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Full text of "A Post office directory of the Oldfather family relationship; being a supplement to the family genealogy"

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3 1833 03576 4254 

^^ l\. t^ 

Post Office Directory 

of the 

Oldfather Family 




Published by 


Wedgewood and Lowry Aves. 




In response to the earnest solicitation of many in 
the Oldfather Relationsliip, I have compiled this Post 
Office Directory of the Oldfather Family. After com- 
piling and pnblishing the Oldfather Genealogy I felt 
that 1 had performed my fnll duty toward the family, 
and I thought that the task of preparing a Directory 
should be undertaken by some one else. However, 
my former work put me in i)ossessi()n of so much in- 
formation, that I plainly had the advantage over all 
others in collecting and arranging the data for a sup- 
plement to the Genealogy. 

Yielding, therefore, to the demands of my friends 
I present herewith a complete Directory, showing first 
the alphabetical list of the people, with full post office 
addresses; and then the states and post offices also 
arranged in alphabetical order, so that at a glance it 
can be seen who lives in each state or who lives at any 
post office. 1 sincerely hope that this little volume 
will afford much pleasure to all of the Oldfather 

Rufus A. Longman. 
June 1, 1912. 



About a year ago Cousin Longman published a Genealogy of the 
Oldfather Family wliich has been acknowledged to be one of the most 
comi)lele and accurate genealogies ever published. It has found its way 
into the Library of Congress and many state and city libraries, thus pre- 
serving to posterity a brief and interesting history of the Family. In the 
years sj)ent in research and investigation the compiler has had but one aim, 
namely, that he might contribute something to the lasting pleasure and 
benefit of the Family. He therefore placed the ])rice of the book at cost. 
The Family have been most generous in their exi)ressi()ns of thanks for 
this painstaking service. 

There are thousands of names in the Genealogy and the arrange- 
ment of them has been so systematized that it is easy to ascertain what 
relationship exists between any one person and every other named therein. 
Only those things have been put into the Genealogy which will be as true 
a couple of centuries from now as at present. It was the aim to put into 
it only those things which are of permanent value. Post ottice addresses 
were therefore omitted because they could be of interest to the present 
generation only. 

However, such eagerness has been shown for these addresses in 
order that we may know where all the people live whose names are in the 
Genealogy that this Post Ottice Directory has been compiled to meet the 

It is the hope of the compiler that this httle book sliail fmd its way 
into every home of the Oldfather Family Connection. Such a book will 
be of great l)cnefit to the growing children of the Family. There is such 
a thing as a worthy family pride which stimulates the youth to noble 
endcvivor. It is proper for any family to emphasize the high ideals and 
standards of their progenitors. Thus we may suggest to our growing 
children the possibilities of splendid accomplishments in their lives. 

Both this volume and the (ienealogy maintain a high degree of 
modesty and in no manner show a boastful or arrogant spirit. The com- 
piler has given to the family a work of merit and dignity that will call 
forth from his kinfolk the most generous expressions of gratitude. 

Charles Gross Oldfather. 

H Itribute to our Jfatbers 

Hon. Albert E. Isley, Newton, 111. 

Our fathers, who are they? 

Behold the beauties and glories of the land where 
we live. Behold a continent transformed from the 
rough and rugged outlines bequeathed to it by nature 
to the finished product of a twentieth century civiliza- 

Let all the struggles and trying vicissitudes of 
the pioneer in a wilderness, overrun with wild beasts, 
inhabited by cunning savages, dotted over with dens, 
traversed by paths, now the silent witnesses of a 
transition to a land verdant with fruit and flowers, 
fragrant and sacred beneath the shadows of number- 
less homes and hallowed by a citizenship whose frui- 
tion is resplendent with progress and freedom, an- 

The patriotic and righteous impulses of the pres- 
ent age stripped of the example and salutary influence 
of the giants of earlier days who still live in immortal 
deeds would **become as sounding brass or a tinkling 

We have lived to love the good tidings brought to 
us through generations gone. With the dauntless 
faith and homage of the winged worshiper we have 
always venerated the noble hands that lifted us from 
the cradle of youth. And now as we stand upon the 
mountain peak of maturity actuated by honest con- 
victions in just appreciation and with complacent fe- 
licity we look back over the historic and eventful past 
in true devotion and respect to our ever faithful and 
honored fathers. 


H Xlvibute to our /Ihotbeis 

Rev. Francis V. Bear, Rector Christ Church, Sag Harbor, N. Y. 

The home is the basis of our civilization. Mother 
is the center of the home. She is the home. Not only 
do we gather around her presence, we breathe in her 
very spirit and bear it forth with us into the world. 
Our better self is largely our heritage from her. 

No one but a mother can realize what mother- 
hood means, with its anxious waiting, soul-racking 
pain, baby joys, patient watchings, ceaseless care, and 
infinite love; and all that a race of men may continue 
to live on the face of the earth. She is the supreme 
type of human sacrifice, and for that reason she is 
closer to the Christ than the rest of us. 

Our mothers were not merely ladies. They were 
more than that. They were true women, who fulfilled 
in the divine plan their best and highest mission. 
When our fathers fainted under the burden in the 
heat of the day, our mothers took it upon their shoul- 
ders till strength returned again. When as young 
men and maidens we were rebellious and wayward, it 
was mother's heart that continued to love us, and her 
hand that led us back to virtue's path. No heart so 
strong, no faith so bright, no hope so high, no love so 
true on earth as hers. Our mothers — the mothers of 
the common people — they are the truest and best of 
all mankind. Whether at the grave, or in their living 
presence, we here acknowledge our great debt to their 
worth, and reverently ask our God to make us worthy 
of our mothers. 


Post Office Directory 

ABLE, Orin, Sharpsburg, Ohio, R. F. I). 1. 

ADAMI, Albert, Willow Hill, 111. 

ADAMS, Hev. Charles R., 305 N. High St., Champaign, 111. 

ALBERT, O. Justin, Vinton, Iowa. 

ALBAUGH, Joshua, 1 armersville, Ohio. 

ALLEN, Mrs. George, 1)12 Sixth Ave., Longniont, Colo. 

ALLISON, Anna, (married Ernest Tevis) St. Paul, Ind., R. F. I). 2. 

Catharine, (married Otto Owens) St. Paul, Ind., R. F. I). 2. 

Charles D., South Wilmington, 111. 

Elizabeth, (married Albert (ireen) 121G Colorado Ave., Colorado Springs, 

Ernest, St. Paul, Ind., R. F. D. 2. 

Frank M., Gardner, 111. 

F. M., St. Paul, Ind. 

Mary, (married Daniel Apple) St. Paul, Ind., R. F. I). 2. 

Mertie, (married Otto Doggett) Milroy, Ind., R. F. D. 1(1. 
ALTFATHER, Anna Drusilla, (married Claude Southard) 121 Eleventh St., S. E., 
Washington, D. C. 

Clara, Berlin, Pa. 

Rev. Clarence Le Van, Wetumpka, Ala. 

Daniel, Berlin, Pa. 

Daniel Nevin, Berlin, Pa. 

Frederick M., Covington, Va. 

George Frederick, Berlin, Pa. 

Grace Viola, Berlin, Pa. 

Harry Malvin, Berlin, Pa. 

Henry D., (llencoe. Pa. 

Herman B., Hyndman, Pa. 

Herbert Ellis, 410 W. Spring St., Weatherford, Texas. 

Jefferson, Berlin, Pa. 

Mrs. John, Berlin, Pa. 

John Calvin, Berlin Pa. 

John Walker, 11-15 Day St., care A. T. & T. Co., New York City. 

Joseph, Somerset, Pa. 

Roy C, Pittsburg St., Uniontown, Pa. 

William Frederick, 433 W. Spring St., Weatherford, Texas. 
ANDERSON, H. D., Maryville, Mo. 

W. D., Brandon, Iowa. 


ARMSTRONG, Garland, Haton, N. Mex. 
ARTHUR, Thomas, Hocluster, \. Y. 
AULT, Amos McClelland, Shadyside, Ohio. 
AULTFATHER, Adam, Malvern, Ohio. 

Andrew J., Hazehvood Farm, Austin, Minn. 

Charles F., Austin, Minn., R. F. D, 2. 

Clara E., Clover Lawn Farm, Austin, Minn. 

Mrs. David, Clover Lawn Farm, Austin, Minn. 

David C, Oak Lawn Farm, Austin, Minn. « 

Estella Katharine, Malvern, Ohio. 

George F., Austin, Minn., R. F. D. 2. 

Henry Harkless, Minerva, Ohio. 

James Arthur, 14th and 41st Aves., N. E., Seattle, Wash. 

James H., Clover Lawn Farm, Austin, Minn. 

William J., Austin, Minn., R. F. 1). 0. 
AYDELOTT, Benjamin, Mound Valley, Ivans. 

Burtal Levin, Tadmor, Ohio, R. F. D. 1. 

Charles Whallon, Carney, Kans. 

Clinton Curtis, Moro, 111. 

Hayes Aaron, Newman, 111. 

Maggie May, (married Mudge) 217 Green St., Dayton, Ohio 


BAKER, Edward Everett, 007 E. 32nd St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

BARKHURST, William S., Chester Hill, Ohio. 

BARNETT, William Joshua, West State St., Kokomo, Ind. 

BARKLOW, Isaac M., Farmersville, Ohio. 

BAUGH, John, Pleasanton, Kans. 

BAYLESS, Charles Homer, BluJlton, Ind., R. F. D. 9. 

James Oscar, Blutfton, Ind., R. F. D. 9. 
BEACHLER, Elias, Le Mars, Iowa. 

Frank, Epping, N. Dak. 

Mrs. John Henry, Vinton, Iowa. 

Leroy, Manchester, S. Dak. 

Theodore, Crook, Colo. 
BEAR, Ernest, Wheeler, 111. 

Rev. Francis Vinton, Sag Harbor, N. Y. 

Isaac, Germantown, Ohio. 
BEEBE, Mrs. Alden, Rochester, N. Y. 
BELL, Mrs. John W., Relfe, Mo. 

John W., Bradford, Ohio. 
BENDER, Ralph, Rowley, Iowa. 
BENNING, John, Covington, Ohio. 
BEYER, Earl E., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

J. Edward, Rochester, N. Y. 
BILLINGSLEY, John, 2450 W. Kith St., Wilmington, Del. 
BLUBAUGH, Agnes, Pine Hill, Pa. 

Austin P., Pine Hill, Pa. 

Charles, Pine Hill, Pa. 

Harry, Pine Hill, Pa. 

N. B., Pine Hill, Pa. 

BOLIN, Grace Ethel, (married Monroe Weatherspoon) Doniphan, Mo. 

Guy, Florence, Kans. 

Henry, Florence, Kans. 

Laura May, (married Charles Gomer) Doniphan, Mo. 

Mrs. Marion, Doniphan, Mo. 

Orion Oscar, Alleene, Ark. 
BOOMERSHINE, Rev. Daniel Franklin, Maquoketa, Iowa. 

George Cleveland, .'>2!) Wabash St., Toledo, Ohio. 

Jesse Orion, McCutchensville, Ohio. 

John Edwin, Zwingle, Iowa. 

Peter Vernon, 7 S. Broadway, l)a\l()n, Ohio. 

William Francis, Tillin, Ohio. 
BOUSE, Augustus, Silver Lake, Ind. 
BOWER, Arthur A., 2717 DeWitt Ave., Mattoon, 111. 

Daniel B., Newton, 111., H. F. D. 7. 

Druery C, Falmouth, 111. 

Grace P., Newton, 111., R. F. D. 7. 

Raymond L, U. S. S. Utah, New York City. 
BOYD, Clement L., Sunbury, Ohio. 
BRANDENBURG, John Wesley, Gratis, Ohio. 

Mary Magdalene, (married Harter) New Madison, Ohio. 

Ora, Gratis, Ohio. 

Oscar, West Alexandria, Ohio. 

Samuel, Farmersville, Ohio. 
BRITTAIN, William P., Fire Department, Frankfort, Ind. 
BROOKS, Henry F., Rose Hill, 111. 

John W., Rose Hill, 111., R. F. 1). 1. 

Mrs. William, Newton, 111. 
BROWN, Harry, Silver Lake, Ind. 
BRUNDAGE, Frank, McCutchensville, Ohio. 
BURGER, Rev. Isaiah N., West Salem, Ohio. 

Marjorie, West Salem, Ohio. 

Ruth, West Salem, Ohio. 
BYRUM, Jesse C, Galloway, Ohio. 

CARR, James O., Hidalgo, 111. 
CARRUTH, Ladd, Oxford, Ohio. 
CARPENTER, Alva E., Rose Hill, 111. 

Charles Franklin, Vandalia, 111. 

George Alonzo, Rose Hid, 111. 

George W., P.ose Hill. 111. 

Hershel V., Chester Hill, Ohio. 

James William, Rose Hill, 111. 

John A., Rose Hill, 111. 

Kate Alice. Rose Hill, 111. 
CARTMEL, Mrs. Harrison, Manilla, Ind. 

Vernon, St. Paul, Ind. 
CHARLES, Howard A., Roseville, 111. 
CLARK, S. O., Jelmore, Kans. 
CLOUGH, Dayton, Howard Kans. 

Ethel Clare, (married DeWitt) Sharon, Kans. 

Irwin P., Howai'd, Kans. 

CLOVERDYKE, Philip, Florence, Kans. 

CLUTTER. John J., Fiuniiount Ave., Wichita, Kans. 

Luella M.. (married Gates) Amorita, Okla. 
COBURN, Clarence W., Hidalgo, 111. 

Frank T., Vandalia, 111. 

Roy H., Vandalia, 111. 

Solomon C, Vandalia, 111. 

Thomas F., Vandalia, 111. 

Vernie C, Vandalia, 111. 
COLEMAN, Nelson S., Seattle, Wash. 
CONARD, Riithen, St. Paul, Ind. 

Sherman, St. Paul, Ind. 
COOK, Earl R., Lewisburg, Ohio. 

Mrs. Henry C, Farmersville, Ohio. 

Herman Victor, West Alexandria, Ohio. 
CREASON, Roscoe F., 57 Scott St., Monroe, Mich. 
CROUDER. Jacob, 1525 S. Washington St., Kokomo, Ind. 
CROOK, Harvey B., Richmond, Ind., R. F. I). 7. 
CROWE, Albert Blythe, Charleston, 111. 
CUCKLER, Ellen Josephine, 21',) Park Ave., Columbus, Ohio. 

Jacob, Athens, Ohio. 

Mrs. John Casper, Park Place, Athens, Ohio. 

William A., Skiilmore St., Columbus, Ohio. 
CULLUM, Ira, Newton, 111., R. F. I). 4. 
CUPP, Canna C, 737 San Pedro St., Los Angeles, Calif. 

George V., Edina, Mo. 

Harvey J., Hurdland, Mo. 

Levi J., 432 W. 51st St., Los Angeles, Calif. 

Solomon N., Sr., 737 San Pedro St., Los Angeles, Calif. 

Solomon N., Jr., 33!) W. 53rd St., Los Angeles, Calif. 

Ulysses S., 1015 E. 55th St., Los Angeles, Calif. 
CUTSINGER, George, Cireenwood, Ind. 

DAFLER, Harry W., Farmersville, Ohio. 
DAGGS, J. Edward, Arbela, Mo. 
DANIEL, Martin, Areola, 111. 
DANNENFELSER, Charles, Florence, Kans. 
DAVIS, George L., Rowley, Iowa. 

Oscar, Bible Grove, III. 

Paul Eson, Rowley, Iowa. 
DAWSON, Charles, Waldron, Ind. 

Mrs. Frank, Pennsville, Ohio. 
DEFORD, Perry, 3352 Bryant St., Denver, Colo. 
DENHAM, William, St. Clairsville, Ohio, R. F. D. 5. 
DENNIS, Jesse L., Minerva, Ohio, R. F. I). 2. 
DIEL, Homer F., Noble, 111. 
DIETRICH, Henry E., Clarington, Ohio. 

DIVELY, Ada, 136 Lambert St., Pittsburg, Pa. 

Albert, Shanksville, Pa. 

Alex. H. Coffroth, Somerset, Pa. 

Fred L., Butler, Pa. 

George McClennan, Somerset, Pa. 

Herman P., Somerset, Pa. 

Mrs. William, Berlin, Pa. 

William C, Berlin, Pa. 
DORR, Mrs. William, 35 St. John St., McKee's Rocks, Pa. 
DOWNING, Franklin M. L., Colwich, Kans., R. F. D. 1. 
DRAYER, George Peter, Pijuan, Cuba, Care Central Tinguaro. 

Julia Anna, (married Randall) 23 N. Willow St., Montclair, N. J. 

Dr. Lewis Park, 301 W. Berry St., Ft. Wayne, Ind. 

Mrs. Peter, 230(1 Maumee Ave., Ft. Wayne, Ind. 
DUERST, Adam, Lyle, Minn., R. F. 1). 2. 
DULL, John Wesley, Farmersville, Ohio. 

W. Orion, Gratis, Ohio. 
DUNGAN, Elijah. Newton. 111., R. F. D. 4. 

EAKIN, Joseph, Peabody, Kans. 

EASTER, Frank M., Cor. Main and Chandler Sts., Trenton, Mo. 

EDSON, Mrs. Charles Bloomfield, 2300 Maumee Ave., Ft. Wayne, Ind. 

EMRICK. Otho J., 132 S. Williams St., Dayton, Ohio. 

ERICH, Frank, Hurdland, Mo. 

EVANS, Charles, Mason. 111., R. F. D. 3. 

FENNEMAN, Prof. Nevin M., University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Dr. Prudence, Hamilton, Ohio. 
FERREL, Mrs. Charles W., 3722 Belmont St., Bellaire, Ohio. 

Clinton, 3722 Belmont St., Bellaire, Ohio. 

Frank, Steele, Ohio. 

Ha M., 3722 Belmont St., Bellaire, Ohio. 

Martha E., 3722 Belmont, St., Bellaire, Ohio. 

Mrs. Oscar O., (married Bremigan) S. 10th St., Cambridge, Ohio. 

Paul, 3722 Belmont St., Bellaire, Ohio. 

Perry, 3722 Belmont St., Bellaire, Ohio. 
FISHER, John S.. Eaton, Ohio. 
FOLTZ, Charles, Hunt, 111. 
FOORE, Alfred, Rochester, Ind. 
FOUTS, William K., Germantown, Ohio. 

FRASER, Harrison Edward, 503 Hendrix St., Wichita, Kans. 
FRIEND, John William, Germantown, Ohio. 
FULMER, Thomas B., 521 St. Paul St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

GARDNER, Simon M., Etiinn, Mo., R. F. D. 4. 
GARRETT, Mrs. William Wesley, Mound Valley, Kans. 
GARRISON, William W., Abingdon, 111, 
GATES, Fred, (i233 Kiniberk Ave., Chicago, 111. 
GEETING, Charles, Eaton, Ohio, R. F. D. 1. 
GEPHART, Arthur A., West Carrolton, Ohio. 

Jacob F., Versailles, Ohio. 

Loren, Moftett, Ohio. 
GLACKMAN, Joe, Shelbyville, Ind., R. F. D. 3. 
GLEASON, Harry, Florence, Kans. 
GLESSNER, Albert Conrad, Myersdale, Pa. 

Rev. Albert Suder, Myersdale, Pa. 

Charles Frederick, Myersdale, Pa. 

Daniel Altfather, Myersdale, Pa. 

Delia, 638 Sixth St., San Rernardino, Calif. 

Emma, Myersdale, Pa. 

George, Rerlin, Pa., R. F. 1). 1. 

Harvey, Shanksville, Pa. 

Henry H., Rerlin, Pa., R. F. D. 2.. 

Henry S., ()38 Sixth St., San Rernardino, Calif. 

John, Rerlin, Pa., R. F. D. 1. 

Leroy S., (538 Sixth St., San Bernardino, Calif. 

Peter Irwin, Myersdale, Pa. 

Sarah Ellen, Myersdale, Pa. 

William, Rerlin, Pa. R. F. D. 1. 
GRANT, Eddie, 1114 W. Monroe St., Kokomo, Ind. 
GRAHAM, Malcolm, Clarendon, Ark. 

Wallace, Clarendon, Ark. 
GREGORY, Charles, Rochester, Ind. 
GRIGSBY, Addie, Trimble, Ohio. 

David, Trimble, Ohio. 

Elma, Trimble, Ohio. 

Harry, Trimble, Ohio. 
GRONINGER, Charles L., North Manchester, Ind. 
GRUNDEN, Clarence E., Paxton, Nebr. 


HAHN, Edgar O., Alexandria, Ind. 

George, West Newton, Pa. 
HALTERMAN, Charles L., Coldfield, Nev. 

Elmer Bayard, Hunt, III. 

Ersa Olive, Hunt, 111. 

Eva May, Hunt, 111. 

James Allen, Hunt, III. 

John, Coldfield, Nev. 

John Stanley, Hunt, 111. 

Roy Vern, Hunt, III. 

Mrs. William Henry, Hunt, III. 


HANCOCK, T. L., 725 W. Macon St., Decatur, III. 
HANEMAN, Julius, Edinburg, Ind., R. F. D. 2. 
HARP, David, (leniiantown, Ohio, R. F. D. 2. 

Paul Revere, Germantown, Ohio, R. F. D. 2. 
HARPER, Lawrence, Roslyn, Wash. 
HARRISON, Albert, 130 Lambert St., Pittsburg, Pa. 

John Marvin, Hunt, 111. 

Norman, Newton, 111. 

Payton, Hunt, 111. 
HAY, Benjamin, Berlin, Pa., R. F. I). L 

Rev. Benjamin Keener, 1800 Forest Ave., Des Moines, Iowa. 

Clarence Henry, Berlin, Pa., R. F. D. L 

Rev. Ellis Simon, 21(13 Sunnyside Ave., Ravenswood, Chicago, 

Horace C, Somerset, Pa. 

Lydia Viola, Berlin, Pa., R. F. I). 1. 

William Foster, Berlin. Pa., R. F. I). 1. 
HEFFLEY, Earl F., !).')() Bedford St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Elmer, !).')() Bedford St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Herman F., !).o<) Bedford St., Johnstown, Pa. 
HEILMAN, Albert, Cermantown, Ohio. 
HILES, James Allen, Hunt, 111. 
HOERNER. Charles. Lewisburg, Ohio. 
HOLLENBACH, Charles, Alexandria, Ind. 
HOOPER, William F., Wauneta, Kans. 
HOUSE, Andrew L., (Ireencastle, Mo. 

Calvin, Meridian, Idaho. 

Clarence T., 1307 E. Jeft'erson St., Kirksville, Mo. 

James W., Newton, 111., R. F. 1). 4. 

John W., 2304 Silver Ave., Ai'gt'ntine Sta., Kansas City, Kans. 

Ora O., Edina, Mo. 

Verne, Newton, 111., R. F. D. 4. 

William, Hurdland, Mo. 

William C, 4010 S. Elston St.. Kirksville, Mo. 
HOWELL. Oscar W., New Haven, Ohio. 
HUGHES, Samuel John, Miamisburg, Ohio. 
HUNT. Albert A., Vinton, Iowa, R. F. I), (i. 
HUSSEY, Seth, Hunt, 111. 
HUTCHINSON, David, Oleta, Calif. 

Jacob, Consumne, Calif. 

Dr. James, Stockton, Calif. 

Robert, San Pedro, Calif. 

IRELAND, William, Peabody, Kans. 
ISLEY, Abraham Mansfield, Hiverton, 111. 

Hon. Albert Elias, xNewton, 111. 

Arminda A., Newton, 111., R. 1-. 1). I. 

Benjamin Franklin Pierce, Gear\, Okla. 

Calvin Philip, 130 E. Spring St., Oxford, Ohio. 

Charles S., Newton, 111., R. F. I). 4. 

Rev. Clarence Raymond, Washingtonville, Ohio. 

Clesta, Newton, 111., H. F. I). 4. 
Cortice Millard, Galveston, Ind., R. F. D. 13. 
Earl Walton, Kdinburg, Ind., R. F. D. 2. 
Edwin Addison, Hope, Ind. 
Emanuel F., Hunt, III. 
Emanuel Webster, Manilla, Ind. 

Mrs. George Washington, Fdinbuig, Ind., H. F. D. 2. 
Harvey, Montrose, HI. 
Hiram Henry, Kingman, Kans. 
Homer, Oakes, N. Dak. 
Ira Sylvester, Edinburg, Ind., R. F. D. 1. 
Mrs. Jacob, Newton, 111., R. F. I). 4. 
Jacob I., Greenup, 111. 
Jennie, Montrose, 111. 
John, Edinburg, Ind., H. F. I). 2. 
John H., Newton, 111. 
Lewis Christopher, St. Paul, Ind. 
Lewis Martin, Flat Rock, Ind., H. F. I). 3. 
Myrtle, St. Paul, Ind. 
Ora G., Montrose, 111. 
Orley, Newton, 111., R. F. I). 4. 
Orville E., Newton, 111., R. F. I). 4. 
Philip, Wheeler, 111. 

Plato Loren, Flat Rock, Ind., R. F. D. 2. 
Reuben Albert, Wheeler, III. 
Roscoe H., 2.")1 Ehn St., Shelbyville, Ind. 
Ruby Allen, Newton, 111., R. F. D. 4. 
Mrs. Sir Charles, Roonville, Ind. 
Sophrona Sophia, Edinburg, Ind., R. F. D. 2. 
Mrs. Thomas Jefferson, Newton, 111. 
Wallace Orlando, Edinburg, Ind., R. F. D. 1. 
Mrs. William, Montrose, 111. 
William Eldridge, Yale, 111. 

William Henry, 20 W. Locust St., Shelbyville, Ind. 
Charles, Brookville, Ohio. 

Chelsia Floyd, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Flossie Matilda, (married Erbaugh) Brookville, Ohi 

Goldie Grace, (married Rigle) Germantown, Ohio. 

Harry J., Farmersville, Ohio. 

Ira Franklin, Eaton, Ohio. 

Jesse, Lewisburg, Ohio. 

Monroe, Farmersville, Ohio. 

Samuel, Farmersville, Ohio. 

William Orison, Farmersville, Ohio. 

JACKSON, Elmer Ellsworth, Demos, Ohio. 
SamueL Bethesda, Ohio. 

Sherman Samuel, hi W. Second Ave., Columbus, Ohio. 
Verna, Demos, Ohio. 


JACOBS, Rev. Alvin O., Newton, 111. 

A. Vernon, Mason, 111., R. F. D. 3. 

Eva D., Mason, 111., R. F. D. 3. 

Peter, Mason, 111., R. F. I). 3. 

P. Alonzo, Mason, 111., R. F. D. 3. 

Ruth E., Mason, 111., R. F. D. 3 
JOHNSON, William, Adams, Ind. 
JONES, Bessie B., Hunt, 111. 

John E., Newton, 111., R. F. D. 3. 

Lena May, Hunt, 111. 

Mary Ambrose, (Columbus, Ohio. 

Thomas Tilden, Detroit, Mich. 

Mrs. Tilden, 87(i K. Mound St., Columbus, Ohio. 

Tilman Warren, Hunt, 111. 

William Ov\ en, Columbus, Ohio. 
JONTZ, Chester R., Silver Lake, Ind. 

Everett, Silver Lake, In<l. 

Thomas A., Silver Lake, Ind. 


KANE, Richard, Bellaire, Ohio. 
KANOUSE, Hiram B., Brandon, Iowa. 
KEEPER, Addison E., Amboy, 111. 

Addison Ray, Amboy, 111. 

Dr. Allen H., Westerville, Ohio. 

Frank, Amboy, 111. 

George D., Liverpool, N. Y. 

Hannah, Westerville, Ohio. 

Harry, Olathe, Kans. 

Kittie, Amboy, 111. 

Ruth, Amboy, 111. 

Silas. Amboy. 111. 

William, Beaverton, Oregon. 

Willis, Olathe, Kans. 
KINNEY, Mary Elizabeth, (s?e Shelilon) Belmont, Ohio. 
KINCAID, John, Bible Grove, 111. 
KINSEY, Elmer J., Claypool, Ind. 

Harry O., New Lebanon, Ohio, R. F. D. I. 

Isaac D., Farmersville, Ohio. 

Jennie S., Farmersville, Ohio. 

John L., Texhoma, Okla. 

Mrs. Joseph, Farmersville, Ohio. 

Noah M.. Farmersville, Ohio. 
KIMMEL, Eli. Friedtns, Pa. 

P^ancis, Stoyestown, Pa. 

George, Friedens, Pa. 

John, Stoyestown, Vi\. 

Joseph, Stoyestown, Pa. 
KLINE, Edward, Casey, HI., li. F. D. 3. 

Harry W., Silver Lake, Ind. 
KNEPPER, Silas, Berlin, Pa. 

KNOOP, Carey M., Claypool, Ind. 

Samuel M., Flatbush, 717 E. 18th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
KREITZER, Oscar R., o40 W. 157th St., New York City. 
KRISSINGER, Mrs. Albert A., 403 N. Main St., Butler, Pa. 

Mary E., 403 N. Main St., Butler, Pa. 
KUHLMAN. William H., Ursina, Pa. 
KUHNS, Samuel. Berlin, Pa., R. F. I). 2. 
KYGER, Allie, 102 K. Swartzel, Ave., Vincennes, Ind. 

Dora, 102 K. Swartzel Ave., Vincennes, Ind. 

Edgar Oldfather, Winfield, Kans. 

George, Mulberry, Ind. 

Henry Clinton, Miller, Mo. 

Ira Pence, \Yinfield, Kans. 

Mrs. James, Mulberry, Ind. 

Lawrence, 102 E. Swartzel Ave., Vincennes, Ind. 

Leander McClung, 5,">2 \V. Clinton St., Frankfort, Ind. 

Lyle Glenn. .")02 N. Jackson St., Frankfort, Ind. 

Mordecai Millard, 552 W. Clinton St., Frankfort, Ind. 

Myrtie, Mulberry, Ind. 

Perry McClellan, Blackwell, Okla. 

Prof. Samuel P., 255 ^V. ^Vashington St., Frankfort, Ind. 

Sue Jane, 255 ^Y. ^Vashington St., Frankfort, Ind. 

I.ANNING, Aaron, Lewisburg, Ohio. 

John, Lewisburg, Ohio. 

Joseph F., Lewisburg, Ohio. 
LASH, Mrs. Samuel P.. (Fenner) Galloway, Ohio. 

William S.. lUl Harris Ave., Columbus, Ohio. 
LAUGHLIN, Elvadore C, 1.503 X. 7th St., Boise, Idaho. 

Francis Marion, (ierniantown, Ohio. 

Irwin, Gerniantown, Ohio. 

Jesse Guy, Smuggler, Colo. 

Mabel Pauline, Gerniantown, Ohio. 

Marie Irene, Gerniantown, Ohio. 
LAWLESS, Thomas, St. Paul, Ind. 
LEEDY, Chester, ^Venatchee, Wash. 
LEFFEL, George, North Manchester, Ind. 

Ralph, North Manchester, Ind. 

W'alter, North Manchester, Ind. 
LEIS. Oliver A., Farmersville, Ohio. 
LESLIE, Clarence H.. Clyde, Ohio. 
LEWIS. Charles Fullerton, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Henry Casper, Charleston, W. Va. 

Mrs. John O., 21!) W. Park Ave., Columbus, Ohio. 

John Samuel, 21!) V\\ Park Ave., Columbus, Ohio. 
LINDENMUTH. John Wesley, Gerniantown, Ohio. 
LINTHICUM, Harry, Lincoln, 111. 
LOCK, John A., Lewisburg, Ohio. 
LOEHR, Miles E., Claypool, Ind. 


LONGMAN, Mrs. David, Germantown, Ohio. 

Harry Raymond, Farmersville, Ohio. 

Horatio Anderson, Haven, Kans. 

Josephus S., Farmersville, Ohio. 

Juno Edith, Germantown, Ohio. 

Lincoln Abraham, Middletown, Ohio. 

Roy, Germantown, Ohio. 

Rufus Adolphus, Wedgewood c^ Lowry Aves., Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Truman Franklin, Haven, Kans. 
LOREY, Edward, l.")!!) 15th St., Argentine Sta., Kansas City, Kans. 
LUCAS, Thomas, Belmont, Ohio. 
LUCE, James, Amhoy, 111. 

Martha, Amboy, 111. 

Mary, Amboy, 111. 
LUDY, Irwin, Farmersville, Ohio. 
LUTZ, Edward B., Amorita, Okla. 


McAHRIN, Robert Lavern, Manilla, Ind. 
McCLOUD, Mrs. George, Manilla, Ind. 
McDonald, Joseph, Xoblesville, Ind., R. F. D. 7. 

Joseph Edward, Michigan City, Ind. 

Walter Alonzo, Boggstown, Ind. 

William Lee, 243 W. South St., Shelbyville, Ind. 
McGINNIS, Frank, Aulne, Kans. 
McKEEN, Laura A., Bridgeport, Ohio. 
MADDEN, Lewis William, Olney, 111. 

Oliver Henry, Hunt. 111. 
MAISH, Matthew, 811 F. Bell St., Blo(Mnington, Ind. 
MANLEY, John L., Middleport, Ohio. 
MARSHALL, Zella, Los Angeles, Calif. 
MARTIN, August, Wabash. Ind. 

Rudolph, Houghton, Mich. 
MEADE, Frank, Berlin, Pa. 

MEDER, Mrs. Herman, Lewisburg, Ohio, R. F. D. 3. 
MENGLE, Moses, Farmersville, Ohio. 

MENOHER, Col. Charles T., 1st Field Artillery U. S. A., Ft. McKinley, Manilla, P. 
MICHNER, Dr. Howard, Chester Hill, Ohio. 
MILLER, Mrs. John F., (married Frank Rodefer) Germantown, Ohio. 

Otto, Crawfordsville, Ind. 
MITCHELL, Emery C, Rose Hill, III. 
MOONEY, Ernest V., 1718 Wallace St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
MOORE, Clint., South Connellsville, Pa. 
Frank O., Pittsburg, Pa. 
George Albert, Demos, Ohio. 
James Henry, Moscow, Idaho, R. F. D. 4. 
MOSES, John, West Alexandria, Ohio, R. F. D. 4. 
MOSHOLDER, Maurice, Myersdale, Pa. 
MOYER, John Wesley, Germantown, Ohio. 
MULLENDORE, Charles W., Edinburg, Ind., R. F. D. 2. 


NAYLOR, Edith B., (married Chas. Schultz) Brandon, Iowa, R. F. I). 1. 

Granville, Brandon, Iowa. 

John F., Biandon, Iowa, P.. F. I). 1. 

Maurice G., Brandon, Iowa, R. F. D. 1. 

Wilbert H., Vinton, Iowa. 
NEIBEL, Daniel, Camden, Ind., R. F. D. 2. 

Rev. Ephraim E.. Muhlenberg Mission, Monrovia, Liberia, Africa. 
NEIDIGH, Carrie, Fdna, Kans., R. F. I). 1. 

Claude A.. Filna Kans., R. V. 1). 1. 

Earl E., Fdna, Kans., R. F. I). 1. 

George W., Iidna, Kans., U. F. I). 1. 

Glee Ola, St. Paul, Ind. 

Henry, St. Paul, Iml 

Louis, Fdna, Kans., 1!. F. I). 1. 

Nellie H., Fdna, Kans., R. F. D. 1. 

Samuel W., F.lna, Kans., R. F. 1). L 
NEWLIX, Edgar O., Fontanet, Ind. 
NORTON, Albert Jacob, Metropolitan Tower, New York City. 

ODELL, Eiva Leroy, Kinnuuiily, 111. 

William. Kinmundy, 111. 
OLDFATHER. Mrs. Allen. Blullton. Ind., R. F. 1). 9. 

Allen Edwin, Fairmount, Ind. 

Albert Luther, Miami, Ind. 

Alonzo E., Miami, Ind. 

Col. Alva J., Colwich, Kans., R. F. D. 1. 

Arthur J., Canton, 111. 

Calvin, ('ovington, Ohio. 

Cassius E., Maize, Kans. 

Charles A. Clarence, Bunker Hill, Ind. 

Charles E., Brady Island, Xebr. 

Charles Gross, Faton, Ohio. 

Prof. Charles Henry, American College, Beyroot, Turkey 

Charles M., 3tlG Chestnut St., Quincy, 111. 

Charles W., Farmersvillc, Ohio. 

Cornelius. 1"^ X. Fmporia Ave., Wichita, Kans. 

Mrs. Crayton iM., North Manchester, Ind. 

Daniel Peter, Attica, Kans. 

Daniel W., 032 Pratt St., Longmont, Colo. 

Mrs. Daniel W., Bank St., Dayton, Ohio. 

David, Rochester, Ind. 

Mrs. David, Lexington, Xebr. 

Edgar J., 1525 S. Washington St., Kokomo, Ind. 

Eli Sylvester, Abingdon, 111. 

Elijah, Piochester, Ind. 

Elmer Dayton, Harper, Kans. 


Franklin, Pratt, Kans. 

Frederick P., Lexington, Nebr. 

Prof. George Washington, Winetka, 111. 

Harry Earl, Bunker Hill, Ind. 

Henry Elwood, (Cleburne, Texas. 

Henry L., Silver Lake, Ind. 

Hiram Joseph, Colwich, Kans., R. F. D. 1. 

Homer L., Brady Island, Nebr. 

Howard E., Farmersville, Ohio. 

Mrs. Ira L, Farmersville, Ohio. 

Mrs. Jeremiah M., 804 W. Green St., Urbana, III. 

John A., 1012 S. Wallace St., Vinton, Iowa. 

John Adam, Edina, Mo., R. F. D. 4. 

John Albert, Miami, Ind. 

John F., Silver Lake, Ind. 

John Franklin, l.')25 S. Washington St., Kokomo, Ind. 

John Thomas, BlufTton, Ind., R. F. D. 9. 

Mrs. Josiah, Troy, Ohio. 

Leander T., Darr, Nebr. 

Leonard Aubrey, Abingdon, 111. 

Leroy, Colwich, Kans., R. F. D. 1. 

Levi B., Roann, Ind. 

Marion, Gratis, Ohio. 

Mary Gertrude, (married Lenon) Flora, Ind., R. F. D. 1. 

Mary J., 1012 S. Wallace St., Vinton, Iowa. 

Mrs. Michael, Blutlton, Ind., R. F. D. 9. 

Odie Odell, (son of Samuel W. Oldfather, (III.) page 85 of the Genealogy 

Ligonier, Ind. 
Oliver Orian, 1243 S. Emporia Ave., Wichita, Kans. 
Otho C, Lexington, Nebr. 
Otis O., Wabash, Ind. 

Pearl E., 2221 E. Marcus Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 
Pearl J., Edina, Mo. 

Reese E., 1289 Hodiamont Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 
Samuel, Lewisburg, Ohio. 
Samuel Curtis, W. Bank St., Dayton, Ohio. 
Samuel T., North Manchester, Ind. 
Mrs. Samuel W., Warsaw, Ind. 

Sarah Myrtle, (married Bobbins) Summitville, Ind. 
Mrs. Simon Peter, Farmersville, Ohio. 
Thomas A., Tonapah, Nev. 
Thomas Jefferson, Farmersville, Ohio. 
Walter Leroy, Eaton, Ohio, R. F. D. 2. 
Wilford Wilson, North Manchester, Ind. 

Prof. William Abbott, University of Illinois, 804 W. Green St., Urbana, IH. 
William N., Edina, Mo., R. F. D. 5. 
Yuba Ray, East Taylor St., Kokomo, Ind. 

PALMER, James W., Glouster, Ohio, R. F. D. 4. 

Samuel, Germantown, Ohio. 
PARNELL, Edgar, Confluence, Pa. 

John B., Confluence, Pa. 

Merrill, Ursina, Pa. 


PARSON, Fred B., Edina, Mo. 

PEARSON, Alford John William, Columbus, Ohio. 

Alvin Judkins, 0105 Belvedere Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. 

Charles, Grove City, Pa. 

Mrs. Charles A. L., 1213 Arch St., Pittsburg, Pa. 

Edward Winchell, Missoula, Mont. 

Eloise Mary, (ilOo Belvedere Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. 

Esther S., 07 Cumberland Ave., Asheville, N. C. 

Frank, Columbus, Ohio. 

Franklin Monroe, Missoula, Mont. 

Fred, Columbus, Ohio. 

George Washington, 530 Reid Ave., Lorain, Ohio. 

Iva B., 530 Reid Ave., Lorain, Ohio. 

Jay, Grove City, Pa. 

Josephine, Woodslield, Ohio. 

Nannie Armina, Woodslield, Ohio. 

Lieut. AVilliam F., 23 U. S. Inf., Ft. Benj. Harrison, Indianapolis, Ind. 

Maj. William Henry, 07 Cumberland Ave., Asheville, N. C. 
PECK, Clara Ethel, Brandon, Iowa. 

Daniel Webster, Jessup, Iowa. 

James W., Rowley, Iowa. 

Sarah Louisa, Brandon, Iowa. 

Samuel Henry, Independence, Iowa. 

Theodore, Brandon, Iowa. 
PEDICORD, Charles N., Glouster, Ohio, R. F. I). 3. 

Mrs. David Lyman, Glouster, Ohio, R. F. D. 2, 

Rev. Earl E., West Mansfield, Ohio, R. F. D. 2. 

Francis A., Glouster, Ohio, R. F. I). 2. 

Flora, Guthrie, Okla. 

James A., Glouster, Ohio. 

Mrs. John Henry, Oil Center, Calif. ] ] 

Ora (Orian), Guthrie, Okla. ' i 

PENCE, Mrs. Charles Petty, 950 E. Wabash St., Frankfort, Ind. 

David Clement, (kMiuantown, Ohio. 

James Willard, Troy, Idaho. 

John Kyger, 1202 W. Jefferson St., Frankfort, Ind. 

Lennie, (married Chas. Daggie) Lewiston, Idaho. 

Roy, 311 W. Morrison St., Frankfort, Ind. 
PERKINS, Rev. S. M., 514 E. 15th St., Davenport, Iowa. 
[PHILLIPS, Cora, 0233 Kimberk Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Dr. Dean, Chicago, 111. 
POWELL, Alton, Bellaire, Ohio. 
PRICE, Benjamin Franklin, Sharpsburg, Ohio, R. F. D. 1. 

Carlos Austin, Columbus, Ohio. 

Clyde, Glouster, Ohio. 

Edith Genevieve, Sharpsburg, Ohio. 

Elisha White, Chester Hill, Ohio. 

Ernest, Sharpsburg, Ohio, R. F. 1). 1. 

Grace Irene, Sharpsburg, Ohio. 

James, Pennsville, Ohio. 

James J., Amesville, Ohio. 

John, Glouster, Ohio. 

Pearl, Glouster, Ohio. 

Miss Ray, Trimble, Ohio, R. F. D. 1. 


Riiey, Sh;ir|)sl)urg, Ohio, R. F. D. 1. 

Thomas J., Aniesville, Ohio. 

Verne, AiiK'svilk', Ohio. 
PRILL, Henry, St. Paul, Ind. 

PRLNCE, John Henry, 4,"..3 W .Spring St., Weatherford, Texas. 
PRIOR, D. C, Indt'pendi'iice, Iowa. 
PROTZMAN, Edgar, 1214 W. Third St., Dayton, Ohio. 
PROUDFIT, Rev'. Charles P., 1438 University Ave., Dos Moines, Iowa. 

RADER, J. Oscar, Dayton, Ohio. 

RAY, William Lewis, 277 West Mechanic St., Shelbvville, Ind. 

REBSTOCK, Mrs. Frank, Bellevue, East St. Louis, 111. 

James Lincoln, 252 E. Barnes St., Frankfort, Ind. 
REED, Earl J., Wichita, Kans. 

Earl W., 42!) Center Ave., Butler, Pa. 

George E., 1()()7 N. Main St., Wichita, Kans. 

Ray E., Santa Monica, Calif. 
REISCHAUER, A. Karl, Merji Gakuin, Tokio, Japan. 
REMY, Lawrence, Chester Hill, Ohio. 
RHINEBERGER, Charles, Deavertown, Ohio. 
RHINEHART, John, Lewisburg, Ohio. 

RICKETSON, Robert H., Cleveland Terrace, Leavenworth, Kans. 
RIFFER, Mrs. George H., Warnock, Ohio. 
RIGGLE, Ardillis D., 30 E. 11th Ave., Columbus, Ohio. 
RILEY, James, Howard, Kans. 
ROBESON, Plato, Camden, Ind. 
ROHRER, Frank, Lewisburg, Ohio. 

Ray, Lewisburg, Ohio. 

Victor, Lewisburg, Ohio. 
ROMACK, Boyce P., Falmouth, 111. 

Claude, Rose Hill, IlL, R. F. I). 1. 

Edwin O., Rose Hill, 111., R. F. D. 1. 

Oliver, Rose Hill, HI., R. F. I). 1. 

Sidney H., Rose Hill. 111., R. F. D. 1. 
ROSECRANS, Roy Roland, Rowley, Iowa. 
ROTH, Clarence, Thornton, Ind., R. F. I). 7. 
ROUSE, Thomas B., Woodslield, Ohio. 
RUMISER, Frank, Berlin, Pa. 
RUNYON, Kincaid, Franklin Grove, 111. 
RUSSELL, Arthur Harvey, 414 W. Spring St., Weathei-ford, Tex. 

SAAR, Charles R., Parkland, Alberta, Canada. 

Earl A., Henderson, Iowa. 

Forest J., Henderson, Iowa. 

Martin, Henderson, Iowa. 
SAGER, August, Mystic, Iowa, R. F. I). 1. 

Charles O., Florence, Kans. 

Mrs. Ely, Florence, Kans. 

Jacob, Florence, Kans. 

Solomon, Florence, Kans. 


SAYERS, Charles, Chauncey, Ohio. 

Silas, Chauncey, Ohio. 

Stacey, Chauncey, Ohio. 
SCATTERDAY. David Madison, Demos, Ohio. 
SCHAFF, Burl Benton, Pataskala, Ohio, R. F. D. 

Benjamin Franklin, Pataskala, Ohio, R. F. D. 

Charles Ellsworth, Kansas City, Mo. 

Cyrus W., East Chattanooga, Tcnn. 

David, Irwin, Pa. 

Harrison Hale, 18 Hilliard St., Cambridge, Mass. 

Harrison Karl, .")2I Kimball Place, Columbus, Ohio. 

Hilary Hanby, Upland, Calif. 

Mrs. Isaac Milton, 345 E. Long St., Columbus, Ohio. 

John Webster, Braymer, Mo. 

(Wrongly given .lohn Burdine Schatf in (ienealogy.) 

Gen. Morris, 18 Hilliard St., Cambridge, Mass. 

Rodman, Fitzwilliams, New Hampshire. 

Sarah, Gi-eensburg, Pa. 

Sarah Swift, 18 Hilliard St., Cambridge, Mass. 

Simeon S., National Military Home, Dayton, Ohio. 

Mrs. William H., Toledo, Ohio. 

William Harrison, Circleville, Ohio.. 654 N. Court St. 
SCHAFFER, IVIelvin, Argos, Ind., R. F. I). 11. 
SCHRISTMAN, Isaac O., West Manchester, Ohio. 
SCOTT, John Calvin, Shanksville, Pa. 
SENS, Albert L., Edina, Mo., R. F. I). 4. 
SELF, Sydnor Jennings, Silver Lake, Ind. 
SHAFFER, Orion Vernon, Germantown, Ohio. 
SHELDON, Mary Elizabeth (Kinney), Belmont, Ohio. 
SHELLEY, David Adam, Butler, Ohio. 

Glenn Noma, 211 W. Wabash St., Bluffton, Ind. 

Raymond Guy, 2015 S. Water St., Wichita, Kans. 
SHEWMAN, Worthy B., Akron, Ind. 
SHIMP, Mrs. Charles W., Germantown, Ohio. 
SHOOK, James, Chester Hill, Ohio. 
SHORT, Alva J., Willow Hill, 111. 

Bessie G., Greensburg, Ind. 

Beulah B., West Liberty, 111. 

Benjamin Franklin, Yale, 111. 

Charles, Kinnumdy, III., R. E. D. 2. 

Cora Esther, ^Vest Liberty, 111. 

Essie M., West Liberty, 111. 

Flossie C, Kinnumdy, 111., R. E. I). 2. 

Frank P., Greensburg, Ind. 

George William, Willow Hill, 111. 

Harvey, W'illow Hill, 111. 

Henry Garrett, Greensburg, Ind., R. E. D. 6. 

Ira B., Willow Hill, 111. 

Ira Delbert, Greensburg, Ind., R. E. D. (). 

Jacob Anderson, Willow Hill, 111. 

James Lester, Greensburg, Ind., H. E. I). G. 

John A., Yale, 111. 

John Riley, Rose Hill, 111. 

Oscar W., Greensburg, Ind., H. E. D. 0. 


Perry R., Willow Hill, 111. 

Philip Slifer, Kinmundy, 111., R. F. D. 2, 

Ralph B., West Liberty, 111. 

Schuyler, O., West Liberty, 111. 

William P., Yale, III. 

William Washington, W^est Liberty, III 
SHOUSE, Allen H., LaPlata, Mo. 

Walter E., LaPlata, Mo., R. F. D. 3. 
SHRIVER, Mrs. Walter Warren, 328 South I). St., Hamilton, Ohio. 
SILER, Ivan C, Penokee, Kans. 

Thomas Edward, Penokee, Kans. 
SIMS, Cecil, Frankfort, Ind. 

Mrs. William S., 757 E. Washington St., Frankfort, Ind. 
SLANE, Thomas, Kinmundy, 111., R. F. D. 2. 
SMITH, Alden, ()05 Ross Ave., Hamilton, Ohio. 

Charles, ()()5 Ross Ave., Hamilton, Ohio. 

John, Eaton, Ohio, R. F. I). 1. 

Joseph, 21 Lincoln St., Columbus, Ohio. 

Joseph E., North Manchester, Ind. 

Warren, 91 Main St., Newton, New Jersey. 
SNORF, Charles, North Manchester, Ind. 
SPANGLER, Robert W., Stoyestown, Pa. 

SPITLER, David Elijah, 207 S. Sycamore St., Wichita, Kans. 
STARR, George W., Canton, Ohio, R. F. D. 7. 
STEFFY, Seward, Glouster, Ohio, R. F. D. 2. 
STEGER, John, Wheeler, 111. 
STEPENS. Rupert, Barnesville, Ohio. 
STEVER, John, Tillin, Ohio. 

STIVER, Charles Albert, Farmersville, Ohio, R. F. I). 1. 
STOCK, William C, (should be William L. Strock), Brashaer, Mo. 
STOCKSLAGER, Charles, Lewisburg, Ohio, R. F. I). 4. 
STONEBRAKER, Charles V., Cantril, Iowa. 

Clifford, Cantril, Iowa. 

James Addison, Silver City, Iowa, R. F. D. 2. 

Jesse Nelson, Cantril, Iowa. 

Ola Darrell, Cantril, Iowa. 

Sherman Gray, Silver City, Iowa. 

Silas A., Cantril, Iowa. 

T. Sherman, Cantril, Iowa. 
STRETCHER, Charles, Peabody, Kans. 

George Edward, Hunt, 111. 

John W., Peabody, Kans. 
STUCKEY, George, Bloomville, Ohio. 

TEWELL, Homer C, Lexington, Neb. 

TIMBERLAKE, Earl Johnson, 2717 Indiana Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 

Mary Elizabeth, Lansing, Ohio. 

Maude Eliza, Cleveland Terrace, Leavenworth, Kans. 

Olinda Rebecca, Demos, Ohio. 

Ralph Jackson, 1th Ave. and Marion, Leavenworth, Kans. 

Robert Anderson, 12 Magee St., Jeanette, Pa. 

TORRENCE, Joseph A., 1325 Lydia Ave., Kansas City, Kans. 
TROUTNER, Ezra B., Charles City, Iowa. 
TUMELTY, James, Greensburg, Ind. 


ULRICH, Adam B., New Lebanon, Ohio, R. F. I). 1. 

Alice, (married Herbert Merrick) 1851 W. 3rd St., Davton, Ohio. 

Charles. West Alexandria, Ohio, R. F. D. 1. 

Christina, Covington, Ohio. 

Clyde, 124 N. Gray Ave., Joplin, Mo. 

Edgar, Farmersville, Ohio. 

Hugh, Farmersville, Ohio, R. F. I). 1. 

Isaac, Farmersville, Ohio. 

Jesse, West Alexandria, Ohio, R. F. D. 4. 

John H., West Alexandria, Ohio, R. F. 1). 4. 

Joseph, Farmersville, Ohio. 

Loren, 24 Hallwood Ave., Dayton, Ohio. 

Owen M., 1851 W. 3rd St., Dayton, Ohio. 

Warren, West Alexandria, Ohio, R. F. D. 1. 
UNGER, A. J., 103 S. Euclid Ave., Dayton, Ohio. 

Aaron F.. Lewisburg, Ohio, R. F. 1). 3. 

Dietrich R., Lewisburg, Ohio, R. F. D. 3. 

Ernest B., Lewisburg, Ohio, R. F. D. 3. 

Elmer D., Lewisburg, Ohio, R. F. D. 3. 

George Allen, Brookville, Ohio. 


VAN DYKE, Otto, Mason, 111., R. F. D. 2. 

VAN SICKLE, Ada Louise, 268 E. Green St., Frankfort, Ind. 

Charles A., Edgewater, Colo. 

Charles Clayton, Frankfort, Ind., R. F. D. 7. 

Cecil, Colfax, Ind., R. F. D. 2. 

Harry, Frankfort, Ind., R. F. D. 6. 

Mrs. James Edwin, Oxford, Ohio. 

Mrs. John A., 125 W. High St.. Jefferson City, Mo. 

Joseph Albert, 811 E. South St., Frankfort, Ind. 

Mrs. J. W. Lannier, 305 E. Morrison St., Frankfort, Ind. 

Lewis A., Guymon, Okla. 

Otis, Oxford, Ohio. 

ftay, 811 E. South St., Frankfort, Ind. 

Samuel Taylor, Frankfort, Ind., R. F. 1). 7. 

William F., Macon City, Mo. 

William Henry, 208 E. Green St., Frankfort, Ind. 
VEST, Edith I., Austin, Minn. 

Fred W., Austin, Minn. 

George W., Austin, Minn., R. F. D. 2. 

Maud E., Austin, Minn. 



WAGNER. Louis, Hunt, 111. ] 

WALKER, Earl Luther, BcM-lin, Pa. ^ 

Erma Susan, Berlin, Pa. 

Homer, SouKTsot, Pa. 

Howard Ames, Ik'iiin, Pa. 

Irwin Peter, Berlin, Pa. 

Judd Melancthon, Somerset, Pa. 

Mayme Naomi, 318 Franklin St., Butler, Pa. 
WANTZ, Cyrus Leroy, INIianiisburg, Ohio. 

Harry Milton, Mianiisburg, Ohio. 

Joseph Melville, Stillwater Ave. and Helena St., Dayton, Ohio. 

Loucetta Ellen, Mianiisburg, Ohio. 
WAPLES, Ray, 707 Wright St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
WARNOCK, Charles Wallace, 132 Fourth Ave., Homestead, Pa. 

Claire E., 35()3 Belmont St., Bellaire, Ohio. 

Elwood, Warnock, Ohio. 

Emma Lou (married John W. .tones) 3752 Tallman Ave., Bellaire, Ohitj 

John Alexander, Alexis, 111. 

William Clark, 3.i(i3 Belmont St., Bellaire, Ohio. 
WEAVER, Howard C, New Lebanon, Ohio, R. F. D. 1. 

Lena, Riehmond, Ind., R. F. D. 7. 

Mabel, (married (leorge Clayton) Nev.' Lebar.o;i, Ohio. 

Owen P., Riehmond, Ind., R. F. 1). 7. 
WEBSTER, William Ro&eoe, Flat Rock, Ind. 
WELCH, Charles, (ioree, Tex. 

Hugh, Cioree, Tex. 

John, Sugden, Okla. 

John Wesley, Sugden, Okla. 

Reuben, Sugden, Okla. 

Thomas, 701 Lincoln Ave., Trenton, Mo. 
WELSHONS, William P., 403 N. Main St., Butler, Pa. 
WERTS, Emmet, Bristol, Ind., R. F. D. 4. 
WHALLON, Charles Q., Newman, 111. 

Glenn Tenbrook, 4307 Oakenwald Ave., Chicago, 111. 
WILEY, Carrie Ellen, 402 S. High St., Kirkville, Mo. 

Charles C, Cozad, Neb. 

Frederick Allen, Lowe, Kans. 

George Elmer, Manzanola, Colo. 

John Wesley, Lexington. Neb. 

Lewis F'ranklin, Kdina, Mo. 

Lewis J., 402 S. High St., Kirkville, Mo. 
WILLEFORD, Philander B., LaPlata, Mo., H. F. 1). 5. 
WILSON, Benjamin F., Greenup, 111. 

Harry J., West Carrolton, Ohio. 

James S., Somerton, Ohio. 

John A., Newton, 111., R. F. D. 4. 

Morney M., Newton, 111., R. F. D. 4. 

ProL Walter Clement, 421 Pine St., .lohnson City, Tenn. 
WRIGHT, Thomas, Si)ringliel(l, Ohio. 
WUNDERLICH, Wirt, Plymouth, Ind. 
WYATT, George S., Albia, Iowa. 

YAW, Reuben, Ne\v'ton, 111., H. F. I). 4. 

YOUNG, Charles, 1007 W. Paris St., Frankfort, Ind. 

Clen, Colfax, Ind. 

Glen, Manson, Ind. 

James Willard, Thornton, Ind., H. F. D. 11. 

ZIEGLER, Owen, Johnstown, Pa. 
ZIMMERMAN, Addie, Cdouster, Ohio. 

George, Sharpshurg, Ohio, R. F. D. 1, 

Louis, Cdouster, Ohio. 

Sprague, Cdouster, Ohio. 
ZINNEL, George, ^Yintield, Kans. 



State and City Directory 



Rev. Clarence I.eVan Altfather. 


Malcolm Graham. 
Wallace Graham. 

Orion Oscar Bolin. 


Monrovia, Liberia. 

Rev. Ephraim E. Neibel. 


Jacob Hutchinson. 
Los Angeles. 

Canna C. Cupp. 

Levi J. Cupp. 

Solomon N. Cupp, Sr. 

Solomon N. Cupp, Jr. 

IM.Nsses S. Cupp. 

Chelsea Eloyd Izor, 

Charles Fullerton Lewis. 

Zella Marshall. 
Oil Center. 

Mrs. John Henry Pedicord. 

David Hutchinson. 
San Bernardino. 

Delia Glessner. 

Henry S. Glessner. 

Leroy S. Glessner. 
Santa Monica. 

Ray E. Reed. 

Dr. James Hutchinson. 

Hilary Hanby SchafT. 


Parkland, Alberta. 

Charles R. Saar. 


Colorado Springs. 

Elizabeth Allison. 

Theodore Beachler. 

Perry De Ford. 

Charles A. Van Sickle. 

.Mrs. George Allen. 

Daniel W. Oldfather. 

George Elmer Wiley. 

Jesse Guy Laughlin. 



George Peter Drayer. 


John Billingsley. 



Annie Drusilla Altfather. 


Elvadore C. Laughlin. 

James Henry Moore. 

James Willard Pence. 

Calvin House. 




William W. Garrison. 
Eli Sylvester Oldtather. 
Leonard Aubrey OUUather. 

John Alexander Warnock. 


Addison E. Keefer. 

Addison Ray Keefer. 

Erank Keefer. 

Kittle Keefer. 

Ruth Keefer. 

Silas Keefer. 

James Luce. 

Martha Luce. 

Mary Luce. 

Martin Daniel. 
Bible Grove. 

Oscar Davis. 

John Kincaid. 

Arthur J. Oldfather. 


Edward Kline. 

Rev. Charles R. Adams. 

Albert Rlythe Crowe. 

Fred Gates. 

Rev. Ellis Simon Hay. 

Cora Phillips. 

Dr. Dean Phillips. 

Glenn Tenbrook Whallon. 


T. L. Hancock. 
East St. Louis. 

Mrs. Erank Rebstock. 

Druery Bower, 

Boyce P. Romack. 
Franklin Grove. 

Kincaid Runyon. 


Frank M. Allison. 

Jacob L Isley. 

Benj. F. Wilson. 


James O. Carr. 
Clarence W. Coburn. 


Charles Foltz. 
Elmer Bayard Halterman. 
Ersa Olive Halterman. 
Eva May Halterman. 
James Allen Halterman. 
John Stanley Halterman. 
Roy Vern Halterman. 
Mrs. William Henry Haltei 
John Marvin Harrison. 
Payton Harrison. 
James Allen Hiles. 
Seth Hussey. 
Emanuel F. Isley. 
Bessie B. Jones. 
Lena May Jones. 
Tilnian Warren Jones. 
Oliver Henry Madden. 
George Edward Stretcher. 
Louis Wagner. 


Elva Leroy Odell. 
William Odell. 
Charles Short. 
Flossie C. Short. 
Philip Slifer Short. 
Thomas Slane. 


Harry Linthicum. 


Charles Evans. 
A. Vernon Jacobs. 
Eva D. Jacobs. 
P. Alonzo Jacobs. 
Peter Jacobs. 
Ruth E. Jacobs. 
Otto Van Dyke. 


Arthur A. Bower. 

Harvey Isley. 

Jennie Isley. 

Ora G. Isley. 

Mrs. William Isley. 


(Clinton Curtis Aydelott. 

Hayes Aaron Aydelott. 
Charles G. Whallon. 


Daniel B. Bower. 

Grace P. Bower. 

Mrs. William Brooks. 

Ira Culluni. 

Elijah Dungan. 

Norman Harrison. 

James ^Y. House. 

Verne House. 

Hon. Albert Elias Isley. 

Arminda A. Isley. 

Charles S. Isley. 

Clesta Isley. 

Mrs. Jacob Isley. 

John H. Isley. 

Orley Isley. 

Orviile E. Isley. 

Ruby Allen Isley. 

Mrs. Thomas Jefferson Isley. 

Rev. Alvin O. Jacobs. 

John E. Jones. 

John A. ^Yilson. 

Morney M. Wilson. 

Reuben Yaw. 

Homes- E. Die). 

Lewis William Madden. 

Charles M. Oldfather. 

Ab)aham Manslield Isley. 
Rose Hill. 

Henry E. Brooks. 

John W. Brooks. 

Alva E. Carpenter. 

George Alonzo Carpenter. 

George W. Carpenter. 

Janes William Cari)enter. 

John A. Carpenter. 

Kate Alice Cari)enter. 

Emery C. Mitchell. 

(Haude Romack. 

Edwin (). Ronuu'k. 

Oliver Romack. 

Sidney H. Romack. 

John Riley Short. 

Howard A. Charles. 
South Wilmington. 

Charles 1). Allison. 

Mrs. Jeremiah M. Oldfather. 

Prof. William Abbott Oldfather. 


Charles Eranklin Carpenter. 

Frank T. Coburn. 

Roy H. Coburn. 

Solomon C. Coburn. 

Thomas F. Coburn, 

Yernie C. Coburn. 
West Liberty. 

Beulah B. Short. 

Cora Esther Short. 

Essie May Short. 

Ralph B. Short. 

Schu\ler O. Short. 

t]rnest Bear. 

Philip Isley. 

John Steger. 
Willow Hill. 

Albert Adaaii. 

Reuben Albert Isley. 

Alva J. Short. 

George William Short. 

Harvey Short. 

Ira B. Short. 

Jacob Anderson Short. 

Perry R. Short. 

William Washington Short. 

Prof. George Washington Oldfathei 

William Eldridge Isley. 

Benjamin Eranklin Short. 

John A. Short. 

William P. Short. 


William Johnson. 

Worthy B. Shewman. 

Edgar O. Hahn. 

Charles llollenbach. 

Mclvin Schalfer. 

Matthew Maish. 

Charles Homer Bayless. 

James Oscar Bayl'\ss. 

Mrs. Allen Oldfather. 

John Thomas Oldfather 

Mrs. Michael OLIfather. 

Glenn Xoira Slielley. 


Walter Alonzo McDonald. 

Mrs. Sir Charles Isley. 

Emmet Werts. 
Bunker Hill. 

Charles A. Clarence Oldfather. 
Harry Earl Oldfather. 

Plato Robeson. 
Daniel Neibel. 

Elmer J. Kinsey. 
Carey M. Knoop. 
Miles E. Loehr. 

Cecil Van Sickle. 
Clen Young. 

Otto Miller. 

.Julius Haneman. 
Earl Walton Isley. 
Mrs. George Washington Isley. 
Ira Sylvester Isley. 
John Isley. 

Sophrona Sophia Isley. 
Wallace Orlando Isley. 
Charles W. Mullendore. 

Allen Edwin Oldfather. 

Edgar O. Newlin. 
Ft. Wayne. 

Dr. Lewis Park Drayer. 
Mrs. Peter Drayer. 
Mrs. Charles B. Edson. 
Flat Rock. 

Lewis Martin Isley. 
Plato Loren Isley. 
William Roscoe Webster. 

Mary Gertrude Oldfather. 

William P. Brittain. 
Leander McClung Kyger. 
Lyle Glenn Kyger. 
Mordecai Millard Kyger. 
Prof. Samuel P. Kyger. 
Sue Jane Kyger. 
Mrs. Charles Petty Pence. 
John Kyger Pence. 
Rov Pence. 

James Lincoln Rebstock. 
Cecil Sims. 
Mrs. William S. Sims. 
Ada Louise Van Sickle. 
Charles Clayton Van Sickle. 
Harry Van Sickle. 
Joseph Albert Van Sickle. 
Mrs. J. W. Lannier Van Sickle. 
Ray Van Sickle. 
Samuel Taylor Van Sickle. 
William Henry Van Sickle. 
Charles Young. 

Cortice Millard Isley. 

Bessie G. Short. 
iM-ank P. Short. 
Henry Garrett Short. 
Ira Delbert Short. 
James Lester Short. 
Oscar W. Short. 
James Tumelty. 

(ieorge Cut singer. 

l-:dwin Addison Isley. 

I^lward l^:verett Raker. 
Thomas B. Fulmer. 
Lieut. William F. Pearson. 

William Joshua Barnett. 
Jacob Crouder. 
Eddie Grant. 
Edgar J. Oldfather, 
John Franklin Oldfather. 
Yuba Ray Oldfather. 

Odie Odell Oldfather. 

Mrs. Harrison Cartmel. 
Emanuel Webster Isley. 
Robert LaVern McAhrin. 
Mrs. George McCloud. 

Glen Young. 

Albert Luther Oldfather. 
Alonzo E. Oldfather. 
John Albert Oldfather. 
Michigan City. 

Joseph Edwin McDonald. 

Mertie Allison, 



George Kyger. 

Mrs. James Kyger. 

Myrtie Kyger. 

Joseph McDonald. 
North Manchester. 

Charles Groninger. 

George LefFel. 

Ralph Leffel. 

Walter Leffel. 

Mrs. Crayton M. Oldfather. 

Samuel T. Oldfather. 

Wilford Wilson Oldfather. 

Joseph E. Smith. 

Charles Snorf. 

Wirt Wunderlich. 

Harvey B. Crook. 

Lena Weaver. 

Owen P. Weaver. 

Levi B. Oldfather. 

Alfred Foore. 

Charles Gregory. 

David Oldfather, 

Elijah Oldfather. 
St. Paul. 

Anna Allison. 

Catharine Allison. 

Ernest Allison. 

F. M. Allison. 

Mary Allison. 

Vernon Cartmel. 

Ruthen Conard. 

Sherman Conard. 

Lewis Christopher Isley. 

Myrtle Isley. 

Thomas Lawless. 

Glee Ola Neidigh. 

Henry Neidigh. 

Henry Prill. 

Joe Glackman. 

Roscoe H. Isley. 

William Henry Isley. 

William Lee McDonald. 

William Lewis Ray. 
Silver Lake. 

Augustus Bouse. 

Harry Brown. 

Chester R. Jontz. 

Everett Jontz. 

Thomas A. Jontz. 

Harry W. Kline. 

Henry L. Oldfather. 

John F. Oldfather. 

Sydnor Jennings Self. 

Sara Myrtle Oldfather. 

Clarence Roth. 

James Willard Young. 

Allie Kyger. 

Dora Kyger. 

Lawrence Kyger. 

August Martin. 

Otis O. Oldfather. 

Charles Dawson. 

Mrs. Samuel W. Oldfather. 


George S. Wyatt. 

W'. D. Anderson. 

Hiram B. Kanouse. 

Edith B. Naylor. 

Granville Nylor. 

John F. Naylor. 

Maurice G. Naylor. 

Clara Ethel Peck. 

Sarah Louise Peck. 

Theodore Peck. 

Charles V. Stonebraker. 

Clifford Stonebraker. 

Jesse Nelson Stonebraker. 

Ola Darrel Stonebraker. 

Silas A. Stonebraker. 

T. Sherman Stonebraker. 
Charles City. 

Ezra B. Troutner. 

Rev. S. M. Perkins. 

Rev. Charles R. Proudfit. 
Des Moines. 

Rev. Benj. Keener Hay. 

Earl A. Saar. 

Forrest J. Saar. 

Martin Saar. 


Samuel Henry Peck. 

I). C. Prior. 

Daniel Webster Peck. 
Le Mars. 

Elias Beachler. 

Rev. Daniel Franklin Boomershine. 

August Sager. 

Ralph Bender. 

George L. Davis. 

Paul Eson Davis. 

James W. Peck. 

Roy Roland Rosecrans. 
Silver City. 

James Addison Stonebraker. 

Sherman Gray Stonebraker. 

0. Justin Albert. 

Mrs. John Henry Beachler. 

Albert A. Hunt. 

Wilbert H. Naylor. 

John A. Oldfather. 

Mary J. Oldfather. 

John Edwin Boomershine. 


Daniel Peter Oldfather. 

Frank McGinnis. 

Charles Whallon Aydelott. 

Franklin M. L. Downing. 

Col. Alva J. Oldfather. 

Hiram Joseph Oldfather. 

Leroy Oldfather. 

Carrie Neidigh. 

Claude A. Neidigh. 

Earl E. Neidigh. 

George W. Neidigh. 

Louis Neidigh. 

Nellie H. Neidigh. 

Samuel W. Neidigh. 

Guy Bolin. 

Henry Bolin. 

Philip Cloverdyke. 

Charles Dannenfelser. 

Harry Gleason. 

Charles O. Sager. 

Mrs. Ely Sager. 

Jacob Sager. 

Solomon Sager. 

Elmer Dayton Oldfather. 

Horatio A. Longman. 

Truman F. Longman. 

Dayton Clough. 

Irwin P. Clough. 

James Riley. 

S. O. Clark. 
Kansas City. 

John W. House. 

Edward Lorey. 

Joseph A. Torrence. 

Hiram Henry Isley. 

Robert H. Ricketson. 

Maud Eliza Timberlake. 

Ralph Jackson Timberlake, 

Frederick Allen Wiley. 


Cassius E. Oldfather. 
Mound Valley. 

Benjamin Aydelott. 

Mrs. William Wesley Garrett. 

Harry Reefer. 

Willis Reefer. 

Joseph Eakin. 

William Ireland. 

Charles Stretcher. 

John W. Stretcher. 

Ivan C. Siler. 

Thomas Edwin Siler. 

John Baugh. 

Franklin Oldfather. 

Ethel Clare Clough. 

William F. Hooper. 


John J. Clutter. 
Harrison Edwin Fraser. 
Cornelius Oldfather. 
Oliver Orian Oldfather. 
Earl J. Reed. 
George E. Reed. 
Raymond Guy Shelley. 
David Elijah Spitler. 

Edgar Oldfather Kyger. 
Ira Pence Kyger. 
George Zinnel. 



Harrison Hale SchafT. 
Gen. Morris Scliatf. 
Sarah Swift Schaff. 


Thomas Tilden Jones. 

Rudolph Martin. 

Roscoe F. Creason. 


Andrew J. Aultfather. 
Charles F. Aultfather. 
Clara E. Aultfather. 
Mrs. David Aultfather. 
David C. Aultfather. 
George F. Aultfather. 
James H. Aultfather. 
M'illiam J. Aultfather. 
Edith I. Vest. 
Fred W. Vest. 
George W. Vest. 
Maud E. Vest. 


Adam Duerst. 


J. Edward Daggs. 

William L. Strock. 


John Webster SchafT. 

Grace Ethel Bolin. 

Laura May Bolin. 

Mrs. Marion Bolin. 

George B. Cupp. 

Simon N. Gardner. 

Ora O. House. 

J(ihn Adam Oldfather. 

Pearl J. Oldfather. 

William N. Oldfather. 

Fred B. Parson. 

Albert L. Sens. 

Lewis I'ranklin Wiley. 

Andrew L. House. 

Haivey J. Cupp. 

Frank Erich. 

William House. 
Jefferson City. 

Mrs. John A. Van Sickle. 

Clyde Ulrich. 
Kansas City. 

Charles Ellsworth Schatf. 

Fail Johnson Timberlake. 

Clarence T. House. 

William C. House. 

Carrie Ellen Wiley. 

Lewis J. Wiley. 
La Platta. 

Allen H. Shouse. 

Walter E. Shouse. 

Philander E. Willefonl. 
Macon City. 

William F. Van Sickle. 

H. I). Anderson. 

Henr.\ CJinton Kyger. 

Mrs. John W. Bell. 
St. Louis. 

Pearl !■. Oldfather. 

lieese 1-:. Oldfather. 

Thomas Welch. 

Frank M. Faster. 



Edward Winchell Pearson. 
Franklin Monroe Pearson. 


Brady Island. 

Charles E. Oldfather. 

Homer L. Oldfather. 

Charles C. Wiley. 

Leander T. Oldfather. 

Mrs. David Oldfather. 

Frederick V. Oldfather. 

Otho C. Oldfather. 

Homer C. Tewell. 

John Wesley Wiley. 

Clarenee E. (irunden. 


Charles L. Halternian. 

.lohn Halternian, 

Thomas A. Oldfather. 


Rodman SchafT. 


Jnlia Anna Drayer. 

Warren Smith. 


(iarland Armstrong. 


Earl E. Beyer. 

Samuel M. Knoop. 

George I). Keefer. 

New York. 

John Walker Altfather. 

Raymond I. Bower. 

Oscar R. Kreitzer. 

Albert Jacob Norton. 

Thomas Arthur. 

Mrs. Alden Beebe. 

J. Edward Beyer. 
Sag Harbor. 

Rev. Francis Vinton Bear 



Esther S. Pearson. 

Maj. William Henry Peargon. 


Frank Beachler. 

Homer Isley. 



James J. Price. 

Thomas J. Price. 

Verne Price. 

Jacob Cuckler. 

Mrs. John Casper Cuckler. 

Rupert Stcpcns. 

Mrs. Charles W. Fcrrel. 

Clinton Ferrel. 

Ila M. Ferrel. 

:\lartha E. Ferrel. 

Paul O. Ferrel. 

Perry I^'errel. 

Richard Kane. 

Alton Powell. 

Claire E. Warnock. 

Ennna Lou Warnock. 

William Clark Warnock. 

Thomas Lucas. 

Mary Elizabeth Sheldon. 

Samuel Jackson, 

(ieorge Stuckey, 



John W. Bell. 

Laura A. McKeen. 
Charles Izor. 
Flossie Matilda Izor. 
George Allen Unger. 

David Adam Shelley. 

Mrs. Oscar O. Fcrrel. 

George ^Y. Starr. 
Chester Hill. 

William S. Barkhurst. 

Hershel V. Carpenter. 

Dr. Howard Michner. 

Elisha White Price. 

Lawrence Remy. 

James Shook. 

Charles Savers. 

Silas Sayers. 

Stacey Sayers. 

Prof. Nevin M. Fenneman. 
-^Rufus A. Longman. 

William Harrison SchafL 

Henry E. Dietrich. 

Alvin Jiidkins Pearson. 

Eloise Mary Pearson. 

Clarence H. Leslie. 

Ellen Josephine Cuckler. 

William A. Cuckler. 

Sherman Samuel Jackson. 

Mary Ambrose Jones. 

Mrs. Tilden Jones. 

William Owen Jones. 

William L. Lash. 

Mrs. John O. Lewis. 

John Samuel Lewis. 

Alford John Willia;n Pearson. 

Frank Pearson. 

Fred Pearson. 

Carlos Austin Price. 

Ardillis D. Riggle. 

Harrison Karl SchafT. 

Mrs. Isaac Milton SchafL 

Joseph Smith. 


John Benning. 

Calvin Oldfather. 

Christina Ulrich. 

Maggie May Aydelott. 

Peter Vernon Boomershine. 

Otho J. Emerick. 

Mrs. Daniel W. Oldfather. 

Samuel Curtis Oldfather. 

Edgar Protzman. 

J. Oscar Rader. 

Simeon S. Schaff. 

Alice Ulrich. 

Loren Ulrich. 

Owen M. Ulrich. 

A. J. Linger. 

Joseph Melville Wantz. 

(diaries Rhineberger. 

Elmer Ellsworth Jackson. 

Verna Jackson. 

George Albert Moore. 

David Madison Scatterday. 

Olinda Rebecca Timberlake. 

John S. Fisher. 

Charles Geeting. 

Ira Franklin Izor. 

Charles Gross Oldfather. 

Walter Leroy Oldfather. 

John Smith. 

Joshua Albaugh. 

Isaac M. Barklow. 

Samuel Brandenburg. 

Mrs. Henry C. Cook. 

Harry W. Dafler. 

John Wesley Dull. 

Harry J. Izor. 

Monroe Izor. 

Samuel Izor. 

William Orison Izor. 

Isaac D. Kinsey. 

Jennie S. Kinsey. 

Mrs. Joseph Kinsey. 

Noah M. Kinsey. 

Oliver A. Leis. 

Harry Raymond Longman. 

Josephus S. Longman. 

Irwin Ludy. 

Moses Mengle. 

Charles W. Oldfather. 

Howard E. Oldfather. 


Mrs. Ira I. Oldfather. 

Mrs. Simon Peter Oldl'ather. 

Thomas JeHc-rson Oldfather. 

Cliarles Albei't Stiver. 

Edgar Ulrich. 

Hugh Uhich. 

Isaac L'lrich. 

Joseph I'Irich. 

•lesse Byrum. 

Mrs. Samuel P. Lash. 

Isaac Bear. 

William K. Fouts. 

John William Friend. 

David Harp. 

Paul Revere Harp. 

Albert Heilman. 

Goldie Grace Izor. 

Francis Marion Laughlin. 

Irwin Laughlin. 

Mabel Pauline Laughlin. 

Marie Irene Laughlin. 

John Wesley Lindenmuth. 

Mrs. David Longman. 

Juno Edith Longman. 

Roy Longman. 

Mrs. John F. Miller. 

John Wesley Moyer, 

Samuel Palmer. 

David Clement Pence. 

Orion Vernon ShatTer. 

Mrs. Charles \\'. Shimp. 

James W. Palmer. 

Charles N. Pedicord. 

Mrs. David Lyman Pedicord. 

Francis A. Pedicord. 

James A. Pedicord. 

Clyde Price. 

John Price. 

Pearl Price. 

Seward Stetry. 

Addie Zimmerman. 

Louis Zimmerman. 

Sprague Zimmerman. 

John Wesley Brandenburg. 

Ora Brandenburg. 

W. Orion Dull. 

Marion Oldfather. 

Dr. Prudence Fenneman. 

Mrs. Walter Warren Shriver. 

Alden Smith. 

Charles Smith. 

Mary Elizabeth Timberlake. 

Earl R. Cook. 

Charles Hoerner. 

Jesse Izor. 

Aaron Lanning. 

John Lanning. 

Joseph Lanning. 

John Lock. 

Mrs. Herman Meder. 

Samuel Oldfather. 

John Rhinehart. 

Frank Rohrer. 

Ray Rohrer. 

Victor Rohrer. 

Charles Stockslager. 

Aaron F. Unger. 

Dietrich R. Unger . 

Ernest B. Unger. 

Elmer D. Unger. 

George Washington Pearson. 

Iva B. Pearson. 

Jesse Orion Boomershine. 

Frank Brundage. 

Adam Aultfather. 

Estella Katharine Aultfather. 

Samuel John Hughes. 

Cyrus Leroy Wantz. 

Harry Milton Wantz. 

Loucetta Ellen Wantz. 

Lincoln A. Longman. 

John L. Manley. 

Henry Harkless Aultfather. 

Jesse L. Dennis. 

Loren Gephart. 
New Haven. 

Oscar W. Howell. 
New Lebanon. 

Harry O. Kinsey. 

Adam B. Ulrich. 

Howard C. Weaver. 

Mabel Weaver. 


New Madison. 

Mary Magdalene Brandenburg. 

Lad Carruth. 

Calvin Philip Isley. 

Otis Van Sickle. 

Mrs. James Edwin Van Sickle. 

Benjamin Fi'anklin Schaft'. 

Burl Benton SchafT. 

Mrs. Frank Dawson. 

James Price. 

St. Clairsville. 

William Denham. 

Amos McClelland Ault. 

Orin Able. 

Benjamin Franklin Price. 

Edith Genevieve Price. 

Ernest Price. 

Grace Irene Price. 

Riley Price. 

George Zinnnerman. 

James S. Wilson. 

Thomas Wright. 

Frank B. Ferrel. 

Clement L. Boyd. 

Burial Levin Aydelott. 

William Francis Boomershine. 

John Stever. 

George Cleveland Boomershine. 

Mrs. William H. SchatL 

Addie Grigsby. 

David Grigsby. 

Elma Grigsby. 

Harry Grigsby. 

Miss Ray Price. 

Mrs. Josiah Oldfather. 

Jacob F. Gephart. 

Mrs. George H. Riffer. 

Elwood Warnock. 

Washington ville. 

Rev. Clarence Raymond Isley. 
West Alexandria, 

Oscar Brandenburg. 

Herman Victor Cook. 

John Moses. 

Charles Ulrich. 

Jesse Ulrich. 

John H. Ulrich. 

Warren Ulrich. 
West Carrolton. 

Arthur A. Gephart. 

Harry J. Wilson. 

Dr. Allen H. Keefer. 

Hannah Keefer. 
West Manchester. 

Isaac O. Schristman. 
West Mansfield. 

Hev. l^arl E. Pedicord. 
West Salem. 

Rev. Isaiah N. Burger. 

Marjorie Burger. 

Ruth Bulger. 

Josephine Pearson. 

Nannie Armina Pearson. 

Thomas B. Rouse. 


Luella M. Clutter. 

Edward B. Lutz. 

Perr\ Mi(^]ellnnd Kyger. 

Benj. h'lanklin Pierce Isley. 

Flora Pedicord. 

Ora Pedicord. 

Lewis A. Van Sickle. 

John Welch. 

John Wesley Welch. 

Reuben Welch. 

John L. Kinsey. 


William Keefer. 



Clara Altiather. 
Daniel Altiather. 
Daniel Nevin Altiather. 
C.eorge Frederick Altiather. 
('.race Viola Altiather. 
Harry Melvin Altiather. 
.letrerson Alt father. 
Mrs. John Altfather. 
John Calvin Altiather. 
Mrs. William Dively. 
William G. Dively. 
(ieorge Glessner. 
Henry H. Glessner. 
John Glessner. 
William Glessner. 
Benjamin Hay. 
Clarence Henry Hay. 
Lyiiia Viola Hay. 
William Foster Hay. 
Silas Knepper. 
Samuel Kuhns. 
Frank Meade. 
Frank Humiser. 
Farl Luthei- Walker. 
Erma Susan Walker. 
Howard Ames W^alker. 
Irwin Peter Walker. 


Fred L. Dively. 

Mrs. Albert A. Krissinger. 

Mary E. Krissinger. 

Earl W. Reed. 

Mayme Naomi W'alker. 

William P. Welshons. 


Edgar Parnell. 
John B. Parnell. 


Eli Kimmel. 

George Kimmel. 

Henry D. Altfather. 

Sarah SchafT. 
Grove City. 

Charles Pearson. 

Jay Pearson. 

Charles Wallace Warnock. 

Herman B. Altfather. 


David Schair. 

Hohcrt Anderson Tiinberlake. 

Earl F. Hellley. 

Elmer Hellley. 

Herman F. Heffley. 

Owen Ziegler. 
McKee's Rocks. 

Mrs. William Dorr. 

Albert Conrad Glessner. 

Hev. Albert Suder Glessner. 

Charles Frederick Glessner. 

Daniel Altfather Glessner. 

Emma Glessner. 

Peter Irwin Glessner. 

Sarah Ellen Glessner. 

Maurice Mosholder. 

Ernest V. Mooney. 

Ada Dively. 

Albert Harrison. 

Frank O. Moore. 

Mrs. Chailes A. L. Pearson. 
Pine Hill. 

Agnes Blubaugh. 

Austin F. Blubaugh. 

Charles Blubaugh. 

Harry Blubaugh. 

N. B. Blubaugh. 

Albert Dively. 

Harvey Glessner. 

John Calvin Scott. 

Joseph Altfather. 

Alex. H. Coflroth Dively. 

George McClennan Dively. 

Herman P. Dively. 

Horace C. Hay. 

Homer Walker. 

Judd Melancthon W^alker. 
South Connellsville. 

Clint Moore. 

Francis Kimmel. 

John Kimmel. 

Joseph Kimmel. 
Robert Spangler. 

Rov C. Altfather. 



\Yilliani H. Kuhlnian. 
Merrill Parnell. 
West Newton. 
George Hahn. 


Col. Chas, T. Menoher. 


Leroy Beachler. 

East Chattanooga. 
Cyrus W. Schaff. 
Johnson City. 

Prof. Walter Clement Wilson. 


Henry Ehvood Oldfather. 

Charles Welch. 

Hugh Welch. 

Herhert Ellis Altfather. 

William Frederick Altfather. 

John Henry Prince. 

Arthur Harvey Russell. 


Prof. Charles Henry Oldfather. 



Frederick M. Altfather. 



James Arthur Aultfather. 

Nelson S. Coleman. 

Lawrence Harper. 

Chester Leedy. 



Henry Casper Lewis. 


Ray Waples. 

The Genealogy of the Oldfather 

A book that will tell you the relationship of all 
the names in this Post Office Directory. There are 
THOUSANDS OF NAMES in the Genealogy and the 
relationship of all can be easily determined from the 
systematic arrangement of them. 

The book contains HUNDREDS OF ILLUSTRA- 
TIONS of people, some of whom were born more 
than one and a quarter centuries ago. 

It contains a HISTORIC SKETCH of the Family 
and a complete index to names, so that by reference 
to it any fact of relationship can be ([uickly ascer- 

The book has 220 PAGES and is neatly bound in 
cloth and stamped in gold. 

Price $5.00 


R. A. Longman, 

Wedgewood & Lowry Avenues, 


6839 1