M'Alpine, Miss, lodgings, 50 North Albion street 
M'ANSH, Mrs. 9 Hill street, Garnethill 
M' ANDREW, John, & Co. Carfine Colliery Office, Monkland Canal 

basin. John M'Laren, agent 
M' Andrew, John, jun. St. Rollox Foundry, house Barony place, Stir- 
ling's road 
M'ARLY, John, teacher, Hutchesons' Hospital, 52 Ingram street 
M'ARA, Peter, grocer, 70 Gallowgate 
M'Ara, Peter, & Co. grocers, tobacco and snuff manufacturers, 8 and 10 

Main street, Gorbals 
M'ARROW, Mrs. midwife, 173 Gallowgate 
M'ARTHUR, Alexander, wine and spirit dealer, 19 Anderston quay, 

house above 
M'Arthur, Capt. Charles, Slatefield, 623 Gallowgate 
M'Arthur, David, spirit dealer, 8 Oxford lane 

m'arthur — m'call. 131 

M' Arthur, Dugald, cabinet maker and joiner, 187 Trongate 

M' Arthur, Duncan, spirit dealer, 75 Maxwell street 

M'Arthur, Duncan, grocer, 115 Stockwell 

M'Arthur, James, & Co. paper makers, 82 Glassford street 

M'Arthur, James, merchant, 13 John street 

M'Arthur, James, goblet and pot dealer, 77 Great Clyde street 

M'Arthur, John, coal agent, 315 Argyll street 

M'Arthur, John, victualler, 11 Duke street 

M'Arthur, John, merchant, 13 John street 

M'Arthur, John, confectioner, grocer, and wine merchant, 28 and 30 

Hutcheson street, house 26 do. 
M'Arthur, John, warehouseman, 62 Queen street, ho. 15 Eglinton st. 
M'Arthur, John, pawnbroker, 132 Gallowgate 
M'Arthur, John, spirit dealer, 330 Gallowgate 
M'Arthur, Peter, baker, London road 

M'Arthur, Robert, spirit dealer, 14 Bishop street, Anderston 
M'Arthur, Mrs. Allan, lodgings, 315 Argyll street 
M'ASLAN, Alexander, of Austin & M' Asian, house Hillhouse 
M' Asian, Alexander, & Co. painters, 38 John street 
M'Aslan, Archibald, victualler, 52 Main street, Gorbals 
M'Aslan, James, pawnbroker, 88 Gallowgate, house 40 Charlotte street 
M'Auslan, John A. & Robert, spinning and weaving mills, 20 Muirhead 

M'AULAY, Alexander, cooper, 123 Main street, Gorbals 
M'Aulay, Aulay, boot and shoemaker, 409 Argyll street 
M'Aulay, James, of David Corse & Co. house Partick 
M'Aulay, John, brazier and tinplate worker, 14 London street 
M'Aulay, John, beadle of St. Andrew's church, ho. 42 St. Andrew's sq. 
M'Aulay, William, of Stewart, M'Aulay & Co. house Shawfieldbank 
M'Aulay, Miss E. milliner, 42 Nelson street 

M'BEAN, Duncan, of M'Bean, Jamieson & Co. ho. 187 W. Bath street 
M'Bean, Jamieson & Co. merchants 2 Royal Exchange court 
M'BETH, Daniel, watchmaker, 96 Kirk street, Calton 
M'Beth, Hugh & Co. muslin singers, 17 Stirling street 
M'Beath, John, brushmaker, 88 Gallowgate 

M'Beth, John, baker, 158 Saltmarket, and 96 Great Hamilton street 
M'Beth, John, porter, Eye Infirmary, 14 College street 
M'Beth, Miss, dressmaker, 14 College street 
M'Beath, Miss, lodgings, 73 John street 

M'BRAIR, Alex, merchant 9 Maxwell street, house 24 S. Portland st. 
M'Brair, Robert M. agent, 118 S. Albion st. ho. 114 W. Campbell st. 
[M'Brair, Robert P. commission merchant and ship agent 9 Maxwell st. 
I M 'Briar, Mrs. Archibald, 114 Campbell street west 
M'BRAYNE, David, Barony session clerk, 5 Drury street, house 

Barony glebe 
M'Brayne, Robert, collector, Statute Labour office, 6 Candleriggs, ho. 

148 West Nile street 
(M'BRYD, Malcolm, perfumer, 60 Argyll street 
'M'CABE, Peter, grocer and spirit dealer, 33 Broad street, Mile-end 
M'CAIG, James, tailor, 169 Trongate 

[M'CALL, James, wine merchant 85 west end Wilson st. ho. Garnetiiill 
f M'Call, James, of John M'Call & Co. house Daldowie 
| M 'Call, John, merchant, 19 Cochran street, house Holland place 

J 32 m'call — m'callum. 

M'Call, John, & Co. merchants 54 Miller street 

M'Call, J. writing-master, 126 Campbell street, ho. 143 W. Regent st. 

M'Call, Thomas, of J. M'Call & Co. ho. 56 Bath street 

M'Call, Thomas, oil and colourman and spirit dealer, 44 Canon street 

M'Call & Ross, manufacturers 113 Brunswick street and 10 Bridge 

Waterplace, Manchester 
M'Call, Mrs. Samuel, 65 Bath street 
M'Call, Miss, 60 Renfrew street 
M'CAUL, Gilbert, & Sons wholesale boot and shoe manufacturers 

83 Hutcheson street, and 5 Garthland street 
M'Caul, Gilbert, of G. M'Caul & Sons, house 270 George street 
M'Caul, Malcolm, of John Leadbetter & Co. house 188 Hope street, oi 

Garrioch near Maryhill 
M'Call, William, & Co. commission agents and ship brokers, 35 Miller st 
M'CALLUM, Alexander, flesher, 227 Argyll street 
M'Callum, Archibald, grocer and spirit dealer, 44 Bedford street 
M'Callum's public library and reading-rooms 65 & 67 Wilson street, ,', 

house 35 Whitevale 
M'Callum, B. F. Govan Croft dye works, house 3 Nicholson street 
M'Callum, Daniel, general grocer, 163 Buchanan street 
M'Callum, Daniel, sheriff-officer and constable, 220 Broomielaw 
M'Callum, Daniel, spirit dealer, Barrowfield toll 
M'Callum, Daniel, noddy master, 64 Jamaica street 
M'Callum, D. at Ure & Henderson's, house 56 Howard street 
M'Callum, D. green grocer, 107 West George street 
M'Callum, Donald, grocer, St. Rollox 

M'Callum, Donald, boot and shoe maker, 114 Sauchiehall street 
M'Callum, D. of D. M'Callum, sen. & Co. house 14 Hopetoun place 
M'Callum, Dugald, spirit dealer, 13 Wallace court, Bell street 

M'Callum, Duncan, sen. & Co. ironmongers, brassfounders, & smiths 
32 Queen street 

M'Callum, Duncan, grocer and spirit dealer, and house factor, Finniestoj 

M'Callum, Duncan, spirit dealer, 27 Bell street 

M'Callum, Edward, cloth agent, 260 St. Vincent street 

M'Callum, George, officer of excise, 84 Eglington street 

M'Callum, George, boot and shoe maker, 18 Sauchiehall street 

M'Callum, Hector, spirit dealer, 58 Candleriggs 

M'Callum & Hood, clothiers, 92 Queen street 

M'Callum, John, silk mercer to his Majesi3' for Scotland, 37 Buchanai 
street, house 60 Bath street 

M'Callum, John, jun. cooper, 79 Jamaica street 

M'Callum, John, sen. eating house, 65 Bell street 

M'Callum, John, sen. messenger-at-arms, 76 Bell street 

M'Callum, John, of Alex. Young & Co. house 99 Upper Crown street 

M'Callum, John, spirit dealer, 9 Clyde terrace 

M'Callum, Joseph, Greenock daily post, place of call 13 Nelson street 

M'Callum, Malcolm, contractor, 18 Burrell's lane 

M'Callum, M. of D. M'Callum, sen. & Co. house 9 Hopetoun place 

M'Callum & M'Kinnon grocers, Port-Dundas 

M'Callum, Neil, baker, 406 Argyll street 

M'Callum, Robert, causewayer and club agent, Main street, Bridgeton 

M'Callum, Robert, wine and spirit merchant 17 and 18 Clyde place 

M'Callum, William, provision dealer, Cowcaddens 



m'callum — m'cormick. 133 

M'Callum, William, grocer & spirit dealer, 37 Armour street 

M'Callum, Mrs. 240 Argyll street 

M'CALMAN, Donald, house painter & paper hanger, 11 Exchange sq. 

M'Calman, Mrs. lodgings 44 George street 

M'CANDLISH, John, boot & shoe maker, 57 South Portland street 

M'CANN, Henry, pye and porter house, 178 Cowcaddens street 

M'Cann, Lyle M. grocer & spirit dealer, 275 Buchanan street 

M'CARTNEY, George, clothier, 48 Saltmarket 

M'CHLERIE, James, plumber, 88 Gallowgate, house above 

M'Chlerie, William, commission agent, 86 Miller street 

M'CLELLAND, James, accountant, 17 South Hanover street, house 

St. George's road 
M'CLUE, William, victualler, 203 High street, house 15 Buns wynd 
IM'CLURE, James, carver and gilder, 21 Argyll street 
M'Clure, J. H. writer, of Moody & M'Clure, ho. 108 W. Regent street 
M'Clure, Mrs. 108 West Regent street 

M'CLUSKY, Francis, grocer and spirit dealer, 104 Saltmarket 
M'Clusky, James, spirit dealer, 161 Saltmarket 
JM'CLYMONT, Archibald, manufacturer, 15 Candleriggs 
M'Clymont, James, of Thomas Wingate & Co. ho. 108 S. Portland st. 
M'Clymont, John, grocer, victualler, & spirit dealer, St. Rollox 
M'Clymont, William, & Co. general shoe furnishers, 41 Prince's street 
M'COLL, Archibald, spirit dealer, 116 Old wynd 
M'Coll, Archibald, merchant, 2 Antigua place, house 2 Paisley road 
M'Coll, Dugald, governor of the jail, house at the jail 
M'Coll, Dugald, spirit dealer, Muirhouses, Shaws' road 
M'Coll, George, chimney sweeper, 14 Main street, Gorbals 
M'Coll, Hugh & Son, clothiers, 51 Argyll st. house Old Post-office court 
M'Coll, John, grocer, 26 Rose street, Hutchesontown 
M'Coll, John, spirit dealer, 87 Main street, Gorbals, and 63 New wynd 
M'Coll, John, grocer, 476 Argyll street 
M'Coll, John, fire brick work, &c. Port-Dundas road 
M'Coll, Malcolm, singeing- house, 32 Montrose street 
tf'CONECHY, H. & Son, bakers, 127 Saltmarket 
Vl'Conechy, James, editor of Glasgow Courier, Courier office, house 134 

George street 

Vl'Conechy, M. confectioner, 82 Buchanan street, ho. St. George's road 
Vl'Conechy, Mrs. J. grocer and spirit dealer, 5 Carrick street 
VI'CONNELL, Archibald, of Thomson & M'Connell, house 15 St. 

Enoch's square 
U'Connell, B. pawnbroker, 62 King street 

Vl'Connell, R. smith, ironmonger and brass founder, 81 & 85 Union st. 
M'Connell, Miss Elizabeth, clothier, 148 Saltmarket 
Vl'Connell, Miss, milliner, 41 Bell street 

H'CORKINDALE, Archibald, boot and shoemaker, 400 Argyll street 
H'Corkindale, Duncan, boot and shoemaker, 20 Eglinton street 
H'Corkindale, D. wholesale hosiery and lace warehouses, 3 St. Enoch 

square, house 15 Hill street, Garnethill 
kl'Corkindale, John, boot and shoemaker 47 Bridge street 
4'CORKLE, Daniel, of D. M'Corkle & Co. house 27 York street 
rfl'Corkle, Daniel, & Co. rope and twine manufacturers, 150 Broomielaw 
>I'CORMICK, Alexander, boot and shoemaker, 251 High street 
Vl'Cormick, Colin, spirit dealer, 155 Cowcaddens 


134 m'cormick— m'donald. 

M'Cormick, D. paper ruler, 24 Queen street 

^,?Cormickj Hugh, contractor, 4 York street 
' M'Cormick, John, tinsmith, 9 Stevenson street 

M'COUL, Thomas, smith and bell hanger, 84 Renfield street 

M'CRACKEN, Alexander, painter, oil and colourman, 32 High street 
and 27 Dundas street 

M'Cracken, James, 147 High street 

M'Cracken, William, of Glasgow Card Co. 13 Great Clyde street, house 
155 Stockwell 

M'CRAE, John, warper, 25 Dunlop street 

M'CREATH, James, spirit dealer, 94 Main street, Anderston 

M'CRIE, Wm. & Co. paper hanging manufacturer, 2 St. Vincent street 

M'CRINDEL, James, agent, 10 Jamaica street 

M'CRONE, Edward, victualler, 3 Bishop st. furnishing shop 21 Main st. 

M 'Crone, Edward, funeral-letter maker, 6 Candleriggs 

M'CRORIE, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 25 Millroad street 

M'Crorie, John, flower lasher, 62 Hutcheson street 

M'CUBBIN, John, warehouseman, Commercial court, 114 Candleriggs 
and 14 Canon street, house 35 Charlotte street 

M'CUE, Peter, egg merchant, 8 Great Clyde street 
M'Cue, William, provision merchant, 4 Great Clyde street, house 13 
Waterport buildings 

M'CULLOCH, Alexander, grocer, 349 Argyll street 

M'Culloch, Andrew, 47 Abbotsford place 

M'Culloch, David, teller, British Linen Company's Bank 

M'Culloch, Dugald, general agent, 93 Castle street 

M'Culloch, James, contractor, 30 Parkhouse lane 

M'Culloch, James & John, wholesale and retail grocers, 147 Arg}dl st. 

M'Culloch, James, of J. & J. M'Culloch, house 108 Argyll street 

M'Culloch, John, victualler and spirit dealer, 25 Green street, Calton 

M'Culloch, John, spirit dealer, 2 Crown street, house Stockwell bridge 

M'Culloch, John, Secretary Religious Institution rooms, 11 South 

Frederick street 
M'Culloch, Moses, & Co. founders and smiths, grate and fender makers, 

168 Gallowgate 
M'Culloch, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 91 and 93 Main street, 

Gorbals, and 10 Nelson street, Tradeston 
M'Culloch, S. & W. wholesale and retail grocers, 25 and 27 Argyll st. 
M'Culloch, Samuel, of S. & W. M'Culloch, house 13 S. Portland street 
M'Culloch & Whyte, reed makers, 56 Trongate 
M'Culloch, William, dairyman and carter, 51 York street 
M'Culloch, William, spirit dealer, 71 Old wynd 
M'Culloch, Wm. of S. & W. M'Culloch, house 108 Argyll street 
M'Culloch, Mrs. Andrew, 27 St. Andrew street 
M'Culloch, Mrs. E. spirit dealer, 94 Broomielaw 
M'Culloch, Mrs. M. 76 Charlotte street 
M'Culloch, Miss, 17 St. Andrew square 

M'CUNN, Robert, at J. & A. Smith & Co.'s, house 17 Carlton place 
M'DIARMID, D. & Son, brick-makers, Belfield House, Duke street 
M'Diarmid, Neil, boot and shoemaker, 238 Argyll street 
M'DICKEN, Daniel, spirit dealer, 29 Abercromby street 
M'DONALD, Alexander, tailor, 72 Nelson street 



M'Donald, Alex, hosiery and ready made linen warehouse, 6 & 7 Arcade 
M'Donald, Alexander, grocer, 41 Trongate ^flb. 

M'Donald, A. G. of Maclure & M'Donald, ho. 15 Great Clyde strt^*. 
M'Donald, A. J. of M'Farlane & M'Donald, house Mavisbank . ( 

M'Donald, Alexander, spirit dealer, 53 Gallowgate v^, 

M'Donald, Alexander, commercial traveller, lodgings F. M'Donald's, 79 , 

Trongate $ 

M'Donald, Captain Alexander, 27 Bain's place i 

M'Donald, Alexander, of M'Donald & Richardson, ho. 121 Clarence pi. 
M'Donald, Angus, spirit dealer, 20 King street 
M'Donald, Angus, spirit dealer, 41 Clyde street, Anderston 
M'Donald, Angus, watch-case maker, 49 Trongate 
M'Donald, Angus, tea merchant, 229 Cowcaddens, house above 
M'Donald, Archibald, spirit dealer, Main street, Bridgeton 
M'Donald, Boyd, of M'Pherson & M'Donald, house 9 Albany place 
M'Donald, Charles, house factor, 39 Coburg lane 
M'Donald, Daniel, engraver, copperplate and lithographic printer, IS 

Hutcheson street, house 58 Taylor street, North of Stirling's road 
M'Donald, Daniel, of A. & J. M'Keand, house 12 Warwick street 
M'Donald, Daniel, of M' Whannell, M'Donald& Co. ho. 127 Candleriggs 
M'Donald, David, watch maker and jeweller, 134 Trongate, house 14 

Dunlop street 
M'Donald, Donald, spirit dealer, 21 Clyde street Anderston 
M'Donald, Donald, & Co. slaters, 70 Hutcheson street and 93 Bruns- 
wick street 
M'Donald, Donald, of D. M'Donald & Co. house 30 John street 
M'Donald, Donald, spirit dealer, 112 High street 

M'Donald, Duncan, wine and spirit dealer, 21 and 23 New street, Calton 
M'Donald, Duncan, wine and spirit dealer, 80 Glassford street 
M'Donald, Farquhar, blue bell tavern, 79 Trongate 
M'Donald & Ferguson, brush, bellows, hair cloth, and curled hair 

manufacturers, 29 Gallowgate, and 50 Duke street 
M'Donald, H. merchant, 43 Buchanan st. ho. Mavisbank, Renfrew road 
M'Donald, Henry, drysalter, 9 Shuttle street 
M'Donald, Hugh, tailor and clothier, 3 Miller's place 
M'Donald, Hugh, tavern, 12 High street 

M'Donald, Hugh, victualler, 82 Canon street and 154 W. Nile street 
M'Donald, .Tames, cooper, 112 King street, Calton 
M'Donald, James, beadle, 11 Coburg lane 

M'Donald, James, of M'Donald & M'Kay, house 39 Cambridge street 
M'Donald, James, baker and flour merchant, 42 Bath street 
M'Donald, John, of Stewart & M'Donald, house Maxwelton place 
M'Donald, John, Clans' tavern, 158 Stockwell 
M'Donald, John, sheriff-clerk depute, 60 Stockwell, house Rosehiil, 

Pollokshaws road 
M'Donald, John, writer, 15 Great Clyde street 
M'Donald, J. & A. tea dealers and tallow chandlers, 108 and 110 

M'Donald, John, spirit dealer, 66 Havannah 
M'Donald, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 105 Graeme street 
M'Donald, John, wine and spirit merchant, 4 Old wynd and 206 

Broomielaw, house 8 Old wynd 
M'Donald, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 65 Main street, Anderston 


M'Donald, John, spirit dealer, 53 Bell street 

M 'Donald, John, of M'Donald & M'Nab, house 7 Croy place 

M'Donald, John, jun. of Wilson & M'Donald, house Eldon place 

M'Donald, John, spirit dealer, 48 Main street, Gorbals 

M'Donald, John, victualler, 55 Eglinton street 

M'Donald & M'Kay, calico printers, 1 3t> Brunswick street 

M'Donald & M'Nab, wine and spirit merchants, 9 Cioy place 

M'Donald, Peter, spirit dealer, 142 Broomielaw 

M'Donald, P. & Co. pawnbrokers, 100 Saltmarket 

M'Donald & Richardson, wine and spirit merchants, 77 Glassford street 

M'Donald, Robert, 30 Duke street 

M'Donald & Robertson, calenderers and hot pressers, 129 Ingram street 

M'Donald, Ronald, spirit dealer, 14 Havannah 

M'Donald, Ronald, messenger-at-arms, 182 Trongate 

M'Donald, & Scott, fleshers, 55 Stockwell 

M'Donald, Thomas, teacher of St. Enoch's Infant School, Rope Work 

lane, house 8 Norfolk court 
M'Donald, William, South Arthurlie Printfield, Barrhead. Letters to 

be left at James Hendry & Co.'s, 95 Candleriggs 
M'Donald, W. general agent, 93 Miller street 
M'Donald, William, smith, 92 King street, Tradeston 
M'Donald, Mrs. Alex, fancy muslin manufacturer, 89 John street 
M'Donald, Misses M. & A. dressmakers, 26 East Clyde street 
M'Donald, Mrs. Alexander, 146 Hill street, Garnet place 
M'Donald, Mrs. milliner, 43 Nelson street 
M'Donald, Mrs. Dr. 62 South Portland street 
M'Donald, Miss C. Poland place, 62 South Portland place 
M'Donald, Mrs. James, grocer and spirit dealer, Reid street, Bridgeton 
M'Donald, Misses, 30 Duke street 

M'Donald, Misses A. & M. stay makers, 7 Nelson street 
M'DOUGALL, Alexander, wine and spirit dealer, 31 Stevenson street 
M'Dougall, Alexander, tailor, 10 Jamaica street 
M'Dougall, Alexander, wine and spirit dealer, 6 Mitchell street 
M'Dougall, Alexander, cartwright, Delftfield lane 
M'Dougall, A. teacher, 55 St. Andrew square 
M'Dougall, Allan, spirit dealer, 7 St Enoch lane 
M'Dougall, Andrew, beadle of St. George's, 8 West George street 
M'Dougall, Archibald, fruiterer, 330 High street 
M'Dougall, Buchanan, carver, 30 Steel street 
M'Dougall, Colin, woollen and linen draper, 5 Gallowgate, house Gpw'.s 

land, South Wellington place 
M'Dougall, D. boot and shoe maker, 117 Argyll street 
M'Dougall, D. mercantile academy, 48 George sq. ho. 33 N. Hanover st. 
M'Dougall, D. S. teacher Highland Society School, 69 Montrose street 
M'Dougall, John, spirit dealer, 65 Green street, Calton 
M'Dougall, John, spirit merchant, Cowcaddens 
M'Dougall, John, teacher of music, 68 Glassford street 
M'Dougall, John, dyer, 28 M'Alpine street, house Allan place 
M'Dougall, John, candlemaker, 46 Main street, Anderston 
M'Dougall, John, earthenware shop, 182 Argyll street 
M'Dougall, John, of Campbell & M'Dougall, house Eagle lane 
M'Dougall, John, spirit dealer, 223 Argyll street 
M'Dougall, John, flesher, 10 Govan street 

m'dougall — m'fadyen. 137 

M'Dougall, N. at George Crawfurd's, 93 Glassford street 

M'Dougall, Peter, & Co. carvers and gilders, &c. 332 Argyll street 

M'Dougall, Robert, lodgings, 48 South Portland street 

M'Dougall, Mrs. Colonel, 72 George square 

M'DOWALL, Alex, of M'Dowall & Hotson, house 4 Brandon place 

M'Dowall, H. surgeon, 41 Nelson street,*- Tradeston 

M'Dowall, John, cabinet maker, 12 North Portland street 

M'Dowall, John, of M'Dowall & Robertson, house Thistle st. Gamethill 

M'Dowall, Dr. John, surgeon, 11 Maxwell street, house above 

M'Dowall & Hotson, writers, 17 Royal Exchange square 

M'Dowall & Robertson, Milton foundry, Corn street, Port-Dundas. 

Orders left at James Kennedy's, 115 Ingram street 
M'EACHERN, Archibald, wine merchant, 84 Jamaica street 
M'Eachern, N. surveyor of taxes, 357 Argyll street 
M'ELWEE, William, spirit dealer, 55 King street, Calton 
M'EW AN, Alex, of W. M'Ewan, Sons & Co. house 40 Great Clyde street 
M'Ewan, Alexander, hat manufacturer, 31 Govan street 
M'Ewan, Andrew, of M'Ewan & Auld, accountants, 17 Royal Ex- 
change square 
M'Ewan, Andrew, surgeon, medical hall, 17 Stobcross st. house above 
M'Ewen, Rev. Andrew, teacher, 28 Drygate lane 
M'Ewan & Auld, accountants, and agents for the Liverpool Fire and 

Life Insurance Company, 17 Royal Exchange square 
M'Evven, Colin, provision merchant, 57 Jamaica street 
M'Ewan, Daniel, cabinet maker and upholsterer, 1 South Portland st. 

work shop and wood yard, 7 Eglinton street 
M'Ewan, Duncan, spirit dealer, 26 Low Green street 
M'Ewan, Duncan, spirit dealer, 61 Saltmarket 
M'Ewan, George, surgeon and apothecary, 85 Main street, Anderston, 

house 7 North Clyde street 
M'Ewan, James, juu. agent, 20 Brunswick place 

M'Ewan, James, of Wm. M'Ewan, Sons & Co. house 69 London street 
M'Ewan, James, of P. M'Naught & Co. house 297 Argyll street 
M'Ewan, John, & Son, slaters, 9 Spoutmouth 

M'Ewan, John, cooper, 35 Great Hamilton street, ho. 6 Sommerville pi. 
M'Ewan, Dr. John, surgeon, 13 Pitt street 
M'Ewan, J. of W. M'Ewan, Sons & Co. house 23 Dixon street 
M'Ewan, John, spirit dealer, 16 Jail square 
M'Ewen, John, of R. & J. Henderson, house Provanside 
M'Ewen, John, commercial traveller, 65 Eglinton street 
M'Ewan, Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, 16 Orr street 
M'Ewan, Robert, & Co. clothiers, 53 Buchanan st. ho. 23 Elmbank pi. 
M'Ewan, Thomas, & James Gibson, writers, 11 Virginia street 
M'Ewan, Thomas, writer, 11 Virginia street, house Langside 
M'Ewan, William, Sons & Co. tea merchants and patent sugar refiners, 

121 Trongate, works Oswald street 
M'Ewan, William, Sons & Co. wholesale tea merchants and general 

grocers, 146 Gallowgate 
M'Ewan, William, of Caldergrove, at William M'Ewan, Sons & Co. 
M'Ewan, Mrs. Alexander, spirit dealer, 84 Queen street 
M'Ewan, Mrs. 30 Charlotte street 

M'FADYEN, Archibald, victualler, 120 Main street, Gorbals 
M'Fadyen, D. chandler and tobacconist, 109 Stockwell 
M 2 


M'Fadyen, Duncan, wholesale and retail grocer, 275 Argyll street 
M'Fadyen, F. cork manufacturer, 42 East Clyde street 
M'Fadyen, John, sen. music warehouse, 63 Wilson street 
M'Fadyen, John, music warehouse, 67 J Buchanan street, house 51 

South Portland street 
M'Fadyen, Jos. L. at John M'Fadyen's, sen. house 77 N. Frederick st. 
M'Fadyen, Thomas, spirit dealer, Barony glebe 
M'FARLANE, Alexander, spirit dealer, 8 Govan street 
M'Farlane, Alexander, 9 Blackfriar street 
M'Farlane, Alexander, ironmonger, 45 Main street, Anderston 
M'Farlane, Andrew, boot and shoemaker, 198 Broomielaw 
M'Farlane, A. green grocer, 42 West Nile street 
M'Farlane, David, spirit dealer, 42 Prince's street 
M'Farlane, David,' lithographic printer, 124 Trongate 
M'Farlane, David, manager, Anderston print works 
M'Farlane, Daniel, spirit dealer, 42 John street 
M'Farlane, Daniel, drysalter and oil merchant, 11 Stirling street 
M'Farlane, D. & P. dyers and starchers, 260 Buchanan street 
M'Farlane, Duncan, of Gow, Primrose & Co. house Govanbank 
M'Farlane, Duncan, at James Sloane & Co.'s, 113 Brunswick street, 

house 16 Bath street 
M'Farlane, D. spirit dealer and cowfeeder, 90 Burnside, Port-Dundas 
M'Farlane, D. sheriff-officer, 182 Trongate 
M'Farlane, D. & Son, watch and clock makers, 80 Trongate 
M'Farlane, Francis, boot and shoemaker, 39 John street 
M'Farlane, George, grocer, 52 King street 

M'Farlane, George, warehouseman, 70 Hutcheson st. ho. 58 Taylor st. 
M'Farlane, George, & Co. linen and calico printers, 95 Candleriggs 
M'Farlane, H. at A. & P. Hamilton & Co.'s 
M'Farlane, J. wright and box maker, 6 North Albion street 
M'Farlane,^ J. boot maker, 13 Miller street, house 17 Nicholson street 
M'Farlane, James, dyer andfstarcher, 55 Montrose street, house 105 do, 
M'Farlane, James, spirit dealer, 106 Main street, Anderston 
M'Farlane, John, spirit dealer and pastry baker, 236 Gallowgate 
M'Farlane, John, of George M'Farlane & Co. ho. 150 West Regent st. 
M'Farlane, John, broker, 14 Thistle street, Hutchesontown 
M'Farlane, John, Arcade coffee-house, 100 Argyll street 
M'Farlane, John, furnishings, &c. 54 Stockwell 
M'Farlane, John, spirit dealer, 33 Cowcaddens 
M'Farlane, John, & Co. merchants, 101 Miller street 
M,Farlane, John, coal agent, 76 Gallowgate 
M'Farlane, Dr. John, 17 St. Vincent place 
M'Farlane, J. & M. shoemakers, 302 Argyll street 
M'Farlane, J. & R. calenderers and packers, 14 North Albion street 
M'Farlane, Malcolm, broker and commission merchant, 42 Miller street 
Macfarlane & MacDonald, clothiers, 35 Buchanan street 
M'Farlane, Malcolm, hotel, 57 Buchanan street 
M'Farlane, Malcolm, spirit dealer, 28 Dale street, Tradeston 
M'Farlane, Malcolm, spirit dealer, 14 Clyde place 
M'Farlane, Malcolm, skinner, 45 Clyde street, Anderston 
M'Farlane, M. & Co. distillers, Port-Dundas 
M'Farlane, Moses, china warehouse, 126 High street 
M'Farlane, Parlane, manufacturer, 9 Gallowgate 

m'farlane — m'george. 139 

M'Farlane, Peter, hardware and smallware merchant, 10 Arcade 

M'Farlane, Peter, smith and hell hanger, Margaret street 

M'Farlane, Peter, grocer and spirit dealer, 11 Bishop street, Anderscon 

M'Farlane, Peter, 40 Weaver street 

M'Farlan, Rev. Principal, house College 

M'Farlane, R. & A. wood merchants, 50 Robertson street 

M'Farlane, Robert, spirit dealer, 1 Govan street 

Macfarlane, Robert, of Macfarlane & MacDonald, ho. 11 Sauchiehall st. 

M'Farlane, Robert, spirit dealer, 1 Brown street 

M'Farlane, Robert, merchant, 60 South Portland street. Letters left at 

D. M'Millan's, 85 Argyll street 
M'Farlane, Robert, woollen and linen draper, 7 Gallowgate 
M'Farlane, Thos. teacher of piano forte and singing, 13 St. Vincent pi. 
M'Farlane, Thomas, H. wine and spirit merchant, 50 Broomielaw, 104 

Gallowgate, and 78 High street 
M'Farlane, Walter, turner and punch spoon maker, 24 Queen street 
M'Farlane, Walter, at W. P. Paton's house, Regent street 
M'Farlane, William, spirit dealer, 47 Clyde street, Anderston 
M'Farlane, William, bootmaker, 19i Norfolk street 
M'Farlane, William, spirit dealer, 143 Cowcaddens 
M'Farlane, William, wine and spirit dealer, 129 Saltmarket 
M'Farlane, Wrlliam, tailor, 151 Gallowgate 

M'Farlane, William, & Co. calenderers and packers, 19 S. Hanover st. 
M'Farlane, Mrs. Daniel, silk dyer, 4 Carlton court 
M'Farlane, Mrs. Robert, victualler, 33 King street 
M'Farlane, Mrs. Robert, baker, 20 George street 
M'Farlane, Mrs. stabler and spirit dealer, 2b Spoutmouth 
M'Farlane, Mrs. mangier, 58 Buchanan street 
M'Farlane, Miss C. spirit dealer, 308 Argyll street 
M'Farlane, Miss M. spirit dealer and pye baker, 35 Argyll street 
M'FEAT, John, china and glass merchant, 57 King street 
M'Feat, Thomas, spirit dealer, 21 Dale street, Tradeston 
M'Feat, Walter, spirit dealer, 56 Back wynd 

M'Feat, William, rag merchant, 59 King street, ho. \7h Monteith row 
MAC FIE, Dugald, merchant, at James Macfie's 

Macfie, James, merchant, 27 Virginia street, house 12 Abbotsford place 
Macfie, Robert A. of R. Macfie & Sons, agent for National bank and 

North British Insurance Co. 43 Virginia street 
Macfie, Robert, & Sons, sugar refiners and merchants, 27 Virginia st. 
M'Fie, Thomas, veterinary surgeon, 138 Gallowgate 
M'Fee, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 12 Broad street 
M'GAVIN, James, of R. M'Gavin & Son, house 25 Monteith row 
M'Gavin, Robert, & Son, me-chants, 9 Cochran st. and 13 Montrose st. 
M'Gavin, Robert, of R. M'Gavin & Son, house 25 Monteith row 
M'GEOCH, W. ironmonger, 113 Argyll st. ho. 82 S. Portland street 
M'GEACHY, Duncan, & Co. manufacturing chemists, works Port- 

Dundas road, office, 35 Union street 
MACGEORGE, Andrew, writer, 57 Queen st. ho. 4 Sandyford place 
Macgeorge, Andrew, jun. writer, 57 Queen street 
M'George, R. F. of M'George & Smith, house 142 George street 
Macgeorge, Robert, wine merchant, 83 Buchanan street, house 3 Horn's 

court, St. Enoch square 
M'George & Smith, clothiers, 15 Royal Exchange square 


MACGIBBON, D. of Winchester & Macgibbon, ho. 70 S. Portland st. 

M'Gibbon, John, grocer, 152 Saltmarket 

M'Gibbon, John, hat maker, 14 Nicholson street 

M'Gibbon, T. teacher of English, 93 Brunswick street 

M'Gibbon, W. writer, 26 Glassford street, house 26 N. Portland street 

M'GILCHRIST, Mrs. 106 Bath street 

M'GILL, Francis, merchant, 27 Richmond street 

M'Gill & M'Kirdy, stair railers, 35 Eglinton street 

M'Gill, Mrs. lodgings, 44 North Frederick street 

M'GILP, Ninian, West of Scotland Insurance Office, house 68 W. 
Regent street 

M'GILVERY, D. cork cutter, 25 Charlotte street 

M'Gilvray, Donald, spirit dealer, 261 Gallowgate 

M'Gilvray, Martin, confectioner, 342 High street 

M'Gilvray, Rev. Walter, of St. Mark's, 357 Argyll street 

M'Gilvray, Miss M. confectioner, 54 Bridge street 

M'GLASHAN, Alex, teacher, 52 West Nile street 

M'GOUN, Arch, commission merchant, 135 Buchanan street, house 
123 W. Nile street 

M'Goun, Duncan, merchant, 123 West Nile street 

M'Goun, George, boot and shoemaker, 69 Trongate 

M'Goun, L. 0. Western bank, ho. 123 West Nile street 

M'Goun, Malcolm, agent, 18 Turner's court 

M'Goun, Mrs. 51 West Regent street 

M'Gown, Thomas, flesher, Corbet's land, Main street, Bridgeton 

M'Gown, Wm. of Win. M'Gown & Co. house 4 Wellington street 

M'Gowan, Wm. teacher, 46 St. Andrew square, house 144 Saltmarket 

M'Gown, William, & Co. joiners and packing box makers, 31 North 
Albion street 

M'GREGOR, Alex, of Denniston, M'Gregor & Co. house Garscadden 

M'Grigor, Alex, of M'Giigor, Murray & M'Grigor, ho. 3 Milton place 

M'Grigor, Alexander, jun. of M'Grigor, Murray & M'Grigor, house 
10 Carlton place 

M'Gregor, Alexander, flesher, 114 Main street, Anderston 

M'Grigor, Alex. & Archd. merchants, 8 Stirling's square, mill 178 Gal- 
lowgate, or 28 Mungo lane 

M'Grigor, Alex. & Co. wine and spirit merchants, 123 Gallowgate 

M'Grigor, Andrew, baker, 290 Argyll street 

M'Gregor, Andrew, spirit dealer, 62 Havannah 

M'Gregor, Andrew, chemist and druggist, new apothecary hall, Cow- 

M'Gregor, A. lodgings, Craig's court, 95 Argyll street 

M'Gregor, Andrew, paper and rag warehouse, 36 Prince's street 

M'Gregor, Brownrigg & Co. 62 Buchanan street 

M'Gregor & Co. 62 Buchanan street 

M'Gregor, Coll, at R. M'Gregor & Co.'s, 43 Brunswick place 

M'Gregor, Daniel, Commercial bank, house High John street 

M'Gregor, David, 43 Brunswick street 

M'Gregor, Donald, smith and gas fitter, 94 Saltmarket 

M'Grigor, Duncan, King's Arms Inn, 66 Trongate 

M'Gregor, D. mathematician, 51 North Hanover street 

M'Grigor, D. boot and shoemaker, 5 Argyll Arcade 

M'Gregor ; Hugh, vintner, 18 Laigh Kirk close 

m'gregor — m'indoe. 141 

M'Gregor, James, spirit dealer, 132 Gallowgate 

M'Grigor, James, smith, Eurnside place 

M'Gregor, James, spirit dealer, 42 Clyde street, Anderston 

M'Gregor, John, merchant, -44 Brunswick place, house 6 Rose street, 

M'Gregor, John, turner, 60 High street, and 119 Union street 
M'Gregor, John, & Son, tobacco and snuff manufacturers, warehouse 

43 Old wynd, retail shop 227 Gallowgate 
M'Gregor, John, baker, 62 Centre street, Tradeslon 
M'Gregor, John, of Tod & M'Gregor, house Hydepaik 
M'Gregor, J. W. cooper, 77 Maxwell street, and 9 West Blackhall 

street, Greenock, house 92 South Portland street 
M'Gregor, Murray & M'Gregor, writers, 52 George's square 
M'Gregor, Neil, wright and mangle maker, 24 Canon street 
Bl'Gregor, Peter, grocer and spirit dealer, 96 Burnside, Port-Dundas 
M'Gregor, Peter, boot and shoe maker, 8 Brunswick place, house 36 

York street 
M'Gregor & Rankin, painters, 66 Renfrew street, head of Hope street 
M'Gregor, Robert, surgeon, 73 John street 
M'Gregor, Robert, & Co. merchants and cotton spinners, 43 Brunswick 

place, works Milngavie 
M'Grigor, Thomas, hat manufacturer, 74 George street, house 3 Bal- 

-manno street 
M'Gregor, William, beadle of Calton church, 7 Struthers street 
M'Gregor, W. sugar sample rooms, house 77 Renfrew street 
M'Gregor, Mrs. Alexander, shawl fringer and crimper, 41 North 

Albion street 
M'Grigor, Mrs. D. 41 Charlotte street 
M'Gregor, Mrs. lodgings, 10 South Portland street 
M'Grigor, Miss J. milliner and stay warehouse, 19 Candleiiggs 
M'GROUTHER, James, 2 South Portland street 
M'GUFFIE, Thomas, builder, 48 Stockwell 

M'GUIRE, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 5 Thomson's lane, Mile-end 
M'HAFFIES & Co. merchants and hat manufacturers, 9 St. Andrew's 

square, weaving factories in Peel street and Brock street 
M'Haffie, James, of M'HafEe & Co. house 20 Monteith row 
M'Haffie, John, at M'Haffie & Co.'s 

M'Haffie, Robert, ironmonger, 115 Argyll street, house 256 do. 
M'Haffie, Robert, of Eastwood, house 219 St. Vincent street 
M'HARDY, Charles, English and Classical Academy, 21 Portugal st. 
M'Hardy, J. sheriff-clerk depute, 60 Stockwell, house South Park 

street, George's road 
M'HARG, John, 78 Glassford street, house 108 S. Portland street 
M'HUTCHISON, James, wine and spirit merchant, 100 Stockwell 
M'Hutchison, Robert, at M'Lachlan & Steele's, house Commercial road 
M'lLWRAITH, David, spirit dealer, 61 Bridgegate 
M'llwraith, Mrs. staymaker, 56 Renfield street 
M'lLWEE, Joseph, spirit dealer, 7 Muirhead street 
M'lLWHAM, A. stabler, 270 Gallowgate 
M'llwham, John, Lady of the Lake tavern, 228 Broomielaw 
M'llwham, Walter, spirit dealer, 3 St. Nicholas place, Kirk street 
M'INDOE, Adam, cartwright, 10 Puddock row 
M'Indoe, Charles, 125 West Regent street 

142 M f lNDOE — M'INTYRE. 

M'Indoe, John, draper, 4 and 10 High street 

M'Indoe, John, wright and builder, 40 Brown street, house 36 do. 

M'Indoe, Peter, cabinet maker, 5 Union street, Calton 

M'Indoe, Peter, grocer, 184 Cowcaddens 

M'Indoe, Robert, jun. manufacturer, Commercial court, Candleriggs 

M'Indoe, Robert, & Co. commission merchants, 16 Canon street 

M'Indoe, Mrs. Gilbert, tea merchant, 196 Gallowgate 

M'Indoe, Mrs. poulterer, 75 Prince's street 

M'INNES, Angus, furnishing shop and coal agent, 89 Carrick street 

M'Innes, Daniel, ropemaker, Port-Dundas road 

M'Innes, Douglas, spirit dealer, 15 Spoutmouth 

M'Innes, John, agent for T. Howey & Co. 33 Montrose st. ho. 36 do. 

M'Innes, John, spirit dealer, 14 Howard street 

M'Innes, John, spirit dealer 76 Crown street 

M'Innes, Neil, grocer, 449 Argyll street 

M'Innes, W. & T. joiners and cabinet makers, cabinet and upholstery 

warehouse 77 Buchanan street, works Burnside, Garscube road 
M'Innes, William, watchmaker and jeweller, 50 Gallowgate 
M'Innes, William, of W. & T. M'Innes, house 6 North Woodside street 
M'INTOSH, Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, John street, Bridgeton 
M'Intosh, Andrew, at Hurlet & Campsie Alum Co.'s, 77 Union street, 

house 47 Sauchiehall street 
M'Intosh, Archibald, messenger-at-arms, 76 Bell street 
M'Intosh, Charles, merchant, house Dunchattan, Duke street 
M'Intosh, Charles, teacher, Annfield 

M'Intosh & Duncan, tanners and curriers, 26 Goosedubbs street 
M'Intosh, D. surgeon, 76 South Portland street 
M'Intosh, G. & Co. chemists, cudbear works, Duke street 
M'Intosh, George, merchant, house Dunchattan, Duke street 
M'Intosh, Hugh, tailor, 54 London street 
M'Intosh, H. & J. turners, 55 Main street, Gorbals 
M'Intosh, James, grocer and spirit dealer, Main street, Bridgeton 
M'Intosh, John, accountant, 2 Royal Exchange court, ho. 148 Renfrew st. 
M'Intosh, John, jun. accountant, 2 Royal Exchange court 
M'Intosh, John, & Co. sewed muslin and lace manufacts. 48 Queen st. 
M'Intosh, John, of J. M'Intosh & Co. house 103 Castlemilk place 
M'Intosh, John, "spirit dealer, 20 Stobcross street, Anderston 
M'Intosh, John, writer and notary public, ho. 52 Rose st. Hutchesontown 
M'Intosh, Robert, eating house, 213 Gallowgate 
M'Intosh, William, M'Intosh' s Arms tavern, 5 Wood lane 
M'Intosh, William, tax collector, Bell street, Bridgeton 
M'Intosh, William, at William & George Hunter's 
M'Intosh, Mrs. James, Cross Keys tavern, 39 Stockwell 
M'Intosh, Mrs. eating-house, 27 Main street, Anderston 
M'INTYRE, Alexander, teacher, Wellington street, ho. 53 Rose street 
M'Intyre, Andrew, umbrella maker, 10 Crown street 
M'Intyre, Angus & Co. dyers, 43 Cavendish street 
M'Intyre, Archibald, spirit dealer, St. Rollox 
M'Intyre, D. grocer, 61 King street, Tradeston 
M'Intyre, Daniel, clothier, 26 L Argyll street 
M'Intyre, Donald, writer, 40 Dunlop street 
M'Intyre, Donald, spirit dealer, Sidney court 
M'Intyre, Donald, measurer, 4 Argyll street, house 91 Grceme street 

m'intyre — m'kay. 143 

M'Intyre, Duncan, grocer, 273 Argyll street and 6 Stobcross street 

M'Intyre, Duncan, calenderer and packer, 75 Virginia street 

M'Intyre, D. at R. Falconer's, 110 Trongate 

M'Intyre, Duncan, & Co. wine and spirit merchants, 395 Argyll street 

M'Intyre, James, teacher, 23 St. Andrew's square, ho. 9 M'iarlane st. 

M'Intyre, James, cooper, 28 Jamaica street, house do. 

M'Intyre, James, grocer, 41. Orr street 

M'Intyre, John, grocer, 132 Garscube road 

M'Intyre, John, & Co. warehousemen, 1 Gallowgate 

M'Intyre, John, flesher, 411 Argyll street 

M'Intyre, John, boot and shoe maker, 88 Main street, Anderston 

M'Intyre, John, 458 Argyll street 

M'Intyre, John, porter at Royal Exchange 

M'Intyre, Malcolm, smith, West Nile street 

M'Intyre, Messrs. teachers, 60 Norfolk street, house 43 Cavendish street 

M'Intyre, Peter, temperance coffee-house and reading-rooms, 59 Trongate 

M'Intyre, Thomas, fruit merchant, 93 High street 

M'Intyre, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 190 Main street, Anderston 

M'Intyre, William, & Co. cartwrights and spirit dealers, 55 & 57 Duke st. 

M'Intyre, William, victualler, 6 Sauchiehall street 

M'Intyre, Mrs. John, gardener, 18 Green Market, house Greenlaw 

M'Intyre, Mrs. 34 South Portland street 

M'Intyre, Miss Mary, grocer and spirit dealer, 28 North street 

M'ISAAC, James, of Christy, M'Isaac & Co. house 146 Hill street 

M'KAY, Alex, clothier, 14 North Exchange sq. ho. 90 Regent terrace 

M'Kajf, Alexander, tailor and clothier, 25 Trongate 

M'Kay, Alexander, spirit dealer, 65 Mitchell street 

M'Kay, Alexander, vintner, 5 Virginia street 

M'Kay, Angus, washing green, Townhead 

M'Kay, Angus, town officer, 8 Jail square 

M'Kay, Angus, spirit dealer, St. Rollox 

M'Kay, Benjamin, shoemaker, 33 Canon street 

M'Kay, Daniel, town and sheriff-officer, 65 Bridgegate 

M'Kay, Daniel, slater, 41 Bun's wynd 

M'Kay, Daniel, grocer, spirit dealer and tailor, 2 Love loan 

M'Kay, George & Co. painters, 5 Nicholson street 

M'Kay, Henry M. furnishing shop, 132 King street 

M'Kay, Hugh, of M'Donald & M'Kay, house Portland place 

M'Kay, Hugh, teacher of music, 80 West Nile street 

M'Kay, James, found contractor, 13 Cambridge lane, Cowcaddens street 

M'Kay, John, boot maker, 121 George street 

M'Kay, John, Market Inn and potato merchant, Market street 

M'Kay, John, wool spinner, 59 Great Dowhill 

M'Kay, John, bookseller, 60 Bioomielaw 

M'Kay, John, confectioner, 460 Gallowgate 

M'Kay & M'JLeod, silk mercers, 101 Trongate 

M'Kay, Neil, shoemaker, 16 'Thistle street, Hutchesontown 

M'Kay &Park, upholsterers, 123 Campbell street 

M'Kay, Peter, rope maker, Duke street, rope work 200 Duke street 

M'Kay, Robert, at J. & R. Tennent's, house Duke street 

M'Kay, Robt. wholesale Scotch woollen & linen wareho. 123 Candleriggs 

M'Kay & Son, leather merchants, 21 Great Clyde street 

M'Kay, William, spirit dealer, 38 Gallowgate 

i 44 m'kay— m'kenzie. 

M'Kay, William, paper ruler, 57 Trongate 

M'Kay, William, tailor, 45 Crown street 

M'Kay, Miss, 95 North Douglas street 

M'KEAN, Alexander, baker, 58 King street 

M'Kean, A. of C. L. Phillips & Co. house M'Symon place 

M'Keand, A. & J. warehousemen, 7 Argyll street 

M'Keand, Anthony, of A. & J. M'Keand's, house South Greenbank, 

near Gorbals toll 
M'Kain, D. secretary and engineer, Cranstonhill Water Co. work shop 

89 Mitchell street 
M'Kean, David, agent, 102 Virginia place, house 69 Union street 
M'Kean, G. A. grocer and spirit dealer, 82 Hope street 
M'Keand, James, of J. & A. M'Keand, house tuccleuch st. Garnethili 
M'Kean, James, spirit dealer, 82 Union street 
M'Kean, Robert, victualler, 45 Stirling square 
M'Keand, Thomas, storekeeper, 150 Holm street 
M'Kean, Miss, ladies' boarding school, 3 Woodside terrace 
M'KECHNIE, Archd. Glasgow water works office, house 13 Bridge st. 
M'Kechnie, C. & Co. reed manufacturers, 34 Stirling street 
M'Kechnie, Charles, weavers 1 wright, 28 Stirling street 
M'Kechnie, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 3 Struthers' street 
M'Kechnie, James, spirit dealer, 89 Commerce street 
M'Kechnie, John, beadle to St. George's-in-the-fields, house Adarri's 

land, North Woodside 
M'Kechnie, J. confectioner, 32 and 34 Bell street 
M'Kechnie, Robert, spirit dealer, 69 High street 
M'Kechnie, Thomas, tailor, Paterson's land, Main street, Bridgelon 
M'Kechnie, William, writer, 1 Antigua place 
M'Kechnie, William, tavern, 56 Trongate 
M'KELL, John, silversmith, head of Moodie's court 
M'KELLAR, Capt. Alex, steam-boat master, 12 Anderston quay 
M'Kellar, Archibald, baker and spirit dealer, 64 Main street, Gorbals 
M'Kellar, Donald, shoemaker and spirit dealer, 190 Argyll street 
M'Kellar, Duncan, Victor steamer," 12 Anderston quay 
M'Kellar, Malcom, spirit dealer, 41 Rutherglen loan 
M'Kellar, Neil, spirit dealer, 50 New street, Calton 
M'Kellar, P. of M'Kellar & Robertson, house Portland place 
M'Kellar & Robertson, London piano-forte and music warehouse, 89 

Buchanan street 
M'Kellar, Mrs J. furnisher, 29 Coburg street 
M'KELVIE, Hugh, clothier, 134 Saltmarket 
M'Kelvie, Miss E. dressmaker, 162 Main street, Gorbals 
M'KENDRICK, A. spirit dealer and stabler, 47 Stockwell 
M'Kendrick, Alexander & William, cabinet makers and upholsterers 

54 Renfield street 
M'Kendrick, William, writer, 63 Stockwell 
M'KENNA, Arthur, spirit dealer, 115 Main street, Gorbals 
M'Kenna, John, bookseller and stationer, 156 Broomielaw 
M'Kenna, Mrs. Thomas, spirit dealer, 111 New wynd 
M'KENZIE, Alexander, surgeon, 37 Orr street 
M,Kenzie, Colin, wine and spirit dealer, 10 St. Enoch square 
M'Kenzie Daniel, jun. merchant, 19 South Hanover street, lodgings 

94 West Nile street 

m'ke.vzie — m'kinlay. 145 

M'Kenzie, Daniel, 22 Royal Exchange square, house Acrehill 
M'Kenzie, David, corn factor, 28 Union st. house 45 Robertson street 
M'Kenzie, David, of Graham, M'Kenzie & Co. house Windsor place 
M'Kenzie, Dun. printer and publisher, 48 Nelson st. ho. 9 Adelphi st. 
M'Kenzie, Duncan, spirit dealer, 49 Piccadilly street, Broomielaw 
M'Kenzie, Hector, teacher, 5 School wynd, 20 Main street, Anderston 
M'Kenzie, James, merchant, 22 Royal Exchange sq. house Craigpark 
M'Kenzie, James, commission merchant, 60 Stockwell, agent for Glen- 

livet & Campbelton Distilleries & Fisherrow Ale Brewery 
M'Kenzie, John, beadle of St Mary's chapel, house 15 Drury street 
M'Kenzie, John, boot and shoe maker, 58 Gordon st. ho. 79 Hope st. 
M'Kenzie, Kenneth, spirit dealer, 119 Saltmarket 

M'Kenzie & M'Donald, cabinet makers, 26 Thistle street, Hutchesontown 
M'Kenzie, Peter, of Reformers' Gazette, ho. 34 South Portland street 
M'Kenzie, Peter, & Co. Reformers' Gazette Office, 75 Argyll st. 
M'Kenzie, Peter, engraver, stamp, die and seal cutter, 31 Argyll street 
M'Kenzie, Peter, grocer, &c. 229 High street 

M'Kenzie, Robert, boot & shoe maker, 18 Main street, Anderston 
M'Kenzie, Roderick, of R. Muir & R. M'Kenzie, house Windsor place 
M'Kenzie, William, M. D. surgeon and oculist, 39 Hutcheson street, 

house 68 George square 
M'Kenzie, Mrs. J. stone and china dealer, 224 Argyll street 
M'Kenzie, Miss, 25 George square 
M'Kenzie, Miss, lodgings, 24 Jamaica street 

M'KERRACHER, Duncan, spirit dealer, 94 Main'street, Cowcaddens 
M'KERROW, Mrs. spirit dealer, 49 Argyll street 
M'KERRY, John, spirit dealer, 12 Marlborough street 
M'KERSIE, Mrs. grocer and spirit dealer, 34 Main street, Calton 
MACKIE, Andrew, Kilmarnock carrier, 99 Stockwell 
Mackie, Andrew, perfumer and peruke maker, 129 George street 
Mackie, Andrew, M. D. 20 South Portland street 

Mackie, David, teacher of mathematics, geography, and natural philoso- 
phy, 280 George street 
Mackie, George, beadle, Gordon-street chapel, house 47 Gordon street 
Mackie, James, victualler, 60 Hospital street 
Mackie, James, & Co. wholesale tea dealers, 30 Glassford street 
Mackie, James, surgeon, 49 George street, house North Albion court 
Mackie, John, builder, Thomson's. land, head of Robertson's lane 
Mackie, Peter, wine and spirit merchant, 46 South Coburg street 
Mackie, Mrs. James, victualler, 37 Saltmarket 
Mackie, Mrs. James, 198 Buchanan street 
M'KIE, James, Clydebank victualling society, Finnieston 
M'Kie, John, & Co. merchants, 11 West Nile street 
M'Kie, J. of J. M'Kie & Co. house 183 Bath street 
M'Kie, Robert, hay dealer, 132 Sauchiehall street 
M'Kie, Robert, portioner, Brock street, Mile-end 
M'Kie, Mrs. lodgings, 292 Argyll street 

M'KILLIGEN, Robert, portioner, 149 Main street, Anderston 
M'KILLOP, James, glass warehouse, 54 Argyll st. ho. 44 Norfolk st. 
M'Killop, Neil, shoemaker, 64 Eglinton street 
M'KIMMIE, Alexander, flesher, 28 Clyde place 
M'KINLAY, Adam, tailor, 88 High John street 
M'Kinlay, Adam, foreman with M. P. Bell, house 15 Oxford street 


146 m'kinlay — m'lachlan. 

M'Kinlay, Anderson & Co. manufacturers, 113 Brunswick street 

M'Kinlay, Aulay, manufacturer of hosiery, 252 & 254 High street 

Mackinlay, David, of Mackinlay, Anderson & Co. ho. 201 Buchanan st. 

M'Kinlay, Duncan, haberdasher, 433 Argyll street, house above 

M'Kinlay, George, draper, 217 Gallowgate 

M'Kinlay, James, Glenmill-field. Orders left at 16 Canon street 

M'Kinlay, James, horse dealer, 255 Duke street 

M'Kinlay, James, grocer, 8 Green street, Calton 

M'Kinlay, John, & Son, ship agents, 16 Broomielaw 

M'Kinlay, John, cooper, 47 King street 

M'Kinlay, John, of J. M'Kinlay & Son, house 16 Broomielaw 

M'Kinlay, John, jim. classical teacher, 49 Norfolk street 

M'Kinlay, Neil, at C. Tennant & Co.'s, St. Rollox 

M'Kinlay, Peter, classical teacher, 49 Norfolk street 

M'Kinlay, Peter, merchant, 36 Norfolk street 

M'Kinlay, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, 32 Dale street, Tradeston 

Mackinlay, William, of Mackinlay, Anderson & Co., ho. 47 Oswald st. 

M'Kinlay, W. B. of J. M'Kinlay & Son, house 5 Robertson street 

M'Kinlay, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 18 Carrick street 

M'Kinlay, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 13 Bishop st. Anderston 

M'Kinlay, William, & Co. 16 Canon street, house 6 S. Wellington pi. 

M'Kinlay, Mrs. lodgings, 109 West George street 

M'KINNIS, Hugh, clothier, 106 Argyll street, house 108 do. 

M'KINNON, Alex. Arran and Ayrshire tavern, 36 Broomielaw 

M'Kinnon, Charles, spirit dealer, 48 Main street, Anderston 

M'Kinnon, Charles, of M'Kinnon & Laird, house 92 Renfield street 

M'Kinnon, Duncan, grocer and spirit merchant, 127 west Campbell st. 

M'Kinnon, Hugh, boot maker, 43 Oxford street 

M'Kinnon, James, M. painter, and paper hanger, 462 Argyll street, 

house 7 North Clyde street 
M'Kinnon & Laird, clothiers, 5 St. Enoch square 

M'Kinnon, Lachlan, jun. of M'Kinnon, Pearce & Co., 14 Gordon street 
M'Kinnon, Neil, slater, Wallace court 
M'Kinnon, Pearce & Co. merchants, 14 Gordon street 
M'Kinnon, Peter, draper, 15 Stobcross street, house 47 Cheapside street 
M'Kinnon, Peter, joiner, cabinet and chair maker, 93 Carrick street 
M'Kinnon, William, spirit merchant, 293 Argyll street 
M'Kinnon, Mrs. straw hat maker, 37 Nelson street 
M'Kinnon, Miss, furnishing shop and register office for servants, 3 

M'Kinnon, Misses J. & C. milliners and dress makers 47 Cheapside st. 
M'KIRDY, Charles C. of Peter Bogle & Co.122 Ingram street 
Macirdy, Donald, writer 40 Dunlop street 
M'Kirdy, Hugh, pawnbroker and wholesale German clock merchant, 

179 Argyll street 
M'Kirdy, John G. of Peter Bogle 8c Co. Letters left at 122 Ingram st. 
M'Kirdy, John, hand rail maker, 35 Eglinton street 
M'Kirdy, Joseph, lodgings, 72 Brown street 
M'KISSOCK, John, spirit dealer, 287 Argyll street 
M'Kissock, Mrs. spirit dealer, Low Green street 
M'KITTRICK, John, boot and shoemaker, 239 Gallowgate 
M'LACHLAN, A. spirit dealer, 91 Jamaica street 
M'Lachlan, Alexander, spirit dealer, 23 Portugal street 

m'lachlan — m'lay. 147 

M'Lachlan, Alexander, flesher, 26 Clyde terrace 

M'Lachlan, Archibald, messenger, 87 Miller street, house Bedford street 
M'Lachlan, Donald, grocer and spirit dealer, 32 Bishop street 
M'Lachlan, Duncan, surgeon, Gorbals toll 

M'Lachlan, Hugh, of M'Lachlan & Steele, house 29 Kingston place 
M'Lachlan, Hugh, agent for the Norwich Union Fire and Life Insur- 
ance, office 86 Miller street 
M'Lachlane, Jas. of M'Lachlane & M'Lean, house 11 Abbolsford place 
M'Lachlan, John, flesher, 40 Adelphi street 
M'Lachlan, John, teacher, 16 Buchan street 

M'Lachlane & M'Lean, muslin manufacturers, 23 South Frederick st. 
M'Lachlan, Rev. Robert, teacher, Highland Society School, 29 Mon- 
trose street 
M'Lachlan & Steele, writers, 6 South Hanover street 
M'Lachlan, Mrs. spirit dealer, 20 Washington street 
M'Lachlane, Mrs. George, furniture warehouse, 24 Bridgegate 
M'Lachlan, Mrs. lodgings, 30 Union street 
M'Lachlan, Mrs. lodgings, 13 South Portland street 
M'LAGGAN, William, whip maker, 39 Prince's street 
M'LARDY, D. tailor and clothier, 43 Argyll street, ho. 6 Croy place 
M'LANACHAN, William, spirit dealer, 431 Gallowgate 
M'LAREN & Abercromby, merchants, 63 Candleriggs 
M'Laren, Adam, of M. & A. M'Laren, house 109 Bridgegate 
M'Laren, Duncan, wine and spirit merchant, 168 Saltmarket 
M'Laren, D. of A. & J. M'Keand, house 74 South Portland street 
M'Laren, Hamilton, accountant, 20 Miller st. ho. Salter's croft, Govan 
M'Laren, James, quill manufacturer, Sidney court, 62 Argyll street 
M'Laren, James, stationer, 76 Stockwell 
M'Laren, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 16 Warroch street 
M'Laren, John, stationer, 23 Glassford street, house 9 Abbotsford place 
M'Laren, John, victualler, 124 Gallowgate 

M'Laren, John, tea, tobacco and spirit merchant, 39 Main street, Calton 
M'Laren, John, treasurer, Barony Parish, 36 North Albion street, house 

24 Russell street 
M'Laren, John, coal agent, Monkland Canal Basin, house Garngadhill 
M'Laren, John, clerk, Stamp office, 157 Trongate 
M'Laurin, Malcolm of Jackson & M'Laurin, house Morris place 
M'Laren, M. & A. coopers, fish curers and provision merchants, 109 

M'Laren, Malcolm, of M. & A. M'Laren, house 7 Park place 
MacLaren, N. C. accountant, 20 Stockwell place 
M'Laren, Peter, victualler and grocer, 117 High street 
M'Laren, Peter, spirit dealer, 157 Stockwell 
M'Laren, Walter, print cutter, 383 Gallowgate 
M'Laren, William, of M'Laren & Abercromby ho. Cessnockbank, near 

M'Laren, Mrs. John, Rob Roy tavern, 43 Argyll street 
M'Laren, Mrs. grocer, 13 Cathcart street 

M'LATCHIE, Hugh, baker and spirit dealer, 74 King street, Calton 
M'LAWS, Colin S. tea dealer, Leitche's court, 157 Trongate 
M'LAY, John, sen. flesher, 63 West George street 
M'Lay, John, grocer, 91 Drygate 
M'Lay, John, jun. flesher, 147 George st. ho. 41 North Albion street 

148 m'lay — m'lean. 

M'Lay, Mrs. William, grocer and spirit dealer, 91 Canning street 

M' Lea, Mrs. grocer, 18 Crown street 

M'Lea, Mrs. Duncan, grocer, 34 New wynd 

M'LEAN, Alexander, of D. & A. M'Lean, house Greenhill place, St. 

Vincent street 
M'Lean, Alexander, at N. Tweedie's, 41 West George street 
M'Lean, Alexander, Britannia tavern, 21 Anderston quay 
M'Lean, Allan, plasterer, 28 Crown street, and grocer and victualler, 91 

M'Lean, Archibald, spirit dealer, 84 Bell street 

M'Lean, D. of Campbell, M'Lean & Kennedy, house 9 S. Portland st. 
M'Lean, Daniel, chimney sweeper, 27 Stockwell 
M'Lean, D. & A. manufacturers, 49 Virginia street 
M'Lean, David, of D. & A. M'Lean, house 23 Carlton place 
M'Lean, Donald, spirit dealer, 3 North Clyde street, Anderston 
M'Lean, Edward, grocer, 9 Norfolk street 
M'Lean, Ewing, clerk, Post-office 
M'Lean, Captain Francis, 20 Whitevale 
M'Lean, George, watch maker and jeweller, 9 Argyll street 
M'Lean, Hugh, baker, 93 Great Hamilton street 
M'Lean, James, of M'Lachlane & M'Lean, ho. 146 Hill st. Garnethill 
M'Lean, John, provision, wine and spirit merchant, 9 Turner's court 
M'Lean, John, at John Black & Co.'s, Royal Bank place 
M'Lean, John, ironmonger and spirit dealer, 86 Main street, Anderston 
M'Lean, John, grocer, victualler, ales, &c. and coal agent, 20 Bedford 

street and 47 Crown street 
M'Lean, John, dyer, of William M'Lean & Son, 61 Ladywell street 
M'Lean, John, herbalist, 62 Blackfriar street 
M'Lean, John, & Co. manufacturers, 94 Miller street 
M'Lean, Joseph, 27 Muirhead street 

M'Lean, L. hosier and glover, 23 Argyll street, house 6 Croy place 
M'Lean, Neil, victualler, 25 George street 
M'Lean, N. painter, 12 Dundas street 
M'Lean, Norman, restaureteur, 50 Queen street 
M'Lean, Peter, grain and spirit merchant, 27 Candleriggs, house 70 

Crown street 
M'Lean, Peter, spirit dealer, 157 Stockwell 
M'Lean, Thomas, victualler, 250 Gallowgate 
M'Lean, Walter, smith, 81 John street 

M'Lean, William, & Co. calendeiers and packers, 71 and 83 Virginia st. 
M'Lean, William, Gorbals spinning factory, 27 Muirhead street 
M'Lean, William, engineer and machine maker, Reid street, Bridgeton 
M'Lean, William, & Son, dyers, 61 Ladywell street 
M'Lean, William, jun. of VVilliam Brodie & Co. house 63 Bath street 
M'Lean, William, spirit dealer, 26 York street 
M'Lean, Miss A. lodgings, 52 York street 
M'Lean, Mrs. Dr. 194 Main street, Gorbals 
M'Lean, Mrs. lodgings, 128 Union street 
M'Lean, Mrs. lodgings, 40 Oxford street 
M'Lean, Mrs. grocer, 38 New wynd 
M'Lean, Miss Mary, 53 Oswald street 
M'Lean, Misses C. & A. milliners, 18 Nelson street 
M'Lean, Miss, grocer, 17 West Nile street 

m'lean — m'leod. 149 

M'Lean, Miss J. dress maker, 172 High street 

McLean, Miss M. spirit dealer, 9 Clyde street, Anderston 

M'LEE, G. brush manufacturer, 63 North Hanover street 

M'LEHOSE, Mrs. hairdresser, 5 Blackfriar street 

M'Lehose, Mrs. Archibald, umbrella and parasol manufacturer, 5 Royal 

Exchange square 
M'LEISH, Archibald, hosiery and general furnisher, 94 Burnside 
M'Leish, Kayser & Co. sugar refiners, 109 Virginia st. works Greenock 
M'Leish. Mrs. John, spirit dealer, 204 Broomielaw 
M'LELLAN, Archibald, & Son, coach makers, 81 Miller street 
M'Lellan, Archibald, jun. of Archd. M'Lellan & Son, ho. 78 Miller st. 
M'Lellan, Donald T. at M'Lellan & Turner's, house 121 Wellington st. 
M'Lellan, James, of J. & W. M'Lellan, house 192 Argyll street 
M'Clelland, James, accountant, 17 S. Hanover st. ho. St. George's road 
M'Lellan, J. & W. manufacturers, 113 Brunswick street 
M'Lellan, John, & Co. sewed muslin manufacturers, 52 Glassford street 
M'Lellan, J. of M'Lellan & Turner, house 121 Wellington street 
M'Lellan, John, baker, 125 Main street, Gorbals 
M'Lellan, Lewis, tallow chandler and flour dealer, 136 Gallowgate, ho. 

2 Morris place, Monteith row 
M'Lellan, Peter, ironmonger and hardware merchant, 129 Trongate, 

house 26 Robertson street 
M'Lellan, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 39 Stockwell street 
M'Lellan, Robert, spirit dealer, 47 Centre Street, Tradeston 
M'Lellan, Robert, merchant, 126 Hill street, Garnethill 
M'Lellan, Sam. at Thos. Buchanan, jun. 28 Miller st. ho. 8 Douglas st. 
M'Lellan, Thos. grocer and spirit dealer, Duke street 
MacLellan & Turner. Letters left at J. & W. MacLellan's, 113 Bruns- 
wick street 
M'Lellan, W. of J. & W. M'Lellan, ho. Smithfield cottage, S. Woodside 
M'Lellan, Mrs. flesher, 78 King street 

M'LENNAN, Donald, grocer and tea dealer, 139 Bridgegate 
M'Lennan, George, distiller and yeast merchant, 37 Glassford street 
M'Lennan, Simon, general agent, 37 Glassford street 
M'Lennan, Mrs. Kenneth, grocer and spirit dealer, Dalmarnock road 
M'Lennan, Mrs. boot and shoe shop, 3(1 Saltmarket 
M'LEOD, Alexander, currier and leather merchant, 30 Jamaica street, 

house 1 Cambridge street 
M'Leod, Alexander, wright, 31 M'Kechniest. house 15 Clyde st. Calton 
M'Leod, Andrew, surgeon and druggist, 54 Queen street, house 49 

West Nile street 
M'Leod, Colin, commission agent, 29 Jamaica street 
M'Leod, Davidson & Co. manufacturers, 77 Brunswick street 
M'Leod, D. & Son, general brokers, 28 Miller's place 
M'Leod, D. renovator, 43 Stirling square 
M'Leod, D. fish-hook manufacturer, 193 Argyll st. work 28 St. Enoch's 

M'Leod, George, & Co. wholesale druggists, drysalters and tea merchants, 

20 Dunlop street 
M'Leod, James, sen. surgeon, 20 Dunlop st. ho. 5 Eldon pi. Kingston 
M'Leod, James, jun. surgeon and druggist, 3.3 Argyll street 
M'Leod, James, victualler and spirit dealer, 35 Main street, Calton 
M'Leod, John, coal agent, 12 Moore street 
M 2 


M'Leod, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 4 Parkhouse lane 

M'Leod, John, cooper, 392 Gallowgate 

M'Leod, John, bookseller and stationer, 20 Argyll street, house Poland 

place, 60 South Portland street 
M'Leod, John, of M'Leod, Davidson & Co. house 37 Dalhousie street 
Bl'Leod, Malcolm, Vice-Consulate for the Republic of New Granada, 

..ship and insurance broker and merchant, 1 Royal Bank place 
M'Leod, Murdo & Co. provision and spirit dealers and agents, 48 

Howard street 
M'Leod, Rev. Dr. Norman, minister of St. Columba's, house 9 Bath st. 
M'Leod, Robert, spirit dealer, 126 Bridgegate 
M'Leod, Roderick, spirit dealer, 135 Drygate 
M'Leod, Wm. cooper, 359 Gallowgate 
M'Leod, William, shawl manufacturer, 59 Hutcheson street 
M'Leod, Mrs. victualler, 141 Gallowgate, house 41 Charlotte street 
M'Leod, Mrs. 30 Oxford street, Laurieston 
M'LEROY, George, Manager, Barrowfield mills 
M'Leroy, Hamilton & Co. cotton spinners and power loom manufacturers. 

Blackfaulds mill, Tobago street, Calton, office 47 Ingram street 
M'LIMONT, William, spirit dealer, 30 South Coburg street 
M'Limont, Mrs. Robert, 103 Kensington place, Sauchiehall street 
M'LINTOCK, J. & A. victuallers and grocers, 24 Kirk street, Calton 
M'LIVER, Colin, upholsterer, 60 Oxford street 
M'Lever, Mrs. John, stay maker, 24 East Clyde street 
M'LUCKIE, James, Boar's Head tavern, 66 High street 
M'Luckie, Thomas, baker, 26 Main street, Gorbals 
M'Luckie, Miss C. milliner, 46 Hutcheson street 
M'Lure, Andrew, of M'Lure and Macdonald, house 240 Argyll street 
M'Lure, Andrew, Bowling Green Inn, 141 Eglinton street 
M'Lure, D. printer, engraver and lithographer, 99 Trongate, ho. Mid 

Woodside road 
M'Lure and M'Donald, lithographic draughtsmen and printers to the 

King, 190 Trongate. See Advertisement in Appendix 
M'MAHON, Mrs. milliner, 8 Buchanan street 
M' MAN US, John, & Co. brokers, 120 Saltmarket 
M'MATH, John, of Birrell & M'Math, Mrs. Blair's lodgings, 18 Rus- 
sell street 
M'MICHAEL, D. & Co. check and stripe manufacturers, 33 Stirling 

square, house 55 Drygate 
M'MILLAN, A. painter, glazier and paper hanger, 36 Brunswick st. 
M'Millan, David, candle manufacturer, 85 Argyll street, house North 

side, Garngadhill 
M'Millan, Dun. spirit dealer, 12 Bishop street, Anderston 
M'Millan, Duncan, block maker, ship chandler, and flag maker, 216 

M'Millan, John, painter, 472 Argyll street 
M'Millan, J. & W. & Co. tea dealers, 5 Hutcheson street 
M'Millan, L. spirit dealer, 54 King street, Tradeston 
M'Millan, Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, 343 Gallowgate 
M'Millan, William, grocer, 86 Canning street 
M'Millan, Mrs. Dugald, grocer and spirit dealer, 80 Canning street 
M'Millan, Mrs. James, confectioner, 135 Trongate 
M'Millan, Mrs. Walter, lodgings 40 Union street 


M'Millan, Mrs. teacher of vocal music, 98 West Nile street 

M'Millan, Mrs. matron Orphan Institution, Mid Woodside street 

M'MORRAN, James, spirit dealer and waiter, 8 St. Enoch square 

M'MURDO, D. V. collector of customs, house 131 Clarence place 

M'MURRAY, George, upholsterer, 11 Jamaica street 

M'Murray, William, hair dresser, 71 Kirk street, Calton 

M'MURRIN, Joseph, cooper, 38 Bridge street 

M'MURTRIE, James, spirit dealer, 15 Norfolk street 

M'NAB, Alexander, haker, 45 John street 

M'Nab, Alexander, spirit dealer, 29 Clyde place 

M'Nab, Allan, teacher, house 7 Sommerville place 

M'Nab, Archibald, spirit dealer, 46 Broomielaw 

M'Nab, Duncan, tea merchant, Main street, Bridgeton 

M'Nab, John, at P. Thomson's, house 4 Nicholson street 

M'Nab, John, of M'Nab, Kerr & Co. house 42 St. Andrew square 

M'Nab, John, fishmonger, 121 Fife place 

M'Nab, Kerr & Co. Lancefield rope and sail work, Broomielaw 

M'Nab, Robert, at John Anderson & Co.'s, house 4 Abbotsford place 

M'Nab, William, general agent and accountant, 57 Oswald street 

M'Nab, Mrs. Archibald, 3 Bath street 

M'Nab, Mrs. A. 9 Maxwell street 

M'Nab, Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 221 Argyll street 

M'NAIR, Alexander, stationer, 71 Bell street 

M'Nair, Andrew, commission agent and lace manufacturer, 85 Queen 

street, house 256 West Renfrew street 
M'Nair, Dr. of Greenfield. Letters left at 176 Trongate 
M'Nair, George, eagle foundry, house Violet grove, N. Woodside road 
M'Nair, James, lath splitter and timber merchant, 98 Eglinton street. 

house 1 St. Margaret street 
M'Nair, James, of Muir & M'Nair, ho. 33 Duke street 
M'Nair J. & Co. booksellers and stationers, 61 Ingram street 
M'Nair, John, coal agent, 83 Kirk street, Calton 
M'Nair, John, commission merchant, 93 Ingram street, house 3 Woodside 

M'Nair, Robert, accountant, and agent for Caledonia Insurance Co. 49 

Virginia street, house 16 Elmbank crescent 
M'Nair, William, surgeon, 5 Eglinton street 
M'Nair, -Mrs. Violet grove, North Woodside road 
M'NAIRN, Sam. grocer and spirit dealer, 56 Dale street, Tradeston 
M'NAMARA, Michael, bookseller, 178 Saltmarket 
M'NAUGHT, George, victualler, 10 Main street, Calton 
M 'Naught, John, dairyman, 54 Wallace street. Letters left at 100 

Centre street 
M'Naught, John, engineer, 26 Robertson street 

M' Naught, John, jun. grocer and spirit dealer, 100 Centre st. Tradeston 
M'Naught, Patrick, & Co. cotton spinners, Nassau court, Anderston 
M'Naught, Patrick, of P. M'Naught & Co. house 306 Greenhill place 
M'Naught, Mrs. eating house, 68 King street, Tradeston 
M'Naught, Mrs tobacconist, 184 Broomielaw 
M'NAUGHTAN, Archibald, spirit dealer, 20 Rutherglen loan 
M'Naughtan, Colin, merchant, 57 Sauchiehall street 
M'Naughtan, C. C. at John Campbell, sen. & Co.'s, ho. 59 Portland st. 
M'Naughtan, Daniel, turner, 39 Stockwell 

J 52 m'naughtan — M'OMISH. 

M'Naughtan, Daniel, jun. turner, 79 Stockwell 

M'Naughtan, D. & Son, bottlers, London porter merchants, and soda 

water makers, 36 Portugal street 
M'Naughtan, Finlay, grocer, 113 George street 
M'Naughtan, John, spirit dealer, 23 Canon street 
M'Naughtan, Mrs. lodgings, 179 Argyll street 
MACNEE, A. G. of Gibson & Macnee, house 70 Eglinton street 
M'Nee, Daniel, portrait painter, 126 West Regent street 
M'Nee, Daniel, hairdresser, 45 Main street, Gorbals 
M'Nee, Duncan, merchant, 9 Hopetoun place, off Stirling's road 
M'Nee, Jas. commission merchant, 1 R. Exchange ct. ho. Spring grove 
M'Nee, John, chandler, 271 Gallowgate 
Macnee, John, of Walter Macnee & Son, 62 Queen street 
M'Nee, J. W. surgeon, 8 Clyde place 

Macnee, W alter, & Son, sewed muslin manufacturers, 62 Queen street 
Macnee, Walter, of Walter Macnee & Son, house St. George's road 
M'Nee, Mrs. John, Peacock tavern, 22 Gallowgate 
M'NEIL, Andrew, spirit dealer, 89 Clyde street, Anderston 
M'Neil, Donaldson & Co. sailmakers, 16 Carrick street 
M'Neil, D. glover, hosier and furrier, 172 Trongate, ho. 7 Park place 
M'Neill, Rev. Hector, minister of Hope st. church, ho. 213 Buchanan st. 
M'Neil, John, of M'Neil & Somervail, house 47 Sauchiehall road 
M'Neil, John, of M'Neil & Sutherland, house 22 Warwick street 
M'Neil, John, commercial tavern, 4 Wood lane 
M'Neil, Neil, smith, Dalmarnock road 
M'Neil, Roderick, grocer and spirit dealer, 60 New wynd 
M'Neil & Somervail, commission merchants, 9 Gordon street 
M'Neil & Sutherland, plumbers and lead merchants, 22 Oxford street 
M'NILLIDGE, Archibald, messenger, 87 Miller st. ho. Clyde terrace 
M'Neillage, Neil, wine and spirit merchant, 7 Carrick street 
M'Neillage, Walter, victualler, 28 Stobcross street, and trunk and 

packing-box maker, 8 Candleriggs 
M'NICOLL, A. at M'Kinnon, Pearce & Co.'s, ho. 26 Robertson st. 
M'Nicol, Daniel, mort-cloth keeper for Anderston and Erownfield 

Society, 42 Bishop street 
M'Nicol, Donald, shoe maker, 36 Argyll street 
M'Nicol, Duncan, spirit dealer, 166 Broomielaw 
M'Nicol, Hugh, painter, 37 Kent street 
M'Nicol, John, spirit dealer, 10 Green Market entry 
M'Nicol, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 31 Renfrew street 
M'Nicol, Peter, wright, 12 Back wynd 
M'Nicol, Mrs. William, spirit dealer, 629 Gallowgate 
M'NIGHT, Alexander, of Walson, M'Night & Co. house 11 Hope- 
toun place 
M'NISH, James, furnishing shop, 72 Canning street 
M'Nish, J. R. surgeon, 185 Buchanan street 

M'NIVEN & Johnston, brewers, 147 Renfield st. and 49 Cowcaddens 
M'Niven, John, baker, 80 Kirk street, Calton 
M'Niven, John, spirit dealer, 43 Drygate 
M'Niven, William, at M'Leish, Kayser & Co.'s, 109 Virginia street, ho. 

101 Kingston 
M'OMISH, James, grocer, and P. P. receiving house, St. Rollox 
M'Omish, Peter, grocer and coal agent, Barony glebe 

m'onie — m'queen. 153 

M'ONIE, William, victualler, Main street, Cowcaddens 

M'OUAT, John, slater, 25S High, street 

M'PARLAN, Thomas, hair dresser, 62 Bridgegate 

M'PHAIL, Alexander, King's head inn, 20 Stirling street 

M'Phail, A. & A. manufacturers, James's street, Greenhead 

M'Phail, Angus, sen. 79 South Portland street 

M'Phail, Archibald, merchant, 4 Stockwell place 

M'Phail, Bernard, furniture dealer, 63 Great Hamilton street 

M'Phail, Daniel, & Co. spinners, Greenhead 

M'Phail, Dun. house Greenhead 

M'Phail, Dugald, of Dugald M'Phail & Co. house Greenhead 

M'Phail, Dugald, & Co. spinning and weaving works, Greenhead 

M'Phail & Stewart, wine and spirit merchants, IS and 20 Canon street 

M'Phail, William, woollen draper, hosier, and glover, 47 Trongate 

M'Phail, William, tailor, 28 Crown street 

M'Phail, Mrs. spirit dealer, 60 Rottenrow 

M'PHEELY, Bernard, victualler, 2 Wallace street 

M'Pheely, James, spirit dealer, 52 Eglinton street 

M'PHERSON, Alexander, of M'Pherson & Donaldson, house 99 

Douglas street 
M'Pherson & Catteral, silversmiths, 48 Stockwell 
M'Pherson & Donaldson, writers, 33 Buchanan street 
M'Pherson, Duncan, fiesher, 35 Oxford street 
M'Pherson, Duncan, spirit dealer, 360 Gallowgate 
M'Pherson, George, baker and spirit dealer, 72 Trongate 
M'Pherson, Hugh, 15 Buchanan street, house above 
M'Pherson, H. horse dealer and dairyman, 50 High street 
M'Pherson, James, sheriff-officer and constable, Jaffrey's land, foot of 

Reid street, Bridgeton 
M'Pherson, James, surgeon-dentist, 69 St George place 
M'Pherson, James, & Son, victualling house, 111 Gallowgate 
M'Pherson, John, Gas office, house West street 

M'Pherson, John, of M'Pherson & M'Donald, consulate of the Nether- 
lands, 2 Royal Exchange court, house Kingston House, Paterson st. 
Paisley road 
M'Pherson, John, spirit dealer, 10 St Andrew's open 
M'Pherson, John, chimney sweeper, 122 Gallowgate 
M'Pherson, John, victualler, 87 Kirk street, Calton 
M'Pherson, John, teacher of writing and arithmetic, 280 George street 
M'Pherson, John, grocer, 41 South Coburg street 
M'Pherson, Malcolm.. Letters left at 1 Trongate, ho. 2 Clyde terrace 
M'Pherson & M'Donald, merchants, 2 Royal Exchange court 
M'Pherson, Neil, chimney sweeper, 118 High street 
M'Pherson, William, dairyman, Main street, Bridgeton 
M'Pherson, Mrs. lodgings, 50 North Albion street 
M'PHIE, Daniel, wholesale and retail grocer, 109 Buchanan street 
M'PHUN, W. L. at William Gemmell's, 58 St. Vincent street 
M'Phun, W. R. bookseller, stationer, and newsman, 86 Trongate, ho. 

67 West Nile street 
M'QUAKER, Robert, manufacturer, 51 Cochran street 
M'Quaker, R. & T. merchants and manufacturers, 51 Cochran street 
M'QUATER & M'Creadie, brickmakers and bricklayers. Orders left 
at R. Nixon's, 98 Argyll street 

J 54 m'queen — m'william. 

M'QUEEN, Alexander, spirit dealer, 100 Green street, Calton 
M'Queen, Andrew, at Thomas Cuthbertson's, house 29 Cowcaddens 
M'Queen, F. reed maker, 4 Wilson street" 
M'Queen & M'Aulay, calico printers, Shawfieldbank. Letters left at 

Stewart, M'Aulay & Co.'s, 31 Stirling street 
M'QUIBEN, Robert, grocer, 13 Malta street 
M'QUISTEN, Peter, civil engineer, and land surveyor, 4 Dunlop st. 

house Crossmyloof, Pollokshaws road 
M'RAE, Isaac, V. D. H. at M'Kinnon, Pearce & Co.'s 
M'Rae, James, beadle of St. Thomas, 2 Hill street 
M'Ray, William, jun. & Co. commission agents, 63 St. Vincent street 
M'ROBBIE, John, spirit dealer, 6 Back wynd 
M'ROBERT, John, boot and shoe maker, 42 Bridge street 
M'RUER, Mrs. 1 Jean street, Blythswood square 
M'Ruer, Mrs. 81 Bath street 

M'SKIMMING, Mrs. spirit dealer, 229 Main street, Gorbals 
M'STRAVICK, William, looking-glass manufacturer, 14-3 High st. 

house 283 do. 
M'SYMON, J. of Drew & M'Symon, house 8 Allan place, Douglas st. 
M'Symon, John, marine victualling store, 66 and 68 Broomielaw 
M'Symon, Robert, baker, 11 Anderston quay 
M'TAGGART, A. accountant and stock broker, agent for the London 

Fire and Life Assurance Office, Royal Exchange buildings, house 35 

Buccleuch street 
M'Taggart, Samuel, hair dresser, 38 King street, Tradeston 
M'TAVISH, H. of H. M'Tavish & Co. ho. 144 West Campbell street 
M'Tavish, H. & Co. commission merchants, 71 Virginia street 
M'TEAR, James, & Co. surgeons, chemists, and druggists, 4 George st. 
M'Tear, James, M.D. of James M'Tear & Co. 23 George street 
M' Tear, James, collector, police establishment, Calton, ho. 91 Graham st. 
M'Tear, Dr. John, old apothecaries' hall, Cowcaddens, house 16 Sau- 

chiehall street 
M'VANE, William, Sons & Co. sewed muslin manufacturers, 9 Coch- 
ran street, or 13 Montrose street 
M'Vean, Duncan, bookseller, 60 Nelson street 
M'Vean, Mrs. Dugald, grocer and spirit dealer, 170 Garscube road 
M'VEY, Bernard, oyster house, 80 Trongate 
M'Vey, John, commission merchant, and agent for the Alliance Life and 

Fire Assurance Company, 95 Hutcheson street, house Whitevale 
M'VICAR, Arch, smith & chain cable manufacturer, 17 Robertson st. 
M'Vicar, Dougald & Co. muslin singers, 36 Bell street 
M'Vicar, James, of Reid, M'Vicar & Co. 

M'Vicar, James, jun. of John M'Vicar & Son, 169 High street 
M'Vicar, J. & Son, braziers and ironmongers, 169 Fligh street, house 

3 College street 
M'Vicar, Mrs. straw hat maker and silk dyer, 26 Govan street 
M' WATERS, Geo. cottage-clock maker and turner, 30 Duke street 
M'WATT, Mrs. George, spirit dealer, 102 Broomielaw 
M'WHANNELL, Archibald, of M'Whannell, M'Donald & Co. house 

North Albion court 
M'Whannell, M'Donald & Co. plumbers and lead merchants, 8 North 

Albion street 
M' WILLI AM, Charles, of Watson & M' William, house 53 York st. 



MABON, A. & T. spirit dealers, 68 Drygate 

Mabon, James, wright, 17 Kirk street, Townhead 

MACHEN, D. Vans, 48 Buccleuch street 

Magdalane Distillery Office, 142 Trongate 

Mail Coach Offices, 10 Argyll street and 64 Trongate 

MAIN, Andrew, Gas office, house, 38 Virginia street 

Main, James, merchant, Buchanan street 

Main, John, provision merchant, 24 St. Andrew street 

Main, John, hair dresser and perfumer, 27 Arcade, house 30 Hope street 

Main, Robert, hair dresser, 9 Exchange place 

MAIR & Brown, spirit dealers, 31 Bell street 

Mair, John, lace and small ware warehouse, 82 Trongate, house 39 

Maxwell street 
Mair, John, & Co. manufacturers, 163 Ingram street 
Mair, Misses, stay makers, 148 Hope street 
MAITLAND, Archibald, wine and spirit dealer, 6 Main st. Anderston 

and 171 Cowcaddens 
Maitland, James, manufacturer, 10 Stirling square 
Maitland, John, saddler, 34 York street 

Maitland, Thomas, of Couper, Maitland & Co. house St Rollox 
Maitland, "William, wine and spirit dealer, 59 Wallace street, Tradeston, 

house 106 Dale street 
Maitland, William, at Rose street factory company, Hutchesontown 
MALCOLM, Alexander, baker, 11 Green street, Calton 
Malcolm, Alexander, of William Bryson & Co. 89 Ingram street 
Malcolm, Andrew, spirit dealer, 54 Green street, Calton 
Malcolm, George, wine and spirit merchant, 58 Jamaica street 
Malcolm, J. & J. Tontine tap-room, 34 Trongate 
Malcolm, John, surgeon, 443 Argyll street 
Malcolm, John, victualler, 15 Clyde terrace 
Malcolm, John, picture frame maker, 1 Moncrieff street 
Malcolm, Robert, grocer and Post-office receiving house, 140 Hope st. 
Malcolm, Robert, Scots Times office, house Wallace street, Tradeston 
Malcolm, William, commission merchant, 9 Royal Exchange square, 

house 24 Blythswood square 
Malcolm, William, vice-consul for the United states of Mexico, 9 Royal 

Exchange square 
Malcolm, Mrs. E. 147 High street 

MALLOCH, John, smith and scale beam maker, 187 Trongate 
MALTMAN, Thomas, spirit dealer, London road 
Manchester Fire and Life Office, 26 Glassford street, J. & J. 

Tassie, agents 
MANDERSON, John, saddler and harness maker, 53 Argyll street, 

house 68 South Portland street 
MANN, Alex, merchant, at Robert Orr & C'o.'s, 11 West Nile street 
Mann, James, teacher, 51 Coburglane, house 1 Portugal street 
Mann, J. beadle, 23 Nicholson street 
Mann, William, of Glasgow Iron Work Company 
Mann, Mrs. John, corset maker, 70 Stockwell 
Mann, J. & Son, tailors, 1 Antigua place, Nelson street 
MANUEL, Alexander, grocer, 11 Rottenrow 


MARGEY, Hugh, bookseller, 28 East Clyde street 
MARKS, Robert, & Co. hat manufacturers, 23 Duudas street 
MARQUIS, Mrs. John, victualler and spirit dealer, 35 Jamaica street 
MARRISON & Edwards, truss and bandage makers, 69 Buchanan st. 

house 30 John street 
MARSH, Meiklejohn & Co. boot makers, 26 High street 
MARSHALL, Alexander, furnishing shop, 13 Kingfield row- 
Marshall, Alexander, rectifier, at Stewart, Pott & Co.'s, 114 Trongate 
Marshall, Arch, wright, 79 Clyde st. Anderston, ho. 12 Anderston quay 
Marshall, Charles, academy, 229 Argyll st. ho. 5 South Hanover street 
Marshall, David, grocer, 97 and 99 Bridgegate 

Marshall, David, & Co. cotton spinners and tape manufacturers, 6 Salt- 
market, works Great Hamilton street 
Marshall, Findlay & Co. cotton and cotton waste dealers, 105 Glassford st. 
Marshall, George, of Robert & George Marshall, house 9 Armour street 
Marshall, George, at J. & R. Tennaut's, house St Ann street 
Marshall, James, victualling house and spirit dealer, 118 Broomielaw 
Marshall, James, grocer and tea dealer, 176 Gallowgate 
Marshall, John, writer, 60 Ingram street, house 8 Clyde place 
Marshall John, ironmonger, 303 High street 
Marshall, John, jun baker, 57 Saltmarket 
Marshall, Richard, & Co. stablers, 10 Charlotte street 
Marshall, Robert, victualler, 179 Trongate 
Marshall, Robert, spirit dealer, 16] Great Hamilton street 
Marshall, Robert, 59 Renfield street 
Marshall, Robert and George, builders and manufacturers of fire and 

common bricks and tiles. Orders left at 179 Trongate 
Marshall, Robert, of R. & G. Marshall, house 179 Trongate 
Marshall, Thomas, M. D. 69 Glassford street 
Marshall, Thomas, writer, 36 Gallowgate 
Marshall, Thomas, 315 Argyll street 

Marshall, William, bookseller and stationer, 5 Maxwell street 
Marshall, William, zebra manufacturer, 33 Virginia street 
Marshall, William, tailor, Gardener's land, Main street, Bridgeton 
Marshall, William, of David Marshall & Co. house 20 Monteith row 
Marshall, Mrs. E. grocer, 6 Main street, Calton 
Marshall, Mrs. John, sen. baker, 224 Gallowgate 
MARTIN, Alexander, flesh er, 61 Bell street , 

Martin, Alex, gunmaker and fishing tackle manufacturer, 179 Argyll st. 
Martin, Alexander, tea dealer and grocer, 267 Gallowgate 
Martin, David, of William Allan & Co. house 3 Abbotsford place 
Martin, Duncan, grocer, 7 Thistle street, Hutchesontown 
Martin, George, civil engineer and surveyor, 135 Buchanan street , 
Martin, James, grocer, 68 King street, house 4 Adelphi place 
Martin, James, & J. & G. Burns, Steam-Packet office, 9 Buchanan st. 
Martin, James, & Son, ironmongers, 29 Argyll street 
Martin, James, & Co. merchants, 16 west side, St. Enoch's square 
Martin, James, of James Martin & Co. house 4 South Portland street 
Martin, James, of J. Martin & Sons, house 36 North Frederick 6treet 
Martin, James, carver, gilder and print seller, 54 Gordon street 
Martin, J. & S. hat manufacturers, 134 & 136 Stockwell & 38 Argyll st. 
Martin, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 73 New venel 
Martin, John, manufacturer, 79 Bell st. ho. Edgefaiild cottage, Balgray 


Martin, John Hall, merchant, 32 George square 

Martin, Peter, spirit dealer, 1 Govan street 

Martin, Robert, baker, St. Rollox 

Martin, William & John, commission merchants, 32 George square, house 

36 North Frederick street 
Martin, William K. British Linen Co. bank 

Martin, William, agent & bonded warehouse, 31 York st. ho. 73 John St. 
Martin, William, manufacturer, 2S S. Hanover st. ho. 77 Renfrew St. 
Martin, Mrs. J. grocer, 70 Main street, Gorbals 
Martin, Mrs. 43 Norfolk street 

MASON, James, provision merchant, 66 Candleriggs 
Mason, John, glass and china warehouse, 142 Gallowgate 
Mason, William, coal agent, 4 Broomielaw, house 30 Bridge street 
Mason, Misses J. & E. milliners, dress makers, and straw hat makers, 30 

Bridge street 
MASTERTON, Alex, wholesale and retail grocer, 399 Gallowgate 
MATHERS, Allan, barber, 9 Havannah street 
Mathers, James, Union Victualling Society, 21 Stobcross street 
Mather, John & Co. wine merchants, 4 and 6 Garthland street 
Mather, Matthew, M.D. medicine warehouse, 110 & 112 Trongate 
Mather, Robt. commission mercht. Virginia builds, ho. 1 Cumberland pi. 
Mather, William, & Co. 77 Glassford street 
Mather, William, jun. & Co. 8 John street, power loom works Hill and 

Sidney street 
Mather, Mrs. lodgings, 105 High street 
Mather, Mrs. George, 23 Carlton place 
MATTHEW, James, Dumbreck villa, Paisley road. Letters left at 

140 Argyll street 
Matthews, Rev. Thomas W. Muirhouses 

MATHIE, Robert, coal agent and house factor, 4 Havannah street 
Mathie, Mrs. 37 West George street 

MATHIESON, Alexander, plane maker, 38 Saracen lane 
Mathieson, Alexander, spirit dealer, 141 Saltmarket 
Mathieson, Charles, & Co. lime-burners, Claythorn street, Gallowgate 
Mathieson, Charles, painter, 122 George street 
Mathieson, Colin, town-officer, 4 Steel street 
Mathieson, Capt. Daniel, Glenalbyn steamer, 6 Anderston quay 
Mathieson, David, spirit dealer, Main street, Bridgeton 
Mathieson, J. A. 72 St. George place 

Mathieson, John, & Co. dyers and calico printers, 1 St. Vincent street 
Mathieson, John, sheriff-office, at 60 Stockwell 
Mathieson, John, of John Mathieson & Co. house 22 Monteith row 
Mathieson, Kenneth, architect, 137 Hope street 
Mathieson, Malcolm, measurer, 20 Buchanan street 
Mathieson, Reid & Co. wholesale hosiers, glovers and general haberdashers, 

44 Trongate 
Mathieson, William, merchant, of James Ewing & Co. ho. 31 Rose st. 

Mathieson, William, starcher, Clark's court, 49 Main street, Calton 
Mathieson & Young, 72 St. George place 
MAXTON, Peter, victualler, 149 Argyll street 
Maxton, Peter, grocer, 4 Kirk street, Calton 

MAXWELL, Andrew, pattern drawer, &c. 3 Royal Exchange court 




Maxwell, James, spirit dealer, 258 Gallowgate 

Maxwell, James H. at H. M'Laren's, 20 Miller street 

Maxwell, John, M.D. surgeon, 5 Union street 

Maxwell, John, spirit dealer, 5 East Campbell street 

Maxwell, Sir John, Bart. Polloc. Letters left at 28 Hutcheson street 

Maxwell, Peter, spirit dealer, 219 Argyll street 

Maxwell, R. G. surgeon, 24 Jamaica street 

Maxwell, Robert, sen. 3 Maxwelton place 

Maxwell, Robert, jun. 3 Maxwelton place 

Maxwell, Thomas, & Co. merchants, 1 1 Miller street 

Maxwell, Thomas, of Thomas Maxwell & Co. 11 Miller street 

Maxwell, Wm. of Dargavel, J. P. & Deputy Lieut. 223 W. George st 

Maxwell, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 61 North Frederick street 

Maxwell, Warden, pattern diawer and print cutter, 14 Garthland street 

Maxwell, Mrs. E. tea dealer, 248 High steeet 

Maxwell, Mrs. 104 Montrose street 

Maxwell, Miss, milliner, 109 Argyll street 

MAY, Archibald, spirit dealer, 90 Stockwell 

May, John, of Ewing, May & Co. (Broadfieldj at Western Club 

May, John, bill poster, 47 Havannah street 

May, John, spirit dealer, 74 Stockwell 

MEADOWS, Charles F., M.A. teacher of the French, Italian and 
Spanish languages, 58 North Hanover street 

Mechanics' Institution and Library, til North Hanover street 

MED CALF, Miss J. straw hat maker, 71 Saltmarket 

Medical, Clerical and General Life Assurance Society, 32 Dun- 
lop street, James Haddin, agent 

Medical School, 16 North Portland street 

MEEK, John, perfumer, 15 and 17 Miller street, house above 

Meek, Miss, 98 West George street 

MEIKLE, David, skinner, tanner and glue maker, 62 Spoutmouth, ho. 

33 Blackfriar street 
Meikle, John, spirit dealer, 378 Gallowgate 
Meikle, John, manufacturer, 8 Hospital street 
Meikle, Robert, baker, 22 Millroad street 
Meikle, Wm. muslin manufacturer, 16 Canon street 
MEIKLEHAM & Smith, writers, 27 College street 
Meikleham, William, writer, 27 College street, house 6 Maxwelton place 
MEIKLEJOHN, James, slater, 146 Rottenrow 
MEIKLE M, J. & J. tea merchants, 247 Argyll street 
MEIN, Alexander, of Mein & Johnston, house 5 Holland place 
Mein & Johnston, accountants, 42 Miller street 

Mein, P. vintner and stabler, 41 Blackfriar St. coach office, 100 Trongate 
MELDRUM, Thomas, manufacturing chemist, 37 Main street, Calton 
MELROSE, Mrs. grocer and spirit dealer, 70 Canon street 
Melting Pot Manufactory, 21 Tureen street 
MELVILLE, Francis, piano forte maker and tuner, 14 Buchanan street, 

house Greenhill street 
Melville, George, piano forte maker and music warehouse, 14 Buchanan St. 
Melvill, James, victualling house, 78 Bell street 
MELVEN, Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, 31 Bishop street 
Melven, James, & Co. wrights, 35 Washington street 
Melven, Robert, spirit dealer, 27 Bedford street 


MENNONS, Miss, Highland Society School, 69 Montrose st.' house do. 
MENZIES, Dr. Alexander M. surgeon, 5 Sauchiehall street, house 18 

Renfrew court 
Menzies, Alexander, spirit dealer and ale agent, 114 Trongate 
Menzies, Duncan, baker, 7 Sauchiehall street 
Menzies, Duncan, portioner, 18 Renfrew court 
Menzies, James, merchant, L16 Stockwell 
Menzies, Robert, flesher, 14 Green street, Calton 
Menzies, William, Star and Garter coffee house, 16 Queen street 
Menzies, Miss C. grocer, 120 Bridgegate 
Menzies, Miss E. furnishing shop, 4 Sauchiehall street 
Menzies, Miss Jean, grocer, 122 Bridgegate 

MERCER, L. Port-Eglinton, ropework and leather pipe manufactory 
MERREN, Thomas, wright, Gorbals toll 
MERRY, James, sen. Provanside, 127 Stirling's road 
Merry, Jas. jun. coal master, Monkland Canal basin, ho. St. Mungo st. 
METHVEN, James, accountant, 40 Glassford st. house 9 Gordon street 
Methven, Rev. James, 58 York street 
Methven, Misses, boarding and day school, 5S York street 
Mexican Consulate, 9 Royal Exchange sq. Wm. Malcolm, vice-consul 
MIDDLEMAS, R. teacher of English and geography, 57 St. George 

place, house 161 Eglinton street 
Middleton, James, engraver and printer, 14 Stirling street 
Middleton, James, jeweller, 15 Hutcheson street 

Middleton & Johnston, sewed muslin manufacturers, 36 Ingram street 
Middleton, Lewis S. of Middleton & Johnston, ho. Lark vale, by Partick 
Middleton & Service, general factors and commission merchants, 68 

Glassford street 
Middleton, William, & Co. merchants, 168 George street 
Middleton, Wm. of Wm. Middleton & Co. house 2 Blythswood place 
Mile-End Spinning Co. Mile-End, Calton. Letters and orders left at 

32 St. Andrew square 
MILLEN, John, teacher of English, 29 North Frederick street 
Millen, Mrs. midwife, 758 Gallowgate 
MILLER, Alexander, baker, S2 Canning street 
Miller, Alex, spirit dealer, 104 Bridgegate 
Miller, Alexander, of Miller & Co. house 2 Elmbank place 
Miller, Alexander, Waterloo tavern, 26 Hutcheson street 
Miller, Alexander, shoemaker, 26 Sallmarket 

Miller, Alexander, bread and ship biscuit baker, 346 Argyll street 
Miller, A. M'K. hatter, 195 Trougate, house 24 Robertson street 
Miller, Andrew, & Co. muslin warehouse, 2 Antigua place 
Miller, Andrew, shuttle and weaving utensil maker, 154 Stockwell 
Miller, Andrew, at R. A. Chime's, 7 Queen street 
Miller, Andrew, of Andrew Miller & Co. house 310 Argyll street 
Miller, Andrew, furnishing shop, 139 West Nile. street 
Miller & Co. ship owners and insurance brokers, Royal Exchange 
Miller & Co. undertakers and cabinet makers, 117 Saltmarket 
Miller, David, spirit dealer, 36 Spoutmouth 

Miller, David, wright and builder, Pitt street, house 7S Brown street 
Miller, Francis, coal agent, 3 Robertson street 
Miller, G. grocer and spirit dealer, 64 Hospital street 
Miller, G. & W. & Co. lacemen and haberdashers, 118 Trongate 


Miller, George, of Cartcraig. Letters left at 91 High street 

Miller, Dr. George, 167 George street, house 138 do. 

Miller, H. G. teacher, Jamieson's lane, 86 Main street, Anderston 

Miller, Henry, superintendent of police, house 22 Richmond street 

Miller, Hugh, surgeon, 1 West George street, house 50 N. Hanover st. 

Miller, James, victualler, 34 King street 

Miller, James, victualler, 61 Stevenson street 

Miller, James, Provan mills. Letters left at R. Miller's, 94 Nelson st. 

Miller, James, commercial tavern, 54 Broomielaw 

Miller, James, baker and spirit dealer, 46 Stevenson street 

Miller, James, lithographic printer and engraver, 21 Argyll street, house 

51 South Portland street 
Miller, James, confectioner, 102 High street 
Millar, James, Villafield place 

Miller, James, tailor, Ciown and Anchor tavern, 38 Trongate 
Miller, J. bookseller, stationer and librarian, 256 Buchanan street 
Miller, James, shoemaker, 26 Kirk street, Calton 
Miller, James, surgeon, 88 George street, house 107 do. 
Miller, James, superintendent of lamps, house 7 Park place 
Miller, James, of Oxgang. Letters left at Ure & Bankier's, 16 and 20 

Montrose street 
Miller, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 60 Taylor street 
Miller, James, portrait painter, 19 Cochran street 
Miller, James, hair dresser, 68 Jamaica street, house above 
Miller, John, victualler, 77 Norfolk st. and fruiterer, 59 Bridge street 
Miller, John, of Wellington factory. Letters left at John Miller, 

jun. & Co.'s 
Miller, John, woollen & linen draper, 22 High st. ho. 2 Monteith row 
Miller, John, jun. & Co. merchants, 110 Buchanan street 
Miller, John, house factor, 94 Main street, Anderston 
Miller, John, tobacconist, 43 Prince's street 
Miller, John, grocer, 67 Renfrew street 

Miller, John S. at William Miller & Son's, ho. Springfield, Dalmarnock 
Miller, John, late of Thornliebank, house 40 Oxford street 
Miller, John, spirit dealer, 97 Saltmarket 
.Miller, John, collector of city poor's rates, 52 Virginia street 
Miller, John, spirit dealer and victualler, 35 Centre street 
Miller, Joseph, tailor, 142 Trongate 
Miller, L. & Co. clothiers, 79 Queen street 
Miller, M. tailor, 7 Queen street 
Miller's lodgings, 38 Broomielaw 
Miller, Matthew, grocer, 150 Sauchiehall street 
Miller, M. boot and shoemaker, 20 Sahmarket 
Miller, Patrick & Alexander, manufacturing chemists and drysalters, 

12 & 14 Croy place, vitriol works, Camlachie 
Miller, Patrick, of P. & A. Miller, house 109 Hope street 
Miller, Professor, 184 West Regent street 
Miller, Robert, Fingal tavern, 65 High street 
Miller, Robert, coal master, Monkland canal basin 
Miller, R. bookseller, stationer and librarian, 215 G allow gate, house 

15 St. Mungo's lane 
Miller, Robert, wright, 29 Stirling street, trunk warehouse 94 Nelson 

streetj ho. 2 Morris place, Monteith row 


Miller, Robert, clothier, 26 London street, house 48 do. 

Miller, Robert, & Co. grocers and spirit merchants, 81 Stobcross street 

Miller, Robert, hosier, 145 George street 

Miller, Robert, manufacturer, 28 St. Andrew street 

Miller, Robert, cork cutter, 6 Gibson street 

Miller, Robert, teacher, 49 Trongate 

Miller, Robert, general agent, 3 Robertson street 

Miller, Stephen, & Co. coppersmiths, brass & iron founders, Saracen lane 

Miller, Stephen, Springhill, 186 St. George road 

Miller, Thomas, spirit dealer, tea gardens, Main street, Rridgeton 

Miller, Thomas, Garscube quarry. Letters left at 25 Stockwell 

Miller & Thorburn, boot makers, 18 Royal Exchange square 

Miller, Walter, beadle of Anderston Church, 3 Main street 

Miller & Webster, machine makers and smiths, 33 Great Hamilton street 

and 49 New street, Calton 
Miller, W. manager, Wellington factory, house Commercial road 
Miller, William, shoemaker, 54 Saltmarket 

Miller, William, tea dealer and fruiterer, 34 Argyll street, house 32 do. 
Miller, William, & Son, dyers, 7 South Hanover street, works and house 

Springfield, Dalmarnock 
Miller, William, cotton yarn and worsted shop, 59 Gallowgate 
Miller, William, shoemaker, Keith's land, Main street, Bridgeton 
Miller, W. & W. printers, old Herald office, 90 Bell street 
Miller, William, grocer and spiiit dealer, Port-Dundas 
Miller, Mrs. Adam, lodgings, 55 Renfrew street 
Miller, Mrs. A. seminary for young ladies, 129 Hope street 
Miller, Mrs. D. grocer and spirit dealer, 28 Little Dowhill 
Miller, Mrs. James, sen. 50 North Hanover street 
Miller, Mrs. James, cork manufacturer, 167 High street 
Miller, Mrs. Robert, spirit dealer, 94 King street, Tradeston 
Miller, Miss, grocery and provision shop, 30 Candleriggs 
Miller, Miss, milliner and dressmaker, 88 Trongate 
Miller, Miss, 1 South Frederick street 
Miller, Misses, 144 Hope street 
Miller, Misses, dressmakers, 116 Sauchiehall street 
Miller's Free School for Girls, 151 George street. William Graham and 

Miss Dawson, teachers 
Millholm Paper Warehouse, 57 Argyll street 
MILLIGAN, Robert, baker and spirit dealer, 57 Canning street 
MILL1KEN, James, house factor and tea dealer, 95 Argyll street 
Milliken, William, spirit dealer, 16 Canning street 
Miiliken, Mrs. James, lodgings, 41 George square 
Milliken, Mrs. Hugh, 120 West Nile street 
MILLS, James, wine and spiiit dealer, 131 George street 
Mills, J. sailmaker, Delftfielcl lane, Broomielaw 
Mills, Thomas, merchant, 107 Buchanan street 
Mills, William, merchant, Lord Provost of Glasgow, 107 Bpehanau 

street, house Sandyford place, Sauchiehall road 
MILNE, Alex. & Co. hay merchants, 380 Argyll street 
Milne, Alexander & Co. merchants, 43 Argyll street 
Milne, Andrew, of Alexander Milne & Co. house 135 Mains' street 
Mylne, Archibald, engineer and millwright, head of West st. Tradeston 
Mylne, George C. supervisor of excise, Woodside street 



Milne, George, superintendent of the Merchant house cemetery and 

quarries, house Westercraigs 
Milne, James, painter and colourman, 65 Gallowgate 
Miln, John, teacher, 10 Rutherglen loan 
Milne, John, merchant, 31 Union street 

Milne, Waller, grocer and spirit dealer, Main street, Bridgeton 
Milne, William, of Hutcheson & Milne, house Hope place, Mid Wood- 
side road 
Milne, Mrs. George, 68 Bath street 
Mylne, Mrs. milliner, 44 Nelson street 

Milne & Matheson, Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 47 Renfrew st. 
MILNER, Dr. J. D. 17 St. Andrew's square 
MILROY & Rodie, tea merchants, 48 Hutcheson street 
Milroy, Samuel, victualler and spirit dealer, 179 Great Hamilton street 

and Oswald's buildings, New London road 
Milroy, William, of Milroy & Rodie, house 26 Rose street, Garnethill 
Milroy, Andrew, eating house, 22 London street 

Minerva Life Assurance Co. James White, agent, 49 Ingram street 
MINTO, James, builder, 54 York street 
MIRRLEES, R. wright and organ builder, 42 Ingram street 
Mirrlees, William, saddler, 97 Buchanan st. house 336 Sauchiehall road 
MITCHELL, Adam D. of John Mitchell & Co. ho. 303 Greenhill pi. 
Mitchell, Alexander, drug merchant, 34 Virginia street 
Mitchell, Alexander, Glasgow Apothecaries' Hall, ho. 175 St. Vincent st. 
Mitchell, Alexander, currier and wholesale leather merchant, 57 Stock- 
well, house 57 Charlotte street 
Mitchell, Alexander, & Co. shawl and zebra dress manufacturers, 127 

Brunswick street 
Mitchell, A. of A. Mitchell & Co. house 42 Cavendish street 
Mitchell, Alexander, jeweller, and watchmaker, 2 Argyll street, house- 

65 West Regent street 
Mitchell, A. of VV. & A. Mitchell, house 10 Monteith row 
Mitchell, A. of Mitchell, Grahame & Mitchell, ho. 4 Blythswood place 
Mitchell, Andrew, spirit dealer, 15 Main street, Calton 
Mitchell, Andrew, baker, 49 Main street, Calton 
Mitchell, Brother & Co merchants, 76 Virginia street 
Mitchell, Clark & Hamilton, stone carvers, 169 West Nile street 
Mitchell, C. G 36 Miller street 
Mitchell, David, gardener, 248 George street 

Mitchell, George, of M'Leroy, Hamilton & Co. house 4 Morris place 
Mitchell, Grahame & Mitchell, writers, 36 Miller street 
Mitchell, James, spirit dealer, 129 High slreet 
Mitchell, James, of Mitchell & Neilson, house Allan place 
Mitchell, James, of Mitchell, Grahame & Mitchell, ho. 13 Blythswood sq. 
Mitchell, James, of J. & J. Mitchell, house Surrey place 
Mitchell, J. & W. watchmakers and jewellers, 80 Argyll street, house 6 

Abbotsford place 
Mitchell, John, hosier and glover, 96 Bell street 
Mitchell John, Greenhead ropework, cordage store, 64 Broomielaw 
Mitchell, John, manufacturer, 37 Turner's court, house above 
Mitchell, John, & Co. distillers, 57 Bishop street, Anderston 
Mitchell, John & James, general grocers, 31 King street 
Mitchell, John, of J. & J. Mitchell, house 30 King street 


Mitchell, John, victualler and spirit dealer, 9 and 10 Clyde place 
Mitchell, John, cork merchant and manufacturer, 18 East Clyde street, 

house 7 Carlton place 
Mitchell, John, jun. hairdresser, 33 George street 
Mitchell, Rev. Dr. J. Garnelbank, Sauchiehall street 
Mitchell, N. of S. Mitchell & Son, house 16 Carlton place 
Mitchell & Neilson, engineers, Hyde Park street 
Mitchell & Norris, cotton spinners, James's street, Bridgeton 
Mitchell, Patrick, calico printers, Ingram place, 111 Ingram street 
Mitchell, Peter, importer of, and dealer in wines and spirits, 19-1 Argyll 

street, house 229 do. 
Mitchell, Robert, pattern card and fancy paper box maker, 1 7 Virginia st. 
Mitchell, Robert, smith, 49 Jamaica street 
Mitchell, Stephen, & Son, tobacconists, 52 St. Andrew square 
Mitchell, Stewart, tobacconist and snuff manufacturer, 111 King street, 

house 113 do. 
Mitchell, Thomas, & Co. manufacturers, 103 Glassford street 
Mitchell, Thomas, tobaccconist, 73 King street 
Mitchell, Thomas F. spirit dealer, 67 Stobcross street 
Mitchell, William, jun. baker and spirit dealer, 123 Stockwell 
Mitchell, William & Andrew, wholesale grocers and importers of foreign 

wines, 40 Trongate and 42 High street 
Mitchell, William G. & Co. merchants, 76 Virginia street 
Mitchell, William G. of Wm. G. Mitchell & Co. house 13 Blythswood 

Mitchell, William VV. at Macleroy, Hamilton fe Co.'s, 47 Ingram street 
Mitchell, William, cap manufacturer, 3 Great Dowhill 
Mitchell, William, of Archibald Cumine & Co. house 22 Warwick struet 
Mitchell, Mrs. A. 21 Rose street, Garnethill 
Mitchell, Mrs. midwife, 87 Green street, Calton 
Mitchell, Mrs. baker, 2 Eglinton street 
MITCHISON, William, at J. Brown's, 75 Wilson street 
MOCHRIE, George, baker, 202 Buchanan st. and Mid Woodside st. 
Mochrie, William, & Brothers, calenderers, 36 Bell street 
Mochrie, Mrs. furnishing shop, 126 Ingram street 
MOFFAT, Alexander, victualler, 46 King street 
Moffat, Alexander, tailor, 3L Argyll street 
Moffat, James, of George M'Farlane & Co. 95 Candleriggs 
Moffat, John & William, merchants, Exchange buildings 
Moffat, John, tailor, 136 High street 

Moffat, Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, Reid street, Bridgeton 
Moffat, Thomas, spirit dealer, 16 Hospital street 
Moffat, Dr. William, surgeon, 158 George street 
Moffat, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 1004 Gallowgate 
MOIR, James, tea merchant, 179 Gallowgate 
Moir, James, Ayr tavern, and plane maker, 75 Argyll street 
Moir, John, spirit dealer, 138 B'ridgegate 
Moir, Robert, smith, Port-Dundas 
Moir, Samuel, officer of fishery, 12 Howard street 
Moir, Thomas, grocer and spirit dealer, 14 Saracen's lane 
,Moir, W. sheriff-substitute of Lanarkshire, and commissioner for taking 

affidavits for the court of King's bench in Ireland, 38 Great Clyde st. 
Moir, William, of Perston, Bannatyne, Moir 8: Co. 183 George street 


MOLLISON, Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, 322 Gallowgate 

Mollison, William, of Brand & Mollison, house, Dalhousie street 

MONACH, Andrew, 105 North Douglas street 

MONCRIEFF, Hugh, of Moncrieffs fePaterson, ho. 1 N. Wellington pi. 

Moncrieff, James, coal agent, 239 George street 

Moncrieif, James, at A. & J. Downie's house, 13 Nelson st. Tradeston 

Moncrieff, Rev. John, Professor of Hebrew, Andersonian University. 

house, 50 North Albion street 
Moncrieffs & Paterson, writers,. 1 Royal Exchange court 
Moncrieff, Mrs. baker, 24 Crown street 
Monkland Canal Office, 60 Ingram street 
Monkland Iron and Steel Company, 49 Maxwell street 
MONTEITH, Adam, of Lamond & Monteith, house, Athole terrace, 

St. George's road 
Monteath, Major, A. D. 146 West George street 
Monteith, Henry, & Co. bandana and yarn warehouse, 11 George square 

and 132 Queen street, printing and dye works, Futherglen bridge 
Monteith, Hugh, of Ross and Monteith, house VVestbank, Renfrew road 
Monteath, James, of Hamilton, Monte&th & Co. house 4 Moore place 
Monteath, James, writer, clerk to the Sub-division of the Lieutenancy, 

60 Ingram street, house 83 Windsor place 
Monteath, James, Athole terrace, St. George's road 
Monteath, James, distributer of stamps, 157 Trongate 
Monteith, James, bootmaker, 2S Bridge street 
Monteath, James, Bath tavern, 117 West Nile street 
Monteath, John, wine and spirit dealer, 269 Gallowgale 
Monteith, J. & H. wine and spirit merchants, 3S7 Argyll street 
Monteith, John, writer, 20 Miller street, house Westbank, Renfrew road 
Monteith, J. of J. & H. Monteith, house 389 Argyll street 
Monteith, Peter, 28 Bridge street 

Monteath, Peter, furrier and cap manufacturer, 9 Blackfriar street 
Monteath, Thomas, at Todd & Higgenbotham's 
MONTGOMERIE & Fleming, writers, 62 Miller street 
Montgomery, James, spirit dealer, 149 Bridgegate 
Montgomery, John, spirit dealer, 4 Kent street 
Montgomery, John, tailor, 59 Trongate 
Montgomerie, J. & Co. manufacturing chemists, Port-Dundas, and 61 

Oswald street 
Montgomerie, Mathew, of Montgomerie & Fleming, ho. 234 George st. 
Montgomerie, Robert, & Co. commission agents and spirit dealers :' 

Bell street 
Montgomery, Robert, spirit dealer, 13 Maxwell street 
Montgomery, Walter, & Co. basket makers, &c. Maitland street 
Montgomery, Mrs. Crown tavern, 48 Gallowgate 
Montgomery, Mrs. lodgings, 44 George street 
Montgomery, Mrs. grocer and spirit dealer, 19 Duke street 
MOODY, Andrew, merchant, Virginia buildings, house 9 W. Regent 

Moody, H. & J. wine and spirit merchants, 51 King street, house 8 

Clyde place 
Moody, R. & J. H. M'Clure, writers, 68 St. Vincent street 
Moody, Robert, writer, of Moody & M'Clure, house 55 Bath s 
Moody, Mrs. 55 Bath street 


MOORE, Daniel, grocer, 20 Bishop street, Anderston 

Moore, Dugald, bookseller, stationer and librarian, 96 Queen street, 

house 4 Dunlop street 
Moore, John, hair cutter, peruke maker and perfumer, 108 Queen street. 

and 168 West Regent street, house 12 Frederick lane 
Moore, VV. H. music warehouse, 12 and 14 Queen street 
Moore, Mrs. lodgings, 60 Oswald street 

MORE, Alex, millwright, 33 Montrose street, house 30 Portland street 
More, James, iron merchant, 14 East Nile street, house 5 do. 
More, J. & T. stationers and whip manufacturers, 10S Trongate 
MOREHEAD & Thomson, shawl and zebra manufacturers, 8 John st. 
MORELAND & M'Laren, glass merchants and glaziers, 20 Jamaica st. 
MORGAN, William, of Morgan & Turner, house 8 Ure place 
Morgan & Turner, merchants, 5 South Hanover street 
MORRIS, Alexander, merchant, 4 Wilson street, house Garnethill 
Morris, Edward, clerk, canal ticket office, Port-Dundas, house 36 Gar- 

scube place 
Morris, Mrs. Richard, 75 Bath street 
Morris, Mrs. midwife, 15 Crown street 
MORRISON, Alexander, writer, 2 Royal Exchange court, house 205 

Hill street, Garnethill 
Morrison, Alexandar, grocer, tea, wine and spirit merchant, 52 Oxford 

Morrison, Adam, tailor, 44 Trongate 
Morrison, Archibald, spirit dealer, 153 High street 
Morrison, C. accountant, Argyll place, 315 Argyll street 
Morrison, Charles, baker, 16 Portugal street 
Morrison, Charles, wright, 62 Blackfriar street 
Morrison, Daniel, spirit dealer, 110 Broomielaw 

Morrison, D. fe T. turners, upholsterers and chair makers, 181 Argyll st. 
Morrison, Duncan, & Co. manufacturers, 95 Hutcheson street 
Morrison, Duncan, of D. Morrison & Co. house Elmwood, Little 

Govan road 
Morison, George, manufacturer, 25 Queen street 
Morison, George, writer, 13 Adelphi street 
Morrison, George, writing-master, 315 Argyll street 
Morison, Hugh, of Morrison fe Picken, house St. George's road 
Morrison, James, ropemaker, 480 Gallowgate 
Morrison, James, spirit dealer, 107 High street 
Morrison, James, of Wright & Morrison, house 7 Ann street 
Morrison, James, at William Gilmour & Co.'s, ho. 15 London st. 
Morrison, James, agent, 3 Antigua place, house 119 Woodside street 
Morrison, James, baker, 394 Argyll street 
Morrison, James, victualler and spirit dealer, 33 Diygate 
Morrison, James, spirit dealer, 176 Hope street 

Morrison, James, writer, at A. Morrison's, 2 Royal Exchange court 
Morrison, James, merchant, 298 St. Vincent street 
Morrison, James, cabinet maker, 38 Bridgegate 
Morrison, James, cabinet maker and upholsterer, 26 Buchanan street 

and (83 George street, Edinburgh.) 
Morrison, John, 75 Renfield street 

Morrison, John, wine and spirit cellars, 200 Gallowgate, house 10 
Mungo's lane 


Morrison, John, & Co. distillers, 4 Fife place 

Morrison, John, slater, house 5 East Nile street, yard 29 Spoutmouth 

Morison, John, jun. merchant, 49 Miller street 

Morrison, John, bookbinder, stationer and librarian, 51 Oxford street 

Morrison, John, pattern drawer and print cutter, 49 Hutcheson street 

Morrison, Joseph and John, curriers and leather merchants, 51 Great 

Hamilton street 
Morrison, Joseph, of J. & J. Morrison, house 8 Sommerville place 
Morrison, M. furnishing shop, 11 Gallowgate 

Morrison, Murdoch, of R. Robertson & Co. house 25 Balmanno street 
Morrison, Nathaniel, saddler, 18 Jamaica street 
Morrison & Picken, clothiers, II) Royal Exchange square 
Morison, Roderick, supervisor of excise, 41 Warwick street 
Morrison, R. bookseller, stationer and librarian, 186 Gallowgate 
Morrison, Robert, Friendly Victualling Society, Main street, Bridgeton 
Morrison, Walter, surgeon, 84 South Portland street 
Morrison, William, tinplate worker and coppersmith, 260 Argyll street 
Morrison, Win. merchant, 4 Royal Bank place, ho. 307 St. Vincent St. 
Morrison, William, & Co. joiners and packing box makers, 16 Cochran st. 
Morrison, William, tinplate worker, 56 Cowcaddens 
Morrison, William, cabinet maker, 89 Union st. ho. 12 Warwick street 
Morrison, William, bookseller, stationer and librarian, 271 Argyll street 
Morrison, Mrs. John, grocer, 119 Fyfe place 
Morrison, Mrs. William, lodgings, 69 Bath street 
Morrison, Mrs. Janet, spirit dealer, 141 New venel 
Moriison, Miss M. lodgings, 86 Renfrew street 

Morison' s Universal Medicine General Agency, 76 Stockwell street 
Mort- Cloth Office, ^7 Bell street. Robert Thomson 
MORTON, Alexander, surgeon, 43 Crown street 
Morton, Hugh, victualler, 53 Bridge street 

Morton, Hugh, writer, 72 Wilson street, house 107 Douglas street 
Morton, H. & Co. manufacturers and commission agents, 90 Bell street 
Morton, James, 27 Charlotte street 
Morton, John, spirit dealer, 79 Bridgegate 
Morton, Miss, silk dyer, 4 Frederick lane 

MOSES, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 161 West Nile street 
MOSSMAN, William, sculptor, 172 West Nile street 
MOUAT, A. grocer, Fleming's place, Cowcaddens, and tea dealer, 

51 Stockwell, house 2 Edwin place 
MUCKART, L. boot and shoemaker, 88 Trongate 
MUDIE, John, & Co. sewed muslin manufacturers, 69 Ingram street 
Mudie, John, of John Mudie & Co. house 260 West George street 
Mudie, Robert, & Co. sewed muslin manufacturers, 13 Montrose street 
Mudie, Robert, of Robert Mudie & Co. house 3 Blythswood square 
Mudie, Mrs. William, 201 Buchanan street 
MUGGOCH, J. & J. printers 1 joiners and bookbinders' press makers. 

47 King street 
MUIR, Alex, cabinet and chair maker, 104 Renfield street 
Muir, Brown & Co. manufacturers and calico printers, 28 Royal Ex- 
change square, works 7 Rose street, Hutchesontown, and North street. 
Muirs, Connell & Co. manufacturers of British and Foreign Tuscan 
plait, and bonnet makers, 99 Trongate 


Muir, David, draper, 45 Gallowgate 

Muir, Ebenezer, merchant tailor, 47 London street 

Muir, George, wholesale and retail grocer, 9 King street 

Muir, Gilbert, cotton-yarn twister, 69 Mitchell street 

Muir, Gowans, fe Co. printers and publishers, 42 Argyll street 

Muir, James, cart wright, 92 King street, Tradeston 

Muir, J. & G. victuallers, 268 Gallowgate 

Muir, James & George, bookbinders, 15 Hutcheson street 

Muir, James, & Co. hatters, 2-1 Gallowgate 

Muir, James, builder, 98 Centre street 

Muir, James, silk and calico printer, Dalmarnock road 

Muir, James, & Richard, wrights and builders, 24 Taylor street 

Muir, John, boot, and shoemaker, 56 King street, Tradeston 

Muir, John, surgeon, 72 Norfolk street 

Muir, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 85 Havannah 

Muir, Rev. Dr. John, 210 Hill street, Garnethill 

Muir, John J. manufacturer, 1 George square and 23 South Frederick st. 

house 59 Charlotte street 
Muir, John, grocer and spirit dealer, Brown's land, Bluevale 
Muir, John, spirit dealer, Dalmarnock road 
Muir, John, of Muir, Brown & Co. house 198 Blythswood place 
Muir, John, merchant, 11 West Nile street 
Muirs, Martin, & Co. manufacturers of cordage, canvas, flax and tow, 

yarns, &c. D. A. Beith, agent, 6 York street 
Muir, Malcom, & Co. saw and patent flooring mills, Commercial road 
Muir, M. of M. Muir & Co. house 23 Abbotsford place 
Muir, & M'Nair, bleachers, Wellpark, Duke street 
Muir, R. & R. M'Kenzie, writers, 13 John street 
Muir, Robert, writer, 60 Ingram street, house 75 Bath street 
Muir, Thomas, gothic and modern window glazier, 7 Ann street 
Muir, Thomas, boot and shoemaker, 94 George st. ho. 146 Rottenrow 
Muir, Thomas, agent for Bathgate brewery, 157 Queen street 
Muir, Thomas, goldsmith and jeweller, 139 Trongate 
Muir, Thomas & John, clothiers, 157 Queen st. ho. 3 Sauchiehall street 
Muir, William, of Muir & M'Nair, house 33 Duke street 
Muir, William, merchant, 179 Argyll st. ho. Ewingpl. 357 Argyll street 
Muir, Mrs. victualler, 103 New venel 
Muir, Mrs. David, 28 Glassford street 
Muir, Mrs. John, 53 St. Andrew's square 
Muir, Mrs. John, printer, 30 Prince's street 
Muir, Miss, 45 Union street 
[Muir, Miss, grocer, 15 West Nile street 
MUIRHEAD, Andrew, spirit dealer, Barrowfield toll 
Muirhead, J. leather merchant, 23 Old wynd, ho. 22 Monteith row 
Muirhead, James, jeweller, 33 Nelson street, house 109 Hope street 
Muirhead, James, of Muirhead & Pollock, house 65 West Regent street 
Muirhead, John, hosier, 23 Candleriggs 

Muirhead, John, W. at C. & R. Baird's house, 94 West Regent street 
Muirhead, Morgan & Co. warehousemen, 22 Argyll street 

■Muirhead & Pollock, writers, 57 Miller street 

■Muirhead, Rogerson & Co. wine and spirit merchants, 8 Stockwell pi. 

■Muirhead, Robert, & Son, skinners, 11 Burnside, Duke street 
Muirhead, William, currier and leather merchant, 39 Stockwell 


Muirhead, Mrs. G. A. Adam's court, 193 Argyll street 

Moirkirk Iron Co. at James Ewing & Co.'s, Ingram buildings 

Muirkirk Iron Yard, 27 Ann street 

MULLIN, James, lodgings, 139 Saltmarket 

Mullen, John, spirit dealer, 103 Saltmarket. 

MUMFORD, William, manager, mechanical theatre, 1S2 Saltmarket, 

house 4 Steel street 
MUNGALL, R. of Lilliebank. Letters left at 91 High street 
MUNNICK, William de, & Co. gingham and pullicate manufacturers, 

102 Virginia place 
MUNN, H. & W. calenderers, ,13 Montrose street 
Munn, Robert, shoemaker, 185 Cowcaddens 
Munn, Mrs. vintner and stabler, 38 Ingram street 
MUNRO, Archibald, spirit dealer, 16 Merchant lane 
Munro, Archibald, tailor, 29 Havannah street 

Munro, Bethune, at James Oswald & Co.'s, house 59 S. Portland street 
Munro, Daniel, baker, 90 Hope street 
Munro, Daniel, grocer, 17 Clyde street, Calton 
Munro, Daniel, spirit dealer, 33 High street Jii 

Munro, D. & T. saddlers, Garscube place, Cowcaddens Mi 

Munro, George, engraver, copperplate and lithographic printer, 17' | ! Mi 

Nelson street 
Munro, Henry, victualler, 141 Bridgegate 
Munro, James, of Watson & Munro, ho. Craighead, Baldernock Mi 

Munro, James, saddler, 432 Argyll street Hi 

Munro, John, tailor, 151 Main street, Gorbals ill 

Munro, John, tailor, 396 Argyll street Mo 

Munro, John, at William Hay & Co.'s )1» 

Munro, John, accountant and house factor, 17 Brunswick place Ma 

Munro, John, victualler, 91 Main street, Anderston 3Iu 

Munro, John, & Co. saddlers, 24 Buchanan street )In 

Munro, Robert, messenger-at-arms, 182 Trongate Mu 

Munro, Robert, tailor, 6 East Nile street Ma 

Munro, William, tinplate worker, 179 High street Mi) 

Munro, William, at Scott & Stevenson's, 182 Trongate 
MUNSIE, William, teacher of English, class-room 96 West Nile street, 

house 98 do. 
MURCHIE, William, manufacturer, 51 South Albion street 
MURDOCH, Aitken & Co. engineers, millwrights and founders, 36 

Hill street Mil 

Murdoch, Alexander, grocer, 190 Gallowgate )!u 

Murdoch, Alex, at H. M'Tavish & Co.'s, 71 Virginia street )lm 

Murdoch, Francis, Clydesdale arms inn, East Nile street, Gallowgate Mm 

Murdoch, John, spirit dealer, 67 King street, Tradeston Jim 

Murdoch, Right Rev. John, 32 Great Clyde street }(m 

Murdoch, John, wine and spirit merchant, 29 Gallowgate 
Murdoch, John, 168 Holm street 
Murdoch, Patrick, & Son, drapers and hatters, 111 Trongate, house 18 

St. Mungo street 
Murdoch, Robert, of Cranhill, road surveyor and collector for Barony 

parish, 3 Antigua place 
Murdoch, R. A. Claremont tavern, 142 Trongate 
Murdoch, William, cotton waste merchant, 51 Howard street 


Murdoch, William, soap boiler, Port-Dundas road, ho. Buccleuch street 

Murdoch, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 681 Gallowgate 

MURISON, A. & Co. painters, oil and colourmen, 156 Argyll street 

Murison, James, merchant, 39 Union street, house 41 do. 

MURPHY, Bernard, spirit dealer, 44 Bridgegate 

Murphy, Edward, stair railer, cabinet and chair maker, 33 John street 

Murphy, Henry, hat manufacturer, 28 Saltmarket 

Murphy, James, spirit dealer, 34 St. Ninian street 

Murphy, Neil, harness pattern drawer, 4 Wilson street 

MURRAY, Adam, Gas office, house 64 Rottenrow 

Murray, Alexander, boot and shoemaker, 99 Argyll street 

Murray, Alex, of Duncan & Murray, house, 256 Argyll street 

Murray, Archibald, wright, 41 Miller street 

Murrays & Co. Caledonian pottery, tobacco pipe and grinding works, 

Townhead. Letters and orders left at 8 Argyll street 
Murray, Daniel, grocer, 153 Bridgegate 

Murray,- David, of Murray & Galloway, writers, ho. 33 Clyde buildings 
Murray, Donald, at William Kidston & Sons, house Villafield place 
Murray & Galloway, writers, 28 Miller street 
Murray, George, architect, 44 Hutcheson street 
Murray, George, builder, 142 Eglinton street 
Murray, George, fresher, 399 Argyll street 

Murray, James, of Monkland Iron and Steel Co. house 10 Albany pla'pe 
Murray, James, merchant, 50 Gordon street 

Murray, James, of Garnkirk works. Letters left at 8 Argyll street 
Murray, John, hairdresser, 50 Centre street, Tradeston 
Murray, John, baker, 75 Nelson street, Tradeston 
Murray, John, glazier, 1 Portugal street 
Murray, John, surgeon, 408 Argyll street, house above 
Murray, Rev. M. 4 Carlton court, Bridge street 
Murray, Mungo, grocer, 39 King street 

Murray, Peter L. baker and confectioner, 165 Buchanan street 
Murray, Robert, boot and shoe maker, 13 Adelphi street 
Murray, Robert, & Co. silk, cotton and woollen dyers, 193 Argyll street 
Murray, Thomas, bookseller and stationer, 8 Argyll street, house 7 Can- 
ning place 
Murray, Thomas, of Smith, Murray & Co. house 25 Elmbank place 
Murray, Walter, grocer and fruit merchant, 47 George's square 
Murray, William, coal agent, 256 Argyll street 
Murray, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 32 Parkhouse lane 
Murray, William, of Monkland Iron & Steel Co. house 182 Bath street 
Murray, William, putty merchant, 85 Candleriggs 
Murray, William, carver and gilder, 19 Buchanan street 
Murray, William, flesher, 431 Argyll street' 
Murray, Mrs. Angus, painter, 5 Croy place, house 16 do. 
Murray, Mrs. grocer, 94 King street, Tradeston 
Murray, Mrs. 144 Campbell street, West 
Murray, Mrs. 11 Hopetoun place 
Murray, Mrs. druggist, 390 Gallowgate 

Murray, Mrs. matron of St John's School of Industry, Chalmers sireef. 
Murray, Miss, lodgings, 4 Wellington street 
MURRIE, Andrew, flesher, 333 Argyll street, house above 
MUSGROVE, Benjamin, cutler and gun maker, 46 TrOngate 



MUSHET, James, grocer, 204 Buchanan street 

Mushet, John, currier and leather merchant, 54 St. Andrew square 

Mushet, Richard, at Charles Tennant & Co.'s 

MUTTER, James, of W. & J. Mutter, house 31 Abbotsford place 

Muter, John D. surgeon, 45 London street 

Muter, Rev. Dr. Robert, Broompark, north sideof Duke street. Letters 

left at Archibald Taylor's, 17 Havannah street 
Muter, T. writer, 131 Ingram street, house Broompark, by Duke street 
Muter, Thomas, and Hugh Bogle, writers, 131 Ingram street 
Mutter, W. & J. commission merchants, 24 Miller street 
Mutter, William, of W. & J. Mutter, house 31 Abbotsford place 
MUTRIES & Co. fancy silk and velvet manufacturers, 87 Argyll street 
Mutrie, James, of Mutries & Co. house 20 St. Enoch square 
Mutrie, William, of Mutries & Co. house 20 St. Enoch square 
Mutton Market, 86 King street 


NAIRN, John, of William Morrison & Co. house 33 John.street/ , . 

Nairn, William, plasterer, 50 Blackfriar street /imic^J /i'>Z i i£i'l4fr? / l 

NAISMITH, Alexander, hide and leather factor, 5 St. Andrew square, 
lodgings 173 Gallowgate 

Naismilh, Campbell, of Wm. Naismith & Co. house 65 West Regent st. 

Nesmith, James, marble cutter, 23 Wellington street 

Naismith, William, & Co. manufacturers, 94 Miller street 

Naismith, Miss, 12 Monteith row 

Naismith, Miss, furnishing shop, 123 High street 

NAPIER, George, cotton band maker, Duke street 

Napier, David, Camlachie foundry 

Napier, Capt. J. Hyde park, Broomielaw 

Napier, James & William, engineers and boiler makers, Washington st. 

Napier, James, of James and William Napier, house 42 York street 

Napier, Peter, carter and spirit dealer, 329 Gallowgate 

Napier, Rev. Peter, of St. George's-in-the-fields, house, 40 Buccleuch st. 

Napier, Robert, engineer, Vulcan foundry, 28 Washington street, and 
Lancefield, house Lancefield 

Napier, William, of James & William Napier, house 114 Washington st. 

Napier, Wm. & Co. agents for the Renfrewshire bank, 94 Miller street 

Napier, Mrs. milliner, 43 Bell street 

National Bank of Scotland, 43 Virginia street, R. A. Macfie, agent 

National Security Savings 1 Bank, 2 John street 

National Provident Institution, N. & R. Handyside, agents, 16 Gordon st. 

Necropolis, or Cemetery, Merchants' park 

NEILL, David, smith, gas pipe, mangle and edge tool maker, 24 

Struthers' street, Calton, house 22 do. 
Neil, Gabriel, of Francis Wood & Co. house 5 Great Hamilton street 
Neil, James, academy, 3 Antigua place 
Neil, John, spirit dealer, 5 Salisbury lane 
Neil, John, chemist and druggist, 34 Adelphi street 
Neill, John, teller, Ship bank 

Neill, John, smith and edge tool maker, 3 South Cumberland street 
Neill, John, of Neill & Langlands, house Rose street, Garnethill 
Neill & Langlands, silk manufacturers, 25 Queen street 
Neill, Robert, slater, 40 Thistle street, slate-yard 13 do. 

NEILL — NEW. 171 

Neill, Samuel, tinplate worker, 29 Stevenson street 

Neill, Thomas, bookbinder, 175 Buchanan street, house 11 Sauchiehall 

Neil, Wm. & Co. calico printers, 3S Queen street 
Neil, Wm. of Wm. Neil & Co. house 315 Argyll street 
NEILSON, Alexander, spirit dealer, 27 Main street, Gorbals 
Neilson, Alexander, plane maker, 21 Greyfriars 1 wynd 
Neilson, Archibald, of R. & A. Neilson, house 23 Monteith row 
Neilson & Galbraith, marble works, 350 Argyll street 
Neilson, J. B. engineer, gas works, Kirk street, house 37 Weaver street 
Neilson, James, spirit dealer, Lochore's land, New Parliamentary road 
Neilson, James, house factor and inspector of buildings, 81 Buchanan 

street, house 20 Union street 
Neilson, James, reedmaker, 90 Bell street 
Neilson, John, bookbinder, Moodie's court, 31 Argyll street 
Neilson, J. C. Royal engineers' office, 57 South Portland street 
Neilson, John, engineer, Oak bank foundry, Old basin 
Neilson, John, house factor, 667 Gallowgate 
Neilson, Patrick, accountant, agent for the European Life Insurance 

and Annuity Office, and Hercules Fire Office, 73 Hutcheson street, 

house 41 South Portland street 
Nelson, Robert, surgeon, 42 Trongate, house 58 Charlotte street 
Neilson, Robert, cooper, 115 Union street 
Neilson, R. & A. spirit merchants, 6 Wallace court 
Nelson & Sutherland, manufacturers of umbrellas and general small ware 

merchants, 20 Candleriggs 
Neilson, Thomas, wholesale Scotch warehouse, 18 Hutcheson street 
Nels6n, Thos. spirit dealer, 99 Glassford street 
Neilson, Thos. spirit merchant, 98 Bridgegate 

Neilson, Thomas, flesher, 38 West Nile street, house 95 Candleriggs 
Neilson, Walter, spirit dealer, 46 Saltmarket 
Neilson, William, & Son, wine and spirit merchants, 25 Prince's street, 

house 36 St. Andrew street 
Neilson, William, writer, 68 Glassford street, house 60 S. Portland st. 
Neilson, Wm. & Robt. Anderson, writers, 68 Glassford street 
Neilson, William, of Mitchell & Neilson, house Allan place 
Neilson, Wm. grocer and spirit dealer, 34 Rose street, Hutchesontown 
Neilson, William, spirit dealer, 133 Stockwell 
Neilson, William, of Finlay & Neilson, house 103 Crown street 
Neilson, Wm. spirit dealer, Townhead 

Neilson, William, builder, 95 Whitevale, house 11 Pitt street 
Neilson, Mrs. grocer, 9 Crown street 
Neilson, Mrs. Dr. 60 South Portland street 
Nelson, Mrs. J. grocer and spirit dealer, 32 Bridge street 
Neilson, Mrs, commercial lodgings, 68 Glassford street 
Neilson, Mrs. provision shop, 295 Argyll street 

Netherlands Vice-Consul, John M'Pherson, 2 Royal Exchange court 
NEVILLE, Henry, tailor and clothier, 25 Trongate 
NEWALL, A. & J. brokers and commission merchants, 84 Wilson st. 
Newall, Archibald, of A. & J. Newall, house 309 Greenhill place 
NEWBIGGING, A. cotton dealer and mill furnisher, 77 Hutcheson st. 
New Clyde Shipping Co.'s Office, 122 Broomielaw. Jn. Tassie, manager 
New Grenada Vice-Consul, M. M'Leod, 1 Royal Bank place 


NEWLANDS, Andrew, coal agent, contractor and agent for Ayr and 
Stranraer steamers, 14 and 16 Carrick street, house 2 Washington st. 
Newlands, James, spirit dealer, 22 Rose street, Hutchesontown 
Newlands, John, tailor, 5 Moore street 

Newlands, William, at Andrew Newlands, house 2 Washington street 
Newlands, Misses, boarding school, 189 Buchanan street 
NEWMAN, Dr. James E. 29 Adelphi street, house 26 Thistle street 
NEWTON, Bennie & Co. Caledonian foundry, West street 
Newton, Thos. of Newton, Bennie & Co. house 28 Warwick street 
Newton, Miss, Tron Parish School of Industry, 57 Prince's street . 
New Town Makket, 61 Buchanan street 
NIBLOCK, Mrs. grocer, 105 Upper Renfield street 
NICOL, Alexander, professor of the flute, 229 Argyll street 
Nicholl, Alex, saddler, 278 High street 
Nicol, David, boot and shoe maker, 22 Norfolk street 
Nicol, John Pringle, professor of practical astronomy, College 
Nicol, John, wine and spirit dealer, 3 Kirk street & 56 Green st. Calton 
Nicol, John, agent for the Glasgow Naval and Military Bible Society, 

229 Argyll street 
Nicol, Robert, sen. 93 Upper Crown street 
Nicol, Robert, jun. boot and shoe maker, 48 Hospital street 
Nicol, William, spirit dealer, 77 Crown street 
Nicol, Mrs. silk dyer and crape dresser, 229 Argyll street 

Nicol, Mrs. James, spirit dealer, 113 Havannah 

NICHOLSON, Anthony W. of Long & Nicholson, ho. 13 Monteithrow 

Nicolson, James, baker, 5 Norfolk street, Laurieston 

Nicolson, Thomas, of Cunningham & Nicolson, ho 55 Rose st. Garnethill 

Nicolson, William, grocer, 82 Sawmillfield place 

Nicholson, William, grocer, 32 Green street, Calton 

NIMMO, J. Barrowfield Letters left at 127 Gallowgate 

Nimmo, James, spirit dealer, 121 King street 

Nimmo, John, grocer and spirit dealer, Cowcaddens 

Nimmo, John, grocer, 15 Dale street, Bridgeton 

Nimmo, Thomas, pipe manufacturer, 16 Dale street, Bridgeton 

Nimmo, W. T. clerk, Royal bank, house Garnethill 

Nimmo, Mrs. Dr. 65 Bath street 

NISBET, Alexander, ironmonger, 102 Trongate 

Nisbet, Andrew, surgeon and dentist, 108 Argyll street 

Nisbet, Rev. Archibald, 26 Richmond street 

Nisbet, James, wine and spirit merchant, 144 Stockwell 

Nisbet, James, jun. victualler and stabler, 42 Jamaica street 

Nisbet, James, grocer, 86 Centre street, Tradeston 

Nisbet & Richardson, writers, 13 John street 

Nisbet, W. S. of Nisbet & Richardson, house Dundas vale 

NISH, Anthony, writer and messenger-at-arms, 60 Stockwell 

Nish, John, vintner, auctioneer and appraiser, 88 Gallowgate 

Nish, Joseph, & Son, spirit dealers, 106 Canning street 

NIVEN, Andrew, boot maker, 7 Buchanan street 

Niven, Archibald, baker, 13 Nile lane 

Niven, Daniel, of Stewart & Niven, house 20 Monteith row 

Niven, David, writer, 40 Miller street 

Niven, John, jun. bookseller and stationer, 158 Trongate, ho. 12 Bedford st. 

Niven John, & Son, printers, 55 Glassford street 

NIVEN T — OLD. 173 

Niven, William, bookbinder, 87 Argyll street 

Niven, William, spirit dealer, 42 Bell street 

Niven, William, piano-forte tuner, at J. M'Fadyen's, 63 Wilson street 

NIXON, James, of J. Nixon & Son house 70 George's square 

Nixon, John, & Son, hat makers, 13 & 15 Smith's court, Candleriggs 

Nixon, Joseph, & Co. hat makers, 105 Argyll street, opposite Queen st. 

Nixon, Richard, hat maker to the King, 98 Argyll street, house above. 

Orders left for M'Quater & M'Creadie, brickmakers and bricklayers 
Nixon, W. M. & Co. hat and cap manufacturers, 130 Trongate 
NOCKLES, James, silk, &c. manufacturers, 36 St. Andrew street 
NORIE, Mrs W. A. cutler and surgeons' instrument maker, 12 Glass- 
ford street, house 18 Maxwell street 
Normal Seminary, Dundas vale 

NORRIS, Thomas, Port-Dundas Foundry, house 189 Buchanan street 
NORRISON & Newlands, Misses, milliners and dress makers, 98 West 

Nile street 
NORTH British Advertiser office, 112 Queen street 
North British Fire and Life Insurance Co. D. & N. Bannatyne, 183 

George street, and Robert Jaffrey, 1 1 Virginia street, agents 
North British Steam Navigation Co. 351 Argyll st. H. Price, R.N. agent 
North of Scotland Fire and Life Insurance Office, Cathcart & Wardlaw 
agents, 20 Buchanan street 
. North Quarter Library, 3 Rottenrow. D. M'Laren, librarian 
NORVAL, James, spirit dealer, 74 Eglinton street 
Norval, John, at Christy, MTsaac& C'o.'s, house 32 Turner's court 
Norval, Mrs. James, comb maker, 7 King street, house 80 Bridgegate 
NOR WELL, James, & Co. silk mercers, 30 Argyll street 
Norwell, James, Ship bank, 9 Glassford street 
NORWICH Union Fire & Life Office, 153 Queen street, R. Blaikie 

and Hugh M'Lachlan, 86 Miller street, agents 
NOTMAN, Thomas, grain merchant, 225 Cowcaddens 
NURSES' Register Office for wet, dry, and sick nurses, at James Mac- 
tear & Co.'s, Apothecary Hall, 4 George street 

Oak Bank Foundry, Old Basin. John Neilson 
OAK MAN, William, spirit dealer, 36 Main street, Anderston 
OATTS, John, stationer, 102 Queen street, house 190 Hope street 
O'CONNEL, John, whip and hatters' bow string maker, 60 High street 
O'DOHERTY, George, Catholic school, Portugal street 
O'DONNEL, Barnard, spirit dealer, 37 Coburg street 
O'Donnel, George, broker, 3 St. Margaret's place 
O'Donnel, Michael, worsted shoemaker, 105 King street 
O'KANE, Michael, broker, 6 St. Margaret's place 
O'NEIL, John, merchant tailor, S6 and 88 Saltmarket 
OGIL VIE, T. bookseller and stationer, 14 Argyll st. ho. 3 Sandyford pi. 
Ogilvie, William, victualling house, 62 Gallowgate 
Ogilvie's commercial lodgings, Old Post-office court, 114 Trongate 
OGLE, M. & Son, booksellers and stationers, 1 Royal Exchange square, 

house 1 38 Hope street 
Ogle, Andrew S. writer, 19 South Hanover street, ho. 138 Hope street 
Old Drug Warehouse Co. 59 Trongate 

Old Victualling & Baking Society, Main st. Bridgeton, David Houston 


OLIPHANT, David pullicate manufacturer, 41 Stirling square 

Oliphant, James, fish merchant, 12 King street 

Oliphant, James, cabinet maker, 103 Grseme street 

Oliphant, James, spirit dealer, 47 King street 

Oliphant, Peter, fishmonger, 50 Bedford street 

OLIVER, George, manufacturing chemist, Lancefield, office 22 Mit- 
chell street 

Oliver, Misses, milliners and dress makers, 57 Dundas street 

Operatives' Victualling Society, Main st. Bridgeton, Archd. Fyfe. 

ORD, George, accountant, agent for the Insurance Company of Scotland, 
and Standard Life Assurance Company, 125 Virginia street, house 62 
Great Clyde street 

ORKNEY, Peter, grocer, 44 Carrick street 

ORME, James, piano-forte teacher, 43 Montrose street 

Orme, John, teacher of music, 230 Argyll street 

ORMISTON, William, at Wm. M'Crie & Co.'s, house 180 Hope st. 

Orphan Institution, Mid Woodside road, Mrs. M'Millan, matron 

ORR, Andrew, hair dresser, 61 Green street, Calton 

Orr, Andrew, of Francis Orr & Sons, 63 Brunswick street 

Orr, David, baker, and spirit dealer, 3 Anderston quay 

Orr, David, tea merchant and general grocer, 102 & 104 Canning street 

Orr, Francis, at J. & J. White's, house 57 Oswald street 

Orr, Francis, & Sons, wholesale stationers, 63 Brunswick street, house 
Glenfield, Townmill road 

Orr, Hugh, provision and spirit dealer, 164 Cowcaddens 

Orr, James, of Francis Orr fe Sons, 63 Brunswick street 

Orr, John, of Orr & Robertson, house Warwick street 

Orr, John, victualler, 78 Stevenson street, Calton 

Orr, John, at M. M'Farlane & Co.'s distillery, Poit-Dundas 

Orr, John, spirit dealer, 5 Green street, Calton 

Orr, John, of Dewar & Orr, house 138 Hope street 

Orr, John, at John Fyfe's, 42 Miller street 

Orr, Peter, glass and emery paper manufacturer, 54 High street 

Orr & Robertson, sewed muslin manufacturers, 18 South Frederick st. 

Orr, Robert, victualler, 63 Bridgegate 

Orr, Robert, merchant, 11 West Nile street 

Orr, William A." agent, ship and insurance broker, 16 St. Enoch square 

Orr, William, calenderer, hot presser and packer, 51 Cochran street 

Orr, William, of Francis Orr & Sons, 63 Brunswick street 

Orr, William & Robert, merchants, 39 West Nile street, house 109 
Hope street 

Orr's, Mrs. lodgings, 119 George street 

Orr, Mrs. straw-hat maker, 435 Argyll street 

Orr, Miss, 49 West Regent street 

Orr, Misses, milliners, 62 George street 
OSBORNE, George, bootmaker, 2 Argyll arcade 
Osborne, Hugh, teacher of St. Enoch's juvenile school, house Parlia- 
mentary road 
Osborne, Robert, victualler, 133 Gallowgate 
Osborne, Robert, baker, Cowcaddens 
Osbome, Robert, baker, 22 King street, Tradeston 
OSWALD, Andrew, of H. & A. Oswald, house 39 Abbotsford place 
Oswald, H. k A. wine and spirit meichants, 10 Stirling street 


Oswald, Henry, of H. & A. Oswald, house Whitevale 

Oswald, Jas. & Co. cotton spinners, 49 Miller st. works at Barrowfield 

Oswald, James, of James Oswald & Co. and Oswald, Tennant & Co. 

house Shieldhall, in London, 18 Downing street 
Oswald, Stevenson & Co. cotton yarn merchants, 98 Hutcheson street 
Oswald, Tennant & Co. East India merchants, 49 Miller street 
OUTERSON, John, spirit dealer, 11 M'Alpine street 
OUTKAM, Joseph, & Co. commission merchants and ship insurance 

brokers, 21) Buchanan street 
Outram, Joseph, of J. Outram & Co. house Mayfield, Sauchiehall road 
OVINGTON, Thos. of Ovington and Warwick, ho. 65 Sauchiehall st. 
Ovington & Warwick, silk manufacturers, North Exchange buildings, 

145 Queen street, and 137 Cheapside, London 

PAGAN, Dr. 52 West Nile street 

PAISLEY Bank Office, 58 Virginia st. A. Brown, agent, house do. 
Paisley Canal Office, 31 Argyll street. James Stewart, agent, house 

29 Jamaica street 
Paisley Union Bank, 51 Ingram street. William Walker, agent 
Palace-Craig coal office, Monkland Canal basin 
PALMER, James, vright, 28 Stirling street 
Palmer, Thomas J. hairdresser, 23 Main street, Calton 
Palmer, Mrs. James, lodgings, 26 George street 
P ANTON, Alexander, M. D. 14 Stilling street 

Panton, J. & Co. dealers in watchmakers' tools and materials, 59 Trongate 
Panton, J. & Co. fishing rod and tackle makers, 59 Trongate 
Panton, John, surgeon, 2 Fife place, West George street 
PARGELLIS, Andrew, stationer, 81 and 83 Glassford street, house 

South Wellington place 
PARK, Charles, wine and spirit merchant, 32 Stirling street 
Park, David, pawnbroker, 102 Stockwell 
Park, Gavin, flesher, 11 London street, house 46 Saltmarket 
Park, Gavin, starcher, 86 Blackfriar street 
Park, George, manager, Hutchesontown victualling society, 14 Govan 

street, house 5 Thistle street 
Park, James, spirit dealer, Ferguson's land, Dalmarnock road- 
Park, John, gingham manufacturer, 94 Miller street 
Park, Robert B. lace manufacturer, 38 Queen street 
Park, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 242 Argyll st. and 4 Hope st. 
Park, William, university librarian 
Park, William, hosier and glover, 10 Trongate 
Park, Mrs. Allan, victualler, 258 George street 
Park, Mrs. Robert, lodgings, 93 West George street 
Park, Mrs. grocer, 10 Spouimouth, Gallowgate 
PARKER, David, sheriff-officer, 79 Miller street 
Parker, James, cabinet-maker and upholsterer, 97 & 99 Union street 
Parker, James, baker, 40 London street 

Parker, James, candle maker and flour merchant, 140 Gallowgate 
Parker, James, jun. baker, 71 Glassford street 
Parker, John, boot and shoemaker, 12 Brunswick place 
Parker, John, Rridgeton Baking society, Main street, Bridgelon 
Parker, Robert, baker, 20 Rose street, Hutchesoirtown 


Parker, Thomas, victualler, baker and spirit dealer, 13 Canning street 
PARKHILL, William, singeing work, 18 North Albion street 
PARKINS, W. & J. silver platers, inventors and manufacturers of the 

improved silver plated reflectors, 32 Brunswick place 
PARKINSON, John, 27 Renfrew street 
PARLANE, J. spirit dealer, S8 Jamaica street 

Parlane, Walter, collector of impost duties on ale, &c. Sandyford toll 
PARTRIDGE, James, spirit dealer, 24 Market street 
PASLEY, Jardine & Co. merchants, 63 St. Vincent street 
Pasley, John, of Pasley, Jardine & Co. house Cumberland place 
Passage Boat Offick, Forth and Clyde Canal, 92 Trongate 
PATERSON, A, & G. St. Rollox, woodyard near the railway depot, 

St. Rollox, house Garngad hill 
Paterson, Adam, of Moncriefts & Paterson, house 63 South Portland 

Paterson, Adam, of A. & W. Paterson, house 44 York street 
Paterson, Alexander, spirit dealer, 15 North street, Anderston 
Paterson, Alexander, manager Wellington pottery 
Paterson, A. & W. boot and shoe makers, 90 and 92 Argyll street, and 

152 Trongate 
Paterson, Alexander, & Co. clothiers, 54 Oxford street 
Paterson, Alexander, gingham and muslin shop, 150 Trongate, house 

31 Noifolk street 
Paterson, Andrew, manufacturer, 114 Candleriggs 
Paterson, Archibald, copperplate printer, 5 King street 
Paterson, Archibald, wine merchant, 9 and 11 Bell street 
Paterson, Buchanan, spirit cellar, 140 Main street, Gorbals 
Paterson, Charles & J. M.D. surgeons, 20 Stobcross street 
Paterson, David, woollen draper, 19 Trongate 
Paterson, Duncan, spirit dealer, 74 Kirk street, Calton 
Paterson, H. superintendent of thepoor of Barony parish, 420 Gallowgate 
Paterson, Hugh, tailor, Sidney court 
Paterson, Hugh, fruit merchant, 363 Argyll street 
Paterson, Rev. James, Baptist minister, 79 South Portland street 
Paterson, J. & J. painters, 63 Robertson street 
Paterson, James, spirit dealer, 434 Gallowgate 

Paterson, James, M.D. 34 Stevenson street, house 21 Canning street 
Paterson, James, basket manufacturer, 186 Argyll street 
Paterson, James, city inspector of weights and measures, 28 London st. 
Paterson, James, cooper, 39 Stockwell 
Paterson, James, spirit dealer, 58 King street, Tradeston 
Paterson, James, Shakespeare tavern, 36 Saltmarket 
Paterson, Jas. manufacturer, 19 Virginia st. ho. 140 Campbell st. West 
Paterson, James, of Gartness Forge office, 7 Fox lane 
Paterson, J. H. & Co. shirt and clothing warehouse, 75 Buchanan street 
Paterson, Jamieson & Co. merchants and manufacturers, 43 Queen st. 
Paterson, John, victualler, 265 Gallowgate 
Paterson, John, & Co. rope and twine makers, Greenhead 
Paterson, John, lock and hinge maker, 52 Sauchiehall street 
Paterson, John, cabinet maker, 81 Bridgegate 
Paterson, John, boot and shoe maker, 286 Gallowgate 
Paterson, John, fruiterer, 149 George street 
Paterson, Rev. Nathaniel, 19 Monteith row 


Paterson, Norris & Co. cotton waste and rag merchants, 23 and 25 

Stockwell place 
Paterson, Robert, of Jack, Paterson & Co. house 32 St. Enoch square 
Paterson, Robert, of Paterson, Jamieson & Co. house 141 Clarence pi. 
Paterson, Robert, spirit dealer, Main street, Bridgeton 
Paterson, Robert, pawnbroker, 24 High street, house 55 Drygate 
Paterson, Robert, boot maker, 50 Ingram street, house 52 do. 
Paterson, Robert, baker, 147 Trongate 
Paterson, Robert, tailor and clothier, 113 Ingram street 
Paterson, Robert, surgeon, 301 Argyll street 
Paterson, R. H. printer, 7 Queen street 

Paterson, Dr. Thomas, anatomical modeller, 3 1 Virginia street 
Paterson, Thomas, at Stirling, Gordon & Co.'s, house 163 Eglinton st. 
Paterson, T. lithographer, 46 Ingram street, house 124 Brunswick street 
Paterson, Thomas, agent for John Hargreaves, English carrier, 124 

Brunswick street 
Paterson, Thomas, co-operative boot and shoe bazar, London street 
Paterson, Walter, at H. P. Ree's, 4 Ingram street 
Patterson, William, tide surveyor, 357 Argyll street 
Paterson, AVilliam Urie, tinsmith and brazier, 22 Stockwell 
Paterson, William, of A. & W. Paterson, house 24 York street 
Paterson, William, beadle of John street Chapel, ho. 255 George street 
Paterson, William, grocer, 197 Argyll street 
Paterson, William, victualler, 57 Cowcaddens 
Paterson, William, smith and bell hanger, scale beam, coach, cart, and 

waggon axle maker, and lock and hinge maker, 19 Ann street 
Paterson, William Dundas, surveyor of police, office 1 Antigua place, 

house 33 Clyde buildings 
Paterson, William, smith, 88 Main street, Gorbals 
Paterson, Mrs. grocer and spirit dealer, Main street, Bridgeton 
PAT ON, Alexander, & Co. Mail Coach office, 10 Argyll street 
Paton, Alexander of Alexander Paton & Co. house 5 St. Vincent place 
Paton, Alexander, spirit dealer, 19 Wellington street 
Paton, Andrew, commission merchant, Moodie's court, 31 Argyll street, 

house 16 Richmond street 
Paton, Andrew, tinsmith and gas fitter, 326 Argyll street 
Paton, George, & Co. brush and wooden dish shop, 21 High street 
Paton, George & Mark, wood merchants, 383 Gallowgate 
Paton, Hugh, grocer & spirit dealer, and house factor, 24 "Washington st. 
Paton James, spirit dealer, 1 Main street, Calton 
Paton, M. & W. ironmongers, 7 Saltmarket 
Paton, Robert, cabinet maker, 92 Stockwell 
Paton, William P. commission merchant, Virginia buildings, bouse St. 

George's road 
Paton, William, boot maker, 17 Hutcheson street 
Paton & Younger, cabinet makers, and caned furniture warehouse, 63 

Buchanan street 
Paton, Mrs. M. lodgings, 339 Argyll street 
Paton, Miss, milliner and dress maker, 107 George street 
PATRICK, John, & Co. commission merchants, 72 Glassford street 
Patrick, H. W. of Robert Ranken, house 16 Abbotsford place 
Patrick, Robert, manufacturer, 40 Candleriggs 
Patrick, William, merchant, 72 Glassford street 


PATTILO, Alexander, harbour master, Port-Dundas 

PATTISON, George, wine and spirit merchant, 84 Clyde st. Anderston, 

and 40 Main street, Calton 
Pattison, J. & G. & Co. merchants, 51 Buchanan street 
Pattison, James, jun. agent for the Daill and Newton distilleries, Islay, 

20 Broomielaw 
Pattison, James, clockmaker, 58 Thistle street 
Pattison, John, 22 Blythswood square 
Pattison, John, stationer and librarian, 30 Crown street 
Pattison, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 67 Taylor street 
Pattison, M. M. Monteith rooms, Buchanan street 
Pattison, Mrs. tobacconist, Cowcaddens 
Pattison, Mrs. John, 139 Campbell street, West 
PAUL & Fleming, commission merchants, 9 John street 
Paul, George, tailor and clothier, 15 Hutcheson street 
Paul & Harvie, accountants, 153 Queen street 
Paul, Henry, of Paul & Harvie, house North Woodside house 
Paul & Hunter, manufacturers, 23 South Frederick street 
Paul, James, of Paul & Fleming, house 54 West Regent street 
Paul, James, victualler, 236 Argyll street 
Paul, John, merchant, 198 West George street 
Paul, John, writer, 24 Hutcheson street, house Crawford place 
Paul, John & Andrew, candlemakers and tobacconists, 8 George street 
Paul, Thomas, jeweller and watchmaker, 45 Sauchiehall street 
Paul, Mrs. William, 8 George street, house, 250 High street 
PAXTON, Mrs. lodgings, 26 Robertson street 
PEACOCK, William, spirit dealer, 27 Little street, Calton 
PEARCE, Matthew, of M'Kinnon, Pearce & Co. house 195 Bath st. 
PEARSON & Co. boot and shoe makers, 44 Saltmarket 
PearsTm, John, brewer, Bathgate. Orders left at 157 Queen street 
Pearson, John, factor, 37 Ropework lane, house 16 New Bridge street 
Pearson, Thomas, tailor and clothier, 36 King street, Tradeston, house 

Burnside cottage, Upper Kingston 
Pearson, Walker, of Pearson, Wilsone & Co. ho. 18 Blythswood square 
Pearson, Wilsone & Co. merchants, 9 George square 
PEAT, George, provision merchant, 30 Kent street, ho. 6 Suffolk st. 
Peat, William, & Co. brokers, 40 Miller's place 

PEDDIE, Wm. & Son, travelling equipment manufactory, 14 Arcade 
Peddie & Tennent's school, ]0 Cambridge street, Miss Stirling, teacher 
PEDRESCHI, Luigi, statuary moulder, and figure maker, 47 Arcade 
PEEBLES, Alex. M. at James M'Arthur& Co.'s, ho. 46 Buccleuch st. 
Peebles, Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, 34 King street, Tradeston 
Peebles, Charles, writer, 16 Bath street, house St. George's road 
Peebles, Wm. merchant, 19 S. Hanover st. house 203 Buchanan street 
PEGGIE, A. H. & Co. tailors and clothiers, 33 Trongate 
PELLATT, Frederick, of Glasgow Flint Glass Co. house Finnieston 
PENDER, James, & Co. calico printers, Brock street, Mile-end 
Pender, James, & Son, bleachers, Dumbrock, Strathblane. Orders left 

at Thomas Howatson, sen. & Co.'s, 81 Wilson street 
Pender, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 137 Saltmarket 
PEN FOLD, G. Glasgow Medical Hall, 84 Argyll street, house 109 do. 
PENNEY, D. J. of William Penney & Son, 86 Buchanan street 
Penney, Robert, & Co. zebra dress manufacturers, 52 Glassford street 


Penney, Robert, of Robert Penney & Co. house 37 Bath street 
Penney, Scott Moncrieff, writer, and agent for the Globe Insurance Com- 
pany, 39 Miller street 
Penney, William, & Son, merchants, 86 Buchanan street 
PENNINGTON, J. R. & Co. tailors and clothiers, 10 Jamaica street 
PENMAN, David, marble cutter, 11 Renfield st. house 128 Union st. 
Penman, James, spirit dealer, 74 Trongate, house 20 Candleriggs 
Penman, John, & Co. merchants, 129 Ingram street 
Penman, John, of John Penman & Co. house 95 Douglas street 
PENTLAND, Robert, spirit dealer, 13 Laigh Kirk close 
PERM AN, J. T. commission agent, 23 South Hanover street 
PERSTON, Andrew, & Co. sugar refiners, 18 Washington street 
Perston, Andrew, of A. Perston & Co. house 4 Woodside crescent 
Perston, Bannatyne, Moir fe Co. muslin and cambric manufacturers, 

183 George street 
Perston, James, japanner, 10 Greyfriars wynd 
Perston, James, of Perston, Bannatyne, Moir & Co. house Crosspark, 

Dumbarton road 
Perston, Mrs. midwife, 4 Havannah 
Permit Office, 45 Dunlop street and 41 London street 
PERRETT, Robert, flesher, Castle street 
PERRY, D. T. & Co. commission agents, 19 Cochran street 
, Perry, D. T. of D. T. Perry & Co. house 123 St. Vincent street 
Perry, Robert, upholsterer and cabinet maker, 126 Union street 
Perry, Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, 50 Rottenrow 
Perry, Dr. Robert, 16 St. Vincent place 

Perry, William, agent, Guardian Assurance Co. 19 Cochran street 
Perry, William, & Co. drysalters and oil merchants, 19 Cochran street 
Perry, William, of William Perry & Co. house 123 St. Vincent street 
PERTH Baking Co. 78 Union street. Thomas Hutchison, manager 
Perth Barley depot, 5 Melville place. Alexander Arnot, agent 
PETER, Walter, rag and cotton waste dealer, 108 Union street 
PETRIE, James, grocer, 17 Main street, Anderston ^ 
Petrie, John, baker and spirit dealer, 3 Clyde street, Anderston 
PETTIGREW, James, grocer, 23 Malta street 
Pettigrew, James, victualler, 86 High street j 
Pettigrew, James, spirit dealer, 487 Gallowgate 

Pettigrew, John, grocerandspirit dealer, 173 and 175 Main street, Gorbals 
Pettigrew, John, victualler, 30 Stevenson street 
Pettigrew, William, victualler, 86 High s,treet 
PHILP, Andrew, builder, 90 Carrick street 
PHILLIPS, Archibald, fiesher, 237 High street 
Phillips, Archibald, victualler, 384 Gallowgate 
Phillips, C. L. & Co. muslin manufacturers, 14 Garthland street 
Phillips, Rev. James, classical teacher, 44 Trongate, house 2 St. An- 
drew lane 
Phillips, James, spirit dealer, and pye baker, 11 Kirk street 
Phillips, John, flesher, 70 King street, house 42 St. Andrew's square 
Phillips, Thomas, wholesale tea merchant, 52 Brunswick street, house 21 

Dixon street 
Phillips, William, boot crimper, 13 Tarbet street 
Phillips, Miss A. lodgings, 44 Hutcheson street 
PHINISTER, Alexander, & Co. dyers, 12 Inkle Factory lane 


PHOENIX Fire, and Pelican Life Insurance Offices, John 

Loudon, agent, 13 Queen street 
Phcenix Protector Fire Office of London, James Steven, agent, 

29 Hutcheson street 
'Phoenix Iron Works, Eurnside, Port-Dundas 
PICKEN, John, & Co. tobacconists, 129 Argyll street 
Picken, James, of Morrison & Picken, house 19 Coburg street 
Picken, Richmond, beadle, of George street chapel, house 8 West 

George street 
Pinkerton, George, wine and spirit merchant, 10 St. Andrew lane 
Pinkerton, James, sen. corn factor, 8 Union st. ho. 127 St. Vincent st. 
Pinkerton, Jas. gardener, Green market, ho. Gooseberryhall, Rutherglen 
Pinkerton, James, wright, Eumford street, Bridgeton 
Pinkerton, John, furnishing and hosiery, 120 Burnside, Port-Dundas 
Pinkerton, Robert, at James Pinkerton, sen.'s, 8 Union street 
PLAYFAIR, James, of J. Playfair & Co. house St. George's road 
Playfair, James, & Co. merchants, 144 Queen street 
Playfair, Patrick, Datmarnock 

Police Collector's Office, Police buildings, South Albion street 
Polloc and Govan Railway Co.'s Office, 37 Glassford street 
POLLOCK, Alexander, merchant, 26 St. Enoch square 
Pollok, Gilmour &.Co. merchants, 19 Union st. house 24 Carlton place 
Pollock, James, wine and spirit merchant, 77 Stobcross street 
Pollok, James, muslin and shawl warehouse, 106 Hutcheson street, house 

106 St. Vincent street 
Pollock, James, saddler, 151 Stockwell, house 24 Commerce street 
Pollock, James, Barrhead and Kilmarnock coach office, 7 Stockwell 
Pollock, James, & Sons, manufacturers, 12 Stirling square 
Pollock, James, ship owner, 51 West Regent street 
Pollek, John, merchant, 8 Clyde place, Tradeston 
Pollock, John, victualling house, 61 Main street, Gorbais 
Pollok, Morris, silk throwster, factory Long Govan 
Pollock, Robert, grocer, 39 Nelson street, Tradeston 
Pollock, Robert, grocer, 6 St. Ninian street 
Pollock, Robert, at William Kidston & Son's, house 39 Nelson street, 

Pollock, Robert, brush manufacturer, 19 Turner's court, house 19 Cr-iy 

Pollock, S. of Muirhead & Pollock, house 51 West Regent street 
Pollock, Thomas, grocer, 50 Coburg street 
Pollok, Thomas, victualler, 27 Commerce street 
Pollock, William, spirit dealer, 90 High street 
Pollock, William, baker, 38 Eglintqm sLreet 
Pollock, Miss, dress maker, 40 Kent street 
Pollock, Misses, dress makers, 20 Stockwell place 
Pollock, Misses, boarding school, 36 St. Andrew street 
PORTEOUS, Burns & Co. coach makers, 191 Buchanan street 
Porteous, Charles, of Porteous, Burns & Co. house 16 Bath street 
Porteous, Robert, French-horn tavern, 88 Trongate 
Porteous, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, 42 Saltmarket 
Porteous, T. M. teacher of music, 47 King street 
Porteous, William, pawnbroker, 40 High street 
Porteous, Miss E. dealer in Aithrey and Dunblane waters, Wiliowbank 


PORTER, James, writer, 34 Glassford street 

Porter, George, grocer and spirit dealer, 2 Kirk street, Townhead 

Porter, Thomas, smith and bellhanger, 82 George street 

Porter, Mrs. M. York place, 339 Argyll street 

PORT-DUN DAS Bottle Co. works Port-Dundas. Place of call 84 

Argyll street 
Port-Dundas Foundry Co. Port-Dundas road 

Port-Dundas Pottery Co. Orders left at Cochran & Couper's, 36 Bu- 
chanan street 
Pour-EcLusTON Carpet Co. warehouse, 85 Buchanan street, works Pbrt- 

Port-Eglinton Rope and Leather Pipe Manufactory. L. Mercer 
PORTUGAL, Vice Consul for, F. A. Bell, 58 Miller street 
Post-Offick, 68 Nelson street 
POTT, Francis, of Stewart, Pott & Co. 
Potts, David, cart wright 55 Crown street 

POTTER, Lewis, of Chapman & Potter, house 23 Dixon street 
POYNTER, John, eating house, 48 Prince's street 
Poynter, John, chemist & drysalter, 26 St. Enoch wynd, ho. 13 Nicholson 

street, works 5 Shaws water, Greenock 
PRENTICE, John, of J. M'Call & Co. house 43 Bath street 
PRESTON, J. umbrella and parasol manufacturer, 371 Arg3'll street 
PRICE, Hugh, R.N. manager North British Steam Navigation Co. 

office Ewing place, 351 Argyll street 
Price, John, vintner, Argyll House, 1 Robertson street 
PRIDE, William, spirit dealer and coach hirer, 124 Queen street 
PRIMROSE, Adam, of Primrose & Ross, house 11 Douglas street 
Primrose & Naismith, plumbers, 373 Argyll street 
Primrose, P. of Gow, Primrose & Co. house 60 South Portland street 
Primrose & Ross, coppersmiths, 57 Canick street 
Primrose, Thomas, brazier and linplate worker, 9 New Bridge street 
Primrose, William, baker, 53 King street, Tradeston 
PRINCE, Henry, furrier and skin merchant, 48 Argyll street, house 42 

Dunlop street 
Prince, Simon, quill manufacturer, 109 Trongate 
PRINGLE, Mrs. 74 South Portland street 

PRITTY, Francis, engraver and copperplate printer, 31 Argjdl street 
PROCURATOR Fiscal for Anderston, office 131 Ingram street. 

Henry Alston, P.F. 
Procurator Fiscal for the Calton, office 19 South Hanos r er street. William 

Towers, P.F. 
Procurator Fiscal for Lanarkshire, office 60 Stockwell. G. Salmond, P.F. 
Procurator Fiscal for the Justices of the Peace. John Lang, jun. 13 

John street 
Procurator Fiscal for the City, office Council Chambers. Wm. Haig 
Procurators' Library, 13 John street, Hugh Kerr, librarian 
Promoter Life Assurance and Annuity Co. William East on & Co. 

agents, 3 St. Enoch square 
PROUDFOOT, James, Go van factory 
Proudfoot, James, victualler and grocer, 70 Canning street 
Proudfoot, J. & W. victuallers, 152 Gallowgate 
Proudfoot, R. & T. victuallers, 75 King street 
Proudfoot, Mrs. Isabella, victualler, 124 King street 



PRO VAN, Andrew, nail manufacturer, Port-Dundas road 

Provan, David, nail manufacturer, 87 Cowcaddens street 

Provan & Co. colourmen, 21 Great Clyde street 

Provan, Hay, 20 Ingram street, house 46 Buccleuch street, Garnethill 

Provan, James, flesher, 27 George street 

Provan, James, spirit dealer, 24 Kirk street, Gorbals 

Provan, James, hair dresser, 37 Trongate 

Provan, Robert, spirit dealer, 97 Rottenrow 

Provan, William, boot and shoe maker, 92 Glassford street 

Provan, William, manufacturer, 126 Queen street 

Prussian Consulate, SO Queen street, R. Sanderson, vice-consul 

Public Offices. See Appendix, page 60 

PUDDELL'S Mrs. commercial boarding house, 38 George sq. eastside 

PULLER, John, & Co. commission agents, Candleriggs court 

Puller, Rev. Thomas, Independent Chapel, North Albion street, house 

194 Main street, Gorbals 
PURDIE, A. of Brown & Purdie, house Springvale 
Purdie, John, inspector of stamps and taxes, 48 South Portland street 
Purdie, John, teacher of music, 2ST) George street 
Purdie, Miss, boarding school, 18 Monteith row 

PURVES, John, woollen draper, 10 Gailowgate, house 40 Weaver st. 
Purves, N. accountant, Gas office, house 20 Weaver street 
Purves, William, slate-pen maker, 85 Candleriggs 
Purves, Miss, dress maker, 85 Candleriggs 

QUIDDINGTON, Mrs. 72 Wilson street 


RAE, Alexander, coal agent, 22 Portland street 

Rae, Andrew, hair cutter, and keeper of the Trades' Hall, 91 Glassford st. 

Rae, Archibald, grocer, 37 Cowcaddens 

Rae, Francis, upholsterer, 273 George street 

Rae, James, beadle, St. Mark's church, 112 Washington street 

Rae, John, bookbinder, 42 Argyll street 

Rae, John, M. of Watson & Rae, house 17 Nicholson street 

Rae, John, merchant, 39 Abbotsford place, Laurieston 

Rae, John, daily carrier to and from Greenock, 62 Saltmarket 

Rae, Thomas, sheriff officer and constable, 54 Crown street 

Rae, William, grocer and tea dealer, 21 Stevenson street 

Rae, W. tobacconist, pipe and snuff box warehouse, 113 High street 

Rae, Mrs. teacher, Balfour female school, 26 Portland street 

RAEBURN, James, victualler, 46 Norfolk st. & 1S7 Main st. Gorbals 

RAFF, George, Buchanan's buildings, Cowcaddens 

RAILTON & Burgess, messengers, sheriff's officers and constables, 17 

Brunswick place 
Railton, Edward, law agent and notary public, 20 Brunswick place, house 

Oakfield, Hillhead 
Railton, George, of Curie & Railton, house 59 South Portland street 
Railton, James, sheriff's officer, 17 Brunswick place, house Cleland street 
Railton John, messenger-at-arms, 17 Brunswick pi. ho. 22 Warwick st. 
Railway, Garnkirk and Glasgow, office St. Rollox, Townhead. See 

Advertisement in Appendix 



RAINY, Harry, M.D. 155 West George street 

RAIT, D. C. goldsmith and silver plate manufacturer, 16 Argyll street, 
house Woodlands cottage, South Woodside road 

RALPH, James, 120 Union street 

RALSON, James, & Co. gingham and pullicate manufacts. 9 Stirling si. 

RAMAGE, David, grocer and spirit dealer, 368 Argyll street 

Ramage, James, salesman, Bridgeton Victualling Society, Peebles 1 land, 
Main street 

Rammage, Thomas, musician, 22 Havannah 

RAMSAY, Alexander, painter, 112 Gallowgate, ho. 104 Great Hamil- 
ton street 

Ramsay, Alexander, jun. painter, 44 Trongate 

Ramsay, A. & J. brewers, 32 Coburg lane, Laurieston 

Ramsay, George, porter to the Royal Bank, ho. Royal Bank buildings 

Ramsay, James, coal agent, 89 Jamaica street 

Ramsay, John, of Richardson, Ramsay & Co. 

Ramsay, John, joiner and cabinet maker, 15 M'Farlane street, house do. 

Ramsay, William, & Co. dyers, 59 Carrick street, house 41 Oswald st. 

Ramsay, William, grocer, 60 Main street, Anderston 

Ramsay, Mrs. 122 North Montrose street 

RANDOLPH, Elliott, & Co. millwrights, engineers and founders, 12 
Centre street 

Randolph, Charles, of Randolph, Elliott fe Co. house 16 Centre street 

RANKIN, Alexander, & Co. wholesale haberdashers, hosiers, glovers 
and button factors, 33 Candleriggs 

Rankin, Alexander, of Alexander Rankin & Co. house 109 Candleriggs 

Ranken, Alexander, 87 St. Vincent street 

Rankin, Alexander, flesher, 47 George street 

Rankin, Andrew, poulterer, 18 New Town market 

Ranken, Andrew, 217 Brandon place 

Ranken, Andrew, poulterer, 59 George place, house 5 Drury street 

Rankin, Arthur, wine and spirit dealer, 16 Main street, Calton 

Rankin, James, coffee and tea merchant, 56 Saltmarket 

Rankin, James, spirit dealer, 41 Miller place 

Rankine, James, flesher, 146 Campbell street west, and 271 Cowcaddens 

Rankin, James, baker, 232 Argyll street 

Rankin, James, jun. tobacconist, 94 Bridgegate, ho. 33 Kingston place 

Rankine, John, of Sanderson, Craig & Co. house South Wellington pi. 

Rankine, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 109 Rottenrow 

Ranken, Jonathan, of Craig & Ranken, house 8 North Wellington place 

Rankin, Robert, flesher, 137 Campbell street, house North Hopepark, by 
St. Rollox 

Rankin, Robert, of Hedderwick & Rankin, house 15 M'Alpine street 

Ranken, Robert, & Co. wholesale and retail grocers, 72 Buchanan street 

Rankin, Robert, manufacturer, 74 Glassford street 

Rankin, Robert, corkcutter, 193 Gallowgate 

Ranken, Smith & Co. merchants, 81 St. Vincent street 

Rankin, Thomas, vintner and stabler, College open 

Rankin, William, spirit dealer, Barony glebe 

Rankin, William, boot and shoe maker, 4 Havannah 

Rankin, Mrs. lodgings, 29 College street 

Rankin, Mrs. William, victualler, 60 Great Hamilton street 

RATCLIFFE, Michael, tailor, 79 Trongate 


RATTRAY, David, sacking and pack sheet warehouse, 6 Wilson street. 

house 86 South Portland street 
Rattray, Uavid, spirit dealer, 26 Clyde place 
Rattray, James, surgeon, and lecturer on botany, 148 High street 
Rattray, Patrick, builder, 4 West Milton street, Cowcaddens 
Rattray, Robert, house factor, 50 Norlh Hanover street 
Recruiting District Office, 114 Sauchiehall street 
REATT, James, sheriff-officer and constable, 65 Saltmarket 
REDDIE, Charles, writer, 14 Gordon street, house 12 Blythswood sq. 
Reddie, James, advocate, First Town Clerk, house 12 Blythswood square 
Reddie, Thos. of Walker & Reddie, house 32 Adelphi street 
REDDOCH, A. clothier, 38 Nelson street 
REE, Hermann P. merchant, 4 Ingram street 

REEVES, C. F. surveyor, General Post-Office, ho. 7 Woodside terrace 
Reeves, John, Post-Office, house 8 Crown street 
REID, Adam, at John Loudon's, 13 Queen street 
Reid, Alexander, Western bank, house Glebe street 
Reid, Alex, shawl manufacturer, 36 Ingram street 
Reid, Alex, spirit dealer, 28 Warroch street 
Reid, Alex, writer, 135 Buchanan street 
Reid, Alexander, grocer, 88 Canning street 

Reid, Alexander, dyer, 101 Hutcheson street, dyeworks Long Govan 
Reid, Allan, tea merchant and general grocer, 94 Canning street 
Reid, Andrew, of W. & F. Reid, house Claremont, Sauchiehall street 
Reid, Dr. Andrew, 9 South Portland street 

Reid, Andrew, joiner, New Parliamentary road, house Springvale 
Reid, Andrew, teller, Western bank, 10 Miller street 
Reid, Archibald, of J. & A. Reid, house 20 Carlton place 
Reid, David, beadle, house 60 Thistle street 
Reid, Francis, merchant and Spanish vice-consul, 28 Miller street, house 

7 Albany place 
Reid, Gordon, Subdean mills, Lady well street 
Reid, Henry, spirit dealer and beadle, Main street, Bridgeton 
Reid, James A. surgeon, 11 Great Clyde street 
Reid, J. & E. stationers, 41 Argyll street 

Reid, James, teacher, Fleshers' School, 30 Miller place, ho. 36 Bridgegate 
Reid, James, of John Stewart & Co. house 148 West Nile street 
Reid, James, & Co. manufacturers, 93 Brunswick street 
Reid, James, of Reid & Whiteman, house Wellfield, Kirkintilloch road 
Reid, James, accountant, British Linen Co. house 93 Eglinton street 
Reid, James, of John Liddell & Co. ho. 92 South Portland street 
Reid, James, grocer, Smith's court, Candleriggs, house 260 Renfrew st. 
Reid, James, dyer, 134 Drygate, house do. 
Reid, James, woollen draper, 18 Gallowgate 
Reid, James, agent, 6 Saltmarket 

Reid, James, agent, Campbelton steam packet office, 20 Anderston quay 
Reid, J. C. at Patrick Mitchell's, house 339 Argyll street 
Reid, John, of Reid, Robertson & Co. house Provanside, Stirling's road 
Reid, John, general commission merchant, 94 Miller street, ho. Annfield 
Reid, John, bookseller, stationer and publisher, importer of foreign books, 

&c. 36 Queen street, house 58 Renfield street 
Reid, John, jun. merchant, 45 Miller street 
Reid's Coach Office, 23 Clyde terrace, house 2 Oxford street 


Reid, John, wine & spirit cellars, 251 Gallovvgate, house 9 M'Farlane 

Reid, John, vine and spirit merchant, 219 High street 

Reid, John M. merchant, 35 Glassford street, 

Reid, John & Archibald, 20 Carlton place, works Washington street 

Reid, John, druggist, 17 Bridge street 

Reid, John, hairdresser and perfumer, 30 Stockwell, house 1 1 Main 
street, Gorbals 

Reid, John Paterson, of J. & A. Reid, house Claremont 

Reid, Matthew, joiner and trunk maker, 35 Canon street 

Reid & M'Gavin, commission merchants, 52 Glassford street 

Reid, M' Vicar & Co. merchants, 11 West Nile street 

Reid, Mungo, tonnage office, 4 York street 

Reid, P. Robertson, of Robertson Reid & Brother, ho 51 Claremont pi. 

Reid, Peter, distiller and agent, Smith's court, Candlerigg's, house 15 
Monte ith row 

Reid, Robert, of Reid & Towers, writer, 19 South Hanover street 

Reid, Robert, 18 Kingston place 

Reid, Robert, Post-Office, house 115 Rottenrow 

Reid, Robertson & Co. warehousemen, 33 Wilson street 

Reid, Robertson & Brother, carpet, paper hanging and floor cloth ware- 
house, 1 Arcade, counting-house 12 do. 

Reid, R. P. of Reid & Whiteman, house 1 Oakfield place 

Reid, Thomas, & Co. coaehmakers, 375 Argyll street, and smiths, 24 
Jackson street 

Reid, T. provision mercht. and spirit dealer, 122 Main street, Anderston 

Reid & Towers, writers, 19 South Hanover street 

Reid & Whiteman, power loom cloth manufacturers & calico printers, 
36 Ingram street 

Reid, William, plumber and lead merchant, 32 Dunlop st. house 36 do. 

Reid, Wm. at M. Kerr's, house 41 Clyde buildings 

Reid, William & Francis, merchants, 1 1 Garthland street 

Reid, William, of W. & F. Reid, house Claremont, Sauchiehall road 

Reid, William, surgeon and druggist, 78 Canning st. house 23 Orr street 

Reid, Miss E. cheese dealer, 15 Wilson street 

REILLY, Hugh, Mrs. vintner, 126 Main street, Gorbals 

Religious and Charitable Institution Hodse, 11 South Frederick- 

RENFREW, Alexander, of M. Renfrew & Co. 5 Montrose street 

Renfrew, Andrew, & Co. thread manufacturers, 5 Montrose street, house 
North Albion court 

Renfrew, Andrew, of Andrew Renfrew & Co. house North Albion court 

Renfrew, M. & Co. wadding manufacturers and cotton yarn twisters, 5 
Montrose street 

Renfrew, William, stone and earthenware merchant, 24 Bridge street 

Renfrew, W. .at M. Renfrew & Co.'s, 5 Montrose street 

Renfrew, YV. surgeon, 6 North Albion court 

Renfrew, Mrs. John, 6 North Albion court 

RENFREWSHIRE Bank, 94 Miller st. Wm. Napier & Co. agents. 

Renfrewshire Reformer Newspaper Office, 8 Miller street 

RENISON, William, & Co. plumbers and lead merchants, 81 Bucha- 
nan street, house Upper Kingston 

Renison, William, writer, 73 Miller street, house 15 Eglinton street 


RENNIE, Alexander, wholesale and retail grocer, 69 and 71 Main st. 

Gorbals, and 61 New Bridge street, house 37 South Portland street 
Rennie, C. Post-office receiving house and house agent, 69 Canning st. 
Rennie, James, wine and spirit dealer, 63 High street 
Rennie, John, window glazier, 368 Gallowgate, house 22 Sidney street 
Rennie, Ross, spirit dealer, 171 Great Hamilton street 
Rennie, William, saddler, 18S Main street, Gorbals 
Rennie, Mrs. Dr. 145 Wellington street 
RENTON, James, & Co. plasterers, 70 Eglinton street 
Renton, William, smith and bellhanger, 76 Commerce slreet 
RENWICK, John, writer, 82 Hutcheson st. ho. Noithbank, Garngad hill 
Renwick, John, spirit dealer, 906 Gallowgate 

Remvick, Micha M. wine and spirit merchant, 103 Main st. Gorbals 
REOCH, Brothers & Co. Parkhead Forge, house Netherfield 
Reoch, Inglis, of Reoch, Brothers & Co. house Netherfield 
RESTON, William, cabinet maker, 6 Nelson street, Tradeston 
RETTIE, Robert, & Co. brassfounders & finishers, filter manufacturers 

and indigo grinders, 31 Grteme street 
Rettie, Robert, of R. Rettie & Co. house 31 Graeme street 
RHIND, Daniel, 23 Abbotsford place 
RHODES, Miss, milliner, 76 Sauchiehall street 

RICHARD, Thomas, ship broker & commission mercht. 23 Virginia st. 
RICHARDSON, Alex, grocer and spirit dealer, 27 Main street, Calton 
Richardson & Barr, manufacturers, 23 South Frederick street 
Richardson, David, mechanics' tavern, Tontine close, 34 Trongate 
Richardson, Hutchison & Co. printers and stereotype founders, 161 

Trongale. See Advertisement in Appendix 
Richardson, James, & Co. merchants, 54 Virginia street 
Richardson, James, jun of Richardson, Ramsay & Co. 
Richardson, James, surgeon, 117 King street, lodging 26 George street 
Richardson, J. R. of M'Donald & Richardson, house 32 Buccleuch st. 
Richardson, J. S. of Nisbet & Richardson, writers, 13 John street 
Richardson, Montgomerie, clerk, Royal bank 
Richardson, Ramsay & Co. merchants, 18 Melville street 
Richardson, Robert, of Richardson & Barr, house 43 Cambridge street 
Richardson, Rev. Dr. William, Whitevale 
Richardson, William, writer, Antigua place 
Richardson, William, & Co. drysaltery & colour merchants, St. David's 

court, and 28 Cochran street 
Richardson, William, of Wra'. Richardson & Co. house 64 Charlotte st. 
RICHMOND, George, teller, Royal bank, house BalgTay hill 
Richmond, James, of J. Richmond & Sons', house Clarence place 
Richmond, John, & Sons, general warehousemen, 12 Trongate 
Richmond, John, jun. of J. Richmond & Sons', house 13 St. Andrew sq. 
Richmond, John, confectioner, 26 Nelson street 
Richmond, William, & Co. warehousemen, 6 London street 
Richmond, Wm. of Wm. Richmond & Co. ho. Sauchfield house, r.rar 

RID DELL, John, wine and spirit merchant, 356 Gallowgate 
Rkldell, John, tailor and clothier, 17 Trongate 
Riddel!, Matthew, spirit and hay dealer, 82 Great Hamilton street 
Riddell, Matthew, spirit dealer, 380 Gallowgate 
Riddell, William, grocer and spirit dealer, New London road 


Riddel), William, carter and dairyman, 128 Rottenrow 
Riddell, Mrs. commercial lodgings, 33 George square 
RIDLEY, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 21 and 23 Charlotte street 
RIGG, Archibald, of Isaac Rigg & Son, house 24 Wilson street 
Rigg, Isaac, Sc Son, glass and china warehouse, 59 Candleriggs 
RIGBY, William, surgeon, 161 Bridgegate, house Park's place 
RINTOUL, Alexander, tanner, 17 Burnside lane, Duke street 
Rintoul, Andrew & Peter, brokers and commission merchants, 10 Stir- 
ling square 
RISK, Charles, of J. & C. Risk, house 72 Bath street 
Risk, John & Charles, gingham & pullicate manufacturers, 9 Cochran st. 
Risk, John, of J. & C. Risk, house 90 Sauchiehall street 
Risk, John, spirit dealer, 67 Havannah street 
Risk, Moses, & Co. Milend distillery- 
Risk, Robert J. surgeon, 661 Gallowgate 
RITCHIE, Charles, surgeon, 7 West Regent street 
Ritchie, Daniel, giocer and spirit dealer, 127 Main street, Anderston 
Ritchie, David, & Co. wine and spirit merchants, 31 Stockwell and 199 

Argyll street, house 2 Abbotsford place 
Ritchie, Jas. wine and spirit merchant, 31 Stockwell, ho. 2 Abbotsford pi. 
Ritchie, James, of Barlas & Ritchie, house 2 Abbotsford place 
Ritchie, Rev. J. 8 Nicholson street 
Ritchie, William, & Co. warehousemen, 1G4 Trongate 
Ritchie, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 33 Rutherglen loan 
Ritchie, William, wine and spirit dealer, 89 Trongate 
RIVA, J. & M. looking-glass, &c. manufacturers, 14-3 High street 
ROBB, Alexander, surgeon, 51 Green street, Calton 
Robb & Anderson, writers, 41 Stirling square 
Robb, Andrew, grocer, 43 Gordon street 

Robb, George, & Co, commission merchants, 25 Royal Exchange square 
Robb, James, & Co. drysalters, vitriol, aquafortis & marine-acid makers, 

43 Argyll street, works Duncan street, Calton 
Robb, James, of James, Robb & Co. house 6 Sommerville place 
Robb, James, wright, 122 Saltmarket 
Robb, J. & Co. Kilmarnock carriers, 102 Brunswick street 
Robb, John, smith, head of Adelphi street 

Robb, William, of Robb fe Anderson, house 41 Charlotte street 
Robb, Mrs. 21 Abbotsford place 
RUBER l\ John, flesher, 166 High street 

ROBERTON, James, of Roberton & Wilson, house 11 Portugal street 
Roberton & Howatt, manufaclurers, 28 Cochran street 
Roberton, John, sheriff-officer, 16 Nicholson street 
Roberton, William, & Co. manufacturers, 71 Virginia street 
Roberton, William, general grocer, 39 Gallowgate 
Roberton & Wilson, iron founders, 33 Malta street 
Roberton, Mrs. 89 High John street 
ROBERTSON, Adam, spirit dealer, 435' Gallowgate 
Robertson, Alexander, broker, 25 Miller's place 
Robertson, Alex. N. at W. Guild & Co.'s, 57 West Nile street 
Robertson, Alexander P. tinplate worker, 73 Main street, Anderston 
Robertson, Alexander, builder, 45 Piccadilly street 
Robertson, Andrew, woollen draper, 38 Gallowgate 
Robertson, Andrew, of Tarmahill & Robertson, house 16 Monteith row 


Robertson, Archibald, of M'Dowall & Robertson, house Garscube place 
Robertson, Daniel, jeweller and watchmaker, 18 Arcade, house 60 South 

Portland street 
Robertson, David, bookseller and stationer, 188 Trongate, ho. 51 North 

Hanover street 
Robertson, David, tavern and chop house, 32 Argyll street 
Robertson, D. H. at Mitchell, Grahame & Mitchell's, 36 Miller street 
Robertson, David, house factor and pack sheet merchant, 118 South 

Albion street, house 41 Buns wynd 
Robertson, David, of M'Kellar and Robertson, house Garscube place 
Robertson, Donaldson & Dougall, warehousemen, 53 Candleriggs 
Robertson, Duncan, spirit dealer, 804 Argyll street 
Robertson, Ewing, at John Birkmyre & Co.'s, 21 Ingram street 
Robertson & Ewen, wholesale druggists, 32 Miller street 
Robertson, George, lodgings, 142 George street 
Robertson, George, of James Robertson & Co. 54 Jamaica street 
Robertson, George, wood merchant, 8S Maxwell st. ho. Upper Kingston 
Robertson, Hugh, 233 St. Vincent street 
Robertson, Hugh, leather-pipe maker, 76 Bell street 
Robertson, Hugh, of Gartloch, 52 Gordon street 

Robertson, James, manufacturer of tobacco and snuff, 201 Argyll street 
Robertson, James, iron merchant, 88 Union street, house Mulberry- 
bank, Sandyford 
Robertson, James, 115 North Montrose street 

Robertson, James, of James Robertson & Co. house 300 Sauchiehall st. 
Robertson, James, portrait and miniature painter, 118 Union street 
Robertson, James D. merchant, 76 Bell street, house 1 Brandon place 
Robertson, J. & C. ale and spirit merchants, 1 Greenvale street 
Robertson, James J. of Reid Robertson & Brother, house Craigbank 
Robertson, James, & Co. iron merchants and ironmongers, 54 Jamaica"st. 
Robertson, James, of Orr & Robertson, house 8 Bedford street 
Robertson, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 42 Stevenson street 
Robertson, James, jun. bouse Moore street 
Robertson, J. & R. ropemakers, 494 Gallowgate 

Robertson, J. H., M.D. preparatory medical examiner, 3 College street 
Robertson, John, & Sons, embroidered muslin warehousemen, Royal 

Exchange court, Queen st. house Cumberland place, Eglinton street 
Robertson, John, bookseller, stationer and librarian, 144 Argyll street 
Robertson, John, brush, basket and fancy toy warehouse, 39 & 40 Arcade 
Robertson, John, agent for Greenock bank, 64 Buchanan street, house 

88 St. Vincent street 
Robertson, John, wine and spirit merchant, 347 High street 
Robertson, John, merchant, 118 Candleriggs 
Robertson, John, sen. ropemaker, 23 Gallowgate 
Robertson, John, at D. & A. Cuthbertson's, 110 Fife place 
Robertson, John, merchant, 10 Holland place 
Robertson, John, of Tweedie & Robertson, house 10 Duke street 
Robertson, John, at Muir, Brown & Co.'s, house 21 Wellington street 
Robertson, John, of John Robertson & Co. lodgings 13 Elmbank place 
Robertson, John, surgeon, 176 Broomielaw, house 46 Carrick street 
Robertson, John, & Co. merchants, 24 Miller street 
Robertson, John, of James Robertson & Co. 54 Jamaica street 
Robertson, John, portrait painter, 118 Union street 


Robertson, John, spirit and ale rooms, 4 Croy place 

Robertson, John, baker, 314 Argyll street 

Robertson, John, of Jas. & Geo. Burns, house 98 South Portland street 

Robertson, Joseph, stationer, librarian, and Post-office receiving house, 
19 Bridge street, Tradeston 

Robertson & Liddell, gingham and pullicate manufacturers, 163 In- 
gram street 

Robertson, Laurence, cashier, Royal bank, house 94 Buchanan street 

Robertson & Low, civil engineers, land and mineral surveyors, 68 St. 
Vincent street 

Robertson, Robert, baker and spirit dealer, 69 King street 

Robertson, R. & Co. oil and colourmen, 12 Hutcheson street 

Robertson, R. of R. Robertson & Co. house 44 North Taylor street 

Robertson, Robert, hair dresser, 45 Nelson street 

Robertson, Robert, saddler, 167 Argyll street 

Robertson, Robert, house Whitefield, Govan 

Robertson, Robert, of Wm. & Robert Robertson, house 27 Union street 

Robertson, Thomas, watchmaker, 169 Argyll street 

Robertson, Thomas, spirit dealer, 1 Orr street, calton 

Robertson, William, at William Baird & Co.'s, house Madeira court 

Robertson, William, general grocer, 51 George street 

Robertson, William, superintendent of fire engines, ho. Police buildings 

Robertson, William, teacher of music, Melville place, 132 Trongate 

Robertson, W. Letters left at 53 Dunlop street 

Robertson, William, wright and builder, Greenhill street, house View- 
park, parish of Bothwell 

Robertson, William, confectioner, 73 Norfolk street 

Robertson, William, Rosehall zoological garden and museum, 130 Mid 
Woodside road 

Robertson, William, collector of the assessment for the County and City 
Bridewell, and Barony parish poors' rates, 5 Drury street 

Robertson, William, hair dresser, 176 Saltmarket 

Robertson, W. & H. & Co. merchants, 52 Gordon street 

Robertson, William, spirit dealer, North Brook street, mile-end 

Robertson, William & Robert, grocers and spirit dealers, 205 Argyll 
street and 21 Jamaica street 

Robertson, William, of Wm. & Robert Robertson, ho. 292 St. Vincent st. 

Robertson, William, spirit dealer, 7 West Nile street 

Robertson, Mrs. druggist, 405 Gallowgate 

Robertson, Mrs. C. lodgings, 52 York street 

Robertson, Mrs. D. 35 Robertson street 

Robertson, Mrs. J. grocer and spirit dealer, 7 Canning street 

Robertson, Mrs. William, victualling house, 72 Bell street 

Robertson, Miss, 4 St. Enoch square 

Robertson, Miss Agnes, milliner, 10 Bell street 

Robertson, Miss A. shoe shop, 51 Arcade 

Robertson, Miss H. French sewed muslin warehouse, 83 Buchanan street 

Robertson, Miss, lodgings, 7 Park place 

Robertson, Miss, fur and shoe shop, and Post-office receiving house, 114 
Queen street 

Robertson, Miss H. straw hat manufacturer, 33 Glassford street 

ROBIN, George, spirit dealer, 42 King street, Tradeston 
Robin, James, tea and spirit dealer, 82 King street 



Robin, Peter, spirit dealer, 48 Carrick street 

Robin, Matthew, wine and spirit dealer, 112 Stockwell, house 108 do. 

ROBINSON, H. & Co. printers, general newspaper agents, booksellers, 
and publishers, 7 Brunswick place. See Advertisement in Appendix 

Robinson, Misses, milliners and French stay makers, 170 West Regent 
street, house 166 do. 

ROBSON, Neil, civil engineer and land surveyor, 19 South Hanover 
street, house Regent terrace, Stirling's road 

Robson, Richard, 34 Glassford street 

Robson, Mrs. milliner and dress maker, 34 Glassford street 

RODDAN, James, tea and spirit dealer, 82 King street, Tradeston 

RODGER, Alexander, cabinet maker, Ayton court 

Rodgers, D. jun. hardware merchant & drysalter, 6 Clyde st. Anderston 

Rodger, James, cabinet maker, Main street, Bridgeton 

Rodger, James, builder, 297 Argyll street 

Roger, John, at William Wardlaw's, 110 Buchanan street 

Roger, Peter, cowfeeder, 27 Warwick street 

Rodger, Robert, & Co. merchants, 182 Buchanan street 

Rodger, Robert, of R. Rodger & Co. house 188 Buchanan street 

Rogers, Stephen, boot and shoe warehouse, 76 Buchanan street 

Rodger, William, 1 66 Buchanan street 

Roger, Mrs. & Miss, seminary for young ladies, 33 John street 

ROGERSON, T. Wesleyan minister, Green street, Calton 

RODIE, A. of Milroy &'Rodie, lodging 67 Oswald street 

ROHEAD, John, hat manufacturer, 16 Nelson st. ho. 52 Glassford st. 

ROME, J. & A. curriers, 15 Mungo's lane, Gallovvgate 

RONALD, Alexander, grocer, 150 Hope street 

Ronald, George, smith and machine maker, anchor and chain manufac- 
turer, 80 Clyde street, Anderston 

Ronald, James, Greenock foot carrier, 31 New wynd 

Ronald, John, jun. of Ross, Ronald & Co. house 220 Hill st. Garnethill 

Ronald, John, merchant, of R. Eccles & Co. and W. & J. Eccles & Co. 
house 107 Bath street 

ROSE, Donald, Son & Co. merchants, 6 Oswald street 

Rose, James, surgeon, 89 Rottenrow 

Rose, Rev. Lewis, 21 Monteith row 

Rose Street Weaving Factory Co. Hutchesontown 

Rose, William, & Co. general ironmongers and ship chandlers, Smith- 
field, Broomielaw 

Rose, William, of William Rose & Co. house 33 Abbotsford place 

Rose, Mrs. Wm. 49 Bath street 

ROSS, Alexander, spirit dealer, 32 Blackfriar street, house 50 do. 

Ross, Alex, blacking manufacturer, 85 Trongate, house 7 Canning place 

Ross, Alexander, & Son, marble cutters, 40 Oswald street, house 327 
Argyll street 

Ross, A. & G. boot and shoe makers, 24 and 26 Prince's street 

Ross, A. M. of James Ross & Sons, huuse Craighall 

Ross, Angus, clothier, 52 Queen street, house Villafield place 

Ross, Charles, wine and spirit dealer, 48 High street, ho. 10 George st. 

Ross & Croll, smiths, 3 Greyfriars' wynd, and 147 High street 

Ross, Daniel, & Co. merchants & commission agents, 1 Royal Bank pi. 

Ross, D. of D. Ross & Co house West Russel street 

Ross, David, wright, 19 New wynd 

ROSS — ROYAL. 191 

Ross, Donald, slater, 6 Croy place, Maxwell street 

Ross, Donald, dyer, 37 Thistle street, house Eastfield, Polmadie 

Ross, George, wine and spirit dealer, 164 and 166 Saltmarket, house 4 

Steel street 
Ross, James, & Sons, hide and leather factors, 18 North Albion street 
Ross, John B. of James Ross & Sons, house Craighall 
Ross, John C. worsted yard warehouse, 72 West George street, house 23 

St Enoch square 
Ross, John, surgeon and druggist, 109 George street, ho. 131 Rottenrow 
Ross, John, slater, 141 Main street, Anderston 
Ross, John, jun. commission agent, 120 Brunswick street, house 189 

Buchanan street 
Ross, John, of Primrose & Ross, house 11 Centre street 
Ross & Macleod, merchants. Letters left at Chisholm, Smith and Co.'s 
Ross & Monteith, shawl warehouse, 38 Queen street 
Ross, Matthew, flesher, 26 Nelson street 

Ross, Robert, teacher, Tron Parish School, 71 Prince's street 
Ross, Ronald, & Co. wine and spirit merchants, 8 Gordon street and 119 

Buchanan street 
Ross, Thomas, of William & Hugh Blackwood, house Miss Mair's, 45 

Union street 
Ross, Thomas, winder and warper, 9 Cochrane street 
Ross, Thomas, of Ross & Monteith, house 85 South Portland street 
Ross, William, of Ross, Ronald & Co. house 130 Bath street 
Ross, William, blacking manufacturer, 153 Trongate 
Ross, William, bookseller, 35 George street 
Ross, William, wine and spirit merchant, 7 Cathcart street 
Ross, William, seal engraver and jeweller, 78 Buchanan street 
Ross, Mrs. midwife, 37 High street 
Ross, Mrs. Hector, spirit dealer, 173 Saltmarket 
Rothesay Cotton Yarn Warehouse, 40 Glassford street 
ROUTLEDGE, Rev. W. house 123 Renfrew street 
ROWAND, Alex, of Dunlop, Rowand & Co. residence Linthouse 
Rowand, James, surgeon, 43 Hospital street, house 52 Rose street 
| Rowand, John, supervisor of excise, 2d district, 425 Argyll street 
; Rowan, John, baker, 55 John street 
Rowand, Michael, cashier, Ship bank, 9 Glassford street 
Rowand, Michael, jun. Ship bank, 9 Glassford street 
Rowan, Michael, baker, 74 Bath 9treet, house 72 do. 
ROWAT, Alexander, wire worker, 19 Saltmarket 
RO WLATT, J. C. High school, house 98 Regent terrace 
ROWLEY, Andrew, drysalter and commission merchant, 9 and 11 

Melville place, house 67 South Portland place 
ROXBURGH, John, eating house, 262 Gallowgate 
Roxburgh, William, tavern, 48 Nelson street 

Roxburgh, Mrs. A. milliner and dress maker, 155 Buchanan street 
ROY, David, victualler, 92 Carrick street 
Roy, David, accountant, Commercial bank 
Roy, James, currier, 9 M'Farlane street 
Roy, William, whiting merchant, 40 Candlerig^s 

ROYAL Bank, west end of the Royal Exchange, Queen street, Lau- 
rence Robertson, cashier 
Royal Botanic Institution, James Christie, treasurer, 37 Glassford 9treet 


Royal Engineers' Office, 57 South Portland street 

Royal Exchange Marine Fire and Life Assurance Office, Gilkison & 

Brown, agents, 23 Miller street 
Royal Exchange Assurance Co. of London, and American agent. M. 

M. Pattison, 67 Buchanan street 
Royal Hotel (Old) 66 George square 
Royal Hotel, Comrie's, 1 North Queen street 

RUDDACH, J. brush, basket and toy warehouse, 5 and 9 Candleriggs 
RUDOLF, John H. musician, 8 Buns wynd 
Rudolf, Mrs. J. H. midwife, 8 Buns wynd 
RUSSELL, Alexander, agent, 46 Rose street, Hutchrsonlnwn 
Russell, Andrew, vinegar and spirit store, 11 Back wynd, and 20 King- 
street, house 71 Prince's street 
Russell, And. brazier and tinplate worker, 131 Argyll st. lodgings 95 do. 
Russell, Bernard, tailor and clothier, 6 Candleriggs, ho. 269 Buchanan st. 
Russell, David, of Aird & Russell, house 16 Robertson street 
Russell, David, mason and oven builder, 4 Frederick lane 
Russell, David, distillery agent, at John Wotherspoon's, Sidney court 
Russell, Dixon, coach maker, 21 Wellington street 
Russell, Edward, tailor, 114 Main street, Gorbals 
Russell, Hugh, smith and saddletree maker, 18 Eglinton street 
Russell, James, architect, Three-mile-house, Paisley road. Letters left 

at J. Robertson's, 19 New Bridge street 
Russell, James, steam-boat harbour master, 16 Robertson street 
Russell, James, of Ferguson & Co. house 2 Morris place 
Russell, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 10 Gibson street, Gallowgate 
Russell, James, smith, hame and saddletree maker, 23 Old wynd 
Russell, John, jeweller, at P. Aitken's, 48 Arcade 
Russell, John R. teacher, Willowbank house, Sauchiehall street 
Russell, John, accountant, 1 North court, Royal Exchange, ho. 65 Bath st. 
Russell, John, baker, 178 West Nile street 
Russell, John, tobacconist, 33 Jamaica street 
Russell & Kerr, writers, 18 Glassford street 

Russell, Robert, brickmaker, Kelvingrove house, 96 Cambridge street 
Russell, Robert, grocer, 18 Campbell street 
Russell, Thomas, grocer and spirit dealer, 24 Thistle street 
Russell, Thomas, tea merchant and general grocer, 33 & 35 Norfolk st. 

house 176 West Nile street 
Russell, Thomas, smith, 176 West Nile street 
Russell & Thomson, tea merchants and general grocers, 263 Hailowg-ate, 

and 33 and 35 Norfolk street 
Russell, Walter, Willowbank house, Sauchiehall street 
Russell, William, of Russell & Kerr, writers, house 51 Bath street 
Russell, William, flesher, 63 New Bridge street 
Russell, William, grocer, 22 Hospital street 
Russell, William, superintendent of police, Port-Dundas 
Russell, W. fruiterer, 15 Exchange place 
Russell's, Misses, seminary, 37 Virginia street 
Russell, Mrs. lodgings, 44 West Regent street 
Russell, Miss A. L. soap and candle shop, 2 Portugal street 
Russell, Miss, teacher of music, 37 Virginia street 
Russell, Miss, Janet, grocer, 1S3 Main street, Gorbais 
Russell, Miss M. grocer and spirit dealer, 304 High strtet 


Russian Vice-Consul, N. Handyside, 16 Gordon street 

RUTHERFURD, George, & Co. manufacturers, 62 Queen street 

Rutherford, Robert, druggist, 68 High street 

Rutherford, Wm. spirit dealer, 28 Ann street, Port-Dundas 

RUTHERGLEN Printfield Co. 89 Ingram street 

Rutherglen, Andrew, & Co. booksellers and agents of the Society for the 

diffusion of useful knowledge, 84 Trongate 
Rutherglen, Andrew, of A. Rutherglen & Co. house 14 Abbotsford place 
RYBURN, John, merchant, at J. & A. Smith & Co.'s, ho. 191 Athole pi. 
RYDER, Peter, clothier and spirit dealer, 140 and 146 Saltmarket 

St. David's Parish School, head of John street, A. Livingston, teacher 
St. Enoch's Sessional School, Ropework lane 
St. George Steam Packet Co. 12 York street 
St. George's Sessional and Seamen's Society School, 9 Brown street, 

William Barr, teacher 
Sr. John's Parish School, M'Farlane street, J. H.- Aitken, and C. H. 

Bannatyne, masters 
St. John's School, Annfield, Gallowgate 
St. Rollox Foundry Co. Townhead. Letters and Orders left at 8 

Argyll street 
SALMOND, Archibald, mason, 124 Stockwell 
Salmond, Duncan, of Thom & Struthers, house 15 Abbotsford place 
Salmond, George, Procurator Fiscal of Lanarkshire, 60 Stockwell, house 

South Wellington place 
Salmond, George, jun. writer, 60 Stockwell, house South Wellington pi. 
Salmon, James, architect, 240 Argyll street 
Salmon, John, brush, heddle, shuttle and cotton thread manufacturer, 8 

Wilson street, works 129 Canning st. house 8 William st. Greenhead 
Salmon, Peter, teacher, librarian, bookseller and stationer, 1 George st. 
Salmond, Peter, & Co. painters and paper hangers, 21 Virginia street 
Salmond, Mrs. lodgings, 15 Renfrew street 
Sample Room, Royal Exchange buildings, William M'Gregor 
SAMSON, William, livery stables, 36 Gordon street 
SAMUEL, Thomas, & Co. merchants, 82 Hutcheson street 
Samuel, Thomas, of T. Samuel & Co. house 120 North Montrose street 
Samuel, Thos. spirit dealer, 29 Centre street 
SANDEMAN, David, wine merchant, 53 Miller street, house 201 St. 

Vincent street 
Sandeman, J. G. 135 Wellington street 

Sandeman, John, merchant, 16 Buchanan street, ho. 29 Elmbank place 
SANDERSON, Robert, ship and insurance broker, 80 Queen street, 

house 7 Carlton place 
SANDS, A. & J measurers, 24 Queen street 
Sands, Archd. of A. & J. Sands, house 46 Dunlop street 
Sands, John, of A. & J. Sands, house 28 Cochran street 
Sands, Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 59 Renfrew street 
SANDERS, Gilbert, accountant, Abbotsford place 
Sanders, Hugh, auctioneer and appraiser, 21 Argyll street 
Sasine Office, 6S St. Vincent st. Thomas Hill and Thomas Grahame, 

keepers of the particular register of sasines for Renfrewshire, and re- 
galities of Glasgow and Paisley 



Sasine Office for City, Andrew Cunningham, Council Chambers, de- 
pute keeper 
SCANLAN, James, surgeon, 89 South Portland street, house 87 do. 
Scanlan, James, pawnbroker, 113 King street 
Scanlan, Patrick, spirit dealer, 67 and 69 Bridgegate 
Scanlan, Mrs. John, spirit dealer, 143 Saltmarket 
SCHEVIZ, George, merchant, of Campbell, Rivers & Co. house 20 

Brandon place 
SCHULTZE, C. tailor and clothier, 4 George square 
SCHWAB, A. F. commission merchant, 135 Buchanan street 
Schwab, Adolphus, at A. F. Schwab's, house 69 Bath street 
Schwabe, M. H. & Gobert, merchants, 51 Buchanan street 
Schwabe, H. L. of M. H. Schwabe & Gobert, house Provanside 
Schwabe, L. of M. H. Schwabe & Gobert, house 129 Hope street 
SCLANDERS, Andrew, & Son, grain merchants, 16 Union street 
Sclanders, Andrew, of A. Sclanders & Son, house Hopehill, North 

Woodside road 
Sclanders, A. jun. of Sclanders & Goodwin, house 15 Abbotsford place 
Sclanders & Goodwin, grain merchants, 20 Buchanan street 
Sclanders, Robert, wright, trunk and box maker, 33 Montrose street. 

house Hill place, 20 Stirling's road 
Scotch Fruit Market, 11 Kent street, Alexander Wilson, keeper 
Scotch Reformers' Gazette Newspaper Office, 75 Argyll street 
Scots Times Newspaper Office, 28 Nelson street and 56 Trongate 
SCOTT, Allan, of J. & A. Scott & Co. house 36 Charlotte place 
Scott, Alexander, of Scott & Stevenson, house 60 Oswald street 
Scott, Andrew, ironmonger, 34 Kirk street, Calton 
Scott, Andrew, customs, house 8 Clyde place 
Scolt, Andrew, of King & Scott, house Larchgrove 
Scott, Andrew, spirit dealer, 35 Maxwell street 
Scott, Andrew, baker, 275 Argyll street 
Scott, Archibald, victualler, 71 High street 
Scott & Co. japanners and clock dial makers, 90 Queen street 
Scott, David, house factor, 22 Alston street 
Scott, Gavin, spirit dealer, 26 Graham square, Gallowgale 
Scott, Gavin, wood and bone turner, Mews lane, Duke street 
Scott, Geddes M'Kenzie, M.D. 86 West George street, house 9 West 

Regent street 
Scott, George, of Boghall. Letters left at 270 Gallowgale 
Scott, George, spirit dealer, 11 Crown street 
Scott & Hall, calico printers, 37 Glassford street 
Scott, Hugh, spirit dealer, 1 Charlotte lane 
Scott, J. & A. & Co. timber, tin, and lead merchants, glaziers, trunk 

and packing box makers, 32 Great Clyde street, 71 Maxwell street, 

130 Brunswick street, and 84 Queen street 
Scott, James, farrier, 26 Risk street 
Scott, James, baker, 249 George street 

Scott, James, pattern drawer and print cutter, 68 Glassfoid street 
Scott, James, 98 Regent terrace 

Scott, James, hatter and coal agent, 50 Glassford street, house 41 Char- 
lotte street 
Scott, James, & Co. merchants, 68 St. Vincent street 
Scott, James, of James Scott & Co. house 5 Woodside crescent 


Scott, James, boot and shoe maker, 1 London street 

Scott, James, merchant, Blenheim place 

Scot, James Baird, & William Cunningham, writers, 37 Glassford st. 

Scott, J. muslin and lace printer for embroidery, 68 Glassford street 

Scott, J. G. of James Hendrie & Co. house 98 West Nile street 

Scott, James, of Scott & Stavert, house 16 Ure place 

Scott, James, confectioner, 42 and 44 Candleriggs 

Scott, James, victualler, 110 Main street, Gorbals 

Scott, James, of J. & A. Scott & Co. house 36 Charlotte place 

Scott, James, of James Black & Co.'s, 23 Royal Exchange square 

Scott, John, smith and farrier, 16 Moncrieff street 

Scott, John, spirit dealer, 213 Cowcaddens street 

Scott, John, & Co. merchants, 91 Buchanan street 

Scott, John, engraver and printer, 15 Hutcheson street 

Scott, John, vintner, 18 Saltmarket 

Scott, John, builder, 63 Duke street, house 173 George street 

Scott & Laidlaw, haberdashers, hosiers, and umbrella manufacturers,. 

56 Trongate 
Scott, Malcolm, pattern drawer and print cutter, 53 Candleriggs 
Scott, Michael, tailor, 9 St. Andrew street 
Scott, Robert, spirit dealer, 39 Dale street, Tradeston 
Scott, Robert, & Sons, bakers, 275 Argyll street and 8 Campbell street 
Scott, Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, 27 Stobcross street 
Scott, Robert, of Dumbreck, 86 Regent street 
Scott, Robert, of Scott, Stephen & Gale, house 72 Norfolk street 
Scott, Robert, sen. of R. Scott & Sons, house 60 Oswald street 
Scott, Robert, wine and spirit dealer, 119 High street, house 293 do. 
Scott, Simon, baker, 39 Oxford street 

Scott & Stavert, sewed muslin manufacturers, 69 Ingram street 
Scott, Stephen & Gale, architects and civil engineers, 23 South Hanover 

Scott & Stevenson, writers, 182 Trongate 

Scott & Strang, gingham and pullicate manufacturers, 113 Brunswick st. 
Scott, Thomas, baker, 27 Norfolk street 

Scott, William, smith, 18 Rutherglen loan, house 45 Portugal stx-eet 
Scott, William, victualler, 5 Bell street, house 55 High street 
Scott, William, baker, 343 Argyll street 
Scott, William, Barrowfield brewery, Duncan street 
Scott, William, spirit dealer, 255 Gallowgate 

Scott, Wm. gardener, 9 Green market, house and garden Sandyfaulds 
Scott, William VV. merchant and commission agent, 13 Montrose st. 

house 34 Taylor street 
Scott, William, 53 St. Andrew square 
Scott, W. M. agent, &c. 153 Queen street 
Scott, Mrs. M. muslin and lace printer, 53 Candleriggs 
Scott, Mrs. lodgings, 56 Bath street 

Scott, Mrs. lady's keeper, at Mrs. Alston's, 32 Dunlop street 
Scott, Miss Mary, furnishing shop, 237 Argyll street 
Scott, Miss M. 58 Renfield street 
Scott, Miss, 37 North Hanover street 
Scott, Miss, lodgings, 29 College street 
Scott, Misses, 65 Renfield street 
Scott, Misses J. & J. dressmakers, 269 Argyll street 



SCOTTISH Amicable Life Assurance office, 147 Buchanan street, 

James J. Duncan, LL.D. manager 
Scottish Equitable Life Assurance society, 9 Gordon street. Thomas 

Somervail, agent 
Scottish Christian Herald office, 19 Glassford street 
Scottish Guardian Newspaper office, 94 Miller st. printing-office, 91 do. 
Scottish Provident Institution for Assurance on Lives, Survivorships, 

&c. 76 Virginia street. Wm. Angus, agent. See Adv. iti Appendix 
Scottish Union Fire and Life Insurance office, Finlayson fe MoncriefT, 

8 Gordon street, and Robert Garden, 85 Miller street, agents 
Scottish Widows 1 Fund and Life Assurance office, 22 Royal Exchange 

square, James M'Kenzie, agent 
SCOULLER, David, pewterer and brass founder, 58 New wynd 
Scouller, James, baker, 117 Rottenrow 
Scouller, James, fresher, 19 & 21 London street 
Scouller, John, victualling house, 62 High street 
Scouller, J. & W. furniture dealers, 109 Trongate and 49 Saltmarket 
Scouller, Mrs. nipple-shield maker, 80 Bridgegate 
SCRYMGEOUR, James, watch and clock maker, 20 Glassford street 
Seamen's Chafel, 9 Brown street, Brownfield 
SELLERS, John, grocer and spirit dealer, Marlborough street 
Sellers, Peter, spirit dealer, 3 Commerce street 
Sellers, Robert, importer of foreign fancy goods, 267 Argyll street, house 

16 Rutherglen loan 
Seller, William, paper ruler, bookbinder and stationer, 91 Trongati , 

house 114 do. 
Sellers, Miss, dressmaker, 92 Renfield street 
Sellers, Miss, victualler, 119 King street 

SEMPLE, A. & T. manufacturers, 79 Bell street, house 29 Kent st. 
Semple & Co. tea dealers, 18 and 20 Turner's court 
Semple, James, & Co. curriers and leather merchants, 31 Little Dowhill 
Semple, Matthew, merchant, 18 Carlton place 

Semple, Matthew, superintendent of the Asylum for the Blind, Castle st. 
Semple, S. G. corn and butter factor, 135 Buchanan st. house 5 West 

Regent street 
SERVICE, James, of Gibson, Service & Co. house 177 Hope street 
Service, James, writer, 2 Exchange court 

Service, Joseph, & Co. sewed muslin manufacturers, 62 Queen street 
Service, Thomas, of Service & Workman, house 52 Buccleuch street 
Service, Thomas, tuscan and straw-hat manufacturer, 34 & 36 Nelson st. 
Service, William, & Son, warehousemen, 44 Trongate 
Service, William, of William Service & Son, bouse 6 Canning place 
Service & Workman, sewed muslin manufacturers, 1 29 Ingram street 
Session-Clerk's office for the City, 57 George place, Robert Strang, 

clerk, James M'Allister, depute-clerk 
SETON, Alexander B. & Co. merchants and agents for Hay, Merricks 

& Co. Roslin gunpowder mills, 135 Buchanan street 
Seton, A. B. of A. B. Seton & Co. house 170 Sauchiehall street 
Seton, James, vintner, 80 Trongate 
Seaton, James, grocer, 22 Drygate lane 
SHACKLETON, Mrs. A. grocer, Port-Dundas 
SHAND, James, house factor, 108 Stockwell 
Shand, William, & Co. merchants, 28 Miller street 


Shand, William, of Craigellie, house Bonville, near Maryhill 

Shand, Mrs. millinery and dress making rooms, 49 Oswald street 

SHANKS, Alexander W. manufacturer, 32 Turner's court 

Shanks, Alexander, boot and shoe maker, 49 Sauchiehall street 

Shanks, David, provision dealer, 282 High street 

Shanks, David, & Son, boot and shoe makers, 54 King street 

Shanks, James, civil engineer and road surveyor, 23 Garscube road 

Shanks, James S. of Thomas & Shanks, house 30 John street 

Shanks, John, builder, Govanhaugh 

Shanks, Samuel, clothier, 20 Gallowgate, house 53 Charlotte street 

Shanks, Mrs. General, 77 Montrose street 

Shanks, Mrs. Thomas, lodgings, 20 College street 

Shanks, Miss, staymaker, 21 College street 

SHARP, Adam, broker, 9 Miller's place 

Sharp, Alexander, paper ruler, 109 Trongate 

Sharp & Buchanans, Blane printfield warehouse, 7 Exchange place, and 

86 Buchanan street 
Sharp & Co. cotton brokers, 68 Hutcheson street 
Sharp, James, of Sharp & Co. house 25 Carlton place 
Sharp, John, & Co. hearth rug manufacturers, 79 Stockwell 
Sharpe, John & Thomas, merchants and brokers, cess office for the city, 

and counties of Lanark, Renfrew, Dumbarton and Bute, 66 Miller st. 
Sharp & Thomson, calico printers, Meadowside, Partick. Letters left 

at Jaffrey and Gunion's, 87 Candleriggs 
Sharp, William, china, glass, and earthenware dealer, 29 & 31 Glassford 

street, house 33 John street 
Sharp, William, & Co. yarn merchants, 129 Virginia place 
Sharpe, William, of W. Sharpe & (Jo. house 23 Richmond street 
Sharpe, Miss, milliner and dress maker, 12 Hope street 
Sharp, Miss, hosiery and furnishings, 171 Argyll street 
SHAW, Alexander, spirit dealer, 27 Saltmarket 
Shaw, Angus, manufacturer, 60 Oswald street 
Shaw, Edward, & Co. spirit dealers, 6 St. Andrew's lane 
Schaw, James, writer, agent for the Insurance Co. of Scotland, and 

Argus Life Assurance Co. 71 Union street, house 13 Eridge street 
Shaw, James, builder, 3 Pitt street, Anderston walk 
Shaw, John, draper, 49 Gallowgate 

Shaw, John, of John Shaw & Co. house 3 Pitt street, Anderston walk 
Shaw, John, & Co. sewed muslin manufacturers, 69 Ingram street 
Shaw, John, leather merchant, 28 Bridgegate 
Shaw, John, spirit dealer, Townhead 
Shaw, John, & Co. hosiers and glovers, 26 Candleriggs 
Shaw, J. & R. manufacturers and calico printers, 12 Royal Exchange sq. 
Shaw & Marshall, cabinet makers and joiners, 24 Washington street, 

warehouse 262 Argyll street 
Shaw, Matthew, thread manufacturer, 94 High street 
Shaw, Quintin, ale and spirit store, 183 Eglinton street 
Shaw, Robert, at John Jbhaw & Co.'s, 69 Ingram street 
Shaw, Robert, cartwright, 414 Gallowgate 
Shaw, Robert, flour merchant, 7 Clyde street, Calton 
Shaw, William, victualler and spirit dealer, 89 Glassford street 
Schaw, Mrs. 3 South Wellington place 
SHEARER, Archibald, grocer, 13 Stockwell 



Shearer, Charles, German clock maker, 38 Glassford street 

Shearer, James, at J. & J. Dawson's, Ayton court 

Shearer, John, 33 North Hanover street 

Shearer, Mrs. lodgings, 63 John street 

Shearer, Mrs. milliner and dress maker, 211 Cowcaddens street 

Shearer, Mrs. 194 Broomielaw 

Shearer, Mrs. Boyd, spirit dealer, 114 Stockwell 

SHEDDEN, John, tailor, Stewart's land, St. Rollox 

Shedden, Thomas, 104 George street 

Shedden, William, & Co. sewed muslin manufacturers, 111 Ingram st. 

Shedden, William, of William Shedden & Co. house 139 St. Vincent st. 

Shedden, Miss Marion, 49 Bath street 

SHEIL, John, spirit dealer, 67 Commerce street 

Sheils, James, provision merchant, 133 Bridgegate 

SHEPPARD, J. D. surveyor of shipping for Dundee Marine Insurance 
Co. 16 Gordon street, house 22 Warwick street 

SHE R RID AN, Mrs. lodgings, 70 South Portland street 

SHERIFF'S Chambers, 60 Stockwell. Archibald Alison, sheriff 

Sheriff, George, at Pollok, Gilmour & Co.'s, house 41 N. Albion street . 

Sheriff, Robert, 65 Renfield street 

Sheriff, Mrs. John, tavern, 37 Trongate 

Sheriff, Mrs, Thomas, grocer, 149 West Regent street 

Sherriff, Mrs. 14 Richmond street 

SHIELDS, Alexander, agent for Bute Steam Packet Co. ho. North st. 

Shields, John, grocer and spirit dealer, Dalmarnock road 

Shields, John, at R. Kirkpatrick's, 15 Hutcheson street 

Shiels, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 77 Kirk street, Calton, & 111 Great 
Hamilton street 

Shiels, Thomas, & Co. calico-printers and manufacts. 18 St. Vincent lane 

Shields, Mrs. John, lodgings, 51 Union street 

SHILLITO, Mrs. John, straw-hat manufacturer, 14 Nelson street . 

Ship Bank, 9 Glassford street. Michael Rowand, cashier 

Ship Owners' Association, GO Ingram street. T. G. Buchanan, secretary 

SHIRRA, Archibald, grocer and spirit dealer, 32 Sauchiehall street 

Shirra, J. & M. grocers, 13 Clyde place, house 43 Bridge street 

Shirra, James, 11 Hopetoun place 

Shirra, James, wright and weaving utensil maker, 16 Kirk street, Calton 

Shirra, Robert, & Co. calenderers and packers, 102 Virginia place 

Shirra, Samuel, flesher, grocer and spirit dealer, 51 & 55 Canning street 

Shirra, Mrs. Helen, grocer, 58 Bridgegate 

Shirra, Mrs. grocer and spirit dealer, 47 North Frederick street 

SHIRLEY, William, ironmonger, 174 Trongate 

SHORT, John, painter, 37 Burnside, Pott-Dundas 
\f SHORTRIDGE, QiJT.jjf D. Gilchrist & Co. ho. gJBlythswoqd squarejj 
1 S-Horislfon Co. iron masters & founders R B.Handyside,agt. 68 Howard st 
* ,r SHUTTLETON, Andrew, Passage Boat tavern, Port-Dundas 
^SIDDON, H. baker, 276 Argyll street 

Siddon, Robert, grocer, 2 Trongate 

SILLARS, James S. of Grant & Co. house Whitevale * 

SIM, Alexander, of George Sim & Son 

Sim, George, of G. Sim & Son, 14 and 16 Glassford street 

Sim, George, & Son, candle manufacturers, 14 and 16 Glassford street 
and 232 Gallowgate, works and house Kent road 

SIM — SINGER. 199 

Sim, John, at sheriff clerk's office 

Sim, William, contractor for the scavenging and lighting of the city of 
Glasgow, 26 North Albion street, house do. 

Sim, Mrs. George, grocer and spirit dealer, 23 North Albion street 

Sim, Mrs. grocer, 72 Robertson street 

SIMEON, St. Ange, teacher of French, house and private class-room 
131 Hope street, public class room, George street, near George square 

Simeon, Mrs. St. Ange, teacher of music, 131 Hope street 

SIMPSON, Alexander, of Simpson & Cameron, ho. 15 Commerce st. 

Simpson & Cameron, warehousemen, 118 Argyll street 

Simpson, Daniel, furnishing shop, 48 King street, Tradeston 

Simpson, Francis, agent, &c. 229 George street 

Simpson, George, baker and spirit dealer, 16 Struther's street 

Simpson, George, baker, 14 Adelphi street 

Simpson, J. & H. joiners and cabinet makers, 227 George street 

Simpson, James, commission agent, 190 Hope street 

Simpson, James, surgeon, 96 Union street, house Sheil's cottage 

Simpson, James, writer, 90 Brunswick street, house 116 George street 

Simson, James, grocer, 50 Bell street 

Simpson, James B. furnishing ironmonger, &c. 26 Argyll street, house 
147 West Regent street 

Simpson, James, silversmith, 386 Argyll street, house 374 do. 

Simpson, James, John street, Bridgeton. Letters left at William Simp- 
son & Son's, 12 South Frederick street 

Simpson, John, of Young & Simpson, house 27 Charlotte street 

Simpson, John, cooper, 227 George street 

Simpson, John, coal agent, 11 St. Andrew square 

Simpson, John, tailor and clothier, 282 Argyll street 

Simpson, John, looking glass manufacturer and optician, 64 Maxwell st. 

Simpson, Michael, tavern keeper, 10 Anderston quay 

tSimpson, Robert, portioner, Franklin street, Bridgeton 

Simpson, Robert, general warehouseman, 96 Trongate, house above 

Simpson, Robert, spirit dealer, 124 Main street, Gorbals 

Simpson, William, & Son, manufacturers, 12 South Frederick street, 
house 239 St. Vincent street 

Simpson, William, jun. 12 South Frederick street 

Simpson, VVm. funeral undertaker, 13 Drygate & 34 Kirk st. Townhead 

Simpson, Mrs. soap, oil and candle shop, 3 Kent street 

Simpson, Mrs. green grocer, 216 Gallowgate 

Simpson, Mrs. mangier, 11 St. Andrew square 

SINCLAIR, Alexander, grocer, 44 Stevenson street 

Sinclair, Arch, veterinary surgeon, 86 Maxwell st. house 54 Jamaica st. 

Sinclair, Dugald, Argyll hotel, 152 Argyll street 

Sinclair, Duncan, grocer, 45S Argyll street 

Sinclair, James, spirit dealer, 43 Trongate 

Sinclair, John, of Stuart & Sinclair, house North Albion court 

Sinclair, Norman, tailor, 5 King street 

Sinclair, Peter, wine and spirit dealer, 97 George street 

Sinclair, Peter, watch and clock maker, 67 Canning street 

Sinclair, Peter, of Frazer, Sinclair & Co. house 14 York street 

Sinclair & Walker, silk mercers, &c. 136 Trongate 

Sinclair, Mrs. German-salve maker, 80 Trongate 

SINGER, Alexander, tailor, 6 East Nile street 


SKENE, Alexander, at Robertson, Donaldson & Dougall's, ho. 14 War- 
wick street 
SKINNER, David, spirit dealer, 17 Cheapside street 
Skinner, David, spirit dealer, 92 Main street, Anderston 
Skinner, William, baker, 472 Argyll street, house 2 Pitt street 
SKIPSEY, R. W. of Adamson, Woodcock & Co. lodgings 151 West 

Nile street 
SKIRVING, Alex, of Barclay & Skirving, ho. Hope park, St. Rollox 
Skirving, W. West of Scotland Insurance office, ho. 6 Anderston quay 
SLATER, Henry, wool spinner, 39 Stirling square 
Slater, J. Italian and grocery warehouse, 17 West Nile street, house 5 

Drury street 
Slater, Thomas H. grocer, 56 Candleriggs, house 29 College street 
SLAUGHTER, William H. leather agent, 23 St. Andrew square. 

house 4 Carlton place 
SLEIGH, William, cotton yarn warehouse, 84 Wilson street 
SLOANE, James, & Co. merchants, 113 Brunswick street 
Sloane, James, of J. Sloane & Co. house 134 North Montrose street 
Sloan, Samuel, victualler and cowfeeder, 32 Nelson street, Tradeston 
Sloan, William, at Charles Tennant & Co 's, St. Rollox 
Sloane, William, shipping agent, 31 Miller street, house 8 St. Vincent 

Sloan, William, whiting and salt store, foot of Turner's court 
SMALL, John, wright and builder, 120 South Albion street, and 128 

Sauchiehall street, house 51 Renfield street 
Small, Neil, wright and glazier, 12 Dixon street, house 12 Stormont st. 
SMALLCOLM, William, city bellman, Low Green street 
SMART, James, superintendent of Calton police, ho. 50 Tobago street 
Smart, Peter, grocer, 18 Centre street, Tradeston 
Smart, Thomas, victualler, 4 Stockwell 
Smart, Mrs. fiesher, Bell street market, and 59 Bell street 
SMEAL, James, surgeon, 5 Charlotte street 
Smeal, Robert, rope maker, 78 King street, Calton 
Smeal, William, tea dealer, 161 Gallowgate, house above 
SMEATON, Henry, writer, 57 Miller st. ho. 86 South Portland st. 
SMELLIE, David, grocer, 89 Kirk street, Calton 
Smellie, George, 33 Virginia street, house 49 Clyde buildings 
Smellie, James, draper, 20 High street, house 101 Upper Crown street 
Smellie, James, surgeon, Phosnix buildings, Burnside 
Smellie, John L. upholsterer, 14 Buchanan street 
Smellie, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 705 Gallowgate 
Smellie, William, tailor, 48 Gallowgate 
Smellie, William, dry Salter, 66 Miller street 
SMITH, Alexander, slater, 45 North Frederick street 
Smith, Alexander, baker, 158 Hope street 

Smyth, Alexander, & Co. commission agents, 29 West George street 
Smith, Alexander, & Co. provision merchants, 125 Trongate 
Smith, Alex, shoemaker and leather merchant, 14 & 16 Prince's street 
Smith, Alexander, of Alex. Smith & Co. house 5 Woodside terrace 
Smith, Alexander, of Robert Thomson & Co. house 141 George street 
Smith, Alexander, victualler, 197 High street 
Smith, Andrew, lithographic printer and engraver, 19 Saltmarket 
Smith, Andrew, spirit dealer, 29J Adelphi street 



Smith, A. hair dresser, 256 High street 

Smith, Andrew, jun weaving factory, Burnbank 

Smith, Andrew, confectioner and spirit dealer, 17 and 19 King street 

Smith, Archibald, of J. & A. Smith & Co. house 204 St. Vincent st. 

Smith & Anderson, sewed muslin warehouse, 19 South Hanover street 

Smith & Brown, merchants, 112 Hope street 

Smith, Campbell, of R. & C. Smith, house 16 Ure place 

Smith & Co. merchants, 68 St. Vincent street 

Smith, David, power loom manufacturer, St. Rollox. Letters left at J. 

Smith's, 13 John street, house Glasgow field 
Smith, David, tavern, 88 Galiowgate 

Smith, David, at Carntyne chemical works, office 10 Stirling square 
Smith, David, M. D. surgeon, 118 Stockwell, lodgings Mrs. Barclay's, 

Pratt's court 
Smith, David, jun. at D. Smith's, 4 Saltmarket 
Smith, David, bookseller, stationer and librarian, 19 Canon street 
Smith, David, boot and shoe shop, 4 Saltmarket, house 163 Hill street, 

Smith, David, tea, wine and spirit merchant, 43 John street 
Smith, David, spirit dealer, 41 Canon street 
Smith, David, civil engineer and surveyor, 37 Virginia street 
Smith, David, confectioner and pastry baker, 241 Galiowgate 
Smith, Donald, manager Western bank, house 10 Miller street 
Smith, George, tea and tobacco dealer, 10^ Melville street, Tradeston 
Smith, George, Port-Dundas acid works, 45 Miller street, house 3 

Sauchiehall street 
Smith, George, & Sons, wholesale warehousemen and manufacturers, 

34 London street 
Smith, George, jun. of George Smith & Sons, house 11 W. George st. 
Smith, Hugh, spirit dealer, 138 Garscube road 

Smith, Hugh, of Smith, Murray & Co. house 14 Blythswood square 
Smith, Hugh Henry, sailmaker, 86 Clyde street, Anderston, house 6 

Broomielaw quay 
Smith, Hugh, at D. & H. Ingles's, house 39 Abbotsford place 
Smith, Hugh, writer, 21 South Hanover street, ho. 14 Blythswood sq. 
Smith, Hugh, jun. writer, 58 St. Vincent street, house 14 Blythswood 

Smith, James, & Co. plumbers, Moodie's court, 31 Argyll street, and 25 

Dunlop street 
Smith, James, of James Smith & Co. house 16 Croy place 
Smith, James, writer, 157 Trongate, house Park place, Paisley road 
Smith, Rev. James, 3 Abbotsford place 
Smith, James, builder, 1 North court, Royal Exchange, workshops 100 

Renfrew street 
Smith, James, of Smith & M'Allister, house 57 Oswald street 
Smith, James, boot and shoe maker, 5 Trongate 
Smith, James, tailor, 73 Main street, Gorbals 
Smith, James, grocer and spirit dealer, Dalir.arnock road 
Smith, James, candle manufacturer, 193 Trongate, works 24 Rope 

Work lane 
Smith, James, edge-tool maker and cutler, 422 Argyll street 
Smith, James, grocer and herbalist, Main street, Bridgeton 
Smith, James, Gas office, house Great Hamilton street 

202 SMITH. 

Smith, James & Arch. & Co. merchants, 81 St. Vincent street 

Smith, James, of Jordanhill, at J. & A. Smith & Co.'s 

Smith, James, hat manufacturer, 73 Gallowgate 

Smith, James, spirit dealer, 34 Trongate 

Smith, James, grocer, 130 High street 

Smith, James, house factor, 31 North street, Anderston 

Smyth, James, provision dealer, 1 6 Wood lane 

Smith, John, manufacturer, 71 Virginia court 

Smyth, Rev. Dr. John, of St. George's, 17 Elmbank place 

Smith, John, hosier, 5 Main street, Gorbals 

Smith, John, portioner, 36 St. Andrew street 

Smith, J. & J. tailors, 109 Trongate 

Smith, John, writer, 157 Trongate 

Smith, John & Andrew, manufacturers, 67 Miller street 

Smith, John, of J. & A. Smith, house 8 Albany place 

Smith, John, victualler, 65 New Bridge street 

Smith, John, tea dealer, 39 Brunswick place 

Smith, John, victualler, 47 Orr street, Calton 

Smith, John, Western bank, house 85 South Portland street 

Smith, John, & Son, booksellers & stationers, 70 St. Vincent street 

Smith, John, ygst. of John Smith & Son, house 66 St. Vincent street 

Smith, John, builder, 1 North court, Royal Exchange, ho. Birkenshaw 

Smith, John, baker and spirit dealer, 101 Green street, Calton 

Smith, John, vintner, Market inn, Graham square 

Smith, John, tailor and clothier, 196 Broomielaw, house above 

Smith, John, victualler, 20 Stevenson street 

Smith. John, victualler and spirit dealer, 9 Clyde street, Calton 

Smith, John, general grocer and spirit dealer, 86 Broomielaw 

Smith, John, tinsmith and gas fitter, 245 Gallowgate 

Smith, John, teacher, 65 Crown street 

Smythe, John, & Co. commission agents, 2 North Court, Royal Exchange 

Smith, John, rag and wool merchant, 23 Jamaica street, house 10 do. 

Smith, John, surgeon, 274 George street, house 48 Brougham place 

Smith, John, at D. Marshall & Co.'s, 6 Saltmarket 

Smith, John, & Son, hosiers, &c. 11 and 13 High st. and 64 Argyll st. 

Smith, John, jun. of John Smith & Son, house 60 Bath street 

Smith, John, gas inspector, house 26 Great Hamilton street 

Smith, John, yarn agent, 1,3 John street 

Smith, Lewis, spirit dealer, 72 Bridgegate 

Smith, Maxwell, tailor, 109 Trongate 

Smith & M'AUister, manufacturers, 38 Queen street 

Smith, Michael, broker, 51 Bridgegate, and 52 New street, Calton 

Smith, Murray & Co. merchants, 23 South Hanover street 

Smith & Nicol, surgeons and druggists, 274 George street 

Smith, Patrick, writer, 70 George square, house 58 Buccleuch street 

Smith, Patrick, grain merchant, 16 St Enoch square, house 2 Clyde pi. 

Smith, Peter, cabinet maker, 21 Thistle street 

Smith, Peter, & Son, merchants, 33 Blackfriar st. ho. 22 Carlton place 

Smith, Peter, grocer, 38 Rose street 

Smith, Peter, upholsterer, cabinet maker & paper hanger, 245 George st. 

Smith, Peter, of Smith, Murray & Co. house 14 Blythswood square 

Smith, R. & C. calenderers and bleachers, 4 and 14 Montrose street 

Smith, R. M. of Peter Smith & Son's 


Smith, Robert, of Gibb & Smith, bouse 108 Fife place, West George st. 

Smith, Robert, of Smith & Anderson, 142 George street 

Smith, Robert, singer, 18 North Albion street, house 141 George street 

Smith, Robert, smith and shuttle-mounting maker, 50 New st. Calton 

Smith, Robert, at R. Smith & Son's 

Smith, Robert, Ship bank, 9 Glassford street 

Smith, Robert, brickmaker, 415 Gallowgate 

Smith, Robert, corkcutter, 15 Blackfriar street 

Smith, Robert, spirit dealer and stabler, and R. W. M. Glasgow St. 
David's Lodge, 31 Duke street 

Smith, Robert, Bush tavern, 38 Trongate 

Smith, Robert, of George Smith & Sons, house 9 Richmond street 

Smith & Rodger, engineers, Hyde park, Broomielaw 

Smith & Ross, grocers, 337 High street 

Smith, Samuel, bricklayer, Crosshill. Letters left at 68 King street 

Smith, Thomas, spirit dealer, 96 New wynd 

Smith, Thomas, portioner and shoemaker, 29 Struthers' street 

Smith, Thomas, broker, 16 Miller's place 

Smith, Walter, grocer, 143 Burnside, Port-Dundas 

Smith, William, spirit dealer, 1 Puddock row- 
Smyth, William, writer, 27 College street, house 75 South Portland st. 

Smith, William, Polmadie. Letters left at D. Black's, 28 Gallowgate 

Smith, William, Stag inn, 70 Jamaica street 

Smith, William, girth manufacturer, 6 Canning street, house 14 South 
Cumberland street 

Smith, William, Black Boy tavern, 35 Gallowgate 

Smith, William, victualler, 105 Main street, Anderston 

Smith, William, victualler, 61 Eglinton street 

Smith, William C. commission agent, 40 Miller st. house 48 Brougham pi. 

Smith William, of Smith & Co. house 112 West Regent street 

Smith, William, of Smith & Brown, house Carbeth- Guthrie 

Smith, William, writer, and agent for the Aberdeen Fire and Life As- 
surance Co. 89 St. Vincent street, house 189 Buchanan street 

Smith, William, jun. of Lancefield Spinning Co. 70 Miller street 

Smith, William, & Co. calico printers, 125 Virginia street 

Smith, William, architect, 145 Argyll street 

Smith, Rev. W. teacher, 18 Nicholson street, lodgings 72 South Port- 
land street 

Smiths, umbrella and parasol manufacturers, 5 Wilson street 

Smith, Mrs. sen. of Jordanhill, house 163 West George street 

Smith, Mrs. S. 45 West George street 

Smyth, Mrs. James, remnant warehouse, 22 Brunswick place 

Smith, Mrs. John, bookseller, Cross steeple 

Smith, Mrs. John, 12 St. Vincent place 

Smith, Miss Margaret, grocer and spirit dealer, 27 Bridge street 

Smith, Mrs. lodgings, 35 Charlotte street 

Smith, Mrs. lodgings, 63 John street 

Smith, Miss Jane, victualler, 53 High street 

Smith, Mrs. stay maker, 66 West Nile street 

SNEDDEN, William, baker, wine and spirit dealer, 18 Canning street 

SNELL, William, & Co. gingham and pullicate manufacturers, 20 
Ingram street 

Snell, William, of William Snell & Co. house Renfrew st. Garnethill 


Snell, Wm. jun. of William Snell & Co, house 180 West Regent street 

SNODGRASS, George VV. teller, commercial bank 

Snodgrass, Neil, engineer, John street, Bridgeton 

Snodgrass, Mrs. cheese dealer, 9 "Wilson street 

SOMMERVILLE, Archd. boot and shoe maker, 25 Eglinton street 

Sommerville, George, wright and builder, 43 Castle street 

Sommerville, James, of J. Sommerville & Sons, ho. 3 Sommerville place 

Somerville, James, & Co. manufacturers, 16 Brunswick lane 

Sommervill, James, baker, 88 Broomielaw 

Somerville, James, surgeon dentist, 230 Argyll street 

Somervail, James, of Laurie, Newton & Co. house Montagu place 

Somervail, James, spirit dealer, 25 Drygate lane 

Somerville, John, & Sons, cotton-spinners and power-loom manufacturers, 

63 Candlerigg court, works Little Govan 
Somerville, John, grocer, 83 King streec 
Somerville, Robert, gas burner manufacturer, 32 Stockwell, house 167 

Main street, Gorbals 
Sommerville, Thomas, of J. Sommerville & Sons, house York street, Little 

Sommerville, Thos. & Co. spirit dealers, 77 London street 
Sommervill, Wm. victualler, 10S Washington street 
Sommerville, Wm. of Ferguson & Co. house 50 Charlotte street 
Somervail, Mrs. James, spirit dealer, 25 Drygate lane 
SORLEY, Jos. messenger-at-arms, 4 Dunlop st. ho. 45 Abbotsford pi. 
Sodth Australia, Francis Reid, 28 Miller street, agent for his Majesty's 

Colonization Commissioners 
SOWTON, William, cyder merchant, store 79 Jamaica street, and 14 

Dixon street, house M'Naughton's lodgings, 179 Argyll street 
SPALDING, Wm. joiner, cabinetmaker, glazier and funeral under- 
taker, 75 Argyll street 
Spanish Consul's Office, 28 Miller street, Francis Reid, Vice-Consul 
SPEIRS, Alexander, tailor and spirit dealer, 4 Back wynd 
Speirs, Alexander G. of Culcreuch, 26 Ingram street 
Spears, Alexander & William, merchants, 135 Buchanan street 
Speir, Edmond, & Co. merchants, 62 Buchanan street 
Spiers, George, spirit dealer, 37 Main street, Gorbals 
Spiers, James, at W. & H. Robertson & Co.'s, 52 Gordon street 
Spiers, John, 106 Hutcheson street 
Spiers, John, victualler, 119 Canning street 
Speirs, John, spirit dealer, 86 Eglinton street 
Spears, M. teacher, Finnieston 
Spears, Robert, deputy stamp office, Leitch's court, house Clarence place, 

125 Sauchiehall street 
Speir, Robert, of R. & T. Speir, house Blythswood hill 
Speir, R. & T. East India merchants, 62 Buchanan street 
Speir, Thomas, of R. & T. Speir, house Blythswood hill 
SPENCE, Henry, & Co. tobacconists, 3 Park place, Stockwell 
Spence, Henry, bill poster, 75 High street 
Spence, James, jun. grocer, 5 Greenhill street 
Spence, John, smith and machine maker, Reid street, Bridgeton 
Spence, Wm. architect, 63 Stockwell 
Spence, William, confectioner, 104 Stockwell 
Spence, Miss Elizabeth, grocer, 88 Kirk street, Calton , 


SPENCER, J. L. & Co. wholesale & retail warehousemen, 15 Tron- 

gate, house 4 Abbotsford place 
Spencer, John, hardware merchant, 1 6 Saltmarket 
Spencer, John, wright, 39 Drygate street 

Spencer, Paul, general merchant, 32 Hutcheson st. ho. 37 Adelphi street 
Spencer, William, hardware merchant and ironmonger, 56 Trongate 
Spencer, Robert, saddle tree manufacturer, 65 Norfolk st. house above 
SPITTAL, A. W. at Alston, Mather & Co.'s, 26 Glassford street 
Spittal, James, victualler, 69 George street 
Spittal, James, victualler, 81 High street 
Spittal, James, druggist, 135 Gallowgate 
Spittal, John, spirit dealer, 70 High street 
Spittal, Dr. John, Spreull's court, 182 Trongate 

SPROT, Mark, of Garnkirk. Letters left at T. Murray's, 8 Argyll st. 
SPREULL, John, Treasurer to the Clyde Trustees, &c. 48 Claremont pi. 
STAINES, A. B. writer, 157 Trongate, house 25 Abbotsford place 
Staines, H. B. sen. of Hamilton, Monteath & Co. ho. 25 Abbotsford pi. 
STALKER, John, dyer, 52 Commerce street 
Stalker, Peter, spirit dealer, 14 Main street, Anderston 
Stamp Office, 157 Trongate, open from 10 to 4 o'clock, and shuts at 

1 on Saturday, James Monteath, distributor 
Standard Life Assurance Co. Geo. Ord, 125 Virginia street, and Thos 

Buchanan, sen. 60 Ingram street, agents 
STANSFIELD, Grace, spirit dealer, 288 Gallowgate 
Star Hotel, 80 George square, Ambrose Grimshaw 
STARK, Alexander, bootmaker, 169 Buchanan street 

Stark, D. B. of Stark & Fulton, house 188 West Regent street 

Stark & Fulton, engineers, millwrights and iron-founders, North street, 
and 43 Mitchell street 

Starke, George, spirit dealer, 372 Gallowgate 

Starke, James, manufacturer, 429 Argyll street 

Stark, John, at John Miller, jun. & Co.'s 

Stark, Robert, agent, 32 Well street, Calton 

Stark, Mrs. Ann, grocer, 8 Broad street, Mile-end 

Stark, Mrs. J- grocer and spirit dealer, 19 Broad street, Mile-end 

Statute Labour Office, 6 Candleriggs. James Thomson, superintendent 

STAVERT, James, of Scott & Staveit, house 16 South Portland street 

STEEDMAN, Robert, wright, 45 Crown street 

STEEL, Alexander, ship agent and spirit dealer, Port-Dundas 

Steel, Chas. spirit dealer, Port-Dundas 

Steel, Dr. Francis, 84 St. Vincent street 

Steel, George, clothier and tailor, 99 Trongate, ho. Old Post-Office court 

Steel, G. & W. spirit dealers, 144 Gallowgate 

Steel, Hugh, leather merchant, 108 Stockwell 

Steel, James, bookseller, 15 Saltmarket 

Steel, James, jun. warehouse, 100 Brunswick street, house St. Mungo st. 

Steel, James, victualler, 109 King street, and miller, Filemill, house €9 
London street 

Steel, James, manager, Clyde Shipping Co. 4 York street, and 126 

Steel, James, wine and spirit merchant, 221 and 223 Cowcaddens 

Steel, John, & Co. bakers, 45 Argyll street 

Steel, John & William, boot and shoe manufacturers, 9 Queen street 



Steel, John, of J. & W. Steel, house 7 Elmbank place 

Steel & Penny, bootmakers, 64 Queen street 

Steel, Robert, joiner and timber merchant, 25 Thistle st. house 21 do. 

Steel, R. M. Western bank, house 2 St. James street, East Kingston 

Steel, Robt. spirit dealer, 24 Brown street 

Steel & Stevenson, plumbers, 13 Great Clyde street 

Steel, Thomas, grocer, 1 Cavendish street 

Steel, Thomas, Clyde brewery, Commercial road, Hutchesontown 

Steel, Thomas, manufacturer, 30 Montrose st. house 300 St. Vincent st. 

Steel, Thomas, grocer and spirit dealer, 103 Burnside 

Steel, William, of J. & W. Steel, house 2 Elmbank place 

Steel, William, merchant, 52 Ingram street, house 4 Bath street 

Steel, W. R. writer, 300 St. Vincent street 

Steell, W. & T. curriers and leather merchants, 151 Gallowgate 

Steele, William, jun. of M'Lachlan & Steele, house S. Wellington pi. 

Steele, William, old vinegar store, 7 Back wynd 

Steel, Mrs. Gavin, 13 St. Enoch square 

Steel, Misses E. & J. milliners, 19 & 25 Nelson street 

STEIN, Andrew, distiller, house Buccleuch street, Garnethill 

Stein, Samuel, commission merchant, 8 Gordon street, house 1 Max- 

welton place 
STENHOUSE, Henry, baker, 99 Main street, Anderston 
Stenhouse, James, of Boag & Stenhouse, house 12 Moore street 
Stenhouse, John, & Co. printfield warehouse, 45 Montrose street 
Stenhouse, Thomas, of J. Stenhouse & Co. house and printfield CrossmiU 
STEPHEN, Alexander, at Cairnie's distillery, Mile-end 
Stephen, George, brassfounder, 130 Main street, Gorbals 
Stephen, John, of Scott, Stephen & Gale, house 5 West street 
Stephens, Robert P. ship broker, 65 Oswald street 
Stephen, William, tailor and clothier, 29 North Hanover street 
Stephen, Mrs. lodgings, 29 North Hanover street 
STEVEN, Andrew, shuttle maker and turner, 17 Campbell street 
Steven, Andrew, teacher, 14 Bedford street 
Stiven, Blair & Co. gingham, pullicate and muslin manufacturers, 63 

Miller street 
Steven, Ebenezer, & Co. check, stripe, gingham and power loom manu- 
facturers, 7 High street, works Main street, Bridgeton 
Steven, Ebenezer, of E. Steven & Co. house 7 William st. Greenhead 
Steven, James, brassfounder, 17 Duncan street, off Abercromby street 
Stiven, James, nailer, 5 Thomson lane, Calton 

Steven, James, writer, 29 Hutcheson street, agent for the Phoenix Fire 
and the Crown and British Commercial Life Insurance offices, house 
77 South Portland street 
Steven, James A. at J. Brown's, 75 Wilson st. house 55 Glassford st. 
Stiven, James, of Stiven, Blair & Co. house 304 St. Vincent street 
Stevens, James, agent, 35 Union streeti 
Stiven, John, of Stiven, Blair & Co. house 2 Albany place 
Steven, John, jun. contractor, 1 West street 
Steven, J. Clyde ropework, Lancefield, Broomielavv 
Steven, M. spirit dealer, 13 Shuttle street 
Steven, Robert, Bellfield ropework, Gallowgate 
Steven, Robert, smith and spirit dealer, 160 Main street. Gorbals 
Stiven, Robert, saddler, 137 Ingram street 


Stiven, Robert, writer, 49 Miller street, house 304 St. Vincent street 
Stevens, Thomas, & Co. cabinet warehouse, 94 Stockwell and 20 Main 

street, Gorbals 
Steven, William, slater, ropework entry, 108 Stockwell 
STEVENSON, Adam, Grammar School, house 19 Richmond street 
Stevenson, Alexander, & Co. merchants, 51 South Albion street 
Stevenson, Alexander, upholsterer, 13 New Bridge street 
Stevenson, Andrew, wright, 34 Renfrew lane 
Stevenson, Archibald, spirit dealer, 89 George street 
Stevenson, A. & T. teachers, 34 Cochran street, house 1 9 Richmond st. 
Stevenson, David, of William Stevenson & Sons, ho. 73 West Nile st. 
Stevenson, Duncan, brewer, 72 Centre street 

Stevenson, Geo. of W. Stevenson & Sons, ho. Montagu pi. 120 Mains st. 
Stevenson, Hugh, of Scott & Stevenson, house 182 Trongate 
Stevenson, James, of James Stevenson & Co. house 156 West George st. 
Stevenson, J. & Co. fancy-paper box makers, 45 Queen street 
Stevenson, James, spirit dealer, Port-Dundas road 
Stevenson, James, & Co. cotton brokers, 104 Hutcheson street 
Stevenson, John, cabinet-maker, 66 Hospital street 
Stevenson, John, baker, 17 Oxford street, Laurieston 
Stevenson, John, flesher, 162 Argyll street 
Stevenson, Nathaniel, of Braidwood, provost of Calton, at Reid & 

Towers's, 19 South Hanover street 
Stevenson, Nathaniel, of Oswald, Stevenson, & Co. house CoplawhiU 
Stevenson, Robert, 15 St. Mungo street 
Stevenson, Robert, secretary Royal Exchange 

Stevenson, Robert, boot and shoe maker, 74 Canning street, Calton 
Stevenson, Robert, hair dresser, 59 Trongate 
Stevenson, Thomas, stamp office, 157 Trongate 
Stevenson, Thomas, 44 West Regent street 
Stevenson, William, & Sons, cotton spinners, 102 Virginia place, works 

Stevenson, William, wright, 55 North Hanover street, house North 

Woodside road 
Stevenson, William, dyer and renovator, 55 Great Hamilton street 
Stevenson, Mrs. Andrew, grocer, 34 Govan street 
Stevenson, Mrs. preparer of black salve for burnings, 97 Saltmarket 
Stevenson, Misses, & Penman, stay makers, 82 West Nile street 
STEWART, Alexander W. writer, 4 Gordon street 
Stewart, Alexander, surgeon, 111 Candleriggs, ho. 5 St. Vincent place 
Stewart, Alexander, of Buchan & Stewart, house Ann street, Bridgeton 
Stewart, Alexander, cotton yarn warehouse, 67 Brunswick street, house 

133 North Montrose street 
Stewart, Alexander, at Siewart, Pott & Co.'s 
Stewart, Alexander, wright and glazier, 58 Norfolk street, house 2 

Warwick street 
Stewart, A. P. fever hospital clerk, Royal infirmary 
Stewart, Alexander, & Co. smiths and edge-tool makers, Duke street, 

house 24 Parkhouse lane 
Stewart, Alexander, at J. G. Adam's, 51 Cochran street 
Stewart, Alexander, tobacconist and tallow chandler, 76 Bridgegate 
Stewart, Allan, merchant, 19 West George street 
Stewart, A. & R. jewellers and watchmakers, 162 Trongate 


Stewart, Archibald, beadle, Gorbals Parish Church, ho. 12 Norfolk st. 

Stewart, Archibald, spirit dealer, 42 Adelphi street 

Stewart, Archibald, Glasgow Bridge inn and hotel, postmaster, and livery 

stable keeper, 58 Oxford street 
Stuarts & Co. merchants, 15 Great Clyde street 
Stewart, Charles, baker, 3 Greenhill street 
Stuart, Charles, cooper, 27 Stirling street 
Stewart, Charles, at James Stewart's, 22 Ingram street 
Stuart, Charles, at Miss Clouston's, 119 George street 
Stewart, David, sen. manufacturer, 2 Clyde terrace 
Stewart David, jun. teacher, 2 Clyde terrace 

Stewart, David, of Stewart & Wilson, house 98 South Portland street 
Stewart, Duncan, bookseller and stationer, 184 Trongate, house 56 

Howard street 
Stuart, D. C. teacher, L89 Holm street, house 140 do. 
Stuart, F. B. tobacco and snuff manufacturer, 61 Gallowgate 
Stuart, Finlay & Co. commission merchants, calico printers and dyers, 

90 Hutcheson street, works Parkholm 
Stewart, George, of Gillespie, Stewart & Co. house 27 Abbotsford place 
Stewart, George, wire drawer and pin manufacturer, and general dealer 

in Kilmarnock woollen manufactured goods, 178 Gallowgate, house 

10 Great Hamilton street 
Stewart, H. S. traveller to New Apothecaries 1 Hall, house 52 York st. 
Stewart, James, mason and builder, 3 Main street, Anderston 
Stewart, James, beadle St. Columba, house 280 George street 
Stewart, James, smith, 122 Main street, Gorbals 
Stewart, James, spirit dealer, 31 and 33 Tureen street 
Stewart, James, spirit dealer, 50 London street 
Stewart, James, Avon printfield warehouse, 22 Ingram street, house 41 

George square 
Stewart, James, hair dresser, 4 North Clyde street, Anderston 
Stewart, James, teacher of music, 62 Hutcheson street 
Stewart, James, surgeon, 19 Nicholson street 
Stewart, James, spirit dealer, 171 Saltmarket 

Stewart, James, of James & George Burns, house 49 Renfield street 
Stewart, James, Paisley Canal office, Moodie's court, ho. 29 Jamaica st. 
Stewart, James, at Joseph Gibson & Co.'s, 46 Ingram street 
Stewart, James, slater, 3 Norfolk street, yard opposite 
Stewart, James, gardener, 9 Malta street 

Stewart & Jamieson, shawl manufacturers, 93 Brunswick street 
Stewart, J. wine and spirit dealer, 227 High street, ho. 116 George st. 
Stewart, J. & J. wholesale wine and spirit merchants, 75 Argyll street 
Stewart, John G. commission merchant, 97 Brunswick street 
Stewart, John, rope work office, 41 and 43 Stockwell street, twine works 

Barrack street, and rope work foot of Steam-boat quay, house Hyde- 
park corner 
Stewart, John, writer, 70 Hutcheson street, house 65 Douglas street 
Stewart, John, & Co. ironmongers and iron merchants, 1 1 Argyll street, 

and 39 Stockwell 
Stewart, John, veterinary surgeon, and professor of veterinary medicine in 

the Andersonian University, Hope street 
Stuart, John Knox, M. D. 39 Maxwell street 
Stuart, John, & Co. calico printers, St. Vincent laue 



Stewart, John, of Stewart, Pott & Co. house Bath street 
Stuart, John, of John Stuart & Co. house 41 George square 
Stewart, John, sen. of J. & J. Stewart, house 202 Garnethill 
Stewart, John, of J. & J. Stewart, house 116 George street 
Stewart, John, confectioner, 78 Kirk street, Calton 
Stewart, John, cooper, 53 Dunlop street, house 21 Stockwell place 
Stewart, John, drysalter, 15 High street, house 17 Nicholson street 
Stewart, John, of Stewart & Young, house 86 Renfrew street 
Stewart, John, poulterer, 91 Argyll street 
[ Stewart, John, Cossack commercial inn, 37 Jamaica street 
Stewart, John, spirit dealer, 86 Glassford street 

Stewart, John, & Co. Clyde brewery, Commercial road, Hutchesontown 
Stewart, John, clothier, 31 Queen street, house 10 Monteith row 
Stewart, J. & W. distillers, Haghill. Letters left at Dr. Clarke's, 235 

High street 
Stewart, M'Aulay & Co. merchants and printers, 31 Stirling street 
Stewart & M'Donald, warehousemen, 5 Buchanan street, and 14)2 

Argyll street 
Stewart & Niven, cotton spinners, 24 & 25 Abercromby street 
Stewart, P. customs, house 5 Greenhill street 
Stuart, Peter, merchant, 125 Wellington street 
Stewart, Peter, ropemaker, 195 Main street, Anderston 
Stewart, Peter, cartwright, Dalmarnock road 
Stewart, Peter, Ramshorn tavern, 131 Candleriggs 
Stewart, Pott & Co. wholesale wine and spirit merchants and rectifiers, 

Old Post-office court, 114 Trongate 
Stewart, R. B. of Stewart & M'Donald, house 147 St. George's road 
Stewart, Robert, coal master, Monldand canal basin, house Parson's 

green, Glebe. Orders left at J. & E. Reid's, 41 Argyll street 
Stewart, Robert, of Stewart, M'Aulay & Co. house Shawfieldbank 

I Stuart, Robert, 169 Hill street, Garnethill 
Stewart, Robert, flesher, 1 Mutton market 
Stewart, Robert, grocer, Lawmoor place, Hutchesontown 
Stewart, Robert, general repository, Cowcaddens 
Stuart, Robert, & Co. Foreign and English booksellers, stationers, &c. 

159 Ingram street 
Stewart, Robert, victualler and ham curer, 133 Trongate, house 15 
Nicholson street 

I Stewart, Robert, at Alexander Dawson's, house 8 Bedford street 
Stewart & Sinclair, silk manufacturers, 101 Brunswick street 
Stewart, Samuel, boot and shoe maker, 258 Argyll street 
Stewart, W. & Co. brewers, Haghill. Letters left at W. Colquhoun's, 

25 Gallowgate 
Stewart, W. & D. grocers and spirit dealers, 230 High street 
Stewart, Walter & Robert, distillers, Kennyhill 
Stewart, Walter, smith, 422 Gallowgate 

Stewart, William, of W. & W. Stewart, house 46 Grssme street 
Stewart, William, merchant, 18 Hutcheson street 
Stewart, William, spirit dealer, 336 Gallowgate 
Stewart, William, leather merchant, 9 Russell street, house 61 (Jreat 

Hamilton street 
Stewart, W. fe W. woollen and linen drapers, 2 & 4 Candleriggs 
Stewart, William, & Co. fleshers, 421 Argyll street 

s 2 


Stewart, William, at William Arthur & Co.'s, 19 Cochran street 

Stewart, Captain William, 81 M 'Alpine street 

Stewart, Rev. William, 32 Great Clyde street 

Stuart, William, auctioneer and appraiser, 53 Glassford street, house 65 

Virginia street 
Stewart, William, tinplate worker and ironmonger, 10 Glassford street 
Stewart, Wilson, brazier and tinplate worker, 138 Queen street 
Stewart & Wilson, agents, 74 Buchanan street 
Stewart & Young, cabinet and chair makers, 17 Bath street 
Stewart, Mrs. midwife, 156 Main street, Gorbals 
Stewart, Mrs. James, hair, down, and feather merchant, 124 Trongate 
Stewart, Mrs. Robert, spirit dealer, 18 Adelphi street 
Stewart, Mrs. W. Gardner, 39 Hospital street 
Stewart, Mrs. stay maker, 363 Gallowgate 
Stewart, Mrs. William, 27 Charlotte street 
Stewart, Miss Ann, provision shop, 139 George street 
Stewart, Miss, tuscany and straw hat shop, 46 Glassford street 
Stewart, Mrs. lodgings, North Albion court 
Stewart, Miss, lodgings, 59 Renfield street 
Stewart, Miss Mary, tobacconist and tallow chandler, 76 Bridgegate. 

house 95 do. 
STIRLING, Charles, of Stirling, Gordon & Co. house Kenmure 
Stirling, Charles, jun. at William Stirling & Sons, lodgings 3Irs. 

Thomson's, 120 Buchanan street 
Stirling, George, victualler, 158 High street. 
Stirling, George, victualler, 314 Gallowgate 

Stirling, George, of W. Stirling & Son, house 49 West George street 
Stirling, Gordon & Co. merchants, 63 Miller street 
Stirling, James, clothier, 192 Broomielaw 
Stirling, John, of Thomson & Stirling, at Mrs. Stirling's, 3 Sommer- 

ville place 
Stirling, John, victualler, 43 Centre street 
Stirling, John, manufacturer, 41 Stirling square 
Stirling, Joseph, carter and spirit dealer, 701 Gallowgate 
Stirling's Library, 52 Ingram street. John Struthers, librarian 
Stirling, Dr. Peter, 12 George street 
Stirling, Robert, writer, Milnbank, Townhead 

Stirling, William, jun. of William Stirling & Sons, lodgings Mrs. Thom- 
son's, 120 Buchanan street 
Stirling's, William, & Sons, calico printers, 17 John street 
Stirling, William, baker, 12 Malta street, Gorbals 
Stirling, Mrs. Castlemilk. Letters left at Stirling, Gordon & Co.'s 
Stirling, Mrs. Robert, cutler & surgeons' instrument maker, 12 London st. 
Stirling, Mrs. M'Gregor, lodgings, 62 George street 
Stirling, Mrs. vintner, 151 Gallowgate 
Stirling, Mrs. 3 Sommerville place 
Stirling, Miss, teacher, 10 Cambridge street 
Stirling, Mis ! , basket, brush and toy warehouse, 216 Argyll street 
STIRRAT, Alexander & William, wrights, 115 Renfield street 
Stirrat, David, sewed muslin manufacturer, Queen court, 62 Queen street. 

house Dundas street, Upper Kingston 
Stirrat, David, cartwright, 122 Renfield street 
Stirrat, Mrs. Robert, 53 Cowcaddens street 


Stirret, Miss Mary, milliner, 40 Bell street 

STITT, John, Northampton thread lace warehouse, 106 Trongate 

Stobcross Slip Docks, Finnieston 

STOBO, William, lock and hinge maker, 27 Canon street 

Stobo, Miss, matron, Blind Asylum, Castle street 

STOCKS, Williara,GlasgowUnionBank, ho. 60 Portland st. Laurieston 

STODART, Alexander, truss hoop and ox bow maker, 30 Robertson st. 

Stoddart, James H. Theatre Royal tavern, 4 Dunlop street 

Stodart, James, wine, spirit and porter vaults, 20 Stockwell & 5 Gordon 

street, lodgings 35 Hutcheson street 
STORER, David, painter and colourman, 184 and 138 Gallowgate 
STOW, David, of Wilson Stow & Co. house Ashfield, Garnetbank 
STRACHAN, Mrs. teacher of St. David's parish female school, 110 

John street 
STRANG, George, sen. superintendent of Gorbals burying ground, 13 

Carlton place 
Strang, George, writer, 20 Miller street, house 13 Carlton place 
Strang, James, at Gorbals distillery, house 167 Main street, Gorbals 
Strang, John, grocer and fruit merchant, 48 London street 
Strang, John, city chamberlain, Council Chambers, ho. 7 Maxweltonpl. 
Strang, Robert, R. writer, 20 Buchanan street, ho. 39 Abbotsford place 
Strang, Robert, of Strang, Yuille & Keyden, house 12 Abercromby pi. 
Strang, Robert, session-clerk, 57 St. George place 
Strang, William, 5 New street, Calton 

Strang, William, of Scott & Strang, house 18 Monteith row 
Strang, Yuille & Keyden, writers, 83 George place 
STRATHERN, John, commission agent, 108 Ingram place 
Strathern, John, grain weigher and store keeper, Port-Dundas 
Strathern, Thomas, stocking manufacturer, 128 Union street 
STRONG, David, 33 Bath street 

STRONOCH, James, officer of excise 40 Sauchiehall street 
STRUTHERS, A. of Thorn & Struthers, house 40 Glassford street 
Stiuthers, Rev. Gavin, Greenhill place, 303 St. Vincent street 
Struthers, John, coal agent, Dalmarnoek road 
Struthers, Robert, & Sons, Greenhead brewery, 120 Canning street, 

house 114 do. Orders left at Wilson's, 117 Trongate, & bottling store, 

Gordon street 
Struthers, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 21 Tureen street 
Struthers, William, manufacturer and cotton-yam twister, 91 Graeme st. 

house 22 Charlotte street 
Struthers, William, of Curie & Railton, house 2 Clyde place 
STURGEON, Samuel, spirit dealer, 15 Park lane, Mile-end 
Subdean Grain Mills, Ladywell street, Gordon Reid 
SUGAR, John, flesher, 13 West Nile street, and 12 Beef market 
SUMMERS, Scott & Strachan, shawl manufacturers, 103 Buchanan st. 
Son Fire and Life Office, John Ferguson, 70 Hutcheson street, & James 

Watson, 3 South Frederick street, agents 
Surgeon's Hall, 17 St. Enoch square, Rice Jones, officer 
SUTHERLAND, Alexander, spirit dealer, 5 Calton mouth 
Sutherland, Angus, wine and spirit merchant, 44 Trongate 
Sutherland, Daniel, tailor, 34 Green street, Calton 
Sutherland, David, basket manufacturer, 17 Candleriggs and 48 St. 

Andrew square 


Sutherland, Donald, tea and spirit dealer, 57 Drygate, house 55 do. 

Sutherland, George, manufacturer, 67 Bell street 

Sutherland, J. & J. lath splitters, Dixon street 

Sutherland, James, of J. & J. Sutherland, house 54 Maxwell street 

Sutherland, James, store-keeper, 17 Anderston quay 

Sutherland, John, surgeon and druggist, 114 Washington street 

Sutherland, Joseph, of J. & J. Sutherland, house 38 Maxwell street 

Sutherland, Oliver, & Son, manufacturers, 162 George street 

Sutherland, Porteous, singeing works, 53 Dunlop street 

Sutherland, William, of lvTNeil & Sutherland, house 22 Warwick street 

Sutherland, William, tailor, 59 Trongate 

Sutherland, Mrs. boarding school, 88 West Bath street 

Sutherland, Mrs. victualling house, 151 Bridgegate 

SWAN, David, bootmaker, 38 South Portland street 

Swan, Donald, spirit dealer, 47 John street 

Swan, James, of John & James Swan, house 5 West Regent street 

Swan, John, spirit dealer, 46 Saltmarket 

Swan, John & James, manufacturers, 93 Glassford street 

Swan, John, of John & James Swan, house 96 Regent terrace 

Swan, Joseph, engraver, publisher, copperplate and lithographic printer, 

21 Exchange square and 161 Trongate, house 192 Hill st. Garnethill 
Swan, Peter, & Co. rag dealers, 3 Jackson street 
Swan, Thomas, hay dealer, 206 Buchanan street 
SWANSTON, John, 3 Bath street 
Swanston, William, twister, 61 North Hanover street 
Swedish & Norwegian, Vice-Consul Wm. Brooks, 68 St. Vincent st. 
SWEENIE, John, sedan-chair office, 11 Drury street 
Sweet, Thomas, billet-master, 15 Charlotte lane, ho. 38 St. Andrew sq. 
SWORD, Archibald Ewing, broker & commission merchant, 57 Miller 

street, house Greenhead 
Sword, James, younger, wine merchant, 43 Hutcheson street, house 25 

Richmond street 
Sword, Robert, writer, 45 Virginia street, house 243 Hill st. Garnethill 
SYM, Alexander, & Co. victuallers and grocers, 36 George street 
Sym, Andrew, 9 Brandon place 

Sym, James, mathematical instrument maker, 167 High street 
Sym, William, 75 Bath street 
Sym, Miss, 9 Brandon place 
SYMINGTON, John, & Co. booksellers, stationers, and publishers, 

importers of foreign books, &c. 81 Queen street 
Symington, John, of J. Symington & Co. house 34 South Portland st. 
Symington, John, of John M'Intyre & Co. house 1 Morris place 

TAINSH, David, writer, 33 Ingram street 
TAIT, George, piano-forte maker, 35 Cowcaddens street 
Tait, John, baker, 60 George street 
Tate, Patrick, carpet-shoemaker, 144 Saltmarket 

TANNAHILL, John, eating house and spirit dealer, 58 Stevenson st. 
Tannahill & Robertson, linen and woollen warehousemen, 16 London st. 
Tannahill, Robert, of Tannahill & Robertson, house 56 Charlotte street 
Tannahill, William, spirit dealer, Barrowfleld toll 
TARBET, James, sheriff officer, 108 Old wynd 


Tarbet, Miss Mary, spirit dealer, 111 Old wynd 

TASSIE, James & Thomas, Manchester Assurance office, 26 Glass- 
ford street 
Tassie, James, of J. & T. Tassie, house 24 Richmond street 
Tassie, John, manager, New Clyde Shipping Co. 122 Broomielaw, 

house 60 Oswald street 
Tassie, John, jun. ironmonger, 103 Argyll street 
TATLOCK, Robert, hat manufacturer, 250 Argyll street 
Tax Inspector, John Purdie, 48 South Portland street 
Tax Surveyor, 1st district, C. Hamilton, 110 Buchanan street 
Tax Surveyor, 2d do. Neil M'Eachern, 355 Argyll street 
Tax Surveyor, Gorbals and part of Renfrewshire, J. J. Bently, 70 

South Portland street 
Tax Collector for City and County, Thomas P. Sharpe, 66 Miller st. 
Tailors' House of Call, 132 Trongate 

TAYLOR, Alexander, grocer and tea merchant, 135 George street 
Taylor, Alexander, spirit dealer, 8 New Bridge street 
Taylor, Alexander, of W. & A. Taylor, house 114 Bath street 
Taylor, Alexander, architect, 68 St. Vincent street 
Taylor, Angus, spirit dealer, 88 Carrick street 
Taylor, Archibald, beadle to Rev. Dr. Muter, house 17 Havannah 
Taylor, Charles, tailor, 18 Hospital street, Hutchesontown 
Tayler & Cross, writers, 82 Hutcheson street 

Taylor, D. surgeon and druggist, 148 Gallowgate, house 5 Charlotte st. 
Taylor, Daniel, grocer, 123 Argyll street, house 54 Jamaica street 
Taylor, Donald, merchant and general agent, 315 Argyll street 
Taylor, George, candle and oil shop, 19 King street, Calton 
Taylor, Henry John, 17 Richmond street 
Taylor, Henry, baker, 35 Prince's street 
Taylor, Henry, jun. grain and flour merchant, 73 John street, house 71 

Stirling's road 
Taylor, J. & Co. calenderers and packers, 28 Cochran street, house do. 
Taylor, James, ivory turner and musical instrument maker, 84 High 

John street 
Taylor, James, jun. flesher, 17 Beef market 
Taylor, James, gold twist thread and plait warehouse, and English 

cheese merchant, 14 Wilson street 
Tayler, James, of Tayler & Cross, house 54 West Regent street 
Taylor, James, & Brother, builders, 3 Main street, Anderston 
Taylor, James, of James Taylor & Brother, ho. 3 Main st. Anderston 
Taylor, James, M.D. City chamberlain's office, house 79 Stockwell st. 
Taylor, James, chimney sweeper, 86 North street, Anderston 
Taylor, James, grocer, 61 High street 
Taylor, James, smith and bellhanger, 31 Turner's court 
Taylor, James, sen. flesher, 18 Beef market 
Taylor, John, plumber and lead merchant, 47 Blackfriar street, house 

St. Mungo street 
Taylor, John, shawl fringer, 19 Cochran street, house do. 
Taylor, John, skinner, 89 Gallowgate, house 249 do. 
Tayler, John, 38 St. Andrew's square 
Taylor, John, tallow chandler, 38 Norfolk street 
Taylor, Joseph, music warehouse, 72 Argyll street 
Taylor, Joseph, of J. Taylor & Brothers, house 3 Main st, Anderston 


Taylor, Mathew, tea, wine and spirit merchant, 97 Candleriggs, house 

13 Monteith row 
Taylor, Matthew, of Rohert Taylor, jun. & Co. house 5 Charlotte st. 
Taylor, Matthew, public crier, Ferguson's court, Main st. Bridgeton 
Taylor, Robert, of Fletcher and Taylor, house 114 Bath street 
Taylor, Robert, builder, 49 Virginia street 
Taylor, Robert, jun. & Co. wholesale grocers and tea dealers, 117 

Taylor, Robert, 11 Sauchiehall street 

Taylor, Robert, boat tracker and spirit dealer, Port-Dundas 
Taylor, William, smith, 84 Saltmarket 
Taylor, William, of James Taylor & Brothers, house 3 Clyde street, 

Taylor, William, & Alexander, manufacturers, 91 Hutcheson street, 

weaving works West street, Tradeston, and Bothwell st. Anderston 
Taylor, William, of W. & A. Taylor, house 197 Athole place 
Tayler, William, edge-tool maker, 53 Dunlop street 
Taylor, Mrs. Robert, 75 Charlotte stieet 
Taylor, Miss, dress maker, 45 Renfield street 
TEACHER, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 50 Cheapside street and 

8 Warroch street 
TELFER, Alexander, bill poster, 177 Trongate 
Telfer, Alexander, boot and shoe warehouse, 160 Cowcaddens 
Telfer, David, spirit dealer, 24 Dunlop street 
Telfer, J. at Findlay, M'Cleave & Co.'s, house 107 George street 
Telfer, Thomas, at Findlay, M'Cleave & Co.'s, house 107 George street 
TELFORD, William, nail manufacturer, 164 Garscube road 
TEMPLETON, James, tailor, 11 Stockwell 
Templeton, Samuel, glass cutter, St. Enoch's lane 
Templeton, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 131 West Nile street, 

house 3 Sauchiehall street 
Templeton, Misses, milliners, straw-hat makefSj &c. 29 Govaa street 
TENNANT, Alexander, of Oswald, Tennant & Co. and JameS Oswald 

& Co. house Barrowfield 
Tennent, Andrew, merchant, 101 Miller street 

Tennent, Andrew, of Campbell & Tennents, writers, ho. 10 Richmond st. 
Tennant, Charles, & Co. manufacturers of bleaching articles, works St. 

Rollox, warehouse 49 Cochran street 
Tennant, Charles, of Charles Tennant & Co. house Abercromby place 
Tennant, Charles James, of Charles Tennant & Co. ho. 50 W. George st. 
Tennant, Charles, S. P. at J. & R. Tennant's, house VVellpark 
Tennant, Charles, stay and corset manufacturer, IQh Buchanan street 
Tennent, Hugh, house Wellpark, Duke street 
Tennent, J. & R. brewers, Wellpark, Duke street 
Tennant, James, grocer, 100 King street, Calton 

Tennent, John, of Campbell & Tennents, writers, ho. 186 Buchanan st. 
Tennent, John, wine and spirit cellars, 2 Melville place 
Tennant, John, of Charles Tennant & Co. house St. Rollox 
Tennent, Robert, of J. & R. Tennent, house Wellpark 
Tennent, Walter, hairdresser, and perfumer, 72 Queen street 
THALLON, Robert, victualler, 204 Gallowgate 
THEATRE Royal, Dunlop street. J. H. Alexander, manager 
THOM, John, writer, 29 Brunswick place 


Thorn, R. wine and spirit dealer, 225 Gallowgate, house 36 Kent street 

Thorn & Struthers, Rothesay cotton yarn warehouse, 40 Glassford street 

Thom, William, teacher, 29 St. Andrew's square 

Thom, Mrs. James, spirit dealer, 150 Gallowgate, house 78 Charlotte st. 

THOMAS, Charles, of Thomas & Shanks, house Springburn 

Thomas, James, teacher, Blackquarry 

Thomas & Shanks, coach builders, 32 John street 

Thomas, W. A. of Thomson, Son & Co. at the works 

THOMSON, A. & A. & Co. merchants, 91 Buchanan street 

Thomson, Alexander, consul of the United States of America, office 91 

Buchanan street, residence Kinning house, Paisley road 
Thomson, Alexander, spirit dealer, 30 Eglinton street 
Thomson, Alexander, classical teacher, 280 George street 
Thomson, Alexander R. hosier and glover, 6 Argyll street 
Thomson, Andrew, civil engineer and land surveyor, 62 Buchanan st. 

house 115 Montrose street 
Thomson, Andrew, coal agent, John street, Bridgeton 
Thomson, Andrew, wine and spirit dealer, 67 King street 
Thomson, Andrew, teacher of music, 75 St. George's place 
Thomson, Andrew, jeweller and watchmaker, 98 Trongate, house 102 

Blackfriar street 
Thomson, Andrew, fishmonger, 3 West George street 
Thomson, Archibald, stair railer and cabinet maker, 327 Argyll street, 

and 75 Robertson street 
Thomson, Charles, wine and spirit dealer, 49 Stockwell 
Thomson, David, bootmaker, 122 Buchanan street 
Thompson, D. clothier, 90 Glassford street, house 14 Cathcart street 
Thomson, D. & D. general furnishers, Fleming place, Cowcaddens 
Thomson, David, portioner and house factor, 18 Marlborough street 
Thomson, David, flesher, 6 King street 

Thomson, David, spirit dealer, 69 George street, house 63 do. 
Thomson, David, grocer and spirit dealer, 138 Sauchiehall street 
Thomson & Dougall, grocers and wine merchants, 70 Buchanan street 
Thomson, Dugald, grocer, 17 Parkhouse lane 
Thomson, Dugald, spirit dealer, 168 Duke street 
Thomson, Duncan, boot maker, 112 Argyll street, house 137 do. 
Thomson, Eben, at John Buchanan & Co.'s, house 28 Eglinton street 
Thomson, George, watch and clock maker, jeweller, &c. 252 Argyll st, 
Thomson, George, manufacturer of hosiery, 3 High street 
Thomson, George, of Thomson & Dougall, house 70 Renfrew street 
Thomson, George, at G. & W. Millar & Co.'s, ho. 15 Abbotsford place 
Thomson, James, of James Donaldson & Co. house Whytbank 
Thomson, James, of Thomson & MacConnell, house Whytbank 
Thomson, James, bookbinder, 5 Hutcheson street 
Thomson, James, civil engineer, 33 George square 
Thomson, James & Mungo, coffee and tea merchants, 93 Trongate and 

1 King street, house 117 Candleriggs 
Thomson, James, agent for James Haig & Son, distillers, Lochrin, 12 

Jackson street 
Thomson, James, at Stewart, Pott & Co.'s, 114 Trongate 
Thomson, James, of Ewing and Wingate, house 7 Nicholson street 
Thomson, James, baker and post-office receiving house, 46 Garscubepl. 
Thomson, James, distiller, 21 Kirk st. Gorbals, ho. 20 Abbotsford place 


Thomson, James, flesh society, Bridgeton 

Thomson, James, superintendent of streets, house 59 Renfield street 

Thomson, James, manager, 27 Muirhead street 

Thomson, J. grocer and victualler, 417 Gallowgate 

Thomson, John, Annfield pottery, Gallowgate 

Thomson, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 3 St. Ninian street 

Thomson, John, spirit merchant, 69 Cowcaddens 

Thomson, Dr. John, 94 South Portland street 

Thomson, John, spirit dealer, Lawmoor place 

Thomson, John, agent, 243 Gallowgate 

Thomson, John, teller, Western bank, 10 Miller street 

Thomson, John, wright and builder, works Cook street, Tradeston. house 

59 Eglinton street 
Thomson, John, spirit dealer, 92 Gallowgate 
Thomson, John, wine and spirit dealer, 21 -Argyll street 
Thomson, John, of Thomson, Son & Co. house Brougham place 
Thomson, John, dyer, 10 Campbell street, Gallowgate 
Thomson, John, beadle St. Peter's Church, house 458 Argyll street 
Thomson, John, tailor, 28 Saltmarket 
Thomson, John, hairdresser, 3 Malta street, Gorbals 
Thomson, John, & Co. bleachers of chains and yarn, 78 King st. Calton 
Thomson, John, & Co. fruiterers and grocers, 127 Ingram street 
Thomson, John, wine and spirit dealer, 1 03 High street 
Thomson, L. B. commission agent, 20 Brunswick place, house 28 Ab- 

botsford place 
Thomson & MacConnell, Steam Packet agents, 15 Jamaica street 
Thomson, Mathew, passage-boat manager, Port-Dundas 
Thomson, Matthew, bit and auger maker, 41 Kirk street, Calton 
Thomson, Mungo, spirit dealer, 24 Kirk street, Gorbals 
Thomson, Patrick, tea dealer and grocer, 176 Trongate, fruiterer, 140 

Trongate, and wine and spirit dealer, 10 Hutcheson street, house 14 

William street, Greenhead 
Thomson, Robert, of Mack & Thomson, house 19 St. Vincent place 
Thomson, Robert, silver plater, 18 Stockwell 

Thomson, Robert, of Robert Thomson & Co. house 21 S. Portland street 
Thomson, Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, 73 Bishop street 
Thomson, Robert, & Son, Adelphi cotton works, Hutchesontown 
Thomson, Robert, taxman of washing-house, Castlemilk place, house 7 1 

Rutherglen loan 
Thompson, Robert, mort-cloth office, 67 Bell street 
Thomson, Robert, tailor and clothier, 39 Dundas street 
Thomson, Robert, at Austin & M'Aslin's, house 1 Coburg street 
Thomson, Robert, pewterer and brassfounder, 81 Bridgegate 
Thomson, Robert, & Co. gingham and pullicate manufacturers. 9 South' 

Hanover street 
Thomson, Robert, sheriff-officer, &c. 9 Moodie's court, Argyll street 
Thomson, Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, 8 Salisbury street 
Thomson & Stirling, commission merchants, 1 South Exchange court 
Thomson, Samuel, tea dealer, 25 Coburg street 
Thomson, Son & Co. manufacturing chemists, Milton chemical works, 

office 47 John street 
Thompson, Stewart, upholsterer, 172 Argyll st. house 1 Norfolk court 
Thomson, Thomas, tailor, 1 William street, Greenhead 

THOMSON — TODD. 2 i 7 

Thomson, Thomas, road contractor, 39 Commerce street 

Thomson, Thomas, stripe & check manufacturer, 15 Candleriggs, house 

Rottenrow, head of Portland street 
Thomson, Thomas, M.D. prcfessor of chemistry, 100 St. Vincent street 
Thomson, Thomas, wine and spirit dealer, 25 King street 
Thomson, Thomas, crane master, Port-Dundas 

Thomson, William, flesher, 1 Bell street market, house 67 Bell street 
Thompson, William, leather merchant, 6 Stirling square 
Thomson, William, vintner, 88 Trongate 

Thomson, William, commission agent, 6 Argyll st. ho 100 S. Portland st. 
Thomson, Rev. William, house Crossvale, Hangingshaw. Letters left 

at John Clark's, grocer, 52 Hospital street 
Thomson, William, pye and porter house, 44 Gallowgate 
Thomson, William, tailor, 76 Gallowgate 

Thomson, W. jun. tea dealer, 53 Nelson street, house 9 St. Andrew sq. 
Thomson, Wm. of Anderson & Thomson, house 73 John street 
Thomson, William, of G. & W. Miller & Co. house 15 Abbotsford pi, 
Thomson, William, at Laurie & Hamilton's 
Thomson, William, cabinet maker, 18 Wallace street 
Thomson, Mrs. George, grocer and spirit dealer, 4 St. Andrew's street 
Thomson, Mrs. 120 Buchanan street 
Thomson, Mrs. John, Bazar tavern, 4 Wilson street 
Thomson, Mrs. reedmaker, 93 High street, house 69 Union sireet 
Thomson, Mrs. R. 16 South Portland street 
Thomson, Mrs. 9 Hopetoun place 
Thomson, Mrs. dressmaker, 27 Charlotte street 
Thomson, Mrs furnishing shop, 74 Commerce street 
Thomson, Miss M. straw-hat warehouse, 46 Nelson street 
Thomson, Miss Janet, grocer, 10 Norfolk street 

Thomson, Miss, Tuscan and straw hat warehouse, 56 S. Portland street 
THORBURN, Beith & Co. manufacturers, 93 Glassford street 
Thorburn, George, of Thorburn, Reith & Co. house Langside road 
Thorburn, George, jun. 93 Glassford street 
Thorburn, James, accountant, 33 John street 
Thorburn, John, & Co. victuallers, 102 Gallowgate 
Thorburn, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, 9 Trongate 
Thorburn, W. & Co. coachmakers, 18 Jackson street 
THYNE, James, seedsman and fruiterer, 33 and 34 Arcade 
Thyne, William, grocer, 11 Melville street 
TIBLE, Spencer, 27 Bain's place 
TILLER Y, Robert, druggist, 127 Cowcaddens 

Tobacco Warehouse, 5 York street. John Brown, agent, 31 Argyll st. 
TODD, Alexander, Glasgow Bank, house 92 South Portland street 
Todd, Archibald, at Glasgow Bank, house 141 George street 
Todd, Chas. & Higginbotham, spinners, manufacturers, & calico printers, 

12 Exchange square, works Springfield, Hutchesontown and Dalmuir 
Todd, Chas. of C. Todd & Higginbotham, Ralst .>n house, near Paisley 
Tod, David, of Tod & MacGregor, house Hope street, Anderston 
Todd, David, spirit dealer, 70 Norfolk street 
Todd, Grahame, surgeon, 141 George street 
Todd, James, umbrella maker, 59 Arcade 

Todd, John, watch and clock maker, 1 Trongate, workshop 48 Loudon u. 
Tadd, John, & Co. calico printers, 21 South Frederick street 



Todd, John A. at Watson & Co.'s, North Exchange court 

Tod & MacGregor, Clyde foundry, Anderston quay 

Todd, Win. agent for Manley & Newton's patent cut nails, 5 Union s*. 

Todd, William, spirit dealer, 38 Orr street 

Todd, William, at Henry Monteith & Co.'s, house 11 Miller street 

Todd, William, at Pearson & Co.'s, 44 Saltmarket 

TOLMIE, Alexander, & Co. comb manufacturers and hardwaremen, 12.? 

Argyll street, house 6 Croy place 
Tolmie, Alexander, jun. wholesale and retail hardwareman and dealei 

in German silver goods, 97 Argyll street 
Tolmie, John, agent, 1 Coburg street, Laurieston 
Tonnage Office, 4 York street. Mungo Reid, collector 
Tontine Inn and Hotel, Exchange buildings, Trongate 
TORBET, John, victualler, 15 Nelson street, Tradeston 
TORRANCE, James, builder, 16 Monteith row 
Torrance, James, pastry baker, 120 Gallowgate 
Torrance, John, flesher, 272 Gallowgate 
Torrance, Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, 137 New venel 
TOSHACH, John, cabinet maker, upholsterer and Venetian blind 

maker, 101 Holm street and 296 Argyll street 
Toshach, William, wright, 132 Sauchiehall street 
Toshach, Misses, straw-hat makers, 132 Sauchiehall street 
TOWERS, A. Clyde hotel, 13 Anderston quay 
Towers, John, officer of excise, 177 Hope street 

Towers, Robert, wine merchant, 101 Glassford street, house 144 Bath it. 
Towers, William, of Reid & Towers, house 144 West Bath street 
Tower & Smith, commeicial agents, 5 North court, Royal Exchange 
TOWNEND, George, & Brothers, worsted spinners and worsted lieddl? 

yarn manufacturers. John Strathern, agent, 108 Ingram place 
Town's Hospital, Great Clyde street 
Trades' Hall, 85 Glassford street 

Trades' Mortcloth office, 67 Bell street. Robert Thomson, clerk 
Tradesman Victualling Society, Reid street, Bridgeton, Henry Nejlsou 
Tradeston Coalyard, 1 Paisley road 
TRAIN, James, flesher, Bridgeton flesh society 
Train, Richard, flesher, 38 Stevenson street 

TRAINER, Patrick, spirit dealer, 23 Burnside lane, Duke street 
TRAPP, Geo. spirit dealer, 27 Nelson street, Tradeston 
Tron Parish School, 71 Prince's street. Robert Ross, teacher 
TROUP, A. keeper, Lock Hospital, 151 Rottenrow 
TULLOCH, William, victualler and spirit dealer, 279 Argyll street 
TURNBULL, A. & J. & Co. sewed muslin manufacturers, 28 Royal 

Exchange square 
Turnbull, Anthony, of A. & J. Turnbull & Co. house 122 Hope street 
Turnbull, Archibald, messenger and auctioneer, 29 Bridgegate, house 

22 Sidney street 
Turnbull & Co. manufacturing chemists and vinegar makers, 276 George- 
street, works Camlachie 
Turnbull, David, grocer, Rumford street, Bridgeton 
Turnbull, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 133 and 135 Saltmarket 
Turnbull, James, slater, 119 Main street, Gorbals 
Turnbull, James, accountant, 60 Ingram street, bowse 1 Holland place 
Turnbull, John, clothier, 6 Garscube place 


Turnbull, Johr), teacher of music, 70 Hutcheson street 

Turnbull, John, of A. & J. Turnbull & Co. house Elmpark, Govan road 

Turnbull, John, merchant, of Turnbull & Co. house 224 St. Vincent st. 

Turnbull, John, (of St. George's church,) teacher of music, 118 Union st 

Turnbull, John, merchant, head of John street, Bridgeton 

Turnbull, John, supervisor of excise, Bellgrove place 

Turnbull, Joseph, grocer and spirit dealer, 57 New venel 

Turnbull, J. & S. confectioners, 30 High street 

Turnbull, Thomas, spirit dealer, 167 West Nile street 

Turnbull, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 4 Cranston street 

Turnbull, Mrs. Sandeman, 213 Buchanan street 

Turnbull, Miss Mary, lodgings, 71 George street 

TURNER, Alexander, of Morgan & Turner, house 96 Regent terrace 

Turner, Alexander, messenger-at-arms, 182 Trongate 

Turner, Rev. Alexander, Muirhouses, Pollokshaws road 

Turner, Alexander, jun. at Alexander Turner's, 182 Trongate 

Turner, Alexander, jun. of R. H. Davis & Co. 67 Argyll street 

Turner, Angus, writer, council chambers, house 150 West Bath street 

Turner & Cassils, writers, 37 Virginia street 

Turner, Claud, painter, 91 Grame street, house 26 Campbell street 

Turner, Daniel, paper and rag warehouse, 73 Bell street 

Turner, Duncan, wholesale aud retail grocer and tea dealer, 209 & 21 i 

Argyll street, and 2, 4, and 6 Jamaica street 
Turner, Duncan, spirit dealer, 95 Main street, Anderston 
Turner, George, stationer, 42 & 44 Wilson st. house 76 High John st. 
Turner, James, of Thrushgrove. Letters left at 12 Saltmarket 
Turner, James, jun. at George Turner's, 42 Wilson street 
Turner, James, flesher, 6 Adelphi street and 25 Norfolk street 
Turner, James, druggist, 26 Union street 

Turner, John S. tea and hop merchant, 15 Turner's court, ho. Thrush- 
Turner & Park, tailors and clothiers, 6 Hutcheson street 
Turner, Robert, glazier, 24 Blackfriar street, house 19 do. 
Turner, William, hardware merchant, 12 Saltmarket, house 82 South 

Portland street 
Turner, William, grocer, 90 Kirk street, Calton 
Turner, Mrs. 96 Regent terrace 
TURVEY, working jeweller, 145 Trongate 
TWEDDLE, Hugh, agent and house factor, 40 Charlotte street 
Tweddale, John, sheriff-officer, 12 Thistle street 
Tweddale, John, grocery, tea, wine, spirit and malt liquor establishment, 

52 St. Vincent street 
Twaddel, William, spirit-proof maker, 84 Saltmarket 
TWEEDIE, Alexander, of Tweedie & Crawford, house 41 West George 

Tweedie & Crawford, ironmongers, 10 Jamaica street 
Tweedie, David, of Tweedie & Robertson, house 60 Oswald street 
Tweedie, D. victualler, 4 Stobcross street 

Tweedie, James, of Cuthbertson & Tweedie, house 133 N. Montrose st. 
Tweedie, Nicol, writer, 41 West George stieet 
.Tweedie & Robertson, wholesale butter stores, 45 Jamaica street, and 

wine and spirit cellars, 4 Mitchell street 
;TYZACK, Joshua, glass obscurer, 34 Buns wynd 



UNION Bank, Glasgow, 15 Virginia st. Jas. A. Anderson, manage) 

Union Fire and Life office of London, 74 Buchanan st. S. Bell, agent 

Universal Life Assurance office, 68 St. Vincent st. Robt. Moody, agt. 

United Kingdom Life Assurance Co. 102 Virginia pi. Jas. Dunlop, agent 

United States of Mexico, vice-consul, William Malcolm, 9 Koyal Ex- 
change square 

Univkrsiiy Printing Office, Dunlop street 

URE, Andrew, spirit dealer, 6 Great Dowhill 

Ure, Andrew, Avondale tavern and spirit cellar, 80 Gallowgate 

Ure & Bankier, calenderers, 16 & 20 Montrose street 

Ure, David, baker, 17 Kirk street, Calton 

Ure & Henderson, clothiers and hatters, 46 Queen street 

Ure, James, constable, sheriff and commissary officer, 76 Bell street 

LFre, James, merchant, 1 Bridge street 

Ure, James, spirit dealer, 37 Trongate 

Ure, John, of Ure and Bankier, house 114 North Montrose street 

Ure, John, baker, 159 Bridgegate 

Ure, John, & Co. victuallers and grocers, 12 Duke street 

Ure, John, merchant, 2 Ure place, Montrose street 

Ure, John, jun. baker, 119 Stockwell 

Ure, Robert, merchant, 7 Exchange place, house 113 West Regent st. 

Ure, William, wine and spirit dealer, 90 Bridgegate 

Ure, William, surgeon, R.N. 70 George square 

Ure, William, jun. tailor, 62 Hutchesorj street 

Ure, William, at James Crum's, 39 Glassford street 

Ure, William, & Son, mathematical instrument makers, 3 Brunswick ct. 

Ure, Miss, confectioner and grocer, 25 & 27 Hutcheson street 

URQUHART, Blackwood & Co. manufacturers, Commercial court, 

Urquhart & Graham, brassfounders, 27 North Woodside st. house 37 do. 

Urquhart, Wm. of Urquhart, Blackwood & Co. ho. 180 St. Vincent st. 

VALLANCE, Mrs. beamer, 14 Stevenson street, Calton 

VICAR, William, shoemaker, 67 Burnside 

VIETH, Frederick, agent and spirit dealer, 30 Buns wynd 

VIRTUE, David, fruit merchant, 62 Trongate 

Virtue, John, jun. fruiterer, 24 Argyll street 

Virtue, Peter, fruiterer, 146 & 148 Queen st. ho. 50 N- Hanover street 


WADDELL, Andrew A. writer, 73 Hutcheson st. ho. Villafield place 

Waddell, Archibald, accountant, 24 Miller street, house 1 York place 

Waddell, David, spirit dealer, Dalmarnock road 

Waddel, G. & A. grocers, 65 Nelson street 

Waddell, John C. tea merchant and general grocer, 52 King street, Trade- 

ston, house 44 do. 
Waddell, James, spirit dealer, 8 Abercromby street 
Waddell & Kerr, writers, 1 1 Miller street 
Waddell, Michael, at Alexander Barlas's, 9 George square 
Waddel, Robert, tailor, 45 Hospital street 


Waddel, Thomas, & Co. fancy lace and muslin manufacturers, 153 

Queen street 
Waddell, Thomas, of T. Waddell & Co. house 84 Bath street 
Waddell, William, of Waddell & Kerr, house 59 Union street 
Waddell, William, leather merchant, 9 Great Dowhill 
Waddell, William, surgeon, 6 Drygate 
Waddell & Yeats, tobacconists, 221 Gallowgate 
Waddell, Mrs. lodgings, 118 George street 
Waddell, Mrs. lodgings, 27 Union street 
Waddell, Misses, millinery, stay, and baby linen establishment, 50 Argyll 

WALES, Henry, ropemaker, 58 Stockwell, house 63 do. works 3 Bed- 
ford street 
WALKER, Adam, surgeon, 23 Crown street 
Walker, Alexander, Gas office, house 39 Stockwell 
Walker, Alexander, tailor and clothier, 98 Saltmarket 
Walker, Alexander, & Sons, smiths, 4S0 Gallowgate 
Walker, Alexander, spirit dealer, 391 Gallowgate 
Walker, A. & Co. general warehousemen, 15 Candleriggs 
Walker & Benny, manufacturers, Commercial court, 114; Candleriggs 
Walker, Benjamin, spirit dealer, 22 /Tobago street 
Walker & Co. Lanark cotton-yarn warehouse, 105 Miller street 
Walker, David, meal and barley merchant, 20 Union street 
Walker, David, spirit dealer, 2 Centre street 
Walker, David, surgeon, New Parliamentary road, St. Rollox 
Walker, David, house and smithy coal merchant, 192 Stirling's road. 

Orders left at 243 High street 
Walker, Gabriel, of Walker & Reddie, house Provan place 
Walker, Gavin, of Robert Walker & Son, house Windsor place 
Walker, G. L. & Co. merchants, check and power-loom cloth manufac- 
turers, 117 Candleriggs 
Walker, G. L. of G. L. Walker & Co. house 98 Bath street 
Walker, James, victualler, 52 Adelphi street 
Walker, James, Maryhill 

Walker, James, baker and spirit dealer, 1 Clyde terrace 
Walker, James, Tontine Hotel, and general coach office 
Walker, James,~~b~aker, 36 Bedford street 

Walker, James, perfumer, 60 and 61 Arcade, house 90 Argyll street 
Walker, James, cabinet and chair maker, 34 Dale street, Tradeston 
Walker, James, ship agent and carter, Burnside, Port-Dundas 
Walker, James, & Co. manufacturers, 74 Buchanan street, house 55 Bath 

Walker, John, spirit dealer, 69 Nelson street, Tradeston 
Walker, John, spirit dealer, 69 Norfolk street 
Walker, John, pye baker and spirit dealer, 47 High street 
Walker, John, of Robert Walker & Son, house 105 Sauchiehall street 1 
Walker, John, cabinet and upholstery warehouse, St. George's placp, 

house Prospecthill, Cathcart 
Walker, John, & Co. grocers, 76 Argyll street, corner of Queen street 
Walker, John, jun. of E. Steven & Co. house 1 Carlton place 
Walker, John, of John Walker & Co. house 95 Argyll street 
Walker, John, jun. bleacher, Castlebank, Partick. Letters left at A. 
Hunter & Son's, 151 Buchanan street 



Walker, John, beadle of High Church, Cathedral lodge 

Walker, John, commission warehouse, 48 Nelson street, ho 250 High k 

Walker, John, grocer, 20 Norfolk street 

Walker, Matthew, cartwright, Burnside, Port-Dundas 

Walker, Peter, & Co. bone button manufacturers and turners, 9 Buchan 

Walker, Robert, & Son, manufacturers, 12 and 22 Exchange square 
AValker, Robert, jun. of Robert Walker & Son, ho. 105 Sauchiehpll si 
Walker, Robert, beadle to Rev. Mr. Armstrong, 97 Great Hamilton si. 
Walker, Robert, provision merchant, 77 Argyll street, house 79 South 

Portland street 
Walker, Robert, writer, at John Kerr's, 97 Brunswick street 
Walker & Reddie, commission merchants, 27 Ingram street 
Walker, Robert, gingham and pullicate manufacturer, 8 Ingram street, 

house Lethamhill 
Walker, Robert, confectioner and spirit dealer, 67 Prince's street 
Walker, Robert, clock manufacturer, 20 London street 
Walker, Thomas, weaving factory, Cowcaddens. Letters left at A. Hun- 
ter & Son's, 151 Buchanan street 
Walker, Thomas, baker, 12 New Bridge street 
Walker, William, confectioner, 22 South Portland street 
Walker, William, agent, Paisley Union Bank, 51 Ingram st. ho. Bai^iav 
Walker, W. & J. confectioners, 83 High street 
Walker, William, bookbinder, 144 Trongate, house Bloomneld cottage* 

Garngad hill 
Walker, William, provision merchant, 195 Argyll street 
Walker, William, bottling cellars, Duke street, near Whitevale 
Walker, William W. of Old Drug Warehouse Co. 59 Trongate 
Walker & Woodside, gingham and pullicate manufacturers, 17 John st. 
Walker, Mrs. grocer, Dunchattan buildings, Duke street 
Walker, Mrs. Alexander, cowfeeder, 10 M'Farlane street 
Walker, Mrs. lodgings, 2G George street 

Walker, Mrs. William, pye and pastry baker, 14 Stobcross street 
Walker, Mrs. tavern, King's Arms close, 66 Trongate 
Walker, Mrs. spirit dealer, 22 Tobago street 
Walker, Mrs. S. spirit dealer, 33 Garscube road 
Walker, Miss E. milliner and dressmaker, 12 Nelson street 
Walker, Miss, teacher, M'Lauchlan's free school, head of High John st. 
WALKINSHAW, Daniel, of Walkinshaw, Skinner & Co. house 163 

St. Vincent street 
Walkinshaw, James, & Co. paper makers, 107 Ingraari street, works Over- 
ton, Greenock 
Walkinshaw, Robert, of Parkhouse. Letters left at 107 Ingram street 
Walkinshaw, Skinner & Co. merchants, 87 Buchanan street 
WALLACE, Alexander, smith, 223 George street 
Wallace, David, curtier and leather merchant, 13 St. Enoch lane 
Wallace, David, surgeon, 78 Stockwell 

Wallace, David, flesher, 445 Argyll street, house 37 West College street 
Wallace, James, bleacher, Burnbank 
Wallace, James, tea merchant, 170 Gallowgale 
Wallace, James, 63 John street 

Wallace, James, tea merchant, 177 High street, hoase 49 Montrose st 
Wallace, James, victualler, 23 Little street 


"Wallace, James, wine and spirit merchant, 171 High street 

Wallace, Dr. James, R.N. L98 Buchanan street 

Wallace, John & James, wine and spirit merchants, 174 Gallowgate 

Wallace, John, spirit dealer, 8 MMlpine street 

Wallace, John, of Ferguson, Baird & Co. 63 High John street 

Wallace, Robert, tea merchant, 120 Argyll street 

Wallace, Captain Robert, 59 Union street 

Wallace, Robert, of Wallace & Watkins, 41 Virginia street 

Wallace, Robert, Blythswood hill mathematical academy, 136 Campbell 

street west 
Wallace, Robert, spirit dealer, 18 Tureen street 
Wallace & Watkins, writers, 41 Virginia street 
Wallace, William, pullicate manufacturer, 18 South Frederick street. 

house Govanpark 
Wallace, William, bleacher, Burnbank 
Wallace, William, cooper, 132 Gallowgate 
Wallace, Mrs. 8'2 South Portland street 

Wallace, Mrs. C. straw-hat manufacturer and milliner, 179 Argyll st. 
WALLS, Hugh, wright and builder, Ann street, Cowcaddens 
WALROND, Ellis, & Co. merchants, 18 South Frederick street 
Walrond, Theodore, of Calderpark, 18 South Frederick street 
WALSH, Thomas, jun. grocer and spirit dealer, Finnieston 
WALTON, Henry, Cotton Tree tavern, Muslin street 
Walton, Jackson, of J. Walton & Co. house Frankfield 
Walton, John,.& Co. Manchester commission agents, 25 Royal Exchange sq. 
WANN, John, spirit dealer, 34 Trongate 

WARDEN, Archibald, & Son, merchants, 9 and 11 Virginia street 
Warden, Archibald, house Sauchiehall road 

Warden, Archibald, jun. of A. Warden & Son, house 1 Woodside terrace 
Warden, George, of A. Warden & Son 

Warden, James, of A. Warden & Son, house 294 St. Vincent street 
Warden, James, jun. of A. Warden & Son, house Hillhead, near Partick 
Warden, James, teacher of music, 26 George street 
Warden, James, violin maker and repairer, 26 George street 
Warden, John, teacher of Latin, French, and English composition, 26 

George street 
Warden, John E. of A. Warden & Son 
Warden, Mrs. 40 Cambridge street 
WARDLAW, Ralph, jun. agent for West of England Fire and Life 

Insurance Co. 110 Buchanan street, house 48 Brougham place 
Wardlaw, Robert, Herald Office, house 90 Campbell st. Blythswood hill 
Wardlaw, Walter, 32 Richmond street 
Wardlaw, William, house painter and paper hanger, 110 Buchanan st. 

house South Kingston 
W r ardlaw, William, of Cathcart & Wardlaw, ho. Rosebank, Cambuslang 
WARDLE, George, dealer in lace and sewed muslins, 42 Argyll arcade 

house 278 Argyll street 
WARDROP, Alexander, & Co, merchants, 91 Buchanan street 
Wardrop, A. of A. Wardrop & Co. house 12 Brandon place 
Wardrop, David, & Co. calenderers and packers, 21 Ingram street 
Wardrop, George, insurance broker, Royal Exchange 
Wardrop, James, 42 St. Andrew's square 
Wardrop, John, confectioner, 119 Argyll street 


Wardrop, John, auctioneer and appraiser, 87 Stockwell. & 80 Trongaie 

Wardrop, James, at Scott & Hall's, house Carswell's land, Glebe street 

Wardrop, Richard, merchant, 26 Brunswick place, house 114 Trongate 

Wardrop, Robert, merchant, 96 Virginia place 

Wardrop, William, at Charles Tennant & Co.'s, St. Rollox 

Wardrop, Mrs. 229 Argyll street 

Woddrop, Mrs. of Dalmamock, 55 Regent street 

WARK, David, surgeon, lecturer on anatomy, 29 College street 

Wark, James, hive-water maker, 138 Gallowgate 

Wark, John, wine and spirit merchant, Sidney court, 62 Argyll street, 

house 79 South Portland street 
WARR, William, at William Wilson & Co.'s, 100 Queen street 
WARNOCK, A. at Wilson, Stow & Co.'s, house Garscube place 
WARREN, T. of Port-Dundas Bottle Co. house works Port-Dundas 
Warren, Mrs. W. teacher of the piano forte, 82 West Nile street 
Water Baillie's office, 16 Robertson street. J. Russell, superintendent 
WATERS, Andrew, commission merchant, 118 George street 
Watters, Andrew, flesher, 24 Stevenson street, Calton 
Walters, George M. clock maker and fancy turner, 30 Duke street 
Watters, John, flesher, Cowcaddens 

Waters, Thomas, of Gilmour & Waters, house 48 London street 
WATERSON, William, teacher, 12 Bridge st. house 54 Eglinton st. 
WATK1NS, John, of Wallace & Watkins, house Kingston place 
WATSON, Adam, of Robert Watson & Co. 
Watson, Andrew, hardware and toy merchant, 3 Saltmarket 
Watson, Andrew, & Co. fieshers, 4 King street, lodgings 71 do. 
Watson, Andrew, shoemaker, 98 Broomielaw 
Watson, Andrew, jun. agent and ship broker, 98 Broomielaw 
Watson, Andrew, hosier and glover, 37 Argyll arcade 
Watson, Archibald, of Fleming, Watson & Nairn, house 9 Abbotsford pi. 
Watson, Archibald, of Houstoun, Watson & Co. house 47 John street 
Watson, Archibald, 25 Coburg street 

Watson & Armstrong, yarn agents, Smith's court, 53 Candleriggs 
Watson, Corn & Co. commission merchants, 1 Exchange court 
Watson & Co. yarn agents, 153 Queen street 

Watson, Charles, beadle of Tron Church, house 41 London street 
Watson, Charles, at Martin & Burns's, 9 Buchanan street 
Watson, Daniel, & Co. saddlers, 324 Argyll street 
Watson, David, 6 Woodside crescent 
Watson, David, Kilbirnie. Letters left at Peter Brown & Co. ? s, 67 

Virginia street 
Watson, David, spirit dealer, 152 Eglinton street 
Watson, David, & Co. spirit dealers, Barrowfield toll 
Watson, Francis, baker, 35 John street 
Watson, George, surgeon, 19 Miller street 

Watson, George, & Sons, booksellers, stationers and librarians, 36 Sae- 
venson street, house 4 Tobago street 
Watson, Henry, of Watson & M 'William, house 308 Greenhill place 
Watson, Horatia, flesher, 659 Gallowgate 
Watson, Hugh, wood measurer, 6 Croy place 

Watson, Jas. G. at Buchanan, Watson & Co.'s, residence Little Govan ho. 
Watson, James, agent for Edinburgh Ropery and Sail-cloth Co. houie 
7 Bridge street 


Watson, James, advocate, sheriff-substitute and commissary depute of 

Lanarkshire, house 8 Woodside crescent 
Watson, James, merchant, 85 Buchanan street, house 21 Elnibank place 
Watson, James, accountant, stockbroker, and agent for the Sun Fire and 

Life, and Phoenix Fire (Foreign) and Crown Life offices, 3 South 

Frederick street, house 6 Main street, Blythswood hill 
Watson, James, M.D. 152 St. Vincent street 
Watson, James, grain merchant, 25 Stockwell, house 1 1 do. 
Watson, James, cashier, Glasgow bank, house 3 Montrose street 
Watson, James, manufacturer, 6 South Hanover street, works Duke street 
Watson, James, of Watson, M 'Night & Co. house Caledonia place, 

Watson, John, at H. Monteith & Co.'s, 11 George square 
Watson, John, of Watson & Armstrong, house 152 Kottenrow 
Watson, John, merchant, 141 St. Vincent street 
Watson, John, at Buchanan, Hamilton & Co.'s, 74 Buchanan street 
Watson, John, coalmaster, Netherwood coalyard, Port-Dundas 
Watson, John H. of Glasgow Flint Glass Co. house Stobcross 
Watson, Joseph, provision store, 37 Kirk street 

Watson, M 'Night & Co. commission agents, North court, Royal Ex- 
change, and 153 Queeu street 
Watson & M'William, commission agents, 2 N. court, Royal Exchange 
Watson & Munro, merchants and clothiers, 62 Queen street 
Watson, Oliver, spirit dealer, 60 Candleriggs 
Watson & Rae, clothiers, 7 Miller street 
Watson, Rainey & Co. merchants and manufacturers, 4 South Hanover 

Watson, Robert, of Watson and Rae, house 67 South Portland street 
Watson, Robert, jun. of Robert Watson & Son, house 16 Abbotsford 

Watson, Robert, & Son, merchants, 69 Oswald street 
Watson, Robert, of Robert Watson & Son, house 67 Oswald street 
Watson, Robert, & Co. commission, merchants, 30 Cochran street 
Watson, Robert, baker, 120 Stockwell 
Watson, Robert, ironmonger, 20 Hutcheson street, house 7 Sommerville 

Watson, Robert, saddler, 8 Glassford street 
Watson, Samuel, surgeon, 37 Crown street 

Watson, Thos. Soulhcroft, Govan. Letters left at Barclay & Skirving's 
Watson, Thomas, spirit dealer, 455 Gallowgate 
Watson, Walter, of Watson & Munro, house 230 Argyll street 
Watson, Waller, jun. of Watson & Munro, house 86 Bishop street 
Watson, William, Museum tavern, and preserver of birds, quadrupedv, 

&c. 8 Charlotte street 
Watson, Wm. agent and sheriff-officer, 15 Dobbie's loan, Port-Dundas 
Watson, William O. spirit dealer, 21 Bell street 
Watson, William, of Watson, Rainey & Co. house 3 Brandon place 
Watson, William, jun. gingham and pullicate manufacturer, 163 Ingram 

street, house Sandyford 
Watson, William, baker, 168 High street 

Watson, William, bootmaker, 71 Ingram street, and 15 Adelphi street 
Watson, William, of Robert Watson & Co. house 135 St. Vincent street 
Watson, William W. of James Martin &' Co. house J35 St. Vincent st. 

228 WATSON — WE1K. 

Watson, Mrs. William, spirit dealer, 49 Dundas street 

Watson, Mrs. Watson's court, 1 94 Gallowgate 

Watson, Miss, 116 George street 

Watson, Miss, 198 Buchanan street 

Watson, Miss Jane, grocer, 36 Oxford street 

WATT, Adam, baker, 85 Renfield street 

Watt, Allan, victualler, 90 Main street, Gorbals 

Watt, Andrew, wine and spirit dealer, 31 & 33 Brunswick street 

Watt, Alexander, warden, office Cathedral lodge, ho. 15 St. Mungo St. 

Watt, Alexander, spirit dealer, 116 Main street, Goibals 

Watt & Anderson, manufacturers, 163 Ingram street 

Watt, Charles, of John Watt & Son, house Lawmoor place 

Watt, Frederick, baker, 86 Main street. Goibals 

Watt, George, surgeon, 34 Glassford street, house 27 Saracen's lane 

Watt, James, spirit dealer, 8 Cochran street 

Watt, James, oil lamp contractor and measuring-line maker, 7 south 

Albion street, and 179 Argyll street 
Watt, James, grain merchant, 33 Union street, house 105 Sauchiehall st. 
Watt, John, china merchant, 48 Oxford street 
Watt, John, spirit dealer, 82 Bridgegate 
Watt, John, builder, 8 Sauchiehall street 

Watt, John, & Son, coppersmiths, brass and iron founders, Saracen lane 
Watt, John, of Stephen, Miller & Co. and John Watt & Son, house 27 

Saracen lane 
Watt, Robert, of the customs, Glasgow, house 11 St. Enoch square 
Watt, Robert, 46 Buccleuch street 
Watt, Robert, confectioner, 100 Main street, Gorbals 
Watt, Robert, jun. of Campbell & Watt, 79 Argyll street 
Watt, Thomas, starcher, 13 Little street, Calton 
Watt, Thomas, & Co. clothiers, 64 Saltmarket 
Watt, William, starcher, 59 Crown street 
Watt, William, spirit dealer, 100 Great Hamilton street 
Watt, William, starcher, 1 3 Little street 
Watt, William, wright, 8 Sauchiehall street 
Watt, Mrs. Robert, 46 Buccleuch street 

Watt, Miss, milliner and straw-hat maker, 34 South Portland street 
WAUGH, Allan, victualler, 109 Saltmarket 
WEBB, Brothers, produce commission agents and merchants, and agents 

for West of England Insurance office, 93 Glassford street 
WEBSTER, John, paper manufacturer, 57 Argyll street 
Webster, John, house and sign painter, 101 George street 
Webster, John, ironmonger, 33 Gallowgate 
Webster, Peter, cabinet and upholstery warehouse, 124 Trongate and 

61 Candleriggs 
Webster, Richard, teacher of the piano forte and singing, 15 West 

George street 
Webster, Robert, woollen and linen draper and silk mercer, 75 Trongate 
Webster, Mrs. G. spirit dealer, 290 High street 

WEIR, C. furnishing shop, trunk and paper-box maker, 65 George St. 
Weir, D. F. surgeon, 97 Main street, Anderston, house 90 Carrick street 
Weir, George, baker, 77 King street, Tradeston 
Weir, Gilbert, & Co. merchants, 16 Canon street 
Weir, James, baker, 41 Main street, Gorbals 

WEIR — WHYTE, 221 

Weir, James, victualling shop, 10 New street, Calton 

Weir, John, spirit dealer, 78 Brown street 

Weir, John, wine and spirit merchant, Main street, Bridgeton 

Weir, Matthew, painter and paper hanger, 229 Argyll st. house 303 do. 

Weir, Matthew, writer, 11 Miller street 

Weir, Robert, paper maker and wholesale stationer, 44 Queen street, 

house 118 Argyll street 
Weir, William, Argus office, 24 Queen street 
Weir, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 67 Dale street, Tradeston 
Weir, William, baker and spirit dealer, 28 Kirk street, Calton 
Weir, William, vintner, 9 Anderston Quay 
Weir, Dr. William, surgeon, 120 Buchanan street 

Weir & Wilson, tea merchants, 7 Main street Gorbals, and 103 King st. 
Weir, William, spirit dealer, Saltmarket 
Weir, Mrs. 142 George street 

Wellington spinning and weaving works, Go van street 
WELSH, William, currier and leather merchant, 49 St. Andrew"; 

square, and 34 Main street, Gorbals 
Welsh, William, jun. 50 Gordon street 
WEMYSS, Mrs. candle shop, 49 Adelphi street 
WEST, Charles, bookseller and stationer, 156 High street 
West of England Fire and Life Insurance Office. Agents for Glasgow, 
Ralph Wardlaw, jun. 110 Buchanan street, R. W. Hamilton, 9 
Gordon street, and II. B. Webb, 93 Glassford street. See Adver- 
tisement in Appendix. 
West of Scotland Insurance Office, 147 Buchanan street. James J. 

Duncan, LL. D. manager 
West of Scotland Cotton Trade Association, T. G. Buchanan, secretary, 

60 Ingram street 
WESTERN Bank of Scotland, 10 Miller st. Donald Smith, manager 
Western Club, 141 Buchanan street. William Paterson, club-master 
WETHER ALL, William, boot and shoe maker, 44 King street 
WESTWATER, James, silk mercer, 116 Argyll st. ho. 5 Regent street 
Westwater, J. 40 Miller street 

WHELAN, Abraham, bookbinder and librarian, 138 Gallowgate 
WHYTE, A. C. tea and coffee merchant, 58 Trongate, 2 and 4 Nelson 

street, house 16 St. Mungo street 
White, Andrew, of Drummelzier, house 68 Charlotte street 
Whyt, Andrew, 115 West Bath street 

White, A. dealer in glass, china and stoneware, 402 Argyll street 
White & Batt, silk merchants, London. William Casey, agent, 11 

John street 
Whyte, C. & R spirit dealers, 101 Gallowgate 
White, Dick & Co. merchants, 5 Drury street 
White, Edward, of William White & Son, house 48 Queen street 
White, George, watchmaker and jeweller, 178 Trongate, house 201 Bu- 
chanan street 
White, H. brush and basket warehouse, 13 Candleriggs 
Whyte, James, & Son, cabinet makers and upholsterers, 140 Queen st 

cabinet workshops 89 West Nile street 
Whyte, James, tobacco broker, 119 Brunswick street 
White, James, of J. & J. Vi hite, house Fairfield, Govan 
Whyte, James & William, & Co, cotton-yarn merchants, 74 Brunswick at. 


White, James, portioner, 57 Coburg street 

White, James, writer, of Couper & White, house 73 West Nile street 

Whyte, John & James, manufacturing chemists, Shawfield, works near 

Rutherglen, office 14 Melville place 
White, John, of White, Dick & Co. house 5 Scott street 
White, John, wholesale hardware merchant, 90 Saltmarket 
White, John, beadle, Relief Church, Calton, 114 Trongate 
^hyte, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 128 Main street, Gorbals 
White, John, & Co. oil and colour merchants, 14 Melville place 
Whyte, John R. leather merchant, &c. 19 Cochran street, ho. 67 South 

Portland street 
White & Kirkland, wholesale victuallers, Brunswick court 
White, Peter, accountant and factor, agent for the Yorkshire Fire & Life 

Insurance Co. 20 Buchanan street 
Whyte, Robert, merchant, 70 Charlotte street 
Whyte, Robert, of James Whyte & Son, house 132 Queen street 
Whyte, Robert, teacher, head of Crown street 

Whyte, Robert, porter to the British Linen Co. house 67 Nelson street 
White, Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, 21 Rutherglen loan 
White, Robert, & Co. cotton-yarn merchants, 7 Garthland street 
Whyte, Robert, of Robert Whyte & Co. house 98 South Portland street 
White, Thomas, grocer, 14 Broad street, Mile-end 
Whyte, Thomas, of Blackburn & Whyte, house 22 Abbotsford place 
Whyte, William, agent for Henry Bannerman & Sons, Manchestei, 

house 154 Hope street 
White, William, & Son, confectioners, 73 Queen street 
White, William, tobacco pipe maker, Gibson street 
Whyte, William, of Jas. & Wm. Whyte & Co. ho. 17 Elmbank cresct-ut 
Whyte, William, of James Whyte & Son, house 144 Queen street 
Whyte, William, & Co. merchants, 37 Ingram street 
Whyte, William, of William Whyte & Co house Gaiibraid 
White, Mrs. James, lodgings, 47 Adelphi street 
White, Mrs. James, 3 Dalhousie street, Garnetbank 
Whyte, Mrs. matron, Magdalene Asylum 
Whyte, Mrs. John, reedmaker, 90 High street 
Whyte, Mrs. Thomas, Wellbank, Finnieston 
Whyte, Miss, dressmaker, 53 St. Andrew square 
Whyte, Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 18 Renfield street 
WHITFIELD, Misses C. & M. milliners, straw hat makers, ic. 527 

Argyll street 
WHITEHEAD, John, merchant, 131 Ingram street, house 27 Rase 

street, Garnethill 
Whitehead, R. victualler, 66 King street 
Whitehead, Joseph, leather warehouse, 23 St. Andrew square 
WHITELAW, Archibald, at J. & VV. Campbell & Co.'s, house IT Shi', 

Andrew square 
Whitelaw, James, grocer and spirit merchant, 64 Glassford st. ho. S3 6.6. 
Whitelaw, James, wright, 77 Main street, Anderston 
Whitelaw, James, spirit dealer, 17 Adelphi street 
Whytlaw, M. & J. merchants, 16 Buchanan street 
Whitelaw, Robert, surgeon, R. N. 430 Argyll street 
Whitelaw, Mrs. David, boarding and day school, 41 Charlotte street 
Whitelaw, Mrs. Robert, vintner and stabler, 156 Gallowgate 


WHITEMAN, W. W. of Reid& Whiteman, house 241 Hillst. Garnethill 

WHITESIDE, Miss, milliner, 46 South Portland street 

WlGHTON, Gray & Co. merchants, 48 Gordon street 

Wighton, Mrs. Greenhill place, 305 St. Vincent street 

WIGHTS, T. B. poultry, oyster, &c. store, 17 Ropework entry 

WlLKIE, Andrew, spirit dealer, 4 Prince's street 

Wilkie, D. & J. writers, 52 Virginia street 

Wilkie, David, of D. & J. Wilkie, house 9 Carlton place 

Wilkie, David, furnishing shop, Fleming place, Cowcaddens 

Wilkie, James, agricultural implement maker, agents, P. & R. Fleming. 

17 Argyll street 
Wilkie, John, beadle of St. Enoch's Church, 56 Howard street 
Wilkie, John, of D. & J. Wilkie, house 10 South Portland street 
Wilkie, Robert, Sun tavern, 19 Saltmarket 
WILKINSON, John, wright, 9 Morrison street, Kingston 
WILLIAMSON, A. at Adamson & Logan's, ho. 51 North Hanover si. 
Williamson, Andrew, basket maker, 41 Candleriggs 
Williamson, John, manufacturer, 67 Bell street, house Williamson place, 

John street, Greenhead 
Williamson, John, tobacconist, 5 West George street, house S do. 
Williamson, John, jun. wholesale and retail grocer, 52 Candleriggs 
Williamson, John, wholesale and retail grocer, 23 Trongate and 52h 

Bridge street, house 62 Charlotte street 
Williamson, Peter, clothier, 58 Queen street 

Williamson, T. at William Middleton & Co.'s, house 1 North Ure place 
Williamson, William Broadley, at Robt. Dalglish& Co.'s, 13 Montrose st. 
Williamson, William, currier and leather merchant, 132 Gallowgatu 
Williamson, Misses, straw hat makers and milliners, 141 Rottenrow 
WILLIS, James, carver, gilder and printseller, 13 Royal Exchange sq. 
Willis, Rev. Michael, 75 Renfield street 
Willis, William, merchant, 5 Ingram street 

WILLISON, Archibald, wine and spirit merchant, Si W. Clyde street 
WILSON, A. & A. provision dealers, 137 Trongate 
Wilson, Alex, wire woiker and wire cloth manufacturer, 43 Trongate 
Wilson, Alexander, vintner and stabler, 11 Kent street 
Wilson, Alexander, spirit dealer, 17 Well street, Calton 
Wilson, Alexander, teacher, College Parish School, 16 Grej-friars wynd 
Wilson, A. B. furnishing shop, 265 George street 
Wilson, A. R. clothier and hatter, 67 Union street 
Wilson, A. & Co. tea merchants, 61 Union street 
Wilson, Andrew, starcher, 178 Stirling's road 
Wilson, Andrew, grocer, 22 York street 
Wilson, Andrew, provision merchant, 21 King street, and carrier to Pol- 

Wilson, Andrew, of Wilson & Kelso, house 50 Bridge street 
Wilson, Dr. Andrew, surgeon, 6 Struthers 1 street 
Wilson, Archibald, of Robertson & Wilson, house 26 Warwick street 
Wilson, Archibald, spirit dealer, Cowcaddens 
Wilson, Bryce, grocer, 44 Portugal street 
Wilson and Connell, surgeons, Tontine buildings 
Wilson, Charles, at D. Hamilton's, architect 
Wilson & Co. manufacturers, North court, Royal Exchange 
Wilsons & Co, Summerlee Iron Works, office 108 Argyll street 


230 WILSON. 

Wilson, David, wholesale and retail grocer, 24 Oxford street 

Wilson, David, spirit dealer, 47 King street 

Wilson, David, agent, Auchterarder ale store, 42 Montrose st. house do. 

Wilson & Dow, shawl manufacturers, 96 Virginia place 

Wilson, Edward, painter, 24 Hospital street 

Wilson, Francis, officer of excise, 36 Cowcaddens street 

Wilson, Francis W. clerk, Royal bank, house 75 Bath street 

Wilson, Gavin, of R. Wilson & Son, 59 King street, Tradeston 

Wilsone, George R. of Pearson, Wilsone & Co. house 24 West Bath st 

Wilson, Heugh & Co. merchants, 3 Exchange place 

Wilson, Hugh, painter, 191 High street 

Wilson, H. engraver, copperplate and lithographic printer, 197 Trongate 

Wilson, Jacob, spirit dealer, 9 Canning street 

Wilson, James, joiner and cabinet maker, 28 Saltmarket, ho. front lanr? 

Wilson, James, bread and biscuit baker, 49 Gordon street 

Wilson, James, surgeon, aerated water maker and manufacturing chemiss, 

New Town Apothecaries' Hall, 24 and 26 Renfield street 
Wilson, James, of Wilson & M'Donald, house 53 North Hanover atree-! 
Wilson, James, paper-mould maker, 22 Great Dowhill 
Wilson, James, surgeon, 41 Miller street 
Wilson, James, surgeon, Tontine, house Clyde buildings 
Wilson, James, of Findlay, Wilson & Co. house 108 South Portland st. 
Wilson, John M. bootmaker, 21 Queen street, house 4 Oxford street 
Wilson, John, & Son, builders and wood merchants, 46S Gallowgate 
Wilson, John, brewer, house and brewery 32 East Clyde street, cellars 

3 Melville place, 9 West George street, and 56 Canning street 
Wilson, John C. victualler, 415 Argyll street 

Wilson, John, of Herveys, Wilson & Co. ho. Clarence pi. 135 Main st. 
Wilson, John, paper warehouse, 78 Broomielavv, grocer and spirit dealer. 

47 West College street 
Wilson, John, at John B. Gray's, 131 Ingram street 
Wilson, John & James, candlemakers, 45 Saltmarket & 207 Arg3'll street. 

works 88 Nelson street, Tradeston 
Wilson, John, tea merchant, Antigua place, house 11 Cathcart street 
Wilson, John, clothier, 58 Saltmarket, house 77 Charlotte street 
Wilson, John, spirit dealer, 26 Crown street 
Wilson, John, librarian and bookbinder, Barrowfleld toll 
Wilson, John, session-clerk, 64 South Portland street 
Wilson, John, & Sons, Hurlet & Dalmarnock works, office 108 Argyll st. 
Wilson, John, of Stewart & Wilson, house 135 Hope street 
Wilson, John, of Dunlop, Wilson & Co. 19 John street 
Wilson, John, cork cutter, 466 Argyll street 
Wilson's & Co. 33 Buchanan street 

Wilson, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 44 Clyde street, Anderstcr- 
Wilson, John, marbler and paper stainer, 15 Old wynd 
Wilson, John, victualling house, 119 Bridgegate 
Wilson, John, Hope place, Mid Woodside road 
Wilson, John, house factor and sheriff's officer, Rae's land, William street, 

Wilson, J. & R. wholesale grocers and tea dealers, 27 Queen street, house 

34 South Portland street 
Wilson & Kelso, manufacturers, 22 South Frederick street 
Wilson, Lorraine, merchant, 85 Buchanan street 

WILSON'. 23 1 

Wilson & M'Donald, writers, 26 Hutcheson street 

Wilson & Maclntyre, writers, 40 Dunlop street 

Wilson, Matthew, & Co. paper and rag warehouse, 22 Bell street 

Wilson, Peter, professor of mathematics and natural philosophy, &c. 
Andersonian University, house 1 North Ure place 

Wilson, P. cabinet and chair maker, Maitland street, Cowcaddens 

Wilson, Richard, wholesale stationer, Clarkston paper mill warehouse, 
77 Bell street 

Wilson, R. C. & Shireff, commission agents, 1 Royal Exchange court 

Wilson, Robert, tallow chandler, 243 Argyll street 

Wilson, Robert, of Samuel Wilson & Sons, house 63" Alston street 

Wilson, Robert, of R. Wilson & Sons 

Wilson, Robert, joiner, 60 St. Enoch wynd 

Wilson, Robert, & Son, grocers, 59 King street, Tradeston 

Wilson, Robert, spirit dealer, 14 Great Clyde street. 

Wilson, Robert, wright, 29 Gallowgate 

Wilson, Robert, ropemaker, 9 Port-Dundas road 

Wilson, Robert, tobacconist, 19 Main street, Gorbals 

Wilson, Robert, & Co. manufacturers, 95 Candleriggs 

Wilson, Samuel, Albion coffee-house, 74 Argyll street 

Wilson, Samuel, slater, 39 Stockwell 

Wilson, Samuel, umbrella, parasol, braces and cap manufacturer, whole- 
sale wareho. 54 Candleriggs, retail shop 69 Candleriggs & 1 Wilson st. 

Wilson, Samuel, & Co. wire workers and wire-cloth manufacturers, 49 

Wilson, Samuel, & Sons, sugar refiners, 71 Alston street 

Wilson, Stow & Co. stuff merchants, Guildford street, Leeds, and 85 
Buchanan street 

Wilson, T. & D. muslin manufacts. 145 Ingram st. ho. 119 N. Montrose st. 

Wilson, Thomas, baker, 66 Stockwell 

Wilson, Thomas, jun. baker, 116 High street 

Wilson, Walter, reed maker, 65 High street 

Wilson, Walter, -wholesale grocer and tea dealer, 37 King street 

Wilson, William, wholesale shoe warehouse, 87 Ingram street, house 
Casllemilk cottage 

Wilson, William, brick and tile maker, builder and potter, 642 Gallow- 
gate and Cook street, Tradeston, house Campbellfield. Orders left at 
140 Trongate 

Wilson, William, porter to the Royal Bank, ho. Royal Bank buildings 

Wilson, William, writer, factor for Sir John Maxwell, 40 Dunlop street 

Wilson, William, merchant. 129 Ingram street, ho. 68 West Regent st. 

Wilson, William, flesher, 58 South Portland street 

Wilson, William, spirit dealer, 52 Cheapside street 

Wilson, William, spirit dealer and horse dealer, 255 Buchanan street 

Wilson, Rev. William, 4 Oxford street 

Wilson, William, wine and spirit merchant, 12 Stevenson street 

Wilson, William, blacking manufacturer, 112 Gallowgate 

Wilson, William, & Co. sewed muslin manufacturers, 100 Queen street 

Wilson, W. of W. Wilson & Co. house Roseknowe, Cathcart parish 

Wilson, William, victualler, Main street, Bridgeton 

Wilson, Mrs. James, gardener, Green market, house Stobcross 

Wilson, Mrs. J. grocer and spirit dealer, Reid street, Bridgeton 

Wilson, Mrs. J. hosier, 117 Trongate 


Wilson, Mrs. grocer, 48 Adelphi street 

Wilson, Mrs teacher, M'Farlane school, Surrey street 

Wilson, Miss J. S. 51 Renfield street 

Wilson, Miss M. grocer and spirit dealer, 9 West street 

Wilson, Miss M. dressmaker, 56 York street 

Wilsontown Iron Works Office, 37 Glassford street 

WINCHESTER & MacGibbon, glass and china warehouse, 69 and 71 

Argyll street, Glasgow, and 3 Cathcart street, Greenock 
Winchester, William, of Winchester & MacGibbon, house 66 South 

Portland street 
WING ATE, Alexander, of Black & Wingate, house 6 Albany place 
Wingate, A. sen. of Wingate, Son & Co. house 166 St. Vincent street 
Wingate, A. jun. of Wingate, Son & Co. house 166 St. Vincent street 
Wingate, James, & Son, insurance brokers, Royal Exchange buildings, 

house Garnetbank 
Wingate, James, of Westshiels, 22 Monteith row 
Wingate, John, of Ewing & Wingate, house Govan road 
Wingate, O. bonded warehouses, 17 Howard street, counting-house 16 

St. Enoch square 
Wingate, Robert, 24 West Nile street 
AVingate, Son & Co. wholesale warehousemen, Royal Exchange square, 

and 85 Queen street 
Wingate, Thomas, & Co. engineers and founders, Springfield & Adelphi 

Wingate, Thomas, of Thomas Wingate & Co. house Springfield 
Wingate, William, of Wingate, Son & Co. house 13 Montagu place 
WINKS, John, ironmonger, 70 Kirk street, Calton 
WINNING, James, spirit dealer, 2 Cheapside street, Anderston 
WINTON, David, tailor and clothier, 79 Trongate 
Winton, John, overseer, 81 St. George's place, ho. 98 Sauchiehall street 
WINROPE, James, whip maker, 80 Trongate 
WISE, James, potter, 32 Millroad street 
Wise, John, fiesher, 52 Bedford street, and 6 Beef market 
WISEMAN, A. wine and spirit dealer, 58 Bridge st. house 72 Norfolk st. 
WISHART, Capt. A. late of 15th regt. of foot. 169 Hill st. Gameihill 
Wishart, James, wine and spirit merchant, 7 John street, house 47 

Cochran street 
Wishart, John, wine and spirit dealer, 11 Candleriggs 
WITHERS & M'Caw, clothiers, 228 Argyll street 
Wither, John, lodgings, 26 George street 

WOLSKI, Felician A. teacher of modern languages, High school 
WOOD & Son, smiths, beam, coffee and sugar mill manufacturers, 7 & I 

WOOD, Alexander, of Wood & Son, house 23 Clyde place 
Wood, Alexander, jun. of Wood & Son, 23 Clyde place 
Wood, Francis, & Co. cotton spinners, and power-loom cloth manufac- 
turers, James's street, Bridgeton, warehouse 117 Ingram place 
Wood, Francis, of Comedie, 117 Ingram place 
Wood, George, grocer and spirit dealer, Dalmarnock road 
Wood, James, brick manufacturer, 21 William street 
Wood, Dr. John R. surgeon and occulist, 52 Renfield street 
Wood, William, clothier, 306 Argyll street 
Wood, William, victualler, 145 High street 


Wood, Mrs. John, vintner, Old Swan close, 187 Trongate 

Wood, Mrs. silk dyer, 315 Argyll street 

Wood, Mrs. lodgings, 40 Sauchiehall street 

Wood, Miss, milliner and dress maker, 14 Croy place 

WOODBURN, Alexander, of William Guild & Co. 57 West Nile st. 

Woodhall Colliery Office, Monkland Canal basin. J. Lamont, agent, 

house Villafield 
WOODROW, Alexander, wright, 86 Dale street, ho. 14 Melville st. 
Woodrow, Andrew, shawl warehouse, 86 Buchanan street 
Woodrow, John, manufacturer, 63 Candleriggs 
Wodrow, Robert, 221 Hill street, Garnethill 
WOOLFIELD, Samuel, 2 and 4 Exchange square, Emporium for 

English and foreign fancy articles, writing desk, dressing case, and 

work box manufacturer 
WORDIE & M'Arthur, Stirling carriers, 38 Miller's place 
WOTHERSPOON, Andrew, wright, trunk and packing box maker, 

207 George street, house 12 Glebe street 
Wotherspoon, Andrew, teacher, 45 Havannah 
Wotherspoon, James, hat manufacturer, 40 Gallowgate 
Wotherspoon, John, spirit dealer, 1 17 Main street, Gorbals 
Wotherspoon, John, wine and spirit merchant, 62 Argyll street, house 

106 North Montrose street 
Wotherspoon, R. & Son, bakers, 142 High street 
Wotherspoon, William, huddle maker, 9 Great Dowhill 
WRIGHT, Alexander, spirit dealer, Port-Dundas 
Wright, Andrew, boot and shoe warehouse, 334 Argyll street 
Wright, Archibald, grocer and spirit dealer, 38 Ladywell street 
Wright, C. wholesale and retail warehouseman, 50 Candleriggs and 81 

Bell street 
Wright, Daniel, & Co. ship and commission agents, 33 Robertson street 
Wright, Daniel, of D. Wright & Co. house 35 Robertson street 
Wright, David, fruiterer, 218 Argyll street, house Low Dumbreck 
Wright, Duncan, beadle to Rev. Mr. Brodie, ] 15 Grame street 
Wright, Duncan, coronation braid manufacturer, at Andrew Pargellis', 

stationer, 83 Glassford street 
Wright, George, temperance coffee house, 145 Trongate 
Wright, Hay, drysalter, and commission agent, 33 Virginia street, house 

Cleland testimonial 
Wright, Hugh, & Sons, plasterers, 148 High street 
Wright, J. Innes, & Co. 85 Buchanan street 
Wright, J. Innes, house 272 St. Vincent street 
Wright, James, wine and spirit merchant, 18 Steam Boat quay 
Wright, James, spirit dealer, Townhead 
Wright, James, grocer, Main street, Bridgeton 
Wright, James & John, cotton brokers, Virginia buildings 
Wright, James, of J. & J. Wright, house, 225 St. Vincent street 
Wright, John, Trafalgar tavern, 148 Trongate 

Wright, John, spirit dealer, victualler and stabler, 163 Main st. Gorbals 
Wright, John spirit dealer, 161 Saltmarket 
Wright, John, publican, 18 Saltmarket 
Wright, John, & Co. ship brokers and agents, 96 Broomielaw 
Wright, John, of John Wright & Co. house 5 Robertson street 
Wright, John, sen. coachmaker, 21 Wellington st. ho. 37 N. Portland st. 
Wright, John, surgeon, 81 Bridgegale 



Wright, John, at Walker & CoZs, Lanark warehouse, 105 Miller street, 

house 272 St. Vincent street 
Wright, J, victualler& spirit dealer, 1 Green st. Calton, &52Abercrombie st. 
Wright, Joseph A. of Adam & Wright, house 37 South Portland street 
Wright, M. temperance coffee-house & reading room, 87 Glassford street 
Wright & Morrison, hat manufacturers and patentees, 110 Argyll street 
Wright, Robert, & M. Gillfillan, writers, 76 Virginia street 
Wright, Ronald, grocer, Commercial road 
Wright, J. B. poulterer and oyster stoie, 108 Stockwell 
Wright, Thomas, agent and house factor, 45 Tureen street 
Wright, Thomas, painter and colourman, 43 East Clyde street 
Wright, Thomas, house and ornamental painter, 47 Oxford street 
Wright, Thomas, grocer and spirit dealer, 150 West Nile street 
Wright, William, wine and spirit dealer, 187 Cowcaddens 
Wright, William, & Co. cotton spinners, Lochwinnoch, at J. & J. 

Wright's, Virginia buildings 
Wright, William, merchant, 13 Exchange place 
Wright, Mrs. milliner, 54 Nelson street 
Wright, Mrs. 19 South Portland street 
Wright, Miss, J. milliner, 15 Nelson street 
WYL-D, J. agent for the Commercial Bank of Scotland, 66 Virginia st. 

house do. 
Wyld, Thomas, Commercial Bank, house 66 "Virginia street 
WYLIE, Alexander, provision merchant, 44 Maxwell street 
Wylie, Alexander, & Co. pipe makers, 22 St. Mungo's lane 
Wylie, Archibald M. Medical Hall 131 Bridgegate, ho. 26 Robertson m. 
Wylie, David, inspector of weights and measures, 67 Hutcheson street 
Wylie, David, grocer, 74 Main street, Gorhals 
Wylie, James, & Co. coppersmiths, 9 Ann street 
Wylie, James, brazier, pewterer and tinsmith, 52 Wilson street 
Wylie, James, bootmaker, 116 Queen street 
Wylie, James, surgeon, 225 Argyll street, house 221 do. 
Wylie, John, spirit dealer, 33 New wynd 
Wylie, Joseph, grocer, 1 Broad street, Mile-end 
Wylie & Lochhead, upholstery furnishers, paper hanging, down, feather 

and hair merchants, 164 Trongate 
Wylie & Lochhead, undertakers, licensed to let hearses, mourning coaches, 

&c. office 14 Cochran street and 164 Trongate. See Adv. in Appendix 
Wylie, Robert, Irish and French linen warehouse, 72 Virginia street 
Wylie, Robert, of Wylie & Lochhead, house 9 Cochran street 
Wylie, William, wine and spirit dealer, 2 Clyde street, Calton 
Wylie, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 37 Tobago street 
Wylie, Mrs. Robert, & Sons, lint and yarn shop, 17 High street 
Wylie, Mrs. boarding school, 33 North Hanover street 
Wylie, Mrs. lodgings, 141 George street 
Wylie, Catherine, green grocer, 106 Sauchiehall street 
WYPER, James, teacher, 109 Fife place 
Wyper, John, spirit dealer, 16 Marlborough street 
WYSE, Mrs. Madeira buildings, 269 Argyll street 
Wyse, Miss, baker, 31 John street 


YEATES, Thomas, spirit dealer, 1 Low Green street 
YEAMAN, Joseph C. cooper, 40 Commerce street 


Yokek. Distillery cellars, 76 Maxwell street 

YORK, William, builder, 30 Renfrew street 

York & North of England Fire & Life Assurance Co. Wm. Kelly & Co. 

agents, 52 Virginia street. See Advertisement in Appendix 
Yorkshire Fire & Life Insurance Office, John Lang, 135 Buchanan st. 

P. White, 20 Buchanan street, & Thos. Somervail, 9 Gordon st. agents 
YOUNG, Adam, poulterer, 73 Prince's street 
Young, Adam, coal agent, Crown court, 33 Virginia street 
Young, Adam, St. Rollox Foundry, Townhead 
Young, Alexander, writer, 13 Queen street 

Young, Alexander, & Co. wine and spirit merchants, 109 Candleriggs 
Young, A. of Alex. Young & Co. house Dr. Maxwell's, 5 Union streec 
Young, A. S. surgeon dentist, St. George's place 
Young, Alexander, victualler, 14 Norfolk street 
Young, Alexander, spirit dealer, 140 High street 
Young, Alexander, writing master, Andersonian University 
Young, Alexander, spirit dealer, 641 Gallowgate 
Young, Allan, spirit dealer, 99 Kirk street, Calton 
Young, Andrew, & Son, commission merchants and cotton yarn agents, 

73 Brunswick street 
Young, Andrew, of A. Young & Eon, house 184 Buchanan street 
Young, Archibald, writer, 107 Buchanan street, house Wallacegrove 
Young, Baird, wine and spirit merchant, 101 Main street, Anderston, 

house above, and grocer and spirit dealer, Finnieston 
Young & Borland, cartwrights, 231 Main street, Gorbals 
Young, David, surgeon, Wilson's land, Dale street, Bridgeton 
Young, David, rnessenger-at-arms, 24 Miller st. lodgings 194 VV. Nile st. 
Young, David, of Young & Simpson, house 158 Gallowgate 
Young & Freelands, merchants, 10S Fife place 
Young, George, edge-tool manufacturer, 56 Old venel 
Young, George, writer, 13 Queen street, house 23 Carlton place 
Young, George K. & Co. merchants, 163 Ingram street 
Young, Geo. K. of G. K. Young & Co. house 261 West George street 
Young, George, of Stewart & Young, house Mid Woodside road 
Young, George M. 19 East Regent street 

Young, Glassford, & Co. printfield warehouse, 163 Ingram street 
Young & Hodge, writers, 107 Buchanan street 
Young, J. H. & Co. muslin warehouse, 63 Candleriggs 
Young, J. H. of J. H. Young & Co. house 16 Ure place 
Young, James, flesher, 19 Kirk street 
Young, James, 1 Barony place 
Young, James, 257 West George street 
Young, James, lodgings, 62 George street 
Young, James, leather merchant and agt. for Scott's universal medicine, 

72 Prince's street, house Crown street 
Young, John, 19 South Portland street 
Young, John, agent, 51 South Albion street 
Young, John, law agent, 28 Miller street 

Young, John, cabinet maker, 10 Dundas st. warehouse 200 Buchanan st. 
Young, John, green grocer, 31 South Portland street 
Young, John, of Young & Freelands, house 1 Bh/thswood square 
Young, John, grain merchant, 35 Kent street 
Young, John, of Andrew Young & Son, 73 Brunswick street 
Young, John, house and sign painter, 2 Main street, Calton 

23b' YOUNG — ZUILL. 

Young, John, at James Muirhead's 

Young & Leitch, engineers and millwrights, 24 Canon st. ho. 62 George st. 

Young, Peter, T. at Sheriff Clerk's office, lodgings 67 West Nile street 

Young, Peter, Dundee wholesale warehouse, 42 Hutcheson street 

Young, Robert, & Son, bootmakers, 84 West George street, 

Young, Robert, green grocer, 12 Crown street 

Young, Robert, ironmonger, 27 Gallowgate 

Young & Simpson, wrights, 151 Gallowgate 

Young, Thomas, & Co. wholesale tea dealers, 57 Miller street and 29 

Mark lane, London 
Young, Thomas, spirit dealer, 135 Bridgegate 
Young, William, teacher of the Youths 1 department of the Gorbals 

School, house 93 Crown street 
Young, William, glazier and diamond setter, 19 Gallowgate 
Young, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 39 North Frederick street 
Young, William, painter, 57 Argyll street 

Young, William, hide and leather merchant, 44 St. Andrew's square 
Young, William, grocer, Drygate toll 
Young, William, plumber, 419 Argyll street 

Young, William, coal master, Monkland Canal basin, house 1 Barony pi. 
Young, William, grate, fender maker and bellhanger, 223 George street 
Young, Dr. William, 82 Kirk street, house 9 James's street, Cahon 
Young, William, London tavern, 49 Trongate 
Young, Mrs. Robert, 18 Monteith row 
Young, Mrs. William, lodgings, 62 George street 
Young, Miss, of Scavlethall, 35 Clyde buildings 
Young, Miss Ann, milliner and dressmaker, 1 2 Arcade 
Young, Miss Isabella, milliner and dressmaker, Miller's buildings, 

Commercial road 
Young, Misses, 45 Union street 
YOUNGER, Thomas, 57 Renfield street 
YOUNGHUSBAND, Mrs. E. lodgings, 73 Hutcheson street 
YUILLE, A. B. of Strang, Yuille & Keyden, ho. 10 Abercrornby place 
Yuile, David, of Gibb & Yuile, house 142 Sauchiehall street 
Yuile, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 39 Taylor street 
Yuill, John, spirit dealer, Mitchell lane 

Yuill, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 15 Abercrornby street, Calton 
Yuill, John, glass merchant and window glazier, 86 Mitchell street, ho. 

1 Mitchell lane 
Yuille, John, at Martin & Burns', house 419 Argyll street 
Yuill, John, victualler, 106 Stockwell 
Yuill, Peter, saddler, 32 Main street, Gorbals 
Yuill, Robert, watchmaker, 1 Main street, Gorbals 
Yuill, Thomas, saddler, 16 Main street, Gorbals 
Yuile, William, & Son, wine and spirit merchants, 40 Miller street 
Yuile, William, of William Yuile & Son, house Moodie's court 
Yuile's tavern, Moodie's court, 31 Argyll street 


ZOLLER, Frederick, jun. commission merchant and Belgian consul, 

16 Gordon street, house 141 West George street 
ZUILL, Andrew, victualler and spirit dealer, Clyde st. Poit-Dundas 
^jjill, James, spirit dealer, 56 Bell street 
Zuill, Robert, plumber, 16 Renfrew lane, ho. 13 Little Hamilton street 






See also Teachers. 
Alexander, Mrs. 180 W. Regent st. 
Brown, Mrs. J. 13 St. Andrew sq 
Boyd, Miss, 39 Oxford street 
Briggs, Miss, 27 Blythswood square 
Campbell, Mrs. & Misses* 12 

Portland street 
Dick, Mrs. 26 Blythswood square 
Graham, Mrs. & Miss Fleming, 

133 West Regent street 
Inglis & Gibb, Misses, 7 Queen st. 
Lamond, Mrs.& Misses, 11 Yorkst. 
Methven, Misses, 58 York street 
Miller, Mrs. 129 Hope street 
M'Kean, Miss, Woodside crescent 
Newlands, Bliss, 189 Buchanan st. 
Pollock, Misses, 59 Eglinton street 
Purdie, Miss, 18 Monteith row 
Rodger, Mrs. & Miss, 33 John st. 
Russell, Misses, 37 Virginia street 
Sutherland, Mrs. 83 Bath street 
Whitelaw, Mrs. 41 Charlotte street 
Wylie, Mrs. 33 North Hanover st 

24 M 

yAitken, Robert, jun. 60 Ingram St.|/ 
SAllan, R. & T. and factors, 
Stockwell *" 

Barland, Andw. 118 George street 
Bogle, J. K. 03 St. Vincent street 
XBrock, H. 40 Wilson street ^. 
Brydson, William, 4 York street" ~ 

Buchanan, T. G. 60 Ingram street 
Campbell, B. Garscube place ._ 

i^Carrick, Win, Virginia buildings V ' 
■ ihristie, James, 37 Glassford street \a 
Colquhoun, A. 48 St. Andrew sq. 
Crichton, H. 29 Hutcheson street 
Cunningham, John, 16 St. Enoch sq. 
uthJifCuthbertson, Allan, 110 Fife place V* 
|^'uthbertson, Donald, 110 Fife pl.^A 

Glassford, Wm. 51 N. Hanover st. 

jdiraham, J. 193 Argyll street V*^ 

Greig, David, 9 St. Vincent place 

Hamilton, R, W. 9 Gordon street 

.iiJaffrey, R. 11 Virginia street^ r\ 

Jaffray, Wm. jun. 63 High John st.Mi 
Jeffrey, Wm. sen. 24 Queen streer 
"^err, James, 11 Miller street V s - 
Lang, John, 135 Buchanan street 
pM'Clelland, Jas. 17 S. Hanover st.*\ 
M'Ewen & Auld, 17 Royal Ex^ . 

change square 
-M'lntosh, John, S. Exchange ct. +/^. 
M'Intosh, J. jun. S. Exchange ct. 
M'Laren, Hamilton, 20 Miller st. 
M'Laren. N. C. 20 Stockwell pi. 
•4dVi'Taggart, A. and stock broker. 
Royal Exchange buildings 
M'Nab, William, 57 Oswald street 
'Nair, Robert, 49 Virginia street r* 1 
ein & Johnston, 42 Miller street | 
Methven, James, 40 Glassford street 
Morrison, C. 315 Argyll street 
Munro, John, 17 Brunswick place 
Treason, Patrick, 73 Hutcheson st.$/" 





,\Ord, George, 125 Virginia street 
>Paul & Harvie, 153 Queen street \/\ 
xRussell, J. 1 N. court, Ro. Ex. s 
Sanders, G. Abbotsford place 
Thorburn, J. 33 John street 
Turnbull, James, 60 Ingram street 
*$Vaddell, Archd. 24 Miller street^ 
••■Watson, James, 3 S. Frederick st % 
*>\Vhite, P. & factor, 20 Buchanan st. 

Hatiick, Wm. & Co. 13 Turner's 

Wilson, James, 24 Renfield street 


Reddie, James, 12 Blythswood sq. 
Watson, James, 8 Woodside crescent 

Adamson & Woodcock, 135 Bu- 
chanan street 
Agnew, W. 74 Stevenson street 
Alexander, Alex. & Co. 6 E. Nile st. 
Allan, John, 16 Turner's court 
Bain, George, 48 Nelson street 
Baird, John, brewery, 357 Argyll st. 
Bell, William, 76 Gallowgate 
Bennet, William, 27 Virginia street 
Blackwood, James, 44 Crown street 
Bogle, Douglas & Co. 1 N. Royal 

Exchange court 
Bowman, Andrew, 44 Trongate 
Bruce, P. 13 Little Hamilton street 
Bruce, J 65 Oswald street 
Buchan, Wm. 13 East Nile street 
Burns, J. & G. steam packet, 9 Bu- 
chanan street 
Cameron, T. & Co. steam boat, 83 

Miller street 
Campbell, Archibald, 29 Carrick st. 
Coubrough, John, 12 G. Clyde St. 
Crichton, J. 58 Buchanan street 
Crichton, W. 17 Virginia street 
Curie & Railton, 62 Argyll street 
Davie, William, Finnieston 
Drew & M'Symon, 3 York street 
Drysdale, James, 17 Turner's court 
Dunlop, James, 23 Glassford street 
Dunlop, Robert, 2 Antigua court 
Ferguson, A. 30 Turner's court 

Henderson, Hugh, 286 Gallowgate 
Hickes, G. 64 Hutcheson street 

ill, Neil, 10 Jamaica street 
Hinshelwood, J. 107 Buchanan st. 
Hume, Alex, book, 2 Coburg street 
Johnston, J. M'N. Burnside lane 

^Laird, Alex. & Sons, 12 York st. 
Lang, R. 9 St. Andrew street 

*teek, John, 3 Upper Thistle street 
Liddell, J. 96 Virginia place 
Lyall, Wm. 16 St. Enoch square 
Lyle, James, 172 High street 
M'Brair, Robt. M. 118 S. Albion st. 
M'Callum, E. 260 St. Vincent st. 
M'Culloch, Dug. 93 Castle street 
M'Crindel, J. 10 Jamaica street 
M'Donald, W. 93 Miller street 
M'Ewan, Jas.jun. 20 Brunswick pi. 
M'Goun, Malcolm, 18 Turner's ct. 
M'Kean, D. 102 Virginia street 
M'Lennan, S. 37 Glassford street 
M'Nab, Wm. 57 Oswald street 
Martin, W. 31 York street 
Miller, Robert, 3 Robertson street 
Morrison, J. 3 Antigua place 
Orr, William, 16 St. Enoch square 
Reid, James, 20 Anderston quay 
Reid, T. 6 Saltmarket 
Russell, A. 46 Rose street 
Scott, W. M. 153 Queen street 
Simpson, Francis, 229 George st. 
Stark, Robert, 32 Well street 
Stevens, J. 35 Union street 
Stewart & Wilson, 74 Buchanan st. 
Taylor, D. 15 Argyll street 
Thomson, J. 243 Gallowgate 
Thomson & M'Connel, steam packet, 

15 Jamaica street 
Tolmie, John, 1 Coburg street 
Tower & Smith, commercial, 5 

North court, Royal Exchange 
Tweddall, H. 40 Charlotte street 
Vieth, F. 30 Buns wynd 
Watson, And. jun. 98 Broomielaw 
Watson, William, 15 Dobbie's loan 
Wright, J. & Co. 96 Broomielaw 
Wright, Thomas, 45 Tureen street 
Young, John, 51 South Albion st. 


See also Surgeons and Druggists. 
Dick, J. 2 London street 
Gallowgate Co. 31 Gallowgate 



Glasgow Apothecaries' Hall, 34 

Virginia st. A. Mitchell, manager 
Glasgow New Apothecaries' Hall, 

57 & 59 Glassford street, Win. 

Greig, manager 
Glasgow Medical Hall, 84 Argyll 

Mather, M. M.D. 110 & 112 Tron 


VBaird, J. 5 Buchanan street v 
Baird, R. 8 Eglinton street 

ABlack, R. 2 Royal Exchange cour^ Anderson, M. sen. 65 King street 

Boyd, J. 310 Argyll street 

Brash, J. Crown street 
Pferyce, J. 189 Buchanan street 
^Burns, T. 66 Miller street \J 
.-•Collie, James, 45 Queen street • / 
'Fisher, J. 87 Argyll street 

Foote, R. 50 Gordon street 

^Hamilton, D. 233 Buchanan streef -Baird, David, 4 North street 

} ; Hay, A. 10 Coburg lane 
iHerbertson, J. 135 Buchanan st^/^ 
T^Vlathieson, K. 137 Hope street jt. 
.-Muirajr, George, 44 Hutcheson st^/ 

Russell, James, Three-mile-house 
^Salmon, J. 240 Argyll street »/> 
Jpcott, Stephen, & Gale, 23 South 
Hanover street *" A 

Gunn, William, 48 Gallowgate 

Adam, James, 31 Hospital street 
Adam, Mrs. J. 52 Main st. Anderston 
Aitken, Archd. 105 Canning st. 
Aitken, R. 80 Jamaica street 
Aitken, Robt. 13 Well st. Calton 
Allan, William, 103 Bridgegate 
Anderson, James, 240 High street 
Anderson, Jas. jun. 151 High st. 
Anderson, M. jun. 60 King street 

Anderson, Robert, 15 Stockwell 
Angus, J. 120 Main st. Anderston 
Arthur, Thomas, 73 Crown street 
Auld, Thomas, 130 Queen street 
Bain, Alexander, 7 Well street 
Bain, Hugh, 103 Cowcaddens 
Bain, William, 121 Argyll street 

Baird, J. 21 Norfolk street 
Baird, William, 28 Little street 
Balderston, James, 85 High street 
Bell, J. 104 Portland street 
Black, James, 81 Kirk st. Calton 
Black, William, 19 S. Nelson street 
Blair, Mrs. gingerbread, 50 Stockw. 
Borrows, Jeremiah, 1 69 Gallow£ate 

"Smith, William, 145 Argyll street* ^Boyd, James, 191 Argyll street 
S»ence, William, 63 Stockwell stJ^Boyd, Mrs. Alex. 8 Frederick lane 
'Taylor, Alex. 68 St. Vincent street*< / Bremner, Duncan, 324 Gallowsate 

Williamson, Ch. 233 Buchanan st. 


Grant, Mrs. 109 Trongate 


Barclay & Skirving, 67 Buchanan st. 
Burn, Peter, & Co. 132 Trongate 
Curie & Railton, 62 Argyll street 
Donald, John, 8 Virginia street 
Gow, W. 132 Trongate 
Graham, J. & W. 90 Argyll street 
Keith, J. book, 5 Hutcheson street 
Wish, John, 88 Gallowgate 
Sander. Hugh, 21 Argyll street 
[Stuart, William, 53 Glassford street 
Turnbull, Archd. 29 Bridgegate 
AVardrop, John, 87 Stockwell 

Bridgeton New Baking Society. 

Main street 
Bridgeton Old Baking Society, 

Main street 
Brown, Archd- 118 Buchanan st. 
Brown, J. pastry, 107 Saltmarket 
Brown, J. 46 Gallowgate 
Brown, R. 52 High street 
Brown, Mrs. E. 88 High street 
Browning, A. 187 Gallowgate 
Buchanan, T. 33 Main st. Gorbals 
Brownlie, Thos. 48 Bridge street 
Caldwell, George, 7 Clyde terrace 
Caldwell, J. 39 Bridge street 
Calton & Bridgeton Bread Society, 

18 Tobago street 
Campbell, John, 51 Clyde street, 

Campbell, Mrs. J. 21 Maxwell st. 
Carswell, William, 137 Gallowgate 


Connell, Alexander, 5 Charles street 
Crombie, J. 34 Cheapside street 
Crawford, Charles, 165 W. Nile st. 
Cullen, James, 44 Adelphi street 
Currie, A. jun. 354 High street 
Dalrymplej Mrs. Alex. 288 High st. 
Dick, Peter, 170 Argyll street 
Dougall, A. 165 Duke street 
Downs, James, 96 Renfield street 
Drummond, J. ]04 Burnside 
Drysdale, John, 29 Bedford street 
Duncan, A. 148 Eglinton street 
Duncan, A. 25 King st. Tradeston 
Duncan, John, 180 Argyll street 
Duncanson, A. 61 Glassford street 
Dunn, A. 22 Bridge street 
Dunn, James, 33 Govan street 
Edmiston, James, 1 58 Argyll street 
Ferguson, John, Main st. Bridgeton 
Findlay, John, 5 Clyde st. Callon 
Fleming, James, Fleming place, 

Fleming, Robert, 10 Sauchiehall st. 
Forrester, A. 158 W. Regent street 
Forrester, Andrew, 19 Stevenson st. 
Forrester, D. 20 King street 
Forrester, John, jun. 7 Gordon st. 
Forrester, Robert, 21 Orr street 
Galloway, Robert, 135 Argyll street 
Gall, William, 39 Adelphi street 
Galloway, William, 16 Clyde place 
Gemmell, R. 159 Main st. Gorbals 
Gemmell, William, 77 George street 
Gemmell, William, 115 Candleriggs 
Gentle, John, 215 High street 
Gibb, John, 369 Gallowgate 
Gibb, Mrs. Gabriel, 273 Gallowg. 
Gillies, D. 25 Main street, Anderston 
Gilmour, D. & P. 157 Gallowgate 
Gilmour, James, 92 VV. Nile street 
Gilmour, William, 7 Adelphi street 
Gilmour, Mrs. T. Sauchiehall street 
Glassford, Alex. 55 Gallowgate 
Goodwin, Thomas, 228 High street 
Gourlie, George, 39 Kent street 
Graham, Alex. 145 Gallowgate 
Granger, James, 107 Renfield street 
Granger, J. 84 Burnside 
Gray, Andrew, 11 Bridge street 
Gray, J. 85 Saltmarket 
Grindlay, J. pastry, 164 High st. 
Haddow, W. Maitland street 
Hamilton, Joseph, Dalmarnock road 

Hannay, A. 126 Cowcaddens 
Hannay, Win. 25 Adelphi street 
Harvie, Robert, 9 Main st. Calton 
Hill, Archibald, 136 Hope street 
Houston, J. 19 Clyde terrace 
Hunter, James, Port-Dundas 
Hunter, Thomas, 6 Stevenson st 
Jackson, William, 48 Norfolk street 
Johnston, G. 36 Crown street 
Johnston, John, 99 Eglinton street 
Johnston, Mrs. 11 King st. Calton 
Kelly, C. 32 Clyde st. Anderston 
Kilgour, Allan, 99 Main street 
Kyle, John, Main street, Bridgeton 
Lang, J. 183 Gallowgate 
Lapraik, J. 87 Main st. Anderston 
Leitch, William, 336 Argyll street 
Leslie, David, 434 Argyll street 
Logan, Andw. 8 Main st. Anderston 
Love, Robert, 1 Cowcaddens street 
Mack, Robert, Main st. Bridgeton 
M'Arthui, P. London road 
M'Beth, John, 158 Saltmarket 
M'Callum, N. 406 Argyll street 
M'Conochy, H. fe Son, 127 Salt- 
M 'Donald, James, 42 Bath street 
M'Farlane, Mrs. R. 20 George st. 
M'Gregor, Andrew, 290 Argyll st. 
M'Gregor, John, 62 Centre street 
M'Kean, A. 58 King street 
M'Kellar, A. 64 Main st. Gorbals 
MacLatchie, H. 74 King st. Calton 
M'Lean, Hugh, 93 G. Hamilton st. 
M'Lellan, J. 125 Main st. Gorbals 
M'Luckie, T. 26 Main st. Gorbals 
M'Nab, Alexander, 45 John street 
M'Niven, John, 80 Kirk st. Calton 
M'Pherson, George, 72 Trongate 
M'Symon, R. 11 Anderston quay 
Malcolm, A. 11 Green st. Calton 
Marshall, Mrs. John, 224 Gallowg. 
Marshall, John, jun. 57 Saltmarket 
Martin, Robert, St. Rollox 
Meikle, Robert, 22 Millroad street 
Menzies, Duncan, 7 Sauchiehall st. 
Milligan, Robert, 39 Canning st. 
Miller, Alexander, 346 Argyll st. 
Miller, Alex. 82 Canning street 
Miller, J. 46 Stevenson street 
Mitchell, And. 49 Main st. Calton 
Mitchell, W. jun. 123 Stockwell 
Mitchell, Mrs. 2 Eglinton street 



Mochrie, G. 202 Buchanan street 
Moncrieff, Mrs. M. 24 Crown st. 
Morrison, Charles, 16 Portugal st. 
Morrison, James, 394 Argyll street 
Munro, Daniel, 90 Hope street 
Murray, J. 75 South Nelson street 
Murray, P. 175 Buchanan street 
Nicholson, James, 5 Norfolk street 
Niven, Archibald, 13 Nile lane 
Orr, D. 3 Anderston quay 
Osbourne, Robert, Cowcaddens 
Osbourne, R. 22 King st. Tradeston 
Parker, J. jun. 71 Glassford street 
Parker, James, 40 London street 
Parker, R. 20 South Rose street 
Parker, Thomas, 13 Canning st. 
Paterson, Robert, 147 Trongate 
Perth Baking Co. 78 Union street 
Petre, J. 3 Clyde street, Anderston 
Pollock, William, 3'8 Eglinton st. 
Primrose, William, 53 King street, 

Rankin, J. 232 Argyll street 
Robertson, J. 314 Argyll street 
Robertson, Robert, 69 King street 
Rowan, John, 55 John street 
Rowan, Michael, 74 Bath street 
Russell, John, 178 W. Nile street 
Scott, An. 275 Argyll street 
Scott, James, 249 George street 
Scott, Robert, fe Sons, 275 Argyll 

Scott, Simon, 39 Oxford street 
Scott, Thomas, 27 Norfolk street 
Scott, William, 343 Argyll street 
Scouller, J. 117 Rottenrow 
Siddon, H. 276 Argyll street 
Simpson, George, 14 Adelphi st. 
Simpson, George, 16 Struthers' st. 
Skinner, William, 472 Argyll st. 
Smith, A. 158 Hope street 
Smith, John, 101 Green street 
Snedden, William, 18 Canning st. 
Sommerville, James, 88 Broomielaw 
Steel, John, & Co. 45 Argyll st. 
Stenhouse, H. 99 Main street 
Stevenson, John, 17 Oxford street 
Stewart, Charles, 3 Greenhill st. 
Stirling, William, 12 Malta street 
Taylor, Henry, 35 Prince's street 
Thomson, James, Garscube place 
Ure, David, 17 Kirk street, Calton 
Ure, John, 159 Bridgegate 

Ure, J. 119 Stockwell 
Walker, James, 36 Bedford street 
Walker, James, 1 Clyde terrace 
Walker, T. 12 New Bridge street 
Watson, Francis, 35 John street 
Watson, Robert, 120 Stockwell 
Watson, William, 168 High street 
Watt, Adam, 85 Renfield street 
Watt, Fred. 86 Main st. Gorbals 
Weir, Geo. 77 South King street 
Weir, Jas. 41 Main street, Gorbals 
Weir, William, 28 Kirk st. Calton 
Wilson, J. 49 Gordon street 
Wilson, Thomas, 66 Stockwell 
Wilson, Thomas, jun. 116 High 

Wotherspoon, R. & Son, 142 High 

Wyse, Mrs. 31 John street 


Adam, Mrs. 34 George street 
Crawford, Hugh, & Son, 24 Queen 

Cunningham, Mrs. 70 Brunswick st. 
Dougall, R. Main street, Bridgeton 
Liddell, William, 62 Gordon street 

BANKS. — See Appendix. 


See also Brush Makers. 
Boles, John, 45 Candleriggs 
Coilignon, S. 32 South Albion st. 
Lyon, Miss, 32 Candleriggs 
Montgomerie, Walter, & Co. Mait- 

land street 
Paterson, James, 186 Argyll street 
Robertson, John, 30 & 40 Arcade 
Ruddach, John, 9 Candleriggs 
Sutherland, David, 17 Candleriggs 
Williamson, And. 41 Candleriggs 

Anderson, A. Wellington street 
Barclay, Thomas, St. Luke's, 76 

Great Hamilton street 
Bennie, Jas. St. James', 54 Great 

Hamilton street 
Bisset, Roderick, 18 Buchan street 
Bryce, J. 209 High street 
Cochran, M. Bridgegate Church, 

48 North Portland street 


Cunningham, Charles, St. David's, 

88 John street 
Dawson, James, Grayfriars' Church, 

25 Inkle Factory lane 
Dick, A. Barony, Villafield place 
Don, Jas. St. Paul's, Stirling road 
Dougall, John, 64 King st. Calton 
Drysdale, David, 46 Campbell st. 
Earl, John, 50 Renfrew lane 
Faulds, John, 49 St. Andrew sq. 
Gardner, John, College Church, 17 

George street 
Gillespie, Campbell, 35 Renfrew st. 
Gourlay, R. 3 North Clyde street, 

Graham, J. St. John's, 46 Graeme st. 
Hilton, Thomas, 7 George square 
Keir, John, 36 Blackfriar street 
Kennedy, James, Duke St. Chapel, 

2.57 George street 
Lang, Win. 16 Great Hamilton st. 
Lee, Thomas, 98 Union street 
M'Aulay, John, St. Andrew's, 42 

;■ t Andrew square 
M'Donald, James, 11 Coburg lane 
M'Dougall, A. of St. George's, 8 

West George street 
M'Gregor, W. 7 Struthers 1 st. Calton 
M'Kechnie, John, North Woodside 
M'Kenzie, John, 15 Drury street 
M'Kie, George, 47 Gordon street 
M'Rae, J. St. Thomas, 2 Hill st. 
Mann, John, 23 Nicholson street 
Miller, W. 3 Main st. Anderston 
Paterson, W. 255 George street 
Picken, Richmond, 8 W. George st. 
Rae, J. St. Mark's, 112 Washing- 
ton street 
Reid, D. 60 Thistle street 
Reid, H. Main street, Bridgeton 
Stewart, A. 12 Norfolk street 
Stewart, James, St Columba, 280 

George street 
Taylor, Archibald, 17 Havannah 
Thomson, John, 458 Argyll street 
Walker, John, Cathedral lodge 
Walker, R. 97 Great Hamilton st. 
Watson, Charles, Tron, 41 London 

White, John, 114 Trongate 
Wilkie, John, St Enoch's, 56 How- 
ard street 
Wright, Duncan, 115 Gramme street 


Crichton, Andw. 18 London street 
Crichton, Walter, 66 High street 
Malcolm, John, 187 Trongate 

Black, J. 56 Kirk street, Calton 
Christie, Wm. 14 Abercromby street 
Granger, R. 6 Weaver street 
Vallance, Mrs, 14 Stevenson street 


Corbet, William, 29 Union street 

See Smiths a?td Bellhangers. 


Sweet, Thomas, 15 Charlotte law 

Allan, J. 124 Trongate 
Blackwood, George, 72 Nelson st. 
Brunton, John, 6 Sydney street 
May, J. 47 Havannah street 
Spence, Henty, 75 High street 
Telfer, Alex. sen. 177 Trongate 

Drummond, William, 28 Drygate 
Ross, Alexander, 85 Trongate 
Ross, W. 153 Trongate 
Wilson, William, 112 Gallowgaie 


Adam, AVilliam, & Son, Milnbank 
Buchanan,G.&Sons, 95 Candleriggs 
Crum, J. & W. & Co. 51 Cochran st. 
Hamilton, John, 57 Queen street 
Jones, Mrs J. Cloberfield, 76 Bell st. 
Muir & M'Nair, Wellpark, Duke st. 
Pender, James, & Son, Dunibrock 
Smith, R. & C. 4 Montrose street 
Thompson, J. & Co. 78 King street 
Walker, J. jun. Castlebank 
Wallace, W. Burnbank 
Wallace, J. Burnbank 

Brown, B. 10 Oswald street 
M'Millan, D. 216 Broomielaw 



Brown, John, Piccadilly street 
Burns & Howard, 17 North street 
Glasgow, Robert, 100 Commerce st. 
Holaway, Jas. Main street, Anderston 

Campbell, J. 18 St. Andrew's open 
Campbellton distillery, 57 Argyll 

Cloudslie, James, 43 Howard street 
Graham, Alex. 82 Maxwell street 
Martin, W. 31 York street 
Wingate, O. 17 Howard street 


Blair, D. & Co. 77 Brunswick street 
Carss, John, 31 Argyll street 
Campbell, W. 179 Argyll street 
Colville, Robert 43 Queen street 
Crawford, Adam, 27 King street 
Farie, Robert, 57 Argyll street 
Hutcheson, James, 12 Prince's street 
Laurie, Robert, and librarian, 8 

King street, Tradeston 
Morrison, John, and librarian, 51 

Oxford street 
Muir, Jas. & G. 15 Hutcheson street 
Neil, Thomas, 175 Buchanan street 
Neilson, John, 31 Argyll street 
Niven, William, 87 Argyll street 
Rae, John, 42 Argyll street 
Seller, William, 91 Trongate 
Thomson, James, 5 Hutcheson street 
Walker, William, 114 Trongate 
Whellan, Abraham, 138 Gallowgate 
Wilson, John, Barrowlield toll 

See also Slatimers. 
Begg, James A. 32 Buchanan street 
Bilsland, William, 183 High street 
Blackie & Son, 38 Queen street 
Blacklaws, W. 236 Argyll street 
Bradfoot & Co. 62 Hutcheson street 
Brash, James, & Co. 50 Trongate 
JBryce, D. 105 Buchanan street 
Cameron, James, 244 Argyll street 
Campbell, D. and librarian, 3 llu- 
| chanan street 

Campbell, William, and librarian, 
404 Argyll street 

Collins, William, and printer, 155 

Ingram street 
Dewar, Charles, 181 High street 
Donald, A. 50 Adelphi street 
Dow, John, 187 High street 
Falconer, Robert, 29 Miller place 
Forsyth, John, 40 Argyll street 
Fullarton, A. & Co. and publishers 

34 Hutcheson street 
Gallie, George, 99 Buchanan street 
Glass, R. 73 London street 
Glass, Sam. 53 Jamaica sti-eet 
Gourlay, Robert, 3 N. Clyde street 
Grant, Peter, 79 Stockwell 
Griffin, R. & Co. 115 Buchanan st 
Hadden, A. 155 High street 
Heggie, James, 13 Saltmarket 
Henderson, John, 460 Argyll street 
Hiekes, John, 21 Bridge street 
Hutcheson, Robert, 11 Saltmarket 
Jackson, Robt. & Co. 66 Argyll st. 
Kennedy, D. 16 & 17 G. Clyde st. 
Ker», James, 21 Buchanan street 
Kerr, William, 6 College street 
Laurie, Robert, 8 South King street 
Lochead, Thomas, 5 Park place 
Lottimer, Andrew, 48 Trongate 
Lottimer, J. S. 11 Canon street 
Love, George, 21 Nelson street 
M'Kay, J. 60 Broomielaw 
M'Kenna, J. 156 Broomielaw 
M'Leod, John, 20 Argyll street 
M'Nair, J. & Co. 61 Ingram street 
M'Namara, Mich. 178 Saltmarket 
M'Phun, W. R. 88 Trongate 
M'Vean, D. 60 Nelson stieet 
Margey, H. 28 East Clyde street 
Marshall, William, 5 Maxwell street 
Miller, James, and librarian, 256 

Buchanan street 
Miller, R. 215 Gallowgate 
Morrison, R. 186 Gallowgate 
Morrison, William, 271 Argyll st. 
Moore, D. & librarian, 96 Queen st. 
Murray, Thomas, 8 Argyll street 
Niven, John, jun. 158 Trongate 
Ogilvie, Thomas, 14 Argyll street 
Ogle, M. & Son, Royal Exchange 

Reid, John, 36 Queen street 
Robertson, David, 188 Ti ungate 
Robertson, John, 144 Argyll street 
Robinson, H. 7 Brunswick place 


Ross, W 35 George street 
Riitherglen, A. & Co. 84 Trongate 
Salmonrl, Peter, 1 George street 
Smith, D. librarian, 19 Canon street 
Smith, John, & Sod, 70 St. Vincent 

Smith, Mrs J. cross steeple 
Steel, J. 15 Saltmarket 
Stewart, Duncan, 184 Trongate 
Stuart, Robert, & Co. foreign, 159 

Ingram street 
Symington, John, & Co. 81 Queen 

Watson, George, & Son, 36 Steven- 
son street 
West, Charles, 156 High street 


Phillips, William, 13 Tarbert street 

Alexander, Wib, 35 Stevenson street 
Anderson, Peter, 36 Hospital street 
Anderson, R. & J. 53 John street 
Baird, Alexander, 13 Crown street 
Ballantine, Alexander, furnishing, 

145 High street 
Begg, John, 143 George street 
Bell, Daniel, 153 Argyll street 
Bell, James, 81 George street 
Bennie, John, 40 Saltmarket 
Black, A. 121 Rottenrow 
Blyth, Thomas, 44 Argyll street 
Boag, J. & Co. 271 George street 
Borland, R. 76 King street 
Brooke, J. 43 George square 
Brown, David, 45 Orr street 
Brown, J. 36 Dale street 
Brown, J. 5 Nelson street 
Brownlie, A. 6 Royal Bank place 
Burnside, J. 128 Trongate 
Cameron, J. 33 Hospital street 
Campbell, R. 12 Main st. Anderston 
Chalmers, J. 37 Gallowgate 
Clow, James, 10 Saltmarket 
Cockfield, Joseph, 184 Gallowgate 
Craig, John, 8 Arcade 
Crichtnn, James, 32 Saltmarket 
Crosbie, J. 60 Thistle street 
Cross, John, 141 Trongate 
Davis, T. 70 Broomielaw 
Davidson, J. 1 Clelland street 
Davidson, William, Clelland court 

Davidson, William, 43 Adelphi st. 
Dickson, J- 53 Trongate 
Duncan, J. 11 Canning street 
Edgar, William, Cowcaddens 
France, William, 40 Queen street 
Ferguson, Joseph, 69 Commerce st. 
Gibb, J. 105 Rottenrow 
Gibb, John, 17 Clyde terrace 
Glass, William, 138 Trongate 
Good, G. 27 Glassford street 
Grange, Thomas, 7 W. George street 
Grant, A. 99 George street 
Gray, Benjamin, 57 Nelson street 
Greenlie, John, 109 G. Hamilton st. 
Hall, A. & Co. 44 & 45 Arcade 
Halliday, M. 1 Oxford street 
Hardie, Edmond, 38 Saltmarket 
Hardie, John, 3 London street 
Harley, James, 3 Adelphi street 
Harvey, William, 13 Arcade 
Hector, John, 284 Argyll street 
Hepburn, Robert, 56 George street 
Houston, Robert, 34 Prince's street 
Hutcheson, James, 160 Argyll street 
Imrie, A. 135 Main street, Anderston 
Johnston, Charles, 267 George street 
Johnston, John, 5 Stevenson street 
Johnston, M. 99 Nelson street 
Kay, Henry, 20 Coburg street 
Law,' D. 3 Trongate 
Linn, J. & Co. 4 John st. Bridgetou 
Livingston, Dun. 186 Broomielaw 
Livingston, Peter, 407 Argyll street 
Lochore, Robt. & Co. 191 Trongate 
Lochore, V/.& Son, 185 Trongate 
M'Aulay, Aulay, 409 Argyll street 
M'Callum, D. 114 .Sauchiehall st. 
M'Callum, G. 18 Sauchiehall street 
M'Caul, G. &'Son, 83 Hatcheson st. 
M'Candlish, John, 57 S. Portland st. 
M'Corkindale, A. 400 Argyll street 
M'Corkindale, D. 20 Eglinton street 
M'Corkindale, J. 47 New Bridge st. 
M'Cormick, Alex. 25 1 High street 
M'Diarmid, Neil, 238 Argyll street 
M'Dougall, D. 117 Argyll street 
M'Farlane, A. 198 Broomielaw 
M'Farlane, Francis, 39 John strees 
M'Farlane, James, 13 Miller street 
M'Farlane, J. & M. 302 Argyll st. 
M'Farlane, W. 19^ Norfolk stree: 
M'Goun, G. 69 Trongate 
M'Grigor, D. 5 Argyll arcade 



M'Gregor, Peter, 8 Brunswick pi. 
M'Intyre, J. 88 Main st. Anderston 
M'Kay, Benjamin, 33 Canon st. 
M'Kay, John, 121 George street 
M'Kay, Neil, 16 Thistle street 
M'Kellar, D. 190 Argyll street 
M'Kenzie, John, 58 Gordon street 
M'Kenzie, R. 18 Main st. Anderston 
M'Killop, N. 64 Eglinton street 
M'Kinlay, Thomas, 32 Dale street 
M'Kinnon, H. 43 Oxford street 
M'Kittrick, John, 239 Gallowgate 
M'Nicol, C. 36 Argyll street 
M' Robert, John, 42 Bridge street 
Marsh, Mucklejohn & Co. 26 High 

Miller, Alexander, 26 Saltmarket 
Miller, James, 26 Kirk st. Calton 
Miller, M. 20 Saltmarket 
Miller & Thorbum, 18 Royal Ex- 
change square 
Miller, Wm. Main st. Bridgeton 
Miller, William, 54 Saltmarket 
Monteith, James, 2S Bridge street 
Muckart, L. 88 Trongate 
Muir, John, 56 King st. Tradeston 
Muir, Thomas, 94 George street 
Munn, Robert, 185 Cowcaddens 
Murray, Alex. 99 Argyll street 
Murray, Robert, 13 xVdelphi street 
Nicol, D. 22 Norfolk street 
Nicol, R. jun. 48 Hospital street 
Niven, A. 7 Buchanan street 
Parker, J. 12 Brunswick place 
Osborn, George, 2 Argyll arcade 
Paterson, A, & W. 152 Trongate, 

and 92 Argyll street 
Paterson, John, 286 Gallowgate 
Paterson, Robert, 50 Ingram street 
Paterson, Thomas, London street 
Paton, W. 17 Hutcheson street 
Pearson & Co 44 Saltmarket 
Porteous, Thomas, 42 Saltmarket 
Provan, W. 92 Glassford street 
Rankin, William, 4 Havannah 
Rogers, Stephen, 76 Buchanan st. 
Ross, A. & G. 24 & 26 Prince's st. 
Scott, James, 1 London street 
Shank, A. 49 Sauchiehall street 
Shanks, D. & Son, 54 King street 
Smith, Alex. 14 & 16 Prince's st. 
Smith, D. 4 Saltmarket 
Smith, James, 5 Trongate 

Smith, T. 29 Struthers' street 
Sommerville, A- 25 Eglinton st. 
Stark, Alex. 169 Buchanan street 
Steel, John & William, 9 Queen st. 
Steel & Penney, 64 Queen street 
Stevenson, Robert, 74 Canning st. 
Stewart, Samuel, 258 Argyll st. 
Swan, D. 38 South Portland st. 
Telfer, Alex. 160 Cowcaddens 
Thomson, David, 122? Buchanan st. 
Thomson, Duncan, 112 ArgylLst. 
Thorbum, Thomas, 9 Trongate 
Tierney, W. cajpetj 22 Prince's st. 
Vicar, William, 67 Burnside 
Watson, Andrew, 98 Broomielaw 
Watson, J. 15 Stobcross street 
Watson, William, 71 Ingram st. 
Wetherall, W. 44 King street 
Wright, Andrew, 334 Argyll st. 
Wilson, John M. 21 Queen street 
Wylie, James, 116 Queen street 
Young, R. & Son, West George st. 

See also Boot and Shoe Makers. 
Baird, William, 24 Saltmarket 
Bowman, Miss E. 160 Trongate 
Chisholm, Miss H. Ladies 1 London- 
made, 94 Queen street 
Crichton, Mrs. 11 Trongate 
Glasgow Establishment, 23 London 

Law, Mrs. D. 2 Saltmarket t 

M'Lennan, Mrs. M. 30 Saltmarket 
Robertson, Miss, 114 Queen street 
Robertson, Miss, 51 Argyll arcade 

Bell, Isaac, 10 Carrick street 
Bennett, J. 12 Charlotte street 
Brodie, D. & Co. 28 Old wynd 
Brown, A. 114 Argyll street 
Burges, David, Portugal street 
Chambers, George, 57 Gallowgate 
Coats, James, 13 Muirhead street 
Cowan, William, 73 Maxwell street 
Dawson, J. & J. Ayton court 
Drew, William, 66 Wilson street 
Ferguson, John, 69 Stockwell 
Heggie, James B. & Co. Delftfiekl 

Lang, W. & Co. 93 Buchanan st. 




Liddell, A. & Co. 102 Argyll street 
Loriraer, R. 45 Jamaica street 
M'Callum, D. sen. & Co. 31 Queen 

M'Connell, R. 81 Union street 
Miller, S. & Co 48 Saracen lane 
Rettie, Robt. & Co- 31 Graeme st. 
Scouller, D. and pewterer, 58 New 

Steven, James, 17 Duncan street 
Steven, Geo. 130 Main st- Gorbals 
Thomson, Robert, 81 Bridgegate 
Urquhart & Graham, 27 North 

Woodside street 
Watt, J. & Son, Saracen lane 

Barr, John, 63 Saltmarket 
Clark, William, 44 John street 
Drew, William, 66 Wilson street 
Galbraith, James, 53 Bridgegate 
Galbraith, Robert, 118 King street 
Hall, John, 167 Main st. Gorbals 
Jackson, James, 141 Argyll street 
Kerr, Alexander, 104* Argyll street 
Laird, James, 62 Crown street 1/ 
Lockhart, A. 25 Glassford street™ 
Lyon, W. & Son, 124 Buchanan sM 
M'Aulajr, John, 14 London road 
M'Vicar, J. & Son, 169 High street 
Paterson, W. U. 22 Stockwell 
Primrose, Thomas, 9 New Bridge 

Russell, Andrew, 131 Argyll street 
Stewart, VV. 138 Queen street 
VVylie, James, 52 Wilson street 

Baird, H. & Co. Old Basin 

^f^allantine, Wm. 57 Crown street 
Cortaal, John, Burnside 
Connell, E. Strainers' street 
Duncan, John, Port-Dundas road 
Forrest, Geo Clyde st. Anderston 
Haig, James, Barrowfield 
Hedderwick, A 22 Buchan street 
Hedderwick, John, W. Govan street 
Hunter, J. & R. 23 Montrose street 
^Johnston, James, & Co. 23 Stirling 

RPNiven & Johnnie, 147 R en 
field street 

Pearson, J. 157 Queen street 
Ramsay, A. & J. 32 Coburg lane 
Scott, VV. Duncan street, Calton 
Steel, Thomas, Commercial" road 
Stevenson, Duncan, 72 Centre st. 
Stewart, John, & Co. Commercial 

Stewart, W. & Co- Haghill 
Struthers, Robert, & Sons, 120 

Canning street 
Tennent, J- & R. Wellpark 
Wilson, H 10 Struthers' street 
Wilson, John, 32 East Clyde street 

Adam, John, 206 Duke street V s 
Adam, P. 24 Warwick street 
Allan & Mann, Port-Eglinton 
Baird, D. 181 Eglinton street 
Barr, Robert, 6 Sidney street V 
Bennie, David, 124 Barrack street 
Borland & Sommerville, Graham sq. 
Bow, A. & T. West st. Tradeston 
Coulter, T. Tilefield street 
Ferguson, Peter, Railway depot 
Johnston, Wm. & Co. Port-Dundas 
M'Coll, John, Port-Dundas 
M'Diarmid, D. & Son, Bellfield 
M'Quater & M'Creadie, 98 Argyll 

Marshall, R. & G. Crownpoint 
Russell, Robert, Kelvingrove 
Smith, Robert, 415 Gallowgate 
W T ilson, W. and pottery, 642 Gal- 
Wood, James, 21 William street 

Hauks, William, 101 High street 

Allan, R. 5 Prince's street 
Allan, William, 132 Gallowgate 
Boggie, Andrew, 10 Candleriggs 
Bowie, David, 71 Gallowgate 
Brown, D. 12 Candleriggs 
Bruff, J. 62 Main street, Gorbals 
Dow, A. watch & plate, 22 Argyll st. 
Dow, John, 124 Trongate 
Lindsay, J. 19 High street 
Liston, Robert, 107 Gallowgate 


Lockhart, Wm. Hill st. Anderston 
Lyon, Miss, 32 Candleriggs 
M'Beath, John, 88 Gallowgate 
M'Donald & Ferguson, 29 Gallow. 
Paton, George, & Co. 21 High st. 
Pollock, Robert, 19 Turner's court 
Robertson, John, 39 & 40 Arcade 
Ruddach, John, 5 & 9 Candleriggs 
Salmon, John, and weaving utensil, 

8 Wilson street 
"White, H. 13 Candleriggs 


See Masons and Builders. 

Adam & Wright, 114 Trongate 

Hughes, Edward, 53 Crown street 
Walker, P. & Co. bone, Buchan st. 


See also Wrights. 
Archer, C. 62 Argyll street 
Baird, Andrew, 81 Buchanan st. 
Baird, William, 17 Canon street 
Barr, William, 33 Crown street 
Boyd, William, 14 Buchanan st. »r 
Brown, Hugh, 93 Stockwell street 
Brown, J. 48 Stockwell street 
Brown, John, 7 Eglinton street 
Brown, J. 352 Argyll street 
Brown, J. 6 St. Andrew street 
Brown, Mrs. A. St. Vincent lane 
Bryce, John, 181 Argyll street 
Bulloch James, East Oswald street 
Cameron, J. 159 Saltmarket 
Carswell J. & Son, 26 George st. 
Charters, R. 82 Main street ^ 
Clark, Alex. 4 Renfrew street v 
Clark, G. 6 Green street, Calton 
Crawford & Eadie, 101 John street 
Crawford, George, 385 Argyll st. 
Crawford, J. 60 Howard street 
Cuthbertson, J. 42 Oxford street 
Eaton, D. 14 Kent street 
Easton, Robert, 79 Stockwell 
Flockhart, John, 385 Gallowgate 
Forrest, J. & Son, 68 Sauchiehall st. 
Forsyth, Charles, 20 Thistle street 
Gairdner, Archd. 110 Saltmarket 
Galloway & Anderson, 57 Ingram st. 

Gardner, John, 42 King street 
Gemmel & Seaton, 22 Oxford st. 
Gilchrist, J. 101 Holm street 
Glen, H. & J. 112 Renfield street 
Gray, J. 75 Green street 
Greig, William, 30 Thistle street 
Heggie, George, 25 Ingram street 
Herbertson, J. 29£ Bedford street 
Howie, J. & Co. 8 Puddock row 
Hunter, Wm. 116 & 155 Stockwell 
Hutcheson, A. 112 Renfield street 
Jack, Wm. 28 Green street, Calton 
Lightbody, A. 26 King st. Calton 
Lightbody, Wm. 24 Sydney street 
Lindsay, J. & G. 71 Cowcaddens - 
Lochead, Wm. sen. 122 SaltmarkeV) 
M'Arthur, Dugald, 187 Trongate 
M'Dowall, John, 12 N. Portland st. 
MTndoe, P. 5 Union st. Calton V* 
M'Kenzie&M'Donald,26 Thistlest. 
M'Kinnon, P. 93 Carrick street 
Miller & Co. 117 Saltmarket - 
Morrison, James, 38 Bridgegate*' 
Morrison, William, 89 Union st. tA 
Muir, Alex. 104 Renfield street 
Murphy, Edward, 33 John street 
Oliphant, J. 103 Grseme street 
Paterson, John, 81 Bridgegate 
Paton R. 92 Stockwell 
Paton & Younger, 63 Buchanan st. 
Ramsay, John, 15 M'Farlane street 
Reston, William, 6 S. Nelson street 
Rodger, Alexander, Ayton court 
Rodger, J. Main street, Bridgeton 
Shaw & Marshall, 262 Argyll street 
Simpson, J. & H. 227 George street 
Smith, Peter, 21 Thistle street Y\ 
Spalding, William, 75 Argyll street 
Stevenson, John, 66 Hospital street 
Stevens, Thos. & Co. 94 Stockwell 
Stewart & Young, 17 Bath street^V, 
Thomson, A. 327 Argyll street 
Thomson, Wm. 18 Wallace street 
Walker, James, 34 Dale street 
Wilson, J. 28 Saltmarket 
Wilson, P. Maitland street 
Young, John, 10 Dundas street 



Adam, William, 30 Renfield street 

Angus, R. 1 1 Portland street 

Campbell, J. & J. 12 Buchanan st. 


Carmichael, N. 11 Portland street 
Clelland, A. S. 140 W. Nile street 
Fotheringham, A. 149 Saltmarket 
Graham, S. 57 St. George's place 
Harvie, Robert, 48 Stockwell 
Hunter, John, 152 Hope street 
Hunter, Robt. & Son, 410 Argyll st. 
Jack, Paterson & Co. 167 Trongate 
Johnston, Daniel, 43 High street 
Knox & Bisset, 100 Sauchiehall st. 
Lilburn, Baird & Co. 125 Bucha- 
nan street 
M'Ewan, D.l South Portland street 
M'Innes, W. & T. 77 Buchanan st. 
M'Kenrick, A. & W. 54 Renfield st. 
Morrison, D.& T. 181 Argyll street 
Morrison, James, 26 Buchanan street 
Parker, James, 99 Union street 
Perry, Robert, 1'26 Union street 
Smith, P. 245 George street 
Toshach, J. 296 Argyll street 
Walker, John, St. George's place 
Webster, P. 124 Trongate 



Aikman & Co. 10 Garthland street 

Anderson, James, & Co. 30 South 

Hanover street 
Boyle, James, & Co. 36 Ingram st. 
Buchanan, G.& Sons, 95 Candleriggs 
Cochran, William, 12 Stirling sq. 
Cochran, Wm. & Co. 82 Miller st. 
Crawford & Easton, 24 Canon st. 
Ewing, Peter, 8 John street 
Leech, James L. & D. 85 Candler. 
Lindsay, J. & Co. Smith's court 
Livingston, William, 17 Virginia st. 
M'Donald & Robertson, 129 In- 
gram street 
M'Farlane, J. & R.' 14 N. Albion st. 
M'Farlane, W. & Co. 19 South 

Hanover street 
M'Intyre, Duncan 75 Virginia st. 
M'Lean, W. & Co. 83 Virginia st. 
Mochrie, W. & Brothers, 36 Bell st. 
Munn, H. & W. 13 Montrose street 
Orr, William, 51 Cochran street 
Shirra, R. & Co. 102 Virginia st. 
Smith, R. & C. 4 Montrose street 
Taylor, J. & Co. 28 Cochran street 
Ure & Bankier, 16& 20 Montrose st. 
Wardrop, D. & Co. 21 Ingram st. 


Adam, J. G.51 Cochran street 

Alexander, John, 100 Queen street 

Arthur & Co. 276 George street 

Black, James, & Co. Royal Bank 

Black & Wingate, 9 Royal Ex- 
change square 

Blair & Peacock, Linside 

Boyd, M'Nabfe Co. 145 Ingram st. 

Crum, J. & W. & Co. 51 Cochran st. 

Dalglish, R. Falconer & Co. North 
court, Royal Exchange 

Duncan, A. & J. & Co. 32 George 

Ewing, J. O. & Co. 17 George sq. 

Fletcher & Taylor, 74 Buchanan st. 

Frame, J. Son & Co. 59 Hutche- 
son street 

Gilchrist, D. & Co. 19 South Han- 
over street 

Gow, Primrose & Co. 85 Queen st. 

Graham, Aitchison & Co. 88 Glass- 
ford street 

Guthrie, Kinloch & Co. 78 Hut- 
cheson street 

Hall, Wm. & Co. 103 Glassford st. 

Hamilton, John, 57 Queen street 

Hardie & Co. 11 S. Hanover street 

Hendry, James, & Co. 95 Candle- 

Inglis, D. & H. 28 Cochran street 

Kennedy, T. & Co. Little Govan 

Lancaster & Clark, North court, 
Royal Exchange 

M'Donald & M'Kay, 136 Bruns- 
wick street 

M'Donald, Wm. South Arthurlie 

M'Farlane, G. & Co. 95 Candle- 

M'Queen& M'Aulay, Shawfield- 

Mathieson, John, & Co. 1 St Vin- 
cent street 

Mitchell, Patrick, 111 Ingram st. 

Monteith, H. & Co. 11 George sq. 

Muir, Brown & Co. 28 Royal Ex- 
change square 

Muir, J. Dalmarnock road 

Neil, Wm. & Co. 38 Queen street 

Pender, J. & Co. Broad street, 

Reid & Whiteman, 36 Ingram street 



Scoct & Hall, 37 Glassford street 
Sharp& Buchanans, 86 Buchanan st. 
Sharp & Thomson, Meadowside 
Shaw, J. & R. 12 R. Exchange sq. 
i Shiels, T. & Co. 18 St. Vincent lane 
Smith, W. & Co. 125 Virginia st. 
Stenhouse, J. & Co. 45 Montrose st. 
Stuart, Finlay & Co. 90 Hutcheson 

Stuart, John, & Co. St. Vincent lane 
Stewart, J. 22 Ingram street 
Stirling, Wm. & Sons, 17 John st. 
Todd, Charles, & Higginbotham, 

12 Royal Exchange square 
Todd, J. & Co. 21 S. Frederick st. 
Young, Glassford & Co. 163 Ingram 


Ainslie, William, 47 Main street 
Aitken, William, 4 Gibson street 
Freeland, J. & W. 99 High street 
M'Dougall, J. 46 Main street, An- 

M'Millan, D. 85 Argyll street 
Parker, James, 140 Gallowgate 
Paul, J. & A. 8 George street 
Sim, Geo. & Son, 14 Glassford st. 
Smith, James, 193 Trongate 
Wemyss, Mrs. 49 Adelphi street 
Wilson, J. & J. 45 Saltmarket 

Cameron, Mrs. leather, 30 King st. 
Gibson, A. 2 Antigua > place 
Mitchell, William, 3 Great Uowhill 
Monteath, P. 9 Blackfriar street 
j Nixon, W. M. & Co. 130 Trongate 
Wilson, Samuel, 54 Candleriggs 


M'Cracken & Co. 13 Great Clyde st. 

Donaldson, Charles, Port-Eglinton 
Kennedy, T. 103 Havannah 
Port-Eglinton Carpet Factory, Port- 
Eglinton, warehouse86 Buchanan 

Campbell, D. 86 Cowcaddens 
Campbell, Wm. Hill st. Gallowgate 

Currie, William, 12 Pitt street 
Faulds, Robert, junior, Townhead 
Graham, D. 16 Howard street 
Granger, R. 29 King st. Tradestora 
Hill & Drummond, 458 Gallowgate 
M'Dougall, A. Delftfield court 
M'Indoe, A. 10 Puddock row 
M'Intyre, W. & Co. 55 Duke street 
Muir, James, 92 South King street 
Potts, David, 55 Crown street 
Shaw, Robert, 414 Gallowgate 
Stewart, Peter, Dalmamock road 
Stirret, D. 122 Renfield street 
Walker, M. Burnside 
Young, A. & Co. 231 Main street, 

Gillespie, D. 44 Weaver street 
Lyon, William, 47 King street 
M'Culloch, William, 51 York street 
Napier, Peter, 329 Gallowgate 
Riddell, William, 128 Rottenrow 
Stirling, Jos. 701 Gallowgate 
Walker, James, Burnside 

Booklass, G. 253 Argyll street 
Brodie, Arch. 60 Buchanan street 
Buchanan, D. 30 Steel street 
Chisholm, D. 62 Ingram street 
Clark, Robert,stone, Mailland street, 

Corti, Antoni, 97 Nelson street 
Finlay, J. & M. 49 Buchanan street 
Galletti, A. 24 & 25 Argyll arcade 
Kay, T. 40 Fox street 
M'Clure, J. 21 Argyll street 
M'Dougall, B. 30 Steel street 
M'Dougall, P. & Co. 332 Argyll st. 
Martin, James, 54 Gordon street 
Murray, Wm. 19 Buchanan street 
Willis, J. 13 Royal Exchange sq. 

M'Callum, R. Main st. Bridgeton 

Gillies, Peter, 39 Carrick street 
M' Vicar, A. cable, 17 Robertson st. 
Ronald, G. 80 Clyde st. Anderston 

Sweenie, J. 11 Drury street 



See also Provisio?i Merchants. 
Black, Mrs. J. 71 Candleriggs 
Black, Mrs. William, 11 Wilson st. 
Jaffrey & Gunion, 87 Candleriggs 
Reid, Mrs J. 15 Wilson street 
Snodgrass, Mrs, 9 Wilson street 


Anderson, George, & Co. Hill street 
Burns, James, 161 Ingram street 
Carro Company, 15 Maxwell street 
Camtyne Co. 10 Stirling square 
Edgar, Robert, Low Green street 
Frew, Robt. at 30 S. Hanover street 
Hurlet & Campsie Alum Company, 

77 Union street 
Irvine & Bryce, Port-Dundas road 
M'Geachy, D. & Co. 35 Union st. 
M'Intosh* George, & Co. Duke st. 
Meldrum, T. 37 Main street, Calton 
Miller, P. & A. 12 Croy Place 
Montgomerie, J. & Co. 61 Oswald 

Oliver, George, Lancefield 
Poynter, John, & Co. 26 St. Enoch 

Robb, Jas. & Co. 43 Argyll street 
Smith, D. & Son, 10 Stirling square 
Smith, G. 45 Miller street 
Tennent, C. & Co. 49 Cochran street 
Thomson, Son & Co. Milton 
Turnbull & Co. 276 George street 
White, J. & J. Shawfieldbank 
Wilson, James, 24 Renfleld street 

Fleming, Alex. 28 Maxwell street 
M'Coll, Geo. 14 Main st. Gorbals 
M'Lean, D. 27 Stockwell 
M'Pherson, J. 122 Gallowgate 
M'Pherson, N. 118 High street 
Taylor, J. 86 North street 

See also Earthenware Dealers. 
Allison, J. 107 Argyll street 
Anderson, James, 31 Candleriggs 
Barr, W. 24 Candleriggs 
Bunting, J. 181 J High street 
Cochran & Couper, 36 Buchanan st. 


Coghill & Co. 233 Gallowgate 
Dale, A. 130 Argyll street 
Davis, James, 48 Candleriggs 
Douglas, Mrs E. 12 Jail square 
Elborn, 167 Saltmarket 
Kennedy, Hugh, 22 Russell street 
Lyon, A. 43 Main st. Anderston 
M'Farlane, M. 126 High street 
M'Ken2ie, Mrs J. 224 Argyll street 
Mason, J. 142 Gallowgate 
Rigg, Isaac, & Son, 59 Candleriggs 
Sharp, W. 29 Glassford street 
Watt, John, 48 Oxford street 
White, A. 4C2 Argyll street 
Winchester & M'Gibbon, 69 and 
71 Argyll street 

Smalcolm, William, Low Green st. 


Anderson, Alex. 40 St Andrew sq. 
Climie, Robert, 7 Queen street 
Hunter, Andrew, Bothwell street 
Logan, David, 310 St Vincent st. 
Martin, George, 135 Buchanan st. 
M'Quisten, Peter, 4 Dunlop street 
Robertson & Low, 68 St Vincent st. 
Robson, Neil, 1 9 S. Hanover street 
Scott, Stephen, & Gale 23 South 

Hanover street 
Shanks, James, 23 Garscube road ^ 
Smith, David, 37 Virginia street 
Snodgrass, Neil, John st. Bridgeton 
Thomson, And. 62 Buchanan street 
Thomson, James, 33 George square 

Adam, J. 60 High street 
Craig, P. 20 Jackson street 
Scott & Co. 90 Queen street 

Placesqf Worship, Appendix, p. 51. 
Almond, George, 194 Renfrew sc. 
Anderson, J. 39 Abbotsford place 
Anderson, W. 34 S. Portland st. 
Armstrong, D. 26 G. Hamilton st. 
Barr, John, 5 Russel street 
Beattie, Alexander, O., M.D. 237 
Hill street, Garnethill 



Black, Dr. William, Villafield ho. 
Brash, William, 28 Richmond st. 
Brodie, Robert, 10 Monteith row- 
Brown, Dr. Thomas, 98 Mon- 
trose street 
Bryson, R. 66 North Hanover st. 
Buchanan, R. 2 Richmond street 
Byers, Rev. J. 69 Montrose street 
Burns, Dr. John, Barony glebe 
Campbell, J. M'Leod, 198 Hope st. 
Cameron, Daniel, 49 Renfield st. 
Christie, T. 11 York street 
Constable, W. 10 New Bridge st. 
Cowan, W. 28 Jamaica street 
Currie, Peter, 23 Monteith row 
Douglass, James, Royal Infirmary 
Duncan, A. 43 West Nile street 
Duncan, J. 52 Buccleuch street 
Dunn, William, St. Peter's 
Eadie, John, 43 Cambridge street 
Eadie, John, 32 Buns wynd 
Easton, Alexander, 31 College st. 
Edwards, John, 17 Monteith row 
Ewing, Dr. Greville, 4 Carlton pi. 
Fairbairn, Patrick, Greenlodge 
Findlater, Charles, 1 15 Hope street 
Fisher, John, 2 Warwick street 
Forbes, John, 2 North Ure place 
Forbes, P. 32 Great Clyde street 
France, William, 10 Bridge street 
Gibson, Alex. 13 Monteith row 

^ibson, James, 57 W. Nile street 
Gilchrist, William, 4 York street 
Glassford, Peter, 28 Stevenson st. 
Gordon, William, 32 Gr. Clyde st. 
Graham, Matthew, 41 North Al- 
bion street 
Harris, George, 27 Abbotsford pi. 
Harvie, Alexander, 38 Whitevale 
Henderson, James, 29 Bath street 
Heugh, Dr. H. 126 Montrose street 
Johnston, John, 73 S. Portland st. 
Kidston, Dr. 47 Bellgrove place 
King, Andrew, 43 Rose street 
King, D. 4 Canning place 
Lindsay, William, 12 Monteith row 
Lockhart, Dr. J. 9 Blyihswood scp 

j Lorimer, John G. 6 Richmond st. 

I M'Ewen, Andrew, 28 Drygate lane 
M'Farlan, Principal, College 
M'Gilvray, W. 357 Argyll street 
M'Lachlan, Robt. 29 Montrose st. 
M'Leod, Dr. Norman, 9 Bath st. 

M'Neil, Hector, 213 Buchanan st. 
Matthews, T. W. Muirhouses 
Methven, James, 58 York street 
Mitchell, Dr. John, Garnetbank 
Moncrieff, John, 50 N. Albion st. 
Muir, Dr. J. 2 10 Hill st. Garnethill 
Murdoch, Dr. John, 32 Great 

Clyde street 
Murray, Matthew, 4 Carlton court 
Muter, Dr. Robert, Broompark 
Napier, P. 40 Buccleuch street 
Nisbett, Arch. 26 Richmond street 
Paterson, James, 79 S. Portland st. 
Paterson, N. 19 Monteith row 
Puller, T. 194 Main street, Gorbals 
Richardson, Dr. W. 20 Whitevale 
Ritchie, John, 8 Nicholson street 
Rogerson, T. Green street 
Rose, Lewis, 21 Monteith row 
Routledge, Wm. 123 Renfrew st. 
Smith, James, 3 Abbotstord place 
Smith, William, 18 Nicholson st. 
Smyth, Dr. J. 17 Elmbank place 
Struthers, Gavin, 303 St. Vincent 

Stuart, William, 32 G. Clyde st. 
Thomson, Wm. Cross vale, Hang- 

Turner, Alexander, Muirhouses 
Willis, Michael, 75 Renfield street 
Wilson, William, 4 Oxford street 


Brown, J. 22 Miller's "place 
Burns, M. 1 Miller's place 
Cairns, John, 7 St Margaret's place 
Campbell, J. 130 Bridgegate 
Campbell, J. 167 Cowcaddens 
Conway, Patrick, 142 Saltmarket 
Coubrough, M. 8 Miller's place 
Cowan, Mrs, 13 Miller's place 
Curran, H. 19 Miller's place 
Dick, J. 83 Canning street 
Douglas, R. 15 Miller's place 
Drew, J. 147 Saltmarket 
Dugary, Mrs, 80 Saltmarket 
Ferran, D. 118 Saltmarket 
Flockhart, John, 26 Bridgegate 
Galacher, D. 51 Bridgegate 
Gemmell, A. 50 Bridgegate 
Henderson, F. 316 High street 
Henderson, R. 318 High street 


Holms, J. 11 Miller's place 
Howie, James, 32 Bridgegate 
Jack, J. 285 High street 
Lockhart, VV. London street 
M'Farlane; J. 14 Thistle street 
M'Leod, D. & Co. 28 Miller's pi. 
M'Manus, J.& Co. 120 Saltmarket 
M'Phail, B. 63 Great Hamilton st. 
O'Donnel, G. 3 St Margaret's pi. 
O'Kean, M. 6 St Margaret's place 
Peat, Wm. & Co. 40 Miller's place 
Robertson, A. 25 Miller's place 
Sharp, A. 9 Miller's place 
Smith, M. 51 Bridgegate 
Smith, T. 16 Miller's place 

M'Callum, R. Main st. Bridgeton 

Brydon, William, 34 Clyde street 
Buchanan, J. & Co. 52 Union street 
M'Lellan, A. & Son, SI Miller st. 
Mein, P. Blackfriar street 
Porteous, Burns, & Co. 191 Bu-^ 

chanan street 
Reid, T. & Co. 375 Argyll street 
Russell, D. 21 Wellington street 
Thomas & Shanks, 32 John street^ 
Thorburn, W. & Co. 18 Jackson st. 
Wright, J. sen. 21 Eglinton street 

Bain, John, 64 Trongate 
Campbell, Archd. 226 Broomielaw 
Craig, Thomas, 32 Renfield street 
Frazer, James, 50 Maxwell street 
Grimshaw, A. 80 George square/ 
Grimshaw, Joseph, 35 Renfield st. 
Lyon, William, 1 Dunlop street 

and 78 Trongate 
M'Callum, Dan. 64 Jamaica street 
Mein, Peter, 100 Trongate 
Paton, Alexander, 10 Argyll street 
Pollock, J. 7 Stockwell 
Pride, W. 124 Queen street 
Reid, — 23 Clyde terrace 
Stewart, Alex. 58 Oxford street 
Walker, James, Tontine Hotel 
Wylie & Lochead, 14 Cochran st. 

Anderson, A« 48 George ■■q'iara 

Anderson, A. Wellington streei 
Campbell, H. 12 Clyde st. Caltoa 
Campbell, P. 69 Dale street 
Clark, A. 132 Stockwell 
Corbett, William, 29 Union street 
Cousin, P. 303 Argyll street 
Coverley, J. 2 Washington street 
Craig, J. 260 Gallowgate 
Dickson, J. 19 John street 
Faulds, R. Monkland Canal Basin 
Fleming, J. 15 Wood lane 
Fleming, Wm. 11 Sauchiehall st- 
Flockhart, J. 34 Gallowgate 
Gilfillan, T. 28 St Andrew street 
Gillespie, D. 44 Weaver street 
Hannah, J. 5 Charlotte street 
Hogarth, W. 75 Carrick street 
M' Arthur, J. 315 Argyll street 
M'Farlane, J. 30 High street 
M'Innes, A. 89 Carrick street 
M'Laren, John M. Canal Basin 
M'Leod, J. 12 Moore street 
Bl'Nair, J. 83 Kirk street, Caltqn 
M'Omish, P. Monkland Canal basin 
'Mathie, Robert, 44 Havannah st. 
Mason, W. 4 Broomielaw 
Miller, F. 3 Robertson street 
MoncriefF, Jame9, 239 George sire* 3 * 
Murray, W. 256 Argyll street 
Newlands, A. 16 Carrick street 
Rae, A. 22 Portland street 
Ramsay, J. 89 Jamaica street 
Scott, James, 50 Glassford street 
Simpson, John, 11 St. Andrew sq. 
Struthers, John, Dalmamock road 
Thomson, A. John street, Greenheao 
Young, A. 33 Virginia street , 

Baird, Wm. & Co. (Gartsherrie.) 

263 Argyll street 
Brown, J. (Ballochnie,) 41 North 

Albion street 
Campbell, J. 37 Glassford street, 

Govan Colliery 
Cleland Office, Monkland Canal 

Farie, James, office 4 Broomielaw 
Frew, A. & Co. Railway depot 
Frew, J. & A. Port-Dundas 
Garnkirk Co. 8 Argyll street 
Gemmell, M. & Co. Monkland 

Cana! Basin. 



Grieve, J. jun. Rucliill 

Hamilton Farm & Fullarton office, 

19 John street 
Hutchesontown Coal Co. Adelphi st. 
Jenkine, J. Monkland Canal basin 
Kelly, J. 12 Glebe street 
Merry, J. jun. Monkland Canal 

Miller, Rob. Monkland Canal basin 
Stewart, Robert, Monkland Canal 

Watson, John, Port-Dundas 
Walker, D. 243 High street 
Woodhall Colliery office, Monkland 

Canal basin. J. Lamont, agent 
Young, W. Monkland Canal basin 

Galbraith, John, (sub. statute la- 
bour,) 63 George street 
Heibertson, T. H. (of Canal dues,) 

Dumbreck, Thomas, (of excise,) 50 

West Regent street 
Kennedy, G. (of county cess,) 10 

Renfield lane 
Lawson, J. (Gorbals Police,) King- 
ston place 
M'Brayne, R. (statute labour,) 6 

M'Intosh, William, (of taxes,) 1 

Bell street, Bridgeton 
M'Muido, D. V. (of customs,) 131 

Clarence place 
M'Tear, James, (of Calton Police,) 

91 Graham street 
Miller, J. (of city poor rates,) 52 

Virginia street 
Murdoch, R. (Barony parish,) 3 

Autigua place 
Parlane, Walter, (impost on ale,) 

Sandyford toll 
Robertson, William, (of Barony 

poor rates,) 5 Drury street 
Sharpe, T. P. (taxes,) 66 Miller 


Brock, Mrs. 1 Antigua place 
M'Farlane, J. 100 Argyll street 
M'lniyie, P. 59 Trongate 
Wilson, S. 74 Argyll street 
Wright, G. 145 trongate 

Wright, Malcom, 37 South Portland 


Cunningham, J. 16 Gibson street 


See also Oil and Colourmen. 
Anderson, George, & Co. Hill St. 
Brown, Wm. & Co. 24 Stockwell 
Hewitt, John, 75 Norfolk street 
Johnston, Charles, 17 London street 
Milne, James, 65 Gallowgate 
Provand, J. & Co. 21 Great Clyde 

Richardson, William, & Co. 28 

Cochran street 
Storer, D. 188 Gallowgate 
Wright, Thos. 43 East Clyde street 

Carlisle, J. 9 Saltmarket 
Donald, C. 137 Argyll street 
Dunn, John, 60 Bell street 
Geddes, J. 178 Saltmarket 
Geddes, J. 86 Saltmarket 
Gray, T. 35 Trongate 
Hutchison, J 27 St. Andrew street 
Norval, Mrs. J. 7 King street 
Tolmie, A. & Co. 1 25 Argyll street 

Alston, Mather & Co. 26 Glassford 

street, and 39 Hutcheson street 
Arnot, Alexander, 5 Melville place 
Baird, J. 359 Argyll street 
Balfour, Wm. 18 Glassford street 
Black & Rae, 62 Queen street 
Bowie, Jas. & Co. 116 Ingram st. 
Bruce, J. 65 Oswald street 
Buchanan, Robert, 33 Virginia st. 
Buchanan, Gray & Co. 36 Royal 

Exchange square 
Buchanan, Thos. jun. 28 Miller st. 
Buchanan, W. jun. 17 Virginia st. 
Campbell & Cruden, 127 Bruns- 
wick street 
Chapman, Wm. 1 1 Miller street 
Clark, P. W. 8 John street 
Coleman, S. & Co. 62 Queen street 
Colquhoun, P. 106 Brunswick st. 
Connal, William, Virginia buildings 
Crichton, H. 29 Hutcheson street 



Crichton, W. 230 Argyll street 
Cunningham, Adam, & Co. 5 Drury 

Davidson, John, & Co. 23 South 

Albion street 
Dunlop, Rowand & Co. 63 St. 

Vincent street 
Easton, W. & Co. 3 St. Enoch sq. 
Edmond, James, & Co. 120 Bruns- 
wick street 
Erskine, Andrew, Broomielaw 
Ferguson, T. G. 13 Exchange pi. 
Fleming & Hope, 26 South Han- 
over street 
Fleming, R. D. 8 John street 
Forrest, D. 50 Union street 
Frankland, Alex. 21 College street 
Gairdner, J. & A. 43 Turner's ct. 
Gibb & Yuile, 17 Virginia street 
Gilkinson & Biown, 23 Miller st. 
Gillespie, George, 102 Virginia st. 
Greenlees, Arch. 93 Virginia street 
Harper, S. 303 St. Vincent street 
Hart, John, 41 Brunswick street 
Hutcheson & Milne, 35 Miller st. 
Inglis, Charles, 72 Virginia street 
Jamieson, W. M. 27 Ann street 
Kelt, James, 15 St. Andrew's lane 
Laing, R. & J. 96 Virginia street 
Laing, Robert, 23 Hutcheson street 
Lamb & Adam, 2 Royal Exchange 

Leadbetter, J. & Co. 77 Queen st. 
Liddell, D. & Brothers, 77 Bu- 
chanan street 
Lillie, Geo. 68 W. St. Vincent st. 
M'Brair, R. P. 9 Maxwell street 
M'Call, Wm. & Co. 35 Miller st. 
M'Chlerie, Wm. 86 Miller street 
M'Farlane, M. 42 Miller street 
M'Goun, A. 135 Buchanan street 
M'Indoe, R. & Co. 16 Canon street 
M'Kenzie, James, 60 Stockwell st. 
M'Leod, Colin, 29 Jamaica street 
M'Neil & Somervail, 9 Gordon st. 
M'Nair, A. 85 Queen street 
M'Nair, J, 93 Ingram street 
M'Nee, James, 1 R. Exchange ct. 
M'Ray, Mm. jun. & Co. 63 St. 

Vincent street 
M'Tavish, H. & Co. 71 Virginia st. 
M'Vey, J. 95 Hutcheson street 
Malcolm, W, 9 Royal Exchange sq. 

Martin, W. & J. 32 George square 
Mather, R. Virginia buildings 
Middleton & Service, 68 Glassford 

Montgomerie, R. & Co. 57 Bell st. 
Morton, H. & Co. 90 Bell street 
Mutter, W. & J. 24 Bliller street 
Newal, A. & J. 84 Wilson street 
Outram, J. & Co. 20 Buchanan st. 
Paton, Andrew, 31 Argyll street 
Paton, W. P. Virginia buildings 
Patrick, John, 72 Glassford street 
Paul & Fleming, 9 John street 
Perman, J. T. 23 So. Hanover st. 
Perry, D. T. & Co. 19 Cochran St.. 
Puller, J. & Co. Candleriggs court 
Reid, John. 94 Miller street 
Reid & M'Gavin, 52 Glassford st. 
Rintoul, A. & P. 10 Stirling square 
Richard, T. 23 Virginia street 
Robb, George, & Co. 25 Royal 

Exchange square 
Ross, John, jun. 120 Brunswick st, 
Ross, D. & Co. 1 Royal Bank pi. 
Rowley, A. 9 & 11 Melville place 
Schwabe, A. F. 135 Buchanan st. 
Scott, William W. 13 Montrose st. 
Simpson, James, 190 Hope street 
Smith, A. & Co. 29 W. George st. 
Smythe, John, &r Co. 2 North court, 

Royal Exchange 
Smith, William C. 40 Miller street 
Stein, Samuel, 8 Gordon street 
Stewart, J. G. 97 Brunswick street 
Stuart, Finlay& Co. 90 Hutcheson st. 
Strathern, John, 108 Ingram street 
Sword, Archibald E. 57 Miller st. 
Thomson, L. B. 20 Brunswick pL 
Thomson & Stirling, 1 South Ex- 
change court 
Thomson, William, 6 Argyll street 
Walker, J. 48 Nelson street 
W 7 alker & Reddie, 27 Ingram st. 
Walton, John, & Co. 25 Royal 

Exchange square 
Waters, Andrew, 118 George street 
Watson, Corn & Co. 1 Exchange ci. 
Watson & M 'Night, North court, 

Royal Exchange 
Watson & M'William, 2 North 

court, Royal Exchange 
Walson, R. & Co. 30 Cochran st. 
Webb, Brothers, 93 Glassford stretS 



Wilson, R. C. and Sheriff, 1 Royal 

Exchange court 
Wright, D. & Co. 33 Robertson st. 
Wright, Hay, 33 Virginia street 
Young, A. & Son, 73 Brunswick st. 
Zoller, F. jun. 16 Gordon street 

Alexander, J. 232 High street 
Alexander, J. 49 Arcade 
Baxter, Isaac, 1, 2 & 4 Candleriggs 

and 90 Buchanan street 
Brunton, James, 80 Stevenson street 
Cassells, Mrs 199 Trongate 
Dickson, A. 17 Salt market 
Dickson, W. 139 Gallowgate 
Duncan, W. 51 London street 
Duncan & Murray, 104 Buchanan 

Fitzgerald, H. 16 Stobcross street 
Gray, J. 155 Trongate 
Greig, J. 29 Main street, Gorbals 
Grindlay, J. 209 Gallowgate 
Hill, David, 146 Hope street 
Hutton, J. 60 Queen street 
Lawson, J. 91 George street 
M'Arthur, J. 28 Hutcheson street 
M'Connochie, M. 82 Buchanan st. 
M'Gilvray, M. 342 High street 
M'Gilvray, Miss M. 54 Bridge st. 
M'Kay, J. 460 Gallowgate 
M'Kechnie, J. 32 and 34 Bell st. 
M'Lean, Norman, 50 Queen street 
M'Millan, Mrs. J. 135 Trongate 
Miller, J. 102 High street 
Richmond, J. 26 .Nelson street 
Robertson, W. 73 Norfolk street 
Scott, J. 42 and 44 Candleriggs 
Smith, A. 17 King street 
Smith, D. 241 Gallowgate 
Spence, W. 104 Stockwell 
Stewart, J. 78 Kirk street 
Torrance, J 120 Gallowgate 
Turnbull, J. & S. 30 High street 
Ure, Miss, 25 Hutcheson street 
Walker, Robert, 67 Prince's street 
Walker, W. 22 South Portland st. 
Walker, W. & J. 83 High street 
Walker, Mrs W. 14 Stobcross street 
Wardrop, John, 1 19 Argyll street ™ 
Watt, R. 100 Main street, Gorbafs 
White, Win, & Son, 73 Queen st. 

Ainslie, John, 36 East Clyde street 
Allan, J. 57 Stockwell 
Ballantine, J. Franklin street 
Dick, J. 83 Canning street 
Dickson, T. 160 Saltmarket 
Forsyth, Jas. Police office, Anderstoti 
Gilfillan, William, 28 St. Andrew st. 
Jack, T. 28 Green street 
M'Callum, D. 220 Broomielaw 
Rae, Thomas, 54 Crown street 
Railton & Burgess, 17 Brunswi*:'*: 

Reat, J. 65 Saltmarket 
Ure, James, 76 Bell street 

Campbell, D. 93 Eglinton street 
Forbes, D. 89 Main street, Gorbals 
Lyon, David, 2 Clyde place 
M'Callum, M. 18 Bun-ell's lane 
M'Cormick, H. 4 York street 
M'Culloch, J. 30 Parkhouse lane 
M'Kay, James, 13 Cambridge lane 
Newlands, A. 16 Carrick street 
Sim, William, 26 North Albion st. 
Steven, John, jun. 1 West street 
Thomson, T. 39 Commerce street 

Donald, J. 322 Argyll street 
Ferguson, Alex. 25 Crown street 
Graham, A. 116 Stockwell 
Graham, R. 87 Carrick street 
Graham, W. 86 Duke street 
Hood, R. 90 Candleriggs 
Howatt, William, 61 Canning street 
King, J. jun. 9 High street 
King, W. 25 and 27 High street 
M'Adam, James, 8 S. Nelson street 
M'Aulay, A. 123 Main st. Gorbak 
M'Callum, J. jun. 79 Jamaicastreet 
M'Donald, James, 112 King street 
M'Ewan, J. 35 Great Hamilton s.t. 
M'Gregor, J. W. 77 Maxwell street 
M'Intyre, J. 28 Jamaica street 
M'Kinlay, J. 47 King street 
M'Laren, M. & A 109 Bridgegate 
M'Leod, J. 392 Gallowgate 
M'Leod, William, 359 Gallowgate 
M'Murrin, J. 38 Bridge street 
Neilson, R. 115 Union street 
Paterson, J. 39 Stockwell 



Simpson, John, 227 George street 
Stewart, C. 27 Stirling street 
Stewart, J. 53 Dunlop street 
Wallace, W. 132 Gallowgate 
Yeaman, Joseph, 40 Commerce st. 

Braziers and Tinplate Workers. 
Logan, W. 22 Wilson street 
Lyon, G. jun. 16 Candleriggs 
Primrose & Ross, 57 Carrick street 
Watt, J. & Son, Saracen's lane 
Wylie, J. & Co. 9 Ann street 

Aibuckle, VV. 48 Stockwell 
Campbell, A. 38 Shuttle street 
Campbell, A. 27 King street 
Clyde, J. 41 Gordon street 
Colquhoun, A. 58 Prince's street 
Henderson, P. & Co. 74 Prince's st. 
Kennedy, J. 166 Trongate 
M'Fayden, F. 42 East Clyde street 
M'Gilvray, D. 25 Charlotte street 
Millar, R. 6 Gibson street 
Miller, Mrs J. 167 High street 
Mitchell, J. 18 East Clyde street 
Rankin, Robert, 193 Gallowgate 
Smith, R. 15 Blackfriar street 
Wilson, J. 466 Argyll street 

Brown, J. 31 Argyll street 
Bryson & Miller, 55 Wilson street 
Donaldson, J. R. & Co. 25 South 

Hanover street 
Kelly, W. & Co. 52 Virginia street 
Sharp & Co. 68 Hutcheson street 
Stevenson, J. & Co. 104 Hutcheson 

Wright, J. & J. Virginia buildings 

Gardner, R. 95 G lassford street 
Newbigging, A. 77 Hutcheson street 

Bogle, P.- & Co. 122 Ingrain street 
Bryson & Miller, 55 Wilson street 
Campbell, W. C & Co. Bridgeton 
Clark, J. jun. & Co. 7 Broad street 
Cogan, J. & R. 12 Montrose street 

Corbet, Alexander, & Co. 74 Ba- 

chanan street 
Couper, Maitland & Co. 35 Vir- 
ginia street 
Crum, J. jun. 51 Cochran street 
Culcreuch Co. 26 Ingram street 
Denniston, J. & Co. 7 Montrose st. 
Dixon, W. & Co. Finnieston 
Dunlop, J. & Sons, 91 Virginia st. 
Dunn, W. 62 George square 
Findlay, W. & Brothers, 105 Glass- 
ford street 
Freeland, J. & Co. 56 Wilson street 
Ferguson & Co. 120 Brunswick st. 
Fultons, Buchanan & Co. at Herbert 

Buchanan's, 125 Virginia street 
Giffen, Robertson & Co. 109 Bruns- 
wick street 
Gilmour & Kerr, 109 Brunswick st. 
Graham, J. M. Sister street 
Graham, Wm. & Co. Lancefield Co. 

70 Miller street 
Houlds worth, H. & Son, Cheapside 

Hussey, W. & Son, 18 Ingram st. 
Johnston, Galbraith& Co. Oakbank 
M'Auslan, J. & R. 20 Muirhead su 
M'Gregor, R. & Co. 43 Brunswick 

M'Lean, Wm. 27 Muirhead street" 
M'Leroy, Hamilton & Co. 47 In- 
gram street 
M'Naught, P. & Co. Nassau court 
M'Phail, Dugald & Co. Greenhead 
Marshall, D. & Co. 6 Saltmarket 
May & Dennistoun, 4 Tobago street 
Mile-end Spinning Co. 32 St An- 
drew square 
Mitchell & Norris, James' street 
Monach, A. & Co. Burnside lane 
Monteith, H. & Co. 11 George srj. 
Oswald, J. & Co. 49 Miller street 
Smith, Andrew, jun. Burnbank 
Sommerville, J. & Sons, 63 Candle- 
Stevenson, W. & Sons, 102 Vir- 
ginia street 
Stewart & Niven, 17 and 18 Aber- 

crombie street 
Todd, Charles, & Higginbothom, 12 

Royal Exchange square 
Wood, F. & Co. 11? Ingram place 
Wright, W. & Co. Loclnvinnocb 



Araot, Willianij 63 Candleriggs 
Gardner, R. 9j Glassford street 
Marshall, Findiay & Co. 105 Glass- 
ford street 
Murdoch, W. 51 Howard street 
Paterson, Norris & Co. 23 Stock- 
well place 
Peter, W. 108 Union street 

Adam, William, & Co. 103 Bruns- 
wick street 
Boyd, J. 29 Ingram street 
Brock, W. & Co. 38 Wilson street 
Blackwood, William, 86 Ingram st. 
Clark, Allan, 120 Brunswick street 
Clark, A. jun. & Co. 50 Wilson st. 
Clapperton, W. 58 Miller street 
Cochran & Co. 27 S. Frederick st. 
Corse, D. & Co. 45 Cochran street 
Dalziel, J. 62 Queen street 
Dawson, A. 58 Brunswick street 
Dunn, W. 62 George square 
Gibb & Smith, 123 Brunswick st. 
Gilmour, J. 12 S. Hanover street 
Grant & Co. 34. Wilson street 
Hamilton, M. & Co 85 Candle- 
riggs, and 90 Brunswick street 
Harley, D. & Co. 22 John street 
Johnston & Farie, 62 Wilson street 
Kettle, R. 76 Virginia street 
Miller, William, 59 Gallowgate 
Monteith H. & Co. 11 George sq. 
Oswald, Stevenson & Co. 98 Hutch- 

eson street 
Sharp, W. & Co. 129 Virginia pi. 
Sleigh, William, 84 Wilson street 
Stewart, A. 67 Brunswick street 
Thorn & Struthers, 40 Glassford st. 
Walker & Co. 105 Miller street 
Watson & Co. 153 Queen street 
Watson & Armstrong, 53 Candlers. 
Whyte, J. & W. 74 Brunswick st. 
Whyte, R. & Co. 7 Ganhland st. 
Young, A. & Son, 73 Brunswick st. 

See also Leather Merchants. 
Alexander, J. 65 Bridgegate 
Bow, W. 66 High street 

Craig, J. 87 Argyll street 
Dickson, James, 36 St. Andrew st. 
Eglin, William, 18 Main st. Gallon 
Gardner & M'Donald, 78 Spoutm. 
Johnston, J. jun. Burnside lane 
Laing, W. 40 King street 
M'Intosh & Duncan, 26 Goosedubbs 
M'Leod, A. 30 Jamaica street 
Mitchell, A. 57 Stock well 
Morrison, J. & J. 51 Great Hamil- 
ton street 
Muirhead, J. 39 Stockwell street 
Mushet, J. 54 St. Andrew square 
Roy, James, 9 M'Farlane street 
Semple, J. & Co. 31 Little Dowhii 
Steel, W. & T. 151 Gallowgate 
Wallace, D. 13 St. Enoch lane 
Welsh, W. 49 St. Andrew square 
Williamson, W. 132 Gallowgate 

Cocker, J. & Son, 31 Argyll arcade 
Cocker, W. D. 1 Glassford street 
Hadfield, George, 47 Argyll street 
Hawey, Thomas, 88 Gallowgate 
Hilliard, H. 28 Argyll street 
Kelly, J. 90 Argyll street 
Musgrove, B. 46 Trongate 
Norrie, Mrs W. A. 12 Glassford st. 
Smith, J. 422 Argyll street 
Stirling, R. 12 London street 

Allan, J. Lochore's land, Townhead 
Ballantyne, John, 7 Low Green st. 
Barr, James, Dalmarnock road 
Dunn, A. 125 High street 
Hay, J. St Vincent lane 
Lindsay, J. 93 High street 
M'Culioch, W. 51 York street 
M'Farlane, D. 91) Burnside 
M'Naught, J. 54 Wallace street 
M'Pherson, H. 50 High street 
M'Pherson, W. Main st. Bridgeton 
Riddell, W. 128 Rottenrow 
Rodger, P. 27 Warwick street 
Sloan, Samuel, 32 South Nelson st. 
Walker, Mrs, 10 M'Farlane street 

Alexander, J. 40 Union street 
Cameron, D. A. 76 George square 
Crooks, J. 15 Dixon street 




Gillies, D. 108 Argyll street 
Greig, J. G. 9 St Vincent place 
M'Pherson, J. 69 St. George's pi. 
Nisbet, A. 108 Argyll street 
Somervil, James, 230 Argyll street 
Young, A. S. St George's place 

Carnie, J. & Co. Orr street 
Galloway, William, Wellfield 
Gourlay, J. & Co. Port-Dundas 
Gray, C. & D. 4 Muirhead street 
Guild, J. & Sons, Calton 
Guild, J. jun. Camlachie 
Haig, J. & Son, Lochrin, 12 Jack- 
son street, James Thomson, agt. 
Harvey, J. & W. & Co. Yoker, and 

78 Maxwell street 
Harvey, Robert, Port-Dundas 
Harvie.T. Glasgow Distillery, Port- 
Hay, D. 49 Virginia street 
M'Farlane, M. & Co. Port-Dundas 
M'Lennan, G. 37 Glassford street 
Mitchell, J. & Co. 57 Bishop street 
Morrison, J. & Co. 4 Fife place 
Reid, P. Smith's court 
Stein, Andrew, Buccleuch street 
Stewart, W. & R. Kennyhill 
Stewart, J. & W. Haghill 
Thomson, J. 21 Kirk st. Gorbals 

Anderson, Misses, 136 Main street, 

Anderson, Misses, 28 Garscube pi. 
Blair, Misses, boys, 4 Oxford street 
Campbell, Misses, 77 Renfrew street 
Campbell, Miss, 82 West Nile st. 
Chatto, Miss, 45 Union street 
Clow, Misses, 151 Upper Nile st. 
Corse, Miss, 37 Glassford street 
Douglas, Misses, 40 Union street 
Duncan, Mrs. 36 Buchan street 
Findlater, Miss H. 17 Muirhead 

Gardner, Miss, 58 Buchanan street 
Gray, Miss, 48 Garscube place 
Hardie, Miss, 250 High street 
Henderson, Miss, 23 Clyde place 
Lang, Miss, 30 King street 
Lindsay, Miss, 24 Wilson street 
M'Beth, Miss, 14 College street 

M'Donald, M. & A. 26 Ea»t 

Clyde street 
M'Kelvie, Miss, 162 Main street, 

M'Lean, Miss J. 172 High street 
Miller, Misses, 116 Sauchiehall st 
Pollock, Misses, 20 Stockwell place 
Pollock, Miss, 40 Kent street 
Purves, Miss, 85 Candleriggs 
Scott, Misses, 269 Argyll street 
Sellers, Miss, 92 Ren field street 
Taylor, Miss, 45 Renfield street 
Thomson, Mrs, 27 Charlotte street 
White, Miss, 53 St Andrew square 
Wilson, Miss, 56 York street 
Wood, Miss, 14 Croy place 

Barr, Mrs, 6 L Main street 
Brown, D. 31 Kent street 
Cameron, T. 43 Norfolk street 
Campbell, D. 136 Argyll street 
Carnachan, J. S. 140 Argyll street 
Frazer & Green, 111 Buchanan st. 
Howalt, Henry R. 158 Main street 
Johnston, J. 30 South Portland st. 
M'Leod, G. & Co. 75 Argyll St. 
Murray, Mrs, 390 Gallowgate 
Old Drug Warehouse, 59 Trongate 
Reid, John, 17 Bridge street 
Robertson & Ewen, 32 Miller street 
Robertson, Mrs, 405 Gallowgate 
Rutherford R. 68 High street 
Spitlal, J. 135 Gallowgate 
Tillery, R. 127 Cowcaddens 
Turner, J. 26 Unipn street 

Anderson, G. & Co. Hill street 
Bald, Peter, & Son, 132 Trongato 
Black, P. A. 87 Queen street 
Campbell & M'Dougall, 8 Croy pi. 
Catterns, S. 43 Montrose street 
Henderson, R. & J. 4 South Fre- 
derick street, and 31 High street 
Hickes, G. 64 Hutcheson street 
Laing, R. & J. 96 Virginia street 
M'Donald, H. 9 Shuttle street 
M'Farlane, D. 11 Stirling street 
M'Leod, G. & Co. 75 Argyll street 
Miller, P. & A. 12 Croy place 
Perry, W. & Co. 19 Cochran street 
Poynter, J. & Co. 26 St Enoch wynd 



Richardson, William, & Co. 28 

Cochran street 
Robb, J. & Co. 43 Argyll street 
Rodger, D. jim. 6 Clyde street 
Rowley, Andw. 9 & 1 1 Melville pi. 
Smellie, W. 66 Miller street 
Stewart, J. 15 High street 
Wright, H. 33 Virginia street 

Aitken, A. & Co. 709 Gallowgate 
Aitken, H. & R. 709 Gallowgate 
Allan, John, Cowcaddens 
Baird, J. & M. silk, 137 Argyll st. 
Balbirnie, G. 26 Stockwell 
Balbirnie, R. A. 6 Queen street 
Balbirnie, R. M. silk, 146 Stockwell 
Balbirnie, William, 34 Arcade 
Baron, G. 85 Duke street 
Barr, John, 45 Sydney street 
Bayne, William, 137 Stirling road 
Brand & Mollison, 74 Queen street 
Brown, J. & J. 139 Drygate 
Corsan, J. & Co. 34 Thistle street 
Douglas, G. 28D High street 
Douglas, W. 20 South Portland st. 

and 13 Blackfriars street 
Duff, Charles, 70 St George place 
Duff, Mrs. 51 John street 
Ewing, J. & Co. turkey-red, 17 

George square 
Ferguson, Mrs, 33 John street 
Fleming, Watson & Nairn, 66 

Brunswick street 
Geddes, J. & Son, 10 Commerce st. 
Gilchrist, G. & VV. 52 Bishop street 
Gilchrist, J. S. & Co. Cook street 
Gilchrist, Mrs, 5 Little Dowhill 
Gilmour, Mrs, 193 Argyll street 
Gow, Primrose & Co. 85 Queen st. 
Higgens, Mrs A. 174 High street 
M'Callum, B. F. Govan Croft 
M'Dougall, J. 28 M 'Alpine street 
M'Farlane, D.& P. 260 Buchananst. 
M'Farlane, J. 55 Montrose street 
M'Farlane, Mrs. D. silk, Carlton ct. 
M'lntyre, A. & Co. 43 Cavendish st. 
M'Lean, W. & Son, 61 Lady well 
M' Vicar, Mrs, 26 Govan street 
Mathieson, J. & Co. 1 St Vincent st. 
Monteith, H. & Co. 11 George sq. 
Morton, Miss, 4 Frederick lane 
Miller, VV. & Son, 7 S. Hanover st. 

Murray, R. & Co. 193 Argyll street 
Nicol, Mrs, silk, 229 Argyll street 
Phinister, A.& Co. 12InkleFactory la. 
Ramsay, \V. & Co. 59 Carrick street 
Reid, A. 101 Hutcheson street 
Reid, J. 134 Drygate 
Ross, D. 37 Thistle street 
Stalker, John, 52 Commerce street 
Stevenson, "W. 55 G. Hamilton st. 
Stuart, Finlay,& Co. 90Hutchesonst. 
Thomson, J. 10 Campbell street 
Warren, J. Cowcaddens 
Wood, Mrs, 315 Argyll street 

Buchanan, J. 79 Stockwell 
Dron, A. 178 Gallowgate 
Neill, D. 24 Struthers' street 
Neil, J. 3 S. Cumberland street 
Smith, J. 422 Argyll street 
Stewart & Co. Duke street 
Taylor, W. 53 Dunlop street 
Young, G. 56 Old venel 

Bryce, Miss I. 278 Argyll street 

Baird, R. & H. Old basin 
Clark & M'Alister, Barrhead 
Collier, J. & Co. Delftfield lane 
Cook, D. & Co. 95 Commerce st. 
Dalziel, Robert, & Co. 25 Brown st. 
Drummond, Robert, & Co. Calton 

Girdwood, C. & Co. Govan street 
Gray, J. & Co. Washington street 
M'Lean, William, 30 Charlotte st, 
M'Naught, John, 26 Robertson st. 
Milne, Archibald, West street 
Mitchell &Neilson Hyde PaikstreK 
Murdoch, Aitken & Co. 36 Hill st. 
Napier, J. & VV. Washington street 
Napier, R. 28 Washington street 
Neilson, J. Old basin 
Randolph & Co. 12 Centre street 
Smith & Rodger, Hyde Park street 
Stark & Fulton, North street, An- 

Tod & M'Gregor, Anderston quay 
Wingate, T.&Co. Adelphi foundry 
Young, Adam, St Rollox 
Young & Leitch, 24 Canon street 




Alexander, Thomas, 179 Argyll st. 

Allan & Ferguson, and lithogra- 
phers, 57 Argyll street 

Atkinson, T. 16 Queen street 

Boston, Thos. seal, 100 Trongate 

Boyd, William, 40 John street 

Brown, J. seal, 53 Arcade 

Burns, John, 40 High street 

Clifford, J. & G. to calico printers, 
64 Duke street 

Cowan, J. & Co. Gordon street 

Douglas, VV. to calico printers, Ay- 
ton place 

Duncan, W. & D. 43 Queen street 

Fyfe, J & P. 22 Argyll street 

Gray, G. stamp cutter, 124 Trong. 

Gray & Son, 67 Trongate 

Haldane, J. 42 Argyll street 

Kerr, J. 59 Trongate 

M'Donald,D. copperplate and litho- 
grapher, IS Hutcheson street 

M'Kenzie, P. stamp, die and seal 
cutter, 31 Argyll street 

M'Lure, D. lithographer, 99 Trong. 

Middleton, James, copperplate, 14 
Stirling street 

Miller, J. and lithographer, 21 Ar- 
gyll street 

Munro, G. copperplate and litho- 
grapher, 17 Nelson street 

Pritty, F. and copperplate, 81 Ar- 
gyll street 

Ross, Wm. seal, 78 Buchanan st. 

Scott, J. 15 Hutcheson'street 

Smith, A. 19 Saltmarket 

Swan, J. 161 Trongate 

Wilson, H. 197 Trongate 

M'Callum, George, 84 Eglinton st. 
Stronoch, James, 40 Sauchiehall st. 
Towers, John, 177 Hope street 
Wilson, Francis, 36 Cowcaddens 



See also Smiths and Farriers. 
Downie, VV. 43 Gallowgate 
M'Donald, William, 92 King st. 

M'Neil, Neil, Dalmarnock road 
Scott, J. 26 Risk street, Calton 
Scott, J. 16 Moncrieff street 


See also Upholsterers. 
Forbes, J. 80 Trongate 
Stewart, Mrs J. 124 Trongate 
Wylie & Lochhead, 164 Trongate 

Hetherington, J. 32 Thistle street 
Johnson, Thomas, Ay ton court 

M'Laren, M. & A. 109 BridgegaLe 
Oliphant, J. 12 King street 
Oliphant, P. 50 Bedford street 

Dougall, J. &r J. 52 Argyll arcade 
M'Leod, D. & hook, 193 Argyll st. 
Martin, Alexander, 179 Argyll st. 
Panton, J. & Co. 59 Trongate 

Alexander & Co. 401 Argyll street 
Cuthbert, J. 38 Miller place 
Drummond, J. & Co. 5 New Town 

Harley, Andrew, 65 West George 
street and 135 Regent place, 
Campbell street J*- 
Logan, James, 82 Stockwell 
M'Allister, Mrs. 25 and 27 Bucha- 
nan street 
M'Nab, John, 121 Fife place 
Oliphant, J. 12 King street 
Oliphant, Peter, 50 Bedford street 
Thomson, A. 3 West George street 

M'Millan, D. 216 Broomielaw 


Adam, George, Bell street market*- 7 
Alexander, J. 105 Main st. Gorbals 
Anderson, A. 81 Main st. Gorbals 
Anderson, W. 4 Main st. Anderst. 
Atkinson, T- 1 Beefmarket, King st. *** 
Barrie, T, Main street, Bridgeton 
fBell, John, 178 Argyll street S 
Bell, William, 176 Argyll street y/ 1 
Bowes, Miss A. 18 Mutton market, 
King street 



Boyle John, 46 Crown street 
Brown, Alex. 31 Bridge street 
Brown, D. 166 Gallowgate 
Brown, J. 17 Main street, Gorbals 
Brown, J. 57 Stevenson street 

■?3Brown, Mrs P. 24 New Town 
market ?\ 

Bruce, R. 34 John streetjjfa 
Bruce, Mrs. 22 Mutton marke 
Buchanan, Andw. 4 Mutton marH 
''" .Buchanan C. 17 Mutton market 
Buchanan, \V T . 291 Argyll street ,/S. 
Chalmers, John, 11 Eglinton street *$d.\ 
Chambers, G. Ul Main st. Gorbals M' 

•^Connell, J. 35 Sauchiehall street *i M { 
Craig, J. 193 High street 
Craig, J. 96 Canning street 

, Cuddie, J. 1 and 3 Crown street *f Ml 

'Dempster, John, 32 King street %T* 
Duncanson, John, 5 Multon market 
and 61 St. George's place ^/~ 

^ockhart Sr Hendrie, 159 Trongate i, 
and 127 Fife place /•> 

KVCaUum, A. 227 Argyll street V 
M'Donald & Scott, 55 Stockwell 
M'Dougall, John, 10 Govan street 
M'Gown, T. Main st. Bridgeton 
^yCregor, A. 114 Main street, 

ityre, John, 411 Argyll street 
'11111111116, A. 28 Clyde place 
^achlan, A. 26 Clyde terrace 
phlan, J. 40 Adelphi street 
y, J. sen. 63 St. George pi. ^" v 
y, John, jun. 147 George st-*' 
Syrian, Mrs, 78 King street 
M'Pljerson, 1). 35 Oxford street 
/> Martin, A. 61 Bell street J*\ 
J MmBss, R. 14 Green st. Calton 

»y George, 399 Argyll street if 
fay, William, 431 Argyll st. . 
apjfrrie, Andrew, 333 Argyll street *> 
Dunn, John, 9 Mutton market*/ ^Neilson, Thomas, 38 West Nile si. 
Dunn, James, & Co. 78 Bath street VBark, G. 11 London street 
^-Ewing, John, 9 Bell street market ^'.Perrett, Robert, Castle street 
*J£wing, John, jun. 51 Bell street ^\ 'Phillips, A. 237 High street t/" 
Ferguson, John, 356 Argyll street Phillips, John, 70 King street 
Galbraith, A 36 Main st. Goibals Pro van, James, 27 George street 
Galbraith, J. 311 High stteet r\ Rankin, A. 47 George street 
Gardner, John, 12 Bell street V *"5tankin, James, 146 Campbell street ^ 
Gibson, VV. 250 George street west, and 271 Cowcaddens 

Gilchrist, VV. 74 Bell streei v ^ Rankin, Robert, 137 Campbell st. 
.Gilmour, Allan, 118 Queen streetJ^Hoberts, J. 166 High street ^Z* 
Gilmour, Alexander, 86 SuVnside -Ross, Matthew, 26 Nelson street 
Graham, Robert, 18 Stobcross street* Russell, William, 63 Bridge street 
Graham, Mrs VV . Bell $j^ market 'Scouller, Jas. 19 and 21 London «.»/ 
Grant, Archibald, 23M^^M$wgate4 'Shirra, S. 51 and 55 Canning st. 
Gray, A. 26 Mutton matfcet ■/"* Smart, Mrs, Bell street market, and 

•-Hannah, Robt. 21 MjH Hpnarket^ p- 59 Bell street 
Hill, James, I Al'Farlane. streei 'Stevenson, J. 162 Argyll street i/V 
Hodge, John, 62 TaflaJjjgreet Stewart, Robert, 1 Mutton market v 

•^•Hunter, William, 70 Bell street (A Stewart, Wm. & Co. 421 Argyll st. , 
Jenkins, J. 387 Gallowgate .•'Sugar, John, 13 West Nile street,*/ 

Johnston, Win. 14 G. Hamilton st._ and 12 Beef market 
Kilpatrick, J. 337 Argyll street J .Taylor, James, 17 Beef market \j 
Kilpatrick,W.&Co 103 W.George sUTTaylor, J. sen. 18 Beef market \J^ 
Jeorge stt .Thomson, D. 6 King street »A* 
street '"ahomson, Wm. 1 Bell st. market * 

ftreet ^"*" Torrance, J. 272 Gallowgate (/*" 
Jlhi street Train, James, Bridgeton 

frgyll street* Train, Richard, 38 Stevenson street 
Leishman, A. '1 StgS^ensnn street _ Turner, James, 6 Adelphi street and 
Leishman, Wm. 218 Gallowgate y 25 Norfolk street 
Liddell, H. 51 Kingst. TradestorJ J Wallace, David, 445 Argyll street 

JfLiipatrick, W. jun^ 
Laing, James, 291 
Leckie, A. 63 Nor 
Leckie, John, 21 A- 

VLeckie, Robert, 28$ 



Watters, Andrew, 24 Stevenson st»/Gibson, Mrs. 44 London street 

- v Watters, John, Cowcaddens ^A 

Watson, Andrew, & Co. 4 King st J ^Lindsay, William, 165 Ingram street 
Watson, Horatio, 659 Gallowgate* ^.ogan, Thomas, 125 (iallowgate 

Wilson, Wm. 58 S. Portland st 
A'Wise, John, 52 Bedford street, and 
6 Beef market i/> 
Young, James, 19 Kirk street ||^ 

Cowan & Co. 37 Argyll street 
Crawford, William, 3 Argyll arcade 

Black, James, 81 Kirk st. Calton 
Craig, Alexander, 132 High street, 

247 Gallowgate, 212 Argyll st. 

and 1 Clyde place 
Gentle, John, 215 High street 
Graham, J. 37-1 Gallowgate 
Hunter, J. 16 Buchanan street 
MacLellan, L. 136 Gallowgate 
Parker, James, 140 Gallowgate 
Shaw, R. 7 Clyde street, Calton 
Taylor, Henry, jun. 73 John street 

M'Crorie, J. 62 Hutcheson street 

Christie, J. 21 Arcade 
Gatherall, J. & G- 15 Arcade 
Haig, W. 45 George square 
Leitch, A. & Co. 28 Dunlop street 
Lindsay, W. 19 Arcade 
Lindsay, M. 41 Arcade 

M'Gregor, Mis A. 41 N. Albion st. 
Taylor, J. 19 Cochran street 

Bannatyne, Mrs J. 88 W. George st. 
Bennie, J. 105 Candleriggs 
Black, A. 103 George street 
Black, -W. 381 Argyll street 
Bridge, R. 205 George street 
Brock, J. 266 High street 
Brown, J. & T. & Co 104 Argyll st. 
Craig, R. 7 VVilson street 
Crosbie, J. 66 Main st. Anderston 
Dickson, William, 126 Gallowgate 
Fergus, Thomas, 188 Argyll street 

Lindsay, W. jun. 60J Buchanan st. 

M'Dougall, A. 330 High street 
M' In tyre, T. 93 High street 
Miller, William, 34 Argyll street 
Murray, W. 47 George square 
Paterson, A. 363 Argyll street 
Paterson, J. 149 George street 
Russell, W. 15 Exchange place 
Strang, J. 48 London street 
Thomson, J. & Co. 127 Ingram st. 
Thomson, P. 140 Trongate 
Thyne, James, 33 Arcade 
Virtue, David, 63 Trongate 
Virtue, J. jun. 24 Argyll street 
Virtue, P. 146 and 148 Queen street 
Wright, David, 218 Argyll street 

Black, P. 156 Saltmarket 
Brown, J. 6 St Andrew street 
Bryce, John, 18 L Argyll street 
Howie, J. & Co. 8 Puddock row 
Lochhead, VV. sen. 122 & 124 Salim. 
Spalding, Mrs, 75 Argyll street 
Simpson, Mrs, 34 Kirkst. Townhead 
Wylie & Lochhead, 14Cochran street 
and 164 Trongate 

M'Crone, Edward, 6 Candleriggs 


Agnew, Mrs, 74 Stevenson street 
Aucott, T. 159 Gallowgate 
Bain, A. 64 Norfolk street 
Bain, Misses, J. & A. 234 Argyll st. 
Balderston, VV. 38 Candleriggs 
Brown, A. 52 Bridge street 
Brown, A. 6 Eglinton street 
Brown, Mrs, 23 Adelphi street 
Burns, MissM. 138 Mainst.Gorbals 
Cross, R. 242 Gallowgate 
Dallas, Miss F. 175 Trongate 
Donald, Miss, 9 S. Portland street 
Dougall, R. Main street, Bridgeton 
Edmond, Miss, 69 Wilson street 
Edmond, Misses L. & J. 116 Bu- 
chanan street 
Frazer, Mrs, 135 High street 
Gardner, Mrs N. 26 Adelphi street 



Gardner, Mrs, 13 Clyde st. Calton 
Gatheral, George, 105 Gallowgate 
Graham, J. 63 Crown street 
Haig, William, 45 George square < 
Hamilton, Mrs, 17 Norfolk street 
Hodge, Mrs, 57 Hutcheson street 
Horn, J. 56 High street 
Inglis, Peter, 25 King st. Calton 
Knight, Mrs John, 11 King street 
Lamb, Misses, 167 Ingram street 
Liddell, R. George street, Mile-end 
Lindsay, H. 22 Portugal street 
Marshall, A, 13 Kingfield row 
Menzies, Miss E. 4 Sauchiehall st. 
Miller, Andrew, 139 W. Nile street 
Mochrie, Mrs, 126 Ingram street 
Morrison, M. 11 Gallowgate 
M'Farlane, J. 54 Stockwell 
M'Innes, A. 89 Carrick street 
M'Kay, H. M. 132 King street 
M'Kellar, Mrs J. 29 Coburg street 
M'Kinnon, Miss, 5 Stockwell 
M'Leish, A. 94 Burnside 
M'Nish, J. 72 Canning street 
Naismith, Miss, 123 High street 
Pinkerton, J. 120 Burnside 
Scott, Miss M. 237 Argyll street 
Sharp, Miss, 171 Argyll street 
Simpson, D. 48 Kingst. Tradeston 
Thomson, D. & D. Covvcaddens 
Thomson, Mrs, 74 Commerce street 
Thomson, Miss J. 10 Norfolk street 
Weir, Miss C. 65 George street 
Wilkie, D. Fleming pi. Cowcaddens 
Wilson, A. B. 265 George street 

Aaron, Sarah, 31 Candleriggs 
Arthur, Mrs D. 20 Bridgegate 
Black, James, London street 
Burns, Daniel, 112, Saltmarket 
Coubrou£>h, M. 8 Miller's place 
Drew, John, 147 Saltmarket 
Edwards, J. 25 Miller's place 
Flockhart, John, 26 Bridgegate 
Graham's, 193 Argyll street 
Howie, James, 32 Bridgegate 
M'Lachlan, Mrs G. 24 Bridgegate 


See also Haberdashers. 
Levy, Woolf, 18 Argyll street 

Monteith, P. 9 Blackfriar street 
M'Neill, D. 172 Trongate 
Prince, H, 48 Argyll street 

Chalmers, J. 156 Hope street 
Craighead, P. 3 Salisbury lane 
Craighead, J. Rosehill, Pollok- 

shaws road 
Gillies, D. 10 Green market 
Hamilton, J. 215 Argyll street 
Jones, W. 2 Green market 
Lang, T. 20 New Town market 
Miller, Thomas, Main st. Bridgeton 
Mitchell, D. 248 George street 
M'Intyre, Mrs J, 18 Green market 
Pinkerton, J. Green market 
Scott, W, 9 Green market 
Stewart, J. 9 Malta street ' 
Stewart, Mrs W. 39 Hospital street 
Wilson, Mrs J, Green market 

Drew, W. 66 Wilson street 
Lang, W, & Co. 93 Buchanan st. 
Liddell, A. & Co, 102 Argyll street 
Somerville, Robert, 32 Stockwell 


Fraser, Thomas, 3 Canning street 
Henderson, A. & Co. 3 Brunswick 

Logan, J. 20 St Andrew square 
Smith, William, 6 Canning street 


Geddes, John, St. Mungo street 
Geddes, VV. Anderston bottle work 
Glasgow Flint Glass Co. Lancefield 
Port-Dundas Bottle Co. Port-dundas 


Orr, Peter, 54 High street »y*""" 

Arbukle, A. 126 Trongate 
Bell, James, 9 Howard street 
Bell, P. Dixon street 
Boles, John, 45 Candlpriggs 
Lee, J. 39 Turner's court 



M'Allister, J. 27 & 29 Robertson 

M'Killop, James, 54 Argyll street 
Moreland & M'Laren, 20 Jamaica 


Those marked (a) are Glass Stain- 

ers and Benders. 
Burgess, A. 26 Commerce street 
a Cairney, W. 85 Candleri°:gs 
Cathie, A. Shield's land, Dalrcar- 

nock road 
Gilbert, W. 168 Gallowgate 
Moreland, & M'Laren, 20 Jamaica 
Murray, J. 1 Porlugal street 
M'Millan, A. 36 Brunswick street 
Muir, T. 7 Ann street* 
Rennie^ohn, 368 Gallowgate 
Small, Neill, 12 Dixon street 
Stewart, Alexander, 5S Norfolk st. 
Turner, R. 24 Blackfriar street 
Tyzack, Joshua, 34 Buns wynd 
Young, W. and diamond setter, 19 

Yuill, J. 86 Mitchell street 

Meikel, D. 62 Spoutmouth 

Armstrong, Thomas, 102 Stockwell 


See also Jewellers. 
Alexander, \V. 11 Nelson street 
Gray, R. & Son, 78 Argyll street 
Grierson & Murray, 16 Argyll street 
Muir, Thomas, 139 Trongate 
Rait, D. C. 16 Argyll street 


Cranther, J. H. 88 John street 
Graham, Arch. & Co. 109 Bruns- 
wick street 
Taylor, James, 14 Wilson street 

Allan, J. & Son, 6 Hutcheson street 
Anderson & Haldane, 109 Trongate 

Baird, W. G Union street 
Cairns, G. 192 Argyll street 
Cassels, John, 34 Well street 
Clunie, R. A. 7 Queen street 
Cook, Thomas, 56 Gallowgate 
Cowan, Robert, 18 Union street 
Craig, J. 164 Trongate 
Frame, William, 20 Union street 
Gardner, G. 20 Washington street 
Graham & Lang, 20 Charlotte st. 
Graham, P. 22 Great Hamilton st. 
Hastings, A. 28 Union street 
Honey man, J. & Co. 43 Dunlop st. 
Jackson, A. & Son, 22 Union st. 
Langlands, M. 6 Maxwell street 
Lockart, Robert. 24 Stockwell st. 
M'Kenzie, D. 28 Union street 
M'Lean, P. 27 Candleriggs 
Notman, Thomas, 225 Cowcaddens 
Perth Barley Depot, 78 Union st. 
Pinkerton, J. sen. 8 Union street 
Sclanders, A. & Son, 16 Union st. 
Sclanders & Goodwin, 20 Buchanan 

Semple, S. G. 135 Buchanan street 
Smith, P. 16 St. Enoch square 
Taylor, H. jun. 73 John street 
Watson, James, 25 Stockwell 
Watt, James, S3 Union street 
Young, John, 35 Kent street 

Browning, M. 22 York street 
Gillon, Alexander, Port-Dundas 
Strathern, J. Port-Dundas 

Bowman, R. 147 Upper Nile street 
Drew, \V . 66 Wilson street 
Lang, W. & Co. 93 Buchanan st. 
Liddell. A. & Co. 102 Argyll st. 
M'Culloch, M. &Co. 168 Gallow- 
Young, W. 223 George street 

M'Callum, D. 107 West George st. 
M'Farlane, A. 42 West Nile street 
Simpson, Mrs, 216 Gallowgate 
Wylie, MissC. 106 Sauchiehall st. 
Young, J. 31 South Portland street 
Young, Robert, 12 Crown street 





Barr & Buchanan, 150 and 152 

High street 
Brown & Downs, 79 Gallowgale 
Cunningham, A. 83 Argyll sireet 
Dewar, Alexander, & Co. 63 Can- 

dleriggs, and £05 High street 
Forrest, J. 299 Argyll street 
Goold, William, 91 High street 
Graham, Win. & Co. Melville place 
Hardie, A. 134 Gallnwgate 
Hill, A. 157 Argyll street 
Johnston, William, 13 King street 
Keltie, William H. 39 Candleriggs 
Lawson, W. & Son, 151 Trongate 
M'Ara, Peter, 70 Gallowgate 
M'Culloch, J. & J. 147 Argyll st. 
M'Culloch, S. & W. 25 and 27 

Argyll street 
M'Ewan, W. Sons & Co. 121 

M'Ewan, W. Sons & Co. 146 Gal- 
M'Fadyen, D. 275 Argyll street 
Masterton, Alex. 399 Gallowgate 
Mitchell, John & James, 31 King 

Mitchell, W. & A, 40 Trongate, 

and 42 Higli street 
Rankin, R. & Co. 72 Buchanan st. 
Rennie, Alexander, 69 & 71 Main 

st. Gorbals, &61 New Bridge st. 
Robertson, W. & R. 205 Argyll st. 

and 21 Jamaica st. 
Taylor, R. jun. & Co. 117 Gal- 
Turner, Duncan, 209 and 21 1 

Argyll street, and 2, 4 and 6 

Jamaica street 
Walker, John, & Co. 76 Argyll st. 
Williamson, J. jun. 52 Candleriggs 
Williamson, John, 23 Trongate, and 

52J Bridge street 
Wilson, J. & R. 27 Queen street 
Wilson, Walter, 37 King street 
Wilson, David, 24 Oxford street 

Those marked (a) are Grocers only. 
Adam, John, 254 Gallowgate 
Adam, T. 45 Dale st. Tradeston 

Aitken, E. 107 King street, and 

110 Washington street 
Alexander, A. 152 Sauchiehall st. 
Alexander, James, 18 Little street 
Alexander, Mrs T. 35 Shuttle st. 
Alexander, Miss M. 75 George st. 
Allan, A. & J. 81 Gallowgate 
Anderson, J. 31 Mainst. Anderston 
Anderson, W. 118 Sauchiehall st. 
Anderson, Miss J. 287 High st. 
Angus, Mrs. James, 100 Rottenrow 
Austin, Miss M. 86 Kirkst. Calton 
Baird, Alexander, 400 Gallowgate 
Baird, John, 64 Gordon street 
Baird, John, 34 Bedford street 
Bannatyne, W. Main st. Bridgeton 
Bannatyne, Mrs. J 88 W. George st. 
a Barclay, Jas. 101 Argyll street 
a Barlas, G. 83 Main st. Gorbals 
Barr, Alexander, 27 Tobago street 
Barr, James, 48 Bishop street 
Barrie, 3 Drygate toll 
Battison, J. 67 Taylor street 
a Baxter, Isaac, & Son, 137 Buch- 
anan street 
Bayne, John, 207 High street 
Bell, John, 57 Nelson st. Tradeston 
a Black, John, 135 Ingram street 
Blackie, Alex. 226 Gallowgate 
Blair, A. Dalmarnock road 
Blair, C. 19 I-tobcross street 
Bogle, Mrs. R. Main st. Bridgeton 
Bolton, George, 182 W. Nile st. 
Bonar, David, 4 Eglinton street 
a Boyd, J. 25 Clyde st. Anderston 
Boyle, James, 42 Crown st. 
Braid, Mrs J. 46 Adelphi street 
Brannan, F. 53 King street, CaltOEi 
Broadfoot, Mrs W. 23 W. Camp- 
bell street 
Brown, James, 28 Renfrew street 
Brown, J. 72 Eglinton street 
Brown, J. & T. & Co. 104 Argyll 

Brown, Mrs A. 4 St Ninian street 
Brown, Mrs J. 132 Main street, 

Brown, Mrs H. 392 Argyll street 
Brown, Mrs M. 9 Melville street, 

Brownlie, Mrs A. 31 Eglinton st. 
a Bruce, R. 8 Bath street 
Bruce, A. 29 Clyde street, Calton 



a Bryce, John, 179 Buchanan st. 

and 333 High street 
Bryce, W. 32 King street Calton 
Bryce, Mrs T. 9 AVallace street 
a Buchanan, A. 2 Abercromby st. 
Buchanan, C. 39 Bell st. Calton 
Buchanan, J. 5 N. VVoodside road 
Buchanan, Mrs J. 58 Canning st. 
a Buchanan, Miss A 136 Rottenrow 
Burnet, S. 69 King street, Calton 
Butters, B. 59 Thistle street 
Caldwell, J. 9 Marlborough street 
Callaghan, John, 91 Eglinton street 
Cameron, Angus, 111 Rottenrow 
Cameron, Mrs J. 27 Maxwell st. 
a Campbell, Colin, 256 George st. 
Campbell, Hugh, 5 Crown street 
a Campbell, Wm. 2 Stobcross street 
Carrick R. 23 Kirk street 
Chalmers, A. 44 Dale st. Tradeston 
Christie, W. 2 Green street, Calton 
Clark, John, 52 Hospital street 
Cleland, R. 46 Bedford street 
a Cochran, T. 7 1 Clyde st Anderston 
Cockburn, J. 8 Dempster street 
Colquhoun, John, 8 M'Kechniest. 
Corsair, D. 107 Great Hamilton st. 
Coulter, John, Main st. Bridgeton 
Cowte, William, 124 Burnside 
a Craig, John, 34 Stockwell 
a Crawford, A. 42&44 Broomielaw 
Crawford, G. 127 High street 
Crawford, G. Dalmarnock road 
Cross, D. & Co. 23 Nelson street, 

Cross, Mrs J. 77 Clyde st. Anderston 
Cullen, T. 85 Green street, Calton 
a Cumming, W. & R. 16 Stevenson 

Cunningham, A. John street lane 
Cunningham, Archd. 83 Argyll st. 
Currie, Mrs, Dale st. Bridgeton 
Daily, T. 143 Main street, Gorbals 
Dale, David, 193 Buchanan street 
Davidson, D. 49 Bell street 
Davidson, W. 121 Main st. Gorbals 
Davis, J. 58 Hospital street 
Denny, Wm. 43 King st. Tradeston 
Dick, James, 4 Balmanno street 
a Dick, Mrs J. 61 Crown street 
Doig, Mrs C. 60 Main st. Gorbals 
Dougall, A. Glenpark 
a Dougall & Kay, 229 Gallowgate 

a Dougall, 311 Argyll street 
Dougall, Mrs, 8 Gibson street 
Dougherty, John, Cowcaddens, V J 
Douglas & Co. 201 Trongate 
Douglass, D. 214 Broomielaw 
a Dow, C. & H. 231 High street 
Downie, J. Cowcaddens 
Downie, T. Maitland street 
a Drummond, Mrs R. 46 Argyll st 
a Drysdale, Alex. 87 Gallowgate 
Dudgeon, Eben. St George's road 
a Duncan, Archd. 25 Govan street 
a Duncan, Mrs R. 69 Hutcheson 

Dun'op, W. 43 N. Frederick street 
Dunn, J. 34 College st. Anderston 
Dunn, John, 289 Argyll street 
Eadie, John, 3 Puddock row 
a Eisten, G. & Co. 437 Argyll st. 
Edmond, T. 9 Nelson st. Tradestoa 
Ewing, J. 59 Main st. Anderston ! 
a Ewing, R. 42 Clieapside street 
a Fairley, James, 31 Spoutmouth 
a Fairlie, Robert, 147 Great Ham- 
ilton street 
a Fenton, Thomas, 45 Bridge st. 
Fisher, D. 2 Tarbet street 
Fisher, James, 45 Bell street 
Fleming, David, 52 Stevenson sL 
Fleming, James, 30 Cheapside st. 
Fleming, R. 18 Little Dow hill 
Fleming, Mrs. 43 Main st. Calton 
a Forbes, Alex. 23 King street 
Forrest, Alex. 67 Crown street 
Fotheringham, R. 34 Brown street 
Fraser, W. 22 Govan street 
Galbraith, J. 50 Cavendish street 
Gardiner, John, 58 S. Portland st. 
a Gebbie, James, 50 Havannah st. 
Gebbie, J. Reid street, Bridgeton 
Gemmell, G- 20 King st. Tradeston 
Gemmell, John, Finnieston 
Gibson, L. 146 Broomielaw 
Gilchrist, T. Main st. Bridgeton 
Gilchrist, W. & Son, 65 Carrick st. 
Gilmour, A. 15 James' street 
Gilmour, A. 76 Canon street 
Gilmour, John, 28 Portugal street 
Glen, John, 185 Eglinton street 
Goodwin, R. 39 Castle street 
a Goold, John, 16 Clyde st. Calton 
Gordon, Daniel, 26 Bishop street 
Gordon, W. Dale street, Bridgeton 



Govan, Jas 56 Main st. Anderston 
Gray, D. 685 Gallowgate 
Gray, Samuel, Franklin street 
Gray, Thomas, Phrenix buildings 
Gray, Mrs, 14 Little Dow hill 
a Greig, H. 139 Main st. Gorbals 
a Greig, Wm. 85 Kirk st. Calton 
Grossart, Jas. 104 Main st. Gorbals 
Grove, J. 11 George st. Mile-end 
Hamil, Francis, 57 Bridgegate 
Hamilton, Gavin, 264 High street 
Hamilton, J. Reid st. Bridgeton 
Hamilton, William, 40 Bishop st. 
Hamilton, W. 24 Kent street 
Hamilton, Miss A. 127 Main street, 

Hannay, Thos. 45 Gordon street 
Hannay, Mrs A. 141 Main street, 

Hardie, H. R. 38 Sauchiehall st. 
Harvie, C. D. 74 Green st Calton 
a Harvey, John, 3S2 Gallowgate 
Harvey, R. 1 Clyde street, Calton 
Hay, Mrs, 30 South Coburg street 
a Hastie, William, 42 Canon street 
Henderson, D. 72 Renfrew street 
Henderson, G. 84 Stockwell 
Hendry, Archibald, 122 Drygate 
Hendry, D. 13 Melville st. Tradeston 
a Henry, John, 397 Argyll street 
a Hill, David, 146 Hope street 
Houston, John, 45 Cheapside street 
Hughes, James, 67 Kingfield row, 

Hunter, D. Dalmarnock road 
Hunter, John, 24 Portugal street 
Hunter, J. 55 Mitchell street 
Hunter, J. 2 Union street, Calton 
Hynd, Mrs, CO Commerce street 
a Imrie, Mrs, 80 King st. Tradeston 
Inglis, J. 8 Moore street 
a Inglis, T. 20 Adelphi street 
Inglis, T. 649 Gallowgate 
Innes, W. 23 Eglinton street 
Jack, John, 23 Oxford street 
j Jackson, John, 166 Main st. Gorbals 
Johnston, M. 1 Maitland street 
Johnston, Thomas, 17 Little street 
Johnston, W. 24 Marlborough st, 
a Kay, Daniel, 409 Gallowgate 
a Kaye, Robert, 94 Tiongate 
Kay, William, 33 Adelphi street 
a Kay, Mrs. 162 Saltmarket 

a Keel, Mrs. Alexander, 79 King 

street, Tradeston 
Keith, Alex. Main street, Bridgeton 
Kellar, Mrs. 12 G. Hamilton street 
Kelly, H. Main street, Bridgeton 
Kelly, P. 98 Burnside, Pt.-Dundas 
Keltie, W. H. 39 Candleriggs 
Kerr, W. Muslin street 
Kilpatrick, G. 165 G. Hamilton st. 
Kilpatrick, J. 19 Portugal street 
King, R. 74 Main st. Anderston 
King, J. & W. 391 Gallowgate 
Kinross & M'Donald, 52 Green st. 
Knox, Robert, Glenpark 
Lachlan, W. 92 Rottenrow 
Lang, James, 1 Marlborough street 
Lang, William, 46 Bridge street 
Laurie, J. 21 Govan street 
Lauder, Mrs. 54 Bishop street 
Lawcock, James, 7 Rottenrow 
Lennie, M. 43 Taylor street 
a Lightbody, William, 98 Mair: 

street, Gorbals 
Lillie, William, 21 Crown street 
Limeburn, Hugh, 22 Adelphi st. 
Lindsay, James, jun. 27 Drygate 
Lindsay, Thomas, 75 Stobcross st. 
Little, Robert, 35 Drygate 
a Logan, John, 417 Argyll street, 

and 115 Carrick street 
Logan, William, 130 Stockwell 
Logan, W. 89 Main st. Anderston 
Love, John, 24 Canning street 
M'Alpine, James, 244 High street 
M'Alpine, Wm. Mid Woodside st. 
a M'Arra, Peter & Co. 8 & 10 

Main street, Gorbals 
a M'Arthur, Dun. 115 Stockwell 
M' Arthur, John, 28 & 30 Hutche- 

son street 
M'Cabe, P. 33 Broad st. Mile-end 
M'Callum, A. 44 Bedford street 
M'Callum, D. 163 Buchanan street 
M'Callum, D. St. Rollox 
M'Callum, Duncan, Finnieston 
M'Callum & M'Kinnon, Port- 

M'Callum, William, 37 Armour st. 
M'Cann, Lyle M. 275 Buchanan 

M'Clusky, F. 104 Saltmarket 
M'Clymont, J. St. Rollox 
o M'Coll, J. 467 Argyll street 



M'Coll, John, 26 Rose street, Hut- 

M'Connechy, Mrs. J. 5 Carrick st. 
M'Crorie, James, 25 Millroad st. 
M'Culloch, A. 349 Argyll street 
M'Donald, John, 105 Gneme street 
M'Donald, J. 65 Main st. Anderston 
M'Donald, Mrs. J. Reid street 
M'Evven, R. 16 On street 
a M'Farlane, George, 52 King st. 
M'Farlane, P. 11 Bishop st. 
M'Fee, VV. 12 Broad street 
a M'Gibbon, J. 152 Saltmarket 
M'Gregor, Peter, 96 Burnside 
M'Guire, J. 5 Thomson's lane 
M'Innes, N. 449 Argyll street 
M'Intosh, A. John st. Bridgeton 
M'Intosh, Jas. Main st. Bridgeton 
a M'Intyre, D. 273 Argyll street 

and 6 Stobcross street 
a M'Intyre, James, 41 Orr street 
M'Intyre, J. 132 Garscube road 
M'Intyre, William, 190 Main street, 

a M'Intyre, Miss BI.23 North street 
M'Kay, D. 2 Love loan 
M'Kean, G. A. 82 Hope street 
M'Kechnie, James, 3 Struthers 1 st. 
a M'Kenzie, Peter, 229 High street 
M'Kersie, Mrs, 34 Main st. Calton 
M'Kinlay, Jas. 8 Green st. Cakon 
M'Kinlay, W. 18 Carrick street 
M'Kinlay, W. 13 Bishop street 
a M'Kinnon, D. 127 W.Campbell st. 
M'Lachlan, D. 32 Bishop street 
M'Laren, J. 16 Warroch street 
M'Laren, Mrs. 13 Cathcart street 
M'Lay, J. 91 Drygate 
M'Lay, Mrs. Wm. 91 Canning st. 
a M'Lea, Mrs. 18 Crown street 
M'Lea, Mrs. D. 34 New wynd 
M'Lean, Edward, 9 Norfolk street 
M'Lean, John, 20 Bedford street 

and 47 Crown street 
M'Lean, Miss, 17 West Nile street 
M'Lean, Mrs. 38 New wynd 
a M'Lellan, Thomas, Duke street 
a M'Lennan, D. 139 Bridgegate 
M'Lennan, Mrs. K. Dalmarnock 

road • 

M'Leod, J. 4 Parkhouse lane 
M'Lintock, J. & A. 24 Kirk street, 


M'Millan, Robert, 343 Gallowgate 
M'Millan, Wm. 86 Canning street 
M'Millan, Mrs. 1). 80 Canning st. 
M'Nairn, S. 56 Dale st. Tradeston 
M'Naught, J. jun. 100 Centre st. 
M'Naughtan, Finlay, 113 Geo. st. 
M'Neil, R. 60 New wynd 
M'Nicol, J. 31 Renfrew street 
M' Ornish, J. St. Rollox 
M' Ornish, P. Barony Glebe 
M'Pherson, John, 41 S. Coburg at. 
M'Phie, D. 109 Buchanan street 
M'Quiben, R. 13 Malta street 
M'Vean, Mrs. D. 170 Garscube 

Malcolm, Robert, 140 Hope street 
a Manual, Alex. 11 Rottenrow 
Marshall, D. 97 & 99 Bridgegate 
a Marshall, James, 176 Gallowgate 
Marshall, Mrs. E. 6 Main street, 

Martin, Alexander, 267 Gallowgate 
Martin, Duncan, 7 Thistle street 
a Martin, James, 68 King street 
.Martin, Mrs. J. 70 Main street, 

Martin, J. 73 New venel 
a Maxton, Peter, 4 Kirk st. Calton 
Maxwell, Wm, 6 1 N. Frederick st. 
a Melrose, Mrs. 70 Canon street 
Meh-en, A. 31 Bishop street 
a Menzies, Miss C. 120 Bridgegate 
a Menzies, Miss J. 122 Bridgegate 
Miller, James, 60 Taylor street 
a Miller, John, 67 Henfrew street 
Miller, M. 150 Sauchiehall street 
Miller, Robert, & Co. 81 Stobcross 

Miller, W. Port-Dundas 
a Miller, William, 31 Argyll street 
Miller, Mrs. D. 28 Little Dowhill 
a Miller, Miss Ann, 30 Candleriggs 
Milieu, W. Main street, Bridgeton 
Moffat, Robert, Reid street 
Moffat, William, 1004 Gallowgate 
Moir, Thomas, 14 Saracen lane 
Mollison, A. 322 Gallowgate 
Montgomerie, Mrs. 19 Duke streei 
Moore, Daniel, 20 Bishop street 
Morrison, A- 52 Oxford street 
Morrison, Mrs. John, 119 Fyfe pi. 
Moses, Wm. 161 West Nile street 
a Mouat, Andrew, Cowcaddens 



a Muir, George, 9 King street 
Muir, John, 85 Havannah 
Muir, John, Brown's land, Bluevale 
a Muir, Miss, 15 West Nile street 
Munro, Daniel, 17 Clyde st. Calton 
a Murdoch, Alex. 190 Gallowgate 
Murdoch, W. 681 Gallowgate 
a Murray, D. 153 Bridgegate 
a Murray, Mungo, 39 King street 
Murray, \V. 47 George square 
Murrajr, Wm. 32 Parkhouse lane 
Murray, Mrs. 94 King street, 

a Mushet, James, 204 Buchanan st. 
Neilson, William, 34 Rose street 
Neilson, Mrs. 9 Crown street 
Neilson, Mrs. 32 Bridge street 
Nibblock, Mrs, 105 Renfield street 
Nicolson, W. 82 Sawmillrield place 
Nicholson, W. 32 Green st. Calton 
Nimmo, Jn. 15 Dale st. Bridgeton 
Nimmo, J. Cowcaddens 
Nisbet, James, 86 Centre street 
Orr, D. 102 & 104 Canning street 
a Orkney, P. 44 Carrick street 
a Park, Mrs. 10 Spoutmouth 
Paterson, William, 197 Argyll st. 
Paterson, Mrs. J. Main street, 

Paton, Hugh, 24 Washington street 
Pattison, John, 67 Taylor street 
Peebles, Alex. 34 King st. Tradeston 
Pender, John, 137 Saltmarket 
Perry, Robert, 50 Rottenrow 
Petrie, James, 17 Main street, An- 

Pettigrew, James, 23 Malta street 
Pettigrew, J. 173 Main st- Gorbals 
Pollock, R. 39 Nelson st. Tradeston 
Pollock, R. 6 St. Ninian street 
Pollock, T. 50 Coburg lane 
Porter, G. 2 Kirk street 
a Proudfoot, James, 70 Canning st. 
a Rae, Archibald, 37 Cowcaddens 
Rae, William, 21 Stevenson street 
Ramage, David, 3B8 Argyll street 
Ramsay, William, 60 Main street, 

Rankin, Mrs. J. 109 Roltenrow 
a Reid, A. 88 Canning street 
a Reid, A. 94 Canning street 
Reid, James, Smith's court, Can- 



Ridley, John, 21 & 23 Charlotte st. 
Richardson, A. 27 Main street, 

Ritchie, D. 127 Main st. Anderston 
Ritchie, W. 33 Rutherglen loan 
a Robb, Andrew, 43 Gordon street 
Roberton, William, 39 Gallowgate 
Robertson, J. 42 Stevenson street 
a Robertson, W. 51 George street 
Robertson, Mrs J. 7 Canning st. 
Ronald, Alexander, 150 Hope st. 
Russell, J. 10 Gibson st. Gallowgate 
Russell, Robert, 18 Campbell street 
Russell, Thomas, 24 Thistle street 
a Russell & Thomson, 263 Gallow- 
gate, and 33 & 35 Norfolk street 
a Russell, Wm. 22 Hospital street 
a Russell, Miss J. 183 Main street, 

a Russell, Miss M. 304 High street 
Scott, R. 27 Stobcross street 
a Seaton, James, 22 Drygate lane 
Sellers, John, Marlborough street ' 
Shackleton, Mrs D. Port-Dundas 
a Shearer, A. 13 Stockwell 
Sheriff, Mrs T. 149 W. Regent st. 
Shields, John, Dalmarnock road 
Shields, Jn. 77 Kirk street, Calton, 

and 111 Great Hamilton street 
Shirra, A. 32 Sauchiehall street 
a Shirra, J. & M. 13 Clyde place 
Shirra, S. 51 & 55 Canning street 
a Shirra, Mrs. H. 58 Bridgegate 
Shirra, Mrs. 47 N. Frederick street 
a Siddon, Robert, 2 Trongate 
Sim, Mrs. G. 23 N. Albion street 
a Sim, Mrs. 72 Robertson street 
Simpson, James, 50 Bell street 
Sinclair, Alex. 44 Stevenson street 
Sinclair, Duncan, 458 Argyll st. 
a Slater, John, 17 West Nile streec 
a Slater, T. H. 56 Candleriggs 
a Smart, Peter, 18 Centre street 
Smellie, D. 89 Kirk street, Calton 
Smellie, J. 705 Gallowgate 
Smith, James, 130 High street 
Smith, James, Main st. Bridgeton 
Smith, Jchn, 86 Broomielaw 
a Smith, P. 38 Rose street 
a Smith & Ross, 337 High street 
Smith, W. 143 Burnside 
Somerville, John, 83 King street 
a Spence, E. 88 Kiik street. Caltoa 



Spence, James, jtm. 5 Greenhill st. 
Stark, Mrs. Aim, 8 Broad street 
Stark, Mrs. J. 19 Broad street 
Steel, Thomas, 1 Cavendish street 
Steel, Thomas, 10,3 Burnside 
Stevenson, Mrs A. 34 Govan street 
Stewart, Robert, Lawmoor place 
Stewart, W. & D. 230 High street 
Strang, John, 48 London street 
Struthers, William, 21 Tureen st. 
Sym, A. & Co. 3 b' George street 
Teacher, William, 50 Cheapside st. 
a Taylor, A. 135 George street 
a Taylor, D. 123 Argyll street 
a Taylor, J. 61 High street 
Tennant, James, 100 King street, 

Thomson, D. 138 Sauchiehall st. 
Thomson, D. 17 Parkhouse lane 
a Thomson & Dougall, 70 Bu- 
chanan street 
Thomson, John, 3 St Ninian street 
a Thomson, J. & Co. 127 Ingram st. 
Thomson, R. 73 Bishop street 
Thomson, R. 8 Salisbury street 
a Thomson, Patrick, 176 Trongate 
Thomson, Mrs. G. 4 St. Andrew's 

Thomson, Miss J. 10 Norfolk st. 
Thyne, William, 1 1 Melville street 
Torrence, Robert, 137 New venel 
a Turnbull, D. Rumford street 
Turnbull, James, 133 & 135 Salt- 
Turnbull, Joseph, 57 New venel 
Turnbull, VVm. 4 Cranston street 
Turner, Wm. 90 Kirk street, Calton 
Tweddall, John, 52 St. Vincent st. 
Ure, John, & Co. 12 Duke street 
Ure, Miss, 25 Hutcheson street 
Waddel, G. & A. 65 Nelson street 
Waddell, J. C. 52 King street, 

Walker, J. 20 Norfolk street 
Walker, John, & Co. 76 Argyll st. 
a Walker, Mrs. A. Dunchattan 

Walsh, T. Finnieston 
Watson, Miss Jane, 36 Oxford st. 
Weir, Wm. 67 Dale st. Tradeston 
Whyte, John, 12S Mainst. Gorbals 
a W hite, R. 21 Rutherglen loan 
White, T. 14 Broad st. Mile-end 

Whitelaw, James, 64 Glassford st. 
Wilson, Andrew, 22 York street 
Wilson, B. 44 Portugal street 
a Wilson, Robert, & Son, 59 King! 

street, Tradeston 
Wilson, John, 47 West College st. 
Wilson, John, 44 Clyde street, 

Wilson, Mrs. J. Reid street 
a Wilson, Mrs. 48 Adelphi streei 
Wilson, Miss M. 8 West street 
Wood, George, Dalmarnock road 
Wright, Arch. 38 Lady well street 
Wright, Jas. Main street, Bridgetois 
Wright, R. Commercial road 
Wright, Thos. 150 West Nile st. 
a VVylie, D. 74 Main st. Gorbals 
Wylie, Joseph, 1 Broad st. Mile-end 
Wylie, W. 37 Tobago street 
Young, W. 39 North Frederick st. 
Young, William, Drygate toll 
Yuill, J. 39 Taylor street 
Yuill, John, 15 Abercromby street 

Blaikie, J. 27 Stockwell 
Cocker, James, 31, 32, & 33 Ar- 
Dougall, J. & J. 52 Argyll arcade 
Galbraith, John, 12 Main street, 

Ingram, Charles, 43 Jamaica streei 
Kelley, James, SO Argyll street 
Martin, Alex. 179 Argyll street 
Musgrove, B. 46 Trongate 


See also Woollen Drapers. 
Gray, J. & W. 156 Trongate 
Hall, J. 305 Argyll street 
Harley, J. & Co. 125 Trongate 
Lillie, James, 245 Argyll street 
Miller, G. & W. & Co 118 Trongate 
M'Kinlay, D. 433 Argyll street 
Rankin, Alex. & Co. wholesale, 33 

Scott and Laidlaw, wholesale, 56 


Fraser, J. 70 Stockwell 
M'Donald & Ferguson, 29 Gallow. 



See also Perfumers Sf Hair- 


Anderson, J. B. 121 and 123 In- 
gram street 
Anderson, R. 7 East Nile street 
Ayton, J. & A. 68 George street 
Barrie, D. 44 Miller place 
Barrie, Robert, 26 Shuttle street 
Barton, Ben. 82 Argyll street 
Boyd, J. 64 Stockwell street 
Braid, Alexander, 5 Kirk street 
Chalmers, A. 128 Gallowgate 
Crichton, A. 40 Havannah 
Douglas, J. 23 Kirk street, Calton 
Edmondstone, D. 254 Argyll street 
Edwards, S. 2 Hospital street 
Elder, G. 346 Gallowgate 
Forbes, D. 4 St. Enoch lane 
Gilchrist, G- 5 Eglinton street 
Gilmour, A. 187 Trongate 
Learmonth, R. 68 West Nile street 
Lillie, J. 64 King street, Tradeston 
M'Lehose, Mrs, 5 Blackfriar street 
M'Murray, W. 71 Kirk street, 

M'Nee, D. 45 Main street, Gorbals 
M'Taggart, S. 33 King street, 

Main, J. 27 Argyll .arcade 
Main, Robert, 9 Exchange place 
Miller, J. 68 Jamaica street 
Mitchell, J. jun. 33 George street 
Moore, J. 10S Queen street 
Murray, J. 50 Centre street 
Orr, A. 61 Green street, Calton 
Palmer, T. J. 23 Main st. Calton 
Pro van, J. 37 Trongate 
Rae, A. 91 Glasst'ord street 
Reid, J. 36 Stockwell 
> Robertson, R. 45 Nelson street 
Robertson, W. 176 Saltmaiket 
Smith, A. 256 High street 
Stevenson, 11. 59 Trongate 
Stewart, J. 4 North Clyde street 
Tennent, W. 72 Queen street 
Thomson, J. 3 Malta street 

Allan, A. 26 King street 
Allan, W. & Son, 72 Candleriggs 
Buchanan & Cairns, 16 and 18 
Wilson street 

Coats, Jervis, & Son, 21 South 

Albion street 
Dodd, P. & Co. 31 Hutcheson st. 
Duncan, W. 80 Candleriggs 
Dunlop, J. 37 Brunswick place 
Friar, W. 79 Great Clyde street 
Fulton, H. & W. 91 Candleriggs 
Stewart, Robert, 133 Trongate 

Johnston, W. 16 Robertson street 
Russell, J. 16 Robertson street 


See also Ironmongers. 
Cameron, A. 35 Trongate 
Cameron & Co. 7 Trongate 
Coll, H. 51 Trongate 
Devlin, P. 61 Trongate 
Dick, VV. 57 Trongate 
Duncan, J. 14 Saltmarket 
Ferrie, L. & Son, 367 Argyll street 
Graham, J. 71 Trongate 
King, David, 42 Main st. Anderston 
Lamb, P. 15 Argyll street 
Lawson, W. 8 Saltmarket 
M'Lellan, P. 129 Trongate 
Rodger, D. jun. 6 Clyde street, An-> 

Spencer, J. 16 Saltmarket 
Spencer, W. 56 Trongate 
Tolmie, A. jun. S7 Argyll street 
Tolmie, A. & Son, 125 Argyll st. 
Turner, W. 12 Saltmarket 
Watson, A 3 Saltmarket 
White, J. 90 Saltmarket 

Burn, James, 27 King street 
Cassells, R. 103 Trongate 
Chambers, D. & T. 88 Stockwell 
Couper, J. 87 Trongate 
Esdaile, J. & Co. 36 Hutcheson st. 
Fletcher, J. jun. 18 St Andrew's st. 
Gibson, J. 77 Trongate 
Hamilton, Thomas, 1 Argyll street 
Hardie & Blair, 6 Trongate 
Hunter, A. G. 28 Buchanan st. 
Inglis, A. 1 14 Trongate 
Kirsop, T 93 High street 
Lang, J. 123 Trongate 
Lindsay, A. 10£ St. Andrew's lane 
Lundie, J. 68 Trongate 


M'Allan, W. Cowcaddens 
M'Ewan, A. 31 Govan street 
M' Gibbon, J. 14 Nicholson street 
M'Gregor, T. 74 George street 
M'Haffies, & Co. 9 St Andrew's sq. 
Marks, R. & Co. 23 Dundas street 
xMartin, J. & S- 134& 136 Stnckvvell 
Miller, A. M'K. 195 Trongate 
Muir, James, & Co. 24 Gallowgate 
Murphy, H. 28 Saltmaiket 
Nixon, J. & Co. 105 Argyll street 
Nixon, J. & Son, 13 & 15 Smith's ct. 
Nixon, R. 93 Argyll street 
Nixon, W. M. & Co. 130 Trongate 
Rohead, John, 16 Nelson street 
Smith, J. 73 Gallowgate 
Tatlock, R. 250 Argyll street 
Wotherspoon, J. 40 Gallowgate 
Wright & Morrison, 110 Argyll st. 

Blair, Alex. & Co. 95 Buchanan 

Dawson, J. & Co. 149 Queen street 
Dunbar, Thomas, 103 Trongate 
Home, John, 27 Trongate 
Lee, J. jun. 122 Queen street 
Muir, J. & Co. 24 Gallowgate 
.Scott, James, 50 Glasstbrd street 
Wilson, A. R. 67 Union street 


Gumming, Geo. 29 S. Montrose st. 

Sharp, John, & Co. 79 Stockwell 


See also Weavers' 1 Utensil Makers. 
Black, James, 65 Kirk st. Calton 
Drummond, Thomas, 28 Nelson st. 
Kyle, William, 35 Gallowgate 
Wotherspoon, W. 9 Great Dowhill 

Farquharson, John, and bone setter, 

50 Eglinton street 
M'Lean, J. 62 Blackfriar street 
Smith, ^Fas. Main st. Bridgeton 

Wark, J. 138 Gallowgate 



Colley, M. & F. 27 St Andrew sq. 

Naismith, A. 5 St Andrew square 
Ross, J. & Sons, 18 N. Albion st. 
Young, VV. 44 St Andrew square 

Hannah, J. 9 Gordon street 
Harvie, J. 251 Argyll street 
M'Kinlay, J. 255 Duke street 
M'Pherson, H. 50 High street 
Wilson, W. 255 Buchanan street 

Adam & Wright, 114 Trongate 
Arthur, Alexander, 4 Trongate 
Balfour, D. & Son, 153 Trongate 
Black, James, Cowcaddens 
Bogle & Forrester, 33 & 35 Queen 

Bogle, J. & W. 34 Oxford street 
Bow, P. 13 Trongate 
Brown, Alex. 52 Bridge street 
Brewster, J. 56 Argyll street 
Campbell, J. & W. 34 Candlerigg? 
Cruden, George, 185 Gallowgate 
Dickson, J. 117 George street 
Falconer, R. 132 Argyll street and 

116 Trongate 
Falconer, W. & A. 50 Argyll st. 
Foulner, John, 18 Candleriggs 
Graham, R. 117 Saltmarket 
Grant, G. A. & Co. 88 Trongate 
Hamilton, A. 52 Gallowgate 
Hamilton, F. & R. 1 15 Trongate 
Harley, Jas. & Co. 125 Trongate 
Houston, M. 79 Trongate 
Johnston, S. 80 Trongate 
Leslie, D. 43 Arcade 
M'Corkindale, D. 3 St. Enoch sq. 
M'Donald, Alex. 6 and 7 Arcade 
M'Kinlay, A. 252 & 254 High st. 
M'Lean, L. 23 Argyll street 
M'Leish, A. 94 Burnside 
M'Neill, D. 172 Trongate 
Mathieson, Reid & Co. 44 Trongaw 
Miller, R. 1 45 George street 
Mitchell, J. 96 Bell street 
Muirhead, John, 28 Candlerigg* 
Park, W, 10 Trongate 



Pinkerton, J. 120 Burnside 
Rankin, Alexander, & Co. wholesale, 

33 Candlcriggs 
Scott & Laid law, 56 Trongate 
Shaw, John, & Co. 26 Candleriggs 
Smith, J. 5 Main street, Gorbals 
Smith, J. & Son, 64 Argyll street 

and 11 High street 
Strathern, T. 128 Union street 
Thomson, Alex, 6 Argyll street 
Thomson, George, 3 High street 
Watson, A. 37 Argyll arcade 
Wilson, Mrs J. 117 Trongate 

Hatters, 3 St Andrew's open — John 

Joiners, 62 Argyll street — Hugh 

Tailors, 132 Trongate — P. Walker 

Allan, R. & T. 24 Slockwell 
Christie, J. 4 Russell street west 
Clark, John, 52 Hospital street 
Crawford, G. Dalmarnock road 
Uavie, James, Finnieston 
Donaldson, J. 6 Union street 
Dykes, J. 155 Salt-market 
Gardner, Alex. 30 Kelvin street 
Glassford, Robert, 28 Stevenson St. 
Goodwin, Robert, 39 Castle street 
Graham, J. & W. £0 Argyll street 
Grierson, James, 2 Paisley road 
Hardie, J. 158 Gallowgate 
Henderson, H. 286 Gallowgate 
Jaffray, R. 11 Virginia street 
Kirkwood, A. 89 Virginia street 
Kirkwood, J. 31 Virginia street 
Kirkwood, R. 40 Miller street 
Laird, J. 47 Renfrew street 
Lang, John, 135 Buchanan street 
M'Callum, D. Finnieston 
M'Donald, C. 39 Coburg lane 
Mathie, R. 4 Havannah 
Miller, John, 94 Mainst. Anderston 
Milliken, J. 65 Argyll street 
Munro, J. 17 Brunswick place 
Neilson, James, 81 Buchanan street 
Neilson, J. 667 Gallowgate 
Paton, Hugh, 24 Washington street 
Rattray, R. 50 North Hanover st. 
Kennie, C. 69 Canning street 

Robertson, D. 118 S. Albion street 
Scott, D. 22 Alston street 
Shand, James, 108 Stockwell 
Smith, J. 31 North street 
Thomson, D. 18 Marlborough st- 
Tweddale, Hugh, 40 Charlotte st. 
Wright, T. 45 Tureen street 

Grieve, R. 19 Exchange place 
Johnston, T. & Co 137 George st. 
Livingston, Alex. 43 Trongate 
Lusk, R. B. & Co. 18 Buchanan st. 


Argyll Inn and British Hotel, D 
Sinclair, 152 Argyll street 

Black Bull Inn, J.Fle'ck, 12 Argyll st. 

Black Bull Inn, Duke street, T. 

Black Bull Inn, 146 Main street, 
Gorbals, Allan Wilson 

Blackfriars Inn, P. Mein, Black- 
friar street 

Buchanan street Hotel, M. M'Far- 
lane, 57 Buchanan street 

Buck's Head Hotel, T. Atkinson, 
61 Argyll street 

Clyde Hotel, A. Towers, 13 An- 
derston quay 

Clydesdale Arms Inn, F. Murdoch, 
East Nile street 

Cossack Inn, J. Stewart, 37 Ja- 
maica street 

Cross Keys, 39 Stockwell, James 

Eagle Inn, J. Frazer, 59 Maxwell st. 

George Inn, J. Black, 26 George sq. 

Glasgow Bridge Inn, 58 Oxford 
street, Archibald Stewart 

King's Arms Inn, D. M'Gregor, 
66 Trongate 

King's Head, A. M'Phail, 20 Stir- 
ling street 

Market Inn, J. M'Kay, 46 Market 

M'Lure, A. 141 Eglinton street 

Port-Eglinton Inn, G. Gaul 152 
Eglinton street 

Royal Hotel, William Carftck, 66 
George square 

Royal Hotel, (New), George Com- 
rie, North Queen street 



Saracen Head Inn, J. Craig, 1 St 
Mungo's lane 

Stag Inn, "William Smith, 70 Ja- 
maica street 

Star Hotel, A Grimshaw, 80 
George square 

Tontine Hotel, J. Walker, Tontine 

Wheat Sheaf Inn, J. Bigbie, Clyde 

White Hart Inn, John Fisken, 98 

See Brokers, Ship and Insurance. 


Anderston Co. Cheapside street 
Baird, H. & R. Old basin 
Balfour & M'Callum,52 Newwynd 
Campbell & Christie, Greenvale 
Clark & M'Allister, Barrhead 
Collier, J. & Co. Delftfield lane 
Drummond, R. & Co. Calton 

Dundyvan Iron Co. 19 John street 
Edington, J. Port-Dundas 
Edington, T.& Son, Phcenix foundry 
Fulton & Neilson, Lancefield forge, 

14 Lancefield street 
Gartnessforge, office 7 Fox street 
Girdwood, C. & Co Govan street 
Glasgow Iron Work Co. 21 South 

Hanover street 
Gorbals Foundry Co 206 Main st. 
Gray, J. & Co Washington street 
Liddell, A. & Co. "Washington st. 
Miller, S. & Co. 48 Saracen lane 
Murdoch, Aitken & Co. 36 Hill st. 
M'Culloch, M. & Co. 168 Gallow- 

M'Dowall & Robertson, P.-Dundas 
Napier, R. 28 Washington street 
Neilson, John, Oakbank 
Newton, Bennie & Co. Caledonian 

foundry, West street 
Port-Dundas Foundry Co. Port- 
Dundas road 
Randolph & Co 12 Centre street 
Roberton & Wilson, 33 Malta street 
Shotts Iron Co. 68 Howard street 
St Rollox Foundry Co. Townhead 
Stark & Fulton, North street An- 
derston, and Mitchell street 

Tod & M'Grigor, Clyde foundry, 

Wingate, Thomas, & Co. Adelphi 


Albyn Iron Works, Albyn place 
Baird, Wm. & Co. 263 Argyll st. 
Brown, Paterson & Co. 7 Fox street 
Bunten, R. 28 Jamaica street 
Calder and Wilsontown Iron Works, 

office 37 Glassford street 
Carron Co. 123 Buchanan street 
Clyde Iron Works, Co. 19 Johnst. 
Cuthbertson, T. Stourbridge court. 

210 Argyll street 
Cuthbertson&Tweedie, lOSArgyll st. 
Dickson, J. 19 John street 
Dixon, W. & Co. 37 Glassford st. 
Dunlop, Wilson & Co. 19 Johnst. 
Dundyvan Iron Co 19 John street 
Edington, J. Port-Dundas 
Edington, T. & Son, Phcenix Iron 

Fleming, P. & R. 17 Argyll street 
Firmstone, J. P. 21 S. Hanover st. 
Fulton & Neilson, Lancefield forge 
Glasgow Iron and Brass Wire Co. 

24 Turner's court 
Glasgow Iron Work Co. 21 South 

Hanover street 
Grazebrook, H. 13 Dixon street 
Leechman, W. fe J. 21 Melville pi. 
Monkland Steel Co. 49 Maxwell st. 
More, J. 14 East Nile street 
Muirkirk Iron Co. 131 Ingram st. 
Robertson, J. &■ Co. 54 Jamaica st. 
Robertson, J. 88 Union street 
Shotts Iron Co- 68 Howard street 
Wilson & Co. Summerlee Iron 

Works, office 108 Argyll street 


Alexander, J- 28 High street 
Allan, James, 138 Argyll street 
Auld, H. sen. 130 Gallowgate 
Auld, H jun. 10 London street 
Bancks, C. J. 17 & 19 Stockwellpl. 
Bishop & Drummond, 15 Main st. 

Brown, A. 114 Argyll street 
Campbell, D. & R. 4 Duke street 
Campbell & Watt, 79 Argyll street 



Cuthbert, John, 168 Argyll street 
Cuthbertson&Twpedie,108 Argyll st. 
Craig, Peler, 50 Jamaica street 
Drew, XV. 66 VV ilson street 
Dunn, Thomas, 151 Argyll street 
Fleming, P. & R. 17 Argyll street 
Hadfield George, 47 Argyll street 
Heron, D. 212 Broomielaw 
Ker, William, 8 London street 
Lamb, Peter, 15 Argyll street 
Lang, W. & Co. 93 Buchanan st. 
Liddell, A. & Co. 102 Argyll street 
M'Callum, D. sen. & Co. 32 

Queen street 
M'Connell, R. 81 and 85 Union st. 
M'Farlane, Alex. 45 Main street, 

M'Geoch, W- 113 Argyll street 
M'Haffie, R. 115 Argyll street 
M'Lean, J. 86 Main st. Anderston 
M'Lellan, P. 129 Trongate 
M'Vicar, J. & Son, 169 High st. 
Marshall, John, 303 High street 
Martin, J. & Son, 29 Argyll street 
Musgrove, Benjamin, 46 Trongate 
Nisbet, Alexander, 102 Trongate 
Paton, M. & W. 7 Saltmarket 
Robertson, J. & Co. 54 Jamaica st. 
Rose, W. & Co. Smithfieldbuildgs. 
Scott, A. 34 Kirk street, Calton 
Shirley, VV. 174 Trongate 
Simpson, J. B. 26 Argyll street 
Spencer, W. 56 Trongate 
Stewart. J- & Co. 11 Argyll street 

and 39 Stockwell 
Stewart, Wm, 10 Glassford street 
Tassie, John, jun. 103 Argyll street 
Tweedie & Crawford, 10 Jamaica 

Watson, R. 20 Hutcheson street 
Webster, John, 33 Gallowgate 
Winks, J. 70 Kirk street, Calton 
Young, R. 27 Gallowgate 

Baxter, Isaac, & Son, 127 Buchanan 

Slater, J. 17 West Nile street 

Anderson, George, & Co. Hill st. 
Edgar, R. Low Green street 

Adam, J. 60 High street 
Bilsland, A 2 College open 
Craig, P. 20 Jackson street 
Drew, J. 31 Moodie's court 
Drew, W. 66 Wilson, street 
Perston, J. 10 Greyfriars' wynd 
Scott, & Co. 90 Queen street 

Aitken, Alexander, 98 Queen street 
Aitken, P. 96 Argyll street 
Alexander, A. W. 9 Nelson street 
Alexander, W. 11 Nelson street 
Brown, J. 53 Argyll arcade 
Bryson, C. 31 Trongate 
Coll, H. 51 Trongate 
Coll, J. 29 Trongate 
Davis, D. 24 Queen street 
Devlin, P. 61 Trongate 
Dick, W. 57 Trongate 
Finlay, John, & Co. 104 Trongate 
Graham, J. 71 Trongate 
Gray, R. & Son, 78 Argyll street 
Grierson & Murray, 16 Argyll street 
Innes, G. 58 Argyll street 
M'Donald, D. 134 Trongate 
M 'Innes, W. 50 Gallowgate 
M'Lean, George, 9 Argyll street 
Middleton, J. 15 Hutcheson street 
Mitchell, Alexander, 2 Argyll street 
Mitchell, J. & W. 80 Argyll street 
Muir, Thomas, 139 Trongate 
Muirhead, J. 33 Nelson street 
Paul, Thomas, 45 Sauchiehall street 
Robertson, D. 18 Arcade 
Ross, William, 78 Buchanan street 
Stewart, A. & R. 162 Trongate 
Thomson, A. 98 Trongate 
Thomson, G. 252 Argyll street 
Turvey, G. working, 145 Trongate 
White, George, 178 Trongate 

JOINERS.— See Wrights. 

Callum, C. 48 Queen street 
Cameron, Neil, 88 Buchanan street 
Cleland & Buchanan, 102 Virginiapl. 
Drummond, W. & Go. 38 Queen st. 
Goold, Thos. & Co. 102 Maxwell st. 
M'lntosh, J. & Co. 48 Queen streef 
M'Nair, Andrew, 85 Queen street 



Park, R. B. 38 Queen street 
Waddell, T. & Co. fancy, 153 
Queen street 


See also Silk Mercers. 
Armour, R. & Co. 25 Queen street 
Kirkwood, W. 28 Balmanno street 
Mair, J. 82 Trongate 
Miller, G.& W. & Co. 118 Trongate 
Stitt, John, 106 Trongate 
Wardle, G. 42 Argyll arcade 
Westwater, James, 116 Argyll st. 

Harvie, Robert, 18 Glassford street 
Kyle, W. 45 Union street 
M'Quisten, P. 4 Dunlop street 
Robertson & Low, and mineral, 68 

St Vincent street 
Robson, N. 19 South Hanover street 
Smith, David, 37 Virginia street 
Thomson, A. 62 Buchanan street 


Colquhoun, W. 32 Argyll street 

Brownlie, J. 3 1 Inkle Factory lane 
Houstoun, J. 45 John street 

Cross, James, 11 Spoutmouth 
Lang, W. & J. 63 Nelson street 


Campbell & Henderson, Oswald st. 
M'Nair, J. 98 Eglinton street 
Sutherland, J. & J. Dixon street 

See also Curriers and Leather 

Merchan ts. 
Alexander, James, 65 Bridgegate 
Anderson & Jarvis, and shoe fur- 
nishers, 70 Prince's street 
Armstrong, Hannah, 74 Nelson st. 
Birrell, A. & Son, 51 Prince's st. 
Blackwell, S. 244 Gallowgate 
Craig, J. 87 Maxwell street 
Eglan, W. 18 Main street, Calton 
Gardiner & M'Donald, 78 Spoutra. 

Lamont, D. 62 Jamaica street 
Lang, W. & J. 63 Nelson street 
Livingstone, J. 10 Turner's court, 

and 75 Kirk street, Calton 
M'Clymont, W. & Co. 41 Prince's 

M'Kay & Son, 21 Great Clyde st. 
Muirhead, J. 23 Old wynd 
Mushet, J. 54 St Andrew's square 
Shaw, John, 28 Bridgegate 
Smith, A 14 and 16 Prince's street 
Steel, H. 103 Stockwell 
Stewart, William, 9 Russell street 
Thomson, W. 6 Stirling square 
Waddell, W. 9 Great Dowhill 
Whitehead, J. 23 St Andrew's sq. 
Whyte, John R. 19 Cochran street 
Young, J. 72 Prince's street 

Mercer, L. Port-Eglinton 
Robertson, H. 76 Bell street 


Jackson, John, Medical Jurispru- 
dence, 25 Maxwell street 

Mackie, D. Mathematics, Geogra- 
phy and Natural Philosophy, 
George's square and Mechanics' 

Waik, David, Anatomy and Sur- 
gery, 20 College street 

Rattray, Jas. Botany, 148 High st. 

Reid, Hugo, Chemistry, Mechanics' 


Burton, John, 6 Main st. Gorbals 
Bridgeton Public, Muslin street 
Calton Public, 7 James' street 
Campbell, I). 3 Buchanan street 
Campbell, William, 404 Argyll st. 
Glasgow Music, 75 Wilson street 
Glasgow Public, 151 George street 
Hamilton, Wm. 139 Renfield street 
Henderson, J. 460 Argyll street 
Laurie, Robt. 8 King st. Tradeston 
Lochead, R. 154 Argyll street 
M'Callum's, Public, 65 and 67 

Wilson street 
Mechanics, 61 North Hanover st. 
Miller, J. 256 Buchanan street 
Miller, R. 215 Gallowgate 



Moore, D. 96 Queen street 
Morrison, John, 51 Oxford street 
Morrison, Wm. 271 Argyll street 
North Quarter, 3 Rottenrow 
Procurators, 13 John street 
Robertson, John, 144 Argyll street 
Robertson, Joseph, 19 Bridge street 
Salraond, P. 1 George street 
Smith, D. 19 Canon street 
Stirling's, 52 Ingram street 
Watson, G. & Son, 36 Stevenson st. 
Whelan, A. 138 Gallowgate 
Wilson, John, Barrowfield toll 

Dick, G. Port-Dundas 
Donaldson, G. 63 Carrick street 
Mathieson, Charles, Claythorn st. 


Clark, J. 53 Virginia street 
Cruden, G. 185 Gallowgate 
Dawson & M'Nicol, 68 Buchanan 

Donaldson, C. 103 Saltmarket 
Fleming, W. & J. & Co. 4 Stirling sq. 


Alexander, Thomas, 179 Argyll st. 
Allan & Ferguson, 57 Argyll street 
Atkinson, Thomas, 16 Queen street 
Buchanan, W. & Co. 4 Steel street 
Fyfe, J. & P. 22 Argyll street 
Kerr, James, 59 Trongate 
M'Lure, D. 99 Trongate 
M'Lure& M'Donald, 190 Trongate 
M 'Donald, D. 18 Hutcheson street 
Macfarlane, D. 124 Trongate 
Miller, James, 21 Argyll street 
Munro, George, 17 Nelson street 
Paterson, T. 46 Ingram street 
Smith, A. 19 Saltmarket 
Swan, Joseph, 21 Exchange square 

and 161 Trongate 
Wilson, H. 197 Trongate 

Frazer, J. 70 Maxwell street 
Grimshaw, A. 80 George's square 
Hay, C. 5 St Enoch's wynd and 

West Regent lane 
M' Arthur, J. 11 Duke street 
M'Farlane, Mrs, 26 Spoutmouth 
M'Kendrick, H. 47 Stockwell 
MTlwham, A. 270 Gallowgate 
Marshall, R. & Co. 10 Charlotte st. 
Mein, P. 41 Blackfriars street 
Munn, Mrs, 38 Ingram street 
Nisbet, J. jun. 42 Jamaica street 
Paton, Alex. & Co. 10 Argyll street 
Rankin, T. College open 
Sampson, W. 36 Gordon street 
Stewart, A. 58 Oxford street 
Whitelaw, Mrs R. 156 Gallowgate 
Wilson, Alexander, 11 Kent street 
Wright, J. 163 Main st. Gorbals 

Drew, William, 66 Wilson street 
Elder, Thomas, 118 High street 
Glasgow Lock and Hinge Co. Ay- 
ton court 
Ingram, C. 43 Jamaica street 
Lang, W. & Co. 93 Buchanan st. 
M'Connell, R.81 and 85_Union st. 
Paterson, J. 52 Sauchiehall street 
Paterson, William, 19 Ann street 
Stobbo, William, 27 Canon street 

Boyle, John, 106 High street 
Brand, Mark, 62 N. Hanover street 
Fisken, John, 98 Candleriggs 

Adam, Mrs, 155 G. Hamilton street 
Aitken's, 108 Argyll street 
Anderson, Mrs. A. 48 George sq. 
Allan, Misses, 168 Gallowgate 
Anderson, Miss, 118 George street 
Anderson, Miss A. 114 Trongate 
Angus, Miss, 49 Renfield street 
Begg, Mrs Wm. 74 Argyll street 
Bingham, Mrs, 14 Cathcart street 
Black, Miss, 100 George street 
Boyd, Miss, 7 Queen street 
Bridges, Adam, 50 N. Hanover st. 
Brown, Mrs, 44 Carrick street 
Bryce, Mrs, 49 Renfield street 
Cadenhead, Mrs, 193 Argyll street 
Caiman, Mrs, 44 George street 
Campbell, Mrs, 1 28 Union street 
Campbell, Miss, 59 Union street 
Carnachan, Mrs, 315 Argyll street 




Carrick, Miss, 255 George street 
Christie, Mrs H. 39 Hutcheson st. 
Clark, Mrs M. 116 George street 
Comries'j 250 High street 
Chrichton, Mrs R. 25 George sq. 
Gumming, Mrs, 29 College street 
Dow, Mrs, 12 Anderston quay 
Duncan, Mrs G. 100 George street 
Ferguson's, Miss J. 6 Anderston 

Ferguson, Mrs, 201 Buchanan street 
Fleming, Mrs, 26 George street 
Finlayson, Mrs, 141 George street 
Fyfe, Mrs, 50 North Albion street 
Galbraith, Miss, 157 West Nile st. 
Geddes, Miss, 40 Oxford street 
George, Miss, 1 1 Horn's court 
Gilford, Mrs, 92 Broomielaw 
Gillies, Miss, 62 George street 
Glasgow, Mrs, 255 George street 
Gow, Mrs, 63 South Portland st. 
Graham's, Pratt's court 
Graham, Miss, 44 N. Frederick st. 
Graham, Misses, 10 George street 
Gray, Mrs J. 42 York street 
Harrison, Mrs, 63 High John street 
Harrower, William, 106 Union st. 
Harvey, Mrs R. 87 Montrose street 
Hay, Mrs Robert, 52 York street 
Henderson, Mrs, 6 Union street 
Hunter, Mrs, 12 Anderston quay 
Imrie, Mrs, 243 Gallowgate 
Jack, Mrs T. 14 Cathcart street 
Johnston, Mrs, 33 George square 
Johnson, Mrs, 233 High street 
Johnson, Mrs R. 47 Bath street 
Kerr, Mrs, 3 College street 
Lang, Miss, 3 Balmanno street 
Leek, Mrs, 118 George street 
Leslie, Mrs, 14 Shuttle street 
Lockhart, Mrs, 26 George street 
Love, Mrs H. 12 Hope street 
M'AUister, Mrs, 48 S. Portland st. 
M'Alpin, Miss, 50 N.Albion street 
M'Arthur, Mrs A. 315 Argyll st. 
M'Beath, Miss, 73 John street 
M'Dougal, R. 48 South Portland st. 
M'Gill, Mrs, 44 N. Frederick st. 
M'Gregor, A. 95 Argyll street 
M'Gregor, Mrs, 10 S. Portland st. 
M'Kenzie, Miss, 24 Jamaica street 
M'Kie, Mrs, 292 Argyll street 
M'Kinlay, Mrs, 109 \V. George st. 

M'Kirdy, J. 72 Brown street 
M'Lachlan, Mrs A. 13 So. Port- 
land street] 
M'Lachlan, Mrs, 30 Union street 
M'Lean, Miss A. 52 York street 
M'Lean, Mrs, 12S Union street 
M'Lean, Mrs, 40 Oxford street 
M'Millan, Mrs W. 40 Union street 
M'Naughtan, Mrs, 179 Argyll st. 
M'Pherson, Mrs, 50 N. Albion st. 
Mather, Mrs, 105 High street 
Miller's, 38 Broomielaw 
Miller, Mrs Adam, 55 Renfrew st. 
Milliken, Mrs J. 41 George square 
Montgomerie, Mrs. 44 George st. 
Moore, Mrs, 60 Oswald street 
Morrison, Mrs W. 69 Bath street 
Morrison, Miss M. 86 Renfrew st. 
Mullin, J. 139 Saltmarket 
Murray, Miss, 4 Wellington street 
Orr, Mrs, 119 George street 
Palmer, Mrs. James, 26 George st. 
Park, Mrs R. 93 West George st. 
Paton, Mrs M. 339 Argyll street 
Paxton, Mrs, 26 Robei (son street 
Phillips, Miss A. 44 Hutcheson st. 
Quiddington, Mrs, 72 Wilson street 
Rankin, Mrs, 29 College street 
Reid, Miss, 30 Portland street 
Robertson, G. 142 George street 
Robertson, Mrs C. 52 York street 
Robertson, Miss, 7 Park place 
Russell, Mrs, 44 West Regent st. 
Salmond, Mrs, 15 Renfrew street 
Scott, Mrs, 56 Bath street 
Scott, Miss, 29 College street 
Shanks, Mrs T. 20 College street 
Shearer, Mrs, 63 John street 
Sherridan, Mrs, 70 S. Portland st. 
Shields, Mrs, 51 Union street 
Smith, Mrs, 35 Charlotte street 
Smith, Mrs, 63 High John street 
Stephen, Mrs, 29 N. Hanover st. 
Stewart, Miss, 59 Renfield street 
Stewart, Mrs, North Albion court 
Stirling, Mrs M'Gregor, 62 George 

Turnbull, Miss M. 71 George street i 
Waddell, Mrs, 118 George street 
Waddell, Mis, 27 Union street 
Walker, Mrs, 26 George street 
Whyte, Mrs, J. 47 Adelphi street 
Withers, Mrs, John, 26 George st. 



Wood, Mrs. 40 Sauchiehall street 
Wylie, Mrs. 141 George street 
Young, James, 62 George street 
Young, Mrs W. 62 George street 
Younghusband, Mrs E. 73 Hutche- 
son street 


Cotton, Stephen, 24 Stockwell 
Donaldson, Mrs. J. private, 6Union St. 
Neilson, Mrs, 68 Glassford street 
Ogilvie's, 114 Trongate 
Puddell's, Mrs, 38 George square 
Riddell, Mrs, 38 George square 

Chisholm, D. 62 Ingram street 
Finlay, J. & M. 49 Buchanan st4,1 
Galletti, A. 24 and 25 Arcade V* 
Gerletti, C. 145 Saltmarket 
M'Stravick, W. 143 High street 
Riva, J. & M. 143 High street 
Simpson,. J. 64 Maxwell street 



Malcolm, John, 1 Moncrieff street 



Arthur, W. Bishop street 
Brown, J. Union place, Anderston 
Collier, J. & Co. Delftfield lane 
Cook, J. & Co. Commerce street 
Crawford, D. & Co. 86 Carrick st. 
Currie, James, 51 Hospital street 
Drummond, Robert, & Co. Calton 

Dunn, VV. 110 John street 
Farquhar & Gunn, Sidney street 
Girdwood, C. & Co. Govan street 
Gray, J. & Co. Washington street 
Hislop, George, 29 St Enoch lane 
Lindsay, A. 39 Old wynd 
Miller&Webster, 33 G. Hamilton st. 
Randolph & Co. 12 Centre street 
Ronald, G. 80 Clyde st. Anderston 
Spence, John, Reid street 
Stark & Fulton, North street, An- 
derston, and Mitchell street «/""• 

Arnot, P. 3 Buchan street 
Baird, H. & Co. Old basin 
Hill, T. 35 Cavendish street 

Flockhart, Mrs. 34 Gallowgate 
Hamilton, Miss, 19 Brunswick st. 
Johnston, Mrs. 9 St Andrew square 
M'Farlane, Mrs. 58 Buchanan st. 
Simpson, Mrs, 11 St Andrew sq. 

Adam, W. jun. 94 Miller street 
Adam & Wright, 114 Trongate 
Adamson & Logan, 14 Montrose st. 
Allan, R. & Co. 103 Hutcheson st. 
Allan, W. & Co. 43 Virginia street 
Alexander, R. F. & J. 97 Bruns- 
wick street 
Alston, J. & Son, 55 Glassford st. 
Anderson, J. G. 12 Stirling square 
Anderson & Laurie, 30 South Ha- 
nover street 
Anderson & Muir, 16 Montrose st. 
Armour, J. 63 Candleriggs 
Bannerman, Dickson & Jenner, 25 

Cochran street 
Barlas, G. 153 Queen street 
Birkmyre, J. & Co. 21 Ingram st. 
Bisset, Wm. 73 Hutcheson street 
Black, G. & Co. 3 R. Exchange sq. 
Black, James, & Co. 23 Royal Ex- 
change court 
Black, John, 114 Candleriggs 
Black & Wingate,9 R. Exchange sq. 
Blackburn, R. & Co 63 Candleriggs 
Blackburn & White, 37 Ingram st. 
Blair, VV. & Co. 153 Queen street 
Brand, James, 16 Brunswick lane 
Brand, R. & Co. silk gauze, &c. 1 

Ingram street 
Brodie, W. & Co. 17 R. Exch. sq. 
Brown, Alex. & Co. 55 Queen st. 
Brown, Archibald, & Co. silk gauze, 

102 Virginia place 
Brown. H. & Co. 102 Virginia pi. 
Brown & Purdie, 96 Virginia place 
Brown, W. & Son, 120 Brunswick st. 
Bryson, W. & Co. 89 Ingram street 
Buchan & Stewart, Howard street 

Wingate, Thomas, & Co. Adelphjf Buchanan & Giffen, 106 Hutche- 
and Springfield I son street 



Burns, A. & J. 8 S. Frederick st. 
Burns, J. & Co. 51 S. Albion st. 
Burnside, A. 81 Nelson street 
Campbell, Alex. & Co. 51 Bruns- 

Campbell, J. & W. & Co. 34 Can- 

Carslaw & Henderson, 79 Bell st. 

Carsewell, W. & Co. 74 Buchananst. 

Chisholm, Smith & Co. 70 Bruns- 
wick street 

Church, W. & Co. S. Exchange ct. 

Clark, J. & W. power-loom, 45 
George square 

Cochran, Robert, 17 John street 

Cochran fe Browns, 62 Queen st. 

Cogan, J. & R. power-loom, 12 
Montrose street 

Couper, Maitland & Co. power- 
loom, 35 Virginia street 

Cowan & Barr, 8 John street 

Cree, Robert, 59 Hutcheson street 

Cree, Thomas, 59 Hutcheson st. 

Cree, W. & Co. Virginia buildings 

Cross, A. 127 Brunswick street 

Cumins & Graham, 16 Canon st. 

Dalglish, J. & J. 74 Buchanan st. 

Dalglish, R. & Co. 13 Montrose st. 

Dallas, Peter, & Co. 17 Cochran st. 

Darnley, J. 40 Glassford street 

Davidson, J. Son & Co. 22 South 
Frederick street 

Davie, James, sen. & Co. 74 Bu- 
chanan street 

Dick, G. C. & Co. 13 Montrose st. 

Dixon, William, & Co. power-loom, 

Duncan, James, 70 Hutcheson st. 

Edgley, Emmerson & Frew, 107 

Ellis, Hutcheson & Co. 109 Can- 

Ellis, J. & Co. 101 Virginia place 

Ewing, W. & Co. N. Albion court 

Fender, J. drugget, 120 Brunswick 

Fergus, R. 55 Glassford street 

Ferguson & Co. power-loom, 120 
Brunswick street 

Ferguson & Somerville, 74 Buchan- 
an street 

Findlay, J. jun. 95 Hutcheson st. 

Findlay, J. 81 Virginia street 

Finlay, R. G. & Brothers, 30 Mon- 
trose street 
Findlay, M 'Cleave & Co. 12 Stir- 
ling square 
Fleming, W. & Co. 65 Virginia st. 
Frazer, J. 25 Queen street 
Fraser, W.*3 Antigua place 
Frew, R. 18 Saltmarket 
Fyfe, J. B. 113 Brunswick street 
Gairoway, John, 90 Bell street 
Gibson & MacNee, 5 Montrose st. 
Gibson, R. & Co. 153 Queen street 
Gibson, Service & Co. Ill Ingram st. 
Gilkison, J. 50 Gordon street 
Gowdie, D. & Co. silk gauze, 62 

Queen street 
Graham, J. 86 Hutcheson street 
Graham & M'Dougall, 145 Ingram 

Grant, Geo. & Son, power-loom, 5 

Graham's square 
Gray, J. 14 Garthland street 
Gray, R. 15 Gordon street 
Hamilton, A. 16 Brunswick lane 
Hamilton, J. 104 Brunswick street 
Hamilton & Jack, 16 Montrose st. 
Hanna & Frew, 2 North court, 

Roj'al Exchange 
Hart, R. & Co. 23 S. Frederick st. 
Hendry, J. 29 Stirling street 
Hill, VV. D. 51 Cochran street 
Hinshaw, W. & Co. 9 George sq. 
Hood, J. & Co. Smith's court, 

Brunswick street 
Hood, J. 24 Miller street 
Houston, J. 20 Candleriggs 
Howatson,T.sen. & Co. 81 Wilson st. 
Hunter, D.jun. & Co. 38 Queen st. 
Hutcheson,J.& Co. 79 Hutcheson st. 
Hutton, W. power-loom, Tureen st. 
Jackson & M'Laurin, power-loom, 

Tureen street 
Jeffrey, R. 37 St. Andrew street 
Johnston, James, 30 S. Hanover st. 
Johnston, Galbraith, & Co. 8 Royal 

Exchange Rooms 
Johnston & Henry, 1 North court, 

Royal Exchange 
Kay, A. 82 George street 
Kelly, J. 48 Nelson street 
Ker, J. 127 Brunswick street 
Kerr, J. jun. 14 Garthland street 
King, A. & Co. 25 N. Albion street 



King, J. & Son, 52 Old venel 
Knox, W. 5 Montrose street 
Laurie, Alex. & Co. 36 Ingram st. 
Letham& Robertson, 49 Virginia st. 
Lees, Walter, 80 Buchanan street 
Long & Nicholson, 23 South Fred- 
erick street 
Lothian, G. power-loom, 124 Bath 

Lottimer & Turner, 85 Candleriggs 
M'Adam, John, 77 Glassford street 
M'Allister, John, 62 Queen street 
M'Aslan, J. power-loom, Muirhead 

M'Call& Ross, 113 Brunswick st. 
M'Clymont, A. 15 Candleriggs 
M'Donald, Mrs A. fancy muslin, 

89 John street 
MacFarlane, P. 9 Gallowgate 
M'Haffies & Co. power loom, 21 

St Andrew square 
M'Indoe, R. jun. 114 Candleriggs 
M'Intosh, Jn. & Co. 48 Queen st. 
M'Kinlay, Anderson, & Co. 113 

Brunswick street 
M'Lauchlan & M'Lean, muslin & 

cambric, 23 South Frederick st. 
M'Lean, D. & A. 49 Virginia st. 
M'Lean, J. & Co. 94 Miller street 
M'Lellan, J. & W. 113 Brunswick 

M'Lellan, J. & Co. 52 Glassford st. 
M'Leod, Davidson, & Co. 77 

Brunswick street 
M'Leroy, Hamilton, & Co. power 

loom, 47 Ingram street 
M'Michael, D. & Co. check and 

stripe, 33 Stirling square 
M'Nee, VV. & Son, sewed muslin, 

62 Queen street 
M'Phail, A. & A. Greenhead 
M'Quaker, R. & T. 51 Cochranst. 
M'Vane, William, Sons, & Co. 9 

Cochran street 
Mair, J. fe Co. 163 Ingram street 
Maitland, J. 10 Stirling square 
Martin, John, 79 Bell street 
Martin, Wm. 28 S. Hanover street 
Mather, W. jun. &Co. power-loom, 

8 John street 
Meikle, J. 8 Hospital street 
Meikle, W. 16 Canon street 
Middleton & Johnston. 36 Ingram st. 


Miller, A. & Co. 2 Antigua place 
Miller, R. 23 St. Andrew street 
Mitchell, J. 37 Turner's court 
Mitchell, John, 18 East Clyde st. 
Mitchell, T. & Co. 103 Glassford st. 
Morrison, D. & Co. 95 Hutchesonst. 
Morrison, G. 25 Queen street 
Morton, H. & Co. 90 Bell street 
Mudie, J. & Co. 69 Ingram street 
Mudie, R. & Co. 13 Montrose st. 
Muir, Brown, & Co. 28 Royal Ex- 
change square 
Muir, John J. 1 George square, & 

23 South Frederick street 
Murchie, W. 51 South Albion st. 

Naismith, W. & Co. 94 Miller st. 

Neill & Langlands, 25 Queen street 

Nockles, J. silk plush, 36 St. An- 
drew street 

Orr & Robertson, 18 S. Frederick st. 

Paterson, A. 114 Candleriggs 

Paterson,Jamieson, & Co. 43 Queen 

Paterson, James, 19 Virginia street. 

Patrick, Robert, 40 Candleriggs 

Paul & Hunter, 23 S. Frederick st. 

Perston, Bannatyne, Moir, & Co. 
muslin & cambric, 183 George st. 

Phillips, C. L. & Co. 14 Garthland 

Pollok, J. 106 Hutcheson street 

Pollock, J. & Sons, 12 Stirling sq. 

Provan, W. 126 Queen street 

Rankin, R. 74 Glassford street 

Reid, James, & Co. 93 Brunswick st. 

Reid & Whiteman, power-loom, 36 
Ingram street 

Richardson & Barr, 23 S. Fred- 
erick street 

Roberton & Howatt, muslin and 
cambric, 28 Cochran street 

Roberton, W. & Co. 71 Virginia st. 

Rutherford, G. & Co. 62 Queen st. 

Scott & Stavert, 69 Ingram street 

Semple, A. & T. 79 Bell street 

Service, Joseph, & Co. 62 Queen st. 

Service & Workman, 129 Ingram st. 

Shanks, A. W. 32 Turner's court 

Shaw, A. 60 Oswald street 

Shaw, J. & R. 12 R. Exchange sq. 

Shaw, John, & Co. 69 Ingram st. 

Shedden, W. & Co. Ill Ingram st. 

Shields, T. & Co. 18 St.Vincentlane 




Simpson, W. and Son, 12 South 

Frederick street 
Smith, D. power-loom, St. Rollox 
Smith, G. & Sons, 34 London st. 
Smith, J. & A. 67 Miller street 
Smith, J. 71 Virginia street 
Smith & M'Allister, 38 Queen st. 
Snell, W. & Co. 20 Ingram street 
Somerville, J. & Co. 16 Brunswick 

Somerville, J. & Son, power-loom, 

63 Candleriggs 
Starke, Jas. & Co. 52 Glassford st. 
Starke, James, 429 Argyll street 
Steel, Thomas, 30 Montrose street 
Stiven, E. & Co. power-loom, 7 

High street 
Stewart, D. sen. 2 Clyde terrace 
Stirling, John, 41 Stirling square 
Stirrit, David, 62 Queen streets 
Struthers, W. 91 Gramme street 
Sutherland, G. 67 Bell street 
Sutherland, 0. & Son, 162 George 

Swan, J. & J. 93 Glassford street 
Taylor, W. & A. 91 Hutcheson st. 
Thomson, T. 15 Candleriggs 
Thorburn, Beith, & Co. 93 Glass- 
ford street 
Todd, Charles, & Higginbotham, 

12 Royal Exchange square 
Turnbull, A. & J. & Co. 28 Ex- 
change square 
Urquhart, Blackwood, & Co. Com- 
mercial court, Candleriggs 
Waddel, Thos. & Co. 153 Queen st. 
Walker & Benny, 114 Candleriggs 
Walker, G. L.& Co. 117 Candleriggs 
Walker, J. & Co. 74 Buchanan st. 
Walker, R. & Son, 12 and 22 Ex- 
change square 
Walker,T. power-loom, Cowcaddens 
Watson, James, 6 S. Hanover st 
Watson, Rainey, & Co. 4 Soi 

Hanover street 
Watt & Anderson, 163 Ingram st. j 
Williamson, J. 67 Bell street 
Wilson & Kelso, 22 S. Frederick st." 
Wilson, R. & Co. 95 Candleriggs 
Wilson, T. & D. 145 Ingram street 
Wilson, W. & Co. 100 Queen st. 
Wilson & Co. North Court, Royal 

uth ylH 

Wood, F. & Co. power- loom, 117 

Ingram place 
Woodrow, J. 63 Candleriggs 

Allan, J. & Co. 14 Garthland st. 
Alston, W. & Co. 62 Hutcheson st. 
Anderston, J.& A. 114 Candleriggs 
Arthur, W. & Co. 19 Cochran st. 
Black, J. & J. 30 S. Hanover st. 
Buchanan, W. & J. 9 S. Hanover st. 
Findlater & Carnduff, Commercial 

court, Candleriggs 
Finlayson, F. & Co. 9 Cochran st. 
Fleming, J. 82 Hutcheson street 
Fleming, J. & Co. 95 Hutcheson st. 
Graham, R. & Co. 1 Royal bank pi. 
Hall, James, & Co. 14 Garthland st 
Jamieson & Thompson, 3 Roy- 
Exchange square 
Laurie, A. & J. 69 Ingram street 
Munnick, W. de, & Co. 102 Vir- 
ginia place 
Oliphant, D. 41 Stirling square 
Park, J. 94 Miller street 
Ralston, J. & Co. 9 Stirling street 
Risk, J. & C. 9 Cochran street 
Robertson & Liddell, 163 Ingram st. 
Scott & Strang, 113 Brunswick st. 
Semple, A. & T. 79 Bell street 
Snell, W. & Co. 20 Ingram street 
Stiven, Blair & Co. 63 Miller street 
Thompson, R.& Co. 9 S.Hanover st. 
Walker, R. 8 Ingram street 
Walker & Woodside, 17 John st. 
Wallace, W. 18 S. Frederick street 
Watson, W. jun. 163 Ingram street 


Aitken, Robert, 21 Gordon street * j 
:{><fG albraith, . 350 Argyll street VM 
amilton, ' hn, 235 Buchanan st.v4 
Hendrie, J. & Son, 41 Candleriggs i 
? Nesmith, J. 23 Wellington street iT» ! 
Neilson & Galbraith, 350 Argyll st'. 
Penman, D. 11 Renfield street V/i I 
Ross, Alex. & Son, 40 Oswald st. **■ 


Aitken, Mark, Fulton's land, Hill 
street, Garnethill S/\ 



Aitken, W. 4 M'Farlane street 

Alexander, J. Maitland street 

Alexander, J. Holme street 

Barr, Robert, 6 Sidney street 
VBennie, Thomas, 7 Somervilleplac 

Binnie, G. sen. 51 S. Portland stJy 

Black, J. 76 Bell street 

Bow, A. & T. West street 
^Broom, Alexander, 65 Bath street^ 

Brunton, C. 60 Clyde st. Anderston 
VCarmichael, J. 4 Russell st. west £) 

Carswell, William, sen. North Pro 
vanside >/•— 
""Cochran, John, 72 Sauchiehall stj* 

Crawford, J. Spring place, Hutche-~ 

Crawford, W. & Son, 23 S. Port- 
land street 

Cruikshanks, R. Main st. Bridgeton 
■yDick, J. 184 Renfrew street, wesi 

Edmiston, A. Crown street 

Forsyth, R. Villafield 
SlFraser, David, 125 Renfield street 
VGovan, J. 25 Dundas street ««^" 

Grant, James, 11 Douglas street 
VHardie, A. 1 Bothwell street JN 
vHay, J. and smoke doctor, 13 Wei 
lington street 

Herbertson, Thomas, of Albany 
place, west end 

Hendrie, J. & Son, 41 Candleriggs 

Jaffray, R. Reid street ^ 

v'Johnston, A. 22 Eglinton street *J 
y Lawrie, G. 25 George square ^^ 

Leslie, J. 153 Saltmarket 

Lindsay, R. Elmbank cottage 
^Marshall, R. & G. 179 Trongate S 
/ ?^Iinto, J. 54 York street */* 

Muir, J. & R. 24 Taylor street 

Muir, J. 98 Centre street 

Murray, G. 142 Eglinton street 
.^Philp, A. 90 Carrick street •/ 
± Rattray, P. 4 West Milton street*' 

Robertson, Alex. 45 Piccadilly st 

Robertson, W. Greenhill street 
,\ Rodger, James, 297 Argyll street** 

Russell, D. 4 Frederick lane 

Salmond, A. 124 Stockwell 

Scott, John, 63 Duke street 

Shanks, J. Govanhaugh 

Shaw, J. 3 Pitt street 

Small, John, 120 South Albion st 
and 128 Sauchiehall street 

I (Smith-, James, 1 North court, Royal y\ 
Exchange v 

Smith, John, 1 North court, Royal ^, 
eJfStewart, J. 3 Main st. Anderston 
Taylor, R. 49 Virginia street »A 
Taylor, J. & Brothers, 3 Main st.wA" 

Thomson, John, Cook street 
Torrance, James, 16 Monteith row .-' 
Walls, Hugh, Ann st. Cowcaddens ^p 
Watt, J. 8 Sauchiehall street i/"» 
Wilson, J. & Son, 468 Gallowgate 
Wilson, William, Campbellfield 
York, W. 30 Renfrew street ^ 

.. Gardner & Co. 44 Glassford street 
t^^Sym, J. 167 High street 

jf^Binnie, G. 11 Miller street x/> 

Douglas, J. 90 Argyll street ^ 

Jarvey, A. 152 Broomielaw _; 

Mathieson, M. 20 Buchanan street^ 
-J^Sands, A. & J. 24 Queen street J^ 

Watson, Hugh, wood, 6 Croy place 

Watt, J. 179 Argyll street •/**■ 

Cameron, R. 21 Tureen street 

Douglas, E. & J. 35 Gallowgate 


See also Commission Merchants 
and Agents. 
Abercrombie, Alex. 63 Candleriggs 
Adam, John Wm. 8 Gordon street 
Adam, Robert P. 8 Gordon street 
Adamson, F. & Co. 14 Montrose st. 
Agnew, John, 16 Buchanan street 
Aikman, Robert, 162 Buchanan st. 
Aitchison, J. Adam's court lane, 

Argyll street 
Alexander, James, tertius, of Bogle, 

Alexander & Co. 
Alexander, Jas. & Co. 100 Queen st. 



Alexander, Robert, 144 Queen st. 

Alexander, R. F. 38 VV. George st. 

Alston, George, 118 St Vincent st. 

Alston, J. T. & Co. 13 W. Regent 

Alston, Mather & Co. 26 Glassford 
street and 39 Hutcheson street 

Anderson, J. O- 58 Cambridge st. 

Anderson, John, & Co. 4 Gordon st. 

Anderson, John, 72 George place 

Anderson & Smith, 9 Royal Ex- 
change square 

Anderson, W. 35 Abbotsford place 

Anderson, W. G. 66 Miller street 

Ar-not, Alex. 5 Melville place 

Auchie, James, 78 West Regent st. 

Balfour, Wm. 18 Glassford street 

Bain, Greenlees & Co. 93 Virginia 

Bannatyne, A. 13 Queen street 

Bannatyne, J. of R. Kinnear& Co. 

Bartholomew, John, & Co. 72 In- 
gram street 

Bartholomew, Robert, of J. Bar- 
tholomew & Co. 

Bartholomew, Thomas, of J. Bar- 
tholomew & Co. 

Bell, David, 37 Clyde buildings 

Bell, John, 245 St Vincent st. 

Bentley, William, sen. & Co. 81 
Brunswick street 

Black, Archd. 1 North Albion st. 

Black, Archibald, 31 Miller street 

Black, Wm. & J. 86 W. George st. 

Blaikie, F. & Sons, 153 Queen st. 

Bogle, Alexander, & Co. 50 Gordon 

Bogle, Archibald, 1 W. Regent st. 

Bogle, John, of Bogle, Alexander, 

Bogle, Robert, & Co. 1 W. Regent 

Brodie, Wm. & Co. 17 R. Exchange 

Brooks, W. & J. 68 St Vincent st. 

Brown, Duncan, 12 Nicholson st. 

Brown, James T. of Wighton, Gray 

Brown, James, 52 Virginia street 

Brown, Peter, & Co. 67 Virginia st. 

Brown, Robert, of Smith & Brown 

Bryce, J. D. of Dennistoun, Bryce 
& Co. 

Bryce, John, Cowcaddens 

Bryson & Miller, 55 Wilson street 

Bryson, Robert, of Bryson & Miller 

Buchanan, George & John, & Co. 
20 St. Vincent place 

Buchanan, Hamilton & Co. 74 Bu- 
chanan street 

Buchanan, Herbert, 125 Virginia st. 

Buchanan, James, tertius, 68 W. 
Regent street 

Buchanan, Jas. of Jas. Finlay & Co. 

Buchanan, Peter, & Co. 39 North 
Hanover street 

Buchanan, Robert, & Cb. 109 Fife 

Buchanan, Thomas, of Buchanan, 
Watson & Co. 

Buchanan, Walter, of Buchanan, 
Hamilton & Co. 

Buchanan, Watson & Co. 20 St. 
Vincent place 

Burnley, W. F. of Robt. Eccles & 
Co. and J. & W. Eccles & Co. 

Burns, J. & G. 9 Buchanan street 

Cairns, John, 192 Argyll street 

Campbell, A. D. 35 Union street 

Campbell, Colin, of John Campbell, 
sen. & Co. 

Campbell, Daniel, 3 Antigua place 

Campbell, Donald, 14 Gordon st. 

Campbell, Jas. of John Campbell, 
sen. & Co. 

Campbell, James, of J. & W. Camp- 
bell & Co. 

Campbell, John, sen, & Co. 43 
Buchanan street 

Campbell, J. G. 119 Brunswick st. 

Campbell, J. & W. & Co. 34 Can- 

Campbell, Mungo N. of John 
Campbell, sen. & Co. 

Campbell, Mungo, sen. of John 
Campbell, sen. & Co. 

Campbell, Rivers & Co. 26 Glass- 
ford street 

Campbell, Stevenson & Co. 14 
Gordon street 

Campbell, Thomas, of John Camp- 
bell, sen. & Co, 

Campbell, William, of J. & W. 
Campbell & Co. 

Carrick, James, at J. Allans, 144 
Queen street 



Craw, Neil & Samuel, 9 Gordon 

Chisholm, Smith & Co. 70 Bruns- 
wick street 
Clark, Allan, jun. & Co. 50 Wil- 
son street 
Clark, Gray & Co. 144 Queen st. 
Cochran, John, jun, 62 Argyll st. 
Cochran & M'Laurin, 37 Queen 

Cochran, Hugh, of Cochran & 

Cogan, H. of J. Bartholomew & Co. 
Cole, George, 39 West Nile street 
Connell & Co, 12 Gordon street 
Couper, John, at James Couper's, 

Royal Exchange 
Cowan, Alex, of Alex. Smith & Co, 
Cowan, Hutton& Baird, 77 Bruns- 
wick street 
Cowan, Robert, of Cowan, Hutton 

& Baird 
Cowan, Robert, 18 Union street 
Craig, Crichton, & Fairley, 55 

Glassford street 
Craig, John, 86 Miller street 
Craig, Robert, 4 Montagu place 
Crichton, David, 24 Wilson street 
Croil, Alexander, 13 John street 
Croil, Wm. 3 Royal Exchange ct. 
Cross, J. & Co. 86 W. George st. 
Cross, Wm. of A. & J. Dennistoun 
Cumine, A. & Co. 67 Trongate 
Cunningham, Adam, Strangs & Co. 

5 Drury street 

Cunliff, R. S. of Randolph & Co. 
Cuthbertson, John, of Jamieson, 

M'Cracken & Co. 
Dalglish, G. & Co. 135 Buchanan st. 
Denny, Alexander, of Denny, D. 

6 A. & Co. 

Denny, D. & A. & Co. 23 Miller st. 

Dennistoun, Alexander, of J. & A. 

Dennistoun, Bryce & Co. 20 Bu- 
chanan street 

Dennistoun, Buchanan & Co. 20 
St. Vincent place 

Dennistoun, J. & A. 7 Montrose st. 

Dennistoun, J. R. of Dennistoun, 
M'Gregor & Co. 

Dennistoun, John, of J. & A. Den- 

Dennistoun, MacGregor & Co. 75 
West Nile street 

Dennistoun, William, of Dennistoun, 
Bryce & Co. 

Dick, Rob. of J. & A. Dennistoun 

Dickson, J. & J. 35 Tureen street 

Dixon, VV. & Co. 37 Glassford st. 

Dobbie, W. H. 66 Miller street 

Donaldson, James, jun. & Co. 33 
Buchanan street 

Douglas, Archibald, of J. T. & A. 
Douglas & Co. 

Douglas, J. T. & A. & Co. 69 
West Nile street 

Douglas, T. D. Royal Exchange 

Downie, Alexander, & John, 48 
Queen street 

Duncan, John, jun. 47 North Han- 
over street 

Dunlop, James, 102 Virginia place 

Dunlop, James, & Son, 86 Miller 
street, and 91 Virginia street 

Eccles, R. & Co. 64 Buchanan st. 

Eccles, Wm. of Robt. Eccles & Co. 

Eccles, William & James, & Co. 
64 Buchanan street 

Edgely, Emmerson & Frew, 109 

Ellis, James, of Walrond, Ellis & Co. 

Elliot & Kelly, 4 Montrose street 

Emmerson, James, of Edgely, Em- 
merson & Frew 

Ewing, Alex. 32 St. Andrew square 

Ewing, Jas. L. 32 St. Andrew sq. 

Ewing, James, & Co. Ingram 

Ewing, John, 32 St. Andrew sq. 

Ewing, May & Co. 57 Argyll street 

Ewing, Robert, 63 Virginia street 

Ewing, W. L. of Stirling, Gordon 
& Co. 

Falconer, William, 30 Montrose st. 

Ferguson, Alex. 30 Turner's court 

Ferguson, David, of Ferguson, 
Monteith & Co. 

Ferguson, Monteith & Co. 15 Hut- 
cheson street 

Ferguson, Robert, & Co. 110 Bu- 
chanan street 

Ferrier, Robt. & Co. 57 Miller st. 

Finlayson, James, 50 Nelson street 

Finlay, J. & Co. 63 Queen street 

Finlay, Kirkman, of J. Finlay & Co. 



Fisher, Archibald, at A. Macnair's, 
85 Queen street 

Fleming, John, 85 Buchanan street 

Fleeming, Robert, 16 Bath street 

Forbes, A. W. & Co. 52 Virginia st. 

Freeland, Robert, 35 Montrose st. 

Frew & Glasgow, 30 South Han- 
over street 

Frew, James, of Frew & Glasgow 

Fyfe, John, 42 Miller street 

Gallaway, Alex. 53 Alston street 

Gallaway, Jn. & Jas. 51 Alston st, 

Galloway, A. & W. 38 Queen st. 

Galloway & Macmillan, 38 Queen 

Garden, Alex, of H. Monteith & Co. 

Gemmell, John, York place 

Gemmell, Thomas, 23 St. Enoch sq. 

Gemmell, Wm. 58 St. Vincent st. 

Gibb, J. J. 226 W. St. Vincent st. 

Gibson, John & George, & Co. 49 
Hutcheson street 

Gibson, Wm. 105 St. Vincent st. 

Gillespie, Stewart & Co. 3 Royal 
Exchange court 

Glasgow, Alex, of Frew & Glasgow 

Glen, George, & Co. 99 Bath st. 

Gourlie, W m. 8 S. Frederick street 

Gow, George, 230 St. Vincent st. 

Gow, Robt. 3 Royal Exchange ct. 

Graham, Alexander, of William 
Graham & Co. 

Graham, Arch. 37 Ingram street 

Graham, Charles, Blythswood sq. 

Graham, M'Kenzie & Co, 23 South 
Hanover street 

Graham, Wm. & Co. 70 Miller st. 

Graham, William, jun. of William 
Graham & Co. 

Grant, A. Barony glebe 

Grant, Hector, 29 Brunswick pi. 

Gray, Middleton & Co. 46 Gordon 

Gray, Wm. of Wighton, Gray& Co. 

Guild, Nore, & Co. 39 \V. Nile st. 

Guild, Wm. & Co. 57 W. Nile st. 

Guraprecht, Julius, 51 Buchanan st. 

Hall, J. & J. 153 Queen street 

Hamilton, Brother, & Co. 240 

Hamilton, J. G. of H. Monteith&Co. 

Hamilton, James, sen. & Co. Rob- 
ertson street 

Hamilton, William, of Buchanan, 

Hamilton & Co. 
Handyside, N. & R. 16 Gordon st. 
Hannan, J. of H. Monteath & Co. 
Hargreaves, James, 52 Howard st. 
Harper, J. 83 Virginia street 
Hastie, Alex, of R. Hastie & Co. 
Hastie, Robt. & Co. 60 Ingram st. 
Haswell, Robert, 8 Blythswood sq. 
Henderson, P. 22 Ingram street 
Henderson, R. & J. 4 South Fred- 
erick street 
Heugh, J. of Wilson, Heugh, & Co. 
Hinshaw, John & Co. 4 Royal 

Bank place 
Hinshaw, R. of J. Hinshaw & Co. 
Hodges, George, 57 Miller street 
Hoome, George, 33 Nicholson street 
Huggins, W. B. & Co. 17 John st. 
Hunter, G. & Co. 107 Buchanan st. 
Hutcheson, Charles, 3 Carlton pi. 
Hutton, Alex, of Cowan, Hutton, & 

Hutton & Wilson, 6 Wellington st. 
Innerarity, Alexander, & Co. 230 

St. Vincent street. 
Irvin, W. & S. 42 Miller street 
Irvine, D. S. 135 Buchanan street 
Jaffray, J. & Co. 2 Antigua place 
Jamieson, James, at John Fyfe's, 

42 Miller street 
Jamieson, M'Crackan & Co. 106 

Fyfe place 
Jamieson, Robert, of Jamieson, M'- 
Crackan & Co. 
Jamieson, R, 135 Buchanan street 
Jamieson, William, & Co. 3 Royal 

Exchange court 
Jamieson, William & James, & Co. 

3 Royal Exchange court 
Jarvie, Robert, Robertson street 
Johnston, Alexander, & Co. 8 Royal 

Exchange rooms 
Johnston, Andrew, of Walrond, 

Ellis & Co. 
Kerr, R. 119 Brunswick street 
Kerr, Robert, 113 Brunswick street 
Kidston, W. & Sons, 19 Queen su 
King, George H. 5 Bath street 
Kinnier, Robert, & Co. 89 West 

St. Vincent street 
Kirkland, Alexander M'Kenzie, of 

John Kirkland & Sons 



Kirkland, James, 57 York street 
Kirkland, John, & Son, 32 Royal 

Exchange square 
Kirkland, Wm. S. 140 Bath street 
Kirkwood, Robert, 62 Hutchesonst. 
Knox, Henry, 9 Cochran street 
Laird, David, & Co. 31 North Fre- 
derick street 
Lang, A. G. of Wighton, Gray& Co. 
Laurie, D. 74 South Portland st. 
Laurie & Hamilton, 1 Nicholson st. 
Laurie, Jas. of Laurie & Hamilton 
Laurie, John, & Co. 31 Montrose st. 
Laurie, Newton, & Co. 87 Buch- 
anan street 
Laurie, Robt. & Co. 179 Argyll st. 
Laurie, Thomas, 179 Argyll street 
Lawson, Archibald, 86 Miller street 
Litt, John, of Ewing, May & Co. 
Long, John, 127 Sauchiehall street 
M 'Arthur, James, 13 John street 
M'Arthur, John, 13 John street 
M'Aulay, W. of Stewart, M'Aulay 

& Co. 
M'Bean, D. of M'Bean, Jamieson 

& Co. 
M'Bean, Jamieson & Co. 2 Royal 

Exchange court 
M'Brair, Alex. 9 Maxwell street 
M'Call, Jas. of John M'Call 8c Co. 
M'Call, John, 19 Cochran street 
M'Call, John, & Co. 54 Miller st. 
M'Coll, Archd. 2 Antigua place 
M'Donald, H. 43 Buchanan street 
M'Farlane, John, & Co. 101 Miller 

M'Farlane, Rt. 60 S. Portland st. 
Macfie, Dugald, at James Macfie's 
Macfie, James, 27 Virginia street 
Macfie, R. & Sons, 27 Virginia st; 
M 'Gavin, R. & Son, 9 Cochran st. 
M'Gill, F. 27 Richmond street 
M'Goun, Duncan, 123 VV. Nile st. 
MacGregor, Alexander, of Dennis- 

toun, M'Gregor & Co. 
M'Gregor, A. & A. 8 Stirling sq. 
M'Gregor, Brownrigg & Co. East 

India, 62 Buchanan street 
M'Gregor, John, 44 Brunswick pi. 
M'Gregor, Robert, & Co. 43 

Brunswick place 
M'Gregor & Co. East India, 62 
Buchanan street 

M'Haffies & Co. 9 St. Andrew sq. 

M'Haffie, James, 9 St. Andrew sq. 

M'Haffie, John, 9 St. Andrew sq. 

M'Haffie, Robt. 91 St. Andrew sq. 

M'Intosh, Charles, Dunchattan 

M'Intosh, George, Dunchattan 

M'Kenzie, Daniel, 22 R. Exchange 

M'Kenzie, D. jun. 19 South Han- 
over street 

M'Kenzie, David, of Graham, M'- 
Kenzie & Co. 

M'Kenzie, James, 22 R. Exchange 

M'Kie, John, & Co. 11 West Nile 

M'Kinlay, Peter, 36 Norfolk st. 

MacKinnon, Lauchlan, of MacKin- 
non, Pearce & Co. 

MacKinnon, Pearce & Co. 14 Gor- 
don street 

M'Laren & Abercromby, 63 Can- 

M'Laren, William, of M'Laren & 

M'Laurin, Peter, of Cochran & 

M'Lellan, Robert, 126 Hill street, 

M'Leod, Malcolm, 1 R. Bank pi. 

MacNee, Duncan, 9 Hopetoun pi. 

M'Naughtan, Colin, 57 Sauchiehall 

M'Phail, A. 4 Stockwell place 

M'Pherson & M'Donald, 2 Royal 
Exchange court 

M'Quaker, R. & T. 51 Cochran st. 

Main, John, Buchanan street 

Mann, A. at R. Orr & Co.'s 

Martin, J. & Co. 16 St. Enoch sq. 

Martin, John Hall, 32 George sq. 

Mathieson, Wm. of J. Ewing & Co. 

Maxwell, T. & Co. 1 1 Miller street 

May, John, of Ewing, May & Co. 

Menzies, J. 116 Stockwell 

Middleton, William, & Co. 168 
George street 

Miller, John, jun. & Co. 110 Bu- 
chanan street 

Miller, John, Wellington factory 

Mills, Thomas, 107 Buchanan st. 

Mills, William, 107 Buchanan st. 

Milne, Alex. & Co. 43 Argyll st. 

Milne, And. of Alex. Milne & Co. 

Milne, John, 31 Union street 



Mitchell, Brother & Co. 76 Vir- 
ginia street 
Mitchell, J. cork, 18 E. Clyde st. 
Mitchell, W. of Archd. Cumine & Co. 
Mitchell, W.G. &Co. 76 Virginia st. 
Moffat, J. & W. Exch. buildings 
Monteith, Henry, & Co. 11 George 

square, and 132 Queen street 
Moody, Andw. Virginia buildings 
Morgan & Turner, 5 South Han- 
over street 
Morgan, Wm. of Morgan & Turner 
Morris, Alexander, 4 Wilson street 
Morrison, Jas. 298 St. Vincent st. 
Morrison, John, jun. 49 Miller st. 
Morrison, Wm. 4 Royal Bank pi. 
Muir, John, 11 West Nile street 
Muir, William, 179 Argyll street 
Murison, James, 39 Union street 
Murray, James, 50 Gordon street 
Murray, Thos. of Smith, Murray 

& Co. 
Orr, Robert, 11 West Nile street 
Orr, W. & R. 39 W. Nile street 
Oswald, James, of Oswald, Ten- 
nent & Co. and Js. Oswald & Co. 
Oswald, Tennent & Co. East India, 

49 Miller street 
Outram, J. & Co. 20 Buchanan st. 
Pasley, Jardine & Co. St. Vincent 

Pasley, J. of Pasley, Jardine & Co. 
Paterson, Jamieson & Co. 43 Queen 

Paterson, Robert, of Paterson, Ja- 
mieson & Co. 
Patrick, Wm. 72 Glassford street 
Pattison, J. & G. & Co. 51 Buch- 
anan street 
Paul, John, 193 W. George street 
Pearce, Matthew, of MacKinnon, 

Pearce & Co. 
Pearson, Walker, of Pearson, Wil- 

sone & Co. 
Pearson,Wilsone&Co. 9 George sq. 
Peebles, Wm. 19 S. Hanover st. 
Penman, J. & Co. 129 Ingram st. 
Penney, Wm. & Son, 39 Miller st. 
Playfair, J. & Co. 144 Queen st. 
Pollock, A . 26 St. Enoch square 
Pollok, Gilmour & Co. 19 Union st. 
Pollok, John, 8 Clyde place 
Prentice, John, of J. M'Call & Co. 

Rae, John, 39 Abbotsford place 

Rankin, Smith & Co. 81 St. Vin- 
cent street 

Ree, Herman P. 4 Ingram street 

Reid, Francis, 28 Miller street 

Reid, J. & A. 20 Carlton place 

Reid, John M. 35 Glassford street 

Reid, M'Vicar & Co. 11 West 
Nile street 

Reid, John, jun. 45 Miller street 

Reid, W. & F. 11 Garthland st. 

Richardson, James, jun. of Richard- 
son, Ramsay & Co. 

Richardson, Ramsay & Co. 18 
Melville street 

Richardson, J. & Co. 54 Virginia 

Robertson, James D. 76 Bell st. 

Robertson, J. & Co. 24 Miller st. 

Robertson, John, 10 Holland place 

Robertson, John, 118 Candleriggs 

Robertson, W. & H. & Co. 52 
Gordon street 

Rodger, R.& Co. 182 Buchanan st. 

Ronald, John, of Rob. Eccles & Co. 
and W. & J. Eccles & Co. 

Rose, Donald, Son, & Co. 6 Os- 
wald street 

Ross, D. & Co. 1 Royal Bank pi. 

Ross & M'Leod. Letters left at 
Chisholm, Smith & Co.'s 

Ryburn, John, at J. & A. Smith & 

Samuel, T. & Co. 82 Hutcheson st. 

Sandeman, John, 16 Buchanan st. 

Scheviz, G. of Campbell, Rivers &Co. 

Scwabe, M. H. & Gobert, 51 Bu- 
chanan street 

Schwabe, H. L. of Schwabe & Go- 

Schwabe, L. of M. H. Schwabe & 

Scott, James, Blenheim place 

Scott, James, & Co. 68 St Vincent st. 

Scott, John, & Co. 91 Buchanan st. 

Scott, William, 13 Montrose street 

Semple, Matthew, 18 Carlton place 

Seton, A. B.& Co. 135 Buchanan st. 

Shand, W. & Co. 28 Miller street 

Sharpe, J & T. 66 Miller street 

Sloane, J. & Co. 113 Brunswick st. 

Sloane, James, of J. Sloane & Co. 

Smith & Brown, 112 Hope street 



Smith & Co. 68 St Vincent street 
Smith, James & Archd. & Co. 81 

St Vincent street 
Smith, James, of Jordanhill, at J. 

& A. Smith & Co.'s 
Smith, Murray & Co. 23 South 

Hanover street 
Smith, P. & Son, 33 Blackfriar st. 
Somervail, J. of Laurie, Newton & 

Spears, A. & W. 135 Buchanan st. 
Speir, Edmond & Co. 62 Buchanan 

Speir, R. & T. 62 Buchanan street 
Speir, Thomas, of R. & T. Speir 
Steel, William, 52 Ingram street 
Stevenson, A. & Co. 51 South Al- 
bion street 
Stevenson, N. of Oswald, Stevenson 

& Co. 
Stewart, Allan, 19 West George st. 
Stewart & Co. 15 G. Clyde street 
Stewart, George, of Gillespie, Stew- 
art & Co. 
Stewart, M'Aulay&Co.31 Stirling st. 
Stuart, Peter, 125 Wellington street 
Stewart, Robert, of Stewart, M'Au- 

lay & Co. 
Stewart, William, 18 Hutcheson st. 
Stirling, Charles, of Stirling, Gor- 
don & Co. 
Stirling, Gordon & Co. 63 Miller st. 
Stow, David, of V\ ilson, Stow & Co. 
Taylor, Donald, 315 Argyll street 
Tennant, Alex, of Oswald, Tennant 

& Co. and James Oswald & Co. 
Tennant, Andrew, 101 Miller street 
Thomson, A. & A. & Co. 91 Bu- 
chanan street 
Turnbull, John, John st. Bridgeton 
Turnbull, John, of Turnbull & Co. 
Ure, James, 1 Bridge street 
Ure, John, Ure place, Montrose st. 
Ure, Robert, 7 Exchange place 
Walker, L. & Co. 117 Candleriggs 
Walkinshaw, Daniel, of Walkin- 

shaw, Skinner & Co. 
Walkinshaw, Skinner & Co. 87 Bu- 
chanan street 
W T alrond, Ellis & Co. 18 South 

Frederick street 
Walrond, Theodore, of Walrond, 
Ellis & Co. 

2 B 

Warden, Archibald, & Son, 9 & 11 

Virginia street 
Warden, Archd. jun. of A. Warden 

& Son 
Warden, Jas. of A. Warden & Son 
Warden, John E . of A . Warden &Son 
Warden, Geo. of A. Warden & Son 
Warden, James, jun. of A. Warden 

& Son , i 

Wardrop, A. & Co. 9 1 Buchanan st. 
Wardrop, Richd. 26 Brunswick pi. 
Wardrop, Robt. 96 Virginia place 
Watson, James, 85 Buchanan street 
Watson, John, 141 St Vincent street 
Watson, Rainey & Co. 4 South 

Hanover street 
Watson, R. & Son, 69 Oswald st. 
Watson, W. of Watson, Rainey&Co. 
Webb, Brothers, 93 Glassford street 
Weir, Gilbert, & Co 16 Canon st. 
White, Dick & Co. 5 Drury street 
White, John, of White, Dick & Co. 
White, Robert, 70 Charlotte street 
Whyte, William, & Co. 37 Ingram 

Whitehead, John, 131 Ingram st. 
Whytlaw, M. & J. 16 Buchanan st. 
Wighton, Gray & Co. 48 Gordon st. 
Willis, William, 5 Ingram street 
Wilson, Heugh& Co. 3 Exchange pi. 
Wilsone, George R. of Pearson, 

Wilsone & Co. 
Wilson, Lorraine, 85 Buchanan st. 
Wilson, Stow & Co. 85 Buchanan st. 
Wilson, William, 129 Ingram street 
Woodburn, A. of WilliamGuild&Co. 
Wright, W. 13 Exchange place 
Young & Freelands, 108 Fyfe place 
Young, G. K. & Co. 163 Ingram st 
Young, John, of Young & Freelands 
Zoller, Fred. jun. 16 Gordon street 

Burgess, James, at John Railton's, 

17 Brunswick place 
Gilfillan, Geo. 1 Kingst. Tradeston 
Lambert, James, 4 Dunlop street 
M'Callum, John, sen. 76 Bell street 
M'Donald, R. 182 Trongate 
MTntosh, A. 76 Bell street 
M'Lachlan, A. 87 Miller street 
M'Nee, James, G6 Miller street 
M'Niledge, A. 87 Miller street 


Munro, Robert, 182 Trongate 
Nish, A. 60 Stockwell 
Railton, J. 17 Brunswick place 
Sorley, Joseph, 4 Dunlop street 
Tumbull, A. 29 Bridgegate 
Turner, A. 182 Trongate 
Young, David, 24 Miller street 


Donald, Mrs, 139 High street 
Ewing, Mrs E. 40 George street 
Gordon, Mrs J. 169 Main street, 

Henderson, Mrs, 4 West Milton st. 
Kelly, Mrs, 58 N. Hanover street 
M'Arrow, Mrs, 173 Gallowgate 
Millen, Mrs, 758 Gallowgate 
Mitchell, Mrs, 87 Green street 
Morris, Mrs, 15 Crown street 
Perston, Mrs, 4 Havannah 
Ross, Mrs, 37 High street 
Rudolf, Mrs J. H. 8 Buns wynd 
Stewart, Mrs, 156 Mainst. Gorbals 

Anderson, George, & Co. Hill st. 
Auld, William, snuff and general 

grinder, 46 Sidney street 
Buchanan, M. 27 VVashington st. 
Craig, Alex. Tradeston Mills 
Gaul, George, Eglinton street 
Harvie, Alex. Washington street 
Harvey & Brock, Commercial road 
Reid, Gordon, Subdean Mill, Lady- 
well street 

See also Dt-essmakers. 
Adam, Miss, 20 Clyde terrace 
Adam, Miss E. & M. 36 Candler. 
Aitchison, Misses, 29 Hutcheson st. 
Alston, Mrs, 209 High street 
Anderson, Misses, 104 Sauchiehall st. 
Bain, Misses, J. & A. 234 Argyll st. 
Bisket, Miss Janet, 44 Bell street 
Blair, Mrs, 45 Bell street 
Brebner, Misses, 89 Gallowgate 
Brown, Miss J. 23 Maxwell street 
Cameron, Misses, 115 Fife place 
Cameron & Hardie, Misses, 175 

Hope street 
Clark& Parker, Misses,52W.Nilest. 

Clouston, Miss, 119 George street 
Connell, Miss M. 41 Bell street 
Craig, Mrs, 25 Charlotte street 
Crawford, Misses, 82 George street 
Cumming, Mrs, 58 Argyll arcade 
Cunningham, Mrs and Misses, 2 

Coburg street 
Dempster, Mrs, 26 George street 
Drummond, Misses E. & C. 42 

North Frederick street 
Fisher, Miss, 88 Eglinton street 
Fisken, Miss M. 21 Saltmarket 
Fleming, Miss M. 77 Renfrew st. 
Gardiner, Miss, 13 St Vincent place 
Gilmour, Misses, 33 George square 
Greig, Miss, 86 East Regent street 
Halliday, Misses, 5 St Vincent pi. 
Hamilton, Mrs, 39 Bell street 
Horn, Miss E. 8 Bell street 
Houston, Miss, 310 Argyll street 
Innes & Hyslap, Misses, 48 Geo. sq. 
Jackson, Mrs, 54 Argyll arcade 
Lamond, Miss, 47 Renfrew street 
Lauther, Miss M. 18 George street 
Lawson, Mrs, 47 Nelson street 
Lindsay, Miss J. 29 Arcade 
M'Aulay, Miss E. 42 Nelson street 
M'Connel, Miss, 41 Bell street 
M'Donald, Mrs, 43 Nelson street 
M'Gregor, Miss J. 19 Candleriggs 
M'Kinnon, Misses J. & C. 47 

Cheapside street 
M'Lucky, Miss C. 46 Hutcheson st. 
M'Mahon, Mrs, 8 Buchanan street 
Maxwell, Miss, 109 Argyll street 
M'Lean, Misses, C & A . 1 8 Nelson st. 
M'Nab, Misses, 221 Argyll street 
Mason, Misses J. & E. 30 Bridge st. 
Miller, Misses, 88 Trongate 
Milne & Matheson, Misses, 47 Ren- 
frew street 
Mylne, Mrs. 44 Nelson street 
Napier, Mrs. 43 Bell street 
Norrison & Newlands, Misses, 98 

West Nile street 
Oliver, Misses, 57 Dundas street 
Orr, Misses, 62 George street 
Paton, Miss, 107 George street 
"Rhodes, Miss, 76 Sauchiehall street 
Robertson, Miss A. 10 Bell street 
Robinson, Misses, 170 U*. Regent st. 
Robson, Mrs, 34 Glassford street 
Roxburgh, Mrs A. 155 Buchanan st. 


Sands, Misses, 59 Renfrew street 
Shand, Mrs. 49 Oswald street 
Sharpe, Miss, 12 Hope street 
Shearer, Mrs. 211 Cowcaddens st. 
Steel, Misses E. & J. 19 and 25 Nel- 
son street 
Stirret, Miss, 40 Bell street 
Templeton, Blisses, 29 Govan st. 
Waddell, Misses, 50 Argyll arcade 
Walker, Miss E. 12 Nelson street 
Wallace, Mrs. C. 179 Argyll street 
Watt, Miss M. 34 S. Portland st. 
Whyte, Misses, 18 Renfield street 
Whytefield, Misses C. & M. 327 

Argyll street 
Whiteside, Miss, 46 S. Portland st. 
Williamson, Misses, 141 Rottenrow 
Wood, Miss, 14 Croy place 
Wright, Mrs. 54 Nelson street 
Wright, Miss J. 15 Nelson street 
Young, Miss Ann, 12 Arcade 
Young, Miss J. Commercial road 


See also Engineers and Founders 
Arthur, William, Bishop street 
Brown, John, Union pi. Anderston 
Currie, James, 51 Hospital street 
Drummond, R. & Co. Calton foundry 
Farquhar,&Gunn, machine makers, 

Sidney street 
More, Alex. 33 Montrose street 
Murdoch, Aitken & Co. 36 Hill slj 
Randolph, Elliot & Co. 12 Centreet. 
Stark & Fulton, North street, An- 
derston and 43 Mitchell street 
Young & Leitch, 24 Canon street 

Bridgeton, Green st. Wm. Grierson 
Calton, 36 Clyde street 
Gorbals Trades, 8 Puddock row, J. 

Trades, 67, Bell street, R. Thomson^ 

Brown, Mrs. James, 75 Wilson st. 
M'Fadyen, J. sen. 63 Wilson street 
M'Fadyen,J. jun. 67 ^ Buchanan st. 
Mackellar & Robertson, 89 Buch- 
anan street *fc 
Moore, VV. H. 12 and 14 Queen st. 
Taylor, Joseph, 72 Argyll street 



See also Piano-forte Makers. 

Curtis, Richard, 5 St. Andrew lane 

Taylor, James, 84 High John street 


See also Teachers of Music. 
Cunningham, Wm. 56 Howard st. 
Porteous, Thomas, M. 47 King st. 
Ramage, Thomas, 22 Havannah 
Rudolf, J. H. 8 Buns wynd 

Innes, Mrs. John, 24 Wilson street 
Leitch, Neil, 33 Virginia street 
Scott, J. 68 Glassford street 
Scott, Mrs. M. Smith's court, 53 

Auld, William, 46 Sidney street 

M' Alpine, Daniel, 57 Gallowgate 
Provan, Andw. Port-Dundas road * 
Provan, David, 87 Cowcaddens 
Steven, J. 5 Thomson's lane, Calton 
Telford, Wm. 164 Garscube road 
Wright, Wm. 88 High John street 

See Appendix, page 63. 

Scouller, Mrs. 80 Bridgegate 

Jaffray, Wm. jun. 63 High John st. 
M'Intosh, John, 52 Rose st. Hut- 

•Railton, Edward, 20 Brunswick pi. 


Those marked thus (a) are only 


.Austin & M 'Asian, 168 Trongate 

^Brown, M. & J. 171 Trongate 

Cowan & Co. florists, 37 Argyll st. 

a Crawford, W. florist, 3 Arcade 

a Cross, Alexander, 17 Gallowgate 

a Thyne, James, 33 and 34 Arcade 



See also Painters. 
Anderson, George, & Co. Hill street 
Barr, Wm. 77 Main street, Gorbals 
Brown, Wm. & Co. 24 Stockwell 
Ewing, John & J. 7 Stirling street 
Fisher, Peter, 57 High street 
Fisher, Robert, 161 High street 
Gordon, J. & J. 200 George street 
Heron, David, & Co. 212 Broomie- 

Liddell, Arch. & Co. 192 Trongate 

and 43 Queen street 
M'Call, Thomas, 44 Canon street 
Murison, A. & Co. 156 Argyll st. 
Provan & Co. 21 Great Clyde st. 
Richardson, W. & Co. St. David's ct. 
Robertson, R. & Co. 12 Hutcheson 

Storer, David, 184 and 188 G allow- 

"White, John,& Co. 14 Melville pi. 


See also Drysalters and Tallow 
Ferguson & Burns, 37 Hutcheson st. 
M'Farlane, Daniel, 11 Stirling st. 
Perry, Wm. & Co. 19 Cochran st. 
Richardson, William, & Co. St. 

David's court 
Simpson, Mrs. 3 Kent street 
Taylor, George, 19 King st. Calton 

Buchanan, D. 169 Hill street, Gar- 

Galletti, Antoni, 24 and 25 Arcade 
Gardner, M. & Co. 44 Glassfoid st. 
Simpson, John, 64 Maxwell street 
Sym, James, 167 High street 

Gardiner, T. W. 12 NYrth Port- 
land street 
Mirrlees, Robert, 42 Ingram street 

Brunton, Charles, 60 Clyde street, 

Russell, David, 4 Frederick lane 


Those marked thus (a) are also 

Paper Hangers. 
Alexander,David, 17 St. Andrew st. 
a Angus, John, 17 and 19 Maxwell 

a Arnot, Thos. 62 St. Vincent st. 
a Bogle, Michael, & Co. 63 St. 

Vincent street 
Brown, John, 19 Norfolk street 
Buchanan, Archd. 89 Gallowgate 
a Buchanan, W. Sr Co. 72 and 76 

Hutcheson street 
Chalmers, John, 4 Millroad street 
a Craig, J. 113 Candleriggs 
Crawford, John, 18 Stevenson st. 
Gilchrist, Robert, 8 Brown street 
Hastie, William, 157 High street 
Hewitt, John A. 75 Norfolk street 
Johnston, Charles, colourman, 17 

London street 
Liddell, Archd. & Co. 192 Tron- 
gate and 43 Queen street 
M'Aslan, Alexander, & Co. 33 

John street 
a MacCalman, D. 11 Exchange sq. 
M'Crackan, Alex. 27 Dundas street 
M'Gregor & Rankin, 66 Renfrew 

M'Kay, Geo. & Co. 5 Nicholson st. 
M'Kinnon, J as. M. 462 Argyll st. 
M'Lean, N. 12 Dundas street 
a M'Millan, A. 36 Brunswick st. 
M'Millan, John, 472 Argyll street 
M'Nicol, Hugh, 37 Kent street 
Mathieson, Charles, 122 George st. 
Milne, James, 65 Gallowgate 
Murison, A. & Co 156 Argyll st. 
Murray, Mrs A. 5 Croy place 
Paterson, J. &: J. 63 Robertson st. 
Ramsay, Alex. 112 Gallowgate 
Ramsay, Alex. jun. 44 Trongate 
Robertson, John, 118 Union street 
Salmond, P. & Co. 21 Virginia st. 
Short, John, 37 Burnside, Port- 

Storer, D, 184 & 183 Gallowgate 
Turner, Claud, 91 Graeme street 
a Wardlaw, W. 110 Buchanan st. 
Webster, John, 101 George street 
Weir, Matthew, 229 Argyll street 
Wilson, Edward, 24 Hospital street 
Wilson, Hugh, 191 High street 



Wright, Thomas, 43 East Clyde 

Wright, Thomas, 47 Oxford street 
Young, John, 2 Main st. Gorbals 
Young, William, 57 Argyll street 

M'Crie, W. & Co. 2 St. Vincent st. 
Wylie & Lochhead, 164 Trongate 
Reid, Robertson, & Brother, 1 

See Painters. 


Collins, Edward, 48 Virginia st. 

Ferguson, John, fancy, 29 Hutche- 
son street 

M'Arthur, James, & Co. 83 Glass- 
ford street 

Walkinshaw, James, & Co. 107 
Ingram street 

Webster, John, 57 Argyll street 

Weir, Robert, 44 Queen street 


Adam, Mrs. 34 George street 
Crawford, Hugh, 24 Queen street 
Cunningham, Mrs, 70 Brunswick st. 
Hunter, Mrs, 71 Crown street 
Mitchell, Rob. 17 Virginia street 
Stevenson, J. & Co. 45 Queen st. 
Weir, C. 65 George street 


Cairns, James, 22 Argyll street 
Cairns, Walter, 32 Argyll street 
M'Cormick, Duncan, 24 Queen st. 
Mackay, William, 57 Trongate 
Sharpe, Alexander, 109 Trongate 
Sellers, Wm. 91 Trongate 

Wilson, James, 22 Great Dowhill 

Ferguson, John, 26 Hutcheson st. 
Wilson, John, 15 Old wynd 



See also Stationers, 8f Booksellers 

and Stationers. 
Those marked thus (a) are also 

Rag Dealers. 
Airthry Mill, 14 King street. M. 

Ferguson, agent 
Balerno, 81 and 83 Glassford st. 
a Bruce, Peter, 6 Shuttle street, 

and 168 and 170 Broomielaw 
a Carfrae, J. & Co. 73 London st. 
Cathcart, 16 Bell street 
Clarkson Mill, 77 Bell street 
a Craig, James, 19 Bell street 
Dalmuir, 48 Virginia street 
Ferguson, M. 14 King street 
a Ferguson, J. & Co. 6 Kent street 
a Gourlay, Jas. 3 Little Dowhill 
Luke, William, 5 Adelphi street 
M'Gregor, Andrew, 36 Prince's st. 
Millholm, 57 Argyll street 
Turner, Daniel, 73 Bell street 
Wilson, John, 78 Broomielaw 
a Wilson, Mattw. & Co. 22 Bell st. 
Wilson, Richard, 77 Bell street 


Those marked thus (a) are onlv 

Pattern Drawers. 
Balneaves, Hen. 44 Hutcheson st. 
Cook, Wm. 29 Hutcheson street 
Hamilton, W. 70 Hutcheson street 
Lines, John, 24 Wilson street 
Maxwell, And. 3 R. Exchange ct. 
a Maxwell, W. 14 Garthland street 
a Morrison, Jn. 49 Hutcheson st. 
a Murphy, Neil, 4 Wilson street 
Scott, Malcolm, 53 Candleriggs 

Affleck, J. & T. 139 Saltmarket 
Bowman, Andrew, 44 Trongate 
Cameron, Campbell, 31 Saltmarket 
Cameron, Jn. & Jas. Gullagher, S 

East Clyde street 
Cameron, Wm. 49 Prince's street 
Curtis, Richard, 43 Trongate 
Curtis, R. 49 St. Andrew square 
Dick Robert, 55 Bell street 
Fisher, John, 12 Prince's street 
Fraser, J. & Co. 4 St. Andrew sq. 
Gebbie, Alexander, 65 Old venel 



Jamieson, Ebenezer, 43 Trongate 
Leitch, V\ rn. 49 St. Andrew square 
Love, John, & Co. 31 Saltmarket 
M' Arthur, John, 132 Gallowgate 
M' Asian, James, 88 Gallowgate 
M'Connell, B. 62 King street 
M' Donald, P. & Co. 100 Saltmarket 
M'Kirdy, Hugh, 179 Argyll street 
Park, David, 102 Stockwell 
Paterson, Robert, 24 High street 
Porteous, William, 40 High street 
Scanlin, James, 1^3 King street 


See also Hair dresser &> 
Anderson J. B. 121 & 123 Ingram st. 
Ayton, J. fe A. 68 George street 
Barton, B. 82 Argyll street 
Edmondstone, D. 254 Argyll street 
Gardner, James, 41 Queen street 
Learmouth, Rodie, 68 W. Nile st. 
Lindsay, A. 20 Arcade 
M'Bryde, M. CO Argyll street 
Jackie, Andrew, K9 George street 
Main, John, 27 Argyll arcade 
Meek, John, 15 & 17 Miller street 
Moore, John, 108 Queen street, and 

168 West Regent street 
Reid John, 36 Stockwell street 
Tennent, Walter, 72 Queen street 
Walker, James, 60 and 61 Arcade 

See also Braziers and Tinplate 

Drew, William, 66 Wilson street 
Ferguson, John, 69 Stockwell 
Scouler, David, 58 New wynd 
Thomson, Robert, 81 Bridgegate 
Wylie, James, 52 Wilson street J 

Those marked thus (a) are also 
Adam, Alexander, 341 High street 
Agnew, John, 49 King st. Ti adeston 
Aitken, Dr. John, 342 Argyll st. 
Aitken, William, 68 Stockwell 
Anderson, Dr. A.D. 159 St. Vin- 
cent st. and 10 St. Vincent place 
Auchincloss, Dr. W. 1 Fyfe place, 
92 West George street 

Badbam, Dr. College 
Balmanno, Dr. 37 St. Vincent pi. 
Beck, Dr. H. & Co. 42 Dunlop st. 
Black, George, 246 Gallowgate 
Black, J. VV. 2 Calton mouth 
Black, John, 1 Kent street 
Boag, John, 353 Argyll street 
Brennan, Patrick, 158 Broomielaw 
Brown, Archibald, 43 King street 
Brown, James, 73 St. Vincent st. 
a Brown, James, 72 Stockwell 
Brown, Dr. W. 317 Argyll street 
Buchanan.Dr. A. 1 10 St. Vincent st. 
Buchanan, A. 112 Broomielaw 
Buchanan, Dr. G. 154 Sauchiehall st. 
Buchanan Isaac, 41 Bridge street 
Buchanan, John, 16 George street 
Buchanan, Dr. M. S. 194 Buchanan 

Buchanan, W. 94 Main st. Gorbals 
Burn, M.D. 59 St. Vincent street 
Burns, Allan, 59 St. Vincent street 
Campbell, A. 120 High street 
Campbell, James, 1 2 Millroad street 
Campbell, John, R.N. 44 Kent st. 
Cassells, James, 24 Sauchiehall st. 
Chalmers, Thomas, 76 High street 
Cheyne, Dr. 24 St. Enoch's square 
Clark, Henry, 174 Saltmarket 
Clarke, Samuel, 235 High street 
Clark, W. E. C. 38 N. Frederick st. 
Cleland, Dr. George, 43 Bridge st. 
Coats, Archibald, 8 Jamaica street 
Colquhoun, Dr. H. 59 Renfield st. 
Coikindale, Dr. J. 69 Glassford st. 
Couper, Dr. J. 133 W. George st. 
Couper, Dr. ffm. 32 W. George st. 
Cowan, Robert, 1 3 Moore place 
Craig, W r illiam, 238 High street 
Crawford, Dr. David, Main street, 

Crawford, J. 76 Garsc.ube road 
Crawford, William, 51 Bridge st. 
Cullen, W. 287 Gallowgate 
Cullen, R. C. 87 Canning street 
Cumin, Dr. W. 136 St. Vincent st. 
Cunningham, David, 8 Tobago st. 
Cunningham, Thos. 1 Norfolk st. 

and 30 Centre street 
Davidson, Dr. W. 71 West Nile st. 
Davidson, Dr. W. M. 46 Stockwell 
Dick, John, 2 London street 
Dick, Dr. Robert, 99 Kensington pi. 



Dick, Walter, 238 George street 
Donaldson, Alex. 121 High street 
Douglas, Charles, 115 King street 
Douglas, H. Main street, Bridgeton 
Douglas, James, 93 Brunswick st. 
Drummond, John, 280 Argyll st. 
Drury, William, Lunatic Asylum, 

Dubne, Emile, M.D. 5 W. Regent 

Duncan, Handyside, 68 Glassford st. 
Duncan, R. 7 Clyde place 
a Easton, W. 10 Green st. Gallon 
Ferguson, Archd. 109 Argyll street 
Fleming, Dr. J. G. 93 Brunswick st. 
Fleming, J. 51 Main st. Anderston 
Forman, A. M. 1 Kirk street 
Forrester, John, 314 High street 
Galbraith, II A. R. Lunatic Asylum 
Gardner, Dr. John, 67 George st. 
Garroway, R. Main st. Bridgeton 
Gibb, James, 129 Regent place, 

West Campbell street 
Gibb, W. R., M.D. 80 St. Vincent 

Gibson, David, M.D. of J. & D. 

Gibson, 17 Gordon street 
Gibson, J. & D. 72 Wilson street 
Gibson, M. 10 Adelphi street 
Gibson, Robert, Port-Dundas 
Glen, J. P. 30 St. Andrew street 
Gorman, D. 144 Rridgegate 
Gu\vdie,,D. 72 King st. Tradeston 
Graeme, John, 144 High street 
Graham, Dr. John, 425 Anderston 

Graham, P. 11 Well street, Calton 
Graham, Robert, 34 Bridgegate 
Gray, Andrew, 685 Gallowgate 
Gray, Thomas, 127 Gallowgate 
Gribben, Henry, 26 Portugal street 
a Hannah, W. 142 Garscube road 
Hannay, Alexander J. M.D. 65 St. 

Vincent street 
Harvey, James, 41 Cowcaddens 
Harvey, Dr- John, 405 Argyll st. 
Hatrick, John, 371 Gallowgate 
Hay, William, 58 Crown street 
Hendrie, Dr. G. 7 Hutcheson st. 
Hill, Dr. N. 11 West Recent street 
Hunter, Robert, M.D. 33 North 

Hanover street 
Hunter, W. 249 Gallowgate 

Inglis, T. M.D. 178 George street 
Jackson, A. 67 Main st. Anderston 
Jackson, John, 25 Maxwell street 
Jamieson, Dr. James, i:94 High st. 
Johnston, A. K. 195 Cowcaddens 
Johnston, M. 30 S. Portland street 
Kay, John, 1 6 Govan street 
Kelly, John, 635 Gallowgate 
Kennedy, Dr. Hugh, 41 Gallowgate 
Kerr, J. 71 George street 
Kirk, J. B. 15 Eglinton street 
Lauder, John, 7 New street, Calton 
Lawrie, Dr. J. A. 48 W. Nile st. 
Leech, Dr. 15 South Portland st. 
Leslie, Robert Hope pi. St. Rollox 
Liddell, William, 84 John street 
Lightbody, Thos. 5 Bridge street 
Lindsay, John, 21 Hutcheson street 

and 47 Kirk street, Calton 
Lyon, W. 43 London street 
M'Dowall, H. 41 Nelson street. 

M'Dowall, Dr. J. 11 Maxwell street 
M'Ewan, Dr. John, 13 Pitt street 
M'Ewan, A. 17 Stobcross street 
M'Ewan, G.85 Mainst. Anderston 
M'Farlane, Dr. J. 17 St. Vincent 

M'Gregor, Robert, 73 John street 
MTntosh, D. 76 S. Portland street 
M'Kenzie, Alex. 37 Orr street 
Mackenzie, William, oculist, 39 Hut- 
cheson street 
M'Lachlan, Duncan. Gofbals toll 
a M'Leod, Andrew, 54 Queen st. 
M'Leod, James, sen. 20 Dunlop st. 
M'Leod, James, jun. 33 Argyll st. 
a M'Leod, J. & J. 33 Argyll street 
Mackie, Dr. Andrew, 20 S. Port- 
land street 
Mackie, James, 49 George street 
a M'Nair, William, 5 Fglinton st. 
M'Nair, Dr. of Greenfield 
Macnee, J. W. 8 Clyde place 
M'Nish, R. J. 185 Buchanan street 
MacTear, Jas. & Co. 4 George st. 
MacTear, John, Cowcaddens 
Malcolm, John, 443 Argyll street 
Marshall, T. M.D. 69 Glassford st. 
a Mather, M. M.D. 110 and 112 

Maxwell, Dr. J. 5 Union street 
Maxwell, R. G. 24 Jamaica street 



Menzies, Alexander, M. M.D. 5 

Sauchiehall street 
Miller, Hugh, 1 West George st. 
Miller, Dr. G. 167 George street 
Miller, James, 88 George street 
Milner, Dr. J. D. 17 St. Andrew sq. 
Moffat, Dr. Wm. 158 George street 
Morrison, W. 84 S. Portland street 
Morton, Alexander, 43 Crown st. 
Muir, John, 72 Norfolk street 
Murray, John, 408 Argyll street 
Muter, John D. 45 London street 
Nelson, Robert, 42 Trongate 
Nisbet, Andrew, 108 Argyll street 
Pagan, Dr. 52 West Nile street 
Panton, Alex. M.D. 14 Stirling st. 
Panton, John, 2 Fyfe place 
Paterson, Charles & J. M.D. 20 

Stobcross street 
Paterson, James, M.D. 34 Steven- 
son street 
Paterson, Robert, 301 Argyll street 
Paterson, Dr. Thos. 31 Virginia st. 
Rainey, Harry, 155 W. George st. 
Rattray, James, 148 High street 
Reid, Dr. A. 9 South Portland st. 
Reid, James A. 11 G. Clyde street 
Reid, William, 78 Canning street 
Renfrew, W. 6 N. Albion court 
Richardson, James, 117 King street 
Rigby, William, 161 Bridgegate 
Risk, Rt. J. 661 Gallowgate 
Ritchie, Charles, 7 West Regent st. 
Robb, Alex. 51 Green st. Calton 
Robertson, J. H. M.D. 3 College st. 
Robertson, John, 176 Broomielaw 
Rowand, James, 43 Hospital street 
Rose, James, 89 Rottenrow 
Ross, John, 109 George street 
Scanlan, James, 89 S. Portland st. 
Scott, Geddes M'Kenzie, M.D. 86 

W. George street 
Simpson, James, 96 Union street 
Smeal, James, 5 Charlotte street 
Smellie, James, Phoenix buildings, 

Smith, David, M.D. 118 Stockwell 
Smith, John, 274 George street 
a Smith & Nicol, 274 George street 
Speirs, Alex. 4 Back wynd 
Speirs, George, 37 Main st. Gorbals 
Speirs, James, 86 Eglinton street 
Spittal, Dr. John, 182 Trongate 

Steel, Dr. F. 84 St. Vincent street 
Stewart, Alex. Ill Candleriggs 
Stewart, James, 19 Nicholson street 
Stirling, Peter, M.D. 12 George st. 
Stuart, J. K. M. D. 39 Maxwell st. 
a Sutherland, John, 114 Washing- 
ton street 
a Taylor, David, 148 Gallowgate 
Taylor, James, M.D. City Cham- 
berlain's office 
Thomson, Dr. J. 94 S. Portland st. 
Thomson, Thomas, M.D. 100 St. 

Vincent street 
Todd, Grahame, 141 George street 
Ure, William, R.N. 70 George sq. 
Waddell, William, 6 Drygate 
Walker, Adam, 23 Crown street 
Walker, David, New Parliamentary 

Wallace, David, 78 Stockwell 
Wallace, Dr. James, 198 Buchanan 

Wark, David, 29 College street 
Watson, George, 19 Miller street 
Watson, J. M.D. 152 St. Vincent 

Watson, Samuel, 37 Crown street 
Watt, George, 34 Glassford street 
Weir, D. F. 97 Main st. Anderston 
Weir, Dr. Wm. 120 Buchanan st. 
Whitelaw, Robt. R.N. 430 Argyll 

Wilson, Dr. Andrew, 6 Struthersst. 
Wilson & Connell, Tontine builds. 
Wilson, James, 24 & 26 Renfield st. 
Wilson, James, 41 Miller street 
Wilson, James, Tontine 
Wood, Dr. John R. 52 Renfield st. 
Wright, John, 81 Bridgegate 
Wylie, Archibald, 131 Bridgegate 
Wylie, James, 225 Argyll street 
Young, David, Dale st. Bridgeton 
Young, Dr. W. 82 Kirk street 


Allen, Alexander, 72 Norfolk street 
Allen, Robert, & Co. 54 South 

Portland street 
Melvile, Francis, 14 Buchanan st. 
Melville, Geo. 14' Buchanan street 
M'Kellar & Robertson, 89 Bu- 
chanan street 
Tait, George, 35 Cowcaddens 



Keith, M. 7 Croy place 
Riven, VV. at .1. M'Fadyen, sen.'s, 

63 Wilson street 
Melville, Francis, 1-1 Buchanan st. 


Stewart, George, 178 Gallowgate 

Currie, Alexander, 79 Hope street**. 
Hogg, Arthur, 6 North Albion st. 
Mathieson, Alex. 38 Saracen lanev ' 
Moir, James, 75 Argyll street ^\ 
Neilson, A. 21 Greyfriar's wyncV^. 


Alcorn, James, 30 Ann street 
Banks, John, 104 Centre street 

Barr, William, 20 Candleriggs 
Bryson, William, 5 Wallace street 
Caird, John, 22 Howard street 1 ^/ 
Dairon & Renwick, 1 Suffolk st. 
Forrester, George, & Son, 10 Rus- 
sell street 
Gordon, William, 66 and 70 North 

Hanover street 
Jackson, William, 40 Hospital st. 
Johnston, C. 115 Montrose street 
Layburn, William, 24* Portugal st. 
Lee, James, 9 Blackfriar street 
Leek & Ford, 13 Norfolk street f 

Leek, John, 44 Norfolk street J* 

Leek, Thomas, 54 Maxwell streew* The London Porter Co. 35 

Leitch, Joseph, 75 Robertson st. 

M'Lean, Allan, 28 Crown street 

Nairn, William, 50 Blackfriar st. 

Kenton, James, & Co. 70 Fglinton st. 

Wright, H. & Sons, 148 High st. 

Ferguson, Arch. 20 New wynd 
I Houston, Watson, & Co. College st. 
M'Chlerie, J. 88 Gallowgate 
I M'Neil & Sutherland, 22 Oxford 

street - 

I M'Whannell, M'Donald & Co. 8 J 

North Albion street 
Primrose & Naisniith, 373 Argyll st. 
Reid, William, 32 Dunlop street 
I Renison, W. & Co 81 Buchanan st.J 
I Scott, J. & A. & Co. 32 Great 

Clyde street 
Smith, James, & Co. 31 Argyll ^t. 

and 25 Dunlop street 
Steel & Stevenson, 13 G. Clyde st. 
/ Taylor, John, 47 Blackfriar st. «/*V" 
Young, William, 419 Argyll street^ 
Zuill, Robert, 16 Renfrew lane 


See also Bookbinders. 
Clark, J. jewel case, 95 Argyll st. 
Cousland, John, 54 High street 
Crawford, Adam, 27 King street 
Fisher, William, 5 King street 
Johnston, John, & Co. 48 St. Vin- 
cent street 
Graham, Robert, jewel case, 221 
. Argyll street 


Black, James, 81 St. Vincent street 
Craig, John, 105 Stockwell 
Dove, John, agent, Hope street 
Fleming, James, 25 Jackson street 

" In- 

gram street 
Wiison, David, 42 Montrose street 


Those marked thus (/) are also 

Lead Merchants. 

Balbirnie. James, 58 Buchanan stj 

Baxter, Gilbert, 48 Stockwell and 

22 Jackson street 
/ Belch, John, 112 Washington st 

/ Bennet & Smith, 138 and 140^ K University,) Regent tei race 

/ Colquhoun, James, 45 Jamaica st.* 

I Douglas, George, 118 Argyll st.*4 Harvey, James S. 59 Renfield st 

Blair, And. portrait, 66 Miller st. 
Brown, John C. 212 Main street, 

Campbell, Colin, miniature, 46 

Argyll arcade 
Dalziel, Robert, 58 Renfield street 
Gibson, John D. 175 Buchanan st. 
Gilfillan, John A. (Andersoniau 

^Graham, John, St. Vincent place 
Greenlees, William, 44 Hospital st. 



Knov, Thomas, 85 St. Vincent st. 
Lutenor, G. A. Horn's court 
MacXee, D. 126 W. Regent street 
Miller, James, portrait, 19 Coch- 
ran street 
Robertson, James, 118 Union street 
Robertson, John, 118 Union street 


M'Kay, John, Market street 


Goudie, Geo. 10 Mainst. Anderston 


Kidston, R. A. & Co. Anderston 

Murray & Co. Caledonian, Canal 
basin, Townhead 

Port-Dundas Co. Orders left at 
Cochran & Couper's, 36 Bu- 
chanan street 

Thomson, John, Annfield, Gallow. 

Wellington. Alexander Paterson, 

Wise, James, 32 Millroad street 

Allison, Mrs. 139 Argyll street 
Alston, James, 59 Prince's street 
Crawford, Mrs. 69 Prince's street 
Cross, Mrs. E. New Town market 
Kirk, John, 125 Fyfe place 
M'Indoe, Mrs. 75 Prince's street 
Rankin, A. 18 New Town market 
Rankin, Andrew, 59 George place 
Stewart, John, 91 Argyll street 
Wights, T. B. 17 Ropework entry 
Wright, J. B. 108 Stockwell 
Young, Adam, 73 Prince's street 


See also Pattern Drawers 8f Print 

Clifford, J. & G. 64 Duke street 
M'Laren, Walter, 383 Gallowgate 


See also Booksellers, SfC 
Aird & Russell, 75 Argyll street 
Aitken, John, & Co. 72 Nelson st. 
Bell & Bain, 285 Queen street 
Brookman, George, Villafield 

Cameron, James, 244 Argyll street I 
Clarke, John, Argus Office, 241 

Queen street 
Collins, William, 155 Ingram st. 
Courier Office, 75 Argyll street 
Fullarton & Co. Villafield 
Graham, John, Melville place 
Hedderwick, J. & Son, 43 Argyll st. 
Kennedy, Dennis, 16 & 17 Great 

Clyde street 
Khull, Edward, Dunlop street 
Lang, William, 72 Nelson street 
M'Kenzie, Duncan, 4S Nelson st. 
M'Kenzie, Peter, Reformer's Ga- 
zette office, 75 Argyll street 
Malcolm, Robt Scots Times Office 
Miller, W. & W. 90 Bell street 
Muir, Gowans, & Co. 42 Argyll st. 
Niven, John, & Son, 55 Glassford st. 
Paterson, R. H. 7 Queen street 
Richardson, Hutchison, & Co. 161 

Robinson, H. & Co. 7 Brunswick pi. 
University Press, Dunlop street 

See Appendix, page 46. 


See also Victuallers. 

Those marked thus (s) are also 
spirit dealers. 
Allen, A. & J. 81 Gallowgate 
Anderson, James, 74 King street 
Anderson, Wm. 133 Campbell st. 
Armour, James, 61 Clyde street, 

Bain, John, 72 King street, and 46 

Clyde street, Anderston 
Bannatyne, Ninian, 60 Jamaica st. 
Barr, Thomas, 233 Argyll street :. 
Bruce, Robert, 8 Bath street 
s Cameron, Lewis, Port-Dundas 
Campbell & Riddoch, 75 Argyll st. 
Chalmers, John, 81 Stockwell 
Clee, Wm. 68 Main street, Gorbalj 
Craig, John, 164 Trongate 
s Darsie, James, 13 George street 
Dodd, Peter, & Co. 31 Hutcheson 

street, and 14 St. Enoch wynd 
Donaldson, David, 70 Argyll st. :'. 
Douglas, Peter, 10 Great Clyde st. 



Douglas, P. Newtown market 
Duffey, James, 38 Market street 
Duncan, William, 80 Candleriggs 
Dunn, John, 289 Argyll street 
Dunlop, Jas. 47 & 49 Brunswick pi. 
Fleming, Peter, 145 Drygate 
Fleming, William, 121 Gallowgate 
Friar, Wm. 79 Great Clyde street 
Fulton, John, jun. Ill Argyll st. 
Fulton, Robert, 127 Bridgegate 
Gemmell, John, 103 Stockwell 
Gibson, Thomas, 22 Ann street 
Graham, Robert, 300 Argyll street 
Houston, Wm. 72 G. Hamilton st. 
Jaffrey & Gunion, 87 Candleriggs 
Kaine, C. 68 Clyde st. Anderston 
Langlands, M. 6 Maxwell street 
Lawcock, James, 57 Argyll street 

a lLawson, Gavin, 129 Bridgegate 
Lindsay, H. 201 Gallowgate 
Logan, Alexander, 14 Stobcross st. 
s M'Alpin, Miss M. 42 St. Ninian 


M'Callum, William, Cowcaddens 
M'Cue, William, 4 Great Clyde st 
M'Ewan, Colin, 57 Jamaica street 
M'Laren, M. & A. 109 Bridgegate 

M'Lean, John, 9 Turner's court 
s M'Leod, Murdo, & Co. 48 How- 
ard street 
Main, John, 24 St. Andrew street 
Mason, James, 66 Candleriggs 
Millar, Miss A. 30 Candleriggs 
Morrison, Mrs. John, 119 West 

George street 
Orr, Hugh, 164 Cowcaddens 
Peat, George, 30 Kent street 
Reid, T. 122 Main st. Anderston 
Shanks, David, 282 High street 
Sheil, James, 133 Bridgegate 
tail Smith, Alex. & Co. 125 Trongate 
Smith, James, 16 Wood lane 
Stewart, Miss A. 139 George street 
Walker, Robert, 77 Argyll street 
Walker, William, 195 Argyll street 
Watson, Joseph, 37 Kirk street 

y Wilson, A. & A. 137 Trongate 
Wilson, A. 21 King street 
Wylie, Alexander, 44 Maxwell st. 

See also Booksellers and Stationers, 
Blackie & Son, 38 Queen street 

Brown, Mrs. James, music, 75 Wil- 
son street 
Fullarton, A. & Co. 110 Brunswick 

Kennedy, Denis, 16 & 17 Great 

Clyde street 
Lochhead, T. 5 Park pi. Stockwell 
M'Kenzie, D. 48 Nelson street 
Muir, Gowans & Co. 42 Argyll st. 
Reid, John, 36 Queen street 
Robinson, H. 7 Brunswick place 
Symington, John, 81 Queen street 

Cameron, Duncan, 77 Saltmarket 
Murray, William, 85 Candleriggs 

Duncan, A. & Son, 190 Trongate 
Levenson, James, 90 Trongate 
M'Laren, James, 62 Argyll street 
Prince, Simon, 109 Trongate 


See also Paper Warehouses. 
Aitken, Mrs. 28 Spoutmouth 
Bruce, Peter, 6 Shuttle street, and 

168 & 170 Broomielaw 
Burden, Mrs. J. 24 Calton mouth 
Carfrae, John, & Co. 73 London 

Craig, James, 19 Bell street 
Fraser, D. 13 Canon street 
Gemmell, Allan, 16 Stockwell pi. 
Gillies, James, 200 Broomielaw 
Hunter, W. 14 Steel street 
M'Feat, William, 59 King street 
Paterson, Norris & Co. 23 & 25 

Stockwell place 
Peter, Walter, 108 Union street 
Smith, John, 23 Jamaica street 
Swan, P. & Co. 3 Jackson street 


See also Coffee Houses. 
Allan Place, 426 Argyll street 
Brock, Mrs. 1 Antigua 'Place 
Johnston, T. & Co. 426 Argyll st. 
M'Callum's, 65 & 67 Wilson st. 
M'Intyre, Peter, 59 Trongate 
Royal Exchange, Queen street 
Tontine, Tontine Buildings 
Wright, M. 37 S. Portland street 




Jackson, James, spirit merchant, 8 

Miller street 
M' Alpine, J. H. 26 Jackson street 
Marshall, Alexander, 114 Trongate 

Alexander, John, 23 Hioh street 
Anderson, W. & Co. 53 Bell street 
Bain, Robert, 167 High street 
Black, Duncan, 24 High street 
Campbell, D. 77 Brunswick street 
Douglas, George, 20 Candleriggs 
MacCulloch & VVhyte, 56 Trongate 
MacKechnie, C. & Co. 34 Stirling st. 
M'Queen, F. 4 Wilson street 
Neilson, James, 90 Bell street 
Thomson, Mrs. J. 93 High street 
Whyle, Mrs. John, 90 High street 
Wilson, Walter, 65 High street 


Campbell, Mrs. North Albion court, 

North Albion street 
Exchange keeper, Tontine 
M'Kinnon, Miss, 5 Stock well 
Robertson, Miss, 1 14 Queen street 


See also Dyers. 
M'Leod, D. 43 Stirling square 
Stevenson, William, 55 Great Ha- 
milton street 

Cross, Richd. & Co. 371 Argyll st. 
Dowie, John, 161 Duke street 
Edinburgh Co. 76 Jamaica street 
Gardner, Henry, 226 Duke street 
Gardner, John, 207 Duke street 
Gardner, William, 208 Duke street 
Glasgow Ropework, Ropework lane 
Hall, Robert, and Son, head of 

Glebe street 
Hamilton, William, & Son, 31 and 

35 Ropework lane 
Hendry, Robert, 17 Pitt street 
Hosie, John, 23 Stockwell 
Jarvie, R. & Sons, 18 Stobcross st. 
M'Allister, Mrs. Win. Greenhead 
M'Corkle, D. & Co. 150 Broomw. 
M'lnnes, D. Port-Dundas road 

M'Kay, Peter, 200 Duke street 
M'Nab, Kerr & Co. Lancefield 
Mercer, L. Port-Eglinton 
Mitchell, J. 64 Broomielaw 
Morrison, James, 480 Gallowgate 
Paterson, John, fe Co. Greenhead 
Robertson, J. & R. 494 Gallowgate 
Robertson, John, sen. 23 Gallowgate 
Smeal, Robert, 78 King st. Calton 
Steven, John, Broomielaw 
Steven, Robt. Bellfield, Gallowgate 
Stewart, John, 41 & 43 Stockwell 
Stew-art, P. 195 Main st. Anderston 
Wales, Henry, 58 Stockwell 
Wilson, Robt. Port-Dundas road 

Baird, John, 18 York street 
Dowie, George, 14 Candleriggs 
Fleming,W. & J. & Co. 4 Stirling sq. 
Hedderwick, J. & Co. 50 High st. 
Rattray, David, 6 Wilson street 
Robertson, David, 118 S.Albion st. 


Aird, Thomas, 45 Oxford street 
Aird, Wm. 159 Buchanan street 
Brown, C. & Co 23 Union street 
Browning, James, 33 Stockwell 
Clark, Robert, 11 Argyll arcade 
Crawford, James, 289 Buchanan st. 
Donaldson, Alex. 68 Queen street 
Farquharson, Alex. 478 Gallowgate 
Garrow, J. Townhead 
Gray, John, 11 Blackfriar street. 
Learmouth, James, 202 Gallowgate 
Maitland, John, 34 York streel 
Manderson, John, 53 Argyll street 
Mirlees, Wm. 97 Buchanan street 
Morrison, N. 18 Jamaica street 
Munro, D. & T. Garscube place, 

Munro James, 43 Argyll street 
Munro, J. & Co. 24 Buchanan st. 
Nicol, Alexander, 278 High street 
Pollock, James, 151 Stockwell 
Rennie, Wm. 188 Mainst. Gorbals 
Robertson, R. 167 Argyll street 
Stiven, Robert, 137 Ingram street 
Watson, D. & Co. 324 Argyll st. 
Watson, Robert, 8 Glassford street 


Yuill, P. 32 Main street, Gorbals 
Yuill, Thomas, 16 Mainst. Gorbals 

Henderson, John, 39 Stockwell 
Russell, Hugh, 18 Eglinton street 
Russell, James, 23 Old wynd 
Spencer, Robert, 65 Norfolk street 

Dick, Alexander, 105 Stockwell 

Callen, John, 108 Broomielaw 
Edinburgh Co. 76 Jamaica street 
M'Nab, Kerr & Co. Broomielaw 
M'Neil, Donaldson & Co. 16 Car- 
rick street 
Mills, James, Delftfield lane 
Smith, H. H.86 Clydest. Anderston 

Aitken, Hugh, 1 Stockwell 
Sloan, W. Turner's court 

Sinclair, Mrs. 80 Trongate 
Stevenson, Mrs. 97 Saltmarket 

Kadfield, George, 47 Argyll street 

Muir, M. & Co. Commercial road 

Crichton, Andrew, 18 London street 
Crichton, Walter, 66 High street 
Wood & Son, coffee mill, 9 Stockw. 

Burns &■ Howard, Main street and 

17 North street, Anderston 
Glasgow, Robert, 100 Commerce st. 
Holaway, James, Mainst. Anderston 
Lang, W. & Son, jack, 52 Old wynd 

Lawrence, Peter, 27 Renfrew stree 
Mossman, Wm. 172 West Nile stjf\ Summers 

Levenson, James, 90 Trongate and 
12 Prince's street 


Those marked thus CzJ are also 
zebra dress manufacturers. 

Allan, P. & Co. 95 Hutcheson st. 
2 Auchinvole, J. 4 Montrose street 
z Bain, Thomas, 4 Montrose street 
2 Bell, Mat. P. 103 Hutcheson street 
Broom, Alexander, 146 Trongate 
z Broom, James, & Co. worsted, 

163 Ingram street 
Buchanan, W. & Co. 145 Ingram st. 
Craw, John, & Co. 107 Buchanan st. 
Cumming, J. 52 and 54 Trongate 
Cunningham, Jas. 51 Brunswick-pl. 
Dick, W. & P. & Co. 33 Candleriggs 
Duncan, J. & W. 59 Hutcheson st. 
2 Ellis, J. & Co, 101 Virginia place 
Fender, John, tartan and drugget, 

120 Brunswick street 
Fyfe, Alex. & Co. 77 Queen street 
Harvey, Brand & Co. silk, 5 In- 
gram street 
Henderson & Blair, 74 Glassford st. 
Houston, Wm. 100 Queen street and 

163 Ingram street 
Hutton, Wm. 4 Argyll street 
Kemp, Pringle & Lawson, 47 Bu- 
chanan street 
Kirkland & Zuill, 80 Buchanan st. 
Knox, Robert, 13 Exchange place 

and 86 Buchanan street 
M'Leod, Win. 59 Hutcheson street 
Mitchell, A. & Co. 127 Brunswick 

2 Morehead & Thomson, 8 John st. 
Pollok, J. muslin, 106 Hutcheson 

Reid, A. manufacturer, Ingram st. 
Ross & Monteith, 38 Queen street 
Stewart & Jamieson, 93 Brunswick 

-Stewart & Sinclair, 101 Brunswick 
y street 


See Engravers. 

Scott & Strachan, 
Buchanan street 
Wilson & Dow, 96 Virginia place 
Woodrow, Andrew, 86 Buchanan st. 



See Nursery and Seedsmen. 

Those marked thus (c) are also 

Ainslie, John, 36 East Clyde street 
c Allan, .Tohn, for Lanark and Ren- 
frew, 57 Stockwell 
c Ballantyne, John, Franklin street 
Burgess, James, 17 Brunswick pi. 
Campbell, John, 37 Gordon street 
c Dempster, T. D. 74 G. Dowhill 
c Dickson, Thos. 160 Saltmarket 
Farms, John. 36 Gallowgate 
Forsyth, J. Police office, Anderston 
c Gilfillan, Wm. 28 St. Andrew st. 
Hardie, David, 60 Stockwell 
Plarvie, James, and town, 170 Salt- 
Horn, David, and town, 62 Bridge- 
c Jack, Thomas, 5 Little st. Calton 
M'Callum, Daniel, 220 Bioomielaw 
M'Farlane, D. 182 Trongate 
M'Kay, Daniel, 65 Bridgegate 
c M'Pherson, James, Reid street, 

Mathieson, John, 60 Stockwell 
Paiker, David, 87 Miller street 
Rae, Thomas, 54 Crown street 
c Railtpn & Burgess, 17 Brunswick 

Railton, James, 17 Brunswick pi. 
c Reatt, James, 65 Saltmarket 
Robertson, John, 16 Nicholson st. 
Tarbet, James, 108 Old wynd 
Thomson, R. 9 Moodie's court 
Tweddale, John, 12 Thistle street 
Ure, James, 76 Bell street 
Watson, William, 15 Dobbie's loan 
Wilson, John, William street, Cow- 

Alston, R. D. 126 Queen street 
Bennett & Brown, 126 Queen st. 
Blaikie, F. & Sons, 153 Queen st. 
Bruce, J. 69 Oswald street 
Buchanan, R. 33 Virginia street 
Buchanan, Thos. jun. 28 Miller st, 
Campbell, A. 29 Carrick street 

Connal, W. 43 Virginia street 
Couper, James, Royal Exchange 
Cree, John, Virginia buildings 
Douglas, T. D. Royal Exchange 
Drew & M'Symon, 3 York street 
Ewing, W. Royal Exchange 
Ferguson, Baird & Co. 39 Robeit- 

son street 
Findlay, Wilson & Co. 43 Virginia 

Forrest, D. 50 Union street 
Gilkison & Brown, 23 Miller street 
Gray, A. Royal Exchange buildings 
Hamilton, Brothers & Co. 240 

Handyside, N. & R. 16 Gordon st. 
Hunter, W. & G. 107 Buchanan st. 
Liddell, D. & Brothers, 77 Bu- 
chanan street 
Lillie, John, D. Royal Exchange 
Loudon, J. 13 Queen street 
M'Call, Wm. & Co. 35 Miller st. 
M'Farlane, M. 42 Miller street 
M'Leod, M. 1 Royal Bank'place 
Miller & Co. Royal Exchange 
Newal, A. & J. 84 Wilson street 
Orr, William, 16 St. Enoch square 
Outram, J. & Co. 20 Buchanan st. 
Richard, Thomas, 23 Virginia st. 
Rintoul, A. & P. 84 Wilson street 
Sanderson, R. 80 Queen street 
Stephens, R. P. 65 Oswald street 
Sword, Arch. E. 57 Miller street 
Wardrop, G. Exchange buildings 
Wingate, J. & Son, Royal Exchange 
Wright, J. & Co. 96 Broomielaw 


Baird, R. B. 58 Buchanan street 
Chapman & Potter, 39 Miller st. 
Crichton, J. 58 Buchanan street 
Crichton, W. 17 Virginia street 
Davidson, John, 4 St. Enoch square 
Deans, David D. 15 Buchanan st. 
Erskine, Andrew, Broomielaw 
Gemmil, John, 339 Argyll street 
Howieson, James, Port-Dundas 
Henderson, James, Port-Dundas 
Lamont, Robert, & Co. 11 York st. 
M'Brair, Robert P. 9 Maxwell st. 
M'Kinlay, J. & Son, 1 6 Broomielaw 
Sloan, William, 31 Miller street 



Steel, Alexander, Port- Dundas 
Walker, James, Burnside 
Wright, D. & Co. 33 Robertson st. 


Barclay, Robert, & Co. Slip docks, 
Finnieston, and 36 M'Alpine st. 
Brocket, Andrew, 24 York street 
Hedderwick & Rankin, Lancefield 
Horn, James, 13(5 Broomielaw 
Hunter & Dow, New Slip Dock, 
Broomielaw, Kelvinhaugh, office 
26 Brown street 


Heron, D. & Co. 212 Broomielaw 

M'Millan, Duncan, 216 Broomielaw 

Rose, William, & Co. Smithfield 

buildings, Broomielaw 

See Appendix, p. 73. 


Clark, John, 12 Anderston quay 
Duncan, T. L. 207 Cowcaddens st. 
Graham, P. 70 Robertson street 
Grant, John, 39 Maxwell street 
Mathieson, Dan. 6 Anderston quay 
M'Kellar, Alex. 12 Anderston quay 
M'Kellar, Dun. 12 Anderston quay 
Napier, James, Hyde Park, Broom- 
"Wallace, Robert, Union street 

See Boot and Shoemakers. 


See also Weaving Utensil Makers. 
Brown, David, 38 St. Andrew sq. 
Gall, William, 1 1 Well st. Calton 
Gunn, Neil, 6 Canning street 
Hamilton, John, 10 Gibson street 
Miller, Andrew, 154 Stockwell 
Steven, Andrew, 17 Campbell st. 
Salmon, John, 8 Wilson street 

Gibson, Wm. 24 E. Campbell st. 
Smith, Robert, 50 New st. Calton 

S I LK M E R C HAN TS A'* 1 D 

Brand, Robert, & Co. 1 Ingram st- 

Burns, A. & J. 8 So. Frederick st 

Campbell, Andrew, John street,' 
Bridge ton 

Campbell, John G. counting-house 
119 Brunswick street 

Casey, William, 15 John street, 
agent for White & Batt, London 

Cochran, Matthew, 11 Montrose st. 

Farie, Glen & Co. 62 Queen street 

Forrester, Robert, & Co. 31 Ar- 
gyll street 

Harvey, Brand & Co. 5 Ingram st. 

Herveys, Wilson & Co. 197 Trong. 

Mutries & Co. 87 Argyll street 

Neil, & Langlands, 25 Queen st. 

Nocklesh, James, 36 St. Andw. st. 

Ovington & Warwick, North Ex- 
change buildings 

Stewart & Sinclair, 101 Brunsw- st. 


See also Warehousemen, Haber- 
dashers and Woollen Drapers. 
Aitken, Wm. 2 and 4 Glassford st. 
Blackwood, W. & H- 133 Buchan- 
an street 
Broom, Alexander, 146 Trongate 
Corbet, King, & Morrison, 144 

Drynan, Wm. & Jas. 95 Trongate 
Fisken & Kellar, 63 Trongate 
Galbraith, W. & R. 180 Trongate 
Gait & Kerr, 83 Trongate 
Harley, James, & Co. 125 Trong. 
Johnstone & Bell, 127 Argyll street 
M'Callum, John, 37 Buchanan st. 
M'Kay & M'Leod, 101 Trongate 
Norwell, James, & Co. 30 Argyll st. 
Sinclair & Walker, 136 Trongate 
Webster, Robert, 75 Trongate 
Westvvater, James, 116 Argyll st. 

Parkin, W. J. & Co. 32 Bruns- 
wick place 
Thompson, Robert, 18 Stockwell 

Downie, D. 60 Rutherglen loan 



See also Jewellers and Goldsmiths 

atid Jewellers, 
Coghill, Alexander, 18 Dunlop st. 
M'Kell, John, Moodie's court 
M'Pherson & Catteral, 48 Stock w. 
Simpson, James, 386 Argyll street 

M'Beth, H. & Co. 17 Stirling st- 
M'Coll, Malcolm, 32 Montrose st. 
M' Vicar, Dugald & Co. 36 Bell si. 
Parkhill, Wm. 18 No. Albion st. 
Sutherland, Porteous,53 Dunlop st. 
Smith, Robert, 18 Albion street 


See also Tanners. 

Dickie, William, 24 Clyde terrace 

Easton, J. & J. 20 Greenside street, 

Mickle, David, 62 Spoutmouth 
Muirhead, Robert, & Son, 11 Burn- 
side lane 
M'Farlane, M. 45 Clyde street, 

Taylor, John, 89 Gallowgate 

Purves, William, 85 Candleriggs 


Anderson, P. &Co. 164 Broomiela\%, Harley, Jas. & Co. 125 Trongate 

Anderson, William, 7 Park place 
Barrie, Alex. Main st. Bridgeton 
Bennie, Jas. 17 St. Mungo's lane 
Brown, William, 36 Centre street, 

Campbell, J. & J. 2 N. Clyde st. 
Chalmers, John, 485 Gallowgate 
Cathie, Andrew, Dalmarnock road 
Donaldson, James, and Son, 55 N. 

Frederick street 
Donaldson, James and John, mer- 
chants, 9 Oswald street * / ^ 
Douglas, Archd. 05 Argyll street 
Douglas, James, 187 Trongate 
Duncanson, Edward, 87 Nelson st. 

Fulton, David, 37 Adelphi street 
Fulton, James, 106 Gallowgate 
Gordon, William, 141 New venel 
Grant, James, 47 Gordon street 

Hamilton & Gourlay, 14 and 20 

James's street, Calton 
Henderson, John, 42 Claythorn st. 
Kean, George, 89 Gallowgate 
Kean, James, 30 King st. Calton 
Kerr, James, 35 Hospital street 
Lennox, C. 1 Glebe street 
Lennox, W . John street, Bridgeton 
M'Donald, Donald, & Co. 70 Hut- 

cheson street & 93 Brunswick st. 
Meiklejohn, James, 146 Rottenrow 
M'Ewan, J. & Son, 9 Spoutmouih 
M'Kay, Daniel, 41 Buns wynd 
M'Kinnon, Wallace court 
M'Ouat, John, 258 High street 
Morrison, John 5 East Nile street 
Neil, Robert, 40 Thistle street 
Ross, Donald, 6 Croy place 
Ross, J. 140 Main st. Anderston 
Smith, Alex. 45 N. Frederick st.^ 
Steven, William, Ropework entry 
Stewart, James, 3 Norfolk street 
Turnbull, J. 119 Main st. Gorbals 
Wilson, Samuel, 39 Stockwell 


See also Furnishing Dealers. 
Blair, John, 120 Trongate 
Christie, John, 21 and 22 Arcade 
Deakin, James, 39 Buchanan street 
Falconer, Robt. 4 Buchanan street, 

132 Argyll st. and 116 Trongate 

Houston, Michael, 79 Trongate 
Mair, John, lace, 82 Trongate 
M'Farlane, Peter, 10 Arcade 
Nelson & Sutherland, 20 Candle- 
Rankin, A. & Co. 33 Candleriggs 

SMITHS. — See also Ironfounders. 

Those marked thus (a) are also 


a Balfour & M'Callum, 52 New 

a Bowman, Robe. 147 Upper Nile 

a Bowman, Thomas, 195 High st. 

and 22 Shuttle street 
Brown, Alex. 114 Argyll street 
Buchanan, J. sen. 4 Cat heart street 
Buclianan, James, edge tool maker. 

79 Stockwell 




Barrett, Thomas, 145 Ren field st. 
Burton, Alex. 33 Buchan street 
a Cameron, W. & P. 33 Stock well 
Cook, Robert, 25 West street 
a Corbet, John, 23 Old wynd 
Crichton, Andrew, 18 London st. 
a Crichton, Walter, 66 High street 
a Cuthbert, John, 168 Argyll street 
Dempster, William, 37 Buns wynd 
Dods, Archibald, 27 Bishop street 
Douglas, A. 169 West Nile street 
Drysdale, John, Port-Dundas 
a Evving, John, 13 Stormont street 
Elder, Thomas, 118 High street 
Ferguson, John, 69 Stockwell 
Ferguson, W. 2 Corn street, Port- 
a Fisher, Robert, 6 Frederick lane 
Fleming, Wm. Maxwell street 
Gillies, Peter, 39 Carrick street 
Goold, Thomas, Drygate toll 
Herriott, James, 22 Campbell street 
Hislop, George, machine maker, 29 

St. Enoch lane 
Inglis, Anthony, 3 Main street, An- 

a Johnston, Peter, 17 Govan street 
Lang, William, & Son, jack screw 

makers, 52 Old wynd 
Lindsay, Alexander, 39 Old wynd 
a M'Alpine, Colin, 5 Brown street 
M'Callum, D. sen. & Co. 32 Queen 

a M'Connell, R. 81 & 85 Union st. 
a M'Coul, Thomas, 84 Renfield st. 
M'Culloch, Moses, & Co. 168 Gal- 

M'Donald, W. 92 King street, 

a M'Farlane, Peter, Margaret st. 
M'Gregor, D. 94 Saltmarket 
M'Gregor, James, Burnside lane 
M'Intyre, M. Wes Nile street 
M'Lean, Walter, 81 John street 
M'Neil, Neil, Dalmarnock road 
M' Vicar, Archd. 17 Robertson st. 
Malloch, John, 187 Trongate 
Miller & Webster, G. Hamilton st. 

and 49 New street, Calton 
Mitchell, Robert, 49 Jamaica street 
Moir, Robert, Port-Dundas 
Neil, David, 24 Struthers' street 
Neill, John, 3 S. Cumberland street 

a Paterson, William, axle maker, 

19 Ann street 
Paterson, W. 88 Main st. Gorbals 
a Porter, Thomas, 82 George street 
a Renton, Wm. 76 Commerce st. 
Robb, John, Adelphi street, Hut- 

Ronald, G. 80 Clyde st. Anderst. 
Ross & Croll 3 Greyfriars 1 wynd 
Russell, Hugh, 18 Eglinton street 
Russell, James, 23 Old wynd 
Russell, Thomas, 176 W. Nile st. 
Scott, J. farrier, 16 Moncrieff street 
Scott, William, 18 Rutherglen loan 
Smith, Robert, 50 New st. Calton 
Smithfield Smith Work Company, 

Smithfield court 
Spence, John, machine maker, Reid 

street, Bridgeton 
Steven, Robt.160 Main st. Gorbals 
Stewart, Alexander, & Co. edge 

tool makers, Duke street 
Stewart, Jas. 122 Main st. Gorbals 
Stewart, Walter, 422 Gallowgate 
a Taylor, James, 31 Turner's court 
a Taylor, William, edge tool maker, 

53 Dunlop street 
Taylor, William, 84 Saltmarket 
Walker, Alex.& Sons, 480 Gallow. 
Wallace, Alex. 223 George street 
Wood, Alex. & Son, 9 Stockwell 
Young, William, 223 George street 

Hay, James, 13 Wellington street 
Hay, James, jun. 40 North Fred- 
erick street 

Donald, Charles, 137 Argyll street 


Boyd, C. 72 Clyde st. Anderston 

Christy, M'Isaac & Co. 58 Ingram 

Dick, M. & Co. 73 and 75 Class- 
ford street 

Ferguson & Burns, 37 Hutcheson 
street, and 242 High street 

Henderson, William, 74 Biidgegate 
and 88 and 90 New wynd 

Murdoch, Wm. Port-Dundas road 
Tennent, C. & Co. St. Rollox 





See also Wine 8( Spirit Merchants, 
Grocers and Spirit Dealers, Ba- 
kers, Provision Merchants, Vict- 
uallers, Victualling houses, Inns 
and Hotels, Taverns and Vintners. 
Adam, James, 104 King street 
Adam, John, 7 Orr street, Calton 
Aitken, Archibald, 10.5 Canning st. 
Aitken, John, 396 Gallowgate 
Aitken, Robert, 80 Jamaica street 
Alexander, Mrs.Thos. 35 Shuttle st. 
Allan, Alex. 164 Main st. Gorbals 
Allan, James, 27 Hospital street 
Allan, John, 77 Old wynd 
Allan, Neil, 177 Cowcaddens 
Allan, William, Duke street 
Allison, William, 11 Coburg street 
Alston, Arthur, 28 King st. Calton 
Anderson, N. 85 King st. Tradeston 
Anderson, Thomas, 9 Cheapside st. 
Anderson, William, 114 King street 
Anderson, William, 70 King street 
Angus, James, 6 Duke street 
Angus, Mrs. John, 10 Jackson street 
Armstrong, James, 43 Trongate 
Bain, Hugh, 103 Cowcaddens 
Bain, James, 121 Renfield street 
Bain, John, 31 Oxford street 
Baird, Andrew, 133 Renfield street 
Baird, John, 57 Candleriggs 
Baird, Thomas, 82 Havannah 
Ballantyne, John, 222 High street 
Barclay, Alex. Dalmarnock road 
Bauhaup, John, 113 Graeme street 
Barr, James, 1 Great Hamilton st. 
Barr, James, John street, Bridgeton 
Bathgate, David, Commercial road 
Bell, Andrew, 55 King st. Tradeston 
Bell, William, 36 Kirk st. Calton 
Bennie, Jas. 17 St. Mungo's lane 
Bertram, Hugh, 55 Bell street 
Binning, Robt. 133 Gt. Hamilton st. 
Birrell, H. 67 Clyde st. Anderston 
Birrel, John, 22 and 24 Main st. 

Bisket, Robert, 1 Centre street 
Black, James, 5 Anderston quay 
Black, Patrick, 8 & 10 Bridgegate 
Black, Wm. 22 Kirk street, Calton 
Black, William, 11 Park place 
Boag, William, 16 Marshall lane 
Boaaar, Thos. 136 Sawmillfield pi. 

Booth, John, 28 Saltmarket, 
Boyd, James, 32 Norfolk street 
Boyle, James, 1 Commerce street 
Boyle, John, 106 High street 
Breakenridge, John, 68 Canning st. 
Broadfoot, Mrs. Alex. 32 Shuttle st. 
Brooks, Robert, 7 Old venel 
Broom, John, Finnieston 
Brown, Andrew, 103 Ingram st. 
Brown, Caddell, 31 Kirk street 
Brown, James, 12 St. Andrew st. 
Brown, James, jun. 66 Centre street 
Brown, John, 30 N. Albion street 
Brown, Robert, 52 High street 
Brown, W. 6 Turner's court 
Brown, Mrs. J. 80 Broomielaw 
Brownlie, James, 82 Stevenson st. 
Bryce, Thomas, 68 Eglinton street 
Bryce, Wm. Clyde st. Port-Dundas 
Bryson, John, 3 Wallace street 
Buchanan, A. 4 Castle street 
Buchanan, James, 27 Bell street 
Buchanan, John, 56 Stevenson st. 
Bulloch, James, 88 Kirk st. Calton 
Burns, John, 2 Kirk street, Calton 
Burns, William, 44 Rose street 
Burnside, Robert, 98 High street 
Calderhead, Mrs. J. 53 Bishop st. 
Callander, Adam, 128 High street 
Cameron, Archibald, 2 Govan st. 
Cameron, Archibald, 109 High st. 
Cameron, Daniel, 82 Gallowgate 
Cameron, Don. 21 3 Main st. Gorbals 
Cameron, Donald, 54 George street 
Cameron, Don.& Co. 56 New wynd 
Cameron, John, 104 High street 
Cameron, J. 61 King st. Tradeston 
Cameron, John, 53 Piccadilly st. 
Cameron, John, 61 King street 
Cameron, John, 16 Rose street 
Cameron, John, 55 Back wynd 
Cameron & Rankine, 67 High st. 
Cameron, Ronald, 28 Blackfriar st. 
Cameron, Mrs. & Mrs. Black, 182 

Cameron, Miss M. 38 Clyde street, 

Campbell, A. 6 New wynd 
Campbell, Archibald, 30 Old wynd 
Campbell, Archd. 228 Broomielaw 
Campbell, Daniel, 2 Clyde place 
Campbell, Duncan, 347 Argyll st. 
Campbell, John, 51 Clyde street 



Campbell, John, 11 St. Andrew st. 
Campbell, Peter, Commerce street 
Campbell, Robert, 1 Hospital st. 
Campbell, Simon, 68 Robertson st. 
Campbell, William, 6 Tobago street 
Campbell, Mrs. J. 53 Broomielaw 
Cansh, Maxwell, 69 Bell street 
Canvan, John, 95 Mitchell street 
Cardan, Daniel, 10 Marlborough st. 
Carmichael, Donald, 130 Drygate 
Carmichael, James, 35 King street 
Carmichael, John, 3 St. Andrew's 

Carmichael, Neil, 47 King street 
Garnie, James, 83 New wynd 
Carrick, John, 56 Trongate 
Cassils, David, 58 High street 
Cassils, Wm. 5 & 7 M'Farlane st. 
Cawden, Peter, 76 King street 
Chalmers, Wm. Dalmarnock road 
Chalmers, William, 94 Carrick st. 
Cherry, David, 34 New st. Calton 
Christie, Peter, 23 Buns wynd 
Clark, James, 57 Main st. Gorbals 
Clark, John, 70 Havannah 
Clark, John, 261 High street 
Clark, Robert, & Co. Ill King 

street, Calton 
Cochran, Adam, 43 Clyde street, 

Cochran, Thomas, 40 High street 
Colquhoun, Hugh, 196 W. Nile st. 
Colquhoun, Wm. 25 Gallowgate 
Condie, Mrs. 44 Little Dowhill 
Conely John, 96 Back wynd 
Connal, James, Drygate toll 
Connel, Hugh, 55 Kirk st. Calton 
Connel, T. & G. 59 High street 
Cook, Donald, 188 Broomielaw 
Conwell, Halbert, 81 New wynd 
Cormie, J. 68 Main st. Anderston 
Couper, John, 93 Saltmarket 
Corsan, James, Dale st. Bridgeton 
Coventry, C- Burnside, P.-Dundas 
Cowan, Alex. Dalmarnock road 
Cowan, David, Finnieston 
Cowan, John, 347 Gallowgate 
Craig, John, 7 Greenhill street 
Craig, Walter, 20 Ropework lane 
Crawford, G. Melville st. Tradeston 
Crawford, George, sen. 56 South 

Coburg st. 
Crawford, James, 86 Commerce st. 

Crawford, James, 13 Carrick street 
Crawford, John, 146 Eglinton st. 
Crichton, Alex. 5 Jamaica street 
Crichton, Robert, 31 St. Ninian st. 
Cruikshanks, Wm. 63 Nelson street, 

Cuddie, John, 1 and 3 Crown st. 
Currie, Duncan, 17 Union street 
Cuthbertson, James 86 Bridgegate 
Dalton, Robert, & Co. Townhead 
Dick, William, 88 Candleriggs 
Dick, Wm, 50 Green street, Gallon 
Dobbie, James, 19 Saltmarket 
Dingwall, A. 34 Rutherglen loan 
Dodd, Edward, 3 Spoutmouth 
Donald, James, Port-Dundas 
Donald, J. Main st. Port-Dundas 
Donald, Walter, 42 Eglinton street 
Donald, Wr. Muslin st. Bridgeton 
Dougald, Andrew, 165 Duke street 
Dougald. John, 97 New wynd 
Dougall, Jas. 93 Kirk st. Calton 
Dougan, John, 48 Cheapside si. 
Dovvnie, Donald, 113 Saltmarket 
Douglas, Dugald, 214 Broomielaw 
Douglas, James, 35 Gallowgate 
Dow, Alexander, 67 London street 
Dow, Samuel, 41 & 81 Saltmarket 
Downie, Donald, 113 Saltmarket 
Drew, John, 15 Jackson street 
Drummond, James, 113 King st. 
Drummond, James, Port-Dundas 
Drummond, Mrs. W. 6 London road 
Dryburgh, James, 4 Drygate 
Drysdale, Adam, 31 and 33 Stru- 

thers street 
Dudgeon, George, Catherine street 
Dumbreck, Mrs. J. 50 New wynd 
Duncan, John, 12 Portugal street 
Duncan, Thomas, 1 King st. Calton 
Dunlop, Alexander, 51 Main street, 

Dunlop, Alexander, 149 Trongate 
Dunlop, Gilbert, 44 and 66 Main 

street, Gorbals 
Dunn, Andrew, 224 High street 
Dunn, James, 68 Barrack street 
Dunn, Peter, 35 and 37 Bell street 
Dunn, R. & J. 55 Argyll street 
Eglinton, Thomas, 37 High street 
Esilman, Alexander, 108 High st. 
Ewing, John, 38 Shuttle street 
Ewing, John, 340 High street 



Fairburn, Mrs. T. 199 High street 
Faulds, Robert, M. Canal basin 
Ferguson, Peter, 12 Stockwell 
Finlay, Robert, 109 Candleriggs 
Fleming, David, 47 Millroad street 
Fleming, Willwim, 37 High street 
Fleming, William, 424 Gallowgate 
Fletcher, D. 65 Burnside, Port- 

Forbes, William, 13 Buns wynd 
Ford, Hugh, 20 Low Green street 
Forrester, Robert, 21 Orr st. Calton 
Forsyth. Mrs. D. 160 High street 

and 214 Gallowgate 
Frame. A. & Co. 103 Hutcheson st. 
Frame, Andw. 231 Buchanan st. 
Fraser, Archd. 52 Crown street 
Fraser, Charles, 6 Spoutmouth 
Fraser, David, 150 Saltmarket, and 

7 Bridgegate 
Fulton, John, jun. 93 Argyll street 
Fulton, William, 29 High street 
Gardner, George, 381 Gallowgate 
Gardner, John, 427 Gallowgate 
Gascoyne, John, 55 King street 
Gatherall, James, 40 Rose street 
Gibb, Francis, 14 Canning street 
Gibb, John, Monkland canal basin 
Gibson, James, 21 Malta street 
Gibson, John, 143 Argyll street 
Gibson, Mrs. 95 Drygate 
Gibson, Mrs. 66 Cannon street 
Gilchrist, A. 55 Stevenson st. Calton 
Gilchrist, Archd. 22 Centre street 
Gilchrist, John, 75 Bell street 
Gilchrist, Thomas, 6 Crown street 
Gilchrist, W. 11 Clyde terrace 
Gillies, Daniel, 34 Broomielaw 
Gilmour, Thomas, 24 Stevenson st. 
Glass, William, 13 Gallowgate 
Glen, James, 89 Stockwell 
Goold, Robert, 23 High street 
Govan, T. & J. 19 Mitchell street 
Gow, Peter, 6 Calton-mouth 
Gow, Robert, 10 Great Dowhill 
Graham, Alexander, Islay distillery 

store, 82 Maxwell street 
Graham, Miller, 200 Argyll street 
Graham, Robert, 3 and 5 Nelson st. 

Granger, Robt. Dalmarnock road 
Granger, Robert, 6 Weaver street 
Grant, Alexander, 411 Gallowgate 

Grant, James, 4 Abercromby street 
Grant, Nathaniel, 177 Trongate 
Gray, John, 47 Castle street 
Gray, John, 64 Glassford street 
Gray, Peter, 101 King st. Tradest. 
Gray, R. 25 Saltmarket 
Green, William, 67 High street 
Grierson, James, 234 Gallowgate 
Gullan, James, 34 Renfield street 
Haddow, Archd. 26 Cheapside st. 
Hamilton, David, 1 Kingst. Calton 
Hamilton, John, 1 Anderston quay 
Hamilton, John, 346 High street 
Hannah, David, 49 Trongate 
Hare, John, 4 Portugal street 
Hargan, J. & J. 120 King street 
Hart, Jacob, 4 Clyde place 
Hart, William, 27 Struthers street 
Harvey, Henry, 17 S. Portland st. 
Harvey, William, 76 Maxwell street 
Hawthorn, John, 35 Gallowgate 
Hay, Matthew, 32 Crown street 
Heaney, John, 88 Trongate 
Henderson, G. Main st. Bridgetou 
Henderson, John, 62 Old wynd 
Henderson, John, 101 Canning st. 
Hendry, W. 117 Mid Woodside ro. 
Hepburn, Alex. 27 King street 
Hill, George, 46 Hospital street 
Hillas, James, 46 Saltmarket 
Hodge, William, 56 Trongate 
Holmes, John, Finnieston 
Hood, John, 111 Carrick street 
Hopkirk, Walter, 4 Renfield street 
Hossack, J. & Co. 9 Jamaica street, 

and 12 and 14 Stockwell place 
Houston, John, Rumford street 
Howieson, T. Port-Dundas 
Hughes, Daniel, 18 Market street 
Hume, James, 2 Bell street 
Hume, Thomas, 162 W. Regent st. 
Hunter, Samuel, 39 Gordon street 
Hunter, Thomas, 6 Stevenson st. 
Hutcheson, John, New Parliam. ro. 
Hutton, Archd. 21 Main st. Calton 
Ingles, David, 26 King st. Calton 
Ingles, George, 45 Old venel 
Inglis, William, 6 Stockwell 
Inglis, Mrs. John, 56 Hnlcheson st. 
Innes, William, 14 High street 
Jack, David, 14 New st. Calton 
Jackson, James, & Co. 8 Miller st. 
Jackson, James, Drygate toll 



Jeffrey Robert, jun. & Co. 145 

Trongate and 1] Old wynd 
Jenkine, J. Monkland canal basin 
Johnston, Donald, 111 Stock well 
Johnston, Robert, 224 Broomielaw 
Johnston, Ronald, 114 Broomielaw 
Johnston T. 5 Laigh Kirk close 
Johnston, Mrs. John, 222 Broomie- 
Kay, Jn. 42 Main street, Anderston 
Kennedy, Alex. 236 High street 
Kennedy, Archibald, Muslin street 
Kennedy, Jas. 257 George street 
Kennedy & Strang, 67 Stock well 
Kerr, James, 37 Hospital street 
King, Robert, 3 Stevenson street 
Knox, Andw. George st. Mile-End 
Lamb, A. 16 Main st. Anderston 
Lamb, H. 665 Gallowgate 
Lamb, James, 196 Bridgegate 
Lamont, Neil, 122 Stockwell 
Lang, Alex. 43 Kirk st. Calton 
Lang, Hugh, 128 Broomielaw 
Lang, Robert, 3 and 5 Shuttle st. 
Laing, Thomas, 14 Calton-mouth 
Lang, William, 16 G. Hamilton st. 
Latta, Mrs. 120 Candleriggs 
Laurie, R. B. 37 Trongate 
Law, Alex. 26 Bedford street 
Lawson, Andrew, 35 Tobago street 
Lean, John, 41 Castle street 
Leckie, Henry, 85 Nelson street 
Lees, John, Port-Uundas 
Leggat, Archibald, 33 Kirk street, 

Leggatt, J. 462 Gallowgate 
Leishman, James, Burnside, Port- 

Leslie, James, 153 Saltmarket 
Lethem, Peter, St. Rollox 
Liddell, John, 101 New wypd 
Limont, VV. 34 Sauchiehall street 
Lindsay, Alexander, & Co. 341 Ar- 
gyll street 
Lindsay, D. 117 Mainst. Anderston 
Lindsay, James 93 High street 
Lister, James, Main st. Bridgeton 
Lister, William, Dalmarnock road 
Livingstone, Alex. 19 Stockwell 
Livingston, Angus, 328 Gallowgate 
Logan, John, 50 Main st. Gorbals 
Logan, John, 29 Kirk st. Town- 

Logan, Win. 24 Norfolk street 
Loudon, Matthew, 35 New street 
Lyon, William, 47 King street 
Mack, Robert, Main st. Bridgeton 
M'Adam, Jas. 8 New London road 
M'Alpine, Duncan, Duke street 
M'Alpine, James, 30 Maxwell st. 
M'Arthur, David, 8 Oxford lane 
M'Arthur, Duncan, 75 Maxwell st. 
M'Arthur, John, 330 Gallowgate 
M'Arthur, Robert, 14 Bishop st. 
M'Call, Thomas, 44 Canon street 
M'Callum, D. Barrowfield toll 
M 'Galium, Dugald, 13 Wallace ct. 
M'Callum, Duncan, 27 Bell street 
M'Callum, Hector, 58 Candleriggs 
M'Callum, John, 9 Clyde terrace 
M'Clusky, James, 161 Saltmarket 
M'Coll, Archibald, 116 Old wynd 
M'Coll, Dugald, Muirhouses 
M'Coll, John, 87 Main st. Gorbals 
M'Cormick, Conil, 155 Cowcaddens 
M'Creath, James, 94 Main street, 

M'Culloch, John, 2 Crown street 
M'Culloch, William, 71 Old Wynd 
M'Culloch, Mrs. 94 Broomielaw 
M'Dicken, Daniel, 29 Abercromby 

M 'Donald, Alex. 53 Gallowgate 
M'Donald, Angus, 20 King street 
M'Donald, Angus, 41 Clyde street 

M'Donald, Archibald, Main street, 

M'Donald, Donald, 112 High st. 
M'Donald, Donald, 21 Clyde street, 

M'Donald, J. 48 Main st. Gorbals 
M'Donald, John, 66 Havannah 
M'Donald, John, 53 Bell street 
M'Donald, Peter, 142 Broomielaw 
M'Donald, Ronald, 14 Havannah 
M'Dougall, Allan, 7 St. Enoch lane 
M'Dougall, John, 223 Argyll street 
M'Dougall, John, Cowcaddens 
M'Dougall, John, 65 Green street, 

M'Elwee, Wm. 55 King st. Calton 
M'Ewan, Duncan, 61 Saltmarket 
M'Ewen, Dun. 26 Low Green st. 
M'Ewan, John, 16 Jail square 
M'Ewan, Mrs. Alex. 84 Queen st. 



M'Fadyen, Thomas, Barony Glebe 
M'Farlane, Alex. 8 Govan street 
M'Farlane, Daniel, 42 John street 
M'Farlane, David, 42 Prince's st. 
M'Farlane, D. 90 Bumside, Port- 

M'Farlane, Jas. 106 Main street, 

M'Farlane, John, 33 Cowcaddens 
M'Farlane, John, 236 Gallowgate 
M'Farlane, Malcolm, 14 Clyde pi. 
M'Farlane, M. 28 Dale st. Tradest. 
M'Farlane, Robert, 1 Govan street 
M'Farlane, Robert, 1 Brown street 
M'Farlane, VV. 47 Clyde street, An- 
M'Farlane, Win. 143 Cowcaddens 
M'Farlane, Miss C. 308 Argyll st. 
M'Farlane, Miss M. 35 Argyll st. 
M'Farlane, Mrs. 26 Spoutmouth 
M'Feat, T. 21 Dale st. Tradeston 
M'Feat, Waller, 56 Backwynd 
M'Gilvray, Donald, 261 Gallowgate 
M'Gregor, Andrew, 62 Havannah 
M'Gregor, James, 42 Clyde street, 

M'Gregor, James, 132 Gallowgate 
M'llwraith, David, 61 Bridgegate 
M'llquham, W. 3 St. Nicholas 

place, Kirk street 
M'llwee, Joseph, 7jMuirhead street 
M'Innes, Douglas, 15 Spoutmouth 
M'Innes, John, 14 Howard street 
M'Innes, John, 76 Crown street 
M'Intosh, Alex. John st. Bridgeton 
M'Intosh, John, 20 Stobcross street 
M'Intyre, Archibald, St. Rollox 
M'Intyre, Donald, Sidney court 
M'Intyre, William, & Co. 55 & 57 

Duke street 
M'Kay, Alexander, 65 Mitchell st. 
M'Kay, Angus, St. Rollox 
M'Kay, William, 36 Gallowgate 
M'Kean, James, 82 Union street 
M'Kechnie, Jas. 89 Commerce st. 
M'Kechnie, Robert, 69 High street 
M'Kellar, Archibald, 64 Maiu^st. 

M'Kellar, Donald, 190 Argyll st. 
M'Kellar, M. 41 Rutherglen loan 
M'Kellar, Neil, 50 New st. Calton 
MKenna, Arthur, 115 Main street, 


M'Kenna, Mrs. Thomas, 111 New 

M'Kendrick, A. 47 Stockwell 
M'Kenzie, Dun. 49 Picadilly st. 
M'Kenzie, K. 119 Saltmarket 
M'Kerracher, Duncan, 94 Main st. 

M'Kerrow, Mrs. 49 Argyll street 
M'Kerry, J. 12 Marlborough street 
M'Kinnon, C. 48 Main st. Anderst. 
M'Kinnon, Wm. 293 Argyll street 
M'Kissock, J. 287 Argyll street 
M'Kissock, Mrs. Low Green street 
M'Lachlan, Alex. 23 Portugal st. 
M'Lachlan, A. 91 Jamaica street 
M'Lachlan, Mrs. 20 Washington st. 
M'Lanachan, W. 431 Gallowgate 
M'Laren, Peter, 157 Stockwell 
M'Latchie, Hugh, 74 King street, 

M'Lean, Archibald, 84 Bell street 
M'Lean, Donald, 3 N. Clyde st. 

Anderston , 

M'Lean, J. 86 Main st. Anderston 
M'Lean, Peter, 157 Stockwell 
M'Lean, P. 27 Candleriggs 
M'Lean, William, 26 York street 
M'Lean, Miss M. 9 Clyde street, 

M'Leish, Mrs. 204 Broomielaw 
M'Lellan, Robert, 47 Centre street, 

M'Leod, Robert, 126 Bridgegate 
M'Leod, Roderick, 135 Drygate 
M'Limont, W. 30 Coburg street 
M'Millan, Duncan, 12 Bishop st. 

M'Morran, James, 8 St. Enoch sq. 
M'Murtrie. James, 15 Norfolk st. 
M'Millan, L. 54 King st.Tradestoa 
M'Nab, Alexander, 29 Clyde place 
M'Nab, Archibald, 46 Broomielaw 
M'Naughtan, Archd. 20 Ruther- 
glen loan 
M'Naughtan, John, 23 Canon st. 
M'Neil, A. 89 Clyde st. Anderston 
M'Nicol, Duncan, 166 Broomielaw 
M'Nicol, J. 10 Green market entry 
M'Nicol, Mrs. Wm. 629 Gallowgate 
M'Niven, John, 43 Drygate 
M'Phail, Mrs. 60 Rottenrow 
M'Pheely, James, 52 Eglinton st. 
M'Pherson, Dun. 360 Gallowgate 



M'Pherson, George, 72 Trongate 
M'Pherson, J. 10 St. Andrew lane 
M'Queen, Alexander, 100 Green 

street, Calton 
M'Robbie, John, 6 Back wynd 
M'Skimming, Mrs. 229 Main st. 


M'Vey, Bernard, 80 Trongate 
M'Watt, Mrs. Geo. 102 Broom- 


Mabon, A. & T. 68 Drygate 
Mair & Brown, 31 Bell street 
Malcolm, Andrew, 54 Green street, 


Maltman, Thomas, London road 
Marshall, James, 118 Broomielaw 
Marshall, R. 161 G. Hamilton st. 
Martin, Peter, 1 Govan street 
Mathieson, Alex. 141 Saltmarket 
Mathieson, D. Main st. Bridgeton 
Maxwell, James, 258 Gallowgate 
Maxwell, John, 5 East Campbell st. 
Maxwell, Peter, 219 Argyll street 
May, Archibald, 90 Stockwell 
May, John, 74 Stockwell 
Meikle, J. 378 Gallowgate 
Melven, Robert, 27 Bedford street 
Menzies, Alexander, 114 Trongate 
Miller, Alexander, 104 Bridgegate 
Miller, David, 36 Spoutmouth 
Miller, James, 46 Stevenson street 
Miller, John, 35 Centre street 
Miller, John, 97 Saltmarket 
Miller, Thos. Main st. Bridgeton 
Miller, Mrs. Robert, 94 King st. 

Milligan, Robert, 57 Canning street 
Milliken, Wm. 16 Canning street 
Mitchell, And. 15 Main st. Calton 
Mitchell, James, 129 High street 
Mitchell, T. & F. 67 Stobcross st. 
Mitchell, Wm. jun. 123 Stockwell 
Moffat, Thomas, 16 Hospital street 
Moir, John, 138 Bridgegate 
Montgomery, Jas. 149 Bridgegate 
Montgomery, John, 4 Kent street 
Montgomery, Robt. 13 Maxwell st. 
Morrison, Archd. 153 High street 
Morrison, Daniel, 110 Broomielaw 
Morrison, James, 107 High street 
Morrison, James, 176 Hope street' 
Morrison^ Mrs. Janet, 141 New 


Morton, John, 79 Bridgegate 
Muir, John, Dalmarnock road 
Muirhead, Andrew, Barrowfield toll 
Mullen, John, 103 Saltmarket 
Munro, Arch. 16 Merchant lane 
Munro, Daniel, 33 High street 
Murdoch, J. 67 King st. Tradeston 
Murphy, Bernard, 44 Bridgegate 
Murphy, James, 34 St. Ninian st. 
Napier, Peter, 329 Gallowgate 
Neil, John, 5 Salisbury lane 
Neilson, Alex. 27 Main st. Gorbals 
Neilson, Jas. New Parliamentary rd. 
Neilson, R. & A. 6 Wallace court 
Neilson, Thomas, 99 Glassford st. 
Neilson, Thomas, 98 Bridgegate 
Neilson, Waller, 46 Saltmarket 
Neilson, William, 133 Stockwell 
Neilson, William, Townhead 
Newlands, James, 22 Rose street 
Nicol, William, 77 Crown street 
Nicol, Mrs. James, 1 13 Havannah 
Nimmo, James, 121 King street 
Nish, Joseph, & Son, 107 Canning 

Niven, William, 42 Bell street 
Norval, James, 74 Eglinton street 
Oakman, Wm. 36 Main street, An- 

Orr, David, 3 Anderston quay 
Orr, John, 5 Green street, Calton 
Oliphant, James, 47 King street 
O'Donnel, B. 37 Coburg street 
Outerson, John, 11 M' Alpine st. 
Park, James, Dalmarnock road 
Parker, Thomas, 13 Canning st. 
Parklane, J. 68 Jamaica street 
Pariridge, James, 24 Market street 
Paterson, A. 15 North st. Anderston 
Paterson, B. 140 Main st. Gorbals 
Paterson, D. 74 Kirk st. Calton 
Paterson, James, 58 King street, 

Paterson, James, 434 Gallowgate 
Paterson, R. Main street, Bridgeton 
Paton, Alex. 19 Wellington street 
Paton, James, 1 Main st. Calton 
Peacock, William, 27 Little street 
Penman, James, 74 Trongate 
Pentland, Robert, 13 Laigh Kirk cl. 
Pettigrew, James, 487 Gallowgate 
Phillips, James, 11 Kirk street 
Pollock, William, 90 High street 



Pride, William, 124 Queen street 
Provan, J. 24 Kirk street, Gorbals 
Provan, Robert, 97 Rottenrow st. 
Rankin, James, Miller's place 
Rankin, William, Barony glebe 
Rattray, David, 26 Clyde street 
Reid, Alex. 28 Warroch street 
Reid, Henry, Main st. Bridgeton 
Rennie, Ross, 171 G. Hamilton st. 
Renwick, John, 906 Gallowgate 
Riddell, Matthew, 82 Great Ham- 
ilton street 
Riddell, Matthew, 380 Gallowgate 
Risk, John, 67 Havannah street 
Robertson, And. 435 Gallowgate 
Robertson, Duncan, 301 Argyll st. 
Robertson, J. & C. 1 Greenvale st. 
Robertson, John, 4 Croy place 
Robertson, Robert, 69 King street 
Robertson, Thomas, 1 Orr street 
Robertson, William, North Brock 

street, Mile-end 
Robertson, Wm. 7 W. Nile street 
Robin, George, 42 King street, 

Robin, Peter, 48 Carrick street 
Ross, Alex. 32 Blackfriar street 
Ross, Mrs. Hector, 173 Saltmarket 
Rutherford, William, 28 Ann st. 
Ryder, P. 146 & 140 Saltmarket 
Samuel, Thomas, 29 Centre street 
Scanlin, Pat. 67 & 69 Bridgegate 
Scanlin, Mrs. J. 143 Saltmarket 
Scott, Andrew, 35 Maxwell street 
Scott, Gavin, 26 Graham square 
Scott, George, 11 Crown street 
Scott, Hugh, 1 Charlotte lane 
Scott, John, 213 Cowcaddens st. 
Scott, Rob- 39 Dale st. Tradeston 
Scott, William, 255 Gallowgate 
Sellers, Peter, 3 Commerce street 
Sharpe, Andrew, 21 Old venel 
Shaw, Alexander, 27 Saltmarket 
Shaw, E. & Co 6 St. Andrew's lane 
Shaw, John, Townhead 
Shaw, Quinten, 183 Eglinton street 
Shearer, Mrs. Boyd, 114 Stockwell 
Sheil, John, 67 Commerce street 
Simpson, George, 16 Struthers st. 
Simpson, R. 124 Main st. Gorbals 
Sinclair, James, A3 Trongate 
Skinner, David, 92 Main st. An- 

Skinner, David, 17 Cheapside st. 
Smith, Andrew, 17 & 19 King st. 
Smith, David, 41 Canon street 
Smith, Hugh, 138 Garscube road 
Smith, James, 34 Trongate 
Smith, John, 101 Green si. Calton 
Smith, Lewis, 72 Bridgegate 
Smith, Robert, 31 Duke street 
Smith, Thomas, 96 New wynd 
Smith, William, 1 Puddock row 
Somervail, James, 25 Drygate lane 
Sommerville, Thomas, & Co. 77 

London street 
Sommerville, Mrs. 25 Drygate lane 
Spiers, Geo. 37 Main st. Gorbals 
Spiers, John, 86 Eglinton street 
Spittal, John, 70 High street 
Stalker, Peter, 14 Main street, 

Stansfield, Grace, 288 Gallowgate 
Starke, George, 372 Gallowgate 
Steel, Alexander, Port-Dundas 
Steel, Charles, Port-Dundas 
Steel, G. & W. 144 Gallowgate 
Steel, Robert, 24 Brown street 
Steven, M. 13 Shuttle street 
Steven, Rob. 160 Main st. Gorbals 
Stevenson, Arch. 89 George street 
Stevenson, Jas. Port-Dundas road 
Stewart, Arch. 42 Adelphi street 
Stewart, James, 171 Saltmarket 
Stewart, James, 31 & 33 Tureen st. 
Stewart, James, 50 London street 
Stewart, John, 86 Glassford street 
Stewart, William, 336 Gallowgate 
Stewart, Mrs. R. 18 Adelphi street 
Stirling, Joseph, 701 Gallowgate 
Sturgeon, Samuel, 15 Park lane 
Sutherland, Alex. 5 Calton mouth 
Swan, Donald, 47 John street 
Swan, J. 46 Saltmarket 
Tannahill, John, 58 Stevenson st. 
Tannahill, W. Barrowfield toll 
Tarbet, Mrs. M. Ill Old wyrd 
Taylor, Alex. 8 New Bridge street 
Taylor, Angus, 83 Carrick street 
Taylor, Robert, Port-Dundas 
Telfer, David, 24 Dunlop street 
Thorn, Mrs. James, 150 Gallowgate 
Thomson, Alex. 30 Eglinton street 
Thomson, David, 59 George street 
Thomson, Dug. 168 Duke street 
Thomson, John, 92 Gallowgate 



Thomson, John, 69 Cowcaddens 
Thomson, John, Lawmoor place 
Thomson, M. 24 Kirk st. Gorbals 
Todd, David, 70 Norfolk street 
Todd, William, 38 Orr st. Mile-end 
Trainer, Patrick, 23 Burnside lane 
Trapp, George, 27 Nelson street 
Turnbull, Thos. 167 W". Nile st. 
Turner, Duncan, 95 Main street, 

Ure, Andrew, 6 Great Dowhill 
Ure, James, 37 Trongate 
Veitch, Frederick, 30 Buns wynd 
Waddell, David, Dalmarnock road 
Waddell, James, 8 Abercromby st. 
Walker, Alex. 391 Gallowgate 
Walker, Benjamin, 22 Tobago st. 
Walker, D. 2 Centre street 
Walker, James, 1 Clyde terrace 
Walker, John, G9 Norfolk street 
Walker, John, 47 High street 
Walker, John, 67 Nelson street, 

Walker, Robert, 67 Prince's street 
Walker, Mrs. 22 Tobago street 
Walker, Mrs. S. 33 Garscube road 
Wallace, John, 8 M'Alpine street 
Wallace, Robert, IS Tureen street 
Wann, John, 34 Trongate 
Watson, David, 152 Eglinton st. 
Watson, D. & Co. Barrowfield toll 
Watson, Oliver, GO Candleriggs 
Watson, Thomas, 455 Gallowgate 
Watson, William (). 21 Bell street 
Watson, Mrs. William, 49 Dundas 

Watt, Alex. 116 Main st. Gorbals 
Walt, James, 8 Cochran street 
Watt, John, 82 Bridgegate 
Watt, Wm. 100 G. Hamilton st. 
Webster, Mrs. G. 290 High street 
Weir, John, 7S Brown street 
Weir, William, Saltmarket 
Whitelaw, James, 17 Adelphi st. 
White, C. & R. 101 Gallowgate 
Wilkie, Andrew, 4 Prince's street 
Wilson, Alex. 17 Well st. Calton 
Wilson, Archibald, Cowcaddens 
Wilson, David, 47 King street 
Wilson, Jacob, 9 Canning street 
Wilson, John, 2G Crown street 
Wilson, Robert, 14 Great Clyde st. 
Wilson, William, 255 Buchanan st. 

Wilson, William, 52 Cheapside st. 
Winning, James, 2 Cheapside street 
Wotherspoon, J. 117 Main street, 

Wright, Alexander, Port- Dundas 
Wright, James, Townhead 
Wright, John, 161 Saltmarket 
Wright, J. 163 Main st. Gorbals 
Wylie, John, 33 New wynd 
Wyper, John, 16 Marlborough st. 
Yeates, Thomas, 1 Low Green st. 
Young, Alexander, 140 High street 
Young, Alexander, 641 Gallowgate 
Young, Allan, 99 Kirk st. Calton 
Yuill, John, Mitchell lane 
Zuill, James, 56 Bell street 


Twaddell, William, 84 Saltmarket 


Duff, Thomas, 64 Duke street 

Hawks, William, 101 High street 


M'Gill & M'Kirdy, 35 Eglinton st. 
M'Kirdy, John, 35 Eglinton street 
Murphy, Edward, 28 Saltmarket 
Thomson, Arch. 327 Argyll street 


Donaldson, S. 13 Geo. st. Mile-end 
Harley, William, 68 Rose street, 

Kerr, James, & Son, 6 Great 

Hamilton street 
Kircaldie, Thomas, 52 Rose street 
Lindsay, John, 13 Brown street 
M'Farlane, D. & P. 260 Buchanan 

M'Farlane, James, 55 Montrose st. 
Matheson, W. 49 Main st. Calton 
Park, Gavin, 86 Blackfriar street 
Watt, Thomas, 13 Little street 
Watt, William, 59 Crown street 
Wilson, Andw. 178 Stirling's road 




Those marked thus (a) are also 

See alsoBooksellers and Stationers, 
and Paper Warehouses. 

Boj'd, David, 119 Ingram street 
Burns, Robert, 55 Hutcheson st. 
a Burton, John, G Main st. Gorbals 
a Campbell, D. 3 Buchanan street 
a Campbell, Wm. 404 Argyll st. 
Donald, Andrew, 50 Adelphi st. 
Fleckfield, R. 119 Candleriggs 
a Hamilton, Wm. 139 Renfield st. 
Jackson, R. & Co. 66 Argyll street 
Johnston, T. & Co. 137 George st. 
Johnston, T. & Co. 426 Argyll st. 
Kennedy, James, 115 Ingram st. 
Kennedy, Mrs. G. 89 Argyll st. 
a Lochead, Robert, 154 Argyll st. 
Logan, John, 16 Bell street 
Lumsden, Jas. & Son, 20 Queen st. 
M'Laren, John, 23 Glassford street 
a Miller, J. 256 Buchanan street 
Miller, R. 215 Gallowgate 
More, J. & T. 108 Trongate 
a Morrison, William, 271 Argyll st. 
Oatts, John, 102 Queen street 
Orr, F. & Sons, 63 Brunswick st. 
Pargellis, Andrew, 81 & 83 Glass- 
ford street 
Reid, J. & E. 41 Argyll street 
a Robertson, J. 144 Argyll street 
Turner, Geo. 42 & 44 Wilson st. 
AVeir, Robert, 44 Queen street 
Wilson, Richard, 77 Bell street 


Pedreschi, Lugi, 47 Argyll arcade 

See also Milliners Sf Dressmakers. 
Adam, Miss, 26 College street 
Bowman, Mrs. 23 East Clyde st. 
Bryson, Mrs. Peter, 3 Nelson st. 
Dunn, Mrs. 6 Nelson street 
Gibson, Misses, & Co. 16^ Bu- 
chanan street 
Graham, Miss J. 24 Nelson street 
Graham, Misses, 29 Nelson street 
Hannah, Mrs. W. 35 Nelson street 
Horn, Miss E. S Bell street 

Jamieson, Mrs. J. 100 W. Geo. st.j 
M'Donald, Misses, A. & H. 7 Neh| 

son street 
M'Gregor, Miss, stay warehouse, 

19 Candleriggs 
M'llraith, Mrs. 56 Renfield street ; 
M'llwraith, Mrs. 70 Stockwell 
M'Lever, Mrs. 24 East Clyde st. 
Mair, Misses, 148 Hope street 
Mann, Mrs. John, 49 Portland st. 
Robinson, Misses, 170 West Re- 
gent slreet 
Shanks, Miss, 21 College street 
Smith, Miss M. 66 West Nile st. 
Stevenson & Penman, Misses, 82 

West Nile street 
Stewart, Mis. 363 Gallowgate 
Whiteside, Miss, Buchanan street . 


Gardner, J. M. 2 Antigua place 
Seller, William, 91 Trongate 

See Hosiers. 

Ferguson, John, 69 Stockwell 
Hilliard, H. 57 Arcade 

See Engravers. 

Dick, George, lime, Port-Dunda:* j 
Fyfe, James, Port-Dundas 


Agnew, Mrs. 74 Stevenson street ., 

Armour, Robert, & Co. manufac- 
turers and lacemen, 25 Queen st. 

Galium & Woodrow, 127 and 132 

Callum, Miss, 38 Arcade 

Clark, J. & Co. 32 Nelson street f 

Connell, Mrs. 45 Glassford street, 
and 54 St. Vincent slreet 

Coupee, Mrs. F. 24 & 26 Bruns- 
wick place 

Cullen, Misses, 133 Great Hamil- 
ton street 



Dempster, Mrs. Win. 26 George 

Dunn, Mrs. 6 Nelson street 
Flemington, John, manufacturer, 

154 Trongate 
Fulton, Miss, 76 Gallowgate 
Gowans, Mrs. 40 Nelson street, and 

78 Stockwell 
Hay, Miss J. 272 High street 
Higgens, Mrs. 7 Campbell st. east 
Johnston, Alexander, manufacturer, 

122 Trongate 
Lang, Miss Catherine, 30 King st. 
Lindsay, Miss J. 29 Arcade 
M'Kinnon, Mrs. 37 Nelson street 
Mason, Misses, 30 Bridge street 
M' Vicar, Mrs. 26 Go van street 
Medcalf, Miss J. 71 Saltmarket 
Muirs, Connall, & Co. 99 Trongate 
Orr, Mrs. 435 Argyll street 
Paterson, William, 357 Argyll st. 
Paterson, William, 1 Antigua place 
Robertson, Miss H. 33 Glassford st. 
Service, T. 34 & 36 Nelson street 
Shillito, Mrs. John, 14 Nelson st. 
Stewart, Miss, 46 Glassford street 
Templeton, Misses, 29 Go van st. 
Thomson, Miss, 56 S. Portland st. 
Thomson, Miss, M. 46 Nelson st. 
Toshach, Misses, 132 Sauchiehall st. 
Wallace, Mrs. C, manufacturer and 

milliner, 179 Argyll street 
Watt, Miss, 34 S. Portland street 


Dahms, George, 24 Oswald street 

Farmer, Thomas, 189 Saltmarket 

Kirkland, William Kenneth, Su- 
gar-house, Washington street 

M'Ewen, William, Sons & Co. 121 
Trongate, works Oswald street 

M'Fie, Robert, & Sons, 27 Vir- 
ginia street 

M'Leish, Kayser Sc Co. 109 Vir- 
ginia street 

Perston, Andrew, & Co. 18 Wash- 
ington street 

Wilson, S. & Sons, 71 Alston st. 


Aitken, James, superintendent of 
scavenging, ho. 108 Argyll street 

Bennie, John, harbour, 1 6 Robert- 
son street 
Ferguson, Walter, gas light, office 

42 Virginia street 
Fraser, David, superintendent of 

buildings, 125 Rentield street 
Hill, Peter, town's hospital 
James, John, factories, 98 West 

George street 
Jeffrey, Capt. Geo. Gorbals police 
Johnston, Thos. Canal office, Port- 

Miller, Henry, Glasgow police 
Miller, Jas. lamps, ho. 7 Park pi. 
Milne, G. merchants' house grounds, 

&c. house Westercraigs 
Paterson, H. poor of barony, house 

420 Gallowgate 
Robertson, Win. Police buildings 
Russell, Wm. Port-Dundas police 
Semple, M. blind asylum, Townhead 
Smart, James, superintendent of 

Calton police 
Strang, G. Gorbals burying-ground, 

13 Carlton place 
Strang, John, public works, Council 

Thomson, James, of streets, 59 

Renfield street 

Hill, W. 5th district, ho. Broomhill 
Morrison, Roderick, 6th district, 41 

Warwick street 
Mylne, G. 7th district, Woodside 
Rowan, J. 2d district, 425 Argyll st. 
Turnbull, J. Bellgrove place 

See Physicians and Surgeons. 


See also Cutlers. 
Milliard, H. 57 Arcade 
Norie, Mrs. W. 12 Glassford street 


Bentley, J. J. taxes, 70 S. Portland 

Burns, Hay, customs, house 14 Elm- 
bank crescent 



Harvie, Robt. land, 1 8 Glassford st 
Kyle, William, land, 45 Union St.. 
Liddell, C. Gas Liglit office 
Murdoch, Robt. road, 3 Antigua pi. 
M'Eachern, N. taxes, 355 Argyll st. 
Neilson, .1. buildings, 81 Buchanan 

Baterson, VV. D. police, 1 Antigua 

Reeves, Charles F. post-office, ho. 

7 Woodside terrace 
Robson, Neil, land, 19 S. Hanover 

Scott, Stephen & Gale, 23 South 

Hanover street 
Shanks, .1. civil engineer and road 

surveyor, 23 Garscube road 
Sheppard, J. D. 16 Gordon street 
Smith, D. land, 37 Virginia street 
Thorn, Wm. taxes, 50 Gordon street 

Allan, William, 55 Trongate 
Anderson & Son, 33 Buchanan st. 
Ballantyne, Thos. 5 Buchanan st. 
Barclay, William, 7 Queen street 
Baxter, Archd. 7 Union street 
Black, James, 33 Trongate 
Blair, A. & Co. 95 Buchanan st. 
Bogle & Forrester, 33 & 35 Queen 

Brodie & M'Leod, (15 Buchanan st. 
Brown, William, 11 Buchanan st. 
Burgess, William, 31 Queen street 
Burns, James, 255 George street 
Burt, William, 48 Gallowgate 
Byers, A. G. 48 Glassford street 
Oaddell, W. & Co. 39 Queen street 
Cairns, James, 49 London street 
Campbell, John, 11 Stockwell 
Campbell, M'Lean, & Kenned}', 7 

Royal Exchange square 
Campbell, Wm. 62 Argyll street 
Carlin, John, 06 Queen street 
Carmichael, Duncan, 313 Argyll st. 
Carss, Andrew, 170 Trongate 
Clark, James, &c Co. 186 Trongate 
Coulter, William, 45 John street 
Cowan, James, 42 Glassford street 
Dawson, Jas. & Co. 149 Queen st. 
Dunsmore, James, 28 Saltmarket 
Drummond, Andrew, 22 Argyll st. 
Ewing & Wingate, 79 Buchanan st. 

Frazer, James, 226 Argyll street 
Frazer, John, 88 Glassford street 
Frazer, Sinclair & Co. 6 Miller st. 
Gasa& Bell, Buchanan ct. Trongate 
Grant, Daniel, 4 St. Vircent place 
Gray, Daniel, 203 George street 
Gray, David, & Son, 4 Dunlop st. 
Gray, William, 22 Argyll street 
Green, John, 76 Saltmarket 
Greenshields, A. 83 Queen street 
Gunn, John, 2!) Queen street 
Gunn, Wm. & Co. 142 Queen st. 
Gunn, Wm. jun. 15 Buchanan st. 
Hart, James, 126 Saltmarket 
Henderson, Thos. 15 I lulcheson st. 
Hendry, J. 148 Trongate 
Hood, Andrew, 58 Buchanan street 
Hunter, Archibald, & Sons, 151 

Buchanan street 
Jardine, William, 96 Saltmarket 
Jarvis, Alexander, 9 Gallowgate 
Jeffrey, M. 46 London street 
Johnston, J. M. 142 Trongate 
Kelly & Harvie, 26 R. Exchange sq. 
Kerr, William, 72 Saltmarket 
Kerr, Mrs. C. 60 Saltmarket; 
Kirkpatrick, Robt. 15 llutcheson st. 
Lawson & Brown, 75 Queen street 
Lee, John, & Son, 9 Stirling street 
Lee, John, jun. 1 22 Queen street 
Lockhart, R. & J. 60 St. Vincent 

Logan, Robert, 60 Oxford street 
Miller, L. & Co. 79 Queen street 
Millar, Robert, 26 London street 
Morison & Picken, 10 Royal Ex- 
change square 
M'Adie, D. 95 Argyll street 
M'Callum & Hood/92 Queen st. 
M'Cartnev, Geo. 48 Saltmarket 
M'Coll, H. & Son, 51 Argyll street 
M'Connell, Miss E. 148 Saltmark< i 
M'Donald, H. 3 Miller's place 
M'Ewan, Robt. 53 Buchanan st. 
M'Farlane & M'Donald, 3.5 Bu- 
chanan street 
MacGeorge& Smith, 15 Royal Ex- 
change square 
M'lntyre, Daniel, 261 Argyll street 
M'Kay, Alexander, 25 Trongate 
M'Kay, A. 14 N. Exchange square 
M'Kelvie, Hugh, 134 Saltmarket 
M'Kinnon & Laird, 5 St. Enoch sq. . 



M Kinnis, Hush, 106 Argyll st. 
M'Lanly, I). 4:3 Argyll sheet 
Muir, 'lhos. & John, 157 Queen st. 
Neville, Henry, 25 Trongate 
O'Neill, John, 80 & 88 Saltmarket 
Paterson, It. 113 Ingram street 
Paul, George, 15 Hutcheson street 
Pearson, T. 30' King st. Tradeston 
Ratelilfe, Michael, 79 Trongate 
Reddoeh, A. 38 Nelson street 
Kiddcll, John, 17 Trongate 
Ross, Angus, 52 Queen street 
Russell, Bernard, Candleriggs 
Ryder, P. 140 and 146 Saltmarket 
Bchultze, C. 4 George square 
Shanks, Samuel, 20 Gallowgate 
Simpson, John, 282 Argyll street 
Smith, J. 190 Broomielaw 
Steel, George, 99 Trongate 
Stephen, Win, 29 N. Ilanoverst. 
Stewart, John, 31 Queen street 
Stilling, James, 192 Broomielaw 
Thompson, David, 90 Glassford st. 
Turnhull, John, Garscube road 
Ure & Henderson, 46 Queen street 
Walker, Alexander, 98 Saltmarket 
Watson & Munro, 02 Queen street 
Watson & Rae, 7 Miller street 
Watt, Thos. & Co. 64 Saltmarket 
Williamson, Peter, 58 Queen street 
Wilson, A. li. 07 Union street 
Wilson, John, 58 Saltmarket 
winton, David, 79 Trongate 
Withers & M'Caw, 228 Argyll st. 


Allan, James, 94 Gallowgate 
Bernard & Russell, Candleriggs 
Bell, Allan, 74 London street 
Bell, John, 95 Argyll street 
Black, James, Trongate 
Blackie, Alex. 102 Renfield street 
Blair, David, Main st. Bridgeton 
Blair, John, 125 Trongate 
Brown, Andrew, 51 Gallowgate 
Brown, James, 30 Bedford slreet 
Cameron, Daniel, 89 Gallowgate 
Chalmers, John, 258 High street 
Clow, Henry, 96 Trongate 
Dick, John, 153 Trongate 
Donaldson, Alex. 82 John street 
Drumrnond, Andrew, 22 Argyll st. 
Fergus, A. 137 Broomielaw 


Forrest, Alex. 67 Crown street 
Forrest, Robert, 41 James' street, 

Forrest, Wm. 49 King st. Calton 
Forgon, Thos. 48 King street 
Gibson, Thomas E. 4 Clyde place 
Gilford, Thomas, 13 Oxford street 
Glass, Alexander, 44 Maxwell st. 
Graham, Thomas, 00 Trongate 
Grierson, James, 3 Govan street 
Hamilton, Alex. 00 Maxwell street 
Hamilton, Andrew, 124 Trongate 
Hunter, Alexander, &e Moore, 59 

Great Hamilton street 
Hutton, Alexander, 17 Trongate 
Jack, John, 285 High street 
Jaffray, William, 11 Stock-well 
Jamieson, John, Port-Dundas road 
Jarvis, Alexander, 9 Gallowgate 
Johnston, Thos. 13 Loudon street 
Kennedy, David, 103 Argyll street 
Kennedy Thomas, 24 Bedford st. 
Kennedy, Thomas, 255 George st. 
King, James, 28 Saltmarket 
Knight, Alexander, 44 Trongate 
Lamont, Dugald, 320 Argyll street 
Lee, John, sen. 9 Stirling street 
Lighthody, John, 8 Charlotte street 
Logan, David, 3 King st. Tradest. 
Lyon, John, Ladywell street 
M'Caig, James, 109 Trongate 
M' Donald, Alex. 72 Nelson street 
M'Dougall, Alex. 10 Jamaica st. 
M'Farlane, Wm. 151 Gallowgate 
M'Intosh, Hugh, 54 London street 
M'Kay, William, 45 Crown 
M'Kechnie, T. Main St. Bridgeton 
M'Kinlay, Adam, 88 High John st. 
M'Kinlay, Adam, 8K John street 
M'l'hail, William, 28 Crown street 
Marshall, Wm. Main st. Bridgeton 
Miller, James, 38 Trongate 
Miller, Joseph, 142 Trongate 
Miller, M. 7 Queen street 
Moffat, Alex. 31 Argyll street 
Mo (rat, John, 186 High street 
Montgomery, James, 59 Trongate 
Montgomery, John, 59 Trongate 
Morrison, Adam, 44 Trongate 
Muir, Ehenezer, 47 London street 
Munro, Archibald, 29 Havannah 
Munro, John, 151 Main St. Go 
Munro, John, 390 Argyll ttreet 



Munro, Robert, 6 Nile street 
Newlands, John, 5 Moore street 
Paterson, Alex. 54 Oxford street 
Paterson, H. Sidney court 
Paterson, .Tames, 36 Saltmarket 
Paterson, J. & H. 75 Buchanan st. 
Paterson, Robert, 113 Ingram street 
Paul, George, 15 Hutcheson street 
Pearson, Thomas, 36 King street, 

Pennington, J. R. & Co. 10 Ja- 
maica street 
Ratcliffe, Michael, 79 Trongate 
Riddell, John, 17 Trongate 
Ross, Angus, 52 Queen street 
Russell, Edward, 114 Main street, 

Scott, Michael, 9 St. Andrew street 
bhedden, J. Stewart's land, St 

Sinclair, Norman, 5 King slreet 
Singer, Alexander, 6 East Nile st. 
Smellie, William, 48 Gallowgate 
Smith, J.& J. 109 Trongate 
Smith, James, 73 Main st. Gorbals 
Smith, Maxwell, 109 Trongate 
Speirs, Alexander, 4 Back wynd 
Sutherland, D. 34 Green st. Calton 
Sutherland, William, 59 Trongate 
Taylor, Charles, 18 Hospital street 
Templeton, James, 11 Stockwell 
Thomson, John, 28 Saltmarket 
Thompson, Robert, 39 Dundas st. 
Thomson, T. 1 William st. Calton 
Ure, Wm. jun. 62 Hutcheson street 
Waddell, Robert, 45 Hospital street 


See also Tobacconists. 
Ainslie, W. 47 Main st. Gorbals 
Aitken, William, 4 and 8 Gibson st. 
Anderson, James, 71 Hutcheson st. 
Bain, Wm. & Co. 146 High street 
Blackley, John, 39 King street, 

Boyd, C. soap, 74 Clyde street, 

Ferguson & Burns, oil merchants, 

37 Hutcheson st. & 242 High st. 
Fisher, Peter, 57 High street 
Freeland, W. & J. 99 High street 
Henderson, William, 74 Bridgegate 
MacAUister, Hugh, 94 Bell street 

M'Donald, J. & A. 108 and 110 

M'Fadyen, D. tobacconist, 109 

MacLellan, Lewis, flour merchant, 

136 Gallowgate 
M'Millan, David, 85 Argyll btreet 
MacNee, John, 271 Gallowgate 
Parker, James, flour merchant, 140 

Paul, John & Andrew, tobacconists, 

8 George street 
Sim, George, & Son, 14 and 10 

Glassford st. and 232 Gallowgaic 
Simpson, Mrs. 3 Kent street 
Smith, James, 193 Trongate 
Stewart, Miss Mary, 76 Bridgegate 
Taylor, John, 38 Norfolk street 
Wemyss, Mrs. 49 Adelphi street 
Williamson, J. 5 West George st. 
Wilson, John & James, 45 Sali- 

market, 207 Argyll street, and 

88 Nelson street, Tradeston 
Wilson, Robert, 243 Argyll street 

Barnhill, James, & Co. 51 Spout- 
mouth, and 90 Old venel 
Johnston, John, M'N. Burnside 

lane, Duke street 
M'Intosh& Duncan, 26 Goosedubbs 
Meikle, D. skinner, 62 Spoutmouih 
Rintoul, Alex. 17 Burnside lane 


Chalmers, James, 25 Nelson street 

and 66 Trongate 
Cochran, Thomas, 40 High street, 
Malcolm. J. & J. 34 Trongate 

Those marked thus («) are vintners. 
Abraham, Mrs. Andrew, 37 Tron- 
Aitken, Peter, 39 Saltmarket 
Alexander, William, 33 Trongate 
Anderson, Wm. 92 and 94 Candle- 

Anderson, Mrs. John, 187 Trongate 
Balfour, John, 44 Trongate 
Biggert, Robert, Buchanan court, 

44 Trongate 
v Black, James, 19 George square 



Blackburn, Mrs. 28 Jamaica st. 
uBlyth, John, 30 East Clyde street 
v Brown, D. 4 Brown street 
Brown, John, G5 High street 
Brown, Mrs. 100 Nelson street 
Brownlie, Wm. 40 Candleriggs and 

79 Bell street 
v Buchanan, Wm. 29 Gallowgate 
Burn, James, 27 King street 
Burns, John, 40 High street 
v Callender, Thomas, 1(30 Stockwell 
Cameron, John, 14 Turner's court 
Cameron, John, 34 Trongate 
Campbell, Archd. 226 Broomielaw 
Carmichael, John, 145 Stockwell 
v Clark, Andrew, 22 East Clyde st. 
Cochran, Thomas, 40 High street 
Craig, James, 57 Gallowgate 
Crawford, Mrs. Thos. 18 Saltmarket 
Crawford, Mrs. Port-Dundas 
Deans, Effingham, 80 Trongate 
Dewar, John, 179 Argyll street 
Dickson, James, 25 George square 
Dobbie, James, 19 Saltmarket 
v Donnelly, James, 148 Trongate 
Douglas Arms, 35 Gallowgate 
Downie, John, 200 Broomielaw 
Duncan, Mrs. John, 1 Ann street 
Dunsmore, James, 28 Saltmarket 
v Elder, David, 112 Gallowgate 
Elliot, William, 114 Trongate 
Esilman, Alexander, 108 High st. 
Fairman & Bell, 164 Trongate 
Ferguson, Alex. 131 Trongate 
Ferguson, Alexander, 17 High st. 
Forrester, William, Miller's place 
Forrester, Mrs. Jas. 48 Stockwell 
Frazer, Charles, 6 St. Enoch wynd 
Freeman, Benjamin, 9 Gallowgate 
Furness, Nicholas, 85 Trongate 
Gilbert, Robert, 238 Broomielaw 
Gilmour, John, 25 Trongate 
Glen, Alexander, 78 Saltmarket 
Govan, James, 4 Govan street 
Graham, John, 8 Broomielaw 
u Gray, Robert, 25 Saltmarket 
Haig, John, 13 Gordon street 
Harvey, James, Roj^al Exchange 

Hay, Charles, 5 St. Enoch wynd 
Hilton, Mrs. Jas. 7 George square 
Inglis, James, 19 Gallowgate 
Izett, Andrew, 6 Bell street 

Johnston, Alexander, 5 King street 
Kennedy, Allan, 44 Trongate 
Kilpatrick, Mrs. 85 Candleriggs 
v Kirkland, Wm. Port-Dundas 
v Knox, Mrs. James, 80 Trongate 
v Kyle, William, 10 King street 
Lamont, Duncan, 126 Queen street 
Lemon, J. 18 Saltm. & 37 Trongate 
Livey, Thomas, Laigh Kirk close 
M'Adam, J. 139 Garscube road 
M'Adam, Mrs. 51 Hutcheson street 
M' Donald, Farquhar, 79 Trongate 
M'Donald, Hugh, 12 High street 
M'Donald, John, 158 Stockwell 
M'Gregor, Hugh, 18 Laigh Kirk 

MTlwham, John, 228 Broomielaw 
M'lntosh, Mrs. Jas. 39 Stockwell 
M'Kay, Alexander, 5 Virginia st. 
M'Kechnie, William, 50 Trongate 
M'Kinnon, Alex. 36 Broomielaw 
M'Laren, Mrs. John, 43 Argyll st. 
M'Lean, Alex. 21 Anderstou quay 
M'Luckie, James, 66 High street 
M'Nee, Mrs. J. 22 Gallowgate 
M'Neill, John, 4 Wood lane 
Marshall, Richd. 10 Charlotte st. 
Mein, Peter, 41 Blackfriar street 
Miller, Alex. 26 Hutcheson street 
v Millar, Robert, 65 High street 
Miller, James, 38 Trongate 
Miller, James, 54 Broomielaw 
v Miller, J. 94 Main st. Anderstou 
Moir, James, 75 Argyll street 
Monteath, James, bath keeper, 117 

West Nile street 
Montgomery, Mrs. 48 Gallowgate 
v Munn, Mrs. 38 Ingram street 
Murdoch, R. A. 142 Trongate 
Nish, John, 88 Gallowgate 
Porteous, Robert, 88 Trongate 
Price, John, 1 Robertson street 
v Rankin, Thomas, College open 
v Reilly, Mrs. H. 126 Main street, 

Richardson, D. 34 Trongate 
Robertson, David, 32 Argyn street 
Roxburgh, Wm. 48 Nelson street 
Roger, Mrs. & Miss, 33 John st. 
v Scott, John, 18 Saltmarket 
v Seton, James, 80 Trongate 
Sheriff, Mrs. John, 37 Trongate 
Shuttleton, Andrew, Port-Dundas 



Simpson, Michael, 10 Anderst. quay 

Smith, David, 88 Gallowgate 

v Smith, John, Market Inn, Graham 

Smith, Robert, 38 Trongate 
Smith, William, 35 Gallowgate 
Stewart, Peter, 131 Candleriggs 
Stirling, Mrs. 151 Gallowgate 
Stoddart, James, 4 Dunlop street 
Thomson, Thomas, 1 William street, 

v Thomson, William, 88 Trongate 
Thomson, Mrs. J. 4 Wilson street 
Ure, Andrew, 80 Gallowgate 
Walker, Mrs. 66 Trongate 
Watson, Wm. 8 Charlotte street 
v VVhitelaw, Mrs. R. 156 Gallowg. 
Wilkie, Robert, 19 Saltmarket 
v Wilson, Alexander, 11 Kent st. 
v Wright, John, 18 Saltmarket 
Wright, John, 148 Trongate 
Young, William, 49 Trongate 
Yuille's, Moodie's ct. 31 Argyll st. 



Brown, Alexander, 4 Havannah 
Eadie, Rev. J. 32 Buns wynd 
Gardner, James, 14 Stirling street 
M'Kinlay, John, jun. 49 Norfolk st. 
M'Kinlay, Peter, 49 Norfolk street 
M' Hardy, Charles, 21 Portugal st. 
M'Millan, Mr. High school 
Phillips, Rev. James, 44 Trongate 
Raeburn, James, 2 Centre street, 

Rowlatt, J. C. High school 
Warden, John, 26 George street 
Thomson, Alex. 280 George street 


Bolton, Wm. & Son, Tylefield street 
Bolton, Wm. jun. Assembly rooms 
Crawford, J. S. 54 St. George's pi. 


Anderson, Duncan, Barony Glebe 


Donaldson, A. painting, 107 Bu- 
chanan street 

Gilfillan, John A. painting, Ander- 
sonian University 

L. Vanden, Houten H. High 


Hardy, R. B. 250 High street 
Hartley, A. M. 280 George street, 
or 75 St. Vincent street 


Aitken, J. H. St. John's parish 

school, 40 M'Farlane street 
Aitken, D. J. 6 Rottenrow 
Allan, James, 7 St. Andrew square 
Angus & Hardie, 130 Ingram street 
Auld, Rev. John M. St. John's 

school, Annfield 
Bannatyne, C. H. St. John's Parish 

Barbour, Samuel, 36 Thistle street 
Barr, William, 9 Brown street 
Boyd, Wm. 68 Glassford street 
Breckenridge, Wm. 15 Charlotte la. 
Brown, James C. 24 Hospital st. 
Buchanan, D. 169 Hill st. Garnet 

Burgess, Colin, 18 Warwick street 
Byers, Rev. J. Highland Society, 

school, 69 Montrose street 
Cameron, Martin, 40 Brunswick st. 
Cameron, Robert, 4 Oxford street 
Carrick, Robert, 68 Barrack street 
Cochran, M. 24 Campbell street 
Connell, Robert, 120 and 126 West 

Campbell street 
Craig, W. C. & J. 33 George sq. 
Davidson, Thomas, Maclauchlin's 

Free school, 109 John street 
Davidson, Miss, 255 George street 
Dawson, Miss, Miller's school, 151 

George street 
Doherty, George O. Portugal street 
Dorsey, Alex. J. D. High school 
Duff, Henry, Trades' school, 105 

High street 
Eadie, Rev. John, 32 Buns wynd 
Finlay, Rev. M.A. teacher, Lady- 
well street, and chaplain for the 

Blind Asylum 
Fraser, Thomas, 110 George street 
Gardner, James, 14 Stirling street 
Gartly, James, 15 Cochran street 
Gartly, Miss, 12 Ropework lane 
Gibson, H. College and St. Paul's 

parish schools, 51 Stirling square 



Glass, James, 3 Gibson street 
Graham, Wm. Miller's school, 151 

George street 
Granger, Robert, 14 Norfolk court 
Gray, Robert, 11 Norfolk court 
Gnllan, J. G. 48 Georgs square 
Halbert, Wm. 1 South Portland st. 
Hay, R. P. 18 Marshall's lane, 

Jeffrey, John, 21 Cochran street 
Johnston, Wm. 24 Piccadilly street 
Liddell, William, 4 Sidney street 
Livingstone, N. St. David's parish 

Lockhart, John, Balfour's school, 

24 Portland street 
MacArly, John, Hutchesons' hospi- 
tal, 52 Ingram street 
M'Dougall, A. 55 St. Andrew sq. 
M'Dougall, D. S. Highland Society 

school, 69 Montrose street 
M'Evven, Rev. A. 2S Drygaielane 
M'Gibbon, T. 93 Brunswick street 
M'Gowan, Wm. 46 St. Andrew sq. 
M'Hardy, Charles, 21 Portugal st. 
M'Intosh, Charles, Annfield 
M'Intyre, Alex. Wellington street 
M'Intyre, Jas. 23 St. Andrew sq. 
Maclntyre's, 60 Norfolk street 
M'Kenzie, Hector, 5 School wynd 
M'Lachlan, John, 16 Buchan street 
M'Lauchlan, Rev. Robt. Highland 

Society school, 29 Montrose st. 
M'Millan, Mrs. matron, Orphan 

Institution, Mid Woodside road 
M'Nab, Allan, 7 Sommerville pi. 
Mann, James, 51 Coburg lane 
Marshall, Chas. 229 Argyll street 
Middlemas, R. 57 St. George place 
Mennons, Miss, Highland Society 

school, 69 Montrose street 
Millen, John, 29 N. Frederick st. 
Miller, H. G. 86 Jamieson's lane, 

Miller, Robert, 49 Trongate 
Miln, John, 13 Rutherglen loan 
Munsie, Wm. 96 West Nile street 
Osborne, Hugh, St. Enoch's Juve- 
nile school 
Peddie & Tennent's school, 10 

Cambridge street 
Rae, Mrs. Balfour's female school, 

26 Portland street 

Reid, James, Fleshers' school, 30 

Miller's place 
Reid, John, St. David's infant par- 
ish school, High John street 
Ross, Robert, Tron parish school, 

71 Prince's street 
Russell, John R. Willowbank 
Salmon, Peter, 1 George street 
Smith, John, 65 Crown street 
Smith, Rev. Wm. 18 Nicholson st. 
Spears, M. Finnieston 
Steven, Andrew, 14 Bedford street 
Stevenson, Adam, Grammar school 
Stevenson, A. & T. 34 Cochran st. 
Stewart, D. jun. 2 Clyde terrace 
Stewart, D. C. 189 Holm street 
Stirling, Miss, Peddie & Tennent's 

school, 10 Cambridge street 
Strachan, Mrs. 110 John street 
Thom, Wm. 29 St. Andrew square 
Thomas, Jame,s, Blackquarry 
Walker, Miss, M'Lauchlin's free 

school, head of John street 
Waterson, W. 12 New Bridge st. 
Whyte, Robert, head of Crown st. 
Wotherspoon, Andw. 45 Havannah 
Wyper, James, 109 Fyfe place 
Young, Wm. Gorbals infant school 


Foucart, F. Andersonian university, 
George street 


Meadows, C. F. M.A. French, 
Italian and Spanish languages, 
58 North Hanover street 

Simeon, St. Ange, Andersonian 


Craig, W. C. & J. 33 George sq. 
Connel, Robert, 122 and 126 West 

Campbell street 
Gullan, J. C. 48 George square 
Mackie, David, 280 George street 
Middlemas, R. 57 St. George place 


Murray, Mrs. matron of St. John's 

school of industry 
Newton, Miss, Tron parish school 

of industry, 57 Prince's street 




Auld, John M. Annfield 
Brand, David, Chambers street 
Caughie, D. Normal seminary, 

Dundas vale, Cowcaddens 
Cullen, James, Cowcaddens 
Gibson, James, Oswald street 
M'Donald, T. St. Enoch's school, 

Ropework lane 


Gray, Andrew, 77 Brunswick st. 
M'Glashan, Alex. Arithmetic, 52 

West Nile street 
M'Gregor, D. 51 N. Hanover st. 
Mackie, David, 280 George street 
Wallace, Robert, 13(i Campbell st. 

Wilson, Peter, Natural Philosophy, 

Andersonian university 


Boyd, Wm. 68 Glassford street 
Buchanan, William, 145 Ingram st. 
Cameron, M. 40 Brunswick street 
Gray, Andrew, 77 Brunswick st. 
Lawrie, Gavin, 25 George square 
Lindsay, R. M. 24 Wilson street 
M'Dougall, Duncan, 48 George sq. 
Neil, James, 3 Antigua place 


Barr, Samuel, 95 Argyll street 
Cunningham, Wm. 56 Howard st. 
Hespel, J. G. 145 Campbell street 
Hilpert, Andrew, 249 Argyll street 
Jaap, Ludovic, 26 Main street, 

Keith, M. 7 Croy place 
Lithgow, W. H. 41 So. Albion st. 
M'Dougall, John, 68 Glassford st. 
Macfarlane, T. 13 St. Vincent pi. 
M'Millan, Mrs. vocal, 98 W. Nile 

Nicol, Alexander, 229 Argyll street 
Orme, John, 230 Argyll street 
Porteous, T. M. 47 King street 
Purdie, John, 280 George street 
Robertson, W. Melville place 
Russell, Miss, 37 Virginia street 
Simeon, Mrs. St. Ange, 131 Hope st. 
Stewart, James, 62 Hutcheson st. 
Thomson, And. 75 St. George's pi. 

Turnbull, John, of St. George's 
church, 118 Union street 

Turnbull, John, 70 Hutcheson st. 

Warren, Mrs. Wm. 82 W. Nile st. 

Webster, Richard, vocal, 15 West 
George street 


Bristow, Mrs. L. M. 82 W. Nile st. 
Hossack, Miss, 70 Robertson street 
M'Farlane, Thomas, 13 St. Vincent 

M'Kay, H. 80 West Nile street 
Niven, William, 63 Wilson street 
Orme, James, 43 Montrose street 
Thomson, Andrew, 75 George plact 
Webster, R. 15 W. George street 

Aitken, James, 3 St. George place 
Gardner, J. M. short-hand, 2 An- 
tigua place 
Hughes, George, 1 S. Portland st. 
Leiper, William, 187 George street 
Morrison, George, 315 Argyll st. 
M'Call, John, 143 Regent street 
MacPherson, John, arithmetic, 280 

George street 
Young A. Andersonian university 


See also Grocers and Tea and 

Spirit Dealers 
Bayne, John, 207 High street 
Barclay, James, 101 Argyll street 
Begg, Josiah, 27 Green st. Calton 
Binks, Thomas, 78 Glassford street 
Blair, Alex. & Co. 124 High s-treet 
Campbell, Colin, 256 George street 
Craig, John, 34 Stockwell 
Crawford, Alex. 41 Glassford street 
Crum, James, 39 Glassford street 
Cumming, Wm. Ill High street 
Davidson, David, tea dealer, 49 

Bell street 
Dougall & Kaye, 229 Gallowgate 
Dow, C. & H. 231 High street 
Eisten, G. & Co. 437 Argyll street 
Fingland,Thomas,54 Prince's street, 

and 260 High street 



Glasgow, tea, and wine, 33, 37 and 

39 College street 
Graham, D. 24 Main st. Gorbals 
Graham, fm. & Co. 132 Trongate 
Grieve, R. & T. 71 Wilson street 
Hamilton, Monteath & Co. 157 

Hendry, David, 143 Bridgegate 
Hendry, John, 397 Argyll street 
Hill, Ninian, 167 Gallowgate 
Hutchison, N. 78 Eglinton street 
Kaye, Robert, 94 Trongate 
Keir, Walter, 19 Blackfriar street 
Kelly, David, 330 Argyll street 
Kelt, James, 15 St. Andrew street 
Kelt, Thomas, 43 Nelson street 
King, James, 182 Trongate 
Kinross & M'Donald, 52 Green st. 
Lang, Miss, 30 King street 
Langwill, P. 110 & 112 South 

Portland street 
Law, Alex. 26 Bedford street 
M'Donald, A. 229 Cowcaddens 
M'Donald, J. & A. 108 and 110 

M'Ewan, William, Sons & Co. 121 

M'Ewan, William, Sons & Co. 146 

M'Farlane, G. 52 King street 
M'Indoe, Mrs. Gilbert, 196 Gal- 
M'Laws, Colin S. 157 Trongate 
M'Lennan, Donald, 139 Bridgegate 
M'Leod, G. & Co. 20 Dunlop st. 
M'Millan, J. & W. & Co. 5 Hut- 

cheson street 
M'Nab, Duncan, Main st. Bridget. 
Mackie, J. & Co. 30 Glassford st. 
Marshall, James, 176 Gallowgate 
Martin, Alex. 267 Gallowgate 
Maxwell, Mrs. E. 248 High street 
Meiklem, J. & J. 247 Argyll street 
Miller, William, 34 Argyll street 
Milliken, James, 95 Argyll street 
Milroy, & Rodie, 48 Hutchesrin st. 
Moir, James, 179 Gallowgate 
Morrison, Alex. 52 Oxford street 
Mouat, A. Fleming's place, Cow- 
Orr, David, 102 & 104 Canning st. 
Phillips, Thomas, 52 Brunswick st. 
Rae, William, 21 Stevenson street 

Rankin, J. coffee, 56 Saltmarket 
Reid, Allan, 94 Canning street 
Roddan, J. 82 King st. Tradestou 
Russell, Thomas, 33 and 35 Nor- 
folk street 
Russell & Thomson, 263 Gallow- 
gate, and 33 & 35 Norfolk street 
Semple & Co. 18 & 20 Turner's ct. 
Smeal, William, 161 Gallowgate 
Smith, David, 43 John street 
Smith, George, 10£ Melville street, 

Smith, John, 39 Brunswick place 
Sutherland, Donald, 57 Drygate 
Taylor, Alex. 135 George street 
Taylor, Matthew, 97 Candleriggs 
Taylor. R. jun. & Co. 117 Gallow. 
Thomson, J. & Mungo, 93 Tron- 
gate, and 1 King street 
Thomson, P. coffee, 176 Trongate 
Thomson, Samuel, 25 Coburg street 
Thomson, Wm. jun. 53 Nelson st. 
Turner, Duncan, 209 & 211 Argyll 

Turner, John S. 15 Turner's court 
Turner, Wm. 90 Kirk st. Calton 
Tweddale, John, 52 St. Vincent st. 
Waddell, John C. 52 King street, 

Wallace, James, 177 High street 
Wallace, Robert, 120 Argyll street 
Weir & Wilson, 7 Mainst. Gorbals 

and 103 King street 
Whyte, A. C. coffee, 58 Trongate, 

and 2 and 4 Nelson street 
Williamson, John, jun. 52 Candle- 
Wilson, Walter, 37 King street 
Young, T. & Co. 57 Miller street 

Alexander, Robert, 144 Queen st. 
Buchan, & Stewart, Howard street, 

Clarke, John, jun. & Co. 7 Broad 

street, Mile-end 
Clapperton, John, & Co. 58 Millur 

Lindsay, William, 19 Arcade 
Renfrew, A. & Co. 5 Montrose st. 
Salmond, John, 8 Wilson street 
Shaw, Mathew, 94 High street 




See Wood Merchants 


See also Braziers and Tin-plate 

Anderson, James, 309 High street 
Barr, John, 63 Saltmarket 
Barr, Thomas, Main st. Bridgeton 
Clark, William, 44 John street 
Drew, William, 66 Wilson street 
Duncan, Alex. Main st. Bridgeton 
Ferguson, James, 137 Stockwell 
Ferguson, John, 69 Stockwell 
Field, Henry, 65 Argyll street 
Forrest, John, 86 Gallowgate 
Fyfe. G. 114 Bridgegate 
Galbraith, Robert, 118 King street 
Galbraitii, James, 53 Bridgegate 
Gibson, Joseph, & Co. 46 Ingram st. 
Gordon, Wm. 29 Main street, An- 

Hall, John, 171 Main st. Gorbals 
Hogg, John, 14 Spoutmouth 
Kerr, Alexander, 1U4 Argyll street 
Kidd, William, 60 Gallowgate 
Lockhart, Andrew, 25 Glassford st. 
Logan, William, 22 Wilson street 
Lyon, George, 149 Gallowgate 
Lyon, William, & Son, 124 Buch- 
anan street 
M'Adam, J. 42 Phoenix buildings 
M'Aulay, J. 14 London street 
M'Cormick, John, 9 Stevenson st. 
Morrison, William, 56 Cowcaddens 
Morrison, William, 260 Argyll st. 
Munro, William, 179 High street 
Neil, Samuel, 29 Stevenson street 
Paterson, Wm. Urie, 22 Stockwell 
Primrose, Thos. 9 New Bridge st. 
Robertson, P. 73 Main st. Ander. 
Russell, Andrew, 131 Argyll street 
Simpson, J. B. 26 Argyll street 
Smith, John, 245 Gallowgate 
Stewart, William, 10 Glassford st. 
Stewart, Wilson, 133 Queen street 
Wylie, James, 52 Wilson street 


York street. John Brown, agent, 
31 Argyll street 

See also Talloio Chandlers. 
Baird, George, 5 Miller street 
Begg & Stenhouse, 38 Hutcheson 

street and 403 Gallowgate 
Birrell, John, 22 and 24 Main st. 

Blackley, John L. 82 High street 
Brock, J. & J. 78 Bridgegate 
Burnstone, Nathan. 23 Saltmarket 
Buchanan, Andrew, 352 High st. 
Bulloch, James, 68 Argyll street 
Couper, Robert, 1S9 Trongate 
Dick, David, 31 Orr street, Calton 
Dick, Robert, & Co. 5 London st. 
Erskine, Thomas. 413 Argyll street 
Fernie, George, 96 Glassford street 
Finlayson, Elizabeth, Main street, 

Fulton, William, 6 Gallowgate 
Glen, Robert, 23 Queen street 
Graham, John, 374 Gallowgate 
Gray, John, 3 Argyll street 
Grieve & Cochran, 41 High street 
Grieve, Robert, 19 Exchange place 
Hamilton, A. & P. & Co. 28 and 

30 Stockwell 
Hamilton, Alex. 177 Gallowgate 
Hamilton, John, 33 Saltmarket 
Ingram, Charles, 13 Nelson street 
Johnston, Thomas, 217 High st. 
Kincaid, George, 6 Trongate 
Lightbody, William, 98 Main st. 

M'Ara, Peter, 70 Gallowgate 
M'Ara, Peter, & Co. 8 and 10 

Main street, Gorbals 
M'Fadyen, D. 109 Stockwell 
M'Grigor, John, & Son, 43 Old 

wynd, and 227 Gallowgate 
M'Laren, John, 39 Mainst. Calton 
M'Naught, Mrs. 184 Broomielaw 
Miller, John, 43 Prince's street 
Mitchell, Stephen, & Son, 52 St. 

Andrew square 
Mitchell, Stewart, 111 King street 
Mitchell, Thomas, 73 King street 
Pattison, Mrs. Cowcaddens 
Paul, John & Andw. 8 George st. 
Picken, John, & Co. 129 Argyll st. 
Rae, William, 113 High street 
Rankin, James, jun. 94 Bridgegate 
Robertson, James, 201 Argyll street 



iuddoch, J. 5 and 39 Candleriggs 
Russell, John, 33 Jamaica street 
Smith, Andw. 29£ Adelphi street 
Smith, George, 10| Melville street, 

ipence, Henry, & Co. 3 Park pi. 
Stewart, Alex. 76 Bridgegate 
Stewart, Miss M. tallow chandler, 

76 Bridgegate 
stuart, F. B. 61 Gallowgate 
•Vaddell & Yeats, 221 Gallowgate 
rt r hyte, James, tobacco broker, 119 
' Brunswick street 
Williamson, J. tallow chandler, 5 

West George street 

Coghill, Alex. 4 Ropework lane 
Murra3'S& Co. Caledonian Pottery, 

Nimmo, Thomas, 16 Dale street, 

Rae, William, 113 High street 
White, William, Gibson street 
Wylie, Alexander, & Co. 22 St. 

Mungo's lane 


Boyd, Alex. Calton, 50 Tobago st. 
Smalcolm, William, City, Low 

Green street 
Taylor, Matthew, Ferguson's court 
Main street, Bridgeton. 

Buchanan, J. 123 Mainst. Gorbals 
Harvie, James, 170 Saltmarket 
Horn, David, 62 Bridgegate, town 

and sheriff officer 
Legat, Matthew, Chamber-keeper, 

Council chambers 
MacKay, Angus, 8 Jail square 
MacKay, Daniel, 65 Bridgegate 
Mathieson, Colin, 4 Steel street 


See also Brush and Basket Ware- 
houses, Perfumers, 6fC 
Adshead, Peter, 31 Nelson street 
Ferrie, Lawrence, 367 Argyll street 
Hamilton, J. 47 London street 
Higgens, Mrs. A. 174 High street 
Robertson, John, 39 and 40 Arcade 


Ruddach, J. 5 and 9 Candleriggs 
Stirling, Miss, 216 Argyll street 
Watson, Andrew, 3 Saltmarket 

Bird, George, 37 South Portland st. 
Butt, Thomas, 127 Argyll street 
Galbraith, Robert, 18 Thistle street 
M'Donald, Alexander, 79 Trongale 
M'Ewan, John, 65 Eglinton place 
Stewart, H. S. 52 York street 


Peddies, 14 Arcade 



Bain, David and Thomas, 40 John 

Brown, James, jun. 5 Montrose st. 
Carswell, A. sen. 25 N. Albion st. 
Hendley, John, 10 Queen street 
Jamieson, William, 33 George sq. 
M' Allister, Wm. 6 Candlerigg st. 
M'Farlane, Jas. 6 N. Albion street 
M'Neilage, Walter, 8 Candleriggs 
Miller, R. 94 Nelson street 
Reid, M. & Co. 35 Canon street 
Sclanders, Robert, 33 Montrose st. 
Scott, J. & A. & Co. 32 Great 

Clyde street, 71 Maxwell street. 

130 Brunswick street, and 84 

Queen street 
Weir, C. 65 George street 
Wotherspoon, A. 207 George street 


Stodart, A. 30 Robertson street 

Blair, John, 20 Main st. Gorbals 
Campbell, William, 229 Argyll st. 
Clark, John, jun. & Co. house 7 

Broad street, Mile-end 
Clark, Wm. iron, 25 Turner's ct. 
Couper, David, '66 High street 
Craig, George, 98 Union street 
Cross, Ebenezer, 32 Duke street 
Cross, Robt. 8 Buchan st. Gorbals 
Cumming, William, 14 Oir street 
Fletcher, Hugh, 7 Calton entry 



Fowler, Mrs. John, 9 Calton entry 
Gibson, William, 24 Campbell st. 
Gorman, William, 4 Hutcheson st. 
Gunn, Neil, 6 Canning street 
Inglis, Wm. 103 Main st. Anderston 
M'Farlane, Walter, 24 Queen st. 
M'Grigor, John, 60 High street 
Macintosh, H. & J. 55 Main street, 

M'Naughtan, D. 39 Stock well 
M'Naughtan. U. jun. 79 Stockwell 
M'Waters, George, 30 Duke street 
Mackie, John, 65 Kirk st. Calton 
Morrison, D. 3 81 Argyll street 
Preston, J. 371 Argyll street 
Scott, Gavin, bone 

Duke street 
Steven, Andrew, 17 Campbell st. [ 
Taylor, J. ivory, 84 High John st. I 
Walker, P. & Co. 9 Buchan street 
Waters, George M. 30 Duke street! 

Neilson & Sutherland, 20 Candle- 

Scott & Laidlaw, 56 Trongate 
Smiths, 5 Wilson street 
Taylor, James, 84 High John st. 
Todd, James, 59 Arcade 
Wilson, Samuel, 54 and 69 Candle- 

riggSjiSjid 1 Wilson street 


See also Cabinet-Makers. 
Those marked thus (a) are also I 

Adam, William, 30 Renfield street 
Anderson, William, 13 Argyll st. 
Mews lane, I Angus, James, 60 Stockwell %/^ 
| Angus, R. 11 South Portland st. 
Campbell, J. & J. 12 Buchanan st^ 
Campbell, William, 36 Argyll arcade 
Catmichael, Neil, 1 1 Portland st. 
Cleland, J. S. 140 W. Nile street 
otheringham, A. 149 Saltmarket ^' 

TWISTERS. ' a Graham, Simon, 57 St George pi 

Benson, W. 31 Inkle Factory lane] Granger, Robert, 24 Queen street 
Gibson, R. 69 Mitchell street | Grieve & Cree, 9 Maxwell street 

Muir, Gilbert, 69 Mitchell street Grieve, Thomas, 20 Union street 
Renfrew, M. & Co. 5 Montrose st. Kail, James, 244 Argyll street 
Struthers, William, 91 Graeme st. y.a Harvie, Robert, 48 Stockwell 
Swanston, Wm. 61 N. Hanover st. 


Bell & Bain, stereotype, R. Ex. ct. 
Brookman, G. stereotype, Villafield 
Dick, James, 4 Balmanno street 
Fullarton & Co. stereotype, VillafieW 
Khull, E. stereotype, Dunlop street 
Richardson, Hutchison & Co. steie- 
otype, 161 Trongate 

and 8 Miller street 
i Hunter, John, 152 Hope street a/* 
•c Jack, Paterson & Co. 167 Trorig/' 
Knox & Bisset, 100 Sauchiehall st: j 
a Lilburn, Baird & Co. 125 Bu- 
chanan street 
a M'Ewan, Daniel, 1 South Port- j 

iand street 
V; 'inries, W. & T. 77 Buchanan st. \ 
ay & Park, 123 Campbell st*/* 
endrick, Alex. 54 Renfield st.*' ■ 
UMBRELLA AND PARASOL j M'Liver, Colin, 10 Oxford street 

MAKERS. I M'Murray, Geo. 11 Jamaica street JV 

Agnew, William, 74 Stevenson st. ; a Morrison, D. & T. 181 Argyll st. 
Beith, James, 65 & 67 Candleriggs i Morrison, James, 26 Buchanan st. v^ ' 

Christie, John, 21 Arcade 
Collins, James, 12 Bridge street 
Fairley, Thomas, 8 Nelson street 
Gilkison, David, 14 Crown street 
Houston, Michael, 79 Trongate 
Irvine, James, 3 Bridge street 
Muir, Mrs. D. 28 Glassford streef 
M'Intyre, Andrew, ID Crown street 
M'Le'hose, Mrs. A. 5 Royal Ex- 
change square 

and 83 George street, Edinburgh 
a Parker, James, 99 Union street 
a Perry, Robert, 126 Union street 
Rae, Francis, 273 George street 
Smellie, John L. 14 Buchanan st. 
Smith, Peter, 245 George street J** 
Stewart, Thomson, 172 Argyll st. 

I Toshach, John, 101 Holm street, 
and 296 Argyll street 

t a Walker, John, St. George place ' 



a Webster, Peter, 124 Trongate 
and 6 1 Candleriggs 
VWhyte, Jas. & Son, 140 Queen si 

/VWylie & Lochhead, 164 Trongate, 
and 14 Cochran street*^ 


Anderson, Geo. & Co. Hill street 

Toshach, John, 101 Holm st. and 
296 Argyll street 

Byres, Robert, Hope street 
Lang, David, 89 Union street 
Macfie, Thomas, 138 Gallowgate 
Sinclair, Archibald, 86 Maxwell st. 
Stewart, John, Hope street 

See also Provision Merchants and 

Those marked thus (s) are also 

Spirit Dealers. 
Aitken, Mrs. 34 Gallowgate 
Aitken, Mrs. 344 Gallowgate 
Aitken, Mrs. Robt. 223 Gallowgate 
Aitkenhead, Alexander, & Co. 222 

Aitkenhead, J. 75 Main st. Gorbals 
Alexander, Win. 97 High street 
Allan, Jn. Lochore's land, Town- 
Allan, John, 159 High street 
8 Alston, Arthur, 28 King st. Calton 
Anderson, David, 407 Gallowgate 
Anderson, E. 64 King street 
Anderson, James, 210 Gallowgate 
Anderson, John, 40 Stockwell 
Anderson, Wm. 70 Kingst. Calton 
Angus, John, 153 Gallowgate 
Arnott, Robert, 88 M { Alpine st. 
Bain, Quintin, 114 Gallowgate 
Baird, John, 446 Gallowgate 
Barr, Peter & John, 166 Argyll st. 
Begbie, John, 28 Main st. Gorbals 
Bell, James, & Co. 213 High street 
Bennet. Lawrence, 34 High street 

Bogle, Archd. Dalmarnock road 
s Brannan, F. 41 King st. Calton 
tk^Brock. William, 312 Argyll street 
Brock, William, 296 High street 
Brown, Niven, 105 Saltmarket 
Brown, Thomas, 397 Gallowgate 
Brownlie, John, 64 Stevenson street 
Bryce, Peter, 50 New street, Calton 

and Port-Dundas 
Buchanan, James, 264 Gallowgate 
Buchanan, John, Port-Dundas 
Buchanan, Robert, 73 Argyll street 
Buchanan, William, 165 Main st. 

Burns, John, 104 Oldwynd 
Cameron, John, 9 Park place 
Cameron, Lewis, Port-Dundas 
Campbell, Archd, 16 Melville st, 

Campbell, Dugald, 5 Well street 
Campbell, Hugh, 76 Carrick street 
Campbell, Hugh, 21 Stockwell 
Campbell, Kenneth, 83 Bridgegate 
Carrick, James, 47 Saltmarket 
s Carmichael; John, 145 Stockwell 
s Couper, Robert, 32 Stevenson st. 
s Cowan, James, Dalmarnock road 
Craig, Alexander, 247 Gallowgate, 

132 High street, 212 Argyll st. 

and 1 Clyde place 
Craig, James, 8 Duke street 
s Craig, John, 231 Argyll street 
Craig, John, 260 Gallowgate 
s Craig, William, South VVoodside 
Curr, Michael, 223 High street 
Currie, James, 12 Clyde street, An- 

Cuthbertson, Hugh, 163 Bridgegate 

and 121 Saltmarket 
Davidson, Allan, 62 King st. Calton 
s Davidson, Rt. Reid st. Bridgeton 
Dickson, Mrs. 67 & 69 Saltmarket 
Dickson, John, 66 Bridgegate 
Donald, James, 1C5 Bridgegate 
Dougall, John, 64 Kirk st. Calton 
Dougherty, Hugh, 93 Canning st. 
Drew, Peter, 132 Bridgegate 
Drew, Wm. & R. 110 High street 
Dunlop, Gilbert, 44 & 66 Mainst. 

Dunlop, John, 77 High street 
Dunn, David, 183 Trongate 
s Dykes, John, 454 Argyll street 



s Ewing, James, 81 Jamaica street 
Faulds, James, 137 High street 
Findlay, John, 46 Candleriggs 
Finlay, R. 71 Norfolk street 
Fleming, Archibald, 80 Stockwell 
Fordyce, Robert, 51 High street 
Forrest, William, 73 Stockwell 
s Forsyth, Matth. 92 & 94 King st. 
* Calton 

Forsyth, Mrs. W. 163 High street 
Frame, James, 123 Roltenrow and 

143 Trongate 
Frame, Win. 443 & 447 Gallowgate 
Fulton, Hugh, 89 High street 
Fulton, James, 40 Broomielaw 
Fulton, John, 36 King street 
Fulton, Robert, 127 Bridgegate 
Fyfe, Hugh, 2 Caltonmouth 
Gentles, John,,336 High street 
George, John, 123 Bridgegate 
Gibb, William, 29 Oxford street 
Graham, John, 68 Castle street 
Graham, John, 172 Broomielaw 
Gray, James, 663 Gallowgate 
Hall, Win. 22 Graham street and 

334 High street 
Hamilton, A. 26 Main street, An- 

Hamilton, James, 95 Saltmarket 
Hamilton, J. 348 High street 
Hamilton, John, 29 King street 
Hamilton, John, 26 Kent street 
Hamilton, John, 129 Gallowgate 
Hamilton, John, 155 Bridgegate 
Hamilton, T. 53 Saltmarket 
Hamilton, William, 162 High st. 
Hannah, William. 350 Gallowgate 
Harvey, John, 55 Shuttle street 
Harper, A. & R. 106 Main street, 

Hay, Andrew, 20 Candleriggs, and 

9 b Trongate 
Hay, Ebenezer, 35 Crown street 
Hay, Ebenezer, 163 Gallowgate 
Hay, J. 28 Rose st. Hutchesontown 
Henderson, James, 2 Norfolk street 
Henderson, Wm. 227 Cowcaddens 
Henry, Alex. 73 Saltmarket 
s Hill, Wm. 20 Marlborough street 
Hodge, Robert, 20 Nicholson street 
Houston, Joseph, 333 Gallowgate i 
Hunter, John, 225 High street 
Hunter, John, 22 Clyde place 

Hutton, Alexander, 105 Burnside 
Hutchison, George, 37 Kirk street, 

Hutchison, W. & R. 40 & 42 Nor- 
folk street 
Innes, Alexander, 72 Gallowgate 
Innes, William, 95 High street 
Jack, Alex. Reid street, Bridgeton 
Jack, W. & J. Cowcaddens 
Jackson, Robert, 121 W. Nile street 
Johnston, Thomas, 154 Main street, 

Jeffrey & Gunion, 87 Candleriggs 
Kilpatrick, John, 19 Portugal street 
King, John, 263 Argyll street 
King, Matthew, 111 Cowcaddens 
Kirkland, James, 93 Bridgegate 
s Kirkland, James, 64 Centre street 
Lang, Archibald, 2 Orr st. Calton 
s Lang, George, 236 Argyll street 
Latta, David, 32 Buccleuch street 
Lauder, Robert, 15 King st. Calton 
Legat, John, 3 King street 
Leitch, Charles, 20 Wood lane 
Lindsay, Andrew, 38 King street 
Lindsay, Dayid, 40 Dale street 
Logan, James, 82 Stockwell 
Lockhart, Mrs. James, 149 High st. 
M'Alpin, James, 244 High street 
M'Allister, David, 16 Glebe street 
M' Arthur, John, 1 1 Duke street 
M' Asian, A. 52 Main st. Gorbals 
M'Clue, William, 203 High street 
s M'Clusky, F. 104 Saltmarket 
s M'Clymont, John, St. Roll ox 
M'Crone, Edward, 3 Bishop street 

and 21 Main street, Anderston 
M'Crorie, James, 25 Millroad st. 
s M'Culloch, J. 25 Green st. Calton . 
M 'Donald, Hugh, 82 Canon street 

and 154 West Nile street 
M' Donald, John, 55 Eglinton street 
M'Farlane, Mrs. Rt. 33 King st. 
M'Fayden, Archd. 120 Main street, 

M'Intyre, Wm. 6 Sauchiehall st. 
M'Kean, Rt. 45 Stirling square 
M'Laren, John, 124 Gallowgate 
M'Laren, Peter, 117 High street 
M'Lean, Edward, 9 Norfolk street 
M'Lean, J. 20 Bedford street, 

M'Lean, Neil, 25 George street 



M'Lean, Thomas, 250 Gallowgate 
M'Leod, Jas. 35 Main st. Calton 
M'Leod, Mrs. 141 Gallowgate 
M'Lintock, J. & A. 24 Kirk street, 

M 'Naught, Geo. 10 Main st. Calton 
M'Neilage, Walter, 28 Stobcrossst. 
McOnie, Wm. Main street, Cow- 

M'Pheely, Bernard, 2 Wallace ct. 
M'Pherson, James, 111 Gallowgate 
M'Pherson, John, 87 Kirk street, 

M'Symon, J. 66 & 68 Broomielaw 
Mackie, James, 60 Hospital street 
Mackie, Mrs. Jas. 37 Saltmarket 
Malcolm, John, 15 Clyde terrace 
Marshall, James, 118 Broomielaw 
Marshall, Robert, 179 Trongate 
s Marquis, Mrs. J. 35 Jamaica st. 
Maxton, Peter, 149 Argyll street 
Melville, James, 78 Bell street 
Miller, James, 14 Stevenson street 
Miller, James, 34 King street 
Miller, John, 77 Norfolk street and 

59 Bridge street 
Millar, John, 35 Centre street 
Milroy, Samuel, 479 Great Hamil- 
ton street, and Oswald's build- 
ings, New London road 
Mitchell, John, 9 & 10 Clyde place 
Moffat, Alexander, 46 King street 
Morrison, James, 33 Drygate 
Morton, Hugh, 53 Bridge street 
Muir, J. & G. 268 Gallowgate 
Muir, Mrs. 103 Old venel 
Munro, Henry, 141 Bridgegate 
Munro, J. 91 Main st. Anderston 
Nisbet, James, jun. 42 Jamaica st. 
Ogilvie, William, 62 Gallowgate 
Orr, Robert, 63 Bridgegate 
Osborne, Robert, 33 Gallowgate 
Parker, Thomas, 13 Canning st. 
Paterson, John, 265 Gallowgate 
Paterson, William, 57 Cowcaddens 
Paul, James, 236 Argyll street 
Pettigrew, John, 30 Stevenson st. 
Pettigrew, James, 86 High street 
Pettigrew, Wm. 86 High street 
Phillips, Archd. 384 Gallowgate 
Pollok, James, 27 Commerce street 
Pollok, John, 61 Main st. Gorbals 
•s Proudfoot, James, 70 Canning st. 

Proudfoot, J. &W, 152 Gallowgate 
Proudfoot, R. & T. 75 King street 
Proudfoot, Miss, I. 124 King street 
Raeburn, Jas. 157 Main st. Gorbals 
Raeburn, James, 46 Norfolk street 
Rankin, Mrs. W. 60 Great Hamil- 
ton street 
Rammage, James, Peeble's landj 

Main street, Bridgeton 
Roy, David, 92 Carrick street 
Scott, Archibald, 71 High street 
Scott, John, 110 Main st. Gorbals. 
Scott, William, 5 Bell street 
Scherg, William, 89 Glassford st. 
Sellers, Miss, 119 King street 
Smart, Thomas, 4 Stockwell street 
Smith, Alexander, 197 High street 
Smith, John, 20 Stevenson street 
Sloan, Samuel, 32 Nelson street, 

Smith, John, 9 Clyde st. Calton 
Smith, John, 47 Orr street 
Smith, W. 108 Washington street 
Smith, William, 61 Eglinton street 
Smith, Miss J. 53 High street 
Speirs, John, 1 19 Canning street 
Spittal, James, 69 George street 
Spittal, James, 81 High street 
Steel, James, 109 King street 
Stewart, Robert, 133 Trongate 
Stirling, George, 153 High street 
Stirling, George, 314 Gallowgate 
Stirling, John, 43 Centre street 
Sym, Alexander & Co. 36 George st. 
Thallon, Robert, 204 Gallowgate 
Thomson, J. 417 Gallowgate 
Torbet, John, 15 Nelson street 

s Tulloch, William, 279 Argyll st. 
Ure, John, & Co. 12 Duke street 
Walker, James, 52 Adelphi street 
Watt, Allan, 90 Main st. Gorbals 
Waugh, Allan, 109 Saltmarket 
Wilson, G. 59 King st. Tradeston 
Wilson, J. C. 415 Argyll street 
Wilson, Wm. Main st. Bridgeton 
Wright, J. 163 Main st. Gorbals 
Wright, Thomas, 150 W. Nile st. 
Young, Alexander, 641 Gallowgate 
Young, Alexander 14 Norfolk st. 
Young, Baird, Finnieston 
Yuill, John, 106 Stockwell 
s Zuill, A Clyde st. Port-Dundas 



Blair, John, 197 Gallowgate 
Blair, Walter, 71 Kingst. Tradest. 
Campbell, Kenneth, 83 Bridgegate 
Dickson, John, 6Q Bridgegate 
George, John, 123 Bridgegate 
Graham, John, 172 Broomielaw 
Henderson, Robert, 72 Bell street 
Humber, John, 22 Clyde place, 

M'Callum, D. 13 Wallace court, 

Bell street 
M'Callum,' John, sen. 65 Bell st. 
M'Intosh, Robert, 213 Gallowgate 
M'Intosh Mrs. 27 Main street, 

Anders ton 
M'Intyre Wm. 6 Sauchiehall st. 
Marshall, James, 118 Broomielaw 
Melvin, James, 78 Bell street 
Milroy's, 22 London street 
Oakman, W. 36 Main st. Anderst. 
Paterson, John, 265 Gallowgate 
Pollock, John, 61 Main st. Gorbals 
Poynter, John, 48 Prince's street 
Robertson, Mrs. Wm. 72 Bell st 
Roxburgh, John, 262 Gallowgate 
Sutherland, Mrs. 151 Bridgegate 
Scouler, John, 62 High street 
Smith, John, 65 New Bridge st. 


Anderston Economical Society, A. 
M'Laren, salesman 

Anderston old Victualling Society, 
John Baird manager, 107 Main 

Anderston Union Victualling So- 
ciety, 22 Stobcross st. J. Mather 

Bridgeton Union Victualling So- 
ciety, Main street, Bridgeton 

Bridgeton Baking Society, Main 
street, Bridgeton 

Bridgeton old Victualling and Bak- 
ing Society, Main st. Bridgeton 

Calton and Bridgeton Bread So- 
ciety, 18 Tobago street, Calton 

Calton Victualling Society, 76 
Canning street, Calton 

Clydebank Victualling Society, 
Finnieston, James M'Kie, mangr. 

Russell And. store, 11 Backwynd, 

and 20 King street 
Steel, William, 7 Back wynd 

Renfrew, M. & Co. 5 Montrose st. 

Anderson, J. & Co. 20 Candlers. 
Armstrong, John, & Co. 97 Ar- 
gyll street 
Black, Archibald, 1 N. Albion st. 
Black, David, 28 Gallowgate 
Campbell, J. & W. & Co. 34 

Chalmers, T. & Co. 161 Trongate 
Charles, William, 49 High street 
Christie, Jas. & Co. 48 Nelson st. 
Craig, James, & Co. 4 Argyll street 
Croom, John, 90 Bell street 
Cumraing, Peter, 21 Glassford st. 
Dewar & Orr, 6 Candleriggs 
Drummond, Kirkpatrick & Keven, 

165 Argyll street 
Dunlop, Hugh, & Co. 1 14 Trong. 
Edgley, Emmerson & Frew, 107 

Ellis, J. Kennedy & Co.' 127 

Brunswick street 
Flett, James A. 50 Brunswick st. 
Forrester, Robert, & Co. silk. 31 

Argyll st. 
Galloway, A. & Son, 25 Candlers. 
Gourlays & Knox, 24 London st. 
Gourlay B. 50 Oxford street 
Greig, Benjamin, 90 Candleriggs 
Harley, Jas. & Co. 125 Trongate 
Harveys, Wilson & Co. silk, 197 

Henderson, J. C. & Co. 52 Argyll 

Hewitt, J. 62 Hutcheson street 
Hunter & Gillies, 6 Maxwell st. 
Johnstone & Bell, 127 Argyll st. 
Legate, F. jun. 93 Brunswick st. 
Liddell, John, & Co. 1 14 Trongate 
M'Aithur, John, 62 Queen street 
M'Cubbin, John, 114 Candleriggs, 

and 14 Canon street 
M'Farlane, G. 70 Hutcheson street 
M'Intyre, John, & Co.l Gallowgate 



M'Keand, A. & J. 7 Argyll street 
Muirhead, Morgan & Co. 22 Ar- 
gyll street 
Neilson, Thomas, 18 Hutcheson st. 
Reid, Robertson & Brother, 1 and 

12 Arcade 
Reid Robertson, & Co. 33 Wilson 

Richmond, J. & Sons, 12 Trongate 
Richmond, W. & Co. 6 London st. 
Ritchie, Wm. & Co. 164 Trongate 
Robertson, Donaldson & Dougall, 

53 Candleriggs 
Pattison, James, 58 Thistle 6treet 
Service, Wm. & Son, 44 Trongate 
Simpson & Cameron, 118 Argyll st. 
Simpson, Robert, 96 Trongate 
Smith & Anderson, 49 S. Hanover 

Smith, George, & Son, manufac- 
turers, 34 London street 
Spencer, J. L. & Co. 15 Trongate 
Stewart & M'Donald, 5 Buchanan 

street and 142 Argyll street 
Tannahill & Robertson, 16 London 

Wingate, Son & Co. 85 Queen st. 

Barie, Andrew, 70 Brunswick pi. 
Frazer, Archibald, 74 Glassford 

Garroway, John, 90 Bell street 
Gemmil, John, 96 Virginia place 
M'Crae, John, 25 Dunlop street 
Ross, Thomas, 9 Cochran street 


Cranstonhill, 8 Gordon street 
Glasgow, 13 Queen street. 

M'Donald, Angus, 49 Trongate 

See also Goldsmiths, Jewellers, 

and Silversmiths. 
Aitken, Alexander, 98 Queen st. 
Aitken, James, 48 Stevenson street 
Alexander, A. W. Nelson street 
Alexander, William, 11 Nelson st. 
Beggs, Thomas, 145 Trongate 
Brown Alexander, 28 Arcade 

Bryson, Charles, 31 Trongate 
Buchanan, Robert, 37 Dundas st. 
Caldwell, William, 5 Malta street 
Corbet, Robert, 27 Stockwell 
Cree, John, 47 Stockwell 
Davidson, John, 21 Oxford street 
Dobbie, Thomas, 51 Adelphi street 
Donaldson, John, 3 Brunswick ct. 
Dow, Andrew, 22 Argyll street 
Dow, John, 132 Trongate 
Graham, Joseph, 71 Trongate 
Grant, John, 1 Bishop street 
Grant, John, 109 Trongate 
Gray, Robert, & Son, 78 Argyll st. 
Innes, George, 58 Argyll street 
Laird, John & Andrew, Delftfield 

M'Beth, Dan. 96 Kirk st. Calton 
M'Donald, David, 134 Trongate 
M'Farlane & Son, 80 Trongate 
MTnnes, William, 50 Gallowgate 
M'Lean, George, 9 Argyll street 
Mitchell, Alexander, 2 Argyll st. 
Mitchell, J. & W. 80 Argyll st. 
Paul, Thomas, 4-5 Sauchiehall st. 
Robertson, D. 18 Arcade 
Robertson, Thos. 169 Argyll street 
Scrymgeour, Jas. 20 Glassford st. 
Sinclair, Peter, 67 Canning street 
Stewart, A. & R. 162 Trongate 
Thomson, Andrew, 98 Trongate 
Thomson, George, 252 Argyll st. 
Todd, John, 1 Trongate 
White, George. 178 Trongate 
Young, Peter, 42 Hutcheson street 


Buchanan, William, 3 New wynd 
Colquhoun, Wm. 32 Argyll street 


Hamilton, Bernard, 44 King street, 

M'Phail, Bernard, 73 Great Ha- 
milton street 

See also Shuttle Makersfy Turners. 
Carrick, James, 13 Kirk st. Town- 
Cumming, William, 16 Qrr street 
Gibson, Wm. 24 E. Campbell st. 

332 weavers' utensil makers — wine &c. merchants. 

Graham, Archd. & Co. gold thread, 

109 Brunswick street 
M'Kechnie, Charles, 28 Stirling st. 
Miller, Andrew, 154 Stockwell 
Salmon, John, 8 Wilson st. works 

129 Canning street 
Shirra, James, Kirk street, Calton 
Steven, Andrew, 17 Campbell street 


M'Laggan, William, 39 Prince's st. 
O'Connel, John, 60 High street 
More, J. & T. 108 Trongate 
Winthrope, James, 80 Trongate 


Roy, William, 40 Candleriggs 
Sloone, William, Turner's court, 
87 Argyll street 


Barr & Dowie, 22^ Buchanan st. 
Bell, Frederick A. 58 Miller street 
Black, Jas. & Co. 34 George sq. 
Blair, YV. D. Morrison's court 
Dale & Lochart, 90 Miller street 
Galloway, A. & W. 38 Queen st. 
Greig, Benjamin, 38 Queen street 
Hamilton, Chas. 110 Buchanan st. 
Hamilton, Monteath & Co. 157 

Hay, W .& Co . 1 06 and 1 1 Candler. 
Henderson & M'Allister, 67 Bu- 
chanan street 
King & Scott, 19 Buchanan street 
M'Call, James, 85 Wilson street 
M'Donald & Richardson, 77 Glass- 
ford street 
M'Eachern, Archd. 84 Jamaica st. 
MacGeorge, Robert, 83 Buchanan 

Mather, John, & Co. 4 & 6 Garth- 
land street 
Mitchell, YVilliam & Andrew, 42 

High street and 40 Trongate 
Paterson, Archd. 9 & 11 Bell street 
Sandeman, David, 53 Miller street 
Smith, David, 43 John street 
Sword, Jas. ygr. 43 Hutcheson st. 
Thomson & Dougall, 146 Argyll st. 
Towers, Robert, 101 Glassford st. 

Aitken, B. 102 Bridgegate 
Aitken, John, 92 High street and 

134 King street 
Aitken, John, 92 Bell sjreet 
Aitken, Robert, 9 and 11 Nile st. 

Aitken, Robert, 80 Jamaica street 
Aitken, Thomas, 81 King street, 

Alexander, Jas. jun. 43 Queen st. 
Anderson, Thomas, 77 Stockwell 
Anderson, William, 13 Main street, 

Bain, Win, 57 Argyll street 
Begg & Stenhouse, 403 Gallowgate, 

and 38 Hutcheson street 
Belch, John, 10 & 32 Stobcross st. 
Bennie, William, 3 Croy place 
Boyd, James, 42 Miller place 
Bryce, A. 42 St. Andrew street 
Buchanan, E. B. 12 Stirling street 
Buchanan, John, 26 Stobcross st. 
Buchanan, J. & J. 63 Stockwell 
Buchanan, J. & Co. 15 Prince's st. 
Buchanan, John, 295 High street 
Buchanan, Kennedy & Co. 59 

Burnside, David, 207 Gallowgate 
Butt, George, 16 Anderston quay 
Campbell's, 73 Nelson street 
Campbell, Archd. 419 Argyll street 
Campbell & Rodger, 39 Bridgegate 
Campbell, 6 Norfolk street 
Cassels, John, 66 Saltmarket 
Cassils & Stewart, 28 & 30 Jackson 

Clement, Jas. 15 Anderston quay 
Collier, J. YV. 108 Argyll street 
Colville, Hugh, 23 Bridge street 
Craig, David, 10 Eglinton street 
Craig, James, 9 Miller street 
Crawford, John, 321 Argyll street 
Cross, William, 42 Gallowgate 
Cruickshanks, C. 84 W. Nile street 
Dickson, L. 53 Kirk street, Calton 
Dickson, Thos. 9 Main st. Gorbals 
Donely, James, 10 George square 
Dow, Alex. 73 and 75 Bridgegate, 

and 218 High street 
Dow, H. & A. 96 Gallowgate 
Dunn, James, 21 Wilson street 



Dunlop, James, 28 Dunlop street 
Eadie, Robert, 130 Saltmarket 
Ferguson, Daniel, 10 Maxwell st. 
Fingland, Thomas, 54 Prince's st. 

and 260 High street 
Forrester, William, 22 Mitchell st. 
Forsyth, David, 23 Canning street 
Frame, James, 143 Trongate 
Frew, Thomas, 52 Bell street 
Fulton, James, 4 Anderston quay 
Galbraith, William, 75 Saltmarket 
Gascoyne, Hugh, 181 Gallowgate 
Gascoyne, John, 55 King street 
Gibb, Elias, 17 Virginia street 
Gibb, William, 14 Stockwell 
Gibson, Matthew, 77 Nelson street 
Gillies, Mrs. Thomas, 45 King st. 
Gilmour, Robert, 134 Union street 
Graham, David, 24 Main street, 

Grant, Thomas, 81 Candleriggs 
Gray, William, 22 Anderston quay 
Hamilton, W. 71 and 73 Canning 

Harvey, J. E. 64 High street 
Harvey, James, 21 and 23 Candle- 

Hay, Robert, 58 Buchanan street 
Henderson, John, 29 Norfolk st. 
Hendry, David, 143 Bridgegate 
Herriot, John, 27 Jamaica street 
Jeffrey, J. 195 Argyll street 
Jeffrey, Robert, 145 Trongate and 

11 Old wynd 
Kay, John, 32 Main st. Anderston 
Kelt, J. tea, 15 St. Andrew's lane 
King & Scott, 19 Buchanan street 
Lade & Abercromby, 34 Jackson st. 
Lightbody, James, 69 Gallowgate 

and 16 Kent street 
Limont, David, 377 Argyll street 
Logan, A. & T. 168 Gallowgate 
M' Arthur, Alex. 19 Anderston quay 
M'Callum, Robert, 17 and 18 Clyde 

M'Culloch, R. 91 and 93 Main st. 

Gorbals, and 10 Nelson street, 

M' Donald, Duncan, 21 and 23 

New street, Calton 
M' Donald, 80 Glassford street 
M'Donald, John, 4 Old wynd and 

206 Broomielaw 

M'Donald & M'Nab. 9 Croy place 
M'Dougall, Alex. 31 Stevenson st. 
M'Dougall, Alex. 6 Mitchell street 
Macfarlane, T. H. 50 Broomielaw, 
104 Gallowgate, and 78 High st. 
M'Farlane, Wm. 129 Saltmarket 
M'Gregor, Robert, 83 Buchanan st. 
M'Grigor, Alexander, & Co. 123 

M'Hutcheson, James, 100 Stockwell 
M'Intosh, John, 20 Stobcross street 
M'Intyre, Duncan, & Co. 395 Ar- 
gyll street 
M'Kenzie, Colin, 10 St. Enoch sq. 
M'Laren, Duncan, 168 Salmarket 
M'Lean, John, 9 Turner's couit 
M'Lellan, Robert, 39 Stockwell 
M'Neilage, Neil, 7 Carrick street 
M'Phail & Stewart, 20 Canon st. 
Maitland, W. 106 Dale st. and 59 

Wallace street, Tradeston 
Maitland, Arch. 171 Cowcaddens, 

and 6 Main street, Anderston 
Malcolm, G. 58 Jamaica st. 
Miller, James, 140 Stevenson st. 
Millar, R. & Co. 81 Stobcross st. 
Mills, James, 131 George street 
Mackie, Peter, 48 South Coburg 

Monteath, John, 269 Gallowgate 
Monteith, J. & H. 387 Argyll st. 
Moody, H. & W. 51 King street 
Morrison, Alexander, 52 Oxford st. 
Morrison, John, 200 Gallowgate 
Muirhead, Rogerson & Co. 8 Stock- 
well place 
Murdoch, John, 29 Gallowgate 
Neilson, Wm. 25 Prince's street 
Nicol, John, 3 Kirk street, Calton 
Nisbet, James, 144 Stockwell 
Oswald, H. & A. 10 Stirling street 
Park, Thomas, 242 Argyll street 
Park, Charles, 32 Stirling street 
Paterson, Archd. 9 & 1 1 Bell street 
Pattison, George, 84 Clyde street, 

Pinkerton, Geo. 10 St. Andrew lane 
Pollock, James, 77 Stobcross street 
Rankin, Arthur, 6 Main st. Calton 
Reid, John, 219 High street 
Reid, John, 251 Gallowgate 
Rennie, James, 63 High street 
Renwick, M. 103 Main st. Gorbals 


Ritchie, David, 31 Stockwell, and 

139 Argyll street 
Ritchie, James, 31 Stockwell 
Ritchie, Wm. 89 Trongate 
Robertson, John, 347 High street 
Robin, Matthew, 112 Stockwell 
Rose, Wm. 7 Cathcart street 
Ross, Charles, 48 High street 
Ro§Sy»Geo. 164 & 166 Saltmarket 
Ross, Ronald & Co. 8 Gordon street, 

and 119 Buchanan street 
Scott, Robert 119 High street 
Sinclair, Peter, 97 George street 
Snedden, AVilliam, 133 Canning st., 
Steel, Ja$ 221 & 223 Cowcaddens 

Stewart, J. & J. 75 Argyll street > ^Brooks, Wm.& Jas.CS StVincentst^l 

Stewart, James, 227 High street 
Stewart, Pott & Co. 114 Trongate 
Stodart, James, 20 Stockwell, and 
5 Gordon street 

Stodart, James, 4 Dimlop street ^ CEdmiston, Arch. Upper Crown st. 
Strang, John, & Co. 60 Stockwell -cFietcher, James, Craignestock 

Sutherland, Angus, 44 Trongate 

Taylor, Mathew, 97 Candleriggs ^rame, R. & Son, 20 M'Farlane * 

Templeton, Thos. 131 W. Nile st.' 
Tennent, John, 2 Melville place 
Thom, Robert, 225 Gallowgate 
Thomson, Andrew, 67 King street.' 
Thomson, Charles, 49 Stockwell 
Thomson & Dougall, 70 Buchanan 

Thomson, Thomas, 25 King street 
Tweedle, John, 52 St. Vincent st. 
Ure, William, 90 Bridgegate 

Wark, John, 62 Argyll street 
Weir, John, Main street, Bridgeton 
Willison, Arch. 84 Ctyde street 
Wilson, William, 12 Stevenson st. 
Wiseman, A. 58 New Bridge st. 
Wishart, James, 7 John street 
Wishart, John, 11 Candleriggs 
Wotherspoon, John, 62 Argyll st. 
Wright, Jas. 18 Steam-boat quay 
Wright, William, 187 Cowcaddens 
Wylie, Wm. 2 Clyde street, Calton 
Young, A. & Co. L09 Candleriggs 
Young, B. 101 Main st. Anderston 
Yuile, Wm. & Son, 48 Miller st. 

Kibble, J. & Co. 24 Turner's court 
Stewart, George, 178 Gallowgate 


Cousland, Archibald, 3 New wynd, 

and 43 Saltmarket 
AVilson, Alexander, wire- cloth ma-i 

nufacturer, 43 Trongate 
Wilson, Samuel, & Co. wire-cloth 

manufacturers, 49 Trongate 


Baird & Brown, Port-Dundas 
Binnie, John, 43 Eglinton street 

Brownlie, Archibald, Port-Dundas; 
Bunten, James, 37 Oswald street 
Carrick, Andrew, 15 Renfrew st. I 
Crawford & Leech, Port-Eglinton ! 

Forsyth, Wm. 12 Canning street 

street, and 9 Hunter street 
Frame, Thomas, 91 Graeme street 
Gilmour & Waters, London street 
Gilmour, Wm. 94 Maxwell street ji 
Hendry & Fletcher, Craiguestock JV 
-Hunter, M. & Co. 21 M'Farlane stj|] 
Hunter, Wm. 116 & 155 Stockwell 

Thomson, John, 21 Argyll street ;€\'IacFarlane, R. & A. 50 Robert- 1 

Thomson, John, 103 High street son street 

Thomson, Pat. 10 Hutcheson street" *'M'Nair, James, 98 Eglinton street' . 

Paterson, A. & G. St. Rollox,wood- 

yard near Railway Depot 
Paton,G. & Mark, 383 Gallowgate 

Wallace, James, 171 High street , % "Bobertson, Geo. 88 Maxwell street 
Wallace, J. & J. 174 Gallowgate .'f.'Scott, J. & A. & Co. 32 Great,*,, 

Clyde st. 71 Maxwell st. 130 : 
Brunswick st. and 84 Queen st. "J 
M'Nair, James, 98 Eglinton street 
Steel, Robert, 25 Thistle street 
Wilson, J. & Son, 468 Gallowgate 

Drasher, J. 125 Saltmarket 
Fisher, James, & Son, 45 Trongate 
Foster, Isaiah, 184 Argyll street 
Kinnear, Conrad, 22 Glassford st. 
M'Gregor, Gregor, agt. 48 Stock- 
well street 



ML'Kirdy, H. 179 Argyll street 
c «i 'attison, James, 58 Thistle street 
Shearer, Charles, 88 Glassf'ord st. 
iValker, Robert, 20 London street 
iVaters, Geo. M. 30 Duke street 



Warn & Co. 172 & 174 Argyll st. 

and 6 Union street 
Vitken, James & John, 14 Gal- 
Mian, William, 55 Trongate 
Anderson, Jn. Piazza, Tontine 
\rthur, Alexander, 4 Trongate 
Birrell & M'Math, 39 Gallowgate 
3 lack, David, 28 Gallowgate 
31and, James, & Co. 8 High st. 
3ow, Peter, 13 Trongate 
Brechin, J. 323 Argyll street 
Campbell & Howie, 54 Gallowgate, 

and 2 St. Andrew's open 
Campbell, J. & W. & Co. 34 

Craig, William, 32 Gallowgate 
Draigs, Brothers & Co. 163 Trong. 
Cruden, George, 185 Gallowgate 
Gumming, J. 52 & 54 Trongate 
Davis, R. H. & Co. 67 Argyll st. 
Dawson&MacNicol,GS Buchanan st. 
Drummond, Kirkpatrick & Keevan, 

165 Argyll street 
Fleming, A. H. & Co. 21 Trongate 
Galbraith, Robert, 39 Trongate 
Gait & Kerr, 83 Trongate 
Gilmour, William, & Co. 9 Lon- 
don street and 2 Gallowgate 
Graham, William, 8 Gallowgate 
Hamilton, Andrew, 52 Gallowgate 
Home, John, 27 Trongate 
Letters, M. 104- G. Hamilton st. 
MacDougal, Colin, 5 Gallowgate'"! 
M'Farlane, R. 7 Gallowgate 
M'Indoe, John, 4 & 10 High street 
M'Kay, Robert, 123 Candleriggs 
M' Kinky, Aulay ,252 & 25 4 High st.' 
M'Kinlay, Duncan, 433 Argyll st. 
M'Kinlay, George, 217 Gallowgate 
M'Kinnon, Peter, 1 9 Stobcross st. 
M'Phail, William, 47 Trongate 
Miller, John, 22 High street 
Muir, David, 45 Gallowgate 
Murray, Robert, 193 Argyll street, 

Neilson, T. IS Hutcheson street 
Patersou, David, 19 Trongate 
Purves, John, 10 Gallowgate 
Reid, James, 18 Gallowgate 
Robertson, Andrew, 38 Gallowgate 
Shanks, Samuel, 20 Gallowgate 
Shaw, John, 49 Gallowgate 
Smellie, James, 20 High street 
Stewart, W. & W. 2 & 4 Candle- 
Walker, A. & Co, 
Webster, Robert, 
Wright, C.50 C 
Bell street 


'SS S » 

and 81 

Cochran, C. S. & Co. Bothwell st. 
MacKay, John, 59 Great Dowhill 
Slater, Henry, 39 Stirling square 
Townend, George, & Brothers, 108 
Ingram pi. John Strathern, agt. 


Tate, Patrick, 144 Saltmarket 


■\ Those marked thus (b) are also 

Alexander, James, 9 Holm street »/~ 
Alexander, Hugh, 62 Argyll street 
Archer, Charles, 62 Argyll street 
Archibald, J. 17 High street 
Bain, David, & Thos. 40 John st. - 
Binnie, John, 43 Eglinton street ' 
b Binnie, William, jun. 30 Hope st. J 
Jhemner, Walter, 48 Blackfriar st. %/ 
Buchanan John, & Co. 70 Hi 
son street and 44 Ingram st: 
Carswell, A. sen. 25 N. Albij 
Carswell, J. & Son, 26 GeoEJ 
Carswell, William, 189 Hi|ff-st. 
Chapman, William, 189 High st. 
Crawford, John, 13 L. Hamilton st. 
Crawford, J. 60 Howard street 
b Crawford, Wm. & Son, 23 South ^ 

Portland street 
Gumming, George, 29 S. Mon- 
trose street 
Donald, John, Bluslin st. Bridgeton 
Donald, Matth. Dale st. Bridgetoa 
Easdon, George, 18 Howard street 
Finlay & Nelsons 120 S. Albion at. \T 



Forbes, Daniel, 95 Main street, 
G orbals 

Forrest, J. & Son, 68 Sauchiehall st.i*Ramsay, John, 15 M'Farlane street 

Forsyth, William, 12 Canning st. 
Gilbert, William, 168 Gallowgate 

Glen, Allan, 63 N. Frederick st. W^Reid, Matthew, 35 Canon street J\ 

Glendinning, J. 28 Spoutmouth 
Gow, Robert, 10 Great Dowhill 
Graham, Jas. jun. 184 George st.v* 

Graham, James, 117 Candleriggs ^Sclanders, Robert, 33 Montrose st 

Gray, William, Jamieson's lane,' 

Greig, Robert, 7 Canon street 

Grieve, Archibald, 5 Balmanno st.V\6 Small, John, 120 South Albion^ 

Harvey, H. & Son, 28 Mitchell st 
Hendry, James, 28 Crown street 
Herbertson, James, 29 

street, Laurieston 
b Herbertson, Thomas, west end of 

Albany place 
Jamieson, W'm. 33 George square ) 
Kinnear, Bernard, 30 Balmanno st 

street, and 132 Sauchiehall street 
Small, Neil, 12 Dixon street J** 
BedfordrZ> Sommerville. Geo, 43 Castle st. I 
Spencer, John, 39 Drygate 
Steedman, Robert, 45 Crown street 
Steel, Robert, 25 Thistle street 
Stevenson, Andw. 34 Renfrew lane^ 
Stevenson, Win. 55 N. Hanover st.) 

Lamb, Jas. & Son, 49 Dundas st. - '' Stewart, Alex. 58 Norfolk street 

Lang, David, 47 Sauchiehall street 
Lightbody, Alex. 26 King street,' 

Lightbody, William, 22 Sidney st 

Love, Wm. 17 Kerr street, Calton 
M'Farlane, James, 6 N. Albion st. 
b M'Gown. W. & Co. 31 North 

Albion street */^ 
M'Gregor, Neil, 24 Canon street 
b M'Indoe, John, 40 Brown street 
M'Innes, W. & T. 75 Buchanan stS" 
M'Kinnon, Peter, 93 Carrick street 
M'Leod, Alexander, 26 M'Kechnie 

street, Calton 
M'Nicol, P. 12 Back wynd 
b Mabon, James, 17 Kirk street 
Marshall, Archd. 79 Clyde street, 

Melven, J. & Co. 35 Washington st. 
Merren, Thomas, Gorbals toll 
b Miller, David, 78 Brown street 
Miller, R. 29 Stirling street J" 
Mirlees, R. 42 Ingram street 
Morrison, Chas. 62 Blackfriar st. 
Morrison, W. & Co. 16 Cochran st. 
Muggoch, J. & J. 47 King street 
b Muir, J. & R. 24 Taylor street 

Pinkerton, James, Rumford street, 

Reid, Andrew, & Co. New Parlia-J 
mentary road, opposite Asylum 

Robb, James, 122 Saltmarket 

b Robertson, William, Greenhill st. 

Ross, David, 19 New wynd 

Scott, John, 63 Duke street ♦* 
Shaw & Marshall, 24 Washington st. 
Shirra, James, 1 6 Kirk st. Calton 

Stirrat, Alex. & Wm. 115 RenfieldsU 
b Thomson, Jn. Cook st. Tradeston 
Toshach, W. 132 Sauchiehall si,. J 
Whitelaw, J. 77 Mainst. Anderston ; 

b Lindsay, Robt. Elmbank, cottage j k Wilkinson, J. 9 Morrison street, 

Wilson, James, 28 Saltmarket 
' Wilson, Rob. 60 St. Enoch's wynd 
Wilson, Robert, 29 Gallowgate \t%i 
Young & Simpson, 151 Gallowgate 


Aitchison, Wm- 39 Hutcheson st. 
Allan, John, 144 Queen street 
Alston, Henry, Ingram buildings 
Anderson, Robert, 68 Glassford st. 
Angus, William, 76 Virginia st. 
Baird, Chas. & Robt. 47 Queen stJ 
Baird, Charles R. 47 Queen street 
Ballingall, And. 30 S. Hanover St.- 
Bannatyne, A. & D. J. 16 Gordon 

Bannatyne, Andrew, 16 Gordon st. 
Bannatyne, Dugald John, 16 Gor- 
don street 
Barlas & Ritchie, 9 George square 
Barr, Robert, 4 Gordon street 
Barr & Stewart, 4 Gordon street 

Palmer, James, 28 Stirling street 

Murray, Archd. 41 Miller street J" Barton, Benjamin, 25 Queen street 

Bell, John, 135 Buchanan street 



Bell, Stuart, 41 Howard street 
Blair, Horatius, 63 Argyll arcade 
Bogle, Hugh, 131 Ingram street 
Bogle, James, 40 Candleriggs 
Bogie, William, 62 Brunswick st. 
Brown, Thomas, 49 Virginia street 
Brown, Wm. 1 Royal Exchange 

Burnet, John, 14 Stirling square 
Calder, John, 114 Trongate 
Campbell, Alex. 3 Antigua place 
Campbell & Tennents, 33 Ingram st. 
Cassils, Charles, 37 Virginia st. 
Cathcart & Ward law, 20 Buchanan 

Cathcart, William, 20 Buchanan st. 
Christie, Thomas, 53 Buchanan st. 
Clark, Robert, 47 Queen street 
Colledge, William, 40 Dunlop st. 
Copland, Wm. 107 Buchanan st. 
Couper, William, 49 Ingram street 
Couper & White, 49 Ingram street 
Cowan, Robert, 20 Buchanan st, 
Craig, David M. 65 Ingram st. 
Craig & Rankin, 65 Ingram street 
( i-awfurd, George, 93 Glassford st. 
Cruden, James, 38 Queen street 
Cullen, T. W. 20 Brunswick place 
Cunningham, George 20 Buchanan 

Cunningham & Nicholson, 20 Bu- 
chanan street 
Cunningham, W. 21 Stockwell 

Dalrymple, David, 33 Ingram st. 
Davie, Wm, Town Clerk, Chambers 
Dick', Alexander, 86 Miller street 
Donald, C. D. 37 Virginia street 
Douglas & Holmes, 73 Hutcheson 

Douglas, James, 6S Glassford street 
Douglas, John, 73 Hutcheson st. 
Douglas, J. C. 81 St. George place 
Dow, Andrew, Cessnock 
Drew, James, 67 Miller street 
Dunlop, John, 42 Miller street 
Erskine, C. W. T. 157 Trongate 
Falconer, Thomas, 72 Wilson street 
Ferguson, John, 70 Hutcheson st. 
Ferguson, Thomas, 81 St. George 

Ferrie, Peter, 107 Buchanan st. 
1 inlayson, James, 8 Gordon street 


Fisher, John, Council Chambers 
Fleck, Alex. 38 Virginia street 
Fleming, John P. 45 Queen street 
Fleming, John, 45^Queen street 
Fleming, William, 45 Queen street 
Forbes, Arthur, 14 Gordon street 
Forbes, Dugald, 14 Gordon street 
Forbes, Reddie & Forbes, 14 Gor- 
don street 
Freeland, John, 20 Miller street 
Fullarton, Allan, 11 Nile street 
Fullarton, Wm. 20 Brunswick st. 
Galloway, James, 20 G. Clyde st. 
Gardner, J. R. 19