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Full text of "The Post-Office annual Glasgow directory"


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Ill u s t rate d C atal v<^vh:s, 
Monthly Lssts and Terms on Application "^"^^^ 

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1l l it s t k at e I ) Cat a l o gue s , 
Monthly Lists and Terms 
ON Application 












Size, Demy folio, Half-Bound, Blue Morocco, Gilt Edges. 
£3, 10s. Nett. 
The Plates measure 16 by 21 in. folio. 

Tbe Ro;al Scottish Geograplilcal Society's 

Atlas of Scotland 



Illustrating the Topography, Physiography, Geology, 

Natural History, and Climate of the Country. 

l>cWcate&, bg permission, to t)cv ^ajestg tbc (Slucen. 

Designed by and prepared under the direction of 


Hon. Secy. Boy. Scot. Geographical Society, 

AND edited by : 






This Atlas, which has been in progress for several years, has been compiled, 
drawn, and engraved with carefiil thoroughness and accuracy, and the latest 
improvements in cartogiuph y have been adopted in its production. The general 
scope of the work can be gailiered by reference to the Contents, but its most im- 
portant features may here be referred to. The basis of the Atlas is a reduction 
of the Ordnance Survey, in forty-flve sectional maps, on the uniform scale of 
half -an inch to the mile. On these Section Maps every part of Scotland is given 
in Topographical detail, including all physical and political features of any im- 
portance. On this scale each map is coloured in contour lines, to show the 
neight of land and the depth of seas and lakes, so far as surveyed. The new 
County and Parish boundaries, as detennined by the recent Boundary Commis- 
sion, are here shown complete for the first time. The Ordnance Survey being in 
many respects out of date, the ftalf-inch-scale maps have been submitted to a 
thorough and systematic revision by official and other local-authorities, which, 
it is hoped, has -insured th« insertion of all new roads, hamlets, mansion- 
bouses, notels, inns, &c., and the deletion of siich as no longer exist. Railway 
and steamer routes have been subjected to revision by the various Companies. 

The series of towu plans has also been thoroughly revised to present date by 
local officials. 

For the accuracy and completeness of the sections treating of the Physio- 
graphy, Geology, Meteorology, and Natural History of Scotland, the names of 
the Editors ought to be a sufficient guarantee. The explanatory and statistical 
text accompanying these sections is designed to summarise the leading Geogra- 
phical features of the country. 

The Edinburgh Geographical Institute^ Park Road, 




Maps, Plans, and Charts of every description Drawn, Engraved, or 





With a Complei'e Consulting Index. 


Crown folio, half-bound morocco, gilt edges, price £1, lis. 6d. 


" We can heartily recommend the ' Handy General Atlas ' which Messrs Philip «& Son 
have published. The maps, which have been engraved by Mr Bartholomew, are clear and 
easy of reference ; while we have found by constant use that the selections of names is 
most judicious. The volume will prove useful to all readers of newspapers, and popular 
books of travel." — Atlienaum. 

" We would especially desire to notice ' Philip's Handy General Atlas,' illustrating 
Modern, Historical, and Physical Geography, it is really a most valuable work, and con- 
tains much matter which has not been set out in the same form ; for the geography of the 
Knglish Colonies is especially attended to, and the changes effected in the map of Europe 
by the wars of Napoleon illustrated by successive maps." — Westwinster Review. 

" We have been at some pains to examine the maps and test the accuracy of the Index, 
and we must pronounce the work in every respect excellent." — Liverijool Albion. 

" The ' Handy General Atlas' is a very excellent work for the use of students, and generall}' 
for purposes of reference in connection with geography. The maps are clearly printed, 
carefully coloured, and they appear, so far as we have been able to examine them, to be 
accurate in all respects. There is an admirable Index to the Atlas, and altogether the 
work is one which should have great popularity in the country."— Scotsrrian. 

"The Maps are remarkable for the clearness and accuracy of their execution, and embody 
the latest territorial changes, and the results of the most recent discoveries." — Courant. 

Qeorqk Philip & Son, London and Liverpool. 
Agents for Scotland, J. Mknzie.s & Co., Edinburgh and Glasgow. 



Imperial 8vo, cloth, price 3s. 6d. 
" Very convenient for reference."— ^(/i€7i<E-ttm, 

Geokge Philip & Son, London and Liverpool ; 
J. Menzies & Co., Edinburgh and Glasfrow. 



Wettem^h\,^^ y \y 



Scale Two Miles to an Inch. 


Size of each Sheet 28 by 20 inches. 

Price 2s. 6d. coloured and in cloth case for pocket, and 3s. 6d. mounted on cloth. 

The following Sheets now published, otliers in preparation : — 


" The maps reduced from the (Jrdnance Survey Sheets of Scotland, which are being pub- 
lished by Messrs A. & C. Black, Edinburgh, are deserving of a special word of praise, both 
on account of the care and skill with which they are delineated, and for the handy, portable 
shape in which they are issued. The scale — half-an-inch to the mile — is sufficiently large 
to allow of every farm, patch of wood, streamlet, or eminence likely to attract the notice of 
the tourist being plainly denoted, and Mr John Bartholomew has shown excellent judarnient, 
as well as bestowed gi-eat pains in selecting the materials for the maps from the larger 
sheets. The heights of all the noteworthy eminences are given, but the roads and byeways 
of the country are indicated with special care. The result is a map at once clear, full, and 
accurate, and having the additional recommendations of being well mounted, ta.stefully 
tinted, and of convenient size." — Scotsman, 26th May 1875. 

" We speak advisedly when we say that these maps are the only existing tourist's maps 
that can be depended upon for the exact distance from place to place marked on tiiein. Not 
one of the hundreds of cheap maps even pretend to accuracy in this respect. . . . We have 
no doubt whatever that they will at once supersede all existing maps, not only for the 
purposes of the tourist, but for all general purposes." — Courant. 

" After a most careful scrutiny of the many points and places of interest on the West 
Coast, we can testify to the skill and accuracy of Mr Bartholomew ; while it is an additional 
recommendation that the delicacy and clearness of the engraving render the maps pleasant 
to the eye." — North British Daily MaiL 

Edinburgh : Published by Adam & Charles Black ; 
J. Menzies & Co., Edinburgh and Glasgow ; and all Booksellers. 


In one Sheet, size 29 X 33 inches, coloured, and in cloth case for pocket, price Is. 
ENVIRONS OP EDINBURGH, in cloth case, price Is. 
ENVIRONS OF GLASGOW, in cloth case, price Is. 

Published by J. Menzies & Co., Edinburgh and Glasgow. 



Size 55 X 40 in. 
" Pit to ornament any office or library." — Scotsman. 
" A real vade mecum for the merchant." — Glasgow Herald. 
Published by William Collins, Sons, & Co., Glasgow, Edinburgh, and London. 



Brought up to the latest date, may he had in the following forms : — 

In Sheet, plain or folded in Cover . . . .Is. Od. 

Coloured into Municipal Wards or Parishes . . Is. 6d. 

Mounted on Cloth, Rollers, and Varnished, Is. Qd. extra. 

Sold bv J. Baetholome-vv, 17 Chambers Street. 




Churches, Halls, Schools, Mansions, 
Factories, Stables, &c., Ventilated on 
Scientific Principles, and in accordance with 
the Laws of Nature, by means of '^^f 


T'^"\ \ \ rT~T~ 


Which effectually extract the Foul Air, have no Mechanical Motion, and are Entirely 
Free feom Down Draught ; can be constructed to harmonise with every style 
of Architecture, and are pronounced by the most Eminent, Scientific, and 
Practical Men in tlie Kingdom, to be the most Efficient System of Ventilation 
yet brought out. 
Improved appliances for admitting fresh air, warm or cold, without draughts or currents. 

B O IT L E ' S 


Soil Pipes, Drains, and Sewers Ventilated on the most approved principles by 
combined with an Improved Trap and Inlet for Fresh Air. 


Prospectuses, Price Lists, and Testimonials on application. 

Ventilating and Sanitary Engineer 


Mansion House Buildings, - - _ LONDOK. 

8 Corporation Street,- - - - - MANCHESTER. 






rriHIS Society long since attained, and now holds, a foremost place 
-*-• among the Life Assurance Institutions of Great Britain. That it 
possesses the confidence of the Provident Classes of the Community is 
shown by the magnitude of its business. 

The amount of New Assurances effected during the last five years averaged 


and the Total Amount presently Assured by the Society's Policies on the 
lives of over Twenty-two Thousand Membeks, including Vested Bonus 
Additions, now exceeds the enormous sum of 


Every element which could contribute to financial strength has been carefully 
preserved in the building up of this vast business. The most scrupulous care 
has been exercised in the selection of Lives ; and in the choice of Invest- 
ments only those of the highest class have been entertained. The result is 
noAV seen in the fact, that while 


have been paid in Claims occasioned by death and survivance of Members, and 


have been divided in profit, the Society has accumulated a larger Life 
Assurance Fund than any other British Office, and which now exceeds 



J. G. C. CHEYNE, Reddent Secretary. 
March 1877. 


No. 1 Design Registered. 

No. 3 Design liegistered. 

No. 2a DesigQ Registered 




fectually extracts the foul air, has no mechanical motion, is entirely free from down-draughty 
jaihei'-proof and noiseless, and can be constructed to harmonize with every style of architecture. 


THE BOYLE NATURAL SYSTEM of Ventilation is pronounced by the most eminent, 
entific, and practical men in the kingdom to be the most efficient method of Ventilation yet 
jught out. 


\t the International Ventilation Competition, LonHon, opened by H.R.H. The Duke of Edhiburgh — 

•sident, Lord Joiin Manners— when all the best known mechanical and natural systems 

mpeted, the Boyle Automatic system was adjudgod the best, and awarded the £5(» prize, with Grand 
ploma (only prize offered). The Boyle system has also gained the first prize at all other ventilation com- 
itions, having never been beaten. 

'The evidence adduced points to the disadvantages of Artificial or Mechanical Ventilation, and certainlv 
ds to show that Artificial Ventilation has not proved so satisfact03-y in actual practice as Natural." — 
ilding News. 


LORD KELVIN, President of the Eoyal .Society — "I have seen several different forms of 
Boyle's Air-Pump Ventilator in actual operation, and have much pleasure in testityuig to their 

\.LFPvED WATERHOUSE, Esq.. R.A,, Ai-chitect— " I am glad to hear good reports of your Cowls fixed 
the Duke of Westminster's house." 

?h ARTHUR W. BLOMFIELD, A.E.A., Architect— "I have used the Air-Pump Ventilator of Messrs. 
jert Boyle & Son with satisfactory results. I believe the system to be a sound and good one, and capable 
varied application with success." 

fir B. W. KICHARDSON, F.R.S. — "Since these excellent Ventilators have been introduced we have 
T got perfect methods of Ventilation." 

ROBERT BOYLE tc SON (Lmited), 

Ventilating Engineers, 

Catalogues, Price Lists, dc, Post Free on Application. 
•^* CAUTION. — Beware of worthless imitations of the Aur-Pump Ventilator. 



FOUNDED 1823. 



Incorporated ly Act of Parliament. 


Sir Gkaham Graham Montgomeet, of Stanhope, Bart. 

The Most Hononrahle The Mabquis of Lothian, K.T. 

Manager. Secretary. 

€eob6e Mackitchie Low, F.F.A. Akchibald Hewat, F.F.A,, F.LA- 

FXTKUS, £3,000,000. INCOME, £365,000. 



Policies issued in Early Life at Half Rates. Sum assured payable at death if after 15 years, or on atta 
snt of a given age. Premiums returned if death occurs within the 15 years. 






Full particulars will be found in the Special Prospectuses which vjill le forwarded on application. 


The Conditions of Assurance are free from all unnecessary restrictions. 

Prospectuses, Accounts, Forms, and all information may be had on application at the 


Medical Officer— DP^. FERGUS. 

Resident Secretary— D. S. BUCHANAi!^, 

Assistant Secretary — Chakles Guthbie, F.F.A. 











<|i:om ^xiiximu anb actual ^luk^B to bate, pregaab txi^xn^&l^ for t^is Moxk. 








Price Seven Shillings and Sixpence. 


The Publishers of the Glasgow Post -Office Directory beg to thank the 
subscribers for the ■uninterrupted patronage bestowed during the long period of fifty 
years. The present volume has been prepared with great care, and they can with 
confidence recommend it as a safe and correct guide to the business places and 
private residences of the principal inhabitants. 

In the compilation efforts have been made to curtail the bulk of the book, and in 
order to save space all words have been contracted that could be conveniently done. 
An increase of names has, notwithstanding, taken place to the extent of eishteen 
closely printed pages over last year's Directory. 

In the Suburban Directory the important suburb of Kelvinside, situated west 
of Byres Road, has been separated from Hillhead ; and the Street Directories of 
Crosshill, Strathbungo, Hillhead, Kelvinside, and Partick, will be found at the end 
of the Suburban Directory. 

In the Street Directory the names of the intersecting streets are again given 
in ordinary type ; and a line or small dash indicates the position where each street 

The boundaries of the sixteen wards of the city for municipal and parliamentary 
purposes have again been specified. And in the list of streets (Page 53 to 72) the 
fourteen new registration districts are indicated by the number of the district to 
which the street or part of the street belongs. 

In the Appendix will be found postal and telegraph arrangements, lists of post 
towns, arrivals and despatches of mails, &c., and other useful information. 

The large map of the city and suburbs has been revised to date by J, Bartho- 
lomew, Esq., single copies of which, price Is., may be had from the letter-carriers; 
coloured maps, showing the municipal and parliamentary boundaries of the city, the 
burghs in the neighbourhood, registration districts, and parish boundaries, done up on 
cloth, in cases, and varnished on rollers, at various prices, may also be had from the 

The pu.blishers return thanks to the gentlemen connected with the various local 
institutions for their kindness in supplying much useful information. 

The printing has been done, as formerly, by Mr. Mackenzie, Howard Street, and 
the binding by Messrs. A. Gowan & Son, Ann Street, 

Post Office, Glasgow, May 28, 1877. 


Almanac and Tide Table, 24 to 29 
Back Holidays, &c., - - 17 
BishopbrigEfs Directory, - 863 
Calendar for 1874-75, - 17 

Cambuslang Directory, - 864 

Cathcart Directory, - - 805 
Crossbill Directory, - - 868 
Crossbill and Stratbbungo 

Street Directory, - - 933 
Crossmyloof Directory, - 874 

Dunoon Directory, - - 875 
Fast Days in the principal 

places in Scotland - 18 and 19 
General Alphabet Directory,- 73 
Glasgow Com. Directory, - 653 
Glasgow Conservative Assoc. 
— See beginning of Direc. 
Glasgow Street Directory, - 500 
Govan Directory, - - 876 
Government Annuities, - 20 
Hillhead Directory, - - 883 
Hillbead Street Directory, - 939 
Interest Table, - - - 18 
Kelvinside Directory, - - 892 
Kelvinside Street Directory,- 945 
Kinning Park Burgh, - - 895 
Langside Directory, - - 895 
Marybill Directory, - - 896 
Messengers at Arms, - - 47 
Millerston Directory, - - 899 
Military Engineer Volunteer 
Corps. — See begin, of Dir. 
Names too late for insertion 
in their proper places. — See 
beginning of Directory. 
Newton Directory, - - 899 
Parkhead Directory, - - 900 
Partick Directory, - - 902 
Partick Street Directory, - 947 
Pollokshaws Directory, - 908 
Pollokshields Directory, - 911 
Polmadie Directory, - - 915 
Population of Glasgow, - 52 
Possilpark Directory, - - 916 
Eegistration Districts, 48 to 51 
Eifle Volunteer Eegiments, - 13 
Eutherglen Directory, - 918 

Sbawlands Directory, - - 922 
Shettleston Directory, - - 923 
Springburn Directory, - 924 

Society of Sons of Ministers of 
the U.P. Church.~See be- 
ginning of Directory. 


Stamps & Legacy Duties, &c., 30 
Statistics of Glasgow,- - 52 
Stratbbungo Directory, - 927 
Streets, Squares, &c.. List of, 55, 72 
Table of Simple Interest, - 22 
Table of Foreign & Colonial 

Moneys and Exchanges, - 21 
Table showing the number of 
Days in one Month to the 
same Day in any other 
Month, - - - 23 

Tollcross Directory, - - 929 
Uddingston Directory, - 930 

Volunteer Eegiments, - - 13 
Wards of the City, - 48 to 51 
Whiteinch, - - - 931 

Young Men's Conservative 
Association, - - - 118 

Accountants and Actuaries, - 98 
Advertisements, - - - 146 
Aged Women's Society, - 109 
Alexander's Charity, - - 110 
Alexandra Athletic Club, - 130 
Anderson's University, - 122 
Asso. for Charitable Eelief, - 112 
Association of Deacons, - 112 
Asso. for Eelief of Incurables, 114 
Asso, for Trained Nurses, - 111 
Asylum for the Blind, - 107 

Banking Houses, - 61 to 70 

Baillie's Institution, - - 97 
Baptists, - - -. - 106 
Baptist Association, - - 103 
Baptist Home Mis. So., - 103 
Baptist Union of Scotland, - 103 
Barony of Gorbals B. Society, 111 
Boatman's Mission, - - 103 
Botanic In. of Glasgow, - 117 
Both well Asylum, - - 125 
Bridge Trustees, - - 86 

Bridget. Working Men's Club, 122 
Buchanan Institution, - 119 

Buchanan Society, - - 109 
Building Association, - - 119 
Burgh Courts, &c., - - 85 
Caledonia Cricket Club, - 129 
Caledonia Lacrosse Club, - 128 
Caled. Lodge of Oddfellows, 121 
Calton & Mile-end Mech. In., 121 
Carriers' Quarters, - 131 to 135 
Catholics, - -106 to 107 

Catholic Apostolic Church, -'107 
Chamber of Commerce, - 119 
Charitable and Friendly Ins., 107 
Charitable Relief Assoc, - 111 
Chimney Sweepers' Rates, - 139 
Christadelphian Church, - 107 
Christian Israelite Church, - 107 
Church of England Cong , - 106 
Churches and Religioiis De- 
nominations, - - - 103 
Church of Scotland, 103 to 104 
City Native Benevolent Ass , 116 
Civil Service Supply Assoc.,- 129 
Clyde Light Houses Trust, - 86 
Clyde Navigation, - - 85 
Clyde Cor. Sailing Club, - 130 
Clydesdale Cricket Club, - 130 
Clydesdale Gambling Club, - 129 
Clydesdale Upper Ward Soc, 115 
Coal Porters' Fares, - - 140 
Colonial and Foreign Post, 5 to 15 
Commercial Associations, - 118 
Commercial Travellers' Soc, 116 
Commissioners for Property 

and Income Tax for City, 88 
Congregationalists, - - 106 
Constables acting in Justice 

of Peace Courts, - - 94 
Councillors of Glasgow, - 82 
County Courts, Sheriff, - 87 
Departments of Government, 75 
Dispensary for Chest Diseases, 123 
Dispensary for Skin Diseases, 123 
Dundee Association, - - 118 
Eastern Botanical Societ}-, - 121 
Educational Institute,- - 121 
Educational Institutions, - 119 
Engineers' & Shipbuiklers' In., 117 
England and Wales, Post 

Towns, - - 49 to 59 

Episcopal Church in Scotland,106 
Evangelical Union, - - 106 
Ewing's Bequest, - - 113 
Faculty of Medicine, - - 123 
Faculty of Physicians, &c, 94, 96 
Faculty of Procurators, - 96 
Faculty of Procurators' Tables, 97 
Ferguson Scholarship, - 120 

Field Naturalists' Society, - 118 
Fife, Kinross, and Clackman- 
nan Charitable Society, - 109 
Foundry Boys Eeligious So., 100 
Friends' Meeting House, - 107 


Free Church of Scotland, - 104 

Free Gospel Church, - - 106 

Free Presbyterian Church, - 106 

Gardener's Free School, - 121 

Geological Society, - - 117 

Glasgow Abstainers' Union, - 99 

Do. Academy, - - 120 


Academy Club, 



Agricultural Soc, - 



Angus and Mearns 

Benevolent Soc, - 



Archaeological Soc, 



Art Club, - 



Athenaeum, - 



Auxiliary to the Lon- 

don Missionary 



Ayrshire Society, - 



Benevolent, - 



Brown's Society, 



Cabmen's Mission, - 



Caithness Benevo- 

lent Society, 



Celtic Society, 



C. Work. Men's Club, 128 


Choral Union, 



City Mission, 



Convalescent Home, 



Corn Trade Assoc, 



Corporation Water, 



Deaf and Dumb In., 



Dispensary for Dis- 

eases of the Ear, - 



Eaglesham F. & E. 

Association, - 



Emancipation Socy., 



Eye Infirmary, 



Female Ben. Socy., - 



Galloway Bro. So., - 



Gov. School of Art, 



Highland Associa., - 



Highland Society, - 



Humane Society, - 



Industrial Ass. Soc, 



Industrial School, - 



Ladies' Auxiliary to 

the Contin. Soc, - 



Landlords and House 

Factors' Assoc, 



Magdalen Institution 



Maternity Hospital, 



Mechanics' Institut., 



Medical Missionary 




Mission to Out-door 




Northern Highland 

Benevolent Socy., - 



N. Britons' Friendly, 



Ophthalmic Inslitu., 



Orkney & Zet. So. , - 



Prevention of Cruelty 

to Animals, - 



Pro. Institution for 
Orphan and Desti- 

tute Girls, - 



Eoyal Infirmary, 



Royal Infirmary Soc. 



St. Andrew's Socy., 



Glasgow Sab. School Union, 102 
Do. Shipowners' Associa., 118 
Do. Sutherland Asso., - 115 
Do. Tonic Sol-Fa Society, 125 
Do. Veterinary College, 125 
Do. West of Scotland 

Guardian Society,- 118 
Dc Wine, Spirit, & Beer, 119 
Do. Work. Men's Evan- 
gelistic Association, 100 
Do. Work. Men's Sab. P. 

Society, - - 103 
Do. Young Men's Chris- 
tian Association, - 102 
Do. Young Men's Society 

for Religious Im., 102 
Good Templars' Grand Lodge, 100 
Government and Peerage, 72 to 80 
Government Insurances and 

Annuities, - - - 30 
Graham's Charitable, - - 110 
Grocer Company of Glasgow, 110 
Hackney Crgs. Bye Laws, - 135 
Hamilton's Annuity Fund, - 110 
Her Majesty's Ministers, - 74 
Her Majesty's Privy Council, 74, 75 
Hibernian Funeral So., - 112 

High School, - - - 121 
High School Club, - - 122 
House of Shelter for Females, 114 
Household of the Queen, - 73 
Household of the Prince of 
Wales, Princess of Wales, 
Duke of Edinburgh, Duchess 
of Edinburgh, Princess 
Louise, Dnkeof Connaught, 
Prince Leopold, and Prince, 
and Princess Christian, 73, 74 
Hunterian Club, - - 117 

Hutcheson's Gardens, - - 128 
Hutcheson's Hospital, - - 112 
Identification of Israel, - 107 

Incorporation of Weavers, - 108 
Institute of Accountants, - 98 
Institute of Architects, - 99 
Inst, for Diseases of Women, 124 
Institution for the Education 

of the Deaf and Dumb, - 108 
John Knox Kirk of Scotland, 107 
Justice of Peace Court, - 87 
Do. Small Debt, 87 

Justices of Peace, - 91 to 94 
Kirkintilloch Police Com. , - 88 
Ladies' Auxiliary to the Glas- 
gow Mission for the Blind, 109 
Ladies' Auxiliary to the Glas- 
gow City Mission, - - 102 
Legal and Speculative Soc, - 116 
Lieutenancy of Lanarkshire, 97 
Literary and Scientific Insti. 116 
Local County Institutions, - 82 
Lock Hospital, 41 Rottenrow, 124 
Logan and Johnston School, 122 
M'Alpine's Mortification, - 112 
Magazines Pub. in Glasgow, 126 
Master Baker's Friendly 

Society, - - - 111 

Master Hosiers' Society, - 110 


Maxwell School, - - 121 
Medical and Scientific Instit., 123 
Members of Parliament for 

Scotland, - - 80 to 82 
Merchants' House, - - 87 
Middle District Sab.Sch.Un. 103 
Mission Coast Home, Sltcts., 113 
Musical Institutions, - - 135 
National Bible Society, - 101 
Natural History Society, - 116 
New Jerusalem Church, - 107 
Newspaper Offices, - 126, 128 
Night Asylum for Houseless, 113 
Normal Institution, Estab., - 122 
Normal Seminary, Free, - 121 
North-Eastern District Sab- 
bath School Union, - S9 
Old Scotch Independents, - 107 
Orphan and Dest. Chil. Hms., 112 
Parochial Board, City, - 89 
Do. Barony, - 89 
Do. Govan Com- 
bination, - SO 
Partick and Hillbead Sabbath 

School Union, - - 102 

Penny Savings Banks, 71, 72 
Perthshire Charitable, - 114 

Philosophical Society, - 116 

Police Establishment, - - 84 
Porters' Rates, - - - 139 
Postal Arrangements, - - 2 
Postal Union, - - - 16 
Post-Office, George Square, - 1 
Post-Office Savings Banks, - 30 
Post-Office Telegraphs, 30 to 32 
Post Tomis, - - 32 to 60 
Printers and Bookbinders, - 107 
Public Conveyances, 135 to 139 
Public Offices, - - 90, 91 
Rambles round Glasgow Club, 129 
Rates of Postage (special), - 25 
Reformed Presbyterian, - 107 
Religious & Moral lustitu., 99, 103 
Religious Denominations,103tol07 
River and Harbour Dues, - 145 
Royal Exchange News Room, 128 
Royal Family, - - 72 to 74 
Royal Lunatic Asylum, - 124 
Royal Northern Yacht Club, 129 
St. George's Choral Union, - 125 
St. Joseph's Home for Aged, 111 
St. Muugo Art Society, -130 
School Board of Glasgow, - 90 
Scottish Episcopal Ch. Soc, 108 
Scottish Peerage, - 77 to 80 
Scottish Permissive Bill and 

Temperance Association, - 100 
Scottish Representative Peers, 82 
Scottish Temperance League, 101 
Scottish Unitarian Christian 

Association, - - - 1 03 
Scottish Wine and Spirit In., 115 
Sherifi" Small Debt Court, - 87 
Southern District Sabbath 

School Union, - - 102 

Spinal Diseases and Deafness, 125 
Stirling's Public Library, - 128 
Technical College, - - 117 


Telegraph and Money Order 

OiBces in London, - 44 to 49 
Tennant's Mortification, - 115 
Thomson's Mortifications, - 116 
Trades House, - - - 118 
Tweedside Society, - - 111 
United Original Seceders, - 107 
United Pres. Ch. of Scot.,105, 106 


Unitarians, _ _ _ 107 
University of Glasgow, - 120 
Wardrop's Bequest, - - 113 
Wellcroft Rowing Club, - 130 
Wesley an Methodists, - 106 

West of Scotland Bible Soc, 98 
West of Scotland Convales- 
cent Sea Side Homes, - 107 

West of Scot. Protestant As,, 101 
West of Scot. Cricket Club, 130 
Western District Sabbath 

School Union, - - 101 

Western Friendly Society, - 110 
Western Infirmary, - - 123 
Young Women's Christian 

Association, - - - 103 


Air Burning Co., 14 Richmond street, - 
Aitken, J., Detective Agency, _ - _ 
Aitken's New Patent Gas Fires, _ - - 
Accident Insurance Association of Scotland, - 
Accidents occur daily, 175 W. George street (see 

end of Suburban, page 962). 
Accident (The) Insurance Co. (Limited), 
Aird, James, 46 S. Wellington street, 
Atlas Assurance, 213 Buchanan street, - 
Baird & Hamilton, Rutherglen Reformer, 
Ballantyne, Thomas, pawnbroker, 
Barlow, Thomas C, fire-works, - - - 
Barr, Matthew, 68 Glassford street, 
Barrow, F. A., Petrifj-ing Silicate Paints, 
Bash's Fire and Burglar Proof Safes, 
Bartholomew, John, 17 Brown sq., Edinburgh, 

(front of Directory on map). 
Begbie's Pure Fluid Magnesia, - _ - 
Belfast (The) Fire Insurance Co., Non-Tariff, - 
Bilsland, John, 37 Elliot street, - - - 
Binney & Son, 9 Of.wald street, - - _ 
Birch & Brown, 381 Argyle street, 
Blackwood, H., & Co., 210 Buchanan street, - 
Blair, Campbell, tea merchant, Jamaica street, 
Bogle, Gilbert, & Co. 47 Oswald street, - 
Bowser, W., & Son, engineers, &c., 
Boyd, Johnston, 80 Carrick street, 
Boyles' Patent Air Pump Ventilators (preceding- 
Braby, F., & Co. (Limited), Clyde Street, 251, 
British, Colonial, and Foreign Patents, - 
British & Foreign Mineral Water Company, - 
British and Foreign Patent OfSce, 134 St. Vin- 
cent street, _ _ _ _ _ 
British and Foreign Patents, J. H. Johnson, - 
British and Oriental Ship Coating Company, - 
Brown, James, House Factor, - _ _ 
Brown, James, Optician, General Directory, - 
Brown, James, & Son, 13 Drury street, - 
Buchanan & Sou, 108 Argyle street. 
Butters Brothers, contractors' engineers, Ren- 
field street (second last two pages). 
Caledonian Insurance Co., 64 St. Vincent st, - 
Caledonian Plate Glass Insurance Company, - 
Calton, James, 3 Cavendish place, 
Cameron, D., & Co., 80 and 88 M'Neil st., - 








Cameron, R. M., 205 Buchanan street (see end 

of Suburban, page 932). 

Cameron, Wm. W., 19 Carlton place, - - 229 

Campbell, James, & Co., marble cutters, - 240 

Campbell, John, 8 and 10 Queen street, - 244 

Cantrell & Cochrane, 147 Stockwell street, - 218 

Chalmers & Tosh, 197 Buchanan street, - 240 

Chalmers, Wm., & Co., 88 Bath street, - 244 

Chaplin's Patent Portable Steam Engines, - 198 

China Clay and China Stone, 41 Oswald st., - 210 

City of Glasgow Friendly Society (beginning of 


City of Glasgow Life Assurance Co., - - 149 

Clarke & Dunham, Mark Lane, London, - 246 

Coatbridge Tin Plate and Sheet Iron WVks, - 202 

Cochran's Celebrated Eye Ointment, - - 238 

Cochrane, .John, engineer, 80 Canning street, - 244 

Cockburn Hotel, Edinburgh, A. Philp, - - 139 

Collins' Series of Ready Reckoners, - - 180 

Commercial Union Assurance Co., - - 166 

Cook, W. & J., hothouse builders, &c., - --225 

Copeland, Thomas, 21 Bishop street, Anderston, 232 

County Fire Office, 217 W. George street, - 170 

Craig, William, 46 Main street, Bridgeton, - 245 

Gumming, James, surgeon dentist, 86 Bath st., 215 

Currie, John P., Portland Cement, - - 243 

Dade, Lowden, & Co., Herr F. Krupps, - - 204 

Dewar, R. T., 96 Buchanan street, - - 241 

Dick, James, Cutlery, 45 Renfield street, - 233 

Dickie, Dr. , Artificial Teeth, - - - 244 

Doig, David, boot and shoe maker, - - 238 
Donald, John, & Son, iron merchants, - 196,197 

Douglas, Hugh, sen., 34 Hutcheson street, - 237 

Douglas, H. D., & Son, 36, 38 Brunswick St., 243 

Dove, Donald, basket manufacturer, - - 229 

Dove, John, 42 St. Andrew's square, - - 236 

Drummond, Alex. , 89 Abercromby street, - 242 

Drummond, James, 46 Ropework Lane, - 139 

Drysdale & Pirie, London road, - - - 201 

Duncan & Balderston, kitchen ranges, - - 243 
Dynamite — Nobel's Patent Safety Blasting 

Powder, - - - - - - 247 

Economic (The) Life Assurance Society, - - 179 

Edinburgh (The) Life Assurance Co., - - 163 

Emperor Life and Fire Assurance, - - 173 

English and Scottish Law Life Assurance, - 152 


Enterprise (The) Watcli and Jewellery Co., - 247 
Equitable (The) Life Assurance Society, - - 146 
Equitable (The) Fire Insurance Company, Lim., 161 
Fairlie, chemist, 17 St. George's road, - - 231 
Findlay, E. W., 33 Bath street, - - - 241 
Finlay & Davidson, Victoria Street Foundry, - 241 
Finlay, John, & Co., ironmongers, Renfield 

street (back board of Directory.) 
Fire and Burglar Proof Safes, Jas. Bruce, agt-, 238 
Fleming's Non-conducting Composition, - - 206 
Fleming's Patent Indiarubber Stamps, - - 246 
Foreign and Money Exchange, - _ - 246 
Gardner & Co., opticians - - - - 248 

Gemmell, Robert T., Muirhouses, - - - 239 
General (The) Assurance Company, - - 150 
.Gibson & Napier, Percy Engine Works, - - 204 
Gillespie & Chalmers, 47 Smith street, - - 226 
Gilmour & Dean, Engravers (See end of Directory.) 
Glacialine, Preservative for Milk, - - - 231 
Glasgovr Heritable Securities Co. (Limited), - 1^7 
GJlasgow, (The), Plate-glass Insurance Co., - 176 
Glasgow and West of Scotland Savings, - - 177 
Glass, P., 17 Armour street, . _ - 245 

Glenmill Washing and Dressing Establishment, 239 
Glenpark Horse Slaughtering Co., - - 244 

Globe Parcel Express, J. Hinshelwood & Co., - 234 
Gray, James, 268 Parliamentary road, - - 247 
Gray, J. & Co., iron works, Uddingston, - 250 

(and end of Suburban, page 832). 
Great Britain Mutual Life Assurance Society, 170 
Green, Cadbury, & Richards, Button Works, - 185 
Gresham (The) Life Assurance Society, - - 154 
Guarantee Association of Scotland (Limited), - 171 
Guardian Fire and Life Assurance Co., - - 172 
Halbert, William I., Commercial road, - - 186 
Hamilton, Archd., 34 Ann street, - - - 280 
Hamilton, R., New Sedgwick Gunpowder Co., 245 
Harvie's Patent Ship Signal Lamps, - - 230 
Hawks, Thomas, & Son, 34 Brunswick street, - 238 
Hendry, Jas., saddler, &c., 98 Canning street, 210 
Henrj', Mr. and Mrs., 223 New City road - 246 
Heriot, James, - - - - - -206 

Heritable (The) Investment Bank (Limited), - 176 
Hide, Skin, and Tallow Market, Greendyke st. 220 
Hcdgkinson, William C, 323 Kennedy street, 238 
Homceopathy, 122 Buchanan street, - - 222 
Hood, James, & Co., 58 Buchanan street - 249 
Hume, William, 97 King street (City), - - 246 
Hume, Wm., 195 Buchanan street, - - 205 
Hunt, Edmund, British & Foreign Patents, &c., 213 
Hutcheson, Walter, 18 Ropework lane, - - 208 
Imperial Fire Office, 175 West George street 

(see end of Suburban, page 952). 
Italian and Spanish, Signor Minola, A.C., - 247 
Jamieson & Watson, shirtmakers, - - 240 

Kirkintilloch Foundry Co., - - - - 241 

Kirkpatrick, Adam, & Co., 24 Buchanan st. - 229 
Knox, John, & Co. Newcastle Coal Co., - 243 

Laird's Auction Rooms, 46 and 43 Bath street, 216 
Ladies' Underclothing, 37 Argyle arcade, - 243 

Lancashire In&urance Co., 4 S. Hanover st., - 148 
Lancashire Flour and Starch Mills, - - 220 

Lang, W. Jun., & Co., Clyde Lead Works, - 226 
L^uchlan, Jas., wood merchant, 200 Hunter st. 239 
Lennox, Peter, 72 M'Alpine street, - - 246 
Lennox, Peter, Son, & Co., 70 M'Alpine street, 246 
Lister, Wm. engineering agent, 25 Bath street, 203 
Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance, - 157 


- 217 

- 164 

- 158 

- 228 

- 203 

- 183 

Logan's Mercantile Dining Rooms, 
London and Lancashire Insurance, 
London and Southwark Fire and Life, 
M'Ara, Alexander, 83 Jamaica street, 
M'Connel's Patent Iron Girder, 
M'Diarmid, Finlay, Bottling Stores, 
Macdonald, J., & Son, bill posters, 65 Jamaica st. 242 
Maceachran, Fulton, & Kerr, 2 Oswald street, 242 
M'Farlane, Wm., mangle and washing machine, 194 
M'Kenzie & Moncur, hot-house builders, - 237 
JIackie, W. Cross, 52 Glassford street, - - 245 
MacLeod, Wra., & Co., 23 and 25 Oswald st., - 224 
Macnab Brothers, 48 Dundas street, 
Macniven & Cameron (End of Directory). 
M'Pherson's, Captain, boat lowering apparatus 
(Scott & Montgomerie), - - _ - 
Manchester (The) Fire Assurance Co., - 
Martin, Joseph, general dealer, _ _ - 
Martin's Patent Self-canting Anchors, - 
Menzies, A., funeral undertaker, - - - 
Miller, John, & Co., 153 Greendyke street, 
Mih-oy, James, Household Coal, - 
Minto, D., Coffee roasting Works, - 
Morrison, Dick, & M'Culloch, 
Morrison, George, 1 6 Hope street, - 
Muir, A. Craig, insurance agent, - .- - 
Muir, Andrew, & Co., Manchester, 
Naismith's Wholesale China Mart, 
National Guarantee and Suretyship Ass., 
Nelnaes, H., & Co., billiard table makers. 
Nelson, D. M., engineer. 48 Gordon street, 
Nisbet, A. & J. (Front pasted on cover inside.) 
North British and Mercantile Insurance Co. 

(2nd page in front.) 
North (The) British Rubber Co. (Limited), - 
Northern (The) Assurance Company, 
Norwich Equitable Fire Assurance Society, 
Orr, Peter, & Son, 21 Holmhead street, - 
Patent Office and Designs Registry, 
Paterson, A. & W., boot and shoe manufacturs., 
Peaton & Letter Estate, near Roseneath, 
Porter, Robert, watchmaker, 162 Argyle street, 239 
Portland and Roman Cements, 41 Oswald St., - 210 
Prudential Assurance Co., 60 Montrose St., - 174 
Purnell, H. A., 305 Parliamentary road, - 225 

Queen, The, Insur. Company (1st page in front). 
Ralston, Wm., & Son, Commercial road, - 200 
Ramsay, Robert, hide and wool broker, - - 222 
Raid, John, importer andmanufr. of millstones, 207 
Reid, Peter, millstone manufacturer, - - 207 
Reliance Mutual Life Assurance Society (see end 

of Suburban, page 952). 
Revolving Shutters, Bunnett & Co. (Limited), 
Robertson, A. P., artificial teeth, - 
Robertson, John, coachbuilder, 
Rowan & Co., engineers, 33 Bath street, 
Rowat, Alexander, & Co., wire cloth manufacts. 182 
Royal Exchange Assurance Corporation, - 173 

Russ, F. H., 68 Buchanan street, - - - 212 
Sayers' Brandies, John Baird & Co., - - 217 
Salt & Co.; .agent, W. Kennedy, 65 Bath 
street, ------- 245 

Scottish Accident Insurance Co. (Lim.) (At end.) 
Scottish (The) Amicable Life Assur 

(see end of Suburban, page 950). 
Scottish Commercial Insurance Co., 
Scottish Fire (The) Insurance Co., 
Scottish Heritable Security Co., - 



- 172 

- 236 

- 187 

- 235 

- 235 

- 243 

- 248 

- 243 

- 227 

- 162 

- 202 

- 232 

- 175 

- 211 

- 224 









Scottish Imperial Insurance Co. (see end of 

Suburban, page 951). 
Scottish National Insurance Co., - - - 
Scottish (The) Plate Glass Insurance Co., 
Scottish Provident Institution, - - _ 
Scottish Union Fire and Life Assurance Co. 
Scottish (The) Widows' Fund Assurance Society. 

Shorthand, W. Silver, 60 Elmbank street, 



Silver's MarineEngine Govs., W. Murdoch &Co. 201 
Simpson, John M., 60 Great Clyde street, , - 220 
Slater, Isaac, List of Directories, - - - 2SG 
Smith, A., pawnbroking offices, _ - - 237 
Smith, Hugh, & Co,, Possil Engine AVorks, - 200 
Smith, Peter, furniture polish, - - - 240 
Smith, Thomas, & Son, 25 and 31 Queen st.,- 219 
Smith & Well-^tood's Celebrated Stoves, - - 205 

Staffordshire Fire Office (Limited), - - 159 

Stamp and Stencil Plate, J. Thomson, - - 240 
Standard (The) Fire Office (Limited), - - 147 
Standard (The) Life Assurance Co. (See end of Dir.) 
Stevens & Sons, signal vforks, Nevsr City road, 192 
Still well, E., & Son. G. W. Wheeler, agent, - 239 
Taylor & Welsh, house coal, 38 Bath street, - 228 
Templeton, E. 0., glass cases, &c., 92 Pitt st.,- 223 
The Mutual Fire Insurance Corporation, - 155 

Thomson, William, & Co., Kinning Park, - 242 


Trinity College, Glenalmond, Perthshire,- - 181 

Tweed, John, History of Glasgow, - - 216 

Union Assurance Society, Fire & Life, - - 169 

United Kingdom Temperance Institution, - 178 

Walker, John, Royal Biscuit Factory, - - 241 

Wallace's Artificial Teeth, 22 Dundas street, - 215 

Watson, David, 47 New Markjt street, Ayr, - 246 
Webster, James, & Co., 66 Argyle street (See 

end of Directory). 

West of England Fire & Life Insurance Co., - 168 

Western (The) Book Club, J. IMaclehose, - 227 

Western Infirmary of Glasgow, - - _ 191 

Westminster Fire Office, 119 St. Vincent st., - 165 

Westminster and General Life Assurance, - 165 

Whyte, Robt., & Sons, cabinetmakers, - - 230 

Whyte, Thomas, improved cookery, - - 231 

White, William, & Son, tobacco pipes, - - 23"4 

Wilson, Daniel, slate and cement merchant, - 228 

Wilson, David, 136 Gsorge street, - - . 227 

Wotherspoon, Robert, & Co., Kinning Park, - 221 

Wright, A., Aerated Water, 44 Trongate, - 235 

Wyatt's City Temperance Hotel, - - - 219 
Wyatt's Commercial and Good Templars' Hotel, 219 

Young, Alexander C, 51 West Regent street, - 240 

Young, John, & Sons, fire clay manufacturers, - 208 

Young, Peter, house factor, 11 Miller street, - 237 

Yuill, John C, & Co. 45 Bridge street, - - 234- 



rpHIS SOCIETY will occupy their own premises, 6 EICHMOND STREET, off Montrose 
-*- Street, about the month of August, 1877. 

Persons in good health, and under 80 years of age, may become members. A person under 20 
years of age, by paying Id. per week, will insure £8; 6d., £48; and Is. ^d.. £100 at death. 
Males under 30 years of age, by paying 4d. per week, will insure 10s. per week in sickness. 

The Society has paid 11,653 claims, amounting to £38,632 16s. Id., besides £2601 15. 4d. of 
sick aliment. 



President — Lieut.-Colonel Campbell of Blythswood; 
vice-presidents — J. A. Campbell, LL.D., Charles C. 
Mackirdy, Wm. Kidston, W. J. Davidson, Thomas D. 
Findlay, Alex. Wliitelaw, M.P., George Lowe, Donald 
Matheson, John M. Martin, yr., Cuningham Smith, 
Alex. B. Stewart, Colin D. Donald, Jas. King, Peter 
White, Francis R. Raid, William Hinshaw, jun.; hon. 
trcasiu'er, D. S. Cargill, 191 West George st.; secre- 
tary, Peter W. Dixon, 70 George square. 

The objects of the association are to maintain those 
fundamental principles of the constitution, which 
secure the prerogatives of the crown, the Protestant 
succession, the privileges of Parliament, and the equal 
civil rights of all classes ; to resist all attempts to 
subvert our Protestant faith ; and, while opposing 
rash innovations, to support every well-considered 
measure tending to promote the well-being of the 

people, and to improve the financial administration 
and judicial systems of the country. 

President, John Frew, j'ara merchant, Glasgow ; 
vice-president, Jas. Bryce, M.A., LL.D., Edinburgh ; 
general secretary, J. B. Kidston, 50 West Regent 
Street, Glasgiw ; local secretary, John Smart, S.S.C.. 
19 York Place, Edinburgh ; local treasurer, John 
Knox Crawford, S.S.C., 10 George St., Edinburgh ; 
eastern board of directors, E. E. Harper, A. C, 
Brown, M.D., John Burn, Alex. Peden, D. S. Peddie, 
James Pringle, James Lauder, .John Black, John 
Cowan ; western board of directors, James Young, 
Richard G. Ro5s, Andrew Muter, John Gourlay, A. 
C. Scott, Andrew Mitchell, A. Crum Ewing, George 
Robson, Thomas Hannay. 




^S° Consult this list when tlie Name sought for in the General Directory is not found. 

Anderson & Henderson, timber merchants, &c., 75 
Waterloo street and 77 W. Scotland street. 

Anderson, William T. printer, 44 S. Portland street. 

Auld, Ben-ie, & Deas, muslin manufacturers, 12 
Prince's square, 48 Buchanan street. 

Barlow, Thomas, fancy box and pattern card book 
manufacturer, 205 Buchanan street; house, 98 N. 
Frederick street. 

Boag, Ai-chibald, commission agent, 117 W. Regent 
street ; residence, Cowglen House, by Pollokshaws. 

Brash, Robert, jun. (of Clyde Chemical Co., Govau), 
residence, Gladstone Cottage. 

Brown, Andrew (of Wm. Simons & Co., Renfrew), 
residence, Castlehill House, Renfrew. 

Brown, D. & J. accountants and insurance brokers, 22 
Dundas street. 

Brownlie, WUliam, confectioner and restaurant, 19 
Renfield street; house, G7 do. 

Buchanan, John, 499 Sauchiehall street 

Caldwell, Alexander, butcher, 346 N. Woodside road, 
Lansdowne terrace ; house, 4 Sydney street. 

Cameron, Charles, valuator, pi'operty and land agent, 
137 W. Regent street ; house, Maryfield Cottage, 
E. Kilbride. 

Cameron, R. M., School Board stationery; office, 
205 Buchanan street. — See Advt. page 932. 

Campbell, George, & Co., tobacco merchants, 40 St. 
Enoch square, S. John street, Livei-pool, and 95 
Leadcuhall street, London. 

City of Glasgow Friendly Society, 6 Richmond 
street, John Stevrart, manager. — See Advt. p. 932. 

Clyde Chemical Co., manufacturing chemists, Ham- 
ilton street, Govan. 

Craig, Thomas, writer, 12 St. Vincent place ; house, 
9 Willowbank street. 

Davidson, Alex, commission agent,, 363 Paisley road 

Develin, Alex, boot manufacturer, 4 Antigua place ; 
house, 407 St. Vincent street. 

Dixon, Peter W., agent for Atldn Brothers, electro- 
platers, and Richard EUiot, cutler, Sheffield, 75 
Buchanan street; secretary to the Glasgow Con- 
servative Association, 70 George squai'e; ho. 19 
Ehnbank crescent, and Tuphall, Hamilton. 

Drammond, Andrew (of BaUamill, Abernethy), 15 
Lansdowne crescent. 

Galloway & Co., manufacturing chemists and oil 
merchants, Victoria Chemical Works, Pollokshaws. 

Gray, John, & Co., agricultural implement manu- 
facturers, engineers, and ironfounders, Uddingston 
Iron Works, Uddingston. — See Advt. in Appen. 

Hislop, Rev. Robert (of E.U. Independent church, 
Waterloo street), house, 37 Derby street. 

-lamieson, John, commission merchant and advertising 
agent, 108 W. Regent strcrt ; ho. 10 W. Garden st. 

Jamieson, Mrs. lodgings, 10 W. Garden street. 
Kedslie, Frank, wright, Athole place, Maryhill ; 

house, 30 Campbell street, Gilshocliill. 
Laurie, John, measurer, 65 West Regent street. 
Leslie, Reid, & Co. Portland cement and oil merchts., 

paint, colour, and varnish makers, Howard square, 

Howard street. 
Logan, James, draper, 23a Westmuir st. Parkhead. 
London & County Providt. Institution, 22 Dundas st. 
Lyon, Wm.. ironmonger, tinsmith, and gasStter, 158 

Buchanan st. ; house, 97 Thistle st. Garnethill. 
M'Alister, George, baker and confectioner, 148 Duke 

street ; house, 152 do. 
M'Clelland, Thomas, officer Blackfriars Parish Church, 

40 East Ingram street. 
M'Donald, Nicol. house and ship painter, 214 Elliot st. 
M'Dougall, ,L W. T. publisher of The School, IG 

Catherine sti-eet. North. 
Macdowall, Capt. J. S. (Duke of Edinbm-gh's Own) 

Ediubm-gh Artillery Militia, Cumberland, Burnside, 

Macfarlane, Robert, messenger-at-arms, 2 Stevenson 

teiTace, Oban. 
M'Nair, Alex, hardware and fancy goods, 510 New 

City road ; house, 15 Scotia street. 
M'Naught, Rev. James, Abbotsford parish ; house, 31 

Moray place, Strathbungo. 
Marshall, Thomas B. gas coal and mineral merchant, 

82 West Nile street 
Miller, John, builder, 12 Garden terrace, Cathcart rd. 
Munro, Donald, collector, 199 St. Vincent street ; 

house, 105 Raeberry street. 
Murray, Mrs., ladies' nurse, 40 Carnarvon street. 
Murdoch, Robert, & Co. merchants and commission 

merchants, 49 Virginia st.; ho. 10 Hamilton drive. 
Niven, Hugh, Dalnottar, Old Kilpatrick. 
Paton, Robert, steampower cabinet factory, 95 St. 

James' road. 
Pettigrew, Robert, factor and property agent, 468 

Crown street. 
Reed, Thomas Arnott, 2 Berkeley terrace. 
Richmond, David, manufacturer of iron tubes and 

fittings for gas, water, and steam. City Tube Works, 

35 Rose street ; house. Broom park, Albert road. 
Scott & Carruthers, house factors and insurance 

agents, 144 West Regent street. 
Scott, Matthew (of Scott & Carruthers), house, 

Dorecothal, Barrhead. 
Scottish Reformer cj- Weelcly Review, 166 Buchanan st. 
Stevenson & Co., wholesale w'housemen, 22 Ingi'.am st. 
Stewart, John, manager, City of Glasgow Friendly 

Society ; house, 8 Richmond street. 
Watson, John, engine and machinery valuator, 12 

Struan teirace. Crossbill. 










Hon. Colonel, 

W. S. Stirling Crawford, 


91 Eaton Square, London, W.C. 

Lieut.-Colonel commandt. 

James Reid Stewart, p.. 


19 Park terrace 


John Kidston, p., 


50 West Regent street 


William West Watson, p., 


33 Renfield street 


John Matheson, p.. 


42 Glassford street 

Captain and Adjutant, 

William Taylor, 


260 St. Vincent street 


Thomas Davey, Lieut., R.A., 




James C. Woodburn, M.D., p.. 


257 Sauchiehall street 


George R. Mather, M.D., p.. 


11 Annfield place, Dennistoun 

Assistant Surgeon, 

Robert Watson, M.D., p.. 


272 Bath street 


James Provan, M.D., p., 


445 Greenlaw place. Paisley road 


James S. Cammhig, M D., p.. 


310 St. Vincent street 


D. J. Cunuingham, M.D., p.. 


4 Hillsborough terrace, Hillhcal 

Acting Chaplain, 

(Rev. D. Macleod, D.D.,|^ 
( Chaplain to H. Majesty, j 


1 Woodlands terrace 


Henry Wallach, p., 


Virginia buildings 


Andrew Reid Brand, p., 


72 Great Clyde street 


James G. Reid, p.. 


2 Sandyford place 


Robert J. Bennett, p., 


50 Gordon street 


William M. Cunningham, p.. 


93 West Regent street 


William M'G. Mason, p., 



Alexander B. Grant, p.. 


13 St. Vincent place 


Andrew M. Bayne, p., 


28 Miller street 


John Clachan, p.. 


69 Ingram street 


William Hamilton, p., 


2 West Regent street 


George Bell, p., 


37 West Nile street 


Jasper Howat, p., 


2 Springfield court 


William Muir, p., 


160 St. Vincent street 


John J. Anderson, p.. 


2 Hampden ter.. Mount Florida 


James Stuart, p.. 


74 Buchanan street 


John Coubrough, p., 


69 George street 


Robert M. Jeffrey, p.. 


110 Brunswick street 


Hugh J. Thomson, p., 


149 Hope street 


Andrew Henderson, p.. 


26a Renfield street 


Charles Lament, p.. 


59 St. Vincent street 


Henry Feldtmann, p., 


116 St. Vincent street 


William Jarvie, p., 



Robert Shaw, p.. 


Shawfield, Kelvinside 


James A. Birrell, p., 


11 Royal Exchange Buildings 


Archibald M'L. Lindsay, p., 


87 West Regent street 


Frederick TurnbuU, p., 


181 Buchanan street 


R. A. Bryden, P., 


37 West Nile street 


William Kidston, p.. 


176 St. Vincent street 


David H. Barclay, p.. 



Peter Beattie, Jun., p., 


47 Union street; 


Alexander J. Williamson 


4 Woodlands terrace 


W. H. Connell, p., 


17 Royal crescent, Crossbill 


James Bajme, p., 


28 Miller street 


.J. D. Johnstone, 


14 Granby terrace, Hillhead 


D. H. Anderson, p.. 


Atlantic Mills, Bridgeton 


William M'Cunn. p.. 


1 Garthland place, Paisley 


C. F. Findlay. 



A. D. Hunter. 


66 Wilson street 


G. Mackie. 


141 Buchanan street 


C. G. Brown. 


22 St. Enoch square 


W. Niven. 


22 St. Enoch square 


R. Yorston. 


157 West George street 



Head Quaktees, 115 West Campbell Street. Drill Hall, North Woodside. 


Hon. Q. Master. 




Hon. Chaplain, 

Ronald Johnstone, 
Donald Matheson, p. , 
James Coates, p., 
John A. Black, p., 
John Turner, p., 
Herbert D. Robinson, p., 
Robert G. Paterson, p., 

Charles Esson, p., 
Wm. G. Henderson, 
John E. Junor, p., 
James Broadfoot, p., 
Thomas G. F. Palmer, p., 
William Broadfoot P., 
James Girvan, p., 
John Kay, 
John Lang, 

Edward J. Briscoe, Bt. 
Major 20th Regiment, 
James Stark, 
Rev. Robt. T. Jeffrey, M.D 




Date oy Cojhiission. 

243 West George street, 
6 Park terrace, 

6 Park terrace, 

7 Newton place 

2 Victoria terrace, Dowanhill, 
Clyde View, Partick, 

4 St. John's terrace, Hillhead, 

14 Ashton terrace, Dowanhill, 
11 Prince's terrace, Hillhead, 

8 South park terrace, 
55 Finnieston street, 

Clutha Iron Works, 
55 Finnieston street, 

3 Holland place, (Super) 
Chapelfield, Helensburgh, (Super) 

9 Crown gar.,Dowanhill,(Super) 

1 Ashton terrace, 
121 Sauchiehall street, 

Adelphi house, Westercraigs, 

25th Nov., 


25th Nov., 


12th Jan., 


19 th June, 


25th Nov., 


28th Aug., 


28th May, 


12th May, 1875. 
12th May, 1875. 
18th Sept., 1875. 
18th Nov. 1875. 
29th March, 1876. 
29th March, 1876. 
29th March, 1876. 
14th March, 1877. 
5th April, 1877. 


Orderly Room, 202 Hope street, Glasgow. 


Ruthven C. Todd, 51 St. Vincent street 


James C. Alston, 27 James Watt street 
Joseph N. Smith, 143 West George street 


Robert E. Aitken, 66 St. Vincent street 
Peter M'K. Sinclair, 65 St. Vincent street 
Thomas A. Paul, 101 West Nile street 
William A. Campbell, 29 Ingram street 
William Archibald, Union Bank, Ingram street 
Marcus Robinson, 4 Maule terrace, Partick 
William Harvey, 33 Virginia street 
James A. Reid, 172 St. Vincent street 
F. W. Allan, 120 Buchanan street 
David Gray, 22 West Nile street 
F. W. Allan, 120 Buchanan street 
John Dalglish, 29 St. Vincent place 
Henry A. Ker, 173 Trongate 


William W. Ross, 3 AUanton terrace 

William G. Lindsay, 89 West Regent street 

James J. Robertson, 80 Eenfield street 

John M'Farlane, 116 North street 

Richard Neilson, 110 John street 

Wm. Duncan, British Linen Bank, Queen street 

Charles S. Moir, 22 West Nile street 

George F. Coulson, jnn., 19 Belhaven ter. Hillhead 

Colin D. Donald, 172 St. Vincent street 

David Cowan, 41 St. Vincent place 

William Morrison, Clydesdale Bank, Miller street 

John E. Barker, 21 Derby street, Sandyford 

James Brand, 156 St. Vincent street 

Walter Gardner, 44 Frederick lane 

Charles C. Coulson, 11 West Nile street 


John A. Roxburgh, 7 Exchange square 
William Colquhoun, 17 Exchange square 
James Watson, Balahagry cottage, Partick 
John Harvie, Clydesdale Bank, St. Vincent place 
William Murgatroyd, 212 West George street 
James M. Lawrie, 2 Westbourne terrace 
Alexander Neilson, 8 Prince's square 
A. M. Dunlop, 92 Union st. (J. H. Young & Co.) 
William A. Smith, 16 Prince's square 


Captain B. H. Burge, 47th regiment, 11 Glen ton 
terrace, Hillhead. 


Patrick Condra, 202 Hope street 


Archibald K. Irvine, M.D., 3 Newton terrace 


James W. Anderson, M.D., 4 Burnbank terrace 
James Whitson, M.B., 14 Somerset place 


Rev. J. Marshall Lang, D.D., 5 Woodlands terrace 


John Carruthers, 6 Willowbank Crescent 
Uniform, Grey ; Facings Blue. 




Orderly Room, 109 Bothwell street. 

Drill Ground, Victoria Road. 

Rifle Range (up to 600 yards), at Nitsliill Station. 


H. E. Crum E\ving, jun , 68 George square 

James Merry, Middleton House, Paisley road 
James S. M'Caul, Hayfield, Helensburgh 

William M'Tear, 67 Buchanan street 
Thomas Kennedy, 16 North Frederick street 
William Smyth, 4 Cadogan street 
David R. Clark, 29 Waterloo street 
Alexander R. Farm, 37 Garnethill street 
James Struthers, 52 West Nile street 
R. F. M. Wilson, West Lodge, Pollokshields 
Donald Hamilton, 395 Crown street 
James Keir, 175 West George street 
Andrew Hillcoat, Hazelbank, Crossbill 


Andrew Masson, 16 South Frederick street 
James Ferrier, 2 Avondale place. Paisley Road 
James Bruce, -12 Cadogan street 
John H. M'Cloy, 61 RenfielJ street 
John Scott, 40 St. Vincent place 
Andrew Struthers, 141 Buchanan street 


John Brown, 8 Stonefield terrace 

David Murray, 74 Ingram street 

Joseph Banks, 30 Hope street 

Archd. Watson, Ardven, Maxwell rd., Pollokshields 

G. M. Wilson, West Lodge, Pollokshields 

Hugh Mortoa, 5 St. Vincent place 

George Welsby, 52 West Howard street 

Andrew W. Scott, 80 Buchanan street 

Ales. Drenuan, 124 St. Vincent street 

John Brock, 74 West Howard street 


James Dunlop, M.D., 17 Carlton place 


JohnDunlop, M.D. CM., 23 Sandyford place, Sau- 
chiehall street 


James Logan, 38 Bellgrove street 


Rev. Da\ad Brown, 197 Renfrew street 


William Strathern, 66 Caledonia road 

Uniform, Scarlet ; Facings, Royal Blue. 



Head Quarters, 138 Stirling road. 

Rifle range, 800 yard-, Millerston. 


John Tennant, St. Rollox 


Henry M. Haunan, 2 Huntly gardens 


Alexander Mein, jun., 12 Buckingham terrace 
Alexander Sloan, 25 Ashton terrace, Dowanhill 


John W. Arthur, 7 Alfred ter.. Great Weste-n road 
Bernard Porter, 27 West George street 
James Ritchie, 3 Westbonrne Gardens, south 
Andrew Paterson, jun., 4 St. John's ter., Hillhead 
William Ferguson, 34 Windsor ter., St. George's rd 
AVarden R. Maxwell, 8 St. James' terrace, Hillhead, 
Henry J. S. Dubs, 22 Royal crescent 
George R. Fleming, Newlandsfield. 
Charles R. Dubs, 4 Park quadrant 


Richard Niven, 7 Sandyford place 
James Balmain, 3 Park quadrant 


John G. Harvey, 3 Hillsborough terrace, Hillhead. 

Alfred H. Coulson, 19 Belhaven terrace 

WilHam R. M. Church, 2 Soutbpark ter. Hillhead. 

Alexander D. Macindoe, 18 Belhaven terrace 

John R. Wingate, Nethercroy, Dumbartonshire 

George Sloan, 7 Park street, east 

William Service, 5 Westbourne gardens 

Robert A. Boyd, Shettleston 

Francis J. Ferguson, 34 Windsor terrace 

Frank B. Reid, 12 Blythswood square 

Henry H. Birrell, 8 Wilton terrace 

Edwin Wingate, Nethercroy, Dumbartonshire 


Captain J. Granger, 7 Queen square, Strathbungo 


Robert Smart, M.D., 22 St. George's rd. 


Johnston Macfie, 23 Ashton terrace, Hillhead. 


Rev. G. S. Burns, D.D., 3 Westbourne terrace 


Orderly Room, 13 Renfrew street. 

Head Quarters, West Nile Corner 

Rifle Range, 800 yards, Possil. 




Jo hn Middleton, Kinfauns Castle, Perthshire 


James M, Forrester, 135 Buchanan street. 

A. S. D. Colquhoun, 1 3 Cochran street 
W. R. Stirhng, Viewfield, Rutherglen 

John Cannan, 243 Buchanan street 

Joseph Findlay, 26 Ingram street 

Alexander Brown, 10 Bothwell street 

William A. Bryden, 176^ Hope street. 

Robert Jack, 6 Stockwell place, off Stockwell street 

Wm. Paterson, 69 Bath street 

G. W. Melville, 129 Trongate 

James Hamilton, 15 Royal Crescent 

H. P. Hallows, 133 West George street 

F. R. Moir, 22 West Nile street 

James E. Watson, 83 West Regent street 

T. L. Selkirk, 107 St. Vincent street 


R. A. Lowndes, Cros^lie House, Thornliebank 
John A. Siliars, Benvue, Bruce road, Pollokshields 
James Outram, 16 Grosvenor ter., or 65 St. Vincent 

James John Frame, 40 Royal Exchange square 
John G. Mowat, 22 West Nile street 
Robert D. Findlay, 10 Belmont crescent 
Robert Reid, 87 St. Vincent street 
John M'Intyre, 33 Oswald street 


Captain E. H. B. Lysons, 13 Renfrew street, or 
Hope Villa, Lenzie. 




Thomas Johnston, 233 West Regent street 


Samuel Johnston Moore, 15 Blythswood square 




Head Quarters, Orderlj^ Room, and Armoury, 

Kelviuhaugh rond, Overnewton. 

Rifle range to 750 yards, at Fulwood, Houston. 


Walter M. Neilson, Queenshill, Kircudbrightshire 


Adam Morrison, Gartloch House, near Glasgow 


James F. Bennett, 52 Buccleuch street 


Iver Myhlenphort, 73 Gordon street 
Thomas W. Chalmers, 131 Great Western road 
Peter W. Hall, 10 Walworth terrace 
William Boyd Anderson, 137 St. Vincent street 
William Pearce, Elmpark House, Govan. 
John Adam, 9 Gilmour street. Paisley 
Mat. Douglas Anderson, 12 Montrose street 
James E. Mack, 12 Wellmeadow, Paisley 


J. S. Morton, 1 Walworth terrace 
James C. Arnot, 162 St. Vincent street 
Robert L. Brown, 24 West Cumberland street 
Samuel Easton, 81 Buchanan street 
John D. Young, 2 Grafton place 
Fred. John Easton, 81 Buchanan street 
Andrew G. Paterson, 16 India street 
George C. Paterson, 16 India street 


John Paterson, 58 Rosebank terrace 
Robert Mel drum, 55 Bath street 
David D. Napier, 11 Parkgrove ter. 


A. E. A. Boyd, Capt. (late Captain 92nd High- 
landers), Head Quarters 


D. M'Lean, M.D., 121 Douglas street 


W. L. Reid, M.D.C.M., 258 Dumbarton road 


Rev. John M'Leod, Manse, Govan 


Head Quarters, 77 North Frederick street. 


William Stirling, Tarduf House, Linlithgow 
Alex. C. Ewing, 68 George square 


Archibald C. Campbell, 77 North Frederick street 


William Clark, 16 George St., Mile-end 
T. Glen, 41 George street, Manchester 

George Purdie, Bellevue House, Ibrox 
William M'Culloch, 147 Argyle street 
William Hunter Scott, 73 Robertson street 
Alexander B. Dick, 76 West Milton street 
Alexander M. Finlay, 42 Queen street 
George Gilmour, 34 Cliremont street 
Sigismund Schuman, 7 Roj'al Bank place 
R. Leatham, Springtield road, Dalmarnock 
E. Whj'te, 45 Candleriggs 
A. R. Goldie, 81 Buchanan street 




Peter Morrison, 51 Argvle arcade 

James Gibb Birrell, 17 & 19 Candleriggs 

James Buchanan, 487 Saucliiehall street 

J. P. Taylor, 7 Ettrick rnad, ]Merchiston, Edinburgh 

D. K. M'Lachlan, 2 Ardine terrace 

R. S. Murraj', City of Glasgow Bank, Eutherglen 

C. J. Kerr, 75 West George street 

R. B. Shaw, Val'evfield, PoUokshaws. 

J. Dale, 191 West George street 


A. Baird, 64 Eopework Lane 

Thomas Ferguson, 157 West George street 

Peter Wilson, 57 West Cumberland street 

J. C. Smith, 173 St. Vincent street 

R. Black, Ul Pollock street 

H. Edwards, 131 Great ^yeste^n road 

J. Gardiner, Ashfield terrace, Billhead. 

W. Bannatyne, 


North Frederick street 


W. C. Thomson, 65 Qneen street 


Alexander Fergus, M.D., 47 Elmbank street 


John C. Brodie, M.D., CM., 423 Argyle street 
A. Wallace, 4 Newton place 


Rev. J. Taylor, D.D., 7 Ettrick road, Merchiston, 


J. Eobinsrn, Head Quarters, 77 N. Frederick street 




Head Quarters, Greendyke street. 
EiHe Range, Patterton, Nitsliill. 


The Jlarquis of Lome. 


F, R. Eeid, Gallowflat, Eutherglen 
J. T. Stewart, 114 Trongate 


David Skinner Miller, 9 Prince's square 
James Sdeuard, 133 West George street 


Walter Arrol, 18 Blythswood square 

James Menzies, 66 Bath street 

Charles M. Williamson, 194 West George street 

John H. Eoss, 33 North Albion street 

Malcolm Montgomerie Cume, 141 West Regent st. 

John Clark, George street, Mile end 

James Easton, 77 Charlotte street. 

John L. Bruce, 103 West Eegent street 

W Thomson, 2 King's park place, Greenhead 

John R. Reid, 67 Hope street 
W. W. Mutter, 41 Ann street 
E. D. Dunlop, 129 Trongate 


John R. Reid, Gallowflat, Rutherglen 

James Salmon, 144 West George street 

J. A. Stewart, Springfield House, South York street 

Thomas Johnston, Gowan bank, Nitshill 

W. T. Grafton, 6 South Parade, Clifton, near Bristol, 

late cornet 9th Lancers 
Lach. M'Tavish, Cljdesdale Bank, St. Vincent place 
Robert Cruikshank, 67 Bothwell street 
Thomas Ramsay, 69 St. Vincent crescent 
R. C. Mackenzie, 6 Blythswood square 


C. J. Cooper, 116 Woodlands road 

J. Kerr, 368 New City road 

J. A. Macdonald, 17 Bloomfield place 

Ales. Livingstone, 10 Charles St., St. Rollos 

Matthew Cruick-hank, 5 Buchanan street 

Robert Dixon, 20 Woodlands road 

Charles Clapperton, 11 Newton place 


R. M. Tod, 12 Derby terrace (late Captain 43rd 
Light Infantry) 


John Macpherson, 22 Houston street 


Thomas D. Buchanan, 24 Westminster terrace 


John M'Laren, 129 Canning place 
Thomas Buchanan, 24 Westminster terrace 


Rev. William E. B. Gunn, Liverpool 


W. N. Clayton, Head Quarters, 81 Greendyke street 
Uniform, 42nd Royal Highlanders. 


Head Quarters, Hamilton, 


John Austine, Hamilton 


Robert Harington, East Kilbride 
R. Jack, Motherwell 


S. Simpson, Hamilton 
G. Walker, Uddingston 
Thomas Williams, Wishaw 
Patrick Keith, Hamilton 
Thos. Ralston, Bothvv-ell 
J. Louden, Strathaven 
John Topping, Motherwell 
William Hay, East Kilbride 
John Clark Fon-est, Hamilton 




James Naismith, Blantyre 
"W. Simpson, Hamilton 
John Ness, Blantyre 
James C. Kay, Hamilton 
Jolin Paterson, Wishaw 
Andrew Greig, Bothwell 
J. Colville, Motherwell 


A. Campbell, Strathaven 
James Scott, Newmains 
John Brown, Wishaw 

John Alex. Potter, Hamilton 
Alexander AVilson, Motherwell 
Robert Scott Paterson, Uddiogston 
G. S. Robb, East Kilbride 
Peter Fisher, Both well 
John Martin, Uddingston 
Archibald Kirkland, Newmains 


J. S. Walker, 42nd Highlanders 


James Loudon, M.D., Hamilton 


B. Goff 

W. Crawford 


Rev. Mr. Pagan, Both-well 



James Stevenson Hamilton 


Edward Gih-oy 

Captain, J. Lancaster 
Lieutenant, Isaac Lamonby 
Sub-Lieut., Vacant 
Captain, J. Annan 
Lieutenant, Vacant 
Sub-Lieut., J. B. Graham 
rCaptain, J. Paul 
-s Lieutenant, D. Lockhart 
(Sub-Lieut., Vacant 
("Captain, J. Marshall 
) Lieutenant, A. Stuart 
j Lieutenant, Thomas Gray 
^A. A. Surgeon, R. J. Stewart 
rCaptain, T. Moore 
-: Lieutenant, R. Wood 
(^Sub-Lieut , Vacant 
rCaptain, J. P. Nevin 
■} Lieutenant, W. J. H. Noble 
(Sub-Lieut., Vacant 


George T. Thornton, Lanark 


SURGEON — J. Lindsay, M.D. 

ACTING CHAPLAIN — Rev. Angelo Macready 

37th Corps. 
55th Corjis. 
62nd Corps. 

73rd Corps. 

94th Corps. 
107th Corps. 



Head Quarters, Airdrie. 


The Right Hon. Lord Dunglass, Coldstream, Ber- 


Thomas Jackson, Bredisholm, Baillieston, p. 


John Craig, Moffat mill, Airdrie p. 
Peter Forrest, Bank buildings, Shotts, p. 

John Reid, Baillieston, p. 

Thomas Clark, Springwells, Airdrie, P. 

Robert N. Williamson, John street, Coatbridge, p. 

Hugh Rodger, Newarthill, p. 

George Shaw, John street, Coatbridge, p. 

Peter Marshall, Clark street, Airdrie 

John Dick, Willow Bank, Airdrie 

James Cowie, Poebead house, Chryston 

John Ross, Eastfield cottage, Benhar, p. 


John Murray, Greengairs, Airdrie, p. 

John Harvie, Stirling street, Airdrie, p. 

John Sutherland, Benhar, p. 

Malcolm Downie, Airdrie, p. 

James Wallace, Calderbank, p. 

Wm. F. Archibald, New Monkland, Airdrie, p, 

Andrew Ramsay, Bank street, Airdrie, p. 

Peter Spence, Stirling street, Airdrie, p. 

James Ross, Mossend, Bellsbill, p. 


Robert Brand, Coatbank, Coatbridge 
Richard Marshall, 170 Hope street, Glasgow- 
James Bell, Couperthead house, Coatbridge, p. 
William J. Ellis, Coatbank hou^e, Coatbridge 
John M'Nicol, Union cottage, Coatbridge, p. 
James Miller, Gartcosh, Chryston, p. 
Alexander Cowie, Poehend house, Chryston, r. 
Wro. G. Jamieson, Graham street, Airdrie 


James Orr, late R. Engineers, Gartness house, Airdrie 


Henry M'Lachlan, Coatbridge 

Robert Stewart, M.D., Coatbridge 
James Dickson, M.D., Baillieston, p. 
Patrick Rankin, M.D., Airdrie, p. 
James Tenuaut Barrie, Newarthill 
Robert Caldwell, Stane, Shotts 


Rev. Wm. Stirling, Coatbridge 

Rev. P. C. Black, Old MonkUnd, Coatbridge 

Rev. David Laughland, Newarthill 



CALEMDAR for 1877-78. 

June, - 

July, - - 

i August, 




• Septem., 



































































21 ! 














































































































































































































































































April, - 




















20 1 







27 j 




May, - 


































Longest Day, June 21. 

Fair Week Begins, July 9. 

St. Swithin's Day, July 15. 

Lammas Term, August 1. 

Day and Night Equal, Sept. 22. 

Micliaelmas Day, Sept. 29. 

Gla^jgow Autumn Fast, Oct. 25. 

Hallowe'en, Oct. 31. 

Martinmas Term, Nov. 11. 

St. Andrew's Dav, Nov. 30. 

Shortest Day,..,.". Dec. 21. 

Christmas, Dec. 25. 

Old New Year's Day, ,..Jan. 13. 

Candlemas , Feb. 2. 

Valentine's Day, Feb. 14. 

Day and Night Equal, March 20. 

Glasgow Spring Fast, April 4. 

Good Friday, April 19. 

Easter Sunday, April 21. 

AVhitsunday Term, May 15. 

Queen's Birthday, ...Jlay 24. 

Flitting Day,..."! May 28. 




Aberdeen, Wed. before 2nd Tues. of April and Oct. 
Aberdour, Fife, Thur. before 2nd Sun. of July, and 

Sunday before full moon in February. 
Airdrie, Thursday before last Sunday of April and 

3rd Sunday of October. 
Alexandria, Thursday before 1st Sunday of May. 
Alloa, Thursday before Srd Sunday of June and 1st 

Sunday of December. 
Andrews, St., Thursday before Srd Sunday of June 

and 1st Sunday of December. 
Annan, Thur. before 1st Sun. of Feb. and August. 
Anstruther, Easter, Thursday before 1st Sunday of 

May and 2nd Sunday of November. 
Arbroath, Thursday before 1st Sunday of March and 

2nd Sunday of October. 
Ai-drishaig, Thursday before last Sunday of April and 

1st Sunday of November. 
Ardrossan, Wednesday before last Sunday of April 

and 1st Sunday of October. 
Auchterarder, Wednesday before 2nd Sunday of 

March and 1st Sunday of August. 
Auchtergaven, last Thursday of July. 
Auchtermuchty, Thursday before Srd Sunday of June 

and 2nd Sunday of December. 
Ayr, Wednesday before Srd Sunday of April and last 

Sunday of October. 
Banff, Thursday before 1st Sunday of April and last 

Sunday of October. 
Bannockburn, Thursday before Srd Sunday of June 

and 1st Sunday of December. 
Barrhead, Tuesday before 2nd Sunday of July. 
Bathgate, Thur. before 1st Sunday of May and Nov. 
Beith, Thursday before 1st Sunday of May and Nov. 
Bervie, Wednesday before 1st Sunday of Jul}'. 
Berwick, N., generally Th. before Srd Sunday of June. 
Biggar, Wed. before Srd Sunday of April and Oct. 
Blairgowrie, Thurs. before 1st Sun. of May and Nov. 
Bothwell, Thurs. before 1st Sun. of May and Nov. 
Braemar, Thursday before 2nd Sunday of July. 
Brechin, Thursday before 2nd Sunday of May and 

nearest full moon in October. 
Bridge of Allan, Thursday before 2nd Sunday of 

June and December. 
Callander, Thurs. before 2nd Sun. of March and July. 
Cambuslang, Thursday before 2nd Tuesday of April 

and Thursday before last Tuesday of October. 
Campbeltown, Thursday before Srd Sunday of June 

and 1st Sunday of December. 
Campsie, Thurs. before 2nd. Sun. of June and Nov. 
Carluke, Thur. before 4th Sun. of Feb., June, and Oct. 
Carnwath, Thursday before 4th Sunday of July. 
Carstairs, Friday before last Sun. in March and Aug. 
Castle-Douglas, Thur. before last Sunday of April 

and 1st Sunday of November. 
Coatbridge, Thursday before last Sunday of April and 

Coldstream, Wednesday before 1st Sunday of May. 
Coupar- Angus, Wednesday before best moonlight 

Sunday in February, and 1st Sunday in August. 
Crail, Thursday before 1st Sunday of July. 
Crieff, Thursday before 4th Sunday of June and 2nd 

Sunday of December. 
Cromarty, Thursday before last Sunday of June. 
Cullen, Fri. before Srd Sun. of April and October. 

Culross, Thursday before Srd Sunday of June and 2nd 

Sunday of December. 
Cumnock, New, Thursday before 2nd Sunday of June, 

and Wed. or Fri. before 2nd Sunday of November. 
Cumnock, Old, Thurs. before 4th Sunday of June 

and Wednesday before 2nd Sunday in December. 
Cupar-Fife, Thurs. before 4th Sunday of June and 

1st Sunday of December. 
Dailly, Friday before 2nd Sunday in May and Nov. 
Dalkeith, Friday before 1st Sun. of May and Nov. 
Dairy (Ayrshire), Wednesday before 1st Sunday of 

July and nearest full moon in November. 
Denny, Wednesday before Srd Sunday of June and 

1st Sunday of December. 
Dingwall, 1st Thursday of August. 
Dollar, Thurs. before 1st Sun. of April and October. 
Dumbarton, Thursday before 4th Sunday of March 

and 2nd Sunday in October. 
Dumfries, Friday before Srd Sunday of April and 

4th Sunday of October. 
Dunbar, Thursday before 2nd Sunday of May and 

1st Thursday of November. 
Dunblane, Thurs. bjfore Srd Sun. of Feb. and Jul}'. 
Dundee, Thurs. before 3rd Sun. of April and Oct. 
Dunfermline, Thur. before last Sun. of June and Nov. 
Dunkeld, Thursday before 4th Sunday of April. 
Dunoon, Thurs. before Srd Sunday of June and Dec. 
Dunse, Thursday before 2nd Sunday of July. 
Dysart, Thursday before Srd Sunday of June and 

4th Sunday of November. 
Edinburgh, Thurs, before last Sun. of April and Oct. 
Elgin, 1st Thursday of May and Thursday before 

4th Sunday of October. 
Ellon, Thurs. before 2nd Mon. of March and Aug. 
Errol, Thursday before 4th Sunday of June and 2nd 

Sunday of December. 
Falkirk, Friday before 1st Sunday of May and Fri- 
day after IstiThursday of November. 
Forfar, 1st Thursday of May and Thursday before 

Srd Sunday of October. 
Forres, Thursday before 4th Tuesday of April. 
Fraserburgh, generally 1st Thursday of May and Nov. 
Galashiels, Thursday before 1st Sunday of May and 

2nd Sunday of November. 
Girvan, Thurs. before last Sun. of April and Oct. 
Glasgow, Thursday before 2nd Tuesday of April and 

Thursday before last Tuesday of October. 
Glenluce, Thursday before Srd Sunday of July. 
Gourock, Thursday before Srd Sunday of June, and 

2nd Sunday of December. 
Greenlaw, Thursday before 1st Sunday of July. 
Greenock, Thursday before the 4th Sunday of March 

and 1st Sunday of October. 
Haddington, Thursday before 1st Sunday of March 

and last Sunday of June. 
Hamilton, Thurs. before 2nd Sun. of June and Dec. 
Hawick, Wednesday before last Sunday of June and 

2nd Sunday of December. 
Helensburgh, Thurs. before 1st Sun. of May and Nov. 
Huntly, Thursday before 2nd Sunday of July. 
Inverary, Thursday before last Sunday of April and 

2nd last Sunday of October. 
Inverkeithing, Thursday before Srd Sunday of June 

and November. 



Inverness, Thursday before 1st Sunday of July and 

2nd Sunday of November. 
Irvine, Wednesday before 3rd Sunday of June and 

2nd Sunday of December. 
Jedburgh, Thurs. before 1st Sun. of July and Dec. 
Keitli, Thursday before 1st Sunday of May .and Nov. 
Kelso, Wed. before 1st Sunday of May and Nov. 
Kettle, Thursday before Sunday nearest full moon in 

February and 1st Sunday of July. 
Kilconquhar, Thursday before 2nd Sunday of July. 
Kilmarnock, Wednesday before 3rd Sunday of June 

and 2nd Sunday of December. 
Kilniaurs, same as Irvine. 

Kilrenny, Thurs. before Srd Sun. of June & 2nd of Dec. 
Kilsyth, Thurs. before 3rd Sunday of June and Nov. 
Kilwinning, Wednesday before Srd Sunday of June 

and last Sunday of October. 
Kincardine, Wed. before 1st Sunday of February and 

Thursday before last Sunday of July. 
Kinghorn, Thursday before Srd Sunday of July. 
Kinross, Thursday before last Sunday of June and 1st 

Thursday before full moon in December. 
Kirkcaldy, Thursday before 3rd Sunday of June and 

4th Sunday of November. 
Kirkcudbright, 1st Th. of May and last Th. of Oct. 
Kirkintilloch, Thursday before last Sunday of April 

and full moon in November. 
Kirkwall, Thursday before last Sunday of April and 

before first moonlight Sunday of November. 
Lanark, Thursday before 3rd Sunday of April and 

1st Sunday of November. 
Langholm, Thursday before Srd Sunday of June and 

before first full moon in December. 
Largs, Thursday before last Sunday of April and 

2nd Sunday of October. 
Lasswade, Fri. before 1st Sunday in May and Nov. 
Lauder, Wednesday before last Sunday of June and 

before Srd Sunday in December. 
Laurencekirk, Thursday before 1st Sunday of July. 
Leith, same as Edinburgh. 

Leslie, Fife, Thur. before last Sun. of .June and Nov. 
Leven, Thur. before 2nd Sun. of June. 
Linlithgow, Thursday before 3rd Sunday of July and 

1st Sunday of February. 
Loanhead, Friday before 1st Sun. of May and Nov. 
Lochgilphead, Thursday before last Sunday of April 

and 1st Sunday of November. 
Lochmaben, Friday before 4th Sunday of April and 

Srd Sunday of October. 
Lockerby, Friday before 2nd Sunday of July and 

nearest full moon in December. 
Macduff, Thursday before 1st Sun. of April and last 

Sunday of October. 
Markinch, Thursday before 1st Sunday in July and 

Thur. before Sunday nearest full moon in Dec. 
Mauchline, Thursday before 4th Sunday of .June. 
Maybole, Wed. before Srd Sunday of April and last 

Sunday of October. 
Meigle, Thursday before 2nd Sunday of July. 
Melrose, Thurs. before 1st Sunday of May and Nov. 
Mid-Calder, Thursday before 4th Sunday of June and 

Sunday before JIartinmns. 
Millport, Thur. before 1st Sunday of May and Nov. 
Moffat, Thur. before 2nd Sunday of March and Oct. 
Monldand, Old, Thursday before last Sunday of Jan. 

and 2nd Sunday of July. 
Montrose, Thur. before 4th Sun. of March and Oct. 
Motherwell, Thurs. before Srd Sun. of June and Nov. 
Musselburgh, Thursday before 2nd Sunday of June. 

Nairn, Thursday before 2nd Sunday of May and Nov* 
Neilston, Thursday before 2nd Sunday of July. 
Newburgh, Fife, Wednesday before 1st Sunday of 

July and before Sunday nearest full moon at end 

of November or beginning of December. 
Newton-Stewart, Thursday before Srd Sunday of 

April and October. 
Newtyle, Thursday before last Sunday of June. 
Ninians, St., Tiiursday before Srd Sunday of June. 
Oban, Thursday before Srd Sunday of January and 

1st Sunday of July. 
Paisley, Friday before 1st Sunday of April and Oct. 
Peebles, Thur. before last Sunday of April and Oct. 
Penicuik, Thursday before last Sunday of June, and 

2nd Sunday of December. 
Perth, Thur. b. 2nd Sun. of April and 4th Sun. of Oct. 
Pitlochrie, Thursday before Srd Sunday of June and 

1st Sunday of November. 
Port-Glasgow, Thursday before 4th Sunday of 

March and 1st Sunday of October. 
Portobello, Thur. before 1st Sun. of April and Nov. 
Portpatrick, Wednesday before 4th Sunday of June 

and 2nd Sunday of November. 
Portree, Thur. before 2nd Sunday of Feb. and Aug. 
Prestonpans, Thursday before 1st Sunday of July. 
Queensferry, Thur. before 1st Sun. of Feb. and July. 
Ratho, Thursday before Srd Sunday of June and 1st 

Sunday of December. 
Rathven, Thursday before Srd Sunday of April. 
Renfrew, Thur. before last Sunday of Feb. and July. 
Rothesay, Thur. before 1st Sun. in May & 2nd of Oct. 
Row, Thur. before 1st Sunday of May and November. 
Rutherglen, same as Glasgow. 

Saline, Thursday before last Sunday of Feb. and July. 
Saltcoats, Wednesday before last Sunday of April 

and 1st Sunday of October. 
Sanquhar, Thursday before last Sunday of March and 

1st Sunday of October. 
Selkirk, Thursday before 1st Sunday of May and 

2nd Sunday of November. 
Stirling, Thursday before Srd Sunday of June and 

1st Sunday of December. 
Stonehaven, Old Town, Wednesday before 2nd Sun- 
day of July ; New Town, Wednesday before last 

Sunday of June and Srd Sunday of December. 
Stonehouse, Wed. before 4th Sun. of Jan. and June. 
Stornoway, Thurs. before 2nd Sun. of Feb. and Aug. 
Stow, Wed. before 2nd Sunday of July and Dec. 
Stranraer, Thur. before 1st Sun. of March and Aug. 
Strath aven, Friday before 2nd Sun. of June and Dec. 
Thurso, Thursday before 4th Sunday of June and 

Thursday before the full moon which precedes the 

4th Monday of November; but said Thursday not 

to be later than the Srd Monday. 
Tillicoultry, Thur. before 1st Sun. of May and Nov. 
Tobermory, Thur. before last Sun. of June and Dec. 
Tranent, Thursday before 1st Sunday of July and 

Saturday before 1st Sunday of December. 
Troon, Wednesday before Srd Sunday of June and 

2nd Sunday of December. 
Turriff, Thursday before 2nd Sunday of March and 

last Sunday of July. 
West Calder, Thurs. before Srd Sun. of April and Oct. 
Whitburn, Thurs. before Srd Sun. of June and Dec. 
Whithorn, Thursday before 4th Sunday of July. 
Wigtown, Thursday before Srd Sun. of June and Dec. 
Wish aw, Thur. before Srd Sun. of July and Nov. 
Yetholm, Wednesday before Sunday nearest full moon 

in January and 2nd Sunday of July. 


Government Life Annuities, which £100 {Money) will purchase when the 
3 per cents, ex dividend, are at the following prices : — 



£99 3s. 6d., and under 

£100 36s. lOd., the rate 

of interest being 

£3 per cent. 

£91 12s. Id., and under 

£93 OS. 6d., the rate 

of interest being 

£3 5s. per cent. 

£85 2s. 2d., and under 

£86 6s. 7d., the rate 

of interest being 

£3 10s. per cent. 

£79 9s. 5d., and under 

£80 10s. 9d., the rate 

of interest being 

£3 15s. per cent. 










£ s. 


£ s. d. 

£ s. d. 

£ s. d. 

£ s. d. 

£ s. 


£ s. d. 

£ s. 



4 13 

4 6 11 

4 17 3 

4 11 2 

5 16 

4 15 


5 5 10 

4 19 



4 17 


4 9 7 

5 18 

4 13 10 

5 5 10 

4 18 

5 10 4 

5 2 





4 12 8 

5 4 3 

4 16 9 

5 8 6 



5 12 8 

5 5 



6 4 

4 16 6 

5 8 1 

5 7 

5 12 1 

5 4 


5 16 3 

5 8 



6 9 


5 1 2 

5 13 6 

5 5 1 

5 17 5 

5 9 


6 1 7 

5 13 



6 17 

5 6 8 

6 11 

5 10 6 

6 4 10 

5 14 


6 8 10 

5 18 



6 7 


5 13 11 

6 11 3 

5 17 9 

6 15 1 

6 1 


6 19 1 

6 5 



7 2 


6 4 1 

7 6 6 

6 7 10 

7 10 5 

6 11 


7 14 4 

6 15 



8 2 


6 18 10 

8 6 11 

7 2 6 

8 9 10 

7 6 


8 13 10 

7 10 



9 6 


7 19 2 

9 9 5 

8 2 11 

9 13 4 

8 6 


9 17 3 

8 10 



11 1 

9 8 9 

11 4 11 

9 12 7 

11 8 10 

9 16 


11 12 11 




13 9 


11 11 6 

13 13 3 

11 15 5 

13 17 4 

11 19 


14 1 4 

12 3 



16 8 

14 11 3 

17 2 1 

14 15 6 

17 6 1 

14 19 


17 10 1 

15 3 



23 16 


18 9 7 

24 9 

18 13 10 

24 5 

18 18 


24 9 3 

19 2 


Government Annuities for Tekms of Yeaks which £100 {Money) will purchase, 
when the said stock, ex dividend, is at the following prices : — ■ 

£99 3 


£91 12 1 

£90 4 6 

£88 17 


£87 11 10 

£86 6 7 

£85 2 


£79 9 5 

No. of 

£100 16 


£'J3 6 

£91 12 1 

£90 4 


£88 17 9 

£87 11 10 

£86 6 


£80 10 £' 










£3 p. cent. 

£3 5s. p. ct. 

£3 6s. p. ct. 

£3 7s. p. 


£3 8s. p. ct. 

£3 9s. p. ct. 

£3 10s. p 


£3 15s. p. ct. 

£ s. 


£ s. d. 

£ s. d. 

£ s. 


£ s. d. 

£ s. d. 

£ s. 


£ 8. d. 


11 12 


11 15 10 

11 16 5 

11 17 

11 17 6 

11 18 2 

11 18 


12 1 8 


8 6 


8 9 6 

8 10 

8 10 


8 11 3 

8 11 10 

8 12 


8 15 C 


6 13 


6 16 9 

6 17 4 

6 18 

6 18 6 

6 19 3 

6 19 


7 3 


5 14 


5 17 5 

5 18 1 

5 18 


5 19 4 




6 3 11 


5 1 


5 4 10 

6 5 6 

5 6 


5 6 10 

5 7 6 

5 8 


5 11 7 


4 12 


4 16 1 

4 16 8 

4 17 


4 18 1 

4 18 10 

4 19 


6 3 1 


4 6 


4 9 8 

4 10 5 

4 11 


4 11 10 

4 12 6 

4 13 


4 16 11 


4 1 


4 4 11 

4 5 7 

4 6 


4 7 1 

4 7 9 

4 8 


4 12 4 


3 17 


4 12 

4 1 11 

4 2 


4 3 5 

4 4 2 

4 5 

4 8 10 


3 12 

3 16 

3 16 9 

3 17 


3 18 3 

3 19 2 

3 19 


4 4 


3 8 


3 12 7 

3 13 5 

3 14 


3 15 1 

3 15 11 

3 16 


4 10 


3 6 


3 10 4 

3 11 1 

3 12 

3 12 11 

3 13 8 

3 14 


3 19 


3 4 


3 8 9 

3 9 7 

3 10 


3 11 5 

3 12 3 

3 13 


3 17 9 


3 3 


3 7 8 

3 8 7 

3 9 


3 10 4 

3 11 4 

3 12 


3 16 10 

Post Office Annuities and Assurances, under 27 and 28 Vict. c. 43. 
(Annuities not to exceed £50 a year, or £4 3s. 4d, a month; Assurances not above £100.) 

Price of Life Annuity of £1. 


ssurance Premium of £100 on death. 


Immediate Annuity. 

Deferred 20 years. 











During Life. 

Not afto 


£ s. 


£ s. d. 

£ s. d. 

£ s. 


£ «. 


£ s. d. 

£ s. 



19 16 


21 8 8 

6 15 11 

7 18 





1 16 2 

1 19 



19 5 


20 16 

6 5 6 

7 7 



39 18 


2 10 

2 5 



18 13 


20 1 

5 12 9 

6 14 



43 3 


2 6 7 

2 13 



18 10 


19 17 9 

5 9 9 

6 11 



43 17 


2 7 10 

2 15 



18 6 


19 14 5 

5 6 8 

6 8 



44 11 


2 9 3 

2 17 

11 1 


18 3 


19 11 

5 3 6 

6 5 



45 6 


2 10 8 


2 i 




19 7 6 

5 3 

6 2 



46 1 

2 12 2 

3 2 

7 \ 


17 16 


19 4 

4 16 11 

5 19 



46 16 


2 13 8 

3 5 



17 8 


18 16 11 

4 10 

5 13 



48 7 


2 17 1 

3 11 

1 1 


16 15 


18 5 9 

3 19 4 

5 2 



50 16 


3 2 9 

4 1 

11 i 


15 10 


17 4 6 

3 12 

5 3 



55 5 


3 14 5 

6 9 



13 19 


15 18 7 

2 2 11 

3 3 





4 9 10 

8 1 

7 - 


12 7 


14 7 4 

17 1 

2 2 



65 1 


5 10 


10 17 


12 12 8 


TO 6 


6 17 8 




Australia, &c., 





Buenos Ayres, 


Cape Colony, 



Demerara, &c. 




Frankfort (Mayn), . 










Mexico, Chili, &;c.,. 

Moute Video, 



New Brunswick,.... 

New Granada, 


Nova Scotia, 



Prussia, &c., 

Roman States, 








United States, 


West Indies, British, 

Pounds, shillings, and pence sterling. 

100 new kreuzers, = 1 florin, 

100 cents = 1 franc, 

1000 reas = 1 paper milrea, about, 

360 schwaren = 72 grotes = 1 rixdollar, 

128 quartos = 8 rials = 1 paper dollar, 

100 cents = 1 dollar, 

Exchanges reckoned as in United States. 
Pounds, shillings, and pence sterling. 

100 candarines = 10 mace = 1 tael, 

100 cents, or 8 reals = 1 dollar, 

100 cents =: 1 dollar, 

96 skiliings = 1 rigsbank dollar, 

40 paras = 1 piastre, 

100 centimes = 1 franc, 

80 francs == 81 old livres of 20 sous, 

Florin of 60 kreuzers, 

North German, or Prussian doUar, 

South German florin, 

By Treaty of 1857, 2 Prus. dol., 3 Austrian florins, 
or Sj S. German florins = 1 Union 2 dollar piece, 

192 quartos = 12 reals = 1 hard dollar, 

100 centimes == 1 drachma, 

16 schillings = 1 mark banco, 

16 schillings = 1 current mark, 

100 cents or 20 stivers = 1 florin or guil 

192 pice = 16 annas = 1 rupee, 

The lac is 100,000 rupees = £9270 

100 centesimi = 1 lira nuova, 

100 candarines or 10 mas= 1 paper tael, 

600 grani = 30 tari = 2J scudi = 1 pezza, 

100 cents or 8 reals = 1 hard dollar, 

800 reis = 8 reals = 1 current dollar (?) 

40 blankeels = 10 ounces = 1 mitkul, 

100 grani = 10 carlini = 5 tari = 1 ducat, 

20 shillings =£1 Halifax currency, 

100 cents = 1 new dollar, 

96 skiliings = 1 species dollar,..., 

20 shillings = £1 currency, 

50 abassis = 10 karauns = 1 tomaun, 

1000 reas = 1 milrea (^), - 

30 silver groschen = 1 thaler or dollar, 

100 bajocchi = 10 paoli = 1 scudo, 

100 copecs = 1 silver ruble, 

Bank or paper ruble (abolished 1843), 

600 grani = 30 tari = 2^ scudi = 1 onza 

100 centesimi = 1 lira nuova, 

100 cents = 1 hard dollar, 

100 centavos = 1 real vellon, 

20 reals de vellon = 1 dnro, 

100 ore = 1 liksdaler-riksmynt, 

100 rappen or centimes = 1 franc, 

40 paras = 1 piastre, 

100 cents = 1 dollar ($), 

10 dollars =■ 1 eagle, 

In exchanges the dollar is valued at 4s. 6d., giving 
a premium for bills on London. 

100 centesimi = 1 lira Austriacha, , 

100 cents = 1 dollar, 

Pounds, shillings, and pence sterling. 


4 2 

Exchange at Par with 

10 fl. 36 kr. f £1. 
25fr. 22centsf £1. 
— d. ^ l!jt>000. 
609J rix. f £100. 
— d. ^ paper dollar. 
Premium 9^f cent. 

Prem. 8 per cent. 
50d. f %l. 
96 piastres f £1. 

25fr. 22centsf £1. 

12 Of florins ^ £10. 

50d. ^ hard dollar. 
28dr. 15cents^£l. 
13m.b. lO^s.f £1. 

12 florins f £1. 
(Is. 10|d. ^ Com- 
( pany's rupee. 
25 lira 22 ct. f £1. 
T. 4-7 r §1. 
49Jd. ^ pezza. 
50d. ^ ^1. 

39f d. f ducat. 
4sp. d. 53sk. f £1. 

56-|d. f 1$000. 
6 dol. 27 gr. ^ £1. 
3 scudo 4-80 f £1. 
R°. 6, 40c. ^ £1. 

1235d. f onza. 
25 lira 22 ct. f £1. 
50d. ^ dollar. 

50d. ^ hard dollar. 
18^ riks. riks. ;^ £1. 
25 fr. 22 ct. f £1. 
210 piastres ^ £1. 
/"Prem. 9|- ^ cent., 
J or 4 dollars 86f 
(, cents f £1. 

29 lira 52 c. f £1. 

la the above valuations, standard gold is estimated at £3 17a. lOid., and silver at 5s. per onnoe. 








KoTE. — For two per cent 

., take the half of four 

per cent. ; for two and a half per 

;ent. take the half of five per i 

cent. ; for three per cent., take three-quarters 

of four 

per cent. ; and for three and 

a half per cent. 

take off one- 

eighth from 

four per cent. 



per cent. 

4J per cent. 




5 Days. 

4 per cent. 

4J per cent. 

5 per cent. 



s. d. f. 


s. d. f. 






£ s. d. f. 

£ s. a. f. 

£ s. d. f. 



























































2 2 

2 3 

3 1 






3 3 

4 1 

4 3 







5 1 

5 3 

6 2 



1 1 



50 i 6 2 

7 1 



2 2 

2 3 





12 3 

14 1 


5 1 

5 3 




2 2 1 

2 5 2 

2 8 3 


6 2 

7 1 



2 8 3 

3 3 

3 5 


2 2 1 

2 5 2 





10 11 2 

12 3 3 

13 8 1 

2 Days. 1 

6 Days. 1 








































































3 2 

3 3 







4 2 

5 1 

5 3 



2 1 




6 1 


7 3 


2 2 

2 3 




7 3 

8 3 

9 3 


5 1 

5 3 




13 3 

15 3 

17 2 (i 


10 2 

11 3 




2 7 2 

2 11 2 

3 3 1 1 


1 1 

12 3 





3 3 1 

3 8 1 

4 11 


4 4 2 

4 11 





13 1 3 

14 9 2 

16 5 1 jj 

3 Days. 1 i 

7 Days. 1 






1 ! 















3 f 
















































2 1 



1 3 




3 2 


4 2 \ 


2 1 

2 2 




5 2 


6 3 : 



3 2 




7 1 

8 1 



3 3 

4 1 





10 1 

11 2 \ 


7 2 

8 3 




16 1 

18 2 

1 11 1, 


13 3 

15 3 





3 3 

3 5 1 

3 10 l' 


1 7 2 

1 10 




3 10 

4 3 3 

4 9 2; 


6 6 3 

7 4 3 





15 4 

17 3 

19 2 I 

4 Days. 1 

8 Days. 1 







2 1 
















1 s 
































2 0/ 








9 1' 








2 1 

2 2 1 



2 1 





4 2 

5 1! 



3 2 




6 1 


7 3 



4 2 




8 1 

9 1 

10 2 

50 ; 

5 1 

5 3 




10 2 

11 3 



10 2 

11 3 




] 9 

1 11 2 

2 2 1 



1 11 2 





3 6 

3 11 1 

4 4 2 


2 2 1 

2 5 2 





4 4 2 

4 11 

5 5 3 


8 9 

9 10 1 

10 11 



17 6 1 

19 8 2 

1 111 ^ 



1 9 Dayg. 


per cent. 


per cent. 


per cent. 

30 Days. 

4 per cent. 

^ per cent. 

5 per cent. ' 



s. d. 



s. d. 



s. d. /. 


£ s. 

d. f. 

£ s. d. f. 

£, s. d. f \ 













1 2 








2 1 

2 2 

2 3 







6 3 2 

3 3 







3 3 

4 1 

4 3 








4 2 

5 1 

5 3 








5 2 


6 3 





2 1 


6 1 


7 3 





2 2 



7 3 

8 3 






2 3 


7 3 

8 3 

9 3 






5 3 



3 3 

15 3 

17 2 





8 3 



11 2 

2 2 2 

2 5 2 






11 3 



7 2 

2 11 2 

3 3 1 




1 1 


12 3 



3 1 

3 8 1 

4 11 


1 11 


2 2 


2 5 2 



6 3 

7 4 3 

8 2 2 

1 200 

3 11 


4 5 


4 11 



1 3 

14 9 2 

16 5 1 

! 250 

4 11 

5 6 


6 13 



5 1 

18 5 3 

10 6 2! 

i 1000 

19 8 



2 2 



4 7 3 


3 5 


3 13 11 2 

4 2 2 11 


10 Days. 1 




1 Month. 1 









1 2 








2 1 

2 2 








3 2 










4 2 









4 3 

5 1. 






2 1 


5 8 

6 1 






2 2 


6 1 








2 3 




9 i 






3 1 










6 2 





18 0! 






9 3 



2 3 

2 6 1 











3 4 


1 1 

1 2 


14 1 




3 9 

4 2 


2 2 


2 5 


2 8 3 




7 6 

8 4 


4 4 


4 11 

5 5 3 





16 8 


5 5 


6 1 


6 10 




18 9 

1 10 



1 11 


4 7 



7 4 3 


3 6 


3 15 

4 3 4 

20 Days. 1 




1 Year. 1 

9 2 

10 3 









19 2 










4 3 

2 8 1 






2 2 



3 7 







3 1 



4 6 






3 3 



9 2 

5 4 3 






4 2 




6 3 2 






5 1 



4 3 

7 2 1 






5 3 



2 1 

8 10 

9 1 






6 2 

. 10 















1 3 


1 5 


17 2 


1 4 


1 10 


1 9 

1 11 


2 2 1 


1 12 

1 16 



2 2 


2 5 


2 8 3 



2 5 

2 10 


4 4 


4 11 

5 5 3 



4 10 

5 1 


8 9 

9 10 


10 11 2 1 






10 11 


12 3 


13 8 1 1 



11 5 

12 10 



3 10 


9 3 



14 9 2 

















Feb. Mar. April. May. 

June. Ji 

dy. Aug. .Sept Oct Nov. Dec ' 


HdJ 1 

31 1 59 1 90 1 120 

1511 1 

31 1 212 1 243 1 273 | 304 | 334 

1 February,. 


365 1 28 1 59 1 89 

120 i 1 

30 1 181 1 212 1 242 | 273 I 303 | 

1 March, 

306 i 

337 1 365 1 31 1 61 

92 11 

22 1 153 1 184 1 214 | 245 | 275 ] 

i April, 

275 1 

306 1 334 1 363 I 30 


31 1 122 1 153 1 183 | 214 ) 244 | 

i May, 

245 1 

276 1 304 1 335 | 365 

31 1 

31 1 92 1 123 1 153 | 184 | 214 ' 

i ■"■"'•'' 

' Juue, •> 

214 1 

245 1 273 1 304 | 334 

365 1 

30 1 61 1 92 1 122 1 153 | 183 


1 July, 

184 1 

215 1 243 1 274 | 304 

335 1 3 

35 1 31 1 -62 1 92 | 123 | 153 

; August,.*.. 

153 1 

184 1 212 1 243 1 273 

304 1 3 

34 1 365 1 31 1 61 1 92 | 122 

j September 

122 1 

153 1 181 1 212 1 242 

273 1 3( 

)3 1 334 1 365 1 30 | 61 | 91 

October, ... 

92 1 

123 1 151 1 182 1 212 

243 1 2 

73 1 304 1 335 | 365 | 31 | 61 

' November, 

61 1 

92 1 120 1 151 1 181 

212 i 2^ 

12 1 273 1 304 1 334 1 365 1 30 

' December, 

31 1 

62 1 90 1 121 1 151 

182 1 2 

2 1 243 1 274 | 304 | 335 | 365 



JUNE, 1877. 































D. H. M. 

Last Quarter, 4 5 11a.m. 

New Moon, 11 2 32 p.m. 

PHASES OF THE MOON. , Apogee- 2nd day, 3 a.m. 

First Quarter, 18 6 24 a.m. •< Perigee— 14th day, a.m. 

Full Moon, 25 4 53 p.m. (^Apogee— 29th day, 7 p.m. 

eemaekablb days. 

Howe's naval victoiy, 1794 

Eiot in London, 1780 

Tannahill born, 1774 

H. Grattan died, 1820 

Adam Smith born, 1723 

Mutiny at the Nore, 1797 

King Robert Bruce died, 1329 , 

Corpus Christi..., 

Black Prince died, 1376 

American Civil War began, 1861 

Saint Barnabas 

Wat Tyler slain, 1,331 

Lord Hastings beheaded, 1483 , 

Battle of Marengo, 1800 

Thomas Campbell died, 1844 

Duke of Marlborough died, 1722 

Earl Canning died, 1862 

Battle of Waterloo, 1815 

Sir J. Banks died, 1820 

Accession of Queen Victoria, 1837... 

Longest day 

Trial of Queen Caroline, 1820 

Leibnitz born, 1646 

Midsummer day 

(26j Accession of William IV., 1830. 

George IV. died, 1830 

Dr. Dodd executed, 1777 

Queen Victoria crowned, 1838 

Monmouth rebellion, 1685 

Greenwich Hospital founded, 1696... 


u. m. 
4 18 

4 57 

5 44 

6 31 

7 24 

8 25 

9 30 

10 26 

11 19 

"6 30 

1 19 

2 3 

2 51 

3 42 

4 32 

5 24 

6 18 

7 15 

8 15 

9 19 

10 23 

11 27 


1 32 

2 11 

2 48 

3 27 

4 1 

H. m. 

4 36 

5 19 

6 6 

6 56 

7 54 
9 57 

10 53 

11 44 


1 40 

2 27 

3 16 

4 7 

4 57 

5 52 

6 48 

7 45 

8 48 

9 52 

10 55 

11 56 


1 11 

1 51 

2 31 

3 7 

3 44 

4 19 


D. M. 

22 7 
22 15 
22 22 
22 29 
22 36 
22 42 
22 48 
22 53 

22 58 

23 3 
23 7 
23 11 
23 15 
23 18 
23 20 
23 23 
23 24 
23 26 
23 27 
23 27 
23 27 
23 26 
23 25 
23 24 
23 24 
23 22 
23 20 
23 17 
23 14 
23 10 


H. Ji. 

3 42 
3 42 
3 41 
3 40 
3 39 
3 38 
3 37 
3 37 
3 36 
3 35 
3 35 
3 34 
3 34 
3 33 
3 33 
3 33 
3 33 
3 32 
3 32 
3 32 
3 33 
3 33 
3 33 
3 33 
3 34 
3 34 
3 34 
3 35 
3 36 
3 37 

n. M. 
8 47 
8 48 
8 49 
8 50 
8 52 
8 53 
8 54 
8 55 
8 56 
8 57 
8 57 
8 58 

8 59 

9 1 
9 1 
9 2 
9 2 
9 3 
9 3 
9 3 
9 4 
9 4 
9 5 
9 5 
9 5 
9 5 
9 4 












27 3 























A. M. 
4 4 

4 47 

5 29 

6 9 

6 49 

7 30 

8 13 

9 52 

10 49 

11 51 
P.M. 56 

1 59 

3 56 

4 47 

5 35 

6 22 

7 9 

7 56 

8 43 

9 37 

10 31 

11 25 

A.M. 18 

1 10 

1 58 

2 43 

3 26 


M. s. 
2 28 
2 17 
2 7 
1 57 
1 47 
1 36 
1 25 
1 14 
1 2 
, 1 


1 4 
1 17 
1 30 
1 4?, 

1 55 

2 S 3 
2 21 ] 
2 33 ^ 
2 46 \ 

2 5s i 

3 10 
3 22 

JULY, 1877. 









































































D. H. M. 

Last Quarter 3 9 2p.:j. 

New Moon, 10 10 6p.m. 


First Quarter, 17 1 13 a.m. f Perigee— 12th day, 2 A.M. 

Full Moon, 25 7 20 a.m. "[ Apogee— 27th day, 5 a.m. 



Battle of the Boyne, 1690 

Sir Robert Peel died, 1850 

Dog days begin 

American Independence declared, 1776.... 

Sovereigns fii'st issued, 1817 

Old Midsummer day 

Thomas a Becket assassinated, 1170 

Edmund Burke died, 1797 

Glasgow Fair begins 

Calvin born, 1509 

Donald Cargill apprehended, 16S1 

T. Blacklock died, 1791 

Duke of Orleans killed, 1842 

Dr. Hamilton died, 1821 

Saint Switbin's day 

Cromwell entered Scotland, 1650 

Reform Bill passed for Scotland, 1832 

Hampden died, 1643 

Professor Playfair died, 1819 

John Howard died, 1819 

Robert Burns died, 1796 

Union of England and Scotland, 1706 

Gibraltar taken, 1704 

Nelson wounded at Santa Cruz, 1796 

Battle of Ilarlaw, 1411 

Saint Anne 

Bat. of Talavera, 1806— Rev. in Paris, 1830 

(27) Atlantic cable completed, 1866 

James VI. crowned, 1567 

Battle of Otterburn, 1388 

William Penn died, 1718 

H. m. 

4 36 

5 12 

5 51 

6 35 

7 21 

8 19 

9 28 

10 36 

11 41 


1 4 

1 55 

2 44 

3 31 

4 20 

5 6 

5 54 

6 41 

7 35 

8 36 

9 55 
11 11 

"6 38 
1 22 

1 59 

2 34 

3 5 

3 37 

4 8 
4 39 


H. M. 

4 55 

5 32 

6 13 

6 57 

7 48 

8 54 

10 2 

11 9 

"6 38 

1 29 

2 19 

3 8 

3 56 

4 44 

5 30 

6 16 

7 5 

8 2 

9 16 

10 34 

11 45 


1 1 

1 41 

2 16 

2 50 

3 22 

3 54 

4 23 
4 54 


D. M. 

23 6 
23 2 
22 57 
22 52 
22 46 
22 40 
22 34 
22 27 
22 20 
22 13 
22 o 
21 56 
21 48 
21 39 
21 29 
21 20 
21 10 
20 59 
20 48 
20 37 
20 25 
20 14 
20 1 
19 49 
19 36 
19 26 
19 9 
18 55 
18 41 
18 27 
18 12 



H. M. 

3 39 

3 40 

3 41 

3 42 

3 43 

3 44 

3 45 

3 46 

3 47 

3 48 

3 49 

3 51 

3 52 

3 54 

3 55 

3 56 

3 57 

3 59 


4 2 

4 4 

4 5 

4 7 

4 8 

4 10 

4 12 

4 13 

4 15 

4 17 

4 19 

4 21 


H. M. 

9 2 
9 2 
9 1 
8 59 
8 58 
8 57 
8 56 
8 55 
8 54 
8 52 
8 51 
8 50 
8 48 
8 47 
8 46 
8 45 
8 44 
8 43 
8 41 
8 40 
8 38 
8 37 
8 35 
8 34 
8 32 
8 30 
8 29 
8 27 
8 25 









24 9 



























A. M. 

4 6 

4 45 

5 25 

6 6 

6 50 

7 39 

8 32 

9 32 

10 35 

11 41 
P.M. 44 

1 44 

2 39 

3 30 

4 IS 

5 6 

5 54 

6 43 

7 34 

8 27 

9 20 

10 14 

11 6 
11 55 

A.M. 41 

1 24 

2 5 

2 44 

3 23 

4 3 



M. S. 

3 33 
3 45 

3 56 

4 7 
4 17 
4 27 
4 37 
4 47 

4 S6 

5 4 
5 13 
5 21 
5 28 
5 35 
5 41 
5 47 
5 52 

5 57 

6 1 
6 5 
6 8 
6 10 
6 12 
6 13 
6 14 
6 14 
6 14 
6 13 i 
6 11 
6 9 
6 6 



AUGUST, 1877. 









































































Last Quarter, 2 10 21a.m. 

New Moon, 9 5 17 a.m. 


First Quarter, 15 10 28 p.m. C„ . „„ „,, ,„„ ^^ .„ 

Full Moon,.... 23 U 11 p.3i. ^ ^«"See-9th day, 11 a.m. 

Last quarter, 31 9 15 p.m. | Apogee-23rdday,10A.M. 


Lammas day 

A. Melville horn, 1545 

James II. killed, 1460 

First book printed, 1547 

Oyster season begins 

Prince Alfred born, 1844 

Queen Caroline died, 1821 

George Canning died, 1827 

Queen Victoria visited Ireland, 1849... 

Ascension of Louis Philippe, 1S30 

Dog days end 

Grouse Shooting begins 

Old Lammas day 

Queen Victoria visited Glasgow, 1849. 

Sir Walter Scott born, 1771 

Andrew Marvell died, 1678 

Duchess of Kent born, 1786 

Rev. J. Leslie died, 1823 

Roy.al George sunk, 1782 

Black Cock Shooting begins 

Lady Mary Montague died, 1762 

Battle of the Standard, 1138 

Wallace beheaded, 1305 

Saint Bartholomew 

Revolution at Brussels, 1830 

Prince Consort born, 1819 

Exraouth's Victory, 1816 

Saint Augustine 

John Locke born, 1632 

William Paley boru, 1732 

John Bunyan died, 1688 



H. M. 

5 10 

5 46 

6 31 

7 26 

8 41 

10 7 

11 27 



1 43 

2 29 

3 14 

3 57 

4 39 

5 18 

6 2 

5 52 

7 57 

9 30 

10 58 


1 6 

1 41 

2 9 

2 38 

3 7 

3 37 

4 5 

4 35 

5 10 

a. M. 

5 28 

6 8 
6 55 


9 25 
10 49 


1 20 

2 7 

2 52 

3 37 

4 18 

4 57 

5 39 

6 25 

7 23 

8 42 

10 15 

11 33 


1 25 

1 55 

2 24 

2 52 

3 22 

3 52 

4 20 

4 51 

5 31 




D M. 

17 57 
17 42 
17 26 
17 10 
16 54 
16 37 
16 21 
16 4 
15 46 
15 29 
15 11 
14 53 
14 35 
14 16 
13 57 
13 39 
13 19 
12 40 
12 21 
12 1 
11 41 
11 20 
10 39 
10 18 
9 57 
9 36 
9 15 
8 53 
8 32 







H. M. 

II. M. 


A. M. 

4 23 

8 22 


4 45 

4 25 

8 20 

22 6 

5 31 

4 26 

8 18 


6 21 

4 28 

8 16 


7 16 

4 30 

8 14 


8 16 

4 32 

8 12 

26 6 

9 19 

4 34 

8 10 


10 23 

4 36 

8 7 


11 25 

4 39 

8 5 


P.M. 23 

4 40 

S 3 


1 17 

4 42 



2 9 

4 44 

7 58 


2 58 

4 46 

7 56 


3 47 

4 48 

7 54 


4 37 

4 50 

7 52 


5 29 

4 52 

7 49 


6 22 

4 54 

7 46 


7 16 

4 56 

7 44 


S 10 

4 58 

7 41 

10 3 

9 2 


7 39 


9 52 

5 2 

7 36 


10 39 

5 4 

7 34 


11 22 

5 6 

7 32 


5 7 

7 30 


A.M. 4 

5 9 

7 28 



5 11 

7 25 


1 23 

5 13 

7 23 


2 3 

5 15 

7 21 


2 44 

5 17 

7 18 


3 28 

5 18 

7 15 


4 15 

5 21 

7 13 


5 7 



M. S. 

6 2 
5 58 
5 54 
5 49 
5 43 
5 37 
5 30 
5 22 
5 14 
5 5 
4 56 
4 46 
4 36 
4 25 
4 14 

3 49 
3 36 
3 22 
3 8 
2 54 
2 39 
2 23 
2 7 
1 51 
1 34 
1 17 































































New Moon, 7 1 p.jl I Full Moon, 22 3 35 p.m. f Perigee— 6th day, 9 p.m. 

First Quarter 14 11 8 a.m. | Last Quarter, 30 6 20 a.m I ( Apogee— 19th diiy, 1 p.m. 

p.emabkable day.s. 

Partridge Shooting begins 

London burned, 1666 (O.S.) 

Glasgow Bridge founded, 1833 

Admiral Blake born, 1657 

Robert Ferguson born, 1750 , 

Rebellion in Scotland, 1745 

Porteous Riots, 1736 

Nativity of Virgin Mary 

Sebastopol fell, 1S55 

Mungo Park boru, 1771 , 

James Thomson, poet, born, 17C0. 

Battle of Aberdeen, 1644 

General Wolfe killed, 1759 

Fisheries north of Tweed close 

New York taken, 1777 

Moscow burned. 1812 

Quebec taken, 1759 

Dr. Johnson born, 1709 

Lawrence Sterne died, 1768 

Lord Brougham born, 1778 

(20) Battle of the Alma, 1854 

(21^ Sir Walter Scott died, 1.S32..., 

(22) Day and night equal 

Bartholomew Massacre, 1572 

Lncknow relieved, 1857 

Collingwood born, 1748 

James Brindley died, 1782 

George Buchanan died, 1582 

Michaelmas day 

Hare hunting begins 



H. M. 

5 53 

6 50 

8 11 

9 54 
11 15 


1 24 

2 6 

2 28 

3 27 

4 7 

4 45 

5 28 

6 18 

7 27 
9 6 

10 33 

11 39 


1 10 

1 38 

2 6 

2 33 

3 3 

3 35 

4 6 

4 44 

5 32 


H. M. 

6 18 

7 27 
9 5 

10 38 

11 48 


1 3 

1 45 

2 27 

3 7 

3 47 

4 26 

5 5 

5 51 

6 50 

8 12 

9 52 
11 10 

"6 20 


1 24 

1 52 

2 20 

2 48 

3 19 

3 50 

4 23 

5 6 





D. M. 

H. M. 

8 10 

5 23 

7 48 

5 25 

7 26 

5 27 

7 4 

5 29 

6 41 

5 32 

6 19 

5 35 

5 57 

5 37 

5 54 

5 38 

5 11 

5 40 

4 48 

5 41 

4 26 

5 43 

4 3 

5 45 

3 40 

5 47 

3 17 

5 49 

2 53 

n 51 

2 30 

5 53 

2 7 

5 54 

1 44 

5 56 

1 21 

5 59 




6 2 


6 4 

5o. 13 

6 6 


6 7 


6 9 

1 23 

6 11 

1 46 

6 13 

1 10 

6 15 

2 33 

6 18 

2 57 

6 20 


M. M. 

7 10 
7 8 
7 5 
7 2 
6 59 
6 56 
G 53 
6 50 
6 48 
6 46 
6 44 
6 41 
6 38 
6 36 
6 33 
6 30 
6 27 
6 24 
6 22 
6 20 
6 17 
6 14 
6 11 
6 8 
6 6 
6 3 
5 59 
5 56 
5 53 


































A. M. 

6 3 

7 3 

9 7 

10 5 

11 1 
11 54 

P.M. 45 

1 35 

2 27 

3 19 

4 13 

5 9 

6 4 

6 57 

7 48 

8 36 

9 20 
10 3 

10 43 

11 23 

A.M. 2 


1 26 

2 13 

3 3 

3 57 

4 55 

5 54 

F.QVA . 




1 11 
1 31 

1 51 

2 11 
2 31 

2 52 

3 12 
3 33 

3 54 

4 15 
4 36 

4 57 

5 19 

5 40 

6 1 
6 22 

6 43 

7 5 
7 26 

7 46 

8 7 
8 28 

8 48 

9 8 
9 28 

9 48 r 

10 8 



OCTOBER, 1877. 
































































Full Moon, 22 7 31 a.m. f Perigee— 5th day, 5 a.m. 

Last Quarter 29 2 21p.m. \ Apogee — 17th day, 3 a.m. 

New Moon, 6 9 58p.m. 

First Quarter, 14 3 42 a.m. 


Pheasant Shooting begins 

Battle of Largs, 1263 

Robert Barclay died, 1690 

Convention Parliament, 1660 and 16G8.. 

Old Parr died, 1635 

Louis Philippe born, 1773 

Dr. Thomas Reid died, 1796 

Columbus discovered (Juba, 1492 

Dutch fleet defeated, 1797 

Benjamin West born, 1738 

Old Michaelmas day 

R. Stepl)enson died, 1859 

Tweed Fishing closes 

William Penn born, 1644 

(14) Battle of Hastings, 1066 

Houses of Parliament burned, 1834 

Fox Hunting begins 

Battle of Leipsic, 1813 

Dean Swift died, 1745 

Battle of Navarino, 1827 

Battle of Trafalgar, 1805 

Old Martinmas term 

Irish Rebellion, 1641 

Sir .J. Mackintosh born, 1765 

St. Crispin's day 

Battle of Balaclava, 1854 

Capiain Cook born, 1728 

Raleigh beheaded, 1618 

(2S) Saint Simon and Saint Jude 

Tower of London burned, 1841 

All Hallow-eve , 



H. M. 
6 34 

8 4 

9 45 
11 54 



1 40 

2 20 

2 59 

3 39 

4 16 

4 59 

5 51 

6 59 

8 26 

9 52 

10 57 

11 42 


1 5 

1 34 

2 6 

2 37 

3 13 

3 49 

4 32 

5 25 

6 32 

7 55 


H. M. 

7 17 

8 58 

10 24 

11 30 

"6 39 

1 19 


2 40 

3 19 

3 59 

4 36 

5 25 

6 22 

7 41 

9 13 

10 27 

11 20 
11 59 



1 19 

1 49 

2 20 

2 54 

3 31 

4 9 

4 57 

5 56 

7 13 

8 42 


D. M. 

3 20 

3 43 

4 6 
4 30 

4 53 

5 16 

5 39 

6 2 
6 25 

6 48 

7 10 
7 33 

7 55 

8 18 

8 40 

9 2 
9 24 
9 48 

10 8 
10 29 

10 51 

11 12 
11 33 

11 54 

12 15 
12 35 

12 56 

13 16 
13 36 

13 55 

14 15 


H. JI. 

6 21 
6 23 
6 25 
6 27 
6 29 
6 31 
6 33 
6 35 
6 37 
6 39 
6 41 
6 43 
6 45 
6 47 
6 50 
6 52 
6 54 
6 56 

6 58 


7 2 
7 5 
7 7 
7 9 
7 11 
7 13 
7 16 
7 18 
7 20 
7 22 
I 7 24 


11. M. 

5 51 

5 49 
5 46 
5 43 
5 40 
5 37 
5 34 
5 32 
5 29 
5 27 
5 24 
5 21 
5 IS 
5 16 
5 13 
5 10 
5 8 
5 6 
5 4 
5 2 
4 59 
4 56 
4 52 
4 49 
4 48 
4 47 
4 46 
4 43 
4 41 
4 39 
4 37 



























17 6 









A. H. 

6 54 

7 52 

8 47 

9 39 

10 30 

11 21 
P.M. 12 

1 5 

1 59 

2 55 

3 53 

4 4S 

5 41 

6 31 

7 17 


8 41 

9 20 

10 41 

11 24 

A.M. 9 


1 53 

2 50 

3 50 

4 49 

5 46 

6 40 

7 31 



M. S. 

10 27 

10 46 

11 4 
11 22 
11 40 

11 57 

12 15 
12 31 

12 47 

13 3 
13 18 
13 33 

13 47 

14 1 
14 14 
14 27 
14 39 

14 51 

15 1 
15 12 
15 21 
15 30 
15 39 
15 46 
15 53 

15 59 

16 5 
16 9 
16 13 
16 16 
16 18 

NOVEMBER, 1877. 





































































New Moon, 5 8 4Sa.m. 

First Quarter, 12 11 44 p.m. 


Full Moon, 20 10 19 p.m. -{ Apogee 

Last Quarter, 27 10 5 p.m. (^Perigee 

^Perigee— 2ndday, 2 a.m. 
13th day, 11 P.M. 
■27th day, 6 p.m. 




All Saints day 

All Souls 

Sir J. Leslie died, 1832 

King William landed, 1688 

Battle of Inkermann, 1854 

Princess Cliarlotte died, 1817 , 

Tweed rod-fishing closes 

Lord CoUiiigwood died, ISIO 

Prince of Wales born, 1.841 

Martin Luther born, 1483 

Martinmas Term day 

First Newspaper in Glasgow, 1715 

Battle of Sheriffmuir, 1715 

Curran died, 1817 

Great fire at New York, 1835 

Henry III. died, 1272 

Lotteries abjlished, 1826 

Hutchesou Bridge, Glasgow, fell, 1795 

Ch.nrles I. born, 1601 

Lord Hawke's victory, 1759 

Princess Royal born, 1840 

Old Martinmas Term 

Sir J. Barrow died, 1810 

John Knox died in Edinburgh, 1572 

James Watt born, 1713 

Dr. J. Black died, 1799 

Cowper tlie poet born, 1732 

Oliver Goldsmith born, 1713 

Times newspaper j)rinted by steam, 1814 
Saint Andrew's day 

9 23 

10 32 

11 26 


1 18 

1 58 

2 39 

3 20 


4 39 

5 28 

6 24 

7 30 

8 46 

9 53 

10 46 

11 32 

"6 29 
1 6 

1 41 

2 20 


3 44 

4 32 

5 26 

6 26 

7 35 

8 46 


H. M. 

9 59 
11 1 
11 50 



1 39 

2 19 

2 59 

3 40 

4 19 

5 3 

5 55 

6 56 

8 6 

9 20 

10 22 

11 10 
11 51 



1 24 


2 39 

3 23 

4 8 

4 58 

5 55 


8 9 

9 19 


D. M. 

14 34 

14 53 

15 12 
15 31 

15 49 

16 7 
16 25 
16 42 

16 59 

17 16 
17 33 

17 49 

18 5 
18 21 
18 36 

18 51 

19 8 
19 20 
19 34 

19 48 

20 1 
20 14 
20 27 
20 39 

20 51 

21 2 
21 13 
21 24 
21 34 
21 44 


H. M, 

7 26 
7 28 
7 31 
7 33 
7 36 
7 39 
7 40 
7 41 
7 43 
7 45 
7 47 
7 49 
7 51 
7 53 
7 55 

7 57 

8 2 
8 4 
8 6 
8 8 
8 10 
8 12 
8 13 
8 15 
8 16 
8 18 
8 20 
8 22 
8 24 


H. M. 

4 35 
4 33 
4 31 
4 29 
4 27 
4 25 
4 23 
4 20 
4 18 
4 16 
4 15 
4 13 
4 11 
4 10 
4 8 
4 6 
4 5 
4 3 
4 1 
3 59 
3 57 
3 55 
3 54 
3 53 
3 52 
3 51 
3 60 
3 49 
3 48 
3 47 
































24 1 


South.! Subt. 

A, 5L 

8 21 

9 10 
9 59 

10 50 

11 44 
P.M. 40 

1 38 

2 35 

3 80 

4 22 

5 10 

5 55 

6 36 

7 16 

7 56 

8 36 

9 18 

10 2 
16 51 

11 44 

A.M. 42 

1 42 

2 43 

3 41 

4 36 

5 28 

6 18 

7 5 
7 53 

M. S. 

16 20 
16 21 
16 20 
16 19 
16 17 
16 15 
16 11 
16 7 
16 2 
15 56 
15 49 
15 41 
15 32 
15 23 
15 13 
15 2 
14 50 
14 37 
14 24 
14 10 
13 54 
13 39 
13 22 
13 4 
12 46 
12 27 
12 7 
11 47 
11 26 
11 4 

AL:\IANAC and tide table for 1877 


DECEMBER, 1877. 




















































' We. 











D. H. M. 

New Moon, 4 10 4 p.m. 

First Quarter, 12 9 34 p.m. 


Full Moon 20 11 51a.m. 

Last Quarter, 27 6 20a 

.M. f Apogee — lltli day, S p.m. 
.M. ( Perigee — 23rd day, 2 p.m. 




Alexander of Russia died, 1S25 

First Sunday in Advent 

(2) Napoleon crowned, 1804 

Great Fire at Wapping. London, 1716... 

Macbeth slain, 1056 '. 

Sidney beheaded, 1683 

Marshal Ney shot, 1815 

Conception of B. V.Mary 

Washington died, 1799 

Grouse shooting ends 

Plymouth burned, 1377 

Cromwell declared Protector, 1653 

Dr. Johnson died, 1784 

Prince Albert died, 1861 

Arch. Ferdinand died, 1849 

John Selden died, 1584 

Sir H. Davy born, 1778 

New Style adopted, 1581 

Glasgow Royal Exchange founded, 1827.. 

Thomas Gray born; 1716 

Shortest Day. 

(21) Saint Thomas 

Duke of Guise assassinated, 1588 

Taylor, historian, died, 1S49 

Christmas day 

St. Stephen the martyr. 

St. John 

Holy Innocents' day 

Wycliffe died, 1334 

Jesuit Society founded, 1535 , 



H. M. 

9 52 

10 54 

11 47 


1 2 

1 45 

2 27 

3 7 

3 47 

4 24 

5 5 

5 49 

6 36 

7 27 

8 2,3 

9 34 

10 34 

11 29 

"6 41 

1 26 

2 9 

2 55 

3 43 

4 29 

5 18 

6 9 

7 2 

8 2 

9 13 
10 22 

10 24 

11 22 

'o 38 

1 25 

2 5 

2 47 

3 27 

4 5 

4 43 

5 27 

6 12 

7 1 
7 57 
9 3 

10 4 

11 3 
11 54 


1 4 

1 47 

2 35 

3 19 

4 5 

4 53 

5 43 

6 36 

7 30 

8 36 

9 47 
10 58 


D M. 

21 53 

22 2 
22 11 
22 19 
22 26 
22 34 
22 40 
22 47 
22 53 

22 58 

23 3 
23 8 
23 12 
23 15 
23 18 
23 31 
23 23 
23 25 
23 26 
23 27 
23 27 
23 27 
23 27 
23 26 
23 24 
23 22 
23 20 
23 17 
23 13 
23 9 





H. M. 

H. H. 


8 26 

3 46 


8 27 

3 45 


8 29 

3 44 

28' 1 

8 31 

3 43 

29 1 

S 33 

3 43 


8 35 

3 43 


8 36 

3 42 


8 37 

3 42 


8 38 

3 42 


8 39 

3 41 


8 40 

3 41 


S 41 

3 41 


8 42 

3 40 


8 43 

3 40 


8 44 

3 40 

10 6 

8 45 

3 40 


8 46 

3 40 


8 47 

3 40 


8 48 

3 41 


8 48 

3 41 


8 49 

3 41 


8 50 

3 41 


8 50 

3 42 


8 51 

3 42 


8 51 

3 43 


8 51 

3 44 


8 51 

3 45 


8 51 

3 46 


8 51 

3 47 


8 51 

3 49 


8 51 

3 50 I 26 6 

A. sr. 

8 43 

9 33 

10 27 

11 23 
P.M. 21 


2 11 

3 2 

3 48 

4 31 

5 12 

5 51 

6 30 

7 11 

7 53 

8 40 

9 31 

10 27 

11 27 

A.M. 29 

1 31 

2 29 

3 24 

4 15 

5 3 

5 51 

6 39 

7 29 

8 21 

9 15 


M. S. 

10 41 
10 18 
9 54 
9 30 
9 5 
8 39 
8 IS 
7 46 
7 19 
6 52 
6 24 
5 56 
5 28 
4 59 
4 30 
4 1 
3 21 
3 2 
2 32 
2 2 
1 32 
1 2 


1 27 

1 56 

2 26 

2 55 

3 21 

JANUARY, 187 8. 
































































New Moon, 3 2 3 p.m. I Full Moon 19 11a.m. J" Apogee — 8th day, 4 p.m. 

First Quarter 11 6 47 p.m. | Last Quarter, 25 3 49 p.m. ( t'erigee— 20th day, 2 p.m. 


Union of England and Ireland, 1801, 

General Wolfe born, 1727 

Wedgeworth died, 1795 

Fire at Sheerness, 1830 

Dividends on stock due 


Allan Ram.say died, 1758 

Dividends payable at Bank of England... 

Fontenelle died, 1757 

Glasgow (Queen St.) Theatre burned, 1S29 

Sir Hans Sloane died, 1152 

Jfaximilian I. died, 1819 

Old New-Year's Day 

Dr. Halley died, 1742 

(16) Sir John Moore died, 1809 

Battle of Corunna, 1809 

Benjamin Franklin born, 1706 

Robert M'Nish died, 1836 

James Watt born, 1736 

American Independence, 1783 

Plague in Edinburgh, 1G37 

Lord Byron born, 1788 

William Pitt died, 1806 

Frederick the Great born, 1712 

Princess Royal married, 1858 

Brazil discovered, 1496 

Earthquake at Glasgow, 1808 

Peter the Great died, 1725 

George III. died, 1820 

Martyrdom of King Charles I., 1049 

George IV. proclaimed, 1820...!... 



H. M. 

"6 "2 


1 .10 

2 18 

2 56 

3 32 

4 6 

4 38 

5 10 
5 47 
5 26 

7 14 

8 14 

9 32 

10 49 

11 57 


1 16 

2 1 

2 40 

3 31 

4 15 

4 57 

5 40 

6 25 

7 19 

8 29 


11 22 


n. M. 
11 38 


1 19 


2 37 

3 14 

3 50 

4 22 

4 54 

5 28 

6 5 
5 49 

7 42 

8 52 

10 12 

11 24 

"6 51 

1 39 

2 24 

3 8 

3 52 

4 37 

5 18 

6 2 

6 51 

7 50 

9 15 

10 42 

11 59 


D, M. 

22 55 
22 49 
22 43 
22 36 
22 29 
22 22 
22 14 
22 5 
21 50 
21 47 
21 37 
21 27 
21 17 
21 6 
20 55 
20 43 
20 31 
20 18 
20 5 
19 52 
19 38 
19 24 
19 10 
18 55 
18 40 
18 25 
IS 9 
17 53 
17 37 
17 20 


H. M. 

S 51 
8 50 
8 49 
S 48 
8 48 
8 47 
8 47 
8 47 
8 46 
8 46 
8 45 
8 44 
8 42 
8 41 
8 40 
8 39 
8 38 
8 36 
8 35 
I 8 34 
I 8 32 
I 8 31 
8 29 
8 38 
8 26 
8 24 
8 22 
8 20 
. 8 19 
! 8 18 
8 17 


It. M. 

3 51 
3 52 
3 53 I 
3 55 I 
3 56 
3 57 5 
3 59 

4 2 
4 4 
4 6 
4 8 
4 10 
4 12 
4 14 
4 16 
4 17 
4 20 
4 21 
4 23 
4 24 
4 26 
4 27 
4 29 
4 31 
4 33 
4 36 
4 39 
4 42 
4 44 
4 46 

mooiT. i 




A. M. 



11 7 


P.M. 2 




1 41 


2 26 


3 7 


3 47 


4 26 


5 5 


5 46 


6 30 


7 18 


8 10 


9 8 


10 9 


11 12 



A.M, 13 


1 11 


2 5 


2 57 


3 46 


4 36 


5 26 


6 17 


7 11 


8 6 


9 2 


9 56 


10 48 

3 52 1 

4 20 j 

4 48 I 

5 16 i 

5 43 

6 10 j 

6 36 

7 1 
7 26 I 

7 51 

8 15 

8 33 

9 1 
9 23 
9 44 

10 5 
10 25 

10 44 

11 2 
11 20 
11 37 

11 53 

12 8 
12 23 
12 37 

12 50 

13 2 
13 14 
13 25 
13 35 
13 34 



FEBRUARY, 1878. 









25 I JNIou 

26 Tu. 

27 We. 

28 Th. 


























New Moon, 2 8 17 a.m. I Full Moon, 17 11 17 a.m. f Apogee — 5th day, 7 a.m. 

First Quarter, 10 117 p.m. | Last Quarter 24 3 12 a.m. (^ Perigee— 18th day, 1 a.m. 


Fisheries north of Tweed open 

Candlemas day 

(2) Partridge and Pheasant Shooting ends. 

Robert Blair died, 174G 

Sir Robert Peel born, 1788 

Charles II. died, 1685 

Bishop Keith bom, 1631 

(9) Glasgow Cathedral consecrated, 1133... 

Mariners' Compass invented, 1302 

Queen Victoria married, 1840 

Washington born, 1723 

Lady Jane Gray beheaded, 1554 

William Parry died 

Valentine day 

T^veed iishing opens 

Coaclies first used, 1519 

J. M-Pherson died. 1796 

Luther died, 1546 

Galileo born, 1564 

Garricls. born, 1716 

James I. assassinated, 1437 

Admiral Ferguson died, 1816 

Sir J. lieynolds died, 1792 

Handel, musician, born, 1684 

Earl of Essex beheaded, 1601 

J. P. Kemble died, 1823 

Hare hunting ends 

Dr. Arbuthiiot died, 1735 


u. m, 


1 33 

2 7 

2 39 

3 10 

3 40 

4 9 

4 37 

5 6 

5 41 

6 21 

7 17 

8 38 

10 15 

11 37 


1 1 

1 46 

2 28 

3 9 

3 50 

4 31 

5 9 

5 52 

6 45 

7 57 

9 39 
11 9 

H. M. 
1 13 

1 51 

2 24 

2 55 

3 25 

3 55 

4 24 

4 51 

5 22 


6 47 

7 53 
9 28 



1 24 

2 7 

2 49 

3 SO 

4 11 

4 49 

5 30 

6 18 

7 18 

8 46 

10 26 

11 44 


D. M. 

17 8 
16 46 
16 28 
16 10 
15 52 
15 34 
15 15 
14 56 
14 37 
14 17 
13 58 
13 38 
13 18 
12 57 
12 37 
12 16 
11 55 
11 34 
11 13 
10 51 
10 30 
10 8 
9 46 
9 24 
9 1 
8 39 
8 17 
7 54 



H. M. 

H. M. 

8 15 

4 48 

8 13 

4 50 

8 11 

4 52 

8 9 

4 54 

8 7 

4 56 

8 5 

4 59 

8 3 

5 1 

7 59 

5 4 

7 58 

5 6 

7 56 

5 8 

7 53 

5 10 

7 51 

5 12 

7 49 

5 15 

7 46 

5 17 

7 44 

5 19 

7 42 

5 21 

7 40 

5 23 

7 38 

5 25 

7 36 

5 27 

7 34 

5 29 

7 32 

5 32 

7 30 

5 34 

7 27 

5 36 

7 25 

5 39 

7 23 

5 42 

7 21 

5 45 

7 19 

5 47 

7 16 

5 50 





















17 2 











A. M. 

11 37 

P.M. 22 

1 5 

1 45 

2 24 

3 3 

3 43 

4 25 

5 10 

5 59 

6 52 

7 50 

8 51 

9 52 

10 51 

11 48 


1 34 

2 26 

3 17 

4 10 

5 5 

6 1 

6 57 

7 52 

8 45 

9 34 


M. S. 

13 52 

14 6 
14 12 
14 17 
14 21 
14 25 
14 28 
14 29 
14 30 
14 30 
14 29 
14 28 
14 26 
14 23 
14 19 
14 15 
14 10 
14 4 
13 57 
13 50 
13 42 
13 34 
13 25 
13 16 
13 6 
12 55 
12 44 

MARCH, 1878. 











































































D. H. M. 

New Moon, 4 3 18a.m. 

First Quarter, 12 4 1a.m. 

PHASES OF THE MOON. , Apogee- 4th day, U A.si. 

Full Moon, ...18 9 7 p.m. -; Perigee— ISth day, 1 p.m. 

Last Quarter, 25 4 50 p.m. (_ Apogee— 31st day, 2 p.m. 


St David 

Emperor Nicholas died, 1855 

Shrove Sunday 

Jamaica discovered by Columbus, 1494, 

Dr. Arne died, 1827 

Asli Wednesday 

Brwce's tomb discovered, 1818 

William III. died, 1702 

Earl Fitzwilliam died, 1838 

First Sunday in Lent 

Court of Session rises 

St. Giegory 

Georgiura Sidus discovered, 1781 

Admiral Byngshot, 1757 

Ralph Erskine born, 1683 

Gustavus III. assassinated, 1792 

St. Patrick's Day 

Princess Louisa bora, 1848 

(20) Sir Isaac Newton died, 1727 

Day and night equal 

(22) Cianmer burned 

Laplace born, 1749 

battle of Lessa, 1811 

Queen Elizabeth died, 1603 

Lady day 

Beethoven died 

Robert Bruce crowned, 1306 

Abercrombie died, 1801 

Battle of Toulon, 1461 

Watches brought to England, 1597 

Russian war ended, 1856 




H. M. 

H. M. 




1 15 

1 31 

1 46 

2 1 

2 15 

2 28 

2 42 

2 55 

3 9 

3 23 

3 38 

3 51 

4 5 

4 19 

4 37 

4 50 

5 7 

5 27 

5 49 

6 15 

6 46 

7 24 

8 12 

9 5 

9 53 

10 38 

11 17 

11 49 




1 21 

1 41 

2 1 

2 22 

2 42 

3 3 

3 33 

3 44 

4 4 

4 25 

4 45 

5 6 

5 28 

5 54 

6 23 

6 56 

7 36 

8 21 

9 13 


10 39 

11 14 

11 42 




D. M. 

7 31 
7 8 
6 45 
6 22 
5 59 
5 36 
5 13 
4 49 
4 26 
4 2 
3 39 
3 15 
2 51 
2 28 
2 4 
1 40 
1 17 
N. 18 


1 5 
1 29 

1 53 

2 16 

2 40 

3 3 
3 26 

3 50 

4 13 


H. JI. 

7 11 
7 8 
7 5 
7 3 
7 1 
6 58 
6 56 
6 53 
6 50 
6 48 
6 46 
6 44 
6 41 
6 39 
6 36 
6 34 
6 31 
6 28 
6 25 
6 22 
6 19 
6 16 
6 14 
6 11 
6 9 
6 6 
6 3 
5 58 
5 56 
5 54 


H. M. 

5 49 
5 51 
5 53 
5 55 

5 57 

6 2 
6 4 
6 6 
6 8 
6 11 
6 13 
6 16 
6 18 
8 20 
6 21 
6 23 
6 25 
6 26 
6 28 
6 30 
6 32 
6 34 
6 36 
6 38 
6 41 
6 43 
6 45 
6 47 
6 49 
6 51 
















9 4 















24 4 





A. II. 

10 20 

11 3 
11 44 

P.M. 24 
1 3 

1 42 

2 23 

3 7 

3 54 

4 45 

5 39 

6 37 

7 36 

8 34 

9 30 

10 25 

11 18 

A.M. 10 

1 2 

1 56 

2 52 

3 50 

4 48 

5 45 

6 40 

7 31 

8 18 

9 2 
9 43 

10 23 


M. S. 

12 32 
12 20 
12 7 
11 S5 
11 41 
11 27 
11 13 
10 58 
10 43 
10 27 
10 11 
9 55 
9 39 
9 22 
9 5 
8 47 
8 30 
8 12 
7 54 
7 36 
7 17 
6 59 
6 41 
6 23 
6 4 
5 46 
5 27 
5 9 
4 51 
4 S2 
4 14 



APRIL, 18 78. 





























































D. H. M. 

New Moon, 2 9 14 p.m. 

First Quarter, 10 2 55 p.m. 


Full Moon, 17 5 57 a.m. f Perigee— 15th day.ll p.m. 

Last Quarter 24 8' 33 a.m. I Apogee— 28th day, 3 a.m. 


All Fools' Day 

Battle of Copenhagen, 1801 

Kev. John Howie died, 1705 

Oliver Goldsmith died, 1775 

Insurrection in Greece, 1862 

Game Certificates expire, 

Henry Bell born, 1767 

Petrarch crowned atKome, 1341.. 

Lord Bacon died, 1626 

Sir J. Frinttle hurn, 1707 

Rowland hIiI died, 1833 

America discovered, 1492 

Vaccination introduced, 1796 

Palm Sunday 

Mutiny at Spithead, 1797 

Battle of Culloden, 1746 , 

Benjamin Franklin died, 1790 

Abernetliy died, 1841 

Good Friday 

Great agitation at Leghorn, 1849. 

Easter Sunday 

Duke of Susse-N. died, 1813 

St. George 

(25) Oliver Cromwell born, 1599... 
Ducliess of Gloucester born, 1776. 

Plague in London, 1665 

James Bruce died, 1794 

Low Sunday 

Mutiny of Bounty, 1789 

War with France, 1803 



H. M. 


1 13 

1 42 

2 9 

2 38 

3 7 

3 38 

4 11 

4 48 

5 34 

6 36 


9 34 

10 47 

11 44 


1 33 

2 16 


3 42 

4 27 

5 13 

6 7 

7 10 

8 30 

9 49 

10 50 

11 37 


B. M. 


1 28 

1 54 

2 24 

2 52 

3 22 

3 54 

4 29 

5 10 

6 3 

7 11 

8 48 

10 12 

11 17 

"6 27 
1 11 

1 54 

2 37 

3 21 

4 4 

4 49 

5 39 

6 37 

7 49 

9 12 

10 22 

11 15 
11 57 





D M. 

4 36 

4 59 

5 22 

5 45 

6 8 
6 31 

6 53 

7 15 

7 38 

8 22 

8 44 

9 6 
9 28 
9 49 

10 11 
10 32 

10 53 

11 14 
11 34 

11 55 

12 15 
12 35 

12 55 

13 14 
13 24 

13 54 

14 12 
14 31 
14 49 

n. M. 
5 51 
5 48 
5 46 
5 43 
5 40 
5 38 
5 35 
5 32 
5 29 
5 27 
5 25 
5 23 
5 21 
5 IS 
5 15 
5 13 
5 10 
5 7 
5 4 
5 2 
4 59 
4 57 
4 55 
4 53 
4 51 
4 49 
4 46 
4 43 
4 41 
4 40 


H. M, 

6 52 

6 54 
6 56 

6 58 

7 2 
7 4 


7 23 
7 25 
7 27 
7 29 
7 31 
7 33 
7 35 
7 37 
7 39 
7 41 
7 43 
7 45 
7 47 
7 49 
7 51 


29 4 
10 6 
17 6 
19 6 
20' 6 


A. M. 

11 2 

11 42 

P.M. 22 

1 6 

1 52 

2 41 

3 34 

4 30 

5 27 

6 24 

7 19 

8 12 

9 4 
9 55 

10 46 

11 39 

A.M. 34 

1 33 

2 32 

3 32 

4 30 

5 24 

6 13 

6 59 

7 41 

8 22 

9 1 
9 40 

10 21 



M. S. 

3 56 
3 3S 
3 20 
3 2 

2 45 I 
2 27 
2 10 
1 53 
1 3G 
1 20 
1 4 


1 S 
1 21 
1 33 

2 18 
2 27 
2 37 
2 46 
2 54 

MAY, 1878. 

New Moon, 2 50 p.m. 

First Quarter 9 10 32 p.m. 


Full Moon, 16 2 31 p.m. f Perigee— 15th day, a.m. 

Last Quarter, 24 1 42 a.m. (Apogee — 25tli day, 9 p.m. 























23 i Th. 

24 I Fr. 

25 Sat. 

26 Sun 

27 Mon, 

28 Tu. 

29 We. 

30 Th. 

Union of England and Scotland, 1707 

Princess Charlotte maiTied, 1816 

Archbishop Sharpe killed, 1679 ,. 

Henry VI. murdered, 1471 

Napoleon died at St. Helena, 1S21 

Battle of Prague, 1757 

Hamburg burnt, 1842 

(7 ) James I. an'ived in London, 1603 

Schiller died, 1805 

Battle of Lodi, 1796 

Earl Chatham died, 1778 

Lord Strafford beheaded, 1641 

Battle of Langside, 1568 

Great Fire, Billingsgate, London, 1809.... 

New Whitsunday term 

Sir William Petty born, 1623 

R. TannahlU died, 1810 

Bonaparte made emperor, 1804 

(18) Secession of the Free Church, 1843.. 

Columbus died, 1506 

Montrose executed, 1650 

Battle of St. Albans, 1455 

Battle of Ramillies, 1706 

Queen Victoria born, 1819 

Princess Helena born, 1846 

Rogation Sunday 

Capture of Palermo, 1860 

William Pitt born, 1759 

(28) Whitsuntide 

Holy Thursday 

Anne Boleyn crowned, 1533 


H. M. 


1 6 

1 37 

2 9 

2 42 

3 20 

3 58 

4 40 

5 31 

6 34 

7 46 
9 4 

10 8 

11 9 
11 59 


1 12 

1 58 

2 43 

3 29 

4 12 

4 56 

5 45 

6 38 

7 36 

8 42 

9 45 

10 39 

11 29 



H, M. 


1 42 

1 53 

2 26 

3 2 

3 38 

4 18 

5 4 


7 9 

8 24 

9 39 

10 40 

11 34 

"6 49 

1 36 

2 21 

3 5 

3 51 

4 33 

5 20 

6 11 

7 7 

8 8 

9 15 

10 14 

11 5 
11 51 


SUN s 


D. M. 

15 7 
15 25 
15 43 

15 1 

16 18 
16 35 

16 51 

17 8 
17 24 
17 40 

17 55 

18 11 
18 25 
18 40 

18 54 

19 8 
19 22 
19 35 

19 48 

20 1 
20 13 
20 25 
20 37 
20 48 

20 59 

21 9 
21 20 
21 29 
21 39 
21 48 
21 57 


H. M. 

4 37 
4 35 
4 33 
4 31 
4 28 
4 25 
4 23 
4 21 
4 19 
4 17 
4 15 
4 13 
4 12 
4 10 
4 8 
4 6 
4 4 
4 3 
4 1 
3 59 
3 57 
3 55 
3 54 
3 52 
3 51 
3 50 
3 49 
3 48 
3 46 
3 45 
3 47 


II. M. 

7 51 
7 53 
7 56 

7 58 

8 2 
8 4 
8 6 
8 8 
8 10 
8 12 
8 14 
8 15 
8 17 
8 19 
8 21 
8 23 
8 25 
8 27 
8 29 
8 30 
8 32 
8 34 
8 35 
8 37 
8 38 
8 40 
8 42 
8 44 
8 45 
8 47 




A. M. 

11 2 

11 48 

P.M. 38 

1 30 

2 26 

3 23 

4 19 

5 14 

6 7 

6 57 

7 46 

8 35 

9 26 

10 10 

11 15 

A.M. 14 

1 15 

2 15 

3 12 

4 4 

4 52 

5 37 

6 18 

6 58 

7 37 

8 17 

8 58 

9 43 

10 31 

11 23 



H. S. 

3 1 
3 9 
3 15 
3 21 
3 27 
3 32 
3 36 
3 40 
3 43 
3 46 
3 48 
3 50 
3 51 
3 51 
3 51 
3 51 
3 49 
3 48 
3 45 
3 42 
3 39 
3 35 
3 31 
3 25 
3 20 
3 14 
3 7 
2 52 
2 44 
2 30 

JA]\IES YUILLE, Teacher of Mathematics and Navigation. 


The following is a list of Stamp Duties according to the schedule of the Act 33 and 34 Vict. c. 97 
(amended by 34 Vict. c. 4, and 34 and 35 Vict. c. 103), with the Duty on Policies of Sea Insurance, 
Letters Patent, Patent Medicine, and Plate, and Inventory, Legacy, and Succession Duties, which remain 
under the former Acts. Generally, the items are given in the words of the schedule. New matter is put 
within brackets. When the sections are merely cited without the Act, they are the sections of 33 and 34 
Vict. c. 97. All items in the schedule of the Act relating solely to England and Ireland are excluded. In 
the same session were passed the Acts 33 and 34 Vict. c. 98, Stamp Duties Management, and 33 and 34 
Vict. c. 99, repealing certain enactments relating to the Stamp Duties. 

The Act 33 and 34 Vict. c. 97, came into operation on 1st January, 1871, and by § 3 the exemptions in 
other Acts in force are preserved. 

The attention of the public may be directed to the 
following matters: — 

1. The general deed duty, or duty on a deed, not 
otherwise charged, is reduced to 10s. 

2. Progressive duty on words is not imposed. 

3. Provisions are made for charging ad valorem 
duty on conveyances in respect of periodical pay- 
ments or annuities. — (§ 72.) 

4. An agreement for a lease for a term not ex- 
ceeding thirty-five years is to be charged with the 
lease duty. — (§ 96.) 

5. An instrument chargeable as a lease in con- 
sideration, in whole or in part, of produce or other 
gOods — 

Where it is stipulated that the value shall amount 
to or not exceed a given sum, ad valorem lease 
duty on such sum. 

A statement in the lease in regard to the value of 
such produce or goods to be conclusive as to 
stamp dutv, unless and until shown to be incor- 
rect.— (§ 97.) 

6. A notarial instrument is liable to the same duty 
as an instrument of seisin — to wit, 5s. 

7. Any instrument specifically charged by any 
previous Act with the duty of 35s., is chargeable 
with the duty of 10s.— (§ 4.) 

8. Instruments relating to the property of the 
crown, and to the private property of the sovereign, 
are liable to same duties as instruments relating to 
the property of the subject, except where express 
provision is made to the contrary. — (§ 5.) 

9. Instruments are to be so stamped that the 
stamp may appear on the face of the instrument, and 
cannot be applied to any other instrument written 
upon the same piece of material. — § 7 (1.) Every 
instrument on the same piece of material is to be 
separately stamped. — § 7 (2.) 

10. Instruments relating to several distinct mat- 
ters are to be separately stamped in respect of each. 
. — § 8 (1.) An instrument liable to ad valorem duty, 
if made for any other valuable consideration, is to be 
cliarged in respect of it, as if it were a separate in- 
strument for such. — § 8 (2.) 

11. An appropriate stamp (by word on the face of 
it) cannot be used for an instrument of another de- 
scription. — § 9 (1.) An instrument of the description 
to which a stamp is appropriated is not to be duly 
stamped unless stamped with the stamp appropriated 
to it.— § 9 (2.) 

12. All the facts and circumstances affecting the 
liability of an instrument to ad valorem duty, or the 
amount of it, are to be fully and truly set forth. If 
not, penalty on person who executes and on person 
concerned in the preparation, £10. — (§ 10 ) 

13. Instrument chargeable with ad valorem duty 
in respect of money in foreign or colonial currency, 
the duty to be calculated on the value in British 
currency, according to the current rate of exchange at 
the date of the instrument. — (§ 11.) 

14. Instrument chargeable with ad valorem duty 
in respect of stock or marketable security, the duty 
to be calculated on the value, according to the aver- 
age price at the date of the instrument. — (§ 12.) 

15. If the instrument contains a statement of the 
current rate of exchange, or average price, and is 
stamped accordingly, it is to be deemed duly stamped 
until statement shown to be untrue, and that the 
instrument is in fact insufSciently stamped. — (§ 13.) 

16. The duties apply to instruments executed in 
the United Kingdom, and to instruments wheresoever 
executed, relating to property situated, or to any 
matter or thing done or to be done, in the United 
Kingdom. — (§ 17.) 

17. No instrument, except in criminal proceedings, 
shall be pleaded or given in evidence, or admitted to 
be good, useful, or available in law or equity, unless 
it is duly stamped in accordance with the law in force 
when executed. — (§ 17.) 

18. If any person registers an instrument not duly 
stamped, penalty, £10.— (§ 22.) 

19. Except where express provision is made to the 
contrary, all duties are to be denoted by impressed 
stamps only. — (§ 23.) 

Adhesive Stamps. See separate heading. 

Admission as an advocate in any court, - £50. 
Exemption. — A person duly admitted as an advo- 
cate in any court in England, Scotland, or Ireland, 
his admission as an advocate in any other court 
in the same country is exempt. 

Admission in Scotland of any person. — (1.) As a , 
writer to the signet, or as a solicitor, agent, or 
attorney in the Court of Session, Justiciary, or 
Commission of Teinds — if £60 indenture duty paid, 
£25. If previously duly adniitted in any inferior 
court, £30. In any other case, £85. 
(2.) As a procurator or solicitor in any inferior 
court — 2s. 6d. indentcre duty paid, £54 17s. 6d. 
In any other case, £55. 



f An enrolled law agent who has paid the stamp duty 
exigible by law on admission to practise as an 
agent in a Sheriff Court, shall be qualified to sign 
the roll of agents practising in the Court of Session 
on paying the difference between such duty and the 
duty chargeable on admission to practise in the 
Court of Session. 36 and 37 Vict. c. 63, § 17.] 

Exemptions. — (1.) A person duly admitted in the 
Court of Session, &c., his admission to act in any 
inferior court is exempt. (2.) A person duly ad- 
mitted in any inferior court, his admission in any 
ather inferior court is exempt from duty. 

Admission as a Fellow of the College of Physicians 
in Scotland, £25. 

Admission to the degree of Doctor of Medicine in 
either of the Universities in Scotland, - £10. 

Admission as a Burgess, or into any corporation or 
company in any burgh, - - - - 5s. 
ExemiJtivn. — Admission of a craftsman or other 
person into any corporation within any royal burgh, 
burgh of royalty, or burgh of barony, incorporated 
by the magistrates and council of such burgh, pro- 
vided such craftsman or other person has been 
previously duly admitted a freeman or burgess of 
the burgh. 

Admission to act as a notary-public, £20. See 

Admission and Appointment or Grant by any 
writing to or of any office or employment : 

Where the annual salary, fees, or emoluments do not 

exceed £100, - - - - £2 

Exc. £100, not exc. £150, - - 4 

" 150, " 200, - - 6 

" 200, " 250, - - 8 

" 250, " 300, - - 10 

" 300, for every £100, and also for any frac- 
tional part of £100, £5. 

[It is admission to or of any office or employment by 
writing which is charged with these ad valorem 
duties. The engagement of a person to perform 
work or business, such as examining under the 
Universities (Scotland) Act, would not seem to be 
liable. See Agreement.] 

Exemptions. — (1.) Admission proceeding upon a 
duly stamped appointment or grant. 

(2.) First appointment of out-door officer, &c., of 
the customs. 

(3.) Periodieal re-admission cr re- appointment to 
any ofBce or employment of any person who has 
been onr t duly appointed as such. 

irFiDAViT, or Statutory Declaration made 
under the provisions of 5 and 6 Will. IV. c. 
62, - - - - - - - 2s. 6d. 

Various Exemi^tions, and amongst others — Affidavit 
or declaration required by law, and made before 
any justice of the peace. 
Agreement. See Covenant, Mortgage, Lease 
or Tack. 

[Agreement for Lease, or with respect to letting 
of lands, &c., for terms not exceeding 35 years, 
liable to lease duty, § 96 (1). Subsequent lease 
to be charged with duty of 6d., § 96 (2 J.] 
Agreement or Contract made or entered into 
pursuant to the Highway Acts for or relating to 
making, maintaining, or repairing highways, 6d. 

Agreement, or any Memorandum of an Agree- 
ment, made in England or Ireland under hand 
only, or made in Scotland without any clause of 
registration, not specifically charged with duty, 
whether the same be only evidence of a contract or 
obligatory upon the parties from its being a writ- 
ten instrument, - - - - - 6d. 
Exemptions. — Where the matter is not of the value 
of £5 ; agreement — for the hire of any labourer, 
artificer, manufacturer, or menial servant ; relating 
to the sale of any goods, wares, or merchandise; 
between the masters and mariners of any ship or 
vessel for wages on any voyage coastwise from port 
to port in the United Kingdom. 

Allotment. See Letter of Allotment. 

Annuity, Conveyance in Consideration of. See Con- 
veyance on Sale; Mortgage, «S;c. ; Bond, 
Covenant, &c. 

Appointment, whether by way of Donation, Presen- 
tation, or Nomination, and Admission, Colla- 
tion, or Institution to, or Licence to Hold, 
any ecclesiastical benefice in Scotland, - £2. 

Exemptions. — Admission, collation, institution, or 
ficense proceeding upon a duly stamped donation, 
presentation, or nomination. 

Appointment of a new Trustee, and Appointment 
in execution of a power of any property, or of any 
ute, ihare, or interest in any property, by any 
instrument not being a will, _ - _ iQs. 

Appraisement or Valuation of any property, or 
of any interest therein, or of the annual value 
thereof, or of any dilapidations, or of any repairs 
wanted, or of the materials and labour used or to 
be used in any building, or of any artificers' 
work whatsoever, where amount does not ex- 
ceed £5, - - - - - £0 3 
Exc. £5 and not exc. £10, - - - 6 
"10 " 20,- - -010 
"20 " 30,- - - 1 6 
"SO " 40,- - -020 
"40 " 50,- - - 2 6 
" 50 " 100,- - -050 
" 100 " 200,- - - 10 
" 200 " 500,- - - 15 
" 500, - - - - -100 

Exemptions. — (1.) Made for, and for the informa- 
tion of, one party only, and not being in any 
manner obligatory as between parties either by 
agreement or operation of law. 

(2.) Made in pursuance of the order of any Court of 
Admiralty or Vice-Admiralty, or of any Court of 
Appeal from any sentence, adjudication, or judg- 
ment of any Court of Admiralty or Vice- Admiralty. 

(3.) Made for the purpose of ascertaining the legacy 
or succession duty on property appraised; and also, 
after 21st August, 1871, made of the property of 
a deceased person for the information of the execu- 
tor required to record an inventory, 34 and 35 Vict. 
c. 103, § 26. 
Apprenticeship, instrument of, where no premium 
or consideration, - - - - 2s. 6d. 

In any other case, for every £5, and also for any 
fractional part of £5, of the amount or value of 
the premium or consideration, - - - 5s. 

Exemption. — For poor child at the sole charge of 
parish or public charity. 



Akticlbs of Clerkship whereby any person first 
becomes bound to serve as a clerk, in order to bis 
admission as a writer to tbe signet, or as a solicitor, 
agent, or attorney in tbe Court of Session, Justi- 
ciary, or Commission of Teinds in Scotland, £60 ; 
as a procurator or solicitor in any inferior court in 
Scotland, - - - - " - - 2s. 6d. 
Articles of Clerkship, whereby any person, having 
been before bound by duly stamped articles to serve 
as a clerk in order to his admission in any of the 
courts aforesaid, and not having completed his 
service so as to be entitled to such admission, 
becomes bound afresh for the same purpose, 10s. 
Assignment or Assignation. See Mortgage, 

&c., and Conveyance. 

Attorney. See Letter of Attorney. 

Award or Decreet- Arbitral in Scotland, where 

the amount or value of the matter in dispute does 

not exceed £5, - - - - £0 3 

Exceeding £5, not exceeding £10, - 6 

10, " 20, -010 

" 20, " 30, - 1 6 

" 30, " 40, -020 

" 40, " 50, - 2 6 

" 50, " 100, -050 

" 100, " 200, - 10 

" 200, " 500, - 15 

" 500, " 750, -10 

" 750, " 1000, -15 

And where it exceeds £1000, and in any 

other case not above provided for, - 115 

Bank Note — 

For money not exceeding £1. - - Os. 5d. 
Exceeding £1, not exceeding £2, - Os. lOd. 
" 2 " 5, - Is. 3d. 

5 " 10, - Is. 9d. 

" 10 " 20, - 23. Od. 

" 20 " 30, - 3s. Od. 

" 30 " 50, - 5s. Od. 

" 60 " 100, - 8s. 6d. 

Bill of Exchange — Payable on demand, - Id. 
[Bill of exchange or promissory note drawn after 
14th August, 1871, payable at sight or presenta- 
tion, shall bear the same stamp as and shall be 
deemed to be a bill of exchange or promissory note 
payable on demand, 34 and 35 Vict. c. 74, § 2. 
Bill so payable, dated between 1st January, 1871, 
and 14th August, 1871, both dates inclusive, 
stamped as bill on demand on payment of addi- 
tional duty, shall be admitted as evidence, § 4.] 
An Order for the payment of any sum of money by 
a bill of exchange or promissory note, - - Id. 
An Order for the delivery of any bill of exchange or 
promissory note in satisfaction of any sum of 
money, ------- Id. 

An Order for the payment of any sum of money out 
of any particular fund which may or may not be 
available, or upon any condition or contingency 
which may or may not be performed or happen, Id. 
An Order for the payment of any sum of money 
weekly, monthly, or at any other stated periods. Id. 
An Order for the payment by any person at any 
time after the date thereof of any sum of money, 
and sent or delivered by the person making the 
same to the person by whom the payment is to be 
made, and not to the person to whom the payment 
is to be made, or to any person on his behalf. Id. 

Bill of Exchange of any other kind whatsoever 

(^except a bank note) and Promissory Note of 

any kind whatsoever (^except a bank note) — drawn, 

or expressed to be payable, or actually paid, or 

endorsed, or in any manner negotiated in the 

United Kingdom, where the amount or value of 

the money for which the bill or note is drawn oi- 

made does not exceed £5, - - - Os. Id. 

Exceeding £5, and not exceeding £10, - Os. 2d. 

" 10, " 25, - Os. 3d. 

" 25, " 50, - Os. 6d. 

50, " 75, - Os. 9d. 

" 75, " 100, - Is. Od. 

For every £100, and also for any fractional 
part of £100, of such amount or value, - Is. Od. 

Exemptions. — (1.) Bill or note issued by the Bank 
of England or Bank of Ireland. 

(2.) Draft or order by a banker in United Kingdom 
upon another banker in United Kingdom, not pay- 
able to bearer or to order, and used solely for the 
purpose of setthng or clearing any account between 
such bankers. 

(3.) Letter written by a banker in United Kingdom 
to any other banker in United Kingdom, directing 
the payment of any sum of money, the same not 
being payable to bearer or to order, and such letter 
not being sent or delivered to the person to whom 
payment is to be made, or to any person on his 

(4.) Letter of credit granted in United Kingdow 
authorising drafts to be drawn out of United 
Kingdom payable in United Kingdom. 

(5.) Draft or order drawn by the Accountant- 
General of the Court of Chancery in England or 

(6.) Warrant or order for the payment of any 
annuity granted by the Commissioners for the 
Reduction of the National Debt, or for the pay- 
ment of any dividend or interest on any share in 
the Government or Parliamentary stocks or funds. 

(7.) Bill drawn by the Lords Commissioners of the 
Admiralty, or by any person under their authority 
(see 35 and 36 Vict. c. 20, sec. 7), upon and pay- 
able by the Accountant-General of the Navy. 

(8.) Bill drawn (according to a form prescribed by 
Her Majesty's orders by any person duly authorized 
to draw the same) upon and payable out of any 
public account for any pay or allowance of the army 
or other expenditure connected therewith. 

(9.) Coupon or warrant for interest attached to and 
issued with any security. 

Bill of Lading of or for any goods, merchandise, or 

effects to be exported or carried coastwise, - 6d. 
Bill of Sale. — Absolute — See Conveyance on 

Sale. By way of Security. — See Mortgage, &c. 
Bond for securing the payment or repayment of 

money, or the transfer or retraasfer of Stock. See 

Mortgage, &c. 
Bond in relation to any annuity upon the original 

creation and sale thereof. See Conveyance on 

Bond, Covenant, or Instrument of any kind 

(1.) Being the only or principal or primary security 

for any annuity (except upon the original creation 

thereof by way of sale or security), or of any sum 

or sums of money at stated periods not being 



interest for any principal sum secured by a duly 
stamped instrument, nor rent reserved by a lease or 

For a definite and certain period, so that the total 
amount to be ultimately payable can be ascertained 
— the same ad valorem duty as a bond or covenant 
for such total amount. See BIoetgage, &c. (1.) 

For the term of life, or any other indefinite period — 

For every £5, and also for any fractional part of £5, 
of the annuity or sum periodically payable, 2s. 6d. 

(2.) Being a collateral or auxiliary or additional or 
substituted security for any of the above-mentioned 
purposes, where the principal or primary instrument 
is duly stamped : 

Where the total amount to be ultimately payable 
can be ascertained, the same ad valorem duty as a 
bond or covenant of the same kind for such total 
amount. See Moktgage, &c. (2.) 

In any other case — 

For every £5, and also for any fractional part of £5, 
of the annuity or sum periodically payable, - 6d, 

Bond given pursuant to the directions of any Act of 
Parliament, or by the directions of the Commis- 
sioners of Customs or Inland Revenue, or any of 
their officers, for or in respect of any of the duties 
of customs or excise, or for preventing frauds or 
evasions thereof, or for any other matter or thing 
relating thereto — 
Where the penalty of the bond does not exceed £150, 
the same ad valorem duty as a bond for the amount 
of the penalty. See Moetgage. 
And in any other case, - - - - 5s. 

Exemptions. — (1.) Bond with relation to obtaining 
drawback of duties in respect of goods exported. 

Bond on obtaining confirmation of testament, - 5s. 

Exemptions. — (1.) Bond given by the widow, child, 
father, mother, brother, or sister, of any common 
seaman, mariner, or soldier, slain or dying in the 
service of Her Majesty, her heirs or successors. 

(2.) Bond given by any person where the estate to 
be administered does not exceed £100 in value. 

Bond of any kind whatsoever not specifically charged: 

where the amount limited to be recoverable does not 

exceed £300, the same ad valorem duty as a bond 

for the amount limited. See Mortgage, &c. 

In any other case, - - - - - 10s. 

Bond, accompanied with a deposit of title-deeds, for 
making a mortgage, wadset, or other security od 
any estate or property therein comprised. See 
Mortgage, &c. 

Bond, Declaration, or other Deed or Writing 
for making redeemable any disposition, assignation, 
or tack, apparently absolute, but intended only as 
a security. See Mortgage, &c. 

[Building Societies, exemption in favour of, re- 
stricted to mortgages by members not exceeding 
£500. See under Mortgage, § 112.] 

Certificate to be taken out yearly by every person 
admitted or enrolled in Scotland as a writer to the 
signet, solicitor, agent, attorney, procurator, or 
notary public: 

If such person practises or carries on business within 
the city or shire of Edinburgh, and if admitted, &c., 
for three years or upwards, _ _ _ £9. 

If not so long admitted, &c., - - £4 IQs, 

If business carried on beyond the above-mentioned 
limits, and if admitted, &c., for three years or up- 
wards, -----_. £5. 
If not so long admitted, &c., - _ _ £3. 

Certificate of any goods, wares, or merchandise 
having been duly entered inwards, which shall be 
entered outwards for exportation at the port of 
importation, or be removed thence to any other 
port for the more convenient exportation thei-eof, 
where such certificate is issued for enabling any 
person to obtain a debenture or certificate entitling 
him to receive any drawback of any duty or duties 
of customs, or any part thereof, - - - 4s. 

Certificate of the registration of a design, - £5. 

Charter of resignation, or of confirmation, or of 
Dovadamus, or upon apprising, or upon a decreet of 
adjudication or sale, .- - . _ 53. 

Charter-Party, or any agreement or contract for 
the charter of any ship or vessel, or any memoran- 
dum, letter, or other writing, between the captain, 
master, or owner of any ship or vessel, and any 
other person, for or relating to the freight or con- 
veyance of any money, goods, or effects on board of 
such ship or vessel, - - - - - 6d. 

Clare Constat. See Precept. 

Collation. See Appointment, &c., to ecclesiasti- 
cal benefices. 

Commission granted by Her Majesty, her heirs or 
successors, or hy any person or persons duly author- 
ized by her or them, to any officer in the army or 
in the corps of Eoyal Marines, - - £1 10s. 

Commission granted by the Lords Commissioners of 
the Admiralty to any officer in the navy, - 5s. 

Commission or Deputation granted by the Com- 
missioners of Inland Revenue, - - £1 10s. 

Commission or Deputation granted by Commis- 
sioners of Customs, except first appointment of 
out-door officers, &c., 35 and 36 Vict. c. 20, 
§ 3, - - - - - - £1 10s. 

Commission of Lunacy, - - - - 5s. 

Commission to act as a notary-public in Scotland, 
£20. See Admission. 

Commission in the nature of a power of attorney in 
Scotland. See Letter or Power of Attorney. 

Constat of Letters Patent. See Exemplification. 

Contract. See Agreement. 

Contract Note. — Any note, memorandum, or writ- 
ing, commonly called a " contract note," or by 
whatever name the same may be designated, for or 
relating to the sale or purchase of any stock or 
marketable security of the value of £5 or up- 
wards, ------- 1(1, 

Conveyance of Transfer, whether on sale or 

otherwise — 
(1.) Of any stock of the Governor and Company of 

the Bank of England, - - - - 7s. 9d. 
(2.) Of any stock of the East India Compy., £1 10s. 
(3.) Of any debenture stock or funded debt of any 

company or corporation, for every £100, and also 

for any fractional part of £100, of the nominal 

amount transferred, - - - - 2s. 6d. 
Conveyance or Transfer on sale of any property 

(except such stock or debenture stock or fund«d 

^ebt as aforesaid), 

B 2 



Where the amount or value of the consideration for 

the sale does not exceed £5, - - £0 6 

Exceeding £6 and not exceeding £10 10 

" 10 " 15 1 6 

« 15 " 20 2 

" 20 " 25 2 6 

" 25 " 60 5 

" 60 " 75 7 6 

75 " 100 10 

" 100 " 125 12 6 

125 " 150 15 

" 160 " 175 17 6 

" 175 " 200 10 

200 " 225 12 6 

" 225 " 250 15 

" 250 " 275 17 6 

" 275 " 300 1 10 

" 300, for every £50, and also 

for any fractional part of £50, of 

such amount or value, - - - 5 

Conveyance or Transfer by way of security of 
any property (except such stock or debenture stock 
or funded debt as aforesaid), or of any security. 
See Mortgage, &c. 
Conveyance or Transfer of any kind not here- 
inbefore described, 10s. 

[Conveyance by trustees of residue of trust estate 
in favour of beneficiaries — if containing transfer of 
mortgages and bonds and other property, it will 
be liable in respect of the transfer of mortgages 
and bonds to duty of 6d. per cent., and in respect 
of the other property 10s. If separate transfers 
of stock, these will be liable to lOs. each.] 
Copy or Extract (attested or in any manner 
authenticated) of or from — 

(1.) An instrument chargeable with any duty. 

(2.) An original will, testament, or codicil. 

(3.) The probate or probate copy of a will or codicil. 

(4.) Any letters of administration or any confirma- 
tion of a testament. 

(5.) Any public register (except any register of 
births, baptisms, marriages, deaths, or burials). 

(6.) The books, rolls, or records of any court. 
In the case of an instrument chargeable with any 
duty not amounting to Is., the same duty as such 
In any other case, - - - - - Is. 

Exemptions — (1.) Copy or extract of or from any 
law proceedings. 

(2.) Copy or extract iu Scotland of or from the 
commission of any person as a delegate or repre- 
sentative to the convention of royal burghs or the 
general assembly or any presbytery or church 
Copy or Extract (certified) of or from any re- 
gister of births, baptisms, marriages, deaths, or 
burials, ------ Id. 

Exemptions — (1.) Copy or extract furnished by any 
clergyman, registrar, or other official person pur- 
suant to and for the purposes of any Act of Parlia- 
ment, or furnished to any general or superintending 
registrar under any general regulation. 

(2.) Copy or extract for which the person giving 
the same is not entitled to any fee or reward. 
Cost Book Mines. See Transfer. 
Counterpart. See Duplicate. 
Covenant for securing the payment or repayment 

of money or the transfer or retransfer of stock. 
See Mortgage, &c. 

Covenant in relation to any annuity upon the ori- 
ginal creation and sale thereof. See Conveyance 
ON Sale, and § 75. 

Covenant in relation to any annuity (except upoo 
the original creation and sale thereof), or to other 
periodical payments. See Bond, Covenant, &c. 

Covenant. — Any separate deed of covenant (not 
being an instrument chargeable with ad valorem 
duty as a conveyance on sale or mortgage) made 
on the sale or mortgage of any property, and re- 
lating solely to the conveyance or enjoyment of, or 
the title to, the property sold or mortgaged, or to 
the production of the muniments of title relating 
thereto, or to all or any of the matters aforesaid. 
Where the ad valorem duty in respect of the con- 
sideration or mortgage money does not exceed lOs., 
a duty equal to the amount of such ad valorem 
In any other case, - - - - - 10s. 

[Crown. — Instruments relating to property of, liable 
to same duty as instruments relating to property 
of subject, § 5.] 

Debenture for securing the payment or repayment 
of money or the transfer or retransfer of stock. 
See Mortgage, &c. 

Debenture or Certificate to receive any draw- 
back of duties of customs or excise, or any bounty 
payable out of the revenue of customs or excise foj 
goods exported — 
Where the drawback or bounty to be received does 
not exceed £10, - - - - - Is. 
Exceeding £10, and not exceeding £50, 2s. 6d. 
Exceeds £50, ------ 6s. 

Declaration of any use or trust of or concerning 
any property by any writing, not being a deed or 
will, or an instrument chargeable with ad valweir 
dut^ as a settlement, _ _ _ - 10s. 

Declaration (Statutory). See Affidavit. 

Decreet Arbitral. See Award. 

Deed whereby any real burden is declared or created 
on lands or heritable subjects in Scotland, or con- 
taining an obligation to infeft any person in heri- 
table subjects in Scotland, undera clause of reversion, 
as a security for money. See Mortgage. 

Deed containing an obligation te infeft or seize in au 
annuity to be uplifted out of heritable subjects in 
Scotland. See Bond, Covenant, &c. 

Deed of any kind whatsoever, not described in the 
schedule, _-_--- lOs 

[Deed or Conveyance divesting trustees. See under 

[Deed. — Memorandum of association and articles of 
association are liable to stamp duty as deeds, 10s. 
each. 25 and 26 Vict. c. 89, §§ il and 16.] 

[Deed of Relinquishment of Superiority — 
If in consideration of a sum of money. See Con- 
If gratuitous, ----- 10s.] 

Defeazance. — Deed or other instrument of defeaz- 
ance of any conveyance, disposition, assignation, 
or tack, apparently absolute, hut intended only as 
a security for money or stock. See Mortgage 
and § 105. (This section defines " Mortgage.") 



Delivery Order, ----- Id. 

Warrant for goods, ----- 3d. 

Exemptions. — (1.) Document or writing given by 
any inland carrier acknowledging the receipt of goods 
conveyed by such carrier. 
(2.) A weight note issued together with a duly 
stamped warrant, and relating solely to the same 
goods, &c. 
Deposit of Title-Deeds. See Mortgage, and § 

105. (This section defines "Mortgage.") 
Deputation by the Commissioners of Inland Re- 
venue. See Commission. 
Deputation or Appointment of a gamekeeper, 10s- 
[Disentail. Instrument of, - - - 10s.] 
Dispensation. See Faculty. 
Disposition of heritable property in Scotland to 
singular successors or purchasers. See Convey- 
ance on Sale. 
Disposition of heritable property in Scotland to a 
purchaser containing a clause declaring all or any 
part of the purchase-money a real burden upon, or 
affecting the heritable property thereby disponed, 
or any part thereof. See Conveyance on Sale, 
Mortgage, &o. 
Disposition in Scotland containing constitution of 
feu or ground annual right. See Conveyance 
ON Sale, and § 72. (This section provides how 
the consideration, when consisting of periodical 
payments, is to be charged.) 
Disposition in Security in Scotland. See Mort- 
gage, &c. 
Disposition of any wadset, heritable bond, &c. See 

Mortgage, &c. 
Disposition in Scotland of any property or of any 
right or interest therein not described in this 
schedule, - - - - - - 10s. 

Dock Warrant. See Warrant for Goods. 
Docket made on passing any instrument under the 
Great Seal of the United Kingdom, - - 2s. 
Donation of any ecclesiastical benefice, dignity, or 
promotion. See Appointment, &c., to ecclesias- 
tical benefices. 
Draft for money. See Bill of Exchange, and 
§ 40. (This section defines " Bill of Exchange.") 
Duplicate or Counterpart of any instrument 
chargeable ^vith any duty. Where such duty does 
not amount to 5s., the same duty as the original 
instrument; in any other case, 5s. See § 93. 
(This section provides that, to be duly stamped, it 
must be stamped the same as the original, or have 
the stamp impressed denoting the original duly 
[Dwelling-Houses Act, 18 and 19 Vict. c. 88. — 
Leases under, and transfers thereof, may have the 
duties impressed on paper, or denoted by special 
adhesive stamp —18 and 19 Vict. c. 88, § 21.] 
Ecclesiastical Benefice. See Appointment, 

&c., to ecclesiastical benefices. 
EiK to a reversion. See Mortgage, &c, and § 105. 

(This section defines "Mortgage.") 
Exchange or Excambion. Partition or Divi- 
sion. Instruments effecting. — [Instrument upon 
the exchange of heritable property for other herit- 
able property, or upon the division of heritable 

property, if any consideration exceeding £100 shall 
be given for equality — ad valorevi conveyance on 
sale duty for such consideration (§ 94.] 
In any other case, _ _ _ _ iQs. 

Exemplification or Constat, under the Great 
Seal of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and 
Ireland, of any letters patent or grant made or to 
be made by Her Majesty, her heirs or successors, 
or by any of her royal predecessors, of any honour, 
dignity, promotion, franchise, liberty, or privilege, 
or of any lands, ofifice, or other thing whatsoever, £5. 

Extract. See Copy or Extract. 

Factory, in the nature of a letter or power of at- 
torney in Scotland. See Letter or Power op 

Feu-Contract in Scotland. See Convey'Ance on 
Sale, and § 72. (This section provides how the 
consideration, when consisting of periodical pay- 
ments, is to be charged.) 

Foreign Security. See Mohtgage, &c., and §§ 

115 (33 & 34 Vict. c. 97). 
Further Charge or Further Security. See 

Mortgage, &c., and § 109. 
[Gift. — Grant. See Crown.] 
[Grant. See Admission and Appointment or 


Grant or Letters Patent under the Great Seal of 

the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, 

or under the Seal kept and used in Scotland in 

place of the Great Seal formerly used there — 

(1.) Of the honour or dignity of a duke, £350 ; of 

a marquess, £300 ; of an earl, £250 ; of a viscount, 

£200; of a baron, £150; of a baronet, - £100 

(2, 3, 4, and 5) [applicable to ecclesiastical persons 

and matters in England.] 
(6.) Of any franchise, liberty, or privilege to any 
person or body politic or corporate, - - £30 
Exemptions. — (1.) Commissions of rebellion in pro- 
(2.) Letters patent or briefs for collecting charitable 

Grant or Warrant of Precedence to take rank 
among nobility, under the sign manual of Her Ma- 
jesty, her heirs or successors, - - - £100 
Grant or License under the sign manual to take 
and use a surname and arms, or a surname only — 
In compliance with the injunctions of any will or 
settlement, - - - - - - £50 

Upon any voluntary application, - - £1*^ 

Grant of arms or armorial ensigns only, under the 

sign manual, or by any of the Kings of Arms of 

England, Scotland, or Ireland, - - £10 

Grant of the custody of the person or estate of any 

lunatic, - - - - - •• £2 

Heritable Bond. See Mortgage, &c., and § 

105. (This section defines " Mortgage.") 
Institution. See Appointment, &c., to ecclesias- 
tical benefices. 
Insurance. See Policy. 
Inventory. See Schedule. 
[Joint Stock Companies. — Memorandum of A. 
sociATioN, and Articles of Association must 
bear stamps as if they were deeds — 25 and 26 
Vict. c. 89, § 16. The duty for a deed is 10s. 
And see § ll.J 



Lease or Tack — 
(1.) For any definite term less than a year: 

(a.) Of any dwelling-house or tenement, or part of 
a dwelling-house or tenement, at a rent not ex- 
ceeding the rate of <£10 per annum, - Id. 

[In Scotland, for any definite term not exceeding 
a year, at a rent not exceeding the rate of £10 
per annum, Id. — § 98 (6).] 

(&.) Of any furnished dwelling-house or apart- 
ments where the rent for such term exceeds 
£25, - - - - - - 2s. 6d. 

(e.) Of any lands, tenements, or heritable subjects, 
except or otherwise than as aforesaid, the same 
duty as a lease for a year at the rent reserved 
for the definite term. 
(2.) For any other definite tenn or for any indefi- 
nite term — 

Of any lands, tenements, or heritable subjects — 

Where the consideration, or any part of the con- 
sideration, moving either to the lessor or to any 
other person, consists of any money, stock, or 

In respect of such consideration, the same duty as a 
conveyance on a sale for the same consideration. 

Where the consideration or any part of the consi- 
deriition is any rent : 

In respect of such consideration — If the rent, 
whether reserved as a yearly rent or otherwise, 
is at a rate or average rate : 

* Term not exceeding 35 years or indefinite, 
t Above 35, but not above 100 years. 
X Exceeding 100 years. 

(3.) Of any other kind whatsoever, not hereinbefore 
described, ___-_- 10s. 
[Lease or Tack, Agreement for, or with respect to 
the letting of lands, &c., for term not exceeding 35 
years, liable tn lease duty. — § 96 (1). Subsequent 
lease to be charged with duty of 6d. — § 96 (2). 
Letter of Allotment or Letter of Renuncia- 
tion, or any other document having the efiect of 
a letter of allotment : 

(1.) Of any share of any company or proposed com- 
pany, ------- Id. 

(2.) In respect of any loan raised, or proposed to be 
raised, by any company or proposed company, or by 
any municipal body or corporation, - - Id. 

(3.) Issued or delivered in the United Kingdom, of 
any share of any foreisn or colonial company or 
proposed company, or in respect of any loan raised 
or proposed to be raised by or on behalf of any 
foreign or colonial state, government, municipal 
body, corporation, or company, - - - Id. 

And Scrip Certificate, Scrip, or other docu- 

(1.) Entitling any person to become the proprietor 
of any share of any company or pioposed com- 
pany, -------Id. 

(2.) Issued or delivered in the United Kingdom, 
and entitling any person to become the proprietor 
of any share of any foreign or colonial company or 
proposed company, ----- Id. 

(3 ") Denoting, or intended to denote, the right of 
any person as a subscriber in respect of any loan 
raised or proposed to be raised by any company or 
proposed company, or by any municipal body or 
corporation, ------ Id. 

(4.) Issued or delivered in the United Kingdom, 
and denoting, or intended to denote, the riglit of 
any person as a subscriber in respect of any loan 
raised or proposed to be raised by, or on behalf of, 
any foreign or colonial state, government, mnnici- 
pal body, corporation, or company, - - Id. 

Letter or Power of Attornet, or Commission, 
Factory, Mandate, or other instrument in the 
nature thereof: 

(1.) For the sole purpose of appointing or authoriz- 
ing a proxy to vote at any one meeting at which 
votes may be given by proxy, whether the number 
of persons named in such instrument be one or 
more (34 Vict. c. 4, § 4), - - - Id. 

(2.) By any petty oflicer, seaman, marine, or soldier 
serving as a marine, or by the executors or admin- 
istrators of any such pe^rson, for receiving prize 
money or wages, - - - - - Is. 

(3.) For the receipt of the dividends or interest of 
any stock : 

Where made for the receipt of one payment only, Is. 
In any other case, - - - - - 5s. 

(4 ) For the receipt of any sum of money, or any 
bill of exchange or promissory note for any sum of 
money not exceeding £20, or any periodical pay- 
ments not exceeding the annual sum of £10 (not 
being hereinbefore charged), - - - 5s. 

(5.) For the sale, transfer, or acceptance of any of 

the Government or Parliamentary stocks or funds: 

Where the value of snch stocks or funds does not 

exceed £20, - - - - - 5s. 

In any other case, - - - - - 10s. 

(6.) Of any kind whatsoever not hereinbefore de- 
scribed, - - - - - - - 10s. 

Exemptions. — (1.) Letter or power of attorney for 
the receipt of dividends of any definite and certain 
share of the Government or Parliamentary stocks 
or funds producing a yearly dividend of less than 
£3. (2.) Letter or power of attorney or proxy 
filed in the Court of Probate in England or Ireland, 
or in any ecclesiastical court. (3.) Letter or power 
of attorney for voting on any election of directors 
of the East India Company. 

Heritors' mandates to vote and act at parochial 
boards are exempt. (8 and 9 Vict. o. 83, § 22.) 

Voting Paper. — Any instrument for the purpose 
of voting by any person entitled to vote at any 
meeting, ------ id. 

Letters op Marque and Reprisal, - £5. 

Letters Patent. See Grant. 

Letters of Reversion in Scotland. See Mort- 
gage, &c., and § 105, which defines "Mortgage." 



Licenses, Attorneys'. See Certificate. Annual 
license to bankers issuing notes, £B0 (55 Geo. III. 
c. 184); superintendents of private lunatic asylums 
(20 and 21 Vict. c. 71, § 28), for periods not 
exceeding thirteen months - - - 10s. 
License under the seal of any archbishop, bishop, 
chancellor, or other ordinary, or by any ecclesias- 
tical court in England or Ireland, or by any pres- 
bytery or other ecclesiastical power in Scotland : 
(1, 2, 3, and 4.) Applicable to England and Ire- 
(5.) For any other purpose (except a license to 

hold a perpetual curacy), £2. 
Exemptions. — (1 and 2.) Applicable to England 
and Ireland, (3.) License for the purpose of 
authorizing or enabling any person to preach or 
exercise any other spiritual function, not being a 
license to hold the office of lecturer, reader, or 
chaplain, and there being no salary or emolument 
for or attached to the exercise of the function for 
which such license is granted. 
License to use surname or arms. See Grant. 
[Mandate. See Letter of Attorney.] 
Marriage Contract. See Settlement. 
Mortgage of any stock or marketable security : for 
every £5000, and also for any fractional part of 
£5000, of the amount secured (34 Vict. c. 4, § 5) 
[Debenture stock created by statute, but not in the 
market, would not be regarded a "mortgage of 
[Instrument in which there is an obligation to pay 
would be liable as a bo7id, and would not be re- 
garded as coming under " mortgage of stock."] 
Mortgage, Bond, Debenture, Covenant, War- 
rant of Attorney to confess and enter up 
judgment, and Foreign Security of any kind. 
(1.) Being the only or principal or primary security 

for — 
The payment or repayment of money not exceed- 
ing s. d. 
£25 8 
Exceeding £25 and not exceeding 50 13 
" 50 " 100 2 6 
" 100 " 150 3 9 
" 150 " 200 5 
200 " 250 6 3 
" 250 " 300 7 6 
" 300, for every £100, and 
also for any fractional part of £100, 
of such amount - - - - 2 6 
(2.) Being a collateral, amxiliary, or additional, or 
substituted security, or by way of further assistance 
for the above-mentioned purpose, where the prin- 
cipal or primary security is duly stamped — for 
t- every £100, and also for any fractional part of 
£100, of the amount secured, - - - 6d. 
(3.) Transfer, Assignment, Disposition, or 
Assignation of any mortgage, bond, debenture, 
covenant, or foreign security, or of any money or 
stock secured by any such instrument, or by any 
warrant of attorney to enter up judgment, or by 
any judgment — for every £100, and also for any 
fractional part of £100, of the amount transferred, 
assigned, or disponed, _ _ _ _ 6d. 
[See under Conyeyanck as to deed or transfer 
divasting trustees.] 

[Transfer, &c., for effectuating the appointment of 
a new trustee. Apparently section 78 would limit 
the duty to lOs.] 
And also where any further money is added to 
the money already secured, the same duty as a 
principal security for such further money. 
(4.) Reconveyance, Release, Discharge, Sur- 
render, Resurrender, Warrant to Vacate, 
or Renunciation of any such security as afore- 
said, or of the benefit thereof, or of the money 
thereby secured — for every £100, and also for 
any fractional part of £100, of the total amount 
or value of the money at any time secured, 6d. 
Mutual Disposition or Conveyance in Scotland. 

See Exchange. 
Notarial Act of any kind whatsoever (except a 
protest of a bill of exchange or promissory note, 
or any notarial instrument to be expeded and re- 
corded in any register of sasines). Is. And see 
Protest and Seisin. 
Order for payment of money. See Bill of Ex- 
change, and § 48. (This section defines " Bill 
of Exchange,") 
Partition or Division. See Exchange, 
Passport, ------ 6d. 

Patent, Letters. — Letters for Inventions — 
On petition for grant of letters-patent, £5 
On certificate of record of notice to pro- 
ceed, - - - - - - 500 

On warrant of law-oflScers for letters- 
patent, - - - - - 500 

On the sealing of letters-patent, - 5 
On specification, - - - - 5 

On the letters-patent, or a duplicate thereof, 

before the expiration of the third year, 50 
On the letters-patent, or a duplicate thereof, 
before the expiration of the seventh 
year, - - - - - -10-0 00 

On certificate of record of notice of objec- 
tions, - - - - - 200 

On certificate of every search and inspec- 
tion, 010 

On certificate of entry of assignment or 

license, - - - - - 050 

On certificate of assignment or license, 5 
On application for disclaimer, - - 5 
On caveat against disclaimer, - - 2 

On oifice copies of documents, for every 
ninety words (16 Vict, c, 5), - - 2 
Patent Medicine: 
Price not exceeding Is., - - 1^ 

" 2s. 6d., - - 3 

4s., - - 6 

" 10s., - - 10 

" 20s., - - 2 

Plate. — Gold, per oz., - - - 17 
Silver, " - - - 16 
Exemptions. — Watch-cases, rings, &c. 
Playing Cards. — For and in respect of every pack 
made fit for sale or use in the United Kingdom 
(25 Vict. c. 22), ----- 3d. 

Insurance, Life and Personal Injury, and against 
Loss of or damage to Property. 
Policy of Insurance. 
(1.) Upon any life or lives, or upon any event or 
contingency relating to or depending upon any life 


or lives (except for the payment of money upon 
the death of any person only from accident or 
violence, or otherwise than from a natural cause): 

Where the sum insured does not exceed £10, Id. 

Exceeds £10, but does not exceed £25, - 3d. 

Exceeds £25, but does not exceed £500: 
For every full sum of £50, and also for any frac- 
tional part of £50, of the amount insured, 6d. 

Exceeds £500, but does not exceed £1000: 
For every full sum of £100, and also for any frac- 
tional part of £100, of the amount insured. Is. 

Exceeds £1000: 
For every full sum of £1000, and also for any 
fractional part of £1000, of the amount in- 
sured, __---- 10s. 

(2.) For any payment agreed to be made upon the 
death of any person, only from accident or violence, 
or otherwise than from a natural cause, or as 
compensation for personal injury, or by way of 
indemnity against loss or damage of or to any 
property, Id.— (33 and 34 Vict. c. 32, § 13.) 

[Fire policies are included in this charge (2).] 

Insurance, Sea. 

Policy of insurance (after 31st May, 1867), for or 
upon any voyage — 

(1.) For every £100 and fractional part of £100 
thereby insured, __.._- 3d. 

(2.) For time: for every £100 and any fractional 
part of £100 thereby insured — 

For any time not exceeding six months, - 3d. 

Exceeding six months and not exceeding twelve 
mon'.hs, .__--- 6d. 

(Re- assurances may be made notwithstanding pro- 
hibition in 19 Geo. II. c. 37, and policies of such 
re-assurances shall be liable to stamp duty. — 27 
and 28 Vict. c. 56, § 1.) 

But if the separate interests of two or more distinct 
persons shall be insured by one policy, the duty of 
3d., or 3d. or 6d., shall be charged in respect of 
every £100, and every fractional part of £100, 
thereby insured upon any separate and distinct 
interest.— (30 Vict. c. 23, Schedule B.) 

Insurances made for a voyage " and also for time, 
or to extend to or cover any certain time beyond 
twenty-fciur hours after the ship shall have arrived 
at her destination and been there moored at anchor," 
chargeable with duty for a voyage and duty for 
time.— (30 Vict. c. 23, § 11.) 

"Sea insurance" means any insurance (including 
re-insurance) upon any ship, or the machinery, 
tackle, or furniture of any ship, or upon goods, 
merchandise, or property on bnard of any ship, or 
upon the freight or other interest v/hich may be 
lawfully insured in or relating to any ship. 

" Policy" means any instrument whereby a contract 
or agreement for sea insurance shall be made. — (30 
Vict. e. 23, § 4.) 

Commissioners of Inland Revenue to provide blank 
policies, printed — from Schedule E to Act — 
stamped. Ihese forms may be bought at price of 
duty. Before delivering out, officers of inland 
revenue to mark or write thereon, day, month, and 
year of delivery. Penalty for wilful neglect, £100. 
—{Ibid., § 5.) 

No contract or agreement for sea insurance (other 
than such insurance as is referred to in 25 and 26 
Vict. c. 63, § 55) shall be valid unless expressed 
in a policy. Policy shall specify such particular 


risk, names of underwriters, and sums insured. If 
omitted, policy null and void. — {Ibid., § 7.) 

Policy for any time exceeding twelve months, null. 
—{Ibid., § 8.) 

Policy not good or available in law or equity unless 
duly stamped, and cannot be stamped after it is 
signed or underwritten by any person, except in 
two cases, to wit — ■ 

(1.) Policy of mutual insurance may be stamped 
with additional duty, provided it shall not be 
underwritten at the time to an amount exceeding 
the sums the stamps already on it will warrant. — 
{Ibid., §9.) 

(2.) Policy made abroad may be stamped within 
two months after being received in the United 
Kingdom.— (33 and 34 Vict. c. 97, § 117.) 

Alterations on the terms and conditions of a policy 
may be made after it is underwritten, if made 
before notice of determination of risk originally 
insured, and shall not prolong the period beyond 
six months in the case of a policy for less than six 
months, or beyond the period allowed by the Act 
in the case of a policy made for more than six 
months, and if the property of the articles insured 
remains the same ; and no additional or further 
sums shall be insured. 
Carriers by sea or other person who, for money 
paid as additional freight or otherwise, takes the 
risk of goods, &c., while on board ship, or engages 
to indemnify the owners of such goods, &c., from 
loss— -such shall be deemed a contract for a sea 

Penalty of £100 is imposed on a person who shall 
become an assurer upon a sea insurance unless by 
policy duly stamped.— (30 Vict. c. 23, § 13.) 

Penalty of £100 is imposed on a person who shall 
procure a sea insurance unless there shall be a policy 
duly stamped.— (30 Vict. c. 23, § 14.) Penalty 
of £100 is also imposed upon a broker, agent, or 
other person negotiating a sea insurance contrary 
to the Act, or writing an agreement for a sea in- 
surance not duly stamped. — {Ibid., § 14.) 

Penalty of £100 is imposed for issuing a document 
purporting to be a. copy of a policy, if there shall 
not be a duly stamped policy existing at the time. 
—{Ibid., § 15.) 

Broker, agent, or other person negotiating a sea in- 
surance shall not have right to charge for his 
trouble, nor for the premium which he may have 
paid, unless there shall be a duly stamped policy. 
Money paid to such broker shall be held to be 
paid without consideration, and shall remain the 
property of the employer, his executors, or assigns. 
—{Ibid., § 16.) 
Power of Attorney. See Letter of At- 
Precept or Clare Constat to give seisin of lands 
or other heritable subjects in Scotland, - 5s, 

Presentation to any ecclesiastical benefice, dignity, 
or promotion. See Appointment, &o., to Eccle- 
siastical Benefices. 
Procuration, deed or other instrument of, 10s. 
Promissory Note. See Bank Note, Bill of 
Exchange, and § 49. (This section defines 
" Promissory Note.") 
Protest of any bill of exchange or promissory note: 

Where the duty on the bill or note does not exceed 
Is., the same duty as the bill or note. 



In any other case, - - - - - Is. 

Peost. See Letter or Power of Aitorney. 

[QuEEX — Instruments relating to private property 
of, liable to same duties as instruments relating to 
property of subjects, § 5.] 

Receipt given for, or upon the payment of, money 
amounting to £2 or upwards, - - Id. 

Exemptions. — (1.) Eeceipt given for money deposited 
in any bank, or with any banker, to be accounted 
for and expressed to be received of the person to 
whom the same is to be accounted for. 

(2.) Acknowledgment by any banker of the receipt 
of any bill of exchange or promissory note for the 
purpose of being presented for acceptance or pay- 

(3.) Receipt given for or upon the payment of any 
parliamentary taxes or duties, or of money to or 
for the use of Her Majesty. 

(4.) Receipt given by the Accountant-General of 
the Navy for any money received by him for the 
service of the navy. 

(5.) Receipt given by any agent for money imprested 
to him on account of the pay of the army. 

(6.) Eeceipt given by any officer, seaman, marine, 
or soldier, or his representatives, for or on account 
of any wjges, pay, or pension, due from the Ad- 
miralty or Army Pay Office. 

(7.) Receipt given for the consideration money for 
the purchase of the stocks of Government, &c., or 
of India, or of Bank of England or Bank of Ire- 
land, or for any dividend paid on same respectively. 

(8.) Receipt given for any principal money or inte- 
rest due on an exchequer bill. 

(9.) Receipt written upon a bill of exchange or 
promissory note duly stamped. 

(10.) Receipt given upon any bill or note of the 
governor and company of the Bank of England or 
the Bank of Ireland. 

(11.) Rxeipt endorsed or otherwise written upon 
or contained in any instrument liable to stamp 
duty, and duly stamped, acknowledging the receipt 
of the consideration money therein expressed, or 
the receipt of any principal money, interest, or 
annuity, thereby secured or therein mentioned. 

(12.) Receipt given for drawback or bounty upon 
the exportation of any goods or merchandise from 
the United Kingdom. 

(13.) Receipt given for the return of any duties of 
customs upon certificates of over entry. 

(14.) Receipt endorsed upon any bill drawn by the 
Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, or by any 
person under their authority, or under the autho- 
rity of any Act of Parliament, upon and payable 
by the Accountant-General of the Navy. 

Reconveyance, Release, or Renunciation of 
any security. See Mortgage, &c. 

Release or Renunciation of any property, or of 
any right or interest in any property — 
Upon a sale. See Conveyance on Sale. 
By way of Security. See JIortgaqe, &c. 
In any other case, ----- 10s. 
Renunciation. See Reconveyance and Re- 
Resignation. — Principal or original instrument of 
resignation, or service of cognition of heirs, or 
charter or seisin of any houses, lands, or other 

heritable subjects in Scotland holding burgage, or 
of burgage tenure, - - - - - 5 s. 
And instrument of resignation of any lands or 
other heritable subjects in Scotland not of burgage 
tenure, - - 5s. 

Revocation of any use or trust of any property b> 
deed, or by any writing, not being a will, 10 s. 

Schedule, Inventory, or document of any kind 
whatsoever, referred to in or by, and intended to 
be used or given in evidence as part of, or as 
material to, any other instrument charged with 
any duty, but which is separate and distinct from, 
and not endorsed on or annexed to, such other 
instrument — 

Where such other instrument is chargeable with anv 
duty not exceeding lOs., the same duty as such 
other instrument. 

In any other case, - - - - - 10s. 

Exemptions. — (1.) Printed proposals published by 
any corporation or company respecting insurances, 
and referred to in or by any policy of insurance 
issued by such corporation or company. 

(2 ) Any public map, plan, survey, apportionment, 
allotment, award, and other parochial or public 
document and writing, made under or in pursuance 
of any Act of Parliament, and deposited or kept for 
reference in any registry, or in any public office, or 
with the public books, papers, or writings of any 

Scrip Certificate or Scrip. See Letter of 

Seisin. — Instrument of seisin given upon any charter, 
precept of clai-e constat, or precept from Chancery, 
or upon any wadset, heritable bond, disposition, 
apprizing, adjudication, or otherwise of any lands, 
or heritable subjects in Scotland not of burgage 
tenure, ------- 5g. 

And any Notarial Instrument to be expeded 
and recorded in any register of sasines, - 5s. 

Settlement. — Any instrument, whether voluntary or 
upon any good or valuable consideration, other than 
a bonajide pecuniary consideration, whereby any 
definite and certain principal sum of money (whether 
charged or chargeable on lands or other heredita- 
ments or heritable subjects or not, to be laid out in 
the purchase of lands or other hereditaments or 
heritable subjects or not), or any definite and cer- 
tain amount of stock, or any security, is settled or 
agreed to be settled in any manner whatsoever — 

For every £100, and also for any fractional part of 
£100, of the amount or value of the property 
settled or agreed to be settled, - - - 5s. 

Exemption. — Instrument of appointment relating to 
any property in favour of persons specially named 
or described as the objects of a power of appoint- 
ment, created by a previous settlement, stamped 
with ad valorem duty in respect of the same pro- 
perty, or by will, where probate duty has been 
paid in respect of the same property as personal 
estate of the testator. 

[Money in foreign or colonial currency, duty to be 
calculated on the value in British currency accord- 
ing to the current rate of exchange at the date of 
the instrument (§ 11). Stock or marketable secu- 
rity, duty to be calculated on the value according 
to the average price at the date of the instrument 
(§ 12).] 



Share Wakeant issued under the provisions of 
"The Companies Act, 1867."— See section 33 of 
that Act. [By this section the share warrant of a 
limited liability company issued to bearer is liable 
to stamp duty of three times the amount of the 
conveyance on sale duty on the nominal value of 
the shares.] 

Tack of lands, &c., in Scotland. See Lease or 

Tack in Security. See Mortgage, &c. 

[Testamentary Instruments. See General Ex- 
emptions at end of Table.] 

Transfer. See Conveyance or Transfer. 

Transfer. — Any request or authority to the purser 
or other officer of any mining company, conducted 
on the cost book system, to enter or register any 
transfer of any share, or part of a share, in any 
mine, or any notice to such purser or officer of 
such transfer, _ - _ - _ 6(j. 

[Trustee. — Conveyance or Transfer for effectuating 
the appointment of a new trustee, no higher duty 
than ------- 10s. 

Valuation. See Appraisement. 

Voting Paper See along with Letter or Power 
OP Attorney. 

Wadset. See Mortgage, &c. 

Warrant for Goods, 3d. See along with De- 
livery Order. 

Warrant under the sign manual of Her Majesty, 
her heirs or successors, - - - - 10s. 

Writ — 

(1.) Of Acknowledgment under " The Eegistration 
of Leases (Scotland) Act," - - - 5s. 

(2.) Of Acknowledgment by any person infeft of 
lands in Scotland in favour of the heir or disponee 
of a creditor fully vested in right of an heritable 
security constituted by infeftment, - - 5s. 
(3.) Of Resignation, Confirmation, Clare Constat, or 
Investiture under " The Titles to Land Consolida- 
tion (Scotland) Act, 1868," - - - 6s. 


(1.) Transfers of shares in the Government or Par- 
liamentary stocks or funds. 

(2.) Instruments for the sale, transfer, or other 
disposition, either absolutely or by way of mort- 
gage, or otherwise, of any ship, or vessel, or any 
part, interest, share, or property of or in any ship 
or vessel. 

(3.) Instruments of apprenticeship, bonds, contracts, 
and agreements entered into in the United King- 
dom for or relating to the service in any of Her 
Jliijesty's colonies or possessions abroad of any 
person as an artificer, clerk, domestic servant, 
handicraftsman, mechanic, gardener, servant in 
husbandry, or labourer. 

(4:.) Testaments, testamentary instruments, and 
dispositions mortis causa in Scotland. 

(5.) Bonds given to sheriffs or other persons upon 
the replevy of any goods or chattels, and assign- 
ments of such bonds. 

(6.) Commissions granted to officers of militia, yeo- 
manry, or volunteers. 

(7.) Instruments made by, to, or with the Commis- 
sioners, or the First Commissioner of Her Majesty's 
Works and Public Buildings, for any of the pur- 
poses of the Act 15 and 16 Vict. c. 28. 

The exemptions from duty in Acts not otherwise 
relating to stamp duties remain in force (§ 3). 


Property liable to the Duty. — Generally — 
All personal property (heritable securities are per- 
sonal property) belonging to the deceased in the 
United Kingdom, heritable securities, and personal 
bonds excluding executors. — (48 Geo. III. c. 149, 
§ 38, &c. ; 55 Geo. III. c. 184, Schedule, Part IIL; 
21 and 22 Vict. c. 56, §§ 9, 12, 13, &c. ; and 16 
and 17 Vict. c. 59, § 8.) 

Personal Properly — Absolute power of disposal. — 
Personal estate which a person, dying after 3rd 
April, 1860, shall have disposed of by will, under 
any authority enabling such person to dispose of 
the same as he shall think fit, shall be deemed per- 
sonal or movable estate of the person so dying, for 
the purpose of payment of inventory, probate, or 
administration duty. — (23 Vict. c. 15, § 4.) 

Indian Promissory Notes — Ships. — Indian Govern- 
ment promissory notes and certificates issued, or 
stock in lieu thereof, being assets of a deceased 
person, the interest of which shall be payable in 
London, registered in London, or enfaced in India 
for the purpose of such registration before the death 
of the owner ; also Indian Government promissory 
notes, with coupons attached, in the same circum- 
stances as to registration, and certificates issued, or 
stock created in lieu thereof, shall be personal 
estate, and lona notahilia in England of the de- 
ceased person (23 Vict. c. 5, § 1); also any ship, 
or any share of a ship, belonging to a deceased 
person, registered in any port in the United King- 
dom, notwithstanding such ship at the time of the 
death may have been at sea, or elsewhere out of 
the United Kingdom, shall be deemed to be at the 
port at which she may be registered (27 and 28 
Vict. c. 56), and liable to inventory, probate, or 
administration duty. 

Specialty Debts. — For probate and administration 
duty, debts and sums of money due from persons in 
the United Kingdom to a deceased on obligation or 
other specialty, shall be estate and effects of the 
deceased within the jurisdiction of Her Majesty's 
Court of Probate in England or Ireland, in which 
the same would be if they were debts upon simple 
contract, without regard to the place where the 
obligation or specialty shall be at the time of the 
death.— (25 Vict. c. 22, § 39.) 

Foreign Bonds and Stocks. — Documents of the debts 
of foreign governments and foreign companies 
which pass from hand to hand are property where 
the documents may be. Debentures or bonds by | 
foreign companies and governments, and the title 
to stocks of foreign companies and governments, 
are property in this country, if in the possession of 
any person in this country, and can be sold in the 
market, and the title of the purchasers completed 
to them in this country. — See Attorney- General v. 
Bouwens, 4 Meeson & Welsby, 171. 

Rents of Heritage. — If the deceased survive Whit- 
sunday, one moiety of the rents of the crop of that 
year is personal estate. If he survive Martinmas, 



the whole rents of that crop fall into the executry. 
In addition, from and after 1st August, 1870, the 
Acts 33 and 34 Vict. 1870, c. 35, would seem to 
give the executor a proportion of the rents from 
the term preceding the date of death to the date of 
death. That Act would also seem to give a propor- 
tion of the term's rents of quarries, minerals, and 
houses, and also feu-duties current at the death. 
The executor's right to house-rents would not there- 
fore be to the half-year's rents current at death, 
but to a proportion only to the date of death. 
Modes in which Duty may be Paid. — When 
deceased domiciled in Scotland. — In the case of a 
person dying domiciled in Scotland, having personal 
property in Scotland, England, and Ireland, and also 
heritable securities excluding executors, and personal 
bonds excluding executors, duty in respect of the 
whole may be paid on the inventory required to be 
recorded in the Commissary Court ; or inventory 
duty may be paid on the personal pfoperty situated 
in Scotland, including heritable secm'ities made 
movable by the Act 31 and 32 Vict. c. 101, § 117, 
and duty may be paid on a "special inventory " of 
the heritable securities excluding executors and 
personal bonds excluding executors, and probate or 
administration may be obtained in England and 
Ireland in respect of the personal estate in these 
countries, and duty paid in respect of such on these 

When deceased domiciled Jurth of the United King- 
dom. — In case of a person dying domiciled furth of 
the United Kingdom leaving personal estate in 
Scotland, England, and Ireland, an inventory must 
be given up in Scotland, probate or administration 
taken out in England and Ireland, and duty paid 
on such in respect of the property in each country. 


Persons dying on or before 
25th July, 1864 : 

Above And under Testate. Intestate. 

£20 £50 10s. 10s. 

Of the value of 

£50 £100 10s. £1 

Persons as above and per- 

sons dying 

after 2oth 

July, 1864 


And under 





Of the value of 







































































Of the value of 

And under 























































































































Above £1,000,000, for eveiy 
£100,000, and fractional 
part of £100,000, 22 and 
23 Vict. c. 36, § 1, 

- 1,500 2,250 

Exemptions. — Inventory of the estate of any com- 
mon seaman or soldier dying in service. 

Additional inventory when duty on the whole estate 
does not exceed that already paid on former in- 


The inventory duty and probat* and administration 
duty are paid on the whole personal property, with- 
out deduction of debts; but the Act 5 and 6 Vict. 
c. 79, § 23, provides for a return being given on 
proof of the constitution and payment of the debts. 
This return must be claimed within three years ; 
but the time will be prolonged on application to 
the Board of Inland Revenue. No return to be 
granted in respect of a voluntary debt due from a 
person dying after 28th June, 1861, expressed to 
be payable on death of such person, or payable 
under an instrument which shall not have been 
hona fide delivered to the donee three months be- 
fore the death of such person. (24 and 25 Vict. 
c. 92, § 3.) 
Note. — Forms of inventory and additional inventory 
will be found in the Juridical Styles, vol. iii., App. 
8-11. Forms of inventories, and also regulations 
for return of inventory duty, may be obtained at 
the Office of the Solicitor, Inland Revenue, Edin- 
burgh. Claims are to he lodged in the Solicitor's 
OfBce, Room No. Ji, and Monday and Friday be- 
tween 12 and 2 o'clock are the days for receiving 
claims from the claimants or their agents. 




per cent. 







Legacies, Annuities, Residues, <^c. 

To children or their descendants, or lineal 
ancestors, _ _ - _ _ 

iirother or sister, or descendants, - 

''Jncle or aunt, or their descendants, 
"rrand uncle or aunt, or descendants, 

All other relations or strangers. 

The husband or wife of the deceased is not charge- 
able with duty. If the legatee's husband or wife 
is of nearer consanguinity than the legatee, duty 
is payable according to such nearer relationship. 
(16 and 17 Vict. c. 51, § 11.) 

This duty is payable for every legacy out of the per- 
sonal or movable estate, or out of or charged upon 
the real or heritable estate of the deceased, or out 
of any estate which he has power to dispose of, or 
out of any moneys to arise by the sale, mortgage, 
or other disposition of the deceased's real or heritable 
estate, or any part thereof: Also for the clear 
residue (after deducting debts, funeral expenses, 
legacies, and other charges first payable thereout) 
of the personal or movable estate, whether the 
title to such residue shall accrue by virtue of any 
testamentary disposition, or upon a partial or total 
intestacy : And also for the clear residue of the 
moneys to arise from the sale, mortgage, or other 
disposition of any real or heritable estate, directed 
to be sold, mortgaged, or otherwise disposed of by 
any will or testamentary instrument. 
Annuities commencing to be payable on the death of 
persons dying after 19th May, 1853, are valued 
for legacy duty according to tables annexed to the 
Succession Duty Act (16 and 17 Vict. c. 51) ; and 
annuities commencing to be payable previous to 
that date, by the tables annexed to the Legacy 
Duty Act (36 Geo. III. c. 52). 
Duty is not esigible on legacies or residues under 
£20; but if a legatee take two or more legacies, 
under any testament, which shall together be of 
the amount of £20, each shall be charged with 
duty, although each or either may be separately 
under that amount. 
Duty on legacies and residues in arrears, interest 
thereon at the rate of 4 per cent, is payable (31 
and 32 Vict. c. 124, § 9). 
Printed forms and regulations for payment of the 
legacy duty may be obtained gratis, on application 
at Legacy Duty Office, Inland Revenue, Edinburgh; 
and at the offices of distributors of stamps in the 


(16 and 17 Vict. c. 51.) 

The duty commenced on the death of persons dying 
after the 19th May, 1853, and seems to be im- 
posed on all property, both heritable and movable, 
passing by death, not liable to the duty on legacies 
and successions to personal estate upon intestacy — 
the duty imposed by the Legacy Duty Acts. 

The duty on Heritable Propekty is charged on 
the annual value, after allowance of the necessary 
outgoings (§ 22), as an annuity for the life of the 
successor (§ 21), which is to be valued by tables 
annexed to Act. 

Peesonal Pkopertt is liable to duty according to 
the value of the succession ; and money charged on 

heritage — heritable securities — is charged as per- 
sonalty (§ 1). 


Lineal issue or lineal ancestor of the predecessor, 
£1 per cent. 

Brothers and sisters of the predecessor and their 
descendants, £3 per cent. 

Brothers and sisters of the father or mother of the 
predecessor and their descendants, £5 per cent. 

Brothers and sisters of a grandfather or grandmother of 
the predecessor and their descendants, £6 per cent. 

Any other person, £10 per cent. 

The husband or wife of predecessor is not chargeable 
with duty (§ 18), and if successor's husband or wife 
shall be of nearer consanguinity than the successor, 
duty is payable according to such nearer relation- 
ship (§ 11). 

The following are also exemptions from the succession 
duty: — 
1. Successions from the same predecessor, passing 
on any death, not amounting in principal value to 
£100 (§ 18). 2. Any succession of less value 
than £20 in the whole (ii.) 3. Legacies and per- 
sonal property charged with legacy duty, in respect 
of the same acq^uisition (i6.). 

Duty on successions in arrear, interest thereon at the 
rate of 4 per cent, is payable (31 and 32 Vict. c. 
124, § 9). 

Note. — Forms of the accounts may be obtained at the 
Legacy Duty Office, Edinburgh, and at the offices 
of distributors of stamps in the country. 


Instruments for wliich Adhesive Stamps may he used, 
and person by whom to he cancelled, <^a , also mode 
of Cancellation. 

Agreement— 6d. duty. 

Cancellation by person by whom it is first executed 
(§ 36). 
Bill of Exchange. — Fixed duty of a penny. 

Cancellation by person who signs it before he deli- 
vers it out of custody (§ 50.) 
Bill payable on demand. — If presented unstamped, 
person to whom presented may affix and cancel 
and deduct duty from sum in paying; but not to 
relieve person who may have incurred penalty 
(§ 54). 
Bills or Notes. — Drawn or made out of United 
Kingdom — 

Person before he presents bill or note for payment, 
negotiates or pays it, to affix and cancel. 

Provided — 

(a.) If at a time it comes to hands of bona fide 
holder a stamp is on it and cancelled, it shall be 
deemed duly cancelled, although not affixed and 
cancelled by proper person. 

(J.) If a stamp shall be on it and not duly cancelled, 
bona fide holder may cancel it, and it shall be 
deemed duly stamped (§ 51). 

Person not relieved of penalty incurred by him for 
not cancelling adhesive stamp (i6.). 
Charter-Party. — Cancellation by person by whom 
it is last executed, or by whose execution it is 
completed as a binding contract (§ 66). 



Contract Note. — Cancellation by person by whom 

first executed (§ 69). 
Ckktifikd Copies or Extracts from Registers 

of Births, &c. — Cancellation by person signing 

before be delivers the same out of his hands (§ 80). 
Delivery Orders and Warrant for Goods. — 

Cancellation by the person by whom made (§ 89). 
Lease for any definite term less than a year of — 
(1.) Dwelling-house, &c., at a rate not exceeding 

£10 per annum. 
(2.) Any furnished house or apartments, also a 

duplicate of such instrument. 
Cancellation by person by whom first executed (§ 99). 
Person who executes or prepares lease, the duty on 

which may be denoted by adhesive stamp, and 

which is not, at or before execution, duly stamped, 

penalty £5 (§ 100, 1). Penalty not incurred in 

respect of letters and correspondence (§ 100, 2). 
Notarial Act and Protest of a Bill or Promissory 

Note. — Cancellation by notary (§ 116). 
Policy of Insurance on Like, and compensation 

for accident. — Cancellation by person who first 

executes (§ 119). 

Proxy and VuTING Paper — liable to duty of Id. 
Cancellation by person by whom first executed 
(§ 102, 2). 
Receipt. — Cancellation by person who gives (§ 121). 
Request to Purser or Officer of Mining Com- 
pany on cost book system to enter or register trans- 
fer of share or part of share on notice of such transfer. 
Cancellation by person who writes (§ 128). 
General Direction as to the Cancellation 
of Adhesive Stamps. 

§ 24. (1.) An instrument, the duty upon which is 
required, or permitted by law, to be denoted by an 
adhesive stamp, is not to be deemed duly stamped 
with an adhesive stamp unless the person required 
by law to cancel such adhesive stamp cancels the 
same by writing on or across the stamp his name 
or initials, or the name or initials of his firm, to- 
gether with the true date of his so writing, so that 
the stamp may be effectually cancelled, and ren- 
dered incapable of being used for any other instru- 
ment, or unless it is otherwise proved that the 
stamp appearing on the instrument was affixed 
thereto at the proper time. 

Penally for neglect <»• refusal^ £10. — (2.) Every 
person who, being required by law to cancel an ad- 
hesive stamp, wilfully neglects or refuses duly to do 
so in manner aforesaid, shall forfeit the sum of £10. 

Penalty for frauds in relation to adhesive stamps, 
or to any duty, £50 (§ 25). — Any person who — 

(1.) Fraudulently removes or causes to be removed 
from any instrument any adhesive stamp, or affixes 
any adhesive stamp which has been so removed to 
any other instrument, with intent that such stamp 
may be used again : 

(2.) Sells or offers for sale, or niters, any adhesive 
stamp which has been so removed, or utters any 
instrument having thereon any adhesive stamp 
which has to bis knowledge been so removed as 
aforesaid : 

'[S.) Practises or is concerned in any fraudulent act, 
contrivance, or device not specially provided for, 
with intent to defraud Her Majesty, her heirs or 
successors, of any duty ; 

Shall forfeit, over and above any other penalty to 
which he may be liable, the sum of £50. 


Articles of Clerkship. — Duly stamped articles 
in order to admission in inferior court may be 
stamped with duty to make up £60, and shall then 
be sufficiently stamped for admission into Court o; 
Session, &c. (§ 42). 

With this exception, articles of clerkship are not to 
be stamped after the expiration of six months from 
the date, except on payment of the penalties as 
follows : — 

(1.) If brought to be stamped within one year after 
date, £10. 

(2.) If so brought after one year and within five 
years after date ; for every year, and also for any 
additional part of a year, elapsed since the date,£10. 

(8.) In every other case, £50 (§ 43). 
Bills and Notes having an impressed stamp of suf- 
ficient amount but improper denomination may be 
stamped, if not then payable, penalty £2 ; if pay- 
able, penalty £10. With these exceptions, not to 
be stamped after execution (§ 53). 

Within seven days after first execution, pcnaltv 
4s. 6d. 

After seven days, and within a month, penalty £10. 

In any other case, cannot be stamped (§ 68). 

If executed abroad, any p;\rty to it may, within ten 
days after receipt in United Kingdom, affix and 
cancel adhesive stamp (§ 67). 
Attested Copies, or Extracts of or from — 

(1.) An instrument chargeable with duty; 

(2.) An original will, testament, or codicil; 

C3.) The probate or probate copy of a will or codicil : 

(4.) Letters of administration, or a confirmation of 
a testament ; 

May be stamped within fourteen days after date of 
attestation or authentication, without penalty 
(§ 19)- 
Foreign Securities. — The Board of Inland Re- 
venue may at any time, without reference to date, 
allow them to be stamped without penalty upori 
being satisfied they were not made or issued, and 
have not been transferred, assigned, or negotiated, 
and no interest paid on them, within the United 
Kingdom (§ 115). 
Policy of Insurance made or executed out of the 
United Kingdom, but enforceable in the United 
Kingdom, maybe stamped within two months after 
it has been first received in the United Kingdom, 
without penalty (§ 117, 2). 
Receipt may be stamped with impressed stamp — 

1. Within fourteen days after given, penalty £5. 

2. After fourteen days, and within a month, penalty 

In any other case, not to be stamped (§ 122). 
Instruments as to which no express provision to 

Instruments on payment of duty and penalty nf £10; 

if duty exceeds £10, also interest on it (§ 15, 1). 

Except where express provision to the contrary is 

made by this or any other Act, any unstamped or 



insufficiently stamped instrument may be stamped 
after the execution thereof, on payment of the 
unpaid duty, and a penalty of £10, and also by 
way of further penalty, where the unpaid duty ex- 
ceeds £10, of interest on such duty, at the rate of 
£5 per centum per annum, from the day upon 
which the instrument was first executed up to the 
time when such interest is equal in amount to the 
unpaid duty. 

And the payment of any penalty or penalties is to 
be denoted on the instrument by a particular stamp. 

Proviso. — (2.) Provided as follows : — 

Instruments executed abroad within two months 
after being received in United Kingdom without 
penalty. — (a.) Any unstamped or insufficiently 
stamped instrument, which has been first executed 
at any place out of the United Kingdom, may be 
stamped at any time within two months after it 
has been first received in the United Kingdom, on 
payment of the unpaid duty only. 

Board may remit penalties witkfn twelve months. — 
(6.) The Commissioners may, if they think fit, at 
any time within twelve months after the first exe- 
cution of any instrument, remit the penalty or 
penalties, or any part thereof. 

Unstamped or insufficiently stamped instruments 
produced in Court, if duty and penalty be paid to 
officer of Court, may be received in evidence. — § 
16. (1.) Upon the production of an instrument 
chargeable with any duty as evidence in any court 
of civil judicature in any part of the United King- 
dom, the officer whose duty it is to read the in- 
strument shall call the attention of the judge to 
any omission or insufficiency of the stamp thereon, 
and if the instrument is one which may legally be 
stamped after the execution thereof, it may, on 
payment to the officer of the amount of the unpaid 
duty, and the penalty payable by law on stamping 
the same as aforesaid, and of a further sum of £1, 
'>e received in evidence, saving all just exceptions 
jn other grounds. 

The officer of the Court to account for duties and 
penalties. — (2.) The officer receiving the said duty 
and penalty shall give a receipt for the same, and 
make an entry in a book kept for that pqrpose of 
the payment and of the amount thereof, and shall 
communicate to the commissioners the name or 
title of the cause or proceeding in which, and of 
the party from whom, he received the said duty 
and penalty, and the date and description of the 
instrument, and shall pay over to tha Keceiver- 
General of Inland Revenue, or to such other person 
as the commissioners may appoint, the money re- 
ceived by him for the said duty and penalty. 

Commissioners to stamp instrument. — (3.) Upon 
production to the commissioners of any instrument 
in respect of which any duty or penalty has been 
paid as aforesaid, together with the receipt of the 
said officer, the payment of such duty and penalty 
shall be denoted on such instrument accordingly. 


Doubts as to Sufficiency of Stamps may be 


The commissioners may be required to express their 

opinion as to duty. Mode and effect of proceeding. 

— § 18. (1.) Subject to such regulations as the 

commissioners may think fit to make, the com- 

missioners may be required by any person to express 
their opinion with reference to any executed in- 
strument upon the following questions : — 

(a.^ Whether it is chargeable with any daty : 

(6.) With what amount of duty it is chargeable. 

(c.) If the commissioners are of opinion that the 
instrument is not chargeable with any duty, such 
instrument may be stamped with a particular stamp 
denoting that it is not chargeable with any duty. 

(3.) If the commissioners are of opinion that the 
instrument is chargeable with duty, they shall 
assess the duty with which it is in their opinion 
chargeable, and if or when the instrument is duly 
stamped in accordance with the assessment of the 
commissioners, it may be also stamped with a par- 
ticular stamp denoting that it is duly stamped. 

(4.) Every instrument stamped with the particular 
stamp denoting either that it is not chargeable 
with any duty, or is duly stamped, shall be admis- 
sible in evidence, and available for all purposes, 
notwithstanding any objection relating to duty. 

f 5.) Provided as follows : — 

(a.) Instrument to be stamped according to opinion. 
— An instrument upon which duty has been assessed 
by commissioners shall not, if it is unstamped or 
insufficiently stamped, be stamped otherwise than 
in accordance with assessment of commissioners. 

(6.) Securities without limit not to be adjudicated. — 
Nothing in this section contained extends to any 
instrument chargeable with duty, and made as a 
security for money or stock without limit. 

(c.) Also instruments which cannot be stamped. — 
Nothing in this section contained shall be deemed 
to authorize the stamping after the execution 
thereof of any instrument prohibited by law from 
being so stamped. 
Person dissatisfied may appeal. — § 19. (1.) Any 
person who is dissatisfied with the assessment of 
the commissioners made in pursuance of the last 
preceding section may, within twenty-one days 
after the date of such assessment, and on payment 
of duty in conformity therewith, appeal against 
such assessment to Her Majesty's Court of Exche- 
quer in England, Scotland, or Ireland, according to 
the country in which the case has arisen, and may 
for that purpose require the commissioners to state 
and sign a case, setting forth the question upon 
which their opinion was required, and the assess- 
ment made by them. 
Mode of proceeding. — (2.) The commissioners shall 
thereupon state and sign a case accordingly, and 
deliver the same to the person by whom it is re- 
quired, and on his application such case may be 
set down for hearing in the proper court. 

(3.) Upon the hearing of such case (due notice of 
which is to be given to the commissioners) the 
court shall determine the question submitted, and, 
if the instrument in question is in the opinion of 
the court chargeable with any duty, shall assess 
the duty with which it is so chargeable. 

(4.) If it is decided by the court that the assessment 
of the commissioners is erroneous, any excess of 
duty which may have been paid in conformity 
with such erroneous assessment, together with any 
penalty which may have been paid in consequence 
thereof, shall be ordered by the court to be repaid 
by the commissioners to the appellant, together 
with the costs incurred by him in relation to the 



[5.) But if the assessment of commissioners is con- 
firmed by court, the costs incurred by commis- 
sioners in relation to the appeal shall be ordered 
by the court to be paid by appellant to the com- 
The commissioners may call Jm' and refuse to pro- 
ceed without evidence. — § 20. (1.) In any case 
of application to the commissioners with reference 
to any instrument, the commissioners may require 
j to be furnished with an abstract of the instrument, 
and also with such evidence as they may deem 
necessary, in order to show to their satisfaction 
whether all the facts and circumstances affecting 
the liability of the instrument to duty, or the 
amount of the duty chargeable thereon, are fully 
and truly set forth therein, and may refuse to 
proceed upon any such application until such ab- 
stract and evidence has been furnished accordingly. 
Affidavit not to he used otkervnse. Person paying 
full duty relieved of penalty, ^c, for omission to 
state truly in instrument. — (2.) Provided that no 
affidavit or statutory declaration made in pursuance 
of this section shall be used against any person 
making the same in any proceeding whatever, 
except in an inquiry as to the duty with which the 
instrument to which it relates is chargeable; and 
every person by whom any such affidavit or declara- 
tion is made shall, on payment of the full duty 
with which the instrument to which it relates is 
chargeable, be relieved from any penalty, forfeiture, 
or disability he may have incurred by reason of the 
omission to state truly in such instrument any of 
the facts or circumstances aforesaid. 


Duplicates (§ 93).— Coisivetance on Sale (§76). 
—Settlement (§ 126), &c. § 14. Where the 
duty with which an instrument is chargeable 
•iepends in any manner upon the duty paid upon 
another instrument, the payment of such last- 
Jaentioned duty shall, if application be made to the 
commissioners for that purpose, and on production 
of both the instruments, he denoted in such manner 
as the commissioners think fit upon such first- 
^lentioned instrument 


/erson selling stamps must have a license from the 
Commissioners of Inland Revenue. Applications 
for license may be addressed to the Comptroller- 
General of Inland Revenue for Scotland, at Edin- 
burgh. License to specify Christian name and 
surname and place of abode, and specify shop or 
shops where stamps are to be sold. Bond to be 
granted. Not to sell but at shops licensed, and 
not hawk (S3 and 34 Vict. c. 98, § § 6, 6, 7, 8, 
9, 10, 11). Persons in the employment of the 
Post Office to sell postage stamps without license, 
and carry them about for sale (ib. § 12). 


Upon the sale of stamps such discount shall be 
allowed to the purchaser thereof as the Commis- 
sioners of Her Majesty's Treasury shall direct (83 
and 34 Vict. c. 98, § 13). 

[The Treasury have sanctioned the continuance for 
the present of the several rates of discount for- 
merly granted, viz.: 

Purchasers of stamps (except receipt, labels for 
medicines, and postage-stamps) at London, Edin- 
burgh, or Dublin, under the value of £10 each, 
but to the value of £30 or upwards in whole, are 
allowed discount at the rate of 30s. per cent. (12 
and 13 Vict. c. 80). The like discount is allowed 
to any person lodging at Edinburgh, paper or 
forms containing printed matter only, to be im- 
pressed with stamp duties under the value of £10 
each, but to the value of £30 or upwards in whole. 

To persons who at one time shall produce at the 
office of Inland Revenue in London (Edinburgh) 
or Dublin, paper to be stamped with, or shall 
purchase at the office in London, Edinburgh, or 
Dublin, stamps to the amount of £2 or upwards, 
or of any distributor of stamps at any place not 
within ten miles from the said offices, stamps to 
the amount of £1 or upwards, denoting any duty 
not exceeding Is. on bills of exchange, drafts or 
orders, or promissory notes, or stamps, for denoting 
the duty of Id. (except postage-stamps), an allow- 
ance shall be made of lOd. for every 20s. of the 
duties denoted by such stamps (23 and 24 Vict. c. 
Ill, § 3). No person selling such stamps shall 
charge for the paper whereon the same are im- 
pressed: penalty, £10, (17 and 18 Vict. c. 83, 
§ 25).] 



(33 and 34 Vict, c. 98). 
Allowance for Spoiled Stamps. — § 14. The com- 
missioners may make regulations regarding allowance 
for stamps spoiled in the following cases, viz. : - 

Instruments not executed. — (1.) Inadvertently and 
undesignedly spoiled, obliterated, or by any means - 
rendered unfit for the purpose intended : 

Adhesive stamps. — (2.) Any never used nor affixed 
to any material, but inadvertently and undesignedly 
spoiled or rendered unfit for use : 

Bills and Notes. — (3.) Signed by the drawer, but 
not delivered out of his hands to the payee, or any 
person on his behalf, or deposited with any person 
as a security for the payment of money, or in any 
way negotiated, issued, or put in circulati d, or 
made use of in any other manner whateve , and 
which being a bill has not been accepted by the 
drawee, and does not bear any signature intended 
as or for the acceptance : 

(4.) Signed by or on behalf of the drawer thereof, 
but which from any omission or error has been 
spoiled or rendered useless, although the same, 
being a bill of exchange, may have been presented 
for acceptance or accepted or endorsed, or, being a 
promissory-note, may have been delivered to the 
payee, provided that another completed and duly 
stamped bill or note is produced identical in every 
particular, except in correction of such error or 
omission as aforesaid, with the spoiled bill or note : 

(5.) The following executed instruments — 

(a.) Presentation to an ecclesiastical benefice not 
followed by institution: 

(6.) Executed by any party thereto, but afterwards 
found to be absolutely void in law froii the begin- 



(c.) Executed by any party thereto, but afterwards 
found unfit by reason of any error or mistake 
therein for the purpose originally intended : 

[d.) Executed by any party thereto, but which, by 
reason of the death of any person by whem it is 
necessary that it should be executed, without 
having executed the same, or of the refusal of any 
Guch pevson to execute the same, or to advance 
any money intended to be thereby secured, cannot 
lie completed so as to effect the intended trans- 
action in the form proposed: 

(e.) Executed by any party thereto, which, for 
want of the execution thereof by some material 
and necessary party, and his inability or refusal 
to sign the same, is in fact incomplete and in- 
sufficient for the purpose for which it was intended: 

(/) Executed by any party thereto, which, by 
reason of the refusal of any person to act under 
tlie same, or by the refusal or non-acceptance of 
any office thereby granted, totally fails of the in- 
tended purpose : 

ig.) Executed by any party thereto, which, for 
want of enrolment or registration within the time 
required by law, becomes null and void : 

(/j.) Executed by any party thereto, which becomes 
useless in consequence of the transaction intended 
to be thereby effected, being effected by some other 
instrument duly stamped: 

fi.) Executed by any party thereto, which is inad- 
vertently and undesignedly spoiled, and in lieu 
whereof another instrument made between the 
same parties and for the same purpose is executed 
and duly stamped : 

Vovided : — 

(1.) Executed Instruments — 

(o.) The instrument is given up to be cancelled : 

(6.) The application is made within six months after 
the date of the instrument, or, if not dated, within 
six months after the execution by the person by 
whom it was first or alone executed. Except, 1. 
Where, from unavoidable circumstances, any in- 
strument for which another instrument has been 
substituted cannot be given up to be cancelled 
within the aforesaid period, and in that case within 
six months after the date or execution of the sub- 
stituted instrument ; 2. Where the spoiled instru- 
ment has become void for want of enrolment or 
registration, and in that case within six months 
next after it has so become void; 3. Where the 
spoiled instrument has been sent abroad, and in 
that case within six months after it has been 
received back in any part of the United Kingdom: 

,c.) No action has been brought or suit commenced 
in which the instrument could or would have been 
given or offered in evidence : 

i_2.) Unexecuted Instruments. — In the case of 
stamped material, not having any executed in- 
strument written thereon, and of an adhesive 
Stamp not affixed to any material, the application 
ss made within six months after the stamp has 
been spoiled. 

Misused Stamps. — § 15. Stamp used of greater 
value than was necessary, or stamp inadvertently 
used for an instrument not liable to any duty, applica- 
tion within six months after the date of the instru- 
ment, or, if it is not dated, within six months after 
the execution. The instrument liable to duty to be 
restaniped with the proper duty. The misused stamp 
to be cancelled and allowed as spoiled. 

Allowance, how to be made. — § 1 6. The commis- 
sioners may give in lieu other stamps of the same 
denomination and value, or if required, and they 
think proper, stamps of any other denomination to 
the same amount in value, or, at their discretion, the 
same value in money, deducting tlie proper allowance 
on the purchase of stamps of the like description. 

Stamps not wanted may he repurchased by the 
Commissioners. — § 17. A stamp not spoiled or ren- 
dered unfit or useless for the purpose intended, but 
for which the person has no immediate use, the com- 
missioners ma}', if they in their discretion think fit, 
repay the amount in money, deducting the proper 
discount. The stamp to be delivered up to be can- 
celled, and satisfactory proof to be given that it was 
purchased by him with a bona fide intention to be 
used, and that the applicant has paid the full value 
thereof without any deduction (except only the amount 
of such discount), and that the stamp was so pur- 
chased within the period of six months next preceding 
the application at the chief office or at one of the 
head offices, or from some person appointed to sell 
and distribute stamps or duly licensed to deal in 

As to the exchange of Sea Policies of Insurance, 

see 30 Vict. c. 23, § 17. The cases for allowing are — 

(1.) W'here policy shall be inadvertently filled np 

in an incorreet or improper manner; 
(2.) Or be obliterated or otherwise spoiled, and 

rendered unfit for use ; 
(3.) Or shall be filled up for some insurances which 

shall not be proceeded in, and the same shall not 

be signed by any underwriter. 
Application must be made within six months after 

the policy shall be spoiled or become useless. 


On each inhabited dwelling-house of the annual value 
of £20 or upwards, occupied as a farm-house, or 
any shop or warehouse, being part of a dwelling- 
house, where goods are exposed for sale and sold 
in the front and basement story, or any house 
which is licensed for the sale of liquors by retail, 
or which is occupied as a hotel, although not 
licensed for the sale of liquors, a duty of 6d. per 
pound; all others, 9d. 
Exemptions. — Any house occupied for the purpose 
of trade only, or as a warehouse for the sole pur- 
pose of lodging goods, or used as a shop or count- 
ing-house, where a servant may dwell for the 
protection thereof. 

INC05IE TAX, &c. 



[Acts 5 and 6 Vict. c. 35 ; 14 and 15 Vict. c. 12 ; 16 and 17 Vict. c. 34; 17 and 18 Vict. c. 10 and c. 
24; 18 and 19 Vict. c. 20 ; 19 and 20 Vict. c. 80 ; 20 Vict. c. 6 ; 22 and 23 Vict. c. 18 ; 23 Vict. c. 14; 
24 Vict. c. 20 ; 25 Vict c. 22 ; 26 Vict. c. 22 ; 26 and 27 Vict. c. 33 ; 27 Vict, c. 18 ; 28 Vict. c. 30 , 
29 Vict. c. 36 ; 30 Vict. c. 23 ; 31 Vict. c. 2 ; 31 and 32 Vict. c. 28 ; 32 and 33 Vict. c. 14; 33 and 34 
Vict. c. 32 ; 34 and 35 Vict. c. 21 ; 35 and 36 Vict. c. 20 ; 36 Vict. c. 18.] 

Schedule A. — f^Real Property.') On each 20s. of 
annual value of lands, tenements, and heritages, 
in respect of the property, - - - 3d. 

Schedule B. — {Occupancy of Real Property^ On 
each 20s. of annual value of lands, tenements, and 
heritages (other than a dwelling-house separate 
from a farm), in Scotland, in respect of the 
occupancy, ------ ^A. 

Schedule C. — (Public Funds.) On each 20s. of 
annual amount of profits from interest, annuities, 
dividends and shares of annuities, pa3-able out of 
the public revenue, ----- 3d. 

Schedule D. — (Trades and Professions.) On each 
20s. of annual amount of gains, profits, or returns, 
from trades, professions, employments, or vocations, 
or from personal or other property not included in 
Schedules A, B, C, or E, - - - - 3d. 

Schedule E. — (^Public Salaries.) On each 20s. of 
annual amount of salaries, pensions, or annuities, 
paid out of the public revenue, or for public offices 
or employments, ----- 3cl^ 
Exemp/tion and Abatement. — Under the Act 26 

Vict. c. 22, sect. 3, persons whose whole incomes 
from every source are less than £150 a year are 
exempted. Persons whose incomes amount to 
£150 a year, but to less than £400 a year, are 
entitled to an abatement equal to the duty upon 
£120 of their income. 

Deductions. — Deduction is allowed, when claimed, 
of any annual premium (not exceeding one- sixth 
part of the claimant's income from every source) 
paid for insurance, or deferred annuity, on the 
claimant's own or his wife's life, to any insurance 
company in existence on 1st November, 1844, or 
registered pursuant to Act 7 and 8 Vict. c. 110 ; 
or of any annual payment made under Act of 
Parliament to a widow's or children's fund. 

By the Act 19 and 20 Vict. c. 80, landlords in 
Scotland are entitled to relief (either by abate- 
ment or by repayment) from any amount of In- 
come Tax which may be assessed upon them in 
respect of the annual value of such rates, taxes, 
assessments, and public burdens, as may be charged 
upon them and not charged upon landlords in 

[Notaries Public are indicated by n, Agents or Procurators by a.] 


Aberdeen — Alexander Leshe, John 

Buntly — James M'Kinnon. 
Peterhead — Grant Imlah. 
Tm-riff—iAvaQS D. M'Nee. 




Ayr — Robert M'Callum, Robert 

Kilmarnock — D. A. M'Bm-ney, A. 



KeiSi — George Taylor. 


Thurso — James M'Kay, James 

Wick — Robert Sinclair. 


^Dumbarton — John Dewar. 


'Dumfries— Robert Sinclair, Charles 


Edinburgh — Andrew Webster, 

Robert Gardiner, George Nicol- 
son, Heniy A. Dewar, J. Hogg. 


Elgin— \N. Jlinty. 


Cupar-Fife— E. C. Clark. 


Dundee — James S. Mills^ Jolm 

Matthew, James SI'Donald. 
Arbroath — John Herald. 


Grantomn — John Grant. 
North Uist—FMd. M'Donald. 
Inverness — Jas. Cameron, Donald 
Bain, Alexander Macdonald. 


Stoneha7;en— John Brown. 


Kirkcudbright — W. Nicholson. 


Lanark — John Currie. 
Airdriu -George Gentles. 

Coatbridge — Henry BI'Lachlan. 

Glasgow — Peter Peterson, John 
W. Beale, Donald JiI'Tavish, 
Hugh Frecland, James Rule, 
Gilbert Fleming, John Ewing, 
John B. Anderson, A. Lament, 
P. Scott, P. M'Bride, R. Morgan. 
D. Macdonald, A. Morton, .J. T. 
Smith, Angus M'Lachlan, .John 

Hamilton — George Kemp. 

Wishaio — William Thomson. 


Dunkeld — Henry Ritchie. 
Perth — James Rollo. 




Greenock — William 

A. Carrnthers. 
Paisley — Thos. Campbell, a, Alex, 



-John JIacrae, 

Tain — D. Macdonald, 



Falkirk— Sixmos, Lindsay. 
Sdrling — 


And the order in which each of the Re-arranged or Altered Wards has been substituted 

for each of the existing Wards, in 

Retukning Members to the Town Council in lieu of those who Retire by rotation. 

Note.— TAe Boundaries of the existing or former Wards for Parliamentary Election Purposes have not been 

altered by this Re-division. 


For Parliamentary and Municipal Election Purposes. 
That portion of the City and Royal Burgh compre- 
hended within a line drawn from a point in the centre 
of London Road where the same is intersected by the 
Eastern Parliamentary Franchise Boundary Lme, 
Westward along the centres of London Road, Canning 
Street, and Great Hamilton Street, to a point oppo- 
site the centre of the North end of Binnie Place ; 
thence South-westward in a straight line along Bm- 
nie Place and through Glasgow Green to a point in 
the centre of the River Clyde, where the same is 
intMsected by the centre of the line of St. Andrew s 
Suspension Bridge ; thence up the centre of the River 
Clyde to a point opposite where the same isjomedby 
Harvie's Dyke; thence in a straight line along the 
Parliamentary Franchise Boundary Line to a point 
where the same intersects the centre of London Road, 
the point first before described. 
(No Alteration on above Boundaries as fixed in 1869.) 


For ParlitLmentary and Municipal Election Purposes. 
That portion of the City and Royal Burgh com- 
prehended within a line drawn from a point in the 
centre of Carntyne Road where the same is intersected 
by the Eastern Parliamentary Franchise Boundary 
Line, Westward along the centres of Carntyne Road 
and Duke Street to a point opposite the centre of 
Bellgrove Street ; thence Southward along the centres 
of Bellgrove Street, Abercromby Street, and Clyde 
Street, to the centre of Canning Street; thence East- 
ward along the centres of Canning Street and London 
Road to a point where London Road is intersected by 
the Eastern Parliamentary Franchise Boundary Line; 
thence North-eastward along said Boundary Line to a 
point on the Road to Edinburgh, by Airdrie, which is 
distant one hundred yards, measured along said Road 
to the East of the point at which the same is joined 
by the Road to Edinburgh through the Village of 
Westmuir; thence North-westward along said Boun- 
dary Line to a point where the same intersects the 
centre of Carntyne Road, the point first before 
(No AlteraJ-ion on above Boundaries as fixed in 1869.) 


For Parliamentary Election Purposes only. 
That portion ot the City and Royal Burgh com- 

prehended within a line drawn from the Cross of 
Glasgow,, Eastward along the centre of Gallowgate 
Street to a pomt opposite the centre of Bellgrove 
Street ; thence Northward along the centre of Bell- 
grove Street to the centre of Duke Street ; thence 
Eastward along the centres of Duke Street and Carn- 
tyne Road to a point where Carntyne Road is in- 
tersected by the Eastern Parliamentary Franchise 
Boundary Line ; thence North-westward along said 
Boundary Line to a point in the centre of the Low 
Garngad Road, which is distant one hundred and fifty 
yards, measured along said Road to the East of the 
Bridge over the Germiston Burn ; thence Westward 
along said Boundary Line in the centre of the Low 
Garngad Road to the centre of the Bridge over the 
Cut of Junction Canal in the line of Castle Street ; 
thence Southward along the centre of said Bridge, 
Castle Street, Kirk Street, and High Street, to 
the Cross of Glasgow, the point first before 

(No Alteration on above Boundaries for Parliamentary 
Election Purposes as fixed in 1869.) 

For Municipal Election Purposes. 

That portion of the Parliamentary Burgh of Glas- 
gow immediately before described as the Third Ward 
or District for Parliamentary Election purposes, to- 
gether with those portions of the City and Royal 
Burgh comprehended within the following Bounda- 
ries, viz. : — 

1st. A Line drawn from a point on the Parliament' 
tary Boundary, situate two hundred and seventy-twO i 
yards or thereby,measuring in a North-easterly direction 
from the North-east comer of North Haghill House, 
and passing in a Northerly, Easterly, and Northerly 
direction along the march between Alexandra Park 
and the Lands of Easter Kennyhill, to the South side 
of the Towing path of the Monkland Canal; thence 
along the South side of the Towing path in a Westerly 
direction for a distance of five hundred and ninety 
yards or thereby, till it meets the Parliamentary 
Boundary , thence along the Parliamentary Boundary 
in a straight line in a South-easterly direction to tht 
point first described. 

2nd. A Line drawn from a point on the Parlia- • 
mentary Boundary of Glasgow, situate in Low Garngad 
Road, where the Garngad or Germiston Burn crosse. 
that Road, and following the Boundary of the iincieni 
Rovalty in a Northerly, Easterly, and North-westerly 



direction till it reaches the centre of the Road leading 
from Glasgow to Kirkintilloch in or near the Village 
of Springbum ; thence in a Southerly direction along 
the centre of the Glasgow and Kirkintilloch Road to 
the Bridge over the Cut of Junction Canal; thence 
Eastward along the centre of the Low Gamgad Road 
to the point first described. 


For Parliamentary and Municipal Election Pwposes. 
That portion of the City and Royal Burgh com- 
prehended within a line drawn from the Cross of 
Glasgow, Southward along the centres of Saltmarket 
Street and the line of the Albert Bridge to a point 
where the same intersects the centre of the River 
Clyde ; thence up the centre of the River Clyde to a 
point where the same is intersected by the centre of 
the line of St, Andrew's Suspension Bridge ; thence 
North-eastward in a straight line to a point in the 
<!entre of Great Hamilton Street, opposite the centre 
of the North end of Binnie Place ; thence Eastward 
along the centres of Great Hamilton Street and Can- 
ning Street to a point opposite the centre of Clyde 
Street ; thence Northward along the centres of Clyde 
Street and Abercromby Street to the centre of Gal- 
lowgate Street; thence Westward along the centre of 
Gallowgate Street to the Cross of Glasgow, the point 
first before described. 
(No Alteration on above Boundaries as fixed in 1869.) 


For Parliamentary Election Purposes only. 
That portion of the City and Royal Burgh com- 
prehended within a line drawn from a point in the 
centre of the line of Bridge over the Cut of Junction 
Canal in the line of Castle Street, where the same is 
intersected by the Northern Parliamentary Franchise 
Boundary Line, Westward along said Boundary Line 
in the centre of the Cut of Junction Canal to a 
point opposite the centre of the Stair leading from 
Canal Bank to Port-Dundas Road ; thence Southward 
along the centres of said Stair, Port-Dundas Road, 
and Buchanan Street, to a point opposite the centre 
of Cathedral Street; thence Eastward along the 
centre of Cathedral Street to the centre of John 
Street ; thence Southward along the centre of 
John Street to a point opposite the centre of Rot- 
tenrow Street ; thence Eastward along the centre of 
Eottenrow Street to the centre of the line of High 
Street and Kirk Street ; thence Northward along the 
centre of Kirk Street, Castle Street, and the Bridge 
over the Cut of Junction Canal, to a point where 
said Bridge is intersected by the Northern Parliamen- 
tary Franchise Boundary Line, the point first before 

(No Alteration on above Boundaries for Parliamentary 
Election Purposes as fixed in 1869.) 

For Municipal Election Purposes. 
That portion of the Parliamentary Burgh of Glas- 
gow immediately before described as the Fifih Ward 
3r District for Parliamentary Election purposes, to- 
gether with that portion of the City and Koyal Burgh 
;omprehended within a line drawn from a point in 
he centre of the Bridge over the Cut of Junction 
IJanal on the Glasgow and Kirkintilloch Road or 
Castle Street, in a Northerly direction along the centre 

of said Road to the Boundary Line of the ancient 
Royalty in or near the Village of Springbum ; thence 
following the Boundary of the accient Royalty in a 
North-westerly, Southerly, and Westerly direction 
until it reaches a point two hundred and thirty yards 
or thereby, measuring in a North-westerly direction 
from the North-west corner of Cowlairs Mansion 
House ; thence (leaving the said Royalty Boundary) 
in a Westerly direction in a straight line for a dis- 
tance of five hundred and forty-three yards or thereby 
till it again meets the said Royalty Boundary at a 
point ninety-three yards or thereby, measuring in a 
Northerly direction from the North-west corner of 
Craigbank House ; thence following the said Royalty 
Boundary in a Westerly direction to the centre of the 
Craighall Road; thence along the centre of the Craig- 
hall Road in a Southerly direction to the Parliamen- 
tary Boundary, in the centre of the Bridge over the 
Forth and Clyde Canal, otherwise called the Great 
Canal, opposite the Northern end of Ann street; thence 
following the Parliamentary Boundary in an Easterly, 
Southerly, and Easterly direction along the Great 
Canal and Cut of Junction, to the point first de- 


For Parliamentary and Municipal Election Purposes. 
That portion of the City and Royal Burgh com- 
prehended within a line drawn from the centre of the 
line of the Albert Bridge where the same intersects 
the centre of the River Clyde, Northward along the 
centres of said line of Bridge, Saltmarket Street, and 
High Street, to a point opposite the centre of Rotten- 
row Street ; thence Westward along the centre of 
Rottenrow Street to the centre of John Street; thence 
Southward along the centre of John Street to the 
centre of Ingram Street ; thence Westward along the 
centre of Ingram Street to a point opposite the centre 
of Glassford Street; thence Southward along the 
centres of Glassford Street, Stockwell Street, and the 
line of Victoria Bridge, to a point where the same in- 
tersects the centre of the River Clyde ; thence up the 
centre of the River Clyde to the centre of the line of 
the Albert Bridge, the point first before described. 
(No Alteration on above Boundaries as fixed in 18C9.) 


For Parliamentary and Municipal Election Purposes. 
That portion of the City and Royal Burgh com- 
prehended within a line drawn from a point in the 
centre of the line of Victoria Bridge where the same 
intersects the centre of the River Clyde, Northward 
along the centres of said Bridge, Stwkwell Street, 
and Glassford Street, to the centre of Ingram Street ; 
thence Eastward along the centre of Ingram Street to 
a point opposite the centre of John Street; thence 
Northward along the centre of John Street to the 
centre of the line of Stirling's Road and Cathedral 
Street; thence Westward along the centre of Cathedral 
Street to the centre of Buchanan Street ; thence 
Southward along the centres of Buchanan Street, St. 
Enoch Square, and Dixon Street, and prolonged to 
the centre of the River Clyde ; thence up the centre 
of the River Clyde to the centre of the line of Victoria 
Bridge, the point first before described. 
(No Alteration on above Boundaries as fixed in 1869.) 




For Parliamentary and Municipal Election Purposes. 
That portion of the City and Royal Bnrgh com- 
prehended within a line drawn from a point in the 
centre of the River Clyde opposite the centre of the 
line of Dixon Street, Northward along the centres of 
Dixon Street, St. Enoch Square, and Buchanan Street 
to a point opposite the centre of Renfrew Street ; 
thence Westward along the centre of Renfrew Street 
to the centre of Hope Street; thence Southward along 
the centre of Hope Street to the centre of Argyle 
Street; thence Westward along the centre of Argyle 
Street to a point opposite the centre of Oswald Street; 
thence Southward along the centre of Oswald Street, 
and prolonged to the centre of the River Clyde ; thence 
up the centre of the River Clyde to a point opposite 
the centre of the line of Dison Street, the point first 
before described. 

(No Alteration on above Boundaries as fixed in 1869.) 


For Parliamentary and Municipal Election Purposes. 
That portion of the City and Royal Burgh com- 
prehended within a line drawn from a point in the 
centre of the River Clyde opposite the centre of the 
line of Oswald Street, Northward along the centre of 
Oswald Street to the centre of Argyle Street; thence 
Eastward along the centre of Argyle Street to a point 
opposite the centre of Hope Street ; thence Northward 
along the centre of Hope Street to the centre of Ren- 
frew Street; thence Westward along the centre of 
Renfrew Street to the centre of Scott Street ; thence 
Southward along the centres of Scott Street and Pitt 
Street to the centre of Argyle Street ; thence West- 
ward along the centre of Argyle Street to a point 
vhere the line of Argyle Street and Main Street, 
Anderston, is intersected by the Western Royalty 
Boundary Line, opposite the Royalty Stone No. 209, 
which is distant thirty-eight yards or thereby, mea- 
sured along Argyle Street to the West of the centre 
of M'Alpine Street; thence Southward along said 
Boundary Lina to its Southern extremity in the centre 
of the River Clyde ; thence up the centre of the River 
Clyde to a point opposite the centre of the line of 
Oswald Street, the point first before described. 

(No Alteration on aoove Boundaries as fixed in 1869.) 


For Parliamentary Election Purposes only. 
That portion of the City and Royal Burgh com- 
prehended witliin a line drawn from a point in the 
centre of Possil Road where the same is intersected 
by the centre of the Great Canal, Southward along 
the centre of the Possil Road to the centre of Garscube 
Road ; thence Westward along the centre of Garscube 
Road to a point opposite the centre of St. George's 
Road ; thence Southward along the centre of St. 
George's Road to the centre of New City Road ; thence 
Eastward along the centre of New City Road to a 
point opposite the centre of Cambridge Street; thence 
South-eastward and Southward alon:; the centre of 
Cambridge Street to the centre ut Renfrew Street; 
thence Eastward along the centre of Renfrew Street 
to the centre of Buchanan Street ; thence Northward 

along the centres of Buchanan Street, Port-Dnndaf 
Koad, and the Stair leading from said Road to Canal 
Bank, and prolonged to the centre of the Forth and 
Clyde Canal ; thence Westward and Northward along 
the centre of said Canal to a point where it intersects 
the centre of Possil Road, the point first before de- 

(No Alteration on above Boundaries for Parliamentarr 
Election Purposes as fixed in 1869.) 

For Municipal Election Purposes. 

That portion of the Parliamentary Burgh of Glas- 
gow immediately before described as the Tenth Ward 
or District for Parliamentary Election purposes, to- 
gether with that portion of the City and Royal Burgh 
of Glasgow, comprehended within a line drawn from 
a point on the Parliamentary Boundary, in the line of 
the Forth and Clyde Canal, where that Canal is 
crossed by the Bridge opposite the end of Ann Street, 
in a Northerly direction along the centre of Craighall 
Road, till the said Road is intersected by the Northern 
Boundary Line of the ancient Royalty at a point im- 
mediately to the West of the North-west corner of the 
Grounds of Craigbank House ; thence following the 
said Royalty Boundary in a Westerly and South-west- 
erly direction till it meets the Parliamentary Boundary 
at a point in the centre of the Forth and Clyde Canal, 
situate one hundred and seventy-six yards or thereby, 
measuring in a Northerly direction from a point in 
the centre of Garscube Road, opposite the centre of 
Well Road; and thence along the Parliamentary 
Boundary in a South-easterly and Southerly directioc 
along the Forth and Clyde Canal, to the point firsf 


For Parliamentary Election Purposes only. 

That portion of the City and Royal Burgh com- 
prehended within a line drawn from a point in the 
centre of the Bridge over the River Kelvin on the 
New Dumbarton Road, where the same intersects the 
centre of said River, South-eastward along the centre 
of said Bridge and Dumbarton Road to a point opposite 
the centre of Kelvingrove Street ; thence Northward 
along the centre of Kelvingrove Street to the centre of 
the line of Sandyford Street and Sauchiehall Street ; 
thence Eastward along the centre of Sauchiehall 
Street to the centre of the line of Pitt Street and Scott 
Street; thence Northward along the centre of Scott 
Street to the centre of Renfrew Street ; thence East- 
ward along the centre of Renfrew Street to the centre 
of Cambridge Street ; thence Northward and North- 
westward along the centre of Cambridge Street to the' 
centre of New City Road ; thence Westward along the 
centre of New City Road to the centre of St. George's 
Road; thence Northward along the centre of St. 
George's Road to the centre of Garscube Road; thenc£ 
Eastward along the centre of Garscube Road to a 
point opposite the centre of Possil Road; thence 
Northward along the centre of Possil Road to a poin! 
where the same is intersected by the centre of th( 
Forth and Clyde Canal; thence Westward, North- 
ward, and Southward along the centre of the Fortl 
and Clyde Canal to a point which is distant, measure! 
along said Canal, one hundred yards below Dern 
Bridge; thence South-westward in a straight lini 
along the Parliamentary Franchise Boundary Line ti 



a point in the centre of the River Kelvin, which is 
distant one hundred and fifty yards, measured along 
said River, above the point at which the same is met 
by the Park Wall, which comes down thereto from 
VVoodside Road ; thence Southward and Westward 
along the centre of the River Kelvin to a point where 
it is intersected by the centre of the Bridge over said 
River on the New Dumbarton Road, the point first 
before described. 

f No Alteration on above Boundaries for Parliamentary 
Election Purposes as fixed in 1869.) 

For Municipal Election Purposes. 
That portion of the Parliamentary Burgh of Glas- 
gow immediately before described as the Eleventh 
ward or District for Parliamentary Election Purposes, 
together with that portion of the City and Royal 
Burgh comprehended within a line drawn from a 
point on the Parliamentary Boundary, situate in the 
centre of the River Kelvin, and on the line of the 
North-east side of the Bridge which carries the Glas- 
gow and Yoker Road, commonly called the Dumbar- 
ton road, across the Kelvin, and passing in a Northerly 
and Westerly direction along theNorth-e.nst and North 
side of said Road, till it reaches a point one hundred 
and fourteen yards or thereby, measuring in an East- 
erly direction, from the South-east comer of Church 
Street and Dumbarton Road ; thence in a Northerly 
direction for a distance of one hundred and one yards 
or thereby ; thence in a Westerly direction and at 
right angles to the line last described to a point 
distant fifty-six yards from the East side of Church 
Street ; thence in a Northerly direction and in a line 
parallel to Church Street till it meets the Hillhead 
Road ; thence along the South side of the Hillhead 
Road till it meets the march between the Lnnds of 
Gilmorehill and Westbank ; thence Eastward along 
and in continuation of the line of such march till it 
meets the Parliamentary Boundary in the centre of 
the River Kelvin ; thence Southward and Westward 
along the centre of the River Kelvin, to the point 
first described. 


For Parliamentary and Municipal Election Purposes. 
That portion of the City and Royal Burgh com- 
prehended within a line drawn from a point in the 
centre of Argyle Street opposite the centre of Pitt 
Street, Northward along the centre of Pitt Street to 
the centre of Sauchiehall Street; thence Westward 
along the centre of Sauchiehall Street to the centre 
of Kelvingrove Street ; thence Southward along the 
centre of Kelvingrove Street to the centre of Dumbar- 
ton Road; thence Eastward along the centres of 
Dumbarton Road, Main Street, Anderston, and Argyle 
Street, to a point opposite the centre of Pitt Street, 
the point first before described. 
(^No Alteration on above Boundaries as fixed in 1869.) 


tli| Pot* Parliamentary and Municipal Election Purposes. 
■''' That portion of the City and Royal Burgh com- 
)rt prehended within a line drawn from a point in the 
i" centre of the River Clyde immediately opposite the 
^ Royalty Stone No. 210, which is distant thirty-six 
111 yards or thereby, measured along Broomielaw Street, 
isl to the West of the centre of M 'Alpine Street, North- 

ward along the Royalty Boundary Line to the centre 
of the line of Argyle Street and Main Street, Anders- 
ton ; thence Westward along the centres of Main 
Street, Anderston, Dumbarton Road, and the Bridge 
over the River Kelvin on the New Dumbarton Road, 
to a point where the same intersects the centre of the 
River Kelvin ; thence down the centre of the River 
Kelvin to the centre of the River Clyde ; thence up the 
centre of the River Clyde to the Southern extremity 
of the Western Royalty Boundary Line opposite the 
Royalty Stone No. 210, the point first beiore de- 
(No Alteration on above Boundaries as fixed in 18G9.) 


For Parliame7itary and Municipal Election Purposes. 
That portion of the City and Royal Burgh on the 
South side of the River Clyde situated to the East of 
a line drawn from a point in the centre of the River 
Clyde opposite the centre of the line of Thistle Street, 
Hutchesontown, Southward along the centre of Thistle 
Street to the centre of Caledonia Road ; thence East- 
ward along the centre of Caledonia Road to the centre 
of Crown Street; thence Southward along the centres 
of Crown Street and Cathcart Road to a point where 
the said Road is intersected by the Southern Parha- 
mentary Franchise Boundary Line. 
(No Alteration on above Boundaries as fixed in 1869.) 


For Parliamentary and Municipal Election Purposes. 
That portion of the City and Royal Burgh com- 
prehended within a line drawn from a point in the 
centre of the line of Glasgow Bridge where the same 
intersects the centre of the River Clyde, Southward 
along the centre of said Bridge, Bridge Street, Eglin- 
ton Street, and PoUokshaws Road, to a point where 
the said Road is intersected by the Southern Parlia- 
mentary Franchise Boundary Line ; thence Eastward 
along said Boundary Line in the centre ofButterbig- 
gins Road to a point where the same intersects the 
centre of the Cathcart Road ; thence Northward along 
the centres of Cathcart Road and Crown Street to 
the centre of Caledonia Road ; thence Westward along 
the centre of Caledonia Road to a point opposite the 
centre of Thistle Street ; thence Northward along the 
centre of Thistle Street, and prolonged to the centre 
of the River Clyde ; thence down the centre of the 
River Clyde to a point where the same is intersected 
by the centre of the line of Glasgow Bridge, the point 
first before described. 
(No Alteration on above Boundaries as fixed in 1869.) 


For Parliamentai'y and Municipal Election Purposes. 
That portion of the City and Royal Burgh on the 
South side of the River Clyde situated to the West of 
a line drawn from a point in the centre of the line of 
Glasgow Bridge where the same intersects the centre 
of the River Clyde, Southward along the centre of said 
Bridge, Bridge Street, Eglinton Street, and PoUok- 
shaws Road, to a point where the same is intersected 
by the Southern Parliamentary Franchise Boundary 
(No Alteration on above Boundaries as fixed in 1869.) 



The City Chamberlain estimated the population 
of the City and Suburbs, at Midsummer of 1875, as 
follows: — Total population situated within the par- 
liamentary boundary, 515,560; OHlside of the par- 
liamentary city, but BOW forrainjr part of the munici- 
pal city, 19,(100 ; so that the muiiicipal city of 
Glasgow contained at midsummer of 1875 a popula- 
tion of 534,560. 

We may therefore estimate the population of the 
city and its adjuncts thus : — Municipal city, middle 
of 1875, estimated population, as previously stated, 
534,560 ; suburban districts, at same date, north 
side of river— Partick and Hillhead, 6,680 families; 
Maiyhill and Milngavie, 2,674 ; Shettleston and Toll- 
cross, 1,453 : total, 10,807 ; and these multiplied by 
5 represent 54,035. South side of river — Govan, 
7,338 families; Pollokshields, Kinning Park, and 
Paisley road, 3,608 ; Crosshill, Langside, and Cath- 
cart, 2,986 ; Shawlands, Pollokshaws, and Thornlie- 
bank, 2,573 : total, 16,505 ; and these, also multiplied 
by 5, represent 82.525. Thus the City of Glasgow, 
including its connected and closely contiguous subur- 
ban districts, represented, in the middle of 1875, a 
united population of as nearly as may be 671,120. 





Nat. In 





























































Total of 15 years, 277,743 births, 207,759 deaths, 
69,984 natural increase. Average of 15 years, 
18,516 births, 13,850 deaths, 4,666 natural increase. 

Parlianr.entary representatives — Charles Cameron, 
LL.D., George Anderson, and Ales. Whitelaw. 

Parliamentary constituency, 60,670; Municipal 
constituency, 6:J,793 ; School Board constituency, 

Burgh of Crosshill, created September. 1871. Es- 
timated population, 3500. Assessable rental, about 


Popnlation of Police Burgh in 1875, about 38,000 ; 
of parish, about 82,400. Parliamentary constituency, 
1876-77 :— Burgh of Govan, 1483 ; burt^h of Par- 
tick, 1005 ; burgh of Billhead, 656 ; South Side Park 
and Paisley Eoad district, 647 ; Dowanhill and 
Great Western Road district, 226; College, IG; 
total, 4033. 

Burgh of Hillhead, created 14th May, 1869. Popu- 
lation in 1871, 3718. Assessable rental, £64,000. 


Burgh of Kinning Park, erected 6th November, 
1871. Population,16thJanuai7, 1871,6634. Asses.s- 
able rental for 1873-4, £32,485. Assessable Rental 
for 1876-7, £36,196, 

Population in 1871, 2836 nnales, 2997 females ; 
total, 5833. Municipal constituency for 1876, 1731. 

Population in 1861, 14,861. Population in 1871, 
23,904. Increase in ten years, 9043. Estimated 
population in 1876, 26,000 ; parliamentary constitu- 
ency, 1005. 

Popnlation of Eastwood Parish, comprehending 
Pollokshaws and Thornliebank, 1861, 11,306; 1871, 
13,097. Increase, 1791. Population of Burgh, 1861, 
7644; 1871,8921; increase, 1277. Parliamentery 
constituency in Eastwood Parish, including the Burgh 
of Pollokshaws, 452. Municipal constituency — 
Resident Burgesses of £4 rent and upwards, 261. 

Popnlation of burgh in 1861, 8477; in 1871. 
10,761 ; increase, 2284. This Royal Burgh, with 
Kilmarnock, Port-Glasgow, Dumbarton, and Renfrew, 
returns one Member to Parliament. 



Re-arranged Registration Districts in the City as extended by the Glasgow Municipal Act of 1872, 
including certain Suburban Districts, as fixed and determined by the Sheriff of Lanarkshire, to take effect 
from 2nd January, 1875. 








James Tait, 

27 Mordaunt Street. 



Daniel Sinclair, 

62 Waterloo Street, East. 



Peter Ferguson, 

Cathedral Lodge, High Church. 



Alexander Waddel, 

4-1 Canning Street, Calton. 



Jas. Moncrieff Thomson, 

70 Bell Street. 


St. Rollox, 

Gavin Millar Buchanan, 

121 Kennedy Street. 



James Strutliers, 

52 West Nile Street. 



Alexander Devvar, 

21 Crossburn Street. 



William Buchanan, 

173 Shamrock Street. 



John Hamilton, 

8 Minerva Street, 



Donald Hamilton, 

395 Crown Street. 



Nicol Macdougall. 

94 South Portland Street. 



John Brown, 

92 Gloucester Street. 


Kinning Park, 

Alexander Wilson, 

310 Scotland Street. 






Govan Church, 

Thomas Steel, 

2 Osborn Place, Govan. 



Gavin Paisley, 

314 Dumbarton Rond, Partick. 



Andrew Carnduff, 

School-house, Old Cathcart. 



John Russell, 

260 Main Street, MaryhilL 

Office hours in the city, from 9 till 3, and from 9 till 12 on Saturdays. 

Office hours in G 1, from 9 till S. Saturdays, 9 till 12. G 2, from 10 to 3. Saturdays, 10 to 12. 

Office hours in Cathcart, 8 till 9 a.m., 6.30 till 8 p.m. Saturdays, 8 till 9 a.m. 

Office hours in Maijhill, 10 till 12 a.m., 6 tiU 9 p.m. Saturdays, 10 till 12 a.m. 

By Act 17 & 18 Vict., cap. 80, it is enacted that a Bikth must be registered -within twent\'-one days, 
a Maekiage within three days, and a Death within eight days, respectively, thereafter. 

N.B. — In the latter case, however, it is usual, and saves considerable trouble to parties, to get a Death 
registered previous to the interment. 

Penalties are exigible if the above rules are not complied with. 



j(rff, Abercorn Street, from New City rd. to Grove st. 8. 
\bercromby Place, West George street. 7. 
,\bercroinby Street, f. Gallowgate to Stevenson st. 4. 

Abercromby Terrace, Paisley road. G 1. 
Abbeygreen Place, Houston street and Watt st. 14. 
Abbotsford Lane, f. Bedford st. to Cavendish st. 12. 
Abbotsford Place, so. of Portland St., Laurieston. 12, 
Abbotsford Place, Govan, G 1. 
Abington Place, Paisley road. G 1. 



Abington Street, f. Cameron st., W. N. City rd. 9. 

Abyssinia Place, Paisley road. G 1. 

Academy Court, 65 Crown street. 11. 

Acrehill, foot of Garngad road. 3. 

Adam's Court, 36 Rose street, south. 11. 

Adam's Court Lane, f. Argyle st. to Howard st. 7. 

Adamswell Street, Springburn. 

Adelaide Place, Bath Street. 7. 

Adelphi Street, Bridgeton, south end of Reid st. 1. 

Adelphi Street, Hutchesontown, fronting river, east 

of Crown st. 11. AVest of Do. 12. 
Adelphi Place, 4 Adelphi street. 11. 
Adelphi Terrace, Adelphi street. 11. 
Afton Crescent, Chfford street. 
Agnes Street, off Kelvinside Avenue. M. 
Agnew Place, Hill street, GarnethilL 9. 
Agnew Place, Crossbill. C. 
Ailsa Terrace, Hillhead. G 2. 
Aird's Lane, between Bridgegate and Goosedubs. 7, 
Aitchison's Court, 113 Main street, Bridgeton. 1. 
Aitken Place, corner of Douglas and Argyle streets. 7. 
Aitkenhead Road, from Cathcarb road to County 

Boundary. 11. 
Albany Place, Sauohiehall street. West end. 9. 
Albany Terrace, 286 Renfrew street. 9. 
Albert Bridge, North half, 5 ; 

South half. East side do. 11. West side. 12. 
Albert Drive, Crossbill. C. 

Albert Place, Milton street and Maitland street. 8. 
Albert Place, Hill street, Garnethill. 9. 
Albert Place, Buccleuch Street. 7. 
Albert Place, between Dover st. and St. Vincent st. 9. 
Albert Place, Caledonia road. 11. 
Albert Road and Villas, Crossbill. C. 
Albert Road, Hillhead. G 2. 
Albert Road, Polloksliields. 14. 
Albert Street, off Glebe street. 6. 
Albert Street, Possil road. 8. 
Albert Street, Govan. G 1. 
Albert Terrace, Dowanhill gardens. G 2. 
Albert Terrace, Hillhead. G 2. 
Albert Terrace, Renfrew street. 9. 
Albert Terrace, Caledonia road. 
Albert View, Caledonia road. 11. 
Albion Buildings, IIC George street. 5. 
Albion Court, 41 North Albion street. 5. 
Albion Crescent, Dowanhill. G 2. 
Albion Place, Buchan street. South side. 12. 
Albion Street (South), f. Bell street to Canon st. 5. 
Albion Street (North), f. Canon st. to George st. 5. 
Albyn Street, east from Adelphi street. 11. 
Alexandra Place, Shields road. 14. 
Alexandra Place, Crossbill. C. 
Alexandra Place, Cathcart. C. 
Alexandra Terrace, Greenhead street. 1. 
Alexander Row, off Cathcart road. 11. 
Alexander Street, off Dumbarton Road. 9. 
Alfred Place, St. Vincent street, West-end. 9. 
Alfred Terrace, Great Western Road. G 2. 
Alice Place, Cathcart road. Crossbill. 12. 
Allan Place, M'Lean street. Paisley road. G 1. 
Allan Place, Douglas street, Blythswood holm. 7. 
Allander Street, from Carbeth st. to Ashfield st. M. 
Allanton Terrace, Crossbill. 12. 
Allison Street, Victoria road. Crossbill. East of 

Victoria road. 12. AVest of do. 13. 
Alma Place, Cranstonhill. 10. 
Alma Place, Paisley road. 14. 
Alma Place, Govan. G 1. 

Alma Street, Govan. G 1. 

Alston Lane, off Risk street. 4. 

Alston Street, from Argyle street to Gordon st. 7. 

Alva Terrace, Crossbill. 

Amberley Place, North Woodside road. 9. 

America Court, 24 Adelphi street. 12. 

Anderson's Court, 145 Main street, Bridgeton. 1. 

Anderson Street, off Gallowgate. 4. 

Anderson Street, Kinning Park. 14. 

Anderson Street, Partick. G 2. 

Anderston, west end of Argyle street. 

Anderston Quay, f. M'Alpine st. to Lancefield. 10. 

Ann Place, east end Parliamentary rd. north side. 6. 

Ann Street, Main street, Bridgeton. 1. 

Ann Street, from -Jamaica street to Oswald st. 7. 

Ann Street, from Cowcaddens to Port Dundas. 8. 

Ann Street, Hillhead. f. G. W. rd. toSaughfield rd. G2. 

Annette Street, Crossbill. 12. 

Annfield Place, near East end of Duke street. 3. 

Annfield Street, off Gallowgate. 3. 

Annfield Terrace, Partick. G 2. 

Anson Place, Crossbill. 12. 

Antigua Place, Nelson street. 5. 

Apsley Place, head of Warwick street. 12. 

Apsley Place, Great Western road. 9. 

Arden Street, off Gairbraid street. M. 

Ardgowan Place, Cumberland street. 11. 

Ardgowan Street, Crookston st. to Shields rd. 14. 

Ardine Terrace Crossbill, Nos. 1 to 9. 12. Re- 
mainder. C. 

Argyle Arcade, 100 Argyle st. & 80 Buchanan st. 7. 

Argyle Buildings, corner of M'Alpine street. 7. 

Argyle Court, 90 Argyle street. 7. 

Argyle Street, from Stockwell st. to Anderston. 
Both sides of do. from Glassford street and Stockwell 

street to M'Alpine street and Pitt street. 7. 
Both sides of do. from M'Alpine street and Pitt 
street to Main street, Anderston. 10. 

Argyle Street, Maryhill. 

Argyle Place, Partick. 42. 

Ai'gyle Terrace, Albert rd. Crossbill, Crossmvloof. C 

Ark Close, 46 St. Enoch AVynd. 7. 

Ark Lane, Duke street. 3. 

Arlington Place, AVoodlands road. 9. 

Arlington Street, off Woodlands road. 9. 

Armadale Street, Dennistoun. 3. 

Armour Street, from Barrack street to Moore st. ,". 

Arthur Place, Govan. G 1. 

Arthur Street, foot of Swanstou street. 1. 

Arthur Street, Partick. G 2. 

Arthur Street, Overnewton, off Old Dumbarton rd. 10. 

Ashburton Place, Renfrew street. 7. 

Ashfield St., f. Allander st. railway, Possilpark. M. 

Ashgrove Terrace, Paisley road Toll. 14. 

Ashton Place, Byars' road, Hillhead. G 2. 

Ashton Terrace, Hillhd., Parkville rd. Dowanhill. G 2 

Ash ton Vale, west end of Buccleuch street 9. 

Ashvale Row, Springburn. 6. 

Atbole Gardens, Hillhead. G 2. 

Athole Place, Bath street. 7. 

Athole Ten, Crossbill, Nos. 1 & 2. 13. Remainder. C, 

Auchentoshan Terrace, Springburn road. 3. 

Avenue Road, Springburn. 

Avenue Street, fr. Fordneuk st. to Crownpoint st. 2, 

Avon Street, from Watt street to Shields road. 14. 

Avonbank Terrace, Scotland street. 14. 

Avondale Place, Paisley road. G 1. 

Ayr Place, Carnarvon street. 9. 

Ayton Court, 62 Old Vennel. 5. 



Ayton Place, 52 Old Vcnnel. 5. 
Ayton Street, off Blackfriar's street. 5. 
Aytoun Road, PoUokshields. 14. 


Back Causeway, Westmuir, Parkhead. 2. 

Back Wynd, 119 Trongate to Bridgegate. 7, 

Bain's Court, Ann street, Port Dundas. 8. 

Bain's Court, 46 Clyde street, Anderston. 10. 

Bain's Place, 151 West Nile street. 7. 

Baird Street, off Glebe street. 6. 

Baird Street, Westmuir, Parkhead. 2. 

Balmanno Place, from Georgestreet to Shuttle street. 5 

Balmanno Street, from George st. to Rottem'ow. 5. 

Balmoral Place, Caledonia road. 12. 

Balmoral Place, St. George's road. 9. 

Balmore Street, off Saracen street, Possilpark. M. 

Baltic Street, off Oswald street, Bridgeton. 1. 

Bank Place, Govan. G 1. 

Bank Street, Hillhead. G 2. 

Bank Street, Port Dundas. 6. 

Barber's Close, 97 Saltmarket. 5. 

Barclay's Court, 14 Main street, Calton. 4. 

Bardowie Street, off Carbeth street, Possil. M. 

Barnhill Poorhouse, eastward, Springburn rd. S. 

Barony Glebe, Townliead. 6. 

Barony Street and Place, east end of Stirling rd. 6. 

Barrack Street, from Gallowgate to Duke street. 

East side. 3. West side. 5. 
Barracks, Infantry, G;illowgate. 5. 
Barrington Street, off Great Western road. 9. 
Barrowtield Street, Bridgeton. 2. 
Bartholomew Street, off Dalmarnock road. 1. 
Bath Crescent, Bath street, near West end. 9. 
Bath Lane (East), B;ith street to Sauchiehall st. 7. 
Bath Street, from Buchanan st. to North st. 

Both sides to Pitt st. 7. f. Pitt st. to North st. 9. 
Bath St. Lane, f. West Nile st. to Blythswood sq. 7. 
Bazaar, 72 Candleriggs. 5. 
Beaufort Gardens, Crosshill. 
Beaufort Place and Terrace, Crosshill. 
Beaver Court, 45 King street, Tradeston. 13. 
Bedford Lane, from Main street to Surrey st. 12. 
Bedford Place, Renfrew street, Garnethill. 7. 
Bedford Street, from Surrey street to Eglinton st. 12. 
Bedlay Street, Springburn road. 3. 
Belch Place, corner of Elderslie street. 10. 
Belfort Street, off Gairbraid street. M. 
Belgrave Place, top of Finnieston street. 10. 
Belgrave Place, Wilson street, Hillhead. G 2. 
Belgrave Terrace, Gt. Western rd., Hillhead. G 2. 
Belgrave Street, from St. Vincent st. to Kent rd. 9. 
Beihaven Place, from Scotia place to Newton st. 9. 
Belhaven Ter., Gt. Western rd., Hillhead. G 2. 
Bell Street, from Candleriggs to High street. 5. 
Bell Street, Bridgeton, off Ann street. 1. 
Bell Street, Calton, f. Stevenson st. to Millroad st. 4. 
Bellfield Place, Thomson street, off Duke street. 3. 
Bellfield Street, off Gallowgate. 3. 
Bellfield Terrace, Duke street. 3. 
Bellgrove Place, Bellgrove street. 3. 
Bellgrove Street, from Gallowgate to Duke st. 3. 
Belmont Street, Hillhead. G 2. 
Belmont Terrace, Gt. Western road, Hillhead. G 2. 
Belvedere, London road. 1. 
Bellevue Place, 202 Garngad hill. 3. 
Bengal Street, PoUokshaws. 
Bennie's Court, 285 Argyle street. 7. 

Bentinck Street, off Kelvingrove street. 9. 

Berkeley Street, off' North street. 9. 

Berkeley Terrace, Berkeley street, off North st. 9. 

Bernard Street, off Queen Mary street, Bridgeton. 1. 

Bilboa Street, off Rutherglen road. 11. 

Bilsland Open, 56 Kirk street, Calton. 4. 

Binnie Place, Monteith row, East end. 4, 

Birnam Terrace, Crosshill. C. 

Bishop Place, north end of Bishop st., P. Dundas. C. 

Bishop St., Main St., Anderston, to Greenhill st. 10. 

Bishop Street, Port Dundas. 6. 

Black Street, off Parliamentary road. 6. 

Blackburn Street, off Paisley road. G 1. 

Blackfauld's Place, off Canning street, Calton. 4. 

Blackfriar's Street, off High street. 5. 

Blackie Street, Overnewton, Old Dumbarton rd. 10. 

Blair's Court, 23 Jamaica street. 7. 

Blair's St., f. Tobago st. to Cumberland st., Calton. 4. 

Blenheim Place, Campbell street, west. 7. 

Blenheim Street, Springburn. 

Blochairn, east from Garngadhill. 3. 

Bloomfield Place, Hillhead. G 2. 

Bloomfield Place, Govan. G 1. 

Bluevale Street, from Whitevale to Drygate toll. 2. 

Blvth's Court, 17 Virginia street. 7. 

Blythswood Place, St. Vincent street. 7. 

Blythswood Square, west end of West George st. 7. 

Blythswood Terrace, Bothwell street. 7. 

Boden Street, off London road. 1. 

Bolton Street, from Houston st. to Ardgowan st. 14. 

Botanic Gardens, Great Western rd., Hillhead. G 2. 

Bothwell Circus, west end of Bothwell street. 10. 

Bothwell Place, Hillhead, off G. Western road. G 2. 

Bothwell Place, 93 Pitt street. 10. 

Bothwell Street, from Hope street, westwards. 7. 

Bothwell Lane, f. West Campbell st. to Mains st. 7. 

Bothwell St., Anderston, f. Greenhill to North st. 10. 

Bothwell Terrace, Bank street, Hillhead. G 2. 

Bouverie Street, off Farie street, Rutlierglen. 

Bowling Green Terrace, Walkinsbaw street. 1. 

Bowmont Gardens, Hillhead. G 2. 

Braco Street, f. Raglan st. to St. George's road. 8. 

Braehead Street, off Rutherglen road. 11. 

Braemar Terrace, Buccleuch street. 7. 

Braid Street, off Grove street. 8. 

Brandon Place, East, off Bellgrove street. 3. 

Brandon Place, West George street. 7. 

Brandon Street, off Bellgrove street. 3. 

Branford Place, Duke street. 3. 

Breadalbane Place, Steven street and New City 

road. 9. 
Breadalbane Place, Strathbungo. 
Breadalbane Street, off Dumbarton road. 9. 
Breadalbane Terrace, Hill street, Garnethill. 7. 
Brewers' Open, Parkhead. 2. 
Brickfield Open, 30 Main street, Calton. 4. 
Bridgegate, from Stockwell street to King street. 7. 

Do. From King street to Saltmarket. 5. 
Bridgeton Cross, East side. 1. West side. 4. 
Bridge Place and Street, Maryhill. M. 
Bridge Street, from Glasgow Bridge to Eglinton st. 

East side of do. 12. ; West side, 13. 
Bridge Street, Partick. G 2. 
Briery Place, Paterson street, Kingston. 13. 
Bright Place, Paisley road. G 1. 
Bright Street, Garngad road. 3. 
Brighton Place, Scotia street, New City road. 9. 
Brighton Place, Copeland road, Govan. G 1. 
Brighton Place, Gairbraid street, Maryhill road. 



Brighton Street, Govan. G 1. 

Brighton Terrace, Copeland road, Govan. G 1. 

Broad Close, 167 Hijjh street. 5. 

Broad Street, Mile-end. 2. 

Broad Street, Great Eastern road. 2. 

Brook Street, Mile-end. 2. 

Broornhnll Street, off West Scotland street. 14. 

Broomhill Drive, Partick. G 2. 

Broomhill Street, off Canal street, Port-Dundas. 6. 

Broomielaw, west of Glasgow Bridge. 

Do. from Jamaica street to M'Alpine street. 7. 

Do. from M'Alpine street to the end of do. 10. 
Broomloan Eoad, Govan. G 1. 
Broompark Circus, Dennistoun. 3. 
Broompark Crescent, Dennistoun. 3. 
Broompark Drive, Dennistoun. 3. 
Broompai'k Terrace, Dennistoun. 3. 
Broom Terr;ice, Cameron street, off Well road. 9. 
Broomward Street, M'Kechnie street, Calton. 4. 
Brougham Place, Eenf'revv street and Hope street. 7. 
Brougham Terrace, Queen's Park. C. 
Brownfield, from Brown st. to M'Alpine street. 7. 
Brown Street, from Argyle street to Broomielaw. 7. 
Brown Street, Bridgeton, off Muslin street. 1. 
Brown Street, from Corn street to Dobbie's loan. 8. 
Bruce Place, Partick. G 2. 
Bruce Eoad, Pollokshields. 14. 
Bruce Street, Hillhead. G 2. 

Bruce Street, off Keppocb hill road, Springburn. 6. 
Brunswick Court, 120 Brunswick street and 109 

Candleriggs. 7. 
Brunswick Lane, f. Brunswick st. to Melville pi. 7. 
Brunswick Place, Brunswick street. 7. 
Brunswick Street, from Trongate to Ingram st. 7. 
Buccleuch St., Garnethill, f Cambridge st. toScott st. 7. 
Do. From Scott street to St. George's road. 9. 
Buchan St., Gorbals, fr. Clyde ter. to Malta st. 12. 
Buchanan Court, 75 Candleriggs. 7. 
Buchanan Court and Buildings, 105 Stockwell st. 7. 
Buchanan Court, 75 Argyle street. 7. 
Buchanan Court, off Eglinton street. 12. 
Buchanan Court, 44 Trongate. 5. 
Buchanan Court, 16 Broomielaw. 7. 
Buchanan Lane, Bell street, Calton. 4. 
Buchanan Place, 74 Buchanan street. 7. 
Buchanan St., w. side, f. Argyle st. to Cowcaddens st. 7. 
Do. East side, from Argyle st. to Cathedral st. 7. 
Do. From Cathedral st. to Port Dundas rd. 6. 
Buchanan Street, off Dowanhill street, Partick. G 2. 
Buckingham Place, corner of Parliamentary road and 

Buchanan street. 6. 
Buckingham Place, off Eglinton street. 13. 
Buckingham Square, Copeland road, Govan. G 1. 
Buckingham Street, Hillhead. G 2. 
Buckingham Terrace, Gt. Western rd., Hillhead. G 2. 
Burgher Street, Parkhead. 2. 
Burn Eoad, off Great Eastern road, Parkhead. 2. 
Burn Eoad, Eutherglen. 
Burnbank, Cumbernauld road. 3. 
Burnbank Garden."?, Great Western road. 9. 
Burnbank Place, Great AVestern road. 9. 
Burnbank Eow, Eutherglen road. 11. 
Burnbank, Towimiill road. 3. 
Burnbank Terrace, from Great Western road to New 

City road. 9. 
Burndyke Street, Govan. G 1. 
Burnhill Street, Eutherglen. 
Burtiside Buildings, Burnside street. 8. 
Buinside Lane, Duke street. 5. 

Burnside Place, Garscube road. 8. 

Burnside Eoad, Eutherglen. 

Burnside Street, from Duke st. to New Vennel. 5. 

Burnside Street, off Garscube road. 8. 

Burrell's Lane, from Duke street to High st. 5. 

Bute Terrrace, Strathbungo. C. 

Butterbiggins Eoad, from Pollokshaws road to Cath- 

cart road, Crossbill. 12. 
Byar's Ed., fr. Great Western rd. to Partick. G 2. 


Cadogan Street, from Wellington st. to Pitt st. 7. 
Cadzow Street, from BothweU st. to Eichard st. 10.. 
Caithness Street, off Garscube road. 8. 
Gaidar Street, Crossbill. 12. 

Do. East side of Cathcart road. 11. 

Calderwood Street, off Parliamentary road. 6. 
Caledonian Buildings, 228 Broomielaw. 10. 
Caledonia Eoad, from Cathcart rd. to Crown st. 12. 

Do., f east side of Crown st. to Eutherglen rd. 11. 
Callander Place, Govanhill street. 12. 
Calton Entry, from Gallowgate to New st. Calton. 4. 
Calton Mouth, f. Gallowgate to King st., Calton. 4.. 
Cambridge Lane, f. Cambridge st. to Cowcaddens. 7. 
Cambridge Street, off Sauchiehall street 7. 
Camden Street, f. Cumberland St. to Caledonia rd. 11.. 
Cameron's Court, 126 Main street, Anderston. 10. 
Cameron's Place, 27 North street. 10. 
Cameron Street, off Well road, 9. 
Camlachie, east end of Gallowgate, Parkhead. 2. 
Campbell's Court, 40 Candleriggs. 5. 
Campbell's Place, corner of Maitland street and. 

Stewart street. 8. 
Campbell St. (West), Argyle st. to Saucbie. st. 7. 
Campbell St. (East), f. Gallowgate to Grreme st. 5. . 
Campbellfield Street, off Gallowgate. 2. 
Camperdown Street, oft' Garscube road. 9. 
Canal Basin, Port Dundas. 8. 
Canal Street, from Dobbie's loan to Canal bank. G. 
Canal Street, off Eglinton street. 13. 
Candleriggs, from Trongate to Ingram street. 

East side, 6 ; west side, 7. 
Candleriggs Court, 63 Candleriggs. 7. 
Canning Place, Stirling road, north side. 6. 
Canning St. f. G. Hamilton st. to Bridgeton cr. 4... 
Canning St., f. Nth. st., Ander., to School wynd. 10.. 
Canon Street, from Ingram street to Shuttle st. 5. 
Canonbury Terrace, Hill street, Garnethill. 9. 
Caprera Place, Paisley Eoad. 14. 
Carbeth St., f. Lennox st. to Bardowie st., Possil. M. . 
Carfin Street, Govanhill, east side of Cathcart rd. 11. . 
Carlton Court, f. Bridge st. to South Portland st. 12. . 
Carlton Place, from Nicholson st. to Bridge st. 12. 
Carmichael Street, Govan. G 1. 
Carnarvon Street, off St. George's road. 9. 
Carntyne Place, Great Eastern road. 2. 
Carntyne Eoad (Lower). East end of Duke st. 2, . 
Carrick Street, from Argyle st. to Broomielaw. 7. 
Carrington Street, Great Western road. 9. 
Cars well's Court, 26 George street. 5. 
Cartcraig's Street, Pollokshaws. 
Castle Street, from Kirk street to Springburn road. 

East side of do. 3 ; West side of do., f. Kirk st. to- 

Mason st. 5 ; West side do., f. Mason street to 

Springburn road. 6. 
Castle Street, Eutherglen. 
Castlebank Street, Partick. G 2. 
Castlemilk, near Eutherglen. 



Castlemilk Place, south of Hospital street. 12. 
Castlemilk Place and Street, Partick. G 2. 
Castlepen's Closes, 136 and 148 High street. 5. 
Cathcart Road (South), off Main st. Gorbals. 12. 
Cathcart Road, Ruthergien. 

Cathcart Place, f. Buchanan st. to Sauchiehall st. 7. 
Cathcart Street (South), head Main St., Gorbals. 

From Main st. to Crown st., 12. From Crown 

st. to county boundary, East side, 11 ; West side, 12. 
Cathcart Street, Rntherglen. 

Cathcart Street, f. Houston st. to Scotland Street. 14. 
Cathedral Street, from Buchanan street to Stirling 

road ; North side, 6 ; South side, 7. 
Catherine Lane, f. Richard st. to Buthvvell st. 10. 
Catherine Lane, from Eottenrow to Stirling rd. 5. 
Catherine Place, off Catherine street, Anderston. 10. 
Catherine Place, Billhead. G 2. 
Catherine Street, off Parliamentary road. 6. 
Catherine Street, Tobago street, Calton. 4. 
Catherine Street, Anderston, off Cranston st. 10. 
Cathkin Place, Upper Crown street. 12. 
Cattle Market, Graham square, Dnke street. 3. 
Cavendish Place, off Cavendish street. 12. 
Cavendish St., f. Pollokshaws rd. to Eglinton st. 12. 
Cecil Place, Paisley road. G 1. 
Cecil Street, Billhead. G 2. 
Cecil Street, south side Paisley rd. west of Parkhouse 

toll bar. G 1. 
Cedar Place, off Cedar street. 8. 
Cedar Street, from St. George's rd. to Garscube rd. 

East side, 8 ; west side, 9. 
Centre Street, from Clyde place to Cook street. 13. 
Centre Street, Springbum. 6. 
Cessnock Road, Govan. G 1. 
Cessnock Street, Paisley road. G 1. 
Chalmers Street, Claythorn street. 4. 
Chapel Close, 85 Main street, Gorbals. 12. 
Chapel Street and Terrace, Parkhead. 2. 
Chapel Street, Ruthergien. 
Chapel Terrace, Parkhead. 2. 
Chapelfield, Butterbiggins Road. 12. 
Charing Cross, Sauchiehall st., west f. North st. 9. 
Charles Street, from Oit street to Summer street. 2. 
Charles Street, St. Rollox. 3. 
Charlie's Close, 163 Canning street. 4. 
Charlotte Lane, from South St. Mungo street to St. 

Andrew's lane. 5. 
Charlotte Place, off Bedford street. 12. 
Charlotte Street, f. Gallowgate to Low Green st. 5. 
Charlotte Street, Port Dundas, from Dobbie's loan to 

Canal bank. 6. 
Chatham Place, north side, Stirling road. 6. 
Chatworth Place, Whitevale street. 2. 
Cheapside St., f. Stobcross st. to Anderston quay. 10. 
Chesham Place, Claremont street and Kent road. 9. 
Church Place, off Garscube road. 8. 
Church Place, 68 Main street, Anderston. 10. 
Church Street, Partick. G 2. 
Church Street. Maryhill. M. 
City Buildings, Ingram street. 7. 
City Hall, 90 Candleriggs. 6. 
Clanricarde Place, corner of Hopetoun place and 

Stirling road. 6. 
Claremont Gardens, from India street to Clifton 

street. 9. 
Claremont St., f. Royal terrace to Dumbarton rd. 9. 
Claremont Terrace, west end of Woodside terrace. 9. 
Claremont Terrace Lane. 9. 
Clarence Place, Sauchiehall street. 7. 

Clarence Street, f. Gloucester st. to Morrison st. 13. 

Clarendon Street, New City road to Windsor ter. 9. 

Clarendon Street, Partick. G 2. 

Clark's Buildings, 167 Upper Main street. 12. 

Clark's Court, 12 Bedford lane. 12. 

Clarkson's Court, 16 Kirk street, Calton. 4. 

Clark Street, Parkgrove, off Paisley road. 14. 

Cliiybrae, Burnside lane. 5. 

Clayslaps, off Dumbarton road. 9. 

Claythorn Street, f. Gallowgate to King st., Calton. 4. 

Clayton Terrace, off Duke street. 3. 

Cleland Place, Paisley road, Govan. G 1. 

Cleland Street, from Hospital st. to Crown st. 12. 

Cleland Testimonial, corner of Buchanan street and 

Cathcart place. 7. 
Clelland's Court, 239 Argyle street. 7. 
Cleveland Buildings, off North street. 9. 
Cleveland Street, off St. Vincent street. 9. 
Cleveland Terrace, off St. Vincent street. 9. 
Cliff Crescent, West-end park. 9. 
Cliff Terrace, West-end park. 9. 
Clifford Street, Paisley road. G 1. 
Clifton Place, west end of Clifton street. 9. 
Clifton Street, west end of Somerset place. 9. 
Cliftongrove Crescent, west end of Grove street. 8. 
Cliftoiigrove Street, west end of Royal terrace. 9. 
Closeburn St , from Balmore st. to Ashfield st. M. 
Clover Bank, Garngad hill. 3. 
Clutha Place, Kplvinhaugh. 10. 
Clutlia Street, Paisley road. G 1. 
Clydegrove Terrace, Govan road. G 1. 
Clyde PI , Tradeston, f. Bridge st. to West st. 13. 
Clyde St. (Great), f. Jamaica st. to Stockwell st. 7. 
Clyde St (East), f. Stockwell st. to Market st. 7. 

Do. from Market street to Saltmarket. 5. 
Clyde St. (North), f. Main st. to Stobcross st. 10. 
Clyde St., f. Stobcross st. to Anderston quay. 10. 
Clyde Street, Port Dundas. 8. 
Clyde St., Calton, f. Canning st. to Abercromby st. 4. 
Clyde Street, Partick. G 2, 

Clyde Tt-rrace, f. Victoria bridge to Carlton pi. 12. 
Clyde Terrace Court, 13 Clyde terrace. 12. 
Clydebank, south end of Finnieston. 10. 
Clydeview, Partick. G 2. 
Clydeview, Govan road. G 1. 
Clydeview Terrace, Greenhead, Bridgeton. 1. 
Coach work Close, 82 George street. 5. 
Coalhill Street, Camlachie, Parkhead. 2. 
Coathridge Street, Port Dundas. 6. 
Cobden Street, Garngad road. 3. 
Cohurg Buildings North Coburg street. 12. 
C"burg Place, by St. Rollox. 6. 
Coburg St. (South), f. Norfolk st. to Bedford st. 12. 
Cohurg St. (North), f. Oxford st. to Norfolk st. 1'-'. 
Cochrane St , from Montrose st. to George sq. 7. 
Ciigan Street, Pollokshaws. 
Ciild.stream Street, Keppochhill. 6. 
Colgrain Terrace, Springbum. 6. 
College Church Open, 168 High street. 5. 
Ci.lletie, Gilinorehill, Billhead. 9. 
College Street, off High street, 5. 
C.lhge St. (West), f M'Alpine st. to Brown st. 7. 
Colliers' Row, from Backcauseway to Hart st. 2. 
Columbia Place, Scotia street, New City road. 8. 
Comely Park Place, near east end of Gallowgate. S. 
Comely Park Street, near east end of Gallowgate. 3. 
Comely Park Terrace, Comely Park street. 3. 
Commerce St., Tradeston, f. Clyde pi. to Cook st, IS. 
Commercial Bank Buildings, Gordon street. 7. 




Commercial Court, 114 Candleriggs. 5. 

Comiriei'cial Court, 106 Gallowgate. 4. 

Commercial Ed., f. Adelplii st. to Govanhaugh. 11. 

Cook Street, from Eglinton st. to West st. 13, 

Coomassie Place, Cathcart road. 11. 

Copeland Road, Govan. G 1. 

Coplawhill, Strathbungo. 13. 

Corn Exchange, 81 Hope street. 7. 

Corn Exchange Place, 13 to 23 AVaterloo st. 7. 

Corn Street, from Port Dundas to Garscube rd. 8. 

Cornwall Place, Grafton street. 6. 

Cornwall Street, off Paisley road. G 1. 

Coronation Builds., f. S. Coburg st. to Eglinton st. 12. 

Corunna Place, Dumbarton road. 10. 

Corunna Street, off Dumbarton rd., south side. 10. 

Coulter's Lane, from Abercromby st. to Little st. 4. 

Coulter's Sq., 5 Marlborough st. and 33 Little st. 4. 

County Buildings, 38 to 46 Wilson street. 7. 

Couper Place, Couper street. 6. 

Couper Street, off Kennedy Street. 6. 

Cowcaddens St., f. junction with Buchanan st. to New 

City rd. North side of do. 8 ; South side of do. 7. 
Cowlairs Road, north of Port Dundas. 6. 
Craigbank Street, off Keppochhill road. 
Craig Park, north of Annlield place. 3. 
Craighall Road, f. Port Dundas to Possil road. 8. 

West side of do. 8 ; East side. 6. 
Craighall St., Plantation, f. Mairst. toM'Lean st. Gl. 
Craiglaw Place, Wilson street, Hillhead. G 2. 
Craignestock Place, east end of Gt. Hamilton st. 4. 
Craignestock Street, east end of Gt. Hamilton st. 4. 
Craigton Terrace, Springburn. 6. 
Craigton Terrace, off Paisley road. G 1. 
Craig Park Street, off Duke street. 3. 
Cranston Hill, west end of Anderston. 10. 
Cranston Place, Main street, Anderston. 10. 
Cranston Street, Main street, Anderston. 10. 
Cranu'orth Street, Hillhead. G 2. 
Crawford Place, 131 Rottenrow. 5. 
Crawford Place, Partick. G 2. 
Crawford Street, off Forth street. Port Dundas. 6. 
Crawford Street (East), off Duke street. 2. 
Crawford Street, off Eglinton street. 13. 
Croft Street, Parkhead. 2. 

Cromwell St., f New City rd. to Gt. Western rd. 9. 
Crookston Place, Strathbungo. 14. 
Crookston Street, fr. Paisley road to Scotland street. 

Do. East side. 13 ; West side. 14. 
Cross Street, Partick. G 2. 
Cross Street, Pollokshaws. 
Cross Gibson Street, top of Gibson street. 4. 
Crossbank, Great Western Road. 9. 
Crossburn Street, off Braid street. 8. 
Crossbill Avenue and Villas, Crossbill. 
Crossbill Road, off Mill street, Rutherglen. 
Crow Road, Partick. G 2. 
Crown Circus, off Byar's road. G 2. 
Crown Court, S3 Virginia street. 7. 
Crown Place, Crossliiil. C. 
Crown Place, Partick. G 2. 

Crown Point Road, off Thomson's lane. Mile end. 2. 
Crown Point St., f Gallowgate to Camlachie burn, 2. 
Crown Street, from Adelpbi street, south. 

Do.. East side. 11; West side. 12. 
Crown Terrace, Hillbead. G 2. 
Croy Place, from Turner's court to Maxwell st. 7, 
Cubie Street, f. Gallowgate to Crownpoint road. 2. 
Cumberland Court, 168 Gallowgate. 5. 
Cumberland Lane, off Cumberland street. 12. 

Cumberland Place, from Eglinton street to Abbois- 

ford place. 12. 
Cumberland St (South), f. Eglinton st. to Crown st. Id. 

Do. from Crown street eastwards. 11. 
Cumberland Street, Calton, off Canning street. 4. 
Cumberland Street (AVest), off' Woodlands road. 9. 
Cumbernauld Road, off east end of Duke street. 3, 
Cumbrae Place, Crossbill. 
Cutler's Close, 88 Gallowgate, 5. 


Daisy Street, Cathcart road. 12. 

Dale Street, Bridgeton, off Main street. 1. 

Dale Street, Tradeston, f. Clyde pi. to Cook st. 13. 

Dalhousie Lane, off Dalhousie street. 7. 

Dalhousie Place, Shamrock st.. New City road. 7. 

Dalhousie Street, Garnethill. 7. 

Dallas Court, 229 Argyle street. 7. 

Dalmarnock Road (Old and New), Bridgeton. 1. 

Dalmarnock Street, Parkhead. 2. 

Darnloy Ter., New Kilmarnock road, Shawlands. C. 

David Street, off Gallowgate. 2. 

Deacon's Close, 22 Calton-mouth. 4. 

Deacon's Lane, 43 Main street, Calton. 4. 

Dean Place, 112 Rottenrow. 5. 

Dean Street, off Balraanno street. 5. 

Dean Terrace, Paisley road. 14. 

Deanside Lane, f. 74 George street to Rottenrow. 5. 

Dempster St., f. west side of N. Frederick st. 7. 

Denholm Place, Springfield road. 1. 

Denmark Street, f. Allander street to Gartmorc st. M. 

Dennistoun, North of Duke street. D. 

Derby Crescent, Hillhead. G 2. 

Derby Street, off Dumbarton road. 9. 

Derby Terrace, Sandyford street. 9. 

Devon Street, f. Eglinton st. to Pollokshaws rd. 12. 

Dick Street, off North Woodside road. 9. 

Dingwall Street, off Kelvinhaugh street. 10. 

Dinning's Court, 47 Dale street, Tradeston. 13. 

Dixon's Avenue, Crossbill, from Langside road east- 
wards to County boundary, near Kelburn ter. 12. 
Eastwards of that. C. 

Dixon Street, f. Great Clyde st. to Howard st. 7. 

Dobbie's Loan, from Castle street to Garscube road. 
Do. from Castle street to Port Dundns road. 6. 
Do. from Port Dundas road to Garscube rd. i<. 

Dock Street, Kelvinhaugh. 10. j 

Dockney Faulds, Hutebesontown. 12. 

Doncaster Street, off Well road. 9. 

Doon Terrace, Pollokshields. 13. 

Dorset Street, west of North street. 9. 
I Douglas Court, 192 Argyle street. 7, 

Douglas Place, Crossbill. C. 

Douglas Street, f. Argyle street to Sauchiehall st. 7. 

Douglas Street, Partick. G 2. 

Doune Terrace, Garrioch, Hillhead. G 2. 

Dovehill, Great, from Gallowgate to Grteme st. 5. 

Doveliill, Little, from Gallowgate to Grajme St. 5. 

Dover Street, foot of Claremont street. 9. 

Dowanhill Gardens, off Byars' road and Particf 
hill. G 2. 

Dowanhill, Hillhead G 2. 

Dowanliill Place, Partick. G 2. 

Dowanhill Street, Partick. G 2. 

Downie Place, Pariick. G 2. 

Drummond Place, EosehaU street. 9. 

Drummond Street, off Parliamentary road. G. 

Drury Street, f. West Nile street to Rentield ^t. 7. i 



Drygate, from High street to Ladywell street. 

North side. 3 ; South side. 5. 
Drygate Lane, from Barony Church to Drygate. 3. 
Duke Street, from High street to Carntyne. 

Do. North side f. High st. to Parkhouse lane. 5. 

Do. from Parkhouse lane to Carntyne rd. 3. 

Do. South side from High st. to Barrack st. 5. 

Do. from Barrack street to Whitevale st. 3. 

Do. from Whitevale st. to Carntyne load. 2. 
Dumbarton Eoad, head Main st., Anderston, west. 

North side, from Elderslie st. to St. Vincent st. 
10. From St. Vincent St. westwards. 9. South 
side. 10. 
Duncan's Close, 125 High street. 5. 
Duncan Street, Canning street. 4. 
Duncan St., f. Marlborough st. to Abercromby st. 4. 
Dunchattau Buildings, 219 Duke street. 3. 
Dunchattan Street, off Duke street. 3. 
Dunchattan Terrace, off Duke street. 3. 
Dundas Hill, north of Port Dundas. 6. 
Dundas Lane, from Dundas st. to Buchanan st. 7. 
Dundas Place, Port Dundas road, east side. 6. 
Dundas St., Kingston, f. Paisley rd. to Scotjand st. 13. 
Dundas St., from W. George st. to Parliamentary rd. 

Do. from W. George st. to Cathedral street. 7. 

Do. from Cathedral st. to Parliamentary rd. C. 
Dundas Terrace, Crossbill. C. 
Dundas Vale, Garscube road. 8. 
Dunedin Place, Crossbill. 

Dunlop Street, from Argyle street to E. Howard st. 7. 
Dunlop Street, Maryhill. M. 
Dunmore Place, Govan. G 1. 
Dunmore Teirace, Derby street. 9. 
Dunmurcbie Terrace, Hillhead. G 2. 
Dunn Street, off Dalmarnock road. 1. 
DunoIIy Street, off Garngad road. 3. 
Dunrobin Place, Paisley road. G 1. 
Durham Court, 47 King street. 5. 
Dyer's Lane, off St. Andrew's square. 5. 
Dyework Eoad, Bridgeton. 1. 


Eaglesham Street, Paisley road. G 1. 

Eastern Eoad (Great), Camlachie, Parkhead. 2. 

Eastfield Street, Springburn. 

Eastvale Place, Kelvinhaugh. 10. 

Eastvale, Kelvinhaugh. 10. 

Easton Terrace, south side of Paisley road. G 1. 

Eddleston Place, Weaver street. 6. 

Edmund Street, East of Ark lane. 3. 

Edward Street, Overnewton. 10. 

Edwin Place, head of Surrey street. 12. 

Eglinton Lane, off Et^linton street. 12. 

Eglinton Place, off Eglinton street. 12. 

Eglinton Street, from Bridge st. to Pollokshaws road. 

East side. 12 ; West side. 13. 
Eglinton Terrace, Crossbill. 
Eglinton Terrace, Queen's park. 13. 
Elba Lane. 2. 
Elcho Place, Strathbungo. 

Elcho Street, from Millroad street to Gallowgate. 4. 
Elder Street, Govan. G 1. 
Elderslie Street, from Main st. to St. Vincent st. 10. 

Do. from St. Vincent st. to Sauchiehall st. 9. 
Eldon Place, Kingston. 13. 
Eldon Street, South Woodside. 9. 
Elgin Place, Sauchiehall st. to corner of Pitt st. 9. 
El2;in Place, Queen's Park bulds., Strathbungo. 14. 

Elgin Street, off Gallowgate. 2. 

Elgin Street, f. Pollokshaws rd. to Eglinton st. 12. 

Elgin Terrace, Dowanbill. G 2. 

Elizavale Street, off London road. 2. 

Ellesmere Place, Hutcbeson square. 

Elliot Street and Place, from Lancefield quay to 

Dumbarton road. 10. 
Elliot Street, off Byar's road, Hillhead. G 2. 
Elm Street, off Eutlierglen road. 11. 
EInibank Crescent, f. Eimbank pi. to North st. 9. 
Elmbank Lane, back of Eimbank place. 9. 
Ehnbank Place, Eimbank street. 9. 
Eimbank Street, f. Sauchiehall st. to St. Vin. st. 9. 
Elmfoot Street, Eutherglen road. 11. 
Elnigrove Place, Pollokshields. 14. 
Elmgrove Place, Jane street and Holland street. 9. 
Elmvale Eow (East), Springburn. 6. 
Elmvale Street, Springburn. 6. 
Elpbinstone Place, Gorbals cross. 
Elpliinston Street, Govan. G 1. 
Elphiston Place, Cambridge street. 7. 
Emily Place, off Sword street, Gallowgate. 3. 
Engine Eow, off Cathcart road. 11. 
English (Lower) Buildings, off Cathcart road. 11. 
Errol Street, Hutchesontown. 11. 
Eton Gardens, Hillhead. G 2. 
Eton Place, Wilson street, Hillhead. G 2. 
Eton Ter., Wilson st. to Gt. George st., Hillhead. G 2. 
Ettrick Terrace, Hillhead. G 2. 
Ewing Place, York st. and 357 Argyle street. 7. 
Ewing Place, Great Eastern road. 2. 
Exchange Court, 85 Queen street. 7. 
Exchange Court (South), 77 Queen street. 7. 
Exchange Court (North), St. Vincent place and 22 

Eoyal Exchange square. 7. 
Exchange Square (Eoyal), west side Queen st. 7. 

Factory Court, 122 Main street, Bridgeton. 1. 

Factory Lane, Eutherglen. 

Factory Jtreet, Pollokshaws. 

Falkland Place, cor. Eenfrew st., St. George's rd. 9. 

Farie Street, off Mill street, Eutherglen. 

Farmloan Eoad, Eutherglen. 

Fauldhonse Street, off Eutherglen road. 11. 

Ferguson St., Cowcuddens st. to Cambridge st. 7. 

Fernie Place, Gairbraid street. M. 

Fernie Terrace, Gairbraid street. M. 

Ferry Eoad, Yorkhill, Partick. 10. 

Fielden Street, from Crown Point st. to London rd. 2. 

Fife Place, West George street. 7. 

Findhorn Place, Old Dumbarton road. 10. 

Finlay Place, foot of Maxwell street. 7. 

Findlay Street, off Cowcaddens street. 7. 

Finnieston, west end of Stobcross st , Anderston. 10. 

Finnieston Lane, off Fmnieston street. 10. 

Finnieston Quay, foot of Finnieston street. 10. 

Finnieston Street, from Dumbartim rd. to Clyde. 10. 

Firbill Eoad, off Garscube road, south of Canal. 8. 

Fish Market, East Clyde street. 7. 

Fisher Street, off Dunchattan street. 3. 

Fitzroy Place, Sauchiehall street, west end. 9. 

Fleming Street, off Garscube road. 8. 

Fleming Street, Glenpark, Duke street. 2. 

Fleming Street, Govan. G 1. 

Flemington Street, Springburn. 

Florence Place, Stanley street, Woodlands road. 9. 

Florence St., So. Cumberland st. to Caledonia rd. 11. 



Florentine Bank, Hillhead street. Hill head. G 2. 

Florentine Bank Terrace, Ann st. Hillhead. G 2. 

Florentine Place, Hillhead. G 2. 

Florentine Terrace, Hillhead. G 2. 

Forth Street, Port Dundas. 6. 

Fordneuk Street, f. London rd. to Crown Point rd. 2. 

Foreniount T«Tace, Partick. G 2. 

Foundry Open, east end of Gallowgate. 2. 

Fountain Street, off Barrack and Sydney streets. 3. 

Fountainvvell Road, Sighthill. 6. 

Fox Street, from Dixon street to Maxwell street. 7. 

Francis Close, 16 Broomielaw. 7. 

Francis Street, from Victoria st. to Crawford st. 13. 

Franklin PI., cor. of Western rd. and St. Geo. rd. 9, 

Franklin Street, Bridgeton, f. Main st. to Reid st. 1. 

Franklin Ter., f. Sand}ford toll to Overnewton. 10. 

Fraser Street, off London road. 2. 

Fraser Street, Keppochhill. 6. 

Fraserbank Street, off Keppochhill road. 6. 

Frazer's Court, 9 Reid street, Bridgeton. 1. 

Frederick Lane, Frederick st. to Nortli Hanover st. 7. 

Frederick Street (North), off George square. 

Do., from George square to Cathedral street. 7. 

Do., from Cathedral st. to Parliamentary road. C. 
Frederick Street (S ), f. Ingram st. to George sq. 7. 
French Street, foot of Main street, Bridgeton. 1. 


Gairbraid Street, Maryhill road. M. 
Gairbraid Terrace, Maryhill road. M. 
Galaknowe's Cottage, Bulterbiggins road. 12. 
Gaibraith Street, west end of Stobcross street. 10. 
Galloway Court, 10 George street. 5. 
Galloway Court, 37 Glassford street. 7. 
Gallowflat Place, Rutbt-rglen. 
Gallowgate, from the Cross to Camlachie bridge. 

North side of do. to Barrack street. 5. 

Soutli side of do. f. Saltmar. to E. St. Mungo st. 5. 

North side from Barrack st. to Whitevale st. 3. 

From Whitevale to Camlachie bridge. 2. 

South side f. S. St. Mungo st. to Henrietta st. 4. 

From Henrietta street to Camlachie bridge. 2. 
clarden Place, Napiershall street. 9. 
Garden Place, cnrner of West Regent st. and Pitt st. 7. 
Garden Street, from Weaver st. to Taylor st. 5. 
Garden Terrace, Crossbill. 
Gardensido, east end of Dalmarnock road. 1. 
Gardner Street, from North Woodside, southward. 8. 
Garnetdale, Shamrock street. 9. 
Garnetliill, north side of Sauchieliall street. 
Garnethill Street, from Hill st. to Shamrock st. 9. 
Garnet Pliice, Hill street, Garnethill. 7. 
Garngad Hill, Garngad road. 3- 
Garngad Road, from Casile street to Acrehill. 3. 
Garnkirk Street, off East Milton street. 6. 
Garnocli Mill Road, off North Woodside road. 9. 
Garscadden Street, off Port Dundas road. 8. 
Garscadden Street, f. Port Dundas road to Bi-hop st. G. 
Garscube Lane, Port Dundas rd. to Maitland st. 8. 
Garscube Road, north side, fri m Covvcaddens street 

to Parliaii.eiitary boundary. 8. 
Garsculie Road, south side, from Cowcaddens street 

to Cedar street. 8. 
Garscube Road, from Cedar street to Parliamentary 

boundary. 9. 
Garthland Street, off Glassford street. 7. 
Gartmore Street, from Balmore st. to Denmark st. 
Garturk Street, Crossbill. 12. 

Gateside Street, east end of Duke street. 2. 
Gayfield Street, off Scotia street. 9. 
George Court, 33 Crown street. 11. 
George La. (East) f St. Vincent la. to Buchanan st. 7.. 
George La. (West) f. West Nile st. to Douglas st. 7. 
George Square, west end George st. and Cochran st. 7. 
George Si reel (Great), Hillhead. G 2. 
George Street, from Duke street to George square. 
Do. from Duke street to Montrose street. 5. 
Do. from Montrose street to George square. 7. 
George Street (VVest), f. George sq. to Blythswood sq. T.- 
George Street (South), Plantation, off Paisley rd. G 1.. 
George Street, Mile-end, West of Fordneuk st. 2. 
Germiston Street, off the top of Buchanan street. 6.^ 
Gibson's Court, 46 Saltmarket. 5. 
Gibson Street, from Gallowgate to Calton entry. 4. 
Gibson Street, Hillhead, from Kelvin bridge to Hill- 
head street. G 2. 
Gilhert Place, Crossbill. 

Gilbert Street, off Park street, Kelvinliaugh. 10. 
Gillie's Court, 202 Broomielaw. 7. 
Gilmore Street, Partick. G 2. 
Gihnour Street, Rutherglen road. 11. 
Gilmour Street, Paisley road. G 1. 
Gilmorehill, Hillhead 9. 
Gladstone Place, Kelvinhaugli street. 10. 
Gladstone Place, New City Road. 8. 
Gladstone Street, f. St. George's rd. to Gardner st. 8^ 
Glasgow Bridge, south end of Jamaica street. North 

half. 7. South half, east side. 12. South half,, 

west side. 13. 
Glasgow l.'oad, Rutherglen, 

Glasgow Street, Hillhead, off Smith street. G 2. 
Glasgow University, Gilmorehill. 9. 
Glassford Street, from Argyle street to Ingram st. 7.. 
(ilebe Street, f. Castle st. to Garnk. Rail, depot. 6.- 
Glen Place, east end of Duke street. 2. 
Glencairn Terrace, Hillhead. G 2. 
Glenfield, behind Royal Infirmary. 3. 
Glenpark Street, Duke street. 2.- 
Glenpark Road, Duke street. 2. 
Gloucester Place, Hill street, Garnethill. 7. 
Gloucester Street, from West st. to Crookston st. 13, 
Goosedubbs St., f. Stockwell st. to foot Old wynd. 7.. 
Gorbals, south end of Victoria bridge. 12. 
Gordon Lane, 9 Gordon street. 7. 
Gordon Street, from Buchanan st. to Hope st. 7. 
Gourlay Place, off Garngadhill. 3. 
Gourlay Street, Springburn road. G. 
Govaiibank, Rutherglen road. 11. 
Govaiihautrh, south-east side of Hutchesontown. 11. 
Govanhill Street, east of Cathcart road, 11 ; west 

of do. 12. 
Govan Road, from Paisley road to Govan. 

Do., south side, west to county boundary. 14. 

Do., north side, and remainder of south side. G 1. 
Govan Street, Hutchesontown, f. Main st. eastwards. 

Do. from Main street to Crown street. 12. 

Do. from Crown street eastwards. 11. 
Gov^n View Terrai e, Cathcart road. 11. 
Gower St'cet, Hillhead. G 2. 
Gower Street, Paisley road. 
Grace Street, west end of Stobcross street. 10. 
Grace Street, Partick. G 2. 

Giffiine Street, from High street to Barrack wall. 5, 
Grafton Place, from Montrose st. to Grafton st. G. 
Grafton Square, head of Grafton street. G. 
Grafton Street, from Grafton square to Stirling rd. G, 
Grafton Terrace, head of North John street. G. 



Graham's Buildings, 62 George street. 5. 
Graham's Court, 117 Candleriggs. 7. 
Graham's Court, Sister street, Calton. 4. 
Graham's Place, Partick. G 2. 
Graham's Road, Govanhill. 11. 
Graham's Square, 445 Gallowgate. 3. 
Graham Street (West), off Cambridge street. 

Do., from Cambridge street to Scott street. 7. 

Do., from Scott street to St. George's road. 9. 
Graham Street, Dalmarnock road. 1. 
Graham Street, Partick. G 2. 
Grammont Place, Duke street. 3. 
Gran by Terrace, Hillhead street, Hillhead. G 2. 
Grange Terrace, Cathcart. C. 

Grant Street, f. Cumberland st. to St. George's rd. 9. 
Granville Place, St. George's road. 9. 
Granville Place, off Allison street, Crossbill. 12. 
Granville Street, from Sauohiehall rd, to Kent rd. 9. 
Gray's Court, D^le street, Tradeston. 13. 
Gray Street, off Dumbarton road. 9. 
Gray's Lane, Westmuir, Parkliead. 2. 
Great Eastern Road, f. Camlachie burn eastward. 2. 
Great George Street, Hillhead. G 2. 
Great Kelvin Terrace, Hillhead. G 2. 
Great Wellington Street, Paisley road. 14. 
Gt. Western Rd.. f. N. City rd. to Kelvin bridge. 9. 
Great Western Road, from Kelvin bridge westwards 

to county boundary. G 2. 
Green Bank, Govan road. G 1. 
Greenlodge Terrace, Greenhead street. 1. 
Green Street, Bridgeton, off Main street. 4. 
Green Street, Calton, off Great Hamilton street. 4. 
Green Street (Low), off Greendyke street. 5. 
Green St. Lane, west side of Green st., Bridgeton. 4. 
Greendyke Street, off Saltmarket. 5. 
Greenfield Place, Govan. G 1. 
Greenhaugh Place, Govan. G 1. 
Greenhauf;h Street, Govan. G 1. 
Greenhead Buildings, Canning street, Calton. 4. 
Greenhead Street, from William street to Newhall st. 
Do. from William street to John street. 4. 
Do. from John street to Newhall street. 1. 
Greenhead Street, Govan. G 1. 
Greenhill Place, St. Vincent street, from Pitt street 

to India street. 9. 
Greenhill Piace, off Finnieston street. 10. 
Greenhill Road, Rutherglen. 

Greenhill Street, f. St. Vincent st. to Bishop st. 10. 
Greenlaw Place, Paisley road. 14. 
Greenock Place, West street, Tradeston. 13. 
Greenside Ln., f Greenside st. to Cumberland st. 12. 
Greenside Street, from Hospital street to Main street, 

Gorbals. 12. 
Greenvale, from Bluevale to Glenpark. 2. 
Greenvale Place, Cumberland street, west. 9. 
Greenvale St., f. E. Rose st. to Thomson's In., E. 2. 
Greenwell Place, Govan. G 1. 

i Greig's Pi., comer of Green st. and King st. Calton. 4. 
I Grosvenor Terrace, near Botanic gardens, HiUh. G 2. 
[Grove Street, from Garscube road to Scotia st. 8. 
iGrovebank Place, off Park road. 9. 
iGrovebai k Terrace, off Park road 9. 
iGuildry Court, 137 Bridgegate and 25 E. Clyde st. 7. 
|6ushet Faulds, Hutchesontown. 12. 


rl. t |Hafton Place, Carnarvon street. 9. 
Haghill, Cumbernauld road. 3. 

Hallside Street, off Naburn street. 11. 

Hamilton Court, 51 Stockwell street. 7. 

Hamilton Court, 160 Canning street. 4. 

Hamilton Court, 84 Main street, Bridgeton. 4. 

Hamilton Crescent, Partick. G 2. 

Hamilton Drive, off Great Western road. G 2. 

Hamilton Drive (North), off Gt. Western rd. G 2. 

Hamilton Hill, off Possil road. 8. 

Hamilton Park Quadrant, off Gt. Western rd. G 2. 

Hamilton Park Terrace, off Gt. Western rd. G 2. 

Hamilton Place, Partick. G 2. 

Hamilton Place, Great Western road. G 2. 

Hamilton Road, Rutherglen. 

Hamilton St. (Little), f. H. John st. to N. Fred. st. 7, 

Hamilton Street, Govan. G 1. 

Hamilton Street, Westmuir, Parkhead. 2. 

Hamilton Street (Great), from South St. Mungo street 

to Canning street. Calton. 4. 
Hamilton Terrace, Hillhead. G 2. 
Hamilton Terrace (West), Partick. G 2. 
Hampden Terrace, Mount Florida. C. 
Hampton Buildings, west end of Shamrock street. fL 
Hampton Buildings, Shuttle street. 5. 
Hampton Court Terrace, Renfrew street. 9. 
Hampton Place, Gallowgate. 2. 
Handel Place, Upper Crown street. 11. 
Hanover St. (N ), f. George sq. to Parliamentary rd. 

Do. from George square to Cathedral street. 7. 

Do. from Cathedral st. to Parliamentary rd. 6. 
Hanover St. (So.), f. Ingram st. to George sq. 7. 
Harbour (S Side), f. Glasgow bridge to Mavisbank qj. 

Do. from Glasgow bridge to Springfield lane. 13. 

Do. from Springfield lane to Mavisbank quay at 

Municipal boundary. 14 ; from Municipal bound- 
ary, Mavisbank quay, west. G 1. 
Harbour (N. Side), f. Glasgow bridge to River Kelvin. 

Do. from Glasgow bridge to M'Alpine st. 7. 

Do. from M'Alpine street to Kelvin. 10. 
Harmony Place, Crossbill. 
Harmony Place, Govan. G 1. 
Harmony Row, Govan. G 1. 
Harrinu;t()n Street, off Gairbraid street. M. 
Hart Street, Westmuir, Parkhead. 2. 
Hartfield Place, Parliamentary road, Townhead. 6. 
Hartfield Street, Parliamentary road, Townhead. 6. 
Harvie's Place 223 New Dalmarnock road. 1. 
Harvie Street, off Dalmarnock road. 1. 
Hatter's Row, Dalmarnoik road. 1. 
Havannah Street, from High st. to Burnside In. 5, 
Havelork Buildings, Maxwell st. and E. Howard st. 7. 
Havelock Place, 106 Cumberland street (Suuth). 12. 
Havelock Street, off Finnieston street. 10. 
Havelock Terrace, Paisley road. G 1. 
Hawthorn Street, fr. Balmore st. to Ashfield st. M. 
Hayburn Place, Partick. G 2. 

Hayfield Street, M'Neil street, Hutchesontown. 11. 
Helen Street, Govan. G 1. 
Helenvale Street, Parkhead. 2. 
Henderson Street, off New City road. 9. 
Henderson Street, off West Scotland street. 14. 
Henrietta Street, f. Gallowgate to East Rose street. 

East side of do. 2 ; west side, 4. 
Herald Builninos, 67 Buchanan street. 7. 
Herbertson St., f. S. Coburg st. to Eglinton st. 12. 
Hereford Pbice. cor. of Renfrew st. and R se st. 7. 
Hereford Plyce, corner of Grove st. and Braid st. 8i 
H. riothill, 137 Stirling road. 6. 
Heriot Street, Pollokshaws. 
Do. Rutherglen. 



High Street, from the Cross to Kirk street. 5. 

Highbury Place, Scott street, Gamethill. 9. 

Hill Place, 20 Stirling road. 7. 

Hill Square and St., off Stobcross st. Anderston. 10. 

Hill Street, from Duke street to Gallowgate. 3. 

Hill St., Garnetb., f. Cambr. st. to St. George's road. 
Do. from Cambridge street to Scott street. 7. 
Do. from Scott street to St. George's road. 9. 

Hill St., f. Stobcross st. to Main st., Anderston. 10. 

Hill Street, Springburn. 6. 

Hill's Court, 30 Rose street, Hutchesontovvn. 11. 

Hilljiead Gardens, Hillhead st., Hillhead. G 2. 

Hillhead PI., Hillhead, f. Bank st. to Glasgow st. G 2. 

Hillhead Street, Hillhead. G 2. 

Hillington Place, Elderslie street. 10. 

Hillsborough Square, Hillhead. G 2. 

Hillside Gardens, Partick. G 2. 

Hilton Terrace, Crossbill. No. 3. 12; Nos. 4, G, 
10, and 1 Langside road. C. 

Hinshaw Street, off Garscube road. 9. 

Holland Place, off St. Vincent street. 9. 

Holland Street, from Sauchiehall street to St. Vin- 
cent street. 9. 

Holm Street, from Wellington street to Pitt st. 7. 

Holmhead St., f. Dundas St. to N. Frederick st. 6. 

Holyrood Crescent, Great Western road. 9. 

Holyrood Place, 171 New City road. 9. 

Holyrood Place, Napiershall street. 9. 

Hope Place, Parliamentary road, Townhead. 6. 

Hope Place, off New City road. 9. 

Hope Street, from Argyle st. to West Russell st. 7. 

Hope St., from Main street, Anderston, to Stob- 
cross street. 10. 

Hope Street (East), Camlachie, Parkhead. 2. 

Hope Terrace, Crossbill. 12. 

Hopehill, North VVoodside road. 9. 

Hopeliill Road, off Garscube road. 9. 

Hopeton Place, from Rottenrow to Stirling road. 5 

Horn's Court, 3 St. Enoch square. 7. 

Hospital Street, from Adelphi st. southwards. 12. 

Houldsworth Place, Cranston street. 10. 

Houldswortb St., f. Dumbarton road to Elliot st. 10. 

Houston Place, off Houston street. 14. 

Houston Street, f. Crookston st. to Shields road. 14. 

Howard Place, 116 Waterloo street. 7. 

Howard Street (E.), f. Maswell st. to Stockwell st. 7. 

Howard Street, from Jamaica st. to Maxwell st. 7. 

Ploward Street, off Dale street, Bridgeton. 1. 

Hozier Street, from Dalmarnock st. to Baltic st. 1. 

Hozier Street, Partick. G 2. 

Humane Society House, Green. 4. 

Hume Place, cor. Rose st. and Cumberland st. 11. 

Hundred-acre Hill, east from Garngadhill. 6. 

Hunter's Place, 15 Ann street, Bridgeton. 1. 

Hunter Street, Gallowgate st. to Duke st. 5. 

Hunter Terrace, Claremont street, Kent road, and 
Berkeley street. 9. 

HuntiniTfion Place, Springburn road, Springburn. 6. 

Hunily Gardens, near Botanic Gardens, Hillhead. G 2. 

Hutcheson Street, from Trongate to Ingram street. 7. 

Hutcheson Sq., between Camden and Naburn sts. 11. 

Hutchesontown, south end of Albert bridge. 

Hydepark Buildings, head of Hydepark street. 10. 

Hydepark Corner, corner of Hydepark street. 10. 

Hydepark Place, foot Hydepark st., Anderston qu. 10. 

Hydepark Place, Springburn road. 3. 

Hydepark Street, from Stobcross st. to Anderst. qu. 10. 

Hyndforri Place, Govan. G 1. 

Hyndland Street. Partick. G 2. 

Ibrox Place, Paisley road, Govan. G 1. 

Ibros Terrace, Paisley road, Govan. G 1. 

Ibrox Terrace, West, Govan. G 1. 

Ibrosholm, Paisley road, Govan. G 1. 

India Buildings, corner of Gordon and Mitchell 

streets. 7. 
India Street, f. St. Vincent st. to Elmbank crescent. 9. 
India Street, from Somerset place to Claremont st. 9. 
Inglefield Street, Cathcart road. 12. 
Inglefield Terrace, Cathcart road. 12. 
Inglis Street, off Bluevale street. 2. 
Ingram Buildings, 181 Ingram street. 7. 
Ingram Court (East), 21 Ingram street. 7. 
Ingram Place, 111 Ingram street. 7. 
Ingram St. (West), from Candleriggs to Queen st. 7. 

Do., north side, from Queen st. to Montrose st. 7. 

Do,, east of Jlontrose street. 5. 
Ingram Street (East). 5. 

Jackson Street, from Stockwell st. to Dunlop st. 7. 

Jaffray's Close, 14 Goosedubbs. 7. 

Jail Square, foot of Saltmarket. 5. 

Jamaica Street, f. Argyle street to Glasgow bridge. 7. 

James Court, 18 Rose street, Hutchesontown. 11. 

James Place, Govan. G 1. 

James Morrison Street, off London street. 5. 

James Street, Port Dundas. 6. 

James Street, Greenhead, Bridgeton. 4. 

James Street (East), from Waterloo street to Crown 

Point road. 2. 
James Street, Calton, f. Stevenson st. to Millroad st. 4. 
James Watt Street, from Argyle st. to Broomielaw. 7. 
Jamieson's Lane, 774- Main street, Anderston. 10. 
Jamieson Street, Crossbill. 
Jane Place, Paterson street, Kingston. 13. 
Jane Place, Rutherglen road. 11. 
Jane Street, off Blythswood square. 

Do. from Blythswood square to Pitt street. 7. 
Do. from Pitt street westwards. 9. 
Jardine St., f Tillie st. to Raeberry st., nr. Kelvin. 9. 
John's Court, 39 Crown street. 11. 
John Street, Govan. G 1. 
John Street (High), from George st. to Grafton sq. 

Do. from George street to Stirling road. 7. 

Do. from Stirling road to Grafton square. 6. 
John Street (Low), from Ingram st. to George st. 7. 
John Street, f. Greenhead st. to Main st., Bridgeton. 

South side, 1 ; North side, 4. 
John Street (East), east end of Gallowgate. 2. 
John Street Lane, f. John st. to Green st., Bridgeton. 4. 
John Knox Street, off Duke street. 5. 
John.s! one's Place, Stirling road. 6. 
Jordanhill Street, Partick. G 2. 


Keir Terrace, Pollokshields. 13. ] 

Kelburn Terrace, Crossbill. 12. > 

Kelly's Build., M'Aslin st. and Parliamentary rd. 6. 
Kelvin Drive, near Great Western road, back of 

Lansdowne crescent. 9. 
Kelvin Row, South Woodside. 9. 
Kelvin Street, south of North Woodside road. 8. 
Kelvin Street, Partick. G 2. 



Kelvin Street, Maryliill. M. 

Kelvin Terrace, Great Western road, Hillhead. G 2. 

Kelvin Terrace, from Glasgow street to Bank street, 

Hillhead. G 2. 
Kelvin Terrace, North, north side of the Kelviu, facing 

Hamilton drive. M. 
Kelvinhank Terrace, Dumbarton road, Sandyford. 9. 
Kelvinbank Terrace, Maryliill. M. 
Kelvindale Road, Maryliill. M. 
Kelvindale Street, off New City road. 9. 
Kelvingrove Park, west end of Sauchiehall street. 9. 
Kelvingrove Place, Kelvingrove street. 9. 
Kelvingrove Street, off Dumbarton road. 9. 
Kelvinhaugh Street, off Dumbarton road. 10. 
Kelvmhaugh Road (old), off Dumbarton road. 10. 
Kelvinhaugh Village, west Finnieston on Clyde. 10. 
Kelvinside Avenue, off Maryhill road. M. 
Kelvinside Terrace, east end of Partiek. G 2. 
Kemp Place, Shields road. 14. 
Kenmure Place, Glebe street, Parliamentary road. 6. 
Kennedy Street, from Castle street to Dobbie's loan. 6. 
Kensington Place, Sauchiehall street. 7. 
Kensington Terrace, Ibros. G 1. 
Kent Place, Glebe street, Parliamentary road. 6. 
Kent Road, oft' North street. 9. 
Kent Street, f. Gallowgate to Great Hamilton st. 4. 
Kent Street, Finnieston. 10. 
Kentigern Place, Parkhead. 2. 
Keppoch Hill Road, north of St. Rollox. 6. 
Keppoch Hill Road (New), from Craighall road to 

Springburn road. 6. 
Keppoch Hill, off Port Dundas. 6. 
Kerr Street, from Little street to Rose street (East). 4. 
Kersland Terrace, Hillhead. G 2. 
Kew Terrace, Gt. West, rd., near Botanic Gardens. G 2. 
Keyden Street, off W. Scotland St., Kinning Park. 14. 
Kidston Street, Hutchesontown. 11. 
Killearn Terrace, Springburn. 6. 
Killermont Street, off Parliamentary road. 6. 
Kilpatrick Street, off London road. 2. 
Kincaiil Place, Hospital St., cor. Cumberland st. 12. 
King Street, from Trongate to Bridgegate. West side, 

7 ; East side, 5. 
King Street, Calton, f. Caltonmouth to Millroad st. 4. 
King Street, Govan. G 1. 
King Street, Mile-end. 2. 
King Street, Pollokshaws. 
King Street, Rutherglen. 
King Street, Tradeston, from Bridge street to West 

street. 13. 
King's Park Place, from James street to John street, 

Greenhead. 4. 
Kingston Dock, off Paisley road. 13. 
Kingston Place, St. James' street. 13. 
Kingston Terrace, West st. and St. James' street. 13. 
Kinneil Place, Paisley road, Govan. G 1. 
Kinnel Place, Renfrew court, off Renfrew street. 7. 
Kinning Place(S.), from Paisley road to Houston st. 14. 
Kinning Street, f. Gloucester st. to Scotland st. 13. 
Kirk Close, 59 Main street, Anderston. 10. 
Kirk Lane, Townhead. 3. 
Kirk Street, from Castle street to High street. 

East side of do., 3 ; W. side of do., 5. 
Kirk Street, from Main st. to Green st., Calton. 4. 
Kii'k Street, from Main st. to Buchan st., Gorbals. 12. 
Kirkland Street, off New City road. 9. 
Kirklee Road, Great Western road. G 2. 
Kirkwood's Court, 125 Main street, Anderston. 10. 
Knightswood Place, Paisley road. G 1. 

Knox Place, Parkhead. 2. 

Koh-i-noor Build , cor. Dundas & Cathedral sts. 

Kyle Street, off Dobbie's loan. 6. 

La Belle Place, from Clifton st. to Claremont st. 9. 
Ladypark Street, Govan. 
Ladywell Street, foot of Drygate. 

Do. east side, f. Duke st. to Parkhouse lane. 5. 

Do. do. f. Parkhouse In., northwards. 3. 

Do. west side, from Duke street to Drygate. 5. 

Do. from Drygate, northwards. 3. 
Laigh Kirk Close, f. 59 Trongate to Prince's st. 5. 
Lamb Street, Springburn. 

Lambhill Street, Plantation, off Paisley rd. G 1. 
Lanark Street, off Dobbie's Loan. 6. 
Lanark Street, off Greendyke street. 5. 
Lancefield Place, west end of Anderston quay. 10. 
Lancefield Quay, foot of Elliot street. 10. 
Lancefield Street, f. Sttobcross to Cranston st. 10. 
Landressy Street, south of Canning street. 4. 
Langlands Road, Govan. G 1. 
Langside Road, f Pollokshaws road to Renfrewshire 

county boundary. 12. 
Lansdowne Cres., G. West, rd., near Kelvin br. 9. 
Lansdowne Mews, off' Lansdowne crescent. 9. 
Lansdowne Terrace, North Woodside road. 9. 
Largo PI., corner of New City rd. and Rosehall st. P. 
Laurel Bank, Wilson street, Hillhead. G 2. 
Laurelbank, Partiek. G 2. 
Laurieston, south side of the river, between Gorbals 

church, Carlton place, and Bridge street. 12. 
Laurieston Place, 1 Govan road. 14. 
Lawmoor Place, Govanhaugh. 11. 
Lawrence Place, Dowanhill, near Partiek. G 2. 
Law's Buildings, 118 Bridgegate. 7. 
Leadbetter Street, Parliamentary rd.,f. N.Han, st. 6 
Leitch's Court, 157 Trongate. 7. 
Lendel Place, Paisley road. G 1. 
Lendel Terrace, Paisley road. G 1. 
Lennox Street, off Saracen street, Possilpark. M. 
Leopard Close, 80 High street. 5. 
Leslie Road, Pollokshields. 14. 
LesHe Street, Pollokshields. 13. 
Lillie Street, off Springfield road. 1. 
Lily Place, Shields road. 14. 
Lilybank Place, West Thistle street. 9. 
Lilybank Road, east of Eglinton street. 12. 
Do. west of do. 13. 

Lilybank Street, off Eglinton street. 13. 
Lilybank Terrace, West Graham street. 9. 
Lilybank, Hillhead street, Hillhead. G 2. 
Lime Street, from South York st. to Gilmour st. 11. 
Lincoln Place, Partiek. G 2. 

Lind Place, corner of Dalhousie and Buccleuch sts. 7. 
Linden Terrace, Pollokshields. 13. 
Lindhurst Place, Hill street, Garnethill. 
Lindsay Terrace, Partiek. G 2. 
Linnhall Place, Cathcart road. 11. 
Linnhall Terrace, corner of Govanhill street. 11. 
Linthouse Buildings, Govan. G 1. 
Linwood Terrace, Hillhead. G 2. 
Little Govan, Rutherglen road. 11. 
Little Street. Calton, off Clyde street. 4. 
Liverpool Court, 249 Argyle street. 7. 
Livingston Street, off Keppoclihill road. 6. 
Livingston Terrace, Paisley road. G 1. 
Lockbart PL, Parliament, rd. and cor. Dobbie's In. G. 



Logie Street, Govan. G 1. 

Lomond St., f. H;iwthoni st. to Gartmore st., Possil. M. 

London Lane, 48 London street. 5. 

London Road, Bridgeton. North side, 2 ; South 

side. 1. 
London Street, from Cross to Monteith row. 5. 
London Terrace, Crossbill. 

Lorn Place, Cranstonhill, Dumbarton road. 10. 
Lome Place, Govan road. G 1. 
Lome Street, Paisley road. G 1. 
Lorn Terrace, Nithsdale road, Strathbungo. 13. 
Lome Terrace, MaryliilL 

Loudon Terrace. Byars' Road, Hillhead. 2. 
Love Loan, f. High John st. to N. Frederick st. 7. 
Low Green St., f. St. Andrew's sq. to Greeudyke st. 5. 
LucknowPl., cor.Hospitalst. andCumberl. st.(S.) 12. 
Lumsden St , Overnewton, off Old Dumbarton rd. 10. 
Lnmsden's Model Buildings, Roslin place. 8. 
Luton Place, Crossbill. 
Lyall Street, Keppochhill. G. 
Lyceum Court, 72 Nelson straet. 5. 
Lynedocli Crescent, off Woodlands road. 9. 
Lynedoch Place, head of Lynedoch street. 9. 
Lynedoch Street, off Woodlands road. 9. 
Lynedoch Terracp, Woodlands road. 9. 
Lyon Street, f. Garscube road to N. Woodside rd. 8. 
Lyon St. (East), f. Whitevale to East John st. 2. 


Mack's Close, 125 Saltmarket. 5. 
M'Adam's Line, f. Garsc. rd. to N. Woodside rd. 8. 
M' Alpine's Close, 27 Stock well street. 7. 
M'Alpine Street, from Argyle street to Broomielaw. 

East side of do. 7 ; west side. 10. 
M'Arthur's Buildings, 12 .\nderston quay. 10. 
M'Artlinr Street, PoUokshaws. 
M'Aslin St., from St. James' rd. to Grafton st. 6. 
M'Callum's Buildings, Duke street, and corner Bar- 

mck street. 5. 
M'Combe's Brae, Burnside lane, opp. Havannab. 5. 
M'Ewan Street, Parkbead. 2. 
Macf irlane Street, fr. Gallowgate to Graeme st. 5, 
M 'Gill's Close, 87 Stockvvell street. 7. 
M'Intosb Street, off Duncbattan street. 3. 
MTntyre St., f. Main st, Anderston, to Stobcross st. 10. 
M'Kecbnie Street, f. Clyde st, Calton, to Park la. 4. 
M'Kinlay Street, f. Cavendish street to Elgin st. 12. 
M'Laren Place, Cornwall street, off Paisley rd. G 1. 
M'Lean Street, Govan road. G 1. 
M'Lellan Street, Paisley road. 

M'Neil Street, f. Rutlierglen rd. to Clyde side. 11. 
M'Neil Street, Great Eastern road. 2. 
M'Pberson Street. 50 High street. 5. 
M'Symon Place, West Campbell st. and Holm st. 7. 
Madfira Buildings, Argyle St., comer of Oswald st. 7. 
Magilala Place, Cornwall street, Paisley road. G 1. 
Main Street, Anderston, f. Argyle st. to Sandy ford. 10. 
Main St., Biidgeton, f. Canning st. to Rutherglen br. 

Do. east side. 1. 

Do. west side, from Canning st. to John st. 4. 
Main Street, f. John st to Rutherglen bridge. 1. 
Main Street, Calton, from Well st. to King st. 4. 
Main St., Gorbals, f. Vic. br. to Cumberland st. 12. 
Main Street, Govan. G 1. 
Main Street, Polloksbaws. 
Main Street, Rutherglen. 

Main St.. Springburn. East side. 3 ; west side. 6. 
Mains Street, from Argyle st to Sauchiehall st 7. 

Mair Street, Govan road. G 1. 

Maitlaiid Lane, from Maitland street to Milton st. 8. 

Maitland Street, f. Cowcaddens to Port Dundas. 8, 

Mall's Mire Place, Aitkenbead road. 11. 

Malvern Place, Comely Park street. 3. 

Man«e Buildings, Govan. G 1. 

Manse Lane, Govan. G. 1. 

ManseHeld Place, W. end of W. Regt.'st & Pitt st. 7. 

Mansefield Street Govan. G 1. 

Mansfield Street, Partick. G 2. 

Mansion St., fr. Closeburn st. to Hawthorn st M. 

Marchmont Terrace, Hillhead. G 2. 

Margaret St., f. Little Hamilton st. to Love loan. 7. 

Margaret Street, off Eglinton street. 12. 

Market Lane, Jail square. 7. 

Market Street, from Bridgegate to East Clyde street. 

East side of do. 5 ; West side. 7. 
Market St (East), f. Millroad st to Gallowgate. 4. 
Markland Lane and Street, Partick. G 2. 
Markland Place, Upper Thistle street. 12. 
Marlborough Street, from Little st. to East Rose st. 

East side of do. 2 ; West side. 4. 
Marlow Street, Kinning Park. 14. 
Marquis Street, off London road. 1. 
Marr Street, Govan. G 1. 
Marshall Place, Dumbarton road. 10. 
Marshall Street, f. Gallowgate to King st. Calton. 4. 
Martha Street, Govanbill. 11, 
Martyr Street, f. Parson st. to Parliamentary rd. 6. 
Mary Street, Dundas Hill, off Craighall road. 6. 
Maryland Street, Govan. G 1. 
Mason Street, from Castle street to Weaver street. 

South side of do. 5 ; North side. 6. 
Masterton Street, Springburn. 6. 
Mathieson's Lane, Gallowgate. 4. 
Mathieson's Lane, east end of Monteith row. 4. 
Mathieson's Lane, Matbieson street. 11. 
Mathieson Road, from Garscube road to Walker st. 8. 
Matbieson Street, Rutherglen road. 11. 
Matilda Place, Queen's Park Bldgs., Strathbungo. 14. 
Matilda Place, Crossbill. 
Matilda Road, Pollokshields. 14. 
Matilda Street, Polloksbaws. 
Matilda Terrace, Regent park, Strathbungo, 14. 
Mauldslie Street and Terrace, London road. 2. 
Maule Street, Partick. G 2. 
^Mavis Bank Quay, south side. G 1. 
Maxwell Road, Pollokshields. 14. 
Maxwell Street, from Argyle st. to Great Clyde st. 7^ 
Maxwell Street, Partick. G 2. 
Maxwell Street, Polloksbaws. 
Maxwell Street, Govan. G 1. 
Maxweltown Place, Paisley road. 13. 
May TeiTace, Mount Florida. C. 
Maybank Terrace, Crossbill. 

Mayfield Place, from Newton street to North street. 9.. 
Mayfield Place, Butterbiggins road. 12. 
Meadow Park Street, off Duke street. 3. 
Meadow Crescent, Partick. G 2. 
Meadowside Place, Woodlands road. 9. 
Mechanics' Buildings, Millroad street. 4. 
Melrose Buildings, Paisley road. G 1. 
Melrose Place, Paisley road. G 1. 
Melrose St, f. Great Western rd. to Queen's cres. 9.. 
Melville Lane, 43 Gordon street. 7. 
Melville Place, 132 Trongate. 7. 
Melville Street, from Wallace street to West street. 13, 
Merchant Lane, from Bridgegate to East Clyde st. 7. 
Merkland Place and Street, Partick. G 2. 



Metcalf's Land, off Canal street, Port Eglinton. 13. 

Methven Place, corner Maitland st. and Milton st. 8. 

Middleton Buildings, Govan. G 1. 

Middleton Place, Garngad road, b\' St. Rollos. 3. 

Middleton Place, Govan. G 1. 

Middleton Street, Garngad road. 3. 

Middleton Terrace, Paisley road, Govan. G 1. 

Milan Street, off Lilybank road, Eglinton street. 13. 

Mill Street, from Main street to Greenhead. 1. 

Mill Street, Rutherglen. 

Miliburn Street, from Townmill rd. to Garngad hill. 3. 

Miller's Buildings, cor. of Slatefield st. and Gallowg. 

Miller's Place, from King street to Saltmarket. 5. 

Miller Street, from Argyle street to Ingram street. 7. 

Miller Street (East), Bl'uevale. 2. 

Millarbank Street, Springburn. 6. 

Milltield, Rose street, Hutchesontown. 11. 

Millroad Street, from King st. to Abercromby st. 4. 

Milnbank, Townmill road. 3. 

Milton Lane, from West Milton st. to Stewart st. 8. 

.Milton Place, St. Vincent street, from Douglas street 

to Pitt street. 7. 
Milton Street, from Cowcaddens to Debbie's loan. 

Do. from Cowcaddens to Port Dundas road. 8. 

Do. from Port Dundas rd. to Debbie's loan. 6. 
Minard Terrace, Partick. G 2. 
Minerva Place, Finnieston street. 10. 
Minerva Street, head of Finnieston street. 10. 
Mitchell Lane, 81 Buchanan street to Mitchell street. 7. 
.Vlitchell Street, from Argyle street to Gordon street. 7. 
Mollinsburn Street, Springburn. 
Monkland Street, f. Castle st. to Parliamentary rd. G. 
Monro's Court, 63 Stockwell street. 7. 
Montague Place, Bath street. 7. 
Monteith Lane, back of Monteith rovr. 4. 
Monteith Row, east of London street. 4. 
Montgomery Crescent, Hillhead. G 2. 
Montgomery Drive, Hillhead. G 2. 
Montgomery Place, Cathcart road. C. 
Montgomery Street, Hillhead. 6 2. 
Montgomery Street, off London road. 1. 
Montgomery Terrace, Cathcart. C. 
Montrose Street, from Ingram st. to Grafton place. 

Do., west side, from Montrose st. to Stirling rd. 7. 

Do., from Stirling road northwards. 6. 

Do., east side, from Ingram street to Stirling rd. 5. 

Do., from Stirling road northwards. 6. 
;\Ioodie's Court, 31 Argyle street. 7. 
Moore Place, West George street. 7. 
Moore Street, from Gallowgate to Duke street. 3. 
Moray Place, Cumberland street (West). 9. 
Moray Place, Regent park, Strathbungo. 14. 
Mordaunt Street, Dalmamock road. 1. 
Morris Place, Monteith row. 4. 
Morrison's Court, 108 Argyle street. 7. 
Morrison's Place, off West street, Tradeston. 13. 
Morrison Place, off Porter street, Parkhead. 2. 
Morrison Street, from West street to Paisley road. 13. 
Morrison Street, Govan. G 1. 
Morrison Street, Mary hill. M. 
Moss Street, off Keppochhill road. 6. 
Mossbank Reformatory, Millerston. 3. 
Mountainblue, Camlachie. 2. 
Mountblue Street, Parkhead. 2. 
Mount Pleasant, off Garngad road. 3. 
Mount Street, off North Woodside road. 9. 
Muir's Buildings, 7 Melville street. 13. 
Muirhead Place, Kinning park. 14. 
Muirhead Street, fr, Adelphi st. to Rutherglen In. 12. 

Muirhead Street, Partick. G 2. 

Muirhouses, Pollokshaws road. 13. 

Mulberry Bank, 165 Dumbarton road. 10. 

Murray Place, New City road. 9. 

Murray Place, Rutherglen. 

Murray Street, off Parliamentary road. G. 

Murrow Park, Copeland road, Govan. G 1. 

Murrow Place, Govan. G 1. 

Muse Lane, from Garscube lane to Stewart street. 8. 

Muse Lane, Newton place. 9. 

Muse Lane, off South Pettigrew street. 5. 

Muslin Street, Main street, Bridgeton, to New Dal- 
mamock road. 1. 

Myrtle Park and Villas, Crossbill. C. 

Myrtle Street, off St. George's road. North side, 
even numbers. 8. South side, odd numbers. &, 


Nabum Street, off Cumberland street, south. 11. 
Napier's Closes, 77 and 85 Saltmarket. 5. 
Napier Place, Jlinerva street. 10. 
Napier Street, Govan. G 1. 
Napiershall Street, off Great Western road. P. 
Nassau Court, 51 Main street, Anderston. 10. 
National Bank Buildings, Queen street. 7. 
Nelson Ter., Wilson st. to Glasgow st., Hillhead. G 2. 
Nelson Street, from Trongate to Stirling square. 5. 
Nelson Street, Tradeston, f. Bridge st. to West st. 13. 
Nelson Street, from Gallowgate to East IMiller st. 2. 
New City Road, from Cowcaddens st. to St. George's rd. 

Do., north side, 8. 

Do., south side, Scott street. 7. 

Do., from Scott street to Garscube road. 9. 
New London Road, from Canning street eastwarJs. 

Do., south side, 1. 

Do., north side, 2. 
New Road, Parkhead. 2. 
New Street, Calton, from East Russell street to Caltoia 

cross. 4. 
New Street, Pollokshaws. 
New Street, Rutherglen. 

New Vennel, from High street to Barnside lane. 5. 
New Wynd, from 119 Tnmgate to Bridgegate. 7. 
Newfield Lane, off South Kinning place. 14. 
Newhall Street, east end of Main St., Bridgeton. 1. 
Newhall Terrace, Greenhead. I. 
Newstead, Govan. G 1. 
Newton Place, Sauchiehall street. 9. 
Newton Place, Partick. G 2. 
Newton Place, Govan road. G 1. 
Newton Street, f. Sauchiehall street to Bath street. 9. 
Newton Terrace, Sauchiehall road, from Granville 

street to Elderslie street. 9. 
Nicholas street, from 219 High st. to Shuttle St. 5. 
Nicholson Street, f. Carlton place to Norfolk st. 12. 
Nightingale Place, 30 Kelvinhaugh street. 10. 
Nile St. (West), from Gordon st. to Cowcaddens. 7. 
Nisbet Street, Westmuir, Parkhead. 2. 
Nithadale Place, Paisley road. G 1. 
Nithsdale Road, from Strathbungo to Canal. 

Do. north side, f. Strathbungo to Shields rd. 13. 
Do. south side, f. Strathbungo to Shields rd. 14. 
Do. remainder of both sides. 14. 
Nithsdale Street, Strathbungo. 14. 
Norfolk Street, Laurieston, from Bridge street to. 

Portugal street. 12. 
Norfolk Lane, from Norfolk st. to Bedferd st. 12. 
Norfolk Court, off Norfok street. 12. 



Normal Place, Garscube road. 8. 

North Albion Court, 41 North Albion street. 5. 

North Albion Street, f. George st. to Canon st. 5. 

Northburn Street, off Crossburn street. 8. 

North Court, Royal Exchange, from 22 Exchange 

square to St. Vincent place. 7. 
North Oswald Street, off Parliamentary road. 6. 
North Park Terrace, Hamilton drive. G 2. 
North St., Anderston, from Main st. to Sauchiehall st. 
Do. both sides, f. JIain st. to St. Vincent st. 10. 
Do. from St. Vincent st. to Sauchiehall st. 9. 
North Street, Springburn. 
North Woodside Road, f. Garscube rd. to Woodside. 

Do. from Garscube road to St. George's road. 8. 

Do. west of St. George's road. 9. 
Norwood Terrace, Hillhead. G 2. 
Northumberland Street, Crossbill. 12. 
Nerval Place, Eaeberry street. 9. 
Nuneaton St., from London to Dalmarnock roads. 1. 

Oak Street, irom Stobcross st. to Cranston st. 10. 

Oakbank Lane, Springbank. 8. 

Oakbank Street, off Garscube road. 8. 

Oakfield Place, Douglas street and Jane street. 7. 

Oakfield Terrace, Hillbead. G 2. 

Oakley Terrace, off Duke street. 3. 

Oakvale, Hillhead, f. Gibson st. to Saughficld rd. G 2. 

Oatlands, Eutherglen road. 11. 

Oatlands Square, off Gilmour street. 11. 

Office Row, Govanhill. 11. 

Old Basin, Port Dundas. 8. 

Old Coach Close, 161 Gallowgate. 5. 

Old Dumbarton Road, west of Overnewton. 10. 

Old Post-Office Court, 114 Trongate. 7. 

Old Swan Close, 181 Trongate. 7, 

Old Vennel, from High street to Grasme street. 5. 

Old AVynd, from 153 Trongate to Bridgegate. 7. 

Onslow Drive, from Craigpark to Cumbernauld rd. 3. 

Oran Street, off Gairbraid street. M. 

Orchard Bank Place, Arlington street. 9. 

Orchard Place, Govan. G 1. 

Orchard Street, Eutherglen road. 11. 

Orchard Street, Partick. G 2. 

Orchard Terrace, corner of West Bath street and 

Elmbank street. 9. 
Oriental Place, Parson street. 6. 
Orr Street, Mile-end, from Canning st. to Broad st. 

East side of do. 2 ; AVest side. 4. 
Osborne Buildings, Sauchiehall street. 7. 
Osborne Place, Copeland road, Govan. G 1. 
Osborne Place, off Calder street. Crossbill. 12. 
Osborne Terrace, Copland road, Govan. G 1. 
Oswald Court, 71 Maxwell street. 7. 
Oswald Street, from Argyle street to Broomielaw 

quay. 7. 
Oswald Street, from Dalmarnock road to New London 

road. 1. 
Oswald Street, North, off Parliamencary road. 6. 
Otago St., Hillhead, off Great Western road. G 2. 
Overlaw Place, 471 New City road. 9. 
Overnewton Place, off Kelvinhaugh street. 10. 
Overnewton Square, off Lumsden street. 10. 
Overnevrton Street, off Dumbarton road. 10. 
Oxford Lane, from Oxford street to Norfolk st. 12. 
Oxford Street, Laurieston, from Bridge street to 

Nicholson street. 12. 

Paisley Road, West end of King street, Tradeston. 

Do. Both sides, to Crookston street. 13. 

Do. do. from Crookston street to western 

boundaries of Kinning Park. 14. West of Kia- 

ning Park boundary. G 1. 
Palermo Street, off Rutherglen road. II 
Palermo Street, Springburn. 
Palm Street, off Cedar street. 
Palmerston Place, Upper Crown street. 12 
Palmerston Place, M'Aslin street, 6. 
Park Buildings, Paisley road. 14. 
Park Circus PI., f. Park Circus to Lynedoch pi. 9. 
Park Circus, near West- end Park. 9. 
Park Gardens, West-end park. 9. 
Park Grove, Paisley road. 14. 
Park Grove Place, Paisley road. G 1. 
Park Grove Terrace, Kelvingrove street (West). 9. 
Park Grove Terrace, Paisley road, west. 
Parkgrove Villas, Kinning park. 14. 
Park Lane, from Govan road to Paisley road. 14. 
Park Place, west end of Bridgeg. ft. of Stookwell st. 7. 
Park Place, Paisley road, Kinning park. 14. 
Park Place, Maryhill. M. 
Park Plice, Mill street, Ruthe?;g]en. 
Park Quadrant, West-end park. 9. 
Park Road, f Woodlands rd. to Gt. Western rd. 9. 
Park Street, Kinning park. 14. 
Do. Westwards to county boundary, or western 

boundary, Kinning park. 14. 
Do. Beyond county boundary. G 1. 
Park Street, Kelvinhaugh. 10. 
Park Street (East), West-end park. 9. 
Park Street (Soutli), West-end park. 9. 
Park Street (West), West-end park. 9. 
Park Terrace, West-end park. 9. 
Park Terrace (East), West-end park. 9. 
Parker's Court, 82 King street, Calton. 4. 
PaiKholm, Paisley road. 14. 
Parkhouse Lane, from Duke street to Ladywell. 

North side of do. 3 ; South side. 5. 
Parkville Road, Hillhead, from Byar's rd. to Saugh- 

field road. G 2. 
Parliamentary Rd , f. Buchanan st. to Castle st. 6. 
Parson Street, from Villafield place to Castle st. 6. 
Paterson Street, from Tarbert st. to Rottenrow. 5. 
Paterson Street, Kingston, from Paisley road to 

Scotland street. 13. 
Paterson Street, off William street, Anderston. 10. 
Paton Street, off' Duke street. 3. 
Patteson Row, Polmadie. 11. 

Paul Street, from Stirling road to Garden street. 5. 
Paxton Terrace, Albert road. Crossbill. C. 
Peel Street, off Broad street, Mile- end. 2. 
Peel Street, Partick. G 2. 
Peel Terrace, Hill street, GarnethilL 9. 
Pembroke Street, from St. Vincent st. to Kent rd. 9. 
Percy Street, off Paisley road. G 1. 
Percy Terrace, Hillhead. G. 2. 
Perth Street, off Main street, Anderston. 10. 
Peter's Building.s, 8 and 13 Anderston quay. 10. 
Peter's Buildings, 67 West Nile street. 7. 
Peter's Court, Main street, Maryhill. M. 
Petershill Road, off Springburn road. 3. 
Pettigrew Street, off Duke street. 5. 
Phoenix Place, Garscube road. 8. 
Piccadilly St., f. Stobcross st. to Anderston quay. 10. 



Pine Street, f. Rutherglen rd. to Caledonia rd. 11. 

Pinkston Road, north of Glebe street, Townhead, 
Springburn. 6. 

Pipehouse Close, 93 High street. 5. 

Pitt Street, from Argyle street to Sauchiehall street. 

Pitt Street, east side. 7. 

Do. west side, f. Argyle st. to St. Vincent st. 10. 
Do. do. f. St. Vincent st. to Sauchiehall st. 9. 

Plantation Buildings, north side of Paislev road, 
west of Parkhouse toll-bar. G 1. 

Plantation Place, north side of Paisley road. G 1. 

Plantation Quay, West of Mavisbank quay. G 1. 

Plantation Street, off Paisley road. G 1. 

Playfair Street, off Dalmarnock road. 1. 

Pleasance Street, Pollokshaws. 

Pointhouse, at Govan ferry, north side. 10. 

Pointhouse Road, Partick. 10. 

Police Lane, South Albion street. 5. 

Pollok Court, 5 Thistle street. 12. 

Pollok Street, from Paisley road to Scotland st. 14. 

Pollok Street, Pollokshaws. 

Pollokshaws Road, from Cumberland st. southwards. 
Do. Both sides, to Victoria road. 12. 

Do. East side, from Victoria road to parish 

boundary at Strathbungo. 13. 
Do. W. sidejf-Victoriard.toNithsdalerd. 13. 
Do. fr. Nithsdalerd. to parish boundary. 1-1. 

Polmadie Row, Polmadie, off Rutherglen road. 11. 

Port Street, f. Stobcross st. to Holdsworth st. 10. 

Port Dundas Rd., f. top of Buchanan st. to Port Dun. 
West side of do. 8 ; East side of do. 6. 

Port Eglinton, Paisley Canal basin. 13, 

Porter Street, Parkhead. 2. 

Portland Buildings, Govan. G 1. 

Portland Place, off Rottenrow. 5. 

Portland Place, Smith street. Billhead. G 2. 

Portland Street (South), from Carlton place to Bed- 
ford street. 12. 

Portland Street, from George st. to Rottenrow. 5. 

Portman Place, Hillhead. G 2. 

Portman Street, off Park st., Kinning Park. 14. 

Portugal Lane, Gorbals, from Norfolk street to Bed- 
ford street. 12. 

Portugal Street, from Norfolk st. to Surrey st. 12. 

Possil Road, f. Garscube rd. to Craighall road. 8. 

Pratt's Court, 109 Argyle st. and 9 Maxwell st. 7. 

Preston Street, Cathcart road. 11. 

Preston Street, near London road, Bridgeton. 1. 

Primrose Place, Paisley road. G 1. 

Primrose Street, Govan. G 1. 

Prince Albert Drive, Queen's Park. C, 

Prince Albert Terrace, Albert road. Crossbill. C. 

Prince's Court, Prince's square, Buchanan street. 7. 

Prince Edward Street, CrosshilL 13. 

Prince George Place, Scotia street. 8. 

Prince's Square, 40 and 48 Buchanan street. 7. 

Prince's Street, from Saltmarket to King street. 5. 

Prince's Street (West), off' St. George's road. 9. 

Prince's Street, Govan. G 1. 

Prince's Terrace, Dowanhill. G 2. 

Prince of Wales Build., 34 to 56 Buchanan st. 7. 

Prince of Wales Terrace, Crossbill. 13. 

Priory, North Woodside road. 9. 

Provan Court, 40 North Frederick street. 7. 

Provan Place, head of North Montrose street. G. 

Provanside, 127 Stirling road. 6. 

Public Washing House, Glasgow Green. 4. 

Pulteuey Street, oft' Debbie's loan. 6. 

Pardon Court, 160 Cowcaddens street. 8. 

Queen Arcade, 110 Renfrew street, north side. 7. 
Queen's Build.'s, cor. of St. Vin. pi. & Buchanan st. 7. 
Queen Court, 62 Queen street. 7. 
Queen's Crescent, West of St. George's road. 9. 
Queen's Drive, Crossbill. C. 
Queen's Park Buildings, Strathbungo. 14. 
Queen's Park, Crossmyloof. C. 
Queen's Park Place, Strathbungo. 
Queen's Park Terrace, Eglinton street. 12. 
Queen's Place, Western road. 9. 
Queen Square, Regent park, Strathbungo. 14. 
Queen Street, from Argyle st. to George square. 7. 
Queen Street, Govan. G 1. 
Queen Street, Partick. G 2. 

Queen St. (North), north-west side of George sq. 7. 
Queen Street, Rutherglen. 

Queen Terrace, f. Cumberland st. to W. Prince's st. 0. 
Queen Mary Place and Terrace, Crossbill. 
Queen Mary Street, off London road. 1. 
Queen Mary Place, Crossbill. C. 
Queen Mary Terrace, Queen's Park, Crossbill. C 
Queen Mary Avenue, Crossbill. C. 
Queensberry Place, North street. 9. 
Queenstown, Great Western road, adjoining Botanic 
gardens. G 2. 


Radnor Street, off Dumbarton road. 9. 

Radnor Terrace, Dumbarton road. 9. 

Rae Street, off' Broomhill street. C. 

Raeberry Street, oft' 449 New City road. 9. 

Raglan Place, Partick. G 2. 

Raglan St., f. Garscube rd. to N. Woodside rd. 8. 

Railway Street, Rutherglen. 

Randolph Terrace, Hill street, Garnethill. 9. 

Ranfurly Place, Paisley road. G 1. 

Ravil Row, Westmuir, Parkhead. 2. 

Ratho Terrace, Springburn. 6. 

Redrew, Carntyne. 2. 

Reform Court, 50 Commerce st. 13. 

Regejit Lane (W.), f. W. Nile st. to W. Campbell st. 7. 

Regent Park Sq., Pollokshaws rd., Strathbungo. 14. 

Regent Park Ten, Pollokshaws rd., Strathbungo. 14. 

Regent Place, east end of Blackfriar's street. 5. 

Regent Place, West Campbell street. 7. 

Regent St. (W.) f. W. Nile st. to Blythswood sq. 7. 

Regent Terrace, Stirling road. 5. 

Reid's Court, Bridgeton. 1. 

Reid's Court, 56 Trongate. 5. 

Reid Street, Bridgeton. 1. 

Reid Street, Maryhill. M. 

Reidvale Street, off Bellgrove street. 3. 

Reufield Lane, from Ren field street to Hope st. 7. 

Renfield Street, f. Union st. to Cowcaddens st. 7. 

Renfrew Court, 18 Renfrew street. 7. 

Renfrew Lane, from West Nile street to Hope st. 7. 

Renfrew Street, f. Buchanan st. to St. George's road. 

Do. from Buchanan st. to Scott street. 7. 

Do. from Scott street to St. George's road. 9. 
Renton Terrace, Crossbill. C. 

Renwick PI., corner of Catherine & Stobcross sts. 10. 
Retreat Place, Kinning Park. 14. 
Richard Street, from Cadzow st. to Elderslie st. 10. 
Richmond Lane, 82 Gallowgate. 5. 
Richmond Street, f. Jlontrose st. to Portland st. 5. 



Risk St., from Gt. Hamilton st. to Thomson's Lane, 

Oalton. 4. 
Ritchie Lane, 19 Clyde street, Gallon. 4. 
Ritchie Street, west end of Victoria street. 13. 
River Bank, Govanhaugh. 11. 
Robert Street, Govan. G 1. 
Robertson Court, 179 Argyle street. 7. 
Robertson Lane, Robertson Street. 7. 
Robertson Street, from Argyle st. to Broomielaw. 7. 
Robertson Stieet, Govan. G. 1. 
Rochester Place, Sauchiehall street. 9. 
Rochester Street, off Gallowgate. 2. 
Rodney Street, from Possil road to Wigton st. 8. 
Ronald Street, from Taylor street to Bobbie's In. 6. 
Ropework Entry, 108 Stockvvell street. 7. 
Ropevvork Lane, f. Jackson st. to Gt. Clyde st. 7. 
Rose Lane, Garnethill. 7. 

Rose PI., cor. of Rose st. and Hill st., Garnethill. 7. 
Rose Street, f. Adelphi st. to Rutherglen loan. 11. 
Rose Street (E.), f. Abercromby st. to Greenvale st. 

Do. from Abercromby st. to Marlborough st. 4. 

Do. from Marlborough st. to Greenvale st. 2. 
Rose St., Garnethill, f. Sauchiehall st., North. 7. 
Rosebank, Garngad road. 3. 
Rosebank Terrace, Grant st., St. George's rd. 9. 
Roseberry Terrace, Great Western road. 9. 
Rosehall Buildings, 41 Burnside street. 8. 
Rosehall Place, Rosehall street. 8. 
Rosehall St., f. Shamrock st. to New City rd. 9. 
Rosehall Street, f. New City rd. to Burnside st. 8. 
Roseland Place, Partick. G 2. 
Roseland Terrace, corner of Abbotsford place, Cum- 
berland street. 12. 
Roslea Drive, Dennistoun. 3. 

Roselyn Terrace, Nithsdale road, Strathbungo. 13. 
Rosemont Street, off Millburn street. 3. 
Rosevale Street, Partick. G 2. 
Roslin Place, west end Burnside st., Garscube rd. 8. 
Rottenrow, from High st. to Montrose street, 5 ; and 

from Montrose street to John street, 7. 
Roxburgh Street, Hillliead. G 2. 
Royal Arcade, top of Hope street. 7. 
Royal Bank Buildings, f 92 to 100 Buchanan st. 7. 
Royal Bank Place, f. Buchanan st. to E.xchange sq. 7. 
Royal Bank Place, off Paisley road. G 1. 
Royal Crescent, west end of Sauchiehall street. 9. 
Royal Crescent, Crossbill. C. 
Royal Crescent Mews, back of Royal crescent. 9. 
Royal Exchange Place, from Buchanan street to 

Royal Exchange square. 7. 
Royal Terrace, Crossbill. C, 
Royal Terrace, back of Royal crescent. 9. 
Ruby Street, off New Dalmarnock road. 1. 
Ruchill Road, off Gairbraid street. M. 
Ruchill Terrace, Gairbraid street. M. 
Rumford Street, Main street, Bridgeton. 1. 
Rupert Street, Great Western road. 9. 
Russell's Land, Cathcart road. 12. 
Russell Place, off Kelvinhaugh street. 10. 
Russell Street, f. Kent st. to New st, Calton. 4. 
Russell Street (West), north end of Hope street. 7. 
Russell Street, Partick G 2. 
Rutherford Lane, from Renfield st. to Hope st. 7. 
Rutherglen Loan, from Main st. to Crown st. 12. 

Do. from Crown st. to Commercial road. 11. 
Rutherglen Road, from Commercial rd. to Polmadie 

Burn. IL 
Ruthven Street, Hillliead. G 2. 
Rutland Crescent, Govan road. 14. 

Rutland Lane, Govan. G 1. 
Rutland Place, Govan road. 



St. Andrew's Lane, f. Gallowg. to St. Andrew's sq. o. 

St. Andrew's Road, Pollokshields. 14. 

St. Andrew's Sq., principal entry f. Saltmarket. 5. 

St. Andrew's St., f. Saltmaiket to St. Andrew's sq. 5. 

St. Ann St., f. Duke st. to Merchant's quarry. 3. 

St. Bernard's Place, Gt. Geoige street, Hillhead. G 2. 

St. Clair Street, off North Woodside road. 9. 

St. David's Court, 16 Canon street. 5. 

St. Enoch Chambers, 13 Dixon street. 7. 

St. Enoch Lane, 145 Argyle street. 7. 

St. Enoch Square, off Argyle street. 7. 

St. Enoch Wynd, off Argyle street. 7. 

St. George's Court, 94 West Nile street. 7. 

St. George's Cross, St. George's road. 

St. George's Place, west side of Buchanan st. 7. 

St. George's Road, f Sauchiehall st. to Garscube rd. 

East side of do., f. Garscube rd. to N. City rd. 8. 

E. side of do., f N. City rd. to Sauchiehall st. 9. 

W. side of do., f Crescent pi. to Myrtle st. 9. 

W side of do., f. Myrtle st. to Garscube road. 8. 
St. George's Terrace, Paisley road. 14. 
St. George's Terrace, St. George's road, corner of 

Carnarvon street. 9. 
St. James' Rd., f. Taylor st. to Parliamentary rd. 6. 
St. James' Street, off Paisley road. 14. 
St. James' Street, Kingston, from West st. to Crook - 

ston street. 13. 
St. James' Terrace, Great Westeni road. G 2. 
St. James' Terrace, Kinning park, off Paisley rd. 14. 
St. John's Place, east end of Graeme stieet. 5. 
St. John's Place, Dumbarton road, from Houldswortli 

street to Elliot street. 10. 
St. John's Rd., off St. Andrew's rd., Polloksh. 14. 
St. John Street, off Craighall road. 6. 
St. John's Terrace, Ann street, Hillhead. G 2. 
St. Joseph's Pliice, off Abercromby street. 4. 
St. Margaret's Place, from Bridgegate to Jail sq. 5. 
St. Marnock St., f. Broad st to Crownpoint rd. 2. 
St. Mary's Buildings, St. Vincent & Renfield sts. 7. 
St. Mary's Lane, f. West Nile st. to Renfield st. 7. 
St. Mary's Place, N;ipiershall street. 9. 
St. Mungo Place, Stirling road. 6. 
St. Muiigo St. (S.) f. Gallow. to Great Hamilton st. 

East side. 4; west side. 5. 
St. Mungo St., f. Stirling rd. to Parliamentary rd. 6. 
St. Nicholas Place, from Kiik st. to Weaver st. 5. 
St. Ninian Street, Adelphi street. 12. 
St. Peter's Lane, from Main st. to Douglas st. 7. 
St. Quivox Place, West Scotland street. G 1. 
St. Rdlox, Townhead. 6. 

St. Vincent Crescent, Sandyford, Dumbarton rd. 10. 
St. Vincent Crescent Lane, Sandyford. 10. 
St. Vincent La., f. St. Vincent pi to W. George st. 7. 
St. Vincent Lane, from Hope st. to Pitt st. 7. 
St. Vincent PI., f. George sq. to Buchanan st. 7. 
St. Vincent Street, f. Buchanan st. to Dumbarton rd. 

Both sides of do., from Buchanan st. to Pitt st. 7. 

South side of do., f. Pitt st. to Dumbarton rd. 10.. 

N side of do., f. Dumbarton rd. to Pitt st. 9. 
Salamanca Street, off New Road, Parkhead. 2. 
Salem PL, Holmhead st., cor. of N. Hanover st. 6. 
Salisbury St., f. Cumberland st. to Pollokshw. rd. 12. 
Saltmarket, from Cross to Albert bridge. 5. 
Saltoun Street, Hillhead. G 2. 



Sandbank Buildings, Partick. G 2. 
Sandringham Terrace, Hilihead. G 2. 
SandyfauUs Lane, off Mathieson street. 11. 
Sandyfaulds St., f. Rutlierglen rd. to Caledonia rd. 11. 
Sandyford Buildings, N. side of Dumbarton rd. 9. 
Sandyford Place, Saucbiehall road, from Elderslie st. 

to Clareinont street. 9. 
Sandyford Street, Kelvinhaugh. 10. 
Sandyford Street, f. Kelvingrove St., westward. 9. 
Saracen Street, from Possii road to Hawthorn st. M. 
Saracen's Lane, 207 Gallovvgate. 5. 
Sardinia Place, Cumberland street. 12. 
Sardinia Terrace, off G, Western road, Hilihead. G 2. 
Sauehie Place, Govan. G 1. 
Sauchiehall Lane, f. West Nile st. to Newton street. 

Do. from West Nile street to Pitt street. 7. 

Do. from Pitt street to Newton street. 9. 
Sauchiehall Street, fiom Buchanan street, west. 

Both sides of do .,f. W. Nile st. to Pitt st. and 
Scott street. 7. 

Both sides of do., f. Pitt & Scott sts. westward. 9. 
Saughfield, SaughBeld road, Hilihead. G 2. 
Saughfield Roud, Hilihead, from Gibson street to 

Byars' road. G 2. 
Savoy Street, Bridgeton. 1. 
Sawmillfield Place, Garscube road, from Bobbie's 

loan to Possii toll. 8. 
Sawmillfield Street, off Garscube road. 8. 
School Wynd, f. Main st., Anderston, to Union pi. 10. 
Scotia PI., cor. of Elmbank st. and Sauchiehall st. 9. 
Scotia Street, f Shamrock st. to New City road. 9. 

Do., from New City Road to Grove street. 8. 
Scotland Street, from West street to Shields road. 

Do., from West street to Crookston street. 13. 

Do., fro M Crookston street to Shields road. 14. 
Scotland Street, off Woodside terrace. 9. 
Scotland Street (W.), Kinning Park. 14. 

Do. West of County boundary. G 1. 

Scott's Court, 80 Main street, Anderston. 10. 
Scott's Court, 340 Gallowgate. 4. 
Scott's Place, 60 Centre street. 13. 
Scott St., f Newhall st. to Mill st , Bridgeton. 1. 
Scott Street, Port Dundas. 6. 
Scott Street, from Snucliiehall st. to Shamrock st. 

East side. 7 ; West side. 9. 
Seton Terrace, Dennistoun. 3. 
Sedan Place, Paisley road. G 1. 
Seymour Street, off New City road 9. 
Seymour Terrace, Mount Florida, Cathcart. C. 
Shaftesbury Buildings, Paisley road. 
Shaftesbury Lune off Shaftesbury street. 10. 
Shaftesbury Street, from Main street, Anderston, to 

William street. 10. 
Shaftesbury Terrace, West Regent street. 9. 
Shamrock Street, off New City road. 9. 
Shamrock Street ("South), off Rutlierglen loan. 11. 
Sharp's Lane, f. Main St., Ander., to Stobcross st. 10. 
Shaw's Court, 62 Julin street, Bridgeton. 4. 
Shaw Street, Govan. G 1. 
Shawmill Si reet, Pollokshaws. 
Sheppard Street. Springburn. 6. 
Shields Place, Kinning park. 14. 
Shields Road from Paisley road to Nithsdale road. 

Do., west side. 14. 

Do., east side, from Paisley rd. to Shields bridge. 14. 

Do., do. f. Shields bridge to Nithsdale rd. 13. 
Shields Terrace, Kinning park. 14. 
Short's Court, 268 Main street, Bridgeton. 1. 
Shuttle Street, from Canon street to George street, o. 

Shuttle Street Lane, top of Shuttle street. 5. 

Silverfir Street, off Rutlierglen road. 11. 

Silvergrove, Duncan street, Calton. 4. 

Silvergrove Street, off Canning street, Caltoa. 4. 

Simpson's Court, 5 Franklin street. 1. 

Simpson Street, off New City road. 

Sinclair's Court, 363 Gallowgate. 3, 

Sister Street, Orr Street, Calton. 4. 

Skeivingdyke Street, off Henrietta street. 

Slatefield Street, east end of Gallowgate. 3. 

Slitmills, Ferry road, Partick. 10. 

Smeal's Buildings, Govanhaugh. 11. 

Smith Square, Rutlierglen. 

Smith Street, Hilihead, off Glasgow street. G 2. 

Smith Street, Wliiteinch. G 2. 

Smith Street, off Paisley road. 14. 

Smith Terrace, Farme, Rutherglen. 

Smithfield Buildings, foot of Oswald street. 7. 

Smith's Court, 62 Brunswick street and 53 Candle- 

riggs. 7. 
Smith's Court, 192 Dalmarnock road. 1. 
Smith's Court, 62 Jamaica street. 7. 
Smith's Place, 40 Dalmarnock road. 1. 
Society Row, from Garscube road to Possii road. 8. 
Society Street, Great Eastern road. 2. 
Soho Place, off Soho street. 2. 
Soho Street, off Gallovvgate. 2. 
Somerset Place, Sauchiehall street, west end. 9. 
Somerville Place, Monteith row. 4. 
Southgreen Bank, Butterbi^gins row. 12. 
South Woodside Road, off Woodlands road. 9. 
Soutlipark, Ann street, Hilihead. G 2. 
Southpark Terrace, Ann street, Hilihead. G 2. 
Speirs' Wliarf, Port Dundas. 8. 
Spiers' Place, Crossbill. C. 
Spoutmouth, from Gallowgate to Old Vennel. 5. 
Spreull's Court, 172 Trongate. 7. 
Springbank, Garscube road. 8. 
Springbank, London road. 2. 
Springbank Gardens, Hilihead. G 2. 
Springburn road, from Castle street to Springbum. 

East .side. 3 ; west side. 6. 
Springfield Court, 69 Queen st. and 58 Buchanan st. 7. 
Springfield Lane and Buildings, off Paisley road. 

East side. 13 ; west side. 14. 
Springfield Place and Buildings, off PaLsley road. 14. 
Springfield Place, oft" Garscube road. 9. 
Springfield Quay, off Paisley road. 14 
Springfield Road, off New Dalmarnock road. 1. 
Springgrove Place, Grove street. 8. 
Springliill Place, St. George's road. 8. 
Spring Lane, off South WeUington street. 11. 
Spring Place, opposite Lawmoor place. 11. 
Stafford Place, New City road. 8. 
Stafford Street, from Pulteney street, east. G. 
Stanhope Place, St. James' road. 6. 
Stanhope Place, t. Hill st. to Oak st., Anderston. 10. 
Stanhope Street, from Dobbie's loan to Parson st. G. 
Stanley Buildings. Paisley road, west. 
Stanley Place, Paisley road. 14. 
Stanley Place, oft' Eglinton street. 12. 
Stanley Street, f. Kinning park. Paisley rd., south. 11. 
Stanley Street, f Woodlands rd. to Carnarvon st. !'. 
Steel Street, from Saltmarket to Low Green street. 5. 
Stepney Court, 137 London street. 5. 
Stepney Place, cor. of London and Charlotte sts. 5. 
Steven Street, from Shamrock st. to New City rd. 9. 
Stevenson Street, from Kirk st. to Clyde St., C.ilton. i. 
Stewart Court, 45 Candleriggs. 7. 



Stewart Place, Cathcart road. Crossbill. 11. 

Stewart Street, Partick. G 2. 

Stewart St., f. Ann st., to Stirling st., Port Dundas. 8. 

Stewartvale Place, Dumbarton road, Partick. G 2. 

Stewartville Street, Partick. G 2. 

Stirling Road, from High John street to Castle street. 

Do., north side, to Mason street, and both sides 
from Mason st. eastwards. 6. 

Do., south side, from John st. to Montrose st. 7. 

Do., do., from Montrose st. to Mason st. 5. 
Stirling Square, west end of Stirling street. 5. 
Stirling Street, from High street to Stirling square. 5. 
Stirling St. (S.), from Bedford st. to Margaret st. 12. 
Stirling St., from Cowcaddens st. to Dobbie's loan. 8. 
Stirrat's Court, 53 Cowcaddens street. 7. 
Stobcross and Stobcross Avenue. 10. 
fe Stobcross Street, f. Washington st. to Finnieston. 10. 

* Stockwell Court, 39 Stockwell street. 7. 

Stockwell Place, Stockwell street, west side. 7. 

Stockwell Street, f. Trongate to Victoria bridge. 7. 

Stonefield Terrace, South Wellington street. 11. 

Stonelaw Street, Rutherglen. 

Stormont Street, east side of Maxwell street. 7. 

Strathbungo, Pollokshaws road, Queen's park. 

Strathclyde Street, off Swanston street. 1. 

Strathearn Place, Paisley road. 14. 

Struan Terrace, Albert road. Crossbill. Nos. 4 to 12 

and 1 to 33. 12. Remainder, C. 
Struther's Court, 43 Dalmarnock road. 1. 
Struther's Street, from Stevenson st. to Milh-oad st. 4. 
Suffolk Street, f. South St. Mungo st. to Kent st. 4. 
Suffolk Street, Kinning Park. 14. 
Sug.irhouse Closes, 132 and 138 Gallowgate. 5. 
Summer Street, Mile-end. 2. 
Sunmierfield Street, Dalmarnock. 1. 
Summertown. Copeland road, Govan. G 1. 
Summertown Road, Govan. G 1. 
Surrey Lane, Laurieston. 12. 

Surrey Place, head of Surrey st., Pollokshaws rd. 12. 
Surrey Street, f. Portugal st. to. Pollokshaws rd. 12. 
Sussex Place, 9 Adelphi street. 11. 
Sussex Street, Kinning park. 14. 
Sutherland Terrace, Hillhead. G 2. 
Swan Close, 112 Main street, Gorbals. 12. 
Swan Lane, Port Dundas. 6. 
Swan Street, Port Dundas. 6. 
Swanston Street, off Dalmarnock road. 1. 
Sweet's Court, 109 Great Hamilton street. 4. 
Sword Street, off Gallowgate. 3. 
Sydenham Place, Kinning street, Kingston. 13. 
Sydenham Place, Main street, Gorbals. 12. 
Sydney Court, 62 Argyle street. 7. 
Sydney Street, from Gallowgate to Duke street. 3. 

Tanwork Close, 89 Gallowgate. 5. 

Tarbet Street, off Balmanno street. 5. 

Taylor's Court, 149 Great Hamilton street. 4. 

Taylor Place, Govan road. G 1. 

Taylor Street, from Rottenrow to Parliamentary road. 

Do., from Rottenrow to Stirling road. 5. 

Do , from Stirling road to Parliamentary road. 6. 
Templebar Place, Dumbarton road. 
Temple Bar Quadrant, Overnewton. 
Tennant Street, from Castle street to Glebe street. 6. 
Terminus Quay, off Paisley road. 14. 
Terrace Street, off St. Vincent st., Greenhill pi. 10. 
Teviot Street, Kelvinhaugh. 10, 

Teviot Terrace, Hillhead. G 2. 

Tharsis Street, off' Garngad road. 3. 

Thistle Lane, Garnethill. 9. 

Thistle Street, from Adelphi street southward. 12. 

Thistle Street, off Garngad road. 3. 

Thistle Street, f. Sauchiehall st. to Shamrock st. 9. 

Thomas Street, Westmuir, Parkhead. G 2. 

Thomson's Buildings, 36 Main street, Bridgeton. 4. 

Thomson's Buildings, Marlborough st., Calton. 2. 

Thomson's Court, 220 Main street, Bridgeton. 1. 

Thomson's Lane, Mile-end, from Marlborough street 

to Greenvale street. 2. 
Thomson's Lane, from Green street to Risk st. 4. 
Thomson's Square, 63 Main street, Anderston. 10. 
Thomson Street, off Duke street. 
Thompson Street, Govan. 
Thomson Street, Partick. G 2. 
Thornbank Cottage, Partick. G 2. 
Thornton Ter., New City rd. .ind N. Woodside rd. 9. 
Thornville, Great George street, Hillhead. G 2. 
Thornville Terrace, Wilson street, Hillhead. G 2. 
Thrashgrove, cor. of Milton st. and Cowcaddens. 8. 
Three Ell Road, Govan. G 1. 
Thrushgrove. 3. 

Tillie Street, off North Woodside road. 9. 
Titwood Place, Strathbungo. 14. 
Tobago Street, from Canning street to Steven.son 

street, Calton. 4. 
Tontine Buildings, from 12 to 34 Trongate. 5. 
Torwood Place, Buccleuch street. 
Tower Street, Parkgrove, off Paisley road. 

Do., East of county boundary. 14. 

Do., West of do. do. G 1. 

Towerhill Terrace, Springburn. 3. 
Townhead, top of High street. 
Townmill Road, from Castle st. to Canal bank. 3. 
Townmill, near Canal bank, Townhead. 3. 
Tradeston, at the south end of Glasgow bridge. 13. 
Trafalgar Place, 120 Broomielaw. 7. 
Trafalgar Street, Main street, Bridgeton. 1. 
Trongate, f. the Cross to Stockwell & Glassford sts. 
Do., fr. Cross to King st. and Candleriggs. 5. 
Do., from King st. and Candleriggs to Glassford 
and Stockwell streets. 7. 
TuUiallan Place, Paisley road. G L 
Tureen St., f. Gallowgate to Green st., Calton. 4. 
Turner's Court, 87 Argyle street. 7. 
Turner's Street, Garngad road. 3. 
Tylefield Street, from Gallowgate to Soho place. 2, 


Union Corner, Gordon street and Union street. 

Union Court, 172 Argyle street. 7. 

Union Lane, Green street, Calton. 4. 

Union Place, Farme, Rutherglen. 

Union Place, North street, Anderston. 10. 

Union Street, from Argyle street to Gordon st. 

Union Street, Calton, f. James' st. to Green st 

Union Street, East, Parkhead. 2. 

University Avenue, Hillhead. G 2. 

University, Gilmorehill. 9. 

University Street, Old Dumbarton road. 10. 

Upperfauld's Place, Hutchesontown. 11. 

Upper Muirhouse Place, Crossbill. 

Ure Place, Montrose street. 5. 

Ure Place (North), west end of Rottenrow st. 5. 

Urie's Row, Old Rope work, Hutchesontown. 11. 




Vennel, New, from High st. to Burnside lane. 5. 
Vennel, Old, from High street to Grajme street. 5. 
Vermont Street, off West Scotland street. 14. 

Do., west of County boundary. G 1. 

Veron Street, off Gairbraid street. 
Victoria Bridge. North half. 7 ; south half. 12. 
Victoria Build., foot of Stockwell and Gt. Clyde sts. 7, 
Victoria Buildings, West Regent street. 7. 
Victoria Court, 19 Gallowgate. 5. 
Victoria Crescent, Dowanhill, Hillhead. G 2. 
Victoria Place, Govan. G 1. 
Victoria Place, Hilihead. G 2. 
Victoria Place, Rutherglen. 
Victoria Place, 1 West Regent street. 7. 
Victoria Place, 46 Buccleuch street. 7. 
Victoria Road, south from Eglinton street. 

Do. East side, to county boundary. 12. 

Do. West side, to do. do. 13. 

Victoria Street, Partick. G 2. 
Victoria Street, off Eglinton street. 13. 
Victoria Street, Govan. G 1. 
Victoria Street, Hillhead. G 2. 
Victoria Terrace, off Byars' road, Dowanhill. G 2. 
Victoria Terrace, Crossiiill. 
Viewbank, Garngad hill. 3. 
Viewfield Terrace, Ann street, Hillhead. G 2. 
Viewfield Terrace, Pollokshields. 
Villafield, north end of Taj'lor street. 6. 
Villatield Place, head of Taylor street. 6. 
Viliiers Court, Sword street. 3. 
Villiers Street, Garnt;ad road. 3. 
Vinegarhill Street, Camlachie. 2. 
Vinicombe Street, Hillhead. G 2. 
Violetgrove Street, off Cedar street. 9. 
Virginia Buildings, 43 Virginia street. 7. 
Virginia Court, 71 Virginia street. 7. 
Virginia Place, head of Virginia street. 7. 
Virginia Place, Partick. G 2. 7 

Virginia Street, f. Argyle street to Ingram st. 
Vulcan Street, Springburn. 



WaddelFs Court, 48 Stockwell street. 7. 
Waddell Street, off Govan St., Hutchesontown. 
Walker's Court, 114 Main street, Bridgeton. 1 
Walker's Court, 65 Dale street, Bridgeton. 1. 
Walker Street, off Hopehill road. 9. 
Walker Street, Partick. G 2. 
Walkinshaw Street, end of Hosier st., Bridgeton, 
Wallace Court, Bell street, south side. 5. 
j Wallace Court, 107 Maitland street. 8. 
1 Wallace Grove Place, f. Watt st. to Shields rd. 
j Wallace Place, Partick. G 2. 
Wallace Street (North), off Parliamentary road. 6. 
1 Wallace St. (South), f. Eglinton st. to Centre st. 13 
1 Wallace Street, Rutherglen. 
' Walmer Crescent, Paisley road. G 1. 
I Walmer Place, head of Hospital street. 12. 
! Walworth Terrace, Kent road. 9. 
{Ward Street, off Parliamentary road. 6. 
jWardlawhill Street, Rutherglen. 
iWardrop's Court, 38 Queen street. 7. 
jWarroch St., f. Stobcross st. to Anderstou quay. 10, 
Warwick St., from Norfolk st. to Bedford st. 12. 
Washington St., fr. Main st, Anderston, south. 10, 


Water Close, 91 Stockwell street. 7. 

Water Row, Govan. G 1. 

WaterSt.,PortDundas,f.Annst toPortDundasrd. 8. 
Do., from Dundas road to Charlotte street. 6. 

Waterloo Place, Gloucester street, Kingston. 13. 

Waterloo Row, Polmadie. 11. 

Waterloo Street, from Hope street to Pitt street. 7. 

AVaterloo St., from Greenvale st. to .Tames' St., east. 2. 

Waterport Buildings, f 10 to IS Great Clyde st. 7. 

Watson's Court, 194 Gallowgate. 5. 

Watson Street, f. Gallowgate to Blackfriar's st. 5. 

Watson Street (North"', off 369 Garsoube road. 9. 

Watt Street, from Paisley road to Scotland st. 14. 

Weaver Street, from Rottenrow to Stirling road. 
Do., from Rottenrow to Mason street. 5. 
Do., from Mason street to Stirling road. G. 

Weir's Buildings, Allison street. Crossbill. 12. 

Well Road, off New City road. 9. 

Well Road Terrace, Well road. 9. 

Well Street, f. G. Hamilton st. to Main st., Calton. 4. 

Well Street, Partick. G 2. 

Wellcroft Place, off Eglinton street. 12. 

Wellcroft Street, off Eglinton street. 13. 

Wellesley Place, Sandyford street. 9. 

Wellfield Street, Springburn. 

Wellington Arcade, 122 Sauchie. st. to Ronfr. st. 7. 

Wellington Court, 43 Argyle street. 7. 

Wellington Lane, South Wellington street. 11. 

Wellington Lane, from Wellington st. to Pitt st. 7. 

Wellington Place, east end of Adelphi street. 11. 

Wellington Place, Rutherglen. 

Wellington St., f. Argyle st. to Sauchiehall st. 7. 

Wellington St. (East), off New road, Parkhead. 2. 

Wellington Street (South), from Wellington place to 
Caledonia road. 11. 

Wellpark Place, Crossmyloof. 

Wellpark Street, off Barrack street. 3. 

Wellpark Terrace, Ark lane. 3. 

Wellroad, from New City road to Garscube road. !'. 

Wemyss Place, east end of Hill street, Garnethill. 7. 

Wemyss Place, Partick. G 2. 

AVesleyan Street, f. Gallowgate to E. Waterloo st. "2. 

West Bank Nursery, Gibson street, Hillhead. G 2. 

West Bank Terrace, Smith street, Hillhead. G 2. 

West Garden Street, from Burnbank Gardens to New 
City road. 9. 

West Greenhill Place, Finnieston. 10. 

West Scotland Street, Kinning Park. 14. 

West St., Tradeston, f. Clyde place to Gas Works. 13. 

West Street, off Canning street. 4. 

Westbourne Terrace, south, Hillhead. G 2. 

Westbury Street, off St. George's road. 8. 

West-end Park, f. Royal cre-cent to River Kelvin. <J. 

West-end Park Street, off Woodlands road. 9. 

Wester Craigs, off Duke street. 3. 

Westerhill Street, off Keppochhill road. 6. 

Western Buildings, corner of Cathedral and Bu- 
chanan streets. 6. 

Western Place, Grove street. 8. 

Western Road (Great), f. New City road to Kelvin. 9. 

Westerton Place, off East Wellington street. 2. 

Westminster Place, from Sauchiehall street to Dam- 
barton road. 9. 

Westminster Ter., f. Fitzroy pi. to Kelvingrove st. 9. 

Westmoreland Street, Crossiiill. 

"\^'estmuir Place, Rutherglen. 

Westmuir Street, Parkhead. 2. 

Weymouth Terrace, Paisley road. G 1. 

White Street, Govan. G 1. 



Whitefield Place, Govan road. G 1. 
Whitefield Road, Govan. G 1. 
Whitehall Street, off Stobcross street. 10. 
Whitehill Street, Dennistoun. 3. 
Whitelaw Street, Maryhill. M. 
Whitevale, from Gallowgate to Duke street. 

West side. 3 ; east side. 2. 
Wigton Street, Canal Bank, Old Basin. 8, 
Wilkie Street, off East John street. 2. 
William Street, Anderston, west of North street. 10. 
William Street, Greenhead, south of Canning street. 4. 
William Street, Broad street. Mile-end. 2. 
William Street, from West Milton st. to Stewart st. 8. 
Williamson Place, 82 John street, Bridgeton. 4. 
Willowbank Crescent, off Willowbank street. 9. 
Willowbank Place, Bath street. 9. 
Willowbank Street, off Woodlands road. 9. 
Wilson Place, off East Miller street. 2. 
Wilson Street, off East Miller street. 2. 
Wilson Street, from Candleriggs to Virginia street. 7. 
Wilson Street, Hillhead, off Great Western rd. G 2. 
Wilson Street, ParticL G 2. 
Wilson's Close, 139 Saltmarket. 6. 
Wilson's Court, 57 Argyle street. 7. 
Wilson's Court, 8 Broomielaw. 7. 
Wilton Crescent, off New City road. 9. 
Wilton Place, off New City road. 9. 
Windsor Place, Sauchiehall street. 7. 
Windsor Place, Partick. G 2. 
Windsor Street, from New City road to North Wood- 
side road. 9. 
Windsor Street, Govan. G 1. 

Windsor Terrace (W.), G. Western rd., Hillhead. G 2. 
Windsor Terrace (East), St. George's road. 9. 
Winning Row, off West Muir street, Parkhead. 2. 
Winning Place, St. James' Place, Kingston. 13. 
Winton Terrace, Victoria road, Crossbill. 13. 
Wolseley Street, off Rutherglen road. 11. 
Woodbine Place, corner of New City road and St. 
George's road. 9. 

Woodburn Place, off Woodburn terrace. 10. 

Woodburn Terrace, Kelvinhangh. 10. 

Wood Street, Port Dundas. 8. 

Wood's Buildings, 61 Duke street. 5. 

Wood Lane (East), 338 Gallowgate. 4. 

Wood Lane, 30 Broomielaw. 7. 

Woodland's Road, from St. George's road to Eldon 
street. 9. 

Woodlands Terrace, West-end park. 9. 

Woodland-vale Place, Woodlands road. 9. 

Woodside, south of Woodlands road. 9. 

Woodside Crescent, off Sauchiehall street. 9. 

Woodside Mews, at Woodside crescent. 9. 

Woodside Place, Woodside crescent. 9. 

Woodside Place, Crossmyloof. 

Woodside Road (North), from Garscube road to river 
Do., west of St. George's road. 9, 
Do., east of St. George's road. 8. 

Woodside Road (South), from Woodlands road west- 
wards. 9. 

Woodside Road, West. 9. 

Woodside Terrace, north side of Woodside crescent. 9. 

Woodvale Place, Copeland road, Govan, G 1. 

Wright Street, from Duke street to Ladywell street. 5. 

Yates Street, Great Eastern road, Parkhead. 2 
York Lane, 24 York street. 7. 
York Place, 339 Argyle street. 7. 
York Street, from Argyle street to Broomielaw. 
York Street, South, off Rutherglen road. 11. 
Yorkhill, off Old Dumbarton road. 10. 
Yorkhill Street, off Old Dumbarton road. 10. 
Yorkhill Wharf, West of Stobcross docks. 10 
Young's Buildings, 292 Argyle street. 7. 
Young Street, off Gallowgate. 4. 
Young Street, Cowlairs. 6. 



JFor the purpose of Saving Space the following abbreviations have been used :— cres. 
for cresent ; pi. for place ; sq. for square ; st. for street ; ter. for terrace ; res. for 
residence ; ho. for house ; ch. for church] s.s. for south side of the river, &c. 

ABBOT, Jobn, & Co. (Limited), Gatesliead-on- 
Tyne, iroa masters, chain and anchor makers ; 
Eobt. Whitehead & Co., agents, 54 St Enoch sq. 

Abbott, William, jun,, spirit merchant, 18, 20, and 
118, 120 London st, Glasgow, and 106 Main st, 
Maryhill; house, 98 Great Hamilton street. 

Abbots Foundry Co., Abbots Iron Works, Falkirk, 
James Liddell, managing partner; house of call, 
James Miller, Son, & Co., 77 West Nile Street. 

Abekcokn Oil Company, manufacturers of crude 
shale oil and bricks, 48 Dundas street, Glasgow ; 
works, Inkerraann, near Paisley. 

Abercorn Shipbuilding Co., Paisley; Hanna, Donald, 
& Wilson, iron shipbuilders. 

ABEKCROMBIE, Alexander (of Robert Wother- 
spoon & Co.), house, Duuacre, Bellahouston. 

Abercrombie, Alexander, lithographer by steam 
power, 163 Dumbarton road ; res. Union Bank 
House, Paisley. 

Abercrombie, Alexander, jun. (at Robert Wotherspoon 
& Co.'s), house, Dunacre, Bellahouston. 

Abercromby, John, baker and confectioner, 148 New 
City road and 331 St. George's road; house, 16 
Scotia street. 

Abercrombie, John, clothier, 24 Hutchesou street ; 
house, 12G Thistle street. 
I Abercrombie, Wm. (of Robert Wotherspoon & Co.), 
house, 6 Rosslyn terrace, Pollokshields. 

Abercrombie, Wm. jun. (of Sutherland & Aber- 
crombie), residence. Nether park, Calside, Paisley. 

Abercrombie, M., draper, 199 Main st. s.s.; ho. 197 do, 

ABERNETHY, P., & Son, warehousemen and manu- 
facturers, 12, 14, and 20 Brunswick street and 54 
Dalmarnock street, Parkhead; house, 54 Dalmar- 
nock road. 

Abernethy, Robert, assistant harbour-master, Robert- 
son street; house, 104 Crookston street. 

ABRAMS, A. C. (at James Macnab's, 45 West 
Nile street), house, 10 Church street, Partick. 

ABRAHAMS, S. L., & Co., foreign money exchangers, 
money lenders, and bill discounters, 52 Broomie- 
law; house, 23 Buccleuch street, Garnethill. — 
See Advertisement in Appendix. 

Accident and Casualty Insurance Association (Nor- 
wich and London), Thomas Carr, agent, 166 
Buchanan street. 

i-ccident Insurance Association of Scotland (Limited) 
Honeyman & Drummond, agents, 68 W. Regent st. 

Accident Insurance Co. (Limited), John Mann, C.A., 
agent, 83 West Regent street. 

Accident Insurance Co. (Limited), W. G. & J. W. 
Lindsay, agents, 30 George Square. 

Accident Insurance Co. (Limited), Henry Bruce, 
agent, 77 Renfield street. 

Accident Insurance Co. (Iiimited), Reid & 
Gait, C.A., chief agents for Scotland, 217 West 
George street. — See Advertisement in Appendix. 

Accident Insurance Office, (established 1849), 141 
Buchanan street. 

Accident Insurance Office, W. J. Carswell, C.A., 175 
West George Street. 

Accident Insurance Association of Scotland (Limited); 
agent, George Hoy, Royal Bank, Bridgeton Cross. 

Accountants' Hall, 106 West Nile street; Geo. 
Adams, hall keeper. 

ACHNACH, Wm. (of Campbell, Achnach, & Co.), 
house, 23 Apsley place. 

ACKERMAN-Laurence (established 1811), cham- 
pagne shippers, Saumur ; agents, D. Blacdougall, 
jun., & Co., Faculty Buildings, 62 St. George's pi. 

ADAIR, James, joiner and house factor, 141 Hospi- 
tal street ; house, 149 do. 

Adair, Miss Flora, milUner, 190 Eglinton street. 

ADAM, Alex., cashier, Carey place, Shawlands, 

Adam, Andrew (of M'Gregor, Adam, & Co.), house, 
Redcraig, Jamestown. 

Adam, Archibald (of Robert Adam & Son), house, 
25 Meadowpark street 

Adam, David, grocer and spirit merchant, 101 Glebe 
street ; house, 79 St. Mungo street, N. 

Adam, David (of Post Office), ho. 52 Greenvale st. 

Adam, D. C, & Co., ship and general smith works, 
Plantation and Craighall streets. 

Adam, George (of Murray & Adam), house, 88 
Napiershall street. 

Adam, George, smith, 4 Walker street, Partick ; ho. 
8 Steuartville street. 

Adam, Henry, fruit merchant, 33, 34 Argyle arcade ; 
house, 4 Church place. 

Adam, Hugh, wine and spirit merchant, 39, 41 Ren- 
field st and 34 W. George lane; house, 92 South 
Portland street. 

Adam, Hugh (of Colin M'Ewen & Co., 57 Fox st). 

Adam, H., & Co., dyers and cleaners, 275 Duke st. 

Adam, James, fruiterer, 58 St. Enoch square and 
29, 31 Howard st.; house, 21 Carlton place. 

Adam, James, church officer, Hutchesoutown U.P. 
Church, 162 Hospital street 






Adam, James, architect, agent for the Royal Fire and 
Life Insurance Co., and National Provincial Plate 
Glass Insurance Co., 108 West George street. 

Adam, James (at Edmiston & Mitchell's), house, 435 
Sauchiehall street. 

Adam, James, civil engineer, 4 South Portland st.; 
house, 4 Lendel terrace, Paisley road. 

Adam, J'ames M. (at Orme, M'Nab, and Adams'), 
house, 5 Berlin place, Pollokshields. 

Adam, James, bender, stainer, and embosser of glass, 
124 Waterloo street; house. 183 do. 

Adam, John A., bank agent and insurance agent, 
Royal Bank of Scotland, Garscube Cross, 385 
Garscube road; house, 223 Great Western road. 

Adam, John (of Orme, M'Nab, & Adam), house, 5 
Berlin place, Pollokshields. 

Adam, John (at Wm. Adam & Son's), house, 6 Oak- 
ley terrace, Dennistoun. 

Adam, John, G Rutland place, Govan road. 

Adam, John, mason and builder, 5 Dixon street ; 
house, 142 Pollok street. 

Adam, John, 123 Shields road. 

Adam, John, confectioner, 144 Sauchiehall street; 
house, 136 do. 

Adam, Rev. John, D.D., house, 3 Marchmont ter- 
race, Victoria Park, Hillhead. 

Adam, Joseph T., iron merchant and metal broker, 
65 West Regent street ; house, 155 North street. 

Adam, Malcolm (of W. Adam & Son), ho. Milnbank. 

Adam, M. (of Brown, Macleod, & Adam), house, 
Stepps road. 

Adam, Robert, fruiterer, 130 Stirling road; house, 
132 Rottenrow. 

Adam, Robert, tobacco and snuff manufacturer, 79 
Glassford street, 129 Argyle street, and 129 Eglin- 
ton street; house, 99 S. Portland street. 

Adam, Robert, & Son, meat salesmen, meat market, 
Moore street ; house, 14 Whitehill St., Dennistoun. 

Adam & Small, glaziers, glass-stainers, and decora- 
tive artists, 201 St. Vincent street. 

Adam, Stephen (of Adam and Small), house, 4 Cath- 
kin terrace, Mount Florida. 

Adam, Thomas, accountant, Clyde Navigation, 16 
Robertson st. ; house, Fyfe place, Shawlands. 

Adam, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 17, 19 
Surrey street; house, 21 do. 

Adam, Thomas, & Co., wholesale hair and castor oil 
merchants and grocers, 43 Bath street. 

Adam, Thomas (at Turnbull & Parnie's), house. Mill- 
burn, Renfrew. 

Adam, Thomas, chemist, 440 St. Vincent street; 
house, 45 Dumbarton road. 

Adam, William, & Son, bleachers and finishers, 
Milnbank. Orders to be left at Ferrier & Speirs', 
165 Ingram street. 

Adam, William (of Wm. Adam & Son), residence, 5 
Windsor terrace, west. 

Adam, Wm. (of Sinclair & Adam), house, Ashley 
cottage, Bothwell. 

Adam, Wm, salesman (at John R. Gill's), house, 43 
Dalhousie street. 

Adam, Wm., supt. steward, Henderson Bros. ; house, 
2 Caprera place, Paisley road. 

Adam, William, pastry baker, 138^ Duke street ; 
house, 140 do. 

Adam, William, teacher, 103 St. George's road ; ho. 
296 Renfrew street. 

Adam, Wm., artist, 58 Renfield street ; residence, 
Edgehill house, Langside. 

Adam, Wm. (at Hally & Co.'s), house, 20 Rupert st. 
Adam, Wm., watch and clock maker, 91 Canning st. 
Adam, Wm., flesher, 145 High street. 
Adam & Wright, smallware and hosiery manufac- 
turers, button factors, and shoe factors, &c., 101 

Glassford street. 
Adam, Mrs. Jane B., 35 Berkley terrace. 
Adam, Mrs. John Wm., 14 West Prince's street. 
Adam, Mrs. Mary, confectioner, 210 St. George's rd. 
Adam, Misses M, & A., widows' cap makers, 38 

West Campbell street. 
ADAMS, David, wine and spirit merchant, 80 Stob- 

cross street ; house, 5 Walworth terrace. 
Adams, David, & Son, wine and spirit merchants, 33 

and 33|- Pollok street; house, 5 AValworth ter. 
Adams & Herdman, ham curers, 8 to 14 Washing- 
ton street. 
Adams, Geo., hall officer, Accountants' hall, 106 

West Nile street ; house, 126 Renfrew street. 
Adams & Hodge, wine merchants, chief agents for 

Mas Greger & Co., and for Carlsberg (Danish) 

beer, 24 Exchange square. 
Adams, James, & Co., timber merchants, Tradeston 

Saw-mills, 7 Scotland street. 
Adams, James & Wm. Y., flax and jute spinners 

and manufacturers of linens and sackings, Dal- 

marnock Flax and Jute Works, Bridgeton ; ofBce 

and warehouse, 45 Mitchell street. 
Adams, James (of James x\dams & Co), house, 9 

Royal crescent, W. 
Adams, James K., furniture dealer, 46 Braid street ; 

house, 18 North Woodside road. 
Adams, James M. (of Adams & Hodge), house, 13 

Otago street, Hillhead. 
Adams, James, M.D., F.F.P.S.E., surgeon, 62 Cam- 
bridge street. 
Adams, John F. (at R.. Laidlaw & Son's, 358 

Dobbie's Loan), house, 13 Ronald street. 
Adams, John, commission merchant and agent, corn 

merchant and factor, flour dealer and produce 

broker, 27 Waterloo st.;ho. Brooklyn, Pollokshields. 
Adams, Morgan, & Co., produce merchants, 108 

West George street. 
Adams, R. J. & R., pianoforte and music sellers, 83 

Buchanan street. 
Adams, R. J. (of R. J. & R. Adams), house, 42 

Buccleuch street. 
Adams, Robert (of R. J. & R. Adams), teacher of 

music, pianoforte, harmonium, cornopean, violin, 

and organist of St. Jnde's Episcopal Church; house, 

102 Hill Street, Garnethill. 
Adams, Wm. (of A. J. Gandois), house, 50 Roslea 

drive, Dennistoun. 
Adams, William Y. (of J. & W. Y. Adams), house, 

Beechwood, Crossbill. 
Adams, Wm., provision merchant, 262 StohcrosB 

street ; house, 7 Havelock street. 
Adams, Mrs. James Y., 1 Whitehill ter., Dennistoun. 
Adams, Mrs., ladies' nurse, 10 Henderson street, New 

City road. 
Adams, Misses, dress & mantle makers, 45 Canning st 
Adams, Miss, 15 Hill street, Garnethill. 
ADAilSON, A. & W., tailors and clothiers, 6^ 

Jamaica street. '• 

Adamson, Andrew (of A. & W. Adamson), house, f 

Houston street. 
Adamson, A. W., tobacconist, 165 Cowcaddens. 
Adamson, David, billposter and general advertising! \ 

agent, 34 Hope street ; house, 243 Eglinton street. I , 





Adamson, John, 236 St. George's road. 

Adamson, L. W. (at W. M'Pherson's, sharebroker, 
153 Queen street), agent for the Guardian Fire and 
Life Assurance Company, The Accidental Insurance 
Company, The Universal Guarantee and Casualty 
Co., The London and Provincial Horse and Car- 
riage Insurance Co.; house, Rosebank, Blantyre. 

Adamson, Robert, mason and builder, 8 Jamieson st. 

Adamson, Thos., Ijookseller and stationer and Post 
Oifice Receiving office, 155 Cowcaddens; house, 
101 Renfrew street. 

Adamson, Wm. M., dispenser at Neil Carmichael's, 
M.D.; house, Cambuslang. 

ADDIE, Gavin, & Son, coalmasters, 16 St. Enoch 
square; residence, Braidhurst, Motherwell. 

Addie, Gavin (of Robert Addie & Sons), address, 
Western Club. 

Addie, James (of Robert Addie & Sons), residence, 
Wester Jloffat, by Airdrie. 

Addie, James L. (of Addie & Mackay), ho. 9 Abbots- 
ford place. 

Addie, James (of Inland Revenue, Madeira Court), 
house, 9 Abbotsford place. 

Addie, John (of Robert Addie & Sons), residence, 
View Park, Uddingston. 

Addie, John, of G.P.O-, house, 10 Jamieson street, 
off Cathcart road. 

Addie & Mackay, writers, 55 Bath street. 

Addie, Peter, clothier and outfitter, 124 Ingram 
street; residence, Greenbank House, Partick. 

Addie, Robert, & Sons, ironmasters, Hi St. Vin. st. 

Addie, Robert, flesh er, 221 London rd.; house, 36 
Kirkpatrick street. 

ADDISON, Hamilton, & Barrie, engineers and 
boilermakers, 23 Hydepark street. 

Adelphi Biscuit Factory, 16 and 18 Adelphi terrace ; 
branch, 28 Clyde place. 

Adelphi Distillery, 4 Muirhead street. 

ADRIAN, J. & R., grocers, 33 Reid st., Bridgeton. 

Adriatic and Glasgow Steam Packet Office, 47 
Union street ; Henderson Brothers, agents. 

ADSHEAD, N., stationer, account-book maker, 
paper-ruler, and bookbinder, 11 Union street ; 
house, Aytoun road, PoUokshields. 

Adviser, The Monthly, League Office, 108 Hope st. 

Aerated Water Manufactory, 49, 51, 55 Pitt st. 

Affidavit Office, for English and Irish affidavits ; 

I J. Muirhead, writer, 30 Gordon street. 

jAffidavit Office for England, W. R. Buchan, 227 West 
George st. ; M'Clure, Naismith, Brodie, & M'Far- 
lane, 87 St. Vincent st.; Daniel Paul, 125 Buchanan 
St., agents. 

Affidavit Office for taking oaths for the English Law 
Courts, 57 West Nile st. ; William B. Paterson, 
writer, commissioner. 

fFFLECK, John, assistant manager, Union Bank of 
Scotland ; residence, Crookstoa hall, Govan. 
Affleck, Wm., & Son, cabinetmakers, upholsterers, 
.ind house agents, 35 and 67 High St., Ayr; ho. 
Emslie house, Ayr. 
;■ AGAR, John (at the Dacca Twist Co., 22 South 
Frederick st.), house, Willowfield, Lenzie. 
Vgar, Thomas F. (at the Dacca Twist Co,, 22 South 

Frederick street), residence, Willowfield, Lenzie. 
Igency for Patents and Designs, J. H. John- 
son & Day, 115 St. Vincent st. — See Adv. in Ap. 
j,k.gency for Patents, Designs, and Trade Marks, 
jsiii Wallace Fairweather, C.E., 134 St. Vincent st. 
tiffft — 'S'ee Adv. in Ap. 

Ageccy for Patents and Designs, E. Hunt, 87 St. 

Vincent Street. — See Adv. in Ap. 
AGNEW, Andrew, teacher of music, bandmaster of 

Queen's Own Yeomanry and Glasgow Highlanders, 

58 Hope street. 
Agnew, David, M.D., 39 Elmbank crescent. 
Agnew, Henry (at .L & W. Graham's, C.A., 212 

West George street). 
Agnew, James (at M'Eacliran, Loudon, & Co.'s), ho. 

14 Gardner street. West. 
Agnew, Joseph, surgeon dentist, 47 Bath st. ; house, 

2 Queen Mary terrace. Crossbill. 
Agnew, Peter, tailor and clothier, 372 Argyle street; 

house, 2 Radnor terrace. 
Agnew, Robert H., brush, haircloth, and curled hair 

merchant; also, general timber merchant, &c., 51 

Brown st. ; house, 36 Bank street, Billhead. 
Agnew, William, missionary, 493 New City road. 
AIKEN, Barton (of Kipperoch), 18 Monteith row. 
Aiken, Barton & Wm., wine and spirit merchants, 

96 and 216 High st. and 134 King st., city. 
Aiken, James, of Dalmoak, writer (of Burns, Aiken, 

& Co.), residence, Dalmoak, by Dumbarton. 
Aiken, James, wine and spirit merchant, 330 Argjle 

St. ; house, 213 Berkley street. 
Aiken, John B., writer (of Burns, Aiken, & Co.), resid. 

Dalmoak, by Dumbarton. 
Aiken, John (at G. & J. Burns), ho. 26 Minerva st. 
Aiken, William, wine and spirit merchant, 9 Stob- 

cross street ; house, 6 Monteith row. 
AIKMAN, C. B., writer and notary public, 208 

West George st. ; ho. 1 Melrose St., Queen's cres. 
Aikman, Rev. J. Logan, D.D., Anderston U.P. Church; 

house, 8 Sandyford place. 
Aikman, Robert S., N.P.,law secretary and solicitor. 

City of Glasgow Bank, 24 Virginia street ; house, 

5 West Garden street, Burnbank. 
Aikman, Thomson, & Co., ship and produce brokers 

and commission merchants, 5 Prince's square. 
Aikman, Thomson (of Thomson Aikman & Co.), 

residence, Middlefield, Partick hill. 
Aikman, Thomson, jun. (of Thomson Aikman & Co.), 

residence, Middlefield, Partick hill. 
Aikman, WiUiam, 315 Argyle street. 
Aikman, Wm. M., clerk. Night A.'^j'lum, 71 North 

Frederick street ; house, 73 do. 
Aikman, Misses, dressmakers and machinists, 182 

Trongate; house, 63 Caledonia road. 
AIM, James B. (of J. & J. Aim, Port Eglinton paint 

mills), house, Eockhill, Hunter's Quay. 
Aim, J. & J., paint and varnish manufacturers 

and oil merchants, Crawford st.. Port Eglinton. 
Aim, William L. (of W. L. Aim & Co.), house, 

Blythswood, Maxwell road, PoUokshields. 
Aim, W. L., & Co., paint, varnish, and cement manu^ 

facturers, 91 West Campbell st. and Both well lane. 
Air Burning Co. (Limited), proprietors of patent 

process for heating buildings, calenders, flat irons, 

&c. — See Advertisement in Appendix. 
AIRD, Andrew (of Aird & Coghill, printers), house, 

8 South Apsley place. 
Aird & Coghill, letterpress and lithographic printers, 

stationers, &e., Madeira buildings, 263 Argyle st, 
Aird, Hugh, marine insurance broker, agent for the 

British and Foreign Marine Insurance Co. 

(Limited) of Liverpool, Royal Exchange, South 

Area ; house, Barnfauld, Neilston. 
Aird, James L. (of Aird & Thomson), house, 14 

Royal crescent. Crossbill. 





Aird, James, machinery agent and mill furnisher, 

46 South Wellington street. — See Adv. in Ap. 
Aird, John, spirit merchant, 130a East Milton street. 
Aird, Joseph, Tipton. Agents, Blackley, Young & 

Co., 103 Holm street. 
Aird & Thomson, goldsmiths, jewellers, watch, 

clock, and chronometer makers, 139 Buchanan st. 
Aird, Mrs. John H., dressmaking and furnishings, 

110 Cumberland st. ; house, 29 Inglefield terrace, 

Aitkenhead road. 
Aird, Misses, hosiers, drapers, and dressmakers, 205 

Waddell street ; ho. 46 South Wellington street. 
AIRLIE, James, secretary, Glasgow Abstainers' 

Union, 58 Renfield st. ; house, 329 Sauchiehall st. 
AIRSTON, Mrs. D. C. Hunter, of Broomrigg, 4 Jane 

street, Blythswood square, and Woodside, Strone. 
AIRTH, John, surveyor of taxes, 13 Queen street ; 

house, 2 Lugar place, Kelvinside. 
AITCHISON, James, watchmaker (at Muirhead & 

Arthur's), house, 6 Paxton terrace, Crosshill. 
Aitchison, John, & Co., brewers, Edinburgh; John 

M'Dougall, agent, 68 Oswald street. 
Aitchison, Laurence, goldsmith, jeweller, and watch- 
maker, 48 Argyle arcade ; house, 32 Buccleuch st. 
Aitchison, Robert, flesher, 353 & 570 Springburn rd. 
AITKEN, Adam, accountant, Blythswood Estate 

OfBce, 150 West Regent street; residence, Fernhill, 

Nithsdale road, Pollokshields. 
Aitken, Adam, & Son, clothiers and drapers, 103 

Canning street, Calton. 
Aitken, Alex., Herald Office ; house, 18 Belgrave st. 
Aitken, Alexander,traveller(at James Storer & Co.'s., 

Barrowfield Colour Works, Bridgeton), house, 378 

Great Western road. 
Aitken, Andrew, E.U. Church officer, 57 Nelson 

street, s.s.; house, 66 do. 
Aitken, Charles K., stock and share broker, 135 

Buchanan street (member of the Glasgow Stock 

Exchange), house, 3 Claremont terrace. 
Aitken & Co., warehousemen, 26 Glassford street. 
Aitken, Daniel, accountant and property agent, 102 

Bath street. 
Aitken, David, collector, Clyde Navigation, 14 Rob- 
ertson street ; house, Clyde villa, Govan road. 
Aitken, David, commercial traveller (at D. & J. 

Parker's), house, 14 Houston street, s.s. 
Aitken & Fairie, lithographers, draughtsmen, en- 
gravers, and embossers, 116 St. Vincent street. 
Aitken, George (of James Bluirhead & Co.), house, 

2 Fir Park terrace, Dennistoun. 
Aitken, James, tea merchant, 117 Houston street; 

house, 27 Paisley road. 
Aitken, James, merchant, 184 Buchanan street ; 

house, 3 West Prince's street. 
Aitken, James, brick maker and builder, Mallsmire 

Brickworks, Hangingshawroad; residence, Malls- 
mire Red Brick Works. 
Aitken, James, 2 Claremont terrace. 
Aitken, James, wine and spirit merchant, 284 and 

258 Dalmarnook road ; house, 16 Mordaunt street, 
Aitken, James, & Co., The Brewery, Falkirk ; Chas. 

Scoullar & Son, agents, 11 Dundas street. 
Aitken, James, writer and notary public, 116 St. 

Vincent street ; house, Paxton terrace, Crosshill. 
Aitken, James (of Aitken, Lilburn, & Co.), house, 

Brownhill, Helensburgh. 
Aitken, James, provision merchant, 95 Main street, 

Anderston ; house, 5 Pembroke street. 
Aitken, James Alfred, artist, 271 Sauchiehall street. 

Aitken, James J. (of Aitken & Mansel), house, 2 

Claremont terrace. 
Aitken, James (of Aitken & Waddell), residence, 

Mansefield, Busby. 
Aitken, James, detective agency, 132 West Nile 

street; house, 8 M 'Asian st. — See Adv. in App. 
Aitken, James, wine and spirit merchant, 98 East 

John St. and 2 Wilkie st.; ho. 574 Gallowgate. 
Aitken, James, broker, 73 Carrick street. 
Aitken, James, slater, 97 Cathedral Street; house, 

110 North Frederick street. 
Aitken, James (of Aitken & Co.), house, 259 Ren- 
frew street. 
Aitken, John (at John M'Millan'a, 17 Gt. Western 

road), house, 55 Glasgow road, Rutherglen. 
Aitken, John B., ironmonger, 33 Gt. Hamilton st.; 

house, 19 do. 
Aitken, John, wine and spirit merchant, 317, 319 

Dalmamock road, and 358, 360 Nuneaton street; 

house, 9 Binnie place, Monteith row. 
Aitken, John (of Glass & Aitken), ho. 290 Duke st. 
Aitken, John, cashier (Great Canal Brewery), house, 

314 Renfrew street. 
Aitken, John, officer, Corn Exchange; house, 37 

Belgrave street. 
Aitken, John, spirit dealer, 82 Rutherglen rd. ; ho. 88. 
Aitken, John, wine and spirit merchant, 378 Gal- 
lowgate ; house, 353 do. 
Aitken, John, merchant and commission agent, 175 

Buchanan street ; house, 136 Renfrew street. 
Aitken, John, green-grocer, 84 Cornwall street. 
Aitken, John, Temperance Hotel, 114 Argyle street. 
Aitken, Lilburn, & Co., ship brokers and marine 

insurance brokers (agents for P. H. Muntz & Co.'s 

patentyellowmetal sheathing, &c.), 80 Buchanan st. 
Aitken & Mansel, Wbiteinch Shipbuilding Yard and 

Kelvinhaugh Slip Dock. 
Aitken, Michael (of Bl'Pherson & Aitken), house, 

344 St. Vincent street. 
Aitken, Peter, gas engineer, 152 Bothwell street; 

house, 17 Dover st. — See Adv. in App. 
Aitken, R. Easton, C.A. (of Mackenzie, Aitken, & 

Barclay), house, 5 Somerset place. 
Aitken, R. C, & Co., manufacturers, Dalmarnock 

Road Factory, Bridgeton. 
Aitken, Robert, 68 St. Vincent street ; residence, 

Moorburn, Largs. 
Aitken, Robert, yarn agent, 69 Wilson street; house, 

18 Markland terrace, Wilson street, Hillhead. 
Aitken, R. Cross (of R. C. Aitken & Co.), house, 2 

Claremont terrace. 
Aitken, R. Thomson (of Aitken & Fairie), house, 

2 Woodlands terrace. 
Aitken, Sawers (at George Grant & Sons'), house, 18 

Craigpark, Dennistoun. 
Aitken, Thomas M. (of W. & A. M'Onie), Netherlea, 

Matilda road, Pollokshields. 
Aitken, Thomas A., secretary and general manager, 

Uphall Oil Co. (Limited); house, 44 Granby ten, 

Aitken, Thomas (at Wm. Eenwick & Co.'s), 65 West? 

Regent street. 
Aitken, Thomas, contractor (of Service & Aitken), 

178 West Regent street. 
Aitken, Thomas, commission merchant, 57 Oswald 

street; house, 193 West Prince's street. 
Aitken, Thomas, provision merchant, 55 Abington st. 
Aitken, Thomas, spirit dealer, 25 Rodney street; 

house, 1 Hamilton hill. 





Aitken, Thomas (of Gilmour & Aitken), residence, 

Castramont, Pollokshields. 
Aitken & Waddell, produce mercliants, 17 Oswald st. 
Aitken, William (at J. & A. Scott & Co.'s), house, 

486 St Vincent street. 
Aitken, William (of Aitken, Wilson, & Co.), house, 

28 Wilton street. 
Aitken, William, brickmaker and builder, Roseknowe, 

Hangingshaw ; house, 18 Calder street, Crosshill. 
Aitken, William, brassfounder and gasfitter, 24 Ren- 
frew street ; house, 3 Killermont street. 
Aitken, William, grocer and provision merchant, 44 

Findlay street ; house, 3 Buccleuch street. 
Aitken, William, merchant and commission agent, 

27 Oswald street. 
Aitken, William Y., commission agent, 33 Virginia 

St. ; house, Thorncliffe, Albert rd., Pollokshields. 
Aitken, Wilson, & Co., power-loom cloth manufac- 
turers, Mathieson road. 
Aitken, William M., grocer and provision merchant, 81 

North street ; house, 24 Claremont street. 
Aitken, William K. (L. & N. W. Ry. Co.), 33 

Gordon street ; house, 378 Great Western road. 
Aitken, Rev. W. F., M.A., United Original Secession 

minister, Mains street ; house, 35 Elmbank place. 
Aitken, Mrs. Edward, tea and confectionery ware- 
house, 239 Great Western road; ho. 30 Kelvin dr. 
Aitken, Mrs., furnishings, 54 Gloucester street. 
Aitken, Mrs., lodgings, 114 Blythswood terrace. 
Aitken, Miss, dressmaker, 20 Burnside street. 
Aitken, Misses A. & M., dress and mantle makers, 10 

Reid street, Bridgeton. 
Aitken, Ann G., teacher of piano-forte, 12 Kelvin- 

haugh street. 
Aitken, Jane, grocer, 18 Margaret street. 
Aitken, Janet, spirit dealer, 30 Forth st.; ho. 24 do. 
AITKENHEAD, Alex., grain storekeeper, 87 & 89 

Lancefield street ; house, 176 Kent road. 
Aitkenhead, Alex., merchant, 12 Montagu place, 

Bath street, and Encliffe house, Stranraer. 
Aitkenhead, John, grocer and house factor, 40 Little 

street, Calton; house, 3 Bell street, do. 
I Aitkenhead, Robert, builder, 12 Montagu place, 
i Bath street. 
I Aitkenhead, R. A. , bookseller and stationer, Bridgeton 

Postal and telegraph office, 10 London road ; ho. 

175 James street, Bridgeton. 
Aitkenhead, Margaret, victualler, 107 Broad street, 

Mile-End; house, IGO New Dalmarnock road. 
AITON, Alex. H., writer (of Dowie & Alton), house, 

Home villa, Cathcart. 
Alton, Mrs. Hugh, wine and spirit merchant, 29 

Hope street ; house, 5 Douglas street. 
|AKROYD, Jas., & Son (Limited), spinners and 

manufacturers, Halifax ; Thos. B. Crossley, agent, 

71 Queen street. 
IJAlbany Academy, 44 Cumberland street, west; 

James N. M'Raith, head master; house, 4 Queen's 

square, Strathbungo. 
Mbany Bowling Green, entry by Chatham place or 

Provan place, off Montrose street. 
\lbert Club (Limited), 16 Ingram street. 
Albert Hall, 285 Bath street. 
Albert Works. J. & A. M'Farlane, mangle, wringer, 

washing machine, and domestic wood-ware manu- 
facturer, 33 Houldsworth street, Cranstonhill. 
IjUbert Street U. P. Church, Rev. Alex. Brunton, 

minister; Andrew M'Nair, church officer, 89 Taylor 


ALBERTE, David D., medical botanist, 312 Argyle 

street; house, 310 do. 
ALBIN, Thomas, hairdresser, 2 Ranfurly pi., Paisley 

road ; house, 27 Park street, Plantation. 
Albion Albumenizing Co., photographic dealers, 90 

West Regent street. 
Albion Halls, 29 College street, City. 
Albion Machine Works, G. & A. Harvey, 40 and 42 

M'Neill street. 
Albion Shipping Company (Limited), passenger line to 

New Zealand, 15 St. Vincent place ; P. Henderson 

and Co., agents. 
ALBRIGHT, Duncan (of John Wright & Co.) 
ALCORN, John, hatter, 287 Eglinton street. 
ALEXANDER, Alexander (of Alexander & Steel), 

house, 151 Renfrew street. 
Alexander, Alexander, grocer and wine merchant, 40 

Watt street. Paisley road. 
Alexander, A. S. (.of Alexander, Son & Drysdale), 

house, 4 Belhaven terrace, Great Western road. 
Alexander, A. S., Junr. (of Alexander, Son & Drys- 
dale), house, 4 Belhaven ten, Great Western rd. 
Alexander Brothers, artists and photographers, 88 

Renfield street. 
Alexander Brothers, stay and corset manufacturers, 21 

West St., Calton. 
Alexander & Co., corn merchants, 39 Hope street. 
Alexander, David T., writer, 179 W. George street ; 

house, 15 Queen's crescent. 
Alexander, D., cabinetmaker, 31 and 33 Main street, 

Bridgeton ; house, 9 Silvergrove street. 
Alexander, Edward, & Sons, merchants and agents, 

43 Campbell street, west; metal warehouse, 49 

Wellington lane ; nitrate and sulphate stores, 26 

Cadogan street. 
Alexander, Edward (of Edward Alexander & Sons), 

house, 13 Clairmont gardens, W. 
Alexander, E. Lennox, shipowner, 13 Clairmont 

gardens, W. 
Alexander, Edward G. (at John C. Wilson & Co.'s), 

47 Portugal street. 
Alexander, Fergusson, & Co., metal merchants, 

sheet lead, lead pipe, white lead, paint, colour, and 

varnish manufacturers, oil merchants and re- 
finers ; lead works and counting house, 36 to 48 

M'Alpine street ; white lead, paint, colour, and 

varnish works, Ruchill wharf, near Maryhill. 
Alexander, George, (of John C. Wilson & Co.), house, 

Dowanhill gardens. 
Alexander, George, & Co., ironfounders, Mountblue 

Foundry, Camlachie ; house, 33 Meadowpark st. 
Alexander, George R., grocer, St. James' cross, 205 

Stirling road ; house, 203 do. 
Alexander, Henry (of Alexander, Fergusson, & Co.), 

house, 5 Berkeley ter. and Woodside lodge. Cove. 
Alexander, H. & A., millinery and dressmaking, 

241 Dalmarnock road. 
Alexander & Howell, art house furnishers, 108 & 116 

St. Vincent street ; works, 81 Claremont st. 
Alexander, H. J. E. (of Alexander, Fergusson, and 

Co.'s), house, 21 Berkeley terrace, and Woodside 

lodge. Cove. 
Alexander, James, writer (of Alexander & Taylor), 

house, 230 West Regent street. 
Alexander, James (of M'Haffie & Alexander), house, 

7 Rupert street. 
Alexander, James, provision merchant, 38 Little st,, 

Calton ; house, 468 Gallowgate. 
Alexander, James, tailor and clothier, 151 Holm st. 



Alexander, James C. (at Jolin Brown and Son's, 15 

Drury street), bouse, 49 Reidvale st , Dennistoun. 

Alexander, J., assurance agent, 585 Duke street ; 

house, 179 Slatefield street. 
Alexander, James Walter (of W. P. Burnley & Clo.)^ 

house, 3 Fitzroy place. 
Alexander, James, paper glazer and hot presser, 162 

Buchanan street; house, 193 Kent road. 
Alexander, James, gas collector, 42 Virginia street ; 

house, 113 Greeuhead street. 
Alexander, Jas., 67 Great Clyde street ; house, G17 

Duke street. 
Alexander, James, jun., -writer (of Mackenzie, Gard- 
ner, & Alexander, 153 St. Vincent street), house, 
7 Great Kelvin terrace, Hillhead. 
Alexander, James (of James Henderson & Co., coach 
builders, 60, 62, and 64 North street), house, 
345 Bath street. 
Alexander, J. N., pianoforte tuner, 3 Holmhead st. 
Alexander, James, produce commission merchant, 27 

Hutcheson street ; house, 6 Royal terrace. 
Alexander, James, English master, 91 Kent road ; 

house, 252 St. George's road. 
Alexander, Jas. (of Jamieson & Co., oil merchants), 

residence, Eachan House, Helensbm'gh. 
Alexander, James, jun. (Jamieson & Co., oil re- 
finers), residence, Rachan House, Helensburgh. 
Alexander, James, hosier and draper, 11 Morrison 

street ; house, 9 do. 
Alexander, J. Finlay (Dohie & Co., shipbuilders), 

house, 13 Clairmont gardens. 
Alexander, James (of Alexander & Scott), house, 6 

Crown place, Langside road, Crossbill. 
Alexander, John, M.D., superintendent Western 

Alexander, John, merchant, 68 West Regent street ; 

residence, Menstrie bank, Dowanhill gardens. 
Alexander, John, Peruvian consul, 68 West Regent 
St. ; residence, Menstrie bank, Dowanhill gardens. 
Alexander, John, & Co., manufacturers of non-con- 
ducting cement for covering steam boilers and 
pipes, 75 Bishop street. Port Dundas. 
Alexander, John (of John Alexander & Co.), house, 

177 West Regent street. 
Alexander, John (of J. Carss & Co. , bookbinders), 

31 Argyle street. 
Alexander, John, writer and accountant, 6 Hope 

Alexander, John James (at George Wilson & Co.'s), 

69 St. Vincent street. 
Alexander, John, print cutter, 180 Claythorn street. 
Alexander, John, merchant, 25 Elmbank place. 
Alexander, John (at Ferguson Bequest Office), house, 

4 Darnley terrace, Sbawlands. 
Alexander, John, clothier, 252 St. George's road. 
Alexander, John (of Pringle & Alexander), house, 

Braeside, Cambuslang. 
Alexander, John, hair dresser, 12 Sauchiehall street ; 

house, G Killermont street. 
Alexander, J. & J., drapers, 24 and 26 Kent street ; 

house, 9 Suffolk street. 
Alexander & Laing, wrights, 25 Thistle street, south. 
Alexander & M'Dougall, wine merchants, 152 St. 

Vincent street. 
Alexander, Peter, M.A., teacher of mathematics, 
&c., 91 Kent road ; house, 252 St. George's road. 
Alexander, R. F. & J., & Co., cotton-spinning and 
thread works, 100 Duke street, and Crofthead, 
Neilston. ■ 

Alexander, Robert, hair-dresser, 44 Catherine 

street, Anderston ; house, 46 do. 
Alexander, R. F. (Jamieson & Co., oil refiners), 

house, Anerley, Partick bill. 
Alexander, Robert, & Co. (agents fur Coey and Co., 

Limited, Belfast), 45 Montrose street. 
Alexander, R. L., Bank of Scotland ; house, 140 

Mains street. 
Alexander and M'Lean, architectural monumental 

sculptors, Springburn road, Sighthill. 
Alexander & Scott, shirt manufacturers, 12 West 

Howard street. 
Alexander, Son, & Drysdale, sewed muslin ware- 
housemen and manufacturers, 15 Renfield street. 
Alexander & Steel, ham curers and provision 

merchants, Campbell arcade, 74 Trongate. 
Alexander & Taylor, writers, 194 West George st. 
Alexander, Thomas (of Thomson & Alexander), 

house, 8 Sardinia terrace. 
Alexander, Thomas, grocer, hay and straw dealer, 

22 Waterloo street, Mile-end. 

Alexander, Thomas, wright, 25 Thistle street ; house, 

66 South Portland street. 
Alexander, Thomas M'L. (at J. Laing's), 70 South 

Portland street; house, 66 do. 
Alexander, Walter, 4 Burnbank gardens. 
Alexander, William (of William Alexander &■ Son), 

residence, Clarkfield, Laurelbank, Partick. 
Alexander, WiUiam, government inspector of mines, 

23 India street. 

Alexander, William, teacher, Bobbie's loan Public 

School ; house, 19 Windsor street. 
Alexander, William, wine merchant, 152 St Vin- 
cent street. 
Alexander, William, & Son, goldsmiths, silversmiths, 

jewellers, watch and clock makers, 109 Buchanan 

street and 3 Gordon street. 
Alexander, Wilham (at Gourock Eopework Co., II 

West street, s.s.), house, 342 Scotland street. 
Alexander, Wilham, draper, 544 Gallowgate ; house, 

546 do. 
Alexander, Wilham, 19 Great Western road. 
Alexander, William, & Co., blockmakers, Helen st, 

Govan ; house, 4 Cecil street, s.s. 
Alexander, William, 95 Gloucester street. 
Alexander, Wm. (of Alexander & Howell), house, 

Elmbank, Lenzie. 
Alexander, William, grocer and provision merchant, 

46 West Milton street. 
Alexander, William J. (at Alexander & Taylor's), 

house, 4 Derby street w. 
Alexander, Wm. M., audit department Caledonian 

Railway, 4 W. Regent st. ; house, 22 Abercorn st. 
Alexander, Mrs. Andrew, seminary for young ladies,. 

6 South Margaret street, off Eglinton street. 
Alexander, Mrs. David, greengrocer and fruiterer, 13 

Great Western road ; house, 11 do. 
Alexander, Mrs., tobacconist, 156 Parliamentary rd. 
Alexander, Mrs., 42 Carnarvon st. 
Alexandra Cafe, 91 Buchanan street. 
Alexandretta and Glasgow Steam-Packet Office, 

Henderson Brothers, agents, 47 Union street. 
Alexandria (Egypt) SteamPackets, 267 Argylest.. 
Alexandria and Glasgow Steam-Packet Office, 47 

Union Street; Henderson Brothers, agents. 
ALGIE, Alex., fruiterer and confect., 94 London rd. 
Algie, James, wine and spirit merchant, 95 Cum-. 

berland street, south, and 149 Rose street ; house, 

Cherrybank Cottage, Cambuslang. 





Algie, Jolin, spirit merchant, 45, 47 Oxford street ; 

house, 3 South Apsley place. 
Algie, Matthew, & Co., tea merchants, 24 Ann st. 
Algie, Matthew (of M. Algie & Co.), house, Nor- 
wood, Langside. 
Algie, Mrs. William, wine and spirit merchant, 246 

Paisley road ; house, 248 do. 
Algie & Brownlie, dressmakers, 32 Dumbarton rd. 
Algiers and Glasgow Steam-Packet OfBce ; Hen- 
derson Brothers, agents, 47 Union street. 
ALLAN, Alexander, spirit mercht., 218 Broomle- 

law; house, 220 do. 
Allan, Alex. M. (of Ellis, Allan & Co.), house, 29 

Florence place, Stanley street. 
Allan, Alex., jun., ham curer and provision mer- 
chant, 72 Candleriggs ; house, 2 Renton terrace. 

Allan, Alex, (of J. & A. Allan), ho. 2 Park gardens. 
Allan, Andrew, church officer, 34 Berkeley street. 
Allan, Andrew, Union Bank ; house, 3 Bloomfield 

place, Hillhead. 
Allan, Andrew (of Allan, Cooke, & Co.) house, 6 

Albert drive. Crossbill. 
Allan, Andrew, house furnisher. 350 Rutberglen 

road; bouse, 352 do. 
Allan, A., & Co., general drapers, milliners, dress and 

mantle makers, 207, 209, and 211 Cumberland 

street ; 272, 274, and 276 Crown street. 
Allan, Archibald, provision merchant, 100 Brunswick 

St.; house, 18 West Muir street, Parkhead. 
Allan, Archibald (of Allan & Stewart) ; house, 23 

Sardinia terrace. 
Allan, Archibald (of Allan & On-), house, 107 King's 

Park place, Greenhead. 
Allan, Archibald (at Arthur & Co.'s), house, 19 

Albert drive. 
Allan, A. & J., wholesale provision merchants, 108, 

114 Candleriggs, and 16 Canon street. 
Allan, Arthur, gunmaker, cutler, ironmonger, saw, 

edge tool, and fishing rod and tackle maker, 144 

Trongate and 12 London street ; house, Beaumont 

villa, Albert road. Crossbill. 
Allan & Baxter, wrights, 100 Paterson street, s.s. 
Allan & Bogle, brassfounders, 28 Clyde st., Calton. 
Allan, Cooke, & Co., drapers and clothiers, Milton 

House, 166, 168, and 170 Cowcaddens. 
Allan, Daniel, smith and machine maker, 21 and 23 

Richard street. 
Allan, David, tobacconist, 192 St. George's road ; 

house, 190 do. 
Allan, David, governor. Boys' House of Refuge, 327 

Duke street. 
Allan, David S., teacher of music, Glasgow Academy ; 

house, 1 Viewfleld pi., Melville st., Pollokshields. 
Allan, Edward, fiesher, 315 Garscube road; house, 

337 do. 
Allan & Ferguson, parliamentary, engineering, 

and general lithographers, engravers, draughtsmen, 

and steam power printers, 126 Renfleld street. — 

tS'ee Adv. in App. 
Allan, F. M. (of Pasley, Jardine, &, Co.), house, 

FernclifiF, Wemyss Bay. 
Allan & Ferguson, wholesale and retail stationers, 

die sinkers and embossers, 126 Renfield street. 
Allan, F. W., merchant, shipping, and insurance 

agent, 120 Buchanan street ; residence, The 

Manse, Cathcart. 
Allan, George R., B.A., M.B.C.M., physician and 

surgeon, 4 Walworth terrace. 

Allan, George F., newspaper and advertising agent, 

publisher of Allan's Monthly Diary, 84 Mitchell 

street and 9 Struan terrace ; house, 6 Prince 

Edward street, Crossbill. 
Allan, Henry W. (of James Allan, sen., & Son), 

ironfounder, Elmbank Foundry, 12 Fossil road; 

house, 1 Grosvenor terrace. 
Allan, Hugh, hairdresser, 5 North Clyde street ; ho. 

17 Piccadilly street. 
Allan, Hugh, artist, 157 West George street. 
Allan, Hugh, lithographic draughtsman, 157 West 

George street. 
Allan, James (of Wallace & Allan), ho. 264 Bath st. 
Allan, James (of Rankin & Allan), 139 West 

Graham street. 
Allan, James, pastry cook, 25 London street. 
Allan, James, ham curer and provision merchant, 

56 and 58 Wilson street; house, 3 Abbotsford pi. 
Allan, James, Royal Bank, 44 Canning street ; house, 

129 Stirling road. 
Allan, James, officer of Customs; house, 36 Caven- 
dish street. 
Allan, James (of A. & J. Allan), house, Warriston, 

Allan, James, jun. (of A. &. J. Allan), house, 

Corbietree, Helensburgh. 
Allan, Jas., conductor of psalmody, Kelvinside Free 

Church; house, 21 Steven street. 
Allan, James, sen., & Son, ironfounders, Elmbank 

Foundry and Sawmillfield iron works, 40 Wigton 

street ; office, 12 Possil road. 
Allan, James, sen. (of James Allan, sen., & Son), 

plain, ornamental, and sanitary ironfounder, 40 

Wigton St. and 12 Possil road; house, 1 Gros- 
venor terrace. 
Allan, James, teacher, Maclachlan Free Schools, 107 

Cathedral street. 
Allan, James, tube maker, Coat's Tube Works ; 

agents, R. H. Cruicksbanks, 59 Robertson street. 
Allan, James (at Oakbank Oil Co., Limited, 128 

Ingram street), house, 19 Albert drive, Crossbill. 
Allan, James B., teacher. Park Grove Academy, 3 

Sussex street. Paisley road. 
Allan, James (of J. & A. Allan), ho. 2 Park terrace. 
AUan, Jas. & Ales., merchants and shipowners, 70 

Great Clyde street. 
Allan, James, & Co., chemical, produce, and glycerine 

brokers, 98 West George street. 
Allan, James (of James Allan & Co.), house, 15 

Windsor street. 
Allan, James (at John Allan & Co.'s), residence, 

Muirfield, Pollokshields. 
Allan, James A. (of Allan & Ferguson), house, 19 

St James' terrace, Hillhead. 
Allan, James, calenderer and packer, 108 Ingram st. 
Allan, James, provision merchant, 454 Gallowgate ; 

house, 99 Annfield street. 
Allan, James, house factor, 57 Cathedral st. ; house, 

24 Church street, Partick. 
Allan, James (of M. & J. Allan), residence, Grove 

Cottage, Clynder, 
Allan, James H., architect, at Office of Public Works ; 

house, 17 Shamrock street. 
Allan, James, wright, 38 West Graham street; 

house, Raeberry street. 
Allan, J. W. , pastry cook, confectioner, and purveyor, 

88 Canning street ; house, 92 do. 
Allan, J. B. (of James Gray, Son, & Co.), house. 

284 Great Western road. 



Allan, J. W,, painter and paperhanger, 145 George 

street; house, 92 Canning street. 
Allan, John (of John Allan & Co.), residence, Muir- 

field, Pollokshields. 
Allan, John, horse dealer, 33 Cathedral street. 
Allan, John, surveyor of stamps and taxes, 13 

Queen street, 
Allan, John, 3 Hopetoun place. 
Allan, John, & Co., prov. merchants, 34 Wilson st. 
Allan, John B., draper, 113 Norfolk street; house, 

9 Cumberland street, south. 
Allan, John, wright and pattern maker, 28 Eeidvale 

street ; house, 93 Annfield street. 
Allan, John, wright and builder, 36 Devon street ; 

house. Cart link, Millbrae, Langside. 
Allan, M. & J., carvers and gilders, 40 St. James' 

street. Paisley road. 
Allan & Mann, brick makers, builders, and con- 
tractors, fire-brick works, Rutherglen Pottery and 

Mallsmire Red Brick Works, Myrtle park, Cross- 
hill; depot, Canal street, Port Eglinton; office, 

48 St. Enoch square. 
Allan & M'Ruer, ironfounders, Hecla Foundry, 272 

Debbie's loan. 
Allan, Matthew (of Allan & Baxter), ho. 40 Princes 

street, Pollokshields. 
Allan, M., fruiterer and florist, 43 Great Western 

road; house, 15 Willowbank street. 
Allan, Michael, gentlemen's hosier, glover, shirt, and 

umbrella maker, 20 Argyle st. and at 6 Queen st.; 

ho. 183 Pollok St. 
Allan, Mozart, professor of dancing and music pub- 
lisher, 130 South Portland street. 
Allan, M. (of M. & J. Allan), house, Househill Muir, 

Allan & Orr, hat and cap manufacturers and ware- 
housemen, 90 Maxwell st. 
Allan, P. G., & Co., agents, 80 Buchanan street. 
Allan, P. G., & Co., manufacturers' agents, 80 

Buchanan street ; house, 123 Grafton terrace. 
Allan, Peter, flesher, 35 Stevenson street; house, 

129 Hospital street. 
Allan & Poynter, bonded and free warehouse keepers 

and customs' forwarding agents, 73 Robertson 

street ; excise warehouse, 33 Ann street, city ; 

free do., 71 Robertson street; Wm. H. Scott, 19 

Great Western road. 
Allan, R. L., bookseller and publisher, Glasgow 

Bible and Book depository, 143 Sauchiehall street ; 

house, 151 Renfrew street. 
Allan, Robt., plumber and gasfitter, 56 Douglas st. ; 

house, 11 Gay field street. 
Allan, Robt., horse dealer, 18 East Hill street ; 

house, 2 Annfield place, Dennistoun. 
Allan, Robert, hosier, glover, and shirt maker, 140 

Argyle street ; house, 40 Warwick street. 
Allan, Robt., insurance agent, 14 Salisbury street. 
Allan, Robert C, surgeon dentist, 264 Buchanan 

Allan, Robert W., artist ; studio, 188 St Vincent 

street ; house, 19 St James' terrace, Hillhead. 
Allan & Stewart, general warehousemen, 165 Argyle 

street and 3 St. Enoch square. 
Allan, Thomas, & Co., commission merchants and 

drysalters, 47 Waterloo street. 
Allan, Thomas, & Sons, ironfounders, Springbank 

and North Woodside Iron Works. 
Allan, Thos., sheriff-officer and J.P. constable, 173 

Mathieson street, s.s. 

Allan, Thomas, jun. (of Thomas Allan & Sons), The 

House, Springbank Ironworks. 
Allan, Wm., wine and spirit merchant, 27 Smith st., 

Whiteinch ; ho. 2 Hamilton terrace east, Partick. 
Allan, Wm., grocer and provision merchant, 142 

Duke street ; house, 185 Duke street. 
Allan, Wm., agent, 192 Hope street; house, 6 Loudon 

terrace, Dowanhill. 
Allan, William, spirit dealer, 74 William street, 

Anderston ; house, 72 do. 
Allan, Wm. (of Templeton & Allan), house, 95 N, 

Hanover street. 
Allan, William, 3lA Elderslie street; house, Elderslie 

House, Strathaven. 
Allan, W. E., teacher of dancing, 130 S. Portland st. 
Allan, W. F. (at James Currie & Co.'s), house, Ivy 

Bank, Port-Glasgow. 
Allen, W. J., teacher of English concertina and 

music agent, 47 Cambridge street. 
Allan, Mrs. George, poulterer and game dealer, 231, 

233 George street ; house, 49 Montrose street. 
Allan, Mrs. James, poulterer and game dealer, 160, 

Sauchiehall street ; house, 158 do. 
Allan, Mrs. John, fruiterer and confectioner, 11 

Nicholson street ; house, 16 do. 
Allan, Mrs. John, 3 Hopetoun place. 
Allan, Mrs. Wm., brush manufac, 28 Saltmarket. 
Allan, Mrs., and Miss Ritchie, establishment for the 

board and education of young ladies, 2 Woodside 

Allan, Mrs., 15 Windsor street. 
Allan, Mrs., fruiterer and confectioner, 397 Eglinton 

Allan, Mrs., 421 St. Vincent street. 
Allan, Misses, cloak and dress makers, 15 Willow- 
bank street. 
Allan, Misses, seminary for young ladies, 141 Hill st., 

Allan, Isabella, tobacconist, 257 George st. ; ho. do. 
Allan, Jane, tobacconist, 52 Charlotte lane ; house, 

4 Well street, Calton. 
Allan, Janet and Amelia, furnishings and hosiery, 

34 Cleland street, s.s.; ho. 32 do. 
Allan Line Steam-packet Office, 70 Great Clyde st. 
Allan's Monthly Diary, office, 84 Mitchell street. 
Allanshaw Coal Co., coal masters, 175 Hope st. 
Allanshaw Coal Co., Hamilton, Peter Stewart, agent, 

6 Dixon street. 
Allanton Colliery Office, 161 Hope street. 
ALLARDICE, Wm. (at Wm. Holmes & Brothers'), 

house, 24 Royal crescent. 
ALLEY & M'Lellan, engineers, the Sentinel "Works, 

76 London road ; warehouse, 33 Virginia street. 
Alley, Stephen (of Alley & M'Lellan, Sentinel 

Works, 76 London road), house, 191 Renfrew st. 
Alley, Stephen, consulting engineer, 33 Virginia St.; 

house, 191 Renfrew street. 
Alliance Assurance Co., 115 Buchanan street; 

Wm. M'Clure, district manager. 
ALLISON, Alex, dining rooms, 4 Anderston quay. 
Allison, Andrew, goldsmith, jeweller, silversmith, 

and watchmaker, 83 Jamaica street ; house, 297 

Eglinton street, 
Alison, Ai-chd., & Co., wholesale and retail family 

grocers, agents for W. & A. Gilbey, wines and 

spirits, 53 Oswald street. 
Allison, Arthur (of Allison & Wylie), ho. 3 William 

street. Paisley. 
Allison Brothers, iron founders,Cogan st., PoUokshaws. 




Allison, Cousland, & Hamilton, timber, ship, and in- 
surance brokers, 22 St. Enoch square. 
Allison, George (at John Scouler's), house, 411 

Crown street. 
Alison, James, grocer, 60 Bedford street ; house, 72 do. 
Allison, James, 82 Hill street, Garnethill. 
Allison, James, baker, 8 Morrison street; house, 

9 do. 
Allison, Jas., & Co., contractors and general carters, 

310 Argyle street ; stables, 83 Pitt street and 68 

Bishop street. 
Allison, James (of Trainer & Allison), house, 22 

Apsley place. 
Allison James, wine and spirit merchant, 36 and 

38 Shuttle street ; house, 91 North Frederick st. 
Allison, John, hairdresser, 215 Garscnbe road. 
Allison, M. C, draper, tailor, and clothier, agent for 

Pullar & Sons, dyers, Perth, and Scottish National 

Insurance Co., 82 Main street, Maryhill ; house, 

Allison, P. S., hide, bark, and leather factor and 

commission agent, 26 Ingram street ; house, 33 

Lansdowne crescent. 
Allison, Robert (of Allison, Cousland, & Hamilton), 

house, Castlehead, Paisley. 
Allison, Robert, dining rooms, 451 Argyle street; 

house, 391 St. Vincent street. 
•Allison, Walter, saddler and harness maker, 15 

Sauchiehall street ; house, 72 Cambridge street. 
Allison, Walter (of Brock, Allison & Co.), house, 

Cartvale, Paisley. 
Allison, Wm. (at Mitchell & Whitelaw's), ho. 467 

New City road. 
Allison, William, spirit dealer, 1 North Woodside 

road; house, 10 Crossburn street. 
Allison, „Wm., warehouseman (at Arnott & Co.'s), 

house, 101 Ardgowan street. 
Allison & Wylie, shawl, mufiier, and scarf manu- 
facturers, 119 Virginia place, Ingram street. 
Allison, Mrs. James, fruiterer and confectioner, 824 

Garscube road; house, 11 Caithness street. 
Alma Boiler Works, 824 Gallowgate, Jas. Neilson 

& Son. 
Almeeia Steam Packet Office, Burrell & Son, 141 

Buchanan street. 
ALPEROVICH, Harris, watchmaker and jeweller, 

foreign money exchanger, and dealer in nautical 

and optical instruments, 186 Broomielaw ; house, 

11 Great Clyde street. 
Alperovich, Harris, tobacconist, 186 Broomielaw st. 
Alperovich, Rev. Marks, minister of the Glasgow 

Hebrew Congregation ; house, 14 Ure place, 

Montrose street. 
ALPINE, J., & Co., oil merchants, 28 St. Enoch sq. 
Alpine, J. (of J. Alpine & Co.), ho. 3 Weymouth ter. 
ALLSOPP, Samuel, & Sons, brewers, Burton- 

on-Trent ; office, 138 W. Regent street; Henry 

Ferry, agent for Scotland. 
ALSOP, P. (of Peyton & Alsop), residence, Airy 

Bank House, Milngavie. 
ALSTON Brothers, tobacco warehouse keepers and 

commission merchants, 27 James Watt street. 
Alston, Charles H. (of Thomas Edington & Sons), 

house, Bourtree Hill, Irvine. 
Alston, C. S., the Prison, 71 Duke street; house do. 
Alston, Gavin, cabinetmaker, 81 John street and 1 

Little Hamilton street ; house, 42 M'Aslin street. 
Alston, George (of Campbell, Rivers, & Co.), resid. 

Craighead, Bothwell. 

Alston, J. Carfrae (of Alston Brothers), house, 18 
Oakfield terrace, Hillhead. 

Alston, John P. (of Campbell, Rivers, & Co.), resi- 
dence, Muirburn, near Hamilton. 

Alston, J. R. (of Alston & TuUoch), house, 24 Burn- 
bank gardens. 

Alston, John S. (of Matheson & Alston, and Donald 
Matheson & Co.), house, 205 Bath street. 

Alston, John William (of Alston Brothers), ho. 16 
Fitzroy place. 

Alston, R. F. (of Campbell, Rivers, & Co.), house, 
163 Bath street. 

Alston, Thomas (of R. G. Finlay & Brothers), house, 

6 Wendover crescent, Mount Florida. 

Alston, Thomas (of Russell and Alston), 294 South 

York street. 
Alston, Thos., butcher, 87 Shamrock street ; house, 

7 do. 

Alston & Tulloch, ship brokers, "Glasgow News" 
buildings, 67 Hope street. 

Alston, W. Murray, civil engineer; house, 24 Burn- 
bank gardens. 

Alston, Mrs. John, 24 Burnbank gardens. 

Alston, Mrs. Thos., cook, 100 Burnside street. 

Alum and Ammonia Co. (Limited), manufacturing 
chemists ; works, Hurlet and Tradeston ; office, 
201 West street. 

Amalgamated Society of Engineers, Machinists, 
Millwrights, Smiths, & Pattern Makers ; committee 
rooms, 182 Trongate. 

Ameeican Bowling Alleys (Bell's), 59 E. Howard st. 

American Mail Steam Packet Office ; Henderson 
Brothers, agents, 47 Union street. 

American Royal Mail Steam Packets, 267 Argyle st. 

American Steam Packet Office, 70 Great Clyde st. 

AMENT, J. A., & Co., commission merchants, 14| & 
16 Douglas street. 

Ament, J. A., & Co. (sole agents for Eae's ginger 
champagne aerated water manufactory) 14^ & 16 
Douglas street. 

AMHERST, Rev. Wm. P., E. C. clergyman, 21 
Dalhousie street. 

AMOS, John, sheriff officer, 73 Parliamentary road ; 
house, 26 Annfield street. 

AMOURS, F. J., French master, Glasgow Academy; 
house, 4 Clifton street. 

AMPLEFORD, James S., manager at Stubbs' Mer- 
cantile offices, 21 St. Vincent place; residence, 
Laburnum Cottage, Lenzie. 

Amsteedam and Leith Steamers, James Gardiner, 
agent, 43 Renfield street. 

ANCELL, Andrew, wine and spirit merchant, 89 
and 91 Dundas st. ; ho. 51 Holmhead street. 

Ancell, Andrew, baker, 55 John street ; house, 51 
Holmhead street. 

Ancell, Jas., restaurateur, pastry cook, confectioner, 
and soiree purveyor, 87 and 89 Glassford street ; 
resid., Molyneux cottage, Birdston, Kirkintilloch. 

Anchoe Line of Transatlantic, Peninsular, Mediter- 
ranean, and Oriental Steam Packet Ships ; Hender- 
son Brothers, agents, 47 Union street. 

Ancona & Glasgow Steam Packet Offices ; Hendersoa 
Brothers, agents, 47 Union street. 

Ancona Steam Packets, 267 Argyle street. 

ANCOTT, David, British Linen Co. Bank, 1 Eglin- 
ton street; house, 13 Annette street, Crossbill. 

ANDERSON, Alexander, manager (the Singer Manu- 
facturing Co.), 116 James street, Bridgeton ; house, 
5 Morris place. 

D 2 





Anderson, Alexander, leather merchant, 114 Tron- 

gate; house, 1 St. James' place, Hillhead. 
Anderson, Alexander, bust and stand maker, 77 

Renfrew street. 
Anderson, Alex. D. (of Anderson & Shaw), ho. 27 

Abbotsford place. 
Anderson, Alexander (of W. & A. Anderson), house, 

88 Gloucester street. 
Anderson, Alex. P. (at Royal Polytechnic), house, 3 

Park gardens. 
Anderson, A. G. (at Callander and Oban Railway), 

house, 27 Stanhope street. 
Anderson and Anderson, accountants, 179 W. Geo. st. 
Anderson, Andrew, Fordyce, & Co., warehousemen 

and manufacturers, 103, 105 Glassford street. 
Anderson, Rev. And. H., U.F. minister, Pollok st. 

U.P. Church ; ho. 5 Belmont ter., Pollokshields. 
Anderson, Andrew, coal and coke merchant, N. B. Ry. 

Station, Stobcross ; ho. Wellshot Hill,Cambuslang. 
Anderson, Andrew, bedding and furniture warehouses, 

131 London road and 614 Gallowgate. 
Anderson, Andrew, wine and spirit merchant, 20 

King street, city, and 11 Back wynd; house, 98 

Montrose street. 
Anderson, Andrew, grocer and confectioner, 640 Gal- 
lowgate; house, 636 do. 
Anderson, Andrew A., tobacconist and cigar importer, 

72 Mainst., Anderston; house, 53 Holmhead st. 
Anderson, A. & R., drapers, 74 Canning st., Calton. 
Anderson, Baird, & Co., warehousemen, 77 Queen 

Anderson & Barclay, wholesale grocers, 6 Shuttle st. 

and 35 Ingram street east. 
Anderson Brothers, commission merchants, 24 St. 

Vincent place. 
Anderson Brothers, weighing machine and beam and 

scale makers, grocers' outfitters for canisters, &c., 

tinsmiths, coppersmiths, blacksmiths, gasStters, 

93 Stockwell st. ; house, 4 Matilda pi. Strathbungo. 
Anderson, David, flesher, 141 Nelson street, s.s. ; 

house, 5 Oxford street. 
Anderson, David, clothier and hosier, 17 Union street ; 

house, Piosebauk, Queen Mary Avenue, Crossbill. 
Anderson, David, house steward and collector of 

subscriptions, Eye Infii-mary, 170 Berkeley street. 
Anderson, D. H., Atlantic Mills, Bridgeton. 
Anderson, David (of David and John Anderson, 

Atlantic Mills), house, 43 Scott street, Garnethill. 
Anderson, David and John, manufacturers ; works 

and warehouse, Atlantic Mills, Walkinshaw street, 

Anderson, David, grocer, 242 Hope st.; house, 106 

Renfrew street. 
Anderson, David, spirit merchant, 409 Parliamentary 

road ; house, 402 do. 
Anderson, David, wine and spirit merchant, 65 & 57 

Candleriggs and 228 Broomielaw ; ho. 3 Craig- 

park terrace, Dennistoun. 
Anderson, David (of James Anderson & Co., calen- 

derers), house, 405 Sauchiehall street. 
Anderson, David, stationer, tobacconist, and fancy 

goods, 257 Stirling road; bouse, 255 do. 
Anderson, David (of Anderson Brothers, 93 Stock- 
well street), house, 4 Matilda place, Strathbungo. 
Anderson, D., & Son, felt manufacturers ; agents, 

Wm. Buchanan & Co., 7 Prince's square. 
Anderson, Edmond, secretary, David Livingstone 

Lodge of Odd Fellows, M.U., 27 Stanhope st, 
Anderson & Elder, wine merchants, 151 Hope st. 

Anderson, Francis, cabinetmaker and upholsterer 

23, 25, 30 Miller's place ; ho. 12 Monteith row. 
Anderson, Francis, Clyde Navigation Office, 1 Fin- 

nieston Quay; house, 258 Bath street. 
Anderson, Frederick (of Anderson, Baird, & Co.), 

house, 10 South Park terrace, Hillhead. 
Anderson, F. & J. T., merchants and foreign com- 
mission agents, 1 Prince's court. 
Anderson, Frederick, gasalier manufacturer, 54 

Howard street ; house, 16 Albert drive, Crossbill. 
Anderson, George, & Co., oil merchants, white lead, 

paint, colour, varnish, and cement manufacturers ; 

also grinders of coal dust, charcoal, and moulders' 

blacking, 58 Hydepark street. 
Anderson, George, & Co , Roman cement works, 

Calderside, by High Blantyre. 
Anderson, G. S., & Co., merchants, 106 W. George st. 
Anderson, G. Stewart (of G. Stewart Anderson & 

Co.), house, 7 Lansdowne crescent. 
Anderson, George, 113 Renfrew street. 
Anderson, George, cabinetmaker (of Anderson, Mor- 
gan, & Co), house, 410 St. Vincent street. 
Anderson, George, brush, basket, comb, perfumery, 

and fancy goods warehouse, 114 Renfrew street; 

house, 20 Apsley place, s.s. 
Anderson, George, cabinet maker and upholsterer, 

81 and 83 Great Hamilton street; workshop, ISi 

East Howard street. 
Anderson, George, wine and spirit merchant, 50 Queen 

street ; house, Wellshot buildings, Cambuslang. 
Anderson, George, wine and spirit merchant, 97 

George street; house, 22 Cumberland street, s.s. 
Anderson, Geo. Blurray (of Anderson & Anderson), 

house, 303 SaucliiehaU street. 
Anderson, George (at Thos. Chalmers & Co.'s), 

house, 12 Grange terrace, Mount Florida. 
Anderson, George, produce broker, 27 Union st. 
Anderson, Graham, & Co., manuf., 114 Candleriggs. 
Anderson, Harvie, merchant, 166 Buchanan street; 

house, 14 Eton place, Hillhead. 
Anderson & Henderson, timber merchants, wrights 

and builders, saw millers, trunk and packing-box 

makers, 50 Wellington street, Kinning Park Saw 

Mills, and 77 W. Scotland street. 
Anderson, Henry S., fish and ice merchant, 15 St. 

George's road ; house, 11 Carnarvon street. 
Anderson, Rev. Henry, Partick Free Church; house, 

2 Annfield terrace, Partick. 
Anderson, H. K. (of Kerr, Andersons, & Muir), house, 

Ledcameroch, East Kilpatrick. 
Anderson, H. L. (of H. L. Anderson & C. Carlton), 

residence, Ava Cottage, Helensburgh. 
Anderson, H. L., & C. Carlton, house-painters and 

decorators, and dealers in English and French 

paper hangings, 141 St. Vincent street; workshops, 

66 St. Vincent lane. 
Anderson, Hume (at Donald & Sellar's), house, 10 

Albert drive, Crossbill. 
Anderson, James, & Son, coalmasters, 18 Renfield st. 
Anderson, James, chartered accountant and factor, 

179 West George street ; house, 5 Belgrave ter. 
Anderson, James B., hat and cap manufacturer, 121 

Argyle street, and 2, 4, 6 Maxwell street; house, 

Myrtle park. Crossbill. 
Anderson, James (of William Anderson & Co., 16 

Princes square), house, Woodlands, Langside. 
Anderson, James, & Co., calenderers and packers, 

44 North Hanover street, and 39 & 49 North 

Frederick street. 




Anderson, James (of David & John Anderson), 

house, 6 Queen's terrace. 
Anderson, James, jun., baker, 151 High street and 262 

George street ; house, 15 North Portland street. 
Anderson, James, (at William Anderson's, 44 Queen 

street), house, 40 Oxford street. 
Anderson, James 0., underwriter's wreck agent, 

and surveyor, Underwriters' rooms ; house, 1 Wej- 

mouth terrace, Cessnock street. Paisley road. 
Anderson, Jas., manager, Hutchesontown saw mills ; 

house, 158 Sandy fluids street. 
Anderson, James (of Anderson & Anderson), house, 

Anderson, James (of Anderson Brothers, 93 Stock- 
well street), house, 4 Matilda place, Strathbungo. 
Anderson, Jas. (at Jas. Somerville's, contractor), 

house, 154 London street. 
Anderson, Jas., wholesale provision merchant, 17 

Virginia street ; house, 151 Pollok street. 
Anderson, James, wine and spirit merchant, 209 

Parliamentary road and 117 Taylor street ; resi- 
dence, Tyndrum. 
Anderson, James H. (at John Mitchell & Co.'s), house, 

7 Union place, Farme, Eutherglen. 
Anderson, James, tea, coffee, and spice merchant, 24 

Robertson street ; house, 22 do. 
Anderson, James, scale beam and weighing machine 

maker, &e., 126 Renfield street. 
Anderson, James, manager, Green Street Equitable 

Loan Office, 116 & 124 Green street, Caltou; ho. 

109 South Wellington street. 
Anderson, James, veterinary surgeon, 165 West 

Graham street ; house, 157 St. George's road. 
Anderson, James R. (at Glen & Ross'), house, 11 

Craignestock place. 
Anderson, James (at Messrs. Lightbody's), house, 

190 Slatefield street. 
Anderson, James Reid, baker, 222 London road. 
Anderson, J. Steadman (at Ales. Anderson's, 114 

Trongate), house, 15 Granville street. 
Anderson, James, wine and spirit merchant, 402 

New City road and 3 Hopehill /oad ; residence, 

Royal Hotel, Tyndrum. 
Anderson, James, tea and coffee agent, 21 Virginia 

street ; house, 6 Campvale, Crossmyloof. 
Anderson, James, spirit merchant, 75 & 77 Stirling 

road ; house, 84 John street. 
Anderson, James, ironmonger (of Anderson and 

Rankin), house, 25 Meadow Park street. 
Anderson, James J. (at M'Lennan, Blair, & Co.'s), 

house, 6 George street, Paisley. 
Anderson, James, merchant, 24 St. Vincent place; 

house, 12 Royal crescent. Crossbill. 
Anderson, James, & Co., starch and gum manufac- 
turers ; ofSce, 69 St. Vincent st.; works, Surrey st. 
Anderson, James, grocer and provision merchant, 

105 Burnside street; house, 103 do. 
Anderson, James, bootmaker, 85 Sanchiehall street ; 

house, 42 Hill street, Garnethill. 
Anderson, James S. (at A. G. Kidston & Co.'s), 

house, 22 Albert drive. Crossbill, 
Anderson, James, & Co., butter and egg merchants, 

169 Govan st. ; house, 134 Crown st. 
Anderson, James (of Lees, Anderson, & Co.), house, 

38 Berkeley street. 
Anderson, James W., surgeon, 601 Duke street; 

house, 1 Whitehill ten-ace, Dennistoun. 
Anderson, James (of J. & R. Anderson), house, 3 

Ardine terrace, Crossbill. 

Anderson, James (at Thos. Allan & Son's), house, 25 
Napiershall street. 

Anderson, James, wine and spirit merchant, 1 and 3 
Cathcart street; house, 257 Crown street. 

Anderson, James W. (of Anderson Brothers, 24 St. 
Vincent pi.), ho. 1 Lugar pi., Kelvinside, Hillhead. 

Anderson, James, grocer and wine merchant, 99 
Shields rd. and 34 Avon st. ; ho., 151 Pollok st. 

Anderson, J. B. , messenger-at-arms, 52 West Nile 
street ; house, 190 Slatefield street, Dennistoun. 

Anderson, J. G. , 3 Park gardens. 

Anderson, J. & R., house painters and decorators, 217 
and 219 Hope street. 

Anderson, J. W., M.D., 4 Buirnbank terrace. 

Anderson, John (of Anderson & Mackay), house, 20 
Hopetoun place. 

Anderson, John, jun. (of D. & J. Anderson), resid. 
Crutherland, East Kilbride. 

Anderson, John, smith, bell-hanger, gas-fitter, and 
stair-railer, 6 Main street, Anderston, or 35 Pitt 
street; house, 134 Blythswood terrace. 

Anderson, John, 48 Dundas street; house, 18 West- 
bourne gardens, Dowanhill. 

Anderson, John, merchant and drysalter, 60 George 
square ; house, Elmtree cottage, Pollokshields. 

Anderson, John, corn factor, 65 Hope street ; house, 
Hazelden, Newton Mearns. 

Anderson, Jn., fruiterer, 459 Sauchieh. st.; ho. 461 do. 

Anlerson, John, & Co. , tailors, clothiers, and out- 
fitters, 171 North st; house, 150 Buccleuch st. 

Anderson, John, slater and plasterer, 56a Green st., 
Caltou ; ho. 78 Tobago st. 

Anderson, Jn. , consulting engineer, ship and machinery 
agent, 123 West George street; ho. 262 Bath st. 

Anderson, John J. (of Cantrell & Cochrane), house, 
Mariville, Cambuslang. 

Anderson, John, letterpress printer, 22 Ann street, 
city ; house, 1 Albert road. Crossbill. 

Anderson, John, jun., slater, 362 Parliamentary rd. ; 
house, 3 Sauchiehall street. 

Anderson, John, butcher, 267 Duke st. ; ho. 265 do. 

Anderson, John S., wine and spirit merchant, 68 
Norfolk street; house, 58 Pollok street. 

Anderson, John, 40 St. Vincent crescent. 

Anderson, John T. (of F. & J. T. Anderson), house, 
41 Westbourne gardens. 

Anderson, John, & Co., machine printers, 68 Glass- 
ford street; house, 20 Hopeton place. 

Anderson, John T., representative in Scotland for R. 
D. Warburg & Co., of Lyons, Zurich, Crefeld, St. 
Etienne, &c., and others, 1 Prince's court ; house, 
41 Westbourne gardens. 

Anderson, John, silk mercer, linen and woollen 
draper, hosier, glover, haberdasher, boot and shoe 
merchant, printseller, frame manufacturer, jeweller, 
perfumer, manufacturer of fancy cabinet goods, 
importer and exporter of foreign merchandise, 
Royal Polytechnic Warehouse, 91, 93, 95, 97, and 
99 Argyle St., 2, 4 Turner's court, and 13 Croy 
place ; house, 3 Park Gardens, and Glen Tower, 
Hunter's Quay. 

Anderson, John, slater and slate merchant, 362 Par- 
liamentary road ; house, 3 Sauchiehall street. 

Anderson, Jonathan, writer (of Monteath and Ander- 
son), ho. 5 Royal crescent. Crossbill. 

Anderson & Lyle, blacksmiths, 62 Cedar street. 

Anderson, Dr. M'Call, physician, professor of clini- 
cal medicine in the University of Glasgow, 14 
Woodside crescent. 



Anderson & M'Queen, veterinary surgeons, 99 Surrey 

street and 43 Cathedral street. 
Anderson, M. Douglas (of Hetherington & Anderson), 

residence, Ashburue, Milliken park. 
Anderson, Matthew, writer (of Andersons & Patti- 

son, 137 St. Vincent street), house, Ashburne, 

Millikeu park. 
Anderson, Morgan, & Co., cabinetmakers and uphol- 
sterers, 247 Sauchiehall street. 
Anderson & Munro, Venetian, wire gauze, zinc sash, 

Venetian and holland window blind manufacturers, 

136 Bothwell street ; works, Moncrieff street and 

Kelvin street. 
Anderson, P. & W. 4 Elphinstone street, Govan. 
Andersons & Pattison, writers, 137 St. Vincent st. 
Anderson & Rankin, manufacturing ironmongers and 

wholesale hardware merchants, smiths, steam 

power grinders and polishers, sheet iron workers 

and galvanizers, manufacturers of grates, stoves, 

fenders, fire-irons, ash-pans, shovels, beams and 

stands, and iron bedsteads, Gallowsmuir Iron 

Works, 70 and 72 Port-Dundas road. 
Anderson, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 1 Killer- 

mont St. and 420 Parliamentary rd. ; ho. 424 do. 
Anderson, Robert (late Norrie & Anderson), accoun- 
tant, house factor, and insurance agent, 68 Bath 

street ; house, 11 Franklin terrace. 
Anderson, R. B., commission merchant, 57 Miller st.; 

house, 101 South Portland street. 
Anderson, Robert, joiner and builder, 2 Lamb street, 

Springburn ; house, 502 Springburn road. 
Anderson, Robert, letterpress printer and stereotyper, 

22 Aun St. ; house, 20 South Apsley place. 
Anderson, Robert, mason and builder, 112 North 

Hanover st.; ho. 14 North St. Mungo st. 
Anderson, Robert M., tailor, 23 Yorkhill street. 
Anderson, Robert, joiner, 194 Main street, s.s. ; 

house, 93 Cumberland street. 
Anderson, Robert (of Mackay& Anderson), residence, 

. Anderson, Robert Wodrow, 37 Hunter street ; house, 

339 Bath crescent. 
Anderson, R., wright, 190 Dumbarton rd. ; ho. 114 do. 
Anderson, Robert, grocer, 597 Duke st.'; ho. 591 do. 
Anderson, Robert (at Robert Young's, 23 Sword st.), 

house, 6 Rochester street. 
Anderson, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 6 and 

8 College street ; house, 39 Abbotsford place. 
Anderson, Robert (of J. & R. Anderson), house, 4 

Hope terrace. Crossbill. 
Anderson, R. E., aerated water manufacturer, 13 

Marshall street. 
Anderson, Rev. Robert, 34 West street, Calton; house, 

189 Bellfield street. 
Anderson, Robert (of William Anderson & Co., 16 

Prince's square), house, Woodlands, Langside. 
Anderson, Robert, commission merchant, Virginia 

buildings ; house, 14 Elmbank crescent. 
Anderson, Robert, spirit merchant, 18 South Wood- 
side road ; house, 2 Willowbank crescent. 
Anderson, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 161 

West Nile street and 8 Renfrew street ; house, 1 6 

Renfrew court. 
Anderson, Robert, stationer and tobacconist, 175 

Parliamentary road ; house, 3 Black street. 
Anderson, Robert J. (at D. Sandeman & Son's), 

house, Ardoch, Mount Vernon. 
Anderson & Robertson, dyers and cleaners, 35 North 

Woodside road. 

Anderson, Samuel, book-keeper (at Lorimer & Moyes) , 

house, 122 Mathieson street. 
Anderson & Shaw, rectifiers, tea, wine, and spirit 

merchants, 6, 10, and 12 West Campbell street. 
Anderson, Smith, & Dawson, shorthand •writers, 93 

West Regent street. 
Anderson, T. A., writer (of Watkins & Anderson) ; 

house, 20 Oakfield ten-ace, Hillhead. 
Anderson, Thos. G., draper, 181 Crown st.; ho. 179 do. 
Anderson, Thomas R., cabinetmaker, 11 North 

Coburg street; house, 116 Norfolk street. 
Anderson, Thomas, fishmonger and ice merchant, 

58 and 60 West Nile st. ; house, 3 Mansfield place. 
Anderson, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 230 

High street; house, 112 Parson street. 
Anderson, Thos., plumber, gasfitter, and zinc worker, 

26 John Knox street. 
Anderson, Thos,, shorthand writer, 93 West Regent 

street; house, 240 Hope street. 
Anderson, Thomas (of James Anderson & Co., 

calenderers), house, 88 Cowcaddens. 
Anderson, Thomas, & Co., manufacturers, 37 East 

Ingram street. 
Anderson, Thomas, writer (of M'Grigor, Donald, & 

Co.), house, 19 Huntly gardens, 
Anderson, Thomas, contractor and forwarding agent, 

32 Hope street; house, Bunhouse Mills, Pai'tick. 
Anderson, Thomas Miles, photographer and portrait 

painter, 56 Jamaica st. ; ho. Berry bank, Gourock, 
Anderson, Thomas (of Anderson & Co.), house, 1 

Maxwell street, Partick. 
Anderson, Thomas R., hosier, 42 Candleriggs ; 

house, 116 Norfolk street. 
Anderson, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 171 

Watt street ; house, 137 Ardgowan street. 
Anderson, Thos. M., boot and shoemaker, 285 Duke st. 
Anderson, Thomas, baker, 38 Clelland street ; house, 

97 Hospital street. 
Anderson & Wallach, oil and stearine manufacturers 

and drysalters, Abercorn Oil Works, Paisley : 

oflSce, Virginia buildings. 
Anderson, Wm., & Co., American produce and 

commission merchants, 19 Howard street. 
Anderson, Wm., & Co., manufacturers, 16 Prince's sq. 
Anderson, Wm., family grocer, tea and wine mer- 
chant, 177 Cowcaddens ; tea merchant and general 

gTocer, 68 Main street, Anderston ; house, Mag- 

gielea cottage, Cambuslang. 
Anderson, WilHam (at J. and A. Selkirk & Co.'s), 

house, 237 Cumberland street. 
Anderson, William, Woodlands, Langside. 
Anderson, William, 129 Duke street. 
Anderson, William, steamship master (at Armstrong 

Bros. & Co.s), house, 3 Shaftesbury buildings. 

Paisley road. 
Anderson, William (of Anderson & Elder), residence, 

Deanbank, Bruce road, Pollokshields. 
Anderson, W. & A., grocers and wine merchants, 15 

Easton terrace. Paisley road. • 

Anderson, William, spirit merchant, 92 Barrack st. ; 

house, 84 John street. 
Anderson, William (of Kerr, Andersons, & Muir), 

residence, Ledcameroch, East Kilpatrick. 
Anderson, Wm., sen., veterinary surgeon, 43 Cathe- 
dral street ; residence, Woodview, Langbank. 
Anderson, Wm.,jun., veterinary surgeon, M.R.C.V.S,, 

43 Cathedral street. 
Anderson, W. Boyd (of Andersons & Pattison), 

residence, Milliken Park. 




Anderson, Wm., flesher, 135 East George street ; ho. 

48 North Portland street. 
Anderson, William, butcher, 12 Bute terrace, Strath- 

bungo ; house, 5 Elgin place. 
Anderson, Wm. M., National Bank of Scotland ; ho. 

25 Napiershall street. 
Anderson, Wm. J. (of Kerr, Andersons, & Muir), 

house, Ledcameroch, East Kilpatrick. 
Anderson, Wm., bootmaker, 63 Oswald street, 

Anderson, Wm., rag merchant, Kirk Street, Gorbals ; 

house, 8 Matheson street. 
Anderson, Wm., plumber, gasfitter, and lead merchant, 

48 Sauchiehall street; house, 3 M'Aslin street. 
Anderson, Wm., pastry cook and confectioner, 197 

Govan road ; house, 199 do. 
Anderson, Wm., Clydesdale Bank ; house, 15 

Alexandrina place, Crosshill. 
Anderson, Wm., wine and spirit merchant, 70 Ren- 
field street ; house, 93 North Hanover street. 
Anderson, W. Shanks (at Miller Brothers'), house, 39 

Abbotsford place, s.s. 
Anderson, William, messenger. City of Glasgow 

Bank, Trongate ; house, 30 Camden st. 
Anderson, William, wholesale and manufactur- 
ing stationer, 44 Queen street ; house, Arns-Brae, 

New Kilpatrick. 
Anderson, William, brickbuilder, 58 Whitevale st. 
Anderson, William, joiner, 50 South Woodside road; 

house, 18 West End Park street. 
Anderson, Wm., accountant, 38 West Campbell st. 
Anderson, Wm., wine and spirit merchant, 656 

Gallowgate ; house, Meadowpark street. 
Anderson, William, baker, 25 Castle street and 603 

New City road ; house, 25 Castle street, 
Anderson, William, portioner, property office, 81 

Gallowgate ; ho. 3 Alexandra parade, Dennistoun. 
Anderson, W. F. G. (at Henderson Brothers'), house, 

33 Granville street. 
Anderson, William G., draper, Charing Cross House, 

511 Sauchiehall St.; house, 237 North st. 
Anderson, William Snell (at Graham F. Ross'), house, 

13 Argyle place, Partick. 
Anderson, Mrs. Agnes, wine and spirit merchant, 186 

Govan street ; house, 182 do. 
Anderson, Mrs. Margaret, confectioner, 12 Duke 

Anderson, Mrs. T., lodgings, 27 Sandyford place. 
Anderson, Mrs. Wm., 375 Duke st, 
Anderson, Mrs., 3 Mansfield place. West Regent st. 
Anderson, Mrs., dressmaker and milliner, 527 Gal- 
lowgate ; house, 31 Reidvale street. 
Anderson, Mrs., midwife and ladies' nurse, 7 St. 

George's terrace, Paisley road. 
Anderson, Miss Jessie, teacher of the pianoforte, 

447 Sauchiehall street. 
Anderson, Misses, milliners, cloak and dress makers, 

53 Crown street. 
Anderson, Miss, dressmaker, 116 Norfolk street. 
Anderson, Miss, milliner, 132 Stirling road. 
Anderson, Miss, teacher of music, 16 Rutland cres. 
Anderson's Royal Polytechnic warehouse, bazaar, 

and fine art galleries, 91, 93,95, 97, 99 Argyle st. 
Andeesonian University, 204 George street ; Wm. 

M'Lean, janitor. 
Anderston Apothecary Hall, 2 Washington street. 
Anderston Bottle Works, Lancefield street. 
Anderston Brewery, W. & M. Dawson, 60 Bishop 


Anderston Public School, 18 and 24 Catherine st., 

Anderston Established Church, corner of St. Vincent 

street and Dumbarton road; Rev, John Watt, 

B.D., minister, 5 Lansdowne crescent. 
Anderston Foundry Co., machine makers, mill furnish- 
ers, ironfounders, and manufacturers of railway 

permanent way materials, 100 Cheapside street. 
Anderston Free Church, 89 Cadogan street ; Rev. A. 

N. Somerville, minister. 
Anderston Iron Tube Warehouse, 65 Carrick street. 
Anderston Police Office, Cranston street, Anderston, 
Anderston Rope Works, 19 Stobcross st., Anderston. 
Anderston U.P. Church, Church place. Main street ; 

Rev. J. L. Aikman, D.D., 8 Sandyford place. 
ANDREW, Adam, grain miller. Hill Street Mills, 84 

Hill street, east ; house, 101 Golfhill ter. 
Andrew, Alexander, lieutenant of police. Central 

Police Chambers ; house, 11 Hopetoun place. 
Andrew, Rev. Alexander, minister, Cunningham Free 

Church, Govan street, off Hospital st. ; house, 22 

Abbotsford place. 
Andrew, Burns, wholesale and export stationer, 100 

Brunswick street, and 85 Candleriggs st.; house, 

Fairholm villa, Albert road, Langside. 
Andrew, Burrowes, & Atkins, silk handkerchief and 

silk scarf manufacturers, 88 St. Vincent street. 
Andrew, James, dairyman, 104 Naburn street, 
Andrew, James, teacher, 21 David street ; house, 387 

Duke street. 
Andrews, James, twister and yarn merchant, 67 

John street, Bridgeton, and 3 Abercromby street, 

Calton ; house, 15 Newhall ter. 
Andrew, John, Union Bank ; ho. Templehill, Troon. 
Andrew, John, grocer and provision merchant, 18 

West Milton street ; house, 51 M'Aslin street. 
Andrew, John, writer (at Mitchell, Cowan, & John- 
ston's), 160 West George street. 
Andrew, John F., commission agent, 1 Prince's square. 
Andrew, Peter M., engraver, 15 William st., Calton. 
Andrews, Robert, wholesale ironmonger and hardwai;e 

merchant, 368 Argyle st.; house, 372 do. 
Andrew, Walter (at M'Eachran, Loudon, & Co.'s), 

house, Neilston. 
Andrew, Walter, 11 Plantation buildings. 
Andrew, Wm., grocer and wine merchant, 95 and 97 

Great Western road ; ho. 10 Kelvin drive. 
Andrew, Wm., butcher, 134 Bernard st.; ho. 136 do. 
Andrew, William, fruits and- confections, 177 

Govan street. 
Andrew, William, cab proprietor, 24J Summer st.. 

Mile-end ; house, 15 William street, Greenhead. 
Andrews, William H., 26 Kelvin drive. 
Andrews, Mrs. A. H., Matron of Glasgow Servants' 

Institution, 850 Sauchiehall street. 
Andrew, Mrs., shawl fringer, twiner, and machinist, 

52 Glassford St.; house, 18 North Albion street. 
Anglo- American Telegraph Company (Limited), 

John Lament & Co., agents, 59 St Vincent st. 
ANGUS, Henry, flesher, 97 Main street, Anderston; 

house, 131 do. 
Angus & Menzies, home and foreign produce mer- 
chants and brokers, 15 Wellington street. 
Angus, James, storekeeper, 19 York street ; house, 

142 Pollok street. 
Angus, James, cartwright, spring van, and lorry 

builder, 9 Dalmarnock street ; house, Greenbank, 

Angus, James (at A, & W. Glen's), 2 Montelth row. 





Angus, James, letter carrier, G.P.O.; house, 113 

Angus, John, victualler, 153 Gallowgate; house, 2 

Monteith row. 
Angus, John (at T. Smith & Co.'s, 257 Argyle st.), 

house, 19 Main street, Anderston. 
Angus, John (of John Angus & Co.), house, 16 Ab- 

botsford place. 
Angus, John, greengrocer, 169 Caledonia road. 
Angus, John, overseer, Canal Works, Old Basin, Port 

Angus, John, & Co., manufacturers of coach and 

saddlery mountings, 12 West Howard street, and 

Wallsall Works, 12 Canal street, Port Eglinton. 
Angus, Peter, clothier and draper, 198 Garscube rd.; 

house, 201 do. 
Angus, Robert S. (of Angus & Menzles), house, 2 

Monteith row. 
Angus, Robert, storekeeper, Glasgow Storage Co. 

(Limited) Dundas street, s.s.; house, 85 Pollok st. 
Angus, William, cashier (at J. & M. P. Bell & Co.'s), 

house, 21 West-end Park street. 
Angus, William, teacher, College street Public 

School, Havannah st.; house, 113 Rottenrow. 
Angus, William, head master. Sister st. Public 

School ; house, 43 Roslea drive, Dennistoun. 
Angus, W. Craibe, picture dealer, 159 Queen st.; 

house, 48 Holmhead street. 
Angus's Temperance Hotel, 127 Argyle street. 
ANNACKER, William, pork butcher and sausage 

maker, 2 Wellington arcade. 
ANNAN, A. J. (of W., E., & A. J. Annan, writers), 

house, 1 Sandyford place. 
Annan, Edward (of W., E., & A. J. Annan, writers), 

house, 1 Sandyford place. 
Annan, Robert, 153 Sauchiehall street; house, 34 

Glasgow street, Hillhead. 
Annan, Thomas, portrait and landscape photographer, 

fine art merchant and publisher, 153 Sauchiehall 

street ; house, Burnbanlt road, Hamilton. 
Annan, William (of W., E., & A. J. Annan, writers), 

house, 1 Sandyford place. 
Annan, W., E., & A. J., writers, 29 St. Vincent place. 
ANNAND, James, tailor and clother, 174 Castle st. ; 

house, 33 Kennedy street. 
Annand, J. C. (of Bayne, Annand, & Co.), 69 Geo. sq. 
ANNAN DALE, John, hay and grain merchant, 73 

West Milton st.; ho. 71 Shamrock street. 
ANNAUS & Skelton, autotype permanent photo- 
graphers, 153 Sauchiehall st., and Glenbank house, 

Annfield Pottery, 673 Gallowgate. 
Annuity OfSce, W. J. Carswell, C.A., 175 West 

George street. 
Annuity Society, 87 West Regent street ; Robert 

Dnnlop, secretary. 
ANSCHET & Herberts, Barmen, button manufac- 
turers ; George E. Philp, agent, 19 Waterloo st. 
Antitropic Co., manufacturers of glacialine for pre- 
serving perishable substances, 126 Renfield street, 

W. F. Grier, manager. — See Advertiseme7it in A2Jp. 
ANTON, G., & Co., bedding and drapery warehouse, 

296 Garscube road. 
ANTON-GARCIA, Emilio (at Wm. Cruickshank & 

Co.'s), 101 St. Vincent street. 
ANTONIO, Joseph, 1 Mitchell street ; house, Auburn 

cottage, Pollokshields. 
Antwerp and Leith Steamers ; James Gardiner, 

agent, 43 Renfield street. 

Antwerp direct Steamer's Office, 2 Oswald street. 
Apothecary Hall, J. Scanlan, M.D. ; J. F. 

Wallace, 1 09 South Portland street. 
APPERSON, Henry, basketmaker, 73 John Street. 
AppoLLiNARis Company (Limited) of London ; A. 

Brown & Co., agents, 24 Gordon street. 
Arbroath Sailcloth Co., sailcloth manufactu- 
rers, 72 Ingram street. 
ARBUCKLE, Ales, (of Macqueen & Arbuckle), ho. 

37 Bute terrace, Strathbungo. 
Arbuckle, Fran., cork manufacturer, 36 Montrose st. 
Arbuckle, Hugh, & Son, slaters and plasterers, 64 

John street, Bridgeton ; house, 44 do. 
Arbuckle, Jas., cork manufacturer, 36 Montrose st. 
Arbuckle, John, glass and china merchant, 376 New 

City road. 
Arbuckle, John, wine and spirit merchant, 15 Little 

street, Calton ; house, 112 West street, do. 
Arbuckle, John, meal and grain merchant. New 

Mills, Currie ; at White's Hotel, 46 Candleriggs, 

every Wednesday. 
Arbuckle, Thomas, bottle agent, 62 Oxford street ; 

house, 54 do. 
Arbuckle, Thomas, cork manufacturer, and foreign 

cork importer, 62 Oxford street; house, 54 do. 
Arbuckle, Thomas, sealing was agent, 52 Oxford 

street ; house, 54 do. 
Arbuckle, Wm., wine and spirit merchant, 119 

Canning street, Calton ; house, 8 Morris place. 
ARCHER, Francis, commission agent, 20 Merryland 

street, Copeland road, Govan. 
Archer, Hugh, 85 High street. 
Archer, John (of Wm. H. Fairman & Co.), resid. 

Moorfield House, Lenzie. 
ARCHIBALD, Ebenezer, grocer and provision mer- 
chant, 173 Crookston street ; house, 1 Brougham 

terrace. Crossbill. 
Archibald, Ebenezer, provision merchant, 105 Eglinton 

street ; house, 1 Brougham terrace, Crossbill. 
Archibald, H. & E., stationers and tobacconists, 114 

St George's road. 
Archibald, Henry (of H. & E. Archibald), house, 16 

Rosehall street. 
Archibald, John, wine and spirit mer., 67 Prince's st. ; 

house, 24 Taylor street. 
Archibald, John, 112 Great Hamilton street. 
Archibald, Joseph, tobacconist, 9 Candleriggs; house, 

107 Greenhead street. 

Archibald, Robert, captain (at G. & J. Burns'), ho. 

13 Easton terrace, Paisley road. 
Archibald, Walter, tailor and clother, 139 West Nile 

street ; house, 141 do. 
Archibald, William, plumber, 4 Kennedy street ; 

house, 193 Castle street. 
Archibald, Wm., Union Bank of Scotland ; house, 

108 Woodlands road. 

Ardbeg Distillery, Islay ; Buchanan, Wilson, & Co., 

agents, 81 St. George's place. 
Ardeer Foundry Co., makers of cast-iron beams, 

columns, girders, &c. ; Murray & Stewart, agents, 

98 Commerce street. 
Ardeer Iron Works Office, 127 St. Vincent street. 
Ardrossan Shipping Co., 40 St. Enoch square ; 

Neil Neilage Currie, agent. 
ARGAR, Mrs., milliner, 117 Douglas street. 
Argentine consulate ; Graham Gilmour, consul, 

114 West Nile street ; house, 4 St James' terrace. 
Argyle Baths, 366 Argyle street. 
Argyle Free Gaelic Church, 16 Oswald street. 




Argyle Hotel, 6 Union street, and 172 Argyle 

street ; Win. Pender, proprietor. 
Argyle Ironmongery Co., steam and gas cooking and 

heating engineers, and general house furnishing 

ironmongers, 261b Argyle street. 
ARIS, John S., merchant and commission agent, 20 

Union st.; house, 2 Albert drive, CrossluU. 
Arlington Swimming Club, 61 Arlington street. 
ARMAND, Jamar, & Co., cut, wrought, and wire 

nail manufacturers, Belgium ; James Sime & Co., 

153 Queen street, agents. 
ARMFIELD, Edward, & Co., button manufacturers 

and factors, Birmingham ; J. Elder, agent, 19 

Howard street. 
ARMIT, Thomas Napier, underwriters' wreck agent 

and surveyor, underwriters' rooms; house, 33 

Lansdowne crescent. 
ARMITAGE & Eigbys, manufacturers, Manchester ; 

James Doig, agent, 33 Virginia street ; house, 3 

Wendover crescent. Mount Florida. 
ARMOUR, Allan, house factor and builder, 65 

Jamaica Street ; house, 7 Sedan place. Paisley road. 
Armour, Andrew, agent for R. S. Newall & Co., 68 

Anderston quay ; ho. 44 St. Vincent crescent. 
Armour, David, dairyman, 222 Crookston street. 
Armour, Hugh, stair railer, 84 Pitt street ; house, 13 

Cleveland street. 
Armour, James, janitor, St. Enoch school, 43 Rope- 
work lane ; house, 5 North Coburg street, s.s. 
Armour, James, & Son, provision merchants, 60 

Great Hamilton street ; house, 174 Claythorn st. 
Armour, John, provision merchant, 263 Main street, 

s.s. ; house, 3 Devon street. 
Armour, John, fruiterer, 34 Caledonia road, s.s. 
Armour, John, grain merchant, 74 London road ; 

house, 121 Greenhead street. 
Armour, Jonathan, architect, 65 Jamaica street ; 

house, 7 Sedan place, Paisley road. 
Armour, Robert, shipsmith, 1 Mavisbank, south side ; 

house, 18 Rutland place, Govan road. 
Armour, William, 382 Duke street. 
Armour, William, grocer, 250 Cumberland street ; 

house, 11 Lorn terrace. Mount Plorida. 
Armour, Wm., civil engineer (at A. Laughlen's), 

207 West George street. 
Armour, Mrs. William, wine and spirit merchant, 132 

Broad st., Mile-end, 68 Stevenson st., 47 Main st, 

Bridgeton, and 43 King st., Calton ; house, 135 

Greenhead terrace. 
Armour, Miss, dress and cloak maker, 62 Bath st. 
Armour, Elizabeth, hosier and draper, 86 Canning st. 
Armour, Janet, dairy, 73 Dalraarnock road. 
ARMSTRONG Brothers & Co., iron merchants and 

steam ship owners, 3 Royal Exchange court. 
Armstrong, C, & Sons, hat and cap manufacturers, 

1 Argyle street. 
Armstrong, Charles (of C. Armstrong & Sons), house, 

Thrushgrove, Kilmarnock. 
Armstrong & Co., brace and belt manufacturers, 13 

South Exchange place. 
Armstrong & Crawford, grocers and provision merchts., 

23 King street, City. 
Armstrong, F., & Co., iron and metal merchants, 97, 

99 St. James' road. 
Armstrong, F. (of F. Armstrong & Co.), house, 377 

Bath crescent. 
Armstrong, James, City of Glasgow Life Assurance 

Co. ; house, 16 Albert drive. 
Armstrong, James (at Jas. Aspin's), ho. 46 PoUok st. 

Armstrong, James, grocer and provision merchant, 

22 Green st., Calton ; house, 83 do. 
Armstrong, James M., measurer (at Geo. Smellie's, 

162 St. Vincent st.), house, 7 Park place. 
Armstrong, John (of C. Armstrong & Son), house, 

12 Hill street, Kilmarnock. 
Armstrong, John, haircutter, 8 Dunlop street ; ho. 

95 Caledonia road. 
Armstrong, Maxwell E., fishmonger, 422 New City rd.; 

house, 2 Abington street. 
Armstrong, Rich, (of C. Armstrong & Sons), house, 

Thrushgrove, Kilmarnock. 
Armstrong, Eev.Robt., A.M., minister of St.Matthews, 

Bothwell street, W. ; house, 11 Burnbank terrace. 
Armstrong & Shaw, wholesale and retail wine and 

spirit merchants, 140, 142 Nelson st., Tradeston ; 

house, 60 Dundas street, Kingston. 
Armstrong, Thos. N. (of Armstrong Brothers & Co.), 

house, 6 Rupert street. 
Armstrong, Thomas, commission agent, 24 Hutcheson 

street ; house, 150 Buccleuch street. 
Armstrong, W. J. (of Armstrong Brothers & Co.), 

residence, Carrickarden, New Kilpatrick. 
Armstrong, Mrs., certificated nurse, 428 Parliament- 
ary road. 
ARNEIL, Eobert (at Wm. Bowser & Son's), house, 

20 Nightingale place, Kelvinhaugh street. 
ARNOLD, Chas. F., tea agent, 19 W. Howard st. ; 

house, 1 Kelburn terrace. Crossbill. 
Arnold, Hugh (at A. T. Stewart & Co.'s), house, 

Marvilla Cottage, Clyde street, Partick. 
ARNOTT, Archibald, accountant, factor, and insurance 

agent, 124 St. Vincent street ; house, 5 Ardine 

terrace. Crossbill. 
Arnot, Arnold, commission agent, 144 W. Regent st. 
Arnott & Co., warehousemen, 19 Jamaica street and 

8 Adam's Court lane. 
Arnot, David A. (of the Oak Foundry Co.), house 

49 Hohnhead street. 
Arnot, David, house factor, 120 South Portland st, 
Arnott, James, potato merchant, 559 Gallowgate. 
Arnot, James Craig (of T. Arnot & J. Christie & 

Co., 162, 164 St. Vincent street), house, Under- 

clifi", W^emyss Bay. 
Arnott, James, saddler, 335 New City road, 
Arnot, John, mason and monumental sculptor in 

granite, marble, and freestone, 433 Great Eastern 

road; house, 265 do. 
Arnott, Sir John, & Co., brewers, Cork ; 82 and 84 

M'Alpine street ; John M'Fadzean, agent. 
Arnot, Robert C, agent, 33 Virginia st. ; house, 22 

Windsor terrace. 
Arnot, Thomas, house and ship painter and decora- 
tor, 162 St. Vincent st. and 97 West George lane. 
Arnot, Thomas, writer, 40 West Nile street ; house, 

Sbawfield, Helensburgh. 
Arnott, Thomas L. (of Arnott & Co.), residence, 

Laurel Bank, Partick. 
Arnott, Wm., & Co., drapers, 14 Bridgeton Cross. 
Arnott, William, corn factor, 54 Hope street ; house, 

Lome cottage, PoUokshields. 
Arnott, William (of Wm. Arnott & Co.), house, 127 

Alexandra terrace. 
Arnott, Wm. (of W. Arnott & Son), house, 36 Regent 

Park square, 
Arnott, W., & Sons, tea warehousemen, 67 Oswald st. 
Arnot, Misses, 22 Windsor terrace. 
ARROL, Archibald (of Archibald Arrol & Sons), ho. 

18 Blythswood square. 


Arrol, Archibald T. (of Archibald Arrol & Sons), 

residence, Millgrove House, Alloa. 
Arrol & Campbell, painters, 214 Great Western rd. 
Arrol, Archd., £c Sons, brewers and mer- 
chants, Alloa Brewery, Alloa ; Stores, Craighall, 

Port Dundas ; office, 16 Dixon street ; agents for 

Duff, Gordon, & Co., Cadiz ; Hunt, Roope, Teage, 

and Co., Oporto ; Hanappier & Co., Bordeaux ; J. 

Denis, Hy. Mounie, & Co., Cognac ; Wm. Ritchie, 

Glenury Royal Distillery ; Thomas Stewart, Glen- 

turit Distillery, Crieff; Arthur Guinness, Sons, 

and Co., Dublin ; Combe & Co., London ; H. J. 

Bivort, glass manufacturer, Belgium ; London and 

Manchester Plate Glass Co., Sutton. 
Arrol, James (of Wm. Arrol & Co.), house, 70 

Armadale street, Dennistoun. 
Arrol, John H. (of George Millar & Co., bolt and 

rivet manufacturers), ho. 309 London road. 
Arrol, Walter (of Archibald Arrol & Sons), house, 18 

Blythswood square. 
Arrol, Wm. A. (of Archibald Arrol & Sons), house, 

18 Blythswood square. 
Arrol, Wm., & Co., engineers, boiler, bridge, and iron 

roof makers, and contractors, Dalmarnock ironworks, 

249 Baltic street. 
Arrol, Wm. (of William Arrol & Co.), house, 

1 Alexandra parade, Dennistoun. 
Art Union of Glasgow ; Ales. Moore, C.A., secre- 
tary, 166 St. Vincent street. 
Art Union of London ; Geo. M'Farlane, C.A., hon. 

secretary, 179 West George street. 
ARTHUR, Alexander, wine and spirit merchant, 260 

High street; house, 10 George street. 
Arthur, Alex. A. (of Arthur, Goodwin, & Co.), ho. 

14 Hamilton drive, Billhead. 
Arthur, Alex. B., watchmaker, goldsmith, and jeweller, 

135 Canning st. ; house, 6 Green Lodge terrace. 
Arthur, Allan, Fletcher, & Co., turkey red dyers and 

calico printers, 4 Victoria buildings, W. Regent st. 

Keys with John A. Stewart, 296 Buchanan st. 
Arthur, Allan (of Allan Arthur, Fletcher, & Co.), 

house, 7 Alfred terrace, Hillhead. 
Arthur, Andrew Joseph (at Craig & Rose's), house, 2 

Hamilton drive. 
Arthur, Charles (at Glasgow Pottery), ho. 2 Hamil- 
ton drive, Hillhead. 
Arthur & Co., warehousemen and manufacturers, 78 

Queen street ; factory, William street, Anderston, 

and at Londonderry. 
Arthur, David, commercial traveller (at D. & J. 

Parker's), ho. 14 Houston st. 
Arthur, David L. oil and colour merchant, 6 and 8 

Grseme street. 
Arthur, Fred. W. (at G. and J. Burns'), house, 2 

Hamilton drive, Hillhead. 
Arthur, G., tobacconist, 387 Gallowgate; house, 

427 do. 
Arthur, Goodwin, & Co., timber merchants, 163 St. 

Vincent street. 
Arthur & Hinshaw, oil merchants and drysalters, 32, 

Bothwell street ; stores, 37 St Vincent lane. 
Arthur, Rev. James, E. C. Church, Springburn; ho. 

The Manse, Hillhouse. 
Arthur, James (of Arthur & Co.), residence, Bar- 

shaw, near Paisley. 
Arthur, John, wool and engine waste merchant, 45 

Calton entry ; house, 9 Whitehill street. 
Arthur, John, jun., grain merchant and miller, 14 

Commercial road ; house, 1 South Wellington pi. 

Arthur, John, boot and shoemaker, 163 Trongate ; 
house, 4 Somerville place. 

Arthur, John (of Muirhead & Arthur), residence. 
North Bank house, Bothwell. 

Arthur, John C. (at G. & J.° Burns'), house, 2 
Hamilton drive, Hillhead. 

Arthur, John W. (of Allan Arthur, Fletcher, & Co.), 
house, 7 Alfred terrace, Hillhead. 

Arthur, M. (of Arthur & Co.), ho. Barshaw, Paisley. 

Arthur, Robert, provision merchant, 92 Mainst., s.s.; 
house, 318 Cumberland street. 

Arthur, Robert, engraver on wood, 60 Kyle street; 
house, 36 Garnethill street. 

Arthur, Sam., hardware and fancy goods dealer, 58, 
60 Stevenson street ; house, 3 Tobago street. 

Arthur, William, warehouseman ( at Wylie & Loch- 
head's), house, 1 Annette street, Crossbill. 

Arthur, W. Rae (of Muir, Brown, & Co.), ho. 1 Crown 
gardens, Dowanhill. 

Arthur, W. R., commission merchant, 25 Robertson 
street ; house, 7 Carmichael street, Govan. 

Arthur, BIrs. Alexander, wine merchant, 4 and 6 
M'Pherson street ; house, 144 Graeme street. 

Asbestos Steam Jointing Co., dealers in asbestos 
materials, 5 Carlton place. 

Ashbury Railway Carriage and Iron Company 
(Limited), Manchester, manufacturers of every 
description of railway carriages and waggons, 
wrought and cast iron carriage and waggon 
wheels, tyres, axles, bar iron, hammered uses and 
heavy smith work for engineers, millwrights, &c., 
iron roofing, girders, turntables, water columns, 
water tanks, pumps, travelling and fixed cranes, 
switches and crossings, &c. ; sole agent, William 
Lester, 25 Bath street. 

ASHCROFT, Hugh U., teacher, 14 Hamilton cres- 
cent, Partick ; house, 10 do. 

ASHER, William, reporter Evening Citizen; house, 24 
Titwood place, Nithsdale road. 

Asher, Mrs. P., furrier, 77 Renfield street. 

ASHFORD, Isaac J., traveller (at Wm. Stevenson & 
Co.'s), house, 33 Westend Park street. 

ASPIN, James, varnish and japan manufacturer, 51 
Hydepark street ; house, 1 India street, west. 

ASSAFREY, A. T., foreign confectioner, 213 Sauchie- 
hall street and 2 Rokeby terrace, Hillhead ; bouse, 
220 Sauchiehall street. 

Assam Tea Co., tea merchants, 93 Trongate. 

Assembly Rooms, 138 Bath street; John Scott, 

Assessors of Property and Income-tax, James 
Mitchell, 205 Buchanan street. 

Associated Joiners' Building Company (Limited), 
35 Devon street ; John Morrison, manager. 

Association for the Relief of Incurables for Glas- 
gow and the West of Scotland, 68 Bath street ; 
W. T. IM'Auslane, secretary. 

Association for Organizing Charitable Relief and 
Repressing Mendicity, 68 Bath street. 

Association of Underwriters, Royal Exchange. 

ASTON, Albert, bath proprietor, hairdresser, 
wholesale and retail human hair merchant, per- 
fumer, and dealer in fancy goods, wholesale ware- 
house for ladies' real hair, Argyle Baths, 366 
Argyle street ; house, Cathkin view, Langside. 

Asylum for the Blind Sale Shops, 22 Candleriggs 
street, 262 Sauchiehall street, 108 Castle street. 

Asylum of the Little Sisters of the Poor, for Aged 
Infirm Poor. 180 Garngad Hill. 




Asylum for the Blind, 102 , 106, 108 Castle street, 
manufacturers of baskets, brushes, ropes, twines, 
nets, sacks, door mats, beds, mattresses, wire 
riddles, sieves, knitted and crotchet work, &c. ; 
Wm. Brown, treasurer, 45 Dunlop street ; Robert 
Jameson, secretary, 149 St. Vincent street; John 
Brown, superintendent; house, 125 North John St. 

Asylum for the Houseless, 71 North Frederick street. 

Asylum for Indigent Old Men, 81 Rottenrow; James 
Fleming, superintendent. 

Asylum, Glasgow Royal, Gartnavel, Great Western 
road ; Dr. Yellowlees, superintendent ; J. Caldwell, 
steward; J. R. Strong, treasurer, 110 West George 
street ; parcel ofSce, Globe Parcel Office, 17 
Renfield street. 

Athen^um Rooms, 110 Ingram street. 

Athole Arms Hotel, 21 Dundas street ; James 
M'Kenzie, proprietor. 

Athole Lodge, 213 Buchanan street. 

ATHYA, John, & Son, produce and commission 
merchants, 54 Gordon street. 

Athya, John (of John Athya & Son), residence, Kirk- 
linton, Langside. 

Athj'a, John, jun. (of John Athya & Son), residence, 
Kirklinton, Langside. 

ATKINSON, Paul, H.M. Customs; house, 385 
Sauchiehall street. 

Atlantic Mills (David and John Anderson), Walk- 
inshaw Street, Bridgeton. 

Atlas Fire and Life Assurance Co. of Lon- 
don; Wm. Carrick & Son, agents, 213 Buchanan 
street. — See Advertisement in Appendix. 

Atlas Foundry, Market street, Gallowgate. 

Atlas Parcel Delivery Co., head office 18 South 
Hanover street and 16 Renfield street, carriers to 
Camlachie daily at 10 a.m. ; Cathcart, Tuesdays and 
Fridays at 10 a.m. ; Crossbill, daily at 10 a.m. and 4 
p.m.; Crossmyloof, daily at 4 p.m.; Govan, daily at 10 
a.m. and 4 p.m. ; Hillhead, daily at 10 a.m. and 4 
p.m. ; Ibroxholm, daily at 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. ; 
Kelvinhaugh, daily at 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. ; Lang- 
side, daily at 4 p.m. ; Parkhead, daily at 10 a.m. ; 
Partick, daily at 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. ; Pollok- 
shields, daily at 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.; Rutherglen, 
daily at 4 p.m. ; Shawlands, daily at 4 p.m. ; 
Springburn, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays 
at 10 a.m.; Strathbungo, daily at 4 p.m. ; White- 
inch, daily at 11 a.m. ; Linthouse, Tuesdays and 
Fridays at 10 a.m. ; to all parts of the city at 10 
a.m. and 4 p.m. — See Advertisement in Appendix. 

Atlas Parcel Express. Parcels forwarded to all 
parts of the world ; 18 South Hanover street and 
16 Renfield street. 

AUCHINCLOSS, John, spirit dealer, 233 Main st., 
Bridgeton ; house, 231 do. 

Auchincloss, Janet, furnishings and dressmaking, 
207 Main street, Bridgeton; house, 143 do, 

AuCHiNRAiTH Colliery office, 127 St. Vincent street. 

AUCHINVOLE, John (of Johnston, Farie, & Co.), 
res. Ardoch Lodge, Cambuslang. 

AucHLOCHAN Colliery office, 223 West George street. 

AUCHTERLONIE, Wilham, spirit dealer, 222 New 
Dalmarnock road ; house, 11 Newhall terrace. 

Auchterlonie, Miss, 7 Hillsborough terrace, Bruce 
street, Hillhead. 

Augustine Free Church, Rutherglen road; Rev. D, 
M'Gregor, M.A., pastor. 

AULD, Alex. W., calico printer and merchant, 22 
West Nile street ; house, 20 Burnbank gardens. 

Auld, Berrie, & Deas, muslin manufacturers. For 

address, see Names too late for insertion. 
Auld, David, & Sons, engineers andironfounders, and 

patentees of reducing valves, &c., Greenhead 

Foundry, 23 Duncan street, off" Canning street. 
Auld, David (of David Auld & Sons), res. , Rockmount, 

13 Broompark drive, Dennistoun. 
Auld, George (of Auld, Berrie, & Deas), residence, 

Apsley villa, Copeland road, Govan. 
Auld & Guild, accountants and stockbrokers, 65 St. 

Vincent street. 
Auld, Henry D. (of David Auld & Sons), house, 13 

Broompark drive, Dennistoun. 
Auld, Hugh W. (at John I\I'Aliste/s), Greenbank 

sailwork, Mavisbank quay; house, Primrose place, 

Paisley road. 
Auld, James, provision merchant, 48 New street ; 

house, 12 South St Mungo street. 
Auld, James, family grocer and wine merchant, 48 

& 50 Main street, Newton, Ayr. 
Auld, James, dairyman, 4 South St. Mungo street. 
Auld, John, grocer and victualler, 25 Duke street ; 

house, 4 Burrell's lane. 
Auld, John, painter and paperhanger, 39 Bath street. 
Auld, John (of David Auld & Sons), house, 13 

Broompark drive, Dennistoun. 
Auld, Robt. B. (of J. & A. Naismith), house, 13 

Broompark drive. 
Auld, Ross R., writer (of Finlayson & Auld), house, 

16 Belmont crescent, Hillhead. 
Auld, T., 30 Monteith row. 
Auld & Westwood, brassfounders and gasfitters, 248 

Auld, William, jun., insurance broker and merchant, 

20 St Vincent place; house, Beech Bank villa, 

Auld, William (of Auld & Guild), ho. 4 Park ter. 

Auld, William (at Nicol & Halliday's), house, 9 

Kirk street, s.s. 
Auld, Jane, dressmaking and furnishings, 183 New 

City road ; house, 5 Rosehall street. 
Auld, J. & A., dressmakers, 4 Burrell's lane, off 

AUSTIN, David Drysdale, Patent office, 115 St. 
Vincent street ; house, 14 Allison st., Crossbill. 

Austine & Co., coal masters, Allanton Collieries, 161 
Hope street. 

Austin, George, mahogany, timber, and veneer mer- 
chant, 37 to 41 Pitt street ; house, 1 Florentine 
terrace, Hillhead. 

Austin, John, surgeon dentist, 77 Renfield street. 

Austine, John (of Austine & Co., and Cadzow Coal 
Co., limited), residence. Oak Lodge, Hamilton. 

Austin & M'Aslan, nursery and seedsmen, 16 Bu- 
chanan street ; nurseries, Coplawhill, Strathbungo. 

Austin, Robert, baker and confectioner, 181 Parlia- 
mentary road ; house, 83 Taylor street. 

Austrian Lloyds, Trieste, First Section; agent, 
Geo. Breen, 116 St. Vincent street. 

AusTKO-Hungarian Vice-Consul, James Galbraith, 
15 St. Vincent place. 

AUTLIN, J., toy and fancy shop, 25 Argyle arcade. 

AVELINE, Wm., & Co., Messina; agents, Wm. 
Bryce & Co., 40 St Enoch square. 

AVERY, Mrs. Samuel, Refreshment Rooms, 497 
Gallowgate; house, 493 do. 

Avery's Patent Agate Brass Gilt Beams and Scales 
and weights ; Alex. Craig, agent, 4 Woodlands road. 



AYALA & Co. (late Ayala-Albreclit), champagne 

shippers, Ay, France ; Bulloch, Lade, & Co., agents, 

Bothwell street. 
AYLES, Carrington W. (of Barrett & Co., 103 

Bothwell street), house, 12 West Prince's street. 
AYLMER, Henry, spirit merchant, 366 Gallowgate; 

house, 309 London road. 
Ayk & Glasgow Steam Packet office, 118 Broomielaw. 
AYTON & Co., ale and stout brewers, Eagle Brewery, 

Ayton, Frederick (Ayton & Co.), Eagle Brewery, 



BABES, R,, wine and spirit merchant, 11 Carrick 

street ; house, 6 do. 
BACON, Francis Patrick, R.C. clergyman, 21 Dal- 

housie street. 
BAILES, Miss, lodgings, 133 Hospital street. 
BAILLIE, Gavin (at Wm. Rankin & Sons'), house, 

359 Thistle street. 
Baillie, George, working jeweller, 40 Union street. 
Baillie, George, wright, 112 West Graham street. 
Baillie, George L., writing master, The Park School, 

Lynedoch street ; house, 6 Windsor street. 
Baillie, James (of James Baillie & Sons), house, 45 

Apsley place. 
Baillie, James B. (of James Baillie & Sons), house, 

45 Apsley place. 
Baillie, James, malt and hop merchant, 18 Elderslie 

street ; house, 540 St. Vincent street. 
Baillie, Jas. (at John Miller and Jas. H. Ferguson's), 

87 Ardgowan street, 
Baillie, Jas., baker, 42 Cheapside street. 
Baillie, James, & Sons, wholesale provision mer- 
chants, 61 Ingram street, E. 
Baillie, James, flesher, 15 Elgin street. 
Baillie, John, wine merchant, agent for M'Lennan 

& Urquhart, brewers, Dalkeith, 131 Stockwell st.; 

house, 683 Duke street. 
Baillie, Peter R. (of James Baillie & Sons), house, 

137 Shields road. 
Baillie, Robert, dairyman, 189 Claythorn St.; house, 

191 do. 
Baillie, Simon, 26 Lilybank road. 
Baillies, Thomas, ham curer and provision merchant, 

20 Wilson street ; house, 121 Annfield street. 
Baillie, William (of Donald & Baillie), house, 130 

Hospital street. 
Baillie, Mrs. John, provision merchant, 81 Green st., 

Baillie, Miss, 12 Bucclench street. 
Baillie, Isabella, wine and spirit merchant, 23 Orr 

street, Calton ; house, 82 Main street, Bridgeton. 
BAIN, Alexander, grocer, 28 North Albion street. 
Bain, Alexander, Bank of Scotland ; house, 6 Grange 

terrace. Queen's Park. 
B tin, Alexander, portioner, 80 North St Mungo st. 
Bain, Andrew, mason and builder, Maryvale cottage, 

114 Cubie street, Mile-end. 
Bain, Andrew, 111 Renfrew street. 
Bain, Andrew (of James Wilson & Co.), house, 90 

South Portland street. 
Bain, Aulay, brassfounder and plumber, 79 Finnies- 

ton street; house, 30 Kelvinhaugh street. 
Bain, David, joiner, trunk, and packing-box maker, 

75 Cathedral street ; house, 98 North Frederick st. 
Bain, Duncan C, wine and spirit merchant, 104 Gt. 

Hamilton street ; house, 11 Craignestock place. 

Bain, George, pastry cook, 111 and 115 Gallowgate; 
house, 118 do. 

Bain, George, & Son, tailors and clothiers, 15 Lon- 
don street. 

Bain, George, agent to the Association for Organiz- 
ing Charitable Relief and Repressing Mendicity, 
68 Bath street; house, Nitshill. 

Bain, Hugh, 118 New City road. 

Bain, James, grain merchant, 54 Armour st.; house, 
26 Hill street, east. 

Bain, James, The Honourable Lord Provost of 
Glasgow, City Chambers, 49 Ingram street ; ho. 
3 Park terrace. 

Bain, John, & Co., sewed muslin manufacturers, 5 
Madeira court, 257 Argyle street. 

Bain, John, & Son, tinsmiths, gasfitters, and 
plumbers, &c., 20, 22 Royal arcade ; house, 28 
Buccleuch street. 

Bain, John, baker, 25 King street, Tradeston ; ho. 
36 Commerce street. 

Bain, John, family grocer, 8 Paxton terrace; house, 
15 Alexandra place, CrosshilL 

Bain, Robert, coal and coke merchant, 22 Dundas 
St. ; house, 28 Garden place, Barnbank. 

Bain, Robert (of Hydepark Foundry Co.), house, 
2 Lawrence place, Partick. 

Bain, Wm., grain merchant, 54 Armour street ; ho. 
26 Hill street, east. 

Bain, Wm., representative in Scotland of Wilkinson, 
Heywood, & Clarke, varnish and colour manufac- 
turers, Battlebridge, London, N.; house, 70 Roslea 
drive, Dennistoun. 

Bain, W. & A., tinsmiths, gasfitters, and zinc workers, 
59 William street, Anderston; house, 161 Kent 

Bain, Mrs. Andrew, '2 Park Grove terrace, Kelvin- 
grove street. 

Bain, Mrs. J., ornamental hair worker and wig 
maker, 17 Trongate. 

Bain, Isabella, fishmonger, 519 Gallowgate; house, 
574 do. 

BAINS, W. N., brassfounder, Rotherham ; agent for 
Scotland, Walter M'Onie, 74 Waterloo street. 

B.\IRD, Alexander, tailor and clothier, 48 London 
street; ho. 1 Queen Mary avenue, Crossbill. 

Alexander Baird, silk handkerchief manufacturer 
and printer, 88 St. Vincent street ; house, 1 Os- 
borne place, Copeland road, Govau. 

Baird, Alexander, bookseller, news-agent, and sta- 
tioner, 251 Great Western road; house, 253 do. 

Baird, Alexander S. (of John Baird & Co.), house, 
19 Sardinia terrace, Hillhead. 

Baird, Archibald, & Son, engineers, ironmongers, 
colliery and ironworks' furnishers, manufacturers 
of gutta percha furnishings for collieries, paper 
mills, dye works, &c., &c., sole licensees for Scot- 
land for the Lavender lamp, 67 Robertson street. 

Baird, Archd. (of Archd. Baird & Son), house, Hope- 
ton, Park road, Hamilton. 

Baird, Arch. S., cashier (at M'Corquodale & Co.'s), 
house, 140 Mains street. 

Baird, Arthur, gold and silver beater, 64 & 66 Rope- 
work lane; house, Wardlaw villa, Rutherglen. 

Baird & Brown, merchants and ship-owners, 98 
Slitchell street. 

Baird, C. J., agent for Messrs. Schroder & de Con- 
stans, Bordeaux, E. Gervais' patent corking ma- 
chine, Bordeaux, 65 W. Regent street ; house, 6 
Burnbank terrace, Great Western road. 





Baird, David D. (of Thos. Baird & Son, agents 

Union Bank of Scotland, Govan), house, South 

Croft, Govan. 
Baird, Ernest G. (of Francis N. Baird & Co.) 
Baird, Frank (of H. Baird & Co., Great Canal 

Brewery), house, 20 Belhaven terrace. Great 

Western road. 
Baird, Francis N., & Co., brokers for the construction, 

sale, purchase, and charter of steam and sailing 

vessels, 41 Ann street. 
Baird, Francis N. (of Francis N. Baird & Co.), re- 
sidence, Lochview House, Clynder. 
Baird, George Ure, commission agent, 62 Queen 

St.; ho. Cart Bank villa, Cathkin road, Langside. 
~ Baird, George, wine and spirit merchant, 179 

Caledonia road and 368 South Wellington street ; 

house, 171 Hospital street. 
Baird, G. & P., ship store and provision merchants, 

87 King street, Tradeston ; house, 3 Paterson st. 
Baird, G. & P., grocers and provision merchants, 9-4 

South Wellington street ; house, 400 South Cum- 
berland street. 

Baird, Hugh, & Co., brewers to her Majesty, Great 
Canal Brewery, Fossil road ; orders may be left at 
Thomas Whyte's, 209 Buchanan street. 

Baird, H. Harper, agent, National Provident Institu- 
tion, 55 West Cumberland street. 

Baird, Hugh, sen. (of Hugh Baird & Sons), residence, 
Cathkin House, Rutherglen. 

Baird, H., jun. (of Hugh Baird & Sons), house, 17 
Westbourne gardens, Hillhead. 

Baird, Hugh, & Sons, maltsters and hop merchants, 
134 St. Vincent street. 

Baird, Hugli, brickbuilder, 51 Rutherglen road. 

Baird, James H. (at Thos. Fletcher's, 37 Bath street), 
house, 412 Parliamentary road. 

Baird, James, hair dresser, 61 Hospital street ; house, 
116 Rutherglen loan. 

Baird, James, measurer, 27 Union street. 

Baird, James, manager (John Brown & Son), house, 
99 Annfield street. 

Baird, James, wine merchant, 226 Gallowgate and 
5 and 7 Stevenson street; ofSce, 224 Gallowgate. 

Baird, James, ofiSce keeper. North British Railway, 
14 West George street. 

Baird, J. & L., stay and corset manufacturers, by 
power, 32 Bellgrove st. 

Baird, J. Robertson, milliner and draper, 160 Cumber- 
land St.; house, 162 do. 

Baird, John, architect, I.A., F.R.I.B.A., 112 West 
Regent st. ; house, 60 St. Vincent crescent. 

Baird, John, & Co., spirit brokers and commission 
merchants, 14 Queen st. 

Baird, John, & Co., commission merchants, 14 
Queen street; agents for William Younger & Co., 
brewers, Edinburgh; John D'Arcy & Sons, brewers, 
Dublin ; John Ross & Co., distillers, Campbel- 
town ; John Ross, distiller, Teaninich, Ross-shire; 
and George Sayer & Co., brandy, Cognac. — See 
Adv. in App. 

Baird, John, and James Thompson, I. A., architects, 

88 Bath street. 

Baird, J; (of Jn. Baird & Co.), ho. 6 Burnbank ter. 
Baird, John, wine and spirit dealer, 11 Kirk street, 

Townhead ; house, 136 Stirling road. 
Baird, John, & Co., tailors and clothiers, 79 Stirling 

road ; house, 107 Parson street. 
Baird, John, fruiterer, 8 Caprera pi., Paisley road ; 

house, 23 Shields road. 

Baird, John, cut, engraved, and etched glass manu- 
facturer, 71 Bishop street, Port Dundas ; house, 
37 M' Asian street. 

Baird, John (of J. & L. Baird), ho. 2 Branford pi. 

Baird, John, wine and spirit merchant, 14 and IG 
Waterloo street. Mile-end ; house, Rosemount villa, 
by Airdrie. 

Baird, Lockhart (of J. & L. Baird), house, 2 Bran- 
ford place. 

Baird, Matthew B. (of Archibald Baird & Son), 
house, Charleville, Uddingston. 

Baird & M'Culloch, wholesale confectioners, 168 

Baird, Montague M. W. (of Hugh Baird & Sons), 
residence, Cathkin house, Rutherglen. 

Baird, Robert, & Co., oil merchants and colour manu- 
facturers, 35 Glassford street ; works, Burnbank, 

Baird, Robert, & Co., coalmasters, 65 Jamaica st. ; 
coal depot, College station. 

Baird, Robert, colliery agent, 139 St. Vincent street ; 
house, Annickbank, Cambuslang. 

Baird, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 179 Cale- 
donia road ; house, 416 Crown street. 

Baird, Robert W., brassfounder. Park st., Kinning 
Park ; house, 20 Plantation place. 

Baird, R. & A., glass and colour merchants, 127 
N. Dundas street. 

Baird & Stevenson, Orchard, Giffnock, Overwood, 
Dunmore, Croy, Nitshill, Netherton, Monkredding, 
and Chapelhall Quarries, 20 Dixon street. 

Baird, Thomas, land agent, and agent for the Union 
Bank of Scotland, Govan. At Mr. Duncan's, 94 
Buchanan street., on Wednesdays, from 12 till 2 
o'clock; house. South Croft, Govan. 

Baird, Thomas, jun. (at Wm. Colvin & Co.'s), house, 
12 Berkeley terrace. 

Baird, Thomas, clerk, 43 Hutcheson sq. ; house, 8 do. 

Baird, Thomas, bookkeeper, Scottish Amicable Life 
Assurance Society ; ho. 6 Rosslyn terrace, Pollok- 

Baird & Todd, drysalters and commission merchants, 
29 Corn Exchange Chambers, Waterloo street. 

Baird, Wilham, & Co., iron and coal masters, Gart- 
sherrie Iron Works. 

Baird, William,' & Co., iron and coal masters, 168 
West George street. 

Baird, William, of Elie, 168 West George street ; resi- 
dence, Elie house, Fifeshire. 

Baird, William, consulting engineer, 122 Wellington 
street ; house, 3 Walworth terrace. 

Baird, William, jun. (at Wilson & Christie's), house, 
206 Main street, s.s. 

Baird, William, manager (Forsyth, Miller, & Co.), 
house, 22 Brandon street, East. 

Baird, William, cashier (Hutchison and Dixon's), 7 
West Nile street. 

Baird, William, & Co., foundry and smithy coke 
manufacturers. Port Dundas and Kilsyth ; office, 
168 West George street. 

Baird, Wm. (of W. & D. Baird), house, Cambuslang. 

Baird, W. & D , drysalters, fruit, spice, and coffee mer- 
chants, 66 Robertson street. 

Baird, William, family grocer, 163 New City road; 
house, Rusko villa, New Kilpatrick. 

Baird, Mrs. Alexander, wine merchant, 168 Gallow- 
gate ; house, 2 Monteith row. 

Baird, Mrs. Charles R., 18 Burnbank terrace. 

Baird, Mrs. Elizabeth, 415 Sauchiehali street. 





Baird, Mrs. John, 10 Park Grove ter., West End pk. 

Baird, Mrs., grocer, 16 Grove street. 

Baird, Mrs. Robert, 55 West Cumberland street. 

Baii-d, Mrs. Walter, 284 Batli crescent. 

Baird, Mrs., 35 St. Vincent crescent. 

Baird, Helen, grocer, 108 North Frederick street. 

Baird's Patent Antifouling Composition. — 
Baird's patent antifouling composition for iron 
vessels, 41 Ann street, city. 

Baird Trust Office, 168 West George street. 

BAKER, Jas., wine and spirit merchant, 2 Forth st, 
and 170 Port Dundas road ; ho. 26 Gladstone st. 

Baker, Richard, superintendent of police, 13 Tobago 
street ; house, 33 Monteith rovr. 

Baker, Samuel, & Co., gold and silver leaf manufac- 
turers, 110 Hope St. ; vrorks, Rutherglen; residence, 
Oiferton, Rutherglen. 

Baker, Thomas, tube manufacturer (Caledonian Tube 
Co., Coatbridge), resid. Beechbank, Mount Vernon, 

Baker, Thomas, grocer and provision merchant, 102 
Gt. Hamilton st. ; ho. 2 Fir Park ter. Dennistoun. 

BALD, James, assurance agent, 209 New City road. 

Bald, James, & Co., corn brokers, 13 Hope street. 

Bald, James (of James Bald & Co.), house, 3 Prince's 
terrace, Dowanhill. 

Bald, J. & J. W., tea and coffee merchants, 44 Ingram 
street, E. ; house, 68 Dundas street, Kingston. 

Bald, Peter, merchant, 49 Dunlop street ; house, 
Fairyknowe, Blairmore. 

Bald, Wm. R. (of James Bald & Co., 13 Hope st.), 
house, 3 St. James terrace, Hillhead. 

BALDEN, Robert (of Craig Brothers), house, 273 
St. George's road. 

BALDERSTON, David, apothecary, City Parish Dis- 
pensary ; house, 51 Naburn street. 

Balderston, R. G., ironfounder and grate manufac- 
turer. Paragon Foundry, Kinning park ; house, 
Eockbank villa, Bishopbriggs. 

Balderston, Robert, agent for J. B. Hoyt & Co., 
belting manufacturers. New York, 174 W. George st. 

Balderston, Mrs. H. N., 562 St. Vincent street. 

BALDIE, Henry, commission agent, Clackmannan 
Fireclay Works, 56 W. Regent st.; ho. Stirling. 

Baldie, Robert, LA., architect, 83 Bath street ; house, 
Aston, Bridge of Allan. 

BALDWIN & Walker, worsted spinners, Halifax, 
Yorkshire ; Alexander Strachan & gon, 34 Glass- 
ford street, agents. 

BALFOUR, Ales, (of Alex. Balfour & Co.), house, 2 
Parkgrove terrace. 

Balfour, Alex., & Co. earthenware manufacturers, 
295 Debbie's loan. 

Balfour, David D., sheriff substitute, Airdrie ; Glasgow 
address, 138 Hope street. 

Balfour, James A., agent for collieries, 70 Oxford st. 

Balfour, James, tailor and clothier, 89 Sauchiehall 
street; house, 131 West Graham street. 

Balfour, James N. (of Wm. Balfour & Co.), house, 
3 Queen's crescent. 

Balfour, James M., cashier at J. Laing's, 70 Portland 
street ; house, 70 Oxford street. 

Balfour, John, dairyman, 188 Watt st.; ho. 186 do. 

Balfour & Paterson, writers, 138 Hope street. 

Balfour, Robert, wholesale cabinet and chair manu- 
facturer, upholsterer, and upholstery furnisher, 
81 and 85 Maxwell street, and 75 and 81 East 
Howard street ; factory, West of Scotland Cabinet 
and Chair Works, Beith ; house, Beith. 

Balfour, Thomas, baker, 26 Cook st. ; house, 28 do. 
Balfour, William, & Co., merchants and agents, 

136 Queen street. 
Balfour, Mrs. Robert, 5 Clyde View, Govan road. 
Balfour, Mrs., 186 North street. 
BALGARNIE, John, 8 Buchanan street; house, 

3 Whitefield terrace, Cambuslang. 
BALL, Henry William (of Alexander Chaplin & 

Co.), Cranstonhill Engine Works ; house, Averley, 

Great Western road, Hillhead. 
Ballantine, David, wine and spirit merchant, 151 

Hospital street, 75 Caledonia road, 62 Nelson 

street, Tradeston, and 17 Norfolk street ; house, 

51 Apsley place. 
Ballantyne, D., 43 Mitchell street; house, Holly 

Lodge, Lenzie. 
Ballantine, George, & Son, tea dealers and wine 

merchants, 100 Union street, 
Ballantine, George, jun. (of Geo, Ballantyne & Son) ; 

house, 280 Bath crescent. 
Ballantyne, James, watch manufacturer, wholesale 

jeweller, and importer of French clocks, 62 Vir- 
ginia street; house, 12 Ure pi., Montrose street. 
Ballantyne, James H., doctor of medicine, 23 

Hutcheson street. 
Ballantyne, James, commission merchant, 82 Mitchell 

street; house, 56 Love street, Paisley, 
Ballantine, James R., plumber and gasfitter, &c., 

151 Renfield street; house, 61 Cowcaddens. 
Ballantyne, John, provision merchant, 72 Crown st. ; 

house, 54 Causeyside street, Paisley. 
Ballantyne, John (of G. P.O."), house, 202 Duke st. 
Ballantyne, John, baker's utensil maker, 27 Char- 
lotte lane. 
Ballantyne, John, clothier, 84 Oswald street. 
Ballantine, John, grocer, 115^ Springburn road ; 

house, 127 do. 
Ballantyne, John, grocer, wine, and spirit merchant, 

190 Broomielaw ; house, 117 North street. 
Ballantyne, Thomas, pawnbroker and jeweller, 

172 Renfield Street ; house, 36 Dalhousie street. 

See Advertisement in Appendix. 
Ballantyne, Thomas (at Blair & Findlay's), house, 

20 Westmoreland street, Crosshill. 
Ballantyne, William, provision merchant, 673 Gal- 

lowgate; house, 3 East Hope street. 
Ballantyne, Mrs. Jas., dairy, 102 Maitland street. 
Ballantyne, Miss, tobacconist, oils, &c., 45 Cow- 
caddens; house, 61 do. 
Ballantyne, Euphemia, teacher, Free Church Normal 

Seminary ; house, 34 Abercorn street. 
BALLARD, George, harmonium maker, 69 Tobago 

street, Calton ; house, do, 
BALLARDIE Brothers, upholsterers, cabinet-makers, 

and ship furnishers, 2 West Howard street. 
Ballardie, Dugald (of Ballardie Brothers), house, 2 

Grange terrace. Mount Florida. 
Ballardie, Annie M., hosiery and fancy shop, 10 Sedan 

place. Paisley road. 
Ballina Steam Packet Office ; Alexander A. Laird 

& Co., agents, 72 Great Clyde street. 
BALLIN6ALL & Co., glaziers, 125 Gt. Western rd. 
BALLOCH, John (of Campbell & Balloch), house, 

10 Walmer crescent. Paisley road, 
Balloch, Robert, & Co,, tea merchants, 88 Union 

street, and at 89 Great Tower street, London, E.C. 
Balloch, Robert (of Robert Balloch & Co.), house, 

Eamont Lodge, Dowanhill. 
Ballochnie Colliery Office, 16 St. Enoch square. 





BALLS, John Irwin, church officer, Sandyford Church; 

house, 235 Dumbarton road. 
BALMAIN, Michael, agent, National Bank of 

Scotland, Queen street ; house, 25 Belhaven terrace. 
Balmain, Thomas, banker, British Linen Co. Bank, 

110 Queen street ; house, 1 Kew terrace. 
Balmokal Hotel, 23 Cowcaddens street, D. J. 

Brown, proprietor. 
Baltimore (U. S.) Steam Packet Office, 70 Great 

Clyde street. 
BAMBER, James, hair dresser and perfumer, 121 

Sauchiehall street. 
Bamber, Mrs. H., 12 Dalhousie street. 
BANCROFT & Co., oil manufacturers and refiners, 

Oldhall St., Liverpool ; P. R. Morrison, agt. 13 S. 

Exchange pi. 
Bank Coal Co., coal masters, New Cumnock, Ayr- 
shire ; Brown & Moir, agents for cannel coal for 

shipment, 44 York street. 
Bank Coal Co., New Cumnock, Ayrshire. 
Bank of Scotland, 2 St. Vincent place, George sq. ; 

James A. Wenley, Manager; Robert Gourlay, sub- 
manager ; William Nielson, accountant. 
Bank of Scotland Branch, 121 Stockwell street ; John 

Sandford, agent. 
Bank of Scotland, Cross branch, 18 Gallowgate ; 

James Robb, agent. 
Bank of Scotland, Hutchesontowa branch, 136 Crown 

street ; John K. Sim, agent. 
Bank of Scotland, Laurieston branch, 1 Bridge st. ; 

Hugh Pollock, agent. 
Bank of Scotland, 233 Sauchiehall street. 
Bank of Scotland, Whitevale branch, 676 Gallowgate; 

Thos. Lightbody, agt. ; ho. Skerryvore, Helensburgh. 
Bank of Scotland, St. George's Cross branch, 27 Gt. 

Western road ; Samuel Gordon, agent. 
BANKIER, Alex. Dunn (of Wm. H. Bankier & Co.), 

house. North Bank, DowanhOl gardens. 
Bankier, Frederick Walter, accountant (at Rattray 

Brothers & Smith'), ho. North Bank, Dowanhill. 
Bankier, Samuel (at Phoenix Iron Works), house, 57 

Granville street. 
Bankier, W. D., & Co., iron merchants and brokers, 

31 St. Vincent place. 
Bankier, W. D. (of W. D. Bankier & Co.), house, 

7 Elmbank crescent. 
Bankier, Wm. H. & Co., manufacturers' agents, 139 

St. Vincent street. 
Bankier, Wm. H. (of Wm. H. Bankier & Co.), house, 

North Bank, Dowanhill gardens. 
Bankier, Mrs. Jane, 82 Hill street, Garnethill. 
Bankeuptct, English and Irish Courts, commission 

to take oaths, declarations, &c., James Muirhead, 

30 Gordon street. 
BANKS, Jn. H., surveyor, H.M. Stamps and Taxes, 

13 Queen street ; house, 2 Elmbank place. 
Banks, Joseph (of Banks & Stewart), 43 Eoslea drive. 
Banks & Stewart, iron and metal merchants, 30 

Hope street. 
Banks, William, refreshment rooms, 51 Main street, 

BANNATYNE, Andrew (of Bannatyne & Whyte), 

house, Clydesdale street, Hamilton. 
Bannatyne, D., family grocer, 96 Woodlands road; 

house, 13 Rupert street. 
Bannatyne, James, jun. (at A. & R. Lamond's), 

house, 4 Kelburn terrace. Crossbill. 
Bannatyne, J., grocer and provision merchant, 303 

New City road ; house, 4 Kinning place. 

Bannatyne, John, merchant, 221 Brandon place. 
West George street. 

Bannatyne, John, grocer and wine merchant, 307 
Paisley road ; house, 6 South Kinning place. 

Bannatynes, Kirkwood, & M'Jannet, writers, 145 
West George street. 

Bannatyne, Mark, writer (of Bannatynes, Kirkwood, 
& M'Jannet), house, 15 Windsor terrace, West, 

Bannatyne, Capt. W., 8tb, the King's Regiment, ad- 
jutant, olst L.R.V., 77 Frederick street. 

Bannatyne & White, accountants and share brokers, 
4 West Nile street. 

Bannatyne, Mrs. James, fruit merchant, 71 King st. 
Tradeston; house, 102 Cathcart street, west. 

Bannatyne, Margaret, baker, 47 London st. ; house, 
4 Morris place, Monteith row. 

BANNER, Alex., certificated art master, school of 
art, 200 Sauchiehall street; house, 42 Gibson st., 

BANNERMAN, David, corn factor, Corn Exchange 
buildings, 9 Waterloo street ; house, 4 Hampton 
Court terrace, Renfrew street. 

Bannerman, John, bank cashier, British Linen Co.'s 
Bank, 110 Queen street ; house, 138 Ingram st. 

Bannerman, John, baker, 413 Parliamentary road; 
house, 411 do. 

Bannerman, Robt. (of Miller & Bannerman), house, 
19 Newton street. 

Bannerman, Walter, land and property valuator, 105 
Bothwell street ; ho. 13 Jane st., Blythswood sq. 

Bannerman, Mrs., 27 Woodside place. 

Baptist Association of Glasgow — Wm. Tulloch,jun., 
2 Ashton terrace, and W. D. Dick, 1 Belmont ter., 
secretaries ; J. B. Galbraith, 1 Renfield st., treasurer. 

Baptist Chapel, Jervis Coats and Robert Watson, 
pastors, 118 North John street. 

Baptist Chapel, 29 Main street, s.s. ; pastor. Rev. 
W. H. Elliott, 1 Beaufort terrace, Crossbill. 

Baptist Chapel, 30 Cambridge street; Rev. Alex. 
Wylie, M.A., minister ; house, 22 Willowbank cres. 

Baptist Chapel, 44 North Frederick street ; Rev. A. 
F. Mills, minister. 

Baptist Church, Pitt Street ; Rev. Dr. Jas. Paterson 
and Rev. Samuel Chapman, ministers. 

Baptist Home Missionary Society ; Rev. Wm. Tulloch, 
6 Hillsborough terrace, Hillhead, superintendent. 

Baptist Union of Scotland ; Rev. William Tulloch, 6 
Hillsborough terrace, secretary ; Howard Bowser, 
13 Royal crescent, west, treasurer. 

BARBERRY, Richd., manager for the Liverpool Vic- 
toria Legal Friendly. Society, 202 Hope street; 
house, 392 Gairbraid street, Mary hill. 

BARBOUR Brothers, mercantile and law station- 
ers, printers, engravers, lithographers, die sinkers, 
paper rulers, bookbinders, and account book manu- 
facturers, 118 West Regent street. 

Barbour, David (of Barbour & Miller), house, Wood- 
cliff, Kilmalcolm. 

Barbour, James, mineral water manufacturer, 40 
Rose street, Garnethill, and George street. White- 
inch ; residence, Jotdanvale, Whiteinch. 

Barbour, John M. (of Barbour Bros.), residence, 
Greenholm cottage, Uddingston. 

Barbour, Matthew (of Barbour Bros.), residence, 
30 lona place. Mount Florida. 

Barbour & Miller, tapestry-curtain manufacturer, 139 
Brook street. Mile End. 

Barbour, Oliver Ross, manufacturing chemist, 3 Can- 
ning street, Calton ; house, 3 William st., do. 





Barbour, Robert Johnston, agent for Lowe & Co., 

16 Hope street; bouse, 7 Kelburn ter., Crossbill. 
Barbour, Robt. S. (of Stevenson & Barbour), house, 

51 Great Western road. 
Barbour, Robt., umbrella manufacturer, 112 Sauchie- 

liall street ; house, 103 Renfrew street. 
Barbour, Thos., provision merchant, 726 Gallowgate; 

house, 39 Edmund street. 
Barbour, Wm. (of Barbour & Co.), 11 Plantation 

Buildings, Paisley road. 
Barbour, William, & Co., merchants, 65 Jamaica st. 
Barbour, Wm. & Sons, flax spinners, manufacturers 

of linen and shoe thread for hand and machine, 

70 George square ; Hilden Mills, Lisburn, Ireland ; 

Oassaio Mills, Paterson, New Jersey, U.S. 
Barbour, Mrs., shoe shop, 76 South Portland street. 
Barcelona Steam P.acket Office, John & Peter 

Hutcheson, 62 Broomielaw. 
Barcelona Steam Packet Office, Burrell & Son, 141 

Buchanan street. 
BARCLAY, Alex. P. (of Barclay Brothers, 45 Hope 

street), house, 36 Windsor terrace, St. George's rd. 
Barclay, Alex, (of Wm. Macfarlane & Co.), house, 

5 Stanhope street. 
Barclay Brothers, bottled beer merchants for home 

and exportation, and aerated water manufacturers, 

19 to 31 Norfolk court. 
Barclay Brothers, chemical and mineral oil merchants, 

45 Hope street. 
Barclay & Brand, produce and sugar brokers and com- 
mission merchants, 22 St. Enoch square. 
Barclay, C. M. (of Barclay Brothers), house, 108 

South Portland street. 
Barclay, Curie, & Co., shipbuilders and engineers ; 

building yard, Whiteinch, Partiok ; engine works, 

Finnieston quay; head office, Whiteinch. 
Barclay, Charles H. (of Berry, Barclay & Co.), ho. 

24 Oakfield terrace, Hillhead. 
Barclay, David (of Barclay Brothers), ho. 41 Cumber- 
land street, s. 
Barclay, David, architect, 112 West Regent street ; 

house, 6 Buckingham street, Hillhead. 
Barclay, Ebenezer, wholesale confectioner, 40 & 44 

Candleriggs ; house, 10 Monteith row. 
Barclay, George (of Barclay Brothers, 45 Hope st.), 

house, 36 Windsor terrace, St. George's road. 
Barclay, George E., manufacturer's agent, 6 Hope 

street; house, 371 Bath crescent. 
Barclay, Hugh, architect, LA., 112 W. Regent st. ; 

house, 6 Buckingham street, HiUhead. 
Barclay, H. B., C.A. (of Mackenzie, Aitken, & Bar- 
Barclay, H. & D., LA., architects, 112 W. Regent st. 
Barclay, James, (at Mirrlees, Tait, & Watson's), 

house, 196 Watt street. 
Barclay, J. & W., slaters and plasterers, 14 Main 

street, Calton ; house, 178 London street. 
Barclay, John (of Anderson & Barclay), house. 

Dairy, Ayrshire. 
Barclay, John (of Heron, Dickson, & Co.), 100 Well- 
ington street. 
Barclay, John, provision merchant, 133 Garngad 

road; house, 165 do. 
Barclay & Macgregor, merchants and manufacturers, 

83 Hutcheson st. 
Barclay, Matthew (of Macintyre & Barclay), house 

8 Speirs place, Crosshill. 
Barclay, Perkins, & Co., porter brewers, London; 

J. G. Thomson & Co., agents, 47 Oswald street. 

Barclay, Robert (of Barclay & M'Gregor), house, 21 

Park terrace. 
Barclay and Mathieson,iron merchants, 79 Centre st. 
Barclay, Robert (of Barclay and Mathieson), house, 

1 Dundas terrace, Crosshill. 
Barclay, Robert, pawnbroker, 97 Hospital street. 
Barclay, Robert, cloth and yarn merchant, 151a W. 

George street ; residence, Canal Bank, Paisley. 
Barclay, Samuel (of Barclay & Brand), house, 16 

West Prince's street. 
Barclay, Thomas, writer, Regent Chambers, 121 

West Regent street; ho. 21 Royal crescent, west. 
Barclay, Thomas, pattern designer, 91 Gloucester st. 
Barclay, Thomas, pattern book and card maker, 

28 Cochran street. 
Barclay, William, wine and spirit merchant, 2 Gray 

street, and 304, 306 Dumbarton road ; house, 

347 Dumbarton road. 
Barclay, Mrs. George, 36 Windsor terrace, St. 

George's road. 
Barclay, Janet, furniture broker, 27 Bishop street ; 

house, 117 North street. 
BARKER, John (of Barker & Rennie), house, 21 

Derby street. 
Barker, J. D., wholesale umbrella manufacturer, 80 

Great Clyde street and 85 Fox st. ; house, 2 St. 

Bernard's place, Hillhead. 
Barker & Rennie, brush manufacts., 33 Stockwell 

Barker, R. H., & Co., worsted (fingering) spinners, 

Thome's Mills, Wakefield; agents, Maclaurin 

Brothers, 1 South Frederick street. 
BARLAS, Alex, Richard, resident manager, London 

and Lancashire Insurance Co., 157 W. George st. :, 

house, 2 Oakfield terrace, Hillhead. 
Barlas, David, 136 Holland street. 
Barlas, George, & Co., builders, Ruthven st., Hillhead. 
Barlas, James, City Bank ; house, 18 Hamilton Park 

terrace, Hillhead. 
Barlas, Misses, boarding and day school for young 

ladies, 7 Woodlands terrace. 
BARLOW, Thomas C, firework artiste to the 

Queen, and the Dukes of Argyll and Hamilton, the 

Marquises of Bute and Lome, &c., office, 103 

Bath street ; works, Teuchar hill, Govan. — ^See 

Advertisement in Appendix. 
Barlow, Thomas C, tent, marquee, flag and 

banner maker to the principal cricket clubs & horti- 
cultural societies, 103 Bath st. — See Adv. in App. 
Barlow, T. C, designer, engraver, lithographer, and 

printer by steam power, 103 Bath street. 
BARNARD 0, B., furrier and fur manufacturer, 90 

St. Vincent street. 
Barncltjith Colliery Office, 68 Great Clyde street. 
BARNES, A., china merchant, 40 Dundas street. 
Barnes, Wm., and Co., tea merchants, 1 Melrose pi., 

Paisley road, west. 
BARNET, Archibald (of Gourlie & Barnet), house, 

8 Terrace street. 
Barnett, David (at William Holmes & Brothers', 

Greenhead Mills), house, 17 Rutland pi., Govan rd. 
Barnett, Hugh, grain merchant, 88 Wesleyan street ; 

house, 121 Aimfield street, Dennistoun. 
Barnett, Hugh (of Rutherfurd Brothers), house, Elm- 
wood, Crosshill. 
Barnett, John, butler, Durham Kippen, 194 West 

Regent street. 
Barnett, John, & Co., foreign coin exchange, 1 

Argyle arcade. 





Barnett, William, brush manufacturer, 140 West Nile 

street ; house, 30 Burnside street. 
BARNHILL, James, accountant and insurance agent, 

95 Douglas street. 
Barony Free Cliurch, 43 Castle street. Rev. George 

Davidson, minister. 
Barony Parish Church, near Cathedral ; Rev. J. 

Marshall Lang, D.D. 
Barony Parish Parochial Board, 38 Cochran street 

and 26 John street ; P. Beattie, inspector. 
Barony Parish Session Clerk's Office, Edward R. 

Catterns, clerk, 122 Wellington street. 
BARR, Adam H., grocer and provision merchant, 19 

Green street, Calton ; house, 17 do. 
Barr, Alexander (of William Barr & Sons), house, 

7 Albany place. 
Barr, Alexander (of J. & A. Barr), house, 35 Elm- 
bank place. 
Barr, Alexander, potato merchant, N.B. Railway, 

Queen Street Station; house, 101 Caledonia road. 
Carr, Andrew, joiner, 24 Ropework lane; house, 342 

Eglinton street. 
Barr & Carstairs, accountants, managers of the 

Scottish Mercantile Association, 43 Renfield street. 
Barr & Co., wholesale newsagents and stationers, 42 

Dumbarton road. 
Barr, David (of Moncrieff, Paterson, Forbes, & Barr), 

house, 4 Sandyford place. 
Barr, David, draper, 30 Kent st.; ho. 5 Charlotte st. 
Barr and Easdale, wrights and builders, 1 West 

Scotland street. 
Barr, George, builder and contractor, 14 Townmill rd. 
Barr, James, bookbinder, stationer, and bookseller, 

212- Canning street, Calton; house, Bushyhill, 

Barr, James (at Bell, Hornsby, & Co.'s), house, 4a 

Govanhill street. 
Barr & Higgins, coal masters, 149 St. Vincent st. 
Barr & Hood, writers, 138 Hope street 
Barr, James, briokbuilder, 131 Hill street. East. 
Barr, James, C.E., surveyor and property valuator, 

132 West Regent street ; residence, Burngill house 

(Bridge of Weir). 
Barr, James, wine and spirit merchant, 55 Tobago 

street; house, 49 do. 
Barr, James (of Hunter, Barr, & Co.) house, 113 

Douglas street. 
Barr, James (of William Barr & Sons), house, 1 

Clifton street. 
Barr, James, spirit merchant, 650 Gallowgate, 182 

London road, 347 and 349 New Dalmarnock road; 

house, 300 London road. 
Barr, James (of Duncan Stewart & Co.), house, 

Drums, Old KOpatrick. 
Barr, James, writer and notary public, 138 Hope st.; 

house, 36 Willowbank street. 
Barr, James (of Wilson, Ronald, & Co.), house, 15 

North Claremont street. 
Barr, James, grocer and provision merchant, 1 Swan 

street, Port Dundas ; house, 244 ParHamentary rd. 
Barr, J. & A., hydraulic engineers, 21 Bishop 

street, Anderston. — See Advertisement in Appendix. 
Barr, J. M. cutler, 41 Nelson street; house, 81 High 

John street. 
Barr, J.M 'Queen, Portuguese Vice-Consul forGreenock 

(of Barr & Carstairs) ; house, 16 Eton place, 

Barr, John, commission merchant, 55 Glassford st.; 

house, Bridgegate, Irvine. 

Barr, John, wine and spirit merchant, 85, 87 Jamaica 

street, and 102, 103 Great Clyde Street; house, 

Summerlea, Kilmalcolm. 
Barr, John A. (of Robert Barr & Sons), house, 10 

Sommerville place. 
Barr, John, oils, colours, and shoe furnishings, 70 & 

72 Norfolk street; house, 213 Watt street, s.s. 
Barr, John, draper, 47 South Albion street; house, 

9 South St. Mungo street. 

Barr, John (at N. Adshead's), house, 36 Ferguslie, 

Barr, John (of J. & A. Barr), ho. 54 Carnarvon st. 

Barr, John, grocer and provision merchant, 156 New 
Dalmarnock road ; house, 160 do. 

Barr & Knox, measurers, 132 West Regent street. 

Barr, Mathew, oilskin clothing manufacturer and 
waterproofer, 68 Glassford st. ; works, Glenpark 
street ; house, 5 Morris place, Monteith row. — 
See Adv. in App. 

Barr, P. (of P. Barr & Co.), house, 1 Dundas terrace, 

Barr, Peter, oil, colour, and smallwares, 60 Stewart 
street, Cowcaddens ; house, 62 do. 

Barr, Peter, & Co., ship brokers, &c., 54 St. Enoch sq. 

Barr, Robert, 45 Hope street ; house, Summerlea 
villa, Kilmalcolm. 

Barr, Robert, agent, 21 Canning street. 

Barr, Robert, & Sons, tobacco and snuff manufac- 
turers, 34 King St., city ; house, 10 Somerville pi. 

Barr, Robert, jun. (of Robert Barr & Sons), house, 

10 Sommerville place. 

Barr, Robert, jun. (at Smith, Sons, & Laughland's), 
house, 12 Florence place. Woodlands road. 

Barr, Robert, grocer, 348 Argyle street; hDuse, 53 
Dumbarton road. 

Barr, Robert (of Wm. Heggie & Co.), house, 105 
Findlay drive, Dennistown. 

Barr, Robert, brickmaker and builder, 504 Gallowg. 

Barr, Thomas, M.D., physician and surgeon, 353 
Garscube road; house, 2 Queen's place. Great 
Western road. 

Barr, Thomas, warper, 114 Candleriggs ; house, 152 
Cathcart street. Paisley road. 

Barr, Thomas M., civil engineer, Caledonian Railway, 
Buchanan st. station ; house, 16 Dalhousie street. 

Barr, Thomas, coalmaster, 149 St. Vincent street, 
Coltness Collieries, Newmains, Hattonhiil Col- 
liery, Motherwell, Orchard Colliery, Carluke ; res., 
Harburn, Edinburgh. 

Barr, W. B. (of W. B. Barr & Co.), residence. 
Mount Blow, Pollokshields. 

Barr, W. B., &, Co., merchants and manufacturers, 
88 St. Vincent street. 

Barr, William, potato merchant, 531- Whitevale st. 

Barr, William, & Co., manufacturing chemists and 
drysalters, 2 Miller street ; works, Bellshill. 

Barr, Wm., joiner and cabinet maker, 57 Cathedral 
street ; house, 94 North Frederick street. 

Barr, Wm. (of Wm. Barr & Co.), residence, Mann- 
field House, Bellshill. 

Barr, William, & Sous, fancy muslin manufacturers, 
54 Gordon street. 

Barr, Wm., confectioner and pastry baker, 144 Lon- 
don road ; house, 146 do. 

Barr, William, master mariner, river steamer " Wind- 
sor Castle," Lochgoil and Lochlong Steamboat Co., 
492 Paisley road. 

Barr, William, coal merchant, 5 Dixon street ; house, 
79 Park road. 





Ban-, Wm. (at Police Collectors' Office, 70 Bell st, 

City; house, 263 Cumberland street, s.s. 
Ban-, Mrs. John, 4 Jane St., and Woodside, Strone. 
Barr, Mrs. Thomas, provision merchant, 271 Argyle 

street ; house, 424 do. 
Barr, Miss, dressmaker, 93 North Hanover street. 
Barr, Miss, agent for Gray, Dunn, & Co.'s bread and 

biscuits, 11 Caprera pi., Paisley road; house, 9 do, 
BARRA, Paul, music teacher, 111 Stirling road. 
BARRAS, Andrew, (of the Tradeston Power Loom 

Weaving Company), house, 21 Rutland crescent. 
Barras, Rev. William, Bellgrove United Presbyterian 

Church ; house, Riddrie Vale, Cumbernauld road. 
BARRETT & Co., aerated water manufacturer in 

patent stoppered bottles, 103 Bothwell street. 
Barret, W. H., dispensing and family chemist, 305 

New City road ; house, 101 Great Western road. 
Barrett, Mrs. J., grocer, 291 Crown street. 
BARRETTA, Joseph, confectioner, 201 Gallowgate. 
Barehead and Neilston Railway Station, head of 

Main street, Gorbals. 
BARRIE, David, wine and spirit merchant, 168 

Dumbarton road ; house, 227 Berkeley street. 
Barrie, J. & T., joiners and builders, 125 Forth st., 

Barrie J. (of J. & T. Barrie), 2 Viewfield terrace, 

Barrie, John, M.D., surgeon, 107 Eglinton street, 

house, 3 Royal crescent, Crosshill. 
Barrie, John, grocer, 8 Carrick street ; house, 44 

King street, Tradeston. 
Barrie, John, plumber, gasfitter, and zinc worker, 

167 and 171 Holm street, and 221 Gairbraid st., 

Maryhill road ; house, 254 St. George's road. 
Barrie, John, 144 St. Vincent street ; house, 144 

West Graham street. 
Barrie, Peter (of Caledonian Railway Company), ho. 

William place, Shettleston. 
Barrie, T. (of J. & T. Barrie), house, 4 Viewfield 

terrace, Pollokshields. 
Barrie, William, 85 London road; ho. 3 Roslea dr. 
Barrie, William, baker, 182 Hospital street ; house, 

180 do. 
Barrie, Mrs C, general furnishings, 277 George st. ; 

house, 81 John street. 
Barrie, Jane, fruiterer, 4 Marjory place, Pollok- 
BARRON, Alex., house, Gowanlea, Helensburgh. 
Barron, David, wright, 28 Kirk street, s.s.; house, 

134 Thistle street, s.s. 
Barron, Jas. F., cabinetmaker and upholsterer, glass- 

casemaker and shopfitter, 226 Sauchiehall street ; 

works, Berkeley street ; house, 130 Holland st. 
Barron, James S., wine and spirit merchant, 25 

Caledonia road and 251 Thistle street; house, 243 

Hospital street. 
Barron, Thomas (at R. & A, Campbell's), house, 38 

Bell street, Renfrew. 
BARROW, F. A., drysalter and commission agent, 143 

Wellington street ; house, Viewpark villa, Partick. 
Barrow, W. H., agent Small & Greig, 17 Mitchell 

lane ; house, 176 Kent road. 
Bareowfield Iron Works, Broad street, Mile-end ; 

Laidlaw, Sons, & Caine. 
Barrowfield Pottery, Avenue street, off London road. 
BARROWMAN, D., inspector's clerk, Govan Paro- 
chial Chambers, 7 Carlton pi.; ho. 44 S. Portland st. 
Barrowman, James, & Son, lime merchants, 76 

Lancefield street. 

Barrowman, James (of J. Barrowman & Son), house, 
498 St. Vincent street. 

Barrowman, James, civil and mining engineer, 257 
St. Vincent street. 

BARRY, Sylvester V., steam-power fret cutter and 
wood turner, 48 Paterson street, Kingston ; house, 
103 Hospital street. 

BARTHOLOMEW, Hugh, 167 St. Vincent street ; 
residence, Glenorchard, by Torrance of Campsie. 

Bartholomew, Jn., & Co., merchants, cotton-spinners, 
dyers, and starchers, works, Ban-owfield, Cumber- 
land St., Calton, and Dalmarnock ; office. Bank of 
Scotland Buildings, 24 George square. 

Bartholomew, Robert (of J. Bartholomew & Co., 24 
George square), house, Anne's Lodge, Bute. 

Bartholomew, Wm., engineer (at Alley & M'Lellan's 
Sentinel Works), house, 110 Garthland drive, 

BARTON & Co., merchants, 5 Dixon street ; house, 
27 St. Vincent crescent. 

Barton, Henry, letter carrier, 50 Surrey street, s.s. 

Barton, Henderson, & Co., hemp and wire ropemakers, 
sailmakers, and ship chandlers, 153 South Scot- 
land street; office, 58, 60 Broomielaw. 

Barton, Robert, letter carrier, 372 Govan street. 

Barton, William, cashier (F. H, M'Leod's), house, 327 
Paisley road. 

Barton, Wm. (of Barton, Henderson, & Co.), house, 
Cable villa, Bruce road, Pollokshields. 

Barton, William, & Son, trunk and packing-box 
makers, 25 Cathedral street. 

Sash & Co., Glasgow Safe Works, fire and thief proof 
safe and lock manufacturers, 137 Great Hamilton 
St. and 2 to 6 Risk street ; house, 33 Monteith row. 
— See Advertisement in Appendix. 

BASS, RatcliflF, & Gretton, brewers, Burton-on- 
Trent ; Bulloch, Lade, & Co., 4 Bothwell street, 
sole agents. 

Bass-Crest Brewery, Alloa ; store, 27 St. Enoch sq. 

BATEMAN, A. H., & Co., sole licensees and manu- 
facturers of Ransome's Patent Emery Wheels (for- 
merly known as the " Bessemer" wheel) and Ma- 
chinery, and Ransome's process of indurating for pre- 
serving stone, brick, cement, &c., East Greenwich, 
S.E,, London ; sole agents, W. B. Fleming & Co., 
17 Oswald street. 

BATES, Daniel, 77 Queen street; house, 12 Lome 
place, Blount Florida. 

Bath Street Equitable Loan Co., 3 Bath street. 

Bath Street United Presbyterian Church, Rev. Jas, 
Scott, minister. 

BATHGATE, George (at Milton Iron Works), house, 
58 Rose street, Garnethill. 

Bathgate, H. & R., plasterers, Duncan st , Calton ; 
house, 86 Whitevale street. 

Bathgate, Thomas, commission agent, 138 South 
Wellington street. 

Bathing Hydropathic Establishment, 130 West 
Campbell street. 

Bathville and Barbauchlaw Collieries office, 40 
St. Enoch square. 

BATTISON, Thomas, family grocer and wine mer- 
chant, 30 Dundas street ; house, 48 do. 

Battison, Thos., fishmonger and poulterer, 113 
Paisley road, wert ; house, 48 Dundas street, city. 

BAUCHOP, James, grocer, 419 Parliamentary road; 
and 296 Duke street ; house, 94 Dundas street. 

BAUMANN, W., & Co., commission merchants, 60a 
St. George's place. 





Baumann, W. (of Baumann, Maoaulay, & Co.), house, 

195 St. George's road. 
Baumann, Maoaulay, & Co., importers of fancy goods 

and cigars, 263a Argyle street. 
BAUME, Paul, professor of French, 1 Newton ter. 
BAUM GARTEN, E. (of Burns, Baumgarten, & Co.), 

house, Ferry road, Renfrew. 
BAXTER, Andrew, brewer (at Greenhead Brewery, 80 

Canning street). 
Baxter, Andrew, English master, Park school, 35 

Lynedoch street; house, 14 Nelson terrace, Billhead. 
Baxter, Daniel, clerk, P.O. ; house, 107 Dundas st. 
Baxter, David, 19 Elmgrove place. 
Baxter, H., tobacconist, 383 New City road. 
Baxter, H., bookkeeper (at W. G. Blackie & Co.'s ; 

house, 18-4 St. George's road. 
Baxter, Hugh, 80 Bellgrove street. 
Baxter, James (of Allan & Baxter), house, 4 St. 

Andrew's street, Pollokshields. 
Baxter, John, measurer (Boucher & Cousland), 

house, 14 Cadogan street. 
Baxter, Jn., 148 Renfrew street. 
Baxter, John, joiner and builder, 20 Catherine st.. 

Parliamentary road; house, 2 Canning place. 
Baxter, Joseph, brickbuilder, 732 Gallowgate; house, 

110 Garthland drive, Dennistoun. 
Baxter, Robert, grocer, 106 Kelvinhaugh road; house, 

31 Lumsden street. 
Baxter, Miss, housekeeper. Eye Infirmary, 170 

Berkeley street. 
liAYLEY & Graham, Central Cooking Depot, 22 

Argyle street 
Uayley, Joseph, warper and winder, 100 John st.; 

house, 25 Gladstone street. 
Bayley, Joseph, grocer, 23 Rodney street. 
Bayley, Murray, & Brammer, earthenware manufac- 
turers, Saracen Pottery, Possil park. 
BAYLIS, Edward, & Co., makers of copper, brass, 

and iron rivets, washers, screws, cotter pins, &c., 

&c., Birmingham; sole agent, C. Dunderdale, 163 

St. Vincent street. 
Baylis, Mrs. J. S., proprietrix Theatre Royal, Royal 

Alexandra and Scotia Music Halls, 116 Stockwell. 
BAYNE, A. Malloch (of C. & J. Malloch), house, 32 

India street. 
Bayne, Annand, & Co., hemp, linen, and twine mer- 
chants, mat and net manufacturers, 69 George sq. 
Bayne & Duckett, wholesale boot and shoe manufac- 
turers, 58, 60, 62 Brunswick street. 
Bayne & Duckett, boot and shoe makers, 85 Argyle st. 
Bayne, James, hardware merchant, 273 High street ; 

house, 23 George street. 
Bayne, James, jun. (at C. & J. Malloch's) ; house, 9 

Walworth terrace. 
Bayne, John, 121 Stirling road. 
Bayne, Robert (of Bayne, Annand, & Co.), house, 

214 St. George's road. 
Bayne, Thomas, teacher of pianoforte, 60 Elm- 
bank street. 
BAYNES, Jas., surveyor corporation gas ; house, 

78 Kent road. 
BAYNHAM, George Walter, professor of elocution 

and public lecturer. Free Church College ; house, 

18 Shaftesbury terrace. 
Bayonne Steam Packet Office, John & Peter Hut- 

cheson, 62 Broomielaw. 
Bazaar, Candleriggs. 
BAZINE, M., & Co., Suez Canal; agent, F. W. 

Allan, 120 Buchanan street. 

BEALE, John W. (of Beale & M'Tavish), messenger- 
at-arms and sheriflf-officer for the counties of 
Lanark, Renfrew, and Dumbarton, 49 Virginia st.; 
house, 4 Franklin terrace, Sandyford. 

Beale & M'Tavish, messengers-at-arms and sheriff- 
officers for the counties of Lanark, Renfrew, Dum- 
barton, and Stirling, 49 Virginia street. 

BEARDMORE, Isaac (of W. & I. Beardmore), resi- 
dence, Lymington Lodge, Bothwell. 

Beardmore, W. & I., Parkhead Forge and Rolling 
Mills, Parkhead. 

Beardmore, William (of W. & I. Beardmore), house, 
10 Oakley terrace, Dennistoun. 

BEATON, C. M.,& Co., grocers and spirit dealers' 
furnishers, beam, scale, and weighing machine 
makers, coppersmiths, pewter measure makers, 
beerpump manufacturers, ironmongers, &c., &^., 60 
West Howard street ; ho. 9 Winton ter., Crosshill. 

Beaton, Hugh, police inspector, Cal. Ry. ; house, 3 
Germiston street. 

Beaton, Roderick, tobacconist, 403 Argyle street ; 
house, 67 Cadogan street. 

Beaton, Walt., & Co., warehousemen, 172 Cowcads. 

Beaton, Miss, dressmaker, 12 Dalhousie street. 

BEATSON, G. B. M., secretary. Royal Exchange. 

BEATTIE, George Young, student of medicine, 
109 Rottenrow ; house, 23 George street. 

Beattie, Hamilton, clerk (at James Aspin's), house, 
36 Willowbank street. 

Beattie, James, bootmaker, 42 Brunswick street. 

Beattie, Jas., provision merchant, 26 Marlborough st. 

Beattie, John, & Co., tea merchants, 31 Virginia st. 

Beattie, John and James, colporteurs, 146 Rottenrow. 

Beattie, Peter, inspector of poor. Barony Parish, 38 
Cochran street; resid., Florence Villa, Crosshill. 

Beattie, Robert, milk and provisions, 558 Dukest. 

Beattie, Wm., collector and commission agent, 147 
W. Regent street; house, 515 New City road. 

Beattie, Mrs. J., tea merchant, 29 Glebe street. 

BECK, David, clothier and gentlemen's hosier, Rose- 
vale ter., Partick; house, 33 Maxwell street, do. 

Beck, George, commission agent (at John C. Yuill 
& Co.'s), house, lona terrace, Helensburgh. 

BECKITT, Chas. Richard (of Pearson, Beckitt, & 
Co.), house, 291 Sauchiehall street. 

Beckett, James (of Becketts & Co.), house, 11 
Windsor terrace, west. 

Beckett, Jas., & Son, file manufacturers and steel 
merchants, 45 Napiershall street and 65 Carrick 
street; house, 65 Garrioch Mill road. 

Beckett, John, M.B.C.M., 3 Brougham terrace. 

Beckett, Rev. Wm., minister U. P. Church, Ruther- 
glen ; house, 2 Kelvinside terrace, north, Hillhead. 

Beckett, William, writer (at W., J. B., & J. Kidston's), 
house, 2 Kelvinside terrace north. 

Becketts & Co., calico printers, 16 St. Vincent place. 

Bedford Street Loan Co., pawnbrokers, 1 Charlotte 
place, off Bedford street. 

BEELER, Leonard, greengrocer, 8 Salisbury street. 

Bee Hive Clothing Co., tailors and clothiers, 205 
Garscube r-oad. 

BEGBIE, W. M., teacher (English), 1 Crown circus, 
Dowanhill; house, 2 do. 

BEGG, Adam (at Merryton Coal Co., 6 Dixon st.), 
house, 6 Douglas place, Crosshill. 

Begg A. (of A. & T. Begg). house, 122 Main street, 

Begg, Alex, (of Alex, Begg & Co.), house, 1 Argyle 
terrace, Crosshill. 




Begg, Alexander, shirt and outfitting manufacturer, 

55 Glassford street and 81 Wilson street ; house, 

Broomhill, Hopehill road. 
Begg, Alex., manufacturer's agent, 64 Union street ; 

house, 1 Argyle terrrace, Grosshill. 
Begg, Alexander, & Co., manufacturers of bonnet 

fronts, &c., &c., 54 Union street. 
Begg, A. & T., joiners and builders, 14^ Clyde st., 

Begg, David, Hundred Acre Hill dairy ; house, 

Craigbank Cottage, Keppochhillroad. 
Begg, Ebenezer, manufacturing stationer, 170 

Buchanan street ; house, 76 John street. 
Begg, H. A., & Co., wholesale outfitters and shirt- 
makers, 34 Argyle street. 
Begg, Hugh Alexander (of H. A. Begg & Co.), house, 

2 Wellesley place, Sandyford. 
Begg, James, wholesale stationer and account book 

manufacturer, 57 Miller st.; house, Garvald place, 

Begg, Thomas (of A. & T. Begg, wrights), 14-| Clyde 

street, Calton; house, 122 Main st., Shettleston. 
Begg, Thos., house factor and valuator, 16 Bellgrove 

street; house, 216 Main street, Shettleston. 
Begg, Wm. H. (at H. A. Begg & Co.'s), house, 10 

Oakfield terrace, Hillhead. 
Begg, Christina & Jane, dressmakers and hosiers, 

404 Cumberland street. 
BEHRENS, S. L., & Co., merchants, 80, 82 Mit- 
chell street. 
BEITH, Gilbert (of Beith, Stevenson, & Co.), res. 

Ballochneck House, Bucklyvie. 
Beith, James, ironfounder (of Moses M'Culloch & 

Co., 168 Gallowgate), house, Bothlin, Lenzie. 
Beith, John (at R. Beith's, 9 W. Howard street), 

house, 20 Dumbarton road. 
Beith, Peter (at R. Beith's, 9 W. Howard street), 

house, Paisley. 
Beith, Robert, bill-poster, 9 West Howard street ; 

house, 67 Abbotsford place. 
Beith, Stevenson, & Co., cotton yarn agents, 19 W. 

Nile street. 
Beith & Thomson, brickbuilders, 61 Marquis st. 
Beith, William (at Nitshill and Lesmahagow Coal 

Co.'s), house, 19 Montgomerie ter.. Prospect Hill. 
Beith, Mrs. Mary, hardware, oils, colours, &c., 9 

Parkgrove place. Paisley road ; house, 6 Knights- 
wood place. 
Beith, Miss Mary, dressmaker, 84 Cumberland st. s.s. 
BELCH, John, wine and spir. merct., 22 Dumbarton 

rd. and 184 North St.; house, 48 Claremont st. 
BELCHER, Ford, & Co., marble and enamelled 

plate merchants, 85 Candleriggs. 
Belfast Brewing Co., Belfast ; M. M. Currie, agent, 

141 West Regent street. 
Belfast Fire Insurance Co. (Limited), 92 St. 

Vincent St.; Charles Knight Eutherglen, resident 

secretary. — See Advertisement in Appendix. 
Belfast Royal Mail Steam Packets, 267 Argyle st. 
Belgian Consul, Alexander Connal, 79 St. Vincent 

Eelgeavia College for Young Ladies, 13 Newton 

ter., Sauchiehall street; Rev. David Walker, M.A. 
BELL, Alexander, bookseller and stationer, 4 St. 

George's terrace ; house, 18 Rutland crescent. 
Bell, Alexander, saddler, 309 Dalmarnook road ; 

house, 315 do. 
Bell, A. G, teller National Bank of Scotland; house, 

32 Granville street. 

Bell, Andrew, grocer and provision dealer, 251' 
Garscube road. 

Bell, Archibald, dyer and cleaner, 156 Wellington st.; 
and Stanley Dyeworks, Paisley. 

Bell, Archibald, manager, S. £. Co-operative Society. 
194 Waddell street ; house, 83 Dale st., Tradeston! 

Bell & Bain, steam power and letterpress printers 
and stereotype founders, 41 and 43 Mitchell street. 

Bell, B. Barton (of Bell & Provan), house, 3 La 
Belle place, and Undercliflfe, Rothesay. 

Bell, Charles, foreign agont for Swedish timber, 
iron, spiegeleisen, Swedish tramway wheels, &c., 
agent for Brown, Bayley, & Dixon (Limited) 
SheflBeld Steel and L-on works, manufacturers of 
railway plant, also for Mather & Piatt's patent 
metallic elastic pistons, Salford Ironworks, Man- 
chester, and James Dodge & Co. (Limited), machine 
file makers, Manchester, 29 Waterloo street; house. 
4 Clifton place. 

Bell, David, Bank of Scotland ; house, 14 West-end 
Park street. 

Bell, David, & Co., tea merchants, 21 Virginia st. 

Bell, David, manager of Glasgow and West of Scot- 
land Servants' Institution, Corporation Buildings, 
274 Sauchiehall street; house, 2 Westbank ter., 

Bell, David, church officer, Elgin st. U.P. Church. 

Bell, David (at R. Napier & Sons'), house, 19 Eton 
place, Hillhead. 

Bell, Dugald (at James Nicol Fleming's), house, 27 
Lansdowne crescent. 

Bell, Edmund, agent for Scotland to Midland Rail- 
way Company, 165 Buchanan street; house, 40 
St. James' street, Hillhead. 

Bell, Finlay, flesher, 220 and 222 Argyle street; 
house, 22 Elmbank crescent. 

Bell, Finlay, sen, (of J. & F. Bell), ho. 32 Grafton sq. 

Bell, Finlay, jun. (of J. & F. Bell), house, 90a Regent 
terrace, Stirling road. 

Bell, George, jun., architect, 37 West Nile street ; 
house, 4 Viewfield terrace, Hillhead. 

Bell, George, LA. (of Clarke & Bell, architects), ho. 
4 Viewfield terrace, Hillhead. 

Bell, George, valuator, 37 West Nile street. 

Bell, George, photographer, 57 Argyle street; house, 
2 Radnor terrace, Sandyford. 

Bell, Henry, optician, 70 j Gre.at Clyde street. 

Bell, Henry (of John Bell & Sons), residence, Cled- 
dens house, Bishopbriggs. 

Bell, Henry, pin, shoe rivet manufacturer, Birming- 
ham ; D. S. Croall, agent, 26 Ingram st. 

Bell, Homsby, & Co., briokmakers, builders, and con- 
tractors, 197 PoUokshaws road; brick work, 
Pohnadie, Rutherglen road. 

Bell, Hugh (of D. Bell & Co.), ho. 10 Westbourne gar. 

Bell, James (of Bell & Bain), house, 116 Mains st. 

Bell, James, English master, High School; house, 8 
Kew terrace. 

Bell, James J. (of Bell & Co.), house, 11 Westbourne 

Bell, James T. (of J. & F. Bell), house, 3 Gt. Kelvin 
terrace, Hillhead. 

Bell, James (of John Bell & Sons), house, 32 Elm- 
bank crescent. 

Bell, James, provision merchant, 130 New City road ; 
house, 138 do. 

Bell, James (of Park & Bell), 138 Cowcaddens. 

Bell, James, broker, 17 Findlay street ; house, 138 





Bell, James P., tea merchant and grocer, 107 New 
Dalmarnock road, and 322 Baltic street; house, 
132 New Dalmarnock road. 

Bell, James, & Co., manufacturers, 125 Candleriggs. 

Bell, J. & M. P., & Co., china and earthenware manu- 
facturers, Glasgow Pottery, Stafford street. 

Bell, J. W. S., letter-carrier, G.P.O; house, 12 South 
Stirling street. 

Bell, John (of John Bell & Sons), residence. Cleddens 
house, Bishopbrigg,-. 

Bell, J. & F., tobacco and snuff manufacturers, 39, 
41, and 43 Brunswick street. 

Bell, John, 122 West Graham street. 

Bell, J. & F., tobacconists, 27 Candleriggs, and 12 
Main street, Bridgeton. 

Bell, John (of J. & M. P. Bell & Co.), residence. 
North Park house, Hamilton drive. 

Bell, John (of Bell, Tomlln, & Co.), house, Mossvale 
cottage. Paisley. 

Bell, John, mourning warehouse, 387 Sauchiehall st. ; 
house, 12 West Garden street. 

Bell, John, & Sons, shipping butchers, 170, 172 Argyle 
street, and 6 Union street. 

Bell, John, engineer, &c., 97 Buchanan street; works. 
Wish aw. 

Bell, John C, tobacconist, 229 Sauchiehall st. and 
79 Argyle st. ; ho. 106 Buocleuch street. 

Bell, John H., 46 Cambridge street. 

Bell, John, Wright and builder,43 Park st., Plantation. 

Bell, Neil, flesher and cowfeeder, 67 Maitland street; 
house, 9 Greendyke street. 

Bell & Paterson, writers, 30 Eenfiold st. ; solici- 
tors and agents to the Caledonian Heritable Secu- 
rity Co. (Limited); and local secretaries for Pro- 
vident Clerks and General Guarantee Assurance 
Association (Limited). 

Bell & Provan, accountants and stockbrokers, 17 
Gordon street. 

Bell, Quintin, Union Bank of Scotland; house, 10 
Westbourne gardens. Great Western road. 

Bell, Rannie, & Co., wine merchants, 116 St. Vin- 
cent street. 

Bell, Ridley, & Bell, rolling mills, Walker-on-Tyne ; 
James Henderson, 97 Buchanan street, agent. 

Bell, Robert, coalmaster and oil manufacturer, 
Wishaw and Broxburn ; ofSce, 97 Buchanan st. ; 
residence, Broxburn lodge, Broxburn. 

Bell, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 220 Castle 
street; house, 92 Regent teiTace. 

Bell, Robt. Bruce, civil engineer, 203 St. Vincent st.; 
house, 2 Clifton place. 

Bell, R. B., & D. Miller, civil engineers, 203 St. 
Vincent street. 

Bell, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 3, 5, 7 
Bishop street, Anderston ; house, 26 Minerva st. 

Bell, Robert, M.D., F.F.P.S.G., physician, 29 
Lynedoch street. 

Bell, Robert (of Bell, Hornsby, & Co.), house, 2 
Marjory place, Pollokshields. 

Bell, Thomas, agent Scottish Permissive Bill and Tem- 
perance Association, 30 Hope street ; house, 141 
Shields road. 

Bell, Thos , merchant, &c., 97 Buchanan st. ; house, 

Bell, Thos., Royal Bank; ho. 18 Belmont crescent. 

Bell, Thomas, property agent, 12 Pollokshaws road; 
house, Brownhill villa, Uddingston. 

Bell, Thomas (of Thomas Bell & Co.), house, 16 
Queen arcade. 

Bell, Thomas, & Co., plumbers and gasfitters, 244 

Sauchiehall street. 
Bell, Thos., & Son, warehousemen, 95 Candleriggs ; 

house, 573 Duke street. 
Bell, Thomas, writer (at Moncrieff, Paterson, Forbes, 

& Barr's), house, 11 Aitchison street, Airdrie. 
Bell, Thos. Scott, writer (of Williamson & Bell), 

house, 116 Mains street, Ely ths wood square. 
Bell, Thomas B., Wellington Arcade fancy goods 

bazaar, 166 Sauchiehall street; house, 149 Ren- 
frew street. 
Bell, Tomlin, & Co., family drapers and ware- 
housemen, 12, 14, 16 Jamaica street. 
Bell, Walter, writer (of Bell and Paterson), house, 56 

Hill street, Garnethill. 
Bell, Wastle, & Son, accountants, 80 Renfield street ; 

house, 46 Gibson street, Hillhead. 
Bell, Wm. F., lithographic writer, 72 Waterloo st. 
Bell, AVm. J., fire and marine insurance broker, 75 

St George's place; residence, Dunrod, Hamilton. 
Bell, William, bootmaker, 92 Eenfield street; house, 

82 West Nile street. 
Bell, Wm. (at M. Muir & Sons'), house, Kenmnre 

terrace, Pollokshields. 
Bell, William, dairyman, 6 East Market street. 
Bell, William, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 113 

Renfrew street. 
Bell, Wra., commercial traveller, 106 Ardgowan st. 
Bell, William, provision merchant, 19 West Milton 

street ; house, 3 New City road. 
Bell, Wm. Scott (of Bell & Bain), house, 116 Mains 

street, Blythswood square. 
Bell, W. C.'(at Peter Denniston & Co.'s), house, 522 

St. Vincent street. 
Bell, William, bootmaker, llj North Claremont 

street; house, 192 Berkeley street. 
Bell, Mrs. Andrew, plumber, 35 South Portland st.; 

house, 37 do. 
Bell, Mrs., furnishings, 329 St George's road. 
Bell, Miss S., draper, 43 Dundas street; ho. 99 do. 
Bell, Miss, dress and mantle maker, 120 Renfrew st. 
Bell, Miss M., furnishings, 122 Duke street. 
Bell's billiards, bowling, shooting, and recreation 

halls, 59 East Howard street. 
Bellahouston Bowling Green, Paisley road, William 

Walker, secretary, 2 Havelock terrace. Paisley rd. 
Bellahouston Iron Works, Vermont street. Paisley rd. 
Bellgrove U.P. Church, Bellgrove street ; Rev. 

Wm. Barras. 
BELLOT, Lucien, & Co., brandy shippers. Cognac ; 

agents, D. MacDougall, jun. & Co., Faculty 

Buildings, 62 St George's place. 
BELSHAW, William, broker, 34 West Milton street; 

house, 36 do. 
BENDEL, James (at Brown Brothers & Co.'s, 61 

Cadogan street), house, 20 Sussex street, Park- 
grove, Paisley road, west. 
BENEDITTI, Dmd, confectioner, 187 High street; 

house, 201 Gallowgate. 
BENIGN, John D., china merchant, 23 Little st. ; 

house, 87 Abercromby street. 
Behmoee Distillery, Campbeltown ; office, 4 Both- 
well street. 
BENNETT, A., iron master, Carntyne RollingMills, 

Parkhead ; ho. Springbank house, London road. 
Bennett, Alexander (of Fleming, Bennett, & M'Laren), 

house, 69 St. Vincent crescent. 
Bennett, Archd. M. (of J. B. Bennett & Sons), ho. 

6 Albion crescent, Hillhead. 




Bennett, Browne, & Co., insurance brokers, 17 

Exchange square. 
Bennett & Co., merchants, and wholesale wine and 

brandy dealers, 70 York st., and Bank Buildings, 

Crichton street, Dundee. 
Bennett & Co., rectifiers, 70 York street. 
Bennett, David, grain storekeeper, 27 Ann street; 

house, 19 M'Intosh street. 
Bennett, G. N., teller, National Bank of Scotland, 

Queen street. 
Bennett, George, wine and spirit merchant, 124 and 

126 Naburn street, and 124Kidston street; house, 

Daltou Villa, Copeland road, Govan. 
Bennett, Henry, & Co. (late Bennett & Kennedy), 

consulting mechanical engineers, iron merchants, 

machinery agents, and valuators, 123 Hope st. 
Bennett, Jas. G., wine, spirit, and cigar importer, 

corner of Tower and Clark streets, Kinning park, 

and 48 Victoria street, and 46 Windsor street, 

Govan; house, Dalton Villa, off Copeland road, 

Bennett, Rev. John, M.A. (Cambridge), incumbent 

of St. Jude's; house, 108 Douglas street. 
Bennett, John, grocer and wine merchant, 81 Stirling 

road; house, 24 Grafton street. 
Bennett, J. Charles B. (of J. B. Bennett & Sons), 

house, 171 Sandriogham terrace, Hillhead. 
Bennett, J. B., & Sons, painters, interior decorators, 

and paper-hangers to the Queen, 50 Gordon street ; 

workshops, 134 Berkeley street. 
Bennett, John (of Kennedy, Bennett, & Co.), house, 

9 Allan park, Stirling. 
Bennett, John B. (of J. B. Bennett & Sons), house, 

Ardeli, ArdenaJam, by Greenock. 
Bennett, Robert, joiner, 25 Bothwell street. 
Bennett, Robert J. (of J. B. Bennett & Sons), house, 

8 Holland place. 
Bennett, Robt., & Co , warehousemen, 6D Ingram st. 
Bennett, Robert, hat and cap manufacturer, wholesale 

and retail, 69 and 71 Argyle street ; house, 448 

Crown street. 
Bennett, Thos. pattern card and book maker, 12 

Miller street. 
Bennett, Thos., publisher (at James Paterson's, 9 

Pitt street), house, Townend, Dumbarton. 
Bennett, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 480 

Paisley road ; residence, Netherwood villa, Albert 

road, Langside. 
Bennet, Wm., 29 South Portland street. 
Bennet, Wm., 30 Pembroke street. 
Bennett, Mrs., milliner, 109 Rutherglen road. 
BENNETTS, Wm., patent safety blasting fuse 

manufacturer ; sole agent for Scotland, Richard 

M'Dougall, 23 Carlton place. 
BENNIE, Andrew, joiner and packing-box maker 

61 Duke street ; house, 175 do. 
Bennie, Andrew, City Bank, 66 Trongate ; house, 

Garrel Garden, Kilsyth. 
Bennie, David (of David Bennie & Sons), house, 2 

Queen's square, Crossbill. 
Bennie, David (at Glasgow and Greenock Shipping 

Co.'s), house, 26 Granville street. 
Bennie, David, & Sons, nail, bolt, and chain makers, 

68 i\Iitchell street. 
Bennie, George, & Co , oil and chemical engineers 

and ironfounders, Kinning Park Foundry, Great 

Wellington street, oiF Paisley road. 
Bennie, George (of G. Bennie & Co.), residence, 12 
Knowe terrace, Pollokshields. 

Bennie, George, grocer, 36 Orr street; house, 38 do. 

Bennie, Geo., flesher, 104 Cumberland St.; ho. 102 do. 

Bennie, James, jun. (of James Bennie & Co.), house, 
Primrose cottage, Prestwick. 

Bennie, James, flesher, 186 Cumberland street, s.s.; 
house, 184 do. 

Bennie, Jas., ironfounder, Kinning Park Foundry; 
house, 12 Knowe terrace, Pollokshields. 

Bennie, James, & Co., engineers, machinists, iron- 
founders, and boilermakers, Clyde Engine Works, 
Kinning street. 

Bennie, John, hydraulic engineer and machine 
maker, and maker of all kinds of hydraulic steam 
and hand hoists; maker of the patent water engine 
for pumping presses, hand pumps, hydraulic presses, 
and tobacco machinery, Star Engine Works, 39 
M'Farlane street; house, 172 East Graeme street. 

Bennie, John, spirit dealer, 20 and 22 Kirk street, 
Calton, and 61 Clyde place, s.s. 

Bennie, Robt., flesher, 212 London road; house, 38 
Orr street, Calton. 

Bennie, William, flesher, 8 Titwood place ; house, 19 
Nitbsdale road. 

Bennie, William, flesher, 29 Vermont street; house, 

19 Titwood place, Stratbbungo. 
Bennie, Margt., milliner, 197 Eglinton street. 
BENSON, Robert, yarn merchant, 24 Dalmarnock 

road ; house, 26 do. 
BENT, Joseph, ladies' hatter, 84 Oswald st. ; house, 

20 Oxford street. 

Bent Colliery Co., coal masters, 170 Hope street. 
Bent Colliery, coal masters, 52 St. Enoch square. 
BENTLEY, William, hairdresser and perfumer, 1 

Oswald Street. 
BENTON, John D., iron and commission merchant, 

26 Newton street. 
BENZIE, Wm., wright and builder, Victoria street, 

Hillhead; house, 48 Bank st., Hillhead. 
BERGER, Eraile, professor of music, pianoforte, and 

singing; house, 122 Holland st., and 244 Regent 

street, London, W. 
BERGIUS, Henry (at Walter C. Bergius & Co.'s), 

house, 6 Hamilton drive, Hillhead. 
Bergius, Walter C, & Co., iron merchants, engineers, 

&c., 3 North court, Royal Exchange. 
Bergius, Walter C. (of Walter C. Bergius & Co.), ho. 

9 Observatory road, Hillhead. 
BERMINGHAM, J. & H. (of Leek), manufacturers 

of machine and sewing silk, 55 Glassford street ; 

W. Kirkland, agent. 
BERNARD, Charles, proprietor of Gaiety theatre, 35 

Sauchiehall street ; house, 31 do. 
Bernard, Cha?., Burgundy shipper, Beaume ; John 

Reid, agent, 23 Royal Exchange square. 
Bernard, Charles, wine shipper, Beaume; agents, 

M'Kill Brothers, 29 Waterloo street. 
Bernard & Co., distillers, Leith ; office, 47 Oswald 

street ; James Johnston, agent, 
Bernard, James, grocer and provision merchant, 341 

Garscube road; house, 22 Gladstone street. 
Bernard, Thomas & James, brewers, Edinburgh ; 

A. M'Laren, agent, 101 West Regent street; ho. 

328 Renfrew street. 
BERNEAUD & Co., commission and herring mer- 
chants, 63 West Regent street. 
BERRY, Barclay, & Co., corn factors, 27 Royal Ex- 
change square. 
Berry, Herbert (of -Jas. Moon & Co.), house, Hard- 
gate, Duntocher. 





Berry, John, upholsterer, 272 Buchanan street. 
Berry, Robert, M.A., professor of law, University; 

house, 3 College. 
Berry, Thos. (of Thos. Berry & Co.), house, 21 

Grange terrace. Mount Florida. 
Berry, Thos., & Co.,v?holesale umbrella manufacturers, 

28 Miller street. 
Berry, Thomas, organist. Trinity Congregational 

Church ; house, 34 Rupert street. 
Berry, Walter (of Berry, Barclay, & Co.), 27 Royal 

Exchange square. 
Berry, William, carver and gilder, 340a Duke street ; 

house, 342 do. 
Berry, Mrs. T., umbrella manufacturer, 126 Canning 

street ; house, 10 Main street, Bridgeton. 
BERTRAM, Arch. Robb, wine merchant, restaurateur, 

&c., Refreshment rooms, Buchanan st. Station ; ho. 

197 Pitt street. 
Bertram & Co., commission merchants and agents, 25 

Gordon street. 
Bertram, H. (of Bertram & Co.), house, 11 Rosslyn 

terrace, Hillhead. 
Bertram, James, 305 St. Vincent street. 
Bertram, John A., commercial engraver, 23 Jamaicast. 
Bertram, Peter, manufacturing, export, and wholesale 

stationer, 355 Argyle street ; house, Freeland bank, 

Bertram, William (of P. Bertram's, 355 Argyle 

Bertram, William, commission agent, 1 Prince's 

court; house, 188 Hospital street. 
Bertram, Misses, dressmakers, 21 Abercornst. 
BERTRAND, P. fils jeune, Chinon, France ; William 

Bryce & Co., 40 St. Enoch square, agents. 
BERUTSEN, Henrick (of Whyte & Berutsen), ho. 

108 Buccleuch street. 
BERWICK, Alexander, merchant and commission 

agent, 59 Oswald street. 
Berwick, David, tobacconist, 24 Burnside street ; ho. 

5 Burnside buildings. 
Berwick, John, joiner, cabinetmaker, and glazier, 18b 

Mains street, off Argyle street. 
Bessbkook Spinning Co., linen manufacturers, Bess- 
brook, near Newry; A. J. Larke, agent, 51 

Buchanan street. 
BEST, David, grocer, 51 j College street; house, 2 

Firpark terrace, DennistouD. 
Best, WiUiam, wine and spirit merchant, 80 Glou- 
cester street ; house, 35 Paterson street. 
BESWICK, Wm., wine and spirit merchant, 35 Bed- 
ford street; house, 37 do. 
Beswick, William, goldbeater, 272 Hope street. 
BETHUNE, G. C, fruiterer, 206 Buchanan street. 
Bethune, Peter, Stafford place, New City road. 
BEVERIDGE, A. B., paper-ruler, bookbinder, and 

stationer, 62 Queen st. ; house, 26 George street, 

and Crawford street, Largs. 
Beveridge, A., warehouseman, 52 Virginia street ; 

house, 52 Bedford street. 
Beveridge, A., & Co., pickle and vinegar manufac- 
turers, 85 and 87 Surrey street. 
Beveridge Brothers, general grocers, 639 Duke street ; 

house, 11 Meadowpark street. 
Beveridge, David, millinery show rooms, 325 San- 

chiehall street ; house, 91 Thistle st., Garnethill. 
Beveridge, James, manufacturers' agent, 72 Virginia 

street ; ho. Leaback, Clarkston, near Busby. 
Beveridge, Jas., schoolmaster, E. C. Normal School, 

New City road ; house, 81 Gloucester streets -^^ 

Beveridge, Robert, clothier, 79 London street ; house, 

BEWS, Alexander B, (of Bews, Miller, & Co., lOO 
Wellington street). 

Bews, Miller, & Co., manufacturers of ladies' and 
children's underclothing, 100 Wellington street. 

Beykoxjt and Glasgow Steam Packet Office, Hen- 
derson Brothers, agents, 47 Union street. 

BEXFIELD, Henry Joseph, printed paper bag manu- 
facturer ; importer of wedding cake ornaments, or- 
namental confectionery, and Havana cigars, 7 Stir- 
hng road ; house, Viewfield viUa, Lenzie. 

Bexfield, H. J., ornamental confectioner, 7 Stirling 
road ; residence, Viewfield villa, Lenzie. 

BIBBY, John, Sons, & Co., copper smelters Liver- 
pool; C. Dunderdale, sole agent, 163 St. Vincent st. 

BICKET & Russell, wholesale hardware fancy goods 
merchants, 97 Gallowgate. 

BIGGAR, Alexander, music seller, 151 W. Regent 
St., and Rothesay; house, 20 Buccleuch st. Glasgow. 

Biggar, James, joiner, Crossmyloof; house, East 
park cottage, Shawlands. 

Biggar, James, & Co., music sellers, 159 Sauchiehall 
street; house, 77 Hill street, Garnethill. 

Biggar, Robert, pawnbroker, 303 Argyle street. 

Biggar, Thomas, & Co., skirt and costume manufac- 
turers, 230 Argyle street. 

Biggar, Thomas (of Thomas Biggar & Co.), house, 
18 Oakshaw hill. Paisley. 

Biggar, William (of Thomas Biggar & Co.), house, 
18 Oakshaw hill. Paisley. 

Biggar, W. H., tobacco and cigar merchant, 147 
Sauchiehall street. 

BIGGS, John A., dentist, 149 North street. 

Bii-BAo Steam Packet Office, John and Peter Hutchi- 
son, 62 Broomielaw. 

Bilbao Iron Ore Co. (Limited), Lockhart, Tozer, & 
Co., agents, 25 Gordon street. 

Billiard Rooms (Bell's), 59 East Howard street. 

BILSLAND, Alexander, provision merchant, 22 El- 
derslie st.; house, 435 Sauchiehall street. 

Bilsland, Archibald, grocer and provision merchant, 
59 and 65 Dalmarnock road; ho. 131 Canning st. 

Bilsland, Archibald, provision dealer, 62 King st., 
Tradeston ; house, 14 St. James' street, Kingston. 

Bilsland, James, baker, 8 GreeuhiU street; house, 
435 Sauchiehall street. 

Bilsland, John, rivet, bolt, and screw manufac- 
turer, 37 Elliot street, Cranstonhill ; house, 377 
Bath crescent. — See Adv. 

Bilsland, Wm., baker, 29 Elderslie st.; house, 435 
Sauchiehall street. 

BINDOFF, D., & Co., leather merchants and im- 
porters, London ; D. S. Croall, agent, 26 Ingram st. 

BINGHAM, Samuel, tailors' cutter (at J. Thomson 
& Son'), house, 395 Eglinton street. 

Bingham, William, provision merchant, 194 Stob- 
cross street ; house, 84 Lumsden street. 

BINGS, James, grocer and provision merchant, 15 
Oswald street, Bridgeton ; house, 17 do. 

BINNIE, Alexander H. (of White & Binnie), house, 
Hagg's view, Shawlands. 

Binnie, Alex., spirit dealer, 66 Bishop st., Anderston ; 
house, 11 James street. Mile end. 

Binnie, Ales., Clydesdale bank, St. Vincent place ; 
house, 3 Athole terrace, Crossbill. 

Binnie, David, clothier, hosier, and gentlemen's out- 
fitter, 22 Union st. ; house, 79 Taylor st. 

Binnie, David, Park villa. Queen Mary Avenue. 





Binney, EdwarJ, glass bender and glazier, 111 
Stirling street, Port Dundas; house, 109 do. 

Binnie, James (at Miller Brothers'), bo. 40 West-end 
Park street. 

Binnie, James, fireclay manufacturer ; works, Gart- 
cosh, Moodiesburn ; office, 69 Bath st.; depot, Glebe 
St., St. Eollos ; ho. 6 Crown gardens, Dowanhill. 

Binnie & Murray, measurers, 183 West George st. 

Binnie, Robert, smith and farrier, 3 Warwick street ; 
house, 405 Fglinton street. 

Binnie, Robert, timekeeper, Phoenix Ironworks ; ho. 
18 Grove street. 

Binnie, Thos., builder and property valuator, 207 Hope 
St.; ho. The Knowe, Queen's dr.. Crossbill. 

Binnie, Wm., wright and tun builder, 91 Blaitland 
street ; house, 3 Sauchiehall street. 

Binnie, Wm. (of the Oak Foundry Co.), house, 33 St. 
Mungo street, north. 

Binney '& Son, patent self lubricative packing and 
indiarubber manufacturers, sole agents for " Helve- 
tia leather," 9 Oswald street. — See Adv. in App. 

BiNNiEHiLL Coal Office, John Watson, 123 St. Vin- 
cent street. 

BINNING, John (of Andrew Anderson, Fordyce, & 
Co.), house, Woodend cottage, Langside. 

Binning, Robert, merchant and commission agent, 116 
St. Vincent st. ; house, 2 Prince's ter., Dowanhill. 

Binning, Robert, marble cutter, 18 to 38 West st., 
s.s. ; house, 29 Wallace Grove place. 

Birch & Brown, paperhangings, colours, varnishes, 
brushes, mouldings, window and plate glass mer- 
chants and silverers, pictures in oleogi-aphs, aqua- 
graphs, chromes, &c., &c., carvers, gilders, decora- 
tors, and miiTor manufacturers, 381 Argyle street ; 
workshop, 120 North street ; keys with Mr. A. 
Watson, at Mr. Livingston's, 131 Main street, 
Anderston. — See Advt. in App. 

Birch, James (of Birch & Brown), house, 8 Speirs 
place, Crossbill. 

Birch, Misses, teachers, 7 Walmer crescent. 

BIRCHWOOD, S. C, bookkeeper (at Jas. Cowan's, 
11 & 13 Hjdepark St.), house, 20 Overnewton st. 

BIRD, Alex. P. (at Geo. Wilson & Co.'s), house, Swan- 
ston street. 

Bird, Balderston, & Co., merchants, 174 W. George st. 

Bird, David, writer (of David Bird & Son), house. 
Avonton, Bellahouston. 

Bird, David, jun., accountant and property agent, 37 
West Nile street ; house, 2 Bellahouston terrace, 
Paisley road. 

Bird, David, & Son, writers, 175 St. Vincent street. 

Bird, Gregory (British Asphalte Co , 92 Stirling st,, 
Port Dundas), house, 8 Berkeley terrace. 

Bird, Neilson, writer (of David Bird & Son), house, 
Avonton, Bellahouston. 

Bird, Robert A., merchant, 174 West George street; 
house, 39 Rupert street. 

BIRKMYRE, Rev. A. B., Kinning Park Free 
Church ; house, 19 Queen's square, Stratbbungo. 

Birkmyre, Miss, 71 Elmbank street. 

Birmingham Battery and Metal Co., Digbeth and 
Selby Oak, Birmingham, manufacturers of brass 
and copper tubes, brazed, mandril, and solid drawn, 
for locomotive and marine boilers, surface con- 
densers, copper steam-tubes, brass and copper wire, 
brass and copper sheets, rolled brass, condenser 
plates, African rods, gun and ingot metal ; sole 
representative for Scotland, Liverpool, Leeds, and 
North of England, T. D. Sproat, Royal Exchange. 

Birmingham Plate Glass Co., Smethwick, near Bir- 
mingham ; agents, Niven and Pratt, 72 Waterloo 

Birmingham Screw Co., Birmingham, makers of all 
kinds of brass and copper screws, &c.; sole agents, 
Wm. Lister, 25 Bath street. 

Birmingham Patent Iron and Brass Tube Company, 
Smethwick, makers of brass and copper gas tubes, 
brass and copper sheets, yellow solder, brass and 
copper wire, brass boiler tubes, brass and copper 
condenser tubes, condenser tube plates, brazed 
copper tubes and pipes, solid drawn copper tubes, 
copper tubes and pipes- bent to plan ; sole agent, 
Wm. Lester, 25 Bath street. 

BIRRELL, Alexander (of Crawford, Easton, & Co.), 
house, 6 Kelvinside terrace, north. 

Birrell Brothers, boot and shoe manufacturers, 17 and 
1 9 Candleriggs, 83 Argyle st. , and 1 05 Sauchiehall st. 

Birrell, Dawson (of Birrell, Stenhouse, & Co., iron 
ship builders, Dumbarton), letters left with Colin 
Campbell, 97 West George street. 

Birrell, James G. (of Birrell Brothers), house, 314 
Renfrew street. 

Birrell, James (of Blair, Campbell, & M'Lean), 
house, 9 Burnbank terrace. 

Birrell, Peter (of Birrell Brothers), house, 197 
Pitt street. 

Birrell, Walter, insurance broker (of Wingate, Bir- 
rell, & Co.), residence, Middlefield, Partick hill. 

Birrell, Wm. Euing, insurance broker (of William 
Euing & Co.), house, 8 Wilton crescent. New 
City Road. 

Birrell, William (of BirreU Brothers), resid. 290 
Renfrew street, and Osborne House, Gourock. 

Birrell, Mrs Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 67 
Ingram street; house, 20 Hill place, Stirling road. 

Birrell, Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 447 
Sauchiehall street. 

BISHOP, Andrew, wine and spirit merchant, 478 
Garscube road ; house, 38 Firhill road. 

Bishop & Duncan, saddlers, 152 St. George's road. 

Bishop, John, ship chandler, 52 Clyde place ; house, 
112 Gloucester street. 

Bishop, John, baker, 119 Stockwell street ; house, 39 
Sauchiehall street. 

Bishop, John, & Co., ship and insurance brokers and 
iron merchants, 97 Union street. 

Bishop, Thomas, 22 Arlington street. 

Bishop, Thomas, ironmonger, ship chandler, tin- 
smith, and flag maker, 52 Clyde place. 

Bishop, Thomas G. (of Cooper & Co., 83 Jamaica 
street), residence, Craven House, Hamilton. 

Bishop, William, ship chandler, 52 Clyde place ; 
house, 34 Paterson street, s.s. 

Bishop, William A., bootmaker, 75 South Portland 
street"; house, 77 do. 

Bishop, Mrs., eating house, 224 Garscube road. 

BISKET, John, portioner, 12 Warwick street. 

BISLAND, Robert, measurer, 243 St Vincent street. 

BISSETT, Alexander, cabinetmaker, upholsterer, and 
general house furnisher; show rooms, 119 Sauchie- 
hall street and 235 Hope street; works, 89 Ren- 
frew street ; house, 5 India street. 

Bissett, Alex., jun. (at A. Bissett's), house, 29 
Arlington street. 

Bissett, J. G. (at Montgomery & Turnbull's), house, 
10 Holland place. 

Bissett, William S., stationer, printer, and bookbinder, 
19 W. Howard st. ; house, 63 Main st., Pollokshaws. 





Bissett, Wm., British Linen Co's Bank; house, Old 

Bisset, Misses, 10 Holland place. 
BIVORT, H. J., glass manufact., Jumet (Belgium); 

agents, Archd. Arrol & Sons, 16 Dixon street. 
BLACK, Adam, & Sons, painters and paperhangers, 

110 Cumberland street; house, 296 Crown street. 
Black, Alexander (of Black & Robson), house, 214 

Adelaide place, Bath street. 
Black, Andrew, H.M. Customs ; house, 229 Duke st. 
Black, Andrew, saddler, 7 West Campbell street. 
Black, Andrew (of Shirra & Black), house, 33 Sham- 
rock street. 
-Black, Andrew, family grocer, 202 North street; 

house, 48 Dorset street. 
Black, Andrew H,, brewer, 39 Kinning place. 
Black, Archd., & €o., slaters and bricklayers, 197 

Dumbarton rd. ; ho. 330 Dumbarton rd., Partick. 
Black, Archd. C, writer (of M'Grigor, Donald, & 

Co.), house, 2 Lancelot place, Pollokshields. 
Black & Buchanan, accountants and commission 

agents, 59 Bridge street, s.s. 
Black, Colin, news agent, 13 Moore street. 
Black & Co., muslin manufacturers, 90 Mitchell st. 
Black & Co., coopers, stave and hoop merchants, 

95 Comm.erce street and 46 Wallace street. 
Black & Co., contractors and general carriers, 

94 Dale street, s.s. 
Black, C. R., iron merchant, engineer, and vice 

maker, 84 Main street, Anderston. 
Black, D., & Co., shawl manufacturers and printers, 

113 Virginia place. 
Black, David A. (of Black & Robson), house, 214 

Adelaide place, Bath street. 
Black, David, home and foreign produce broker, grain 

and commission merchant, 31 Hatcheson street; 

house, 45 Rose street, Garnethill. 
Black, David, & Co., warehousemen, 28 Gallowgate. 
Black, D. Campbell, M.D., L.R.C.S. Edinburgh; 

consulting rooms, 528 St Vincent street, and at 

50 Woodlands road, 9 to 10 a.m., and 4 to 6 p.m. 
Black, David (of D. Black & Co.), house, Almada 

street, Hamilton. 
Black, Dugald (of J. & D. Black), house, 6 Douglas st. 
Black, Duncan, tailor and clothier, 430 Argyle st. 
Black, E. (of Black & Co., coopers and general 

carriers, Tradestcn), ho. 82 Hill st., Garnethill. 
Black, F. D., superintendent of telegraphs ; house, 

1 Hilton terrace. 
Black Gavin, portioner, 46 Whitevale. 
Black, George, writer (of Black & Honejman), 1 

Alfred terrace, Gt. Western road. 
Black, Geo. G., & Co., Natal agents, ship brokers and 

commission merchants, 109 West George street. 
Black, G. G. (of Geo. G. Black & Co.), house, 23 

Royal crescent, W. 
Black & Honeyman, writers, 88 West Regent street. 
Black, Hugh, flesher, 174 Stirling road; house, 27 

Stanhope street. 
Black, Hugh, 23 Willowbank crescent. 
Black, Hugh, French polisher, 75 E. Howard street. 
Black, Rev. James, D.D., of WeUington street U.F. 

Church ; ho. Leabank, Queen's drive, Crosshill. 
Black, James, & Co., calico and muslin printers, 23 

Royal Exchange square ; works, Dulmonach, Dum- 

Black, James, & Son, fire and life insurance agents, 

News Roorrij Royal Exchange ; ho. 8 Burnbank ter. 
Black, James, builder, 176 Pollokshaws road. 

Black, James, fancy paper-box maker, 10 Garthlan^i 

street, off Glassford st. ; house, 26 Carnarvon st. 
Black, James, flesher, 69 Bedford street; ho. 72 do- 
Black, James, stationer and fancy goods importer, 

167 Great Western road, Hillhead. 
Black, James (of Black & AVingate), residence; 

Auchentoshan, Dumbartonshire. 
Black, James, confectioner and fruiterer, 739 Gallow- 
gate; house, 66 Whitevale street. 
Black, James (of Guthrie, Shaw, & Co.), house, 3 

Cobden place, Mount Florida. 
Black, James W., 104 St. Vincent st.; house, 2 Co- 
burg street N. 
Black, J., draper, 643 Gallowgate ; house, 645 do. 
Black, J., plasterer, 41 Salisbury street ; house, 167 

Hospital street. 
Black, J. & D., fleshers, 76 Robertson street. 
Black, John S. (of Keiller & Black), house, 28 

Arlington street. 
Black, John (of Black & Co., 90 Mitchell street), 

house, 95 George street. 
Black, John, & Co., merchants, 65 West Regent st. 
Black, John, & Co., brush and birch and heather 

broom merchants, 410 Argyle St.; house, 426 St. 

Vincent street. 
Black, John, & Co., wire-rope and cordage manufac- 
turers, sailmakers and ship outfitters, 204 Elliot st. 
Black, John (of John Black & Co., Lancefield), ho. 

16 Park teiTace. 
Black, John Albert (of John Black & Co., Lancefield), 

ho. 7 Newton place. 
Black, John (of William Black & Sons, 49 Jamaica 

street), house, Viewbank, Airdrie. 
Black, John, fishmonger, 26 King street, city ; ho. 

5 East Howard street. 
Black, John, butcher, 412 Cumberland street, s.s. ; 

house, 414 do. 
Black, John (at J. & W. Campbell & Co.'s), house, 

Milton Bank, Bishopbriggs. 
Black, John, provision merchant, 30 Bazaar; house, 

134 Westmuir street, Parkhead. 
Black, John, spirit merchant, 207, 209 Main street, 

Gorbals ; house, 470 Crown street. 
Black, John W., plumber and gasfitter, 53 Shields rd.; 

house, 57 Ardgowan street. 
Black, John (of J. & D. Black), ho. 26 Robertson st. 
Black, John, manager, English Baking Co. ; house, 

23 South Portland street. 
Black, John (of W. & J. Black & Co.), house, 152 

Duke street. 
Black, Jonathan, plumber and gasfitter, 156 Hos- 
pital street ; house, 186 do. 
Black, L. S., commission agent, 230 Argyle street ; 

house, 13 AUanton terrace, Crosshill. 
Black, Malcolm, late 81 M'Alpine street ; house, 

Abney place, Udilingston. 
Black, Neil, cut glass manufacturer, 60 Dale street, 

Tradeston ; house, 55 Clarence street, Kingston. 
Black & Neil, coppersmiths, 58 St. James street. 

Paisley road. 
Black, Nicholas (of Black, Yarrow, & Co.), house, 1 

Avondale place, Paisley road. 
Black, Peter (of Caldwell, Gourlay, & Black), house, 

61 Centre street. 
Black, Philip, 31 Lynedoch street. 
Black, Ralston, flesher, 139 Govan street ; house, 14 

Rose street, s.s. 
Black, Robert B., & Co., merchants, agents, and 

brokers, 49 Jamaica street. 




Black, Robert B. (of Strathclyde Coal Co. and 
of R. B. Black & Co., 49 Jamaica street), house, 
Springhill place, St. George's road. 

Black, Robert, of Kelvinhaugh and Duntoclier; resid- 
ence, Glenarbuck, Bowling. 

Black, Robert, upholsterer and cabinetmaker, and 
Venetian blind maker, and general house fur- 
nisher, 16 and 18 South Portland street; works, 13 
Eglinton street ; house, Three Neuk, Cambuslang. 

Black, Robert, 28a Renfield st.; house, 38 Belmont 
place, Billhead. 

Black, Robert, grocer and provision merchant, 28 
Elderslie street ; ho. 30 Elderslie st. 

Blaek, Robert, house insurance agent, manager and 
secretary, National Freehold Building Society, 61 
Bridge street ; house, 141 Pollok street. 

Black & Eobson, accountants and sharebrokers, 14 
Prince's square. 

Black, Thomas, provision merchant, 117 and 307 
Dalmarnock load; house, 160 do. 

Black, Thomas (at Hunter, Barr, & Co.'s), house, 
Violet Bank, Cambuslang. 

Black, Thomas, slater, 11 Peel street, Partick; ho. 

19 Maxwell street, do. 

Black, Thos. H. B. (at John Houldsworth & Co.'s), 
house, 252 St. George's road. 

Black, Thomson, chimney sweeper and slater, 20 
Sauchiehall street. 

Black, William, spirit merchant, 5 West Street, 
Tradeston; house, 15 do. 

Black, WiUiam, & Sons, coalmasters and coke manu- 
facturers, Stanrigg, Auchingray,Southfield.Browny- 
side, and Arden Collieries, 49 Jamaica st. ; house, 
Stanrigg, Airdrie. 

Black, Wilham Dunn (of Black & Wingate, 5 Royal 
Exchange sq.), residence, Bogany House, Rothesay. 

Black, Wm., accountant (at M'Farlane & Hutton's), 
house, Viewbank, Airdrie. 

Black, William, accountant, property and insurance 

agent, 121 W. Regent st. ; ho. 74 Ardgowan street. 

Black, William, pastry cook, wine and spirit mercht., 
35 Candleriggs; ho. 15 Binnie pi., Monteith row. 

Black, William, dairy, 13 Naburn street. 

Black, William, watchmaker and jeweller, 714 
Gallowgate ; house, 66 Whitevale street. 

Black, William (at John Miller and James H. Fer- 
gusson's), ho. 150 Woodlands road. West. 

Black, W. & J., & Co., tobacco and snuff manufac- 
turers, 142 George street. 

Black, W. S. (of Black & Co., coopers and general 
carriers, Tradeston), ho. 15 Morrison st, Kingston. 

Black & Wingate, manufacturers and printers, 5 
Royal Exchange square ; spinning and weaving 
works, Kelvinhaugh. 

Black, Yarrow, & Co., agents, engineers, and inspec- 
tors, 75 Jamaica street. 

Black, Mrs. Jessie, wine and spirit merchant, 24 
Stockwell place ; house, 24 Ropework lane. 

Black, Mrs. Wm., victualler, 4 Hill street, East; ho. 

20 do. 

Black, Mrs., midwife, 586 Debbie's loan. 

Black, Mrs., midwife, 91 Rose street, Hutcliesontown. 

Black, Miss M., baby's and children's outfitter, 383 

Sauchiehall street ; house, 2 North Coburg street. 
Black, Miss, dressmaker, 212 Hope street. 
Black, Miss, ladies' and children's underclothing, 367 

Sauchiehall street. 
Black, Miss J., insurance and property agent, 353 

Bath street. 

Black, Misses A. &. J., milliners, 314 Nuneaton st. ; 
ho. 316 do. 

Black, Misses M. & M., hosiery and furnishings, 1!) 
Adelphi street; house, 85 Bellgrove street. 

Black, I. & J., milliners and straw-hat makers, G2 
Tobago street, Calton. 

BLACKADDER, David, Bank of Scotland ; house, 
26 Windsor terrace. 

Blackadder, James, watchmaker. 150 North street. 

Blackadder, Wm. (of Knox & Blackadder), house, 25 
Lacrosse place, Belmont street, Hillhead. 

Blackadder, Wm., spirit merchant, 20 Canning st. ; 
house. 15 London street. 

BLACKBURN, Hugh, M.A., professor of mathema- 
tics, the University; house, 10 do. 

Blackburn, Low, & Co., insurance brokers, 8 Gordon 

Blackburn, Miss M. S., 5 Lynedoch crescent. 

Blackfeiars' Registry Office for births, deaths, and 
marriages, 70 Bell street; James Moncrieff Thom- 
son, registrar ; James M'Laren, assistant. 

BLACKHALL Brothers, comb and brush manufac- 
turers, 63 Argyle arcade. 

BLACKIE, J. Alexander, puHisher (of Blackie & 
Son), house, 1 Belhaven terrace. 

Blackie, John, & Co., advertising and general agents, 
54 York street. 

Blackie, John J., merchant (of Robert Wemyss & 
Co.), house, 24 Hamilton Park terrace, Hillhead. 

Blackie, Robert (of Blackie & Son), ho. 7 Great 
Western terrace. 

Blackie & Son, publishers, booksellers, and book- 
binders, 17 Stanhope street. 

Blackie & Son, publishers, booksellers, and book- 
binders, 38 Frederick street ; G. Wilson, agent. 

Blackie, W. G., & Co., letterpress, lithographic, and 
copperplate printers, electrotypers, and stereotypers, 
17 Stanhope st. ; works, 50 St. James' road. 

Blackie, W. G., publisher (of Blackie & Son, 17 Stan- 
hope street), house, 1 Belhaven terrace. 

Blackie, W. G., Ph.D., 1 Belhaven terrace. 

Blackie, Mrs., furniture dealer, 44 East Clyde street. 

BLACKLEYJ John, factor, Milton Estate, 88 Bath 
street ; residence, Balornock house, Springburn. 

Blackley, John, brick builder, 16 Govan street. 

Blackley, W. S. C. (of Blackley, Young, & Co.), 
house, 64 Rosebank terrace. 

Blackley, Young, & Co., merchants and commission 
agents, 103 Holm street. 

BLACKLOCK, D., & Co., wholesale and house-fur- 
nishing ironmongers and iron merchants, 82, 84 
Jamaica street. 

Blacklock, D. (of D. Blacklock & Co.), house, 48 
Westbourne gardens, W. 

Blacklock, Goudie. & Co., water-proof and India- 
rubber manufacturers, Kent works, and 69 Jamaica 
street, and at 41 Gresham street, London, E.C., and 
101 Princes street, Edinburgh. 

BLACKSTOCK, G., flesher, 528f New City road ; 
house, 532 do. 

Blackstock, William, flesher, 379 Argyle street ; ho. 
49 Cadogan street. 

Blackstock, William, draper, 53 Abbotsford place. 

Blackstone Mineral Co. Works, Blackstone, Paisley: 
office, 49 Jamaica street. 

BLACKWELL, Bowie, & Co., engineers, 5 India st. 

Blackwell, Samuel, 10 Monteith row. 

BLACKWOOD, Andrew (of Blackwood & M'Lean), 
house, 5 Victoria terrace, Dowanhill. 




Blackwood, A. , auctioneer and valuator, 85 Buclianan 
street ; house, 571 Duke street. 

Blackwood, A., manufacturers' agent, 85 Buchanan 
street ; house, 147 Comely Park street. 

Blackwood, A. M., oil, colour, and hardware merchant, 
63 Nelson st., Tradeston ; house, 55 Centre st 

Blackwood Brothers, carpet and rug manufacturers, 
65 Jamaica street ; manufactory, Kilmarnock. 

Blackwood & Co., coal and coke merchants; depots, 
Monkland Canal Basin and West street, s.s. 

Blackwood & Co. coal and coke merchants, 55 
Roslea drive, Dennistoun. 

Blackwood & Gordon, engineers and iron shiphuilders, 
and iron founders, Castle Building-yard, Port 

Blackwood, H., & Co., opticians and spectacle 
maks., fishing rod and tackle makers, 210 Buchanan 
street and 67 Dundas street. — See Advert, in App. 

Blackwood, Henry (of H. Blackwood & Co.), house, 
1 Gladstone place. 

Blackwood, Henry (of Blackwood & Co.), house, 55 
Roslea drive. 

Blackwood, Isaac, grain and flour merchant, 11, 13 
M'Farlane street ; house, 4 Royal terrace, Queen's 
drive, CrosshiU. 

Blackwood, James, & Son, clothiers and outfitters, 
211 Argyle st. and 2 Jamaica street. 

Blackwood, James (of James Blackwood & Son), 
residence, Greencroft House, Blantyre. 

Blackwood, James, jun. (of James Blackwood & Son), 
residence, Greencroft House, Blantyre, 

Blackwood, John, dairyman, 283 Argyle street; 
house, 285. 

Blackwood, John, wholesale and retail tea merchant 
and grocer, 22 and 24 Main street, Gorbals, and 
189 Duke st. ; ho. 2 Chatham place, Stirling rd. 

Blackwood, Matthew, & Son, bleachers of thread and 
yam, and scourers of wool, Arthurliefield, Barrhead. 
House of call, John Smith's, 8 Ingram st., Glasgow. 

Blackwood & M'Lean, merchants, drysalters, and 
commission agents, 42 Howard street. 

Blackwood, Wm., & Son, yarn and thread bleachers, 
starchers and polishers; works, Craigton, Milngavie. 
Orders left at 82 Virginia street ; house, Craigton. 

Blackwood, William, brash and basket shop, 93 
Sauchiehall street ; house, 382 St. Vincent street. 

Blackwood, Lydia, dressmaker, 91 Dundas street. 

Blackwood, M., milliner, 415 New City road; house, 
382 St. Vincent street. 

Blaenavon Iron and Steel Co. (Limited), iron 
masters (Blaenavon), Monmouthshire, manufac- 
turers of cold blast pig iron, iron and steel loco- 
motive and waggon tyres, rails, angle, bulb, and 
girder iron, &c.; Robert Granger, agent, 3 North 
court. Royal Exchange. 

BLAIKLEY, A. & M., paper box makers for jewel- 
lers, 40 Abbotsford place. 

Blaikley, Samuel (at James Muirhead & Son's), ho. 
40 Abbotsford place. 

BLAIR, Ales., agent for Nevill, Druce, & Co.'s yellow 
metal and copper, J. Wilkes, Mapplebeck, & Co.'s 
condenser tubes, John Green's (Old Hill, near 
Dudley) anchors and chains, Corsar Brothers' 
canvass, Bullivant & Allen's patent steel wire towing 
hawser, Dixon, Corbett, & Spence's hemp, manilla, 
and wire rope, Greenock Felt Work Company, 
Napier Bros.' patent windlass, 175 St. Vincent St.; 
house, Elmslee villa, Crow road, Partick. 

Bkir, Alex., 61 Mains st., Blythswood terrace. 

Blair, Allan, President Scottish Legal Life Assurance 
Society, 86 Wilson street ; house, 89 North Fre- 
derick street. 

Blair, Archd. S. (at Allan C. Gow & Co.'s, 65 Great 
Clyde street), ho. Annfield house, Helensburgh. 

Blair, Archibald, grocer, 168 Kelvinhaugh street; ho. 
9 Park street, Kelvinhaugh. 

Blair, Bryce, grocer, 2 Portman street ; house, 69 
St. George's terrace, Paisley road. 

Blair, Campbell, & Maclean, makers of vacuum pans, 
other sugar refining, brewing, and distilling appa- 
ratus, marine and locomotive copper and brass 
work, Scotland street, Tradeston. 

Blair, Campbell, wholesale and retail tea and 
wine merchant and grocer, 38, 40 Jamaica street ; 
house, 36 Elmbank crescent. — See Advt. in Appen. 

Blair, Charles M., merchant and agent, 70 Paterson 
street, s.s. ; house, 197 Watt street. 

Blair & Co., of Alloa (Limited), brewers, Alloa; 
George Morrison, agent, 36 Cathcart St., Kingston. 

Blair, David, Stirling's Library. Miller street ; house, 
104 North Hanover street. 

Blair, Donald (at Alex. McLeod's, 94 King street, 
City), house, 1 Elliot street, Dowanhill. 

Blair & Finlay, clothiers and hatters, 42 Queen st. 

Blair, George M'L. (of P. & W. M'Lellan), house, 2 
Lilybank terrace, Hillhead. 

Blair, George, iron and metal merchant, engineers' 
furnishings, &c., agent for Newton, Keates, & Co., 
copper smelters, 38 Queen street; house, 6 Alfred 
terrace, Hillhead. 

Blair, G. A., book-keeper- (at Bayne & Duckett's), 
house, Lochwinnoch. 

Blair, Harry, architect, 68 Bath street ; house, 38 
Hill street, Garnet hill. 

Blair, Hugh, baker and confectioner, 85 Sandyfauld 
street and 474 Rutherglen road ; house, 400 S. 
Cumberland street. 

Blair, James, chartered accountant, agent for the 
Lancashire Fire and Life Insurance Co., manager 
of the Caledonian Savings Investment and Build- 
ing Society of Glasgow, 160 Hope street; house, 
24 Ashfield terrace, Hillhead. 

Blair, James, sugar broker, 21 Virginia street ; ho. 
46 Windsor terrace, St. George's road. 

Blair, James, & Co., cloth clippers, 57 & 59 Montrose 
street ; house, 4 Catherine street. 

Blair, James, stationer and news agent, 206 Gars- 
cube road. 

Blair, James, cartwright, 2 Cumberland lane ; house, 
92 Hospital street. 

Blair, James, bookseller (at Porteous Brothers', 45 
West Nile st.), house, 4 Douglas place. Crossbill. 

Blair, James (of Blair, Campbell, & M'Lean), house, 
Rosebank villa, Pollokshields. 

Blair, James (of J. & J. Blair) ; house, Kilmarnock. 

Blair, James M. (of P. & W. Maclellan), house, 8 
Cecil place, Paisley road. 

Blair, James (of Watt & Blair), house, 4 Derby st. 

Blair, John (of W. Crum & Co.), house, Lora 
Lodge, Rothesay. 

Blair, John, house factor, 23 Green St., Bridgeton. 

Blair, John (of John Blair & Co.), res. Knowe, Pol- 

Blair, John, tobacconist, 11 St. George's terrace, 
Paisley road ; house, 12 do. 

Blair, John, & Co., hat manufacturers and ware- 
housemen, 34 Howard street. 

Blair, John, causeway er and contractor, 38 Marlow st 





Blair, John, brassfounder, 190 Dumbarton road; ho. 

144 Berkeley street. 
Blair, J. & J., fibre dressers and merchants, 173 St. 

Vincent st., and Portland Fibre Works, Kilmarnock. 
Blair, John (of J. & J. Blair), house, Kilmarnock. 
Blair, John, sen., & Co., muslin manufacturers, 15 

Renfield street. 
Blair, John (of John Blair, sen., & Co.), house, 22 

Albert drive, Crosshilh 
Blair & Laing, house factors and property agents, 

65 West Regent street. 
Blair, Matthew (of M'Lennan, Blair, & Co.), house, 

Lilybank villa, Langbank. 
Blair, Ogilvie H , v^-arehouseman (at Okell & Co.'s), 

house, 17 Montgomerie terrace, Mount Florida. 
Blair, Rev. Robert (of St. Columba church), house, 

97 Hill street, Garnet hill. 
Blair, Robert (at Frank Rumpen & Co.'s), house, 

154 Comely Park street, DennistouD. 
Blair, Robert, gardener and grocer, 8 Vermont street, 

Kinning park ; house, G do. 
Blair, Samuel, butter and egg merchant, 14 Crawford 

street, Port-Dundas ; house, 16 do. 
Blair, Thomas, 'bus proprietor, 167 Main street, s.s. ; 

house, 250 Crown street. 
Blair, Thomas, joiner and cabinet maker, 87 Pitt St., 

house, 65 Dale street, Tradeston. 
Blair, Wilham, surveyor for Scotland to the Sun Fire 

Office, London, 98 West George street; house, 49 

Roslea drive, Dennistoun. 
Blair, Wm., grocer, 27 Walkinshaw st. ; ho. 23 do. 
Blair, Mrs., Blair's Hotel, 80 and 86 Bath street. 
Blair, Mrs., confectioner, 348 Gallowgate st. ; ho. do. 
Blair, Mrs., Victoria Restaurant, Ferry brae, Dunoon. 
Blair, Misses C. & M., underclothing and fancy goods, 

13 London street; house, 96 Regent terrace. 
Blair, Miss, boys' dressmaker, 51 Shamrock street. 
Blair, M., fancy goods, 35^ Argyle arcade; house, 

96 Regent terrace. 
Blair Ironworks, Dairy; office, 168 W. George st. 
Blairdardie Colliery Office, 127 St. Vincent st. 
BLAKS & Mackenzie, stationers, printers, and 

lithographers, 64 Howard street. — See Adv. in App. 
.Blake, Richard (of Dalmarnock Weaving Co , 377 

Dalmarnook road), house, 651 do. 
BLAKELY & Co., shirt manufacturers, 28 West 

Campbell street ; house, 112 St. George's road. 
BLAND, Thos., gas surveyor, 42 Virginia street ; 

house, 121 Hospital street. 
BLANE, James (of Watson & Blane), house, 145 

Renfrew street. 
Blane, John W., church officer. Free Anderston 

Church ; house, 8 Bishop street. 
Blane, Wm. B., oil and colour merchant, 34 Thistle 

street, s.s. ; house, 8 Garden terrace, Cathcart rd. 
Blane Valley Railway Co., 186 West George street; 

James Keyden, secretary. 
Blanefield Printing Co., calico printers, 60 V/est 

George street, and 74 Mosley street, Manchester; 

works, Strathblane, Stirlingshire. 
BLANK, Emilius, braid and trimming manufacturer 

1 Prince's square. 
BLANKENHEYM & Nolet, Geneva shippers, Rotter- 
dam; agent, W. P. Lowrie, 45 Hope street. 
Blantyrb Yarn Warehouse, 4 South Frederick st. 
BLAW, Wilham, remnant merchant, 66 King street, 

BLELOCH, P. M'D. (at J. & A. Selkirk & Co.'s), 
. house, 56 Gibson street, Hillhead. 

BLENCH, Robert, tea merchant and grocer, 101 
Taylor street; house, 20 Grafton street. 

Blochairn Quarry Co., moulding sand ; office, 182 
Hope street. 

Blochairn Sand and Fireclay Company ; office, 40 
West Nile street. 

BLOOM, Louis, picture-frame maker, 70 Stockwell 
street; house, 78 do. 

Bloomy ALE Co-operative Society (Limited), 115 
Crownpoint road ; secretary, William Mackay, 85 
Whitevale street. 

BLUE, Dugald, East Coast Railways, 32 West 
George street; house, 50 Holmhead street. 

Blue, Dugald, clothier, 131 London street; ho. 143 do. 

Bluevale Established Church, Duke street, east ; 
Rev. John Fairley, minister. 

BLUMENSTEIN, Frederick, watchmaker and jewel- 
ler, 72 Eglinton street ; house, 148 Norfolk street. 

BLYTH, Alexander B., boot and shoe maker, 287 
Buchanan street and 200 West Nile street; house, 
33 Gladstone street. 

Blyth, David (at Thos. J. Smillie's), 175 West 
George street. 

Blyth, James (of Findlay & Tannahill), house, 98 
South Portland street. 

Blyth, John, & Son, wine and spirit merchants, 409 
Argvle street. 

Blyth,' Robert, C.A. (of M'Clelland, Mackinnon, & 
Blyth), house, 8 Albion crescent, Dowanhilh 

Blyth, Robert G., metal broker and commission mer- 
chant, 68 West Regent street ; house, 23 Bel- 
mont street, Hillhead. 

Blyth, William, upholsterer, 120 Duke st. ; ho. 113 do. 

Blythswood Club, 73 Renfield street. 

Blythswood Established Church, Bath street, corner 
of Holland street (Rev. Wm. Fergus, minister). 

Blythswood Hotel, John Leary, hotel keeper, 248 
Argyle street. 

Blythswood and Mains Estate office, 150 West 
Regent street. 

Blythswood Foundry, North street and William street, 

Blythswood Registry Office for births, &c., 52 West 
Nile street ; James Struthers, registrar. 

BOA, Peter (at John Jaap's, 268 Buchanan street), 
house, 49 Holmhead street. 

BOAG, Aaron, plasterer, 9 Moore st.; ho. 30 Market 
street. East. 

Boag, James, blacksmith and tool manufacturer, 51 
Smith St., Paisley road, west ; house, 6 Melrose 
buildings, do. 

Boag, James, wine and spirit merchant, 79 Main st., 
Bridgeton ; house, Mossbank Cottage, UddingstOD. 

Boag, James, hosier and shirt maker, 137 Dumbar- 
ton road ; house, 147 Kent road. 

Boag, John, currier and leather merchant, 3 Canning 
street, Calton ; house, 3 Craignestock place. 

Boag, John, & Son., iron and metal merchanis, iron 
ore, lead, zinc, tin plates, and sheet iron makers, 
117 West Regent street; residence, Cowglen 
house, PoUokshaws. 

Boag, Robert, joiner and glazier. 164 Trongate ; 
house, 211 Hospital street. 

Boag, R., cooper (Loch Katrine Distillery), ho. 667 

Boag, Miss, grocer, &c., 323 St. George's road. 

BOARDMAN, James, die sinker, brand cutter, brass 
window-plate maker, stamp cutter, seal and stencil- 
plate engraver, 55 Charlotte lane ; ho. 8 Annfield pi. 




Boat Patent Launching and Lowering Apparatus ; 
patentee, Captain Archibald M'Pherson, of river 
steamer '' Hero ;" agents, Scott & Montgomerie, 
29 Waterloo st. — See Advertisement in Appendix. 

BOAX, William, wine and spirit merchant, 95 
Elderslie street; house, 15 Breadalbane street. 

BOCK, 0. F. (of 0. F. Bock & Co.), house, 1 Eton 
terrace, Hillhead. 

Bock, 0. F., & Co., Baltic timber agents, 55 Bathst. 

Bock, Richard (of Leisler, Bock, & Co.), house, 2 
Cecil street, Hillhead. 

BODEGA, Spanish Wine Cellars, Wine Importers, 
11 Exchange place, south. 

BODLEY, Edward F., & Co., ironstone, earthen- 

• ware, and China manufacturers, Burslem, Stafford- 
shire; Christie Brothers, agents, 133 St. Vin. st. 

BODYS, Abraham (of Smith & Bodys), house. Main 
street, Barrhead. 

BOGIE, George, stationer, printer, bookbinder, litho- 
grapher, engraver, relief stamper, label manufac- 
turer, and paper ruler, 457 Paisley road, and Ken- 
sington terrace, Ibrox ; works, 30 St James st. ; 

■ house, 472 Paisley road. 

Bogie, Thomas & John, wrights, 53 Cowcaddens ; 
house, 48 M'Aslin street. 

BOGLE, Gilbert, & Co., 47 Oswald street, yacht 
and ships' outfit agents, commission merchants, 
&c.; sole agents for H. Wilson & Co., engineers, 
Liverpool ; Smith's Patent Stockless Anchor Com- 
pany, Newcastle ; Pow & Fowcus, anchor and chain 
manufacturers, North Shields ; A.shworth Bros., 
Staffordshire Potteries ; T. Wilkinson & Sod, 
electro- platers, Birmingham ; Deacon's Waste- 
water Meter Company, Liverpool, &c., &c. — See 
Advertisement in Ajjpendix. 

Bogle, Gilbert, & Co., shipping agents and mer- 
chants, 4*7 Oswald street. 

Bogle, Gilbert J. (of Gilbert Bogle & Co.), 47 Oswald 
street, and Patent Anchor Wharf Close, Newcastle. 

Bogle, John, & Co., Priory Washing and Dressing 
Establishment, 311 North Woodside road. 

Bogle, J. & W., general drapers, milliners, &c., 3, 
7, and 9 Eglinton street. 

Bogle, Peter, & Co., cotton spinners, 16 St Vincent 
place ; works, Barrowfield Spinning Factory, 149 
Keid street. 

Bogle, Wm. R. (Thomas Lilley's, 57 Oswald street), 
residence, Loudon Brae, Uddingston. 

Bogle, W. Y. (of J. & W. Bogle), house, 12 Berlin 
terrace, Pollokshields. 

BOGUE, R. A., tailor and clothier, 113 Ingram st. 
house, Beechhill, Bellahouston. 

BOHMER, Frau, teacher of German, 32 Steven 

BoiLEK Works, Lilybank, top of Eglinton street. 

Boiler Insurance and Steam-power Co. (Limited), 2 
West Regent street ; Jones Taylor, agent ; house, 
86 Buccleuch street. 

Boiler Works, 27 South Kinning place, Paisley road ; 
W. King & Co., proprietors. 

Boiler Insurance Office, 141 Buchanan street. 

BOLCKOW, Vaughan, &Co. (Limited), ironmasters, 
Middlesbro' ; Wm. Jackson, agent, 98 Mitchell st. 

BOLDEN, Thomas J. (of Veitch, Bolden, & Co.), 
house, 4 Roslyn terrace, Nithsdale road. 

BOLE, Wm., brickbuilder ; office, 75 East Nelson 
street ; house, 67 Whitevale street. 

BOLTON, And. M., teacher of dancing, 2 Carlton 
place ; house, 5 Tylefield street. 

Bolton, James, auctioneer and valuator, 138 Stock- 
well street ; house, 117 do. 

Bolton, J. C. (of Ker, Bolton, & Co.), residence, Car- 
brook, near Stirling. 

Bolton, Michael, contractor, 342 Govan street. 

Bolton, William, clerk (at George Mason & Co.'s), 
house, 112 Ardgowan street. 

Bolton, Miss J., dressmaker, 9 Elderslie street. 

Bolton Iron and Steel Company; David Camp- 
bell, agent, 157 Eglinton street; house, Buxton 
villa, Pollok road, Shawlands. 

Bombay Line of Sailing Ships ; George Smith & 
Sons, 101 St. Vincent street. 

Bombay and Glasgow Steam Packet Office ; Hender- 
son Brothers, agents, 47 Union street. 

BoN-AccoKD Asphalte Co., asphalte manufacturers, 
47 Oswald street ; works, 53 and 60 Dunlop st. 

Bon-Accord Engine Works, Drysdale & Pirie, 
hydraulic and general engineers and pump makers, 
4, 6 Avenue street, off London road. — See Adver- 
tisement in Appendix. 

Bon-Accord Pawnbroking sale rooms, 103 Cumber- 
land street, s.s. 

BONE, Chas. C, civil engineer, 22 Miller street. 

Bone, Wm., bootmaker, 107 Stirling road. 

BONAR, Rev. Andrew A.,D.D., of the Free Church, 
Finnieston ; house, 20 India street. 

Bonar, Robt., clothier and draper, 24 Stockwell st. 

Bonner, Thos. J., tobacconist, news agent, and fancy 
goods merchant, 16 Dumbarton road. 

Bonner, Joseph, 36 Cathcart street, Kinning park. 

BONESS, Arch., & Co., drapers and fent merchants, 
22 Low Green St., 36 and 38 Steel street. 

Boness, Robert, spirit merchant, 82 High st. ; house, 
3 Hope terrace, Langside road. 

Bo'ness Distillery Co., distillers, Bo'ness ; sole agents, 
John Garven & Co., 84 Oswald st. 

BONN, Robert, gi'ocer and provision merchant, 396 
Govan street and 111 Mathieson st.; house, 166 
Hospital street. 

BONSON, Henry, grocer and provision merchant, 125 
Naburn street ; house, 144 Kidston street. 

BOOG, Charles S. (of Czarnikow & Boog), house, 
Struthoy villa, Kilmalcolm. 

BOOKLASS, George, fret cutter and turner, 74 
Glassford street ; house, 257 Crown street. 

Booklass, Mrs. A., tobacconist and stationer, 123 
West Nile street. 

BOOSIE, John, commission agent, 68 W. Regent st.; 
house, 1 Walworth terrace. 

BOOSE Y, J. A., engineer, C. & M., 51 Apsley pi., s.s. 

BOOTH & Fox, manufacturers of the patent down 
skirts, quilts, &c., 181 Trongate. 

Booth, Robt., general dealer, 9 & 16 Gibson street, 
house, 14 do. 

Booth, Robt., wine and spirit merchant, 8 Anderston 

Booth, Wm., & Co. (of Manchester), manufacturers 
of hat and cap trimmings, 55 Glassford street, 
Wm. Kirkland, agent. 

Booth, Wm., & Co. (of Manchester), manufacturers 
of upholsterers' trimmings. Bow Lee mill, 55 Glass- 
ford street; William Kirkland, agent. 

BORAS and Magrina, Reus ; agents, Wm. Arthur, 
Mutter, & Co., 180 Hope street. 

Bordeaux Steam Packet Office, John and Peter 
Hutcheson, 62 Broomielaw. 

Boeder Brewery Co., Berwick-on-Tweed, brewers ; 
agent, D. A. M'Dougall, 152 St. Vincent street. 




Border Counties Association Committee Kooms, 

Cobden Hotel, 87 Argyle street. 
BORLAND & Anderson, engineers and edge-tool 

manufacturers, Burnside works, Kilmarnock. 
Borland, Archibald, pastry baker, 158 Main street, 

Anders ton. 
Borland Brothers, J. & J., clothiers, 40 Gordon 

Borland, Hugh, City of Glasgow Bank, 174 Argyle 

Borland, Hugh, grocer and provision merchant, 301 
and 303 Eglinton st.; ho. 8 Prince Edward st.. 
Borland & Hunter, coal and commission merchants, 
and sole agents in Scotland for W. H. Wakefield 
& Co., Gatebeck gunpowder mills, Kendal, 134 
West Nile street. 
Borland, James (of J. & J. Borland Brothers), ho. 

8 Airlie teiTace, St. Andrews road, Pollokshields. 
Borland, Jas. (of Thain Ǥ; Borland), ho. 8 London rd. 
Borland, John (of J. & J. Borland Brothers), 40 

Gordon street. 
Borland, John, & Son, flour merchants, 100 Napiers- 

hali street ; house, 21 Windsor street. 
Borland, John, baker, 98 Napiershall street; house, 

21 Windsor street. 
Borland & King, writers, 64 W. Regent street. 
Borland, Rev. J. W., minister Gillespie U.P. church, 

Gt. Hamilton street; house, 5 Aunfield place. 
Borland, Robert (of Cunningham & M'Haffie), house, 

326 Duke street. 
Borland, Robert (of Borland & Steven), house, 326 

Duke street. 
Borland, Robert(of Jas. Webster& Co., 86, 88 Argyle 

St.), house, 7 Moray place, Regent Park. 
Borland & Steven, general grinders, 26 East Market st. 
Borland, Thos., ham curer and provision merchant, 

6 King street, City; ho. 173 West Graham st. 
Borland, William, ironfounder, kitchen ranges, open 
and close fire register grates, fenders, stoves, &c., 
pipes, gutters, roof lights, &c. &c., warehouse, 9 
Croy place, ofi' Maxwell street ; residence, Lenzie. 
Borland, William, writer (of Borland & King), house, 

5 Annfield place. 
Borland, William, wine and spirit merchant, 142 St. 

George's road ; house, 133 Dumbarton road. 
Borland, WiUiam, commercial traveller (with John 

Tullis & Son), 90 Great Hamilton street. 
Borland, Mrs. J., boot and shoe warehouse, 65 George 

street and 4 Duke street. 
Borland, Mary, draper, 77 Dundas street; house, 7 

Cathedral street. 
BORRON & Co., Glasgow glass works ; works, 

Anderston; office, 92 Lancefieldst. 
Borron, Wm. Geddes, glass manufacturer, Glasgow 
Glassworks, Anderston ; residence, Seafield tower, 
BORTHWICK, Adam, teacher of writing and arith- 
metic, Hillhead schools ; house, 5 Dowanvale terrace, 
Bothwick, Alex., smallware merchant, 12 York st. ; 

house, 2 University drive, Ann street, Hillhead. 
Borthwick, Ales., & Son, wholesale smallware mer- 
chants, 30 Gordon street. 
Borthwick, A., fancy goods, 473 Sauchiehall street; 

house, 5 Florentine terrace, Hillhead. 
Borthwick, James D., 486 St. Vincent street. 
Borthwick, J. B. (of A. Borthwick & Son); house, 34 
Regent Park square, Strathbungo. 

Borthwick, J. M., merchant, 52 St. Enoch square 

house, 90 Buccleuch street. 
Borthwick, Walter, tailor and clothier, 241 Cumber- 
land street; house, 237 do. 
Borthwick, Mrs. Alex., 6 Florentine ter., Hillhead. 
BOSHELL, Sam. (at Robt. MacKay & Co.'s), house, 

136 Moore street. 
BOSKILL, John (of Glasgow Patent Heddle and 

Reed Co.), house, 49 Reidvale street. 
BOST, A., & Co., iron merchants and metal brokers, 

33 Renfield street. 
Bost, T. (of A. Bost & Co.), house, 34 Lynedoch st. 
BOSTON & Co., wholesale tea merchants, bonded 

and free storekeepers, 11 Oswald street. 
Boston, Thomas (of Boston & Co.), house, 38 St. 

Vincent crescent. 
Boston, Thos., gem and seal engraver, 48 Gordon st. 
Boston and New York Royal Mail Steam Packets, 

267 Argyle street. 
Boston and New York Steam Packet Office, 70 Great 

Clyde street. 
Botanic Gardens, Royal, Great Western road; 

secretary, Alex. Sloan, C.A., 165 West George st. ; 

collector, James Dougall. 
BOTT, Frank, lithographic draughtsman, 93 Ren- 

BOTTOMLEY, J. T., M.A., F.R.S.E., lecturer in 
natural philosophy, the University ; house, 2 Eton 
terrace, Hillhead. 
BOUCHER & Cousland, architects, 217 West 

George street. 
Boucher, James, architect, 217 W. George street ; 

house, 7 Brandon place. West George street. 
BOURDON, E., steam vacuum and hydraulic gauge 
manufacturer, Paris ; sole agents for Scotland, 
Hendry Brothers, 79 & 80 Great Clyde street. 
BOURNE & Coltart, skirt manufacturers., 16 

Hanover street. 
BouRTKEEHiLL Fire Clay Company ; agents, P. 

M'B. Stewart & Co., 40 St. Enoch square. 
BOUSTEAD & Dunbar, shipbrokers and coal ex- 
porters, 13 Dixon St., and at Arcade, Greenock. 
Boustead, Robert (of Boustead & Dunbar), house. 

Bellbrick House. Armour street. 
BOUVET-Ladubay, champagne growers, St. Florent, 
Saumur ; agents, Wm. Arthur, Mutter, & Co., 
180 Hope street. 
BOW, Archibald, manufacturer of druggets and wool 
shirtings, 16 Ingram street; house, Douglas vUla, 
Bow & Co., coal masters (smithy coal and coke), 53 
Jlid-wharf, Port Dundas ; works, Queenzie colliery, 
Bow, J. A., accountant. Royal Bank, Partick, agent 
for Standard Life Assurance Co., Scottish Pro- 
vincial Fire & Life Assurance, Caledonian Plate 
Glass Insurance Co., Ocean, Railway, and General 
Accident Insurance Co., 354 Dumbarton road, 
Partick ; house, 356 do. 
Bow, William, tobacconist, 87 High street ; house, 9 

James Morrison street. 
Bow, Mrs., druggist, 141 Garngad road. 
BOWDIDGE, Thomas, officer of inland revenue, 22 

St. Andrew's lane ; house, 316 Crown street. 
Bowe, Miss, 24 Cumberland street, west. 
BOWER, John, landscape engraver, 119 New City rd. 
Bower, Osmund, butter and egg merchant, 126 King 
St., city, and 138 Norfolk st.; house, 16 Main st., s.s. 
BOWERS, John, writer, City Chambers, Ingram st. 





BOWES, Alex., boot and shoe manufacturer, 34 
St. Andrew's street. 

Bowes, James (at Lloyd's, 36 Oswald street), house, 
20 Dumbarton road. 

Bowes, Robert, family grocer and wine merchant, 79 
Elderslie street ; house, 3 Dover street. 

Bowes, Wm., tobacconist, 236 Great Western road ; 
house, 3 Rutbven street. Billhead. 

Bowes, Wm., china merchant, 230 Great Western 
road ; house, 3 Ruthven street, Hillhead. 

BOWIE, Andrew, engineer, 5 India street. 

Bowie, Archibald, & Sons, wrights and builders, 372 
Scotland St. ; house, 2 Rosslynter., Pollokshields. 

Bowie, C. T., & Co., house painters, decorators, 
gilders, and dealers in paper-hangings, 26 Both- 
well street. 

Bowie, C. T. (of C. T. Bowie & Co.), house, 23 
Berkeley terrace. 

Bowie & Finlay, wholesale grocers, 58 York street. 

Bowie, George, tailor and clothier, 510 Gallowgate. 

Bowie, James, wine and spirit merchant, 220 Bu- 
chanan street ; house, Holland Bush, Hamilton. 

Bowie, James, spirit merchant, 263 High street. 

Bowie, James (at J. & W. Campbell & Co.'s), house, 
2 Middleton terrace. Paisley road. 

Bowie, James, wine & spirit merchant, 362 Lou- 
don road. 

Bowie, John (of W. & J. Bowie), Strathclyde House, 

Bowie, John (at H. Wallace & Co.'s), house, 45 
Dumbarton road. 

Bowie, John, commission and insurance agent. 
Northern Insurance Co., 2 Branford place. 

Bowie, John, jun. (of W. & J. Bowie), house, Strath- 
clyde street, Dalmarnock. 

Bowie, Joseph, oil and colour merchant, 33 Wilson 
street, Partick ; house, 10 do. 

Bowie, Peter, of Bowie & Finlay; house, 34 Clare- 
mont street. 

Bowie, Robert (at A. J. & A. Graham's), house, 17 
Minerva street. 

Bowie, Robert, currier, 41 Nicholas street. 

Bowie, Robt., plumber and gasfitter, 150 Cumberland 
street, s.s. ; house, 212 Main street, s.s. 

Bowie, Robert, seedsman and nurseryman, 50 West 
Howard street. 

Bowie, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 35 Clyde 
street, Anderston ; house, 4 Shaftesbury street. 

Bowie, Thomas, teacher of music and singing, 87 
Ardgowan street ; house, do. 

Bowie, William (of W. & J. Bowie), Strathclyde 
House, Dalmarnock. 

Bowie, William, confectioner, 253 Stirling road. 

Bowie, Wm., teacher, Kennedy street public school ; 
house, 12 Struan terrace, Crossbill. 

Bowie, W. Hunter (at Dykes & M'Lagan's), house, 
Union bank, Coatbridge. 

Bowie, W. T. (of James A. Preston & Co.), house, 
Beechgrove, Cambuslang. 

Bowie, W. & J., dyers, Clyde Dye Works, Dalmar- 
marnock, 159 Gallowgate, 93 S. Cumberland St., 
14 Main street, Bridgeton, 185 New City road, 
155 Gloucester street, 205 Duke st., 65 Eglintou 
street, 108 Rutherglen loan, 4 Victoria terrace, 
Crossbill, 5 Bothwell place, Hillhead, 438 St. 
Vincent street, 639 Gallowgate, 192 London road ; 
residence, Strathclyde House. 

Bowling and Greenock Towing Co.; Wra. Liddell, 
agent, 6 Oswald Street. 

BOWMAN, Andrew, artist, photographer, and por- 
trait painter, 74 Jamaica street ; house, 33 George 

street, Mile-end. 
Bowman, David, painter and paper-hanger, 25 

Nicholson st. ; house, Marchcroft, Nithsdale road, 

Bowman, James, artist, photographer, and portrait 

painter, 65 Jamaica street. 
Bowman, Wm. wine & spirit mrcht., 62 Main st., s.s. 
Bowman, M. & M., grocers, 184 New Dalmarnock rd. 
Bowman, Peter, wholesale news agent and stationer, 

116 Sauchiehall street; house, 48 Holmhead st. 
Bowman, Thomas (of T. Bowman & Co.), residence, 

Bellevue, Hamilton. 
Bowman, Thomas, & Co., mannfacts., 1 Prince's sq. 
Bowman, William, wood merchant, 68 Barrack street; 

house, 9 Bellgrove street. 
Bowman, Wm., pianoforte and music seller and tuner, 

166 Hope street ; house, 9 Bellgrove street. 
BowMOEE Distillery, Islay ; W. & J. Mutter ; ofBce, 

41 Ann street, city. 
BOWSER, Howard (of D. Y. Stewart & Co.), 

house, 13 Royal Crescent, w. 
Bowser, William, & Son, engineers, makers of 

improved Henderson's derrick and other cranes 

and hoists by steam and hand power, ship's hearth 

manufacturers to H.M. Navy, Great Wellington 

street. Paisley road. — See Advt. in Appendix. 
Bowser, W. G. (of W. Bowser & Son), house, 91 

PoUok street. 
Bowser, William (of W. Bowser & Son), house, 12 

Rutland place. 
BOYACK, Alex., cigar merchant, 204 Hope st.; ho. 

Freeland Bank, Partick. 
BOYCE, Mrs., ladies' nurse, 32 Steven street. 
BOYD, Adam, builder, 35 Douglas street ; house, 9 

Walworth terrace, and Bowfield house, Howood. 
Boyd, Adam, quilt and fancy skirt manufacturer, 

95 Hutcheson St.; house, 21 Grafton street. 
Boyd, Adam (of T. M. N. Smith & Co.), house, 

Bowfield house, by Howood, and 9 Walworth ter. 
Boyd, A. S., artist, 58 Renfield street. 
Boyd, David T., ship owner and merchant, 19 Welling- 
ton St. ; house, Westfield terrace, Partick hill. 
Boyd, David, T.. ship broker, 19 Wellington street. 
Boyd, Edmond, F.E.I.S., master of method. Free 

Church Training College ; ho. 3 Hamilton place, 

Boyd, Edward, outfitter and jeweller, 227 High st. 

and 39 Nicholas street; house, 62 George st. 
Boyd, George, & Co., ironmongers, 248 Buchanan st. 
Boyd, George (of George Boyd & Co.), house, 11 

Windsor terrace. 
Boyd, G. & J., drysalters, 97 Union street. 
Boyd, George V. (of G. & J. Boyd), house, 43 

Oakshaw, Paisley. 
Boyd, Henry, whip maker, saddler, ironmonger, &c., 

114 Candleriggs; house, Agelea villa, Uddingston. 
Boyd, Hugh, house factor, 4 Church street, Partick. 
Boyd, James, writer (of J. & J. Boyd), house, 7 Gros- 

venor terrace, Hillhead. 
Boyd, James (at Alexander M'Ara's, 83 Jamaica st.), 

house, 102 Cathcart street, Kingston. 
Boyd, James, hairdresser and wig maker, 38 

Findlay street. 
Boyd, James D., spirit merchant, 275 Cumberland 

street, s.s., house, 185 Paisley road. 
Boyd, James (of G. & J. Boyd), house, 43 Oakshaw, 






Boyd, James (of Paterson, Robertson, & Boyd), ho. 

34 Kent street. 
Boyd, James (of James Smith & Son, coalmasters), 

house, 12 Kerrsland terrace, Hillhead. 
Boyd, James W., general and house furnishing iron- 
monger, engineers' colliery, and founders' furnisher, 

52 Renfrew street. 
Boyd, James (of George Boyd and Co.), house, 11 

Windsor terrace. 
Boyd, J. & J., writers, 95 Wellington street. 
Boyd, John (of J. & W. Boyd), 141 Pollok street. 
Boyd, J. & T., ironfounders, engineers, and machine 

makers, Shettleston Ironworks. 
Boyd, J. & W., wholesale watch makers and jewellers, 

67 Buchanan street. 
Boyd, John, writer (of J. & J. Boyd), residence, 

Kirkhill, Mearns. 
Boyd, John (of J. & T. Boyd, Shettleston Iron Works), 

house, Bertrohill, Shettleston. 
Boyd, John, janitor, 93 Sister St., Public School. 
Boyd, John, H.M. inspector of schools, 13 Rosslyn 

terrace, Pollokshields. 
Boyd, John (at Richardson, Findlay, & Co.'s), house, 

Springfield cottage, Shettleston. 
Boyd, John, wright (of M'Alpine & Boyd), house, 

145 West Graham street. 
Boyd, John, rag, waste, and metal merchant, 25 

Brunswick street. 
Boyd, John, letter-carrier ; ho. 91 Nelson st., s.s. 
Boyd, John, superintendent. Central District, Glasgow 

Police ; house, 2 North lire Place. 
Boyd, Johnston, house and ship painter and decor- 
ator, 80 Carrickstreet ; house, 277 Main street, 

Shettleston. — See Advt. in Appendix. 
Boyd, Richard, boot and shoe manufacturer, 246 

Buchanan street ; ho. 4 Victoria buildings, Langside. 
Boyd, Robert, & Co., yarn and goods commission agts. 

and merchants, 70 George sq. ; goods entry, 273 

George st. ; and at 76 Moseley street, Manchester. 
Boyd, Robert, clerk (at Lyall, Macdonald, Macmil- 

lan, & Co.'s), house, 65 Dale street, s.s. 
Boyd, Robert (of Thomas Boyd & Co.), house, 11 

Clairmont gardens. 
Boyd, R. H. (of J. & T. Boyd, Shettleston Iron Works), 

house, 20 Sardinia terrace. Billhead. 
Boyd, Robert, jun. (of Robert Boyd & Co.), house, 5 

Hamilton drive, Hillhead. 
Boyd, Robert, sen. (of Robert Boyd & Co.), house, 20 

Sardinia terrace, Hillhead. 
Boyd, Robert, contractor, 119 Baird street. 
Boyd, Robert F. (at T. D. Findlay & Co.'s), house. 

Avenue Cottage, ToUcross. 
Boyd, Thomas (of Thomas Boyd & Co.), house, 11 

Clairmont gardens. 
Boyd, Thos., grocer, 482 Rutherglen rd.; ho. 476 do. 
Boyd, Thos., & Co., calico printers, 128 St. Vincent 

Boyd, T. A. (of J. & T. Boyd, Shettleston Iron Works), 

house, Bertrohill, Shettleston. 
Boyd, WilHam (at J. & W. Campbell & Co.'s), house 

16 Valeview terrace. Mount Florida. 
Boyd, William (of J. & W. Boyd), house, 22 Bris- 
bane street, Greenock. 
Boyd, William, jun. (at Wm. Boyd & Co.'s, Blyths- 

wood Foundry), house, 1 Rosslyn terrace, west. 
Boyd, William, & Son, cabinet makers and wood 

merchants, 13 Renfield street ; works, 10 Hyde 

Park street. 
Boyd, William, 2 Park quadrant. 

Boyd, William, bookseller and stationer, and account 
book manufacturer, 163 North street. 

Boyd, William, boot and shoe manufacturer, .23 
Spoutmouth ; house, 8 South St. Mungo street. 

Boyd, Wm. (of Wra. Boyd & Co.), house, 1 Roslyn 
terrace. Great Western road. 

Boyd, Wm. (at 0. Tennant & Co.'s), house, 11 Bal- 
gray terrace, Springburn. 

Boyd, Rev. WiUiam, A.M., Bridgegate Church; 
house, 187 West Regent street. 

Boyd, William (at Slater, Roger, & Co.'s), ho. Lenzie. 

Boyd, William, & Co., ironfounders (Blythswood 
-Foundry), North st. and William st., Anderston. 

Boyd, William (at J. Hinshelwood & Co.'s), ho. 137 
New City road. 

Boyd, W., C. E. & land surveyor, 102 Cubic St., ho. do. 

Boyd, William, butter, ham, and egg merchant, 96 
Whitevale street; house, 100 do. 

Boyd, Mrs. Ales., 375 Sauchiehall street. 

Boyd, Mrs. Peter, wine and spirit merchant, 721 
and 723 Gallowgate, and 4 Slatefield street. 

Boyd, Mrs., stationer, 243 High street ; house, 245 do. 

Boyd, Mrs., pastry cook and spirit merchant, 98 
Renfield street; house, 39 Sauchiehall street. 

BOYES, Edward, maltster and hop merchant, 10 
George street, and 60, 61 St. Mary's Wynd, Stir- 
ling ; house, Burnpark villa, Uddingston. 

BOYLE, Alexander, gilder and picture frame maker, 
325, 327 Argyle st. ; ho. 71 S. Portland street. 

Boyle & Curran, masons and builders, 6 Lime street, 

Boyle, Hugh (at Brown & Millar's), house, 4 
Apsley place. 

Boyle, James, secretary, Glasgovr District of Odd- 
fellows, M.U., 12 North Coburg street. 

Boyle, James, flesher and contractor, 7 and 11 Bed- 
ford street; house, 11 do. 

Boyle, James, joiner, cabinetmaker, and upholsterer, 
137 Wellington lane ; house, 21 Kent road. 

Boyle, James G. (of Wm. Boyle & Co.), house, 3G5 
Bath street. 

Boyle, John, sheriff clerk depute of Lanarkshire, 
68 Hutcheson st. ; house, 5 Renton ter.. Crossbill. 

Boyle, John, grocer and wine merchant, 19 Annfield 
street ; house, 93 do. 

Boyle, John, broker, 57 New street, Calton; house, 
55 New street, Calton. 

Boyle, John, grocer and provision merchant, 15 
Broad street. Mile-end; house, 13 do. 

Boyle, King, & Co., bottlers and aerated water manu- 
facturers, 14, 16 Surrey St.; house, 7 Bedford st. 

Boyle, M. & J., butter and egg merchants. Bazaar ; 
house, 39 Duke street. 

Boyle, Patrick, spirit merchant, 18 Main street, 
Anderston ; house, 3 Washington street. 

Boyle, Robert, & Son, ventilating and sanitary 
engineers, patentees and manufacturers of the 
self-acting air pump ventilators, smoke consumers, 
and fuel economisers ; improvements in furnaces, 
&c., 100 Mitchell street. Mansion House buildings, 
London, and 8 Corporation street, Manchester ; 
residences, 14 Hillsborough square, Hillhead ; 30 
Alfred place, Bedford square, London, W.C. — See 
Advertisement in Appendix. 

Boyle, Robert (at Potter & Hamilton's), house, 26 
Gladstone street. 

Boyle, William, & Co., cartage contractors, 99 Holm 
street, and 29 Alston street. 

Boyle, Mrs. Wm., 9 Ashton terrace. 





Boyle, Mrs. Ann, spirit merchant, 9 Bedford street ; 
house, 11 do. 

Boyle, Mrs. Catherine, spirit dealer, 6 and 8 Forth 
street ; house, 24 do. 

Boyle, Miss, sewing and knitting machine agent, 120 
Sanchiehall street ; house, (3 Braco street. 

BRABNER, John, house painter, 127 Cambridge st. ; 
house, 4 West Graham street. 

BRABir, Frederick, & Co. (Limited), W. H. 
Luther, manager, galvanizers, manufacturers of 
roofing felt and metal perforators, wire netting, 
wrought-iron tanks, cylinders, metallic casks, &c., 
20 and 24 Great Clyde street, and 67 Garngadrd. 
— See Advertisement in Appendix. 

BRABY, Frederick, & Co., W. H. Luther, 
manager, manufacturers of sheet zinc, zinc nails, 
bell tubes, hot-water ridges, straps, rhones, hooks, 
and all zinc goods, &c., 20 and 24 Great Clyde st., 
and 67 Garngad rd. — See Advertisement in Appeii. 

BRABY, Frederick, & Co., W. H. Luther, 
manager, manufacturers of galvanized corrugated 
iron, hoUoware, hoops, slate nails, chimney cans, 
&c., 20 and 24 Great Clyde street, and 67 Garn- 
gad road. — See Advertisement in Apjpendix. 

BRACKENRIDGE, Archibald T., boot and shoe 
maker, 68 Shamrock street, west. 

Brackenridge & Paterson, wrights, 2 Polmadie street ; 
house, 1 do. 

Brackenridge, Thomas, butcher, 126 Norfolk street ; 
house, 70 Egliuton street. 

BRADDOCK, John, 14 West Prince's street. 

BRADFORD, James, plasterer, 167 West Graham 
street ; house, 141 do. 

BRADLEY, Edw., commission agent, 49, 51 Pitt St.; 
house, 235 West Regent street. 

Bradley, Henry, plasterer, 95 Grove st; ho. 67 do. 

Bradley, Patrick, ironmonger and shoe furnisher, 82 
Nelson street, Tradeston ; house, 83 do. 

Bradley, Mrs. James, grocer, 20 Portugal st. ; ho do. 

Bradley, Mrs. J., -wine and spirit merchant, 708 Gal- 
lowgate and 2 Rochester st. ; ho. 599 Dake st. 

BRADSHAW, Philip, wine merchant and cork manu- 
facturer, 48 South jMbion st. and 33 Stirling st., 
city ; residence, Cochran Cottage, Kilbarchan. 

Bradshaw, Philip, Jan., wine and spirit merchant, 
570 Gallowgate; house, 440 do. 

Bradshaw, Wm. Edwin, Episcopal clergyman, St. 
Luke's Episcopal Church, Grafton street ; house, 
35 Rose street, Garnethill. 

Bradshaw's Railway Guide OfSce ; James Reid, 
stationer, 144 Argyle street, agent. 

BRAE, Wm. (of M'Laren & Brae), house, 377 New 
City road. 

BRAID & Laing, wholesale stationers and account book 
manufacturers, 15 Madeira court, 257 Argyle st. ; 
works, 34 Ann street, city. 

Braid, Robert (of Braid & Laing), house, 320 Ren- 
frew street. 

Braidbar Quarry Co., quarrymasters, Braidbar 
quarry, PoUokshaws ; office, 182 Hope street. 

Bkaidhuest Colliery, coal masters, office, 16 St 
Enoch square. 

BRAIDWOOD, A. & J., drapers, 318 New City rd. ; 
house, 320 do. 

Braidwood, Margaret K., 227 West Regent street. 

BRAIDY, Robert, lithographer and engraver, 23 
Muse lane, off Duke street. 

BRAJLiH, James A., cutler, 15 Margaret street ; 
house, 99 Dundas street. 

BRAND, Adam (at Rutherford Bros'.), house, 18 

Sardinia terrace. 
Brand, Alexander G. (of Barclay & Brand), house, 

8 Clayton terrace, Dennistoun. 

Brand, A.,coalmaster(of Merryton Coal Co., 6 Dixcn 

St.), ho. Peaton villa. Maxwell road, Pollokshields. 

Brand, Andrew R. (of Alex. A. Laird & Co.), house, 

9 Kew terrace. 

Brand, Charles, & Son, contractors, 123 Hope street. 
Brand, David, jun. (at Barclay & Brand's), house, 383 

Duke street. 
Brand, James, civil engineer and contractor, 123 

Hope st. ; residence, 10 Marchmont ten, Hillhead. 
Brand, James (of Wharrie, CoUedge, & Brand), civil 

engineer and land surveyor, 156 St. Vincent street; 

house, 2 Granby place. 
Brand, Rev. John (of John street U.P. Church), resi- 
dence, Rockfield, BeUahouston. 
Brand, John, steamboat owner, 48 Gallowgate ; ho. 

5 Dunrobin place, s.s. 
Brand, John D. B. (at Arch. Brown & Co.'s), house, 

Milsey bank. Bridge of Allan. 
Brand & MoUison, dyers, 70 Queen street, and 

NapiershaU dyeworks, 244, 246, and 248 North 

Woodside road. 
Brand, Peter, auctioneer and valuator, 136 West 

Nile street ; ho. 252 Dumbarton road, Partick. 
Brand, Robert, brickmaker. Coats' Brickworks, Coat- 
bridge ; office, 49 Jamaica street ; house, Coat- 
bank, Coatbridge. 
Brand, Robert, dairyman, 30 Devon st. and Maxwell 

street, Pollokshields ; house, 32 Devon street. 
Brand, Robert, coalraaster, Glenduffhill Colliery, 

Shettleston ; office, 49 Jamaica st. ; depot. College 

Station, 159 Dumbarton road, and 169 Renfield 

street; house, Coatbank, Coatbridge. 
Brand, Wm., carver, gilder, and frame maker, 104 

Renfrew street ; ho. 91 Thistle st., Garnethill. 
Brand, William, Gartsherrie office, 168 West George 

street ; house, Fauld's park, Baillieston. 
Brand, Mrs. R., 9 Kew terrace. 
Brand, Elizabeth, tobacconist, 9 West street, s.s. 
BRANDER, Alex., accountant. Union Bank, 73 

Jamaica st.; ho. 14 Westmoreland st., Crossbill. 
BRANFORD, Frederick J. (at D. & J. Anderson's), 

house, ThornclifF, New Kilpatrick. 
BRANIGAN, George, clothier, 151 Caledonia road ; 

house, 149 do. 
Branigan, Mrs., dress and mantle maker, 331 Dum- 
barton road. 
BRASH, Alex, (of Brash & Leckie), house, 11 Royal 

crescent, Crossbill. 
Brash, James, Union Bank, Ingram street; house, 

12 South Apsley place. 
Brash, John, fancy paper box maker, 19 Cochran st.; 

house, 15 Albert drive. Crossbill. 
Brash & Leckie, produce and commission agents, Cora 

Exchange buildings, 7 Waterloo street. 
Brash & Millar, wrights and builders, 8 Otat^o street, 

Brash, Walter (of Brash & Millar), house, 13 Otago 

street, Hillhead. 
Brassfounders' Hall, 40 Candleriggs. 
BRASSEY, Thomas, & Co., railway contractors, 88 

Great Clyde street, and London. 
BRATTEN, John, officer. Faculty Hall, 242 St. 

Vincent street. 
BRAUN, George, hairdresser and perfumer, 68 New 

City road; house, 10 Rosehall street. 





BRAY, Win., chemist and druggist, 3 and 4 Sedan 

place, Paisley road ; house, 2 do. 
Brazil Steamship Office, Donaldson Brothers, agents, 

67 Great Clyde street. 
Brazilian Vice-Consulate, 65 West Regent street ; 

Robert Gray, vice-consul. 
BREAKENRIDGE, M. (of Wright & Breakenridge), 

house, Irvine. 
BREBNER, A, civil engineer, Stobcross dock 

BRECHIN, Archibald, contractor, 72 Keppoch Hill 
road ; residence, Easter Queenslie farm, Shettleston. 
Brechin Brothers, fleshers, 52 Candleriggs, 15j 
Castle street, 78 Parliamentary road, and 32 Stir- 
ling road. 
Brechin, Hugh (of Brechin Brothers), house, 96 Re- 
gent terrace. 
Brechin, John, wine and spirit merchant, 430 New 

City road. 
Brechin, James (of Brechin Brothers), house, 6 

Dalrymple crescent, Edinburgh. 
Brechin, Malcolm (of Brechin Brothers), house, 

Craigielea, Dalkeith road, Edinburgh. 
Brechin, Matthew (of Brechin Brothers), house, 97 

JI'Aslin street. 
Brechin, Robert H. (of Brechin Brothers), house, 90 

Regent terrace, Stirling road. 
Brechin, William (of Brechin Brothers), house, 90 

Regent terrace, Stirling road. 

Brechin, William, wine and spirit merchant, 152 

Hospital street, 8 Cavendish street, and 320 Garn- 

gad road ; ho. Larkfield house, Butterbiggins road. 

BRECKENRIDGE, Alex. B. (at Jas. Simpson's, 102 

London street), house, 154 Comely Park street. 
BREDEN, Henry, china merchant, 83 King street, 

city ; house, 102 Hospital street. 
BREEN, George, Itahan consul for Scotland, 116 St. 

Vincent street. 
Breen, George, merchant and broker, agent for Guion 
Line U.S. mail steamers and Williams & Guion, 
New York ; Austrian Lloyd's, Trieste, and Italian 
Maritime Registry of Shipping, Genoa, 116 St. 
Vincent street. 
Breen, James, fruit merchant, Bazaar, Candleriggs; 

house, 57 Great Western road. 
BREEZE, John (at Maclay, Murray, & Spens), ho. 

Balgray Tower, by Springburn. 
Bremerhaven Steam Packet Office, James Carrie 

& Co., 40 St. Enoch square. 
BREMNER, Alex. H., corn and flour merchant, Corn 

Exchange Buildings ; house, Duntocher. 
Bremner, D., American produce merchant, 5 Dixon 

street ; ho. 10 St. James's ter., Gt. Western road. 
Bremner, D., & Co., merchants, 5 Dixon street. 
Bremner, Geo. W. M., secretary, Northern Assurance 
Co., 19 St. Vincent place; ho. 38 Regent Park sq. 
Bremner, Rev. Henry, B.D. (of Free High Church, 

Partick), house, 10 Annfield terrace, Partickhiil. 
Bremner, James (of G. J. Mason's, 48 Queen st.), ho. 

456 St. Vincent street, 
Bremner, John, measurer, 134 Bath street; residence, 

Holmhead House, Old Cathcart. 
Bremner, John, plasterer, workshop and yard, 12 
Campvale, Crossmyloof ; office, 109 W. George st. 
Bremner, Rev. Robert, M.A., Minister of the Gospel, 
Free Gorbals Church, 26 King street, Tradeston ; 
house. Free Gorbals Manse, Pollokshields. 
Bremner, Thomas, plasterer, 134 Wellington lane, off 
Douglas street. 

Bremner, Wm., plasterer, 106 Nelson street, south ; 

house, 80 South Portland street. 
Bremner, Wm., jun., plasterer, 80 Cumherland st. ; 

house, 1 Albert street, Pollokshields. 
BRIAND, F., et Fils, Cognac ; agents, Wm. Arthur, 

Mutter, & Co., 180 Hope stree't. 
BRICE, Samuel W., 365 Sauchiehall street. 
BRIDGE, Samuel, jun., fruit merchant, 351 and 353 

Sauchiehall street ; house, 355 do. 
Bridge, Wm. F., fruit merchant, 183 Sauchiehall 
street and 197 George street ; house, 197 Pitt st. 
Bridgegate Church (Established), 14 East Clyde 

street. Rev. Wm. Boyd. 
Bridgegate Free Church, Bridgegate, Rev. William 

Scrymgeour, minister. 
Bridge of Allan Hydropathic Co. (Limited), 68 

West Regent street. 
Bridgeness Iron Works, 173 St Vincent street. 
Bridgeton Apothecaries' Hall, 164 James street, 

Bridgeton Cross. 
Bridgeton Boilerworks, Peel street, London road. 
Bridgeton Church (Estab.), Dale street, Bridgeton 

Rev. G. Simpson, A.M., minister. 
Bridgeton Cross Loan Co.'s Saleroom, 18 Orr street. 
Bridgeton Free Church, John street, Bridgeton, Rev. 

Alex. Wilson, minister. 
Bridgeton Fire and Police Station, 31, 33 Old Dal- 

marnock road, Bridgeton. 
Bridgeton Heddle Co., manufacturers of heddles 

and reeds, 10 Ruby St., off New Dalmarnock rd. 
Bridgeton Old Victualling and Baking Society 

(Limited), victuallers, &c., 139 to 147 Main st., 

Bridgeton ; Robert Muirhead, manager ; house. 

117 Alexandra terrace, Greenhead street. 
Bridgeton Parish Schools, 87 Old Dalmarnock road ; 

Wm. M'Intyre, head-master. 
Bridgeton Pottery, Boden street, off London road. 
Bridgeton Post OflBce, 10 London road and Bridgeton 

cross ; R. A. Aitkenhead, letter receiver. 
Bridgeton Registry Office for births, deaths, and 

marriages, 27 Mordaunt st. ; James Tait, registrar. 
Bridgeton U.P. Church, John street, Bridgeton. 
Bridgeton Victualling Society (Limited), grocers, 

victuallers, and spirit merchants, 186, 188 Main 

street, Bridgeton ; Dugald Butler, manager. 
Bridgeton Working Men's Club, 157 Canning street, 

BRIEN, John, slater, 63 King street, Calton ; house, 

2 William street, do. 
BRIGGS, Eugene, carver and gilder, pictm'e frame 

maker, and dealer in oil paintings, 197 Parliamen- 
tary road; house, 119 St. James' road. 
Briggs, Isaac, & Son, worsted spinners, Wakefield, 

Yorkshire ; A. Strachan & Son, 34 Glassford 

street, agents. 
Briggs, John (of Briggs & M'Lellan), house, 130 

Holland street. 
Briggs & M'Lellan, tailors, clothiers, and hatters, 59 

Union street. 
Briggs, Thomas, oil cloth, tarpauling, and twine 

manufacturer, cotton, linen, and jute spinner, 187 

George street, E. 
Briggs, William, agent for Limmer Asphalte Paving 

Co. (Limited), 40 Union st.; residence, Arbroath. 
BRIGHT, John, & Brothers, manufacturers, Man- 
chester ; 10 Hanover street. 
BRIMS, David, joiner, 191 Pitt street. 
BRISBANE, John J. (of Laing, Brisbane, & Co.). 

ho. 128 Woodlands road. 




Brisbane, J. & P., timber merchants, 312 Stobcross 

Brisbane, Peter, dairyman, 34 Gladstone st. ; bo. 32 do. 

BRISCOE, E. J., Major, 20tli Eegt., Adjutant 1st 
L.E.V., ho. 1 Ashton ter. 

Bristol, Cardiff, and Swansea Steam Packet Office ; 
Wm. Sloan & Co., 36 Renfield street. 

Bkitannia Fire Association, 69 St. George's place, 
W. G. Park, district manager. 

Britannia Pottery, 136 Glebe st. and 98 Kennedy st. 

Britannia Sewing Machine Co. (Colchester), whole- 
sale agent, James Grieve, 17 Brunswick lane. 

Sritish and African Steam Navigation Co., 
registered office, 175 West George street. 

British and African Steam Navigation Co., 24 Oswald 
street ; Taylor, Laughland, & Co., agents. 

British Asphalte Co. ; Gregory Bird, manager ; as- 
phalte manufacturers, tar distillers, &c., 92 Stirling 
St., Port Dundas. 

British and Burmese Steam Navigation Co. (Limited), 
steam packets to Rangoon, 15 St. Vincent pi. ; P. 
Henderson & Co., agents. 

British and Continental Insurance Exchange (Fire 
and Marine), 75 St. George's place. 

British Empire Mutual Life Assurance Co., 
established 1847 ; James Peden, accountant and 
manager: Glasgow Office, 188 St, Vincent st. — 

British and Foreign Marine Insurance Co. (Limited) 
of Liverpool ; Hugh Aird, agent, South area, 
Royal Exchange. 

British and Foreign Express Parcel Conveyance, 82 
Mitchell slreet ; Metz & Co., agents. 

British, Foreign, and Colonial Patent OfiSce ; 
J. H. Johnson & Day, 115 St. Vin. st.— See Advt. 

British and Foreign Mineral Water Co., 
Mineral water manufacturers, 382 New City road. 
— See Advertisement in Appendix. 

British and Foreign Steam Packets, 267 Argyle st. 

British and N. American Royal Mail Steam Packets, 
267 Argyle street. 

British and Oriental Ship Coating Co., 
Cramond, near Edinburgh, manufacturers of anti- 
fouling composition for iron and wooden ships, 
piers, buoys, breakwater piles, &c. ; Robt. Douglas 
& Son, agents. Plantation Sail Works, Eaglesham 
street, s.s. — See Advertisemenl in Appendix. 

British India Steam Navigation Co. (Limited), Peter 
Macnaughton, secretary, 110a Wellington street. 

British Legal Life Assurance and Loan Co. (Limited), 
Henry Steel, manager, 141 George street. 

British Linen Company Bank, 110 Queen street; 
Andrew L. Fowler & Thomas Balmain, agents. 

British Linen Co. Bank, Eastern branch, 155 Can- 
ning street ; John Buchanan, agent. 

British Linen Co. Bank, south side, 1 Eglinton st. ; 
William N. Graham, agent. 

British Linen Co. Bank, West George street branch, 
163 West George st. ; George Lammie, agent. 

British Linen Co. Bank, Sandyford and Overnewton 
Branch; John Eraser, jun., agent, 244 Dumbarton 

British Patent Morocco Leather Co. (Limited), works, 
Fereneze, by Barrhead ; John Mann, C. A., secre- 
tary, 83 West Regent street. 

British Patent Morocco Leather Company (Limited) ; 
Thomas Forrest, 40 Ingram street. 

British Plate Glassworks, Ravenhead, St. Helens, 
Lancashire ; Wm. Meikle & Sons, agents, 21 Wel- 
lington street. 

British Workman's Public House without drink, 44 
and 46 Gallowgate street ; Mrs. Niven, supt. 

BRITON, Alex., boot and shoe maker, 55 Argyle 
street ; house, 4 East Russell street. 

Briton Life Association (Limited), 69 St. George's 
place; William G. Park, district manager. 

BRITTAIN, George, locomotive superintendent Cale- 
donian Railway; office, 25 Killermont street. 

Brittain, Robert, 23 Dumbarton road. 

Brittain, Robert (of Robert Brittain & Co.), house, 
17 Dumbarton road. 

Brittain, Robert, & Co., sail makers, 28 Dale st., 
s.s. ; house, 17 Dumbarton road. 

BRITTON, Robert, tailor and clothier, 91 Dalmar- 
nock road ; house, 89 do. 

Britton, Mrs., crystal and china dealer, 38 Green St., 

BROADFOOT, H., builder, 29 Devon street. 

Broadfoot, James (of John Broadfoot & Sons). 

Broadfoot, John (of John Broadfoot & Sons), house, 
4 La Belle place. 

Broadfoot, John, & Sons, Finnieston Brass, Copper, 
and Lead Works, 55 Finnieston street. 

Broadfoot, Malcolm, & Sons, slaters, 7 Cornwall st. ; 
house, 12 Portman street. Paisley road. 

Broadfoot, Robert, furniture and ironmongery ware- 
house, 52 Miller's place; house, 56 do. 

Broadfoot, Wm. (of John Broadfoot & Sons), 4 
La Belle place. 

BROADLEY, Thomas, umbrella manufacturer, 48 
Struthers street, Calton. 

Broadley, Wm. G., commission agent, 37 West George 
street ; house, 1 Roseberry terrace. 

BROCK, Allison, & Co., timber and marine insurance 
broker.^, 135 Buchanan street. 

Brock, Andrew (of W. Brock & Son), house, 22 
Westminster terrace. 

Brock, Henry (of John Orr Ewing & Co.), house, 12 
Grosvenor terrace. 

Brock, Hugh, veterinary surgeon, M.R.C.V.S. Lon- 
don, 112 North street. 

Brock, John, flesher, 65 W. Scotland st. ; ho. 63 do. 

Brock, John (of John Brock & Co.), 40 ^Victoria 
buildings. Prospect- hill. Mount Florida. 

Brock, John, «& Co., ship store merchants, 74 West 
Howard street. 

Brock, John, draper and hosier, 28 Kent st. 

Brock, Thos. (of Brock, Allison, & Co.), ho. Heath- 
bank, Lenzie. 

Brock, Rev_, Walter, chaplain of prison, 71 Duke st. ; 
house, 7 Richmond street. 

Brock, Wm., & Son, grain merchants, 17 Waterloo st. 

Brock, William (of Wm. Brock & Son), house, 6 
Ashton terrace, Dowanhill. 

Brock, W. J., M.B.C.M., 2 Holyrood crescent. 

BROCKAT, William, joiner, 28 York street ; house, 
47 St. Vincent Crescent. 

BROCKIE, Robert, hosier and glover, 60 Argyle st. ; 
house, 20 Westmoreland street, Crosshill. 

BRODE, Julius, ornamental paper box and drapers' 
stock box and pattern card-maker, importer of 
fancy stationery, pictures, borders, etc., 59 Hutche- 
son street ; ho. 11 Grange terrace. Queen's Park. 

BRODIE, D. M. (at Stonelaw Colliery office, 36 
Argyle arcade), ho. 146 Mill street, Rutherglen. 

Brodie & Co., commission merchants, 33 Bath street ; 
house, 2 Beaufort gardens, Crosshill. 

Brodie & Duncan, accountants and insurance agents, 
22 Renfield street. 





Brodie, Harper, & Co., grain merchants and millers, 

104 Hope street, and Bishop Mills, Partick. 
Brodie, Hugh, merchant, 33 Bath street ; house, 17 

Clifford street. Paisley road. 
Brodie, James (of Brodie & Harper), house, Hally- 

lands, Campsie. 
Brodie, John Ewan, M.D. CM., physician and sur- 
geon ; consulting rooms, 423 Argyle st.; house, 20 

Sandyford place. 
Brodie, John, spirit merchant, 18 William street, 

Cowcaddens ; house, 10 Rosehall street. 
Brodie, John Alison, stockbroker, 3 North court. 

Royal Exchange. 
Brodie, MacLean (of Brodie & Duncan), house, 14 

Sardinia terrace, Hillhead. 
Brodie, Rev. Neil, of Free West, Pollokshaws ; ho. 

Free Church Manse, Langside. 
Brodie, P. M. S. (of India rubber Co., 20 Dixon St.), 

house, 8 Terrace street. 
Brodie, Robert, 39 North St. Mungo st. 
Brodie, Robert, commercial traveller, 92 Abbotsford pi. 
Brodie, Robert, writer (of M'Clure, Naismith, Brodie, 

& Macfarlane), house, 16 Kew terrace. 
Brodie, Robert, chemist and druggist, 253 Crown st.; 

house, 123 Hospital street. 
Brodie, Thomas, teacher, Kinning Park Public School, 

Stanley street ; house, 309 London road. 
Brodie, William (at Richardson, Findlay, & Co.'s), 

house, 3 Berlin ter., Nithsdale road, Pollokshields. 
Brodie, William M., coal merchant, 192 and 194 

Brodie, Mrs. Alexander, spirit merchant, 8 Tobago st. 
Brodie, Mrs. John, draper, 341 S. Wellington street. 
Brodie, Mrs., fruiterer and greengrocer, 93 St. George's 

road; house, 95 do. 
Brodie, Margaret, laundress, 10 CornvraU street; house, 

13 Easton terrace, Paisley road. 
BROGAN, A. D. (of Glasgow Plate Glass Co.), house, 

256 Great Western road. 
BROMHEAD, Horatio K., A.R.I.B.A., and LA., 

architect, 245 St. Vincent street ; house, 13 Ann 

street, Hillhead. 
Beongeonwy Slate Co. (Limited), 132 West Regent 

street ; John MacCallum, secretary. 
BROOK, Jonas, & Brothers, cotton thread manufac- 
turers, 10 Garthland street. 
BROOKE, Bond & Co., exclusive tea dealers, 184 

Argyle street. 
Brooke, Simpson, & Spiller, manufacturers of patent 

aniline dyes ; agents, Henderson, Hogg, & Co., 

26a Renfield street. 
BROOKFIELD, Holbrook, & Collinson, warehouse- 
men, Manchester; agent for Scotland, W. M. 

Pearson, 6 Hope street. 
BROOKS, Alexander, plumber, gasfitter, and bell- 
hanger, 6 Struan ter., Crossbill; ho. 1 Cumbrae pi. 
Brooks & Hamilton, sewed muslin manufacturers, 24 

Buchanan street. 
Brooks, John, anvil and vice manufacturer, Lye, near 

Stourbridge; James Tod, agent, 16 Hope street. 
Brooks, John, spirit merchant, 253 Parliamentary 

road; house, 132 West Graham street. 
Brooks, J., & Co., blockmakers and turners, 33 St. 

James' street ; house, 72 Houston street. 
Brooks, John, smith, bellhanger, and gasfitter, 239 

George street ; house, 150 Rottenrow. 
Brooks, John, music seller, 171 Eglinton street; 

house, 22 Cumberland street. 
Brooks, Richard, grocer, 813 Great Eastern road. 

Brooks, William, slater and plasterer, 28 Stanley 

street ; house, 12 St. George's terrace. 
Brooks, Mrs. Ann, grocer, 10 Shaftesbury street ; 

house, 12 do. 
BROOM, David, agent, 75 Bath st.; house, 247 do. 
Broom, George, schoolmaster, St. Mary's Episcopal 

School, 40 Braid street ; house, 12 Wilton street. 
Broom, James (of Broom & Moir), house, 35 Struan 

terrace, Crossbill. 
Broom & Moir, coal and iron merchants, 44 York st. 
Broom, William, coal master, 182 Hope street; 

house, 20 Woodlands terrace. 
Broom, M. &A., milliners and drapers, 88^ Cowcad. 
Beoojiielaw Free Church, 54 Carrick street. Rev. 

D. Farquhar, minister. 
Beoomwaed Weaving Co. (Limited), John Gourlay, 

C.A., secretary, 24 George's square ; factory. West 

street, Calton. 
BROTHERHOOD & Hardingham, mechanical 

engineers, London ; Henry Bennett & Co., agents, 

123 Hope street. 
BROTHERSTON, James, sale room, 76 Commerce st. 
BROUGH, Robert S., bootmaker, 84 Dundas st., City. 
BROWN, Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, 94 

Thistle street ; house, 77 do. 
Brown, Alexander (at W. B. Huggins & Co.'s), ho. 

1 Stanmore terrace, Mount Florida. 
Brown, Alexander, house factor, property and in- 
surance agent, 102 Burnside street; house, 35 

Carnarvon street. 
Brown, Alexander, watchmaker and jeweller, 35 

Buchanan street; house, 260 Crown street. 
Brown, Alexander, grocer and victualler, 34 West 

College street. 
Brown, Alexander, boot and shoemaker, 176 Main 

St., Bridgeton ; house, 2 Newhall st., do. 
Brown, Alexander (at Blair, Campbell, & M'Lean's), 

house, 26 Cathcart street, Paisley road. 
Brown, Alexander, brassfouuder, gasfitter, bellhanger, 

and gas apparatus maker, 62 Cowcaddens ; house, 

105 do. 
Brown, A. & J., confectioners, 20 Stirling road. 
Brown, Alexander (of Brown & Young), house, 29 

Scott street, Garnethill. 
Brown, A. F. G. (of Brown, Macleod, & Adam), ho. 

197 Pitt street. 
Brown, A. H. Rae, licensed auctioneer, valuator, and 

adjuster of fire insurance claims (at Robt. M'Tear 

6 Co.'s sale rooms), 6 North court, Royal Exchange ; 
house, 385 Sauchieball street. 

Brown, Alexander K. (of North British Oil and 

Candle Co.), house, 27 Eglinton terrace. Crossbill. 
Brown, Alex. K., artist, 65 West Regent street; house,, 

1 Athole terrace. Crossbill. 
Brown, Alexander, plasterer, 383 Parliamentary rd ; 

house, 14 Holmhead street. 
Brown, Alexander (of Hugh Brown & Son), house, 13 

Berlin terrace. 
Brown, Alex , nurseryman and seed grower, Millport. 
Brown, Alexander, engraver to calico printers, 

Charleston, Alexandria by Dumbarton. 
Brown, Alex. & Co., agents for Appollinaris Co. 

(Limited), of London, 24 Gordon street. 
Brown, Alexander, provision merchant, 2 Wallace 

court, off Bell st. ; house, 197 Crown street. 
Brown, Alexander M. (of James Finlay & Co.), ho. 

7 Belmont crescent, Hillhead. 

Brown, Alexander, teller. Bank of Scotland, St. 
Vincent place. 





Brown, Alfred (of Win. and Alfred Brown & Co.), 

house, 20 Huntl)' gardens. 
Brown, Andrew, & Co., Lancefield Storage Co., and 

produce brokers, 93 Lancefield street. 
Brown, Andrew (of Andrew Brown & Co.), house, 16 

Kersland terrace, Hillhead. 
Brown, Andrew (at Alex. Henry & Co.'s), house, 189 

Bellfield street. 
Brown, Andrew, merchant (of Alexander King, 

Brown, & Co.), house, li Hillsborough square. 
Brown, Andrew, cashier and bookkeeper (at E. Hill- 
coat & Sons'), house, 90 Abbotsford place. 
Brown, Andrew, tinsmith and gasfitter, 104 George 

street; house, 23 do. 
Brown, Anthony, warper, 10 Prince's square ; ho. 

1 Agnew place, Albert road, Crosthill. 

Brown, Archibald, & Co., silk gossamer and crape 

manufacioi-y, 85 Queen st. and 9 Exchange sq. 
Brown, Archibald S. (at Ales. D. Speirs, 7 Eoyal 

Bank place), house, 393 New City road. 
Brown, Bayley, and Dixon (Licaited), manufacturers of 

railway plant, Sheffield steel and h-on works ; 

agent, Chas. Bell, 29 Waterloo street. 
Brown, Benjamin, joiner, 17o Hospital street. 
Brown Brothers, straw, felt, and silk hatters, 425 

Argyle street. 
Brown Brothers & Co., chemists, and wholesale and 

retail druggists, 110, 112 Trongate. 
Brown & Broom, quarrymasters, Huntershill Quarry 

Bishopbriggs ; office, 182 Hope street. 
Brown Brothers, chemists, and manufacturers of 

aerated waters, 41, 43, & 45 Washington street ; 

house, Woodcroft, Partick. 
Brown, Brothers, & Co., sack hirers, 51 Cadogan st. 
Brown, Charles (of Brown & Wingate), house, 

2 Battlefield crescent, Langside. 

Brown, Charles J. (of Johnston & Brown), house, 73 

Abbotsford place. 
Brown, Colin, 8 Mathieson street. 
Brown, Colin, provision merchant, 81 New Dalmar- 

nock road ; house. 3 Oswald street, Bridgeton. 
Brown, Colin, County Fire Insurance Office, 192 Hope 

street ; residence, 1 St. James' place, Hillhead. 
Brown, Cornelius, flesher, 282 Duke street, and 148 

New Dalmarnock road ; house, 146 New Dalmar- 

nock road. 
Brown & Co., manufacturers of patent metallic 

casks, paint kegs, oil drums, cisterns, and tinplate 

goods; works, 63 Wigton St., Port Dundas ; office, 

20 Union street. 
Brown & Co., drapers, 116 Candleriggs. 
Browns & Co., starch and corn flour manufacturers. 

Plantation starch works, Mair St., Govan road. 
Brown & Craig, joiners, and packing box and zinc 

and tin case makers, 25 Douglss street. 
Brown & Crawford, sugar merchants, 21 Virginia st. 
Brown, D. Campbell, merchant and commission agent, 

192 Hope street. 
Brown, Daniel, confectioner and restaurateur, 60 

Queen street and 83 St. Vincent street ; house, 214 

West Eegent street. 
Brown, Daniel, tailor and clothier, 15 M'Farlane st. 
Brown, Eev. David, minister of St. Enoch's ; house, 

197 Eenfrew street. 
Brown, David, shoemaker, 49 New Dalmarnock road; 

house, 3 Oswald street, Bridgeton. 
Brown, David, cork top manufacturer, 546 Euther- 

glen road. 
Brown, David, jun,, 100 West street, Calton. 

Brown, David J. (of Brown & Crawford), house, 37 

Berkeley terrace. 
Brown, David, grocer and provision merchant, 26 

Caledonia road ; house, 19 do. 
Brown, David (of W. & D. Brown, cai'twrights), ho. 

436 S. Wellington street. 
Brown, D. J., hotel keeper, Balmoral hotel, 23 Cow- 

Brown, David, heddle manufacturer, John street 

lane, Bridgeton ; house, 6 Springfield road. 
Brown, David, lasting tack manufacturer, John st. 

lane, Bridgeton ; house, 6 Springfield road. 
Brown, David, wood merchant and saw mills, John 

street lane, Bridgeton ; ho. 6 Springfield road. 
Brown, David, shuttle and shuttle mounting weaving 

utensil maker and turner, John st. lane, Bridge- 
ton ; house, 6 Springfield road. 
Brown, David W. (of J. C. Brown & Co., Barrow- 
field dj'e works, 24 French street), house, 167 

Green Lodge terrace. 
Brown, David, & Co., brassfounders, 13 West 

Graham street; house, 22 Gladstone street. 
Brown, David, restaurant, wine and spirit merchant, 

19, 21, 23 Dunlop street ; house, 6 Canning pi. 
Brown, D. L., & Co., general merchants, 118 Queen 

street, and at Brisbane. 
Brown, Donald, City of Glasgow Bank, 144 Cow- 

caddens st. ; house, 93 Pitt street. 
Brown, Downes, & Co., wholesale sugar and tea mer- 
chants, 45 Dunlop street. 
Brown, Dunci.n, merchant, 48 Windsor terrace. 
Brown, Duucan, City Hall keeper ; ho. 92 Candleriggs. 
Brown, Duncan, butcher, 380 Govan street, s.s.; ho. 

413 Gallowgate. 
Brown, Duncan, tea merchant and general grocer, 

239 and 325 London road ; house, 246 do. 
Brown, Dunlop, & Lindsay, writers, 87 W. Eegent st. 
Brown, Easton, & Co., insurance brokers, and agents 

for the Union Marine Insurance Co. (Limited), 

of Liverpool, 22 Eoyal Excliange square. 
Brown, Eben., wholesale and export bottler, 93 West 

Campbell st. ; house, 9 Jane street, Blythswood sq. 
Brown, Edward, mirror manufacturer, carver, and 

gilder, 316 and 318 Paisley road ; house, 51 Jane 

place, Govan road. 
Brown & Ferguson, writers, 138 West George street. 
Brown, Figg, & Co., tea dealers, London; agents, T. 

M'Laren & Co., 19 West Howard street. 
Brown, Francis, marine superintendent (at George 

Smith & Son's, 200 Argyle street), house, 1 North 

Claremont street. 
Brown, Francis, quarrier, Williamwood, Cathcart; 

house. Prospect bank, JMount Florida. 
Brown, Gavin (of Brown & Co., 116 Candleriggs), 

house, 7 Somerville place. 
Brown, Gavin, joiner and cabinetmaker, 18 N. Port- 
land street ; house, 7 Hopetoun place. 
Brown, George, draper, 106 Bedford street. 
Brown, George, & Co. (and Brown & Co., Havana, 

and Brown, Thomson, & Co., Pernambuco), mer- 
chants, 149 West George street. 
Brown, George (of George Brown & Co.), residence, 

Burnside, Irvine. 
Brown, George (at John Ferguson & Bros'.), house, 5 

Holyrood crescent. 
Brown, George, fruit merchant, 288 Nuneaton street ; 

house, 286 do. 
Brown, George (of Watson & Brown), house, 32 

Steven street. 





Brown, George, commission merchant and contractor 

for general stores and plant, 41 Ann street, city; 

house, Bothwell. 
Brown, George (of Brown & Craig), house, Birk- 

fell, Helensburgh. 
Brown, George H. (of Wm. Brown, junr., & Co.), 

residence, Egypt park, Paisley. 
Browne, George (of Browne & Watson), ho. Beech- 
holm, Queen's drive, Crosshill. 
Brown, George, grocer, 144 Nelson street, s.s., and 

264 Crookston st.; house, 391 Paisley road. 
Brown, George, tobacco and small wares, 28 Mel- 
ville street. 
Brown, George, boot and shoe maker, 64 Charlotte 

lane ; house, 145 Graeme street. 
Brown, George C. (of James Brown & Co.), house, 

15 Oxford street. 
Brown, Geo. (at A. Bost & Co.'s), ho. 48 M'Kinlay st. 
Brown, George W., cabinet maker and upholsterer, 

47 Great Western road ; workshop, 71 and 73 do.; 

house, 45. 
Brown, Hanlin, & Co., manufactm-ers, Mitchell lane, 

81 Buchanan street. 
Brown & Harvey, mineral, metal, and chemical 

brokers, 208 West George street. 
Brown, Hector, dyer, Gleniffer Dye-works; resi- 
dence, Falside, Paisley. 
Brown, Hugh, sawmaker, ironmonger, cutler, and 

drawing instrument manufacturer, 213 Argyle st.; 

house, 59 St. James' st., Kingston. 
Brown, Hugh, wine and spirit merchant, 204 Broomie- 

law ; house, 103 Norfolk street. 
Brown, Hugh, & Son, grocers, wine merchants, and 

Italian warehousemen, 41 Bridge street. 
Brown, Hugh A., wholesale stationer, 34 Queen st.; 

house, 710 Gallowgate. 
Brown, Hugh (of John Houston & Co.), house, 5 St. 

John's terrace. 
Brown, Hugh, 137 West George street; house, 9 

Clairmont gardens. 
Brown, Hugh (of M'Coll & Brown), house, 4 Kenmure 

terrace, PollokAields. 
Brown, H. (of H. & W. Brown), house, Falside, 

Brown, H. & W., dyers and cleaners, Gorbals Cross 
and Gleniffer dye-works, Paislej'. 

Brown, H. M., boot and shoe merchant, 264 Main 
street, Anderston ; house, 364 Argyle street. 

Brown, James, engraver and stencil plate cutter, 26 
Green st., Bridgeton ; ho. 162 James' st., Greenhead. 

Brown, J. & G., brewers, East Wemyss, Fife ; Glas- 
gow office, 17 Hope street. 

Brown, Jas. & Thos., & Co., wholesale tea and coffee 
merchants and importers of fruit, 77, 79 James 
Watt street, off Argyle street. 

Brown, James, merchant, 77 and 79 James Watt st.; 
residence, Viewfield, Bellahouston. 

Brown, James (of Dunbar & Brown), house, 67 St. 
Vincent crescent. 

Brown, James, manager Adelphi Hair and Fur works, 
247 Govan street; house, 244 Cumberland st., s.s. 

Brown, James, house factor, property and insur- 
ance agent, 10 Gardner street. New City road ; ho. 
37 Kelvinside avenue. — See Adv. in App. 

Brown, James, Caledonian Railway carting depart- 
ment, 11 Germiston street; house, 93 Pitt street. 

Brown, James, clerk (Young's Paraffin Co.), house, 
18 Albert drive, Crosshill. 

Brown, James, shipowner, 11 Somerset place. 

Brown, James, writer (at Alexander & Taylor's), ho. 
59 Albert street. 

Brown, James (of James Brown & Co.), house, 243 
Eglinton street. 

Brown, James (cashier at Dick & Parker's), house, 
15 West- end Park street. 

Brown, James, hosier and tobacconist, 204 Cumber- 
land street ; house, 198 do. 

Brown, James, optician, maker and importer of 
optical, philosophical, and mathematical instru- 
ments, 76 St. Vincent street; house, 8 Hills- 
borough ten-ace. Billhead. — See Adv. in App. 

Brown, James, bootmaker, 345 Paisley road ; house, 
227 do. 

Brown, James, butcher, 32 Canning street, Calton; 
house, 8 Craignestock place. 

Brown, James, cabinetmaker, 39 Surrey street; 
residence, Cremona house. Sandbank. 

Brown, J. A., quarrier, 13 Annette st., Crosshill. 

Brown, James (of G. P. 0.), house, 52 Gilmour st., 
Oatlands, Rutherglen road. 

Brown, James, teacher of English grammar and com- 
position, 280 George street; house, 10 South Port- 
land street. 

Brown, James (of Baird & Brown), ho. 6 Montgomery 
crescent, west, Kelvinside. 

Brown, James, 49 Dunlop street ; house, 120 Mains 
street, Blythswood square. 

Brown, James, ironmonger and cooper, 3 Shamrock 
street, west ; house, 7 do. 

Brown, J. C. (of J. C. Brown & Co.), house, 167 
Green Lodge terrace. 

Brown, James C, & Co., dyers and starchers, Barrow- 
field Dye-works, 24 French street, Bridgeton. 

Brown, J. C. (of J C. Brown & Co.), ho. 1 Houlds- 
worth street. 

Brown, J. C, & Co., contractors with road engines, 
or horses, 54 Hydepark street. 

Brown, James, & Co., cabinetmakers and upholsterers, 
Venetian blind makers, and wood sign letters, 33 
South Portland street. 

Brown, James D. (at Gibson Brothers & Co.'s), house, 
51 St. Vincent crescent. 

Brown, James, council officer. City Chambers, 49 
Ingram street ; house, 93 Pitt street. 

Brown, James, furnishing ironmonger, 85 Bothwell 
street ; house, 7 Hampden terrace. Mount Florida. 

Brown, James F. (of John Brown & Son, 15 Drury st.), 
house, 1 Annfield place. 

Brown, James H. (of Birch & Brown), house, 2 
Tulliallan place. 

Brown, James K., Son, &Co., commission merchants, 
13 Royal Exchange place. 

Brown, James K. (of James K. Brown, Son, & Co.), 
residence, Avon Grange, Hamilton. 

Brown, James Kay, jun. (of James K. Brown, Son, & 
Co.), residence, Avon Grange, Hamilton. 

Browne, James P., & Son, watchmakers and jewellers, 
317 Argyle street; house, 327 do. 

Brown, James, and Son, wholesale mercantile 
and nautical stationers, publishers, and lithographic 
printers, 13 Drury street ; ho. 29 South Portland 
street. — ^ee Advt. in App. 

Brown, James, lathsplitter, 33 Melville street, s.s.; 
house, 11 Preston street, Cathcart road. 

Brown, James, spirit merchant, 114, 116 Main 
street, Bridgeton ; house, 84 Great Hamilton st. 

Brown, James (of James Brown & Son), house, 10 
South Portland street. 



Brown, James, slater, 125 Barrack street; house, 
4 St. Ann's place, Duke street. 

Brown, James, grocer, &c., 202 Kelvinhaugh street ; 
house, 196 do. 

Brown, James, boot and shoe merchant, 313 Argyle 
street; house, 15 Derby street. 

Brown, James, manager (Cowan & Co., 10 North 
Queen street), house, Holyrood place, Helensburgh. 

Brown, James L., and Co., wholesale ironmongers 
and ship furnishers, 69 Morrison street. 

Brown, James L. (of J. L. Brown & Co.), house, 
Ashby villa, Partick hill. 

Brown, J. M., boot manufacturer, 330 Gallowgate, 
and branches ; house, 15 Derby street, Sandyford. 

Brown, J. W., 100 Buccleuch street. 

Brown, John B. (at Stubbs & Co.'s), house, 95 Thistle 
street, Garnethill. 

Brown, John (of Robert Brown & Son), house, 
Norwell, Paisley. 

Brown, John, 25 Gladstone street. 

Brown, John, patent agent, and secretary of the 
Glasgow Science Lectures Association, 9 6 Buchanan 
street ; house, 142 PoUok street. 

Brown, John, lithographic writer, artist, writing, 
picture, and wood engraver, die and block en- 
graver (new process), 58 N. Hanover street. 

Browne, John R. (of James P. Browne & Son) 
house, 327 Argyle street. 

Brown, John (of Brown & Poison), ho. 5 Fitzroy pi. 

Brown, John, draper, shirtmaker, clothier and hatter, 
31, 33 Crown street; house, 141 Surrey street. 

Brown, John, hotel kpr.. Commercial Hotel, Dunoon. 

Brown, John, spirit merchant, 374, 376 S. York st. 

Brown, John, draper and clothier, 137 Crown street. 

Brown, John, registrar of births, &c. , for Tradeston 
district, 92 Gloucester street ; house, 1 Jane pi., 
Dainley street, Pollokshields. 

Brown, John (of Brown & Young), 63 Candleriggs ; 
house, 148 Slatefield street. 

Brown, John, jun., printer, 132 Trongate; house, 136 
I Gallowgate. 

\ Brown, J. T. Toshach, writer (at MoncriefF, Pater- 
' son, Forbes, and Barr's) residence, Woodleigh, 

Brown, John, 7 Queen's terrace. 

Brown, John, aerated water manufacturer, 23 Cubic st. 

Brown, John, jun. (of Brown & Sharp), house, 15 
Woodside place. 

Brown, John, & Co., sole lessees and manufacturers 
of Sir William Maxwell, Bart's, Calderwood Ro- 
man cement ; works, 17 Melville street, Tradeston ; 
office, 2 Oswald street. 

Brown, John, & Son, cotton spinners and power loom 
cloth manufacturers, 4 Graham square, and Barrow- 
field Weaving Factory, Adelphi street, Bridgeton ; 
office, 15 Drury street. 

Brown, John, perfumer and hairdresser, 8 Glassford 
street ; house, 1 North Ure place. 

Brown, John, hosier and shirtmaker, 8 Candleriggs; 
house, 73 Abbotsford place. 

Brown, John (of M'Eachran, Loudon, & Co.), house, 
3 Cecil place, Paisley road. 

Brown, John, joiner, 61 Sword street; house, 314 
Duke street. 

Brown, John, 104 West Regent street ; residence, 
Brandon grove, Helensburgh. 

Brown, John, cowfeeder and contractor, 174 Lon- 
don road. 

Brown, John, designer, 49 Oxford street. 

Brown, John, shell-fish agent, 18 Carrick street; 

house, 25 East Clyde street. 
Brown, John Howie (of J. & T. Brown & Co.), ho. 

2 Shaftesbury terrace. 
Brown, John, insurance agent, 209 St. Vincent street; 

house, Summerfield place, Whiteinch. 
Brown, John, fruit merchant, 2, 4 Glassford street; 

house, 39 Stockwell street. 
Brown, John, janitor, Royal Infirmary. 
Brown, John, agent for Lewis Berger & Sons, 

colour manufacturers, &c., Homerton, London, E. ; 

house, 14 Rosslyn terrace, Pollokshields. 
Brown, John, draper, 211 Duke street. 
Brown, John, chimney sweeper, 343 Mathieson st. 
Brown, John (of Lyall, Macdonald, Macmillan, & 

Co.), bouse, Dowanhill gardens. 
Brown, John, spirit dealer, 26 Main street, Calton ; 

house, 7 Fountain street. 
Brown, John, cabinet turner and fret cutter, 4 Gars- 
cube lane ; house, 129 Dundas street. 
Brown, John, superintendent, Glasgow Asylum for 

the Blind, 102, 108 Castle street; ho. 125 North 

John street. 
Brown, John, wine and spirit merchant, 122 Parlia- 
mentary road ; house, 35 North St. Mungo street. 
Brown, John C. (of George Brown & Co.), resi- 
dence, 13 Park Circus place, Park street, east, 

and Georgeville, Irvine. 
Brown, John (of Houston & Brown), house, 27 South 

Apsley place. 
Brown, John, & Co,, tinsmiths and gasfitters, 778 

Gallowgate ; house, 12 Preston street, Bridgeton. 
Brown, Joseph, grocer, 299 Crown street. 
Brown, Joseph (of Browns & Co.), house, Huntly 

lodge, Ibrox. 
Brown, Joseph, hatter, 76 Rutherglen road. 
Brown, Joseph, bird dealer, 35 Nelson street. City ; 

house, 3 Antigua place. 
Brown, Rev. Joseph, D.D., U.P. Church, Kent road ; 

house, 3 Clifton place. 
Brown, Joshua, & Son, wrights, trunk, and packing- 
box makers, 81 North Frederick st. ; house, 129 

Dundas street. 
Brown, Lachlan, plumber and gasfitter, 41 St. 

James' St., Kingston, and 11 Titwood pi., Strath- 

bungo ; house, 24 Titwood place. 
Brown & M'Kenzie, turners and blockmakers, 35 

St. James' street, Kingston. 
Brown & M'Laren, paper stainers, warehouse, 98 

Stirling road ; works, Catherine lane. 
Brown, M'Leod, & Adam, manufacturers, 51 Bu- 
chanan street. 
Brown & M'Neill, cabinetmakers, upholsterers, and 

Venetian blind makers, 39 Surrey st. 
Brown & Marshall, monumental sculptors, 434 So. 

Wellington street. 
Brown, Matthew B., manufacturing chemist, Carntyne 

Chemical Works, Parkhead ; house, Eastbank 

cottage, ToUcross. 
Brown, Matthew, cartwright, 16 Kennedy street ; 

house, 14 do. 
Brown, Matthew, merchant, 87 South Portland st. 
Brown, Matthew (of Richardson, Findlay, & Co.), 

house, Thornton, Partick hill. 
Brown & Miller, wholesale hardware merchants and 

jewellers, dealers in cutlery, combs, spectacles, 

watches, &c., 16 and 22 Jail square. 
Brown, M., tobacconist, 15 George street ; house, 19 
M'Intosh street. 




Brown, Neil, wine and spirit merchant, 111 Duke 

street, and Greenock and Port Glasgow ; residence, 

Duncintha house. Esplanade, Greenock. 
Brown, Neil, baker, 317 Garscube road ; house, 20 

Wilton street, off New City road. 
Brown, Neil, wine and spirit merchant, 199 High 

street ; ho. 62 George st. 
Brown, Nicol P. (of John Brown & Son), house, 33 

Hamilton drive. 
Brown, Nicol (of Brown & Harvey), ho. Queen's drive 

west. Crossbill. 
Brown & Niven, joiners and builders, house, 60 

Frederick street. 
Brown& Pettigrew, potato merchants, 118 Eenfield st. 
Brown & Poison, corn flour and starch manufacturers, 

Carriagebill Works, Paislev. 
Brown, Peter (at John Miller & Son's), house, 181 

Comely Park street. 
Brown, Peter, court-house keeper, 1 East Clyde st. 
Brown, Peter S., provision merchant, 42 Cook street ; 

house, 40 do. 
Brown, Peter, 56 Kelvingrove street. 
Brown, P. M'T., merchant, 91 Buchanan street; ho. 

7 Lynedoch place. 
Brown & Eennie, coalmasters and coke mannfac- 

facturers, 26 East Canal basin, Port Dundas, and 

Brown, Eichard (of Brown & Ferguson, 138 West 

George street), res. Milverton, Lenzie. 
Browne, Eobert, & Co., outfitters, 148 Broomielaw ; 

house, 33 Clyde place. 
Brown, Eobert (of Eobert Brown & Co., 84 Hill st., 

east), house, 15 Eoslea drive. 
Brown, Eobert, & Son ; Depot, Crown Plumbago 

Crucible Works, Port Eglinton ; office, 16 St. 

Enoch square. 
Brown, Eobt, 137 W. George street; house, 9 Hill- 
head gardens. 
Browne, Eobert Bennett (of Browne, Easton, & Co.), 

22 Eoyal Exchange square. 
Brown, Eobert, & Co., paint manufacturers, oil, and 

colourmen, 84 Hill street, east. 
Brown, Eobert (of Eobert Brown & Son), house. 

Underwood park, Paisley. 
Brown, Eobert, baker, 206 Cumberland street ; ho. 

237 do. 
Brown, Bobert, teacher, 11 Stanley place. Paisley rd. 
Brown, Robert, grocer, 107 Blackburn st.; ho. 109 do. 
Brown, Eobert, butcher, 8 Eonald street ; house, 78 

Barrowfield street. 
Brown, Eobert, 20 Kelvinhaugh street. 
Brown, Eobt., M.D., medical practitioner, 14 Knowe 

terrace, Pollokshields. 
Brown, Eobert, new and improved label and block- 
maker, 58 Hanover St.; works, Neilston st., Paisley. 
Brown, Eobert, letterpress printer and lithographer, 

27 Union street ; house, 30 Mason street. 
Brown, Eobert, brass name plate maker, &c., 58 

Hanover street ; works, Neilston street. Paisley. 
Brown, Eobert I., stationer, 13 Drury street ; house, 

93 South Portland street. 
Brown, Eobert, & Son, depot, Ferguslie Fireclay works 

and Shortroods Drain Pipe and Tile works. Port 

Eglinton; office, 16 St. Enoch square. 
Brown, Robert, & Son, depot, Sanitary Earthenware 

Works, Port Eglinton; office, 16 St. Enoch sq. 
Brown, Eobert Langton, writer (of Galbraith & 

Brown), house, 24 West Cumberland street. 
Brown, Eobert, letter carrier ; house, 125 Eose st, s.s. 

Brown, Eobert, & Co., commission merchants and 
agents for Ind, Coope, & Co., brewers, Burton-oii- 
Trent ; Colville, Greenlees, & Co., Argyle distillery, 
Campbeltown ; James Muir & Son, brewers, Edin- 
burgh ; P. & E. Sweetman, brewers, Dublin ; Louis 
O'Lanyer, Bordeaux; and Riviere, Gardrat, & Co., 
Cognac ; 41, 43, 45 Washington street. 

Brown, Eobert (at J. & E. Pritchard & Co.'s), ho. 
20 Minerva street. 

Brown, Eobert, classical master, 30 Elmbank street; 
house, 110 Garthland drive, Dennistoun. 

Brown, E., licensed grocer, 51 Grove st.; house, 47 do. 

Brown, Eobert, wine merchant and agent for Edin- 
burgh & Leith Brewing Co., 212 Canongate, 
Edinburgh ; Henry & Co., porter brewers, Newry, 
Ireland ; and Henry Thomson & Co.'s Irish 
whisk\', Newry, Ireland ; 17 Hope street ; house, 
Edina House, Uddingston. 

Brown, Eobert (of Kenny & Brown), house, 1 Athole 
terrace, Victoria road. 

Brown, Eobert (of Eobt. Brown & Co., 41, 43, 45 
Washington st.), res. Woodcroft, Partick. 

Brown, Eobert, dairyman, 126 Parliamentary road ; 
house, 134 do. 

Brown, Eobert, bedding and carpet warehouse, 350 
Argyle street; house, 356 do. 

Brown & Sharp, cotton brokers, 146 Buchanan street. 

Brown, Samuel, bouse factor and property agent, 412 
St. George's road ; house, 410 do. 

Brown, Stewart, & Co., paper makers, Dalmarnock 
Paper Mills, Springfield road, Bridgeton. 

Brown, Thomas, letter carrier, Post-office ; house, 126 

Brown, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 9, 11 
Cathedral street ; house, 7 do. 

Brown, Thos. (at Eobert M'Connell & Co.'s), house, 
208 North Woodside road. 

Brown, Thos. (at Hugh Brown & Sons'), 13 Leven 
street, Nithsdale road, Pollokshields. 

Brown, Thos. S., accountant, 27 Hope street. 

Brown, T. (of Brown & M'Kenzie), house, 18 Caven- 
• dish street. 

Brown, Thos., carter and contractor, Eailway arches, 
off South Cumberland St.; house, 128Nabnrn st. 

Brown, jun., Davies, & Tait, public account- 
ants and auditors, agents for the Scottish Widows' 
Fund, Liverpool, London, and Globe, and Plate 
Glass Insurance Co., managers Clydesdale Build- 
ing Society, 65 West Eegent street. 

Brown, Thomas, surveyor (Buildings), G.C.W.W., 23 
Miller street. 

Brown, Thomas, cork manufacturer, 2 Anderson st., 
Gallowgate ; house, 20 Hill street, east. 

Brown, Thomas, wright and builder, 193 Eottenrow ; 
house, 7 Hopetoun place. 

Brown, Thomas W. (of James & Thomas Brown & 
Co.), house, 33 Hamilton drive. 

Brown, Thomas, jun. (of J. & T. Brown & Co.), 
house, 3 Jane street, Blythswood square. 

Brown, Thomas, bosmaker, 51 Brunswick street; 
house, 6 Stirhng street. 

Brown, Thomas, writer (at Keydens, Strang, & Gir- 
van's), house, Fauldshill, Easterhouse. 

Brown, Thomas H. (of Brown & Crawford), house, 
37 Berkeley terrace. 

Brown, Thomas, & Son, wholesale stationers, 30 
Glassford street; house, 510 Gallowgate. 

Brown, Thomas, merchant, 118 Queen street; re-id. 
Brisbane house, Bellahouston hill. 




Brown, Thomas, umbrella maker, 484 Argyle street ; 

house, 4 Elliot street. 
Brown, Thomas, tailor and clothier, 104 Cowcaddens. 
Brown, Thomas, brick builder, 14 Queen street, 

Govan ; house, 294 West Scotland street. 
Brown, Thomas, butcher, 368 Duke street; house, 

135 Hill street, east. 
Brown, Thomas T. (at Jas. Wilson & Son), house, 136 

Hospital street. 
Brown, T. R., accountant and sharebroker, 69 St, 

George's place. 
Brown & Torrance, grocers and wine merchants, 85 

Cumberland street and 62 Apsley place, s.s. 
Brown, Walter, 73 Eoslea drive, Dennistoun. 
Brown, Walter, bootmaker, 49, 51 Trongate ; house, 

108 Ark lane, Dennistoun. 
Brown, Walter (of W. & D. Brown), ho. 410 Mathie- 

son street. 
Browne & Watson, ship and insurance brokers, 16 

Bothwell street. 
Brown, WiUiam A. (of Brown, Downes, & Co.), house, 

135 Wellington street. 
Brown, William Alexander, procurator fiscal of 

the Sheriff of Lanarkshire, County buildings ; ho. 9 

Rosslyn terrace, W. 
Brown, William (of Brown & Pettigrew), house, 

125 Hospital street. 
Brown, William, watchmaker and jeweller, 35 

Buchanan street ; house, 260 Crown street. 
Brown, William (of Wm. & Alfred Brown & Co.), 

house, 4 Montgomerie crescent. Great Western rd. 
Brown, William & Alfred, & Co., merchants, 113 West 

Regent street. 
Brown, William, grocer and provision merchant, 193 

Dalmarnock road and 184 London road ; house, 

3 Ruby street. 

Brown, William, Wellpark Brewery ; residence. Fern 

villa, Westercraigs. 
Brown, William, Glasgow and S. W. Railway ; ho. 

4 Keir terrace, PoUokshields. 

Brown, William, draper and hosier, 501 Gallowgate ; 

house, 454 Duke street. 
Brown, William (of Brown & M'Neill), house, 15 

S. Apsley place. 
Brown, William S. (at And. & James Stewart's), 

house, Briarbank, Shawlands. 
Brown, W. F. designer, 18 Albert drive. Crossbill. 
Brown, William Stewart, C.A. (at Auld & Guild's), 

house, 15 Woodside place. 
Brown, William, colour merchant, 107 Sandyfaulds 

street; house, 100 do. 
Brown, William, grocer and provision merchant, 740 

Brown, William, house factor (at A. M. Waddell's, 2 

Miller street), house. Stand cottage, Airdrie. 
Brown, William, spirit merchant, 106 Main st. and 

88 John St., Bridgeton ; house, 40 Springfield rd. 
Brown, William, family grocer, 313 Sauchiehall st. ; 

house, 104 West Graham street. 
Brown, William, corn and commission agent, 2 Os- 
wald street; house, 100 Watt street, s.s. 
Brown, Rev W. Panton,clei'gyman, 449 St. Vincent st. 
Brown, William, tailor and clothier, 160 M'Lean st. 
Brown, William, church officer, Bellgrove St. U.P. 

Church ; house, 13 Reidvale street. 
Brown, William, traveller, Blake Machine Co., 11 
, William street, Calton. 

' Brown, W. (of H. & W. Brown), resid. Falside, Paisley. 
; Brown, Wm., factor, 60 Lyon street ; house, 58 do 

Brown, Wm., Sons, & Co., oil merchants and colour 
manufacturers, 22 St. Enoch square; branch retail 
warehouse, 28 Stockwell street; works, 112 West 
Scotland street. 

Brown, Wm., jun., & Co., silk, and yarn merchants. 
South court, Royal Exchange, 85 Queen street. 

Brown, William (of Brown, Downes, & Co.), house, 
30 Corunna street. 

Brown, William (at Wilson & Christie's), house, 145 
South Wellington street. 

Brown, William, C.A. (of Moore & Brown), house, 
13 Westbourne gardens. Great Western road. 

Brown, William, commission merchant, 62 Bu- 
chanan st. ; residence. Chapel Croft, Cambuslang. 

Brown, William (at Henry Rogers, Son, & Co.'s), 
house, 82 Hill street, Gamethill. 

Brown, W. & D., cartwrights, 107 Commerce street. 

Brown, W. & D., grocers and provision merchants, 1 
Green street, Calton ; house, 211 Duke street. 

Brown, William L, writer (of R. & J. M. Hill), 
house, Haghill, Parkhead. 

Brown, Wm., flesher, 43 Kent street and 62 Great 
Hamilton street ; house, 56 do. 

Brown, WilHam (of Baird & Brown), house, Wilton 
Bank, North Woodside. 

Brown, Wm., confectioner, 72J Cowcaddens ; house, 
59 Garscube road. 

Brown, William, 33 Berkeley terrace. 

Brown, William, sewed muslin manufacturer, 1 Ren- 
frew court. 

Brown, William, cook, confectioner, fruiterer, &c., 4, 
8 Bridge street; house. Waterside, Langbank. 

Brown & Wingate, yarn agents, 12 Garthland street. 

Brown & Wright, manufacturing confectioners, 9 St. 
James' street, Kingston. 

Brown & Young, plumbers and gasfitters, 7 Bath st. 
and 249 Dumbarton road. 

Brown & Young, general printers, 63 Candleriggg. 

Brown, Mrs. Agnes, 37 Berkeley terrace. 

Brown, Mrs. Alex., glazier and glass merchant, 337 
Eglinton street. 

Brown, Mrs. A., ironmonger and Highland bag-pipe 
maker, 134 Bridgegate; house, 7 Park pi. 

Browne, Mrs. C, 3 Newton street. 

Brown, Mrs. J., cowfeeder, 7 Thomson's lane. Mile- 

Brown, Mrs. John, 1 Annfield place, Dennistoun. 

Brown, Mrs. John, 15 Roslea drive, Dennistoun. 

Brown, Mrs. Malcolm, wine and spirit merchant, 97, 
99 Trongate; ho.- 24 Moray place, Strathbungo. 

Brown, Mrs., agent, 141 Gallowgate. 

Brown, Mrs., 41 Arlington street. 

Brown, Mrs,, sewing machine merchant and agent 
for Grover & Baker, and Willcox and Gibb's S. M. 
Cos., also Raymond's improved sewing machines, 
knitting, fluting, and hand machines; depot for 
Paris paper dre.ss patterns, 211 Sauchiehall street. 

Brown, Mrs., stationer, 12 Greenliill street. 

Brown, Mrs., hosier, 228 Cumberland street; house, 
285 Crown street. 

Brown, Miss J., baby linen and children's outfitter, 
silk embroidery worker, and muslin printer, 17 and 
18 Argyle arcade; hou.se, 4 Allanton ter.. Crossbill. 

Brown, Miss M., greengrocer, 54 South Portland st. ; 
house, 117 Norfolk street. 

Brown, Miss, 70 Cumberland street, W. 

Brown, Miss, dressmaker, 6 Killermont street. 

Brown, Misses, 65 Abbotsford pi. 

Brown, Ann, stationer, 291 Eglinton street. 





Bkownfield Church (Established) 72 Brown st. ; 

■Rev. Alex. Crawford, minister. 
Brownfield School, 66 Brown street. 
BROWNING, Geo.,jun., at Baird& Brown's ; house, 

3 Camden place, Govan road. 
Browning, Matthew, grain storekeeper, 28 York st. 

and 28 Robertson street; house, 44 York street. 
Brownlee Colliery Office, 68 Great Clyde street. 
BROWNLIE, Ales., cabinetmaker, 143 and 145 Dum- 
barton road ; house, 141 do. 
Brownlee, Alex., & Co., brassfounders and ship-fur- 
nishing ironmongers, 33, 34 Anderston quay, and 

110 Warroch street. 
Brownlee, Alex, (of Alex. Brownlee & Co.), house, 

13 Franklin terrace. 
Brownlie, Archibald, writer (of Brownlie & "Watson), 

house, North park, Barrhead. 
Brownlie, Archibald, & Sons, timber merchants, 

Victoria Saw Mills, James' street, Port Dundas. 
Brownlie, Duncan, draper and hosier, 135 Parlia- 
mentary road ; house, 314 Duke street. 
Brownlie, James (of Arch. Brownlie & Sons), house, 

37 Garnethill street. 
Brownlee, James, timber merchant. City Saw Mills, 

Port Dundas; house, 30 Burnbank gardens. 
Brownlie, James, merchant and machinery agent, 

sole agent for Wm. Baird & Co.'s patent coal 

cutting machines, 33 Bath street. 
Brownlie, James, railway clerk, 302 Buchanan street; 

house, 61 Cathcart street. 
Brownlie, James Rankin, L.D.S., R.C.S.E., dental 

surgeon, 10 Brandon place, 220 West George st. 
Brownlie, James, grocer and provision merchant, 174 

Parliamentary road ; house, 20 Hopetoun place. 
Brownlie, James, measurer, 131 West Regent street; 

house, 4 Catherine st.. Parliamentary road. 
Brownlie, James, commission agent, 10 Hanover 

street; house, 21 Rutland crescent. 
Brownlie, James Reid, assistant registrar of births, 

&c., Kinning Park district, 310 Scotland street ; 

house, 19 Ronald street. 
Brownlie, James, ham curer, grocer, and provision 

merchant, 331 and 349 Govan street; house, 80 

South Wellington street. 
Brownlie, John, flesher, 44 Norfolk st. ; ho. 38 do. 
Brownlie, John (of Brownlie & Nish) ; house, 2 

Oakley terrace. 
Brownlie, John, manager (at J. H. Young & Co.'s), 

house, 2 Clydeview terrace. 
Brownlie, Rev. John, West Parish, Rutherglen ; ho. 

West manse. 
Brownlie, John R., agent, 33 North Frederick street. 
Brownlie, Matthew, wine and spirit merchant, 289 

Argyle street ; house, 18 Cadogan street. 
Brownlie & Nish, bakers, 60 Duncan street, Calton. 
Brownlie, Peter, manager. Patent Metallic Cask 

Works, Wigton street ; house, 20 Jardine street, 

Brownlie, Robert, shoemaker, 14 Bath street. 
Brownlee, Robert, City Saw Mills, Port Dundas; 

house, 24 Burnbank terrace. 
Brownlie, Thomas (of Heatheiy Knowe Coal Co.) ; 

house, 3 Thornville terrace, Hillhead. 
Brownlie, Thomas, timber merchant and saw miller, 

Victoria Saw Mills, Port Dundas ; house, Spring- 
bank, Lenzie. 
Brownlie, Thomas, jun., builder and quarrymaster, 

29 Cathcart street, Kinning park ; house, Braid- 
wood house, Pollokshields. 

Brownhe, Thomas, jun., wine and spirit merchant, 
177 Argyle street ; house, 70 Robertson street. 

Brownlie & Watson, writers, 225 West George street, 

Brownlie, William, lithographer and show card 
framer, 128 Main street, Anderston ; house, 7 
Radnor street. 

Brownlie, William, flesher, 295 Paisley road ; house, 
258 do. 

Brownlie, William, machinery agent and mill fur- 
nisher, 33 North Frederick street ; house, 8 Rosslyn 
terrace, Strathbungo. 

Brownlie, William, mechanical and commission agent, 
33 North Frederick st. ; house, 8 Rosslyn terrace, 

Brownlie, Wm., & Co., contractors and general carters, 
18 Mains street. 

Brownlie, William, commission merchant, agent for 
Jas. Calder & Co., Shore Brewery, Alloa, 249 
Argyle street ; house, 72 Houston street. 

Brownlie, Mrs., greengrocer, 190 West Nile street. 

BROWNRIDGE, Robert, builder, Dalmuir; house, 
7 Smith street, Hilllhead. 

Brownridge & Gilmour, builders, Dalmuir. 

BRUCE, Alex, (at James Calder & Co.'s), house, 

11 Winton terrace, Crossbill. 

Bruce, Alex., mason and builder, 16 Steven street. 
Bruce, Rev. Alexander Balmain, D.D., professor of 

theology. Free Church College ; house, 32 Hamilton 

Park terrace. 
Bruce, Bros., & Co., drysalters, oil refiners, &c., 62 

Robertson street ; works and stores, 127, 129, 

131 Finnieston street. 
Bruce, Charles (at John M'Callum & Co.'s), 172 

and 174 Buchanan street ; house, 188 Stirling rd. 
Bruce, C. F., coal merchant, 351 Duke street ; depot, 

N.B. Railway Station, East Nelson street; house, 

3 Whitehill street. 
Bruce, Charles Frederick, registered chemist and 

druggist, 351 Duke street; house, 3 Whitehill st. 
Bruce & Co., paper makers, Woodside Mills, South 

Woodside road. 
Bruce & Co., engineers, brassfounders, and tinmen, 

90 London street ; house, 425 Govan street. 
Bruce, Edward B., accountant and auditor, agent for 

the Scottish Provident Institution and the Scottish 

Fire Insurance Co., 97 W. George st. 
Bruce, George Cadell, civil engineer and valuator, 97 

W. George street. 
Bruce, Henry, commission merchant, 77 Renfield 

street ; house, 80 Buccleuch street. 
Bruce, James, stationer, lithographer, printer, and 

account book manufacturer ; agent for Skidmore's 

fire and thief proof safes, 26 West Nile street; 

house, 22 Willowbankcres. — See Adv. in Appendix. 
Bruce, James, furniture dealer and ironmonger, 119, 

121 Stobcross street; house, 140 do. 
Bruce, James, accountant, 72 Waterloo street ; house, 

13 Otago street, Hillhead. 
Bruce, James W. (of Bruce, Bros., & Co), house, 

12 Lorn place, Mount Florida. 

Bruce, J. & S., tailors, 7 North Coburg street. 

Bruce, Jarvis, &, Co., soap, lard, and oil merchants, 
drysalters, &c., 26, 28 Springfield court, 58 Bu- 
chanan street. 

Bruce, J. A., paper maker, Woodside Paper Mills; 
house, 39 North Park terrace, Hillhead. 

Bruce, J. L., & D. Sturrock, LA., architects, 184 
West Regent street. 

Bruce, J., tobacconist and outfitter, 26 Crookston St. 





Bruce, John (at Jas. Rankiue & Sons'), house, Rose 

Bank, Bowling. 
Bruce, John I. (of Bruce, Brothers, & Co.), residence, 

Victoria buildings, Mount Florida. 
Bruce, John W. (of Brown, jun., Davies, & Tait), 

house, 60 Buccleuch street. 
Bruce, Michael M., accountant, house factor, and 
brick builder ; office, 68 Bath street ; residence, 

Old Sandyhills house, Shettleston. 
Bruce, Robert (of Bruce & Co., papermakers), house, 

39 North Park terrace, Hillhead. 
Bruce, Robert, commission agent, 8 Ingram istreet. 
Bruce, Robert Wilson, physician and surgeon, 27lA 

New City road; ho. 60 Buccleuch st., Garnethill. 
Bruce, Eobt., engineer (at J. H. Riddel & Co.'s). 
Bruce, Robert, 81 London street. 
Bruce, Robert, naturalist, 277 Thistle street, s.s. 
Bruce, William, preserved provision manufacturer ; 

agent, Wm. Poison, 11 Nicholson street. 
Bruce, W. (of Bruce, Jarvis, tS; Co.), 58 Buchanan st. 
BRUNSDON, Richard, drysalter and commission 

merchant, 42 Bath street ; house, 70 Cumberland 

street, west. 
BRUNTON, Rev. Alex., Albert Street, Parliamentary 

road, U.P. Church; house, Ardbeg Villa, Craig- 

paik, Dennistoun. 
Brunton, James, tailor and clothier, 25 Eglinton st. 
Brunton, Thomas, solicitor, G. & S. W. Ry. Co., 16 

Bridge street ; residence, Maria villa, Langside. 
BRYAN, James, slater, 4 Hospital street ; house, 43 

Nicholson street. 
Bryan, J. & B., drapers, 672 Gallowgate ; ho. 674 do. 
Bryan, John, church officer, Lansdowne Church ; 

house, 416 Great Western road. 
BRYANT, Rattray, & Bryant, gentlemen's scarf and 

tie manufacturers, 10 Fore street. Wood street, 

London, E.C. 
BEYCE, Alex., & Co., wine and spirit merchants, 40, 

42 St. Andrew's street ; bonding stores, St. And- 
rew's lane, Gallowgate. 
Bryce, Andrew C, wine and spirit merchant, 46 

Adelphi street. 
Bryce, Arch, (at A. S. Bryce's), ho. 49 Roslea drive. 
Bryce, A. S., drysalter, oil and tallow merchant, 

Glenpark Oil Works, East Nelson street ; house, 

Birkenshaw, Uddingston. 
Bryce, Charles C. (of Bryce & Rumpff ), house 27 Sar- 
dinia terrace, Hillhead. 
Bryce, David, & Son, booksellers, stationers, litho- 
graphers, and reading-club, 129 Buchanan street ; 

printing-office, 90 Mitchell street. 
Bryce, David (of D. Bryce & Son), ho. 15 Kelvinside 

terrace, Hillhead. 
Bryce, James, jun., wine merchant, 17 Hope street; 

house, 13 Caoal street. Port Dundas. 
Bryce, James, slater and plasterer, 19 Clyde terrace ; 

house, 14 Apsley place. 
Bryce, James, spirit merchant, 1 Broomhill street. 

Port Dundas; house, 13 Canal street. 
Bryce, James, grocer, 31 King street, city, and 273 

Cumberland street. 
Bryce, John (of .John Bryce & Son), house, 71 Ab- 

botsford place. 
Bryce, John, & Son, plumbers and gasfitters, 82 

Oswald street. 
Bryce, John D., 13 Buckingham terrace. 
Bryce, John, & Son, hatters, 80 Jamaica street. 
Bryce, Morrison, upholsterer and cabinetmaker, 100 

Sauchiehall street ; house, 152 Hill st., Garnethill, 

Bryce, Peter B., tea merchant, 46 Hutcheson street; 

house, 644 Gallowgate. 
Bryce & Rumpff, merchants and chemical brokers ; 
agents for Messrs. Fr. Bayer & Co., alizarine and 
aniline dye manufacturers, 141 West George street, 
and 22 Booth street, Manchester. 
Bryce, William, & Co., commission merchants and 
agents, 40 St. Enoch square and 30 Mark lane, 
London, E.G. 
Bryce, William, & Co., seed merchants, 40 St. Enoch 

square ; stores, 41 York street. 
Bryce, William (of William Bryce & Co.), house, 11 

Woodlands terrace. 
Bryce, William, spirit merchant, 444 So. Wellington 
st. and 163 Kidston st. ; ho. 2 Union place, Farme, 
Bryce, Miss, 1 West Prince's street. 
BRYDALL, Robert, artist, Glasgow School of Art ; 
house, 46 Buccleuch street; studio, 114 Bath st. 
BRYDEN, Hugh, stationer and bookseller, 10 Parlia- 
mentary road. 
Bryden, James, & Sons, painters and decorators, 20 
Copeland rd., Govan ; ho. 4 West Ibrox ter., Govan. 
Bryden, James (of James Bryden & Sons), house, 4 

West Ibrox terrace, Govan. 
Bryden, John, & Sons, bell hangers, brassfounders, 
gasfitters, and locksmiths, Venetian, wire-gauze, 
and holland window blind makers, 24 Renfield 
street, Glasgow; 16 Frederick street, Edinburgh; 
7 Prince's street, Perth; 33 Bank street, Dundee ; 
and 28 Wigmore street. Cavendish square, London. 
Bryden, Robert A., LA, architect (of Clarke & Bell, 

37 West Nile st.), house, 15 Dalhousie street. 
Bryden, Thomas G. (of John Frew & Co.), house, 17 

Shamrock street. New City road. 
Bryden, Wm. (of James Bryden & Sons), ho. 4 West 

Ibrox terrace, Govan. 
Bryden, William, & Son, bellhangers, brassfounders, 
gasfitters, smiths, Venetian and roller-blind manu- 
facturers, 17 W. Regent street. Coal Exchange 
buildings, Glasgow, and 55 George st., Edinburgh. 
Bryden, Wm. Anthony, merchant, 176^ Hope street. 
BRYDSON& Irving, painters and decorators, 34 Main 
St., Bridgeton, 354 St. George's road, and Kilmun. 
BRYMNER, John, joiner and cabinetmaker, 62 and 

64 Reid street ; house, 60 do. 
Brymner, Mrs., 63 Cumberland street, west. 
BRYSON, Alex., spirit merchant, 24 St. Ninian st.; 

house, 114 Naburn street. 
Bryson, Ales., writer (at Moncrieff, Paterson, Forbes, 

& Barr's), 45 West George street. 
Bryson, Andrew, dairyman, 118 Rottenrow. 
Bryson, Arch., baker, 163 Garngadroad; ho. 149 do. 
Bryson, A. (of A. Bryson & Co.), ho. 96 Cambridge st. 
Bryson, A., & Co., steam printers, lithographers, and 

stationers, 34 Hutcheson street. 
Bryson, Hilton, & Co., carvers, gilders, picture and 
show card frame makers, 88, 90 Stock well street, 
and 160 Wellington street ; works, Ropework lane. 
Bryson, Hilton & Co., carvers, gilders, picture frame 
and mirror manufacturers, artists' colormen, print- 
sellers, and mount cutters, 163 Sauchiehall street. 
Bryson, Hugh, dairyman, 85 Green st.; ho. 83 do. 
Bryson, James, iron merchant, 12 Cumberland st., 

Bryson, James, superintendent of fire engines, 34 

College street ; house, 31 Shuttle street. 
Bryson, James, flesher, 7 St. James' street, Kingston ; 
house, Corselet, Rutherglen. 





Bryson, Jolin, fleslier, 189 Eglinton street ; house, 

51 Cumberland street. 
Brysofl, John, contractor, 32 Warwick st.; house, 

36 do. 
Bryson, John, oil and tallow merchant, 18 Ren- 
field lane ; house, 11 Annette street, Crosshill. 
Bryson, Robert, ironmonger and furniture dealer, 21, 

22, 24 Miller's place arcade ; house, 20 do. 
Bryson, Robert, grocer, 44^ Adelphi street, s.s. ; 

house, 220 Thistle street. 
Bryson, Robert, Wellpark Brewery ; house, 1 North 

Ure place, Montrose street. 
Bryson, William, wine and spirit merchant, 379 

Crown street. 
Bryson, Wm., family grocer, 266 Cumberland street ; 

house, 400 Crown street. 
Bryson, Wm., pastry baker, 339 Gallovrgate ; house, 

12 Cumberland street, Calton. 
Bryson, Mrs. Andrew, grocer, 22 Marlborough st. 
Bryson, Mrs. John, boot and shoe maker, 6 Candleri. 
Bryson, Agnes A., hosier and furnisher, 28 Dundas st; 

house, 2 Cecil street. 
BUCHAN, Alex, (of Thos. Buchan & Sons), house, 

100 Great Western road. 
Buchan, George, 342 Duke street. 
Buchan, Hugh, brassfounder, gasfitter, and gasalier 

manufacturer, 60, 52 Oswald street. 
Buchan, Thomas, & Sons, brassfounders and gasfitters, 

249 Argyle street. 
Buchan, Thos., jun. (of Thos. Buchan & Sons), house, 

20 Kelvingrove street. 
Buchan, William P., plumber, gasfitter, and con- 
sulting sanitary plumber, 124a Renfield street ; 

house, 83 Renfrew street. 
Buchan, W. R., writer and commissioner of the High 

Court of Chancery, 227 W. George street ; house, 

17 Oakfield terrace, Hillhead. 
Buchan, Miss, dressmaker, 8 Scotia street. 
BUCHANAN, Alexander (of John Buchanan & 

Bros.), house, 264 Bath street. 
Buchanan, Alexander, curator, Mechanics' Institution 

38 Bath street ; ho. 120 Wellpar-k ter., Ark lane. 
Buchanan, Alex., physician and surgeon, 85 South 

Portland street. 
Buchanan, Alexander, cupper, institute for spinal 

diseases and deafness, 85 South Portland street. 
Buchanan, Alex. N., A.M., M.D., Professor of Anatomy, 

Andersonian University ; ho. 149 St. George's road. 
Buchanan, Allan (of Buchanan Brothers, 10 Prince's 

Buchanan, Andrew, wine and spirit merchant, 202 

Buchanan, Andrew D. (of Joshua Buchanan & Sons), 

house, 123 North John street. 
Buchanan, Andrew (of John Bachanan & Brothers), 

house, Springfield, Kirkintilloch. 
Buchanan, Andrew, grocer, 74 Eglinton street. 
Buchanan, Dr. Andrew, professor of the institutes of 

medicine, University of Glasgow ; ho. 186 Bath st. 
Buchanan, Archibald (of James Finlay & Co.), resi- 
dence, Barskimming, Mauchline. 
Buchanan, Archd., contractor. 149 Mordaunt street; 

house, 155 do. 
Buchanan Brothers, commission merchants, 10 

Prince's square, Buchanan street. 
Buchanan, Charles, grocer, 99 Centre street ; house, 

18 M'Kinlay street. 

Buchanan, Charles (of Buchanan, Marquis, & Co.), 
house, 98 Parson street. 

Buchanan, Colquhoun, & Co., brassfounders, 35 

King street, s.s. 
Buchanan, David (at J. & W. Campbell & Co.'s), 

house, Gartconnel, New Kilpatrick. 
Buchanan, D. (of Buchanan, Colquhoun & Co.), ho. 

117 Hospital street. 
Buchanan, David, hatter, 152 Trongate ; house, 67 

Centre street. 
Buchanan, Dav., cabinet and chair maker, 13 Well 

street, and 83 Kirk street, Calton ; house, 84 Great 

Hamilton street. 
Buchanan, D. S., secretary, Life Association of Scot- 
land, 123 St. Vincent street. 
Buchanan, David, traveller, Mavisbank Flour Mills ; 

house, 161 Pollok street. 
Buchanan, David, tobacco and snuff manufacturer, 

127 George street ; house, 95 do. 
Buchanan & Dobbie, drapers, 354 Dumbarton road ; 

house, 20 Carlton place. 
Buchanan, Dugald, metal refiner, 62 and 63 St. 

Ninian st. ; house, 33 Warwick street. 
Buchanan, Duncan, dairyman, 115 Hospital street. 
Buchanan, Francis B., wine and spirit merchant, 309 

Eglinton street and 59 Cavendish street ; house, 

315 Eglinton street, 
Buchanan, G. Millar, registrar of births, &c., for 

St. Rollox district, 121 Kennedy street ; house, 10 

Carrington street. 
Buchanan, Geo., M.D., Professor of Clinical Surgery 

in the University of Glasgow, and consulting sur- 
geon ; house, 193 Bath street. 
Buchanan, George, wright and builder, 330 Rutberglen 

Buchanan, George, surgeon dentist, 1 Montague 

place ; house, 12 Belhaven terrace. 
Buchanan, George, & Sons, calehderers, bleachers, and 

finishers, 95 Candleriggs. 
Buchanan, George S. (of George Buchanan & Sons), 

house, 43 Lansdowne crescent. 
Buchanan, George H. G. , 47 Oswald street. 
Buchanan, George, wholesale ironmonger and com- 
mission agent, 47 Oswald street. 
Buchanan, Hannah, & Co., produce commission mer- 
chants, 47 Oswald street. 
Buchanan, James, smith, lock, and hinge manufac- 
turer, 8 and 10 Goosedubbs ; house, 211 Gallowgate 
Buchanan, James, commission merchant and agent. 

93 Holland street. 
Buchanan, James, & Son, painters and decorators, 20 

York street ; house, 93 Pitt street. 
Buchanan, James, fish-hook manufacturer, 58 to 62 

Dale street, s.s.; house, 13 Regent Park sq. 
Buchanan, James, house factor, 51 Castle street. 
Bachanan, .James, M.D., 149 St. George's road. 
Buchanan, .James, weigher, Clyde Navigation, Custom 

House Quay ; house, 33 Naburn street. 
Buchanan, James, inspector and sheriff ofBcer (at 

Guardian Society's offices), ho. 118 Ardgowan st. 
Buchanan, Rev. James, of Greyfriars' U.P. Church, 

North Albion Street; ho. 7 Seton ter., Dennistoun. 
Buchanan, James, spirit merchant, 87 Bedford st. ; 

house, 157 Hospital street. 
Buchanan, James, cabinetmaker, 14 Oxford street; 

house, 340 Cumberland street, s.s. 
Buchanan, James, commission agent, 47 Oswald 

street ; house, 4 Derby street. 
Buchanan, James, flour miller and general grinder, 

58 to 62 Dale street, s.s, ; house, 13 Regent 

Park square. 





Buchanan, James, commission agent, 52 Virginia 

street ; house, 12 Percy street. Paisley road. 
Buchanan, James (of Geo. Caldwell & Co.), house, 

93 Hospital street. 
Buchanan, James, grain and seed merchant, 389 to 

393 Parliamentary road ; ho. 487 Sauchiehall st. 
Buchanan, James, letter carrier. 33 Nabum street. 
Buchanan, James R., surgeon, 48 Parliamentary 

road; house, 80 North Frederick street. 
Buchanan, J., & Co., coach-builders and harness 

makers, 123 to 145 North street. 
Buchanan, Capt. James E. Gray, 81 St. George's pi.; 

residence, Eastfield house, Cambuslang. 
Buchanan, J., & Co., clothiers and outfitters, 273 

Argyle street. 
Buchanan, John A., cashier (at Thos. Boyd & Co.'s), 

house, 187 Comely Park street. 
Buchanan, John, contractor and dairyman, 67 Centre 

Buchanan, John, & Brothers, wholesale and export 

confectioners, 35 Stewart street, Cowcaddens. 
Buchanan, John, assessor of income tax, 52 Vir- 
ginia street. 
Buchanan, John, agent, British Linen Company's 

Bank, Eastern branch. 155 Canning street ; house, 

17 Lansdowne crescent. 
Buchanan, John (of Buchanan, Marquis, & Co.), 

house, 4 Cecil street. Paisley road. 
Buchanan, John (of Buchanan & Johmon), house, 

17 Robertson street, Greenock. 
Buchanan, John, LL. D., notary and member of the 

faculty of procurators ; ho. 17 Lansdowneci'escent. 
Buchanan, John, M.D., 43 St. Vincent crescent. 
Buchanan, John, remnant and rag merchant, 142 

Trongate; house, 131 Main street, Anderstou. 
Buchanan, J. C. (of Buchanan Brothers, 10 Prince's 

square), house. Mill Glen, Helensburgh. 
Buchanan, J. & W., wine merchants ; agents for M. 

Misa, Xeres de la Frontera ; Ernest Irroy & Co., 

Rheims ; Van Zellers & Co., Oporto ; and the 

Direct Tea Supply Association of China; 48 

Renfield street ; bonded store, 20 Oswald street. 
Buchanan, John (of J. & W. Buchanan), house, 13 

Park circus. 
Buchanan, John (of John Buchanan & Brothers), 

residence, Dumbuck house, Dumbarton. 
Buchanan, John, & Co., comb and spoon makers, 65 

Clyde street, Calton ; workshop, 44 do. 
Buchanan, John, wright and builder, 96 Buccleuch 

street ; house, 2 Albertie terrace, Ruthven street, 

Buchanan & Johnson, merchant tailors, clothiers and 

gentlemen's outfitters, 61 Jamaica street, and 40 

Cathcart street, Greenock. 
Buchanan, Joshua, & Sons, ham curers, butter and 

cheese merchants, 71 Candleriggs. 
Buchanan, Joshua (of Joshua Buchanan & Sons), 

house, 21 Lynedoch street. 
Buchanan, Joshua (of Craig & Buchanan) ; house, 98 

Parson street. 
Buchanan, L. B., writer, 190 W. George st. ; ho. 17 

Ashton terrace. 
Buchanan, Marquis, & Co., cotton waste dealers and 

mill furnishers, 30 St. Andrew's square. 
Buchanan, Moses, foreign merchant, shipping, in- 
surance, and passenger agent ; Guion U.S. mail 

steamers and the National Steam Ship Company's 

agency ; 62 Buchanan st. ; Louse, Aberdale, 


Buchanan, Neil, bookkeeper (at Stevenson & Coats'), 
house, 3 Darnley ten'ace, Shawlands. 

Buchanan, Neil, spirit merchant, 615 Gallowgate ; 
house, 631 do. 

Buchanan & Pearson, stationers, printers, bookbind- 
ers, and paper bag makers, 104 Brunswick street. 

Buchanan, P. D., drysalter and commission mercht., 
65 W. Regent street; ho. 4 Struan ter., Crosshill, 

Buchanan, Peter (of Buchanan, Scott, & Co.), res. 
Viewfield, Burnbank road, Hamilton. 

Buchanan, Peter, artist, 175 St. Vincent street. 

Buchanan, Robert, innkeeper, Cattle Market Inn, 
Graham square. 

Buchanan, R., contractor, 46 Robertson St.; ho. 65 do. 

Buchanan, Robert, teacher of music, piano, and 
singing, 11 Renfield street; house, 326 Duke st. 

Buchanan, Robert M., & Co., sugar merchants, 27 
Virginia street. 

Buchanan, Robt., chemist and druggist, 5 Welhngton 
arcade ; house, 192 Berkeley street. 

Buchanan, Robert A. (at P. Henderson & Co.'s, 15 
St. Vincent place.) 

Buchanan, R. S., merchant, 16 Arlington street. 

Buchanan, Scott, & Co., wholesale wine and spirit 
merchants and importers, 9 Gurthland street and 
76 Glassford street. 

Buchanan & Son, lapidaries and watch-glass 
makers, Morrison's court, 108 Argyle street ; ho. 
14 Avon street, Kinning park. — See Adv. in App. 

Buchanan, Thomas, surgeon, M.B. CM., 15 Old 
Dumbarton road ; house, 24 Westminster terrace. 

Buchanan, Thomas D., M.D., surgeon, 222 Dumbar- 
ton road ; house, 24 Westminster terrace. 

Buchanan, Thomas (of Joshua Buchanan & Sons), 
house, 149J Hill street, Garnethill. 

Buchanan, Thoma?, cabinet maker, 14 Oxford st. 

Buchanan, Walter (of Henderson & Buchanan), ho. 
67 Centre street. 

Buchanan, Walter (of Dempster, Moore, & Co.), ho. 
14 Royal terrace. 

Buchanan, Walter, 372 Duke street. 

Buchanan, Walter, flesher, 123 Govan st. ; ho. 121 do. 

Buchanan, Walter (of Peter Lennox & Co.), ho. 20 
Rupert street. 

Buchanan, Watson, & Co., merchants, 234 West 
George street. 

Buchanan, W. J., auctioneer and valuator (of Duncan 
Keith & Buchanan), ho. 284 Great Western rd. 

Buchanan, William, slater, 10 New Dalmarnock rd., 
Bridgeton ; house, 97 Greenhead street, do. 

Buchanan, William, sculptor, 279 Caledonia road ; 
house, 56 do. 

Buchanan, William, grocer and provision merchant, 
241 Eglinton street ; ho. 4 Struan ter., Crosshill. 

Buchanan, Wm., & Co., ship and insurance brokers, 
metal, felt, and commission merchants, 7 Prince's 

Buchanan, Wm. registrar of births, &c., 173 Sham- 
rock St.; house, 10 Carrington street. 

Buchanan, Capt. Wm., 23 Carlton place, s.s. 

Buchanan, Wm. (of Fullarton, Cundell, & Co., 87 
Union street.) 

Buchanan, WiUiam (of W. G. Mitchell & Co.), ho. 
14 Rosslyn terrace, Pollokshields. 

Buchanan, Wm., wine and spirit merchant, 70 Bed- 
ford street ; house, 338 South Wellington street. 

Buchanan, William, bookseller, stationer, and news- 
agent, 486 & 370 Paisley road, 2 Easton terrace, 
and 3 Taylor pi. , Govan rd.; house, 482 Paisley rd 





Buchanan, Wm., late supervisor of inland revenue, 
149 St. George's road. 

Buchanan, William (of Wm. Buchanan & Co.), res. 
Mayfield, Pollokshields. 

Buchanan, William L., accountant, property, and 
insurance agent, 48 Gordon street. 

Buchanan, Wm., dairyman, 231 Watt street, Paisley 
road ; house, 324 Scotland street. 

Buchanan, William E. (of J. & W. Buchanan), ho. 
13 Park circus. 

Buchanan, William, hay, grain, and seed merchant, 
389, 393 Parliamentary road; house, 395 do. 

Buchanan, Wilson, & Co., brokers and commission 
merchants, 81 St. George's place. 

Buchanan, Mrs. John, 13 Park circus. 

Buchanan, Mrs. Joshua, 98 Parson street. 

Buchanan, Mrs. Robert, tobacconist, 217 High st.; 
house, 17 M'Farlane street. 

Buchanan, Mrs., baby linen, stay, and underclothing 
warehouse, 289 Paisley road. 

Buchanan, Miss E.; 13 Woodlands terrace. 

Buchanan, Miss M. A., teacher of music, 128 South 
Portland street. 

Buchanan, Miss, 14 Lynedoch crescent. 

Buchanan, Miss, cloakmaker, 51 Castle street. 

Buchanan Institution, Endowed Industrial School, 
Rev. Wm. Leggatt, governor, 47 Greenhead st. 

Buchanan street post-olSce, receiving office, money- 
order office, and savings' bank, 165 West Nile 
street ; Alex. Hume, receiver. 

BUCK, Fred, (at J. & A. M'Morland's), ho. Moss- 
bank, Leuzie. 

BUCKIE, W. F., letterpress printer, 62 Argyle st. ; 
house, 47 M'Neill street. 

BUCLER, Dennis, professor of music, Britannia 
Music Hall. 

BUDERUS, Louis, silk agent, 31 Cheapside, Lon- 
don, E.C., and 40 Union street, Glasgow. 

BUDGE, Alex., sen., & Co., builders, 42 Caledonia 

BUEHL, A., & Co., Coblentz ; agents, A. Stewart 
& Co., 106 West Regent street. 

BUELENS, Rev. Innocent, 405 Cumberland st., s.s. 

Buenos Ayres Steamship Office; Donaldson Brothers, 
agents, 67 Great Clyde street. 

Buenos Ayres Steamship Office, 70 Great Clyde 

BULL, James, grocer, 119 Eenfield street. 

BULLARD, James, wholesale gig saddler manu- 
facturer, 8 Kirk street, s.s.; house, 10 lona place. 
Mount Florida. 

BULLER & Co., manufacturers of cockspurs, stilts, 
&c., for potters, china door furniture, telegraph in- 
sulators, &c., Hanley, Staffordshire, and 23 Con- 
greve street, Birmingham ;agent, James Dick, 70 
George square. 

BULLIVANT & Co., London; agents, Blackley, 
Young, & Co., 103 Holm street. 

BULLOCH, Archibald, agricultural engineer agent, 
23 and 25 Graham square house, Milliken, East 

Bulloch, James, stock and share broker, 69 St. 
George's place ; house, 9 Bellgrove street. 

Bulloch, John (Wm. Euing& Co.), house, 11 Rosslyn 
terrace, Nithsdale road. 

Bulloch, Lade, & Co., distillers from malt only at 
Loch Katrine Distillery, Camlachie, Glasgow, and 
Caol Isla Distillery, Islay, and Benmore Distillery, 
Campbeltown ; ofBce, 4 Bothwell street. 

Bulloch, Lade, & Co., commission merchants and 

agents for Bass & Co., Burton-on-Trent ; office, 4 

Bothwell street. 
Bulloch, Matthew (of Bulloch, Lade, & Co.), house, 

11 Park circus. 
BULMER, Chas. Edward, superintendent engineer, 

Bristol steamers, Anderston Quay ; house, 106 

Dumbarton road. 
Bnnnett & Co. (Limited), Wm. Macrae, engineer, 

sole agent ; patentees, revolving shutters, 24 Bath 

street, and 21 South St. David st, Edinburgh. — 

See Adv. in App. 
BUNTEN, James, & Co., timber merchants, 185 St. 

Vincent street. 
Bunten, James C. (of Anderston Foundry Co.), ho. 

24 Park circus. 
Bunten, James (of James Bunten & Co.), residence. 

New Club. 
Bunten, James (of Wm. Bunten & Co.), house, 26 

Carrington street. 
Bunten, Laurie, & Co., wine merchants, 76 Gordon 

Bunten, Laurie (of Laurie Bunten & Co.), residence, 

38 Elmbank crescent. 
Bunten, Robert A. (of Wm. Bunten & Co.), 15 Ure 

Bunten, Robert (of Edward Simpson & Co.), ho. 

415 Sauchiehall street. 
Bunten, Wm., & Co., drysalters and oil merchants, 

45 Montrose street; stores, 35 do. 
BUNTING, James (at John Lean & Son's), house, 

Greenlodge, 159 Greenhead street. 
Bunting, Miss, draper, 22 Stobcross st. ; ho. 11 do. 
BURBAGE, Wm., gunsmith, 36 Gallowgate; house, 

70 South Shamrock street. 
BURCH, J., manager, Wilson Brothers & Co; house, 

2 Victoria terrace, Crossbill. 
BURDEN, James, joiner, 90 M'Lean st., Paisley rd. 
Bureau Veritas, international register of shipping, 

29 Waterloo street. 
BURGE, B. H., Captain 47th Regt., and Adjutant 

1st L.R.V. ; Orderly Room, 202 Hope street; ho. 

11 Glenton terrace, Hillhead. 
BURGESS, Robert, provision merchant, 32 and 880 

Garscube road ; house, 410 St. George's road. 
Burgess, Wm., flesher, 5 West Milton street; house, 

128 Cowcaddens. 
Burgh Sasine Office, 49 Ingram street. 
BURLEIGH, Alexander, cabinetmaker, 87 Pitt st. ; 

house, 41 Dorset street. 
BURLEY, Bennet B. (Mackay, Burley, & Heys), 

house, 42 Roslea drive, Dennistoun. 
Burley, James, dairyman, 14 Vermont street, Kin- 

ning park. 
Burley, Robert, & Co., wood merchants, hammer and 

pick handle manufacturers, 96 Great Wellington 

street ; house, 5 Walmer crescent. 
BURNE, J. C, photographer, 98 Trongate. 
Burn, P., Son, & Co., auctioneers and valuators, 

108 West Nile street. 
Burn, William (of P. Burn, Son, & Co.), house, 

110 Hill street, Garnethill. 
BuKNBANK Bowling Club, South Woodside road;j 

Andrew C. Steven, secretary, 136 Holland street. 
Burnbank U.P. Cburch, Can-ington street. Rev., 

David Pirret, minister ; ho. 4 Windsor terrace. 
BURNETT, Alex., writer (at J. & J. Boyd's.) 
Burnett, Ai-chib., plumber, 31a Abercorn st. ; ho. 

860 St. George's road. 





Bnrnet, James M. (at Jolinston, Watt, & Co.'s), 
house, Duncairn cottage, Myrtle Park, CrosshiD. 

Burnett, James, wine and spirit merchant, 122 Lon- 
don road ; house, 30 Kirkpatrick street. 

Burnet, John, LA., architect, 167 St. Vincent st. ; 
house, 14 Victoria crescent, Dowanhill. 

Burnett, Sir Robert, & Co., vinegar makers and dis- 
tille'rs, Vauxhall, London ; agents, W. & H. Potts, 
132 West Nile street. 

Burnett, Wm., grocer and wine merchant, 12^ Elders- 
lie street ; house, 21 Alexander street. 

Burnett, Wm., tea merchant, 50 Main street, Bridge- 
ton ; house, 121 Greenhead street. 

BURNLEY, William F. (of Wm. F. Burnley & Co.), 
24 Ainslie pi., Edinburgh, and Ericht Bank, Kirn. 

Burnley, Wm. F., & Co., merchants, 49 W. Regent st. 

BURNS, Aiken, & Co., writers, 151 St. Vincent st. 

Burns, Andrew (of Burns, Baumgarten, & Co.), ho. 
5 Walworth terrace, Kent road. 

Burns, Andrew, grocer, 64 Green street, Calton. 

Burns, Arthur, confectioner, 62 Kyle street ; house, 
109 Parliamentary road. ■ 

Burns, Baumgarten, & Co., engineers and machine- 
tool makers, 104 Hydepark street. 

Burns & Callahan, lightning conductor manufac- 
turers, 6 Comely Park place. 

Burns, Crawford, & Co., wholesale fancy goods mer- 
chants and fancy stationers, 102 Renfield street. 

Burns, Daniel, fishmonger, 13 Stevenson street and 
No. 7 Fish Market; ho. 24 Ropework lane. 

Burns, David, victualler, 83 Carrick street. 

Burns, George, 1 Park gardens, and Wemyss house, 
Wemyss Bay. 

Bums, G. & J., steam ship, office, 267 Argyle st. 

Burns, George R., painter and glazier, 188 Main st., 
Gorbals ; house, 194 do. 

Burns, G. & J., printing office, 267 Argyle street. 

Burns, G. & J., engine works and store, 85 Clyde st., 

Burns, George (of S. Woolfield & Co.), 85 Thistle 
street, Garnet hill. 

Burns, Rev. Dr. Geo. Stewart, minister of Cathedral; 
residence, 3 Westbourne terrace, Hillhead, and 
Phesdo, Laurencekirk. 

Burns and Haddow, metal and tin plate merchants, 
43 and 45 Oswald street. 

Burns, James Cleland (of G. & J. Bums), residence, 
Ochtertyre, Crieff, and 1 Park gardens, Glasgow, 

Burns, James K., glazier and packing-box maker, 
18 Melville street ; house, 27 Paterson st., s.s. 

Burns, James R., marine superintendent (State 
Steamship Co.), house, 8 Rutland place. 

Burns, James, & Co., painters and paperhangers, 
375 St. Vincent street. 

Burns, John, wine and spirit merchant, 40 Canning 
street and 203 Main street, Bridgeton. 

Burn, John, outfitter, 103 Main st., Anderston ; ho. 
9 Kent road. 

Burns, John, surgeon, 10 John street, Bridgeton; 
house, 15 Fitzroy place, Sauchiehall street. 

Burns, John (of G. & J. Burns), residence. Castle 
Wemyss, Wemyss Bay, and 1 Park gardens, Glasg. 

Burns, John, wholesale grocer and wine and spirit 
merchant, 385 Argyle st. ; ho. 4 Kelvingrove st. 

Burns, John, painter and paperhanger, 10 George st. 

Burns, John, fiesher, 107 Parliamentary road; house, 
121 do. 

Burns, John, hairdresser, 26 Dundas st. ; house, 107 
Dundas street, north. 

Burns, John, spirit merchant, 517 Gallowgate. 
Burns, John, hairdresser and perfumer, 437 Sauchie- 
hall street. 
Burns, John (of Burns & Haddow), house, Anston, 

Maxwell road, Pollokshields. 
Burns, John, wine and spirit merchant, 111 George 

street ; house, 62 do. 
Burns, John N., painter, decorator, and sign writer, 

131 Crookston street. 
Burns, John P., tobacconist, 17 So. Exchange place ; 

house, 3 Alva terrace. Crossbill. 
Burns & Miller, wrigbts and builders, 10 Steven st. 
Burns, Owen, butcher, 16 Union place, Rutherglen ; 

residence, 2 Smith terrace, Farme, do. 
Burns, Richard, ship rigger, 17^ Springfield place ; 

house, 2 Bellahouston terrace, Ibrox. 
Burns, Richard, 16 Steven street. 
Burns, Robert, jun. (at James Nimmo & Co.'s, 20 

Dixon street), house, 1 Hilton terrace, Crossbill. 
Burns, Robert, wright and builder, 32 Ark lane ; ho. 

15 Edmund street. 
Burns, Robert, & Co., soap makers, Lancefield Soap 

Works, West Scotland street. 
Bums, Robert & John, coal merchants, Monkland 

Canal Basin, 30 Garngad hill ; house, 23 Ronald st. 
Burns, Rev. Thomas, assistant, St. George's Parish ; 

house, 4 Linden terrace, Pollokshields. 
Burns, Thomas D., collector. Joint Line Railway 

goods station ; house, 26 Avon street. 
Burns, Samuel, house factor, 30 Grove street. 
Burns, William (of Burns & Miller), ho. 16 Steven st. 
Burns, William (of Burns, Crawford, & Co.), house, 

Nettlehirst, Beith, Ayrshire. 
Burns, William, spirit merchant, 46 John Knox street; 

house, 17 Wellpark street. 
Burns, William, traveller for Barrowfield Pottery ; 

house, 70 Roslea drive. 
Burns, William (of William Burns & Co.), house, 163 

Hill street, Garnethill. 
Burns, William, society collector and fire insurance 

agent, 27 Hill street, Anderston. 
Burns, Wm., flour .bag merchant, provision and milk 

shop, 78 Stanley street, off Paisley road. 
Burns, William, & Co., iron merchants and brokers, 

48 W. George street. 
Burns, William M'G., M.D.,M.R.C.S., & L.R.C.P.Ed., 

28 Main street, Bridgeton; house, 13 Annfield place. 
Burns, Mrs. James, butcher, 263 Parliamentary road ; 

house, 261 do. 
Burns, Mary, provision merchant, 102 Main street, 

Bridgeton ; house, 26 Duke street. 
BuKNS, Robert, Lodge of Oddfellows, M.U., 1882 ; 

Cambridge hall, 120 Cambridge street. 
BURNSIDE, George H., wine and spirit merchant, 149 

New City road and 375 Dobbie's loan ; house, 11 

Rosehall street. 
Burnside, James, warehouseman (at Peyton & 

Alsop's), house, 382 South York street. 
Burnside, J., fruiterer and confectioner, 164^ Dum- 
barton road. 
Burnside, Matthew, portioner, 340 Nuneaton street. 
Burnside, Robert, 140 George street. 
Burnside, Thomas A., 365 Duke street. 
BURNUP, Isaac (of Burnup & Knox), house, 313 

Garscube road. 
Burnup & Knox, drapers and outfitters, 329, 331, 

351 Garscube road. 
BURR, Alexander, & Son, commission merchants and 

agents, 10 Garthland street. 





Burr, Alexander (at H. C. Paterson's), house, 22 

Arlington street. 
Bun% James (of Alexander Burr & Son), house, 18 

Markland terrace, Wilson street, Hillhead. 
BURRELL & Haig, shipping agents, No. 9 Mid 

Wharf, Port Dundas. 
Burrell & Son, steamship brok., 141 Buchanan st. 
Burrell & Son, shipping and forwarding agents, Mid 

Wharf, Port Dundas, and 141 Buchanan street. 
Burrell, William (of Burrell & Son), house, Clyde 

Bank house, Yoker. 
BURRETT, Thomas R., clerk, Clyde Navigation ; ho. 

28 Cowcaddens. 
Burrett, ]\Iisses I. & C, drapers, o6^ Cowcaddens ; 

house, 28 do. 
BURRYS & Co. (Limited), Regent Works, Sheffield, 

manufacturers of steel files, tools, saws, &c. ; the 

patent east-steel picks, pipe wrench, and universal 

spanner ; agts., W. F. Fleming & Co., 17 Oswald st. 
BURT, Abraham, spirit merchant, 48 Rose street, s.s.; 

house, 25 Meadowpark street, Dennistoun. 
Burt, Boulton, & Haywood, manufacturers of patent 

artificial alizarine ; agents, Henderson, Hogg, & 

Co., 26a Renfield street. 
Burt, Henry (of John Burt & Co.), house, 73 

Roslea drive, Dennistoun. 
Burt, Henry, seamen's missionary, 17 Dover street. 
Burt, James, grocer, 532 Dobbie's loan. 
Burt, John, & Co., tanners, curriers, leathermerchants, 

machinery belt and hose pipe makers, Pleasanco 

Leather Works, 143 Great Hamilton street. 
Burt, John (of John Burt & Co.), house, Claremont, 

Burnslde, Rutherglen. 
Burt, Joseph S., pottery engineer and steam pump 

maker, Edinburgh rd., Parkhead ; house, Carntyne 

cottage, do. 
Burt, Peter, 52 Ardgowan street, representative for 

D. Nicolson, The Palace Brewery, Edinburgh, in 

the counties of Lanark, Ayr, Dumfries, and Dum- 
Burt, Mrs. John, 27 Florence place. 
Burt, Miss, news agent, 524 St '^ncent street, 
BURTON, A. C. (of H. Burton & Co., Ill 

Buchanan street), house, 15 Hill st. Garnethill. 
Burton, Alexander, earthenware painter ; house, 40 

Ronald street. 
Burton, Andw. H., commission merchant, G9 Ingram 

street ; house, 43 Regent Park square. 
Burton & Henderson, general grocers and makers of 

the Napierian crystal coffee pots, 254 Saucliieh. st. 
Burton, Henry, & Co., hosiers, glovers, shirtmakers, 

and outfitters. 111 Buchanan street; work-rooms, 

17 Gordon street. 
Burton, T. C, teacher of dancing, St. George's Hall, 

144 West Nile street, and Athenseum, 110 Ingram 

street ; house, 148 West Nile street. 
BuKTON Brewery Coy. (Limited), brewers, Burton- 

on-Trent ; agents, Robert Hillcsat & Sons, ,39 

Stockwell street. 
BUSBY, E. S. (at M. Muir & Sons), ho. Berlin 

place, Pollokshields. 
BusBr Railway Co.; John Graham, C.A., secretary, 

212 West George street. 
BUSHELL & Co., teamen, 30 Argyle street and 31 

Jamaica street. 
BUSSELL, Geo. H. D , outfitter, 3 and 5 Centre 

street ; house, 262 Scotland street. 
BUSWELL, Wm., dining-rooms, 139 East George 

street; house, 56 College street. 

Bute Hotel, 25 Clyde place; Miss Goldie. 

BUTLER, Dugald(ofBndgeton Victualling Society), 
house, 12 Newhall terrace. 

Butler, Hugh (at James Rankine & Son's), house. 

Butler, John, boot and shoemaker, 20 Houston street; 
house, 22 do. 

Butler, Thomas, shipmaster (Henderson Brdthers), 
house, 2 Walmer crescent. 

BuTTEELEY Co., iron masters, near Derby; agents, 
Scott Brothers, 22 Renfield street. 

Butterley Co., manufacturers of iron ship and boiler 
plates, deck beams, girder?, joists, &c., near Derby; 
agents, Scott Brothers, 22 Renfielil street. 

BUTTERS, Archd. (of Butters Brothers), residence, 
Van Mildert House, Lenzie. 

Butters Brothers, contractors and builders' en- 
gineers, 26 Renfield street; always in stock all 
kinds of new and second-hand machinery, cranes, 
hand and steam power, tank locoinotives, rails, and 
mortar mills ; also, all kinds of railway contrac- 
tors', quarriers', and builders' plant, new and second 
hand, for sale or hire ; monthly list of plant issued, 
with terms, &c. ; second hand machinery yard, 18 
Waterloo street. — See Advert, in Appendix. 

Butters Brothers, 26 Renfield street, representatlYes 
of Henry Wilson & Co., Stockton-on-Tees, brass- 
founders, for all kinds of engine and ships' fittings, 
pumps, & Wilson's patent steam greasers, brewers' 
refrigerators, boiling coils, mashing machinery, 
hot presses, malt mills, &c. 

Butters, Jas., butcher, 519 Sauchiehall st; ho. 529 do. 

Butters, M. W. (of Butters Brothers), house, 3 Wen- 
dover crescent. Mount Florida. 

BYASS, R. B., & Co., tin plate manufacturers, 20 St. 
Vincent place ; Henry Rogers, Sons, & Co., agents. 

BYERS, A. Stewart (of Campbell & Byers), Cart- 
side Works, Paisley. 

Byers, Robert, fruit merchant. Bazaar ; house, 41 
S. Albion St. 

Byers, William (at C. Todd & Higginbotham's, 
M'Neil street), house, 5 S. Wellington street. 


CABRAL, Francis, grocer and provision merchant, 20 

Abercromby street; house, 57 Stevenson street. 
CADDEN, John, & Co., shipping and commission 

agents, 6 Dixon street. 
Cadden, John (of John Cadden & Co.), house, 3 

Wendover crescent, Mount Florida. 
CADENHEAD, David A. (at W. & J. J. Kier's), 

house, Kirkbill cottage, Cambuslang. 
Cadenhead, George, rag and waste merchant, 2J 

Market street, city; ho. 181 Matheson street, s.s. 
Cadenhead, James (at Rainey, Knox, & Co.'s), house, 

3 Lendel terrace, Paisley road. 
Cadiz Steam Packet Office, Burrell & Son, 141 

Buchanan street. 
Cadiz Steam Packet Office, John & Peter Hntche- 

son, 62 Broomielaw. 
CADMAN, William, leather merchant, 9 Park place, , 

Stockwell street; bouse, 235 Hospital street, s.s. 
CADZOW, Wm., dairyman, 116 Great Hamilton st. 
Cadzow Coal Co. (Limited), coal masters, 161 

Hope street. 
Cagliari and Glasgow Steam Packet Office, Hen- 
derson Bros., agents, 47 Union street. 
CAINE, Howard Thos. (of Laidlaw, Sons, & Caine) 




CAIRD, Edward, M.A., professor of Moral Philo- 
sophy, the University ; residence, 1 University. 
Caird, James, merchant, 27 Virginia street ; house, 

Ashlea, Langside. 
Caird, James, plasterer and cement merchant, 82 

Wellington street; house, Collingwood, Hamilton 

crescent, Partick. 
Caird,' Rev. John, D.D., Principal of the University; 

residence, 12 The College, Gilmorehill. 
Caird, Miss, millinery and dressmaker, 220 St. 

James' street, Paisley road; house, 218 do. 
CAIENCROSS, Alex., grocer, 120 Rose street, s.s.; 

house, 51 Florence street. 
Cairncross, R. G., engineer, 280 Bath crescent. 
CAIRNEY, J., & Co., glass stainers, glaziers, and 

benders, 2 Blythswood court, 97 West Campbell 

St. ; house, 47 Scott street, Garnethill. 
Cairney, William, dealer, 46 Cranston st. Anderston. 
Cairney, William (of Thomas Skinner & Co.,) house, 

11 Derby terrace. 
Cairney, Misses, ladies' seminary, 44 Scott street, 

CAIRNS, Alexander B., 13 Avon street. 
Cairns, Andw., manager at Hayfield foundry ; house, 

401 Crown street. 
Cairns, Christopher (of Cairns & Co.), residence. 

Glen Devon, Ayton road, Pollokshields. 
Cairns & Co., ironfounders, Hayfield Foundry, ISl 

Rutherglen road. 
Cairns, John, plumber and gas-fitter, 18 Bath street ; 

house, 94 Dundas street. 
Cairns & Laing, plumbers and lead merchants, 5 

Carlton place. 
Cairns, Peter W., bootmaker, 313 Crown Street. 
Cairns, Robert, commission agent, 12 Miller street ; 

house, Cathkin View, Cambuslang. 
Cairns, Robert, boot and shoemaker, 48 Anderson 

street, Partick ; house, 50 do. 
Cairns, Robert M., grocer, 52 Cowlairs road. Spring- 
burn ; house, 3 Balgray terrace. 
Cairns, Robert W. (of Thos. Cansh & Co.), house, 56 

Rosebank terrace. 
Cairns, Robert, dairyman, 163 Stobcrossst.; ho. 161 do. 
Cairns, William (of Cairns & Laing), ho. 10 Belmar 

terrace. Shields road. 
Cairns, Wm., grocer, 226 Stirling road ; house, 58 

Weaver street. 
Cairns, W. G., traveller (for Anderson & Rankin), 

house, 133 London street. 
Cairns, W., & Co., paper rulers and bookbinders, 74 

Argyle street ; house, 5 Hill street, Garnet hill. 
Cairns, Berthina, hardware merchant, 196 London rd. 
Cairntable Gas Coal Co. (Limited), coalmasters; 

registered office, 149 St. Vincent street ; John 

Clarkson, secy. 
Caisse Generale Agricoles (Paris) Fire Insur- 
ance Co., 92 West Nile Street ; John Carmichael, 

agent for Scotland. 
Calcutta Line of steamships (via Suez Canal), 

George Smith & Sons, 101 St. Vincent street. 
Calcutta Line of sailing ships, George Smith & Sons, 

101 St. Vincent street. 
CALDER, Alexander, plasterer, 24 Oxford street; 

house, 2 Warwick street. 
Calder, D. Graham, wine merchant, 1 and 2 Lome 

place, Mount Florida ; house, 4 Victoria buildings, 

Mount Florida. 
Calder, James, & Co., timber merchants, 16 St. 

Enoch square. 

Calder, James, & Co., Shore Brewery, Alloa ; Wm, 

Brownlie, agent, 249 Argyle street. 
Calder, James (of Jas. Calder & Co.), ho. Weedings 

Hall, Polmont. 
Calder, John, merchant, 7 Burnbank terrace. 
Calder, John, agent, 205 Buchanan street. 
Calder, John, commission agent, 40 Union street; ho. 

12 Lome place. Mount Florida. 
Calder, John, & Co., steam printers and lithographers, 

126 Renfield street; house, 107 Dundas street. 
Calder, Rev. John, the Manse, Church street, Partick. 
Calder, Robert, B.Sc, M.A., H.M. inspector of 

schools, 290 Renfrew street. 
Calder, Thomas, ironmonger, &c., 342 Garscube rd.; 

house, 39 Raglrai street. 
Calder, William, manufacturing ironmonger, 8-J- 

Hospital St.; house, 29 do. 
Calder, William (of M'AUister & Calder, potato 

merchants, Sighthill Railway Station), house, 5 

Winton terrace, Crossbill. 
Calder, William, joiner, Allison street. Crossbill ; 

house, 16 Albert drive. 
Calder, Wm. W., H.M. Inspector of Schools assistant, 

290 Renfrew street. 
Calder, Mrs. Agnes, grocer and provision merchant, 

294 Possil road; residence, Keppoch house. 
Calder, Mrs. Charles, furnishings and hosiery, 313 

Paisley road; ho. 315 do. 
CaMer, Agnes, grocer and provision merchant, 206 

Possil road ; house, Keppoch house, Possil road. 
Calder, Carfin, Cleland, Blantyre, and Wilsontown 

Colliery Office, 1 Dixon street. 
Calder Ironworks office, 1 Dixon street. 
CALDERWOOD, Alexander (of Clyde Jute Co.), 

house, 8 Westbourne gardens. 
Calderwood, J. H., 28 Union street; residence, 

Glenwood, Cambuslang. 
Calderwood, Robert, agent City Bank, 2 Bridge st. ; 

ho. 1 Berlin terrace, Nithsdale rd. Pollokshields. 
Calderwood, Robert W., pastry baker and confec- 
tioner, 402 and 264 Argyle street, and 122 New 

City road ; house, 266 Argyle street. 
Calderwood, Thos., builder, 1 Cromwell st. ; house, 

425 Eglinton street. 
CALDOW, Miss, Servants' Institution, 57 Hutche- 

son street. 
CALDWELL, Alexander, builder, 8 Govan view 

terrace, Cathcart road, 
Caldwell, Alex., H.M. customs, 162 Dumbarton road". 
Caldwell, Andrew (of Caldwell Brothers), house, 296 

Dumbarton road. 
Caldwell, Archd., plumber, Strathbungo ; house, 7 

Prince Edward street, Crossbill. 
Caldwell Brothers, fancy skirt manufacturers, Vir- 
ginia buildings. 
Caldwell, David, house factor, 21 Bath street ; ho. 

188 Pollokshaws road. 
Caldwell, David, stationer and news agent, 170 St. 

George's road ; ho. 168 do. 
Caldwell, Geo., & Co., plumbers and gasfitters, 458 

Argyle street. 
Caldwell, George (of W. & G. Caldwell), house, 

Hereford place, 148 Renfrew street. 
Caldwell, George B. (of H. Caldwell & Sons), house, 

Mauldslie terrace, London road. 
Caldwell, Gourlay, & Black, soiree purveyors, 189 

High street, and Albion Halls, College street. City. 
Caldwell, Hamilton (of H. Caldwell & Sons), house, 

Mauldslie terrace, London road. 





Caldwell, Hamilton, & Sons, curriers and leather 

merchants and manufacturers, Scotia Leather 

Works, Boden street, London road. 
Caldwell, Hugh, & Co,, manufacturers, 59 Hutcheson 

Caldwell, Hugh, watchmaker and jeweller, 143 Tron- 

gate ; house, Airlie terrace, Pollokshields. 
Caldwell, J. & A., glaziers and window cleaners, 21 

Charlotte street. 
Caldwell, Jackson, tea dealer, 440 Crown street ; 

house, 438 do. 
Caldwell, James (of Muir & Caldwell), house, 6 Park 

Grove terrace. 
Caldwell, James, clerk, 101 Grove street. 
Caldwell, James, provision merchant, 188 Garscnbe 

road ; house, 29 Scotia street. 
Caldwell, James (of Caldwell, Gourlay, & Black), 

house, 65 Tobago street. 
Caldwell, James (at John Inglis & Co.'s), house, 3 

Hilton terrace, Crosshill. 
Caldwell, John, grain and provision dealer, 27 Green 

street, Calton ; house, 4 Sidney street. 
Caldwell, John, spirit dealer, 37 Milton street and 

458 Keppochhill road; house, 29 Scotia street. 
Caldwell, John, butcher, 213 Main street, Bridgeton ; 

house, 143 do. 
Caldwell, John E. (of James M'Aulay & Co.), house, 

256 Renfrew street. 

Caldwell & Middleton, merchants and drysalters, 179 

West George street; stores, 125 East Milton st. 
Caldwell and Paul, wrights and builders, Victoria 

street, Hillhead. 
Caldwell, Peter, slater and plasterer, 29 North street ; 

house, 97 do. 
Caldwell, Robert, grocer and provision merchant, 72 

Stewart street; house, 110 Cambridge street. 
Caldwell, Robert, church officer, Dover street ; house, 

25 Breadalbane street. 
Caldwell, Thomas, skirt manufacturer, 43 Virginia 

Caldwell, Walter (of W. & G. Caldwell), house, 

12 Arlington street. 
Caldwell, Wm., Hereford place, 148 Renfrew street. 
Caldwell, W. & G., cabinetmakers and upholsterers, 

257 Sauchiehall street; works, 87 South Wood- 
side road, corner of Park road. 

Caldwell, William H., ironmonger, 242 Buchanan 

street ; house, Caldwell villa, Innellan. 
CaldwelJ, Wm., provision merchant, 93 Maitland st. ; 

house, 25 Shamrock street, north. 
Caldwell, Wm,, house factor, grocer, and tobacconist, 

166 Main street, Anderston, and 11 Perth st. ; 

house, 3 do. 
Caldwell, Wm., writer (of Wilson & Caldwell), house, 

3 Annfield terrace, west, Partick hill. 
Caldwell, W. M., & Co., oil merchants, 68 Oswald st. 
Caldwell, W., & Co., drysalters, 16 Hanover street, 

and 110 Causeyside street, Paisley. 
Caldwell, Mrs., cook and waitress, 1 Wemyss place. 
Caldwell, Miss Anne, draper, 226 Main street; 

house, 228 do. 
Caledonian Bottle Works Co., 72 Garngad hill 

office, 128 Ingram street. 
Caledonian Distillery Office, 83 Jamaica street 

James Drysdale, agent. 
Caledonian Fire and Life Insurance Co., 64 

St. Vincent st. ; R, Maconechy, secy., Glasgow ; 

Adam Knox, surveyor; agents, W. Stirling & Auld, 

20 St. Vincent pi.; M'Clnre, Naismith, Brodie, and 

Macfarlane, 87 St. Vincent st.; Q. Dick & Robert- 
son, 104 W. Regent st. ; J. Mann, C.A., 83 W. 
Regent street ; J. Goodwin, 235 George st. ; J. 
Macdonald & Son, 203 Hope st. ; J. Gemmel, 
County Buildings; Blackburn, Low, &Co., 8 Gordon 
St.; Hair& Stevenson, 79 Robertson st.;R. Gait, 98 
W. George st.; G. M'Gregor, 53 W. Regent st.;G. 
Muir, 25 Bath st. ; Walter Denham, Royal Bank, 
130 Cowcaddens ; Robertson & MacCallum, 132 
W, Regent st. ; Walter Galbraith, 91 Buchanan st.; 
T. Smith, City of Glasgow Bank, Gorbals ; W. S. 
Harvey, City of Glasgow Bank, Bridgeton cross ; J. 
A. Adam, Royal Bank, Garscube cross ; H. Wyse, 
Royal Bank, Castle st; Henry Johnstone, 30 Gor- 
don St. ; J. S. Ampleford, 21 St. Vincent pi. ; R. 
W. Marshall, 214 Kent rd. ; Robt. T. Reid, 154 
W. Regent st. ; 0. T. B. Gardner, 68 Bath st. ; 
Crawford & Stewart, 284 Thistle st.; A. M'Neilage, 
Royal Bank, Plantation, Paisley rd.; James A. & P. 
S. M'Lean, 163 St. Vincent st. ; Robert Stobo, 21 
Bellgrove street; W. S. Stewart, 179 Eglinton st.; 
William Mackay, 114 West Nile street; A. F. 
M'Bean ; Robert Graham, City of Glasgow Bank, 
269 Main street, s.s. ; Alexander Eraser, City of 
Glasgow Bank, 63 Rutherglen road; Alexander 
Morton, 15 Avenue street, Springbnrn. — See Ad- 
vertisement in Appendix. 

Caledonian Flour Mills (F. G. Perman & Nephew) 
2 and 4 Clyde street, Port Dundas. 

Caledonian and Hamilton Railway Station, south 
side, head of Main street, Gorbals. 

Caledonian Heritable Security Co. (Limited), Bell & 
Paterson, writers, 30 Eenfield street, agents. 

Caledonian Insurance Co., Fire and Life; John Mann, 
C.A., agent, 83 West Regent street. 

Caledonian Permanent Property Investment Co. ; 
George Walker, manager, 76 St. George's road. 

Caledonian Plate Glass Insurance Co., head 
office, 141 Buchanan st.; W. M'Gavin M'Culloch, 
managing director ; George Mackie, secretary. — 
See Advertisement in Appendix, 

Caledonian Plate Glass Insurance Co.; John Mann, 
C.A., agent, 83 West Regent street. 

Caledonian Plate Glass Insurance Co.; John Parker, 
agent, 116 St. Vincent street. 

Caledonian Railway Lodge, No. 354 Masonic, 30 
Cathedral street ; A. B. Ferguson, E.W.M. 

Caledonian Railway Station, head of Buchanan st. 

Caledonian Railway Trackage Department, Forth 
and Clyde Canal ; head office, 11 Germiston st. ; 
stables, 464 Debbie's loan. 

Caledonian Railway Carting Superintendent's office, 
11 Germiston street. 

Caledonian Railway Carting Department; 
head office, 62 Hope st.; goods receiving and enquiry 
offices, 64 Hope street, 164 Trongate, Orr street, 
Bridgeton Cross, and Buchanan st., Eglinton st., 
South Side and General Terminus and Bridgeton 
Stations ; James Morton, district carting superin- 

Caledonian Railway Co.'s Head Offices, 302 Bu- 
chanan St.; James Smithells, general manager. 

Caledonian Railway Factor's Office, 75 Union st. 

Caledonian Railway General Goods Manager's Office, 
302 Buchanan street. 

Caledonian Railway Co.'s General Office; A. Fergus- j 
son, treasurer. I 

Caledonian Railway Co.'s Goods Station, Buchanan 
street and Killermont street. 




Caledonian Railway Solicitor's Office, 302 Buchanan 

street ; James Kerr, writer, solicitor. 
Caledonian Railway Traffic Audit Office, 4 West 

Regent street. 
Caledonian Savings Investment and Building Society, 

160 Hope street ; James Blair, manager. 
Caledonian Tube Company, boiler tube manufac- 
turers, Coatbridge. ■ 
CALLAGHAN, Patrick, broker, 5 North Woodside 

road; ho. 18 Crossbnrn street. 
CALLENDER, Adam (of G.P.O.), ho. 407 Eglinton st. 
Callander, A. & J., drapers and shirt manufacturers, 

5 Nicholson street, s.s.; house, 3 do. 
Callander, Peter, bread and biscuit shop, 409 Eglin- 
ton street; house, 407 do. 
Callander, Miss, 51 Great Western road. 
Callander and Oban Railway Co. ; J. Anderson, 

secretary, 48 Dundas street. 
CALLEN, J., sailmaker (manager), 108 and 114 

Broomielaw ; house, 77 West street, Kingston. 
CALLOW, Frederick, ticket writer and lithographer, 

7 Argyle street. 
CALLUM, John, grocer, 58 Candleriggs and 95 

Rottenrow street ; ho. 122 N. Frederick st. 
Galium, Mrs. Charles, 4 Parkgrove terrace. 
Galium, Mrs., hosier and draper, 68 Cowcaddens ; 

house, 24 Garscadden street. 
CALTON, James, jobbing joiner, glazier, &c., 3 

Cavendish place. Port Eglinton. — See Advt. 
Calton Registry Office, 44 Canning street ; Alex. 

Waddel, registrar ; James Moore, assistant. 
Calton, Mile-end, and Bridgeton Mechanics' Institu- 
tion, 46 Canning street. 
Calton Mission Church and School, 32 Bell street, 

Calton Parish Church, Tobago street, Rev. John 

Calton Post Office, 27 Stevenson street. 
Calton Spinning Go., cotton spinners, 17 Exchange 

CALVERT, E. Sherwood, artist, 226 West George 

street; house, 11 Albion crescent, Dowanhill. 
Calvert, George, clerk of works, 47 Gardner st. 
CAMACHO, H. J. M., wine shipper, Madeira; 

Robertson & Baxter, agents, 48 West Nile street. 
Cambridge Hall, J. C. Galloway, proprietor, 120 

Cambridge street ; house, do. 
Cambuslang Colliery Office, coal masters, 77 West 

Nile street. 
Camelon Iron Company, ironfounders, Camelon 

Ironworks, Falkirk. 
CAMERON, Alex., teacher of English, public school, 

65 Stirling st.; ho. 19 Laigh Cartside st., Johnstone. 
Cameron, Alexander, draper, 402 S. Cumberland st. 
Cameron, Alexander, merchant, 74 Bath street; 

house, 2 South Apsley place. 
Cameron, Alex., lieutenant of police. Northern Police 

chambers, Maitland street ; ho. 44 Dorset street. 
Cameron, Alex., wine and spirit merchant, 35 Clyde 

place ; ho. 148 Norfolk st. 
Cameron, Alex., commission agent, 390 Govan st., s.s. 
Cameron, Alexander, carter, 30 Water street. 
Cameron, Rev. Allan, Free Gaelic Church ; ho. 2 

Lauriston place. 
Cameron, Allan (of Thomson & Cameron), house, 

116 Parson street. 
Cameron, Allan, church officer, Finnieston Free 
I Church ; house, 227 Berkeley street. 
I Cameron, Allan, dairyman, 111 Stobcross street. 

Cameron, Allan, & Son, horse shoers, 81 Claremont 
street ; house, do. 

Cameron, A. (at Dalrymple & Co.'s), ho. 17 George st. 

Cameron, Angus, bellhanger & gasfitter, 85 Grove st.; 
house, 96 Thistle street, Garnethill. 

Cameron, Angus M'K., tailor and clothier, 137 
George street; house, 115 Rottenrow street. 

Cameron, Archd., wine and spirit merchant, 50 Cheap- 
side street ; house, 145 Ardgowan street. 

Cameron, Archd., spirit merchant, 174 and 176 
Gamgad road ; ho. 14 Holmhead street. 

Cameron, Archibald, cabinet maker and upholsterer, 
18 North Portland street. 

Cameron, Archibald, restaurants, 39 Dundas st. and 
46 Hanover st.; house, 14 Holmhead st. 

Cameron, Charles, M.D., LL.D., Proprietor, 
Daily Mail ; house, 80 St. George's square, London. 

Cameron, Charles, plumber and gasfitter, 190 Hope 
street ; house, 81 Shamrock street. 

Cameron, Colin, provision merchant, 10 Cleveland 
street; house, 21 Claremont street. 

Cameron & Campbell, chemical manufacturers, 106 
New road, Parkhead. 

Cameron, Daniel, hatter, 75 Cowcaddens; house, 
212 Hope street. 

Cameron, Daniel, smith, 37 Clyde st.. Port Dundas ; 
house, 47 Grove street. 

Cameron, D^ & Co., engineers, smiths,boiler makers, 
chain makers, and makers of Henderson's patent 
Derrick cranes, wrought by hand or steam, and 
all other kinds of cranes wrought by hand or steam, 
steam hoists, mortar mills, pumps, steam and hand 
winches, valves, and all kinds of contractors and 
quarriers' plant. Stock always on hand ; Spring- 
field Iron-works, 80 & 88 M'Neil street.— j^ee 
Advt. in Appendix. 

Cameron, D., and Co., smiths and rivet hearth makers, 
79 Gt. Wellington st. 

Cameron, David, wine and spirit merchant, 72 
George St.; ho. 365 Whitehill terrace, Dennistoun. 

Cameron, Don.,flesher, 165 Caledonia rd. ; ho. 167 do. 

Cameron, Donald, G.P.O. ; house, 137 Rose street, s.s. 

Cameron, Donald, wine and spirit merchant, 10 
Charlotte street ; house, 156 Gallowgate. 

Cameron, Donald (at Watkins & Anderson's, 227 
West George street). 

Cameron, Donald, groceries and provisions, 61 
Castlebank street, Partick ; house, 70 Anderson 
street, do. 

Cameron, Donald, grocer, 109 Nelson street; house, 
95 King street, s.s. 

Cameron, Donald, victualler, 137 Canning street, 
Calton ; house, 141 do. 

Cameron, Dugald, heddle and reed manufacturer, 66 
London road ; house, 9 Binnie place. 

Cameron, D. H., commission merchant, 13 Hamp- 
den terrace. Mount Florida. 

Cameron, Dugald, smith, gasfitter, bellhanger, and 
stair railer, 142 North street and Portland place, 
Govan ; house, 24 Belgrave street. 

Cameron, Dugald, spirit merchant, 90 Rose street; 
house, 124 Gt. Hamilton street. 

Cameron, Duncan, broker, 16 Prince's street ; house, 
12 do. 

Cameron, Duncan, wine and spirit merchant, 306 
Argyle street ; house, 36 Cleveland street. 

Cameron, Duncan, wine and spirit merchant, 355 
Eglinton street and 11 Allanton terrace ; house, 6 
Crown place, Langside road, Crossbill. 






CameroB, Duncan (of Cameron & Ferguson), house, 

13 Patkgrove terrace, west. 
Cameron, Evven (at Robt. Wotherspoon & Co.'s), ho* 

34 Cook street. 
Cameron, Ewing (of Alexander & Co.), house, 294 

St. Vincent street. 
Cameron & Ferguson, wholesale and export stationers, 

88 West Nile street ; works and stores, Catherine 

lane, Stirling road. 
Cameron, Rev. Geo. G., A.M., minister of Free St. 

John's ; house, 107 Hill street, Garnethill. 
Cameron, Hector C, M.D., 27 Elmbank crescent. 
Cameron, Hugh, grocer and provision merchant, 14 

Bridge street. Particle; house, 47 Byers Road. 
Cameron, Hugh, wright, 64 Douglas street ; house, 

6 Willowbank crescent. 
Cameron, Hugh, commercial traveller, 4 Oswald st.; 

house, 12 Allanton terrace, Crossbill. 
Cameron, Hugh, wine and spirit merchant, 107, 109 

Stockwell street; house, 8 Cumberland street, s.s. 
Cameron, H., engineer (of D. Cameron & Co.), ho. 

140 Govan street. 
Cameron, James, victualler, 397 Gallowgate. 
Cameron, James, spirit merchant, 211 Stobcross st. 
Cameron, James, printer and manufacturing stationer, 

217 Buchanan street. 
Cameron, James, tailor, 117 St. George's road. 
Cameron, James, tailor, 167 George street ; house, 

19 North Portland street. 
Cameron, Jas., gas burner manufacturer, 76 Lance- 
field street. 
Cameron, James, Royal Polytechnic ; house, 84 

Cumberland street, s.s. 
Cameron, James, plumber and gasfitter, 54 Renfrew 

street; house, 186 New City road. 
Cameron, James, wine and spirit merchant, 49 Soho 

street ; house, 365 Whitehill terrace, Dennistoun. 
Cameron, Rev. James, M.A., Victoria Free church ; 

residence, Eavenscraig, Aytoun rd., PoUokshields. 
Cameron, James W. (of N. and J. W. Cameron), ho. 

Cartcraigs, Pollokshaws. 
Cameron, John, grocer and provision merchant, 389 

Garscube road; house, 332 St. George's road. 
Cameron, John (of G. P. 0.), house, 67 Grafton st. 
Cameron, John, dairyman, 348 Nuneaton street. 
Cameron, John (of Cameron & Roberton), residence. 

South Bank House, Kirkintilloch. 
Cameron, John, tailor and clothier, 4 Mains street. 
Cameron, John, draper, 104 London rd.; ho. 106 do. 
Cameron, John, printer and manufacturing stationer, 

217 Buchanan st. ; ho. 2 Albertie ter., Hillhead. 
Cameron, John (at D. Cameron & Co.), house, 8 

South Wellington street. 
Cameron, John, tobacconist, 58 Carrick street. 
Cameron, John, publisher, wholesale and export 

manufacturing stationer, 47 York street ; house, 

60 Rosehank terrace. 
Cameron, John, secretary, Clydesdale Bank; house, 

17 Belmont crescent, Hillhead. 
Cameron, John (of Thorn & Cameron), house, Vista- 

bella villa, Pollokshields. 
Cameron, John, grocer, 60 Portugal street ; house, 

35 Warwick street. 
Cameron, John, dairyman, 414 Crown street. 
Cameron, J. & P., general carriers, contractors, 

and railway agents, forward goods to most parts 

of Scotland, England, and Ireland — agents for the 

North British Railway, in connection with the 
Great North of Scotland, Highland, and Caledonian 

Railways ; head office, 31 Dundas street ; goods 
receiving offices, 10 North Queen street, 44 Bruns- 
wick street, 46 Fox street, 83, 85 Garngad road, 
and College and Sigbthill railway stations. 

Cameron, Kenneth, church officer and colporteur, 
Augustine Free Churcb, Rutherglen road. 

Cameron & M'Connell, plumbers and gasfitters, 144a 

Cameron, Murdoch, M.D., CM., surgeon, 71 North 
St. Mungo street ; house, 42 Windsor terrace, St. 
George's road. 

Cameron, N. & J. W., auctioneers, house factors, and 
fire, life, and plate glass insurance agents, 123 W. 
George street, and 85 King street, Pollokshaws. 

Cameron, Nicol (of N. & J. W. Cameron), house. 
Main street, Pollokshaws. 

Cameron, Peter (of J. & P. Cameron), house, 6 Re- 
gent terrace, Edinburgh. 

Cameron, Peter, woiking jeweller, 181 Trongate ; 
house, 81 Claremont street. 

Cameron, Peter, joiner and builder, Keppoch row, 
Possil road ; house, 324 St. George's road. 

Cameron, Robert (of Cameron & Campbell), house, 
1 North Claremont street. 

Cameron, Robert, furniture dealer, 250 Paisley road ; 
house, 14 Avon street. 

Cameron, Rev. R.,of Cambridge Street U.P. Church; 
house, 109 Hill street, Garnethill. 

Cameron & Roberton, architectural, pipe, and 
general ironfounders; rain-water pipes, gutters, and 
all builders' and plumbers' castings, hot-water heat- 
ing apparatus ; gas, water, and steam pipes ; gates, 
railing ciestings, baths, &c.. South Bank Iron- 
works and Star Foundry, Kirkintilloch. 

Cameron, Roderick, mason and builder, 4 Melrose 
place. Paisley road. 

Cameron, Samuel, dining rooms, 100 King st., city ; 
house, 4 Adelphi place. 

Cameron, Samuel, timber merchant and hammer 
shaft turner, &c., St. Rollox Saw Mills, 20 Baird 
street ; house, 37 St. Mungo street, north. 

Cameron, Samuel (of Cameron & M'Connell), house, 
194 Dumbarton road. 

Cameron, Samuel S., officer, St. Paul's Free Church ; 
house, 90 North Frederick street. 

Cameron, Thomas, lithographer and printer, 88 
John street. 

Cameron, Wm. M'Kenzie, bank and insurance agent, 
42 St Enoch square ; house, Mineral Bank villa, 

Cameron, Wm. W., brush and basket manu- 
facturer, importer of French and German toys and 
fancy goods, 19 Carlton place, s.s. ; house, do. — 
See Advt. in App. 

Cameron, Wm. (of Heggie& Cameron), residence, Glen 
Morven cottage, Trefoil avenue, Shawlands. 

Cameron, Wm., warehouseman, 7 Kirkst,, Calfcon. 

Cameron, William, remnant warehouse, 17 East 
Russell street. 

Cameron, Wm., stationer, 47 York street ; ho. 333 
Dumbarton road. 

Cameron, William, piinter, bookbinder, stationer, and 
librarian, 123 St George's road. 

Cameron, William, provision merchant, 106 Kenfield 
street ; house, 24 Claremont street. 

Cameron, Mrs. Anne, spirit dealer, 118, 120 Main 
street, Bridgeton; house, 122 do. 

Cameron, Mrs. C, grocer, 154 Houston street; house, 
158 do. 





Cameron, Mrs. John, draper and hosier, 183 Main 
street, Bridgeton ; house, 182 do. 

Cameron, Mrs. John, 28 Park circus. 

Cameron, Mrs., 7 Burnbank terrace. 

Cameron, Mrs., 13 Minerva street. 

Cameron, Mrs., grocer, 86 West Scotland street; ho. 
82 do. 

Cameron, Mrs., stationer and smallwares, 5 Melrose 
place, Paisley road; house, 4 do. 

Cameron, Miss A., milliner, 157 Sauchiehall street. 

Cameron, Miss Jessie, milliner, 21 Trongate ; house, 
52 Rose street, Garnethill. 

Cameron, Miss J. M., sale shop, 297 High st. ; ho. 
26 George street. 

Cameron, Margaret, fruiterer, 26 Old Dalmamock rd. 

Cameron, Marion, pawnbroker, 8 Sauchiehall street, 

Cameron, Mary, furnishings, 318 St George's road. 

Cameron, Sarah, greengrocer, 25 Vermont street ; 
house, 38 Nelson street, Tradeston. 

Camlachie Station, N.B. Railway Co., East Nelson 
street ; James Livingston, station agent. 

CAMMELL, C, & Co. (Limited), Sheffield, manu- 
facturers of rolled iron armour plates to the Ad- 
miralty, Ordnance forgings, &c. Cast steel rails 
to any section, bars, plates, &c. ; cast steel 
straight and crank axles, shafts, piston rods, crank 
pins, connecting rods, &e.; solid cast steel tyres 
without weld; railway springs and buffers of 
every description ; cast, shear, German, spring, 
and blister steel, and best refined cast steel files. 
Sole agent, Wm. Lester, 25 Bath street. 

OABIPBELL, Achnach, & Co., waterproof and india- 
rubber manufacturers, 25 Jamaica street. 

Campbell, A. A., warehouseman (at A. Fullarton & 
Co.'s), house, 19 Albeit drive, Crosshill. 

Campbell, Adam, 218 Great Western road. 

Campbell, A. & J., bootmakers, 235 Cowcaddens. 

Campbell, Alexander, & Son, engineers and boiler- 
makers, 29 Anderston quay ; house, 155 North st. 

Campbell, Alexander (at Stewart and M'Donald's), 
house, 1 Florentine place, Billhead. 

Campbell, Alex., grocer and provision merchant, 14 
Myrtle street, 75 and 77 Cedar street; house, 24 
Myrtle street, off St. George's road. 

Campbell, Alexander, restaurant keeper, 3 Biidgeton 
Cross ; house, 3 Dalmarnock road. 

Campbell, "Alex., & Son, resin distillers, oil mer- 
chants, grease, pitch, and varnish manufacturers, 
Crownpoint Chemical Works, 270 Crownpoint rd. 

Campbell, Alexander (of Campbell & Tudhope), 
house, Annfield Cottage, Bishopbriggs. 

Campbell, Alexander (of Alex. Campbell & Son), 
house, 42 Hill street, Garnethill. 

Campbell, Alex, (of Alex. Campbell & Co.), house, 
69 Armadale street, Dennistoun. 

Campbell, Alexander, plasterer, 15 Surrey street ; 
house, 51 South Cumberland street. 

Campbell, Alex., & Co., shawl, skirting, and tweed 
manufacturers, 16 St. Vincent place. 

Campbell, Alex., jun., & Co., sole manufacturers of 
Campbell's dipping composition, unrivalled for 
sheep and lambs ; also general merchants and 
commission agents, 83 Pitt street. 

Campbell, Alexander (of Crosbie, Campbell, & Co), 
house, 26 Lilybank road. 

Campbell, Alexander (of Stewart & Campbell), 171 
West Graham street. 

Campbell & Alexander, sewing cotton manufacturers, 
Clyde Thread Mills, Rutherglen. 

Campbell, A. (of R. & A. Campbell), res. Belltrees, 

Campbell, Allan, accountant, house factor, and insur- 
ance agent, 122 Wellington street; house, 13 

Lome place. Mount Florida. 
Campbell, Andrew (of Campbell, M'Donald, & Co.), 

house, 86 Ardgowan street. 
Campbell, Andrew, provision merchant, 73 North st.; 

house, 30 Willowbank street. 
Campbell, Angus, writer (of Campbell & Scott), ho. 

163 Berkeley street. 
Campbell, Archibald (at Hood, Morton, & Co.'s), 

house, 1 Avon dale place. Paisley road. 
Campbell, Archd. & Co., brewers, Edinburgh ; agents, 

Hope & King, 30 West George street. 
Campbell, Archd. (of Archd. Campbell & Co.), house, 

Fairy bank, Helensburgh, and Rokeby ter., Hillhead. 
Campbell, Ai-chd,, captain, 12 Franklin terrace. 
Campbell, Archibald, musical instrument maker and 

pianoforte tuner, 77 Jamaica street ; house, 16 

Ashfield terrace, Hillhead. 
Campbell, Archibald (of William Kerr & Co.), 42 

Hope street. 
Campbell, Archibald, & Co,, marine insurance brokers, 

92 St. Vincent street. 
Campbell, Archibald, draper and hosier, 101 Dum- 
barton road ; house, 3 Minerva street. 
Campbell, Archibald, cabinetmaker, 24 Surrey street ; 

house, Breadalbane place, Strathbungo. 
Campbell, Archibald, provision merchant, 348 St. 

George's road ; house, 21 Henderson street. 
Campbell, Archibald, oil and colourman and house 

factor, 105 Rottenrow. 
Campbell, Archibald, fireman in charge, Bridgeton 

Fire Station ; house, 33 Old Dalmarnock road. 
Campbell, Archibald, grain and provision merchant, 

30 Hope street; house, 11 Albert drive, Crosshill. 
Campbell, Arth., herbalist and druggist, 14 Hill st., E. 
Campbell, A. L., 134 PoUok street. 
Campbell, A. L., 79 Scott street, Garnethill. 
Campbell & Balloch, shawl and woollen manufac- 
turers, 28 Royal Exchange square. 
Campbell & Byers, Cartside Dye Works, Paisley; 

dyers of wool, cotton, and silk, in hank or chain ; 

also dyers of woollen and union piece goods, and 

patentees of scouring and stretching machine for 

woollen yarns, in hank. 
Campbell, Charles, wine and spirit merchant, 5 and 7 

Dundas street. 
Campbell, Charles, jeweller, optician, and electro- 
gilder, 37 Nelson street, city ; house, 350 Scot- 
land street, s.s. 
Campbell, Charles (at John Fergusson & Brothers'), 

house, 3 Church street, Partick. 
Campbell, Charles H. (of Martin Turner & Co.), 

residence, Millfield, Polmont. 
Campbell, Colin, 14 Holmhead street. 
Campbell, Colin (of Campbell & Balloch), house, 13 

Parkgrove terrace. 
Campbell, Colin (at R. Mackay & Co.'s), house, 9 

Allan ton terrace. 
Campbell, Colin, tobacconist and general furnisher, 

218 Main street, Bridgeton; house, 220 do. 
Campbell, Colin (of James Laing & Co.), house, 10 

Lynedoch place. 
Campbell, Colin, iron and commission merchant, 97 

West George street. 
Campbell, Colin, wine and spirit dealer, 257, 269 

Gallowgate; house, 255 do. 



Campbell, Colin, contractor, 82 John st., Bridgeton. 
Campbell, Colonel, of Blytbswood, 150 W. Regent St.; 

residence, Blytbswood House, Renfrew. 
Campbell & Co., cbemical manufacturers, 47 Coch- 
ran street and Cartvale Chemical Works, Paisley. 
Campbell & Co., musical instrument makers and 

sellers, 103 Trongate. 
Campbell & Co., wholesale cabinet and furniture 

merchants, manufacturers, and upholsterers, 3 

Blytbswood court, 97 West Campbell street. 
Campbell, Daniel (at Thomas Kay & Co.'s), house, 

203 St. James' Cross, Stirling road. 
Campbell, Daniel, grocer and provision dealer, 3 

Melrose place. Paisley road, west; house, 7 

Plantation buildings, do. 
Campbell, Daniel, spirit merchant, 28 Auderston 

quay ; house, 28 Crookston street. 
Campbell, Daniel, reedmaker, 129 Brook st., Mile end. 
Campbell, Daniel, commission agent, 119 Virginia 

place ; house, Stanley cottage, Langside. 
Campbell, Daniel, blacksmith and ironmonger, 55 

Stirling St., Cowcaddens; sale shop, 23 Royal arc; 

house, 110 Cambridge street. 
Campbell, Daniel, sbirtmaker, hosier, and glover, 

63 Sauchiehall street; ho. 122 St. James' road. 
Campbell, David, consulting engineer and inspector 

of machinery, 151 Eglinton street; house, Buxton 

Villa, Pollok road, Shawlands. 
Campbell, David, wine merchant, 126 St. Vincent st.; 

residence, Heathfield, Lenzie. 
Campbell, D., agent, East Coast Railways, Sighthill 

station ; house, 109 Golfbill terrace. 
Campbell, Donald (of Campbell & Hall), house, 5 

Albert drive, Crossbill. 
Campbell, Dugald, typer and printcutter; all kinds 

of stamps coppered and cut, or typed on the 

shortest notice, 119 Virginia street; house, 35 

Kelvinside avenue. 
Campbell, Dugald, clothier and hosier, 34 Eglinton 

street; house, 136 Hospital sfreet. 
Campbell, Dugald, leather merchant, 32 Nelson 

street, s.s. ; house, 2 Warwick street, s.s. 
Campbell, Duncan, 109 Golfbill terrace, Dennistoun. 
Campbell, Duncan, assistant teacher, Bridgeton Public 

School; house, 217 Broad street, Mile end. 
Campbell, Duncan, engineer and ironfounder (of 

Kesson & Campbell), ho. Meadow pi., Skelmorlie. 
Campbell, Duncan, general oflScer, 7 Carlton place. 
Campbell, Duncan, & Son, manufacturing stationers, 

96 St. Vincent street. 
Campbell, Duncan (of D. Campbell & Son), house, 

14 Burnbank gardens. 
Campbell, Duncan, & Co., lathsplltters, 359 St. 

Vincent street. 
Campbell, D. A., Glasgow Locomotive Works; 

house, 5 Albert place, Caledonia road. 
Campbell, Edward, bootmaker, 56 Commerce street; 

house, 64 do. 
Campbell & Esson, writers, 68 Bath street. 
Campbell, E., hosiery and smallwares, 113 Great 

Western road; house, 111 do. 
Campbell, Eraser, corkcutter, 44 Clyde street, 

Calton ; house, 75 Cumberland street, do. 
Campbell, Rev. George, minister, Wynd Free Church ; 

house, 5 Queen's square, Strathbungo. 
Campbell, Rev. George Lewis, of Argyle Free Church ; 

house, 27 Carnarvon street. 
Campbell, Geo. Wm. (of Campbell & Esson), house, 

25 Kelvinside terrace, Billhead. 

Campbell, Geo., shirtmaker, hosier, glover, and ladies' 
outfitter, 63 St. Vincent st. ; ho. 42 Hill st.. Gar- 
net hill. 

Campbell, Geo. (of Campbell, Achnach, & Co.), ho. 
Campbell street, Hamilton. 

Campbell, Gilbert, surgeon, 239a Dalmarnock road, 
Bridgeton; house. Green lodge, 157 Greenhead st. 

Campbell, Captain G. M. (at G. & J. Burns'), 267 
Argyle street. 

Campbell & Gilmore, whip and thong makers, 114 

Campbell & Hall, ship chandlers and flag makers, 
136 Broomielaw. 

Campbell & Henry, wholesale grocers and importers, 
75 Argyle street. 

Campbell, Hugh, detective officer, 15 Tobago street ; 
house, 166 Great Hamilton street. 

Campbell, Hugh, furnishings, 634 New City road : 
house, 628 do. 

Campbell, Hugh, plumber (at J. & A. Scott & Co.'s), 
house, Haymount, Cambuslang. 

Campbell, Hugh (at Kerr, Andersons, & Muir's), ho. 
46 Cambridge street. 

Campbell, James, & Co. packing-box, zinc, and tin- 
case makers, 76 High John street; house, 12 
Dalhonsie street. 

Campbell, James, & Co., publishers, 23 Jamaica st. ; 
house, Matilda terrace, Strathbungo. 

Campbell, James, & Co., marble cutters, monu- 
mental workers, mosaic and encaustic tile layers, 
348 New City road. — See Advertisement in App. 

Campbell, James (of James Campbell & Co.), house, 
12 Hopehill road. 

Campbell, James, spirit merchant, 87 M' Alpine st. ; 
house, 15 do. 

Campbell, James (at Wra. Topping's, 256 Parliamen- 
tary road), house, 52 Cambridge street. 

Campbell, James A., plasterer, 63 Park road; house, 
193 West Prince's street 

Campbell, James, grocer and provision merchant, 45 
West Milton street ; house, 111 New City road. 

Campbell, J. A., commission agent, 9 Caprera place. 

Campbell, James Alexander (of J. & W. Campbell & 
Co.), residence, Stracathro house, Brechin. 

Campbell, .James (of Thomas B. Campbell & Sons), 
house, 8 Windsor terrace, west. 

Campbell, James, tinsmith, gasfitter, and ironmonger, 
554a, 556 Gallowgate ; house, 654a do. 

Campbell, James, teacher of drawing and painting, 
master, drawing department, High School ; house, 
2 Florentine teiTace, Billhead. 

Campbell, James, chemist and druggist, 127 Main st., 
Anderston ; house, 40 Dumbarton road. 

Campbell, James E. (at G. & J. Burns'), house, lOH 
Golfbill terrace, Dennistoun. 

Campbell, James, wright and builder, 22 Portman 
street, off Paisley road ; house, 12 Pollok st. 

Campbell, James, clothier, 58 Eglinton street. 

Campbell, James, cooper, 19 Jackson street; house, 
227 Eglinton street. 

Campbell, James, surveyor. Mutual Insurance Cor- 
poration of Manchester, 153 Queen street ; house, 
12 Pollok street. 

Campbell, James, cotton and woollen waste dealer, 
mill furnisher, and manufacturer of engine waste, 
blowings, and cotton flocks. New Adelphi Mills, 270 
Govan st., Hutchesontown, 

Campbell, James A., jun. (of Campbell & Co.), ho. 
Cartvale, Paisley. 




Campbell, James, sheriff and J.P. officer, 81 Wilson St.; 

house, 296 Crown street. 
Campbell, James (of J. & W. Campbell & Co.), 

residence, Tillichewan castle, Dumbartonshire. 
Campbell, James (at Wm. Sloan & Co.'s), honse, Sd 

Gray street. 
Campbell, James, tailor, 433 Argyle street; house, 

8 M 'In tyre street. 
Campbell, James, coal agent, 30 Grove street. 
Campbell, James, tea merchant and family grocer, 

291 New City road. 
Campbell, James (of James Smith & Sons, coalmas- 

ters), residence, Netber house, Lesmahagow. 
Campbell, James S. (at Thos. Henderson & Co.'s), ho. 

12 Allison street. Crossbill. 
Campbell, J. & A., agents, 62 Queen street ; house, 

1 Avondale place. Paisley road. 
Campbell, J. & W., & Co., warehousemen, 29 

Ingram street. 
Campbell, John (at Glasgow Iron Co.'s), 168 St. 

Vincent street ; ho. 2 Thornville ter., Hillhead. 
Campbell, John, wholesale, retail, and export con- 
fectioner, established 30 years, 183 Argyle st.; res. 

Valleyfield House, Aytoun road, Pollokshields. 
Campbell, John, iron and commission merchant, 

Jamaica chambers, 49 Jamaica street ; residence, 

Valleyfield house, Aytoun road, Pollokshields. 
Campbell, John, restaurateur, 8, 10 Queen street ; 

house, 17 Linnhall terrace, Cathcart road. 
Campbell, John, tobacconist, 19 Kent road. 
Campbell, Eev. John, Oatland Church, Pine street, 

Oatlands square ; ho. 45 Abbotsford place. 
Campbell, John, flour merchant, 27 Hope street; ho. 

Lyndall cottage, Old Cathcart. 
Campbell, .John, grindstone merchant, 347 New 

City road. 
Campbell, John, monumental sculptor and agent for 

granite, 345 New City road. 
Campbell, JohnM., assistant curator, City Industrial 

Museum, Kelvingrove park. 
Campbell, John, grocer and wine merchant, 202 

Lincoln place, Partick. 
Campbell, John, wright and joiner, 187 Stobcross 

street ; house, 147 Lancefield street. 
Campbell, John M. (at Archd. Campbell's, 30 Hope 

street), house, 11 Albert drive. Crossbill. 
Campbell, John, & Co., grain merchants, 30, 32 James 

Watt street. 
Campbell, John, portioner, 10 Craignestock place. 
Campbell, John, jun., engineei's' ironmonger and com- 
mission agent, stores and works, Deerpark works, 

4 East Stewart street, Greenock ; manufacturers 

of rivets, nails, rigging and crane chains, moulders 

shaplets, pipe nails, &c. &c., also agent for Joseph 

Wright & Co., anchor and chain works, Tipton ; 

res. Westback house, 58 Esplanade, Greenock. 
Campbell, John (of Thomas Chalmers & Co.), ho. 

4 Osborne place, Govan. 
Campbell, John (of John Campbell & Sons), house, 

284 Crown street. 
Campbell, John, & Sons, messengers-at-arms, sheriff 

and J.P. officers for Lanark, Renfrew, and Stirling- 
shires, 81 Wilson street ; house, 296 Crown st. 
Campbell, John, & Co., portmanteau, bag and trunk 

manufacturers, 68 Glassford St.; ho. 326 Dukest. 
Campbell, John (of Calton Spinning Co.), house, 10 

Newton place. 
Campbell, John, manufacturer, Campbell arcade, 34 

Candleriggs ; house, 3 Bell street, Bridgeton. 

Campbell, John, commission agent, 6 Oswald street ; 

house, 94 Hill street, Garnethill. 
Campbell, John, jr., wholesale druggist, 39 Hutcheson 

street ; residence, Moodiesburn. 
Campbell, John S., die sinker, brand cutter, brass 

window plate maker, stamp cutter, seal and stencil 

plate engraver, 55 Charlotte lane ; house, 8 Ann- 
field place. 
Campbell, John, gardener and contractor, 151 West 

Graham street. 
Campbell, John, jeweller, 5 Argyle arcade ; Louse, 

4 Houston street. 
Campbell, John, provision merchant, 388 Govan st. ; 

house, 16 Matheson street. 
Campbell, John, mason and builder, 341 Govan st. 
Campbell, John, grocer, 16 Grove st. ; house, 18 do. 
Campbell, John, teller, Savings Bank; house, 5 Max- 
well street, Partick. 
Campbell, John (at Blair, Campbell, & M'Lean's), 

house, 38 Pollok street. 
Campbell, John (of Campbell & Co., music sellers), 

house, 8 Morris place, Monteith row. 
Campbell, John, & Son, Calton Glass Bottleworks, 

19 and 21 Clay thorn street ; office, 2 Chalmers st. 
Campbell, John (at Wm. Stirling & Sons'), house, 

29 Paterson street, s.s. 
Campbell, John, mason and oven builder, 347 New 

City road. 
Campbell, John, sculptor, 345 New City road. 
Campbell, John M. (of Alexander Campbell & Son), 

house, 127 Finlay drive, Dennistoun. 
Campbell, John M. (of Browne & Watson), house, 

111 Hill street, Garnethill. 
Campbell, Rev. .J. M., chaplain. Seamen's Chapel, 

Brown street ; house, 15 Derbj' terrace. 
Campbell, Joseph, jun. (of Wylie, Campbell, and 

Teacher), residence, Millerston house, Millerston. 
Campbell, Joseph C, engineer (at Campbell, Smart, 

& Co.'s, Artizan Works), house, 7 Radnor terrace. 
Campbell, Joseph, house painter, 10 Elmvale street, 

Springburn ; house, 36 do. 
Campbell, Lachlan (of Campbell & Co., 97 West 

Campbell street), house, 64 Rosebank terrace. 
Campbell, M. Pearce (at J. & W. Campbell & Co.'s), 

house, 6 Doune terrace. 
Campbell, M'Donald, &Co., shipwrights, blockmakers, 

and boatbuilders, 53 Crookston street. 
Campbell, Malcolm, fruiterer and greengrocer, 155 

New City road, 66 Maitland street, and Hamilton 

place, Hillhead ; house, 19 Rosehall street. 
Campbell, M., tea merchant and grocer, 89 George st. 
Campbell, Neil, wine and spirit mercht., 131 George 

street and 52 Albion street ; house, 82 George st. 
Campbell, Neil, hatter, 38 Trongate ; house, 98 South 

Portland street. 
Campbell, Neil, brass and bell founder, Adelphi 

Brass and Bell Foundry, 273 Rutherglen Loan; 

house, 16 Camden street. 
Campbell, Neil, painter and decorator, 106 St. 

George's road ; house, 15 Cleveland street. 
Campbell, Patrick, shoemaker, 18 Smith street. 
Campbell, Peter, foreman smith (at G. & J. Burns', 

85 Clyde st., Andei-ston), house, 38 Carrick st. 
Campbell, Peter (at G. & J. Burns'), house, Temple 

Hill, Troon. 
Campbell, Peter, wine and spirit merchant, 196 

Campbell, P., insurance broker, 92 St. Vincent st. ; 

house, 12 Pollok street. 




Campbell, Peter, ironmonger, 270 Dumbarton road. 

Campbell, P. & A., wrights and builders, Windsor 
St., Govan ; ho. Murrougb Park Cottage, Govan. 

Campbell, P. & P., Perth Dyeworks, 86 Sauchiehall 

Campbell, Elvers, & Co., merchts., 58 Eenfield st. 

Campbell, E. G., surveyor, Staffordshire Fire Office, 
37 West Nile street; house, Albany terrace. 

Campbell, Robert, provision merchant, 33 North st. ; 
house, 12 Elderslie street. 

Campbell, Robert, grain storekeeper, Caledonian 
Railway Co.'s stores, Buchanan st. ; house, 110 
North Frederick street. 

Campbell, Eev. Robert, U.P. Minister, Calton U.P. 
Church, Kirk street ; house, 3 Grafton place. 

Campbell, Robt., boot and shoe manufacturer, 61 
Canning street ; house, 75 Clyde street, Calton. 

Campbell, Robt., dining rooms, 182 Stobcross st. ; 
house, 46 Lancefield street. 

Campbell, Robert, Glasgow and Kilmun steamers; 
house, 64 Kelvingrove street. 

Campbell, R, & A., wool brokers and commission 
agents, 50 Hydepark street. 

Campbell, Robert, sergeant-major, 4th L.E.V., 138 
Stirling road. 

Campbell, Robert, glass and china merchant, 8 Elders- 
lie St.; house, 12 do. 

Campbell, Robert (of Calton Glass Bottle Works), 
house, 6 Binnie place. 

Campbell, Eoderink, boot maker, 531 Sauchiehall 
st. ; house, 101 Grove street. 

Campbell, Samuel, superintendent. City Orphan Home, 
13 and 23 James Morrison street. 

Campbell & Scott, writers, 109 W. George street. 

Campbell, Smart, & Co., engineers, machine and tool 
makers, Ai-tizan Works, 241 to 245 Stobcross st. 

Campbell, Thomas B., & Sons, metal and tinplate 
merchants, agents for Daubuz & Co., tin smelters, 
Truro; Morewood & Co., Lion Galvanizing Works, 
Binningham ; Charles Clifford & Son, Dog Pool 
Mills, Birmingham ; and the Vieille Montague Zinc 
Mining Company; 29 Wellington street. 

Campbell, Thomas B., jun. (of Thos. B. Campbell & 
Sons), 29 Wellington street. 

Campbell, Thomas H. (of Martin, Turner, & Co.), 
residence, Millfield, Polmont. 

Campbell, Thomas M., jun., metal merchant, 10 Car- 
rick street; house, 324 Scotland street. 

Campbell, Thomas M., metal merchant and commis- 
sion merchant, 10 Carrick street; house, 76 do. 

Campbell, Thomas, spirit merchant, 35 N. Albion st. 

Campbell, Thomas, goldsmith and jeweller, 4 St. 
Enoch wyiid; house, 518 Eutherglen road. 

Campbell, Thomas, tobacconist, 63 Castle street. 

Campbell, Thomas R., practical watch and clock 
maker, 338 Cathcart road. 

Campbell & Tudhope, engi-avers and lithographic 
printers by steam power, and makei'S of spool 
tickets for thread mauufactitrers, 137 W. Campbell 
street, comer of St. Vincent street. 

Campbell & Tudhope, publishers, importers of foreign 
prints, 137 W. Campbell street, corner of St. Vin- 
cent street. 

Campbell, Walter, sheriff and J.P. officer, 81 Wilson 
street; house, 296 Crown street. 

Campbell, Wm., stationer, &c., 82 Great Hamilton 
street; house, 112 do. 

Campbell, William Alexander (at J. & W. Campbell 
& Co.'s), house, 16 Woodside crescent. 

Campbell, Wm. , bookseller, stationer, and news agent, 

324 Argyle street ; house, 49 West Campbell st. 
Campbell, William, oils and colom's, 118 Norfolk st.; 

house, 11 North Coburg street. 
Campbell, William, lather, 45 Pitt street; house, 

17 University street, Overnewton. 
Campbell, William, merchant, 60 Kent road. 
Campbell, William, assessor mider Lands Valuation 

Act and Registration of Voters Act, sm-veyor for 

Board of PoHce assessments, &c., and property valu- 
ator, &c., 24 Ingi-am street ; residence, Cnlmore, 

Albert road, PoUokshields. 
Campbell, W. Laurence, & Co., manufacturers and 

commission merchants, 59 Union street ; house, 12 

West Garden street. 
Campbell, William, draper and clothier, 168 Parlia- 
mentary road ; house, 170 do. 
Campbell, William, tailor and clother, 9 Hutcheson 

Campbell, William, agent for A. FuUarton & Co.; 

house, 19 Albert drive. Crossbill. 
Campbell, William, & Co., coopers, 10 Dale street, 

Tradeston ; house, 35 Centre street. 
Campbell, W., house factor, fii-e, life, and plate 

glass insurance agent, 12 Binnie place, Monteith 

row; house, 9 do. 
Campbell, W., agent. Bank of Scotland, 76 Canning 

St., Calton ; house, 9 Binnie place, Monteith row. 
Campbell, William (at Colin H. Dunlop & Co.'s), 

house, 6 Stonefield ten-ace. 
Campbell, William, draper and clethier, 218 Main 

street, GorbaLs. 
Campbell, W., slater and chim. sweeper, 297 Argyle st. 
Campbell, W., builder, John street, Dunoon. 
Campbell, W. E., lessee of city clothes market and 

bird and dog market, 59, 61, 63 Greendyke street ; 

bird market, Com't-house sq.; ho. 11 Monteith row. 
Campbell, Wm. M'Oram (at J. & W. Campbell and 

Co.'s), house, 8 Fitzroy place. 
Campbell, W. R., secretary Lancefield Football Club, 

87 Plantation street. 
Campbell, W. W^-ight, architect, 189 St. Vincent st.; 

residence, Hay mount, Cambuslang. 
Campbell, Mrs. A., confectioner, 43 Nelson st., s.s. 
Campbell, Mrs. Annie, stationer, 371 Garscube road. 
Campbell, Mrs. Archibald, 1 Avondale place. 
Campbell, Mrs. Archibald, 16 Woodside crescent. 
Campbell, Mrs. Janet, grocer, 477 St. Vincent street. 
Campbell, Mrs. John, grocer, Maxwell street, PoUok- 
shields ; house, 70 West Scotland street. 
Campbell, Mrs. Robert, 111 Norfolk street. 
Campbell, Mrs., 6 Clairmont gardens. 
Campbell, Miss, dressmaker, 634 New City road. 
Campbell, Miss E., dressmaker, 468 Crown street; 

house, 470 do. 
Campbell, Miss E., hosiery and smallwares, 113 Great 

Western road ; house. 111 do. 
Campbell, Misses, 19 Newton place. 
Campbell, Christina, spirit merchant, 3 Cranston st., 

Anderston ; house, 7 do. 
Campbell, Isabella, spirit merchant, 60 Turner street 

and 242 Charles street. 
Campbellfield Potteiy Co., manufacturers of 

stoneware and Rockingham ware, Rochester st., 

off Gallowgate. 
Campbellfield U. P. Church, Campbellfield st., Rev. 

Adam Welch, minister. 
Campbeltown Distillery Company; Duncan 

M'Lean, agent, 79 Robertson street. 




Campbeltown Steam Packet Company, 22 Anderston 

quay; R. M. Dunlop, agent. 
Camphill U.P. Cliurcli, Crossbill ; Rev. J. Corbett. 
CAMPIN, Lacy, & Co., 39, 41 Canon street, London, 

E.C. ; James Elder, agent, 19 Howard street. 
CAilPSIE, James R., wine merchant and bottler, 

1, 2, and 3 Park place. Paisley road, 2 Govan 

road, and 1 Shields terrace ; house, 2 Great Wel- 
lington street. 
Campsie Limeworks ; office, 83 Jamaica street ; 

depot, N.B. Railway, Sighthill. 
CAIIUS, A., sardine manufactm'er, La Rochelle, 

France ; J. K. & D. Oit, 29 Waterloo st., agents. 
Canada & Glasgow Steampacket Office, Henderson 

Brothers, agents, 47 Union street. 
Canada Shipping Co., Peter Rintoul, Son, & Co., 

agents, 28 Hope street. 
Canadian Copper and Sulphur Company (Limited) ; 

office, 16 Bothwell st. ; A. C. Stewart, secretary. 
Canadian Steamship office, 70 Great Clyde street. 
Canal Basin Fotindiy, 2 Charlotte st.,Port Dundas; 

Turnbnll, Grant, & Jack. 
Canal Company's office. Port Dundas; R. Butter 

Malcolm, manager. 
CANDLISH, George, measurer, 147 West Regent st.; 

house, 12 Walworth terrace. 
Candlish, Rev. J. S., D.D., professor, Free Church 

College ; house, 5 Ashton terrace. 
CANNAN, John (of Garnkirk Fireclay Company), 

house, 3 Eldon ten-ace, Partick hill. 
CANNING, Francis, wholesale clothes store, 165 and 

167 Saltmarket ; house, 4 Steel street. 
CANNON, John, (at Somemlle, Crawford, & Co.'s), 

house, 26 George street. 
CANSH, Thomas, & Co., wine and spirit merchants, 

7 and 9 Miller street and 130 Buchanan street. 
Cansh, Thos., & Co., wine and spirit merchants, 186 

Ai-gyle street. 
CANT, David, plumber and gasfitter, 6 and 8 

Cambridge street ; house, 2 1 Steven street. 
Cant, Henry, draper, 95 Canning street, Calton ; 

house, 8 Craignestock place. 
Cant, James (of Cant & White), Yorkhill timber 

wharf; house, 120 South Shamrock street, west. 
Cant & White, timber measurers, Yorkhill timber 

Cantekbuey and Otago Association (Limited), 204 

West George street. 
CANTON, Wm., Herald Office ; house, 326 Gromi st. 
CANTRELL & Cochrane, chemists and mineral 

water manufacturers, Belfast and Dublin; stores, 

147 Stockwell st. — See Advt. in App. 
Caol Ha Distilleiy, Islay ; office, 4 Bothwell street. 
Cape of Good Hope, Algoa Bay, and Natal Steam 

Packet office; James Currie & Co., 40 St. Enoch sq. 
Cape of Good Hope Government Emigration Office, 

192 Hope street. 
CAPIE, John, flesher, 213 DulvC st. ; ho. 215 do. 
CARBARNS, James (at Wm. Walker & Co.'s), ho. 

116 George street. 
Carbarns, John, slater, 128 Hunter street and 113 

BaiTack street; ho. 116 George street. 
Caebon Fertilizer Co. (Limited), 152 West Regent 

Carbonite Co. (Limited) ; H. C. Paterson, general 

manager; office, 18 George square; works, 103 

Bishop street, Port Dundas. 
CARD, H., dressmaking and furnishings, 311 Parlia- 
mentary road.; house, 94 North Frederick street. 

CARDEW, A. M., staff officer of pensioners. Barracks ; 

residence, Cambuslang. 
Cakdiff, Bristol, and Swansea Steam-packet office ; 

Wm. Sloan & Co., 36 Renfield street. 
CARDWELL, Rev. Richard, superior, R.C.C. St. 

Joseph's Church ; house, 40 North Woodside road. 
Cardwell, Thomas, spirit merchant, 66 Broomielaw; 

house, 372 Argyle street. 
Cardwell, Wm., Venetian blind manufactm-er, 17 

Alexander st., oflf Kent rd. ; residence, Gourock. 
CAREY & Co., f rait and wine shippers, Alicante; 

Wm. Bryce & Co., 40 St. Enoch square, agents. 
Cakfin, Clelland, & Blantyre Colliery Office, 1 

Dixon street. 
CARGILL, Alex. T., 1 Craigton terrace. 
Cargill, D. S. (of Wm. Milne & Co.), ho. 9 Park ter. 
Cargill, James (of Mutter, Brown, & Co.), house, 71 

Dover street. 
Cargill & Thompson, joiners, 6 BaiTack street. 
CARLAW, David, engineer, printer and stationers' 

machinist ; paging and perforating machine 

maker, mechanical model, steam gauge, and mathe- 
matical instrument maker, 54 and 56 Ropework 

lane, off Great Clyde street ; house, 54 Oxford st. 
Carlaw, John (of Mitchell & Carlaw, ironfounders, 

258 Castle street). 
CARLILE, Thomas (of Stevenson, Carlile, & Co.), ho. 

5 St. James' terrace, Hillhead. 
CARLIN, John, swine and poultiy keeper, Dundas 

hill ; house, 20 Craighall road. 
Carlin, Michael, & Co., brick builders, 520 Gallowgate. 
Carlin, Wm., hosier and shirtmaker, 83 Main street, 

Anderston ; house, 4 Belgrave st., off St. Vmcent st. 
CARLTON, C. (of H. L. Anderson & C. Cariton), 

house, 2 Elmbank place. 
Carlton, Charles, & Co., painters and paperhangers, 

499 Gallowgate; house, 2 Elmbank street. 
Carle ton, Sam., commercial traveller, 7 Madeira court, 

257 Ai-gyle street ; house, 130 West Graham street. 
Carlton Brass Foundry, 47 Portugal street. 
Carlton Temperance Hotel, 2 Carlton Court, off 

Bridge street ; William Ross. 
CARLYLE, James (of M'Ainsh & Carlyle, wrights, 

102 Port Dundas road), house, 25 Grove street, 
CARMICHAEL, Archibald, detective, sub-inspector, 

Central Police Chambers ; house, Moir street. 
Cannichael, C. H., 146 Renfrew street. 
Carmichael, Daniel, grocer, 133 West Scotland st. ; 

house, 135 do. 
Carmichael, Daniel, tobacco and snuff manufacturer, 

161 Ingi-am st. and 121 Buchanan street; ho. 15 

Abbotsford place. 
Carmichael, David M., 146 Renfrew street. 
Carmichael, D., & Co., boot top manufacturers, 11 

Stockwell street. 
Carmichael, Don., Catholic priest, 68 Abercromby st. 
Carmichael, Dugald (at Dobie & Co.'s, shipbuilders), 

house, 16 Broomloan road, Govan. 
Carmichael, Hugh, bookkeeper, 144 Eglinton street. 
Carmichael, James M. (at Mitchell, Cowan, & John- 
stone's), house, 15 Regent Park terrace. 
Cannichael, John, hosier, 138 St. George's road. 
Cannichael, John, & Co., wrights and builders, 76 

Great Western road ; house, 169 Henderson street. 
Carmichael, John, commission merchant and agent 

to Counnercial Union Assurance Co., 92 West Nile 

street ; house, 10 Hillhead gardens. 
Carmichael, John E.,- 5 So. Hanover st.; ho. 26 Car- 

nar^'on street. 





CaiTQichae], John S. (of M'Clelland, Carmichael, & 

Co.), house, 2 Rosslyn terrace, Nithsdale road. 
Carmichael, John S., I.A., architect, 209 St. Vincent 

street; house, 2 Daniley terrace, Shawlands. 
Carmichael, Neil, M.D. CM., F.F.P.S.G., physician and 

surgeon, consulting rooms, 81 South Portland st. ; 

house, 40 Cumberland street. 
Cannichael, Robert, (at Kelly & Co.'s), house, 220 

Dumbarton road. 
Carmichael, Robert, wright, 13 Douglas st., Partick ; 

house, 11 Ai'gyle place, do. 
Cannichael, Thomas H. (of Walter Scobie & Co.), 

house, 18 Shaftesbury terrace. 
Carmichael, Thomas, lime and cement merchant, 22 

Graham st, Bridgeton; house, 71 Oswald st., do. 
Carmichael, Thomas, brewer, Edinburgh; Edward 

Bradley, agent, 49, 51 Pitt street. 
Carmichael, William C, City Chambers, 49 Ingram 

street; house, 50 Prince's street, Pollokshields. 
Carmichael, Wm., family gi-ocer and provision mer- 
chant, 2 Caledonia road, and 215 and 217 Hospital 

street; house, 16 Cumberland street, s.s. 
Cannichael, Mrs. W. W., teacher of singing, piano- 
forte, and guitar, 18 Berkeley ten-ace. 
Carmichael, Mrs., tobacconist, 99 High street. 
Caenbkoe Ironworks Office, 127 St. Vincent street. 
CAEOSUS, Albert, timber, &c., importer, and coal 

exporter, 65 AVest Regent street. 
CARPENTER, Charles J., fancy goods emporium, 5 

St. George's ter. ; ho. 5 Ashgrove ter.. Paisley rd. 
Cai-penter, John, music seller, 14 London street; 

house, 3 James Monison street. 
Carpenter, John, painter, glazier, and paperhanger, 

87 Rose street, s.s. 
Carpenter, Samuel H. , warehouseman (at J. & W. 

Campbell & Co.'s), house, 32 Grafton square. 
Carpenter, W. B. (at Morris & Co.'s), house, 385 New 

City road. 
CARE, Robert, clerk. Royal Bank, 335 Garscube rd. ; 

house, 80 Scott st. 
Can-, Thomas, fire, life, and accidental insurance 

agent, and agent for E. M. Weir, Eolland, & Co., 

wine merchants, Edinburgh, 166 Buchanan street; 

house, 18 Shaftesbmy terrace. 
Carr, Wm., M.B., L.R.C.S.E., physician and surgeon, 

180 S. Cmuberland st. ; house, 40 S. Apsley place. 
CARRICK, Ale.x. (of R. Can-ick & Son), ho. 37 

Belgrave street. 
Carrick, Andrew, chemical, metal, and produce 

broker, 30 Gordon street. 
Can-ick, D. M. (of Wm. Cai-i-ick & Son), house, 7 

Bothwell ten-ace, Hillhead. 
Canick, David, wood turner, 52 Banack st. ; ho. 64 do. 
Carrick, David, 86 Hill street, Ganiethill, and Port 

of Menteith. 
Carrick, E., bonnet front manufac, 17 Holmhead st. 
Carrick, G. & D., plmiibers and gasfitters, 256 

Sauchiehall street ; house, 86 Buccleuch street. 
Canick, George, 104 Buccleuch street. 
Canick, James, draper, 97 Candleriggs ; house, 8 

Sloms place. 
Can-ick, James, commission merchant, 74 Buchanan 

street ; residence, Heather bank, Bridge of Weir. 
Carrick, James, sanitary engineer, 43 West Regent 

street ; house, 62 Kelvingrove street. 
Can-ick, James, printer and ruler, 62 Argyle street ; 

house, 59 Abbotsford place. 
Can-ick, John W. (at D. M'Gregor & Co.'s), house, 

100 Woodlands road. 

Carrick, John, master of works and city architect, 

Municipal Buildings, 74 Hutcheson street; house, 

6 Park quadrant. 
Carrick, Robert, commission merchant, 76 Bell st. ; 

house, 150 Holland street. 
Carrick, Robert (of E. Can-ick & Son), house, 133 

Waterloo street. 
Can-ick, Eobert, & Son, glass merchants and glaziers, 

71, 73 Bro-svn street. 
Carrick, Eobert, estate agent, 205 Buchanan street ; 

house, 150 Holland street. 
Carrick, William, & Son, accountants, fire 

brokers, and agents for Atlas Fire and Life As- 
surance Co. of London, 213 Buchanan street. — 

See Advertisement in Appendix. 
Carrick, Mrs., King's cross, 287 Duke street. 
Carrick, Jane, milliner and dressmaker, 113 George 

street, and 295 High street; house, 63 George st. 
CAEEIGAN, T. C, skin merchant, ISlTrongate; 

house, 73 Commercial road. 
CAREOL Brothers, butter and egg merchants, 96 

King street, Tradeston; house, 95 do. 
Can-ol & Davidson, grocers, 369 Dumbarton road. 
Can-ol, John, & Son, metal refiners, 24 Summer street : 

house, 26 do. 
Carron Co., ironmasters and founders, 127 Bu- 
chanan street; James Donald, agent. 
Can-on Co.'s Office for screw steamers to London. 

Hull, and Lynn, Carron wharf, Port Dundas; 

James Donald, a^ent. 
CARRUTH, A. & J., potato merchants, 130 Norfolk 

CARRUTHERS & Allan, commission .agents, 60 

Robertson street. 
Carruthers, David, bookseller, stationer, and printer. 

230 New Dalmai-nock road ; house, 121 do. 
Carruthers & Gemmill, writers, 150 Hope street. 
Can-uthers, Henry S. (of Can-uthers and Gemmill), 

house, 2 Broomhill drive, Partick. 
Carruthers, John, sergeant-major, 1st L.R.V., 202 

Hope street; house, 6 WUlowbank crescent. 
Carruthers, John H., engineer, 12 Clifford street. 
Can-uthers, J. & W., coal merchants, 39 North St. 

Mungo street. 
Can-uthers, Thos., church officer, Renfield st. U.P. 

Church ; house, 79 Sauchiehall street. 
CAESE & Holms, carpenters, joiners, and boat 

builders, Springfield quay ; ho. 149 Watt street. 
Cai-se, John, grocer and provision merchant, 129 

Parliamentary road ; ho. 45 St. Mungo st., north. 
CAESLAW & Henderson, muslin and handkerchief 

manufacturers, 68 and 80 Gordon street. 
CAESON, D. S., chartered accountant, 161 Hope 

street ; house, 7 Belhaven terrace. 
Carson, David, dining rooms, 213 Gallowgate; ho. 

221 do. 
Carson, James, surgeon dentist, 205 South Cumber- 
land street. 
Carson, John, City Chambers, 70 Hutcheson street : 

house, 22 Napiershall street. 
Carson, John, house factor, and agent for fire, life, 

and plate glass insurance, 74 Oswald st., Bridge- 
ton; house, 209 London road. 
Carson, WaiTcn, & Co., glass manufacturers, Milton 

Glass Works, 53 Canal street. Port Dundas. 
Carson, Wm., wholesale confectioner, Adelphi terrace, 

Commercial road ; house, 2 Albert drive, Crossbill. 
Carson, Mrs., 22 Napiershall street. 
CAESS, John, & Co., bookbinders, 31 Argyle st. 






Carss, John, baker, cook, and confectioner, 110 and 
279 Sauchiehall st. ; residence, New Kilpatrick. 

CARSTAIRS, David, grocer and provision mer- 
chant, 42 Dorset street; house, 24 Belgi'ave st. 

Carstairs, Rev. George L. (of Berkeley Street U.P. 
Church), house, 8 Sandyford place. 

Carstairs, James (of Barr & Carstairs), residence, 
Hope villa, Albert road, Crosshill. 

CARSWELL, A. G. (of Schwabe, Carswell, & Co.), 
139 St. Vincent street. 

Carswell & Drummond, scale board cutters and saw 
millers, 50 South Shamrock street. 

Carswell, . James, district engineer. North British 
Railway, 14 West George street ; house, Thrush 
cottage, Airdrie. 

Carswell, John, resident secretary Queen Insurance 
Company, 75 St. George's Place ; house, 3 Hamp- 
den terrace. Mount Florida. 

Carswell, M., & Co., Spanish silkworm manufac- 
turers, 90 Mitchell street. 

Carswell, Morris (of M. Carswell & Co.), house, Murcia 
house, Pollokshields. 

Carswell & Murray, accountants, 79 St. Vincent st. 

Cai-swell, Neil, dj'aper, clothier, and general out- 
fitter, 459, 4G3 Paisley road; house, 482 do. 

Carswell, Robert, C.A. (of Carswell & Mun-ay), house, 
32 Titwood place, Strathbungo. 

Carswell, Robert, church officer, Sidney Place U.P. 
Church ; house, 194 Duke street. 

Carswell, Robert Kirkwood, accountant, property and 
insurance agent, 87 Union street; house, 2 Great 
Keh-in terrace. Bank street, Hillhead. 

Carswell, Wm., provision merchant, 77 and 79 Eglin- 
ton street ; residence, 33 Clarence street. 

Carswell, Wm. J., C.A., secretary Scottish Branch 
Imperial Fire Office ; superintendent Scotland 
Economic Life Office ; secy. Ocean, Railway, and 
General Travellers' Assurance Co. (Limited) ; and 
agent Manchester Coi-poration Waterworks An- 
nuities, 175 West George street. 

Carswell, Wm. (of Carswell & Drummond), house, 
113 Rose street, Hutchesontown. 

Carswell, Mrs. John, contractor, 263 Stobcross street. 

CARTER, A. A., & Co., wholesale warehousemen and 
agents for boot elastic web, 44 Mitchell street. 

Carter, James, commercial traveller, 45 Dunlop st. ; 
house, 107 Pollok street. 

Carter, William, clerk, 97b Dumbarton rd., Partick. 

Carter, William, jun., lithographer, 143 West Regent 
street ; house, 157 Holm street. 

Carter, Mrs. A. A., 79 Scott street, Gamethill. 

CASELLES, Pedi-o, & Co., v^-ine shippers, Tan-a- 
gona; agts.. And. Symington & Co., 119 St. Vin. st t 

CASKIE, A. B. (of Caskie, Ferguson, & Co.), house, 
2 Kelbm-ne ten-ace, Crosshill. 

Caskie, Ferguson, & Co., wholesale smallware, trim- 
ming, brace, collar, scarf, and skirt warehousemen, 
60 Mitchell street. 

Caskie, John, shoemaker, 155 Great Hamilton st. 

CASSILS, Charles (of Macfarlane & Cassils), house, 
1 Annfield teiTace, west, Partick. 

Cassels, David, pattern bookmaker, 52 Glassford st. 

Cassels, Fred. A. (of Smith & Cassels), house, 16 
Dalhousie street. 

Cassels, F. & J., grain merchants, 47 Waterloo st. 

Cassells, James Patterson, M.D., M.R.C.S. 
London, Fellow of the Faculty of Physicians and 
Surgeons, am-al surgeon, 2 Newton terrace; at 
home 10 till 3 daily. 

Cassels, John L. (of Smith & Cassels), house, 104 

Peel terrace, Garnethill. 
Cassells, John (at R. Laidlaw & Son's), house, 4 Lome 

terrace, Pollokshields. 
Cassels, John R.,iron master, 168 St. Vincent street; 

house, C Park street, east. 
Cassels, L. S. (of P. Lennox & Co.), house, Laus- 

downe place, Shawlands. 
Cassels, Robert F., manufacturer of wove corsets by 

power-loom, 15 Margaret street; house, 93 North 

Frederick street. 
Cassels, Robert, iron and coal master (of Glasgow 

Iron Co.), house, 18 Park circus. 
Cassels, Thomas, wholesale and retail gi'ocer, 461, 

717 Gallowgatc, 197 Great Eastern road, 21 West- 

muir street, 117 Sister street, and 281 Duke st.; 

house, 354 Duke street. 
Cassels, Wm. (of Robert Mm-doch & Co.), house, 

Knowe terrace, Leslie street, Pollokshields. 
Cassels, Wm.,fiesher, 4 Parkgrove place, Paisley road ; 

house, 7 Parkgrove terrace. 
Cassels, Mrs. Robert, 104 Peel terrace, Garnethill. 
CASSIDY, Felix, spirit dealer, 196 Stobcross street; 

house, 123 do. 
Cassidy, L., gi-ocer and provision merchant, 78 Kirk 

street, Calton. 
Cassidy, Philip, broker, 42 Nelson street, city ; ho. 

43 London street. 
CASTEL, Albert (of Castel & Latta), house, 21 Bel- 
mont crescent. 
Cast«l & Latta, iron merchants, 138 West George st. 
Castleford Glass Bottle Co., J. M. Borthwick, 

agent, 52 St. Enoch square. 
CASTLES & Co., shippers of the " P.O. Y.C." Tarra- 
gona; agents, John Hopkins & Co., 25 Gordon st. 
Catania Steam Packet Office, BuiTell & Son, 141 

Buchanan street. 
CATHCART, J. P., agricultural machinery merchant, 

135 Buchanan street ; depot, Hamilton's court, 

Graham's square ; res. Clyde View villa, Ap-, and 

80 Scott street, Gamethill. 
Cathcart Cemetery Company (Limited), Alexander 

Murray, secretaiy, 79 St. Vincent street. 
Cathedral High Church; Rev. George Stewart 

Burns, D.D., minister. 
Cathedral Street U.P. Church Mission Hall, 64 

Water street, John Goodfellow, missionary. 
Catholic Chapel and School, 68, 72 Abercromby st. 
Catholic Collegiate School, 21 Dalhousie st; Rev 

J. Karslake, Rev. Francis Patrick Bacon, Rev 

Wm. J. Amherst, Rev. Richd. Payne 
Catrinb Cotton and Bleaching Works, Ayrshire 5 

proprietors, James Finlay & Co., 22 W. Nile st. 
CATTANACH, Alex, (of James Stewart & Co.), 

Saucel Distillery, Paisley; office, 83 Jamaica st. ; 

house, Auchentorlie. 
Cattanach, John (at George Grant & Sons'), house, 

54 Roselea drive, Dennistoun. 
CATTERNS, Edward R., 122 Wellington street; 

house, 149 Renfrew street. 
Cattle Assurance Co. (Norfolk Farmers) ; Bell & 

Paterson, 22 Renfield street, agents. 
Cattle Market, Graham square, east end of Duke 

CAULFIELD & Co., china and glass merchants, 

68 Jamaica street. 
Caulfield & Co., agents for Staflfordshire potteries and 

flint glass works, 68 Jamaica street. 
CAVEN, Rev. William, 58 Chariotte street. 





CAVENIE, John, clothier, 186 Hope street ; house, 

32 Buckinghham terrace, Hillhead. 
CAW, David (of D. Caw & Co.), ho. Lonsdale, New 

Caw, David (of Thos. Leadbetter & Co.), house, 

39 Shami'ock street. 
Caw, David, & Co., merchants, 175 West George st. 
Caw, John B., & Co.,' 98 West George street. 
Caw, Neil, & Co., merchants, 98 West George street. 
Caw, Neil (of Neil Caw & Co.), house, 3 Roslyn 

terrace. Great Western road. 
Caw, Robert, plumber and gasfitter, 202 Main street, 

Bridgeton; house, 132 New Dalmarnock road. 
Caw, Thomas (of Richardson, Findlay, & Co., 64 

George square), res. Blairkip, Helensburgh. 
Caw, Miss, 1 LjTiedoch street. 
CAWOOD, Reuben, Superintendent Postal Telegi-aphs, 

G.P.O.; house, Springhill, Crossmyloof. 
CAZENOVE, Charles de, champagne shipper, Avize; 

agents, M'IGll Brothers, 29 Waterloo street. 
Central Auction Sale-rooms (John Farquhar, auc- 
tioneer and valuator), 181 Trongate street. 
Central Club Institute and Reading Rooms, 34 Tron- 
gate. John Scott, secretary. 
Central Fire Engine Station, 34 College sti-eet. 
Central Loan Co., 29 Hutcheson street. 
Cess and Tax Office for the city and counties of 

Lanark and Dumbarton, 13 Queen street. 
CHADBURN & Son, patentees of ships' telegraphs, 

Liverpool ; represented by J. WiUdnson, 2 Taylor 

place, Govan road. 
CHAD WICK, H., & Co., chem. mannfacts., 83 West st. 
Chadmck, Jas. M., clerk, 42 Bank st., Pt. Dundas. 
Chadwick, John, & Sons, of Rochdale, flannel manu- 

factm-ers, 65 Wilson street. 
CHAIGNEAU, J. Samuel, & Co., claret shippers, 

Bordeaux ; agent, Duncan Walker, 223 Hope st. 
CHALMERS, Alex., wholesale confectioner, 400 Ar- 

gj'le street; house, 8 Mains street. 
Chalmers, Andrew, fruiterer, 51 S. Portland street; 

house, 93 Norfolk street. 
Chalmers, Archibald, tobacconist, oil and colom'man, 

69 Maitland street; house, 29 Cedar street. 
Chalmers, David, hosier, hatter, and glover, 365 and 

367 Paisley rd.; ho. 3 Lancelot place, Pollokshields. 
Chalmers, Da-i-id (at Joseph Hutchison & Son's), 

house, 152 Berkeley street. 
Chalmers, Hugh, fancy paper box manufacturer, 49 

Jamaica street. 
Chalmers, James, M.D., physician and sm'geon, 91 

Hospital st. ; ho. 17 South Apsley pi. 
Chalmers, Jas., hosier and draper, 356 St. Vincent st. 
Chahuers, James, semng machine maker, 68 and 70 

Clyde street, Calton ; house, 175 James street, 

Bridgeton cross. 
Chalmers, James, bread shop, 100 Rutherglen road. 
Chalmers, James, grocer and spirit merchant, 144 

Rottenrow ; house, 146 do. 
Chalmers, John, grocer, 101 Parson street; house, 83 

Taylor street. 
Chalmers, John, clothier, 93 Gallowgate ; house, 

Mayfield villa, ToUcross. 
Chalmers, John (at Wm. Brownlie's, 128 5Iain street, 

Anderston), house, 8 BalgTay terrace, Springbui'n. 
Chalmers, John, house painter and decorator, 154 

Bellfield street. 
Chahuers, John, letterpress printer and lithographer, 

67 Trongate ; house, do. 
Chalmers, John, victualler, 76 Keppoch Hill road. 

Chalmers, John, 5 Greenvale pi., W. Cmnberland st. 
Chalmers M., house factor and insm-ance ao'ent, 35 

Abercorn street ; house, 90 Bm'uside street. 
Chalmers, Richard, teacher, 1 Claremont terrace ; ho. 

16 Hamilton Park ten-ace. , 
Chalmers, Dr. Robert, physician and surgeon, 76 J 

Centre street ; house, 42 Pollok street. 

Chalmers, Samuel, jun., tinsmith and gasfitter, 536 
St. Vincent street; house, 6 Breadalbane street. 

Chalmers, Thos., & Co., wholesale and retail ware- 
housemen, 161 and 167 Trongate. 

Chalmers, Thomas W. (at Hydopark Locomotive 
Works, Springbm-n), ho. 131 Great Western road. 

Chalmers, Thomas S., assistant procurator- fiscal. 
County Buildings. 

Chalmers, Thos., tailor and clothier, 82 M'Alpine st. 

Chalmers, Thomas, spirit merchant, 71 Ingram st.: 
house, 6 North Margaret street. 

Chalmers, Thomas, butcher, 292 Duke street and 
548 Gallowgate ; house, 102 BeUgrove street. 

Chalmers & Tosh, tin and zinc packing case 
makers, gasfitters, tinsmiths, smiths, furnishing 
ironmongers, and bellhangers, 197, 199, 201 
Buchanan street. — See Adverlisemeni in Appendix. 

Chalmers, William, & Co., coal-masters and 
colliery agents, 88 Bath street. 

Chalmers, William (of Chalmers and Tosh), house, 
Lee Bank, Lenzie. 

Chalmers, William, surgeon, 23 Queen street; house, 
91 South Portland street. 

Chalmers, William (of William Chahuers & Co.), 
house, 150 Holland street. 

Chalmers, William, fiesher, 369 South Wellington 
street; house, 177 Gairbraid street, Maryhill. 

Chalmers, William, smith, bellhanger, and gasfitter, 
12 Shuttle lane. 

Chalmers, Wm., druggist, 12 Glassford street ; house, 
Mrs. Scott's, 312 New City road. 

Chalmers, Mrs. J. A., 266 Kelvinbank terrace, Dum- 
barton road. 

Chalmers' Parish Church, Claythom street. 

Chalmers' Parish Penny Savings Bank, 27 Chal- 
mers street. 

Chamber of Commerce, 1 and 7 West George street. 

CHAMBERLAIN, John (at OkeU, Douglas, & Fash's), 
ho. Westbank terrace, Hillhead. 

Chamberlain, Jlrs., greengrocer, 105 Stirling road. 

Chamberlain's Office, City Buildings; W. W. 
Watson, Chamberlain. 

CHAMBERS, George, m.anufact. and warehouseman, 

17 Gordon st. ; ho. 13 Lome pi., Jlount Florida. 
Chambers, John D., agent for Edward Brothers, iron 

merchants, Birmingham ; office, 132 West Nile st. ; 

house, 25 KUmailing terrace. Old Cathcart. 
Chambers, Robert, and Son, wholesale tin-plate 

workers, 8, 10, and 12 Old Bridge street, Ayi-. 
Chambers, Robert, pro^dsion merchant, 57 Dumbar- 
ton road ; house, 25 Breadalbane street. 
Chambers, W'alter (of Gillespie & Chambers), ho. S3 

Smith street. 
Champagne Growers' Co., vineyard proprietors, 

Maine-et-Loire ; John Raid, agent, 23 Royal 

Exchange square. 
CHANCE, Brothers, & Co., glass manufacturers, 

Spon lane, near Bu-mingham; Niven & Pratt, 

agents, 72 Waterloo street. 
Chance, Wm. E., & Co., antique glass and glass 

shade manufacturers, Oldbury; agents, Niven & 

Pratt, 72 Waterloo street. 




Chancery Commissioner for taking English affi- 
davits, W. R. Buchan, 227 West George street, 

CHAPELSIDE Chemical Company, drysalters and oil 
refiners, Chapelside, Marj'hill road. 

CHAPIilN, Alex., & Co,, engineers and boiler- 
makers, Cranstonhill Engine Works, 58 to 80 Port 
street, Anderston ; office, 60 Cranston street; Lon- 
don house, Jrivendrick, Ball, & Co., 63 Queen 
Victoria street, E.C. — See Adv. in Ap. 

CHAPMAN, Gavin, & Co., manufacturing chemists, 
143 North Wallace street; ho. 104 N. Hanover st. 

Chapman. John, house painter, 487 Springburn road; 
house, 13 Flemington street. 

Chapman, Peter, hosieiy, Berlin wools, and small- 
Ts-ares, 133 Eghuton street; house, 169 do. . 

Chapman, Eev. Samuel, minister of Baptist Church, 
Hope street ; ho. 15 Hillsborough square. Billhead. 

Chapman, Thomas, cutler, silversmith, and surgical 
instrument maker, 56 Buchanan street; house, 
296 Bath crescent. 

Chapman, Thos., civil engineer, 153 Queen street; 
house, Commonhead house, Airdrie. 

Charexte Steam Packet Office ; John and Peter 
Hutcheson, 62 Broomielaw. 

Charing Cross Branch Post-Office, 553 Sauchie- 
hall street. 

CHAETERIS, M., JI.D., physician. Fellow of Faculty 
of Physicians and Surgeons, 8 Blythswood sq. 

CHAINE, William, & Son, linen manufacturers and 
bleachers, Muckmore, Ireland; Ales. M. Parker, 
agent, 77 Queen st, ; house, 14 West End Park st. 

Chatwood Safe and Lock Depot, 129 Trongate ; P. 
& W. Maclellan, agents. 

CHERRY, Galloway, & Co., gingham and pullicate 
manufacturers, 49 Virginia street. 

Chen-ie, James M. (at W. & J. Beardmore's, Parkhead), 
house, Clutha cottage, Tollcross. 

Cheny, Joseph, draper, 18 Green street, Calton. 

Cherry, Robert, boot and shoe maker, 608a Gallowgate ; 
house, 144 Grseme street. 

CHESNEY, James, superintendent, Glasgow South- 
side station ; house, Butterbiggins cottage, Lang- 
side road. 

CHESTER, Thomas G,, cigar merchant, 233 North 

CHEYNE, J. G. a, resident secretaiy, Scottish 
Widows Fund, 114 W. George st.; ho. 255 Bath st. 

CHIENE, Miss, 11 Great Kelvin terrace, Hillhead. 

CHILD, A. Gairdner (of Campbell & Co., chemical 
manufacturers), residence, Cartvale, Paisley. 

Child, W. H., brush manufaetm-er, 27 Oswald street; 
residence, 45 Worship st., Finsbury, London, E.C. 

Child, Mrs. W. K., 8 Nelson ten-ace, Hiffliead. 

Chilian Consul, Wm. R, Cruickshank, 101 St. Vin- 
cent street. 

China and Indian Tea Company, tea merchants, 370 
Argyle street. 

CHIEREY, David, merchant and agent, 25 Wellington 
street ; house, 15 Windsor st. 

ChiiTey, John, sewing machine maker, smith, and 
machinist, 24 Renfrew st.; ho. 110 Cambridge st, 

CHISHOLM, Alexander, commission agent, 374 St 
George's road. 

Chisholin, Colin, & Sons, auctioneers, van and barrow 
builders, 1, 3, 5 Prince's street; house, 7 do. 

Chisholm, James, surgeon dentist, 52 Rose street, 
' Chisholm, James (of John Cousar & Co.), 14 West 
Campbell street. 

Chisholm, James, cooper, 83 Pitt street; house, 173 
West Graham street, 

Chisholm, J., railway sack and general sack hirer, 
Caledonian Railway Grain Stores, Buchanan street 
station ; he.ad office, Perth. 

Chishohn, John, collector, Caledonian Railway Co., 
62 Hope street; house, 3 Dorset street. 

Chisholm, Robert (of S. & R. Chisholm), house, 1 
Darnley terrace, Shawlands. 

Chisholm, Roderick, cab proprietor, 24iJ Summer st. ; 
house, 69 Dalmarnock road. 

Chisholm, Samuel (of S. & R. Chisholm), house, 12 
Newton street, 

Chisholm, S. & R., wholesale grocers, 10 & 14 I'ork st. 

Chisholm, Rev. Valentine, R, C. clergyman, 36 Portu- 
gal street. 

Chisholm, AY. 0., wool and yarn merchant; house, 31 
Willowbank crescent. Woodlands road. 

Christ Church (Episcopalian), Crown Point road, 
Mile-end ; Rev. J. W. Eeid, minister. 

Christadelphians, religious body, St. Mungo hall, 
111 Gallowgate ; Thos. Nisbet, Sec, 7 South St. 
Mungo street. 

CHRISTIAN, Samuel, stationer, 225 Paisley road; 
house, 1 Kinning street. 

Christian News, weeldy newspaper; publishing 
office, 8 Bath street, 

Christiansand Steam-Packet Office ; James Currie 
& Co., 40 St. Enoch square. 

CHRISTIANSEN, Wm. (at Graham F. Ross', 115 
Buchanan street). 

CHRISTIE, Alex, (of Wilson & Chr-istie), house, 
Levenbank, Crossbill. 

Christie, Alexander, provision merchant, 32 Abing- 
ton street. 

Christie, Alan D. (of G.P.O.) 

Chi-istie, Alexander, inspector of buildings ; house. 
419 New City road. 

Christie, Andrew, wiiter, 62 George square; house, 
Wardie villa, Bothwell. 

Clu-istie, Archibald (of J. G. & A. Christie), house, 
235 West Regent street. 

Christie Brotfeers, merchants and commission 
agents, 133 St. Vincent st. — agents for the Mersey 
Steel and Iron Co. (Limited), forge works of all 
descriptions, and Bessemer steel rail manufacturers, 
Livei-pool ; Elkington & Co., electro-plate manufac- 
turers, Bii-mingham ; Holt Brothers, nail, bolt, and 
chain manufactm-ers, Dudley ; Edward F. Bodley & 
Co., ironstone,earthcnware, and china manufacturers, 
Bm-slem, Staffordshu-e ; also, outfitters for steam 
and sailing sliips, in steward's depart,, complete. 

Christie. Charles (of Duncan Wilson & Co.), house, 
18 Meadowpark street, Dennistoun. 

Christie and Crockett, lithographers, engravers, and 
colom- printers by hand and steam power ; office, 
40 St Enoch square; works, 50 Ropcwork lane. 

Christie, David, whipmaker, 24 Wilson street. 

Christie, -Devlin, & Findlay, pavement merchants, Gt. 
Wellington street, Paisley road. 

Chiistie & Devlin, qn.arriers, 40 St. Enoch square. 

Christie, G. Fyffe, writer and notaiy, Dmmpellier, 
Finlaystone, Jlount Vemon, and Carradale, &e.. 
Estates Office, 62 George square ; house, The 
Cottage, Blomit Vernon, by Tollcross. 

Christie, George, paper macliine wire manufac- 
turer and wire drawer, 59, 61, 63 Ladyvs'ell st. 

Clu-istie, George, sheriff officer, 22 Argyle st,; house, 
9 Boden street. 





Christie, James, engraver, lithographer, and type 

printer, 11 Miller street ; house, 13 Gardner street. 
Christie, James, flesher, 21 Green street, Calton ; 

house, 468 Gallowgate. 
Chi-istie, James, A.M., M.D., F.F.P.S.G., physician, 

281 Sauchiehall street. 
Christie, James R. B. (of Christie Brothers), house, 

2 Kelvinside teiTace, north, Hillhead. 
Christie, James, grocer, 166 Parliamentary rd.; house, 

7 Hopetoun place. 
Chi-istie, James D. (of Gray, Christie, & Co.), house, 

24 Stanley st.. Woodlands road. 
Clmstie, James S., chandler, 35 Duke st.; house, 13 

Garden street. 
Christie, J. & F., merchants, 131 Hope street. 
Christie, James, & Co., paint, colom-, varnish, mastic, 

and cement manufacturers, and oil merchants, 

Alma Colour Works ; office, 164 St. Vincent street, 

and stores, 97 West George lane. 
Christie, J. Hunter (at Scottish Telegraphic Con- 
struction and Maintenance Co.'s, north area. Royal 

Christie, John G. (of J. G. & A. Christie), resid. 

Wester Clyde-view, Langbank. 
Christie, John (at J. Jamieson & Co.'s), house, 8 

Claremont street. 
Christie, John, chemist and druggist, 148 Stohcross 

st. and 356 Dumbarton road ; house, 347 do. 
Christie John, commission agent, 57 West Nile st. ; 

house, Cockmuir cottage, Springbm-n. 
Christie, J. G. & A., sugar merchants, 87 Wilson st. 
Christie, John, daiiyman, 23 Caledonia rd.; ho. 19 do. 
Clmstie, John (of Christie & Smith), ho. 13 Wester- 

craigs, Dennistoun. 
Clu-istie, Norman (at Walker & Hamilton's), house, 

2 Kelvinside terrace. North, Hillhead. 
Christie, Peter, tobacconist, oil and colour merchant, 

372 Gallowgate; house, 9 BeUgrove street. 
Christie, Peter, tobacco pipe manufactui'er, 368 Gal- 
lowgate ; house, 9 Bellgrove street. 
Chi-istie, Robert (of Christie Devlin, & Findlay), ho. 

17 Royal crescent. Crossbill. 
Christie, Robert, plumber and gasfitter, 78 Carrick 

street ; house, 5 Washington street. 
Christie, Robert, timber merchant (of Wm. Christie & 

Co., 16 St. Enoch square). 
Christie, R. & J., tea merchants and grocers, 196 

Gallowgate and 148 Cowcaddens ; house, 145 Ren- 
frew street. 
Christie & Smith, ironfounders, Atlas Foundry, 20 

East Market street. 
Christie, Thos. Craig, of Bedlay & Petershill, residence, 

Bedlay house, by Moodiesbum. 
Christie, W. E., M.A., joint head-master, Springhill 

Academy, 21 Queen's square, Strathbungo. 
Christie, William (of Wm. Christie & Co.), house, 

Marieville, Stirling. 
Christie, William, 4 Marchmont ten-ace, W. 
Christie, Wm., & Co., millers, 132 Port Dundas rd. 
Christie, William & Co., timber merchants, Baltic 

sleeper and pit- wood importers, 16 St. Enoch sq. 
Christie, William, spirit merchant, 9, 11 Castle street ; 

house, 15 do. 
Chi-istie, William, tobacco-pipe manufacturer, 18 and 

20 Craignestock street; house, 17 Monteith row. 
Christie, William W., heating engineer, 91 North 

Frederick street. 
Chrystie, Wm., tailor and clothier, 20 Union street; 

house, 161 Houston sh-eet. 

Christie, Mrs. J. E., 72 M 'Kinky street. 

Christie, Mrs. Martha, 9 Jane st., Blythswood sq. 

Christie, Mrs., gi-ocer, 115 Green street, Calton. 

Christie, Miss, 24 Willowbank street. 

CHRISTIESON, David B., commercial traveller (at 
John Miller & Son's), house, 7 Regent park ter. 

CHRYSTAL, And. (of Ronald & Co.), house, 14 
Queen's crescent. 

Chi-ystal, Andrew, auctioneer and valuator, and ad- 
justor of fire insurance claims (at Robert M'Tear & 
Co.'s sale-room, 6 North court, Royal Exchange). 

Chi-ystal, David D., assistant actuary, Scottish Com- 
mercial Insurance Co. ; house, 14 Regent Park 
ten-ace, Strathbungo. 

Chrystal, James, butter merchant, 112 Banack st. 

Chrystal, Jas., jun., lettei-press printer, 15 Robertson 
street, Robertson lane; house, 102 Annfield street. 

Chrystal, James, jun., grain and commission mer- 
chant, 22 Hope St.; house, Ardenlea, Lenzie. 

Chrystal, J. W. Mackie (of Robt. Chrystal & Sons), 
house, 2 Albion crescent, Dowanhill. 

Chrystal, Robert (of Thomas Thomson & Co., insurance 
broker), house, 2 Park Circus place. 

Chi-ystal, Robert, & Sons, family grocers, wine mer- 
chants, and Italian warehousemen, importers of 
wines and brandies, and wholesale wine and spirit 
merchants, 1 Charing cross, 241, 243, and 245 
North street ; branches, 65 and 163 Great Western 
road, Hillhead. 

Chrystal, Robert, wine merchant (of Robert Chi-ystal 
& Sons), house, 2 Charing cross, W. 

Chrystal, William (at T. E. Keyden's), house, 2 
Charing cross. 

Chrystal, Mrs. Robert, 2 Charing cross. 

CHtFGG, George, butcher, 25 Lambhill street; 
house, 2 Knightswood place. 

CHUBB & Sons, patent safe and lock manufacturers ; 
sole agent, Wm. P. Laidlaw, 80 St. Vincent street. 

CHURCH & Co., boot and shoe manufacturers. Duke 
St., Northampton; agent, D. S. Croall, 26 Ingram st. 

Church, James (of William Church & Co.), resi- 
dence, Dunglass, Bowling. 

Church, W. H. M. (at William Church & Co.'s); 
residence, Dunglass, Bowling. 

Church, WiUiam, & Co., merchants, 88 Renfield st. 

Church, Wm., jun., chd. accountant, fire and acci- 
dental insurance agent, and secy, in Glasgow for 
the Scottish Provident Institution for Life Assur- 
ance, 67 St. Vincent street ; house, 2 South Park 
ten-ace, Hillhead. 

Chm-ch, W. R. M., 67 St. Vincent street ; house, 2 
South Park ten-ace, Hillhead. 

Church of Christ, 41 Brown street. 

Citizen Newspaper Office, 32, 34, 36 St. Enoch 

City Assessment Offices, 24 Ingi-am street ; William 
Campbell, surveyor ; William Gibb, 70 Bell street, 
collector, central district; John Craig, collector, 
eastern district, 13 Tobago st. ; and James Gibb, 
collector, southern district, 47 South Portland st. 

City Billiard Room, 21 Argyle sb-eet. 

City Calendering and Finishing Works, 114 John 
street ; James Wright. 

City Cafe, 38 and 40 Hutcheson street, John Dick. 

City Chambers, 49 Ingram street. 

City Clothes Market, Greendyke street. 

City Commercial Restaurant and CoiFee Saloon, 54. 
60 Union street and 36 Mitchell street. 

City Dispensary, 54 Dundas street. City. 





City of Dublin Brewery Co. (Limited), Dublin ; 

agents, R. Meiklejohn & Son, 27 St. Enoch square. 
City of Dublin Brewery Co., Dublin ; agents, D. & T. 

Duncan, 98 and 100 West Regent street. 
City Flint Glass Works, Kyle street, off Dobbie's 

loan ; James Couper & Sons. 
City Flour Mills, Port Dundas. 
City Industrial Museum, Kelvingrove park ; James 

Paton, curator. 
City Line of Sailing Ships; Geo. Smith & Sons, 101 

St. Vincent street. 
City Line of Steam Ships to India, via Suez Canal ; 

Geo. Smith & Sons, 101 St. Vincent street. 
City and County Buildings, Wilson street. 
City of Glasgow Bank, 24 Vu-ginia street. 
City of Glasgow Bank Branch, 66 Trongate ; John 

Graham, agent. 
City of Glasgow Bank Branch, 229 Gallowgate; 

James Miller, agent. 
City of Glasgow Bank Branch, 181 Buchanan street; 

TumbuU & Pamie, agents. 
City of Glasgow Bank, 180 St. George's road; Ales. 

Kelly, agent. 
City of Glasgow Bank, Sandyford Branch, 69 Dum- 
barton road ; Robert Kemp, agent. 
City of Glasgow Bank Branch, 120a Broomielaw ; 

Robert Wilson, agent. 
City of Glasgow Bank Branch, 26 Bridgeton Cross, 

Calton ; W. S. Harvey, agent. 
City of Glasgow Bank Branch, Gushet-house, Ander- 

ston ; Charles Phillips, agent 
City of Glasgow Bank, Great Hamilton Street Branch, 

54a Great Hamilton st. ; Alex. M'Cormick, agent. 
City of Glasgow Bank, Laurieston Branch, 2 Bridge 

street ; Robert Caldei-wood, agent. 
City of Glasgow Bank, East-end Branch, 516 Gal- 
lowgate ; James A. Kelraan, agent. 
City of Glasgow Bank, Gorbals, 1 Clyde terrace ; 

Thomas Smith, agent. 
City of Glasgow Bank Branch, 140 St. Vincent st. ; 

William Reid, agent. 
City of Glasgow Bank, 8 George street, east ; W. D. 

White, agent ; house, 10 Abbotsford place. 
City of Glasgow Bank, West-end Branch, 174 Argyle 

street ; W. R. Crombie, agent. 
City of Glasgow Bank Branch, 144 Cowcaddens ; 

John Tennent, agent. 
City of Glasgow Bank, Charing Cross Branch, 539 

Sauchiehall street ; Hugh Orr, agent. 
City of Glasgow Bank, 269 Main street, Hutcheson- 

to^vn ; Robert Graham, agent. 
City of Glasgow Bank, South- Western Branch, 464 

Paisley road. 
City of Glasgow Bottling Stores, 44 Renfrew street ; 

Finlay M'Diarmid, bottler; house, 240 Hope st. 
City of Glasgow Building Society, 67 West Regent 

street; Wm. Mudie, jun., C.A., manager. 
City of Glasgow Fever Hospital, Kennedy street, 

Parliamentaiy road. 
City of Glasgow Friendly Society; John Stewart, 

manager, 257 West George street. 
City of Glasgow Life Insurance Company ; W. Den- 
ham, 12 Adelphi street, Hutchesonto\vn, agent. 
City of Glasgow Life Assurance Co., the Com- 
1 pany's Buildings, 28a Renfield street; E. E. 

Elderton, manager; George Gray, secretary. — See 
I Advertisement in Appendix. 

I City of Glasgow Loan Company, money lenders, 124 
1, Trongate ; William Grant, manager. 

City of Glasgow Mercantile and Professional Employ- 
ment Registry ; Muir & Gardner, joint managers, 
Royal Bank buildings, Buchanan street. 

City of Glasgow Mourning Warehouse; John Bell, 
black silk and crape mercer, 387 Sauchiehall st. ; 
house, 12 West Garden street. 

City of Glasgow Royal Regatta Club, Clutha Boat 
house, Stonefield ; J. B. M'Neil, hon. sec. 

City of Glasgow Towing Co. ; W. M'Kinnon, mana- 
ger, 74 Broomielaw; house, 63 Clyde place. 

City of Glasgow LTnion Railway Co., Q. Y. Law- 
son, secretary, 135 St. Vincent street. 

City of Glasgow Wire Rope Factory, 200 Elliot 

City Hall, 90 Candleriggs; Duncan Bro-^vn, keeper. 

City Manure Office, 234 Parliamentary road. 

City Paper Mill Co., Edinburgh; waste paper store, 
95 James street, Bridgeton. 

City Parish Dispensary, 310 Parliamentary road. 

City Parish Poor Rates Office, 16 Ingi-am st. ; D. Hall, 
collector; W. Davidson and C. D. Dobbie, clerks. 

City Parish Poorhouse, 322 Parhamentary road ; C. 
W. Laing, governor. 

City Parish Session-Clerk's Office, 1 Clyde teiTace ; 
Thomas Smith, clerk. 

City Saw Mills, Port Dundas, James Brownlee. 

City Tool Warehouse, 136 Bridgegate. 

City Tube Works and Brassfoundiy, 35 Rose street, 

City Union Accommodation Co., 24 St. Andrew's sq. 

City Union Loan Co., money lenders, 29 Brunswick 

Civil Service Supply Association, Glasgow (Limited), 
49 Dunlop street. 

CiviTA Vecchia and Glasgow Steam Packet Office, 
47 Union st. ; Henderson Brothers, agents. 

CLACHAN, John, wright, 33 Carrington street; 
house, 120 Cambridge street. 

Clachan, John (at James Downie's, 69 Ingram st.), 
house, 15 Roslea drive. 

Clachan, Mrs. William, 3 Clifton place. 

CLACHER, Alexander, jeweller and engraver, 181 

CLAIR, Louis le, hair-dresser and perfumer, New 
Market street, Ayi-, and Duke street, Kilmarnock ; 
house, 29 Newmarket street, Ayr-. 

CLAPPERTON, Ales, (of Clapperton, Paton, & Co.), 
house, 11 Newton place. 

Clapperton, Paton, & Co., merchants, manufacturers, 
and warehousemen, 61 Miller st. and 62 Queen st. 

Clapperton, William, 5 Sandjrford place. 

Clapperton, William, engineer (at Ales. Chaplin & 
Co.'s), house, 7 Comnna street. 

CLARE, John, wine and spirit merchant, 332 Scot- 
land street, and 252 Watt street ; house, 342 Scot- 
land street. 

CLARIDGE & Co. (Limited), Bilston, engineers and 
contractors for the complete erection of rolling 
mills, &c. ; Banks & Stewart, agents, 30 Hope st. 

CLARK, Adam (of A. Clark & Co.), ho. 2 Apsley pi. 

Clark, A., & Co., brassfounders and gasalier manufac- 
turers, Victoria Works, 33, 35, j^and 37 Buchan 
street, Gorbals. 
Clai-k, Ales., accountant ; ho. Meadowbank, Torrance. 

Clark, Alex. W. (of Clark & Co.), ho. 9 Kelvingrove 
place, Sandyford. 

Clark, AUau, chemical and metal broker, 54 Gordon 
street ; house, 247 Athole terrace, Bath street. 

Clark, Andrew (at J. & W. Millar's), ho. 17 Devon st. 





Clark, A. M., gas and plate singer, 32 Montrose st. ; 

house, 33 Meadowpark sti-eet. 
Clark, Andrew R. (of Clark & Thomson), house, 27 

Richmond street. 
Clark, Andrew (of James Simpson & Co.), house, 42 

West street, s.s. 
Clai-k, Angus (of A. Clark & Son), ho. 167 Graeme st. 
Clark, A., & Son, copper and tinsmiths, 27 Goose- 

dubbs and 131 Stockwell street. 
Clark, Archibald, tobacconist, 653 Dalmarnock rd. 
Clark, Archd. (of M. & A. Clark), house, 11 Park- 

gi'ove terrace. 
Clark, Archibald, wine and spirit merchant, 661 

and 663 Dalmarnock road; ho. 659 do. 
Clark, Arthur W. (at Mitchell, Watson, & Winlc's), ho. 

3 Buckingham ten-ace, Hillhead. 
Clarke & Bell, I.A., architects, 37 West Nile street. 
Clarke, Chapman, & Gm-ney, engineers, 28 St. 

Enoch square. 
Clark & Co., bleachers and finishers, 113 South 

Woodside ; office, 5 Drury street ; house, 3 Port- 
man place, Hillhead. 
Clark & Co., umbrella manufacturers, trunk and 

portmanteau makers, waterproofers, importers of 

fancy goods, &c., 95 St. Vincent street and 22 

Renfield st., also 69 Candleriggs and 5 Wilson st. 
Clark, David R., M.A. (of Gibson and Clark, 29 

Waterloo street), ho. 12 Ibrox ter.. Paisley road. 
Clerk, Donald, smith, bc41hanger, and gasfitter, 90 

and 92 Wellington lane, off Mains street; house, 

42 Dalhousie street. 
Clarke, D. C, & Co., warehousemen and clothiers, 6 

Jamaica street. 
Clark, Duncan, boot and shoemaker, 33 Dalhousie st. 
Clarke & Durham, lubricator makers (patent 

needle), 69 Mark lane, London, E.G. — See Advt. 

in App. 
Clark, Francis William, sheriff of Lanarkshire, County 

Buildings; house, 8 Marchmount ter., Hillhead. 
Clarke, George E., & Co., straw and felt hat manu- 
facturers and cleaners, 2 Carlton court ; house, 249 

Eglinton street. 
Clark, Geo. W. (of Gibson & Clark), house, Dum- 

brock house. Paisley road. 
Clark, George Lome, sohcitor, 123 West George st. ; 

house, 2 Hampden terrace. Mount Florida. 
Clark, George, spirit merchant, 222 Springburn rd. 

and 1 Petershill road ; house, 226 Springburn rd. 
Clark, George, surgeon dentist, 72 Canning street, 

Clark, Grierson, & Co., manufacturers of woollen 

shirts and shirtings, dress shirts, &c., 10 Bu- 
chanan street. 
Clarke, Henry, gi-ocer, 614 New City road ; house, 

556 do. 
Clark, Henry E., physician and surgeon, lecturer on 

anatomy at the Glasgow Royal Infirmaiy ; house, 

9 Elmbank street. 
Clark, Hugh, shoemaker, 146 Garngad rd. ; ho. do. 
Clark, Hugh, tobacconist, 3 Norfolk st. 
Clark, James (at Greenvale Chemical Works), house, 

189 Bellfield street. 
Clarke, James, artist and landscape painter, 11 

Miller street. 
Clark, James (of Clark, Wilson, & Co.), residence, 

Crossbasket, Blantyre. 
Clark, James, wi-iter (of Ralston & Clark). 
Clark, James, cashier, the Heywood Gas Coal Co. ; 

residence, St. Anne's, Cambuslang. 

Clark, James, boot and shoemaker, 371 Govan st. ; 

house, 373 do. 
Clark, James, (of Clark & Co.), house, 3 Portman 

place, Hillhead. 
Clark, James, wine and spirit merchant, 126 West 

Nile street, 16 and 18 PoUokshaws road and 34 

Little street. 
Clark, James, agent. National Bank of Scotland, 

8 Union street ; house, Kirkland park, Strathaven. 
Clark, James, grocer, 287 Cumberland street. 
Clark, J. & D., smiths and machine makers, 60 

Hospital street ; house, 105 Shields road. 
Clark, John, jun., & Co., cotton thread manufacturers, 

16 George street. Mile-end. 
Clark, John, & Co., oil merchants and drysalters, 

8 Brown street, Broomielaw ; house, 26 Avon st. 
Clark, .John (of John Clark, jun., & Co.), house, 

Broomhill, Dennistoun. 
Clark, John, grocer, 39 Little street ; house, 7 Jlarl- 

borough street. 
Clark, John, grocer, 23 Smith street ; house, 25 do. 
Clark, John (of Gibb & Clark), house, 42 Roslea 

drive, Dennistoun. 
Clark, John (of Whitelaw & Clark), house, 22 St. 

Vincent crescent. 
Clark, Dr. .John, lecturer on chemistry Eoyal In- 
firmary School of Medicine, and public analyst for 

the city; laborator}', 138 Bath street; ho. Westfield 

terrace, Partick hill. 
Clark, John, writer, 157 West George street; house, 

10 Windsor circus. 
Clark, John (of Clark & Strathers), house, 9 Wilton 

Clark, John, house factor, property, and iusui-ancc 

agent, 24 Hutcheson st.; house, 28 Bellgrove st. 
Clark, John (of James Lawcock & Co.), house, 16 

Abbotsford place. 
Clark^John G., 15 Elmbank crescent. 
Clarke, John H., writer and notary public, 116 St. 

Vincent street; house, 7 Prince's ter., Dowanhill. 
Clerk, John M., shipbroker, 11 West Nile st., ho. 

Burnhouse, by Bcith. 
Clarke, Joseph A., A.Ph.S., draggist, herbalist, and 

dentist, 138 London street and 51 Chartottfe street; 

house, 11 Linnhall terrace. Crossbill. 
Clark, Laehlan, spirit merchant, 300 Baltic street; 

house, 33 Meadow Park street. 
Clark, Malcolm T., shipping, forwarding, and Cus- 
tom-house agent, agent for Lochgoil and Lochlong 

long Steamboat Co., and Glasgow and Inveraray 

Steamboat Co., 17 Oswald street ; house. Anchor 

villa, Langbank. 
Clark, M., 8 Glonan Gardens, Helensburgh. 
Clarke, M. district manager, United Assurance 

Society, 6 Great Clyde street. 
Clark, Malcolm, cow keeper and game dealer, 374 

Great Western road. 
Clark, M. & A., manufacturers for home and export 

trades of biscuits, confectionery, preserves, bread, 

and flour, 100 Elliot street ; branches, 11 North 

Albion street and 71 .Jamaica street. 
Clark, Matthew (of Arthur & Hinshaw), residence, 3 

Jfay terrace, Mount Florida. 
Clerk, Mun-ay, Nuel, & Co., ship brokers and com- 
mission agents, 11 W. Nile street. 
Clark, Patrick, licensed broker and furnitm-e dealer, 

95 King street, Calton ; ho. 100 Sandyfaulds st. 
Clark, Peter, flesher, 85 Eglinton st. ; house, 3 Beau- 
fort gardens, Crossbill. 





Clark, Peter, Clydesdale Bank ; house, 76 Hill street, 

Clark, P. G., 211 New City road. 

Clark, PetcT (of Alex. Brycc & Co.), house, 4 Somor- 
villc plaee, Monteith row. 

Clark, Richard, commercial traveller, (James Murray 
and Co.), house, .33 Devon street. 

Clark, Rojaert, hrick builder, 9 Sword st.; house, 23 
Westercraigs, Dennistoun. 

Clark, Robert B. (of Clark, Grierson, «S; Co.), house, 
38 Berkeley street. 

Clark, Robert, & Co., commission merchants and 
agents, 37 Glassford street. 

Clark, Robert, bleacher and finisher, 113 South 
Woodside; house, 55 Hamilton drive. 

Clark, Simon Prince, A.Ph.S., chemist. Apothecary 
Hall and Post Office, 48 Ruthcrglen road; ho. 
1 Jane place, Pollokshields. 

Clark & Struthcrs, manufacturers, 17 Royal Ex- 
change square. 

Clark, Thomas, grocer and provision merchant, 16 
Dunn street; house, 17 do. 

Clark & Thomson, metal merchants, 17 Pitt street. 

Clat'ke, William, agent for Falkirk Iron Co., IG Both- 
well street, and 3 'J to 45 St. Vincent lane ; house, 
160 Randolph terrace. 

Clark, Wm., pastry baker, 261 Main st., s.s.; ho. 240 do. 

Clark, Wm., market gardener, 141 Main street, 
Anderston ; residence, Ovemewton farm. 

Clark, William (at John Clark, jun., & Co.'s), house, 
Kirkfield, Bothwell. 

Clark, William (of John Clark, jun., & Co.), house, 
Golfhill, Dennistoun. 

Clark, Wm., plumber, copper, tinplatc worker, and 
gasfittcr, 6 Duncan st,, off Canning st.; house, 4 do. 

Clarke, William, LA. (of Clarke & Bell), house. Glen- 
holm, Lenzic. 

Clark, William (of William Clark & Son), house, 27 
Richmond stnel. 

Clark, William, &; Son, booksellers, stationers, &c., 
Journal office, 11 and 15 High street, Dunfermline. 

Clark, Wm., broker, 70 Centre street; house, 60 do. 

Clark, Wm., grocer, 37 East Crawford street. 

Clarke, Wm., & Son, clothiers, 19 Glebe street; ho. 
8 Smith t(u-race, Farme, Rutherglen. 

Clark, William, & Son, tin and coppersmiths, gal- 
vanized iron and zinc workers, lamp makers, gas- 
fitters, packing case makers, and steam and hot 
air drying, heating, and ventilating engineers; 
works, 100, ofHce, 44 John street. 

Clark, WiUiam N. (of William Clark & Son),-house, 
1 Grafton square. 

Clark, W., G.P.O. ; house, 141 Canning st., Calton. 

Clark, William, draper and milliner, 661 and 663 
Gallowgate; house, 617 do. 

Clark, Wm. M., commission agent, 52 Virginia st. ; 
house, 11 Annette street, Crosshill. 

Clarke, W., ham curer, 73 Stockwell street; house, 
114 Hospital street. 

Clark, William, oils and colours, 104 Rottenrow. 

Clark, Wilson, & Co., merchants, 96 Buchanan st. 
[ Clark, Mrs. Francis, 3 Burnbank place. Great 
Western road. 

Clark, Mrs. John, wine and s))irit merchant, 24 
Jackson street; house, 48 London street and 
Gowanbank cottage. Busby. 

I Clark, Mrs. Wm., baker, 336 Argyle st. ; house, 356 do. 

Clark, Mrs., lodgings, 276 Paisley road. 

I Clark, Mrs., 5 Clydegrovc terrace, Govanroad. 

Clark, Miss M., infant mistress, E.G. Normal schools; 

house, St. Anne's, Cambuslang. 
Clark, Mary, bread shop, 57 King street, Calton ; 

house, 17 Devon street, .s.s. 
CLARKSON, David D. (of Peterson & Co.), house, 

Eversley, Lcnzie. 
Clarkson, James & Co., yarn twisters, 131 Crown- 
point street. 
Clarkson, James, & Co., engineers and machine 

makers, Maryhill Engine Works, Maryhill. 
Clarkson, John, cashier (Tliomas Barr's, 149 St 

Vincent street), house, 12 Minerva street. 
Clarkson, Peter, & Co., hydraulic engineers, machine 

and tool makers, 12 Little Hamilton street and 

95 High John street. 
Clarkson, Peter (of Peter Clarkson & Co.), house, 

9 Hopetoun place. 
Clarkson, Robert (of Peterson & Co.), house, 7 St. 

James' terrace. 
Clarkson, Thomas (of W. & T. Clarkson), house, 19 

Centre street. 
Clarkson, W. & T., engineers, machinery mercJiants, 

and hydi'anlic leather manufacts., 23 Bothwell st. 
Clarkson, Wm. (of W. & T. Clarkson), house, 23 

George street. 
Clarkson, Mrs., ladies' truss and bandftge maker, 396 

Argyle street. 
CLASSEN, L., & Co., Italian produce, Ancona; 

Wilson & Rankin, 27 Oswald st., agents. 
CLAUSS, Emil, merchant (of Reichmann & Co.'s 

successors), ho. Daisy Bank, Kelvinsidc gardens. 
CLAVERING, Thomas, Russia broker, 21 St. Vincent 

place ; house, 14 Woodside terrace. 
Clkansing Department Office, 234 Parliamentary rd. 
CLEAT, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 101 

East Milton street; house, 145 Dundas street. 
CLEGG, Samuel, egg merchant, 28 Hill street, E. ; 

house, 13 M'Intosh street. 
CLELAND, Alex., provision merchant, 196,246 Main 

street, Anderston; house, 540 St. Vincent street. 
Cleland, Alex, (of Cleland & Thorburn), house, 3 

Queen Mary terrace. Crossbill. 
Clelland, Alexander, grocer and provision merchant, 

341 Dumbarton road; house, 29 do. 
Clelland, Archd., Monkland Canal Basin; house, 168 

West George street. 
Cleland, Arthur, baker, 52 Crown street; ho. 50 do. 
Cleland, David, balver, 18 Gardner street, and 449 

New Keppochhill road; house, 443 do. 
Cleland, Hemy, painter and paper hanger, 271 George 

street ; house, 239 do. 
Cleland, James, draper and milliner, 63 Garscube rd. 

and 119 Candleriggs ; house, 81 Garscube road. 
Cleland, James, and Son, bandage maker, IGO George 

street ; house, 239 do. 
Clelland, James, tinsmith, ironmonger, and earthen- 
ware, 312 Cumberland street, s.s. 
Cleland, James, provision merchant, 41 Paisley road, 

west ; house, 95 King street, Tradeston. 
Cleland, Matthew (at R. Laidlaw & Son's), ho. 193 

West Prince's street. 
Clelland, Peter, yirovision merchant, 124 Stlrhng 

road ; house, 203 do. 
Cleland, Robert, curled hair manufacturer, funier, and 

skin merchant. Hair Works, Govan. 
Cleland, Robert, grocer and wine merchant, 114 

Sauchiehall street; house, 118 do. 
Cleland & Robertson, joiners, 51 James street and 

14^ Millroad street, Calton. 




Cleland & Thorbum, coppersmiths and brassfounders, 

107, 109 Cheapside street. 
Cleland, Wm. (at Carslaw & Henderson's), house, 176 

Kent road. 
CLEMENS, John Matthew, inland revenue clerk ; 

house, 27 Bute terrace. Queen's park. 
CLEMENT, Andrew, cheese factor. Bazaar, Candle- 

riggs ; house, Ingleston, Pollokshields. 
Clement, John, provision merchant, 31 Oxford street; 

house, 70 do. 
Clement, Thomas, cheese bazaar ; house, Kenmuir 

terrace, Pollokshields. 
CLEMENTS, Joshua W. (of Allan C. Gow & Co.), 

house, Ashton Cottage, Copeland road, Govan. 
Clements, Wm. W., ship master, 2 Lendel place. 
CLEMESTRA Brothers, silk manufacturers, Leek, 

Staffordshire; agent, D. S. Croall, 26 Ingram st. 
CLEPHAN, Wm., coppersmith, 19 Lancefield street; 

house, 486 St. Vincent street. 
CLERIHEW, J., gatekeeper, Royal Botanic gardens ; 

house, 3 Kersland street. 
Cleugh Gas Coal Office, 178 St. Vincent street. 
CLEWS, Alexander, chemist and druggist, 69, 7lA 

Parson street and 73 Glebe street; house, 71 do. 
CLEZY, William, butcher, 3 Myrtle street; house, 

198 New City road. 
CLIFFORD, Chas., & Son, Dog Pool Mills, Bii-ming- 

ham; Thos. B. Campbell & Sons, agents, 29 Wel- 
lington street. 
Clifford, H. E., architect, 113 West Regent street. 
CLINGAN, John Paton, wright, trmik, and packing 

case maker, 116^ Duke st. ; house, 39 Edmund st. 
Clingan, William, packing box and cloth board manu- 

factm-er, 82 George street. 
CLINKSKILL, James, consulting engineer and 

macliinery valuator, 1 Holland place. 
Clippens Shale OU Co., mineral oil makers, 16 

Bothwell street ; works, Clippens, by Paisley. 
CLODE & Baker, Oporto ; Robert Thomson, agent, 

45 Hope street. 
CLOGGIE, John, slater, 28 Kuk street, Gorbals ; 

house, 360 Cumberland street, s.s. 
CLOSSMANN & Co., Bordeaux; Buchanan, Wilson 

& Co., agents, 81 St. George's place. 
CLOUGH Bros., commission agents, 68 Trongate. 
Clough, John T. (of Clough Bros.), house, 11 Both- 
well place, Hillhead. 
CLOUSTON, Peter, 1 Park terrace. 
Clouston, Miss, 23 Ashton terrace, DowanhiJi. 
CLOW, A., jeweUer and watchmaker, 146 St. 

George's road ; house, 2 Gilmour St., Partick. 
Clow, Andi-ew, wright and builder, 32 NapiershaU st.; 

house, 23 Carnarvon street. 
Clow, David, & Co., wrights and builders, 16 Kelvin 

street ; works, 144 Gardner street. 
Clow, David, licensed valuator and property agent, 

16 Kehun street. 
Clow, Dand (of David Clow & Co.), house, 12 West 

Garden street. 
Clow, Henry, clothier, 10 Royal Exchange square ; 

house, 503 St. Vincent street. 
Clow, John, stationer and news agent, 165 Stirling 

road ; house, 161 do. 
CLUBB, Ai-chd., baker, 746 Gallowgate ; ho. 748 do. 
CLUGSTON, Jas. (of John Bartholomew & Co., 24 

George square), house, Viewfield, Lenzie. 
Clugston, Miss, 365 Bath street. 
CLUNIE, Hugh, confectioner, 134 Stockwell street; 

house, 132 do. 

Clutha Bolt, Rivet, Chain, Machine, and Smith 

Works, Vermont street, Plantation. 
CLYDE, John M., shoe fm-nisher, last and boot-tree 

maker, 78 Prince's st. ; ho. SandyhDls, Shettleston. 
Clyde, John, church officer, 143 Elderslie street. 
Clyde, Robert, fancy slipper manufacturer, 2 Muslin 

street, Bridgeton. 
Clyde Bill of Entry, 81 Buchanan st., Mitchell lane. 
Clyde Bottle Company, glass bottle manufacturers, 

35 and 38 Charles street, St. Rollox. 
Clyde Bottle Co., 98 West George street. 
Clyde Canoe Club ; secretaiy, John Graham, 13 

Royal Exchange square ; club house, Roseneath. 
Clyde Carpet Works, Swanston street, Bridgeton. 
Clyde Coal Co., Limited, 11 Coal Exchange buildings. 

West Regent street. 
Clyde Copper Works, 31 and 33 Washington street. 
Clyde Corinthian Sailing Club, F. Clark, secretary, 

64 Gordon street. 
Clyde Galvanizing Co. ; works, Mavisbank. 
Clyde Grain Mills, Commercial rd., Hutchesontown. 
Clyde Hotel, 13 Anderston quay. 
Clyde Ii-on Works Office, 92 West George street. 
Clyde Jute Company, spinners and manufacturers 

of sacks and bags, Port Dundas Jute Works, 

Fleming street. 
Clyde Lead Works, manufactm-ers of pig lead, lead 

pipe, sheets, red lead, litharge, &c., Cornwall street, 

Paisley road. — See Adv. in App. 
Clyde Navigation Trustees' Chambers, 16 Robertson 

street ; George Reith, manager. 
Clyde Paper Co., paper makers, Clyde Paper Mills, 

Eastfield, Rutherglen. 
Clyde Police Office, 16 Robertson street. 
Clyde Rivet Works Co., bolt, nut, and rivet manu- 
facturers, Clyde Rivet Works, 111, 113, and 115 

Dundas street, Kingston. 
Clyde Sailcloth Co., 204 EUiot street. 
Clyde Shipbuilders and Engineers Association; John 

W. Ross, secretary, 183 West George street. 
Clyde Shipping Co., 2 Oswald street. 
Clyde Spinning Co., Arthur street, Bridgeton; office. 

21 Virginia street. 
Clyde Street Loan Office, 58 Clyde street, Anderston. 
Clyde Towing Co., 13 Robertson street. 
Clyde Training ship, " Cumberland ; '" secretary, R. 

D. Douglas, County buildings ; treasurer, E. S. 

Macharg, 7 Royal Bank place. 
Clyde Tube Works, iron tube manufacturers, Coat- 
bridge, and 41 Oswald st. 
Clyde Waterproof Works (Somerville & Morrison), 

Clyde Yachting Agency (under Royal patronage), 

44 St Enoch square. 
CLYDESDALE, Char-les, tobacconist, 79 Stobcross 

street ; house, do. 
Clydesdale, Moses, boot and shoemaker, 25 Queen 

Maiy street ; house, do. 
Clydesdale, Quintin R., painter, 146 Crookston st. ; 

house, 144 do. 
Clydesdale, R. H., tobacco and snuff manufacturer and 

cigar importer, 7 Union sti'eet ; factory, 27 Stock- 
well street ; house, 9 Kelvingrove street. 
Clydesdale, Mrs. Andrew, pastry baker, 8 Stevenson 

street, Calton ; house, 10 do. 
Clydesdale, Miss, tobacconist and oil merchant, 20 

Findlay street. 
Clydesdale Amatem- Rowing Club, York street, 

Little Govan. 





Clydesdale Bank, Anderston branch, 344 Argyle st. ; 

Hugh Laird, jun., agent. 
Clydesdale Banking Co., Hutchesontown branch, 12 

Adelphi street; William Denham, agent. 
Clydesdale Bank, Cowcaddcus branch, 239 Cow- 

caddens ; Matthew Wotherspoon, agent. 
Clydesdale Bank, 5 Ingram St., east; R. T. Wells, 

Clydesdale Bank, Cranstonhill branch, 252 Main 

street, Anderston ; Hugh Laird, jun., agent. 
Clydesdale Bank, Laurieston branch, 51 and 53 Eglin- 

ton street ; John Russell, agent. 
Clydesdale Bank branch, 305 Paisley road ; Robert 

M'Kinnell, agent; house, 76 Pollok street. 
Clydesdale Bank branch, 14 Miller st. ; P. B. Junor, 

agent ; house, 8 South Park ten-ace, Hillhead. 
Clydesdale Bank, Calton and Bridgeton branches, 167 
Canning street, and Cattle-market; Franc Gibb 
Dougall, agent. 
Clydesdale Bank, Moore place, 134 West George 

Clydesdale Bank branch, 96 Trongate; A. R. Horn, 

agent ; ho. 2 Avondale place. Paisley road 
Clydesdale Banking Co., 30 St. Vincent place ; Geo. 

Readman, manager. 
Clydesdale Boot and Shoe Steam Factory, 
20 to 34 Elcbo street; A. & W. Paterson, proprie- 
tors ; city warehouse, 92 Ai'gyle street. 
k Branches — 42 Belmont pi.. Great Western road 
9 Bute terrace, Pollokshaws road. 
99 Canning street, Bridgeton. 
166a Castle street, Townhead. 
213 Cowcaddens. 
32 Crown street, Hutchesontown. 
114 Dumbarton road. 
340 Dumbarton road, Partlck. 
476 Gallowgate. 
82 Main street, Anderston. 
355 New City road. 
385 Paisley road. 
379 Sauchiehall street. — See Adv. 
Clydesdale Brass Foundry, 11 and 13 Hydepark st. 
Clydesdale Building Society; managers. Brown, jun., 

Davies, & Tait, 65 West Regent street. 
Clydesdale Coal Office, 40 St. Enoch square. 
Clydesdale Collieiy office, 68 Great Clyde street. 
Clydesdale Lodge 556, 106 Rose street, s.s. ; John B. 

M'Naught, R.W.M., 11 Stonefield ten-ace. 
Clydesdale Railway Guaranteed Co., John Graham, 

C.A., secretary, 212 West George street. 
Clydesdale Rubber Co., waterproof and India rabber 
manufacturers, 58 Gordon street and 2 Renfield 
street ; J. T. Goudie, managing partner ; house, 
Janefield, Albert road, Pollokshields. 
Coatbridge Tin Plate Co. (Limited), tinplate and 
I sheet iron manufacturers, Coatbridge ; Edwai-d M. 
1 Bell, manager ; ho. Cuparhead house, Coatbridge. 
"coats, Allan (of Wm. Coats & Sons), ho. Castle- 
head, Paisley. 
'Joats, Edmund B., tobacco manufacturer, 76 Cow- 
caddens ; house, 24 Garscadden street, 
'oats, George (of Stevenson & Coats), house, 4 

Garthland place. Paisley. 
Joats, James, coalmaster, 150 St. Vincent street; 

house, 6 Park terrace. 
'oats, Jervis, & Sons, manufacturers and warehouse- 
men, 253 Argyle street, 
'oats, Jervis (of Jervis Coats & Sons), house, 4 
Regent Park square. 

Coats, Jervis, jun. (at Arthur & Co.'s), house, 9 
Abbotsford place. 

Coats, Rev. Jervis, M.A., Baptist Church, Govan; 
house, 8 Ibrox ten-ace. 

Coats, John J. (of A. J. & A. Graham), house, 121 
Bath street. 

Coats, John, M.D., F.F.P.S.G., 121 Bath street. 

Coats, Joseph, M.D., fellow of faculty of phys. and 
surgeons, Glasgow ; lecturer on pathology, Glasgow 
University ; house, 33 Ehnbank street. 

Coats, Wm., & Sons, coal merchants (of Nitshill, 
Ban-head, Neilston, and Paisley), 42 Broomielaw. 

Coats, William (of William Coats & Sons), residence, 
Castlehead, Paisley. 

Coats, Mrs. George, 6 Park ten-ace. 

CoBDEN Hotel, 87 Argyle street ; Wm. Forsyth. 

COCHRAN, Alexander, & Co., upholsterers, cabinet- 
makers, 95 Renfield street; house, 76 Douglas st. 

Cochrane, Alexander, grocer, 722 Gallowgate. 

Cochran, Alexander (of Robt. Cochran & Co.), house, 
Montgreenan, Kilwinning. 

Cochrane, Andrew (of D. C. Clarke & Co.), house, 6 
Hamilton crescent, Partick. 

Cochran, Archibald (of A. & R. Cochran), house, 
Broompark, Dennistoun. 

Cochran, A. & R.. flint glass manufacturers, Tennant 
street and Kennedy street, St. RoUox. 

Cochrane & Donald, wholesale ironmongers and nail 
factors, 15 to 19 Douglas street, 

Cochrane, James (of Cochrane & Donald), house, 223 
Berkeley street. 

Cochran, James, grain and provision merchant, 62 
Main street, Bridgeton ; house, 26 Monteith row. 

Cochrane, Jas. (of J. J. Cochrane & Co.). residence, 
Southfield, Meams. 

Cochrane, J. J., & Co., cotton spinners and power-loom 
cloth manufacturers, Wellington MUls, 46 Com- 
mercial road 

Cochrane, J. R., & Co., power-loom cloth manufac- 
turers, Albyn Mills, Waddell street, off Govan st. 

Cochrane, J. R. (of J. R. Cochrane & Co.), residence, 
Calder Glen, Blantyre. 

Cochrane, John, Airdi'ie and Coatbridge carrier, 44 
Brunswick street; house, 90 Graham st., Airdrie. 

Cochran, John, inspector of buildings. Municipal 
Buildings, 74 Hutcheson street ; ho. 4 Clyde ter. 

Cochran, John, mason and builder; hou.se, 4 Bank 
buildings, Clyde terrace. 

Cochran, John, oil and lamp contractor, tinsmith and 
gasfitter, 44^ Maitland street; house, 59 do. 

Cochran, John, broker, 419 Garscube road ; house, 
12 Oakbank street. 

Cochrane, John, hairdresser and perfumer, 92 and 94 
Glassford street; house, 10 Grafton square. 

Cochrane, John, seed merchant, 51 Argyle street ; ho. 
Birchbank, Crossbill. 

Cochran, John (of A. & R, Cochran), house. Broom- 
park, Dennistoun. 

Cochrane, John, engineer and ironfounder; works, 
Grahameston ; foundry, Barrhead ; house. Burn- 
bank cottage, do. 

Cochrane, John, engineer and maker of hydraulic 

pumps, presses, hoists, and engines, herring netting 

machines, &c., Blackfaulds pi., 78, 80 Canning St., 

Calton; ho. 23 Richmond street. — See Advt. in App. 

Cochran, Joseph, spirit merchant, 52 Parliamentary 

road ; house, 45 Parson street. 
Cochrane, Matthew, tobacco manufacturer, 178 Salt- 





Cochrane, Rev. Matthew, A.M., of St. Peter's Church, 

Oswald street ; house, 108 Peel terrace. 
Cochrane, Matthew, & Co., tobacco and snuff manu- 
facturers, 22 Steel st. ; ho. 9 James Moitison st. 
Cochrane, Mungo, coalmaster (of Merryton Coal Co., 

6 Dixon street), house. Orchard hill, Hamilton. 
Cochrane, Neil, 6 Fitzroy place. 
Cochrane. N.,& Co., coalmasters, ComsOloch, Millburn, 

and Skellyton collieries, 63 Bath street. 
Cochrane, P. B. (of Murray & Cochrane), house, 

Birchbank, Crossbill. 
Cochrane, Richard, artist (at J. & J. S. Templeton's), 

house, 1 Osborne place, Govan. 
Cochran, Robert, & Co., earthenware manufactm-ers, 

Britannia Potteiy, 136 Glebe street, St. Rollox. 
Cochran, Robert, & Co., earthenware manufacturers, 

Verre-ville Pottery, 149 Finnieston street. 
Cochran, Robert, & Co., flint millers. North Wood- 
side Mills ; office, 149 Finnieston street. 
Cochran, Eobt. (of Robert Cochran & Co., VeiTCville 

Potteiy and North Woodside Mills), house, 7 Crown 

circus, Dowanhill. 
Cochrane, Thomas (of Grieve & Cochrane), house, 

Lynnwood, Partick hill. 
Cochran, Thomas, session clerk, Calton Parish, 27 

Tobago street ; house, 25 Abercromby street. 
Cochran, Thomas, shawl and scarf manufacturer, 72 

Virginia street ; house, Ban-head. 
Cochran, William, wiiter and notaiy public, 68 Bath 

street ; house, 5 Whitehill gardens, Dennistoun. 
Cochrane, William, fish merchant, 4 Saltmarket and 

69 Cowcaddens ; ho. 53 Sauchiehall street. 
Cochrane, William, grocer, 231 New City road. 
Cochrane. Wm. (at A. D. Young's, 31 Mordaunt st.), 

house, 35 do. 
Cochrane, Wm., grocer. 111 Water street ; house, 18 

Crawford street, Port Dundas. 
Cochrane, Wm., artist, 14 Houston street. 
Cochrane, Wm., grocer, 274 Garscube road; house, 

82 Hospital street. 
Cochran, Mrs. Robert, 216 Adelaide place, Bath 

Cochrane, Mrs., 6 Jamaica street ; house, 6 Hamilton 

crescent, Partick. 
Cochrane, Misses, 83 Renfrew street. 
Cochran's eye ointment, Wm. Drummond, agent, 

118 King St., city. — See Advert, in App. 
COCKBURN & Co., wine merchants, Leith ; agents, 

G. Stewart Anderson & Co., 106 W. George street. 
Cockburn, Campbell, & Co., wine merchants, 26 

Royal Exchange square. 
Cockburn, David, & Sons, Clydesdale Engineering and 

Boiler Works, M'NeO st. ; ho. 45 Abbotsford pi. 
Cockbm-n, James, insm-ance agent, 100 George st. 
Cockburn, John, surgeon, 3 Margaret street, s.s. 
Cockburn, Samuel, physician, 173 Bath street. 
Cockburn, Smithes, & Co., wine .shippers. Oporto ; 

Robertson & Baxter, agents, 48 West Nile street. 
Cockburn, William, veterinaiy surgeon, 112 North 

street ; shoeing forges, 28 Renfrew street, and 9 

Elmbank lane ; house, 118 North street. 
Cockburn, Janet, grocer, 265 East George street ; 

house, 100 North Frederick street. 
COCKER, James, stationer and account book manu- 
facturer, 139 We.st George street; house, 385 

Eglinton street. 
COCKEY, William, iron merchant and commission 

agent ; place of call, 36 Bath street ; house, 9 Glen- 
ton ten-ace, Hillhead. 

COCKING, D., engineers' agent, 202 Hope street ; 
house, 162 Hill street, Gamethill. 

COGGANS, James, paper, rag, and china merchant, 
15 Old Wynd arches and 87 Bridgogate. 

COGHILL, Alexander, tobacco pipe manufac- 
turer, 4 Ropework lane. 

Coghill, Alexander, & Co., masons and builders, 17 
Oswald street ; house, 134 Pollok street. 

Coghill, Alexander, painter and paperhanger, 511 
New City road ; house, 509 do. 

Coghill, David, cigar merchant and tobacco pipe 
manufactm-er, 4 Ropework lane ; residence, Rose 
Knowe house, Hangingshaw. 

Coghill, Donald, watchmaker, 50 Maia street, Euther- 
glen ; house, 87 do. 

Coghill, George, church officer, Grcyfriars Church : 
house, 34 North Albion street. 

Coghill, George, first assistant inspector of letter- 
carriers. Post Office ; house, 8 Govanview tenacc 
Cathcart road. 

Coghill, George N., 81 Polluk street. 

Coghill, John, & Son, builders and contractors. 
Smithston, by Greenock ; residence, Smallow Home 

Coghill, William, silversmith, 38 Queen street; resid- 
ence, Louisburgh house, Pollokshields. 

Coghill, William, & Co., gold boaters, 38 Queen st. 

Coghill, WilHam C. (of Aird & Coghill, printers), 
house, 2 Chfton street. 

COHEN, Emanuel, lithogi-apher, printer, manufactur- 
ing stationer, and di-apers' check book mannfactunT. 
38 Sauchiehall street; house, 30 Woodlands roan. 

Cohen, Joseph, & Son, importers of leeches an. 
sponges, 78, 80 Stockwell street. 

Cohen, Joseph, & Son, importers of cigars and tobac- 
conists' fancy goods, 78, 80 Stockwell street. 

Cohen, N., clothier, 20 Crown st. and 39 Eglinton 
street; house, 26 Apsley place. 

Cohen, Madam Jenny, mantle, jacket, and cloak 
maker, 3 Sauchiehall street. 

COHNITZ & Co., merchants, 10 Prince's square. 
Buchanan street. 

Cohnitz, Ernst (of S. A. Liebert & Co.), house, 18 
Westminster tenace. 

Coke Office, John Watson, 123 St. Vincent street. 

COLE, W. Henrv, teacher of music, 192 N. City rd. 

COLEMAN, J. J., F.C.S., analytical chemist. Young's 
Oil Co., 13 Dundas street; house, 280 Bath 

Coleman, Misses, 7 Royal terrace. 

CoLERAiNE Steam Packet Office, 72 Great Clyde 
street ; Alex. A. Laird & Co., agents. 

COLGIN, John, stevedore, 5 Camden pi, Govan rd. 

COLIN & Co. (of Melton Mowbray), cheese factors, 
20 Dixon street; J. Willmott M'Gill, agent. 

Collector's Office for Dunoon and Kilmun School 
Rates, 70 Bell street (James M. Thomson, collector). 

COLLEDGE, Francis S., civil engineer and land .sur- 
veyor (of Whan-ie, Colledge, ;& Brand, 156 St. 
Vincent st.),ho. Moss cottage, Dmnbreck rd., Govan. 

Colledge & Guy, writers, 120 West Regent street. 

Colledge, Thomas, vsTiter (of Colledge & Guy), resi- 
dence, SIoss cottage, Dumbreok rd., Govan. 

Collegiate Cathohc School, 21 Dalhousie street, 

COLLIE, Alex, (of Gunn & Collie), house, 259a 
Clarendon place. 

Collie, Alex, (at Steedman & M'Alister's), house, 12 
Lansdowne crescent. 




Collie, John, cabinet maker ; house, 21 Minei-va st. 
Collie, William, shoemaker, 113 Castle street ; house, 

64 Parson street. 
COLLIER, William Francis, LL.D., rector of the 

Park School, Lynedoch street ; house, 12 Belmont 

crescent. Great Western road. 
Collier, Rev. James, M.A., minister of Chalmers' 

parish ; house, see at 27 Chalmers street. 
COLLINGWOOD, J. (of S. & J. Collingwood), house, 

7 Houston street. 
Collingwood, S. (of S. & J. Collingwood), house, 114 

Stanley street, Kinning park. 
Collingwood, S. & J., & Co., ship smiths, 19 Spring- 
field place, Paisley road. 
COLLINS, A. Glen (of W. Collins, Sons, & Co.), 

house, 14 Park Grove terrace, W. 
Collins, Edward, West Balgray, Hillhead. 
Collins, Edward, & Son, paper manufacturers, 49 

West Nile street ; works, Kelvindale. 
Collins, Edward, jun. (of Edward Collins & Sons), 

residence, Highfield, Maryhill. 
Collins, George, grain and provision merchant, 67 

Oswald street ; house, 12 Newton street. 
Collins, George M., iron merchant, and maker of Hea- 

ley's patent asphalte boilers, 266 Dumbarton road. 
Collins, Henry, boot and shoe maker, 242 London 

road; house, 240 do. 
Collins, Hugh, provision merchant and daiiy, 7 and 9 

Clyde street, Anderston ; house, 7 do. 
Collins, John, smith, engineer, and machine maker, 39 

and 46 Bartholomew st. ; ho. 659 Dalmarnock rd. 
Collins, Joshua Heywood (of E. Collins & Sons), 

residence, Kelvindale house, Maryliill. 
Collins, S., broker and metal merchant, 3 Renfrew 

lane ; house, 184 West Nile street. 
Collins, William, Sons, & Go., publishers, 

wholesale, export, and manufacturing stationers, 

bookbinders, and envelope makers, 139 to 153 

Stirling road, and 43 to 53 Taylor street. — See 

Advt. in App. 
Collins, Wm.,& Co., letterpress and lithographic steam- 
press printers and stereotypers, 79 St. James' road. 
Collins, William (of W. Collins, Sons, & Co., and W. 

Collins & Co.), house, 3 Park terrace, east. 
Collins, William, jun., publisher, 139 Stu-ling road. ; 

house, 37 Westbotirne gardens. 
Collins, Wm. G., telegraphist, G.P.O., 57 Eeidvale 

Collins, William, agent, 277 Gallowgate. 
Collins, Wm., plumber and gasfitter, 79 Watt st., s.s. 
Collins, Mrs. P., staymaker, 15 Wellington arcade ; 

house, 16 Queen arcade. 
Collins, Mrs. P., wine and spirit merchant, 5 and 7 

Bridgegate ; house, 4 Steel street. 
Collins, Miss, teacher of French, 50 Buccleuch street. 
COLMAN, J. & J., London ; agent, R. B. Young, 20 

Dixon street. 
-Colonial (now Standard) Life Assurance Co. ; L. & 

R. H. Robertson, agents, 58 St. Vincent street. 
Golonial Assurance Corporation (Limited), Muir & 

Gardner, resident secretaries. Royal Bank buildings, 

Buchanan street. 
COLQUHOUN, Alex., poulterer and fishmonger, 378 

Duke street. 
Colquhoun, Alex, (of A. & A. Colquhoun), house, 3 

Albion place, Dowauhill. 
Colquhoun, A. & A., cooks, confectioners, and licensed 

purveyors, 2 Albion place, Victoria cross, Dowan- 

hill, and 123 Great Western road. 

Colquhoun, Andrew, & Co., brewers, Stirling; Thos. 

S. Shortt, agent, 14 Douglas street. 
Colquhoun, Archibald B. (of A. & A. Colquhoun), 

house, 6 Rupert street. 
Colquhoun, A. S. D., commission merchant, and 

importer of Italian wai'ehousemen's goods, 13 

Cochran st. ; residence, Rosemount, Helensburgh. 
Colquhoim, Daniel (of M'Haffie & Colquhoun), house, 

115 North Montrose street. 
Colquhoun, David T., writer and notarj' public (of H. J. 

& D. T. Colquhoun), ho., 1 Dowanvale ter.. Particle. 
Colquhoun, Hugh, lieutenant of police. Northern 

Police Office ; house, 168 Raeberry street. 
Colquhoun, H. J. & D. T., writers and notaries public, 

158 St. Vincent street. 
Colquhoun, Hugh, writer (of H. .J. & D. T. Colqnlioun), 

house, 19 Monteith row, and Woodbine villa, 

Colqiihoun, James, writer and notary public (of H. J. 

& D. T. Colquhoun), ho. 8 Derby terrace. 
Colquhoun, Jas. S., ham, butter, and egg store, 197 

High street. 
Colqulioun, James, restaurateur, GSb Mitchell street ; 

house, 5 Drmy street. 
Colquhoun, John (at Boustead & Dunbar's), house, 

18 Nabui-n street. 
Colquhoun, John, restaurateur, G8b Mitchell street; 

house, 5 Drmy street. 
Colquhoun, John, watchmaker and jeweller, 446 

Argyle street; house, 266 Dumbarton road. 
Colquhoun, John, poulterer and game dealer, 119 

West George st., 493 Sanchiehall st., and 35 West 

Nile st, ; house, Maitland cottage, Helensburgh. 
Colquhoun, John, spirit merchant, 77 Finnieston st.; 

house, 50 Old Kelvinhaugh road. 
Colquhoun, Joseph, house factor, fire and life insm-ance 

agent, and sheriff and J.P. officer, 52 Main street, 

Colquhoun, Lachlan, smith, gasfitter, and bellhanger. 

The Glasgow Spring and Axle Factory, 115 Old 

wynd ; house, 14 South Apsley place. 
Colquhoun, M. (of Buchanan, Colquhoun, & Co.), 

house, 97 Sandyfaulds street. 
Colquhoun, M., cigar and tobacco merchant, 142 Gt. 

Hamilton street. 
Colquhoun, Peter, commission merchant, 85 Queen 

st. and 9 Exchange sq.; ho. 300 St. Vincent st. 
Colquhoun, Wm., coal merchant, 70 Landressy street; 

house, 142 James street. 
Colquhoun, Mrs., ladies' nurse, 42 Dover street. 
COLTART, James (of Bourne & Coltart), house, 

Larkhill, Helensburgh. 
Coltart, T., Gartsheme office, 168 West George st. 
Colthart, John, manager (Globe Aerated Mineral Water 

Co.), house, 264 Thistle street, s.s. 
Colthart, .John, jun., clerk. Union Bank, 2 Trongate ; 

house, Larkliill, Helensburgh. 
Colthart, Robert, joiner, 194 Main street, Anderston. 
CoLTNESS Iron Co., ironmasters, 124 St. Vincent 

Columbian Stove Works, 11 Dixon street. 
COLVIL, A. C, & Co., steamship brokers, 62 St. 

Vincent street. 
Colville, Archd. (of A. & A. Galbraith), 123 Hope st. 
Colville, D., & Co., tea and coffee dealers, 50 Trongate. 
Cohille, David, & Co., distillers, Dalaruan Distillery, 

Campbeltown ; agent, T. Sharpe, 101 West Nile st, 
Colville, David, bar iron manufacturer, Dalzell Iron 

Works, Motherwell ; house, 251 Bath street. 





Colvil, Greenlees, & Co., Argyle Distillery, Campbel- 
town ; R. Brown & Co., 41, 43, 45 Washington 

Colvil, H. (of A. C. Colvil & Co.), ho. 13 Hamilton 

crescent. Particle 
Colville, James, cashier (Robert Miller & Son), house, 

339 Crown street. 
Colville, Jas., M.A., D.Sc. English Master, Glasgow 

Academy, Elmbank st. ; ho. 25 Westminster ter. 
Colville, John (of A. & A. Galbraith), 123 Hope 

Colvil, John (of A. C. Colvil & Co.), ho. 13 Hamilton 

crescent, Partick. 
Colvil, J. Scott (at Thos. Skinner & Co.'s), house, 13 

Norwood terrace, Hillhead. 
Colvil, Wm. (at Mitchell, Watson, & Wink's), house, 13 

Hamilton crescent, Partick. 
Colville, William, merchant, agent for Eeid & Colville, 

Dalintober Distillery, Campbeltown, 92 W. Nile st. 
Colville, Mrs., 139 West Campbell street. 
COLVIN, Jas., Glasgow manager of Grahamston Iron 

Co., Falkirk, 36 So. St. Mungo street, 77, 79 Char- 
lotte lane ; house, 123 London street. 
Colvin, Wilham, &Co., iron merchants, 146 Buchanan 

Colvin, William (of William Colvin & Co.), house, 

190 Bath street. 
COMBE & Co., brewers, London ; Archd. AiTol & 

Sons, 16 Dixon street, agents. 
Combe, George J. (of James Combe & Sons), house, 

34 Dundas street. 
Combe, Jas., & Sons, heating and ventilating engineers 

and hot-house builders, 59 Cathedral street. 
Combe, William (of James Combe & Sons), house, 22 

Dundas street. 
COMBER, Dr. James Heniy, L.A. Dublin, L.R.C.S. 

Edin. and London, consulting rooms, 101 Main st., 

Anderston ; house, 413 St. Vincent street. 
Commercial Bank of Scotland, 10 Gordon st.; 

Stuart & Sloane, agents. 
Commercial Bank of Scotland branch, 42 St. Enoch 

square ; Wm. M'K. Cameron, agent. 
Commercial Bank of Scotland; Hope street office, 

159 Hope street; agent, Andi-ew Mackinnon. 
Commercial Bank of Scotland, Branch office, 180 

Trongate ; Andrew Kerr, agent. 
Commercial Bank of Scotland, Bridgeton Branch, 

136 Canning street; David Wilson, agent. 
Commercial Bank of Scotland, Laurieston Branch, 60 

Oxford street ; John Guthrie, agent. 
Commercial Bank of Scotland, Stobcross Branch, 

. 119 Dumbarton road; Walter Smith, agent. 
Commercial Guarantee Society (Limited), Muir and 

Gardner, resident secretaries, Royal Bank buildings, 

Buchanan street. 
Commercial Travellers' Society of Scotland, John C. 

Reid, C.A., secretary, 217 West George street. 
Commercial Union Assurance Co.; Branch 

Office, 191 West George street ; Ai-chd. Lawson, 

district manager. — See Advt, in Appendix. 
Commissary Clerk's office, 81 Bath street. 
CoMMissiONEE for High Comi of Chancery, 227 

West George street. 
Commissioner for taking affida%its in Scotland for 

the Supreme Court of Judicatm-e, and other courts 

of England; John Maxton, solicitor, 175 St. 

Vincent street. 
Commissioner to administer oaths for all English and 

Irish courts ; Jas. Muirhead, writer, 30 Gordon st. 

COMRIE, John S., architect, 175 St. Vincent street ; 

house, 16 Shaftesbury terrace. 
Comrie & Leitch, architects, 175 St. Vincent st. 
CONAGHAN, John, china merchant, 124 Rutherglen 

loan ; house, 85 Rose street, s.s. 
Conaghan, Rev. J., 419 St. Vincent street. 
CONACHER, Alex., proprietor, Lome Restaurant, 22 

Dixon street and 40 Howard street. 
CONDAMINE & Co., wine merchants, Leith ; Smith 

Brothers, agents ; office and stores, 48 Oswald st. 
CONDIE, George, City of Glasgow Bank; house, 

122 North Frederick street. 
Condie, John M., 291 Hope street. 
Condie, Mrs. Robert, greengrocer and dairyman, 265 

Parliamentary road; house, 139 St. James' road. 
CONDRA, Patrick, superintendent, 41 Rottenrow; 

house, 39 do. 
Congregational Church, 339 Eghnton street; 

Rev. D. Russell, minister. 
Congregational Church, Parkgrove ; Rev. Palmer 

Grenville, LL.B., minister. 
Congregational Church, 88 New City road; Rev. 

John Douglas, minister. 
Congregational Church (Wardlaw), Bellgrove street ; 

Rev. Alex. Craib, minister. 
Congregational Church, Claremont street ; Rev. Wm. 

Pulsford, D.D., minister. 
Congregational Chm'ch, Pitt street; Rev. A. Goodrich, 

CONNAL, Alexander (of Connal & Co.), house, 26 

Buckingham terrace. Great Western road. 
Connal, Alex., Belgian consul, 79 St. Vincent st. 
Connal, Arthur, & Co., clothiers, 1 Bridgeton cross. 
Connell, Arthur (of Arthur Connell & Co.), house, 

564 Gallowgate. 
Connell, Chas., & Co., iron and composite shipbuilders, 

Scotstown shipbuilding yard, Whiteinch. 
Connal & Bannatyne, sewed muslin manufacturers, 

Madeira buildings, 253 Argyle street. 
Connal & Co., warehouse keepers, 79 St. Vincent st. 
Connall, Cotton, & Co., merchants, 97 West George 

Connell, Dallaway, hairdresser, 151 London street ; 

house, 185 Claythorn street. 
Connal, Henry, wright and builder, 124 and 126 

Waterloo street ; house, 133 do. 
Connell, Hugh, chi-onometer, watch, and clockmaker, 

jeweller, 29 Bridge st; ho. 2 Speirs'pl., Crossbill. 
Connell, James, & Co., merchants and insurance agents, 

149 Hope street. 
Connell, James (of James Connell & Co.), house, 3 

Belmont terrace, Hillhead. 
Connell, James, carver and gilder and picture frame 

manufacturer, 117 Stockwcll street. 
Connell, James, wright and builder ; office, lA South 

Coburg street; works, 182 Crookston street; ho. 

Oakfield, Maxwell road, Pollokshields. 
Connell, James (at W. & G. Millai-'s), house, 27 Gal- 
Connell, John, spirit merchant, 46 Broomielaw ; ho. 

26 MacKinlay street. 
Connell, John, boot and shoe maker, Brodick place, 

Shields road, Pollokshields. 
Connell, John T., & Co., American merchants, 108 

Bothwell street stores, 15 Terrace street. 
Connal, John (at John Watson's, 123 St. Vincent st.), 

ho. 10 Speirs' place, CrosshilL 
Connal, John (of Connal and Bannatyne), house, 29 

Gladstone street. 





Connell, J. T. (of John T. Connell & Co.), house, 5 

Broomhill drive, Partick. 
Conna], Michael (of WOham Connal & Co.), resi- 
dences, 16 Lynedoch cres., and Parkhall, Killearn. 
Connell & Macfarlane, ^Titers and notaries public. 

Regent chambers, 121 West Regent street. 
Connell, Robert (of Wallace & Connell), house, 

Allandale, Albert road, Pollokshields. 
Connell, Robert, M.D., 2 Royal crescent, West. 
Connal, Robert N. (of Connal, Cotton & Co.), house, 

19 Park circus. 
Connell, Rev. Samuel, 4 Billhead place, HiUhead. 
Connell, Thomas A. (of Connell & Macfarlane), ho. 

8 West Garden street. 
Connal, William, & Co., produce brokers and com- 
mission merchants, Virginia buildings, 43 Vir- 
ginia street. 
Connal, Wm. (of Connal & Co.), ho. 19 Park circus, 

and Solsgirth, Perthshire. 
Connell, William (of Wallace & Connell), residence, 

Lochside, Lochwinnoch. 
Connell, W. H. (at David Storer & Son's), house, 17 

Royal crescent. Crossbill. 
Connell, William, sheriff officer, 123 West George 

street ; house, 9 Lilybank street. 
Connell, Wm., Oakfield, Maxwell road, Pollokshields. 
Connall, William, jun. (of ConnaU & Co.), house, 19 

Park circus. 
Connal, Mrs. William, 220 St. Vincent street. 
CONNOLLY, Owen, inspector, telegraph messengers ; 

house, 154 Kent road. 
Connolly, J., outfitter, 88 Broomielaw; house, 2 An- 

derston quay, 
Connolly, Lizzie, stationer, 42 Saltmarket; ho. 3 .James 

Morrison street. 
CONNOR, Arthur, surgeon, 48 Saltmarket; house, 

13 St. Andrew's square. 
Connor, Charles, flesher, 113 Main st., Anderston. 
Conner, E. B., 208 New City road. 
Connor, James, hosier, glover, and shirt maker, 654 

St. Vincent street; house, 17 Dover street. 
Conner, James, 212 Renfrew street. 
Connor, John, flesher, 92 High street; house, 48 

London street. 
Conner, Mrs. Benjamin, 212 Renfrew street. 
CoNSETT Iron Works Office, A. Tolmie, 166 Bu- 
chanan street ; works, Blackhill, County Dm'ham. 
Consolidated Marine Insurance Company of Ber- 
lin and Dresden ; agents for Scotland, John Ken* 

& Co., 29 Bath street. 
Constantinople Steam Packets, 267 Ai-gyle st. 
Consuls and Vice-Consuls: — 

Argentine Consulate, G. GUmour, 114 West 
Nile street. 

Austrian-Hungarian Vice-consul, J. Galbraith, 15 
St. Vincent place. 

Belgian Consul, Alex. Connal, 79 St. Vincent st. 

Brazilian Vice-consul, Robert Gray, 65 West 
Regent street. 

Buenos Ayres Consul, G. Gilmour, 114 W. Nile st. 

Chilian Consulate, W. R. Cruickshank, 101 St. Vin- 
cent street. 

Costa Rica Consul, Thos. Skinner, 88 St. Vincent st. 

Danish Consul, H. Martini, 26 Bothwell street. 

French Consul, De Laya ; Vice-consul, F. Nette- 
ment, 125 West Regent street. 

Gei-man Empire Consul, J. 0. Leitke, 30 Gordon st. 

Greek Consul, G. Gilmour, 114 West Nile street. 

Hawaiian Consul, James Dunn, 33 Virginia street. 

Hungarian Vice-consul, James Galbraith, 15 St. 
Vincent place. 

Italian Consul for Scotland, George Breen, 116 St 
Vincent street. 

Italian Vice-consul for Scotland, Thos. Gordon, 
116 St. Vincent street; ho. 15 Sardinia terrace, 

Monte Video and Uruguayan Consul, Thomas 
Law, 123 Hope street. 

Netherlands Consul, J. Van Raalte, 136 West 
Regent street. 

Norwegian Consul, J. 0. Leitke, 30 Gordon st. 

Ottoman Vice-consul, James Mutter, 9 8 W. George st. 

Peruvian Consul, John Alexander, 68 W. Regt. st. 

Portuguese Vice-consul, James Mutter, 98 W. Geo.st. 

Salvador Consul, A. S. Schaw, 150 Hope street. 

Spanish Consul, Don C. Do Pedroren'a, 147 West 
Regent st. ; Vice-consul, Don .Julio de Satories. 

Swedish Consul, J. 0. Leitke, 30 Gordon street. 

United States of America Consul, S. F. Cooper. 
113 West Regent street. 

Uruguayan Consul, Monte Video, Thomas Law, 
123 Hope street. 
Continental Daily Parcel Express, samples and 

parcels with the mails to all parts of the continent, 

17 Renfield st. 
Convalescent Sea Side Homes, Dunoon, Robert 

Hillhouse, secretary and collector ; office, 58 George 

Convent, Franciscan, 58 Charlotte street, Mary G. 

Sim, superioress. 
Convent, Sisters of Mercy, 60 Hill st., Gamethill. 
CONWAY, Rev. James, C.C, 4 Hill st., Springbum. 
Conway, John, pawnbroker, 55 High street and 13 

Bell street ; house, 2 Morris place, Monteith row. 
Conway, John, merchant, 49 Nelson street, city; 

house, 2 Morris place. 
Conway, John sheriff-officer and J.P. constable for 

Lanark and Renfrew counties ; ho. 141 Gallowgate. 
Conway, William D'Arcy, pawnbroker, 32 Nicholas 

street; house, 183 George street. 
Conway, Miss E., wine and spirit merchant, 11 Park 

place, Stockwell street ; house, 7 do. 
COOK, Alexander, grocer, 68 King street, city ; ho. 

140 Cumberland street, s.s. 
Cook & Co., wholesale job warehousemeft, 181 

Cooke, David (of Allan, Cooke, & Co.), house, 87 

Park road. 
Cook, David (of Cook & Co.), 8 Whitehill street. 
Cook, Finlay (of Henderson & Cook), ho. 10 Camp- 
vale, Crossmyloof. 
Cooke, Henry W., teacher of elocution, 319 Sauchie- 

hall street. 
Cook, Isaac, plasterer, 9^ Hunter street; house, 

353 Gallowgate 
Cook, James (of W. & J. Cook), house, 15 North 

Bm-n street. 
Cook, James S., file manufacturer, Broomloan File 

works, Govan ; house, 16 Ibrox ter.. West Govan. 
Cook, James, family grocer and wine merchant, 

545 Sauchiehall street; house, 377 Bath crescent. 
Cook, Jas., wine and spirit merchant, 55 Sauchiehall 

street; house, 150 Woodlands road. 
Cook, James (at J. & W. Graham's, C.A.), house, 

211 Dumbarton road. 
Cook, James, stationer and news agent, 182 North 

street, and 9 Buckingham buildings. Great Western 

road, Hillhead ; house, 162 North street. 





Cook, John, teacher, Hozier Street Public School ; ho. 

35 Glasgow road, Rutherglen. 
Cook, Joseph, tobacconist and news agent, Gl King 

street, s.s.; house, 25 Centre street. 
Cook, Mat., umbrella maker, 148 Crown street ; house, 

144 do. 
Cook, Peter, family gi'ocer and provision merchant, 

237 Great Western road ; house, 187 W. Prince's st. 
Cook, Sons, & Co., carpet manufacturers, London, 

33 Virginia street. 
Cook, Wilham, & Sons, saw, file, plane, edge-tool 

manufacturers, grinders, &c., Glasgow Saw and File 

Works, 24 Elliot street and 42 Havelock street, 

Cook, William, wine and spirit merchant, 169 Can- 
ning st., Calton ; ho. The Cairns, Cambuslang. 
Cook, Wm., plant superintendent, Caledonian Eaihvay, 

3 Germiston street ; house, 30 Lansdowne cres. 
Cook, Wm., sen. (of Wm. Cook & Sons), house, 10 

liamilton terrace, W., Partick. 
Cook, William, portioner, 169 Eghnton street. 
Cook, W. & J., heating and ventilating engineers, 

CO Wigton St. 
Cook, Wm. (of W. & J. Cook), house, 54 Bardowie st., 

Cook, Wm., jun, (of Wm. Cook & Sons), house, 7 

Radnor terrace. 
Cooke, William, stevedore, Quay; ho. 29 Clyde place. 
Cook, Wm., jun., ■wine merchant, 391 and 393 

Gallowgate ; house, Jane Bank, Cambuslang. 
Cook, Wm., writer (at Mitchell, Cowan, & Johnston's), 

house, 71 South Portland street. 
Cook, Mrs. Edward, hardware and fm'nishings, 41 

Pollok street. 
Cook Street Wea\ang Co., cotton spinners and 

power-loom cloth manufacturers, 18 Cook street; 

works, Blackburn. Linlithgowshire. 
COOKSON & Co., lead manufacturers, Newcastle-on- 

Tyne ; James Henderson, 97 Buchanan st., agent. 
COPLAND & Foulis, civil engineers and gas engineers, 

83 West Regent street. 
Copland, Hugh, pa-mibroker, 5 Preston street and 262 

London road; house, 291 do. 
Copeland, James (of John Norman & Co.), house, 1 

Thornville terrace, Hillhead. 
Copeland, James, & Son, drapers, 394 Crown street. 
Copeland, .John, missionary, 13 Holnihead street. 
Copland & Lye, drapers and warehousemen, 110 to 

116 Cowcaddens. 
Copeland, Moses, Commercial Bank; ho. 12 Gordon st. 
Copland, Peter, grocer, 40 and 127 M'Lean st. ; ho. 

113 do. 
Copland, Thos., tailor and clothier, 25 North Cobm-g 

Copeland, Thomas, hair, wool, and feather manu- 
facturer, hair mattress maker, 21 Bishop street, 

Anderston; house, 24 Cleveland street. — See Advt. 

in App. 
Copland, W. R., ci\'il engineer and land surveyor, 83 

West Regent street; house, 21 Sandyford place. 
Copland, Wilham, draper, 107 S. Portland st. ; house, 

7 Elgin ^^llas, Shawlands. 
Copland, Wm. (of Copland & Lye), house, 20 Glasgow 

street, Hillhead. 
Copenhagen Steam Packet office, James Currie & 

Co.. 40 St. Enoch square. 
COPESTAKE, Hughes, Crampton, & Company, lace 

and muslin merchants, London, Nottingham, and 

26 Buchanan street. 

CORBEL, E., & Co. (late Emil Eecipon), French 

leather manufacturers, Nantes, France ; A. J. 

Larke, agent, 51 Buchanan street. 
CORBETT, Andi-ew, engineer (of Manderson, Hutson, 

& Corbett), house, 20 Kelvinliaugh street. 
Corbett & Co., watch and clock makers, jewellers and 

material dealers, 20 Union street. 
Corbet, Daniel, fruTiitm-e warehouse, 132a Renfrew st.; 

house, 112 do. 
Corbett, James, di'aper and clothier, 31 South 

Apsley place. 
Corbet, Robert, brickmaker and builder. Newlands 

Brickworks, London road ; house, 25 Meadow Park 

street, Demiistoun. 
Corbet, Robert, watchmaker and jeweller, 58 Argyle 

arcade ; house, 2 Brougham terrace. Crossbill. 
Corbett, Rev. Joseph, minister, Camphill U. P. 

Church ; house, 39 Regent Park square. 
Corbet, Robert, jun., 46 Roslea drive, Dennistoun. 
Corbet, Walter, 25 Meado^vpark street, Dennistoun. 
Corbet, William A., merchant, 10 Bothwell street ; 

house, Carbrook, Helensbui'gh. 
Corbet, Mrs. Wm., 59 Elmbank street. 
CORBISIER, L., clerk (at Crailsheim & Heiman's), 

house, 140 Renfrew street. 
CORE, James, bookkeeper, 320 Duke street. 
Core, John, draper, 6 John street, Bridgeton ; house, 

92 Jlain street, do. 
Core, Wm., physician and sm-geon, Barnhill Poorhouse, 
CORLEY, Joseph, pawnbroker and jeweller, 17 East 

John street; house, 51 Whitevale st. 
Corfu Steam Packets, 267 Argyle street. 
Cork, Waterford, and Limerick Steamship Office, 

2 Oswald street. 
CORMACK, George, & Co., plumbers and gasfitters, 

18 Waterloo street. 
Cormack, James, & Sons, smiths, heating and ven- 
tilating engineers, 28 Waterloo street. 
Cormack, James (of James Cormack & Sons), house, 

153 Renfield street. 
Cormack, James, provision merchant, 15 Well street. 
Cormack, John B., cabinet maker, upholsterer, and 

bedding manufactm-er, 13 Shamrock street, west ; 

house, 11 do. 
Cormack, Wm. (of Jas. Cormack & Sons), house, 96 

Cambridge street. 
Corn Exchange, 81 Hope street. 
Com Trade Association (Glasgow), Anthony D. 

Hannay, secretary, 16 Hope street. 
CORNEIL, Peter, clothier and outfitter, 200 

CORNELLY, Edward, superinten. of comity police, 

Bm-gh Buildings, Hillhead, and 111 Brunswick 

street ; house, 100 North Frederick street. 
CORNET, James, 67 Elliot street. 
CORNIN, Michael, licensed broker, 54 Saltmarket. 
CoKPOHATiON Gas Office, 42 Virginia street; Wm. 

Foulis, manager ; Ales. Ross, treasurer. 
CORR, W. T., general manager (Glasgow Jute Co., 

Limited, 5 Ingram street), house, 2 Hillsborough 

square, Ann street, Hillhead. 
CORRIE & Craig, architects, 121 West Regent 

CORRIGAN, Matthew, & Co., engineers and machine 

makers, 15 S. St. Mungo st.; ho. 28 Tobago st. 
COESAR, David, & Sons, sail cloth manufactm-ers, 

Arbroath ; office, India court, 22 tlope street. 
CORSON & Currie, fish, ice, and oyster merchants, 

poulterers and game dealers, 15 Howard street. 





Corson, George (of Corson and Cunie), house, 12 

Rupert street. 
Corson, John, family grocer, 287 Paisley road. 
CORSTOEi-'HIN, John, tailor and ' clothier, 80 

Bedford street. 
Corstorphine, Alexander, grain merchant, Currie; at 

Whyte's hotel, 45 Candleriggs, every Wednesday. 
Corstorphine, Nathaniel, tailor and clothier, 9 

Adelphi street. 
Corstorphine, Wm., tailor and clothier, 93 London st. 
CORY Brothers and Co., coal merchants, Cardiff; 

agent, F. W. Allan, 120 Buchanan street. 
COSGROVE, Robert, broker, 370 South York street; 

house, 99 Rose street. 
COSSAR Brothers, fleshers, 463 Sauchiehall street. 
Cossar, Fotheringham, & Co., wholesale stationers, 

printers, and publishers ; publishers of Govern 

Chronicle and Partick Observer, 21 Clarence st., 

Cossar, James, wholesale stationer, 21 Clai-ence street; 

house, 324 Scotland street. 
Cossar, John (of Cossar, Fotheringham, & Co.), house, 

59 St. James' sti'eet. 
Cossar, Thomas, dairyman, 383 St. George's road. 
Cossar, Thomas, of Govern Chronicle., 14 Water row, 

Govan ; house, 324 Scotland street. 
COSSAET, Gordon, & Co., wine shippers, Madeira; 

agents, John Hopkins & Co., 25 Gordon street. 
COSTELLOE, M. R., surveyor of steam vessels, 

York street ; house, 189 Renfrew street. 
COSTIGANE Brothers, general warehousemen. 

Granite House, 187 Trongate. 
Costigane, Jolm T. (of Costigane Brothers), house, 2 

Broomhill drive, Partick. 
Costigane, Wm. (of Costigane Brothers), house, 19 

Argyle place, Partick. 
GOSTLEY, Wm., mason and builder, 52 Elmbank 

street; house, 62 Elderslie street. 
COTES, Merton R., wine and brandy importer and 

merc^hant. The Royal Hanover Hotel, 45 and 61 

Hanover street. 
Cotes, Merton R., proprietor, The Royal Hanover Hotel, 

45 to 51 Hanover street. 
COTTERELL, Wm., glass merchant and silverer, 9 

Paisley road ; house, 184 do. 
COUBROUGH, Anthony Park (of the Blanefield 

Printing Co.), Blanefield, Strathblane. 
Coubrough, Anthony Sykes (of the Blanefield Print- 
ing Co.), residence, 15 Berkeley terrace. 
Coubrough, Ellis Wood (of the Blanefield Printing 

Co.), residence, Blanefield, Strathblane, and 74 

Mosley street, Manchester. 
Coubrough, James M., wine and spirit merchant, 7 

Anderston quay ; house, 347 Dumbarton road. 
Coubrough, John (of the Blanefield Printing Co.), 

residence. New Club, and Blanefield, Strathblane. 
Coubrough, John, spirit merchant, 74 Havannah st. ; 

house, 49 Duke street. 
COULBORN, E. Rushton (of George Bennie & Co.), 

house, 5 Marchmont terrace, Victoria park. 
COULL, James, wholesale jeweller, 35 Oxford st. 
GOULSON Brothers, comiiussion merchants, 11 West 

Nile street. 
Goulson, Charles G. (of Steel, Coulson. and Co.), 

house, 1 Granby place, Hillhead. 
Coulson, Frank (of Steel, Coulson, & Co.), house, 

GaiTOwhill house, Baillieston. 
Coulson, George F. (of Steel, Coulson, & Co.), house, 
, 19 West BeUiavcn terrace. Great Western road. 

Coulson, George, jun. (of Coulson Brothers), ho. 19 

Belhaven terrace, Hillhead. 
COULTER, Robert, provision merchant, 121 Sister 

street; house, J21 Cubic street. 

Coulter, Thomas, tinsmith, gasfitter, bellhanger, and 

ironmonger, 157 and 159 Main st., Bridgeton, and 

201 Dalmarnockroad; ho. 182 Main st, Bridgeton. 

Coulter, William S., tailor and clothier, 45 John st. 

Coulter, William, jun., wine and spirit merchant, 43 

John street ; ho. 45 do. , 
Coulter, Mrs., 52 Tylefield street. 
Coulter, Janet, oils, colours, and hardwares, 58 Little 

street, Calton ; house, 20 Marlborough street. 
COUNCE, F. E. (of Lewis T. Merrow & Son), 

house, 1 Ibrox place. 
Council of Red Cross Knights (Masonic), 25 Robert- 
son street; T. M. Campbell, M.E., chief. 
County Fire Office, London (1806) ; Reid & Gait, 

C.A., agents, 217 W. Geo. &t.—See Adv. in App. 
County Fire Office, 192 Hope st., Colin Brown, agent. 
Comity Police Office, 111 Brunswick street. 
CouPAB Grange Farina Co., 8 BothweU street. 
COUPEES, Mrs., 9 Windsor street. 
COOPER, Alex. S., Royal Polyteclmic ; house, 130 

Woodlands road. 
Cooper, Archibald, warper,9 Graham sq.,ofi^Gallowgate 
Cooper, Craig, & Craig, accountants. The United 

Mercantile" agency, 110 St. Vincent street, 145 

Cheapside, London, E.G., and 18 St. Andrew's so., 

Edinburgh, &c. 
Cooper & Co., tea merchants and grocers, warehouse, 

Howard com-t, 12 Howard street ; branches, 309 

Sauchiehall street and 47 Great Western road, 

Hillhead ; office, 83 Jamaica street. 
Cooper, David (at R. & J. M. Hill's), house, 89 

John street. 
Couper, David, stationer and di-aper, 8 Clyde st., 

Anderston ; house, 6 do. 
Cooper, Edward, beadle of St. Mary's Episcopal 

chmxh ; house, 209 New City road. 
Couper, Hugh, wine and spirit merchant, 1 Canal 

St., Port Dundas; ho. 493 Gallowgate. 
Couper, Hugh, wholesale butcher, Moore street dead 

meat market ; house, 493 Gallowgate. 
Couper, James, fleslier, 286 Crookston street ; house, 

134 Naburn street. 
Couper, James, confectioner, 176 North street and 

160 J Dmnbarton road. 
Couper, James, jun. (of Jas. Couper & Sons, City 

Flint Glass Works), ho. 37 Lansdowne crescent. 
Couper, James, tertius (at City Flint Glass Works), 

house, 37 Lansdowne crescent. 
Couper, James (of C. Tennant & Co., St. Eoliox), 

residence, Craigforth house, Stirling. - 

Couper, James, & Sons, glass manufactm-ers. City 

Flint Glass Works, Kyle'st., off' Debbie's loan. 
Couper, James, sen. (at City Flint Glass Works), 

house, 5 Roseberry terrace, Great Western road. 
Couper, James, bootmaker, 75 Paisley road, w., and 9 

Parkgrove terrace, do.; house, 1 Livingston terrace, 

Paisley road. 
Cooper, James, boot and shoe merchant, 61 and 63 

Eglinton street ; house, 1 Livingston terrace, 

Paisley road. 
Cooper, James, boot and shoemaker, 303 Paisley rd.; 

house, 1 Livingston terrace. Paisley road. 
Couper, James, yarn merchant, 15 Smith's com-t, 53 

Candleriggs ; house, 20 Monteith row. 
Cooper, J. & R., timber merchants, 83 West Regent st. 




Conpar, John, draper and hosier, 417g- Gallowgate ; 

house, 6 Stonefield terrace. 
Cooper, John, mason and builder, 9 Dover street. 
Couper, John, confectioner, 36 Dumbarton rd. 
Couper, John G. (of Mann, ByarsJ & Co.), house, 

Hollybush villa, Cathkin road, Langside. 
Couper, John R., glass stainer, painter, and decorator, 

120 West Campbell street ; ho. 36 Dumbarton rd. 
Couper, Keir (of James Couper & Sons), house, 19 

Lansdowne crescent. 
Couper, Richard, fishmonger, 149 Crookston st. 
Cooper, Robert (of J. & E. Cooper), house, 4 Hol- 

born terrace, Kelvinside. 
Couper, R. & J., papermakers, Millholm, Cathcart. 
Cooper, Robert, 154 St. Vincent street ; house, Ash- 
burn lodge, Partick hill. 
Cooper, Robert M. (at Anderson & Shaw's), house, 

Gai-vald place, Uddingston. 
Cooper, Robert (of A. Zamorski & Co.), house, 8 

Franklin terrace. 
Couper, R., chemist and draggist, 176 Castle st. 
Couper, Scott, & Co., merchants, 71 West Nile st. 
Cooper, Samuel F,, United States Consul, 118 West 

Regent street. 
Cooper, Thomas, at Stonelaw Colliery office, 36 

Argyle arcade ; house, 101 Ardgowan street. 
Cooper, William, 371 New City- road. 
Couper, Wra. (of Couper, Scott, & Co.), house, 9 

Huntly gardens. 
Cooper, Mrs. Margaret, fruiterer and confectioner, 103 

Dumbarton road ; house, 8 Claremont street. 
Couper, Mrs., confectioner, 372 Paisley road; house, 

162 Dumbarton road. 
Cooper, Christina, boot and shoe merchant, 147 

Cooper, Helen, grocer, 50 Cambridge street. 
Couper, Robina, dressmaker, 103 Renfrew street. 
COURAGE & Co., brewers, London ; agent, M. M. 

Currie, 141 West Regent street. 
Court House, foot of Saltmarket ; P. Brown, keeper. 
COURVOISIER & earlier Freres, brandy shippers. 

Cognac ; J. G. Thomson & Co., agents, 47 Oswald st. 
COUSAR, John, & Co., linen merchants and sack 

manufacturers, 14 West Campbell street. 
Cousar, John (of John Cousar & Co.), house, 2 Aber- 

cromby terrace. Paisley road. 
COUSIN, Andrew (at Lang & Cousin's), house, 

Hawthomden, Cumbemaidd road. 
Cousins, David, tailor and clotliier, 4 Mains street. 
Cousin, James (of Lang & Cousin), house, 12 Park- 

gi'ove terrace. 
COUSLAND, Alexander, & Son, wire workers and 

wire-cloth manufacturers, 3 Mitchell street. 
Cousland, Alexander S. (of Allison, Cousland, and 

Hamilton), house, 42 Hill street. Garnet hill. 
Cousland, Archibald, & Co., paper-machine \A'ires and 

wire cloth manufacturers, and wire workers, 37 

Hunter street, off Gallowgate. 
Cousland, Joseph S. (of Alex. Cousland & Son), ho. 

37 Derby street. 
CousTONHOLM Weaving Company, power loom manu- 
facturers, 20 Springfield court, 68 Buchanan st.; 

factory, Pollokshaws. 
COUTTIE, Wm. W. (of Hood & Couttie, Saracen 

lane, Gallowgate). 
COUTTS, F., & Sons, acetopathists, 312 St. Vincent 

street; house, do. 
Coutts, James G. (at M'Millan & Marshall's), house, 

44 Dorset street. 

Coutts, James, taUor and clothier, 44 Dorset street. 
Coutts, Joseph, Royal bank, 130 Cowcaddens; house, 

486 St Vincent street. 
Coutts, Peter, grocer and provision merchant, 76 S. 

Wellington street ; house, 373 Govan street. 
Coutts, Thomas (of the Bon Accord Asphalte Co., 47 

Oswald St.), house, 50 Prince's street, Pollokshields. 
Coutts, William (of F. Coutts & Sons), house, 312 St. 

Vincent street. 
Cove & Kilcreggan Gas Co. (Limited), 212 

West George st.; Wm. Graham, C.A., secretary. 
COVENTRY, Andrew, wine and spirit merchant, 

1, 3 Cowcaddens and 175 West Nile street; 

house, 252 Buchanan street. 
Coventiy, Bogle, & Son, tinsmiths and gasfitters, 67 

Stevenson st. and 44 Clyde st, Calton ; ho. 95 

Abercromby street. 
Coventry, John, tinplate worker, 141 and 287 Gal- 
lowgate; house, 618 do. 
Coventry, John, 25 Montrose street. 
Coventry, Robert M'Gown, artist, 113 West Regent 

street ; house, 25 Montrose street. 
Coventry Elastic Weaving Co., Coventry (Limited) : 

boot webs ; John Nicolson, agent, 34 Argyle st. 
COWAN, Ales., manager and secretary, Glasgow and 

Paisley, and Glasgow, Barrhead, and Kihnamock 

Joint Railways, 26 Bothwell street; house, 14 

P'itzroy place. 
Cowan, Alexander (of Cowan & Laird), house, 18 

Stanley street. 
Cowan & Black, brush manufacturers, 55 Glassford st. 
Cowan & Co., general contractors and agents for 

North British, Glasgow, Barrhead, & Kilmarnock, 

Glasgow and Paisley Joint Railways, and Belfast . 

Royal Mail Steamers ; head offices, 8 and 10 North 

Queen street ; receiving offices, 228 London road, 

Bridgeton, 23 King street, Tradeston, 6 Jackson 

street, and 48 Robertson street; stables. North 

Oswald street. 
Cowan, Charles, provision merchant, 30 Hutcheson 

square ; house, 26 do. 
Cowan, Daniel (of Douglas, Cowan & Co.), house, 

13 Grafton square. 
Cowan, David, chartered accountant and sharebroker, 

41 St. Vincent place. 
Cowan, D., & Co., shipbrokers, insurance agents, and 

general commission merchants, 54 Broomielaw. 
Cowan, D. (of D. Cowan & Co.), ho. 13 Grafton sq. 
Cowan & Drj'-sdale, drysalters and dyewood manufac- 

tm-ers, 124 Renfield street. 
Cowan, H. D., (at A. & E. Sandeman's), house, 14 

Great George street, Hillhead. 
Cowan, Henry, & Son, millwrights and engineers, 12 

Ruby street. 
Cowan, Henry, 13 St James ten'ace, Hillhead. 
Cowan James, bell and brass founder, 11 and 13 

Hydepark street ; res. Fairfield Villa, Langside. 
Cowan, James, leather merchant, 76 Stevenson street 

and 22 Orr street; house, 20 Monteith row. 
Cowan, James (of Cowan & Co.), res. Barrhead. 
Cowan, James (of Cowan & Drysdale), house, 5 

Hampden terrace. Mount Florida. 
Cowan, J. L., architect, LA., 103 West Regent street ; 

house, 27 Bute terrace, Strathbungo. 
Cowan, John, 296 Dumbarton road. 
Cowan, John, & Co., ship brokers, 27 Oswald street; 

house, 85 Pollok street. 
Cowan, John (of Wm. Cowan & Sons), house, 4 

Derby street. 




Cowan, John, draper and hosier, 316 Duke street; 

house, 320 do. 
Cowan, John, jun., Union Bank of Scotland ; house, 

36 Cumberland street, soutL 
Cowan, John B., M.D., consulting physician, pro- 
fessor of materia medica in the University of 
Glasgow ; house, 159 Bath street. 
Cowan, Joseph, architect, 145 West Graham street. 
Cowan, Lachlan, writer (of Mitchells, Cowan, & 

Johnston), house, BaiThead. 
Cowan & Laird, match, blacking, and firelight manu- 
facturers, diysalters, and manufacturing chemists, 
26 Candleriggs. 
Cowan, M'Taggart, civil engineer, 137 West Regent 

street; house, 27 Ashton terrace, Hillhead. 
Cowan, Robert, M.D., 379 Gallowgate ; house, 9 

Seton terrace, Dennistoun. 
Cowan, Robert, innkeeper, 11 Kent street. 
Cowan, Robert, gi-ocer and provision merchant, 46 

Parliamentary road ; house, 109 do. 
Cowan, Robert G. (at James Shaw & Co.'s), house, 

Ashton villa, Pollok road, Shawlands. 
Cowan, Walter, bookseller, Bazaar; ho. 13 Binnie pi. 
Cowan, Wm. (of Macgeorge, Cowan, & Galloway), 

house, 5 Bumbank terrace. 
Cowan, William, & Sons, wrights and builders, 91 

and 93 Bishop street. Port Dundas. 
Cowan, Wm., street property valuator, 91 Bishop st.. 

Port Dundas ; house, Wemyss villa,, Cambuslang. 
Cowan, Wm. B. (at Wm. Dixon's, Limited, 1 Dixon 

street), house, 14 Shaftesbury terrace. 
Cowan, Wm., furniture dealer, 45 Main street, s.s. 
Cowan, Wm., lime-stone, cement, and fire clay goods 

merchant, 192 Eglinton street. 
Cowan, Wm. F. (at Mr. Binnie's, 207 Hope street), 

house, 2 Beaufort terrace. Crossbill. 
Cowan, Mrs. Agnes, gi'ocer, wine, and spirit merchant, 
93 Dalmamock rd. ; house, 3 Graham st., Bridgeton. 
CowcADDENS Free Chm-cb, Maitland street ; Rev. G. 

Kerr, minister; house, 90 Buecleuch street. 
Cowcaddens Post Office Receiving House, Money 
Order Office, Telegraph Ofiice, and Savings Bank, 
155 Cowcaddens ; Thomas Adamson, i-eceiver. 
COWE, Hugh (at Whyte Brothers'), 234 Crown st. 
COWIE, Archibald, coal master; box, Royal Ex- 
change ; house. Alma Vale, Airdrie. 
Cowie, A., & Co., iron founders, ironmongers, and 

coal merchants, 18 Dumbarton road. 
Cowie, A. (of A. Cowie & Co.), house, Oakvale. 

Cowie, David, M.B.C.M., 71 Wilton street. 
Cowie, James, commercial traveller, Elmbank Foun- 
dry ; residence, 6 Albert drive. Crossbill. 
Cowie, John R., Strathclyde Coal Co., 49 Jamaica 

street), house, Oakvale, HiUliead. 
Cowie, John, confectioner and fruit merchant, 172 
Dumbarton rd. ; ho. 15 Alexander st., Sandyford. 
Cowie, John, lathsplitter, 69 Elcho street; house, 

510 Gallowgate. 
Cowie, Elizabeth, gi-ocer, 13^ Washington street; 

house, 13 do. 
COWLISHAW, Nicol, & Co., of Manchester; W. S. 

Sawers, agent, 157 St. Vincent street. 
COWPER, John, mason and builder, 9 Dover st. 
COX, Denis, clothes merchant, 14 East Howard st. 
Cox, John B. (at Hugh Watt & Co.'s), residence, 

70 Roslca drive. 
COYLE, Peter, lathspHtter, 101 West street, Calton; 
house, 221 Gallowgate. 

Coyle, Thomas, & Co., watchmakers and jewellers, 

162 Great Hamilton st. ; house, 241 Buchanan st. 

COYNE, Thomas, spirit merchant, 28 Well street, 

Calton; house, 28 do. 
CRABB, Alexander, wine and spirit merchant, 166 

Main st., Gorbals ; house, 107 Hospital street. 
Crabb, John (of John Hedderwick & Co.), house, 

Winningmore villa, Langside. 
CRABBIE, John, & Co., rectifiers and distillers, 17 

Oswald street. 
CRADOCK, George, & Co., Wakefield, wire and hemp 
rope manufacturers ; agents for Scotland, James 
Anderson Snell & Co., 68 Bath street. 
Craddock, J. C. B. (of Knaggs & Co., 489 Sauchie- 

hall street), house, 1 Loudon terrace, Hillhead. 
CRAIB, Rev. Alex., Wardlaw Congi'egational Church; 

house, 190 Bellfield street. 
Craib, James, late Inland Revenue; ho. 112 St, 

George's road. 
CRAIG, Alexander, joiner and builder, 46 Kelnn 

street ; house, 7 West Prince's street. 
Craig, Alexander, provision merchant, 401 Garscube 

road ; house, 10 Steven street. 
Craig, Alexander, stevedore on the Harbour, 61 

Pollok street. 
Craig, Alex., agent for W. & T. Aveiy's agate brass 
beams and Gilbert's tea canisters, bins, and cad- 
dies, 4 Woodlands road. 
Craig, Alex., bookseller, stationer, and relief stamper, 
29 Stman terrace, Crossbill ; house, 11 Alexandra 
place, do. 
Craig, Alexander, agent. National Bank of Scotland, 

15 Main st., Anderston; ho. 8 Lindsay terrace. 
Craig, Alexander, ironmonger, news agent, and oil 
merchant, 296 North Woodside road; ho. 298 do. 
Craig, Alex. T. (of James Craig & Son), house, 264 

St. Vincent street. 
Craig, A. F., M.D., 457 New City road; house, 63 

Great Western road, Hillhead. 
Craig Brothers, wholesale wooUen cloth merchants, 

189, 191 Argyle street. 
Craig & Buchanan, writers, 176 West George street. 
Craig & Co., confectioners, 271 Paisley road. 
Craig, David, hatter, 369 Argyle st.; house, 407 St. 

Vincent street. 
Craig, David, contractor, 81 Gamgad road ; house, 4 

Tharsis street. 
Craig, David, fruiterer and greengrocer, 405 Argyle 

street; house, 414 do. 
Craig, David (of Craig & Buchanan), house, 2 

Hayfield terrace, Langside. 
Craig & Donald, engineers and machine tool makers, 

William street, Johnstone. 
Craig, Drysdale, contractor, 156 BothweU street. 
Craig, E. Cunningham, teacher of singing, 2 Belmont 

teiTace, Hillhead. 
Craig, George, hat and cap manuf., 182 Argyle st. 
Craig, Henry (of Brown & Craig), house, 374 New 

City road. 
Craig, Hugh, artiste, 14 Wemyss place, Hill street. 
Craig, Hugh B., billiard rooms, 109 Argyle street; 

house, 393 New City road. 
Craig, James, 62 Howard street; ho. Allan Cottage, 

Craig, James, architect, 121 West Regent street; 

residence, Balvaird, Rutherglen. 
Craig, James, resident inspector for the Gresham 
Life Assurance Society, 68 Bath street ; house, 115 
North Montrose street. 

G 2 





Craig, James, pastiy baker and confectioner, 19 Cow- 

caddens ; house, 22 Garscadden street. 
Crai"", James, wine and spirit merchant, 170 Houston 
St. and 120 Crookston st.; house, 3 Cumbrae place. 
Craig, James, ship master (Henderson Brothers), 2 

Cecil street, Paisley road. 
Craig, James, senior (at Cooper, Craig, & Craig's), 

house, Westfield terrace, Partick hilL 
Craig, James, joiner and general merchant, 177 

Saltmarket ; house, 37 Maxwell st., Pollokshaws. 
Craig, James, & Son, wine and spirit merchants, 137a 

St. Vincent street. 
Craig, James, jun. (of James Craig & Son), house, 

264 St. Vincent street. 
Craig, James, grain and provision merchant, 47 King 

street, Tradeston ; house, 95 Gloucester street. 
Craig, J. & M., manufacturers of fire-clay goods, 98 

Commerce street ; Alexander Murray, agent. 
Craig, J. Richardson (of Craig Brothers), residence, 

Craigard, Gom'ock. 
Craig, John, pa\vnbroker, 156 Main st., Anderston ; 

house, 492 St. Vincent st. 
Craig, John, fret cutter, turner, stair railer, and 
carver, 94 Paterson street, Kingston; ho. 1 Bel- 
mar terrace, Pollokshields. 
Craig, John, & Son, plasterers and cement merchants, 

234 West George street ; ho. 7 Holland place. 
Craig, John, collector of police, &c., assessments. 
Police buildings, 13 Tobago st.; ho. 1 Roslea drive. 
Craig, John, tea merchant and grocer, 292 Garscube 

road ; house, 1 Granville place, CrosshiU. 
Craig, John, grocer and provision merchant, 152 

Eglinton street ; house, 154 do; 
Craig, John (of J. & R. Pritchard & Co.), house, 2 

Lome terrace, Pollokshields. 
Craig, John. 136 West Graham street. 
Craig, John, 16 Abbotsford place. 
Craig, John S., oil merchant and paint manufacturer, 
62 Howard street; works, 54 Paterson street; 
house, Sunnyside, Uddingston. 
Craig, John, wine and spirit merchant, 22 Aber- 

cromby street; house, 212 Duke street. 
Craig, John, & Son, engineers and millwrights, 78 

East Hill street ; house, 212 Duke street. 
Craig, John, church officer, St. Matthew's church, 

North street ; house, 390 St. Vmcent street. 
Craig, John (of E. & J. Craig), residence, Netherlea, 

Craig, John, restaurateur and confectioner, 101 Union 

street ; house, Muir Park, Partick. 
Craig, John (of Steel & Craig), house, Spriugburn, 

Craig, Peter, wholesale and retail ironmonger, ship 
chandler, tinsmith, and gasfitter, 60 Jamaica st. ; 
house, Arran villa, Ibroxholm. 
Craig, Peter, slater, 64 Graeme street; ho. Craigston 

villa, St. Andrew's road, Pollokshields. 
Craig, Rev. Robert, M.A., professor E.U. Hall, Mon- 
trose Street E.U. Church ; ho. 5 Alexandra parade, 
Craig, Robert, wright, Cai-fin street, Cathcart road ; 

house, 4 Gilbert place, do. 
Craig, Robert, spirit merchant, 18 W. Campbell st. 
Craig, R. Hunter, & Co., commission merchants and 

produce brokers, 67 Hope street. 
Craig, R. Hunter (of R. Hunter Craig, & Co.), resi- 
dence, Falkland Bank, Partick hill. 
Craig, Robert, 57 Miller st. ; ho. 45 Bank st., Hillhead. 

Craig, Robert, cashier (Glasgow Millboard Co., 
Limited, Pollokshaws), house, 415 Eglinton street. 

Craig, Robert (of R. & J. Craig), res. Netherlea, Partick. 

Craig & Hose, lead, paint, colour, and varnish 
manufacturers, oil merchants and drysalters, 110 
Wellington street, city; also at 172 Leith walk, 
Edinburgh, and 75 New Southwark st, London, S.E. 

Craig, Robert, tailor and clothier, 214 Broomielaw ; 
house, 3 Carrick street. 

Craig, R. & J., shipowners, 175 St. Vincent street. 

Craig, Robert, victualler, 765 Gallowgate ; house, 

58 ^^^litevale street. 

Craig, Robert, grocer, 515 Gallowgate. 

Craig, Robert P. (of Craig Brothers), house, 2 

Nithsdale place, Paisley road. 
Craig, Thomas, house factor, Janefield Brickworks, 

London road ; house, 3 Whitevale street. 
Craig, Thomas, hay and grain merchant, 201, 203 

Claythorn street. 
Craig, Thos., commercial lodgings and trades club 

house, 20 Candleriggs. 
Craig, Thos., & Co., moulders' blacking manufacturers, 

254 Debbie's loan. 
Craig, Walter, jun., whiting and salt merchant, 47 and 

59 King street, city; house, Colbeg, Baldernock, by 

Craig, \Vm,, consulting engineer and valuator, 46 
Main street, Bridgeton. — See Advt. in App. 

Craig, William, wine and spirit merchant, 46 West st. 
and 36 Eglinton st. ; ho. 22 Albert drive. Crossbill. 

Craig, William (of Andrew Muirhead & Co.), house, 

Craig, William, tailor and clothier, 53 Duke street ; 
house, 108 Wellpark terrace, 

Craig, William B., drysalter and oil merchant, 196 
Hope street; house, 2 Lancaster terrace. Great 
Western road. 

Craig, Wm., of Burnbrae, 24 St. Vincent crescent. 

Craig, Wm., grocer and provision merchant, 134 
Duke street; house, 132 do. 

Craig, Wm., provision merchant, 127 Crown street; 
house, 400 South York street. 

Craig, Mrs. A., boot and .shoe furnishings, 28 Prince's 
street ; house, 63 Vine street, Oatlands. 

Craig, Mrs. James, china, glass, and earthenware mer- 
chant, 91, 93 King street, city; house, 22 Bute 
terrace, Strathbungo. 

Craig, Mrs. William, Barrhill house, GourocL 

Craig, Mrs., fruiterer, 4 Douglas street; house, 21 
Minerva street. 

Craig, Mrs., dairy keeper, 343 Govan street. 

Craig, Miss E., hatter, 183 Cowcaddens street; house, 
407 St. Vincent street. 

Craig, Miss, milliner, 183 Pitt street. 

Craig, Janet, Lochwood dairy, 274 Eglinton st. 

Craighall Storage Co., grain weighers and store- 
keepers. Port Dundas. 

Graigneuk and Sunnyside Collieries, 127 St. Vin- 
cent street. 

Ckaigton Cemetery Co. (Limited), office, 24 George 
square; John Gom-lay, C. A., manager. 

CRAIGIE, And., ii-onmonger, 15 Bridgegate; house, 
6 Guildry com't. 

Craigie, John A., clerk of the Govan Parish School 
Board, 10 Both well st.; ho. 6 Broomhill drive, Partick. 

CRAILSHEIM, A. (of Crailsheim & Herman), 20 
Woodside terrace. 

Crailsheim, Edward (of Crailshenn & Herman), house, 
20 Woodside terrace. 




Crailsheim & Herman, foreign and colonial merchants, 

2 Victoria buildings, West Regent street. 
Crailsheim, Mrs. A, 20 Woodside terrace. 
CEAMB, John, 65 Jamaica st. ; residence, Hermitage 

house, Helensbm-gh. 
Cram, W. R., & Co., calico printers, 14 Prince's sq. 
Cram, W. R. (of W. E. Cram & Co.), house, 19 St. 

Vincent crescent. 
Cramb, Misses, fm'nishings and di'essmaking, 7 

Strathearn place. Paisley road ; house, do. 
CRAMSIE, John, bookseller, stationer, and tobac- 
conist. Great Hamilton street Post OiRce, 160 Great 

Hamilton street; house, 166 do. 
CEAN, J., commercial trav., 57 South Portland st. 
CRANSHAW, John, diysalter, 63 St Vincent street. 
Cranshaw, John, paper merchant, 63 St. Vincent st. 
CRANSTON, Loudon, adjuster of dislocations (at 

Joseph Minto's, 16 Killermont street). 
Cranston, Robert, proprietor, Warerley Temperance 

Hotel, 185 Buchanan street. 
Cranston, Robert, 11 Jamaica street. 
Cranston, Stuart, & Co., tea salesmen, 76 Ai-gyle st. 

and 69 Gallowgate; ho. 91 Sauchiehall st. 
Cranstonhill Baking Co., 7, 9, 11 Houldsworth st. 
CRAVEN, Alexander, N.S. Savings Bank; ho. Ill 

Great Western road. 
CEAWCOUR, Mrs. F., 407 St. Vincent street. 
CRAWFORD, Alex., baker, 69 Parliamentaiy road; 

house, 71 do. 
Crawford, Rev. Alex. M., of Brownfield Chmxh, 68 

Brown street; house, 4 Sutherland ten, Dowanhill. 
Crawford, Andrew, grocer and wine merchant, 55 and 

57 Eutherglen road ; house, 63 Abbotsford place. 
Crawford, Andrew, 448 Argyle street. 
Crawford, Andrew, & Co., diysalters, 47 Waterloo 

street; stores, 464 York street, south, 
Crawford, Andrew (of A. Crawford & Co.), house, 50 

Kelvingrove street. 
Crawford, Andrew, 28 Titwood place, Strathbungo. 
Crawford, Andrew, brassfounder and plumber, 79 

Finnieston street; house, 339 Dumbarton road. 
Crawford & Bain, brassfounders, plumbers, &c., 79 

Finnieston street. 
Crawford, Bell, & Co., fancy dress, skirting, and shirt- 
ing manufacturers, 21 Cochran street; goods and 

workers, 19 do. 
Crawford Brothers, provision merchants, 139 Stob- 

cross street. 
Crawford Brothers, flax spinners, linen and shoe 

thread manufacturers ; mills, Beith ; George William- 
son, agent, 7 Croy place. 
Crawford, Charles (at Carslaw and Henderson's), ho. 

6 Allanton terrace. Crossbill. 
Crawford, Cornelius, fancy paper box maker, 23 

Wilson street. 
Crawford, Cree, & Co., wool brokers and general com- 
mission agents, wool stores and offices, 115 Stirling 

road; cart entrance, 83 St. James' road; yarn 

sample room, 14 Princes' square. 
Crawford, Daniel, wine merchant, 81 Queen street ; 

house, 6 Marchmont ter., Victoria Park, Hillhead. 
Crawford, David, die, stamp, and seal engraver, 43 

Eenfield street; ho. 7 Hampden ter.. Mount Florida. 
Crawford, David, timber merchant (at Thos. Lamb & 

Son's), house, 329 Sauchiehall street. 
Crawford, D., jr., & Co., dyers and finishers, 20 

Tureen street. 
Crawford, David, agent, Queen Insurance Co., 153 

Queen street. 

Crawford, D., jun. (of D. Crawford, jun., & Co.), ho- 

6 Annfield place. 
Crawford & Dochard, cabinet makers & upholsterers, 

23 Craignestock street ; house, 39 Edmund street. 
Crawford, Easton, & Co., calenderers and packers, 81 

Buchanan street, 9 Gordon st., and 82 Mitchell st. 
Crawford, Ebenezor (of J. & E. Crawford), Eagle 

Foundry, Port Dundas. 
Crawford, Hugh, house carpenter, 201 and 203 North 

Woodside road ; house, 73 Park road. 
Crawford, James, dairyman, 142 King street, Calton ; 

house, 140 do. 
Crawford, James A. (at Merry & Cunninghame's), 127 

St. Vincent street. 
Crawford, James, jun., grocer and provision merchant, 

126 Garngad road; house, 20 Ronald street. 
Crawford, James K., 36 South Cumberland street. 
Crawford, James, traveller, 130 Hunter street ; house, 

13 Wellpark street. 
Cra^vford, James, traveller (at A. & R. Tod's, Crown- 
point flom- mills), ho. Woodside walk, Hamilton. 
Crawford, James, commercial traveller, representing 

C. Davidson & Sons (Limited), Aberdeen ; house, 

36 Apsley place. 
Crawford, James R., 20 Cumberland street, s.s. 
Crawford, James, joiner, 143 St Vincent lane ; ho. 

80 Scott street, GarnethQl. 
Crawford, James, cashier (at John & James Thom- 
son's), ho. 150 Victoria street, Hillhead. 
Crawford, James, grocer and provision merchant, 165 

Grseme street ; house, 167 do. 
Crawford, James, brickbuUder, 7 Whitevale street. 
Crawford, James, chmxh officer, Bath street U.P. 

Church ; house, Holland street 
Crawford, James, jun., gi-ocer and provision merchant, 

114 Garngad road; house, 20 Ronald street. 
Crawford, James, commission agent, 119 Virginia 

place ; house, 3 Northumberland street, CrosshilL 
Crawford, James, wine and spirit merchant, 143 Broad 

street. Mile-end ; house, 70 Fordneuk street. 
Crawford, James, wine and spirit merchant, 491 

Egiinton street. 
Crawford, James P., tailor and clothier, 70 Oxford 

street ; house, 32 Abbotsford place. 
Crawford, John, 25 Ai-gyle st. ; house, 97 M'Aslin st. 
Crawford, Jn., editor and literatem-, 60 Abbotsford j)l. 
Crawford, .John, hay and grain merchant, 128 Main 

street, Anderston ; house, 12 Minerva street. 
Crawford, John (of Crawford Brothers), house, 52 

Catherine street, Anderston. 
Crawford, J. & G., fmiiishing ironmongers, 287 

Sauchiehall street ; house, 329 do. 
Crawford, John, spirit merchant, 32 Main street, 

Bridgeton ; house, 10 do. 
Cra-«^ord, John (of Robert Crawford & Son), house, 

13 East Crawford street. 
Crawford, John, house factor andinsm-ance agent, 71 

George square ; house, 42 Dundas street, city. 
Crawford, John (of Brown & Crawford), house, 195 

New City road. 
Crawford, John D., teacher of drawhig, architectm'al, 
engineering, mechanical, and model drawing, paint- 
ing in oil and water colours, 18 Newton street. 
Crawford, John, hatter, 228 Buchanan street ; house, 

88 St. George's road. 
Crawford, John & Ebenezer, ironfounders. Eagle Iron 

Foundry, North Canal Bank, Port Dmidas. 
Crawford, John, house factor (of Crawford & 
Shearer), house, 51 Landressy street, Bridgeton. 




Crawford, John (of John Crawford & Co, 37 

Hutcheson street), house, 3 Viewfield ten-ace, 

Daniley street, Pollokshields. 
Crawford, John, wood carver, 39 Cranston street ; 

house, 60 Dorset street. 
Crawford, John, hand-made putty manufacturer, agent 

for the sale of Irish, English, and Scotch limes, 

Portland and Roman cements, stucco and fii'e-clay 

goods, white glazed bricks, &c.; secretary for Master 

Masons' Association of Glasgow; works, 41 Railway 

arch, Greenside lane, oiF Main street, Gorbals; ho. 

98 Gloucester street, Kingston. 
Crawford, John, baker, 191 New Dalmarnock road; 

house, 3 Ruby street. 
Crawford, John, wine and spirit merchant, 143 Argyle 

street; ho. 167 West Regent street. 
Crawford, John (of John Crawford & Co., metal 

brokers), house, 251 Renfrew street. 
Crawford, John, fruiterer and greengrocer, 214 

Gallowgate and 2 and 4 East Campbell street ; 

house, 206 Gallowgate. 
Crawford, John, general and law printer, lithographer 

and engraver, 71 George square; ho. 42 Dundas 

Crawford, John, wine and spirit merchant, 31 South 

Portland street ; house, 66 do. 
Crawford, John, & Co., metal brokers and agents for 

the Roslin Gunpowder Co. (Limited), 57 W. Nile st. 
Cra\vford, John, & Co., tea merchants, 37 Hutche- 
son street. 
Crawford, John, clothier, watchmaker, and jeweller, 

7 Canning st. ; house, 3 do. 
Crawford, Joseph G. (at Carslaw & Henderson's), 

house, 60 Abbotsford place. 
Crawford, Matthew (of Thomas Leadbetter & Co.), 

house, 48 Houston street. 
Crawford, M., hive-water manufr., 168 Gallowgate. 
Crawford, M. & J., confectioners, 186 Gallowgate ; 

house, 168 do. 
Crawford, Rev. Matthew, Duke st. U.P. Church ; 

house, 5 Clayton terrace, Dennistoun. 
Crawford, Peter, restam-ant, 446 Gallowgate. 
Crawford, Peter, detective officer, Northern Police 

Office ; house, 160 Cowcaddens. 
Crawford & Purvis, millwrights, engineers, and 

machine makers, 73, 75 Clyde street, Calton. 
Crawford, Robert (of Bums, Crawford, & Co.), ho. 

6 Hampden terrace. Mount Florida. 
Crawford, Robert (at C. Morrison & Sons'), house, 

4 Findlay street. 

Crawford, Robert, pork butcher, 103 Stockwell st. ; 

house, 6 Morris place, Monteith row. 
Crawford, Robert C, 154 St Vincent street ; house, 

5 Clairmont gardens. 

Crawford, Robert, & Son, wi-ights and funeral under- 
takers, 11 East Crawford street and 552 Duke 
street ; house, 558 do. 

Crawford, R., yarn merchant, 16 Newton street. 

Crawford, R. (of Crawford, Bell, & Co.), house, Cal- 
side, Paisley. 

Cra-ivford, Robert (of Crawford & Stewart), house, 
4 M'Aslin street. 

Cra^vford, Robert (of W. & R. Crawford, painters), 
house, 7 Margaret street. 

Crawford, Robert, spirit merchant, 82 Dundas street ; 
house, 3 Killermont street. 

Crawford & Shearer, house factors, 234 Thistle 
street, s.s. 

Crawford & Stewart, wrights, 24 Renfrew street. 

Cra-R'ford, Thomas (of Somerville, Crawford, & Co.), 

house, 10 Seton terrace, Dennistoun. 
Crawford, Thomas, accountant and sheriff officer, 48 

Newmarket street, Ayr; house, 11 Queen's ter., do. 
Crawford, Thomas, writer (of Cullen & Crawford), 

house, 48 Shamrock street. 
Crawford, Thomas W., wholesale and retail manu- 
facturing watchmaker and jeweller, electro-plater, 

and gilder, 296 Argyle street; house, 40 West 

Campbell street. 
Crawford, Thomas F. (of Robertson & Co.), ship 

broker, Royal Exchange ; house, 14 Dunmore ter. 
Crawford, W. B., writer, 104 West Regent street ; 

house, 4 May ten-ace. Mount Florida. 
Crawford, William, house factor and collector, 11 

West Nile street ; house, 13 Norwood terrace, Ann 

street, Hillhead. 
Crawford, William, plmnber, 13 Oxford lane. 
Crawford, William, tin and coppersmith, 46 Muse 

lane ; house, 6 Steven street. 
Crawford, William (of Cra^vford & Purvis), house, 

125 Bernard street. 
Crawford, William (of Crawford, Cree, & Co.), ho. 

5 Clairmont gardens, west. 
Crawford, William, commission agent, 95 Hutcheson 

street; house, 56 Dundas street, Kingston. 
Crawford, W. P. (of W. & R. Crawford, painters), 

house, 3 Francis street. 
Crawford, W. & R., painters and decorators, 411 

Eglinton street. 
Crawford, William, commission agent, 4 North Ex- 
change com"t; resid. Mount Pleasant, Uddingston. 
Crawford, Wm., baker, 82 Main st., s.s.; ho. 260 do. 
Crawford, Wm. W., shirt, duck, and slop manufac- 

tm-er, 45 Montrose street; house, 388 Duke street. 
Crawford, William, wine and spirit merchant, 289 

Crookston street. 
Crawford, William, teacher of music, 32 Abbots- 
ford place. 
Craivford, Wm., grocer, 56 J Thistle street, s.s. 
Crawford, Wm. C. (of Eagle Foundry, Port Dundas), 

house, 1 Kelvinside terrace, north, Hillhead. 
Crawford, Mrs. John, 3 'Whitevale street. 
Crawford, Mrs. Mary, wine and spirit merchant, 62 

Bernard street ; house, 64 do. 
Crawford, Mrs., Waverley Hotel, 234 Sauchiehall st. 
Crawford, Mrs., ladies' nm-se, 1 Richard street. 
Crawford, Mrs., green grocer, 83 Shamrock street. 
Crawford, Miss Margaret, wine and spuit dealer, 

775 Gallowgate ; house, 777 do. 
Crawford, Ellen, waitress, 1 Richard street. 
Crawford, Jessie, milliner, 82 Canning street; house, 

166 James' street, Bridgeton. 
Crawford, Marion Cook, furnishing, 54 Gt. Hamilton 

CRAWHALL & Campbell, engineers, machinists, 

and tool makers, Elliot works, Finnieston lane, 

Finnieston quay. 
CREAK, Mrs., teacher of di-awing and painting, 12 

Wilton terrace, New City road. 
CREA:\IER, WOliam J., pawnbroker, 70, 72, and 74 

Brown street, Bridgeton ; house, 68 do. 
CREE, Alexander, & Co., cabinetmakers, upholsterers, 

and carpet warehousemen, 34 Both well street ; 

works, 75 Port street. 
Cree, Alex, (of Alex. Cree & Co.), house, 1 Clifton 

place, and Woodneuk, Rahane, Koseneath. 
Cree, David, pawnbroking manager, house, 16 

Keyden street, s.s. 





Cree, John G., watchmaker and jeweller, 58 Queen 
street ; house, 405 Sauchiehall street. 

Cree, John, jun., & Co., wholesale stationers, importers 
of papers, straw boards, &c., 17, 21, 23 Royal Ex- 
change sq. ; cart entrance, 74 Buchanan st. ; work- 
shop and store, 57, 59, 61 North Hanover sti'eet. 

Cree, Renison, & Co., ship and insurance brokers, 24 
Oswald street. 

Cree, R. Scott, treasurer, 70 Bell street ; house, 7 
Rosebeny terrace. 

Cree, Robert T., Lands Valuation office, 24 Ingram 
street ; house, 23 CarnaiTon street. 

Cree, Thomas S. (of John Cree, jun., & Co.), house, 34 
Burnbank gardens. 

Cree, Wm. J. (of Crawford, Cree, & Co.), ho. Ingle- 
side, Lenzie. 

Cree, Mrs. John, 405 Sauchiehall street. 

Cree, Mrs., 34 Bm-nbank gardens. 

Cree, Miss, 4 West Garden street. 

CREIGHTON, Robert, butter and egg merchant, 131 
Dumbarton road. 

Creighton, William C, grain weigher, 42 Robertson st.; 
house, 37 Wallace Grove place, Shields road. 

CREISCHER, Pien-e J., Fils, woollen yarn merchant, 
185 Buchanan st. ; ho. Waverley Temperance hotel. 

CRERAR, Graham (of Edgar & Crerar), house, 4 
Argyle terrace, Crossliill. 

Crerar, John, & Co., clothiers and outfitters, 349 

CRESS Y, John Zell, commander R.N., Emigration 
office, 7 York street. 

CREWDSON, Isaac (of Crewdson & Porteous), 5 Cecil 
place, Paisley road. 

Crewdson & Porteous, agents for W. S. Shuttleworth 
& Co., London, 69 Great Clyde street. 

Crewdson & Worthington, cotton manufacturers, 
Manchester ; 77 Queen street. 

CRICHTON Brothers, brassfounders, tube and shovel 
makers, and iron forgers, Britannia Works, Coat- 

Crichton, G., spirit dealer, 352 Townmill road and 67 
Castle street ; hoifse, 354 Townmill road. 

Crichton, George (of J. & W. Neilson & Co.), house, 
8 Montgomerie crescent, Kelvinside. 

Crichton, George P., family grocer and wine mer- 
chant, Pollokshields. 

Crighton, H. F., artist, 141 St. Vincent street ; 
house, Kilmun. 

Crichton, James, watchmaker and jeweller, 137 Tron- 
gateand 84 Argyle St.; resid. Muirendho., Cathcart. 

Crichton, James (of Pringle & Crichton), house, 
Forrest cottage, St. John's road, Pollokshields. 

Crichton, John, clerk (at Burns, Aiken, & Co.'s), ho. 

24 Willowbank street. 
'Crichton, John F., agent for F. Hammersley & Co., 
' 11 Maxwell street; house, 164 Woodlands road. 

Crichton, John, engraver, 22 Ai-gyle street ; ho. 46 
Caledonia road. 

'Crichton, Thomas, fish merchant, 114 Main street, 

Crichton, W., wholesale tea merchant, 47 Waterloo st. 
irichton & Winning, well sinkers, 119 Westmuir 
street, Parkhead. 
irichton, Mrs. Robert, 6 Lauriston place, Govan rd. 
Wchton, Mrs. William, 17 India street. 

Crichton, Mrs., 34 Claremont street. 

CRICK, T., & Co., wholesale and export boot and 
shoe manufacturers, Leicester ; W. M. Pearson, 6 
Hope street, agent for Scotland. 

CRICKMORE, Hen., portrait engraver, 4 Oxford st. 

CRINEAN, Charles, cutter at N. Carsewell's, 459 
Paisley road ; house, 71 Renfrew street. 

CRITCHLEY, George, bootmaker, 190 Duke street. 

Critchley, Thomas, church officer, 123 N. Dundas st. 

CROALL, D. S., commission merchant, 26 Ingram st. 

Croal, James, builder and proprietor, 108 Garngadrd. 

Croal, Wm., stock paper merchant, 88 Glassford st. ; 
house, 476 Crown street. 

CROCKET, Alexander, basket maker, 75 Great 
Hamilton street ; house, 220 Hope street. 

Crockett, D. J. (of Christie & Crockett), residence, 
Lindsay house, Old Cathcart. 

Crockatt, George (of W. G. & W. Crockatt), house, 3 
Park street, east. 

Crockatt, William, jun. (of W. G. & W. Crockatt), 
house, 447 Sauchiehall street. 

Crockatt, W. G. & W., merchants, 35 Virginia street. 

Crocket, William, basket maker, 28 Saltmarket st. ; 
house, 13 Crown street. 

Crockatt, Misses, dressmakers, 278 Bath street. 

Ckofthead Collieries, Fauldhouse; G. W. Muir, 
150 Hope street; res. Blantyre farm, Blantyre. 

Crofthead Coal Co.; George Mackenzie, coalmaster, 
74 Bath street ; house, 179 West Regent street. 

CROFTS, David, salesman (at Bayne & Duckett's), 
house, 33 Hutcheson square. 

Croggon & Co., 59 George square, felt manufac- 
turers, perforated and plain zinc merchants, gal- 
vanized and corrugated iron, galvanized buckets, 
iron church and house builders ; Henry Mogg, 
manager, 12 Royal terrace. 

CROIL, Thomas, & Co., merchants, 58 Renfield st. 

CROLEY, David, dressing case maker and stationer, 
41 Great Western road; house, 7 Rupert street. 

Croley, Miss, stay maker, 7 Rupert street. 

CROLL, George, tinsmith and gasfitter, 40 Bruns- 
wick street. 

Croll, James, smith and machine maker, 200, 202 
Rottenrow ; ho. 1 North Ure place, 185 Rottenrow. 

Croll, John (at John Cree, jun., & Co.'s), house, 3 
Maiybank terrace, CrosshiU. 

Croll, Wm. (at A. & J. Inglis), ho. 61 Elderslie st. 

CROMAR, Dick, & Co., drapers and milliners, 151 
Cumberland street, s.s. 

CROMBIE, Archibald (of Stewart & M'Donald), resi- 
dence, 15 Woodside crescent, and Broomknowe, 
Prestwick, AjTshire. 

Crombie, Francis, tea merchant and gi-ocer, 28 Stob- 
cross street and 132 Nelson street, Tradeston ; ho. 
11 Pitt street. 

Crombie, Thomas, umbrella manufact., 62 Main st., 
Anderston ; house, 76 Douglas street. 

Crombie, W. R., agent, West-end branch, City of 
Glasgow Bank, 174 Argyle street ; house, 12 
Ashton terrace, DowanhUl. 

Crombie, William, Aberdeen fish merchant, general 
gi'ocer and provision merchant. 111 West George 
street; house, 123 do. 

CRON, Andrew, ironmonger, cutler, tool and gun 
maker, 46 Trongate ; house. Shields road, Pol- 

Crone, Richard, tailor and clothier, 131 Canning st. 

Ceonstadt and Leith Steamers; James Gardiner, 
agent, 43 Renfield street. 

CROOKS, Adam H., butcher, 91 West Scotland st., 
Kinning park, and 21 West Scotland street. Plan- 
tation ; house, 145 Ardgowan street. 

Crooks & Melville, surgeon dentists, 341 Bath crest. 




Crooks, Mrs., 341 Bath crescent. 

CROOKSTON, David D., cashier. Ibrox, Bishop- 

briggs, Bumbrae, and Caldwell Collieries ; ho. 75 
Hospital street. 
Crookston, George, & Son, coal masters, Aikenhead 

CoUiery, Mount Florida; house, 11 Lome place, 

Mount Florida. 
Crookston, George B., grain and commission mer- 
chant, 1 Hill street, Garnet hill. 
Crookston, Wm. (at Wishaw Coal Co., 20 Dixon 

street), house, 47 North Albion street. 
Crookston, Wm., treasm-er's department, Caledonian, 

EaUway ; house, 1 Hill street. Garnet hilL 
GROOM, John, 2 Hillsborough terrace. Billhead. 
CROSBIE, Ai-chibald (manager at Wm. White & 

Sons', 15 Gibson street), house, Lily Bank cottage, 

Crosbie, C. B., tobacconist, 301 Cumberland street ; 

Iiouse, 59 Abbotsford place. 
Crosbie, Campbell, & Co., sewed muslin manufac- 
turers, 138 Holm street. 
Crosby, James, draper and outfitter, 255 Paisley rd. ; 

house, 10 Avon street. 
Crosbie, James, church officer and colporteur. Barony 

Free Church ; house, 45 Castle street. 
Crosbie, James, manufacturer, 138 Holm street ; ho. 

4 West Prince's street. 
Crosbie, John (of W. Porteous & Co.), ho. 106 North 

Frederick street. 
Crosbie, Wm., patternmaker, 48 Camden street. 
CROSHER, Edward (of Wm. Crosher & Co.), ho. 

324 Scotland street. 
Crosher, John M. (of W. Crosher & Co.), house, 

368 Scotland street. 
Crosher, Joseph, herbalist and druggist, 63 Green st., 

Calton ; house, 55 do. 
Crosher, Wilham, & Co., screw-bolt and rivet manu- 

factm-ers, Portman street, Kinning park. 
CROSS, Alexander, & Sons, seed merchants, manm-e 

manufacturers, importers of Peruvian guano, nitrate 

of soda, linseed oil cakes, etc., 51 Argyle street; 

warehouses, Washington st.; manui-e works, Canal 

Bank, Port Dundas. 
Cross, Alexander (of Alex. Cross & Sons), house, 14 

Woodlands ten-ace. 
Cross, A., jun. (of A. Cross & Sons), ho. 25 Park cir. 
Cross, Andrew, cutler, ironmonger, tool and gun 

maker, 46 Trongate ; house. Shields road. 
Cross, Andi-ew, restaurateur. Gaiety Eestam-ant, 42 

Sauchiehall street ; house, 4 Killermont street. 
Cross, David (of Alex. Cross & Sons), 25 Park circus. 
Cross, George, tea broker, 33 Virginia street ; resid. 

30 Prince's street, PoUokshields. 
Cross, Hemy B., canal officer, 30 Grove street. 
Cross, James, colliery fm-nisher, 47 Oswald street; 

house, 44 King street, s.s. 
Cross, John, inspector. 111 Brunswick street. 
Cross, R. (at G. & J. Burns'), ho. 39 West-end Park st. 
Cross, Thos., agent, 11 Dundas street; house, 36 

Armadale street, Dennistoun. 
Cross, Wm. (of WyUie, Cross, & Co.), ho. 4 Park st. E. 
Cross, Wedderspoon, & Co., merchts.,49 W. George st. 
Cross, Wm., & Co. shawl and cloaking manufacturers, 

20 South Frederick street and 53 Cochran street. 
Cross, Mrs., 4 Park street, east. 
Crosse, Mrs. George, perfumer, 6 Buchanan street ; 

house, 244 Great Western road. 
Crosse, Mrs. George, hosier and glover, 43 Sauchiehall 

street ; house, 244 Great Western road. 

CEOSSAN, David, wine and spirit merchant, 71 
Dumbarton road and 497 St. Vincent street; ho. 
77 Dumbarton road. 
Crossan, James, spirit merchant, 92 King street, 

Calton; house, 458 Gallowgate. 
Crossflat Lime Co., lime masters, 88 Bath street; 

works, Muirkirk ; depot. West street. 
CROSSLE Y, T. B., commission merchant, 71 Queen st. 
Crossmyloof Loaf Factory. Bread Shops : — 
140 Crown street, Hutchesontown. 

49 Rutherglen road, do. 
165 Upper Main street, Gorbals. 

29 Oxford street, Lam-ieston. 
139 Crookston street, Kingston. 
45 Main street, Anderston. 
59 Dumbarton road. 
219 New City road. 
178 Garscube road. 

21 Findlay street, Cowcaddens. 
119 Castle street, St. EoUox. 
250 George street. 
171 High street. 

66 King street, city, off Trongate. 
158 Duke street. 
239 Gallowgate. 
578AGallowgate, Bellgrove. 
19 Canning street, Calton. 
54 Main street, Bridgeton. 
204 London road. 
Office at Adelphi Cotton Works, Hutchesontown. 
CROUCH, William, civil engineer, 175 Hope street ; 

house, 10 Shaftesbmy terrace. 
Crouch's Parcel Express, parcels forwarded daily 
to all parts of the world, 55 St. Vincent street; 
Arthur Ferrier, agent; house, 76 EldersHe street. 
CROW, Thos., cabinet maker, 147 North street ; ho. 

104 Berkeley street. 
CEOYiTN Brewery, 796 Gallowgate, GiUespie, Gray, 

Crown Filter Co., water filter manufacturers, 66 

Bishop street. Port Dundas. 
Crown Hotel, 54 George square; Wm. Nicholson, pro. 
Crown Iron Works, Coatbridge, Banks & Stewart, 

agents, 30 Hope street. 
Crown Life Assurance Co. of London, Jas. Watson 

& Smith, 40 St. Vincent place, agents. 
•Crown Pottery, 47 Garngad hill. 
Crown Sale Halls, 98 Sauchiehall street; Morrison, 

Dick, & M'Culloch, auctioneers. 
Ceownpoint Boiler Works, Crownpoint road, and St. 

Marnock st.. Mile-end ; A. Nicholson & Co. 
Crownpoint Flour Mills, 824 Gallowgate, A. & R. Tod. 
CROY, Mrs. E., chandler, 21 Hill street, Anderston. 
CRUDEN, Andrew Jackson, draper and hosier, 185 

Gallowgate ; house, 5 Morris place. 
CRUICKSHANK, Adam (of Cruickshank & M'Mil- 

lan), house, 10 Bute terrace, Strathbungo. 
Cruickshank, Arthur (of Wilson & Cruickshank), 

house, 23 South Portland street. 
CiTiickshank, Edward, 23 South Portland street. 
Cruickshank, Eraser, & Co., oil, grease, and tallow 

merchants, 27, 29 Carlton court. Bridge street. 
Cruickshank, F. J. (at Stewart & M'Donald's), house, 

3 Apsley place. 
Cruickshank & Fulton, British, Colonial, and 
Foreign Patent agents, 135 Buchanan street. — See 
Advt. in App. 




Cruicksliank, G. Macaulay, patent agent and consult- 
ing engineer, 135 Buchanan street; ho. 14 Nelson 

ten-ace, Hillhead. 
Cruickshank, Geo. (of Cruickshank, Fraser, & Co.), 

house, 11 Great Wellington street. Paisley road. 
Crookshanks, Jas., spirit merchant, 22 Kinning st. ; 

house, 7 do. 
Cruickshank, James (of R. Cruickshank & Son), 

land and property valuator, 67 Bothwell street ; 

house, 63 Moray place. West Cumberland street. 
Crookshanks, James, spirit merchant, 21 Vermont st., 

Kinning Park ; house, 7 Kinning street. 
Cruickshank, Rev. James M., minister St. Rollox 

U.P. Church ; ho. 3 Fir Park ten-ace, Dennistoun. 
Cruickshank, J. & E., wholesale stationers, 79 and 

85 Candleriggs. 
Cruickshanks, J. J. H. (of Dowell & Cruickshanks), 

house, li Nelson terrace, HilUiead. 
Cruickshank, John (at Alex. Paul & Co.'s), house, 

Rosebank, Bearsden, New Kilpatrick. 
CruickshanlvS, John, tea merchant and grocer, U 

Elderslie street. 
Cruickshank, John, 2 Berlin pi., Shields rd., PoUok- 

Cruickshank, M. (at Summerlee Iron Co.'s), house, 

99 Breadalbane terrace. 
Cruickshank & M'MUlan, produce brokers, 15 Ingram 

street, east. 
Cruickshank, Robert Alex., 67 Bothwell street; ho. 

63 West Cumberland street. 
Cniickshank, Robert (English Baking Co., 15, 17, 

19 South Portland street), house, Norwood, 

Lenzie Junction. 
Cruickshanlv, R. H. agent, 59 Robertson st. ; house, 

5 Dowanvale terrace, Partick. 
Cruikshank, Robert, & Son, Caitlmess, Arbroath, 

granite, stone, and fireclay merchants, 67 Bothwell 

street and 67 Crawford street. Port Eglinton. 
Cruickshank, Wm., accountant, 3 West Campbell st. 
Ci-uickshank, W. R., consul for Chili, 101 St. Vincent 

Cruickshank, Wm., & Co., merchants, 101 St. Viu- 

cent street. 
Cruickshank, W. R. (of Wm. Cruickshanlv & Co.), 

house, 22 Newton place. 
Cruickshank, William, sen. (of Wm. Ci-uickshank & 

Co.), house, Craigroy, Dunoon. 
Cruickshank, Wm. (at John Heddermck & Co.'s), 6 

Campvale, Crossmyloof. 
CRUM, Alexander, of Thornliebank, 4 West Regent 

street ; residence, Thornliebank house. 
Crum, Hugh B. (of Grahames, Cram, & Spens), 

house, 1 South Park terrace, Hillhead. 
Cram, John (of MacLaren, Cram, & Co.), residence, 

Haggs castle, PoUokshaws. 
Crum, John (at Anderson & Shaw's), ho. 126 North 

Frederick street. 
Crmn, John, stationer and account-book manufac- 
turer, 75 Buchanan street. 
Crum, Thos. W. (at Robert Bowie's, 50 W. Howard 

street), ho. 99 Govan street. 
Crum, Walter, & Co., calico printers, 4 West Regent st. 
CRUMLISH, James, spirit merchant, 244 Garscube 

road ; house, 6 Finnieston street. 
Crmnlish, WUliam, pawnbroker, 163 Garscube road; 

house, 384 St. George's road. 
[CRUSE & Fils Frk-es, wine shippers, Bordeaux; 

Robertson & Baxter, agents, 48 West Nile st. 
!CULLEN & Crawford, writers, 121 West Rea;eut st. 

Cullen, Gavin (of Wise & Cullen), house, 88 

Gloucester street. 
Cullen, Hugh, brick builder, 28 Gardner street. 
Cullen, James, writer (of Cullen & Crawford, 121 
West Regent street). 

Cullen, Jas. B. (at James Osborne & Co.'s), 18 
WiUowbank crescent. 

Cullen, John, grain, meal, flom-, hay, and straw 
merchant, 247 Gallowgate ; stores, 35, 37, 39 
Cubic street ; house, 9 WhitehiU street. 

Cullen & M'Kellar, brassfounders, 22 Union place, off 
North street ; house, 44 West Bothwell street. 

Cullen & Pollock, wholesale watchmakers and jewel- 
lers, 67 Buchanan street. 

Cullen, Robert, pastry baker and spirit merchant 
16 Canning street, Calton ; house, 2 William st. 

Cullen, Walter C, gi-ocer, 135 New City road; ho. 
30 Grove street. 

Cullen, Wm., cowfeeder, 16 Annfield street. 

Cullen, Wm., teacher, Bluevale Sessional School, 564 
Duke street ; house, 8 Tarbet street. 

CULLEY, Jas. (at Montgomerie & Turnbull's), house, 
211 Hospital street. 

CuLLiPOOL Slate Co. ; office, 34 London street. 

Cumberland Foundi-y, 168 Gallowgate, Moses 
M'Culloch & Co. 

Cmnberland Iron Mining and Smelting Co. (Limited), 
Millorn; John E. Swan & Brothers (Limited), 
agents, 161 W. George street. 

"Cumberland" training ship; sec, R. D. Douglas 
111 Brunswick st. ; treas., E. S. M'Harg, 7 Royal 
Bank place. 

Cumbernauld Fire Clay Co., manufacturers of 
fire bricks and blocks ; depot, head of Canal street, 
Port Dundas ; works, Cmubemauld ; tOTN-n office, 
71 Queen street. 

GUMMING Brothers, wholesale boot and shoe 
manufacturers, boot factors, leather merchants, and 
commission agents, 142 Trongate ; retail branches, 
122 Cowcaddens, and 2 London street, comer of 

Gumming, Fran., property joiner, 14 Comely Park st; 

Gumming, G., photographer, 62 Jamaica street. 

Gumming, George, sorting clerk, P.O.; ho. 4 Ward st. 

Cumming, Rev. Dr. J. Elder, minister of the parish 
of Sand}iord ; ho. 8 Buckingham terrace, Hillhead. 

Cummliig, James, sm-geon-dentist, 86 Bath st. — 
See Advertisement in Appendix. 

Cumming, James Simpson, M.D. and sm-geon, con- 
sulting rooms, 230 Main street, Anderston ; house, 
310 St. Vmcent street. 

Gumming, James, 132 Mains street. 

Cununing, James, writer, 154 West Regent st.; house, 
114 Berkeley street. 

Cummmgs, James, coal merchant, Mid wharf. Port 
Dundas ; house, 361 New City road. 

Cumming, John, grocer, 186 West Nile st.; ho. 184 do. 

Cumming, John (of Cumming & Tweedale), 271 
SauohiehaU street. 

Gumming, Robert, manager (at R. F. & J. Alexander 
& Co.'s), house, 229 Duke street. 

Gumming, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 63 
Stobcross street ; house, 10 Oxford street. 

Cumming, Robert, bootcloser, 99 Govan street. 

Cmnming & Smith, upholstery trimming manufac- 
turers and wholesale cabinetmakers and uphols- 
terers, 108 Argyle street. 

Cmmning & Tweedale, clothiers, 40 Union street, one 
stair up. 





Gumming, Thos. A., family draper and boys' clothier, 

119 Stirling rd. ; ho. 110 North Frederick street. 
Gumming, Thos. (of Gumming & Smith, 108 Argyle 

street), ho. 4.9 Woodlands road. 
Gumming, Wm., 6 Meadowbank crescent, Partick. 
Gumming, William (Tharsis Sulphur & Gopper Go., 

Limited), house, 20 Lawrence place, Partick. 
Gumming, Mrs. A., underclothing, hosiery, and small 

wares, 208 Sauchiehall street. 
Gumming, Miss Annie, draper, 14 Easton terrace. 

Paisley road. 
GUMMISKEY, James, musician, 209 High st. 
GUNDELL, A. G. (of Fullarton, CundeU, & Go.), 87 

Union street. 
GUNLIFF, Eichard S., British and African Steam 

Navigation Go., 175 W. George street; residence, 

Garlton House, Stirling. 
GUNNINGHAM, Alexander, boot and shoemaker, 

41 Jamaica street ; house, 48 Inglefield street. 
Gunningham, A., hardware merchant, 613 Duke st. ; 

house, 617 do. 
Cmmingham, Andrew, 195 West George st. ; house, 

257 St. Vincent st. 
Gunninghame, Andrew, town-clerk-depute. City 

Chambers ; house, 125 Bath street. 
Cunningham, Archibald, wright and builder, 9 Graf- 
ton street ; house, 17 Holmhead street. 
Gunningham Brothers, painters and paperhangers, 

150 London street ; ho. 9 James Morrison street. 
Gunningham, Charles, G. (at Aird & Thomson's), 

house, 38 Gladstone street. 
Gunningham, David, bookbinder, 39 Devon street. 
Gunningham, David, teacher of English and classics 

at Rev. S. ConneU's West-end Academy, 29 St. 

George's road ; house, 15 West-end Park st. 
Cunninghame, David, die sinker, stamp and seal 

engraver, and embossing press manufacturer, sole 

agent for parallel motion endorsing machines, 40 

Buchanan street ; house, 12 Valeview terrace, 

by Crossbill. 
Gunningham, E., Bank of Scotland; house, Langside. 
Cunningham, Gavin, provision merchant, 152 Hous- 
ton st. ; house, 26 Wallacegrove place, Watt st. 
Cunningham & Henderson, winters, 93 W. Eegent st. 
Cunningham, H., clerk (at John Stewart & Go.'s, 30 

Oswald street), house, 4 Woodlands road. 
Cunninghame, J. C. (of Merry & Cunninghame), res. 

Craigends, Johnstone. 
Cunningham, J. & D., drysalters and commission 

agents, 84 George street. 
Cunningham, J. M., assistant manager, Clydesdale 

Bank ; house, 3 Grown circus, Dowanhill. 
Gunninghame, J. M. (of J. & D. Gunningham), 

house, 11 Balmano street. 
Cunningham, James, bootmaker, 162 Hope street; 

house, 117 Hill street, Garncthill. 
Cunningham, James, janitor, E. C. Normal School, 

Dundas vale. 
Cunningham, James, bleacher, 230 Berkeley street ; 

house, 17 Kelvinhaugh street. 
Gunningham, Jas., & Sons, bleachers and finishers, 

West Arthurlie, Barrhead ; house of call, Kerr & 

Richardson's, 89 Queen street. 
Gunningham, James, colliery salesman, 36 Ronald st. 
Cunningham; James, oils, colours, and hardwares, 34 

M'Lean street. 
Cunningham. John E., produce merchant and com- 
mission agent, 41 Ann street ; house, 7 Kersland 


I Cunningham, John, hardware, oils, and colours, 123 

West Scotland street; house, 122 Henderson st. 
Cunningham, J. R., jun., 149 West George st. ; house. 

2 Kelvin drive, Hillhead. 
Cunningham, John, fruiterer, 107 Crown street. 
Cunningham, John, & Co., paint manufacturers, oil 

and colom" merchants, drysalters, home and foreign 

glass dealers, &c., 39 St. James' street, Kingston. 
Cunningham, John (of J. Cunningham & Co.), ho. 

105 South Portland street 
Cunningham, John, dairyman, 11 Richard street.. 
Cunningham, John, stationer, bookbinder, bookseller, 

and account book mannf actui-er, 42 Adelphi street, 

s.s. ; house, 89 Main street, s.s. 
Guninghame, John (of Merry & Guninghame, 127 

St. Vincent st.), residence. The Pavilion, Ardrossan. 
Gunningham & Lennox, measurers, 92 West Nile st. 
Gunningham & M'Haffie, cement manufacturers, 26 

E. Market street; house 326 Duke street. 
Cunningham, Mark, boot maker, 16 M'Kinlay street : 

house, 18 do. 
Gunningham & Messer, coach and horse hirers, 2 

Titwood place, Strathbungo. 
Gunningham, Michael (of Cunningham & Lennox), 

house, Livingston ten-ace, Uddingston. 
Cunningham, Thomas Stewart, clothier, 152 Salt- 
market ; house, 160 do. 
Cunningham, T. S., stockbroker, 135 Buchanan st. ; 

house, 19 Hillsborough square, Hillhead. 
Gunningham, William, gi-ain weigher, 1 Robertson 

street ; ho. 104 Blythswood terrace, Bothwell st. 
Cunningham, William, wine .ind spirit merchant, 10 

Anderston quay; house, 12 Anderston quay. 
Cunningham, Wm. (at M. Robin & Son's), house, 

622 St. Vincent street. 
Cunningham, Wm. M. (of Cunningham & Henderson, 

93 W. Regent St.), ho. 4 Hillsborough ter., Hillhead.' 
Gunningham, Wm., tobacconist and cigar merchant, 

158 St. George's road ; house, 5 Shamrock street. 
Cunningham, Wm., 13 Hamilton ter. w., Partick 
CuNNiNGHAsi Free Church, Govan street; Rev. 

Alex. Andrew, minister. 
GUNNION, Michael, flesher, 82 King st.; ho. 64 do. 
Cunnian, Patrick, butcher, 153 Grown street ; house, 

7 Park place, Stockwell street. 
Cunnian, Patrick, wine and spirit merchant, 129 

Crown street, and 163 & 165 Eutherglen loan ; 

house, 7 Park place, Stockwell street. 
GURLE, John (of M'Spnon & Potter), house, 276 

Paisley road. 
Cm-le, Robert (of Barclay, Curie, & Co.), house, 12 

Crown gardens, Dowanhill. 
GUROE, John, general jobbing smith, 8 Wemyss pL, 

Hill street; house, 55 Crossburn street. 
CURRAN,Rev. Thomas, R.C. priest, 36 Portugal st. 
CURRER, Robt., district superintendent, Caledonian 

Railway, Buchanan st., 3 Germiston st. ; house, 30 

Florence place. 
CURRIE, Adam (at Hugh Watt & Go.'s), residence. 

Bridge of Allan. 
Currie, Alexander, baker, pastiy cook, and confec- 
tioner, 28 Westminster terrace, Sauchiehall street; 

house, 20 Kelvingrove street. 
Currie, Alexander, wine and spirit merchant, 105 

Dale street, s.s. ; house, 101 do. 
Currie, Alexander (of Corson & Gurrie), house, 45 

Apsley place. 
Currie, Andrew, 22 West Nile street; house, 13 Pai-k 

Grove terrace. 




Cim'ie, Charles, wine and spirit merchant, 56 Hut- 

cheson street ; house, 4 Carnarvon street. 
Currie and Co., cement merchants ; agents for J. C. 

Johnson & Co., Gateshead-on-Tyne, 19 Waterloo st. 
Currie & Co., lithographers and engravers, 52 

Howard street. 
Currie, David (of Macgregor, Currie, & Co.), house, 

121 North Montrose street. 
CuiTie, David, 75 Abbotsford place. 
Currie, Donald, wine and spirit merchant, 190 Pol- 

lokshaws road ; house, 48 M'Kinlay street. 
Currie, James, passenger agent, N.B. Railway, Queen 

street station. 
Currie, James, & Co., steam-ship agents ; agents for 

Leith, Hull, and Hamburg Steam Packet Co., 

Forth and Clyde Shipping Co , Leith-Newcastle 

Steam Packet Co., Donald Currie & Co., London 

and Liverpool ; 40 St. Enoch square. 
Currie, James, bootmaker, 23 St. George's road ; 

house, 81 Shamrock street. W. 
CmTie, J., & Co., general drapers, milliners, dress- 
makers, &c., 324, 326, 328 Paisley road; ho., 85 

Shields road. 
Currie, John P., cement, plaster of Paris, and 

white mineral merchant ; agent for Charles Francis, 

jun., and Co., Isle of Wight, and Joseph Robinson 

and Co., Carlisle, 19 Waterloo street ; house, 286 

Renfrew st. — See Advt. in App. 
Cm-rie, John (at John Clark, jun., & Co.'s, Mile-end), 

house, 4 Great Hamilton street. 
Currie, John, chemist and druggist, 84 Eglinton st, 

64 Crown street, and 4 Eglinton ten'ace ; house, 

14 Abbotsford place. 
Currie, John, pharmaceutical and dispensing chemist, 

479 Sauchiehall street, 223 Dim:ibarton road ; ho. 

199 Renfrew street. 
Currie, John, measurer, 80 Renfield street ; house, 

166 Slatefield street, Dennistoun. 
CmTie, John (at John Ferguson & Brothers), resi- 
dence, Fairfield, Kilmalcolm. 
Currie, Lachlan, spirit merchant, 180 Stobcross street; 

house, 93 Port street. 
Currie, Malcolm M., wine merchant, 141 West Regent 

street ; house, 4 Carnarvon street. 
Currie, Malcolm, commercial traveller, 4 Elm row, 

Edinburgh ; house, 9 Albert drive, CrosshiU. 
Currie, Neil N., shipping agent, 40 St. Enoch square ; 

house, 45 Great Western road. 
Currie, Peter M., at 110a Wellington street ; house, 

84 Rupert street. 
Currie, Rae, & Co., silk mercers, drapers, and clothiers, 

Ailsa buildings, 120 High street, Ayr. 
Currie, Robt., paper ruler and manufacturing stationer, 

62 Argyle street; house, 58 Dundas st., Kingston. 
Currie, Robert, hatter, 115 Canning street ; house, 

3 Market street, east. 
Currie, Robert, house factor, 256 Scotland street. 
Cunie, Thomas, letter-carrier, G.P.O. ; house, 11 

Myrtle street. 
Currie, Thomas, contractor, 19 Brown pi., Clarendon 

street. Particle. 
1 Currie, Thomas, broker, 24 Duke street and 47 

Havannah ; house, 26 Duke street. 
Currie, Walter, family grocer and spirit dealer, 78 W. 

Scotland street ; house, 2 Caprera place. 
Currie, Wm., broker, 20, 22, and 24 Saltmarket. 
Cun-ie, W. C, coal agent and register for servants, 62 

Sandgate street, Ayr. 
(Cun-ie, Wm., victualler, 13 George street ; ho. 23 do. 

Cmi-ie, William, flesher, 118, 120 Canning street, 

Calton; house, 131 do. 
Currie, William, salesman, 197 Hunter street. 
Currrie, W. R. (of the Campbellfield Potteiy Co.), 

house, 2 Roscbeny terrace, Great Western road. 
Currie, Mrs. M., furnishings, 139 Abercromby st. 
Cun-ie, Mrs. P., 2 Rosebei-ry ter., Great Western rd. 
Cun-ie, Mrs., cook, 138 West Graham street. 
Currie, Mrs. W., draper, 56 Struthers street; house, 

3 Market street, east. 
Currie, Sarah, milliner, 12 Rose street, Gamethill. 
CURTIS, Frederick, spirit merchant, 9 Taylor street; 

house, 9 Garden street. 
Curtiss & Harvey, gunpowder manufacturers, Lon- 
don; John Gray, jun., agent for Scotland, 24 

George square. 
Curtis, Wm., inspector, engineers' dept. ; house, 

Daisy street, Cathcart road. 
CURWOOD, John (of Smith, Curwood, & Co.), house, 

12 Regent square, Lenzie. 
CUSTANCE, WilUam, teacher of music (at R. J. & R. 

Adams), 97 West Graham street. 
Cdstom-House, 94 Great Clyde street. 
Custom-House vaults, 100 Great Clyde street. 
CUTHBERT, Rev. Alex., M.A., minister of the U.P. 

Church ; house, 14 Newton ten-ace. 
Cuthbert, Alex., & Son, boot and shoe makers, 209 

Paisley road ; residence, Newtonhead, Ayr. 
Cuthbert, Alex. A., manager, Nobel's Explosives Co. 

(Limited), 149 W. George st.; ho. 14 Newton tei*. 
Cuthbert, Arthur, draper, 188 Hospital street. 
Cuthbert, James (of Clyde Shipping Co.'s), house, 4 

Keir terrace, PoUokshields. 
Cuthbert, James (manager at J. & P. Cameron's), 31 

Dundas street. 
Cuthbert, John, upholstei-y trimming manufacturer, 

64 Howard st.; ho. Carse cottage, Old Cathcart. 
Cuthbert, John, saddler, 379 Paisley road and 67 

Bridge street ; house, 65 do. 
CUTHBERTSON, D. & A., Provan, & Strong, 

chartered accountants, 110 West George street. 
Cuthbertson, James, plumber, 1 Doon ten-ace, Pol- 

lokshields ; house, 2 do. 
Cuthbertson, John Neilson, chemical and produce 

broker, 29 Bath street; house, 25 Blythswood sq. 
Cuthbertson & Leishman, wrights, 6 Buccleuch lane. 
Cuthbertson, Matthew (of Cuthbertson & Leishman), 

house, 4 West Graham street. 
Cuthbertson, Maxwell C, accountant, 65 W. Regent 

street ; house, 6 Cecil place. Paisley road. 
Cuthbertson, Robert, painter, 12 Trongate. 
Cuthbertson, R. & W., wool and cotton waste mer- 
chants, and engine waste manufacturers, Mile-end 

Mill, 96 Brook street. 
Cuthbertson, Robt. (of R. & W. Cuthbertson), house, 

76 Armadale street. 
Cuthbertson, Thomas (of R. & W. Cuthbertson), 

house, 11 Broompark terrace, Dennistoun. 
Cuthbertson, Thomas, grocer, 38 West Bothwell st. 
Cuthbertson, Miss, 37 Elmbank crescent. 
CUTHEL, Andrew, teacher, 398 Sauchiehall street. 
CUTHILL, Misses, dressmakers, 104 S. Portland 

CUZEN, Allan, 284 London street. 
CwMFELEN Works & Colliery Co. (Lunited), tinplate 

manufacturers and colliery proprietors, Swansea; 

agent, Thos. Hannay, 21 St. Vincent place. 
Cyprus and Glasgow Steam Packet Office ; Hender- 
son Brothers, agents, 47 Union street. 





CZARNIKOW & Boog, sugar brokers, Virginia 

Czaniikow, C. (of Zarnikow & Boog), ho. Elm court, 

Mitcham, Surrey. 


Dacca (the) Twist Co., dyers, bleachers, spinners, and 

manufacturers, 22 South Frederick street. 
Dade, Lowden, & Co,, solo agents for Hen- F. 

Krupp's patent "Silicate Cotton" for boiler cover- 
ing, oil merchants, &c., 29, 31 Greenhill street, 

head of Bishop street. — See Advt. in App. 
DAHL, Alfred, & Co., manufacturers, 45 Montrose 

street; house, 21 Kelvingrove street. 
Daily Mail Office, 106 Union street. 
Daily Review newspaper office, 166 Buchanan street. 
DAIRES, Capt. Wm. (at G. & J. Burns'), house, 9 

Albert drive, Crossbill. 
DAIRON, James, plasterer, 4 Garden st., Towaihead; 

house, 16 Whitehill street, Dennistoun. 
DAKERS, Robert, letter carrier G.P.O., house, 140 

Garngad hill. 
DALE, Hugh, bootmaker, 25 Stevenson street ; ho. 

13 Bellgrove street. 
Dale, James J. (of Dale & Menzies), house, 11 

Kersland terrace, Hillhead. 
Dale, John (at Wm. Milne & Co.'s), residence, Beech- 
wood place, Dalmarnock. 
Dale, John, glass merchant and glazier, 356 Argyle 

Dale, John, aerated water manufacturer, 42 Jlarket 

street, Citj'. 
Dale, Matthew (of the Post Office), house, 223 Watt 

street. Paisley road. 
Dale & Menzies, warehousemen, 38 Queen street. 
Dale, R., & Smith, glass merchants, glaziers, glass 

stainers, embossers, and gilders, 131 Bothwell st. 
Dale, Robert (of E. Dale & Smith), house, 20 

Gardner street. 
Dale & Shaw, wrights, 60 Woodlands road, and 6, 8 

West Cumberland street. 
Dale, Wm., M.D., medical botanist, 40 Queen st., 

house, 32 Claremont street. 
Dale, William, aerated water manufacturer, 86 

Bridgegate ; house, 247 Crown street. 
Dale, Wm., bootmaker, 105 Hospital street. 
DALGARNO, Geo. (at W. & J. Mutter's, 41 Ann 

street), ho. 2 Regent Park ten-ace, Strathbungo. 
Dalgarno, James, flesher, 95 Parson st. ; ho. 107 do. 
DALGETY, James B., clergyman, MacLeod Parish 

Church ; house, 26 Granville street. 
DALGLISH, Adam, grocer and provision merchant, 

71 Cumberland street, Calton ; house, 75 do. 
Dalglish, Andrew Adie, artist, 26 Keniield street ; ho. 

4 Linden terrace, Pollokshields. 
Dalglish, David, agent for Hamilton Coal Co., 54 St., 

Enoch square ; house, Ea^tlickl. Rutberglen. 
Dalglish, Hugh, fruit merchant, 140 Gt. Hamilton st.; 

house, 143 do. 
Dalglish, James, wine and spirit merchant, 6 William 

street, Calton ; house, 8 do. 
Dalglish, John (at John Sommerville & Son's), house, 

10 Speirs' place, Crossbill. 
Dalghsh, John M'Leod (of D. M'Leod & Son, 46 Clyde 

place), house, 17 Craigton ter., Clifford street. 
Dalglish, John (at E. Dalglish, Falconer, «S; Co.'s), 

house, 133 Bath street. 
Dalglish, John, C.A., 3 Windsor street. 

Dalglish, John M'Leod, fish-hook and taclde manu- 
facturer, direct importer of Spanish silkworm gut, 

warehouse, 46 Clyde place ; works, 9 Dale street, 

Dalglish, Eobert (of E. Dalglish, Falconer, & Co.), 

residence, Kilmardinny, Milngavie. 
Dalglish, R., Falconer, & Co., calico printers, 29 St. 

Vincent place and 18 North com-t. Royal Exchange ; 

works, Lennoxmill, Lennoxtown. 
Dalglish, Eobert, jun. (of E. Dalglish, Falconer, & 

Co.), house, Lennoxmill cottage, Lennoxtown. 
Dalglish, Eobert, architect and property valuator, 154 

St. Vincent street; residence, Eeuther cottage, 

Dalglish, William (of Frame & Dalglish), house, 10 

Speirs' place. Crossbill. 
Dalglish, Mrs. George, 133 Bath street. 
Dalglish, Mrs., milliner, 118 Sauchiehall street. 
Dalglish, Miss E., dining rooms, 39 Oxford street. 
DALLACHY, Heni-y, agent, Eoyal Bank of Scotland 

(Hutchesontown branch), 81 and 85 Crown street; 

house, 139 Greenhead terrace, Greenhead. 
Dallachy, Henry, agent for the Standard Life Assm- 

ance Co., Lancashire Fire Insurance Co., London 

and General Plate Glass Insurance Co., and the 

Accident Insurance Association of Scotland (Ld.), 

81,85 Crown st.; bo. 139 Greenhead ter., Greenhead. 
Dallam Forge Co. (Limited), iron forgers, Warring- 
ton ; agent. Thos. Hannay, 21 St. Vincent place. 
DALLAS, S.,& Co., warehousemen, drapers, milliners, 

dressmakers, and clothiers, 107, 109 Cowcaddcns. 
Dallas, S. (of S. Dallas & Co.), house, 18 Carrmgton 

street, Burnbank. 
Dallas, William (Tramway Co., 29 Cambridge street), 

residence, Shettleston. 
DALLING, James, tailor and clothier, 5 Norfollt st. 
Dalling, Thomas, plumber, 60 Nabmii street and 56 

Hutcbeson square ; ho. 62 Nabum street. 
Dalmellington Iron Co., iromnasters, 124 St. 

Vincent street. 
DALEYMPLE & Co., boot and shoe manufacturers, 

18 South Albion street. 
Dalrymple, George, wine merchant, 87 and 89 

Trongate ; house, 459 Great Eastern road. 
Dalrymple, George, shoemaker, 9 Abington street. 
Dalrymple, George, v^'ma merchant, 51 Stanley st. 

and 48 Park street, Kiuning park ; house, 459 Great 

Eastern ruad. 
Dalrymple, George, & Co., brewers. Burn road, 

Dalrymple, George, vrine and spirit merchant, 

743 Gallowgate ; house, 459 Great Eastern road. 
Dalrymple, George, wholesale wine and spirit 

dealer, 461, 463 Great Eastern rd., Parkhead; ho. 

459 do. 
Dalrymple, .John, artist, 175 St. Vincent street. 
Dalrymple, Wm., & Co., wholesale boot and shoe 

mauufacturers, curriers, and leather merchants; 

factory, 570 Gallowgate, and 14, 16 Henrietta st. 
Dalrymple, Wm., & Co., cun-iers and leather mer- 
chants, 30 Main street, Calton; office, 14, 16 

Henrietta street. 
Dalrymple, Wm. (of Wm. Dalrymple & Co.), house, 

Corio villa, Onslow drive, Dennistoun. 
Dalrymple, Wm. G., hardware merchant, 233a Duke 

St.; house, 233 do. 
Dalrymple, W. H. A., 28 Napier,shall street. 
Dalsekf Coal, Coke, and Brick Works ; office, 122 

Wellington street. 




DALSHOLBt Paper Warrhousp, 82 Glassford street. 

DALVEEN, Noil B., 13 Franklin terrace. 

DALEY, Chas. Grant, assistant manager of " Bodega," 

11 South Exchange place; lie. 23 Abbotsford pi. 
Daly, Denis (at James Daly, Son, & Niven's, 32 

Ai-gylo street), house, 17 Bcllgrove street. 
Daly, James, Son, & Nivcn, di^apers, clothiers, &c., 

32 Ai'gylo street. 
Daly, James, merchant, 32 Argyle street; residence. 

Prospect villa, Lcnzie. 
Daly, James, jun., warehouseman (of James Daly, Son, 

& Niven, 32 Argj'le street), residence, Prospect villa, 

Daly, John, broker, 39, 41 Bridgegate ; ho. 4 Steele st. 
Daly, Peter, chimney sweeper, 25 Dempster street. 
DALZIEL, D. & D. F., City Rope Works, 22 

Howard street ; works, Govan. 
Dalziel, D. F. (of D. & D. F. Dalziel, 22 Howard 

Dalziel, David (of John Dalziel & Sons, stationers, 

139 Ai-g)'le street), house, 6 Battlefield crescent, 

Dalziel, David T., commercial traveller (at Lorimer & 

Moyes'), house, 29 G Crown street. 
Dalziel, James G., Bank of Scotland, Cross branch ; 

house, Wester Carriagehill, Paisley. 
Dalzell, James (of J. & 11. Dalzell), house, 144 West 

Graham street. 
Dalziel, James S., draper and clothier, 100 South 

Portland street. 
Dalziel, James, teller, Bank of Scotland ; house, 

Wester Carriagehill, Paislev. 
Dalziel, J. P. (of D. & D."F. Dalziel, 22 Howard 

street), ho. Woodville place, Govan. 
Dalzell, J. & R., saw millers, wrights, and builders, 

19 and 21 Hopehill road. 
Dalziel, John, engineer, millwright, and machine 

maker, 230, 232 Stobcross street; house, 449 St. 

Vincent street. 
Dalziel, John, & Sons, wholesale and export stationers, 

account book, paper bag, twine, and blacking 

manufacturers, 139 Argyle street; works, 27 

Stockwell street. Muse lane, Duke street, and 22 

Ai'gyle street. 
Dalziel, Joseph (of J. Dalziel & Sons, stationers), 

house, Prospecthill, Cambuslang. 
Dalziel, Robert, watchmaker and jeweller, 523 Gal- 

lowgate ; house, 586 do. 
Dalzell, Robert B. (of J. & R. Dalzell), agent for 

Peel Slate Quarries, Isle of Man, 21 Hopehill road ; 

residence, Langlands house, Govan. 
Dalziel, Robert, iron merchant, 5 Clyde terrace ; house, 

37 Adelplii street. 
Dalziel, Wm., stevedore, 19 Springfield place ; house, 

100 Ardgowan street. Paisley road. 
Dalziel, William B., stationer, 139 Argyle street, ; 

house, 18 Royal crescent. Queen's park. 
DANFORD, Charles, wine and spirit merchant, 148 

Parliamentaiy road ; house, 97 do. 
DANKS, A., butcher, 73 Dumbarton road; house, 

4 Elliot street. 
Danks, J., butcher, 226 Dumbarton rd. ; ho. 220 do. 
Danks, James, civil and mining engineer, 3 Sydney 

court, 62 Argyle street; house, 1 Millar terrace, 

Farme, Rutherglen. 
Danks, Wm., butcher, 3 Rokeby terrace ; house, 4 

Belmont place, Hillhead. 
DANSKEN, A. B., insurance surveyor and assessor 

of fire losses, 102 Bath street. 

Dansken, John, measurer, and property surveyor and 

valuator, 102 Bath street; house, 4 Eldon terrace, 

Partick hill. 
DARBY, James, & Co., warehousemen, 68 Trongate. 
D'ARCY, John, & Sons, porter brewers, Anchor 

Brewery, Dublin ; Jn. Baird «S; Co., agents, 14 

Queen sti'cet. 
DARGAN, Wm., manager (at Buchanan & Pearson's, 

104 Branswick street), house, 11 Carnarvon street. 
DARGAVEL, J. & W., photographic artists, 4 Blurray 

place, Newtonhcad, Ayr. 
DARGE, William, brassfounder, gasfittor, and general 

ironmonger, 231 Eglinton street; house, 233 do. 
DARLING, George E. (of Wm. Darling's Trustees, 

and George E. Darling Brothers), house, 247 West 

George street. 
Darling, George E., & Brothers, 178 St. Vincent st. 
Darling, John (of Wm. Darling's Trastees, and George 

E. Darling Bros.), house, 16 Newton place. 
Darling & Taylor, ironmongers and boiler tube brush 

manufacturers, 217 Argyle street. 
Darling's, Wm., Trustees, Cleugh Gas Coal works ; 

office, 178 St, Vincent street. 
Darlijsigton Forge Co. (Limited), makers of engine 

and ship forgings and axles ; D. S. M'Gibbon, 

agent, 128 Hope street. 
DARRIE, William, slater and slate merchant, 60 

Bothwcll street; house, 114 Blythswood terrace. 
DARROCH & Espie, boat-builders, joiners, carpen- 
ters, and blockmakers, 19 Springfield place, and 

5 Park street, Kinning park ; ho. 141 Pollok st. 
Darroch, Robert, baker, 12, 14 Risk street. 
Darroch, Robert, painter and papcrhanger, 102 Dum- 
barton road ; house, 147 Kent road. 
Darroch, Wm., victualler, 45 Burnside street; house, 

137 New City road. 
DAUBUZ & Co., tin smelters, Truro ; Thomas B. 

Campbell & Sons, agents, 29 Wellington street. 
DAUZIGER, Edmund (at Alexander Paterson & 

Co.'s), house, 185 Kent road. 
DAVENPORT, H. J., floor-cloth, table-baize, &c., 

manufacturer. Farm street, Hockley, Birmingham ; 

agent, P. C. Orr, 52 West Howard street. 
DAVERN, Arthur, kid glove dyer and cleaner, 8 

8 South St. Mungo street. 
DAVIDSON, Alexander, wholesale woollen cloth and 

tweed merchant, 55 Glassford street ; house, 56 

St. James' street, Hillhead. 
Davidson, Alexander, agent for London Printing and 

Publishing Co., 16 Hope street. 
Davidson, A., boiler inspector, 5 Easton terrace. 

Paisley road. 
Davidson, Alexander, traveller, 363 Paisley road. 
Davidson, Alexander, artist ; studio, 65 West Regent 

street; house, 93 Annfield street, Dennistoun. 
Davidson, Alexander (of Andrew Meuzies, St. George's 

Horse Bazaar, 74 St. George's road), residence, 268 

Bath crescent. 
Davidson, Alexander (at Muir, Toward, & Co.'s), ho. 

15 Regent Park terrace. 
Davison, Alexander, optician, mathematical, and 

philosophical instrument maker, 107 London 

street; house, 123 Green street, Calton. 
Davidson, Alex., traveller(at M'Caul, M array, & Co.'s), 

house, 7 St. George's teirace. Paisley road. 
Davidson, Arthur (of J. Davidson & Co., auctioneers 

and valuators, 43 Argyle st.), ho. 7 Ibrox teiTaco. 
Davidson Brothers, tea merchants, wholesale grocers 

and importers, 79 East Howard street. 





Davidson, C. & A., Berlin wool and smallwares, 72 

Elderslie street ; house, 156 Dumbarton road. 
Davidson, David, ironfounder, Victoria street Foundry, 

Port Eglinton ; house, 14 Royal crescent. Crossbill. 
Davidson, David, boilermaker, 19 Union place. North 

street ; bouse, 272 Albany terrace, Renfrew st. 
Davidson, David, inspector of buildings, 249 Eglinton 

Davidson, David, jun., engineer, 19 Union place, 

North street ; house, 272 Albany ter., Renfrew st. 
Davidson, George, cai-ver, gilder, and artists' colourman, 

88 and 90 Sauchiehall st.; house, 90 do. 
Davidson, Rev. George, minister. Barony Free Church, 

house, 5 Westercraigs, Dennistoun. 
Davidson, George, butcher, 148 Stirling road. ; house, 

144 do. 
Davidson, Hugh W., 55 Glassford street; house, 1 

Berkeley teiTace. 
Davidson, Hugh, Lome dining-rooms, 6 Plantation 

Davison, H., & Co., provision merchants, 57 Dale st. s.s. 
Davidson, James, beadle, Burnbank U.P. Church; 

house, 36 Grove street. 
Davidson, James (of Davidson Brothers), house, 8 

Shaftesbury terrace, 
Davidson, James, provision merchant, 253 Crookston 

street; house, 145 Ardgowan street. 
Davidson, J. D., manufacturing goldsmith and 

jeweller, 35 Buchanan st.; house, 17 Arlington st. 
Davidson, James (at Eaglesham, Fotheringham, & 

Co.'s), house, 8 Hampden terrace. Mount Florida. 
Davidson, James, collector of Inland Revenue, 13 

Queen street; house, 26 Sandyford place. 
Davidson, J., & Co., auctioneers and valuators, 43 

Ai'gyle street. 
Davidson, James, dairyman, 36 Norfolk street. 
Davidson, James, detective officer. Southern Police 

office ; house, 125 Caledonia road. 
Davidson, J. & T., wholesale grocers, 72 Robertson st. 
Davidson, Jas. E. M. (of the Bon-Accord Asphalte 

Co., 47 Oswald street), house, 19 Rutland place, 

Go van road. 
Davidson, John, joiner, 385 New City road. 
Davidson, John M. (at R. & J. Dick's), house. Bell- 
field terrace, 354 Duke st. 
Davidson, John, draper, 48 Apsley place, s.s. 
Davidson, John, clerk, office of public works, 74 Hut- 

cheson street; house, 12 Pembroke street. 
Davidson, John, late inland revenue, 84 North st. 
Davidson, John, 106 Montrose street. 
Davidson, John (of J. & T. Davidson), house, 834 St. 

Vincent street. 
Davidson, John A., 35 Rose street, Gamethill. 
Davidson, John, Royal Bank; house, 11 Rose street, 

Davidson, John, slater, 15 West Graham street ; ho. 

291 Hope street. 
Davidson, John, plasterer, 368 New City road. 
Davidson, K & R., letterpress printers, 33 Virginia 

Davidson, Kennedy (of K. & R. Davidson), house, 

Rose Cottage, Crow road, Partick. 
Davidson, Rev. Lewis, M.A., minister. Free Chm-ch, 

Rutherglen ; house, Jane villa, Rutherglen. 
Davidson, Martin, remnant warehouse, 57 Muslin 

street ; house, 93 Annfield street, Dennistoun. 
Davidson, Mitchell, machine maker and general smith, 

23 & 25 North St. Mungo street ; house, 68 Weaver 


Davidson, M. 0., agent. North British Rubber Co. 

(Limited), 13 and 15 Oswald st.; house, 6 Agnew 

place. Crossbill. 
Davidson, Richard, Bank of Scotland; house, 8 Dmi- 

das terrace, Crossbill. 
Davidson, Robert, writer (of Hill, Davidson, & Hog- 

gan), house, 22 Burnbank gardens. 
Davidson, Robert, engineer, 19 Union place, North 

street; house, 150 Woodlands road. 
Davidson, Robert, daiiyinan, 147 New Dalmarnock rd. 
Davidson, Robert (of K. & R. Davidson), house, 20 

Nightingale place, Sandyford. 
Davidson, Robert, jr. (of K. & R. Davidson), house, 

14 Balgray terrace, Springbum. 
Da%'idson, Robert, hosier, 136 Trongate ; house. 

5 Gardner street. 

Davison, R. H. (of MacLeod & Son), resid. Benning- 
ton villa, Uddingston. 

Davidson, Thomas (of Davidson Brothers), house, 8 
Shaftesbury teiTace. 

Davidson, Thomas (of J. & T. Davidson), house, 844 
St. Vincent street. 

Davidson, Thomas, pattern book and card maker, 59 
St. Vincent street ; house, 202 St. George's road. 

Davidson, Thomas C. (at Lang & Cousin's, 42 Ingram 
St.), house, Holyrood ten-., 370 Great Western rd. 

Davison, Thomas, chemist and druggist, and 
champagne ginger beer brewer, 126 Buchanan 
street and 192 Hope st. ; house, 86 Bath st. 

Davidson, Thomas, jun., & Co., tobacco pipe manu- 
facturers and clay merchants, 33, 41 Gamgad hill. 

Davidson, Thomas, jun. (of Thomas Davidson, jun., 

6 Co.), residence, Brandon villa, Hamilton. 
Davidson, W. A., writer (of Macbride, Davidson, & 

Stevens), residence, Broomfield, Cambuslang. 
Davidson, Walter, tailor and clothier, 572a Gallow- 

gate ; house, 83 Whitevale street. 
Davidson, William, minister, Dalmarnock Established 

Chmxh, Dalmarnock road. 
Davidson, William, teller. National Bank, 8 Union st ; 

house, 101 Great Western road. 
Davidson, William A., teacher F.C. Normal Seminary, 

house, 83 Meadow Park street, Dennistoun. 
Davidson, W. Tulloch, Caledonian Railway, 302 

Buchanan st.; house, 6 AiTan place, Ardrossan. 
Davidson, William and James, & Co., merchants, 97 

West George street. 
Davidson, W. James, of Ruchill ; 97 West George st. ; 

residence, Bardowie House, by Milngavie. 
Davidson, William, grocer and provision merchant. 

120 Stockwell st. ; house, 6 Great Clyde street. 
Davidson, William, coachbuilder 98 Bothwell street. 
Davidson, Wm., of Littlehill and Stobhill. Letters 

left at 74 St. George's road. 
Davidson, Wm. G., merchant, 78 St. Vincent st.; ho. 

8 Derby crescent, Kelvinside. 
Davidson, William, wright, 84 Gamethill street ; 

house, 41 Gardner street. 
Davidson, William George, house factor, property, and 

insurance agent, 28 Raglan street; ho. 892 St. 

George's road. 
Davidson, Mrs. David, spirit dealer, 60 New Dalmar- 
nock road, 85 and 87 Mordaunt street ; house, 80 

Brown street, Bridgeton. 
Davidson, Mrs. Duncan, wine and spirit merchant, 

24 Lancefield quay; house, 222 Elliot street. 
Davidson, Mrs. E., spirit merchant, 14 N. Cobm-g st. 
Davidson, Mrs., provision merchant, 16 Glebe street; 

house, 216 Stirling ro.ad. 





Davidson, Mrs., boys' dressmaker, 157 Crown street. 

Davidson, Miss Agnes, ■\'ictualler and dairy. 111 New 
Dalmarnock road. 

Da-sadson, Miss, 4 Greenvale place, 19 West Cumber- 
land street. 

Davidson, Miss, tobacconist, 158 StockwelL 

Davidson, Miss, teacher, M'Farlane's school ; house, 
79 Surrey street. 

Davidson, Miss, dressmaker, 106 Sauchiehall street. 

DAVIE, Allan (at J. & A. Selkirk & Co.'s), house, 
37 GarnethiU street. 

Davie, Alexander (of William M'Geoch & Co.), house, 
4 Radnor terrace. 

Da-^ae & Co., jute bag manufactm'ers, merchants, and 
^ents, 12 Cadogan street. 

Da\'ie, James, cowfeeder, 325 and 327 North Wood- 
side road. 

Davie, James, at Bishop Street Engineering Works, 
Anderston ; house, 352 St. Vincent street. 

Davie, John, grocer and provision merchant, 100 
Preston st., Bridgeton ; ho. 1 Bowling Green ter. 

Da^ae, Neilson, reed maker, 79 Bell street ; house, 26 
Thistle street, s.s. 

Davie, Robert, tobacconist, 389 Queen's Park terrace, 
Eglinton street; house, 391 do. 

Davie, Robert, assistant inspector of poor, 7 Carlton 
pi. ; house, 42 M'Kinlay street. 

Davey, Thomas, captain and adjutant, 1st L.A.V.; 
house, 6 Westbank teiTace. 

Da\de, Wilham, rag and metal merchant, 55 Stob- 
cross street; house, 11 Warroch street. 

DAVIS, Alfred (of D. Da^-is & Son), house, 16 
Blythswood square. 

Davis & Co., express parcel conveyance, 82 Mitchell 
street; Metz & Co., agents. 

Da\is, D., & Son, watch manufacturers and wholesale 
jewellers, 12 Gordon street. 

Da\'is, Henry (of D. Davis & Son), house, 16 Blyths- 
wood square. 

Davis, Henry, auctioneer, 20 St. Margaret's pL, Jail sq. 

Davis, Hemy, greengrocer, 127 West Scotland st. 

Davies, Henry, & Son, grocers, 196 West Nile st. and 
62 N. Woodside rd. ; house, 201 Garscube road. 

Davies, John, tailor and clothier, 8 Exchange sq. ; ho. 
44 Rosebank terrace. 

Davies, James M. (of Brown, Davies, & Tait, accoun- 
tants), house, 24 Sandyford place. 

Da^is, Ovinius, photographer and portrait painter, 
52 West Nile street. 

Davis, W. D., manager (Swan & Pentland, 49 
Buchanan street), house, 149 North street. 

Davis, W. D., professor and teacher of violin ; house, 
149 North street. 

Da\'is, Thomas, fret cutter and wood turner, 104 
Dale street, s.s. ; house, 25 East Clyde street. 

Davis, Thomas, & Co., fruit brokers and commission 
merchants. Bazaar, 13 and 17 North Albion street. 

Da^des, William, captain (at G. & J. Burns'), ho. 
9 Albert drive, Crossbill. 

Davis, Mrs. Ovinius, teacher of pianoforte and sing- 
ing, 2 Carnarvon street. 

Davis, Misses A. E. & E., fruiterers, 210 Dumbarton 
road ; house, 20 Minerva street. 

DAWSON, George Forbes, shorthand writer, 93 West 
Regent street; house, 32 Scotia street. 

Dawson, James (at E. Jackson's, 100 Buchanan St.), 
house, 29 Gardner street. 

Dawson, James, joiner and builder, Ewing place, 
Parkhead ; house, 37 Dawson street, do. 

Dawson, John, & Co., drysalters, office, 6 Morrison's 

court ; works, Eglinton Dyewood Mills, Port- 

Dawson, John (of John Dawson & Co., 6 Morrison's 

court), house, Wellpark, Bridge of AUan. 
Dawson, John (at George Younger & Co.'s), house, 

244 Lincoln place, Partick. 
Dawson, John, wine and spirit merchant, 50 Main 

street, Calton ; house, 147 Reidvale street. 
Dawson, J. M., commission merchant, 10 Hanover st; 

residence, Elcho House, Balfron. 
Dawson. Michael, cooper, 47 King street, city ; ho. 

10 Guildry court. 
Dawson & Macnicol, clothiers, hosiers, shirt makers, 

and general outfitters, 50 Buchanan street. 
Dawson & Macnicol, ladies department for ladies' 

and children's underclothing, hosiery, and general 

outfitting, 64 Buchanan street. 
Dawson, Patrick, 10 India street. 
Dawson, W. & M., brewers and maltsters, Ander- 
ston Brewery, 60 Bishop street. 
Dawson, Walter (of the Post Office), residence, Ochil 

\dlla, Lenzie. 
Dawson, William (of W. & M. Dawson), house, 10 

India street. 
Dawson, Mrs. Thomas, glazier and window cleaner, 

101 West George street ; house, 87 Stockwell st. 
Dawson, Mrs. William, 260 St. George's road. 
DAY, St. John Vincent, civil engineer and patent 

agent, 115 St. Vincent st. ; residence, Garscadden 

house, Duntocher. 
Deaf and Dumb Institution, Prospect Bank, Queen's 

Park ; seen on Wednesday, at 2 o'clock. 
DEAJST, A. D. (of Gilmour & Dean), house, Balgray 

house, Hillhead. 
DEANS, Effingham, spirit mercht., 539 Gallowgate; 

house, 33 Main street, Shettleston. 
Deans, James (at G. & J. Bums), ho. 4 Hilton ter., 

Deans, John, spirit merchant, 278 Parliamentary rd. ; 

house, 86 Ai-dgowan street. 
Deans, Peter, boot and shoe warehouse, 143 Neilson st.; 

house, 25 North Coburg street. 
Deans, William, agent, N.B. Railway, General Ter- 
minus Station ; ho. 2 Abyssinia place. Paisley road. 
Deans, William, plumber and gasfitter, 54 Green st., 

Calton; house, 63 Stevenson street, do. 
Deanston Cotton Works, Perthshire ; proprietors, 

James Finlay & Co., 22 West Nile street. 
DEARIE, Arch, (at Simpson, Hunter, & Young's, 

69 Buchanan street). 
DEARLOVE, George, violin maker, 302 New City rd. 
DEAS, James, civil engineer, 16 Robertson street ; 

house, 7 Crown gardens, Dowanhill. 
Deas, John C. (of Auld, Berrie, & Deas), 6 West 

Garden street, Burnbank. 
Deas, John, spirit merchant, 173 Renfield street and 

43 Cowcaddens ; house, 99 do. 
DECHMAN, Mrs. Wm., spirit dealer, 56 Ste%-enson 

street, Calton ; house, 57 do. 
DEERIN, John, bootmaker, 57 Crown st.; ho. 137 do 
DELANEY, James, commercial traveller, 80 Oswald 

street; house, 479 St. Vincent street. 
DE LURE, A., & Sons, wine shippers, Bordeaux; 

agents, Hope & King, 30 West George street. 
DE MONTI, J. H., music and musical instrument 

seller, 101 Buchanan st. ; ho. 322 St. Vincent st. 
DEMPSTER, ArcL, inspector of poor. City parish, 318 

Parliamentary rd. ; house, 25 Belmont st., Hillhead. 




Dempster, Gilbert C, accomitant, property, and 

insurance agent, 83 Renfield street ; house, 125 N. 

Jolin street. 
Dempster, James K., architect, 75 Bath street ; house, 

125 North John street. 
Dempster, John (of Dempster, Moore, & Co.), ho. 

33 Abbotsford phice. 
Dempster, Moore, & Co., iron and hardware mer- 
chants and engineers' ironmongers, 49 Robertson 

street; iron warehouse, 28 Yorlc street. 
Dempster, Robert, builder, 52 Main street, Gorbals ; 

house, Langlands house, Govan. 
Dempster, Miss, fruiterer, 119 Great Western road. 
DE NANCE, W. C, surgeon dentist, 164 Dumbarton 

DE NEEF, John, ship store merchant, 53 West 

street ; house, 52 do. 
DENHAM, Walter, agent. Royal Bank, 130 Cow- 

caddens ; house, 9 Holyrood crescent. 
Denham, Wm., agent, Clydesdale Bank, Hutcheson- 

town, 12 Adelphi st. ; ho. 4 Gt. George st., Hillh. 
Denham, W., agent City of Glasgow Life Insurance 

Co., Clydesdale Bank, Hutchesontown. 
DENHOLM, Alexander, cab proprietor, 50 Com- 
mercial road ; house, 7 Rutherglen road. 
Denholm, Rev. Alexander, E. U. minister, 9 Osborne 

place, Govan. 
Denholm, Andi-ew, & Co., wholesale and manufacturing 

confectioners, 85 M'Kechnie st. and 18 Little st., 

Denholm, Andi'ew (of Andrew Denholm & Co.), 

house, 30 Monteith row. 
Denholm, George, & Co., dyers and bleachers. Glen- 
park Works, off Duke street. 
Denholm, Geo. (of Geo. Denholm & Co., dyers), ho. 

115 Finlay drive, Dennistoun. 
Denholm, James, draper and hosier, 132 Great 

Hamilton st. ; house, 2 Craignestock place. 
Denholm, Robert, upholsterer and bedding manufac- 

tm-er, 195 Parliamentary road; house, 176 do. 
Denholm, W. M., family grocer and wine merchant, 3 

Cambridge street. 
Denholm, Wm. M. (at D. Sandeman & Son's), house, 

28 Wilton terrace. 
Denia and Glasgow Steam Packet Oifice; Henderson 

Brothers, agents, 47 Union street. 
DENIS, J., Hy. Mounie, & Co., Cognac ; Archibald 

AiTol & Sons, agents, 16 Dixon street. 
Dennis, William, janitor, Glasgow Athenoeum, 110 

Ingram street ; house, 6 Shaftesbury buildings, 

Paisley road. 
DENNISON, John, civil and mining engineer, Rock- 
bank, Skehnorlie. 
Dennison, Thos. R., importer and dealer in clocks, 

sole agent in Scotland for Wm. L. Gilbert, Clock 

Co., Winsted, Conn., U.S.A., 113 Stockwell street. 
Dennison, Wm., civil engineer and land sm'veyor, 

175 Hope st. ; ho. 10 Franklin ter., Dumbarton rd. 
DENNISTOUN, Alex., merchant, G6 George square; 

residence, Roselea, Row, by Helensburgh. 
Denniston, Peter, & Co., shipowners, 372 Argyle st. 
Denniston, Peter (of Peter Denniston & Co.), house, 

9 Windsor teiTace. 
Denniston, Robert, 17 Holyrood crescent. 
Dennistoun Estate Office, 66 George square. 
Dennistoun U.P. Church, \Miitchill street ; minister. 

Rev. Walter Roberts, M.A. 
Dennistoun Free Church, Annadale street, Rev. John 

Stewart, minister. 

Dennistoun Rope Work, Paton street, off Duke street; 

office, 62, 64 Jamaica street. 
DENNY, Geo., hairdresser, 171 Duke street. 
Denny, Robert, bell hanger, gasfitter, locksmith, and 

tinsmith, 35 Oxford street and 2 North Coburg 

street; house, 82 Devon street. 
Denny, Wm., & Brothers, shipbuilders, Leven ship 

yard, Dumbarton. 
Denntstown Forge Company, at A. Tolmie's, 166 

Buchanan street ; works, Dumbarton. 
DENOVAN, Alexander, 98 West George street. 
Denovan, Caleb, merchant, 98 West George street; 

house. Alma villa, C. Bay, Gourock. 
Denovan, James, tobacconist, 262 Main st., Andstn. ; 

house, 13 Houldsworth street. 
Denovan & James, wholesale coal merchants, London 

road railway depot; house, 159 Comely Park st. 
DENTON & Jutsum, paint and varnish m,anufac- 

turers, London; agent, John Orr, 59 Robertson st. 
DE PELLETTE, Richard, boot and shoe manufac- 
turer, 118 Green street, Calton. 
DERRY, John, wine and spirit merchant, 143 West 

Nile street ; ho. 54 Game thill street. 
DE SALIS, Charles (of De Sails, Spouse, & Co., tea 

merchants, London), 75 Jamaica street; house, 3 

Roseberry terrace, Kelvinbridge. 
DESH, Leonard, watchmaker and jeweller, 32 Dundas 

street, and 4 Paxton terrace. Crossbill ; house, 48 

Dundas st. 
Designs & Trade Marks Office, Cruikshank & 

Fulton, 135 Buchanan st. — See Adv. in App. 
Designs and Trades Mark Office, J. H. Johnson 

& Day, 115 St. Vincent st. — See Advt. in Appendix. 
Designs Office, W. R. M. Thomson & Co., re.gis- 

trars, 96 Buchanan street. — See Advt. in Appendix. 
Designs, Office for registration of, Edmund Hunt, 

87 St. Vincent street. — See Advt. in App. 
Designs Registry, Wallace Fairweather, C.E., 134 

St. Vincent street. — See Advt. in App. 
DEUCHARS, George H. (at R. Jackson's, coahnaster, 

52 St. Enoch square), house, 94 N. Frederick street. 
Devanha Distillery Co., Aberdeen; J. G. Thomson 

& Co., agents, 47 Oswald street. 
DE VINE, John, sale rooms, 120 Plantation street; 

house, 118 do. 
Devine, Philip, gutta percha shoe shop, 104 Ruther- 
glen road. 
Devine, W., clothier and hosier, 82a Cowcaddens ; 

house, 58 Rose street, Garnethill. 
Devine, Mrs. James, broker. 111 Govan street. 
DEVIT, Charles, hair dresser, 243 Cmnberland . 

street, s.s. 
DEVLIN, James, general furnitm-e dealer, 163 and 

165 Govan street; hou.se, 113 Caledonia road. 
Devlin, John, mason and builder, 40 St. Enoch sq. ; 

house, 4 Park grove, off Paisley road. 
Devlin, John (of Christie, Devlin, & Findlay), house, 

4 Park grove, off Paisley road. 
Devlin, M., jeweller and clothier, 258 Garscube road. 
Devlin, Patrick, grocer, 23 Havannah. 
Devlin, Patrick, coal merchant, 65 Raglan street; ho. 

2 North Woodside road. 
Devlin, Peter, spirit merchant, 20 Cathcart st., Paisley 

road; house, 801 Paisley road. 
Devlin, Mr.s. A., jeweller, 61 Trongate; house, 30 

Charlotte street. 
DEVOXgHiRE Cider Stores, 49, 51, and 55 Pitt street. 
DEWAR, Alex., registrar, Milton Registry Office, 21 

Crossburn st. ; house, 199 Bj'ars road, Partick. 




Dewar, Ales., grocer and wine merchant, 53 and 55 
Cambridge street ; ho. 7 Ivillennont street. 

Dewar, Alexander, missionary, 377 New City road. 

Dewar, Archibald, superintendent, Sailors' Home, 
emigration agent for New Zealand, agent for 
"Anchor" Line and for Scottish Widows' Fund; 
" Home," 150 Broomielaw street; agencies, 140 do. 

Dewar & Co., wool brokers and commission mer- 
chants, 6 Dixon street. 

Dewar, D., Clydesdale Bank, St. Vincent place ; ho. 
376 Lansdowne ten'ace. 

Dewar, Donald, spirit merchant, 77 Stobcross street ; 
house, 52 Ardgowan street. 

Dewar, D. S., reporter (Govan Chro7iicIe),21 Clarence 
street, Kingston. 

Dewar, James, Canal Department, Caledonian Rail- 
way Co., Canal House, Port Dundas. 

Dewar, James, wine and spirit merchant, 227 Cow- 
caddens, 225 New City road, 1 Port Dundas road, 
48 Commerce street ; stores and office, 22 Renfrew 
court ; house, 40 Windsor ter , St. George's road. 

Dewar, J. H., wine merchant, 47 Rose street, Gamet- 
hill; house, 68 Cambridge street. 

Dewar, John, draper and milliner, 221 and 223 Cum- 
berland street; house, 51 Apsley place. 

Dewar, John, grocer and wine merchant, 3 Ronald st. 
and 582 Springburn road ; louse, 83 Taylor street. 

Dewar, John (of Dewar & Robertson), residence, 40 
Burnbank gardens. 

Dewar, Peter, & Son, brassfounders, 27 Anderston 
quay; house, 26 Minerva street. 

Dewar, Robert, family grocer, 436 St. Vincent street; 
house, 73 Elderslie street. 

Dewar, R. J., house factor, property and insurance 
agent, 96 Buchanan street; house, 7 Linden ter., 

Dewar & Robertson, manufacts., 6 Dixon street. 

Dewar, T. W. (at Robertson & Baxter's, 48 W. Nile st.) 

Dewar, William S. (of Charles M'Donald & Co., 68 
Ingram street), house, 1 Grafton square. 

Dewar, William, agent for E. Rosset, 119 Vn-ginia 
place ; house. Mar lodge, Uddingston. 

Dewar, William, fishmonger, poulterer, and game 
dealer, 14 West Howard st. ; house, 6 Gt. Clyde st. 

Dewar's Temperance Hotel, 11 Bridge street. 

DIACK, James, warehouseman (at Fyfe & Morton's, 
72 Great Clyde street), house, 260 Crown street. 

Diack, Mrs., draper and outfitter, 262 Crown street; 
house, 260 do. 

DIAMOND, A. J., teacher of dancing, 93 Candle- 
riggs ; house, 8 Govan street, Gorbals Cross. 

Diamond, John, flesher and provision merchant, 53 and 
55 Norfolk street ; house, 32 Govan street. 

DICK, A. Buchanan (of Dick & Parker), house, 2 
Stewart place, Kelvin di-ive, Hillhead. 

Dick, Alex., jun., writer (of Dick & Stevenson), house, 
30 Buckingham ten-ace, Hillhead. 

Dick, Alex., potato merchant, 31 Montgomery st.; ho. 
98 Great Hamilton street. 

Dick, Alex., flesher and ham curer, 217 High street, 
Ayr; house, 215 do. 

Dick, Allan (of Rowley & Dick), house, 12 Kelvin 

Dick, A. H., D.Sc, M.A., LL.B., lecturer on histoiy 
&c.. Free Church Normal College; residence, Rose- 
land cottage, Partick. 

JDick, Ai-chd. W. (at W. F. Burnley & Co.'s, 49 West 
Regent street), house, 1 Behnont terrace, Hillhead. 

iDick, David, wright, Alma place, 258 Paisley road. 

Dick, David, commission agent, 15 Prince's square ; 
house 3 Alexandra pai-ade, Dennistoun. 

Dick, Da-^-id C, & Co., ironfomiders, Kelvin foimdiy, 

Dick, David C. (of D. C. Dick & Co.), house, 7 
Windsor street. New City road. 

Dick, David (of Morrison, Dick, & M'Culloch), 
auctioneer and valuator, 98 Sauchiehall street. 

Dick, George (of Dick and Muirhead), residence, 
Bonaly, Rosencath. 

Dick, George C, & Co., merchants, 86 Mitchell st. 

Dick, George, fruiterer, 437 Gallowgate. 

Dick, George Handasyde, merchant, 9 Royal Ex- 
change sq.; ho. 36 Westbourne gardens, Hillhead. 

Dick, George, reporter, Eerald Office, Buchanan st. ; 
house, 19 Meadowpark street, Dennistoun. 

Dick, Rev. George Hill, U.P. Chmxh, Eglinton st.; 
house, 22 Queen's square, Strathbungo. 

Dick, H. Knox (of G. C. Dick & Co.) 86 Mitchell st. 

Dick, James, commission merchant, 70 George square; 
house, 23 Hillhead pi., Hillhead. 

Sick, James, artificial limb, hand, truss, and band- 
age maker, 45 Renfield street ; house, 48 Shamrock 
street.— ^ee Advt. in App. 

Dick, James, joiner, 61 Marquis street; house, 108 
Bernard street. 

Dick, James, M.D., CM., apothecary and dniggist, 8 
London street ; house, 14 Monteith row. 

Dick, James W. (of Dick & Stewart), house, 30 
Argyle street, Maryhill. 

Dick, J. & R., boot and shoemakers, 40 Charlotte 
lane, off London street. 

Dick, John F., dyer and scoui'er, 3 Canning street 
and 91 Castle street. 

Dick, John, oil and colour merchant, 218 Garscube rd. 

Dick, John, mason and builder, 9 Chatham place ; 
house, 8 Hopetoun place. 

Dick, John (at R. & .J. Easton's), ho. 170 London st. 

Dick, John, sheriff officer, 29 Park road. 

Dick, John, City Cafe, 38 and 40 Hutcheson street ; 
house, 4 Hope terrace. Crossbill. 

Dick, Mathew (of Meilde Earnock and Ravenswood), 
house, 4 Kirklee avenue. Great Western road. 

Dick & Muirhead, insurance brokers, 13 Royal Ex- 
change place. 

Dick & Pai-ker, soap manufacturers, tallow melters, 
oil and lard merchants, drysalters, 76 West Jlilton 
street. Port Dundas. 

Dick, Quintin, & Robertson, writers, 104 West Re- 
gent street. 

Dick, R. & J., gutta percha boot and shoe manufac- 
turers, 12 Gallowgate and 181 Argyle street and 

4 Main street, Anderston ; factory, Greenhead. 
Dick, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 17 Bridge 

street and 52 Adelphi street; house, 15 India st. 

Dick, Robert, wine merchant, " The Oxford Vaults," 
25 and 27 Oxford st.; house, 15 India street. 

Dick, Robt. (of R. & J. Dick), ho. 18 Monteith row. 

Dick, Robert (at James Dunlop & Co.'s), house, 9 
Annette street. Crossbill. 

Dick, Robert, 87 Thistle street, Garnethill. 

Dick & Stevenson, writers, 176 West George street. 

Dick & Stewart, wholesale stationei'S, 9 Ingi-am st., 

Dick, Thomas, property, fire, life, plate-glass, and ac- 
cidental insurance agent, 1 St. George's terrace, 
Paisley rd. ; ho. Lochhead house, Pollokshields. 

Dick, Thomas G., teacher, 1 Claremont terrace; ho. 

5 Victoria crescent, Dowanliill. 




Dick, Thomas, agent. Union Bank of Scotland, Kin- 
nmg Park Branch, 1 St. George's terrace, Paisley- 
road ; ho. Lochhead house, PoUokshields. 
Dick, Thomas, jun. (at Thomas Dick's, 1 St. George's 
ter.. Paisley road), ho. Lochead House, PoUokshlds. 
Dick, Walter, bookkeeper (at J. & R. Tennent's, 
Wellpark Brewery), resid., " Salem villa," Douglas 
gardens, Uddingston. 
Dick, Walter, insurance agent, 45 Hope street ; house, 

7 Brighton place, Copeland road, Govan. 
Dick, William B. (of W. B. Dick & Co.), residence 

Carlton House, Putney Heath, London. 
Dick, William (of Debbie, Forbes, & Co.), residence, 

Chapel Lane, Falkirk. 
Dick, Wm., London and Lancashire Fu-e Insurance 
Co., 157 W. George st.; ho. 1 Granville pi. Crossliill. 
Dick, William, & Son, inspectors of cast-ii-on pipes, 

29 Park road. 
Dick, W. B., agent for David Corsar & Sons, sail 
cloth manufactm-ers, Arbroath ; office, India com-t, 
22 Hope street. 
Dick, W. B. & Co., oil merchants and refiners, Clyde 
Oil Works, Crownpoint road ; office, India court, 
22 Hope St. 
Dick, W. B.,fire engine builder and patentee of Dick's 
portable fire engine L'Estincteur ; works. Crown- 
point road ; office, India court, 22 Hope street. 
Dick, Wm. R., commission merchant, 13 Exchange 

pi. ; ho. Albany cottage, PoUok rd., Shawlands. 
Dick, Wm., architect, 209 Hope street. 
Dick, William Murray (at John Walker and Co.'s), 

house, 3 Montgomerie crescent, Hillhead. 
Dick, Mrs. William, wool and furnishing shop, 333 

New City road. 
Dick, Mrs., 95 Holland street. 
Dick, Miss M., hosier and draper, 93 S. Wellington 

street ; house, 24 Mathieson street. 
DICKENS, Robert, rope spinner, Fraser street ; house, 

39 Fielden street. 
DICKIE, Alexander (at M. M'Farlane & Co.'s, Port 

Dundas), house, 135 Hospital street. 
Diclde, Alex., boot and shoe maker, 35 West street, 

Dickie, Andrew, 166 Sauchiehall street. 
Dickie, David, goods manager, Glasgow and South 
Western Railway Co., 16 Carlton pL; ho. 3 Royal ter 
Dickie, James, coal agent and church officer, Clare- 

mont street U.P. Chmxh. 
Diclde, James, ironmonger, smith, bellhanger, and 
gasfitter, 141 St. George's road, and workshop, 88 
Garnethill street ; house, 137 St. George's road. 
Dickie, James, tea merchant and gi-ocer, 153 Canmng 

street; ho. 125 Alexandi-a ter., Greenhead street. 
Dickie, James, chemist and druggist, 7 Hampden pi.. 
Mount Florida, and 19 Straan ter., Crossbill; ho. 
23 Straan teiTace, Albert road. 
Dickie, James, East India merchant, 96 Buchanan st.; 

residence, Ralston, Paisley. 
Dickie, James (of Dickie & Russell), house, 4 

Tureen street. 
Dickie, John S. (of Thomas Sldnner & Co.), house, 1 

Woodville place, Copland road, Govan. 
Dickie, John, cashier, 187 West George st. ; house, 

101 Ardgowan street. 
Dickie, Matthew, surgeon dentist, 91 Sauchiehall 
St.; ho. 1 Loudon ter., Hillhead. — See Advt. in App. 
Dickie, Robert, wme and spirit merchant, 140 Eglin- 

ton street ; house, 76 Abbotsford place. 
Dickie, Robert (at J. Menzies & Co.'s), 13 Rupert st. 

Dickie, Robert (at Thomson, Dickie, & Co.'s), house, 
Jane ter., Kenmure street, PoUokshields. 

Dickie, Robert R., bootmaker, 10 Crown st. ; house, 
4 Craignestock place. 

Dickie & Russell, plumbers & gasfitters, 8 Tureen st. 

Dickie, Thomas, cashier (at Henry Monteith & Co.'s), 
house, 7 Radnor street, Dumbarton road. 

Dickie, W. M., and Co., commission and forwarding 
agents, 49 Jamaica st.; ho. 1 Woodville pi., Govan. 

Dickie, William M. (of Thomson, Dickie, & Co.), resi- 
dence, Hollybank, PoUokshields. 

Dickie, WiUiam, 144 Eglinton street, 

DICKSON, Adam, custodier and registrar. Central 
Police Chambers ; house, 386 Lansdowne ter. 

Dickson, Alexander, dairyman, 19 East John st. 

Dickson, Alexander, baker, 259 Stirling road ; house, 
11 Hopetoun place. 

Dickson, B., agent, London and North Western Rail- 
way Co., 33 Gordon street ; residence, Thornbank, 

Dickson, David Hunter, wine and spirit merchant, 35 
Stobcross St.; house, 266 Dumbarton road. 

Dickson, D. W. (of Dickson and Renwick), house, 
Victoria place, Maryhill. 

Dickson, Douglas, manufacturer, 19 Montrose street; 
house, 211 Dumbarton road. 

Dickson, Edward G., draper and clothier, 105 Can- 
ning street, Calton ; house, 103 do. 

Dickson, Geo., boot and shoe merchant, 449 Argyle 
street; branches, 85 Nelson st., 197 New City rd., 
79 Castle street, 333 High street, 105 Stobcross 
street, and 147 Crookston street ; ho. 10 Corunna 
street, Sandyford. 

Dickson, George (of H. MacBean & Co., 56 Cook 
street), house, Seafield, PoUokshields. 

Dickson, G., draper and clothier, 91 Canning st., Calt. 

Dickson, James, sen., watchmaker, 34 Kent street. 

Dickson, James L., clerk, G.P.O. ; ho. 152 Duke st. 

Dickson, J. G., bookseller and stationer, 192 and 577 
Sauchiehall street ; house, 30 Carnarvon street. 

Dickson, James H. (of M'Lelland & Dickson), house, 
7 Granby terrace, Hillhead. 

Dickson, John, provision merchant, 297 Paisley road ; 
house, 28 South Kinning place. 

Dickson, John, veterinary surgeon, 160 West Graham 
street; house, 122 do. 

Dickson, John (of Dickson, Taylor, & Johnson), ho. 
115 Douglas street. 

Dickson, John, & Co., soap powder manufacturers 
and drysalters, 270 Govan street ; house, 2 Har- 
mony place, Cathcart road. 

Dickson, J. R., M.D., 144 Bath street. 

Dickson & Mann, railway waggon builders ; offices, 
29, 31 Greenhill St.; works, Bathville waggon works, 
near Bathgate. 

Dickson & M'Intyre, general drapers, 309 Paisley rd. 
Dickson & Morrison, smallware and trimming mer- 
chants. Union court, 172 Argyle street. 
Dickson, Nicholas (of .1. Manners, 20 Buchanan st.), 

house, 45 Abbotsford place. 
Dickson, P., daiiyman, 36 Elderslie street; house, 

34^ do. 
Dickson, Peter, bootmaker, 317 Parliamentary road; 

house, 93 North Frederick street. 
Dickson, Robert, & Co., clothiers, 3 James Morri- 
son street. 
Dickson, Robert, merchant, 17 Berkeley terrace. 
Dickson, R. S. (of Dickson & MoiTison), house, 21 
Roslea drive, Dennistoun. 



Dickson & Renwick, produce brokers and commission 

merchants, agents for the Australian Meat Co. 

(Limited), the Gouda Stearine Candle Co., 20 

Hope street. 
Dickson, Samuel, grocer and provision merchant, 206 

Stirling road ; house, 117 North street. 
Dickson, Taylor, and Johnson, wholesale trimming 

merchants, 61 Buchanan street. 
Dickson, W. & J., grocers and tea merchants, 286 

Crown St. and 408 Cumberland st.; house, 354 

Crown street. 
Dickson, William, photographer, 46 Jamaica street ; 

ho. 1 Granville place, Crosshill. 
Dickson, William (at James Watson's, 87 Union st.), 

house, 31 Reidvale street. 
Dickson, William, tobacconist, 148 Saltmarket street ; 

house, 8 Steel street. 
Dickson, Wm. P., D.D., Professor of Divinity, The 

College, Gilmorehill ; house, 3 College. 
Dickson, William, agent for the Standard Assurance 

Co., Lancashh-e Insurance Co., Liverpool and London 

and Globe Insurance Co., Scottish Fire Insurance 

Co., and the Accident Insm-ance Association of 

Scotland (Limited), 104 Trongate ; ho. 1 Athole 

terrace, Crosshill. 
Dickson, William, cabinet maker, 7 Great Clyde 

street ; house, 64 King street. 
Dickson, William, fire, life, and plate-glass insurance 

agent, 87 Union street ; house, 31 Reidvale st. 
Dickson, William, tinsmith, gasiitter, lead and 

spelter manufacturer, 67 Garngad road ; house, 50 

Glebe street. 
Dickson, William, agent. Royal Bank of Scotland, 

104 Trongate ; house, 1 Athole ten-ace, Crosshill. 
Dickson, W. N., insurance agent, 37 West George st.; 

house, 19 Abercromby place, Edinburgh. 
Dickson, Mrs., dressmkr. and milliner, 115 Douglas st. 
Dickson, Mrs., ladies' nurse, 83 North Woodside rd. 
Dickson, Miss, ladies' dressmaker, 17 Berkeley ter. 
Dickson, Miss, ladies' superintendent. Western 

Academy, St. George's road. 
Dickson, Miss E., dressmaker, 42 Greenliill street, 

Dickson, Miss, governess and tutors' agency, and 

registrar ior servants, 563 Sauchiehall street. 
Dieppe Steam Packet OiBce ; John & Peter Hutche- 

son, 62 Broomielaw. 
DIETRICHSEN, Fred, C. J., pubHsher, North 

British Daily Mail, 106 Union street ; house, 

Crookston cottage, Shawlands. 
Dietrichsen, James (of Harris & Dietrichsen), res. 

Crookston cottage, Shawlands. 
DILGER & Barclay, watch and clock makers, jew- 
ellers, &c., 135 Eglinton street; ho. 1 Apsley pi. 
Dilger, J., watchmaker, 118 Dumbarton rd. ; house, 

128 do. 
DILL, Wilson, & Muirhead, writers, 54 West Nile st. 
DIMMOCH, Thomas, manager to J. Schweppe & Co., 

mineral water manufacturers, 50 Marlow street ; 

house, 356 Scotland street. 
DINGLE Y, W. H., commercial traveller, 8 ililler st.; 

house, 19 Windsor street. 
DINNING, John, dairy, 192 South Wellington st. ; 

house, 188a do. 
Dinning, Neil, 96 George street. Mile-end. 
DINSMORE, W. H., measurer, 65 West Regent st. ; 

house, Jane place, 51 Govan road. 
DlPPIE, Robert, commercial traveller, 270 Govan st. ; 
I house, 2 Harmony place, Cathcart road. 

Dippie, Miss, dressmaker, 97 South Portland st. 
Direct West India Steam Packets, David Carr & 

Co., agents, 175 West George street. 
DISHER, Andrew -K, tinsmith, gasfitter, and lock- 
smith, 3 Castle street; house, 63 William street, 

DISHINGTON, David, manager (at Smith, Sons, & 

Laughland's), house, 22 Abbotsford place. 
DISNEY, Misses, Ladies' School, 5 Dixon avenue, 

Dispensary for Diseases of the chest, 107 Dundas 

Dispensary for Skin Diseases, 63 John street ; Jas. 

Graharne, hon. secretaiy. 
Dispensary for Diseases of the throat, 107 Dundas st. 
Distillers' Company (Limited), Port-Dundas Dis- 
tillery ; offices, Port-Dundas and 153 Queen st. 
DITTMAR, William, professor of chemistry, Ander- 

sonian University ; house, 68 Kent road. 
DIXON, Andrew D. (of DLson Brothers), house, 10 

Montgomerie crescent, Hillhead. 
Dison Brothers, stockbrokers, 75 Buchanan street. 
Dixon, E. M., B.Sc, lecturer on mathematics and 

physics. Established Chm-ch Training College ; 

house, 11 Hopetoun place. 
Dison & Erskine, writers, 175 West George street. 
Dixon, George (of Dixon Brothers), house, 19 

Elmbank crescent. 
Dixon, James S. (of Dison & Marshall), house, 19 

Elmbank crescent. 
Dixon, John D. (of Peter Dixon), house, 344 St. 

Vincent street. 
Dixon, John, auctioneer, 7 West Nile street ; house, 

Shieldhall, Govan. 
Dixon, J. A., writer (of Dixon & Erskine, 175 West 

George st.), house, 6 St. James' terrace, Hillhead. 
Dixon & Marshall, civil and mining engineers, 170 

Hope street. 
Dixon, Peter, rag merchant and paper maker 8 

WaiTOch street; house, 344 St. Vincent street. 
Dixon, Son, & Evans, manufacturers of safety and 

paraffin matches, wax vestas, tapers, vesuvians, and 

flaming fusees ; works, Manchester ; warehouse, 32 

Brunswick sti'eet. 
Dixon, Rev. Walter, Catholic clergyman, Govan ; ho. 

369 Govan road, Govan. 
Dixon, William (Limited), iron and coal masters, 1 

Dixon street. 
Dixon, William Smith, iron master, 1 Dison street ; 

resid. Belleisle, Ayr, and Carfin house, Motherwell. 
Dixon, William (Limited), Calder, Govan, and Blan- 

tyre Collieries Depots, Partick, Stobcross, and 

Govan mineral stations. 
Dixon, William Smith, Govanhill, Cai-fin, and Wil- 

sontown Estates office, 1 Dixon street. 
DOBBIE, Alexander, commission merchant and agent 

for Moifat & Co., tea dealers, London, 5 Dixon st. ; 

residence, 54 Kelvingrove street. 
Dobbie, Alex., chronometer, watch, and nautical 

instrument maker, optician, chart dealer, and 

adjuster of compasses in iron ships, 24 and 25 

Clyde place ; house, 5 Maxweltown place. 
Dobbie, Charles L., carver, gilder, and ornamental 

pattern maker, 386 Paisley road; house, 21 St. 

James' street, Hillhead. 
Dobie & Co., shipbuilders, Govan Shipbuilding Yard, 

Dobbie, Forbes, & Co., ironfounders and American stove 

manufacturers, 92 Mitchell street. 





Dobbie, Geo., watcbmaker, 64 Canning st, Calton. 
Dobbin, Jamos, M.D., F.F.P.S.G., 2 Great Kelvm ter., 

Bank street, Hilllicad. 
Dobbic, James, funeral undertaker and coach pro- 
prietor, 114 Parson street and 35 Stanhope street ; 
house, 114 Parson street. 
Dobbie, .James, measurer, 93 Pitt street. 
Dobbie, James, 180 Pollokshaws road. 
Dobbie, .James, cattle dealer, 72 Whitevale street. 
Dobbie, .James, funeral undertaker, 99 Castio street ; 

house, 45 Parson street. 
Dobie, .John, ironmongeiy, cutlery, saw, edge tool, 
plane, file, and fishing tackle warehouse, 205 
Argylc stn^et. 
Dobie, Rev. John, D.D., Shamrock Street U.P. Church ; 

house, 19 Hamilton drive, south. 
Dobbie, Oliver, clothier and draper, 33 Abington 

street ; house, 31 do. 
Dobbie, R., & Co., leather merchants and factors, 67 

High street, Ayr. 
Dobbie, Robert (of Dobbit;, Forbes, & Co.), residence, 

Wcllpark, Larbert. 
Dobbie, Robert, job master and livery stable keeper, 
Caledonian Horse Bazaar, 96 Renfrew st. ; house, 
295 Hope street. 
Dobbie, R., & Co., boot and shoe manufacturers, 37 

High street, Ayr. 
Dobbie, Thos., watch and clock maker and jeweller, 51 

Adclphi street ; house, 58 Pollok street. 
Dobbie, Thomas (of H. Burton & Co., Buchanan st.), 

resid. 4 Hampden ten-ace. Mount Florida. 
Dobbie, Rev. Thomas, Lansdowne Church; house, 

4 North Park ten-ace. 
Dobie, Wm. A., 8 West Prince's street. 
Dobbie, William, traveller (at A. & W. Paterson's), 

house, Inchneuk, Dennistoun. 
Dobbie, Miss, dressmaker, 93 Pitt street. 
DOBBIN, Mrs. C, wine and spirit merchant, 124 

Saltmarkot; house, 160 do. 
Dobbin, Mary .Jane, English and French stay maker, 

4 Wellington arcade ; house, 16 Queen arcade. 
DOBSON, .James, district inspector, 1 Montrose st. ; 

house, 11 John Knox street. 
Dobson, George, card nailer, 163 Graeme st.; house, 

140 Gamgad hilL 
Dobson, John, brassfoundor and gasfitter, 10 Sey- 
mour street, off' New City road. 
Dobson, Thomas Gibson, inland revenue, 13 Queen 

St.; house, 15 lona place. Mount Florida. 
Dobson, Wm. .J. Edgar, Scotch comedian .ind hu- 

mom-ist. Theatre Royal ; house, 88 Cowcaddens. 
DOCHART, Alexander (of Dochart & Scobbic), 

house, 36 Main street s.s. 
Dochart & Scobbie, wrights, 34 and 36 E. Howard st. 
DOHERTY, Charles, butter and egg merchant, Bazaar; 

house, 32 M'Farlane street. 
Dochcrty, Coi-nclius, hide, skin, and plaster hair mer- 
chant, 48 Market st., city ; ho. 86 Thistle St., s s. 
Doherty, Daniel, spirit merchant, 48 Jjanceficld street 

and 191 Stobcross st.; ho. Avon villa. Paisley rd. 
Docharty, James, artist, 112 Wellington St., north ; 

house, 7 Berlin terrace, PoUoksliields. 
Docherty, .James, butter, egg, and provision merch., 

7 William st., Cowcaddens; ho. 48 Maitland st. 
Docherty, .James, fish hook di-esser, 6 Finnieston st. 
Docherty, John, fish merchant, 50 Commercial road ; 

house, 14 Portugal street. 
Docherty, .John, bootmaker, 118 Eagleshara st. 
Docherty, John, cab proprietor, 74 Tobago st., Calton. 

Docherty, Matthew, flcsher, 212 Dumbarton road ; 

house, 227 Berkeley street. 
Docherty, M., General Cooking Depot, 193 Parlia- 
mentary road. 
Docherty, Neil, contractor and coal merch., 76 Walk- 

inshaw street; house, 71 Oswald st, Bridgeton. 
Docherty, Patrick, boot and shoemaker, 57 West 

Scotland street ; house, 59 do. 
Docherty, Peter, grocer, 37 Eaglesham street. 
Docherty & Souter, Sun Bolt, Nut, and Rivet Works, 

Park street. Paisley road. 
Docherty, Thomas, bolt and nut manufactui-er. Park 

street, Kinning park; ho. 21 Rutland crescent. 
Docherty, Wm., wine and spirit merch., 385 St. Vincent 

St.; house, 139 Berkeley st. 
Docherty, Wm., wine and spirit merchant, 124 and 

126 Bridgegate; house, 161 New City road. 
Docherty, Wm., spirit merchant, 285 Debbie's loan : 

house, 161 New City road. 
Dochcrty, Wm., boot and shoe maker, 199 Parliamen- 

taiy road ; house, 253 Kennedy street. 
Dock Engine and Boiler works (Wm. King & Co.), 

27 South Kinning place, Paisley road. 
DOCTOR, .John, provision merchant, 156 Duke st. ; 

house, 108 Wellpark ten-ace. 

DOD, Frederick, coach builder and haiiiess maker, 

123 to 145 North st.; ho. 12 Belmont cr., Hillhead. 

Dodd, William, cooper ; sale shop, 24 Dmnbarton rd.; 

work shop, 17 School wynd ; ho. 142 Main st, 


Dodd, William, accountant, City Bank, Charing cross : 

house, 55 Clarence street. 
DODDRELL, Daniel T., Helensburgh. 
DODDS, Bernard, wine and spirit merchant, 443 

New City road ; house, 4 Raeben-y street. 
Dodds, Rev. Jas., minister of St. George's parish, 

Buchanan street ; house, 15 Sandyford place. 
Dodds, James, commission agent, 27 Union street : 

residence, Calderhaugh, Lochwinnoch. 
Dods, James (of H. M'Phail & Co., 42 Broomielaw). 

house, 2 Berlin place, Pollokshields. 
Dodds, J. R., head-master, Calton Parish School, 
Queen Mary street, London road ; ho. 2 West View 
gardens, Dennistoun. 
Dods, Rev. Marcus, minister of Renfield Free Church ; 

house, 13 Burnbank gardens. 
DODGE, -James, & Co. (Limited), file and saw manu- 
factui-ers, Newton Heath, Manchester ; agent, 
Charies Bell, 29 Waterloo st. 
DOIG, Chas., hairdresser, 34 Trongate; house, 401 • 

Crown street. 
Doig, David (of Sinclair & Doig), ho. 7 Claremont st. 
Doig, David, bootmaker, 302 Dumbarton road ; ho. 

276 do. — See Adv. in App. 
Doig, Henry, daii-3'man, 104 Rutherglen loan. 
Doig, James (at J. Connell's), ho. 125 Norfolk st. 
Doig, J. & W., butchers, 48 Crown street and 39 

Adelphi street; house, 58 Crown street. 
Doig, J. & W., dairy, 70 Crown st; ho. 58 do. 
Doig, John, tailor, 132 Stockwell street. 
Doig, .John, jun., flesher, 91 Main street; house, 366 

Crown street. 
Doig, P., dairyman, 150 Stobcross .street and 526 

St. Vincent street ; house, 622 do. 
Doig, William, manufacturing jeweller, 8 Buchanan 

st. ; house, 136 Gallowgate. 
DOLAN, James, draper, 24 Nelson st. City. 
Dolan, Wm., hill clerk. West sti-eet depot; house, 42 
Portugal street. 





])OLLAR, Gporgo (of G. & W. J)(illur), Iiouko, 22 St. 

Miinp;o street, soutli. 
J)ollar, G. & W., tinsmiths iind gasfitters, 137 Hif,'h st. 
J)oll:ii-, II. & J. W., inilliiiors ;ind drossinalierH, 18i{ 

West I{('f;;ent street. 
Dollar, Williiim (of G. & VV. Dollar), lio. 12 Allison 

street, Orossliill. 
DON & Duncan, carpet and matting manufacturers, 

l)unde{^ ; Jolui Sinclair, agent, 8 Princes square. 
Don & Fender, slaters, 15 Greon street, Bridgeton. 
Don, Gi'org(', s[iirit merchant, 45 Dalo st., Bridgcton ; 

houses, .'i8 Main street, Rnthorglen. 
DONAGHY, Chas. E. (of Thomson, Donaghy, & Co.), 

liouse, 1 Lorno street. Paisley road. 
])onachy, Charles, grocer and provision merchant, 39 

Wilson street, Fartiek ; house, 37 do. 
Donaghy, Peter, glass and cliina merchant, cotton 

and woollen waste merchant, and metal merchant, 

l-l and 1(J Kirk street, Calton ; house, 134 (ireat 

Hamilton street. 
Donaghey, Win. John, hair cutter, 110 Abcaxronihy st. 
Doiiiighv, Mrs. Jane, fi-iiiterer, 1!) Dnmbarton road. 
DONALD, Alex, (of William Collins, Sons, & Co.), 

house, 4 Cathkiu terrace. Mount Florida. 
Donald, Andrew, warehouseman (at Stewart & 

M'Donald's), 33 Monteith row. 
Donald & Baillie, wholesale grocers and tea mer- 
chants, Campbell arcade, 34 and 40 Candlcriggs 

and 74 Trongate. 
Donald, Charles, manufacturer of upholstery cards and 

boot laces, &c., Derby; A. J. Larke, 51 Buchanan 

street, agent. 
Donald, Colin Duulop, jun., writer, 172 St. Vincent 

street ; residence, North cottagt;, Wemyss Bay. 
Donald, Colin Dunlop, writer (of M'Gregor, Donald, 

& Co.), house, 200 Bath street. 
Donald, David B. (of Cochrane & Donald), hous(>, 58 

Buccleucli street. 
Donald, Gavin (of Geo. Miller & Co.), ho. 5 Queen's tcr. 
Donald, George, assistant inspector of poor, Govan 

Combin.ation, 7 Carlton place; ho. Merrylee place, 

Donald, .). & A., & Co., drysaltors' agents and com- 
mission agents, 13 Dixon street. 
Donald, James A. (of .1. & A. Donald & Co.), house, 7 

Montgomery terrace, Mount Florida. 
Donahl, .lairies, jun., elolliler and hosi(T, 185 Argyle 

street; house, 7 Montgomery ten. Mount Florida. 
Donald, James, surgeon, !J 4 Great Hamilton street; 

house, 10 Monteith row. 
Donald, James (of George Miller & Co.), house, 5 

Queen's terrace. 
Donald, James, bookbinder, 253 Argyle street ; house, 

IKi Norfolk street. 
Donald, .laines, warper, 10 Renfrew lane ; house, 58 

Buccleucli street. 
Donald, James (of Walkei', Donald, & Co.), house, 

5 Ibrox ten'ac(!, Tbroxholm. 
Donald, James T., iron merchant (of John ])onald & 

Son), house, 7 Kelvinsido ten'ace, north. 
Donald, James, agent. National Bank of Scotland, 

265 Govan road ; house, Lily vale cottage, Govan. 
Donald, James, agent for Carron Co. 127 Buchanan 

St. ; house, Halidon, Cambuslang. 
Donald, James, police superintendent. Northern Police 

Chambers, 111 Mailland st. ; ho., 137 Cambridge st. 
Donald, John, (> Radnor t('rrace. 
Donald, John, grocer and provision dealer, 44 Maitland 

street ; house, 3 New City road. 

Donald, John, & Son, iron merchants, Swedish 

))lates and bars, bolts, nuts, rivets, chains, fan- 

lilowei's, centrifugal pumps, portable engines, steam 

hammers, lathes, drilling machines, punching and 

shearing maellin(^H, screwing machines, anvils, vices, 

smiths' bellows and tools, machine-made horse 

shoes, anhydrous leather belting and hose, 42, 44, 

and Ad Cadogan street. — See Advertisement in Ap. 
Donald, John, goldsmith and watehnniker, 15 J 

Adelphi street; house, -15 John street. 
Donald, John, dairynnui, 1(i l''inill;i,y streel. 
Donald, John, iron merchant (of .John Donald & Son), 

42 Cadogan street; residence, Glenaere, Inellan. 
Donald, John, Thomson St. public school, 100 Thom- 
son street; house, Dechmont, Mount Vernon. 
Donald, Matthew, liouse factor, 30 Old ])alnninioek 

rd., Bridgeton ; ho. Rosebank buildings, Cambuslang. 
Donahl, Itobert, stationer and bookbinder, 253 Argyle 

street; house, 22 Abliotsford place. 
Donald, Robert, clerk to city income tax commis- 
sioners, 52 Virginia street and 13 Queen street. 
Donald & Sellar, warehousemen, !)0, 92 Trongate. 
Donald, Thoiiias, coininissary clerk of Lanarkshire, 

81 Bath street; house, V.)ij do. 
Dtmald, Thomas, house factor, 1 0!) W. George st. ; 

house, 20 Monteith row. 
Donald, Thomas William, artist, 12 Bath street; ho. 

3 Newton stnjet. 
Donald, Thomas, hosier, glover, and shirtinaker, 108 

(iui'cn street; ho. 1(! Catherine street, north. 
Donald, Thomas F., \U(> Bath street. 
Donald, Walter, North British Patent Rivet .and Cut 

Nail manufiictory, 53 and, 55 St. James' road. 
Donald, Win. J. A., seerelary. Tin; Fglinton Chemical 

Co. (Limilcd), 31 St. Vincent place; ho. Bothwell. 
Donald, William (of Donald & Baillie), house, 3 

Viewtield terrace, Pollokshields. 
Donald, William, plumber .and gasfitter, 81 S.andy- 

faulds stre(!t; house, 12 Camden street. 
Donald, Mrs. Janet, wine and spirit merchant, 242 

N. Woodside road and 86 Napiershall street; ho. 

133 London street. 
Donald, Mrs. John, dining rooms, 49 .lolm street; 

house, 45 do. 
Don.ald, Mrs. J., grocer, 183 Gloucester street ; house, 

1 Kinning street. 
Donahl, Miss Agnes, hosiery and fiirnifihings, 14 

Bedford streoit. 
DONALDSON, Alex, (of James Watson & Co.), house, 

27 lUythswood square. 
Donaldson, Alex., surgeon, 5 May terrace, Cathcart. 
Donaldson, Archibald F. (of Donaldson Brothers), 

house, 16 Ashton terrace, Dowanhill. 
Donaldson, Benj.amin (of Wm. Thomson & Co., Smith 

strec^t, Paisley I'oad), house, 31 Sussex street. 
Donaldson Brothers, merchants and ship owners, 67 

Great Clyde street. 
Donaldson, David (at Taylor & Ferguson's, 38 Oswald 

street), house, 73 l"'linbaiik street. 
Donaldson, David, flesher, 46 Grove street; ho. 48 do. 
Donaldson, .las,, drysalter, 18 Royal l*L\ch.ang(! huildgs. 
Donaldson, James (of Simpson, Kirk, & Donaldson, 

waiters), hous(!, 11 Rosslyn terrace, Pollokshields. 
Donaldson , James, teacher. Bishop Street Public School ; 

house, 93 Pitt street. 
Donaldson, Jas. S., mason, 128 Kent rd. ; house, 129 

Berkeley st. 
Donaldson, .lames, oyster merchant, 106 New City 

rd. ; house, 22 Scotia street. 





Donaldson, James, Post Office Receiving House ; 

news agent and stationer, 160 and 162 Crown st. ; 

house. 6 CleUand street. 
Donaldson, James P. (at Thomas Chalmers & Co.'s), 

house, 3 Clelland place, Ibroxhohn. 
Donaldson, John (of Donaldson Brothers), residence, 

Beechwood house, Partick. 
Donaldson, John, commission agent, 1 Prince's square ; 

residence, Bunihead house, Lai'bert. 
Donaldson, Joseph, wine and spirit merchant, 53 

Bell street, city; house, 35 Renfrew street. 
Donaldson, Peter, commercial traveller, 40 St. Vincent 

place ; house, 8 Grafton square. 
Donaldson, Richard, clerk. Grove Park wea\'ing fac- 
tory ; house, 6 Wilton terrace. 
Donaldson, Richard D., 13 Rupert street. 
Donaldson, Robert, pianoforte and music seller, organ, 

harmonium, and pianoforte tuner, 77 St. Vincent 

street ; house, 8 Regent Park ten-ace. 
Donaldson, Robert, & Co., wine shippers, Madeira ; 

agents, M'Kill Brothers, 29 Waterloo street. 
Donaldson, Robert (of James Watson & Co.), house, 

5 Prince's ten-ace, Dowanhill. 

Donaldson, Robert S., goldsmith, watchmaker, and 

jeweller, 381 New City road ; house, 6 WUton ter. 
Donaldson, Thomas, wholesale tweed and tailors' 

trimming warehouseman, 148 Trongate ; house. 

Main street, Shettleston. 
Donaldson, William A. (of James Watson & Co.), 

house, 8 Eton terrace, Hillhead. 
Donaldson, William F. (of Donaldson Brothers), 

house, Hazelwood, Dowanhill gardens. 
Donaldson, Wm., & Co., drapers, 2 Bridgeton cross. 
Donaldson, W., tobacconist and stationer, 288 Cath- 

cart road; house, 292 do. 
Donaldson, William (of Wm. Donaldson & Co.), ho. 

6 Bridgeton cross. 

Donaldson, Wm. Anderson (of W. & A. Anderson), 
house, 88 Gloucester street. 

Donaldson, William, wine and spirit merchant, 306 
Possil road ; house, 183 CraighaU road. 

Donaldson, Wm., commission merchant, 79 Virginia 
street ; house, 17 Regent Park square. 

Donaldson, W. J., manufacturers' agent (silks, velvets, 
&c.), 4 North court. Royal Exchange. 

Donaldson, Mrs. John, dressmaker, 258 Paisley road. 

Donaldson, Mrs., ladies' nurse, 172 Sandyfaulds st. 

DONECHIE, E., fishmonger, &c., 12 Raglan street 
and 6 Lyon street ; house, 1 Raglan street. 

DONEGAN, Patrick, printer and stationer, 95 
Hutcheson st. ; ho. 429 Parliamentary road. 

DONLEY, Archibald, vrine and spirit merchant, 56, 
58, and 60 High street ; house, 286 Dumbarton rd. 

DONNELLA, Mrs. A., warehouse, 84 Oswald street ; 
ho. 22 Robertson st. 

DONNELLY, Rev. Peter, R.C.C., 50 Old Dalmar- 
nock road. 

DONOHOE, Michael J., fruit importer, Bazaar; 
house, 41 North Albion street. 

DOOLAN, Fintan, eating-house keeper, 119 High st. 

DORAN, Joseph, wholesale and export stationer, 34 
Candleriggs and 74 Trongate ; ho. 4 Royal crescent, 

Doran, Dr. Robert, surgeon, consulting rooms, Glas- 
gow Medical Hall, 140 New City road and 376 
Argyle street ; house, 28 St. George's road. 

DOTCHIN, James, fancy goods and stationery mer- 
chant, 411 Sauchiehall st ; house, 290 Renfrew st. 

DOUDS, Patrick, foreman, Sawmillfield Iron Works; 
house, 15 Myrtle street. 

DOUGALL, Andrew, property agent, 184 Gallowgate; 
residence, Glenpark villa. Busby. 

Dougall, Andrew, draper, 198 Springburn road. 

Dougall, Franc Gibb, writer, 167 Canning street ; 
house, 10 Broompark terrace, Dennistoun. 

Dougall, James, merchant and importer, 79 Roselea 
drive, Dennistoun. 

Dougall, James D.,breechloadinggun and rifle manu- 
facturer, and fishing-tackle maker, 39 Gordon st. ; 
keys at D. Thompson's, 3 Cadzow street. 

Dougall, James, watch maker and jeweller, 26 Nelson 
street, city. 

Dougall, James, collector, &c., Royal Botanic Insti- 
tution, 155 West George st. ; house, 9 Wilton st. 

Dougall, John, flesher, 291 Garscuberd.; ho. 252 do. 

Dougall, Jn., M.D., F.F.P.S., 339 Paisley road ; ho. 2 
Cecil place. 

Dougall, Patk., merchant, 2 Grosvenor terrace. 

Dougall, Robert, 21 Willowbank street. 

Dougall, Miss, dressmaker, 157 West Campbell st. 

DOUGAN, Andrew, wine and spirit merchant, 202 
Sauchiehall street; house, 226 Mathieson street. 

Dougan, Jn., surgeon, 220 St. George's road. 

Dougan, Wm., M.D., 430 Springburn road; house, 
Florence bank, do. 

DOUGANS, Andrew, & Sons, wholesale ii-onmongers, 
cement, glass, glue, cut and wrought nail and zino 
merchants, and shoemakers' furnishers, 25 Dunlop 
street and 31 Ai-gyle street 

Dougans, Andrew, 31 Argyle street ; residence. 
Cuprum House, Partick. 

Dougans, Andrew, jun. (of Andrew Dougans & Sons, 
31 Argyle street), ho. 13 Argyle place, Partick. 

Dougans, David Young (of Andrew Dougans & Sons, 
31 Argyle street), house, Almond bank. Bridge of 

DOUGHERTY, Daniel, spirit dealer, 131 Gamgad 
road; house, 236 Belhiie place, do. 

Dougherty, Daniel, spirit merchant, 23 Kirk street, 
Towiihead ; house, 40 Weaver street. 

Dougherty, Edward, house factor, 71 Abercromby st. 

Dougherty, James, fruit broker and commission mer- 
chant. Bazaar ; house, 40 Canon street. 

Dougherty, James, cocoa nut fibre manufacturer, 106 
BaiTOwfield street, Bridgeton ; house, 40 Canon st. 

Dougherty, Patrick, pro^dsion, butter and egg mer- 
chant, 49 Maitland street ; ho. 1 West Milton st. 

DOUGLAS, A., provision merchant and dairyman, 
413 Govan st ; house, 101 Mathieson street. 

Douglas, A. & J., " The Golden Ball," importers of 
fancy wools, smallwares and trimming merchants, 
buttons, badges, and appointments for the military, 
naval, civil, and volunteer services, masonic in- 
signia, &c., 95 Buchanan street 

Douglas, Arch. Campbell, of Mains, 150 W. Regent 
street ; residence. Mains house, Milngavie. 

Douglas, Archd. (of Douglas, Cowan, & Co.) house, 
4 Catherine street, North. 

Douglas, Cowan, & Co., van, cart, and lon-y manufac- 
turers, 222, 224, and 228 Debbie's loan. 

Douglas, Campbell, LA., architect and property valua- 
tor, licensed, 266 St Vincent street. 

Douglas, Campbell, and Sellars, architects, I.A., 266 
St Vincent street 

Douglas, Duncan, spirit dealer, 2 Ritchie street ; ho. 
145 Nelson street, s.s. 

Douglas, Rev. Geo., CM., D.D., professor of Hebrew, 
Free Church College, Lynedoch street ; house, 10 
Fitzroy place. 





Douglas, H. D., & Son, musical instrument makers 
and music sellers, 36 and 38 Brunswick street ; 
house, 121 Stirling road. — See Advertise, in App. 

Douglas, Hector, cork mauufactiu-er, 20 Sauchiehall 
street ; house, do. 

Douglas, Henry, detective officer. Northern Police 
Office ; house, 65 Shamrock street. 

Douglas, Hugh, sen., musical instnvment maker, 
o-l Hutcheson street; house, 347 Govan st., s.s. — 
See Advertisement in Appendix. 

Douglas & Hunter, measm-ers, 197 St. Vincent 

Douglas, Rev. Jas., M.A., St. Stephen's parish; 
house, 5 Royal teiTace. 

Douglas, James B., ■watchmaker and jeweller, 420 
Argyle street ; house, 424 do. 

Douglas, James, goldsmith and watchmaker, 96 
Argyle street ; house, 1 Percy street, Paisley road. 

Douglas, James, monumental sculptor, head of Kyle 
street, Ayr ; house, 17 Alio way street, Ayr. 

Douglas, J. B., & Co., tobacco manufacturers, 73 
Brunswick street. 

Douglas, John, dairyman, 19 Duke street ; house, 10 
George street. 

Douglas, John, & Son, portrait painters and photo- 
graphers, 108 Renfield street, 

Douglas, John Reid, agent, 40 Union street ; house, 
11 Ibrox place. 

Douglas, John, minister of the gospel, New City road 
Congi-egational Church, 88 New City road; house, 
425 Sauchiehall street. 

Douglas, John, blacksmith, 15 Eglinton place ; ho. 
297 Eglinton street. 

Douglas, John (of Glasgow Property Circular'), office, 
77 Renfield street; house, 5 South View terrace, 
Onslow drive, Dennistoun. 

Douglas, Kenneth, manager, 228 Debbie's loan ; ho. 
252 Parliamentary road. 

Douglas & King, publishers of the Glasgow Property 
Circular and West of Scotland WeeUy Advertiser ; 
office, 77 Renfield street. 

Douglas, Peter, stationer, 242 Main street, Anderston. 

Douglas, Reyburn, & Co., Scotch bonnet manufac- 
turers, Kilmarnock; A. B. Glen & Sons, agents, 
9 Howard street. 

Douglas, Robert, agent for Munro's washing prepar- 
ations, &c., 130 Barrack street, 

Douglas, Robert, writer (at Brownlie & Watson's), ho. 
22 Willowbank crescent 

Douglas, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 12 St. 
Enoch's square and 5 Adam's com-t lane ; house, 
143 Norfolk street. 

Douglas, Robert, house factor, 301 London road. 

Douglas, Robert, & Son, sail makers and ship chand- 
lers. Plantation Sail Works, Eaglesham street, oS 
Govan road. 

Douglas, Robert, shoemaker, 22 and 24 Hill st, east.; 
house, 3 Meadowpark street. 

Douglas, Robert I)., writer, procurator fiscal for 
Justice of Peace Courts for lower ward of Lanark- 
shire, eastern district of Dumbartonshire, and for 
the burgh of Hillhead, County Buildings, 111 
Brunswick st.; ho. 8 Ashton terrace, Hillhead. 

Douglas, Thos. W., & Co., castor oil merchants and 
wholesale grocers, 64 and 70 West Howard street 

Douglas, William, wine and spirit merchant, 168 
Saltmarket ; house, 48 Abbotsford place. 

Douglas, Wm. R,, consulting engineer and agent for 
patent boat disengaging gear, 20 Rutland crescent. 

Douglas, Wm., ash pan manufacturer, 44 Trongate ; 

house, 345 South Wellington street. 
Douglas, William (of Robert Douglas & Son), house, 

19 Ibrox terrace. 
Douglas, William, clerk (Postal Telegraphs, G.P.O.), 

house, 57 Reidvale street. 
Douglas, Jlrs. P., provision merchant, 254 Dumbarton 

road; house, 128 Main street, Anderston. 
Douglas. Mrs. G., Imperial restaurant, 191 George st 
Douglas, Mrs. John, baker, 47 Dorset st ; ho. 45 do. 
Douglas, Mrs. M., draper, 346 Nuneaton st, Bridgeton. 
Douglas, Mrs., glove cleaner and dyer, 35 Port 

Dundas road, 
Douglas, Miss, dressmaker, 291 Hope street. 
Douglas, Miss, dressmaker, 35 Shamrock street. 
Douglas, Margaret and Jane, hosiers and furnishings, 

234 High street; ho. 64 Roslea drive, Dennistoun. 
Douglas (Isle of Man) and Glasgow Steam 

Packet oiBce; Lewis Potter & Co., 30 Goi-don st. 
DOUIE, Robert, writer, clerk. Incorporation of Malt- 
men, 170 Hope street ; ho. 52 Kelvingrove street 
DOUNIE.— See Downie. 
DouEA Fire Clay Co., fire clay goods manufacturers, 

194 Eglinton street and Cook street Station; Robert 

Hunter, agent. 
DOVE, Donald, basket, hamper, and miU skip 

manufacturer, 14 and 15 St. Andi'ew's square; 

house, 20 Monteith row. — See Adver. in Appen. 
Dove, Donald, willow rod and cane merchant, 14 & 

15 St. Andrew's square; house, 20 Monteith row. — 

See Advertisement in Appendix. 
Dove, Ebenezer, 104 North Hanover street. 
Dove, James (at John Dove's, 42 St. Andrew's sq.), 

house, 20 Monteith row. 
Dove, Jobn, basket and perambialator manufacturer, 

42 St. Andrew's square ; house, 18 Monteith row. 

— See Advertise, in Appen. 
Dove, John, perambulator manufacturer, 42 St. 

Andi-ew's square ; house, 18 Monteith row. — See 

Advertisement in Appen. 
Dove, John, export and family bottling stores, ale, 

porter, and cider merchant, and aerated water 

manufacturer, 49, 51, and 55 Pitt street; ho. 53 do. 
Dove, Thomas A. (at Donald Dove's, 14 and 15 St 

Andrew's square), house, 20 Monteith row. 
Dove, Thomas, 1 Clutha street. Paisley road. 
Dove, Mrs., teacher of pianoforte and singing, 8 

West Prince's street. 
DOVER, James, fruiterer and confectioner, 77 St 

George's road. 
DOW, Ai-ch., wine and spirit mercht., 49, 51 Candle- 

riggs ; house, 20 Monteith row. 
Dow, Archd., hairdresser and perfmner, 26 Eglinton st 
Dow, Andrew, smith, gasfitter, and bellhanger, 142 

Woodlands road ; house, 48 Nelson street. City. 
Dow, David (at A, G. Winning's), house, 101 ICng's 

Park place. 
Dow, Duncan, wine and spirit merchant, 100 Renfield ■ 

street ; house, 4 Nicholson street. 
Dow, Duncan, auctioneer and valuator, 87 Gallowgate ; 

house, 3 Garden terrace, Cathcart road. 
Dow, James, family grocer and wine merchant, 191 

New City road ; house, 104 West Graham street. 
Dow, .James, American meat store, 399 Eglinton st ; 

house, Hope House, Butterbiggins road, 
Dow, James, potato merchant, 15 Morrison st 
Dow, Samuel, wine and spirit merchant, 70 Mitchell 

street and 81 Buchanan street; house, 19 Craigton 

ten-ace, Clifibrd street, Paisley road. 




Dow, Thomas H., clerk of works; house, 31 Edmund 

street, off Dunchattan street. 
Dow, Thomas, joiner, 69 Stii-ling road; house, 30 

Renald street. 
Dow, Walter, & Co., plain and fancy musHn manu- 
facturers, 107 Buchanan street; ho. 2 Blay ten-ace, 

Momit Florida. 
Dow, William, Corporation Gas Works, 122 Old 

Dahnamock road ; house, 101 King's Park place. 
Dow, William, accountant, 36 Hill street, Garnethill. 
Dow, Mrs. Sarah, spirit merchant, 273|- Argyle st. 

and 41 Old Dumbarton road; ho. 9 Kelvingi-ove st. 
Dow, Miss, teacher, 3 Buchan street ; house, Rose- 
bank ten-ace, Cambuslang. 
DOWD, J\I. E., Convent school, 60 Hill street, 

Dowd, Peter, smith and cartwright, 293 North Wood- 
side road ; house, 280 do. 
DOWDING, ilaiy Anne, glass and china merchant, 

31 Dumbarton road. 
DOWELL & Cniickshanks, leather and commission 

agents, 17 Oswald street. 
Dowell, J. (of Dowell & Cniickshanks), house, 137 

Shields road. 
DOWIE, George, & Son, sack, hemp, Uneu, twine, 

and yam merchants and manufacturers, 72 West 

Howard street. 
Dowie, John (of G. Dowie & Son), residence, 1 Hill- 
head gardens. 
Dowie & Marshall, makers of the elastic soled boot ; 

Scottish agency, 94 West Regent street. 
Dowie, Peter, commission agent and produce broker, 

45 South Albion street. 
Dowie, W. B., tea, wine, and spii-it merchant, 66 

Cowcaddens; house, 586 Dobbie's loan. 
Dowie & Young, accountants and property valuators, 

121 West Regent street. 
DOWNIE, Andrew, jun., shoemaker, 210 Main 

street, Gorbals. 
Downie & Alton, writers, 121 West Regent street. 
Downie, E. & J., gi-ocers, 124 London rd.; ho. 123 do. 
Do-^vnie, Heniy, warehouseman (at Arnott & Co.'s), 

house, 33 West Cumberland street. 
Downie, .James, woollen and Angola yarn agent and 

commission merchant, 69 lugi-am street ; residence. 

North Bank house, Kirkintilloch. 
Downie, James (Canal Department Caledonian Ry.), 

house, 4 Hope terrace. Crossbill. 
Downie, James, jun. (of Jlan, Downie & Co.), house, 

20 Armadale street, Dennistoun. 
Downie, James, & Co., manufactm-ors, 12 and 14 

Montrose street. 
Downie, James (of James Downie & Co.), resid. 

Bertrohill house, Shettleston. 
Downie, John, china and glass merchant, 104 and 106 

Eglinton street; house, 159 Pollokshaws road. 
Downie, John, writer (of Downie & Alton), house, 

48 Bank street, Hillhead. 
Downie & M'Clure, indigo and cochineal importers 

and general drysalters, 83 Pitt street. 
Downie, Neil, confectioner, 120 King street, city. 
Downie, Robt., dyer; works. Nether Carntyne, Park- 
head ; orders left at George Watson's, 64 Ingi-am 

street; house, 394 Duke street. 
Downie, Robert, property agent and accountant, 241 

West George st. ; res., North Lodge, Wemyss IJay. 
Downie, Robert, dyer, and Post Office Receiving and 

Money Order Office, 16 George street; house, 394 

Duke street. 

Downie, Thos.. wine and spirit merchant, 87 St. 

George's Road and 3 Caniaryon street ; ho. 34 

Woodlands road. 
Downie, William, boot and shoe manufactm-er, 122 

Trongate, 44 Cowcaddens, and Strathbungo; house, 

4 Matilda ten-ace, Strathbungo. 
Downie, William G., cashier and bookkeeper, Govan 

Combination Parochial Board, 7 Carlton place; 

house, 34 Patcrson street, Kingston. 
DowTiie, Wm., M.A., teacher, 27 Chalmers street. 
Downie, William, jun., fire and life insurance agent, 

122 Trongate; ho. 4 Matilda ter., Strathbungo. 
Downie, Mrs. T., spirit dealer, 46 Hill street, Ander- 

ston ; house, 37 Cranston street. 
DOWNES, John, teacher of music, pianoforte, violin, 

and harmonium, 264 Buchanan street. 
Downes, John H. (of Brown, Downes, & Co.), house, 

2 Parkgrove tenace, Sandyford. 
Do'rnis, Robert, grocer and provision merchant, 157 

Garngad road. 
Downs, Thomas, pronsion merchant, 208 Duke st. ;. 

house, 120 Wellpark terrace. 
Dowries, Thomas (of Brown, Stewart, & Co.), house, 

Shawfield Park, Rutherglen. 
DOYLE, James, wine and spirit merchant, 4 Clyde 

street, Calton; house, 580 Gallowgate. 
Doyle, Joseph, horse shoeing forge, 10 Kyle street ; 

house, 36 West Milton street. 
DRACUP, John, fruiterer and confectioner, 26 

London road. 
DRAFFAN, Thomas, spirit merchant, 42 Millroad st. 
DRANSFIELD, R., commission agent, 47 Oswald 

street ; house, 234 Watt street, s.s. 
DRECHSEL, Hermann, importer of glassware, china, 

and cigars ; wholesale merchant of chemical 

apparatus and pm-e chemicals ; sole importer of 

Turkish glue for Great Britain, and agent for 

A. Kramer & Strauss, wine shippers, Bodenheim 

on the Rhine, 18 Waterloo place, Edinburgh. 
DREGHORN, David, secy. Glasgow Yomig Men's So- 
ciety for Rehgious Improvement; ho. 8 Ibros pi., 

Dreghom, David (at Wm. Henderson & Son's), ho. 8 

Ibrox place, Ibroxholm. 
Dreghorn, James, 8 Ibrox place, Ibroshohn. 
DRENNAN, Alex, (at John Houldsworth & Co.'s), 

house, 23 Granville place. 
Drennan, Andrew, collector (at Jas. Little & Co.'s), 

house, 301 Paisley road. 
Drennan, John, tailor, clothier, and hatter, 13 Eg- 
linton street. 
Drennan, Thomas, wholesale provision merchant and 

ham cm-er, 17 and 19 Ingr-am street, east ; house, 

4 Silk street. Paisley. 
DREVER, George, di-ysalter, 116 Ingram street. 
DREW, Alex., & Sons, calico printers. Lower House 

works, near Burnley; 149 W. George st., Glasgow, 

and 15 Nicholas street, Manchester. 
Drew, Alex, (of Alex. Drew & Sons), residence, 

Creggandarroch, Blairmore. 
Drew, Alex., jun. (of Alex. Drew & Sons), residence 

Lower house, near Burnley. 
Drew, Daniel (of Alex. Drew & Sons), residence. 

Lower house, near Burnley. 
Drew, Jas., fish merchant, 106 Main st., Anderston. 
Drew, Jas. (of Drew & Smith, portmanteau makers, 

13 Argyle street), house, 48 St. James' road. 
Drew, John, japanner, clock-dial manufactm-er, 78 

York street. 





Drew & Smith, portmanteau makers, 13 Argyle st. 
Drew, Thomas A. (of Alexander Drew & Sons), 

residence, Fallowfield, Manchester. 
Drew, Wm., accountant and share broker, 36 Renfield 

street ; house, 4 Crown circus, DovvanhiL. 
DRINNAN, John, boot and shoe maker, 51 Oxford 

street; house, 39 Warwick street. 
Drinnan, Mrs. E., furnishings and Post Office 

Receiving House, 93 West Scotland street, 

Kinuing park. 
Drinnan, Mrs. S. A., milliner and dressmaker, 13 

West Scotland street ; house, 294 do. 
Drinnan, Misses, dressmakers, 365 Sauchiehall street. 
DRON, Alex, (of Dron, Orr, & Co.), house, 236 Dmn- 

barton road. 
Dron, John, 79 Hill street, Garnethill. 
Dron, John (at Andersons & Pattison's, 137 St. 

Vincent street), house, 10 Binnie place. 
Dron & Lawson, engineers and machine makers, 

Dron, Orr, and Co., tool makers and machinists, 

Anderston tool works, 61 Bishop street, Anderston. 
Dron, William (of Dron & Lawson), house, 5 Wal- 
worth terrace, Kent road. 
Dkougan Colliery Office, 127 St. Vincent street. 
DRUCKER, August, & Co., wine shippers, Mayence ; 

agents, M'Kill Brothers, 29 Watei-loo street. 
Drumchapel Colliery Office, 127 St. Vincent street. 
DRUMMOND, Alexander, glass merchant and 

glazier, 89 Abercromby street; house, 421 Gallow- 

gate. — See Advi. in App. 
Drummond, Alexander (Mann, Byars, & Co.), house, 

Ehngrove Cottage, Carmyle. 
Drummond, Alexander S., M.A., writer (at Paul and 

M'Farlane's, 13 St. Vincent place), house, 18 

Markland terrace, Hillhead. 
Drmmnond, Alex, (of Marshall & Drummond, 14 

Buchanan street), house, 70 Renfrew street. 
Drummond, Andrew, glass, china, and earthenware 

mercht., 26 Saltmarket; house, Moir street. 
Drummond, A. (at Wm. Anderson & Co.'s, 16 Prince's 

square), house, 14 Selborne terrace, Woodside road. 
Drummond, Duncan, baker, 75 John street; house, 

73 do. 
Drummond, George, commercial traveller (at W. L. 

Aim & Co.'s), ho. 6 Wilton ter., New City road. 
Drammond, George (of R. & G. Drummond), house, 

18 Elmgrove place, Holland street. 
Drummond, James, zinc worker and gasfitter, 

46, 48 Ropework lane ; ho. 122 South Portland st. 

— See Advertisement in Appendix. 
Drummond, James (of Honejinan & Drummond), ho. 

Maybank, Trefoil Avenue, Shawlands. 
Drammond, John, confectioner, 56 Bridge street. 
Drummond, John (of Carswell & Drummond), house, 

257 London road. 
Drummond, John, draper, 255 London road; house, 

257 do. 
Drummond, John, wine and spirit merchant, 26 

Howard street and 299 Argyle street ; house, 6 

Clnristie street. Paisley. 
Drummond, John, of Blacla'uthven, Perth ; house, 

18 Markland terrace, Hillhead. 
Drummond, Robert, commercial temperance hotel 

proprietor, 28 Glassford street. 
Drummond, Robert (of R. & G. Drummond), house, 

2 KeiTsland terrace, Great Western road. 
Drummond, R. & G., manufacturing jewellers, silver- 
smiths, and watchmakers, 128 Buchanan street. 

Drummond, Thomas, churdi officer, Victoria Free 

Church ; house, 286 Pollokshaws road. 
Drummond, T. S., organist (Maxwell parish church), 

house, 8 Elmgrove place, Jane street. 
Drummond, William, hay, grain, and spirit merchant, 

112 Maitland street; house, 108 do. 
Drummond, William, pewterer, brazier, tin and copper 

smith, 118 King St., city; house, 22 Warwick st. 
Drummond, William, tailor and clothier, 15 Hutche- 

son street; house, 25 Clyde place. 
Drummond, Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 10 

Parkgrove place, Paisley road; house, 8 do. 
Drummond, Miss, lodgings, 499 Sauchiehall street. 
Drummond, Charlotte, ironmonger, 434 Gallowgate. 
Drummond, Jane, tobacconist, 83 John street. 
Drummond, Maggie B., groceries and provisions, 12 

Smith street ; house, 19 do. 
Drumpark Coal Co., coalmasters, Drumpark Col- 
liery, Bargeddie ; office, 16 Bothw-ell street. 
Dkumpellier, Carradale, Mount Vernon, and Finlay- 

ston Estates office ; G. FyiFe Christie, writer and 

notary, 62 George square. 
Drumpellier Coal Co., Coatbridge ; office, 139 St. 

Vincent street. 
DiTimpeUier Coal Co., coalmasters, 139 St. Vincent 

Drumpellier Coal Co., coal depot, 50 Baird street 

and West street; office, 139 St. Vincent street. 
Drumpellier Colliery Office, 172 West George street. 
DRYBROUGH & Co., brewers, Edinburgh ; agents, 

Wright & Greig, 90 West Campbell street. 
DRYBURGH, James N., 200 Garngad road ; house, 

93 North Frederick st. 
Dryburgh, James, clerk, Union Bank of Scotland, 2 

Trongate ; house, Aitkenhead, Cathcart. 
Dryburgh, William, wine and spirit merchant, 44 

Jamaica street, 36 and 38 Canon street, and 165 

Castle street ; house, Lennox villa, Onslow drive, 

DRYDEN, Alex., pastiy cook and confectioner, 64 

Dumbarton road ; house, 66 do. 
Dryden, Michael, grain and provision merchant, 56 

Lyon street; house, 64 do. 
Dryden, Michael, hay and straw merchant, 73 North 

Woodside road ; house, 54 Lyon street. 
DRYNAN, David, rent collector, Caledonian Railway, 

76 Union st. ; ho. 45 West-end park street. 
Drynan, James, Caledonian Railway Co., 302 Buch- 
anan st. ; ho. 2 Sandringham terrace, Hillhead. 
Drynan, James, 20 Westminster place. 
Drynan, William, stationer, 226 Duke street. 
DRYSDALE, Alexander, family grocer and wine 

merchant, 2 St. James' st., Kingston ; house, 4 do. 
Drysdale, Alexander (at Sinclair, Moorhead, & Co.'s), 

house. Alma place, Shawlands. 
Drysdale, Archibald B. (of Drysdales & Co.), resid. 

Ochil Bank, Helensburgh. 
Drysdales & Co., wholesale shawl warehousemen, 

51 Cochran street. 
Drysdale, Charles Oatts, Scotland St. Iron Works ; 

house, 95 Ardgowan street. 
Drysdale, David, provision merchant, 14 Cheapside 

street; house, 93|- Main street, Anderston. 
Drysdale, George, painter and paperhanger, 69 Ard- 
gowan street. 
Drysdale, Henry, commission merchant, 49 Virginia 

street ; house, Victoria buildings, Hillhead. 
Drysdale, Hugh, jun., clothier, 15 Hutcheson street ; 

house, 9 Hutcheson square, s.s. 




Diysdale, James, agent for the Caledonian and 

Saucel distilleries ; office, 83 Jamaica street ; ho. 

6 Cecil place. Paisley road. 

Drysdale, J. H., smith and engineer, 72 Napiershall st. 

Dr3'sdale, James T., drysalter, 124 Renfield street ; 

residence, 6 Hampden terrace. Mount Florida. 
Drysdale, James, horse dealer, 49 6 Duke street. 
Diysdale, John, lime merchant, 80 St. James' st., 

Kingston ; house, 66 Whit ovale street. 
Drysdale, John, grocer and wine merchant, 14 Sedan 

place, Paisley road ; house, Primrose place. 
Drysdale, John W. W. (of Drysdale & Pirie), house, 

111 Finlay drive, Dennistoun. 

Drysdale, John, contractor and builder, 242 Crown st. 

Drysdale & Firie, hydraulic and general engineers, 

centrifugal pump manufacturers, Bon-Accord 

Works, off London road. — See Adver. in Appen. 

Diysdale, Robert (of Alexander, Son, & Drysdale), 

house, 19 St Vincent crescent. 
Drysdale, T. M., insurance and commission agent, 33 

Virginia street ; house, 274 Bath crescent, 
Diysdale, William (of J. & R. Young & Co., ship 
brokers, 107 Buchanan st,), house, 9 Royal cres- 
cent. Crossbill. 
Drysdale, Mrs. Alexander, 130 Woodlands road. 
Drysdale, Margaret, tobacconist, 22 Springfield lane. 

Paisley road. 
Dublin Steam Packet Office, 72 Great Clyde street. 
Dublin and Glasgow Steam Packet Office, 

Lewis Potter & Co., 30 Gordon street. 
DUBOS Frferes, claret shippers, Bordeaux ; agents, 

John Hopkins & Co., 25 Gordon street. 
DUBS & Co., locomotive engine builders, Glasgow 

Locomotive Works, Gushetfaulds. 
Dubs, Charles R. (of Dubs & Co.), Glasgow Locomo- 
tive Works ; house, 4 Park quadrant. 
Dubs, H. J. S., engineer (of Dubs & Co.), hov^se, 22 

Royal crescent. 
Dubs, Mrs., 15 Park Circus place. 
DUCASSE, L., & Co., brandy shippers, Angouleme, 

France ; agents, J. K. & D. Orr, 29 Waterloo st. 
DUCHATEL, F., champagne grower, Ohans, Rheims; 
agents, Wm. Arthur, flutter, & Co., 180 Hope st, 
DUCIvETT, William (of Bayne & Duckett), house, 

6 Annfield terrace, Partick. 
DUDGEON, James, eating-house keeper, 15 Crown 

street ; house, 13 do. 
Dudgeon, John, licensed broker, 31 and 42 Prince's 

street ; house, 48 King street, cit3\ 
DUFF, Alex., poulterer, 231 North street; house, 

229 do. 
Duff, Charles, hair cutter and perfumer, 351 Paisley 

road ; house, 142 Pollok street. 
Duflr, Daniel, measurer, 68 West Regent street; 

residence, 2 Charing cross. 
Duff, George, Union Bank, Trongate, Cross ; resi- 
dence, 395 St. Vincent street. 
Duff, George, family grocer and wine merchant, 144 

Kent road ; ho. 40 Breadalbane st. 
Duff, George, wine and spirit merchant, 71 Cadogan 

street; house, -40 Breadalbane street. 
Duff, G. B. (at Alex. Ferguson & Co.'s, 38 M'Alpine 

street), house, 10 Hillsborough square, HilUiead. 
Duff, Gordon, & Co., wine shippers, Cadiz; Arch. 

Arrol & Sons, agents, 16 Dixon street. 
Duff, James (of Macleay, Duff, & Co.), house, 257 

St. Vincent street. 
Duff, John, draper, 8 St. George's ten-ace. Paisley 

Duff, John (of Duff & Towart), house, 88 North 

Hanover street. 
Duff, John, jun., fishmonger, poulterer, and game dealer, 

159 Sandringham ter.; ho. 386 North Woodside rd. 
Duff, Major, staff-paymaster; house, -6 Burnbank 

Duff, Mungo C. (of Shields & Duff), res. 12 Holy- 
rood crescent. 
Duff, Skinner, & Co., boiler and steam-pipe coverers, 

129 Brook street, Mile-end. 
Duff, Thos., & Co., spindle and flyer manufacturers, 

61 Well road. 
Duff, Thomas (of Thomas Duff & Co.), house, 25 

Hamilton drive, Hillhead. 
Duff & Towart, engravers and calico printers, 1 Love 

loan, High John street. 
Duff, William (of Malcolm Ross & Co.), house, 28 

Regent Park square, s.s. 
Duff, Wm. (at D. Davis & Son's), ho. 48 St. James' 

Duff & Wright, tj'pefounders, 1 Antigua place, off 

Nelson street, city. 
Duff, Agnes, gi-ocer, 632 GaUowgate. 
Duff, Miss, music teacher, 10 Hillsborough square. 

Duff's Non-conducting Cement, specially adapted for 

marine boilers and superheaters ; sole manufac- 
turers, Duff, Skinner, & Co., 129 Brook street. 
DUFFUS, William (of Stanton & Sons, Stafford 

MUls, Stroud), house, 1 Keir ter., PoUokshields. 
DUGUID, John R. (of Duguid & Neilson), house. 

4 Minard terrace, Partick. 
Duguid & Neilson, merchants, 157 West George si. 
Duke's (The), Baths and Hair-cutting Rooms, 47 

Sauchiehall street ; proprietor, Thomas Nicol. 
DUMAS & Co., merchants and agents, 10 Prince's S((. 
Dumas, E. P. (of Dumas & Co.), house, 22 Sandy- 
ford Place. 
DUMBRECK, James (of Wm. F. Burnley & Co.). 

house, 6 Kersland terrace, Hillhead. 
DUMEZIL, F., claret shipper, Bordeaux; .John 

Reid, agent, 23 Royal Exchange square. 
DuMFKiES Red Freestone ; agents, P. M'B. Stewart 

& Co., 40 St. Enoch square. 
DUNACHIE, Thos., flesher, 52 Clyde st, Anderston. 
DUNBAR, Alex., house painter, 17 Greenside street; 

house, 102 Hospital street. 
Dunbar, Alexander A. (at W. M'Kinnon & Co.'s), ho. 

36 Buccleuch street. 
Dunbar, Alexander, 9 Canon street. 
Dunbar, Alex, (of Dunbar & Brown, 34 Main street, 

Anderston), house, 33 St, Vincent crescent. 
Dunbar, Alex., cabinet maker, 10 Grant street ; ho. 

95 Grove street. 
Dunbar & Bro-n-n, drapery warehousemen, 30 to 34 

Main street, Anderston. 
Dunbar, Charles (at A. & E. Sandeman's, 45 Vir- 
ginia street), house, 117 Watt street. 
Dunbar & Davidson, undertakers and carriage hirers, 

156 Saltmarket. 
Dunbar, Da\'id (of Boustead & Dunbar), house, 220 

Sauchiehall street. 
Dunbar, J. B., writer and notary public, 12 St. 

Vincent place ; ho. 24 Ashfield terrace, Hillhead. 
Dmibar, James B., organist, 183 Bellfield street. 
Dunbar, James, writer, 21 West Nile street; house, 

Viewfield house, Partick hill. 
Dunbar, James, chmxh officer, St. Stephen's Free 
Church ; house, 7 Steven street. 





Dunbar, John, patentee of screwed bushes for brewers' 
casks, and tools for fixing therein, 102 Hydepark 
street ; house, 140 Stobcross street. 

Dunbar, lI'Master, & Co., flax spinners and linen 
thread manufacturers, 118 Queen street; works, 
at Gilford, Ireland. 

Dunbar, N. M., artist, 207 Sauchiehall street. 

Dunbar, Robert W., inspector, Lanarkshire Consta- 
bulary, County buildings, 111 Biamswick street. 

Dunbar, Mrs., 36 Buccleucli street 

DUNCAN", Adam, free stores, 26 Ann street; ho. 
house, 2 Brougham terrace. Crossbill. 

Duncan, Alex., 114 Wellpark terrace. Ark lane. 

Duncan, Alex., butcher, 447 Argyle st. ; ho. 445 do. 

Duncan, Alexander, 2 Willowbank crescent and 
Campfield house, Falkirk. 

Duncan, Alexander, B.A., secretary of the Faculty of 
Physicians and Sm'geons of Glasgow, Faculty Hall, 
242 St. Vincent street; house, 278 New City rd. 

Duncan, Allan, cooper, 422 Gallowgate; house, 92 
Great Hamilton street. 

Duncan, Andrew G., wine and spirit merchant, 1 
East Market street ; house. Fir Park terrace, 
Ark lane. 

Duncan A. L., warehouseman, 62 Jamaica street. 

Duncan, Archd., wood tm'uer, 54 Cadogan street; 
house, 61 Waterloo sti-eet. 

Duncan, Arch., pastry baker, 78 Broomielaw; house, 5 
Robertson street. 

Duncan, Archibald (at Thos. Duncan's, 38 Sauchie- 
hall street), house, 46 M'Aslin street. 

Duncan & Balderston, iron founders and grate 
manufactm-ers. Paragon Foundry, Park St., and Great 
Wellington street. Paisley road. 

Duncan, Charles, wine and spirit merchant, 2 Main 
St., Anderston; house, 251 St. Vincent street. 

Duncan, Charles, grocer, 108, 110 Cathedral street; 
house, 115 North Montrose street. 

Duncan, Charles, cork manufacturer, 9 Washington 
street; house, 251 St. Vincent street. 

Duncan, Charles, house painter, 411 Crown street; 
ho. 97 Sandyfaulds street. 

Duncan, Daniel, wine and spirit merchant, 103 Cale- 
donia road, 74 Camden street, 196 Rose street, 
136 Gamgad road, and 158 Rutherglen road; ho. 
4 Royal terrace, Crossbill. 

Duncan, Daniel F., engi-aver, lithogi-apbei-, letterpress 
printer, wholesale stationer, and pubHsher of ap- 
prentice indentures, Sydney court, 62 Argyle st; ho. 
]\Ieadowvale, Clyde st., Partick. 

Duncan, Daniel, ironfounder. Paragon Foundry; ho. 
20 Afton crescent, Bellahouston, off Paisley road. 

Duncan, Rev. D. M., Scottish Temperance League 
agent; League office, 108 Hope street; house, 172 
Bellfield street. 

Duncan, D. & T., wine merchants and commission 
.agents, 98 and 100 West Regent street; agents 
for J. & J. Momson and Thomson, Commercial 
Brewerj', Edinbui'gh, the City of Dublin Brewery 
Co., Dublin, and the Clyde Bottle Company, St. 

Duncan, Daniel, jun., draper, 1 and 3 Great Western 
road ; ho. 45 do. 

Duncan, Daniel (of D. & T. Duncan), ho. 4 Royal 
terrace, Crossbill. 

Duncan, David, butcher, 434 Duke street ; house, 3 
Whitevale street. 

Duncan, Dr. Ebenezer, M.D., CM., F.F.P.S.G., 84 
Eglinton street ; house, 4 Royal crescent, Crossbill. 

Duncan, Ebenezer, boot and shoemaker, 90 Cale- 
donia road ; ho. 9 4 do. 
Duncan, F. M., wine merchant and Italian warehouse- 
man, 7a Royal Bank place. 
Duncan, Frederick, R.N.R,, super, mercantile ma- 
rine office, 12 James Watt street; house, 11 Royal 

crescent, Crossbill. 
Duncan, George, wine and spirit mercht., 370 Crown 

st ; ho. 42 Caledonia road. 
Duncan, George (of Duncan & Robertson), house, 

East Bank Hall, Lenzie. 
Duncan, George, turret, marine, and house clock 

manufacturer, wheel cutter, machinist, and model 

maker, 31 Argyle street. 
Duncan, Henry, oils, colours, and furnishings, 319 

Eglinton street; house, 325 do. 
Duncan, Hugh, wood and commission merchant, 73 

Bath street ; house, Bellevue terrace, Hamilton. 
Duncan, James Alex, (at Coltness Iron Co.'s), resid. 

65 Hamilton drive. 
Duncan, James, mason, 4 Hayburn crescent, Partick- 

hill ; ho. 2 do. 
Duncan, James, painter and decorator, 10 John Knox 

street ; house, 12 do. 
Duncan, James, spirit merchant, 12 Ranfurly place ; 

house, 400 Crown street. 
Duncan, James, mosaic, encaustic, and geometrical 

tile layer, and art tile merchant, 106 West Camp- 
bell st ; ho. 370 Great Western road. 
Duncan, James, hill clerk, Gushetfaulds ; house, 400 

Crown street. 
Duncan, James, colliery agent, 14 Cadogan street. 
Duncan, James, sheep and cattle salesman, 55 Ros- 

lea drive. 
Duncan, James (of John Duncan & Son), house, 

Duncan, James F., storekeeper, 26 Ann street ; house, 

20 Cleveland street. 
Duncan, James, umbrella maker, 30 John street, 

Bridgeton ; house, 6 Springfield road, DalmamocL 
Duncan, .James, engraver, 62 Buchanan st. ; house, 

97 North Frederick street 
Duncan, James, wine and spirit merchant, 302, 304 

St. George's road ; house, 306 do. 
Duncan, .Jas., spirit mer., 29 Taylor st. ; ho. 27 do. 
Duncan, John, wine and spirit merchant, 4, 6 

Brunswick st.; ho. 89 Elphinston pi., Gorbals cross. 
Duncan, J., organ builder, 3 Braid St., off N. Cityrd. 
Duncan, John, & Son, tobacconists to the Queen, 94 

Buchanan street. 
Duncan, John, joiner and cabinet maker, 136 North 

street ; house, 365 Bath street. 
Duncan, John, watchmaker and jeweller, 7 Argyle 

arcade ; house, 53 Holmhead street 
Duncan, John, spirit merchant, 153 Pollokshaws rd.; 

house, 181 do. 
Duncan, John, builder, 38 Napiershall street ; house. 

28 Wilton street 

Duncan, John, secretaiy, Glasgow Tramway Co., 

29 Cambridge st ; house, 12 Sandy ford street. 
Duncan, John, baker and confectioner, 174 Dumbar- 
ton road ; house, 176 do. 

Duncan, John (of John Duncan & Son), house, 9 

Hamilton drive, North park. 
Duncan, Joseph, pharmaceutical and dispensing 

chemist, 34 Ashfield terrace, Hillhead ; ho. 32 do, 
Duncan, J. Thomson, accountant, 146 Buchanan st. 
Duncan, M., hosier and glover, 3 Bridge street; ho. 

23 South Portland street 

H 2 





Duncan, Paul Smith, decorator, 14 Sandyford street; 
house, 11 Yorkhill street, Overnewton. 

Duncan, Peter, & Sons, sailmakers, &c., 18 Dale 
street, s.s. 

Duncan, Richard, & Son, jobbing gardeners and con- 
tractors, Donnistoun ; house, 125 Annfield st. 

Duncan, Robert, ironfounder and engineer, Partick 
Foundi-y ; ho. Duiiloe villa, Partick hill. 

Duncan, Robert, architect and measurer (of Peat 
& Duncan), house, 6 Crown place, Crosshill. 

Duncan, Robert (at Walter Beaton & Co. 's), house, 46 
Buccleuch street. 

Duncan, Robert, & Co., ship and insnrance brokers, 
agents for the Mississippi and Dominion Steam 
Ship Company (Limited), 97 Union street. 

Duncan, Robert, & Co., iron, tinplate, and metal 
brokers, 97 Union street. 

Duncan, Robert, enguieer (of Ross & Duncan, 23 
Hyde Park street), ho. G5 Hamilton drive. 

Duncan & Robertson, iron, wood, and machinery 
merchants, and general commission agents, 26" 
Renfield street. 

Duncan, Thomas, letterpress printer, 38 Sauchiehall 
street ; house, 27 Ronald street. 

Duncan, Thomas (of D. & T. Duncan), house. Hazel 
bank. Now Kilpatrick. 

Duncan, Thos. (of Peter Duncan & Sons), sailmakers, 
residence. Port Glasgow. 

Duncan, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 7 North 
Claremont street, 18 St. George's terrace (Paisley 
road), 380 Duke street, and 190 Comely Park st. ; 
house, Hazclbank, New Kilpatrick. 

Duncan, Thomas, silk mercer, 22 and 24 Gallow- 
gate, 146, 148 Trongate; house, 17 Monteith row. 

Duncan, Walter, & Co., East Lidia merchants, 79 St. 
Vincent street. 

Duncan, Walter (of Walter Duncan & Co.), residence, 
9 Montgomerio crescent, Kolvinsidc. 

Duncan, Wm., hosiery manufacturer, 65 Clyde st., 

Duncan, William (of Walter Duncan & Co.), resi- 
dence, 5 Alfred terrace, Hillhead. 

Duncan, William, wine and spirit merchant, C78 
Gallowgate and 1 Campbellfield street ; ho. 5 do. 

Duncan, William (of Coltness Iron Co., 124 St. Vin- 
cent street), residence, G5, Hamilton drive and 
Craigi-ownie, Cove. 

Duncan, William (at Hamilton Coal Co.'s), house, 
Duke street, Hamilton. 

Duncan & Wilson, shirt and slop manufacturers, 68 

Duncan, W. T., (of Brodie & Duncan), chartered ac- 
countant, 22 Renfield street. 

Duncan, Mrs. M., tobacconist and fancy goods em- 
broiderer, 123 Duke street; house, 121 do. 

Duncan, Mrs. Walter, 264 Bath street. 

Duncan, Mrs., 54 Rosebank terrace. 

Duncan, Mrs., ladies' nurse, 26 MelvOle street. 

Duncan, Mrs , ladies' nurse, 84 North street. 

Duncan, Miss Agnes, 32 St. Vincent crescent. 

Duncan, Miss Elizabeth, chandler, 74 Caledonia rd. 

Duncan, Miss, stationer, 487 Gallowgate. 

Duncan, Miss, glass and cliiua merchant, 542 St. 
Vincent street ; house, do. 

Duncan, Isabella, draper and hosier, 242 Cumberland 
street; house, 180 Hospital street. 

Duncan's Restaurant, 108 Buchanan street. 

Duncan's Commercial Traveller's Stock Show Rooms, 
Sydney court, 62 Argyle street. 

DUNCANSON & Forbes, cabinetmakers and uphol- 
sterers, 50 & 58 Oxford street, s.s. 

Duncanson, John, builder, 28 Raglan street; house, 
171 Sandringham terrace, Hillhead. 

Duncanson, John, dairyman, 14 Raglan st. ; ho. 10 do. 

Duncanson, William, draper, 76 Gorbals cross, Main 
street ; house, 40 Warwick street. 

DuNDALK and Newry Steam Packet Office, John 
Younger, agent, 17 Hope street. 

DUNDAS, Robert, civil engineer (of the G. & P. and 
G. B. & K. Joint Railways), 26 Bothwell street; 
house, 30 St. Vincent crescent. 

Dundas, Richard, Tweed Hall, 15 Hutcheson street ; 
house, 171 Bellfield street. 

Dundas Colour Works, 122 and 124 East Milton 

Dundas Founders' Blacking Co., ironfounders' patent 
blacking manufacturers, 108 to 118 North Wallace 
street, and 137 and 143 Baird street. 

Dundee Advertiser; office, 15 Exchange place. 

DUNDERDALE, Cyril, engineering agent and metal 
merchant, 163 St. Vincent street ; agent for Vickers, 
Sons, & Co. (Limited), steel manuiactm'crs, Shef- 
field; John Bibby, Sons, & Co., copper smelters, 
Liverpool; H. H. Vivian & Co., brass and copper 
tube manufacturers, wire-drawers, &c., Birming- 
ham ; George Polkey, lamp manufactm'er, Birming- 
ham ; Edward Bayliss & Co., makers of copper, 
brass, and iron rivets and washers, copper and zinc 
nails and tacks, screws, cotter pins, &c., Birmingham. 

Dunkirk and Glasgow Steamers direct, Dunkirk and 
Greenock, Dieppe and Glasgow; H. L. Seligmann 
& Son, owners, 29 St. Vhicent place. 

Dunkirk and Leith Steamers; James Gardiner, agent, 
43 Renfield street. 

Dunkirk Steam Packet Office, John and Peter Hut- 
cheson, 62 Broomiolaw. 

DUNLOP, Alex., wright and builder, 3 Berkeley st. ; 
house, 5 Franklin terrace. 

Dunlop, Alex., draper, 163 Eglinton street; house, 
183 Crown street. 

Dunlop, Andrew M. (at J. H. Young & Co.'s, 92 
Union st.), ho., 13 Norwood ter., Ann st., Hillhead. 

Dunlop, A. M., provision merchant, 220 Rutherglen 
loan ; house, 144 Crown street. 

Dunlop, Andrew, 4 Frederick lane. 

Dunlop, Archibald (of Dunlop Brothers), house, 18 
Royal terrace. 

Dunlop, Archibald , grocer and provision merchant, 191 
South Wellington street; ho. 180 Caledonia road. 

Dunlop Brother.s, llouv and grain merchants, Bothwell 
buildings, 100 \\'ellington street. 

Dunlop, Colin, jun. (of Colin Dunlop & Co.), resi- 
dence, Oakenshaw, Hamilton. 

Dunlop, Colin H., & Co., sewing cotton manufac- 
tui-ers, Govanhaugh Thread Mills, off M'Neil st. 

Dunlop, Colin, & Co., iron and coal masters, 223 
West George street. , ' 

Dunlop, Cohu R. (of Colin Duulop & Co.), residence, 
Garnkirk house. 

Dunlop, David D., tailor and clothier, 60 South 
Portland street, 325 South Wellington street. 

Dunlop, David, grocer and provision merchant, 360 
Duke street; house, 9 Whitehill street. 

Dunlop & Foote, printers, 19 West Howard street. 

Dunlop, George (of Colin Dunlop & Co.)", residence, 
Garnkirk house. 

Dunlop, George James (of James Dunlop & Co.), 
residence, Fullarton house, Tollcross. 



Dunlop, Georgo, tobaconist and coloiu's, 108 Kutlicr- 

glen road. 
Dunlop, Hugh, & Sons, millineiy, dress, mantle, 

biiby-liiK'ii, and bidics' uutfit warehouse, 158, 160, 

and Ki'i Tronp;atc. 
Dunlop, Hugh, Sc Sons, hosiers, glovers, and makers 

i)f the " Imperial " shirt, 158, 160, and 162 Trongate. 
Dunlop, Hugh (of Hugh Dunlop & Sons), residence, 

Rockville, Langside. 
Dunlop, James, & Co., iron and coal masters, Clyde 

Iron Works, by Tollcross ; office, 02 W. Ge