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MARCH, 1903. 


:entral station 



Bristo/'S Recording 

Vijji M*'i*?!nf, AnijHTR >1pk'tti. Wdtt 
|l<tjir«, l*n^*^KtjfT fi!iup%», V&trnaiu 
Umt^'r* mnd Tl>«'rinn!m^ti»lii. 

WDl pftj for thiMni^p |i'««, 

S«i|»ti for TAtilo^i!* 
Tfc» BH»if>| Co,, Waterbiirjp Conn. 



l>u 11 4»l Jt ^ w Heii D n Y CC 

p ^tmrtlufi 4r IHfitrlltuilod OU ACO 

th Add pAfiel Boards, Switches. 

Weston Eleetrical Instrument Co, 

n'ltirrll- rwrk. NKWAUK, Kt. .1. 

The Weston 

StaRdard Voltmetm 

and Wattmeten 

FofAi^ — 

■ nrnl DirtfCt 

StauiliLnl VoltniPtcr. 

no.. Hit erntf««*<^ No HH. 

I^ocl on ^ E 1 1 i 1 )i t H rcM , , ^f^ tym f j w <ir L » L'- w i n t.ii n* 
P»rlj», fe'rapcit- £. H. CfciJot, I;! Rtjc Ht Uvon^t^ 


©os^xorNi, /viMss* 

En 9 tail J. 

'heElectric StoraceBatteryCo. 


FACTURFR OF THE "Cblodbc Hccumulatoc" 



l^lew Viirk, 1*1) BftmsU rv 

Dill] tilth St. 


PAGES 17-44 

t . ■ 

indaFd Underground Cable Co. 

t'kiDdtitCa RiiUCaitik* liLfftii)l«d CDinplcti 

Rubber Covered Wire* 
riTT*im itc, rHtc.iruK 

KKW VUHii. I'HltAllELl*mA. 


Lamps and 






L«ssen$ Friction, Cures Hot 
JotiruaU ■nd is IndispeoMble 
ia Ererx Dyatmo Room. 
»t Free of 



eJeventh Volume, No* I. 

Serial Numbar, 41* 




46iu84 A 

A ^ rnn. LENOX AMD 



Cofitainifig a complete list of the Electric Lighting Central Statitms 
the United States, Canada and Mexico, with the capital stocky 
bonds, names of officials, number of arc and incandes- 
cent lights in use, system, voltage of current, 
horse power of engines, boilers, etc 

Including aj^o a complete Buyers' Finding List of tlie xnanufacturcn 

of mnd principal dealers in central station apparatus and 

snppties, properlj classified and arranged* 



MARCH 15, 1903. 

Subscription, - - - $4.00 a Year, 







Fan Motors 

• • • • ^^^^^^ ^^ •• • 



' l'***HHH'H"l"H- 


264-266-268-270 FIFTH AVENUE 



Alphabetical Index to AdTertisers 5 and 7 

Bayers' Findins^ Litt : 17-46 

RepreaentatiTet and Branch Offices of Advertisers ii, 13 

Electric Light Associations .\ 15 

fUnited States 47-169 

Central Stations^ Canada 169-175 

t Mexico 175 

General Information 9 


American Watchman's Time Detector 

Co.. New York 188 

Anderson Mfg. Co., Albert & J. M., 

Boston 12 

Bender. George, New York 188 

B^rd Mfg. Chicago 20 

Baker & Co.. Newark. N.J 5 

Banner Electric Co..The,Young8town.O. 16 
Bossert Electric Construction Co.. Utica, 

N. Y Front Cover 

Bristol Co., Waterbury, Conn. . .Front Cover 

Central Electric Co. , Chicago 4 

Chicago Edison Co., Chicago 18 

Chicago Insulated Wire Co., Chicago Bk.Cov. 

Cororado Lamp Co., Denver Cplo, 

Back Cover 
Crocker- Wheeler Co., Ampere, N. J. . . . 22 

Dizon Crucible Co., Jos., Jersey City, Ft. Cov. 

Eccleston Lumber Co., New York 26 

Edison Decorative & Minature Lamp 
Dept., Harrison, N. J 22 

Dectric Storage Battery Co.. Phil»del- 
phia. Pa Front Cover 

Electrical Appliance Co., Chicago xo 

Electrical Material Co., Baltimore 14 

Electrical Review. New York 8 

Electrical World and Engineer 188 

Fort Wayne Electric Works, Ft. Wayne, 

General Electric Co.. Schenectady, N.Y. 

Inside back cover 
Gregory Electric Company, Chicago. . . . x88 
Guarantee Electric Co., Chicago 20 

Holtzer-Cabot Elec. Co.,Brookline, Mass 16 

La Roche Co.. F. A., New York ;6 

Latham & Co., E. B.. New York 12 

Lefifel & Co., Jas., Springfield, O 43 

McLennan. K.. & Co., Chicago. 14 

Machado & Roller, New York x6 

Manhattan Electrical Supply Co., New 

York and Chicago 10 

Monarch Electric & Wire Co., Chicago. 188 

New York & Ohio Co.. Warren, O. Ft-Cover- 

♦ FOR ALL PURPOSES. * i-^^^ * il ^ V^XTS. 

( NnrYoifcOnii^noUlMftrSt. BAKER & CO., NEWaRK, H. 1« 



i iiiiinnniniiiiimiimmfiiiinmiinmnninii 


;• Alternators and Rotary Transformers •; 

s to ts K. w^ 

li« aad CaUbtmtiBc- Ateo 
lass«r alaes «p to KM K.W. 
Sla^le. two aad tkree- 

Koiary Timasformers di- 
rect to alteramtlBi^ and 
atteraatiBi^ to direct. Aay 
▼oltac* or frcqwency. 

Circuit Brealiers and 
Autonatic Switches. 

i: F. A. LA ROCHE CO., •»" {r^"|?S2S" 

Xev Cmuknc of Cirrait B 
sent free on reqaeet. 


Acoata, J. B. McKKAOCK 0(K, I 


Of an up-to-date type 

De VeaU patented 




Patented, March ax, 1899^ 

Yo« cmo call up ai^l talk vlth a eCatioa, aad 
v^a daured. by pt m e m ot «ibcr ^wtMiTeea- 
kcvt ai:>i talk v::h :«o. :bK« or fear at oaco. ft 
iavv* ma eiKli«a« anourt of u»e aad eoaftaioa, 
aa t^<tf T caa bear acd talk «:tk joo or each 




General Electrical Equipment Supplies 




Index to Advertisers Continued from page 5. 


Peerless Rabber Mfg. Co., New York. .. 2a 

Phclan, D. W., New Yoric 16 

Phelps Co., The, Detroit, Mich 16 

Phillips Insulated Wire Co., Pawtucket, 
R. I. Back Cover 

Phoenix Glass Co., New York.^ 16 

Pierce, Richardson & Neiler, Chicago. ., x6 

Porter, H. K. & Co. , Everett, Mass. *. . . . . 23 

Samson Cordage Works, Boston, Mass.. 20 
Schaeflfer & Budenberg, Mfg. Co., Brook- 
lyn, N. Y Back Cover 

Schieren & Co.,Chas. A., New York 

Back Cover. 
Standard Underground Cable Co., Pitts- 
burg, Pa Front Cover 

Stanley & Patterson, New York, 9 

Stuart- Howland Co., Boston, Mass. 

Front Cover 
Sterling Electrical Mfg. Co., Warren, O. 7 

Triumph Electric Co., Cincinnati, O.. . . 22 

Vreeland, B. F. , Denver, Col 20 

Western Electrical Supply Co., St. Louis. 

Back Cover 

Westinghouse Elec. & Mfg. Co., Pitts- 
burg, Pa 2d Page Covet 

Weston Electrical Instrument Co., 

Waverly Park, N. J Front Cover 


The Other Kind The Sterling Special 


96 c. p.-i-l2c. p.^8 


96 c. p.H-l6c. p.=6 



Patented February 1, 1902. 

16 Csndle Power 
7 " 

SIcle . . . . 1(J Candle Power 
Angle ....!»•• 
Tip . . . • 16 •' 
Average 16 


8 Bes:nlar Type Lamps 18 c. p. =96 c. p. at 56 Watts per Lamp=448 Watu. 

6 Sterling Sprclal Lampa 10 c. p. = 06 c. p. at 56 Watt^ per Lamp =886 Watta 

2 Sterling Special Laoipa 10 c. p. =dd c. p. at 56 Watts per Lamp=llS Watts. 

yoa wmat more light for the same current or do you wmnt the same light 

for less current. 


rrs UP TO YOU. 

CO., Warren, O. 


Fort Wayne Electric Works 



HI^^^W^ Volts 

BEST ■M^^^l Secondary 

AVERAGE m^^^^A 1000-2000 

RE5ULT5. l^^^^^Bll ^ol^ Primary 


Main Office and Factory, FORT WAYNE, IND. 

i *' l ' ltliMl , t .. |nt» . | . 4 .. | .. lui .. | .4.4. t *** 4i ii4'l "l i l 'l il l l tl |M | M|n |. | i, | M l„lMt , » , tl 


to consider the fact, in the placing of your advertising during the coming season, 
that the publishers of the ELECTRICAL REVIEW are making such further 
developments in the journal and carrying through such a comprehensive pub- 
lishing campaign as will greatly increase its list of readers, and advertisers 
will reap the advantages from this extra effort. 

During the last twelve months the ELECTRICAL REVIEW has added 
more subscribers to its list than in any preceding similar period of its twenty 
years' existence. 

During the last twelve months its advertising has developed to greater 
proportions than in any similar period of its existence. 

During the next twelve months this policy of expansion and development of 
the ELECTRICAL REVIEW will be continued to even a greater degree. 

Advertisers, who are planning further expenditures for advertising for the 
purpose of reaching the electrical and mechanical interests of this and other 
countries, will do well to secure further information. 




y»y , y .i y . » , | ,. , . » » » »»»» ^ , | , » » 4 .»»». | , | ,, f , |n| ,fi |. . | i | . » »» < .»i | , <M|„| ,, | , »^ , ^ , »4 , |u| ,, | ,, | ,, t ,, |M| ,i ||'f 



Publisher's Notice. 

All mail matter should be addressed to Thb 
E. 1- Powers Co., Publishers, 150 Nas- 
sou St., New York, 

It is especially requested that central station 
ojffuials n9te carefully the reports of their plants 
as they appear in this issue and send in any 
necessary corrections, using the blank for that 
purpose printed on page 1 87. 

Edhorial Note. 

The activiiy of the central station interests 
in this country is made manifest by its be- 
coming necessary for us to add 37 new plants 
in this book while only 9 have been either 
consolidated or discontinued during the last 
quarter. This makes a total of 3,725 central 
stations reported in this issue. 

Central Station Notes. 

The Seattle (Wash.) Gas & Electric Com- 
pany has sold all its electric business. 

The town of Raymond, III., will install a 
municipal electric light plant to cost about 

The Decatur Gas & Electric Company, of 
Decatur. 111., will expend about $20,000 in 
improving its plant this summer. 

The citizens of Hubbard, O., have voted 
to issue $10,000 bonds for an electric light 

The Denver (Colo.) Highlands Electric 
Company shows an increase in incandescent 
lighting, having 8000 16 c. p. lights. 

The Kittanning (Pa.) Electric Light, Heat 
& Power Company has assigned to the 
Armstrong County Trust Company. 

The Frankfort (N. Y.) Electric Light Plant 
is installing an entirely new equipment, in- 
cluding tmilding and machinery. 

The Pope Electrical Company of Atlanta, 
Ga., will erect a plant between College Park 
and East Point to supply these towns with 

Plans have been completed for the power 
house of the Fox River Light, Heat & Power 
Company of Aurora, 111., which will cost 
with equipment about $100,000. 

The South Bend (Ind.) & Elkhart Power 
Company is preparing to construct a trans- 
mission line from the Hen Island Dam to 
South Bend. 

The citizens of Great Falls, Mont., have 
voted to grant a twenty-five year franchise to 
John D. Ryan & Company for an electric 
light plant and street railway. 

The Roaring Fork Electric Light & Power 
Company, of Aspen. Colo., is running 24 
electric motors at 22>^ cents per hp.-day. It 
also furnishes heating for underground mine 

The Connecticut Railway & Lighting Com- 
pany of Bridgepon, Conn., is said to have 
awarjied contracts for tne erection of power 
stations at New Britain, Waterbury and 
Meriden lor about $105, ojo. 

Received too Late for Insertion in 
Central Station List* 


EDINBl^RG, 1, 820- Edin burg Elec. Lt. & Water 
Plant (Miinic.) (Began op. 18»7): co^t $8,000. 

Supt. S. Ha«lam Edinburg 

(^h. Engr. C. W. Nicholaon 

Ch. Elccn. K.Stafford 

2 d. c. arc G. E, Tri. 220 v Ed. 80c; 82 d. c. series 
arcs; 2000 d.c. inca; 2o0hp.e. C. &T, Alfret'; 300 hp. 
b. C. & T, Spring 

All nt. coal $2.25. 129 


BLAIRSTOWN, 700— Blairsiown Elec. Lt, Plant 
Bfgan op. 1902); cap. $5,000. 

Prop. A Mgr. G. W. Pardey Blairatown 

Ch. Engr. Fred Deppy 

1 a. c. Royal 1100-104 v. g. ph. 10,000 altns. T-H soc; 
450 a. c. incs: 50 hp. e. N. Y. Safety; 60 hp. b. Peoria. 

City cont. SO inca. 32 <& 60 c. p. $16 per yr. mooolt. 
mdnt; coal $1.44. ijg^ 



One of the good things we handle is the Gutmann 
Meter, another the celebrated A. B. Arc Lamps, 
still another the Packard Lamps and the famous 
Packard Transformers. The entire stock, from 
Warehouse to Main Stores are filled with the good 
things electrical 

Our Catalogue tells of good things electrical. 
If its good see our Catalogue. ELECTRICAL 



92 and 94 West Van Buren Street, 

Manhattan Push 

A lint-class switch at a 
low price. 

List No. 6740. 

10 amp. single pole« 

each. $.85. 

I>t No. 8741. 

10 amp. double |>ole, 

each, $1.00. 

Manhattan Polarity Indicator. 

For Direct Current Only. 

A siiecial feature of this indicator is the nlckle pjated 
shell which can be turned so it will cover the glass 
and protect it from injury while carried in pocket or 
tool oag. 

List No. sseo. 

For use with battery, each, $.75. 

List No. 8821. 
For 60 to OOU volts, each, $.75. 

General Ottalogue to Central 
Stations on Application. 

Manhattan Flush 
Plug Receptacle. 

Has large contact Hurface 
and is of ample capacity 
for 26 amp. at 250 volts. 

List No. 6580. 

Flush plug and receptacle, 

$1.30 each. 

LiKt No. 8581 
Receptacle only $.80 each. 

List No. 6582. 
Plug only $.50 each. 

Manhattan Electrical Supply Co. 

88 Cortlandt Street, 
38 Dey Street. 

186-188 Fifth Avenue. 

ranch Offices and Representatives of Advertisers. 

jl Oateho St. 

4X J. a^ftu oa^ 15 Ooftindt St. 

fltiieftl C4»iutrii(itlatt Co* 

id.— A, L, Bwley . 221 N. C»lv*rt fiv 
ft» Pa.— L. bttDcroft M«llfiv, 14 S Fourth 

AU Utwrtj 91. 

•trie C»*, aei Sm Fiftb ATe., Ch cago. 

^-IW AdftED* St 

. ^ wire <k»» 

-IBi iMkt fit. 

ip €»., Dtiiver^ Culo. 

40 Ccn^tlmmlt St. 

t Ph. —1410 ^ofth AmtfricAs Bide. 
—007 Km pin Bldft. 
to. — filfl Bunk of Conimerce Bld«. 
ko. Cftl.-Pteinoiii & UowK^d Sx*. 
t-U17 Hew York Ave. 

Mm C(H* Joft. 

pi Sfokdwrnf . 

re M MlnlsliiTv L»i»p Dept^ 

«« Co., Chicago, III. 

ClmiUnculitl Trti9t BUlg. 

■raiic<tte Hldg. 
PUxeiifl Bidf , 

KflW York— 100 Bra*dway. 
PhiJAdeiphlA— .All«(CbeiiY Are. and l^St 
S^t, Lou !*— Wainwrii;ht 'Bld«. 
£^D Fmncitco— Nevada BIk. 

p^drudo St 

Fort IVft^rnc Electric IVorks. 

AtUnt*, Ga.^J^ A i 1*^1**0, m Peacliirtf! St. 
Bo^tdu, MasH.^nr Alliti Smith, 5 IN EKfrbAtiKe Bldg 
ChicaRD, IJI.— W. ii. tiolUtJ-^ MarquetW Bldg, 

Fort Wnyue, Ind.— Main LHHec. 

Gfaiid Rapid*, Mkh-— A. L, Searlfti, SS2 nonamaa 

:Kew Vofk— J. C. Lort, 40 Kew St. 
Pbitudrlpbl*, Fa.-E. B, Golds heirr^ 1100 Peon 

Sniuitru Bltlg. 
PUl»?bmxh, P*.-J. K. Hall. ftOS Fifth Ai^c. 
St. touU, Ma,— W. C.Ktil|^bl,BlS LIiicoLd Trait Bldff. 
Si, Paul, Mlnu.— A. U. &avajfe, aiSGeiTDft^U ULfe 

Syracuce, N. Y.— A. K D reiser, 717 DQUje Bldg. 
YukobtLm&. JttpALi— Bugtiall it UUlt^i- 

OotieTii.1 Electric Co^i ScbeneeUdj, H. T* 
A tt lata— A. E. OlLes. £quitabltf Bldg. 
Baltipiofe— P. C. Todd, 327 Ea«t Q«naiaa St. 
Bc>«toti— C. B. Davla, 180 Sammer St. 
Buffalo— J. a callicb, Bltloott gqti|fv Bldg. 
Chicago— B. E. Sanny, MonadDock Block. 
OQCinDatl— W, F. Hayi. ««) W. Fourth at. 
Colambui— 14 N. Ulgti St. 
BalUa— H. L Monrw. *'Oltard Bldg. 
DfDTep— IrvioR llale. KlUridRi* Bbig, 
Betnitt— ,r. A. lapi;««y, 70i Chambef of C^namtwvm 

Ht'leim^-C. H. Alexander. Electric BIdg. 
imuni^apoHi-P. A. Clledell. Phoenll Bldff. 
Na*hvlllc^ll. 0. Coreon. 808 X. aummer St. 
Nt'^ York, N. V.-C. T. Huehes, 44 Broad Bt. 
Phikdelpblfl— E. B. Mullen, 4{» Arch «t. 
Pittaburgli-li^iitbaK 50S TrariwinctKi* B«£k BIdf . 
PoTtland—L, 2. Mitchell, Worct-ftler BldR. 
San FmnclJieo— Tho*. AddiKjn,i. laim Sprvckeli Bldg 
St. L(MiIr-<^. D. lloi^nthni, WalnwriK&t Bld^. 
BrracuBe—H. H. Crawell, SedjfWkk, Andrew 

Keunedy BIdg. 

GrPKwry Klectrlc Cv, 

CbT<MHg<i, UU— CO S. CltntOQ St* 

Guarantee El««lricCo. 

Chicago, III. 

Holtser-Cabot Electric Goi 

firookline. Mass. 

Joms A Son, J> 
Now York. N. Y.— W Cortlaudt St. 

tA Riftplie Co*, T* A, 

New York— lath ^ Hads-on St«» 

Chicago-^. B^ lIcKeagttQ CcjISI Durbora S«. 

I^thfMii A Co., E. R, 

New \ ork^-3S> Ve - ey St, 

Leffel & Co.f J&h.* Springfield, O. 

Mfichado ft Roller 

Sew York— 203 Broadway. 

Switches and Switclit)oards 

Smid for HitUethi nf Knife StvtteheH, 

Quick Break Switchs, 
Service Switches, 
^^^^ Section Switches, 

Car Heater Switches, 
End Cell Switches, 
Vottmeter Switches, 

We have Exceptional 

Facilities for Heavy 

Switch Work. 





is Approved b7 the Fire Board of Underwriters. 
Recall the inconvenience other designs baire caused 
you. Grooved and Bevelled Monson Slate Base, the 
method of attaching poles in groove making it im- 
possible to get them out of alignment. Attractive 
design^ ^while constniction is mechanicaUy strongs 
Prices same as old porcelain base type. 
We list a few sizes most in demand. 
Cat. No. 1780, 15 amp. D. P. S. T. List .41 


15 amp. 
25 " 

25 '* 

T. P. S. T. 



is a convenience in price a£ well as size, receptacle 
being accomodated by space i inch deep by i inch 
diameter, while plug, when attached ^ only extends 
h inch fro en surface. Plates round or rectangular, 
to match, hardware nicely finished. 
Capacity 10 amperes, not fused. 
Cat. No. 7773, Plug and Receptacle complete^ List I,W 

7"74> Receptacle only *|0 

Discounts furnished to the trade on application 
Write for general catalogues. 

E. B. LATHAM & CO., 


New York— 1 BroMdwftf 

]P*«Tlc«ii B«ibb«r Hfff- Co> 
Hew York— le Wfcrren 8|. 

Kflw Ywk-tr? Bfn«dwtT. 

FbltllpB f MQlAted Wrc C*i., Pawtucltet, K. I. 
BosCoti— ?^UJn|;ell Andnttti Co. 

€bkiiie<:^Elf^rrtc AptJlljn»c« Co. 
MintirApnlJifl, Minn— Electrtcfl] BogLnet^rlog Co» 
Nfw Ynrlc— Wf-fltt'm I^Wtrk Co. 
Philidclphk— II. C. Rcit}«nH Elc«trIo SDppt|' Co. 
31. Loajji. Meu— Cotnmvrclftl Eiectrlc«l Sopplj Co. 

l%o«iiU Glaaa Co., Pittdbtireti, Pa. 

ChiCMf*<i. Ill, 
New York. N. T, 
ntUbtttell, Pi. 

W^wtmw^ B. WL^Mf^niU Miw.— « Ashlmd St. 

kuBson CordAc« Work** IIS Congitii St., Bofttoo. 
Cbir*|^i>— rh*». L. Miinp^T, 112 Lako St. 
Rnw^aty. M0.--J0I1J1T. Rottotrw, 301 Pottftl Bldjc. 
Sew Vork-Wm. H, J*«jbii, 9U Chiimbi*T8 at. 
Ptew OorleM. Li.^J. C. Foley, T38 8t. Charl-N Ati*. 
Portland, Ori?,— H. A. He^jpner * l^o.^fih^rJock Bldj;. 

•cliA«ir«r M Bnd^nlwrs* 
aFookJin, K, T. 

■n M Co., ChM, Am 47 Ferry St., New Tofk, 
BAf^n, M«».-^5, H. UurnhMU IWHSft f Jncoln St. 
CbiUKO. 111.— S. L. Bnrrt^lU M-Sfi FmnkUn St. 
I>eiiT«r Colo. --1315 Ifith ^t. 
FUUdidptLl*. P».-<3, H, Fl*her, SiH N, ThJtd St. 
PlltAtmrs. P*.— n. T. Petefiioti 1^40 inl Atc 

•liiiKlnnl llTMler^rDUnfl C&ble Co., WestlnifbouH 
Bld^., Pitti^hqixb, Pa, 
BomUi n M fcsui — Tr*" mon t D I d^. 
Cbicaco, Hi. -J. R. Wllef, 6« Uookery. 
Hew York— a, L. Wiley, 18 CortlandlHt. 
Pklljidetpbi*, Pm.— T. E. nimliisii, iscia B«ti BIdg. 
SttD Prmncl«co, Cftl.— MilJi Bldjf^ 

Oft— as Liberty St., 8S Pnukfoit SI and 3iS 
F«iirtli A*e. 

rea, Ohio. 
Bu fill 1 1 9-^. C. SttiruB A Co, 
Cl(ivt*la«d. 0.~TiiefMc;Iiito»h. HunUn^rtoa Co. 
l»etToSt-Thf MlUer, ShuWon Kltfctrk Co. 
New York-P^Mnei* aimiiger, 30 ConUod St. 
PttinliDrjr^Logan tiTe^e IiiiTdw*r« Co. 
San FruflcJico— JL W. Dwlf ht. 

8tQftrl-Mowl«nd COi, Bo«toa, Muf 

New York— SO Conlandt St. 

Tlion>«. W, Ormut, Newburg, N. Y. 
TrlTini|ih Kl«otrlc Co.— CtaclPTifttlr O. 
Vreelnndp B. F,, Denver, Coto, 

Wcjiiern Kloctrlc Co., Cbk«go. E. M. BArton, Prti- 

idedt; C. D. CniDdnlilit Manahcer, 
Antwerp— Wwtero Klcc. Co.. 40 Rue lloudewyua. 
LoDdon.EoK.— Bridi^e Ck'bera, 171 (^u.^w SHctorl*at 
Ncrw York factor j and niMce— H, H. Tlia>*fr. 
Parti— We«UTn Klec. Co.. 4ft Avfc. dp Brctflpll. 
SL Louli», Mn.-GeTRTii Swot*, 10 SecurUy BIdg. 
5t. Paul. JUinD.- AmcrLuD Blecuk Co. M £ut 

SJxtb SI. 

Weateirn Elfictrlcftl Supply Co, 

St, LOQI0. Mo. 

W««llnftiou«« Elcotrlo A MftiiiifiictiiTlii^ Co»r 

Wi-flJiighoQAR BtdR., Pltr«buri£b. 
AUaiUa— 'J. R. Gordon, Eqoltablt? BIdff, 
Bjiltlniore— W. F. Fowler, CootiDt-ntia TniBt Bt4g. 
Borton— H. L. Waroer, n\ «tate Hi. 
BaffalO-^T. C. Fronjeat. EllicoU Bide. 
OWcai!0-T. P. «ayford New York Lite BIdf , 
ClDCJnnati— C. B Humpbrej; Npjivh BIdjj. 
Cleirelatia -C. S. Powelf, New Enelaod Bld^, 
Dalla*. Tei.-J. K. Jobtwton, Scollftfd BIdg, 
DffTLver— Mouotaia B!ec. Co., 10](t-l(123(ilen&rmSt. 
Detroit, Mieb.-C, F. Mi,^biir:r, UnUMi Trujit Bldg. 
Ltw Aoj^eluft— 8. G, KeeN?. ftlT-ft^il TniBt Bldp. 
Mlunmpoll*— T. J. MffJlII.Gopriiutj Lomh Bldg. 
New York— E. W. T. Gruy, VMi BrnhdwaT. 
Ottawa, Abeam ^ Soiwr— For « jioiwJh, 
Philaddpbia— C. A. Bracif. Lanrl Title BWjf. 
PUtuburjiib— C. S. Cook, Went inu home Bldg. 
St. LotiJ»— a. Pantaleotii. Bank of C^ramRrre BldC- 
Sail Uko C»y-L. M. CiirRo, 15J .South Main St. 
San Frani^iico— W. S. He«er, 4^ Markt^t SC cor. 

Pint St 
Seattle. Wa«h.-M. P, Raodcdpb, Si 4 OceideoUl 

Syracasrt— Paol T. Brady, OniverBity Bldg. 
WiAh-Qjirtou- W, F. Fowler, lai? F. St 
Wcstco-O. ^ O BraoKT <% Co.. vlty ot Mexico. 
Havana, Cutm— fJeo. M . Ncwhall Eng. Co. 
Iqnldtie, Chili— J. K. Roblneoo. 
London. Eng.— Ttie Brifian Wejtln^lictiafte Elec, A 

Mlg, Co., Lid., WealioffboHw Blig. Korfolk St 

StrMid, W. C. 
Parid, Fran- B— Sot' Ictfl Anotivtne Weetlagbouw;, 45 

Rut de rArciwlc. Brjulevord tluue«mnnn. 
B^^rhn, Otirmjiny— Wcntlngbruao Elec I rlcltata^ Action - 

ytwiilschaft, 19 Jagerstraue. 

Weaton Elflclrlcml InatrufaAot Co. 

WavLH'lv Park, Euikrx Co., N.J. 

Ztmd&ni^ 1tuiit» 

N-fW York. N. Y,-m TiTth A^e. 

Chuapo, 111— Goltz Eogineerlog Co,, Mooadnoek 



BEp«olall7 a4apt«d to all klndi of Power FlA&tB. 
Be<%ot IpiU at Hotroke enable ua to giiiTfthtee ^ Thf L(\f{fritt Pov^ n^^T itbtaiaeditom 
O wIM 6/ fA^ Jiomf cflnufTiflaru. Tfe highest amed ever obfrnntd fm the mme fiouvr. IV 

BlAt« your HEAD, kind and unouat of work, Atid «sk (or f>ampb\«l. 
a'AJWSS ZpE^JT-jeci, a CO., Sl»Rir4CFlEU0. Omo.\J.B,ik, 






for Direct and Alternating Cur- 
rents are now conceded to be 
the most accurate and reliable 
Commutator Meters on the 
Market— Easy to install— light 
weight — pleasi ng appearance 
— highest torque. 

Write for information ajid 
prices, also valuable book on 
'^Testing Meters*^ 



Boltlmore^t Alarylanci 


What Harm does Sparking Do? 

It reduces the working capacity of a motor or dynamo, wears out the commutator, 
wastes power and may cause a fire. AH of this may be avoided if you use 


$a*O0 TKR 
Ask JOtMT 

Supply House 
for 'GALES'* 
take no other. 



ENDORSED BY ALL USERS. ^«™" ™**p* ^' "iL^«i"iT-t".r "*"* '"*'"' *"**" 


fimme .* * 

1, D. Addwmm^. 

It will put that 

Fhfgh gloss on the 
I Commutator you have 
I so long souRht after. 
Sola Manufacturers, Room 9O0, lOO Washington St, CHICAGO. 



"•rtEiAtit £leel]rl«A.t Aairoclmtloii. 

f PrriPldfiiit, Bellows Falln. 
™,^j lit Vic*'-Prt^iitJt5tit. llj^itJvboro, 

11a. 8#ere|uj A Tnmanmt, ^liddlfibuiy. 


mk^t'ii BrflbduD. 

ktlen of Kldliiiun 1 11 u ml nut In p^ Compftnlcwi 
iAlira Of rice. ft7 Uomoe »tp« V* Y* €i%f* 

WtlgaMen Pre»id<!iut» Chic*go» 

«. Tr«Aaarifr, Dirt roil, Mkb. 

1. JotiDHon. Hi^rruLiry. PbLlidelpbIa, Fa. 



_Ttff(mBPm. ClmJl 01411, CbieaRo EdlioD Co,, 
*igo ill 

ElKin. Fbi]adelpli(iL,PM. 
tliiU ] I p Cli lc»^, U L 
*b, Jf . N. V. Cltf. 

L JolkiiJHDQ, (<>x-oftlcici) FbLlftd^lphitL, FiL 

Wm* A. Bomtii. 4Lh Vie* PrpiideDS, BrLdce^orti Omam^ 
Frank P. FoiittiTt 8etr«Ury, Corolng, N. Y, 
AdiLiii BoacJIh, Tn«Aur«r, Nf^ark« ^, Ip 


W. M, Tbompsoa Cnulrman. Ricotuoad, V«. 

Morrid W. hUad, FliUbUfet, Fa. 

W. y. EHet, Elmlr*. N. Y. 

J. W. Aj'ddH, W Uqjlu^ton, Bel. 

F. C. Ma son, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Fro Ilk G. B*>rd, li«ltjiJiOi-K, Wd. 
Cupt, Will Lam BrupQy, Bot^wn. Mah. 
M. G. Cftiiftela, UmiiJ KalJid*, Ml eh. 

G, F. lilacPockald, Otuwa. Can. 

Hftllotial Elfictf Ic Llffht AaaoclAtlaui 
1^« Llbertj ?!rt^ Mew York. 

Loalii A, FprBiioti, Pruideut, Chlcajao, III, 
Chu-lefl L. KfliTJir, lj*t Vlec Prfuidfsut, Boatoti, Ma«i. 
Srneat IL DavU, 2d VLci!-Frc«ldent, WilHamapo]^ Fa. 
Jame« B. Uaboon. j^ecrtnair Jfc Tf i*»iaref , N* V. Citj* 
H. BUUbUd, Aiiit. Secretary & Treasurer, N. Y. Cliy. 

sxaeirTiva coMMirraa. 

J. H. F^rkitip^ Yoiiti^sttjwti. 

C. K. Hewiit, Elkliiti-t. iDd. 

D. P. Kobinson. S*»UJe. Wash. 
Budlej FarraDd, Newark, K, J. 

E. L» ttiiuintt. Hlchmoud, Viv. 
Arlbar Wltlltim^. >i^v York. 
A. C. Dan ham, Hartfofil, ijimn. 
P. 6. UoEiiJor, Muiitrtal, Cau. 
H. T. Uanman. FblladelpbU, Pa. 

»rlLlkir««l«ni Elcctrlctbl AaacwlAtlon* 

\, FftAldimt. Waupaca. WU. 

•m J at yirfl-Frwideiii; JoitesvlUi;, Wia. 

W^atofer. Sad V. Piaidedi. CadtJ lac« Ukk, 

rl&, Sec. A, TTcaa., MHwaakef?, WIb. 

E«no«ha. Wli, 
^»oii«i B**Tid, Ind. 


CSuuull&n EtectrtoKt Aaaoclstlon* 

iMor, FrMtdeDl. Lindaay, Out. 
Mad*, ist Vi«^Fi«aid«ot, Mtuib«c. 
sornuiii, Sd Vlc«*Fnildetit, Motitrcolf Qm 
' r, S*c. ^ Tn«a. Toroato, Oct- 

H|L Toronto, fint. 
^Kfiiirl|»fa. Out. 
^p, Toraiito, Out 
NNBr. Montreal, Uae. 
Mfi. OtlAvra. Oat 
Nwpf. ^uchcc. MiLa. 
Iea« OftAira, Onu 
HW* ifcerbrocke, Qae 
r^f-M. P.. Rsnrrqw, Ont. 
wm^^^^ HamUton, Ont, 

Atlonal AinocifrtlQn «f Mnolcltwl 

I« fifties Prealdent, Detroit. Micb, 
IL P*tty, Ipt VicMj-PrMldflttt, Rotbtrrfort. K.J. 
^rtmmibid VIce-PrwIdHit. Atlantic aty. N. J. 
iB«p ftd Vlee Fraaldent, Krle, Fa, 

Olil<» Slvetrlc Uffht A«»D«lAtiO0« 

W. F. Whit*, PreBldcnt, Cine Inn all. O. 
E, F. McKnii^S - - 
J. H. Perkinu, 

lit*, PreBldcnt, Cine Inn all. O. 

Inii^bt, Vict^-President, Mldaietown, O* 

ynt), Bcc'f St Treaa., Vonn^ilowD, O. 

SXaCUTITS cojiKiTTaz. 

K. J. Herb tol, Toledo. 
£. O. i^bmidt, Saadnaky. 
0. Mail, Luneii^lcr, 
S. M. E»at, Fi^oa. 
H. C. FoRle, Canton. 

Soathweatem aa«, El^etrto *iid Slr«*l 
BbUwpj AaiHKlAtlon. 

X. H, JeokJna Preildent. San Antonio, Tet, 
C. F. Yaeifer. l»l Vie<?-Pre*ident. Liirrdo, Tei. 
E, ^8t<rud.2nrt V. Pren|.Jend, MniLUri;;, Maxloo 
A, K Judt^e. ard V. l*re*idt-nt. Tykr, Tex, 
Tbflii, D. Miller, Tn-asurer, Ditllafl, T(^x* 
&. A. KvaDLi Secretary, San Anlonio, T<^, 

B. H. J«nkitij«, San Antenla, T^x, 

B. 0yitt**njd, Monter^, Mexico. 
T, H, Smart 

S. A. SpetiBer 

C. F. Taejrfr, Laredo, Tf«. 
A. IC> Jqdec, Tyter. Tpi, 
T, D. Mill^^r Ballaa. Tex. 

W, A, «uthrle, Snn Angelo, Tex* 

H, T, Ed^r 

J. E. Waid, BeaaiQout, Tex. 



9 ... THB . 


i Phoenix Glass Co. I 

UAvrnfAOTJJBxaa op 




4JI Have you a copy of our No. 8 Catalogue? T 
4\ If not, send for It. i^ 

t Pittsburgh. New York. Chicago. X 


of m 

duce the cost of mean 
effective illumination 
without reducing reve- 
nue—the same friend to electricity 
that the gas-savlngr WeUbach Is to 
gas. HYLO Improves your Bervice with- 
out coet. Customers pay for lampo, wo pay 
for advert]!<inG:. Write for discouiite 

TliePlielps Co.,7 State St., Detrolt.Mlcli 

Please note 

the report of your com- 
pany or firm published 
in this issue, and if incorrect or incomplete, 
kindly take the trouble to inform the publish- 
era at once. 



C, JF. T69t0rt 

8, O, yeU0rp Departments of BnrlneariBf , 

P. T. raUm'p . Mechanical, BlecMedl, 

IF. Babbin99 Heating, VentiUting, Sanitaiy. 







Octagonal, . 
Yellow Pine, 
Cedar and 




Whitney Electrical iDStroneit Co. 





l-Q H. r». to a H, r». 


Send for Oar BuUetin No. 140 P. 


lomt 0S» ud tutarj, BiwUint, lUu. Chicago, III., 397 Dearborn St, lev Tork Offlee, 143 libertj St 




LAMPS lead the procession. They represent all that is 
BEST in Incandescent Electric Lamp construction. Satis- 
factory service guaranteed. Write for our latest bulletins. 



New York Office, 15 Cortlandt St.. C. J. Harrington, Manager. 
Chicago Office, 303 Dearborn St., W. M. Stoker, Manager. 
Plitladelphia Office, ixso Chestnut St., Gill & Co., Managers. 

Buyers' Finding List. 


tctric Lighting and Power Central Station 
Apparatus and Supplies. 

For location of advertisers who appear in black 
race type, see Index Pagea^ 5 and 7. 



can tt*tt«r> Co.* Cblaigo. 

L. Appftrmiui Co., *4iileai, VbM. 

I. Suiimice BAtlerr Cu., Chic»((0 

»B«kiterr Co.. Buffftlo, >\ Y 

IMM Storuv B^tt«r> Co., Colndibiw, O 

1 Eteettic Mfc. Co,, Dayton, O 

B MfK.Co , Davton. O ^^Hvey) 

B Storage B»it^n' Co., Day ion, O 

ittc Eioclrie Snuipment Cn.^ Ni^w York 

rte »!»»«« Bvltfirj Co*, Tbp, Ptlla, 

Icsl AppUmiice Cci., (.UririimatL, O 

il Storage B»trt!i7 Co.. Chicago 

SlOfmse BftittTv Co.. New Yorlc 

Uk ^t€3T*iEe Bat«i?ry Co.^ Chicago 

BaTT«ry Co., Pltt^Qcld. Mah 
or, DsiUiiDore, Md. (CbkoiplOQ At> 

, H. «. ?f. Dajiop. O, rortcjjij 
wl Bati^irCo,, Buffalo, N. Y 
Aia«ri«Bii Electric S mm lee Co., Pbll*4clphU 
hmtuitj Co., rhilHrit-liJhia 
ItaClerr Cn., Cbia^^o, U). 
r*il*l EWtric Co., Providence, IL L 
fcntoinoljile Co., St. Lotii*, Ho 
« B«ii«r7 Supply' Co., N^w York. 
SloniTfl llt<Uf>rf Co.« Cleveltad, 0. 
I >imUm BmlUry Co,, Hro*>klrn N, Y 
A«a muUlor Co. , C hict uo { Porta ble) 
d Storagt; BattenT' Co., Ckvetaiid, O 

Co., u 

coito -a 

»— AttUitnutSr. 

Trm, Mail, 
^ o., ChlcA.go 

MftQlpiilator C^M 

ai :^, B*i»ioti. 

»^ Now Ttirk (lu. A 9,) 

'i: , _' .. IIL 

►* M l'*t|er»4»ii, Nnw York. 
1 A Co.. Frunk fl., J'hJbtjHli»1ila 
" >,&errer Cu.* Tbc, JLACroetfe, Wl» 


b— nx0d. 

t^lr citric Co., Chlcji«o. 

K. i:. A, ItrK>hr*ttfr, N. Y, 

Ml Mf«. Co., E. Pp, New Yfirk. 

■^ C«., The A. A.. Ntw York 

,.^i:4y , iloBtoli. MaAA. 

i €kK, J. «.* New y«rk. 

Edward* A Co.. N^w Vork* 
Eltwtrio Qai Llxhtliig Co., Th«, Boftoti, MmiI* 
Uenog T^let^me Co., K<w York. f | 

HolirtvR Electric Protect Lvo Co., New York f I 

Uol tKc r-Catoot Elcctrk Co. , Btookl tn e M aaa • ■ 

JoUfSH ft Hon t-o». The J„ Kew York. 
Ijitham ii Co., K, 11. » Hftw York 
Manhattan Klec ] Hnp,€o. .Hew York A et&ic«R« 
Pmrtrit'k, C^rt^^r A WUkin*, Pblladetphia, Pm. 
Pr<K"tor-EUyTt]orid Co., liuffalo. N. Y. 
Stunloy & Fatt«r«ou, ^ew York, 
Zkj^kr KlfH:iriG Co., Bottun. Maai. 

ALARMS, riKE — « 

C«iitr»l Elprtric Co*, Chloaira. 

K;l*-«tric Jkut Alurm C(».. tto«ton, Kaia. 

Game wt 1 1 Kiru .Harm TuJegrapb Co., New YoiIe. 

Her^o^ Ti'lt'N'-m*' i 'o , Ni'W York. 

>'rtti«iinl T+'jN'ttfMhnr VI f- (J<>., UoBion, Ma«i* 

Purtrl^tk. f nrT-r A: WiEk.ii#. Plilladelphia, Pa. 

Htttudunl i:]ivtncSijiimlCo.,Thie. Roches ter,KiY« 

Whlltf Thermoatiit C\y.. ftoTld(»nc«. R. I. 

Worc*?stP!r Firt* A|>pliHnci« Co.. The, Worooater, 

M AAh, 


Iti'tAtol Co., Wat^rbury, Conn. 

rfnTfv EJi'Ctric VVorku, New York. 

Centrul f-^lf^otrlt* Co», TJiii-AiJo. 

f^tiHttrri KliH trie Co., Bciitton Mnm. 

t^Uifioii Mfe- To.. New York i Ketim'^IW.) 

KlilridK*' Eloc. Mfg. Co., Sprh>irlkld, Ma** 

Klt-ctro-D^naimk! Co.. PhMiid^'Iphin. E'a. 

£itij>lrti» l^J^rtrlenl IitatnifnentCo.^Ni^w York 

Ft Wa>rii' KUMirJc Work*, Ft Wayne, Idd 

Ge neural JMi'ctrir Co., Sch*in*ct*idy, N. Y 

OrefEorj' Klertrti- Co., Chirafo. 

Jew^n KlfTtrlcJiJ Ina'mmrut Co., Chicago. 

Jonea ft Son Co., The J., New York. 

Kfvatoiie EK trlciil Im^truToePt Co^»PhilL 

Koott Apjjarain^ Co. L. K.. OoKton, Maaa 

Lathnm & Co., K. 11,, New York 

MnehAilo Si Holler, New Y^rk, 

Man hat Un El*-c*I **up.Ca.,New York A ChkacO^ 

KoTtcn Elt^f trical rttPirtiiH^ntCQ,,Mandhfpter,Coaa 

Patmrr Eii^tfltal lii#rruffit'Dt Co.. PbiJadelphia. 

Pienolei L. M., New York. 

Qil«ea A Col, Inc., Philadelphia, Pa, ( Wift. Hif 

netlc Vane.) ^^ ^ . , 

Stanlev Kl#?ctric Mfff, Co.. PiUiflcId. Maaa. 
Stanley ft P»tt«»on« Nets York- 
StoArt-Howland €o.» Boston. Mana, 
Syracuse KlectHeal lo»trafueotCo.,Svr»ciii**,N Y 
Wv«toEi Kle^trlcal tnatnxment Co*, Newark. 

N. J. 
Whlrrn'f Klecrriral Inatmmenl Co,,Penar(iok,ll.H, 
Anatmia Elw^trical Co,, The. A naotiia. Con a. 
Boff»f(, A. L.. N>w York (Ideal.* 
Boitot) Elootrlc Co*. Boatoo. Mua, 

n«a«« ?B«tt»foB PawtTW C^ntrm3 Slatroo Diraetor; wh»ti wrttliiB. 




rtfu'ij Workt, Siiji Fruiicisco, Cnl. 

* York. 

linie Co., Thfl. Ho9i<in, MMa. 
^ U;i> l>t4»HN lVrfiH?t. Dandv.; 
J Co., Detrait, Mkb. fltJi-jil.t 
ttf Co.. Nt>i,v Vt^rk (t'ht'nik'k,* 

I* t^o., K. H., N^v York 

I Kl«f^l »uiKt:«.,NewTork Jfc Chkngo 

«.., U , JL. New York, 

ifik, Xcw York. 
Att^rson, >'cw York. 

.^ A Suin>lv Co., UUcft, N* Y, 

^ €»ro.. New York. 

Ifiictiliiorji <'o * ^L•w York. 

ISoiiw WrLt'kJnjf <J« . i jjiruKO 

id EkHinc Trufiiiii; (ft.. <:kvr<Uud, O. 

*f^o. rikll-Hleljjhu Pn, 
"- ,Ciiii^. K,. New York 

El-e* Co., Qrnii4 Rftpliln.Mlcb. 
' Ic C«.. *^ S. i'liiiinn St, .Chicago* 
cCo., ChiOiiL:t> 
ue* Co^t ChirnEjn 
.J.. Ni»w Yoik 
oetjlT, Lywn, Miii!«i4 
ifo* , VV. N.. !^t. Lisntf*. Mo 
.A Mfir- Ca. IL S„ Wht't'litig, W, Y'li, 
ftti A lfji/4l€-D Chioaifo 
, P^lilO ft. S, Morcaii Bld^-.,Baflfcio, N.T. 
, rUmf, A.. Brmiklvii. N, Y. 
I dt L'o.. Nviv Vork 



J Ri'a*'ot.>r 1% Lighting Co., Cbicagu. 
t fa*. fJni<>khii. N. Y. 

Kt^ctrlr Co.. ChicasoL 
^mtlon Co,. K#w Y'ork. 
\ Mfir. Co., E, P„ Ni-w York, 
Tip EU'cuic StAg*? LiiEbtlui; Co.» New 

US, 3t UA¥ -9 

I «., PliU3id< h.biii. Piu 
trie cr«i„ (MiicAgrt, 

. ?Ji*\v York. 
rvlJvi? Al liilnf:iiT« Latn|» UepU, 

iTtip Work*. Nfn^ ^ 'irk. 
: & Olilo COi, Warn.- a, Ohio. 
I ftl |lr»i'* & L 1 f t: t r J r <J a. , Ni' w Y of k . 

.us Ofk, L. li.. liosUm. Mutt, 

lorrSa Fl., l'biI«Jelybiii. 

k?SwU-^b Mfg. Co., Hartford,Ooiii>* 

I. KewT York. 

I L«nips. Arc. 

^ riXTVBES-S«« Globes, Btimen 

— 1« 

AuloMiiilJC LtirbrniTiij Arrt.>UT Co., RAveitQh O 

Ft. Wayne Klen rJe Woik». Kt. Wafne, Ind* 

Gjtrtori-l>!mu'l» Kh'rtrn' ( o.. K<'<>ktik. Iowa. 

aen«ral £]«»«|Flvr €:«>,. Nrh.nLMttidt, N, \\ 

llirvjird Electric Co.. r^iii kliu. 

L4ittLaai ^lu., E, H,, Nt-w Vi.rk 

Mclotoab, Ju. I>., Jiew York, 

OhKi brufM C*X, Mliajiflrjtl O. 

Shuw A Co. II. M., New Yoik 

Ntun^rurti l-utlHrvrotind lublti Co*, Flttibutr 

siuiij» V A: rtitlrPKwii, N.'w Virk 

[ ti. u U.-ririrnl Mr^, A Sypj^y Ca, Utie*, N. Y, 

WcatrFN ElfCtHtCo.. Chicftjfo nM Npw York 
WtwttnKfiouiio Elfwirlc « Mf k^Co.^ Pittabiiff , 



litTtdy, T. n., NiHv UrU4iin. Conn. 

C;€?ntrjtl Kl«^<trlc Co., Cblcaifo> 

Kfie Rx pi or cut on Co., Ni-w Y^rk. 

Gtf ii4^ml Kl*-etrlc Co., !J!«ThrnecUt]y, N. Y. 

liiicli.s. Win.. Ilt'trnit, Mjj'h. 

K. & W. Co. Tb^, P.ttflrield, Mau, 

Lrttlmin Jb €*>„ K, li,* KewTofk 

Mr-Lr»rn|. Wnnl A To., X<nv York. 

IMiibilrkfiFiiH K1<'ctH<ml A Mfg, Co., PhUadetphla 

3it&ntey2!^ PHtli^rHori, Ni^w York- 

Western El4»i-trli' Co., Cbimtfound Kew York, 

A!»BE8TOtf _ig 

ABb^tos Paper Co., Btwton, Mam 
John n^ Mb 11 vine Co., H. W., New York 
Gtlmoiir Sift;. Co., R. M.. Kew York. 


Hryunt Eli^ctric Co., Urklaeport. Conn. 
C(<rntrnl Kli»i-tH*! Ci>„ Cbk-nwo. 
Cilea^on M fa:, €o„ K- P.. New York, 
Lfithi%Tii &. Cfi., E. M., New ^'ork 

Steulp A Johnson, \Vjir*'rbury, Conn. 



Balden 5!A«^Illni^ Co,, New HAVf>n. Conn. 
Billings A Spiic*irCo., Tb«, Hartford, Conn. 
Kosjyo^ ChHrl+'ft J., Nfw York. 
Cameron Eb^.trk-rtl Mfg. Co,, H.P., AnmU. Cotn 
Central Electric Co*. Cblcago. 
CohimblA Mai-hint- Worku, HrookJva. K. Y. 
Eurf*kii iVmf»Mn*d Copjjer Work*. Konti Kaat. Fa 
KoHii Citv Klf rtrir' Co., ClflvelHnd, Ohla 

c;ei)«nki E|«!trl<; Co., ScbfwfM^tjiely, N. Y. 
Jt'lTfifAoii llruBs Founrjr/, Hrooklyia. K. Y. 
MilkT-KnoWwk Kkr, M fjf. Co . South liead, 
VVlIlliiraf A iBon, E. A., Jeraty City, N. J. 


li— €Ioiii?d Cirrnlt* 



Ao&oniii ElHctdcal Co.. Thfl. AnHonla, Cods. 

flonton KI»»etrJe Co., Boiton. Matt. 

Bunnelj A Cri., ,h H.. N\nv York. 

Btitirt«ll T«l«graphJc & Elec, Co,. Kaw Yoik. 

Cf^ntriU El«ctrlv Co., Cbicaifo. 

Clark JfeMilM.Boitflji. 

Edijton in ft*. Co,, ■N*'\v York. 

fiordon KktitTv To.. Xf*w York. 

Hri-."v DvMin... "■■TT^ryCo,, Kew York. 

Luihani .V ( -- . I . K., New York 

M>iiiiintijiTi 11^. I Siip.Co.^Xei* Yofk * ChJctso 

Ka I i OTt nl( u r I Htu Co. , CJrvrl a n d, f> . * 

Niin(!*^!is<'r i:if'r.tHc BatlcFV Co., CJi'THand. Obia 

Flio«&ix Bartery Mfg. Co., Bt. Lou Li Mo. 

Pnllen Blectrlc Co.* Leoo W.* Philadtslpbiaj Pa 

Klo^J/ jB#nii<Mi ih9 Dit^tary in wi-idoff 




Specially Waterproofed for 
Arc Lamp Cord and Trolley Cord. 




153 to 161 Clinton St., Chicago. 







Strength, simplicity and sureness are what we have 
striven for and secured. JVo one need fear the cheap- 
ness that is founded on these elements. 

We are the first to ofifer a Time Stamp that does not 
need frequent repairs, that costs less than $30.00, that is 
guaranteed against defects for one year, and sent on ap- 
proval to responsible parties. 

Every husiness needs to stamp letters, telegrams 
and orders with time of receipt and answer. 






530,000 Poles In Stock at Yards. 
Make a 8{)ccittltv of Ijong Lengths. 


Write for Prices. 
Mo. 1025 17th St., DenTer, Colo. 

(Uben mriting r;; rr'i:: 

addresses appear in the Directory you will 
confer a special favor by mentioning the 
name of this publication. 

SIku1«^ & H^littrvoUt lUnw York, 
»tntrt-Mtfwl»iiil C0*< Bohuid^ Mm«. 
WAtertnnr Bai^t? Co., Water barj. Conn. (Excel- 

«ktT ana ScbcHfiiTuebl). 
We«iem ES«fETlc Cu , CliiL-jije'o and New YorlE 
YthitAi DtntaJ Mf^. Ca. The S. S.. Pbnadelphia. 

Banoelt A Co.. J. U.. Nf^w York. 

Hauiiell Teleirnkph ib Ki#clrlciil Co.* Xfa0t 

New York. 
Btiffll^^y Hpitterj ^fc Mfp. Co.. PalneBville, O. 
C. ■ t fii^ctrie Co.* ^JhimiKo. 
r hleo, AntvisUut Co., H«totl. (Dow) 

h : plitme L'o , New York. 

FnHjkiTi I i-^inrio t^j MTi;. Co,, AllumisburiTi Ohio, 
Jinn*M St Hnti Ca.t The J., New York, 
KpAi^^r t.Kf::trie MfK, Co., Chlcngo. 
ijuilrde BattL-iyCo,, KDkaiim. lud 
I^tlwm * Cu., K. n.. Ntw Yoik 
Lcclanobe H«U^fV Co.. Kmw York. 
3taCiouil Carhou Co., CkveUnd, O, 
Bf&Qhiitl»in E:iecli!!iu|t.Co.,N«wYork & Clilcago 
MiaiuUburst: Kli-ctrie C*i,, MiJiinisihiirii, Otua 
K«w £,xi:i;Uior Dry Batlerv Mjiiiufuctury, New York 
Xcia-BDbriz.tiij? Dry Ktteiiry Co., Nfw Yofk. 
KmisreMC'r KIwtric Battery Co., CicTelftod^O. 
Putlen EI*;ciric Co., L*oii W„ PbUftddphia* Pa. 
Rioctie, VVtn., New York. 

Btajkley A %^mttvTm»n, »w Y*irk. (Kxeter) 
Mtmtrl'Howliinil Co.» Boatou, Mojw. 
Vicirrr Kl*»< iric Co,. Cblcngo. 
WeMi ru EI«jtricCo,. Chicago and New York 

* — Ofwn Circuit* 

Badt Qolla EnEiDeerlne Co.. Cbicago. 

CvntnU Klef7trlc €Oi, Cbicii}?o. 

CbJoride of Silver Dry Cell mnery Co., Baltl- 

£lpetric Oil 9 Ltehttmr Co.. Tbe, lioaton, Mai^. 

Xrloi»0« Tele pb one Co., N4?w York. 

Fi^eral Buttery Co. New Y'ark. 

Gordon Bult^rj Co„ New York 

BafriM>n BroA, & Co., Philadelphia 

HfriimniiD. l', J,. Keiw York, 

1Ialtx«r-C»l>ot Elertrlc Co., Brookllne, Mail. 

^onni St »»on Co.. The J„ New York. 

Lacl«d«± Bjttlery Co., Kokomo. tnd 

■^tfc»«** A Co.. E. B., New York 

I^eel&nchi? Ilntterv Co., Ne^v Yurk, 

HcQfi»i. Botm-t L., ludJs^iiapolin, Ind. 

imAahMtUm l£t«t'*l8Qp.CQ.,N4:W Y^ork & Chicaeo 

NftlJoaal Carbon Co., crevelrtml, O. 

P*nj Elfctric Mte. Go., Peni, lud. 

PboenU Batiery Mfjf. Co-, Ht. LouIn. Mo. 

P%nen Klf^trlc Go .Leon W., PbilntielpbSa. 

R L Telef»b«m* A Klectrip Co., Pruvidcncv, K L 

Bocbf. Willi rim. New York. 

Btaiilr^ ^ l*att»r»*t». New York. 

f^tQ&rt-Hovrluudi Co., Bo«ton, M&f^B. 

Wvstero Elcrtrlc? Coh Cbicuji(o aad How York. 

Stanley « FaHenoD, New York. 

^tnnrt-Uowlibiid Co.. BoflUm, Maiii. 

lVeat«f n MIectrlo Co*, Chicago and New Yorlc. 



Acme Ek^ctrJcCo,, Cblca|fo»lllL 

Aioerlcan Klecttio Teleplione Co,. Ctdcago. 

C«ntrml ICiectrIc Co., Chtcago. 

Farr Tel p phone *% Conitructlon Supply Cou, Cbl- 

Kcyatoiie Electric Tel^pbone C^., intlaburg. Pa. 
La til a ni Si i'o., K* B., New York 
ManhMttttii Elec'l Siip.CowtNewTork A, Cbicaito 
National T«Lc!!pbone MfR, Ca, iioaton, Maat^ 
Ostnioder A> Vvy^, \\\ K>, New Y'ork^ 
Pitririck. Ciirtor .t VVilkinj*. Pbiladelphla. P*. 
PboHO^x Klectrli!; Telepbone Co,, \ew York. 
NUkiiley m P*tt*jnion, New York. 
VUducc Mfii:. Co., Uuliiniure, Mtl, 
lfVeat«rii Elprtrtcr Co., Cbiciiji^o and K«w Y'ork 
Western Teieptioiie Constructloti Co.. Ctilcai;o, 
Williams Ji Abbott Electric Co,, Tbe, Cleveland. 
Zlegler Electrio Co., Bo«M)i&, Mmi. 


— aa 

Akron lie 1 ting Co.. Akron, Oblo. 

Ale:iaijder Bros., PbilncJi-lphia. Pii 

Allen A Co., W. D., Cbitiii*?o. 

Bay State Ikllloi: Cjj.. Boston. Must, 

ttiekfonJ A Fnineli UeltinK Co., Buffak, N. £ 

Bodifleld U( UioK Co,. Clevf laiid. Ohio. 

Br*dronl Br I tioK Co,, Cincinnati, Ubio. 

Brooklyn Leatber Belt In ir Co,. Brooklyn, N, Y 

Cbarlotle B. UIhr t o., Charlotte, N, C. 

Chicago IMliiit! Co., CbieH((o. 

ChlcojEo Bnwbid? Mfu. Co.,Cbicaifo fBawhidei) 

Onaotmt BeUinjf A Pai:kinit Co., Trenton H. 

Cton Broa. <& Co.. Rocbenter. N. Y. 

Dodge HTr. t7o,, Mi»bawtika. Ind. 

Fayerwi'iither *t Lttdew, New York and Chicago. 

Gnfctoti A Knj^bt MTa. Co.. Woroester, MaA&. 

Hide Leather B^ltinef Co.^ fndUnapolia. Ind. 

Hnnt Co., llenr^ C. Burton, Ma-a. 

Jewdl BeltinK Co., Hj^rtford, t^nn. 

Main Beitini! Co.. Pbiludelpbla. Pa. (Levuithaou} 

Meii'f's gun It, Joi,, Newark. N, J, 

New Y'ork Bc^ltioj; A PaeklttirCo.^ New Y'ork 

New Y'ork Lea the f Heltinp Co., New York. 

Norwich bf^ltiug Mft;. Co.. Norwich, Conn. 

NottACo., W. EjL, Mlime»|i4ilis, Minn. 

Page Belting Ca,. Concord. N. H. (Acme Llm 

Eureka D>namo. | 
Roa<e:ndrtiR-Reddaway Bf^Uiag A Boi« Ca, H«W 

ark, N. J. {Camel Hair. > 
gf hi ere II & Co.» Chi«s. A., 4& Ferry St. Nuw 

York, uiid 46 South Canal St., ChlcairO' 
&buH7. B*'llin^ Co., St. Lonie, Mo. 
Bumncr Belting Co . Wm., Tolland, Conn. 
Warren, .1. P. A C. (J,, WoiT*»fter, Maei 
Wise A Bailey, Philadelphia, Pa. 
WmiaEDB & Sodg, t. B., Deter, N. H. 




Bunfi<'U A Co, J. H,, New Y'ork 

Ci-utrml Elec-trfc Co., Chicago. 

EflMarUn A Co.. l+4tb St. & 4th A vt'.. New York. 

Eltvirir fiu?* Lirrbtlng Co., The, Bo§ton. Masi. 

( V f I I ri J . Band y T wo Po i n t , T y rolea o. ) 

Etrrrlr Mfg. Co., The, Cleveland. Ohio. 

HMih I . , Detroit, Mich. (2- way.) 

HiiJ Brawn C'., N. N.. Ei»t Bjtmpton. Conn 
Uolta«rr-€ialKit Klectric Co., Brook line, Maia 

Jonea A Bon Co«* T1i« J., New York. 
Keil A Scin. Fram-is New York (BelianceJ 
L«th»m A Co.. K. B., New York 
Kamiistteii Elee"l!«iip.Co., New York £ Chicago 
Norelty Electric Ca. Philadelphia. Pa. 
Oftrat]^»'T ,t CrK. W. E.. Mew York, 
r ' A WUklofl, Philadelphia, Pa. 

^ew York. 
I n.. BufTalo, N, Y. 
m^tL. Dftvid, N*>w York 
lBSeetn4iCo.«Cbkago, tlL 

Adam Elw^tfic Co,. Frank. St. Loijlii. Mo. 
lfoiia«rt Electric Conatructloti Co^jCttcHtN.Y 
Centrul KIrotrU- Co., Cbicaso. 

Ch*ie-.*!ih»wiiiat Cri,, Boston 

Cleveland Swiicbbtiard A Elec Mfe. Co..Clevela»d 

Bill Ele^. Co. , W . S„ N f ^ w Bedford. Maai. 

Lang. J. A Co.. Chlcagfj, 

lA Roohe A Co., F. X., N*;w York. 

Lathaiu ^ Co.* E. B., New York 

MeK**niia Brow. BrapnCo., Pittaburg. Pa. 

Palate H. T., Phlljwlelpbla. Pa. 

Safety Kh^clric Mfir. Co., The, New Orlfiana. La. 

Walker Electrical Co., Pblladelpnla, Pji. 

Weatern Elertrical Sopply Co., Hi. Loala, Mo. 

Klisd&rs AHnnt, New York. 

BOIXUB COMFOUXDS— See CompocuidA, BoUsr 

B01J.EB COVKBoraS— £«e Coverinp, |Np« and 

FleM&e meatioa Powen* i^atnl Station Dlr^torr YbesL wtilin|^ 



RaInfc>o\A/ Packing JS^-^^^SL^^ 

Eclipse Sectional Rainbow Gaskets, Honest John and Hercules Combination Packin8:s, 
Rainbow Belting. Steam and Hot Water Hose. 


i6 Warren Street, New York. 


/\yVlF»ERE, IN. J. 


\ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^R^^^^ 







Four sizes, capacity to % Id. 
Copper AVire. 
Electric Wire Cntters with Insu- 
lated Handles. Four sizes, capac- 
ity to liii in. Cable. 

Write for circular. 

H. K. PORTER, 6 tsMaiii St., Eimtt, Mm 



are the standard X-Ray apparatus. They give a constant heavy spark and have the highest 
possible degree of insulation. or SEND FOB CATALOGUE No. 9050. 




A f-.r.jr.>rj, ^ tl<*ul Mfjj. CVj.. Ni^w Yofk ( RooL) 


li»iMH*4k A Wileox Co,« Till*, Ni*w York. 
lH£r^^>w l*4jUi"r Worki. New Ilnviui, Cuun, (Man 

I*ri4if«i«ift lloikr Work*, UTldai?[wiit, Conu. 

]t * Sttmcf Co., York. Pa. 
J Uiiilvr VVorka, l^tith IJrooklyn 
...... CtiiupouHd.T 

'-^■N VVarkrt. l^^nruit, Mlcli. ^TaylorJ 
] CK^a v'o,. VVUmiiiiftoti, I>i*l . 
Uoti VVorkB, Ktw. i*ii. 
t.iii, Ji^iiii L.. Jr., Phll*iJ.*lphl», PR. 
Umrritburi! JioHer A: Mfj^. Cu.. llnTrUbur)?, Pm 

- I'ot. N>w York (PorcnpiD*!,) 
iJerC«.. St. LcmU. Vto. 
Iry A Mac hi lie Work** Oiwc)?o 

:. - Akron, Olilc» (Cook. J 

liibt' Hoi Iff Co.* Kew Brutlt- 

^^■w York CVrntraJ Irtin Work* Co*, Qejiev*, K, Y. 

N-Hr. Il..ii. rC. . Nile*, O. 

^ nrks. John, St. Lontit, Mo. 
<rk«, MeiMJvUti?, PJ4. I hUnnltig.) 
. -rr & Mtp. Co,, 9riniijl(iLUU 111 
> AKlf, <l;ii,, KHe, 1*11, 

_^,_«frni A To., R,, Cbeiier. Pa. (Bcrrv ) 


rortrr. If . K., E^^ervtt, Mfl«4. 


L«Tor Mftf. Co,, C. H*, ChlcaRcJ, 
Wri|tll«'3f, Thtjuiiiji, Ctili:^gn. 


FW Wb^w l£]iN;irlc WkH.» Ft. Wtjii«. Ind 


Ctrr-OtTT-lRON ^«» 

Btyant FliH'trlK Co., Brfdcoport, Contt. 

Lmkna Cn , This Klkbnrt, Jnd, 

La Ki>«h«< Co.* r. A.» Npw York. 

I9t*qd»r4l iJiid^rffroand Ciib]« Co.* FltUbors^. 

Wftgticr Elfclrlf? Mlg. Co,, ^i. LkiuIk, Mo. 


C>«atr»l KiprtrJc Co., Chicuun. 
Pwtrick r';ipt. r A WrlkmB. l%iii*deJjiliU, P». 
Vl»d.. . nnlaiiHiPi?, Mfl. 

Wtmi i o,, I :h»enEo and New York 

Zitg I - M f K*, Co. , mi* tn n , M llts. 

JUirCTION ^31 

AkTOii Ih^uUtor A Mnrbk Co,. Akfoo, Ohio, 
lt«>4ii«iri Klerlrlc Cotiittructloii <;*i,,Utic*it>', Y. 
Crnlrxl Klrrlrkp Co,, Chicji^i^i}. 
* f:ii>ctTle Co,, ^btoeuutdy. N, Y. 

itifJt^ifici'tit Arc litghl Co., New Y^ork. 
Morton, Ctioa, R, Y 
I - Co., F. A.* ?J«w York. 

L**tUi«m ^ Co.t l£. »,* New York 
ite*tidiir<J, LTisclerirroiiDd Cable Cot» Pittsburg 

KKACBS, CB(>»f!t-AHM -3» 

0*stml Klectrlf Co*. Chitiisto. 
FoiVit Cltv StLffl JB Iron Co.. Clt^veUntl. O. 
La t Haiti Jif Co., tl. It,, Kew York 
Uiikf Vt*h1, M,. Vklof, N, Y. 
^^' Mrit«. Co,. PliieburR, fa 

- Co., Tbe* Manflflcid. O. 
A St*?«l Co., Pittsburji, Pa. 

BBAt Hi^Ti* m nnmAK ahmb, iron -33 

«r*4i T. if.. Nfi*- itrUnln, Cmin, 
Cvntnl lSl«>etfio Co,, Chioai^o. 

■J CtJii*. dlipi^lr Co,,»pHnu'*i^:W, O 


C centra I Elect Hi; Co., Chkai?" 

FirU-s .MTif, t;a. Lifcntur. IIL lC»*V&riftl.J 

(ilubi* Litjht *^t Hrni iVj,, Chic-ii.i;*>t 

HtlDii«a £ i<ioii Co.. The J,^ Niw York- 

Klcmiii A I to., PhUudi'lphia. Pu. 

LAtliaio * Co., E, B„ New York 

i^tttiilirtltMn Eluc'l fSit|»,Ci»,,Ncw' York Sl CMzano 

McC'atici* Hro*. Co., Pitt»fiuTi,rti. Pa 

l^tHJitvy Ja I'atr.eraoii. Nfur York. 

WuBiJern Kk-cinc Co,. Cliitsaico and ^fiwr York 

Whitu Ci>,. I'he O. Cm Wofctister, Maai. 


— »fi 

iJnid^. T. ir.. >'€«¥r BKUitn, Coim. 

imnibuni ,V iJiisiiiEiin Railway Appliaae* Co, 

Itostotu Ma&>, 
Ceiittmt KU^i'lrlc Co,, CliicaiEO. 
i'Tfti irh<*ad K a;; I nt-er i i vi* Co* . Cl uei ii (i a 1 1, Oh to. 
Cutter Co., (jfjorjjii, t^tik-ajc^K 
iCc^ct«Hton l<ui]ilH.^r i o.* Tlie, New York. 
Klerttric Rj^ilwctv KouipiitMnt ijx, i*iut^.\nn»tU O. 
Oenoiml ••, lee trip Co., l<M'|ii'iit>ctiidv, Ji. S** 
Latlittia A Co,, K, I!., Xt;w York * 
LiMlvlU, H. II . Lutmm. til 
L<x:kH, Fr, d. !H., (nMor. N, V, 
MHobaltfiii Kl^f^'l Sup.Co iX«w\'tfrk ^ CblcajfO 
Ohio Unas Coh, Ma«jific»!iJ. Ohio. 
S{mmoit& Co., JiibiK Xi-^w York. 
StJi]i1«»^ A PAtiotaon, :Ci«w York. 
^tuMrt'HoirlAitd Co., Bo*tO(i, liaaa. 
Wiilwonh Mfir, Co , Brirtion. M**)i. 
Wiihvi^rUi .V Ni vjik' Mfl*. t*o., Biiv City. Mich. 
Wmtcro f^lwtfif Co.. Cbleai^atid S»*w Vork 
W i seoiLi 1 u U ridgt- A I run Co, , M i1 w » uk«.'£! , W la, 

II R E A K E R!^. CI R C V IT, A UT O flf A TIC — » 6 

RoHMti Electric Conalructlon Co„T*tiiia,H.Y 
CoiMlii Jr., Ju Co.. ?<. B , Huiioti, tithli^ni 
CuthT-HMmiufT Mf(?. Co., MllwanktHi^ Wk 
Cuttrr Eht'trlcjil Mftf. t*o,. Philadelphia, Pa, 

Ft, Wnyiie Eli^i-trlc Work«, Ft, Wayne. lod. 
Cj file rill Ki|iitpnit?Qr Co , Caonl^n. N. J. 
i;i iifTiil ]iirundt.>iFcc;iit Arc Lib hi Co,. New York. 
Lik R4K^he Co,, F. A., New York. Jdcal). 
Le^'iirard El**ctTlc Co.. Wird, BrDoxaflilv, H. Y* 
Ohio Bm$m Co., Tbe, Maimfleld, O. 


Urtrth, KmanuH, Poltuvilk, Pa. 
llurum A iUx, A. K.. Ilostou. Maw*. 
Cetitral El«etrle Co.* Chtcafn>' 
lK*rt». LumbHrd <& Co., Chlc^tCo^ 



Ik — Carbon. 

Atnpriciiri Carbon Co,. NobU'»rUle, Ind. 
Bender, iivtw,^ New York 
Chli'iftifo Edinoo Co.,. Ch^^mfEO. 
Critu-Hi^-Tri'miiiiji' Carbon Co., The, Poit^ rla, O* 
Eaiit^m Carbon Work», Rfthway, N. J. 
Faraday Carbctn Ca, Jvanupttt*, Pa. 
Orft^nry Elecrtrle Co., ChlcAKO 
Holmes Pibpt-Graphltt Mfg. Co., PlilUdslpbla,Pa 
rloiica A Son Co., Tlie *!., Nc^w York. 
LfithMiii Si Co., K, It., Nmm- York 
Manhiittiin Kl«*c*l Sup.Cn. N',-,v Vnrk JtCLiriaf; 
Nuiinniil t;<irJ>.ii> ^^^ , < ■|.-^•.•l.i^.|. i ilihi. 
Okio Hrai*s Co , T}\v. M.itj-^l' .1 ■ > 
pHrtridtfe CJirbi>ii Uorkv, Sumiiiskv, OUiv. 
tiinrer Carbon ^'n . St Marvn, P* 
Sliuilejr M Piitt«t>Miii, Si^w York. 

b-^beef Met»l. 
Bender, fieo,. Xrw York 
lioi,idr*'«m Ii'yiinmo Uro^tb Co., Kew York 
Km fi'k ft Ti^mp^Ti'l Copper Workf*, North K d Pa. 
Gal^tnik Mctnl Papi<r Cu,. Jertvy City, N J L^i* 

vmijIc Mftalj 
0«ii«rMl EleetrleCik, Sebaneota^y. H ^ 

EJmtIr lorntfon (hff DliMtrnj ta WTitinR 



tKiweier cei^fTRAL sTATiim DmecroRY, 


Wattmeters I 

for Direct and Altcrrtating Cur- | 
rents are now conceded to be 
the most accurate and reliable 
Commutator Meters on the 
Market — Easy to install— light 
weight — pleasing appearance 
— highest torque. 

Write for infotmation aiad 
priccSf also valuable t»ook on 
Testing Meters." 



What Harm does Sparking Do? 

It reduces the Tvorking capacity of a motor or dynamo » wears out the commuCmtor, 
wastes power And may cause a fire. All of this may br avoided if you use 



Ask your 

Supply HoQie 

for * GALES* 


take BO othef. 



ENDORSED BY ALL USERS. ^"^^^^ ""^^^p* ^' '';ir.j;:h^:;ur "'" "'"^ "" 

tt will put that 
high gloss on the 
Commutator you have 
so long sousht after- 


K< ncLENNAN & CO, 

NniBe. « ,,,. 

i, D. A<tHr«M.,.. ,.„. 

Sa/m Manufacturers, 

Room 909> lOO Washington St., CHICAGO. 



Pi»«t KliNHHoihl A«ioclatlf>D. 

mil Br&Ddou. 
k^ Springfield, 

Wm. A. iSvnDt, 4tb Vice Pi^ttdent. Btld^ei>ort, Gsnm, 
Ftmnk P. Fwtet, S«?tr*?i«rif, Coral off. N. Y* 


W. IL Tbompnon Cuairmat). EicoQiQDtl, Va. 

W, Y. EUet, Klmiri, N. Y. 

J. W. Aydou^ WiimlujEton^ Del, 

F. C. Mfl^-Km, itroolilyn. N. Y. 
Frank U. Bo^d* Ualtimorc, Md. 
Oapt. Wmiam Bm^jtiy, l^ot^t^m, Ma«j». 
M. U. Cannula, uratiil Kapjdt!, Mieli, 

G. F. JfacUonald, Oiuwa, Cmu. 

tof EfilflOQ Illumlnatinjt: Cottip«Dlea, 
rk Of Hfre^ ST Diune tiU H. V. Cltr- 

ftuon Freildent, ChicaeQ. 
r|r|«w-Pt«ai[]*dt Cqlumbua, O. 
^wtttunr. Detroit, Micb, 
dlni^ati, S^i^retary. I'hiladelphla. Pa, 
iretU A«fet.i^r«^tttrv, l-l Jaj St.^. Y, CHj. 

aiLBCtrrivE couuiTTaB: 

n. Charim*P, Cbica.eo KdJwn Co.* 


Im, Ptillt(l«]al]la,Fa. 

liiTt»5» Bronklyji* H. Y. 
(vE-ufliclui. ColumbiLB, O. 
Detroit Mich. 
l^nMiii^ 4;e3t-t]fllmot FbLladtilpMa, Pa« 

Katlonml £l«ctrtc Lt^bt AaaoclmUoii, 
130 Llbfirtr ^U ^»w Vork. 

Louie A. Ftimson, Prealdaiit, Chit^pd, III. 
Cbarlijs L. VAiiaf, }»% V1<m PreaideutLBoatoti, Maaa. 
£rD(f£t IL Davlft, 2d Vice*PivaldeiLt, WiinHtnaport, P». 
Jame« B. CatoCMJti, Secretary A Tr*ia*Qref, ^. V* Clly, 
H. BllHnga, Aa»U StxmtAry A Treaaarf;!, N. Y. aij. 

J, H, Perklnt, Vonufcetowii. 
a F. HtfWitt, Elkbart. Ind. 
T}. P. Robiiipoii. HeatLJe, Wuh. 
Dttdlny Parrand, Sew»rk» N. J* 
%, L, BettiiM. likbmoiid, Vn. 
Artbur Williams, ^*?w York. 
A. C'» Bnuham, HaFtloril, Ci>na. 
P. G. G0H8ii;r. Moutreal, Crni. 
M. T. HortDiaD, Phllidelpbia, Pa. 

^ealcni ElmilrleKt AB«oclatloEi> 

M, Preflbclent. WaupacA. Wla. 
la I Vlre-Prwiiieni, JoneflvlUe, Wia. 
Ipvtsr, S&d V. Presaiacut* CAdillac, Mick 
peln, Sec A Treaa,* Milwaukee, Wit. 

t, Kpiiasha. Wia. 
I, ^OMtfa Bend, Ind, 
jptAflfltld. 111. 

plian Eleetrtci 

Kleetrte&l AaacM^latloti. 

tFmldeat, Lludiuiv, Ont. 
t Ut VuW'FittaldiaBt, gu«bec 
loo, id Tlcft-Prealdent, Mrmtnia, Que. 
m. S«e. M Ti««Bt Toronto. Ont. 

I mxsevstrm ooiiMtTTvi^ 
t ToronSo, CteL 

Toronto, Ont. 
r. Momreal, Qoc* 
titlawa. Out, 
I, quebccT, giut. 
Cklawa^ Ont. 
Ai>rbfOoket iln« 
LM. P.. Ecnfrew, Oat, 
Ikmo, BaSLiltotL, Qttt, 

m^X Aa«ocliLtlon ot MonlcltAl 


_^ii, Preaiiieiit Detroit, Mich. 
fer* iPt Ylce^Pmldeot, RDtberrord, If .J. 
IM Vkc-Pnwldmt. Atlantic Oty. N. J. 
pd Vic© Fmldent^ Brie. Pa. 

Ohlip KlectHe Ucht Aaaoalft^oB, 

W. F. White, President, Clncinn»tl, O. 

£. P. McKiimht, ViC4^Pr«#idenc, Mlddktows, O.^ 

J. H, PerklUB, Sec* J ^ Treaa., YoungaLOMm, O. 


E. J. Berbtp], Toledo. 
X. O. Scbinidt. 8Andi3ak7. 
O, Mttt, LHiira*Tt!r. 
& M. Ruat, pltina. 
H, C. Foji^Ie, Can tun. 

Soatbwefltcro Oaa. ElActrIc mnA Stnwt 
RnJlwrnj AflfloclmtloQ. 

E. H, Jenklna P resident. San Ant4inlo« Tex. 
C. F. YuTEier, 1m Vi(?<--Prealdent. Liimio, Tel. 
E. Dyiterud, 2nrl V. PTCBhiend, Mr>ntercy, Maxfco 

A. B. Jiid^e tu-d A'. Prt'P^dvnt. Tykr.Tti. 
TboR. D, Mlllrr, Tr«*iiJ»ur«T, Dallas, Tbs. 

B, A* fiTaoi SecttttAry, San Antonio, T«*4 

K. H. Jenlttna, San Antonio, Te*, 

H. F. MacGr^^goff 

K. Dyft*md, Monterey, Mexico. 

T. H, Smart 

S. A. ^ip«nBflr 

C. F, Ymgt*T. Laredo, Tei . 

A. K. Jctd^G, Tylc-r, Tp«. 

T, D. Mlli-^r, DaUaa, Tex. 

W. A. fpotbrie, Siiu Angelo. Tci. 

H.T. £d£«r 

J. a Waid^ Be«nnijont, te%. 



... THB ... 1^ 

Phoenix Glass Co. 



Have you a copy of our No. 8 Catalosne? ^ 
H not, tend for It. \ ^ 

Pittsburgrh. New York. Chicago. I( 



turn-down lamps re- 
dnce the cost of mean 
effective illumination 
without reducing reve- 
nue—the same friend to electricity 
that the fi^as-savlngr Welsbach Is to 
gas. HYLO improves your service with- 
out coet. Customers pay for lampp, wo pay 
for advertiiiinc:. Write for discounts 

ThePhBlpsCo.,? Stalest., Detrolt,Mlcli 

Please Role 

the report of your com- 
pany or firm published 
in this issue, and if incorrect or incomplete, 
kindly take the trouble to inform the publish- 
ers at once. 

Pierce $KlclKir(l$oti 

CMmiMiA ana Dciigiiiia 

?r — • •?•**••*» Departments of Bngineerinf , 

P. T. Potierp Mechanical, Blecbical, 

W. SobMnSf Heating, VentiUting, Sanitaiy. 







Octagronal, . 
Yellow Pine, 
Cedar and 




liaTPII — BIIITft 

Whitney Electrical iBStroseit Co. 





l-e H. F». to ^ H. 1=». 


Send for Our Bulletin No. 140 P. 


Home Offiet and Factory. Brookline. lau. Chicago, III., 397 Dearborn St. Kew York OfUM, 143 Liberty St 




«e LAMPS lead the procession. They represent all that is 
BEST in Incandescent Electric Lamp construction. Satis- 
factory service g^^aranteed. Write for our latest bulletins. 



New York Office, 15 Cortlandt St., C. J. Harrington, Manager. 
Chicago Office, 303 Dearborn St., W. M. Stoker, Manager. 
Philadelphia Office, i ISO Chestnut St., Gill & Co., Managers. 

Buyers' Finding List, 


iric Lighting and Power Central Station 
Apparatus and Supplies. 

For location of advertisers who appear In black 
race type, see Index Pages^ 5 and 7. 



nMnrti« Co., T^jilem, Mut. 
B Bttlt«iT Co,, Chicago 
Cto.* BuJTiilo, N. Y 

Buttery Co., Columbiief O 
fff. Co,. D»)fton, O 
, Dajton. O ^stlvey) 
^Biiri«r7 Co., iJayton, O 
W Equipmutit Co., NtHv York 
ifftf Battery Co,, Thf , Philit» 
Al>l>lltMC^* Co., Clnefnneiil, O 
' r**;e BttUery Co.. Chicago 
K« B*tt4"r7 Co., Kt'W York 
iMKP Buttery Co., Chicago 
.* Ctticl(»tijitl, t> 
D Co., The, fbJUdcIpblfl. Pa. 
g«? Biiii«ry Co., FUtit field. Maas 
>cLor, Baitimore, MU. (ChAmpiou Ac- 

Ji, N.. Dayton, o, (Grida) 
■ ill»r*C<>, BiifTaio.N.Y 

|p, .,...:. -^-jr»,peCo,»Pliil»ddpliU 

n i]^bla 

^ttiobne Co., S4t. LouIm, Mo 
Uincjy Sunii^ly Co., New York. 
> BNtn-rv Co., Clevelind. 0, 
B»tttr? Co., NrwjklyiiN.Y 
imuIalorUc).. CLkujfo (Portatile) 
ipnge Battwy Cu.. Cleveland, O 

CI>RD ^a 

»— AtLtoinAttv. 

»rlTi(* Co.. Hoitnn, Maaa. 
Jc^rrrif I'O'r i'EitcajFQL 

fflt'luriiiK Co., Chicago 
»rge, ChicjtKO. 

t Elec. Lt. Matjlpiilator Co.» 

, K. B., New York 

iCo.. The A. A., N&w York {L, & S.) 

Kodor«, Chicago, til. 

ft rmtteraoiif Kew York. 

t Co.. Fmnk U„ Philadelphia 

• T Co,, Tbe, lA CruftSCt W ta 

Edwardfl A Co., Ni?w Vopk* 

EJHctrIc Gas Lijthtlug Co., Tb«, Bo4toaf Maii. 

McTzog Ti'lesume Co,, New Yotk. 

HolmvB Elwiric Protecave Ca* New York 

Holtacr-Cabot Kkctrlc Co*, Brookltnc Maai 

■Idu^b a .Sod t'O', Tti« J., New York^ 

I4tliH.1t I £ Co.^ E, Bm New York 

Maiiliatt&u Elflc'l 8upXo.,?4ewYork X Cttkif^O' 

Pmrlrkk, Cartet A WUkinp, Fhiliidi^lphia, Pa. 

Proctor- Rnymond C^.. HiifTalo, X. Y. 

Btniiloy & rihttonon, New Y'ork, 

Zleglei KlectrioCa, Uu»toii, Miiaii, 


Ccnt-mt l^l«ctrJc Co,, Cliiciiifo. 
Eli^ctric Hf lit Alttrm COm Boston, Maei, 
GamLwell Kire Alarm Teingraph Co., New Yot^ 
HeriioK Tel(*Rpiii(_* Co.. Nl'W York. 
Xiittotisi) Trli'phMiiti MfK, Co.. Itostcm, Mas*. 
Piirtripk, L'arUT * WMkinii, PhlJmJ^'lphia, Pa. 
Wtttnclnr.1 Elf>:trteSlKiiiil Co., The, Ro<2he»ler,N.¥, 
Whfti" Thurmoitftt Co*, Provide flci'. R. L 
^Vf)rc<'(»ti>r FiRj Appliance Co,, Tlifi, WorcAil«r, 


HrlNtol Co., \V aterburv. Conn. 

ftierrv Eli-ctrir- Woxks.'New YuTk. 

Cpntm^l tll^H'trlc Co., (VhiciiEO. 

fldHti^TiL Klpctrln Co,, Bo^Uui Maiw. 

t>j|tspn Mfe. Co.. New York iKf'iinellf.) 

Kldrldg*^ filet. Mfg. Co,, yprlnpflekl, Maia 

Eleotro-Dvnjimk t:o., Ph|1adi<iphiH. Pa. 

Smpli-f^ KJprtH^al Tnatromfint Co,.New Ywk 

Tt Wi*yiu' \'\Ua\tW WiiikN, Ft. WaiTie, Ind 

0«nf^r;iJ tJi-iirli' C«,, S<jhi'Oerl:idy, N', Y 

Gregory i-.Ii-itrlc Co,, Chiriign, 

.k*wtll hkctPicaJ Int'tramf-nt Co., Chicago. 

Joni?M £ Non Co., The J„ New York. 

Ke> atone Eh'^rtfk'Al iiintrument Co., Phi I a, 

Knou AppKratij^ Co. L. E., Boston, Maeti 

lAtliHin & Co., K, II,* New Yoik 

Machado El Koller. New YiTk. 

MAiihatt«n Eloc'1Sup.Co„New York & Chlcafro' 

Norton Electrical liiBlnim?ntCo.,MBncb<.'iiter,Coiiti 

Palmer El^'clrical Inilrmpfat Co., Phllatlel&hla, 

Pl^nolet L. M.. New York, 

Qtieed &, Co., Inc., PhU*deIphln. Pa, (Wirt. Mag 

nettri Vnne. ) 
Btaiiley EWtric Mfp. Co., Pirtufleld. Haia. 
9t»tilej A Piitteraon. New York. 
Stuart -HofT Ian 4] Co., Bof-toii. Mai*. 
BymcoseElwtHral lnsimnieiitCo.,Svracijii(»,N IT 
Wcfltou Ellectrleal Inalruatent Co,, Newark, 

Whitm-y Blectrlrnt Instrument Co.,Penarook,M.H^ 
AnAo^nia Electrlcf^l Co., Thr, An-ioula, Conu, 
W^tRart, A. L,. New York (Ideal.) 
Boiton Elecirlc Go,, Boston, Mass. 

Fl«a«n menilofl J^tm^fw* Cfentn/ SfatJoo DIrwtory wbtii nxVltutt, 





I Klt^tricitl Work*. S«n Pr«iiol»a«. CiL 

^4%^ <;.... ^. IV York. 

i,Mr,L* tv. Tlip, Uotlcin, M«i». 

V York a'hi'mlck.J 

iSiV»^,¥:, n.,^t^^ Yorfc 
All Klir'l >n fKCo,»NcwYork & Chicago 

-iw York. 

w York, 
iiitoii. New York, 
u-loii. Mm 9. 
1 [jijIv C4S.t tStio*, N, Y. 
, . wre^Sld. 



II . -Nyu York. 

I <>., ^elff York* 

1. ' 't'XT' it, Ml«h. 

. J .»■!. P4t. 

^ , . ^^ York 
f m*'i^ Lu., GFumt Rftpid«»Mleb. 
^ ric Co,, rta R CHtiiiin St. ,Cli Icago. 

J. J., N%!w Vuik 

ft#, W.:^.,Jii. I^iols, Mo 
[Mfif. Co.- H. S,. Wbeplitjg, W. Vi, 

d+ II ( hN^lKO 

kirn. N. V. 
v York 

... Smi iNMk, 
^t i_ . I .'.,E, 1'.* N.'W York. 

flt», X RAV 

— © 

1 El ft! n ^ n . , r*h i hidf^ I ph i R . Fa. 
1 •:irrtrl<: Co,, Chic;igOu 
M f/ I 'i> . K-w York 

l^rrorAltve tllnlftturQ L«iitipOept^> 

,ik N J. 

:,i,riip UofV*. N>w York. 
trlf if <>hlo Ca«, W«nn^a, Olilo. 
LOfinl Itfa-^h & Kli'etriP Uo., Npw Yorle. 

\trg. c*ci.. Hiirt ford, Coon, 

;. .....: :k. 

rs— ac« t^mpv. Are. 

;f- riXTIJllE<l-Se« GlDbe«« Htaftsiv 

Autwimiic LkbinJng Atf^ptijr Co.. Kavenmi O 

Ceutriil Kk't'lrlc t'o^, Chieiiifu. 

Ft. Wttyjie Elevtrir Wurkm Ft* W*jTi(», lad, 

ti Krtn II ~ I J M 11 ie I s K I i-^L* I r if. Ct>, , ^ I'ok uk , lowiv, 

C#«ii»nftt li^lecitrLi] €o** SthcUtfttiidx, N. Y. 

1 1 nrv »i rd K I ot t r 1 1 > 'o . . L'Ij i i^ n ij*>. 

LAtlmm ^A a., IC. II. « Xi^u York 

McIiiioflb.Ju. 1*.. X^'w Vi>rk. 

ObvoBrnHijCo., >J(itiH(|ild O. 

Shu^w A Co. H. M . NV w York 

^tmtiiliirU Undc^riirruuitil CAble Co,, PltUbtllf 

LIticu KU'iirU'iil M f t:. »fc Supj4y Co., tJUca. N, Y. 

W&ftrm KWtTk Co.. Clil<*ni£(> Ntid \m* York 



llTinJy. T. U., Ninv HrHatlO. Conn, 

f^rntrfil Klt^i'trlc Cn*, ChicAffa, 

Erie KiplornELoii Co.. Xpw York* 

ilfinrrul l<Uertrle Co** Si^HJUtHijlrtdy, K. Y. 

lu^^lfii. Wni., Detroit, ilirb. 

K. ^ W. Co, Tbe. P^tti^cld, H&M. 

l^lltain & Co., E. »., Hew Yi^k 

M^il^rniidr W'ttrd A Co., Nt'iv York. 

PhUiidt^lribfu KkH'lrleii^l & >iric. Cfi.* PbiUddpt^ttt 

SUuilcsy & PutrrriKin, N>w York. 

Wentern El«iirlc Co*, Cliiciii^o sLud K«w York, 


Asbcfttofl Pji.m*r Co*, Boston, Mim 
JohnH-MAnvlUe Co., H. W., !««w York 
an inoiiT Mfg. Ca, it »L, New York. 



Cent ml l<:it>ctrlG Co., Chk'Jik'o- 
OleaHou >i f|^, Coh K* P*. N«^w York* 
LHthiim i^ Cfi*, E. B,t Nkm^ York 
HiiiiihntlAn Elec^l STip>CD*,N(rw York JtCblchga 
SUMtflf A .lutiiiiiati. WLt[*'rburv% (tmn. 



1tf^lc]4<ii Mnotiitje Co,, N«w Haifisn. Conn. 


Ut!ti[i}7i^ Vt B winder (3o,, Tht. Hiirtford* Coan. 
}toeln^ * 'b f I rl (^ s J . , K (:■ w York, 
(^ann ron Ei»rlrir»l Wfg. Co.. ll.F., AoAOtta, Cocn 
C:«titrHl KI«T<trli* Co,, Clikjifo. 
Cohimhiii Mi.tiin- Wrirks. Brrmklvn. S. Y. 
£itivkaT<-riiiM rv.| Ci^.g^^r VVnrki*, Sorlb Eail, ?« 
Kori*8t Vhx Kj.. in ( V,., ilrv. land, Obla 
tienerfti EU'i-trlc C<i., iscbfi]<-(*tndy, N, Y. 
J*»ff(>rsrjn KnisiA Found ry. BrrK>klvD, N. Y. 
Miller-Knobl^^k Kkr. Slfu- Co , iSomb Htad, Isd 
WlllUmis 4. son. E. A,, Jtjrwrj Cily, N.J. 


Ik— CICMied CI n- Hit. 


AnsoDlA Klf^rtrlcftl Co,. Thi*. AoaoqIa* CoAd. 

Hofitnn KlwlrfcC^.p HimUjn, Mhu. 

Uuiiiii'l] A Ok, J. H.. N,n¥ Yark. 

BuTiinvill Tclejcrmiihio It EltM?* €Ott Kew Y(nk« 

C«>nt.riU Elec'lrlc Co.^ Cbkmgo, 

CUrk .t Mili-4. BoBton, 

Ed 1 son Mfi:. *'o.. New York* 

Gofdoo lirtttf^ry Co., >Vw York. 

llosiwy Ilyn&mo Ratt^rj Co,. New York. 

lAtham & Co., H, fi.* NVw York 

»|«iihi»ttan Elec*! 8np.Co.,N<;w Y'ork ACblctjo 

Tfrnionil CdrtKvn Co,. Ck'Vt-liind, O. 

NuTiir*'*seT KU-ntfii* Hattefv Ca. Cl^vHimd. Obi* 

FhMPiJ Bsnery Mffc. Co.* 8t. J^tii^ ^o. 

Pallfrn Electric Co,, hs&n W.* Pblluli^lpbia, Pi. 

KiBdJjr m^Btioit the Binctory in wHtiujE 



•IND roR 

Specially Waterproofed for 
Arc Lamp Cord and Trolley Cord. 




153 to 161 Clinton St., Chicago. 







x;-.-M^t* ^v A-xi w<*rt>i. >¥fc «iM4p »4Wif femr the dKmp- 




L.?^A *^. •^# W« >fc.wt * » V>*ilK 



Soulbent BAttfiPV Co.. DulUst. Texas, 
9«Biilvy * Piii.ti«r»ciiii N**w York. 
Stii«rt-Uofrla.4i€l Co., Boi^toa, Mub, 
W»t«rbBiT Battery Co., Waierbury. Conn. (EiceJ- 

■ior atiif Sch04?t]melil). 
Wwtrm Elccirlc Co , Chicnjio »t)d Hew York 
Wtiltv IX-QtAl Mf|£. Cu., Tlie Sw &, PhUiideLpbi&. 

b— Uft* 

BuDnell & C&, J. H., N«w York. 
iHfliiiiieil T«lffigTanlii ^ Kietctriciil Cop^ Thfir 

'^ Hew York. 
Burnley Butiery & Mfg. Co., PalutJivllIe, O. 
'Centml Electric Co.* chifjiwnH 
iKjtv Pqi Cable Jbilec. A»iiitjiiit Ci>,, Uostou. (Dow) 
Kric««on Tvle pbone Co.. Npw York. 
yimaklin Klet^tric l^ Mfg. Cl>., MturiilibuTi;, Ob I a 
^oaoa a Son C«^. The J«, Kew York^ 
Ke«l«r Elecirii^ Miy^. Co., CiikaKa 
t^clede BatterrCo.. Kokomo« lad 
I^tlum mVo„ £. H.i New York 
Ijeclanobe Battery Co., Ne\if York, 
■I CarlfCii Co., Clevrkiid. O. 
iLltAu I-:ieclBiip.€o.,NewVork & ChiCJiga 
Ji i 9 b u r ^ i: ! ectrtc Co. . SI i juti i h bii rK> Oh lo, 
.f KfceltiOT D ry liat r^i ry Man o f ut lory , New Y ork 
ieti-FelArixlag l>rv ItutiLTv Co., Hvw York. 
ffunyreteT Elet'lriir Bsittirry Co.. CitvelautUtV 
fuLlvEi Slvclflc Co.. Lt'Oii W., PbSladdpbiii, Pti. 
cb^. \Vm, t Ntw York. 
iinl«y A Ffttte^rfloiir New York. (Exeter) 

ftrt-Howlnnd Co*, BontOQ^ Ijau. 
„jr(f Klwlric Co., Cbicuj^o. 
r««tero Elwtrie Co., CbiaiKoaod ?;ew York 

c?— Open Cfrcult. 

B*dt Golu Stigttip«rlt)f; Co.. Chicago. 

C«iitnhl Electric Co., Cluciiifo. 

Cbloria*! of saver liry Ci-ll Uuttery Co., Bnlii- 

t&ore, Mtl. 
£]#>i]tr1c Gka Lixbtlni; Co., Tbo, UoitoD. Maia. 
Brkuoa TeJefibOba Co.» New York. 
F«deml BMtlery Co* New York. 
Oordoia Batiery Co,» New York 
B«rrii*Qii Broa. A Co.. Philadelphia 
HlrilniAnn. i\ J=, New York. 

H«ltzer-Catjot Klftctrl*? Co^. BrookOne, Umb. 
Jonm* A Hon Co., The J.i »w York. 
ijkcJede Battery Co., Kokoino, Ind 
~ 1win A Co., E. B»i New York 
ji^iar'be Baltt^rv Co., Ni-w li ork. 
.„_Jii*t, Rob«*rl L., IddianQpoli»(. Tnd. 
Mmnluttan KlecU liup^Co, *New York & CbtcAKo 
Hmtioflial CarlMii] Co., Clevelauil. O. 
pern Eleolrie Mfc Go., Pi*ro, Ind. 
PboenlK Bfttrer.'i Mfg. Co.* St. LouIh. Mo. 
PuJieti ElH^trJc Co . Uoii W,. PbllntlelphSa. 
B- I. T*^lf*pbon<* it KltTtric Co., Provide Qce, R, L 
Rochf, W I Ilium. New York. 
6tjiiit«y & Palt«rfion, N^w York, 
i$tii&rt'H«>fv 11411 d Co*, Uofton.Miaa. 
Western Kleptrltr Co^ Cbtoaico and N«w York. 

fitanley & PAttmrman, New York. 
Htuttrt-Hovrland Co.| Btutoo, Mm». 
Weatvrii Ktoctrle Co., Chicago and New York. 



Acme El(?ctTic Co.. ChiciKOtJDL 

Am(;riea£i Electrio Telopbone Co., Chicago. 

CciitrKl £ leer trio Co*. Chicago. 

Farr Tt-lepliune & Coaitmotion Supply Co.* Chi- 

Krvslone Klec trie Tele phone Co., Pittsburg, Pa. 
Lilt ham Si l:o** £. B*^ New York 
M«nhattMD Ei«cl MJup.Co.^NewYork A^ Chicago 
Nuttoaal Telephone M(u. Co.. Uositoa, Mass. 
OstniTuhT *t Co., W. H.. New York- 
Partrlck. t arnT A Wllklns, Phtladelphia, P«, 
Pho**fMX Klectrk Teiepbone Co.* >ewYork. 
Stanley A PftltenMin, New York. 
Viaduf-t Mfir Co,. HaltiiaorB, Md. 
Weateni l':i«'ctHi- Co.* Chiciiiro and New York 
Western IVh^pln'iif Coafitructioo Col, Cbicaeck 
WllUutiJsi A Abbott KlBctricCo., Thif, CltTelifcnd. 
Zleglf'T Electric Co., Boston, llasa. 

Akron UeUinECo., Akron, Ohio. 

Ale Sander Uro&., Fbilfkdelphla, Pu 

Allen A Co,. W. U., Chlciii?o. 

Bay Slate Bellliiif Co.. IJoaton^ ^Uss. 

Bickfnrtl A KniinHii Kcltinn Co., lluffak, si, £ 

KsMliliHit U< lliim ( <>., i k-veland. Ohio. 

Brftdfntn] 1^ iiinuM'n., nncimiati, Ohio. 

Brooklyn LshIMt BelLink- Co.. Brooklyn, N. Y 

Charlotte Bi'lllbg to., Charlotte, N< C, 

Ch ioa, po I tn 1 1 i nil Co, , Ch i oapo. 

Chicago Riiwbide Mfjj. eo,.Cbl(ia«o rBawblde.) 

Creeoent Bsiltiniir 4t Paeklng Co,, TrentoD N. 

Crot-K Bros. A uo., Ro theater, N. Y. 

l><Klffi- MfL', Co., Ml^haw&ka, lad, 

Fiiv<rw. inhf^f A Ladew, New Vofk and Cbicagc. 

tirut V Kniiihl Mtit. Co.. WciK)««|«r* Mass. 

Hi lie I> Either Bcdtla^ Co,, Indlftiiftpolli. Ind. 

Hum Co , Henry C, Bon Con, Ma- a. 

J e H 4- 1 1 Hel 1 1 n fe Co, . Hn rt f of d , Co o n. 

Miitu Beltinp; Co.. Pbiladt'lphia, Pa. (Leviathan.) 

MeitT'e Sonii, *To8., Newark. N. J. 

New York Beltioij ^t Packing Co., Naw York 

New York Leather [felting Co., New York. 

Norwich BeitioE Mftr. Co., Noiivlch* Conn. 

N ott A Co. , W , K , M I n neanoli »* Minn. 

Puire lieltlnir C*o., Contonl. N. H* (Acme Lla 

Eureka iMnamo.) 
KmseodaSe-Redda^vay Hettin^ A Hose Co., New 

ark. N, J. {CiimH Hair. > 
S^'hltnn M Co., Chaa. A.^ 4£ Ppiry St. N«w 

York, and 46 South Cauiil St., Chicago. 
Shultz Beltini? Co.^ St, Lonii, Mo. 
Sumner Beltitig Co , Wm., Tolland, Conn. 
WarrifO. J. F. AC. G.. Worc*>»ter, Ma«s 
Wise A Bailey* Philadelphia, Pa. 
Willhitus A Sons. J. B.. Dover. N, H. 




Bunnell A Co., J, H., New York 

C«nti-*l Elfetrlr Co.* Chlcat^o. 

Edwards A Co,, H4tb *t. A 4lh Ave,, New York. 

l!bHriric Gai Lii^btiniE Co., Tbe, Boston* Mass. 

) V iijitor. SUmdtird, Uandy Two Point. Tyrolean. ) 
K!i rtric Supply A Mfg. Ca. The, Cleveland, Ohio. 
11.^^1 til El*rt?trtcCo.. Detroit, Mlek (2-wiiyJ 
Hill Brans Co., N. N.* Kafit Hampton* Conn 
UoltxcT-Citbot Elect rfo Co,, Drookllne, MaiR 

Joaea M 8011 Co., The J*, New York. 
Kell M S€»n, Prancfs New York (BeJUnee) 
lAtluifi M Co-, £. B„ New York 
Muili«tluiEI««'l^tip,CoMNowYork A Chi ca 1^0 
Novvliv Elec:trio Co.. Philndelpbhi, Pa, 
Offtnoder A Co.. W. B,. New York. 
PWtnek. Carter A Wilklni, Fhi]iidrlphi&, Pa. 
Paatoi* FrKlerIck, Tfew York. 
Proe$er-1laymaiid Co.. BufTalo. N. Y. 
Boawena D«irid, N#w Yotk 
ttpl*» FJ*eiT*c Co., Chicago, III. 

Adam Electric Co.. Frank, Bl Lottti. Mo. 

HoaAert Klectrlc Conatructlon Co.,trtioa,N.7 

Central K I or trie Co., Chicago, 

Cbaxe'Shawtntii Co.. Boatoo 

Cleveland J^wlicbboard A Klec MfiJ. Co., Cleveland 

Hill Elac, Co., W. S., New B«dford, Maat. 

Lane. J. A Co., ChlcAgo, 

JjA Roche< A Co.. F, A., New York. 

Ijitham A Co*, E* B*, New York 

McKeiina Brc«t. Brass Co., Plttebiiri?, Pa. 

Paii^r..- IL T,. Phllndelphla. Pa. 

Safeti- Electnc Mfa, Co . The, Nrw Orleaui, Ll, 

Wa I ki^ r Eli'ct r i c a I Co, . P h 1 1 ade 1 pnla, Pa . 

WestfTiJ Eki trical yitpplv Co,. St Louis* Mo. 

Zlmdajrn A Bunt, New ^ork. 

BOILEB COHPOUNIiS^Sci! CompottadA, Bottvr 

BOILEB COYEBtXaS—See Coverlon, PIm and 


Flmm meatloo Fifwvm* Ctntm Smim Dlrectorj Whan wrtUaft. 



Reiintoo\A/ Reiolcing JLf RoT^^ickS' 

Eclipse Sectional Rainbow Gaskets, Honest John and Hercnies Combination Packings, 
Rainbow Belting. Steam and Hot Water Hose. 


i6 Warren Street, New York. 




1 ^^^^^^ 







Four sizes, capacity to % in. 
Copper Wire. 

Electric Wire Cutters with Insu- 
lated Handles. Four sizes, capac- 
ity to 1^ in. Cable. 

Write for circular. 

H. K. PORTER, 6 tsMinil St., EmtH, Mitt 



are the standard X-Ray apparatus. They give a constant heavy spark and have the highest 
possible degree of insulation. cr* 8KNI> FOB CATAX.OOUE No. 0050. 



„„_afQtli A Root II fir. Cau. »w York (Root) 
Aliuy WMLer Tulje Ik* tier Ci).. l^ruvlUeiit?!-. ft. L 

ftMlKMH^k m Wllcos Co., The* Now- York. 
ISii^tow itoilfr Works. Nt*w Uiivnti. Coan. (H&q 

Bo Iff i Sim*. L.. Xi?w Yn^rk. 

^pr:i ro, York. Pa. 

rks, biuutb UrookljR 

.<L Mich. (Tftylor.1 
■ Litou, Ut'L 

..:. .- :. -. ^^ - . :-- , Pti. 
ULh. J^jkiii U. Jr.. l'hili4^i>l|#Kiii, Pa. 

iMiir li 

r Oi*, Nuw York (Pcirciuplije.V 
■ ik*r Co., Su Louis. M«. 
:ijrv *t MuL'liiUf Work*. Osw««o 

MrN Vorks. Akmn. OUlo (Cook.) 

Xftii . r Tubo Uolirr Co^, New Uruni- 

?ffw York tVjntml Iron Work* C«., Oenevt, K. Y. 

^Um BoUer Co.. Nile*, O. 

D*firHiii Bollvr Wofk^, John, St. Lou i it. Mo. 

Ftioenll Iron Wurka, MiMi4vill«*, i'a^ < Mjititiiiiff,) 

HprittirliifM Hoikr ^ MTi? Co., S|iTlogflLtti, l\\ 

f^V^mfn^ \tts. t'o,, Kri«t'. INi. 

hlirlirti! Ta. Th(% < hii'^itru. 

W^-Uj^-rill A C«.. B., ChHHpr. Pa. (Kern- J 

Wtckfs Uro*., S»iiflji*w. E, a, Mick tW'ltl£i#i.) 


Pttn«r, it. K*, Erer^tt, Mum. 


Lev(?r Mfif. Co,. C If.. Chicago. 
Wrl«ir>^ Tlkomtts. Chft:»ieo. 


Cro*"k«*r-W^h*eler €a,. Amp4>ii-. N. J 

FT. Wmynv KU^ctrlc W\b.^ Ft. Wmydb, Ind 

— !S« 

BOX£i^, CUT-OiTT-IR€IX — »0 

ft7V4«iit KlfM-tfkt C:o., Hrkij*«'j>fiTt. Conn. 

Lmk I *ii ( * *, . T h i\ Kl k luil-i . I ri d . 

1^ Hue he Co., t\ A., New York. 

lilAodMj-d Undi^rirrouiul Ciftble Co*, FUtftbnrg. 

Wn^oer £l«clr]c Mtff. Co., 81. Loui&, Mo. 


Centnl Elprtrlc Com CJihTaffo. 

Pinfi-k C'rirfTA Wfikiris. Phil*4Hpbia, Pa. 

W.-- : -0 a hd N t^ w Yark 


AkrifCi Insulmiof .1 Miirblt Co.. Akron, Ohio. 
KoBAvrl K.It»ctrlc Cofi»truclloii CoMl^'licftt^.Y. 
Cc'CitrKl Kl^u'lrU- Co., i hnn:Jr<». 
a«iier&l Kiretrif Co<, S-'!i» mM-unlj, N, Y, 
Gfmenl Ju. an(k*<t-rnt Arc Usfht Do., H«w York. 
JobDi>oii A, Morton, Ulic*, h. Y 
Xm. Hfiehff Co., F. .%., Nf w York. 
Lttlhihin it Co., K. II., »w Yfirk 
&t»nd»nl, Underrroand Cuble Co., PitUbufif 


Crfkiml Electric Co,, «;htmtf". 
p^J,, ., 1 :t. w<.,4.f ^ Iron Co.. Clvvt*Und, Q. 
iMO ■ ■ '.. E. 11., New York 

Lo' . ViiHoT, N, Y. 

Mci.«M.^ t,...n Lfi.. rirti«burvr, Pb 
OhtD HcwM Co., Thfi, MuD^tfleid, a 
Olttisr Irou A SUmjI Co.. PiiLsbiirir. P*, 

nwuicmMm m hheak arms, ino% —ss 

Bfwl>. T. 0.. N**w llrtUUi. CoiHv 
CBntrml Kttf'vtric Co** ChLeAiEo. 
fileetfitAJ Coiiw. Supi^ljr Co., S^jjHn^tflil, D 


Cf^iitml EU'ic-tHe Co*f CblfjiKO. 

Fftrii-b MItf. l.o., Lli'Piitnr. lit, (L'uiFi*r3al.i 

tiloiM! Lij^ht A lit*utCo.. Cbiciieci. 

Jotiv^H ^ Hon Co*. Th« if*, N*fw York. 

KLtiiDin it Cit., PhilUitit'liJhin, Pi*. 

Latham Jk Co., E. B*, N\-w York 

Muiihuttiin ElPEMHti]i.Co.,?<c-n York & CbieagO 

MrliiTitt' Hnwi, Co., ['!tr«tiiir^b. Pa 

MtJEiiloy A: I'ftttifrAOii^ NVw York. 

WuBtt?ru EkctncCo,. Chioiwo mid Tiavf York 

Whtta Co., The 0. C, Worc«»Msr, Mfc**. 



Urudv. T. H, Nijw UrUaln, Con a. 

Uurtibum ti Du;^'<;»tri RalJwuy ApplLnne* Co. 

Boiftoiu Mi\st. 
Ccntriki E1«*t*tHr COf, Chicnjio. 
Cfftsi II bi*n a !<' 1 1 if I II tn-r i tij^ Cti. . C In*; i fi mi tl. Oh lo. 
Cutler Co., Ut'orir*), Ctiit r^j. 
Eerl«nt<in l.uiiib«r Mi., Th^, Nijw York. 

Oenorul r.lpctric Co., SMhi*n*'cUidy, K. Y* 

Latlmui & Co., E, H,, New Y'ork 

LciivlU. U. II . Oiprnh, [li 

Ltickts fD-d, M,, VSn-tor. N\ Y. 

MaahMtljiii ElcT*l Snp.Co.,N#wYorkik Cbiojio 

Ohio liniiiii (.Jo.. M nil ^ Mil. Ulilo. 

S4intnoii& Crv, .Inhii, Npw York. 

Stniilry lb Pntterwon, ^fW York. 

l^tuMft-flowlAiul Co., I Boston. M&m. 

Wnii worth Mfy. Co , Br>eitoii, Ha**. 

Wftlmirtb *^ Nmiht* Mfif. C^p.. Kjty CUy. Mich. 

\Yt-9tJ'riii EJi*ctricCo,. rhiciti^o niMi ^fw Vork 

WUt^oiijilu BridK^A Iron Ca, MUivaukt*, Wli. 


Hopipifttt ELi^ctrlc CoiLHlrut'tlofi Co.,riica,N.T 
Coiidli Jr„ & Co.. W. B . Jioskiii. (bitdt'O} 
CutltT-JImnrat^r Mfp. Co., MiJwutikee, WU, 
CuttLT ElcfitrictiJ .Slfif. Co.. Plilljulelpbift, P». 

Fl. Wuyne El^i-trlc Works, Ft. W*ytn*. fnd^ 
ift^nertt^ KqnlpinftitCo . C»m«1«o, K, ,1, 
iTvui^rAl lumnEliiiictsht Arc Llvbt Co,. Ntw York, 
La Roctifi Co., F. A., New York. iId(»Al). 
I^eonard Electric Co.. w*rd. BrouiflyUi*?, K. V. 
Ohio Bnie» Co., The, liftn»0cld. O. 


UhTth. Kmjiouf^l. Pottuv'ilks Pa. 
HurLon «t C:!a, A. K., Ilo»toii. Miini. 
Cffntriil ElecTtrlc Co., Cblofca. 
GeriB. LuEfibard A Co.. Cbici&i:o. 


ft — Carbon, 

ArniTlmn CHrlioTi Co., Noblf^srllk, Ind. 

Render, Ciro., New York 

CliknaKO Edlnon Co., Clic^tf", 

C rou!*t':-T r*' 1 n K i in- C^r Un n Ci i. , Tb ** . Fonlc r i a, O* 

En'U'm Ciirbon Work», Hubwuy, N , J. 

KttfudMiv f^iirboii Co.. .liuiinH'ttf'. P*. 

Cir^ffofj Electric Co,, t^JiidJipo 

Holnih'i Kibr-'-Oniphito Mr>r. Cm.. P blind 5lpbia,Pm 

iloiit'ii A Hon Co., The if.. New York. 

I>iUhitiii & Co.. E. ll„ Nf"w York 

MttiihuttHii Elct^'l Hiip.Co..New York ACL;?i£ 

NntEuiml CwrWu I'n,. (;li^vf;bind. Ohio* 

Ohio B mil ft Co . The. HatnBd'^Id. O 

PiinrUlifi* Carbon VVorki!, ^unduakv, Ohiu, 

Si per Cui-bon Cn , St Haivi*, Pa 

SLanloy A Pattenum, N,;* York. 

b^-She#l Metal, 
Bender, flea., Nt^w York 
Boudreaux Dvnaino Bntib Co.. New York 
Baivka Temr>**r"d Coppi^f Wofk«, North g <t Pi* 
Oalvaiiir M^Ui Pup^r i'«., Jefsey CUy, ^ J Cil^ 

VHUlc Metnl 1 
Oeneral Ete<elrle Co., Seheniiota^y, N ' 

ITjBff^r mention the Difvotor; In writloK 



m m mm tr ath t «■■- ■ - TSL-k,. 

Ti i pn XTLT 

■ ....>irr«| 

!-=- IU« 

"!». 5t» 


. ■'. •"• -■ ■ .* It- ■ •.. i-c^n. Ohia 


I ... r-- ri. -'■ ... Ii'^^.v-c- Mm* 

t miif • ^ ■; l!-iif*;.iTt_ >". Y. 

'iiM-""- ' ' '■ ''i.-^ lotion. >'. J. 

Ht I !.■•«•.. . I. ■: .r. VuKk. 

I,H«i.i.»* '• I i:.. v.nTork 
■ '•■• iifH«>i*H«<f" M*' i-'tip.C4«^N«irTorkACUnc» 

J .......... . . I . .. » M-- 1 , :; * . . 1 •■ ■ • l»i f -..»,■. X.T. 

J , . ■■ I ■ I , ■• * . atHtii* » A- I «•♦• '•■••fi, \.tr Tork. 

••■••:•••■"'» -f ».• 1 A • . • li i:.^m Lirerpool. Obia 

,. . . 1. . . - » 

: . . . I , p. . 1. . Mntt • \V«M»(|. 

,.* . .... I'..' ., '.. . -.-v ^'^'"M" i,-„i,„ii.,.. M-' i''Mp.r«>..XowYork*Clia«» 

I III.' • ": ■ . . i.i .. . . 

^ '■ • '" .V".-... »«""•■ *'■■■"•■••■: ■ '■■ '"'-'- ?"■ £*K£!T8rpiMiC 

i . • • t f t 


... I..-! t • !».»'■ 

■• • I . I- I 

..I. / I ..•»■ r •■»■ •' 

. . »r. I .. .1 » .. I' ' ■ ^' 

f.||.... I .-i ' '" r..i...i "" r'.'A':;..; i . .« ■' ^' n-^^s^ 


K/H-iir w»»'»»""« ♦*'• i\i.i.«.- • «' 

I««trtr*l "^niiptr Cc»p« St. Leal*, iCft 

.r-Wl!^I>INO -^m^ 

> Co*, i'bicj^fo, Ul. 

TCBMAX*S ^^©b 

WkCclinuii** Time D«t«ei«p Co. 

L 0.» flvw York. 

' ^ ~ ii*tt Clctek To,, Grand il*pldt« 

rtJITI?<U -TO 

reirlr Co., Thtt^Ko. 

ilieCc.lLW.. Now York 

tof f>i,t N«w York* 

llA Rul^bferCo., Urfitol. It L 

i^RlCTIOK — Tl 

*adj A MiMsliiim Co., Batton, Hui 


JMsli«ti CJtttch D>. Gfore Clt^, Pi. 

■Miliar Ox. r'k'iriv|iaai:l. Ohio. 

WmJk, A F.. K«w York. 

iBB, B. W.. Chicago. 

loll m Pulifsy Cn.. WeitflBld. K. Y. 

OOt. ]f1«lift«^Rkf^ Ind. 

,, llcidtan. >'. Y. 

Wcirk«, CtevpUnd, Ohla 

h\nF^ Cn., .]iinie«, North A da mi, M*tl. 

>iiuinf»*'Hti« Co,. The. Nk^town, P*. 


tiM;, PhiludtflpkU, Pm. 

Urn 4. VV., VViUuuKlib>% OhH Um 

MftMkotibitiry Ca, Jaru4-i, PhUn.. Ph^ 
> falley Worku* Erii-. Fm. 


ctripitl Ca, Tbe. Ansonia, Conn. 
... N>w York. 
fctrte C*»., (Jhlrajjo. 
«<*tHc Ca,. fidhfrirr-t-tadv, N. Y. 
l«9 EIi!*^. A<iil»t4Lnt Co,. Ebfit49n. {pow) 
J Ura»ri ^ Eltfclric Co., Nvw York. 

C**^ K. B., Xcw York 
iEl<«'l»u|k.C<i.,NewYork &Chlea^ 
4rt!» Cflu, Thp, Chicii.v:o. 
lock Ekt.^ Mfif. I7n.. t»niitb Bead, Jnd. 
ins, E. ^ . BTCKikline^ Mniii. 
;ritat Work-. New York. 
F,, Ni!w Vofk. 
PBtt^rKaii, >'*■» York; 
M»«4r yZlnv. ^ !»If|t- ^<^*f PtttAburg, Pi. 
ectrlciil lii'ftrtinient Co,, P«?nRcook* 

jrn F&osTiNa for incah- 
irr liAMFt} -IB 

^ ili-jil Mf ', Co,, >^cw York. 

L. M. L., Cklcairo 

irifi Cv>*i>r Co. New York 

. Crt.. K. P,. N«w Yof k 

n,*r., NtwYork 

tl. IL. Kuw UKven. CoTifi. 

^Atteniftfit Ncvr York (BohemlAEi) 

e ClieMnkii Co., MfrMraukee^ Wi«, 


BOlt^RR -^74 

!, To, Tnjy, :?^, Y 
•tUfiniECQ., UrMiioii, Mftm, 
1 Co.» l-hilifli^iphii. pJi, 
_ ft Chf«ttikj|l Worki*. ChJ<3i(iro. 
nirte»l Co., philadplpliitt rimp^hnl) 
I BoUpf Camriound Co., ChJciRo 
> W., Philndttlphlft, Pa 
mlcMl (.^ , J. H.» Chlrniro. 
IJorCompfitiiin Ca. Pltt#bi3fg. Pa 
IJer Scull* RpMilTeiit t!o,, Pitts burn, 
llfitf on Worki.Ckveliind ( F.xtwl ilor. 
] 41 GfriieiJo-, MUwimk<*u (Eurt^ki.) 

Wirl«y * fi%, Thomiw a, PtiHiddphlft* ftw 
WiJioii*t:l»rk Ott.. Tlie, Cl«vH»tid» Cbia 
WUwja Co., New York. 


Ch1^^holm A.. Bt. Loula, Mo. (P* otIw*) 
Mtl^ap&o A Co.* K.t UJO WlitUtigtou St. 

CbicAtfo, fGH:i5>.> (See adv.! 
O. C. Uitle Pdllej Costing i o.j MenMbi, Wit. 
R. A M. U fg. Co.. Cbtcijfo. til. 
SoutUwiJtib & Hnrc?, ]i]ilUii«poU«. Ind 


C««itr»il Klf>ctrl4^ Co., cjtitca^o, 
Ql«««on, T. W.. Bost/jii, Mass, 
Lenl-i ,!t Co.. Morrl*^ K.. Philadelphia. 
MarHball, Wm., NVw York, 
Qm'nu X Co.. Inc., Philjuk^lphia, Pa, 


UnragwitiiHlli it f$on. Wm., ChlcHgo. 
Hlaki^ Mfif. Co.. GiHiTiTi* F,. Nf*w York- 
Bulk ley, Heiirv W.. N#w York. 
Cull over Mtit. Co.. Kew York, 
DuT-rlaon M T., Urwktyn. N. Y. 
jj«an JJroi. f^timtn Putnt>WorkiJnd1anapoU<jQd. 
Dvatif? Ste«in Pump Co., liolvokn, MavA. 
tohuttfi A Co.. L.. FbJlidel[»5U, 
\V heftier CondPfiJ*erit KdpineerlnnCo.. KewYork* 
Wortliiriiflou. HtMiry H.. »w York. 


AnH?riu::an Cireuhir Loom Co.. Ctielaea. Kass. 
Amerltun lTiti>rkor Conduit Co,^ VV'aiikBi^iili, 111 
C«nitnil Elprtric Co-, Chieajro. 
M Mil hut l4& II E L« c J 1 Sti p. C o. , N (. w Y n r k A Chicago 
Onburn rh'Jtibhi Conduit Co., N'uw York (FJol 

Kkhinond Klvr, Wire Condi It Co., Wankepan IJL 
S*feiy-Armorlte Conduit Co., Rankin biadoo, Pit 
Hpriivfciij KkK'irk Co., New York. 
v. ^. Wire Conduit Co,, Ntw Kctmltigicm, Pi, 


Amerifzin Bliirif t cutrloiit Co., ChicAKo 
Amelidfi VilriflHlCondpit Co.. New York. 
CampCoL, II. II.. Aultman. Ohio. 
Chlc«fO Edlaoxi Co.. Ctiicwi^o. 
UreoAOtint? Work a, Louif IMund City. N. Y, 
Cummlnizs Coiidiiil «>,, ivtroit. Micli. 
£k'ctrolypi4 Pniof Conduit Mfp.Co., ChleiffO 
Kppiimtr A RiJH»e|l Co., Long island CUv, K Y- 
Fibre- Cumin il Co,. Th*-, OrinKfbQnr, N. V 
4<«neriLl EI«ctrlo Co., ^kb^DseUuiy, N, V. 
MclU*y Ctoy Works. Xew Ytirk. 
MirhlLian l*i|)t' Cn.. Tbi'. Hiiy City. Mich. 
National Comliiti <& CibkCn., Nkw York 
PntotiiaQ TiTfH Cotta Co., WH«hiof^m D. C. 
SUnidArdtlfiaprffronnd Cftbl« Co., PlttiburR 
Walwnrlk*.^ Nt'vUle M fc Cn,. Hmv Cttv, Mich. 
W il I i 11 HI Ji jKiTL ^ cKM I p' El F! Tl*? Co. , Pb i imdel pb la. Pi, 
WvckofT Cf«o*otiti(f Cru. Tb*'. Willinniftport, Pa 
Wjckofl & ^on ViK. A., Elmira, X. Y 


Americ'iin VAt^rtrif^ FuseCa, Chtcapo. 

An#i>iiUi Kli^i'tnoal Ca, Tlin. Ansonm, Conn. 

Bnrt A Tohiy, New Bedford. Mita. 

C«atrml ElR^'trlc Co., Cblt^sco. 

ClUWe-S^haMrinwt r'o., iinflton. Mail. 

Blictric 8nppty Cu., Chicago 

Lane^, J , A Co., Cklcvo. 

Melutln^ Co.. C. >«wark, N. J. 

National Condoit A Cabk Co.. New York. 

Ohio BrnKB Cn., Tb<*. Man*flHd. O, 

f^taiidiird l^ndrri^roaod C»b|# COp, Pittibnri, 

Si<«eli' A .fobtjsoii MfK, Co., Wat«rbury, Conn. 

Tiinivr ilp*«ii W^irks. Chlnatsro. 

W«ctern Electric Co.. Cbloajfo and »w Yo'k 

Kindly meBttoB th« DIr»olo^ In wfltlwe 




Borden & Selleck Co., Chicago. 

Brothers Co., The W. F., New York 

Kxeter Machine Workn. The, PitULon, Pa. 

Uunt Co., C. W., New York. 

Jeffrey Mf^j. Co., Columbus. Ohio. 

Link- Belt Kngiueering Co., The, Nicotown, Pa 

and Chicago. 
Link Belt Machinery Co., Chicago. 111. 
Mead Mfg. Co., John A., New York 
Kobins Conveying Belt Co., New York. 
Trenton Iron Co., Trenton, N. J. 
Union Telpherage Co., New York 


Besly it Co.. C. H.. Chicago. 

Eureka Tempt^ed Copper Works, North Baet, Pa. 

Scovill Mfg. Co., Watcrbury, Conn. 


ISlectrlo Appliance Co., Chicago. 
Manhattan Elec'l Sup.Co.,NewYork »S: Chicago 
Samaon Cordage Works, Boston. 


Burt A Tobey, New Betlford, Mastt 

CONVERTERS-See Transformers. 


Carey Mfg. Co., The Phillip, Lonkland, Ohio. 

Carr Manufacturing. Co., Boston, Mass. 

Chicago AHb(>stOH Mfg. Co.. Chicago 

Chicago Fire Proof Covering Co.. Chicago. 

Electro Fire Proofing Co., Philadeiphia. 

Fossil Meal Co., New York. 

Gilmour Mfg. Co., New York. 

Griffin . A. A.. in«n Co., New York. 

Johns-Manville Co., H. W., New York 

Keasbey * Mattii«on Co.. Ambler. i»a. (Magnesia.) 

Keasbey. R. A , N«*w York 

Kelley Co., The, .Mineral Point, Wis. 

Michigan Pip** Co., Tlie, Bay City, Mich. 

New Jersey Aubestos Co.. Cnmdeu, N. J. 

Norristown Covering Co., Norrintown, Pa 

Peoria Chemical Laboratory. Peoria, 111. 

Watson Jfi Co., H. F.. Krie. Ph. 

Wyckoff & 8oH Co., A. Elraira, N. Y 

U. S. Mineral \> 'k»I Co.. New Vork. 


Anltman Co^ Car t< n, O. 
Box & Co.. Alfi I Philadelphia, I»a. 
Brown Hoistin A Conveying Machine Co.. Cleve- 
land. Ohio. 
Bnrr Mfg. Co . It.., Cleveland, O. 
Case Miinnra< taring Co., Oolumbas. O. 
Crocker- WlitN^ler Co., .Vmpere, N. J 
Franklin PoiU i e Crane ft Hoist Co..Franklin,Pa 
Harrington. Son ^i Co.. K«iwin, Philadelphia, Pa 
Hunt Co., C. N\ . New York. 
Industrial Works, Hay City. Mich. 
Lidgerwixxl Mfg. (,'(>..' N«*\v Yoric. 
Maris Bros.. I'hiiadelphiu. \*h. 
Moom Mfg. Co . CI«*velMnd. O. 
Niles Tool W . k* Co.. New York. 
Otis Klevatoi Co.. New York 
Prnntiss T<h> »V' Supply Co., New York. 
SellHrs tt Co , Wmi.. Pliihuh'lphia, Pa. 
Shaw Kleoti <• •nine Co.. .Muskegon, Mich. 
Shrivt'r it Co.. T.. New York. 
WebMer, Camp. St Lnuo .Mnchine Co., Akron, Ohio. 
Whiting Foundry Kquiptnent Co., Chicago. 



Bailey Mfg. Co., Elkln. N. C. 

Blake A Co., John E., New York. 

Brownlee Jfc Co.. I>etrolt, Mich 

Central Electric Co., Chicago. 

Central Htg. Co., Chattauooga. Tenn. 

Cohn & Buck Princess Anne, Md. 

Cotter Co., George. Chicago. 

Eoclestoii Lumber Co., New York. 

Indianapolis Arm, Bracket A Pin Co., Indian 

apolis, Ind 
Latham A Co., E. B., New York 
Leavitt. U. H.. Capron, 111. 
Locke. Fred. M., Victor, N. Y. 
Loud A Sons. Lumber Co., H M., Oscoda, Mich. 
McQuat, Uoljert L.. Indianapolii*, Ind. 
Manhattan Elec*lSup.Co., New York A Chicago 
Ohio Brafeis Co., The. Mansfield, O. 
Phelan. 1>. W., New York 
8tandard Arm A Pin Co., The, Gadsden, Ala. 
Standard Pole A 'lie Co.. New York 
Sterling & Son, W. C. Monroe, Mich. 
Texas Arm A Pin Co.. Beaumont Tex. 
Yreeland, B. F., Denver. Colo 
Walworth A Neville Mfg. Co., Bay CIt.v, Mich. 



Abbott. Eugene B., Cleveland. O 

Bernard Co., K. G., Troy, N. Y. (Powers, Bernard- 
Powers. ) 

Brady. T. H., New Britain. Conn. 

Central Electric Co., Chicago. 

Ft. W^ayne Electric Works, Ft. Wayne, Ind. 

General Electric Co., Schenectady, N. Y. 

Latham A Co*, E. B., New Vork 

Manhattan Elec*lSap.Co.,NewTork A Chicago 

Pass A Seymour, Syrarnse. N. Y. 

Philadelphia Klectrical A Mfg. Co., Philadelphia. 

Utica lOlectrical Mfg. A Supply Ca, Utica, N. Y. 
(Herculen. ) 

Western Electric CcChicago and New York 

Weatinichonae Electric A Mf f(. Cc Pittsburg 



Bogart. A. L.. New York. 
Central Electric Co., Chicago. 
Holtxer -Cabot Elee. Co., Brookline, 1 
Manhattan Elro'l Sup.Co., New York & Chicago 


a— Mains and Branches 


Bryant Electric Co.. Bridgeport. Conn. (K. W.) 
Central Electric Co., Chicago. 
Chase-Shawmut Co.. Boston, Mass. 
Chicago Edison Co., Chicago. 
Electro- Dynamic Co.. Philadelphia, Pa. 
Fagun. J. < , Watertown. N. Y. 
Ft. Wavne Electric Works, Ft. Wayne, Ind. 
General Electric Co., Hrhenectady, N. Y. 
Gilmore Electrical A Mfg. Co.. North Easton, 

Latham A Co., E. B.. New Nork 
Manhattan KllecU Sup.<;o.,New York A Chicago 
pMiste Co.. li. T., Philadeluhia, Pa. 
Pass. A Seynionr, Syracuse, N Y. 
Perkins Electric Sw'it<'h Mfg. Co., Hartford.Conn. 
Peru Electric Mfg. Co.. Peni, hul. 
Stuari-Howland Co., Boston. Mass. 
Westinghouse Electric A Mfg. Co., Plttabarg 



Eccle^loii lumber 4'o. 

•i't IV\«.>^,«fM York. 

fHIYf!^S» PtP«H!«a LIST 

1»— lt«llwnx IiliMlu 

lUnriTit rrrr'Tri.- t\i. itri..t:^i-i.nfi, Conn 

('. "lltt. 



lt r. 

,,... A to,^ K. H», Niw Vnrk 

P«l»ltC'o., IL T , Pbllftfi^rlphls. 
IVni Ultsr^tfk >1fi!. i M. I'm I. Iftd. 

Wairiii*r ICl^rtrn] MfK. Cu , St. Lqnt», Mo, 

e— RdlMtn Block* 

Cctftntl KlAH-lrli^ Co., (Jbit^tti^o, 
|£.l«<f lrl<« Applktin(>c» Co,, ChScitito, 
Oipiirrut I^J^-ttrlc- Co,, i^chnci^tiutiv, ST. Y. 

I»tui&rl«flctwl»iti4l Cum yu«tftn« MttM, 

d^FlMtnre Cat- Out* 
Bryant Klticlri^ Co . Bntiffutwrt, Conn. 

>1 HliM'MHii|*.tJ*>.^NcwVotk4ailciijit> 

i' . Jttr, MjrrftciiiiM, N. 1% 

g>KTKCTC>B^9^ QROl7?f» 


rt. Wmyti# Ktt^lrlc^ Worku, Ft. W*yDe. liid. 

Kri^nloi • .1 ji-Hl Jttittriini«ntCo., PbtLi, 

Uti^ ^ 1-. it Siipiay Co., Uttcn. N. T. 

Wa^urr JLleqtrlc MJ^* Co-t SU Lcmht^ Mo. 



American Wa.tcbtii&ti»ft Tliup D* lector Co,. 

Htvm Vortc. N, Y. 
Blodntt Bwt^ ^ Co.« Itoeton, Mjiuk. 
der^itlid EliKJtrtcml Mf(Z. Co,, ClovfltBd, O. 
Eeo M^amcto Clork Ca.^ Bo#toD. Mue, 
Sdtronl* « Co , NtfW York, ,V. Y. 
BcnuHC Trl«f«in«r Co. ^ N#w Y*»rl£^ N. Y. 
llo«»itl W»wti A ClmkCo.. H. New York. N, Y, 
Jobnxin filf^trlo Si*rTjc« Co., MUwatikef^. Wit. 

lAtluiTl * * ". K. It,, fiifW YDfk 

MsnlLii ' 1 «op,Co„ New York ^ Chicago 

Reddle. 'Uii'. ltu<finit, BlADii. 

flelf'Wk : ..^ ., Co.,Bfookljn, K. Y. 

S&k^ter Kk^u-tts C^., notion, HI inn. 



Am«rte»o OU C4i.. l^rtivldm*'*', K. I, (A. O. C.J 
mrBc&iw llirUittK Co,, t1o!»tnn. ft1;i!<^. 
Cimg 8wr*ep Mlk Cci., Hull Fiio. N. Y. 
E»tna CnMr[bleCtt„<TDii., .l<?rpejci^, N. J. 
iht^ge ltf«. Co., llti'hkUAkA, |n4. 
FmnkUn Mfs. i'o.^ HoimcJ UriMik. N'. J* 
lUppii nil i\,., A. \V VrnKhU'WH-, B. I. 
Jrwfii u < H^miL 

O. C. L M«liAitiB, WJft. 

fttlilpr<ri! A t o, Chiin, A„ 15 K^erry Ht*, N«w York 

ftnJ *i^ Siiiih Cjuial St, Clilcnjro tKJectric) 
ffhitl'jt Bi^kiiif Co , bt, Lou I A, Mo. 
I Mfjfi. Co., Albapy, N. Y 

Cr-— . 

rtl^ CroMMITTATaB 

Jfc r« , R 


' Co,* Chit^^ffo. 
I ) I ■ f i>, Jtwi„ *ri»rii?r C Uj , N . J , 

k. * H% Qo.t "t'ts^^ Fkmai^M. MAB4. 

L» Valley Vlliwj Cfttboii Bto»li Co.. Kew York 
Cbiiaigu (GJile'p.j (:^w adv.) 

DodgQ Mfg, Co., MlttiMWekkll, Ibd. 




lIiilltKjfc Mis. Co., M. C, ChicHiiitoL 

Marviu KU'ctric Drill Co.. i.^ttiiii*itom. N. V. 

W«>>4tlnj^tLoiue Electric a Mtg, Co., Fituburn. 

DRY BATTERIi:&-S«e Battflrle*. 



H— AHernHtIng, 

Bender, f*lpo*, St'W York 

llulliK^k KLet rrlR Mfu^Co,. New Vcirk. 

Cenrriil KI*'ctrUi Co., I'aicii^o, 

Oeoprul Klrrlrlc I'd., Srh* iirtitiidv N. Y. 

rt. Wwyin- f:j*»rir!t- vvorkw, Ft. Wayne, Ind, 

Gt^tfiifTy^otrlc (."*>., rtiKUiijOf 

Moltx^^r-CHiHit Kli^<', Co.. ftmoknutj, Mua 

K< lit inei'trir Mfj:. Chi.. U ori;(*at«r, Hms. 

La Koche Co,, r. A., Ni-^w York, 

LtneolM Klf^rii-ic Vu.. Clevelatid, O. 

ManJi>«ttM.n *;im''iSijp.Co„New York & Chicago 

Roy 11 1 I-: kH^ r i( ^ < :o. >t h * [i inii I , P. Q. 

Royal lIlM^tTk'CfjL. iVoriu, tlU 

f^pniBtue BlPi.trk'^ Co., N*'\v York. 

Sisnky Ele<t. Mftr. Co.. I'lUrtficiia.MtoB. 

Wmrrn-rKitrrrir Mfi:, Cm., St. Luuin. 

Warrpii Kl-trc Mfk'. i i>.. Sjamlunkv. O. 

WvsliTn KN'tcrit in,, cliii^miro jnud N«w York 

Weiitlo|fUout»e Klectrlc A Afffff,CoM Hitftbarg, 

U— Ai-r, 

Ball Klectric Co.. Kaw York. 

Il«nilpr, *ieo», N«?w York 

Gvneral Klectriciil Co„£kbeo(^L<iLadx, N. Y. 

UrpKor^ Electric Co., i;iiti'itf:o. 

liuu.r[Mitv« Ek*etric Co., t'blcaj^o. 

Fort Wai^iie Eiecrtrlp Wkn., Ft. WAyiXc> Ind. 

Ruibmoru Dynamo Works, .Jersey City, N. J. 

Wt'DU-m Electric Co., Chieairo iiud New York 

c— Dtr«« t C u rrent^ t n ti& u d »««« at* 

Aaion ElMctrlcCo., ClikA^n. lU 

Akron Klectrli^ul Alf(£. Co.. Tiu\ Akron, Ohio, 

ArmitJMci^-Mt'r^ctivU Co., K. Touawauda. N. Y. 

Amoax ik Hocbliaiist^o Klc-cttk Co., New York. 

li^ll Klefilrtc Vo , ^*•w York. 

Biirt?,, Eliiiii* Jl Wyfcrant. Uorrii*ll*vllK K. Y 

H*^ Ik DIM* MmorCo,, n>ril*iid. Me. tB- t^O 

Hinder, IJ^o*. New York 

HQotonA Son. T, K. L« Croiw, Wi». 

litimaid Co,. K. O.. Truy, X. Y. 

Roifue, Chas. J., Nff* York, 

Browning Aif^'. Co , The, Milwaukee, Wla. 

Btillotk KLi>i'|rlc Mfv. Co , riifipNew York 

CAHrorula Klf^t^trlual ^ orks. Sun Fraaulico, Cm| 

C*rd Kleinri*" Co.. The, SUn»flfld, OUlcp. 

C, A C. Ekrrrlc Co. The, Now York 

Centml Kltrtrlc Co., Chii iitjo. 

Cflnlral Kl'H irii' .V Konnflrt Ci.>.. I.4*wiHburg, P». 

Col urn bin i:h'**i Hh- r,>., VVon-,'>itifr. Mft»s. 

Comrufreiy ^Lh'ciric Co.. Indiaiiii^KjlU. jnd. 

Orockei-* Wlio«lrr Co*, AmpoT*?. 1^. J 

Dallt^tt A Co., Thoi. M., Pfatladi^lpbia. Pa. 

Dayton Fim A Motor Co., The, iMytoa, Ohio. 

iJiebl Mfg. tki.. Eli^Bbtthport. N/J. 

F^^JeBlftctrie Work*, FeorU. HI. 

Eck Dynamo A Motor Wki.. Hell^TUi* Tl. J. 

Kddv KIwTrJrt Mfj?^ Co.. Wiodi^nf, Cotin. 

KlbridK-^ Klmrieil Mfji. Co., Klbridgt*. N\ Y, 

Klpclro-Uvnamic Co., PbUiidid^ihla, Fa. 

Eltktroo SUu^ Co.. SpHnyfliUl. Ma^is. 

KlrtHiJ-i'jtfkj'r Klt^trk- Co.. Tin?. CU^treiand, Oblo 

EvMbeTK** Electrical ^ Meohaaicat Worka St, 

iloAcpb. Mich, 
Flsh^ Elwtrlenl Mfte. Ox, I>»tTOll, Mkh. 
FU Wayne Et^^lrlc Wln,« Ft. Way&e^ Ind 
Freed. Heary F., llarrlBbtirg, Pa, 

Kiottir tufutiim tbe Dirdototy Im wrltlni, 




General Electric Co^ Schenectady, N. Y. 
Qoldmark & Wallace. New York. 
Qouifhuoar Electric Co., Canion, O. 
Greirory Electric Co., Chicngo. 
Hobart Electric Mfj?. Co.. Trov, Ohio. 
Holtxer-Cabot Elec. Co., Brookline, Mass 
Jantz & Leist Electric Co., CinoiDnatl, O. 
Jenney Electric Mfe. Co.. iDdlaniiuoliB, Ind. 
Jones ft .<«on Co., The J., New York. 
Kent Electric MfK. Co.. Worcester, Mass. 
Kentucky Electrical Co., Owensboro. Ky 
Kester Electric Co., Terra Haute, Ind. 
Keystone Electric Co., Erie, Pa. 
KratK Bros., Evansville, Ind. 
La Fayette Enj^iueerinji: *t Electric Works, La 

Fayette, Ind. 
Lok Koche Co., F. A., New York. 
Latham & Co., K. H., New York 
IJncoIn Electric Co., Cleveland. O. 
Littleflcld & Kennedy, Lynn. Maps 
Hayer Electric Co., M. M.. New York 
New England Motor Co., Lowell. .Mum. 
Northern Electrical Mfj:. Co.. Mudison, Wis. 
Onondaga Dynamo Co., Syracuse, N. Y. 
Palmer. OUon. New York. 

Quaker City Electric Co., The, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Kichter Electric Co.. Camden, N. .1. 
Riker Motor Vehicle Co., Elizabeth port, X.J. 
KohblnH & MyerH Co., Sprinpfleld, O 
Ro< he»»ler Kl^ciric Motor Co.. Itoeheiiter, N. Y. 
Konemont Elec. Transmitter Co., New York 
Roth Bros. & Co.. Chicago. 
Royal EhH!tricCo.. Peoria, 111. 
Spricnie Electric Co.. New York. 
Stanley Elec. MfK- Co., Pittsfleld, Mass. 
Stanley & Pattenion, New York. 
Sioux City Brast* Workh, Sioux City, Iowa. 
Storey i^cncral Electric Co., Harrison, N. J. 
Stnart-Howland Co., Boston, Mass. 
Stnrievant Co., B F., Boston. 
Thompnon Elcrtric Works. Chicago. 111. 
Three Rivers Electric Co., Three Kivers, Mich 
Thresher Electric Co., Dayton. Ohio. 
Triumph Electric Co., Cincinnati. O. 
Wagner Electric "S/Kfg. Co., St. Louis, Mo. 
Western Electric Co , Chicneo and New York 
Westlnirhoaae Electric ft, Co., Pittsburg. 

d— Power Generatom, ffOO Volt, 

Bender, Geo., New York 
Bollock Electric Mf|p. Co.. New York. 
C. A C. Electric Co., New Yo'.k 
Commercial Electric Co., Indianapolis, Ind. 
Crocker- Wheeler Co., Ampere, N. J 
Diehl MfK. Co.. Elizabcthport. N. J. 
Eddv Kh'ctric Mfir. Co.. \vindi»or. <'onn 
Ft. XVayiie Electric Wks., Ft. Wayne, Ind 
General Electric Co., Schenectiidy, N. Y. 
Grefcory Co., Chaa. E.. Chicago. 
KevHtone Klectrie (.'o.. Erie. Pa. 
Triumph Electric Co., (^nu innati. O. 
W^entern Electric Co., Chicairo and New York. 
Westinichouse Electric & Hfgr* Co., PitU- 
bur^, I'a. 


American P'uel Savinu Co.. Philadelphia, Pa. 
BroraMll, Schmidt A Stt-acy Co., York, Pa. 
Green Fuel Economizer Co.. The. Matteawan, N.Y. 
Steam Boiler Equipment Co.. New York 



ArmitMge-H«'r»chell Co.. N. Tonawanda, N. Y. 

Bunlelt-Pf)wntree Mfg. Co., Chicago. 

Cahill «t Hall, San Fnincisco. Cal. 

Central Iron Works, Qiilncy, 111. 

Eaton tV Prince Co.. Chicago. 

Elektron Mfjr. Co.. The. Sprincfleld. Mass. 

Fraser Electric Elevator Co., San Franoisoo, Cal 

Gardner Elevator Co.. Detroit. Mich. 

Graven Elevator Co.. R<K*he8ter. N. Y. 

Keystone Electric Co.. Erie. Pa. 

Kleckhefer Elevator Co.. A., Milwaukee, Wis 

Moline Elevator Co., Moline. 111. 

Morse. Williams A Co.. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Otis Elevator Co.. New York 

Reedy Elevator Mfp. Co., J. W., Chicaga 

See A Co., A. B., Brooklyn, N. T. 
Spragoe Electric Ca, New York. 
Union Elevator A Machine Co., Chicago. 
Whittier Machine Co., Boston. Baas. 


Leonard Electric Co., Wud, BroaxTille, N. T. 



Arnold Elec. Power Sution Co., Ghieaco 

Bain. Foree. 1<»7-I«60 Monadnoolc Blk.,GUcii». 

Baker, Joseph B.. Boi>ton, Maaa. 

Cahoon. James B.. New York 

Chaillet. Adolph A., Buffalo N. T 

Clarke. Chas. L., New York. 

£Iec*l Engineering & D>'veloping Co., New TofL 

Ford, Bacon A Davis, New York. 

Hays Construction Co., Troy, O. 

Hoff. J. B.. Lakewood. N. J. 

Humphrey, Henry H., St. liOnis, Mo 

Hutton Engineering Co.. The. Lexington, Ya 

Jackson, .1. P.. State College, Pa. 

McLaughlin. James, New York 

McTighe. Thomas J.. New York. 

Pedrick A Co.. B. K., New York. 

Pierce A Richardson A NUer, 1405-14U Mas- 

hatUn Bldg.. Chicago. 
Reid, Tiiorburn, New York 
Stern. Philip K., New York. 
Vail, J. H , Philadelphia, Pa. 
Wagner, Herbert A.. St. Louis, Mo 



Benton A Son, T. P., LaCrosee, Wis. 

Case Threshing Machine Co., J. L, Racine. Wis. 

(Raymond. ) 
Charter Gas Engine Co., Sterling, 111. 
Climax Gaf> Engine Co., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Columbus Machine Co.. Columlms, O 
Cornell Machine Co. Chicago. 
Dayton Globe Iron Works, Dayton, Ohio. 
Electric Mf^. «& Gas Engine Ca, Greenbush, V. T. 

Foos Gas Engine Co., Springfield. Ohia 
Grand Kapids Gas Engine A Yacht Co., Grtnd 

Rapids. Mi h. 
Hicks Gas Engine Co., Detmit, Mich. 
Hoff. J. B.. Lakewood. N. J. 
Lambert Gas A Gasoline Engine Co., Andenoe, 

Marietta Iron Works Mfg. Co., Marietta, Wis 
Mietz, A., New York 
Modern Ga* Engine Co.. Buffalo, N. Y 
National Meter Co.. New York. 
New Era Iron Works. Dayton. Ohia 
Northern EnirineerlnK Works. Detroit, Mich 
Olin Gas EuKine Co.. Buffalo, N. Y. 
Otto Gas Engine Works. Philadelphia, Pa (Otta> 
Priestman A (%>., Inc., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Proutv ('a, Chicairo. 

Ruirei: Mfg. Co . The. J. W., Buffalo. N. Y. 
Sintz Ga!4 Encine Co., (trand Rapids, Mich. 
Spriniffl-ld Gas EnirineCo..The.SprinKfleld.Ohla 
Standard Automatic Gas Engine Co., The, Oil 

City. Pa 
Thompson &Sons Mfg Co., J.. Belolt, Wis. 
Webster Mfc. ('o.. Chicairo (Lewis.) 
White A Middlfton Gas Entrine Co.. Baltiraore. 
Wolverine Motor Works, Grand Rapida, Mich. 


— 1S5 

Davis Gasoline Engine Co., Waterloo. la. 

Mietx. A., New York 

Percy, Chas. W., Boston. Ma«8 

Priestman A Ca, Inc., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Racine Hardware Co., Racine, Wis. 

Rochester Machine Tool Ca, Rochester, N. Y. 

Springfield Gas Engine Co., The, Springfield, O. 
Whitman A Uames. Syracuse, N. Y. (Bryant.) 

Kindly mention the Dttcolory tn writiog 




■^-Corllfl* Txpe« 

nera Ca» ChiciiKO, 111. 

Workf. IndUnaiKiIjii, lad.<C)'eloi- 

dry * MiH^hine Works, Ft. WnyneJnd. 
titnQOo., Jollfft. IIL, Utiite^S'trorltas.j 
?n., C H^. FHdiliuiTtT Mas*" (Hrowft) 
. The C A G.. Ml Vernon, Ohio. 
>,.ri. Works. Krie, Pa. 

' 'i, , M i 3 w)i fikt-*' , W li, 

\ V 

' .. Pa. (EclJp9e-r«rli*i.> 
■IK. Wni-A.J*roviilttmTe, R.I. 
: 1 ......:. .t Macbine Wki*., HarrUbnri^ 

iiifiJil** Irnni \Vork*^ New«rk, N**l. 

* *' II * A K*' f i E*t! Ij li. r Ca , Ua ni i i ton, hic> 

tijij Fwwtff Co., ProTliieoce, R, 1 
Vt K.'ll**j', Trov, N, Y. 
4]h*v I 11 . ClnclTinfcli, Ohio. 
htw- Mnehiwi* t% KnglnE CUt NewhUTgb, 

niii Inm Wo?kft Cb., Pbil^tfUihiJlt F^ 
lift Kn^Lrii^nntE VVorki,Lul.,Phitft.«P4. 

!icif Ca. Wiiftvn. Maaa. 

roo & Mikthmv Woyki. Bt. Loatu. Mo 

, Wm., Yfiiitiir-%tfjwn* 01* io. 

. Co., Tbfs \1 bU'ntikf;«, Wi*- 

npbrll (;f%, Ni'wufk. >. J. 

& (>>. It^bt., Chifster, 1*11. 

mm Knielnt? Wurk». Newburirli, >'. Y. 

lllirH Sp«<*ct Automiitle. 

Wufk». Corry, Vw.. 
bt Cck. Th« J. U,, JndlmapoJla, Ind. 
pr«rk«, Osw^Ko, N . V. 
fCniCiiie C4.X. Round Brook, N. J. <Amer- 

ttt«!^ MTiirks. rntlmnft[H>l1>, Iod- 
ine Co^ Rrie.Pa. 
mL Cfx. N>w York. 
Mi((ii» C*K, Sali^^'m, Ohio' 
It^- i\K iJ.trruUi N\ Y. 
f- "Jtiro rWtllani.t 

Lr> -n, Mh-li. 

. - Co.. PitLiburif. P*. 

♦born. Pa, ilHwitricu) 
|rt ^ Machine \Vk«.. ElfLrrbbnrg 
L.S|jrlfiifflL4d. ill. (Ide«l.; 
[ liHkv, Troy, N. Y". 
I.. .rji>*.. sfarinff field. O- 
P^ ' cj.. Auburo, N, V. 

i\, Co.. Thf*, Xpw nrttain 

^ ! n Pf >w»* r CCL . X e w Y ork, 

"^ utiV , Kiriikf^i, N. Y^. 

i WorLt Co., Meadrmu, P», (Dick A 

k H Knatnis Co., Bid fz way, Pil 
p TiwJ Co., Rm*hf*t<?T, N. Y. 
L. MamUIoq. Oh[o. 
► , Bri-, P. A. 
f A Haehlne Co., PhQmdelphIa 

[cm,. Erie. Pil (Wootlhury.) 
>h, R. F., Ronton, MiisB. 
1^ ICaeinf Co.. Th?. Symcase, N. Y. 
Jfm.. Vounj^stowrt. O. 
Irnfif Co., Kow York 
Eaelor Co., WftU-^rtown, N, Y. 
•e |l«cblQ« Co., PitUbur^, Pik 

f»w Spcpd Stiilci Tmlrm* 

ip*v. Th**. tHyton, Ohio^ 
jr - *'■■ ^iilem, Ohio. 
-<. Y. 

i^'C^.. Flt^hburfE, M»«i. 
...... .,. iTiLiobtftt Citiclmuti. Ohio 

IXf., CtnclTiiiatli Ohio. 

Murriiv Iron Workj Co., BurliDgtoD, Iowb. 
NovB Si fit. Co,. The John T.. Huff*lo. N, Y 
Racine K^rdwaro Cb., RAulne, WLii. 
Trutnp Mre- C<i., SfirirtKtteia, Ohio, 
Vi»n**y Iron Woi-ki. Williaiaiport, Pm. 


ntATIG — 1»1 

CnUpndpr Telephone Exohtiini^ Co., Ltd., Brmni- 

ford , Out 
BUowf^r Automatic Telephone Exohange CbU 


a— Celling. 
Baokiii WaUr Motor Co.. NVwdPk, N. J, 
Hatf» A Uros., li. L,. Uuvton. O, 
BnsLon. Eli^'-irjr lleaFJuj; A f'wr. Co., BcKitoD, HJus 
Central Elc^^trlr Cti., iliicajeo- 
ChlcHtlCo Edison Co** Chicn^o. 
Uayuja Fan A Motor Col, Tb«. l>*yton* Ohio. 
Uiohl Mftf. Co., l<:ii?jibifthport, X. .X 
KTni*f»»ot] Klwr'irli: Mfif, Co.. St. Lou I a. Mo. 
VU Wuyiie Hlertrlc Workii, Ft, W^yne. ImJ. 
OefuTal Inc. Am L'chi tVj., N^-w York. 
(iulJinurk it WHllJiri*, New York. 
l|oltiE«r-CiLl>ot Kl*fr. Co.* Bro<jkllne, Mati 
Honti-r h'nn A MiitorCo,. Fidtoii. N. Y. 
InttiTstate 1^ lee trie Co., Ulf^veland, D. 
tloncti ^ Son Co., The *T.i, New York. 
lAtRam & Co., K, li,, ^ew Yurk 
MibnKaittitii Elfso'lHtip.Co.tNew York A^ Chicago 
P&rmgon Pan & Motor Co.. New YorK. 
Ptiiladelobiik KlfClHu M Utg. Cn PltLludelpblA. 
Rohblnii A Myer« Co„ *^prinitri*ld, O, 
Sprairui^ Klet'lrir: t'o,, Xhw York. 
8tAiiI«$' ^ Puttvriioii, Ntw York. 
Htimri'Bowlftnd Co.* Kofttou. MaAB, 
To wit? Mfsr, Co , (ft+o. C, ljiticit«t('T, Pa, 
WcfltijTn ElecTrk C^j., Chk-uKo Mud New York 

h — ExbuQAt. 

American Riower Co., Diaroit, Micb. 

Andrews * Johtiaon, Chli.'ftjjo. 

BatTipy Vetllaifnff Fivn V\k, Hot ton, Mail, 

HuIThlId Foftrr^4'o.. HulT&^o. >'. Y. 

Central Klvctrtc Co., Chlcuffo. 

C i l:, Eieriric ('«., >'ew York. 

Di<*hl Mftf. Co.. Eli/jabiHhtMjrt, K. J. 

J>r«fir« Mfg. Co., Mli^bBWiika Ijjd. 

FolUr Co , Tfi**. petrol T. MiCh, 

Giird^'^D f ity Fan <Jo., Chl'^nio. 

Kinvjir*] *^i Mnr**'. Nhw York ^Itlackman.) 

Ma.nli4it tnn Eleo* I An p. Co., New York Jt Chie*g<» 

M%sjva(.^hu!^^ttj< Fiui Ca. Ronton. Mhms. 

Snedlki^T *t Car. PhlladHi^bLa, Pa. 

Sp^etalry Mffr. Co,. Ini11ai)apoM«, Ind. 

StHrtcTflot Col. R. F.. Uoaton, Ma»», 

Tolhiirsi A Son., W. H.. Tr«v. N. Y. 

W«*t:ern Elecilrlo Co^ Cb)c&|?o and New Tntle 

Wing at Co., L. J.. New York. 

r -^FortKbl«— AU«rn m tlu k- 

CeinU^i El<<i-trlc Co*, Chicago. 
Chlfiii^n Kfllnon Co., Cbii^Ago, 
Km<^r-nn*rtrir ^fi. C«Ti,. ?^t. IjOijI*. Mo. 
Ft, Wavne Kl*»ctrie Wfirku, Ft. WJiyne, Ind. 
Ofotif^rml I*: 1 for trie Co., i4chc'TKN;t»dv, NY. 
Rolt£«»r^CHhot ICIe«.€o., Rniokline^ Maaa 
Ijitbiiin M Va., E, B*, New York 
Paragon ¥&n Jt Motor Co., New York, 
gprame Klf*rtrtr Co., NewYi^Tk. 
fiUuiley ^ PAlterson, New York, 
WiWUrn El^tric Co.. Chlrntro JUid N#w York 
Weallnj^liouHe Elf^etrle A Mfg. Co., Pittabarf 

d— rorlablfl^IlatlerT* 
C«ntnftl KliwtTl*- Co^ Chicago. 
Chlf^l^o KdlMon Co., Chicago. 
Clark * Miils. Boatofi. 

PloBM meatioa P&werw' CeatiAt SUtSon 0lreeior7 wben writing. 



Edison Mfu. Co., Now York. 

Gciierul inc. Arc Liu'lit Co. New York. 

Knupp Klectric A Nowltv Co.. N<»w York. 

LAtham ft Co., K. It., Now York 

31anhattan KlecM Sup.CoMNewYork iV: Chicago 

Ritchif *N: Sons. K. 5S.. Hrookline. Mass. 

Kodri;?iu's, M. R.. »nM>klvn. N. Y. (PrL'inier.) 

e— Portable— Direct Current. 

Baton & Bro., I>. L., Davton. Ohio. 
B. B. Electric Co., New York. 
BoPton EltM-tric Hcntin; <& Pwr. Co.. Boston, Mass. 
Central Kleotric Co., (!hiou(;(>. 
Chlcasro KdlMon Co., Chicago. 
Crocker-Wheeler Co., AmptTi-, N. J 
Dayton Kan A- Moior Co.. Thi\ llavton. Ohio. 
Dlchl Mfu'. Co.. El:zdbothi)orl. N. J. 
Edison .Mf;r. Co.. .N>w Y<irk. 
Ft. Wayne Klectric WorkH, Ft. ^Vayne, lud. 
Oeneral Klectric Co., rviH'iiiM'tadv. N. Y. 
Gold mark A: Wallace, New York. 
Ho Itzer- Cabot Klectric Co., Brook hDe,Ma«s. 
JoncH & Son Co., The J., New York. 
Kent Eh'Ctrir Mfjz. Co.. NVon'c«li'r. .Mass. 
LAtham & Co., K. II., N<'\v Yoik 
Manhattan Klec'I Su p.C.'o.. New York JtChicajfo 
MenonilniM* Electrical A: Mechanical Co., Menom- 
inee, Mich. 
Paragon Pan tV Motor Co., New York. 
Riker Motor Vehicle Co.. Elizabcthport, N. J. 
Roth. Bros. tV Co., Chicago, 
^pratrne Electric Co., New York. 
Stanley ft Patterson, New York. 
Stuart- IfloM-Iand Co., Boston. Manii. 
Towle Mfe. Co., Geo. C .*ter. Pa. 
Warren Electric & 8pertialty Co , Warren. O. 
Weau»m Electric Co., Chicaso and New York 
Westlngrhouae Kleetric ft Mtg. Co., Pittsburg. 


Ilall Coini)OUDd Feeder Co., Chicigo 
Q. «& C. Co., The, Chicago. 




Central Electric Co., Chicago. 
Compressed Fibre Co.. The, Bo.ston. Mass. 
I>elawan> Hard Fibre Co., Wilmington. Del. 
Diamond State Fibre Co.. Elsmere. Del. 
Kartuvert Mfjr. Co.. The. Wilmington, Del. 
Laminar Fibre Co., North Cambridi^, Mass. 
I.i4'atheroid Mftf. Co.. Kennebunk, M«'. 
Valcani7.ed Fibre Co., Wilmington. Del. 

FIRE ALAR.HS— See Alamiu. Fire. 


American T(m>1 A, .Machine Co.. Boston, Mass. 

Bonar, James & Co., Pittsbnnr. Pa. 

Burt Mft. Co., The. Akron. Ohio (Cross.) 

Colunjbn* (Ml FilUr Co., Columbon, O. 

Famous Filter Co., .St. I^nis, Mo 

Flo\%er \ Co.. Walt«T I... St. I.,ouiB. Mo. (Acme). 

Galloway, (i. \\.. New York (Econoniv.) 

Koiimic Oil Kilter Co., Eaenon, Pa. 

PhtMMii.x .\utoniatic Filter Co., Rm'ine. Win. 

PirtHhurRh (iagc & .Sui)ply Co., Piiti»burgh, Pa. 

(White Star). 
Purity Oil Filter .Mfg. Cf>.. I'ittsburg. Pa. 
Turner, M. A.. Chirairo, 111 
Wilson cV Co.. I*', ('ortez. (.'liicago. 


Acme (ias Fixture Co.. Brldgeton. N. .1. 
American F.lectrir Co.. St. I»uiil, Minn 
American ReH»-ctor A Liu'litinu' Co.. Chicago. 
Archcr-I'ancatfit Co.. New York. 
Bradley Si Hublxird Mfir. Co., Meriden, Conn. 
Bruun Mfg. C'o.. 1). .1.. Chicat!o. 

Cassidy Si Son Mfg. Co., New York, 

Central Electric Co., Chicago. 

Chicago Gms & Electric Fixiun* .Mfir. Ca,CUci|t 

Chicagi> General Fixture Co., Chicago. 

Cleveland Ciai* A- Electric Fixture C*).. Cierfkil 

Dale ('o.. New York. 

Edwards .Mfg. Co.. W. S., Chlc.Hiru. 

Klectrieal Supply Co., Sioux IMtv, la. 

Gaiimer Co.. John L . Philadelphia. Pa. 

Gibson Oai I^'ixtur*^ Works. Philadelphia, I**. 

(ileaoon Mfif. Co . E. P., Ni*w York. 

Glolm Lis;ht A Heat Co.. Chicaszo. 

Horn A Brannen Mfj. Co.. Philadelphbi, Pa. 

I At ham ft Co., E. B., New York 

Manhattan Elec*lSup.Co.,New York AChioNP 

McKenney Si Waterbury, lioston. Mass. 

Mitchell V anc«' Co.. The. New York. 

Moran & lla.<«Mnes Mfir. Co . Chicago 

Natl<m:il Stamping Work**, Chicago 

OeHnger, J. L., Chicago. 

Ox ley A Kuoa .Mfjr. Co.. New York. 

Polacherk & Buw.^ Chas.. Milwaukee, Wis 

Thackera Mftf. C^o.. IMiiladelphia. Pa. 

Von burgh Mfg. Co.. W. C. Brooklvn. N. Y. 

Wheeler RetletHor Co.. Boston. MaVs. 

White Co., The O. C, Worcester. Mass. 

Whit« Mfir. Co.. C'hfcaso. 

White Mfg. Co., J. H., Brooklyn, X. Y. 

Williamaon A Co.. Chicago 


Allen A Co.. L. B., Chicairo. 

Anchor CbemiciU Co., Brooklyn, N. T. (MA 

and PanU') 
Bum ley Battery ft Mfg. Co., The, PaiMrille. a 
Cn-am Flux Co., Chicago 
Oraaaelli Chemical Co., CleTeland, O. 
Iliuhland Electro Chem. Mrg.Co.,CoiiiieIlfTiIkJk . 
Kester Electric Ca. Chicago. * 

W^esU>ni Electric Co., Chicago and INew York 


Bridgeport Brass Ca, Bridgeport, Conn. (VniM' 
Burgess Soldering Furnace Co., Columhoi, OUik 

Central Electric Co^ Chlcaea 
Clayton A Lamb(>rt Mfg. Co.. YptlUntl. Mlek 
Dangler Stove & Mfg. Ca, CleTeland, <>hla 
Globe Light A Heat Ca. Chicaga 
Hainen., Jone«« ft Cadbuiy, PbiUdelphla. Pll 
Knapp Mft!. Co., New York. (UnivenaL) 
Latham ft Co., E. B., New York 
Manhattan Elec*lSnp.Co..NewTorkJkCkk4i 
Stanley ft Patterson. New York. 
Turner Brass Works, Chicaga 
Union Heater Supply Ca, Detroit. Mich. 
Vulcan Co.. New York. 
White Mfg. Ca. Chicago. (ImperlaL) 

FUSES -111 

American Electric Ca. Detroit, Mich 

American Eiectric Fuse Ca, Chicaga 

Central Electric Co., Chicago. ' 

Chase-Shawmut Co.. Boston. 

Chicago Die ft Electric Co., Chicago. 111. 

Chicago Fui-e Wire ft Mfg. Ca. Cbioasa 

1). A W. Fuse Ca, Providence, R. I. 

Ft. Wayne Electric Wka., Ft. Wayne. Ind 

< General Electric Co., *^beiiectady, N. Y. 

.lohns-ManvlUe Co., H. W., New York 

Latham ft Co., £. B., New York 

Manhattan Elec*l Sap.Co..NewTork ft Chta|l 

Mclntip' Co., C, Newark. N. J. 

Shanda ft Co., R., New York. 

Stanley ft Patterson, New York. 


Boston Belting Ca, Boston. 
Brandt. Randolph, New York. 
l)elawan> Hani Fibre Ca. Wilmlnfrton. IM. 
(Suillott Metallic Gasket Ca, Cbicaga 
.Tenkin« Bro#., New York. 
.lohnH-Manvllle Co., H. W., New York C 
Kartuvert Mfg. Ca, WilralngtOB. DaL 

Kindly mantion iba Dlraotairy in wtltlai. 

Co., ChkJiicni til- 

ii till Iter Mf^. Cd^i ?%i?w York {Et-'lipiw) 
k> 1 ' % •■ w Y Qzk. iBeli p«* > 

lit -twn, Mui. 

rrai \% ool Ua. New York* tCoiiiwr, > 


, fll^i VVftU-'fbury, Louti. 
iwiuli»v^K A ViilviEN C4i», lto«toii. Musi, 
fe Vq^. Bo* ton. 

I SbfnJii liftH-4i.* Co.. Jnmaica Plmln* M*i]. 
Mt^ t v> , S^yv York. 

I Mil. Mass. 

K \ 111 Ye Co., iioilotiH ^I.j.!is 

i l>.'ttoiv Mich 

^ A * 1 1 ■* rg^ Brooklyn, N . Y 

i,. liieifc* S. Y. 
E^otiMn Lfi„ Ltd.. I*041gbkc^elMlf;, N.Y 

-I ft* 
i Btmm UnDgv Co^, Jmiiuii(!ii P afti. llAi». 
IM.Q1 OttuiTP VftJvt* Co.. Jlo»toii. Maifc. 
Co., J.. 44 T^lieliliZMn St. Cbienifo. 
I KtiiMriM VUii^^Cii., DittrtMt Mhli 
ly lrij«»*-*i*»T i.'o,, l>ctrDit|, Mtch. 
bMiiir«- f-<t.* rif'Vi'Uficl. Ohio. 
r A llufleiibcr«:» Hruoklyu^ X. V 

?0BS-^S«« 0/QftiDO* ma Motort. 

> ]*<IIU l<^t.A]N — ISfi 

b Krfl.rii.r A Lifilitiiitf Co., Cti1c*g<k, 
L iCI«itrlt- Co.. Chk"»iB*w 
p Cillptuit L'o*. Chlc^i>. 

P.* .uiphiii. l^ji. 

M Vuik 

e \ I . t *» * «'ltl(*»i};0. 

' - ■ nrk. 

4 K- :^ ^- ::Liiii. Ma**, 

t & C«,, K, U., New Yt*f b 

liiitsi Kt**!?*! ^up.Co.,Ncw Ycffk Jt Clilcago 

. * - ' A L. Vt'w Ynrk 

',, I'blliMlHtihifl. Ptt, 
-tiHi, Mils si, 
- w York. 

in ' \j il*i^ 

ih' N.J 

Ilii,., .- .. 1 ry. KitUburg, Pa. 
Brikiflitf Cut. ivu«Luu, Manii. 

LI!rTll<>-M£CltAKlCAL -156 

vv York- 

K, NVvv Y^irk A ChJc«go 
i'hiUUi-lpliiA, Pm^ 



►r V\ orb*. Tb^. Akmng O. 
^ senjib ^ allr Co.. D«Vton, OblO. 

OROITXD DETECTORS— Si^eD«teetora.OroiLtid. 


R— for Are Lumpfl. 

Gt?iif?iiJ liitiind<?si:eiit Aif Light Co,, New Ywk 

ti — for InrAiuI«iKre'itt lAUipn. 

Cpptrnt Electric Co*, Chtcatfo. 
Untby A Suriti. kldw,. PUllNtlH^phiii^ Pa 
E h tv y U i r<* U ork ij , New York. 
Udravuti Mfj?. ti>, E.P., ^fw Yofk^ 
Klfnnm «V V.;a,, PhiLR'kli^JUii, Pn. 
Liithaiii & Lil.* K. B., Now Y'ufk 
HlNinl^y M l*»ttcriMint Nitw Ynrb 
Wiitfor Alfif. io., The P. R, .StiHtigndd, 
WhWhuuie, U> Uh. llo^toii. Mau- 


KfiL-^uv, C'hiis. .t.. Now York, 

HtjhI>% T. JL, Nflw Uritiilii, Couh. 

C4-iKtriiL El***'trU; Vo„ Chkunro. 

ChlfMifu Etllnon C€ft>» Chi^jigi>« 

Cntli-r Cii.. tkrir|i?c. ChfCB^o, 

OciK^ntl Eloi'trlrC'ti.t Hf hcTHfUutly, N. y, 

J4tii.iiU\v J£ Fnit*^nMni, Ht-w Y'ork, 

WeACvffji Elt-c'trlc Co<i Uhkujifu AQd Nftw Yurk 


An4«r*ton Mfc* Co.f Albiirli A J, M,, ikMti:io, 

Cutter, <i*>i try I.'. Co..Ch3c*(ifO, 11.'* 

Mitciill**u A I o., VV, '1'. C, HcJii'Jii, M»tJi, 

Ohio l;m*u* Co., The MhuaHcIiI. O. 

FiiSM 5: fj«ytiinur. Hyrncuiie. N. Y. 

WB&lcni £l«ctnc Co.i CbleiLiiu und Now York 


Ui iiil.-r A To.. (I. N,. Provldenri*. R, L 

flolin!*-.M'Uiullf O*.. H. W., Nrw York 

JnnH*. W. A,. Fuotidfv A MftcbiDf' Co., Cblcteo. 

Nutional Coiiduir A Cable Co., Nr* York, 

B- L lVh-|ibcint A h^k<*ctrk Co., Provide aoe, R. L 

StandtiTfl Uailflrvn>afid €*bl« Co** PHtibore. 
M'ijatiMii EleeUicCoyi Ctii»go und >uw York 


Bort Mfg. Co., Thp. Akron O. 
Clevelftod Sli-iiiii PlLiiiiu A Supply COv. C1«tb* 

litad, Ohio (Crrtwford, J 
J>v lityrkH, Jowt^uti, »w York, 
CirlfRnp. A. A,, Iron Cn.. Kew York, 

^rBrll>l* C«iw, *Ichim Jarm^y CHj, K, ^T. 
! LuUk^Mtnif CflL. Uouiid Ufook, N* J. 


Keys(otjf KngiiiP A Machine Workf, Phfla*, Pfc 

LymMii, W, C, ChiOdifo. 

Hoh<'FtPoOH, J ma, L,, A ^db, »w York* 

Stiirtt'vant Co.. li. W., Unatnti, Mima. 

Variety 51 fir. Co,, Clil<?»|Efj Hei)ehtif, UK (D*ais#.> 

Warreo, J&tueki P., Cbleagix 

Pl«a«* tteatioD Powmn* QtnffMl SUUtm DitmeUa-y wh*Q wriliDg. 




American Electrical Heater Ck>., Detroit, Mioh. 
American Electric Ueatinf; Corporation, Boaton. 
Central Klectrlo Co., Chicago. 
Consolidated Car-Heating Co., Albany, N. Y. 
Erie Biploration Co.. New York. 
HMdawav Elec Heating A Bng. Co., New York. 
JobnB-ManvUle Co., U. W., New York (Eleotit>- 

Leonard Electric Co., Ward, BronxTille, N. Y. 
Simplex Electrical Co., boston, Ma»8. 
United Electric Heating Co., Detroit. Mich. 



Baragwanath & Son, William, Chicago 

Uateb Machine Co., Joliet, 111. 

Bridgeport Boiler Works, Bridgeport, 
(Lowt-. ) 

CoUes At Co., E. G. T.. Chicago. 

Davis «& l^oii, I. B., Hurtford, Conn. (Berryman.) 

De Kycke. Joseph. New York. 

Economy Feed Water Heater Co., Lakeport, N.H 

Erie Mfg. A Snpplv Co.. Erie, Pa, 

Goubert Mfg. Co., New York. 

Grilling, A. A., Iron Co., New York. 

Hadaway Eire. Heat & Eng. Co., New York. 

Harrisburg Pipe B*'ndingCo.. Harrisburg, Pa 

Harrison Safety Boiler Works, Philadelphia. Pa 

Hoppes Mfg. Co., Sprintjfleld, Ohio. 

Jacobs A Co., Charles, Boston, Mass. 

Kensington Engme Works, Ltd., Phila., Pa. 

Kroeschell Bros., Chicago. 

National Pipe Bendint; Co., New Haven. Conn. 

Piltsbarg Feed Water Heater A Engine Co., Pitta- 
burg, Pa. 

Stcwaid Heater Co., Buffalo. N. Y. (Otis) 

Stilwell-Bierce A Smith- Vaile Co., Dayton. Ohio 

Taunton Locomotive Mfg. Co., Taunton, Mass. 

Webster A Co., Warren, Camden, N. J. 

We-Fu-Go Co., Cincinnati. Ohio. 

Wetherill * Co.. Kobert, Chester. Pa. 

Whitlock Coil Pipe Co., Elm wood. Conn. (Amer- 



American District Steam Co.. Lockport, N. Y. 
Evans, Almirall A ('o.. New York (Hot water.) 
Foskett A Bichop Co., The, New Havoc Conn. 
Stnrtcvant Co., B. F., Boston. Mass. 
Yaryau Co., Toledo, O. 



California Electrical Works, San Francieoo, Cal. 
General Electric Co., Schenectady, N. Y. 
Ohio Bniss Co.. Maustleld, Ohio. 
Turner Bras-s Works. Chicago. 
Wagn<r Electric Mfg. Co., St. Louis 
Westlnshouse Elec. A Mf ff. Co., Pittsburg. 



Bogue. Charles J., New York. 
Central Electric Co., Chicago. 
General Electric Co., Schenectady, N. Y 
Partridge Carbon Co., The, Sandusky, Ohia 
Palste Co.. H. T., Philiidelphia, Pa. 
Philadelphia Electrical A Mfg. Co., The, Phila. 
Turner Brass Works, Chicago. 
Utica Electrical Mfg. A Supply Co., Utica, N. Y 



American Reflector A Lighting Co., Chictfoi 
Bernstein Electric Ca, Boston, Mau. 
Cantral Electric Co., Chicago. 
Cutter Co., George, Chicago. 
lAtham A Co., E. B., New York 
Manhattan Elee*I Sap.Co.,NewYork M Chka|i 
Stanley ft Patterson, New York. 
Stnart-Howland Co., Beaton. Umm. 
Weatlnghonae Eleotrlo A Mfg. Co., Ptttibm 
Wheeler Reflector Ca, Boston, Maaa. 



American Steam Gauge Co., Jamaica Plain, Maa. 
Ashcroft Mfg. Co., New York (Tabor.) 
Ashton Valve Co., The, Boston, Maaa. 
Buffalo Indicator Co.. Jamestown, N. Y. 
Crosby Steam Gauge A Valve Co., Boston, Mast. 
Robertson A sons, J.L.,New York (Siratgbt Ltas. 
Schaffer A Badenberg, Brookl7n,N.T (TboBp 



American Injector Co., Detroit. Mich. (U. 8., As. 

Coldwell-Wilcox Co.. Newbargh, N. Y. 
Dodge Mfg. Co., Mishawaka, fud. 
Hancock Inspirator Co., Now York. 
Hayden A Derby Mfg. Co.. New York (Metiopoi- 

Robertson A Sons. J. L., New York (M. T.) 
Keating, Edwsrd F.. New York (Brownlsy.) 
Lonergan «& Co., J. E., Philadelphia (Olippsr.) 
Nathan Mfg. Co.. New York. 
Penberthy Injector Co.. Detroit. Mioh. 
Schaffer A Badenberg, Brooklyn, N. Y 
Schaitc & Co.. L., Philadelphia. 
Sellers <& To , Wm., Philadelphia, Ps. 
Sherwood Mfg. Co., Buffalo. N.Y. (BaffSk) Bigk 
Sims Co., Ltd.. Erie, Pa. (Hercalet.) 



Bunnell Telegraph A Elecl. Ca, New York 
Bunnell A Co.. J. U.. New York. 
Central Electric Co., Chicaga 
Footc. Pierson A Co., New York 
Hoenaclc, Paul, New York. 
lAtham A Co., E. B., New York 
Manhattan Elec'l Snp.Co.,New York * ChicafO 
Partrick, Carter A Wilkins, Philadelphia, Fa. 
Pearce, Frederick. New York. 
Rogers Electrical Works, New York. 
Sangos, M. E., N.w York. 
Stanley A Patterson, New York. 
Stnart-Howland Co., Boston, Mi 
Western Electric Co.. Chicago and New York 



Anderson, Albert A J. M., Boston, MtM 
Billings A Spencer Co., The, Hartford, Oonn. 
Central Electric Co., Chicago. 
CompreH8«d Fibre Co., Boston, Mass. 
.Tohns-Manvilie Co., H. W., New York 
Manhattan Elec*l Hnp.Co.,NewYork A ChlcaiE* 
Mica Insulator Co., New York. 
Salomon A Bro., L. A., New York. 
Sills-Eddy Mica Co., New York. Of ictbetton) 


Adams A Westlake Ca. Chiraga 
Brady. T. II., New Britain, Conn. 
Central Electric Co., Chicaga 
Cutter Ca. George, Chicago, 




a— Glass. 

Brookfleld Glass Co., New York. 
Central Elec trio Co., Chicaga 
Chloafo Edison Co., Chicago. 

Kindly nMnttoD tte XHnetofy in writing. 



jlcctrlo Co*, Sebenectidy, K. Y. 

r GUm Co.. Covingion. liy. 
JCo.. E. B.. N^w York 
idM,. \ictor, N. Y. 

liti KIm*1?Siip*€**mN'lw York ACblCAgo 
||Bul>CH. BcMt^oD. Una. 

pFktitHiifitit ^ew Ytjrk. 
lowlatitl Con Bcwiuti. Mu«. 
Ikcinc Co , CJi 'm&iso u fid New York 

p^Forcelalti And ClST* 

LlAtor & Martilt? Vo^. Akron. Uhla. 

iBkiiiii^ Pip* L'o , The , MogndotK^ Ohio. 

fllArbtr Co,. Akruti. Oh its. 

^Uin Co„ G*o, K., Ei?t Liverpool, O. 

mm^trlv €d.« Chleaie^. 

HEdlMkii COfi L-hlcat^o. 

bvpeUln Mfi£. Cn.. Inc.. TrentoD. X. J. 

pElvetiir Co*, Srlwn^niily. ». H. 

bccliin Work*, Ww York. 

faffoek&m Work St. Tn'Oloti, >\ J* 

P Co., K. B., Nuw York 

M M.. V Ictor. N, Y. 

iftn I<:ir«a fin p.Co., New York & ClUc«go 

jlii*iiljiiorCo.,Thi-, Mogndore, O. 

Voicnjr. T^j^rsi^mv, N+ Y, 

mirr MfiT. Co.. Peru, iDd. 

P Phtt«naii, NtfW York. 

iowlan<L €i>p, B<»toii. Maw. 

I ^msi Co., K.. F^«t Ltirerpool, Ohio. 

pKlmiB Works, BrcM^klrn, N. Y. 



icKrtc Oo„ Mftnchetter, N. H. 
il»etHe Co*t Chlomifti. 
, GfiorK«, ChliMiio. 
ITilleCD,*!!. W,, New York. 
pui^ty Ca, Paw tucket, B. 1. 

■ flablUty. 
Kttto»t <:uiialt7 A.Mif»lAtlon. PblM., Pa. 
I* LtAbilltj AjHunnce ccrporatioii, Boe- 

^CmwwUy Co,. Xew York. 
CAvuiiltjr A luHunuiGe Co.| New York. 
Hlftltj ^ iDiuruQce Co., bt, Louis, Ho. 

b^-^tOKlu Boiler. 

bCmiuiUy r<j., New York. 

Ste^m Uoili^r InipeotloD A Iniiitmaee 

ItJortI, Coqti* 


1c»l Hp»tflr Co., rtetrolt, Mich. 

,. ^c Ueatiitie Curporatlou^ Jioit^n. 

icctric Co., i'hicniio 

, C*., K, lip. New York 

1 J'i»lt«rfloii, NfiW York. 


^ydrmnUc Jack Co., New York, 
I Co.. Ad«beoy, P*. 
11 one A Co.. Chlea|?o. 
wl dt Supply C<3., New York. 
aUlDilt] Co., The, New York. 


Hlocl^rlp Co., Chieni^, 
l!dl»on Co.. ChiPffi^o. 
U " v[c FlJttur»iHrf,Co.,4fl ami 

Lt i|.,PhLlbdeJpbla. 

ric COi, ScbePectftdj. N. Y 
C3o„ E, P., New York. 

LulhAiii A Co., £. B., New York 
Muesli I un A Lo., W T, C. Uoaioii, Miiw, 
Maii]iattniiX:i^e'l Niip,Co„Nvw York A ChickgO 
lliitby. J. U„ Nutley. NJ, 
HtfLiiJey ^ PatWrtton, New York. 
Sopply Mtmufatturiiig Co., PitiAburg, P4. 



Aiuurldiui E'ecjtrltf&l Worka, ProTldentw, E- 1. 
Americuin 8icel ± Wl eC*o,. Chiemgo 
An^oum Brass A 1 'op per Co., New York. 
Afiaonhi Klf^ctrirnl ik>., Tb*f, AntuniA, Conn. 
Hie^bop Out hi Pt-rchiiCo.. New York (Ba]iht&.> 
CtPiitrnt fi^lcctirlo Co.* Chi tni^q. 
Ocnorttl l!^L«ctrt(* Co,* Scln-ijef mdy, N. Y, 
Lathntii ^ Co., E B.i New ^ork 
3MiRjr<?, Airn li F.. Phibdelpblft, Piu 
Katir^Tinl hirliai RublM^r C^j., BHsttil, R L 
Fliillllta liiPulttUHl Wtr« Com Ptiwtucket, R I. 
Rot^blint!*^ WouH Co.. Jtjbti A.. T run too, N.J. 
Stofety insula tnJ Wirt* A Csiblct Co , New York. 
Sti^nclttnl UiiderirrouncI C^l^le Co., PUtabmiK 

Stanley St Patt«T«OD, New York. 


a — Alternating Cnrrenl. 


Abell Kni?. A TAcha. Workti Co., Ltd., Pbv Johu^ 

Toronto, Otit., 
AdaiDs Boenall K:]«ctrlc Co. , ClereUnd, O. 
Ad II II 1 1< A VV>j't]iike Co., Cblcai^, 
Bakt^r & Foi, Brooklyn. N, Y. (Focnal^j 
Betid or, Cieo., New York 
Central Klectrlc Co., Ch1ca|Ea. 
Chicago KdlAon Co., CbLut|£a. 
Diamitod Arc Ijimp t'o.^ Mt, \ emoa, W. Y 
Klectric Art Ltchl Co., New York. 
Ft* Wityiie Elect rl« Works, Ft. Wayni?, Ind. 
Oeiieml Hlertrlc Co,* Mclii'iiectady, N. V. 
Oi'npmUDi^Andi;s€t^'nt Ani Lf^bE Co. New York. 
Groffory Klcctrlff Co„ Chli^ago, 
Helius-Cptrm Co., Pbllndelphla, Pa 
Imptfriiii Electrk^ Lanjo COv. New York. 
Jiiodiiw EEectric Co., Tbi»» Clevt-Jand, O. 
Iji Hot he Co., F. A., New York. 
Ltftthativ £ Co., K. H., N^-w York 
HtHLnliattuii Kir I' 'I Siip.Co., New York A ChtcttftO 
Maohnitun ^mU'Tal Conftrmrliurt C^t.^Ntnark, K,J 
^afford Arc Lamp Mft:. Co., Buffalo, N, Y. 
Bt£:rUi]f? Arc Laiiip Co.. Niw York 
Toerriiig Co., C. J.. PhllHdelpbIa 
We^tlnffhome Eleotrko A Mff . Co.,PUt«banr» 

b— Direct Current. 

Adatiij*BA|rnttU Klc'ctrlc Co,, Cleirelatid, Ohio* 

Adums A Westbtke Co., CblOA^^o. 

Amk-ri#on Tool Co., Thn^ Andt-rHon, Inc, (L-H) 

U&kef A Fox, Brookljro, N. V. (FocoBltig) 

Bull Kb'rtric Co.. Nflw York. 

Bender, Geo., New York 

C«Jiiriil Electrle Co., ChicttKO. 

CJik'Hgo ICdIeoia Co*, ChiciKo, 

liUmnod Arv Lamp Co., Mt. Vemon. N. Y. 

El^ciriP Arc lAfiht Co.. >ew York. 

Ful^u Eleeiric Mffi. Co.. New York 

Ft. Way UP Klenrlc Works, Ft. Wayne, lod, 

General Electric Co.* 8che£iectiu]y, N. Y. 

Gent^nil IriyiUtt|fi*oi nt Arc Light Cfi.,t71M(T8 Firit 

AM' . N-^v Y.^rk. 
Gmvi - i:i uii::ti A MttcblneWorki, W.D., Cler^' 

Gresory Klerlrit Co., Chlcaco. 

OuaranUMt Kle<;trie Co., Cbicibiro 

Ileunilton. ,ltjbii .\., Frovidenre, R. I 

ImiH^rial Kb'Cirlc Lamp Co , Nfw York 

Jiiudus Hfctrlf Co.. tW, CleT land, O- 

L» Hoc he Co., F. A,* Niw York. 

lAttiaiu £ Co., E. B., Nirw York 

Manhaitiiri El#r'l ^up.Cu., New York A Cbtcafo 

Manhaitaii Geni-rul CoiiarrueiloB Co., New ark, if J 

Perktna Klec^rlL^ «wiiob Mfjj, Co,, Hartford, Cotm. 

Safford Arc Lainp Mfg. Co., BoiTalo, N. Y. 

Mittdif mcBtioo th6 Directory Jn writing 


Oregrory Electric Co., Chicago, 

HamerschlaK A Co.. New York. 

Jones ft Hon Co., The J., New York. 

K. A W. Co.. The. Pittafleld Mass. 

lAtham A Co., B. B., Nuw York 

Manhattan Bleo*! Sap.Co.,Ne w York A Chicago 

Stanley A Fattemon, New York. 

Weatlnnrhoose l£lectrlc * Mtg. Co,. PitUburg 

Wirt Electric Co., PhUadelphia, Pa. 

Weatem filectrlcal Sapply Co., St. Louis, Mo 

c— Woven Wire. 

Barkelew. Chae. S., Middletown, Ohia 
Bender, Creo., New York 
Central Klectric Co., Chicago. 
Chapin, Chas. E..New York. 
Chlcagro Ediaon Co., Chicago. 
Crown Woven Wir*» Bmtih Co., Salem, Mass. 
Enreka Tempered Copper Works, North East, Pa 
Goldmark A Wallace, New York (Koch.) 
Gregory Klectric Co., Chicago. 
Uoburt Electric Mfg. Co.. Troy, O. 
Kester ?:iectric Mfjr. Co.. Chicago, (Niagara.) 
Manhattan Klec*l Sap.Co., New York A Chicago 
McMariry & <Jo., J. K., Chiwgo. 
Ohio Klectric Specialty Mfg. Co.. Troy, O. 
Perfection Supply Co., New YorK 
United States Electrical Contracting Co.. Syra- 
cuse, N. Y. 
Weatem Electrical Supply Co., St. Louis, Mo. 

Jersey City Pottery Ca, Jersey City, N. J. 
Latham A Co., E. B., New York 
Manhattan Elec*l 8np.Co.,NewYork A Cbicag« 
Mirion Pottery Works, Jersey City, N. J. 
Mayer Pottery Co., Beaver Falls, Pa. 
Stanley A Patterson, New York. 


Cling Surface Mfg. Co., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Dodge Mfg. Co., Mishawaka, Ind. 

Jewell Belting Co., Hartford, Conn. 

Page Belting Ck>., Concord, N. H. 

Sohleren * Co., Chaa. A., 46 Perry St, New York 

and 46 South Canal St.. Chicago. 
Shultz Belting Co., St. Louis. 


Cooper. Chas. A Co., New York 

Eimer A Amend, New York. 

Graaselli Chemical Co., Cleveland, O. 

Innis A Ck)., New York. 

Klipstein A Co.. A., New York 

Maiwachasetts ChemicMl Co., Boston. Haas. 

Merck A Co., New York. 

Nichols Chemical Co., New Y'ork. 

Powers A Weightman, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Roessler A Hasslacher Chemical Co., The, Nt* 

Toch Bros., New York. 
Zucker, Levett A Loeb, New York. 



Benedict A Burnham Mfg. C3o., Waterbury, Conn. 

Chase-Shawmut Co., Boston. 

Holmes, Booth A Haydens, Waterbury, Conn. 

Plume * Atwood Mfg. Co., Waterbury, Conn. 

Scovill Mfg. Co.. Waterbury, Conn. 

Wallace A Sons. New York. 


Chesterton A Co., A. W.. Boston, Mass. (Ingalli.) 
Chicaeo Boiler Cleaner Co., Chicago. 
Cleveland Flue Cleaner Mfg.CaMJleveland,Ohia 
Doolittle. S. B., Bingnamu>n N. Y. 
Globe Tube Scraper Co , The. Peoria, lU. 
Hubbard Mfg. Co., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Lagonda Mfg. Co., The, Sprintfflcld, O 
Sherwood Mfjf. Co., Buffalo, N. Y. (Pavqrita.) 
Union Boiler Tube Cleaner Co.. Pittsburg, Pa. 



American Carbon Co., Nobleftville, Ind. 
Central Klectric Co., Chicago. 
Chicago Ediaon Co., Chicago. 
Crouse-Treraaiiie Carbon Co., The, Fostoria, O. 
Faraday ('arbon Co., Jeannette, Pa. 
Hardmuth A Co., F., New York. 
Latham A Co., E. It., New Y'ork 
Manhattan Elec'l Siu^Co., New York A Chicago 
National Carbon Co., (fllK'elHnd, Ohio. 
Rolsin^er. Hutro, New York. 
Stanley A Patteraon, New York. 
Stuart-lIowlHiid Co., Bcton, Mass. 
United States Carbon Co., Cleveland, O. 



American Carbon Co.. Noblesvllle. Ind. 
Booker Carbon A Battery Co., St. Louis, Mo 
Central Electric Co., Chicago. 
Crour»e-Tn»maine Carbon Co., The, Fostoria, O. 
Eastern C%rl)on Works. Kahway, N. J. 
Electric Ghk Light! nir Co.. The, Boston, Mass. 
Jonea A Hon Co.. The J., N w York. 
Latham A Co., E. B., New York 
Manhattan Klec'l Snp.Co.,New York & Chicago 
National Carbon Co., Cleveland. Ohio. 
Partridge ('arlK>n Works. The. S}indusky,Ohio. 
Pern Kh'ctric Mfjj. Co.. I»eru, Ind. 
f9tanley A Fatteraon, New York. 
Stuart-Howland Co., Boston, Mass. 


Cartwight Bros., East Liverpool, Ohio. 
Compressed Fibre Co., Boston, Mass. 
Kdgerton Potterv C^., Edirerton, Wis 
Electric Gas Ligbting Co., The, Boston, Mass. 


Incandescent Lt. Manipulator Co., Boston Mais 
McCreary Co., The, A. A., New York 



Akron Insulator A Marble Co., Akron, Ohia 
American Marble Co.. Akron, Ohia 
Central Electric Co., Chicago. 

b— Porcelain. 

Brunt Porcelain Co., Geo. F., East BlTerpool 0. 

Central Electric Co., Chicaga 

Electric Heat Alarm Co., Boston, Mass. 

Empire China Works. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Irai^erial Porcelain Works, Trenton, N. J. 

Knowles, C. S., Boston, Mass. 

Latham A Co., E. B., New York 

Manhattan Elec*l Sap.Co., New York A Chtcigo 

Pass A Seymour. Syracuse. N. Y. 

Stanley A Patteraon, New York. 

Thomas A Sons Co., R., East Liverpool, Ohia 

c — Wood. 
Central Electric Co., Chicaga 
Lever Mfg. Co.. C. H.. Chicaga 
Manhattan Elec*l Snp.Co.,NewYork A Chlogo 
Pilon. Paul. Chicaga 


Central Electric Co., Chicaga 
DIcke Tool Co., C. H., Chicago. 
Klein. M. A Son., Chicago. 
Latham A Co., E. B., New York 
Manhattan Eleo>,New Toik AiXkttB^ 
Oshkosh Logging Tool Ca. Oshkoth, Wli. 
Reidy, J. J., New Haven, Codh 

Kind) J mention the Directory in 'WtVUhk. 

. ChLemio, til. 

UfAJTS — e0b 

&oliawa*i Time D«t.«ctor Co» 

New YoTlt. 

mjui'« Clock i'o., Orand RapitK 

. H- \V., New York 
l^, N«w York. 

moif —71 

A II«43biUQ Oct.. UoitdHi Mftt« 

cm Clou:!] Co, . Orove City, Pm, 

line C(K, rtlevialiind, Dbia 

I. Jl K. Kpw Yofk. 

H. W., Chieiuro, 

: Pulley Oa, WwallleR K. Y. 

idMn. K. Y, 

tft, Cl^relHrt^t Ohio. 

Co*, Jhdi^ii. NnnU AJiniQ*, Mini* 

lei^rinif C^.^ The, ^Ltititotfli, F*. 

PhiliiiJifU»hia. Pft. 

J. W.. WiUuujfliby. Olilo» (Im 

dchliwry Cn, Jumea, PhUiL. P*. 
1e> WOTks. Erli^. Pa* 
Ik, ChicjifEi} (•ivel l>lAt«<> 

OM -7« 

iftt Coi, Tbe, AaioiiLiit Conn^ 


■to Co., ChlcajED. 

le Co.* SobDneolndy, N* Y- 

«. A»il«tfint Coi, lii»ton. (pow) 

RWi & Kleciric Co*. N«w York. 

^. B., New York 

•^s*! »«, Ne w Yoi-k nfe Chlcapco 

Do,. Th«?. Chfciijfcx 

Kirt;. }4fii. tio.. ^irnth Bend^ Ind. 
S, ^.. BrookhDC, Mtt«». 

Work*. Ntw Yofk. 
K«w York. 
PTiwn, »w York. 
E1«r. * Mfif .Co.. FfCtiihurg, Ft, 
c*l iQitrumeni Co.^ Peuiicmik, 

rtu^^TiNG rem incah- 

t^MFH —73 

-nl mt*. On., New York, 

>lf»rCo. New York 
KR,N«w Yurk 
» 5pw York 
, HiW Hftven, Conn. 

wOt New York (Bohemian) 
emlrfti Co., Mflwaukee, Win. 
*t)llii]tiVphia, Pft. 

»tLi;R —74 

,Troj,X. Y 

Cn.t PhrJaihMph^a, Pn* 
E CbemicAl WorkM, Chicago. 
»1 Co,. rhtliMJf^lpbU Hmp^rlml.) 
Itr Comn^^an*! Co., Clilcmfo 

t1C^..*r, H., Chb-HKO. 
Doin|Kiuti(1 Co.. PltUhiirtj. Pb 
ScAlr* E^solveiit Ca. PiltsbuTK. 
Oil Work*, Clfvt^liind ( KnEc^^isior, 

l3niMM*f*Ck, llilwiiukife (Eurv^ka.) 

Wafiry A To,. Thoraiw C. Pbi1*d*lpfala, Pm. 
Wil»uri-ClKrk C?d,, The* Cleveland. Cbio* 
WilMiB Co., Now York. 


Chkholrd A., PI Lotiist, Mo, (Pt-^rleia) 
HvLenntui & Co.* K., \m W&ehinffton Bt. 

Cblun^tk (GBLi^t^V.*^ 4SHeudv.) 
O* C* Little Pal ley Co*tinfi to.* Mcnwh*, WJi» 
R. A M. wrg. ecu. Chkajro, IlL 
^ooLliwiirth lib Hnre. 1u dJatiApolis, Ind 


CsuCral El4>c1rlc Co*, Cblugo. 
Glwftoii, T. W.. lfo»coti, Mtt8«* 
Leed* A Co.. MorH» K., Phlij^elphLi. 
Marshall, Wio*, New York, 
QuM^h Jt Co.. Inc.* PhHudelphift. Pa. 


UArnB^wftunth A San, Win., ChlciiKO. 

BJjikt" MtiE. Co*, Gw:>FKe P.* New York* 

Bnlkley. Henrv W., NfW York. 

Coiiovcr Mfij. (>.. »w York* 

OftvMnciiiT M T., Hrwklvii, N. Y* 

i^enn Htm. Steam Puiiip WoTkK.lndlanapoUi.liid* 

l>tta u iFr Sti*a m P ii m M i'o* , 1 [o h o kt? , M am. 

^chott*} & Co., L„ PhtlulHphin. 

Whff'lpr CoiiU(*iJ!H*r A Eiijrlrif'f'rin); Co., NewYork* 

Worth in If too* H^'nry B,. New York. 


AfOttTU^Ah Circuhif Loom Co., Chelsea. Ma«i. 
AmiirlCHn lou^rior Cotidult Co., Wankei;aii* 111 
Cen trial Elec^trlc; Co.. t^blcai?o. 
MnoliHttHii Elec*lHiip.Co.,Ncw York ft ObittigO 
Oi«huni Fl'Slhk CondoLt Co., New York {Flem 

Rich 111 ond Eh-r. Wire Condi U Co., Wauk^i^an III. 
Safety- A rmorite Coodolt Co.* Rankin station, ?a. 
Npi-ji^De Electric to,* Now York. 
U. Si. Wire Caoduit Co*, New KianeinKtOD, P*. 


American Stone iroiTtJiilt Vo., Cbiea^o 
AmericAii Vi trifled Condait Co.. New York. 
OaiapCa., H. If., AultUian. Ohio. 
Chlcttieo i^illaon Co^ ChicAfzo* 
Creoiottqif Wurkft, Loiii^ lihinid City. N, Y, 
CiimratiiMiii Condoif t <i-. J>HtriilL. Mich. 
£k-ciioliri^iii Prnnf* fjiMluii M fg. Co,* Ch|ca|ro 
Kfjji^liitfL-T A RuH!*« H <'o,, Lnnjj 1 aland City, K Y- 
Flhre t*OTiiJiiil Co.. The. OraiiKfbnrij, N. Y 
4Jen«9rml Kle^trlo C^., Sih^recUMiv-, N. Y. 
McTtoy Clay W^orka. New York. 
Mii^hl^rnn Pi|M' Co., The, M*y City, Mich. 
^ationoL r 'on do! I ACahlo Uo*, New York 
Potomnc T*'TTM Cotta Co., W^n^hin^ton D. C. 
Htmndvknl I ridi^ryroiiful CiiliM Co,* Pittshurig; 
Walwortii A Nivii:^' ^[rJ. t .«.. Hn: riry, Mich. 
Wlliiums^Miirt Wh...*|- n I'ii*' t '*i., Ph(Tti(lPlj>hla. Pa, 
Wvckolf I'rwwolinK C^k, Th*'. WilUamapaft, Fa 
WtckofI ^ Ijon Co., A., Elmira, N. Y 


A me ri en I! Kli*pirir FmapCo,, Chlciifrn. 

.Vn^'tnlsi Kl<-'-tHi'a] <"<i,. Thi*. Atiitotila, Conn. 

Bun A 'lotK y. New Redfcvrd. Mnaii. 

Cent ml Elt?rtrlc Co., ChlcAjiOL 

ttJiait(t-*^hHvvmiitCo., HoRion, Mass. 

Eiec trie fiopply Co., Chicago 

Ijnif, 4 , A Co , Chie-'jro, 

Melijtire i2iK. C, Newark. \. J. 

National Condqit ^ Cnhle Co., New York, 

Ohio Br8A« Crv,, Th<^ Maniinf'ld. O, 

fttaodiarii Cniteri^ruQniJ Cable Co., Pltttburg, 

Stefli* A .^^hnson Mfjf. Cfi.. Waterbiifj. Caioh, 

TiiriK*r Hrsiaa Works. CliiciifEa 

Wv«tem Hlectrfc Co,, ChlcAffo >lkd 3i«w Yo*k 

KfJidij m^mhn the Dlmctory in writing. 

o*k Jj 



Horde u A Selleck Co.. Chicatro. 

Brothen Co., The W. F., New York 

Kxeter Macliine Workn. The. Pittsioii, Pa. 

Hunt Co.. C. \V., New York. 

Jeffrey Mf>r. Co., Columbus, Ohio. 

Link-Iielt Kn^iueering Co., The, Nioetown, Pa 

and Chicago. 
Link Belt Machinery Co., Chicago. 111. 
Mead Mfg. Co., John A., New York 
Kobins Conveying Belt Co., New York. 
Trenton Iron Co., Trenton, N. J. 
Union Telpherage Co., New York 



Besly X Co.. C. H., Chicago. 

Knreka Tempered Copper Works, North Eaet, Pa. 

Soovili Mfg. Co., Waterbury. Conn. 


Electric Appliance <'o., Chicago. 
Manhattan Elec'l Sup.Co..Ni>wYork •& Chicago 
Samson Cordafpe Wurlcs. Boston. 


Uurt & Tobcy. New Bedford, Maas 

CONVERTERS— See Transformers. 


Carey Mfg. Co., The Phillip. Lookl»uid, Ohio. 

Carr Manufacturing. Co., Boston, Mass. 

Chicago AHbe«tOH Mfg. Co.. Chicago 

Chicago Fire Prot>f Covering Co.. Chicago. 

Electro Fire Proofing i:o., Philadelphia. 

Fossil Meal Co., New York. 

Gilmour Mfg. O*., New York. 

Griflin , A. A.. in*n Co., New York. 

JohnH-Manville Co., H. W.« New York 

Keasbey «t MattiM>n Co.. Ambler. l*a. (Magnesia.) 

KaMbey. R. A . N**w York 

Kelley Co.. The. .Mineral Point. Wis. 

MichlRan Plp«» Co., The. Bay City, Mich. 

New Jersey Aubestos (.'o., t>mden. N. J. 

Norristown Covering Co.. Norrlntown, Pa 

Peoria Chemical Laboratory. Peoria, 111. 

Watson * Co.. H. F.. Krie. Ph. 

Wyckoff & Son Co., A. Elmira, N. Y 

U. S. Mineral \\'h»i Co.. New Vork. 


Anltman Co., Car u n, O. 
Box A: Co., Alfi 1 Philadelphia. I*h. 
Brown lloistin A Conveying .Machine Co.. Cleve- 
land. Ohio. 
Burr Mfg. Co . I - , Cleveland. O. 
Case Manafai toring Co., Columbas. O. 
Crocker- Wliwier Co., .\mpere, N. J 
Franklin PoitJl e Crane ft lloi»t Co.,Fninklln,Pa 
Ilarrinu'ton. Kon A' Co.. Kdwin. Philadelphia, Pa 
Hunt Co.. C. W . New York. 
Industrial Works. I«ay City. Mich. 
Lidgerwood Mfg. Ca. New York. 
Maris Bros.. Philadelphia. I*a. 
Moore Mia. Co . CleveUnd. <). 
NileaTool W i L* Co., New York. 
Otis Rlevatoi Co.. New York 
Prentiss Tot> A' Supply i'n.. New York. 
Sellt-rs A Co . Wni.. Philudrlphia. Pa. 
Shaw Kl»^ti «• • mn«» Co.. Muskegon. Mich. 
Shriver A Co.. T.. NVw York. 
Weboter. Camp«V Lane .Maohint'Co.. Akron, Ohio. 
Whiting Foundry Kquipnient i'o.. Chicago. 

Bailev Mfg. Co., Elkin. N. C. 

Blake St Co., John E., New York. 

Brownlei' A Co., Detroit, Mich 

Central Electric Co., Chicago. 

Central .%1 f^r. Co., Chattanooga. Tenn. 

Cohn A B«.ck Prluce^H Anne, Md. 

Cotter Co., George. Chicago. 

Eoclestofi Lamber Co.. New York. 

Indianapolif* Arm, Bracket & Pin Co., Indian 

apolis. Ind 
Latham & Co., E. H., New York 
Leavitt. K. U.. Capron. 111. 
Locke. Fred. M., Victor, N. Y. 
Loud A Sons. Lumber Co., H M., Oscoda. Mich. 
McQuut, Kol>ert L . Indianapolin, Ind. 
Manliattan £lec*lSap.Co., New York A Chicago 
Ohio Braos Co., The. Mansfield, O. 
Phelan. I>. W., New York 
SUnd.nrd Arm ct Pin Co.. 1*he. Gadsden, Ala. 
Standard Pol«' & 'lie Co.. New York 
Sterling A Son. W. C Monroe. Mich. 
Texas Arm A Pin Co.. Beanmont Tex. 
Vreeland, B. F., Denver. Colo 
Walworth A Neville Mfg. Co.. Bav CItv, Mich. 


Abbott. Eugene B., Cleveland. O 

Bernard Co., K. G., Troy, N. Y. (Powers, Bernard* 

Powers. ) 
Brady. T. H.. New BriUin. Conn. 
Central Electric Co.. Chicago. 
Ft. Wayne Electric Works, Ft. Wayne, Ind. 
General Electric Co.. Schenectady, N. Y. 
Latham & Co*. E. B.. New York * 
Manhattan Elec*l Sup.Co.,NewYork A Chicago 
Pas*» A Seymour, Svrarnse. N. Y. 
Philadelphia Electrical A Mfg. Co., Philadelphia. 
Utica Electrical Mfg. A Supply Co., Utioa, N. Y. 

Western Electric Co.. Chicago and New York 
Westlnichoaae Electric * Mf ir. Co^ Pittaborg 



Bogart, A. L.. Nhw York. 
Central Electric Co^ Chicago. 

Holtxer-CalMt Elec. Co., Brookline, 

Manhattan Elro*lSap.Co.,NewY'ork A Chicago 


a— Mains and Branches 

Bryant Electric Co.. Bridgeport. Conn. (K. W.) 
Central Electric Co., Chicaga 
Chase-Shawmut Co.. liosttm. Mass. 
Chicago Edlaon Co.. Chicago. 
Electro- Dynamic Co.. I*hiladelphia, Pa. 
Fagan. .1. < . Watertown. N. Y. 
Ft. Wavne Electric Works, Ft. Wayne, Ind. 
General Electric Co., Schenectady, NT. Y*. 
Gilmore Electrical «& Mfg. Co.. North Easton, 

Latham A Co., E. B.,New Nork 
Bfanhattan Elec'l Hap.Co.,New York A Chicago 
pjiiste Co.. li. T., Philadelohia, Pa. 
Pass. A Seyuionr, Svracnse, N Y. 
I*erkin!i EI»M-trio Sw'itch Mfg. Co.. Hartford.Conn. 
Peru Electric Mfg. Co.. Peru. Ind. 
Staari-Howlaml Co.. Boston. Masn. 
Westlnghoase Electric A Mtg, Co., Plttsbarf 




Eci1e>loii liiiiilmr To. 

\\, %t*w ^i»rk . 

lUi^riiHit To, Jtrr-tiirjiH ^fiui, 
fi led No n i'o,, t. (liruiiK, 
r- -.^u. Fr«iv'Uj.ii€«. H I. 

i \ in, K. H., Nt'W York 

-■- - — . S,\\ 

I rii, rnd. 

L% ill ^ >iL [^fJLtllil, Mo, 

I? — KdtPion Bl««|£t 
H' ApiHlMtiee !'«»♦ *'hiii'jiit£n. 

Elettrlc Co.. Bailgtf]ioi1;, COiui< 


>RS. unovsn 


i vrii£. 


ij t^ltK^trN- Co,. S<^h»-ti«tiMin N. Y, 
iiw Et«ctrlCMl JiutrumentCfkM Phllft. 
jifB L»vitiimo Cu.,^ ^%^:^inl!^e. N. Y, 
Jrfirlrjil Mftf. A SuiipSy Co.. L'ttc*. N. T 

E' ectrle Mfg, €o.. St. LowU. Mo, 
W»ifibiu»ni« Tltue D«t««tor Co*, 
. N, Y. 
^ Sftm. 4k Co., Hon ion, M*fl». 

•to Clock On., BoHlQii. Masp. 

ACto.^Nrw York, K. Y. 

'«iaKifi« Co., ^>^f VMi-k, N* Y. 

~^*lf Ji A Clwk i'a. R, New York, N. Y, 

*l«€trltf Serif leu (?o., JW Hwa^kee. VVi«. 

* Co,, K. e.. New York 

an KI*n?'ll5in»,Co,»Nevk'YoTk ^ CMcAtrci 

<£ I'o , J*TOIH«f, ItClJitOfi, Muftii. 

leg Cliwk Co., BrookLfu, N, Y. 
Oo., UotloiL, Mh«. 

h BIILT --lis 

b Oil C^.. Provldetiw, R L *A. O. C.) 
i* |li4tini£ Co.. Itucoii, Mrm. 
irfM^ Mfsf C«., BaJTuia. N. Y* 
&nwlbt« Co*, Jo«.. JerMj Cit7, K- J. 
tfE. Ci;>.. hlli'hftwiikm, Tnd. 
I MfiK. Ca. KouiiJ lirwk. K. J; 
»11 Co.. A. W.. r*rnvl.Jt-hRe, R. L 
tttMtJtr r.Vj., Hu,rir4>ri]. i <>nn. 

ft s*m. J. i:., i^biiti,1.3ohla,p».(GHt Edpe 
A « Co..Ch«** A*,4& Ferry et,, Now York 
;i^>utb fJUiB] St., Ch(i;ti);o iKUtotrie;) 
WUtijf Co , *?t. Loui*. Wo, 
■^ ""g,Co., Albany, X.T 



M., D<*troa. {Eboiiilv.^ 
Co.t CbiL'*i?o. 
Wkf. Mo. (P^ 
! >H* Jon^ tlersey Cit/, N. J. 

L4(f Valley Y^tjie CHTboD Brneb Co., Now York 
BAcLiHinnu HI Co., K-« liHJ WnAbiti^ion St., 
*'bkuii;.>. (tattle'*./ (St^^ lav.) 


Dodgio Mf|f. Co., HLita«w«kA, Ind. 




M.irviii KlefUrUi: UriH Co.h CitimstolA. K. Y* 
VV«»Htiuj<^iicitiM« i:if»«irl«A Mfir* C4i^ PittJtbiiig. 

DRY B.^TTKRI Ij:s-S«fi BaUflrlL>&. 



ift— AI t«rn M t loff* 
Bender. <ii*o,, Nitw York 
ItiilLui k Klei-trlG Mfu* Co.t Now Yfirk:. 
CentTMLl Klectric Co., Uoicugo. 
Gciierwl Klvc-trlp Co,, Sirh^iitjriudv K. Y. 
Ft. W»irn« Kii^t'trli; Worku, Fi, W»yiie, Jud. 
Gn.*)c«ry tAfi-'trlc Co,, <:lii^4u<fti. 
Ho|t^(«r-C»lioL Elee. Co., liroakUtio. MilH 
Knit Kk'eti'ln Mt^. C<t., WttTCvitvtt Mam, 
l^fi Koehe Co., r. A*, New York, 
Liucohi Eltrtfie Ct»., ClcvcUnd, O, 
Hi^nhjattan ICIfH<4^ii|KCo.,N«?W York ji CUcAgo 
Hoyikk Kltf iHo i.U., MuiitrL'uL I*, t^- 
Roynl Klwtric Ccv, iv^irln. 111. 
Bprftffue |ftL«i:trif Co.. Nmv York, 
Sttnley Klec. Mfa. Co., PUtafii-ld. Miim. 
Walk' HIT Eit^cLrk Mfif. Ci*,, i^i. Loui». 
W 14 r n- n I'Ui -I ' I rii ' M f j:. < > ^. , .Sniiil u nk v . <>, 
Western Kl+et irk' Co., CbN^i^oHud Wew York 
WewtLanJiouiie Kleclrlc; A Mf|r.Gci.t PltUbDrf, 

tj — Are, 

Bull Klectrrc Co., Nitw York. 

ll«tiilieif, tli'u., N*'w Vnrtt 

aenvrttl EitK-trlcni Cn^ SchetiAcUiiyi N, Y* 

«r*«rol^ KU'rIrIc Co., Cbk»CO. 

t^imriiitU't' Kl' * trir <'On Chicago. 

Fort W»>in* larrtrle MTIa., Ft Wiyne, Ind. 

HafibmoreUyiimnio Works, Jenwy Citj, N.J. 

Wtiiitt?fn Klectfir Cti., OblcntCLh nniJ N«w Yorfc 

c^Dlrisrt Current— I tifMudfifteent* 
AUTOD E l«€t t ic Co. . C h ka iro . Ill 
Akron KkctrioaJ Mfg. tJa, Tbi\ Akrod, Ohlft. 
ArmUti|?«-M*'rsi:ht3U Co,. N. Tuiiftwrnirta. N. Y, 
Amonx A UocbtiJiiiiiHti Ek'ctiid Co., New York. 
Hiai l':^cirli' *"o , New York, 
BflrU, Ebuus & Wy^^nnt. llnrTJi^lUTilto, N* T 
Helknnp Motor Co , |*oi-l]»ih1. Me, < II. C> 
Honder, ff«o^» Nnw York 
Beet too A SiOfl. T. F., Ij* Cr«««s, WIh. 
HenmnJ Co,. E. 0.. Tnj/, N, Y. 
Boifu«. Ob**. J., Hflw York. 
Browning Mfg. Co , Th*;, Mllwanktie, W!i. 
Bullork Klectrli; Mfif. Co , IU#^N«w York 
CalifornLa EJ<K;trica1 Work*. Han FrjLncLioo. Cttl 
C»nl Hliwtriu Cot, The. Mmnjifleia. Ohio. 
C. A C. ElBcMc Co. The, New York 
CentTul E;l««trl« C<»<f Cliirngo. 
Centrpil 1-^1*^0 (rtc & Foundry Co,. IjewldbutK. Pa. 
Col u m bin K l*'rt t rio Ctx , W ortjt- 1 t*?r. Mass. 
Com nu'rt; till t-^RCtfic Co., IncJUmipoliit, Ind. 
€rock«t"WHeel«4rCo., Ampert". N. J 
Dailett A Cu.. Tbot. H., Philttdtlphia, Fa. 
Uavlon Fnji A Motor Co^. Tb«, Dayton, Ohto, 
Diebl Mtx. Co.. EUzabtrthport, N. J. 
KasrlD Electric Wurka. fVioria. HI 
E(^k n^'tinrnodt Motor Wki.. Belleville N.J. 
h:dd V K ] H , ' r r i <* M fe. <-'o. , W 1 nd n i ir. Coon. 
ElbritiL^ Kh rirk-jtl Mfj.'. Co.. Klbrldjre. N, Y. 
E I ec I f (>- D V 1] a ru ic Co. , l*h llini««l ph ia. Pa. 
Elekirou ilfsj. Cvo.. SfjrfnsEAeld. Maiiii. 
KIwi-ll-Park^T Kl metric Co.. Th*. Ckvpland. Oblo 
Kns?berg^» BJecirlcal A MocbanJciil Worki 81. 

Joaeph, Mich. 
FUbi^r Eii»tr1clil Mt«. Co., Detroit, MU^h. 
FU WiiTii« Kl«elrle Wka,, Fl. Wayne, l£ul 
Freed, Henir F.. llarriibnrff, pa. 

Kiodly mentlfm Iht Pfi^otory in wfiting. 


General Eleetrle Co^ Sohenectady, N. Y. 
Qoldmark & Wallace. New York. 
Qoutehnoar Klectrio Co., Cantoo, O. 
Gre^orr Klectrio Co., ChicM^eo. 
Hobart Electric MU. Co., Troy, Ohio. 
Holtxer-Cabot Kleo. Co., Brookllne, Maaa 
Janu & Leist Klectrio Co., CinciDnati, O. 
Jenney Electric Mfff. Co., lodianiipoliB, Ind. 
Jones A .Non Co., The J., New York. 
Kent Electric MfK. Co., Worcester. Mass. 
Kentucky Electrical Co., Owensboro, Kr 
Kester Electric Co., Terra Haute, Ind. 
Keystone Electric Co., Erie. Pa. 
Kratz llros., Evansvllle, Ind. 
La Fayette EnKlueerinK & Electric Works, La 

Fayette, Ind. 
La Koche Co., F. A., New York. 
LAttaaui & Co., £. B., New York 
Lincoln KliH^tric Co., Cleveland. O. 
Littleflcid & Kennedy, Lynn. Mans 
Mayer Electric Co., M. M., New York 
Kew England Motor Co., Lowell, Mans. 
Northern El»»ctrlcal Mfvf. Co., Madison, Wis. 
Onondaga Dynamo Co., Syracuse, N. Y. 
Palmer. OUon. New York. 

Quaker City Electric Co.. The, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Richter Electric Co., Camden. N. .1. 
Riker Motor Vehicle Co., Eli7.i»l)«'th|)ort, N. J. 
Kobbins & Myers Co., Sprinj^field, O 
Ro( henler hidctric Motor Co.. Hoc hentpr, N. Y. 
Roi^emont Elec. Transmitter Co., New York 
Roth Bros. & Co., Chicago. 
Royal Electric Co., Peoria, 111. 
SpragQe Electric Co.. New York. 
Stanley Elec. Mfg. Co., Pittslleld, Mass. 
Stanley A Patterson, New York. 
Sionx City Brass W^orkb, 8ioax City, Iowa. 
Storey lieneral Electric Co., Harrison, N. J. 
Stnart-Howland Co.,Boston, Mass. 
Startevant Co., B F., Boston. 
ThompHon Ele«-trlc Works. Chicago. 111. 
Three Rivern Electric Co., Three Rivers. Mich 
Thresher Electric Co., Dsvion, Obio. 
Triumph Klectrio Co., Cincinnati. O. 
Wasrner Electric Mfff. Co., St. Louis, Mo. 
Western Electric Co , Chicnvo and New York 
Westlnnrhonse Electric ft Mtg. Co., Pittsburg. 

d— Power Generators, 500 Volt, 

Bender, Geo., New York 
Bullock Electric Mf|r. Co., New York. 
C. AC. Electric Co.. New Yoik 
Commercial Electric C^., Indianapolis. Ind. 
Crocker- Wheeler Co., AmpcTf, N. J 
Dlehl Mfg. Co.. ElizabethDort N. J. 
Eddv Klfctric Mfg. Co.. Windsor, <'onn 
Ft. Wayne Electric Wkn., Ft. Wayne, Ind 
General Electric Co., ikrbenecUdy, N. Y. 
Grefcory Co., Chas. E., Chicago. 
Kfvstono Elecirio Co.. Erie, Pa. 
Triumph Electric Co., (-incinnsti, O. 
Weittern Electric Co., Chicago and New York. 
WestlnflThonse Electric ft Co., PitU- 
burg. Pa. 


— 1«1 

American Fuel Saving Co.. Philadelphia. Pa. 
Brom**!!, S<5hmidt A Stt^acy Co., York, Pa. 
Oreen Fuel Economizer Co., The. Matteawan, N.Y. 
Steam Boiler Equipment Co.. New York 


AnnitKge-lI(*rs(*hell Co., N. Tonawanda, N. Y. 

Bnrdett-P own tree Mfg. Co., Chicago. 

Cahill Jt Hull, San Fnincisco. Cal. 

I'entral Iron Works, Quincy, 111. 

Eaton A Prince Co., Chicago. 

Elektron Mfg. Co., The, Springfield, Mass. 

Fraser Electric Elevator Co.. San Franolsoo, Cal 

Gardner Elevstor Co.. Detroit, Mich. 

Graven Elevator Co., Rochester, N. Y. 

Keystonn Electric Co., Erie. Pa. 

Kieckh«'fer Elevator Co.. A., Milwaukee, Wis 

Moline Elevator Co.. Moline, 111. 

Morse. Williams .fc Co., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Otis Elevator Ca. New York 

Reedy Elevator Mfg. Ca, J. W., Chioa^o. 

See M Co., A. B., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Sprague Electric Co., New York. 
Union Elevator A Machine Ca, Chicaga 
WhiUler Machine Ca. Boston. Mass. 


Leonard Blectrie Co., Ward, BronxTiDe, K. T. 



Arnold Elec. Power Station Co., Ghicaco 
Bain, Foree. 1(»7-1«0 Monadnook Blk., Chktfa 
Baker, Joseph B.. Boston, Maas. 
Cahoon. James B.. New York 
Chaillet. Adoiph A., Buffalo N. Y 
Clarke. Chas. L.., New York. 
BlecM Engineering A D^'velopini; Co., New York. 
Ford, Bacon A Davis, New York. 
Hays Construction Co., Trov, O. 
Hoff, J. B.. LAkewood. N. J.* 
Humphrey, Henry H., St. Ix)uifl, Mo 
Hutton Engineering Co.. The. Lexington, Va 
Jackson, .1. P.. State College, Pa. 
McLaughlin. James, New York 
McTigbe, Thomas J., New York. 
Pedrick A Ca, B. K., New York. 
Pierce * Richardson A NUer, 1405-141S Man- 
hattan Bldg., Chicago. 
Reid, Thorburn, New Yoik 
Stern. Philip K., New York. 
Vail, J. H , Philadelphia, Pa. 
Wagner, Herbert A.. St. Louis, Mo 



Benton A Son, T. P., LaCrosse, Wis. 

Case Threshing Machine Co., J. I., Racine, Wis. 

Charter Gas Engine Co., Sterling, 111. 
Climax Can Engine Co.. Brooklyn. N. Y. 
Columbus Machine Co.. Columbus, O 
Cornell Machine Co. Chicago. 
Dayton Globe Iron Works, Dayton, Ohio. 
Electric Mfg. A Gas Engine Ca, Greenbusb, N. Y. 

Foos Gas Engine Ca, Springfield, Ohia 
Grand Rapids Gaa Engine A Yacht Co., GraiM 

Rapids, Sf I h. 
Hicks Gas Engine Co., Detroit, Mich. 
Hoff. J. B.. Lakewood, N. J. 
Lambert Gas A Gssollne Engine Co., Andenon, 

Marietta Iron Works Mfg. Co., MarietU, Wis 
MIetz, A., New York 
Mo<lem Gax Engine Co.. Buffalo, N. Y 
National Meter Co.. New York. 
New Em Iron Works, Dayton. Ohio. 
Northern Enirincering Works, Deirolt, Mich 
Olin Gas Engine Co.. Buffalo, N. Y. 
Otto Gas Engine Works, Philadelphia, Pa. (Otta> 
Priestman A Co., Inc., Philadelphia, Pa, 
Proutv Co., Chicairo. 

Ruger Mfg. Co , The, J. W., Buffalo. N. Y. 
Sintz Gas Engine Co., Grand Rapids. Mich. 
Springfl-ld Gas Enirine Co., The. Springfield. Ohia 
Standard Automatic Gas Engine Co., The, Oil 

City. Pa 
Thompson A Sons Mfg Co., J.. Beloit, Wis. 
Webster Mfg. Co.. Chicairo (Lewis.) 
White A MiddlHton Gas Engino Co.. lialtiraore. 
Wolverine Motor Works, Grand Rapids, Mich. 


— lt» 

Davis Gasoline Engine Co., Waterloo. la. 

Mietz. A., New York 

Percy, ('has. W., Boston, Ma«s 

Priestman A C^o., Inc., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Racine Hani ware Co., Racine, Wis. 

Rochester Machine Tool Co., Rochester, N. Y. 

Springfield Oas Engine Ca, The, Springfield, O. 
Whitman A Bamea, Syracuse. N. Y. (Bryant) 

Ktndljr OMBtimi UM IHreetery In writiog 

a-^otUm Type, 

Co„ Chicago. riL 
lo« Works, ImlUniiisotia, Ina.cCyclol- 

dry A M*i?hiwe Wqrk*. Ft. W*ytl«Jtid. 
Ilua Co,. Joht^t. tlL, Uf^ii««'^'orll!i.> 
JCk, C, H.. Fltcbburg, Mn3s. (BitJWttJ 
, Tlw a dfc G„ Mt. Vcrnou, Ohia 

jwell Co., MLlwiakw. WU. 

:<diiidiJ3£ Machine Co,* FisbkUI-on- 

VVjivtipsbom. Pa. (EctlpM-CorUif.) 
im Bntrinp Co,, Wm.AMProvlclei^a*, R,I. 
Foniridrf <Jt Macbim? Wks.. Barrlibnrg 
1illlitJ4 Iran Work*, yewwrk* N. J. 
wri'13* A Rentichkr Cfi.^ Hoimtliot}, Ohio 
' o,. Provide Qcc, R. 1 

dx, , , . incliiiiAfL Ohln. 

1*» MHcbiuf^'t K limine Co.. ^fwb«Tgh. 

iKin Work* Co,, Phll*ddpblft. Pa. 
Mofrbi««trlnK Work», LiiJ.. Phila., Pm. 
Ktmim* Co., FrovidBin?*?, It K 

l^ne Col, Krb** Pa, 
iiieCo,K Warffn. Mnna. 
rttu Jit Mdchuie Wu^k^. SL LouJH, Mo 
Wm.. Yoonifstourri. Ohio, 
, l^o.. Ttii*. MllwitakPe. Wit. 
iif»bi?l] Cou^ Newark* N, J. 
Ik m. RnbL, Chf BUsr, Pa* 
ttio Enclnu Wnrka. Newburcb. >% V. 

Work*. Corry. Pa. 

lH'orka, OsWBifO, N. V 

nrIlann)K)LlSf Ipd, 

tn^^iue Co*, Uouudl Urook, N. J. (Amrr- 

^ Work», rndlAaapotli. lad. 
^. Co., Svw York, 
Pftine CoLp Sfilfsiu, Ohio' 
i|Pf C**., Kwlfulra. X. Y. 
Ii; C4X, M, C, iMilcm^o rWiUant.J 
^ Co., Gmnd IJwven, Mich. 
nnlfN .\ \(3ichiiiH Ca, PItLsiburB. Pa. 
S' ft? Co,, Fjichbur^f. Ma^a. 

i'< Pa, fKbf iTie,* 

} Mil binti Wki* nirriaharg 

A. L ' 111. (Ideal. J 

k*., .! ^ ^ iiMid. a 

S ■ o.. .\ijbiifti, N, Y- 

. i:<5i,. Thp. New UriUtn 

S? .!n Powt-r Co,, Nf*w York. 

|MJ»>i, K^uirn, N. Y, 

in Worki fti., Mcadv-me, P*. (Ulok M 

jmamo & Knifint* Co., Rldewav. Pa. 

|*ebliie Tw)l Co., RiK'hr'*t4?T, N, Y. 

MiieCo.. Maji«l|lQn« Ohio. 

Mnt^ Cfi » KfK P. A, 

Foutidry tk MiiGliliiifi Ca, Philadelphia 

illf o. > 

t Co.. Erie, Pa. (Woodhufy.) 

fjM Miit-'iiiM I 'a, Tbr, S>rHt3uae, >\ Y'. 
V ■» .'siowii, O. 

V Ynrk 

I , Wjitprtowtj, K. Y. 

' t Xtu^blAti €&.« PltUbtirK, Pa. 

, Tlie» LJaytOQ, Ohio. 

\». Y. 

am Co., FUcbbur*. Maiii. 
rl3iiinbt«, CliitiititiaU, Ohio 
r Cd.* ClmtlnaaM, Ohio. 

MurTid,y Iron Worki Co., Budtnirtotit Iowa, 
Noyit Alfn. Uo„ Thif Joba P., HulTalo, N. Y 
Raettiti Hani ware Cu., KA^itit.', Wk. 
Trump MfK, Co,, Sprlniffit?ld, Ohla 
VaUi>y Irun Worki. Wlllbimiporc, Pa. 



C»ll€ndi?r Tf^1«phone Exchan^ Co^ Ltd., Brant- 
ford, Ont 
Strowg^r Automat to iVkphone Kiohangv Cht- 


BjickiiA Wi*t<*r Motor Co., Nt?wark» N, J. 

nation A Hrosi, II. I... Dftj'ton, O. 

Hoiton Eiiyf'iTu: lUAtlngM Pwr. Co,, Boston, Mk41 

CfntrHl Klertrte Cn., ChkwfrO. 

ClilrnFo t^illHfkfi L'ti,, Chjicago. 

Di'nnni Fin lV: Motor, Tb«, i>avtoti, Ohio. 

iM'iil Mfj to., i:nyjil>?Lhport, >\.t. 

KFNfTi-Mii Kjc iric Mf^, CfK, at. Lou In, Mo, 

Ft* Wiijiici lUt^t-trlf^ Worku* Ft. Wsiyne. Ind. 

Of I if ra I liiu. \ti' LiEbt*;^.. Xi-vr Y'ork, 

GoJdmark A Witllace, New York. 

Uultsflr-Cabot Eleic. Co.^ Bmokltne, Mat 4 

HttriL*ir Fan A Moior Co.. Fulton, N. Y. 

Int«rslate Electric Co,, Ctevelatid. O. 

•lontw ft Soti Com The J.* Ni^w York. 

E^ibAtti^ Co,, K. It., Xew Yiirk 

M»ntiatt«a Elec^'l Hu|i,Cci.,NewVork & Chicago 

Paragoti Fan & Motor Co.. New York. 

Philailtslpbiti RltHirHu a Mfe Cn Pblladelpbla. 

Robbtns A Mjerit Co., Sprinkjfli'id. O, 

8nrA)ziie KTwtri« Co . N»*w York. 

Btaulpy A P»tterann, Nt^w York. 

Stnnrt-HowliuKl Co,. BoNtoti, Man. 

Towltf Mtff. Co , (*eo, C. Laiicfl*tf*n P»^ 

Wen tern Electrle Co., Cbleapo und New YcitIe 

b — at. 

American UIowpt Cow. tN-trott^ Mich. 

Aivdrewi A Johnson, ChltMiKo, 

Barney VeiUattn^c Fan Co,, Boston, Maaa* 

Hulfalo Foriff* Co,. HulTulo, X. W 

CetitTKl Etf^Gtrlc Co,, Ch!ctgo. 

C & C. Ektlriir ru,, ?V4!W York, 

UJt^bl Mfte. Ca, Klt/iilK'tbpirt, N, X 

Uiid^v Hfjf. Co., Mlt^bawiika Ind. 

FtilliT Co . Th*^. TVtrolt. H*eh. 

Gjif'If'ii i'itv Fun Co., t^hlr'ueo, 

H'^wiinJ A ij'irv', Vew York i Itlai^kman.) 

3|itti1iii 1 1 nil i: I *T"'I Hiip,Co.,Nfrw Y'ork 4t Cbirigll 

Mi-ii!*firti'h Li !>.►-(! ^ t'uiH'o,. H^wton. Maiti. 

^ncdiki^riV rnr ^'tiUn-blthtiin, F'a. 

Sneddlty Mfi:. < o . hMlhMtti|JolJ«, Ind. 

fitiirti'vant *'o., » V.. Uimtim. Mail, 

Tolhtirj^l A S^.n., W, It., Trny. N. V. 

W«fit«<rii El«rtrl<- Cu^i Cbluftgo and ^ew York 

Wltig ^ Ca, L. .L, Xew York. 

C'-'Fortable<— Alt«<rnattnff. 

Cvntrnl Elprtrtr Co*, Clilcaieo. 

ChlrAK^o Ed I nun Co., Chicago. 

Rmi^T^fm Elf^rTrir Mfi. Cr*.^ Hi, l^u!*. Mo. 

Ft. IViiviie Elrctric^ Woi-ka, Ft. W»yn€» Ind. 

*»#) ri er^ I Klffc t rlr C o, . Sr K<*ri i-^- 1 »d v, N Y . 

H«i]txitr-CHl>ot I'tlt'f. To.. Iir-Mfkllne, Man 

l^thibru A<V»., i:. H.. \ '^ Ynrk 

Para^O!] Fnii tfc 5TH>L4>r ( o., N'< w York. 

Bprainie' Klif trlr t'o.. XtfW Y'*rk. 

At«nl«y ft PAtt«raaiL, New York. 

l¥flm*Tn Eli^f trie Co., Chlcj^iEO »nd Kew York 

Wcwtlni^hoiiae Kleotrle ft Uff, Co». Plttabarg 

cI — Fo rtable— ' ttattcrj* 
Central EltM-trlr Co.^ Cblrai^. 
Ctili^Ko EdUon Co*, Cblcaico. 
Clark A Milla. BotUin. 

Pl«44e menij&n F&wvm* OeaU^ SlAtJoQ directory wh<!ii wriUng. 



Kdison Mfg. Co.. New York. 

()«neral Inc. Arc Lieht Co.. New York. 

Knapp Klectric A Noveltv Co., N«w York. 

lAtham & Co., K. It., New York 

Manhattan Elec*! 8up.Co.,New York A Chicago 

Ritchie A. Sous, K. $.. Hrookline. Mass. 

RodriKues, M. R., Brooklyn. N. Y. (.Premier.) 

e — Portable— Direct Carrent. 

Bates A Bro., 1). L., Davton, Ohio. 

B. B. Electric Co., New York. 

BoMon ElfHtric Heatin-^ & Pwr. Co.,Bo8toii, Mass. 

Central Electric Co., Chicago. 

CtalcaRTo KdlHon Co., Chicago. 

Crocker- Wheeler Co., Ampere, N. J 

Dayton Fun X Motor Co.. Th«', Davton. Ohio. 

DIehl Mfu. Co.. El:zabethporl. N. J. 

Edison MfiT. Co.. .New York. 

Ft. Wayne Electric WorkK, Ft. Wajne, Ind. 

General Klectric Co., ^4^•lH•n»•<•tttdy. N. Y. 

Ooldmark & Wallac**, New York. 

Holtzer-Cabot Klectric Co., Brnok1iDe,Mae8. 

JoneM & Son Co., The J., N>w York. 

Kent KU'ctric Mfjr. Co.. Worct'sU'r. Mass. 

lAthaiu & Co., K. H., N>'\v York 

Manhattan Klec4 Sup.Co..N«;wYork & Chicago 

Menoinin«M; Electrical A .Mechanical Co., Meuoin* 

Inee, Mich. 
Paragon Fan *fc Motor Co.. New York. 
Riker Motor Vehicle Co.. Ellzabcthport, N. J. 
Roth-Bros. Jk Co., Chicago. 
Sprairne Electric Co., New York. 
Stanley & Patterson, New York. 
Htoart- Howland Co., Boi*ton. Maps. 
Towle Mfg. Co.. Geo. C , Lancanter. Pa. 
Warren Electric & 8pertlalty Co , Warren, O. 
Western Electric Co., Chicairo and New York 
Weatlngrhoaae Klectric * Mfff. Co., Pittsburg. 


Hall Compound Feeder Co., Chicago 
Q. A C. Co., The, Chicago. 


FIBRE —183 

Central Electric Co., Chicago. 
Compressed Fibre Co., The. Boston. .Mass. 
Delaware Hard Fibre Co., Wilmington. Del. 
Diamond State Fibre Co.. Elsmere, Del. 
Kartavert Mfjf. Co.. Th**, Wilmington, Del. 
Laminar Fibre Co.. North Cambridife, Mass. 
Leatherold Mfir. Co.. Kenncbunk, Mj*. 
Volcani/i>d Fibre Co., Wilmington, Del. 

VIBE ALARMS— See Alarms. Fire. 

rULTERS, OIL —134 

American T<x)l A Ma<«hino Co., Boston, Mass. 

Booar, James & Co., Pittsbnrg, Pa. 

Burt Mfg. Co., The, Akron. Ohio (C'ross.) 

Colnmbo* Oil Filter Co.. Columbus. O. 

Famous Filter Co., m. Louis, Mo 

Flower A Co.. Walter U. St. Louis, Mo. (Acme). 

Oalloway. G. W.. N«'w York (hkronomv.) 

Kosmic Oil Kilter Co.. Easton, Pa. 

Phoenix Automatic Filter Ca. Racine, Wis. 

Pittsburgh Gage A Supply Co., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

(White 8tar^. 
Purity Oil Filter Mfg. i:o.. Pittsburg, Pa. 
Turner, M. A.. Chicago, 111 
Wilson A Co., F. Cortez, Chicago. 

Cassidy A Son Mfg. Co., New York. 

Central Electric Co., Chicago. 

Chicago Gms a Electric Pixtnrti Mftr. Ca.Chicafi 

Chicago General Fixture Co.. Chicago. 

Cleveland Gas A Electric Fixture Co.. CleTdsii. 

Dale Co., New York. 

Edwards Mfg. Co.. W. S.. Chicago. 

Electrical Supply Co., Sioux City, la. 

Gaumer Co., John L , Philadelphia, Pa. 

Gibson Gas Fixture Worics. Philadflphia, Ps. 

(ilea-'on Mfe. Co , E. P., New York. 

Globe Liirht A Heat Co.. ChicuKo. 

Horn A Brannen Mfjr. Co.. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Latham & Co., E. U., New York 

Manhattan Elec'lSap.Co.,New York AChkifl 

McKenney A Wuterburv, Boston. Mass. 

Milchnll <ance Co., The. New York. 

Moran & lla.Htines yifu. Co . Chicago 

National Stamping Work<4. Chicago 

Oeflni^r, J. L., Chicago. 

Oxley A Enos .Mfg. ('o.. New York. 

Polacheck A Bios., Chas., MilwMukee, Wb 

Thackera Mfi;. Co.. Philadelphia. Pa. 

Vosburuh MfR. Co.. W. C. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Wheeler Reflwtor Co., Boston, Mass. 

White Co., The O. C, Worcester, Mass. 

White Mfif. Co., Chicajco. 

White Mfg. Co., J. IL, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Williamson A Co., Chicago 


Allen A Co., L. B.. Chicatro. 

Anchor Chemical Co., Brooklyn, N. Y. (Bttck 

and Paste) 
Bum ley Battery A Mfc. Co., The, PainsrUls, a 
Cn*ani Flux Co., Chicago 
Grasselli Chemical Co., Cleveland, O. 
Highland Klectro Chem. Mfg.Co.,CoDnelisfU)lA . 
Kester Electric Co.. Chicago. V^! 

Western Electric Co., Chicago and New York 


Bridgeport Brass Co., Bridgeport, Conn. (Vntoia' , 
Burvess Soldering Furnace Co., Columbtu, OUfc . 
(Gem.} "^ 

Central Electric Co., Chicairo. 
Clayton A I^mbert Mfg. Co., Ypsilanti, Mick. 
Dani^ler Stove A Mfg. Co., Cleveland, Onio. 
Globe LiKbt A Heat Co., Chirairo. 
Haines,, Jonen A Cadbuiy. Philadelphia, Ft 
Knapp Mftf. Co., New York. (UnivenaL) 
Latham A Co., E. B., New York 
Manhattan Elee*lSup.Co.,NewYork*Chlci|t 
Stanley A Patterson, New York. 
Turner Brass Works, Chicago. 
Union Heater Supply Co., Detroit, Mich. 
' r Yd ' 

Vulcan Co.. New York. 

White Mfg. Co., Chicago. (Imperial.) 



American Electric Co.. Detroit, Mich 

American Eiectrlc Fuse Co.. Chicaga 

Central Klectric Co., Chicago. 

f'hase-Shawmut Co.. Boston. 

Chicajfo Die A Electric Co., Chicago. 111. 

Chicatro Fu^e Wire A Mftj. Co., Chioaga 

1). A W. Fuse Co., Providence, R. I. 

Ft. Wayne Electric Wkn., Ft. Wayne, Ind 

General Electric Co., Schenectady, N. Y. 

.lohns-Manvllle Co., H. W., Now York 

Latham A Co., E. K., New York 

Manhattan Elec'l Sap.Co..NewYork AChkiit 

Mclntln* Co.. C.. Newark. N. J. 

Shanda A Co., R., New York. 

Stanley A Patterson, New York. 


Acme Gas Fixture Co.. Bridgeton, N. J. 
American Electric Co.. St. Paul, Minn 
American Reflector A Lifrhtiufr Co., Chicago. 
Archer-Pancoast Co.. New Y'ork. 
Bradley A Hubbard Mfg. Co.. Meriden. Conn. 
Braan Mfg. Co., D. J.. Chicago. 


Boston lielting Co.. lioston. Mass. 

Brandt. Randolph. New Y'ork. 

Delawan* Hani Fibre Co., Wilmington, DeL 

Guillott Motallir Gasket l^o., Chicago. i 

.lenkim* Bn)s., New York. 

Johns-Manville Co.. H. W., New York (AslMitQ^ 

Kartavert Mfg. Ca, Wilmington. Del. 

Elatty w ftn Um tht D liwHwj r «n writinf. 



MuM^<<r Mf If. c:o., 5«w York CEdip«e) 

Si.T " Ntiw York. {Eoiiptv.^ 

N. rr.v. Pa, 

L« • - M I H a . ^ - Si re. Co. Til Qn wju, Mm^. 
erul WoijI L'€u, N«w Yotk. tCoppur.) 

tip Thvi WiH*frlj«rj, Ccmn. 
tri UMk^M A: \ ttlvu Vo., Uustud, Masa. 
■p Co.. BOHtOIl, 

^ jk ltud«7til>c<E^, HrookljD, N. Y 

TKAM -153 

i Sf^xiiu i;ati>e(? Co., JiimAlt3« PJiln, Ma*i. 
Mf^r < Vi Vk w York* 

k* - VjiIvi' Cfl.. Hostoii, Mj.»i 

;v i . , Uelrtjlt, Mich 

r" Jt liiiiii-iilM^rg, Brooklyn. X. T 

AiTi IfiiUi!** Oa, Viny*, N. Y. 
Cuuluii Co., LUl,. PoaRtikocpelc, l^.Y 

GikUfte Ca. JiimiLieji V hUu Mass. 

t. ^ I "liiiirtii St,, t'hk'iiiro. 

^ h Co., UeiroH. MUh 

Osij;^^!- i'j.. t'li'velitnU, Ohlti, 
r A ilatleiiiHirff, Brooklyn, N* Y 


uDd Motor*. 

kTCD «iH.%Df:S. GLASS 
[> t*UfCt KI.AIM 

— 15S 

D JHcIIauh Co., Cblc^ngo. 

o.. philoiJdijnHii. 

r A i>cpni», philjidi'ljtlUtt^ Fn. 

Mfr. i *' * Nt'w York 

a A up I la lice €«»., C'}ii(i:ai:CK 

oe aiw Co., Ni'W York. 

[IoqGIjiai Co., Ilfinlliitftoiu \\\ Vii. 

4 Bfffli^tor Co. . HiJsttoUt Mn»». 

^ Co., K. B., N<«iv Turk 

K<i i:i»*c*i **ijft.Co,,NewYnrk £ Cblcago 

^ i\, ["li,- V V- \i ^ Vr»rk 

, - --- i jiciory, PitUburK, Pa. 

' Bcib^ciur Co.. ik>«loti. Mniif, 

I.KeT«lJ-3«K€HANICAL ^1B« 

jiiMtvtrir f '<*. I{r*«t()ti, 

' r ■ - r f n., Chi.Nijj.T, 

ir] I \i. .N+w York. 
K. »i„ >% w Ytirk 
I ' 1 H II p»Co*, N ** w Ytif k & Chi ca^ o 
V v\ i I k Ui ft . 1 'li i liidc-l ph i a, Pa, 
A I .1 «* r^^m, Ni?w York. 

UOL. ! iLi.t Til,, IkwLOtl, MlL8fi. 


■ ■■ " <"a, troaton. 

\hsfOtl, O. 

Diivton, Ohio. 
irn «,*"> ' f^*j.i.'i ^- *-".!, ikiLii.iLii.ff J» 111 

& Lttbrkmllitg Co.. Ilound Brook, N. J, 

Siiluiucm A LH-Oh. L* A., Nuw York, 
gtuiidard Gfa|ihiti:r Co*, K*!W Y'ork» 



BeggK A Co., Jumi'P, Np^* Yurk. 

Fobier Mfjr. L'o,, F. W., UoeiOD, Miiiia. 

I^abiujin. W. H., <;hirj4t»n. 

MaihifT. E.. HarTi:ibum, Pa. 

Mirt.lavi!. UroQk« A Uo.. Sttnnton, Pa. 

SmL-mKUiLhTUmto linrCo., Mkw York (Steele.) 

Tiq^piT A t!n ., \V. \\\, ^evf Yofk* 

Utit(*r Ctn'ultttine Graur Co.. Phii»dt4phlfl. P*. 

Woodcotrk. t. M., Atloorn. X. T. 

OKOITXO DKTECTOU8— S^fo Detectorv, Groand. 

OUABD8, ^IRK -leo^ 

»— for Arr l^mpii, 

Uenpnil iDLiiiidtiftti^iU Arc Light Co., Xcw YoTk 

Central Kl^ctrlc? Co.. Chiea^a 

Darby A Sim*, KtUv,, l*bihult?>phU, Pa 

Kaiey Win- Worki^, Ntf^vv Yotk. 

4iK'S«on Mfg. Co . E, P.. New York, 

RlC'iinii *V t;o„ Pliihiaelphia, Pii. 

Ijktiuim Jt Co.. K. U., X«w York 

8t4iJiJ49y & Putteraon, Nt^w York 

Wtigor Mfu. ra,Thc P. H.. s^nrijigfldd, MiMw 

Wbitifhouai:!. C, H.t UeJslon< Miisr. 


lio::i,n*, rh<i!=i, J,, Xi'iv Yt>rk. 

Hmd> , T, H.. X<nv HrUiilti. Cotitl- 

Cc^nirsl Klet'trlc Co*, Chleajto, 

Chicago EdUoD Co., Chleaj^u. 

Cntttr t ^^.. (iL'ortfe, ChurnKQ. 

C 1 i' 1 1 e n 1 1 K: 1 1' r t r If C i>. . He h fttipt- tjid j% N. Y, 

St ;♦ II I « > A K'li ( ti^raon. New York. 

W*-?»i trill Kli< I rie Co., Chiciifio and New York 

AnileraiMi MF^.Co.p Alh«rt^ J. M .^ Boiton, 

Cmiur,<iuurj:i.s Co..CtikMtfo. 1)- 
Miu»]l4!ii A Co.. W. T. *.:,. liiiai'^ti, Mmi. 
Ohio BraM Co., The MAPefldd. O. 

Pats & Beyinour. Symcuiif. >'. X. 
Wustcm EL«cmc Co., Chicago an 

and New York 


HfniilMr A la. fi. X.. Pmiridenoe. IV I. 

CentrHl flleetrlr Co., CMakifo. 

Chain'-^hinvMnut Co . Hii»<toii. 

Jokns-MiiiJviUi* Co.. IJ. W., Xpw York 

Jonf*. \V, A,. FoiifKirY tt Mntttimf Co., Chicago. 

National Condiilt A Cable Co., New Yof k. 

R. I. Ti'li'phout & RI(jctrio Co.. Provldt^uoe. R. I. 

(Wrik'bt. I 
Riundnrd lindorKTvund Cable Co.^ PStLabtirg. 
Weiteni Electric Co.^ Chk-atfo and Xijw York 


Burt Mfj?. Co., The, Akron O. 

CJpvelund stwim FluiiiK i% Supfkly Co., CIbtu* 

laod. Ohio (CriiwfonJ.t 
Dc Hycke, Josi^ph. K^w York. 
Orimtig. A. A., Iron Co.. %ifw Yorkn 
Kev stone Engine A Maq:hlDf« Wofki, PhUa., Pa- 
Lvmjin, W. C, CblcaKO. 
RobtrtiKm. Jm. L., A Son*, New Yotk. 
Stun evil nt Co., H. F.. Boatnn. Miiiti. 
Varii-ty Mfn. Co,. Chfoairo Heights. IlL (Boani-.} 
Wiirron, Jam**!* P.. Cbtc^ge. 

PitaM mention PoFsn' CtntrMi BtAtS^m Direclofy when writing. 





Americao Electrical Heater Co., Detroit, Mich. 
American Electric Heatini; Corporation, Boaton. 
Central Electric Co., Ctiicago. 
Conaolidated Car-Heating Co., Albany, N. Y. 
Erie Biploration Co., New York. 
HadawaV Elec. Heating & Bng. Co., New York. 
Johns-Manville Co.. H. W., New York (Electro- 
Leonard Electric Co., Ward, BronxTille, N. Y. 
Simplex Electrical Co., Boston, Ma»8. 
United Electric Heating Co., Detroit. Mich. 


Baragwanath & Son, William, Chicago 

Bates Muctiine Co., Joliet, 111. 

Bridgeport Boiler Works, Bridgeport, Conn. 

Coiles & Co., E. G. T., Chicago. 

Davis & Son, I. B., Hartford. Conn. (Berryman.) 

De Kycke, Joseph, New York. 

Economy Feed Water Heater Co., Lakeport, N.H 

Erie Mfg. & Supply Co., Erie, Pa, 

Goubert Mfg. Co., New York. 

GrlfBng, A. A., Iron Co., New York. 

Hadaway Elfc. Heat & Eng. Co., New York. 

Harrisburg Pipe Bending Co., Harrisburg, Pa 

Harrison Safety Boiler Works, Philadelphia, Pa 

Hoppes Mfg. Co., Springfield, Ohio. 

Jacobs A Co., Charles, Boston, Mass. 

Kensington Engine Works, Ltd., Phila., Pa. 

Kroeschell Bros., Chicago. 

National Pipe Bending Co., New Haven. Conn. 

Pittsburg Feed Water Heater A. Engine Co., Pitts- 
burg, Pa. 

Stewttid Beater Co., Buffalo. N. Y. (Otis) 

Stilwell-Bierce & Smith- Vaile Co., Dayton, Ohio 

Taunton Locomotive Mfg. Co., Taunton, Mass. 

Webster A Co., Warren, Camden, N. J. 

We-Fu-Go Co., Cincinnati. Ohio. 

Wetherill A Co., Kobert, Chester. Pa. 

Whitlock Coil Pipe Co., Elmwood, Conn. (Amer- 



American District Steam Co.. Lockport, N. Y. 
Evans, Almirall A Co., New York (Hot water.) 
Foskett A Bi»h(ip Co., The, New Havoc Conn. 
Stnrtivant Co., B. F., Boston. Mass. 
Yaryau Co., Toledo, O. 



California Electrical Works, San Francisco, Cal. 
General Electric Co., Schenectady, N. Y. 
Ohio Brass Co., Mansfield, Ohio. 
Turner Brass Works, Chicago. 
Wagnor Electric Mfg. Co., St. Louis 
Westlnshouse Elec. A Mlg, Co., Pittsburg. 



Bogue, Charl«>s J., New York. 
Central Electric Co., Chicago. 
General Electric Co., Schcnnctady, N. Y 
Partridge Carbon Co.. The. Sandusky, Ohia 
Paiste Co., H. T.. Philadelphia. Pa. 
Philadelphia Electrical A Mfg. Co., The, Phila. 
Turner Brass Works, Chicago. 
Utica Electrical Mfg. A Supply Co., Utica, N. Y 



American Reflector A Lighting Co., Chicaga 
Bernstein Electric Co., Boston, Mass. 
Central Electric Co., Chicago. 
Cutter Co., George, Chicago. 
lAtham & Co., E. B., New York 
Manhattan Elec'l 8ap.Co.,NewYork dt Chicags 
Stanley & Patterson, New York. 
Stnart-Howland Co., Boston. Mass. 
Westlnirhoase Electrlo A Mfg. Co., Pittsbuf 
Wheeler Reflector Co., Boston, Mass. 



American Steam Gauge Co., Jamaica Plain, Hsm. 
Ashcroft Mfg. Co., New York (Tabor.) 
Ashton Valve Co., The, Boston, Mass. 
Buffalo Indicator Co.. Jamestown, N. Y. 
Crosby Steam Gauge A Valve Co., Bostoo, Mast. 
Robertson A sons, J.L.,New York (Straif^ht Line. 
Schaffer & Budenbergrt Brooklyn,N.Y (Tbonp 


— 19t 

American Injector Co., Detroit, Mich. (U. 8., Abl 

Coldwell-Wilcox Co., Newbarsh, N. Y. 
Dodge Mfg. Co., MIshawaka, lud. 
Hancock Inspirator Co., New York. 
Hayden A Derby Mfg. Co., New York (MetropoJ- 

Robertson A Sons. J. L., New York (M. T.) 
Keating, Edwsrd F.. New York (BrowDley.) 
Lonergan A Co., J. E., Philadelphia (Clipper.) 
Nathan Mfg. Co., New York. 
Penberthy Injector Co.. Detroit. Mich. 
Schaffer A Badenbers, Brooklyn, N. Y 
Schnitc A Co.. L.., Philadelphia. 
Sellers Jc To , Wm., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Sherwood Mfg. Co.. Buffalo, N.Y. (Baffslo Es(lt. 
Sims Co., Ltd., Erie, Pa. (Hercales.) 



Bunnell Telegraph A Elecl. Co.. New York 
Bunnell i&Co., J. H., New York. 
Central Electric Co., Chicaga 
Foote, Pierson A Co., New York 
Hoenack, Paul, New York. 
Latham & Co., E. B., New York 
Manhattan Elec*l Sup.Co.,NewYork AChicafO 
Partrick. Carter A Wilkins. Philadelphia, Pa. 
Pearce, Frederick. New York. 
Rogers Electrical Works, New York. 
Sanges, M. E., New York. 
Stanley A Patterson, New York. 
Stnart-Howland Co., Boston, Mass. 
Western Electric Co., Chicago and New York 



Anderson, Albert A J. M., Boston, Mass 
Billings A Spenc<*r Co., The, Hartford, Conn. 
Central Electric Co., Chicago. 
CompreHsed Fibre Co., Boston, Mass. 
Johns-Manville Co., H. W., New York 
Manhattan Elec'l Snp.Co., New York A Chicago 
Mica Insulator Co., New York. 
Salomon A Bro., L. A., New York. 
Sills-Eddy Mica Co., New York. Oficabeston) 


Adams A Westlake Ca, Chicaga 
Brady, T. IL, New Britain, Conn. 
Central Electric Co., Chicaga 
Cutter Co.. George, Chicago, 

— 180 



a— Glass. 

Brookfleld Glass Co., New York. 
Central Electric Co., Chicaga 
Chloagro Edison Co., Chicago. 

Kisdlj iMiitiMi tbm IMrsctory in writing. 



ll«etrle Co.* Sehenectftdy^ If. Y. 
I (ilft9« Co.. Covingtoii, hf, 
ItJo., M,. B., Ki^w York 
id ».. Vieior, N. V. 
im K Ji*c' I so ti*Co,, Ni: w York dt 0Me«£O 

bvlAnd C:a., BoHtOD. MMi. 
pi0lne€o t ChtnjiKd Hiid New York 

p^PorcftljLln and Clii7> 

pulntotLt Marble Co,. AknQii.Obla 

pkias Pip* Co , Tht. Mogadore, Oblo, 

fil*?bl« Cot. AknHi, Ohio. 

■vkilD Co,. G«u. F., Kb tit Liverpool H O, 

■Uiclrlc Cv<,t Chlenffx 

Bplttrrr Cd«i Chicago. 

fe^lmlii Mfit. Co,, Inc., Trenloii^ K.J, 

torccliin Work*» >"fvv York. 
iDTct-liiin Work*. Trenton, S. J- 
nOo., K. B., NewYorlc 
IlL* \ Ictor. N. Y. 

~Cl*e»l Htip,Co*,NcwYoTk A Chlctgo 
J»|or Co., Tli^s MogndoT^t O, 
our. ^jnw^nstj, N. V. 
rio Hfir. Co.. I'erii. lud, 
~ " r««Fi, N«*w York. 

. I Co-. Ho^iton. Ma««. 

h €&, K., Eftit Liverpool, Ohio, 

mUk\M Worki, BrookLjrD, N, Y, 



— 196 

bctric Co,, Mflitichiwter, N, H. 

^, Geortrtf, Ctiieauo. 

fJeCo,tIL\l\t Nflw York, 
nlty Co.» P*wtiickut, E, 1. 

PQisil CMUftUy A*BO<ititlon, Ptiil».. Pa. 
' Lijubilitj Aa^untaoe Corporation. Hoi- 

pCfcitiallJ Co., New York. 

ICuoAltr * ln«UJ*uoe CO*. New York. 

■oaltj M iDiurmDce Co.^ tit. LottU^ Mo. 


b-^tesm Boiler. 

J Cuui&Uy Co., Kew York* 

l-SlfHlii Holler IiiitpefstioQ ■& Iniurmncc 

pUortJ. Coon. 

I4tliftiii ft Co., £, Bm New York 

WifcenlU'D A Co.. W. T. C, Byaton. Mum. 
MjinlistliAii £li^'l i^opXo^iXeW York ft ChlcSf O 
KiiBb> . J . U., Ntiik-y. N.J^ 
staoiey A: Ptttt4frtton» New York, 
Supply ktiuafnttuhuK Co * PUlabttrg, P». 





5 Electrical UcautCo,, Detroit^ Hich. 
KW trie RtfutlniE Corpomtloti, lloiton. 
, Xl«^tHr Co., Cbicauo 
I Jt Co,, K.II., "Stw York 
A P»tt«r«ont New Yark, 


Pjdi&Qllc J*Gk Co., Kew York* 
Co.. Allqsbciny, Pft. 

t>l A Supply C:o.. New York. 
I Co..Tlie. Kt?w York. 


Q^leetrlc Co*, Cbiciij^ 
ir:dl<ifit] C04, ChlciiRo. 
Efl rie FUtuf^MfB.C0,,4t and 

[lir- iiiCftiEO. 

(.. . (1,. Pbiuaeipblii. 

Elr^'irlr Co,* S^^benectady, K, Y 
ifg. Co., E. P*» Kew York. 

— sai 


Aroericatj K ectrlETUl Worki, Provideuoe, B. t. 
Attierlcaii Sieel & \Vi e Co., Clilcigo 
Aoeoulii Bruqa i^ Copper Co., Kmv York. 
Afisoniu Kler lrt<!»I Co., The, AhiotilJi. Conti. 
BlsbopGuttn Fercbu Co., New York (Balut&.} 
CflDlrnl E lee trie Co.. Cbk'ui;o, 
Gfluenil Electric Co,, Scb«ii(*t'tady, N; Y. 
I«tbaiii & Com E B,, New York 
MmtJte, AirreJ F".. Philudelpliift, Fa. 
NiUiniTHl liKllu Rubbi-r t.o., linslol, R L 
Flimi|)ii Iiiiiiilikt€i<l wire Co,, FuwtockcC, K t. 
Roebhii)£*» SoriR Co.* Jobii A., Treutoti, N.J. 
Sftffty tr»fiLilJit(?d Win? *k Cable Co., New York* 
glttjicltircl Underi^rouiid Obbte Co^ PUtBhunc 

Stanley £ Fatt«non, New York. 


a— Alt«r»alliiff Cnrroat. 


Abell Knif. A Mi^be. VVorka Co.. Ltd., fbe John, 

ToronUj, Ont.* 
AdtLinit BagnalL Electric Co. , Cleveland, O. 
AdnniK * We^^tlflke Co., Cblciigo, 
Bak(>T & Fox, lirooklyn, N. Y, (Focbalng) 
Be ruler, Geo,, New York 
C«iitr»l Eleelrie Co., Chlciieci. 
Chleaico Edl»oii Co,, Cbkii^a 
Duummd Art," Lamp Co., Mt, Vernon, N. T 
KleetHc Art Ll^ht Co., Mew York. 
Ft, WRjiie Eleelrlc Ifl'orkii, Ft. Wayne, Ind, 
0«n«nil Kle^-tric Co., ScbfOeclady^ >, Y. 
OeberijLl Inciniidi'scent An- Lt^ht Co , New York, 
Gresanr Kl«nctrlc Cn,, Cblcngu, 
HuliOfuITpton Co., Fblladelphiii. Fjl 
imperiiil Kleclric LainpCo., New York. 
Jiibdun R let trie Co,, Tb«, Cleireland, O. 
La Roch« COm F, A., New York. 
Lttth»Tn ^ Co,t E. B., New York 
Miinhattun EleeU Hup, Co., New York ± CblcaffO 
Mni^ijiitjui i^ennrftJ Comtttitielloti Co.,Ntw*rk, N,J 
gaffnrd Art Lamp Mfg. Co., BnfliiJo, N, Y. 
t^ tor ling Arc Lump Co., N*'W York 
Tocrriilg Co., C. J.. Pbllwdplpbla 
WeitlQKboai« Electric A Mfp, Co.,PLttiburff, 

b— Dlr«ct Carrcnf. 

AdiiniJi'BiieTLHU Electric Co., CJeVBtftbd, Ohla« 

AtLaoii} it Wealluku t^-, CblofeKO. 

Andur^ou Tool Co., Tbe, ADdeni<oa, Inc. (L-H) 

Bukvr A Foat, Brooklyn, N. Y* (FocuBing) 

Ball KN'ctri« Co.. N*.w York, 

Bender, Geo., New York 

Cenlrul Eleetrle Co,, CbicA|9:o. 

ChlcHfpu Ediiftoi] Co., Chicago. 

Diamond .\re La rap Co.. Mt. Vernon, K, Y. 

Blecirlc Arc Light Go.. New York. 

Falctm Eleclfjc Mfp. Co„ New York 

Ft, Wiiyiie Kt Petri e Workji, Ft, Wayne, Ind, 

Geneml Electric Co., Schnneruidy, N. V* 

Oeneriitl hioi4iiflt^j*otnt Arc Light Co., 5T8-a^ Firtt 

Ave.. New York. 
Graves Kle^^trfcal Jt Machine Worki, W.D., CHev*- 

Udd. Oblo, 
Greirory Kleotrle Co., Chlrat'O. 
Ouaranloe Eleetrl*; Cu., Cbk»eo 
lliiinilton. John A,, FmvitJewe, R. I 
Imperial Elecirio Lamp Co , New York, 
J^daa h Ipclric Co,, Tbe, Clev land, O, 
La R(M;hc Co., F. A,, New York. 
LHthuiii & Co., E. B„ New York 
MaiibAltan Elec'l^up.Co., New York A Cblcijco 
Mnii hill ion Geiternl CoiietroetJoti Co„Newark, JLJ 
Perkliks Klwtrlc Swiii-h Mfff. Co., Hartford, Conn. 
Safford Arc Lamp Jlfg, Co,, Btiffl*lo. N. Y. 

Kimily menthn ih0 J^ireoiofj in wriilni? 



Stanley A Patterson, New Nork. 
Sterling Arc Lamp Co., New York 
Stuart-Uowlaud Co., Boston. Mass. 
Toerring Co., C. J.. Philadelphia 
Western Electric Co., Chicago and New York 

o — Inclosed or LiOngr-bnrnlnfir* 
Adams- Bagnall Elec. Co., Cleveland. O. 
Anderson Albert A J. M ., Boston, Mass 
Angier & Co., O. M., Boston (Paragon). 
Ball Electric Co.. New York. 
BeJden-Larvlli Elec. & Mfs:. Co., Fort Wayne. Ind 
Bogae, Cbas. J., New York. 
Central Klectrlc Co., Chicago. 
Chlcagro Kdlson Co., Chicago. 
Diamond Arc Lamp Co., Mt. Vernon, N. Y 
Electric Arc Liuht Co., New York (Pioneer). 
Ft. Wayne Kl«*ctric Works, Ft. Wayne, Ind. 
General Electric Co., Schenectady, N. Y. 
General Incandeacent Arc Light Co., New York. 
Uelios-Upton Co.. PhiladelphlM. 
Imperial Electric Lamp Co., New York, 
luiematloual Arc Lamp Co., New York.(MacIntyre) 
La Roche Co.. F. A.. New York. 
Latham & Co., K. B., New York 
Lea Electric Mfg. Co.. Elwood, Ind. 
I.<ea-Hooven Mfg. Co., Anderson, Ind. 
MaahatUftii £lec4 Sap.Co.,NewYork & Chicago 
Manhattan General Construction Co., New- 
ark, N. J. 
Moon Mfg. Co., Chicago. 111. 
Safford Arc Lamp Mfg. Co., Boflfulo, N. Y 
Sterling Arc Lump Co., New York 
Toerring Co.. C. J., Philadelphia 


a — Mllnlatare. 

American Endoscopic Co., Providence. R. I. 
American Miniature A Decorative Lamp Co., New 

Banner Klectrlo Co., Youngstown. O 
Boehm, Herman, Yoiititstown, O. 
Brooklyn Elec Lamp Co., Brooklyn N. T. 

Sentral Electric Co., Chicuiia 
onghertv, Louis T., .lerney City, N. J. 
Eastern £!lectricCo., Boston. Maps 
Edison Decorative A Minlatare L»n*p Co., 

Uarrlson, N. J. 
Kentucky Electrical Co., Owensboro, Kj 
Latham A Co., E. B., New York 
McCandlcMH it Co., New York 
Blanhattan Elec*lSup. Co.,NewYork & Chicago 
New York A Ohio Co., The, Warren, Ohio. 
Stanley A Patterson, New York. 
Sterling: Elec'l Mfg. Co., Wan en, O 
Warren Kleclric & Specialty Co., Wurren, O. 

b— Multiple. 

American Incaiidesoent Lamp Co., York, Pa. 
Anchor Lnmp Co.. New York 
Banner Electric Co., ^'onnpftown, O 
Barlow- Wright Elec. Co , Pittuburg, Pa. 
Buy Stiito lncnn<leHCcnt I^amp Co., Danvors, Mass 
Bender, (>eo.. New York 
BeruHtein hiectric Mfj:. Co.. Boston. 
Bryan-Marnh ('o.. New York. 
Buclceye KlectricCc, Cl^ivelnnd. Ohio. 
Capital El«*ctric Co., beiivcr. Colo. 
Central Eleetrlc Co., Chicago, 
Colonial Electric Co., Kaveniia. O. 
Colorado I^Hinp Co., Denver, Colo 
Coluinl)iH lncnn(losc<'nt Lamp i'o., M. Louis Mo. 
Connnmern Electric IJ^rhtCo.. Owensl>oro, Ky 
Economy Electric Co.. The. Warren, O 
E^Hex Lanin Co., Newark, N.J. 
Franklin Klcctrir MfL'. Co., The, Hartford. Conn. 
General Kleetrle Co., Schenectady, N. Y. 
General Incandescent Lamp Co., Cleveland. O. 
Cermania Klfctric Lamj) (.'o.. llarrieon. N.J 
Gilmore Klectric Co.. B(».ston, 
Gregory Kleetrl** Co., Chicago. 
Hardy Lamp Co., Pitt-^tield. Mhhh. 
Kammer Lamp Co., John. Chicago. 
LAthani & Co., E. it.. New York 
Lynn Incandescent Lamp Co.. Lynn, Mass. 
Machado A Roller, New York. 
Manhattan Elec'l .Snp.Co.,Ncw York A Chicago 
Matthews, W. N., & Bros., St. LonU, Mo. (Regu- 

Mnnder Electrical Wks., Springfield, ] 

Mustard, A. H., New York 

National incandescent lAmp Co., St. Louis, Mo. 

New Yorli * Ohio Co., The, Warren, Ohio. 
Perkins Electric Switch Mfg. Co., Hartford, Conn 
l*helps Co., The., Detroit, Mich. (Hylo). 
Pittsburg Electric Lamp. Co.. Braddock, Pa. 
Re-New Lamp Co., Boston, Mass 
Sawyer-Man Elec. Co., New York 
Shelby Electric (Jo., Shelby, O. 
Standard Electric Mfg. Co., The, NJles, O. 
Stanley A Patterson, New York. 
Sterling Elec'l Mfgr. Co., The. Warren, O 
Stuart-Howland Co., Boston, Mass. 
Tri-Light Electric Co., Birmingham, Ala. (Reg 

'Westlng^honse Electric A Mtg. Co., Pittsburg 
Wiswell-Pitchard Elec. Mfg. Co., NUes, O 

c— Series. 
Bernstein Electric Mfg. (Jo., lioston, Mass. 
Central Electric Co., Chicago. 
New York * Ohio Co., The, Warren, Ohio. 



Incandescent Elec Lt. Manipulator Co., Boston. 


Baker A Fox, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Bogue, Chas. J., New York. 

La Koche Co., F. A., New York. 


Abbott Electric A Mfg. Co., The, CleToIan , O. 
Adler Veneer seat Co., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
American Electrical Novelty A Mfg.CcNew York 
Stanley A Patterson, New York (Matchless) 


American Electrical Novelty A Mfg.Co.,New I'ork 

Bogart, A. L.. New York. 

Boston ?:iectric Co., Boston, Mass. 

Central Electric Co., Chicaga 

Cleverly Electrical Works, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Edwards »t Co., New York. 

Electric Gas Lighting Co., The, Boston, Mass. 

Holtzer-CalKit Elec. Co., Brookline, Mass 

Manhattan Elec*lSup.Co., New York A Chicago 

Ostrander & Co., W. R., New York. 

Parke A Co.. John Y., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Paririck, Carter A Wilkins, Philadelphia, Pa. 


Cutter Co., George, Chicago. 


American Tool A Machine Co., Boston, Mass. 
American Watch Tiwl (;o., Waltham, Mass. 
Barnes Co., W. F. A John, Kockford, III. 
Bccker-Bralnard Milling Machite Co.,H3'de Park, 

Betts Machine Co.. Wilmington, Del. 
Bridgeport Machine Tool Works, Bridgeport 

Brown A Sharpe Mfg. Co.. Providence, R. I. 
Cincinnati Milling Machine Co., Cincinnati, O. 
Cincinnati Planer Co.. The, Cincinnati. O. 
Ferraeute .Machine Co., Bridgeton, N. J. 
Garvin Machine Co., New York. 
Gl»-holt Machine Co., Madison. Wis. 
Gould A Kberhardt. Nei*Hrk. N. .1. 
Grant Tool Co., 1 he. Cleveland, O. 
Harrington, Son A Co., Kdwin, Philadelphia, Pa. 
.lones A Lamson Machine Co.. Springfield, Vt 
Manning, Maxwell A Moore. New York. 
New Haven Mfg. Co., New lluven. Conn. 
Norton A Jones Machine Tool Works, Plalnville 

Pond Machine Tool Co., Plainfleld, Y. J 
l»ratt A Whltinev Co., Hartford, Conn. 
Prentiss T<k)1 A Supply Co., New York. 
Rhode Island Tool Co., Providence, K. I. 
Sebastian Lathe Co., Cincinnati, Ohio. 
Sellers A Co., Wm., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Seneca Falls Mfg. Co., Seneca Falls, N. T. 
Seyfert's Sons, L. F., (Dlrs ) Philadelphia, Pa. 

Please mention Povan' Oenlnl 6(i(ttQB DIfeotory when writing 




CTl«clt«i|--Whti«ler Co., A nipt re, K, J 
Ci«nrral Kl*ctr1cCo„ 8cl]Ch«i tfldy, N, Y 

Jurffpijf \tT^. (\> , Coiiuiibnn. Ohio. 
Mofirmi-^jMrdiifT El is; trie Co., Chicago. 


C»«soti I'o., Geo. \\. HhlladdphU, P». 

UUI L'luteh Work*, CltnTJALcl, Olilo. 

Hutit Co., O. W.. X«w York, 

J«ffrvy Mfrf. Co., Cotinnbna, O* 

LLuk-B^Jt Eai^luet'hiik >Jo.. Nicstowo, Pa, und 

Btit]*r« »l 4X, Wm.. Philadejphift. Fa. 
Tnunp MfiT. Co., Sprlni^fleLd., Ohio, 

C,A K, Eiretric Co., Bingham too, K, T. 
ibrtwlii A Miller, HHroU. m* h. 
HcnttcTvori Electric Co,, Cliic*jto 111, 
Iti^Crtft. Jimt* A Co., Cblcago, 111, (Ilob«ftl). 
Riisb>, J. IL, Xlilley, K, J. 

ltAC-l]I>r.«fp WIRK MEASURING -^35 

C>otiitl El«etrle Ca<^, Chiciigti. 
ilotiww Jk Son Ha,, Th«? *I^* New York, 
Miiiri<''i['n;i« KJf><ctrl(-T Jl Coa^iructtou Co,, MluDe- 

HACi^'KTS, KI.KCTRU — 3«0 

€«ntri»J Elv<rLrlp Ca., ChleniEO. 
I« Kochf> «'o„ F, A-, Niw York. 
Ijillmiu « Co., K. 11,, New 1 ork 

Bason, C Peter Lc«. Sync one, N. V 
Pmrtrk*k^ l.t»l^r A VVUkitift. PbUmtt^lphla, Ps, 
'**—' ''Baymond Co., Halfuki, N. Y. 
'f. C. F.. Ni*w York. 
> * l-atterwon, Nevr York, 
, ., ,■ . Dtcplri MHj£iirt C.'u,, Phillpi'iliik, R, L 
W9 em JOmiHc Co., Chicngo uid Ntfw York 
Ziefctor El*etrl<! Co., &o«ton, M^iiis, 



'^ M II n tf* I Co. , Ch i ea(£o, 
I tuf EUviTi^ VI. 
N In IS* rd Co. , New York. 

— SS8 


Brtdv. T. TL, >>w Brieatn, Conn. 

Crotnbl Kl«clrtc €ki.i ClilcAfto, 

Cutter Co . CifOTi::*. Cbtcftvo. 

HufifU Elwfiric Mf«, Ca, Providence, R. I. 

Wv«t«rii Eleictrle COi, Cbleiiito ttiid K«w Yotk. 


f^rLir.r^,,-! n...,vidlxed Bronze 



Metal Co,, 

.%. W„ Pitmbiir^. P*. 
i . CbemtiT. Pa, 
Mi«)]iiw&kii, tiid. 
; Co , HK'bmond, Va. 
"" 8 V, , K'Hind Brook, N, J. 
J A Iti'ttninp Co.. ChlcaEra 
Mf[?. Co,. PhHadelpbU, 
. ., •- hU*-i*^o 
. i.,. Nr-w York 

., K.-w Vrirk. 
V-.V York. 

' fi., l*Ut»burK, P*i 
HMn, Pn, 
Jjufff, pa. 

ri ' , Conn, 

i . <rblf»itfo, 

I rb m. iScliecferO 

(aen«rrAl Elecirle Co., 8cbeTjectiidy,T^,Y, (Tbom* 

Myeri* Braktr Fttjdi^r Co., The, Syficuge, 1^, Y. 
Sftinranio ElcctritJ Co., S|)rliijfflind, Ul 
Staiiluv In^irbonnt Co,; Xew York, 
WAdUn^hoiue f:ie»rtHeifc Mfg. Co,,Plttibii^, 

Pa, (SobaUiHiberger. ) 
W«tios BlACtrloal InKtrnmeiit Cq.i Krwafk, 
Wbttii«y Bleotrlcsl Iniirumetjt Co., FeuAtiOofe, 

MICA — tai 

Amfitican Mir-ACo., Boslon, l^fais, 

AtthviljcMlcH Co., Awhnllf, N'. C 

BHoton, H. C„ Woodlavrn. N. C 

C^ntnkl El«itrko Co*, (.'hluatzo. 

Chicfljro Mil:* Co., VAl^mrqltio, Ind 

M (a% hilt a I at or Co., N«?w Y^ork. 

UUia. Mfiff. C"., New York, 

.Ma Tiff II A' Co , EujiTPut'. (lniporterB) New York. 

Obi- M i'H I 'k^ Tbe, Cntiton, O 

Pull niKi >l*r':i Co., New York. 

(IcIioofiuiaHkor, A. (I., Now York. 

Stsnleir ^ Ftttlt^r»nn, m-vf York. 

Hillu-Kibly Mioi i\\. NVw Y*jrk tMlcab«itOD> 

Union Mltul Co.. New York 

Vance, D. T., Pltimiree, ?f, C- 

M OTOBS^-See DyjoAino* and Motors 




BnoktiA \\Hti-t Motor Co , KuwarJc. N. J. 

tii'lknvp Motor Co., Portland, >fi*, 

Uu> ton Fwn A Motor Co,, Tbo, Dwytou, Oblo 


Bachunan A Co,, J. F., Philadelphia, Pa, 

Cent ml F^lf^etrle Co., Cbieajio, 

ChU-H^d KdMofi Cot, CblcagQ, 

Eliftru Nn|i|)ty Co., Chicago 

,Tuhii-*^>u Hrn*', Hrnokiyn, N, Y. 

Ij&thnin ^ Co,, E. R,, Ni-w York 

LfVtT Mfu- Co., (J. IL, Chicago. 

Llnk-Helt Eo«*neerfiig Co., Thi*. Niwtomi, P». . 

and Chk'jijro, 
Roblnvon *tt Co.. J. J„ Bloom«bnrg. Pa. 
^itjtnUy & Pi»tt«mon, Nuw Yofi. 
^Yriebt A Cray croft, Cbicago. 


C»itinil El**rtrkr Co,, Cbioago. 
liiK"l», Win.. l>«'trn|t Mti-h. 

PblUdHldil'i F.l»"irk'ri1 A MfK- Ccl , PbUadelpllla. 
Phopols Wire Work-, Ihamit, Mlcb, 
Wnthitigton WiT0 Work», ChLoaga 



Autotofltk I>itbfktttor, The, Pbiladelphia, Pa 

Bealy A Co., C. II., Chicftgo. 

Clark >ou A Forff, m^w York, 

LKetTolt l.ubriL«lorCV>.. tklRiit, Mkb. 

Dodire Mfi? Co , Mlt^hawaka, Ind, 

llotrnntn UibdcjiUnd Oil Co,. lllngharoLoo, N. V 

Kelly A Joufim Co , Chicago, 

Lackuw^nNa Lubrffjitlni; Co., The, Scnnton. Pa, 

Lau(f. J.n A 'V, Cbiraigo. 

l^iiMTKan A Co,, J. E., PblUdfNlphU, Pa, 

Liiokirtili^lniDr Co.. CLnelnniti, Ohio. 

Mich tea n Uubrkator t>., DbUoIl, Mii*li, 

Nmilmti MJif. Co . Kbw York. 

piMiJ-rrhv InHWorCo., Delrolt, mvTz. 

Pnwt'lL Co.. WUlinm, CinctoaaLi, Oblo (St«r,Grva 

fi-Ot. J 

Q, A C, Tbe, Ctitrano, 

ftftlhert f!vtlod*ir01l Ct»oCo„ Boaton, Mais, 
HlMTwrHxi Mf«. i:;o,. Buffalo, N, Y, tBulTalo, Crank- 

K>B<JJ>' meathn the DlreeUirf In writlttjz 



Swain Lnbricator Co., Chicago. 

Swift Lubricator Co., Elmira, N. Y. 

United bUtes Metiillic PackiuK Co., Philadelphia. 

Wilson & Co.. F. Cortez, Chica(?o. 


American Oil Co., Providence, R. I. 
Binithampton Oil Reflninf? Co.. BinRhamton, N.Y 
Bourne, Srrymi»cr & Co., New York. 
ColambiH Refining Co., New York. 
Cook's Sonn, Adam, New York (Albany Cylinder 

Oil and Grease.) 
' Dixon Crucible Co., Jos., Jersey City, N. J. 
Flak Bros. A Co., New York. 
Graphite Lubricating Co., Bound Brook, N. J. 
Harris Oil <& Urease Works, Titusvllle, Pa. 
Harris Oil Co.. A. W., Providence, N, J. 
Hoffman Lubricating; Oil Co., Binghamton, N. Y. 
Kent Lubricant Co. Waukenka, Wis 
Keystone Lubricating Co., Philadelphia. 
Laokawauna Lnbricatiug Co.. The, Scranton, Pa. 
Magie Bros., Chicago. 

Reliance Oil A Grease Co., Cleveland, Ohio. 
Smith & Nichols, New York. 
SUudard Oil Co.. Cleveland, Ohio. 
Stuart A Co., U. A., Chicago. 
Vacuum Oil Co , Rtxjhester. N. Y. 
Wadhams Oil & Grease Co.. Milwaukee, Wis 

Watts Sons. John M.. New York. 
Wilson-Clark Co., The, Cleveland, Ohio. 
Wisconsin Graphite Co., Pittsburg, Pa 


— S58 

Brady, T. H . New Britain. Conn. 

Cutter Co.. George. Chicago. 

General Incandescent Arc Light Co., New York. 

Mica Rooflpg Co., New York. 

Mitchell, W. E. G., New York. 

Morris Electric Co., New York (Monarch.) 

Okonite Co., Ltd., New York. 

Roessler A ilasslacher Chemical Ca, New York 

Standard Paint Co., New York (P. A B.) 
Standard Undergrround Cable Co., Pittsburg 

Pa. (Ozite.) 
Standard Varnish Wks.^New York. (Gutta Pcrcha) 
Stanley A Patterson, New York. 
Sterling Varnish Co., Pittsburg, Pa. 
Stnart-Howland Co., Boston, Maaa. 
Toch Bros., New York (R. 1. W.) 
Trotter A Co., E. T., Brooklyn, N. Y. 


— t6S 

Bird A Son, F. W., East Walpole, Mass. (Nepon- 

Case Bros., Highland Park. Conn 

Central Klectric Co., Chicago. 

General Klectrlo Co., Schenectady, N. Y. 

Harrington & Co., Geo.. Hartford, Conn 

Jobna-Manville Co.,'H. W., New York 

Kartavert Mfg. Co., The, Wilmington, Del. 

Mica Insulator Co., New York (Micanite, Em- 

Mica Roofing Co., New York. 

Pittsburg Insulating Co., Pittsburg, Pa. 

Rogers, Henry £., ^outh Manchester, Conn. 

Sills-Eddy Mica Co., New York 

Single Paper Co., John, Syracuse, N. Y. 

Standard Paint (Jo., New York. (Giant, P. A B.) 




Advance Packing A Supply Co.. Chicago, HI 
American Steam Packing Co.. Boston, Maaa. (Dia 

Boston Belting Co., Boston. Mass. 
Brandt. Randolph, New York. 
Cantleld Mfg. 1 o.. The., Poiladelphia. 
Charleston Metallic Packing Co., Charleaton, S. C. 
Cleveland Rubber Works, Cleveland. O. 
Crandall Packing Co., Palmyra, N. Y. 
, Dodge Mfg. Co., Mishawaka, Ind. 
Duval Metallic Packing Co., The, Now York. 
France, A. W., Taoony, Pa 
Oarlock Packing Co., The, Palmyra, N. Y 
Goodsell Pjickiuk' Co,, Chicago. 
Gould Packiug Co., Hast Cambridge, Mass. 
Jenkins Bros., New York. 
MabiM* Hvdmullc Packing Co,, Chicago, 111. 
PeerleMit Knbber Mf^. Co., New York (Rain- 
bow. Peerless.) 
Quaker Citv Rubb<«r Ca.. Philadelphia, Pa 
Regal PMck'ing Co.. Chlcairo. 
ResU'in A Co.. Chement, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Revere Hublier Co.. Uoaton. Mass. 
Silver Packing Co., New Yopk. 
United States .Metallic PaokiuK Co.. Philadelphia. 
Walsh Packing Co.* Philadelphia. Pa. 


— »6a 

Atlantic Alcatraz Asphalt Co., New York. 
Bigelow iV Dowse. Boston. Mass. (B. A D.) 
Bishop GultH IVn-huCo., New York (Chatter- 

Bradfonl Hpltiiij: Co.. Cincinn.Hti, O. (Monarch.) 
Central Klectrlo Co.. Chicago* 
ChlcHgo InsulHted Wire Co., Chicago 
Comer A Co.. .Inmen (i., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Eagle Paint * V«rult«h Woks, Pitt«burg, Pa 
Electric Insulating Co.. St. Louis, Mo. 
FarrMfg. Co., The, Buffalo. N. Y. 
Jonns-Manville Co., H. W.. New York. 
Latham A Co., K. li.. New York 
Lever Mfg. Co.. C. H., Chicago. 
Massachusetts Chemical Co., Boston, Matt. (In- 
ullac Arniolack.; 


Clarke, Chaa. L., New York. 


Eaatem Electric Co., Boston, Mass. 

Electric Motor A Equipment Co., Newark* N. J. 

General Electric Co., Schenecudy, N.Y. 

Gleason, T. W., Boston. Mass. 

Leeds A Co., Morris £.. Philadelphia. 

(>ueen A Co., Inc., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Whitney Electrical Instrument Co., Peaaoook 

N. 11. 
Willyoung, Elmer G., Yew York 


— S65 

Bailey Mfg. Co., Elkln, N. C, 

Blake A Co.. John E., New York. 

Blue Ridge Locunt Pin Co., Aohevllle, N. C 

Benham A Schindel. Uagerstown, Md. 

Central Electric Co., Chicago. 

Central 'SAtg. Co., Chattanooga. Tenn. 

Eccleaton Lumber Co., New York. 

Heliums A Ellas, Waynesvlllo. N. C. 

Indianapolis Arm. Bracket A Pin Co., Indianapolis 

Latham * Co., £. H., New York 

Locke. Fred. M.. Victor. N. Y. 

McC^uat Robert L.. Indianapolis. Ind. 

Point Marion Mf <. Co., Point Marion, Pa 

Ravenel A Co.. Daniel, Hlvhlands, N. C. 

Standard Arm & Pin Co., The Gadsden, Ala. 

Teunersee Lumber Co., The, ^«ewl^bnrg, Tean. 

Texas Arm A Pin Co., Beaumont Tex. 

Vreeland, B. F., Denver. Colo. 

W^alworth A Neville Mfg. Co., Bay City, Mksh. 


Baker A Co.,Newark, N. J. 
Croselmlre. C. F., Newark, N. J. 
Goldsmith Bros., Chicago 
Schawel, James. New York. 

— »•• 

Pl.a^e mention Powen* Central Station Directory when wriUnR. 



c CV., BnJg'-port. Cooii. 
trlt? Com ObiCHfro^ 
£l«i?^lJ!«a|i.Co'»NvwY0rk Je Chicago 
Me^rwritx* B H.. Ntw York, 

pi** 4K ik-jRiour, &yi»cnwE, X. Y* 

K^rkin* E)«ctriv i**iicb Mfg. Vo„ Hmrtford, Codh. 

Peru Electric Mfg. Co., Pum, Ind, 



Slet^trlc HaIIvpaj EqElpmentCo,. OlQdmutl, OliJo. 

Knu.TT,ii riifcK' Wurli9<.'o, Nt-w York, 

\\ u t^ t u rul I Jrcjii tl >>. „ LI ticiiuiftU, Otdo. 

% ... ^;.. ._ Undffu A I run Cd„ MlJ«Auke«, Wia. 


r#Btr&l ElwtrSc Co,, ChicAgo, 
Cutler Co.. Gwrc^^ ClilcaRo. 

— «e9 

Pora filfClftc Mfg. Co., Pctw. Ind. 
^undjird OhitiR Wofkn, 1"rctnoij, N. J. 
Stanley & Fiftti«nifiii» New York. 
SUii- PiiTcdiiiti Co., Thu.TteiJltrti, N. J. 
TLoiniK J^ ^tmn Co.. R, Kiutt Liverpool Obio. 
Union ForcelftlD Worka^ BrookJ^n, N. Y. 



C^nlml El«c*tric Co,, Chicago, 

Dilis Co.. New York. 

Elt'i;rrl(; Contract Co.. Kl-w Y'oik 

CJeuenU El«vlrle Co.« ^ht^z]«;ctiidXi N^ Y. 

U^mttienschlai* ^ Co., Neiv York. 

Kl(?iniu at Co , PbdlK^Jdi^bia. P&. 

Latham Hf Co,, I:, W,, >ew Yotk 

McCreary Co., The A. A., New York 

McFuddiBii A Co,, 11. G., New York. 

McLiKxl, W»ni A Co., New York. (Ktiistnjio.> 

MjknbxttiU] Elec*lSnp.CoMNtwYork Jk Cbtcaj^o 

Pacific Klectrir Co.. ha. Crosee. Wii. (EBpenou.) 

!!ltanley A Pattcimoii, Nuw Yoi-k 

Stomge BiiUvrj Supply Co.. The, Nbw York, 

WUte Co., O. V,, 1^ OKfiftltsr, M«»9< 

rot.i», WOOD 

— 870 

BelilJi^r ^ Co., Frmficts. Chlcatfo. III. 

Benlum, G«fj. W,, Potwk**>\ Mieb. 

Bcfthokl HE Jetitiitigii, nc. Loutj«, Mo. 

Bmwii VtdAt Co.. lJ«Wiit, Metiottiinfit), Mich. 

BrovraJf^e It Co., Dtflroit, Mich. 

0ti«hrri*n, A., Kiinwi^ Cliy. Mo. 

r ' - '^ -I A HoitpljT Co.. MinncapollB, Mian 

Jfr. i.iiniber Co*, New York. 

1-n^ rr .^i^Kuj H., Chicago. 111. 

UaJloweU A Co., HI I B., Pbiladf-lphU, P& 

ltof)kiii% A Co.. A. P, Eriraiicibu, Mieli. 

Httebrl ,& Co., C, J., Menoinnict. Mlcb, 

UadiXey Bro«., Mutiomitii-e, Mich. 

Load A Sonti, Lamlnsr Uo.. H. M . Oseoda, Hlcti, 

Halt by Lumber Co., Bav CUy, Mich 

Miitbvk A Arnold, :K<iC!itiu?>N, Mich 

Mithaijaii Pip* Co.. The, Bay Ciljr, Mich, 

Kaagw. Ilolcomb A Co., ChlcAj^o, 

€im$M Lumber Co., 8L Lonli. Mo. 

PMidltloii A Ollkej, Jmi^ntiUv, Wia, 

parrlBo « Ho'^*. i>*if«etr. Mich. 

nwlAn, 0, W*, Nfw York 

PIttaliiiir <^ LakeBiii^Tior Iron Co..Ei?e»n»ba,Mlch 

Pester, Morae A Co., Ssij^limw, Mich 

PotEer dfc Go.. A, L,, Noi'wicb, Coon 

Soittli. O. W., Clilcaxo. ill. 

fttand«rd Pol« X Tie Co . New York 

gteriiniT A Sno, W. C, Moarou, Mich. 

^t<^». Prtnk R,Chl£aKO. 

St- 1- -^ #■ New York. 

T 1 1 m bi- r Co. , T b e, I^ w imburg, Ten o, 

i rU<?.,Clltilouvlllif, Wis. 

V n 1 K 1 1 r , 1 , ^^. jurk Co,. Ctiicaeo 

Vrff«<1iiii<L It. F,. Denver, Colo. 

Wltt^fiitH'fg C«.'djirCo.,WmpiJberg, Wli, 

Wwrct*ei*r A Co.. C. H,, Midnetti , Wla. 

WTckolT Crvoiotljlg Co., WJUJamiiport^ Pa. 

PORCEl^AtK— Sm also Ituitltttora 


^■. \ Mfcrble Co., Akron, Ohio, 

A ' <K, AkTon, Ohio. 

H. \V orktt. Boston, Mail. 

BoxcLtd iUii. Cu„ The. Moi^a^Iore, O. 

I FviteeiAin Co., Geo. F., Hast Liverpool, Ohio. 
al El«clric Co,. Chicago. 

^47 KdtBoii Co,, Chicago. 

KMtrlc: Pr>r»:elriii» ^ Mfjf. Co.. Tretitotl, N* J. 
" >ir» «^ b i ti A W r *r kP, IJ ft jokl f n . K . Y, 

' P4 Fal«rtice Ck>,. The. Hftrlfurd. Coon. 

_l pi»fC«liLi>i Workw. New York. 

rt*i p^r(.':«Uin Work*. Tr**nion, N. J. 
X«^ftfii *€<».* E. B„ K&w York 
Maahattafi £1«cn Nup,Co„NowYork & Chicago 
M<«»dori; [u^iiiator Co., The. Mogadore, O, 
FM« M n^moar, Sjnactue, N. Y. 


BoRne, C. J., Nifw York. 

Cafllple i,t Fltieh Co., The Cli^clnnatj, O. 

Ft. W»v[ie Electric IV Ma.. Ft Wayne. iQd, 

General ElNtrle Co., tk^heniictadjr, N. Y. 

Menc'heu, Joiieph, New York. 

Kni^hiuure Dytmmo WTorki, Jereey Clit, N, J, 

Ijtaiidurd AmeHcan EieciHctI Co.^ New Uaren 

United &tat» Bead-Light Co., Ctka, N. Y. 
We^Ier Metal Oocd^i Mfg. Co., New York, 


Bradj, T. H„ N*»w Hrllaln, Conn. 
CtttitrAl Electric Co., ( blcago. 
Cutter, George. Co., Chicago. 


Allfrvo Mfg, Co., J. B., Indianitpolli, I^ad. 

American Tool A Machine Co., Bos ton, Muu. 

Brlt£htmHn Maclilnb Co., Cleveland, Ohio. 

Brown Co., Tlie A. A P., N«w York. 

Caldwell A Bon, H, W., Chicago. 

Crowell Clutch A Pnllry Co., W««lfleld, N, Y, 

Dela&o, R, A.. Chicago. 

Bodgi' Mfg. Co., Mbbawakpjnd. (Cudepi^ndeDca.) 

Eastern Macb.nerj ^o., N^^w llAven, Conn. 

Evane Prkrlon Cane Co., Uonton Maai. 

Filer A 8{owtH Co.. Milwaukee, Wia, 

Frlck Co., WHtyneiboro, Pa. 

Friction Pnlley A Mucbine WorkR,§iin{ly imi.N Y 

nill Clutch Workn. Cleveland. Ohio. 

Bnoter Machine Co . Iftft., North Adama, Haaa, 

Lane A Bodley Co.. Cincinnati, O. 

Jone«. VV. A., Fo on dry A Machine Co.. Chicago, 

M^nanha WckhI :^plit Pulley C-j , Menacihs, Wis. 

New Haven M f^r Co,, Ni5W Utiven, Conn, 

Noye Mfg. Ct,..Tbe John T,. Buffalo, N. Y. 

PennSeld ft Son, J. W„ Willonghhy. Ohio. 

Flamondon Mfg. Ca.^ A.. Chicnro. 

Bock wood Mf^'. Co., Indianapolis, Ind. 

fttrellnger A Co„ Ohan. A., iDlrsJ Detroit, Micb. 

Taper Sleeve Pulley Worki, Brlu, Pa, 

Valley Iron Worka, WUlianasport, Pa 




Blake Mfg. Co., George F^ New York. 

Blake 8t4»4til Pump Cow, w. B„ Flltjbbur^, ?^1ui 

Buffalo Steam Pump Co., North Toaawand*, N. Y, 

Crticker^WbeeleF Co,. Ampere*, N. J 

Denn Broa. Bleuni Potnp Work?. Indiaajipolii, Ind 

I>eatie Steam Pump Co,, Uolyoke, Maaa, 

Demlng Co., Balem, Ohio 


i meiitioit p0ir0»*Ou3ini SUiioa Dln«torf «l&«a wiitins. 


Goulds Mfg. Co., The. Seneca Palle. N. Y. 
Knowles Steam Pamp Works, New York 
Lawrence Machine Co., Lawrence, Mass. 
Otis F'e-'ator Co., New York 
Quimoy, Wra. K., New York. 
Ramsov & Co., Seneca Falln, N. Y. 
Stilwell-liierce A Smith-Vaile Co., Dayton, Ohio. 
Wood & Co., R. D., PhUadelphia, Pa. 
Worthington, Uenry R., New York. 

b— Steam. 

AUis- Chalmers Co., Chicaf^o, 111. 

BarrPampin< b;n>(ine Co.. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Blake Mfg. Co.. Geo. P., New York. 

Blake Steam Pamp Co., W. IL, Fitchburg, Mast 

Blakeslee Mfg. Co., Duquoin, 111. 

BafFalo Steam Pamp Co North Tonawanda, N. Y 

Cameron Steam Pamp V^orku, A. S., New York. 

Canton Steam Pamp Co.. Cauton. Ohio. 

DavldHon. M. T.. Brooklyn, N. V. 

Deun Bro8. Steam Pnmp Workn, IndianaDolis Ind. 

Deane Steam Pamp Co., Holyok*', .Mass. 

Gardner Governor Co., Qalncv, 111. 

Goalds Mfg. Co., The, SonecHFalN, N. Y. 

Hall Steam I*amp Co., Allegheny, Pa. 

Knotvi^s Steam Pnmp Works. N»'w York. 

LaidlawDnun Gordon C-o.. Cim inunti. Ohio. 

Lawrence Machine Co., L iwrt-uce, MasM. 

McGowan Co., John II., Cincinnati. Ohio. (Riral.) 

Prescott Steam Pamp Co., Fred M., Milwaukee, 

SneiderHaghee Co.. Cleveland. O. 
Stilwell-Bierce A Smlth-Vaile Co., Dayton, Ohio. 
Union Steam Pamp Co., Battle Creek, Mich. 
Vallev Iron Works. WilIiam»port, Pa. 
WorthinpTton, Henry R.. New York. 

PUSH.BUTTONS— See Switches —277 

Boston Electric Co., Boston. Mass. 
Central Electric Co., Chicago. 
Edwards A Co., New York. 
Electric Gas Lightini; Co., Boston. Mass. 
Emerson F.Ioctrio Mtiz. C'o.. The, St. Louis Mo 
Keil & Son. Frnnci^, New York. 
lAthani A Co., K. B., New York 
Manhattan Eleo*l San.Co.,N<'wYork & Chicago 
Novelty Electric Co.. Philadelphia, Pa 
Oatrandor Jt Co., W. U., New York 
Partrick. ('art«»r A Wilkiiis. Philadelphia Pa 
ProcU)r- Raymond Co., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Union Hardware Co., Torrington. Conn. 
Western Klec. Co.. Chicago and New York 
Zlmdara ft Hunt, Now York 

MECEPTACLES, STAGE— See also Sockets and 
Receptacles -293 

Bryant Eloctric Co.. Bridgeport, Conn. 
Central Electric Co.. ChiraL'o. 
Falcon Electric Mfi:. Co., New York 
Knowles. C S., lioston, MflKi«. 
Newion Electric C'o.. NVw York. 
Prinplo. Win. T.. Philad«'lphin, Pa. 
ZImdurs A Hunt, New York. 


Anderson A Sons W. H., Drtroit. Mich. 
Central Electric Co.. Cliicago. 
Hanne Hrot*., JnckHonvillc, Fit*. 
Jones A Son Co., The .1., New York 
New England Butt Co., Provid«Mict», R. I. 
Woonnocket Spool & Shuttle Co., Woonsucket, R. I. 


a— <ilasa and Porcelain. 

American Kellcctor A Lighting Co., 

Bailey IUf1e<rtor Co.. Pittsburg, Pa. 
Central Electric Co., Chirago. 
Davton Mfg. Co., The, Dayton, Ohio, 
yafles Mfe. Co., Decatur, 111. 
Frink, I. P.. New York. 
Gleason Mfg. Co., E. P.. New Y'ork. 



Klemm A Qo., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Kneeland Reflector Co., Boston, Mass. 

LAtham A Co., E. B., New York 

McCreary Co., The A. A., New York (AlnmlDnm 

Half Shade.) 
McLeod, Ward A Co., New York. (Kinsman) 
Murray A Ca. Jaa .1., Philadelphia. Pa. 
Smith of New York, New I'ork. 
Stanley A Pattemon, New York. 
Wheeler, Reflector Co., Boston, Mass. 

b— MetaUlc. 

Acme Illuniinating* Mfg. Co., Chicago, III. 

American Reflector A Lighting Co., Chicago. 

Benjamin hiectric Mfg Co.. Chicago, lU 

Berggrcn Electric Co.. St. Paul, Minn. 

Central Electric Co., Chicago. 

Chicago Lamp. Works. The, Chicago, IlL 

Cutter, George Co., Chicago, 111 

Dorlon, Philip. 8., Troy, N. Y. 

Electric Equipment Co., The, New York. 

Globe Light A Heat Co., Chicago. 

Klemm A Co., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Roberta, H. C, Electric Happly Co., Phila. 

Vallec Bros. A Co., 617 and 619 Aixsh SL Phila. 

Wheeler Reflector Co.. Boston, Maas. 

c— Mirror. 

American Reflector A Lighting Co., Chicago. 

Benjamin Electric Mfg. Co., Cliicago, III. 

Central Electric Co., Chicago. 

Chicago Lamp Worka, The Chicago, 111. 

Dale Co., New York. 

Frink, L P. New York. 

Morton A Donnally, llartfitrd. W. Va. 

National Glass Silvering Co., Chicago. 

National X-Hay Reflector Co., Chicago. IB. 

Stanley A Patteraon, New York. 

Star Refle-tor Mfg. Co., Chicago, IB. 

Tea Tray Co., Newark, N. J. 

Vallee Bros. Electrical Co., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Western Reflector Ca, Chicago. 


Erie Exploration Co., New York. 


Replogle Governor Works, Akron. Ohio. 


— SMa 



Aaron Eh-c. Co.. Chicago 

Advance Electric Co., Indianapolis. Ind 

American Klectrical Msintenaucn Co., New York 
• Becker Brothers. Chicago. 

Bender, iieo.. New York 

Buclveye El«?ctric i^epair Wks.. Columbort. O 

Cameron, Electricsl Mfg. Co., H.P., AnaoniaCona 

Chicago Armature Co., Chicago. 

Chlcag:o Edison Co., Chicago. 

Cleveland Armaiure W^rks, Cleveland, O 

Economy Electric Co., The. honth Bend, Ind 

Electric Construction A Maintenance Co., Phila- 

Elliott Klectrlc Co., W. H., Cleveland O 

Ft. Wayne Electric Worka, Ft. Wsyne, Ind. 

(General Electric KepairCo.. Chicago III 

Gregory Electric Co., 58-t« Sa Clinton St 

Guarantee Electric Co., Chicajro 

Heck. LoiiiH. Newark. N. .1 

Hochhausen II. T., Brooklyn. N. Y. 

Holmes-Rose Electric Co.. Baltimore. Md. 

Homer Commutator Co., Cleveland, O. 

IIosM Electric Co., Chas. G., Now York 

Jordan Br«»H., New York 

Kurz & Root. Appletoii. Wis 

LittlcficM A Kennedy, Lvnn. Mass 

Manufacturers' A Inventors* Elec. Co., New YoriL 

Michigan Electric Co., Detroit. Mich 

Miller-Knolilock Elec. Mfg. Co.. Booth Bend, Ind. 

Milwaukee Motor A Dynamo Repair Co.. lUlwaa- 
kee. Wis 

Pennsylvania Ry. SapplT Ca, Plttabng, pg. 

Pittsbarir Electrical A Machine WorkaTratibwg. 

Rogers Electrical Worka, New Toric 

Kiodlv mention the Directory in writing. 



^ Newark, N. J 

-Elhoti hh^. Vo., thp UlevLhml. O. 
- Ljorifl Electric Ca.y HL jLouls, Mo 

— »07 

_j Electric H**Mirij(f Corprtrntioa, Eotton. 
Ble > witch Co.. ?fi*w York 

fKI«!t! H'orki', Ssin FrAueliCO, Cal. 
(ric 1*0., Thf, Muii'^rtt^lU, Oliio. 
F»^*'trlf' lcj», Chinjgo. 
M -.. The, Ctik'affo. 

SI r Ctt.» Arn^enr, N. J 

E ., if,. Chi^ituo. 

Kt Siipplv Co.. Cle^velfltid, 
II Co.. Nvw York. 
Ic i'o.. Hhtln4eli»hU, Ptt, 
IcM!lric \V»rkA, Ft. Waynt, Jnd. 
i l!:]w<trlr Co,* Sch«'u»'€:rjiHT. N. V* 
/ A lr>..|i, Xew Y*JTk. iH. L^ 
etric Co , W, 8.. N'ew liMdrorcL^Mfusi. 
jtiric I'o,, W. F,. Ni*w York 
|b» ^ Co,, F, A.. Ktiw York. 
ii * €!«,, K. B., New York 
I E let trie Co.. Ward, Bronx vJ lie, N. Y. 
iBro*. CbkapiT. Ul 
f M F&tt«rAf»n, Ki*w York, 
■r KleiTtrlc >l^j(. Co.. St. Louli^H Mo. 
HflioiiAe Eleetric Jt Mfg, Co., PltUburg, 
P^lertric Co., Bo«tfm. ^[A|lI;, 
'f» It Itntit, New York. 

I El«clrli: Co., Chiqikgo. 
B Cortla|f« Wflrkiit Ba«£on. 
It— >3lanl|]a. mul Hemp. 

r Ji^Ck) . Geo, B., Chrcai^o. 
ptrle Com Cliiciigo. 
, B.t ClilrjiiUJ. 
b^,, MljibAWAtcA* Ind 
X NtfflT York. 
ir* WotkK, N«w York* 
»Bnp« Co.. St. Lou it. Mo. 

I Steel ft Wlri* Co., CbJ^ftgo 
_ r * Uifrom ftoP« C>i,. !H- LqhIp, Mo 

rWire Workfl. San Frttiicl»coK CkI 

fBewUt 4 Ca. New York. 

BlfiT. Co.. Wllke*-«4rre. IV 

la $toti» Hope {'o., 8t. Lonl^, Mo. 

Ife Sen* Co , John A-. Trentoti. N. J. 

llrerfi Co.^ Trenton, N. J. 

I^Altoti Co.. Cleveland. Ohio. 

art Wire Eope Co., WUUttm sport, Pi. 


— sia 


PonseUln or Sockets attd Rti««i»ttt^ 

ptt Sard Unbtwr Co,. New York. 

g: lillectrlr Co.. Chlcnaa 

ipn Hard Hutib^r Co.. St»riiiE^e1d, Mam. 

't Vakftiiite Co , New Yofk. 

l4rd Rubber Co.. Iloonroi*, K. J. 

India Bublwr Co., llrMtol, R- I. 
abberCo.. IkMitoo. MaMi>. 

I Rubber Mfg. Co., Jetwr CUri N. J. 


£l«clrlc Co., ChlcmRO 
S CiX. Cbtcinj!0. 
f Co., H. W., New York 

KO ArPARATU^-Bee Apparatus, 

Ail«lio '^ppaj-fttof Co., Detroit, Mkli. 

Bi'Bt Mfk'. Co , Pitt^^htirK* Prt. 

Cotikiiot) St^parjator CtJ,^ TJia Jolltst, 111. 

Culver Mfg. Co., Scran ton. Pa. 

DavLH Co., 'Hie Johu. Chkai^o,. l\\. 

irVLfHit, JulmiK Co,, HohUm, Min*i- (Curtti,) 

D« Rj^rku. Jo^.. NiiiW Ytifk. 

Detroit Separator Co.. DytroU. Mlcb 

Di IT c r. Sf Drt rat or Co , , !ij f*e u su, N Y. < S W«C i. ) 

Gontw r I St f tr- Co. , N " w Y ork . { ?^t rul loti, ) 

OrlffliiK. A. A.. Iron Co., New York. 

lUrrMim HafelJ l*oili?r Work*, Pliliadelpbim, P». 

HDppi<(i Mfj;, Co.i The SprlncrteUn Mara. 
Jacobs A Co., C, boa run, Mtu*B. (Ltjwd*iti.} 
Keiiftjniflon Ecij^ftie Works, Lid.. Pbiladelphia, Pb 
Kejiftoue Koi^. A MacblQti Work*, FhlliMielpbL*, 

Ph. ^SSffipi*oti'B,) 
Mo^biT. tUias. D . Nt?w York. 
Orchard C- J.. New York. <Cllmax.> 
Robertson & Sons, ,L U. New York, (tUne EUml^ 

nator. y 
Wmenown Kngine Co., Wat err own. N. Y^, 
Wbbnier Jk Co.. VVarrtsu, Camden < N. J. 



El Dime II ft Co, J, II., New Yo^k. 

ELertHp AppUanco Cn.» Cbkuigou 

Glet^KOfi.T. W..*U)u. MJ4HI*. 

Ke^TBtone ElectricaJ InNt.riiaieot Co., PhitadelpM* 

l.«ed/i lit Co , MorriA B . hhlladelpbis. 

Queen ft Co., Inc, PtoU^delphitt. J'n. 

Ritchk ft l^m*. E. 8., Brookllne, Man*. 

W«AtOit Eloctrldil Infilrufueiiit Ctf., Newark 

Zlegler Electric Co., Bofiion, Ma«a. 



Androi ft Co., Jiiliiiii. MlJwi4uki*e, Wis. 

Citutra,! ElAvtrlc Co.* Cbii^^o. 

Ole*eon Mfg. Co. B. P., New York 

Hon*iitoalo Co^. Wall luff fofd, Cobh. (Perfect, 

Latham ft Co.^ E. H., New York 
Munhattan Elf^c't Hup^Co,. New York ft CkieftkO 
StianJey ft Falieritoti, Ki^w York. 
Sti^+^J*' A Johnson >IIif, i.'o,. Wiiterbnfy, Oonn. 
Waterbary Mfjj. Co.^ Water bury. Coon. 


Chicago Flexible Sbaft Co,, Cbicae^n. 
FrRntii*^ Tool ft Supply Co,, Npw York. 


Slow Mfif. Co . Hiojfbntntori, N. Y. 

UBloa BoUer Ttibe C leaner Co., FltUburff, Pa, 



Acme IllomlimtiDg ft Mfg. Co., CbtcagO| HU 
C«ittrml Electric Co*, CliltUfliK 
ChAMe Electric *ilgii Co.. Chlcairo. 
Kniplre Electric Slffu Co.. Tbe. New Yorit 
Knickerborkcr RltN-l aign ft. Con^tf.Co , Nuw Ify 
Michigan Electric Co. Detroit Mien 
National Sign MAteriftl Co,, Kew York 


Brtdj^port DrjiBft Co.^ Brl;lt£**port C^T^n. 
Centml Elvctrlo Coh Cbtca^o. 
Coe HrAu Mfsr, Co., Torrington, Coon. 
SroTfU Mfp. Co.. Waterhnry. Conn. 
Wallace ft H^ma, New York. 
Wfcterbury Brasa Co,, Wm^tbwy , CRt.% 

- t- 

Kiadif meoUoss iheBhtetorj in « nHi>|5 



SUiTE —319 

Boijville Bron., Fair Haven, Vt. 

CUic»Ko S ate & MaDt«I Co , Chicago. 

Fair liaveu Marble Jt Marbleized Slate Co.. Fair 

Haven. Vt. 
McNamara Bros.. Fair Haven. Vt. 
MoDHon Buiinah Slate Co., Portland, Me 
Ontalaunee State Mft;. Co., Lynchport, Pa 
Pelkey. W. H.. Fair Haven Vt. 
Pennnvlvania Slat<» Co.. Xew York. 
Pinkb'am Co., I. W., Boston. Mass. 


Bemcitein KIwtricCo., Boston, Ma»«<«. 

Bryant KkH-tric Co.. Bridgeport. Conn. 

Central Electric Co., Chita^o. 

General Electric Co., Srhenpctady, N. V. 

Hubbell, Harvey, Bridgrnort. Conn. (Chain Pull) 

Liathaiu & Co., E. H., Nf.-w York 

Manhattan Klec'lSu|>.Co.,N<.-wYork & Chicago 

Marshall SandeiH Co., The, Bouton, Mastf. 

Paistc Co., H. T., IMiilmlclphia. Pa 

Pang & Sevnioiir SyracuHC, N. Y 

PerkinH Klectric Switch Mfj;:. Co.. Hartford, Conn 

Peru Ebvtrlf Mftr. Co., Ptru, I'd. 

Stanley & Vatui'mon, New York. 

Trumbull Klectric Co.. Piuinvillc Conn. 

Westlnghouae Electric &Mtg, Co., Pittsburg. 


CatterGeo. Co., Chicago 

SPRINGS —821a 

BameH Co., The Wallace, Bristol, Conn. 
Cary Spring Works, New York. 


Central Electric Co.. Chiciij^o. 
KarUvert .Mf.r. Co., The, Wilmington, Del. 
Ostrander A L\\. W. R., New York. 
Revere Rubber Co., Bo ton. Maw. 
Vulcanized Fibre Co., Wilmintrton, Del. 


Americ4»n Stoker (N).. New York. 
Babco<>k & >%'ilcox Co., The, New York. 
Bnghtman ?'uniace (!o.. Cieve'and, Ohio. 
Green Engineering Co., 519 Western Union Bldg. 

U«der-?'eed Stokecr Co.. of America, ChirjiRo 
Weiitinjrhonw*. Church. Kerr & Co.. New York. 
Wllkin^on Mfir. Co., Bridgeport, Pa. 

STORAGE BATTERIES-See Accumalatore. 


Ald<*n Electric Co.. ChlcaL'o 

American t!<lectrlr Suppiv Co.. Baltimore, Md 

Andrae A Sons. .Inlius. Milwaukee. Wis. 

Austin A Co., M. B.. Chitairo, HI. 

Bender, Geo., New York 

Bradford B<>ltinir Co.. CincinnMi. Ohio. 

Brown A F. Co.. Buffalo. N. Y. 

Bunnell Telegraph A Fl»o I Co., New York 

Bunnell A Co., .1. H., Nww York. 

Central Electric Co.. Chieasro. 

Che-peake Elec. Co , Baltimore, Md. 

Chicago Edlaon Co., i hicHs;o. 

Clark & Co., L P.. Philude.phia. l»a. 

Commercial Eli-ctrical Supply Co.. St. Lonifi. 

Comwell Kh'C'l Co.. 'be, H. ^f.. Syracune, N. Y 

Cramphornr* Co.. P'red. W., Boston Masn. 

Dearborn Ele« trie Co . Chicago. HI. 

Devere KleerrieCo., Cine nnati. Ohio. 

Doubleday Hill El**ctric Co.. I*itti*bnrg. Pa. 

Eastern KIwtriewl >upply Co., Now York. 

Edes Mfg. Co.. The, Plymouih. Man. 

Electric A puliance Co., Chieat^o. 

l£lectrie4il Knirineer'ngCo.. .Minneapolis, Minn. 

Electrical Materia! Co , Baltimore, Md 

Electrical Supply Co., Sioux City, la. 

Erner-HopkiuH Co.. The, Columbus, O. 

Gorke, H. .1., Syracune, N. Y 

Grand Kupids Klectric Co., Urand Rapids. Slich. 

Ureipory Electric Co., Chicago. 

Hill. C. K., Pittaburg. Pa. 

Holtzer.Cal>ot Electric Co., Brookline, Mass. 

Hubbard. Hall A Co.. Cincinnati, O 

Hlinoi^ Klectric Co., Chicago. 

Inter-Mountain Kh>ctricC6.,Salt LakeCity.Utab 

Irish Electric Co.. W. F.. New York 

Latham A Co., E. B., New Y'ork 

Lowe A I^voridge, New Y'ork. 

Manhattan Elec*l,New York A Chlcairo 

Mankowttz, Kamael, Chicaiso 

Manufacturers' A Inventors' Elec. Co., New York. 

MatthewH W. N. A Bros . St. Loui«. Mo. 

Mc^uat Robert L.. Indianapolis. Ii<d. 

Mis^jouri Electrical Mfu'. Co . The, St. Ix)ni« Mo 

NaL'el Electric Co., The. W. «., I oledo, O 

New England Electric Mfg. Co., Boston, Mass 

Newman Spranley Co., New OrleanH. Lk. 

Northwest Fixtuie Co., Seattle. Wanh. 

Ostrander A Co., W. R., New Y^ork. 

Petrinpell-Andrews (.'c, Boston 

Reliable Electrical Supply Co.. Chicago. 

Roberta, H. C, Electric Supply Co.,Philt..Ps. 

Rolfc Electric Co., Chicago. 

Rumsey A Sikemeier Co.. St. Lonis, Mo. 

Sheehan A Co., W. M.. New Y'ork 

Sibley A Pitman, New Y^ork. 

Southern Klectric Co., Baltimore, Md. 

Standard ElectricalCo., Cincinnati, O. 

Stanley A Patterson, New York. 

Stewart A Co., Fiank U.. Philadelphia 

Stuart-Howland Co., Boston, Mass. 

Thorpe, W. Grant, New burgh. N. Y 

Toronto Electrical Works, Toronto, Ont 

Turner. Oscar C, Atlanta, Oa. 

Vallee Bro-. Electrical Co., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Walker A Kepler. Philadelphia Pa. 

Western Elec. Co.. Chicago and New York 

Western Electric Co.. Philadelphia, Pa 

Western Electrical Snpply Co., St. Louis. Mo 



a— Lisrhttns and Power. 

Adam Electric Co., Frank, St. Louis, Mo. 

Advance Electric Co.. Chirairo. 111. 

Belknap Motor Co., Portland, Me. 

Bullock Electric Mf^. Co., New York. 

Califoinia Electrical Works, San Francisco, Cal. 

C. & C. Klectric Co.. New York 

Central Electric Co., Chicago. 

Chicago Edison Co., Chicago. 

Cleveland Switchboard A ElecJAfg. Co..CkTels]Hl 

CroufeHinds Klectnc Co., Syracuse, N. Y. 

Electro-Dynamic Co., Philadelphia. Pa. 

Elektron Mfg. Co., Springfield, Maas. 

Emerson Klectric Mfg. Co.. The, St. Loais, Mo. 

Eyanson A Armpriester. Philadelphia, Pis. 

Falcon Elecinc Mfg. Co., New York 

Ft. Wayne Electric Worka, Ft. Warne, lad. 

General Electric Co.,.Scheiiectady. N. Y. 

General Incandescent Arc Light Co., Vft Pint 

Ave., New York. 
Graves Electrical A Machine Works, W. IX, Ctoft- 

land, Ohio. 
Hewitt A Warden. Ncwburgh, N. Y 
Hill Elecfic Co.. W. 8., New Bedford. MaM. 
•I ones A Son Co., The J., Now York. 
Krantz, II., Brooklyn. N. Y. 
Lang. J ACn., Chicaoo. 
Latham A Co., K. B , New York 
I A Koehe Co., F. A., New Y«>rk. 
McKenna Bros. Brass Co.. Ltd., Pittohont, Pi 
Metropolitan Switchboard Co., New York. 
Murtlock.«t Co., W. J., Beaton, MaM. 
Northeni Engineering Co., New York. 
Ononuaga Dvnamo Co.. Svracnii*. N. Y. 
Pittsburg Electrical A Machine Worki. PUtrimX 
Prinsle. Wm. T.. Philadelphia, Pa. 
Safety Electric Mfg. Co., New OriMM, La. 
Smith A Co.. Samuel J.. Charlotte, N. Cr 
Stanley A Piattenoa, New York 
Utica Electrical Mfg. A Sapply Ool. DttoA. >. A 

Kindly mention tiM mnoUnn ^ ^vii\aB« 

'\ X(.iw York 
l»pi :. L.trfi" Co.. Ht, l^iil?. Mo 

rfepliutitr t ojiaitriictloii Co , Cl(*vutni»d. 
comatic T«l, Swil^jbtHMJ-d Co., PwjtI- 
K I 

^ Mf«. Co., Chtciigo.m 
Co., Kew York. 

1 , Whotttnn. Ilk 
_z 1,- . TUe. Cyc«jio. Ill, 
*' jr. Cn., Ciiica^o 

& JSuppir Co.t ChlciiKCi 
fir. 1'.... U. A., St. Louis, Mo 

iwfiJt Co.. Detroit, Micb 
Mii;. Ci)., Cbicuso 
.<'l'iiim« Co,. K«w York. 

> I ' --m* Nt'W Yorte 

' " . ri"l»*ii|jon<? Ca, Cliicafio. 

I' r A u Ujtfji^t It; Tt' I epbo n*j K 11' bw ii gt' . Tb« 


1 1 k r-iiHKtK* Mf|c. Co., The. Snmtrt, 9* O. 

i> ^ '*., Pliilrii3eU»hii, Pa. 

[>i Thif. SumtKs S. C 

^■- in. The. E^k^Pa. 

■ .r^ v. .r,„ 'I .-l*-i'mph Co.. UUpji, K. Y. 

< MT-j. *■<>.. llMltiiiioW!, Md. 

lv]«■i^tiotlr ( '4 m Struct iott Co. J Chicago, 



n.. Clc^vf-land. O 
Nrllfii Co . The. Hftrlforcf. (ono 
M« »q f i*ct It rl n If L'o . » Ch J r n^o 

|licand««(?init An? Light Co.« New York, 

»— litittciti 

kCo.. M. B., Chicaffo, 
»l E|v«|rlp Co,, CKit?«40 
BlieiniUiit A Mf(f„ Cti.» Fytladelphm, Pa. 
Lomax, T>env«r. Col 
fif. Co., iTai-rford, Cmm. 
Utf^^ftmnn Mfp. *>*,, Thf. Tliirtfoitl, Cqhu. 
m Jt C<i., E, B., Kt>w York 
m^n fa«o*l S«p,C«-,N*-w York & Ctic»^« 
Jt-iyiiid«ni Co., I hi', BojtLorj. 

U.S., Bflf ijf eport .Conn. 
, Plill«l«]«»hfiL 
le Co., Hal a more, Md. 
^rson. New York 
iMtiit Co,, Bci4toti, Mau. 

li— Key 

[ ta«K-tilr Co.. ChicA«o, 
t» A <'n , N>w York, 
.11 lil*-.nrir Mfsi^ ij„,. ^t, LonJs. Mo. 


Hartf+ifd, Conii. 
- . K. B., New York 
: JerM S«ti.Co,*Nt-w York & Chlcaffo 
r- Co. Tb*-, Bo'^lon 
h 'fi€ Sw\t*?i» «rk' i'"^., Hurtford, Coan 
< .>.. O. 8., llrldL^f^iMiTt. Conn* 

Ailj^Tt, i>t«{JVtr, Cnfft, 

Piilti^t^fti. New York. 
uM lan^l €o,i Bovton, Ma«i. 

Adam Electric Co., Frank, 8L Lonii, Mo. 
Akron El»-ctri™l Mfg. Co., Tlnv Akron, Ohio. 
Anfl^riwu Hfs- Co., Albert A J« M«» Bo«eoa. 

Pftikek'w Ekctiio MTk. Ca.Mlfhlktowti. O. 
B<iaii«irt Klvrtrlo Coiuftruft&on Co.j0tica,N.Y, 
Hr> a u t K 1 ef ■ I r i c C o . f I r U J ^'m pi v t. Coun . 
lliillo^k Fleet rio M%, Co,, New York. 
Central. ICIf^ririo t'l*., Cbkajco. 
Cbs^ic-SMjiwniiit CiK, l{ii^|iiiif Maaa. 
CIilrift<r(> KcIIhoii Co., Clitcii|[0. 
Cle vc 1 a od S w I r 1 1 1 boa rd A E I i-c. ,M f g. Co. tCICTeland 
CroU'w-IUinls. KlciincCo,, Syracii*?, N. Y 
l>aviii A ?k»n. M., Salem, O. 
Kifii^rKiin Kletaric Mftf. <;<».. Th<*. St. LouIp*. Jfo. 
Eureka Tempered Copper VVorks, Ni>rtb Eaat Pa. 
Evnokioo A Anupru'Mer, PhiUddpklu, Pa 
Fak:oo Kli'ctrif VLTa. Co., N^i'W Y'ork 
Falk Co , The. Milwaukee), Wi*^. 
Gebe!r»] Kl<»ftrfv Co., St(M"np«*tfldv. >\ Y. 

rick,) ■ 

If oltxiir-Ciihot Elnrtrlc fUt., Brook line, Ma«i. 
Joncri M Bon Co., The J., Nevv York. 
Krmntz. 11., Brooklyn. N. Y. 
LiiHir *t Co.. tf., '14 .Mkhiijan SL. ChlcMiro. 
l.n Koch« Co., r. A., Npw York. 
I^thinii £ C»., K. B., New York 
Liii*tcfn MfL'. Co. Worrt-nier, Maiia. 
MeKtMira HrOH. UraM# Co,, PUti*biirj?. Pa. 
Mj4.nJiutti^n ICleci^a|>.Co.»Ni wYork & Cbleftfi:ii 
Meuottilii*»e ^ki'trtml Ot Mectmuioiil Co., Metiom- 

inw. Mkb. 
Nowlty lilw!lHi' Co.. phMndHphin. Pa, 
Piilate Co.. 11. T., PiiilidelphtJt, Pa. 
Pbilad*lpht« El*^ctricnl A Mtg. Co.. The. Phi la. 
Pittuborif Elt'ctrfctti ± Machlm^ WoikM, PlUsburv. 
PJatt Mfp. Co., O, S.. Brideepjrt. Conn. 
Priiiale. \Vm, T., PhiUdt'Iptiiw, Pa 
HocUt'HEer Electrical Work a. RocbcPter, N. Y, 
^tiLiilev & P^ttpmoii, Svw York. 
Itka El nriral Mfe. ^ ifionph Co., VUca, X.Y. 
Wai^ner Elefitrit: Mfij. Co.. Bt, Ujois, Mo 
Walker Electrical Co,. Phll^l^lpkia, Pa. 
We*u?m ElectHc Cn„ Chi caff o and New York 
^WeatlAchooae Klertrlo £ Mt^^, Con Pltts- 

biinr. Pa. 
2iinf|i»rii ^ Hunt, New Y'ork 


BftU EWtHc MfsE. Co , PblJadelphla, Pa 
Bryant Electric Co.. Bfldeeport, Conb. 
CrouKe lTiiMJ» Elr^c. Co., ^yracoiw. N. Y. 
GeiitTttl Kl#'^trt« Co.; ?*cheii*^eiady, N. T. 
t.atlintii Si Co., £. B., New York 
M»iiliattAnKl««r'] Snp.Co.,Nt'wYofk ^CbfeaRO 
PalwteCo., IL T,. Pbil -ckkjbia, Pa 
ZltTidutm^fe Muivt, New Yoak 



Hryani Eli^f^iric Co , Hrideftport, Cotm. 

Central K Ire trie Co., Chicaijo. 

General Klectrlc^ C«„ Scbenef:t>id|-. N. Y. 

Oetirral InrJuideHrfiit Arc Ucbl Co., New York 

Hart MfLT. <;o,. HurtfMrd. i imn. 

Hurt A IJevfinsin, Mfif. *Jo,. The, nwrtford, Conn 

Ljithnm S( Co,, K, B., N>w Yoi-lt 

MHHiilmllMti Elee'll»iiii.Co.,NewYork ^Chlcftjco 

MamhAll'!sanden4 Co.. The. Bopton, 

Pal«Ur Cn., H. T.. Philadelphia. 

Ptt*B ^ S^'Tmowr, tiyrrtCQn*. N. Y 

pi'Tlctnii EWtnr Swltrh Mfir, Co,, Hartford, Cona. 

Piatt Mfi;. Co,, O. ^„ Bridgeport. Conn. 



Knifll* V & Co.. FC. C. Boiihi»st4?r, N. Y. 
Centrjil Klectrle Co., Chica(|^i. 
Cl«rke AiiLompitlf: Telephone 9wUchb<pard Oa. 
Prejvldence, R. I 

Kfod!x mtfnUaa the DtncioTy la wrfUnf^ 



Electric Appliance Co., Chicago. 
^Farr 'IViupbone X Constmctioo Sapply Co., 

Manhattan Elec*l Sup.Co., New York & Chicafi^o 
Phoenix EIrctric Telephone Co., New Yorlv. 
Stanley A Pattemon, New York. 
Strowg(>r Aatomatic Telephone Exchange, The 

Western Telephone Constnioiion Co.. Chicago 


Boston Woven Hose A Rubber Co., Itoston. 

Brixey, W. R.. 203 Hroadway. New York. 

Central Klectrlo Co., Cbiratro. 

Chlcaii^o EdiMon Co.. (Miicago. 

Cleveland Kubb«T Workn. ( .'levelnnd, Ohio. 

Cuiter Co., George. Chicago. 

Goodrieh c:o.. H. F., Akron. Ohio. 

Hazanl Mf^r. Co., Wdkes Bar re. I»a 

Irinh Klectric Co.. W. F., New York (II. I.) 

Knowlep, ('. S., Boston, Ma*8 

lAthain & Co.. K. IS., New York 

Manhattan KIer*l Snn.l'o.,NewYork & Chicago 

MaasacbiisettH Ciicnncal Co., Boston, Mass. (Mas- 
cbemo-WaIj)olc & Norfolk.) 

Kav.onal India Knbber Co.. Bristol. R. I. (N. I. 
R., National.) 

New York Insulated Wire Co., New York. (Grim 
shaw. Coni[>etition.) 

Okonite Co , Ltd.. 'J63 Broadway, New York. 

Revere Rubt>er ('o., Boston, Mass. 

Standard Paint Co.. New York. (P. A B.) 

Standard Undergrroand Cable Co., Pitts- 
burg. Pa. 

Stanley A Patterson.New York f •♦Double Grip") 

Stoart-Howland Co., Bueton, Mass. 

McQuat, Robert L.. Indianapolis, Ind. 
Metropolitan Telephone Jk Rlectric Co., Chicago 

Mianus Electric Co., Mianus. Conn. 
Murdock it Co., W. .1., Boston, Maai*. 
National Automatic Telephone (^o., Chicacro. 111. 
National Telephone Equipment Co., Detroit. Mich. 
National Telephone Mftr. Co., Boston, Mass. 
North Klectric Works. Cl«»veland, Ohio. 
Northwestern Telephone Mfp. Co., Chicago 
Palmer Bros., Mianus. Conn. 
Peerless Electric Telei»hone Co., Rio. Wis. 
Phoenix Electric Telephone Co.. New York. 
Plummer. F. O , Boston. Mass. 
Russcil-TomlinsoQ Electric Co., Dan bury. Coon. 
Simplex Interior Telephone Co., CinciDuati,Obia 
!<pencer Electric Co , New York. 
Siandard Construction Co., Chicago, 111. 
Standard Telephone A Klectric Co., Madison,Wli. 
Stanley A Patterson, New York. 
Sterling Electric Co., La Fayet:e, Ind. 
Stromberg-Carlson Telephone Mfg. Co., Chicsea 
Strowger Automatic Telephone hlxchange. The 

Stuart-Howland Co., Boston, Mass. 
Suratre Telephone Mfg. Co.. Snmire, S. C. 
Sun Electric Mfg. Co.. Phlladelphis. Pa. 
Swedish-American Telephone Co., Chicago. 
Telephone Company of America, The, Washing- 

tOD, D. C. 
Telephone Mfg. Co., The, Samter, S. 
Tucker Electrical Construction Co., New YorL 
U. S. Automatic Telephone Co., New York 
Viaduct MfK. Co., Baltimore. Md. 
Victor Tel phone Works, Chlcavo 
Western Telephone Construction Co., Chicaga 
Yorgae Signalphooe Mfg. Co., Milwaukee, Wis. 


Beers Bros. Thermostat Co., Rocheater, N T. 



Adrance Electric Co , Chicago, III. 
Allen Hussev < o.. The (JhicatfO. III. 
Altman & Co.. Chicago. 111. (Interior) 
American Bell Telepbone Co., Boston, Mass. 
American Klectric Telephone Co., Chicago, 111. 
American Toll Telephone <o., Cleveland, O 
AndrsB A Sons, Julius. Milwaukee. Wis. 
Briggs Kleciric Co., The. Cleveland. O. 
Bruckner Klertrlc Co. The, New York 
Bunnell Tclejiraph & Elec'l l-'o.. New York. 
Central Electric Co., Chicago. 
Central Telephone A Electric Co., St. Louis. Mo. 
Century Teieplione Constriielion Co.. Cleveland, C 
Chicaifo Telephone Supply Co , Chicago. 
Clarke Autonintic Telep^ione Switchboard Co., 

Providence. R. I 
Columbia Telephone Mfg. Co., Chicago, III 
Connecticut Telephone X Klectric Co., Meriden 

Couch & Seeley, Boston 
Crescent Telephone ('o., Philadelphia. Pa. 
Electrical Appliance Co.. (.'incinnati, O. 
Ericsson Telephone Co.. New York. 
Eureka Electric Co.. ChicaL'o 
Farr Telephone A Conhtrnetion Supply Co., Chi 

Garl Electric Co., Akron. O 
3lobe Auiomatic T»l»*p»ione Co., Chicago. 111. 
G1oIm» Telephone Mftf. Co.. Philadelphia, Pa. 
GuHtaf.son. W. A...JoIi<'t. 111. 
HaincH A Noves Co., Chicago 
Hepwell Mfg'. Co., AlleghMiiv. Pa 
Holtzer-Cahot Elec, Co., Brookline, Mass 
Kei'lyn Teh-phone Mfg. Co., Chicago 
KeilofigSwitchboord & Supply Co., Chlcairo 
Kevstone Electric Telephone Co., Pitt-burg. Pa. 
Kokomo Telephone & Ele<*.Mrc:.Co.. Kokomo,Ind. 
Kasel Telephone * Klec. Mfg. Co., D.A.. St. T^uis 
Lambert Smith Telephone Mfg. Co., New York. 
liathani A Co., E. 11., New York 
Manhattan Elec'l Snp.Co.,New York A Chicago 
Mason Telephone Pay ^tation Co.,Ludlngton Mich 


Burt A Tobey, New Bedford, Mass 


Central Electric Co., Chicago. 

Gibbs MfK. Co.. Canton. Ohio. 

Kohler * Co., F. E., Canton. Ohia (Hercules.) 

St Louis Shovel Ca, St. Louis. Ma 

Western Electrical Snpply Com St. Loots, KO. 

Wister <!k Co., L. Jb K., Philadelphia, Pa. 

b— Linemen's and Trlmm«n*. 

Barron, .Tames S. A Ca, New York. 
Billings A Spencer Co.. Hartford Conn. 
Central Electric Co., Chid^o. 
King A Co.. J. M. Waterford, N. Y. 
Klein A Son, Mathias. Chicago. 
Latham A Co., E. B., New York 
Oshkosh Logsing Tool Co., Oshkoah, Wis. 
Porter, H. K., Everett, Mass. (BoiUm) 
Schollhorn Co.. Wm., New Haven, Conn. 
Stanley A Patterson, New York. 
Stewart & Co., Frank H., Philadelphia. 
Syracuse Twist Drill Co., Syracuse, N. Y. 
t'nion Drop Forge A Tool c5o., Utlca, N. Y 
Von Cleff X Co.. New York. 

o— Pole HandUni;. 

Dicke, C. n. Tool Co.. Chicaso. 
Lane Mfg. Co., Montpelier, Vt 
OshkoAh LogginirTool Ca, Oshkosh. Wis. 
Sanford Lodging Tool Ca. Oshkosh. Wis. 


Central Electric Com Chlcaga 

Cutter Co.. George. Chicago. 

Klectric Railway Equipment CtK, ClnoteMtL 

Kindly mention the Dlrocton Vn ^nutim. 

M.VIirtoT.N. V* 



Ik* *■<»«» Jfci* York* 

heeler l:«i.* Aiiilit^n% N. J* tKoUry 

E«rrCov, Pi»oii», J 11. 

Kle<?trle WurkHi Ft- Wuytitt, Itid, 

iMTlrlf C4i*i riliprn(fu, 

;ikh&H. ImL 
; Cof, F. A„ "SiiV York. 
>>.. !•:. W,. ^'rw turk 
Urict t^o*. !*t. LoaiKi, Mn, 
k Qlili* €o., Thr, Warmru Ohjn* 
Tnuiiifiimier Co*, PUteliurgh^ F«, 
IcCou. PrOTlh. Hi* 
rtrii* Mflf. Co.. Ntlrp. O, 
■ftlt#<r»oii. Ndjw York, 
rii-r-v. r^iiUiiiro, 111. 
trie 5! fjpT, Co.. St, Louih. \ti). 
;ik SpL'ei«|v Co.* Wurreii, O 
a» £l«uiHo m Mft* €<>., PitU- 

shiittl sum:. Uig. Cu.. NUei O. 



uTtmpCi^.. Alhiinv. ?i, Y. 

ID Trtp. Ci»,. Thf, Boftoii 

.fi« i^o., Boaion. M«u. (CurUffJ. 

D.. Tbe, MUwftukee, Wis. 

a P . Hew Yof k 

pliop Co.. Naw Hftvei], Couti, 

iTmpCa, rf»HDf, MUwmikee, Wit 

I . Ifwi 1.'*!,. Ntfw Yurk. 

k. Xflw York. 

nker Co^p ChEcaiFo. 

r Co., A. G„ New York. (Mftrtfc) 

D.. 0. F., B(i«lOD Maxit, 

OOk, Dctnoii^ Mich (Engin^ertng) 



kftor ^ Mnrble Co.. Akron, Oblo. 
InC inp» Co.. TH«, Mc*ga*lor«. Ohio, 
irbitt Co.. Atroti. Oh to. 
Co,* Tlie. Maj£iM]or*-t O, 
ftlQ Co., Q*o, F., Ki*t LlveriMJoi O 
"He Co., Clilcapo. 
D A MfE. Co., TnjEiton. K, 4, 
^ _ j,t The J., N*.w York. 
Nl^ K. H*, Npw York 
itil*iorCo.t The, M^gftdorei O, 
iouf, SjjTtteiJ«e, N. Y 
j MfC. Co.. Peru. I nil. 
'ttltoriKit]* New York* 
in* Co.. H-t FlA«t LirerpooU Ofato. 
-Fibre mid Rubber, 
wirle Co.^ CbiGJki^L 
rd Pibrt'Co.. WilmiDiftnn. DpI. 
U, Co.. Th?'. WHmlrigtoa^ Di^-L 
!!r Ct»>+ Tioflion. Mn^n. 
ittteriKin. Ndw Y'ork. 


— asi 

,T.C-. Mt Holly N.J 
p1l)»e Wbeisl Co , N«w York, 
tr Whwl Wnrkt, €«rDilen. M, J. 
i« Mfif. Co.. Oniuii*!, N. J, 
■0liliiii Co.. CbmlinDA. Pm. 

Ifoa Work* Co., OwX^nt Ohio. 

0olaii a\ Co., Wra.. Loeantpon, lud. (L1ul« 

Olivui- ) 
Uuhuqu«> Turbine A Ruller Mill Co., Dubtiqaci 

nkiio|>hri\v M^tchlno Co.. Ke«iit'. K. H 
Hunt ShM*bin»? Co.. liodwy, OnmBu. Mass. 
ts9ftvl A Co., Jaa.. i^iiritijfllcld, O. (StUDnon 

Pi'lloii WHti?r Whwl Cr^.. Ran Fraucts^MJ. CaL 
Room? FoiuKirv A Mjw.'hiru? Worki. RoNie, ^. V, 
^ttiilh, S. Jhirpiri. Yofk, Fn* (Mi^Connitik, Suo- 

StStwi^U Hh-rr^^j A Smith-VftllH Cn.. LMyton. Ohio 

Tuilnf MI^. Co. The. Jofm W., Mt. HoUj N. J 
Tramii Mr^f. Co,, Spf ImeHt^kl. tjhiu 

VAI.VKJ* — S»l 

Ann^rifjin St* Am Gti^gii Ca. Ji^mniCA PlAla,M«4», 

Asbtoii Viilvi' Co . Tin*, ] Hot ton. Mass. 

Hint hi in ^ ^t,_^ WrtTren. Fji. 

Bettt Mfkf. Co , Pttlflbnrp. Pn. 

liurkt^ye Iron A Hm*P VV orkK. Dayton, O. 

riinpihrni Valvi' Mfsj. To., [ndnu/ Orchard. Miuii* 

l^iUhi.Hl Uilros Ci^, Nt-wlmt^h, N. T. 

Coiisiiliihii^ul JSufi'iy Vulva Co., Ni*ir York, 

Crain? Co., Chkaico. 

Crosby ^ti'ain Giitit^ A^ Vulve Co., RoBtoii, UftSl. 

l>avi» A Co.. O. M.. CliiCAiio. 

Dii^lti Co., The Jr^hn. CUkjiuo, TiJ, 

Eildv Viilvif Co.. Wiiti.rford, N. Y. 

FMrtwnk*' Co., New York. 

Fo«ti.T linirlneerLLiK Co.. Newark, K. J. CHeduotng,) 

Jenkins Uros.. Ni'iiV York. 

Kmmfilv Vwlvir Mfj^. Cck, Xew York. 

Leavitt Miii'binn Co^, Or»1]g«, M»si4. 

Lunki'nh&imf-r Co.. Clnctnnatl. DbloL 

MiiiMjn R*fnulHtorCr>., HoMon. Mk91^. 

Mi«hi(faii Hrii»[i A Irofi Wurk*, JJelroU, llloh. 

PeiTib*»nhy lcijtH't<>r Co., [j* tmit. Mlob, 

Reti««li|Hr MTg. Co., CnLoii*. N, Y. 

Scbutie it Co., L . Pljdad«^lpbla. Pa. 

ShflfwooU Mfg. Co.. Unffwlo, K. Y, 

fllmoioiifl Co.. .f ohu, N«w York 

Stpnhetm Mfu. Co., Koo. DftroU, Micb 

Walworth Mric, Co., Liotitoii. Mom. 



Crescent NovisUy Mfg* Co., Cti^tttnooira. Tean 
DelAWrttT? Hard Fihr** Cow. Wllnilnifion. |>eL 
Graph ITP LiiHrtcatlniF Co.. Uniind Urook. N. J 
.Johna-Mativilie Co., H. W,. New York 
HarlJiVen Mfij. Co., The, Wllminirtoii. 1>bI. 
HeobAiiicnl Rnbl>Hr Workt Co., Chlcairo. 
Hlea J n »ii I a t or Co. , K e w V ork. I M U^ n 1 1£. > 
KntloriAE India Rubbt^r Co.. ItrUtol, R. t 
B^rer*!' Rubber Co.. Uiiittou, Ma«&. 
Etawmtd Mf^!. Cc,» D. M.. ChntUtioORa, Tenii 
Vulcmnlzed Fibre Co., New York. 

WATCKMEN^S CLOCK.S-S«>« C>ock#, Wm^h 

WAX —993 

lioviraiear xt C*o.. W\ H., Hostnn, ftlaii, 

ChJeai^o Insula ted Wire Va„ ChitAfio, 

N*w Yofk Insulated Wire Co., »w York, CVatcsa.! 

Salomon A Bnx, L. A.. Ki4w York. 

Smith A NichoU. New York. 

Wbltneir A Son». A., Phlkdejpnia, P*. 

White Mfff, Co., New Yc^rk. 


Bmdy. T. H.. Nf?w BritHiii. Conn. 
CeiitrHl Electric 4'o., Cb buffo. 
Cutter Co , OeorgUt Cbi«i*wri. 
Weatern KJec. Co., Chicago and N*w York 

iflft4ly m«JtUon tts BitecioFf io writlUK. 



WIRE, BAKE —895 

a— Compoiiltlon. 

Brideeport Krass Co.. Hrldiroport, Conn. (Silicon.) 
Central Kleotric Co., Chicago. 
Chicago InHulated Wire Co., Cliicaso. 
Phosphor Bronze Smelting Co , I'hiladelphia, Pa. 
Plume X Atwood Mftr. Co., Waterbiiry, Conn. 
Scovill Mfg. Co., Wuterbury. Conn. 

b — Copper. 

Araericun KloetricHl Works. Providence, R I. 
American Sieel & Wire Co., Chicago 
An!>oniH BruMft Jk. Copper Co., New York. 
Ansoniu Kh'ctrical Co.. .Xnsonia. Conn. 
Bridgi'port Bt&m Co., Bridgeport, Conn. (Phono- 
Electric ) 
Central Electric Co., Cliicago. 
Chlcag:o Insulated Wire Co., Chicago 
Coe Brass Mfg. Co., Torri'gton, Conn. 
Garrison. C. M., New York. 
Huziird Mfg. Co., WilkeH Burre, Pa. 
Holmes, Booth A Havdens, Waterbury, Conn. 
lAtham & Co., E. K., New York 
Manhattan Elec'l Sup.Co.,NewYork & Chicago 
Roebling's Sons (.'o.. .Tolin A., Trenton, N. J. 
Standard Cndergrround Cable Co., Pittsburg, 
Stanley & Patterson, New York. 

c — Galvanized Iron and Steel. 

American Steel <fe Wire Co., Chicago 
Central Electric Co., Chic^igo. 
Chlcaso Insulated Wire Co., Chicago. 
nazartTMfi!. Co., Wilkes Bnrre. Pa. 
lAtham ft Co., E. B., New York 
Manhattan Elec*l Sup.Co.,NewYork & Chicago 
RoebIing*s Sons Co., .John A., Trenton, N. J. 
Standard UnderRTound Cable Co., Pittsburg. 
Stanley & Patterson. New York. 
Upson-Walton Co.. Toledo, Ohio. 



a — Magrnet. 

American Electric Wire Worhn, Chicago. 111. 
American Klertri^'^il Works. Providence, R. I. 
American Steel & Wire Co.. Chicago 
Ashworth Klectricai Co.. Providence. R. I. 
Bradfonl. Kyle & Co , Plymouth, Mass. 
Central Electric Co., Chicago. 
Chlcaico Insulated Wire Co., Chicago, 
('onnecticnt InttnUitinsr Wire Co., Ansouia, Conn. 
Knipire Insulated Wire Co., New York. 
General Electric Co , Schenectady, N. Y. 
Haznrd Mfg. Co., Wilkes Barre. Pa. 
Latham & Co., E. K.. New York 
McDermid Mfsr. Co.. Chicago 
Manhattan Elec'l Sup.Co.,NcwYork & Chicago 
Millcr-Knohloik Elec. Mfg. Co.. South Bend, Ind. 
Moore. Alfred F.. Philadelphia. Pa. 
New England Electrical Workn. Lisbon, N. H. 
Roeblintf's Sons Co.. .John A., Trenton, N. J. 
Standard Undergrround Cable Co., Pittsburg 

b— Rubber Covered. 

American lOUnrtrical Works. Providence, R. I. 
Atlas Coverinir Co. Boston. Mass. (Liberty.) 
Bishop (iiittu Porcha (.'o.. New York. 
Brlxey. W. R., dS Broadwav. New York. 
Centra! Electric Co., Chicago. 
Chicago Edison ('o., Chicago. 
Eastern El»M'tric Cable Co., Boston. Mass. (Clark.) 
General Electric Co.. Schenectady, N. Y. 
HsKsrd Mfg. Co.. Wilkes Barre. Pa. 
India RublM>r A Gutta Percha Insulating Co., New 
York, (Habirshaw.) 

Indiana Rubber & Insulated Wire Co., Jooettefoi, 

Ind. (Paranite.) 
Knowles C. S.. Boston, Mass. (Columbia.) 
Latham & Co., E. IS., New York 
Manhattan Elec*18up.Co.,NewYork ACbicaco 
National Conduit A, Cable Co., New York. (Piper 

Insn atton.) 
National India Rubber Co., Bristol, R. L (N. L B., 

New York Insulated Wire Co., New York. (Grim- 

sbaw. Raven Core. ) 
Okonite Co.. Ltd.. 8.S3 Broadway, New York. 
Roebling's Sons Co., John A.,Trenton. N. J. (Oe*- 

Safety Insulated Wire A Cable Co., New YorJE. 

Simplex Electrical Co., Boston, Mass. fCninuz). 
Standard Underi^round Cable Co., Pittiborg. 
Stanley A Fattemon, New York 
Stuart-Howland Co., Boston, Mass. 

c— Wea therproo f . 

American Electrical Works, Providence, R. L 
American Steel A Wire Co.. Chicago 
Ansonia Brass <^ Copper Ca, New York. 
Ansonia Electrical Co., The, Ansonia, Com 

(Shield Brand.) 
Bridgeport Brass Co., Bridgeport. Conn. 
Brixey W. R.. 308 Broadway New York 
Central Electric COm Colcai^ 
Chicai^o Insulated Wire Co., Chicago. 
Collver Insulated Wire Co.. PawtackeL R I 
General Electric Co., Schenectady, N. T. 
Hazard Mfg. Co., Wilkes Barre, Pa 
Holmes, Booth & Haydens, Waterbury, Cobb. (K. 

K.) . 
Illinois Insulated Wire Co., Spcamore, IlL 
lAtham A Co., E. B., New York 
Manhattan Eleo*! Snp.Co.,New York A Ch\a^ 
Monarch Electric 4k Wlr« Co., Chicago 
National Conduit A Cable Co., New York. (Pip« 

New York Insulated Wire Ca, New York. (Ooih 

Okonite Co , Ltd . SR8 Broadwar, New York. 
Phillips Insulated Wire Co., Pawtnckel, B.L 

(o. kT) 

Roebling's Sons Co., John A., Trenton, N. J. 
Simplex Electrical Co., Boston, Mass. 
Standard Underflrround Cable Co.. Pittsbirg. 
Stuart-Howland Co., Bo«ton, Mam. 
Western Electric Co^ Chicago and New YoA. 


American Wood Preserving Co., Phlladelphit 
Carbolinenm Wood Preserving Co , New York. 
International Creosoting A Consimction Co^ 

Beaumont, Tex 
Norfolk Creosoting Works, Norfolk. Va. 
h^ummenrille Femoline Works, Summenrille, S C 
Walker Chemical Works, Harrison, N. J. 


Barschall Imnregnatlne Co.. New York 
Eppinger & Russell, New York. 


Amerirsn Hardwood Mfg. Co., Gnittoef,ya. 
I^ver Mfir. Co., C. H., Chioaieo. 
Noveltv Turning Ca. Fltohbanr. Mass. 
Sewing Machine Cabinet Ca, Bitdcepoct, 
Union Hardware Ca, Torrtngton, Codb. 
Viaduct Mfg. Ca. Haltfioore, Md. 
Western Electric Ca, dUeiifO tad Hew TcriE 

Kindlv ntlnu th« BVractorf Vn wtV^&a« 

lectric Light Central Stations 

Key to Abbreviations 

..,alteratic>i3i per 

Am. ..AmpTiL'MD 

^ Abl E, ,. Am«r|[!«» Knifiiie 
.pApt.. aimrHfr' 

^ Aft S.. Alieadroih A Kr<,t 

Ami*.. *< > Aisifltiint 

%.....„.. lio(1*?r 

mktW.llsbcockJt Wil 

M^ ,BaIlEiiifirt*C(K 

Bdllt*.', .«. tlucke> e 

Ml...... ,,r, tJouH* 

Bnl, ...... >..*.* Bronni^ll 

mH ,._.... H«ll<«'k 

l*W......,Biill<t WomJ 

«i^... .,,.,.,...,.. empllAl 

GlkH....... .... Chaiminn 

^ «oat ,, . . stilly eoatnict 

Cl»|j,.. CIoi*broclt 

COl,*,.,. ,,., , Gommittee 


.— ^, ,.. candle power 

C.*T.CIi«n^il«-r Je Taylor 
C.*W.. . Crocker- Wh4-f>ler 

^|«ir.... duxdivuU 

(4«^..,.4i]r circuit In old 

reporU only) 

fc ,,4.^Lr«t currpnt itir:. 

ttt .*«.»..,..,.. .D^tmlt 

y,^*.* * .dynftma 

|lAa ..Bl«kA<^hureh 
^•IK D.A.D.KWtrtoCa 

e. or cng. ..„-,.,, , ,eueluc 

Kd,, RdlsMTi 

Rrt^fe, . , Edpeinonr 

Kle<:....**. ...... .Kleiitfic 

Elii EleclJlclnn 

Fs EJlcfrlaiur 

Kishkl Pnhkill 

Fiti'b ..,.,, ..... .Fitclilmric 

l\,M,&C!o. .Fsirbnnke. 

Mor«e A €o. 
Frmn ....**...,,- Fr«»m»n 

f^t. W. Ft. WavTitf 

F. A C,Fr»SPT it Cbalmnrs 
F. * S..,.. nierJt^ttjwell 
ti. K. .,..-, Gpn<*nil Elpciric! 
(I. M...-.GPii«ttil Ma^Aeer 

Ham...... IJatniltrin 

Har. .......... HurTl^on 

Hiiz ............. . Huzlf^ton 

U.aM H Hiirriibnri? 


Heii.... ....... lrlei»ler 

H.F.iltM .. ...HairiKburK 

Poutidrv & Mehi*. 
Hoi.. ... . :.Holioke 

H.iO,A^ H. .lloovf^n. Owens 

A RenEiiohlfr 

hp. .,.*.,.,.. .hortfr-poiTor 

lU....... .-He»t 

U. S. A G. . tlou&ton, Utan* 

wood A Gumble U.Horrmftn& BiUin^a 


lUfE ...... tUunilnatltiii: 

Inc IncH.ndvsc'^D t 

luearp. Inuorporaivd 

|jic»... Incandeiicent liKtits 
In mo 

Tn-iB...... . -- . Irfiifeitkui 

KfiUiEtn Ki'Uif kni^tiin 

K.F.JtM.Ktupftford Foan- 
drv A Mohe, 

K. A IL Knowlaoii .t K^ll'-y 

l.iiR .,LnK.i<ljo 

L. R............Liikv Kri.i 

Iviib........ Luhiiumi 

Lt .....Uiiht 

Ltg — Liifhting 

L. *StB.,...Liine* B^tdNy 

M. or Mitt '* . . Matmp«r 

SrcE,..,,.. .lleEwiiti 

IkloJ. A S^MctiitD£h A i><>y- 

mcy monijeyclk 

mdnt.... ....... .nijidii^glii 

nio ., motor 

moonlt.tDocinl^ubt scbedtjl*- 

Afmim ..... Munldpiil 

Ntitl Niitloisiil 

N. B... ..>rew BtUhIu 

>J. H.... .New Hnn?n 

Sura . .....NuNJljfft! 

nt........ *..,.. ..uitiht 

O'Br... 0*BrlKn 

F. or Prea.... ....Pn-siclfnt 

P. A. or Pur.Agt..FHrtiba8- 

\nis Aift, 

Fenn . ..,..*- Penniylvanla 

pb .........*,....... jiliHHii 

P.-H Forttr-Hamiltoii 

Pier*... ......... FitJii^out 

Por. -A .Purler-Allen 

Pmv ,,.,.,..,.. Pt oridenci* 
PwT. or Pr ......*.. . ("owiT 

*iUBk. City .... Qniikf J- 4 !tiy 

He*r. Hi'Pviv*T 

RSid...... m«doij 

RtHfib ...♦. Bw:hepti?r 

R, R.... RailrooJ 

Rn« KuiieU 

Ry................ RjiUway 

R. A F., Rankin A Frttac^h 
H. A S. . . . - Rlc« A Saf Sffdt 

S. or Se<; Secretary 

s. C.... .- Siotit Cltv 

sibof,... ,. ...SchoHieW 

ijdmy..... SchujU-r 

y.F.* M South wark 

Foundry^ MotH». 

Sklnr.. Sklnne- 

S.-M...... ..i!awycT-M«n 

MO .^H.'iketi 

s. pti..H,.. ...ftinele pH»»B 
^p uorS II pt.STi pt'Tin to ndi-n t, 

gUii. ......... Sinnlee 

Std Sin udHrt 

8llr.... .„.Stirliiiif 

St. Ltn e StM I pb i Li nd 

Kurt .... ...f;ttitrevBtijr 

S. A n...StUIwen A HJ<*Tce 
S. A H.,8li?men* A Hulske 
T. or Treiiii . - , . . TTi!*(ihun»r 

T.*ll ., Twylor-m-pk 

'i'.-n . . .Tbotuftou-Houitou 

awf ....♦....»*!« 

tnidr. . . . . * * t ^,. «> * 4iil>D]Af 

turb. H... .... ......turbine 

T. AW... TltJ|«tt A Wood 
U.K. I..... United Klectric 

Impfovement Co. 
¥ . . , . A . i . . . . . . ^ . , . . ^ . volta 

Vatl D. Van Depuele 

VII......... VHtPf 

V.P. orV,Pr**.Vtee-Prei. 

Wateitn ... Waritrtown 

W.-C WatU-Ciimpbell 

W. K,,,. Western Eli'ctno 
WtJutjjf. or VVeit-.lfVKatlnfr- 

Wetb .. WetherlU 

Wblk. Wheelork 

Wk-s..,.. Works 

Wma... .WilbiimB 

Wtr. or Wr.......... Water 

Wtrlife . * . . . Waterbonifi 

Ttir Aicure# follc^wEtig tb« nanii<'« of clti«*f» utid townH refer to tbu popnlution am fe|>Oft«d by the doEupauirs or 
'ifrn^lal*. Tri«e Il|:nre» mtiy thfrefoft- be taken a« fi^tiowlujz t]io prmiient iwpMJation mor** at^^^iinttely tkan 
(li«(YD*iii of iiWO. In « ft-w i-a-e». bnw*-v^er, thin inrorraftttoTii wa^ not reported mud fi Iflki-ii froui the nenniJt. 
•tWi fi*ci i> rl»<noted by a star (•) following ibe !I(:ure«. Tbe {*Jili indkAtt^o thf tt»tinnri carrying a llim of 
AtfrkJiJ iiit»|di*««- 

Itecapitiil U that (riven by th#com|iani''f; indrepreientA the amount of sioek issni'd. BondnAre AlROf^v«n 
liiteit a«s<f ivlier« reported and represeai ttie amoual outstantling huIvmm otbi^rwlM fttat«d. Thss number of 
Ititu given mn I tHwe in nae. 

AlfXliliri»\ mfCn-Aim]8tuE> Elcir. ft Cas Co. (Be- 
ai«p. milit (!tp. anth.^ EN»ued fSfiiO^OOO; bdi.autb. 
.I^Ml imtifd t!£22,ooo. 5 |). c. Int. 
^flE^. O CarT....... ..Schenectady, N. Y. 

fc. ATrea*. Jl. M. Frnncia-.. " '♦ 

tGfr. Man. H. W. ik^jttoti ...Annlilon 

»»pt. A i b. Elern, A. A. Jett. , . ** 

Ch. Enjrr H.r. Rejd 

i±r. T*ll; fl d c, pwr. G. E. SfiO v : 3 a, c (i. E. 
mrnMH r. ^ pb. 7Sm)aitn«. Rd. ^fKi -m d. r. an>«i a. 8 
mppi M a. c. trc^iiaraiie: 13teO a, c. int:*; a. c day 
fin IIA V- rt. c, pwr. cir. 5fi0 t* fifiO hp. e. Buck, IL 
i P A. Jb S: 413& hp b. C. & H, Piyne. 

Cl» ««it. iM ltn* c. p. 1300 fT5 per yr, mootilt; coal 
pLtK Oh. a)#^ ltn. the town of Oxford and opcrat^^a 
WSOto of elec ry. and Usforr) Lake Park. m 

\ ATHBUm* l,flOO-Atbena Elec. Lt, A Water Plant 
(Maair.); fiortjCOOOi G- Malcme. T.; M. A. Warten, 
P, A.; A. B. Parker, Spt.i 2 d.c. G. E. UP v.; Kd. 
•*e.; »>d.r. iijc. arc*,- 360 Inc*.; aohp.e. BalU CO hp, 
b. tttblr^ moon It., mdnt. U3 

JlTTALL,%a,l!i»0— Ciiyof Attiilli(Mut]ic.l rBeijasiop. 
INQiUi; bd>. iEU).OOU; teaeed (O AtUlla Foundry A 
Macli. C^. 

Pr™. C. B. Ponnan . . ................. Athena 

]faii.AfiupW H. A. Clark........ '■ 

t arc W. E.: 1 a. c. Katl. 1000-M v. a. pb. 

altnp. Ed., Weitg. ftye,, tUl arcs B.R umpis; BOO 
a, c incs: 80 h p. u Bckye.; fiOhp. b, W. AW.; city 
cont, muonlt. tl P. M. 9& 

BBSMi:MKR,«.3ilH— H#Mamar Klec. C^.; CoMrnlkd 
by the Btrminiebam Ry. Lt. & Fwr.Co. 

1 a. c. O. E. V^} kw. 3i)U0 v: Kd. boc; 275 area; 740 
d. e. Incs.. «Ma. c. inc»i 450 hp. e. Ball; SIIO hp. b. 

City (;ont. 3) arc c. p. :aLH)i) f^ (ler yr. ail at; coal 
$1. 22* 

Bf RMINOHAM. 38.415-BinnlnsrhAm Ry. Lt. A 
Pwf. Tn. control-* the BetM m^r Eiec. < o. of Bf^a^e- 
mi»i. (Becran op IWHV; e«p. anih, A (m1. Ui |&,(W^oan 
bdp. autb. |ikOOr>.OiiO. outatg. 5^,8:20.000, « p. e. int 

Pre#. R. Jamison.... ...... BlrminKham 

lat V. Pft!#. W. A. Wiilker..,. 

1 ad V, Pre*. A Gen. Mgr. G. R.DbvIii. ** 

H«e. .T. P. Kos* .*,.,.. ,. " 

Tr™*. C, O .Himp«3m " 

Snpt. J. M, BradlMy... 

12 d. c. arc TIL Bruah; M d. c Inc. Kd. frlO 
kw. saO-llO v: Ed. aoc: 740 d, c. ^erlea »rr»: «7t> 
A.t. iQno.m ares; &44lOd. c< inn: d. r. p«r. rir; lOlfit* 
bp. entf. H. P. A M. L. A B.. B, >L & P; filftO hp. h. 
B. A W. HbHoi. 

City ctMit. Sftrt arrji c. p, SOOO S^ peryr. all nt^ eamf 
SL-iO. tCo. also It*. Pratt City .1 ts^ 





CULL>IAN, 1,855— City Eler. Lt. Plant (Mimic.) (Bo 
ganop.llWi)); co-.t88\(X)J: h.-i. Hann»TH Snpt: S.H. 
Loirkhart Ch. Knjrr; 1 a. c. (J E. MOeo- 105 v. «. ph. TsiOO 
alms. Eil. hoc; •^•) a c. urrn; l(hX) a c. incs; l:i5 hp. v, 
CAT; aiH) hp. b. CoK-; iiuMnilt; coal $4. 92 

DECATUK— »ee New Decatur. 

DKMOPOLIS. 2,00fi-Demoi)oHH Elec. Lt.A Pwr. Co. 
(Bewail op. IKC); cup. auth. & p<l. in $10.(/00, 8 p. c. 
(liv; bclo. autu. & ontHtk;. 910,000, p. c. int. 

Prea. F. B. C'lomcnti» TuacalooHa 

^ 8ec. Tr a8, A Mgr. A. R. Smith Deniopolia 

2;i. o. Weatjf. UK; lew. 1100-110 v. 8. ph. 7;W0 altns. 
Ed.»oc; 20 a. c hrrii'H arcit U.() amps: 22 a c. iuc. 
arcH 5 a!npi(; \i:nn.i a. c. iucr*: IHO hp. e. IlarUic; 200 
hp. b. AtlaH. 

City cont. '26 Its. 2ix»0 c. p. S«l p«»r yr. 22 com. area. 

2000 c.p. 15 vin. per kw. ;WK) emu. iuc». ItJ c. p. 16 ctn. 

per kw. mooiili; coal $2.21). »i» M 

l>OTHAN. 3.275.-City Elec. Lt. Plaut cMunlc.) 83c 

KLISA, 035— Elba Pow.-r Co. (IJegau t)p. 1U02); cap. 

auth. A: imI. in $^^0,000: no Ldti. 

Pres. \V. li. Win.' Elb« 

V. Prfi». C. Kiley " 

^ Sec. Trean. &, I'lir. Agt. Y. W. Hainer " 

MKr. W. U. Perduf ** 

1200 hp. turl). 48 

KUFAULA. 4 5:i2-Kufauln ii&H Kli'c. lA.Si Pwr. Co.; 

(Bt'Can op. lSi)4); cap. S.'iO.OOO 

T Pn»8. .Mcr. & Pur.A-'i. J. W. Ket>v»»«i Eufaula 

Sec. & Trcai*. AutruHt Wois Johntitown, Pa. 

Supl. J. C. \Vei»l Eufaula 

1 a. c. G. E. 50 kw. 2080-115 v. 7200 alms. Ed. 80c; 

42 a. c. Sf riee arc» (t.d ami)H; 800 a. c. incs; 05 hp. e. 

Tavlor, Beck; to hp. b. Ta}lor, B«»ck. 
City cont. 37 ItH. 2000 c. p. $67.57 pt?r yr. all nt; coal 

$8. + 48 

BUTAW, 880— Kutaw Wtr. Wko. Elec. & Pwr. Co.; 

cap. 180,000; no. bd0; W. Sceara P; U.B. Barnes 8. 

T. it M: U. L. HrouRh Supt: 1 a. c. Stan. 1200 v., 

16,000 alinn. T- 11 HOC.: 20 a. c. area; 600 a. c. Incs; 

100 hp. e. Harditi; 160 hp. b. Waleh & W; city cont. 

all nt. 62 

OADSI>EN,4.282— AlaliamaCity. C.adeden & Attalla 

By. Co.; • ap. auth. A p<l. in fltJO.UX); bdB. auth. 

$80«000, outsig. 972.000. 

Prea, G. II .IcUulcr Birmingham 

8ec. K. D. Carver Gadsden 

Treas. K. T. Srhuler 

Ch. EleiMi. C. .1. Zell 

1 d. c. inc. («. K. ;» k.w. 110 v: 2 d. c. pwr. Westg. 

112 kw. 500 v; 2 a. c. Stanley 2400-110 v. 2 ph. 16000 

altns T-U. E«l. 0o<>; 6d.«*. i'nc.aro*; 55 

6 amps; 2tX)ii.c. inn«; 12 a. c. incs; 500 hp. c. 

B A W, Atlan; 300 hp b. Eru*. 
City com. 35 arcs. 2000 c. p. all nt. 48 

<3IRAKI>, 3.K40— S«H* Atlanta. Ga. 

<3RK1*:N.SH0KC>. 2.4ir»— (;recnHlKm» Water A Lt. Co. 
(AbfroriuHl the Gret-nsboro Water Wks.): (B4>^an op. 
IWO): cap. auth. JL' pU. in S-'liM^OO; bds. auth. t^ 
outJ«tc. *80 O"^*, «) n. c. int. 

Pres .Itu*. E. W »bb Birmingham 

^ Sec. Trva*«. & Miir. .lai* E Wcbo, Jr...Gre**nsboro 

1 a. c. G E. COkw. 2OH0 1O4 V s. ph. 7200 altna. Ed. 
•oc; 26 a. c. neriet* ann ii.8 amiw; 5 a. c. inc. arcs 6.6 
amps; 750 a. c incs; 100 hp. c. Ilardie; 115 hp. b. 
Allan, W * W. 

City cont. 20 nron c p 12il0 $60 per yr. 5 com. arcs 
'8X) c. p. f (K) IHT yr. 750 coi.v iucs. 16 c p. 50 & 76 cts. 
per mo. indiit ; coal S2.8t). *i» 48 

HUNTSVII.I.K. 8.0»^-Hnntsvlile Kv. Lt. A Pwr. 
Co: cap. IL'M.dU*: Ixls. $150,0ti0. 6 p. c. int. 
5 Pres. & Pur. \jrt. T. C.du Pont.Wilmlnjrton, Del. 

V. Pr.!., T. W. Pratt flnntsvllle 

Sec. .V. I>. lluHhrouck Wilmlnjrton, D«'l. 

Trea*. J. H. Watrrs lohnstown. Pa 

^ Mi;r. & Pur. Act. A. B. Carirell IluntsviUe 

Ch. En^T. B. (iow«'n 

Ch. Enin*. •!• McLure *' 

1 arc Ft. W: 2 a. c. Ft. W. We^tir: 1100 6« v. 7.800 
altns: Ed. «oc: 86 an*<*, 9.6 amps; 8a.c. arcw; 1500 
a. c incs; day cir. same v: 400 bp. e. Ball, Payne; 
400 hp. b. W. A W, CahalL 

Citj coDt. 74 Its. )I000 o. p. $90 per yr, all nt; coal 
$1.85. « 

J^VSPISB, 1.661— Jasper Lt & Pwr. Co. % 

LAFAYKTTK. 1,800— Mnniclpal Elec. Lt. Plant. 33p 

MARION, 1,098— Marion Lt. A Power Co., iBcsw 

op. 1002); cap. auth. f25,0;i0. pd.ia $17,000, 9 p. c.dir; 

bds. auth* $10,000, 6 p. c. int. 

Pres. W. 11. En^zland Marion 

« Sec. & Pur. Agt. T. D. Kemp " 

Trean. & Mjcr. .F. S. Krouse * 

Ch. Elecn. A. A. Fuller * 

1 d. c. arc (J. E; 1 a. c. G. E. 2i)HO-104 v. s. ph. 7X0 
altns. Ed. soc; 25 d. c. sorit-s arcs 6.6 amps: 7 a.cinc. 
arcs6amps: 1100a. c. iu> s; 150 hp. c. H. F. .fc M; 180 
hp. b. Union. 

City cont. 25 arcs 1200 c. p. $84 per yr. com. arf» 
$60 per y r. com. incs.$7.H0 per yr. moonlt; coal $1 

■!• ss 

MO If 11. K, .38,460 -Elec. Ltg. Co. of Mobile: (Began 
op.l887); cap. if2X).0OO; J.ll.Caldwell P: H.W.ShleJdi 
S. AT: S. S. Ruoira M: S. C. Sohaffner Supl: J. 
SUnley Ch. Eu^r; W. P llolcorobe Ch.Klecn; fule. 
arc, T-11. Brush: 6 d.c. W. E. G. K. 224-112 v; 8d.c 
pwr. G. E, W. E; 2 a. c. G. E 1120 112 v. 8 ph. WOO 
altns. Ed. soc; 276 d. c. arcs. 7 5-7 6-9.6 amps: 8 ac. 
arcs 7.5 amps; 108 d. c. inc. arcs; 6200 d. c. incs,2H)0 

a. c. incs; a. c. day cir. 224-112 v; pwr. cir; 2100 
hp. e. Ball, McI. A S., Allis. Ham: 900 hp. b. Stir; 
citv cont. MO Its. c. p. 2000 $75 per yr. all nt; coal 
$2*25. O 

Mobile Lt. A R. R. Co: (Beean op. 18B8): rap. 

auth. A pd. in $2,250,000; bds. auth. $2,230,000. 

outsiK. $1,500,000, 5 p. c. int 

rPres.AMgr. J H. Wilson Mobile 

V. Pres. S. H. W^ilsou " 

Sec. & Treas. C. W.Chase *' 

Ch. Enifr. J. A. Maloncy " 

4 a. c G. E. Wesig; 4 d. c. G. E, Westg. «Wai05T. 

8 ph. 7.200 altns. Ed. TU soc; 75 d. c. inc. arcs; MOO 

d.c. incs. 6000 a. c. Incs: d. c day cir. 12> r; 2400 

hp. e. 11. O. A R. Atlas, Ames; 1500 bp. h. Stir, B. A 

W; coal $2 80. 82 

HONTOO.MEHT, 80,846-Edi8on Elec. Lt A Pwr- 

Ca: cap. |20,<00; D. P. West Owner; J.M.Chumley P- 

A. A Supt; 4 d.c. G.E. 110-2i0 v : Ed. eoc; d.c inc. 

arcs; 1000 d c. incs; d.c. day cir; 125 hp.e. H. F. AM; 

SOO hp. b. Bab. AW. » 

Montgomery Lt. A Pwr. Co. (Began op. 1886); cap* 

aath. Apd. in 1750,000; bds. auth. A issued 1750,. 

000, 6 p. c. int: W. F. Vandiver. P. B. 8. Maultabf, 

S; F. .M. Billing T: R. J. Chambers P. A. A Supt: A. 

S. Lowrie, ih. Engr. O. Owen, Ch. Elecn 4 d.c. 

aroG E.; 8 a. c. 2f00 2080-im v mcy. l.\000 altns. 

T.-H. soc; .%0 d. c arcs 6 A 6 amps: 66 a. c inc. 

arcs; 10,0 Oa. c incs: a.c. day cir. 2800 A 31080-104 t. 

d.c pwr. cir. 500 v; 1760 hp.e. H. o. A K; 1200 hp.b. 

Heine; city cont. 22rits. c. p. ISOO A 2000 $6.10, $781 

p. mo. all lit ; coal $2.10. 90 

NICW DKCATUK. 5,000 -Decatur LUht. Pwr. A 

Fuel Co.; (Began op. 1888); cap. $60,000; bda. $44,- 

600. 5 p. c. int. 

Pres. ,T. I. Fisher New Decatur 

Sec. A Trcas. J. J. Rlordan« Jr ** 

1 Gen. .Mgr. A I'ur.Agt. T. H. Harris. . . 

2 d. c, arc T H: 2 a. c T-H. 1010-104 t. h. ph. 16000 
alms. Ed. soc; 75 d. c. arcs. 6.8 amps; 85 a. c iuc 
arcs: 200-) a. c. incs; 200 hp. e. Payne, McB; 800 hp. 

b. W. A W. Parne. 

City cont. 35 Its. c. p. 1200 $90 per yr. all nt; coal 

$2. (Co. also Its. Decatur, Ala.) 98 

OPKLIKA. 4.254— Alabama E1ec.Lt. A Pwr. Co. (Be- 

§an op. ItlOO); cap auth. $25,000 issued $20,000, 6 p.c. 
iv; ImIh anth. A isHued $12,500, 6p. c. int. 

^ Lessee Saml. H. Browne Opellka 

Pre*. C. (i. .\))cn*rombie Montsomerr 

V. Pre*. A Mgr. J. W Persons " 

S«»c. A Treas. H. C. Davidson •' 

Ch. Elecn. J. D. Farley Opellka 

2 d.c. arc Q.E; 2 a.c.G. E. 2ai¥) 110 v. 7200 altnaTBd. 
soc; 57 d.c. arcs 6.6 amps; 1800 a. c. incs; a. c day 
cir: .HOOhp. e. Am, Ball; 800 hp b. Heine. * 

City cont. 57 Its. c. p 2000 $68 per yr. all nt; coal 

OXFORD, l..^-See .\nnlstoo. " 

PHOKNIX riTY-S.*« AtlanUGa. 

PIKDMNOT, I 74&-Piedmont Klec. A Wtr. Snpply 
Co : cap, mono, bds, »M,onO: G. D. Harris P; ftTX 
Perrr, S . T. A P. A.; W. H. Alexander, SpL ; 12 are 
WMi: Wdlr. inc. G. F-. ; UO t. ; no day clrT tOO hp. 
e. A. So. ; 40 hp. D. f 

mJBmmc uotrr ce^ntAL stations. 



kt *,4§5— See Bifmlngham, 

«E, l,i&i&— J< T. Ftojil ^ Co. oirnetB. C^ 

^l&5— Ronooke El«o. Lt. * Wmter Wka^ 

loidsmi. ....*...... ..„„Roiiiiolie 

fBalraft Ltg. Go.; t Began iJi».l«&S); fcon- 
i tb« l»tlm« Gil Lt. Co., ts^LmiL Gab tt 
Hiiid bvlmji Lu « Fwr, Co,>; o*p. auUi, 
|4>'; bda. laLli. <fc outiitg. fl^^OU), & [i. 

i PenrltT .,,,*,..-. - Norfolk* Va 

1 B. Ke^iie. - , . hhlliidfejpliia.ra 

»mri! HiKlirin. ,.,.».,.... *' '* 

L lliaiiihiir ....... '" " 

L Ettitev t ♦ .....,.,. . .Seltom 

f . ^, Prrry »...„...,.,,.......,*,* '* 

Ij, F^ AbHw. 

,U. E. ISil k*.KiOv; 2 a. c, li. K. 50ft 
ir, 3 ph. ?ftK>aUni. Ed. #oc; m tL c. 
i atuiM; ttJ B~e. Jul, atid uupfl: i^jOO 
Ic. d*j tlr, HM y: fcirxJ ip, e. lUm, 760 

Mt Vfe* c. ^ SOOO §90 per yr. 4!m t did. 
P e. p. $.W iwr kw. all nt; coal |i.&0. 


i, 1.970— Tlif Shf'fHeld To., (Bef^ao Op, 
lb, ttDUMUi, pci In $425,000. 

w Pariioiie ,.,«<§ Uroirtl St. New York 

fw* WortUiuntoD Shtflleld 

^« W. r, fjtTiOUB.H.,, ....... New York 

t Ajrt, L H. Mclntlr* , . „ SJieffleld 

p. W«Bt«. ica^v^ r. la.tNN) uki'B. T-B, 
fiOO a.e. iae»; 160 bp. v, Weetg; ISO bp. 

to lac«, te c.p. |1 per ma. all n^ 5S 

tA. 5.( 5ii— TnJIadeiia Lt. A Walter Wk*. 
[ (iSd 

fCttr Ele*. tt. A Water Plant i (Bt- 
(s K/T. Kreeman Lcft»«t^ ] a.c, T U ICWO 
Ah. T-H «»c: S(JO a. c, Incs; 100 hp. e. 
f b. Pboenli, C. Jfc B : utf cont. TH Us. 
Wi»crir ai 

ta^ G^0<^4— Tn^ealocwa Ice & Lt. Co; 
P4J: rap. iutb. tSO^fm lat^ut^d NA^OOft, 
H« atitti. A 4iDt«|g. ^«000t d p. c. lut; 
iteLi»p«fl; Md.r. artra K: ^ d. c. G.E: 
faoeO-IM T. «. p!i. lajKMlalint. Ed. «oc; 
k| Hinpf: 3O0O n. c. tuc*; d. cln 
PkIii; aMIip. bL W. <fe W; citj cout 40 
fli^ pc:r f r taoiiDlt; caal $Ltii). 93 

k^UiS, 2 0^— Muuliipnl K]«?ctr;r. Ltir. 
S j/yg. 189flK eau, $9ti,0«0: bdii. S^.UOO. 
■KKl(»j P; F. L.Cowan S; 8. P.iiovit-r 
■Bill: I). A. Ca> lt»r i>iipt. P. A. & Cli. 
f^G. ¥; U. 0, G E ft.Damp. 1(NO-]0^ 
faltOft. E>1. *oc: IliOO a. <; iues. lort v; 
I; 3^1 hp.b.W.tltW ; city t ont^ cnalS^. 6af 

, « (WO— Wi'itimpka Lt. Pwr. A Wjtler 
liWik C. K. L^ill P; J. R. Gamble a 


AlwukJi Kk'c. Lt. ^ Pwr. Co.: cap. 
^ J. F Malom-f P; W, R. t.'iiftli* H^, A. 
f^ * P. A : E. -1. Marerie M^ E, W.^Uju- 
Ifutt'. Si a. c, Wi^><tg. Woodi 10<0 ¥. &. pb. 
; 300 bp. e, McE; 300 bp, turb. PeStoii; 
Hloni all lit; coal $10. Co, ali»o Ita. the 

;* 1 3 7— Xtirtbwe«t U. & Pwr. Coi (Began 
] P; C\ H. Klt'hl S, T. t P, A. 

!, ojiffJnmn M; 1 a. c. et*n. t€0 

, . -WDftltOit. T'H HOC-; 1000 a. c. 
. ItU; I7dbp, turti. TutbUU IM) bp, h. 



BISBKE, fltOlO— Biebti; ImprovetUMit Co. (Began op^ 

100 L); cmp. aulb. «b pd, la flUU.OUU, 

Prest. W. Douglas... .......,..,.....Bl«bM 

V. Pri'fl. J.B. Aiigluis....... *' 

Sec. A Troaa. ». W. Vrcnch , " 

1 Pur. ABt. F. R. Harr.LgUiii ,. '' 

Mf^r. i& Wupt, J jin. U, CO wen ** 

Cb Ka^. J. V\\ Lyncb ... '* 

irb, EWcii. .I.D.Cimle .„„......,, ** 

2ti. c. Wertg, 2100-110 V. H ph. raOO altD#. Wettg. 

Boc; 2a a. c. arn*- S5 a. c. Jnt. area; 3400 a. c, Inc*; 

a, c. day cir. ^100-400 v; ;io(i bp. t*. Itall. Erie, Uum: 

500 lip. b. Erie City; 0)1 $1M i«bl. if 43. 

C]:.IFTON,fi;0l5^Arl^na Copper Co. SBoi 

CROWK KING, aOO-Ctowtied King Mining Co.? 

cap. ; bda. — — -; N, C, yb^kela, P,; J, M. 

ThjIot, a.; O. P. Uarrinsioa, T„ ,M. A ©pt.j la. c, 
t pb, Warren JlOO-llO v., T^iiUO aJtntf.; T<H. jhjc* yOO 

a. c, incd.; a. c. day cli-. lauO v.; HUlip.e. Union; ISO 
bp. b, Atlaa; ail ne. (Nut hi opuratlou). m 

FI.A€igTArr, IJOO-KSiiKftmiT Ele«. Lt. Co.; c*p. 
tm,mt: a M. HlonlAU^ v.. M. J. Riordan. ».; P. W. 
SlB»un;T,; T. Jttfp<?rt M.; I a.t- l^l.W., lOMU-W t.; 
T.-H. sac. ; 7t.O a^«. mth. S luO bp, e, Bqckeye: 100 bp. 

b. ]^lLtkl. tt& 

ai.«mE, a,«M^-Globp Ele«. Co.; ^Kcj:an op. 19W) 
cap. |iuO,uoo; bdis. SliXoOiJ, 8 p, c. Ini; *.'. W. Sirch 
P. & M : a. C. Wrliibt T; 6 d. €. Wi'slg, a. ^ B. llO 
v; Ed. hoc; 1,'HIUd, e. Idch; iO il. c. inc. arcs; d. c. 
day cir; 23y bp. e. N. V. i*. Ball, :»0 bp. b. Geaiy; 
ml fii. «tt 

M£SA, t^— glee. Lt. PlauL H.L.Cbandler, owiuer. ■ 

Nt>OAt^KB» l,rei— Nopalci El<'c Lt,, Ie« A Wtr, Co; 
cap, auth. iloiJ.CftJ. pd. m 87a.OO0: nq bd-j; L. W. 
Mix P; E. TUcomb S, &M; J. B. Bri§to1 3tipt ; H. 
W. LiiUbock Uh.Kngt-; ad, e. G.E. llOv; Ed. 8O0; 14 
d.c itif^ aJrCB; ^£200 d. 0. inca 111 V; JSa lip,t;. Pbila; 
lii(» b^i. b, Ilvbw; isliy com. 10 Ua. 9D00 €. p. ill nt: 
wciud $a,75. 43 

PHDKMX, ^514— PhoPDlJt Lt. A Fttel Co. (Bt'gao 
op imH; L-ap. antti. tci(JO.00U: bda autb. ^ Utiied 

r»,«OU. & p r. int; T. W. Pi^mb^rton P; E.B.Qir 
P. H. J.McCluag S. A T; Irwin 8i a W. Bd^lon 

'<i d. f!. arc ^Stan. H a. c StdDp £900-104 v. S pb. 7|S00 
altnii. EJ. aoc; luu cj. c. arc ft :s,(kjO a. c. lnc»; a. c. 
day 1 1f. g300v;|»wr. eir .^W v; 400 bp. t. Itkyt; 
1100 hp mrb, Smhb; 400 bp b, Uckye' city cont, 
7& ttii. i2Qa c. p. ^^ p^r yt. mooiiU; coal S<l. ^H 

PRE*iC€>TT, 3.5D0— Pfe.»ccjit Ekn. Co. ; cap, riOO.tlOO. 
F, L. Wrtcbt, P. * T.: J JJ Uirt^T, ?*,. M. A R A.; 1 
urc hfuab: a.v WeFli^., tOUHOiV,. 7,'J!0ii alioi*. ; 9.- 
SL MJC, ; 17 an^-i; SOOd a.c. inc«. ; S45 bp, e. Ide, Brul.; 
i^bp. D. UruL^diy couiL,mooiilt. 1^*7 

TO>inSTaNE,800-Toiitbaione IrapTOrtTOiOTt Co. 4ap 

TrtS<IX, T531-Tiic*ofi Gas, Eke Lt. & Pwr. Cn, 
cap. aittb. .t I«bu«m1 I^VKbOO; *L ./. tltury P. .£ T; C. 
W.JoneHis; M. N. Sieufrkd M; r. E. ThOtDpoon 
Cb. Ivn«r- F. E. Kusn- II th. EU'0Q[ (Jd, c, O, E. IIU- 
2m Vi S«. c. li. E. iEHMJ-lia T. g pb. Ed. ioc; 7& a. c. 
arc"; r>tJOO a, c- inrh; a. c. day dr; fiOO bp.#. 1de«BalU 
5O0 bp. b. Ptiiii; city cont. 50 It*, e. p. 1*10 f lau pfr 
yt. mooolt; ml Sl^ki bbl. m 

WILCOXp 1W-WI1C03C Lt^ Plmnbinj? A Ice Co. USd 

W1LL.IAMS, l.fiOO— Grand Canon Lt. A Pwr. Co., 

(Elv^an op. 1^30); cap. le^^nctl $iat<00; no hda; Ja«. 
WalHb P, A M: P, A. .Vftdirk S. T & P. A; Jas. Hud 
fion .Sunt; IL Andn^vs Ch.Eoji^r; I a. c, G. K. 1150-110 
V. «. ph. Ed- T-IL Wt'stg. *oc; 3 », c. Ine, arcJi; 760 
a. c. Iuc»; 100 bp. e. Atlae; 17& bp. b. Atla^. m 

YUMA, l,N0O-ruma Wtr. it Lt. Co.; cap. flOO.OOP. 

Mar. 11. W. Ulaliidi?ll ..,.., .Yuma 

" 4 d. o. inc. G, E. 1S& v; 4 d. t\ pwr. G, E; Ed, »o©; 
J*d.c. Inc. atftBi 1000 d. c, tncft; d. c. dajT dr, 130 v; 
75 bp. c. Ohmeii; 300 bp. b. Wblt. 53 






ARGENT A, 2,73tt— St« Little Rock. 

ARKADKLPMIA, 2,759— ArkadtMphia Wtr. A Elec. 
Co. (Began op. 1M)1); cap. $75,(X)U: no bda; J. W. 
WiUoii c, T, M. A P. A; J.Hordoyn 8; J. D.Holden 
Ch. £ngr; C. B. Gale Ch. £]ecn; 1 d. c. arc G. £; 
2 d.c. iuc. G. E. 104-52 v. 16,000 altns. T-Il eoc; 100 
tip. e. Ide; 225 hp. b; city coat; coal $3.10. 62 

BATKSVILLJb:, 2,327. — Batcavillo Water Works A 
Bloc. Lt. Plant (Munic.) (Began op. I8d6); cap. auth. 
$25,000; bdt). auth. $21,000. 

Treaa. Chau. Metculf Batearille 

5 M»;r. &Stip't. John C. Bond ** 

Ch. EunT. F. M. Heed ** 

2 a. c. G.E. 150 kw. 1040-104 v. h ph. 7200 altns. Ed. 
poc; 12 a. c. arci» (i.GampH; 2000 a. c. iuis; 225 hp. e. 
Ide. Allree; a»K) hp. b. NV. & W. 

Moonli. mdut; coal $2.35 •{• 53 

BRINKLEY, 1.700-Cilizen8 Lt. & Pwr. Co.; cap. 
autb. <fc icHxii'.d flUOOO; no bUs; J. J. FvrrcU P, M. 
A P. A: M. A. Farrell S, T. & Supt; K. D. Floyde 
Ch. Engr; W. Curtis Ch. Elecu; 1 d c. arc T-il; 
1 d. c. Keiter, 220 v; T-H soc; 15 d. c. arcs C.g 
amps; 700 d.c. incs: d.c. day cir; 125 hp.e. Batftt; 2S() 
hp. b. O'Brien, bhea; city cont. 15 Uh. c. p. 200o 
$ per yr. moonlt; wood $1.25 «o 

CAMDEN, 2.840— Camden Pwr. A Lt.Co.; cap.810,000; 
bd8. •16,000; S.U. Atkiu, P.; C. C. Hose, b.; W. K. 
Ramikjy, T; 1 arc T-H; 2a. c. T-H. 1040-104 v., 16,- 

000 altns.; Ed. t»uc; 38arc!(; l.20Ja.c. inca; day cir. 
llOv; 230 hp.e. Ide, Uckye. Sturt; 200 hp. b bpring: 
city cont. all nt. 110 

CLARENDON, 1&40.— Clarendon Elec. Lt. & Ice Co. 
(Began op. lUOO); cap. auih. A pd. in $10,000. 

Prea. J. 8. Tnomaa Clar«ndon 

V. Piea. A.J.Carter 

Sec. & Trcafl. J. f . Lee '* 

5 Mgr. J. S. Thomas, Jr '* 

Ch. Engr. H.Walker 

COXWAY. 2,000— Conway Elec. A Mfg. Co. (Began 
op. 1896) cap. auth. A isducd $12,000; U. R. Peay P; 
N. T. Pcay 8. A f; E. W. Gantt M. & P. A; 1 a. c. 
Weatg. 1000-104 v; s. ph. 7,200 altns; Westg. see; 
13 a. c. inc. arcs; 950 a. c. incH; 100 hp. e. Ide; 140 

hp. b. Brnl; city cont. lt».c.p. $650 per yr. 

moonlt. mdnt, coal $1.45. 110 

DE QUEEN, 1,20J— Do C^ueen Elec. Lt. A Lamber 

Co. 62d 

DEVALL*S BLUFF, 605— Devall's Bluff Elec.Lt.Co. 

(Began op. 11H)1). 

Mgr. W. E. Ma.\well Devall's Bluff 

KUREKA .SPRINGS,8,5?2— Citizens' Elec.ct Ry.Co; 
(BcKan op. 1SU7); cap. auth. <£ iH.>Aued $50,000; bds. 
auth. A outHtir. $75,000, 6 p. c. int. 

Prt'H. W . .M . Du acan Eureka Springs 

V. Pr.s. .t .Mgr. M. 1). Jordan 

Ch. En;;r. R Mflutvn* " " 

Ch. Kl«on. W. L. l')rv 

2 a.c. Wf.'ttir. KXSO KK) v. 16.000 altns. S-M soc; 

1 a.c. arc; 1200 a.c. Incs; a.c. dav cir. pwr. cir. 550 v; 
800 hp. e. Kus; :W0 hp. b. Crescent; city cont. 100 Its. 
60 c. p. $30 per yr; coal 11.50. 43 

FAYETTEVILLE, 4.061 -Favcttevllle Elec. Lt. A 
Pwr. Co: F. \V. Fratt Owner', .M. & P. A; San An- 
tonio, Tex ; J. W. Mc London .Supt; 2 lu c. G. E. 3080- 
104 V. s. ph. 16 UOO altns. Ed. hoc: 100 a. c. inc. arcs; 
1800 a. r. inc-: iXy hp. «•. Sioux, Cor, Ball; 150 hp. b. 
Erie; city cont. — Iih. mdnt. 60 

FORREST CITY, :t.OOO—St.FrancisElec.Lt.Co.; (Be- 
gan op. 1897) ; cap. auth. $12,000, {kI. in $8,800. 10 p.c. 
dlv; F. H. Sht-pard P. .V Ch. Eniir; M. W. EwellS; 
J. E. Armnirong T, P. A. A Supt: 1 d. c. pwr. Coml. 

SMO v; 1 a. c. ph. T-II 1,040-220 v: 16,000 altns. 

Kd. soc; 1000 a. c. incs; pwr. cir. for fans 220 v; 
160hp. c. U.S. X G; 185 h p. b. Brnl; city cont. 56 
incs., 50 c. p. $115 p<.'r nio. moonlt; coal $2.35. 00 

FORT SMITH, ll,.'i87- Fort. Smith Lt. andTrac. Co. 
Consolidation of the Ft. Smith & Van Buren Lt. A 
Trac. Co. * Ft. Smith Trac. Lt. A Pwr. Co. (Bega"i 
on. 100^): cap. auth. A pd. in $800,000; bds. anth. A 
ontstg. $800,000, 5 p. c. int. 

Pres. W. C. Lemert Racjnia,0 

^ V. Pres. Geo. T. Sparks Ft. SmUil 

Sec. Treas. A Man. R. G. Hunt 

Snptc. J. F. John^ou A A. N. Sicard.. . " 

Ch. Engr. L. R. Rol)ert9on ** 

5d. c arc G. Z, Ft. W. 300 It. cap; 4d. ^ pwr. 
Weatg. 875 kw; 2 a. c. Weaig. 860 kw. 2800 tW-llO 
V. 2 ph. 7200 alius; Ed. soc; 150 d. c. series arts 9.6 
amps; 75 a.c. inc. arcs. 6.15 amps; 15000 a. c. incs; •. 
c. day cir. 2«'0-110 v; d. c. day cir. 500 v; d. c pwr. 
cir; 1000 fchp. e. Buck, Rna. Chase, S. F. A M; KKK) 
hp. b. Brownl, O'Brien. 

City cont. 110 arcs. 2000 c. p. $80 per yr. 40 con. 
arcs. 20u0 c. p. $90 per yr. $.10 per kw. 15O0O com. 
incs. 4-8-16-32 c. p. $.10 per kw. all nt; coal $.90 f 

HARRISON, 1,551-narrison Elec Lt. A loe Co; 
(^Began op. 1895); cap. auth. A pd. In 125,000, 10 p. c 
div; bdt*. auth. $15,0u0. 6 p. c. hit; N. W. Fellows P; 
R. M. Fellows S, T. M. A P. A; J. N. Detamon 
Supt; 2 a.c. Wesig. 1040-104 v. ltf,00U -ItDm Ud. 
soc: 16 a. c. arcs 6.5 amps; 900 a. c. Incs; 160 hp. e. 
Rns. Bml; 200 hp. b. O'Brien: city cone Olta.ll)0 
c. p. $100 per yr. moonlt; wood $2., coal $2. ■{• 41 

HELENA, 6.000-IIeIena Gas Co; cap. auth. $100,OI)a 
pd. in $100,000; no bds; J.J. Uornor P; K. C. Homor 
S. G. M. & P. A; S.H. Uorner T: P.Uaaer Ch.ElecB: 
2 a. c. G. E. lOOO-100-oO v. 7200 altns; 60 d.c arcs 6J 
amps; 60 a. c arcs; 1800 a.c. incs: d. c. day cir. ia 
summer; 850 hp. e. Cor; 800 h p. b. O'Brien; city oont 
60 Its. 2000 c. p. $120 per yr. moonlt; coal $2l 90 

HOP£,l,644-City Elec. Lt. Plant (Manic); (Begn 
op. 1896) ; cost 123.500; J. M. Sexton Supt; J. H. 
McCollum P. A; S. U. Baker Ch. Knirr: 1 a. c. Ft 
W. 1040-50 100 V. s. ph. 18,000 aitus. T-H soc; 20 a. c. 
arcs; 750 a.c incs; 85 hp. e. Weston; 200 hp. b. 99 

HOT SPRINGS, 0.078— Hot Springs Water Cc; (up 
eratcs Uot Springs Water Gas A Elec Lt. Wks; A. 

B. Gaines P; S. W.C. Smith S. <t T; 2 a. c Westg. 

1040-101 V. —ph. 7200 altns. soc; 34 a. c arcs«i 

amps; 80 a. c. inc. arcs 6.6 amps; 1500 a. c Incs; a 
c day cir: 500 hp. e. Uam, Cor, Westg; 400 hp. bi 
Stir; citv cont. 40 Ita. 2000 c. p. $162 per yr. all st; 
wood $4.26. 110 

HUNTINGTON, 1.298— Huntington Elec. Lt. A Pwr. 
Co. (Began op. 1901); cap.auth. $8,000, issued $6000; 
J. W. Degan P; J. Redding S. i T: H. F. hogen 
M. A Supt; O. B. YouugP. A; J. Hobson Ch. Engr; 

C. A. IlocketCh. Elecn; 1 a. c. Westg. 1060 ▼. Ed. 
soc; 15 a. c. arcs; 450 a. c. incs; 105 hp. e. Froet: 110 

hp. b. CJcni City; city cont. 12 its. c. p. $6 per 

mo. moonlt. & 

JONES BO RO, 4,608— Jonesboro Pwr. Co: (Began op. 
1882); cap. auth. A issued 812.000: J. C. Hawthorae 
P; A.W. Hall S. & T; A.F. Carville M.P.A. A Supt: 
2 d. c. arc T-H; 1 a.c. G-E 1040-104-206 v. s. ph. UOH 
altns. T-H soc: 60 d. c. arcs 6 8 amps; 88 a. c arcs! 
A 6 amps; 2000 a.c. lues; 250 hp. e. Bckye. H. O. A 
R; 200 hp. b. O'Brien; city cont 81 Ita. 1:100 c p. 
860 per yr. moonlt; wood W 

I.ITTLE ROCK, 88 807— aty Elec. Lt. Plant (Ho- 

nic.) (Began op. 1888.); c<ist $55,000; T. B. Martin, 
Jr. P. A. & bupt; W. A. Rollins Ch. Engr. A JEleon: 
4 d. c. arc Ft W; 310 d. c. arcs; 800 hp.e. U. O. A P: 
320 hp. b. Arm; niwonlt; coal $2. 92 

Little Rock Ed. Elec Lt A Pwr.Co; cap. $100,000; 
bds. 1130.000; A. N. Johnson P. W. C Badger, Y. P. 
M. A P. A; A. G. Moser, S; C. P. Penzel T; W. W. 
Wilson Supt R.T. Baiwe Ch. Engr. 7d, c. arc, T-H, 
Brush: 10 d.c. G. E. 220-110 v: 3 a. c. G. B. 2300-100 
V. 8 ph. 7200 altns. Ed. soc; 200 d. c. arcs 9.6 amps; 
140 d. c. inc. arcs; 64 a. c inc. arcs: 8600 d. c inoa 
8153 a.c. incs; a. c. dav cir. d. c. day cir. 2i0-lt0T; 
1,350 hp. e. McI. A S, \l. O. A R; 1,350 hp. b. Heine, 
B. A W. Co. also Its. Argenta. 80 

IGNORE, 951— Edmonds A England. Oft; 

MALVERN, 1,682— Malvern Lt A Pwr. Co. (Bcfin 
op. 1808); cap. $8,000; C. W. Turner, P. M. A Snpt; 
J.E. Hubbard T. A P. A; J. Brown Ch. Engr: W. 
Knoll Ch. Elccn; 1 d. c. arc W. B; 1 a.c O.lfi. 1<M0t. 
1600 altns. Ed. soc; 18 d. c. arcs; 680 a. c. inct; 90 
hp. e. McI. <fc S; 100 hp. b. Romiey; cltjoout 16 
Us. 1200 c. p. $7.60 per mo; moonlt; coal wib. 41 





Jll srRtNa^TlT-Miiirmhini SpTinie Eh^. 
iBfi£%u -n^ liSJfti ; rit|L fX\mJi), 2u p. c. div: 
^Mi .*, AKArclitr mvtJiFp; tltitjitn CluKkcn; 

A. (^ 1iic»; Vft* bp, lufb. Lvfli'l: cUy com. 
,^»]DOitM>per jr mooolt, iU». the town 
Mr. Mow &a 

enaKJ^c. U, Pdrnt B. A -Jfc J. E. 
m Ovnii:*!^; (Bi'vhjj i»[i, IVOU^; H. A. Tnm- 
Is W. E. WllUtuwu Ch. BiifETf 1 a. C. 2£MjO v. 
■Id ftltnfr.Ed. M>e: t»ii.c, ftfvtf: 1500 ii,ca»c»; 
Kir. lOlT ; HIS top. IV A. * 8; 180 hp.b. Mmtli; 

|S pir jr. All nt ; toal $1 .S». 4. 4» 

^BI.L0. LSTB— Montic^iro Water A Lt, Plimt 
> iBtitAQ up. ]tMt>>: J. O. WlJliancLtt P; ilt-nry 
»», A f. A; E. bwucMfr T; D. A. TfftiRwdl 
ftt W..T, KiBii^-v Ch. EJt^u; 1 a. c. G. K. 104ft 

mi 110 tip. ri vm lip^b. W\& W; mdnt; wood 

I^I.T<IN, t.70r-W- ir. Aihley Owuer; {new 
MBD op, I>*?c- IBOOf^ t fl. c- «rfi Hfii*: 1 a. v. 
B^tW f . i. pb. IU,00(» AltiLA. Ed. soc ; 500 h.c. 
Blip, t, MtirrUTi liHI lii*. I>. Muimx^ city 
m lu. c. p. m fIB ]Hfr >r. muotilu IX F. M; 

IfET, IBM— Potid A. l>eek«r Elec. Lt Co^; 
^,000: no b^U: ». P.PoiidP; G. W. l>eckcr 
r. & Hew S, A Tt S. Sv pwwett Supt ; » d. e, 

t ; » i-c T<a lOUO^SS T, - pb. ftUna. T-H 

i A^ c- arcs, 1 «- c- iue. arc; TOO a, a incs; ISO 
4k: S^ I3P. t^ Meini*- oUy oonL SS Its. mjO 
Vpei- jr. muoDU. all nt; ccnl $3- Un 

Edcr, ^ KlwD, Ed. Tsafottl.,. 

T'H ^ kw. lOOO-tOO V. «.jph. J«000 altun. T^H 
m a. e. Inu; 50 hp. e. H. S A G; e^hp, b. 

bOBt. Sf lJlc:i. 8S c. p. $1 1,40 p*r yr. 468 rom, 
I A 16 fi. p. iitS A tii per yr, mdnt; cdal ^m 
\i^ 4» 

kOtri.D,t,BH— Pamgoald Eleo.Ll.Co; (Began 
I): Cttp. aotti.^ pit iu 110,700; bdt*. autb, A, 

m,m: A. Bpnie P; M. F. CoSlb^r b; ^. 

T, M^ P, A. A Siipt; J CouffelJ Ch. KiiijT; 3 
fttl. Warren. IJ00-6*J-l0O t. «. pb. lii.tKXj .iltns, 
e; i Lc ate; 15U(»a, o. lueii: :^ bp. v Ht, l, 
m bp. fa, Hua ckvcont, 74 tta. jiic p. tlH7.60 

taoooJt: wof}d$[,5a es 

tal Ie« Co. asm 

ILDPF. 11.49li-Plsv Bltiff Lt A Wtir. Co; 

op. tf»0>; capL 1250.0011; bds. t^SO.OOlK G p. c. 

a Bridieca P. U. fJ. Ji:)hn«aii 8. ^V. A. Lve 
L. LPatlill M. A P. A; 2 arc T IL 4 a.c. T H. 

ly|0-104 ¥- 16,000 aliufi. K.l. S-M. flic; 25tJ.c. 
l«Bip*; SC^arca t^ampi; a.50fi jl.c. iiica; a.e. 
>; Wii hp, «. A. A S, Rae, B. Jt W; 8tJ0 bp, b. 

■«« hlxht Ji TtaiiiiH Co.i cap. aoib. J^ iiMu«d 
Da bda. ftulB, ftdO.QUO^ ft px. ml. 

II, A. Auitln.. .,.. ...,Pin* Bluff 

W.J OaJbraiLb. * 

ft Ttv%«.. W: If. LABjfford .„„ 

A pur. Ag^L C; C. Hammotid. 

. BitBtwit »» kw;4iiubp. u. Alt', 000 bp. b. 

IMT, Ztm^Fr^^oti Water A U, Plant, aiu^ 
t .'Wni 

I^S,1»— B. T. King ElifCtHc Co. imp 

gUWaS^, ?£O0^Huiflellrillf> Ele<^ Lt. Co. 
ii^ nOl): ^. J. ^coallirtKM] H; la. c. ^tati. 
('■TSvIk^ lf(,i)(!0 altnp, Ed. roc; 19 a. c. ana S 
0Olip.«. Itn*^ 1;^ bp. b. >atl; citj coEit. 15 
L imtIO iKrjr- onlut: coal Sl.iSO. 63 

i0f>StlVti». l.T4fl--CUj K1.'C. Lt Plant {Mn- 
iesati 0p. laO^K co«t po.QOO; b^li. ouib. « 
taOvOlO, &p. e, InL 

ri, ZlHmiemiaii. . ... .H^Uoam Spring* 

A Pur Aei. P. G. Walker.... ** 

jigT, H^Aoaerton,...,* ♦..,♦*. " 

] iM. c. T-U 3100-100 V. Itt.OOO altni. T U ioc; 15 a. e. 
«i«iii*H arc#. U i}mp»; IlluO u. c J 111*1; ^ kjp. e. Krle; ISO 
bp.b. Erie; 4 cutu. arc*. lauUc, ji, $5M puryr. lOiiOcum. 
itica, li» c.p. ^M pt*r yr. tudm; coal |150 per mu. 48 

STUTTOAKT, l,35S~9lKttKart Wtr. A Eke. Lt. Co. 
(Begau op. laoS); cap. uuth. fSa.DQO. i>d. in iS&,000^ 
C. WiBUuniiOii P, A M : 2 d, c. Bullt>ck 2X>Y.KtLt-- 

MKA, S,aOO— Mftriiiuu Gin A Mrs- Co. r^ 

d.c, arcB.t — - d. c. iiic*.: d, c, duy cir; 100 
bp. e. J^'titk; 150 bp. b. Frick; cHy t:ont. mdnt. m 

TEXjIKKANA, 4flll— Ti-jarkana Gii> A Klrt, LL 
Co. CB(>'iiD op. l8bT>; ^ P, O. ttdclrafft a^Bn *n Ti*S»r- 
kanm. Te&.>; uap. iitilb. A pd. m #100,000; bdii.ilW,- 
000- C. A. MadiU P.*i.AP,A: H\ H, Aruold :*; L 
A, RcKlgtrt* T; J. C. Doi^'dt^n Ch. Eugr; 2a,c. ti.Kj 
1100-6^^404 V. a. ph. 7 A)0 *Uiia, Ed. mv ; 3ii iwo. arc*; 
.?UuO a. c inca; diiy t-jr. in Mumtuer U>4 v; pwr. clr; 
400 hp. e. K08, Vsh WW bp. b. HHtia; «ity cont. 10 
ILJ, mtO c. p. tlO pLT mo. ail nt: £oal 11, 0^ m 

VAN BURKN, t.Sla^Vwn Bur<>n Elec. LJffUt Platit 
iOvgmn op l«arr>; J, E. Powerm Qwiier; F. Cn-le Ch. 
Knxri T. K WllUama Ch. EI«cd; 1 btc Kx,; 1 d. «. 
G, li, llOv. Ed. Sf-e; tid. c, »rrs. 4 d. c. mc arci; 
1!SOO d. r. tnc&; IIV^ lip. t^Uiiii: 170 bi^.h. KoUao^ eitf 
I'ont. JS Um. r.p iJOLNJ |U0 j»er yr. njuoiiU. all lit; coal 
$h^. 9i 

w V N NE, 1 .flaa— wy 11 tiu Eipc, I .t Co. aaiti 


ALAMICliA, I7.a49-fnty Eloe. Lt, Plant (Mnulc.) 

^Bejcuiap. 18^7); Met. latiucd $10,000, 5 p. «. Int. 

Snpt. i;. A w lew?..... Alameda 

(Jh. Enu r. J. O. MtiHMrr 

2 d. c. &rc Wcstf ; a a.c. Siati. S800 110 v. 7900 altoi. 

T'U. Ed. (»04: : 110 d. 0. arc-ft OJS amp»; »00 a, ^ Lncs; 

eOOhp. e, Bckje; 4rt0 bp. b. Oaklftitd. 
Mounk. 1..30 A. K. all nf. uil $.70 per bbl. 411 

Suburban FJw Lt, Co. (Began op. nr03); cap.antb. 

fSOO.OW:*, l«Hiicd fW.OOO, fi p, c, dlv; II. W. Met-k P; 

U, A, Jpfftiy 8; W, Aiifuii M; J. W. Bnnre Qnpt; 

Uw. J, Clarkt Ch, Kli-cu; - a. c. 400l)-a*5 v. 7^00 

aJtnfl. Kd. hoc: ISO d.c, arcn; 120 a. r. Nic arci; 15.000 

a. c. tn€^; a, c. day dr; cUj cone flO Ita, c. p, flODO f 7S 
per yr. OS 

ANAKl-:iM. 1,001-City El*c Lt Plant (Miinic.) (Be- 
gun op, \mi): K»t flfl.OOO; CUy TraiU'i*s P. A; A. 
schtieldi'r Enpr; A. L. J^wlii Elecn; M a. e. G. B. 
KHO-UH V. f, ph, 15.000 allna. Kd. aoc; %\ a. *:. Inu. 
arcu: 500 a. c, inea; 150 bp. c. Idc^il* Fl*chcr;225 bp. 

b. AUiLK, Btlr. 110 
E^anta Ana Goa & IHiec. Co. ownid by EdlMin EIk, 

Co. ofLoaAugeic's; lt T^ kw. U, E. Irlmra. 10,000- 


ANGELS CAStP. 2,a28-Alig*li Elw. Co. tWp 

ARCATA, nafiJ-HumboU MIr, Co; (Beeanop. 1«S6) 
cap. auth, $30 Un), pd. in $15,000, W p. c. dlv; J. M. 
Moore P* J. Cnllbt tf^ Jr. a. ,1 P, A ; ti. C. NHea Ch. 
Eugr; C.C. AnnsilrunR Ch. Elccn; 1 d.e, arc Wwtj?; 
H a. <j. mjstK. WarrcR lfH0-IU6 v. *. pb. 75' allna. 
T-a Boe I 12 d.c. ar<iu: 20 a.c. arrsr aWO ilc. Ujcb; Si^O 
bp. e* Bail; IfiObp. b. LaiiKrurdi cily cout. JS Ita. 
C pi @(00 Sa4 per yr. all nt; wtwd fL&O. ^i 

AUBURIf« 2.0fiO-CetitTal Calirornia Electric Co.; 

6«e Sacramento. 
AZUSA, &6flr^AEiiBa Elec Lt, A Pwr. Co. 

BAKEKSriKI.D, S^OOO-Bakemfli-ld Om A Elec. 
Lt. Cu. ; (Bi'itau op. IbSTT); cap. #100,000; 11. A. Jaitfo 
P. ; IL A. BbHliiett S. A T; L. p. St, Clair M. A R A; 
1 arc Bru#h: (Pwr. from long dif Lance Co.) ilg. ^Q90- 
115, T,*itti alin». fid. MIC ; 40»n3«.6 a,c. *TtTn; TjXfOa.c. 
Inca; duycir. yov; 45 hp. tt. Ball; W bp. b; cHy 
cont. 45 lie. WOO c. p. ftW per yr all nt. 110 

Power Bevelopment Co.; Oltlce. San Franc iaeo; 
(Be«can op. InOT); Cap. snth. |e)00,000, pd. In I3GO,000; 
&a bds,i U. Wadsworth, P,; G. N. Ik-^al, S.,T. A M.; 
J. P. Dearth, Spt. Pwr. nottso; F. T. Wliorff, i^pt. 
Elee. Dept.^ 8 a, c. pwr, li. E., S ph. ia,TOi>-lO UOO r. 
7,iQQahnA. ; 5 pb. 3,250 bp, tnrb. Iipl|:bt, { Fumlab«i 
p43Wer exclUHrvely. li:^upplitfi^ tbcf BakerflQtfld Gaa A 
Klec. Lt. Co, with elw. pvrr.) flO 

BELHOPnr, 50Q-Mtilital Oaa A £loe. C;».-See e«i 





AUGENTA, 2,739— See Littlu Rock. 

AKKADKLPMIA, '2,759-Arkadolphia Wtr. A Elec. 
Co. (Bcgaaop. lUOD: cap. S;75.(XM): no bda; J. W. 
WiIboii c, T, M. a p. A; J.Honloyn S; J. D.Holden 
C-h. Kurf; C. B. Galu Cti. KIkcii; 1 d. c. arc U. £; 
2 d.c.Iuc. G.E. 104-52 v. l6.m)U alius. T-U aoc; 100 
hp. e. Ide; 205 bp. b; city coiit; coal S3.10. 62 

BATKSVILLE. 2,327. — Biit(>8villi> Water Worka A 
Eli.'c. U. Plain (MuDic.) (Bepiu up. IHSM); cap. auih. 
f2&.000; bds. autb. S^l.OUD. 

Treaa. Chai*. Meiculf KatesTille 

^Miir. ASupi. JohiiC. Boud 

Cb. Enirr. F. M. Ke.-d 

2 a. V. (i.E. 100 kw. 1040-104 v. h pb. 7200 altn8. Ed. 
poc; 12 u. c. nrcd (i.Oanip.»; 2000 a. c. iiua; 225 bp. e. 
Ide, Alln^e; A*) hp. h. W. A W. 

Moonlt. mdnt; coal $2.35 •{• 53 

BRINK LKY, 1,7U0— Citizen h Lt. A Pwr. Co.: cap. 
autti. A icaui'd floooO: no bda: J. J. Kurrt-ll P, M. 
A P. A: .M. A. Farn.ll S, T. A Supt; K. 1>. Floyde 
Cb. Bngr; W. Curtis Cb. Elecu: 1 d c. art; T-il; 
1 d. c. Kc«ter, 220 v; T-11 mim;; 15 d. c. area 6.8 
ampa; TOOd.c. iocs: d.c. dav cir; 12.*) bp.«. Bai<a; 250 
hp. b. O'Brien, ^heu; city coul. 16 lt». c. p. 200o 
$ per yr. moonlt; wood 11.25 «o 

CAMDEN, 2.810— Camden Pwr. A U.Co. ; cap.810.000; 
bdH. «16.000: S.ll. AUiu. P.; C. C. Rone, b.: W. K. 
Raraaey.T; 1 arc T-il; 2a. c.T-il, 1 040- 104 v., 16,- 
OOOaUna.: Ed. auc; :ttarC(«: l,20v>u.c. inca; day cir. 
llOv; 230 bp.e. Ide, Bckye. Sturt; 200 bp. b bpriDic; 
city cout. all nt. 110 

CL.AUENI><>N, 1840.— Clarendon Klcc. Lt. A Ice Co. 

in $10,000. 

iB^Kan op. lUOO); cap. auib. A i>d. in $10,000. 
Pn*a. J. S. Tiioman. 

V. Piea. A. J. Carter 

Sec. A TreaH. J. P. Lm 

5 Mirr. J . ». Thomaa. J r 

Cb. Engr. U.Walker 


CONWAY, 2.000— Conway Elec. & MfR. Co. (Began 
op. 18U6) cap. autb. A ia^ucd $12,000; U. R. Peay P; 
N. T. Peay 8. A T; E. W. Uantt M. & P. A: 1 a. c. 
Weatg. 1000-104 v; a. pb. 7,200 ultua; Wcatg. aoc; 
13 a. u. inc. area; 950 a. c. Iucm; 100 bp. e. Ide; 140 

hp. b. BrnI ; city cont. lu.c.p. $060 per yr. 

moonlt. mdnt. coal $1.45. 110 

DE OUEE.N, 1,200— De Oueen Elec. Lt. A Lamber 

Co. 62d 

DEVALI/S ISL.UFF, cav- Devaira Bluff Elec.Lt.Co. 

(Hek'auop. ItiOl). 

Mur. W. K. Maxwell Devaire Bluff 

EUREKA .SPRINOS,8,572-Citl/.enB' Elec. A Ry.Co; 
(BuKimop. 1S97); cap. autb. A innued $50,000; bda. 
autb. A ouXHi'ji. $75,000, 6 p. c. int. 

PreH. \y. .M. Duncan Eureka Springe 

V. Pr.s. A: M>;r. M. 1). Jordan 

Ch. Eimr. R .M.-Iutvre 

Cb. K.lwn. W. L. Dry 

2 a.c. W^•^»tl:. 1080 loO v. 1(»,000 i»lln-». S-M aoc; 
1 a.c. arc; 1200 a.c. inca; a.c. dav nr. pwr. cir. 560 v; 
300 hp. e. Ru-*; :JO0 hp. b. Creacenl; city cout. 100 Ita. 
60 c. p. S3<i iK-r yr; rual fl.rx). 43 

FAYETTEVILLK. 4.1«1-Favelteville Elec. Lt A 
Pwr. Cd: F. W. Fratt t)wni'r, .M. A P. A; San An- 
ton i). Tex ; .1. W. MiLendon Supt; 2 a. c. G. E. 30HO- 
104 V. ri. ph. l()(ji)*) altun. Kd. hih:: 100 a. c. inc. area; 
IWWa. c. inr-: 4r) hp. e. Sioux, Cor, Ball; 150 bp. b. 
Erie: city c<inl. Iih. mdnt. 50 

FOKKK.ST CITY, a.OOO-St.FranciB Elec.Lt.Co.; (Be- 
»!au op. 1897): cup. autb. $12.00i), ixl. in $8,800. 10 p.c. 
div; F. IL Sbepard 1*. »V Ch. Ku^r; .M. W. EwellS; 
J. E. Armnironj; T, P. A. A Siipt; 1 d. c. pwr. Coral. 

220 v; 1 a. «•. ph. T-II 1,010-220 v: 16,000 altna. 

?Id. ao<:; liKX) a. c. incs; pwr. cir. for fnna SWO v; 
160 bp. e. H. .S. .V (1: 185 bp. b. Hrnl; city cout. 56 
incH., 50 ('. p. $115 p«'r mo. moonlt; coal $2.:^. 00 

FORT SMITH, 11.^87 Fort. Smith Lt. andTrac. Co. 
Cona«diilation of the Ft. Smith & Van Buren Lt. A 
Trac. Co. A Ft. Smith Tnn*. Lt. & Pwr. Co. (Begaii 
op. \VOi): rap. autb. A ikI. iu $300,000; bda. autb. A 
outatg. $.^100,000, 5 p. c. int. 

Prea. W. C. Leniert Rucynis,0 

^ V. Prea. Geo. T. Sparka Ft. SmlUi 

Spc. Treaa. A .Man. R. G. Unnt 

bapti*. .1. F. Jobni>ou A A. N. Sicard. . . 

Cb. Engr. L. R. Robertson ** 

5d. c. arc (;. £, Ft. W. 300 It. cap; 4d. i; pwr. 
Weatg. 375 kw; 2 a. c. Weaig. 360 kw. 2300 M>-110 
V. 2 pb. 7200altua; Ed. aoc: 150 d. c. aerieaarc»9.$ 
amua; 75 a.c. inc. area. 6.15ampa; 15000 a. c. inc^; a. 
c. day cir. 2J0-110 v; d. c. dav cir. SUOv; d. c pwr. 
cir; 1000 fcbp. e. Buck, Rua. Cbaae, S. F. AM; lOU 
hp. b. Brownl, O'Brien. 

City cout. 110 area. 2000 c. p. $80 per yr. 40 con. 
area. 2000 c. ]). $90 per yr. $.10 per kw. 15000 com. 
inca. 4-8-16-32 c. p. $.10 per kw. all nt; coal $.90 i» 

HA Kill SON, l,.\51-IIarriaon Elec Lt. A Ice Co: 
(ttegan op. 18U5); cap. auih. A pd. in t&fiOO, ]Op.c 
dlv; bdo. autb. $15,000. 6 p. c. bit: N. W. Fellowal': 
R. .M. Feilowg S, T. M. A P. A; J. N. lietaman 
Supt; 2 a.c. Weatg. 1040104 v. B.pb. ltt,00U.ltnm hA. 
aoc; 15 a. c. area 6.5 amps; 900 a. c. inca; 160 hp. e. 
Rua. Bmi: 200 bp. b. O'Brien: city cone. 91t4.11)0 
c. p. $100 per yr. moonlt; wood $2., coal $2. ■]■ 41 

HELENA, 6.000-Heleua Gaa Co; cap. auth. $100.0l)a 
pd. in $100,000; no bda; J.J. Uornor P; b. C. Honor 
S. G. M. & P. A; S.H. Horner T: P. Bauer Ch.SIeca: 
2 a. c. G. E. 1000-100-.^ v. 7200 altna: 60 d.c arc* 6J 
ampa; 60 a. o arcs; 1800 a.c. inca; d. c. day dr. it 
aummer; 850 bp.e. Cor; 800 hp.b. O'Brien; eityooot 
60 Its. 2000 c. p. $120 per yr. moonlt; coal $& II 

HOPE. 1.644— City EIcc. Lt. Plant (Mnnic): (Begn 
op. 1H06); cost «S3.500; J. M. Sexton Sapt; J. a 
McCollum P. A; 8. U. Baker Ch. Engr: 1 a.c. Fl 
W. 1040-60 100 y. a. ph. 18,600 altna. T-H aoc; 20a c 
area; 760 a.c. inca; 85 hp. e. Weaton; 800 hp. h. M 

HOT SPRINGS, 9,073— Hot SpHnfcs Water Co.; (up 
eratoa Uot Springa Water Gaa A Elec Ll Wks; A. 

B. Gainea P; S. W.C. Smith S. A T; 9 a. c Weitg. 

1040-104 V. — pb. 7200 altns. aoc; 34 a. o. arufii 

amps; 30 a. c. inc. area 6.6 ampa: 1500 a. c. inca; a 
c. day cir; 600 hp. e. Ham, Cor, Wcatg; 400 hp.k 
Stir; citv cont. 40 Ita. 2000 c. p. $16d per yr. all st: 
wood $4.26. 110 

HUNTINGTON. 1.298— Huntington Klec. Lt. A Pwr. 
Co. (Be^an op. 1901); cap.autb. $8,000, iaaned $4000: 
J. W. Degan P; J. Keddin^ S. A T: H. F. hoKrtii 
M. A Supt; O. B. YourkP. A; J. Hobeon Ch. Enir: 

C. A. HockctCb. Elccn; 1 a. c. Weatg. 1060 v. Kd. 
aoc; 15 a. c. area; 4.'^0 a. c. inca; 105 hp. e. Froat: 190 

hp. b. (iem City; city cont. 12 iu. c. p. $» P<* 

mo. moonlt. 

JONBSBOKO, 4,608-Joncaboro Pwr. Co: (Befsanop. 
18821 : cap. auth. A lasned 812.000: J. C. Hawthone 
P: A.W. Hall S. A T; A.F. Car\ille M.P.A. A Sapi: 
2 d. c. art: T-H; 1 a.c G-E 104a-lCM-208 ▼. «. ph. 7M 
altns. T-H aoc: 60 d. c. arcs 6 8 ampa; 83 a. c area 4 
A 6 ami>»; 2000 u.c. iucs; 2M) hp. e. Bckye. H. O. A 
R; 200 bp. b. O'Brien; city cont 31 Us. UOO c. ^ 
160 per yr. m(X>nlt; wood W 

I.ITTLE ROCK, 38 30T-Clt7 Elec. Lt. Plant (Mo- 
nic) (Began op. 1888.); coat $55,000; T. B. MartlB. 
Jr. P. A. & ^upl; W. A. Rollina Ch. Engr. A Eleco: 
4 d. c. arc Ft W : 310 d. c. an-s; 800 hp.e. U. O. A P: 
320 bp. b. Arm; mwOnlt; coal $2. 9S 

Little R(vk Ed. Elec. Lt A Pwr.Co; cap. tlOIMVO: 
bds. 1130.000; A. N. Jobnaon P. W. C lUdser, V. P. 
M. A P. A; A. G. .Moser. S; C. F. Penael T; W. W. 
Wilaon Supt. R.T. BaiiHi Ch. Engr. 7d. c. arc T-H. 
Brush: 10 d.c. G. E. 230-110 v: 3 a. c. U. E. M^ '** 
V. 3 ph. 7200 altns. Ed. aoc; 200 d. c. area 9.6 i 
140 d. c. inc. arcs; 64 a. c inc. area; 80U0 d. c iMa 
3153 a.c. incH; a. c. day cir. d. c. day dr. SK>-1I0t; 
1.350 bp. e. Mci. A S. H. O. A R; 1,360 hp. h. UdM 
B. A W. Co. alHo Ita. Argenta. SO 

LONO K K. 051— Edmonda A England. fle 

MALVERN, 1.6K>-Malvem Lt A Pwr. Co. (BffW 
op. 189H); cap. $8,000; C. W. Turner, P. M. A Sopi; 
J.E. HuhlMinlT. A P. A; J. Brown Ch. Engr: w. 
Knoll Cb. Klecn; 1 d. c. arc W. B; 1 a.o. O.K. IO«t. 
1600 altni^ Ed. aoc; 18 d. c arcs; ttO a. c Inca; M 
bp. e. McI. A S; 100 hp. b. BunMy; citrcoat H 
Us. 1200 c. p. $7.60 per mo; moonlt; coal WLBk « 





TOTTT ^PBIKO^TIT— Mummctb SpniitrEk-c. 

1- .ill .>|i. Itmy: eiiij, fAMXMP. 2ij [k r. div; 

M,Ari:rherowiierp; JI11h>]ii it'll. Kl'-'cri; 

: -0 Jt*i V. T^aou ait u^. K*i, T- LI eoc i i! a,c. 

incn^ iM) h]j. turtj. Li'flt'U crly cmiU 

• I .-^)|t)Operyr mooult. ^Ltt, tht: town 

mAJO' A, t,a00-31«iiftiina Gin & Mfg* Cti. 

U 3w4»— Miii« £3* t. U. Plant R. A A J. E. 

Ilwmt Owui;r#; (Be^n op. 19QQ); E. A. Toni' 
U W. B. Wilbiiinon Cli. Eni^r; 1 n. c. SOU) v. 
0OO iiltn^^Kd. tMiiPc: l^h.c. arL>; ISM a.c.lncti; 
; eif. U>4 V, iiTi bp. e-. A. <£ Si I8l) bp.b. Matb; 
jiu ;fl li»* L.p* isuOO JTHi per >'r. ifttxj ctiin.iace, 

ttCmVlA*. 1,5T9— M«iitict?IIo WiiU'f A Lt. Plint 
ilc, ) t Bi*F*tj flp . mm : J . l j . W U I i *uue P ; Ih^n rv 
kiaa S, tt P. A; E. i*|M-nrt'r T: D* A^ Tram well 
Bfijrr; W J. Riiim^y Civ KI*.tii; 1 m. u. G. fL lO-M) 
V. a, pli, mUaUii«; G, B not.-; 21 a. c. arcH; UOU 
incv; nil bp. is )^ )'i> (>- ^'-& VV; tndQt; wckhI 
L oa 

RILLTON, U707— W. H. Ashler Owner; (isew 
t b«iE»n op, IkMi. tWOi ; 1 d. t. arc Ueiif : 1 a. c. 
tg.nm^lWw. i. ph. m^OOOaHim. Ect.floc: noua.c. 
; lou bp. e. Mitfriiy: 100 lijt, b. Mamiy: city 
, 1(90 Itn. e. p, 212 $lb [wr rr. mooulu l:^ P. }ifl ; 
♦1.T0. Si 

PORT, t,BW- Poll d A DfH^kiT Elflt. Lt. Co.: 
ifS.aW; no bvit; ^, P. PpudPi G. W. Dflcker 
': F, S. Hbi* S. a T; S. S. Pfi^wett Supt s » d. C. 
r-U; 1A.C. T^H lOW)-ft(3 v. -- pb. altDi. T-H 

0fi A. c arcB, 1 A. c« iac. arc; TOO ». o. Inci; 130 
I. 14«; ao bpL li. Heine; cJiy oout. 48 lt«. ao^ 

Mimptayt. mwmlL all lit; coftl fS. lln 

^Ot*A. 9-T»— Atmf?F Drin^r (B^fpiti op l(*flfi). 

L£. T-H 00 kw. lOWMOO V, a. ph, IflOOD fllttt^^. T-H 

mm L G. is««; m bp. c% a. :; .^ g- £triip. b. 

» oeot. 9t inet. sa c. p, $11.40 pvr yr. 4tlS rom. 
. H A l« o. p. ill» A f lat p*r 3rr> mdnt; coal |&Ga 

fcaoiTLD,S.Si4-F»r*goijld Eb?o,LtCo; (Began 
1194 K eAp. aiTtb, Jb pij. in #Ui,7Ui>: IhIh. ALiiU. <&; 
»d 4l0.r^: A. BmiK P; M F. Collk-r S; h, 
lb* T, M, P. A. A »npt; J CouSeM Ch. Engr; 3 

TtmXi, WaiT^n, UOO-Su-IOO t; s ph. ]U,()00iiltnt. 

foc; S ■.€, arc: 1600 a. c. men: tiUU lip. «.-, St. L^ 
, l^bp, t. Km dtyi?oiit, 74 lUi. :js! c p. |J»7,60 
rt. nuHiiiU i wood s 1 . 5a ti^ 

jaial le« Co. 3»ni 

E Bl^rFr, IttiOO-'Fine Blall Lt. .t Wtr. Co; 
ma cpp. ie«0>); capy fSSO.COC^; hdis. f25O,0Olt 5 p. e. 

r. 6. Bridm P. M. U. Johnson & W. A. Lee 
U L L Pollia M. & P. A: 2111^ T IL 4 i-c, T H» 
tg. lijIO-llM V- Itt.OOtlAlins. Ktl. i^-M. P0«; 1» rl.c. 

d^ami'i: fiOaro^l^ampi; 3,50i(»a.c. Iugh; h^ 

,\f- Ktj hp. c. A, A S, Hai, B. A W; miQ bp. b, 

M- rr^ni fl 7Sto$a. G2 

. Transit Co.; cap. *alh. & J»«uecJ 

SI50.0U0, 5 p.C. mt. 

11..... Plnn Bluff 

p \v . ,1. < in I hrnUt ................... 

«. ^ Tt*4«. W, H. LaDfifiiTil 

tr* ^ Pur. AfEt. C C, Bammond, . . . * , 

kCL BalliMik ul)& kir; 4fiu bp. e. Alf ; 000 bp. b. 


ICOTT, X,a»-Prtiicotl Water A Lt. Plant, (Mn- 

Uk^ t.L'W^H. T. King Electric Cto. 3Sp 

nj.%*Il^l*£t ».SOI)-R(i*»eHTllk KJm, U. Cu, 
■•p. IfiOll; 9. J. 8ntallwiiOil M; 1 u. c. Stan. 
Hv. S pb. lA.OCO aJttift. Ed. e-o<^; 11) a. c. art b 6 

Ow>>P*» ^^** 1^ ^P- ^- ^^^^* ^'^^ c°^^- ^^ 
Bu p. im $50 per yr. tudnt : co«l Sl.m G2 

AltSFmiKGS, 1J4»-€Hy E]*>c. Le. Plant lUn^ 
liB^: coat $30,000: bdp. nuth. & 

>p^«. Ij3t. 

lib IRTZUoMmrmMn. ............. .Moam Spring! 

M. M f*Br. Act. F. 0. WaJkcr. 

iTiftgf. tt^Attdtnoft.-... ** 


1 Ji. r. T-H i 100-1 OO V. 16,000 ftitnn- T II ioc; IS a. c. 
KTiw liiT^. !i ampf* ■ lOOO u. c. im^; 88 hp. e, Etit*; IflO Erie; 4 cutii. nrvi^. lOiJU c. [i. $58 (>eryr. lOUOcom. 
iiRB. lb c.p. $i.»^ per jr. mdbl; co^l $1&U t><-r mo, 48 

STUTTGART, l,S5>t— Stutt^sn Wtf. 4 Elfcc. Lt. Co. 
iUeetn up. Ism); cap. autb. 150,000. H^ ^a S^.OOO: 
C. VVilliamaon P. & M; 2 d- c. Bullock S^Jt,E4. «kj; 

d. c, art-'i.; d. c. Inca.; d. c. dav dr; |D0 

hp. e. Prkk; 150 b p. b. Frlck; city cont* tu'dtiL IhE 

TEXARK:ANA»4flH— Teiafkan* Gap A RIeo. Lt, 
Co, (Heti^auop. IS87J; (P.O. nddrcfn aUo at T&xar< 
kana. Tex.); cap. auth, & pd. In *100,000: bdii.|iaft,- 
flOO; C. A. HadiU P.M. X PA: W, H. Arnold Si; L. 
A. Rodgt'rn Ti J. C» Bowden Cb. Eugr; ija.c. O.K; 
llOO'^-lOi V. a. pb. 7 200 aiUia. Ed. Hue; &") a.o. area; 
auuOa. c. LuG«: day clr. in ^umnitfr IW vj pwr. dr; 
400 hp, 0. Hui. Val : 600 bp. b. UAnti) vMy conL 10 
Kb. mo 0. p. ^10 per mi>, idi nt; c^l il.$5. Ga 

VAX BUHKTT, S,A73— Tun Bnren Else. Ll^bt Plant 
(Be Run op ia»7): J. E. Powers Owin;r; F. CMf C&. 
tentfr; T. E. Williams Ch. Elecn; 1 arc Ei.; i d. C* 
ti. K. HO V. Kdmi^L iE2 d, ir, nrrs* 4 d. t. inc. area; 
liQOd. r. Inrji; ]$5 htM'.Uui^; 17Ubp.^ Roban; cLiy 
I'oni. 22 It*, c.p. aouu IIW per yr, myoiilt nil nt; coal 
gl.^. ^ 

WYNNE, 1,QSH>— Wynne Elm;. I.L Co. n&m 


ALAMIDIIA. 173M»— Ciljr Elec, Lt. Plant (Mnnlc.) 
(B4-gannp, lS^7h bd*, Usutd $10,000, 5 p. c. in£. 

Siipi. ii, A \s iwf. Alatnedft 

C U. En«r. J . O. MetMwr ,,..,,.,.»„,.,,... 

2 d. c. arc Wmtg- 2 &.c. Stnn. 2800 110 v. WMi alfina, 
T'H, E^. J»oc : 110 d. c. lUxs V( 5 anipi<; StjOO a. c. Lncii; 
dOO bp. c. Bckye; 4W bp. b. Oakland. 

MoynK. 1.30 A. M. all nt; ull $.70 |«:r bbl. U 

Stub urban Elec Lt. Co. (Began op. 190!!); cAp.mtb, 
$^KXI,CIOO, ii^HULil $SO,QOO, 6 p. C. div; II. W. M«ek P; 
C.A. JL*ttr*y 8; W. Angns M; J. W, Burv^v Soptj 
Qva.J. Clai-ku Ch. Kk-cn; - a, c. 4O0O-23J5 Y.nm 
altna. Ed. hck; liK) d.c. arcpj ISO a. c. hic. ^ka, 15.0PII 

a. C. incfcj; a. t: day clr; city conL AO Itj. c. p. iOOO $7$ 
ptT yr. ^ 

ANAH^inC. L6K>l-CUy K1*?C Lt. Pbint tMnnie.) (Be- 
gan op, im*); cost ilfl.OOU; City Trti«U.ue P. A; A. 
Bchncid^r Engr; A, L. L<»win Elecn; a a. c O.K 
1040-101 v. #. pb. 15.000 ultna. Kd. »oc; III a. c. Ino. 
arcs; 500 a. o. inca; ISO hp. e. tdetil, Fiiicbirr; 23S bp. 

b. Atlas, ^Lir. 110 
EUnta Ana Qaa Jk £l«c- Co. owned by KiUtton Elec. 

Co. ofLofl Angoka; 3 7>| kijt. G. E. trim re. lO.OOO- 

BOOv. aa 

AKQEItS CAMP, SJ^ft-AD£etB Elec. Co. «ep 

ARCATA, fifid-HiimboR Mfff. Co; {B«emn op, 189ft) 
^up. autb. $50,000, pd. In tlfi.DOO. ao p. c dlv; J. H. 
Muore P, ,1. CqllbLFW Jr. H. -t P. A; U. G. NilM Ch. 
Enift; C.C. Afiu'ttronj; Cb. Elccn; 1 d-o. htc Westg; 
H M- c. Wtjitg, Warrau 1040- 1 1J6 v. s. pk 7fii« alma. 
T-H »Oc^: 1£ d.c; aixe; 20 a.c. arcs; aOOp ilc tnca; 3E£0 
bp. e. Hall: I6(^hp, b. Lim;;forth city con t. t$ lla. 

c. p. 2^ 00 $&J pvr y r. all nt ; wood $1 &0. M 

AUBtfRN, *2.050— CfrQtral California Electric Co.; 

See Sacramenlo. 
AZUSA, Sfia—AEiiaa Blec Lt. A Pwr. Co. 

BAKEimFiELD, 5.000 -Bakervfteld Gaa & Blee. 
Lt. Co.; <B*^(?ftn op. IHU?); top. $100,000; H. A. Jaalm 
P.; fl. A. Bl-KJK*?lt ^, A T; L. l\«i. Clatr M.A P. A; 
1 arc Brti^b^ (Pwr. frum lon^ dii'timce Co. ) a-O. ^f06U- 
115, 7,20U akni*. Kd^oc; 4U[lih^», B ».c. arc*; 7«000a,c. 
IncB; dnycir. liOv: 4ri bp. f. Bnlh m bp. b; dry 
conL ib llfi. 2000 c. p. $B0 per yr. all nt. 110 

Power Development Co.: Omco, .San Franc luco; 
(Beitau op. IKIT): cap. aulh. $f»00,000, pd. in l^fiOvOOO; 
no bd*.; H. Wadsworth, P.: C. N. Beal. 8., T, & M.; 
J. F. Dtrartb, Spt. Pwr. Hotufc; P. T. Wiiorff, Spt, 
Elec. l>tpt.; 8 a, e. pwr, (i, E., a ph. laatHMitiiOO t, 
7„ld00 altni. ; & pb, 2.250 hp. Curb. Knif^ht. { Furniabca 
power PicrEiarvelT. Snpplica tb« B4ilcers3lcJ.d Gaa A 
Elec. Lt. Co. with elec. pwr.} DO 

BJ£UfI(lNT, 600— MutOAl Gas A £]e«. CD.-8as Eva. 





BEXICIA« 2,800— Solano Blec Lt. <t Gas Co. (Began 
op. 1887); cap. autb. $30,000; S. Frame P; P. Ander- 
Bon S. T. A P. A; 1 a. c. O. E. i&aOO 2ai0-110 ▼. 8 ph. 
7200altii*. Kd. roc; 18 a. c. arcs ti amps; 2 a. c. i< c. 
area; 2600 a. c. iiics; city cont. 20 Its. c. p. 2CO0 $170 
per > r. moonlt. 1 A. M. (Power purchased from Bay 
Coaiity Pwr. Co.) + 82 

BEN LEM ONI>. 400— Big Creek Elec. Lt. Co. 88 

BERES FORD.— See Hedwood City. 

BERKELEY. 18.214— Berkeley Elec. Ltg. Co.; cap. 
$40,000; hds. $12,000. 

Pres. J. A. liriuoD Berkeley 

^8ec, Mgr. «fc Pur. Aet. J., I. Mason •* 

Trcae. First Natl. Bunk ** 

aarcW. E. Ft. W: city cont. 141 arcs, c.p. 2000, 

$.\fiO per nio. moonlt. Pwr. purchased from Oakland 

Gas. Lt. & lit Co. Oakland. Cal. 48 

BLUE LAKES CITY.— Bine Lakes Water Co. See 

San Francisco. 
CENTKKVILLK, 7H1— Suburban Klec. Lt. Co. see 

San Lcandro. 
OHICO. 2 WO— Chico Gas & Elec. Co.; cap. $75,000; 
John Martin P; F. 11. Pierson 8. & T; S. F. Aldcn 
P. A; H. Weber M: E. C.Jones Ch. Enjir; 65 arc 
We8tg;nod.c; 75hp.e.Ball. 

Com. arcs glW jwr yr. 680 com. iDcs. $.10 per kw. 
(Cnrrent furnished by Bay Counties Pwr. Co. 92b 

CLAKKMONT, 1,(X>0— Edlwm Elec. (^o of Los An- 
geles; 591 a. c. incH; 100 lip. Ind. mo. 2200-220-110 v. 8 
ph. 6000 altns. 92 

CLOVERDAI.E, 7:)0— Cloverdale Elec. Lt. Co. 38 
COLTON, 1,.309— Citv Elec. Lt. Plant (Munic); cost 
$10,000; E. Pettyjohn P; J. Waters S: H. H. Smith 
T; A. D. Spring M. & Supt; a. c. day cir. 1000-100 v. 
1600 a.c. incs: Ed. soc; power rented from Redlands 
Elec. Lt. A Pwr. Co. 92 

COLUMBIA— See Sonora. 

DIXON, 1,000— Dixon Elec. Pwr. A Water Co. (Began 
op. 1898): cap. aiith. $50,000: pd. in $25,000. 

i Prc!>. & Man. E. I). N. Lche Dixon 

V. Pret*. F. O. Orella San Francisco 

Supt. E. T. Chambers Dixon 

1 u. c. 2000-220-110 V. 3 ph. 7200 altns. Ed. soc: 
15(X) u. c. incs; a. c. day cir. 
City cont. 75 iuct«. 32 c. p. 58 

DOWNIEVILI^E, r.00— Downiovilic Elec. Co.: M. A. 
Costa P; U. Forl)e^ S. it Supt; A. .1. Mciiill Ch. 
Engr: 1 a. v. Wl•^ti.^ 1100-110 v. s. \<U. HMO altns. S-M 
soc; 600 a. c. incn; W lip. turb. Lt'ffcl. 62 

PUNS.MUIK, 71."5— DnnHmuir Elec. Lt. Plant (Began 
op. 18J)-M; H. Schorer Prop; 1 a. c. West. IIOO-IOO v. 
M. ph. 1(),UU0 alius. Ed. «oc; 510 a. c. incs; 55 hp.turb. 
Lcf. 92 

ETNA MIl^LS, ."iiX)— Etna Devj-lopnicnt Co. (Began 
op. ISin)); cap. auth. $2i).000; J. Stephens P: John 
Bakt-r S; (\ W. Kist T. Jc M. 92p 

EURKKA, 8.000— Eureka Lighting Co. (Began op. 
1894); <ap. auth. $2:>0.00(), it-nuod. $200,000: no bds; 

C. O. G. Milh-rP. & I'. A: H. U. Millers. & T: T. 

D. Pptch M. & Supt: L. K.iw. iit Ch. Eugr; T. Fox 
Ch. Eiecn: 7 d. o. arc Bruhh. W. K; 5 a. c. Wettg; (i. 

E. 1040-115 V. H. ph. ^V nuy. 7200 altns. T- II., S. M. 
soc; 150 d. c. arcK '.Hi amp.-i; dS*^) a. c. incs; d. c. day 
cir. pwr. cir. 20S0 v; ViTA) hj). e. Hall ; 700 hp. b. Lang- 
ford: citv cont. (m lt:«. c. p. 20U0 *9C per yr. all nt; 
coal $7.5<). 90 

EXTER.-Soe Visnlia. 

FAIR OAK..S.— rnit««d Can A: Elec. Co. See San 

FERNI>ALK, IK)()-Ferndal- Elec Lt. Co. (Began 
op. 1894): cap. auth. $10,(00; .1. H. Trost P. A, Supt; 
M. Wilis: FernUale Bank T: J. Worthington Ch. 
Engr. * Elecn: 1 a. c. Westg. 2200-110 v. s. ph. TWO 
altns. 1400 a.c. incs; 150 hp. c; 18j hp.b; wooil Ci. 92 

FORT KRACJG, 1,700— Fort Bragg Elec. Co. 

FORT JONES, 425— Manuel Pereria Elec. Lt. Plsnt 


FRESNO, 12,470-San Joaquin Elec Co.; cap. ML- 
000; J. J. Seymour. P.; J. M. Collier, &; O. J. Wood- 
ward, T. : J. N. Smith, Elu.; J. S. Kaatwood, Spt; t 
arc Brush; 3 a.c G. K. 1010-300-115 v., 7;W0 altM.; 
Ed. 8O0.; 160 arcs, 20a.c. arcs; 8,5(K) a.c inc».;ae. 
day cir. 8»i v. 3 ph.; 1,500 hp. Pelton Wheel :dt7 
cont. 90 arcs, c. p. :!000 $106 per yr. moonlt, all at; 
coal $10. va 

FULLERTON, 1,719— Santa Ana Gaa A Elec Co^ 
Owned by Edison Elec. Co. of Los Angelea: anOkv. 
trfmrs. G. E. 10,560-2200-110 ?. 8 ph. 6000 altns. Ed. 
M>c: 609 a.c iocs ; a. c. day cir. 

GRASS VALLEY, 8000-See Nevada City. 

GRID LEY, 9n— Gridley Lt. A Pwr. Ca (Beg•BO^ 
1800); cap. $6,000; a. c. day cir, 110 v; power reeled 
from Butte County Pwr. Co. ff 

HANFORD, 2,929— IL G. Lacey Ca: cap. $10a(MO; 
no bds.; H. G Lacey, P.; O. M. Laoey, S.; — a.c 
1000-115 V. . 7,200 altns. ; Kd. soc. ; 60 <Lo. inc. aita: 
8,000 a.c, iucM. ; 20O hp. e. AUis; 240 hp. b. Stock: 
city cont., moonlt, 1 A. M. 18 

HAYWAKDS, 2,000-Hayward8 Elec. Lt Co.: cap. 
^'M.OOO. E. Fish, Lessee M.; C. E. Fish, Sin; 1 aie 
Brush; 2a.c WestR. 1100-60 v.. 16,000 altns. ; Westg. 
soc; 50 arcs; 1, 500 a. c. incs.; I75hp.e. Pulton; UObp. 
b. Fulton: city cont.. moonlt., mdnt. Vb 

H£>IET, 500-][emet Lighting A Power Co. (Begas 

op. 1908). 

Pres. W. F. Whittier San Francisco 

Sec. W. C. lioskins Hemrt 

Tnyis. Bank of Bemet •• ■ 

5 Pur. Apt. & Mer. P.N. Myers " 

Ch. Entfr. & Elecn. W. B. Fairman •• 

1 d. c. iiic. WestK. 22 kw. 125 v. Kd. soc: 850 d. c. 

incs; 100 hp. e. Ohmen; 60 hp. b. Atlas; oil $lJl5bbl. 

HEALDSBITRG, 2,800— Healdsbnrg Municipal FJec 

Lt. A Wtr.Wks. (Be^an op. 1900); bda. anth. $80,000. 

bds. issued. $78,000. 5 p. c. int.; W. W. Banes. 

Supt: 1 a c. Stan. 2240-110 v 2-8 ph. f,000 altns. Ed. 

soc ; 33 a. c. inc. arcs. 6 amps; 2050 a. c incs: 200 hp. 

wheel Pelton; city cont. 31 Its. c. p, 1,900; $7.50 p^r 

yr; all nt. VlO 

HIGHLANDS, 800-Re<llands Elec. Lt. & Pwr. Co. 
owned by Eiliwon KU?c. Co. of Los Angeles; 5 SO-kw. 
G. E. trfmn*. 10.0iXV>200 v; IITO a c. Ince; city cont. 
20 a. c. incs. moonlt. mdut. 9S 

HOLL1STKR, l.Sli^Hollister Lt. A Pwr. Co.; cap. 
125,000: Tio bds: W. Palmlag P.& M.R. t^haw S. A P; 
W. P. EIIJM Supt. 1 arc Ft. \V; 2 d.c. Ed. 110 t. Bd. 
soc: 31 srcs, 24 a.c. inc. arcs; 500 d.c. incs; lOQ bp.e. 
Nord: 80 hp. b. Rix A B; city cont. 21 Its. c. p. 1200 
$114 per yr. moonlt. mdnt. St 

JAMKSTOWN, 800— Tuolumne Elec. Pwr, A Lt 
Co., Sonoro; I. II. Linn Supt 

KNIGHTS FERRY, 30O-SUnislans MilUDg Co. 
See Oakdale. 

LEMOOUK, l,l(K)-Lemoore Elec. Lt A Pwr. Depot 

(.Munic ) (Ik'k'ttu op. liK)2); cost $:M,000; bds. aatb. 
A issiuMl $2>2.(K)(>. (i ]>. c. int; 11. C. Wataon Snpt; 1 
a. c. a. K. 2WW 1200-110 v. 8 ph. 7300 altns. Ed. soc: S 
a. c. inc. arc; 500 a. c. incs; 70 hp. e. Atlas; 90 hp. h. 
Erie City: all nt; oil $.40 l>l)l. tA 

LINDSAY.-S.M' Visalia. 

LIVERMOUK, 1.50O-Livermore Wtr. A I»wt. Co. 
(B*>gun op. 1H89K (.AIho lt!<. Pleasanton); W. J. 
DiuKoe Ownor; \'\ \. Losh S. A T; E. Ilcrton Jf. P. 
A. A Supt; B. Bud worth Ch. Elecn; 1 a. c Westg. 
2.S00U0 V. s. ph. 7200 altns. Ed. soc; 4 a. c. ai«s9.6 
Hmp«: 2100 a. c. iui-n; day cir. 4 pwr. g^n Wagner 206 
v; 200 hp. .?. .Vt'as: 200 hp. b. Atlas; city cont 68 
Its. c. p. 32 $12 24 pir yr. mo<mIt; oil $64. tf 

LONG IIEACH, 2,252-Long Beach A San Pedro 
Elec. Co.; controlled by United Klec. Gaa A Pwr. 
Co. Los Angeles. 

LOOaf IS— See Sacramento. 

£€.!:$» 10!2,479— Edldon HIec. Co.. of L(ie 
RcNrnfl Uoathera Cnl. Fwr*Co,, i*aj«»tJc?tii 

I* Blue, Lt. & l*wr Cu. 83.0i*> *n«fl 10,000 v. 

ft. Otiorti, WliUUer AniiH'^iCd, 1 tmnue, Hivi^r- 
ntai^ San h<ifnmrdliHEP, U(itiinn«lK, ItiutilfiiiiJs. 
I« nrj.J I *K-i \it>>eJt:s|; f^[3. ilulh. A IflSillfMl S-^' 

I. ,.ued ai.^i&O.OOO; J»bn UMUIi^r 

- S; W, L. Ptrcy A^L s. A T; 

All . .A; U. H. iiiuslKii feuiit. & Ch. 

'\ A- iiiaHLjuid AbiL Stipt; (Twd ttr^tUana) 
w. WJ,00O-Sra» 1% irJmr*; U. E; -I niut- teen. 

A. eL &»3^$4^140 v^ fj e: 1 tL c, aro Std; d d.c. 
ten: 56UY; 1 a. c. G, £. £:;!0a 104 v. 3 pli. 
^; It biUv M $ b. r 4500 auip. hre. Sr.HJ v. 
ITfoci J» d.c* arci «,© amps: 3-49 tL c. inc. 
mam; b a, c. inc. jtrcsA^^ anip»: Ifl'.Ol.O d. c. 
kMS. c litr»; a. 13. «fe <Lc. day clr. :JlJ4^-5nO- 
110-104 v; 601 lip. tDii: l^^ Up.v, Id#, 8L La 

Stir. Babv ^ W ; ri]h kw. (LilorldB licc'r 
itlk sta. »ee Sam Ada Cfliijon.l 

Npd; a, e. aosO-lIM v. 9 ph. 16,000 altoe; Ed. 
,e.ftit;; S0OOac.Jnc«. IIO 

.n^ki Etec- Co. {Began op> 1882); cap. aulb. 
\, lid. In tWJfi.Blft; VV, b. Cllne P: W. IL 
SL 3fe G. M ^ K. L. FJiuiib T: C A.tiitkffubicti 
an, Ci>rktt* M; J. W, Warren Supti 5 d.c. 
9h; Z d. ti. pwr. izen- OOO v ; a a. i', Wcat^r, 
i T. ■. ph. lft.UO(Xri!OU nltiid; EtJ.* S-M, buh^I 
:. arc«i 9.0 amp9; 14>'iUa«c. arcn: HLOOO a. c, 
L e. da J ciT : d. c pur. cir. 600 r; e,T50 bp. e. 
( Z.^Sim li p. b. raHduH ; <rity ei-ti L VStI lU. d. p. 
II. ptrr >rBlJ ut; nil f i^ bbL 02 

* U. *^ PwT. <"o, flU*i2aJi op. 1898); cap. anlh. 
Ol;0; bdt. aulh. |lO,(XVi,000, untiitjf . i:£.<00,000. 
It; W. tJ, Kertkliolf P; UlU> VleluHl^j I. W, 
OT; A. C* Hnlcb M; Ciia*. Ffininiu \\ A. E. 
tdip«; D. Brian Ch, EtiKi-: K. K, BaviH Ch, 

ft. e. WtftfT. SIOIMI t-sa) V. a pU. mio aUni^. 
M* me; 1100 d. e. arr«0.eatprM; loQO d. e. 
It &amn«; HO OOi^ d. c, Lur«$ d.c. day elt-; pwr. 
iidO-ia.O0O v; 4700 hp. e/M. a S, W^O; 4100 
Iv Ifc W, miT\ ctiv conL 10» lU. c. p. SOUO «ril 
all nt; oil §S& hl^. m 

Id KIrr fiJi* Jfc Pwr. Co,; Vain ofl5^ Lob 

1 If 'jrj at Sitnlu Monicu iiippULii by 
b- :mJO0 lulba, Santa Mniik a, iiceau 
lor. , [;m^ Inj^lev^CMiii^ H^TinnHa Bench, 
c«i:l] saij J cdruH Tunuluai Inland, Hi-^dnndo 
idflt Uhia \t<*nch. Powit EtnUnu at Santa 
I ftiippUei 5iaiitu Barbara, Hont^'dto aud 
IP J c«p. autti. Sl/O^.l^^ E^- L» S«t^'i^eOO, 6 p. 
bdii, anth. it iMD#d $000,000, 5 p. c. Int. 

A TTi'a*. i J . < '. Merritt.. Pju^adctia 

. Pn». F, II. Rindg*.,,,., .^Ut*' AnR^U'» 

Oeo. L f'ochrau .*,,.,.*»,.. *' 

J.J.DavU '* 

Afit. W. L. Wliiani. „„,„...... *' 

'MgT. H. Nftttboil.. 

;tec. W.J. Ik^iadft '* 

G. H; a d. c. G. E; fa, c G. K, aOHO-UO v. 

IfiOOO aJtiie. £d, T-Q aoc : 160 d. c arc«< ; ax. 

U& d, V. Uttmi 10000 a. c fiiei: d. c. day clr. 
iOOOhp. V. M. Jt S. Ham; 2000 hp. b, B. & W. 

soul 90 ate* c. p. 3000 $104 prr yr 50OO IncB. IS 

0.S0 per yr. all tit. 2 AM; ^n $1 ppr bbl. 83 

kTOS, l,fia^Lo# Gatort Ll. ^ Pwiv Cq. G^ck 
ne Owimr; J. D. FarweU M. B2p 

tA*a.O0O— Maili*fa KU^r. Co.: C4ip. SlO0,0OOj 
KmKb, P.; F. J. Rnigb. J^, & P, A.l C. 
T.;E. m. Caimrro. M*: d.i% Q. E. IIAt.: Ed. 
Od^c inc»., d.c. day <?lf., pwr. cip.: tSo hp. *?. 
71 b|k. b. ttisd.: Rlly oont.. mdnt. m 

SfKZ. rjWO-Ctfnini CoiitJ* Kb'c. Lt. Co. (Be* 
timr, cap* aatb- & pd. itt $1^,000, 13 p. r, 

^ PrfB. Treai. A M^rr. Joaeph Mayo ...Martinet 

V. Preu. H. B. Mayu Son PranclBco 

Sue. L. A. Henit!...... .t'ftjc&elt 

CtiTPcnt pnrcbated fPOtQ tht; Tal, C-Piitral Uii« <& 
Blec. Coi-p , S^iin FmnclAco, a. ph. 1^00 alLtia. SOtjO-lOi 
V. mL iiuc; Jwa. c. ttampui S600«. c. Incfl; a, e. day 

elf. 10^ T. 

Uity con:. 4 arcj. cp. SOOO |D0 per yt; 60 Incfi. c.p. 
33 (Itf pcryr. 3 coin, arcs c. p. aXJO $.16 pi*r kw. 3500 
ctiin. Iiui. c. p. 1« f.l5 per kw- aJ] Jit: roal $G, (Ct*. 
alMo Ite. Port Cosra, Croctett andValojja.) pf* bA 

MARTS VI LLK. S,497-Maj7a¥ille Oaa A Bloc, 
Co. tOpepaifiU by the Cal, Gas ft Eloc. COrp. ot San 
Fraiici««o). 1 d.c. arc G. E 000 d.o. incs; olty emit. 
al] nt. Pwr. rented jpom Bay CoqntUsa Pwr. Co.) &8 

MAVFIKLD. 1,000— Unlied Uae Jt BJec. Co. lee San 

MENOOCITtrO— MeudoctDo CoTUitf Elec* Co. Sea 

AUCKLO PABK, &6a'-United Gaa ^ EIrt:. Co. Eee 
San Jo^iifi. 

MERCKLJ, LtMJO-Mcrcfd FaJla Oae A Elec. Co; cap. 
RS50.000; G Cwicket P; G. H. dolUtlae S, P. A. & 
Hqpt : 1 a. c. fttan. 3000-100 v. 9 pb. T^aJO altna T-H 
aoc; » a. c. arcs; 2700 a. o. ince; day dp; 260 hp. tnrh. 

; city com,, a Its. c. p. JWOO flUS ji«r yr, all 

nt. 9^ 

MODKHTn, a,0»l-Moduato Eloc. Lt. Plant (Wunk.h 
Geo. K. CtKJk Cb. ElLH^ii; a a. c. Natl; go a. c. Ijjca; 60 
bp. 19. Payn«; city cont. 1 A. H; oil. 9:1 

MOXKOVIA, tiKte-Unlted Eloc, Ga9 A Pwr. Co, 
Set; Lat Anodes. 

MtlNTKClTO, aiS-^United Elec- Gaa & Pwr. Ci*. 
Spi' L<>sAngcle*. 

MONTEKEir, 1,fl(KMMoiitnR:-v Eld^. Lt. * Der. Co.; 
tBesan op. IB»l):ciip awth. ftffi.OUO, |jd. in llf 1,000: II. 
Prini P; J. B. Snivdcy V, P; U. A. GTt-^ne S. ^ T: 
H. A. 01ni8t*'d P. A. « M; ad. c. Ed, 3 w., 1 10 ?; 3 
a. e. O. K. 90e0-10t v. «. ph. 36.000 altni. Ed. bqc; gOO 
d.c. luce; liMXia. c. iac'#; lOO hp. e. Payne; 00 hp. b. 
Kpie; islty cmiU 40 Iti. a? c. p.. IS per mo. mdnt; oil 
f 1 p«r bhL Co. alio lights Pacific Grove BS 

MOUNTAIN VlEW-liniUnlGas & Elw. Co. Bee 

NAPA. 4,C)96— Napa Ga« A Elec. Cto: cap. antb. ilOO,- 
OOii; T. Atldison P. J. O. Wblttiagton S. & T. O. K. 
Cltttk M. I apd T-H; 2 d. c. lid. 3 w. llO t; T-H 
ftoc; 60 apca ({.3 ampi; .% d. c. Inc. art:a ; t,60ll d. c. 
Iiic«; ;300bp. e. Hail; loO hp. b, At]a«;cliy cont. 
6& Itr*. c. p, laoo tty pt'P yp. all jiL 00 

NJCEDLBe^. U337-.Murl)tiy Ice. WtAer Jt Lt. Co. fm 

NEVADA CITY. 3.260— KcTada County EJ«J. Pwp. 
Co.; iBef;&n op. 1 896) cap. «&00,QOO; bds. 1800,000, fi 
p. C. lot; John Brown P; C. A. Grow S. Ji T; 9. F. 
Aldcn P. A ; J. E. Polnpd..*BtPL- M; L. M. Uanctnik Oh. 
Elutjn i 4 a.o. 2 ph. Stan. 6000 9000-100 v. le.tJOU aUnp. 
Kd. fioci 30a.c. veriei arcs. 16 a, «Jnc. arcs; TT^i amp: 
a.aOO B. c. inca; a. c day clr; 2.0U0 hp. wh. Pelton: 
city cont. B4 luca. S6 c.p, 1^^- pur yr. moonU. all nt; 
(Co.uliso Itft.GrasA Valley ) ^b 

NKWCA^TLK— See Sooramiatito. 
(lAKDALE, T.iW^^-Stiiiilelauii Milling & Pvrr. Co, 
(Beirnn op. iwtirjt; cap. iiith <t pd Jn ll&u,ijOO. 

Prt*. ft Mtto. t ha*«. T. TulloclE .Oakdale 

y- *'"*-,?^^' f*lJ?elow„. Bun FrtDdHw 

S^e. ISf . E. i'nahiuau ......*.,,.,.... ♦♦ 

Tpeaii. A.G. iJini* " 

f'h, Elrrn. ,John McGrai^J.. Koighti Fwry 

1 a. c. Wt'Htu;. TE50IIW. 15O0O-l500f)-10O v. 8 ph. TSOtl 

atlne, Ed, T-U, hoc; a. c. day cir. 100 v; ISOOhp. Hirh. 

S-U. jfc g. V. t'fi. 

All nt: t*0. tlm Uf. tlodion and Koigbte Ferry. M 

OAKLAND, e7,000-Gftkland Gas, Lt. A Beat Co.: 

cap. 18.000,000; J. A, Britton k, T. *P. A; A. T, 

Eautlaud S; G. C. Albvrlon Siipt; — aic T-ll, Ft W ; 

a,r. Wcstg. 1000-104 y. Jfl^OOOaltiift. Ed. soc; 4^ arci; 

2.500 IL G, Ifios ; a. Q, day cir; pwp, olr. lOUU600vt» hp. c. B. O. ft R.; a. Jt S., Fltcb; - bp, h! 

tublr; city cont. 71)6 Us. c. p, ^iOOO S99.40 per yr; atl 

bt; cuaj S<L50. ^^h 

ijoc Standard Kleetrie €«.» Sam Frftncloco. 






ONTAmO. 8,500— Oatario Power Co. (Began op. 1902) 
(owned by the San Antonio Water C-o.) cap. anth. 

6 pd. in 1600,000; bda. anth. & outetg. $880,000, 6 p. 
c. int. 

Pres. L. 8. Dyar Ontario 

V.Prea. R. Manley •» 

1 Sec. 4& Pnr. Agt. B. C. Shepherd »* 

Treaa. let Natl. Bank ** 

Mgr. W. T. Leeke 

8iipt. & Elecn. E. U. Richardson Upland 

8 a. c. G. E. 750 kw. 2:W0-110 v. 6000 altns. £d. soc; 

4000 a. c. IncB. a. c. day dr. 2300 v; a.c. pwr. cir; 1500 

hp. impact wh. Doble. 
City cont. 800 ince. 16 c.p. $6 per yr. 3700 com.lncB. 

8-16 c. p. t.l8^ per kw. all nt. •{• 58 

ORANGE, 1,387— Santa Ana Gas & Eire. Co. owned 
by Ediaon Elec. Co. of Los Angeles. 92 

OBOVILLE, 2,500-Oroville Gus, Elec. Lt. A Pwr. 
Co.; cap. «82,000; no bds; J.C. Oi«K<K>d, P; C.W. Put- 
nam, S. A P. A; Bk of Oroville T; C. M. Smith M. A 
6pt; J. H. Boring Ch. Engr. & Elecu; 4 a.c. G. B. 
2000-110 V. 8. ph. 7200 altns.; S. M. soc; 4 a. c. arcs; 
1500 a c incs ; 250 hp. Pelton Wheel. 90 

OXNARD, 2,000— Colonia Improvement Co. (Began 
op. 1901); cap. anth. A pd. in $150,000. 

Ptea. J. A. Drifflll Oxnard 

V. Pit*. E. R.H111 *• 

Sec. T. E. Walker »» 

Treas. Jay Spence " 

Snpt. & Ch. Eleen. A. E. Thurston '* 

1 a. c. G. E. 2300-110 v. s. ph. 7200 altns. Ed. soc; 

7 a. c. arcs 6.6 amps; 1200 a.c. incs; 175hp. e. WoHtg; 
£40 hp.b. B. A W; oil $1.04 bbl. Co. also lis.Uucneme 
and El Rio. 53 

PACIFIC OROVR, 1,411-Sec Monterey. 
PALO ALTO, 1.65S-PaloAlto Lt. Co. (Mnnic.) (Be- 
guiop. 1900); cost $25,000. 92p 

United Gas A Elec. Co., sec San Jose. 

PASADENA, 9,117-Pasadena Elec, Lt A Pwr. Co. 
(Owned by Edison Elec. Co. of Los Angeles); G 150 
kw. trfmrs. G.B. 80,000-2200 v. 1 100 It. a.c. trfmr. G. 
K 1 a. c G . E. 2200110 v. 8 ph. GOOO alius. T-U soc; 
58 a. c inc. arcs 6.6 amps; 18 d. c. inc. arcs 5.5 amps; 
83.873 a.c. incs; 806 hp. ind. mo; 450 hp. c. S. City; 
450hp.b. 8. City: city cont. 51 arcs 1080 incs. c. p. 
2000 A IG 878 A $7.80 per yr. rnooult; coal $12. 92 

PASO ROBLE8, 1,2»— Sperry Flour Co.; H. Davis 
P; D. B. Moody, S; J. 1>. Armstrong M. A P. A; 
— a.c, Westg. 1000-50 v., 7,<'00alins; T.-Il. soo; 
1.000 a.c. incs ; 850 hp. e. Nord. 58 

PENRTN— See Sacramento. 

PSTALUM A,3,871— Petuluma Gas A Elec. Co. (Be- 

San op. 1890) ; cap. anth. $300,000. issued $140,000; G. 
;urdell P; J. Burdell S. A T; G. K. Ortman M. A 

P. A; D. Stillwell Ch. Engr; 8 a.c. G. K. 1100-50- 

100 V. s. ph. 16.000 altns. T-H soc; 85 arcs; 6.000 

a.c incs; pwr. cir. 500 v; 800 hp. e. Nord; 460 hp. b. 

Riad ; city cont. 86 Its. c. p. 2000, $95 per yr. moonlt; 

coal and wood $6.50. 90 

PLACBRVILLK, 1.748-Placerville Elec. Lt. Co.; 

cap. $$0,000; W. S. Graham P. W. R. Arthur S. W. 

Larence T. C. J. Green M. P. A. 1500 inc. Westg. 

9000400 y ; 150 hp. wheel. Dod. 99 

PXBASANTON— See Wtr. A Pwr. Co., Llvermore. 

PORTRICTEIMOND. 8,000-Ri<hmond Lt. A Pwr. 
Co. (Began op. 1901) ; cup. auth. A pd. in $10,0U0, b<ls. 
anth. A oiitxtg. $50,000. 

Pree. A Treas. W. llenshaw Port Richmond 

5 See. A Mgr. ('. W. Waller 

Supt. A Ch. Klecu. U. B. Kinmy... 

1 a. c. G. E. 2800 V. 3 ph. 7200 altns. Ed. soc; 50 a. c. 
arcs. 4000 a. c. incs; a. r. day cir. 125 hp. e. Allia; 125 
hp. b; all nt; (Taking cnrrcnt from Cal. Gas A Elec. 
Co.) 48p 

POMONA, 5,596-San Gabriel Elec. Co. See Los 

Bdison Elec. Co. of Los Angeles; 8-150 kw. trfmrs. 
WMlff. 80.000-2,200 v; 1-50 It. a. c. arc trfmr. G. E; 

8 ph. $000 altns. 8200-220-110 ?. Kd. soo: 15 a. o. arcs 
6J8tmpa; t8a. c. inc. arcs 5.5 am|w; 1,168 a. c. incs; 
ft. o. day cir. 2200-115 v; 467; city cent. 25 Its. 
c. p. 8000 $6.50 per mo. moonlt. all nt. 98 

PORT COSTA, 1.00a-C:ontra CasU Elec Wortuc 

(Began op. 1899.) 

PORTERSVIIXE, l,500~Portert?iUe Lt. A Pwr. 
Co. (Beg^n op. 1890): cap. auth. A iasucKi tlO.OOO; so 
bds; W.ll.Uammood P; A.G.Wiahon S.A M; Pioum 
Bank T; Hammond A Wishon P A; Wishon A Mad- 
dux Snpt: C. il. Hollev Ch. Engr. A Elecn; camat 
purchased from Mt. Whitney Pwr. Co. 

PUENTR, 150— Santa Ana Gas A Elec. Co . Onnfd bj* 
Edison Elec. Co. of Los Angeles; S-l.'VO kw. tifmn. 
G. E. 81,500-11.000 v; 60 a. c. incs; 55 hp. ind. no; 
80 m. trans, to Santa Ana, Orange and Whittier; S-w. 
8ph. 6000 alms. 11,500 V. 9S 

QUARTZ. 400— Toolamne Elec. Pwr. A Lt. Co.; L B. 
Linn, Snpt. See Sonoro. 10 

RED BLUFF, 3,000-Red Blnff Elec. Lt. A Gas 0>; 
cap. $100,000; no bds; E. W. Knnyon P; C. Hnghei 
S. M. A P. A ; Tehama C. Bk. T. 3 d. c. are Brash 
110 t; 10 d.c. inc. arcs; d.c. daycir; 85hp.e; oil. tt 

Tehama Elec. Co. GSd 

REDDING, 2.946— Redding Elec. Lt A Pwr. Co. (Ite- 
gan op. 1890); cup. anth. A isnued, $50,000; 10 p. c. 
diT; F. Smith P; L. G. Fillmau S; R. M. Sa«>ltaer T; 
S. P. Pillmon M, P. A. A Supt; 1 d. c. arc W. K; 5 
d. c. pwr. Westg: 2 a.c. Westg. 2200-100 v. a. A S ph. 
7,200 altns. T.-H. soc; 46 d. c. area 10 amps; 2a. c 
arcs 10 amps; 1700 a. c. incs; day cir: ^ hp. e. 
BaldsTille; 850 hp. tnrb. LefTcll; 850 hp. b. K. 90 

REDLANDS, 5,276— Redlands El^-c. Lt. A Pwr. Co. 
Owned by the Edison Elec. Co. of Los Angek^ 
(Began op. 1898); cap. anih. $&UO,UQU. isaned ^UU.QU): 
6 p. c. diy; bds. auth. $100,000, issu<Hl $250,000, 6 p. c. 
int; 2 a. c. G. E. 11,000 v, 4 a.c. G. E. 760 v. 4-750 kv. 
88,000 V. G.E. trfmrs. 7-100 kw. G.E. Wagnei trfmrs. 
2400-11000 V, 8-200 kw. G.E. trfmrs. 11000-8400 v. $«5 
kw. G. E. trfmrs. 8350 J- 10500 v; 6 a. c G. E., Westg. 
2500-110 V. 3 ph. 6.000 altns. Ed. soc; 10 a. c. arcs; 
11.760 a.c.incs; cir; 1600 hp.e. Whlk, Hamlt. 
Cor; 7425 hp. wh. Pelton; 900 hp. b. Stir; city cont: 
351 inc. 7 arc Its. 16 A 1200 c. p. arc $108, inc. $12 per 
yr, all nt ; oil 3^ cts. gal. 9t 

REDONDO. 855— Redondo Elec. I ight Plant; G. 
J. Lindsay, Owner A M : 1 a. c. Royal lOUO-iOO v., 
16,000 ultns.; Westg. soc.; 14 a.c arcs; 1000 a.c 
incs. : 75 hp. e. Ide ; 75 hp. b. Ilendy. ; city cont, 
mdnt. 39 

REDWOOD CITY, 1,G53-Unlt€d Gas & Elec. Ca 
See San Jose. 

RICHMOND. 3,000— Richmond Lt. A Pwr. Co. (Be- 

?:an op. 1901): cap. auth. A issued $25,000; W. G. 
lenshaw P; C. K Hayes S, T, M. A P. A; H. B. 
Kinney Snpt. A Ch. Elecn; 1 a. c. G. E. 2200 v. 8 ph. 
'i'HOO altns. Ed. soc: 05 a c. inc. arcs; 1200 a. c. incs; I 
125 hp.e. Allis; 100 hp.b.Atlas; all nt; oil $.75 bbl. 93 

RIVERSIDE, 7.973-Sec San Bernardino. 

City Elec. IAk. Plant (Munic.) 72 Its. c. p. 9000 $48 

per yr. moon. t; coal $11. 9iL 

ROCKLAND— Sec Sacmmento. 
ROCKLIN, l.aV)-C C. Elec. Co. 92p 

SACRAMENTO, 29^282— Central California Elec. 

Co.; (Begun op. 1807). ^Owned by South Yuba 

Water Co.) 

Pres. W. Van Norden New York 

Treas. A M C. Van Norden Sacramento 

5 Pur. Ajrt A Supt. It. W. Van Nordan. . 
8 d. c. arc Westg; 5 o. c. Westg. 2400s600-115 T. 2 A 

8 ph. 7,200 altns; Ed. T-H soc; 00 d.c. arcs 9.G amps; 

50 a. c. arcs ami>H; 25.000 a. c. incs; a. c. day cir. 

same v; d. c. pwr. cir; 5800 hp. wh, Pelton, S. B. A 

8. V. Co: (Co. also Its. New Castle. Anbnrt, 

Penryn. Loomis, Rocklin and Colfax.) 53 

Sacramento Klec. Gas A Ky. Co. (Ilegan op. 1895) 

San Francisco oftice. Room 1412 Claua Sprvckels 

Bldg; cap. auth. $2.4UOO0O, |>d. iT> $1 h5m 400: bdi 

auth. $2,500,000, issued $2,250,000, 5 p. c. int. May A 


Pres.JK: Mgr. Albert Gallatin SAn Francisco 

Sec.A Treas. Albert Gallatin, Jr " 

5 I'ur. Agt W.L. lienuie Sacmnento 

Ch. Engr. C. L. Knight " 

Ch. Elecn. C. W. Button •• 

r3 a. K; 5 ft.c. G, E, SOeO-llS t. 3 ph. 7300 

t JH»iiPCMi A. c. iaca; d, c» d*y cir; pwr ek. 
►^*^: aa bp, *. McI Jt S: a^iO hp. twrU. Brolih: 
li. BAb, A W; city OCHit. aSO lU. e. p. 20UO 
tvr jr. All nt; crude oil $,70 per bt»l> (Cn. 

i»t 8 «&l-4^lirns Wtr. Lt. * Pwr. C3fl.; cap, 
, t*^. In KSUU.IKJO; title, uuib, ^ uutHtiT- ^luO^OOl/, 
- m%; CX Z. Hubl>-il I'; It C. P. ymkii »; F. 
Sell r: J. ^. UanliiU'i- CL |M; Philo .rnnvfi P. 
■pi: Wjm. WniUce Ch. Enk't: B W. CtAWnA 
IBH I A. e. (J K. I*, pb. J2U kw, llHU^im v. Kil. 
4».e. aret t-Oump*; 1300 6, o. iuue; ISU hp. 
»: 2aD hp b, tiity iroui. as Itn. C, p. l^UO flMt 
lUOOELit; oil f.TB Mil. -f 5r^ 

fSIAIll»IKO,fl,150-SAti nprojiP(J!iio G«b A 
: cup. tW»*«*JO: W, S* lltioiiej- P; K. N* 
H, ft Jiftli. Hunk T: (J. M. Uow M. ^ RA; 
itt, HO Arcf c, p. 'iOOO 01 06 j»r yr.. tawiult. 
0. (Aiao It*. Rfvenldc*) fl-2b 

UU4>S.»-rilk1«d Qfti A EIch:. Co. see SftD 

llSOn. irjOO—SiLii Di**«oOiis a KlocLt. Co.; 

» op. 1»*U); e»p, fBOO.DOu; bd*. laa&,lJW, 6 p.c. 

M. rowers k\ M. 1% IV A; U M. Ari*y S: Uk. 

enx T; IL L> Ulark« ^tipt. ^t Ekn^n ; S *f<s 

rt W; £«. 13. tt. pb. W««lg; JDy0u50y. 10,000 

H -M */^-*; SfiO arc#; l.aPO li fe iiu'Si 65U Up. 

't!i^, Ocirj WOhp. b. Ericj. ItK^al^ tiity 

2UCMJ c, p, W.5U p«r njo. iiiwnU: coal 

l£AKCIfiCM>. 342,:«r-San Frauciaco Qtm A 

^. -'^ir. nflUi. teU*OtM>,(]00. pd. it! 11 3.000. (XiO; 

:,<IJ0. a p. c. mi: W. B. Bouru P; 

It S. A T: A, PolJock Mkt. Kkc. 

i_ :'r P. A. Ivltjc, I>ept; S. L Saplitily 

*tui, K. c. .luiitiii 4Jli. Etii^r; F. I£. Smltb Cb. 

83 li. & »Tfl Uruslu Ft. W: sff d. c. G. R KSO- 

»*. c. 3 pb. w*?#tK. shm. iiao-ijr^-f^ V. TiJI^I 

£d- Boc; 1400 i»HTit?!< iirrH V i; :iiiipi4; ^]0() d. c. 
ca &«mp: Sfca),0«JOd. cr. iiirs; &ii,iiLWft. c. iiic* ; 
ly cir, dr. c, day cir; [3TiX> hp. mo cuiiiicct^'d); 
!ip.e,ttiilU Alll*. ihM^]e, Lfub^n: »Jf)0 hp.b. Tliih. 
leJoe ■ 3 bit (JJM8 kw. f hloridc itcY; city cotit. 
p, %Q«i e. p. •l^SJI.aJ pcf yf. »ll tii; olL 93 

Coiintle* Priwer Co. (furnlfth ihiwht at whole- 
ily>. CAP. ftutli. S,agO,000. ImdchI Sft,UO0; bfiti. 
fc OttUip. •a.OUO.OOO. 5 A fi p. c. Itit; K J, de 
Jr. F: C. A, Grow !^. Jt 1'; F. M.Rwj Asst. M ^ 
Elancwk Supt. ^J 

raJ tt. ^ Pwr. Co.. Pnrroit Bld«.; cap. iiuth. 

Of»; F. Fmiucm P; J, W. Fjittton S. *T: K 

tin M; lOd, e. S-II P^ t; ms bp. e. Unkn; 

». b. Kobtrtf , 92 

t'*: nib lit Eli^r. la, A Pwn Co, (B<i;nn c^p. 

Sbi,(Xmii>i>L iHi Nip; Claui" Spfrckilw 

-; A. II, r^pnu-kdp^T; A.M. llimt M; 

^ . It. A. Wm^Hl 8upt: T. Mirk Ch. 

' h. Kk'cn: 5 a. r, Wetit. «)0aa30 

iiH, Ed. itcx:; ^jOO a, c. arci H.B 

^ ; II. *, diiy dr. »n v i pwr. fir. 

ii^e»>ib» V. m.^ioa hp. c. M, s; e^^obp. b. B. 

oPi,?vbb.. ba 

ttti Klec. Lt Ho., «17 Hcjwiira !St.i cap. tWo,- 
»bd»,; P* II, Cum VIII IL Prifs. ; J. Fisbir S*^*\: 
C*L , Treiu. ; W . K. Sii m me f buy us , V . - 1 ■ n s , 
a*; 7» life, Wflthi: IM.OOO nil. Luc WirmX, 
,; »U»-I10V.: S.-M., Kd. AT.-n. aw;.; d»y 
O0-11(f v., pwF, olr, £sa v.; S.SJO h. p. enp, 
ifhL>E. '■ - i(i) H. p. b,, Rlsdrm. yi 

flc .: (Bfi'irfliti op. li^l: cap. nntb. 

m I ^^^,4771; C. O. 0. Mill«r. P, T.A 

; ' .1 n* n t cj; nn I ifi h Y ; d vv u i a ud ii p- 
\ifihi Hurki at VftTknis (loiiil* 

' ItT d I fTvT*f u I tiatti H B . iJg 

•j'fucutCo. @w BaJcersAoM. 
: fLht\ Co. of Ciil. ft ft, c. St/ui. 40000 
a pD »- c. day tir; iri.oOO hp, inrb. Imioo. 
L StwdCloa S^n if mc, (iMklaiLil Mid Sa^n Fraii^ 


tAN JACIKTO, ClO^Boaeb A Cbaatibert (Bcgim 
op. IJ^U?) C. E, CliftDiben* M. A 8tiptr M, S. Ruacb P. 
A. A Ub. Kkcn; 1 a. e. UOO-IJO v. .1 pb. TTSOOaltoa. 
f-H hoc; e ft. c. an^ 15 to ^ ampi^: 500 a. c. Iiica ; 80 
lip. fc'. Allfree; lOif bp. b. Prnti; city rout. 40 It*, c.p. 
33; $1^ ptr yr. 11 F. M ; oU $.m bbl, 0^ 

9ANGKR, 3,aOO"FloiiBer EIm. LL Wka.; Ow««d bj 
Saiiic**r Ivlec. LI. Uo, an MonLSt,* Sun FfftD^isco, 
C&l. ; J, T, Chick, Li^ts^i;, M. A P. A, ; €*p. 411 tb. 
r5,000, [Kl in $§,000, 5 pc. div . do bdfl- G. A. Berton 
P; J, Frt?nler S; .L Rct^c Ch. Kiigr; I ». c. WeBlg. 
S*0-115 V. 7,500 allns. Kd. iocj 2 a. c, arcH 4.5 A 
ampB; 700 a.c, iacs;8S hp. e. Obmn; HO bp. b. Dgn- 
don; oil |.0l. 92 

SAN JOSK, Sl,500— Unlt<Ki Gas A Blue. Co. (Btfran 
op. iW£}; cap.autt*. t'>,0(Jj).00O; 8 p,e. div; bd», niub. 
Sa.GOO.OUOJsani^d j J. 000,000. 5 p. citit; J. K. Gm-n 
P; V. M. Pcnnoyej H. M. A P. A; C'rocktT-Wool- 
*-:5rtb Natl. Bank T; A. H. Hiiiitidgton Supt- fid. e. 
niL U. E; Ua, e. Q. K. Slan, WV^iii;. «000?2SOO-aaj tlO 
V. i. S A 8 ph. TsfOO sltnu. Kil. mm: ; 3i& d. i\ urcH 
amp*; IfiOa, e. aresffl o^mpB; 4o,U00 a. c, luesi; d. c. 
day cir; aOOOfjOOv; d. *:. pwr, cir, MO v; ^700 bp, e. 
M. S. Ban. AlHi'; i35O0 hp. b. 1*. A W, lIHm*; cjty 
coiit. aOO Itpi. c. p. WtM) fHU ptr vr. raooiijlull nt; oil 
f.70 bbL (t^o. ftico lt». Sau Carloii^ Btlmon^ San 
Mtteo, Buriimjttuii! ML View. May Arid, I'alo Alto, 
Stanford, Meiilo, Rt-dwood City, banta Clara, Camp- 
bells and Fair Oiikj»,) m 

SAN I.E ANl>KO, 2,853— Bnbnrbftn Elet. U. To. (fon- 
trol:} San Leandro Oaa A Elec. Lt. Co. ftiid 1 1 ay ward h 
Ek-c. IX Co.) liliJiTJiiop, IWOD; cap. autb. $500,000, 
]XJ. h\ glOO.ClOO; tj ]i. c, aiv; no bdi. 

Pf**. H. W. Meek .,.►.....»..... San Leandro 

V, Frea, A Mgr, Win. Anjfua,.. „,.... " 

Bee. Chai*, A. JcfTerr *' 

( 'h . Eiigr, A Kk-cn. Qeo. J. Clark *» 

1 a.e. 40u0^t!S5 t. 3pb. Ed. «oc;€B 0.0 imiM; 
aOit a. <■. Inis; a, e. day cir. SSSS v. 

City coiit. m afct*< !»00 c.p. STt pfir jr. moo«1t. (Co. 
(klHo Its. < entenille). 4» sjt 

SAN HTJS OBIi^l'a, seai^San LmIs Obbpo T-H 
Ek*. LL Vo. cap. aath. A pd. In $25,000. 

Prei. W. F. Boardman ...*,,... 

5V. Pm«. a Mgr. K, B. Hoyt... 

80c. D,D, Haraard.,,. ♦..*.„„ 

Tre4iB. ( 'otiimL'rc^IjtJ B^ak ,,..... 

Supt. A < h. Blt-in. B. CalJ „ , 

Ch. Engr. D. Klchola 

t>d. 1% ur*:, T U S5 U. cap; 1 a. e, Wa^er 100 kw. 
aiUUlO V. 1$. ph. T^JOO alius, T H Kd. aoc; JHa, e. Inc. 
iirc«. « aiiitw; 100(1 a, c. inctit SKSO hp. e. Wlilock; 150 
hp. I>. tubfr. 

t'ltycunl. Kan-H, im) c. p, SWf*r vr, 1600 com. 
iiicit. ]tjc. p.$,n)i pQr kw. tnwitilr. pidm; oil $.flO 
bbl. 4* 53 

^AN Bf ATKO, 1.8!ia-Unlt(sd Qm A Eltc. Co. Hm 

Uau JoMi. 

8 AN P£Dltt], l,Tar-S«i Long Beacb. 18 

United E)«c, Oaa A Pwr, Co. Se« Loa Anf^et^i. 

SAN RArAf:L« 3.9rO-San Hufuel Gas A Elec Lt. 
Co.: cap. ISlfMVltl^ S. R Cuibin^f P; JobtiS, Kan<*f^n 
S. M. A PA: STarc, Brush, 3,000 alL Inc. Mat; aOOO- 
im VI Ed. KOTi; no day cir: lao bp e. Obm«n; 2nn 
hp. b. UHuf!, BaE. 80 

8ANTA ANA. 4,SS3-Santa Ana Gan A Eleo. Go.] 
owned by £dit«(in K^et, Co., of Lo« Aniculea; II-7S 
kw. O. E. trwmrH. 10,000 :£aJ(J v. a-i& kw. G.E. trfmrs, 
iUfiO^SOD V. 1 iLc. arc Ft. W. SO cyck, Kd. *oc; ^ d-c. 
area 9.0 ampa; 7*1. a iircs 5 5 am^tt^; 4417 a c. Inca; 
101 hp. iiid. mo. a. c. 2aOO Afl) lb* v. 3. ph. QOOO aloia. 
citvcout laarc Ub. JTMkOc.p iG2 lQt#. 10 c.p. moonlt, 
mdat. ^ 

fiANTA UARUARA, «,58r-United Eke. Gaa A 
PwT. Co. BCf Lot Angr^k'i. 

SANTA CLARA* ajOO— City of Santa Clar* f||n< 
nk*.)^ (Bt-gan op, 1890)^ coat $11,000; O. 8. H*lph 
!iupt ; 1 »rc G.E ; IS arcni 9i.S ampa; 7& bp. «. L. A B : 
laOhp. b. tublr; oil |.n bU. SA 






SANTA CRUZ, 5,659— Big Creek Power Co.; cap. 
t800,000; P. W. Billing P; J. F. Coope S; W. T. 
Jeter T ; C. B. Lilly 8upt; 2 a, c. Westv. UOO-ICO v. 
7,20UaltiiB. TH soo; 10 a. cares; 2,{)00 a. c. Incs; 
day cir. 100 v; 400 hp. e; 1400 hp. wh. Pelton: 600 
hp. b; city cont. all Dt. (Pwr. furnished to S. C. 
Klec. Ry. Co.) M 

City of Santa Cruz (Munic); (Becan op.l884); bds. 
aatb. $5,000, 5 p.c. int; R. L. Cardiff 8upt; i d.c.aro 
Brush; 86 d. c. arcs 6.6 amps; 72 hp. e. Garratt; 75 
hp. b. Haz; moonlt. mdnt; wood $d.:25. 92 

Santa Cruz Elec. Lt. A Pwr. Co. (Began op. 1889); 
cap aath.f300,000« issued $15,540; bds.aath. IIOU.OOO, 
issned $30.000, 6 p. c. int: J. McNeil P: C. H. Stone 
S; County Bk. T; P.C. Funk M, P. A. A Snpt; 4 a.c. 
T.H 1040-104 V. 2 ph. 16.000 altns. T-H soc; 20 a. c 
arcs; 2,500 a. c. incs; 500 hp. e. Ball, F. ,& C; 600 hp. 
b. Atlas. Union. 53 

SANTA MONICA, 3.057— United Elec. Gas & Pwr. 
Co. See Los Angeles. 

SANTA PAITLA. 2,301— Santa Psula Elec. Co. (Began 
op. 1902); cap. anth. $200,000, |Mi. in $22,000. 

Pres. C. H. McKevett Santa Paula 

Sec. C. C. Teague 

Treas. Ist Natl. Bank 

Sept. H. N. Snyder ** 

Ch. Engr. ('. W. Hanlist>n " 

('h. Elecn. W. rnden%oo<l " 

1 a. c. G. E. 2800 v. Ed. soc; 2000 a. c. iucn; 100 hp. 
e. Atlas; 180 hp. b. Atlas, Cha»e. 

City cont, 40 Incn, 16 c. p. $12 per yr. moonlt. all nt; 
oU $80 bbl. 53 

SANTA ROSA, 6,673— California (Jas & Elec. Corp. 
(Began op. 1901). 

2 a. c. sun. 2125-115 t. 2 ph. r200 altns. Ed. soc; 60 
a. c. series arcs. 7.5 amps; a. c. day dr. 115 v; 850 ii{). 
e; 400 hp. b. 

City cont. 60 arcs. 9000 c. p. 184 per yr. 9000 com. 
incs. 16 c. p. $.10i)cr kw. all nt; (current taken from 
Bay Counties Pwr. Co. 185 m.) + 53 

Merohants' Ltg.Co. (Began op. 1892): cap. auth. 
$60^; J. H. Brush P; U. Weber S, M. «!k P. A: J. 
H. Emhorn T ; 2 d. c. arc Ft. W; 9 a. c. Westg. 1000 
•100-50 ▼. s. ph. 1600 altns: Westg soc: 120 d. c. arcs 
9.5 amps; 1500 a. c. incs; 350 hp. e. Bckve; 850 hp. b. 
city cont 43 Its. c. p. 2000 17 per mo. moonlt; wood 
$4.50. 90 

SAUSALITO. l,62S-Sau(ialito EU-c. Lt. Co. 53p 

SELMA, 1,083— Selma Lt. cV Water Co; cap. auth. 
$60,000; bdp. $20,000, « p. c. int; D. S. Sno<ljrraHs P. 
& H; S.Lfwald S; 1st. Natl. Bk. T; 1 a. c. Warren 
1000-100 V. s. ph. Ed. soc: 500 a. c. incs: 75 hp. e; 
80 hp. b: city cont. 12 Its. c. p. 2000 $9 per mo. 
moonlt; oil. 92 

SIERRA CITY, 388— Sierra City Elec. Lt. Co; cap. 
$1,075; P.Gofl. M.&P.A; 1 d.c Westg. 110 v; WcHtg. 
soc; 150 d.c. incs; 10 hp. wh. Pelton. 9'Jp 

SIS80N, 872— Sisson Elec. Lt. Co.; (Began op. 1899); 
G. H. Johnson Owner; 2 d. c. Weslg. 220 v; Ed. 
soc; 425 d. c. Incs; 50 hp. turb. McC. 92 

SONORA, 1,9AJ— Tuolumne County Water A Pwr. 
Co. (Began op. 1894): cup. »r>50.000: J. W. Ellis P; 
J. B. Pownall S & P. A; \V.L. McKinley Ch.Klecn; 
1 a. c. G. £. 3 ph. •.:000-100 v. 7200 altns. T-Il soc; 
2000 a, c. incs; a. c. pwr. cir. 10,000-500-100 v; 2600 
hp. wh. Pelton. 92 

Tuolumne Elec. Pwr. & Lt. Co. (Co. also Us- 
Quartz Mountain, Jamestown and Stent). (Bi^gan op* 
1899); G. W. Tapping, M. i^ P. A; W. D. Bannister. 
S; Power rentea from Tuolumne Co. Wtr. & Pwr. Co. 


SONOMA. 652— Sonoma Elec. Lt. Co. (Be^'an op. 
1896); cap. auth. $10,000. pd. In I8«200; W. T. Kut- 
ledge Lessee & P. A; F.T.Duhrlng P; H. II.Grauice 
8: Sonoma Valley Bank T; J. Pochette M; Id.c. 
Westg. 220 v; Ed. soc; 875 d. c. inch; 30 hp. e. Otto; 
moonlt; oil 5 cts. per gal. 98 

STENT. 777— Tuolumne Elec. Pwr. A Lt. Co; L II. 
Linn, Sapt, Quarts Mt See Sonora. 

STOCKTON, 17,60&-Stockton Gas A Elec. Ca: (Bs- 
gan op. 1880): cap. anth. $1,000,000, pd. in IBOOM; 
bds. anth. A ontstg. 1900.000, p. c int: F. A. Uiki 
P; A. T. Eastland S; H. £. Adams M. A P. A; P.P. 
Adams Elecn; 5 arc Ft. W; 8 a. c. T-U 2200 111 t. 

altns. Ed. soc; 200 d. c. arcs; 8,900 a.c inrj; p«r. 

cir. 500 v; G75 hp. e. Ball; bOO hp. b. Risd;citvcaal. 
188 Its. 2030 c. p. $0.90 per mo. moouK; coal ^ 51 
See Standard Elec Co., San Francisco. 

SUI8UN, riO-Suisun Lt. A Pwr. Co., (Begaa op. 
1899); cap. $10,000. 
Owner Leonard Prior Soisa 

1 a. c. Warren 4000-2000-100 y. 8 ph. 7200 altn*. Id. 
soc: 1000 a. c. incs: 60 hp.e. Ball; 60 hp.b. Brie;oit7 
cont. 80 Its. 82 c. p. $2 per mo. all nt; coal $80. (Oa 
also Its. Fairlleld.) a 

SUTTKR CREC:K.1,.'iOO-The Amador Elec. By. A 
Lt. Co.: (Also Its. Jackson A Amador City); (BcRti 
op. 1894); cap. auth. $50,000, pd. In $S0 OOU; E. C 
Voorheis P: C. B. Dowrn* S, M. dfc P. A; First XsiL 
Bk. T; 2 a. c. G. E. 2200-100 v; also purchase pvt 
from Standard Elec. Co; T-II soc; 4000 a.c. inc. lU) 

TRUCKKE, 1.850-Truckee Elec. Lt A Pwr. Co. 

(Began op. 1888) ; csp. sutU. $10 000; J. MarzenP; 

P. M. Doyle fcJ. T. M. A P. A: W. S. RowlinsonCk. 

Elecn; 1 a. c. 0. E. 2080 100 v. s. ph. 15000 altns. Ed. 

soc; GtJOa. c. Incs; 7b hp. turb. tt 

Tmckee River Gene ral Elec. Co. (Began op. 19001 

cap.auth. $2,500,000, pd. In $750,000, Hp.c.div. no \A; 
Pres. E.Fieishhacker...520 Market St, SanFrancim 

V. Pres. S. Schwiibacher Tnickce 

Sec. H. Fleishhacker •• 

Treas. Nevada Bank " 

% Pur. Agt. S. Smith " 

Supt. B. C. Condit '• 

Ch. Engr. A. M. Hunt " 

2 a. c. Westg. 750 kw. 22000 v. S3 

TULARE. 2,2H^Tnlare Gas Co.; (Began op. 1891): 
cap. auth. $50,000, $28,000; no bds; B. Lathrop 
P. <!k M; L. L. Abercrombie S; Bk. of Tulare T; d. c. 
day cir. 110 V. 9* 

UKIAU, 1,850-Ukiah Connty Elec. Co. ; cap. 130.000; 
C. B. Johnson Pres. A Man; Quo. Johnson Sec. i 
Treas; A. Uo.-ton Pur. Agt. A Snpt; 2 d. c. Kd. 116 t; 
Ed, T.-U. soc ; 650 incs.; 00 hp. eng. Balj. 76 ha 
b. Kisdon. 90 

VACAVILLF, 1,600- Vaoavllle Wtr. A Lt Ca (Be- 
gan op. 1892); cap. 125,000; E. U. N. Lehr P. A 31: 
W. Z. McBride S. A T: 2d. c. G. E. 8 w. 125 ▼; Ed. 
soc; 1200 d. c. incs 110 v; 90 hp. e. McI. A 8. Payw; 
100 hp. b. Bab. A W, Atlas; all nt: oil $1 per bbl 
(Taking current from Bay Counties Pwr. Co.) 94 

VALLKJO. 7,965— Vullejo Elec. Lt. A Power Co. (Be- 
gan op. 1897): cap. auth. $100,000, pd. in $60,000. 

Pren. 1. Rosenberg Vallejo 

« Sec. Treat*, ic Mgr. K. Casper " 

2(1. c. an-. T-II 125 U. cap. 1 a. c. Weatg. 190 kw. 
2080- 1(K) V. 2 ph. 72(X> altns. Ed. soc; 150 d. c serte* 
arcs. (3.8 tiniUH; 81 d. c. inc. arcs. 250 hp. e. Ilam; 250 
hp. b. B. A W. 

City cont. 82 nrcn. 1200 c. p. $102 per yr. mooolt.t 
A. M. coal $6.7r) (pwr. renttHl from Bay Cotmties Pwr. 
Co.) SS 

VKNTURA. 2.470- Ventura Wtr. Lt.A Pwr.Co; (Be- 
gun op. 1892): cap. fSaKO.O; E. P. Foster P; G.C. 
Powers: ii. P. Dunnis P. A: C. Ortega Ch. Engr: 
1 u. c. Ft. W. 2000-100 V. s. ph; 7200Miins; 1,250s. c 
lues; l.'SO hp. e. H. O. & R; 100 hp. turb. Pelton; ISO 
hp. b. B. A W: city cont. 18 Its. c. p. 2000 $90 per 
yr. mooult, mdnt; oil $1 bbl. 9i 

VISALIA.3.500-Mt. Whitney Pwr. Co. (Began op. 

1899); can. autli. $800.0(K), ixl. in $:^,00a 

Pres. Wm. U. Hammond Vifslia 

V. PrcH. H. Wheeler New York 

Sec. P. W. Davis Vlsaiit 

Treas. Producers Hk •» 

• MKr. A Pur. Agt. B. M. Maddox »* 

Supt. A Ch. EnjJir. C. H. llolley " 

3 a. c. Westg. la'X) kw. 2200 110 v. 8 ph. 7200altitf. 
Ed. soc; GO a. c. Inc, arcs 4.5 A 0.0 ampe; 8000 a. c 
incs; a. c. daycir. 22j0 v; IHOO hp. turb. Doble. 

City cont. 82 arcs. c.p. 1200 $72 per yr. 88 com. am 
1800 c. p. $90 per yr. all nt. (Co also lU. Tnlaiv, 
Portenrllle, Lindsay, Exeter and Lemoncove.) B 





iriI^|.E. S,K8^W»lioii¥lIie Wtf, it Lt. 

a tiff ^mfr\' capi t 'X F, Smith F; F. 

pi^t. - "\ A, Whke M: F. Smith <t Co. 

I ' h, Kiigr^ W, A. White, Ch. 

■..h. 220.^^100 V. t,i.1»ii!lii(i, T H 

I. ,i'*hp. b; city corn, 24 Itn. 

jjitjont-QOperbbL 00 

I9S>; <:4p. tlO.OO»: S. L, lllpk? P, M. it P. 
BMyeWU; O. W. Smith T; J. a Blulr Ch, 
A. e, O, B^ ]M T| O. K aoc; fiOUd.c. tDcn: 
aiiiF^ltro. 119 

SB, L5fi0— KuntA Ana Gin ^ Elf^c.Co. owned 
i Kloe. Co. or LcM An|^1n». 

<t* «* '■ ,, ^ Wiitflr it Lt Co. (B«giiti 
\ p. <^. div; no bds; M.PrciiRb 
iflr. of Willow T: ULotU*!r 

k dft/ dr; (?ity coaL fiG Its. d. p. 10 %\^m 
\ nt, pwr rcnied. 53 

kSf 0. SODO^-CoQ, Elcc, Lu & Ou Co., cmp. 
llf. W.Bnunurl] Ft A. H. Porter V.P; 0. 
a ^ T; O. X. Rlcbinoiid H. J^ Elecu^ dO 
«|bp. e.A.&S. 

ES^Vrek* EltK^. Lt Co.: cap. 1^.000: 

^^wnrr: Geo. Qninoo M; H. M. Dor]iitid 

tl; t *. C. St*a. »00-100-.W> ir. i'lih. HhOOo 

fettg. coe: uodAjcSir; Ui) hp. lurb Kni^rht, 

■»&L as It*, c. p. 1« S300 per JT. ail m. 9^2 


■kl,Ul"Ttn' MiiUiiil Kloc, U. & Pwr. (^o. 
W^mom Kk«. Lt. ^t I'wr. CoJ c«p. fttith. £ 

"W. ScldffiT, * ..„,.,., A1 VUit«W 

», ILMUISri* '* 

«•«. A M^r. Fred. Groenlng. ,»..., '^ 

rr. it KJiffj. Q. IteHer*.** ** 

lurinck J£»m-ito T. 1! ph. Ed toe; Ifin.c.arM: 
1*^. urn; Trtiiu c. inim; 150 hp. e. B. A W; 

iiftl, jl liB, c. p, aooJitaoper yr. Pioooit; 
I. 03 

,Sr«-Thf Uoftriiif: Fork El^c LL * Pwr. 
pa op. LH§b)[ cap. aulb. A iiHU«d. I400.00l>; 
ElTowo, P; c F* Brown 8: J. FL Ouvi-reoi 
Uooliul*- M. A P. A; 4 d. c, arc JJriiph.TH; 
^^ Ui^tsO vi 4 A. c. W>iit^, T 11 n lO-ftl V, 
]D0 altof 1 S^M. IOC : ISii d. c. aiv!* t^.O ampn ■ 
a. «rr<9 4.& ampj!: f.50Q d.t^. inc&; 7-500 n. e. 
k d*y c(r, 5Uti 51 v; pwr nir. A60v; %^SbQ hp. 
m. Ikildf; iSObp. e. A, A; S; 300 hi»;h.Mohr; 
BfiltA, G. p, 30Q0 Setl per rr. &ll nt^ coat 

SAWK. r .15)0 -Gilpin County Lt. Ht Jb 
: e*p t.V},(iA*; il. K. Ladoml>r, F'; T, JJ. 
i * T ; I. hnrJes E. J<?nkiiiii M ; I »fo, 
Ifio., Wofita.: lOOt^-iifOv. t WVRtjj. toc<: no 
im tl. p. eng. A. it S. - SiO h. p. b. ; city 

R, 6jea-The BrjQldtr Klec, Lt ft Pwr. 
itolidalioa of BoaJdfir pwr. &> Lt. Co. und 
iUltj Co. (Bexab op. ig(fi); cap. Antb. ^ 
»«,(M»; bdi. fttitb. ft mitotg. itOO.fMiD, 5 p. i... 

. B roibertson.. Boulder 

Y. 1 Ttitaple........ *...... *,,..., " 

\ Uv.^\. .....,.,,.,...... ** 

J. ifoaiton. 

Ml .... * .1.13 T-H 110 i; I a. e. G E. 
OlO-ntf tlM r. ■. pb. l«,00t> nUna. T-U kc; 
oa 0LS ft 9 ampa: ^ d. c inc. arc»: 18 R.f. 
id.c. ln(?4i. wnOft.r, ln*:s; day cir. pwr. cir. 
I £ip.«. Ball ; HIO bp. Ik Erie, 
nu 56 Ita. t, p. JQUJ SlOO P^-^' yr. all uU 

PTRIDGi:, eTit-Bnsclmirfdga Uae, Co. 

BUKXA VISTA, l.OOfi-Buen* ViM* Stntltinp ft Rc- 
flnitiir Co., (Bcj^ua op.ieW>; cap.anth. t^.OOO.ODO; W. 
Provost, Jr. P; G. C. Hotjsei S; J. F. Hiaok T; B. F, 
M'jTlev M; R, G. Hifikiioa P. \\ W. P, Kvk? Supt; 
I arc Bill; 4 a. c. Hciakr v; Hflialpr aoc; 17 

■f^riee arcH 4 jimpe; MO d. c. Incft.t 450 a c. Inci; pwr. 

cir. 600 t; iftO hp. turb. LeiTol', Cltj cont. ^1 fnci, J 

17 arcs. Si ft 800 c. p. H,fl00.90per jt. ball moon, ll ' 

OANON CITY. S.?:5"CoIoTado Elec. Pwr. Co. Of- 
flci\ Colorado Sprln^d; T). V. Donaldson P. ft G.H; 
C, C. Cnnklo M ; (farjuab pwr. to Cripple Creek an^ 
Canon Cit.v). -f- AS 

COLORADO t^FRIXOJ^, 41 .0S6-Colorado Sprlntfi 
Elee. Co.i Geo, B. Tripp G. M : 3 a. c, 7fl0 kw, G. E. 
MOO- 104 y. » ph. 7SO0 aftna, S. M. ioc; aoo a. c. area 
e.a ampi; flS.OOO *. c. Iwcb; pwr. clr. NXI v; 8000 bp. 
e. Cor; aOCU bp, b. Bab. ft W, A .&T; ctij cont 
300 area c. p. 1:300 V75 per yt. tnoQnlt; coal fS. US 

CK^dTKD BUTTK,t,O0&-Cw»l«dBQtt*Lt.ftWrr, 
Co.- cap aiitb. ft pd. In 140,000; no bdii.; C, W. 
Badgliiy P. ft T; C. 1. lAwrenc? Amt. B\ G. W. 
Tbompson P, A. ft Supt; % d. c. TAl 110 t. Ed. soe; 
d. c. Inc. arte. 5 ampe; 650 d. c. incai 7B bp. wh. 
Pel ton; city cout TG ite. e. p. 3i f-^ per yr. 7 mo. 
Ml] nt h mo. It! o'clock. ^ m 

C riffle; CRKKK. IO.M7-Ft*raont ElaC Lt ft 
Pwr. Co.; cap. 1100,000: no bdojM. A. Leddy, P.; H. 
N. Siegfried. R. A P. A.; J. >'olon, T.; 4 are T.-H., 
Urutih; 4 a.c. T.-II. 1,010-104 v., l@,000altni.: T.-H. 
«iK- afiOart:a; 4,000 ao. irid».; pwr. dr. ROO v.; ASO 
hp. f. BhII^ A. ft S. ; 7Ut) hp. b. Penn; city cont., 
nf] nu m 

Gold Belt Cona, El«. Co.; 9. T, Smttb P; W. F. 
Joiieft &. ft Acidr; T. K€«ky T; C.F. Lacombe Q.M: 
F^ M. Gibha P. A; {purcliaBc« carrant); city eont. 
tS3 k0. 11150 per yr. all nt gl 

The La Belle Elec, tt. Co. 

OiSL NORTK, TiVi-Town of Del Nortn tMnnio.); 
COM 18,000; I. E, Fook«. \\ ft M; I *ftJ T Hr 1*. o* 
T'U l(M0-fj2 V. 9. pb. TaOO altnB. T41 ioc; S d. c. arei 
im II. c. inci; m b|j. i>. Allin; 100 bp. tk AUli; city 
cont. U arc«, c. p. 2iXX>, moon It. mdnt. M 

HELTA, L«»-Delt4 Elt-c- Lt. Co. (Began op. Vam\ 
cap. aath. ft iained jlO,€00; E. D. Hlodgett P; H. A. 
Sbnc 9; J. K. 8hne T, M. ft P. A; 1 a.c Warxaft aaOO 
Y. e. ph, 7J0O altim. Eil. hoc- 6 a. c. Luc. area; TSO a, c. 
liic»; 7^ bp. e, Idf; mdnt. U 

DBTSrVER, 138,800 -lienTer Gas ft BiM.Co.i (B&Ran 
op. |R§1K cap. pcL fo p,eGO.00a; lyd». 
anth. $ri,5OO,0O0. "^ ft « p. c, lot: H, L. Dohurty Recr; 
I. Butter worth P. ft M' F. W. Fnieantt i^. ft T; 
Jomi T. Brfely P. A; W, J. Barker Stlpt; 15 arc Bmih 
T-i{, F?L W; — v; 10,800 altna. ^— hoc; 1,200 d.c. 
area; 80,000 incp; day dr; b.&OO hp. e. Allla, BaB, 
A. Jt S,We»t^'. 59 

Denver Higbland* Klec. Co.; (Began op. J8S9>; 
Clip, aatb, ft pd. In |&a3.0U0; bda.aath. flW^OOO; E. 
A. Arbucltle P: R. H. Porter S; T. ft M; Saro W.K: 
3 a. c. We»t|%. 1100^50 v. e. ph. 10,000 alnt, R.-M, aoo; 
a^arqa; 6,000 a, c. inc&i 300 b p. c Ball; 900 h p. b; 
allnt; coal 2.20. HO 

The Lacombe Electric Ca ; city cont lOODarci c p. 
30(» $7.50 por mo. all nt afn 

Konntaln KLe^. Co, AS 

DtTRAH&O, ^^an—The DuraniFo Lt. ft Pwr. Co. (Be- 
gsn op. 1886>; cap, anth. >liX),WO. 

Proa. C. St. Willlami ,.... ., Colorado BprtUfa 

Sec. ft Tre*t. J. E, Landstrom.... 
5 Sunt, ft For. Ajrt. C. H . Pi'tcn DnranjMl 

CbTfinir. H. B^ichey... .,, " 

Sd- c. are. T-H »5 It cap; 3 d. c, pwr. Wester. 150 
kw. 660 v: 2 a. r. Wnstff. 175 kw. llOO-UO v. t pb. 7300 
altos. Weetg. hoc; 05 d. e. pcrl^ area. ft.Oampt; I a. c 
bic. area, flhamp^; 50 d. c. inci; 4OG0a. Ch luct; d. c. 
da/ dr. 500 T. 500 bp, e, A-C Co; 5O0 hp. b. Mohr. 

City cont Jf? art». 2000 c. p. |1S0 per rr^ 88 com. 
nftm. ^000 c. p. tl3& P<^ yr. all nt ; coal $1.86 4* fi3 

£n:FIH£, aoo— Empire El«c. Lt. Co. ^e«»ti op. IBQT) 
cap. auih, S5,00O: F. L. Peck Pfiop; R O. Pack Ch. 
Enci-. a d. c. O. E. laa-llO T. Ed. foc; «0 d. c. IBC*; 
40 tip. gaa e. Otto alty coat 9% 




IfiRIK, 750— Erie Elcc. Lgt. Co. (Began op. 1900); cap. 
$5,000; A. Maron P; U. Ciraham S; W. Angore T: 1 
a. c. . 16.000 altns; 550 a.c. incs; 40 hp. b. 02p 

riiORENCE, 4,00O-Arkan8afl Valley Elec. Co.; (Be- 
gan op. 1894); cap. aath. & iafiuoa 130,000: T. B. 
Steams P; J. W. Stearns 8. &T: C. Neelj M. A 
Sapt; J. J. Cooper P. A; 6 d. o. f:d. W. E. 125 ▼; 
Wes^. 80c: 50 d. c. inc. arcs 5 amps; 2500 d.c. incs; 
d. c. day cir. 2^ v. d. c. pwr. cir; 250 hp. e. A. A 8; 
800 hp. b.Stearns; city cont 40 Its. c. p. 2000 $96 per 
yr. all nt; coal $ 92 

FORT COLLINS, .3,054-Larinur Lt. & Pwr. Co. (Be- 
gan op. 1887); cap. aath. & pd. in $50,000; 5 p. c. div. 
bds. anth. & ontsig. $50,000 6 p. c. int. 

Pros. F. E. Broolcs Colorado Springs 

Sec. A Trean. I. W. Bonbriglit. ... 
1 Mgr. A Supt. E. C. Allen Fort Collins 

Ch. Engr. Boyd F. Sickles 

Ch. Elccn. N. Town 

1 d. c. arc. W. E. 60 It. cap; 3 a. c. G. E. Woetg. 275 
kw. 2000-115 V. B ph. 7200 altnn. Ed. Wentg. soc; 43 d. 

c. series arcs. 9.0 amps; 'Hfda. c. inc. arcs. amps; 5500 
a. c. incs; a. c. day clr. 115 v; 350 hp.e. Allic*; 800 hp. 
h. C. I. W. 

City cont. 31 arcs. 200C c. p. $100 per yr. all nt; coal 
$2.50 + I ^ y J ^ 

GEORGETOWN, 1,418— United Lt A Pwr. Co. (Be 
gan op. 1893); also Its. Silver Plume and Idaho 
aprinirs; cap. auth. & issned $35,000. 8 p.c. div; bds. 
auth. $50,000. issued $35,000, 6 p. c. int; F. K. Pncu- 
man P; F. P. Dewey 8. AT; C. L. Uoon M. A P. 
A; 4 a. c. Q. E. 2000-104 v. 3 ph. 7200 altns. S.-M. 
TH Boc; 4 a. c. anrs Samps: 1500 u. c. incs: a. c. 
day cir; pwr. cir. 2000-10,000 v; 500 h p. e. All is: 700 
hp. whs. Hug; 500 hp. b. B. A W; city cont. 85 Its. 
c p. 16 $100 peryr. all dark hours: conl ft4.) Co. 
also Its. (Jcntral City.Black Hawk and NevaJaville. 92 

GILLETT, 524-Golden Crest Water A Lt. Co. 6iM 

GLEN WOOD SPRINGS, 1,350-Olenwood Lt. A 
Wtr. Co.; (Began op. 1H86); cap. auth. A i8^ued 
$!S00.000; nobds', W. B. Dovereux P; F. H. A. Lyle 
8, T. A M; \Vm. H. Richardson Supt. A P. A: i 

d. o. arc Brush; 8 a. c. Westg. aOOO-lOO v. s. ph. 7,200 
altns. T-n soc: 42 d. c. arcs 0.0 amps; 1 d.c. inc. 
arcs Westg; 300 d. c. incs; 3600 u. c. incs; d. c. day 
cir; 860 hp \vht»el I)ol>le; ciiy cont. 11 Its. c. p. 20(0 
$153 each per yr. all nt. 53 

GOLDEN, 2,101— (Jolden Illg. Co.; (Hi'gan op. 1887); 
cap. anth. $^,000, pd. in $17,000; no bds; M. T. 
Morrill, P., M. A P. A.; L. J). (Jrav, 8.; W. H. 
Whitehead, T.; 4 <l.c. Kd. 1:30 v.; Kil. six-.; 2000 d. o. 
Incs.; 150 hp. e. Idc; 180 hp. b. Springfield. 92 

GOLDFIKLD, 2.191— La Bella M. W. A Power Co 
(Began op. 1890; Asa Fisher M. 92i> 

GRAND JUNCTION, 3,503-Grand Junction Elec. 

A Mfg. Co. ; cap t ; C. F. Lacombe, P. ; J. W. 

Steams, 8,: C. O. Bentley, M.; 2 a.c. Natl., Westg. 
1000-50 v., 16.000 altns. ; Wests, soo. : 9 a.c. arcs: 590 
a.o. incs.; 170 hp. e. A. A 8.; 200 hp. b. Moore; city 
cont. m 

GREELEY, 8,023— Greeley Pwr. A Lt. Co. (Began 
op. 1897); cap. Il7,ai0; no Ixls; 11. C. Watson P. 
W. M. Boomer 8. W. Mavhor M. A P. A. 1 arc T-H; 
a a.c. G. E. 1140-115 V. 26 arcs 9.6 amps ; 9 a.c. 
inc. arcs; Ed. soc; 1900 a. c. incs; 195 hp. e. A. A S; 
200 hp. b. Denv; city cont. 19 Its. c. p. 2000184 per 
yr. mdnt; coal t2.35. 51 

GUNNISON, 1,200-Gnnnison Gas A Wtr. Co.; (B«»- 
gan op. 1895); cap. f900,000: no bds; B. W. Lewis 
P. A T; U. J. McCanne 8. M. A P. A: — a.c. Westg. 
1100-110 ▼.. 16,000 altns. 8.-M. soc; 4 a.c. arcs: 1100 
a.c. incsi 80 hn. e. Ball; 100 hp. b. O'Br; city cont. 
82 Its. c. p. 16 S2 all nt; coal $2. 1 10 

IDAHO SPRINGS, 3.500-Seaton Mt. Elec. Lt., Ht. 
A Pwr. Co. (successor to Idaho Springs Elec. Lt. 
A Pwr. Co.; W. E. Renshaw P. A M; G. C. Stumm 
8. AAsst. M; W. J. Chamberlain T; H. S. Sands 
Oh. Engr; 8 a. c. G. E. 8 ph. Ed. soc; 8S00 a. c incs; 
1$ a. c arcs; a. c. day cir; 275 hp. e. Ball. Allia. 
Bftfotj; MO bp. b. Wickes; city cont all nt; ooal 
•1.60. «l 

DO 1 

F.B.BI» r 

Cascade Elec. CTo. ; (Began op. 1901); 
rod P; G. F. Nest S. A P. A; L. Hanchett, T.41; 
H. B.Sheldon Supt; current purchased from Geoff^ 
town; 1-i a. c. arcs 1800 a. c. incs; Ed. soc; daytit 
115 v; all nt. K 

LAFAYETTE, 1,000— The Lafayette-Loaiarine Ekc 
Co; (Began op. 1808) cap. anth. $20,000, pd. In Ittr 
000; no bds. W. Kamsey P; J. Oarratbers 8. AT; 

W. J. Barker M : D. C. Wlnsor Ch. Engr. A _ 
2 a. c. Westg, TH. 1000-104-52 ▼. s. ph. 18,000 altM 
T-H soc; 6 a. c. arcs 6 amiis; 1,500 a. c. inca; 285k|. 
e. Westg; 175 hp. b. local; city cont. 6 arc c pu IM 
A 45 inc. c. p. 82 $9 A $1.50 per mo. mdnt; coal |t 

LA JUNTA, 2.513— La Junta Elec. Co.: ca|ft.,l . 
C. F. Lacombe P: Jno. Brannon S; A. U. Bentlry 
Supt; 1200 Inc. Ed; 30 arcs; 100 hp. e. Atlaa. lift 

LAKE CITY. 700-The Hinsdale Elec. LL A Pwr.Co. 
(Began op. 1898); cap. anth. $100,000, pd. in $411,000; I 
p. c. div. 
S V. Pres. A Man. R. E. Peniston Lake City 

Sec. A Treas. C. E. Peniston 

Ch. Elecn. »». Stevenson ** 

1 a. c. Westg. 50 kw. 220011U ▼. 7:^ tltnp. Ed. soc; 
10 a. c. series arcs. 600 a. c. incs; 85 hp. e. AUas; M 
hp. turb; 100 lip. b. Atlas. 

City cont. arcs. 2000 c. p. $200 per vr. 28 incs. 16 c 
p. $lfJ |H»ryr. 5 com. arcs. 2000 c. p. $216 per yT.4» 
com. incs. 16 c. p. $12 iier yr. 4" ^ 

LAMAR, 987— Lamar Elec. Co. cap. $ : A. 0. 

Bent owner; F. E. Allen Supt. A P. A; W. Clark 
Ch. Engr; 3 d. c. E. G. 110 v; 17 d. c inc. arcs; 8» 
d. c. incs; 100 kp. e. Ide; 160 hp. b. H. A B; city 
cont. 3 arcs, 15 incs. c. p. 32 all nt; coal $8.50. 6 

LAS ANIMAS, 1,19*— Las Animaa El«c. Co. (B<tu 
op. 190-^); cap. auth. A pd. in $35,000; bds. anth. A 
outstg. S'-iS-OOO. 

Pres. A Trcas. Tom J. Gardner I^as Anlmw 

Sec. Geo. B. Tripp Colorado Springi 

1 Mgr. A Pur. Agt. W. II. Barnes Las Aniin«» 

1 a. c. Warren 75 kw. 2300-110 v. s ph. 7200 alln.-. 
Ed. soc; 25a. c. inc. arcs. 6.5 ampe; 800a. c. incs; 190 
hp. e. VilU»r; 150 hp. b. (ieary. 

V\t\ cont. 10 arcs. 2000 c. p. $120 per vr. 15 com. 
arcs. 1300 c. p. $126 ikt yr. $.10 per kw. 800 com. hies. 
16 c. p. $12per yr. $.lttperkw. all nt; coal $8.65 + 

LEADVILLE, 12,455 -Leadville Gas A Elec Co. (Be> 
gan op 1880): cap. 1200,000: C. Boettcher P.AM; 
C. K. Boettcher S. A T; F. C. W^ebber Snpt. A P. A; 
F. I). Shute Ch. Engr: 3 d. c. arc G. E; 6 d. c. G. E. 
120 V. Ed. soc; 200 d. c. arcs Brush; 6.000 d. c. iocs; 
550 hp.e. F. A C. Allis: 480 hp. b.; city cont. 65aroi 
c. p. '.'000, $100 per yr; coal $2.50. SS 

LONGMON'T, 2,500— Longmont Elec. Lt. A Pwr. Qo. 
(B'gan op. 1889); cap. auth. A pd. in $50,000; D.C. 
Donovan P; F. H. Stickney 8. J. H. Jones T; H. 
AshmunSupt. A Elecn; II. ArthnrCh. Engr; laro 
Ed; 1 d. c. Westg. 110 v; 1 a. c. s. ph. Westg. lOOMO 
V. 16.000 altns. Ed, S-M sot^; 25 d. c. arcs; 12 d.c. inc. 
arcs, 5 amp; 500 <1. c. incs; 1100 a. c. incs; 160 hp^ 
Westg, Ide: 200 hp. b. Bml; city cont. 13 arcs, 2000 
c. p. $108 per yr. mdnt; coal $1.40 61 

LOVELAND, 2.000- Lovel and Lt. Heat A Pwr. Co. 
(Began op. 1001); cap. auth. A issued $90,000: H. 
Watt P: L. J. Kelim M: D. O. Freybcrger P. A. A 
Supt: 2 a. c Til 1000 !0t v. 2 ph. 16,000 altns. Ed. 
soc: 22 a. c. arc<« Gamps; 8000 a. c. incs; 128 hp. e. 
Murrav : 200 hp. b; city cont. 16 Its. c. p. 1500 $90 per 
yr. mtfnt; coal $— + ® 

MANITOU, 1.30H— Manltou Elec. Co. (Began op. 

1887); cap. 160,000. 

Pres. W. A.Bell Manitoa 

Sec. A Treas. J. E. Lnndstrom ** 

1 Mgr. A Pur. Agt. A. Peters '» 

Ch. Engr. E. W. Shine ** 

1060-230 V. 3 w. 8. A 2 ph. T-H soc ; 65 arcs 10 amps: 

9.6()0 d.c. incs; pwr. rented from Colorado Springs 

Elec. Co. 
City cont 28 lU. c. p. 9000 $12.60 per mo. mooolt 

j A-M. ^lnt;ooaltS. 90 



: IL L. Dohirly P: V. W. Fn^nrWf 8; W. J. 
'Rapt; W, T. Michel Blor-u; g n. o. Ed. liWO- 
w. — * iltii*. K'i. snc; 17 a.e> arc«^ I^OOa. Op 
~ ltp,«, ItaLI ; tny cont. lUO im. v. p. ffi moonU. 

- nop. |««l>ic*p muh. KftOOO.pd. liL 

; S. H- CTlia];>m]iij P. K. G. BPedten- 

< orlott T. M- A F A ; i dx. Kd. 11& v. 

n; "^ d f% (inc. *rca^400d.P, iiici; 80 bp.e. Ide; 

be ettj foot f6 lU. e.p. 3i? f por yr. mdnt; 

Lm IK) 

I op. ttOi) . CAP. ftmh. $!d}.ODil, pd. In $tK(Mt(K 
''^' - .V Miin. E, J*. Kitiisler Df nvtsr 

t d.c. ]DC. G. K. 5i> kw. 350 V- ^ wtm, Efl. floc; i d. c. 
Inc. art; It. s.Tumue; 917 d. c. ItiCn; MO hp. «. Idc; e&bp. 

i"!ty cttiit. « tJTt«, 1300 c, II. 5l<e p<T vr *1T ©rim, 
area, It} r/p. $,W ii«r kw. mdnt c^itl p.l^ ■{• ^ 

TELUJIilDE, 3. Ififi-Tflllarido Klec, Lt Jt pDrrXo.^ 
cap. ilU,OO0; A. M. VV fetich P; S. E. FltigartaJd 9; 
W, Storj, T; r. Y. Bn^ck. Supt: (Buj cur. of Teh 
Pwf» Tran*. Co.;) Kd. «i:)i^; 20 a.c. arci. ; SOQD ft. c. 
met; H.e. diiy cir; pwr cir. llO-^S^r v; all dL *|i 53 

The TuHfiTid* F'>W€r (o cftp, anth. f l5,iKW,mso. 

Pre*. J**B. i'amidnell ......... .... .St. LckiIcv Mo. 

Treai. H. R. Newromb. Ak-velwid, ih 

* Pur. Agt. t^fwiwr A Ddepaon , Te^turlde 

Mgr. L. L.N«nn,. *' 

f^wpi, A. L, WooflhiMiij*. . . , , Provo, Utah 

rii, Engf. P. N. Nuon *^ 

7 K. c. WBBte, G. K. wm kw. -SOOOCKlDOOO'^ao^UO r 2 

& a ph. 7300 iJtns, Ed. S M hoc; 20 a.c.lnc.JMXM; 20,000 


I :ii jrt . W . W, Tcrretico Mont nwo 

' . IncTB ; a. c* day ctr ; ffifttt hp. e. 
K Kir!!wan«t;. 
. Jiwi* c, p. flOe p«r yr. 10 inca. aO 
r . ..nnrti.awoc. p. iiOHpi't jr. *aoo 
^ ^IJ puryr. mdiitcoai; |1m. i|i 53 TItlXtDAU. yMt-Laa Animas LL, Pwr, & Hfg 

II. c. lnc#; a. c. dayclr; QOO) hp. tiirb. Pcltoa, UirpJ, 
8. H. AS. V. I'u; (iU uIao \\m^ 0(dilr, Amea. and 
pMnd^ra, Cala.; and Mcrcar^ finivka, Prov«, Logiv 
and Rritthain, UUh, •§■ M 

r, 2.ja6=The Onr»f El«c Lt 4 Pwn Co. ; c*p. 
; C^M^ U. ?«kx P; John Doh t^upt; 7D arc 
W, 1: t;O00alte lnc,W«t«: lOCKNSOv. Weit*. 
a dil7 Ctr; TKl bp. e. ft wat«r whi^ela^ A. A S, 
V]t«t]^ Lvlfel : %a bp.b, HeliK ; city coDt 1 ISn 

iO, aSviai— TImj Pnchlo True I Ion A Llff. Cot 
•^lldalloti or the Puehlo True. Jt Elpi;, ro.^ 
I ilt Ry, Co. KDd The Piieldo Li. &, Pwr, Co., 
t «ni operating aU strvet milwuyi*, i»lcctric 
nd pow«r in Puebio- cap. aulh. ll.TioO^dlX), iei^ 
ItOOO^QDO: bd>. ftuib. $L,500.l]00, Ula, iMUtid 
K}0» 5 p. c. Idt. 

H,D, Thai Cher... Pqeblo 

fwi» T. H. Devlne. « „„„,*♦*,.„ 

H. e, Bak^r ** 

V. Ward Rlcc..„„ ,„„ ** 

m P. A^i. J. p. VnU , " 

. R. M. Brown, ., .., " 

>. »ft, T R, Ft W s -1 *, c. G, E. Ft W, 

i f 1^ U« V. », pb !0O0Q aJtns. £4, T Q.Wcilg. 

04. i*. «e«; f)0,0{JO«. c. inc*; »t fy. pwr. clr. 

um bp. e McG Jt S; fiOO hti. b. AT. 

Y^^: \m Itii. c.p, 300(1 1^ per yr. mooull. 122 

■ra^lo K»M. tt 4 Pwr, Co.; (Began 

Gnmntf t^wner- il. E Shne P. A. A 

E. 110 vM purr. cc*ii. ^iv: Ed. BO**: 

lie. .^rcj. icujodx, inpi: 9C hp. e. BnffaloL 135 

h. P^rioo; 100 bp. b. t^prhiiE; ctty cant, ^11 La. 

fl^pwr iD'>. All nt; onal %&. ^l 

' rORD, ».0IJI-Ri»Qky Fori Elec. Co. (Be^ 
1^ ItffO); GlLP, anth 4 luu«d it 5,000* F. U 
mik P- * T; F. A. Kettler S: C. L, Hiwimw 
Kr. T*l[ laiOlOl V. a. ph. tS.OOO nUn«. T-H 
Vft. e. Inca: 200 hp. e. BoJl; 'JOO hp. b; city 

L« a,7«— EdJsqti SliiC. Lt Co. ; (Bcf»n op. 
wn, iHJ.qoO; no bdn: R. M. Ridjfway P; C. g. 
Ion S.. M, A PA; B. IHsmftn T; t arc T-H; 1 
&,iD«>-9» 104 V. 0. ph, 7200 altoi. Kd. aoc; 
metm ».« amp*; 18 a.c. are* G.JS amps; 1600 a,c, 
09 hp. «. P. A C ; 360 hp. b. EHe. UmU city 
D arct^ 90DO e.p. fl^ P^i^yf. ftU nt; coaI f Im 

t WVVWMw T75— &ee GeorKetown, 

tlPOW, l,a8a-6Uv«rtoD Etec. Lt A Pwr. Co. 
op. IWll. 

J. .t tlenry .......,,...., Denver 

b Tfia*. F. c Adama...... *' 

K .Sijpi. Jrtlin CraiA ford Sllvrrton 

\tw G. t if J kw. 1 ill v; Ed. ioc : Si d, c. Inc. 
Liitii^: S^idld. c. in4M; :i£25bp.e. ideal. BiifTnlo: 
h. All»«. Fyrt«iik#; tU nl; coiU $3.15. fi:!J 

dpal Ktee. Lt PLaot 5^ 

$4PKtNoa 4«3 — The m«imboat 
.to fH*gaii up. I0t>l»; cap. aiith. |»,itt>, 

II. J^mith....,,,..., Deaver 

„. ?^inc4Iey ........... .ftltttmboal SpHn^i<. 

W li- 9r«ln«id, 

Co,; (Itet'Bo oil. iflOS); cap.llW.OCW. 

Pi«a. Thos. fl,St4>«ma ,„„ Trinidad 

Sec. JbT. ,L W. Stearni... 

M(7r. John J. Cooper,... , " 

% Pur. Act Motitium Kloo. CO ^Uenver 

Siipt C. tl. Ikntley. Tiiaidad 

Cb. KtiiET, Geo. Trucy . . ...,*..♦.......... ■ ' 

Ch. Err^cn. T. A, Dlcfcey..... 

4d.cT-lt Wenta. mv: 1 *. c TB 1000 115 ¥. a. 

pti. 8i^d. (r. ilfch; 2aQ0d. c Lnca: Ano a. c. tnca; T-H 

Wtitif, 8oc; «0 hp. 0. A. 4fc S. BalJ; 440 bp. b. Stir, 

City cont TT lU. c. p. 3000 $95 {mi yr. muooU: 

coal il. ^ 03 

VICTOR, tl74-Tbe Gold Belt Con toUdatcd ElocCo, 

9.T. ^mith P. W. F. Jonea B;T. KeoloyT; C. F. 

Lucciinl)*; M; F. M. Oibba P, A; C. L. Smith S apt: 

<Powcr piitcbASHd): city coot. 4U Lt«. o. p, 2000 U(te 

per yr. »U ut; coal $5>, W 

The Pikpn pi'4ik Pwr. Co, (ttejiau op. 1901^; c*f . 
anth. tt<M^OO0- bilM. iLuth. SlM.OfiU; traiLaiiilaakiii I 
milea; W. Wood* P; H. E, Wacsda S; F. M. Woo4a 
T: R. IL Jonei Snpt; 4 a.c. 1^00 k. w. 400 t. ftpji. 

SfiOO flltn». S a. c. 800 V. 3000 3 ph. 7a0t> alia p. a. e. dny 
cir. Il5-3t10^fin v. 100 a. c. aro*: 30 lu c. Inc. arcc; fiOOO 
a. c. iiicrt; ^WO hp. Pel ton Impulw. Co. %\m ItJi. 
Get tell and Cameron. 03 


ALSEXBVRG, l.OSS - WaJscnbtjrg EleC. Lt. * 
t'wp, Co. tBiK*ii op. \Wi)\ t^p, atith. Jt pti. in 135,- 
KJO; 6 p. c. dlr. 

Pnfi. Jaa, B. Dick,. Wjitaeiibaiv 

V, rtt», F.O. Hoot ....Pueblo 

1 »<«. Trpfti, Jt Man. H. A. Growi. . ...... Wakenburf 

Wnpt * Ch. EngT J R^ Pile©.......... 

3d, c, inc. G. E. 51 kw. 185 v. Pjd. boc; fl n. c. Inc. 
arcs. 5 ampa; 000 d. e~ i^^i 5!^) a. c, Inct; 110 hp. e. 
[tk-al; 100 h^ b. Heine. 

t ity cont usf^. SO c. p. ^12.50 pcf yr. iiU nt; doiil 
$1.25. » 


^ B ATTICi TOQ-Ballfe MiLIe Co. H. Lawtob H. 93 

BRA.NFORD, 2,l7a-BfWiford Lt|r. A Wif, Co, <B«- 
(^an op. t80!^>; cap. anth. ILOO.OOO; A. K. Hai«in«i 
P. A. M. Yoonga. A. O. ShepardaonT. F, H. Oold- 
iDff Sopt 1 art: T-H; 9 a, o. mcy. G. E. U5-IU4 t* 
7t^ altns. Ed. eoo; SSarciOJ ampa^ U a. t* Inc. 

arc4 e aoipi ^ 50 d. & inca; rOOO 11,0. inca; hIqo bp. # 
A.^t »., Sua; 400 bp^ b. Biis^ B. & W^ city cont 
mdnt (Co.AlM Ita. OnllfOrd and SConej Cr«ek). m 

BRH>G£FaKT. 70 005-Coon. Rf . ^ Ltgliling, Co. 
(Forraertjr the CoaD. Ltir. A Pwr. Co. Controlled 
by ih« 0. G. 1, Co. PhiliMklpbia P«.> OOlee. PMf- 
Acld Ave, BridKepoTt; Pblta. ofHc^, ^road » Arch 
St*. Mave tiC<|uired the pfcperti«» of the follow Ipg 
corporatiODi or owna a coat roll I dk Interaat In thent: 
BtWiC^pori Tfao. Co., SheUon St. By. Co,. MUIot4 
St Ry. Co.. Weetnort ^ &iiiKotucl| 8t fty. Co.^ 
lKt\>f 8t« Ry. Co., NotwilkTiwonug C^i.^TSw^Cei^ 






St. Ry. Co., Waterbnrv Traction Co., The Central 
Ry. A Elec. Co., of New Britain, Norwalk A So. 
Norwalk Elec. Lt. Co , Norwalk Gas Ja.Co., Nau^a 
tack Elec. Lt.Co., Soatliington & Plantsvilic Tram- 
way Co., Greenwich Gas & Elec. Lt. Co.); cap. Is- 
aaed pref. $4 000,000, com. tll,UOO,000; bds. aath. 
$15,000,000, iwued «9,477,000, i% p. c. int. 

Free. A.M. Young New York 

l8tV. Pres. R. A.C.Smith ** 

2d V. Pros. Geo. E. Terry Waterbury 

Sec. & Treaf . Lewis Lillle I'hiladelphia, Pa. 

Asst. Sec. & Treas. E. W. Poole Bridgeport 

1 Par. Agt. J. A. PcJirson Philadelphia, Pa. 

And. C. F. Bryant Bridj^*port 

Gen. Mct. J. E. Sewell " 

Mgr.Dir. W. Clark 

Operates lighting plants at Greenwich, Norwalk, Wa- 
terbury ana New Briuin 88 

Bridgeport Elec. Lt. Co. Controlled by the United 
111 Co. of New Haven. 

BRISTOL, 6,268 -B I ihtol A Plainville Tramwav Co- 

(Began op. 1805); cap.auth. $1,000,000, $100,000; 

bdH. auth. 1^)0,000 onttitg. $135,0005 p. c. int. 

Pres. C. 8. Treadway Rrlstol 

V. Pres. N. E. Pierce '* 

Sec. A. J. Muzzv " 

Treas. M. L. Tltfany 

5 Pur. Agt. Mgr. & Siipt. G. E. Cockinga.... *' 

Ch. Engr. E. C. Smitu " 

Ch. Elecn. C. C. Michael 

8d. c. arc. G. E; 3d.c. inc. (J. E. 110 v; 2 a. c. 

G. E. 1040-104 T. s. ph. 16,000 altna. T-H t^oc; 8 

a. c. arcs; 15 d. c. inc. arcs; .35(X) d. c. incs: 25iK)a. 

c. Incs; d. c. day cir; 750 hp. e. Bass; 650 hp. b. Haz. 
City cont. 71 arcs. 1200 c. p. $79.36 per yr. nioonlt. 1 

A.M. coal $3.60. 02 

DANBURV, 16.537— Danbury & Bethel Gas & Elec. 
Lt Co.; cap. 1200,000; C. H. Merrltt, P. ; G. E. Cow- 
perthwait, S.,P.A. & Spt.; A.N. Wildman, T.; — arc 
Schuy.; — Westg. 1000-50 v.. — altns. ; — soc. ; IW 
arcs; 000 a.c. incs.; 500 hp. e. Safety; — hp. b.; city 
cont. 125 arcs, c. p. 1200 $68 per yr. moonlt., 1 A. M; 
coal $4.40. 121 

DANIELSON, 2,828— People^s Lt. & Pwr. Co. ; cap. 
$60,000; bds. $»0.0U0, 6 p. c. int; H. S. Pratt P; A. 
G. Bill S; H. S. Shaw T; E. J. Wolcott Supl: F. W. 
Princeton Engr: 2 d. c. arc Ball; 1 a. c. G. E. 2080- 

104 ?. s. ph. altns; Ed. soc; 60 d. c. arcs 6.8 

amps; 250 hp. e. Ide, Fitch: city cont. 47 Its. c. p. 
1200 $72 per yr raoonlt. mdnt; coal $4.25. 02 

DERBY, 7,930 -Derby Gas Co.; (Began op. 1885); 
(also Its. Shelton *l; Ansonia); C. li. Nettleton P, T. 
AM: G. H.Scranton 8: R. E.Wyant Supt; 8 d. c. 
arc T H ; 8 d. c pwr. 500 v; 2 a. c. G. E. 8000-104 v. 
2 ph. 7.200 altns. T-11 soc; 208 d. c. arcs; 30 a. c. inc. 
arcs; 5000 a. c. incs; 1200 hp. e. Prov; 4 turb; Iloly- 
oke; 675 hp. b. Big; city cont. 164 Its. c. p. 1200 $57 
peryr. mdnt; (oal $4. 53 

EAST HAMPTON, «.223-EaHt Hampton Elec. Lt. 
Co. A. Warner P; E. S. Boyd S. & T: E. W. Crocker 
Supt; 1 a. c. Warren 2')00-110 v. s. ph. 16,000 altns. 
Westg. Ed. soc; 800 a. c. incs; 90 hp. turb. Amer; 
city cont. 42 Its. c. p. 16 $9.12 jwr yr. all nt. 02 

ENFIEI.D. 2.000 -Sec Thompson villo. 

GREENWICH. 2,420— Conn. Ry. & Ltg. Co. See 
Bridgeport; T E Pox Supt; 4 a. c. G. K. 1040-104 v. 
s. ph. 16,000 altns. 80 d. c. inc. arcs; 075 hp. e. Ball; 
600 hp. b. B. & W; city cont. all nt. 88 

OUrLFORD, 2,780-See Branford. 

HARTFORD. TO.SSO-Thc Hartford Elec. Lt. Co.; 
cmp. aath. 92,000,000, pd. in tl, 100,000; 7 p. c. div; 
bds. auth & outstg. $200,000: 5 p. c. int; A. C. Dun- 
ham P; C. C. Cook 8; D. N. Barney T; R. W. 
Rollins M; C. N. Yale P. A: E. F. Lawton Supt; 4d. 
c. Westg; 5 a. c. Westg. 2400 220110 v. 2 ph. 7200 
altns; Ed. soc: 787 d. c. arcs 6.4 amps: 787 a. c. arcs 
tA ampi ; 034 arcs 8.4 amps; 85.000 d. c. Incs: 
86,000 a.c.incs; d. o. day cir. 110 220 pwr. cir.Wektg; 
4800 hp. e. Westg, Cor; 9000 hp. tarb. S.AB 220Q 
hp. b. ▲. A T; 2 477 kw. cbloHde acc'r: city cont. 
7841U. c p. 1900 $75 per yr. all nt; coal $4.46. ftl 

Farmington River Power Co. (Began op. 1190); 
cap. auih. A issued $150,000; bds. aath. k ismd 
^,000, 4U p. c. int; E.B.Bennett P. A T; B.C.Tenj 
s; M. & P. A. 2 a.c. pwr. 500 y; 2 A 8 ph. 7.200 altw 
pwr. cir. 10.000 v; 1500 hp. turb. Jolly. (Fomiskei 
pwr. to Hartford Elec. Lt. Co.) tt 

HUNTINGTON. 5,750-Derby Gas Co. See D«by. 

JEWETT CITY. 2.224-The Aspinook Co. 0. L 
Johnson Jr. P. A. 81 

UTCHFIBIiO. 8,214— Litchfield Elec. Lt A PwT. 
Co. (Began op. 1001); C. H. Coit P. A M; P. P. 
Hubbard S. A T; ,1. A. Landon Ch. Engr; C. A. Not> 
ting Ch. Elecn: 2 d. c. Ed. 500 f; 1 a. c. O. E.2000- 
100 V. 3 ph. 75,000 altns. Ed. soc: 2O00 a. c. incs; d. c 
day cir; pwr. cir; 500 ▼; 250 hp. e. Westg; 150 to- 
turb; 80 hp. b. a 

MANCHESTER, 3,000-Manchcster Lt. A Pwr. Co.: 
cap. 120.000: H. G. Cheney P; N T. Palsifer S. A 
T; E. E. Scgar M; 2 a. c. G. B. 10#V105 t.. — 
altns. Ed, T-H soc; 1500 a.o. incs; city cont moonlL 
1 A. M. (Rent power) » 

SIERIDEN. 24.206-Tho Meriden Blec. Lt Co.: (Be- 
gan op. 1887); cap. auth. ISO.OOO. 

Pres. W. Hubbard Meriden 

Sec. & Treas. Sam'l Dodd 

5 Mgr. A Supt. Chas. A. Learned ** 

Ch. Enj:r. W. C. Brooks 

Cb. Elecn. Herman Mlnkwitz " 

2 d. c inc. Warren STiO kw. 3 wire, 2S0 v; 1 a r. 
Stan. 150 kw. 2200<220-110 v. 2 ph. 7^ altns. Ed. soc; 
200a. c. inc, arcs. 7.5 amps; 4000 d. c. Incs; d. cday 
cir. d. c pwr. cir; 750 hp. e. Westg; 730 hp. b. Hax. 
Bigelow. &S 

City c<mt. 200 Its. c. p. 2000 $110 per yr. 8.80 A.M; 
coal $5.25. •{• 58 

MIl>I>f.KTOWN, 17,4SC-MiddletoWn Elec. LtCo,r 
(Began op. 1885); cap. auth. A Issued 100,000. 4 p. c. 

Pres. 11. W. Northrop Middletown 

Soc. * Troas. II. L. Mansfield *' 

1 Mgr. A Pur. Agt. L. C. Whitney 

Cli. En?r. C. N. Taggart ** 

4 d. c (J. E. Weutg. 110 v: 2 a.«. G.B. 1000 110-50 f. 

s. ph. altns. T H, Ed. soc; 130 d. c. arc8 5amn8: 

150 d. c. inc. arcs. 3-5 amps: 4,000 d. c. incs. 1000 
li. c. i nr«: a. c day cir: pwr. cir. 220?; 750hp. e. 
Sla'cr. Ball : 8'y) hp. b. Haz. 

City cont. 125 Its. c. p. 2000 $100 per yr. moonlt » 
A. M ; coal $1. 53 

MILFOIID, 3,812— Conn. Ry. A Ltg.Ca See Bridge- 

MYSTIC, 4,270— Mystic Elec. A Gas Lt. Co. (Be 
gan op. 1800): cap. auth. $67,000; bds. $45,000, 5*6 
p. c. int: T. C. Perkins P: C. L. Allen 8; F.W. 
Batty T:J.B. Smith P.A. A Snpt: 2 a. c. We^tg. G. K. 
2900-104 V. 16.000 altns. Efd. soc; 10 a. c, arcs; 
fKXX) a. c. incs; 400 hp. e. H. F. A M; 500 hp. b; city 
cont. 200 its. c. p. 25: 15 n. yr: all nt; coal $4.40. (Co. 
also Its. Stonington A Noank). 58 

NAUGATUCK, 10,541-8ce Conn. Ry. A Ltg. Co., 

NEW BRITAIN, 2.5,008— See Bridgeport 

NEW HAVEN, 108,027— New Haven Elec. Co.; cap. 
$100,000; James English P: A. F. Humie S. A T: E. 
K. Parker Supt; 800 arcs; 15.000 incs. T-H, alt day 
cir. 110 v.. 250 hp. motors; 2000 hp. e. A. A S. Green. 
The United Illuminatine Co. Controls the Bridge- 
port Elec. Lt. Co. and New Haven Elec. Co. J. Eng- 
llHh P; A. F. Hunic S. A T. 

NEW IX>NI>ON, 18,500— New London Gas A Elec. 

Co. cap. auth. $100,000. 

Pros. Robt Coit New London 

V. Pres. A. Brandegree 

Sec. W. G. Bushnell »* 

Treas. A. M. Young New York 

5 Mgr. A Supt F. M. Tait New London 

4 a. c. G. E. 1000 kw. 2800-208 104 v. 8 ph. 72U0 altns. 

Ed. s'^c; 100 a. c. series arcs 6.6 amps; ISO a. c. inc. 

arcs 4 amps; 18.000 a. c. incs; a. o. day. cir. 806- IM 

t; 1760 hp. e. B. A W, M. A S; 1200 hp. b. Cahall. 
City cont 168 arcs. 1200 c. p. tOO per yr. 180 inoa. SS 

o. p. $90 per jr, all nt; coal 14.60 68 



|RD, ^,*lO0-^'l!W Mllford Kloc LL Co ; 
iH>; ctp. ftiillL S^JUOQ, ptL It) |3A>(N}U, 
pa. «(ttb. ^ otilaif. lia^OOO. 4 p. c. lot. 
i t'nrtiji ,.,*,.-...**.,.»*.,.*, BHdaeport 

BUL , ..K#)w Mllford 

t A Supt. L. I'. Olddltufsi. . 
W'll 4 It tup; a &. c. NAtK lOOO loi-sriv. 
F*H. mx; 55i iL c- «pdwn arcfl. fl 2 n,inp-»; 
{ iTabti. e. li. A W; IfiOhp. itirb. Hunt, 

Id Arts. IWO c. p. $00 per yr. monolL uLL 

ia,l»— Norwwk ^ i^outh Nnrwalk Elec. 
klKitled bjf Conn. Ry- * Voj cjk\f. 
ISti,e. aK., BtniE.. 2 ph. 30f«Vll6 v. 
M. ioc; 129 4.e. Afc« 6.e »ti)p«; IKXt bp. 

{1«M} lip b. B^ow; citj conL 113 «rc«» 
|ier jr. all nt. OS 

I7^1-Nr»rwjcli Gm*KIw. Co.; c»p. 
fLjUdi. aQlh. $400,000; 5 p. e. Ini. 
FOagood. ..**,..**,.........*..* ?J<i^Twlcli 

Hk A. M. YotHjtf no B*waj,. New Yofk 

fSmbelL.*, ....„:..,Norwkh 

I #Ol[w. SlflC^lOe V, S ph. 7^00 nltDH, Kd . 
[•efW «ns«t(.0 umpt.; 10<0Q0 i. o Lnca; 
M^llQ ir; lU o. day cir. 5U0 v; 14U0 bp. p. 
» W 

t«e *rcE, 1300 c. p. fOO pi^r >^ iTT Uic«. 25 
p. 1 P. M, all fit; eaAl $5. S3 

lS.86«-PortlaiidBlec, Lt Co. (Not in 

ttO^Pntnam Lt, & Power Co: {lUmim 
k Biilh. & !i«uch] SHyWO 4 ti c. div ; l>dN. 
b $^,000, 4U p. o. fntr ft. A JUnimnM 

eii?i. H. A P. Ai U Dtipnv rb. Ku^nr; 
I^-IOIT. ilph r^OO altnp. T li Bi>c; C 
m. c- lnr»; '-£50 top. u. Kt. t; ar.i bii. b. 
" ' two |Mi 8a 

€. p. 

k 7jS»r— Rti^itviUpGiiit A Elec, CO.: 
■ iHli.; A. M. Youtig F: G. E. 
n, F/Burfiti is: F. W. Mar#li T; J. B. 
If; -arc, TH; - *- c. TH tlOO-KH- 
Ibb. T-H N«>ct tlO arci; 1,5(i0a. c. itifc; 
A W; X60 bp. K Stir: city tout. TB arctt 
ipirfr. fntjonll; coal Si- M 

1^500— StjiDODr Elec. Lt. Ca. ; niQ. N^ 

P. ; O- L. Dibble, S. ; F. II. Bibber. T. 
Clark, Spt,; arc T. tl.; a.c. T.-H. Pt^ v.. 

i aoej ftfl »rc», « *.c. iirt^Pi i ,flao a. c. f nci ; 
licir Am; city cout, moon It. mdut, &3 

ft-^^aroa Elec. Lt. Cou; (tlcgAQ up, 
Ith. iia^OQO, ti«iied IRSOO, 4 IK c. dlv ; 

,B,Sffiitb,. ,Sliarcm 

trtrtin...... ,...,.,,,....,...... " 

I* Ecgl^iton ,..,.**.,,*..* " 

r, t-BrUtol...... *» 

Ki *• pb, WtitjT, ftoc; a.en pwr. elf. 1100 
Bbpw lurh. Holvoke; 100 bp, b. 
P It*, c p. 23 tl7 per yr, moonU. all tii; 
I 1231 

iWAliK, 6,Wl-CHr of S. N. Eleta, 

0: (Bagaa op. IflflSl; cap. §40,000; bdi;. 

.liitrX A. Volk P; U SmitbS. it T; 
«|«r M. Sopt, A: P. A; W. H. Mo«ber 
H, BMd Cb. Kleco; S aj-o W, E: i J. 

d^nO VI Ed, HK!.; lOa an2» 7M| amp*; 
impi; 4,000 d. c. iiic«; d. c. dav clr. 
. I<Hi, Watcrtn; .VjO bpJx UarrinbufK: 
lit. CLp. 1100 |eOp«ryr^ all nt; coal 


I^SraiKOS, 3,4eO-flUlIord SprlDj^B 
bi Co.; cap. 130,000; K, C- Pitmej, P.; 
r.^F: G.a BJHk&ilee. S; A. H. roang, 
»ilt, Q. M; 1 are, T.-Hl 2 a. <:- G, f. 
'-B-Boc^ tlaica^ 2150 a. c. facs; 150 
ISftbp. ttirb. JolJy; lOO bp. b. Blg*- 
ipaooh, 11 P. M ft« 

STA ^FOnn, hVflf*7-8iamford G«» &^ Elee- Co.; rap. 
1300,001); bdn. |M00,ciUl3, ft p. r, liiL; W, Fcrgofon P: 
C. H. Loiinebtiry i^; fr. H. Hoyt T; R. Crawford F. 

A. * Snpt. : e arc T H Srbiiy ; Ha.c. O E,, l^U^OB 
V. 7,ai)iiltTi#, T-H hoc; 00 .irrs; 1^,000 ax. toes; t% c. 
day cir- pwr. nir. 110 t; 1 tOO bp. e. Bas*, Phlta, 

B. i£ w; i,OGO hp. b. >\ H: rirv conL, 80 ares. c. p. 
PJXN) |S!S per yr. atl nt; coa! §^im d» 

STONEY CRKEKt l,01(^-Sl» Bran f Old. 
STONIN CtTO?r* *^278-See MjiUc. 

SlTFriRLD, 1»,400-Vill3J|e Wi»t*r Co fFormwJj 
Sumi^ld KU'c, M. (Jo.U (Bvgaii op. 1R07); cap, anih. 
*t pd, ill 15 K'lOO, 4 p c, (llv; h\ Harris P: G. W, Cuwk 
i5, T. ^ FA : «. W. (iolfltbwjitt t*Qjit; W.A. liaftlner 
Cli. Kiigr; It. E I>Jinii Ch. Ek-cn: t a. c. 3tao. a»iO- 
(04v. 3pii Irt.OOO jiltna. Kd. aoc; Ip^r. pen, tJ, E. 
57S v; lODiJi c. iBCu; 400 hp. «. S'kf; ^ hp . h. Krk. 
tlty r-oiil. lOfJidCff. c, p. ICffl pei yr. mooiilt; ccinl 

r*. 4- ^ 

*rALCaTTVILl.E. a,751-Talcott Brt«. cmi. f ; 

H. G. T*kotl, PL M. H. Talcfltl,S; 1 d, c. Eddy* 110 

¥; T-H aoc; 5d.c. inc. arcs; fiW d. c, inc*j 

bp, turb. Holyoke. ffil 

THOMASTON', a,flOO— ThomMtPn EIpC Ll. Co. I cap, 
t^aOAKlU; no bd»; R. T. Androwi P; F. I. SfobfTlp S, 
M. A P. A: E. E. Grlm»hftw »'!pl; I d.o. art; T*H: 
T-H eoc; S»*rct; TOO d.c- lcic$: 125 hp^ e, A. A H; 
1211 b p. b Bij^«low; city c^iiL mimniL indnL 9;^ 

THOMP«ONVIM.K. 4.000-Enflold EJ»»C. LU A 
PwT, Co; (Began op. igOSj; cap. anib. $,'50,000, pd. In 
f L.V.ODO, II p. c. dlv; no bdff. 

Prt'#. A Treaa. U A.Cpaou — ., ...Thorn pflooville 

V, PreP. T. Gondy '* 

Sec. Robu HlldUch 

n Mijr. A SuiiL E. U. Parr,,. 

3 A. c. Inc. ti, E. 15S ktv. ! 12 V ; la, c, Stan. 75 kw. 
iriOO.220 110 f. 2 ph. laOOO altoii. Ed. ww; SliaxMi^lw 
ams 6 6 nmpn; Jf d. c. inc. arc*, 5 anip«; llc>0 d, r. 
iii-A; 100 A. c. inca: 400 hp. u. Ball; 800 bp, h. Cu(;hlin. 

City ront. 30 imn. 51000 c p. tTB per yr. 10 Inc*, *26 
c. p. |)ir (MT yr. mcwnJt. 1 A. M , co«l »S.78. 4- f^"* 

T4>K1tINGT«?*, g.JlftD— Torrlngton EleC. Lt, Co., rap, 
HW.OO»; bdfi ^OOxrn, 4 p, c. Int: O. D. Workram 1'; 
F. F. FacPfli^nich S. T A P. A; a,WO altg. inc. 
We»tgi tflfl h|i. e. A. A 8: «r ■JO. sl.! ; s!!* MOt IW 
lt», c. p. .a $3S per yr; coal $5. 91 

trNtONVtl.L£. l,fi68— Union Elw, Lt. A Pwr, Co. 
(Bi'ffiiii fip IWU; cap. nutb, «.TC.tX)(*, i(*0(-d lna.OOO; 
K. 11, lleminiE V: W. A. nitcficock S; C. fi. B*U T. 
A M; «a. c. G. K. 2300-aaO v, » r^h 3*1*J0 ^Uti"^ P^^ 
hoc; 130) a. Ch arcn; 120 h, glow, 12 rt prlow Numn 
] Jim fillet 101 hp, e. Amen: lOrthp. torb. Huiit; 100 bp. 

b. B. A W; citT ooiit. 120 !Ui. c, p, W moontt; coal iS 
(,lIao ItH. tbc town of Farm!nfton>. 83 

WALLINGFORD. 9.000— Bomuffh Elec. Work! 

(Mtitiic, K (BcRjin np, I BOO) ; cmt 15 KOCH) j bd«. aatb. 

A niit>tg: $)5,ii00 Sk p, c. Int. 

Prm. W m, Liihy. Jr. Wallingfofil 

Bi'c, J. P. Stevcnwsn ♦.,.., ^ ..... . " 

Treaa. L. M. PrieJpt.,.,......., ..,,,.. 

1 Mtfi. ASiit>t. A. L, Pkr«! 

»a. p. Ft. W, 1080.3(»-IO4 v. ». ph. 7*^00 alini. Ed. 

mic* 80 a. c. arcA, <i.6 ampi; TSQO ft. c, Inee; 3S0 bp, «. 

Harnib: 4M) hp. b. iJelaney, Hlgelow, 
t'lty cont. m arr*, liuO c, p, f36,5i per jr. 9 inet. 01 

c, p. S^ per yr, 11 com. arts. I«» o, p. f. 10 per kw. 
T40Q com. luca, le o. p. |.10 per kw. moonlt. 1 A. M, 
eoia$4.flO. « 

WATKRBimV, 45«8W-Conn^ticiit Rj. A Ltg. Co. 
£4e*? Bridcreporl. 

WKSrrORT, 3,467-WettpoTl Wtr. Co. {Bepan pp. 
iBBHii 0*p. aatb, tlOapOOO. Itfutid i5&,000: b4n. j%utfi. 
Alittitd tTBHOOO, Bp. e. tat; W- L. Colej P. .K S. 
Jonea S. F. W. Marab T. F. B. Hubbell M. P. A. A 
Snpt J. H, Soiff^^n Cb. Efiijr; if*, c, We*ty. UOO^ 
lOO-SO T. i. pb. ie,000 alms. Ed. Til »oc; S ».c, loc. 
ftrct4.J> Afiompj*; sWOOji. c, ipci; 126 hp. o. Fltob; L«f: 1(X) hp.b.Blrelow; cltyoont^lOft tta. 
0, p, 20 112 per yt. md^t; Go. mLto VXa.^iioi^^lsatk. ^ 





WILUM ANTIC, 8.937— Williinantic Gaa & Elec. Lt. 
Co; cap. 1900,000: bUs. Sld(),0UO, 5 p. c. int; L.Hill 
P; E. Evans, 8, M. & P. A; G. A. Lewis T: W. F. 
Webb Supt: d. c. arc Sp^rrv, Ball, Wtrh*; 1 a.c. 

G. E. 1040-53 V. 8. ph. altiis. T-H 80c: 145 arcs, 

500 a.c. inc«; IfiO hp. e. (Jr«en: InO hp. b. Allen; city 
cont. 8ti arcs c. p. 2000 $92 per yr. all nt. IOOd 

WINDSOR LOCKS, 3 300 -Windsor Locks Elcc. 
Lt^. Co. (Began op. 1800); cup. uuth. &, pd in 830,- 
000, 6 p. c. div; bdi*. auth. & oiitst^'. $30,000. 

Pres. E. B. Bailey Windbor Locks 

V. I'res. J. R. Montjiomcry '* 

Sec. H. C. Don^l&e *' 

5 Treafl, & M^r. Wiu. Mather ** 

Supt. & Cn. jiiigr. W. E.TownHciid. " 

2 a. c. Stan. W. E. 18") kw. 1050 50 v. 16000 
altns. Ed. West jr. w)c; SfiOO a. c. incs; 250 hp. e. Buf- 
falo: 135 hp. tiirl). llanovpr; 300 hp. b. Dillon. 

City cont. 121 incs 2,") c. p. $11.88 per yr. all nt; 
(Co. aluo ItH. Warehouse Point), coal ^'i. * 53 

WINSTED, G,801— Winntod Gas Co. (Began op.l897); 
cap. auth. & innued Sl(H),0(X); bdn. S'>0,0(W. 4 p. c. int; 
R. E. Ilolniefl. P. H. Skinnor 8, T, .M. & P. A; 1 

a. c. Stan. 200C-100 v. ph. altne. Ed. soc; 

.500 a. c. incs; i^ hp. tnrb. llolyoke; city cont. 90 
»t8. c.p. 1200 8^> per yr. all nt. 92 


IIOVKR, 3.3-:9— Citv Elec. Lt. Plant. (Munic.) cost 
116.000: C.B. ll..pcT; (J. F. Mattliews P. A: W. U. 
Hazeil Sup. ; 2 a. c. Westg. 1050 UK) v. 8. ph. Ed. sotj; 
ruOac. incs: 120 hp.e. llarrisb; 150 hp.b. Keller. 91 

UAURKL, 1,825— r^uirel-Seaford Elec. Lt. Co. (Began 
op. 1900): cap. auth. $25,000, iavucd $15,000. 

Prei*. II. C. Roberts Philadelphia, Pa. 

Sec. H. K. Miller 

Treas. John Mustard '* 

Supt. C. C. Sti^phcnson Laurel 

1 a. c. G. E. 2200 2a«»-!10 v. s. ph. 16.000 altns. Ed. 
80c: 3500 a. c. incH ; 800 hp. e. A. & S ; 280 hp. b. 

City cont 75 incs. 25 c. p. $10 per yr. moonlt. all nt: 
sawduHt (Co. al^o Its Scaford and D'elmar). 53 

LEWKS; 2.259— Lewes Elec. Lt. Co. 62p 

MIDDLETOWN, 1,6)0— Light A Wator Comniissii.n 

iMunic); (Began op. 189.3); S. C. Biggs P: J. W. 

Jolls 8: E. Reynolds T; ('has. A. Johnson Ch.Engr; 

4 d. c. G. E. 110 v: Ed. s(m;; 9 d.c. inc anrs. 5 amp».; 

1.600 d.<r. incs; 250 hp e. Stearns, Bckye; 250 h p. b. 

T. «t W, Stearns, Erie City. 58 

MILFORI). 2,.W0-Milford Lt. A Wtr. Plant (Munic.) 
bds. W3.000. 

Pren. W..V. Humes Milford 

Sec. J . F. A nderson ** 

Treas. C. Barker '* 

1 Pur. Agt, Jii Supt. W. T. Banning •* 

4 d.c. Kd. 113 v: Ed. so«'.: 4 d.c. inc. arcs 1600 d. 

c. \nr»; 100 hp. c. A. & S; 275 hp. b. Coatsv, Farqhr; 

all nt. 53 

NEWARK. I,«)0-Town of Newark; A. L. Brown 

Supt: 2 d.c. C. it C. 116 v; 2 d. c. inc. arcs 4 amps; 

1500 d. c. inc!»; 80 hp. e. A. & S; 125 h p. b. 79 

SMYRNA, 2,500- Citv of Smvma Elec. Lt. Plant (Mu- 
nic); bds. f 15,000. 5 p. c. int: J. C. Robinson P; II. 
8. Anthony S. A P. A; E. V. Cooper T; J. U. Wil- 
son Ch. Engr; 2 a.c. Westg. 1100 HOT. 16,0 altns. 
T-H 8oc:1200a.c, incs: 140 hp. e. Ames; 180 hp. b. 
Ames, Weth; raoonlt 92 

WILMINGTON. 76.508- Wilmington City Elec. Co.; 
cap. auth. $l.<.)o.t,'O0. 

Prcs. J. A. Rigg Reading. Pa. 

V. J»res. II. C. Moore Tn^nton, N. J. 

1 Sec. &Treiu«. K. A. Fichtliorn Reading, Pa. 

Mgr. A Supt. C. R. Van Truujp Wilmington 

Ch. Engr. J. J. McCain '* 

Ch. Elren. II. Hollis 

4 d. c. an\ Bunh. 5t)0 It. cap; 9 <1. c. inc. G. E. 1*70 
kw. 150 V ; 2 d. c. pwr. Short .'WO v; 2 a. c. SUn. 2500- 
115 ▼. 2 ph. r200altns. Ed. soc; 124 d. c. series arcs 
004 d. c. inc. arcs 17 a. c inc. arcs: 17,864 d. c. incs: 
6021 a. c. incs: a. o. day cir: d. c. day cir. 220 v; 1450 
hp. e. A & 8, H. F. & M: 1500 hp. b. Climax. Heine. 

City cont. 809 arcs 2000 c. p. $64.92 per yr. a071nct. 
16 c. p. $14.88 per yr; coal $3 to $4. S8 

cap. 1250,000; bds. $100,000; J. A, Risg P; R. A. 
Fichthorn S. A T; C. R. Van Tramp Ch. Engr; SO 
arc Wood: 12.500 d. c. inc. Ed: 10,000 alt. inc Staa, 
Westg. 1200-115 v; Ed. soc: dav cir. 930 r; 600 kp. 
mo: 1.200hp. e. A. <!k 8.: 1,500 hp.b: rltyconL9S7 
arcs, c. p. 2000 $61.92 per yr. all nt; coal $&ia tt 


WASHINGTON, 278,718— U. S. Elec. Ltg. Co. (Con- 
trolled by Wash. Ry. & Elec. Co.) 

Potomac Elec. Pwr. Co. (Bccan op. 189:1); (Coe- 
trolled by Washington Ry. A Eec. Co.) cap. antb. 
.tis.sned $1,000,000; bds auth. $1,000,000. oatstc 
1650.000, 5 p.c. int; A. L.McDermoit P; J.B. Lickvy 
8: E. 8. Marlow T; L. E. 8inclair8apt; W. Member 
Ch. Klccn; 2 a. c. Stanley 2000-110 ▼. 2 ph. Ed. soc; 
4000 a. c. incs: dav cir; a. c. pwr. cir. 600 A MOOt; 
2660 hp. e. Whik, Greene; 1800 hp. b. B. A W, Crain]K 
1808 kw. chloride acc'r. 62 

Washington Ry. A Elec. Co. (Controls Potomac 
Ble<% Pwr. Co., U. 8. Elec. Ltg. Co. and the ft. rys. 
of Washington): A. L. McDermott P; W.F.Ham 
T; Jas. B. LackevS; O.Campbell P. A; H.W.FuUcr 
M ; city cont. 838 Its. c. p. 2000 $72 per yr. all nt 63 


APAI.ACHICOLA, 3,077— Apalachicola Elec. Lt A 
Telephone Co. 

ARCADIA, 799— Arcadia Elec. Lt. Ice A Telephone 
Co.; (Began op. 1901); cap.auth. & iwiued $V.dOO; J. 
J. He^nl P; J. L. Jones 8. A T: E. Scatt M, 8iipt. * 
P. A: W. A. Clevrland Ch. Elecn; lac. Warren PiflO 
101 V. 7200altiis. Ed. soc; 6 a. c. area 8.0 amps: 550 

a. c. incs; 125 hp. e. A. A S; 150 hp. b. Erie Chty; 
city cont 6 Its. c p. 1200 $100 per yr. mdnt; wood^pL 

BRAIDENTOWN, 203— Manatee Lt. A Trac Co. 

BARTOW, 1,9S.3— Bartow Elcc. Lt. Works; W. A. 
8chwein Supt; 2 a. c. s. ph. LaR, Weatg. 11(iO»110t., 
15.000 altns. Ed. socs; 600 a.c. incs; 120 hp. e. Westg; 
180 hp. b. Erie; city cont all nt 110 

I>AYTON. 1,690-Day ton Elec. Lt Co. 53p 

DE I^AND, 1,449— 8ee SteUon. 

FERNANDINA, 3.5H5 -City Elec. Lt Plant; (Ma- 
nic); (Began op. 1898); cost $85,000. 

Pur. .\gt. .1 . E. Stark Fernandina 

Supt. H. M. Dearborn ** 

Ch. Engr. L. Austin •• 

Ch. Elecn. W. C. Llvings'on •* 

2 a. c. G. E. 100 kw, 230D-104 T. 3 ph 7300 altns. Ed. 
T n soc; .35 a. c. series arcs 6.6 amps; 1800 a.c. incs; 
250 hp. e. B. & W. li-B; 420 hp. b. 8cbofleld, AUas. 
2000 com. incs. IG c. p. $.08 per kw. moonlt. wood 
$2.70 53 

FORT MYERS, Seminole Pwr. A Ice Co. 88p 

GAINESVILEE, 8.633— Electric Pwr. Co. (Began 

op. 1898); cap. auth $20,000. issued tlO.000; bds. 

auth. A issued $10,000, 8 p. c. int; J. M. Graham P; 

H. E. Taylor 8. T. A P. A; E. J. Tracy M; 1 a. c. 

T-H lOi'J-104 V.Ed, soc; 4 arcs; 800 a.c. incs; 

135 hp. e. A. & S; 150 hp. b; city cont. 45 Its. 4 arcs. 

41 iLcs. $1100 per yr. all nt ; wood $1.8 J. 51 

JAOKSONTIIiLE. 28,429 -City Elec. Lt. Plant; (Be- 
gan op. 189V; (Munic); cost $228,723.79; bda. anth. 
A ontstg. $10.\000 5 p. c. int. 

Chmn. B. F. IMUon Jackaonville 

8cc. A. W. Cockrell, Jr 

Treas. A, M. Ives ** 

Supt R. N. Ellis 

Ch. Ener. F.W.Ellis 

(Jh. Elecn. M. R. Fretwell »* 

8 d. c. ar^ Q. E. 375 It cap; 1 d. c. pwr. O. E. 160 
kw. 6 » v; 4 a. c. G. E. 839 kw. 2080-104 v. s. ph. 7«0 
altns. Ed. soc; 365 d. c. series arcs 9.6 amps: 280 a. 
c. inc. arcs 4 amp*: 80,000 a. c. incs; a. c. day cir. 104 
v; d. c. dav cir. 500 v; 1450 hp. e. F. S, Ham; 1050 hp. 

b. B. A w: Cald. 

City cont 861 arcs $030 c. p. $54 A $00per yr- 1^ 
incs. 80 c p. $S6 per yr. 114 com. arcs 9000 e. p. $0$ 
per yr. mdnt all nt; wood $2.90. M 


To, fBeg»n op. lWa>^ ^ccrainlid*- 
Hi*? f4t, lly. Co., Mmti St. B. H. 

IT - ►^villv Kl<"C. Lt, Vo.) cjip. »iiUi. 

I. [ ' KiO : bd N , nDth. 1 1 .2S«,00U.un [e tg. 


9ti ;l i*:i]i:|irtc._.. ....^BmvantiAK <»*»- 

i A. !Sii?wmrt Kmlt**..,. Botton, Mai«, 

Tra' H.I*. SiiwjFer,.,, ** 

Itofl. Sioae 46 Webster. . ,..,.. *' 

»iipL w It Tucker. **♦...*. ,J»4!ksni3vllk' 

Iff A, VV, Uwk..„.... 

■v AruBb ; 4 d. c. pmr. O, £. SOO v ; £ a, c. 

^JOi v; 1. (lb. 7,300 aittu. K± mx^; iCIt ilc. 

p ffJI uDtM : 3 ijk c. urci iLmiii ; /TfiU a. c. 

fdif cir. keo f ; d, c. pwr. (Mr. fiOf) V . lf>W) 

ck^ AUii: i«a hp. b, ii. & w« a. x T. &^ 

WT, tr.lH— Key Weit Btec. Co.i {Beiran 

Lr. Umn .. _.., NewTf^rk 

L (i<n. W. Allow. .,.., Key West 

fmt. C. A. Murph/ ,....♦* Ntiw York 

^1. AKt O. C. a Urban Kej Wi'tt 

jft. M. Jt S, U. Jt W ; 750 bp. b, Krie. 1i3 
Klee. Li. <Sl Fwf, C«. Ml 

E» 1«13&— Khiimme^ El«e> LL Plant 


9la-LAk«^ l^iiy Kle<r,A VVtr-Co* cmp, 
toO^OQO^ Igp. (!. ill¥; bib. aiitb, & li- 

r Aaaoiv. Lfike ruy 

F. P. BftMln.. ........ 

lOO-jfti T. B. & Hfib. ie.O<» i*ltn«. T-tl, KlU 
,C. iim^i »R»it. c, Inee; 400 bp. f!. H, F. ^ 
f 4m hp b t!. A W. 

il lt«. c. (i. tOOO SOO i>PT f T. tnoonU; 

r 132 

W, 1,lS0-LAkelati4 Slee. U Wki. (Be- 
W; CAD. 110,000, 

Baoc*- >«»,., LAl(er»(] 

ir. Hoht. UmnieJi,....,.,.. , 

r»rfvu loan- 104 t ; TaOO *Hnn, E<1. ioc: 7 A.e. 
BOPA.ClllC*; 10Obp.&,Wrt*ly:; HlMip.b.CAiu. 

HI- T area c. p. SOOO |^.50 per jr, bU dl: 

«. 4- «} 

r«S4»-MuliH>ii Hkc. LL Co, 


el €59.). 43II1 

43-Vlli«ge BJec. |,t. Plftnt. (Ke^in op, 
!>. fj£1 1«0- A. A. Oiirdm*r I', A M; C\ C. 
i. i T; 0> Wiifefoquist So pi: B (L €. Cird. 
. 230 T. 3 d. c. Inc. »rcp; lOOO d. c. tnc«: lU*! 
bp. b. cHy <70iit ^ Ufl. c.pi a2 All nt; wood 

;Lt;n. UCrre— Mcmtlcollo Bl«c, Lt. plant. 


S80-Cilj of Oc*lA (Mantel; ccul f ; 

O. fi p. c. itit. 

C Dennett ,. OcaU 

H ; 2 d. c. G. K. 2SB0^I 10 V. S w ; FA. f oc \ ^S 
i &ri'»OJ ampa: 4 d. c. Inc. area 4 ampfi; 
tiof: ISObp.e. Cooper; leobp, b, ^Hanerd, 

mdnt; wood $1,715. 33 

h S,4ftl -Orlando Water A LL Co. (BeKan 
fAp. aiith. A tflfu^d il50,(MtO; no bdt; J* 
?■ J. M, Cbeirev S. T. A M; H. W. Orce 
Jb Snpt; A, H. Baylor Cb. Knjrr; I ft^ c* 
p109 f . T%K» altii», Ed. aoc; |A a. c. arci 7.11 
9 A. e. tiae«; iriS bp. r. B. F. A 31 ; S0» bp. 
el^ eolith II Ita. g. p, 30OO flOO pt^r yr. 

».3,aOJ— PAlatkft Gaa Lt. A Fuel Co; (Be- 
ll): cap. aatb. A Uiaed po.OOO: bda. autb. 
4hM^, 7 p. c. Int: G. Lop*r e«i}ey P. A 
L Ad ami B. A T; N. S. CoUtoii M ^ C, B. 
u Kleeo ' 1 d. c. aro Wood ; I a, c. Wood 

Ub. 14,000 Altna, T'H toe; 30 d. t\ arci 
«. e. IDC*; 150 bp. e, H. F. A M: IW 
'"; «ltY OOHl. 17 Ita. t. p. aOOO $83 per 

PEHf8ACOLAj7,r47-Eftrambm County Blcc, U. A 
Pwr. Co: (Bi'j^Mbnp. igno); eap. tiutb, A. |iil. In MM} - 
*J»0; bdi. flOOtlKt. S p, c int: W. H- Nofihtip Pt U. 
W. Thorn S & Ti J. U. Dnnbatn Snpt; .1, ^wpijtjry 
Ch, Eblt; W. (Jwenn Cli* Itletn; 3 a, c. O. K. auuO- 
110 v., 3 pb. Eld. »oc^ 75 d. c un^c fi.Aafnpi; 7 a. <\ 
a ret; S.OOOrt.c. ine*; a.c. day cir; 4:iO bp* e. B, A 
W; fliiOhp. b; city cojit. 17 nfca c. p. SOOO 1120 ppir 
jr. mil nl ; coal $±4h. 9S 

POBTTAMI'A. 1. 30? -Port TArapa Lt. A Fv»f, Cr^. 

(Beiemi op. laoft) (Ownwl by thu Ati«nTJc Cowsi IJnn 

H.R. Co. I 
Pres. R- G. Rrwln..,,.. .....,...„,,„, .New Ynfk 

V. Pre*. AN'x. UamiUon,,..,. Peti*i>lnirK* \'a 

Her, U, L, Ilortien... ..,.,.... .,.,..Nrw York 

Trt'i*. Jaa. F. P*»t...***.. .^WIlminRton, N.C 

1 Fuf . Aftt, F. n. FecJiiig .,,., " 

MRf. J. R. KbiiK- , *^ ** 

^iiptA KIpcn. U. B.Torwer.,, ...PortTawuMi 

2 L G, Urnah. WeatK. itlO kw. SSOO-ICO v. ^ A 3 pb. 
7.300 alt HP. Ed. ioe; 17*Lc. Imj, APCa fl ampa; LOOO 
a. c« iuiiA; &. e. day cirt 3St}0 v; 600 bp. e. A. A S; 
40h hp. b. Erie City. 

4011 t.'otu. Itica. c. p. le A 33 t.lO per kw. all ttl. 53 

Ui:iNCl\ OOo-QMbii-y Eleii, A !« Plant (Began op. 

lWfi>: cms! |.15,nl»>- 

1 uwncr VV oi . llnnlon . „ . .., — ...,.Qit1ncy 

f^irpt, A C'h. F^ibgr. G. F. Brockman......... "■ 

1 rl. c. lire Am. Ball tOOl U. cap; 1 d. c. tuc Am. 

It'll I »l kw. 230 v: Ed, hoc; SB d. c. Inc. orda $ arnpa; 

ii3&d. c. Incfl: VK)bp. e. Am, Ball; 120 bp, Ulr. Erie 

A meg. 
City cont. 30 urcK 3Q0t> c. p. |Q0 jjer yr. 8 e-Ho. art* 

13000 c. p. OD me tor. &Q5 com. inc*. Itl c. p. |6 per yF. 

nil nl; w'oodti. 4* W 

ST, PETKRHBUKU. LftTS-^t. PHi^T«bnrg Klec. Lt. 

A Pwr, Co (Beiriin op, lHllft);cftpv aath. A J«»ue<i 

il»,0D0; bHii. atith. 1 10 000, ianiipd $7 Mm. 5 p, c. Int; 

F. A. Davis P: L. Y. Jennewi S: U, F. Measf^y T: 

A. P, WelleTSupt; Q a. c. Warren, G.B. 1 100*104 v. 

n. ph. 1(10110 altns, Kd. iior: A. a ftrci; iPOOa. e. 

\mo-i 31*0 hp. f^. IT. A T« Wealg: »Obp. b. Root; ffUy 

coiit^ 50 Ita. c. p. k: I- pcryr- ml dot; wooil le. 02 

iTETsON, 300-Eloc. Lt, A Ice Co.: J. 0, Stetacai, 
ow^ K. L. Hod S. AT, li. B, Slerena Ik M, 3 a,o. 
T.-ll, HW' 101-53 T. Ift.OriOflkns. T.-H. i^m^.: t6 ». c 
arcs; 1,4<i0 H.C, lt]c*t 2fiO bp. e. Knii. Aiuck; 400 hp. b, 
Wcth, L*'b; city cont. 8 mo«. mdnt. 4 moa. all til. 
^ FurnlRbeB 1 IjiUt to l>eLjtiid.) W 

TALCAHA^BEE, 3,S«l-Taltahii«Me Klec. LL A 
Pwr. Co. &3p 

TAMPA, }^,f<^ -Tampa Kler. Co,; »uwf*aw>r to Con- 

(<tiiiinri* Elec. LL A Mt. Hy. Co; cap auth, A ifffned 

•600,000; bdii.aiiih,|rMK).Ouo.leiiuea, |377.0QO» rt p.c.tnt. 

Pre*. G. J. Baldwin .,...,...,.,., . .Savannah, Ga. 

V. Pro*. A Sw. P. O. Knlgbl, .Tanapa 

Afi«t^ Sec. H. R. BajM ........*,.„.. Boston, If aiw. 

Treat*, H, B. Sawyer. . ,,.......,.... ** 

Oeti. Men*. Ston« A WebateTp ....,,, " 

Mi;r. II. H.Hunt T^uapA 

^P[l^.A^^t. B. I>. l?«nt., '* 

Siipt, (i. A, Webb ** 

Cb . Enpr. H . A . Hampton .,,,..♦,.**.....,. ■* 

Cb. Blecn. S. II. Lncjii.... ** 

M. M. K. L. Pollca ^' 

3 a. e. 9t&ti. 2000400 v. 15,000 altna. T-Il aoc: M lo. 
arcd; 13,fl00 a. c. looi; Ry. pwr. rlr. CGO v; 1000 bp, e. 
A I Ma, Atlas: 1.400 bp. tarb: 750 hp. b. Bicrelow. 

City cont, 63 Arm c, p. i^OOO $: 20 per jr, all nt. 53 

TiTCflVlLLE, 7«— TitoiYille Elcc Lt. Co.; cap. 
113,000^ hde 115,0(1}; Jamee Fritehard, P. A M; 000 
altg inc. T H ; 00 hp. e. Ball, 68 

WKST TAMPA. !i.35S-MaJik. WaIw Wki. A LIg. 
Plant 5Sx 


ALB AH T, 4.fi0ft-Clly Bl«5. Wka ; T. M. Carter, M* 
A P. A.: C, R, McGaboy, Spt ; 4 dc, Bd. 110 if, : Ed. 
aoo.: 4 d.c. Inf. arcs; l.OOOd.c, Inci.; 300 bp e. 8. A 
W.p Safety; aOO hp. b., Cbtga., Saftty; moonlt,, aU 
at. \ffi^ 




AMERICUS,7,874— AmerlcuB Tllg. A Pwr. Co.: (Be- 
ganop.1891): cap.auth. tlOO.COO; bds. aiith. & onutg. 
185,000, » p. c. int 

PrcH. U. It. ilarrold AmericuH 

1 Sapt. & Pur. AKt. .1. 11. Hagerty 

2 a. c. arcG K 176 It. cap: 1 a. c. (i. E. 37 kw. 
1040-104 V. H. ph. 15.000 altiiH. Ed doc; 67 d. c. 0iric>i 
arcs 0.8 amps ; 16 a. c. inc. arcii6aTnn8; 950 a.c. Idcs; 
800 hp. e. A.& S, WcBtg: 200 hp b Payne 

Citv cont. 67nrcH c. p. 1200 $65 per yr. mooplt; 
ccal$3. •{• 63 

ATHENS. 10,245— At hons Elec. Rv. Co. (Regan op. 

1894): cap. aiith. S10i>,000, pi!. In 175,000; bde. autli. 

dboutHtg. S^W.lOO. G p. c. in I. 

I*re». J. Y. C'aritherp Athenn 

V. Pre. W. S. UolniHn " 

Sfc. »fe Trens. W. T. Brvnn *' 

n Mgr. & I'ur. A^t. C. I).Vlanij?an •' 

3 d. c. arc T-JI, Hrunh 20(1 It. cap; 2 d. c. pwr. G.P. 
Dctroi t 2.^0 k w. .V)Ov; 4.1. c. G. K. 1550 kw. 12,000- 
2000 104 V. 3 ph. 7.200 nlln?. Ed. hoc: 117 d. c. tH'rict* 
arcs 0.6 ampn; 7000 a. c. incH ; a. c. day cir. 2000 104 
v: 2300 hp. turb. S. B. A S. V. Co. 

Cliv cont. 117 arcs 2000 c. p. moonlt. 63 

ATLANTA, 89.872— (Jrorjji a Ry. A Klrc. Co. (Bctran 
op. Ih92): a ronsolidntion of the Atlanta Ky. &> Pwr. 
Co., the Athiuta Rapid Trannit Co.. the (leorjrla 
Elec. Lt. Co. and thf AUaiitu Su-ain Iltj;. Co ; cap. 
autb. & iHHued 1600,00 ; bds>. auth. & Insucd 160,000, 
6 p. c. int. 

PrcH. P. S. Arkwricht Atlanta 

V. Pros. & TrcMs. (J. W. Brine '* 

Mgr. J. Ci. Rossnjan " 

5 Pur. A;,'t. O. B. Graven " 

Ch. Engr. W. Bloxham " 

Ch. Elccn. .1. N. Eley " 

21 d. c. arc Brash. Ft. W, T-H; 9d. c. pwr. pen. 
600 v; 6 a. c. G.-K, Ft. W. 1100-113 v. s. ph. 15,000 
altns. Ed, T-H soc; 785 d. c. arc»» 412 a. c. inc. arcs; 
22,000 a c. incs: a. c. day cir. d. c. pwr. dr. 500 v: 

4.728 hp. 0. McI. A S, (ireeno, Harrin: hp. b. 

Bab. & W. Bigelow; 14W kw. cJiloride acc'r. 

Ciivcont. 7401ts. c.p. 2000 182.50 per yr. all nt; 
coal C2.60. 101 

AUGUSTA. 39,411 -Aumista Uv. & Klec. Co. (Be 
gan op. 1890); e.ap. auth. & i8Hned $1,000,000; Inis. 
auth. A oiitstg. $l,0ii0.000,5 p. c. int. 

PrcH. R. Laneanter Willianir* Klchmoiul, Va 

V. Prex. Bovkiii Wright Augusta 

S«r. A AsHt. Treat*, a. .1. McKnight 

Treas. A. 11. Rutherford Baltiraore, Md 

Gen. Supt. H. K. Hum Au^:u^ta 

Ch. Engr. .t Kh'cn. H, V. Sehreibcr " 

10 d. c. are (i. K. 5 d. c. pwr. Ed. 500 v. H a. c. (i. E. 
1160-iai V. 2 ph. 7200 altnu. Va\. soc; 560 d. c. arcs 9.6 
amps; S-VX) a, c. lucn; a. c. dav cir; d. c. pwr. dr. 600 
v; 2200 hp. e.C^or; 3000 hv. turb. S. A B, Leffel; 1200 
hp. h. B. A: W. 
City cont. .'^il arcH 2000 c. p. §68 |H'r yr. nil nt. 53 

B.%.INBRII>GK, 2.6n-Nu8baum Lt. A Ice Co. (Be- 
gan op. l.S97> : NuHnbaaui Brot*. ownerrt; 1 arc Ft. 
W; 1 a. c. G. E, 1040-104 v, s. ph. 16,000 altni.; T-H 
soc; S^Jd. cares 9.<5 amps: 10 a. c. arcs 6()ampH: 
1600 a. c.incs: 125 hp. e. Hardie: 170 hp. b. Hardie; 
city cont. 28 arcs c. p. 2000 175 per yr. all nt; wood 
ll.kO. 92 

BARN£SVILLE. 3.036— City of Barnesville; (Began 
op. Mar. 1897;) bds. $7,000. 4 p.c. int; ,J. L. Kennedy 
Mayor; Robt. Holmes S. A T; J. B. Bankston P. A. 
A Supt: V. (). Marshburn Ch. Entrr; L. Boani Ch. 
Elecn: 31 d.c. arc Ft W; 1 alt. inc. 2000-110 v. Ft.W; 
16,800 altnn. 2 ph. 35 d. e. series arcs: 1000 a. o. Incs; 
T-H soc; 100 hp. e. W. E; 90 hp. b. Schofleld. 60 

BRUNSWICK. 9,081 -Mutual Light A Water Co. 

(suciresHor to ttu* Hrunnwick Lt. A NVtr. Co.) (Began 

op. lOaSK cap. auth. $25,()O0. 

Pres. A. Fendig Brunswick 

2d. c. arc G. E; 2 a. c. G. E. 21180-104 t. b. ph. 

1000 altos. Ed. soc: 53 d. c. series ares 9.6 amps; 17 

d. c. inc. arcs 6 amps; 4000 a. c. incs; 600 hp. e. H, 

F. A M : 376 hp. b. Coatsv. 
City cont. 68 area c. p. 2000 t80 per yr. all nt: coal 

OARROLLTON, 2,000-CarrolltoD Elec. Co.: (Be- 
gan op. 1888); cap. antb. $26,000. pd. in 810.000: IS 
p. c. div; no bds; C. R. Turner P; J. G. Cheney 
Lessee ; 1 a.c. Weatg. 2000- 100 v. 16.000 altos. Ed. soc; 
8 a. c. arc 5 amps ; 1000 a. c. iocs; 100 hp. e. I*ayne: 
100 hp. b. .larvis; city cont. 64 inca, 8 area $172 p^r 
mo. moonlt. mdnt; wood fl.4a 9S 

CEDARTOWN. 2.823— Water A Lt. Dept (Munic.) 
(Began op. 1891): cost $60,000; bds. aath. Aoutstg. 
160.000, 6 p. c. Int. 

Chmn. n. N. VandeTender Cedartown 

5 Supt . & Pu r. Agt. n.B. JoboBoo 

Ch. Engr. R. A. Ray 

Ch. Elecn. T. L Beauchamp *' 

1 d. c. arc Brush 35 It. cap; 1 a. c. Brash 80 kw. 
cap. 2090 104 v. s. ph. 15,000 altns. T-H eoc: 30 d. c. 
scries arcs 6.5 amps; 2 a. c. inc. arc 6 amps; 1929 
a.c. incs; 100 lip. e. Am, BaU; 160 hp. b. Walsh. 

City cont. 30 arcs c. p. 1200 $66 per yr. 2 com. arcs 
1200 c. p. $<J0 peryr. 1200 com. incs. 16 c. p. $.12 per 
kw. moonlt. mdnt; coal $2.35. 4" ^ 

COLUMBUS, 17.614-Columba8 R. R. Co. Ltg. Depu 
cap. auth. A pd. in $250,000; bda. auth. $450,000, 
$400,000. 6 p. c. int 

Pn»s. Geo. J. Baldwin Savannah 

V. PrcH. J. F. Floirooy CoIumbu« 

Sec. F. U. Garrard " 

Treas. H . B. Sawyer Boaton. Maes 

Gen. Mgrs. Stone A Webster *' 

1 Mgr. H. 8 Reynolds Colarobus 

Supt. F. E. Iteidhead 

Ch. Engr. .1. .1. Albright Boeton, Maw 

5 d.c. arc G.E. 425 It; 2 d. c. pwr. G. K. 480 kw. SO) 
v: 7 a. c. W,.Htg. G. E. 791 kw. 2080-1040-208-104-58 
V. B. <St 2 ph. 16.000 A 7,200 altns. Kd. soc; 165 d. c 
series arcs O.Hamps: 240 a.c. inc. arcs 6 ampa: 15,000 
a. c. incs; a.c. day cir. 2080-1040 v; 600 hp.e. Payne; 
1200 hp. turb. LeJTel: 600 hp. b. Cole. 

('ity cont. 165 f res 2000 c. p. |60 per jr. 12 incs 82 
c. p. $24 per yr. 240 com. arcs 1200 c. p. $ 10 per kw. 
15,(NH>coin. ihcH. IG c. p. $.15 per kw. moonlt; coal 
$2.75. (Co. also Its. Phoenix City and Girard). 53 

CORDKLK. 3.473— Citizens Elec. Lt A Pwr. Co; 
(B<>gan op. 1806); cap. auth. $20,000. issued $11,000, 
W. H. S«'vujour P; I. M. Powells T, Supt. A P. A: 
W.J. Kadcliff Ch. Eugr. A Elecn; 4 d.c. G. E. 110 
t; Ed. s(K?: :a d. c. inc. arcs 5 amps: 1500 d. c. incs; 
1.50 hp. e. T.-B: 100 hp.b. Lombard; city cont. 12 Its. 
2000 c. p. $100 iver yr. moonlt all nt; wood $1.22. 53 

COVINGTON. 2,002— City Elec. Lt Plant (Munlc.) 

i Began op. VMl); cost $15,000; Ms. auth. A outatg. 
,15.U00. 5p. c. int 

Sec. A: Treas. Geo. T. Smith CoTlngton 

« Mgr. A Ch. Engr. J. R. Black 

1 a, c. G. E. 28(X)-1(M v. s. ph. 7300 sltns. Kd. soc; 
37 tt. c. serier* arcs « 6 amps; 800 a. c. incs; 150 hp. c. 
H. F. &M: LW hp. b. Cole. 

775 com. incH, 16 c. p. 4.80 per yr. moonlt all nt: 
coal $3.65; wood $1.. 50. + 63 

CUTHBKRT, 2,011- City Elec. Lt. Plant 92c 

I>.\LTON, 4.315-City Elec. Lt Plant (Mnnic.) (Be- 
gan op. 1903); co^t $11,000; bds. auth. A outatg. 

Chmn. G. W. Hamilton Dalton 

Supt. F. A. Hamilton •* 

1 a. c. Westg. 90 kw. 2200 v. 7200 altos. -60 a.c. 
series arce* 6.8 amps ; 120 h p. e; moonlt 53 

DAW.SON. 2.920— City of Dawson (Munlc); (Began 
op. 1896); cost $12,000; E. R. Slade, Supt; 1 arc Ft 
\V\ I a.c. Ft W. 1000-100 v. s. ph. 16.800 altns. T-H 
soc; 56 d. c. arcs 6.8 amps; 6 a. c. arcs 6 ampa; 2200 
a. c. incs; IIO hp. e. Kus; 120 hp. b. Lombard: 
moonlt; coal $2.90. .53 

DUBLIN, 3,000— Dublin Wtr. Wk» A Elec Lt Plant; 
(Munlc.) (Began op. 1896); cap. I35,0U0; bus. $6,000; 
J. D. Scarbough T; E. P. Lofton P. A. A Supt; J. 
ThomisCh. Engr: Jos. Bostwick Elecn; 1 arc Fl. 
W : 1 a. c Ft. W. 1000-100 v. s. ph. 16 800 altns. Ed. 
aoc.; 45 d. c. arcs 9.6 amps; 8a. c. arcs4 Adamna; 
9000 a. c. Inci.; 800 hp. e. Murray 250 hp. b. Cole; 
moonlt. all nt; wood $1.75. 9$ 





EA9TlIAW.l.aoi>-Eutm«n Eke. Lt Co. fBef?Ku op. 
USf); em% |8wW»; A, H. KrrkU-v »upi; W, N.Slmp 
wmt Ch, Kii)£r; 1 d. c, air Ft. W; 1 n.c. Ft> W. 100(1 
-JOl>it. 2i>Ti. H.OOO Kiltie. T U *iie\ L<i d.c. )iri:ii if.i^ 
rninp*; £vO«, c. inc:i: 75 hp. e. U. F. Jt M; tOO h[i. 

EATIINTI>?«, 1 '.i95^EainTit(ic Ele<!. On. ilkRan op- 
IHOTH cip. ftiitti. fiOtStWj IsMfd tiOjXX). «|i. edlv; 
Ul*, auih, Jt )«:»ii0iJ iiOixli', 7 p. 1? lot: .L S. Tnnifr 
P; K A RtidS; EM. Bnjwn T; E. W, M»r»dLll 
Cb. Klern; L ». c* G. S. *4ai>n*l v. 3 ph. fid. so*-; IT 
A. t. 4rta' IIUO ii.c iiiea; a.c, diy dr, 110 v; d. <?. pwr, 
cm tail t; 12:* lii», mrb; ciiy com, irh«. t9Qi>er,vr. 

»l*BFPT*»v. :i,i»i^Eltiertciii Eh^ * Pwr. Plum 
(M ' .11 op, l«i&>; coit |:^,iHXJ: hd%. mith. A 

^ I ' \. Caffoii ,,..,,.....,.. Blb^Tton 

^ KJi-cn O. W, Hubb»nl *. " 

I . jJix>-lQiiv. S pb. taDi)«1cu«. Rd. HK^; AD 

m,.% >ur EiTiEi*>.<i jtm|M; l^fOOi. t, Itie9; too bp. titrb. 

ri'nEOK&Al.D, l.«l--Wuier A Lt.mpt, (Bcffan op. 
UBD eovt 1^800; W. IHiampnon Supt. I ». c. HGeO-ltH 
V. — nb. 75»0*lliiii, Ed. p-uc; 2 av. *■. inc. aics; iUUit.t;. 
lacv; 13U lip. e. It F. Jb M- £» hp, b. Ook. % 

aAI?fi»%'IIX£, 4,3Sg2-Clty WaUtr *t M^^hl Pbmt 

fMuuk.) ro^t I4U,UU0; bili. autfa. A aumg. SlO^UiNJ, « 

|j. «-. tuL 

• P«r. A]^t- iivn. L>it**i'ra .G alnt^AVille 

iict-, HjfcCb. El<^n, Kmory M(^rek...... " 

CIt. Kn^rr. T, H. Wright...... .., 

I ij. e. utv T-H 50 U. rap; 54 d. e. ioHcf arcB; M 

bii. «. Uti»; 100 bp, b. AMaiita. &a 

OBirriK*«.mr-CltyofUfimii Lt. a Wtr. Wka. CMu' 
iilc>: ilt«f«ii op, tifflvn^ Ihl*. lltf.ilUt);«y llowiml 
I'. A, ASapl: it Miller Cb. Kra^-r; I urcT-lI; 1 a.c. 
IL K. SUPl-ItH V. JL pb- IS.UutJ jiUii", Kd. aoci 56 axes 

. Jltinpfl;? 1. o. arcs: waOQa. ci. itici; IMf bp, t^, Bnlh 
Pliip. b. r.Titit moonlt. all dark hn{ ciuvj $K5o. 110 

tBMnliSN^VILI^.t.irtS-Hnwkinfivillt^ Lt. A Ic« 

ll^Bwwil&4M): J.UUciirioP; N.F HpET T: Ci.A. 

l3Sre:iI; — a. e. G*E. liJOOKM v% T tl wie; W 

afw: mOiL. e. Inc«; 100 b p. e. Hua; lOU hp. b. O. ^ 

LI ; ritf «<me. IM> Its. c. j. ^UOO. 51 

LA QH.tJi£GK, l,374^tA Gnitise Mi Its: .L M. Hnr- 
Hard P, L. 4. Hi?iidcr T: 1 d. e. nm: I n, c. ^f^L iv 

■ta; IPOII4L c. iDca; bp, c. AIIU; eltj coiu. nil 

bL »^ 

MAC^K. ' "^ ^*ftcftll Rt, a LL Co. (Bepau op, 
juie); 1 M of all ib«? rullvvay And llj^bt com- 

ptatn i^ onlroJKnl: by Tly;*, Jfc M-. *'ti. of 

'- — ' I. Kii hi.M.rirL VaJ: Cap. autb. & pd. in fir 
« p. r div on pref ; bdi. imib. |tC(ja,WW. 
^_^- trso.ouo. 5 p. c, inr. 
Pre*. T- J . Ciirllux- .................. ^ ,., . .Miccn 

V Pi^ W. W )l!u'ka]^ ...........SftTaanitb 

**ffr. A Tfvai. K. L. DoUi«Jii». ..*..,. . 

ft«ni. M^. H^vi». A Li. Co. Of Amer. .Kfebmand, V^i 

S*apt. J, T. >yiiac. ...... .......,., .^MacoO 

Clti. KiiFT. J. IV Mowrtr.. ** 

Id. c. lire Uni#ii: i d, f pWT, unti. 1*0 y; 2n,f. 
ti IL K>IU IN V. ■. pb. 1A.I.00 tiUibr*. Ed. mic^ 1(15 
4. c. mn* ULS aifip«; IW a. l*. arc* (1 am|»; 10.(500 a.c. 
|M». a, c- day dr. TW t^. d, d4> d. c. pwr. c-lr. 
JHIr; laobu e. L, A It iiOiibp. b. B. ^ W. 
- Clif com, liS arct c, p. t:.000|iOO per >r, all nl: 
«Mi laLf^, 23 

ltAIlL«*OKt 1,090— Cttf or M&dl«our 50 art:. 6Q0 in^. 
ii#4.«. »^^ 

TT I < M' m-.'^-hl i-ttee. Co. (Bc't^an op, 

JDaP.T, jfcP. Aiit 

__jj. t; 1 lire T-ll; 3 d, f:. 

TfT- ■ - .1 ^.^, ..u V. TWJO ailtii. 4) d.c. 

tr HTf-Ji; l^diUO a. tr iiiia.^ ISfi hp. 

t Bab, Jc W.; dty ctiiit., 30 arcH* 

t i , .. - r ' . .- *"L- /par mooolt.; coal iS.40, 53 

»tLLKI>aKVfI.Ll!U tei9-Mill(slt*eTlll«KlBC LL 
Co. : { Itfj^aii uti. JB^T); f!^p. faj.iKiu, & p. c. div; J. €. 
WhHahcT PL J. A. Booup S. M, P. A. A Snid: W, 
H, Booijuy Cb. Rjigr; £d. c. wpc tstm; u. it. Stan. 
20.10-UJUv. l!;.tJOO altii*. TH boo; 46 d. c. arcs B!» 

aiapn: a. c. Ihcr; i?AOhp, v. B, A W; Si50 bp. b. 

LumbrtPit cily ^'ont. 15 lift, c, p. SOOO tfiu per yr. 
iiKKJDlt^ ConJ laXiO. 11^ 

MCINTEZUJH A, 71!>-Sc(« Ogletburpe. 

MU?*'TICELLn, l.lO*-MoiitWlIo Kb*. LL & Pwr. 
Ci^ U^oLbic.)^ iBe^iuiott. ItiOlK Cap. nulb, & jkI. la 

* Propt. U. J orrJnu ,,,.,,.„♦..„., Mouticell»j 

Ch. Eiii^r* W, J . Mc Intoib .............. 

] a.i:. W«mii UtMMIO V. #. pb. ]R,ljUl? alUia. Eii. 
hoc: id a. c. fftiTjep iMra; lOilK) a, c^ Iul's: 7& hp. c. 
WofKJbiiry; 75 b p. IhScolhkl. 

City cotii, 10 *rc«c. p, 106 paryr. all td; coal 

Si- 53 

MUULTUIE, S,e^-CHy Elcf. Lt PJint (Munlc); 
(Bt^gi&ii up. 1H)H»: iKJi*. anth A kiaunl $11.^)00, t p. c. 
lilt; 11 T iJrttHfonl P. M. A P. A; C, L. Aupllu S; 
ILH. Bxiabiug T; .1. U. lUy Stipt. .fe tth.RMt?»-; I *.c. 
O. £. lOJO 101 T. B, pb. 1&,C\XI alt 110. Kd. mic; 5 a. c. 
inc. urea; «HJ a.c. Inc*; 60 bp. e. Atlae; tlO hp.b. no 

KKWMA1^,3,ft5t— Newman Lt. ± Pwr, Co. tap. aoih. 

^U POO, itii. m t^i.OOO, n p. c, dlv ; no bdi. 

Prt*. 11. (ui, Fislier. ..................... . ,NvWniaD 

1 8«i\ Trttt"- A MvT. P. B. Morpbi^y. ...,., ** 

Sopt. VV. B. PrJiink-, *• 

Vh. Ent^F. 'I wm Brooka. ,.,,... *' 

t d. c, lire Tliomp^un .M)1t. cap; Sd. c. pwr. G. E. 

4% kw. 110 v. Ed, fn.W3; flOU) d. c. itic»; 176 bp. *- h.A 

B; ITS bp, b Col^. 
<.;Hy eont. .10 arcw c. p. mw flOO per/r. 37 taei. 50 

c. p. fr> [H-r yf. all nt ; coal »|.(I0. as 

CIGLETflORPE, 54& -Oglutbonw ^ Moiitpyin^n 
Lt, A Pwr. ro.i Clip. 14.000; — ax% T; It 1000-104 v.; 
7,500 aitijB.: Ed. *cic; 400 u-r. Ircw.; 40 bp. e. Piiyuc; 
bo bp. b. ScboL I city coot. ; nidnt. ; all tj l. | g 

QUITStAN. tSSl-TowDof Qiiltmon (Munlc.); (Be 
ganop. l«».\): \tili uiitU. lai.uuo, outittsr. 1 17,500, 6 
p.c. lull M, C. Waib^ S. ^ T; WaU-r A, U, Cum. II. 

* K A: .L l> Kiiy Oti. Knpfr; I »to U. E; i a,o. 1, 
pb. G. R. 1040- 104 V. 15,000 a ilnfl. Sd. soc; Sa arcsa 
d a auipi : mi bp.«> L.A B; IflO bp.b. »cbof ; motmlu 
mdfit; woitd 11.60. 9a 

Hr»»tK, 7,391— City Eli^. By, C(Xt cap. antb. »100,000^ 
Igitied taO.OOO: L>d». aatb. a i»»iipd f 100,000, 6 p.c. ^tis. 

Prea, K. OtnnlnFEhnni LiU bflc In, Conn 

Bv^. It A. Uenny, , , . . . Hnjtw 

1 Tn'a*. MtfT. Jt Pur. AjyfL J . U. Marvin ....... ** 

Cb. KIl-ld. W, Ma**if> , „.„ •* 

Sd.c. nnsT-If: 2 a. c. \Vr«tK. 1100-104 t. a. pb. 
15.0)0 nltnfi. Kd. ioct flOd. c. area. U.U lunpif; L^ a, c. 
Int. ans, irS.^lOO a. c. Utra : a c, dav cir bL ry. pwr 
dr. 60Q V ftJO bp. e. Ualt 300 lip. 'b. 

City tout. 00 Its. SOUU c. p. $wl per yt. all nt; coaj 
$8.50. 5.1 

SAVANNAH, &4.^l4-Sa%aniiAh EIpc. ro, ; cap. autb. 
lb pd. In fd,r]aiOOO, pmr. t to 0.000, «p.c. dlv; bd«. 
antb, $3.5110,000, outi<tg f^gOO^OOO, 5 p. c. tnt, 

Prcrt. G. ,) . BaJilwio, . ,,..... .Sa^ nniiah 

Sec, A. S. Mini* ,., ,. 

Treus. 11 H.Httwyer ..,lk»toii. Ma?! 

Hgr. O-O. NagW ,., , SavHDjiab 

Snpt. T , P. Keck. ..... 

I d. c. arc T^tl. Brn?h; a d. c* O.-E. 110*230 v : £ d. 

c. pwr- pi-O. 600 v: 3n.c W#«rg, 1100-101 v. «. ph. 
Itt.OQO aliUR. T-H MC : 70U d. t-. arcn ill} Jb 0.8 amps; 
mt d,c. itic area 3 Jt :samp»; IG.Uuo ji. c. inci; V.OOO 

d, c Inca: d. c. A a. e, day clri 2000 bp. o. H., O. & 
It Bckyis H. F, A M; Ixm hp. b. 

City rout. 511 Un c.p. tiOOO fTS per yr. moon It. ull 
lit; coal 13.. -VO (Lti?. tbe luwii uf Tbundi^rbijU). (K 

TALLAPOOSA, 242§—ViMtio»i l*t, ^ Pwr. Co.; cap. 
•fiO.OOO; J». t^jitickf'nbiiflb, P. AT.; W. H. Brown H 
P. A. A Spl.; 2 d.c. Kd. 3 w »40 v.i Ed. k>c.;600 
d.c. irici!.: Bit hp. e. Ru*.; 100 bp. b. Casey 4l It; 
cHy cout,, all nt. ^ 





TUOMASVILLE, 5.821^-Thoma8vilIe Blec. U. Co.; 
cap, •£0,000: no bds; W. C. Lewie P; R. Gamble T. 
A M: 1 urc T-U; 8 a. c. GB 1040 104 v. 15;n0altns. 
Ed. iK>€.: 24 aTc<>: S500 a.c. incs; 840 hp. e. Ball; 800 
hp. b. Sobof ; city cont. 22 arcs o. p. 1200 $105 per yr. 
all nt. 92 

TOCCO, 2,176— Tocco Palis Lt. & Pwr. Co. C2d 

VALDOSTA, 5,631— Valdosta Ice & MaofK. Co.; 
(Began op. 1800); cap. auth. & pd. in S40,000, 8 p. c. 
div; no IkIb. _ ,, 

Pres. K. W. Lane ValdwiU 

1 V. Pn». A Mjcr. B. W. Bvntley 

Sec. O. O. Mariey " 

2 d. c. pwr. VVeeti;. 187 kw. 600 y; 2 a.c. Westg. 220 
kw. 1145-104 V. H. pii. 16,000 altns. Kd. bcks; 60 a. c. 
aerieearcs 0.6 ainpn; 6.0 ampe: 4,100 a.c. 
ince; a. c. day cir. 600 v; 4.'iO hp. e. L. A B, Batea; 
800 hp. b. Cole. 

City oont. 50 area c. p. 2000 $75 per yr. 6 com. area 
2000 c. p. $.15 per kw. 4100 com. inca. 16 c. p. $.15 per 
kw. all ni; wood $1.75. 58 

WARRENTON, 1,118-B. L. Battle Mfg. Co. (Began 
op. 1900); cap. auth. $200,000, isaued K6.000: J. P. 
Allen P; W. F. Wilkoit S. & T; H. T. Ballard Supt; 
J. Tooel Ch. Engr; 1 d. c. G. K. 120 v; 100 d. c. inca; 
60 hp. c. Atlaa; G5hp. b. Lombard. 51 

WASHINGTON, 3,800— City Public Wka. (Munic); 
(Kefzan op. 189b); coat $12,000. 
^ Mgr. Pur.Agt. & Ch.Engr. T. Sndlow.Waahlngton 

1 d.c. pwr. G.E; 1 a. c G.E. 60 kw. 1040-104 v. a. ph. 
15,000 altna. Bd. aoc: 20 a. c. ai*riea arcs 10 amp<«: 2 
a. c. Inc. area 6 am fie; 1200 a. c. inca; 260 hp. e. Rua, 
Murray; 160 hp. b. Cole. 

500 com. Inca. 16, 24 A 82 c. p. $.10 per kw. moonlt. 
mdnt; wood $1.75. 4« 53 

WATCROSS, 5.910— Satllla Mfg. Co. (Began op.l890) 
cap. auth. A pd. in $100,000. 

ftea. Geo. D. Wadley Wayoroaa 

V. Prca. C. C. Grace 

1 Sec. Treaa, A Mgr. F. M.llawklna *' 

Supt A Ch. Engr. R. M. Eeuitticher 

8 d. c. arc TH 100 It. cap; 3 a. c. Weatg. 240 kw. 
IIOO^IOI-^ V. i. ph. 16,000 altna. Ed. roc; 49 d. c. 
aeriea area 9.6 ampit; 8 a. c. inc. area: 2000 a. c. inca; 
600 hp. e. Beck, Bckye, Cor; 885 hp. b. I..ombard, 

City cont 46 area c. p. 2000 $75 per yr. 8 com. area 
1200 c. p. $.10 per kw. moonlt; wood $1.75. 4« 63 

WEST POINT. 1,797— Citv of Weat Point: (Began 
op. 1806): cogl $16,000; H.^. WoodyardS. T. A P. A; 
II. L. Hill M. A Supt; J.D. PhillipH Ch. Engr; 1 d.c. 
arc T-H; 1 a. c. (J. E. 1010-104 v. 2 ph. lO.OOO altnu. 
TH ao<?; 37 d. c. arcs; 800 a.c. inca; no day cir; 167 
hp. e. Ball; 180 hp. b; moonlt; coal $2.00. 02 


HONOLULU, 40.000— Hawaian Blec. Co. Ltd. (Be- 

San op. 1898): cap. auth. A pd. in, $500,000. 6 p. c. 
iv: F. W. Macfarlane P; W. L. Hopper S; O. K. 
Carter T; A. Gartley M. A P. A: U. L. Hudson 
Supt! O. R. Williama Ch. Engr; 1 d. c. Bd. 120 v; 
8 d.c. pwr. 550 v; 3 a.c. Westg. 2200-220 110 v. 2 uh. 
7,200 altna. T-H, aoc: 100 a.c.arca 6 anipa; 2000 d.c. 
Inca; 25,000 a. c. incn; day cir; pwr. cir. 600 v; 2060 
hp. e. Ball, Union; 1.500 hp. b. Heine, Stir; coal 
ffao. 02 

City of Honolulu — d. c. arc G. E; — a. c. Westg. 
12'}d. c. area: 1000 a. c. inca; hp. Watrw, Pelton. 
(does atrcet lighting) 99 

Oceanic Qaa A Elec. Co.; cap. auth. $250,000. is- 
aued $50,000; F. J. Cross P; M. M. Rohu 8. A M: F 
D. Oreaiiy T; L. H. Wolfe Supt: U. L. Horn Ch. 
Engr. (Thia plant ia under conatmction.) 

HIIX>, 10,000— Hilo Elec. Lt Co. Ltd. (B^an op- 
1894); F. 8. Lyman P; L. Turner 8; N. C. WiUfong 
T; C. B. Sedwick M; 1 a. c 1010-104 v. mcr. $0 eye. 
18 a. c. arcs: 8000 a. c. incs; a. c. day cir: — bp. 
tnrb; city cont-OSltr. c. p.»$l.$Op. mo. noonU 
aU nt; coal $7. K 


BOISE, 5,967-Oapital Blec. Lt, Motor A G 
cap. $60 000; no bds.; W. U. Bldenbangh, F 
Cunningham, 8. & M. ; 8 arc T.-H. : d.o., E* 
Ed.soc. ;96 area; 8,500 d.c. inca. : d.c. day cir. 
turb. Leffel; city cont. 44 Ita. c.p. 20OO $78 p« 

BURKE, 1,061— Canyon Creek Blec. Lt. Co.; 
op. 1896). cap. auth. ^iaaued $16,000; no bde 
Donald P. A T; H.J.Rosei 8; W. K. Miller, 
A ; 1 a. c. G. E. 8080-114 ▼. mcy. Ed, T-H, 811 
a. c. area; 2000 a. c. incs; 75 hp. e. Rus; 100. 1 
Pelton; 100 hp. b. Columbia. 

CALDWEIX, 997— Caldwell Blec. Lt. Co. 
Sebree M. 

OCBUR D'ALENE, 506— Coeur d'Alene Elec 

cap. $ . 

Owner A Mgr. J. Graham Coeur 

Ch. Engr. T. G. Garrett 

Ch. Elecn. P.Joy 

2 d. c. arc Com. 110 v; Ed. aoc; 400 d. c. i 
hp. e. Rus ; 80 hp. b. Rus. 4« 

OBANGEVIIXE, 1.182— Gran gevi He Elec. 

(Began op.1900): D. C. Vsnburen Owner; 2 ( 

Wagner 220 t; fid. aoc; 2 d. c. area 5 ampa; 

inc. area; 800 d.c. inca; 75 hp. e. Rua; 76 np. 

city cont. 6 Ita. c. p. 12u0 $120 per yr. all n 

HAILEY, 1,240-Idaho Elec. Supply Co; (B 

1888); S. B. Rlchey, Lessee A P. A; 2 d.c 

Ed. aoo; 1 d. c. inc. area, 5 amp ; 600 d. c. inc 

turb. Leffel. 

HABKISON, I,400-Ham8on Elec. Lt Co. 
op. 1901); can. auth. A iaaned ^,000; L. J. 
F. A T: G. H. Kimmel S. A M; U. A.Gale C 
2 d. c. Wagner 220 v ; Ed. aoc : 7 d. c. inc. f 
d. c. inca; 90 hp. e. Atlaa: 100 hp. b. Erie: c 
6 ita. c. p. 2000 $120 per yr. all nt; wood $2. 

IDAHO FALLS, 1,262-City Elec. Lt. Plant 

KELLOG, 823— Bunker Hill A Snlliyan 1 
(Contracting Co. (Began op. 1898). 
t Mgr. A Pur. Agt 8. A. Baaton 

Supt W. C. Clark 

Ch. Engr. W. H. Pipea 

2 d. c. inc. G.E. 25 kw. 110 v; 2 d. c. pwr. 4 
kw. 500v: 2 a. c. G. E, 15U kw. 9060-104 v. s. 
altna. Ed. aoc; 15 a. c. inc. area 6 ampa: 
inca: 3000a. c. inca; 300 hp. e. Rua; 75 I 
Pelton; 400 hp. b. Amc9. 

City cont 7 area c.p. 1200 $114 iKjr yr. 35 ii 
16 $9.80 per yr. 25 com. area c.p. 1200 $90 per 
com. inca. c. p. 16 $12 i>er yr. all nt; wood i 
alao Its. Waraner.) 

LEWISTON, 2.425— Lewiaton Lt Co. (Ixl. 
Its. Aaotin, Wash ) c^ip. auth. A iaaued $50 
H. Libby P; H. Adams 8: A. Wheeler T: J 
ningsSupt; D. H. Huntii gton Ch. Engr; 
Weatg. 1U60 104 v. 3 ph. ?200 altna. Ed. soc; 
arcs 6.6 smpH; 40 a. c. arcH; 5000 a. c. inca : 
cir 104 v: 500 hp. tnrb. Pelton; city cont 25 
2000 $106 per yr. all nt- 

M08C0W, .\000— Moscow Elec. Lt A Pwr. ( 

San op. 1889) cap. anth. Sc ixi. in $50,000, 
iy; no bda. 

Prea. M. J. Shield* 

t V. Prea. A Mgr. E. 8. Aldrlch 

Sec. ATreaa. C. W. Shielda 

Ch. Engr. H. E. Teriing 

Ch. Elecn. (J. Sargent 

2 d. c. arc Ed, T-H 1000 It cap: 2 d.c. inc. 
4 kw. 110 v; 8a c. bton, G. K. Westg. ISO I 
110 V. a. ph. 16,000 altna. Ed, Weatg. soc; 
HeriessrcsO.damiM; 15 a. c. inc. arcs an 
a.c incs: 890 hp. e. Rus, Ball: 360 hp. b. At 

City cont 15 srca c. p. 2000 $120 per yr. 1< 
p. $12 per yr. aOcom. area 1200 c. p. $75 A 
yr. $000 com. Iocs. c. p. 16 $.20 per kw. all 
I&.26; mood $4. -^ 

m,Ecmc uSn<^fmikC ^AXims. 

IT— Multin Siec.Lt. ^ Pwr Go, (B^-Knn 
}. «utb A iiwhu<l f 10.000. 3p. t. quwrn 

fed. toe; €UU d. c. Ine*; ItiU bp* Peimu 

, 4.0irt-Ann>ricaB Fulls Pwr. U. * 
Ltd. tfiemiiti up. ISeoj; c«L>. tMun,<MMl. 

L Miwljr .-...,,.,.-......♦ Pociicllo 

, di,u«!V *..,,, , '" 

jH IU"^*-- ..,......*.. 

ip! ' U. Mtjdtftoit!. *" 

J -ll&v. ^i pli. T^W ftlltii. 

nX fliniw; dO n., c. Inc. 
. iiitji; 18I0W lip. lurb. Lf (ItL 

r» 411— 5L Anltwuj Eldc LtPluni ^ 

^^OiJiTlc* £ Qmtli^H (Bt-ifiui up. ISBRi; 
tP i!i, T. & K A; A. J. iiUArl^B M. Siipt. 
_jj :* a f* WenU ItJUU lUi* v. «. pli. lfi,lRO 
f - " iircB 6 to 1.5 aiiipw; JSUUJi. i.\ 

h. kl; city eonU ftltu. C p, 900U 

t,505— W*Jliiw Usht dt W;acr Co. 
^) cap. tilth. tbO.OuU; do bdit. 

'"'UBiwin, ,* ,. .. Wnllttcu 

I, J. Dyer......... ..... ■* 

^^am , , *■ 

». C, McKlBwieli ** 

T. (I, W«Lii>iwiir.| ■* 

la. K: £ » e. Cm. K. 1040-104 v. ». pb. Tm 
; Wn.c, itvct limps; aOCiO ii. p* iurs; 
; 10(1 h p. p. BckvG^ 90u Itp. FuUttti wheeU; 
tk ei iU. C. p. 3000 f 108 [«r JT. aU Hi; POftl 

h ^ 

:R, l^»0- Warmer BlH^. Light PLatil; n. 
¥n*r, U, L, Frft¥*TM. A F. A: « ^in; Wartl; 
te.Ut;ii. ; no U. c- ; tlO b.|i.FelUi» wUeeL t 

li« 2,0'JS— AbineJori EJcc, Co.; (BoKau op. 
mtl,UO: SAUvliiB P. A P.A; W.A.TlioaiHfl 
fclerX; W. A. Peter* *iBpt: I flivT-H; t 
lOlO-lOI-iS t. R. ph. lajXXfftHiKk TH «o€- 
e* 64» ampft! 12 m. c. ftrtii tt anipii; lOOU ti. {\ 
" . #-. C.-T. Ida; 170 bp. b. Sj^ft^ty; f-lty 

_ — Aledo EJec. Lt. ^ Fwr. Co.: cap. fH4.- 

Rirqalft, P.. a 4 P. A-: W. W. Lair, M, A 
ruili^Sd.c. tirujih ISil v.; £J. socr 13 
L mc. arcs.: SJJiitf itics.; ft) tip. c. 
iip.b. Frait; r itjr oou L «iiioonU.,iiifluU I ^ 

jPO0— Ali'iiB Klec. Lt. Co.; ilW^^mi op, 
Jltttlniiftcin Owner; II. PiiieCtj Etijtfr; 1 
W»tL tOOO-BO?.; Ifl.OOO alui^. I^llao*:; 
»; 7& bp. e, Itlts m lip. b, Froet; city 

|i. ftl c. p. f pt*r V r. moon It. iiidiit: 


>— AJpha Elff?, Lt. it P\*r. Co. I Bc^nu 

^ap. auth. i2^,C00, |iU' iti $l&,OUa 

WiaM.TaKt? Alpha 

M^r ASitii^t. VV. J. Tnie ■" 

rr. A EkciL ( ieii. Bultnii ............ ** 

* K. ^ kw ^W v; I a. «- Ff. W. IfiJ-s kw. 

~l. pk T^WO altna. »lt T-H «uc^ I d. i-. ttic. 
c. iaiaii: SUU ji. c. Incjs; d. e. day clr, 200 

L VtmU lA'ff; 3 hp. ti. FrtMit. Left. 

» tiiiltit. i»!l nt; coallT.flO- (Co. alio It-, 

tor; 4- ^H 

li^\tiof? fly, Gt* it Klec. C?o. (Began 
»i»M>;r<!iir Um of < hf AltoO Uf. AlUg. Ui. 
iiip A Kief. CtMi f'lip. RiUh- Jt IrtUfid 
». smOi, A fMULj friOf^.Ouo, 6 p. n. int. 

' a*. J. F. Pwrl^r .Alt/m 

h *it»iiv.U *' 

, |i&l(rr *' 

,DpL U.O.OMtmQu " 


a d.c. arc Brnah ; 4 h. r. i*. ph. Q. K KOO 110 v. T20O 
ji]Ln». KJ. woe; 120 d. c. arci 9.tS amp&^ Sr>a. €, Inc. 
Rrc*: l?!,tXX>a.c. Inrs; ii. e; duT cip; fi pwr. fcD. G,B. 
JHilO hp. a Cor, Bckyc: 1350 tip. U Waoj^^kr. 

City eotit. I3S arc a c.p. 55O0U $Hf^ p<'r yr. all nt; ct»:il 
$J,t2&. fCo.aldo Its, L'ppiT Alton and No. Alton), tfi A3 

ALTOXA, eJiS - Jnlmson ifc Rogg (Uegtii op. l*Oe>; 

cup. autii. frj.ooij. pd, hi 

t;li. Kiiyr.A Elptii. A. ,K .lohuson — Altojia 

1 iL c. inc. l^ttj^iirv 4U k^. "j^d v. Kil aiw 2 d c. inc. 

arc* ^ anipn: fiyu iLc. Ihcb; iik> hp. u. Frwt. 
(ity CO Ell. rnrlrit. 4" ^ 

AM HOY, 1, 8a;- A in boy Lig, ft Pwr. Co. (Bt-^an op. 
1800 Clip, *rJ,OUJ; mi btls,; J.LiUle P. F. N. Vanirhim 
a. <SiT. F. M. lJf«Wfr M. A P. A. laOOalt.itic. Wtiil^. 
Uuu-nO-iTfO V. p. ph. 10,000 almj*. Wi*8ig.s<jc; 7 a. c. 
inc, itTc*; 1000 a. c, iticwj noday clr; W hp. e. Id^; 
00 hp^ b. ^phn^fluld; city cont. 74 ha, moonll; coal 

ANKxt, 2,61 8^ Anna Bl(w. Ll. Plant; (Beffan op. 

Ft.W; 1 d.c 1 fl.c. arc Ft. VV, Krl 1 10 v ; 1 a.c. Royal 
1 175^50 V. HJ.OOOurtnft. Ed. eoc; *JOaTt?*i; 300 d.c.llica: 
750 a.c. lutsM; 100 bp. «. Bkioni'r; city coni, nidnt. HE 

AKCOr^A, 2.030— S. L. Wood worth owner; (Began 
op im\); cap. fl0,UO0. 

1 d. c. arc Hall; 2 a. o. Wi>od. Std. 1 150&2 v. i. ph. 
10,000 lamp. T if hoc; 40 d. c. At-O0 4.5 nnijit^; 1300 

a. c. \nc*; S23 bp. n. Ide; 2'JO bp. b. Alliiii. 

City conL <0 Ita. c p. l^W fSO p«r yr JjiootUu to 
3 A. M;coi4ll3; ISZ 

ASRl'MPTION, l.:o-2-XiiUonal Mfjf. & Elec. Co. 
(Byjjati op. IHUH)L €ftp, nutli. it Usu^d fJtt.OOO; C. C. 
Ciirjtiiitu P: A. CunuerS: A. H- Corjsinc T, M. & P. 
A: a a. c, Woiid 5RJ0U v.H pli. IA.OmO nitn». Ed. rOQ-, 
l^n c. arcs; KiOa. c. incii: 125 b|i. e. Cliia««; K^ lip. 
b.O'Brioiii cUy cout. IB Its. c. p. UOOO luutitiK; «oai 
SI. !W 

ASTORIA, 1,681— Ailoria ec, U. Co. ; (Begun op. 

Mgr. W. Scrippe ................... . . . . Aalorl* 

^ Pur. A!jt. J, tJ. Alkluaou. ^* 

I arc Sid; I ». c. We^tir. 1100-100 v., 7,«»0»Hd», 
W<^tg. floc; S^aiH'i, 12a. c. area; 8£^0 sl. c. iuf^s; luO 
h|i. t. fdts 10(1 hp. b. sprinsifd, 

Cily KonL *i2U4. c.p. liOOO |;tiO per yr. moonll; coal 

ATHE>'!%, 1.505— Horn ttt McJlaMi^r EU'C Lt.Co. (Be- 

(*un op. IWIL 

* Mjsr. & Pi»r. Act E. M. Burnt-tl GIrafd, 111 

Ch. Ko>^r. A KlttCn. J. P. HipUraan Atbotil 

1 d. c. lire T-ll :ilHt; 1 a. c. Wif^tj?. Sa kw. ICJOO-IOO 

V. H. ph. in,<WO alms, T- II boc; is^ d. c. sedta Btcs 

anipi^; 400ti.c. iMCit; OOhpe lilis lODbp.h. Sprlitg. 
City i^ont.SO irvs c. p. Ha^ $7h t^r yr. mocmlt; coAl 

11.50. b8 

ATKINSON*, TTH! - Atklnnon Mantolpal Klw, Co, 
tBi*paii niK JlWr'n cmt $» OOi^; bila. iwHiicsd t4,?mi. & p. 
c. luti W, II. Trt-kill P. A P. A: J. S. NoweraS; J. 
K Nnwcfi*T: F, JobiiNOti Ch. Enirr; 1 o. c. Ft, W. 
JtOfl-IOl V. riOO aUnfl. Ed. hoc; 100 hp. e. Idt?; 12& bp. 

b. Frofrt; cujU |l 40, US 

ATLANTA, t. 270— Atlanta. Elec, Lt. *.t Pwr, Co.; 
cap, ilt.UiW; too bda; Mrs. W. Bobinson P. A T; J. 
C. Bobiiimjn P. A. A SupU .laa. Pfjilt Cla. KuJEr; I 
arc Brurh; 1 d.c. Stnnd, V^\- H-M sor.'H an.^»: ttftO 
d.C. Inm: 100 hp. c-. Hrkv«: HJO hp, b, Cob«iii city 
tont. S4 lt« c, p. IsJOy $50' [wr yr. mix)iill. 12 P. M. 21 

AlJBl'KNMiM J— Auburn Eler. Lt. Co. {Hof^un op. 
Uim, c^i]». niuh.^ pd. tu $10.(100, 7 p. i!. div; no bdw. 

Prcii. MMur. tietj. W. Uiitton.,,. .Allburu 

V. Pn'3 s, y. McKloom- 

1 Stc. ,|i Trt- u». fl. J. hjnlngcr. . ............. " 

8npt Jt Ch, EhTii. W. E, (Iraber * »* 

Ch, Enjjr. Chap. J^Hntlerw ....... ....*... " 

t !i. c. U. K dl kv. B, ph. ?MJO altns. T-TI Sflc; 2S 
]i. c. Ptrlcai urcB l^nmpn; HjOO ». c. iwca; lOJ lip. c. 
Ide; 'i hp.lK SpdiiK. 

City coot, 'JI HfCB c. |i, aOOO fSO ptT yr. 1000 Ine*. IB 

c. p. uiKtrr. 2 com. nrca. «F<M> c. p. |80 ptf yr. tnoonU. 
tudnt. alint; loalll.lO. •{• CJI 






AURORA. 24,147— Aurora Klec. Lt. & Pwr. Co. (Be- 
Q op. Ib&i) cap. auth. & iftea 
E. W. TmBkS. J. C. Cop 

gan op. Ib&i) cap. auth. & ifteued f IU0,0UO; T.U. Day 
P. E. W. TmBkS. J. C. Copley T, M. A P. A. W. 
WlUett Supt. 4 d. c. ore T-U: 8 a. c. T-H, Weatg. 

1000 V. — ph. altus. eoc; 200 d. c. arcu; - 

a. c. inc8: u. cir. 1000 v; 400 hp. e. Allis, We8t; 600 
bp. b. Aurora; coal $1.85. 99 

City of Aurora. (Muuic); C. C. Hinckley, Spt.; 
272arc; T-H. Went, filec; ^5 bp. e. Allin; 850 bp. b. 
Aurora; coal $3.10. 121 


-See Oak Park. 

AVA, 964-Ava Elcc. Lt. Plant (Began op. 1897). 

Owner W. C. Dean Ava 

1 Mgr. A Ch. Engr. Albcn E. Pike " 

1 d. c. im-. Westg. 37 kw. 220 v; 4uO d. c incs; 81 
hp. e. C. AT: 75 h p. b.CVB. 

City cont. 36 incB. .12 c. p. $— per yr. nidnt; coal 
$1.50. 4* 53 

AVON. 1,000-Avon Milling A Mfg. Co.; cap. auth. A 
pd. in 115,000. 

Pre8. H . F. Town^end Lowintown, III 

V. PreB. \V. E. Suvt-n* Avon 

• Sec, Treas. A Mgr. G. A. Toaipkin« •' 

1 d. c. Mather 210 v. Ed. 80<'.: 4 d. c. hcHch urt^s 3.2 
amps; GOOd.o. iurs; d. c. day cir. 240 v; ICO hp. e. 
Frost; 70 hp. b. Kewanee. 

City cont. 4 area HOOc. p. indnt. 53 

BAKRINGTON, 1 I(i2-The Barrin»;ton Elec. Ltg. 
Co. (Began op. l^}^); not incorp. cap f20,0OU: A.L. 
Robertson M. A P. A; Wm. llagcr Ch. Engr, A 
Elecn; 1 a. c. G. E. 2000-100 v. 2 pb. ".200 aUns. T H 
Boc; 1200 a. c. incs; 120 hp. e. Erie; 120 bp. b. Erie; 
city cont. 60 Its. c. p. 32 $12 pt>r Ar. inuoull; coal 
$2.70. 02 

BARRY, 1,043— Barrv Electric Plant; E. B. llill- 
man Owner E. P. Reeder M. 700 alt. inc. Royal; 
1100-50 V. T.-H. boc: no day dr.; 75 bp. e. Wright A 
Adams; 80 bp. b. Quincy; city cont. 92 

BATAVIA, 3,871 -City of Batavia Elec. Lt. A Water 
Plant. (Munic.) (Began op. 1888); cost $100,000; £. 
K. Meredith, M., P. A. A Spt.; 8 a. c. T.-ll., Westg. 2 
ph. 1100-100-60 V. 16,000 altns.; Ed., Westg. 8oc.;l a. 
care; 6000 a. c. incs. ; 350 b p. e. N. Y. Safety; 180 
hp. b. N. Y. Safety; moonlt. all nt. 89 

BEARDSTOWNp 5000— Beardstown Elec. Lt. A 
Pwr. Co.; (B<?gau op. 1889); cap. auth. A pd. in $20,- 
000; nobds: Dr. O. Blcv. Jr. P; W. K. .McCollough 
8, T, M. & P. A; 2 arc 'I'-H 1 a.c. s. ph. G. E. 1000- 
116-l(M-52 V. 7200 altne. T-Il «)c; 52 d. c. arcs 0.8 
amps: 28 a. c. arcs 6 amps: 2l5Gu. c. incs; 280 b p. 
e. H. O. A R, Ideal; 300 hp.b. Brnl. Springfield; citv 
cont. 58 ame, 1200 c. p. $74.31 per yr. moonlt. all 
ut; cual $1.75. 4« 53 

MELLKVILLK, 17,480— Belleville GaB, Lt. A Coke 
Co. cap. auth. $3(I0,0j0, ii^oued $150,000; bds issued 
$50,000, f) p. c. mt: E. Abend P; R. Wangelin S. A 
T ; W. E. Steinwedell P. A. A Sujit; J, Ogden Ch. 
Engr; 2d. v. arc Ft W; 2 d.c. pwr. G. K. 500 v; 1 
a.c. G. E. 2080 101 v. e. ph. "J 200 alms. T-H, Ed. soc.; 
150 d. c. arcs 9.6 unips; 70 a. c. arcs; 220U a. c. incs; 
60() lip. e. Ras; 7oO hp. h. A. A* R; city cont. 156 lis. 
c.p. 2000 $02.50 per yr. nioonll: coal «.75. 90 

BKLVIOKKK. 6,1«7-Pelvulere (Jas A ¥AfC. Co. 
(SuccoHBor to Helvidere Lt. Ht. A I'wr. Co.) O^^f^A" 
op. 1888) cap. HUth. A ist^ufni iPI.'iO.OUO; bdB. auth. 

JU25.000, issued $89.00(). 5 p.<*. int; A. .7. Stahl P; K. 
J. SandHT: A. .1. Stahl .M; W. SrribiiJT Supt. A 
P. A; I d.c. arc W. K; 2 a.c. W. K. 1100 110 v. 2 ph. 
7,200 altuH. Kd, Went^f. boc; 1()."> d. c. arcs 9.6 amps; 
6500 a.*', incs; a.c. dav cir; KM) hp. e. AIIIb, Westu; 
800 hp. b. Frnin; citv cont. 105 Its. c. p. 2000 $i;6 i>er 
yr. moonlt. all nt; coal $1.H0. 92 

UICMENT, 1.484 -Bement Elec. Lt. A Pwr. Co.; (Be- 
gan op. 1891); cai>. antb. $10 000, $12,000. 5 p.c. 
dlv.; bds. auth. A outatK. $4,000. 7 p. c. int.; C. F. 
Tenney, P; W. J. Dav 8.. .M. & P. A; W. M. Camp 
T.: 1 a. c. Westg. 1100-100-50 v.; 16,000 altns.; 
T.-n. soc.; 1500 a. c. incs.. 140 hp. e. St. L.; 120 hp.b. 
Decatur; city cont. 72 incs., 25 c.p., $1.4Q per mo., all 
nt. 9« 

BENTON, l,S41-VillAge Elec. Lt PUnt (Mi 
W. W. Adams P: J. Kerse P. A; T. L. Dai 
Supt A Ch. Engr; 1 d o arc T-U; Sdx. Ed. Mr.; 

18 d. c. arcs; 650 d. c. incs; 75 bp.e. Bckje; lOOhpik 
Safety, Dayton. IV 

BLANDINSVILLE, IJKW — Blandinavilte Bdir 
Mills; (Beiean op. 1891); cap. anth. t».OOD. 
^Prop. W. P. WrUeht Blandlnsrflk 

Ch. Engr. R. Q. Moore 

Ch. Elecn. S.E.Aldrich 

1 a. c. Royal 600 It. l(M0-l(M-5Ai v. a. ph. 16/XX>altBi. 
T-J{, Ed. soc; 4 a. c. aeries arcs 6 ampa; 000 a e. 
incs; a. c. day cir; 140 hp. e. Murray; 100 hp. b. 

CMty cont 61 incs. 89 c. p. $12.60 per yr. moonlt 11 
P. M; coal $1.10. SI 

BLOOMINOTON, 23,286— Consumers Heat A Bhe. 
Co.; (B(>ganop. 1901); cap. $75,000; W. S. Harvood 
P: M. Q. Linn, 8, M. A P.A; C. W. Robinson T; a 
W. Schuckonstoin Ch. Engr; W. V. McKcnzle Ck. 
Blecn; 2 d.c. Q. E. 110 v; d. c. day cir; d. c pn. 
cir. 220 V : 750 bp.e. Brie City ; 1000 bp. b. SprlngMd. 

City of Bloomington. H. W. Schmidt, Snpt tt 
arcTH; 350 bp. e. 600 hp. b. Bass; motmlt; coil 
$1.90. • 

Bloommgton A Normal Ry. Elec. A Htg. Co. (B^ 
gan op. 1898); (consolidation of the BloomingtosA 
Kormal Ry., Bloomington Elec. Lt. Co. and theCin 
District Ili-ating Co.): cap. anth. $600,000. iflned 
8500,000; bds. auth. $600,000, issued $500,000, 6 p.c 

Pres. A. E. DeMsnge filoomlDCtoa 

• V. Pres. A Mgr. John Eddy 

Sec. A Treas. J. P. Evaus 

Supt W. Irvin *» 

Ch. Elecn. C. W. Robinson 

3 d. c. pwr. Westg; 8 a.c. Ft W, West£. 1000-104« 
V. 16,0 X) altns. T-U soc; 100 a. c. arcs: 4000a. c 
Incs; a. c. day cir; 2000 hp. e. St L; 1300 hp. b 
Heine; coal $1..35. O 

Union Gas A Elec. Co.; J. A. Wilcox P; W. P»^ 
ritt S: J. O. Wilson T. St 

BLUE ISLAND, 6,114— Village of Blue Island; bda 
r^l,000; F. Ilohmann, P. A; H. Schrieber. Supt; 
72 arc, Ex. : 3.200 alt inc., Natl.; 60 t. ; Ed. soc; bo 
day cir. ; anO h. p. eng., A. A 8., N. Y. Safsty; 400 k. 
p. b., Fairbanks. t 

BLUE MOUND, 714-Blue Mound Elec. Lt Plaot 
II. L. Ferguson Owner: A. McClnre Ch. Engr. A 
Elecn; 1 a. c. T H. s. ph. 1500 alms. Ed. soc: 645 a.c. 
incs; 75 bp.e. Ide; K) hp.b. Spring; city cont 45 Ut. 

c. p. 50 $22 per yr. moonlt. mdnt. SI 

BRADFORD, 773— Bradford Elec Lt Co. (Been 
op. 1899): cap. $10,000: U Pbenlx P: D. J. nk- 
nix S; R. Thompson T; 1 a. c. O. E. 1160-104 ▼.!. 
|)b. 72iN) altna. Ed. soc; 7 a. c inc. arcs; 1300 a.c 
incs; 90 bp. e. Eric; 80 hp b Erie; city contmdat 


BRAIDWOOD. 3aJ79-Municlpal Elec. Lt Plant 
(Began op. 1891); cost 112.000: F. E. Boehm P. A. A 
Ch. Elecn: 1 d. c. T-H: 1 a. o. T-H 1040-63 ▼.s.jth. 
16,000 altns. T-H soc; 400 a. c. incs; 80 bp. e. N.rii 
S. P. Co: 120 hp. b. Porter; city cont 80 lis. c. p.» 
$ peryr. moonlt; coal $1.30 6t 

BUCKINGHAM, 287— H. M. Cook ft Son (Bcctn 
op. 1896;; J. N. Cook Ch. Engr. A Klecn; 1 d. o. 110 
v; Ed. soc; 100 d.c. incs; 20 hp.e. Jewel; 85 hp.b. 98 

BUDA, 873— J. A. Tomquist Prop; (Began op 1909 
1 d. c. Ft. W. 220 v; Ed. wx^; 22 d. cares 8 amps: 6fi0 

d. c. incs; 80 hp. e. Front; 80 hp. b. Frost: citycoot 

19 ItH. $3 50 iier mo. moonlt. 11 P. M. all nt; coal $1 
+ 9S 

BUNKER HILL. 1,279 -City Elec.Lt. Plant (Mooic.) 
(liegan op. 1898); bds. auih. A outatg. $6,900, 6 ni c 

^ Chmn. Chas. Hiiber Bunker Hill 

Supt H.F.Turk " 

Ch. Engr. II. W. Nigbien 

2d. cine. U.E.SOkw. 110 v; Ed. soc; S0d.e.iBC. 
arcs 5 amiis; 900 d. c. incs; 100 hp. e. Chase; MlOhpu 
b. Erie; moonlt mdnt; cosl $1.33. u 




:i,l^ ^,4«>-»uthiidJ Blisc* U. it VwT.Vo., 
moi C. A. DtiiitJ(*y, M.* P- A,; I nfc W. it,; 
^stKeo kv^.JOOO-fiO v., i^OOO mitnii, S.>M. 
fctrt; tOOO a.c^ iiici; 100 lip. «. 11 m^ a; ICKl 
AC. M 

ttfie$— Cilro Rice. U. * rwr. Co.: cup. 135.* 
W. lUlhdfiy. I*.; J. \S\ KftklD, tt.: VV. A 
■M». P, A.; DU *1T Brqnh, T,U: 4.0)0 tc. 
K; l©ifl^lN-»t ; T.-M. «>c.; day cir,. fiOO 
K<i> Hum; aOahii. h. O^BHea: ritv cunt, a» 
I iUilO |«K.«> p«r jr, m<1itt; c»I tl,30, litt 

t 1U«« Cci,: ciipw 140.000; oobds.i W. Klu^* 
i\ Vrtt* ^ AT: lid. of Dir, M. A P, A*: J. 
»1« Supt: H. S»ckt#n£pJ Cb. Ejij,^t: 2ji, c. 
b0-lft4 ». 1«.<l<* *lio*. T. U. #or; 2a.«X> ft- c. 
rr. cir. {MQt; 100 hp.& Hda.; 375 bp. b. Rok. 

[IMMli^ uaia^^amliridRe El«& Li. ft Pwr 
npin oil. IflM^) ; n|». ftQlll. A l«iuea $12,000, 4 

' I tlD Mil. 

L. H . P*lt«ii „....* .Cftmbrldfc 

itfr. A Piif AjTt. CL W, Tnrocr... " 

.TUttrY WliU*^',, ,..,..„, '* 

o«rr. ^ -J • Irwiti .,**.,.* 

*rc rr. W. 5(t It: 1 m.c Ft W. iff) k>^ 1100- 
. •. ph. lA^OOO ftitDft. T-H coc: .^ ci. c. Hrriin 
ni|i«;i»-f. I tit. Ar&gi 5ftmp4<i ^.Sffia. c. Itir^; 
it S, C: lAU bp. b. ^pHnrlil, Pro«t. 
eomi. « ifw CL p. law f4€ p*?r yr, tnoonl*. 

POIHT, 1,^Sr{**_W. A. BetTlan ft Co.; c*p. 
W. A, l**'m«n. T.. M. A R A.; I k. c. Royal 
rt.. tC0O0ftlliii.:T-R. MJc^lE »- c, aiva; 4O0 
^.; i» bu. e. Wright ft A. : 100 bp. b. Ujtmati : 
Bt.. MP. H. 6» 

, , FeoplM Gm a Bl^fl. tt Co, (He- 
\t c«p. VO.OOO: notxlf : W. H. P»rTln P, 
_i, M. ftp A. E. A. Barreli Cb.Snrr, I, B. 
IL rniwsn. 4 arc T.-H : 1 ft.c Wetia. tlOO-fiOT. 
$jKX^ aJtu*. T.-ir. #oe; 175 %K* «^8 atopic iiono 
m; aOfthp, e. T.-B; 300 bp, b. Kew; cliycrowL 
&^ lira fia p«rjrinf»ii1t.iJ] lit; coal II ^i 

4* fiM 
lUDAl^K a.SlS^-Carbomlal* Ltjf. Co.; fBt-jwo 
n;e*p* aatli. ft liaot^d far.OOO.ap.cdlv^ l-ds, 
ft iMl>«d fce?.OQO, 0p. (?. Int: A. M. S^^jirlet P. 
Waltlhvr St C. A. liflebart M. A P. A; J. R. 
yj^*i«„« 1 K*-llev Cb.Eo|rf ; <• Wlll^ioii Cb. 
t M ri; I a. c. T-H llW-104 v. i^. pb. 

hlti> '47 dx. ar<'»; 1: a. c. arc 4 nmpp ; 

C. ii,-.. .-^ i^p, «. N. Y. ^fftty; 140 bp. b 
: my isonv as tta. t. p ISOO mi per yr. ftU nt, 
.M. m 

imLt^V, l.30S-CartiikTate Oai ft Elec. Lt. 
W, U Mo«iit* P, T, ft tl ; Wra. McBiDley 
ilBpt* ft p. A M arc Ft. W; 00 d. c, arcet tio 
': £lip. #. Ide; 00 hp. b. lUiiue: cUv eooL J3 

L, MH>— O^fi'rgv Wait owner* M. ft P. A. 

I op liW; eo»t# : I arcFr. W; 1 tc. Ft. 

[^tOO V. ItiffO altnA. T.-E, soc; 3B nfnft « 6 
ttOQ A. 11. Ine*: 150 bp. t-.. "W^u-na, ISO bp. b. 
tn; ciLy fsooL an ICi. cp.ftlOO leopi'f yMELciQtilL 

«nl II .m 93 

ll^LTOTt* S^KB^Carrolltoti Elw, Lt A Pwr. 
•iCSii^H* l****); K. If. A, R. F. BJeiii-f o^ neT». 
MMH^: *Wft intflrpj: F. M. l^lnBiibiiupb M. 
.; 1 ftn^ Ft, VH': 3 a. ir. ^ pb. Ft VV. j 000- 100 
BA ftltUB. T.*I], i^jc; 46 d. c. area DA amp; 11 
iivCftRitM; t,AQOa.e. mc#; li. c. day £tr; t7& 
Ed«; »0 bp.b. l^prinirAd: eltj coat 4fi llf , c.p. 
A pmffr. sctonll; eoal $.110, oA 

tmrit^Lr., L749-A. C. Bop** ft Swna (Be«an 
HI): A. t:. Bnpe Pmp: 2 *.c. KatU W«tg. 
»t, a pb. H»,nonaltiiB.T H Boc; SOOa.e, In*?*; 
». K^«* Ba-« ICiO hp b. Sprmfffld^ Bju<; cUf 
If .tai. «^ p. tl I1& pt^T yr, all ot; cttal %M. W^ 

CAKTHAGi:,4.aon-C»rthftfre Elec, Lt,*^ Pwn Co.: 

tU^jratJot* i«tb(K CAp, uuih. 180,000. Usu^d $17,000. 

10 11. e. dirt DO tHl«. 

Pre*. T. K, DtjtiU ..**„ ..*..„...CartfiAge 

Sec. Cbas. S. D** Hart ,,,.,, ** 

Tfi^a*. J. 0. FerrlH*... ...*** * , ** 

1 Mct. ft Pur Ai^t. E. C. HuKbim 

Cb. Rogr Jae Boh well . .. .....„„ *' 

3 d. c. <i. K llS-liafl V. 8 w; [ «. e. O* E. 1040 IW-Ha 

Y.fl. ph. 10 OiX)^ ulint^, B.(l.iioc: n d.cjnc, nrc^StUDpe; 

I, acid. c. ince; ^^hp. e. Ide, i*cirtef. W. ft A: lau 

hp. b, \V. A: A. 
City eonu 70 \U. f. p. 50 f'JO peT yr mcwnlL mdnt, 

com. I [»i, JO cLp^M^r k w. un mcEen ; voaI i:2lAU. if* IM 

€A>tK\\ 1,500— Mm lit! 1^1 1 Rieo. Ll Plant, 

CiGHTRALIA.B7^2l-C«ilrall*Lt. A Pwr. Co.: osp, 
$&i,iK»; iHifi. »Iil.tlOll; C C, U*vlF P, F. Kohl S. A 
T- I. h. VKtkin^m M. A. P. A; » arc Pt, W. 1 a,c. 
I. pb. Nat J, 1*100 im-m V. 1. ph. 10,000 ultofc, We^te, 
voc; 75 k. c. arc«. JOUO a. c. hic#: a. c. day cir, m 
Mummer; mi hp. c Kariif: SOO bp. b; pity cont.M 
ttB. e. p. '4XX* |7t per yr. moouU; coal $1. JtH 

CHAtlWiCK, 505— Muuldpal Eiac Lt. Piiuif. Qfp 

OHAVFAItiN, lOOOO-Urbaunft Cbuopalicii Hy^Qas 
ft Elec. Co.: mp^ a nib. ft pd In teOOAO); bde. aiiih, 
A oiit>t^. $500.uOO^ 5 % V. int. 
Prtf*. ft lit^n, MiEtn W. B. McKlolcy...,Ch*nipftliD 

V. Pre». ft Tr«a». Cbaii. Zllly.,, *.'^*^ 

See, J. K. JobiiT^nti *• 

1 Pur. Apt. ft Siipi. W. J. IHpwtT. ...... " 

.VL c. arc WK^FlW. lEWlt; 9 dc.pwK Wwlif.ftOO 
v; a a CLWeatt^ imO^lOQ-J^ le.OOO altn*. W^tg 
eor: fiOOd, c, wrfi(»si urr* fl.O Ampmt, 5^5 a. c- Jue. arc* 
O.aiiiueiir: 5 000 me, liicn; a.c. d&y rir 100*A0t; d.c. 
day ^Ir. BOO v; 9.¥l bp. e Ide. Porlar. Itqi>; tSOO bp. 

b. 0*Br. 

CUy cont, I2fi attii c p. i«Oa |«5 per yr. 30 com. 
trcv c. p. aooo %%i pi^r >r. mooolt; coal 13.^. OS 

CllANDI.ERyiI,LK, !MO-.Taa. R. Wllirh owticr. (Be- 
gan op. I8»a>; 1 a. c. T-H *» hp. e. Cooper; m hp. b. 
Cooper, m 

0HAKI.KMTOM, &.4a(-Cb«dwtaD U«» ft £!««. C(7, 
(l«e^aii op, liSO): cmp, iuth. ft liflQiid tlSO,0OO; bdn. 
auth. S 1)^^00, lMll«d $1^,000, 5 p, c, int. 
FtvK C. II. Ditiiiiiier................,,,.Charl<tU>ii 

See. ft Tftafl. G. C, Cwnptif^B 

n Mgr, Put. Ajt ft fiapt. P. A. BfOoK* . . 

Ch.Bogt. B. C.Jetiki., ..,.,,,. *^ 

1 d. care W B. mu, 2 d.c. «. E^40^II0t; I a^cu 
Ft. W. llPiO-110.66 V s ph, 18,000 altofi. T*B fno: 
75 d. G. Hrc*« fl.flarapa; »fld.«. tee. aT<o« fiampa^ $000 
d.c Ines; 4000 a. c, Inc^; cir; d.e. pwr. dr; 
4S0 hp. e.Ball. Bat««; {fOO bp. b. Stenia, Krte. 

C'jly rant. TBita. c.p. 90OO fft ptr yr. all nt; coal 
$fi5. p^ 58 

CHATSWORTH. Ij038-Ch»t*wortb Elec Lt. Plant; 
(B4*i?; t!ftp. *^,0O0l 

Ownefs ^tanrDrJ ft El«ald. .« CtLaiaworth 

' M gr. ft Pur. AiH D. J. Statifonl 

Cb. Bngr. P. P. ilnffman .............. 

1 &. e. Pt. W. 1000- UK* V. ^ ph. 1000 altn«.T-B too; 
90 a.c apew ainpu : *XJ a, p. itK3« : 70 bp e. B. ft W ; 
105 hp. b, MrAlU'i'nan. 

City cont. 18 It*. <r. p. 9000 $00jieT yf. 7 Incja. c. p. 
4Sit5p<rryr. m?rfm. arr^c.p. liOllO fOO p«r yr. UlOO 
com. Ino". c, p. 10 $0 per yr, coocnilL md^tj ccftl 
$1,70. + 01 

CHENOA, 1.512-a C. McDonald, Owner: 1 d, «. 
Ed. l:i!Sv;T.H Sf>c; ftfi d. c. ino, are* U(J*ttii«i IW 
hp. p, N. y. Safety- I'M hp. b. McAlcman 
City ront. 30 lU, e. p. 1000, $84 per yr. 85 com. aiv* 

c. p. acXiO $00 (wr yr all nt; cO«l p. (Atao It*. 
Eun^kaj 4* M 

CHKi!iTEK.'J.rtB2^-Cb«it*r LU Wtr ft lott Co. : <»fr 
Iran op. IH03): cap. <itilh.i4fi,0tXL l«au«d $40,000. 7 pvc 
dlT. on pfd; bd». auth. ft ImueQ iSdjOOO. p. e. luL 
Pn?fl, Slip., ft Ch. Biiifr. W, W. Hkki...... Cheater 

ftirc. A. J. Gerlach...- .*....... .... »* 

TrtW. H. KeTiIlfl.... ..,.„,.. ,. *• 

1 M gT. ft Pur AKt. J . D. Qerlicb. .,, « 





1 d. c. arc Brnsta; 2 u. c. Brush 9000-100 v. §, ph. 
16,000 alms. Westg. soc: 3u d. c. arcs 9.0 ampn; 1800 
a.c. Incs; a. c. day cir. 100 v; 2a0 hp. e. Ide, K. A F; 
iI40 hp. b.. Spring, O'Brien. 

C'itv com. 30 ItH.c. p. aOOO 980 per yr. nil lit: coal 
$1.85: 122 

CHICAGO, 2.000,000— Chicago Edirnii Co.: (Began 
op. 1S«<7): cap. auih. §10. (.K) 000. pd. In $8,B86,«o7, 
8p. c. div: bda. aiith. ^ out^it^'. $1,025,000,5 p. c. 

Prt's. Snnil. Insuli Chicago III 

V. Pr«M. L. A. Feriruj»on 

S<'c. *V l mM>. W. A. Fox 

* I'ur. A{:t. K. (\ P. Holinet* *' 

oOd.c. it. K. .VW^SOO-ISO v: 9 a. r. G. E. 9000-1S5-96 

V. H ph. »XH»hUn-. bd. hi>c: HHIOd. r. inc. area 3 to 5 
ampM: 27.^ a. <•. inc. Hrri* i) nmp»: 5.34..S40 d. c. incn: 
14,472 n.c. incn: a. c. d;i\ rir. 240<^4i:)0-ll.V2HO v: d.c. 
day or.*) v: d. c. "pwr. cir. 5<io v: .S2.285 hp, e. 
A^i^, S. K. A M, M. A: S. (;. E, H. iV W, Lnkf Erie, 
Wmn: 22.000 hp. b. Ed«r»\ Ili'lno, Climax; 10 stor. 
batterl'H, 2v .372 kw. cLiorido jucr; all nt; coal $1.10 
to $2.fiU. »i» 08 

City of ChicHt^o. Elcc. Lt. Dcpt. (Miuilc); (Be- 
gan op. IN*^'); co^l * . 

5*upl. E. I;. Ellioott Chicago 

• Pur. -A;,'!. Br:indw.kir " 

Ch. Enirr. F. B. Fiynn *' 

3<Jurc \V. E. Hrufih: 4.800 arrs «.rt A (i.r) amps: day 

clr: GiN'O hp. f. Elra, \Vw»tir: «J(K)i> hp. b. Hein««. Oil C. 
Cilv com. (iOO lt*«. c.p. 2000 §108 iK-r yr. all nt; coal 
$8.2;,. M 

ComnionwHallli Eb'C. Co. (Hejran op. 1898); cap. 

auth. A: isHU.fd $5,000,000; bil8. aulh. §4,.'>00,000. 5 p. 

c. int. 

PrcH. Snml. InBull Chicatfo 

V. PreH. L. A. Fcrv:uw)ii " 

Sec. & Trf jiH. W. A . Fox 

«f Pnr. Agt. K. C. P. Holmes " 

83 d. c. arc Brush, \Voo<l, W. E; 2 d. c. pwr. G. E. 

fiOO v; « a. c. G. E. 4ir.O-24fO-2:«)-115 v. 3 ph. 7200 

altna. Kd. coc: 2193 d. c. nerieH arcM 7 &9.naniiw; 

184 d. c. inc. area 8 to 5amp<*: 2Ii;« a. c. inc. arcH 

« ampn: 8923 d. c. incn; 348,42« u c. incn; a. c. & d. 

c. day cir. 115--iS0 v: d. c. pwr. cir. .VK) v; •;,G00 hp. e. 

8. F. A M. A. & S, Ball, Bckye, Wmn; 4.150 hp. b. 

8td, B. A \V. S. F. A M. 
Cltvcont..')00arc8 c. p. 2000 $ias per yr. all nt: 

coal $1.2-> to $2.50. 4« 53 

Cosmoi>olitan Elec. Co., 2050 Grove St. 

Dcrirborn Ltff. Co. (not incorp.) (Begun op. lS9«j). 

Mgr. .1. W. Porter 809 Dearlwnj St.. Chicago 

Suwt. (\ It. Phenlcie....321> 

:<d. c. Wr.^tg. W. E. lIOv; E<l. poc: 50 d. c. inc. 
arcs; 1200 d.c.inca: d.c. day cir; 500hp.e. variouH. 


GrcL'orv Central Station Co., State & Moore St*.: 
F. M. FiHlierS; E. 11. Cheney M. 82 

Lincoln Park Connnii«i»ionerff: W. W. Tracey P; 
R. H. Warders. A Supt; M. .1. Donohue Ch. Kngr: 
G d. c. arc W. K: 1 a c. \Ve!*tg. 22 0-110 v. 2 ph. 
7300 altn!«. Ed. j»(k-; 250 d. r. arc8 lOampe*: 100 d. c. 
arcs 0.5 amp^: a. c. arc.H 5 amp*: 15lK) a. c. Inca; 
HOO hp. e. Bckye, Ideal. N. Y. Safety; 703 hp. b. 
Heine. 53 

South Park Commissioners. 57th eU A Cottage 

Grove Ave.: (Began op. 1892"). 

Supt. \V. K. Daniele* Chicago 

14 an: 1200 It. W. K.. Brunh: 1 a. c. .80 kw. G. K. 

1000 100 V. M. ph. altDB. Ed. roc; 800 d. c. aerien 

arcH9.G amps: 500 a. c. incg: 1200 hp. e. Allis. F. 

<fe C. Ball, Atlaa; 900 hp. b. Z-ll. Natl, all nt. 53 

West Chicago Park Corars.: Walter Fieldhoase 
S. A P. A: W.J.Cook Supt; Fred Wilmer Ch. Bngr; 
Ju. McT.jiughIin Ch. Elecn. 

9 arc Brash. \V. B; 1 a. c. G. K. 2000-100 ▼. — ph. 
7,800 altnw. Ed. soc: 1,500 arcs 0.0 ampe: ISOOa. c. 
incs; 1800 hp. e. F. A S; 1500 hp. b. SUnd. 53 

CHICAGO HEIGHTS. 6.100 - Chicago HeifkH 
Klec. Co. (Beiran op. 1895); (Ltt>. Steger); ^jp. satk. 
A itfsued $50,000; bds. auth. A issued $15,000,0 p. a 
int; W. G. Caldwell P, T. M. A P. A; J. H. McD- 
downey S: F. Tanner Snpt & Ch. Engr; 5 d. coc 
Ft. W: 2 d. c. G. K. 110 v; 1 a. c. Natl. 1000-100 t. a 
ph. 10,000 altns. Ed. soc; 47 d. c. arcs 9.6 amps; 14 

a. c. area Gamps; 8 d. c. i c. arcs 9.6 amps: SJK 
d.c. incs; 000 a. c. incs: 250 hp. e. McL A S: 800b» 

b. Armstr: city con t. 80 Its. c. p. 1200 tT5 per'jc 
allnt; coal $1.95. M 

CHILLICOTHK, 1.700-Chillicothe Elec. Lt & Wtr. 
Wki>. (Began op. 1801). 

Owner .1 . S. Dailv Chillkouw 

Supt. ,T. F. Marquarai 

1 ar.-, Ft. W: 1 a. c. s. ph. ^td. 1000 100^ t.i 
ph. 16,000 altns. Kd, T-H soc: 60 arcs 4.2 am{s: 
2109 a. c. incs: 05 hp. e. Ide; 160 hp. b. Springflrld. 

Oitv eont. 43 Its. 8U0 c. p. f75 p«r yr. moonlLiU 
nt; coal $1.30. 4« 9 

CHRI.SMAN, 1.100— Clirit>man Lt. A Wtr. Co. (Be- 
gan op. 1002); cap. auth. A pi. in $10,000. 

PreH. A Mgr. O. Jones Chismtn 

•^ Sec. A Pur. Agt. JaH. Ilonlt 

supt. A Ch. Knar. C. A. Koon " 

1 a. c. Warren 1040-104 v. s. ph. 16.000 alms. EdjKx; 
29 a.c. i»erica arcs 5.5 amp; 850 a.c. incs; 10ubp.e. 
Ideal; IO.1 hp. b. Allis. 

Citv eont. 21 ItH. c p. 2000 $60 per yr. 7 con 
arcs200Uc. p. $57 |>er yr. H5i> com. iucs. 16 c. p. $S 
IHT yr. niooult: coal $1.85. 4« U 

CIS8NA PAllK, 628— £. Baumgartner owner A M. 
(Began op. 1893) cap. $5,000; 1 a. c. Westg. 1000 v. 
T-H soc. 400 a. c. incs: 60 hp. e. Ideal: 80 bp. b. 
Atlas: city com. 28 lis. c. p. 82 $16.80 per yr. mooiuL 
coal $2.10. a 

CLAYTON, 1,200-MunlcliMil Elec. Lt. Co. (B*ir» 
op. 1898): 1 d. c. Xatl. 110 v; Ed. s<»c; 1900 d.c inw; 
80 hp. e; all nt. « 

CLINTON, 4,452-ClInton Elec. LL. Ht. A Pwr. Co.: 
cap. #25,000: V. Warner P: CM. Warner 8, M. A P- 
A : J. Warner, T: E. II. Hoyey Ch. Engr; 8 a. c Ft 
W. 1100 100 50 V. 16.000 altns. S.-M. soc: l.S(lOt.c. 
Incs: 210 hp. e. Ball, Westg; 250 hp. b. Drake. 
Spring. M 

Clinton Gas Co. 58m 

COAL CITY, 2.687-Vlllage of Coal City (Monici 
(^Began op. 18<.)3); Ixls. auth. 98.000; J. Baskenrillf P: 
J \avirck T: P.W. BercnH P. A. A Supt: Wm.Yitei 
Ch. Eni;r: 1 <1. c. arc Ft. W; la. c. Royal, 1000-50?. 
». ph. 17.200 altni*. T-H soc: 33 d. c. arcs 9.6ainpi; 
950 a.c. im-8: 100 hp. e. Watertn; 240 hp. b. Ft. VV; 
mooult; coal $.75. •{« V 

COLCHKSTER. 1 .643— Colchester Elec. Lt A Pwr. 
Co. (Began op. 1891): cap. 812,000. 6 p. c. div; no 
bds: A. ,1. Smith P: G.M. Thompson 8; RobLTerril 
T: Bd. of Dir. M : S. A. Foster Supt: 2 Ft W. Roy»l 
110 60 v: T-H soc: 6.W d. c. incs; 87 a. c Incs: « 
hp. e. W. * A: 60 hp. b. W. A A; city coot 08 It^ 

c. p. 32 $— p«5r yr. moonlt. 11 P.M ; coal $— . <> 

COLFAX, 1,153— Colfax Elcc. Lt Plant • 

COLLINKVILLK, 4.021-Colllnsvilie Klec. Lt Ht 
A Pwr. Co.; (Began op. 1890); cap. $35,000; nobdi: 
L. F. Lumaghi P. A M ; T. J. Thomas 8. A P. Ai 
W. Fletcher T: W. Vandless Supt; 8 •. c Ft W. 
1000 02 V. 16.000 altns. T-H soc: 75 hp. e. Rns; 140 
hp. b. Rohan; citv oont 100 Its. c p. 88 $00 per yr- 
moonlt, 11 P. M; coal $6.75. tf 

COLUMBIA, 1,197-Eagle Elec. Co.; cap. $7,000; A. 
F. Welnel. P.: R. P. Briegel, S.: F. Meyer, T.; W. 
Vogt, M., P. A. A Spt: a.c.. Natl. lOoS-aOr., — 
altns.: T.-H. soc: 500 a.c. incs.: 80 hp. e. Ide; M 
hp. b. O'Br. ; city cont. all nt 11 

CORXKIXtOSl-Cornell Elec Lt. Plant (Began op. 

Prop. M. J. Rhodes Comia 





<L. c. HITS' (1 wnijie:; 4€00 h. c inoa; SQ hp. 
Vp, b. Peoria, 

BL e. V, aeJOO $60 per yr, 5 Incs. 1G c. i>. 
Kmrni r-, p, ^WO JiiO t"'*" yt- 4«0 Com. 
BDperyr, mdnt; com] IL&O. 5S 

^^JfJwdfH EIpcLl Pljiiit. D,D,Bfown^ 
«i«ll T; U. Harlow M. tKp 

iiibu Citf E)**, Ll Plant (Manic.) (Be- 
an HQlh. $7,€0Q. 
L lJ**rl»t-ft.,.,. *.,»,*,,-, Cob* 

Pifv* lev . , . . , " 

. Milv**ty»^ . ** K . , + ^^ ,* . H *^ , , , t , . »H^. ■* 

A^L Louie Aloiicti . , . " 

Ofkl 55 U; 1 a. c. Wameti 45 kw. 1100- 
ta«. l^d.pCHj:: ^il.f* «erk« itrc«5iii]it»!«: 
T: Iftthpb, r *t T- 
I. l(t e. p. mcH>i]lt: cobl tl,^>. if* 53 

ttil^BaiiTi1l« St. Rt, ft Ll. Cn.; mp. 

MrKlnl^'y ,..,*. , Chu inpnipi 

AjEN L. ti-Fi*eher.* DMiivifk' 

LHjiiTr .-.*-..- '* 

:. TlitHn**. -......., ...... 

~|v; ^ &, c. HtJii>, Ft. W fleOkw, I0«0 
'1 iiJlnf. K<l.«oc; 400 a. c. inc. j*n*ft 
ilJt.tiicn: aXKH. i". inci^: tl.L!.d*y 
fSi^ hp. e- Mekye. Iili>. 11 sm, A. «t H: 

ST) iircn e, p. 3(100 f»f> per yr. 3U0 cinn. 
Itfaiwi- yr. ihdouU; Cuu] |l.l£5. 5^1 

754— Th# iHjcAtuT G*p Jfc Klet. Co.; 
II : cap. aath. ift pd. in $400,000; Me. 
i400/KM», 5 p.e. Lut. 
fl njiiei ...........,*,,.,.. AiigDf tA. Ml* 

ahi)i» ........_.**.»,,,..»*.. .J h'CJitur 

Wacimi)>i;r ..»..»... A ugriNl n. Me 

M«f W. A. Bliby * . DeeatuT 

Et^n .,.,,.,,,. ^• 

>a UtiPsilL,, „,,,,„.,,,,,... ♦♦ 
. W m» ll; I *U e. pwr. Ft. W. flOO v^ 3 
kw, 2^00-104 V. S ph. Taw altiw, Etl. 
rice &rci !}.Ciknip«; 150 a. c, M-HeA akb 

c. loci; 7000 A. eJncs: ft c dnj trir 
. fUj- ctr. 500 r; BW hp. e, St, L l «M) 
mj 9L:I5. 53 

ec, Ll. Co. L. H. Snllivnn Sapt. BSx 

,V(H'-T>t Kalb-Sycittnnre Elpc, Co.: 
I@): CA{>. AUth, IfiOO.tiOO; bdii, untb. 


Uiljtuiti ........ St, (^hflrk-w 

, U»n'ejr _.„..,... (fencvA 

L ChalilecotG. . ,,.,..„., , .Hyc^mort" 
OUJtIen...... ........DeKalb 

M. Hop ..., ** 

R«]rtiol4i* »,.*....,...„„... 
£90 V ; 1 d. c, We«rg. HOO 230 v% £ ph. 
iK BOc; MO rl. c. inc. area; d* c* d»>- 

tm hp, U. 
J|g, c. p. ISQO $nM pet TT. mcKnilt: 

J^HdtiiI Lt. ^ PwT. Co.; (Regan op. 
k il<l,O0O; \V- B. Few AJ/P, A, **: 
ri'Sa Ch. Ktiifr; Sd. c, Horal !*onlm. 
i^fB liNO^iOO-SO V. a. ph. I6.OO1) nUne. 
M^laia; glOOa. c. IticM: a. c.dAjcir; 
IPIhfi. h. AtliLs; cUy cont. 8^ It a, c.p. 
laiooiiU.iDdnt; coaJ'f^.QS. -f 53 

Dijtoo PwT. ft Ltff. Cto. (Regan op. 
100: hdiL ma,WiK 60. ItJt; F. A. Wat- 
«»lfyin«ii is; F. E. Stktely T; E, P. 

ft Snpl; 3 arc, T R; 5 a. c, a. ft iZ 
VnO-lMAt V, 16.000.7,300 iltiia. T-H 
S amp: TWO a.c. iDC*"; a- t. day cIt; 

£90 hp. <>. A. ft 8: 500 hp, tarh. Am, 
h. Hab. ft Wt city ocmL TO arci c. p. 
mMpIt; dial §3. S3 

DOW>EK!§ GKOTK, ^.inO-CUv Eli^C. U. Piatit 
(B<*«(Mi op ItMXl); coftt Slfi.OOO; J In. c G, E. 2200-125 
V. P. i>h. liMki alt IIP- 12 A. c. imif* 11,5 amps; JSOO a. c» 
Incs; 125 hp, i*, Bckyet liS hp.b. Ftioeidjc; city codt* 
n u.c. 3KJ0O c. p. gJ fno*. *J c. p. ail tit OOiE 

DUNDeKtS.TfiS—Citizcii'i Lt. Ht. ft Pwr. Cn.: (Be- 
gan op, 1SQ2>; cap. imth, ft issued fflu.OOO: W. G. 
iutllb M. ft P. A; :R, D. SntflU Supt. A Cb, Klerti : 
G. Fiini^wnrth Ch Enjjr; 2 a.c. KalL 1010^100-60 v. 
B.pli. ICfUXi Hiui*. T II coc: 9a.n, afr»; llMXJ iLCJuCn; 
JSa hp. t. Noyo^ IWt hp. b. Corh. ftti: city conL 144 
Itft. c. p. ,ia 115 |>«T yt. m(.>oo1t. ifiJiii; coal $e,25. 83 

D WIGHT. 2^1S.-D Wight Klec. Lt. Phmt. 

EAllLVrLl*E. 1.I2S-^J. T. WlJHon Owner, (Bef^n 

op. 189f!J CiMit I ; 1 d, c. arc Ball; ^ d.c. Ed. 110 ¥; 

T-11 Buc; SS d. c. wrk** are* U.8 aiiipi : Ifi d. c. loe* 
arcn fi ftmp^; 2000 d. c, In^n : luo hp. e, hku BO hp. b. 
brt-i'man: city cotit. 'jft tii*. e. p. I^J |60 per yr. 
moon 1 1, mil tjti coal $3.40, ij* 53 

KAST HT. I.aiIIS.3KJ.flrx^-<ntixcim Klec.. Lt, ft Pwr. 
Co. (Bc^au op I t£K]0)l cap. mith. t^SO.UOTK 

PfwB. L. C. Hayne* Ei»t St. Lomla 

1 M^. ft Par. Ast L B. a«tKer. *' 

8 U. c, arc, WckhJ 00 It : 2 d. c pwr. Wp»t, 450 kw. 
fOOv; 5a, c. Sinn. JO^MUO-flO v. e. ph. I8.0ri« ulin*. 
K1I, T H »or: 250 il. c. ^arloa arc#f).8 amp^i; JKJOa. e. 
Inc. jtrcHT.&iimpt; lOiJQa. c kncn; a.c.dfiycir, 100 v; 
d. c, day ck. 5tJ0 v: d. c. pwr. cir; J600 bp, e. Ida, 
WeatK; 1300 tin. b, Hehj . KHc. 

City I'onr. 300 5TC» c. p. 3000 £100 m-r jr. STjO com. 
inca. lUc. p. $.iO pwkw, mooiilt*, all nt; cuiil il.rO 

KDINRURG. LOTI—Edlubtire Coal Co. cup utath, 
SKMJ^OOO. [mm^t^ tOOjOOO: Li-Roy Baker P. ft P. A. S, 
R. Marnhttll ^. .^ T. F. D. Shk'lds M. O, F MuCaHy 
Siipt, 1 ». c. Til llOOM V. — pb. l5.0tiOaltn*.T-H 
flfM;: TOOh. c. liicn: rtJ hp. *■. Idi?: aOO hp. b, L, ft B, 
Spriftpfleld; city con t. se Ita. c,p, S5 S.*J 1-3 per mo, 
inoonh, M 

EOWARDSVILi:-E, 4.157— Kd\vard*vllW Klcc. Lt. ft 
Ptvr. Cu. (Bt-eafi op, imw); cap* aiith. ^,000; bda. 
aiith. ft OLi «[{;. f I5r000, 6 p. c. Int. 

Pn^m. C, II, PjKi'hi-r.,...,. *..... SLLodIb, Mo. 

V. Pr<*s. Iltinry Wl^lrtcb * . . 

^ Sec. Tfcaii. A MgT- C A. Vallptle ...BawardaTlUi' 

Cb, Engr. A. McClatn 

Ch. Klecj3, E, Llttlerttld,......*. 

1 d.c. an: F. W. 00 It ; !2 a. i;. G. «. {» kw, 1060-104 
V, 4. ph. 7.3W ttltoi. Ed, W«t«. ioc; 45 d c. Berlea 
arcs 9 ti am pi): 3.(i00 a. c, incs; a.c. day dr. 104 v ; £30 
bp, e. ftjt. L; 300 hp. h, O'Brien* Kcwiio&e. 

Cky tiotit. 45 ariB c. p. 2000 $7b par yr. all nt; cqal 

BFFIKaHAM. arr4-KllJntfham Kl*c. Lt ft Pwt. 
Co,; (Bebran op. l<^> cap. uuth. «1I>.00U, pd. In |R- 
tiOO: no hds. 

Pn?s. ft Tretij*. Edward Anatln . . , Efllngham 

1 §iM3. Uwt. ft Par. A*.^, W. G. Aaetln. . .. 

Ch.EjiKr, Wm. Ptitera 

1 d, c. am T-tt SO It. 1 ii.c. T 11 50 kw. lOOO-lOO v, a. 
ph, 15.UO0 ahoA, T'D hoc; 5i^d.c.iit?rleB ama 9.fl anipa; 
S 1. e. Inc. area 4 5 amp« ; 9.000 a. c Inot; laj bp. e. 
Chaw!, Atra^: 100 hp. b. C. ft T. 

ClTV coni_ ^ area c. p. 3000 $65 per yr. 80 com. 
area c, p. SOOO $100 r^^r yr. aOOO com. Incs. c» p, lil 
I mooiilt. all nt; coal $2M. AS 

BLDaR.4.D<K LliOa-CHy of Eldofi do ^Municipal); 

coflt i : A, G. FnrionjE. M. ft i*pt, 1 am T.-H,: 

1 iw.c. T. IL IOUO-I0I-&2 V , 15,000 altn*.; T.-H. *oc, ; 
17 arcfi; £44 h,c. Incp. z m bp. e. AlUr ; 50 bp. h. Atlan ; 
cliy c^tnt., moonK. 127 

KLfilK, 23.4S»^CIiy of Klgla. tMunic.) (Began op. 

iSSflj: cosif ►. 

Supt, Ch, BagT. ft EkH^i. J, H. Rindon.,.^., Elgin 
3 cL e. arc Fl W: 2 a. c. Ft. W. ^Ki^ioo v. i. ph. 

T.SOOaltnft. Bd. »oc; S90d. c. iircs !».a ampa; 35 a. C. 

area; 3OO0 a. c. Inra; a. c. day cir: 450 bp. e. Kiie C^ 

Bcfcve: 375 hp. h. 
Moonlt; coal $^40. 12 S 






Barrington Klec. Co. and Pecatonica Rleo. Co.~ 
See Barnagton. 

Tbr Elgin, Aurora & Southern Trac Co. (Began 
op. 1001); cap. auth. & issued $:2,0UO,000; bds. auth. 
A iesued $ii,UOO,OOU, 5 p. c im: L. J. Wolf P; U. C. 
Lang S. & T; F. M. Zimmermau M. <fc P. A; C. 
Wuestenfelt; Ch. Elecn; 12 d. o. O. E, Ed. 125 v; 7 
d. o. pwr. 560 v; £d. soc; 260 d. c. inc. arcs; 18.000 

d. c. Incs; d. c. day cir. 3 wire 820-116 v; itfOO hp. e. 
B. A W, Stilne, Am; 890 hp. b. Moore, bUnd. 92 

ELBtHUK8T. 1.728— Elrohnrst Elec. Lt. A Pwr. Co.; 

(Began op. 1891); cap. auth. 180,000, pd. in $23,605, 6 

p. c. dlT ; no bUd. 

Pres. H. G. Struckmann Elmhnrst 

V. Pre**. H. C. Schumacher 

1 Sec, Mgr. A Pur. Agt. A. U. Fischer ** 

Treas. Max iiammerschmidt *• 

Ch.BDgr. H.H.Putnam '• 

2 A.C. Westg. Ktan. 140 kw. 2U00 IOOt. 7,900 

altns. Bd. soc; 80U0 a. c. iocs; 820 hp. e. Brie City, 

8. F. A M: 25U hp.b. Brie City. 
CitT cent. 107 arcs. c. p. 82 $20 per yr. moonlt. 

1A.M; coal $2.50. 58 

ELAfWOOD, 1.548— Blmwood Blec. Lt. Co.; cap. 
$80,000; B. L. Brown, owner A M; 2 arc W. E. ; 2 a.c. 
Ft. W.. Bmsh, 1000 50 v.. 16,000 altns. : FA. soc. ; 70 
arcs,; 2,000 a.c. luce: 800 hp. e.Cor; 800 hp.b. Frost; 
city oont. 40 Its. c.p. 2U00 $48 peryr. mooult., mdnt; 
coa1$.70. (Co also Its. Tates City.) 92 

BL PASO, 1,441-Bl Papo Blec. Lt. Co.; cap. 115.000; 

no bds; H. Uray P. 8, M. A P. A; Geo. Zinser Ch. 

Bag: la. c. Koyal 1100-104-52 v. s. ph. 16,000 altns. 

Bd. T-H soc; 2000 a. c. incs; 200 hp. e. Bckye. ; 200 

lip.b. Spring; city oont. 97 Ita. c.p. 82;raoonlt.. mdnt. 

XBIB, 1,000-Brle Blec. Lt Co. (Began op. 1899) 

cap. $ ; W.H.Wait Supt: 1 d.c. Weetg. 20 ▼: Bd. 

ioc; 2 d. c. Inc. arcs; TOOd. c. incs; 80 hp. e. Bckye; 

90 hp. b. Star: city eont. 40 Its. c. p. 25 $1.26 per mo. 

moonlt; coal$1.86w 110 

BURBKA, 1,661— C. C. McDonald, owner: cap. 180,- 

000:1 arc Ball; 1 a.e. Royal 1100-60 v., altns.; 

T.-H. HOC. ; 80 arcs; 2,000 a.c. Inoa. ;a.c day cir. ; pwr. 
cir. 220 ▼. ; hp. h. Cody A H. ; city cont., mdnt. 92 

BTAMSTON, 19,259— ftvanston Blec. Hlg. Co. (Be- 
gan op. 1889) cap. auth. A iaraed $87,000: F. K. Tay- 
lor P; J. C. Bennett S; T. W. Sleman T: A. Hunt- 
ington P. A. A Snpt; 4 a. c Weatg. 8900-1(X1 v. 2 ph. 
Ijm altns. 8.-M. soc: 275 ares 7 amps; a. c. day cir; 
1400 hp. e. Westg. 1600 hp. b. Bab. A W., Std: city 
cont. 275 Its. c. p. 2000 $60 per yr. moonlt. all nt. 92 
Evansion Taryan Co. (Began op. 1900) ; cap auth. 
A iflsned $400,000: bds. auth. $4()0,000, issued $189,- 
000, 6 p. c. int; Tho«. K. Jarkson Kccr. 8. A M ; I. T. 
Heltt P; J. FendenCh. Bngr; E. Nessler Ch. Klecn; 
8d. c T-H, W. B. 220 v; Ed. T-H soc; 260 d. c. inc. 
arcs; 8000 d. c. incs: d. c. day cir; 400 hp. c. Rus; 
1000 hp. b. Stir; coal $2.20. 92 

FAIBBURY, 2.187— Fairbury Elec. Lt Ht A Pwr. 
Co. (Began op. 1690) cap. auth. A pd. in $13,000, 15 
p. c. div: no bds. 

Pres. A Supt. N. J. Foster Fairbury 

V. Pres. A Mgr. H. A. Foster Poiitiac 

5 Sec. A Treas. W. B. Decker Fairbury 

Ch. Engr. Jas. Gnthrie *' 

1 d.c pwr. Ft. W. 90 kw; 8 a. c. T-H 135 kv,-. 1010- 
104-62 V. s. ph. 16.000 altna. T-U poc: 86 a. c. inc 
arcs 6 amps: 8500 a. c. incs: day cir. 104 ▼ : d c. day 
dr. AOO ▼: d. c pwr. cir; 820 hp. e. Ide, N.Y. Safety; 
100 hp. b. Erie. McA. 

Citv cont. 6 arcs c.p. 2000 $102 per yr. 89 iocs. c. p. 
25 $15 per yr. SOcom. arcti. c.p. 2000 ft. 10 per kw. 8500 
com. incs. c.p. 16 $.13 per kw. moonlt; coal $.40. •!• 

FAIBPIRLD,2 88S-Fairfleld Woolen Mills. D. 
M. Walker 8. tt P. A; A. H. Raker M: B. 8. Ayles 
Ch. Engr: 1 d. c 100 v. 800 d. c. Incs; i&tt hp. 

e. Ham; 250 hp. b. 0*B. 92 

Fairfield Electric Lt Plant. (Mnnic.) (Began op. 
1096); cost $14,000. 
IMgr. A Pur. Agt Saylc Smith Fairfield 

1 d. c. arc (>. E. 50 It: 1 a. c. Warren 100 kw. a lA 
T-H soc; 41 d. c. strrles arcs 9.0 amps: 2 a. e. ac 
arcs 5 amps: 1700 a. c. hies; 168 h|>. e. L. A B; M 
hp.b. Bml: all nt 81 

FAIR VIEW, 601-P. Berg«r; cap. $ ; la. eft. 

W. 1040-104 V. s. ph. 16.000 altns. Ed. soc: 4 a. c hic 
arcs: 600 a. c. incs; 80 hp. e. Frost; 80 tap. b. ttost; 
city cont. mdnt. B 

FAB.HER CITY, 1,664-City of Farmer City (Xnni- 
cipal) (Began op. lt<98) cost $10,000; V. F. Bn>wiie 
P. A; J. D. French Snpt; E. C. ConorerCb. Bngr: 

1 a. c. G-K 1000-100 v. 2 ph. 16,000 altns. Bd. soc; 
9000a. c. incs; 80 hp. e. Ide: 140 hp. b. Kew; all nt; 
coal $1.88. 91 

FARMINGTON, l,?29-Fannington Bloc Lt Co; 
(Began op. 1892). 

^ Prop. Theo. Bass FarmlnglOB 

Ch. Engr. George Bostwick '• 

2 a. c. G. K. 78 kw. 10M>-108-54 y. h ph. 11,000 
altns. T-H soc; 2 a. c. inc. arcs 5 amps; 9000 ^ c 
incs: 125 hp. e. Ide; 160 hp. b. Erie City. 

City cont. 66inoK. c.p. 80 $15 per>r. moonlt mdst 
allnt; black $1. 4« B 

FIX>BA, 2,811- Flora Lt. A Wtr. Ca Bd 

FORREST, 052— Forrest Elec. Lt. Plant (Began oo. 
1895) A. A. Blair owner: 1 d. c. arc Com. 220 t. T-H 
soc; 800 d. c. incs; 80 hp. e. Ide; 80 hp.b; city cost 
— Its. c.p. 2000 $60 per yr. moonlt. mdnt wood ftl.TB 


FREEPORT, 18J258— A. P. A A J. Goddard; (Began 
op. 1888): A. J. Goddard M; C. E. Feipes Ch. Eleca; 

2 d. c. Westg. 500 V : 2 a. c. Westg. 2(J0O-IO4 t. 8 ph. 
7,2U0 altns. Ed. soc; 101 d. cares 6.6 amps; 50a. c. 
arcs: 8000 a. c. lues; a. c. day cir; 500 hp. e. Ball; 
460 hp. turb. Lef ; 450 hp.b. B. A W. Erie; city cont. 
100 Its. c. p. 2000 180 per yr. moonlt. all nt; coai 
$2.25. ^ H 

FULTON, 2,685— Fulton Elec. Lt A Pwr. Co. (Begu 
op. 1804) cap. auth. A issued $20,000; no bds; J. w. 
Brodhead P; D. Gallagher 8, T. B. A P. A : G. Wit- 
ters Ch. Engr: 1 a. c. Bmsh 2000-66 ▼. 16,000 altn*. 
T-H soc; 2,000a. c incs; 200 hp. e. Rates. Ideal; 180 
hp. b: city cont. 82 Its. c. p. 2000 $76.27 per yr. all 
nt; coal $1.60. 4« 92 

GALENA, 5.005— Galena Elec. Lt Co.; (Manio): 
(Began op. 1000) bds. $180,000. 4 p. c. int: 1 arc Ft 
W. 50 V , 14.0U0 altns. Ed. soc: 87 d. c ares; 100 
hp. e. Cor.; 125 hp. b. Knrln; coal $2.65. 58 

GALE8BURG, 18.607— Galesburg Gas A Blec Lt. 
Co.: cap. $350,000: bds. $850,000, 5 p. c int: O. F. 
Dnncan P; Kdward Woodman 8. A T; C. L.QercNild 
M A P. A: F. C. Duncan Snpt; 4 d.c. arc G. E; 8 a. 
c. G. E. 1040-10152 v. 7,200 altn.*. T-H soc; 92 d.c 
arcs 9.6 amps; 96 a. c. arcs; 6000 a. cincs; a. c day 
cir; 7.M1 hp. c Allis, Ide, Ball, 600 hp. b. Frost; coal 
A slack $1.50. 58 

City Elec. Lt Plant (Munic) (Began op. 1901); 
coHt $40.0(0; bds. auth. A issued $40,000. 4 p. c. Int; 
(kH). Jklessplay Supt; 1 d. c. arc G.E; 2^ d. c ares 6.6 
amps; 250 hp. e. Allis: coal $2.15. 98 

Galesburg Elec. Motor A Pwr. Co; cap. auth. A 
issued $210,000; bds. auth. $125,000; iasued $110,000, 
6 p. c iut: K. Seacord P, M. A P. A; L. btevons 8. 
AT: C. Munnon Supt: B. Stanley Ch.Elecn: — d.c 
arc Westg; 650 hp.e. Weetg; 450 hp.b. Frost tt 

GARDNER, 1.0:)6— Gardner Elec Lt. Go. (Bsffsa op. 
1900); cap. auth. A issued $10,000; C. Andsnon P, T. 
A P. A; M. Likness Ch. Engr; 1 a. c Stan. t0$$-IDft 
V. 2 ph. 10 000 altns. T-H soc; 14 a. c arcs 6.6 1 

600 a. c incs; 226 hp. e. BaU^: 200 hp. b; city < 
M Its. c. p. 8i $11.25 per yr. moonlt; coal $1.10. Co. 
also Its. 8. Wilmington. 4« 9$ 

GBNE8EO, 8,366— Geneseo Elec Ll. Co.: (Began on. 
1890): cap.$20,000: no bds: C. Dunham P; aTcImE 
8, M. A P. A; L. Waterman T; P. A. Rnbsck Ok. 
Bngr; A. Bichaorn Ch. El«cn: 4 d.c Ed. 110 t: BA 
soo: 90 d.c. Incsrcs. 8.5 amps; 2S00d.cincs: 11$ hv. 
e. Fitch: MO bp. b. K. A T; city cont IQO Its. c pi 
SB $18 peryr. moonlt. all nt; coal $2.75. $$ 




Eiiiiif*,5 (tJf'Kita siK l^JMJ) coRt fdO,(K)(l: T. M^* 
UMl E. 1:5 mi m CL Eire a; 1 arc Fl- W; I *.c. 
1^1 10 «.e. pb. mOOU nltnt, Ell. Boc: «Ui 4. C 

, KH(;^Jcitip, b. l:rii?; &i] at. 09 

CITT, a.CVM — GibMiu Ekx. PlAtil; cup. 

^. J. he FtfVfo, uwnpt: I iirc, ^ ■', S d.c, 

d. lid r. ioe; ^(J Aret ; 1400 tl.c Lucii iCO 

III; 13SI) tap. b ; el ty cion l a; 

F^T ,. i.;]pc, LK Co. (Begiiii 

I UwTipn: f}. W Schmidt 
ill M. A Snpt; a tLe. Jild* 
»-]loif; fc.]. *..!*•: ITd. c. inc. area; WO d. c. 
bp. e. Chu«; 100 bp. b, O'Hrii n; cit^- com. 
|k WOOtT© peryr. moonlumdmi coal (.TO, <>S 

F, t JOO-^GlliauR Kkc. Lt. PUnt. (CnoiwUcta' 
ilfrot fartneflj at onsjiga). (Benmi op* l^VT); 
,Q0O; Parker ift A Ilea O^^cn: W, LL YuJe 
A; f ft. e. G. £. SOeO-ISO v. ». ph. T^JCUftltni. 
; 186 L £> lac arcs 7 ampif: taXK) a. c. inr^r 
L Idtj, CbiiMi S5W |jp. Ij. cipriti^: i?Uf coat, 
p, ^3000 I per jr. all Dt; coaI SL^ t3 

I, l.Ul— QitmPilElec- Lt.Pliitit. (Miiuk.) »8p 

BIlKiE. GV«~Griiiid Hidtri< Kb?c. Pwr. A 
Jt FImuL o*p. 110,000; K. E. VVlULums. P.. S, 
J. IL Dltik«rm*ti ®. M: a p. A: 2 d. c. Kd. 
i. Ki6:Bad,Q. juc»; SOhp.g. A.kB: lOU bp. 

.AKC:« S»v^F. C. WUbar Lumber Co. (Be- 
Iflsr^i : cjtp. »tlc an lb. f 10.000. 

r. C. Wiliiar. Gray»lftke 

W. M, KmiUQtiv 

W,J. ]>acb .,..,..,,„,.,, . .., '* 

S. li. ea> t: Kd. »oc: 5 d. c* arc* 3 nmpi; fiOO 
•1 90bp.e. Weite; lOOhp.b. Atlnrt. 
ml. 40 lU. c, p- W •— iicr jTi corn, arta $40 
Doa. |10 per yr. mi^iiU; coal $1. }^ 

riXS, 1,M*^-Grav ville Wtr. Wlc», C*j i m<- 

IJSJVO; J. F. ^chaieb Sunt; L. Ri€bi?Mii» Cb. 

arc Ft. W; 1 ae. Ft. W. li¥K>- 

'^» A. I?, inc*.; Ed, TH loc; isM 

ti. Fro*t : city cooL al U*. siDOo 

— jit't jf . ludut; coal $1.50. (12 

rtKLtl, l.Ofia-Greenfleld Ek^;. LtOn,; fBp- 


Kn Lvp. auih, as pd- In $15,000: J. L.$oko- 
urt Id.c.i " *" ■ ' " ~" 

»rc Kl W; 1 d. c. Spragnw 320 
; J8d, Cp &rt;» Raiupa; OGO d. c. tucii; i^ 
: liKi tip. b. Proit^ cfly conL 18 It4. c^ p^ 
jT. tnoonll; eoiJ f l.lTM^ B2 

ffi. t itK-._\T.,.,i*'rT,n! Elec. LL Plant. iUogm 
Kiinrtisti T; Jf. R. Cook t?; 
I'fX'lflre P. Aj 1 il, I?, arc 

^ 4r^ it c. Inci; Bd. «>c; ISO 

T; WUbp. b; moanlt: coalfl-tO. fii3 

ftlCW. 1,019-^. A. Brackm) Prop, M. 3t P. 
jni «p. ]affi>; cap. pd. In $5,000: t d.e. RD>al 
00 lip. e. Id«; laobp.b. city cont nioonU. 110 

V i: I 1 I— Grf«ntlUc Kli?c!. Lt., Hl A 

1 arc ¥A; 1 a. c, i, ph. G. E. 
-. Ed. foe: »J arcp; 2 a. c, arci; 
L *nc*; ^J bp. tf. Bcky«! aw hp. b: city 
■b c> p- 2(X10 $(E5 per yr. mi^otiU: coal $1.23. 

tTlI^Le. ],40«-^riggi^Uk £]i^. Co. ^Begaii 

« Tif«P. Alt In Stwitt GriffKsvllle 

Ur. A Pur. Act. W. F, KeuQuy. . , 
4 Clj. B4ecfi. M. W, li«ii«cy . .... 

1 k 11*1 loiir. i. nbVlS.flOO iltnii. T-H ioc: 
ji; 70 hp. e, BaH; au bp. b. Utlca, 
, at) lie, c. p. 10 $- — per yr. mot^ntt; cJial 

L>K-^pe I. a Orao^^r. 

ilK*700-HaitrMlilre El«. LI. Plant (Mn- 

I op. l^tUHK C. H. Kllck P. A. it Ub.EiiMT; 

t]ocm<M r, T H loc; 8ii& a. c. im»; S& bp. 

. b. Krw: mdot. ra 

HARL.K>f , 3(W— Wati-r Wka. & Bl«. Lt. Plant (Mu- 
n»cj (Benjttii op. IWJ): Bd. of TrtiBtepH M; W. D. 
ClbigiuatiCb. £Dgr^ Jobn Schwaw Cb. Ehcti^ Idc, 
«. K- 500 t; la. c. Warr«>ri ttSJO t. h. pb. lifcJ iiltne*, Ed. 
mtci 104 d. «. Ine anis nn v; 40 ti. c ijiew^ JlfiO bp. tj. 
Erip- 230 bp. b. Erk% Fbkn; ujcujult. indiit; wood 

See May wood. 

HABBISBITBG, £,102 ^. P. MelxscsHowni^r: H. A. 
Kol>ert^oti Supt, P. A. Cfe. Elton; T, Jobnpon Cb. 
Eu}it; 1 d. c. arc Ft. W; la. c. Ft. TV. 1000- lOO v, a. 
pb. r.aCOattni. T-H ioc; SOd.c.arCtf JJ.Cititips; IgflO 
a. c. Iiicb; l,Whp. c. Atbm; 200 h\t. b. city cont. 

— ItB. c. p. aooo $ f per yr, uiootiit; coal $--. " 


HARVARD. 2,606-aty Elec. LL Flam (Munie.); 

coat I '■, K. L. t:bumb S. A Supt; J. IL Weitiel 

Ch. Kiijir; larf--»Ki; 37amii: 50bp. v. Jdc; lODbp. 
b. F., ^.ACo. & 

F. L. SmJtb Elec Co. (Begafi 0|k tSOK); cap. 
antti. A Issued 110,000. 

Prif». F. L. ^raitb. ,...., Barnard 

Sec. A Trta*. L. H. Sjultli ,*.♦.... 

S d. c. U^. E, 110 v: Bel. hog: ^ d. e. inc. arcs 5 
amps; 2000 il. c. Inei; ISO bfc ft. Wrati ISO bp. b. 
N.Y. S; coal$-. 4. iia 

HABTEY,5.S9fi— CaJamet Hcbtinf? Co. (Began op. 
iSaS): Wm. J. McCorkJtidaltt Supt: Wm. Kbecll ct. 
Kagr; 3d,o »rc Ft. W, Eicplslor; 1 a.r, fetan. 3 ph. 
^^aou altuB, Bd. floc; 1J« d, c. arrf ti.S amps: t!JKIO a. e. 
mea; a. c. pwr. clr.fflE* v-; 2:?o hp. e. ide; 450 bp. b. 
8t*i, Harrcy; cSty cont. M lU. c p. ISWO «Oyer yr. 
1 A. M; coolSLsa. ^ 03 

HAVANA, 3»!»8-Eatrn,a Elw. Cxj.; cap. untb, $80,* 
000; O. D. CoTlnnton P; C. P. Kitiif S. *t T; bTt. 
Man^r M. jt P. A; C. gpenrK Cb, Euf^r; Sa,c. a. pb> 
O. B. 1100-110 T, 730OO altm. T-H »oc; M m^Tite ntct; 

moo a. c. liiCB.; hp. e. Idn; 240 bp. b. LaniiitiK; 

d|y Gont.a4 area, 9000 ttiCB. $7^ per yr. mooult. all ni; 
coal ¥1.35. 00 

HI3NBY, l.fiST-HenrT Bl«c. Co., eftp.$l&O0O; M. D, 

j^ttrreu, P; F O. Sterrett, 8; E. S. Sterrptt, T; 
SSara and 900 alt. inc. Gebt'tal; do d. c; I!IO b. p. 

HEBBIX^ L55ft^fl^TiHn Elec. LL Plant. 


BIGHLANB, S,U0O- Municipal Lljf, B^pi. (Began 
op. ISOSJ; bdA. fluth. |I5.0()I>, beU(.^ $8,000, 4 p.c. Tnt; 
E. C. Hugbtffl P, A. JE Cb. KliHrn; 2 G. K. 1040-104-5!i 
V. T-U m>c: 2Sd c. art'B; 13(J0 a, C.Iucb; 100 bp. e. 
N. Y. ^af«iy; SJOO bp. b. »teama. 21 

aiGIIL.ANn PABK. li.8n«-ni(fblaiid Park Klec. 
LL Co. (B^giiii op. 1890) cap, 1^,000; bde. Sao.OIJ, B 
p. c. int: .1. D. Mcnreritmi P, T. A F. A. A. G. Mc- 
PhGrflun Supt. 2 arc T-H; Sa. c. T-H 100(1-110-52 v, 
Ifl.OOO alLrjs. T-H ioc; adarcsfla amps; 15!JJ00 a. o. 

Ifl.< , ^ . 

incn: fiSO bp. e. Raa; 4*)0 bp. b. cUy ctmt. (36 Us. c. 
lauo $00 p€r yr. moonlt; coal $2. 


HILLsBtmo, IJST-Bmaboro El«c. LL & Pwc Oo. 
(Be^anqp. 1890>; cap. ituili. A i*ia«l 118,000, ftp. c. 
dt¥; hdi^. jiutti. §\%mo, UtRiied $«.MK». 6 p, c. Im; J, 
J. Prpy S, M. A P. A ; C. A, Ram*ev T; J. T. Kenter 
Snpt; H. F. Blockbcrger Ch. Kiiijfrt A. Crew Cb, 
Elecn; 1 ct. c arc W. K; sta.c. G. E. W««tg, 1100 100 
T. «. pb„ Id.OOOalina, W«ttir, «o6; 211 d.c. area; 2 a.c 
arcB: !IOOO nu o. Incif; a, c. day ctr. lOt t; 250 bp. e. 
Ide, Cliaac; 250 hp. b, aprini;; cKy coaL iMi Ita. c.p. 
2000 $aO pe^r yr. moonlt; co«l $,g0. B 

MISHUAUS, S,67B-CHt Kite. Lt. Plant (Munic.) OSe 

HOMEB, l,OeO— Hom(r Lt A Pwr. Co. (licjfan op. 
^mt^i; cap. autti. A iimucd $7,000. 14 p.c. dlT; no bda; 
G. C. Bowcn P. T, M. A P. A; «. D. Sa^ladar 9; B. 
Parrfab Ch. Enjfr; t d. c. arc Ft. W; 1 a. c' Pt. W, 
1000 100 ▼. ft. ph. 16.BI10 alttaa. W^t^. doc; fl d. o. 
arcf 9.6 amp«; lOOOa.c, luce; 60 bp, c. cniase; «Obp, 
b Atlan: city cont 31 lis. e.p, WW $60 p«:t yr. niooalt 
ILIO P. U; coal 11.05. ^ 





HOOPESTON, 3.823— HoopestoD Elec. Lt. & Htg. 
V.O. (Begun op. 1801); cap. tSO.OOO; C.J. Wakemaii 
P. T. M. «t I». A; M. n. Herbert S; 2 a. c. Wustc 
Wood 1100-110 V. s. ph. 16,000 altns. T-U boc; *& a.c. 
arcs 4 & U amps: 4000 u. c. inco: 185 hp. e. Ida: 200 

hp. b. Frost; city cont. 6 arcs 85 incs. c.p. $5 & 

11.20 per mo. moonlt. mdnt; coal $1.45. 92 

IPAVA, 749— C. F. Foote, owner, M. A P. A.; cap. 

8 ; no bds.; 1 d.c. Royal 200 v.; T.-H. 80c. ; 

BOO d.c. Inc8. ; 60 hp. e. W. tt Adams; — hp. b. O'Br.; 
city cont., moonlt., 10 P. M. 127 

JACKSONVILLE. 15.500— City Elec. Ltp;. Plant 
(Munic.) (Besjun op. 1895): cost $19,660; C. W. 
Brown, M. & P. A.: 2 arc Ft. W.: 184 arcs; 175 hp. 
e. Ras: 200 hp. b. Ras; moonlt; coal Sl.U 39 

Jacksonville Gas Lt. & Coke Co. cap. auth. <& is- 
sued $200,000; F. KlliottP; F. M. Doau S. &Sapt: 
J. A. Be.latti T: J. P. Doan P. A; J. Furnandes Ch. 
Engr; G. Uockinj; Ch. El«*cn; 2 a. c. (J. K. 1100- 
104 V. 2 ph. 7200 altnt». Ed. soc: 35 a.c. arcs 5 amps; 
5000 a. c. incs; a.c. dav cir: pwr. cir. 500 v: 850 hp. 
e. Ball. St. L, Cor: 70(5 hp. b. O'Brien; coal $1,40. 92 

JEK8EYVILLE, 3.517— Jersey ville Lt.,nt. & Pwr. 
Co.; (Began op. 1889); O. Ford P; A. C. Ford S. & 
T: J.F. Chritjty M. P.A. & Supt; J. Miller Ch.Engr; 
4d. c. Ed., Coin. 118 v: Ed. soc: 1800 d. c. Incs; 235 
hp. e. Ideal, A. & S: 370 hp.b. Spring, Wangler; city 
cont. 155 Its. c.p.32S25per yr. moonlt; coal $1.60. 92 

JOLIKT, 29,353— Economy Lt. & Pwr. Co. (Began 
op. 1889); cap. antb & p<i. in $850,000; J. L. Norton 
P; R. L. Allen S, T, M. & P.A; J. R. Stanley Snpt; 
E. E. Thomas Ch. Elecn; 8 d. c. arc T-H, Wood; 
7 a. c. Westg. G. E. 2300-110 v. 2 & 8 ph.7200 altns. 
T-Hsoc; 200 d.c. arcs 7.5 amps: 50 a. c. arcs 7.5 
amps; a.c. dav cir. 110 v; a.c. pwr. cir. 2300 v; 12000 
hp. turb Lof ; city cont. 325 Its. c. p. 2000 $78.50 per 
yr. all nt. 92 

JONESBOROUGH, 1.130— Municipal Elec.Lt Plant 
(Begon op. 1899); cost $7,000, A.A. FriestoncM. 92p 

KANKAKEE, 13,594— Kankakee Elec. Lt. Co.;(Be- 

jianop. 1892); cap. $ ; J. Maltman P; A. S. 

Maltman S. T. & P.A; B.G. Smith, M. & Supt; 3 arc 
Ft. W ; 2 a. c. s. ph. Westjf. 1000-100-50 v. 16,000 altne. 
S.-M. soc; 10 a.c. arcs 3 am()s; 250 d.c. arcs, 9.0 amp; 
14,000a. c. incs; pwr. cir. 600 v.; 600hp.e. Payne, D. 
& C; 600 hp. turb. Am. Lcffel; 500 hp. b. Uazeltine; 
city cont., 140 arcs, 2000 c. p. $00 per yr. mdnt. com. 
arcs $5. per mo., coal $1. 92 

KANSAS, 1.019-City Elec. Lt. Plant; (Began op. 
1900); cost $1,600; J. M. llaogh M. A P. A.: 1 a. c. 
Westg. 1000-50 V. 2 ph. 16,000 altnu. T-II so<!; 600 
a. c. incs: 80 hp. e. Westg; 100 hp. b. P. & B. 92 

KEITHSIillKG, 1.506- Keithsburg Elec. Lt. Co.; 
cap. $16,000; no bd.s.; M. M. B.iss P; A. S. Malt- 
man S. & T: B. G. Smith M. *t P. A; O. P. Scholer 
C\\. Engr: 3 d. c. arc Ft. W, \V. E; 2 a.c. Westg. 
lUX)-.'>2v. 16.000 rtltns. S-M soc; 230 arcs 9.6 amps; 
LSJO a. c. incs; 600 hp. e. Payne. D. & C; 660 hp. b. 
naztn; city cont. 140 Its. c.p. 2000 $60 per yr. 1 A.M. 


KEWANEK, 8.382-Kewanee Lt. & Pwr. Co. (Suc- 
cessor to Kcwanec Elec. Lt. & Motor Co.) (Began 
op. 1900): cap. auth. & issu»(l $100,000: b<li>. auth. 
& outstg. $l(5i).0i»0, Op. c. int: X. Caverno P, P. A. 
& M: J. K. BliHh S; J. Nok«*s T: E. W. Smith Ch. 

Engr; E. D. Fai tt Ch. Kleon; 8 d.c. G. E. S-HllO- 

220 V. Ed. soc; 11»5 d. c. inc. urrs 5 amps; 3.000 d. c. 
incs; d. c. diiy cir: 350 hp. •». Ru-, Ide; 850 hp. b. 
Oil C; cityjcont.. 47 Its. 0000 ci). $70 per yr. moonlt. 
Adarknts: coal $2. 92 

KINMUNDY, 1,400— City Elec. Lt. Plant (Munic); 
(Began op. IHlitM; bds. S.'i.OCK); W. i».SimH Mipt; 1 a.c. 
Warren 1000-100 v, s. ph. 16,000 altns: Ed. soc; 8 a. 
c. inc. arcs 6 amrs; 1200 a. c. incs; 100 hp. e. Ideal; 
100 hp. b.C. & T; moonit. all nt; coal $2. 92 

KNOXVILLE, 1.857-Knoxvillo Eh-c. Lt. <fe Pwr. 
Co.; (Began op. 1883): c^ip. $10,000, 15 p. c. div; no 
bd»; A. L. Warfel P., M. A P. A; W.H. Moorehouse 
S. «t T: E. M. Anderson Ch. Enirr. <t Elecn: 1 a. c. 
Natl. 1000-100 T. 16,000 altns. T-H soc; 35 a.c. aron: 
800 a.c. inos; 100 hp. e. Atlas; 200 hp.b. Atlas. Frost: 
city oont. 85 Us. c. p. 1200 $43 per yr: coaJ $1.85. 90 

LACON. 1,601— Lacon Elec. Lt. Co. (Began op. \m 
cap. $16,000; C. C. Main P. A S; E. L. BuchanaBT. 
& P. A ; 1 a.c. Warren 1100 104 v. T-H soc: IS Iip.e: 
220 hp. b. II 

LA GRANGE, 3,969— La Orange Lt. & Wtr. Wkt-Coi 
(Began op. 1891) cap. auth. & issued $I2&.000: bdi. 
auth. $250,000, bds. issued $210,000, 5 & 6 p. c. int; J. 
F. Moffett P. C. T. Moffett S. M. & P. A. J. X. 
Strasser Supt; 1 d. c. arc Ft. W; 8 a. c. T-H lOOUl 
V. s. ph. 160,00 altns. T-H soc; 70 d. c. arcs Cl8 impi: 
2 a. c. incs: 15.000 a. c. incs; 600 hp. e. McE. Wectt: 
600 hp. b; city conU 70 arcs, 240 incs. c. p. 20 & tSK 
arc $60, incs. $10 per yr. moonlt mdnt; aJeo lis. Til- 
lage of La Grange Park and Grossdale. 21 

LA ILrlRFE, 1.60&-La Harpe Elec Lt. A Pwr. Co.; 
(Begun op. 1896): cap. $15,000; no bds: J. H. Hu- 
gato P. & T; K. B. Williams S: A.L. Blytbe M, Sopc. 
^fc P. A; 2 d.c. G.E. 112 v; Ed. soc; 22 d.c. inc. am: 
Samps; 850 d. c. incs: 100 hp. e. Marrar; 16U kp. 
b. Pond; city cont. 15 arcs, 1200 c. p., $60 per yr. 
moonlt. mdnt. tf 

LANARK, 1.306— Lanark Elec Lt Plant: (Begn 
op. 1895); cap. $10,000; no bds; H. R. SuleTownr 
i^ P. A; 1 arc Westg; 1 a. c. Westg. HOO-IIOt. 
7,200 altns. Ed. soc: 36 arcs; 900 a. c. incs: 80hp.e. 
Fisch. ; 80 hp. b. Star; city cont 22 Its. c p. 3D0096 
per yr. mdnt; coal $2.45. Ill 


LA SALLE. 10.446— Peru-La Salle Gas Lt. ft Pwi.Oo. 
cap. $60,000: L. W. Johnson P; F. M. Uedard M. 

A. tfe Nupt; T. Fitzsimmuns Ch.Engr: A. Schlesincer 
Ch. Elecn: 3 d. c. arc G-E; 1 a. c SUn. 200a-H^T.r 
ph 1600 altns. ?:d, Westg soc; 50 d.c. arcs 6.6ai3pi; 
71 d.c. inc. arcs 5 amps; 1000 a. c. incs; 300 hp.e. Ide. 
Skinner; 425 hp. b. II 

City of La Salle; (Began op. 1889); Geo. A. Wil- 
son Supt; 2 d. c. arc Stand. 100 d. c. arcs; 126 bp. e. 
Ide; 160 hp.b. Spring; moonlt; coal $1.50. U 

LAWRENCEVILLE, l.SOO-Lawrencerille Wtr. 4 

Lt Co; cap. $ ; W. S. Titus P; D. R. Xior 

S. «& T; J. F. Mead M. iV Supt; A. M. Barron Gen. 
Supt A P. A; 2 d. c. C. * C. 230 v. Ed. soc; IStLc. 
inc. arcs; 400 d. c. incs; 80 hp. e. C. (fc T; 190hp.b. 
Erie; city cont mdnt. H 

LEBANON, 2.000-Lcbanon City Ltg. Plant, (Mnnic.) 
(Began op. 1898) cost $7,000; W'm. Boegy Ch. Knp: 
P. Boirgy Ch. Klecn. 1 d. c. arc G. E: 1 a.c. G.E. 
10.55-UM V. s. ph. 7200 altns. Kd. soc: 18 d. c. arr«U 
amps; 18 a. c. arcs 5.5 amps: 1100 a. c. incs; 76hp.c< 
Kns; 85 hp. b. Spring; moonlt SS 

LEMONT, 2.500— Lemont Elec. Lt. & Pwr. Co. (B^ 
ganop. 1892) cap. $20,000; no bds.; E. L. Huston P- 
P. A. Nelson S, M. & P. A. H. SauberT. 2 art Ft 

W.; 1 d. c. Ft W. 100-52 v. altns. T-H foc;« 

arcs: 650 d. c. incs: 9« hp. e. .\. & 8; 160 hp. b: dtt 
cont. 30 Its. c. p. 2000 $75 per vr. moonlt. 13:80 A. N- 


LE ROY, l.r,29— Le Rov Elec. Lt, Pwr. & Htg. Qo.\ 
cap. $10,000: no b<is: W. F. Crumbaugh P. & T; J. 

B. Chick S. M, P.A. & Supt: CM. Leet Ch. Engr: 
2 arc. Ft. W: 1 a. c. Ft W. 1000-100 v., 14.000 altoi. 
S-M soc: 38 arcs; 1,000 a. c. incs; 125 hp.e. Watrtn; 
80 hp. b. Watrtn, Spring: city cont 25 lu. c. p, SOW 
$48i)eryr. moonlt; coal $ . 91 

LEWLSTOWN, 2,504— Lewistown Elec. Lt, Ht * 

Pwr. Co.; (Bngan op. 1889); cap. $ ; W. C. Purdy 

P; n. F. Townsend S. T. M. &,?. A ; L. C. WatroQi 
Ch. Engr; 1 d. c. arc Ft W; 2 a. c. Ft W. 1080104T. 
s. ph. lO.OOOaltns. Ed. soc; 38 d.c. arcs 9.0 amps; 1^ 
a. c. inc. arcs: 1000 a. c. incs; 200 hp. e. BckTe. 
Ideal: 210 hp. b. Atlas, Frost; citv cont 88 Its. SbOO 
cp. $18 i>er yr. moonlt. mdnt : coaf $1.65. 01 

LEXINGTON, 1,415-Lerington Elec. Lt. Co. (Began 
op. 1898) .J. W. Van Dolab P. A; S. E. BeaneySBpt: 
8 a. c. Westg, G. E. 1100-110 v; 10 a. c. arcs: 8 a. c 
inc. arcs; 2000 a. c. incs: 195 hp. e. Ide: SOObpuh. 
Kew; city cont 10 lu. 900 per yr. tl 

LP 1 

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:irvlL>*K,S6i-FreotnJn» Tower f^aji pi jr Co, 

mtitk, Jfc l#i!a«i t4,ou*. i> !► c. Uu; E. Fn^c- 
M, A I'. \; T. K. Jfti:kHoii 81 J. L C*r- 
_ KBur; 5i li. c. ^iprtD^ue ±JU v. E*!. iixj; IT 
«rc» ;» & ami^; eAU d. c. iiici; tO bp, c. B F, 
lip. b OU Viiv* eily cotiL It lt«. €.p(. 1400 |0Q 
iwHiU, o^ibI tLttU. im 

O.POO— LJtJCoto Wtr. Lt. A ^wt, Co,; cap. 

MIM- R & R A; D. R, MUIh ^: Judge H. 
n«r if*-cr., SpriugflelU, iHi a d. c. ar« Ft. W, 
a. c. We»ie Rovft] ; I04-&B v, 2 pti, 350U d- e. 
W bpw e. PbcMiiIx; 400 tip, b, Pnoeiux; coal 


PIKLl}. Q^OuO—UtJChfiiOd Gas A El»c. Co. 
pp. tSS«): cii|», antb. & l^eiii^ t5O,€0O: Ud^. 
t «al»Ur fift^OOy, « It. e. Cut: H M. Ftwter P; 
H & T: A P. A; a die, »rc T'll- 1 a.c. WAfren 
< V. ■. pti. 73100 Aliu«; T'U »uc: ftti d. c urce; 
lft«; lOUO n r. Loch, a. c* dafolr: 275 tip- e. 

eo i^ per rr. all nl; Ct3«] f J. 1^ 

OItT, ff.ffi»-L0Cknnrt Elec, L*. PUnt fMtt- 
lal |a,O0C» Wm, Bii^ley Ch. Kng?: K, S. Focht 
pu; srd. c. B*l NaU- 1(0 r. Ed. S4ic: iti d.i^ 
t4»iu.|w; 3UU0d. e. iiici;a£IO bp. (£. Back; S&O 

I«-L«U R!*6. U. Co. (BfKftn op. IMS); 
m W.J. Wert P; W.^GchwI) ?i; GAddemt 
t P.A; t a. (^ Warrvu S3D v. T'AUUO aUui. n. pb. 
e;aOOI1iei; M hi^i, c. t'm^t; 70 W. b. tuh)r: 
nL 40 lt«. e.(i. le $00 jxT y r. md m i ctmi la. M 

tlLEX, tHA-Citj Llifbt Ai WaL«T Flunt 
Ji ci^i 1^—; i cL c» »ic T*-H.; 1 a. c. Wari^ti 

~ bb. aUfia. ao d- e< area; 150 h. c. Ibca,; 

.C. AT;Babp.k 99 

ITO?f, «I5— Lotinptoti Klec. LL A Pr. Co.; 
i>l>. IWSi^i, A, J. Li*wift P. 4t T; A. li Wm- 
A Supt; B r L-^%ia M. .& P. A: I d. e, urc 

«. .*. Km ■ ^ ft. ph. 16 000 hUhh. T-H 

d. e »r. S Pl, c. arcs I *tmpa* 400 

»; no M I bp, e. Cbasi^; ICO hp* b. 

dlBl; coaUi.OJ. »^ 

LHSBOBO, I,7ti8-City Klet, Ll. Plant.; 
■XBecau op. I8&rti; ccwt |l«.0(W; D. D. Clover 
». A: J arc Ff. W; 1 iL c. G. E. .HWt. twr: 1 
pb. F(, W, lOOD-iOi v: iti,800 altni. T tl, Ed. 
^ «:. area, 0.f# amt^A; ]a2iX> h. c. incij; lf& bp. 1;. 
;fl»hp. b. Umi; moouit. 0^ 

SIAW» asft— S,A. Tbompaoii« awnerfl ; (Bcj;ait 


Mr. O.Coolc..,. ...,,„... ... , p.Mackiiinir 

fit, W, aoo V* T-H ioc; 4C0 d. c, tbc»: 00 

love: 00 b p. b. Pcoiia. 

OltLiUltt. u. p SS. 4* 1^ 

t11,ji,^7lt— 31 acorn h EkT. Lt AG an Co.: cap 

ao tM]i: J: W, Mclntwh. P: IL W. Cntn- 

>4 K r-V McL(»iiu. Tl F. S. Afnti«troiiK, M, 

• *rc, T H : I a, c". U, S. liNi* lOl v.. 

pb, Kd. ftOt*; SSn d, r, ami fl.Hamps; 

4» bp *. Batw; 'Son tn^ b, FroH; 

iL, la iUi. e. p. iSOO A IMQ $e dfe $** per mo, 

f«»1 Sit 40, 9-4 

tGO, 5,nnii^-atr Eke. Lt. ± Wir. Wkt». 
.l;rNi*t fjy.iW). Ijdi-. onts^tij N,BUO, (5p. C. 
D. Shuri'elT P; E. F McKluney S; E. F. 
k T; P. T. ParkbuiTt m, ^ ftupt; H. T. Mar- 
i: J. M. EbfCh. Enjrr. 4 Elecn; I jitc FLW. 
't, W. lOaHWWt)^. 16 OOr* itlitii'. Westc. hqc; 
750 »*c. tnes: iro lip, 0. Wtiterm; I2&bp. b. 
l^tmwblt. II P. M Va 

?f, *t5lO— Manoti Eleo.Lt, * St. Rj. Co. ; cap. 

V. LH'nifOt P: W. H. Wftrder. S ,T. A K 

kre and ft^ alt. tne. Braiib : Dti day dr. ; 00 

la. W 

i«Ai.l.aRS-14aff fvHK MDnlolpfiJ Plant iBpjEnD 
I: coat i^OUO: E, Fumuhr M: 1 a.Q. Warren 
V. tiyWaltna. Ed^ unc^ S4 n.i^ »irr« tLdamp. 
Jfi^a; UDi^e^ 140 bp. bt ccial $.80. i^^ 

MAHOA, 1^11— Maroa Klea. Lt Co. (Bejrau opA^SSU 
cap, tl li.Uuu; .1. «.:rucikiir t\ M. & P. A; W Js^biiiick 
S; G. CouovKf T; Id. c. are Std; 1 a. c. Natl. 1000- 
100 V .*.pb. 10,000 aiid*. T-li aot-; 2« d.c, Sfts 8 w»pf ; 
1300 a. c, hiCp; 76 hp. «?. Id*; 150 bp. b: tltj cont -^ 
arcu c. p. liiOO $t iwr >T. mdui; cwl f L50. 9d 

ltAlt.SElLL£A, 2,568^Marietlleft Ubd A Wlr. Pwr. 
Co.: eap. iSiuO,tJOl>: F, ti^ baraaiTher P: F. A. Schu- 
macher •: n. F. Kiirt* M; J. K. Boiid PA. Jt Supt; 
C. F. Gram Cb. EJecn: 1 d. c. arc Eic: 1 a. c. I04U- 
104 V. Taw aJtiJrt, T-H ioc; 35 d,c. arc* 10 nrnpa; 4 a,C. 
arcs f» ampa; tHOO a-c. Inc*; S50 bp. turb. Smilb ; cltj 
CO tit 24 I10, c. p, ^iJOii SOU lier yr. all ut. 91 

MARSHALL. a^OTl^Mamball Elec. Co.; cap. •»,- 
QUO; J, ^. Hicbard#, P., 31. A P. A.; A. L. HicUarda, 
!*. A T.; I arc, T. H; 1 a.C VVe&tg. UUO'&S v., HKOtW 
altna.; T.-H. soc; 41 area; dOO a.c. iTJc#.; l^ hp. e. 
Bai«i4; liH) bp. b. : oliy c^iut., mouult,, h\I hi. IE? 

Ml.SCOliTAIf,a.l71-MaB45outab Elet?. Lt Co, ; cap. 
f&,0O«n bde^tatMlU; G. Pofrl*U P.; R. Ifairlut, S.; J. 
P-jAtvLT.: J^^H. Beany, .Spt-^ I a.c: T.H. 1040-M 
v., ia.000 iiltn».: T.-H. 10c; ttOOax. inci.: m Up. e., 
Ida; au bp. b., U'llr.^ city conL, moonlt Ho 

MASUN CITY, L^K)-Ma»on City El«. Lt, PUot. 

fie^anop. im\i, 

t tiwiier * MkTT. A. E, AI>bott. ...... ...Maioii City 

Cb.EukT. Beid- TibbUtB.... *' 

1 Arc W.E; 1 ilc. G. E. IIOO-KM-Mt, a. ph, lA.OOO 

altna. T H soc; Sid. c. arc* li amps; »7 a, c. an-n 6 

arupw; 8/1OO 11. c. iDcs; 168 bp. e. Idu: auOhp.b,Noye, 
City CO lit. ftl Ita. t. p *J0OO $60 per yr, mootilt. all 

tit; coa1fL2&. )£U 

MATTOOX. 0,8a3-<;ity of MatlooD (Municjt 
(Bi;Kaii op. liOtJl; ooat t@0,OD0: no bdn; W, E. Tovgt 
P. A. Supt *fc Elecij; iJarcG. E, Sid.; I30d.c. arc* 
*■« amp-: IWJ bp.e. Ideuh Wobp. b. Spring; moonlt. 
A dark r.t^; eoal $1.25. 9!| 

MattooD Ht. Lt. A Pwr. Co. {Beifarj op. miO}\ cap. 
fl00.<JOo- P. C. Somervdb* P. H. W. Toll* 8; J. F, 
Marka T. P. A. A M; I d. k, G. E. 3 *r. tiSO v. ff a.c. 
G. E. HOO Sa T. a. pb. ie,Oi» altiis, T-H ioc?; m d. c. 
tDC. arcii5 ampa; 24)00 d. C. Ibte. }$OCX»a.C. tbte; d. e- 
day cir; T75 bp. e Baua, Id*, CbMc; 880 b p. b. RBi. 
Brnl, Spring; coal $.0a 9fi 

MAY WOO l>, 4,5a8-MaywDod A FtotIio Elec* Lt ft 
Pwf. Co. (B*.'K?*ii op. l}*9l): cap. Ma.OUO; tio bdfi; J, 
S. ^tepbeo>, P. ife I', A; J. W. Webb S. ^ Si; 2 *« 
8td; I a. c T-U HM)-104-Jki v. ItS.OOO ahoi*. ffd. flo<?; 
lOO arce 9.& amp^; 6 a. c. arci; 5,000 a c. inca; QtX) bp. 
e. Ruj.4tiObp, b. G*"ary: citv cont 100 area c p 3)00 
try per yr. rur¥>niL Vi.m A M^ coal $3- (Coalaolta. 
MelroBf Park. River Kore^t A Harlem,) 00 

MKIJOBA, Jl^-ModoraEltJC, Co. 

BfKLROSE-^«e Maywood. 

MKPTDOTA, 3,736— Metidota Lt A Ht Co.; BefifftF 
op. Ifm) : cap. aotn. A iBsoed tSfi.Om); Ma?c Jobti F 
P. Eileribom S; G. Madden T: C. Latbrop M, P. A 
Supt A Cb. Enirr; 1 arc T-H ; 1 a.c WestK. 1000-100- 
50 V. s. pb. Ifi.OOO aUba. SM aoc; S5d. c. arcn 10 
arnpa; 3b,c. area Samp-ii; ISiJO a.c toce: 144J bp.e. 
Ide.; iSfU hp.b, Froit: c|i> i^ont. ISO Its. c. p. 2000 f84 
per j^r. mdut, nil ut ; coat $iM^ 92 

MER^DOSIA, TTOO— Moicdoila Kiuc. Lt. Plant; C. 
M. tskinuer Owntr. 

METTBOPOLIS CITY, J,OlJ&-^itT Ekc, Lt Plant. 
CM a Elk J (Begati op. 1892)- (M>at faLOOO: cap. aotti. ^ 
laaoed f5L0Dip; bda, autb iU,O0O, ouute^ i37,Q00, 7 
p c. ibt: O May P. A, yapt A Cb. Eii*t; l iiro Ft, 
W; 1 a. c. Royal llOfrlO* v. t pb. 16.000 alrna. T H 
90C, as d. c. arc* 85 anjpi ; 1100 a, c. iwca; 100 bp. i?, 
LA R; 200bp. b. HeiL 90 

MILFOliU, LOTT— Milford Blec. Lt. A Pirr. Tiaoij 
Oft. <Biijan op. iSEtt): (»p. IIB.OOO; G, L. Cowln P; 
O. R. Sever 8. T. A JC; I aic Std; 1 a. c. G-K. 1040- 
ia4-»l V. a. pb. 1fi,l»0 «ltns. Ed. soe: 44 d c aira 
lOampa; 1100 a. e. inca: 100 bpv e. Me; 12ft hp. b. 
Fffitt: cityc^nt. «)lia. e.p. iMOOfeftper yj- ihoqqU, 
mdat: coal $L7Q. %. 





MILLSTADT, 1,275— Town of Mlllstadt (Munlc); 
bds. aath. $5,000, ontitg. tS,0OO, 4 p. c. int; F. L. 
BUU, P; G. Smith Supt. A P. A; 1 are Ft. W; 1 a. 

c. Ft W. 1000-100 V. 16,800 altns. S-M soc; 88 arcs; 
450 a. c. iacs ; 80 hp. e. Alfree; 100 hp. b. Alfree. 92 

MINONK. 2.545— Minonk Elec. Lt & Pwr. Co.: (Be- 
gan op. 1890); cap. anth. 115,000, pd. in $6,000: no 
bds; A. B. KippP: F. J. Slmaterii; J. KerrickT. 
& M; 1 are Std: 4 d. c. G. B. 120 v. Kd. soc; 18 a. c. 
arcs; 8d.c. inc.arcs; 700 d.c. Incs; 170hp. e. Payne, 
Chase; 150 hp. b. Erie City; city cont., moonlt., 11 
P. M; coal $1.50. 92 

MOLINE. 17,248— Peoples Pwr. Co.; (Began op. 
1808); (aloo Its. Knck Island); cap.aath. A issued 
9000.000, bds. aath. 9300.000, outstg. 1290.000, 6 p. c. int; 
C.O.Njison P; S.S. Davis S, M. A P.A: W. L. Velie 
T; F.W. Rc'iiners Supt; .I.Duncan Ch.Engr; A. Mar- 
tinson Ch. Elecn: 12 d. c. arc Brush, Sperry ; 8 d. c. 
pwr. VVestg, G. K. 500 v. 4 a. c. West. Stan. 2200-104 
V. 2ph. \6,im &7200 altns. T-H soc; 100 d. c arcs 
9.6 amps; 10 a.c. arcs 5.6 amps; 20,000 a.c. incs. : a.c. 
day cir; pwr. cir. 500 v: 2.500 bp.e. Buckye: 8000 hp. 
turb. Trump. Lef, Dayton: 8.000 hp. b. Cabill. Stir: 
city cont. 172 Its. c. p. 2000 $72 per yr. all nt; coal 
$1.35. 92 

MOMENC£, 2,026— Momence Elec. Lt. Co. ^egan 
op. 1890) cap. 18,500; B. T. Grav P. & T; D.C.Rlcker 
S: S. W. Calkins M. A P. A; 3 d. c. Bain, Hwkye. 
220 V. S-M soc; 800 d. c. incs; 92 hp.e. Allis; 120 hp. 
b. Allis; city cont. mdnt; coal $l.S8. 92 

MONMOUTH, 7,460-Edison Illg. Co.; (Began op. 
1886): cap. autb. »5O,0M); bds. auth. $50,000. outstg. 
$82,000, f^ p. c. int: W. J. Ferris P; li. Ferris 8. M. 
« P. A; S. S. Bell Supt; 1 d.c. arc «. E; 5 d.c. G.E. 
8 w. 2»-110 V. Ed. soc; 107 d. c. arcs 6.6 amps: 65 

d. c. inc. arcs 3 A 5 amps; 2000 d. c. incs: d. c. day 
cir: 350 hp. e. Ide, Ames: 850 hp. b. Fawcett: city 
cont. 107 Its. c. p. 2000 $66 per yr. moonlt. mdnt; 
coal $1.98. 92 

MONTICELLO, 1,982— Montlcello Elec. LtCo.; (Be- 
gan op. 1891) cap. 910,000; bds. 97.600; U. A. Talman 
P. W. F. Lodge S, M. A P. A. J. N. Dighton T. 1 
arc, Std: 1 a. c. Ft. W. 1000-100 v. 7200 altns. Ed. soc; 
40 arcs 10 amps: 0,000 a.c. incs: 120hp. e. Ide; 120 
hp. b. A.-T; city cont. 22 Its. c. p. 2000 $6.16 per mo. 
moonlt. mdnt; coal $1.50. 110 

MORGAN PARK, 2.820— Villatze of Morgan Park 
(Munic.) (Began op. 1895); 11. C. Kussell P; K. 
A7r«'sS: C. O. Tenbrocke T: J. Blake Supt; L. T. 
Kline Ch. .Engr; W. A. IlammarCh. Elecn; 1 arc, 
G. E; 50 arcs 9.6 amps; 50 hp. e. Ball; 280 hp. b. 
Eric; mdnt. 92 

MORRIS, 4.27.3— FiHd Eloc. Lt.Co.: cap. auth. 930,- 
000, issued $23,500: t>. Mstteson P; C.SundburgSupt. 
A Ch. Enur: 2 d. c. arc G. E; 2 a.c. G.K. 1140-52-104 
V. 8. ph. 16.000 alms. T-H soc; 33d. c. arcs; 3.500 a. c. 
incs; 250 hp. c. N. Y. Safety ; 200 hp. b. . 110 

MORRISON, 2,308— Morrison Elec. Lt. A Pr. Co.: 
(Bciran op. 1890): cap. auth. A Issued rJO 000; E. A. 
Smith P: II. S. Green S. T. A P. A; J. C. Bombreck 
Ch. Kngr; C. Slv Ch. Elecn: 4 d.c. W. E. Westg. 3 w. 
220 v; Kd. soc: 2.=) d. c. inc. arcs 5 ampH; 3.f>00 d. c. 
incs; 3(XJ hp. e Bckye, Bus; 300 hp. b. Brkye, Star; 
citv cont. 120 Its. c. p. 24 $19.50 moonlt. all nt; coal 
$2.06. iW 

MORTON. 894— Btjyer Bros. A Co.; (Began op. 
1890): cap. auth. A pd. in 915.000; no bds; 1 d. c. 
pwr. Roval iHO v. 1 a.c. Uoyal 1100-104 v. s. ph. 16,000 
altns, T-H so<v. 1 a.c. inc; d. c. day cir: pwr. cir.iJO 
v; 12"S hp. e. Nove. All free: 200 hp. b. B. A W; city 
cont 34 Its. c. p. "50 $— per yr. moonlt. 90 

MOUND CITY, 2.705-Mound City Wtr., Lt., Pwr., 
Hi. A Mfg. Co. (Successor to the i)lant leased by J. 
Y. Clemson); cap. auth. A issued $65,000: A. J. 
Dougherty P; W. A. Dougherty 8; W.A. Waugb T; 
B. Hntchioson Ch. Engr; H.Davis Ch. Elecn; 1 d. c. 
arcG. B; la. c. G. £. 1100-110 t. 2 hp. 16,000 altns. 
Bd. soc; 86 d. c. arcs 9.6 amps: l,ii00a. c Iocs; liS 
hp. e. Brnl: 200 hp. b. Brnl; city oont 85 Iti. c. p. 

7O00 $— per yr. moonlt; wood A coal. 


MX. CARMC:L,4.311-Mt Carmel Lt A TR 
cap. 965,000; H. O. Rogers P; T. A. Knlckerb 
C. C. Strasser Supt: 1 arc Ft. W ; 1 a.c. Na 
100 V. 16,000altns. T-H soc; 35 arcs; 80U& 
110 hp. e. Ide; 140 hp. b; city cont. all nt 

MT. CARROLL, 1,965— Mt Carroll Btec. 
cap. 912,500; G. D. Campbell P; H. G. Grif 
A Supt: J. Mader S. A T: 1 arc Ft W ; la.* 
1000-100 V. 16,000 altns. S.-M. soc: 37 arcs: 
incs; 125 hp. e. Bckye; IbO hp. b. Spring 
cont. moonlt 1 A. M. 

MT.MORRIS, 1,048— Mt Morris Elec.Co. (B 
1901); K. Thomas Sole Owner; H. E. W 
Engr: 1 a.c T-H 1100-104-52 v. 2 ph. 16000 al 
soc; 7 s. c. inc. arcs; 1000 a. c. incs; 65 hp. 
Safety; fO hp. b. Springf; city conu 50 Its 
9— per yr. moonlt 

MT. OLIVE, 2.935— Village of MtOlive; EU 
Supt A Pur. Act ; 40 arc, Wood: 750 alt in 
1000-100-60 v.; T.-H. soc.; 1^ h. p. eng., 1 
h. p. b., Frost; city cont 

MT. PULASKI. 1.646— Mt. Pulaski Eler. Lt 
System; (Began op. 1890); cap. auth. $ao.(X 
$8,000; no bds; West A Viud M. A P.A; 1 i 
1 a. c. T-H l(rtO 104 V. T-H soc; 25 d c. arcs; 
incs; 150 hp. e. Ide: 160 hp. b. Sprinirf; city 
Its. c. p. 2000 $84 per yr. all nt; coal $1.30. 

MT. STERLING, 2,000— Mt. Sterling Ele< 
Pwr. Co. (Began op. Ib91) cap. anth. $12.00 
911,650; no bds; P. W. Kottger P; F. W. 
M. A P. A; H. Stark T; 1 a. c. G. E. 1000- 
6.600 altns. T-H soc; 1.100 a.c. incs: 85 hp. < 
150 hp. b. Quincy; city cont 100 Its. c.p. ;K) : 
mo. moonlt. mdnt; coal $2. 

MT. VERNON,7,400— Mt. Vernon Elec. Lt. ( 
920,000: G. W. Evans P. A. C. Tanner S, M. 
W. MilburnSnpt 2 arc T.-H, Brush: 1 a. 
2080-104 V. 16.000 altns. Ed, T.-H. soc: 1 
1,450 a.c. incs; 2.% hp. e. H. O. A R; 200 hp. 
Richmd. ; city cont all nt 

MO WE AQUA, 1,478— Moweaqua Elec. Co. 
op. 1899); W. N. McKee M, P. A. A Supt 
Davis Ch. Eni^; 1 d. c. Roth 110 v; 1 a. c. 
H)40-104 V. s. ph. 16.800 altns. Ed. soc: 17 a 
1000 a. c. incs; d. c. day cir; 115 hp. ♦*. Ide; ! 
Sprincf ; city cont. 16 lU. c. p. 2000 91200 

MURFHYSBORO, C.403— Murphvsboro Wti 
Elec. A Gas Lt Co.; cap. 980.000; "W. K. Mur 
W.C. AloxaLder S. M. A P.A: 1 arc Fl.W; 2 ; 
52 v.. 16,800 altns.: T.-H. soc.; 60 arcs, 2 a. 
1.800 H.c. infs. : 250 hp. e. A. A S. ; «J0 hp. b 
city cont 35 arcs $W).G5 per yr. motmlt. all 

NAPERVILLE, 2,620- Citv Elec. Lt. Plai 
Std.: 2 a. c. T-H 1000 104 v.' 15,000 altns. T 
12 arcs. 10 a.c. arcs; 2,500 a. c. incs; 200 hp. 
2 b. Lan; city cont. moonlt. all nt. 

NASHVILLE, 2,iai-Nashville Elec. Lt Co.: 
op. 1893); cap. auth. A ]x\. in $15,000; bd 

515.000, outst^'. $10,7.50, G p. c. int.; Z. P. Foi 
. (i. Peebles S, T. A P. A; A. Wiueree t 1 
1 arc. Kt. W; 1 a. c. Ft. W. 1001-110 v. 16.8C 
T-H soc: 25 series arcs: 1 a.c. arc8,6amps; 
incs; 120 hp. e. Ido; 100 hp. b. Frost; city 
arcs, 2000 c. p. $ per yr. moonlt. •{« 

ENPONSET, 52(V-Nei)onset Elec. LtCo. (H( 


Prts. W'. H. (;ould > 

Sec. Dr. .1. S. Priesiiuan 

Tn'iis. W. Whaples : 

Ch. Ener. B. Yacklev : 

la.c. T-H 1100-104 V. '16,000 altns. T-H soc; 

incs; 60 hp. e. Ideal, Sprinir; 65 hp. h. F. M. 
City cont. 40 lij". c. p. $2 $ —per yr. moonli 

NEW ATHENS, 866— New Athens Elec. Lt 
Co. (Began op. 1804) cap. 94,500: I. Probst 
F. w. Feurbacher 8. G. C. Probst M. A P.i 
WMtg. 1040-104 v.. 7.200 altns. 8.-M. soc; 
iDos; 90 hp.e.Bu8; 80 hp.b.Kew, city cont mo 


h lJ09^^0wmftii Elec. Lt. Cn* 





, },«m-Cttj E]»e, Lt, FlMQt ( Mimic.) ^ S. 
\ R^N^^ahum P. A. & S^npt: W.Bell 
1 1 li ex. src ?^td; I 1. c. Royal 1000100 t. 
•A. T-H 9fK: 42 d, c. ftrcs 8 B liinp*; flSO m.c. 
Hp.e. WllIi*HI«: IW Brifi, SprlDgf. SI 

K lj«71— K(ikonji» Klw* Lt. A Pwr. Co. 

. ]»i}; cftp. $10,000; 4. H. Crii;k*»tit»fg:«-f 

V A^ S. B.Browfi y; W, H. CiWHeUH.rk' T; 
Kx: 1 A. e. NatK 1000.!^ v, >. pli. nm^ 
loet tt iiTcs 10 limps; 1^)0ji.g. tnci;i; ]00 
w; too hp, li Alltjona; irLtj cuat 33 ItA. 

|7i p«ryr mooult; coal $1. m 

^MM~Sarmn\ Ele^^ Lt. it Twr. Co.; (Be- 
Ati; imp. Auth, f2S^0U0. int. in $12,!^; no 
^elmlejr P; w; H Odetl S; U Stuart T. A 
B»^\\t± e. Roj^ 101 &2 w T«B boo; B» 
lampt; SSS bp. e. BmteE^: ]00 hp, b; city 

I. e. p. SiX) |4.4 per jr. eudou tt. 0.1 J nt; coal 


,0no— rsuon Lt A Pboae Co. i Began op, 

.'d$ia.oa)L 7p. c.divj K. t5. 

\- H. H. McColiaraS; J Cr«M 
2 a, c. W««tg. 10OO-JOO-5O ir. 
tDiiHr!.. r-Htfoe; 8D0 *. o. inca; SBO hp. 
> hp. h- CUT ^Dt. 100 it». e. p. ^ f 1^ p(*r 
I ; cwl NW, &2 

II, l.ffl»--J, C* Taber Pfop. (Bi^iJJiti op* 

. f ; 1 ±c, arc G, E; S h, c. O. K, T-H 

LI V. 1. ph. 15,00) altnft. T-H no^*: 25 d, C. 
HI**; lOiX) ft. c. ^DtMi; 140 hp. 11. t^lmew; 140 
Im; city cont. SI It*, c. p. aOQO S~ p«jr >t. 
aJfl.Kfl. 00 

tl£, IS.iXO— Chkaso StiburboQ Wtr., .^ Lt. 

ttllO.OUOj K. S. CdnwaT P ; C. E. Simmons 
Herrkk T ; B. L. Dodjtr« M* A P. A : L. 
THiiSO^ni. H.(J00alt. Inc G. K.: 1000^50 v; 
HiOj|p ,e. AUii A Bull; LlOO hp. h. Natl; 
^ e. p. l€tt) mcwnlt, I A. M. t 

^'Fallon Blw- Lt. Pwr.Ut. A Wtr, 

^ i.O0O, iiwn^d |i8.fiU0; a W. Tlede- 

D. T. Smiley 8» ± P. A; C. E,Ti*^«man T; 
ley M. ft Supt; 1 d. c. ana Ft, W; I «. i.x 
00 100 V. p. ph, 10,000 jvkni. Kd. Prjo; 1? 
£ a. c. arei, 3 d, c Inc. ar -e^ 800 at. idch; 
Jcle; 100 top. b.U*Br: city cont. 17 Ita.c.p. 
r yr. muiiaBlt; coal Sa. vS 

•trurtii A Kick Own en (Began op. 1899): 
^ nCti. Kngir; 1 4. c. Jentiey '.£» v; Ed. 
t Inc. atcff g amps; 900 d^c. Inca: SO hp. e. 
p. b Atliifl; olty ooiit. 10 Ita. e. p. fl^^ 
poiniU; coaltl.TO. m 

UtK, &4i^r. F, SchierbBum Owner; <lJe- 
01): 1 d. c. T^H IlOv; Ed. «oc; &0(J d. r. 
pv f. JohntoD: 10 hp. b. O'B; city cunt. 40 
fii per yr. mdni ; coal 11.40. 1^* 

•*(>— Olti^y Elec. Lt. ft Pwr- Co.; (Be^an 
mi. i:2«.000: J.G. llaghetS; E.S. aiighw 
Sd, 110 T ; g a. c. W««t(;. UOO-ltO T. :f ph. 
" Boc; 1300 d. c. inca; iSOi)0 a. t. inc»; 
» Ideal, Wwti?: 3^ hp. b; city coiit. 
-Plant moved ^ conioUdated, ^em 

eida Lt A Pwr, Co. (Began op, 
atii. ft J!i«ii(.M $7,000; no ltrl«. H. W. 
. SSephcnaou ^^ 3, J. Mttcalf T. Jfe P. 
?l*. Eoffr; I d. c. Fr W. £s» v. Ka.*oc: 

lip.^. M«; 100 ttp.h. Froiti d^ coiit. 

iS liitr yr. moonlt; coa! $1.15. 0^ 

7^-QTf^i0tk Klc^. Lt. ft Pwr, Cto.; cap. 
• -<••. P. ft P. A, ; G. IL Joixei, S, : a.c. 

7,400 al tm ^ ; W I'ntK- loc . ; 8 
tuo^; a.c, day dr.; 200 Ep. ttirb.. 

tnootdi.^ nil at. 


Lt. Plant (Munlc..); (Be. 

H, V, CtmiiVLT M; Vmnao 

t Ch. Eoer: Jn, c. Fl. W. 

mltni. E4l, viK*! IS a.o. arcJi 

lip. «, FroBt; 7S hp. b. FroMt 


OTTAWA, 10 Si¥^-Ottawa Rv. Lt. ft Pwf.Co. (Bcpan 

^an op, 1880) cap. antb. jt fs^nx^d tlflO.onO' bdi. aulh. 

A I»*ned $150000, S p. c. Inl; F. 8. iXmnell P. ft P. 

A; U W. Hens S, T. ft M; Chas*. Halin Supt; 6 d. c. 

arc T' II. Ex: 3iLc.a. E. Ft.W, lOOO-lOtv. n. ft mcy. 

TWK) uUn^. T-H toe; S»a d, c. area 0.0 ampt: )0 a. c. 

ar^ji: tSflOLiOa, c. inca; a. fi, day cJr; pwr nlf, 3500 ft 

1000 t; mihp. a. Hodg^, Weacg; §00 hp. tarh.t^mltli; 

OO-J hp, b. «tJr; city conl. 140 atca c. p. 2000 |LSi i*r 

mo. Jor pwr. m 

PAL!imtA.RlS-J Child*, Owner; cap. $4,000; 800 

d. c. Inen; EcL eK>c. SO hp. e. Joha«oii; (10 hp. b. 

JobnaoD; city cont. St 

PANA, B.aao-Pan* Modem Klec. Ll. Pwr. A St. Hf. 
Co.; (Bejean op.lJ^.t cap. «uth, 1100,000; C. 11, Raw* ( 
llna P; S. K. ^irej^^fe' T. ft P. A: I'. A.Kuelnielz Supt; 
Sd.c.ftTC Ft. W; 2iL e. T-H UOO-^ v. irtOOU altna^ j 
T-H ioo: llSd. c. araa: 6000 a. o. incs: 780 hp.«j. Hall. 
Id<iat: city «ont. 83 nitsB a p. 2(XW >7t* per yr. all ntj ' 
coal r5 tt*. ad 

PA Km. 6,105— Mnnlclpal Elec. Lt A Wir, Wkn, (Btt- 
ffanop. 188S); cost tl5.00(J; \V* C. LeiTu^n, Supi; 1 
(1 . i:. arc G. K : 100 d. c. area <Le ampi ; 125 hp. t. Ide; 
SSOhp. h. txioonlt. coal $3. &S 

PftrtjiGa* Lt. ft Coke Co. cap. »0.QO0; F. E. Powfill . 
F: C. L, Po«f«n S. A T; J. 9. Black Sapt; 4 d. c, G, ' 

E. Kf»«ter2ani0 v; Ed. poc; 40 d. c. inc. area; IfiOO 

d. 0. iticw. fL c. day cir: pwr. th\ Sm hp. e. Attwi, 
Ide; 64]Ohp. b; coal $l.2&, n 

park: ft t doe, LS40— Park Ridge Elec Lt.Co. (Be- 

gas op. 1^104) cap. $ ^; Mleba^l Bcbli»#^ ovmer; 

H. L. BUckmniiM. ftp. A; B. Starman Ch. Eujrr: 

F. L. Sloat t'h. Elecn; I a c. treT H; 1 d. c. Stanley 
2000- 1 It) v^ -2 ph lOtMaltnfl. Ed. aoe; 2^ d.c. afe«B4 
Ampin 10 a c. arcsi.tidmpa: ^a&OOa. c. lues; tfiS bp. 

e. Id.?*l, gafeiy; SK® hp, b. Pfaifer. Sprtnjt; olty 
cont. m Ita, c. p. 2000 S70 per yr. tnoonlt. 1 A, if; 
coal $a. 10. as 

PAXTON, 3,036-Thu PaKton Elec. <Jo \ tBrfftn oii. 
Ifm); cap. aiith, ft li«ued •50,000, 8p, c, divj biik. 
aoth 150.000, lii*aed p. c. int; C U. Laiig- 
fofd p, M. * P. A; H. B, Henderiton 8; E. HIoota- 
Bli*r T; T. tJ. Hawlvy Ch. Entr: Oi-o. Fox Ch. Klecn: 
2 d. c. niv O, K; 1 d, c. pwr, G, E. AUO v : 2 ».c. G. E. 
104(^-101 V. ft. ph. T il 8oc; 50 d. c, area 6.gaiiiiw: mxiO 
a. c, iQcs; d.c. day cir; d.*? pwr. cir. 500 v; tiriO hp. 
e. Bans : 375 hp. b. FreemAn; city conL S4 Ita. c. p. 
law $35 p^t yr. inooalt; coal Sl.,V>, Oi 

PECATONICA. I.OIfl— Elecltac Lt. Plant; E, Litid 
ner Prup; cost ^7,400; 1 d, e. arc Schny: 1 a. c. T-ll 
1140-104 V, fl. pL. Ii},000 alttia. Ed, sno: 40 d. c. area 7 
amp€: 400 a. c. lnc«; 7S bp. (?. Noye: lOi^bp. h. Cbl> 
pjigo; city coot- 16 Ita. c. p. IIJOO $^ p«r yr. m«oalu 
coal $1.73. OS 

PEKIK, 8.430-Pek1n Lt. Ht. ft Pwr. Co. (6eg«n op. 

\mZi oap. anth. ft tM«ii6d IIOO.OOO; bdn. «aih. ^ la- 

Buea$IO0.00O. 5p. G. lot 

Prei. H, Uerget .Pfekin 

Ser, ft Treas, Wm. P, Hurg^t. ..*...., ** 

Mtfr. Homer McCoy ». •* 

1 Pur, Agt. & Sapt. fhoi. Cooper .......,*,..* "* 

Ch. EngT. M. SisJbert ,.. " 

fid. c. Am \V. E. Ft W: 4 a.c. >'at'L Ft. W. lOOO- 

B;tT. fl. pb. 1«,000 akua. T-B loc; 14ti d. c. area 9.a 

amps; 4000 a. n, ttic»; ii. c. dav clr. 103 rj 4O0 hp. e. 

St. L. Idt«: 3B0 hp. b. Morphv. 
CHy cont. 130 Ita. c. p. siodO $r*5 pur yr, moonrt. 

ali nt; coal $1.±^ i£r 

PKOBIA, fi6,10O^P^ii» Oaii A Flfrc, Co., tBegAiJ 

op, la^); civp. antb. it. l#i»[iefl $SOO,€(JO; bdA. aitth. .1:^ 

iBsoed fl26,000. 6 p, c Inl; ». fl. Clarke P; T. J. 

Miller S; L. A. Watacm T; F. W. Little M. ft P. A; 

P. A. Bertrand Supt; R 9. Wallace Ch.EnitT; Id d.c. 

an* T-R; a a, C. G. E. S300-10t V, Spb. 7.200 altiia. 

T-H Boc; flood, c. are* 0.6 smp«; ^00 a. <;. area 7Jb 

amo»; IiTnOOO a. e. ind«: d c. day clr; pwr. cir. fiOO 

t: SOOO bp. B. AIHb; aiOO bp. b. Oil City; city cOuE. 

B7f» U». c. p. 3000 $(» per yr. all nt; coa\ $1.36. 82 

PEOTONE. I.OOH— PeotooB Eke. Co.; cap. W.OOO; H. 
A. lUvthe, P. ! J. M. Fobtaa. a.: J. FtKide* T ; K. H* 
Feddi*, M., P. A. ft Spt,; i arc 9td.: I a c, 8rd. 1000* 
50 v., ie,(K)0 altHB. ; T. H. bott.; SO area; BOO a.c. lno«. ; 
aOhp. e. Ene;]iOhp. b. Erie; city oont. iBOODlt.. 
miXau ift 





PERU, 6,8ta— C tv EIcc. Lt. Plant; (Muulc.) (Be|(ftn 
op. 18H7): co:it $^5,000: T. Weberling P. A. Sapt; 
J. J. Mulier Oil. Kugr; 4 d. c. G.£. 125 v: Ed. boc; 8 
d. c. iuc. arcM. 5 amp; 400U d. c. \um; 300 hp. e. Gates, 
Bckye; 900 hp. b. Kew; coal $1.15. 92 

Citizens' Ltj?. Co. See La Salle. 

PETERSBURG, 2,807— Petewburp Elec. Lt. Plant; 

(Began op. 1888); cap. auth. <fc nd. in $30,000. 

T Preu. MKr.&Par.AKt. K. II. Abbott.... Pelewburg 

Soc. & Truau. I. R. Abbott.. *• 

Ch. Encr. .1. B. TrijTK '* 

1 arc Ft. \V; 2 a. c. 8. ph. G. E., 1100-110 v. 16,000 

altns. T-Ii boc; 66 d. c. arcs 6.8. 'imps; la. care 7 

amoH; 4000 a. c. incs; 225 hp. e. Ide, Bates; 150 hp. b. 

Bml, Drake. 
City cont. .V) Its. c. p. 1200 $48 per yr. moonlt. 

mdnt; coal $1.35. m 

PINCKNEYVILLE, 2..^*)7— Pinckneyville Elec. Lt. 
Co. cap. $rJ.OOO: T. S. Campbell P; H. P. Huntsing- 
er S. A P. A: H. E. Hinckf T; 1 arc T-II; 1 a. c 

T-H 10 20-104 V. altns; T-H boc; 26 area 3 a. c. 

arcs; 1,000 a c. incs; 100 h p. e. Ball; 126hp.b. O'Br: 
city cont. moonlt. 92 

PIPER CITY. 577— Piptr City EltT. Lt. & Pwr. Plant 

Lewit) UroM. A Brett Ownern; 1 d. c. arc Ball: 1 d. c. 

W. E. llOv; T-Hsoc; 8 d. cares; 1500 d.c inc. arcs; 

80 hp. e. W. «& A; 75 hp. b; city cont. moonlt. mdnt. 

PITTSFIELD. 2.2^13— Pittsflold Elec. Co. (Began op. 

1892); cap. 120.000; no bds; Mrs. Alvin Soott Jr. P; 

W. P. Keeny 8, M. Jb P. A ; L. McKlbbtnH Ch.Engr; 

Alvln Scott, Jr. T; 1 arc Stnd; 2 a. c Wentg G. E. 

lOOO-lW v., 15,000 altns. T-II soc: 29 d. c arcs 9.6 

amps; 2,000 a. c. incs: 285 dp. e. Bates: 200 hp. b. 

Qnincy ; city cont. 29 1 ts. 2000 c.p. 160 per yr. moonlt, 

mdnt; coal $1.05. 92 

PLANO. 1,634— Piano Heat Lt. * Pwr. Co. (Began op. 
1895); cap. auth. innued $8,000; J. R. Steward P; G. 
8. Steward V. P; C. M. Steward S: W. I). SWwaid 
T, M. & P. A; W. Bell Ch. Kngr; L. Bell Ch. EU»cn; 
2 a. c. G.E. Weste. 1040-104 v. h. ph. 15,000 altns. Ed. 
soc; 5 a. c. arcs: 1200 a. c. incs: .'>0 hp. e. At Ian; 170 

hp. b. Natl: citv cont. 90 Its. c. p. $900 per yr. 

moonlt; coal $2.25. 92 

POIX). I,86a— Polo Elec. Lt. Co.; M. Snvder, Owner; 
(Beirun op. 18ft5); cap. auth. A pd. in $18,000; M. 
Snvder, P. A. A Spt.; T. K. Friescnborg, Eln,; 2 arc 

Westt'. Schuv; 1 a. c. G. E. 104 v.; iiUns.; Ed. 

BOc; 57 serit'H arcs, 1500 a. c incs.; 160 hp. e. Safety; 
160 hp. b. Freeman; city cont.. 41 arcs, 1600 c. p. 
f per year, mdnt. 20 

POXTIAC, 4.2<i«-Pontiac Lt. it Wtr.Co.; (B<»gBn op. 
1889); cap. SHO.OOO; .1. A. Carothi-r* P. & T; F. L 
LQcat< S. »fc M ; J. VannrovCh. Enirr; N. E Devorc 
Ch. KUrn: 2 a. c G. E. 2:i00-n5 v. 3 ph. 7200 altns. 
Ed. ?<)c: 47 d. r. men 0.6 aninn: 1 10 a.c arcs. 4 to 6.6 
anjps: UHM) a. c. incs; a, c uav cir. 115 v; d. c pwr. 
cir. .'lOOv; .t<¥> hp. c. Ideal. \V(W; 500 hp. b. Stir; 
city cont. 17 Itn.c.p. 2000 $72 iht yr. all nt; coal $1. 92 

POTOM.V<\ 488— Potomac EU'C. Plant (Beiran op. 
189.')); F. K.Sfotl Prop: W.P..Smith Supt Ch.Engr. A 
Elern: 1<1. c. arc P't. W; 1 a. c. Westg: 1060-109 v. 
8. ph. 16.5(M) altnH Ed. ho<*: 9d c. arcs. 9 6 amps; 
600 a. c inijs; 90 h p. v. Clia-c: 100 hp. b. Erie; citv 
cont. 9 Itrt. c. p. 2000 $H4 p«'r yr. moonlt. 11 P. M*: 
coal Sl.tM). 92 

PRARIK CITY, S18— City El»»<-. Lt. Plant (Munlc) 


PRINCJKTON, 4.02;i — Princeton Kh'C Lt. Plant 
(>I«nir.) com $18.(><>0: C. o. McLean P. A. A Supt: 
fi. W. Krwin Ch. Kner: W. .•<. Moore Ch. Elccn; 2 
a.c.T-n. Warnn IIU) l(^..^2 v. 16.01)0 altns. TH 
soc; '2MU) a.c. in.-w: •Jd') ho c. Ball, Bckye; 220 hp. b. 
Kewance: nio<mll: coal $2.35. 92 

PROPHKTSTOWN, 1.143— Olmsted A Sholes. (Be- 
gan ()(. 1NV(*). 

3 d. c. (i. E.. WcHtiT. 3 w. 220 v; 1 d. c pwr. Westg. 
220 v; Ed. hoc; 2 d. c. inc. an'« 7 amp": *>«) d. c. 
incs; d. c. day cir. 220 v; 160 hp. e. Frost, Westg; 
140 hp. b. Erie. 

City cont. 48 Its. c. p. 24 $15 per yr. moonlt. mdnt; 
coa. $1.75. 123 

QUINCT, 36.252— Quincy Gas <!t Elec. Co. (SncosfiMl 
to Qnlncv Gas Lt. & Coke Co., Empire Lt. « Pwr. 
Oo., and Toomson-UoQston Elec. Lt. A Pwr. Co.; 
cap. anih. A ixi. in $600,000; bds. auth. & oatttf. 
$600,000. 6 p. c int. 

Pres. J. M. llaynes Qnisej 

Sec. & Treas. G. B. Macomber 

^ Mgr. &Pur. Agt. U. E. Chubbuck 

Ch.Engr. F. Brumaglm 

6 arc Ex, T-H; 5 d. c. pwr. G. E, Walker: 2a.e. 
G. E. 2000-115 V. 8 ph. 7200 altns. Ed. aoc; 3S0 (Lc 
arcs 9.6 amps; — a. c. incs.; a. c. day cir; pwr. dt. 
500 v; 1560 hp. e. Rus, Ham; 1875 hp. b. Heine, Stir. 

City cont. S35 Its. 2O0O c. p. $60 per yr. moonlt; cod 

RANTOUL. 1,207— Village of Rantoul (Began op. 
1896): cap. anth. $16,000, Op.c div; bd8.aath.tS.OuO, 
ouistg. $500. 6 p.c int; A. P. Neal P; If. V. More 8; 
W. A. PfeitTerT; N. Mans M; F.M.Bale« Ch.Elecn; 
1 a.c. Ft W. 1000-62 v. 18.800 altns; T-H soc; lOOO t.c. 
incs; 100 hp. e. Bckye; 100 hp.b. Rumsey; coal $ 


RAY»IOND, 906-Tipton & Burnett; Fred Bnullet. 
M; Geo. L. Tipton P. A: 18 arc, 150 dir. Inc., T-fl: 
llOv. Ed. soc: no day cir; 66 hp. e. Chute A Co: 
city cont. , ♦ 

RIDGEFARM, lOOO-Ridgefarm Elec. Lt. Heat A 
Pwr. Co. r Began op. 1899); cap. auth. A isauedtlO.- 
000; no bds; W. M. Bedinger P. A P. A: Maude 
Bedinger 8: W. Henderson T. M. A Snpt; Id.r. 
W. E. 110 v; 15d.c. arcs 5 amps; 1500 d. c. incs: IV 
hp. e. Ide; 200 hp. b Atlas; city cont. all nt; cod 
$1.50. K 

RIDGELY, 1.170— See Springfield. 

RIVER FOREST, 1,539— See May wood. 

ROANOKE,066— Isaac Snvder: cap. 16.000: 19 trc 
alt. inc . Koyal; ll.*iO 27 v.; Ed. soc: no day cir.: 40 
h. p. eng.. Atlas : 48 h. p. b. ; city cont, t 

ROBINSON, 1.(;a3— Robinson Water. Lt. A Heat Ok 
< . H. Steel P: F. Bartmes S. A}±: A. H. Bayston 
T: R. Smiley P. A. A Snpt; Id c arc Std: 1 a c 
Warren 1040- 100-50 V. 8. pb. 16.000 altns. Ed. soc: 41 
d. c arcs; 5 a. c arcs; 15(0 a. c incs; 150 hp.e. Ide: 
200 hp. b. Sprinjj- citv cont. 34 Its. c. p. 2000 1 - per 
3'r. moonlt; cool $ • *•' 

ROCIIELLE, 2.073— City of Rochelle (Mnnic.i 
(Began op. ISJW): cost $l.'>,00o; F. I. Flanagan P. A, 
Supt. Jfc C:li. EnL'r: 1 arc. Ft. W; 2 a. c. Ft W. 1I«- 
101 V. s. ph. 7200 altns. T-H soc; 45 d.c. arcs 9.6 amp: 
16 a.c. arcs 6.6amps; 1.600 a.c. incs; 2.V) hp e.Watrtn: 
800 hp.b tublr; mdnt. moonlt: coal $2.25. 9t 

ROCK FALLS. 2,176— Municipal Elec. Lt. Plant: 
(Began op. 189G); cost $12,000: R. L. Leitch P. A: 0. 
M. Aarvig Snpt; F.Sowles Ch. Engr; 1 d.c. arcStd: 
1 a. c. Std. 1000-100 v. Ed. s.>c: 2 a. c. area; 8Dd.c. 
arcs 9.5 amps; 1100 a. c incs; 200 hp. e. Bckye. 9:.' 

ROCKFORI>,31,051— Rockford Edison Co; (Beetn 
op. 1SH.S); cap auth. * pd. in. $350,000: A. L. Snow- 
den P: F. B Ball s. & t; M. A. Heal M; H. T.HartO 
msn Ch. Engr: 8 d. c. Kd. 115-230 v; 2 d. c. pwr. 65s 
v; 7 d. c. arc (». K: Ed. soc: 654 d. c. arcs 6.6ainpc. 
2i)0 d. c. inc arcs 3-5-7 amps; 18,000 d. c. incs; d. e. 
davcir. ILveSO-S-V) v: pwr. cir. 650 v; 3000 hp. - 
Rus. Bates: WX) hp. turb. Leffel: 800 hp. b. N»t: 
Heme: city cont. 417 Its. c p. 2000 $52 per yr. allnt; 
coal $2. "^ ^ 9i 

ROCK ISLAND, 19.4ai— Sw Molinc. 

ROOnilOirsK, 2..T>1— Roodhouse Elec. Lt Plant H. 
ThomHHsen Prop: 2 an- Ball: 2 d. c. Kd. 286 v; T-H 
soc: 30 arcs: r>50 d.c. incs; 16<) hp. e. Westar. A. AS; 
180 hp. b. Erie; city cont, dO Us. 2000 c. p. $90 per >t. 
moonlt. all nt; coal $1. ISl 

ROMKVILLE, 1.014-Rosevillo Lt. & Iltg. Co. (Be- 
gan op. 189»5); cap. auth. i^ i.ssue<l $8,000; J. C.Lewis 
P; W. T. (Jossett S; K. Willard P. A. A Supt: 1 d. c. 
Northern 220 v; T-H soc; 2i)d. c. inc. arcs; 1000d.c 
incs; 12") h p. e. Frost; 100 hp. b. Faucett; city cont. 
6 Its; coal $2.25. 99 

ROSSVILLE, 1.43.%— Rossvillo Canning Co.; cap. 

8 : O. P. Stufflel)eam. P. A T.; W. B. Redden, 

S.. M. & P. A.: 1 a.c. Warren 1 OOO- 100 v.. 16,000 altot.: 
Bry. Boc: 15 a.c. arcs; 1200 a.c. incs; 126 hp. e. Atlas; 
100 hp. b. Waldf.; city cont., moonlt, radnt 





,iOQ; U. in yin.*, P ; K. H. S^canre, S.» ». 
A.l*. RmiewmidT; S. E. Hfcorv Elwn; I arc 
I d.c. itoyil lt« v; 1 ». c, G/E. lOW-lOJ v, 
IS. 1*^1.. T B feOCi 3C arti; 4!iO a.i^ Iocs- IdO 
tlAi; 31X1 hp. b. AtlAs. ^priHK; citycnnt. 
p, 2rCW^§&9 |)Br ^r. mootilL mil tit. 32 

ril, *«3^[liiV]ittirl Eler. Lt. Co. 4B^£:»1i op. 
p. ftiith. ^ li^iavd Jlu.flOO; J. S. W*'UImi: .M; 

?WM«; cjtT cout. SO Its. c. p* WOO fT2 li*'r 
H IJCHll 11. I>2 

■» UOdfr-SLAnUfi Lt. A Wtt. Co\ A.M.Bar- 
^flapcaP-A. 3911 

KLilH* «;Cn^-€il^ DfSt. CharleM (MnnloJ; 
»b, J*!Jnu a K. WftJlaceP. A. & Ch. EngT; 
. K. llfH>-I^M-« r. *ujik IflOOO ultiii*. T*U 
I, f. Rrc-i il.ll Kmp«; tOO ]>, c. ioct: ^^ ht^. <^. 
too liti, b* a it S; moonlt I cool IM -iS, ^ OS 

fK l>0&<^-Johiuon Bro?. Eloe. Lt.Co.; cap. 
I i. c. G. B; 1 d. e. G. E, lltl v; IS r], t\ *TCf; 

iBC»; hp. e, iJuckt — hp. b; Hty cont. 

t per Tt. moQUlt ; coul 5L 3:^ 

L(M»-8iLt«fii ELk. Lt.Pl&nt (MnnLeO {Bat^n 

; cap. ADih. i».aOO, pd. In fS.OGO; b^. aath. 


L K. Mwrttfi SAlem 

F- V- ^.Q.n^Tt „ *' 

J. ........,.,.,.. *' 

i > Monroe..,,.,,. „.,..»., •* 

I, i tt.p. O. E. tJfl«HM Y. 9. pb.7,atio 
iKT^ flO d. c. vc¥ O.a attips; liSlK) A. c. 
L. tt B; aoO hp. b. £>prlD^llcId. 

f6a.f.JI90— Dlly of Sandwich {MqnlrV |Bft- 

tfwe»: bd«, «hib. fiaoou, auuta^ 19.4)00, d p. 

vv.rnlvprPi I. \l Konwo&d §* * PA; A. 

tir^i/in 1; A. F. AiTnew QK Engr; lil.t. WC 

■tl- T. — » altuji* Efl. Mic: 06 d. <•- urctp: 

. tor*: 3W) hp. is. Ide; asobp. b. MjiTuhr 
fiidut: c<jAl t^.m S^J 

rA.ll,«iV-Puiror«i El**c. Lt. Co,: (Bv&m op. 
I PulJVifd l»r F. P- Bowi-ii Sfjpt. A P. A^ « 
! Ft- W; 2 •. c. Wi?fft«, lUU04ltNS?t v. n. pb. 
M Kd«tl-M. *oc: 05 d. c. arct p.A ampii: 
;. Inat; t2l^ bp. «, BalL P.-Ai ^!^ bp. b. 8Uir; 
t. «7 U# c. pv SOW PO eicls ptr yr. nioooh. 

KSTOHnn, l.iVSifi— 8b«woeetown El<w. Cn. 
jp. ^mS) CB|i, it!0,a[N}; A. M. S^Hrlt^a r. 4^ T. 
Jek P. A, * Spt. I arc 'l\-H ; J a. ti. T.-H. 
-Sa V. 1fl.000 *Jtn*. T.-H. loc: 23 nrcsi TOO 
i; iOlip, *. Idi*; 100 bp. b. Swfely; cUy uoni. 


Kt^, La^— Sbempld Elee, Ll, To- <l^ilin 
K mp. «uUk a tsi'iiFd |9t<X»:^; *T. Frtnr P. A 
. WtliiaiM &. A T; 1 h. c. We!»tii. um UO v, 
— situ*. Ed. poc; l.aoo m. c. Iocs; ^^ bp. ^. 

bp. ll. Springf i eity cont. &7 ltd. c p, 3^ I— 
Doonlt, 110 

mi-tK, 3? Sifi^rrtT Klw Lt. PItnt; IcBftnd 
Trooi: 3mrc Bnisb, f-iW; ei%e. Hajml 1100- 
pb. IIOQO ultm. TH iioc- 73 d. C. ard 0.0 
W0». clnn: 200 hp, a* Cbii«?. J^hfetjr: 250 
. A W ; ciiv Hifit. &g Iti. c. p. anOO |aO prr 
tili, ill nt: coal $.r». •!• ri'^ 

IW* tJOB— Sli*rldoii Klfc. Lf. Pwr. A lltsr. Co. 
op, 1»4«*>; cap. antli. i^ ii^hti,^ |lO*0(W; Dr. 
P; B. B*Mfl 8. A P. A: W. FJn^i^r T: V, 

1 Ch- Biii?r; 1 d, <i. Com, tS^v; Ed. "oct 10 
. Am! lACttdc. incn; ^ hp. e. Alfr^e: m 
RMl: cUy oofU. 28 Iti.c.p. ai> |ff pi^r yr uidnf 

C«>ftl«Lm B2 

U|l>> i©i!j-'Sb**TmrFl Etw', Lt. Pbnt (Mimk.) 
BTltWhi co»t ffl.OUO: F. W ShHfrtud P; L. 
mk T: ft. r.. PtfUrwin l\ A: J. Ihivtstm Cb. 
SL Cp ^*tf; &:K Mst; 13 d. c. art* £>*& ninp^; 
IncMi fiObp.e. FrvAt; O&bp.b. Fra»t; moooi^ 

as. ^ 

SlDEt.L, 57fi^Tbe Sldidl SU-c. Ll„ Cold Stor«}^ & 
Ice Co. tBvfjjin op.lSWOK rap, auth. A |i*L in S 1^.000; 
no bdn: H.*r. Sdoimf Pj .L H. Herrou s, T. Js P. A\ 
J. J, Pierce Cb. Elprn: 1 a. e. We»lff, aSOO-llO v. Ed, 
hoc; 750 a. c mts; 100 bp. i\ C. iS; T; *i1k> bp^b. Vogt: 
<*d> ront. 32 lis. c. p. W S"-^* p<*rmo; moouU; coal 
SLflO. r »- ^^ 

SPARTA, 2.M1— Sparta Gnn A EJcc, Co, (Began op 
mm-^ cap, fliiih. & pd. Ill S«J.00O, tiO p. f. d(V. 

Pn-s. MgT. ACb, £i])fr. L. W. Barker S^mrt* 

1 Scc» Tnfj4«, i Pur. Ai^t. L. *L S^^^ftou 

*^fJ. f . are tf. E* 110 v; Westi?. hoc; L*id.c. inc, «tc«: 
11300 d. c. inca: d. c. day clr, 100 v; 100 b p. e. Brul; 1^ 
hp. b. Brnl. 

City cout. 15 Uh. c. p. 3^000 |(K» jicr yr; com. lucfl^ $0 
per yr. taoonit, atJ tit; coal $L^, «f ISS 

SPRINGFXELO, SI.IBO— Cnpital Elec. Co. (Bogan 
op. ll*a>; rap. nntb. A piL lo |7,%0(M; no hda; F. W, 
Traiy P; 11. T. Wtlk-tt S. dt P. A : U, It. FL-moioti Tl 
W. B. Ktid Cb. Engn ?>. A. IVuna Cb. tlycn; Stl.c. 
arc ^^td; £ta. c. U. K. SSOO^l^l v. 3 ph. 7300 nl mi. 
T-H woe; JiKJ d.c. arcs 0.8 »inp»; KBO ».c, Ano U A 3.5 
ampti: FOOO a, <•. JncA a. c. da,y clr; 1^7S hp. e. 
Bokye* Idea] : 1.2UU hp. b. Sprlnuf ; vi\f coiiL 45.^ Its. 
c. p. 2000 $6\i per yr. ad nt; coaJ $M. 92 

Pt'OliieH' Hot Water Uml. A Ekr. Co. I^ 

Sprlnirtlifld El«c. Lt. A Pwr. Co. (AlioltH. Eldi^uly^ 
fap,, 1100.000; no bd#; C. B, II ay P: G. N, Hiack Si 
Wm. Kidpely T ; A. V. Schroder Snpt. A P. A ; P. 
H. WnW lb. Eoi,rr; « nrv T-U; 7 a.c. ii, E llOOsiftW 
-KM V. B. ft » pii. I5,0ro A nOO alTtin. T H ^m: ifflO 
d.c. urti 9.5 amps* a45 a, c. arc* «in|»t liJ.tiOC* a c. 
Imi*: a.c. dav cir: pwr. clr. ^eov; I4l.*:i0 hp. e. Ide- 
1700 hp. b. Dnwke, Sprioijf , B. A W. OS. 

SPRnSG TALLKY, ^,2U— Sprlnj: Valk-y Klec. Lt, 

Co.; (BfgBn op. ISSS); cap. nmh. S»,Ot»0; no bdit. 

^ Pmn.M.A Ch.EnjIT. CbAH. Rob tnNon. Spring Valley 

Ht»c. As Tnewfl, J. K. Fop*bftnd<T. ** 

1 d. c. arc Ball; 1 &. e. Hoyal 1100 100-30 v. 2 ph. 

10*000 tk I tnn; Ed. soc; IHd. r. arrB 4 niiipn; IjOO a. e. 

Lnci.; IbO hp. e. Bat««; IBO hp. b. IVai^-*. 
City conL 4& lU?. 1200 c.p. $72 per yr.moonil. all nt^ 
con] ft. 15. 12^ 

STAtJtfTOX, S.7M-Cit7 Elec. LL Plaiit; (Becati 
op,lSfl7.): cap.antb. |7,m t^Lirt fl fiWJi biKourtts. 
fa,(100, 5 p. c. Int; K. E. Gadfrpv .Mfir; Tonj BJair 
Clk; T. B. Edwards T; S. H. VVallat-e P. A. A Supi; 
J d. c. arc Ft. W; 1 a. c. Ft. W. 3000-100 v. :J ph. 7«J0 
aUnsi. EcL IM3C; 35 d, c. art^ ampc; ^a. r. urea & 
amps; OSS a. c. mc. arcs; IBO hp. e. Has; 150 hp. tarb. 
FoiiJ. 90 

«TKELEVILLK, &02»— Srwlevilk* EIpc. Lt. A Pwf. 
Co.; L'np.|UJa>; G. W. I^vlck, P. A M. ItO 

STEftLI3*0* n.3flS-SterliD^Ga« A Elec. Lt. Co.; cap. 

fliiib Apd. ia f*.^,000l bd». autb. *a50.000, laaued 

f 100 000, & p. c. Int. 

Pres. A. U, tJrtJ*».„.... ....StetltDg 

Kw. N. B. McCiary... ., 

Ttpjip. 1 rw(n Ecw ...,..., ^ " 

Mpr. Elm* r Crawford .,,, " 

1 Pur, Atrt. E. E. HorrlJl....ISI USalle St.,Chlc¥^ 

Sitpt. TboM. CraiTfonL. ...,,. SterJinif 

1 d. c. WiwtiT. 110 v; 1 ac- Wcfll^, 1100 v, t. pb. 

ifl.OOO ttltn^. ». M. flOTL <in a, ^. ajta: 1.000 d. c inca; 

430 bp. ?. Idf. .\mr'i; 3!iO hp. tnrh. Ecllpti*: 450 hp.b. 
City i^our. Sarr'rt c. p. wOOSSO iter yr monnlt., aU 

nt; coal$a4fi. ^- 1S5 

9TRlCATnlt* I4ir7ft— Stn'Ator C,a* Lt. Co. (Began op, 
1f^> nip, f UO/KX); bd«. 0<k»rOO, p. c, iiil; A. K. 
Stile* P, >L A Siipi. E. I) bUlc? S. T. & P. A. hmrt* 
Van a Bninb; 1 a.c. Ft.W. KMW-ttWv. — altna. Ed* 
M>e; 2fXJ ar'*i* fl A lOampB; l.OWa^c, Inra: pwr. Clr, 
500 x: 300bp.e. Safptv* Rlre, Bpck; 400 h p. b^ cltj 
c-oDt. 103 lU. G. p. mso ^210 per yr. all at: coni 
fl7r,. 60 

STRONflHUKST, 7*J!^StronghaiT<t Lt. A Milling 

Co,; ilitx'iinop, irarrr cap.! : i a. c. T-H 1040- 

lt>l V. N. ph. l&.fWOalKjP. hd. soc; Rac.atca; 560 ft.c. 
inc*; rjfihp. p. Front: 6i hpi). Fawcett; city cout W 
1t«. c.p, 3S.' f^ per yr. moon It. 11 P, M. 1^2 

»ULLIVAN«1i,?^Kl-^q11lvan BlecCo,; Jno^ H. Baker 
own Br ^ 55art^ and L(R]o alL Inf . G^utral ; nod, e.; 
S50 b. p, eng. Id«* Rui-udL f 






SYCAMORE, 3.663 — DcKalb-Sycamore Elec. Ck>. 
See DeKalb. 

TABLE GROVE, 975«— Table Qrove Biec. Lt. Co 

TAMPICO, 807— Dewitt West, Owner (Began op. 


Ch.Engr. & Elccn. Borde^t Jackson Tampico 

1 d.c. Keystone 2*^0 v; Ed. soc; GOO d.c.incs; 60 hp. 

e. Proet; 60 hp. b. Frost. 
Cty cont. 34 Its. c.p. 24 $18.50 per yr. moonlt mdnt; 

coal $1.75. -I« 122 

TAYLORVILLE. 4,248— Taylorvllle Elec. Co.; cap. 
126,000; no bds ; F. W. Anderson, P. ; J. N. C. 8hum- 
way, S., M. & P. A.; D. D. Shumway.T.; 2 a.c.T.-H. 
1000-62 v.. 15,000 altns.; T.-H, soc: 2,000 a.c. incs.; 
160 hp. e. Ide. ; 375 hp. b. Rohuii, Spring., city com., 
all ut. 90 

TOLONO. 845— Tolono Power & Light Plant (Be- 
gan op. 1899) ; cap. auih. & pd. in W2,000, 5 & 6 p. c. 

Mgr. A. L. Van Meter Tolono 

1 d. c. W. E. 220 u. Ed. soc; 2 d. c. inc. Jinrs 5 amps; 
470 d. c. Inc^i; 5i) hp. e. Atlas; 50 hp. b. Atlas. 

Citv cont, «0 lis. c. p. 25 $12 per yr. raooult. mdnt; 
coal $1.05. •!« 122 

TOULON, 1,0)7 -Toulon Lt. & Pwr. Co.; (Began op. 
189-:); oap. auth. & pd. in $10,000; no bds. 

Pn;s. E. S. Fuller Toulon 

Sec. & TreuH. U. G. Fuller *' 

5 Mur. A Pur. Airt. F W. Fuller 

1 d.c. arc Brush; 2 d. c. Brush, Ft. W. llo v; T H 
soc; 21 d.c. arcs 6.0 amps; 18 d.c. inc. arcs 4.5 amps; 
1,400 d.c. incs: 150 hp. e. Ide: 170 Up. b. Frost. 

City cont. 21 Its. c. p. 2000 $100 per vr. moonlt. 
mdnt; coal $2. 122 

TRENTON, 1,706-Trenton Gas, Lt. & Pwr. Co. 

(Began op. 1898); cap. $10,000; P; H. Glnzel 

S. & T: L. C. Kicman M. A P. A; 2 d. c. arc Q. E; 
2d. c. G. E. 110 v; Ed. soc; 17 d.c. arcs; 800 d.c. 
incs; lOOhp.e. Ide; 150 hp. b. O'Brien, St. L; city 
cont. moonlt. 109 

TUSCOLA, 2,569— Tuscola Wtr. A Lt.Co.; (Began op. 
1900): cap. auth. A pd. in $100,000; bds. auth. A is- 
sui»d *60,000, 5 p. c. int. 

IPri'H. Mijr. A Pur. Au't. J. H.Culver Tuscola 

Sec. A Tn-as. A. W. Wallace •* 

Supt. R. W. Bivans " 

Ch. Engr. Joseph Adams " 

Ch. Elecn. Murk Scheib 

1 d. c. Ft. W. 220 v; 1 d. c. pwr. Ft. W. 230 v; 2 
a. c. Ft. W. 1080-104 v. s. ph. 7-»00 altns. Ed. soc; 10 
a. c. jirc>. 5.5 amps; 5(W0 a. c. Incs; a. c. day cir. 220- 
1080 v; 400 hn. e. St. Louis: 800 hp. b. 

City cont. 122 Its c.p. 20 $12 p*»r yr; com. arcs $84 
per yr; com. incH, 12 A 15 cis. pvr kw. moonlt; coal 
$-. 122 

UPPKK ALTON, 2.378— See Alton. 

URHANA. 5.728— Urbana Lt. lit. A Pwr. Co. (Began 
op. 1900»; rap. auth. S100,(XX). 

Pn-s. W. .s. SHtTfll Urbana 

1 Sec. TmiH. A Supt. E. 1). Bi-ll '* 

Ch. Knur. SiM'urer Stuckv " 

Ch. Elern. Kichanl Kock '• 

3 d. c. Warren; 2 d. c. pwr. Kd, Tri. .500 v; 8 a. c. 
Warren 2200-1 10 v. s. ph. 7'2C0 altns. Ed. sck- lOO d. c. 
arcstj au»p«<; 10 a. r. inc. arcn r>.5 amps; 10 a. c. incs; 
a. c. day cir. 110 v; 4.')0 hp. e. Ide, Chasr; 50() hp. l». 

Citvfont. 75 It!*, c. p. 20(X) $75 jht yr,': om. .ires 171 
per yr. com, incf. 20 ctw. per kw. moonlt; coal $1..tO. 

UTICA, 1,150-Utica Elec. Lt. A Pwt. Plant; (Began 
op. 15101): H. P. Grovi" owner. 

1 a. c. Ft. W. 1100-101 V. s. ph. 7200 hltns. Kd. soc; 
10 a. r. arcs: 12 a. c. inc. arcs; 600 a. c. incs; 75 h p. 
c. Ide; 100 hp. I». Kewanec. 

City cont. mdnt: coal. 122 

VANDALIA, 2,065— Vandalia Lt. A Fuel Co.; (Be- 
gan op. 1889); cap. 118,000; bds. 14,500; J. Gochenonr 
P; C. A. Clark S, M. A P. A ; W. M. Tayler T; 2 a. c. 
Weatg. 1000-flO v.. Ui,(Kt) al ns. S M soo; 1,500 a. c. 
Incs: 150 hp. e. Wcetg: 160 hu. b; city cont. 188 lU. 
c. p. 25 1— per yr. moonlt. all nt; coal f— . 90 

VENICE, 2.450-GrantCity A Venlo« Lt. A Pwr. Co. 
(Began op. 1891); cap. auth. A pd. in $135,000; nobdi 

Pres. P. Kohl Venice 

Sec. G. A. Nieman 

^ Pur. Agt; F. W. Nieman 

Ch. Engr. JohnS. Sbetlerly 

2 d. care W. E; 3 a c. Warren, Ft W. §. pli. IMI 
altns. S.-M, £a. soc; 105 d. c. arcs 6.5 amps: 60 ac 
arcs 6 amps ; 2O0O a. c. incs; a. c. day cir: 600 bp. e. 
Ide;600hp.b. Rohan. 

City cont. 165 Its. 2000 c. p. $100 per yr, com. arci 
$120 per yr, incs. $12 per yr. moonlt; coal $L35. 18 

VIRDEN, 2,280— Virden Elec. Lt. Co. (Began op. 
1894); cap. auth. A $16,000, 20 p.c. div; no bdi 

^ Pres. Sec. A Mgr. T.H.Graham Virdea 

Treas. A Supt. C. W. Carr " 

Ch. Engr. A Elecn. C. C. Shumakcr ** 

2d. c. arc Westg: 2 d. c. Warren, Weetg; 9 i.e. 
Warren, Westg. 1100-100 v. 7200 altns. T-H soc; S 

d. c. arcs 9.0 amps; 15 a. c. arcs 0.5 amps; 15 d.c. 
inc. arcs 6.5 amps; vOOOa. c. incs; SOO hp. e. Rus,I<)e: 
285 hp. b. O'B. Springf. 

City cont. 85 Its. c. p. 2000 $79.60 peryr. moonlt. 
all nt; coal $1. (Co. also its. Thayer.) 4« 1£ 

VIRGINIA, 1,600— Virginia Elec. LLCo. (not Incorp.) 

cap. auth. »25.000, pd. in $18,000. 

Pres. .7. A.Jones Virginia 

Sec. M. Yaper *' 

Treas. C. M. Hubbard *' 

^ Mgr. & Pur. Act. L. A. Peteflsh 

Ch.Ensrr. W.Mitchell " 

1 a. c. Ft. W. 1000-100 v. T-H soc; 600 a. c inc»; 

100 hp. Ide; 120 hp. b. Springf. 
City cont. 75 Its. c. p. 32 $16 per yr. moonlt. mdnt. 

coal $1.68. tU 

WALNUT, 791— Walnut Elec. Lt. Co. (Began op. 

Treas. Wm. Fabler Walnnl 

1 Mgr. A Supt. C. Lathrop " 

Ch. Enirr. H. Davton •* 

1 d. c. Key 220 'v; 3d. c. inc. arcs Samps; 60 hp. 

e. Atbis; 100 hp. I >. Atlas. 

City cont. 25 Its. c. p. 25 $ per yr. mdnt; coal 
$2.40. -i« m 

WARSAW, 2,335— Warsaw Elec. Plant; 1 a. c Roral 
1100 100-50 V. 16.000 altns. T H soc; 1,250 a.c incs; 
100 hp. e. McE; 120 hp. b. Galesbg; city com., 1 
A.M. 92 

WASHINGTON, 1,459— Snn Elec. Lt. A Pwr. Co.; 
cap. $15,000; no bds ; G. M. Clark, P. ; F. S. Beiple, 
S. ASpt.: G. C. Danforth, M.; 1 arc Ball: 1 a.c 
Roval 1000-100^50 v., 17.000 altns. ; Ed. soc.; 80 arcs; 
900*a.c. incs.; 150 hp. e. Bml.. Noye; 150 hp. b. P., 
M. A Co. ; city cont, moonlt., mdnt. 99 

Eagle Elec. Works. (Began op. 1897): cap. auth. 
A iSHued $15,000; 11. Oelkers P; P. J. BonrsheldtS, 
T. M. A P. A; C. Nash Supt; 6 d. c. arc Ball; 8d. c 
Eagle 22i) v; 1 d. c. pwr. 'iHOv: T-U soc; 80 d.c. arcs; 
80 d. c. inc. arcs; 27U0 d. c. incs: d.c. day ctr. *)0 hp. 
e. Alfn'e, Bnil; 300 hp. b. McA; city cont. moonlt. 
mdnt. 110 

WATERLOO. 2.114 — Waterloo Wtr A Lt Plant 

(Muiiic.) (BcL'an op. 1001); b<ls.auth. $18,500, issued 
$12,000. 4 p. c. int. 

Mayor Geo. W. Zi«»l)old Waterloo 

("h. EuL'r. Cohn Coeiier 

1 a. r. Westi:. 2000-100 v. s. ph. 7200 altns. Westg. 
soc; 120 d. c. incs; 1,400 u. c. incs; 150 hp. e. Ros; 
1(J0 hp. b. Si)riiig. 

Moonlt. all nt; coal $2.20. 122 

WATSKKA. 2,.'>05-Wats.>ka Elec. A Ht. Co; (Be- 
tranop. 1890); cap. auth. A pd. in $3.5,0^0; no Ixis. 

^ Mgr. A Sui)t II. ,1. Fnih Watseka 

Ch. Enirr. \Vm. Rouxh ** 

1 d.c. arc Ft. W.llOv: 1 a.c. T-H 1 120-1 12 v. s. ph. 
16.000 altns. T-H soc: 45 d. v. inc. arcs 8.5 amps; 800 
d.c. incs; 1700 a. c. incs: d. c. day cir. 110 v; d.c.pwr. 
cir: 275 hp. e.Ba:l,Mnrray : 220 hp.b. Spring, Mnmy. 
City cont. 18 acrs c. p. 1200 $— per yr. moonlt. all 
nt; coal $1.50. -I« ISS 




K, ».4!»— WftukegMi Eloc. Lt. Co. (Tie 
\\: »p. 1,11111. A iMUfid tea. 000; no 1>dft: 
_, l\ aa Ue«MS. W, ¥. Filter T. M. H, 
.A P. A. J. f . Fojie Ch. EacT* S. O, Far- 
. a ftm W. B; Sf <L C Ed. 129 t; 1 ft. c. 

». ** ph. altiu. Bd. »<JCJ 13a d. c. 

m; J£ ti.e. foQ. Arcs; lid. c. tsci; 4fi0 a.c, 
t •, AUIs: -iftJhp. Ik PortM-; dtj RonL 
noOO i7$ p«r jr. mooDlLmdut; coal |2. 90 

l,»S— W»verlj Klec. Ll. Plant fBegan 

EJ, Rodsj^ri. -*.,...-*,...„,... Wnvcrly 
A Elff*:ri. O. T. Rod|£cr», , 
I. lOiO-mt V. 10.000 ftltn*. Wi^t^. iHiCi 2 
B lt9iLm|M, SfM K. £. iDce; 05 lip. a. C'taane; 
1^ 79 tti. e.p. 90 |12 per jr, moonlt. mdnt: 

-V, 0. SwLkitI Owntr iBtgavi op' 
t J* A. Rar ,.„.. »„..., Wcldon 

■^i. |40 per jr. IQ P,M; coil $IM. Ita 

p'Tb* WenonH Lt. M Pwr. Co. (Be- 
B. nmh. A l^tiad itO^OUQt (% Hob- 
Tft Cli. En^; C. FcMbeiider B. ,& T; 
•ChlOO V. s. ph. liS«900 altitH. Bd. ioct 
l: 33100 H. c. iiacft; 140 hp. e. Bckye; 
CleveUod; citj cont. 23 It a. c.p. 2000 10 per 
JU aU Di. 21 

lICACiO, l,ft77- Andrew Oflmpwj. 
S' 8l*ll|l«{GS, IKK-Munklpil EJcC. Lt. 

La. «tMk«r. . * . ^ * . . ♦ * Weatem Spr Inprs 

TjT. BmiMl, ..,.,,,.„....,,, " " 

|H, Knowlfw)!!,.^ •^ *' 

Wt S,»l&— CUT ElM. Lt, Plant (Kunlojj 
JO; h Woodnrd P. A- Jt .^tipt; 1 arc W, B: 
. W,. NatL 1040- ll>| v. i<. pb. IfvOOO altHA. 
jt. *oc: Uo J. c, «ri:6 0.(1 amps; aoOO a. <:, 
hji. 15- Am««i: 175 bp. li. Aw^m: cUv cnnt.. 
u 3WI0 1— pi-r jT. rdonnU ; noal fa.CO •I' 1:^2 
t ALt* l£,00a— White Hall Eke. Co. 
iTOX* 1^4a>— Wllmlng^ton Eke. Lt.Pwr. * 
; cap, KM .000; D. J. Coarral, P.; W. M. 

J. it flay, T.; B. S. Jackson. Sp».; 1 a c. 

f<! v.. aHti0.{ T.-H. aoc. ; 500 a.c. mes.; 

^ft^tj^ftOhp* turb. awn cnake: BO bp> b. 

ct. 127 

irtl£>R^ LTll— Wtnchwter Elec. Lt. Co^ 
, I9in) (Tap. autb. & iBnUisl 114.000; no bda. 
nil P. * M. E. H. iliJitPrfl.'ld P; A. A Snpt 
K4r. niW-l(>t*-50 V. 7,i.*00 alma. T.U, W^mW, 
. aft*e; 1 tOOQ a.<u fDCfi. ; 137 hp, ^. H. O. * 
b, IfQlton, U. A S^ city cont. nvjonlt. 90 
LL. 774— WoodhuU Elec. Lt. Co. «3d 

ICK* a:,MJii-City Elec. Lt. Plant: CMtink.) 
. mw}\ cap aulh. *15.0(>0; Mb. oiJt*tg. 
e Inr; A, C.Adnmtf M, Supt.^ Cb^Blei^n; 
t*-r* p. A; J d. c. a« Ft. W; 1 a. e. Ft. W. 
a. tih, 7,a:J0 altnn. T-H soc; 60 d. o. arc* 
fa. c. arcH ikl^ amp*; aim a. 0. Inev^ 9000 
i; 9000 bp.b. Amm; all nt; coal fS.Sek ISI 

gOf^Wyanft Elec. tU Co <B«iEan op. 

attllu ^ pd. in |1U300, 10 p.c. dlv ; iu> tKbg. 

Jria» .,.,... .Wynnut 

i»> A Mer. C, Drown,..,. „...».. " 

It White.... .,.„,.. 

. \V. 1000*100 V. 15.000 alt™. Ed. soc; 8M 
1i30ta|) «. Frn*t: M^ hp. (i. FKMt. 
L 7S 1*^. c. p. 30 SL^I per jt. mooalt mdnt: 


1, 1*277 ~Blw. Lt. Plant; B. B. Hlllmati^ 

>-S«iiia Eice. Lt. Co.^notlQecvfj; (Bctfan 
»Mt i».0«). 

A* HulwL ..,,..,,.,* ,, 

M. Jk IWiff X. T, ^vkt%. , 

\ .I.e. L**...,.- ...... 

u. a. St ik««.. ...... ...,„., 

Ft W. lOOO-lOO a. ph. 7^00 nltut 
A. c. arcii 3 am pa; §00 a. c. Ilii»; 100 tip. t-. Si. Lr lOO 
bp. li. Sprlnif, 

atv ront. 10 lu. c. p. SOOOfM p«rT^. matmlt iill M. 
coa!|il. ^ lii 

YORK VILUE. 412- F. G. Yoong Owner; 1 d. c. inc. 
W. E. 4<i!> v; m d. c. area a.6 ampa; 1500 d. c. hu^a; 
T-U aoc; dayc^^■; «« bp. *; 230 h p. b; city conr. l«l 
area c. p. IGOO $6Q per j^ tuooult. mdot; coal $£.Si>, 


ALB AW Y^ B.llft— The Albativ Wtr. ^ Lt. Co, {BcglUl 
op. |M89)i i»p. at] tb. $9,000; iHla. autli, |3a,OQ0 Umed 
fSO.QUO, d p. c. Int. 

Pre«. H.K, Tynij,.., Albany 

1Seti. ATri/tfi. L. U. Tttw '* 

Jl Kr- * S&pi, E. E, Lfisaddef ,..*,.„ '* 

I'b.En^jr A. B. McDimel. ,....,. ........... ** 

1 d. c. arc Ft, W; 1 a^ c. Q. E. lOM-HJO v. i. ph. 

Ed. soc; tiiOd.f;. area 0.0 ampa; 9 a, c. area S ampai 

lOOO a. c. Incs; 150 hp. e. C. A T; 200 hp, b, Birrtf. 

at? cont. 30 Iti. c. p. 3000 $40.50 per jr, moo^t. 

mdnt ; gaa $^ per too. pf< 12i 

Al^mOK, l,BS4--Alblon Wtr. ^ Lt. Wka. (Hanl<j.) 

ai«i£an op. i»05); cQ«t i^,UX); ep.c. dlv; bde. autb. 

133^000, l#»ucd fiO.000, tt p. c. Int. 

Pi^, E. KnfleH Albion 

H*'C. .J.B.JobnatoD '' 

TivaN. A. P.emllh . " 

1 MgF.A Snpt. C. M.EnglM . , '^'^ 

1 d. r, arc Ft. W; 1 i%. c. Ft. W. lOUO-lOfi r. a. ph. 

IG^mO nUnit. T 1^ jjdc; 30 d,c. arc» U,0 anipa; ^300 a.c. 

inc*; 100 hp, t^ Ru*: 300 hp. b. BtIc 
fit/ coot. 2i Jt*. c.p. 2000 $— per jr. moonlt, mdnl. 

coal $£.^,4- im 

ALEltANDltlA, ll.aOD-AlexandrIa Bl«c. LL A 

Pr. Co. (lit^an op. ItiHJU cap, autb. Aiaaiinl 190,090; 
no bda, 
ppea. C. M. tlre^nelcfi ..... .,. . . Alixatidrlji 

1 S4!C. A Par. Agt. Jos. E. Jeff rlua ...... *' 

Treaa Jo»,T. JcfTrlwi ^* 

8 d.caro W. Ei 2 a. e. Stan. 24CO-a*i 104 v. 2pbj 

36,000 altni. 100 d. c, ajfcf*».6 umpn, '^ a.c, Mtc* 8 2fc fl 

ampa; JiOOOa. v. tncs; d,e.|pw?. clr. SOU v; 500 bp, e. 

Ball H.F. & M- eoObp. b. 
City conC. 9r3, SOOO |tO pet ft, ctMn.lnca. $.t<| 

I)frkwMi]lnt; caai$a, ^ l«l 

AXDEHHaN, BOITS— Oily Klec. Lt. Plant (Manic) I 

(Bt3i»aiiop.188e); co»t|aw;000, 
P rt*«. 1' boa. J. N i cbol ,_....... ........ Andeiwan 

Clerk F. O. Kp pi jr .... "^ 

8npt. tfe Ch. En«f . J. Talniage. , . *' 

Cb. Elecu. F, B. Stratton. ..... .,.,... " 

3 d.c. arc Ft.W, T-H: 4 a.c. WeelK- U.E, KMOlOl 

T. a. A » ph. 7300 alma. T-H #oc; ICO d.area 0.5 & 6.8 

amp»; 145 a. c, atra e.Sampa; a. c. day clr. ItH v; 

(tDi) hp. e. Cor. Atlan: NOO bu. b, Atlaa* Dayton. 
City coJiL 210 1 la. r. p. mO f— peryr, ctoin.tfC« 100 
per yr, com. Incd, 10 eta. per kw. moon It; ffaa. l4, 

ANUOI^A, a,l41-NailonaJ Mill Water & LL Oo.: 
(Began op. 1H04) jinccttiHrOii» to the Central Elec. Lt. 
CO.; cap. atiih. flOO.tWJ. 

prea. W. G. Croitcm, .......................Angola 

t «ec. A Pur. Ast. c. J. PlUiod ..... " 

larc Sobnyi 2 a. e. Fl W. HatL 1000 lOlHiO t. a. 
nb. lO^OOO altna. TH hoc; 4Sa. c. area; 2,&U0 a.c 

City coDt. W lt«. c. p. SOOO $60 p«r yi'. mootiU. 

mdnt; coat %2M. I2S 

ASHLfe^Y, L04D-GaTTPtt Elee. Lt. Q>.: cap, I20,000i 

It B, Van Bai-ker, Owner: 1 arc T-B; I a.c, T-H — - 

V. altns. T-Hiw: 15arrs; 500 a. n. ln<;»; ^hQ 

bp e. Hua. ; — hp. b. Kqb; city cont. inoonlL mdnt. 

ATTICA, a,0(»0— Munteipjil Elec. Lt. A Water Plant. 
(Besrun op. 188C);. bdf . aatli. $07,000. 

Mayor VV.B.Rced... ...AtrUa 

TfHiu. <J. a Holm...., ...... " 

1 M ST, S B pt, A Pur. Agt. G. M c f >nii aid * ^ * 

1 d. c. arc (3. E. Bruiib; « d. (^, O. K,. Ft- W. UU- 
»»v. Ed. Aoc; TOd.e.oreaSaniwn awo d. e. Inca; 
370 bp. 0. Ball: 300 bp. b. C. & T« Atl»4. 

City cont. 70 area., i^ e. p. $ per yr, S A.M. 

allnt; coal 11.10, 4- litt 






AUBURN. 3,390— Auba-^ Water & Elec. Lt. Works; 
(Munic.) (Regan op. 1891); bdu. outsit;. $85,000, 6 p. c. 
int; J. L. LewiH P. A. & Supt; T. F. Patterson Ch. 
Elecn:l arc G. E. 2 a. c. s. ph. Natl. Warren 1100-110 
V. 16,000 altne. Ed, T-H eoc; 45 d. c. arcs 6.8 amps; 2 
a. c. arcs, 4}^ amp; 8n00 a. c. incs; 800 hp. e. Kos; 800 
hp. b. Stir; 41 st. arcs 1200 c. p. moonlt., all nt; coal 
$i.45. 98 

AURORA, 3.645— Anrora Gas Lt., Coal & Coke Co. ; 
cap. aiitb. t50,000. pd. in $30,000; no bds : C. L.Howe 
P; J. C. Small 8., M. & P. A; 1 arc Ft. W: 60 arcs; 
50 h p. gas e. Otto; city cont. 60 Itn. c. p. 2000 $63 por 
yr. mdnt. 81 

BATES VILLE, 1.384— American Furn. Co. (Began 
op. 1898): cap. anth. $30,000, i8t>ued $29,500: no bds. 

Pres. G. M. Hillenbrand Batesvillc 

Sec. A. W. RoniioelKT " 

1 Treas. & Pur. Atjt. J. A. Hillenbrand. .. " 

2d. c. Tri. llOv: Ed. hoc; iKK) d. c. inci?; 300 hp. e. 
Greenwald; »X) hp. e. Erio C. 

City cont. 80 Its. c. p. 10 $18 per vr; all nt; coal 
$2.10. 4« 122 

BEDFORD, 0,1 ir>— Bedford Heaf, Lt. & Pwr. Co.; 
cap. anth. $100,000: bdn. auth. $25,000, 5 p. c. int; J. 
R. Voris M; citv cont. GO arcs c. p. 2tX)0 $80 jwr vr. 
all nt; coal $1..50. 32n 

BLOOMFIELD. 1,588— Bloomfield Lt. Ht. & Pwr. 

Co. 62d 

BLOOMINGTON, 0,160— Peoplen' (Jan, Elec. A Htg. 

Co: (Began op. ); cap. auth. & pd. in $150,000; 

bds. auth. $150,000, i»-ued $149,000, 5 p. c. int. 

^ Pres. W, H. Schott Blooraicgton 

Sec. A. E. Diirman 

Treas. W. L. Schoniberg '' 

Supt. Chas. (iillham " 

2 a. c. Ft. W. 1100 110 V. s. ph. 16,000 altns. T-H 

soc; 80 a. c. arcs 6.0 amps; 4000a. c. incs; 500 hp. e. 

Milwuiikce: OOOhp.b. 
City cont. 65 its. c. p. 2000 $80 per yr. all nt; coal 

$2.10. 122 

HI.UFFTOX, 5.000— Citv of Blnffton (Munic); cost 

$10,500; W. H. Kreep. K A.; .1. A. Kf«-d, Spt. : 2 arc 

T. 11.: 75 arcs; 100 hp. e. Phoenix; 125 hp. b. 

Phoenix. 127 

BOONVII.LK, 2.849-Boonville Elec. Lt. & Pwr. 

Co. : cap. flO,()0<): bds. $3,200; J. F.Katterjohn. P.; W. 

F. W«'v«Tba<h<T, S. & P. A.: G. M. Shafer, T.; 2 a.c. 

Bru»h'20<K)-l()0 v.. 16.000 alms.; B.-S. soc; 1,600 a.c 

incs.: — hp.c. Wesig. ; ciiy cont., moonlt., mdnt. 18 

BOSWKLL, H'24— Harris A Slmpkins (Began op 

1808) cap. S : W. W. Simpkiu.s Supt— d. c. arc 

: — d. c. : Ed. hoc; IHd. c arcs; incs: 

85 hp. 0. C. & T: 100 hi).b. C. & T. 99 

BOURKOX. 1,187— Union Wtr. Lt. & Pwr. Co. (Be 

gaii op. IS'.HM. 

Pres. 1 ». M . Larson Bourbon 

Supt. N. McKenzie " 

1 d. c arc Ft. W; 1 a. c Ft. W; 1200 110 v. s. ph. 

16,800 altns. Ed. hoc: 24 d. c arcs 50 anijM»: 600 a. c. 

inc: 12:) hp. e. Erie City: 170 hn. h. Erie City. 
City cont. 23 Its. c p. 2000 :f50 \ut yr. liioonlt. 11 

P. M; coul $.^2."). 122 

BRAZIL., 7. 7K0— Brazil Elec Lt. Co. cap. auth. A. pd- 
in fSO.Oin). S p. c div; no bds; J. N. Halstfad P; J 
G.BrvHon S: E.C.l)<'al Supt; 2 d.c arrs" Brush; Id.c. 
110 v'. 1 a. c Ft. W. 200»)-100 v. s. ph. 10.000 altns. 
T-H soc: 101 d. c arcs 9.6 amps: 600 d. c. in cs: 2800 
a. c. incs: d. c day cir. 125 v; 750 hp. e. Bull. Kidge- 
way, MeE: 8(m) hp. b: city cont. 100 Its. c. p. 2000 
$62.40. poryr. moonlt; coal $1. lln 

BREMEN, 1.071— Bremen Elec Lt. Plant, (Munic); 
(Began op. IWk")); cost $ft,500; L L. D. Seller P. of 
Council; C.E.Koontz S; E.Heckaman T: E. R.Hana 
M. A P. A: 1 arc Ft. W; la. c s. ph. Ft. W. 1100-100 
V. 16,800 altns. TH soc; 25 arcs, 9.6 amp; 1200 a. c. 
Inca; 90 hp. e. B. A W; 160 hp. b. Frmn; coal $3.20. 


BROOKVILLE,2,037-Brookrille Elec Co.; cap. 

I ; C. B. Searrin, M. A P. A. : 1 arc W. B. ; I a.c. 

Natl. 1000^0 v., 15,000 altns.; Natl. soc. ; SO arcs; 7S0 
a.0. incs.; 85 hp.e. Bus.; 100 hp.b. Has.; city cont. 18 

BUIXEB, 2,064— Bntler Elec. Lt. A Water Wciki* 
(Munic.) (Began op. 1892) ; cost $8,500; F. W. Sva- 
tnsch, M.. P. A. & Eln.; 2 arc T.-H.; 1 a. c.i.|A 
Westg. 1000-60 ▼.; 16.000 altna.; T.-H. soc; 84 terlii 
arcs, 750 a. c. incs; 150 hp. e. Rob.; 180 hp. b. Mill- 
field; 2-i Bt. arcs, 1200 c. p.. moonlt., mdnt. M 

CAMBRIDGE CITY, 1,754-Cambridge City Skc 
LtCo.; cap. $12,000; no bds.; C. H. Kerten, P.; H. 
M. Herbert, S., M. & P. A.; 1 arc T.-H.; 1 a.c T.- 

H. 1100-104 v., altns.; T.-H. soc : 40 arcs; 500 ». 

c. incs. ; 80 hp. e. Rns. ; 80 hp. b. Fulton ; city coat., 
mdnt. n 

CANNELTON, 2,188— Cannelton Hlec. Lt. Ht A Pirr. 
Co.; cap. auth. «& pd. in $3,000; I. C. Adair P. JbT; 
C. H. Walls S. & M; 1 a. c. Warren 1000-100 ▼. s. ph. 
16,000 altns. S-M, T-H soc; 2 a. c. arcs; 450 a.c. iocs: 
70 hp. e. C. & T; 80 hp. b. C. & T; coal $1.50. fiO 

CHURUBUSCO, 884— City Elec. Lt. Plant; C. B. 
Magers P. A. & Supt; 1 d. c. arc, 1 a. c. Ft. W; lOOO- 
100 v; s. ph. 16,800 altns T-H soc; 30 d. c. arcs9i6 
amps; 500 a.c. incs; 80 hp.e. Ball; 80 hp.b. Local; city 
cont. moonlt. 11 P. M; coal $2.70 90 

CLAY CITY. 1.508— Clay City Elec. Lt. Co. (Begin 
op. 1895) cap. anth. A pd. in $5,000, 7 p. c. div; oo 

Pres. Mary E. Parsons Clay City 

Sec. ATreas. B.M. Guirl 

^Supt. & Pur. Agt. C. F. Nickey 

1 d. c pwr. Kester; 1 a. c G. £. 1040 £90 101 t. 
s. ph. 15.(XX) altn«. Ed. soc : 35 a. c. arcs 6 amps; ISOO 
a.c.incs : a. c. dav cir. 220 v; a. c. pwr. cir. 220 t; 1&> 
hp. e. Atlae: 250 hp. b. Atlas. 

City cont. 20 Its. c. p. 2000 $60 per yr. mdnt all Dt; 
coal $1.75. Va 

CLAYPOOL, 400— The Clay pool Lumber Co. M. E. 
Loehr M. ^ 

CLINTON, 2.918— Clinton Elec. Lt A Pwr. Co. (Be. 

gau op. 1891) cap. auth. $10,000, issued 18,500; no bds. 
Pres. W. H. Hobinson Clinloo 

1 Sec. Mgr. A Pur.Agt W. H. Bonner " 

Supt. H.N.Mills •' 

Ch. Engr. C. L. Ralmer •' 

2 <1. c pwr. Emerson; 2 a. c T-H 110(»-104 v. 8. ph. 
16.000 altns. T-H hoc; 25 a. c. arcs; 2500 a. c inw: 
a. c day cir. 104 v: a. c. pwr. cir. 104 v; 350 hp.e. 
H, O. ifc R: 275 hp. b. C. & T. 

City cont. 31 lU. c. p. 2000 $65 per yr, com. arcs $72 
per y ;. moonlt 1 A. M; coal $1.50. 122 

COLUMBIA CITY, 2.975-City Elec.Lt Plant: (Be- 
gan op. 189S): cost $28,000: L. E. Holdcmian M, P. 
A, Supt. & Ch. Eicon: 1 d. c. arc Ft W; 2 a. c R 
W. 106i» ltK)-r)0 V. poly ph. 10,800 altns. T-U soc: 50 
d c. arc 9.6 amps: 5 280 a. c. incs; 300 hp. e. Ball: 
385 hp. b. Bass: coal $2 25. IS 

COLUMBUS. 8.i:»-Citv Elec Lt. Plant (MunifJ: 
(Began op. 1890): co*tWl,457; J. H. EverroadM:F. 
Finlev Ch. Engr; 2d. c. pwr. 2000 v. Westg; 85 d.c. 
arcs; 00 hj> o. Westg; 160 hp. b. Atias; coal $2. 110 
J. S. Crump'.s Elec St. By.. Lt. A Pwr. Plant (Be- 
gin op. 1893): .1. S. Crump <lwner; It F. Goltschaii 
M: J. W. Crump Supt; O Dow^H (;h. Engr; id.**. 
arc Au». Ft W; 1 d. c. Ft. W. 220 v; 1 d.c. pwi.G.E. 
1 a. c Ft W. loeO-54 v. s. ph. 16,000 altns. Ed, soc: 
30 d. c arcs 9.6 amps; 4 a. c arcs 6 amps: lOd.c. 
inc arcs 5 amps; fiih) d. c. incs; 1000 a. c. incs; d.c. 
dnv cir; pwr. 500 v; 275 h p. e. Ide, Ball; 400 hp.b. 
Erie, Atlas. W 

COXNKKSVILLE, 9.714— General Gas, Elec. A Pwr. 
Co. (Began op. 1899): cap. auth. $300,000, pd. in 
$100,000; IhIs. auth. $300,000. 

Pres. Geo. W. Grifflth Cbnnersville 

Sec. Thos. S. Stewart 

Trens. M A. Olalaudcr 

•^ Mgr. & Pur. Atrt F. Lewie " 

Supt. ACh. Elecn. W. E. Lowe ** 

Ch Engr. W. Williams " 

4 d. c. anr Westg, Ft. W; 1 a. c G. E. 2000-100 t. 
mcy. ph. 7200 altns. E<1. soc; 145 d. c. arcs 9.6 amps: 
100 a.c. arcs 6.6 ami>s; 1,500 a. c. incs; a. c. day cir; 
pwr. cir. 104 v; 000 h p. e. L. A B; 860 hp. b. Erie, 
City cont. 90 Us. c p. 2000175 per yr. allnl; coti 

$2.8o: va 


ISE. l,4ie— Convi?r*P Ki<?c. Ll. Plunt: (Be- 

iW&ii eiiiKf : H sj BowtTR Owniir; 1 

r*H; 1 A.C. T*H UHO IIW v ».|)li.l5 000akii«. 

BItlkit; clt7 eoDt. li Ira, c. y 20U0 $m p«r 
Ui iiaaSiPOiwrjr 00 

M^f, 8,SIS— Covin l?l on Lt. -fi W»^u*r Co.; 
B, ]i«^}: CAP anth. $50,000; bdi, Kuth. & 
KOOO; K. if >'«^ Tucker P; H. C. Yotjut S, M. 
K H. Bmltb Supt. ^ Cb. But^r; Inu bp, e. 
lip. b, AiUsj city coat. no 

[>IID!$V1LI.£, (1.640-CiC? of CniWfortlft' 
Hiie,i;<:cnl ♦— — ; F. L*. AbmbHrn. Spt. ; 
B.; 3 ».c. X*U. lOtXi-^:^ v.. l*JJiJil mlrtiii. ; Ed., 
Mt: 145 am; 2,t^i i^c, lucs.; 7^ bp. <•, 
7W bp. bv B»b. J^ W. I alt Tit, &{l 

PI>INT« 2.3aO-CKiwD Point Elcc, Co. : (Be- 
mi.K mp anlh, A \ui. in llD.tXJU; no bdw. 

W. u K itiiiejr, Crown Fokni 

r**^. tt Mvr A W, Kliicfj.,,, 

iirt. A Kkvn, F. II. Klfiney .,.. 

»ftT-|l: I m, c. T'fl 1100104 52 v. h. ph. 

mi, T*H MH*: 40 d. c. Afisd flSamp*; 200J 

ntl) hp. e. Ft W' Kiu bp. b. It. W. 

i, 2,000— Dauv lite Elt«i. Lt Co., office 

I, 111.: c*p. i -; K, H. Brown, P.; J. h. 

I, S. A M.:; G- Ikennett, Spt; I uro T.-H, j 1 
i. Il()l»-I04 v., iflOCJO ttltn*.; T.-H. *oc.; SO 
I II.C. itici.; go fap. e. S»fe)y^ 100 bp. b. 
ly coot,, mooplt.. 1 A. M. I £7 

R, 1.1*2— Dbcniar Cky Ltg. Flrnil (Hanli:. } 

B. iiWt. e^p. aoth. ft pd. bi $\&.im, 
. J. Mjlott. .. . . . ..,..,. .Dccatnr 

fcfc Fl W; 1 R, c. Ft, W. iOOO-100 v. r. pb. 
a Ed. toe. li&iri'r»9.6 umiJ*; B «. v. area; 
tnct; i^ hp. €!. Bust; 800 b|i. b. Buhr. 
.rc« fflO per jr. all iii; coul |^.I30. 122 

, t,l«S— C^rfOll Klcc. Lt. Co.; cap. llO.tliXi; 
J{«E. Mohr P; C Smith S. & R A; J. H. 
gM, F. Smitb 8npt; 1 arc T H; a * c, 
P^fiO T. le.WKJaltii*, T-H BOC; SOnroft; £§00 
NfiQ kill. e. Ru»i 22D bp. b Ras^ cliv €nrtt. 

.&• i,lS7— CitjLt. A PfFr. Plmit CMtinic.) 
p, lOtJO); cost t1«.OO0; H E.l>evau:;hii Cbrni. 
i; Wni. Fra!**rr Siipt AM; id. v. tirc FtW; 
t W. lOOMtH V. a.pb. 16.000 alius. T-H. 
h7 d.c, Ari:s; 1 il c. fuc. are^ WO Hm a. iace; 
, BiLll, Erlv;aOt) bp b. AtUa, llO 

fir \f;o, 3,111— on- Elfc. Lt, PUi^t {^q- 

fOOO): eciil |:il fiO(); \V. F. 11 ah? F; 

. - - Jfe P. A; W. E. Wi[ltaini* T; II. Ucuti 

r: I tl. c, arc Ft, W; s a c. 1000*115 

; liOfl. e. aref 9.4^) aojprt; 30 a.c. itrcs: 

- bp. «. BaII; 'Mf bp. b. Kellj; 

-Sdtubiirg Wii£j?r A Lt. Plnnt 

f» I5jft|— Elltftart El(*e. Co. fBpRan op. 

, autb. ^ iHtoed llffit.ouu; bd*<. autb. £1^*- 
i& tlOO.iW. ^ p.c. lot. 

1 . II . Pi*ru-f , Jr. . . ......„,.. „ .Elkhart 

. H . Tenney , , . ^ ♦> 

MjET. A Pitr.Aift. Cba*. F, Hewitt... * 

gi. RF, Crabill,. 

irc W. E. Ft. W; Ua, c. Wijsip. zanO--^^^ tlO 
"imilltlu, T-R »oc: U'.n d c. jtrcft 0,a ninp**: 
rc^Ntiaaip; 6.300 tLrlnrs- *.r, dny cir. *J00 
w?. «lr; 1100 bp. e. Buck,Ra»; (MM) bp. inrb. 
80 b p. *>. Bn*?*. 

Ml, 1^ Ita, c. p. -JOOO ftfi- liO per jr. allnir 
V 122 

>, la.^fin— Klwqujd Eter, Lt. Co; (BcRan op, 

, autb. JW.UOO, [aaqtti fTd* 400; i^o bd-r H. 

■8. B. Ha nine S, M. * P, A: W. A. Ua 

lE. Cooper Cb.Bl«cD; A«rcT-H: 1 ac.Stan 

[Ijib. ie,OOC» alma. Ed. toe; l§Od, c. Art^s 

WOa.c. mc«: a.q.dBy cfr: pwrcir. fm \'\ 

e. ICDk: 400 b p. h. Stir; oUj coiit. tOO tts. 

\ per jr. all ut; gftit .Oei, cor] il,ei>. Uci 

l<:><ir.iNn. n^ -Enffliab Elec. Lt, ft Mfg. Co, 

KVAN-^VH.Li:, &0.OOO-EvanevlUc GaH * Elec. Lt. 
Co.; (Bi^eaTiop. \mm\ dap, auib. <i Iflsued Vt^i.OOO; 
bd^. autb. mmm.\ ti.*tiwl i33.».0Cl0- h p. ^^ iiic; R. K. 
Dnnkt^son P : J.H. Fostert*; J, Gilbert T; J.W.Fc^'k 
Cb. Kngrt J. W. Gllktt Cb, Klecn; 8 4 e. arc Q. E, 
Bruftb: 3 d,c. pwr. G. E. EflO v; 4 a.c. G.B. 8300.101 f. 
R. pb. 13,000 altn«. T-H* S-M soe: B80 d. c arei j ft.Sto 
a. €. inei; d, c. day cir; j,4Aa h.p. e. Ball. L. A B; 

LOOO bp. b. ^: city oOdL 268 ftu. c. p. VOUO ffio per 

jr. all iit;coa] t-S^, llo 

rAlRHOimT, -I.noo—Lii Ha«ft Pntt^rson (Bf^an 
op. I9na); if. L*« Hui* >t. p. A. A Oh. Ei>^'rt 'i d. t. 
Com. 440-3S0 V. Ed, (^nc; SOd.c, i ic. arfw. 2.5 arape; 
1600 <Lt;. iocs. IW bp. e. Murray; 17D hp. b. Atina; 

FHKI>1NANJ>, flar-Ferdrnaiid Elec. Lt. Co. fSsjd 

FT. WAVNE, 45vllS-Jenticj Elc>*, Lt. ft Pwr, Co, 
(Bfiian op. ISB3> mp, autb. A auued 1100,000: LhIa. 
autb. Simooo. ciiitat^. |l3S.0U0, 6 p. C- int. 

Prcft. J, W White .,....;...,... Ft, Wajne 

1 Sre. Mjn^. ft Pur. Agt. C. Q Qalld.,, , .. 

Trt?«j. U. W. Plil^y , ...... ♦'^ 

10 d, t!. arc- F(, W; 5 a, C. Ft. W, lOfd-lOB t, *. ph. 
16.800 aUu8. T-H aoc; fl«>d, c. ares b A 0,(1 aEij»»: 
85^000 a, t, iiicfi: a. c, dav eif; pwr. cVr ftt«J v: i.sso 
bp. e. BaRB; tOOObp. forb, Hantt 000 bp. b, Hti-R. 

Ciiycont. 825 Itei. c. p. ^iOOo |85 per yr.niooult: 

S, F. Bowper ft Co., Ine.; (sip. 1 100,000, 

Frt'fl, S. K. BowiiT .Ft. Wayne 

Sec, ft Trfa». A. Z. Polhamli. ** 

T Pur. Aut. A. A Bowrer. , , ^* 

Siipl. H, E. Bt^wvr- , . . .....,,...,.., '* 

1 d. c. Ft, W. 110 t; 250 d, c. area; m hp. e; ITS 

bp, b. i]£i 

rowi^KK, l,J29-Smltb A Newkfrit: C4p, fi3<'K>0; 

E, E. SuiStb, M.i E, A, N«wkirk, Spt.; I arc hid.\ 
\ a c. Ft. VV, JOOO-BO ?.. Ifl.OOO iltn*. ; T tK «jc, : 30 
arte; 1 SOOu.*-, incp. ; KJO bp. e. Idt).; 100 hp. b. dty 
con U . moo II It., 1 2 : 30 A. M . U7 

Fowler Eke. Lt, Co. OSd 

F K A N K FO 1 1 T , 7, 1 00-^f 1 tv L t, ft P wt. PI ant ( M ti u le. > 
(Hotriin t>p. laoO); c<j«t mJiKO 

n Hiip[, A Pur. Ajft. J, T. Stnall .....Frankfort 

Cb. Enpr. W. U.CflrUT 

3 d, c. arc. Ft. W ; .^n. c. Ft. W. 3000-100 v. h. pb. 
7J0O flltiie. Ed. poc; 151 d. c, am «.B amp^: JV7 a r. 
area 6 auip#; 4600 a. c. Inca.: a. c, day eir. jSOOO vt 550 
bp e. L. ft B, Erie City; 8flO bp. b. Ertti City, Stir. 
McKpnlt. all nt. ISl 

FRANKLIN. ^.OQ&-FrUikUn Wtr., Lt. ft Pwr Co, 
{Bi^f^Anop. 1«£»1> cap. auth. A Ii<%utid l1Qr>.niiO; bdv. 
autb. 1100,000. bdi. Isaued $05,000, « p. c. fnt: A. M. 
Barron P. ft P. A; a R. Ulver S; P. B. Sb>'noan T; 

F. R* Slrfcklet M: G, R. Martin Supi. ft Cb. Kiigr; 
F. T. Sblglej Cb.Elecn; 2 d. c. are T-B: 1 d. e. G.E. 
aOO vi 1 a. c. G. E. ^SOO ;01 V. a. pb. 7300 altim. Ed. 
Boc; 60 d. c. an e tl 7 amp«: 43 a. c. arcK 7 ainpn: lOOO 
II. t. IntF; MMl bp, 11. Brkye; 45i>bp. b. Alia*'; city 
couL m Its. i:.p. 3000 SillOper yr. alt ul; coal $1,35. 90 

rKANKTf)N. Ufii-Frankton Water A Ll, Co. 
(MitnlCJ. rrw^t t^.OOO, 
1 Supt. A Pnr. .\ pt. A. H. D«*irtbf r , . Fraakton 

1 d. c arc Ft. W; 1 a. c. Wikrr*?n 1(jOO lOOv. «. pb. 
1B,000 altos, Ed. ftw; 40 d. c. urc# f*,0 aiups; 750 a, <3. 
ixita; lUSbp.if. Allfr««; I(Kl tjp. b. 4* 92 

OAKKFTT».1.fllO-'Gam-ltLt, AWlr.Dcpt. fMonk.) 
iB«L']«niip 18tMb; coat f^e^OO; bdo, autb. $46,000, Is- 
eurtl S*^,t)O0. 5 p. c Int 

TriMn*. B. Uanaell ...„, ^ .,.„„♦ , „ .Garrett 

Sec. IT. W. Tbomaii ,...,.,....,,....♦.. 

^ Bnpt A Pur. Agt. C. M. Talky ............. »^ 

Cb. EnsTT. D. Cjirter .,.....,»,.,.. .... 

2 d. r. arc T If. Ft. W; I a. C. Ft. W. 1100100 t, a. 
pb. 720<> altnii. T-H mx% 00 d. e. arci O.ff ampa; 10 a.t:. 
arcs S.& an^pci ; SOOO a. c. laeM; SCO bp.r*. Rua ; ST1& bp. 
b. AtlflM, 

City cont* 40 Itn. c, p, 9000 1^ per jr. com. area fl5 
peryr« com. lues. 10ct». pur kw. nioonlC; coaI $S.40, 

>^ 1» 



Buacnuc uoht cbntral stations. 


GOODLAND, l,205~Goodland Elec. Lt. Plant (Mn- 
nlo.): (Began op. 1894); cup. auth. & istfued $10.0U0: 
P. WeishaurP; J. Carpenters; F. Oilman T; E. 
Panl8on M, P. A. & Supt; 1 d. c. arc G. E; 1 a. c. 
6. £. 1040-104 V. s. ph. 16,000 altns. Ed. boc; 30 d. c. 
arcs 6.8 amps; 6 a. c. inc arcs; 1300 a. c. incs: 200 
aOOhp. e. Ide; 340 hp. b. Spring; city cont. 28 Its. 
c p. 1300 $60 per yr. moonlt. mdnt; coal $1.95. 110 

008H EN, 8,000— The Hawks Elec. Co.; (Began op. 
1898); F.KC.HawksP: Owen Cover M.P.A. * Supi; 
2 a. c. Ft.W, Weslg. 1040-104-.'i2 v. s. ph. 16,000 altns. 
T-H soc; 8 a.c. inc. arcs; 3000 a.c. incs; a.c. day cir; 
850 hp.e. Nord ; 260 bp.turb. Lef; 250 bp.b. Wicks. 92 

City Elec. Lt. Plant (Munic); (Began op. 1889). 

Chimn. J. W. Kronk Goshen 

Treas. Orrin Watts " 

Clerk. B. C. Bender " 

1 Mgr, Pur. Agt. A Supt. C. S. Dill " 

1 d. c. arc Ft. W; 1 a.c. Ft. W. 1100-104 v. s. ph. 
16000 altns. T-H soc; 125 d. c. arcH 9.6 amps; 3800 
a.c. incs; a.c. day cir: 250 h p. e. Has: 400 hp.b.Natl. 

All nt; coal $2.70. ^ 122 

G08P0RT, 1,000— Gosport Elec. Lt. Co.; (Began op. 
1897); cap. auth. & pd. in $3,500: C. A. Pritchard P, 

5. & T; C. A. Asher M, P. A. A Supt; 1 d. c. Coml. 
220 ▼; Ed. soc; 10 d. c. inc. arcs; 500 d. c. incs; 60 
hp. e. Bml; 95 hp. b. Bml. C. & T; city cont., 10 arcs 
2000 c. p. $600 per yr. moonlt. mdnt ; coal $1.75. 110 

GRKENCASTLK, 3,661— Oreencastle Elec. Lt. Co., 
cap. $85,000, J. W. Cole, P. : D. L. Anderson, S., & 
P. A.; J. T. Stewart, M. A Spt.; 1 arc Ft. W.; 1 a.c. 
Ft. W. lOJO-50 v., 16,000 altns.: T.-H. soc: 68 arcs; 
1.500 a.c. incs.; a.c. day cir.: 235 hp. e. Safety, Ide.; 
hp. b. tublr; city cont. moonlc. all nt. 127 

GREENFIELD, 4,489-City Elec. Lt Plant. (Began 
op.1898): cost 116,000. 

Supt. A Ch.Elecn. E. C. Wolfe Greenfield 

Ch. Engr. A. Richey '* 

8d. c. arc Brush, T-H; 1 a. c. Westg. 2200-104 v. 

6. ph. 7.200 altns. Tllfoc: 5 a. cares 6 amps: 90d.c. 
arcs 9.6 amps: 7.500 a.c. incs; a.c. day cir. :04 v; 250 
hp. e. Me, Pnoenix; 250 hp. b. Phoenix. 

Moonltmdnt; Natl, gas $.07 per M. 122 

GREKNSBUKGH, 5,034— Oreensbargh Gas ft Elec. 

Co. (Beean op. 1890); cap. auth. & issued 165,000. 
Prex. S. A. Bruner Oreensbargh 

^ Sec. Treas. & Pur. Apt. M. Grover. ... 

Mgr. & Supt. I. L. Bracken " 

Ch. Enjrr. & Klecn. Geo. Gu<;ss " 

2 arc Ft. W : 90 d.c. arcs 9.6 amps; 125 hp. e. Atlas; 
275 hp. b. Eric. 

Citv cont. H7 arcs c. p. 2000 $75 per yr. moonlt. & 
dk. nts. gas 15 M. 122 

HA>IMOM>. 12 376-Lake Ltg. Co.: (Began op. 1890) 
cap. auth. $100,000, issued $75,000; bds. auth. $150,- 
000, outHtg. $90,000. 5 p. c. int: W. H. Go»»tlin P; E. 
P. AmcM S: A.J. Caraplwll T.*fc M: T. E. Ilienburger 
Ch. Engr; 6 d. c. arc T-H.Std: 4 a. c. Ft. W. Natl, 
La R. luODlOO V. s. ph. 16.000 altns. T H soc: 225 d.c. 
arcs 9.0 amps; 23 a.c. arcs G amps. ."iOOO a. c. incs; 800 

hp. e. A. & S. McE: 000 hp. b. ; city cont. 2000 

c. p. $7.50 per mo. all nt: ooul $1.05. 90 

Citv Elc<!. Lt.Plant; cost $10,000; bds. Issued 
$5,000. « p. c. int; M. U, Finncran P. A. & Supt; A. 
V. Warienn Ch. Engr. & Elncn: 1 d. c. arc, 1 a. c. 
Warren; 1100-52 v. s. ph. l.iO.) nltn». Ed. soc; 25 d.c. 

arcs 10 amps; 400 a. c. incs: 85 hp. e. : 90 hp. b; 

coal $1.80. 60 

Hammond Illiiminatini! Co.; cap. auth. $3.'>0.000; 
bdrt auth. S3:>0 0()0. .'i p. c. int. 

Pres. W. 11. (io^tlin Hammond 

Sec. H. E. (iraut 

TrtNiH. L. Tvni: •' 

« Mitr. A Pur. Agt. W. K. Fal)on 

Ch. Elecn. L. Martin 

5 d. c. arc G. K; 8 a. c. Ft.W, Natl. lOO'HOO v. s. ph. 
1«,000 altns. Ed. soc; 120 <1. c. arcs 9.6 amps: 40 a. c. 
arcs; 7500 a. c. incs: .550 hj». e. A. & ^; 600 h p. b. 

City cont. 110 lis. c. p. 2000 $a5 per yr. all ni; coal 
$1.50. 122 

HARTFORD CITT, 5.912— Hartford Lt. A Pwr. Ot.; 
cap. $90,000: bds. $9,500, 7 p.c. int; R. Ellison P;B. 
M. Herbert S, M. A P. A; 3 arc T-H, Westg; l».t 
Ft. W. 1000 104-53 V. s. ph. 16,000 altns. T-H soc: » 
d.c. arcs 9.6 amps; 1,500 a. c. incs; 460 hp. e. H. 0. 4 
R, S. C: 850 hp. b. Ft, W. I. Wks; city cont Mlti. 

c. p. 2000 $60 per yr. all nt; gas. 90 

HOBART, 1,890— Hobart Eleo. Lt Plant Oliuie.) 

(Began op. 1892); bds. auth. $23,000, iraaed $11,000, ( 

p. c. int. 
Pres. J. Hillman Hobirt 

IT Sec. & Pur. Agt. G. W^. Coppins *' 

Treas. Wm. Scholler " 

Supt. & Ch. Engr. P. O. Ledeloer " 

1 d. c. arc Ft. W: 1 a.c. Ft. W. 1100-106 ▼. 

7000 altns. T-H soc: 19 d. c. arcs 9.6 ampa: 978 a. c 

hies; 125 hp. e. Ball; 120 hp. b. 
Moonlt. coal $2.15. IS 

HUNTINGTON, 10,000— The Huntington Lt. ft Fnt* 
Co.; cap. $250,000: bds. auth. & oatetg. $117,000. 
6 p. c. int; J. F. Bippus P; O. W. Whitlock S; Geo. 
J. Bippus rr. & M; F. D. Townsend Supt; Geo. 
Lowman Ch. Engr; A. Richardson Ch. Klecn; 2d.c 
arc G. E; 8 a c. G. E. 1040-104 v. s. ph. 16,000 altai. 
18 d. c. arc« 6.6 amps; 10a c. arcsQamps; 5000a.c 
incs; GOO hp. e. Rus. Ham, Phoenix; 125 hp. eas e. 
Nash; 425 hp.b. Bass; coal $8; gas 10 cts. per M. 92 

City of Huntington; Thos. F.Bacbanan, Sapt; 60 
arc. Ft. W; no day cir: 75 hp. e. 90 hp. b. Base; 
moonlt. all nt; coal $1.10. 29b 

INDIANAPOLIS, 169,764— Indianapolis Lt A Pwr. 
Co.; (Began op. 1892); €<»»;. auth. & Issued $000,000; 
bds. auth. & oatstg. $400,000, 6 p. c. int; D. W. Mar- 
mon P; C. C. Perry S. & T; T. A. Wynne Snpt: « 

d. c. arc. Brush: 12 d. c. O. B. 120-840 v; 2 d. c. pvr. 
O. E, Westg. 500 ▼; 2 a c. G. E. 9000-100-200 ▼. s. piL 
16.000 altns. Ed. soc; 1500 d. c. arcs 6.9 amps; 20 i.c 
arcs 3 «& 6 amps; 700 d. cine, area 3 &-6 amps: 150.000 
d. c. ino^; 15.()00 a. c. incs; d. c. day cir; 7.500 bp. e. 
L. E, Ham; 3.600 hp. b. Stir; 2482 kw. chloride accr: 
city cont 1500 Its. c. p. 2000 $85 per yr. all nt; coil 
$1.60. (Also Its. Irvington.) 110 

Board of Commissioners, Marion County (Manic.) 
C. Craig Ch. Engr: L. Lancaster Ch. Elecn; 8 d.c 
Coml: Ed. soc: 230 d. c. inc. arcs; P900 d.c. inc« 
d. c. day cir; 400 hp. e. CAT; 720 hp.b. A. A R. 2 

Central Power Co. 28 E. Georgia St <Sd 

Home Heating & Lighting Co. (Began op. lOOS). 

Pres. 8. E. Rush Indianapolis 

Sec. & Treas. J. F. Wild 

5 Mgr. & Pur. Agt. E. R. Vincent " 

Ch. Engr. W. II. Crosby " 

Ch. Elecn. F. C. Homstein •' 

1 a. c. West?. 2200-104 ▼. 7200 altns. Ed. soc; a. e. 
day cir; a. c. pwr. cir. 220 v; 500 hp. e. Westg; 1290 
hp. b. Wicks, Stir; coal $1.40. !« 

IRVINGTON, 1800-Ree Indianapolis Lt ft PwrCo., 
Indianapolis lud. 

JASPKR, 1,863— »Iasper Elec. LtCo. (not Inc.) (Began 
op. 189^) : cap. auth. & issued $14,000, 20 p. c dir. 
Pres. & Treas. Frank Joseph Jfc*per 

5 Sec. & Pur. Agt. J. Grannespachcr ** 

Mgr. & Supt. .1. F. Friedman " 

Ch. Kmrr. I). I.J.Miller *• 

Ch. Elecn. Jos. Kunkel '* 

1 a c. Roval 2000 v; 16.000 altns. Ed. soc; 23a. & 
arosSOsmps: 800 a. c. Incs; 100 hp. e. Brnl. 

City cont. 22 Its. c.p. 2000 $60 per yr. moonlt mdot: 
slack $.75. IS 

JKFFKRSONVILLE, 10,774— Elecs, Lt. G»S, Ht«. 

6 Coke Co.: (Began op, 1890); cap. auth. $100,000, 
ictsued $65,000: bds. outstg. $86,000. 6 p. c. int: E. 0. 
Eaken P; A. A. Swartz S. •& T; 8. J. Swartz Asst S; 
F. K. Willey M. «& P. A; L. D. Summers Supt: B. 
sinox Ch. Eni^r; J. Donbet Ch. Slecn; 1 a. c. G. S- 
2800104 V. 3 ph. 7,200 altns. Ed. soc : 87 a. c. ares 1< 
ampb; COO a. c. incs; a. c. day cir; 100 tap. e. A. it S; 
100 hp. b. Phoenix; coal $1.9a 90 

JONESBORO, 1,888— Jonesboro Lt A Water Go- 




t tlO.OOO: F. E. JInbnflon SqpU« CJi. 
■u W;flatiri^#; ISfih^i.e. Hii«; »U nt UO 

l.dM^Kwitland Elec. Lt* <!: Pwr. Go,l 

^-'«- «a5 

WK, 2»000— KnlebUtown Elec. LL Co. ; 
» b*l*, ; E. Wllliiiniftj P. ; W. ^. Oarrlt- 

, ; J. S. Putterpon. T ; lac. T.-H. 

.: T.'H. ftoc.i flfiO ■.€. ioe*. ; 60hp*<* 
p. b. Armflij;. IS 

u Lt* A Wlr, Plant (Munic 1 coit ilB,- 
ip. lUOl); S. PrUchJtrti P; C. llimhaw 
•rd* Tl E. li^Sherlmm*! F. A. * feiifit; 
Emrr; 2 n. c. G. E. 1140-104 v. s. pb. 
T* IT toe: ao A, c, inc, arc*: 1300 a. o. 
^ AU&a; SUO bp. b. Allaft. 51 

-Edox Kkc, Lt, A Pwr. Co.: oap, 
a. BiPlu P.; H. R. Kopp^J. S. ^ P. A.; 
. A Siiu; 1 *fc T.-IL; Id, c. ComK SW 
ta orcit 650 kuo^; 1^} tip. e, Ailu; 1% 
eltj ocmt,^ mootil t. md ut. flfi 

},60»-Kokomo Ry. & Lt Co.; (Beisiiii 
. uiith. ± i>d. la f80,UOO, 1} p,c. cUv.ecfQl- 
. dt Ifvuttl il4JUJAK», Q p. c. int. 

I. Mart,... ......... .IndlflTiftpoUi 

^ Mifr. T. i.\ McBi^jtioklB, . , . Kokomo 

Towne^ntl.. ..,....*, ... . *' 

i. Martxolr ..* 

K. VoHithfl******...*..,^ ...... 

iTUsb : a li. e. Westg. 3i004O4 V. &. A iS 
I, T II Biic: 100 d. c, Area i.6 amj*; 230 
mps* 6UIJCI a. o. Incft; a. c. day clr. Itfi 

Ru«; 750 Up b.Stir. 
Ofrltoh «. !»> aooa ITOi^er yr. lUl nli ens 

* J 33 

?!i' tiiytoga lleo. LL * Pwr. Co.l 
eCf^t cup, tia,aw; no bae.: a r. Ky)t? 
I. >: D*uglie?ty S; J. F. MrGlmilsT; 
L Jfe P. A; £»rt Std: 1 a. c. T H lOOo 
lUtna. Tit toe; 30 arr«- 830 Int^K.; i^ 
400 hp. b. Atl»6; cliy cout. idoodIl 


!• 1i,ll4— Mertbantfl Elisc. Lt. A«an.; 

mm oip. iiso^two^ia p,c. div- r a. 

rva Bdjit: S h. c. E ph. WeatR. Sl(»-104 
; T-H wc; 4i} h. c. arci, B.5 amp; 1300 
WT. dr. D00-3M v; 230 bp. ga^ ts. IPW 

»M Oo. ; cap, tltOOO^OOO; bds. IhTO.DOQ. 

Dietrleh * . - . ♦ .Latayette 

.B. T^Murdock ,.<... 

1 Prn*l ..»„,... *■ 

WaUacc... *.... 

bi T'B, P*t. W* 1 *.€. Ft, W. lOWHOO V. 
It »oc; S7fl *ro»;4BOOa.o. inc*^ MMJ hp. 
■a; «OUlip, b. titbit; cUjoobC, 2^ lis. 
\ p«r jt; «)al f&SO, fiO 

Ct t,7l38^La GraugD Blec Lt Co. ; ea p. 

i. O, F. Avia* . .,,-.. * LaGrance 

; 1 100 alt. iDC, FtW. lOOlVBu r. TH 
^ ; lao bp. e. 150 bp. b. ^ Cooper. t 

rjtS^La Porte E1»m;. Co. ; ^JJep-an op. 
litL §160,000. Uaovd ISfi.OUO: no bdn : v.\ 

Pt |l.F. KwnlerS; J, E. Harrline, T, 
I Ch. Eatrr; a d. c. are T41 ; 4 fit. U, B. 

|>b. alluB, T'H foc; liO<r, c. arcs 

».«, arct T,& tttnpa ; a. c. iucn; a. l^ 

ip. e, P.'A. Ka«i, A13U; ?1iO bp. b. j^lir, 
Mit, iiidnt m lia. c, p. 9000 c. u f (Vtl.ltJ 

■lint; Q»alt2,«S0. ^ 92 

iBiriCO, -i^W — Uwrenceburg Elec. 

tiaoOO: Jno. JobTiscm, P. AT.; Jai, 

M. & P. A.; t ate T. lU TOarca; 100 ap 

hp. b. McKL ft B.; cttY cobt ffl 

,ifl&^^:ttLM*ii Eiec. Lt Co.; cap, ftotb. 

Fre*^ R. K. Edwards, * , . . . LrbaBoa 

few, ATrcas. G.K. Ch*mboflalti .., 

^ Mgr. Supt. A Pur. AtJt. J, J, WiijfOQor... 
Cli. Ed*^. Frank Potts.. *' 

3 d. c. arc T-U ; i a. c. T-U ISBO kw. IHO-IIO v. 
I, pb- 16.000 ftUiifl. Ed. 0oo; fli arre 9 G ami>B ; 10 a. e, 
arc« atiiijs; 3240U a. e. Itica; 210 bp. e. Kui; SOU lip. 
b, AUh«. Hoi<. 

Cltj nam, fli lt«. V. p- ^OOO $T& A fflO per >t. com. 
area Jeo inca. |45 pel" yr, all til; coal $fl. ifi lift 

LIGO?fIER,a,381— LigOEler Elec Lt Co.; (Be^im 
op, 1886). 
^ Mgr. & Par. ARt. J. W, Braper. . ...,..„ LipntilcP 

4 d. c. arc T-H; a »,c. G. E. 1(^0-104 ¥. ».pb. 16,0lJ0 
ftUn*. T-H Boc; 63 d. c. area ttS ftrop»; tO a> c, area; 

&<'W&.c. ince- n. c. daj i-lr; 800 bp. fs. Atlu, Jdc; 
SOO bp, b. Erie City. 

City cont 46lts. e. p. leno Sa)pcir yr- torn, area 173 
Ine^. $6 per yr. moouu. all ut; coul 12.00. i|* i£t 

I*INTONtaOn— City Elec. Lt PUnt (Be^au op- 1901> 
eoftt Bsto,000; J. J. Powell M, P. A. -fe t^tipt: 1 d.c. aro 
8tm: 1 d, c. U. E. 110 v^ l a. o NatL IIW HO v, «. 
pi I T-II acM-i 80 d.c. area; flOOd c. jni a; 400 n.c intBj 
ISO bp. e. C. & T, Brol ; ISO hp. b. C. Jt T, Brul. -21 

l,OGAN.SPORT, 10,2O4^^itr ol Lo^aoaport (Mm- 
nlG. I ; (Hcj^aiL on. ISI^}; coat $105,000; no bda. 

1 CUmii, I>, A. nllHppk- — LoiEJuispoit 

Bupt F. O. Mnakitt. „ . . *• 

a ajc JSid; 4 a. r. Std.. Weat^. 1000-50 t. a. ph. 10,000 
nUoa. T E «oc : I $$5 d. c. iirca D.(i amps; 110 a. c. inst 
a.& A Samp^; 35.000 a.c. iocs: A.c.diiv cU; ],t20 hp,fl. 
Bckyi*. Em: 471i bp. torb. Uolim; 1000 bp. b. Erie; 
mounlt; cual ^ ji&«, 12^ 

LOWELL, tariS—LowHl Elec, Lt, Co. coi^t $7,000; 
C Bll«lj*w P, W. F. C erk M. & P. A. 1 d. c. Com I. 
22(^ v; T-H aocj 10 d. c. inc. area; BOO d. c inca; 
T4 bp. B. Alfree ; 76 bp. b, Alfreei cUy oont mootilt 
mdiit 90 

MADISOX, 7.aV)— Mftdli*on|J|iibilni? Co. (OtiftajUod 
lt[>2]^ cup, iitith. it ml. In f75,o;j0; bde. aiitb.' A ia- 
eat»dlllU,0O0,<Jp, t-liit 

Pre*. John H. Urown , . . , ,....*,. . .Madlaon 

Sit. *fcTTeu». Qfi&. HAycr. .....*... 

Mirr. W. II. Fliinktn. 

T Piir. .%ijt Wtstt'tu Gae ^ Imp. Co. . ....... Chicago 

Sunt. W. E. Davia ..Mmdli^on 

(EUlnctrlc Lt. iMant under comtnictf on.) 1S3 

Madieon Lt & Hy. Co; (Beji^n op. lipfl); cap.autb. 
& IjisueU STiv.QOO; bda. »titb. & iMucd «125,0OO, B p, c. 

Prifi. A. L. Dpwnr.. ,.. CUcMfO, IIL 

^ Tr«a«. M^r. * Sapt. C. R, Jotoaton Jr..,.,Madl»ii 

Ch.Engt F.M.Forry " 

Ch. Elttfo. IL Wll-on: 

Sd, c. are Ft W; 1 d. c- pwr, Tfintnpb BOO?; 

Sa. c. titan. Ft W. lOOO-lOO v. % ph, leSOOaltna, 

Ed. so<:; 120 d.c.arca 9.0 atapfl; 7 a. c. area fi>5 amn*; 

moo n. c. tuc^; d. c. day clr: SCO bp. e. BaIL Bain. 

Bml , e^-H) bp. b. Biib. A W, Climax. 
City coDt 125 kfl. c.p. aOOO |80 peryr Com. area ^n 

per jT. liKB. 15 cia. per kw.aU nt; eoal $1.00 -f- 132 

BtAKiaN, 17.3a7-City of Marluti (Mtirlt.)^ K.HulJey 
Bupt. A P. A : 3 *rc r t \V ; 16* d. c. »*tc«; 300 hp, «. 
Hua: 300 b p. b. J£iii!, Pboenii; moonlt &11 nt: coal 
$1.50. »0 

Marion Elec. Lt A Pwr. Co.; F. W, Wilaon Beer: 
cap. taOOOO; 2 II TO Ft. W.; 3 a. c, Pt W. 1000-&0 ¥, 
ia,§00 mltna. T-ll aoc: 100 Hfnti 3,500 a.o. tnca [ TOO 
bp. 0. Rua; 400 bp. b. Fulton, 18 

Mcjid E!ec. Co. ssd 

SHAUTINSVILLIC 4,03a — Martinsville El«€. Co.; 
mvp^ti op. 180t>; cip. autb. $^0,000, lfl«niH] 110,000; 
J. K. Scott P; IL A. Smock y, Siipt, Jfc P. A; L- O. 
Skiott T; WMeCormack Cb. KnetL 3d.c. jeiitif^y 220 
t; la d.c. inc. arc#; T-H aoc; l^OOOd.c. Inca: 120 bp, 
e. C. & T; lao bp. b. Bckye IIO 

Me>fTO>i:, SOO— Elec. Light Plant fMuolc.) (Bejfan 
<tp. )»U ; coiLia,flOO: J. >\ Bi-owti P; W. F. Clark 
M, P. A. * Sivpt; C. Kiwsler Ch. Engr; l d. c. UQ t. 
Ed. noo; n d. c. aj«a; «00 d. c Inca? SS bp. 6. rt,W : 
40 bp. b. Ft. W. a 





MICIIIiiAN CITY, M.9»8-LnkeCilh'HKlcc.Ky.Co.; 
cap.nuth. f lAO.UiO, iMl.iu $7A,0(K): bUs. auth. & uutBt);. 

Hk^t. Jt Mtrr. A. A. Hovd Michlpun City 

StH*. A. A. H«»yd, .Ir ** 

rh. Kiiirr. A. K. Hiivtnor ** 

Ch. Klivn. W. K. \Vrij:ht " 

a art* Std.:'Jd. c. Kd. ftUlMlO v. 160 kw: 1 a. c. 

Stan AXR>-li>e V. 2 ph.lti.iNM) altnn. T-U i^oc: l'i5 d. c. 

an^U.Samps: ^o a, o. arcs il.t'i ain|h<; .ViOU a. c. iuos; 

a.c. day ^'ir; iSdi) hp. t>. Ham: MK) tip h. Heine, tnblr. 
lMiy\*">art*r* r.p. 'JiHKi $::» poryr. mdut; coal 

MIUUl-KTOWN, l.SlH W-l^h Klor. Li. Plant. (Bi'- 
fAU op. linH)^; 1 d. c. ;m' Triumph 'i-iO v; 8U hp. l'.C. 
A T; -MMip. l». r. A: T. 
t'itv oi"Ui. ;X» lis. c. p. »?<i,) piT vr. motmlt: c<>ol 

M1SHAW.VKA,:»..V*)-I'iiv EU'C. Lt. Station: ^Mu- 

«io.^ *»Okr.-ui op. l>«i»-.n: hd>. auth. vV i^slu•d iiA),(HH». 

• Siipi. A Pur \i;t. K. A. Ktlir«rloii Mithawaka 

».'h. Kuiir. M. >lio;» 

rh. KItvu. A. Mulu^s ** 

•J d.c arc T-ll : 2 a. o. WarrtMi I04i» U'4-.V*» v. ». ph. 

ltUM» aUn?» r-11 soo; !k>d. c. arv'H i».Ji auipt*: ifta.c. 

arcs 'A ^ A •; amp!*; Si^K> a. c. iius: a. c. ilay «ir; pwr. 

cir. :h^» \ : ;sV» hp. c. Kus. Atlas: SiJ hp. tufh; '300 hp. 

h. l\ A \\\ 

MiHMiit; loai <:.a:». lee 

MITrilF.I.U I,::,' Municipal Khv. l.t. Plant. ^Bc- 
«i: oi., 1«^C.>: cvwl *Ui,iW: J. 11. lUll M. A 1>. A. 1 
U. c. arc K:.\V : i a. c. F(. \V. liHM liM v. — ph. 7aW 
aims. l-U «.,v: ;t> d. c. arcs; l*JiX> a. c. inc»: Al* 
hi». c. Ku>: AVhp. K 90 

MONTICKM.O. •-MOr— Van Alstinc Jfc Son: cap. 
fl^'.iUn li. \V. Van AlstMuv W A M.; K. K. Van AI- 
slim-. N A Sp:.: I arc T. H.: I a.o. li. K. IWl^lOI- 
X.* v.. l."^.i7i> .4.:u<. : T.-U. *tH'. ; :.*l arvs. 3 a.c. arc*. 
l.AV :».i' .»cs. . ItV> hp. e. Uckyo. ; liV hp. b. Spr.n>:.: 
city c»»n;.. rnkHMiIi. IS 


il'.o 1.:. \ IV.i'o 


3I1«>!S rrfr:i.lKK. S i .\ -Momiv^J.T l.:. a Wtr. ro.; 
. In CriV. op. >,»■■>; ^ap f\». U>; ,t. l>don» I'. T. .-s. 1. 
Sc :-■ r. .\ A S;.i«:. >. 15 Ai»\.iiuler K.c^ir; 'J ;»rv K:. 

W. \\\-^-s: 

• ^. ■!.!:; '.lO-UM-.V,'\. >. pV.. I<?,i*V 
.-»'.;:.*. V il >o .• . ■ ! ^ ar\" > i> o r. •.v. ps : N\» ;i. . ' . : :: o s : ' S^ 
h:> c. U;* ■^^* *"i^ b Ph%^ i;:\ o.:v ^-orit. VS 1>. 
•,»Vo :.^ :v..s': : <::: c:i* .V c:>. ' »?0 

MlH>KK'*Ml.l.K. •.^^*. Moort'-v "o K: c 1: IVaut 
A. li I 4 ^ . -:. O-^ ! r; lic,-x*.; o',-. >',VS : .V IV v'aN 
^cr:. y ■ . \' >\..: .-■:, K*. iir.; : .trc >;y 7r\ ; ! *i. c. 
»o:v. ,*.."• ^- . 1* li * V . :■:■«<.!■•«.> ."triH <i '. "av.'.p*: 1 
v'.. X- v.- .!-■ * -J ■♦ .^"•!*. ;*.V .; ^- v..-*: -«* '.I'.c. v".« V; 
."!::■ . V -. v.:^ \o::.. v: ir^'s. AW o. p. JThV 
f.vv .■...•■ 5» 

i.*'. .•• s.'. v" ".' .\'' ■>>••.: :' V. r rv '; p* v :■.. 
> ..- . i-\' '.' :l ? .■ .■ li. b" : w' :;.' \. s. v ■■ 

'..■.*! .i -^ ■ ':'. -».'.• >.• J. X- A-.-* :■ V a:'.:-,-*. OOi 
*.•••.•».■.■ -.: 4 »• rv X -i'v. riXT".- . ** -■; 

• :\ ..: '•, ' .• :■ ,'.t^ <» ''-vT^T ».! -. • x.\-al 

<•- u. ■ ' >;^' 

MIM'll. ." .: * V • •:. V:;: .• Iv ia= 

•■ -v.^ ■.* r.^ O . . ■ 

• >i A '. V. ^^ • 'A.--:^r V ■■.".■ 
4 .. »•..;-.- '■* ..■• • . *•-> .t"V>. •"■ 

;■ . V *• ■ ■■-'» V ..> 

V.-. •. ?• .' -f. -Ci 

■- \. v" ■ ;*-.' *,*■ U' \' V 

\ - . ^ A - . A W ... • V .-. ,. 

• —:;-,■ .: -• . '•" *.-. :> <-> * ■ : 
v ■ 1-.- . ^« . - ■ . ■ r ■ -v; ^ •?-■ 

M- . ."^.» ■'» » -.: '.^ ■ ■ "^ ■ .- '. 

s \pr \>i» »■- : .•»> ■' * ■'•1- ,< : ^ v.- 

> ^ . ■ y> . A .• •• 5 ■.». \V . 

^L-. 1. <J M. ^-.i*'.* ' '*♦■ ■■.■ -■ ■» 

• . ■ 1 \ ■ ■ 

V.:- Jt >-•/ y > >• 

1 d. c. arc Warren: I a. c. Warren 1100-lM-88f. 
16«000 altne. T-U hOc: 27 d. c. arcs 9.5 amp»: Sa.c. 
arcs; 17:«a. c. incB: 200 hp. e. Hue; 800 hp. b. Stir. 

l.'om. arcs SH4 per yr. 18 

NEW AMI ANY, 20,628— United Gap & Elec. Ca: 
cap. auth •& pd. in (I.OUU.UUU: bds. anth. t730.U)U. 
outslLT. $600,000, 5 p. c. int. 

Pros. Saml. Inaull ('hic«KO. El 

8cc. & Treas. R. W. Waite New AlbcWT 

Sunt. J. W. DunlMir 

7*1. c. arc Kt. W: 2d. c. pwr. (». K. Tri. 50(^3)?: 
6 a. c. Stan, Natl, G. E. 2000-1000 110 t. s. A 2 pli. '1S» 
A IS.OlNi altns. £d. soc: 477 d. c. aetiee arcs 10 A «i 
ani|>s; 10 a c. arcs: TOOOa.c.inca: dav cir. 2S0t: lalXi 
hp. e. Allis, Bckye, Phoenix; 1300 hp. b. PhoeDJi. 

C'itv cont. 4.^ arcs c. p. 2000, 1200 ».'«.80 pw n: 
coal ^l.iiO. Co also Its. Jclfi'n«onville. Howard Psrt, 
C*la^k^villc and Port Fulton. •{« lH 

NKWnrKO. 1.371 -Ncwburjr Elcc. Lt. A Pwt. E'Imi 
ateiran op. lOOd: cost ;2i!.0U0. 
« Owner Gcorp- F. Lwkc Newhiirc 

1 d. c. Jenny 250 ▼: £d. mk; 500 d. c. Incs; 72 hp. 
e. Ileihnaii; *in hp. b. 

Citvcout. 55 Us. c. p. 32 810 per yr. mdnt: slsck 

NKW CAST1.E. 3.406— Newcastle Wtr. * Elec. Lr. 
Plant; « Munic. i (Beiran op. 1808> cost f IS.OOi; K.M. 
Carr M: 2 arc Ft. W: 1 a. c. Natl. 1000-52 v. >. pb. 
l.VUV altn-. TUsoo: (V4 .ires 9.6 amp8: 1.100 a. <•• 
ii>cs: I.VI hp. e. L. A 1<: 200 hp. b. Brnl, Bolly: | 
nuHniti. all ni. H^ I 

New I'antie Lt. lit. Jfc Pwr. Co. (Pe^n op. iW^ 
Smx'^'ssiir ii» tht- New Castle Gas Lt. Co.: cap. snih. 
$hki.iiXi, is^ui-d foit.OiiO: bds. aath. $4O,0U), irtoed 
^■v».« rt>. .^ p. 0. int. 

Pre>. .lohi. *». HiMjri-s Now Csitlf 

Sec. F. I.. Wavraau 

Tnai*. IKW.Kiii^^v 

2 :i.c. i^. E. IPRHln V. 2 ph. 7300 alms. T-n, E-J. 
»*^«: 2.*> a. 0. arcs: ^»ni .h. c. iucs: a. c. day cir; a75 
hp. e. Idr: .Si^»hp. b. !« 

NKW IIAKMONY. :.S;i— New Harmony Elec. Lt. 

NOBI.KSVIl.l.K. 4.:y2-Nob;esville Lt. A Ice Co. 


cap auth. ^t ;M -.r. #.V.iXX\ 

Pn>. .I.W.Smith Noi 

^ >*v M. A r.;r. vj!. W. A. Semans . 

T:>a*. l*r:v. Fr-v;««rj 

CV.. K: ^r P .'-.irj;.. 

•:.i. c arc T-H: I a. c. Ft. W. 1000-100 v. 2 ph. 
I'M^v *'.:vt'. K.i *.v; ro d. c. area 9.« amps; »*.c. 
arv* ^ ..=::^: ::x^> :i. c. vnos: :^i hp. e. Bckvi-; ^Ohp. 
b. A:as.. ■ 

C;:> vv: :. -V ::s. o. p. iHX) $70 per yr. all nt; Natl- 
Cas l£ 

NO. MANCIIK<TKK. C.^V^-Kr^^wtse Mills El«c. 
1 o. H* ;;>'..'':' '.^L-r var. $:<.'AV. J A. Browne M: 
C. U. l^-v ■..':. V- K ..v.. : ; ^:. c. an* Std: la. c. Std. 
A«X^ :.v V * ; .-. :* M 4::rs. Evi. s'oc: 362 cLc. arcs «.« 
*•■;>. *.~ * .• V. a-.*. V'li 4 T. icca: i^ ho.e. Ro^: 
c:^ ' i^i*-: c.rv -o:.:. 32.;*. c. p. 3fM0 $72 per jr. 

v. ::• . .\-a: <:.v ' iio 

NO. ^ KUNON. :>•»: • -v :: A Wtr. Plant: (Mn- 

V-. - '. .« "A — ■ ii V . ■» ■: ;i No. Vernon 

■-"-.' \ ^ - V - . ■ 

V- : ). ■; *A . N - * 

« *» ; A :" - .*:: ■. '.»..- .:^«rry 

*. . ^ -i ;V . - . *■.■ SI : .*. iiio.aros2.5amr«; 
•:t V ' .• -. :;--. v. - 1-: *. ^Vhp.b. Ra*.B.ANV. 

M.s ,\ 5: I 4. IS 

O^Kl \\i» CIT\. ..>! .^AiTaa^ ^^itr Elec, Lt. 
A '.^•- . ' '. -* .:>:<» cap. aath'. tl&OGO. i«- 
*r' .* . ** •' ■■ ■*^* v;. A. Klenck P. A 

^ * * • < A V : w «. T#C^ En^ G.Clark 
^** ■" ^ • *- > i • *.: W««. 11 OttT.s. 

vj- ...M , . V >-H *.v. 2Slc. krc*9.6ainp«: 
«;' " •'•-' »"-:^ :.>Wa.c. Inc*: aOhp,eL 
« ^ X ;\\ ! .-. >. ;. T - : T .vu:. « lu, n.. ^.p. SOOO 

Jft^ --x 

».> M. f: -.i 




(ton LL A Pwr. V.o. t Begun op. J 888); 

-' ,,.,Odcm 

Marphy,..,,.... * " 

N. McVeelj ..... " 

. , rj tip. e. AtiM: 7S hp. b.Atlaii. 
M^ ii«. c p. 38 $50 per jT. mooQlC^ ami 


, W»--CltT &r Oifard (MutiSc); tmi §— 
iJlfc, r* A. * Spi,; 1 ii.i\ *, pJi. rt W, 1000- 
■^^ Allot.: T.ll*«oc.; lOu. e. iire»; 600 »,c, 
^ «. Walflnu. ; T& hp.b. RicUnid. ; mdnt, ^ 

-P»oli Miiient Sprliiie»; C. Stout V: B. 
, c, ; T-B «K ; aoo d. c» lur»; 05 lii>, 

F«ru CUjf Lt«. Pl4iiit. (Hunlcjj (BegftD 

J>, WiuK ..,»**,...,.. ...„„,,.. Ptm 

eT*H, Wbo4; si ».*:. T^R, WmxJ )0«Q.|04 v, 
JOQ«lUU. Til mic: li^i tL c. Brc« W.fl itiupe; 
^; &.000 A, C. lucn; 450 Up^ i?. Kttdi^Uiifl: 
■" •, €, Jt T; all ut; coaj f2.0S. las 

»» 1,751— Pet* r#biirg Blec tt., Pwr. 

T(Bt-EiiB dp, imS): cap. 110,000; Q. 

■^IDg &. A P, A; 9. PfttiJk T; f. 
_^'; J 4IX Bni«b: 1 ilc. Ft, W. aOOO- 
_ JaniiTU* •oc; £5 ftfc«; JWO tc inc*; 
Mbiii, Hui; 390 hp. b. AtLwi; citv cotit. 25 
^ mo pi'r rr- taogult. tndnt; coal $.flO. 110 

H* 3.aS0— Pljmomtb Elec. Lt. Co.i Aftp^ 

, W, Stiooiiv P. A P* A: F. i^ Simon* h; 
^ 1 L c. Ft. W. 1000-50 T. la.tiOU altufi. 
ifie*! LOGO a. c. ineff; f® bp, l^ Ikkyu, 
^ b. Sum. (<d. II : dtv cont. 42 tl^^. c, p. 
rjT aJt tii; coal S3, 20. Ul 

>, i.Tpe-^^IlT of Portlainl rMunlc.) (B«* 
bi]A. aulh. 115.000, outntg, f7,llU>. 6 p.c. 

Ajjt, U* N, Eller PorlI*tid 

t, W: 3f ». c. Wartvu «© kw. lOOO-llW v. b, 
I aliU0 T If ioci ft^ftre«:33.U(K) a.!?. 1bc«; 
ted): moiJDlt. lUl fiL 1^ 

rO^. a«Mi— PfiuceKioLt. ± Pwr. to (Be- 
iUleifcb aiiTb. Jb ]id. lb fT&.QOO; jio tKlfl; H. 
•; J,M. Purrvti b*. 4teT,Ii, N, Parrett ?*upt; 

; I a. c. T U t*m-m if. 1«,OQO *ltni. T-U soc; 
tKCDtML -JUtH^M.!:. iucs; aOiO hp. «r. L, A B; 

Bml : <?iix cont !« *n» c.p. SOOO $80 per yr. 

o«ii.:s, no 

.AER, a^»S--<'Uy Water ifc EI<Kr. Lt. Pl»nti 

(B«(raii 0|}. tSdfe^); coat #40,000. 
.f luiitB |&IUi« ........... ........ Eeueielaer 

Jju. Clutputtfi. .................. '* 

CX Httrlan..,..,. ** 

pt. ^ Pun A ift. C.S.Cbainberl la. * ' 
IfcG. E. T-U; 1 4.O.G. K. H>»-H>4-5a v. 
^090 ftlinp. T-l4 ftoc; 19 d, c. arci'6,Kiimpv; 
Ml A iunvp<; 11^ bih e. Bdl; 2^ bp. b. Krie. 
^ C«wl ft TO, -I- v^:i 

UU$ la^^M^Ricfimond LL, Ht. A Pwr, Ct/ 
'^le; nr J. E. Lowe», P.i J. W. Kon«*y. 8 
C, Helmr, T,; 4 iiTC Ft. W.: 1 %,c. PL W- 

T., altu«.; Ed, poci 198 arc^.- UIUO 

E^ft^e, day dr.: pwr. eir. fiOO v.; WO bp. a, 
IS hp. b. Bml ; city codU lb? arc» c. p. mn) 
'. fttlQt; coal $2.80. UO 

LBI««. U. ^ Pwr. Co. iBegm tip 190SK 

tfo. R, Wlllluwi Elclimoiid 


.- Zclltf ,. *• 

£, Unrat. .„„,,»,....-., V ** 

f .E^ sBOWO-115 T. a pb. TWO akiis. Ed. ioc t li^O 
Aftflkp** COQO a. c. Inea- ». c. d^y eir; tJOO 
nn; MO bp. b. Stir; all at; coal |L?a. 123 

.%LE, JX2— Koaclirlale Ek'c* Lt. a Pwt. Cd; 

» Ont^tT^ r: 1 rtc, arc Untiih; 1 »,c. 1000 110 v 

M - : *oc; ]5d*c. area 10 amps; flO 

,rla»: city eont. 14 lift. c.p. flO(X> 

KOC HKSTER, 3,421— RocbePter Elec. Lt. Co. (Be- 
gan op, lHj*8j: cap. iaO/JtJO; J. E. Bt^yer P: M. Wile 
&; J. Jl. Krlicr.T; O. D. Uoas M' Jt Supt; 3d, c. nr* 
T-U; 1 a. c. T-H 104 v. Kd. poc; liiS d. «. art^a^ l,fiOa 
a. c. incp; ^b bp. e. Il.U. A K; iUlUbp. b. Brnl; city 
cout, mdnt lUQ 

BOCK FORT» 3,000-Rockport Wtr. Wka, Co.; (Be- 
^'au oo, IRaO); Clip. mith. *fc inmM li^tlXJ; btli, antb. 
i&i}.iiU(>, itinui^ $40,000, & p. e. tut; A. 11. KeutHHly ^, 
T. M, « P. A ; 1 a, c, Dru^h 3rJO0-S0 v. »* ph. 14.400 
RltTis. Kd. eoc; 5 a, c arc^: 150U a. c. }ncf-i V£i bp. i*. 
Ball; SUU bp. b. Brnl; city com. ffii Us. c.p. 40 $^ 
p^iF yr. tnoonU. alLut; coal $.75. 110 

K*ICKVILt.i;.t.045— Hockville EJec.Ll. Wka, ^Tttun- 

ie;.l { atijjiii f 4J J Koii) : croet $18,000. 

Hresft. u. M . J{ ii tmiruT u , BockTflle 

Tr^Hi*. W-. U. NSfhnla. .„.. ** 

CJei-k W. T. pHtloii ........ ,^...,.,.. " 

% Fur. AEt. Frank M. Boyd.....,.,,. 

Snpt, E. Ktwkirk .,....,,..* 

I d, c, arc I't. W; 1 a. c. G. E 3000-100 v. a. pb. 

TiOdiiltnii. Kdniicic'; J5 d.c, arcu D.ft »iiip«; la.c. arcs; 

500 »,o. Incs; ljy}hp. **, C. & 1 ; aOObp. h. AMjis. 
City couL 45 Ui. fOOO e. p. $W per yr. nioonU. 

tndct; cos! 11.50. I'M 

BCI\ AI. CENTRE, 657— Royal Elcc. Lt. Co. mi 

KCSH VILLK, IJIMI-Clty Water* U. Plant (Manic ) 
(Began op. 1803^ coj^lffll.ODO; bdn. autb. $fS,€a>Ja< 
Bnod $5^.010, if iK c.inu 
% sinpL ^ Pur. Aift. Oil TcrOng... _,..... Riiflbville 

1 d, c. arc Kt. W; i «,p. Ft. W. 1000- lori v., w. pb. 
1S.0OD altna. Ed. aoc; 5^ d. c. atte ^Ji aniiM!.; Am. c. 
art A {^aamp«; 100 bp. e. L, 4% B: 410 hp, b, g, ^ V, 

Cum.arcfl. $60 put yr.TnoonlC; coal ^gaa $3^a00. 1S3 

HALEM. 2,000"&alcni EJcC. Lt. ^ ArtlDt'lal Ice Co. 
(Lld.K cap. anth. Jt i«Nni-d |I5,ID0; J. I>onj;berty 
P; H. W. BrtflBi-iid^n S, B«, P. A. Jt bupt: J. !^. 
PcttiaeT: G. S. tlanco^^k Ch. Knjr; A. Pitta Cb. 
El^cni I d. c. arc W; K; la. e. Nat. 1000 BO v, a, pb. 
1G.O0O alms. T-Fl soc^ 30 d. c. arct>9.6 ampii; NOO m. c. 
Inct; !■» bp. i\ Rrn*; 225 hp. b. Allaij thy tout. 30 
Ite. c p. tSOOO $72 pf r yr, moon It. all nt ; Cfj«i $3. W 

SEITMOUR, <S.446— Seymonr Gaa * Blec. Lt. Co; 

(ttejfan op lfl»B; pcbnflt 1H91>); cap. anth. A H* In 

«73 OiXI; bdn. atitb, & lajpued til 0.000, 5 p. c. int. 

Pt«s. J. IL iJtiiwn Scymonr 

Si^. A: Tn'ttH. (icfl. Mayer, 

M pr. R. ti^ Fuf'stado .,...,....,.... ** 

f PiiV. A j£t, Wp#tL'ni Qaa^ Imp. Co , . , .Chlcaco 

Sept. W. C. Bevln*... ...,8cvniour 

a d. c. nrt' Ft. W; 2 a. c. FL W. 1000- lOa v. 'a. pb. 

lfp.8i.Outtnii. Ed.Weati;, Boc: IfOil c, area 9.6 anil w; 

10 11, V. mm h anil*: 41X10 d. c. Inoi; SfiO bp. e. It. A B, 

Buck ; aao h p. b Heine. 
tJiiy ooiit t*tt Itn. c. p. mx} $(S5 per yr. moonll, al) 

nt; coal $1.1X1. tSB 

SHKt.BYVtLLE. 7,l«9— ShelbVTille Wr. ALL Col 
(Begun op. 1S85); C. b\ Slrti«Li'; F. M. Nnckollft M. 
Jt P. a; 5 d. c. arc T-H : 2 a. c. T li hiOO 50-100 v. — 

Pb. alinK. aoc ; flO d . o. an:* ; m d,e. inc. area ; 

2100 M. c. Inca: 400 bp. e. Wcatg; flOO hp. b, ; city 

cont. ail dark bra. no 

BBERLDAN. L7V5— City Elec Lt* Plant: (Btgnu op. 
l&m.) coit$ii.OOO. 

Trean, A. C. Scott. ..................*.,. . .Stiertdin 

Mjrr. it Pur. Aj?t. W. M, Hobbina , . *■ 

1 d. c. arc Ft, W; la. C. Ft. W , 1000-100 v, a. pli. 
1<1,)KK» altnto. T-H «oc; S5 d.c. arcs 9S) amp»; 1500 a. c. 
lac*: 175 bp. p. Run: 144) hp. b. Ru^. 

MoonJt; fuel, gua SO eta. per M. 1^ 

SOrXH BE^D, SS.WU— Sonth Bend Elec. Co. (R«- 
j?an op. imS) cap. anlh. M i«3nFd 1160,000 CA* 
CbaTiin k; F, A. Brvao &. H» P. A. A Bken; 
M, P. Chuptn T: F. B. Ohmef Ch. Engrj 6d. e ftre 
W. K. BfUith ; 2 d. c. pwr. 550 t: 2 a. e. Wvfig. ilOO- 
104 V . i. pb aUn*. T-H foc; 370 d. c. artu 0.« 
ampa; 18,.<K)i) ji, c. inf-a; Sk c. ^ d. c. dav cLr; 2000 hp, 
t. Coop**n Noye; \Wn bn. b. Wickea.'B. A Wi city 
cont. 243 Its. c.p. 2000 $70 ± $00 per yr. md»it. all nt; 
coal$:ir,50. ^ 





SrKNCER, 2.0S(^Sp<>nccr Elcc. Lt. Co.; (Began op. 
lt)H()): coHi $15.U(K). 
i Mkf, & Pur. Ajtt. J. Dougherty Spencer 

Ch. Elvcii. .I.C.MoUoy 

1 il. c. arc W. E: 1 a. c. G.E. 1000-100 v.h. ph. 10,000 
altnn. T-H »«K'; 42 d. c. aros 9.0 ami>»; 700 a. c. Ince; 
1:25 hp. 0. AHhh; !;!:> hp. b. AtlaH. 

City I'ont., 82 nrce, c. p. aoOO 160 per yr. moonlt. 
mdut: otml $l.M. 4* 122 

STAl'NTON. Cia— Staunton Elec. Lt. Co. (Began 
op. 189in; cap. $2,200. 

Pn'H, Tmis. As Mlt. .1. II. Stewart Staunton 

« St-c A Pur. Ai;t. K. H. Stewart 

Supt. .1. (\ lli'inickt'l " 

I d.r. I'ol. llOv: T-II hoc; 2(1. c. Inc. arcs 5 amps; 
24R d. c. int ^t; 8U hp. v. WckIk; 4.") hp. b. 

City com. 2»>ltt». c.p. 82 SlU.sO per yr. mooult. 11 
P. M; coal$.:o. 122 

SrLLlVAN, .M.118-Sulllvaij EW. Lt. A Pwr. Co., 
cap. fJO.iUM: s. 1>. Weir. P.: 1». L. Kt-id. S.;C. 11. 
Cnmdoii, .%l:2d.c. Renter 110 v.: T.-II. WW.: 840 
d.c. inc>».; d.c. day cir.. pwr. cir. ; 110 lip. ♦'. lloUye: 
IW hp. I>. 127 

Sl'MMITVIIXK, 1.432— Summit villo Elcc. Lt «fc 
Pwr. Co. 62d 

TKI.L CITY, 2,rrf<t>-Tcll Cltv Elcc. Co.; (lU'jjran op. 
1«»T^: W. U. SchalTcr M. P. A. & Supt ; 2 a. c. Royal 
UKK»-100 v.. 8. ph. lii.OOO ultUK. S-M. T-H. mm-; 1 a. C. 
arc: 1000 a. c. uici»; a. c. ilav rir: 175 hp. e. C. iV: T, 
.Vtlas; 12:> lip. b. C. Jc T; city cont. 125 It*. 16 c. p. 
fB.tW jK'r yr. nidut; coal A wood S . W 

KKKK IIAl'TK.8«,6:8-Tern' Haute EI«m'. Co. cap. 

auih. Jt iHt^ucii 11.000,000; bd:>.auth. #1,500,000, ivsued 

f l.AW.ixm. 5 p. c. int. 

l»nv. W. R, M.Keen Terre Haute 

V. Pn'H. .1. li. McNutl 

Sw. .1. T. lU'anley ** 

Trt'aj*. (i. M. Tripp Bo»t(»n, Mans 

Supt. A: M»rr. .I.P. Cl.-irk Terre Haute 

1 Pur. ,\i:t K. t;. .Vldeii 

Ch. Knirr. H. VaJeutlne 

Ch. Klcci.. C. T. Moid«K*k 

II d.c. are *i.E.\V.K; :»d.c. 5(X>-2ail 
»V 110 v: 4 a.c. ax. Stan. 2,100-102 v. s. A 2 ph. l«.0lW 
aliUH. T-H Mv; 4>0d.c. an'i»; 0.6anipo: 1T5 a.c. arc*; 
IS.iW a. e. inci«; a. c. dav cir; hi. r>. pwr. cir. :hX) v; 
2.«iX» hp. e. RuMtvk. WeMc; 2,«>iX> hp.b. Clonb. A-T; 

l'U> cont. 8S:i lis. c. p. 2tHX» §75 l>er yr. all nt: 

co,il 4l. CO 

THOKNTON, l.Ml-Vunicip;il l.t. Plant. vReiran op. 

I'.iiX''; I d. e. 2'.>» V Ell. mk': :5») d. c. arts; 2lM d. c. 

Ino-: r^'Mip. e. .MfUT-: liV hp. b. .\^hl^: nuninlt, 122 

TirT4»N. ;v:r'l Tipton r.l.c. l.l. Co.; \M-.;n:c.UlS«*- 
cvn op. nH\M: cap. auth. JivMHH>. 

Prt>. M.M'.u'i Tipton 

Siv. v'l-iJ- Kr:»u>c 

Ptimv W -.i. Marki-r 

• M.r sv.i't. A Tuv. Vu;. .» II. >! 

-:,'. , :.:. M M : •: . r. Kl. M . 2lNi' HM \. «. ph. 
iJ^.tX* h'.i - K.i. mv. W d.i.anj. l».i»:»ini*s: 12 a. c. 
a^" ••• i-.r.'»; .MvMip e. l^i:i"-; .V*M»p. >«. lU*-*. 

Cun ;iti-. ^:^^ ,*«: >r. 5■..■»^l2.'AM*«r M- l*-**- 

l'NU>\ 4'IT\.::n. I nun C.:\ K '..•.-. 1 ; A* Pwr. 
Co. ilii;;:i'. o'.' 1>*«\ cai' .1'.;;'. f\V.MV>, ^-iiied *1h.- 
rt*» ;i p . «: \ . V*- l>d!*. II. P .V ,'. P. 1 u»;i> t^wr*!!-: 
.». P. 1 •-;. »j. M : . I .1 «• iir,- I' H . \ A o. Kd 110 \ ; 1 
a.i\ \ \\ '.*x* 'i^^ > i». ph '.:. iW.s::n«. Kd. >«s'; .H> 
d. C :i:o- iU< -.ivip* :iH' d » . -.nv.. HI lij> e |t»'.: |\^» 
hp :• 1 r-.- .-.;> oont .v* '.:!» '.i^^' .v p. JS:» p, r > r. 
nusM;'.'. .i'v. ^-»».i'. *V ,V iV 

VAl r \K VINO. r\v:>»» \ j»-.:»r:4.-.' '. : A Put-; l\v: 

o^v *i*M»»' !s;% f..\t^^V >■,« » .;.;.,' »»:»«rP. 
A K >' ..' ^. NN.H i.snl;,: 1' A P \. .'. IWk 
>:.;; .5 ar.- 'A V . •; j* ,♦ ;-H r.\* '. '.c \ . P\i^^» :»:n x. 
K.i ^»v. s: .nr-* ':..>*».■»»♦ i*-. .^T.'^ ?.p «■. Mr. STA 
V. V P;»*> .'.:x .'.^1:1 ■•:*;>'.» p .\^N> M : .\' jM r X r 
:v..vM'.:: v.'.di-.t . . .-a: >*: \v P:? 

VKKHKKSllI lU;. \ fVfei Ci'.x KVo. It. Pl.v.t. lUo- 
car. o;x >^x , Nl« *<:,i^X\ W H lianUnr V; W. 
V. .\rwi*Jr v.i S.;p;. : d .. *rN . 1 •. f Pt \V; lU^v. 
I.X> ^. ^ p^ :,vHV «.h > r ll *»v, -sMd c an»in>.<* 
anr,», i?a o. ar^;.. SX^ a v .c.»>. '.iV hp. o. lUU; PA» 

YBYAY, L568— City of Vevay (Munic) (Bexia (9. 
1886) coetl8,3S0; no bds; C. Allen Snpt. &Ch.EBfi; 
C. Norisez Ch. Elecn ; 1 d. c. S. & H. 230 v. Kd. •«; 
28arcB: 800 d.c. incs; 90 hp. e. Atlaa; 130 hp.b. Brnl: 
all nt. 9Q 

VINCENNK8, 10,349— Vlncennes Eleo. LL A Pwr. 
Co.: (Bi^an op. 1886); ctip. 940.000, 12 p. c lot; 
bdn: C. Bierhaus P; H. W. Frund S. M. A P.A:G. 
Reiter T; 1 arc, T-U; 2 a. c, e. ph. Bmah MOO-KIO 
V. 18,SX)0 altnfl. Ed. boc; 85 area 6.8 umps: 3.M) iim; 
a.c.uay cir. 500 v; S75 hp.e.A.<9b S; 250 bp.b.Bml. e 

City Elec. Ltg. Co. of Vincennes (Bejjan op. 1900^. 

Rec.r. E. J. Julian Vmcenw 

Pres. J. H. Brown 

Sec. <ieo. Maver 

Ch. Enjrr. Wm. Maxlleld 

2 d. c. arc Ft. W; 2 a. c. Ft. W. 7:S0H altns. Ed. eoc: 
S50 d. c. arcs; 4500 a. c. inca; 650 hp. e. Back; Ml 
hp. b. Spring. 

City com. 220 Its. c. p. 2000 $68 per yr. all nt: coil 
$1.05. IS 

WABASH, 8,618— The Wabaeh Eleo. Lt. Co. (Be- 
gan op. 1885); cap. auth. & pd. in 110,000. 

Pret*. P. B. Cod^>on Wabub 

Sec.. C. B. Backus " 

Trcafc. AMgr. T. W. McNamee " 

Ch. Enpr. O. U. Young " 

1 d. c. arc Ft. W; 3 a. c. Ft. W. 1000-200-100 t. i. 
ph. 1U.U(K) altni*. T-H boc; 35 d. c. area 6.5 amps; H 
a. c. arc*ij 5 umps; 5000 a. c. Incs; a. c. day cir; pwr. 
cir. .'iOO v: MX) hp. e. Bass, Harris: 500 hp. b. Bab.^ 
W, Erie C. 

City cont. 30 incs. c. p. 2000 $70 per yr. all nt: coal 
$1.85. 4« ^S 

WARSAW, 8.987— Warsaw Water Co.: W. O. Piw 
Cotttn Prei»:C. L. Street Treas; I. G. Snttoo Man.* 
Pur. Apt: 65 arc T-H; 300 ah. iuc Slat; 50 v. T-H 
MX*. : no dav cir. : 140 h. p. enp., Rna.. N. Y. Safety: 
130 h. p. b.. Sinker-Davit* ; city cont. 60 Its. c. p. HW 
St)8 per yr. nu>oDlt: coal $3.25. t 

WASHINGTON, 8.551— Washington St. Ry. A B«. 
Lt. Co. iBepanop. 1892): Z. F. iiraham Owner: F. 
S. Cadon Supt: 2 d. c. arc Ft. W; 2 a.c. Ft. W. IIOH; 
10()..vj V. s. ph. ir..800 altns. T-H soc; 187 d.c. arc*: 12 
a.c in«\ an.'f : .*kHR) a.c. incs: a.c. dav cir; sL ry. pwr, 
cir. .VK» v: S^Ohp. e. L. A B; 950 tip. b; city conu 
ai; nt. V» 

WaNhincton Lt. A Water Co. city cont. 144 It*, c. 
p.2^KU ;^75 iN>r yr. moontt. all nt; coal $1.S9. &i 

W.%YNKTi>WN. ToT— Wavnetown Elec Co. <B«- 
can op. 1»!1»:>: ES. Aetiricli P A M; P. Greer T: 1 

d, c. are W. E: 1 a. c. Ft. W. 1100-110 v. a. ph. 1.3W 
alti!*. Ed. *oc: 30 d.c. arcs bU ampe; 75 hp.e. Atlaf: 
HUip. b. Atlas: citv cont. IS Its. c. p. 1200 160 per jr. 11 P. M: coal $1.50. 82 

WHITING, 8,S^l-Whitins Eler. Lt Co.; cap. HO.- 
i>Oi>: no M^: .1. A. tiill P. & P. A: G. J. BaderS. 
A F: .V T. Camen^n Supt: 2 d. c. arc. Ed: la. c. 
s. ph. W.tmMj, e-Ji^^llOv. 16.000 altns. EdL toe; 50 d.c. 
an- •.* I? amp> : 12 a. c. arcs; 4.000 a. c. incs; 350 hp. 

e. a;. is, ide. S.tM\: 8.M1 hp. b.. Penman A McCoy: 
oiu .'or.t. .V> .sro*. 3lU> c. p.. W5 iH?r yr, allni: coal 
tl.iO. « 

Wl I.I.I AMSrOKT.1.34:>-Williamsport Wtr. A U o.Hi| S-y .W: 1 >m-thSupt. W. H. WellerCTi. 

Ki.^i; : :» o- T-U umWi2v. altna. Ed. soc: £ 

sr\-*. Mt.H.c. :ro*: b^« hp. e. Ru*; 100 hp. h. Ra»: 
c;:> cont. iu..v;-.'.;, r.-.dct. 99 

WIN AM AC, ! ■>!— Oitv Water A Elec. Lt. Plant 

vV ;::.■..• .^»:a: o:\ iSt^^: cost $a0.00a 

• >.v Mcr .\ IV. r. Airt, C. C. Cnster ... Winamac 

: .\ c. .-iTV' F:. W. 1 a. c. Ft, W. HOQ-lOt t. s. ph. 

!^^\X> atv* Kd. »oc: 28 d. c. arcs 6.5 amp«; 1509 

nv>. :iV>p. 0. Rckye: 126 hp. b. FtW,F.* 

M . Co ; iN^a: $2.». 


WINCHKSTRR. &^»-.CitiufM Wmter A Lt. C^ 
cit> «snir 45 \\*. c. p. iOM $60 per rr. mooiilt: coal 





niOTOM-. I.*ia^Indliitt« WIT, ^ LL Co. 

U. V. IUl'h, J r , , WortUlngUili 

i Pur, Ajr*. C. G. PeiTOU. .,, , . , , 

S. V. Pcmrtt........ 

B.l|Mt,, ....„...,. 

•fC Ft. W; ] A. t. ¥l, W. 1 100 iflO T. m, ph. 
la*, Ed, «oei M d. c. Lntu 9.ti ampa; l£00 *.c. 
i taf*^ t^mr.AU; »•> hp. b. AllfeL 
vtl. m Uft. e. p,»OQO $42 per jr. mooult; eoAl 


T F. K N»nci^.... ...«^.Aclfi 

Wartvn laUOlQOv. laOOaUnj. Ed, boi;; t3iL.<.'. 
TUO a o, incj; ia5 hp. iK >, C ; isa hp. b. Erie. 

uijk 11 lU. 1.% p* 11^ per jf. ftU nt; coal 

i^ lie 

liK*A.9§l— Antmnre Elt^^ Ca; (Begtn op. 

Cf. A. ItoM . .,,,,„. ..Adn 

0.e. 11U t; I ». c. Westir. 3000-101 v. » ph. 
Hi. VA* •«! ; lie it c. Inc. arcd; *JJ tl,e. Inea; 
1ibe«; aao hp.o. VoTt A. Jc T: S:3:& hp. b. 
mL 4 area c% ju 1200, 40 iuc». c. p. 12 S1& p^r 
nit. 122 

LSHA. S.W9— Chickishji Eke, Lt. & Pwr. 
unop. lOOOK enp. |8-*500; Tni.i Irving F, T. 
jTW. fip*uldtiiK Cii. Enjff. A Eipcu; 1 n.c. 
tldO-llOv,, J<*.000 AltJi*. Ed. ftoci lOn.c. 
Kiopt; lOOac, tDcai I50bp. e. Ball; 150 hp. 

117 «c»at. 4 m. a. p. SOOO t ^U rit; c^nl 


riA90B— I>ar^t It^** *^ I'^- ^"* fBegan op. 
KprifflOOO: oobflsi P. U. To bin P: A. ^rd^ 
lt( T. H. A P. A; 1 a. e. Wi^Ujs. IJOCNllO v. 
KU ulini. Ed ioe; Iff d- e. ircii fi «impi: TOO 
s. *45il hp. e, liam, Rtti; «50 bp. b, irB; city 
lU^ c. p> VdCO 1 100 per jr. all at; cual $^. m 
HEW. Ll,*P«r. Co. «ed 

JKE, 4,aM— MuacoffPi? lew 4 Pwf. Co. 1. d.p, 
. c. Ft. W; 115.800 >htis; 00 d. g. an:«; SOOO 


Ll* 2 5T7— Purcdl Kl^'Ctrlc Co. (Began Op* 
ap. iutb. S3i.\(K» pd. hi fit, 000, 10 p <:. 41 v^ 
anliandP; W. G. Bluucbiiid S. A T; O.J. 
I If. & P. A; t2 a. c. WerLg. Ft. W. JOiJ<ilOi v. 
tOOOaltu^ Ed* T n aoc; 4 a. c. nn.* :^ &mp#; 
toici; 140bp.e. AiJa8, N'ft^k; HOlap IvAtlne; 
It, I lt». c. p. 1300 ll'iil p*'r jr. miwjiiU; wood 
IliLfiO. Al»olu,LciinRtoij,0. T. SI 

CO. (Ikipuiop. 1B01); cap. nutU. $&0,000, It- 

J. * »»''■ Sij.JIcAlviter 

t T Wftdc....... . *' 

ft f \\ J. W»de........ 

^r .. -i V. « ph- 7200 nUas. Ed. »oc ; 40 
- auoo *.o. iBc«; asu Lp, c at, L; UOO 

.:,l| 4. 1£!S 

, i^.^iiik^-Vliiita Elec. Lt. Ic« & Pwr. Co, (Be- 
1000>: cap. aitth, |SO.000, iMUed f^J^OOO. 

B.aUtatii»n - - - ' VlniUk 

iff. * Fup. Aft. C. E. Lobmau........ *' 

r^'. R. UeGL^tgtH.. * ** 

Ecu, 8.8. Smm '* 

Waft«ii lOOO^lOft T. e. pb. lfl,000 iUin*. Eii. 
jw r anf* 4 & fl.ff ampt; ISOOa. €. iiicp; 150 bp. 
: : p. h. MniTjij. 

rw f. pu aeoo fflo per yr. 41 luce. c. p. 

1 3t^«7&— WotffODer LL A Pwr. COt 


El,«i&^8L &. BreEiDmi? 4^ Tiro. ; (B«frati ou. 
'- n*»„t,«n^ P; B. T>. BreBDiBg M; B. 
Ni(.h3o#Ch. Elccn: 4d. c. Ed. 
T'li 90f*', ^d.c, inc. arc 9 5 amps; 
l|i,, -, ..... ;.jK«, td»]. Atlw: 310 b p. b, BtoI, 
Ua«: City omit., eO It#. c p. lOi— pcfyr. 

* il,eo' no 

Ackky Eleo. & G&a Vo. esd 

AIJEU 1.213— Tbc Adel Mill Co, (Buffimop. 1000). 

Freii. V. W. Hancock....... Ade 

Sec. & Trta*. S. M. Leacb....... „..„„.,... «^ 

f Mer. Supt. dt Ptti-. Att, L. MMacy .**,.. " 

Ch. Ener. L. II. Cook....,,...,... .... " 

1 a, c. Wc«tK, noo-ioo V. 2 pto. 7900 ftltiiB. T-H km; 

11^ a, c arte 6.& ^mpa: 1S09 a. e« Idci!; 82 hp. e. AliM; 

00 bp. b. Froit. 

C10 cont. 10 Ito, c.p. ISO ptT jr. locKvnlt. mdat 

eoal 31.31. I3t 

AFTON, l.aoO-TfJWTi of Afton manic); ooittA,* 
5001 PlAiit l^as^d to J. .r. Itsxu-r: 2 d .c. Ed. 114 v, ; 
Ed. ioc; 33& d,& Iocs; 35 hp, e. Rut; fiO bp. b. 93 

AI.BlA,18,a8»-Albla Eleu. Lt. A Pwr. Co.; ciip. MO,- 
000; C. S. Jftckioa P; O. Brown S: A. tt. Jaukson T. 
& » ; K. Clifton P. A; 1 ati; FL W; 1 d. o. Ed. 125 
¥, Bd. T-U eoc; 31 area ft.O ampa; 10 d, c. Inc. arc<«; 
S.iMJO d. K. In!?6; 170 bp. 0. A. & 8; tOO hp. b. Spring; 
e]ty crmt. 35 Lej). g. p. ISOOO |B4 par jr. moonlu all nt; 
tftil f l.ti5i. ftl 

A1.GONA. a.«n-Algona Eke. tt. 4 Water Bept. 

AI.TA.9ei— City of Aha (Mnnlc) (BcfRti op. 189«) 

coft I : U, F. TlnckncUP. A, W. II. Fowler 

SapL. 1 d.c. G. E. 230 V. : T.-H. *oc; eiOO d.c. Inca; 7Q 
bp. e. Idp; 90 hp. b. Frwpt. Off 

AM£I», l!,42a-Clty Elee. Lt. Plant (Ulunlc.) (Begui 

op. 1§80^; cap. $17,000; bd». $17,000, A p. c. int. 

t^Mgr. &Pur. Aifi. F, W. Lm<»bmi|fli. „...,,.. Amea 

Ck. Kngr. F.M. Fuller .. ,..,. ..., " 

Cb, El^fn. Jokn Harcj-lv ** 

1 a. G. Weeti?. 1100 100 v.*,pb. T.aoOaltnii, T Hitoc; 

38 i, c. arcs fl.6 amp**; 4000 a. e. incs; S^ kp. k. Ida; 

BOO tip. b, SpriBBfleld. 
City cont. IS afcm SO itic«». siOOO & S3 e. p. i(}5 p«!r 

jr. mooolt; notilSl.lO. i}t l£8 

ANAMOSA. a,aOO— MelcalJ EI1H2. Ll, Co.; (B<sgitt 
np. tmoj 

1 Snpt. A Pur. Agt. C. W. Meiealf... Anamcsaa 

I am VU W. ; 1 d.c, Kd. 230 t. : 1 a.c. Ft. W. tOOO- 

100 V. IS.OlO KttTiJi. Ed. «K'; ISa. c. arce 0,5 anipe; 

10 d. c. arcH 0.5 amni^; 110 d. c Iuck; 1000 a. (*,. inca; 

ISObp.u. Cor. ISObp.turb. Lvff^l: lOO bp.b. Emppe, 

Cltj dCPDt. 10 arci o, p. SOOO mdnt, p|* 123 

ATLAWTICt fl.OOO— AUaotic Elec. Lt, Wk». (Mnnit-.) 
(B«£aB op. 1801) cmi IM.OOO; bdt. auth. A ontatK. 
mJooo. m p. c, int. 
% Mcr. APnr. A«t. A. M, Nipp«?t.. .Atlantic 

a d.c. G. E. Wfrttp. 2aO tlO V. 8 w; £ a. c Ft W, 
1000-M> v,i. pb. Ifi.OOO altBu. T H eoo', 15 d.c. Inc. arc* 
5timp»; 1300 d.r-. incf; S a. c, area S amM : 4,000 a. c. 
iocii: a. c. daycir; 50Obp. c H,0. JfeR; aflOhp. b. 
Fimn, Brnl. 

Ci iv cDut. im) He. c. p. 32 $13 per jr. mooalt mdnt; 
coal I1.MI. ^ ISS 

AUnroON* 2.000— And nbod EIto. Plant; (Began op. 
ISOI); c(wtlH^,00O. 

Owner N. L- Freeman..... ,_.. ...Aodabon 

^ Mitt, a Ptit-. AxL E. .1. Fff*einrin . .,.*.... •' 

Zn^^^ NcLtl. lOOO-^ V, I4.50O aUnR.Weati?. m»; 1,1X^ 
a,o. incs.r IMi hp. e. Pho^^u'i; 150 bp. b. Cutifidd. 

City cont bl Ita. c,p. IG $12 per jr. nidnt; coal fi.OO 


AVOCTA. t.O'27-AToca Elec. Lt. A Pwr, C*), (Bte&m 

op lE^l); cup. aiith. & pU. In llft.OOO. 
Pre*. G. Diedi-rich...... , ,.."-*.-.....,.. A"fOM 

* Situ. Treiw. A Pur. Agt F. Diederlck. »* 

Stipt. J.J. Uimley. ............... ...,,,,.... " 

Ch. EfijfT. B, McCowley ............. * ** 

Id.c. W.B. aao v; Wentij. bcic: 11 d. c. ln<5. *rcA«.e 

amps; 1100 d c. iocs; rJO bp.e. S. C; 150 hp. b-D-M. 
Clij cont. 40 Hi. c. p. U $16 per yr. moonU; crt«l 

%2. 133 

BEDrORH, 1,B77— Bedford Elec. Lt. & Pwr Co. 

tB<-eniiop. I8«t); C. W. Wili^y Owner, M. * P, A; 

2 ± c. G. E. loe t; 1 a.c. FlW. lOiO IW v, S ph. 17.000 
altna; S-M ioc; 10 d.c, Incarr*; 30ood. c. iurs; gOOO 
&. c. Inca; ISO hp. e. Wealg; 00 hp. b. ^ array; city 
cone 4 arc ^ 75 Inca. c. p. ISCN) A SS #40 A fB per yr* 
moonlt^mdnt; coalil.75. u^ 





BELLE PLAINE, 3.500— Belle Plaine Blec. Lt Co.; 

Pre«. S. S. Sweet Belle Plaine 

IT Mj<T. A Pnr. Agt, W. A. Mall 

2 d. c. arc 8td., T-H; 2 a.o. T-H 1000-110 v. a. ph. 
16,0ii0 altng. T-Ii Boc; 45 d. c. arcs 9.6 ampa; 4 a. c. 
area 5 amps; 225 hp. e; lUO bp. b. 

City cont 22 Its. c. p. 2000 moonlt., all nt; coal. 122 

BELLEYUE, 1,607— City Blec. Lt Plant (Munic.): 
(Began op. 1896); cost »),000 to date; City Conncil 
P. & T; Z. G. Houck, P. A. A Sapt; 2 a. c. Ft W. 
1000-100 V. B. ph. 16,800 altns. 8. M. soc; 12 a. c. inc. 
arcs; 1.800 a.c.incs; 200 hp. e. Ide; 200 hp.b. Kew. 21 

BLAIRSTOWN, 1.000— Blairatown Elec. Lt. A Pwr. 
Co. (BeKan op. 1802); cap. auth. A issned $4^iO; G. 
W. Partley P.T. A P. A; P. H, Deppy Ch. Kngr; 1 
a. c. Royal 1100-110 v. s. ph. 16.000 altns T-H soc; 
500 a. c. incs; 650 hp. e. N. Y. Safety; dfiOhp. b. Mc- 
Allen: city cont. 30 Its. o.p. 32 A 60 $15 per yr. mdnt. 
moonlt : coal $1.44. 92 

BLOOIVIFIBLD. 2.105— Bloomfield Elec Lt. A Pwr. 
Plant; (Munic); cost $20,000; bds. auth. A ontstg. 
110,000, 5 p. c. int. 
1 Mgr. A Pur. Aj?t. P. H. Palmer Bloomfield 

2d. c. Eddy 110 v. Ed. soc; 15 d. c. inc. arcs 5 
amps; 2,200 a. c. incs; 175 hp. e. Rus; 160 bp. b. 

8 com. arcs c. p. 2000 $75 per yr, 149 com. incs. c. p. 
16 $12 per yr. munt •{« 122 

BOONE, 8,880— Boone Elec. St. Ry. A Lt. Co. ; cap. 
ilOO.OOO; bds. $71,000; L. W. Reynolds, P.; S. T. 
KtauflKld. 8. A P. A.; City Bk. of Boone, T.; 1 arc 
Std.; 2 d.c Ed. 110 v.; 1 a.c. Westg. 10000-100 v., 
16,500 altns . : Kd. soc.; 50 arcs, 10 a.c. arcs, 15 d.c. 
Inc. arcs.; 2,000 d.c. incs., 1000 a.c. incs.; 550 hp. e. 
Westg. ; 550 hp. b. Murry. Spring. ; all nt. 127 

Boone Electric Co. city cont. 81 Its. c. p. 1200 $70 
per yr. moonlt. all dark nts; coal $1.25. 62d 

BRITT, 1,M0— Brltt Lt. A Pwr. Co.: (Began op.l897.) 

cap. auth. A $12,000; bds. auth. .A issued $3,500 

8 p. c. int. 

^ Proa. Mgr. A Pur. Agt. L. M. Goodman Britt 

Sec. A Treas. C. T. Larson ** 

2 d. c. G.B. 120 ▼: Ed. soc ; 17 d.c. inc. arcs 5 amps; 

1400 d. c. incs; 126 hp. e. Ide; 125 hp. b. Murray, 
(.nty cont. 15 Us. 2000 c. p. $60 per yr. moonlt. 

mdnt; coal $2. 122 

BUFFALO CENTEB,1,000— Buffalo Center Elec. 

Lt. Plant. (Began op. 1898). 

5 Supt A Pur. Agt. E. E. Secor Buffalo Center 

Ch.Engi. A Kk%n. David IlannMng. *' 

2 d. c. Brush, W. E. 110 v; T-H soc; 8 d. c. arcs; 

550 d. c. incs; 75 hn. e. Atlas; 80 hp. b. 
City cont. 25 Its. 32 c.p. f 1.52 per mo. moonlt.mdnt; 

coal $2.10. 122 

BURLINGTON, 23,201- People's Gas A Elec Co; 
cap. $— ; city cont. 200 arcg. c. p. 2000 $70 per yr. 
moonlt. coal $1.85. 
BiirlingtoL Ry. A Lt. Co.: cap. $1,250,000; bds. 

nOOO; G. H. IIigb<'e, P.; E. C. Walsh, V. P.: C. 
alsh, 8, M. A P. A.; J. T. Remey, T.; H. Heln- 
xel. Spt. 49x 

CARROLL, 2.8H2-Carroll Elec. Lt. A Pwr. Co.; cap. 
•a5,iX)0; bdH. $3,500: J.Kennebeck. P.; C.W.Bruner, 
8. A P. A.; H. A. Iloator. Spt.; 1 arcT. H.; 2 d.c 

Ed. 115 v.: hoc: 17Hrcn; 1.000 a.c. incs.; — 

hp. o. Safoty; --- hp. b. Frmn.: city cont., moonlt., 
mdnt. 127 

CARSON, «:«— CarHon Kl«»c. Lt. Co. (Began op. 1898) 
cap. auUi. |11.0»)0. ik1. hi $5,000; no bds. 

Pres. C. E. Denton. Carson 

1 S««c. Mgr. A Pur. Agt C. T. Uarvey »• 

Tn»aii. O. T. l^awson " 

1 d. c. Com. 290 t: T-U soc: I d. c. inc. arc 6 amps; 
650 d. c. incs; 84 hp. e. Murray; 65 hp. b. 

Citv cont. 80 Its. c. p. 10 $12 per yr. mdnt; coal 

$2. 4- 1«2 

CASCADE. l,266-Ca8CAde Bleo. Lt A Pwr. Co.; 

(Began op. 1895); cap. auth. $15,003, pd. in $7,000; no 

Prce. D. M.Finley O 

If Sec. Mgr. A Pnr. Agt. H. L. Dehner 

Treaa. J. W. Beatty 

Supt A Ch. Engr. R. H.Skahill 

1 a. c. Westg. 1100-106 v. s. ph. 7,200 altn 
boo; 4 a.c. arcs 6.5 amps; 800 a.c mca ; 80 hp.e. 
100 hp. b. Pittsbgh. 

City cont. 4 arcs, c p. 2000 $72.50 per yr., m 
mdnt: wood $8.25. 

CEDAR FAIXS, 5,819-Cedar Falls Elec. Lt.. 
Pwr. Co; (Began op. 1897); cap. aath. auth, $ 
pd. hi $18,000; no bds. 

Pres. Geo. McLean Ceda 

Sec. Quo. Lichty 

Treas. Roger Leavitt 

IT Mgr. A Pur. Agt. Austin Burt 

Supt. A C!h. Elecn. J. P. Jones 

Ch. Engr. 8. J. Ross 

8 a. c. Westg. 2200-100 v. s. A 2 ph. 
altns. T-H soc; 31 a. c. arcs 6 ampe; 4200 a. c 
800 hp.e. Gates, Ide; 200 hp.b. Star. 

City cont. 5 arcs c. p. 1200 $06 per yr; 183 inc 
82 $12 per yr: moonlt; coal $2. •{« 

CEDAR RAPIDS, 25,656— Cedar Rapids Blec. 
Pwr. Co. (Began op. 1882) cap. auth. $600,000. 
$800,000; bds. auth. $200,000, iasned $175,000, 

Pres. C.J. Ives Cedar! 

Sec. A Treaa. I. B. Smith 

5 Mgr. A Pur. Agt M. J. Greene * 

Supt Thos. Sloss 

Ch. Engr. H. E. Shedd 

6 d. c. arc Brush. Wtrhs, W. E: 8 a.c Westi 
-106 V. 2 ph. 7,a0O altns. Ed, T-H, 8-M soc; 2; 
arcs 9.6 amps; 206 a. o. arcs 6 amps: 21,187 a.c 
a.c. day cir : pwr. cir. 500 v; 1350 hp.e. Bckye 
W. A A; 2025 hp. b, Heine. 

City cont. 265 arcs c p. 2000 $75 per yr. mor 
dark nts; coal $1.75. 

CENTERYILLE, 5.256— Centerville Lt, Ht 
Co. cap. auth. $60,000; T.P. Shonta P. R. L. I 
Bton 8, T, M. A P. A. — arc W. E; 1 d.c. W. E. 

soc; 80 d. c. arcs; — d. c. incs; 150 hp. 

hp. b. Murray ; city cont 58 area c. p. 2000 $f2 ] 
moonlt; coal $1.65. 

Citizens' Elec. Lt A Gas Co.; cap. $85,000: 
Shantly P; C. P. Campbell 8, T. A P. A; R. SI 
Supt; city cont 58 Its. c.p. 2000 $72 peryr; cos 

CHARITON, 8,987— Citv Elec. Lt Plant (M 
(Began op. 1889) ; bds. issued $7,000, 4 p. c int 

Mavor G. W. Alexander Ch 

Clerk G. G. Fancher 

Treas. J. Bradon 

IT Pur. Agt C. U. Palmer 

Ch. Engr. H. Row; 

Ch. Klecn. F. P. Haas 

8 d. c. G. E, Hawkeye 110 v; 15 d.c inc. arcf 
d. c. incs; 200hp. e. Sioux C; 240 hp. b. Des B 

CHARLES CITF, 4,227— Charles CJity Lt A I 
(Began op. 1892); cap. auth. A issued $75,000 
auth. $50,000, issued $35,000, 5 p. c. int; G^. B 
P; H. V. Pussell S, T. M. A P. A; H. Bluhm 8i 
a. c. G. E. 230i>-104 v. T-H soc; 44 a. c. arcs; 
inc. arcs; 5000 a. c. incs; a. c. day cir; 500 hp. < 
400 hp. b. Erie; city cont. 60 Ito. c. p. 1200 $44 1 
mdnt; coal $1.80. 

CHEROKEE, 3,866— Clierokee Blec. Co. (Begi 

Pres. R H. Soribner Cto 

Sec. W. A.Sanford 

Treas. E. D. Hanford 

^ Mgr. A Pur. Agt W. H. Grover 

Ch. Engr. F. O. Nelson 

Ch. Elecn. T. E. Nicbol 

1 d. c. arc G. B: 2 a. o. O. B. 1040-104 ▼. 8 ph. 
altns. T-H soc: 19 d. c. aroa 6.6 mmps: 85 a. < 
6 amps; 3600 a. c. inoa; 860hp.«. Allis; 200 

City cont 19 area c. p. 2000 $7t per jr, S2 iac 
per yr. moonlt mdnt all nt •!■ 


T^^enoD .*.,... ...,,.. ClJLff i^da 

c«: ?&ltp. e. Dnvnpt; 130 hp. b. BmL 1^ 
Lfw Klec. Ll Cd, [Bef^afi dp. 1902] ; CA[i^ autb. 
tit! in |5iij«j<V; no ba». 


HuffisE. Lw...... 

' ^20- nu V. 2 pK TWfi altna, Ed. 
m Jk c- «rc« 4^0 JUniis- IWD a. c. jno; «. c. 
. li^V^llOv; 1A0 bp.^.Marray : SDObp. kHuiraj. 
i3Dnl, 46 lU. t.p. mKJO fi£.SO !»'' ^^r^ i"<l"t' ^^^ 

Ei?C, 1,475-atr ElecLt. pkut (Mutii^.); bdi. 

A Pur. Aift 4, E, WilMn.***. ..Cludon 

. t. I, U&t; id.r. inc. nn^a 20 mups; lOClQd.c. 
Ti h[», e, I4e; *<5>hp. b. 
■r»?4 c. {K SKXJO tipper jr; cooJ f l.fifi, iSi 

LAME, l.TOS^-^Ck•r L*ke EJ«c. Lt, & Pwt. 
tri^axi op. IBM); cap. notb. A lavucd |£0,OOU. 
div^ J L Eliel P. & P. A I G. A. EtaH S. A 
L\ Branioii iiupl, ^ Cb. Eng; ^ a. t?. Ft. W. 

00 b|i.«. Mattmy ; flOO bp, ti. Murrajr ; eHv ootit. 
»- p. Ji flS^TS ii«i jr. mootklt. mdmt^ noal §9, 

>X, *: flaft-€Hnron On* hL ^ Coke C3o. [Be- 

181^% J; c«p. auth. isaiKOCU. 

* « jf r. s*. M. HiiEbhiiids Clinton 

3. E. Litm b. .....,,..........*.......,. 

Aet I>. tliittjiier ** 

H, E. Can- ................ "* 

fnfrr, Jn« OAltaKbeTw.., '* 

. WcT Ht 8 ft. c. TM 1000-101 M v. t. pb. 
iltni. T-Hmc; fTOa^p S.^mnpii: lO ».c.^rci 
; aOUO a, c ii5r»; a. c. day tlr. lf>4-54 i^; pwr. 
v^ tKH bp, e, Bufte; TOOhp, b. CuUbh. 
r?oiH. ^00 li#. C. p. 4000 |S5 WT >T. com. arc» 

rr. IDC*, t& ci#. piff feiT. ill a ark bonnftf co«l 
■{• ise 

X*£.063^Cit¥ EI«C U. Plant (MttBiC.^ (Be 
. I»4;> fmv 1 17.000. 5 p, c. dU. 

RKMlilT., -.-- ...Colfai 

Ifjr, A Pur. AjfL P. U. Harblcan ,, , . ** 

I, y . n, Wiirttt .,.»..,,.. ** 

, G. E. JOiD 104 r. 8 ph. 10.000 aluiv. Ed. «f>c: 
hm 4.i^if[init; 1,800 li. <i Ioi^b; '^00 bp. e. S.C\ 
aNu bp b K««[iey. 
DOOL 00 lu. C' 1>. ^ f'^1 per fr.mooulL all nt: 

"^ last 

tAFItl«, l.on— Klpc. Lfirfac Plant CBeean op. 
wp^aath. A titotd t3O.i0); A. PixoD F, P,A. 
T W. B. HlJtoa ^' *lJ..U. Dixon T; B.C. Now- 
a. WalUeeCh.EngTi 1 d. c. 2^ v; T^n «<*c; 
*«»; 4C0d.c. tnoi; laobp- e, Froii; aoobp. 

»€*. «^t4A-Coriifiiff Blec. Co.: cap. II5 00O: 

6»a«P;C. C Norton T; F. L. LaRtitjs. A 

IL Wa]lt43« SupL; L.OOO alt Inc. Wcits?.: 

ctr: lift h. p. eng. W«iie, N. Y. §Jif**ty. ilO 

OK, UTT-CitT EJe<r, Lt. Plant: (Munlc); 
^p.lWin; b^la, lao.OOO: D. B^UT Cb. Enpr. A 
I a. t Ft. W. aOOO-lOS^Sa v Ed, soc; — bp. o. 
; m bp. b. Mairaj, 110 

tL BIAIFFS, i&J02-^ill£eiisGa« A Elec. 
p. autb. $2SO.OOO; bda. aatb. $277,000, 6 p. i:. 

Wm. B Hotd. Cotiticil Blxtfls 

K C.T. Bwvel •' 

W, H. Frin:bniftii ., ,.,. " 

3«en. E. A. awe*'t ** 

ilOOaltitt. Ed« W««tg. toe; 163 %. c. aits; a. c. 

fflfoL lO Ita. c.p, «flOD ITO per jr. moonit. Cur* 
tta from Omaoa K^ec. Li. Co. 12S 

:}v,7,7S£— Cnatoji Gaa A Blec. Co.; eap. 
»; bdi. tOQ.DOft; C D. Jrmcfl. P.; S. B. lloFft;. 
.: Joii*#A Bor«v {lDd«peQdenc«p Ik,!. M't. 
'*.; J. W. Stratton Supr; 2 arc T-H. O. E; £ 
r iOOCMiiS r. la,000 altnfl.TU pnci 40 aroe 10 
LSOO a.e* Jtio*; 360 hp, e. Ide: 300 hp, b: city 
. tt«. c.p. »U0 179 per jr. all at ; coal 1 1.^. il 

» A V K N i ' O I tT, .ii, iV4- 1> u v*^u port G a# & llec , Co. 

cap. Jititb. lSt)y.(Jixn leaned NUO^OK); bdj*. autb, %4m,- 

mK i^DUtfii frlOOiJOD, 5 A (/ p. e. lut. 
Prffl. G. H. Uiijbfie.. ..........,,,.. .Davenport 

1 :Scc. M. A P. A. J. W. WaUb ,., 

Trefln. J, IV Ki^mey .„,„ ** 

Ch. EBgr. W. L, Bowefi " 

Cl». E1*h;ii. F. Brtdow...... 

3 d. c. pwT. VV.E. aao vj 4a.o. G. E* Nml. a0O(H00O 
V. I4,a0 alf un; flOOO %. c. toot; d. c. pwr. cir 2:;o v; 

1400 hp. (». AIIIm: 1400 bp. b. Morray. 
CHy eont. 4rt }U. c. p, 3000 ITtf per jr. c<3m. am 

$74 per jr. moon It. all nt; eoal$l.M 1^ 

Davenport Pwr, A Lt. Co. (B^att op. TSOlf) cap. 
autb. IIUJOOC). i^Poed fSO.CMW; no bde; B. K. Hiiuay 
P. R li. McMulhm S, M. * P A. S a.c. G. E. I04SK 
104 T, ». pb. l&.OOO altfia. S4 aoc: 12& n. c area 7.000 
a.o. iucji; a. c. day cir; pwr. dr. 5CM> vt 800 bp. «, 
H. O, A K, HcL dt S; TSO hp. b. Heine, Murrav, 
Bupp, te 

PeoplB*^ Ll, Co.; cap, an lb. t£5O,flO0; A.W.Vatider 
Vf^r P; J. a Youuic i^; A. ButdickT; F. W.Knlley 
Snpt; D. W, Whtklna Cb. Kner; 3 n.c. G. E. 10*0- 
104 V. — pb. Ifl.OOO ttllim. Efl, T-H i^n*': 100 a. c. area 
ft^bampa; iS.OOOa.c. tuca; a.d. Anycir: pwr. cir, 50f> 
v[ 900 lip,iJ.Mcl. * S, M-iirers, Cor; 750 hp. b. aetne, 
Murray Rape ; coal 11.70. jW 

DECOR AH, 3.540— Decorah Elec, Lt Cot (Bofin op. 

imrv: cmp, autb. i50,t)00. pd. in $33,000; bda. autb A 

lASnedS^ODO^Op c- Uit. 

1 Fn-a. Mcr. ^ Piir, Agt. W. H. Bnrtla Decnrab 

ncc, O. W.Adama ,,.,..,.,, 

TTuan. M. S. Howatd ......... ......... '* 

Cb. Elccn. A. M. yberry ..., 

1 a c. arc Q. K: 3 d. c. 230 v; Kd, T-H aoc; ]& d, c 

area 9.0 amp#; ao d. c. Inc. area •Z^f* ampii: 3000a d. c. 

lnc«; d. c. day clr, 2!W v: d. c. pwr. clr. 200 v; BOO bp. 

e. Uh: 250 hp, b. Sprlngf, 
Cty tout, 14 Itfl. c, p. iJOOO $— per yr. at! nt; coal 

$3.50. 4- 122 

DEXISON, 3.000— Dcntflon Elec, U. A Pwt.Co.; cap. 
anth. $ao,000, jid, in $ie.OOO; E. Gulkk, P.; J. I". 
Conner 8; -f. B. Koraana T;?^. J. WheeJeTlW. A 
P. A. W. P. Hover Snpt A ferecn. ; 1 arc Ft. Wi 1 
ft. C. B. pb. Ft. W. 1106-5St; Ifl.OOO alto h,; T-H aoc; 
3S«€?r!e*an^»; 2,000 a. c. itita; 350 hp. e. Murray; 180 
bp. b. Peorta^ city cont., 3^ tt&. 1300 c. p. $lk} per 
jr, moonU, ludnt; coal $£.fiO. {H 

DES MOIXKS fS3,nO^DPB Motnw Kdl^nn Lt. Co. 
<Bt'KAn op. iKciij ; cap. autb. A pd, iij 11,126.000; bda. 
autb. A uutft^. 1690,000, 6 p. c. int. 

Prea. HinadelL Faraont. Dv Molne« 

V.Pw*. &Mgr. R.H. MoMDllao......^ 

Sec. A Tr»aa. H. M. Pran<3la. ........... ** 

f Pm. Agt. IL Buflt'auj... ** 

aopL P. B.gawjer.. ..,...„ ^* 

Cb. EnCT. B.K. Black mef.... ** 

Cb. Elecn. W. N. Ktser _.♦...... 

7d. carcG. E. 330 115 vj &d.e, ptrr. G. K. esOv: 
a a. c, a. E. 0)00 in V. 3 pb, 7,200 altfja. Kd. prv^ ho 
a.c area fi amppiT 7«) d.c Loc area 3 A B am pa; 30,000 
d. c* iiifti. 7!iOU a. i-. Li»oa;a.c?. day clf. £lO-iliv v; d. c. 
pwr. clr. S30 v: 0000 bp. «. M. A 3« R. A 5; 450 bp, 
ttiTb Lt'lTyH- asoOhp. b Bob. A W. Stir. 

City cotit. 370 Ita. c, p. ilOOO fd5 $7^ A S6 per yr. 
all nt; coal $ht^. m 

DE WITT, l,SdS-De Witt BldC Lt A Pwr, Co. ; (B^^ 

gan op. IfW); cap. tft.OOO. 

Pren, A. G. Oatraan.. .***..... ♦^,.,*I»e Wlu 

V. Pn**, O. W,W»lla<;e ,. 

« Sec. A For. A|fi. W. J. Cam«roa .,. ^* 

TfCAft. A. M. Frtiw-.. ....»,.,,.,. " 

Ch. EuETr A El«»cu. C. Westfall , , ** 

1 a. o. a. E, T H lOIO-lOl y. 1,600 altna. Ed. T-H 

bog: 4a.c. aTO«;SO0 a. o, locft; lOObp. q, Allla; 140 

hpr b. Star, 
City cont Sfl Ita. c. p. 24 $1,300 per JT, qioodU. 

mdnt; cioaJ $3!.a&. \'^ 






DUBUQUE, 86.S97— Union Blec. Co; cap. aath. $1,- 

000,000; nobfts. 

Pree. F. D.Stout Dubaquc 

V. PreH. D. D. Mver* 

8cc. & Trcas. J. R. LimlKay *' 

1 MKr. & Piir. Apt. F. L. Dnnie *' 

Supi. A Ch. Elecn. C. H . Hale '* 

Ch. Enpr. H. L. l>tr«ch 

7 d. c. arc Ft. W; 4 a. c. Weatp, Ki. E. 2800-108 v. 2 

ph. ?iOO altnf*. E<1. roc ; 400 d. c. arcs 9.0 amps ; 175 

(K c. arc0 4 A 6 amps: W,000 a. c. Inca; a. c. ifay cir. 

108 v: pwr. cir. 50u v; 1500 hp.e. Ham, S. C; 1800 hp. 

b. Stir. Htand. 

Cllv Hint. ;rr() lt». c p. 2000 $01.75 per yr. moonit 
coal ^2. 122 

DYKBHVILLK, 1.32i— Dycreville Lt. & Water Co. 
cap. auth. $15,000. ikJ. in i;i2,0U0; no bd». 

Pn-H. .1. J. Dunn Dyereville 

8cM5. H. K. Kreroor 

Treat". 1). A. (Ji'liric " 

»apt. A Ch. EU'c-n. ('. K. Smith 

1 a. c. Wam-n lOlo-lOo v. ».. ])li. 7AK)altni«. Ed, T-H 
hoc; 16 a. c. arci« 14 ampn: IJO hp. e; M) lii>. b. Frmn. 

Citv cout. 1(> arcs c.p. *^mi^» I per yr. 20 inca. c.p. 

50 moonit: coal $2.^5; wood S3.50. ifi 122 

BAGLK GROVE, 5, 000— Eaple Grove Elec. Co.; (Be- 
pan op. 1H94): cap. auth. & f3.').UK). 

I*n«H. .1. lnn«'H Eagle Grove 

» St-c. Mpr. A Pur.ALM. J. A. Innes 

Ch. En^r. <). K. Hunt 

Ch. El«'(:n . L. W<t/cl '* 

1 d. «. W. E. 125 v: 1 I.e. Wentg. 2 ph. 2200-220-110 
V. 7,a00 altnH. Ed. hoc; 8 a.c. arc ampp; 10 d.c. inc. 
urcfi&ampH: 1,200 d. c. iniM*: 8.500 a. c. intra: d. c. 
day cir. 125 v; pwr. cir. 125 v: 420 hp. e. AUis. S.C; 
350 hp. b.Frmn. Murray. 

Cliy <r«nt. 135 lt*». c. p. 25 & 100 $12 p«r yr. for 25 

c. p. moonit. all nt: coal $1.75. <i* 1*2 

KLUON. l.H50-Kld(m EIoc.Lt. & Pwr. PiantfMunic.) 
cont $7,000: F. F. San(I«'rH M. & W A; la. c. W. E. 
1000-100 V. 7200 altnH. T-H hoc: 12(j0 a. c. ince: 
HO hp. V. Bckye; 115 hp. h. Buriinpton. 21 

ELI>OKA, 2.233— Eldora Elec. Lt. Co.; (Bepan op. 
lHtf2); cap. auth. & \h\. in fSO.OOU; bds. auth. $15,000, 
outatp. $12,(X)0,»Jp.c. int. 

• Owner A Mtrr. W. S. Porter Eldora 

' Hupt. .I.P. Walnh * 

1 an* T-H; 4 d. r. Ed. 114 v: Ed. ho**: 27 d. c. arcs 
UaniiMi; 15 «l. c. in««. arr-H 8.5 amps; 3,800 d. c. Ince; 
400 hp «•. F. & S; 240 hp. h. Itrnl. 

City cont. 27 Itn. c. p. 2000 $fX) iwr yr. moonit; coal 
$1.35. + 122 

K>I.MKTSIU'U<J. a,;j»;i— EniinrtHlmrir Kh'C Ht. & 
Pwr. <"«•. <B»Kanop. 181H.I); cokI $20,000; not incorp. 
no IxIm; .John McNamara Owner; James Me.Na- 
inara S. \ T: II. E. H«Minett Snpt: 1 d. c. V. S. 220 
v; la. c. Warren 210i»-105 v. >. ph. ir.00 altns. T-H 
H<M': 2J •!. e. arr.>; 15<H)a. e. inrs; 100 h p. e. Ide; 200 
hp. h. siar: eitv cunt. 20 Itn, e. p. 2000 $00 per yr. 
m III. 1 \. \\. 'JO 

BHTIIKKVILLI':,3..'J0<^— <'itvElec.Lt.Plant.(Mnnic.) 
(Bepan op. IHOD; eowt iM().(Hk); 1 a.e. Ft. W. HlOO-lOO 
V. H. ph. Irt.HOOHltUH. Kd. HtH'; 25 a.e. ares: 1,500 a.c. 
Inew; UK) hp. e. Bek\e; 100 lip. h. 110 

rAIIlFIKLI),4.rtW> -City of Fairfield (Munic); coHt 
lA.(NN); iw» »mK: .1. F. DearduilT Sunt: 1 are Brunh: 19 
an*H; 2:> hp. •-. Demarnh; i:i5 hp. b. Huh. 02 

Fairfield (ian A KhT. Co. rap. $50.()0l); hdn. auth.A 
outHtk'. $2.'..(H«>. w p.e. Inl: C.D.JoneH P. A P. A. 8. B. 
Hcivev S A T.; ('.\l. VanPatten Supt: 1 a.c. (i.E. lOCX) 
-52 1»V«» altnn. T-M nor: H)0H a.c.inCH; 00 hp. 
e. A. it >: TO hp. h. I'ond; coal $1.4.3. 21 

KAYKTTF.. l.:n.*>- Knl^'ht A Hoxt. 

rORKNTCITY, l,H(M> Forrnt City Klee. Lt. A Pwr. 
(%!.: (Betfan op. tWW): M. Barton P. A M: C. L. 
Pr«'t»eotiS. A P. A; C. ThompHon T; P. H. Madlpan 
Hupt. Ch. Enpr. A EUvn; 1 dr. urn TH: 1 a.e. G.E. 
IIIO-KM V. n.ey. ph. 7.2tK)altnH. T-H woe.; 10 d. cares 
7.7 anipn: * a. e. an*H 5.5ann»; HUM) a.e. ines; 150 hp. 
e. Ball: n'lOhp. h. Frmn; eltyeont. lOltf. c. p. 1200 
$6S.]I0 iM'i yr. ino< n:t. mdnt: ooal 12. 00 

FORT DODGE, 12,182— Ft, Dodge Lt & Pwr. Co.; 
cap. 1125,000. S. T. Meaervey, P. ; A. T. Mee^rrev, S. 
A T.; E. R. CnnuinKham. P. A. A Spt.; 3arcT.-H.; 
2a.c.O. E. mcy. 1040-208-104 v., 7.300 altna.; Ed. 

see.: 07 arcs; 3,000 a.c. inca.: hp. e. Noid.: 400 

bp. b. Armstg; city con t. 63 arcac. p. 1200 $86iier 
yr. moonit. all nt ; coal 12. 18 

FORT MADISON, 0,278 — Ft. Madiaon Elec. Lt 
Co.; (Bcpan op. 1888); cap.ffiO.OOO; no bda.; S. AtW 
P, 8.A T; J. Henderron M, P. A. & Sunt; F. O. KcU; 
ElccR ; 4 d. c. arc Brash; 3 a. c. Brush 2000 v. l(i,lMO 
altne. T-H aoc; 120 d. c. arcs; 5000 a. c. incs: pur. 
cir. 500 ▼; 350 hp.e.Kas; 500 hp. b. Mnrry; citv cohl 
04 Its. c. p. 2000 $07.50 per yr. moonit; coal $2. SS 

GARNER, 1,288— Garner Elec. Lt. Pwr. & Telephone 
C:o. G3d 

OLENWOOD, 3,(MO-Glenwood Elec. Lt ft Pwr. Co. 
(Began op. 1802) cap. auth. $30,000; A. H.Winkler P; 
H. Culwell S: R. Morris Ch. Enar; E. L, TyronCh. 
Elecn2 a. c Koyal. T-H 1100-110-55 v. p. ph. 16.000 
altns. T-H soc; 8 a. c. aacs; l,3u0a. c. inca; 235 bp. 

o. Ide, Murray; 175 h p. b. ; city cont. UO Itn. c. p. 

32 $— per yr. mdnt; coal tSL W 

GRAND JUNCTION, 1,118-Gnuid Junction Lt.. 
Ht. A Pwr. Co.; cap. $5,000; F. B. Cnrtia. P.; Amos 
Oldenburg, V. P.; M. W. Younkln, S., T. A P. A: 
2d. c. Keater, 110 v.; T.-H. soc.; 18 d. c. inc. arcs; 
600 d. c. incs.; 76 hp. c. Watertn.; 120 bp. b. Froa; 
city cont moonit, mdnt 

GRKENE, 1 300— F. J. Pflffner Owner (Began op. 
1000): F. S. Pflffner Owner, M. A P. A; C. Lan^n 
Ch. Engr: 1 d.c. Ft W. 110 v; Ed. soc: 7d. c. mc 
arcs amps; 800 d.c. incs; 60 ht>. Weatg; 65bp. b. 
Kew: city cont. 25 its. cp. 32 $135 per yr.mdnt; cosl 

fi.15. no 

GREENFIELD, 1.800— Town of Orcer.aeld (Mo- 
nic.) cost tlO.000; W. L. Battln Supt: 1 d. c. F. i. 
W. 250 V. T-H soc: 700 d. c. incs. 00 h p. e. Ide. 1* 
hp. b. Ties ^. 110 

GRINNELL, 4,000— Carney A Hammond; cap. tio.- 
000: B. J. Carney, P. ; M. F. Hammond. S.. M. A P. 

A. :2 arc Sld.,T. H.; 2 a.c. Ft W. 1000 60v., altn?.: 

T.-H. HOC.; 34 arcs; 1,500 a.c. ince.; 180hp. e. Id<>.: 
city cont., moonit 18 

GRUNDY CENTER, 1,822 -Grandy Centre El«. 
Lt Co. cap. auth. $15,000, pd. in $10,000 lOp.c.iiiv: 
no bds. 

Prt'H. A Supt W. H. Scott Grandy Centre. 

^ Sec. A Pur. Agt. E. H. Allison 

Trean. R. M. Finlayson " 

Ch. EnKr.H. Card 

Ch. Elocn. W. P. Walsh 

1 d. c. arc: 1 a.c. h. ph. 106 v; 16,000 altns. We«t;. 
TH soc. 24 d. c. arcs; 1,300 a. c. incs; 125 hp. c: 1^ 
hp. b. Murray. 

City cont 16 arcs. clp. 2,000 $47 per yr. moonit S 
A.M. coal $2,25. 1« 

HAMRURG. 2,070-Hambarg Elec. Lt Co. 

Pres. E. B. Ilallman Haml'Wj: 

^ Mlt. Pur. Aiit & Ch. Engr. F. M. Blnnt. .. ** 

Supt. E. P. Reeder »' 

1 n.e. Royal; 1100-50 v; s. ph. 10,000 altns; 100 bp.**. 
Murray. 100 lin. h. S. C. 

City cont 67 Its. 82 c.p. $15 peryr. moonit. mdnt 

onl $2. ISi 

HAMPTON. 2,?27— Hampton Elec Lt. A Pwr. Co.: 

(Began op. 1892); cap. auth. $50,000. ts#aed $80,000. 

20 p. c. div; bds. aniD. A oat»tg. $10,000, 6 p. c. int; 

« Pn-s. Mirr. A Pur Agt. Jas. J. Roe Hampton 

S<'c. A Trean. E. W. Roc *» 

Ch. Enirr. W. M. Roe " 

1 d. V. arc. T-H 1 d.c. Ed. 110 v. 1 a. c. Werts. 1000- 
100 v; h pb. 16000 altns. T-H soc; 80 d. c. arcs; &S 
amps. 21 d. c. inc. arcs; 6 amps. 2 a. c. arcs; 6 amp*- 
2800 ah. incs; 200 hp.e. Sioux City; lA>hp.b. (Spring- 

Citv cont 80 Its. c. p. 1900 $00 per yr. moonlL mdst: 

10 Km. coal $1.60. 10 

HARL4N, 2,422-CitT Elec Lt PlmBt; (Manic) (Be- 

Sn op. 1801): bds. IlKooO, 6 p. c int: J. A. BlUklt 
, P. A. Supt. A Ch. Bngr; 9d.o. G. B. 118 ▼: Id. 
soc: lOd.c. inc. arcsSamps; tOOOd. 0.IBM; mh^ 
e. Murray ; 100 hp. b. 8prin|pftflld. It 

U8lO-cnj U. ^ Wtr. Work*, 
F LL Plant coflt $^,(KM); bdfl, $13,000; 

gt. E. S, Biebop. ... , . , .Oiiw&rdi'n 

, Q, K. 1040-ltM V. 16,000 idth»\ 

c* iiJCH.; no dny dr.; 100 hp. e, 

P^aterui; moonli. i A. M. LSt 

?OT— Peter Mttrov Owner: CBeemn 
"oy Jr. M. as Supt; lac. T-H tOOO- 
OCK» ■ItDH. T-H 40C-; 4 a, c. arc»7.S 
not: 7^ hp. e, N. Y* Safety ; TB hp. 
ipt b. Baker J( W; cfty cont. 31 Its. 
T. moonlt: ctiAl^.T&. 110 

ii— Humbolilt El PC. LL 4 Power 
M: cap- auch. 1 10,000, imukA |a,- 

-ertis. n umlioldl 

;r. Art. A. J, Aubkv ..*... ** 
aUO-llS V, S ph, 7,300 alttti.'Ed- »oc; 
»; 1800a. c, tncs; i»0 bp, t?. S.^C: 90 
Flwroan; uoaU 3:2. ISSI 

N^— Ma Qrote Elec Co; (Begati op 

ised......... ..» Jdd Grove 

[ »,»***..*., ** 

:t,Tl. C.Cliftcra,. .,.,,.... " 
%»te«?tt, „,,.**-, ».*.,,,..,, ** 

. Shea,..., **.,„. *' 

10^60 ¥* «,ph. m.OOO *ltnB. T-H ioc; 
DOhp. e. S. C; 400 hp. b- Watuitti: 
. €.pM SilLAO iwr yr^ mooidt.mdnr : 
I* )2S 

jK, 3,<J5C— Cilv flf lTid(*pon(lPiic« 
itiecllSIO.QM); bdj. ^utnnw^iais f20,- 
, Chli- Lt, Coin, A. O, l^iieniP<?y, 
, Stftti. 1000*^00 v.. 15,000 flHua, [ Kd. 
l,OI»A.e.laca.;900l[ip. e.a.C.: 300 

%Ml^la6y.nolt LIglitliijr Platit 
KlvOQO- iMlfl. SJi^.OOO 4 p. c. iut. 
irman. ................ .IndimnolA 

I rammittoe ,**.,.. " 

Jlure ., " 

. iJniittldtooo ....,,,...,„. ** 
'. LiUt*iilhTg... *..,...,... '* 
10 Co. lf)e«.;£^ bp.e. Mnrmy A. ± 
mj; nKKiaU. all nt: cowl $UBO. 1)^2 

»7— Iowa City Kl#c. Lt. Co.; cap. 
DOO. « B, c. int; T. C. Carson P; ft. 
k G. M t a *rfi FL W : 1 a. «. Stan. 
^30 akuc. T-B soc; ItJVd. c. arcn: 
150 bp. e. Jdf^; ^10 Kp. tiirb. Leffeh 
sit J cont. UiT Ita. c. p. £000 $Ti.50 

,000— Iowa F«Ua Eleo. Lt. * Pwr, 
i06) c«p. auth. tlO.OOO, [ffued t^, 
outsCi^. $U,0OO & p. C. ml. 
Uy., .. ,.,...„.,_.... Iowa FjjJla 

. E. Po«tcsr. "^^ 

ft. F,B,CurtlJ<,. .....,., " 

arrrn UOO-lllO t. 16.000 aUnii. T-H 
I WMpiii .V^XJ a. c. Inos. aOO hp. k\ 
Ftcb, Mnrniy. 
I, iOOO f .p.fra per jr, W lues, m c.p. 

qm — Jeffewon Lt-, Ht.i Pwr, <fc 
120,000; bds. tl2.0U0; 

nm ........ * ,..-.,*. J^'fTerioii 

nitaiiKbw ..,......,.,.»,„ 

elkigif,.,. ..., ,,,. ♦* 

& : ' Vk d.' Ft wV ioooiim V. ; ^. pii. 

So; ^d.C. arcs. i*,tlrttn|ii', I WO a. c. 

Ci fiOClbp, b. Atlftf^. SpTlnij;. 

s. c. p. «J0O| per yr. moODtt. 

S«ii«fltt Mill A Lt, Co. [Be^D op, 
10>OUO pd. in SU.OOO. bda auth. Js 
c, tnL 

or. Agl, Cbav. Locke. Ken»etl 

em,... '" 

rTtV*'3lK., .*..,...„„. " 

flolmoD*^*... „.,....,.,.. " 

1 d. c. Kd, mci 400 d- c. Inc*; d. c. pwr. elf. 2S0 v. 
50 hp, e. flO bp. b. 

City coat 19 lt& c. p. SJ S30, ptsr yr. 11 A. M, 
Coal f ITS. l^ 

KEOKUK, ll.flSS -Keokuk Elec. By. A Pwr. Co. 
cap. aotb, MOO.OQO; bdef. ^Otb. ^t ieeued ^O^O.OtXl; 

Prefc*. A Ut-n. M^r. A. D. Ayros. ........... Keokuk 

V. Proa. J, E. Crmi^..,... 

1 J*upt Jc Pur. Ajft. A, 8. Grenler...... 

5 d.c. pwf, Witijtg. 600 v; 8 a. c. Weatg. 1100-104^ 
V, s. pb. 16,000 iltns. Ed. voc; 170 a.c. arcs; 4S00D a, c. 
Inc«;00Obp.«. Ball H. O. A R.; 900 bp. b. Wkki. 

City coot. 146 «ts, 0. p, UOGO $80. per yr. moonH. 
CaiU $L76. im 

KKOXVfXt.E, a< 1,11— KooscTi lie Klec. Co.; {BegAU op. 
1888); cup. auth. $^,00O, pd. In 115,000; J.S. Bellamy, 
P. A P. A; M. A. BelUroy 9. & T; C. Qastoa Elecra; 
Id. c. W. E. 110 V, T-H 80c; a d. c. arc* namps; 8000 
d. t, Inca; xm bp. b. 8. C; PW bp.b. Dea M; city coot. 
118 lacH. 3£ c. p. S1L45 per yr, all ot 32 

LAKE CITV, 3,703-Lake City Elec. Co. fBe^an op. 
18D§) cap. BUth. f20,0U0: liunea $11,000. » p.e. dlr; 
Prea. .l.fL Coady.. Lake City- 
Sec, Ira B. A roey ........... ** 

t Mifr. 9u |H. A Pjir Aijt. Cba^. Half ord. ... '* 

1 d.c. W*«i|f.llSO v,EUU aoc: Sja ISampt; 
1000 d. C. Inc*. aaO be. e. Ide; «J0 bp. b. Atlan C. A T, 

City cont. 10 lu. «:. |i. ^.OOOftfO. per ru muQUlt. all 
nt; Coal$L6«, 128 

I.AKE MILL^, 1,300- J. B. Coalej, owner All.t 
<Ueg*tt op. 18S^^K 
Cb. Eiiifr. K. Peturenn . , . , Lake M ilia 

2 d.c. G. fi, 110 v; Ed. «oc. d.c. inc. arcp, 5 nmp. 
S60d. c. inca. lOd hp. e. Marray, g, C; eo bp, b, 

City cont. B arcs. c.p. 9000 $110. i>cr yr. 10 tnt'i. S3 c. 
p. $12. [Jeryr. oioonU. oidiit. lO P. M> coftl $3.00. l« 

I.ANSINO, 1.438^LaQBlog Elec, Lt. Co. (BeffAli Op. 

ISSTT}; W. Noppej- Pi-op; W. F. Nopper Cb. Eagr, A 
Elecn: 2 d c. Boulun tSOy: S M »[>c; 4 d.€. Inc. ari^st 
],050ii.c. iocs; 75hpe. Erk-; W> bp. b, Erie; dJty 
cont. 4 MTC 21 in;>B. c.p. litm tfe S^ $16 mooult. 1 A.M ; 
wood $2.72> tn $3.q0 ; coal $4, 1^ 

I*A PORTE CITY, 1.410— La Porte Oty Eleo- Lt* 
ifc Wtf. Co.; cjip. I5SV,000; W.D.Wuironer F, M. 4 P* 
A;G. ItAoiforS, J£ T: G. B. Hoivmati Biipt; 1 a. c 
Ft.W. HX>!)-H)0 ?. m.SOOaltns. 9-M aoc; fta. c. aTOi; 
1800 &.e. iufiki; tOO bp. v. Uall; iJgO bp. b. O. J^T^ 
f3lty oont. JIO Ita. o. p. 32 $14,40 per yr. noonlt. mdfit; 
coal l^flO, 5t 

LE ftf ARfJ, 414^1- l>e Mars CItv Wtr. ± Lt. Co.; cap. 
II W, :000; b<l3. iJ*(M)00; J. F. Knorr, P, : J. fiiiraroiki, 
S. A M.; 30 aro, l>,000 alt. im,, T.-H. ; 1000-52 v.- T.-H. 
Ro^^ ; no d«y cif. ; 350 b, p. eng,, S. C. ; 4IW b.p. b.. 
Holly Jk. Sspvucer; city dotit. 29b 

LEOK, 1,005-Li^oii Elec. Lt. Plunl rMnnlc); 2d.o. 
G. E. 1*6 V, T H Boc; i d.c, lac. area: J^d, c, inci; 
100 bp. «. Idet 100 bp. b. Atlaa: city coot. 65 Ita. 
c. p. 15 f« pf-r yr. moooU. mdnt; coal $e6a 91 

LISBON, 1,000— C\tv of Hsbon f Motilr.) ; (Began op, 
1B95); Ml*, ftulb. & outstc. 113,000: W.H. Bimkle 
Sopt. & P. A: E. W. MdFarlaod Cli. EngT^ I a,o. 

Kt. W. lWO-100 V. altna. T H loc; 17 a. c. uPce: 

1300 A. c. mo*.; 74 bp. e, Bekye; 100 bp. b. Feum; 
moon It. 90 

LOGAN, 1,?jT7— T^gHii Elec. Lt, Co; [Began op. 1^5] 
Vtw, C a. Bolter.. ......................... Logan 

^ Heo. M(cr. ^ Par. Atft O, W. McCortl *' 

Treiae, W. B.Jobiisioii ...., *• 

Cb. Eut^r.A tlt!Cn. B, Palmer ..,..,. *' 

1 4, e. Wi»t|f. 1100410 V. 3* ph. 16.000 fllrni: T-B 

ioo; la. e, urea; ?W ». e, incs; 100 hp, p. Ham: 100 

hp. b. McA. 
City cont. 60 Its, c. p. m $1^ per yr. toooalt. mdnt: 

coft] $1.70. 13» 

LYOiTO, flwOOO— City of LyoB^ (Munlc); oo«l I -i 

M, H. Madd^o P. A; C. E. Haywcxsd Supt; S mtn 
Ft. W; STarca; l»0 hp «. Baas; 100 hp. b. Baia; 
mooBlt. ■* 





BfcOREGOR, 1,408— McGregor Elec.Lt. A Pr. Co. cap. 
$15,000; Clurk W. Thompson. Pres. A Treas.; H. W. 
Thompsou, Sec; M. I. Vought. Man.; 10 arc, Up- 
ton; 2,000 alt. inc., Std.; lOW-lOOv.; T.-H.. Westg. 
80C ; no day cir. ; 100 h. p. eng., B. & W. ; 100 h. p. 
b. : city cont. t 

MALYEBN, 1,166— Malvern Lt. A Pwr. Co.; cap. 

19,600; no bds ; L. W. Boehner, P., M. A Spt.; J. D. 

Paddock, 8.; 2 d.c. £d. 110 v.; Ed. soc.; 600 d.c. 
, Inc8.; 100 h.p. S. C; 130 hp. b. Watertn.; citv 

conL, 11 P. M. 1S?7 

MANCHESTER, 2,887— H. B. A E. W. Hoag, Props, 
cap. 9b,000. 42b inc Weetint^honse ; Leffcl tnrb. t 

Manchester Heat Lt. & Pwr. Co. e2d 

MANNING, 1.169— Manning Elec. Lt. Co. ; cap. auth. 
810,000. pd. in $5,000, 10 p. c. div. 
^ Pres. M gr. & Pur. Agt. PcUt Ohrt Manning 

Sec, & Trea-. W. B. Twaney '* 

1 d. c. Tri. 220 v. 12 d. c. iilc. area 2.!> nrnpfl; 2600 
d. c. inc«; 150 hp. e. Murray; 160 hp. b. Murray. 

City cont. 10 Its, c. p. 2000 $96 per yr. moonlt; coal 
$1.70. 128 

MANSON, 1,424— Manson Elec. Lt. Plant; [Began 
op. 1902.] 

^ Owner & Mgr. G. E. Haney Manson 

Supt. Wm. Kolkerts 

1 d. c. arc Stand : 2 d. c. (i. E. 110 v. Ed. soc; S2 
d. cares 6.7 am pe: 600d.c. ince; 150 h p. e. A. &S: 
200 hp. b. Des Moines. 

City cont, 17 Itt*. c. p. 1900 $»W per yr. com. arcs $72 
per yr. moonlt; coal $1.60. •{« 122 

MAQUOKETA. 4,000— Barces Elec. Lt. A Pwr. Co- 
(Began op. 1807) cap. anth. $40,000, issued $36,150; 
bds. issued $15,000. 

Pres. A. B. Bowen Maquoketa 

^ Sec. & Pur. Agt, C. F. Goller 

Treas. C Schrader . , " 

Supt. C. Waples " 

2 a. c. Westg. 6000-1000-100 v. 8 ph. 7.200 altns. 
S-M soc; 50 a. c. arcs; 3000 a, c. Incs: a. c. day cir; 
pwr. cir; 200 hp. e. Cor; 300 hp. turb. S. & B; 200 
np. b. 

City cont. 60 Its. 2,000 c. p. $65 per yr. moonlt, 
coal $3.25. 122 

BfARENGG, 2.00a-Marengo Elec. Lt. A Pwr. Co. 

i Began op. 189(0 rap. $i5.<>00; no bds; J. H. Branch 
», M. & K A; E. W. Branch S. A T; V. T. Matthews 
Supt. Ch. Engr. & Elecn; 2 a. c. s. ph. Wentg, 
llOOllOv. 16,000 alius. S.-M. soc; 14 a.c. arcs 5 amps; 
1.300 a.c. incs: 150 hp.<\Bckye. Ball; 160 hp.b. tublr; 
cllvoont. 100 lis. c. p. 32 $— per yr. radnt; coal 
$1.'80. 121 

MARION. 4,102— Marion Lt., Ut. A Pwr. Co.; A. L. 

Daniels. M. llKa 

Iowa Lt. lit. & Pwr. Co. 62d 

MAKSII.\LLTOWNM1.514— City of Mar«halltown 
(Munlr.) cost 126.000. 

Climn. Lt. Com. Merritt Grceue Marshalltown 

CliTk, J. n. Kgcrnu'VtT *' 

^ Pur. Agt. FnMi Deal 

('h. Enirr. 11. MadHon ** 

3 arc T-H : 1 a. c. Westg. 2200-220 v. 3 ph. 128 arcs 
6.8 amps; 80 hp. e. Allis; moonlt. all ut; coal $1.45. 


Marshalltown Lt.. Pwr. A My. Co.: (Began op. 
1893); cap. auth. 950().0(X), innued $2.')0,000; bds. auth. 
$150,000, outMtg. 1130,000, 6 p. c. int. 

Ph'S. C. 1). .1 ones IndoiK'udence 

Sec. S. B. Hovpy 

Treas. Mgr. A Supt. M. W. Hovey . .Marnhalltown 
^ Pur. Agt. JoncH it Hovey In<lciK^ndonce 

Ch. Engr. N. McCov Marshalltown 

Ch. Elecn. J. McLaughlin 

1 d.c. arc T-II: 4 a c. T-H, G. E. Westg. 1100 100-52 
V. 8. A 2 ph. 16,000 altns. T-H koc: 3 a. c. arcs: 8.HX) 

a. c. incs; a. c. dav cir; 675 hp. e. Ide, St. L; 600 hp. 

b. Lenox; coal 11.30. 21 

MASON CITY, 6.746- Brice Gas A Elec. Co. (Began 
op. 1889) cap. auth. $300,000; bds. aulh. $150,000. 

Prea. W. E. Brice Mason City 

Sec. A Treas. C. H. McNieler 

IT Mgr. A Pur. Agt A. W. Zahm 

6d.c. G, E. 220-110 ▼; 1 a. o. G, £. 8800-115 t. t. 
ph. 8,00U altns. Ed. soc; 100 a. c. arcs 6.6 amps; 1000 
a. c. incs; d. c. pwr. cir; 900 hp. e. Ide; 9UU hp.bL 

City cont, 100 Its. c. p. 2000 $60 per jr. moo&lt 
mdnt; coal $1.80. •{• US 

MISSOURI YALLET, 4,010— Mlsfloari Valley Slec 

Lt. Ck>. [Began op. 1888] ; cap. auth. $85,000, pd, in 

$16,600; no bds. 

5 Pres. A Mgr. A. Edgecomb Mo. Vtllej 

Sec. CH. Deur 

Treas. Geo. A. Kelloeg ** 

Ch, Engr. J. E. McClure ** 

1 d. c. arc Ft. W; 1 a,c Ft. W. 1000-100 t., 16,000 

altns. T-H soc; 60 d. c. arcs 5 aropfl; 8a. c. arcs: 

SOOO a. c incs. ; pwr. cir. 500 v; 900 h p. e. S. C; 450 

hp. b. S. C. 
City cont. 15 Its. c. p. 2000 $66 per yr, 66 incs. $12 

per yr. moonlt. all nt; coal $2. •{« VS 

MONTEZUMA, 1.210— Montezuma Blec Lt A Pwr. 
Co.; (Began op. 1889); cap. auth. $10,000, issued r.- 
000; no bds; C. K. Clark P; J. Hall, Jr. S, T, Sapi. 
A P. A: G Levake Ch. Engr. A Elecn: I d-c. Ft w 
HOT. Ed soc; 5 d. c. inc. arcs 4.5 amps; 18u0d.e. 
incs; 130 hp. e. Bckye; 120 hp. b. Frost; city cont 
50 Its. c p, 16 & 32 $12 per yr. moonlt mdnt; coal 
$ . W 

MONTICEL.LO, 2, 104 — Monticello Elec Co. ; (Begtn 
on. 1891): cap. auth. $20,000, pd. in $12,000, 10 p. c. 
div; no Ixls. 

Pres. J. W. Doysee MonticelU 

t Sec. Treas. A Mgr. R. P. Smith 

Ch. Engr. H. ,J. Lang ** 

1 arc, Std. ; 2 a, c. s. ph. G. E. 1010-52 v. 15.000 
altns. T-H soc; 15 arcs 10 amps; 7 a. c. arc 3.5 amps: 
28.<S3 a.c. incs: 200 bp.e. Phoenix, Harris; 100hp.turb: 
200 h p. b. Phoenix, Eclipse. 

City com. 6 arcs*. 39 inos. 2000, 82, o. p. $80 A «^ 
per yr, com. arcs $66 per yr.incs, 20 cts per kw.mdnL 
10 P. M ; coal $2.50. 4« 1« 

MT. PLEASANT. 4.108— Mt Pleasant Elec Lt A 
W^ater Wks. [Munic] (Began op. 1898); coct $18,000. 

1 Mgr. & Pur. Agt. S. C. Green Mt Pleasant 

Ch. Engr. John ilelser " 

Ch. Elwn. C. n. Smith ** 

1 d. c. arc Ft. W; 2 a. c. Ft W, G. E. 3000 It llOi^- 
104 V. 16.000 altn*. T-H soc; 75 d.c. series arcs; 
15 a. c. arcs 6 amp*-; :1000 a.c. incs; 350 hp.e. Murray, 
N. Y. Safety: IGO hp. b. Faucett 

City cont. 75 arcs 1200 c. p. $50 per yr. moonlt; coal 
$2.2t + 122 

MT. YERNON, 1,629-Mt Vernon Elec, LtCo.; (Be- 
gan op. 1897). 

^ Pren. R. M. Gardner Mt Vernon 

Mgr. G. C. iJardnor '* 

1 a.c. Ft W. 1000-110 V. 16,000 altns. Ed. soc; 1500 
a. c. Incs; 85 hp. e. McK.; a5 hp. b. Erie. 

Cltv cont. 61 Its. c. p. 60 $25 per yr. moonlt mdnt: 
coal $2. 122 

MUSCATINE. 14.078-Citizcns Ry. A Lt Co.; (Be- 
can op. 1892); cap. auth. $300,000, issued $150,000; 
IkIs. $I,'i0,0U0. 

Pfps. L. W. Prior Cleveland, 

V.Prcf. M.A.DeVltt Chicago. Ill 

Sec. A Treas. H. W. Hut tig Muvcatine 

^ Pur. Agt.& Mgr. H. T. FiKke 

3 d. c. pwr. (;. E, Northn: 2 a. c. Stan. 2900-110 ▼. 

2 ph. 7i!00 altns. Kd. soc; .50 a.c. series arcs? amps; 
72 a. c. arCK 3 A 6 amps: 8000 a. c. incs; a.c. dar cir. 
llOv: pwr. cir. 500 v; 7C0 ho. e. Bckye; 450 hp.b. 

Citv cont 150 arcs 2000 c. p. $ per yp, com. arcs 

A incs. 10 cts. per kw. 1 A. M. all nt; coal $S,25. 122 

NASHUA, 1.26H— Nashua Elec. Lt Co.; cap. $10,500 

G. C. Hover, owner: 1 a.c. Ft. W. 1100-100 v.. 16,800 

altns. T-tl hoc; 4 a. c. arcs 6 amps; 1500 a.c. inos; 75 

hp. e. Murray: 150 hp. turb. Lefrel; 85hp.b. Marray. 

City cont 65 in<». c.p. 32 $15 per yr, moonlt. all nt 

NEOLA, 1,000-Neola Elec. Lt. A Water Plant; (Be- 
ganop. 1898). 

Treas. H. Poggc Neola 

5 Pnr.Agt. A Mgr. J. A. Weber ** 

Snpt. A Ch. Engr. C. M. Henderson ** 





ft. iiK-. Ft. W. saO r; T-H »qc ; 4 d. e. iiic, area 
; aoo d, c. lDc»; »0 Up. e. Mtirray^ 106 bp. b. 

14. tJ.4:»— Ncviil* Klec. Co. ; (Bftpr»a op. IWi) 
LliUI; no ban; T. L. ^t?v«n P, FA ^t Snf»l: 
8»in«rt 1^. Jt Ti I ure Unit: I 11, f, West^f. 1000 
, m,tt«J »lttn. 5i-M 5W.; sefinfci: 1,600 tt.c Ides; 
4* Irrv*: :si:f> bp, h. Li«iiQox; cUy c«ul, 2& tie. 

nt^i A.H; (^iiAUi.oa. 110 

|AMrTf»f 2;i3B— New lUmpUitx Blec. Lt, 
1 !• op. l8iK}); cap. auth. flA.OOD. U* 

!,<■ , Liv; nij bda. 

. J . t . tiuJ^iccHtk ....... .New Hampton 

Ttvu. A Hkt, F. W. Brown. _ 

tujET, A SlfiCiL C.M.^ebooijmaker 
a E. W4} V. fl. ph. ia.000 akns. T-H soc; & 

(«B«ru»fiatia|M; £0y0*.caDti»; Tfj U^.tsBukyf ; 

vanu 5 HfW c, pu ISOO $73 per yr. ai inr«. t:. p. 

jn pcf jr. nooQiL 1 a.M; c<ui ilm, 4. i:^ 

laARO^. t S^'.New Sbiinin Kl&c. Lt. A 
- : R RnH^Mff !V L\ E. W*U«s« S. 
U^ ItOgtTft M. & P, A* I Ik & FL W. 

i». .: . . >. T-U#oo: T^a, 0. luc»; 6&bp. 
*••; HO Up. b, Ilowarth ; cit>' coaL m(>onLL 

»W, ».C8«— City of Neirrcin (Maufc.^ (Bpgiin 
I) coitlt^ocn: A. acAtei P. A. A ^upt, c. 
'V Ol Ei*gr. A Bl(icii. 4 d* e, ErI. D*t. llfl v-. 
id. toe; OS*], o. Inc. arcii; QJOO d. c, ttiCfi; S7S 
iarrajr: ICO hp. b. Hun-Ay ; oont, cUy moonlt. 


ton l?:tet Tft.; cap, t ; H, M. Vnugbitn 

d.Cv G. K, IWv.x T.-H. ftoc-; t&d.c. Imi. arc»; 
Cioc*.; 5!00 hp. e. A. dfe &.; Rlcts; 2O0 bp. b. 


IFIItKO^* |,fl0«-?Jora9priap« KJec. LL Ca; 
«S00; IK E. .l*t'ob*on, T„ M. A P. A.; 1 *.cl 

E^IOtt ¥,, inotIO ftUnP. ; Wt»«rp. soc. : 600 ji.c. 
f, ftK«; iObp.v. B/iIh M. Lurh, LeS^l: 80 
in; eity coiii. moouiL midnt, tiO 

iW001>, J,?n-Xiiribw*wiiiRioc- Lt Pltmt. 

A Mer. U r. >U<lMn ...... ...Kortbwood 

- . P. mverU(»L', 

J. Nartfai]. 12D ¥^ Kd. met, 30 d. e. Lekl nn^; 
liiCi: 100 bp. e. Ifle. 100 hp. b. Murrov 

i. I8arc4c flOO i^ iaX» c, p. $48. A fflO per 
nilDi^ co4t p, 123 

61.14s— Ck I w 1.^1 n Lt Tit A Pwr. To. file- 
.1900) J «*.<;. Wiimiti niK>-10(J¥. m.rHJtJnl(up. 
ii t3a,cLaru; S.^M) a. c Inoi: Uu Irp. i\ ide^ 

|j. P««cb: oily ooiit — lli. e. p. lauO $00 pet 
Ki]L S A. M; trmil $S.6&. 127 

*• 1,1^3— OtiAwn Lt, Hf*! S^ Fwrr. Co. 
IE CITY, l.S00^41niiige Oty El«c, Lt. *fc 
0; [Heican op. iBOtf]. Clip. )uuh. .& pd in. $1^. 

C*d!v; nf* htin 

A Vantier Mdtirs OfiUieoCity 

iTmu^M. *<.U'^u,, „ 

Bwrr. J. W. MStdiM^l... 

TNiU. 100tMtJ0^50 ?; ■. ph. lOOOO rIUis. S-M. 
Wft,e, iiicni WObp. e. Ititsj ISO lip. b. **pnnB, 
', Burin. 

not, a» in*?a, 32 c. p. |li,80 per jr. moonlt. 
.: OnJ i £.10. ]2i 

pS^7i4-<i»ge Elcc. Lt. Ht A Pt. fU: eap. 
; W. L. Entoti P: .T, A. l^mllb S. A T; K, W. 
P. A I D. i\ WiUlb^n M; I am T-H: 1 li. c. 
ia-a«! ^r. |5.0*A> liltiifr. T H »«; 44 mm»\ 2000 
c*; lafl hp; lurb. Lclfrt; city cont 2} |U. ts.p. 
Dfwryr, moobU: wttttt pwr. 110 

L4 * ""'^'' * i'**^*'fllft Elec Lt Co.; (Uegtn i>p. 
5a t iQ«O»O0O, 1& p. C. illW 

V n, .♦^..,.,., ....... Usceciln 

t !'■ " .,/. HArrtKon , .......... ,. •* 

A pur. .^srt M, N. HarrSfcm ♦<„ 

lii^. E. WKrvt-n*. ** 

^gen. L. Ki*rt3ty.. , ♦* 

Sk Ft W ; 1, ».c. Royal: nmtla-J^^v, s. pb. 
|K T U aoc: 1« fJ, f. arcji. i> <J ami ft; ;! ft.c. *rc-. 
S*aO»*e. in<!w: l?fl bp.i-. H.C. KWbi'.k Frmn: 
mit l»aTe*. 2000 r. p. r.-^ tJer yr. 4a liw^. (i3r% 
fr. At] Ht mcKinU; cu^ $t(iO. tfi PJ! 


i>SKA£.0(IHA, Id, 000 -Of kal noun Lt. Ht * Pwr, 
Co.; cup. flOO,m<); .1. F. :Mf!NVdl. P.. W. T. PliUilpi, 
e.: J. U. Wamjti, T.; W. A. Mr.N\-Llt M.; O. T. Wat- 
kiUN, P, A. .It Spt; i d,c, S. A IL 110 v.; 3k) d. cr. iutj. 
urcs, ; i.OOO d.t. inc'a,: flOO Up. a, Dobnqiif; city 
t**mt 3j Ufc. e. p. eooo 11^ per yr. iuoGiilt;tfc*J $1. 

OTTi MWA, lfl,lfl7--CHtt»rnwaTr!iM;.il t,t On, [Suc- 
cc««orBto tbr lUTumwa Klfw * Stm. Cc*], cup. Aiitb. 
Jt p d . 1 n , ^^Xi.Oi ,U. Li pj3. antb , $300,000. 

Pa^. J, H. Merrill ....Oitumwn 

1st V. Prefi. G. W, W aiUutt. . ..,♦.,... Onuih* Neb , 

ad. V. FrfM. S. Mahon....... ., ..,.Otinrawa 

aeCpJ.B.Sax ,.,...,. 

Ttcm. J. W. Uftmcr 

Cb. Ekcn. MrPoIlni?,.. 

OXroitD MILLS, 200-Z\na Klec. Lt & Pwr. Coi 
(Bt-lftfti op. IBC^t] cap atith. & pii. in. $14,000. 

^ Owners H. A. & r. K. /.ion,.. Oxford Mllitt 

Cb. EUfrr. E. Jobi>« n " 

1 A. o.l>i). |!;k-c. 34iiO-ll5 V. a ph. 7:^ altiifl. B'l. toe: 
14 d. c. inc. arc»: liGOm. c. \n& l^ hp. o. Aot Hall 
Sa lip. pirb. LefTeh 120 np. b. Murray. 

City ion L ii arc*. I*(i0c-, p. $60. ptT yt 45i inc*. IS 
c. p. il&. per yr. m^Kinlt: coal $l.tt4. {Co. alan ]t«. Ox- 
ford Junction and Wyomitijf.J 4" 1** 

FAIiOilA, DS^U-Pauora Elec. Lt Jt Pr. Co, M. M. 
Rijynoldii, Pree. & Pur. Agt,; A. J. UfuipblU. Sec 
A. RejiioldA, Treoa, 400 ultf. Luc. WetTg. no t], c 


PAHKKRSBiTBG, Mttl-ParkcD^burg Eke. Lt, Et 
Jt I'wr.Co. 

PKLLA* 2,M33-P(?]la Elrf. Lt A Pr. Co.; cap §17, 
AOO: Uuwaldn Uroa. QH^nei-s; t'^*iMJ nit lot^. T-H. 
1I00-6S v; T H so*:;, no diiy cir; 120 hp. e. Atiiu*: ISO 
li. p. b. , 1! Duniii Im ; cI t v con t t 

FERJtV, a^ms^Pbrry Klec Lt Pwr. .t Ht Co. (B<- 
gan op. 1000 cup. AUth. $100,000. pd. in 1^,000; bill. 
mdHi. i£ outiiljr. 7 p. r. lot 

^ Pre*. Mift, & Pur. Apt, A. L. H(iid«rt...,....Peny 
Hfcc, U. Ii. Lyon.................. ...... .... '* 

Trefti. H. Brimii ......_. ....... " 

Cb. Elecn. A. E. Jone*......... .......... " 

1 d. c. arc. W. E. l a. t;. Wettj^. 1000-100 v; S pb, 

7,200 altni. Ed. loc; 40d. c. iicrlca mfv*; TrSampi. 4 

a.c, arce, am|Mi. S.flOU t c. Uies. S60 hp, «. AHIm; 

500 bp. b. Heiiip. 

City cont l^ Its, 25 a. p. $t30 per mu. moooEt uU 

m: <s(»i$i.60. 4* Iff 

FKT£RM>K, 621-Ed. SVtz; H, .\. Slt^ S. A P. A; L. 
Siti M; 1 d. c. Western llOv; 100 d. c. iocs; 1^ hp. 
e; 140 hp. tuib; 170 bp. b. FroMt; coal Si.75. m 

BED OAK« 5.000-Hfld Oak Eire Co.; cap. anth. 
$.^.000; bd9. auth. & OQlifCg. $^,000; G. E. Claftn P; 
J>. F. McGe« Ml i d.c are T-H: a d. c. H C, Weate, 
SiJO v; 1 d. c. pwr. asoWO vj O. E; 2a.c. T-ll O, E. 
1100- too V. «. ph. I(kOOO altua. T-H. Ed. toe] 00 d. c. 
iirc4 fl.^amps; 20 a. c. arcd oampn; ^d.c. Inc. area 
H a to 5 amiw; 000 **. «. Ine, arc-; rkWO a. c. in*^ d.c 
duv Mr; pwr. otr. 220-600 y; 500 h p. e. 9. C, W»tf. 
F. & S; 5JKJbp. b. Mtirray, Krie. Frost; city coiit. 
mixiiilt. (Al«orfpgrnteiheatl£tjr plant). US 

BICElVILLE^fiOt-BlcevlUc KliiC.Lt A Pwr. Co. OSd 

BOCKPORD. 1 Of^O— Barkee A Ilarrlelp: (Bf^gan op. 
1900) t taiiA lU.tXXl; « d. c, O.E. 110 v; Ed. npC: 14 d.c, 
arcs; 4 d. n. tnt^. eiTc5; 1.400 d. c. inea; 100 bp.f^.S.C^ 
4^bp. b. Manny: ciiy cunt U It*, c. p. ISOO $60 p«r 
yr. moonlt; coal ^.14. tlO 

BOCK B API Da 2,000— CitvElcc. Lt Plant (Mnnic.) 
(Ilcgiinop. If^T)'. ctmt $IU,900; bdi>. omtttfc^ $9,000. 
5 p, c. nir. .1. K. Mcdb^rry 3. A P. A; F.R.ManoIti^ 
T: J. K. Trickify i:b. Enjjr. A Eleen; I* d.c. Weatg. 
110 V. T4! w>c; 38 d. c. inc. arc«5atQp«; 8,^50 d.c. 
ttic«^ im hp. e. Munraj; 380 hp. b. Murray ; «]( tit. DO 

BOCKWELL CITY* tiSa-Rockw«U City EW- Lt 
A Pwr. Co.; (Begun op. 189fl); cap. $4,900; bd#. fijax); 
E. a St«venti>n P; A. T. Dean ?s. A M; F. P, UuU 
T; A. Holljird P, A. A Stipt; 1 a.c. Ft W lOOtHOO v, 
H pb. m.00t»aKii-. T-ll hk; «ii.c. arcaS.B ampa; 1000 
4. t:. iiid«; 7ft bp. f. K C: 140 hp. b, Murray; oity 
&>iir. ft arc*. 24 inci. ISOO, S2 c, p. $60 A $1$ per yr. 
mdiit; coal $1. ftt 






SAC CITY, 2,900— Sac City Elec. Co. (Began op. 1896) 
cap. $16,000. 

Prw. D. E. Hallett Sac City 

Kec. F. R. Stems 

Treas. E. N. Bailey '* 

5 Mgr. & Pur. Agt. O. J. Johiwon " 

Ch. Engr. R. (J. Cutfhman *• 

1 a. c. Westg. 1000-100 v; 2 ph. 7200 altna. We«tg. 
BOO ; a a. inc. htcb; 5.5 ampa. 2d00 a. c. Ihch; 100 hp. e. 
Murray; 200 hp. b. Murray. 

City cent. 8 arcs. 1200 c. p. 964.80 peryr. 60 incs. 82 
82 c. p. $18.40 per yr. all nt. coal $1.7d. 122 

SANBORN, 1,242— Sanborn Elec. Lt. Co. (Began op. 

1897); cap. tH.OOO; T. B. Snider. M. A P. A; I a.c. 

Natl. lluO-110 V. 8. ph. 8.700 altns. T-H soc; 800 a.c. 

incs: 50 hp. e. S. C; 60 hp. b. Murray; city cont, 40 

Ita. 32 cp. $18 i>or yr. mdnt; coal $2. 90 

SHKLDON, 2,282-Shclclon Elec. Station. 

1 Pruiii. & Pur. Agt. Oliver E. Logan Sheldon 

Shc. L. M. Ha«y *' 

<:h. Engr. F. (». Eikini" ** 

Ch. Elecn. E, R, Peikinan ** 

1 d. c. arc. Gen. Klec. 1 a. c. Ft. \V. 1000-115 v; s. 

ph. lt}.SOO altoH. Kd. hoc; 30 d. c. Hcries arct*. 8 ampe: 

6 a.c. inc. iircs O.oampB; ISOOa.c.incu; 240 hp.e. Twin 
City: 250 hpb. Murray. 

City cont.O arcn 2000 c.p.$ per yr. coal $2.12. 122 

SHKLL ROCK, 831V— William C. Wilnon. («d 

SHKNANDOAII, 3,600— Shenandoah Elec. Lt. A 

Pwr. Co.; cap. 920.000; R. W. Moree P. M. A P. A; 

G. R. Mort«e !S. & Supt; G. Bogert T: 2 a. c. p. ph. 

Natl. 1000-100 V. 15.000 altns. Ed, Westg. soc; 4.000 

a c. incH: 25 a. c. arcs; 160 hp. e. Bckye; 320 hp. b. 

Ideal, Spring: city cont., moonlt. all nt. 92 

SIOOCRNEY. 2,000— Sigournev Elec. Lt.A Pwr. Co.; 

(Began op. 1890); cap. auth. 150.000, pd. in $7,900; no 

Prea. H. G. Brown Sigonmey 

5 Soc. Trea*. & Mgr. J. R. Mackey " 

Ch. Engr & Elecn. E. J. Adams " 

8 d. c. Ed, Ilawkeve 116 v; Ed. soc. 1000 d. c. 
IncR: 100 hp. e. Uckve'; 100 hp. b. Bckye. 

City cont. 120 incs. 16 c. p. $10.80 per yr. moonlt. 

mdui; coal $1.50. 122 

SIOUX CITY. 33.111-Hawkeve Elec. Co (Began op. 

1895): Clip. 910,100. 

1 Pros. Mgr. & Pur. Agt. 11. O. Woodnifl. Sioux City 

5d. c. Kd, llwkve. 110 v: Ed. Hwkye, 8i.-M soc: 
20 d. c. inc. arcs; 2000 d. c. incs: d. c. day cir: 200 
hp. e. Payne, S. C. + 122 

Sioux City Gas & Elec. Co.; cap. 9500,000; bds. 

5660.000, 5 p. c.iut; S.T. BodineP; L. Lillie S. & T; 
.A. PeHrft<m P. A: L. L. Kellogg Supt. & M; 230 
arc T-H, W.E; 3,0iiO inc. Westg; .ViOhp. c.Reynold**, 
Cor, A. & S. Bckye; city cont. 80 Its. c. p. 2000 $75 
per yr; coal $2. 92b 

SIOUX RAPIDS. l.OO.-S-Siouz Rapids Elec. Lt. A 
Pwr. Co.; cap. #8.000: no bdj*. 
Owner \V. K. Brown Sionx Ilapide 

1 Mgr. N. II. Crowell 

1 d. c. Gvn Klec. 2:» v: T-U soc. 750 d. c. incs; 100 

hp. e. Me: 100 hp. b. Allis. City cont. mdnt. 122 

SPKNCKK, S.IKK) -Spencer Lt. & Wtr. Wks. (Began 

op. 1891): A. W. Tavlor S, P. A. it M: F. Kellogg S; 

2 an; T-H 3 a. c. k." ph. T-H, G. E. 1040-104 v. 16,000 
altUH. T-H so<r: 24 arcs 6.8 amps: 6 a.c. ares 6 amps; 
8100 a.c. incs: 2H0 h|). e. Hall; 210 hp. b. Brnl. city 
cont. 11 Itt*. c. p. 1,200; $10.50 per mo. moonlt. mdnt; 
coal $^. 91 

SPIRIT LAKK, 1.219— Spirit Lake Lt. & Pwr. Plant 
(Munic); [H<i;an op. HJ;i.] cost 16,000; pn'scnted to 

^ Mgr. * Pur. .Vu't. J. B Ihomjison Spirit Lake 

1 d. c. lire W.'stg: l-i. <• W »'«t4f. 1100-110 v. s. ph. 

7,800 aliHH. Wt'stL'. Moc: S d. c. arcs 9 5 amps; 5 a. c. 

arcs (i lunpH; KNN) a. e. incs: 125 hp. e. Ide; 200 hn. 

b. O'Br. moonlt; coal 92. + '^ 
SPRINGVILLK. .V.KI -F. M. Hann (B<'iran op. 1899); 

cap. auth. $<;.rOO. ii*HUe<l S-vJOt'; l d. c. Northern 220 
V. Ed. soc: 4 d. c. inc. arcs 2.5 amps; 30«)<1 c. incs; 
60 hp. e. Pheonix; 40 h p. b. Bigir«; city cont. 22 Ita. 

c. p. 50 $20 per yr. mixmlt 11 P. M. 92 
STATE CENTKR. 1,008— Municipal Elec. Lt. Plant 

co0t $7,000; bds. auth. & issui^d $5000, 4 p. c. int; A. 
K. Cans Ch. Bngr; 1 d. c. arc G. E; 75 hp. e. Buck; 
120 hp. b. Shorthlll. 98 

STOBM LAKE, 2,lfl»-Stonn Lake Elec. Lt t Pwr. 
Co.; (Began op. 1888); cap. anth. $26,000 pd. inttl. 

000 6 p. c div; bda. anth. A ontatg. 98,000 6 p. cmt: 
^ Prea. Treas A Mgr. Edgar £. Mook Storm Ukc 


Supt. A Ch. Engr. W. H. Rissler 

8d. c inc. Eddy, W. £. 110 v; Ed. soc; 3 d. c inc. 
area. 6 amps; 2000 d. c inca ; 125 hp. e. S. C. 200 bp. 

b. MiPwke. 

City cont 66 incs. 16 A 32 c. p. $9 A $1S per yr- 
moonlt. mdnt; coal $1.76. 13 

STORY CITY. l,197-8tory City Elec. Lt A Pwr. 
Co. (Began op. 1901); cap. anth. $10,000, pd. in $7,000: 
Pres. A. G. Anderson Story Citj 

1 Sec. Mgr. A Pur. Agt. M. Henderson. . . . 

Treaa. 11. T. Henderson " 

Ch. Engr. F. Lockwood 

1 a. c. Westg. 1100-106 v. a. ph. 16,000 altna. Ed. lOc: 

3 a. c. arcs 5 amps; 100 hp. e. Phoenix; ;i00 hp. b. 

Fairbks, Dcs Moines. 
City cont. 3 arcs 2000 c. p. 90 inca. 82 c. p. $7S0 per 

yr. moonlt; coal $1.63. 12i 

STUART. 2,090-City Elec. Lt Plant (Manic) (Be^an 

op. 1801); cap. auth. $11,400; bda.auth. A iasaed 911.- 

000. 4 p.c. int. 

Clerk J. P. Kiely Stnart 

Supt ACh.Eltrcn. Fred Hill '• 

1 d. c. Ft. W. 120 V. T-H soc; 4 d. e. area 6 am|M: 

1.200 d. c. incs; 126 hp. e. Harris; 900 hp. b.8.C. 

Des Moines; all nt; coal 91.50. I'H 

TAMA. 2.64»-See Toledo. 

TIPTON, 2,513— Tipton Lt. A Htg. Co. (Began op 
1900); cap. auth. $30,000. pd. in $15,000: no bda; J.T. 
Mofflt P; P. R. P;ne S, M. A P.A; J. H. Cootta T: C. 
H. Hinkhouse Ch. Entrr. A Elecn; 1 d. c. Ft. W; s 
d. c. Ed, G. E, 110 v; Ed. soc; 30 d. c arcs 0.6 ampi>; 
6 d. c. inc. arcs 5-7 ainps; 1200 d. c. Incs; 130 hp.e. E 
ft F; 150 hp. b. Stir, Dayton: city cont 90 Ita. c p. 
2000 $73.25 per yr. moonlt mdnt; coal $2.ia K 

TOLEDO, 1,941— Tama * Toledo Elec Rv. A Lt 
Co.; (Began op. 1804); cap. 980,000; bds. ^.000, 6 p 

c. int: W. C. Walters P, M. A P. A; H. A. Shanklm 
8. A T; R. M. Rochfort Ch.Engr; A. J. Lever Elecn: 

1 arc Ball: 2 a.c. Royal 1100-50 v. altns. T H 

soc: 45 arcs: 1,900 a. c. incs; 2S0 hp. e Ide; — bp. 
b; city cont. moonlt. mdnt fO 

TRAER. 1,458— Traer Elec. Co. (Began op. 1888): cort 

916,000: bd». ontstg. $4,000, 6 p.c. int 

Owner F. L. White Traer 

Ch.Engr. C. B. Sliepard " 

2d. c. Ed. Natl. 125 v. 8w; Ed. aoc. 2d. cine 

arcs 5 amps; IMO d. c. inca; 100 hp. e. A. A S. >900 

hp. b. Fairbks, Harrisb. 
City cont. 2 arcs, 14 incs. c. p. 2000 A 16 $120 A 

$26 50 per yr. all nt; coal $1.70. »{• IS 

VALLEY JUNCTION. 1,700-Clty Elec. Lt Plant; 
1 a. c. Ft W; 7,200 alms; 1500 a. c. inca. 

VILI.ISCA. 2.211— Villlsca Eloc. Co.: (Began op. 

1894); cap auth. 92.'i,000, pd. in $10,000; bds.autb. 

A oiitHtg. $12,000, 5 p. c. int 

Pn>s, Tnas. & Mgr. II. N. Lowry Villisc* 

Set;. M. L. I.K>wry " 

Ch Kngr. R. E. Taylor •» 

Ch. Elecn. F. E. Cavins *' 

3 a.c. Weste. 1000-440-1100-100 v. s.A 2 ph. 16,000 A 

7200 altns. T-H sw; 4000 a. c. incs; a. cir. 

440-110 v; 204 hp. e. Murray: .330 hp. b. Murray. 
City cont. 90 incs. cp. 26 $12 i>er vr. moonlt.rodnt. 

allni; coal 91.37. 12i 

VINTON. 8..'i00— Citv of Vinton (Munic); 
1896): cost 916,000:' bds. S3..V)0; I. M. Reeve' 
L. Siicknev P. A. A* Supt: la. c. s. ph. Ft W. 1000 
-100 V. 16,000 altns. Ed. hx:: 10 a. c. arcs amps; 
3:>00 a. c. Incs: 170 hp. e. S. C: 300 hp. b. Star; city 
cont 160 Its. 32 c. p. mo<mlt 1 :30 A. M. St 

WAPELLO. 1.398-Waix'llo Elec. Lt. A Pwr. Co. 
rBcgan op. 1896) cap. 97,000; no b<l3. O. R. Keller P. 
M. & P. A; R. L. Rcilev S; F. M. Ong T; A. W. 
MacKensie Ch. Engr. A IClecn: 1 a. c. T-H 1.040-104 
7. 16.000 altns. Ed. soc; 5 a. c. arcs; 1..300 a. c Inca; 
130 hp. e. Bckve. 140 h)>. b. Mnrray ; city cent 61 Ita. 
c p. 82, $ 12 p«r yr. moonlt mdnt coal 9S.85 110 



m. SmotiAt' — . .**.,..->*.* , . Wfcshliigtoti 
»t, it Bier. F. 8ttiW»rt 

r. St KltCB. I>. W, MjifstihiirdL ** 

•c T-H 1 A. c. T-H ia*0-H» V. i. pb. Ifl.OOO 
#iw: ft ft, c, ftri:B; 30 d. c. arc«; lOU hp. e. 

fbfiw tk Murrmj. 
m It*. ciaUlOO fOO per jrr. muoult mdnt; 
,. ■*• *^ 

OO^ 1tJi80^W«tedfw Gw * Elcc. Co. fBc 
3e];]ih.tS^D0O; bdB.auth. A otiutg. 

M ^U«m, .„...,..„., , , . , „ Waterloo 

a Wllit«.. .,. 

LW lilller ,**,„., 

i*tin Burt ..,,.,.,„ *» 

r, A. C. A1niw«iith.«.,,,^«.,«*„« " 
u, H. Smith....... ............. " 

U. E. isaLjO^*aO-llO v. S p!i. tSPO alitiB. 
i)U M, c. nfen a e ampi; AOOD a. c inci ; a. c. 
imo v: 600 hpe. Bckyej 810 bp.b. B.Jt W. 
lb*. CcdjirFolLi; CQsL»K75, 4' 1^ 

»3.Ifi2h-WHukoD Slfte. Lt. Cov ; (Began op. 

11^.00(1; no bds. 
Trcas. C W. Thorn ptoit,. ,.,...., . WaukoQ 

VV. Thuitipsao . -' 

I'lir. Aict* M, S. Howard.... .. ., 

fd sao V. T-It #00 ; i d,o. lac.arcH r WO d.c. 
mk c, Ide^ lasbp, b. t^prlni?; cltjr conL 4 

f ^^ 

fC. A. tUtetit. ^ ED^r, ^ BJvmi; 2 ± c. 
t Ed. i^*:: TOd.c. Inc. anyi; IfiOOa.c. incs; 
kal l*pytH3r 40 hp, turtle Lt^ft IGQ hp. h; 
ar nrcpt. iOincai. c. p. SUOa & 33 itl4 per yr. 

t eiTT, 4.«ia-<'lty Elw. Lt Plant [Mu- 
«qp. 18»]|1 coet $a,tJOO; b(K atitti. ^ 
■SL ip, c. int. 

iPtv. AgU C.R. Oil mm Ingi... Webster City 
fr.M»tl«»r 110 v; Ed. Bot ; ST. d. c, Inc, area 
ma d. r. lne«; 300 bp. q, Nordb^^rg; SrW hp^ 

tAKCH* 647— El«c. 
fa.OOI. C, A. Macomber, 

Lt Co, (Began op. 
P; A A. Mad- 

» F. A; J. B. Coggeeball T; E. H. TutUc 
» c Bollock l;£& v; T-U ioc; HitDd.c. incti; 
lMf»y: 80 lip, b. Murray; citj cotit. 81 lt«. 
per JT. 12 11 : coal %iM. 00 

BEB:T¥. u:n)0-Clty El«c. Lt. Plant. 
(Beeanop. tawni coat $10,(XX>; txli. autb. 
e Flit; H, S Clark Sm?L db P. A; S> J. 
[Xier. ^ Klecn: la. c. Weit?. lOOO-lOO v. a. 
!t©i. T-tt aot; ft a. e, arc*; llOO *. c. Inca; 
lekj«; IMU bp. b. Erli^; city coot, S3 Jtn. 
MW per rr. mooiiH. rndnt ; coal t3.fi9i. 90 

ION,lJa5— Net Bro0. Propt*. 

SKR,SJ4A— What Cheer Elec Lt. ft Pwr. 
, '.aOO; t>QNU.;l. B. WiMoiu P.; W. C. 
LAP. A.; Ba^c. T.-n. 10Ul> 104-55 v.. 15,- 
T.-E. toe. I im a.*?. !ncp. : im bp. c. Rqa., 
M hp. b. Erie, Una,; city isotit., mootiU,, 
^ &i 

rtTMCrrmK, L23^-Clty Elec. Lt. A Wtr. 

'^{Ui qp. imSn (Mnatc): cohv finooO; N. 

H. * Snptj 1 d f. G. E. 100 v: Ed. 

0. Iii«?«t ao lip, ^; so bp, b; city cont. 50(t 

laiAdot; L'oai t^m m 

fT- ao©— CitT Elec. Lt Plant; fMunlei) 
^ll'^l; C(i«lf30.00i>; t»ila. auth. J^ atLUig. 
^ C tut 

>^,Affl. I*, O. Eletti. WintofBPt 

lFCw* aO-110¥. Ed. ioc; 45 d. t inc. 
i;MO ^. (^ Int^A: 30() hp. e. S. C, B«te«; 

teei. lOria. per k^ coal |J.«, IIS 



ABlLKKK»3,5(Jfr-AbLleae Klee. Lt. Worka. (Btigan 
op. 1808); coift ISS.WW; J. Browti A^ Son, Propa: C. 
L. Brown, M; 2 d.e. O. K. liSS v: 1 a.c. G. K 30O0-111 
T. s. pb. 72(10 aUii#; Ed. ioc: 90 A. c. \^c. arc«; ^U) 
a.c. Incii: 125 hp. e. A. & St IQt) fap. tnrh. LefTel; 1S& 
bp. b. Atlae; eity cont. all nt >!■ 90 

A^fTHO?^l^ l,17a-Antbony Lt. ft 1*wt. Oo.; (Began 
op. imi): cap, $lfl.i)ix>: G. K. Lauder*, P.; A. C. 
MIchBiJD, M.; E. B. Teller, P. A- ft Spt; 1 arc T.-H.i 1 
a. c. a. ph. G. K. 114(^2 v.j 16,000 altni.; T-H. aoc.i 
S8 seriM area- TOO a.c. laci.; m bp. c. 11. O. ft K.; lAO 
hp. b, SpdngflelJ; city «otit., SO arc*, ii»0 c. p. tT 
per mo., moonlt. 80 

ARGKJfTlNE, a,&l& — Tb« Standard EIe«trfc Lt 
€o. : a arc W. E. M ».o. Pi, W. lOUO-lOO^BS v.. se.OOO 
kltna. T*H MMs; 7aarc«: 600 ite. hicn; 100 bp, e. 
A. ft S.; 180 hp, h. Fmdi cUy coot 30 Its. c. p- 30<W 
SDO per yr, moonlt. 93 

AH KANSAS CITY. «JIO— Arkania» City Gaa ft 
Elec. Co.; cap. 1100,000: bdn. 100 tUO, 7 p. c. Int 
^ Ptfv. Sec, ft Tnsai, W. M.SIeeth .. .ArkamuLi City 

Sapt. J. H. Clay 

late TH; Sa, c. WuKti?- 2200-lOOv. 16,000 *Uli)>. 
S-M HOC.; 75 arcH; 1500 a. c. itit^; 880 hp, lurb. 

City oont. 30 area c. p. iOOO $72 per yr. mdnt; coal 

ATCHISON, l5,T4a-'Atcfei#on Ry., Lt. ft Pwr* Co. 

(Bc^gan op. 18M); cap. auth. ft pd. infSUO.OOU; b(l». 

auth. ft out*tg.fl5O.tJO0, p. c. Int 

Pr™. J. P. Ponwroy AlcUbiKm 

V, Prui. W. R VVa^ctnHr ** 

&*c. J. M. Chlwra " 

Trcaa. C 8. Iletheriocto^j 

1 Snpt. A Pur, Agt C. M. Marshall ....... '* 

Aist. yupt F. J. Rocb 

Sd. c. arc Brush; 4 a. c T^H, Ft W. lOOfl-lOO r. 

1<I,000 ftltuft, Ed. coc. 190 ans: e.g iimp, 80,00(1 a,c. 

inca; a. c. day filr. pwr. cir ftOO t; LLWhp. e. B. C, 

Bam; 1100 bp. b. Frmn, spring. 
Citv cout. 79 iu-c» c, p. i^UQO ttkl per yr. moonlL n\] 

nt; coal $1.00. 1® 

BAXTER SPRl?fGS, L»ll-Tb«! Cblldii Grain ft 

Milling Co, {SuocuPBor to Baiter Mpring* Lt. A Pwr. 

Co.: cdp, aath. ft leaued tao.OOO, 

1 Prea. A Pur. Agt C. A.Chada....,.BaiturSpTlngi 

Sec. J. T. Ryan... ♦* ♦^ 

Ch. Eagr. A Eleco. A. Wygall,.... *' 

t a,c. Wesit, 1040-104 t. a.pb. tA.OOO iltna. T-B aoc; 

a &. c, arCH 5 amp<?; G(?0 a. c. Inc^i 250 hp. a. S^ G; 

— hp, b. ^p^1ng field. 
City c'ont. 30 It*, c.p, 16 f.50 pej y? ; coal fl 60. m 

BKLOIT, 2.3M-Bekjit Lt. A Wir. Co.; [Began op. 

im^^ : cap. auth. A pd. in f">0,Oi}0; no hds. 

T Pre*.Ms;r. ft Put. .^tft A. T. Rodger* ....... Belolt 

Si^;. ft Tmifl. T, a ItodgeriB. *' 

Ch. Elecn, P i4. Hnll....... ,. " 

Id. c. arc T-H; 2 a. o. T-H I06O-1O4 v.a. Ail^. 

16,000 aim a. T-11 ioo; 20d. c, »crie» area llS ampii 1 

a.c. tire 150 hp e. Ham; ^JOO hp b. Atlas. 
City cont- learcftc. p. lOOO |7R per yr. moonlt 

mdni: coal $4. 1^ 

BURLINGTON. 2.418— Bttrliorton Elec. LtCo. (Be- 
^Ao op. 1S8S); R. B. Boater Owner; 1 d. c. arc T-H; 
1 a. IT, Natl; T-II mc; 30 d c. arci; 750 Inca; 62 hp. 
e. Atlad: 70 hp. b. Alla^; city cunt. 10 lt». c. p.liOO 
$3 per y r. mdu i ; cn» I fg 30. 81 

OHETOPA, £.01»-^heUJpa Klec. Lt ft Pwr, Co. 
cap. iliS.OOO; no bd». : R. K. White, owoer; Q, H. 
Spangle, M.;3d.t% l-^d. 105 v.; Ed. §oc.; gOO d.c. 

incfl.; 100 bp. e. Bckye.; UO hp. b. Bck)'e.; citi 

cont. mdnt 


CLAY CENTRE, a.Oes-F. L. WllUamaon ft Co. 
owoerp; (Bei^an op. lauej, 

1 MgT. A Pur. A^. F. L. WUUamiirn ...Clay Centre 
2d. c. G. K. aaO-tlO v; Ed. ioc; 60 d, c luc. arts 

5ampe; 2000 d^c. ^locij ^*y. day dr. *iSMtO v ; 
b. Krte. 

cir: 900hp.e. TwtnC; 300 lip. tnrb; LelTi^l 

City oont. n Ita.c.p. 3000 fUO per 5 r. moonJt.tadi»tk 
coal 13.70, 4- *^ ^^"^ ' iM 

) V ; pwr. 

; aoohp. 
]t.mdiit| ^H 





OOPFETVILL£,4,05a~Coffe7yiUe Blec. Lt. Plant 
(Munic.) (Begauop. ittOl); cost «2J,uuu; bda. auth. 
& outBtg. S20,(JU0, 6 p. c. iDt. 
1 Supt. A Pur. Agt. K H. Keckrecker....Coffe7Tille 

Ch. Bngr. & Eiecn. J. Parrish 

• 2 a. c. vVtretg. 5;2OO-lO0O v. a. pn. 7800 altns. Ed. boc ; 
fi2 a. c. inc. arcd 7.5 amps; fi2 a. c. iocs; a. u. day cir. 
104 v; 180 hp. e. Ide; 9u0 hp. b. Spring. 

Com. arcs duOU c. p. $S.bO per mo; com. incs. c. p. 
16 %.ii5 per mo. moonlt; Natl gaa. 1^ 

COLUMBUS, 2.310~ColnmbaB Blec. Co; (Began op. 
ISK^); cap. auth. & issued <lu,0UU. 

Pres. H. K. Crowell Columbus 

^ Treas Mgr. & Supt P. D. Crowell *' 

2 a.c. Natl. 130 kw. cap. 1040-104 v. b. ph. 16,000 
alius. T-U sue: 3 a. c. arcs 4.5 amps: 1600 a.c. incs; 
a. c. day cir. 104 v; 130 hd. e. Kice, Brul; 140 hp. b. 
P. M. & Co. 

City cont. 20 inca, 82 c.p. $18 per yr. com. arcs 2000 
c. p. I^eo ptr yr. moonlt. all nt; coal $1.65. 4* ^^ 

CONCORDIA, 8,500— The Concordia Elec. Lt. Co.; 
(Began op. 18bti): cap. auth. tissued 186,000; H. M. 
Spalding P; E.H. Spalding S; W. M. Peck T; J. M. 
Hull Ch. Kngr: 2d. c. arc W. E: 1 a.c G.E.3080-102 
V. 3 ph. 16,000 altns. Ed. eoc: S6 d. c. arcs; 2000 a. c. 
125 hp. e. H. O. iV R; 130 hp. turb Leffel: 160 hp. b. 
U, N. A R; city cont. 10 Its. c. p. 2000 172 per yr. 
mdnt; coal$3.0o. 21 

COUNCIL GROVE, 2,S.'tt5-The Council Grove Klcc. 
Lt. & Pwr. Co. [Began op. 19021. 

Pres. & Treas. Jt-sse Council Grove 

^ Sec. & Gen Mgr. J. U. Pucker '* 

1 d. c. arc T-H; 1 a. c. G. E. 75 kw. cap. Ed. soc; 
25 a. c. arct*; 1400 a. c. incs; 125 hp. e. A. &S; 170 
hp. b; mdnt. 122 

DODG£ CITY, 1,942-Dodge City Wtr. A Lt Co; 

(Began op. 1887); G. M. Myers P. M. A P. A; L. K. 

Taylor T; F.J. Pilgrim Supt; W O.Coons Ch.Engr; 

R. D. Long Ch. Elecn: 1 d. c. Eddy 220 v; T-H, Ed. 

soc; 12 d. c. inc. arcs 3.5 amps; 800 d.c. inci*; 140 hp. 

e. Ball: 160 hp. b. Erie; city cont. 6 arcs 40 incs. 

c. p. 2000 & 16 $72 & $4.80 per yr. all nt; coal 13.75. 

KLLSWORTH, 1,549-Ellsworth E.'ec. Lt. Co.; (Be- 
gan op. 1891) ; cap 116,000. 

^ Mgr. & Pur. Agt. C. F. Pohlman.. . Ellsworth 
1 d. c. G. E. 125 y. Ed. soc; 25 d. c. inc. arcs 3.5 to 5 

amps; 900 d.c. lues; 60 hp. e. Westg; 60 hp. b. tublr. 
City cont. 43 incs. 16 c. p. $16 per vr. mdnt; coal 

$2.60. 122 

EMPORIA, 8,223— Emporia City Lt. Plant. (Began 
op. 1887); (Munic.) 

Mayor. II. B. Morse Emporia 

Clerk G. O. Muihewson 

^ Mgr. A Pur. Ayt. M. Dunsworih *' 

2cr c. arc T-II; 1 a.c. inc. Westg. 1010-104 v. s. ph. 
16,000 altns. Ed. soc; 70 d. c. arcn; 15 a. c. inc. arcs; 
1000 a.c. incs; 280 hp. e. Buck; ^^0 hp. b. Buck. 

City cont. 71 Its. c.p. 2000 178 per yr. moonlt. all nt; 
coal $3.45. 122 

ENTERPRISE, 798--J. B. Ehrsum Mach. Co.; 

cap. $ ; S. Hare, Recr.; 2 a. c. T.-H. 52 v.; 

altns.; T.-il. hoc; 3 a. cares; 400 a. c. iucs.; 

(run from shop power). 18 

EUREKA, 2,100— Eureka Lt. Plant: E. E. Davis 

Owner; 1 d. e. arc Sperry; 1 d. c Mather 120 v; T-H 

soc; 20 d. c. arcs 8.5 amps: d. c. inc. arcs; 60iO d.c. 

incs; HO np.e. ide,Taylor: 160 hp.b. Alias; city cont. 

6 Its. c. p. 2000 175 per yr. moonlt. mdnt; coal •2.10. 

FORT SCOTT, 10,322— Fort Scott Consolidated Su|>. 

ply Co.; (BcgHU op. 1888); cap. auth. $250,000; bds. 

auth. $250,000, 5 p. c. int. 

Pres. G. Uornadav Fort Scott 

V. Pres. C. F. Martin 

^ Treas. & Pur. ^Vgt. F. D Martin 

Ch. Rngr. A. B. McMorris " 

Ch. Elecn. J. F. Tegarden »* 

1 d. c. arc G. E. 100 It cap; 4 d. c. G. E. 220-110 v. 

T n soc; 77 d. c. Beries arcs 6.6 arcs; 80d. c. inc. area 

4.5 am|>H: 1500 d.c. incs; day cir. 110 v; d. o. pwr. 

cir. 550 v; 600 hp. e. Allis; 470 ho. b. Taylor. 
City cont. 77 arcs c.p 2000 $72 per yr. moonlt: 

coal 11.25. 4* 122 

FBSDONIA, 1,566— Fredonia Elec. Lt. Co. 

GALENA, 10.155— Galena Lt. A Pwr. Co. (Bei 
1893); cap. auth. A pd. in «2U,000, 12^ p. c. di 
auth. A outstg. $10,000, 5 p.c. int. 

Pres. & Mgr. E. St. George Noble 

Sec. & Treas. J. Thomon 

Supt. A Ch. Elecn. J. A. Gad wood 

Ch. Engr. F. Bowlby 

2 d. c. arc T-H; 2 a. c G.E. s. ph. 16,000alti 
boc; 75 d. c. series arcs 9.6 amps; 3 a. c. arcs ! 
8000 a. c. incs; 400 hp. e: 500 hp. b. Sprlnz. 

City cont. 30 arcs c.p. 9000 $i*Oper yr. com. i 
c. p. $60 per yr. com. incB. $6 & iO per yr. all i 
GARDEN CITY, 1.590— Garden City Elec. O 
gan op. 1898); D. R. Menke P, M. A P. A: 
Alfrey Ch.Engr; 1 d c. Westg. 220 v. Ed. soc 
inc. arcs; 1500 a.c. incs; 55 hp. e; 55 hp.b; cit 
5 Its. c. p. 2000 $ per yr. mdnt. 

GARNETT, 2,078— Garnett Elec.Lt. Co.; cap. 

^ Man. A Pur. Agt. L. E. Boscow 

500 alt inc., Natl. 1000-50 v. Westg. boc; 
cir; 60 hp. e. Ide; 90 hp. b; city cent. 

GIRARD, 2.473— Girard Gas A Blec. 0>. (Be 

189)) cap. « : J. A. Marshall Leesee 1 < 

; 1 a. c. Westg. ^0 v. Westg. »oc; IS d. 

600 a. c. incs; 65 hp. e. Ide; 89 hp. b. G'Brii 
cont all nt. 

GREAT BEND, 2.470— Grimes Light. Ph< 
Pwr. Co. (Began op. 1892); cap. aath. A 
$20,000, 17 p. c. div; no bds. 
^ Pres. Treas. A Mgr. W.B. Grimes Grc 

Sec. A Sup'. C. E. Stroniquist 

Ch. Engr. Chas. Michael 

1 d. c. inc. Ft W. 110 V. Ed. boc; 1000 d. 
150 hp. e. Murray; 1 hp. b. 

City cont. 05 its. 16 & 82 c. p. $780 per yr 
coal t8.40. 

HAYS CITY, 1,136— .Justus BIssing Owner: 
op. 1900): cost $6,000: 2 d. c. Westg. 220 v; 1 
soc; 2 d. c. inc. arcM 3.5 amps; 850 d. c. incs; 
e. Ham; 75 hp.b. Erie Citv; city cont. 44 Its. 
J20per yr. mdnt. 12.80 A. M ; coal $4.30. 

HERINGTON, 1,924— Lt. Plant aoandoned. 

HIAWATHA, 2,829 — City Elec. Lt Co. (^ 

(Began op. 1894); cost. $ : C. Wolf City < 

P.A; C.P.Beecher Ch. Engi; 1 d. c. arc T-II 
arcs; 40 hp. e. F, M. A Co; 60 hp.b. Palmer. 

The Hiawatha Elec. Lt Co. [Began op. 188* 
auth. A pd. in KO.OOO, 8 & 10 p. c. div. 

Pres. G.H. Adams • H 

•^ Sec. Mgr. A Pur. Agt K. lloye 

Ch. Enjrr. T. H. Lawric . ... 

1 d. c. arc Ft W; 2 a. c. T-H 1000 50 v. s. pi 
altns. Westg. soc: 17 d. c. series arcs 9.6 am] 
a.c. incs.; 125 hp. e.S. C; 170 hp. b. Mum 

HOI.TON,8.0S2— Holton Elec. Co.: (Bogan < 
cap. auth. A pd. in i^M.OOO; bds. auth. S2.').00l 

• Pros. Treas. A Pur. Agt. C. A.Ross. . . .Chic 
' Sec. Mgr. A Supt. W. E. Gant 

Ch. Engr. J. J. Tebl)ett« 

1 d. c. arc T-H; 2 u. c. Westg. 1010 104 ^ 
16.000 altns. Kd. soc: 26 d. c. arcs 6.8 amps: : 
incs: 280 hp. e. Ide, A. c"t S: 24 lip b. Atlas 

City cont 2<; Its. c. p. 1200 $72 i>er yr. 
mdnt; coal $1.80. 

HORTON, 3,898— Horton Elec. Lt. Co.; (Be 
1898); cap. auth. A issned $H,000; no bds: 
corp; W.L. Arnold Owner; 1 d.c arc FtW; 1 
125 v; 28 d.c. arcs 6.8 amps; 620 d. c. incs; 1 
Atlas; 200 hp. b. Atliin; city cont. 11 Its. c 
196 per yr. moonlt. mdnt; coal $1.95. 

HUTCHINSON, fl,.Tr9-Hntchinson Wtr.. Lt 
Co; cap.$<M)0,000: bds. $400.000,6 p.c. int: H.W 
P; S. P. Hutton S; J. W. HanibiT T; J.U. C 

Supt: 1 arc T-H: 5 d. c. Ed. hp. e. A. 

hp. b: citv cont. 33 arcB c. p. 2000 $4.58 
moonlt; coal $2.40. 

E— — 

W ^ 

W— Matiif^Ipal Kl*«<i. Lt* FUdt. m it*, c. p. 
ptir TT, mdm. all at. ti^u 

ylfCITT. 5,000-TUe E^ttc. Ry. Lt. A Ice 
ESQ op. li^OO] ; eAp. Auth. ^ p4. Ul $UNKC«K>« 
LW; bdi. tttith. & ouUtg. $90,000. 5 p. c. Lnl. 
I Mgr. F. «, Tyter,...„,.....JaiictUinCitj 

ft. J. T. Dalton... .,.„,.. *' 

. M, Smith " 

S. W, l*kn^...,..,. 

fr Pur AKt. W. E. Sw«efB.... '^ 

igr, G. Wl**be.> *' 

G- K. lUW-ilO V, §. pli. Ifl,ua)iiltu9. Bd. hoc; 
rt» ? nlDp*; 3Q0O a. is, Iiil'»: pwr. cir, 550 V; 

Tw]:j C: OdD hp k Kevianci'. 
»iiLi2&7fii c, p. ia)0 1108 per .vr, com. *TCfl 
' kw. com.liDCA. 15 cl». pvt kH . all uL; coul |3 
Its. Fi- Rjiuy iff las 

tlOtKOCa J. D. WilftOD, Pre*. ; B. Schnierle, 
Oj. FrcldberB. Gfh. Muti. & For. AiiL; J. J. 
py, Bnpl. »S0 irc Eieelnior, 1.6W> inc. Wc»t- 
lio««j ; d* c. 4» V,, 10 *nip. : *2ft h. p. *iti«. 
a-Crirlin*, A. ^ Si dt?^ coat 1^ mm c. p. 
> purmfi. All rat. t 

I, ] r. i> B L t. A Pwr. Co : cip, 135.000 ; 

Ir* '.A; U. ForttirtS; S. b^eupvr 

ti. n , ^ ftrc and 400 inc. T U ; tUK 

. JilKLi. lOQ 

I Blc9L^ U. Co. (Befcam opJ€85); C W.Smilb 
C ». SmUh M A> P. A ; G H. HeuacnKin 
^ c. Warrtsn tiiiO Ii>4 v.s ph" ?auO aJlub. T-H, 
tl tt C. tnc. ntcn; J500 a. c. Jiica; *J0O tip. *^ 
99£»hp,b, Spring; cltv cone. IHlti. c:. p. W^My 
o. {Oilnt. ' *i3 

ffCKp IO.Bt!3— Lawrence Ga«, Fnsl Jb Eltic. 
BW3 op. l^a?); ijap. fllTjpOO, ftp. c div; bds. 
Lp. clut.: A. Man roe P; Qfo. Innie S: R, 
tiioT. %LA F. A; A. D. Hill Cii. EOKt. * 
cLc. arc T>Ht 3 d. c, inc. Kd; t a. c. inc. 
. •wt ■!& d- r- Hft», 30 a. 0. arcs. 8^ d c% 
.; iijflj.<!. inc«; l&OO ». e iiic«i a. c. day 

kijdf. no ?; 175 hp. e. Ide; W>lip. 

till, b; T!ity cout.; 31 l;a. v'OMJc. p.. 
ciMil|3.;u. ^Z 

WORTH* 20.735-^ Leaven worth Lt, A Hlg. 
9fftn op. i^i^)i cap, MiUh. iSSO.OOO. Ii»»n'>d 
J^«^ «ut»i. .t is»aeil 5^ i.OUO, e p. 1.^ lut 

CK, WUhr rl»x 4<J Wnil St.. Nflvv York 

Tivw. M. W. DodRtv 

( Piir Act, E. S. Sprl&fr^f Lear^tiwcirtb 

5:f. A EI«CM, W. n. tVltowa.... 

i*T> Ft, , iVlf)-nO v; a ph. 7000 aJtu«, Ed. 

i,t ^'iip^; SOOOa. c. incB. d. c, day 

J a vr, Ed. Wciitj,^ asJO-nO v; Trri) 

fe- — obp. I., 

mk iia lu. c. p. mx} fSl per yr^ »U m. coal 


fOK, SOSa-HrrPht-Fson WntfT A Elec Ctaj 
■LlfEiO); Aiihtiian & Co^^hmK OwDcre; J. T. 
ir. A- ^ Suy-t; 4 d. c. T-U KH t : T H poc; 
■TCfl B.i'^ ainp»; 400 d. c. tne»; 310 hp. e. 
U> hi*, b. I tux ton: city tnm. 18 lip. c. p. 
>M,ch p«r)r, mcxjnit mdrit; coal $^AU. &i 

ITAN. 5I,*S8-Maiihattnti Elec. Lt Co. C. 
r Ciwiiei ; K ETMmt M. A P. A: G. D. Poffe 
L'li. Ekon; C. L. lleludtjl Cb. Enfff ; id. «. 
d; 3 a, c. ti. E. SUti; i5d. n. arcs; 3 a. c. 
la. c. Int*. 1()| V. Edn d^ict S2I^ hp. e. Krif'. 
tip. b. Engileh; city cont. IS Ito. c. p. 30CK) 

fX<I.e« ^006^ -Marys? (lie Lt Ht. A Pwr. 
»1inp. \mm; cap. Roth. & iwtied fliJ.OOO; 
bmirU P; D S. Sale S. M. A R A. E. U. 
; t It. c. arc Bru#b; 1 a. c. T-H lO+O-iOt v. 
urn* T-IJ iitwj: I& (I.e. *rca: TOn a. c. Jnc» : IfK) 
enf: :ftK? hp, b. MathfW)*: cUy cOQt 15 Hi. 
•90 jftT yi : TadnU tfoal fi. 92 

POMS, l.TST—Mlntifaponi Witter Go.: cap. 
C R Eddy, J'rm. J. O. GalTord, !?iec. H. M. 
froBt.; C E. Fowen, ^apt. ; 25 arc, QUO dir. 
t.! BO day dr.; TO li. p. eng., 100 b. p. b., 




NEWTON^ d,3i)e-The Gas A Elec. Co- (Beef an op. 
ISBtt), cap. aath. A JBsueci ll^saJ; no bd*; J. KinnBy 
P; J. D,SicholBOu fi. T. M. P. A. A Sapt; J,W. Itigv 
hiam Ch. Engr. A Eiecn ; Bd.c. ftrc T-H ; I a. c T-H 
1040-113 7, e pb. 7,'200ultni». &t. ioc; &0d. c. aroa; 
eoCJa. c. laca; a. c. day cir; pwt. dr. USv; 80 bp. 
V. Idu; 180 hp. b. Brtil: cUy cout 10 Its. c. p. 3000 
S(Hp«;ryr.mdot: coal £1^.40, &2 

NORTON VI f.r.E, HOO-Nortonvllle Elec. Lt. Pwr. A 

Ht, PI am. [Bii^au op. 18W5.J 
Owner WaJttT .Moxb^y.. *..,...,,..,... Norton vUle 
1 d. c. lac. t^n Elec. HOv; Ed. boc; ^lidOd. c itic»; , 

S5hp. flldt:: 00 hp. b. 
City cont SO luc*. ^ c. p, $9. peryt, miKJnit rodntSj 

coid ^. iSil 

OI.ATHK, 3.-iM— B. C. MorrUon. ownw: (Began op,^ 

18011 cap.! ;1 afc TH; 1 a.c, T-H l(M0-ft5a f, 

16 aw alttiP. T-H soc; Sfinrui; l.lMMta.^.. mcs; laObp. 
e. Wms: leohp. b. F. M, A Co; cUy cont 37 are* c. 
p. 1200 i(k)p»ryr. moonit: coalfS. ^ 

OhXGK CITY, 2,7SQ--098lfe Cltj Elec. Lt PlftOt 
(Mimic): coHt m,hm; H. Dawaon Eleon: 1 are Kx; 
Id.c. Kd. llOv. Kd. soc: 45 arci 9.A ampK ; 975 d.o. 
incii; 80 top. is Bali; tkWbp. b. Hall; moonit indnt. 


QSA^VATOMIE. 4,ltll-^sawatoraie El«c.I*t. A Pwr. 

Co.; capi : W. M. Mill*, M.i I arc T.-H.t SS 

uroBt B<) bp. e. Atla»; ^ hp, b. cUy cont 137 

OSWEGO, 2.2ne— Oswego Klee. Co,; cap. IS, MO; no 
bdi.; D. .lenniniiPi, P,; A. \\\ Wilson, S ; A. i>. Car- 
penter. T.. M. A F. A.; I arc T.-H. ; ! a,c T.*H. 
iU00-5^'5<» v.. —^ altnii : T,^H. i^oc, ; m nrrn; 60[) ^.t^, 
Inofl.; la^ hp. I*, n. O. A R. ; LV) bp. b. BrnL 13T 

OTTAWA. e,ri4— Ottawa W It. WkB. A Lt Co, cap. 
IIUO.OOO: E. G. VmghnJi P. J. W. Pollock SS. A M. 

A. L. Totctier T. — d. c. arc —\ -^ a. c. 1 ph. 

Wf^sie. KfiO too V. 7,a>i> aUnii. ^M ioc: 80 arct: 17 
a. c. aro9; 13UDjt. c, incp: a. c. day car: l?iM*p. e. 
Bckvp; 26r> hp. b: cHv cont. a area c, p. 12(W iiM pet 
yr S8 Im*. c, p. 32 (li! por yr. ajoonlt 90 

PAR.SONS, 7.6a3— E. 9. EIUb Owner 5 an? T H; tJ 

lu <:. XatU IflOO-fiOv altnn. T-H ?*v?; TOarct: 1 

a. c. arei*; L9t» }vc. inct; pwr. cir; 9H> hp. e. jau; 
2;;5 hp. b, Ailju!: city cunt, all nt 29b 

Par*on* Klec. Lt. A Pwr. Co., clly toijt 55 lt#, 
c. p, aooo $T^ per yr, all nt. fi-M 

PlTT8BURG,13.7e7— PltttburK Lt.A Pwr. Co. (TPiwed 

to PittKburj? R. tl. Co ) -T. J. Tyler P. 8lS WUlinga 

Alley, Plilla., Pa: J. R Trw^y M. A P. A. SI 

Pktebnrg Go^ Lt. A Coke Co. 6Sd 

S A II K T H A » 1 ,800—9 nbe ttia M imic . Lt , FI an t (H^ga n 
op, lUOll- IkIa, autb. A LniikkI ilO.UK}. 4 p.c. int; E,E. 
Hoc^rs M. A Supt^ W. A. UoolUtte Ch. Kk'CO; 1 d.C. 
arc T-H; t d. c. G. E. 125 v* I a c* G. E, l(MO v; a; 
pb. 'TJOO altnj*; Ed (k>c; »0d e. arcs; S&*, c. aro^, 
STIJO a.c. inciJi t!iO hp. e. 3lurray- EOO bp b. Morray. 
mdnt. coal S»J5, »il 

BALIXA. COfir-Tbc Peoptes Lt nt A Pwr. Co. cap. 
antb. fm,m\: r>d. in. IQO.OOO; bdis. autb. 150, OTO 
ourmij. glA,aO0*j p. c. Jilt 

Prea. VV. C, Hf>ok.,... Sftllitft 

1 3S«;. Tt*>mb * Mi^r. Wra. Trar y. ... .... " 

Cb. Ent;r. A Efecu. C. F. Rji«niti»»en..,. .. " 

I d. r. urc. TH; S a, e, T^l lOIOlffll v, ■. ph 
le.OoO alinci. Ed. *oc;800 a. c. tnCf ; UO bp. e. B«U; 
*auiJt5p, h. PhoenU. 

i*irvcont37 area. 2000 e. p. SOO. per yr, moofilt 
all nt; coal St. 15. I« 

BEXEC.A* LB Id -F. Greenwood Owner, M. A ?, At 
(Bei;an op, 1*J-J): 1 a. t. T-H iOOO-5^ v. s. ph. 15,000 
allns. T'H «nc; TOOa.c tnc»: ISR hp.<». S.C; 120 bp.b; 
city cont, ft arci 4!2 incsJldO per yr.mdnt; coal |3. SI 

STERLING. 3.0e;S-G. A. Mo'^rls EbtclHcal W}l%. 
(BeRan op. Ii«71- nap. nuth, A pd in 135,000; G. A. 
MonJa Owner. K T, ^L A IK A; M, E. Morria 8; C. 
11. Love Ch. Enpr; i d. c Ed, Eddy llOv: Ed.floc; 
15 d. o. Inc^. arc» ^ ampji: 1000 d. c. Inus: SOO bp . e. 
Corj 180 bp. h. Hml; city cont ISO Ita. c. p. 15*50 M 
arc 16.50 |l^^y \ll m; ooftl tS.60. 9S 





TOPEKA. 83,(I08-Clty Bleo. Lt. Plant; (Mnnlc); 

(Began op. 18fcg); cohI «7«,000. 

»npt. H. K. Goodrich Topeka 

Ch Kdrt. p. L. Roper 

Ch. Elecn. P. Mitchell " 

4 arc. Ft W. 818 arcs. 8.6 amps ; 600 hp. e. S. C. 400 

hp. b. Bromlck; moonlt coal $2. 122 

EdiBon Elec. Illg. Co. (Began op. 1887): cap. anth. 

$200,000, pd. In. $105,000 6 p. c. dir; no l>da. 

Pres. J. Molvane Topeka 

Sec. ft Treas. E. Wilder *' 

^ Mgr. Supt A Par. A>f t. O. R. Mannsell *• 

Ch. Engr. H. J. HarriB " 

Ch. Elecn. P.P. Maunaell . . . .s 

2. d. c. arc. T-H 12 d. c. Inc. Qen. Elec; 880115 r; 

3 d. c. pwr Gen. Klec. 600 v; 2 a. c. Gen. Elec. 2080 280 

-115 V. 8, ph. 125altnii. Ed. eoc; 85 d. c. series arcs. 

9.6 amPs; 450 a. c. inc. arcs. Z&6 amps; 80000 d. c. 

lues: 3000 a. c. Incs: a.c. day dr. 115-^ v: d. c. pwr. 

clr. 600 v; 8700 hp. e. A. A S. Wins. Buck; 2000 hp. b. 

B. & W ; coal $2.20. 4< 122 

VAI.I.KY FALLS, l,07&-Troth Elec. Co.; (Began 

op. 1889); cap. $ ; H. R. Troth Owner A P. A; 

1 a. c. Royal. 1000-110 v. 16,000 altns. Ed. soc; 890 a.c. 
Incs; 60 hp. e. Atlas; 50 hp. turb. Eclipse; 00 hp. b. 
tablr. ^ y *^' *^ gO 

WEIR CITY, 3000— Lt A Wtr. Dopt. Cherokee- 
Lanyop Spelter Co.; IJ. P. HobartP; Jas. McKlm 
P. A. A Supt; 1 d. c. arc Ed; 2 a. c. Natl. 1040-52 v. 
s. ph. S-M soc; 16 d. c. arcs 9.0 amps; 8 a. c. arcs 14 
amps; 1175 s. c. incs; 170 hp. e. loe; 810 hp.b. Brnl: 
city cont 15 Its. c. p. 2000 $100 per yr. all nt. 90 

WELLINGTON. 4,24.5-Clty Elec. Lt. Plant. [Mnnic.] 
[Begin op. 1002.] bds. auth. A outstg. $20,000 5 p. c. 

^ Sec. Mgr. A Pur. Agt. A. O Baker Wellington 

Ch. Eugr. H. R. Wightman 

2 a. c. Westg; 8800-110 v. s. ph. 7200 altns. Ed. soc; 
75 a. c. arcs. 5 amps; 900 a. c. incs: a. c. day clr. 110 
v; d. c. day cir. pwr, clr. 220 v; 250 hp. e. Twin City; 
250 hp. b. moonlt; coal $2.25. 92 

WICHITA, 24.671-Wichlta R. R. A Lt Co.; (Be- 
gan op. 1900): cap. anth. A ii*sned $300,000; bds. 
auth. $300,000. ouistg. $190,000 5 p. c. int; G. F.Dan 
<-an P: E. Woodman S. & T; 8. L. Nelson M; W 
R. Morrison P. a. & Supt; 2 d. c. arc G. E. 181 arcs 
6.6 amps; d. c. day clr; for st.ry. pwr clr. 500 v; 600 
hp. e.Rus. Ham: 860 hp. b. Stir; city cont. 104 Its. 
c. p. 2000 $66 per yr. 1 A. M; coal $2.45. 92 

The Wichita Gas, Elec. Lt A Pwr. Co.; cAp. anth. 
& Issued «2jO,000: H. C. Seott P. T. A M; F. 1). 
Woodford S; .T.J. WalnhSupt: 1 a.c. inc. G. E.2600 
-KMv. sph. TH soc; pwr. cir. 500 v; 1000 hp. e. 
Fulton ; 800 hp. b. O'B ; cool $2. 32 

WINFIELD, 5.554— Wlnflold Gas Co. cap. auth. $100, 
000: bds. anth. A outstg. $39,000 6 & 7 p. c. Int 

V. Pres. J. n. Fuller Winfleld 

* Sec. Treas. A Sunt. A. 5*. Allen *• 

1 d. c. arc. T-H. 35 It. cap. 122b 


ASHLAND, 6,«<00-A8hland Eloc. Lt. A Pwr. Co.; 
cap. 132,000 ; D. G. Putnam P.; F. B. Moore. S., 
M. * P. A.; 1 arc Westg. : 3 a.c. Westg. 1100-50 v., 
16.0(M) altns. ; S.M. soc.: 50 arcs: '.J.ana.e.lnca.: pwr. 
cir. 500 v: 350 hp. e. Rns: 1 b. Brie: city cont. 47 an-s 
c. p. 'JOUO S7J iwr yr. all nt; slack $.65. 127 

BAKIIOUKSVILLE, l.OOO-Barboursvllle Eloc. Lt 
Ht. A Pwr. Co. [Bt'gan op. 1902.] cap. auth. $10,000 
p<l. in $7,ci00, 10 p. c. dlv. 

Pres. * Trt-as. Dr. A. (Jotllff Barboursvllle 

If St'c. Mgr. A Pur. Agt. R. L. Fopc 

Ch. Enin*. A Elecn. J («amett '' 

1 a. c. Warran 1100-110 v; 2 ph. Kd soc; 450 a. c. 
incs: 75 hp. e. C. A T. 100 hp. b. C. A T. 
City cont. 50 incs. 82 c. c. p. $50 per yr. coal $..'iO 


BARDSTOWN, 1.711— City of Bardstown (Mnnlc): 

bds. oatotanding Kt.S0O; fare G.B.; 1 a.o. O.B. 1040 

-104 V. altns. G. E. soc; 85 arcs; a. c incs; 

— hp. e. Ball; 1 b.; moonlt. all nt. 127 

BOWLING GREEN. 8,22(K-Bowling Gi 
Lt Co.; cap. 860,000; bds. $44,000; jTe. P 
J. H. Wllkerson, S.; T. L Fitch, T.; H. 
M. * P. A ; R,H. Pitch Snpi; 1 a.c. PtW. 
16,000 altns.; Ed. soc. : 8 a.c arcs: SO a.c. i 
hp. e. Rns.; 100 hp. b. Rus; coal $1. 

City of Bowling Green ; J. H. Wilkerson 
arc. «fenney (Indpls.), T-H; no day cir; 
Bnckeye; 100 hp. b. Memphis; 72 arcs c p. 
$51.59 moonlt 

BURN8IDE, 800— Bnmslde Elec Lt A 

S Began op. 1901.1 cap. auth. A pd. in. $4^^ 
It; bds. auth. $10,000; onUtg. 6.000 5 p. c. 

Pres. R. T. McKeen 

Sec. M M. Tutt 

Treas. A Mgr. R. Mc C!racken 

Ch. Engr. G. L. Coomer 

2 d. c. inc. Bullock, Trl. 2.-0 v; E«l. soc; 1 
arcs 8 amps; 900 d. c. incs. 210 v; d.c. pwr. 
126 hp. e. Buck; 150 hp. b. Gem City. 

City cont 35 incs. 60 c. p. $10. A $12. pei 
coal $1.70. 4* 
CARLISLE, 1.377— Citizens Elec. Lt A 
(Began op. 1902) rap. auth. A pd in $12,0f 

Pres. G. E. Smith 

Sec. H. M. Taylor 

Treas. J. N. Roes 

1 Mgr. A Pur. Agt B Ingels 

Ch. Ener. O. Baird 

Ch. Elecn. C Uoldermun 

1 d. c arc. Gen. Elec. 1 d. c. inc. Gen. El 

2 a. c. Gen. Elec. 2500 v; s. ph. 7200 altns 
25 d. c.series arcs 7.4 amps: 2 d. c. inc. arcs 
1000 d. c. incs: 8R hp. e. Green wald. 150 hp. 

City cont 24 arcs 1200 c. p. $70. per yr. ii 

OATLETTSBURG, 8.061— The Carpenter 
A Pwr. Co. (Began op. 1801); (also Its. K 
Va.) cap. anth. «»,00U, Issued $10,000; be 
Issued rsO.OOO, 6 p. c. Int; D. H. Carpent«> 
Carpenter S. & T; 3 d. c. arc G. B. Bru 
Cont. 108 v; 1 a.c. Westg. 1000-50100 v. s. 
altns. S-M soc; 66 d. c. arcs 9.6 amps: 7 i 
amps; 25 d.c. Inc. Inc. arcs 6 amps; 500 • 
800 a. c Incs: d. c. day clr; 200 hp. e. Bck} 
b. Bckyc; city cont 61 Its. c. p. $2000 $67 
nt; coal $.75. 

CLAY CITY, 600— Swann-Day Lnmber 
$200,000; no bds: F. Dav P. & T; A. P. 
T. B. McCormlck M. & P. A; A. M. Bo 
Elecn; 2 d.c. Ed. 110 v. Ed. soc; 800 d.c. li 
e. Hckye: — hp. b. Wlckes: city cont. 100 
$300 per yr. 11 P.M. 

COVINGTON, 42,938-Surburban Elec. 
$260,000.; A. Stuart P.; C. H.. Shaw, S. A 
lleaton, Spt. : 2 arc T.-H.: 5 a.c. T.-H.. Fi 
62 v.. 16,000 altns.; T.-H. soc; 350 arcs; 
Incs.: a.o. day dr.; pwr. clr. 500 v.; 1. 
Bckve.; 2,000 hp.b. Bab. Jk W.: city cont 
all nt. 
Union Ltnt & Pwr. Co. 

OYXTHIANA, 8,257 -The Cynthlana Elec 
[B(>gan op. 1890J: cap. auth. & pd. In $50 
div; no ImIh. 

l*re!*. Wra. Adams 

* Sec. Treas. A Pur. Agt C. C.Adams 

Supt C. M. Conipton 

1 d. c. arc Ft. W ; 1 d. c. inc. Ft. W : 2 t 
W«'sitg. 1100-lOO-r>0 V. Ed. T-H s<HV, 9 d. c 
6.8ampH; 42 a.c. arrr* ampt*; 2000 d.c. 
a. c. incs: 275 hp. e. L. it B. Atlas; 170 hp. 

CItv cont. 42 arcs c. p. 20000 $90 por yr 
2000 V. p. $51 iHT yr. com. incc. 16 c.p. 10 A 
kw. moonlt. all lit; coal $2.40. 
DAYTON, 0,104— Doy ton Elec. Lt. * Pwr.( 
op. 19(K)): cap. auth. 850.0(X); H. M. Hegn 
C. Walton S; F. B. Hegeman T; 1 d.c Ti 
d. c. arcs; 700 hp. <*: city cont. 46 Its. c. p. 
pfr yr. all nt; coal $1.75. 
ELIZAIIETHTOWN, 1.H61— Etlzabetht 
Lt. Co. (Beean op. 1899); bd.<«. Issued $5 
int: D. L. May P: J. C. Montgomi.-ry «; 1 
1040-104 V. 22 a. c inc. arcs: 7uO a. c Incs: 
Harrisb; 240 hp.b: city cont. 21 Its. c p 
per yr. moonlt ; coal $2 05. 





lei?); ccwl 17,500; C. wr. Ht-udptPati P, 
J. L. O'Bahdoi] €h. Engr ! d.c, Tnumvli 
■OC; 19 iL c Inc, urei* 'i,5 umpft; fOU d. c, 
pL^^«ttir£ TS fa|j. k C. ik U ; city «ont. 


mT. 6u A Elec. Lt. Co- : 
30 ^ A oiitot(|. |4O,0O0. fl p. e. Int. 


r- iiuiD(*K,..*K,* * *" 

fivr At'E. ^Tutik Auftiiit ..*. ** 

W. WE; I n-e. NaU. IllW-Mv. ^liUn*. 

I. r«»ni c. p- ^-SMK) $&ft.20 per jr* all nt: 

JC* tl6K— Frinkliii EW. Co, [Ik^fiin op. 

uiih, tl.VU(3(J, p<1 m | 13 p. c. dk«t 
A " '-♦" 'I!' .no&. up. c. int- 

} .»..,,, „..,FrMikUii 

»K % ». F.Citrdiwr.,.. 

^ *- ^ i'i' ...*...,..... - 

I. W. M, UlwlL 

E. ](W 104 V, 1. pb. lA.ooa a»ttit. Ed. floc; 
i0«Bipa; ia4) n, c. lfic«^ IQU hp. e. BiiU; 

J%aroiiOOl>e,p. IT^pot jr.mooti]. 1 A;M; 

4- 1231 

UW®— Fulloii El^-c. Lt. ^ Pwr. Co. fBciriiti 
ipi. wtOi. A, pd. In. |13IJ,00Q lb p. c. dW; na 

QTnylo? „, ,,„. Fulton 

^rau. C Wii]l«n . .,..,..*,,...* 

Pwr. Akl H. F. Ollwr.,... " 

r K. It, Wji^kB , ** 

■ij .1. W siitt... ....,., , ** 

' Bdioc: lAii,L\arcii. 6 nmue; 

iac»; d. c. djij cir, £*> v; 4-c. 

m& hp> (^ UAm. Ru«. At1«4; 33& bp. b. liii^. 

$30 per ]fr. miwnlt; 

,U tm iaC0. fiO c. p. 

foW^H S.*ra— The Gflorprtown Wj»tc?f. 
• ne«Mi op. 10OIJ cap. ftttlli. A 
ii: $100.00 5 p. c, itir. 
I . J , P. 4 uc k «OD . . G eo rg«to wii 

, Enitr. S.F. Alien . ....... '* 

K'rtMiHT'^- -^ *■* 'OC* Triumpb 110 v; 

c^f f '*.t>Od. c. Inris; d, C. daj 

"^ — \ I . iiriff : 25CJ bp.b. M. & a. 

|#ri gW. piT yr. 100 inc». 

^vr COIN una. A Liic«, 143 p^r kw, 

r, CJXm— GlMgnw BlPC. Lt A Pwr. Co.; 

l-»iiw; cap, i^ ^ It, L. Bow(?ti M, P. A* 

I. IU>vf| cb. Eppr. & Elwti: l ii. e O. E. 
, a ph. I*imiO »iUi)». Ed. wic; H ».c. mrcd, tt 
» »- « Inci : 5^ bp. e. Coo^r C. Jt T. iJOO bp. 

It 13 li*x. p. flOOO $1400 per jt. moon It ; 
«L«I. 1^ 

SHHRa* TOO^Barrodiibitrj; Eke. Pr. & 
»1». fiaOQO. C. M. DHiman, Prr#, Jno* 
*!>(•. ATffiu.: L. Rickei". Mgr TOO mUg. 
t; no d e, 100 Is p. e. HmaelL t 

m^p 1.041— Ha wcarllle H)ec Lt. A Pwr, 
in op. It^; cap. aoth, A UMutd $3,000; C. 
p, M. A P. A ; S. L. MeAdAins 8. njfc T; la. 
OdD-HK) V. m. pb. IMHIO atcn». T-U soct R&O 
iObfkc. A. AS; 75 bp. b. C. & T; citjr 
1^ c. p. SS f 13.S0 per jr, mdui. 21 

lOir* 10,179— Heiid«»cn] Ofty Elec^. lA 

tpi<.> (MttiL Op. liSM) coHt $ 

For. AM. L, T* Hite ,,.......,,. IJt'uderson 

fe. FtTW. » a. o. Fi. W, SS0U104V. a. 
«aa. Sd loe; leao d. CL aerica ofra. $.fl am pa: 

tfimipaiaiOQ &. e, lne*t a. c, day cir, 
PL e. lllia, BmUK Bali. 400 bp. b. B«;dK«» ; 
. 17i »^. aOOO e, p. $ per f r. tom. 
^ fl« per jr. all ut; coal f .74 


BICKHtAN, 589— M link ipal Lt. A Wtr Plant; (eoii 
S30.000, Me.antb. & lutraed S.%,uOO; T. Dillon Jr. 
tiupt 1 arc; 1 A. c, 500 a. c. Inca; 00 bp, e. 110 

HOPK1NSV1I.LK, r,SS0-Hnpkin*vi]1e Ga* & Ltff< 
Cu. (Hi'^tan op. 1892): cjip. fiurli, H5,000p<l. hi. S12». 

^ Le§at*« 4& II gr. T. Q. LLlt1ttbata«..,,,,.Gopkiii«irUle 

Pinjii. ^ Treaa. Wm, T. Tandy 

ikf. J. A. Young Jr, ,,.,,...,..,...,. , ** 

8npt. J. O. Uitlebaka.... , *' 

lar<;W. E; Sa^cFt W lOUO&C v. •. pt. lA.OOO 

itlina, T'H aoo; W ar« ft,fi ajBps; 1W>» ^ c. huia; a. c- 

day dr. IOOUt; SgQ bp, a. Ball, Ptioenix; im bp, b. 

CUy con I. 64 arci c. p. iSOOO |S3 per jr. all nir 

iroalilJO. 110 

HORSE CAVE, l.OOO-G. A. Tboma* Owner; (Btt- 

gan tip. i8B:); tap. |rt,000; 1 d,c. asiOv; Ed. aoc; 250 

d. c. liica: 3i>bp. turb, Lff, 310 
KITTTAWA. S:,«-Kulwwa Water & Lt. Co. (Began 

op. 18»i): tH[i. %l.mM 8. C. M«dloy P, M A P.A; O. 
C. CfibbS. X T; W. K. Muttliew* Ch. Enirr; M^hp, 
t?; :^<] bp. b, L. A B; iouJ $^.5(}; Have fmtiibl^e tar 
lipbtln E2, but appiiJ-iLtus not Itjstiilled. 3S 

I-ANCAssTteK, 1,010— Lancaatt-r Eler. Ll. Co., Ward 

& PalU^reion Propni* 
lUEBAMON, a, 015— Lebanon Lt, lee * Pwr. Co. ; eap* 
^.QOO;bde^. 17.600. 

Prea. '\\ M- KBieji ............... .... Lifbanon 

1 Sec. Tnae. A Pur. A^fL J,A. K«ljj.....„ '' 

SnpL B. J^, Kiiicart. . . ............ .... 

I are Ft. \\ M a. c s. pb, T. H. 1100-52 v; lO.fOO 
altnn, T.-H. aoc; 32 arc*; flOO rt, c. Sncai IN) bp» 

e. lickje; 175 bp. b, Taj lor. City i-o til., all nU lit 

LEXINGTON, Se.Sti7-Lc-iinKtOn Ry. Ci.t. [Biifan op. 
ISWH : Gfbce, Cbcapsldtr ^ Main. {A cottioJiaailon uf 
rht! PaPHL'ijg^)- A Ik 1 1 Uy. HHl Line Eke. Co,, C^jDtrnl 
Eke, Co., LexJugU>u Ite }At\x. A 8^1 or. Cu. »od Rpr- 
ciuka lev Co.; cap. 4titb. f^^.OOtf bdm. autli. §1,500.* 

Pwa, L. des Cogneti}.. Lfirtifftoa 

V- ^rm. G. \V. Daruall 

Bee.T. D. Murray " 

Trea*, R. P. SlolJ ...,,.,,...... " 

5 Por, Apt, & Oun. Supt. C. K. MoireU. . . 

Mur. R. E. Hunt " 

SupL A. L. Smltb , ...................... 

Cb. Eiigr J. P. McKeeTer. 

Cb. Elecn K. U Fulk^r " 

4d. c. HfcT^HFt. W. 5 u. c. Ft, W, Geo Elec* 
1040-101 v: #, ph. I6u00»lin«. Ed. mic; SbO a. c lac 
arf e, G am;* 14000 a. c. lucis, a. c. day cir. 10| v; pifiT, 
cir. .500 ir; aauo bp. t-. L. & B, A. A b. n»m; I8tl0 bp. 
b. Htincs Brul. 

tlty coiu. 3U5 luca. ^OOOc p. t7B,50 per vr. nil nt. 
cOoltl^S.'j 122 

tOUISVlLL.E,2UJ4t— Lonlivllle EleC. Lt. Co.jeap. 
1125,000: A. H. Barrtlt. P., M. & P. A. ; J. H. Gilbifft, 
gi.; tSarc: F't, W,, Brutb: d.c. pwr T.-H,. Wpwtg. 500 
v.: 4a.c, Weatj?. 3000-100-50 v,, 7,200 altn*.; Ed.. 
Westg. foc.; 1,,540 aftSi: 40,ODO a.c. InC*,: pwT.clr. 

fiOO v.; a,WX)bp.e. AllU. H. O. A R.: bp b. Bab, 

ft W ; city cunt. 1700 arr.a c,p. t«0OO 184 per yr. all n t , 
coal %l.m. VO 

cm^eti* Ltf. Co. (Cona. of Pcoplea Kl«!. Co, Jk> 
CiiiaenaGcn. Ele«. Co.); cap. ntk. 11.000.000: A. M, 
Woflhiii^ion P. iK\ C.U Loyd Ch.Kni^r: 2 arc T-H; 
« d. r, G. E. UV^-t^> v; Ji a. c G. E/ 1150^-104 t. 
la.OOO, 7,200 altua. £d. Boc: ^20 d. e. ar^ 10 anip«^ 
HOOO a. c. kncfl; a. <\ day dr; ar;50 bp. l^. Mol AS; 
liSOhp. b. Bab. AW. in 

Central Eke, Co. esd 

LUDLOW, 3,3a4^Kentijcky Elea Co. (Began op. 
1808) cap, aurb. A iHi^aKd iSo.OOOt J.J. Weaver P, M, 
A P. A; W. R. Scboifpra 8: It H. FkmingT: J. J. 
Graf Ch. Eaer; 1 d. c. G. E. xm v; 2 a. e, Ci. E. iflOO- 
110 T. mcj. t'-iOO *ltnp. Ed, T-H »oc; 100 a, c. Inc. 
&n:« 5 ampi: 400 d. c. iocs : 4(j00 a. c. luce; a. c. daj 
clr, hot; 9K) bp, e, Atlai. Bckye; 400 hjj. b: city 
coDt tfiO Ita. c.p. taOO, :jS A la $1^, tS4 a too per jr. 
niaotilt: coaltLTA. flO 

HA&ISONTHXB, IkOSS— Bailey LL A Water Co. 

1 d. c. *ro» 1 tt.c, Fi, W: Ifi^eoo altnBi m d. e, *rc«; 
1000 a.c. Inca. tOft 





MARION, 1,064— Marlon Elec. Lt. & Tee Co. [Began 
op. 19011; eap. auth. $10,000, pd. in $12,000; no bdn. 

Prei«. T. Clifton Marion 

^ Sec. Treas. «Sb Mgr. Jolin Wilson *' 

Ch. Engr. & Elecn. G. U. Dollor " 

1 a. c. JPt. W. 1000-100 V. 7200 altns. Ed. uoc; 21 a. c. 
area 6 amps; 1000 a. c. incs; a. c. pwr. cir. 100 v; 128 
hp. e. Heiiman; 150 lip. b. Heilman. 

City cont. 21 arcs 2000 c. p. $65 per yr. moonlt 122 

MAYFIELD, 4,081— Graves County Wtr. A Lt. Co; 
(Began op. 1891); cap. auth. $90,000; bds.issued 164,- 
000; T. J. Landrum h; J. \V. Landrum 8, M. & P. A; 
W. E. Plavter Supt. & Cli. Engr; 2 d. c. arc T-H; 2 
a.c. Warren 2i»«0 50-104 v. 2 pli. 7L00 altns. Ed. soc; 
41 d. c. arcs; 6 a.c. inc. arcw; 1500 a.c. incs; a. c. day 
cir; 450 hp. e. B. Si W \ 500 hp. b. Porter Stir; city 
cont. 33 Its.c.p. 2000 $— per yr. all nt; coal $1.55. 122 

HEAYSVILLE, 6.423— Mays vllle Ga^ Co.; cap. $45,300 
A. M. J. Cochran P; Horace J. Co<rhran M. & P. A: 
L. B. Gray Elecn; 25 arc. CtO alt. inc; 1040-52 v. 
T-H hoc; no day cir; 250 hp. e. Greenwood; 200 
hp.b; city cont. 25 arcs c.p.2000 $90 per yr. moonlt t 

MIDDLESBO ROUGH, 4,162-Middlesborough Elec. 
Lt., Ht. A Pwr. Co.: (Began op. 1890); cap. auth. 
1150,000, pd. in $93 000; no bdt<. 
Sec. & MK'r. ?:. M. Greenlev Middletown 

1 Supt. & Pur. Agt. W. M. Todd 

1 a. c. T-H 1100-52 v. s. ph. 16.000 altns. T-H soc; 
40 a. c. arcs; 1.200 a. c. Incs; 125 lip. e. A. A S. ; 200 
hp.b. Phoenix, Brnl. 
Moonlt mdnt; coal $1. 122 

MOBGANFIELD, 2.046— Morganfield Elec. Lt. & 
Pwr. Co.; (Began op. 1898): cap. uuth. & issued 15,- 
000: D. M. Khea Owner: 1 a.c. G.E. 1040-104 v. s. ph. 
16.000 altns. Ed. soc; 600 a. c. incs; 65 h p. e. Ball; 
76 hp. b Atlas. 122 

MT. STERLING, 8,561— Mt. Sterling Wtr, Lt. & Ice 
Co.; cap. 8tk. auth. & pd. In $250,(X)0; bds. auth. & 
outstg. $200,000; E.H.Jones P: H. K Sweeney S; 
A. A. Stirling T: A. A. Holbrook M; Geo. Steven- 
pen Elecn: 1 (i.e. arc Ft. W; 1 d.c. Ft.W. llo v; 1 a. c. 
Ft. W. 1040-104-62 v. s. ph. 16,000 altns. T-H soc; 
(M) d. c. arcs 0.8 amps; 2 a. c. arc: 1,000 a. c. incs; 250 
hp. e. L. A B; 300 hp. b. Erie; city cont. 88 c. p. 1200 
$87pcryr. moonlt; coal $— . 91 

NEWPORT, i.»8.301— Newport Lt. Co. controlled by 
the Union lit. T.t. & Pwr. Co.. Covington. 

1 arc Ball; 75 arcs; 80 hp. e. GretMiwald; — hp. 
b; citv cont. 25 arcs c. p. 1200 $90 per yr. all nt; coal 
$1.60.' 122b 

OWENS BO R<>, 13.1H9— Owensboro Elec. Co.: (Be- 
op. 188 \ n-built 1897); cap. auth. & issued $50,000; 
no. l>d.^; W. E. Chess P: P.T.Watklns S. & T; H.I). 
Fitch M; .J. A. Corley P. A. A Supt: 2 arc Ft. W; 

2 a.c. Ft. W. We!«tg. 1100-50 v. 16,00(» altns. 8-M 
soc; ITOarcs 9 tJatnps; 16.X) a.c. incs; .'ttiOhp. e. Bull; 
400 hp. b tublr: citv cont. 120 Its. c. p. 2000 $90 per 
yr. all nt; coal $1.10. 90 

Municipal Elec. Wks. (Began op. 1901). 
* Pur. Agt. AMirr. E. H. Breidenbach — Owensboro 

Ch. Enirr. R. WrJL'hi 

3 a.c. WestL'. 2200-110 v. 2 ph. 72<K) altni»; 225 a. c. 
series arcs 7 umps; 25 a. c. inc. arcn 7 amps; 4WK) a.c. 
incs; a. c. day <Mr; 2200 v; a. c. pwr. cir; 000 hp. e. 
Westg: 800 hp. h. Stir. 

Moonlt. all nt; $.75. 122 

PADUCAH, 20,000 -Citv Elec. Lt. Plant (Munic.) ; 
(Began op. 1894): cost 122,500: J. M. Lang P. A ; H. 
R Wallace Supt: 3d. c. an- Ball St«l; WW d.c. arcs; 
150 hp.e. H. O. A U; IftO hp.b. O'Hr; coal $1.20. 110 

Padncah Gas A £U>c. Co., cap. auth. $125,000; no 
t Owner & Mgr. Thos. Coffev Paducah 

60 arc Brush, T-H; 150 inc. Westg; 80 hp.e. Wests. 


Paducah City Ry. successor to Paducah Ry. & Ll. 
Co. (Began op. 1898); cap. auth. A \h\. in ^00.000; 
bds. auth. $1,000,000. outstg. $600,000, 5 & 6 p. c int. 

Prea. O. C. Thompson Paducah 

t V. Pre*. A Mgr. G.C.Wallace 

Sec. A Treas. A. L. Rich Cincinnati O 

Snpt. H. 8. Porter Paducah 

Ch. Engr. A Elecn. D. B. Simon ** 

7 a.c. Ed. T-n 800 kw. 1100-110 r. 15,000 aitiii.lL I 
soc; 200 a. c. arcs; 9000 a. c. Inca: a. c. day cir; Ml 
hp. e. Ball, Rus; 1400 hp. b. Stir; coal $1.4a lt| 

PARIS, 4,(iOS-Pari8 Elec. Lt. Co.; rap.l»,000;a 
S. Varden P: O. EdwardaS: T. £. AshbrookT,!. 
A P. A; 20 arc A 800 inc. General; no d. c; ISOIf^ 
Ball. t 

PKMBBOKE, 654-Pembroke Elec. Lt. Pwr. A Wfc 
Plant. (Bt-gan op. 1901); cap. auth. & pd. in f&XfkK 

n Prop. K. P. Cross Pembrota 

Ch. Engr. B. H. Moody 

2d. c Eddy 125 v. Ed. soc; 7 d. c. inc. arcs 6 
600 d. c. incs; 50 hp. e. Frost: 60 hp. b. Frost. 

City cont 12 arcs 8000 c.p. $84 per yr. mooniUiBtlBl 
coal $1.55. »h Bi 

PINEVILLE, 2,072— PineviUe Elec LL Oa: obl 
$25,000; no bds.; J. S. Ray, P.:F. D. Hart, Jr.,!:, 
P. A. & Spt.; 1 arc Westg. ; 1 a.o. Westg. Iif04l 
v.. 16,000 altns.; S.-M. soc.; 35 arcs; 500 a.o. Idca.; 
100 hp.e. Westg.; — hp. b. Westg.; city ooni.: 
moonlt.. mdnt. tt 

PRINCETON, 2,556— Princeton Lt. A Pwr. Co. (Bt- 
gan op. 1897); cap. anth. & pd. in $15,00a 
S Mkt.A Pur. Agt. G. W. Pettit Princcta 

Ch. Engr. A Elecn. H. A. Roberta on 

1 a. c. G. E. 2300-104 v. s. ph. 16,000 altna. Ed. «oc; 
7 a. c. series arcs 6.6 ampa; 1600 a. c. inca; 220 bp.e. 
Ide: 200 hp. b. 

City cont. 7 arcs 2000 c. p. $72 per yr. moonlt; con 

RICHMOND, 4.653— Richmond Elec. LL Co. 
BUSSEIXVILLE, 2,591— Rnssellville Elec. Lt Co. 
1 a. c. Ft. W; 7,200 altns; 750 a. c. Incs. 

8HELBYVILLE.f,016— Shelbvville Wtr. A Lt(>) 
(Began op. 1895) c^n. anth. $40,000 issued $20,000; 
bd.s. $30,000; J. I. LogAD P- JB- 1>. Shi]inickS.& 
P. Poynter T. J. Stewart P. A. A SupL 1 arc T-H: 
1 a. c. T-H 1140-104-52 v. Ed. soc; 82 d. c. axt;^; 1001 

a. c. incs: 140 hp. e. H. F. A M; 140 h p. b. Frost; 
city cont. 35 Us. c.p. 2000 $80 per yr. mdnt allnL SI 

SOMERSET, 3. 3ft4— Somerset Elec. LL Ca; cap. 
$1I.0>0: ImIs. <6,000: Beecher Smith AgL for tht 
Trustee f<ir Bd Holders; 1 a. o. T-H 1000-5S v. IROOO 
altns. T-H soc; 700 a. o. incs; 80 hp. e. Ball; 100 bp^ 

b. Ball, Casey A H ; city conL moonlL all nL llO 

SPRINGFIELD. 1.016— Springfield Water A El«. 

Lt. Co. (Began op. 1901); cap. auth. $15,000. pd. in 

$12.0 .0; Ixls. anth. $12,000, outstg. $11,000, 6 p. c. int 

l^rcs. G. L. Ilavdon Spnngfldd 

SiK.'. J. C. McElroy 

Treas. J. A. Boulwart *• 

T Mgr. & Pur. Agt. H. B. McElroy 

( ■h. Enjr. W. B. Holdemian " 

1 d. c. inc. Clark 220 v. Ed. soc; 18 d. c. inc. arcs J 

amps: 7i)0 d. c. incs; 75 hj). e. C. & T ; 100 hp. b. 
City cont. 18 arcs 2l)00 c. p. $70 per yr. moonlt: 

cotil $2.55. 121 

STANFORD. 1,051- Stanford Water LL A Ice Co. 

VANCEKITUG, l,l«l-Vanceburg Elec. LL HL A 
P\%r Co. (Began op. 1899); cap. auth. $7,500, pd. in 
$0.5()0; bds. auth. $4,000. outstg. $2,000, 6 p. c. lot 

Pres. G. W. Stamper v anoebarf 

Sw. Tnas. A Mgr. C. B. Adams 

« Pur. AlM. J. W. Matthew.son 

Supt. & Ch. Engr. G. B. Pavnter 

1 a. c. G. E. 2t)U)-l00 v. s. ph. 16000 altns. Ed. soc: 
5 a. c. urct*; GOO a. c. incs; (i5 hp. e. Atlas; 85 hp. b. 
F. M. iS: Co. 

City cont. 02 incs. 32 c. p. $— per yr. all nt; oosl 

$1. 4- 121 

TKRSAIIXES. 2,337- Versailles Elec. LL Co. (Be* 

San op. 1899): cap. 9 ; W. S. Berry M. A P. A: 
. B. (assell Ch Engr; 1 d. c. arc. G. E.; 1 a. c. 1100- 
104 V. s. hp. 7200ti«s. TH soc; 26 d.c. area; 5a. c. 
inc. arcs: 900 a. c. incs: 126 hp. e. Bckye: 140 hp. b. 
Bckyo: city cont. 25 Its. c. p. 1200 $90 per jt, 
moonlL; coal$2 02. 110 

WILLIAMSIUIRG, 1,495-William8bnrg Elec LL 
Co. (Began op. 1898); cap. pd. in $4,000; F. F.Blaka- 
ly M. A P. A: G. McDongal Ch. Engr; 1 a.c Wama 
1100-110 V. s. ph. 16,000 altns. T-H soc; 400 a. e. Inei; 
100 hp. e. C. A T ; 100 hp. b. At aa; city cont $$ lU. 
c p. oS $1.80 per mo. tl 





5.99*— llanln OotiitrQcilon Co. 
flPl); Qib,lW,t)gO; T. Kmbry P; 1\ M. 
T:W\ ^IldckeU M. A F, A; lapc Tu 
W, lOm-IOO-fiO T, 16,000 illDi Bd, T H 
. klS(« ». c. lti»; liiO top. ^. Eric: ?00 
oltr coni, C4 Mrca c p. - — fSO wry\ 

JfLsa 109 

sr Rj. t L A ]r« Co: cap. $100,000: E. 8, 
, M. Fkkr^n T. a; M: J, E. G,itf3ni*rS: 
Itii. c.pi. I^UO $l!aOi per yr. moonU; cniil 


.E. LSStt-. Abbeville Lt. Pwr. * Witer 
ui <i|». 1^ eup, ftuih. $3(^,000^1x1. m 

oliciJfiBlt i „,..,,,... , AbbovUk 

Mf. At HokotcMki , 

If. Art. A*li. >*ucit, , ** 

. O. ft. )e?i0 V. £d. «oc; Vie tl. c. Inc. iVKt; 

^ fuc». m c. p. ||2 per |t. ail at; oU f .50 

KIA, 9,e4«^Cit; Elec Ll ik Wtr. Wk». 
legftQ op. isefij, 

. JobtuQU. , .Alexandria 

P- TOfflSffMO . . * * 

or. AgL >V. U. Lompkln " 

W. H^Adanu.... 


w. y. a 1110-104 V. i. lib. iG^eoo aims. 

», c. jut»; 4J^ 11. c, loci; a. c. dAj i:lr. 
p«. c. n. F. ^ Ml 300 bp. b. Uml. 
r^SOOOc. It. $74 par 7r. com. lufa. 101?. p. 
^ Ul; 4in$.TabbU 1«* 

lliJieV^BatoD Bougfl Elcr. A Gum 

f 10 HoMic Bcc. Go, i&egiji op. l«eS)^ 
d, in im.qOO; bcla.aiitb. ilhu.oou.ouutK. 

L PlnhpT. . , . . w t Baton llOQSu 

fcwJl^n... ,,. 

LLatcixk ,..,.,.♦,♦,,...,.... ** 

gill. M^^r Qfi.Sl»ola.* 

;!■ \. Burnt......... '* 


Buck, F. A S; 4fi0 hp. b. Ft. 

i«>.roO*CpowJrj Water Work! M Bko. 
niitc.) (B*^KiLU '»|}< iiH^) colt iSfiitiOa bda. 
outui^;, f^,tX)0« p. c. Int. 

jClty Clerk. . . , Crowley 


FW. Htmky ... 

tr. nuo-]lt»v; a. pb. lU^OUOaJtufl. Ed. ao^i 
fl ampii; 130Q a, c. tpoi; 100 bp. e. Ball : 
^^A H. oil, S.aO bUi. l:£! 

|;KTIX.LE. 4,dEO-atj Elec. Lt. Plant. 

Ifiiii op ]>m) cofit p7t^60, 

tk Pur. A^U A.Cii)beracm.DDna]d«auvHle 

11*. Lstnir j "* 

}%'. tiMAhhil Vi2 ph^ TWO Altnv, Ed eoc; 
to; a. f. Out cif. 850 bp. e, F. & ». &00 bp. 
ilooiiU. 4i 1^ 

rtl,14<J--FfiidklJn El«. tt * Pwr. Cb. 
If.OOfh bci». 11,900; L B, Tarkon R P,A. 
il. Latham K J. A. iTN«?ll Jf. T. 1 a. «. 
». 7,300 mlina T-H iHK; 750 a. c. lucn; 
He; IM) bp. b, Rumifiy & S; oUjr cont. 


ll IJiU-eamrooBd Ice Go. (Ltd.); (Bo- 
i; CAU «^,uoo. 

. Je M i^r. H. Meyftrcilne .,,,... ]f amtiintid 
. UO v: — ^mof.U ;i d.c. ihe. iirci; jOU 
t.Erle^ 40 hp. b. iHMy & » 
' c, p. 2000 SBfl. pfif yr. mdnJ: 

^ -Boimia Ltg. A Ice Hff. Co, (Begin 
. aiitli. ^ pd iu. |t.Ouo DO bcto. 

L. li. J*«lreQiaku.....,*....HoDina 

, C. Draugbati. . . ., ^ . , . . . ^ ^ . . ^.. " 

I d, c. Gen. Ek'C. 115 v : Ed. aoc ; gooO d. c. ln«; 

bp e, B«n: &7& hp. b. Erin. Murphj. 

l'it¥ coTit. ho inca. B3 & BO (;. p. fi.SEB per tw. 
mcKHjlt: oil $M bbl. isia 

JEA>'ERETTE,S,O00-^eanerrtto Eke. U. Plant: 

{B*f(raii «>p, laoac: cap, l^,OiW; A. L. mnkoc Prop; S 

2d. c. Eddy Coin, aij v: Ed ioc; 000 d. c. inca; 

Id. c. i Ttc. are. S.& amp*; d. c, dat tii) v: d, c. 

pwr. clF. 1% bp. e. Idei 173 bp b. Jfifnjy, Col^'tnun. 

City coot fti Ita.c. p. ft! $31. |»r jfr. mooiUt; wood 
fl. * ISSS 

JENMNGS, l.BSfl^Jenntnga ZltC. Lt. it P^vf. Co., 
Ltd ; (Bogwj op. 1«0); cap. moth, «; pd. In n5,0QQ; 

no bde. 

1 l*rt», i% Pur. Aijt 9. A. Spencer.,,.,.,. ., Jennlnga 

Sec. * Tpeaa. E. Speticer ............. *♦ 

Mgr. H. M, PMt,.,,. .,,.. 

Ch, Enjfr. C. C. Hill *♦ 

ad.c. inc. W«*tg, Nortlin.aao v; Ed. iot; » d. c. 

Inc. arcs. lA amps; I8U0 d. c. Inca; d. c, day clr. iSMI 

v; SOO hp. c. C. ft I, Mnrray j 840 hp. b. Heine. 
Olty cont. ai ftt^n. lOOO c. p. $de, per yr. com. awiP. 

faO. pttryr. uioonlt; ollS-^^bbl ifi ISA 

I^KEGIiARLES. 6,f!80->Tht^ Lake Cb^rlea Ice^Lt. 

A Wtr. Wks. Co: (Began 01^. 1890); cap, antb. $IW,- 

000, leaned W«,7-i7: no JkI*. 

Pfefl. & Mfjf . J. A . Liindry . , Lake Cbarlea 

S«:. P.O, Mom ................ ** 

Tre**. 0, J. Landrr. .......-....,, *' 

1 Hupl. & Pur. Agt. T. 4 . Bird ,,,.,, ■» 

4 ATC B*ll; 3 a. c. We*tij, IO(».f^lCN t. a. ph. 

lOOOOaltna, T-H ioc; 150 arct 4.0 amp#; 5000 i.cJnca; 

a. c. diLV rir: 7S0bp, *. F. & S' ^ bp. b. Amea, 

Caaey A Uedi^es: city cont. isi It«. c p. SOD f 50 per 

yr. alliit;odS,40bbl. 122 

USBSVIIXE, 1,148— I^MVilk tt. ft Wir. Work b. Co. 

Lid. (Bmn op. 1901.) cup. liutb. 100,000 pd. kn S.V\000 

Ifl p. c. dir. 

Prea. F. L. Catfoll Lc^viUe 

^t\ ATrwut, J. K. Uilben... ** 

IPnr.A^LW. A.MArtjn. 

Mrt. & Supt. G. H. Pi*r(jup»fl(p .............. ** 

Ch. En^. A Ekjcn. E. L. Dick , . 

1 a. c. OenElec. 130 bp. e. Atlsi!. if* lfi£ 

MIXOEN, l.&el— MindcD Elec. Lt, A Pwr, Co. ^d 

MOXBOE»5.4ift-Monroc Wtr. Wks. Jt Lf. Co,r Kit- 
4w:utLve tifftce, Bf^nnififfton, Vt.: c^p. il^\(X)0; bda. 
1100,000; W. E. Bawki. P. dt T.; S. U. H&vka^ S. 
M. £ P. A.L SarcMd.: 1 d.c. pwr. Wt^t^;. 500 v.; 2 
».(?. KAtl. 1000-53 v.. Jfl,uOO aUns/; T,*1L sisc, : 50 afe*; 
1.5(00 juc, LiiCi.; pwT, elf. 500 v.: SUO bp. e. Id*.. A. 
ft ^: 400bp. b. WfttertP.;iM[y cout 40 are* c. p. 
;IOOO SOO per yr. all Hi; coal $^.)IA. IS 

NATCUITOCHES^ »,B88->*cbUochq« Telephone 
ft Elec. Lt, Co. fl»d 

KMW IBERIA, 6,S15-New Iberia Etac. Lt, ft Water 
Worka. iS2c 

NEW ORLEANS, 3Sr404-Ncw arleaiii Hallwaya 
Co.— (liPf^an op. lOOS.) cap. autl],«'|0,000,ClOO (A con- 
FolldAiJon of till- New Oricsn* Cltv H. R. Co. Nuw 
Orir^nii ft CMmdlton R. R. Lt. A Pwr. Co. Qrleaui 
R, H, Co. Kt. CbsHea 2st. li. R, Co. New Orleaoa 
Gbs Lt. Co. >ew OrlrAHi Lf^. Co. Bdtaon Elec. Co. 
*iejT*hftii(» Eke. Co. And Nitw Orleans A Fonlehar- 
train. Ry. Co.) 
Fret- H. R. Puaraoa Jr....,,........SiLoiu*. Mo. 

V. l*re*.Chii^. Hl.edJk.. 

B«. Theo, F. i^akr. .....„,,... 

Trca*. F. J, Home..... .♦...♦». ♦.♦..* " 

Gcn.Miir. Jobn tJ, Wooda KewOrletiia 

City cont. etll 111. c. p. fiOOti $116 per jr. all nt: 
coal |a. » *- J ^ 

BHRETEPORT, Ifi.OlS— SbrflTeport Oat, Klec Lt 4 
Power Co. rap. antb, A p4l in. ftOOtOOOL 

Pre*, ft Treae. H. N . MorrlB. , , , . .Sbreircport 

^ Mjf r. ft Pur, A p. F. E. GjUUgber , . 

4 a.c. O. E. 1040404 r. i. ft 3 pb. 7900 altna. Ed.soc; 
250 a. c. *rcif. fl.5 ampiit 0000 a. c. Inca; day dr, 104 vi 
im bp. e. L. ft; B. 11,0, ^ R: 750 hp. b, Bml. 
<Mty cont. no aft-*. aOOO cp. 190. peryr. nml ft oil. 







AUBURN — American Lt. A Pwr. Co.; cap. 
•60,U00: no txis.; J. 11. Wheeler, P.: E. W. GroM, S., 
M. A P. A. : 6 arc Am. ; 1 d.c. Ed. 110 v. ; 2 a.c. Brush 
2000-100 v., l;<,200 altns.; Wctft^. soc.; 190 arcs: 600 
d.c. lacs., 2.000 a.c incs. ; day cir. ; pwr. cir. MO v. ; 
600 hp. turb. Holyke ; city cent., moonlt.. all nt. IB 

The Lewiston & Aabnm Elec. Lt Co. (Began op. 

1884); cap. auth.A t8U,000; bds. auth. & ootetg. 

990.000. 6 p. c. int. 

Prea. U. M. Dingley Auburn 

Sec. J. E. Parkhurrtt ** 

Treas. & Mgr. W. 8. Llbbt-y 

^ hupt. & Pur. Agt U. T. Sands '* 

6d. c. arc Am; 3d. c. inc. E«l, T-H 110 v; 2 d. c. 

pwr. Ft.W; 4 a.c. Westg. 22tX)-104 v. 2 ph. 7200 altns. 

Ed. Wetitg. hoc; 141 d. c. eeries aicrt »i.8 & 9.0 amps; 

188 a. c. arcH rt amiM»; TOd. c. inc. arcs h amps: 450 

d. c. incH; 20.WM) a. c. iiics; d. «•. day cir; 400-600 v; 

d.c. pwr.cir.rKK) v; 1200 hp.turb. (.'haM% Hunt, Victor. 
City cout. 10« .'ircB c.p. 120U $37 per yr. niooult. all 

nt; coul $5. 4« 122 

AUGUSTA, ll.OOO— Kennebec Lt. A Ht. Co.; Geo. P. 
Westcott P; Geo. F. WectT; W. H. Willinmn Supt; 
J. A. IlamblinElecn; 200arc, HruHh: 2,(iiK) dir. inc. 
8.000 alt. inc., T-H; 110 A. 2000-10U0-l(>4-.'>2 v; T-H 
soc; dav cir.. 1000-500 v; 75 hi». mo: HX) hp. e. A 
turb.Westvc, Ilolyoke; 150 bp.b. Kendall ; city conU i 

BANG OK, 21 .850— Public Works Co., Ltg. Dept. 

(Began op. 18K7): cap. aulh. & pd. in 1600,000; bds. 

auth. & outKtg. f 600, 000. 5 p. c. int. 
Prea. C. F. Woodward Bangor 

* Sec. A Pur. Agt. .1. W. Cartwriirhl Jr 

Tn^a*. A Mgr. John R. (iraham *' 

9a.c. (i. E. 0600 2I0O-104 v. 3 ph. 7,200 Hltns. Ed. 

soc; 60 a. c. arcs rt amps; 16.000 a. c. incs: a. c. day 

cir. 104 v; pwr. cir. 5.t0 v; 2000 hp. e. Cor, Bckye; 

2.000 hp. turb. Victor, McCor; 1500 hp. b. Stir, hob- 

erts. Cahall. Co. also Its. the town of Brewer. 122 

BAR HARBOR— Bar Harbor Elec. Lt. Co.; Geo. F. 
West, Pres. A Pur. Airt. ; L. A. Leach, Treas. A 
Supt. ; 50 arc, T.-H. ; 6.UK) alt. inc., Westp. ; lOOO-lOO- 
60 V. : T. H. so<'. ; no dav cir. ; 400 h. p. eng., Brown, 
Westg. ; 400 h. p. b.. Miles; city cout. t 

BATH, 12.000— SaL'adahock Lt. A Pwr. Co. cap. 
$17:»,01K); bds. $125.(K)0, 5 p. c. int: (i, F. West P. A 
P. xV; A. S. Bosworth T; J. C. lIuinphrcvH Supt; 
city cont. 43 Its. c. n. 1200 $75 per vr. ail nt; coal S4. 


BELFAST— Belfast Lt. A Pwr. Co.; cap. 130.000; no 
bds; W. H. SwanP; J. H. Quimby S. AT; C. H. 
Muxflcld M. A P. A: 2 arc T-H; 2 a. c. T-H; 1100- 
104-52 V. l.'i.OOi) altns. T-H soc; 60 arcs; 1.200 u. c. 
incs: pwr. cir. UK) v; 25 hp. e. L. A B; 2.V) hp. turb. 
Hunt; 150 hp.b. Penob; city cont., moonlt. uidnt. 99 

BRRWICK. 1,377*— United Gas A Elec. Co. See 
Dover, N. H. 

BII)UKFORI>, 15.000— York Lt. A Heat Co. 

V. Pn's. (t. p. Wescott Bidd«'ford 

Treas. ( ;eo. F. West " 

* Pur. Agt. .1. (J.Shaw " 

Ch. Enirr. A Elecn. K. J. Sullivan 

2 a. c. (t. E. 2:«)0-115 v. 3 ph. 7200 altns. T-H soc; 
179 a. c. Ht-riei* arct* 0.6 amps: OOOO a.c. incs; a.c. day 
cir. 115 2:J0 V : KH) hp. e. H. F. A M ; 510 hp. b. Stir. 

City cont. 155 arcs c. p. '^KJO trs.50 per yr. allnt; 
coal $3.r.O. 122 

BRIDGTON, l.,Vi2— Bridgt(m A Harrison Elec. Co; 
cap. auth. $riO,000, jxl. in $2,'),000, 10 p. c. div; W. E. 
Sanborn P; E. C. Walker S; W. M. Staples T. A M; 
1 a.c. Westg. 2W0-110 v. 2 ph. 7200 altns. T-H aoc; 
5 a. c. arcs ^ amps; IHOO a.c. incs; a. c. day cir. StWO 
v; pwr. cir; 75 hp. e. A. A S; 375 hp. turb. 8-B; 90 
hp. b; city cont. 180 Ita. c. p. 32 $10 per yr. moonlt. 


BRUNSWICK, 6,000 -Branewick Elec. Lt * Pvi; 
Co. ; cap t&O.OOO; W. Thompsoa, P.; O. P. Tho■^ 
son, S., T. A P. A. : A. C. Hopkint. 8pt.; 1 m 
Brush; 8 a.c Natl., Westg. 1000-60 v., UjSoo ahai.: 
Kd., B.-S., soc: 80 arcs; 2.500 a.c. incs.; 450 k^ 
tnrb. S. A B., Holmes; 1 A. M. II 

BUCKSPORT, 3,000— Bncksport Lt A Pwr. C^; 
(Began op. 1894); cap. auth. f 10.000, pd. int4.5Qa 
1 Pres. Man. A Eleon. E. H. Emerson Backiport 

Sec A Treas. A. P. Paige 

1 a. c. T-H 1000-50 v. s. ph. 15.000 altns. T-H soc; 
1000 a. c. incs: 150 hp. e. H. F. A M: 90 hp. b. 

City cont. 81 incs. 16 c. p. $400 per yr. nidnuall nt; 
wood $4. IS 

CALAIS, 7,500— St Croix Gas Lt Co.; (Began opi 
188ri); (Also Its. St Stephen A Mil:town); cap. Wk,- 
Ooo: no bds; F. Todd P: F. N. Davis M. A P. A; 
A. Raei>'h Kin; 3 arc Brush: 2 a. c. Wesig. 2900-lM 
V. 7200 altns. Westg. soc: 107 arcs; 2»)f7 a.c. 1dcs:M 
bp. e; 450 hp. tnrb. Dayton: 900 bp. b: city cou. 
86 arcs c. p. 2000 $60 per yr. mdnt; ccMil $4.50. 110 

OAMDKN, 2,481*— see Rockland. 

CARIBOU, 4,000— Caribou Wtr. Co.; bds. $190,000: 

Recr. P. H. Winslow Csriboi 

Supt. £. E. Haynes " 

1 a. c. Heis. 1000-50 ▼., altns. T-H soc: L30I 

a. c. incs; 200 hp. tnrb. Holmes. Leffel; 150 hp. b. 
City cont 18 

CHKRRYFIELD— Cherryfleld Elec Lt Ca; cap. 
•7,000; W. M. Nash, Prt»8.; D. W. Campbell. Swt. 
Treas.. Mao. A Pur. Agt; E. S. Nash, bupt.: 000 
alt inc.. G. E.; 1040-104 v.; no day cir.; flOh.p. 
eng., Hinlcley A Kgery; city cont 9k 

CORINNA, 1.250— Corinna Elec Lt Co. (Began op. 
1895): L. I<\ Ireland P. A. A Snpt: H. A. Simptoa 
Ch. Enur; 1 d. c. Westg. 110 v. T-U soc; 600 d. c, 
incs : 75 hp. turb. Leffel. ISS 

DEE RING, 5,337»— see Westbrook. 

DKXTKR,.3.000-Dexter Elec. Lt A Pwr. Co.: (Be- 
gan op. 18KS); cap. auth. $20,000, issued 118.00(1; S. 
S. Inland P, M.P. A. A bupt; W. II. Jenkins & 4 
T: A. L. Abbott Ch. Engr. A Elccn; 1 a. c. Sian. 

2000-95 V. alms. B.-S. soc; 600 a, c incs; 75 hp. 

e. Ide; 1 turb. Phillips; 100 hp. b; city cont — Its. 
c. p. $1.25 per mo. mdnt 110 

DOVER. 2.500-Dover A Foxcroft Lt. A Ht Co. (Be- 
op. 1891) cap. auth. 930.000, issued $25,000; CC. Hall 
P. A M; E. W.CrtK-ker S. P.A. A Supt; E.A.Tb<imp- 
son T: N. W. Powers Ch. Engr; 1 a.c Q. K. SOHO-lOl 
V. s. ph. 16.000 altns. T-H sott; 1.875 a. c. incs: 180 
hp. ".irb. Holvoko; city cont. 70 Its. c. p. 80 115 per 
yr. all nt (Co. also Its. Foxcroft). 00 

EASTPORT. 6.00(V-Eastport Ltg. Co. cap. asth. 
$50,000; C. E. Copen P, T. A M. W. 8. Alexander & 
W. Campbell P. A. A supt. 1 d. c. arc H-H; 2 a.c 
T-H. Westg. 1100-104-52 V. s. ph. 15,000> altns. TH 
soc; 45 d. c. arcs 6.6 amps; 4 a.c. inc. arcs; 2,600 a.c. 
inc* 250 hp. 0. Ide; hp. b. go 

ELLSWORTH, 6.000— Ellsworth Water Co.; cap. 

t ; H. B. Cleaves P; Fannie E. UaUS; G.F. 

West M. A P. A; L. H. Cushman Supt: 1 arcBmih; 
1 d. c. pwr. G. E. 550 v; 2 a.c. Brush SOOO-100 ▼. s. ph. 
16,500 ultns. Ed. soc; 28 arcs. 2 a. c arcs; 1.000 a.c. 
incs; 900 hp. e. Bckye; 180 hp. tnrb. Hoi; SOObp. 

b. Cunnhm; city cout moonlt 00 

FAIBFI£LD— See Waterville 

FARMINOTON, l.S43«-Farmington Elec Lt CO.; 
cap. $10,(X»; E. S. Dingley, P.; J. P. Flint, T.; W.A 
Marble. M. A Snt ; 3 (Tc, Bd. ; 110 r. : Bd. toe; 6 d. 
c inc. arcs.: 000 d.c incs. ; 190 hp.e. A. A 8., SmbIt; 
140 hp. b., Dobbins ; city cont, 11 P. M. g| 






yOMT VAt&PllXD,S.n(K}-gti!v«ut BlAcCo.; (Be- 

r, oti, lOib); cap. flO^UOO; tiobd»: L. W. SmvitDa 
a H. Si«f«n« 5. » T^ H, a Stevens M. * P. A ; 
t b c T-HxeO-lOlT. IdvOOOftltoH lt;d. «oo: la. c. 
mpc^l LiOO », <L tiKv; laS fep. «k Wfcilg; 12& bfJ. b. 
Krlv; citj ^nL mil nt. HO 

FOXCRarT--5« BoTet. 

niKKPt>»T, 2,83©-Ftceport Elec. Lt. H*at A Pwr. 

Frw. ^cc.AHirr. F. M. Or«nt.„,. F^eepon 

Tii[M. a W.D«tIi. ........... ....^. ...... 

Ch. CucT^ John SitowelL . . , . . , * 

Cb. SltK^n. J. A, PTBier *' 

1 i> c, L pJl; im kp. e, 4i 19S 

rmSTBlTBO, 1 J7&-Fi*ybiire Blec. Lt. Co. aad 

GAHUIKEB. 6,501— Kennebec U -Jfc Ht.Co.; (office* 

^ WOO 164 per ]rr. mdtit 

ttCriLFORD* ],fiOO— Fi«Ckt»qitli Woolen Co. Cup. 
tmb. A i«#Eied iimOOO: Z, L. Tamer P. D. K. Straw 
a^ H. Dou2lu« T. 4. P. Unlller H. A. ^ Spi. 2 ii. o, 
XftUwr 111 V. T*H #oc; IO^a, r;, mcipi 125 bp. e. 
AUm: SaObp. tnth, Bercate*, Chuc; 100 bp. b. 00 

aAItf^OWELL*— K<]iin«b«c Lt & Bl Co^, olBce 
Autt«i>« H*,} ca|i. isaouoi (1. P. Wedcott, Pi-ee. ; 
& U, WkiiMt, 8mpc.; «) Arc ftnd H» ales^ tnc T.-H, t 

H<ICrt.TO?r, O^OOa^HoQitou Elec. Co. J cap. ItO.OOO; 
Bobdp.: tL T. Frifbie. P.: W. Mansur 9., T. * M.; 
1 *rc T.-IL: I m.a^ T.-ti. tlOJ-Sa v.. 15,000 iiltTii»; T.- 
IL »QO. ; 3(1 arc* : l,9tK)a.o. Inct.; 12& bp. e. Greene; 

Eoall'W Inc. Ll Co.: cip. I— : K, Merritt & 

loB^ own«r«: C. D, Merrill. R A. ; 4 d.c. Melber 
IS T.; Kd, woe,; |0 d.c tiitt, ifcrc«.. 4S4 mmp.; 2,0t)0 d.c 
IWH,; ll01ip.& Cri«; ISObp.turb. Leffel; SOO bp. b. 
Ertc 1^ 

KVHIfSBUHK. a,9U0-Towi) of Reaoebunk (Hti- 
aML^:co*( >; A. B. Haley, Cba. IST 

LEWlftTOlf, a,7«l— City of LewMon; cott 122.000; 
L^ Coin,, M* ^ P. A: I>. Crowkv tinjit: ifso arc 
W^felf, Am; nodayclr; ^S bp. tnrb, H^iidoD, 110 

UlTEIUiOnE WAIA^ 79i—U^vTmoTe Falls Lt, db 
Pwr, Co.; cap. $100,000; E* RlJey P. 

MACMIAi***Sa>-MiichlM Ele^-. Lt Co.- (Began op. 
]»^^; c«|i. IQuOJ: E. E. rartlB P; J. H. Baflej §l 
T. ^ P. A; a C* Parker Cli. Engr. & Klecu: 1 a .c. 

0. B, lOtO-IM T. s. pb. ^altna. T-U aoc; 1000 a. c. 

I««; 1Q0 hp. tarb, UO 

MCniAKiC r.lU^fvtVlO-^Uechaiiic FaUi Wtr. «.t 
itoc Ll, A Pwr. C<i^ (Began op. l§9A)t cap. antb. 
ingWl lMti«d 130,000; bdi. liined |^,D0O, A p. c. 

Pnm. B. C. Roj^etl Mecbanic FaUi 

B«e, O, T, Sanil* ..*»..**,**,,*.... '* 

f TftM. A Mrt. H. a. EdKticomb, . . 

t %c. WeatK. 9400-1 Dt» v. 9 pb. 7.3(W altnu. T-H 
«K| USCO *. 0, inc«; 2S5 bp. tnrb. Tlunt. 
Cttr <«aiL aOO tta. c. p. %. p per jr. mooalt. all ot. 

•f« 12ft 

lO, Wmvr PORTLAKO.— C, H. Bartlelt, Owner, 

(ftaoB up. 1900.) L d. e. U. B. 1 10 V ; Ed itoc aoO d. 

c |M»; 10 bpw «. 40 bpwtufb. Burotaam, Victor; 80 bp. 

kUA* H. 

m IXTOWK— ««e C*IiU. 

S01tw 4 V ^ ^fv^O^tord Lt Co, (Bt^gan op, 188i) 

ear <0: bdi. aaih. $60,000; 
f- •Al. .,.*.,..... — ,,...,..,.. . Korway 
Tw— . I* .. -Jiepard ........*... 

^ rar Act, ^ f*opt. H. B. Young " 

Msf.Q,S^ MK^mber. .,., " 

2 d. c. arc. T*H ; 2 d. n, pwn Q. S, 2 lU c Q, B. SOO, 
IIU v; S pb. n^ attOB. Ed. T*U ik)c; tO d. C. Hirltta 
arcs, «.8 ampe: 85 d. c. [net; 4000a. o, Ine^; a. c day 
clr. d, c pwr. clr,AO0v; &00 bp. e. Weit^; 500 hp« 
tnrb. 8. iJt B. tttiO hp b. 

City cont H arc* ImOO c, p. iSS. [mtt yr. moon It: 
mdnt, coal $5. (Co, alco lU. So. Partii,) 12S 

OAKLAND* 1,700-^akIand Bloc, LtCo,; cap, tAjCXlt 
J, W, <Jilman P; O. H, Bryant S, M. & P. A; I ftro 

T-H; la,c. T'H. 1060-104 v, -altDfl: T-H aoc; ft 

aroa; 40eiac, Inci; 80 bp. turb, Hnni; city co»t 
mdnt AS 

OLD ORCHARD, 1.000— O.O. ElecXt Co.of Old Or- 
cbard;{BepftnopJHl»6i; ea 0,000; no bd*; W.J.C 
Mmtken P. X Clerk: li. B. lieaneit T, M. A P. A: 
J. \V, EJliottCb. En«r; B, ». Walte Ch, Elecn: 2 

arc T-H; lOOaivi; 7& hp. e> A. & S: ISOlip, b; city 

f^unt. mdnt 00 

OLD TOW:S, 3,573*— Old Town Elec. Co. (Began op. 

V. Pre*. *r. R. Graham ....,..*...*...♦,, . .Oldto wfl 

Sec. (i. P. ScwelJ '^ 

Tren*. F. U. Oliwt ,, . + ♦*** 

1 Pur. AEt .1. M. CartwrJght Jr» , , , ** 

8upt. E. McKianey .....,,. " 

1 d. c. aril, Wtrhe; 3 «. c. Weatg. dtau. 1000 fiO t; 

a & 2 pb, IflOOO akni. Ed; wic; 17 d. e. wrka area 7.5 

»mp»; 200 bp, mrii, HolmtH. 
CUy coot 148 inca; 25 o. p. f 15. per yr. mooult p4* 

rATTEV* 1,172— Mrrrlil MUL Co. iBegan Op. Iff/iJ.} 
eap aoLb. ^ pd. In. SlO.OOO. 

% Prea. Supt. A Pur. Agt O. MefflU .,., Patten 

Mgr. B. L, Merrill.. „.. '* 

€b, Engr. J. Fuote .,,,,, " 

Ob, Blecn, Geo. Weat. '* 

1 d. e. Inc. Bddr ; 195 r ; Bd. mm% 700 d, c. Inca; 00 
bp c, flO hp. turb. Bmiih. 

City cont 80 Inca, U c. p, |13 p«fr yr. all nt 1S9 

I^HUXIPS, 1,500 -PhilUpsElec. Lt * Pwr. Co. (Be- 
piin op. IBBti] ; cap. antti, $10,000, kfttipd |A500: H. 
ILBcrry P. & P,A: K. P. Cochran T; X P. Noble m; 
P. C, Tirrany SLpt ^Ck. Elecn; l a, c. Weatif. lOOO^ 
100 T. I, ph. 160U0 aJtn?, B M iioc; 400 «. c. inca; VCT 
hp. tnrb. Hmttb; tJty cont 20 lt«. c. p. a&$^ per jr, 
mdnt im 

FITTBriKLD, £,e91-Pltt»fleld Sleo. Lt A Pwr. Co. 


PORTLAND. ftO.OOfr-CDnaolidatPd Elec. Lt. Co, <Be. 
gan op, 1883): cap. auth. SStO.OtW, Innttd MoaOCO^ 
bds. autb. $&(iOO0O, iuued NOUOUO: L. W. Forbea P: 
CJ. E. RaymtJiid S. M, * I*. A; W. It Wood T; M. B. 
Cliandler Bnpt; N. Ke«lan Cb. Bngr: 28 d. c. G, E, 
llOvs 3a.c. W. E. IHUO-llO v. 3 pb. 730O altBi. FA, 
»oc; 160 d. c. loe. are*: 6Sa. d. In*-, arcs; SOOiiOd.c, 
tnc«; 12.M)0 a. c. iEica;a c. A d. c. davcir, 8,0i>0bp. e. 
A. & Sp B. Jb W, 2,300 hp. b. Bab, &'W. coal $4, l^ 

Peak» Island Lt. Co. tap. 180,000; C. W. T. Gndlng 
P. & M ; G.E. Raymond Sinpt: i-d.c arc T-H ; 8 d. c 
T-IJ 110 ¥; F.d. aoc; 3^(1 c, area; m ampt; g d. oj 
Inn, an:a: tWMd. c, inos; d. e. day cir; 1^ b \ e. A 
ifc S; 100 hp. 0, local; city coot. qo 

Portland Ltg. A Pwr Co.: cap. anlb. .t pd. in 
S4U0,000; bda. auth. |750,0tlU ontslg, $400,6007 4H 
p. e, tnt 

Ptpb. J,R^LIbby . Portland 

Treae. A Mgr. B.E. Milhsr........ 

Sd. c. arc O. E: * fc, c. O, B. aiOO-!BO v. 3 ph. TSOO 
altna. Ed. aoc; 805d. c, aerleB arcs '5,6 ararw; 30,0IW 
an e. Incp; t. C day dr. liOir; pw. cir: 160 hp, c; 
aonoiip. tnrb. B. A B; 160 hp, b. Manning. 

iiiy cont a05 are* c p, 1900 $€6 per yr. all nt 143 

FRKSQUE 1SLE,4,000-Preiqne laic Eieo, Lt Co, 
(Beii^n op. 1887) cap. auth. A pd. 1o 110,000, p. r. 

Ptvc, F, Barker , .PtciAue-Iale 

&ec. a.E McDonAld , *- 

Tre^oi, A M;^t. A, K. Gonld., *.,.*.♦... '* 

Ch. Engr. J . E. .illen . . ♦* 

2 d. c. Inc. Ed. 110 t; 1 a, c. 2il00-lflfl v. «. ph. 

Ed. aoe: 40 d, c. In^. atf^n 3 to 7,5 aoipi: i,floo a. o 
inoa; 160 bp. «. A. & S; J 20 bp. turb. »mltb; 900 bpJ 

City cont 10 area e.p. 190 p^ yt. aU i^v % \ia. 




ROCKLAND, 8,000— Rockland, Thomaston A Cam- 
den &t. Sy. Co.; cap. auth. $200,000. 2d. c. div: bds. 
$150,000, 6 p. c. int; Q. E. Macomber P; H. M.Heath 

a, Augusta, Me; A. D. Bird T; T. Hawken M. & 
P. A; 4 arc TH; 2 a. c. G.E, Bnieh 2000 104 v. 14,000 
alms. Ed. soc; 14*2 arcs; 4 a. c. arcs: 5,000 a. c. iucs; 
pwr. dr. 500 v; 850 h p. e. Prov, U. O. & K; 1060 bp. 

b. Roberto; city oont. 621t». c. p. 1200 $100 per yr. 
moonlt. all nt; coal $3.75. 110 

BOCKPORT, 2,160*— see Rockland. 

RUMFORD FALLS, 8.600-Rnmford FalU Lt. & 
Water Co. (Began op. 1898) cap. aath.A iasned $100,- 
000; bds. autb. $10U.OOO, bds. issned $90,000. 6 p. c. 
int; G. U. Bi8b*-e P. W. Pettlnglll T, M. A P. A. C. 
P. Baton Supt. id. c. arc (4. B; 2 a. c. O. B. 1040-52 
V. 8. Ph. 15.000 altns. Ed. soc: 85 d. c. arcs; 8 a. c. 
inc. arcs: 8500 a. c. incs: 350 hp turb. S. & B; citv 
cont. 16 lis. c. p. 2,000 ^15 per yr. moonlt. 90 

SACO, G,122— York Lt. & Heat Co.; Geo. P. West M; 
city cont. 68 arcs c. p. 1200 $82.60 per yr. all nt. 

ST. 8TEPHKN— See Calais. 

8ANFORD, 6,500— Sanford & Cape Porpoise Ry. Co. 
cap. $250,000: bds. f^')O.(HX). 5 p.c. int; E. M. Goodall 
P. & M: L. B. Goodall S. A T: C. A. Bodwell Snpt. 
A P.A; 9 arc. 700 alt. inc. G. E; 2280-104 v; T-H, Kd. 
soc; lodayrir; 140 h p. turb. llumpbrey; lOOhp.e. 
A b. Swam pscott; city cont. 12 Its. c. *p. 16 $12 per 
yr. mdnt. moonlt; coal $5.25. (Successor to Moasam 
River R. R. Co. 21 

J9KOWHEGAN, OOOO-Skowhegan Klec. Lt. Co,; 

(Began op. 1886); cap. auth. & pd. in 948,000, 6 p. c. 

diy; bds. auth. $100,000, outHtg. $82,000, 5 p. c. int; 

E. P. Page P; H. A. Na«h 8. & T: C. J. Abbey P. A. 

A Supt; 1 arc G. E; 4 d. c. Ed. 102 v.; 2 a. c. s. ph. 

Westg. 1000-104 V. 16,000 altns. Ed. soc; 47 series 

arcs, ;; d. c. inc. arcs, 5 amps; 3500 d.c. incs; 1500 a.c. 

Incs., 500 hp. e. Corliss; 1200 hp. turb. Leffel; 600 hp. 

b. Whittin; city cont. 47 arcs, 2000 c. p. $50 per year, 

7 brt. (Also lights Norridgework, distance tf miles.) 

BORRENTO— F. Jones Owner. Portsmouth, N.H ; L 

L.Drew P.A. & Supt; E.D.Bxrry Ch. Engr.&Elecn; 

1 d. c. T-H; 1 a. c. Westir. 1040-104-52 v. 2 ph. 16,000 

altns; Ed. TH soc; 2^ d. c. arcs 6.6 amps; 1000 a. c. 

incs; 100 hp. e. WVstg; 200 hp.b. Cunnph; city cont. 

25 Its. c. p. 1200 $50 per seasou. mdnt; coal $— . 90 
Sorrento Elec. Lt. Co. G2d 

SO. BERWICK— S. Berwick & Salmon Falls Elec. 
Co , cap. $10,000. W. W. Swan P. B. B. Proctor T. & 
P. A. D. Sarslleld Supt. 1,500 Inc. Westg. turb. 99 

SO. PARIS— See Norway. 

South Paris Lt. Ht. A Pwr. Co.; N. D. Bolster P; 
G. M. Alwood 8. A T. 61 

THOM: ASTON, 2,600»— See Rockland. 

WATKRVILLE, 11,000— Waterville A Fairfield Ry. 
A Lt. Co.: cap. auth. $200,000: G. K. Bontelle P; 
H. D. Batps T: R. J. Patterson M. A P. A: B. F. 
Maxfield Ch. Eupr; 4 d. c. arc T-H, Brush: 8 a. c. 
Stan. WeKtg. 23U0 106 v. 2 ph. 7,200 altns. T-U soc; 
150 d. c. arcs 6.6 amps: 7,000 a.c. incs : d. c. day cir; 
400 b p. e. Westg: lUUO hp. turo. S. A B, Hoi, Hunt; 
500 hp. b. Manning; city cont. 75 Its. c. p. 2000" 



rnion Gas A Elec. Co. (Began op. 1900); cap. 
aulh. A ii»su.d $.50,000; bds. auth. A issued «60,000, 
5 p c. lui: C. F. Johnson P: R. J. Patterson T. M. 
A P. A; K. C. Roberts I'h. Engr: E. W. Crawford 
Ch. Elecn : 3 a. c. Stan. 2300-104 v. 2 ph. 7200 altns; 
10 a. c. arcs 6 amp*; 2000 a. c. incs; a.c. day olr; 
2500 hp. turb. McC. 90 

WESTliltOOK, 11,000— West brook Elec. Lt. A Pwr. 
Co. (Began op. 1888) S. D. Warren A Co., Boston 
owners E. B. Newcomb S, M. A P. A ; 2 arc G B. 
8 d.c. Ed. T-H 500-110 v; 9 a, c. T-H. Westg. 1100 
-2200-8000-400-110-120 v. fl. A 2 ph. 7,200 altns. Ed. 
soc; 40 arcti; 1.800 d. c. incs; 6.800 a. c. incs; a. c. 
day cir. 110 v; pwr. dr. 500 v; 2000 hp. tnrb. 8. A B, 
Hunt, Hoi ; city cont. 000 Its. c.p. 25 $16 per yr. all nt. 

WOOD FORDS— Deering Elec. Lt. Co.; a1 
the Portland Lt. A Power Co. 

YORK, 2,668— Agamentieus Lt. A Pwr. Co. 


ANN.APOLIA. 10,000— Annapolis Gas A 
(Began op. 1889) cap. auth. 9100,000; W. I 
P. J. C. Bosley S M. A P. A. U. 8. Mil 
arc Brush : 3 a. c. Wests. lOUO v. s. pb. 1( 

soc ; 100 d. c. arc* 9.6 amps; 6 a. c. it 

a. c. incbt 400 hp. e. Bckye: 45u hp. b. Col 
cont. 46 arcs c. p. 2000 $90 per yr. all nt; < 

BALTIMORE, 5G6.957— United Elec. L 
Co. (A con^olldation of the Brush Elec t 
Eiec. Ilig. Co. and Northt-rn Kloc. Co.); 
93,000,000, isHued $2,700,000; bds. auth. 
iKSued $3,248,000. 4U p. c. Int; Nelson Pe 
S. Symln^ton s: .J. W. El lard T: L. Peri 
d. c. G. E. 220 v: 12 a. c. Ft. W, Stan. G. 
2000-100-50 V. 3 ph. 7,200, 16,800 altns. Ed 
soc; 8800 d. c. arcs 9.6 amps; 8.'>7 a.c. inc. a 
a. c. incs, 7,800 hp.e. Westg, Erie, Ball, Pc 
hp.b. Bab. A W. Zell Clonb; "W kw.chlc 
city cont 1,688 Its. 2000 c. p. 199.02 per yr. 

BAY RII>GE— Bay Ridge Elec. Ck>. H. ^ 
Pres. 40 arc and 660 alt. inc. ; General ; d. 
d. eng., Ball. Corliss. 

BEL- AIR. 2.000— Reckord Mfe. Co.; cai 
issued 960.000; .T. H. Reckord P; D. B. R 
M. A. Reckord M. A Ch. Elecu : 1 a. c. W 
110 V. 2 ph. 7200 altns. 3 tnrb. Bruhm. 

BRUNSWICK — Brunswick Elec. Lt. A 
cap. 918,000; C. H. Selden, Pre*. A Srts. E. 
ley. Pur. Agt. 25 arc T. H. ; no d. c. ; 60 

CHESTERTOWN, 3,000-Che8tertown EU 
(Began op. 1898): cap (1\000: M. A. Hoffi 
K. VVrlaht S. P. A. A Supt; A. H. Tracy 1 

B. Latham ; 1 aa. c. Ft. W. 200( 

ph. 16,000 altns. T-H soc: 900 a. c. inci*: 
L. A B: 120 hp. b; city cont. 80 Its. c. p. 82 
yr. moonlu all nt; coal $2.75. 

CHEVY CHASE, 250-Chrvy Chase Land 

9 ; Hon. F. G. Newlands. P.: H. S. N 

T. M. Gale. T.; 1 a.c. G. E.; 1100-62 v., — 
Ed. soc. ; 500 a.c. incs.; 100 hp. e., McE. ; 1 

CKISFIELD, 5,000 Crisfleld Ice Mfg. Co. ( 
elec. It. 1901); cap. auth. A isbued $40,000; 
Atkinson P; J. H. F.ntalne 8. A T; F. P. 
A Ch. ilngr: 1 a. c. Warren 2200-110 v. s. 
altns. Ed. soc; 3 a. c. inc. arcs; 1600 a. c. 
hp. e. Ames: 250 hp. b. Erie, Frick; city c< 

c. p. 82 $1100 per yr. moonlt; coal $3. 

CUMBERLAND, 17,128-Edlson Elec. Hlg. 
gan op.l884); cap.auth.Apd.ln $60,000; G.I 
ton P; .1. H. Holzshu 8: W. M. Roberts, Ji 
R. Smith Ch. Engr; C. Byler, Ch. Eln; 14 
Ft.W. G. E. 110 v; la. c. mcy. Gen. Elec. 2 
altns. Ed. soc; 200 d.c. inc. arcs 5-<{^ i 

d. c. incs; 500 a. c. incs; d. c. day cir; tt. 
cir. 500 V. ; 975 hp.e.Bckye, A. A 8., Safety; 
Taylor, Erie. 

Cumberland Elec. Lt. Plant (Manic): (1 
1898): cot^t$18.28(i: bds. aulh. A issued |S 
FeseunieirM; T.8. Kean Supt; F.Brinker 
G. W. Smith Ch. Elecn; 7 d. c. arc Ft W; 
inc. ai ;b; 125 lip. e. Rus; 100 hp. b; moon 
coal $1.69. 
EASTON— Baston Fuel A Lt. Co., cap, 
F. Q. Owens S; 660 inc. Westg; 60 hp. e. ¥ 

ELKTON-.El]i.ton Elec Lt. A Pr. Co. : cas 
W. T. Warburton, Pres.: R. C. Lois, Sec 
1000 inc. General: no d. c ; 80 h. p. eng. Ba 

ELLICOTT CITY, 2.000-Enicott City 
Co.: cap. 910,000; J. G. Rogers, P.; Ju 

S..M.A P. A.; « d.c. Ft.W. T.; Ed. toe; 

arcs. ; 500 d.c Incs.; 180 hp. e. Atlas, Ball,; 
Brie; city cont, moonlt 


fREDi^RtCi£, lO.OOD'-Cilv of Ft«derick (Munlc); 
to#t IIT.^W.; A. R. Yemkle! M*yor & P. A.; 1 art t.- 

FiTrdrrick I:i«m:. Li. & Fwt. Co. (Rppati op. 1902} 
tm^ i'i»,auin bdd, llfl.QtiO; C. P. l^vj P: J. W. Huer 
S. M, A P A: 3 a. c. Ft. W, U. E. L I00l>-l0t>-&l> v. 

tmttp, ii. SLeHmn: 400 tip. b. SUiArnci. UO 

'ItCJ^TBURQ, 7.0MI— Fro^tbDfg Ill(?. ± Mfir. Co. 
^IWraii op. l!!fil**4 f*»p. iiuih, « iBsnei] llO,OtM); Mi. 
uaih. .% Itwqedt&UOOO.K p. c. Lnt; M. Wmt-land P. & 
F. A; U. sioeljiirS; It Aanon Ti T, J. Price SI, 4fc 
8a|it; S d. c »rc Fi. W; a d. c. Ft. W. J35 v; S-M 
#oc; flrid.e iwie«: l€Oed. t, iticc; 3Ss bp. a. Ames, 
Hck y*^; 101} bp. b: cU/ «mL 42 Ita, c. p. 2£>00 $73 pc-r 
rr. ill ill; eaal$a 110 

tAGEKSTOWN^H&KuretowTi Elec. LL A PrCo.; 
C\ W, Lti^cb, R: W, C Hepiierlif. 3. ^ R A.; 2«a 
■PcScbajler.; 1.<H0 *ltj?. mc, Weatg. ; Dod, c: StSi 
II p, vug. Taylor, FUcbborR. i Ifl* 

ItARV^ lie GflACE, CSOO^Harre d« OTnrc (Bc- 
I g*fi«p. 190(1) : cjip. auth. 150,000; J. U. Ro^kifrd P, 
•m> P. A: M, A. 6«ckerd S: U, Gover ttunt. ^ Cb. 
^^ter: 1 a. e. We*tic. la^OO-llO v. §. ph. 7,:iOO aim a. 
tA. vk; ilJU) a. c. incp^ fiO bp. e, IlnnUb. 90 

tJkt iei£l.«»l Elw. Co,; (Bcean op. l«a); 
^•aa. tlO.QOtl.: C. F. Sbaflef. P.; G, W. Waters, i*. 
A P. A.; F. W, A w»U, T.: K. SciiafK. M. A Engr.: I 
K. r. m. pfa. Nail. lUOU-lOU-N} v,. 16.00(1 aUnit.: Ed. 
T n. «o»^;»W a.c lnc*.; T5 bp. e A. A S.: T5 bp. b. 
B««sl; eitj eoiiL. lOi^iaci. ^ a p. moontu €0 

i,0>iA*MMN*i, e,(XO-Lon»TODlne EleO. Lt. A Pwr. 
<.To. -i;ncjbd»; W. AttinnotiP. Jfc M; H. 

Se- J S. Jenhs P A. ift Supt; 1 »rc Ed: 2 

a,!, Li^ISS T. »Cd. WW?: 3ft arce 0,6 ampd; 500 

a«. iii4^*. -^w Up. V. McL A S: 250 tip.b, Erlit. Taylor; 
eirr i^oot^ 10 «rc« c. p. 2000 |7J {kf yr, ail ut; coal 

Kt. WASHINGTON, 8.000— Ml, Wa*hminon Klec. 
U.APwr. Lkii cjip. *«a.0OO; bda, iK.flOO; E. A. 
CfUnib. r^i M. W, dfftiu, 9. A T.; T. W. OITutt* 
M, A P. A.: 4»,c, G. E- SOeO-lIci v.. 7.200 ulins.; 

«fx.: i uou a.c, iDca,; pwr. clr. 11& v.; SOQ bp, 

#. BftU: 5CC btK b. Brie- moonlt.. %\\ UV W 

Mor^TTAI^ LAKK FARfC, aoO—Oarrt'tt Water 
4 U Co.: tap, i 1^000: F. T. Martin P; U A. Jitid- 
ttll!4. M. ^ H. a: F. Thayer T; T. CnJili* Snpt^ 1 
i.C. W4n»n £*0a-110Y. «* ph. 1H,00U altne. Ed. pqc; 
|»L r, inrt; l^» bp. e. Erie City; l&O hp. b. Erifl 
aty; city cont all ot. OS 

^rvr WINDSOR, l aO^Nev Wtadaor Elee. Lt. & 

l»A1tLAND, 1,900--Oak1and Elec. Or.; Il*f^«J> (^F* 
I0n> <»p. Iia WW; no hds. ; D.K, Offutt, P.: 8. I*w- 
W^M.T.A A Spt.- 2arc/r,'H.: I tc. s. ph.,We«tg, 
flOO-iaiv,. tCOOOalinj ; Ed, voc: iSaret; UOlOil^G. 
bea.; \m hp. f. Ball, liarl^ 150 hp. b, Erie; city 
rtsnit. tiare*, 3000 e. p. (W per ye»r; all at: (Alio 
miUf4 Mt. Uke Pirk>. 20 

PoconotCfC CITY*S,OOD-ClllKenp Lt, it Fwt. Co,; 
(Safari op. if^i): PriTate ovnwnhfp; Q, M. St«TQii.^ 
«nM. ^ P A.; I dc Ed. 110 t,: Ed, M«;,;aOQd.c. 
Ihei, ; 7n lip r. Cpr,; 7G h. p. b. York; city com, 70 

f»a. ; 15 c: p. , $mii 12 JO X M. no 

Hnf DKFOillT, IJOO-Pon Depoei? Elec, Lt. Co.; 
<a«ii op, t&B); cap. autb. and pd. Id fao.OOO; 
CXlleCltfMbai^ P,; Joba MeCkniihaji* 3.; D. G. 
m^ittt, M^ V. A. A Spt.; 2 d.c, Ed. HO v.; £d. loc.; 
1300 d. e. liifst.; d,£. day dr.: lOO bp. e. BaII; 130 bp, 
b; e% cent., fiO lu., 16 c p. fTSO per ycaj. mooDJt, £9 

toCXirtI.t.E. l,a»'^-Cftj Elec. Lt, Plaot; 1 a. c. 
Ft W; Ifi.fl00 altaa; 1000 a. g, inct. 

Uu.mi0KT, I an— Wlenia J e^ FaJI» Lt. A Pwr. Co. 

r,.. . .^ i^Mk i-«n.«iili. A li«ied pO.OOO : no bdi; 
V nfsm Prop*' W, T. J oh neon S; 

1, \i li.c. G K- U5r; 7d.d, ioc. arcii 

Bl^<, ,. . c, Tairlop: 100 bp, tarh, Victor; 

m bp-b. J > coin, ariO Ita, c. p. 16 |24 per p. 

SNOW MILL, J,7W)-^Tbe Soow Hill Elef. LL ^ 
Pwr. Co.; (Begnn op. isas); cjtp. autb. m,000; J, P. 
Moore l^: h\ Al, furueil b. Je T; E. H. Davis P. Aj 
*2d. e. Ed. llOv: Ed. eoc; 550 d, c. inc*; 50 lip. e. 
Hall; 60 hp. b. Nacle; city com. 58 lt». c p. 16 f— 
per yr, ali nt; wood $^\ eon! $4. ItO 

TOWSUN— Motint WjishiDgtoa Eiec, Lt ^ Pf. Co,; 
8ei" ML W^biri^on. 

WK«TMIN8TI',R, 3.500 -CarmU CoUDtf Klee. Lt. 
& Pwr. Co.; (lii^^au op. 1891); cap. itatn. & Itaiied 
15.000; bdtt. uuih. A Jfi^uud S^.ODO, 6 p. d. lot; H. 9. 
Robertii P. A P,A; A.U. Idubcr S. A T; M.SchtM-ffer 
M; H. H. Lechrist Snpt. A €h. Eriffr; 2 iirc. T JJ; S 
a. c. G, E, ll(M)'ii» v, a. ph. 16.000 alt dp. 1M. »oc: 45 

d. c. arc^ 0.!j amp«: l^a.r. iucji: HJO hp.e, H. A F; 
30(>bp. b. Cievij; c^Uy totit. 4)3 Jt#. C, p, 12O0 fflO per 
yr. all ut; coal p.^. IID 

WILI,rAMSlH>ItT, l,27;*-Wl]liamiport Elec. Lt. 


A H 1 N G TO N — Set' Xo. A bio If ton . 

AOAAt?^^ 10, 0OC>- Adams Eke. Lt. * Pwr. Co.; cap. 
I«,5l*i; C, Z, Klchmoud. P. A P. A. ; H. li. Wymao, 

Spt.; Japt;T,-H.; la,o. T. H, lOOOfiO v., idtn*.; 

T.-tl. ec)C. : 45 area, 6 h.c, arci; dUO a.£. loci.: SiG bp. 

e. FHcb, ; lliO bp. b. Dilloii; city cont.. ail iiL 187 

AMESJRimV.laoOO-ArofitbiiryElec. Lt,JlL* Pwr. 
Co.; op, 150.3^; bds. fSO.OUO: J. F. Spauldio^e. F.^ 
li. H. Vouo(f. 54. A; T.; IL A, Sawyer, M. A P. A.; a 
ar^ T.H,; S ii.c. T. H.. Ft, W. lOiO- 104^58 t.. 10,000 
altiii*,:»8afc*, I *,c. arc«; 1,300 ».c Inoi. ; 
pwr. clr. hJ0Y.;$7h tip. e. KolUni; 375 b p. b. Hodj^cy 
Cuunffhm. ; city cont., muoiiit., I :ia A. M. 90 

AMU ERST. 6,000-AliiberBt Oa^ Co. ; (B^^an op.lRag) ; 
cap. autb. A pd. in. $40 000, & p. c, dlv.; bd«. aatb. 
A odirttg 5a*,000. & p. c, Int; E. U. Manb P; C. F. 
Bi'Util T; D. Barry M. A P. A; I arc T-H : if a,c, mcy, 
a. pb, G. E, Wwt. 1100-104-6* t. TSOMfl.OOO altoi, 
T-D hoc; 31 eerleii area; S)00 a. e. inct; S60 bp. e. H., 
F, A M, Pblla; i^O bp. b. iVJlloo: city coot. M area, 
laXJ c. p. $85 peryr, moonlt, indut; coaI$4.S5, 110 

ANDOVKR, i.?i«WAttdorur Elcc. Oo.i cap. 190.000; 
bdft. t£^,O0Q; B. F. Bmltb., P.; W. H. Co]«iQaa,T. A 

M.; L art.T.-U.; 4 A.c. T,'H. 10*0- 100-50 v.; 

almn': T.*lJ. mxk.: 50 arra; 5.000 a.c. Inoa. ; 470 hp. «. 
Taylor, Fitch.; 3fiObp. h. HwJge; city cont, SB It*, 
c, p. law |70 per yr. all dark nu, tlJ) 13.30; coal 
S4.». 100 

ATHaL, ^.000— Atbol Ga« A E\ec. Co. (Bog&n op. 
Igest; oap- nutb. A lit^ned, flO.OUO; bda. auEb. Ifld- 
000, bdft, laaued, 140.000. G p. c. lot; 11. D. Bate* P; 
F R. Dairies, F. A. A Sup; A, N. EUt^ T; W, 
D. Sacitk M; G. McKati^ht Cfa. Enssr; 1 d. e. 
arc T.-H. ; B d. C pwr Kd, T-H. 500 v; l ■. c. W^fitjf. 
1 100-101 V. «, pb. 7,200 alinA. ; T. IL toe : 16 d c. art» ; 
8 a-c. arcs; 3,000 a. c. tnci; 686 bp, e. B. A W. A. A 
8; 360 b p. b. Pboenix: city con I. 64 itit. c. p. l^SOO. 
$Tb per yr; tuoouli. mdnt; coal |4,^. tlO 

ABLINGTON— See Somerville. 

AS RIBAND— Sec So. Fruininsbam. 

ATTLERORO* lii.OOO-AttNboro StemiQ A Elec Co. 
^He^an op.t^^>; <^p. tl5,000; bdi. ^,000, « p.e. fnt; 
,L M. Bate- P; E. A Sweeney T; K. Tpegoning Sops; 
3 &T^ G. E; 3 a. c. 8 pb, G. E. 2300-115-104 v. 15,000- 
T30U Hltna. Ed. soc; ; 1 ]0 area 6. § atn pi : X9 a. c. area 9 
Bnip4; 6500 a. c, 1oc«; a. c. day «:ir: pwr. eir^ SOOt; 
700 hp. f. A. A e, H, F. A M; BO bp. Inrb. Hunt; 
70O bp. b, Natl; rity coot S7 lU. c, p. UOO |15 per 
yr. moonlt. mdnt; coal |4J£5. il 

KEIiM ONT-fiee SomerTinc. 

CUj BJee. Ls. Plant (MmilcO A. Bttler- 

BEVKRLT, I3.00n— Beverly Gat A Elet Co.; eap, 
autb A i<"ftO' d 11 12, £W: no bde; S, W,Vi intlow P; k. 
W. Roe*r» S. M. A P. A : K. J, Hat*¥it sop* ; J. 
Foley Cb. E04£r; I arc T H; »i^ r. TH. 104*104-62 
T. 15.000 aJtQt. T-H *or* 210 arcii & ampt; ^lOOQ a, c 
InCi*; 600 bp. e. Ptot : 400 bp. b- Bab. A W; ci» ^)« 
17B Ila. e. p, laoo llOi JiO per yeu aU ni; C4ia] iuis. 


BIIXEBICA, 2,000— Billerica Elec. Co. 

BliACKSTONE— See Bast Blackstone. 

BOSTON, 660. 892— Boston Elec. Lt. Co.; Office Ames 
Bldg; (Begaa op. 1881): cap. aath. & pd. in f8,0>JU,000 
8 p. c. air; bds. anth. & tasned 11,250,000, 5 A 6 p. c. 
int; P. A. Gilbert P. A M ; 8. S. 8ias 8. A T; T. C. 
8ia« P. A: P. Fahey 8apt; J. O.Whitney Ch. Engr; 
L. L. Eldin Ch. Elecn: — arc G. E, Brash: 11 a. c. 
G. E, We«>t|?. 9L00-104 v. 15,000 altLs. T-H, Ed. 
aoc; 5,000 arcs, 40 a. c. aro*: 100.000 a o. incs; a. c. 
dayoir: pwr cir. 000 v; 18,000 hp. e. A. A 8., McL 
A 8; 20,000 hp. b. Bab. A W, Cuonghm; city cont 
2,000 Its. 2000 c p. $127.76 per yr. all nt 80 

American Ht. Lt. A Pwr. Co. F. W. Hill 8ecy. 

Block Plant Elec. Lt. Co. cap. $9,500, 6 p. c. div; 
J. Donaldson T: E. R. Justin S; D. 8. Bovden M. A 
P. A; 4 d. c. Eddy, G. E. Bullock 118 v; fid soc; 48 
d. c* inc. arcs 6 amps: 6200 d. c. incs; d. c. day cir. 
110-320 V. d. c. pwr. cir. 2S6 v: 460 hp. e. Ames A 
Watertn; 850hp. b. Bab. A W, A. T, Hodge; coal 
$1.76 A $4.25. 68 

Charlestown Gas A Elec Co.— See Charlestown. 

Edison Elec. Illg. Co. (Began op. 1886); cap. anth. 
14,312,600. pd. in $3,920 000, 8 p.c. div; bds. anth. 
A ontstg. 8180,000. 4 p. c. int: C.L. Edear P. A G.M; 
W. C. Baylies V. P; R. ApoUonlo T: W. H. Francis 
P. A: W. H. Atkins 8upt; 74 d.c. G. £. 113 ▼; Ed. 
90C\ 2,150 d. c. arcs. 5 amps; 211,000 d. c incs; d. c. 
day cir; 18,000 hp. e. A. A S, Mel. AS; 5,709 hp. b. 
Bab. A W. Whittier. Heine; 8 luitteriee, 12,711 kw. 
chloride accr; city cont. 8685 arcs c. p. 2000 $34 per 
n. all nt; coal $4.75. 60 

Light, Heat A Pwr. Corporation 23 Central St.; 
Control Tbe Clinton GaH Lt. Co. The Milford Lice. 
Lt. A Pwr. Co. and the Eastoii (Pa.) Pwr. Co.; A. E. 
Childs P. AIT; A. ClnrkeG. M; A.M.Whitiiey Aest. 
T; C. F. Wbittemore 8. 92 

Massachusetts Electric Companies, office 14KiIhy 
St.; cap.$24.000.000; C.E.CotUng V.P; E.W. Bnrdett 
8; J. U. Goodspeed T: P. F. Sullivan G. M : F. Tay- 
lor P. A ; C. F. Bancroft Ch. Elecn. (Controls the 
Hyde Park Elec. Lt Co.. Dighton Rock Park Cor- 
poration and the Newport Illg. Co. Also operates 
numerous »treet railways.) 60 

Suburban Lt. A Pr. Co.: cap. 9174.400. J. O. 
Wardwell, P.; W. A. Paine. T. : T. I. Donahue, M. A 
P. A. : — arc Am, Brush; — a. c. Westg., G. E. 200O- 
101-1000-52 v.: 16,000 altns.; T.-H.. Ed., Westg. toe.: 
400 arcs; 15,000 u. c. incs. ; day A pwr. cir. 500-220 v.: 
1,500 h. p. e. 110 

BRAINTREE-City Elec. Li.JMant (Munich See 
East Braintree. 

BRIDGEWATER, 4.800 — Bridgewater Elec. Co.; 
cap. $15,000; bds. 15.000; F. A. Wymsn, P; A. 8. 
Palfray.T.: R. C. Breck, M. A P. A.; B. P. Clark, 

Spt. ; 2 arc Wtrhs. : 1 a.c. Went?. 65 v., altns. ; 

Westg.poc. : 34 arcs; 1.500 a.c. incs. ; 75hp.e. Westg. ; 
125 hp. b; moonlt., mdnt. 127 

BROCKTON, 40.063— Edison Elec. Illg. Co. (Be- 
gan op. 1884) cap. auth. A pd. in $150.00(1, 6 p. c. div; 
bds. auth. A outetg. JlOO.OO) 6 p. c. int; F. B. How- 
ard P; H. B. Sawver T; H. T. Edgar M; A. W. 
Leonard Snpt; A. W. Looke Ch. Engr; H. A. David- 
son Ch. Elecn; 10 d. c. Hrc T-H; 8 d. c. Ed. 114 v; 
1 d. c. pwr. 600 v; 3 a.c. G. E. 1040-107 v. s. ph. 15,000 
altns. Ed. soc; 318 d. c. ares H.8 A 9.6 amps; 1 a. c. 
area t amps; 284 d.c. inc. arcs 5 ampn; 9,128 d.c. in^s ; 
4,561 a.c. incs; d. c. dav dr. 114 v: pwr. cir. 500 v; 
1000 hp. e. A. AS; 750 hp. b. K-B; city cont. 208 
Us. c.p. 120») $87 per yr. 216 incs. c.p. 15 $14.50 per yr. 
all nt: coal $4..')0. 60 

BROOKLINE. 40.00(>-Brookrine Gas Lt Co., P. O. 
Box 6074, BoHion; cap. 12.000.000; bds. $1,000,000, 6 

6, c. int. H. M. Whitney P; F. Tudor, Jr.S. A T; E. 
. Page P. A; J. A. Gould Ch. Engr; 12 arc 
T.-H., Westg,; 4 a. c. Westg., Stan. 2000-100 
v., 16.000 altns.; T..H.. Ed. Soc.; 600 arcs: 27,000a. 
c. incs.; a. c. day cir. : pwr. cir. 500 v.; 2.850 hp. e. 
A. A. 8., Bckye., McL A S.; 1.000 hp. b. Hodire. 
Whittier, Cunngharo. ; city cont. 818 Itf. c.p. 8000 
$127.75 per yr. all nt. 18 

CAMBRIDGE, 91,88&-Cambrldge Elec Lt. Co. (Be- 
gan op. 1887) cap. auth. A issuea HKO.OOO, 6 p.0. div; 
bds. auth. A issued 1800.000, 6 p. c. int; J. Q. Ben- 
nett P; F. H. Raymond T.A M; B.O.Danforth Sopt; 

D. A. Badger Ch. Engr. W. R. Eaton Ch. Elecn; 7 
arc G. E; 8a.c. Westg, G. E: 8,000-104-58 ▼. i ph. 
16,000 altns. T-H soc; 4 d. c. pwr. O. E, Weatg; 6P0 
d.c. arcs fl.8 amps; 60 a.c. arcs; 80,000 a c inc*: 
a. o. day cir; pwr. cir. 600 v; 1900 hp. e. McI. A 8; 
1,900 hp. b. Kendall: city cont. 682 Its. c. p. 1200 
$100 per yr. all nt; coal $3.40. 60 

CANTON, 4.6U0-Blue Hill Elec Co.; cap. taO.OOO; 
bds. 820,000; M. P. Burbank, P. A T.; J. B. Rbodcf^ 
S.. M. A Spi.; 1 arc Westg.; 2 a.c Weetg. 1000 lOo. 
60 r., 16,000 altns.; Ed., Westg. soc: 47arca;S,» 
a.c. incs. ; 226 hp. e. Westg., acI. A S.; 275hp. b. 
Whittier, Stewart; mdnt. 127 

CHARI.ESTOWN, 40.304-Charle8town Om A Elec 
Co. cap. auth. A issued 1600,000; no bds: J. F. Hob- 
newellP; G. B. Neal T. A M; G. B. Neal ak:P. 
Coyle Supt; W. J. Gavin Ch. Elecn; 6 arc Brush:! 
a. o. G. E. 9000-104 v. 7 600 altns. T-U soc; 275 arcs; 
10 a.c. arcs; 1,600 a.c. incs; a.c. day cir: 990 hp.e.B. 
A W, A. A 8; — hp.b.Cunnghm; city oontall nu 110 

CHELSEA, S4,07»-Chelsea Gas LtCo. cap. aath. A 
issued 8300,000; bds. $180,000; J. K. Montffomfsy P. 
O. W. Moses T. A P. A. A. F. Stone Suift. F. A 
P. Cox Ch. Engr 7 arc T-H ; 5 a. c T-H. Westg, 
Sun 1140.104-i^ V. 16,000 altns. T-H soc; SlSarcs: 1 
a. c area; 7,501 a. c incs: a. o. day olr. 104 r: pwr. 
cir. 6U0 v; 1.000 hp. e. McL A 8. A. A 8; 7M h^ b; 
city cont. 227 arcs c. p. 1900, 220 fncs. c p. ;S $100 
A $25 per yr. all nt ; coal $4. 00 

CHICOPBE, 16,420-Municipal Elec Lt Plant 105 
arcs; 4000 incs; 850 hp. e; 270 hp. b. lOx 

CULNTON, 10,429»— Clinton Gas Lt Co.; cap. moth. A 
issued $73,000, 6 p. c div: no bds; A. B. Ctailds P; J. 
M. MackieS: A.M.Whitney T; Alfred Clarke X; 
R. R. McKenzie Supt: 2 d. c. arc Schny: 4 a. c G.E. 
45 d. cares? amps: 1650 a.c. incs: 250hp. e. Fitch: 
825 hp. b. Robmson; city cont 49 Its. c p. 1200 $1«) 
per yr. all nt S 

COHASSET, 1,700— Cohasset Elec. Cc (Began op. 
1890) cap. 830.000; bds. 812,000; A. A. Lawrence K 

E. F. Ripley S. A T. E. W. Bates Spt 8 a. c TH 
1000-100 V. 12.000 sltns. T-U soc; 2000 a.c inop: 
216 hp. e. Ball, Wms; 260 hp. b; city cont 90 

CONCORD— City Elec. Lt. Plant (Manic); r Begin 
op. ig(«); A. W. Lee M, P. A. A 8upt; 8 a. c Westx- 
1100-104 V. 2 ph. 7200 altns. Ed. soc; 6000 a. c. inei; 
250 hp. e. Harrisb; 180 hp.b. Holyoke. VU 

COTTAGE CITY— Cottage CityGas A Flee Lt. Co. 
cap. 126.000- A. Bumham P: W. L. Loring 8. AT: 
L. Bartlett M. A P. A; 60 arcs Ball; city cont 68Itr. 
C p. 1600; coal $4.65. 90 

DANVER8— City Elec. Lt Plant (municipal). (Be- 
gan op. 1891); cost 847.456.87; bds. auth. $41,000. 
outstg. 126,000, 4 p. c. int; F. W. Knight Supt; 8 
d. c. src Brush: 2 a. c. Westg. 220)-104 v. s. A 2 pb, 
TMO altns. T-H. soc; 124 d. c aics. 64 amps: 4 a. c 
arcs, 5 amps; 6500 a. c. incs; a. c. day cir; 800 hp. e. 
Ball, Bckye; 230 hi>. b. Erie. Cuningh. 110 

DEDHAM— Dedham Elec. Co., cap. 180.000. J. B. 
Bullard P: T.T.Robinson T.A G.M; A. M. Jennings 
Supt. 60 arc. 2,000 inc. T-H ; 200 hp. e. A. A 8. 1 

DUDLEY— See Webster. 

EAST BLACKSTONE— Blsckstone Elec Lt Co.; 
cap. 010,000; W. H. Chase P: J. Gatchell T. A P.A; 
A. Holmsn Supt; 41 arcs; 1000 a. c. incs. 110 

EAST BRAINTREE. 8,000— Municipal Elec Light 

Plant; cost t ; A O. Clark M; W. P. Mercer 

Supt: A. Z. Peterson Ch. Engr: 2 d. c G. E. Westg. 
125 v: 8 a.c. G. E, Westg. 24CX)-104 v. 2 oh.7S00 altUL 
T H soc; — d. 0. srcs; 94 a. c arcs: 68C0 a, c iocs; 
700 hp. e. Ide, Rollins, Greene; 60J hp. b. 101 

BAATHAMPTON, 4.500-Easth8mDton Ga« Co. : cin. 

$80,000; E. T. Sawyer. P.; H. L. Clark, 8.; O. L. 
Manchester, T.. M. A Spt: 1 arc T.-H.; 41 aics; 46 
hp. e. Watertn. ; 00 hp. b. Allen. ]2T 


OITTH. ia.aOO--WeTintinth LI. A Fwr. 

k iBStf) t*p. ftmti. |7&,aon, i«iiiedt60.- 

u Jt luoiHl §m,\m; I'.W. Freuch l\ M. 
I* * P. A, fl, O. Rogers T. G. W, rw- 
4 «,(?. G. K 800O*illLl V. — pt. 7,200 
S: SI •. c, Incj. *rc» ; tKNX) ». c* m« ; 000 
A M. McL ^ S, A, ^ B; 400 hp. b. 

coot. 34 Arm c, p. f7Q per yr l.SO 

, (Qo. xlfto lu, Blnghmm). 90 

.ia6--S9e Hnldcn. 1S7 

I, l04.aaS-FMI R!ver Elisc. Lt. C04 
F. O. Bodge, P.; A, F. Dow* T-; 16 

rQBh*: lOdis. Eli. 1(4 v.; «ac.; 870 

c, inct,; «.30U bp. e. A. dfc S„ Mel. £ 
e: 1.400 bp. b. mbJr; rUy cotit. 733 
iLllnc; i*oiiJ$l. log 

,SUSai-FHchhtir^G*B * Elec. Lt.Co. 

wiie4 fl.'iO.orv): Ixli. uutb. 1100,000, ii^ 

\ p, a liii; H, WuhBCi* P: H. F. Cafjift- 

.A; A.H.KHD*Mi11 Siipr; etL«. arcG.E; 

fU BOO v; $ G. K. HMOlOa v. *. pU. 

ik lAo: 83&(i. c. KTCi & & O.S nmpa; B 
IOkO00ft.(i. inci; ».c.a*y t^k. d c. pwT* 
Folnmm: 600 hp. h. DiUqq; city cent. 

OOfliKJlwryp, ftlint; coil $4.50 00 

KM— Fox bom Elec. Cal cup. $18 GOO; 

I O. L. AJlen Owh^Tt!: F.S.Lnno M; 1 

^4J04 V. m,000 altnii. T H hoc; 6*. C. 

^H. c- inai; l?^bp. v. Cor aoo hp,b. 

M. fnootiJt indfit 110 

kM— ^et! Soutb FramLiiiJjbADi 

I.OUO-^UnlonElcc.LL Co. : cap. ftao.OOO; 

k. W, Backl&iid. P. t U C Liticoln, JS. 

., Pkm^e. !ipi.; 2 are T. -11.; » «.c. T. 

H-^v.. J6.000 ftltii«.; T.-IL stw. ; B2 

^ lnfj»,L "i2S bp. c. A. A S.; 2fiOhp. b. 

int., mcHinlti mdat. l£7 

W— OArttDcr El*c. Lt. Ct». ; fBofE&fi op. 
ti. ^ pti. In 580,000, 5 p. c. di V M A. P. 
8. WfiUttsnn>re, S, T. A P. A.; E. W. 
Sogr.; a. H. Tftylof, Eln.; B a. c. ». ph. 
Sav.; Jfl,000»rtiii.; T.-H. Koc.;4000ft.c. 
mo T. for Sll. R E.; 37s hp. c. FItfib: 
n; r.hy cront.. 00 irCB. 1300 c. p., $75 per 
l»t; rm\ %i^h. 80 

i, aeaai— Oloaeefiter Elec. Co, (Be* 
Hkp. ftalh. & i^auf^d «liO,uOQ; brU. auib. 
DO, 6 p. fc tnt: W. H. Jordtti P; C. F. 
I T; E. L, Mutiiter P. A. A :supt ; 4 ire 

I, E» iooo-iooo-ioi V. s pb. rioo ^t 

;; tOOd. c. &re» fi.i*^amp<: S a. c. ajtcb: 
u ».c. dft¥ eir; pwr cir. SOOv; lOOO 
cT, dt 8; 375 hp. b. Rotiertt; iiUv oodL 
i|T*peryr. mooult. J A.M; cci«J S9.S0: 
toqltport). 00 

Ml— GmrtOD Elec-. Co.: r-np. IROOO; 
n, P. A T*; O. H. Mil^-s. ?^,. M. A P 
.J aOOO-IIXI V. 48.800 ill tns." T.-H. acx;.; 
: tH hp. e. Wcstc ; TlO \\p. turb.. Hoi, ■ 
Ikm; uUy oont., tooonlL, mdat. t»fl 

R t If GTO ?ff , 5.»10— r<fat HurrinEron 
(0eetQ op. 18«8K cap, jiuth, S'4<i.oOO, 
Mt.lIfi.OU». e p.c. Int: D. W.Norrhnip 
lit S: P. A. Ruwell T» M. & F. A : H. 
tt*L ^ Ch> Klpcn; S a. c. SOOO^LQO v. 
liw EtI- BcfcC< SOOD i-c. iticmi a,o. day 
(rh. UolYukti; tntj cone. 304 Its. e. p. 
lU] iiL 210 

[>-'Gfe*'nffeid Elec. LL Sb Pr. Co.- 
F E. WH1» P: A. J, IJoolittk S. & 
ii«r M;W»re T-H, FtW: t,400»lt(t, 
Tf: d. C. 110 A ItOOO VI PXmi altnfti 
1i^i|i. m«i«: :^ tip. **. Pmnoecrl., McL 

tycam oailw e.u iau<iST4.oauj*itJt. t 

, ar,i:S-iUvt.rblll Elec. Co., fAl#o It*. 

up. Kutb, £ l»tiaed 1153.000: M. Taj lor 

ti T : WE. &)T«oti P. A, & Su pi : 9 aW 

Irnuhr 4 n. *:. Q, E. J?t»n, 2Jf)0-104 7. 

n iL C- iifr* 0.8-fi,8 Aiops; 17.- 

ir; IHiX* !*p, e. H. F. & M; 

rant. 1»5 its. c. p fiOOO illia 

I ui. $]3&; ra» > ^t 

OJKOHA!W. 4,SiO-MuDkl|)«l U^ht D^pt; notofi 
18.000; W. Corthi-ll M. & PA; Ed, T^HiOc; 401 d-C 
ifct«s; 4 d. o. Incfl.. areii: 4,jS&0 n^c lac«; (Current par 
ahaH&d from Weymouth Lt. A. Pwr. Go.) 110 

HULBltOOK, 3,000— S«e Hftndolpb. 

HOLVtlKE, 4fi.:iS-Holyok* Wtr Pwr. Co.; cap, 

• 1 G, K OfoH^ P,. tt. S. WHter#, T,; R. C Wln- 

cbe«t»r, M.; 8. B. Wlncbesl^r, 8pt.; 1ft ur<:^buy.; 
Bd.P. Bd, i» v; I H.r. G. K. 1000-9W v.. tfl,oOO ftUna.: 

ioc.; 4W ares; 600 d.c. lutSn, 7<Xl a.c Inci.; pwr. 

ulr. liOO v.; «00 hp. e. Whlk. ; l.aOO hp. tnrb. Hoi ; 8K 
bp. b. Hoi.; (!ity cont, 9S Its. c. p. aOOO SlOO i»r yr. 
all Ijt; coal ^.10. IB! 

HtTDJ^ON, 6.300— Town at HDdson Elcxi. LL A Pwr. 
Dftpt. (Mntitc.) (H4'g*nop, 1997) co*tMS,000: W. G. 
Lawnjncfl, M. I are T II : 2 a.c T-H 1040-101 v, a, 

£h. leoOOftUtiB, T-H »oc; 2aiirc« Amp«; IS a.c. atcs; 
XMla. c. iocs; a. c duy cAti 1B.\ bp. e. Bttll, Slalef; 
12S bp. b. DUloti; rncHmk. mdnE. Bt 

HQLl^-S^b Nautaaket. 

HFDE PARK, ll.OOO-Byde Park Kleo. LL Ca. 
cap. aotb. IIOO.OOO; J. R.Grabam P.A M: A. F. Walter 
T. R. M. Jentjlngs P. A. ^ StipL & d. c, are T-H; 
d.c. pwr. 500v; I a. e. T-ll IW064 t. a. pb. le^OOO 
altos. T-n 90c ; 250 d c. ai-^n 9.1 ampa : a, c, day cir, 
BL ly. pwr, cir. BflO v; S.DiOa. c. iuca; a,DO0 bp, e, 
A. * 8. McK it S. GfH no; 1400 bp. h. Ctmnitigliam. 
(Contrellcd by Mosb. Elec. Co. ;4ee Boston.) 110 

LAWKEKCE, iva.rTrril— Lwwenw Ga* Cc^ cap. IfiOO,- 
OlKi; V. W. Kmtootin P; C.J. tt. Ilufophnsy* T, * 
M; 450 Bfc Ara, T-H; e.00t> ioc. Ed: d, o. 110 ri 
mObp. c. A. & !^; 1^7 kw. cbloiide aecr; cJty eont. 
137 art* c, p. S000» )85 area c. p. 1«>0 |8t) A SO ptr 
yr. all tit* si&)> 

LKE* 4,OU0— Ln Elec. Co. : cap. 1^.000: bda. «^,000; 
A. n, SJitUb P. K. L. MufDtiy ^. J. C. CbafTnt* T, M. 
A P. A W. E. Utikcr Cb. Eokt. 3 ilc. T-H lOjO-50 t. 
1,000 nlttif. T-li cmr: ^.OUO a.c. ioiTu: i«5 hp. «. McI, 
^ S ; IfiO bp. b. DilloQ ; city eonL all uu 110 

LEICESTER, 3,500— Rawioti Lt. * Pwr, Co. tVAp. 
•36,0(X*; E. L, WalAon P; W, C. Wat&on T. M. A P. 
A; a A, JcbPfoti Snpt: a-o. T-H, Fl W; ^SOno-ioo-fltJ 
V. 18.AX»aUtjs, T'H aoc.; 1,000 a.c. iocs: 210 bp. «, 
BTown» Taylor: 230 bp. b. Alleo, Bigtiuw; city 
conL 110 

LENOX, a/00-L<jnox EIcc. LL Co. 

LEOKINRTICKt r2,00>-LeonilniiterBI«:, LL A Pwr, 
Cc. frtp, i.^i.Ouu; E. F. Biodg^tt Ft l>r. C. A, 
WbeckT ^1 P. T. BltKlgett T: K. V. En«1e:u M. A P. 
A; ^ arc T-H, Es ; 3 u,a. T-K. FL W. lOHI-104 52 v. 
15,000 altni!. T H soc: lOOaren n^A 7.^'imnm: IS800 
a. fl. luci' TOO bp. «. A. Jt S, McI. Jt S; 500 bp. b. 
union, Alleo; city *3ont, SO Ita. ISOJC, p. 172 A §117 
per yr moonlt. I A. M. at all nL 110 

LBXIN^lTON* a,W*— LeJliHgtOo Oaa LL Co. cap. 
mOOO; bde. $4^000, 5 p. c. Int; E. L Garflclit P; 
JTa. H«w;i<tr Si a,H. MIlea T. & P. A; 1 d. c. 
arc T^U; 3 a, c G. E, I10&.104*«! v. Til. Ed. lOc; 
8? d. c. Area fi.3 ampi*: j,3ai».c. lues; llJii bp. n. McI. 
A S; a. JO bp. b. Kobe rt Dt : cUy COOL 30 Ua.o.p. l^iOO 
Sr.'i ppr yr, moonlt ; coal |4.T5. iM 

LlKWOOiy— a«e North Ux bridge. !8 

LOWELL, 96.000— Lowell Ebc. Lt. Corp. cap, auth, 
&iaBafdNOQ.OOO; bde latUt-d |l[H>nnil; F. R. H&rt 
P; H. B. Sawver T; IL T. Edj^ar M: sJtoo** * Web- 
HtDi-Gen. M; M. M.Pblnncy Sopt; C. H Jobiiiton 
Ch. Enifr; IS d.c. are T U, FL W: S d.c p*r. E<ldy 
54)0 v; 4 a. c. 10l)0-]tiO¥ a. pb. 10Q0 alma. T-H »oC; 
7U il. c area 6 ^ ampa: 830 a, c. I rye. area; m,i^Q 
a. c. Incat a.c. day cir; asoo hpn. H, F. db M. Fittb; 
i4» bp.b. 8. A W; city mtii. ^1 Its. tOOO c. p. il20.4& 
per yr; all uL 60 

LYNN, «8 OOQ— Lynn Ga« * Elec. Co. (Bcgao op. 1883) 
cap, |«I0,0U0; C. H. Newhall P. & M; L\ C. Fry S. 
AT; C. F. Prichard 8npt; L. S, JohnimiA Cb. Engr; 
W. P. Hastlctioe Ch. Elwii; 1 4 d.c. ar« T*H, BrnSi; 

S d. c, pwr. j^eti. 500 v; fl a^c. G. B. lOOO-lOl t. 

alms. T-H j^oc; 850 d.c. aj^; S5,000 a.c lijc*: a.o. 
davcir; 2.7tiO hp. e. Allls. Ball Cor^ 1000 hp. b. 
Roberta ; i^hy ci^it. £«i Iti*, c, p, 5O0O |lto.71> [wr yr, 
all nt; coal $4. (Co, alao ll«. NuOnanu ^%u^tiA ul^ 
Swampiconj. W^ 





Cam & VaHlancoure, 38 Monroe St. (Began op. 
IflOO); L. VHlllancoure P. & M; C. R. Caea T. & 
Enf^r; 1 d.c. inc. 104 v; "10 d. c. inc. Ed. boo; day cir; 
12 hp. e. Bitxier. 82 

MAXDEN, 83,064— Maiden Elcc.Co.; (Began op. 1888); 
cap. aath. & pd. in Sia5«000, 6 p.c. div.; bda.$l()0.000, 
6 p. c. int; C. H. Tenny P; A. B. Tenny S; F. P. 
RoTce T; A. E. Blisa M; S. O. Wade Ch. Engr; F. 
C.Sargent Elecn; 6 arc G.Q: ti a. c. a. & mcy. ph. 
G. E. 1100-50 ▼. 7200-16,000 altns. Ed, T-H aoc; 485 
series arcs 30,000 a. c. incs; a. c. day cir; pwr. cir. 
650 v; 1800 hp. e. A. Jk S, Green; l:d00 hp. b. tablr: 
city cont. 35W arcB 1200 c.p. 'jOOOincft 25 c. p; arcs ^92 
incs. $15.!V0, moonlt. all nt; cual $2.50. (Also Its. 
Everett, Medford A, Melruse.) 70 

MARBLEIIKAD, 8,000-Marblebead EIpc. Lt Dept. 
(Manic.) (Began op. 189.5); bdn.issaed »50.000; W.A. 
Hastiell M. A P. A: A. B. Clapp Ch. Engr; 4 d. c. 
arc VV. E: 8. a.c. Wesig. 100i)h>4 v. 7.2U0 altns. 
S-M, T-H Boc ; \m d. c. arcs A 10 amps: 6500 a. c. 
incs: 400 hp. e. R. & S; 200 hp. b. Atlantic; 51; arcs 

c. p. 1200 $87.50 per yr. all nt. 110 

MARLBOKO, 13.60(^MarlborouKh Elec. Co. cap. 
$30,000: bds. $41,000; L. Arnold P; C. B. Russell T: 
L. P. Howe M; F.ii, Barnes P. A. * Snpt; C. Holy- 
oke Clk; 8 arc. Schny : 2d. c.Ed. 110 v; 3 a.c. O. E. 
2000-1000-101 V. s ph. 16,000 altnu. Kd. son: 53 d. c. 
arcs 7 amps; 60 a. c. arcs 6 amps: l.COJ d.c. incs; 
5000 a. c. incs; 670 hp. e. A.& S: 4»* hp.b. Cunning- 
ham ; citv cont. 53 arc 220 inc. c. p. 1200 A 25 $87.50 
A 17.50 per yr. every nt. 1 A. M. Ill 

MEDFORD-See Maiden. 

MKDWAY, 1.83a-Medway Elec. Lt. X Pwr. Co. 92d 

11 BliROSE, 8,519*— See Maiden. 

BUDDLEBORO. 7.000— Middleboro Ga< A Elec. 
Plant. coHtr6.(00; II. A. Vacghan M. A P. A. O. A. 
Phllbrook Sunt 2 d. c. arc T-H; 2 a. c. TH 1000-100- 
62 V. 10.000 altns. T-H soc; 50 d. c. arcs: 6.8 amps; 
2.000 a.c. incs: LW hp. e. McI. & S: 125 hp. tnrb. 
Holmes; 220 hp. b. Hodge, Kendall. (Municipal). 99 

MIIiFOKD, 8Wi9— Mllford Elec. Lt, A Pwr. Co.; 
office 28 ( c'tral St., Boston; rap. auth. Jk ifsued $40,- 
a». C p.r. dIv; no Imis: A. K. Childn P: A. M. Whit- 
ney S. & T: Alfn-d Clarke M: W. (' Tewknhnry 
Supt: 2 a. c. Stun; « ity com nidnt. .VI Its. c. p. 120O 
$HI0 |>cr \r. mdht. (Co. ulso Its. thv town «>f Hope- 
dnltr). ' m 

MILLBURY, .')00(>~Mi11bnry Elec. Co.: (Bi^an op. 
1887): cap. auth. A iHHncil $17,000; bdn. autti. A is- 
sued S16.WW. 6 p.c. inl; i». W. W<H>d P; J. H. Searles 
8; H. A. Kyan T; S. B. Lihby M. P. A. & Supt: 2 

d. c. arc T-Il; 2 a. c. T-H 20s)-1040-104-.W v. s. ph. 
15.U00 altiiH.T-H hoc: SS arcf fi 8 amp«; 3.0U0 a.c.lncs: 
2.'>') bp. e. A. A S. McI. A S: IttO hp. b. Whitiier; 
eltvront. 35 Uh. c p. 12u0 $70 per vr. moonlt. mdnt: 
coal $4.35. 110 

MILTON. 6.000-MIUon Lt A Pwr. Co.; cnp. $30,000; 
bd*«, trW.OiK): T. K. Rug^rleH. p.; M. Rn^rt'les. S.. M. 
A P. A.; (J. A. Hilton. T.: 3 ».c. T.-H.. Wi-htg. 1000- 
IOCKtOv.. li5.(JU0 altns.: T.-H. kw.: 3.«i00 a.«-. incs.; 
360 tip. e. Ball. Kric; STv) hp.b. Mannini' Cuncghm.: 
city font., nuK)nlt.. all nl. 99 

MONSON— See Palmer. 

NAUANT— See Lynn. 

NANTASKET. 8 000 summ««i^T<»wn of Hull Elec. 
Lt. Dept. (.Munic): co-i f.r.MM); IkJk. i.. ph. 
outs'tK. WMKK): II. It. Willard. M. A P. A.; 3 a.c. 
Westt?.l«l0-UM-,'>2 v.. 16.000 altns.: T.-H. W en iff. soc. : 
10a.c. arcs; hCtfH) a.c. incH.: :«) hp. e. Filch.; 8<10 
hp. b. Stir. : all nt. 4 mos.. mdnl. 8 mos 110 

NANXrCKKT. 4.(J0O-Nanturkct Klec. Co.: cap. 
W5.0W); no bds.: W. A. CNrk. .Ir P. ; (J. L. Smith. 
T.: L. A. Roval. M.: L.K. Wallis P. A. * Spt.: « arc 
T.-H.; 2 a.c. T.-H. l(M0-52 v..6,0(>0altns.; T. H. soc.; 
45 arcs: 1,950 a.c. incs. : IfiU hp. e. McL A S. : 225 hp. 
o. Jlodffe. Caunnhm. ; city cont moonlt. U P.M. 18 


Ewr. cir. 650 v; 
[unt; 400 hp. b. Cannffbm; 

NATICK, 9.500— Natick Gas A Elec. Co. : 
1888); cap. aaih. A Issued Me,UUU; bda. anth. . 
issued t6-i.u0U, 6 p. c. int; A. B. Appleyard P: F.H. 
Williams S. A tT F. J. LuccyM. A P. A: J. A. A|. 
pleyard Supt. A Ch. Elecn : W. Pratt Cb. Knip: 4 
d. c. pwr. G. B; 5 a. c. G. B. 1060-108 v. a. ph.7Ji 
altns. T-H. Bd. soc:20 arcs 6.6 ampp; W a.c ansii 
amps; 265 d. c. incs; 5,000 a. c. lues; d. c. day dr. 
1200 bp. e. McL A S; tS00hp.tiA 
b. Cunnffbm; city cent, 20>reB A 
incs c:p. 1200 A 25 $78 per yr. 3 A.M; coal $5J5. Ill 

NEEDHAM— See Natick. 

NEW BEDFORD, 62.000-New Bedford Gas A U- 

ison Lt. Co.: cup. $550,000; no bds.: G. K. Stctau. 
P., G. M. A Spt.: C. R. Price, T.: 9arcT.-H..Wei^: 

8 d.c. Kd. 110 V. ; 6 a.c. Westg. 1000-5:d v.. alua.; 

Ed., Westg. soc. ; 400 arcs, 50 a. c. arcs, 85 d. c. lie. 
arcs: 15,000 d.c. incs; 8000 a. c. inca: a.c. A d. cd«r 
cir; pwr. cir. 500 v: 1,650 bp. e. Green, Westf, Ik, 
A. A S. Harris; 1015 hp. b. Bab. A W. Biitdsv. 
Whlk ;city cont., 212 its. c.p. 1200 $104 per yr. 

NEWBURYPORT, 15.000-Newbur7portGaa A Elic 
Co.: cap. $140,000.; no bds.; W. R. Johnson P.: Dt 
D.Tllton T. A G.M. C.S. Spanlding SopL 5areT-H; 
2 d. c. T-H 110 v: T-H soc; 160 area; S d. c: lie. 
arcs; 200 d. c. incs; d. c. day cir; 386 h p. e. A AS. 
Rollins: 200 hp. b. Cunnghro: city cent. 157 ares e. a 
1200 $78 50 per yr. 1 :15 A.M. mooult; coal $4Ja II 

NEWTON. H8.587— Newton A Watertown Oaa Lt Oa; 
cap. $250,OOJ.; Uls. $100,000; H. L. Hovcy, P.:F. 
Murdock. T.: W. A. Learned. M.: W. E. Holnn. 
Bin.; 6 arc T.-H. Brush.: 6 a.c. T.-H. Stan. SQQI- 
11100-104 v.. 16.000 altns: T.H. soc; 105 ares, 5 a& 
arcs: 5,000 a.r. incs. : 1000 hp e. A. A. 8.. McI. At, 
Whlk.: 9(10 hp. b.. Heine, Whittier; city oontlfl 
Its. c. p. 1200 $100 per yr. all ut; coal $4J». « 

of North Abinffton A Rockland. (Bemn op. 191) 
cap. auth. A issued f75,000; bds. 125.000; L. A Cm- 
sett P. G. W. Kelly S. C. N. Cobb T. F. N. Sanderaoa 

M. P. A. A .^upt. 8 arc T-H, Ed; a. c T-H, 

Westsr, Natl. 1100-110 v. 16.000 altns. T-H soc: # 
arcs; 1 a. c. anrs: 900 s«>riPH incs: 6.500 a.c iao: 
T£i hp e. Ball. McI. AH: 6 hi>. b. Roberts. Km- 
dall; city cont. 2.') its. r. p. 1200 $70 per yr. mooolL 
all nt; cunl $4.50. 90 

NORTH ADAM.s, rM.2i'X) -North Adams Gas U.Oiu 
cap. tlOO.tKX): H. T. Cady P. E. A.Richardson & F. 
S.Richardson T., M. A P. A. 5 arc Brash. T-B; 
2a.c. Stan. 1100 110-50 v. 2 ph. 16,000 altns. IB 
soc; 300 d. «•. arcs 6 6 amps; 7,600 a. c inct; a.c. 
day cir: 1100 hp. e. Fitch : 700 Uaz: city oout. 200 Iti 
c p. 1200 iiklhi) prr yr. all nt; coal $4. • 

NORTH AM i*T()N, IS.fVlS— Northampton Btec Ltf. 
Co.; (Bei;anop. 1888). cap. 958,700; bds. $58,500: X 
McCalluiu P: C. E. (iouUl T: G. A. Voorbees 8apC; 
6 d. c arc T-H: 5 >i.o. G. E, Westg.1040 v. a. ph. !&• 

000 altUH. T-Il siM': 225 d.c. arcs 6.i( amps; 7t^a.e. 
incs; d. (\ pwr.cir. .^)0 v; 3*>5 bp. motors; 7S0hp.s. 
Cor.. Slater: 5<W hp. b. Erie; city cont. 164 lt». CP. 
80i» $07..')<> A: $100 per yr. moonlt. mdnt; coal $5. » 

NORTH ATTLKHORO, 7.000— Mnnic.pal Blec LL 
l)(M>t. (Bcunn op. IHQl): cost fTT.OOO; bds. anth. $S&- 
000. 4 p. c. int; Town notC!« $13,000. 8I4 p. c. iat: *• 
P. Whittcinon- M : 3 a. c. Stan. T-H I140-10M«t.9. 
A 2 ph. l.VKN)altn8. Ed. .soc; 4,400 a. c incs; BOOk*. 
e. Fitch: ThK) hp. b. Clonb. Ill 

NORTH OR4FTON-North Gnlhon Blec. Lt Cs; 

1 a. c Ft. W: in.HOO pltns; 1000 a. c. inca. 

NORTH I'XKRIDGK, 9.500-Uzbridge A 5orth- 
hruiMv KUt. Co.; cap. $40,000: bds. tSOlOOO: A. 
R. Tafi P: A (i. Sins S: F. E. Gibson T, M. * 
P. A : 2 an- Wests:: 2 a c. Westg, Ft. W. 1000-lOMO 
V. IH.(NN) altns. Kd. T-H. Wests, soo; 71 ares: tJflO 
a. c. incs; -sn) hp.<>. A. A S, Westg: S» hpub. Alisa, 
Mnnniiii;. Siewuri : city cont. moonlt. mdnt. LighB 
Uxbridge, Linwood. WhitinsviUe and the BlTlkt 

I&, ft.OOO— Oru}f« El«e h%. Co. (Be^an Op. 

nt; V. 11. Smith P; A. VV, llnbburd S. M. * 
■wT-II: 3 i.e. G. K. l(HO-lt>i-M V, i. pii, 
liQi T'Uiot3: 48 are*; a a. e. aicst ; 2.&0i» lg. ' 
m lip. «. FLich; 40e hp, torb. tIgrtU ISO til». 
; cJtjT oool. 90 Its. c.p. %WQ $'0 per jT.mcKinU. 

&T.ill>^-€af)tral Mmih. Blee. Co. (Br^Jiti op. 
ap. lia^GOi*: bds, f lflO,UOO: i\ K. Fisk P; \\\ 
ch Sl C. fl. Fi»k T, K. H. R.>llini M. & P. A; 
-H ; 2 i.c, O. K. aOuO-lociO-KH'S'2 v. fl ph. 7,30n 
**tl ioc» Vtdx arcs fLftanipii; 5,000 a. a Itic?; 
E»wr. elf. BOO V : t!5cj hp. e. SUler; AUO bpAurb, 

10 hp b. CiinninfEtaam; citj cont R> ArCflG.p. 
S prr yr. mrnmlt.. ludut: coa!' fl.tW. I Co, Jdso 
rntii a'ml JlonMin J lOO 

0Y. n,C0O-CSty of peabodv (MnnteJ : bda, 
dlii< llO.iltJU, 4p e, tnl ; M. P. HutcbirEion, 
H. En^Wt 1 li. Kner: 5 am Q. K; 2 a.c. a. pb. 

Br«*BiE; na(»-iio-Aa v. i«,ooo lUtBi. T-rr 

Km?: ITA aTTTf, 5 n. e, nrcs; Qi^OOO a. c. Luo: 
r eir; 475 b(>. «, Uiwut, Slaivr, Wtiatg; ESO 
uMr. ftll iiw 50 

1 1 t T I ' r tutlfrfd Klfc, Co. : i-mv. 
I iiOh7p, c, dlv; btla antli. 
t ^ iiifr A. K'i>nvdy [*; W. 
UtI— .. V r .t M : W R. Gwrdfuer H. A. i% 
I. W.'L. Adam, CWrk; F. Tn^at Ch. En^r; 
t W; 3 n. V. Sliiii piUi-JOO i. t* ph. ICOOO 
UK T-^. ?UM loo; vitt tl. t% upt^s fiti nfnjM"; 60 
• 4 amp-, 2». c, inc. JH** I* MpVut-i. Itt.OUf A.e. 
.. u. diiy v\t; iiwr ctr. 5Wi v: I WW Hp. c, W. A 
» bp. b, Riifl. Riudow; I'Etv euiit. Hf arcf . c. p. 
fc pi?r jrr miKmlt ; crud S'* ^^ W 

irrH. T.ftlJ' Pljmfiath Elef Lt Co.; rap. 
b4ft. tBOOOi*; n, F, W^jimi. P.; v. v. Het-t, 
P, Kow^-llM; a»ruT-H: l a.e T-H Hm^m 
^Wa aim*. T*ll «ic: ;^«nrii: 364 srnt^ hcj*; 
e, }nm: mr ctr, JitXi v; OCJO hp. «. Icle.. Mtl. 
ID lip. b. CuRdhm: *'M¥ com. m^^jDlt. lodiit, 

r^mm^-^ainry Klw.Ll. * Pwr. Co (Rqzm 
a tap «utb. $inQ,ux», tHJ lu V80 700: Qr^ l>ds; 
uPatlteP; M. M. Fusion T. A M; F. W. 

P, A, A Hupt: rt arc fi, K: 3 a, ■-% T-ll 1000- 
I. ph. Itt^oon rtUiii. Ed. «ui^; 100 iri p: UOOD 
*; pwr rlr 50Wir; tiiO bp. r. A. A f4: »75 hp. 
fbni: i.ntr com. tlJ tU. l^OO c. p. fTS per yn 

i A. M* rf»*l$4. 00 

I.PIi. 7,ann^Riinclcilph A Holbnwk Rl^c. 1*1. 
fan op, lea^ rost mtKKi a Duughty OwDfrr 

arc Bm^li: 3it.c. We#t(f, UOD-M) t. S ph. 
ttii» T-U foc; 23 arc*; tj aOti a. c tncs: a. e. 

100 v: SOUhp. e. Ball; t!!iG bp. b. RQl>erta; 
tl,. mdtit. 99 

iO.XOm—Town of HefidlnB {Munic}: bda. 
|«Mi<W; ntiiva ilijXM): b<l.i. iiDtsJjr. ItT; 00: 
HJfXVJ: W^ RiriBk^y S. of i>mi.: S. &. Bdl 
ipt; 3 aft! Wi^iitjr.; 2 ».»-. Wp^ie-. tSOO-I(M v. n. 
J»Uns. T'H wjo. I»t:tn'^; 5,000 a. c Jnc^: 
p, AliU: JiSO hp, b, KendAll. 61 

K. *»«»•— SiJborhati Om k Klec. Co, i cap. 
:m*b4si W.Atobott, P: Wai. Wbiiney. 8.; 
■awu-k. T, A P. A ; W. H. Ch-pman, yL;4 
J,; 4 *c. O. K.. T.-H. tP«» 1150 lOl-M v,. 
i».:T-H. s^t.: inures: 7. lfl&a.C.incft.;flOO 
. A ^. McL *fc S, : 500 hp. b. Cahnll. Cun- 
iwiit: cit^ TOtjt. S»11«. e. p. 3000 iHOper jr 
, all nt ta 

*WDp I^TUO*— nee North Abdiiisitou. 
5BT— See Uloqcector. 

3?i.»rrfh-Salem KW. Lt(F. Co. (Bef?ap op, 
.p. atith. A ImtikhI il75*U00, B p. c:. knt: IhJ«. 

linnrd fCT/VfrnU p c, Inr: C H, Price P: H. 
hs-JderH ,VT: 8, F, Smjeri M, A P. A; A. 
Supi; W. IL B-mafil Cb. En^r; J. B, GlJfOid 
•n i 13 UPC T- II : 4 d, c, K(i. i t2 v ; ft (i. c. p. ph. 
eo-li:i V. in.iKiO KltfiB^ Ed. »oe: 250 arc«g3 
Ea care?: 90d,o inc. ar<l«: 5,7Sa d. e. toes; 
ei toe#; day rirj pwr. ttlr, SGOf; l.ftflObp. e. 
cl, A S.Fllcb^ 1,000 hp.b. Cannjflim.Rob^rtiit 
it m^ tta. (L p. 2000 flOO p. jr. all tit; coa] 


BACJOUS, 5.000— Sau^fOi lUBtrjcl of Lyiii:i Oai»& Bl?t. 
Co.: teeLyoo; W. P. HniseUijie, ;*pt.; arcT.^H*;*. 
R.T.-H. 1000-104 v., r.-n. aoc.: 61 areii lOOO ».e. 
locit.: 2A.M. m 

SHeLBrRXi: FALLS,2,000— SbplbBme Falti^ Elec. 

Lt. A Pwr. iJo.; r;ap. i : Wikoit A Flulll^an, 

owiitratlac!. Weutg. si ph. IIW-ICW v..7,aJ<J «llb» ; T.- 
H. »ctc; 4 I'fc.c. arci<,80u».c. Ince. ; 8& hp. tiifb. fluut; 
city tio^t., muooU. mdot f9 

80»lt:RVIM.K,f;i,i^1-8orDer¥ill(!, Elec.Ll. Co. (B«- 
fran op. 1«S7); cap. autk f^fi 0»J, pd In COn.UJO, 4 
p. c. dW; bds, auth. a lanucd fSO.OQO. 5 p. c liit; D. 
Camming* P: F. E. smith a, T* M.& P.a; T. QonJd 
Supt; G E. Leonard Ch. KDK^ 3 a. u. SSOl>-lM 
T. 3 ph. r.^UOaUna. Ed. aoc; r^rfi a- i'. area OtfatDw: 
'^^000 a, c. Viicb: a, c, day cJr; pwr. cjt, ft.Wift ISm 
p, «. Mcr. AS, Amfn: liXlObp. b. IlAb. A VV, Heine; 
eity eonr. ^7bHt. c. p. ISOO |1Wj u. vt. nil nt; roal 
11.85, (Co. Jtlso 1tj». ArJlnKion Jb Betniontl, m 

SttVTHnmmm, a,rt?Hv-Soathbi1dife Ga» A Elec. 
Co. s?ftp, 150.000: U. i\ Cadv P; C;, W.Corev T; A. F, 
IlaU P. A. ±ftiupl, 2 Arcf H: 2 a.c. T-H lOltJ 104- 
SSy. IMNX) altus. Id. soc; im area; 3 a. car^a; 1701^ 
a.c, (Dt:*; pwroir^ 50i>v. tSt tty:i; &3it bp. e. AUli 
A. * 8, McT. & s- aB& hu.b. C^jhm. StAWiirh rliy 
eonl. «<* lt«. c. p. 1200 i;7Ji5 p*r yr. inooolL mdnt; 
couiS^iffi. 110 

BO, rR.AMlNGI1A>f. 1* noo-FramSiiifbiim Elec. 
Co, (B^jran op. IftitT) rn^* aiitb. A i*iotd ft?»J,ijlO; 
Ik1«. teOOUt^ A. K. KiilwJjitk P. 11, L. 8awvef b, A. 
ts. Api>ltnii«IT. AM. A II. FiHHeS«pr. 4"iirc T-H; 
2 a (I. t,-n. 1010-104 V, Ifi.OtlO altos. Ed ftoc; 33 
arcii 4^ H nf]ip«; G n. iv iitr^H; !> 000 a. «. Ities; 2&t* bp. c. 
A, A H: 2h(i bp. b. Hodni-: tsUy cont. ?*} trri! SKS loca. 
c. p, 12X1 ^ iiS 170 & Si;,,V> tt. jr. I3;30 A. M: coal 
$4.IS5. {Ca alaoLui. Atblaod.) HO 

i^niTTii hai»m:v rAi.f^, - 

-^oDtb Hadley 

Fallp Kb)c. Ll Co.: i?*p. fT.OOO; H. E. Oaylord, 
P.: W. R. II 111. s.. M, A P, A.: I d.c G. E. 110 v. ; 1 
a-c, G, K. mo-60v.. — Hltn*.: T. II. ioo.iMK) d.c. 
toe* , »nOtt.«, ioi-ft.: IJVfVbiJ, w. A tnrb. Bull. Smith: 
100 h p. b, AJlcn: L'ity coin. 137 

&PEN€£Rp 7,600— Speiicrr Ou Co. capn atilb. A 
Ismied tt&.UOO: bds. IHn.ftO. 4U p c. Ihi; £. Jom-a F; 
F. A, Deny S, T. A K. A: T. If. Clark Stipu & Cb. 
KIecn;G, ri.ChrUUsn M.& Ch.Engr: 1 d.p, upr- G.E; 
71V d. c. aivft R anipa: 9() bp. e. A« ^ S; 100 bp hi 
city colli, 71 Ira. c p. iJiOO $.J:7 ptr iit. rodnt; cool 
$4,35. r w ^ ^^^ 

Bl'RINUFIKLU, eeDOO-tDlt«d ElflCLLCo.; (Be- 
Unn op. }^1M)', cap, aoth. A tffauedMOO.000: bils.autb. 
4fc ifl**giHl t3iO,*100, ^ p. C. lot: K, Mor|^n P; W, A. 
Liticolo T: H. **. Aoderujii H. A P A: F. N, Foweo 
Ch. Eoirr; 14 d. c, are G* E: 1 ri.r. G, E, 110 v ; 2 d.c. 
pwr, y. E. bOO v: K ai. c. Stan. iaOO-62 v. 2 pb. l«,000 
aUo*. Ed. Bw: I JiSOO d.c are* b ampis; 48,010 a.c. inci; 
duT cir: *».v!00 hp. i^. Cor: 1400 hp, tnrb. J. Hr^^a: IflQO 
bp. b. Ka7*;hon : citv eont. 700 Itn. e. p, 1«00 $7h per 
yr. all Dt: coal S^IE- (Also lte.Wi^t SpriDicflidd) 110 

STONEtIAM,6,i£>6*— See Wobnm. 


BTOUGHTOX.n.ROO^Stonahton Gaa ^ £]«e. Co. 
fBet^anop IB<^: cap. iotb. & fanoed t£4,000: bda, 
autE. 113,000. iMtied 87,000, 5 p.c, iut' C. L. Swan P; 
\V. S, Bartl<?tt T: C. H. Swan III; F. 8. Barton Snpt, 
A Ch. Eieco: C. H. Lake Ch. Bit^r; I a, c. WccIj;. 
£!00- KM T. n pb. 1W0 altnt, Ed. rac : «& a. r. ivc4t: &00 
a« c. ifice: 1. r. dav cir: ?00 hp. e. Hull ; %10 hp.b.Stir: 
cUy root, HO It». if. p, TiOO $50 pet yr. nkooiiJt, I A.M; 
coal $4.30. 110 

SWAMPSCX»TT-e«e Lynn. 

TA|TNTOM.31.0S6-CltyofTaiiOtoo Klf>c, U Dept 
fMunlc); bdft, fUUOOO: N. Patce, M.; 8 arc HroHb; 
3 II.C, T.-H., Wentir. lMO-i04-&» t.. 16.000 abi>«.; T.* 
H. aiw.; 3% ansa; &,000 a^c. incs,; n.c. dav cir, : p»r. 
cir. AOO T ; 800 hp p. O. F, A M,, Hartford: «00 hp. b, 
tuhir: at] at. moonU; coal ftSlS. 60 

TtTRXKRH PALLS— Fraok Jin Eli*c. LL Co . cap. 
110,000. W. t). BoifiKell. Pfe».^ C W, Uii*dloti, 
Treas.; W. H. P. Ollmore, Hcc.^ Geo. Sherman. 
Mm.^ 30 »T« aod 300 dtg. Inii. T.-H, ; no d. C; 90 b. 
p. tnrb, t 

17XBR[DUe* U^-SM^oirthT3%btAift. 





WAKSFIEU>, 9,000-Town of Wakefield ; (Manic.) 
mefan op. 1890) C. S. White IC 8 arc T.-H.; 2 a.c. 
T-H 1060-104-fiS T.«plL 7,900 altiu. T-H soc; 145 
arcs 6.8 amps; 4.200 a. c. Incs; 800 hp. e. McI. A 8; 
aOO hp. b. Kendall ; moonlr., 12:15 A. M. 110 

WALPOL£, 8,200-Medfleld Pwr A LtCo. (formerly 
Bradford Lewis* Son) 

WAI^THAM, 88.481— Waltham Oa* Lt.Ck>. (Began op. 
1681); cap. auth. &pd. in $175,000, 6p. c. diy;.bd8. 
anth. & issued 860,000. 5 p. c. int; Arthur Lyman P; 
F.A.Sleams S, M. A P. A; N. Warren Atcg T; C. F. 
Spaulding Supt; 6 arc T-H; 8 a. c. T-H 1100-104 v. 
18,000 altns. T-u soc: 828 arcs 6.8 amps: 8206 a.c. incs: 
pwr. cir. 500 v : hp. e. A. & 8; cOO hp. b. Atlan- 
tic; city cont. 150 Its. 1200 c. p. 163.95 per yr. 1 A. M : 
coal $4. *^ '^ ' 66 

WARE, 7,800-Ware Blec. Co.; cap. 828.000; P.M. 
Sibley. P.; W. C. Eaton, S. * T.; G. Ballard, Spt; 
2arcT.-U.; 1 a.c. T.-H. 1000-104 v., 16,000 altns.; 
T.-H. 80C.; 73 arcs, 1 n.c. arcs; 1,200 a. c. incs.; 125 
hp. e. McI. & S: 135 hp.b. BiKelow; city cont. 51 Its. 
c.p. 1200 $70.68 per yr. moonlt. mdnt; coal $4.50. 18 

WATJERTOWN— See Newton. 

WARREN— See Palmer. 

WEBSTER, 8,O0a-Wcb8ter Elec. Co. cap. 846,000; 
bds. «2iS,000, 5 u.c. int; N. T. Hurlbut P; F.W.John- 
son S; H. S. Shaw T, M. & P. A; H. J. White Ch. 
Ener; SarcT-H; 2 a. c. T-H. Ft. W. 1010-104-52 v. 
s. ph. 16.000 altns. T-H soc; 78 arcs 6.8 amps; l,50i) 

a. c. incs; pwr, cIr. 550 v; 240 hp. e. A. <k S; 200 
hp. b. Cnnnf^hro; citv cont. 64 Its. c. p. 1200 $80 per 
yr. mdnt; coal 14.20. (Co. also Its. Dudley). 110 

WEL.L.ESLEY. 5.072-Town of Welleslev (Munic); 

costs ; G a S. Perkins M; 1 a.c. Wesljr. 1.200 

V. altns.T-HROc; 600 a. c. incs; pwr. rented: 

moonlt. 12:30 A. M. 121 

WESTBORO, 5,200— Westboro Gas A Elec. Co. : cap. 
885,000, 5 p. c. div: G. L. Smiih P; W. A. Reed S. & 
T; R. D. smith M, V. X. A Supt. 3 a. c. G. E. 1100- 
104 V. 8. ph. 7200 altns. T-H 8oc; 35 d. c. arcs; 10 a. c. 
arcs: 5000 ac. lnc«»: 175 hp. e. A. A S; 175 hp. b. 
Jarvis; city o^nt. 33 Its. c.p. 1200 $66 per yr. moonlt 
mdnt; coal 14.60. 110 

WESTFrELI>. ll.OOO-Westfleld Gas A Elec. Plant 
(Mnnic): Goo. Fettibone M: 5 arc T-H, Ft. W. 

Schoy : 1 a.c. I-H 1000 104-52 v. altns. soc; 

130 arcs; 6.^0 incn: 340 hp. e. Ide, McI. & S; 240 hp. 

b. Higeluw; coal $4. 51 

WESTON, 1,4(«— Weston Elec. Lt. Co.; cap 16.000; 
A. H. Hews, P., M. <fe P. \. ; U.S. Sears. S & T.; 1 a. 

c. Westp. v., 7.300 altns.: T.-H. soc; 1,400 a.c. 

incs.; 100 hp. <;. UollinK; 150 hp. b. Kendall; city 
cent., moonlt., 12:15 A. M. 127 

WEST SOMERVIL1.E— See Somerville. 

WEST SPRINGFIEL.D-Se« Springfield. 

WEYMOUTH-Wevmouth Lt. & Pwr. Co.; citv 
cont. :« Its. c. p. 1200 $70 per yr. moonlt. 

WHITIN8VILLK, 64.'>— See North Uxbridge. 

WHITWIAN. 6.(K)0-Whitman Lt. A Pwr. Co. cap. 
f22.(J()i>. bdf. $18,000; I). A. Guruey P; A. S. Stetson 
S, T. A P. A: 54 arc & 2,300 altg inc. Gen.erul; no 

d. c; .300 hp. v. Rolliii.». f 

WILLI AMSTOWN, l,500-\Villiain8town Elec. Lt. 

Co. 8 

WINCH ENDON, ."i.OOO— Wine hen don Elec. Lt. & 
Pwr. r.'\ (BriTJiu on. 1889) cap. auth. $12,000; IkIs. 
anth. $12,000. iK-uecl $n.O(X). p. <•. int; W. M. Whit 
ncy P; F. W. Noiirse T. M. «Sk P. A : A H. Bom« Ch. 
Eugr; 1 d. c. arc G. E: 1 a. c. We8ts. •J200101-.'i2 v. 2 
ph. 7.20c) altni*. T-H. Ed. 8«>r: 27 d. c. arcs 6.8 amps; 
12 a. c. art's 4 & 7 amps; 2300 a. c. incs: 125 hp. e. 
A. A S; l.'iO hp.turb. ^Swain; city cont. 24 arc 88 incs. 
c. p. 1200A 25 175 & 13 per yr. moonlt. 110 

WINCHESTER, 3.»81*-Sce Wobum. 

WOBUBN, 15,000— Wobnm Lt., Ht. 4k Pwr. ( 
gan op.1886); cap. auth. $175,000, iataed $: 

B, c. aiv( bds. auth. & Issued $176, 000, 6 p.c. 
. LitUefleld P: L. R. Wallis S, T, M. 4k P. 
Patterson Ch. Bngr. 4k Elecn; 4 d. a pwi 
Westg. 500 v: 3 a. c. Weetg. 280(>-104«l t. 2 
altns. Ed, T-H soc; 100 a. c. arcs 4 A 6 amp; 
arcs 6.6; 15,000 a. c. incs; a. c. * d. c day < 
hp. e. Ball, Slater; 1000 hp. b. Heine; city 
Its. 2000 c. p. $76 per yr. moonlt. 12:30; co 

WORCESTER, 118,421-Worce8ter Klec 
cap. auth. & pd. in $400,000; T. M. Rogers 
Fairbanlcs S.. M. A P. A.; W. H. Coogblin 
21 arc Brush; 6 a. c. G. B. 1000- 104.^ v. a. 
altns. T-H soc; 1,100 arcs: 36.000 m. e. incs: 
cir; pwr. cir. 500 v: 2.250 hp. e. Cor; !.» 
Allen: citv cont. 718 Its. 2000 c. p. $100.5 
moonlt. all nt ; coal $4.60. 


ADRIAN, 11,000-Adrian Elec. Lt. A Pwr. C 
cap. 850,000: bds. $10,400; H. A. Fee. P. : J. 
S. ; H. A. Kiiiir, T. ; 6 aic T.-H. ; 2 m.c G. ] 
aO&VlOO v., 7.200 altns. ; Ed. soc. ; 175 arcs; 1 
incs. ; pwr. cir. 500 ▼. ; JXX) hp. e. Lanaine: - 
Lansinflr: citv cont. Ill arcs c. p. 1200 $78 p 
nt; coal $2.25. 

ALBION, 5.000— Albion Blec. Lt. Co. : cap. 
E. P. Robertson, P. ; A. N. Foote, S. ; Dr. 
oughue, T. ; W. A. Foote. M. * P. A. ; a G 
Spt. 2 arc T-H ; 2 a.o. T-H HOC 112-66 v. 15,0 
Ed. T-H soc; 62 arcs; 22 a. c area; 4,il00 a. 
140bp. e. Lansing; 150 hp. b. Lansing; cl 
moonlt. all nt. 

ALLEGAN, 8.500-Allegan Elec. Co. (Began 
(Successor to the Harrison Blec. Lt. Co. and 
Allegan Lt. A Pr. Co.): H. M. OIney Pioi 
Wilder M: C. W. Galer Supt & Elecn; Sd.c 
Ft. W : 1 d.c. pwr. T-H 500 v; 1 a. c. 150 k' 
101 V. 72>X) altns. Ed.. T-H soc; 52 d. c. arcs( 
arnpft: 3500 a. c. incs ; d. c. da? cir; 150 hp. 
400 hp. turb. Trump, Victor; 200 hp.b. Leite 

ALMA, 2,500— Alma Elec. Lt. & Pwr. C 

I ; A. W. Wright & Co. owners. L. i 

M. & P. A. 2 arc T-H; 2 a. c. T-H 1000-10* 
16,000 Hltns. T-H soc: 20 arcs 6.8 amps: 1, 
incs; 250 hp.e. Allis; 200 hp. turb. Smith; 21 
Wickes; city cont. moonlt. mdnt. 

ALPENA. 14,000- Alpena Elec. Lt Co. (Be 
1-81) cap. auth. 184.000; W. H. Johnson P 
Uttzell S. D. McRae T. A. E. Couse M. A P. 
arc BruHh; 1 d. c. pwr. gen. ."iOO v; 2 a. c G. 
52 V. e. ph. 16,000 altns. T-H soc; 100 d.c 
amps ; 2,500 a. c. incs ; 800 hp. turb. Leffel. 

ANN AKBOR, 1.5,000-Ann Arbor Elec C 
auth. & Issued tOO.OOO; J. L. Hudson P; J. 
S. & T; W.P. Stephens Supt A Ch. Elecn; J 
Ch. En^r: 2 d. c. arc T-U, Brush; 2 a. c G. 
104 V. t». ph. 15,000 altns. TH soc; 145 d. c. 
ampn; 24 a. c. arcs 6 amp»; 7000 a. c. incs; i 
cir. 500 v; 400 hp. e. Ball; 350 hp. b. Heine, 
city cent 123 Its. c. p. 200O $65 per yr. all i 
S . 

ARCA1)IAN-Se<' Houghton. 

ATHENS, .-S^.S— Athens Elec. Co. (Began of 
.1. M. Standi ford P. A M; F. A. Eastman & 
a. c. 100 )-100 V. — ph. 16,000 altns. T-H soc; 
arcs • 7(K) a. o. incs; 2.56 hp. e. Crmpb. 825 hjL 
cont. G Its. 0. p. 1200 $60 per yr. moonit 

AVSABLK, 1,116-See Oscodo. 

BAD AXE. l.-'iO^-Vlllajfeof Bad Axe (Mualc 
White Clk. 4 arc G. E; 110 hp. e. Ideal; 00 bp 

BARAGA, 1,000-Elec. Lt DeptMThoa.Nestirl 

cap. f ; Thos. Murphy, P. A.; 1 a. 0. 

Ft. W. 1000-100 v., 14,006 a«tna.: Ed. soQ.; 

arcs; 780 i ncs. ; 90 hp. e. ; 80 hp. b. Ba 

cont , mdnt. 





SKK* 30.000— B*ttlft Cnmk Elec. Co.^ 
;. E. Hawei. P.; S. a HulbeH, S,; G. 
r*; W, A, FootB, M.; V. Wutoo, HaL; 
te. pwt. Efi. eW r.; 3 «.c T.-H, lOD- 
^ ll; Ed. IOC.: 300 *rc:s. 2tt lc, «rcB; 
ii,e, diiy rlr ; pwf, ciri 90P hp. (?. 
p. b. LiatiDg^ city cout,, mooalt . 


^ Co. dAU, aath. tl5G,000. lii«it«(l |IH.- 
•II.OUI; B.W. I^monl I'; W HMuon 
Bimsmik U. A P. A; i d- c. ftit Pu %': 
000^00*100 V. i. ph. i«^800 aUdi. T-H 
stt 10 «]iip9; 7v50(t^ii. c. Itiaa: m. e. dav 
ip, u. B, * W; aoO hp. ttifb. Leflfol, 1 
: oIt>- eont. B7 Hi. c, p. 2000 $,58 ^ $m 
lint: CO*] Sa,40> no 

frJ8^*)Tf of Bjiy Citr fMunic), (Be- 
iott»|g,iiWO; W 11. FitKbuifli M* P. A. 
ri. W ; I A.t, Ft. W, 3000-100 V. f . ph. 
] »ck;; &14ftrcift8atf)pxir 4 tt, e. hich; 
ia iip, «. Ilekye, Rub; 600 hpb. iuIiIt- 

■ Ca.. Elec. Dept : up. IMO.075; tx]». 
CArrtDgiDO P: J. B, Smaliy S: F. P. 
; ,1, a. Lowrli, P. A; It. CaUmoa M; 
npt; 3 Bfc T H : 1 d.c. pwr. Del. «I0 v; 

BROOKLVN^ t.DOO-L. VV, Greenfl, Owner. (Beaan 
op. ISW); t lie. T-H. no v: T*H. sw; 15 d. c. im. 
Area; lOOO d. a iDca; 100 hp. e. L^uiiuf[: 7h lip. b. 
Lnuilai^; city cont, ti lU, €. p, aa, fiM per yr, 
moonlt, mdai; coal $2.5a UO 

BROWX CITT, l.OOO-K. Good. Own« * Mgr; cap, 

i -; 1 a. c. Weatg. JOOO-100 v. 16,000 alttui. T-H 

aoc; 400 inca; 50 bp. e. Safety CO hp, b. Wlckea; 
cltr ccint. inoort U.SMJ P. M. M 

BUCHANAN, 2.500— Bsck with BaUle; F. E, !.,« P: 
C. Babeock «; Lw Brtm. <fe CTO. T Jfc P. A; td.c, arc 
Stjtd; 1 A.c. ftlayo 1000 MO v. a. ph. Id 000 alti)*. Ed, 
dOii; 4S d. c. arcn 10*mps; 1 a c. nrc 6.6 ampe; 1600 
ft. i\ incii: n. t:. day cir; pwr. cir. 230 v; aT5 hp. turb* 
Paytoi! : i^Jt j cool;, m Us. cp.sWOO fSO per yr.HiOoiilt. 


C AD[ LLAC* S.OOn— Camraer Ble«. Lu Cto. (Began op. 

18901 cap i — ^ W. W. CammoT P. N, V. Gerrjih 

gj J. Ciirnmet T; G. D. We*to¥^er M. P. A. *& Sttpt; 4 
UrttT-ll: 2 a c. T-H. Fl W- 1O40 104-5S v. a, ph. 
16.000 aim*. T-llio'i: IWd.c arcs O.Sam p^: 400fla. 
c. iiic«:500 hp «. A Ilka, Ball: 700 bp, b.Wkkea; (slly 
<?otiu 26 Ita. c. p. 1900 S*tti.3^ per yr. all nt; wood 

Sim m 

ir Wc*tp, llW-lOO^^v, Ifi.fiOO altna. CAXV MET* -S» Lake Llndeft, 

:>ct 80 area, 90 a, c. ftreu* il.noo i*. c. 
i:ln pwT.i:lT. M» v; 70.1 lip. «. H. O. A 
n lip. b. Natt. Wickes. 21 

, <jO-B^!ftverlon Ulg. Co. 


r ►^Silencer KIac. Li. A Pwr Co.; cap. 
SiM*in?iT, P.; W, p. H<?th(,'riiiBi'ni, B. 
Iri.'ULid, T, : U. F, Burrv. Spt. i a a.c, 
v., ili,O0OalltiP.; T.-H. »oc.' K0f}0j|.c. 
\ J pwf, dr. 50.) V, : 260 bp. lurb, Day- 


Go. (Bei;taii op. ISOO); cad. auth. A 

F. B. i;h»«. P.: M. A. Ht^d. B.A T.- 

, A, ft Sii|it.; 1 a. c. Weatt?. 0000^2300^ 

. Ta *ltim.: T.-H, «oe.: m a, c. inc. 

iDct: a. d. day cir. 1^00 t,: bp. 

Ily «oi]t. SO lt«., c. p. SHOO too p€r yr, 


RttOlt-^t. Joatpb m Benron Hvbor 
ftw St. Jotfupb). 

WO— Bcrrfen Spriagji Eltc. Co. cap* 
K. AJicii, P. J. K. Allon M. J arc T-Ut 
. tOOO-104 V. ift.000 aliQi. Ed. loc; 19 
laat IK} day cir; 40 hp^a* Erie; 00 hp. 
canl. oidmt, (Not in op. afiiea Apl. 


InOOO-^Gogcbk Sine. Co.; cap. f75.000; 
* Ta n. a, Dttshln S.: G. D. SwifL, 
r,-ll. MOl^^M v., 1S,000 altn*.; T.-n. 
i: I.MO a^c. i&ca.: B,t. day clr; 1^ bp. 
Sl^J bji.b. Allia: cAiy ciiut..mimiili. m 

, 4 (W-Fairmnii Klec. Lt. * Pwr. Co.i 
nd by W. H, Donley Klw, Lt C*o. 
py Kl«c. Lt, A pwr. Cn» tBi^j^aa op, 
h ^ Iftaiiiid fl^MJOO: \V. E. Donley 
rmt S- P. A. * M; 2 arc \S\ E, T If; 

Nntl. 1150'U5 V. 3. ph. 1A.O0O altni. 

110 d. c. Nrev 9,3 A 6.^ amp«; S,000 a. 
Marb. L^tfTttl: cHj eout. GOlta, c. 
. aJltir. 

-^Hy Kb'cU. plant (Mntiic); {B*Ran 
r LJirbt P. A A tsupi; 1 d. «:. are U,E. 
taaUi 1 l!l % . 1^ ph, T-^KJ A][ti^. (&]. »ac; .lit 
ifipa: ffH- c. Inc. atce-, 150 u. c, 1do«^ 
, 100 hp. b, NaKeU I SI 

Ml*--Coiirad Fairer Elec. Lt. & Pwr. 
W. S!SO V. 

,-., I. .. .1 t ...,.;. ^, ^ 1^^ fBegan 
^HMh Win. II, 
! ; 1 d. c. arc W. 
h. IV V 1 nr V, p. ,.ii. jij.tJOO aUhb. T-H 
[a.<t, in*!, arcjj; 000 a, c. inc»; li30hp. 
kp, b. Laportt;; diy cool 30 !(». c. p, 
nao. I A. M; eoal 1^05. Si 


€ARO, 3,000-<.'mro Lt, *% Pwr, Co.; cap, 1^,000: G. 
Monu^ucj. P.: F. S. VTheat, 9.; J. H. Barrio, T. * 
Spt.: L. R. Pwk, Eln,: 1 are Sid. ^ 1 a, e, Warren 
itoifli V , l^l'XKIaltiia.; 40 area, I^a. c. }n&n ISO 
hp.e. Idei liaohp. b. IJO 

CARSON CITl'. i^iJOO-Cawnn City EIcC Lt.^Pwr. 
Co. tBi^ganop. imir. i<ap. #10,000: F. A. Rockafel- 
low, P.. M. & P. A.; mill RockflfeHow, 8. A T.; Q. 
Lowe, RIa; 1 arc Btd.; iLd. c. pwr. Weal^. IIO v.- 1 
a.e.a. ub. K*tt. IOOO-JOO<SO v., u,^m aJtna.: T.-H. 
IKK!,: Si arra, 600 a. c. Lncit,; d, c. day dr. [ HObp. e. 

UaU; Itllbp. b. ; dry t:ooL la aroi, SUUO c. p. 

160 per year, mooaH., mdnt. 90 

C A?«E%^TI.1.E. flj)0-Ctt*i'vnic Elec, Lt. Co. (Bpean op. 

1H30): cup, ^; R, L. Hubbard P; S. 11. Ctwhran 

8. 110 

CASSAPOLtH. l.TOO -Cartsaplia MtUtUf Co. (Be- 
Iran mr. 1«HH 1 d. c arc Warren; 1 a. c. Warren 
3000^101} t. s. pb, 1G80I) altn^; T IL 90q\ U3 d. r, urce; 
2 a. c. arc«t 700 a. c. inca; 75 bp. c, AUl*; 113 bp, b. 

AtlK kanalnE; eit<^ cijni. ^25 liu. e, p. 2000, f^ 

per year^ mdol; cual, wcKid A aawdusL UO 

CKNTItKVILLK, uoi>_Wftri.r A Efee.Co. {Bcifanop. 
\imi\ u^p. aiuh. ^t^ lariiH:! $10,U00, H^J. lliinipson P; 
E, L. CtftppS Jt P. A; J, P. TavlorT: il ^inipaon 
Cb. Enjfc. At Eli-c!!! ; 1 a. c. G. jfe. 1040-»0| * . Jd.OOO 
altns. kid. sop; wn n, c. IncflL 90 hp. lurb; city cont. 
58 iia c, p. 00 $&0a ptfi yt. diood!!. SI 

CJAS9 riTr»g|3*^.niy Ecc. Lt. Plaot; Bd. c. are. 
1 n. c. Ft. W; n\tm lilitte, 4U d c. are*; ICWO ftx. Inca. 

CE <TK AL LAKE-KICK!ltt« Llgbi PUnt, 51 

€BABLEV4I1X, :i (!0O-rUy Eli'ii. U. Plant munic). 
{Begaii t*p. imu t«Hi j^m.ticXj; J. tl Mariiti^alcSapi; 
* »i. <■. We^slt:. i!. 0^>-lUiJ v. a. pb. ".'300 alUi». iJ-M. 
ioc;24*c. *Kr*; ^)>Uj* c. Imii-; 1^ li|i. «. BalU^SIO 
hp^ b. Ltiii»li>(f ; dity cutii. mi>fmlL mdut. 110 

CBARI.OTTI-:. 5ffl»-Cbarloltc Kl**c. Co. {Be^an 
ap. I8^SJ> *;*p 140 UWJ; W P, Rngi-l P, M. A P A. Z. 
G. En:?*'! ^, A T. 2 wn; T* H ; *i h, c. Wudts, lOOtHOO-62 
V, lii,WX> (*U«B, W»i4lir. aiir: a^ nms: tjftiirt ■. n. tiic#; 
0(J0 hp. t% W*'*itf. Std ; SSO bp. b. PtmiMifs. Saptnaw; 
city efMit. 7i> arci e, p, 9000 |74 per yr. nil ot. rndf I ; 
cc^al 1^.00. ItO 

GHEBfl¥GA>r. 0.4«e-Cheboygan Klec Lt. *!t PWT. 
Co. ^Be^llDt^iJ.>lf^): A. Mp Arthur P: C. K; Mould 
.S A T; A. R. MHcKlEnon P. A. &> 8tipr; 3d. (r. *Tq 
T*H; 1 d f. pwr. Ki?n. T H; 2 a. c, G, K loeo-ioe t. 
B, pb. 7.300 altni. TH mw; 135 d, c. ttrci« G.S arnpn: 
a. c arcs 6 ampa; 30iiO a. c. inca: pwr. €ir. 500 v; 3S0 
b|*. turb. L^ffeh cUy t'oiil, 44 llA. c. p. Ii300 ^. 
pet-yr. moonlt. allut. ^ 






CHELSEA, 2.000.— Municipal Elec. Lt. & Wtr. Wka. 
(Began op. 1896): bds. aoth, $40,000, 5 p. c. int: G. L. 
Lighihall .H. & P. A: 1 d. c. arc Q. E; 1 d. c. Ft. W. 
22U y; T-H. soc: 80 d. c. area 10 amps; 18 d. c. inc. 
aros; 1000 d. c. incs; d. c. day cir. pwr. cir. 820 v; 
200 hp. e. A His; 400 hp b. Stir. 110 

CHE8ANING— City Elec. Lt. Plant (Munic.) W. E, 
Coryell P. A. A Supt; 1 d. c. arc Stand; 1 a. c. War- 
ren 1000 100 V. 8. ph. 16,000 altns. T H boo; 25 d. c. 
arcs U.6 amps; 1200 a. c. incs; 88 hp. e. Watertown; 
140 bp. b. Erie. 121 

CLARE, 2,600— Clare Elec. Lt. Co. ; oaf). flS,UOO; S. C. 
Kirkbride. P.; A. J. Uoberty, S.. T. & P. A.; P. E; 
Doberty, M.; A. DuBois, Spt.; 2 arc Ft, W., T.-H. ; 
1 a. c. Ft. W., 1000-100 v., 14,000 altns,; T.-H. soc.. 
00 arcs; 1,900 a.c. incs.; 150 bp. e. Kus.; 900 bp. b.. 
Wickes; ciiy cont, moonlt., mdnt. 99 

CLINTON, 1.200— Town of Clinton. (Munic.) ; cap. 
#12.000; bds. $4,000; F.Ellis P. A.; 1 arc PL W.; 1 
a.c. Ft W. 1000-100 v., 14,000 altns.; T.-H. soc.; 29 
arcs, 11 a.c. arcs; 575 a.c incs.; 150 bp. e. F. A ». 
85 hp. b. Atlas; moonlt., mdnt. 127 

COLDWATER,6.001-Citv of Cold., Bd. of Lt A 
Wtr. Comsri*. (Manic.) cont 940,000; P. H. Sweeney 
S. L. A. DillinKham Supt A P. A; 3 are W, E, Ft 
W; 2 a. c. Natl; 112U-56 v. s. ph. 15/)00 altnii. T-H 
soc; 130 arcs; 6.300 a. c in««; a. c. day cir; 800 hp. 
e. Kus; 24'J bp. b. Lansing; moonlt. 1 A. M; coal 
$2.05. 110 

CONST ANTIXE, l.SOO-Constantine Elec. Co. cap. 
16,000; L. A. Strohm P, M. & P. A. S. A. Morrison 8. 
A T. 106 street incs Heisler; 00 hp. turb. 8. ^cB; 
city cont moonlt. all nt 99 

COBUNNA. 1,800— Shiawassee Lt. A Pwr. Co.; cap. 
auth. $aO.OUO; W. Currie P; H. A. Sprajfue S. T, M. 
A P.A: 1 a.c. Warren 5500-220-110 v. 7200 altns. Ed. 
soc; 37 a. c. arcs; 1200 a. c. incs: 125 bp. e. Ideal; 100 
hp. turb. Lcffell; 90 hp.b. Atlas: nioonU. mdnt Co. 
also Us. to town of bhiawasseetown. .H2 

CB08 WELL, 900— Croswell Elec. Lt Co.; cap. 810.- 
000; J. n. Farlev. P. : G. II. Sherk, S. A P. A. ; W. 
U. Aitkin. T.; C. Hanson. M.; 1 a.c. Ft. W. 1000-100 
v., 16.80J altns.; T.-H.soc. ; 1 a.c.arc8: 500 a.c. incs. : 

60 bp. e. Ide.; — hp.b. tublr.: city cont, moonlt. 
P. M. 


CRYSTAL FALLS— Crystal Falls Light A Water 
Co. C. T. Roberts, Pres., Mjjr. A Pur. Agt.; 500 alt. 
inc. Wesiiughouse; no d. c: 62 st. lights, 20 c. p. 
inc.; 75 h. p. eng. Weetingbouse. t 

DECATUR, 1,356-Decatur Elec. Lt Co. (Began op. 
1899) (Muuic); cost $8, 00, E. N. Hopper P; S. F. 
Beach S; C. Lisk Ch. Elecn. lh?p 

DETROIT. 285.704-Detroit Elec. Lt. & Pr. Co. ; cap. 
1606,000; bds. teW.OOO; Hoyt Post R<'cr: E. F. Phil- 
lips M ; 100 arc, 80,000 alt inc. Wood; 1000-100-50 v. 
T-H soc: day cir., dir. 220 alt 1000-100-50 v; 150 hp. 
mo; 1.500 hp. e. Williamii. B. A W; 1,200 h p. b. 
Heine. Nat 11 n 

Edison Illg. Co.. of Detroit: (Began op. 1886) 
cap. auth. A isaned $900,000: G. Pe<k, P; G. Wiley S. 
T. A P. A: A. Dow M; G. W. Cato Ch. Elecu: 24 
d.c. Ed, G. E. 340-120 v. Ed. soc; 1,400 d. c. inc. arcs; 
85.000 d. c. incs; d. c, dav cir: pwr. cir. 240 v: 3,850 
hp. e. McI. A 8, A. * S. Novo. Taylor: 2,760 hp. b. 
Bab. A' W, Root: SMU kw. chlorlile uccr. 110 

P*»iiinsolar Elec. Lt. Co. cap. aoth. A issued $150,- 
000: H. Post P. G. Wiley S. G. Peck T. K.F. Phillips 
M. A. Dow P. A. 15 d. « . arc Brush- 6 a, c. Westg. 
1000-108-120 V. 8. ph. 7.2n0& 16,000 altns. Ed. soc; 
300 d. c. arcs 9.6 amps; 30 a. c. inc. arcs ; 30.000 a. c. 
incs: a.c. day cir: 1.000 hp. e. Ball, Cumraer,Wrlght; 
1400 hp. b. Bab. A W. 99 

City of Detroit (Munich (Began op. 1895) cont 
•815.O0O: ("ap. pd. in 1720.620; bds, auth. $800,000, 
outstg. 1660,000, 4 p. c. int; F. F. Ingram P; A. S. 
Guerfn S. A P. .\ : W. M. Daly Supt A Ch.Engr: 23 
arc W. E; 3 a.c. 2 ph. Westg. 1100-110 v. 5,000 altns, 
Ed, T-H soc; 2,300 d. c arcs 9.6 amps; 15 a. c. arcs; 
6J00 a. c. incs; a c. day cir; 2,3(» hp. e. Hodge, 
Wma; 2,300 bp h lablr; all ot; coal 12.05. 10 

Rochester Lt. A Pwr. Co. (Began op. 1 
auth. A issued, $10,000; J. Winter P: ] 
Murtrie S; F. C. Andrews T; J. C. Farrar 
Jackson P. A; G. R. Johnson Supt-; L. '. 
Cb. Engr; 1 a. c. Westg. 1000- luO t. a. | 
altns. T-H. aoc: 18 a. c. area: 850 a. c. ina 
mo. Wetitg; city cont. 18 Its, c. p, 8000. \ 
moenlt. mdnt; coal $2.55. 

DOLLAR BAY— See Houghton. 

DEXTER, 900-Dexter Elec. Lt. A Pwr. O 

DO WAGIAC— Elec. Lt Dept. Beckwith E< 
$150,000; W. T. Hedden, Man. ft Par. Agt 
8td. ; 1.500 dtr. inc., Ed. ; 6,000 alt inc.. Ma 
126 A 3,30'>-1080-100-50 v.; T.-H., Ed., W. 
day cir., 3080-1060 v., 115 h. p. mc; HX) I 
LeflTel, New Am.; city cont: also li 

DUNDEE, 15 000— Dundee Elec. Lt. Co. ( 
1804); cap. auth. $12,000; D. N. WiUiama, 
Avis 8, M. A P. A; J. B. Thome T: 1 d. < 
H; 1 a. c. T.-H. 1100^ v. a. ph. 15,000 all 
soc : 80 d.c. area. 6 8 amps: lOOil a. c. inca; 
Lanaing: 120. hp. b. Lansing; city cont., tk 
1200 $1,200 per yr, moonlt, mdnt; coal 9iM 

DURAND, 3,000— Village of Doruid (Mb 

§an op. 1896) bda. outatdg. $ 0,000; W. H 
. A P. A. 1 arc Ft. W: 1 a. c Ft W. I 

16,800 altna. T-H aoc; 21 arci*; 8 a. c aroa; 

incs; 100 hp. e; 80ti hp. b; jnoonlt. 
EATON RAPIDS, 2,000— C.S. A B.B. Hon 

op. 1887) cap. $ ; C. 8. Homer P. A. . 

arc T-H; 4(1 arc; 90 d.c. inc. area ; 200 d. i 

hp. e. A. A S: fiO hp. turb. LefTel; 75 hp. 

city cont moonlt mdnt. 
EDMORE, 80O-Wm. White Owner; 1 d.c. 

d. c. inc. arcs 5 amps; 400 d. c; inoa: 70 hp 
A Co: city cont 2o Its. c. p. 50 $800 per yr. 
gaaolene $.10 per gal. 

EitCAN ABA, 9.oa>— City of Bacanaba (Man 
$70,000: J. Uoemcr P. A. A Supt; 2 arc T-J 

T'H. Ft. W. 1000-52 v. altna. T-H. Bd. 

arcs 5.6 ampa; 1,500 a.c. inca; 250 bp. e. 
325 hp. b. Stir. Erie: city cont 68 Ita. c. p. : 
per yr. moonlt all nt; coal $3.50. 

EVART, l.TOO-Villaire Elec. Lt Plant ( 
(Began op. 1894); coat $13,200; bda. $9,00 
$.5,000 6 p. c. Int; E. F. Birdcall P: LChaie 
Bonnet T; Bd. of Truste«»8 P.A: E.8ealh 8bi 
Std. 230 v; T-H soc: 18 d.c. inc. arcs; 2,000d 
80 bp. e. Erie: 120 hp. b. Wicks. 

FENNVILLE, 800— Fennvitle Roller Mill Ox 
op. 1901): cap. auth. A issued f .O.OuO; T. B. 
Mgr: 13 arcs; 800 incs; 100 hp. e. Cooper; Ul 
city tout. 5 arc Its. 

FENTON— Fenton Elec. Lt. A Power Co., a 
000. D. Horton, Pres. : D. W. Peabody, V.Pr 
W. Millard, Sec. and Treae. 50 arc We^ten 
1.200 iuc. Nationnl: 145 hp. e. Allls; 801t«.e. 
GOporyr. moonlt. mdnt; coal $2.00. 

FLINT, 12.0(K)-People's Elec. Lt Co.; cap. j 
J. J. Hai ley P; C. T. Bridgeman S. A T; FJ 
M. A P. A; F. D. Lane Supt; 3 arc T-H: U 
1000-l(J4-52 V. 16,500 altns.; T-H aoc: 10* Mf 
a. c. incs ; 425 hp. e. Weatg., Atlas: hp. b. Atl> 
com. 1 A. M. 

FLU.SHING, 1,000— Fluahing Elec. Lt A ?*! 
Munio.) (Began op. 1895): cap. $30,000: F.l 
luv Supt A T. A: 1 d. c. arc. Ft W; 1 •.«■ 
10(X)-10() V. *. ph. 16,800 altna. T-H soc: 3000^ 
100 hp. e. Kas: 140 hp. b. Vulcan; city coaj 
c. p. 2000 9(K) each, per yr. moonlt; coal $1K 

FOWLERVILLE, 1.400— H. Greenaway,o«* 
ganop. 1891) co.«t $10,000: 1 arc W. B: U 
120 V. Ed. so<.*; 40 area 9.5 amps: 2T0 d.c inci 

e. Bckye; 60 hp. b. Bckye: city cont 15» 
$60 p. yr. moonlt; coal 12.60. 

FRANKFORT— Frankfort Electric Light 
arc. Standard. 

FRANKLIN— See Houghton. 

FREMONT, 2.000— Fremont F.lec. A Watfl 
(Munic): (Began op. 1897); C. T. Lkiyd 
Elecn; H. Sch<x)lmaater Ch. Bngr; Id. 
220 v; 1 a.c. G. E. 1040-104 ▼. 8 ph. T-H ioe 
arcti 8 amp:*; 1200 a.c inca: 175 hp. e. Bit; 
V>', nvoouU. mdnt; coal $2.^. 

t:©. Hurtni?n Ch. Engr; 1 a. c. arc 
■Hi ttiHt-ltOv. — ph, 16,000 nltnu. 

Fb. Pmt.+ m 

'ity Elec. Lt. Plant; (Monlc.) 
cmt SlT,OtW; f*, A. CUrk P; H. A, 
ptL 1 d. e. »ro Ft W; 1 h. c* Ft» W- 

" fap, b, Erie. 01 

-Schnl^ APrindle, owners; (B^gta 
-: F. L. I'rindJt. M. * p. A,; I m.c. 
^100 V. 'nsDO b]ui8. B-MtociWa i.e. 
Bolui. 110 

,7.000— aty of fl rand Hi^^pn (Mu- 
^ |mI«, tJO.OflO: W H, Mi'iid, ii. #v 
S^.: 1 *.t% l-n. W. J»00-l(it» V , T.SOO 
1 7fl »*rc4; 3,500 ».ci. ijics. ; 150 h p. e. 

It J PUnL ilioitflif.OOO. Wire 
Lfttmitiij. t 

£,000— MAmii Lumber Ocj.; J, 
; R. AMAlgwr V. P. Dttiait; J F. 
annil ManilB: 2 a,c. Ft.W, W^Btg. 
r^Oaltuft. T-H 80t?H IT a. c. Mc«; 
6bp. e. Wim'n; 130 bp, b; mdnt. 
«, »7 ;M»-Edi*cin LL Clo., of Grand 
p. 1*88); cap, WOaOOO: D. McCoy, 
B^hteL S.: A, F. Walker, Spl, A 
tniau Ch. EJter: 4 ate, TH; I2 
r. fid. Boti: ifiOami*; Ot)0 d. c. Jno. ■ 

UO d. e, Ihch; d. e. di&v cir; 30611 hp 
k'<?«tg; liOOU hp. b. ^tir (Ua 
Haplda Blec Lt dfc Pwr, Co, I la 


LL Cn. (WUti Lb is Co, are cons, 
;., Pwr. A: Ht, Co. and Wvm Mirb, 
^; W, ifudfion P; K. .1 M. Bawib-j 
I *. e 2 i^b, iiian. lU00-30Oi)-lO,O0u 
tl1i». Kd. hoc; 30 jlc aTC»i .TiUXJ a f. 
.; pwr,Rir. 600 v ; 4iW bp. tnrb.Lclfd 
1 l^w(?IU lgmU»K 110 

Wit*. (Munit. PUat>; Jnp. Emmer 

B. Il>i*ra Siipt: .LHutlldKe EleCfi; 

H3 (l*t', «»; hp,e. Rus; all nr. 

%—Gnj\\nff Etec. Co, 


Greenvinp Elec, Lt, Co. C. T. 
*«. Aud Man, flO are* S7S Inc. T.- 

il* t 

-Bronte Point KIm, Lt Co.: T H. 


OfQS, 1,0tN»-Mnti}ci[ia] Eirr. Lt. 
; G, L* Snaltb M. P. A. A Suj/L i 
, 3000-100 V. T.aOl> (Utrwu. T^H, Kd. 
taOOa. c. incf ; 1^ bp.e. Hldj^wa>^ 

t Elee. Lt. A Wtr. WiTP. fM^nnlc.h 
.|1S,000- J. n. Colbv P. «lfeSo|it: 
J, B. Wefllbrook M. A P. A; 1 n e, 
7,a00aHM, T-HBociiiSn. c. arct^L 
) bp.o. ||ti#; SOO hp. b. KrJe. ^i 

00 Anderson Broa, C>¥mer; A, F. 

1*. c. WMtK: 2000-100 V. ». ph. 

iM>c: 8 a. c. area; 3(K> », c. itic«; T5 

ml. 14 Iti. c. p. ■ — ' S F*f >'r. 


<— ap»tl®(rt Blec. Lt A Pwr, Co, 
i #16,000: L. R s^tJiiiffer P, W, 
" Voy T, M. A P. A: 2d. c. F^, 
d. q. Inc, j»n;s^ i!,(J00d. c, 
J Bt 200 hjj. h. !jrirliisr^ <*itv mnt. 
50 p«r f r.znoonJt. all nt; coal |2,70. 


»— city of BieifldAie (MtmicJ ;oo«t. 
W.: 1 a.c Ft W.aooO-lOil v., ^ — 
S<e«ref: LOPQa.0. itiot,: SOO hp. e. 
— JIO 

HOL1.A!«tD, lO.QOO-llolltind Cliv Lt. Plant (Mtinli;.} 
iBeifao op, IHW) coet ft*a,0(JO: W. Vjiii EjokS. J. Da 
Vonfie M. A Srt; t arcSfd: 2a.r. Weaiji; Natl. 2300 
-llOU-ISO V, i. £ 2 ph. 7,200 A ^tt,000 akn^i. Kd. T-H 
««oo; 50 «, c. inc. arcs; 5500 u. qi, Incti: l c. d&y. ctr; 
iOO hp. e. Kti9. Kord: 900 bp^ h. Brie, Lanalng, Stir; 
RioiiulL 1 A. M; coal SUt^ 110 LSOr^HollyElee, Lt. A Pivr.Co. (Bcffan op. 
IgO*); cup. flO,t«U; A, «r«en Pj f\H. 8. Pciole S» M, 
* P. A; I arcStd; Sa. c. Natl. Warren lOOO-lOO v. 
B. ph. taOOlr ifcicnu. T-H »oc: 3HlLn:e' haQa«.c. ttii^is; 
too bp, e. Ruji; fiO hp. b. Bnuman; city {^ont. 3S ]t«. 
<L p, tOOO f 00 p«r jr. mooolL 1 A» II ; ooAl $1.75. 110 

HOMICR. 1,037-Elec. Lt. ^ Pwt. Co. 

Har(itITON. 8,500- Peninsula Eke. Lf , A Pwr Co. 
(t^cN' L^kC' Linden for Lake Linden <>tKtiniiJ (Bi'i^fikn 
op, t8H7>; cap. flulh. * Ji*ued I425,0U(>. s p. o, divj 
no ixlB, J. H. ^*^ttgi>r P; J/B Dee » ,£ T; J. R. Dm 
M, Jt P. a; P, L. itarrett SJupl; J. Ndion Ch. Engr; 

F. H. Brook* Ch. Eipcn; 2 iirc G. E; *! a. r. G. E. 
2080-2:*}- H5 V. «, A 2 ph. iii,<)Oi> A 73(1) allua. Ed. 
poc; 4M a. c. area B.0 imps; IKO d. c- an^a fl.Q nsipHt 
mM.'iOii. i\ Jncft: a,c.d*y ulr^ Jijsm Irp, c. B«a Bntlk, 
Winii, ttVstc: IHOO hp. k Stir Hii«: eitv eotit. IJW 
It*, t. p 2i)iMt 190 p«r yf. ail ut, (Th|pj itfttlon aluo 
Ub. Arnicltnn Atlnntk Mme, Dolkr Buy, Fruiiklkti, 
Fraiikllu Junior, Hancock, Huron town; putney and 
Riptey. 3S 

HOWARD CITTT, L300^BowiirdCtly Klec.Lt. APwn 
Co ; eap, t5,0Q0: L. E, Moripan. P, A M.; S. Li&k. S. 
A P. A.; A. O. Donald, T,; f d.c. Out. 120 v,: W.-B. 
■oc; »Od,c. inc. PLTnu.; LOllOdx. Incw.; pwr. cir,; lOO 
hp. «. Bartku: 100 hp. b fiartlett; city cunt. 
moonlL 18 

HOWKLL, n,500— Howctl Klec, Lt. A Pwr Co, (Be- 
gan op. Wmr. cap. JiO.CJOO; C, G. Jewett P. A P. A; 
H. B. Bun S; W. J. Miller T: 2 ard W.E; I a.c, G.B. 
It^tiH V. 15.000 iiitns. Ed. aoc: 70 irt-*: liWO d, c. 
ine^;L60bp, c. Bitii, Wtppit^;: 100 h p. b. tublr; cUv 
CO t 43 IK. c, p. 2000 $60 pirr yr m^wolL radnt; coal 
i£.l&. 110 

HUD40X, 3,300— nndson Elee. Lt Co. (Bc^an op. 
imn cap. Na.O0O: a B Carpenier P. G, F, Cevla a. 
M, A P. A, O, How P T. 'i d, c. arc Schuy, T-B: S 
It e. H*T 1000 «J V. «».(K)0 altn*. T-H hOf ; ftS d.c art* 
(Lltanipp: B.hKJ a c, (nrw: I5f) hp. f, Lan#inp; 160 
hp, li. Arln*; city cnnt. m It*, e. p J2D0 $M pet jt. 
rooonlt ullnt; roallLffi- » 

IMLAY CITY, L.'WiO-luiifly City EIpc, Co.: dftp. 
i».no)>; iTKl^. i^.UMJ: .W-Jllai^fein, P..S.AP A. : H Ha#* 
km,- II.: B. Beneen. Sia. i I d,c. I>ei„ iiO v.: Ed, 
MM,: ISd.c. ine urn.; fiiDO d c. incp.: 7h hp. e. C. A 
T.: 100 b (J. b. C A T.: city eoi*t., njiHUih., mdiiL IgT 

tONtA, EiOOO-lotilii Eliic, Co. cap. %^.vm- H, R. 
Wnear P. o, s. Wfoil !*. A M, I nj\^ T-II: 2 ii,r. i*.E. 
WMUlo V. *^. ph. :,aoo*iin*. T il hk-; W wfcf; 3,000 
a.fv tin.-*; a c. fi«y cir, n^v; 4<0Ii1j, tnrt). Letfel: 
*^iiv "^»nt &4 ha. c. p, taJOO f I& p^-r yr, tnotjiilt mdnlJ 
com $a. Ud 

IROX MIMrNTAI?r,8mift-lron Mnunfuln Rli*r, Ll.,; «n0 riO.OHII F, A Bruwn P,; .1. F. 
Hitm-irls, s, * i' : G T>v ni:, P A. A '^pt: 3 arc 
Hrti*h; 3 a.f. T-H 1 ll> -fii v,. IflOOO aitnp ; T,-H, 
»oc. : 74 arrs : 3 iOO :uo. Itict. : t»0 bn.**. All't : 300 bn, 
b. lublr: city coot B& arci c, p. 1300 S»1:I5 per jr. 
moonU.. All nt; coal S4.S0. ^ 

IRONWOOD, B,000— Twin Cii¥ Ooneral £]«e. Co.: 
cap, tWO.000: E. D. Nelson, P. A T.; A. F. Jahn, 8.; 

G. Beck. P. A. & Spt.; % arc Bmahr ^ a. o.« a, ph. G. 
E., NalL lOiO-KH^ f., 10,000 mttis.^ T.H.. B.-S. 
Boc.; fiOarcfl;JI,000 a, c. Inea.; —a, c. day clr.: <Ifi0 
hp.e.AUl^: 000 hp. b. A;1m, AllU; city cont. 60 arcfi 
e. p. aooo $7.75 per mo, moonlt; c&al $a.40. M 

IgHPEHIKG. l2,000-Ne)raitnM A lahpemlnff 81, 
Hy. A Kle*. Co, ; cap. llSO.OUO: Ctpl. 8. Mit«b«B, P»| 

A. H. Min^T, S.. T * M . H, F. P»«fo«. P. A. A Spl. : 

lure T-H; Sa.c. T.-li. 2000-104-52 t; 7.800: T,-H 
*0i\: 100 arra. 80 a.c. arcj; 4,000 «.c. inc«.; flOOhp 

B. Ide., Weafg.: mi bp, b. Bab. A W . K%.Ti^kb\V\ &\^ 
eont Sllu. c . p. wm k ViSQ *\\ m. w^ 






ITHACA. 2,pOO-Itbtca Lt. A Pwr. Co. (Began op. 
1801) cap. |10,600;bdf. 11,770; C. £. Webster Actg. 
P. J. B. Crawford 8. M. A P. A. E. J. Heath SapL 

larc T-H: 2 a. c.T-H 1000-lOI-Ge v. 16,000 aline. 
T-Ileoc; 80arce0.8ainp»; 1000 a. o. ince; 175 hp.e. 
Ball, Laming; 200 hp.b. Lanaing; citv cont moonlt. 
mdnt • »- '^ ' 9g 

JACKSON, 26,000-Jackeon Lt & Pwr. Co.; cap. 
•100.000; W. A. Foote P. <t M : A. N. Foute 8. & T: 
J. H. Bootoe, Hnpt; 6 arc T.-H: 4 d.c. Ed. 600 v ; 2 
a.o. T.-H. 9k)0O-112 V, 16.000 altne; Ed. loc; aoo 
aitM, 160 a.n. ftfca; 6,000 a.o. inoa; day oir; pwr. cir. 
600 v: 1.600 hp. e. Laneinir: 1.200 hp. b. Laniing; 
city (M)nt. 288 Its. c. p. 2000 $07.06 per yr. moonlt. all 
nt: cual$8. 110 

JONKMVILLK, 1.200-Jonesvllle Elec. Lt. & Pwr. 
Plaiit.'(Munlc.) (Formerly Joneeville Elec. Lt. 4k Pwr. 
Co.); coHt $10,000; bdfi. $10,000, 4 p. c. int; G.T. 
Cad well Hupt; W. Sala Ch. Kngr; 1 a. c. Warren 
1100-104 V. «. ph. 16,000 altne. T-H eoc; 46 a. c. arce; 
l.SOO a. c. ince; 160 hp. e. Batce; ItfOhp. b.Mansfld. 21 

KALAMAZOO, 26,000 -Kalamaxoo Valley Elec. Co. 
'Uip. auth. t600.(XiO; W. A. Foote. P; S. 8. Holbert 8; 
J,B. Foote T; H. C HoiisUnd Sunt: 1 d.c. gen 
AM) v: 2 a. c. i}. B. Ft. W.SONd-lltt v. 8 ph. 7.900 aftns. 
Ed. HCM^: 600 a. c. inc. arcs; 8.000 a.c. tnos; a.c. day 
^^t d. 0. pwr. clr: 1«10 hp. e. L. & B: 8000 hp. tnrb. 
M»ffol: liOuhp. h. Hflne. 110 

City RU\ Lt. Plant (Munic. Began op. 1806); cost 
$4^.000: W. . aarlH P. A, Sitpt & Ch. Sngr; 3 d. c. 
Mrr Ball. W. E; 263 d. c. arcs 0.0 Jb G.G amp«; 275 hp. 
V. Kua; 800 hp.b. 8tir. 110 

KALKASKA. l.600-Kalka»ka Elei\ Lt. Plant; (Se- 
van op. 1800): cap.auth. t6.000; Wm. Wintert owner: 
I d. o. an^ T-H: I d. c, \Ve»tg. 290 v; Ed. ioc: 39 d.c. 

an*"* 6.8 amp»; 400 d. c. incs; 6U hp. e. ; 60 hp. b: 

city cont. moonlt. 80 

LAKK Lf N1>RN. ^nl10.-P«»ninl>ala Elec. Lt. ft Pwr. 
1\>. iSw Houghton for Houffhioii »tation). OfWcern 
for th»« Mation are F. L. Birrt'it Supt A P. A: F. H. 
Hro«>k.< Khv. Ku<r; S. Ki>hiu»on l*h. Kngr; 4 d c. an* 
F. H. Ci.K: Sh. c. ii.K 2tia>^U6 v. ». ph. 15.000 altn». 
Kd. MH*: 150 d. c. arcji <^*< amv^t : 40 a. c. arcs tt amps : 
|\iW a.c. tnce; a.c. day clr; " hp.e. Weetg, Wme: 
«iO hp. K Hurt; ^Thi* station aloo ii». Calumet. Con- 
louiual, Kearvanre, »i\Hith loike Linden. OaccoIa.lltMl 
J.-»oket. Tamarack ami Wolverine. 51 

1..\KKVIK\\\ l.^Ji^v-Lakeview K.lec. Lt. Co.: Ma- 

vh»u>1ht a Hale, owuers: oap, % ; I a.c. Ft. W. 

Iv\**-XM.. .-iJinv: WArr^m-t^xv: (^ .i.e. ar\*s ; 550 

a.o. mo.*.: <^» hp e. .Vtkms. : - K tublr;citv oont . 
mivuU., II P M. * 18 

\NSIN4J. IS.kX»>. Muiuci^^l Klec. Lu Plant. ,B»^ 

*«x»p l*W»; F.. .V Kdi^^rtow >ui»t;i\ H. War I'h. 

t^it^d c. »nT-H;4a. c. T-H. Fi, W. WoM*:. 

Ulv-4 V. V ph l»5,AV altns: T H. *iv: i:\>d. c. arrt 

1>S* ««.S »Tnp*ji; tV a.c. arx'T* <i.>amp>; UaXV a c. 

in*-^; a c. d;\ c;i T\V« hp o. HvN>e. LAK*i«^: 3fcW hi-. 

b. 1 ai'.^rc' c:tv * «;. \\u ;:s. c :» 'MO $75 p^r >r 

*.: ft; cvvi: §5:.v> no 

l.\rKKK. *>V l.*^vt•r K:tv Cv^ . c.^p.RlU»V. K. O. 
Ko>*r-..* l\ \\ r Mc tMi < r. JC r* V: I arx- Ft. 

w : ^v M w .>M^!a \ . j-i.vKv »:tuv: r -H. 

.*.v . ;V j*r\'* . ; A*- a c vo^. . x'l ' ^iv *• Idv. :X»> hi^ 
> •.,-.. -. . -.x .N'i.:. > ::v c. v- -^* *'<S.vV ivr ^r 

I rsi ir. • ' Av ; .., ^ I T A !^*- i\v ; cap. f:v\- 
.^^ \\ W • -^v •• . \ H vir^* :. ^. V st »' 
V V V *, ■.;■.• \*-v V . M V 0^:x— ' >r:. : *r\- 

lOWril.^f xV'-0:t .r l.nvV I:. JC tNwr r.*f.; 

:^ \i Uvt. N .t V \ C > »<•-*>. >!»;.. ^: *rc 
F; ^^ ■. vx \\<^-.: XU^A\\>--.\V» T.^.O a'v/.'^ . 
r U tmv ,V *r^'> ; ;XV A.V. '.ew . a.c. day xvr. . :.\V 

LUDINGTON, 0.000— Stealne Lt. & Pwr < 

S ; F. W. Hawley M; 4 arc Bnieh: 1 1 

2000-104 v., 16,200 altne. Ed. aoc; 100 an 
a.c.incB.; 200 hp. e. Allia; 300 hp. b. tat 
cont. 40 Ite. c. p. 1800 $00 pcryr. moonlt. all 

MANCELONA, l.TOO-Mancelona Elec. Lt 

Co. ; cap. f ; C. Emery, owner & M.; * 

110 v.; T.-H. eoc; 16 d.c. inc. area.; OSS d. 
100 hp. e. A. Jb 8. ; 86 hp. b. tublr. ; city cont,, 

MANCHESTER, 2.OOO-King0ley Milling C 

f ; J. H. KlngBleyM.; 1 a. c T^H. 

v., 15,000 altne.; T.-H. eoc; 700 a.c inca. 
turb. Leffel; city oont, mdnt 

MANISTEE— Bnckley & Donglaae Lbr. Co. : 
Buckley. Free. ; T. J. Elton. Sec. ; J. M. ] 
Treae.; 23 arc. OOOdir. inc.. Ft W.; 110 ▼ 
eoc. ; day clr., 110 v., SO h. p. mo. ; ICO h. p. < 
Sands Elec. Ltg. Co. (Began op. 1800) cap 
L. Sands P; H.W. Msgoun S. ds T: B. J. S 
& P. A: 6 d. c. arc Brush: 1 d. c. Bmah 20( 
Bmsb 2000* 100 ▼. — ph. 16,000 altna. Ed. aoc 
arcs 10 amps; 1,000 a. c. incs; 3,000 a. c. ina 
e. Allis: 400 hp. b; city cont. 106 lu. c p. 
per yr. moonlt; coal $2.25. 

MANISTIQUE, 2,010*— Macistiqne Lt. ( 
auih. & ImmuchI $20,000; B. GeroP. AM; V 
poll 8. & T; V. X. Lyon P. A. A Snpt: 2 a 
wn 2000 lUO V. s. ph. 16,000 altns. T-H hOC 
arcx* 500U a.c. incs : a.c. day cir: when dark 
400 hp. tnrb. Lcf ; city cont 96 Its. c p. 90C 
yr. moonlt. mdnt. 

MARINE CITY, 4,000-Marine City Roller 
cap. 118.000: E. Arnold. T.; R.*Monn, M. 

Std.: 2a.c. Ft.W.. Heis. 1000-100- v.. a 

H. soc; '£* arcs: 1300 a.c. iocs.; 135 hp. e '. 
100 hp. b inblr; city cont. moonlt, mont. 

MARLETTE. 100-Villa?e of Marlette ( 

bd(* outstanding 14,000: 1 a.c. 

Hltno: T.-li. soc: Sa.c. arcs; 450 a.c. incs. 
e. Coc>per-Uoberts: ISOhp. b. Lansing; all i 

M ARQrETTK, 10.000.— Lt * Pwr. Commis; 
nic.) (.B<> op. ISVO): cap. $100,000: bds. 
issutrd, $$M.0U0, 4 <& 5 p. c int; .las. Ruse 
E. S: .\u«. Machlets T; C. R#-UI 
P. A: 2d. c. arc Brush: 1 a.c. West?. 290( 
ph. ;20i> alms. Ed. soc: 120 d. c. arcs 0.6 am 
c. an-s 6 amps: tt 000 a. c. incs; a. c. day cir 
turb. Davton: citv cont. 01 Its. c. p. 2000 $^ 
all nt. 

M.\RSH.\Lr. .MH>v-Ciiv of Marshall. ( 
(Rt^^n op. 1S98K oo^t 150.000: bds. outi^Un 
UM: P. s. .lov P: A. Jb Spt: 2 arc. Brush: 1 
W AXX»-HiOv. s. ph. 1«.000 altns: T.-H. 
arv>, 24 a.c. anrs: a.c. incs: 430 hp. inr 

.H.ASON, l.StV-Mason Wtr. A Elec. Lt Wks 
cv^>i nViM: W. L. Clark P; C. L. Casterl 
A. Hov%.inl T: H. K. Cobum P. A. A *=upt; 2 
I :.. c. T-il .•UXK\»-I04 V. *. ph. 15.000 altns. 
44arv**. 40a c. incs: lOU hp. e. Ide: W!i:v.j:. 

MKNUON. 1 >i>-Mendon Elec, Lt. Co. (B 
l>^\» av ♦10..VXV n. B. BerkleT P. F. v 
W IV «.^ ;>:ar: T A. Custani M. i P. A. 1 
>;.-. ! a.0- :-H 11XKV)t. s. ph. LVOuOal 
j^.v. v> .: •. ar«.* t ^amps: 700a. r. incs: ' 
l.'*V'>.-. .:. 7'^ :.;> ^. LAu^in^:: city cent. 

311 K N t> M I N F K. \ •: < : ^^Menominee Elec, I 

^v* r v\^ r»- .-s:-. ^T '.''VI' cap. auth. A iaai 
^»i* s.-, -* :.>• *:*-.v\i.v 6 p. r. int: A. Spi» 
''t. ■ r. M JK <u:^:. 3 an: Bnuh: 4 d. c. I 
X* * . * • i.-b: AU^KO T. s. ph. ICOOOi 
■^v ■ -•- T "» Ar.:p*. 13 d- '.\ inc. arcs: 4 
.IX 7»« 3L • -..•> a. c. A d. c. day cir; 
nV Iv F A S- AUi*. H. O. A R; 4 
:u>> .-.:> -vT.:. jr ir^-sc. p. IdU $S>per: 

3*lUl.\M>. *. \V— Fr.*wl K>c- Lt. Co.: o 

X M \ ^: >r^rrr. : a. c. 2 pk. G. B. 1 
:7v.\V a:: -x r-H ^v: 13 C c. aicaCuS aapa; 





*'W. P, tjkmliffi, ewntt* cap, t 1 I 

_-J ▼.; T--H*i<m.;a d.c. lac, iinr».: SfiO 
rm hp. e; Um.i to hp. b. mhW, m kw. 


i f prd Eitse, Lr, Co. ^ llevati op, 

1 T. «. ph. l6,tCHJ Altdfi. T-li no**; 
l&iupA, l,:^a. c. iEC#; ]7&hE>. if. Rqa: 300 
r; cltyoQUU ^lU. c- i*. 1 ,600 fSu per jr. 


-City EUe. tt. Plftnt (Manic); eiic- 
^DDFoeUnsd' Elw. Lt. Co.; sold to 
» €OTiU 8fl Ju. c. |». aOOiP |fiO ii^T yr, mU 
„ EXSw^OOO-Tbe Mt, Clemeni Eltsc. Co.; 
b. laOT): cmp. Hiith. & ieaiicd |ilM>,(10l>, S p. c, 
1 0oii(U4j(Dti Vi A, Jacob! S, T, M. A P. A : 
roeman iiiipt; C F, LambCh. En^r; 3 d^ c. 
' ; £ a.^. T-H 1040- KM i. i. ph. |ti,04Xl altns. 
ilO d. c. arc* 6.8 aiiipa: A,(KKJ iix. liici: a. c. 
f&hi:*. <», Uiill, Littipitiu; -Mibp. U. Pratl, 
pity t:imt. SI Us. laxi c. p, $68 12 per ji- all 
i VI tic H iiKfoti; coal $2.81). 110 

EAHAKT, I,5f0-Mt, Pleasant fik-c. Co. 
mn tap. t2?i,*W>: W . J>\ NcwlM^rry 1\ T. 
McFaddeu M. & Snin ^hfu T U; ! a. r. 
4-&*v. ». ph lfl4i**» ">tijs. T-»soc; Oft 
Iiiip«i t.fiOff ]i. c. itichi llM lip, ti. Ide; 100 hp. 
ETeU mhp. b. ftg 

|e, 2.0U-Eicctr1c Lt. * Pwr Co. 
>?f. SiJ,tKM— Ma«kt;KOD Tmc, A Lig. Co.; 
IM; *»dP ti*i(M).i Oti. 5 p.c. lull F. A. Nlmi P; 
I r. A; O. l>, l^rwhi S; T. SS. BaTlicrT; 
iiutiil Hunt; 7 hR! Bm!'!i: 3 ii c. Tl.\\\ 
V. :,3i)0hUd9. B'S4, Ed. tiM- *ifiO ir."»^; 

fur*; pwr cif. 500 V3 BfJO bp. i». Ilckyc, 

Bii fip. h- MuAk: oity cont 150 HrcB c. p. 

t, moob H. all hi; con I |». 89 

Ij fClec. Co. 

'Ke-w llavc^ KIl»c. Lt. Co. 

000— €ilj tif NtUii* tMnnlc) t.-osti— — ^; bd*. 

Inir NO^OOO^ J. A, CA^vsoji^^h p. A. ^l^ Supt. 

1; I o.c. S!yni. »)ntKl(H v. 3 pb. lfl.0Oi>altijs. 

iWarca: i.QOTa.L^ kuc#; IS bp. c Pa^iif: 

arb. L«fl«]; l£!»b^ k Pbovnix. ' 1^1 

UKAJt'CH, (GI&- North Brikiicti £lcc. 14. 

|Ll,E,S.000-City Slee. Lt. PJautiMcnk). 
OtJH, l,a0O-^Vtlljij;{^ of Ob Ion it ^n fMO' 
on tfl I II nd luK 1 13,000 ; J . V iticcii t ^ F. SI n» » 
«pt. 1 d,c. ti. ^ JI. SiO v; Bd. soe : B d.c. lou. 
i d. c. Im-*; 86 bp, ft. Id*; 8& bp. b, tnblf; 

i— 9c« LAkf Lltide«. 

l,10B--Pioficvr El«. Co.; (AIm Its. Alif^- 
p, iin*h. A i»*nra KS-OtJO; H. N, Load P: 
nd S; F, I'. Kltiiuif T, M. A P. A; T. * UIT 
t. c. T-U HOO-llO V. #. pb. lS00altJi». 1-M 

S,(JOO— aui'go Eire. Lt Co.; cap, •- ; 

[kui#. P., T. A fipu; C* E, PIpp. a, ct M.; 1 

1 .L-. Ft. W, v; T.-H. tio*?,: BSnrcs: 

in<'«^.: ft& hp. c. Wms. ; bp. b* Sid.; cltv 

M 18 

IX)- Grid Blec LL A Wtr. Wki. iBef^an 
; W. R. Shaw P; L. W. Vatiffbn S; M, O, 
■^ A. C, GATdTiCT M, R A. & Supl ; F.Vflti|jbn 
_l d.c ar^ Siaw : 1 n. c. Wnrrc'n lliKJ-IOO v. 
WO aJtn^, T K hoc; '^4 d.c. »n;j!t lu aiiiE^s; 
tii(»; ra(» hp. e. Rtl*; IfW bp. b. Hua ■ city 
t». c. p. 2000 ^* per jr. mo^iuli; coal t'JA'V. 


1 LOOO^-OwOiiio & CornDDA Eke Co. i mp. 

I. D. H. Rulph. P., M. A P. A.; W. R. 

.. ^ * 1- . f^ f^toddartj. Spi.: !5 ire T.- 

I k'. I08t»' 1 04 -.VJ V , 1 0,^yi a Itnt. ; 

1 an'P"; fj.wtit.i^- tnc*. ; a.c. 

I,,,,. , ., .j^i v.t SciO bp. <?. AUiw. Fttb., 

i li, AKim, LaiKlaa; (illy er»Dt. iCtarcsc. 

It Jt |8&p*T jr. mwidi •U nt; coal §9.1 ^ ioc 

OXFDRD-Vlllagri^ of Oxford Electric Ll^htiog 
Plutit, G« O. KiDtman, Cbalrmau of Board. 20 lire. 
Wood; 1,500 ftJU arc, T E; I,000^0« t; 125 hp. e. t 

f AW FAW. 1,500— V ill nfifl El«i. Lu Plant (Ma&.c) 
(UegBU op l«S3): Ik]». inpiitd fT.OOO, 7 p- e. inl ; T. J, 
CavacaiiEh P: W. H. Muj«on 8. 4 P, A; W. J. ElJlt 
T; J a. c, W. K. IIOO-IOO v. s. ph. 16.000 allns. T-H 
fioc; m± K\ KTtsff-: 2000 a. c. Incs; '40 bp. e. F^ H. 4b 
Co ; J30 hp. lorh. VIclor. 1 10 

PKTOHKET« 4,000- Petoftkpy City Elec. Lt. Plant ; 
H. a. BtowtjbJI ijpl.; I arc Ura»b; + d-e- Kd. KM v.; 

1 a.e. PL W. lOOIVlO* T., ' alttiji.t Ed. eoc.: 28 

area, 6a.c. »rCB. 2fld.e. Incs. an?»; e,5f.O d.c. I do*,. 
BOO^c iikci.; t275bp. e, AtlMi., Ide,; 300 fap. b.; city 
corn. 4^iti. c. p. 51000 $aS per yr. mdnU all nl; coal 

PLAINWELL, a,0OO-Araold Js Browni'JJ Ownert; 

cap. f : Sd. c. S. & O. 2S0-nOv: T^H soc; 40 

A. c. Inc. *fc«; SOD d. c. Ititu: 1«0 hp. in . — ; 100 hp. 
turb. Trump; 180 bo, b; city coot. 20 arc«, 1000 c p. 
iSO p*r yr I A. M. coal |a.50. fe 

PONTIAC-Pontiftc Light. Co., cap. 1 100,000; l>dl« 
outdtir. 5330,000; H. R WaJbriJgc h F. E. Morgan 
S. T. A P. A; H, L, Bowncianpt; 1^ arc tjtsuidiird; 
no d.c; 12S hp. e. Ru»»uU: r.Uy coiit 123 arcB c p. 
3000 $dT,0O pt>r yr. moonlt, mdn^ coal |3,UiEi, gi:jb 

PORT IfUROlff, ^.noo— Exceliilor EIpc, Co. (Began 
op. isefl cap. auth. * tmiued tmOOO; bds. anih, A 
!#ioed fT^.OOTf, fl p. c, liit; H. McMomn P; W. F* 
Datldton S, T. M. Ji P. A ; 4- l-;. Daviason Bapi; J. 
Barney Ch. Eopr; E. Karrutt Cb. Eiecii; fi d. c. arc 
G. B ; I li, c U. E; 3 d. c. pwr. tf. E; 2 *. «. U. E. 1160 
'llt*T. aph.'TSOO altnt, T'B toe: s^ d. c, «rca O.fl 
ampa: 20a.c. arc«4anip'; dpOiV) a. <% Inet: d. c d«y 
cir; pwT. cir. SOOt; s,«O0 hp. e. Ball. Hui: H.KiO hp. 

b. Mir; city coiit» litO Ita, luc. A arc fTU per yr. 
moouU: ccMil i— . 110 

FOKTLAND^ 9.000— Vilkee of Porllanil (MnwkJ 
(B^KAti op. 1898) coPi ii5,000; O. E, U« bin sou P, 
P. N. Mora S. F. K. Ditrbv T, II. A. iS|ir«i£Ue M» 
P. A. & StJpt. 1 a. c. «. ph. Ft. W. SOOO-IW n i. ph. 
7^300 altnp. T-H *oc: W^^^c. area ; i^OQO a. c. ine«;S&0 
hp. tarh. Trump; mtKinlt mdnt. W 

^riKCY, 1 OOO-Elec. Lt. plant; (WunicV.} fBc'smn 

lip. 1«0P); R.K. Yonne M. * Dh.El(M:n; 1 a.c. ^eflp. 

lIlKVigO V. :i A. a. ph. fdW ftJin». T-H iw; ^ a.c. arta 

LSa^ a.c. tnc!fl: i;2S bp. e. Erie; laOObp.k Morphy, 21 

Scx! Houghton. 

BEAIJING, LOOCr^Vlllftgc Elec. Lt. Plant (Itfuuic.); 
tBffifkuiop. Aoif. IPOl}. 

II EU tJACKKT— I4w Lale Linden. 

HEED ClTl", a.&OO-Rw.'d City Elec. Co. (Be^an op- 
Itm rap- 1*5,000; .L H. Andrt-wa P, T. M, A p. A 1 
ar^ W. E; 1 a, o. Ft W. 1000-100 ¥. 15.000 altni*. T-H 
hoc; W arc« tO amp^; 1.000 h. c. Inee^ 350 b p. tutb. 
S. A B; city cv>nt. mdtit. all uu 99 

KIPLKV— Sw Bon Kb ton. 

HOCIIEHTKK-Rocbetter Elec. Lt. 4 Pwr Co. i 

KOCKFORU. ni— A. A. Tower Owner; (BcBaii ^p. 
imi}; 1 ft. c. Ft. W. 110 T. TEftoc; 400(1 c.inir*; d. 

c. 4aT clr; n^ bp, tnrb. city oont. fiO Ita. c. p, m $40 
pnr yj, milnt. 33 

BOVAL u AK» SeO*— Royal Oak Eleo, Co. 

8AGt>'AW, 45r,:t4V-Tha Bartlett Ille. Co.; cap. tW,- 
OUC): J Hermann M ; 104 arc, ■J.iJOO alt. mc; lOtXWpG v ; 
T H i^or; day rir. 52 r: 000 hpe. Barllutt; I50£) hp. U. 
Wicbci/i: city cont. 27tt arcic, p. auoo fiVj ptr vr. all 
nt; coni SI. 35. * t 

F^BKlnaw Etcc. Lt- A Pr. Co., cap. 150,000. A. Mc* 
Intyre, Ptvf.: H. Kbutn. Trca*. and Sec; Jon. H(*f' 
mann, Mnn. : lOfJ arc and 1.000 Inc. Ft. Wayne; no d. 
c. i 1S2& b. p. eiig. Basd, t 

Swift Blec. Li. Co., cap. 1300.000: L. T. Hubbard 
P; A^Swift V.P; H.^Brbtnall S.A T; m) arc Bru^b 
0,000 inc. WfMtf; daycir. BO, ra-iOOv: bp c. 
Allin. IjSi 

ax. CI.A1R. aj&a*-St. Clalr Elec, Lt, ^ Wtr. Wk*. 

( M u Die. ) ; oojit S ;C, J .Stitil, Spt. ; 1 an: W estg. ; 

1 •.£. W. K. lOOO-lCO ^v., affin*.* T.-H., Ed, 

ioc ; S& afct; — a.o. .** ' \W k^ e* li. ltC% \t*^ 






ST. IGNACE, 8.271-City Elec. Lt. Plant (Mnnlc); 
coPt f7,t00; P. E. Forriated Ch. Engr; 1 d. c. arc 
btan; 60 hp. e. Westg; 80 hp. b. 91 

ST. JOE— City Elec. Lt. Plant (Munic); (Began op. 
1901); R. Jertrell bapt. & Ch. Engr; 1 a. c. Westg. 
1040-104 v.B. ph. 7,200 altuB. 121 a. c. arcs; 115 hj 

ST. JOHNS, 8.500-City of St. Johns (Munlc); bds. 
ontstandingl35,000; E. L. Valentine, P.; G. M. 
Petrie, S.; W. Petrie, P. A. & Spt.; « arc T.-H.; 2 
a.c. T.-H. 1000-104-58 v., 15.000 altns.; T. H. soc.; 50 
arcs, 8 a.c. arcs ; 1,200 a.c. incs. ; 200 hp. e. Ide. (steam 
parchased); moonlt., mdnt. 127 

ST. JOSEPH, 5.000— St. Joseph A Benton Harbor 
Elec. Rv. A Lt. Co. cap. $100,000; bds. 1200.000, 6 p.c. 
Int; W. W, Bean P. T.A P. A; W. H. Hull 8; H. C. 
Mason Sapt. 8 arc T-H, Brush ; 3 u. c. T-H 1040-52 

V. altns. T-H soc: 12^ arcs, 32 a. c. arcs; 2,500 

a. c incs; pwr. cir. St Ry. 500 v; 7.t0 bp. e. Wms: 600 
hp. b. Bab. «fe W. Stir; city cont. ^0 arcs c. p. 1200 $70 
per yr. all nt. 99 

City Electric Lt. Plant (Manic.) (Began op. 1901); 
cap. auth. $1^; hds. anth. $1 200. 4 p. c. int; K. 
Javell »upt; J in. Dansfleld Ch. En<rr; 1 a. c. Westg. 
2040 V. 8 pb. 72r0 altns. 122 a. c. arcs 6.6 amps; 115 
hp. e. NatU; moonlt. all nt; gasoline $.07. 82 

ST. LOUIS, 4,000— City Elec Lt Plant (Manic). 

SAULT STti:. MARIE, 8.000-Bdison SanltBlec. Co. 

gtegan op. 1888) cap. anth. A issued t57,onO; H. T. 
Dubar P. W. Chandler S. W. F. Kingan M. A P. A. 

d. c. arc G-B; 8 a. c. G-E. 2800-110 220 v. 3 pb. 

7,200 altns. Ed. soc: 6,000 d. c. incs: a.c. day cir; 
110-220 v: d.c. pwr. cir. 500 v: 100 hp. e. Ball; 500 hp. 
tarb. Leffel, S. & B; 200 hp. b. Brie; city cont b2 Its. 

c. p. 1,200 $50 per yr. all ui. 110 

SHELBY, lO.OOO-Village of Shelby, (Munic); (Be- 
gan op. 1895); bds. auth. $19,000, outstK. $17,000. 5 
p. c. int; G. E. Dewey P; C. E Abruham T; G. B. 
i»etty M, Supt A P. A; P. Hart Ch. Elecn; 1 d. c. 
T-A: 2(1. c. Kd. ItOv; 20d. o. arcs o.8 amps: 1000 

d. c. incs; 100 hp. e. Westg; 125 hp.b; 11.80 P.M. 80 

SMYRNA, 201— Spencer Lt Co. (Began op.l898) can. 
auth. $50,000, pd. in$-AO0O; K. S. dpencer P; T. P. 
Island T. 92p 

SOUTH HAVEN, 4,000- Village Elec.Lt Plant (Mu- 
nic); (Begun cp. 1805); bds. is(«ucd 130.000, 5 p. c. 
int; G. \\. Cjdn Village P; L. A. Bridges M, P. A.A 
Supt; C. DttvlH Ch. Engr: 1 d. c. arc Ft W: 2 a. c 
Ft W. 2000-100 V. s. ph. 7,200 ultns. T-H, Ed. soc; 
40 d. c. arcs 6.8 amps: 10 a. c. arcs; 4000 n. c Incs; 
a. c. day cir; 500 hp. e. Bckye; 450 hp b. Springb. 110 

SPRINGPORT. 600— R. B. Hoag A Son; rap 85.000; 
1 a.c T.-H 1000-50 v., 16.000 altns.; T.-H. soc; 800 
a.c. incs. ; city cent, mdnt 18 

STANDISH, «29-Sundi8h Elec Co. 

STANTON, l,400--Citvof Stanton Lt. A Wtr. Plant, 
(Munic. ): cost 120,500; G. BucknOl, P.; H.M.Hemp- 
stead, P. A. A Kin.; C. F. Busch, Si.t.; 1 a.c Ft 
W. 1000-100 v., 16,000, 17,0^ altns; Ed. soc; 19 a. c 
arcs; H.M)a.c ines; 75 hp. e. WVstR. C. A K.; 3 b. 
Phoenix, Novelty; city cont, moonlt 98 

STURGIS, 3,000— Sturgis Elec. Lt Co., (Began op. 

100, 4 p. c div: E. T. 

Parker P'; A. H Wait S. M. A 1*. A ; W. C. (Jmbhciser 

1H87); cap. auth. A if sued $18,000, 4 p. c div: 
Parker P; A. H Wait S. M. A 1*. A ; W. C. (}n>l 
T; 2 d. e. Ed. 110 v; Kd. soc; 10 d.c arcs 5.5 amps; 
eOO d. c incs; 70 hp e. Taylor: 80 hp. b. Duttou. 110 

TAWARACK-See Lake Linden. 

TECUMSEH, 3.000— Tecumseh Elec Co.; (Began op. 
1891); cap. auth. A pd. in $80,000; no bonds: A. W. 
Mills P, M. & P. A; C. A. Wright 8; L. Lilley T; G 
Church Supt. A EIn; .1. C. Hastings Ch. Enm*; 2 arc 
T-H; 1 a.c. 1100-110 v. l.%,000altns.T-H8oc; 
67 series arcs, 750 a. c incs; 125 hp. e. Ide; 900 hp.b. 
Mansfield; city cont., 42 a^c^ 1200 e. p. $58 per vr. 
MlJat. ilO 

THREE OAKS, 1.200-Village of Three Omm (Xi- 

nic): costi ; Citv Clk, 8: J. A. Baker P. A. 

A Supt; 1 a.c. Ft \V. 1010-104 v. altns. T-H 

soc; 16 a. c arcs; 600 a. c. incs; 60 hp. e. Bckye, 
Slattery; 125 hp.b. Erie; moonlt aU nt. Ill 

THREE RIVERS, 3,500-Tbree Rivere Lt. A Pvr. 
Co. ; cap. $30,000; bds. $10,000: W. J. Willits P; L I. 
Linsley S. A T; T. L. Arnold M. A Supt: 3 are II, 

Westg. ; 3 d.c. pwr. 500 v. ; 2 a.c NaU. 1000-UI- 

50 v., 15,000 alms.; T.-H.. Weste. soc; 70 arcs:ti|l 
a.c incs. ; pwr. cir. ; 1.^0 hp. e. We«tg. : 2H0 hp. talk 
Leffel, Tromp. ; city cont. 58 Its. c. p. 2000 $58 pttTL 
moon.t. mdnt; coat $2.50. Ill 

TRAVERSE CITY, 11,000-Boardman RlTerBcc 
Lt ^t Pwr. Co. (successor to H. D. Campbell A 9m 

Water & Elec. Lt Co. (Began op. 1895); cap. anth. 
$100,001; W.London P. M. A P. A; S. OarUadT; 
W. Love Supt. : 2 d. c. arc T-H 3 a. c. Q. E. SuO-llS 
V. 3 ph. 7,200 altns. Ed. soc: 101 d. c. area 9.6ampi; 
3 a. c. arcs 7 amps; 7.897 a. c incs; a. c day dr; W 
hp. e. turb. LefFel. Trump; citv coat 56 Iks. c p. Sn 
166 per yr. moonlt after 12 o^ciock. lit 

UNION CITY, 1,500-City Elec Lt. Plant, (Mmic); 
cost $10,000; D. L. Stances, P. A. A Spt: 2a.CLU. 

E. I. v.: alus.: Heissoc-.; 800 a. c. faw; 

120hp.e. Lansing; 150 hp.b. Erie; moonlt, mdat I 

VASSAR, 1,6J2*— Balbian Bro^ Owners (B^nut^ 

1899) cap. 8 : 1 d. c. arc Brash; 1 d. c wntK. 

220 v: Ed. T-H soc; 4dd. cares: 500 d. e. Inc. uti: 
100 hp. e. Bckye; hp. b. city cont lH 

▼ICKSBURG, 1,500-City Elec Lt Hant; (Moak.) 
(Began op. 1896); bds. issued $15,000; H. J. Daaldi 
P: C. L. Page T; C. L. Keefe 8; J. F. DerbaBBw 
M. A P. A; 1 d. c Pt W; 1 a. c. Ft. W 1000 HOt. 16.000 altns. T-H soc; 81 d.c arcs; S60a.e.lBes; 
75 hp. e. Hub ; 80 hp. b. Erie. Ill 

WEST BRANCH, 1,800— Electric Ltg. Co. fflctn 
op. 1892); cap. aoth. $15,000, pd. in $10,000: W>. 
Vaughan. 8.; L.C. Jones, Supt; H. H. Vaii|rihD,CL 
Elecn: 1 d. c arc Schuy.; 1 a. c. Westf(. 9W-1M t. 16.tKX) altns.; T. H. soc: 85d. carcslOaapi; 
750 a. c incs., — hp.turb. Leffel; ci^ cont ttlk, 
c p. 2,000 $4.80 per mo., moonlt, all nt II 

WILLI AMSTON, 1,200— Rounsvi lie A Onmnnf 
Elec. Co. (Beean op. 1896); cap. auth. A lssiitd$ll. 
000; no bds; F. G. RounnviileP; H. Greenaw«T:i; 

F. Greenawav P. A. & Supt; 2 d. c, arc Sid; 1 d.t 
Ed. 110 v ; E(f. soc : 40 d. c arcs; 490 d. c incs; »h& 
e. Bckye; 90 hp. b: city cont 21 Its. c. p. 9tM> $Ul 
per mo. moonlt mdnt. II 

WOLVERINE— See Lake Linden. 

YPSILANTI. 7,C00-Ypsilanti Elec. Cc; cap. M- 
000; bds. $7,500; A. C. Rorison, P. <t M. C. tt. Ga^ 
rison. S.: W.H. Sweet T.: 1 arc FtW.; «a.c PtW. 
1000-100 v.. 16.800 altns. : T.-H. eoc; 96 arcs; iW 
a.c incs.; 150 hp. e. H. O. & R. ; 200 hp. b. tsblr. 
moonlt II 

City of Ypsilanti: Bd. of Pub. Wka. Pur. A«L 
A. S. Tun.bull Ch. Engr. 3 arc Ft W; inOd.c aia: 
200 hp. e. Cur; hp. turb. Leffel; 800 h. p. b. II 


ADRIAN, 1.400-Village of Adrian <Munic) bds. oat- 
standing $18,000: C. A. Sands P. A. J. Grady Sapc. 
1 d. c. S. A H. 2:.'0 v; Ed. soc; 17 d. c inc. arcs; W 
d. c. incs; 80 hp. c. Bali; 140 hp. b. Fmin.>aKNBlL 
mdnt IM 

AITKIN, 2,000-Village of Aitkin (Mnnlc) (BcgM 
on. Ih95) cost $10,000, 6 p. c. int; F. B. SeftTSV P. A. 
w. Pun I one v Ch. Eni;r. A Elecn. 7 H. c, are tl W; 
1 a. c. WVstg. 1100-104 V. a ph. 7,900 altna. Wtrtf. 
soc: 16 d. c arcs 7 amps ; 1000 m.e.; 96 hBi.t. Ms: 
150 hp. b. Renncv; all nt M 

ALBERT LEA, 4.50O-AlbertU»sLUrht 4k PwT.O^ 
cap. $400,000; G. C. Edwards P: B J. SliocUsr T. 
A M; 4d. c Westu. 110-290 ▼; Ed. aoc; 9»d.f.iBC. 
arcs; 6500 d. c incs; d. c dayoir; pwr. dr. fli t; 
900hp. e S. C; 500 hp. b. 8. C; ot& eont « Ilik c 
p. 2000 $75 per yr. all nt U 

;▲?{ U H I A , 3, W »— C Uy of A lu s ftml ri a ( >1 w o ic , ) ; 
otHstuniJitii^ ia,COJ; J. W»lk«^ F. A.; C* A. 
SOD, t bf. Killer. ; I *rtj T.U. : 1 a.c- Q, E. ICHO- 

16,000 a Ujis ; T.H. soc ; TO*i*<;i*l t.e. arcs; 

&.C tiu^ji. ; SO hu, «:. Aqm.; 130 hp. b. Ktis.; 

tA— Anoka Wtr, Wkn., Klec. LL * Pr, C&. ; 
ftrd T. i?rke#t Pre*. ; W, j, Aianon, Supt- ; 25 *rc, 
hi 1006 *IL lac, We«ttf.; nm-fdi w; S.-M. 

iKt d*> cif S 100 b.p.enfev, VUter; city d^int. 118a 
JETONl,mi— Applet on E lee, U. Co. 
ieX^E, 829— J AS* Srott, owner (Hegfln op. IS^TJ- 
i, WMtoD nn v; 400 d. c. Inca; 2.1 l»p. L^ Fairb. 
; cl(y coat. 90 lU. c p, a?i f— per jr. fiO 

SGTON, 900— Vilinitw Elec. LLPlaut (Monle.); 
•aStW; F. F. MnoPifieldM; F. VV. .Jomet R A. 
ips: M. McGovf.^ru Eieeci; A. Robcctc Elcca^ 2 
Card. 1 10 v; Ed «oc: 7 d. e. inc. ajca; -WO d. c 

70 bp* e. Ideal: — bp. b. SpriDc. 110 

I?C*e.00O-CUf of AdHtin (Munb-.>: tup. 150,000; 

FrT^*; !2 Ji.r, U. E; Sd.c.iiie, G,K. HJOO v., 

r- ri tew; en d.c. *rr!»' 40 a, c, arcst WOO 

: 7 bp. e. Hull; 4tiO hp. b; city cont 

■ "» moon It all nt; roaJ $a.:i6. 32 

;iIAUi:,^1*-€Hj El(}c.. Lt. Plant; 1 d.e.. FL 


iOX, l.i^OO— Benfou Blec, TJ. Co., R H. John- 
UwDCT * M.: <B«3g>in op. IBOT.h au-. S 1^.000; J. 
oliiif ¥At\^ I (i.e. D. A D., gaO V,; T. H. hoc.; 1,200 
incs,; 110 bp, e. Bckye,; laO hp. b. BnjL; cUy 
ao liiCA.S'! c.p4l per mo^mooolt. coal f^^ T.llO 
; EABTH.3,U(»^^nitic Kartb Kluc. Lt. & Wtr. 
. lJlltiDii^.9 (Began op. ]»flfi) uofit tflG^OTQ^ A. E, 
if Siiplt A. M, LQCkwo4x] Ch, Elccni 2d. c. O. 

IW f: T*n *oc: 27 tl.c Inc. rtre*: fifiOO d. d. 
DpObp. e Baifolo: ^300 b p. b; city cont 70 Ita. 
JPl^—ptfryr. moonU; coal |4. 110 

IKbd, 10,0(V-Clty of Bmhicrd (MiinlcJ : bda. 
m* U M. Ftt«e Siipl; I arc Ttit ? a. c G. E. 
, aixu-lCO V. *.pb, TiW) altni". Til soci SI areB 0.^ 
u 4.ffXia. c \tiC9^'. aoo bp. lurk Dayton; cont m 
, p. aOiMJ r^ per yr, »U nv. 30 

;i££NI&I0OE, BOO— Village of Bracken rldj^ 
lie); {Beeaa op. Ifm); bcjw, outoi^. S7.5^Xi. 7 p.c. 
R, J, Well* P; E. Rohan Supt. Ch. Enct. ^ 
k: t«. c. Weiitj^, Nail, iioo-no v. m. ph, ifl,00D 
L T-H *(^; fl a^ o. ar^.'«; 130U a.c. toe*; ItJO bp* e. 
100 bp, b. Spi-Ingf ; ail nt. m 

fOH PALLSp 1, 500— Cannon Falls Elec. Co. ; 
KOOO; D. Valenati. R; F. A. Valeotln, S.,M, 

A,; 1 ax. W<»-tg. IIW-IIO v., 16.000 alius; T.- 
le.: 9a-c. ULTCfl; 400 a.c Inee,: 50 bp. e. EHe: 90 
u Erie: cUy conu, raoonk., mdnl, IS? 

IK A, 2.900— Cliaska FAi-t% Lt. Plant (Mtmic.) 
|12,0<J0; bd».J*«ncd fS.OOO; T.Bi»»on .M. * Sopt: 
:^ Tjlnmpb iSu ?; Bd. Ane; 19 d e. Ino area; 
d, c. Ince; ll5 hp. e* Chuae; HW bp. b* Ktnny. 51 
rFIELJy, 1,60(>-Chat field Elee* LL & Pwr. Co.; 
an op. liflT); cap, atjih.f^'^OOO: -T. Uiid«r]eak P; 
I. Cmm S; A. L. Ober T; A, Homd M; I *. e. 
ft\ mOD-lOO T. a. pb. tA,800 altnn; Ed. aoc; G a. c. 

iatnp.: PSOO a. c. itice; ri5h\i, tt. ide; 129 bp. 
; lOObp.b; cUy eonL e.p. 2tM( gfW per yr.EnoonU; 

1 A «U, pwr. $ 51 

LKFf KLl), ^^-ClarkflHd Roller Mnia A Elee. 

lo (Bvuau op. IS9?) ; tap. | ; C. 8. Orwill P; 

irMfU &. A M ; G. H. Slmoua P. A, A &upt; 1 d.c. 
; Ed. HOC ; 4 (1. c, inc. Area; i^ d.c Inca; 50 bp. 
Iff m City; 100 bp. b. 120 

lUKTg a^DTS^ClMjDtit EleC- Co, (Desrati op. 

; (al^o Ita, Carl ton »: cap, auttt. & l»i«ued 125,000 
cbardton Pi E. mHutH S; J.E. Ljiid* T: L. P, 
kel P. A* A ©opt; 2 d. c. arc Ft. \t. T H ; 3 a. c. 
, Stan, Koyal 2400 1 04- ($60(^208 v; 1 J^ 2 pb. 7:300 
I, T-H foc; 30 d, c. area B.Q ampn; 10n.c. area 0,5 
i: lOnO a. c. inea; IMI bp. e. B>ill. l^n&idv; 300 
; city cont £5 Ita. e.p.30U(P $90 p«r yr. all nt. 91 
IKJIT0K* &,000-Crook«?ton Wir Wks., Pwf. * 
iO.;e«p,1860.OOO; W. J. Miirpby.P.& P. A,; H.G. 
tm 9w: B, pgl^raon. T. *fc l^pt, ; 4 d,c. G-E, 110 v. 
^.v-- r'-Fi,e, Ibc* arc*; ^.ooo d. c. Snca; d. c. 
1 SI fap. e. Weet^i fiOO bp, ttirb. Leifel: 
r ; dtj ooDt, 37 JU^SOOOC. p. SlBf^ V^r 

.«, i^^ no 

DAlVwiiX, WU-Dawaou Elee, Cii. (Began op. 1898): 
A. Tbumpaiiu F; G, H. SjiJEOne S. P. A, A Silpt; 1 
d. e. C. W. 125 v: Ed. aoc; 4 d, o. Inc. »re*j SOOd.c, 
inca; d. e. day cir; 90 hp. e. Otto (gBf); cHy conL &1 

DKLANO* 1,000— DtUino Wlr ^ Elec. LL Plant 
(JUiitiicO; T. K. Ruder P; L. M. Masfield S; U P. 
PrapatT- M. E, Muckey Elo; » d.o. Ed. llO v; Ed. 
ao(? ; 450 1 DCS ; CO b p .e* W ate rtn ; 00 b p. b, W atisr in . 48 

DETROIT ClTir, 2,000- Detroit Lt, & L«nd Co* 
cap. autb. ^% la^aed^ $50,000; 10 p. c. div; bd». iutn. 
& URqed, 150.001}, fl p. c. inl; E. Q. Holme* P; A. O. 
Wedge pJr ii. & 'T; U. L-turrnan M. & F. A; 8 d, c. 

G. E, Trph tlO v; ?. W. jjj, *oc: S7 d. c. inc. area; 
5 ampBi iJcih iJ r. iii.>; soo bp. e, Ide; 100 b p. b. 
Erit; rU V i ..i.i;. iT mr :ai iuc^, c. p 1300 $- — - per yr. 
all nt; Wuod li.T.V. HO 

D|TLUTIi,52;ti09— Dulotb Gctjefal Elf»ctiio Co.; cap, 
|600,mJ0: A. 'V. ll**rnnan, P; O. C. Bartmtti, V. P; 
P. Sharvy. V; ttt nfo Ex.»T-Hi 14 a. c. (i.*K. 300Ch 

tOOO-lO|-5Sv. 3 pb* allna; aoc; TOO arci*; 

aa.OOO a, c. luc*; H.C. day c;lr; p\rr. dr. GOO v; 2.000 
hti. e, AlHt; £.500 hp, b. cUv c^int. SSa trca c. p. SOOO 
iS5 p^r yr. all nt ; coal €Sl(X 18 

£AGI^E XA^KK, 600— J. D. Hnmiaton. Owaet; (Be- 

jran up. J89tJ); cap. $ ^: 1 d. c. Mather 110 v; 300 

a. c- IncB.; ]»0 bp. c. Twin City; iiao bp. b. 110 

KLHIIW LAK£, 025-Elbow Lake Kler, Ll, Station 
(Mtmic) iBeunu op. 1800 J : crat 18,000. L. V, Bamea 
M. P. A. Jt Bupi; i d. c. Elect Mach. Co. 220 V; TM 
aoc: 4 d. c. inc. area; TOO d.c, Inc*; tib hp, c. Twin C; 
1^ hp. b. Twtn C. 51 

ELTT, S,0QO--CUy of Ely (Mud^c.): {0eenn Op. 1»^; 

co^tj^ 1 r. Uiwt*. M. A P. A.: I »rc bmpb; 3 

a,c. WedlK- 1010^104 v. a. pb. 19.000 lUtntt. T-tl boo; 
42 area 10 amps: ITiOC^ a.c. inca i 176 bp. 0. Ball; SSO 
bp. b. toblr,;alI ot* iQd 

EVKLETH. ^.^a^HophcB Elee. Co, 



rAlttHONT, 3,000-Fa!rmont Elec. I*t. Co.; (Mu- 
ni cj iB^iiaii op. ifflMj T. J. Sin«ar1t9£^nr F: A. HoUre 
l^upt. A P, A; (line r-ll; 2d. o. North< ni 220- UO f. 
1-kl. 30C1 14 a, c, are:i M ampi; 34 d, c. Inc. arcaO 
nmpft: l:iOO d. o. inca: lao bp. «. Uckye; 1») bp. h. 
:Mui'niy; rndnt; coal le.Bfi. * m 

FARIHACLT,»,000-a«iaoMdaled Qua « EJec. Co. 
oap. 175,000; C, N. Maaon P: J, J, O'Brien S. « T; 
G. T. Hewv* M, * F. A : 3 a. o. T H, G, E. 1040-104 r. 
a. ph. lO.OrXfaltna; T-H. aoc; 30 a. e, area 6.fl flroui; 
854l a. c. tncs; 250 hp. e. Westg, Em; 300 hp. b. Wm. 
Broa; ei«y cont. no 

Polar Stiir Elw. Co. (Bee an op 1995) cap. ItO.OOO; 
bdJi. aao.iWi; J, Hunter F. ll Ubwpplni' S. At Snpi. U. 
O. Cletm^nvT A P. G. V. t-happme Cli. Encr 1 urc 
W, K. S a c. Ft, W. Sun. 23U0-110 t. a. A y ph. 19,000 
altii«. T-H soc; 53afic8; 2 u. e. ine area: a.&oOa. 0. 
ItK^.ii. 5^ hp. e. Albii. Twin City; IHO bp. turb. Hona- 
um; 350 bp. b. R'llftHce: ctly cowl. 53 Us, c. p, gOOO 
S5i peryr; eoal S^.SO; inoonlc, mdnL no 

FERGCS FALLS, aTTi^-Clty Elec. Lt. Plant, 
(Munic); con 1 130,000; J. W. Peteraon. SpL; 1 are 
Btd ; 56 area; ::,600 a. c. Inca; 125 bp. e. moonU, U8a 

rOSSTON. LISOO-Kotnton Eke. Lt, A Wtf. Works 
(M onk.) (Befian op. lP9tt) cost f 22.«Of>; W, E. Block 
P. A. A; Collector; C. W. Peterion i^npt. I d, c. arc 
Ft- W, 29" t; Weetg, aoc: fld. e. Inc. itoa; UOO d. 
c. inca; SO hp. e. Ide; 130 hp. b; all nL 110 

rULDA— Miiiilctpal Plant. R. Hytlop, Mffr. 4k Pur. 
Agt ; eofj all^ me. Royal; no d. c t 

OLKNCOE, S.50— Glencoe £le«. Lt. Co. fBegan op. 
1899); ctp. §5 000; B, F, Alloti P; W, C. Bnaeell 1 
AM: O. K Gilbert T; Id. o. C.^W. HOt; — ^ »oc; 
— d. c. Inca; 76 bp. e. Twin CUy; 75 hp. b; city coal, 


GLKXWOOD. 1,116-.!. R BtTin Owner. 

QRA€£ vtLLE, I,a00--Yillftee of GraceT^lle (Mnnie,) 
coat %\cmi Village t;oiin ell M. W. K, B<ilaod Becdr, 
1 are Ft. W; 1 d. c. Ft, W. 430 t. Woatg. aoe; fi area; 
4 d. c. Inc. area; 554 d. e. Inca; 45 bp. «. Idwv ^ V^. 
h; mdnt. *a* 






GRAND RAPIDS, 2,600-Grand Rapids Elec. Lt. 

Plant; (Began op. 1894); J. Beckfelt Prop. <t M; O. 

P. Finiiis Cb. En^r; 2 a. c. We«tff. 1000-fOO v. a. ph. 

7200 altna. T-H. hoc; 17 area; ^OOO a. c. Idcs; 200 

hp. c. 8. C; 200 hp. b. ; city cont. 17 Ita. c p. 

9000$— per yr. moon] t. all nt; woods— . 82 

Municipal Elec. Lt. Plant: 2 a. c. O.E. 9000 220-110 

T. 8. pb. 36 d. c, arcs; 200 lip. e. Ideal; 900 hp. b; 

coal ^.70. 92* 

GRANITE FALLS, 2.00(>-Clty Elec. Lt. Plant 

glnnic.) Began op. 1891): cap. aoth. 120,000, iMued, 
0.000; A. J. Voletad Mayor: B. Winter, T.; E. D. 
ille P. A, Snpr, and Ch. Engr: 1 d. o. arc Ed; 4 
d. c. Ed. Spragne 110 v; Ed. soc; 20d.c. arcs; Id.c. 
inc arc<«; lOOUd. c. incs.; d. c. day clr. pwr. cir. 110 
v; 100 hp. e. Westg, Ideal; 94 hp. turb; 120 hp. b. 
Sprlnc. 110 

HASTINGS, 4,500~HastingB Elec. Lt. & Pwr. Co.; 
cap. I ; W. I. Bonwell, P. A P. A.; I. W.Brew- 
ster, M.; 1 arc G. £.; 2 a. c. O. If., 1000-62 v., 

altna.; T.-H. soc; 19 arcs,; 190 hp. e. Ideal; 160 hp. 
b.: city cont.. mdnt. 108 

HENDERSON. 1,200— Henderson Lt. & Wtr. Wks. 
(Mnnic.) (Began op. 1897) cost 17,000; C. Bisson, 
Supt. II. L. Bifsoxi, Ch. Engr. Id.c. Ft. W; 220 
V. Westff. soc: 18 d.c. inc. arcs; 800 d. c. Incs; 70 
hp. e. Allfree: 80 hp. b; moonlt mdnt. 99 

HI BRING, 8,onO-CitY Lt. & Wtr. Plant. (Munic.) 
Began op.l896); cost 120,000; J.B.Leanr P.A.& Supt; 
1 d.c.arc T-II; 2a.c.T H lOCO-100 v. 8 ph. 16.000 alms. 
16 d. c. arcs 9.6 amps; 200 hp. e. B. «.t W ; 190 hp. 09 

HUTCHINSON, 2,495- nntchiuson Ltg. & Mfg. Co. 
(Began op. 1900); H. E. Schlnter P; L. A. Klttey S; 
P. P. PenUergftbt T; T. PittH M. P. A. A Supt; 1 a.c. 
Warren llGO-WO-llO v. s. ph. 72 altiis. Ed. soc; 4 
a. c. arcs 5.6 amps; 180hp. e. Twin City; 160 hp. b. 
city cont. 4 Its. c. p. 200U $125 per yr. moonlt; coal 
14.60. 32 

JACKSON. 2,000— Viliaee of Jackson (Mnnic); (Be- 
gan op. 1900); coKt $12,600: bds auth. A issued $10.- 
000, 6p.; M. B. Hutchioson P; M. D.Ashley 
S; J. K. Brown T; A. Arzt Supt, P. A- & Ch. 
Elecn; C. Barrett Ch. Engr; 1 a. c. G. E. 1000-110 v; 
s. ph. 7200altn8: Ed. soc; 17 d. c. arcs 6.0 amps; ft 
a. c arcs 5 amps; 1250 a. c. incs; 125 hp. e. Ide; 150 
hp. b. Springf; city cont. 17 Its. c. p. 1200 $— peryr. 
mooi^t. mdnt; coal $1.50. '70 

JORDAN, 2.000— H. II. King & Co. (Began op. 1897); 
cap. $50,000; H. H. King P; E. P. Kearney S. A T; 
W. W. Allen M. & P. A; 8. L. Sly Snpt; 1 d.c. C.W. 
250 v; T-II soc: 20 d. c. inc. arcs; 400 d. c. incs, 200 
h|). <\ Allis; 200 hp. b;city cont. mi>onlt. 30 

KKNYON. 1.500— Kenyon KW. Co.; cap. $ : 

M. T. «und«»r8on. o\vn«*r A P. A.; J.J. CoUister, 
M. ASpt.; 3d.o. O. E. 110 v.: T.-H. 9o«\; 4 d.c. inc. 
arcs; 600 d.c. ino.s.: 150 hp. o. S. C; 2 b. Kinney; 
city cont.. moonh. 18 

LAKE CITY. 3,000-Cltv Kloc. Lt. Plant (Mnnlc.) 
(Began op. 1895); G. Cornelius 8ni)t. & Ch. Elecn; 
1 d. c art! Ex; d e. Coml. 290 v; Ed. soc; 60 d. c. 
arcs 7 amps: 7 d. c. inc. arcs 2.5 amps; 1,800 d. c. 
Ines: l85hi).e.R& W, Weste; 120 hp.b. L.& C. 110 

LAKKFIKLD. 1,200-Lakofield Elec. Lt. A Pwr, 
Wks. Plant (Muiilc); cost $10,000; O. M.Curtiss S. 
&P.A: M. M. Seails T; A. M. St. John M: O. H. 
01iM»n Sunt, Ch. Enjrr. & Elecn; 1 d. c. Triumph 2-A) 
v; Ed. T-ll f^oi". 10 d. r. inc. arcs; 500 d. c. incs; 90 
hp. e. H. (). * K; 90 hp. l>. Pa. 70 

LANK8HOKO. 1,1«>-I— Laiic»l)oro Elec. Co. 

LE ROY. l.iiOO— Dehlor cV: Bosworth (Began op. 1899) 
not iinorp: cap. .luth. $.''»,000, issuiHl $.3,000; bdH. 
auth. S4.0i)0. oulfti:. SS.OiKX « p. c. int: E. S. Bos- 
worth M: 1 M. r. Std. KMO 104 v. s, ph. 16,000 altns. 
8. ph. li).(KX> altuH. Ed hoc: 4 a, c. arts 5 amps: 500 

a. c. iuo: .'h> hp. e. Kus: «K) hp. b. : city cont. 

Its. r.p. leOO SCO 1K.T yr. moonlt. mdnt; coal *4.«0. 90 

LE SUKITR, 8,000 -Citv of l^ Sueur (Munic.) (Began 

op. 1^96) coMt S ; A. Schwob P: H. Von E^seu P. 

A: R. H. Bradley Supt. A Ch. Engr; 1 a. c. Weste. 
1100 V. s. ph. 7200 altns. S M soc: 1.500 a.c. incs: 100 
hp. e. S. 0: 100 hp. b. Gilmorc; mdnt 110 

LITCHKIKL1>,2.500-Vinageof Litchfield (Munic); 
bds. ontstunding f25.«K): C. Dart.. P.; J. Palm. P. 
A. A Spt.: 1 arc Ft. W.: 1 a.c. Ft. W. 1040-62 v., 16,- 
OOOBitnH.; T.-H. soc: 25 arcs, 7a,c. an^s; 950 a.c. 
fnrs. : 90bp. e. Huf. ; «0 hp. b. F M A Co. • mnnn)t. 127 

LITTLE FALLS. 6.000— Morres on Co. Ele« 
APwr. Co.; cap. $150,000; bds. 1125.000; B. 
ren P A P.A: T.C. Gordon 8. A T: C.G. B 

1 arc Brush, Wtrhs: 8 a.c. Westg. 1000-100-» 
altns. S-M, T-H soc; 28 arcs; 3.000 a.c. incs 
turb. Dayton; city cont. 27 arcs c. p. 2000$ 
all nt. 

LONG PRAIRIE— Manicipal Plant. 

LUVERNE, 3,60a-Viliage of Lttvemc { 
cost $10,000; J. Kelly. P.: B. S. Rogers. S. 
A. Ross, T. : 1 arc W. B. : 1 a.c. O. B. 1040-: 
000 altns. ; Westg. soc. ; 82 arcs ; 1.500 a.c. 
hp. e. Bckye. Cor. ; 240 hp. b. Twin City: d 

MADISON, 1,500-City Elec. Lt. Plant (Mb 
$8,000 J.C. Bang M. A Supt; 1 d. c. C.W. 2 
soc: 6d. c. arcs; 1000 d. c. incs; 65 hp. e. T 

MANKATO, 12,000— Mankato Gas A Elec 
(Began op. 1889); cap. $200,000; bds. outstg 
6 p. c. int.; .i. B. Meagher, P.; R. E. Browi 
6 arc T.-H.; 1 a. c. mcy. G. E., 1040-2W-11 
altns.; Ed. soc; 100 series arcs; 1200 a. c. i 
day cir.; 200 hp. e; city cont. 65 arcs, 2000 
per year, moonlt. all nt; coal $2.35. 

MARSHALL. 2,800 City of Marshall (Mr 
gan op. 1894) cost $38,000: V. B. Seward P. . 
hard S; C. J. Gurnsey T; 2 arc Ft. W; i 
W. 1000-100 V. 3 ph. 18,000 altns. Ed. soc; 
amps; 3.000 a.c. incs; 150 hp.e. S. C; 800 h] 

MELROSE, 2,000— John Hoeschen (Begai 

cost! ; 2 d.c. D. A. D. 220 v; West«, sc 

inc. arcs; 1000 d.c incs; 150 hp.e. Allis; IC 
Dayton ; 150 hp. b; city cont. 

MINNEAPOLIS,202,718-Minneapoli8 Ger 
Co.: cap. 12.25 J,CUO; bds. aaih. $2,000.0 
$1,008,000, 5 p. c int: M B. Koon P; B. I 
S: H. B. Sawyer T: Stone A Webster G. 
arc A 21,000 altg. inc. BrushtGeneral, W( 
hp. e. Reynolds; 2 batteries. 8,502 chloride 
cont. 8C01t8. c. p. 2000 $82 A $108.50 per 
coal $4.50. 

Mlnnespolis International Elec. Co.: d 
Minneapolis Gen. Elec. Co. 

MONTEVIDEO. 3,000— Montevideo EW 

2 d. c Coml. 220 v. Ed. soc; 1300 d. c. inci 
e. A. A S, Twin City; 60 h p. turb.Leffel; 
Stir; city cont. mdnt. all nt. 

MOORIIKAD. 4.500-City of Moorehead 1 
Wtr. WkH. (Began op. 1895} cost $ 60.000 
Markhus P. A. A Supt. 1 d. c. arc Wc« 
Westg. 1000-100 V. s. ph. 7.200 altns. Ed. sc 
arcs 9 5 amps; 6 a.c. inc. Mrcs ; 4000 a, c. in 
e. Twin City; 800 hp. b. Twin City. Kenn: 

MOR.A. 1,200-Mora Elec. Lt. Co. (Began 
caiK $6,00(»; J. C. Morrison P. M. A P. A. 
V. T-Usoc; 500 d, c. incs: 75 hp. e. Rns; 
Kenney; city cont. 20 Us. cp. 82 $1.75 p.m« 

WOO<I al 50 

MOKRIn', 2.500-Morri8 Lt, A Milling C 

op. 1897) cup. # ; W. P. Fowler Owner, 

2 d.c Coml. 2/0 V. T-H soc; 8 d.c. inc. i 
d. c lues: 150 hp. e. Twin Citv; 150 hp. b; 
200 Its. c p. 1200 A 82 #72 per yr. arcs, 
wood S^..^). 

NEW PKAGI'K-Citv Elec Lt. Plant (M 
Schreiner P: T. F.Rvbak T: A.RyndaS; 
P. A; J. Mark Ch. filecn; 1 a. c. arc: 1 o 
Ed. so<*; 2<X)<l.r. incs; pwr. fum'd from mi 

NEW RICHLANI>, 1,500-Lea A Johnson 
(Hegau op. lS»jy): cap. $4,000: 1 d. c. Trim 
Ed. hoc; 10 d. c. inc. arcs: 500 d. c. incs 
C. A T; 70 hp. b. Twin City: city cont. 3 
3"i %\:^ per yr. moonlt. mdnt; coal $2.90. 

NEW I LM— New Ulm Elec. Lt. Co. cap. \ 
M. OlM'ii P. L. U. Vogel S. A P. A. W. E 
J. P. B(»le«ted M. 50 arc. 2,000 alt incs. Ft 
KX) v: no d:i\ cir; 125 hp. e.lde. Allis: 800 b 
eont. .'>1 ares r. p. 1200 168 per yr. moonlt. 1 

NORTH FIELD .S.-JOO-Northfleld Lt„Ht A 
cap. f Irt.OOO: t8,.'S00 indebtedness; D. J. 
P.: F. .1. Wilcox. S. A T.: B R. Gick, M. i 
S. Tripp, P. A. : 1 arc Ball; 2a.c T.-H. W\ 
104-52 v., I6.(<00 altns. ; T.-H.soc: S5 an;s,2 

1,200 a.c. inct»: hp. e. Harris, Twin 

bp. b '''witi OitY, Trnmbnll; moonlt., mdi 



LIE, 1,500— CUy or OrUiaviUe (Munlc), 
^y. cost 117,500; bdB. $15,000, 5 p. r, 
&U1) 8. Jfc p. A; K. V. Lombiifd Supt. ^ 
I %.*:. Fl. W. l(MO IW T, 111,800 allne. 
,, c. JLTCii, a •mp., 1100 «. c. Id I'll ; IQi) hp, 
J lOO hp. h. Twin Oity. 1 10 

k, 7,(to>-Ow*tonTiii Gas Etec.& HtU.(?n. 
m»d^; i5iip. Hmh. $l[lO.UO(>i«flue<] fTS.OUO: 
|»,000. iBnoed *2.\UlliJ, oia a p. c, new & 
C, Diiflli- P: II. H. H<>rrielc ». A Tt W, 
r, P, ^L Jfc R A; IK M. H4Wm Supl; I 
I; 4», c. TIJ, Westij. HH0-UM-5i v\ n. 
,nt. T H toe: 47 d.e, ^ircn ampfi; JS ft,e. 
4.B0O n~ c. inr-»^ a. c. duT ci: : 300 lip, t* . 
V. f^bp, K Bab, & W, iJilnini*; t'ily 
:. [k 1^ $7"^ t^r ^f. moon It. jil) tit; coal 


LtiT, A Pwr. Co, fBeic^Ein op. Dee. 
, l«l HftTtronl Hia^, Chic^iro, liL; cap, 
K liWHJrtl t::r'.lXt«n II. Lau'M p; A.. M. 
L WiU-oii T; TI. M. Ikiwcn M, R A, & 
J one* C'ti, Enurr; ^ a. .t. WenlR. 2000-101 
•ttui: 43 Arcp; iOO hpe. Wcj^ig; 2^.0 I 


11>«, l,S]rj-PiiTk Kjiplda Elec. Lt.Pltttit 
mn O. D. Mftni^ij.'o K S, M. A P. A; R 
li'cu- 1 d. c. Ft. W. ^> % - T H Hoc^ ta 
!«; 95l> tl. c. ]nr« ; 'Jf CtirbiiiCBi DubuqiK^; 
U. c, p. 3W> $T8 pcT yr. t-l 

300— V till ire of Porhflm (Bi»(fiin op^lSSfl) 
P* Jb S^apf ; T L. Wel«rT; A. W. i^pclt- 
■; 2 nc Triutnpli ». pb. Ed. for; Sarcs; 
t; lao Me: HK» Up. t>, Oiitd. C. 121 

KSOO-Piup Citv Mill A Hlcc Co. fBt' 
i not Inrom; C'.W. AUi n T; ?l, P Allen 
ini»f)U Ch. Kii^r; A. K. AHeu Cb. £i€!{!n; 
llACb Co. 250 V i Efl. *-c; It d, (?. llir. 
J* ineii; laJhp, c; IH) bp,b. Bmwti; citj 
kn^flMi liiei*. Ia4 ptT vr nit»onJii wockI, 


^1.000— PI ppiHom* Klee. Co. eap. | ; 

» P; C. W Roe S; I arc Fl. W ; 1 d, c, 
r»r; I ».(., w*-sij|. lCMO-104 V. ». ph, 10,000 
M. eac\ IS d. c. arcM &.S timp^; 10 a. c. 
WO a. c. i&cs; d, e. pwr.wir. 60© v\ im hp. 
fl, b. Spr^n^; irttyconl. W 

l,flOO— Prrptou Elcc, Lt. A Wtr. WIeh., 
If an op 1S96); c^wit tti Mav" IWi) S5??JI5; 
Qp. c. int: G, GartUfT T; C. M. Morjjjin 
I d. c. HaiL lao v: T-H i»oc; 4d. c. rnc, 
t. fnca; lOU hp. e. Ide; 1«0 hp. b. Sprliie. 

1 10 
FAl.!:^ L^iHo-Ki?d Lake Fall i Eire. 

f f ,6flO— Bwl Wine f^a« A Klec. Uo. (Be- 
; cap, anth. tHJO,Uii«, jHh in W5,0fJ ': bdn. 

3, ftdtfltir, lartAMi: .i. c. Piurnt? p; w, 

., M. « P. A; A. PuulHon Kuiir, A Elij; 

I a. e, «. ph. Wufitg. iiHuu'ii v., m,mj 

, MK?.: SdS Jtm", fStJti ii, '' irn>.: 7"V hp. c. 
, b. Piil^t cUv ocml. H> arrw, LiM> c. p. 
r yr. inilptt all nt^ com. afca S^t lnc^(i. 

twai f&. no 

FAtUSJ, S,00O"A. C. Biirm»^lrter, 
m op. ISttD; cost 112,000; 1 <1 c. W. B, 
DC.; 0d. e. inc. area, iJh& «tnp.; 700 d. c. 
»*. Alloa* Wentg,; m h\h tnrb. 9. A B,; 
{9Ai etlx <:oDt., 4a liic::^.^ M C. p.» ft per 
« mdlit. ^ 

ft, 8,a»-CUy of HochcPtiT- (Mnnlc.}, 

mi otjtt $ ; W. G. KoHin. P. A. A 

W. B.t 2 ti. «. 5s^atl. 110 v; St a. c. t. ph. 
, liflO^l ^. 10.000 niuin. m. 9QG; 120 
1) d. e. Inc, nrctf, !i nmp* 2000 d. c. i; 
c £» hp, c. Idt;: 375 bp, b. Spring, cliy 
C. p. *^10tJ ntfvitilt; coul $4J.^. 110 
. LIOO-Ruili Citv Ek'c. Lt. Co. (Bag&ti 
». aiitb, A pd. Ui laoao; iS. C, Jobwuoti 
'kham y, T. ^ P. A; A. J, Stow« M. A 
ikftoii Cb-Enst. A aiucn; 50 kw, d.e. ?fo; 
c. Inc. area; 1000 d. c. i&ca; P20 bp. e. 
Ii. Mpla» Rob. & C; cay coEt5« Jta. c,p. 
loei, iili ntt wood f t.50< clnden |1; eoat 

ST. CI.OUD, 10,000-St. Cloud WtF. Li. A Pwr. Oo.; ' 

(Began op. 1H87); cap. $300,000; bd*, f30G,000: C- S. 
BtiiiMin Recr. AP, Ai A, L. CrBinh S; O. U.Uania 
T; J. A. Niel Supi. A Elecn; 3 uk T-H; 2 n. e. T-H» 
Wi-itg. lOOO^-JO v; 16,000 aUnn. Wi^stpr. eoc; gOflerlea 
flrcn; 2,1300 a. c. hkc«; pwr. dr. 500 v; 500 hp. t>arb. 
Ltifftil; dty coiit. 4^ Jirr?, a,000 c, p., fSO pcryr. 
all nt. ai 

LlichU Beat, Triiii«it & Piiblii: fUjrvire Co. (Began 
op. 1901); A. G. Whitney P; F. Jfi. Clark S. T. U, A 
P. A; F. B, Diil*o Uh. Kle*?ii; 1 a. c. Inc. 2800^104 t. 
:ipli. TJiiOaltns. ICd. soc; 30 a. e. Brca; ^600 AC. Inc a ; 
u. c. dh> *\t. I04v; d. l\ day cir. riiTjOv: d, c. pwr,cir, 
MO v; mi bp, (-. Lk; 600 b p. b. Stir: all at^ Co, ftl«o 
114. th« umn or Snuk RiipltlH. BS 

ST. J.iMES, 3 00fJ-\lils|?e of St. Jamt-i fMtmlc.) 
(Begatiop. ]!^1) cQ*4l|ii^,aiX): T. U. Crunch Sapt. A 
P. A. 5 ji €. Ft. W IfKMJ^inO V, a. ph. Ifi.OOO alUje,T-H 
poti; 7 a, c. ikrci; 4.0<X)iv c int';^; 17,'i bp. e. trie* C. A 
T: aaO hp. b. tnblrj raoonlL all nt. no 

«T. I-AUL, i64.0ttS^EdiBqiJ Elec. Lt & Pwr. Co, ijap, 
»l50.UO(Jj K. Ctark P; J.PX'fowley S; A. PLatbrop 
G. M. A P. A ; H, J. Qille Sjupt; Jg d, c. Ed. ^ifiMUlfl 
V. Ed- sot:: 175 d. c. lue. arc*: tSt.OOOd. c. l&ca; d- c. 
duy cir; 1000 bp. e. B*^ltye; 1,000 bp, b. A. A R. I» 
ManbuCian Lt. lit. A Pwr. Co. eap. anth, $1,000,000 
L. U C. Brooka P; J. H. J.ockhftrt V. R A T; A. W. 
Zahni a, M, A P. A; Sdc W. F, Triumph 115 ¥. T-H 
floo; go d. d. luc. itivii: fi,f(00 d,c- icirs: d.c. daytir; 
50O hp. 1^ B. A W, Idi?i 7M1 hp. b. tublr. flO 

St. Paul <ia# Lt. iro. cup, iL500,ilOO; A.PXathtttp 
P, G. M. A P, A; J. P. Cmwiey R A T; U" J. Gllle 
&upt. El*c. Dvpt; 30 arc T-H. W. K; 3 d. c. pwr, 
WeatK, W. K, ^-110 v: 7 a. c. Weetg, Til lOOO-IJ; 
V. 8. ph. 12,000 altnf. S.M. soct lOQOjirca; 1.^,000 n.r 
ine*; a. c- day cip; pwr. ctr, 500 v ; 3,077 hp. t?.. Allis 
Rn*i. Ide. Ik^ky<». Harrlfl, IL O. A R: 2,000 bp. b. A 
A R. tt lubif ; U<S'^ kw. i^bloHde hcit; cUy com. a!' 

ST. PKTIHK, 4.300— St. Pfier Eleij. U. A Wat* 
iTork n M u n I e . ) ; eoat $40,000 ; IL A . H i Iditbraiid t P. A » 
SniU. **■ Kin; 1 arc i -H; l a, c. a. ph. T-II llOO^ 104 
¥ — plUii. TH aoc ; 40 arcs ; 1,800 a.c, it»ca ; 12& hp. 
e. Ball ; 170 hp. b. turbr; moonlt. mdot. 110 

SAUK CKNTKR-Saijk Center Elec. Lt Plant: F- 
D Davidson t»wnt»r UOarc and LiKXlalt. lac. Hoyal.t 

M K A KO PE E-.S h !i k pc^c Rler . Plan t (M nn i c.) (W III 
iK'isin op. Jan. lOOSS); W. H. Kuntli P? S. L. SW P. A. 
A Hup I ; 1 ji c. Wpat 2000-110 v, 2 ph. TaOO altna. 
Fd. 9W11 3S UTCB 6 amps: iSOOa, e. Inci. day clr. for 
fari»; laOhp. «. Ide: 1«Jbp. h. Worlne. lai 

SUERItimX, l.OOO-^Sbrrbiini Klei% hL C», (Be«*n 
op. 1900); cap.aiiLb. Sl.-t.OOOJjiiiiieji Sa.OOO: bda. auth. 
*B,CltM>, in^rit'il $6.00!1*S p, e. idt; F. fl. BfumUge, P; 
W. F. Brundiitff S, M. A P, A; D. M. Reynolds T; 
J. McCJovern mpt; I d. c. Triumph ijao v; Ed. aoc; 
7d- P. Inc HTcn; 500 d, e. inf!«; 75 hp. e. Mturay; B.'i 
hp. b. ^hirray: cily ( ont. 3 ItH. c. p. 1:^00$^ per vr. 
iiufi. KtJth. S^OO per mo. muoiilt, indnt; cmI |a,40. 51 

SLEEPY EYE.S,50O-Villaj^,? of Sleepy Eye (MiWiJc.) 
coat $7^; J. Palmer, P.; Q. GJotxbach, 8.; L. Mu* 
cneon, T^ T. H. PaKfnkopf, M., P. A. A Spt.; 1 ai^ 
Ft. W.: 1 a. c. Pt.W., lOOO-lOO v., lO.riOl altne.; T.-H* 
*ijc.t B^afca; 050 ft. c. inca.; 70 hp. k. Ide;?0hp. b. 
local: mdnt. 12S 

BPRIXO Fl ELD, a.000- Village of SpriaKfletd flWa- 
nlc.l (Bo^au op. ISII) coftt 11 'In 000; ^, Jobnann XL P. 
A. A Bupti 1 d,c. arc Ft. W; 1 d,r.FL W. ISO v; TH 
aoc; SOd. c. area; AGO d. c. luea; 1!iO bp, c Idt;: 20O 
lip. b. Spring, 51 

S P BINCi V aLLK Y , 2. 000-S p rln ^ V iil K^y Eloc . Lt . 
A Investmunt Co. CBeptao op, 3803) cap. 118,850; B. 
F. FarraerP. J. B. YmllS, A Snpt. H. F. Farnn^r 
T. I arc T-H; 4 d. e. Ed. llOv. Ed.«oc; 2S *rc*; 14 
d. c. inc. arc-^: IjeyS d. c inc«: IWJhp. e. ld«^ *^bp. 
b. Penti: nity wont, inoonlt. UO 

ncB. STAPLES* 5t,00^-L N,Smitb owner, M, A P. t; fB«- 
-"- pan op. 1807): V. F. Smith Ch. Engr. A Ele^^n; S a. c. 

S, A II, Triumph «*> vi T-H mw; 1500 d c. mca; 15S0 
hp. t'. Twin Cliy; ^10 hp. b. Wm. Brew: city coot. 18 
Ita, 15^10 e. p. $85 per rt. mooolt : wood $1300, 110 

STlLLWATEtt— Stillwater Oa# A Elec. Lt. Co., 
cap, m}mX E. L. Hosp«a, Preii. ; H. S. DavIe*. See, 
atidTrbuii. ; N. Johiifton, Sapt: A. T. Jenka, Eln. 
yo arc T. H.. Exceiaior. LI50 inc, Weatint^honfe, 0. 
S; asohp. e, Alla». Rnu^U; ctt^ coxw.. SI «c^.%^.^. 





TOWER— Tower Elec. Lt. A Telephone Co. (Office, 
Dulntb. Minn), cao. 100,000. Geo. H. Clarpool (Da 
lath), Pre«.; A. C. Batchelor, V.-Pres. and Man.: E. 
C. Jone((. Sec. and Treas.: 50 arc Standard; 000 altg. 
inc. Weetingboune: no d. c ; 125 h. p. eng. Erie. t 

TRACY, 2,500— Village of Tracy (Manic) ; coat 114,- 
000; J. M. Bclgle P.i; P. 8. Young Sapt; 1 arcT-H 
1 a. o. 8. pb. Q. E. 1040-52 v. 15,000 altns. T-H soc; 
88 area; 1000 a. c. Incs; 120 hp. e. Ide; 100 hp. b. F. 
M. a^Co.; moonlt. 110 

TWO HARBORS, 4.000— City Elec. Lt. Plant 
(Munic); (Began op." 1899) :H. 8. Holden P; T. Mar- 
tin 8; £. A. Newell Sapt, P. A. A Ch. Eogr; 1 a. c. 
O. E. 1040-104 V. — ph. 7,200 altnu. Ed. soc: 41 a. c. 
arcs: 1600 a.c. Incs; 100 hp. €. Marray; 120 hp. b. 
P, M. & Co. 90 

TIROINIA, 4,000-Virginla Lt A Wtr. Co.; cap. $— 

; O. D Kinney, P.: G. W. Buck, 8. &T.: E. Z. 

Grigg*, M.: I a.c. T.-H. 1000-104 v., altns.; Ed. 

soc.; a.c. incs.; 900 hp. e. Cor.; city conL, all 

nt. W 

WABASHA, 3,000— R. E. Jones Co. ; cap. I : R. 

E. Jones, P. A Spt.; J. G. Dill. S.; 2a.o. T.-H. 110 
v.;T.-U. soc. : a.c. arcs: 600 incs.; power from 
milling plant; city cont., mdnt. 127 

WADENA, a,00O-Village Elec. Lt Plant); (Began 
op. 1880); cap. $15,000; E. Simmons P. A. A Sapt; 
1 arc W. E. 2 d. c. Elec'l Mach. Ca 220 t; Ed. soc; 22 

d. c arcs; 4 d. c. inc. arcs 2.5 amps; 1,000 d. c. incs; 
210 hp. e. li'e; 295 hp. b. Erie, Watertn. 110 

WAXKKR, 66C V&lker Elec. Lt. Plant; (Manic); 

(Began op. 18M»;, cost $1,500; 1 d. c. aic No; 1 d. c. 

ilOv; 87hp. e. I«,N. ACo. 70 

WASECA, 8,000— Dept. of Elec. Ltg. A Wtr. Works 

(Manic); cost $QgipOO; A. J. Felsted P. A. A Sapt; 2 

arc. W.E; 2 d.c. W. E, G. E, 220 v. Ed. soc: 78 arcs; 

2,000 d. c. incs; 225 hp. e. Ide; 200 hp. b. tablr. 21 

WEULS, 3,800-WeUs Wtr. A Elec. Lt Wks., (Manic.) 

(Began op. 1866); cost $ ,bds. auth. $26,000, oatstg. 

$16,000. 5 p. c. int; J. C. Byrnes P; M. A. Tolan T; 
5. S. Sheldon P. A. A Sapt; 1 arc Ft. W; 1 d. c.G. E. 
220 y; Ed. soc; 88 series arcs; 1,800 d. c. incs; 200 hp. 

e. Ball, Ide; 200 hp. b. Erie, mdnt 110 

WEST DITLUTH, 8.00O-WeBt Doluth Elec. Co. : cap. 
•100,000. O. C. Hartroan, P. ; P. S. Harvey, T. : C. ft. 
Van Bergen, S., M. A P. A. : J. Beck, Spt. : 8 arc T.- 

If.; 1 a.c. T.-H. 1100-110-50 v., 10.000 altns.; soc.; 

140 arcs; 1.360 a.c. incs.; 200 hp. e. Iron B.; hp. 

b. lablr. ; city cont, all nt 127 

WHITE BEAR, 5 000-Whlte Bear Elec. Co. (Be- 
gan op. 1887): cap. $10,000: G. H. Reif P. A M; F. K. 
Whitaker S. A T; J. A. Chisholm P. A : K. A. Bacon 
Sapt: 2 a. c. T-U 1000-59 v. s. ph. 16000 altns. T-H 
soc: 5 a. c. inc. arcs: 3000 a. c Incs; 100 hp. e. Run; 
160 hp. b. Springflcld; city cont 110 

WILLBf AR, 8,400-Willmar Elec. Lt. A Wtr. Wks. 
(Munic): cost $80,000; Samuel Osmundson City 
Clk. A. C. Johnson 8apt;2 a. c. s. ph. Std, Warren 
1100-110 V. 16,000 altns. T-H soc; 18a. c. arcs; 110 
series incs; 1800 a. c.incs; 140 hp. e. Ball; 130 hp. b. 
tablr; moonlt all nt. 91 

WINDOM, 2,400-\Vindom Wtr. & Elec. Lt Plant 
(Munic): (Began op. 1885); D. C. Davis P; F. St«'d- 
man S: E. A. Sime T; J. A. Savage P. A. A Supt; 
1 d. c. W. E. 220 v: 29 d. c. Inc. arcs 2.5 amps; 1000 
d. c. incs; Ed. «oc; 80 hp. e. Ide; 100 hp. b. Brnl; 
all nt: coal $8.90. 3^' 

WINNEBAGO CITY, 2,000— Elec.Lt A Wtr. Plant 
(Munic); cost 120.000; J. AuKtln P: J. A. Armstrong 
8. M. P. A. A Supt: 1 d.c. Ft W. 220 v; T-H soc; 10 
d. c. arc«; 16 d. c. inc. arcs; 2000 d, c. incs; 86 hp. e; 
100 hp. I). Frmn. 61 

WINONA, 23,000-Wlnona Ry A Lt. Co. (Began 
op. 1888) cap. 8200,000; bds. oatstg.CSOO.OOO; W. Ab 
bott P. E. L. Carr T. 8. B. Llverraore M. A P. A. J. 
A. Bradirory Sapt R. Paton Ch. Engr. 5 arc T-H; 
4 d. c.Bd. 110 v; 1 a.c Westg. 1100110 v. s pb. 
10,000 altns. Ed. soc: 184 d.c. arcs: 180 d.c. inc. arcs; 
8 a.c. inc. arcs: 6000 d. c. incs: 3000 a. c. Incs; d. c. 
day cir. 220 v ; pwr. cir. 600 v : 760 hp. e. Ball, B. A 
\V, Bckre.Ide.; 600 hp. b. Baz; city cont. 148 arcs c. 

p. 1200 $84 per jr. moonlL all nt ; coal $8. UO 

WINTHROP, 1,000— Village of Wlnthroj 
(Began op. U<97); bds. issued $5,800; A. 6. 
P. A. A Supt: 1 d. c. Ft W. So v; Ed. * 
inc. arcs; 850 d. c. incs; 50 hp. e. Ide; 120 

WORTHINGTON, 2 500 — City Elec. 
(Munic): (BeKsn op. 1805); cost $16,U0O); 
Supt; 1 d. c. arc G. £; 2 a. c. G. £. 1040-10 
15,0J0 altns. Ed. soc; 20 d. c. arcs; 8000 a.( 
hp. b. 

ZUMBROTA, 2,000-ZumbroU Elec Lt 1 
gan up. 1896); E. L. Peck owner; 1 a.c.s.i 
1100-110 v; 7,200 altns. Ed. soc; 4 a. c arcs 
incs; 05 hp. e. Bus; 06 hp. b. Brnl; city coi 


ABERDKRN, 3,700- J. F. Enderlin Elec L 
gan op. 1891): J. F. Enderlin P, M. A P 
E. Enderlin S. & T: J. A. Walker Ch. B 
Ex; la. c. Ft. W. 1040-104 v. s. ph. 10,000 
soc; 40 arcs; 1100 a. c. incs; 180 hp. e. fi 
n»x: 180 hp. b. C. A H, Phoenix; city o 
c. p. 2000 $70 per yr. moonlt; coal $2.00. 

BAT£SVILLE, 1.000-Batesville Elec I 
(Began op. 1899); cap. $5,000: D. L. KushC 
A P. A; 1 a. c. Westg. 1040 104 v. s. ph. U 
Ed. soc; 400 a.c incs; 06 hp. e. Aaam«: 
city cont 32 its. o.p. 82 $12 per yr. mdnt; « 

BIIX>XI, 5,407-BiIoxi Elec Lt Co. (Monii 

BOONBYILLE, 1,060-BoonevUIe Elec L 
M. Renty Owner AM; Id. o. T-H 110 ▼. £< 
hp. e. Atlas; — hp. b. Atlas; mdnt 

CANTON, 5,000-City of Canton Lt A W 
(Munic); bds. outstanding 161,000; E A 
P. A. A Spt. ; 1 arc Ft W. ; 2 a.c. Ft W. K 
8,400 altns. : T.-H. soc ; 30 arcs. 6 a.c arcs: 
mcs.i 330 hp. e. Bckye., L. A B. ; 280 hp. h 
L.: moonlt. 

CLARKESDALE. 1773-Olarkesdale Wtr.^ 

i Began op. 1901); M. Welch Supt; E.H.' 
tnijr; 2 a.c. G. E, Ft W. 1000-108 ▼. ». ph. 1 
35 arcs 4 amp^; 1200 a. c. incs; T-H soc: 1 
150 hp. b; mo5nlt. 

COLUMBUS. 7.500— Columbus Elec. Lt A 
(Began op. 1890): (a consolidation of the f 
Co. and The Columbus Gas Lt. Co); 
000, issued 176,000; B. A. Weaver P: A A 
M. Supt A Ch. Engr: 1 arc T-H: 2 a. c St 
lOi v. 2 ph. 10.000 altns. T-H. Ed. soc; 46 
amps : 3200 a. cincs; a.c day cir; 226 hp. e. 
Skinr; 325 hp. b. Adams, Union; city cent 
p. 2000 $72 per yr. moonlt A cloody nts; o 

CORINTH, 3,661— City Elec. Lt Co.; W. T 
Owner A M : 1 a.c. Slat 1000-104 v. T fl soc; 
incs; city cont nil nt. 

JoncH Bros. Klec. Lt. Co.: W. Jones M. i 
a. c. Warren Ft. W. 1000-104 v. T-H soc; Jl 
incs; r^hp. <*; 200 hp. b; all nt 

DURANT, 2.500-City Elec. Lt. Plart (Mm 
ean op. 1900): cost $11,000; bds. anth. Aii* 
000, 4 p. c. int; J. C. Hill Mayor; F. Cardea 
P. A: 2 d. c. Westg. 125 v; Ed soc; » d. ci 
600 d.c. incs; 125 hp. e. Harriab; 126 hp. b ( 

ORKENVILLE. 13.000— GreenTille Lt k 
(Began op. 189^): cap. 1100,000; bds. $40,01 
(;aiK)ury P, M. A P. A; J. D. Oaboory 8. A 
Brn8b: 2 d.c. Ed. 110 v; 2 a.c Westg. 10l» 

altns. VA, Westg. soc: 65 arcs; 12d.c i 

2.100 d.c. •ncs; 3.000 a.c. incs; d.c day dr.] 

v; hp. p. Ide: 400 hp. b. Taylor: cl^ 

arcs c. p. 2000 $90 per yr. m* onlt; coal $t90 

GRKKN WOOD. 3 600-Citlzens Elec. Lt Go 
op. 18iM); cap. auth. A ii«iaed $180,000: al 
P; T. A. Austin P. A; W. G. Ball ^Qpt 

GRENADA, 2,410*-Clty Elec Lt Flat;! 
J. B. Snider P. A. A Supt; T. G. Godfmva 
1 d. c arc Ft. W; 1 a. c lOiO-lOlT. a-pkelM 
Ed. soc; 31 d. c. aroi O.R ampi; $00$ •.«. I 
\iV. ft. B«.l«»v 800 hp. b. W. A^. 



IG. 1.17«— Wattles bQf If Elcc- Lt Cn. 
*: K, O. Heinpiiill K. T, A F. A; r, 

I d, L\ *f€' Bitifh; I i1.e. iiiir W, K. 
i'»rrrii lltJ^MdCI v. «. [pH. ir.iSK" nltnu. 
f. iifrw K.ft ariipF; 1(1 a. t\ anw (i^ aiiipp*; 
SiKWft. c. incs; day cir: iMIl bp- ^. A. 
>. ZfW: diy coin, 2Sr Its, cp, p. l*2iK> 
DuH; uvdofet I—, <S'2 

SfliS* S,fflX>~0ollT Sprln(?fl Wtr. ft Lt. 
; (Brjcan op. IHJil; btls. oui^tgr, f5tt,000, 

RoifUB II, P. A. & ditpt; J. DoDKhty 
u c. -, pb. G.Ee 1040-104 t.» *Un». 
r. art-ji: IQOO a. c. Lttca; lfl& hp.e^PJtch: 
faA %VeUltier. 110 

Efc*Jaclc*op HloelTic Hy\ Lt. A Pwr- 
PllPiirJ finO.CIU); liC*. mlh, £^.OCM); 
tStT. Carnra S. A T: ti. P. Biuwii 

« d. r. Kmsb, T4I; 5 U. e. pwr gtrn. 
K tOuO-iOl V. a. ph. 10 OO^Inltn**, £d. hoc: 
ampit ; 10 s.c mCHr^;* : 8&,CCXI ii.c4ncB; 
Dn bp. v. Cnriif-a: flOO bp. h. Mnirajt 
Ita. c\ p. aiOD flH p^r yr. 4l1 til; cojil 


-Kc»*«iuiko KIbCh Lt. Plant; c*jj. |fi,- 
all, Owt)i»i: 4 aro, 500 alt. inc., T.-H*. 

dftj (?if.; fiO b, p. eni?..Otl L p. h., 

1 tiily colli. t 
I, !r.t)t»— C'amp ft ninton Co. <B^e»n 
r Fl*b«-r Siipt: 1 a. c. G. E, aaOO-104 v, 
int. Kd. «a€; 3 a, c. afc«. f» t moB] TOO 
ip. e. Krtc; Bt«am from aaw DitlL 21 
-Mjiton Elec. Lt* Co. 

I>— MtCtunb K*«?. Ll* A Pwr* Plauu 
Dff): J* J. White Pmu: W. M. Wbitc 

r; a n. c, G. E. ^M}-104 V. », ft a pb, 
Mje: 9 H, r*. iTi.*s n amp^: 3000 a. i\ 
, TaylriT, n»rT(«H; 7WHi|i.b; Hty €<int. 
fIB fwT yr. fntxniH; FaA^tln^i I— , HO 
U.a'if^Mmdliiii Lt. ft Hy. Co., (Bcj^AD 
. aiiUi. ft jKl. in flSj.OUO^ tKli*. atiib. 
K. flSO.OllO 5 p. r. tul; .JR. WiIphii P; 
Kbl V. P: R W. ^(oflt/ y; J. A. G\h- 
eilltf Siipt; tK B. Walker Ch. Kocr: 3 
,. f a, pb. G. E. Wo,>l, Weftijj. IIM) 110 
w£fL i"t^ 11<* •ft'*t mi a, c, arc* 1300 
yile pwr. £ir. AM) v : 550 bp. e. AUU, 
|K S. 0*B, W. ft W.^ cUy eoni, UO 
IJW per jrr. mooiiJc. all nt; coal f&lt^.^ 
' ^ 

.HQO-^KaicbfE OaaT.UCo.: c«p. 17 L- 
ineh P. A P. A; W. a. Wbwli^r R: 
j,^. T.|j — . ,►, — itUjis. Til »««- 100 
Inn^ '£X^ Up. p. [IJirrln; 3nu bp. b^ 
yea c pv 9000 1103 pt'f } r. 4ll nt ; cr>fll 

;PWT* ft TrKiaK Co.: (B«giin op ifUO) 
M.Moi«CT P. PA. ft Supt: Hum Ft.W, 
n. W. iKWO^lOO V. PI. pb. mcy. Ed. ^oc; 
ips: aFa. **- iift-'n: dOnXi a. e. Jtif-; <J. c. 
►. <?. F. ft is; 2.VJ hp.b. Gcarv c Ity cont, 
p. $103 per yr. rill m: i'oul $2,^. IlO 
§.>#_Poiitotai: Klf'C. Lt ft Pwr, Co, 
>3f, IkSOO^PuTt r^ih.-^ori LL ft Wtr. 

ftp. 4. Jut; J. Il.tVwill Hupt ft Cb. 
*cT H; 31a. c. (i. B. :^^>^10:^ v. ft. pb. 
k. mK\ ISd.c. art-p T.e anirw; 1» a. c. 

I,ft00 a. IS iuc#: 1^ bp. «. F. ft 8; laO 
N St 

V-Clty Hli^. Lt. Plant {Miltik.) CK*'- 
.•«»t i(a,coo; I d. c. w. K, no V, Bd. 
1^ KV! bp, b. W. W; ijhwoU, all 

i1i.8S*-Vie1caMrK R. It, Pwr. ft «f(r. 
k 1i»); up. auth. ft r»l in S2SO.000. fi 
1150,000: bdfi. Hutb. $3KJ,i)4iO. out4«tiz, 
: lot; J. C, SbaiTef P; M. .L MulTlbll 
btb T; F. IT, ^rouk* *p. M, ftP.A; 
tlySupt: J. Coilipr Cb. Kngr: S d. c. 

, WeBttf i\m\m v. i. pb, io,ooojiU?ib. 
I r. an?4i T .'t 'trnp"^ 40 a,c, arc« fJ Ani|w; 
f daf fir. lOr v: pwr. cir. 500 t, for St, 
Cpr» Rill*; 7W hp. b. Stir; city conL flOttper yr. moooltt oilf.iObbl. 

WATER VAt.I.E%\ O^OOO-^Muiiicipal ElMtrfc L10il 
Plant; co*t | — -; T.c. Barry Supt; 2 a.r. b. pb. X'bIU 
llOff-llO^l V. lJ5,0(JUiiJtnB. TH twM:; J,!M» a. c, Ima. 
.«& bp. e. H. B. ft M, Slous CU>; «aO hp. b. Erie; 

o%r. no 

WienT POINT-WtKt Point Lt. A Pr, Co,: J. K. 
BenniJtt* P. tit P, A.; lb arc, Ispefry; BOO alL Inc., 
QutierHil ; tio d. i:. ; 50 b. p. eug. Ilfla 

WINOMA,3.0t}i>-WltioTia Elec. Lt, Crtal ft Ice Co. 

iUegJiti op. li»00); cap atitb. ft Isam**! $.%S,0(10; E. R. 
*tackiittm P; W. C. Ward t*. ft M ; S A. V«nn|eT; 
W. A, Dmiegan Cb. Eur; C. P.CnmplwIi Cb. Eleviir 
31 cticbised arcs c p. 2000 run from imnflffjmitr on 
Hic, macbtne; G, E. I a, c G. £. *J-.^iailiPO v. n. ph. 
riOOiiltnH: Kd, mh^; 1 a. c. area — - ani[>fl: 2000 a. c 
Iticm; IffOh. p. e. Hum: 900 b. p. b. Brwtil; city cont. 
» lU. c. p. SOOO i»3 pt^r yr. moon lu coal ^ as. eS 

¥A3£ao» 90O0— Yazoo Improvemoiit Co.; cap. 1100,000: 
bda. ITB.OOO: H, B. Smith. Bay Cltv, Micb.; pTb, ft 
T,; W. H. HL John, 8pv; 1 are T.-ri.; t a. c. 6., pb. 
G. B. 1100-101-fiS v.: lft.000 alttm.; Ed., T.-IL aoc.'so 
aerica area, ^ a. c. area; IQOO a. c. inc«.; S60 Cur., 
at*jdtnan: 400 hp. b. lublr,: eiLy «ont, Sfi area. c. p* 
a)00|10Sp<>r yr. moonlt. all tit; crutl |«,90. Ill} 


ALBANY-Monklpal Plants coal »l,naO; J. C, 
Swfjeuej, Mnh. ft Pttr. As;t, ; 30 arn. Weattf.; 
aiOO |j>e,. Weats! .T.-H.; no 0. c; 130 b. p. eug. t 

ArROllA.B.OOO-AuToni KlBt?. Lt. ft Pwt. Cc^; oap. 
ll'O.o^nit J, WcKxinU P. A T; G. T- Gtlern*P¥ S; J 
M. Hiiwklns M, P. A. ft Supt^ !f arc T It; 1 a,ts T-H 

. lOnO-KW V. ^. ph.l6.«J0 altii(i. T-H aor.: IT An^i 0.* 
anijis: ^O) n.c;. Im^n: t^ lip.p, Kt^kyi*: iS&bji.b, Bekyv, 
P. M, A <"or (ity coiTi. «0 liB. cp. iSOOf lOa.50 per yr. 
mooiiitH tsdiiL; cti»\ $IM* UO 

BETMANY, JWOO-Belbuny Lt. ft Wtr. Worhi <Beiyiin 
op. imii hdi«. lii!*iiwd •aO.dOO: Z. F. fit^-vfln* ^apt. A 
Cli. Enjcr. 1 d. c. arc G. Ei I a. c G. E. 1040-104 t. i^ 

pb, aUnf Ed. aoc; 36 d. c. arcf a« amp*; t.300 

a. c. incs; ISO hp. *, H. C; i;o hp. b. Spriwg. SO 

nEVIlCR* S5nc— Hvvii^r Bli^cLt. Co. (Bi^itan op. ISSS) 
cap. flSXIOO: J, n. Bov»rd P. J. IT. Gay S. ft M, « 
a, c. llel#: fiOOliita; 60 bp. e. Wealg; cl^ coiii. 40 
ha e. p. 8i II p. mo. ai} at; eoai 1.76, Qfi 

BOON-TILL K, 4.fS00-BrJOiivillp EieC. LL ft Pfrr. C«. ; 
(Bp^md op. 1800). cap. auth. ft iMincd ITO.OQO. IB p. c. 
div: W. A. ^omb•rt P. M, ft P. A: W\ B, Snmbart 
8. AT: F. G. Quick Supt. A Vh. Elt-en: F. Ojik Cb. 
Knifr: I d. c. *pr Hru?ih; 1 a. r. ?f*tl lOOn^Mi v. apb. 
l*i.OU> HllttK, T-H *oc: 40 d. c. arc** fl.fl ajnp«; SOO it.c. 
IOCb; tSibP- "'. Idi-aOObp. b. O'Hr: «*lty ooni. 10 
Itn. c. \K 2UO0 $»7 pfir yr.mooolt; coal £t ft %*i.i^. UO 

BOWLING GREEV»X0nO~I>..df(ml Brntnert; cap. 

I ; 1 a.c. NttlL lUfJO-iOl-M v., 15,000 aittSR.; 

W«siy^. #oc.:*a.u wtch; 2,(J00 j^i,(.% im;j*, : 7)J bp. e 
Idu, ; ailip. Ij. Sprtnif, ; oily ci:>ot.,mootili., mdnt. 

BROOKrtELtLO.illO-BrtK>kft«<ld Eli»e. Lt. Co.: cap. 
m^fm. B. J Whf^inr. P.: G. MtlbRnk, S, ft M.; 
M, Y, itwiik, T 1 1 ii-c Vt W.3 t *!;. G. E.. T.H. 
ItMo-K; v.. ia.(HJ() II It HI.; T.-H. »oc. : « arc*, i a, c. 
ar<?»; I aoo H,r ino.: ITI) hp. e. S C; ISO bp. b, 
Heiti«^; tiVtv \uDt. m are* c. p^ 90O0 $7^50 per mo. 
motiiilt aX\ fit, ^ 

BRUTES WICK. «0lir>-Braf3Bwlclt Wtr. ft Lt, Wka, 
iMuQlc.^; (Bi!gjili op. 1B94); J. Zimmerman P, A. ft 
!?tipt; t a. c. Kd. no v; 400d. c. tncii- ^0 bp. e. HO 

€ALirOR?iIA,3«)U--C»Jiroruia Eleo. It. ft Pwr. 
Cn. (BfT^anop. 1»M) L'»p, M.O0O: J. E. Hazel P, P 
F.bberbiirrtt H, .1. Q. Buf^banab T. V. R*iwla?id M. A 
^itpt. 1 ar' Fu W: l ii,c. Xatl. lOWVfiO v. l.'S.OOO altna, 
W*"&ti?. jior%- asnrc*: tiDa.c. iun»: ]» bp. e. Erie 
Wi hp. b. Watijjk'r, Lrln; f*ity conL iiioonU. 00 

CAMKRON. 4.000-Cirv Elec. Li, Plant: (Mtinic.i 
(B^flfAoop IftOri cost $17,000; l«ii«. anib. ft la*ii«d 
rn,iMII, 4p c. lot; G. W. CbiveH* M. ft P. A; It* 
Pltkard i:tncn H- 1. Morri»Eiwn; larcT-H: 1 a.c. 
G. E, 1040-110 V. a. pb. 10,000 aHn». Ed. loc; 38 area 
0.8 amp«; l.r^ a^ e. tnej: tfiO bp c Bate 100 Inp.b. 
Erie* \\^ 





CANTON, 8.000— Canton Eleci Co. (Becan op. 1892) 
cap. anth. &, issued $4 500; no bds; L. d. Dorkec P; 
N. D. Starr 8: W. E. Ajrec M. A P. A; M. Johnson 
Ch. Engr: F. P. Starr Ch. Elecn; 1 a. e. Royal lOtJO- 
52 V. T-H soc; 120 hp. c. W. A A; 80 hp, b. Graham ; 
city cont. 92 Its. c. p. 82 $— per yr. moonli. all ut. 21 

CAPE GIRARDEAU— Cape Girardeau Wtr. Wks. 

«fc Elec. Lt. Co. ; cap. 1100.000; Thoa. W. Gannon 

Pres., Cairo. HI. ; J. J. Fitzgerald, Sec A Treas. 

Cairo. IlL : R. £. Gannon, Man. & Pur. Agt. ; 30 arc, 

TOOalt. inc., Wcxxi; 1000-52 v.; T.-H. soc.; no day 

cir. ; 125 h. p. eug., Buckeye; 150 b. p. b., O'Brien ; 

city cont. 
CARROLLTON, S.OCJO— Mo. Wtr. & Lt Co. cap. 

160,000: A. E. Still well P. K. B. Wilcox T. G. M. 

Myers M. A P. A. W, Wutson Supt. 1 arc T-H: 1 a.c. 

Westg. 1000-50 V. s. ph. 7,200 aUnn. T-H soc: 19 arcs: 

1.862 a. c. incf*: pwr. cir. 300 v; 225 hp. e. Ball. Ide: 

2« hp. b. tublr; city cont. 17 arcs c. p. 2000 $84 p.yr. 

mdnt. 110 

CARTERVILLE, 8,000— Southwest Mo. Lt. Co.— See 

CARTHAGE, 9,410— Carthage Light Co; cap.$50,000; 

bds. S.^.000, « p.c. inr: (;. M.Mvers P. & P.A; John 

Moore S: L. K. ru>lor T; (i.H. Enright M. & Supt; 

W. Stemhouse Ch. Kngr; 1 a. c. G. E. 2800-104 v. s* 

ph. 8300 alms. Ed. soc; 1000 a. c jncs; a. c. dav cir. 

500 v; pwr. cii; 180 hp. e. Jde; 160 hp. b. Brownell; 

coal SI. 20. 32 

Jasper Co. Elec. Lt. & Pwr. Co.; cap. (80.000: i o 

bd»; W. W. Calhoar P: C. F. McKlroy S; D. K. 

Gouoher T: F. H. Fitch M A P. A; 7 arc, T-H; 1.000 

alt. inc.. G. E; 2000- 104 v; Ed. soc; no day cir; 100 

hp. f. Ide: 150 hp. b., Herbert. t . 

CENTRALIA, 2,000-Elec. Lt. Plant: J. K. Fyfer 

Propr. & M; 1 a. c. ldOO-100 v. 2 ph. 16.000 alms. 

S-Msoc; 19 H.c, inc. inc arcs; 700 a. c. incs; OOhp. 

e. Imp; 70 hp. b. Springf ; city cont. — Its. inoonlt. 

mdnt; coal $1.50. 50 

CHARLESTON, 2.600— Charleston Elec. Lt. Co. (Be- 
gan op. 1890) cap. »10,000: J. H. Moore P. G. H. 

Bridges S. E. Rallwing T. R. S. Colt-man M. & P. A. 

lac. Heis. 1000-104-53 v. s. ph. 1C,000 altns. Ed. soc ; 

1000 a, c. incs : 125 hp. e. Wef»ton: 175 hp, b.O*Brien : 

city cont. 62 Its. c. p. 32 $2.75 p. mo. moonlt. mdnt: 

wood $1. * 99 

CHILLICOTHE, 8.00a-Pooplcs (Jaa & Klec. Co.: 

cap. I50,COO: bds. auth. & outste. $30,000, 6 p. c. int; 

C. D. .loncs P: S. B. Hovey S; Jones & Hovey P.A'»«. 

lnd«'pi'ndercp.Ia.: F.B. \\" heeler Supt: SarcFt, \V: 

1 a.c. TH 1000-100 T. 16,000 altns: T-H soc; OOarct*: 

1000 a.c. incs.: 200 hp. e.St. L.: 220 hp. b. Burlgn.; 

city coct, 55 Its. c. p. 2000 $60 per yr. all nt; coal 

$2.50. 21 

CLINTON, 7.000— Clinton Lt. & Water Co. (Began 

op. 1885): cap. suth. <fc issupd, $KO.O0O: bds. issued, 

25,000, 6 p. c. int; J. L. Woolfolk P. & T; S. J. 

J)uncan S; .1. T. Man»h M, P. A. & Supt; J. W. 

Duncan Ch Kngr. & Elecn: 1 d. c. arc T-H; 1 a. <•. 

T-H. 1000-112 V. 8. ph. 16,000 altns; Ed. soc; 60 d. c. 

arcs 10 amps; 9 a. c. arcs 6 amps: 120 a. c. incf ; a. c. 

dav cir: 100 hp o. Ide: 300 hp. b: city cont. 46 ItH. c. 

p. 2000 $75 A $1 it) per yr. moonlt. all nl ; coal $V. 110 
COLUMBIA.6.500— (^>lumhia Wtr A- Lt. Co.: cap. 

auth. ^IfJO.OOO. ij'SJied. $120,000: bds. jiuth. $W),0(H): 

6p. c. int; W. T. Anderson P; J. O. Hockaday T; 

J. M, Sherman .Supt; 1 d. c. nrr Ft, W: 2 d. o. pwr. 

Wcstg. 105 v: 3 a. c. WchIj:. 2250-105 v. «. ph. y.uxj 

altns*: T-H. hoc: 'J7 d.c. arcb 9.6 ampt*: 3500 a.c. incH; 

u. c. day cir: 250 lip. ♦». ; 4<K) hp. b. Spring. 

Wang; city ront. 22 Its, c. p. 2000 §85 Jk Sl.'iO jm r 

yr. mdnt: coul $1.50. 110 

DK SOTO, 6.00O— Consumers' Eleir. Lt. A Pwr. Co : 

(Began op. 1890): cap. 150.000: bds. fSO.OOO, 6 p. c. 

int: O. M. Munroe P, T. AM: J. I). Barth S; 3 

a. c. G. K. 1100-110 V. l.^OOO altns: Ed. so<r: 1 a. c. 

an-s: 2,500 n. r. Incs: 175 hp e. A. & S; 186 hp. b. 

Pond: citv ront. 127 incs. 82 c. p, $1.45 per mo; 

moonlt ; c«al ^2.25. 110 

DEXTKR. 8,0(X>-Dexter City Elec.Lt.Dept: (Munic.) 

(Began op. 1896); costf|6.000; H. E, Tee<ior 8 : Elec. 

Lt. Board M: H. G. Bruns P. A. Supt. A Ch. Engr; 

1 d. c. pwr. r.5> v; 1 a. c. G. E. 1100 104 v. T-H soc; 

1150a. c. mcs: d. c. day cir; lOOhp.c. Witciwn; 200 

bp. turb. W. A W. 21 

EDINA, 1.800— Edina Elec. Lt. Plant: F. 
Owner. (Began op. 1893): J. Gill, Cb. £ 
T-H: 1 a. c. T-H. 1004-104 v. s. ph. ISj 
Ed. soc: 84 arcs 6.8 amps: iiSO inct*: 85 I 
hp. b. Canterol: city cont. 23 Its. c, p. 120( 
yr. moonlt. 

ELDORADO SPRINGS, 1.543*— Eldorad 

Elec. Co.; cap. « ; C. A. Ro8» P. CI 

W. HiattS. AM; 1 d. c. arc T-H; 1 a. c . 

V. altns. soc; 25 d. c. arcs: 600 

100 hp. e. N. Y, Safety; 180 bp. b. 

FAYETTE, 3 500-City of Fayette (Munic 
op. 1893) bds $12,000: W. O. Little Supt: 1 1 
1. a.c. Ft. W. 1000-52 V. 16.000 altns: T-I 
arcs amps; 9U0 a.c. incs; UO bp. e. Ide: 
0*Brian: mdnt 

FARMINGTON, 8.500— Farm ington Elec. 
Co. (Began oo. 1892); cap. auth. flT.m 
Bradner P. & T; T. Cellahan M. P. A. A S 
Aatl. lOiJO-52 V. s. ph. 16.000 alma. S. M. 
a. c. incs: 125 hp. b. O'Brien: city cont. 
p. 82 $24 per year, moonlt; wood $ 

FERGUSON, 2,000-King Elec. Lt. Ht. A 
(Besan op. 1894) C4ip. $25,000; J. C. King 4 
S. Neely P. A A Ch, Enjrr. 1 a. c. Stan. » 
ph. 16,000 altns. Westg. T-H soc; 2.000a. c 
hp. e. Rus; 190 bp. b. Rns: city cont. 76 It 
$15 per yr. all nt. coal $1.50. 

FRRDERICKTOWN, 2,000— Frederlckto 
iV Mf?. Co. (Began op. 18IV4) cap. 120.000: i* 
l>erry P, T. A P. A. W. H. Newberry S. 1 

1000-50 V. altns. Westg. soc: fluO a. c 

bp. e. H. O. A R; lOo hp. b. O'Br; city con 
all nt. 

FULTON, 5.50a-Clty of Fulton (Munic); 
standing $15,000; G. .Mclutyr«. S.; C. Oui 
W.H. Heuchins, M., P.A. A Spt.; 4 h.c. W« 
52 v.. 16,500 alms. ; Wesig. soc. : 14 r-c, arc 
c. incs.: 160 hp. e. Watertn.; 300 hp. 

GALI.ATIN, 2,50a-City Elec. Lt. Co: iMi 
$4.5,000: Ms. anth. A is>ued $25,000: II. Y. 
M: 1 d.c. arc. 1 a.c.Ft.W: —ph. 16,800 8110 
T-H soc: 35 d. c. arcs: 1200 d. c, inc*: 168 fa 
ray : 120 hp. b. Bass. 

HAMILTON, 2.(X)0-Hamilton Elec. Lt. < 

: F. Clark, M. A P. A.; 2 d.c. Ed. 1 

soc: 18 d.c. inc. arcs.: 700 d.c. incs.: 75 hp 
100 bp. b. .Atlas; <Mty cont., moonlt. 

HANNIBAL. 15,000— City of Hannibal (Ma 
i;an op. 1887): bds. $30,000; J. L WisncrJ 
Ch. Engr; .3 d. c. arc G. E: 1 d. c. pwT. get 

a. c. G. K. 10oai(M-50 v. .s. ph. 16.000 altns. 
1.52 d.r. arcs 9.6 amps: 5 a. c. inc. arcs: ; 
incs: a. <•. day cir: tOO hp. e. Murray; t 
vari<m^: niooiiit: coal $1.?0. 

HARRISONVILLE— City Plant. 50 an 
Jilt. inc.. Standard. 

HERMANN, 2.500 -Hermann Elec. Lt. O 
op. 1H9<)) <-aj). auth A issued. lIO.OOi): P. W 
G. Krettlv S. A T; H. Stukentraker M. 
Sup': 1 a. c. \V((»tL'. 1100-110 v. s. ph. 7,: 
S. M. soc: li.mtii. c. incs: 100 hp.e. Ball: I 
Wnil: ciiv .cmt. t3 Its. c. p. 82 17.20 pvf 
coal $2.ri<). 

IIIGGINSVILLK. ,S.oOO-Higgin»ville Wr 
IMant (Munic) (Began op. 1894) Ixls. ou 
*13.(MX): C. S. A 1 lender Supt. 1 arc T-H 1 a. > 
110()-.Vj V. s. ph. lO.(KK) altns. S. M. soc: 47 i 
nips: 1 a. c. inc. arcs: 1000 a. c. incs; 125 fa 
KWhp. »). 

HOLDFX. i.mi -Citv of Holden (Munic) 
1897^ coht $rJ.O(K): K. C. Galnea M. A S« 
T-Il: id. c. (;. E. llOv; Ed. soc: 32 arcs 
2d. <•. inc. arcn: 70<»d.c. incs; lUO hp. e. Id 

b. Spring; moonlt. all nt. 

INDEPEXOKXCK, 8.000 — Citi«en« B1«c 
cap. 825,000; (\ Guddell. P.; 8aro W. K.; i 

126 v.; soc: 52 arcs; 600 d.c. iocs. : 1 





B CITY. T.OOO-^cffei^on City Lt. Ht, 
>.; Cftp. ILOQ.OQO^ bdfi, IllXXlXN): W. W, 
\ ; C. K. Bcsp, S., >I. *Ie P. A, ; i arc Ex. ; 

., ,r. ; i3 area; 600 a.e. rat*. ; d,c day 

1(11 btj. e. Idfl,. WMti^., Otto fpas; 

»L, n Vt»* c, p. JOOft S^ per yr* *ll 

©,000— SoutbWf-iPt Mo. Lt, Co.- (Alio Itn. 
r Jl Carl-^rvin^ i " hMXM; A. K. Still* 

KB WHi'iH[.- aaC»ty, Mo; J, 

«; iLM. Whlh nrc tipuwli, T^R; 

pli. MUD. .Vim ,ii«J('-i!"J<f-l(>l-6i« \% la/MI 

bjj, e. Hh-ii ax)bp turb. Lt-fTuh l<Jf"i> bp. 
Bt- e* Wf( c* p. SO* |<V3 per yr. uH nt; con] 


« 1,160— K«tiokm Blec. LL PUnt {Begnit op, 

— ; E. B. Hmmtui Owner: H. P. Reeder 

Riljrftl lOnOlOOV, — Altnu. T-H *ac: 

tutmi lOO hp. c. 9, C; -^ ■ hp. b; city 

t«« e.p. Si I perjr, mooult mdvL 


E-li ^ -Kansii* Clt^ Klw^. Lt. (3o, 

ta. A P^r. t*o„ Amcrh^Jin 

Assn. Kle-;. Li, Cc*.); P. A. 

P. HolMii!*, P: L. E. JhmK* 

V. P. &a.M: W. E, Kirk- 

M*li AMt. G. M: C. A. Hftr^ 

- .vr r-lh 3 U. e. T-II JiWeVllU v. Ed. 

1,1 WO tl. r. *pc-*; ao 000 d. *^ lues: d*c. dav 

»!(>. *.». .\. A S, Coi. tdi*: tii».b. B, A W ; 

4:^ uf L« e. p. 2000 18^.50 piT > r. uil Ut ; cui^i 

((Ik Elee, Lt« A Pwr, Co. r&L^Rnii up. l@fli!i); 
A Utwil i»>.O0O; bdti. Jiuih. f lUH0O(k<^ p.c. 
'^ ■ ' B, Chapman 



( PretfTer P, P* A. A 811 pt; A. 

e Rleti- COr ; bd« Ardmore. f tiJ. Ter 

r*1.00rt-K<?tiTictt E](i?. Lt, Co. fBi'itaiiop, 
. f m.OOO; P, L. llotM} M: 1 41, e, f.'oml ±10 
it 4 d, ii. Inc. nTH^; SUU d. c. iiics; i)0 hp. e. 
ip. h. O'lirieii. 21 

LLK, «.000^K«rki^Ule Ette, Co,; cap. 
. M. K*^nnwlf* P.; IL a Mt-Cwhad, M.: 2 
2 a.r. T.-H., Wf-srjf. !(*(«• tW^ v., m,mi 

X. Jk^., Wef tff. : ICK) lip, U tuhlr. IS 

UK, !;»)•— City EIbc. Lt. PlAnti (njiirjicj 

«,cin^. no 

' Lt * Wrfct*r Co. €*r- -^qlh * l«»ned, 

n A^Limtj P; C, A, Ree# S. & T; W. A, 
A Ob- Epgr: I d. r. uti; T-M: I n, c 
I til. lt.O(K>»llTi*. T tt, «oc; 2^* d. c. 
;. e. Ir.eft: ia5bp.i5. Bui); UO hp, 
lij-ity r.nnt, IS lis. c. p. ^rtlOO $ pvryr. 

I fLm 


l,O0O~Clly Elce, Li. Plant t^unlc.); cost 
m^n up. lh©8>; R, J. CSiirli. Jr , l^upt; W. 
litx.^1 I b, c. G. E. fl. plJ. imO AltiiBt Kd, 
«• ftftMi SOU B. c itiee; 60 bp, v. Ido; UO hp. 
* itl 

! BI(L?., SL LotilMt, PAp. I;£.i0.0ti0, 
■ #..: W. P, a*'iitb. Sec. and Treas, 
^'_ aiC. W«»tlnglMJii$e; e»g. We«tJng* 


fltOCtO— '[jfliiiiJEton Elec, Tn.; (^Bc^ui 
. mitli. t^^OOO. mi»hf d S^^:; i¥)0- A. X, 
. CttDdeltia T* M. A P. A ; I are W.E. 
)C»a. 10tll*.Ji30-flO V. ; lti,Oi>0 aitiu; Ed. 
ren^ 15 a. d. ares, 1; amp: rtOOO »*c. Inci: 
ilh^Whp. b, Erii-: t ily Cout. BO arcs, 
er y r, ft ll n t ; conJ $ I tlv. 51 

, a^aOO^W. B. WftIk«r,UwTn?r; ^bt'»r»n op. 
I. fl«,.'iOI);C, Jont'»i'b. Eni^.; H. Walker 
d. c. arc Bniijh; I n, c, G. E, lOWMOl v; 
00 «JCD»; l-kl. ttyc: on d. e. arpi O.e ampa; 

K}.^ If p. e Bates ; tm hp.hi mty coat. 
|en per yr; J2idj7£; ciui ^ HQ 

LOinSIANA, 7,000— CajbotJ LL Wkn. (Bei^an op* 
18991 cap. ta^.OOO: lids. e&.OOO; ,L H. LacUB P: W, T. 
Jobosoo S, * T: C. D. Shirve M, A Supt; 1 arc T-H 
[ a.c. Warreu 1000^^ v: Ift.OOO altu*. T-U »oc: 3a»TC* 
I600a. c. incjs; iTObp. e. P-A: 200 h p. b, Hutmaey- 
cUy coiiT, anarca: c. p. l*a)0' ^ per yrj moan J t, nil 
nt; (^tifti$t^. 110 

HACOX 4.IJO0— Maoon Elee.-Lt. & Wtn Wrk». (Ma- 
Dkl iBc^'an op. JBO!) coj^t «*i,000: C. L. Parrar P. A. 
*Supt. 1 art^Ex; I a. c. T-H 1010-H4-6; v; a. plL 
l<!,00[) nltn^. Ed. KrfC; 4S Arc« 0.13 ampe^; L' u. c. Luc* 
ar«a; M,O0O a. c. incii; iJOO hp. e. H. O. Jt R: riO hp. b. 
St. Jo*, S» 

MAI^DEX, 2,500. -City Elte. Lt, Plant; (Manic); 
C031 #15.000; (bcgnw ipp, im\)[ bd«. iasued SIOOOO* fl 
p, L% inc; m^itiaiifed £ run by Board ot Alderman; C 
Paul Ch, Elecn^ 1 d. c aicT-H^ 1 a. e. T-IL UOO-IOI 
V. 0. ph. la,000 altiJB; Ed. »(>c; 13 d. c arc*; Ifia. c, 
arc«; 000 a. c. Inca; lOD hp. «. Riui; lOO hp. b. UO 

if ARCELI?(^>-Mt'rctianti Eke. Co.: cap. »6.0G0; 
hfls. *»; Harry K. \\m\, Ptob.: Gihi. SV, E»rly. 
Seiuv A Trma.; ^rarv. T.-H.; 690 dlr. Inc.* Kd.; Ed. 
ioc.: 110 T, ; no day v\r,; 100 h. p. cng,, Ide; 80 b* £. 
b. , Chlcapa ; city noat. w 

llAilSlIALf.,7.aiO^ EleC. Lf, ^ Pwr, Co.; 
(Bcgoa op, ]S03>; cap*30.iKXl; T. E. Waniell P: W. 
te. McCuilv S. T. & P. A; A. Rilifl« SupL * Ch. 
EJec)^; J. W. Barker Ch. Bnpr. I arc ttni*b; 2 a,c.B, 
ph. Wesrir. lOJiU-Wv, 16,0()0 aim*: S. M, soc; 50Kr<!«; 
eOOO ».c. snra; 350 hp. e. It.O. A Ri SiW hp. b, O'Br; 
city cont. SH area, SOOO c. p. $m per yr; uukjuU, tl 

MARVriLI.K, 0,000-MAryvillP Elec. Lt * Pwr- 
Co.: cap l-iTxtlOOi J, W. SinlC-, l\ M. * P. A; F, G- 
Hhijemaker. J?; O. i^. ILotcbkits T; 1 an- T-U; ^a.c. 

T-ll,Fi. SV. — —v., aUiij. T'H aoc; 37ar«»; 

^IOOTnch; SnO hp. e. St, L; 1280 hp. b. Frmu; diy 
I'onl. mfwnlt,, all nt. llu 

MEltPlttm. ',VVXW>ifmpbl» Ekd. LL Co. i*ap. I 

J, P. Craiff P. ^. IL CraiK Stipt, t am T-H : 2 d. c, 
Ed- UO1?; Ed. isoo; 2.t an3»: 1,700 d. c. lnc»: 150 hp. e. 

A, * 8; 80 hp b Frmo ; rity fonU "i] art:?; c, p. ; 

%&x& per ma. mduL coal $^,50. 110 

J*t KXICO, liOOO-'JieXiCO Elijt. Lt., Ht, * Pr. Co, <Bt^ 
3J»n op. |S&S>; cap fV'^tnx: uobdi;Tl!C». E. Wa^ 
dHI P; Win K Mc^CnllV S, T. M. A P. A: J, W. 
l^kerli^upt; 1 a. c. 1000 50 v. B^M hk:: GO area; 5000 
a, r. Incs; no day thr. 450 hn. e. Ham j 600 hp, b; city 
C4inL ]Oarc0 c. p. 3DQ0 S7,50 pi^rmo. ft 

MILAN» l,^t*-Cit> Elee, Lt. Flpini: I «, c. Ft. W: 
10, SLKi ai tn a ; 10 d . c. a rca ; 120W a. da ca. 

MOIIERLY, 10,000-Moberly Ga« A El«c. C5o.; (B»'* 
fftio op. 1HI*1); cap. aiHlL f75.fKIl; J. Green \^; G. R. 
Blackford &. A P, A ; Jttdjje Madil( T: H, K. Plkher 
SnpL A CJi, ElPcn; t! d c. are ^ 41 : 1 il. c, W**iitjr. *iM 
v; la. c W«j<tg. lOCft'BSv, **. ph. m.(itM) jiltiiit: H. M. 
mc; flfi d, c. htcb, 3 a,Ct arcn 5 umpK: l,400 a. c> incn; 
d. c. day clr; aOO hp. «. Hamlirt; SCO hp. b, G'Br ; eity 
coDl,4ri Itii. c.p.9000$@a p«r yr. lufKinll; conl $2 3S 110 

MONETT. 4,40iJ— Monelt Elee. Lt. Pwf. A Ir^« Co. 
cap. «&D.0Of>; D, J. Yoqnit \\ t:. Kdloffff !^. A P. A. 
W. K. Martin Ch. Encr. I are T-H; ] n *:. T-U lOOtV 

101 V. aUnf-. T-H sw; 25 arcu; 600 a, c. loca; 

130 hp, e. ide: 200 hp. b. Ueft:; city coiit. mdnt. M 

MUNKOE CITY,S..W0-MonrOfl C^ly Ek*-. Lt,A Pr. 
Co. (He^an op. 18M); cap. HO ,000: no bds : Wra. 
Wood !■: J, L Scott £>. A M; M arc Woml; «)0 dlr. 
inc. Natl; ^10 v; Wejutif. hoc; no dav elf; 300 hp. *. 
t Ru-i; 9(XHip, K St, L; city cont. ' |09 

Bf ONTlia^l KHV CI TV, 3, 500- Mont from etT EIpc. 
Li Plant; (Bciran op. JKJMt; V, DnaJas^pBiwd. OwTier; 
A. Sh ciiclford Cb. En^; Z. Cope Ch, Eb-^-n; 1 arc 
MiJtt^; Ed, *oc; QSOMfca; 700 d. c. inc^: dO hp. e, H. S. 
A U; 100 bp. b, U'BriL'n: city cont 17 lis, c. p. 83 
S I '* W» p cf y r. m oon It . coal ti2-«&' 1 10 

MaUXU CITV,2,B00-Mound Citi^ Kl'^c. Lt, ft Pwr. 
Co : cap, liaiWO; T, TyiHjn P.; J. II, Pn nub on, S.. M. 
&P,A,; E Gllli?. T.; £ d.c. Comb PJ) v,; T.-B. 
arte : 17 d.c. inc. area; lOOOd.c, tnca.: 17Shp,e, 8t. L; 
300 bp b Sprioi?,; cStycont, moon It, in an t 90 

MT. VEKNON* TB2*"Mb Vernon Elec. Lt. Co. 

y Kf ^H tn * . -i, 7ar»— >' eoffho E ler . Lt. Oi . \ Be^^a n op . 
I8;**i; cap. i'kOOO; -L V, Gtegef P: H Gn?K*Tf^i C* 
M. Rnbe«on M. A Supt; .1. F. Uolmaii C\i. ¥.t\v.t\ \ 
a. c. Wiirren UO y, «6o a^liM; 'SiWl t, c. Viic*; \\^ >av. 
e; hp.b; allm. '^ 





NEVADA. 10.000-Nevad» Lt, Co.; <xp. 

M. Myers, K A. ; J. P. Kiogsland, 8pt ; ~1 arc T.-H. ; 
7 arcs, HO hp. e. A. A S.; city cont., all nt. 29 

MiMonri Wtr., Lt. A Traction Co. (Began op. 1888) 

cap. aalh. A iMOud 1100,000: Quigley & Co. Props. 
J. B. Unigley V. P. A M. la. c. Wettg. ^tSSM-llO y. 
8 pb. 7200 altns. T-U»oc: SO a. c. inc. arcs; 2800 

a. c. incs; a. c. day dr. 8260 v; d. c. pwr. cir. 500 
v; 400 bp. e. Bckye, Rice; ^hp. b. Springlield: 
city cont. 84 lu. c. p. 2000 ^ per yr. all nt; coal 
Sl.«5. M 

NORBORNE NorbomD Blec. Lt. Co^cap. 88,000. 

Vivian Stribllng ae Co. ; 30 arc T.-H., 120 eeriea inc. 

T.-H. : 60 h. p. eng Alias t 

ODESSA, 1.600— Citv Elec. Lt.Plant (Miinic.) (Began 

op. 1900); coHt $11,000; bds. autb. A tMued $10,000: 

A. L. Pierce 8npt; 1 d.c. Q. R. 280 v; T-H soc, 6 d.c. 

area; 20 d. c. inc. arcs; 600 d. c. incs; 100 bp.e. Rus; 

lOObp. Gino City. 51 

OREGON, 1.000— City Wtr. A Lt. Plant (Munic) (Be- 
gan op. 1898) coKt $6,000; D. M. Martin T. H. R. 
Martin M. & P. A. 1 a. c. Westg. 2200 100-104 y. s. ph. 
7,200 altns. Ed. soe; 700 a. c. Incs; 80 tap. e. Allfree; 

90 hp. b. Star; city cont. 48 lis. c. p. 82 $— per 

yr. moonlt. coal t2.75. 99 

PACIFIC. l,18l*— Pacific Elec. Co.; cap. •6,fi80; A. 
Koppltz, P. A P. A. : A. R. Leber, 8. ; A. F. Maothe, 
T. : 600 a. c. incs. ; 60 bp. e. 110 

PALMYRA. 8,000-Palmyra Lt. A Wtr. Co.; cap. 
160.000: L. U. Mo Vair, Trustee: H. F. GalhgrHn. <ipt. ; 
1 arc W. B. ; 1 a.c. Natl. lOOO-SO v., 16.000 altiiit. : 
Westg.soc.; 80 arc<*: 1000 a.c. incs.; 100 hp. e. ide; 
lAO hp. b. Bml. ; city cout., moonlt.. indnt. 99 

PIBD%fONT. 85«— Piedmont Lt. A Pwr. Co. (Began 
op. 1899); cost $5,600; iids. Isouud $1,000, 8 p. c. inr: 
Guy M. Withers Prop; 1 a. c. NkiI. 100i)-100 v; 600 
a. c. incs; 80 hp. e. Rus: 110 hp. b; wood $1.50. SA 

PIERCE CITV, 8.000-City of Pierce City (Mnnic) 

gk^gan op. 1892) bdn. isrtued $15.(U); G. W. Solomon 
. it Ch. Kngr. E. F. Bnchner P. A. I d. c. arc T-H : 

1 a. c. G. E. lOOO-lOl-d*^ v. s. ph. 16.000 altus. T-II & 
Sd. soc; 15 d. c. arcs 6.8 amps; 700 a. c. incs; 100 hp. 
e. Ball, Bicu: 120 hp.l3. 99 

PLATTnBURO, 2.000— Plattsonn? RIec. Lt Co. (Be- 
gan op. IM») cap. 114,0 0: M. J. Trimble P. C. Fuuk- 
nonser S. T. O. Locnn 8npt. i arc TH; 1 a.c. Westg. 
1040- l(M V. 7,21^ a tn-". h.d. soc: 26 artts; l.JOO n. c, 
incs: liS hp. e. Alll^: flOhp. b. Erie: cliv com. 20 Km. 

c. p. 2000 $4 per mo. moo.ilt. mdnt. coal $2. 90 

POPLAR HLUFF. G 00»).-Ilartzell Lt. A Milling Co. 
S. S. Uartzel M. A. P. A: 1 d. c arc Kx: 1 a. c. 
Warn«n 1000-100 V. 8. ph. 7200 altns.; T.-H. soc: 4.«» 

d. cares 8 amps; 5 a. c. arcs 6 amps; 3,000 a.c. incs; 
200hp. p. Hanil; 200hp b. Phoenix: citv cont. 21 lt8. 
c, p. IdOO $84 per yr; moonlt; coal $8.05. 110 

PRINCKTON. 1,410* City of Princeton (Munic); 

costt ; A. 1). Vredtobiirg, Engr.; 1 a. c Ft. 

W. 1,000 v., altns.; 18 a, c arcs; 7S0a. c. incs.; 

150 hp. e. S. C. : lip. b. 48 

RICH HILL. 4.000— Tho Rich Hill Wtr.. Lt. A Fd»«1 
Co.; cap. I150,UIO; bds. 1130.000: F. W. Stamp P: 
W. C. Liftl*'. S.: W. F. Tygard. T.. M. & P. A.: 

2 arc Sperry: 28 arc*: hS hp. «». Idc: 8n hp. h. 
Wfing; citv cont. 28 Its. c. p. 2000 all ut; coal 6 ctH. 
buH. 110 

RICHMOND, .T.-VOO— Richmond Eloc. Lt. Co.: cap. 
flH,<)00; J. R. Hainnk«T, P.: J. M. Ferguson. S.. M. 
A P. A.: C. W. s*penr«»r, Spt. : 1 arc T.-U.: 1 a.c 
T. II. 10U)-.^8 v.. 1.VO0O altns. : T.-H. soc; 32 arrn 
1.200 a.c. incs.: lrt() hp. e. Noye: 250 hp. b.; city 
cont., mo<»nlt.. mdnt 18 

ROCKPORT. i,8(K)— City of Rockport (Mnnic) co8t 
$12.01)0: W. F. IJuckham S. II. E. Wvett T. W. R. 
Colim Supl. 3 d. c. Ed. 125 v: Ed. Wcstg. soc; 1 d. c. 
inc. arct*; 700 d. c. iuc* : 125 hp. e: W) hp. b. 99 

ROLLA, l..-)92*-rity Elwv Lt. Plant (Munic): cost 
$8,000: .I.W. Poole M. & P. A; 2 d.c Ft W, Triumph 
2ai»v; Kd. hoc: 10 d. c Inc. arcs 1200 d. c. incs; 110 
bp. e. Fischer: 130 hp. b. O'Bricxi. 109 

AT. CHARLB8— City of St. Charles, cost 115,000. 
J. M. Wildermnn M. A P. A: 80 arc Excelsior; no 

d. c: SCObp. e. KaweU; all nt. coal $S.15. WO 

St. Charles Incanderceut Elec. Plant: a 
bds. 13.000: A. D. Williams, own<^r: a.c: 
100 v., 16.003 altns. : T. H. soc; 1.200 a.c. 
hp. e. St. L,; 140 hp. b. 0*Br. 

ST. JOSEPH. 102.979-St. Joseph Ry.. 1 

Pwr. Co.: cap. ; P.; C. C. 

8. * T.: W. T. Van Brunt, P.. k. A P. 
Roehl, Spt. : 5 arc T.-H. : 4 a.c. Westg. KX 
16.000 altus. ; Westg. soc. ; 150 arcs, SO a c. 
000 e.c incs ; a.c. day cir.; pwr. rir. 5a 
hp. e. A. A S.; 1,600 hp. b. Bab.A^^ 

City of St. Joseph (Mnnic) (Began op 
190.000; W. C. Stewart P. A. «& Supt; 10 a 
arcs 10 amps; 405 hp. e. Wms; 450 hp. b. 
nt; coai $1.75. 

ST. LOUIS. 575,238-Carondelet Elec L 
Co.; (Began op. 1802); cap. 1100,000: no I 
Fenerbaoher P. AT; F. W. Mott 8; H. 
Asst. S. A Supt; 2 a. c. Q. E. 1000 100-S 
altus. T-U soc; 15 a. c. arcs; 5,000 incs; 
So. St. L ; 400 hp. b. So. St. L. 

Imperial Elec Lt. Ht. A Pwr.Co. (Bem 
cap. auth. A issued $1,500,000; bds. a nth 

issued $1,000,000. 5 p. c. int; 

G. Hollidav T: S. B. Way Supt. A Ch. Ek 
S-U600v; Ed soc; 2300 d.c inc. arcs: 
incs; d. c day cir. 500 v; 4000 hp. e. L^-E; 
Heine; LlOO kw. chloride aecr; AmoldsTi 

King Electric Co , 6170 Bartmer Ave. 
1894); cap.auth. A pd. in $18,000; no bds; 
Owner: G. S. Neeley Supt. A M; 2 a. c. 
Warren 2000 100 v. s. ph. 16,000 altns. T 
soc; 3000 a. c incs; 800 h p. c. Kuo; SiOhf 
city cont. T6 Its. c p. m $16JiO per yr. a 

Laclede Gas Lt. Co.. 411 No. 11 st.; cap.i 
E. McVlillin, 1' : A. Ross, S. A M.; W 

Spt. : — u.c. Brush. Heis. 2000-100 v.. 1 

so<i ; 22.000 lues. ; day cir ; hp. • 

lickve , H. O. A. it ; 1.200 bp. b. Hvine; 
all ut. 

Laclede Pwr. Co : cap. $400,000; H. C. ! 
T : K. V. M HI lack, S & M.: d.c. pwr. V. i 
rtay & nt. i»wr. cir.: 7nuhp. e. U. O. Jfc K.: 
lleino; 735 Uw. chloride accr. 

MiHfonri Edison Elec Co.: (Began op. 
W.WW.OOO: J>d«. $4 000.000, 5 p. c int.: S. 
P. & f . A : S. H. Pikf s. jt M: J.G. Kellej 

a. E.. Westg. 1100-220-110 V. 7 200 altn-. 
soc; 4.5«)0a.c. arce: 2iX),000 a. c. inc-: a. 

Ewr. cir. 500 v; 16.000 hp. e. Erie. H. O. i 
p. b. Bab. AW. Heine; city conu 2.m 

c. p. $74.95 per yr. all nt. 

SALISHUKY. 3.00)-City of Salisbury (.Mi 
gan op. 1897): co!.t $18,000: J. E. Dunn 
J. B. Parks P. A. .V Supt: 1 arc Ft.W; 1 
lOJO 52 V. H. ph. 16.800 altns. T-H sof : 
amps; 900 a. c. incp; 1.50 h p. e. H. O. * 

b. Hu8. 

SAIUOXIK. 1.500-Sarcoxie Elec H. Co 
000: n. Pile P. A M: H. SolwrlS: H. B. 

d. c Triumph iH) v; T-H soc; 400 d. c U 

e. Brnl: 80 lip. b: city cont. 

SAVANNAH. i.»,O0O-City of «avannah O 
pan op. lWh>> coHi $12,000: P. F. Llmrick I 
Stanton Supt. 1 arc T-U: 1 a.c. T-H 1040 
altnH. T-H hoc: 3.') arcs 6.8 amps: 1.800 a.* 
hp. e. Hii!<: 120 hp. h. Rus: mdnt. 

SKOALIA. e.'>.(H)0-<i«Hlalia Elec. A Rt. Co 
ct isfiu (I fK)iM> N): )>ds. auth. Jc issn^lin 
int: S. H. Stewart P. J. C. Van Riper V 
A. M. Naders. C. II. Reeve T. 7 arc Jen 
pwr. Ed. .')00 \ ; 2 a. c T-H 1000-SS ▼. I 
T II hoc: ir»o arcH: 1.700 a. c incs; pwr. cl 
Bckye. Phoenix: '^r> hp. b. Phoenix; 
111 arcs c. p. 2000 §54.05 per yr. moonlt; 

Economv Steam Heating A Elec Co.; 
cock P: F. A. BiHhop V, P; C. R. Bi 

"M.OVl\>t«L^ ^w-^x. 

It HJ*fkf4ifd S; J. U Gnltltb M. l^ A. 
ffcT-tl- i Ji<c. WiM«lg. llOO^Bei V. e. ph. 
S M •oq; 60 Arcs; 2,iXK> *.c. in cm. pWT. 
(Mr BOO v; 3M} b^}. e. Atli«. Ida, WO hp. b. 

k- A Lt.Co; CAp.&uth. 4t l#«Ti<^d ilaOU.QQO: 
IwmitliauO.OOOi O. A. iJrsptJdl P; L.P. 
M. A P. A; Cbflft, C. Kviinii T; 2 &, c. O. 
ACKhlC^I V, - ub. 7.«CW aUtjfl. fiiK #<>cj Vi 
t; 15< ft. e. inca ; a. c. dny cir. iCW v; 2WJ 
Idi% WIJL 44)0 bp. K 0'*t. 60 

t 3,A(KJ-8tie(bLTi« EE«c. Lt. PltiDt {Mntiic} 
g E. P. Wi.Miver P, A 4S Supt; I a* t% 
fit^Mv^ m,0^altn*. T-H »oc; 2U» lues: 
O * R ; ^10 lip, h. 9prlnei(4d. 110 

LI ' ^Mtv Elet Lt. rbuit(HIiink.> 

■xm Mb. aiiUh & la&ued f il^- 
* Trfinif J W% Rabb Ch. Eug * 

itL \^taL4, la. c. Wcatir. 1000-100 v* j*. 
$»B^ IS <i e. iDtJ. aroA; 400 cj^ u. Iticn: TO 
bb* 110 

er ti. lift Wir. Wke. iMnnio 
laOOOO: s. B. BarkrtSnpi.s J *a% 
M V. s, pb. rOOOft^iiis. Ed por; 2fla. r. 
IB^£ W bp. v. Mam : W^hp b. O'B: 

lOk iS^WT— SSprlnislldd Ltif, CU: cap. 

■ntitjtf. P. tOhicaKot - H, U. Porr^r, Hr, 

^ *ilii. ; h arcT.TI- ; nx\ Wesrc. 

K.i I«a00 aUn*: T.-IL, S»-M.**>e.: 231 
^X 400 bpi-. IK i^. A K : — bp, K 
Dinii. IM »rci c. II. :il-0 Sm;A4} iwr vr. 

tlf» 3. 000 -Stan berry Ll A Pwr *to. (BtJ- 
^^au, fT.OUi]: ij. VS^^f«Ci«^y Own. r * M- 

(0WK3O V. lEi,000 all nit, ^oc ; !iOO a, i^ 

«. Soy 1*1, l^hp. I>, ItidlanapuhB Olt 

ttD— Tafkli* Kk-c, <£ Wtr Un, ifk^f^itn op. 
i^i a KunllJi. P. W. F. MiiriliHiJ ?i. jS. 
1^. RHuklii T. 2 d. c. b;d. 125 v; Kd. soi; : 
^«; 175 lirt. *J- Alnrray; ^Xi bp. b, firk^ 
Inrtlt. mdnl. {W 

tOOO-Trfnton <la# Lt. * Pwr. Co. t CAp. 
Ilv P: W. li, MIMi^r H. A M: a an^ T-U; 
|0»0-liM-ft2 ¥- », pb. 15 r(UJ rtltii-. FA. Poo; 
Leanipb; 1,600 fl.r, mci*L ^0 ht> e. Idr. 
D. b; L-ltv conLaOafcN e, |^ J300 17 60 

p coiii 5ii.^. m 

[WiMibini^lon. Mn. 

ilE» I.»i0-Citv El«. U. & Wati^r Wk», 
|||$miK)0: v: Altfii P. Ai T, A. Secortt 
JFl. W. iO0f»-l00 V. 7.200 altim. T H foc: 
|»MH%.ft. mes: 140 hp. e. Murray* S. Vi 
ptmv, 100 

i aooO-Vandjilia EU^r. U- PlanI: co^t 
b, B^liLfarB Owni.T a^ M : D.J. Dcteink 
|T-H3£30v: T-EI**«': WOdx, in*.*Jt: JOO 
400 lip. b: city cone 50 Hh. c. p. li^^iS 
tmoonU. tndnc; cciaL m, bun. (plant for 

|l7Ba, fl.OW— HaipioUa Lt. BL .£ Pwr. 
pOOi W. EI. Ilartman, P.: J. D. Eadn. 
li^'T,: Bd* of Dirteotom, M : W. f. Dun- 

RW, E.; " a.c. NaiL; lOOO-fiO v; ; 

S Wtttg. mc. ; M arei: a 000 Im-M. 2!)0 h, 
10 bp b.O'Ur. ; oltj oont,, nil ui. l£? 
|lf_WaffKnlon Elee. Co.: rap. ffl.OiO. 

r, Pr(**,1 -T, n. Middelkftmp, Se^ci T. J. 
; 000 aIi^, ^tic. NutLoual; no d. c.;fiO 

pH, a.BOO-A, A. T\h\>t, Owner. (Began 
ip ^,t)0OH 10 p. c. div.; an laUr. I m. c. 
Vm-im T.; Id.OOO akiijf.; Wcft^. «oc.; 
lea.: tflO hp. e. BalL Run.: i^OO bp. b. 
POqU 100 inrfl, m c. p, ttt^pcr yc^r, 
ft. (JU»o itn. r n Ion <diK Unci; lOmileil SV 
f, TiOOO~S<}itthweat Mo. Eli*c, Lt, Co. 

imo^lS. 5.000- Suburban Kltf^. hU A 
genu op It^): cutt. ant be ilO.OOO; W. 
•^ ,f. T. VolktJian M; 3**.(i. tl. K. I. 1000> 
iroOnUnft.T n, S M toe: 3.0<W n,c. in^ft: 
an; oUy uciiiu 900 Ita, c.t^. 20 $16 per yr. 

turn. no 

WEST PLAIN~», 4.000— S. J HoU LurabwrCo.; c»p, 
110,0^-0: bda. IT,00(»; S.J, llolt, R. M. * P, A.; M. 
U. CJjirk. 1^. Jfc 'l': 3 artj i^td : J d.c. €. & C, SiO v; S.* 
M. B4)c;i;Tare8;^0ljici; flO hp. e. SL L; 60 bp* b. 
Pi tUbg* ; t^J ty con I, , inooii 1 1, . md n t, 108 

WILLOW SPRtNOSp l.fiOO— J L.^Gfwdwin, owner; 
c4p, 18,000: 1 arcT.-H.; a> sifca; 50 hp, «. Noj©: 
flO hp. b. Fnt M Ji Co.; cUy i^ouL, moomt,,mdnL IS 


ANACONOA, 1H.0U0-Elt*c. Lt. & Ky. Dept; Anacon- 
da Cop^Ufr Minmg Co, It. Mr.Kuita M. J A, DnnJop 
P. A. A t!. IV aro ^i. E. FL W; a d. t:. pwr. gen ftOv; 
4 a. c. We rg. ^/OO-JIM v. s. A2ph. 75300 aUns. S-M 
fiCH-; ^tl7d, c, JtrctM Umnpsi: lOii. c. inc. arcs; i.OOO 
a. G. ini!-.-"; d. c. pwr. cir, 500 v; «00 hp. c, Wentt; 900 
bp tni-n, LelTul^ uOi bp. t>: lity eon(. bO Ita. c, p. 
2000 $1H0 ptf yr. all tiL coal #6. ' %\ 

mo TIM ElER, l,(X10-IliicThnhef K*eu, i.t A Pwr, 
Co.; .J. W. BjiiW P: R- ii- Clark S: N. J. Irvine M. 
P. A. & Sapt; Si. c. Wcatg. llOO-tlO v. h. ph. lO.OOO 
nltni*. Ed. pix:; ^ a. c. arcs; 1300 a. dnc».; iSCO lip- e, 
BuJl* AtlaM; J^S bp. ttirb. LtilTeU iSObp. b. 110 

BILLtNGSp lOOO-Bllbng* Wlr. Pwr, Co. (Bogan op. 
Irt37- cap. «ntb Jt isiim-Hl llOO-iXJU; bd». autb. floO.flOO; 
hik. i^auod «0 0l}0; IL Biilknap P. 11. W. Knwley S. 
AT. 3 d. c area. R; 1 Ah tv t^. K. HOO-UO v n. ph. 
7,21)0 tilln*, Ed. Mr: ftOd. e. ar!*ri A.6 ampv; 3.000 a. c. 
inpf.; a, r. day cir. in rnimmiJ^j-i JfeG bp. «. Bal', Idu; 
800 Np,i,irb, U avion \ .100 hp b. Sprlnn field; cily con I. 
ao Hb. c. p 119)0 Sti) iHJT yr uH nil *;o«l f*i ^ 

nose EM A Nt a.flOO-Gallfllin Lr., T »vr, A By, Cq.; 
(Beffan np, Ht«2) ; rap amb. $150,000, pd. in 1 100,000; 
8, F. Mtftid-nbill P, M. X P. A: G, Coi H. & T; W, 
W. LIvlneuujn Ktpcn: l Hr*: T H; 2a, c T-^, Wwtg. 
M4f>-104v. lOinO-illn!-. T-H *oc: BOaivi; !(.CuOincft; 
pwr. iTir JkJI^v; mu hp. r. Bull] i?0 bp. wb. P^Uod ; 
160 hp. b. rnblr: vixv f:«int. 510 arei I2u0 c. p. Sn.2& 
p(^r tnu.t al] nt; ctiiil S^-iY 110 

IsrTT PC, 30 170— Bat leflennral EIpc. Co.; cjip. M00.< 
000: bda. WiJI.OlJO; ll.M HirUei*by P; IL W.Tiitnt- r S. 
A M; IH'. Levirt T; M. Ikd)f,^-n P. A, A Snn' ; Bare 
Hruftb, T'H; ad.P.pwr. T-H SOO v; 12 » t*- Niirl. T H. 
Wi-KK. G. K, \m-\my. Irt.OOO iltiis, 1\"H. foc: *2& 
iirci»: 2ri,H)0iii-,lnna; ii.e liij cir; pwr.dr; tt^Jl^bpe, 
BalL F. A C. VVei^U; 1^) hp.b; rity tout, all nt. IS 

Montana Blec. ro.jW. T, JJickion.P. A.: a,o» 

AlOO 104 V,. 7/300 altns, ; T. IL aoc, ; — iiKS*. &» 

Pb«?nix Elet;. Co.; iBd^an op. \W&)\ cup. »ttth. & 
p^l. in S 100.000; no bda.; J. F. Forbw. P.; C. H, 
HmUb, S.. T. A P. A.; .1. K. Bavidaon, Bin,; 5 d. c. 
Ed., ". A H.. U.S. 110 v.; T.-Al., Wwtj;. foc,; 100 
d. <^, inc. arcft, J!^ amp.; 6000 d. c, tnc».; d. r. day cir. \ 
fiOOhp.B. F. A C, Nord., Wmfl.; 400 bp, b. Hdne 127 

COMMIBIA FALLS— CoJumbin Fnilj* Kit^j. U. 
Kbiut; Win. V aiidcrvfer nwnt'r; ^ an* W.K.OOO 
ftUg. Inc, Westg; wo d.c: 50 Kp, p. KiiabiilK 1 

DEKR LDUtfK, t^aOO^Dwr Lodgw Klec. Co." cup, 
f:a.(WO: C. Kohni, P.: L. ToJi-in^n, !f, A T.; K 4>, 
Diivev, ^. A P, A,; t arc Srd.: I a«;. NatL JOOO-ftO 
V. iBIiOO altnti. W,-M. snc: 30 aft-.*; 760ia*-!i; 100 hp. 
f'Ji.FA M: 100 bp.b, MlniiH; city cvnU at I nt. 110 

EUl^t.OX, l,HOO-C)Tr RIpC. Pwr, Co : cap. ^.noO; W. 
E.Orr. P.; P. H* Poind^-xrer, V. P: M Orf. M, 
A Spl; 2 a.G. WeitK. 1,200 ilkJ f.. IflWKve.CJOO aHna.; 
T.-B. 8CK*.; Sa-c- artp; 'JO0C*tt.ii. inci*.; 100 bp, e. B. 
AW.; 100 bp. turb. Dwyton; 100 hp. b. Union: titv 
i-onL , all nt. lll^ 

f^LA^aOW. 33^*— Ql astro w Wtr, A Lt Co. a»a 

GLKNDIVK. 1.200— Oiordlvi- E1i-C. Lt. A Pwr. Co, 
(Kuuan np. lUOO): cap. &uth $1,000, lu^ued $4*rtOO. 10 
p r, div; C. H. Pfitt*^f*on S, M. A P. A; 1 n, C. NalL 
1040-104 V. 4, ph. IfiJlOO altns. Eii. an<;: le a. c. area; 
am *. c, inca; 125 bp i^ F. A C; 90 hp. b. F. A C; 
city eont. tJ Ita. t. p. ISOO lOO p«r, yr* mnoylt^ iia 

GREAT FALLS, TS.rtOO-Botton A Monrann Corn. 
CopptiT A Silver Mining Co.; C. W. fJootluU Supt; 
4 d. c am «. E; 1 d. c. O. E. 110 y\ 7 d. c, pwr. orE. 
50Ot: 3b- c. O. K, 1040-104 v. T-H iwt; 190 d. d. a«5»: 
15 d. L\ Inc, artre: 000 d. c. Incs; 3000 o.. e. iiva\ ik. «■ 
A d. c. day cir; BOO, 330 & V>m^\ N«H^»it xswt 






Boston A Great Falls Blec. Lt. A Pwr. Co.; G. L. 

Nelson M; city cont. 80 arcs c. p. 2000 $93.96 per yr. 

all nt. 32u 

HAMILTON, 1,200— Anaconda Copper MininsCo., 

Blec. Lt Depr.; cap. 9 ; 1 arc Brush: 1 a.c. 

Wcstg. 2000-100 v., altns.; Ed. soc.; 70 arcs; 1.- 

000incn.;860hp. e. Frick; 940 hp. b. Tnttle; city 
cont.. all ut. 18 

HELENA, 12.000— Helena Lt& Trac. Co.; (Began op. 
1890); cap. $250,000; bds.t2.iO.000: T. A. Marlow 
P; 11. L. Walker 8; A. L. Smlih T; R. A. Willson 
P. A. & Sopt; J. T. Hagerty Ch. Elecn: 6 arc T-H; 
1000-10B-.58 V. 7,200 altni>. Ed. soc; 150 a. c. arcs 6 
amps: 106 d. c. arcs; 15 000 a.c incs; 1000 hp. trans; 
pwr. from MisfonrI Rivsr 14 miles; city cont. 79 
arcs c. p. 1200 $56.96 per yr. all nt; coal $2.50. 92 

Missouri River Pwr. Co; cap. aath. $2,000,000; B. 
Sewell P; II. 8ahr 8. & T; M. H. Gerry Jr. M. & P. 
A; 12,000 bp. a. c. curient to Helena A Butte. 21 

KALISPKLL, 2,528 -Kali^pell Wtr. A Blec. Co. cap. 
anth. $260 000; J. A Cnrain P. F. B. Bobbin S. J. F. 

Motfett T. R. D. Gonld R A. A ^apt. d. c. arc 

Westp: a. c. Wescg. v. T-H soc; 25 d. c. 

arcs; 800ac. iucs; 160bp. e. Ball ; SOU hp. b. Ball. 99 

Bifj; Fork Elec. P«nr. A Lt. Co. (Be^an op. Aag. 
1901); cap. auth. A issued $100,000; no bds: L. Tiii- 
kel P; K. W. Tink»-1 8, T. A M ; J. A. 8chrei!ier Ch. 
Elecn; 2 a. c. Weete. 2i00 115 230 v. 2 ph. 7^00 altnt*. 
Ed. soc; 100 a. c. arCH; 4000 a. c. incs; n. c. day cir. 
600 hp. turb. Lcf; city cout. 75 Its. all nt. 91 

LEWI8TOWN, I.OOO-Lewlstown Elec. LK A Pwr. 
Co.: cap. 110.000: C. Miles, P , M. & P. A.: W. L\ 
Waldorf, 8.; J. H. Stiles, 8pt; 1 a.c. Nail. 1000-50 v., 
14.000 altns.; T.-U. soc.; 6 a.c arcs; 560inos.; 80 hp. 
turb. S. A B. U9 

LIVINGSTON. 4.000-Living8ton Wtr.Pwr. A Lt.Co. 
(Began op. 1892); CHp. auth. A issued ffiO.OOO; bds. 
auth. A ontstg. $80,000 7 p. c. int; C. S. Hefferlin P. 
A T; C. M. Poo M, 8upt. A Ch. Elecn; 1 d. c. arc 
T-H ; 1 a. c. 8tan. 1000 104 v. 2 ph. 16,000 altns. T-H 
soc; 80d. c. arc^i 9.6 amps: 5 a. c arcsSampi: 2H00 
a. c. incs: 800 hp e. Run: 400 hp. turb. Globe; 800 

hp. b. : cify cont. 20 Its. c. p. 2000 $144 per yr. 

all nt: coul |:^.50. 51 

MILKS CITY. 1,700-Miles City Wtr A Lt. Dept 
(Manic): bds 117,000.: K. T. Carr, Mayor: 8. Gor- 
don. Citv Oik : t;. H. Mott. P. A. A Spt.; 2 arc T.- 

H.: 2 a.c Ft. W.. T-H. 1200-11.V58 v.. altns.: 

T.-H.scMi ; 64 arcs; l,560incs.; pwr. cir. 115 v.; 175 
hp. e. McI. X 8., Westg; 205 hp. b. Bab. A W., 
tublr. 127 

MISSOULA— MIssouU Lt. A Pwr. Co ; H.M. Bylles- 
by, V-P; M. R. Rutherford S. M.&P. A; 125 arc, 
Brii«ih: 7.80<ialt. inc.. G. K: 3240-110 v. T-H. S.-M. 
soc; no day rir: 7.V) hp. turb. Leffel; city cont. 40 
Its. c. p. 2000 $100 per yr. all nt. t 

PHILLIPSBURG.1,06^— Phlllipsbure-GraniteElec. 
Lt. Co.: cap. ^W.OOO: G. P. Dunham, P.; I arc W. K.; 
1 a.c. Westg 1000 50 v. s. ph. IfiOO altns. 8-M soc; 50 
arcs O.Gumps: 1,000 inca: 12o bp. o. Mel. A 8; citv 
cont. lib 


ALL! ANXE. 3,500— Alliance Eh-'C. Lt. A Pwr. Co. 
(BeL'an op. 1900); ra|>. Hnth.& iHHued $25,000; A.Min- 
nirk P. P. A. A Siipt; H. S. Ravmond 8. * T; C. A. 
Davit* Ch. Eiii;r ; (i. A. Rn;«h Ch. Eicon; I d. c. G.E. 
2.50 v: 2 a.c. WextK. 1100 100 v 10,500 altns. T-H hoc; 
3.'» (1. c. arcH; (i a. c. arcs; 1,800 ii. <•. inc; <-ir; 
250 hp. t'.. Sioux: 2.50 hp. b, Murray: city cont. 12 Itn. 
$100 per yr. mdnt; coal $8. 51 

AN8LEY, »K)-.\ii>«lev Elec. Lt. A Pwr. Co.; cap. 
anth. & issued 13 000: c. J. Slpvi-ns P. A T; T. C. 
Gibson. 8; O. M. Carter M. A ^up^: 1 a.c. Natl. 1000 
-100 V. H. ph. l.rooOaUns. T-H soc: 900 a. c incs: 30 
hp. e. Bml: 40 hp. turb. Leffel; 30 hp. b. Bml; city 
cont. 15 Its. c. p. .'lO $— per yr. radnt. 110 

ASHLANI>— Ashland Mill A Blec. Lt. Co., cap. $30,- 
000. A. W. Majbright. Pros. ; A. B. Fuller, Sec. A 
Man. ; 700 inc, T.U.i 175 h. p. turb. Smith. ^ 

BEATRICE, 12.000— Beatrice Elec Co.: o 
000; bds. $60,000; P. W. Horbacb T; £.J. 
M. & P. A; J. Edmunds Supt: 2 arc T-E 
Brush 1000-110 v. 16.000 altns. Ed., S-M. rac 
1,550 incs: 200 h p. e. Ball; city cont. 15 arcs 
$84 per yr. all nt; coal $2.60. 

BLAIR, 3,500— Blair Elec. Lt. A Pwr. Co. 
op. 1889); cap. auth. $30,000. issued $12.00 
Capps P, T. M. A P. A; Mrs. E. V. CappJi 

T-H 1100-110 V. 8. ph. altns. T-H soc; U 

800 a. c inc h: 65 hp. e. 8. C; 70 hp.b. S. C;* 
50 Its. c. p. 32 $1.85 per mo. mdnL 

BLUE SPRINGS— See Wymore. 

CHADRON, 3.500-Chadron Elec. Lt A Pw 
gan op. 1892) cap. $14,000; bds. $5,000; H. I 
man P. St. Paul, Minn: K. E. Johnson 8ap 
G. E. 115 v: Ed. sw; 25 d. c. Inc arcs; ?0U 
hp. e. 8. C, Bckye; 100 hp. b. Minns; c 
moonlt. all nt; coal $2.70. 

COLUMBUS. 4,000.— Columbus Elec Lt. P! 

5 an op. 18S6); cap. auth. $25,000; A. Ueint 
.. Heintz P. A; G. M. Douglas Supt; 1 
Brush: 1 a. c. Koyal 1100-110 v, 6. ph. 16,1 
T-H. soc; 27 d. c. arcs 6.8 amps; 1.4t<0 a. c. 
hp.e. AUis; 160 hp. b. Brwnl; city cont, 16 
2000 $100 peryr; mdnt; coal $3.25. 

GREIGHTON, 1,700-Creighton Elec. Lt 
gan op. 1897): cap. pd. in $5,4XX): A. P. i 
P. A Supt: F. Schneider, T; 1 d. c Westc 

a. c. West. 110>-52 v. — ph. 16,000 altm* ; 1 
3 a. c. inc. arcs; 53 hp. e. Atlas; 50 hp. 
coal $8.60. 

CRETE— City of Crete; L. H. Pennison. I 
John Hawk. Supt. : 50 arc, T.-H. ; no day ' 
p. eng., Westg. : 110 b. p. b.. Cunningham. 

DAVID CITY, 2.028*— James Bell A Son; 
000; I arc T.H.: 1 a.c. T.-H. 1000-110 t., - 
T.-H. soc. : 27 arcs: 400 incs. ; 60 hp. e. S 

b. 8. C: city cont., moonlt., mdnt. 

FAIRBIJRY, 4,800— Fairburv Elec Lt. A 

cap. : \V. H. Burnham. P.; W.S.De 

D. Russell M. Si l\ A.; C. E. Russell, En 

Wenig. 1(M0-I04v.: altns.: T.-H. soc. 

ince>.; 180 hp. c. Allis, Ide. ; 260 hp., b. t 
cont., moonlt., all nt. 

FALLS CITV. 5,000 -Citv Klec Lt Plant 

C. L. Miti/ P. A. d& Supt: H. C. Lapp Ch 
Elecn: 1 a. c. G. K.^I 80 104 v. s. ph. 7500 
hoc: 1.5 H. 0. &rc,» 6 amps; 1500 a. c. Incs; 
8. C; 205 hp. b. Erie. 

FREMONT, lO.OOO-Frvmont Gas A Ele< 
cap. $.M).0OO: C. 1). .lom»s. P.. Independent 

D. L. Krt^man. S. A P. A.; S. B. Hovey. 

Ft. W. : 1 U.C. Wcs p. 1000-50 v.. al* 

soc. : So nrrs: 7:a) iu.s.; 120 hp.e. A.&S.; II 

City of Fremont (Munic); cost. $25. 
Bogps P. A: A. C. Hull Supt; 2 arc Ft. W 
W. 1(KX)-10(> V. 16,800 altns. Ed. soc; 90 arc 
2tK)0 incs; 225 hp. c, 8. C; hp. b. tublr; 

GOTHKN'HURG, 1.000— Gothenburif Wt 
Irritf. Cn. (Hciran op. 1892) cap. auth. $20 
anth. it it*^iu'd $1.35 000 6 p. c irt: A. 1 
H. Hcnnaii V-P. C. A. Edwards S. * P. 
pwr. G. E. .tOO v: 1 a. c. T-H 1040-.'V2-1U4 v. 
T-H CO- : 4 a. c. nn'H: 500 a.c incs: pwr 
1.000 hp. turb. 8. iV B; city cont. mdnt. 

GRAND ISLAND. 7..VV4— City Elec. Lt 
city cont. all nt; coal $.3.25. 

IIAHTIN<JS. 7,lSH-City Elec Lt. Plant; 
1000); cost $21,400; bds anth. A issued I 
L. Hotmlami Supt; T. M. Crisman Ch. Er 
(i. K. 'J200-104 V. H. ph. 7.200 altus. Kd. sc 
arcH 20 a. c. inc. arcs; 1200 a. c incs; 950 
400 hp. h. 

HOLDKKGK. 3.000- Holdredge Klec W 
Dobbin M. <& P. A. 1 d. c. «rc Bru>!>h; 2 d 
v: lirueth soc: 15 d c^ srcs; 700d.clDCi 
Rus: 60 hp. b. Rus: mdnt. 

IIOOPKR. 840 Wra. T. Eartln Owner; { 
1^06); 1 d. 0. Triumph 290 y; id. c. arcs 
500(1. c. incs. T-H soc: 60 hp. e; 60 hp. b; 
'ifi \\«. c. V. ;^ mdnt ; coal $S.60. 






00-*Korthwe«leftt Kku*, Ht & Pwr. 
IW»>: cup. lao.CMW: F.W. V. Ble€« F. 
iff 9: L. K. Wtttifou 8upt. A P. A; 
^^^ IS V. 3 ph. TSOOaltns. Rtl. «oc; 
juji n^ c, \vu^s; n, c. A il.c, day cir; 
.w.bp. «. Marra?; mi hp, turk U. 

tj, : €Hy coiit. 13 Its. c p. 3000 

It lit; coal 13.^. m 

J/Xk~Xji%ijigUtn mnA ElerBtor Co. 
H cap, HuUi Jt JMiitiil. $50,000; E. M- 
nivoii S; A. C. Lpflimv T. A P, A; J. 
Bngr; 1 4. c. no ?: i n.o. Xatl. tooo 
l4jOliOt*ilttii;T H. Br»c; 11*1 d. c. Incn; 
50 hp ,e. Allia * dl j cwn L 110 

ItP^Lltiooln G» J^ Etpc. Co. ^ (Bogtin 
Hnymond P; H. Htm^ywin S; J. i\ 
'.f. t*. Vim RIpiTMi fl<ic. arc T-U; 
v; 4II.C', Wesr«. Nttt], l(K>y-fi(MOt) V, 
M fori ^^ ii. c srL'i; 30 a. c. arcs; 
ft. t. dftv clr; Ton hi*, v. N* T. Skftty: 
Ml: etijf torn, 191 jis, c. p 3000 S-^.l,'^ 
< tUfKHilt. iniltiu all »t; torU ^iAy tl 
rtlon Co. liBc^OTi op, 1S5M}>; M, L. 
H. Caftcr S, AT; J. II. Hnmpc Mi 
^A, & Built « 1 a, i.\ <L E. mthim v, 
■P:«tn ItO v; pwr. cir. .v)0 v, S£ 

t^(«>»i£ Eire. ht. Co. (B^em op- 
flO; K Cwrtilh P, A F. A. >. W. Cuf* 
*;il* ItU v: TCd, prtrt; 18 d. c. iut. ;irc«; 
p. e. A. A S. ^%Uiyi ISO bp. b, BmU ^ooo 1120 iH?r yr. mooolt i a. W : 

;ITV, IS,<JOt>-W(T. Jfe l.l. Co. (B^fiU 

; T. L, WutRoxi P. W U. bown* 

l£<niraii T. 0. P, Uoljib M. A P. A. 

awjiL J. FiiiUmuB L h, Eugr. ^— d. c* 

ku, E, Wi"!Hir. liiJO-nfir. ». ph, l.iJOO 

i 60 d, r, flfcB ; Z.Wi) o. c. inci ■ SifeO bp. 

ififtTT. 2^0 h p. h. ^: uitv eout, iU 

t&aO per - — . mdnt eoal $2. 99 

ai-Nrti-foTU Eke Lt, & Pwr. Co. (Be- 
jap. f IliAMl; K, A. BiiHork P. N. A, 
T. H. H. Ptttii-r^n M. A P. A. J. Kc- 
Jtr. ^ EIe*!n. 1 d. c. arc W. K; 2d. c. 

— «o«; t -10 rl. & nFCft; SCO d, e. Inc*; 8U 

— bp, bj city coDt. mdnt. All fitp W 

lU— »w OTHfthit TWmsnn-Iiottfi'toii 
Be«ntii i^r^ iM^^icap. auth. |LKM). 00. 
: hdf autb.«40l>,0[RJ. latueU f»lO.OOO, 
NiiBb Pi S. K. i^chwrUzar &. ^ T; W, 
W, « P. A; li. A, McLaoKblin Sopt: 
I, £fiKr^ 4 0. c. ii. t:. 2SQU-I0ti v. j| pli. 
l,Hd. wiCi &Wla. c. *iTiiL SO.OtW*, 0. 
Clf. pwr PirSOOv: 3.^00 bp. e. Mrt, * 
;|i-in«» Edgmncir, F^'tin : <H« j c!oiit. m 
liJSO per jr. ■! 1 n t ; coal St! m. tl 

t, SiBOO— Pawni^ City Lu A Wtr. 
tM*l f» .WO; C% i:. Pierce F A. I Jirc 
H lt>iU-&:;v iSiKJO iihtis. T-iJ s<>c; 26 
■ l*irj lip e Erk; l^ bp. b, m 

*K-0lfi A Elec LL Flint; W. R. 


fl»-<?St]r or ikliuylirT (Mtiuic.}: co'l 

^hiwe, MMVor: C. F. Piiyn*% S.: M. V. 

» 4,1 2 (I.e. G. K. lift v.i Ed. ioc: ig 

JtW inca: 120 bp. b, Noyo ; ISO hp li. 

t*t ludnt, 137 

' Ka(f ; ***p. 110.000 ; UOO Ino, Natl.; 

fA^Nt*w Oinaba Tbomioii-HoiiBton 
\tti Ouinbu. 

OO^Sgperlor KIwc. t#t. C«. iBeeaD op. 
(W; iMjp. Hf.ftyii; W. B. Let P II. K. 
A, ^arc fcipi'frjrT I a. r. T-H 1!00'*J<ie- 
nOttaltn*. T II siio; «5irL«^ MMiic*; 
ff«l; ellj coiit. 16 lt». e. p. ^OOO |4j per 

i,ISft>— C*tj' <if Tt^nmBeh fMutttrj; 
, Ifi.CMXi; vnj B-iard. M,; K. U. Oritt, 

barber. Kl**.: I 4.*% PA. Wi v.; 

m^. V. Ball ; m hp. 1j, : tadut. 1«7 

WAHOCl, 3,000—9. R. Jonua, Owtier; rBeitan op- 

:8«^); cap. pd. in $5,000; 1 d, c. T.-H. HOT.; 

aOQ.; 6 d. c. Inc. arc«, ft amp/. 100 d, e. inci.; 0& bp- 
fl, Woiite.; 8i5 hp. b. tublr. 5ft 

WAfNK* a.llft— Maulclrwil Wtr. * U. Dept; (Bi^an 
c»p. 1W9); cost $10,000: T. H. Fritto M, P, A. ASupt; 
1 d, e. We*tjj. *i50 v; El. not-; fi d. c. iirct; «O0O d. c. 
ints; 140 bp. f\ S\ao% City j ia*> bp. b. KiDsej. flO 

WE«T POJKT, laU-We^t Polot gTe*^ Lt. A Pwr. 
Co. ■ iUi-K^n op, ]»jHU)i i!ip^ autb. fSS.OUO, itsutKl. $IS.- 
000 i J. C. Crawfonl P; O Baam*tin T: R C. Giirort 
M. A P. .\ ; W. llflthvij; Cb. Kiigr; 2d. u, Q. E. IW v; 
Ed. ioc: 3 d. ti. luea; (kl bp. i*. Wt^alg; tKl bp. h. Ef Its 
city rouL 65 ita. c- p. 16 %lt pt-r yr. mdnt; eoal 
i3,4-k. 110 

WYMORK*a.500-WabR*ka E>»>c.Co,; cap. 1^5,000: 
E. P. Rrytiold*. Jr., P, T. A R A; E. lH, KaofT- 
majiS- B^n R*'yiioJd« M. A Supl; .1. P. HlJJ Ch. 
EiUfr:! (in! fe|*(^m',' 2 », r. West if. 1000-104 v. J6,0*W 
altni. S. M, (i*K-; HKKJa. c. im-w, 100 bp. e. S. C; IftO 
tap. tnrlv Bnhuqiiet KM) bp. b. Spflflj^: city t^jnt. 13 
afc*. aono c. p, $» rwr mo. mdnt; coal fS.OO. (Co. 
Ill iMi 1 1# Bl ixp TSpri u e*. > J 10 

¥ORK« &.000-YoTk Lt. A Pwr. Co. (BfffRii oo. IMS) 
cap 11* 0(]0: G. R Rrt-d P. G W Sbrerk 8. M. P, A. 
A SjUjii. V. L. DavlB Cb. Enpr. A Rlecn. 'i arc Ft.W; 
I d. I!. W^. E. 1 IQ i: T-H KK-; aS urct; 4 d. c iwc fcr(5i; 
TNI *BC*: 70 b|*, *». Balh 80 bu. h: city corn. 7 lu, e. p, 
laoo $ Ui |wr yr. (ill ut ; coiU J13.50. W 


CAf|.^«tV CITY, a.OiXf-CarPon Kkr. U. Co.i cup. 
$-^^; r> L. HJipi*. r.- l>. T Koifd, 8.: II. T. Furky, 
Spt.1 2 ure Hnj«b: 40 lifVH; 70 hp, v. Tiylor^ mdtit., 
all UL 18 

BKNO-The R'^ni. Wtr. Land All. C(^. i^ap. fao& OOOt 
C. KlBi-f F. M, AP A; W. L BpcbieJ Sijpt: Wtoboe 
Co. tt'k T : 95 arc A 4800 aUJnc. linn, 500 bp.turb. 110 

VIRGINIA CriTV, ?»000-Virtfuil* A aoldllitl E\tL\ 
Lt. Ca; CHM. tlUAMJO; W 8, Dpjio. P.; P. C. llntfli, 
8. ; B'k i^f n*l. T ; J. B. Overtoil. M. ; 1 nrti lirunb; 
t ML.L-. T.-H. ia:S*-JV3v.. W.tKX) aliH-,; T.-IL *oc.: tS 
a(T*: mwii c. ififJi.: 110 bp, wh. Ptiton. liS7 

WAltJ^WUKTH, LfiOO-Wfl(t*woHb Lt. A Pwr Co. 
fBt?uan Djj iHl^fjCrtp, $5(VMn H. W. Efldun F; H. D. 
Ei»d«ti S. M. A P. A; N. A. Ilutiimel Tl 1 ft, c. T-H 
l(HOI<M v% i», (lb, Id.noo aliDB. T'H aoc; TSOi.o, Iqcs; 
liQbp. liirh. Lettd. HO 

Cadcadf Ebt!. Li A Pwr. Co. See C^orliaiKi. 


Al-Tf>N* t,500-AJtorx Ele^;. Lt, A Pwr. Co. i^evt 
op. 1riffr>; «.^ap. nurli. $5 OOUjsiaed fl.OOO; J. Cum on 
P: t*. AT: I ». t. T-H 1040 101 \. IIV.OOCJ 
altuf. T-H *«; fiOOd, e. tncai ?J hp, c. A, A S; - — - 
bp. ^tr. wbi tltv omt. Si) lt». c.p. aillO fier yr, 
mdni: wiKid $lsd, ill 

ANTIIIM. f5CJt»» Cii'idell Co, t *?np. g-^^ ^t D. H. 

OoodHI. P AT.: H. A- llurllu. b. A P, A.: A- W. 

Pierce, ^pt., Jlennint'toii. N* H.^ ^ l*\ ^2080- 

110 v.. nhuK. Kd-j-o^v: t;,0<Mj hic*,; 130 bp. lurb. 

— : c it y coti t:si . , A m r1 til ■& Uf.-fi ti 1 1( ^^ati . SS 

ASHLA?iiD, I 3iJl-Ashbuid IClins LL Co, (Began op. 

PWOjeap. i(*,(H]0; I!. iMiEdon F. F- M. HopbiM. S. M. 

A F. A. Id. c. \*'«^ie. V, Wi*«((!. R^^: 700 d. c. 

lore; 110 hp, tiirb. ;rliy(t((ii . liJ^JA. M. DO 

BAKTLKTT.t5a7*-*cc Inl^-rvni*'. 
UKNNIB.41TON. 390«~Se« Antrim N. U. 

BKRLI\.g,OOi)-Rcfliit Kki'. Lu Co. tiap- anib. $50.- 
OOO; 11. H. Furblsb P. H. A.Xo^t^sT, -LP Ua^'y 
M. A SupL 1 d. c. AIL' We*t(f: I a. c. WV^tj^. 1 100- 1 01- 
iiOv. 'i pli- 7,*(5!K» nl^fip. T-H foc*; &ld. c arci li.f* artipa; 
:?,5t)i) a. c. ini'!-; cny coat. i30 Ita. c. p. SSJOO §&0 per yr, 
Bllnt; coul |i,:,0, 09 

BKTHLKHKWI, 1.500- Bet hleiieni El(?c. Lt. Co.; 
<B<:g*n op. lHf.^U <;iip. atdb WO.ttJO, janucd $IO.O(JO: 
A. W, Fudi'T P^ H. H. l>«tif(>rib S; A. H- EHttman 
Tl G.H. Tumif M; C, IL Colby P,A. A Supt: ^a.c, 
G. S. ?MyMJ-llfi V. oicy. 7.200 t\UtK Ed. m>c ; 3 a,c Jnc. 
arc*: 400(1 a.G. luci:400bp. tofb. U-ITijU city com. 
«Hnt \\*» 




BOW— See Manchester. 

BRISTOL., l.OiO-Bristol Elec. Lt Co.: (BeKsn op. 
1890); cap aoth. ^ issued 116.000; G. A. EiiKti>on F, 
M. .i P. A: D. M. Galley S. <t T: O. F. Bntrlck Cb. 

Elecn; 3 a.c. Bru>h, Stflii. 2000-105 y. alms. Ed. 

i»oc; 1000 a.o. incs: 100 bp. lurb. Uant; city cent. 75 
Its. c p. ai $10 per yr. 12:30. 110 

CLARBMONT, 6,600— Claremont Eleo. Lt. Co.; cap. 
120,000; 1. Colby, P.; C. B Spafford. S.; E. J. Ten- 
n«y. T.: F. P. Maynard M. A?. A.: W. A. Haase!- 
tine. Spt. : 1 arc T.-U. : 3 d.c. Ed. 110 v.; Ed. aoc; 48 
aro«: 8.000 incs.: 80 up. e. Ball; ISl) hp. tarb. Hnnt: 
oitv com., mdnt. 10 

COLKBROOK, 2,000-W. IC. A W. Drew Blec. Lt. 
Co.; cap. $18,000: W. Drew. P.: W. E. Drew, T., G. 

M. A P. .v.; h.ccur. 1000-10<-52 v., alms.; T.-H. 

koc.: 1.000 a.c. Juci*.; (current rented from W. F. 
Allen Elec. C, W. Stewartaiown); city cont.; mdnt., 
all nt. no 

CONCORD, 19.632 -Concord Electric Co.; cap. 8600,- 
000; bds. 8436,000; C. C. Danforth, P. A T; G. B. 
lAuder P. A. A Supt; 6 arc U. E; 8 a. c. 8 pb. G. B. 
2900-112 V. 6,000 altns. Ed. soc; 278 arco; 8.500 incs; 
a. c. day clr; 860 hp. e. Bckye; 2,000 bp. tarb. Hunt: 
560 bp. b. Bab. A W.; city cont. 129 Its. c. p. 1200 $75 
per yr. all ut. '£in 

CONTOOCOOK, 1.000— Contoocook Elec. Lt. Co. 
(Began op. 1896) cap. autb. 180.000; isnned $14,000; 
H. J. Dhvis P, M. * p. a. J. A. Fu.ler 8. & T. 2 a. c. 
Stan. G. E. iOeO-104 v. 8. A 2 ph. 16.000 altns. T-H 
soc: 1600 a. o. incs: 200 bp. tarb. S. & B; city cont. 
140 lu. c. p. 25 $12.50 per yr. all nt. 110 

DBRRY. 8600— Derry Elec. Lt Co. cap. f20,000; 
bds. 820,000; G. K. llartlett P. F. J. Sbepard T. J.B. 
Bartlett M. A P. A. 1 arc T-H; 1 a.c Stan. 2200-110 
y. 16,000 altns. T-H soc; 46 arcs: 2,500 a.c incs; d.c. 
day cir. 650 v; pwr. clr. 850 v; 400 hp. e. McL A S. 
Swampscott; 400 b p. b. Dillon; city cont. 28 lU. 1200 

c. p. $68.60 per yr. moon It. mdnt; coal $4.50. 21 
DOVBR, 14,000-United Gas A Blec. Co. cap. 8 : 

A. Wallace P. H. L. ^bepberd T. J. H. Springfield 
M. A. 1). Richmond P. A. A Supt, II arc T H: 8 a. c. 
TH 8140-10^0-115 V. 8 pb. ultus. T-H mk;; 500 

d. c area 6.8 amps: 10 a. c. inc. arcs: 8,000 a. c. incs; 
pwr. cir. 500 v; 1.000 hp. e. Mel. A 8; 1,!S00 bp. tnrb. 
Hnnt. 8. AB: 1.000 bp. b; city cont 184 Its. c. p. 
120O$67 i>er yr. moonlt. mdnt (Co. also lu. Uocbef- 
ter). 09 

DUBLIN. «aO-Dublln Eloc. Co. H. D. Learned P; 
C. F. Api.lelon T. A .M ; W. B. Kirk Supt 

EAST GOFFSTOWX— See Manchester. 

EXKTER, 4,284*- Exeter. Hampton A Araesbury St. 

Ry. Co. (Successor to Rockingham Elec. Co.) cap. 

sutb. $226.0(»0; bds. snth. $31)8,000: W. Brown P. 

E. L. Pride T. A. K. McReel M. & P. A. I d. c. arc 

Brush: 1 a. c. u. E. v: 75 d. c. arcs: 500 a. c. 

incs; city cont. 77 Its. c. p. 2000 $62.08 per yr. moonlt. 

FRANKLIN FALLS, 51S5-rranklln Lt A Pwr 

Co. cap. $100,000; A. W. Sulloway P. E. G. Leach S. 

J. P. Proctor T. A P. A. \V. L. Whittier s^upt 1 arc 

T-H: 2 a. o. G. E. mey. 2080-104 v. 7.300 altns. T-H 

soc; .W an*» 6.8 amps: 2.500 a. c. incs; a. c. day cir. 

600 hp. turb. S. & B; city cont 04 arcK c. p. 1200 $«."> 

por yr. all nt. 09 

OOFF!«TOWN-See Manchester. 
GORIIAM-Cascade Eloc. Lt. A Pwr. Co. (Began op. 

1894); rap. autb. IIOO.OiK) insncd f^TiOOit; bds. antn. 

JlOO.OOi): R. N. ChumU'rIane P; \V. B. Gates S. A T: 
. F. Lihhv .M. A P. A; F. L. (kxxlnow Supt. A Ch. 

EU'cu; 'J a" c. G. E. Stan. .VWO 20l)i)-104 s. A 2 pb. 

altnb. Ed. soc: 6 a. c. inc. arcs; 67 a. c. incs; 
cir: 1000 h p. turb. Lvflol: city cont. 67 Its. c. p. 30 
$1100 per yr. (Also Its. Berlin). 110 

GROVETON.S.fiax-Groveton Klec. Lt.Co.: cap. f 10, 
000: Dr. C. C. 0*Brien, P.: E. B. Soule, S.: C. T. Mo- 
Nalley. T.: P. S. Tirrill. M.. P. A. A Spt: 2 d.c. Ed. 
105 V : —a.o. T.-H. 1040-105 v., 15.000 altns.; Ed. 

soc.; I'i d.<\ Ini*. a»<'s.: 1,000 d.c. incs., a.c. 

incs.: 250 hp. turb. Smith; 150 hp.b. Cunngbm.: city 
cont., mdnt 'J93 

HILLSBORO-Hillsboro Elec. Lt. A Pwr. Co., J. F. 
Oh meg. P., T. AP. A.; 154 incs. »b 

HOOKSET-See Manchester Trac. Lt. A Pwi 

INTERVALE, 100»— Goodrich Falls Glea Co 
840.000 A. N. Twitobell, P. A M.; G. E Clark. 
8 Madgett T.. P. A. A Spt: 1 a.o. r^tao. 5O0O-2 
16.000 altns. Ed. soc; 6 a. c. arcs; 3,000 a. c im 
hp. tnrb. Leffel; town cont 100 Ita. c. p. 82 S 
yr. all nt (i.ts. Jackson Intervale, GJen, Norti 
way A Bartlett, N. H.) 

JACKSON, 800— Wentworth-Hall Blec Co.; ( 
op. 1804); cap. 815,000; no bds; M. C. Wentwo 
F. A. Moody S; H. W. Eastman M. A Sap : 
Berry P. A; 2d c. C. AC; 110 y; S-V! soc; di 
110 v; hp. mo.; 100 bp. wcr. wh. P^ton; 45 

KEEN— Keene Gas Lt Co.; J. H. BlUott, P: 
Rossmanu T. A Supt: t^ arc T-H: 50 hp. e. 1 
city cont 55 arcs c. p. 1200 $100 per yr. all nt; 
$4 8.5. 

LACONIA, 12,000-Laconia Elec. Lt«. Co.: (I 
op. 1884) cap. auth. A issued 845,000, 6 p. c dir: 
anth. A issued $15,000, 6 p. c. int: D. CSbea 
W. TylorS. AT; J. F. Merrill M. A P. A; 
Longee Supt A Ch.Elecn; 2 arc Brueh: 2a.cV 
1000 104-52 V. 8. A 2 ph. 16,000 altns. T-H, S-M 
85 arcs 8000 incs; 4U0 bp. lorb. 8. A B; city co 
Its. c. p. 1200 $75 per yr. all nt 

LANCASTER, 3,100*— Lancaster A Jeffenoo 

Lt Co.; cap. 8 ; C. T. Kellogg, P. A T.; 

T.-H. v.. altns. : T.-H. soc; l,4O0 

125 hp. e. A. A S.: lOObp. b. Portland; olty coa 

LEBANON, 4.000-Lebinon Elec Lt A Pwi 
(Began op. 1890) cap. 118,000: W. S. Carter P. 
Whipple S. H. M. Day T. Directors M. H. M. 
er, P. A. A Supt. 2 a. c G. E. 1000-104 y. « ph. 
altns. T-H soc; 6.000 a.c. incH ; 215 bp. e. Ball. V 
115 hp. turb. Hunt: 150 hp. b; city oont 15)! 
c. p. $12.50 per yr. moonlt. all ut coal $4.20. 

LISBON. 2.d00-Lisbon Edison Blec Lt Co. C 
op. 1891) CAp. $7,000; H. C. Libbey F. A Sa 
Brnramer S. M. A P. A. 1 d. c. Ft. W. 112 v: Be 
6 d. c. inc. arcs; 1000 d. cr. incs; 75 bp. e. Mel 
city cont 00 Its. 32 c. p. $1,000 per yr. 12:30 AB 

LITTLETON, 8,000-Littleton Wtr. A- Lt Go 
$50,000: l>d««. $00,000: G. Wykea P, New Yoi 
Cum hereon S. X T. New York; U. F. Greet 

P. A. a. c. sun. 3000-1000-60 v. 

Westg. hoc; 1,800 a.c. incs: 00 hp. tarb. Hoi; 1 
b. Forsaith; ciiy cont 160 ItP. 16 c. p. $8 p. yr. 
wood $3. 

MANCHESTKR. ."iO.OS?- Manchester Trac. 
Pwr. Co. (Also Its. Snncook. Hook8«>tt. Prm 
Goffptown A East Goffstown. Own«Mancbe> 
Ry.. Manchefetor. Elec Co., Manchester Eleo.L 
Union KIw. Co., Ben Franklin Elec. Co.. Mpi 
Kite Lt lit. A Pwr. I'o. of Hookset and tbe( 
Fttlls* Pwr. Co. of Bow): cap. $l..V)0,OlO: 
Tucker. Boston MasH. P; G. B. Chandler. Ma 
tor V.-P: S.R. Au»honv, Bonton.Maaa. T: J.B 
Manchester Gen. M. A P. A; 13 arc T H, Br 
<i. c. G. K. Ed. Westg. 600 v: IS a. c G. B. 
Weste. 2080-112 v. ^ A 3 ph. Ed. T-H. S-M fo» 
ji. 0. A dr. lire-; >W.O(X) a.c. incs; a.c A d.c. dt 
6 e. 3000 hp. \Ve«»tir. Prov, Woodbury: 5.8L0h| 
McC, Hunt: 14 *.:. Steams, Kend. A Man: cit] 
488 Us. 2U00 c. r $115 per yr. all nt; coal $4.5 

MERKDITH. 800-Meredlth Elec Lt Co.; { 
op. 1804): cup. $8,000: A. W. Ivea. P. A P. A.: 
>(HU8fleId, S. .V T. : G. F. Sanborn. M. A Spt: 
Ed.. G. E. 103 V. : YaX. soc. ; 10 d.c. inc. area; 3 
inci*. : liSO hp. turb. Hunt; city coot, moopnlt 

MILFORD, 4.0iXV-Milford Elec. Lt. i\>.: cap 
$35,000: Ixls*. auth. 45,000, 6_p. c. int: W. II . 
T., M. A P. A.; 2 a. c. Ft W. lOOO-lttMD t.; 
altns.; Wester, soc; 1290 a. c inca.; ttS kp. 
'2S» hp. turb. Hunt Humpbicy; flBOkp. b.; cHj 
163 \ncfi.« 25 c. p., $15 per year aoonlt* mmX. 

ISW hj^mpshire electric lioht centieal stations; new havpsiiihe 


9A« 2S,f»f-Ni«l»ua Wtr. Ht, & Pwr. Co. : G»p 
)0' F. *. B*iAbTooif- F.: J, ILTolks, !*.; r, E. 
wiu, T: U,L. Sudler, M. A p. A.: Sure T.-H,; 
r.-Jl, H»4g-10lv., ltt,(W*nitu».: T.vH, *m.v; 4(1U 
koai n,c iin'4. : |iWr cir, fiOO *.: 7lW hp. t. Hnl 
SOhp, b. Alien: «Stir oont 22M} »rc!« c. p. ItOO 
eryr, »il iii; trim I ^,86. IS 

«iRT. 3;KI>-N>*rport KJw, Lt C?o.t C4il>, #15.- 
M, Kl.!bi4fila P; W. F. HUHiftr4« 9.. T, Jt PA. 
Tifn«i»y, ^upl; 1 %m T-H; IJ h. c, T-H lUUt)- 
V* Ift.iilPti aUtri!!. T-H sfli:; 3S*ni*, 1 a- c *ft!; 
i*, mr-*; 130 tip. e. Fitch; ITS bp, tarb. Hoi; 

mv m dot, all ai. -^1 

i CO?f WAl% 70(>*— See Intervile- IB 

ttUKE-t^^f Miiiirhc«<L«i-. 

t WALI'OLE— ^*ee Bellows Fulls. 

HAf^K* ,fJ>n*— PttiaciMik Klw, Li. Ca.; (Ba- 

^l W. G. lliiitcm S; a II. Sauilt^r» T, M, A P. 
.*.% ti, K. 3»« niJ v.4\th. mcy. Fd. aiMir; 3d. p. 
Htntw; t.,3lUcL c. iuiCH; 7!Jib|f. i;; ^i bp. larb. 
■0 h|t. b: eUf coa , 110 ie«, c. p. ^ dt aOflil.M 
per jrr. ftll u(< liQ 

IBUftO— Felvrbom Elec. LL. Pwr. A: ttl. Co, i 
SkOOO; J, K. Gale. P.: A* A'. Ives, 9.. M. A P. 

tt. Wtetiwrvll Spt. ; r, TOO wit. inc. Ocn. ; nn d. 

hp. tnrb. Hum. 11 Ba 

JlITH-PUttjomh KJec. c*p, Sl^tt**! 
i, ; W. G. Cbaae P; J. Kfuljiloii d; F.C Cullei- 
^ ir At 3iiui3 l.fiOadir. inc. Ed. kk^; itodiy 

bp, 1^. Pftp'^ 8&lip» b; cily ctint* llQ 

iMOirxil* iOji){)-E«ckiijj:bsm Comtly f*t. & 

Ju. i;S^iict%'*fi<jr to PurlHimnah Uss F4i*- * Ll. A 

ki.: <**ii. 114^^1': CJLTiiintry P; W.D, Lov(?]| 

14. C. Teniiey R; F. P. Hovce T\ D. F. bumlt 

Kf. P, Mount j P. A. eSSlftit? ¥t Bortton Musii; 

pII : 2 a*c, T*H 1040-104-^! v. 16.000 ttliiii*, T-II 

U ftri*i ; fi a c. KM* ; * f*!0 tu fr- mi*» : n. 0, day 

r. olr BOO V S7& hp. i*. A. Jfc ti. It. A Wj 3«» bp. 

H*aeoU: city coiiU IV4 Ut. c. |k laOO fJOd per 

ilt. ^ 

►WD, I, MJn ^Raymond Klee. Lt C«, ; cap, 

; V. X. Fos. M.; 1 Hoyal 1100-50 v., 

Hs*^ Wei f If, «>L%; 4a.t% wf^s; 3S0 ac* incp. ; 

k Payne: 75 bp. b. tublr.^ clty^souL. muutill., 

tTEB— EocliMi«r Elee, Ll, Co, 140 ire T. 


I Gu .fc fllee, Co. Sue Dover 
PBE, TIW— Snoaiwe El<?c. Lt. & Pwr, Co.; (Bt'- 
p. 1M7); op. iutb. $5^000, pd. In ^.100, a p. c 
I. RuwelL P.: M, L. SiirEetJt, S,; AC. StttW- 
T.; W. W, Trow, P. A. A Spt ; 2 a. c. T.»H 
IWf.l IS.OOtt ftUao,: T,-H. 9tK.i a*. c*afCii 
ik «. Inc*. : 1^ bp. curb. C^; olty txint., 7Q 

B e. p., i per year. mdnl. 30 

NlK^See Mftftcbi-stijr. 

131, tOOtf-Tiltr*!! Klec CJo.; cnp. iuth. A ImuckJ 
&i A. J. Plllsbufy P; W, H. Mfl*«T; 3 a. l-. 
-' ^10-104 V. mt*y. raOO »Uiis. T-H poc: JSa. c 
^J a. c. imcis; a. c. dav dir: 400 ln\ lurlr 
flry coijL'^ n*, c. p. IM} |70 per t. I2:a> 110 

rEWAIiTSTtnVN, I.OnO— W. F, Allin 
p.; (Began op, 1h5#4k cJip. i;II,(NX»; bds, fJfX 
cC^iuL; W. P. Allen. P.. M, it P. A : W. F. 
1. A T.: S H. c. P. pb. Ww5)?., Ft. W. lOCIC^ 
__Wtltri».. T. ILsoc.; iOOO a. c. in(r*.; SftO 
;<!ti»Mv9mLib; city cont.; 90Jiic#., 3sic. n. 
[ft raoritill. St^ 

riKH>»2,«KJ^Wb^tefleld KW, Lt,Cr>,icjip. 
J P. T. Krlioirif, P. ; A. U. SJorrln*n, »., M. * 

- a.e ajiJ0-t04 v.. ^ ' aitiis.: Wesltr. 

'iQc;s,: pwf, rented; cHy c^nt., all nt. 18 
PHTKIt— AihD^'tol VftlU'v Kle*. Ll.. Ht. Jfc 
^e«p. flt^OOfi. (i. W. Pkritts Pre-.; W. L. 
Treaii.; H, W. BriKliaiiip S«t. Jt Man.; 18 
nod. <:,: 7h h, p, «ng. t 

OPO, LSOO^Town of Wolriiopi HIk. Lt. 
limicK bd«. i«J,Oift; a K PMrKClk.»SI.; G. 
rb, P. A* A Sipt. ; I jt c. G. K. 2MXM(I& t*, T.* 
■^ : G. B. ioc.; 1.0»* ».»-. ltiei.r <JB bp. e. 
t»lt; 50 b p. b. ttibU. : nidiJU fS 

WnODI^VtI.LE, 1,000— Woodaville Aquednct C^.i 
^B^^giin op. lt)0OU (^ap.autb. A0,000; bdi^.ittth. IROO^. 
iMUud l*J,aOi>, 5 p. c Inl; E- W, Mann P; C. C. HiRB- 
heiri T; (i. fc£. Cummliiirs Snpt ; U. K. .Maiui Cb.Bln; 

3a. c. Fu ^\ Bi-uiiii aOOO-lOii ?. mkna. F.d, T-H 

9kntr: h6(Jl>a. c. inv^t: wit. pwr; city conU801l«. C, p. 
3!lilflp«ryr.»llnL UO 


ABSfECON-^Sce PleatantviJle. 

ASBITRY PAIiK,3.(lOO-AllBlllieCoMatElM5, Lt Co. 

I Bepan op. t&8&» ot^ f : G.B. M Hiinfey P; A. 

(L\ TwimniT S. ii T; W, L, Clarkr M J^ m^p»; S«re 
Brnrtb. T-ll: * a. 0. Slaii, 20lXf K}0O*t04-62 ¥. 
H. A ',i pb, I«.WM1 ulina. Rd, Wtfi»t«. #oc; 400 d.C- area 
93itmi>%; 50 a. <^ nri's: aMXWa. c. niL»«.; 1,000 bp. 0, 
Pbtla, ii. A W^.Btxs; 124© bp. b, Bab. * W. NacU 
cUy ront. 1 A.M. all nt, (Co. alioUa. olhi^r iammer 
reaortif alone ibe CM»t. 110 

ATt.ANTI€ CITY. 27,04«-Atlantlc CKy Gaa 4 
Water Co.; rap. r«JO,(M}i>; Ja«. A. Bars tow P: Dr. 
T. K, R«M?d y; J. H. frjrton T; 300 arc TH; 360 hp. 
e. Otto, Naylor, t 

Atlantic El«3. Lt. A Pwr. Co. ftnd Klee* Ll. Cow ol 
Allantte Cit> ; cap. taSft.TOD; bdfl. •la^^OOO; E. A. 
AnnsiPon^, P.; J. J. BerlHirh. B., M. * P. A.; 0. 
Baimi. T.; W. Fowden. Spt.i 12 are Ft. \\\i 6d.c 
Kd.aaiT,; 2a.c.G. E. lOWlOO v., 15,000 aUna.j Ed. 
soc.; dOOares, 30d,i?. Inc. arci.; 10,000 d.c.fnca.,a.c 
ln<3*. t d.c- day elf. ; pwr. clr. ^SO v.; i.aoo hp. u. A. dl 

S.. Ban. Bctyi*.. Kt^nirlB., s^learna; hp. b. Leb., 

tdblr: rlty cnnl., all nt IS 

AtJ w tic Blgb1iitiai!>{M link.): (B^crnn op, 1886); bdi. 
anth, ilA.OW, p. c Int.; F. E. Priec P. A. & Spt,; 
1 »re E%.\ 1 a. c. ». ph. T.-n. 1140-100 v.; T5.OO0 alt»#.; 
Ed. T.-H. aoc.; 90 scries jitl'p.; aXKJ a. c. Incn, ; l:fiS hp. 
e. B. Jfc W.; *g5 >ip. b. EHt;, Coaieevilk; To at. ar€»^ 
sEOOOc. p., moontt 1 A. M, 110 

BEI.VIUERK— Wurn-n Wood WotktnBCo.; cmpi. 

t«),0(KI; A. M«H fttfiinnn, Pr^-Ji.: H. N. Dk<w*l, Han. 

A Fur.Afft.: SS«rcJ,.KJOHlt, inc,, T,-IT.: nodayeir. 

city lont, ^? an:^ t\ p. 3.^^ f S& pet yr, DiooaU. ml nE, 

B E V K H UY , 1 2. 000- C I u na m i n #f.n Elec. U- Co. [ cap. 

fau OlW: Ihi-.. *a%0()0; II. V. Mapsi»y. P.; A. J, BJlfXi« 

b.: U. U. Firkins. .,M. A P. A.: 1 art? Ft W,; ^ 

D.c. Ft, W. lOOli-lOO-AO V. ie,tMJO alt«H.; Ed,. T.-R. 

HOC.; S(ian?Ji: 4.000 Inc*. ; bp, e. A, A S., Cor.; 

400 bp. Ik Nail. : nity i-^ont., all lit* 127 

BLAlRSTOWTfpfUXl-FttitEr IMII Kl'v, Lt. Cn. cap. 

; W. H. Vull P. A S. i\ H. Ci-lsiimn M. »a. c 

G. E niX) V. mfv, 7.SW aHn* T-U A M. w»c; 

a. c. iiics: 3Wbr. turh llnrib^. MlH'; cUy cont. iO 
ItH. c. p. a-i 1 10 pi-r V I-- all ot, UO 

BOflJTTON. ,5 iWJ-^tni-rU riniifT Elr*r, (>. a!on- 
ironHd bv thi* I'iMttil Elei>. ro. orN.-i **N; Nrwarky 
G. G. FrvH«*bn>si*ii p. L. H l> OiI*imiir h: P. 
lt(K>tllifT: ,^. IL Ly»'i*b >iHp^: 1 d. c nn- T-K: 2 
d. r. Ft. W. 1040-10 l-fi2 v. 1*. p(>. 1**.0(J0 «lln-. T H 
^•e: s^4d. i*.^ir>^: l.TfMJ'i. r *■<■»; IW up. *■. B. Je 
W: SOU bp. iiirb. VjhiD; 2ta Hp. b. Bit*^ city 
cxjni. iM arcs hJOU c, p, bd Imts SS&C. p, $— pef jr. 
ttJl ut. 00 

BORIJRNTOWK, 5 aoO-Bordenrown Eliw. Lt. & 
Motor €0. (Butan op li^m I'Jip »Qth, ISO.000: Isiiued 
llfl.OOO' bd*. is.OOO; H. V. M«K»y P. SI. B. Pirkma 
i. A T. J. L. GillwTl V, A. A §npt, I d, n. arc Fl~ W : 
I ». c Ft, W. 100-100-50 V. — pb. 10,1100 aUns, Ed. 
soc; 45 d.C arvB ».« ampa^ * a. (.\ hi*^. arr-p; l,OlW a. c. 
incH; IQObp. e. Mc.'B;mbp. L. Keck r; city ecmt. alt 


BOUND BR note, 3.CO0^C<>'Dlnl Elec. Co.; R. P. 
Bocbe Su pt. A ] (o wjt* N l- w ark. 

BRAKCHVILLEt *ai-Bfaiirbtille Klec Lt Co. 
(B«i£an op. IBQS) cn^t %iO.(kW; U. It CrLaman Owner 
A M. 1 a. e. Hels. nOO-IlOv. s. pb. i8,a» attna. Ed. 
■Ofjt eOO a. c. me*; .'id hp. inrb, MeC; city cont. m lU. 
C. p. S& |8 pet 5T. moonW,, rndti^V. VW 





BRIDGETON, \4,(K)0— Bridgeton Elec. Co. cap. auth. 
& fsBueU $85,000: bds. auth. & issued ft2SO,00U, 5p. c. 
Int: S. W. Pettit P; C. L. S. Tingley S, T. A P. A; 
B. F. Hires Supt; 8 d. c. arcT-H; 8a. c. G. E. 1040- 
101-52 V. 8. pli. 16,000 altns. T-H Ed. soc: 75 d.c. arcs; 
48 a. c. arcs: 3,1(J0 a. c. iocs; 1100 hp. e. Ball, A. A S; 
760 hp. b. Weth; city cont. 75 arcs, 158 incs; c. p. 1200 
A 20 $80 & $18 per yr. all nt; coal $8.25. (Controlled 
by American Rys. Ca. Phlla, Pa.) 110 


BURLINGTON, 8,500- Burlington Elec. Lt. A Pwr. 
Co.; cap. fta.OOO; N. Haines P.; U. Flanders. 8.: 
T. Daniels, T. & M. : 1 arc Ft. W. ; 2 d.c. Ed. 130 v. ; 
2 a.c. T -H., Ft.\V. 1000-50 v., IS.OOOallns.; Kd. soc.: 
80arc; 1.500 d.c. incs., 1,500 a.c. iocs.: 105 hp. e. 
Prov ; city ooul. 25 arcs c.p. -2000 $90 per yr. all nt.llO 

CAMDKN. 75,000— South Jersey Gas Elec. A Trie. 
Co; olBce 4lh & Arch St^. Camden, N. J.; cap. $6,- 
000,000; (Have absorbed the following companies: 
Camden Gas Lt. Co, Eawi Side Gas Co., Camden Lt, 
«fc Htg. Co. of Caradt-n, Mert'hantville Gas Co., Mer- 
chantvilleElec.Lt. Co.. Mt. Hollv Gas Co., Ml. Holly 
Elec. Lt.Co., Citizens Gas Co. of Woodbury, Moores- 
town Elec. Lt. Co., Haddonfleld Elec. Lt. Co., Glou- 
cester City Klec. Lt. Co., Woodbury Elec. Lt. Co. 
Trenton l>ds «£ Elec. Co. and Cuiiiden Glouresicr & 
W'oodbury (elec.) Ry): C^l. \. R. K user P. Newark: 
.Sen. T. N. McCarter, Jr. T. Newarlc: F. F. Dryden 
8. Newark: F. D. Moses Cn. Eugr; P. Lnpke Cb. 
Elecu; M. Ludlam G. Supt. Trac. Dept. Gloucester, 
ciiy cont. 400 Its. c. p. 2000 $120.50 per yr. all nt. 51 

CAPE MAY CITY— Franklin Elec. Lt. Co., cap. $50. 
000. J. Q. Williams, Uecr.; 100 arc Schuyler; 75 h. ti 
e. Russell. 118a 

CLAYTON— See Pitman Gn>ve. 

CLINTON, 1.200— Clinton Klec Co.; cap. llO.OOO; 
H. F. ThirktjII. M.. P. A. ^V Spl.; 1 d.c. f.-H. 110 v.; 

soc.; 10 d.c. inc. arcs. ; 500d.c. incb. ; 73 hp. e. 

Taylor; 100 h p. b. Erie; city cont.. moonlt.,mdnt. 127 

COLLINOSWOOD— See Haddonfleld. 

DECKKRTOWN, 1.500-Sussex Elw. Lt. A Pwr. 
Co.\ cap. «7.000; bds. »7,0vl0: O. Hjirdin. P.. M. 
A Spt: .1. W. C. Carlwr. S. A P. A.; .1. F. Waddins?- 

ton. T. ; inc. Ilei?*. v.. altns. ; U-is. soc.; 

l.lOOa.c. Incs.: l.^)hp. e. I*avne, Stearns; 75 hp. b. 
Erie; city. cont.. moonlt.. nufnt. 18 

DOVKR, fl.OOO— Dover Elec. Lt. Co.; cap. $40,000; 

bds. $40,000, 6 p. c. int; W.C. Whittingham P; .1. D. 

Condit S. AT; 2 a. c. 2 ph. Stan. 1000-100-50 v. 

16,000 altns. F.l. pcc; 4500 a. c. incs; 500 hp. e. Frick; 

450 hp. b. tublr; city cont. incs., 24 c. p. all nt. 

DUNELLEN-See Bonnd Brook. 

KGG HARBOR. 2,000-EKg Harbor Elec. Lt. Co. 
(Began op. 1S98); T. T. Mather Owner; 1 arc T-H; 1 
a. c. 2 ph. Stan. 1100-104 v. 1G,00(^ altns. S-M soc; 28 
arcs ».b amps; 050 a. r. incs; 72 hp. gaso. e. Otto; 
citv cont. 2:1 Its. c. p. 2000, H) Incs. c. p. 1« $15i0 per yr. 
moonlt. 1 .\. M. 110 

ELIZABETH Suburljan Kkn-. Co.; (Controlled by 
Unite<l Elec. t'o. of N. J. Sec Newark); A. B. Carl- 
ton P; K. H. Sti'vcnsS; 5 d. c. arc T-H. Hrush: 7 
d. 0. pwr. (t. K. 221). 110. .V)(> ry. v: 3 si. c. (i. K. 2080- 
104 V. mcy. ph. 7.'J(K)alms. VA. T-H .s<h': irid.c.arc!*; 
33 a. <•. inc. arcs rt amps: 21. (XX) a. c. incs; a. c. day 
dr.. 3.(«K) hp. «'. Cor. II. A \\ W-C: \.m) hp \\ Bab. 
A W, Cor: '-itv cont. molts. I2<K)c. p. JW .V) per vr. 
all lit. 60 

ENGI.K\VOOI> Sec Ha.-kcnsack. 

LEMINGTOX. 2,10() Flcminu'lon Elec. Ll. Ht. A 
Pwr. Co , (Bc^'an «)p. ISO.'S): cap. auth. *.t(),0;H): bds. 
$6.(K)(): .1. Karr, P : V. H. WillianiHon. M. A P. A.: 
1 arc Ball: 2 a. c Fi. W.. lOOO-lOC) v , IV^O'I 
altns.: Kil. sor-. 43 aro. :\ a.c. an-s. « snip.: 2(MiO 
a. c. inc-«. : 'Tt:^ hp. e. B. A W., Phcnnix; '2ZA) hp. b. 
A. A R. : city com.. 43 arcs. l2iK) c. p. tiA p<?r vear, 
mdnt. 110 

FREEHOLD, 3.700-Fre<'hold Elec. Lt. Co. (Be^ran 
op. 1888>; cap. 118.000. H. V. M. Dennis P; C> H. 
Butcher S. A T: W. L. Fn-eman. M.; 450 Inc. Edi- 
»on; 43 hp. e. \. Y., Safety. 90 

GLASSBORO— Sec Pitman Grove. 

OLOUCESTER-So. Jersey Gas Elec. A Trie. Co. 
See Camden. 

HACKENSACK, 8.000-Gas A Elec. Co. of Beimel 
County (a consolidation of the Hackensack GmA 
Elec. Co. Englcwood Gas A Elec. c:o. Rid^ewood 
Elec. Lt. A Pwr. Co. and Rutherford BoilineSpriBCii 
A Carlstadt Elec. Co.) cap. issued t2,000^; bds. 
outstg. «1,.SOO,000. 5 p.c. int; F. B. Poor P; L. Lom» 
S; W. C. Thomas T; W^. J. .Tones Snpt. (Hackensack 
Plant) 8 a. c. SUn. 2400-110 v. 2 ph. 8.000 altns. Ed. 

soc; 100 a. c. arcs: a. c. incs; 2000 hp. e. McL ft 

S; 3000 hp. b. Big, Ames. Stir; city cent SOOOcp. 
85-38 $10--.>0 per yr. all nt. (Co. Its. 44 towns) lU 

HACKETTSTOWN, 2,417*— Hackettatown Elec U. 
Co. cap. 118.000. G. W. Titman P; 8. R. Smith 8; 
J. Everett. T: T. Toung Supt: 1 a. c Stan. ftiQO-MI 
V. 2 ph. 16,000 altns. Ed. soc; 1600 a. c. inca^ 900 h& 
e. H. A P; hp. b: city cont. moonlt. Itl 

HADDONFIELD, 8,00(V-So Jersey Gas. Elec, ft 

Trac. Co. (Haddonfleld Sta.) See Camden. 1 a. c. i. 
ph. Stan. 1000-100 v. 16,000 altns. Ed. T H see: » 
series arcs; 8 a. c. arcs; A 8 amp; aOOO a. c. inci: 
250 hp. e. Bckye; 870 hp. b. Coateaville, Da PUbe; 
city cont. 29 Its. c.p. 20(.O $110 per vr. all nt (Co. also 
Its. Haddon Ilts., Collineswood A Westmoni.) 110 

HAMHONTON, 4,000 — Hammonion Elec.LtHL 

A Pwr. Co: cap. I ; S.C. Veria M; I a.c We«i«. 

1000-100 v., 16,000 altns.; Kd. soc.: 84 a.c area; 400 
a.c. inc.: 75 h p. e. A. AS ; 80 hp. b. tublr.; city 
cont.. mdnt. W 

HARRISON'— Ezceli>ior Elec. Co. (Controlled \ij 
Peoples*' Lt. A Pwr. Co., Newark). 

HIGUT.STO\VN, 2,000-The Elec. Lt. A Pwr. Co. 
(Be^an op. ISO-i); cap. auth. $25,000, isaned $16Je50: 
bds. auti). A lH^ucd $10,00, 5 p, c. int; G. Reissman 
P; F. J. Thron S. T. A P. A : P. E. Wilson .Ir. M. ft 
Supt; 2 a. c. Ft. W. aWO-110 v. 16,000 altns. Ed. 
soc; 87 a. cares: 700 i. c. incs; 125 h p. e. Bollioi; 
150 h p. b. Heine: city cont. 31 Its. c. p. 1800 K0p»r 
> r. mdnt ; coal I . 110 

HOBOKEV. 60.000-Hndson Elec. Lt. Ht. A Pwr.(>>. 
(Coutrollttd l)v I'nitcd Elec. Co. of N. J.); A. B. 
Carlton i*: Col. Dickinson S. A T: U.l). RInirSopt; 
8 d.c. un' (i. K. Brush; 6 d.c. pwr. G. E. 500 v: Sac. 
Stan 2400- 1 10- 11. "iv. 2 ph 7.200 altns. Ed, T-H soc; 
820 d. c. ttr s; l.'iO a.c. arcs 5, 7 amps; 10,000 a.c. iocs; 

a. c. day cir: r.,»iOO hp. e. Penn, Cor, Whlk; S.100hp. 

b. Bub. A W: city cont. 286 Ita. 2000 c. p. $10aper 
yr all nt. 60 

JERSEY CITY, 206 4.33-PeopleB' Lt. A Pwr. Co. 

(Cjmtrollj'd by Cnited Elec. Co. of N.J. Soe Newark) 
20 d. c. arc Ft. W, Brubh: 2d. c. pwr. Weetfr. 500 ▼: 
4 a c. Stun. 2000 101 v. s. ph. 16.000 altna. Ed, T-H. 
S-.Msoc: 1 78.' (i.e. arcs: 500 inc. area 6.5 amps ; 28,000 
a. c ince: a. r. day cir. 2000 v; d. c. 500 v; 8,600 hp. 
e. W-C. lor, McI. A S; 3000 hp. b Cionb; city codL 
1,:^T3 Its. c. p. 2000 *0» per yr. all nt. 60 

KKVI»OKT, .-iOOO- Middlesex A Monmouth Elec.Lt 
lit. A Pwi. Co. (Be^au op. i89ii): also Its.So. Ambo; 
and Mntawan; chi>. auth. A issued $50,000; bdi. 
nuth. SlOOUi, iSftuiMl $60,000, 5 p. c. int; John Karr 
I*. A P. A: F.Bcll S. A T: W.Stubbs. Snpt; S.B**alty 
rh. Kncr: 1 u. c. Stan. 24<X)-1(M v. 2 ph. 7^00 altDS. 
Kd. soc: l.iO n.c. iiir. arcs; lOOO a. c. incs; ttOhP- 
e. W. C: 2:m) hp. ».. Bnb. A W; city cont. SSlt^aW 

c. p. $yo pt-r yr. all nt; coal$.3.4o 81 

LAKEWOOn, 1.2->0-I^kewood Wtr.Lt. APwr.Co.; 
r.V. Ba-j*ettT: W. I. WarrinerSupt; 4d.c. arcG.K. 
125 V. a a. .-. Wrsis:. 220U no v; 7900 altna. Ed. soc; 

ItUhp. t-: 100 hp. turl». W 

LAMHKRTVILLK. 4,.tOO Hunterdon Klec Co.; 
cap. ♦:«).<)«¥): ImN. ^r^OOO; W. H. Bratten, P. A P. A, 
1112 (iranii Bd>; . IMiila.: H. K. ZoHmger. $.; W. A. 
Kobin.-*on. T.: W. S. N<rwman, Spt.; I arc Std.; I a.e. 
Hoyal 10li)-l(M-52 v., 17.000 alms. S-M «oc; 48ai«a.l 
a.c. arcs: 1.000 a.c. incs.; n.c. day cir.; Stt hp.a 
BaII, Taylor; 150 hp. b. Harrisb^.; city eomt 4t 
\ls. c. p. \\:a)M %%0 \m>t ^t. all nt; oaSX •$.». tt 

NEW JERi^fiV. 



iJi— 9i?e Uoaiid Brook. 

,OiJi r.t. lit X VWT. €t>. OiA ti(^d hy Faterion 
Ik Ga4 ife Blec. Co, PAter««n, 
lEANCH. |U.Ud()^4?oimolitJiiLr(| Gum CU of 
i|k $- — ^j K. MfjMllliii I*, Jf. 11. Wilson Is, 
wia T. C% \h Mfouff M. A P A. S, l>. i!;p^>ng 
wv T*Hi 2 a. e, j*wr. 'r II Ei. 2oO v: 5 n. ♦.% 
Vwtir, llrtO-lia-M V. l^^^Utt) aIuis. T-H t™;; 
t: liU n, f. nrc*' aJ^WM a. h, mc»; s. f. diij 
r. clr. t>^> v: <W h|». IV A a S. Fit(*lj ; 900 hp, 
TtMii i 7^1 ht*. b. lublr; cUy eon I. 1 18 lie* €, n. 
I pit y r. Hi I ta I ; a m\ t^M. 1 J 

>K, 31,7:^- CJtf El(»c. Ll Plant, (Mimic); 
lL»il», ir Van W. Mvcr, Bf»to Clerk; Canntil 
Bnr... or Mndif-on'M. A P. A; 3 a. c. T H. 
llOuli^t^'^ V. Mi^iXN) altiifl. T'E noci HAm A. C 
K> h|i.ii. U. ^ P; TMJ hp.b; mcKmU, itJl nt. I»t 
QVA'S, Ufm*~-^Qf: Point Pk-niyitxt. « 

FAN— Sfo KffporL 

IANT% 1 LLE-iki. Jpnwj Gai Ele<i, & TrAC. 
tt rricntU'Ti, X. J. 

IllCS-it^nlml ElecCo, U. €. BteUiifdiiOU 
Al*<i (M-'f Ni'**ork. 

JR>\ LOM*-M)ilbari] Electric Co. 
iA.U. n.UUO-MniviU« Elffl?. Lt. Cour cap. 
r. H*?fcV«'i Pi N. G. Liverniore S; W. D, 
rT: W. a. Any Sapt; » d. c. »rc Brrjuh a »,c. 
CM)-SO V. 7/300 Alms. T-n »!«:: lao jirm fi 
Ifialncft; IMJbp. tiirbKWiM>i|; etty i-oul. liKJlts, 
>U fO'.>|i yr. ftllnt. 110 

!dTrlW>£, ^iOfiO'-'So.Jersey GAi KIw^A Trie. 
)|f t'aliidirti, N', J. 

liTilWN, liJAM)- Morris CowjjL^ Kl'x*, Cfl. 
ilk*<l liy tilt? Uullcd £kc. Co. of x\.J. See 
Gv G Kn*Uni:lni> St n P; L U. U. Ollmoof 
Al]» T; A. U. Lyni-h ?niit, 4 d. o. Arc T*tl; 
T-H. SlAl. ttW-iaCRrdV 301-53 v, p. !» plu rjOt\ 

|£r|^ T ilt y-M, ii'K.'; ?«i d.c. htcs; t; w* *.*. 

f,ft3«,f^ flics; ft, e. day clr^ t.auOhp. 

lUlp, turb. %'AntT; 750 hp b. Hlucdow, 

at Ifl? ft. c. 2ft t.rn J'l It*. I'JUO c. p. ilJt) 
il lit. fx> 

>ii. K. J. 

illy Sla- Supt. A. Von DAiihenliAOM'ii; 4d c, 
jv: lid. c. itjc. arr»; Kd. etic; lis^ lip, e. A* 
|bt»< l». wMiUtv: dty ftuht. a<JOl£«. 1. 1». 16 115 
'im; cf»J|3-ao. 31 

tft ' ^ ADd .rvr*ey City eotitrall^ by 
\ r (jf N, A . ofl!l cc . UtW M arket S t > ; 

(: - ■^M: P. !4. JaieiiKUji 1\ G. Kraueer 

l>. t jirnitjil ^, * G. M; P. IngAlli* A*aL T: !J2 
[T Ft W, W. E, Bnieh^ 3d. c. \K>Hii: 'i ± c. 
'■^Uf. aSO, M^, 110 V ; a a. c. Wphiit '2-llH}-t^0 v. 
i^Uji» T H. Ed, S'M poc; 'i 4^2 d. c, arc«; 
Eftfl'^t rt.Bump'*. HJ.OOil 11, f intft^ A,d d^v cir, 
FiaOtthtJ, <j, IV mi. W C\ MfL A Si 6,;ii5u hp. 
ID; city pnuL li^Ki It*'. 30)0 1\ p. aU in, 00 

IaI KIp*-*, Co. (i1*^ Ab^DTbLfl pl^iiiA ut the fn\- 

towne: New Jintn-iwh-k, i^mnd IlrrHik. Me- 
L llAhwAf And Pifrth Aniboy/; i'. >'. dat!kson 

b rWt.Pn. of N, J, office, 20T MAfket St, 
M^ Lt. * Pwr. Co. No Hudson LL 

T jintwkeni ConimiiK^rs ]A. 111. A 

II, . . ,; Momi Couniy EUm" i o.. Mor- 

^Mfif>uitn>Ti>: cup. AUIh. e^3,UUiU,lJ0D; A, 13. 
^^■KJ^ C)eor$;e^; L. LdlN^T; D. FartAnd 
^^H ABvt T: «^tv c MUL 1HU0 Ms. l\ p. SCHXi 
pwr r^' *tL iit^ coal f:e.^. fU) 

tHt;P«t$WICK*:aO.OQO— OntTil EU^t. Co,; A. 
^ feiipr; city cout, 4Ki lt». c. p. JiUtsji SKK, ijeryf, 

JYFT, l,uX^-N4-w Esrypt EI«.n U. AFwr. 

an niK immy, cAp. I — ; m. k. Umb p. ^ 

fcTc. d£ C 'i30 v; Ed. ^w ; 3tlO d. C lOCBi 

. aUmMI: Ldtyeoni. luilDt. 90 

5^, S.rttM*— Jitwton Eii.'i^irk U.» Ht. A Pwr* 
f H^ H»rli?^ M. Jt P. A. I9x 

ttSMJn—Sitbnif Klcc. Lt 4 Pwr O,; *^»p. 
>v P.i 4. Nkbol!*, !v A T,; T. Ni- 
> \ A SpL^ 1 A.*". G. E. tCOO-lOO-SO 

< I : tfn?, ; I A,fl* APti ; 1 ,ttU I itm, ^ 1^ 

Ui...^- , ,t.,.ibt:awhp. bLH?1ty o<i!it,,AlliiL JB 

OCEAN flTY,2,0U0*Ot-oan Cily Tvlw. U. Co. (Be- 
eSAti op. ISi^^J UAp. AUth, A- iniiiie^ i:kl,OCNI; lide.liiHUisd 
laO.O ft, e|>. c. im; K. IL LKkf 1\ Jl P. A. W, Luke 
li. U. K. pAlm T. H.T. LAkB M. H-M, HAlliach SopL 
« Ch, Elw;n. C. WAlfon Ch. Enpr H d. c. sro Ft. W, 
Sk'liuv; 1 d. c. pwr ICi-n. afi(> v; ^ A.i-,Weirtr, Ft. W, 
ItjO-au V. — pb. HJ.WJO iiltn^. Wp-fttj, idc: tftd, cf. ftrem 
fl ampi^i 25 a. c. Inc. Arcn: .t<«Ii h c, hii-ft; d. c. pwr. 
clr. m; Sumivp. t*. Biill Jl, u.A H. Wifiiit; TOrbp. 

b. Kwktrjdty colli. — lu. c. p. Um %W i*. yr. aH m; 
coAli9.m » 

OC HA s a HO v|£, 2,75l*— Oc^Aii crrove Camp M L-f^llnif 
A^nn. (Muoir :,; cAP. I3&,(]0U; T, J. Pn slon. M. «£ 
P. A,. VV. U, Fmukiin. Elu.: -lufc Ex.; 2 A,e.W«4it4r. 

igoo-ioo-sa v.. moou AiiiiM t:^. ^^ ; itjo APii: 3,cii» 

inc#: OOObp.t'.Btsf . Uutti C; «U0 bp.b.Uutf. 90 

OBANOE, S4.14I— Pftopki.' LL& Pwr( o, (Controlled 
bv tbe raited Klec. Ca, of N. J. Si't?N*jWArlt.); 5il.e* 
(J, K ; 8 d.c. pwr. We*lf.N asft v; :2 a, c. 8uni. «a0O-llO 
V. 2 pb. 7,200 ahnit. Ed, T-H. S-M soc; S4U cj. c. Arc«i 
m Hh c. arcp b 6 ampH; 2!0,(lK) a, c, liicn; ». (.*, day cirs 
liOO hp. «. W-^.*, J[. A Pl IHOObp, l>, Cionb; dty 
^ont, WKy Iw, *JU0O c.p, $H5 t»r y r, aIT nt. «& 

PASSAICVr,7T7-pAmrsoi> A ptiMsnlc Qaa & EkcC^, 
(^e PAtiimon for oHiciAls) bd. c. arc T H; & a. c, 
G, E, Sum 1 100-104^2 v. Itt.WO Altti*. TH m^: 178 
d. c. are* 6,8 A V 6Aifip«; ^1 u,r, inc. iiresi il.^IW a. €. 
InCft; d, c. dAy cir. Ijou v: Uta hp, «. W-C: 600 hp. h. 
Btir : f:ily oont HW Arcii u. p, ISOO fJOS inr yt nil ul; 
COAl SS^*^ Itt 

FATKltSQN, tO5,0f7l— Paler»oii A Pahbaic OAa A 
Eli^c. Co, CAP. amlX & iBf'Ovd 15.01)0.000; tuS*. ftlfth. 
tfi,O0O,0(Kt, issufrd il,l<W.OOU. A p. c. Lnt; W. :BArtiODT 
P; W II. ilo^trtii; E. G, l.w T; .1. A. Pi^»f0oo P. 
A; W. M. llr^xfk Siipl.Elec. I)epl: 2Sd.c, nfo K^UAh^ 
T-H ; to d> 1% G, E. IIU v; 8 d,c. pwr ftn, 6M Vi & a. 

c. Sran. ^^00^112 v H.pb, 16.000 altna. Ed. »oci sm d.d. 
♦ircw (17 & ac aiiipp; OCAd. c. inc, aj-c»: ili,7t30 d. e. 
incfr: OJtiO A. c. itic»: d. r. day olr. llS-aaOv. d. c. 
|iwr. cir. ftOO v: ft. Of* hp. e. U, ilt W : S.{lOl> b p Jj, i^tiri 
city ciPiiL. 712 Uh. 3000 c. p. |JOSi per >t. aB dL 
coAl S^..'jO. (Se« Alpo Piu^wlk) 91 

FKItTH AMEIOY; lJ,000-C.*ntnil Ek*c. Cii.; Suc- 
cessors rnl^ArlCAii EJev Ll.& Pwr. Co. W. A. i5*k1j*r 
Snpr; at^: At»o Nnwark. inty lont. IPJ Iti, c. p. tM)0O 
^m.U per yr; coaI S3.;r>. 

FITMAH GRUVK,, 17 00©-W>nooiib. GIawIjoto A 
ClAi ton Klt^^ Co. ^»uccui^aof lo Glouti^eter County 
Eloc, C«.y; Ai}«oliH. Wc^nuimb, GlMMiboin,^ ClAyt^pn, 
cyip. |$O,0jO: C W. Bnvnujn P; J. P. Channon T^ 
A, ItiiyetS, M. A P. A;';iA, c. HtAii, 'iiSW-llO v. J ph. 
16,000 AUdt. Ed. ific; ^DivC {net; leSO bp, e Ani««. 
lirlf ; (to bp. turb. ^mttb; 250 bp.b. AiDt>«, Erie; city 
cuint. M 

FLAINFIELD, ao.OdO FlAloflPld G«b * Elec. Lt. 

Co., (BfUfAnopH 1886K CAp. I , H. G. Euuklo P. 

Jt T; J. C. Pop^^^i W, A. McCluiV M; fi a. «1. 2 ph. 
Wcntj;. 1140 1 01-52 v. 7.300 alttid. Ed. 5i?.-M. aoc; 7 a. 
cHicaj 12,t)oa*,c. IO'^f; u.e. day dr; at. ry. pwr, dr. 
aOO V ; 1000 lip e. A A S, Wif#tg ; city cont. all nt. &» 

FI.EASANTVILI.1:, '^,fl<J(l-Tlie Sbort Ek-c, Lt., Hi. 
A PwT, Co, (Ik'UAO r>p. loot): t»lso Its, Al»»«roii^ 
CAp. lauth, fO^liOn; |ir, B. H. Sbivcr* P; V. LAkt« S; 
E. Ludlck T; E. 'l\ Xv*;- Supt; I a. o. Wej*t({. 2tfJ0-HJ8 
V, « pit. rJOU AltiiJ*, Kd.s-w; 3ftji,c.»re#; 100 n.c. iijc^; 

100 bp. «. SkluniT; Hli bp. b; city c<>nt» — Jta. 

C. p. t^UUO per yr. Oidct. SI 

FDINT I'LEAJ^ANT, 18.000— Point PkasAOt KU^. 
Lt. A pwr. C^i,; (Ltft. a1w> MntiiiM]UAii And BAy 
Ucridj; I'll p. I — — ; Q, K, Kvaii«, P.; W. C.Ada ins. 
S. A.T.; V, P. .1. AltuUali, M.; Evaui, AlitiinUl A 
CVp., P, a., 41 r»py m.. .N. Y.; P. Ttmn^r, Spt,; 1 d. c* 
W»ti£. fiOO v.; 2 il. u. S ph. Siau. 2*>t)-no-aioo-m ¥.. 
le.lJUO wUnc; Ed.* T.-H. wjc.; 35 u. c. Arcs; S.OOO 
loci'. SOU A. c. #erie» incu. flS cp. i pwr. cir. 500 v. ; ftW 
bp, **. 11 .t W.; Sraj bp. b, Uijr; city cont. indnL 70 

FRIKCKTOX, (KOOO-PrioceHJti Eke. Wk*,; Cnp 
Aath. lUW.OOO; W. A. SqiiirH P; C. », Roblusoo V.P; 
C. P. Eiicb S, T. M, A P. A; I d.c. G. K. ^»v ; 3 a.c. 
C.E. Wosrif, WAfr. n 1(140 t04 v. «.pb. lfl,ot)(J aIidb Ed. 
ffoc: Mtwrc*: O.rtJO hirrs; a. c. day cir; SOObp.e.ntcli. 
NcwburKh: tTT&hp, b, SUr. city conL. tudot 110 

HAH WAV, fl,00O-Cf«lfni Elw, Co,; W. A. BtfHh*H 
Supi; uImoi^q Newark^ tdly cont. *i5 B#. c.p. iSOOO 
$m pdr yr, all nt, 

BABITA:!«,2a.OClO-8««Ven\i Xm^t^y, 






RKD BANK, 5.000-Shore Elec. Co.; cap. aath. & 
Issued 1100,000; P. N.Jackson P: U. P. ChuiidlerS; 
P.IngHllB T; K. Uall MAP. A; E. A. Terhnnc Spt: 
2 d.c. pwr. 500 v; 2 a.c. Stan. 2000-104 v. 2 ph. 1«,000 
altoH. Kd. 80(\: 42 a. c. inc. arcs; 2500 a.c. uica; tt.c. 
A d.c. day cir; 500 bp- e. A. & S: 600 bp. b. Sterling; 
city cent. 42 arcH. 135 incs. $— per yr. all nt; coal. 51 

RIDQEWOOD, 3 500-Tbc Gas A Elec.Co, of Bergen 
County: 1 arc Westpr. : 1 d.c. Ed. 125 v. ; 2 a. c. 
8. ph. Weetg., T.-H. 2300-230 115 v., 7,200 altns.; Ed. 
80C.: 35 arcs, 15 a.c. inc. arcs, 5 amp.« 18 a c~ arcs, 6 
amp.: 2000 d. c. inc. 750 a.c. 160 hp. e. St. Line, 
WaU?rtn: 12) hp. b. Erie; ciiy cont. 45 arcs; 12 c ~ 
$80 per yr. 3:30 A. M See Hackensack. 


BIVEKSIDE.2,200-CinnamiiiRoii Elec. U., Pwr. & 
Htg. Co. 

ROC KA WAV, S.OO(>~Rockaway Elec. Lt. & Im- 

f>rovemcnt Co. (Heganop. 189U); cap. auth. 215,000, 
ssued $8,500: G. W. .-tickle P; M. L. HoHgland 8; 
K. M. Loewealhal T; 1 a. c. O.E. 1000-100-50 v. 
15,000 iiltns. Ed. soc; 875 a. c. inco; 100 hp. e. A. A 

S; 60 hp. turb. : hp. b; city cont 75 lu. 82 

c. p. $15 per yr. all nt; coal $2.45. 110 

RUTHERFORD, 2,500-Ga8 & Klec. Co. of Bergen 
Co.—See llackensack. 

SALEM— Salem Elec. Lt., Heat A Power Co.; cap. 
"$82,000; John M. Carpenter P. & Supt; J. O. Acton 
S. & T: 40 arc, 1.200 inc. Wesig. d. c; 150 hp. e. 
Weslg; city cont. all nt. t 

8AYREVILLE. 3.900— Sayreville Elec. Lt. A Pwr. 
Co. (Be^an op. 1897) cap. auth. & issued $4,000; J. R. 
Sayre Jr. P; E.A. Fisher S. M. & P. A; Peter Fisher 
T; E, E. Meeker Ch. hnsr; C. W. Carr Ch. Elecn: 
3 d. c. pwr. C. A W. Short; 2 a. c. Stan. 2400-110 v. 2 
ph. 7200 altni*. T-U soc; 8 a c. arcs 6 amps; 000 a. c. 
incs; d. c dav cir; pwr. cir. 550 v; 750 hp. e Fitchh; 
450bp. b. Soiter. 110 

8EABRIGHT, 2.r00-Seabritfbt Elec. Lt. Co. (Began 
op. 1897) CHp.auth. $20,000: bds. $15,000: B. A. Von 
Brunt I»: E. S. NesbittS; J. J. Reed T; C. Heisler 
M. & Supt; 1 d.c. llO-l.'iO v:.2 a. c. Warren 1000-100 
V. 8. ph. ltt,000 altns. T-Il, Ed. soc: 26 d. c. arcs 6.6 
amps; 26 a. c. arcs. 6 & 6.t Impn; 2500 a.c. incs; a.c. 
dav cir: H6 bp. gnn. i\ Otto, city cont. 20 Its. c. p. 
1800 $2000 per yr. all nt; gasolene. 110 

SEA I<»LE CITY, 766-Sea I««Ie City Klec. Lt. Pwr. * 

Wtr Co.: <'ap. $ : J. Huuirb. S.; M. Baiiey. T.; 

A.R. IIin>ert. Spt. : 2 d.c. Kd. 110 v.: soc: 1.000 

IncH. : 120 hp. ». Taylor. 160 hp. b Taylor, Wood: 
city eout , nil nt l*J 

SEASIDE PARK— S<'aJ«ide Lt. Wtr. & Sewer Co.: 1 
. c. arc: Ifi.HOO altnn; OtSO a. c. incs. 

SEWARKN— Sec Hah way. 

SOMKRVII.LK. 4.813 -Somerset Ltg. Co.: cap. auth. 
A isHued ♦l.'H) WK): Hon. L. A. Thorn pnon P: ('. M. 
Hemiiit'wav S; F. M. Tail M, P. A. * Snpt: 3 a. c. 
(f. K. Il5()-im V. K. pb. nOO ultni*. Kd. »oo: 20 a. c. 
arcsOanipH: HlXWa.c. Incb: a.c. day cir: 300 b p. e. 
B. & W: 500 bp. turh. Leflfel: i.V) bp. b. Nat; city 
com, 230 Itr . c. p. '-'5 $20 per yr. 121 

SO. AMIlOY-.s,o Ke\pori. 

SO. BOINO KUOOK— See Bound Brook. 

SUMMIT. «.rtlO- F>Hex Union Wtr. A Lt. Co. cap. 
no.OiX): F. K. Drakr P: I'.M. HasM-tt S. A T: 2 a. c. 
WeflL'. 2000-104 v 2 ph. 7.2UUultn.s. Ed. hoc; 11 a. c. 
arcH- liOOO H. c. incs: 510 hp. e. 11. A P. Bus: 3()0 bp. 
b. MrE: city c«>nt. all uL 110 

TOMS RIVEK, l.SOO-Tonir* BiviT A Island neiirbts 

Kle<'. Lt. A Pwr. Co; (Bfjiaii op. 1900); cap. auth. 

f2iMi00 iKHurd *lrt,00O: no bdn; A. A. Brant P: G.W. 

llolinan s, M. A P. A: T. D. Wardell Snpt; 1 a. c. 

Fi. W i^«(>- 1000-200- niO v. I'.OOO altnt^. Ed. soc: 2 
M. c. Hrf>: 700 H.r. /nci»; 125 bp. e. Bckye; city cont 
175 Its. c. p, 2» is piT yr. all ui ; coal $2.80. AlO 

TRENTON. 73, W7— Trenton Gas A Elec. Co.; (Pom. 
erly T. Lt. & Pwr. Co.) (Began op. 1885); cap.udL 
A issued $2,000,000; bds. auth. $2 000.000. issned|l- 
650 000. 5 p. c. int; H. C. Moor« P.; A. R. Koier & 
A T; K. Stocton M. A P. A; P. Lupke Supt; F.D. 
Moses Ch. Enirr: 9 arc. Brush; 9 a. c. s. ph. G.I 
1100-110 V. 15,000 altns. Ed. soc.; 500 series aro, US 
a. c. arcs, 6 amp; 20,000 a. c. incs; a. c. day dr, 
pwr. cir. 220 v; lOOO hp. e. Westg.. B. A W..Beky«4 
1200 hp. b. Thropp; city cent., 820 arcs., 2000 c.p^ 
$96 per year, all nt; coal $2.75. 9 

WASHINGTON, 4,000--Washington Elec, Lt Ca; 
(Began op. 189 ); A. Ncsbitt P; W. P. Billing* T: J, 
Plaingan M; E. C. Ward A. A. A Snpt; B. Albert. 
Ch. Ernzr; 1 d. c. arc Ball; 2 a. r. Ft. W. Sun, lOOt- 
100 V. 8. A 2 pb. 16.000 altns. Ed. soc: 45 d.c. am 
6.5amp!(: 2 a. c. arcs 6 nmp; 2500 a. c. inci>: Slhpi 
e. Mel. A S, Phwnix; 275 hp b. Phoenix: cltywut 
43 arcs 37 incs. 1200 c. p. $50 A $12 i>er yr. mooolt 
aUnt: coal $8. SI 

TYENONAH— See Pitman Grove. 

WILD WOOD— West Coast Elec. Co; 1 d.e.aicl 

A. c. Ft. W: 7,200 altns; 80 d.c. arcs; 1500 a. ciM 
WOODBRIDGE— See Rahway. 

Carteret Elec. Lt A Pwr. Co. (Began op. 19(10); ctfi 
anth. A issued #50,000; J. A. Quin P; W.J. Umkj 
S/M. A P. A: L. A. Chase T: S. Harris Cb. Ivr. 
M. JaeuerCb. Elecn; 2 a. c. G. E. 2300-110 T.tpb. 
Ed. .hoc; a. c day cir: 830 bp. e. Ames: city cfliL 
165 Its. c. p. 26 $3X)0 per yr. S 

WOODHUKY, 4.000— So. Jersey Gas Elec * Tnc. 
Co. Sec Camden. 


AXAMOGORDO, 2,100— Alamogordo Elec Vs» 
Plant; M. H. Finher Lt^asee: 2 a. c. arc G. E; T-H 
hoc; :» a. c. arcs; 1500 a. c. incs; all nt; skaa 
rented. tt 

ALBUQUERQUE, 10.000-Elec Lt. Co.;(Bccuor. 
1894) : cHp.autb.lino.OnO: A.A.Grant P: D.A.McPta' 
son S. r. A P. A; B. U. Fiahcr M: R.B.ColemaBSpL 
A Ch. h lecn: 1 d.c. arc Brush: 4 d.c. Ed. llMMri 
a. c O.K. 2U00- II 5-230 V. s. ph. 7200 altns. Ed. Me:A 
d c.arrR9 0Hmps: 4a.c, arcs Samps; 8d c-.iDcs.ira; 
l.'iOO d.c. in(*f>; :M)0a.c. incs: d. c. day cir; pwr. cir. 
225 V : 320 hp p. Ide, A. A 8 : 400 hp.b. Pond, Sprli«f; 
city cont. 24 Its. c. p. 2000 $84 per yr. moonlt; cotl 
$2.70. $3. S 

CARLSKAD (Formerly Eddy), 1,500— cap. IMM: 

B. G. SI pgman Owner. P, T. A P. A. 1 a-capk. 
WeHtg. 22001 10 V. ?i00 altns. S-M. imc ; Out a. c. ioci: 
75 bp. turb. Leffel; city cont. SO Its. c. p. 16 tK P«r 
yr. mdnt. Ill 

EAST LAS VEGAS. 10.000-The Las .Vegas U A 

Fuj-1 Co. (BcKan op. 1890) cap.aath.Jb i 

F. Sprini!*^ P. E. i). Bullard S. C. C. Gise T. 1). W. 
C\>nUon M. A P. A. 3a.c.Weet«. 1000-6St. 16.000altM. 
Brush, Wcftir. soc; 21 a. c. arcs; 1,4U0 inc»;96hp 
e. WoHtu; 200 bp. b. Erie; city cont., all nt 9 

L.AS VE />S— See East Las Vegas. 

RATON— be Raton Elec. Lt. Co., cap. IBO.Q00. ^ 
Marcy. Pren. : S. T. Rush, V. Pres. ; C. A. Fta, 8«. 
and Trcas. .'iOO inc. Edison : 50 h. p. Tde. * 

SANTA FE, 8.000-Santa Fe Wtr. A Klec Co.; (Bt- 
H&u op. lW)h: C. F. btreet, 4i. Wall St. New York P. 
A T; I Spajks M. A P. A; A. J. Grimn Ch. Eap.A 
Rkcn: 2«l. c. Ed. 112 v; 1 a.r. G.E. 2000-110 t. Spk. 
7.000 iiltns. Kd. s<M>; 2200 d.c. incs: fiO hp.e.Wittf:; 
100 hp. turb. PHton: 60 hp.b. Sionx C; clly eoiL 
50 Itt*. c. p. 32 $24 per yr. ail nt; coal $3. II 

SII.VER CITY, 2 7S.5-The New Mexico Lt..Hl. * 
Pwr. ( 0. (Bi'»:iMi op.iHfiU); cap.$]W.0U0; bdt. fiLM, 
.-) p. c. int: K. L. Woods P; F. L. Cuddleliark 8: C 
T. iirhnu'Iz.l T, M. A P. A: 1 d. c. Northern llOr; 
Kfi, T H Hor: Sd. c. arcsSamiw; ISOOd. c. inc»: VW 
hp. V. Ball: ISO hp. b. XaRei. Amea; city cont. 5ln. 
$U75 p<>r yr. moonlt. all nt; coal %i, U 


ADAMS— Adams Elec. Lt Co. cap. 910,0111: veMi; 
R. F. Steele P. T. M. * P. A. SDare Wood: MalL 
inc. T-H 1000-52 v; T-H too; Bodi^ olr; UH ^ 


*a,000— AddJ«m Klec. Lt. A Pwf. Co. c*p. 
P. M. WliRiitiJti P, M. A P. A. r.A, WUeatcm 
Uuniwiiy T. 1 &rc Stjdj Stc. NfttJ. lOOO-al) v\ 
fc. >;j. »cje: 46 ams; KlOO Inc*; 12S0 bp. p. 

Be; 3UU bp* b. Kde; cHy coat, njouult. nil 

J ft t, 151 -Albany E]«e. Ul'g C^,; cap. t^-io,- 
l^iM ver F : 7^ &TC H r Q s h ; 1 .SJU a 1 1^, I dc. 
.My. IQ MOp; J,i30 bp. e. tlMTia-Cor. 

hi Qw €o. eitj cobt O lU. c p. 2010 $»2 

,' 5,000 * Alhliin Pwr. Co,; C4P. «?S,000t Hod. 
Iliev P. T^bt^dfi Fatl«» K. Y; S. T, (Jhurch 

JotiiiPCHi tjt-n. M, ^ii«;llm Falls, N.Y; .T. 
CIS P. A. St J^ttPti F. A, PfllTutT l.'b. Engt; I 

U. K: 2».c. Si»n. na)-nO-220 V. 3 ph. 7^00 
EL *uc;: &^ fJ- c »rc» 9.0 amps: H a^ i'. arc^ ti 
gOti n, L'. Inc*; dsf ctr: I3i» top. c, MeL ^V 8, 
W^p. tuH). McC; SOU bp. b. Hub. Jt VV: 
Ht Iti. c» p. aKK> M5 |i«r yt. i A.M. nil diirk 

^£i& HAY, 1,350-Alexiuiaria Itay BKk^. 
K QChi costlJ&,fl<»; A. A. Ley are Uwnef; 
n Id.c. ltd. no ¥,j S ». e. Q. E.. Si*n. 
7,dOU ei^ft,; H± BOG.^ ai iros; SXIG d. e. 
» t.c lnci.t 42S bp, p. Her. A &. WaLdrtn. ; 
'^Aitj ccmt.. tnoouk.. mdnu 79 

_ Interntitbnml Klec. Co.; Hon. J. 

I. B. T*ggert V. P; C. G. Wells S; C. H. 

ST, &* 

Ll*iE*SLfiOft-AmttjTaie filec. Li, Co,; cap. 
. W. W»Ti«, P. P. A. ± Sapt; 8. K&(tbam. 
f; 2 ft. e. T-H, »»ftu. lOflO-tOO-SO v. lB,tJOO 
I ioc; LOCO inc*; IWhp. e. A. .it is; IWlip. 
^L tK( ly. 10 e, p. il*S pLf yr. ulL nl. Vn 

«!4»l1— Amiiterdiiin St. R. R. Co. 

„flcrdaca Arc Lt.Co. tmJ EcJUoti Elec, Lt. 

CO., eip. aMtb.«^,C»0, J. L, Meoe P; O. M. 

^ T; J. linBwIii Snpt, ^St P, A : m d. n. T-H 
I^-UIO v; Kd. iOi5: 174 th 4U »tcu; 90 d. c 
1.000 d.c. tno»: d, c. tlay clr; 40u bp. *?, 
_l*, b. ColUna' eity com, 308 lit. c. p. SOOO 

jfr- all nt; ctial $ . 51 

&tate PwT.Co. I Began op. lft>l): cap. a nth. 

Kl.MOO.OOil; btja. anlh. fLfsOlLOaO, ti**ijcd 
U. RtfllJer P. M. P. A; W. T. U payer 3?. 
i.SinltbSupti a il.cpwT, IS.OOQ v; day.clT; 
■Trb. Lpf, 51 

„ Athena E^r. Lt. & Pwr. Co. (B*?- 
» ; C'oiilrokd by ibo ll|-eT-^hci:bao Elt^c. 
k of Newtiof^h, N. Y: cap. aoih. and 
l^dOO: aobda; E. Wniri^ P; j. M. ^bth'ban 
. H, Sbetban M; E. TTaiyvt Cb. Eugr: si a.c. 
K^lOlt^. 1. pb. T3D0 altfifl. T f I fwc; ISQO 
K^bll. «. Pitcb; 350 tip, b. Deifloey; city 
I, c* p. KlS^P®' f^- mooult; coaL S^^ 

1,CW*— Athka Bloc Lt. Jfc Pwr. Co. a 

HOHIS-Aoburn Elec, Lt Co.; cap. tl50,- 

Biao.OOO; J. J Mw*e. P., T. & P. A; li. C. 
, H. Mt C:ut*, Hpt. ; 4 arc Ex.; a.c 

kM v., IWWO *H(»».; T<-H. roc; 33) area, 
; day clr; pwr cir IMXJv,; BUD bpy e. Erie, 

. ^hp. b. 5Ui»ti(iigi city i;oiit. 4liOarca 

Wfwrjf, rooonU. mdn^, 78 

B0»»— Zabri^klu * Morgati ownera (BegaD 


can f : N. L. Xabrii-kie P A. tL N. 

ei»L 2d,o. Q.E. tlO-na V. Ktl.ioc: 8d.e. 


b; a>hi>. *-. St. L; -mo hp. b. Flt» 110 

noo— Aifcm Kieo. Co. aip, §18,000: C. Allen 
\ ! M* -1. A T. F. IL RoHi; M. 1 arc Ft. Wi 3 
.^ J iKi hlJ V. 2 ph. la.OUOaltns. Ed. jtdc> 35 
l^k iiiL-a; 300 bp. ft. Nove. ftVpion; lifiO bp, b. 
t^ia, aa Iti. c. p. 3:i60 |Se p. yr. mould I. 

6f, S.aot^-Babylon E'w Lt- Co.: *ap. 
L. B, Fi»belP. * .M: F. A. Dowdt-nT; 3 
; 3 a. c. tl. g. lOOU'llM-BS t. le.OOO aUrid. Ed, 

I : €.000 Inca i aOO bp. e. A. & S ; 300 b p. h; 

BCMOIL 1 A. M. 121 

<vii.i>e:, a,oio»— Edijwa lllif. Co,: J. c. 
r: laoOincaBd. no 

BALiLSTON SPA. ftJJOO-^BallMon feipa Klet?. Lh ft 
PwT. Co.; cap. «3o.000j H.J. Donaldeom, P.; H. C. 
Wt^BU.-ot, a. M. Jb P, A.; S. C. Medbnry, T,; 3 ii.c, 
Wijitg. lOOO-SO v., lfl,<)00 altna.: Wi-itg. »oc.; 4,000 
InL'fl. ; -135 bp c, H«ll : 3 b. tnblr; ^lly cout,. aU nl. 91) 

BATAVIA— Consolidated Gas A Elec. Co.. {BefTan 
op, im\); <:ap. llUti.Onu; S. D. Pardy P; Oew, L, 
colegaie M. *P. A: E. A. Waketnan Supt; ad. t. 
arc Wood: ta, e, Weetg. ao^^iiiO lOfi v. •! ph. 'HHKt 
altna. Kd hh:: -iSd.iL mre« 0.6»tl}p4; 5000 OhC. iiiCa: 
a. c. day clr; 360 kw, gaa. e. WettK. 03 

City of Batavi» (MupIu.) ; msi 5^3,000 ■ G, E. P^r- 
nn, S. Jt P. A.; H. L. Cob+s, T,; F, \V\ Hart, Spt,; 
3 arc Ft W.; i «/•. nrmh lOOO-lOO v., 15,000 alths; 
Ed. »tic. ; 96«n^i»: 3O0 in^isi,; ItSibpe. Fbh: £40 hp.b. 
HrU\ JjoekporU 18 

lfATIl,4,&00-Bath Elec. A Wsi*. Lt Co.); Began o> 
mSQ): ('ap. aulb. IIOOOOO: bd.'.antb. t75,(X)0^ W. R. 
ilallock P; T, L. Dalton 9: N. W. UaUou T. *L ^t 

yupl^ 3 are T-U; 2 u, iv n, pb. O. E. Wcstg. lOlO-ltH 
-53 V. ltf,{XD altos, T-l! #oc: TTi .irte O.Satnps; l.fiOO 
\uc«; a. c. day cir; 100 lip. e. Pavne; H turb. SroStb; 
125 hp. b. Payne; city cobt Qb I'ta. c. p. laOO $50 per 
all iit;eoBlfH. lio 

HAT »fiaKtt-8nirolk Gas ± Elec. Lt Co. (Berati 
op, 1§97) ; J. K. UlrkerfloQ M. A P. A ; A. R. Bfown 
Ch. EtiKr; « a. C- Weatif, aaUD-llO v. Ed. bo«; i a u, 
uTiTri ; 140 h p. gaa c. W^atfj; isity cutit, lOO ltd. c. p. 25 
*16 prryr. alliit; eaa. UO 

BLTfUHAMTUN, 3».tM7— Bln?lian]<on Gmpml Elec 
Cfi. (Began op, I8m) cup. i^iWO: U. W, Liynn p. 
J. U. Roberta 8. P. L. SSaltonAtaii T. S. C. NonniLa 
Swpt E, J. Fi»b Cb, Eput. 10 ar^; Brush. T-H; Oa. c. 
T-H W¥i{f^ lUOO-KMv. 2 pb. 10,0«F flUiu-. T-II Wt-ttg. 
»oc; 500 il. c. HFC*; 30 a. e, Inc area; 14.00t>a. c. Inca; 
a. c. dav olr; jvwr. dr. fJW) v; 1.300 hp. e. A & s, HalJ, 
Ml! I. A .S; i^JO hp. b. ^haplpy A VV ; *"«ty cont 844 It*. 

c. p :2000 £118 55 p«r yr. all nt. t^oal $g.m m 
HfHINVILLE^ l,«00-Hoonvtlle Eloc. Lt dk Pwr. C* 

'^Bt-jjftTi op. 1I«K8) tap. 1 10.000; B. A. Cap r on P. A. J. 
^cbvrcinttberg &t, C. E. TboTdpaoii T. M. & P. A. 1 

d. *::. art Am : 1 a. c. t», B. lOlO t. pb* altni, 

T-H to<i; aO d. c. arci; a. c. mc*; 1SI5 bp, e. 

Brown i 150 bp. b; city coat. pioonJt 90 

RRAHHKRrALL?!, rjOO-B, A. Habcock, owni-r: 

cap. 13.000; I ii.c. G. K. nOim04 v., altbB.; T.- 

H. #or. ; 500 Iocs. ; ^— hp. turb. A uitln. 18 

BROCK PORT. 3, 741£»^ Brock port Kiec Oo. C*p. 
135,01)0; W. ». A l\ A. Robe rl a Owoera; 0, A. Kob- 
ertii M. 1 life T-H; 2 i. e. T-H 104 V; T~H bOc; 60 

arK?e; l.^XKl ipi'iB: 3^5 bp. e. Cor. Pay no; hp, b; 

city caul. 90 

HROQKLIlW^ l.lfl6.58Sr-Edi»on Klec. Illg. Co., of 
ItrtKjklyb; (Bti^tin op. lEi^t: cap. autb. A l##ued 
ft5 0m},0UJ; bde. autb. tlO.OQD.UOO. kaaed S^.VOO.QCIO. 
4 A 5 p. c. mt: A. N. Bradv P; A.M. Voupp V. P; 
W. W. Frpeman 8; A. W, jDiiterT; A. N. Ntllsen 
A Bat, T; W. H. Bars tow Si: — d. c. arc Ed; :S d. c 
Ed. lis v; — a. t. 0«OIJ-^00-11S v, 8,«00 alius. Ed. 
srx^; 4,000 d. c. are*; 8,000 d. c, fnc. art'i; 1000 w. c, 
inc. nrc»; 100,000 d.c i nee ^ lOfjOO ft.c. Iiict*; daycir. 
115 v.d. c, pwr, cir. 2m v: H bailerit^, fl.TWJ kw. 
fblorldi^ arcr; city cont 4000 Its, c. p, I3iii> f;34 [ier 
nt (This CO mpnny controls tbo CIllKen*' Elec, Ijig. 
Co.; JluTdcipal Elec.Lt Co., Klnirp Coutiiy Ekt% Lt. 
& Pwr. Co and the Amittcrdiini lU. A Pwr Co.) OC 
FlrttboBb Gtts Co. {^ujran op. 1J«4): C, HBckloB P 
C.E, de VlBTiijTifl S,A T, W.A.Sti^dmsn M; C.P.Coiia 
P. A. A Snf»t; F. Htiiiflu Ch.Eiiifr; Tare Brnnh Ex; 12 
a. c. VVr^tL;. : ph. tS»0-ni> V, 7,200 aUu*. Ed, »oc; eOO 
arc» 6.B uuip^; 50 m. c. areit; 00,000 a.c. iiica; «. e, dav 
clr: «J0 hp. e. It A W : »l^ hov b. A. A H; city coot, 
610 1 U. c. p.PJDO W ^taryr. all ut, coal |S. «l 

KlnfiH Copnty Elcc. Lt & Pwr, Co. (Li>aicd to Ed I 
»ot3 Eb-c lUg. Coj 
BUFFALfl* flSS,3K7— Buffilo Of^npral Klt^c Co., iBe* 
iraiiDp, I8A1): cjip. auth A lff*ued $14(J0,(MAV 5 p. o. 
diTFL bdH. Buth. A i flap I'd |2,fM*,0tW. 5 p c. lot; D. O, 
Diiy P: D. T. Nii»h S*. AT; C K. Uuptlev M. A 
P. A; E. McGoire Supt; E. a Slott Cb, Ekcn; 5j 
d. c. arc G. E; B d. c, Q. E. 230 HO v; 4 d. c pwr. G. 

E. 500 v; 4 ft c, G. E. £200- Kk4 v. ».pb. allnji. Ed. 

T-H soc; 3&4U arcs » 5 ampB; ItXMla.c. afru 4-fl anip»; 
m 000 d. c. Incn; 80.000 a.c. locf : d. c. day ctt; v^i. 
dr. sOOt; laooo bp. t\Lfb ■.%,»» u^,^^\QAAfe i^tt. 





Cataract Power & Conduit .''o.; (Distribntore of 
Niagara Falls power in BuliOio. Sappliea power to 
ItK co's.,et.rys. and manufactarCkd); cap.f2,000.00U; 
bdi«. I426,00u, 5 p. c. Int.; G. Uil>an, Jr., P. ; C. R. 
Huntly. V. P. <» G. M.; W. B. Rankine, 8. & T.; 
de Lancey Rankine, Aest. S. «& T. ; H. B. Alverson, 
Supt. 110 

BuflPalo & Niagara Falls Blec. Lt. A Pwr. Co.— See 
Niagara Falls. 

CALEDONIA— See Mnmford. 

CAMHRIDGE-Cambridge Elec. Lt. A Pr. Co.; 
cap. $8,000; A. McNiah P; W.L. Hitchcock 8. & P. A; 
500 allg. inc. Weetg; no d. c. t 

CAMUKX, 2.370— M. P. Osborne. Owner. 

CANAJOHAKIE, 2.500-Canajoharie Lt. A Pwr. 
Co.; cap. 125,000; A. M. Young, P.; J. H. Cook, 8. & 
T.; A.G.Richmond. M.; 1 arcT.-H.;2d.c. Ed.l04 v.; 

hp. e. ; 


80C. ; ftO arc!«; 2,<X)0 incs. ; 
hp. b.; city com., 2 A. M. 

CANANDAIGUA, 7,000— Ontario Lt. & Trac. Co. 
(Snccee^or to Canandalgua Elcc. Lt. A R.R. Co. ; cap. 
auth. & pd. In $150,000; J. H. Pardee P. T. A M; J. 
H..Bur^eR8 V.P; H. B. Ferguson, S; J. H. Lavien 
Ch. Eln.; 8 arc Brush, Ex; 1 a. c. 8 ph. G. E. 2800-104 
V. 7,200 altns. T-U eoc; 150 series area, 2 a. c. arcs, 
6 amp; 1900 a. c. incs; pwr. cir. 550 v; 400 hp. e. 
Wright, Payne; 275 hp. turb.Smith: 400 hp. b. Haz, 
Fitzg; city con t. 02 arcs, 2000 c. p. $80 per yr. 1^) 
A. M; coal $2.75. 00 

CANASTOTA, 3.000— Canastota Elec. Lt. A Pwr. Co. 
(Began qp.l897): cap.«20,000; M.Delano P; W.H.Pat- 
ten S.&T; G.Tlbbits M, P.A.& Supt; 1 arc T-H; 2 a. 
c T-H Weetg. 1100-104-52 v. a. ph. 16,000 altne. TH 
aoc; 42 arcs 9.5 amps; 6 a.c. area; 3.000 a.c. incs ; 275 
hp.e.Noye; 30i)hp.b.Phoeni.\. Porter: city oont.42 arcs 
2000 c. p. $3,000 per }'r. moonlt. mdnt; coal $2.05. 21 

CANI8TEO— Canisteo Electric A Fuel Gas Co., cap. 
$42 BOO: bdH. $«.000; G.M.Webster P; H.S. Taylor S. 
AT; L. T. Davis V.P, Gen. M. A P. A; 80 arc West. 
El. A A m : 660 alt. inc. Nat., Westg. soc; no d. c: 
100 hp. e. Ric«*. (Plant not in operation at present. 
May resume in near future). 99 

CANTON, 3,500-Canton Elec. Lt. A Pwr. Co. (Be- 
gan op. 1887) ; cap. $18 000: W.R. Remington P; L. 
Ba'ley S. M. A P. A; W. E. Ileraenwjiy Elecn; 2 arc 
T-H: 1 a.c. Westg. 1000 l04-6i v. s. ph. 16.000 altns; 
T-H soc: 45 nrc«6.8amp8; 900a. c. incs; 150 hp. e. 
Atlas; 110 hp. turb. Smith: 150 hp. b; city cont. 
moonlt. mdnt. 100 

CARTHAGE— Carthage Elec. Lt. A Pwr. Co. 06 
arc: 150 inc. Bernstein : wtr. pwr. 99 

CATSKILL, 5,600-Oat8kill Illg. A Pwr. Co.; (Be- 
gan op. 1889); cap. auth. A issued 165,000, 4 p. c. div; 
bds. auth. A issued $65,000. 5 p. c. int; \V. S. C. 
Wiley P. A M; A. O. Shepardson S; W. E. Lamp- 
mnn T; G. C. Gardner P. A. A Supt: 2 d. c. arc T-II 
2d. c. T-H: 2 a.c. T-H 1040-1 10 v. mcv. T-H soc: 60 
d. c. arcs 6.8 amps: 100 d. c. incs: lOUO a. c incs; 200 
hp.e. Bfill; 3.iO tip b. Duly; city cont. 75 Its. c. p. 
1200 $4,000 per yr. moonlt: coal $3.45. 110 

CHAKLOTTE, l,.%0- A'illage EK'C. Lt. Plant. (Mu- 
nic.):) Began oi).1898): cost $41,000; bds. issued $41.- 
000: W. H. iiUWlt P: 1). F. C;n(>eM S: W.H. Denise 
T: M.J. Mclntvre Sdpt; 2d.c Woj»tg: 1 u.c. Westg. 
Ed. T-H soc: 100 arcs 8(X) a. c. incs; 210 hp.e. Water- 
town: I.tO hp, b: city cont. 50 lis. c. p. 1200 $— |)rr 
yr. lucKinlt; coal $2.75. 110 

CHATEAUGAY, 1 .V)0 -Chateau gay Klec. Lt.A Pwr. 
Co. ; (Began op. 1894): A.S. & H.G. DtmghiM owners 
1 a.c. Westg. 2000-110 v. s. ph. 16,000 altn.s. T-H soc: 
600 a. c. incs; 40 h p. turb; city cont. 45 Its. c. p. 32 
$450 per yr. mdnt. 110 

HATHA M, 3,000-Chatham Elec. Lt. Ht. A Pwr. 
Co.: cap. $20.000: ods. $6.0u0: J. M. Klingelemith, P. 

&T.;M. J. Tilton, S.:3a.c. T.-H. 1000- l(M v.. 

altns.; T.-H. soc; 3. a.c. arcs; 2.800 incs; 300 h p. 

Ce. WrJf^ht, ; leu bp. Inrb. Smith, ; 200 hp. b. Skinr. 

<fc A ' city coat., alJ nt. VS1 

CITY LSLAND, 1,206*— Pclhani Elec.Lt&l 
1 d.c. arc, 1 a. c. Ft. W; le.fcOOalins; lOOc 
1000 a. c. Incs. 

CLAYTON, I,7o0*-Clay ton Elec Lt APwr. 
$15,000; C. A. Ellis, P. ; A. E. Wood, V.P.; ? 
ker, S., T. A M.;l arc Am.; 1 d.c Bemslfin 
soc. ; 28 ares; 160 d.c.series incs. ; 75 hp.e.Wi 

CLYDE. 3,500— Clyde Gas A IHec. Co.; (B. 
1890); cap. $40,000; bds. $25,000, 6p. cini 
W. E.; 2 a. c s. ph. Ft. W. 1040-104 v. 16,0 
West, soc; 55 senes arcs, 10 a. c. arcs, ^ai 
a. c. incs; a. c. day cir; pwr. cir. 560 t; 40 
Fishklll, Ames; 500 hp. b. Fitzg. Ames; ci 
56 arcs, 2000 c. p., $60 per yr. moonlt. 1 A. M 

COBLESKILL, 2.500-Coarier Elec. Co.: c 
000; bds. $15,000; S. Courtor, P. , L C. Uol 
D. C. Uow, T., P. A. A M.; 2 a.c. T.-H. 10 

altns. : T.-H. soc ; 800 incs. 80 bp. e. 

100 hp. b Stearns; city cont. 

COHOES— Cohoes Gas Lt, Co. D. H. Van 
Supt. 170 arc T.H.. Ft, Wayne Jenney: 
2.500 inc., Westg; 420 hp. turb; city conL 
c p. 2000 $75 per yr. 
Cohoes Elec. Lt. Co. 

COLD SPRING, 2,500-Cold Spring LL.Ht 
Cc. (Began op. 1899); cap. auth. ^,OUO,isaD 
000; J. G. Southaitl P; G. V. Grace S. A 
Brookman M ; Id. r. arc West ; 1 d. c C. A 
Ed. soc; 42 d. c. arcs 5.5 amps; COO d. c Idcs 
e. Erie, Ball, Fitch; IOC hp. b; city root. 

COOPER8TOWN, 2,TW-Cl.iJion Mill* P 

(Began, op 1897} cap. $ ; G. Brookv 

Jarvis S. & T. K. Warren M. A P. A; 1 arc! 
a. c. 2 ph. SUn. 1,000-100 v. i6,000 aliof. J 
65 arcs; 3,800 incs; 800 hp. taro. oamham; c 
42 lis. c p. 1200 $75 p yr. all ut. 

CORNING, 10,000— Coming Gas Co.; cap. IK 
S. Cole, P. ; E B. Seymour, S. , * . J. Kmg*l 
M. A P. A.; V,\ H. Christie, Spt. ; 3 arc T 
hp. e. Noye; 150 hp. b. tublr: c»iy cont. 88 a 
2000 $80 per yr. all nt; coal $;;.40. 

CORNWALL-ON-HUDSON. 3 <»00-Corair 
Lu A Pwr. Co.; cap. $30,000; T. D. Wood, 
Dickerson. S., T. A P A.; 2 a.c Brush «« 

altns.: T.-H. soc; 1,000 iuc«. ; xuO up. e. 

200 hp. b. Payne; city cont. moonlt 

CORTLAND. 8,500— Cortland A Homer B 
(^ap. auth A issued $50,000: C. D. Simpao 
Duffey S, T. A M: 2 d.f "'c Brush, T-H: «« 
2080-104 V. s. ph. Ed. soc; I4f d. i. arcs 9.6a 

a. c. arcs; 2000 a. c. intt a. c day cir; i* 
e. Watertn: 800 hp. b. WatertS; > ty :c-; 
c p. 2000 $104 per yr. moonlt mdct; coaltSJ 

COXACKIE, 8,00>-Coxackie El<*c. Lt, Co. 
op. 1898): cap. auth. $20,000: W. A. Hengi 
P: H. B. Newhall, .Ir. V. P. A P. A: J. qTt 
S, T. A M; J. A.Newbury Ch. En«^: 1 d.c 

1040 101 V. s. ph. a400 altns. '■ soc; 47 d 

6.8 amps; 7(X) a. c incs: 140 hp. e. McL AS: 

b. Delany; city cont. A. M. 
CROTON-ON-HUDSON, 1,500-Croton Efc 

cap. $ ; H. A. Cornell. P.; T. Melfi 

a.c. G. E 1000-104 r., 16,000 hUus.: Kd. w 
in<«s. : 60 hp. e Skinr.; 80 h p. b. tublr.; dt; 
moonlt., 1 A. M. 

DANSVILLE, 4,000-Danaville Gas A B 
Co.; (Began op. 1896); cap. 125,000: J. B.)l< 
.1. M. Eciwards, T., M. A P. A.; W. P. Finn 
arc T. II.; 2 a. c s. ph. Westg., 106O-10(KS0 f 
altns.; Wentg. soc; 50 series arcs, 2,000 a.* 
ua hp. 0. Westg.; 200 hp. b. McRwen; dty 
arcs, 1200 c p. $ per year, moonlt. 

DELHI, 2,07K-Delhi Elec Co. H. E.MaiOB] 
DEPEW, 4,000-See Lancaster. 

DEPOSIT. 2.50l-Dej)odt Elec Co.; ca|». i 
N. Stow, P.. M. A P. A.; C. H. Patnaa, I 
Rmiaker. T.: A. B. Evans, Spt: 1 aro T.-I 
T.-U. 1000 52 v., 15.000 altns.; T.-H. too.; •■ 

incs. ; 180 hp.e Erie. MoE.; 810 hp.b.r ' 
c\\.v cowv., Ytvoo\A\«^ all at. 





rbdfc tSCOOO; J. D> Feett^r, Jiec'r; 

Jt P. A.; *i ».c- WewtK, ^jo-no v\ 
Mjc.: 3j5«Ml *uc*.i day clr., ywr. tir 

FOJ»DA,2,ffl»-C»ywiiiita Gefnefmlni Co,: eipL*— ; 
A. Z. Womple P; li. W. Paul S: J. a WiIboij T, M* 
Jj P. A : JH. A. Snydwr Sapt; I d. c* iire T II; In. c. 
G, E. iSOSi^lOlv. 8, ph. 15.000 alt bi. T-Hsw; Sld.C, 
■JC«. 9.aampu; JCIK> «, c, Incf*: iJObTve. ht, t: IBQ 
hp. ut^K Trump: 125 hp.lx Colimn; c liy t:«nt, 4ki Ua. 

e, 900--Dover Elcc. Lt. £ Pwr. Co. c. p, 1300 $^ pcryr* I A* M. ^L'a a.lao Ha. Fulion- 

CJip.»utb, |ia,(WO, pd. inmooo; dllc^ 110 

jim^n t^*. M. & P. A.; C. J^ctiermtjr- 
:. pwr. C.'W. 1250 F.; « h. v,*4 ph. 
id^tiCOnUr* Wt^tif. HOC.; IXUXP a c. 
i. A g.; ac4 hp. curb, AlcoUt^OO 
f taut ; SJOO K c«,, sn c, p, |16^ piT 
L aluo Iti. Graoville}. SO 

BotHlf'*' FAer. Li Hf. Jfc PwT. PJiiBl 
E UB-lley Owner AM \d,c,G,K. 
5. JiMtMOfi V, t. pb. 7:Mi a\in». T-Il 
119; UTOOitc'Jmr; ISO bp e, Wiyjiton: 
puL 00 Uv. c. p. 1^ ll.OfJU |K?ryr. nil 

fl-CItT pf Umikirt (Bmrd of Wlr. 
tiWi W. .1, O r>ciiJtii-M Pt A,J,L&iit 
tj Ikpi; 3 d.e, nrc %V. K; 1 a, c. 
t'. ft. ph< T20U ftitiii. Kd. HO<;; 00 d. c, 
. Am; ttmo H. c. ioci: a. cr. div cir; 
Ntiyei 7«J lip. b. Stir; mi>unli, mU 

,000— I'ursonn Um powu Wl^n 
^;y. K Sbrjk**, flivuer; J. TL J'ar- 
:- t ph. SUn. )00O-lUa V.lO,tJOOu]lH!t. 
Ini*: 00 br. e FoTt'sr; 76 bp. tiirU 
lip. b. Pcncr* Amet; city ounl 

\t f*iQD— K«s\ Anrora Elec* Ll. 
W; t IL Wbjilifv. P.: n. \S\ Rich 

L\0. lVr*uiia,'M. A lr\A.; Stt.e. 
t«,0n0 nJ ( II s, ; T. - 11 . mh\ ■ 3 &( lO lue n . ; 

Sojfei 160 bp. b. Puj^iiw, Tilt; citv 

2.»i^M, L. nookwill Owner. P. & 

)!*>-W *. — pb. ritHJ ariK*. T H iijc; 

IncA: pwr hlrt^d; ciiy c^tiL 3S It*, 

>T. til nL 01 

-Blmim Wtr. Lt. A R. R. Cto.; C. 

L M, Divtii S,Jk T; O, F. Ubeliicher 
Wfttdtm Stiptt 4 d c. arc BPiisb : 
SQO EOD V ; 3 a.c. ». B, Slan 3ll00- 10§ 

Hi. Kd.»iH ; fHOd, c. Krrf <10 Ampe; 

raisp»: SCK^u. e. incs; ii. c. day clr. 

ou» makrA: |.|:vohp. h, ]L ,1t W; 

. c p. 1200 $^ per yr, all ut^ tiuAk 


C^1>e Laod A Co. ; ra p. 1-^ W, 

A. at Supi; S d. c Bd: HO V : Kd. 
««; €OinQ«; lati bp. e. V'rodbury; 
at. milai. 90 

AT, Iffla*— Qutsens Unmngh Klr^. 

f«p AiUb. ^ imaedfllOOOO: Mi. 
>^i0€00 5 p. c, inl : IX 11. Val«nt|ii« 
Jr, y. V.AM: Jobo FUiit 8; L. B. 
*d e aiv Bm»h: iJHX. G.E.*i:0(iLtOe 
i». Ed. •oc; l,^d.<!. arcs; ttn.c. *i>c. 
iDca; ■ c. day cir; 1000 hp,e; KiOO 

city oont. led arc* c. p. fllr* 


KK-Fltidlay« Lakn Elec. LL ^ 

I^IBfO— 6ee Matteawaii. 

HMbOMDo. See Brook If ti. 

B^Kuw York & Qmffni Klec. Lt. 
)■> f^lmitfl at Jamaica and Lcititc 
Jatlon of New Vork A UuettiB 
>.. Jamaica Elec. Lt ('o. ana El c^ 
of Ijoue ItUnd CUyi; M*in offlce 
_ F.Tllf^jfd P: H. R. Wilfon V. 
S. AT; J. N. BlBpell G. M- 2S 

FOKTKDWABD«Si5SI-Lrni|cd 0*i, ll«. Lt A 
Fni^l Co. Sec «iind> HlU. 

rORT PLAIN, a,444— Fort Plain Oaa ft Elet. LL, 
HL A Pwr. Co.; cap. mUVfX\ 5 p. c. dlv.; W. Gur 
don P; A, DuuD S, * T; A. A. Miller S<ipt; 2 arc 

F^. T II; 1 *. r, T-H aOOO^lOS v. almM. T«H 

poc ; (id stn.'ii; 030 liici: city (iOTii- KH art"»*'Ol>.) c. p. %&t 
pat yr, all at. (Co. aiNo Lij^bia KelU*ton.) { i 

FRANK FORT, 3.000- Frmnkf on Kl«i, Lt. Co.; aip. 
motJOfl p e. dlv; W. W. Crosbr P; H, S. Rkllafd* !*. 
T. M. ** P, A: 1 iirc Remn: 1 do, G. K. Uti t: T-H 
■oc; aOarr»; 4*p0 Incn; ^ hp.e. Hafetv; 80 h p. h; i?iiv 
Koot, 80 Hb. e, p. 3000 f 'hlOO per yf. muoult. mdnti 
coal 9S,m, 11 . 

FBAXKt.1NTILLE, 1.100 -Fran bl I nvUI^ Blec. LL 
Co. cap. *ia,0!ML E. K. McNttll K WJL FfrrrUS, il 

A P. A. A. \V. Klbifslfy T. A. McCftll iSupt. d.c 

Ft. W. v; T-ir «?ocM.fiOO lnc»; W bp.c.PUwoii: 

100 hp. b. Phoenix; city con t. moo»|t. 9A.M. 00 

FKFDOXI.4, ,VO0O— Fr«donia Blec. Lt.PIaDt ^Muuic.) 
H. CutnmliiiEH T; M. Scbmtti iiPpt; 2 arc. Ft. W; 76 
arcs; TA bp. e. ^0 Up. b. itU 

Dunkirk Jk Fredonia R. R., L%, n«pt.; cap. aath« 
|i:iO,0[JO. i»mu^ il23$.Otl^.4@; bdn. f<l1,(KN). 5p\e. Int^ 
Fr*nkMjiy P; CM. Fanner 8, T, & M; A. KuTnesko 

Elut^ii; 1 *n? ; I a. c. \V(?i*tp. — - v; — - altna. 

Weetg #uc.; 30acriei arce; 2000 a.c, lues. 110 

FREE PORT— City Eke, Lt. Pknt tManlc). OOt 

FPLTriN, 8.000~FaltDn Lt. Ur«t A Pwr. Cr^; c*p, 
•80.<ID0: G. \S\ I>avcnport, R : G. (i. CbnunceT, S., 
T. A P. a; **'c: T'H: Silc G. K. 1040-104 S2 v. — - 
altns. Kd. T-H #oc: h&ii^i>: 1.200 d.(u Incp. t.fUOa.o, 
iacm: esOOlip. turb. Ilol. ir^mUb; «ilir i^ont. T9 lU. e.p, 


2000 i{»0 mr yr, all st; coal %±m (lA^ alto ilia 
villaga otOtwvgo FnUf.. N. V ) Coal ^M. 

FULTfJNVILLE-aee Fonda. 

GENE»EO.a.0i»U--GeTies«i Gaa Lt Co.; rap. ISLOOO: 
W. A. Brcidip, P.; a W. Fb^lder. S. A T.; ATWym^M. 
Jr. M., P A. A ^pt: 1 an- Ft. \\\: I ».r. Ft \V. vm- 
M v., 16.000 alttiB,: T.-H. aoc.; 44 h res. 5 itnu uro*; 
8tM Inc?, ; 133 bp. «. IL O & H.i ItKhp, b. M«R. ; city 
dont 41 its. c p. 3000105 per yr. moonlt, mdnt; cont 
$4 TO. ,110 

Gt!:i^*E:VA, 1LOaO-Oeii«ya Pwr. A Lt. Co. fBeican on 
It^my VMp. antb tAO,000; 9, D. Qrv^n P. n. M. Fran- 

cU S. F- a BIcwdjTQod T* A M, d c. aro Brii»-b; 

I d. c. pwr pen. »I0 v: n a. c, G. E. 2000- IW t. 

ph, aUna. Ed soc; 100 d. c. arcn 9.B ampsi* 4.000 

*. c. Inr»; ». c. day cir: fliW bu. p. It. A W: i'iO hp. b; 
cUv font HI lie. c. p. 3000 $90 per ;r. all n|. co«l 

OLEN COVE,3.500-Fraiiklio Elec. lllg.Co.; (BeiMIl 
op. jaOfiK cop. aiith. A r>d. In |L3.\(M)0; U. W. Pardee 
P, F. role S: P, IL lirinitfi T; L. IL Gump M^ i 
a. c. B. pb. G. i:, Ji(an. «3IO-110 v.lfl.OOO aJtlii, Ed. 
»o«, fi^ pcrlei; area; 9000 a. c. inea: Sas& bp, a, B, A 
W; (100 hp. b. Uogan. 0. A W; ci^ comt 4*5 luca. 
20 c. p. $:M) p<ri- yr. All ot. (Co. aifio Ita. Sea ClIlT,) 91 

aLE?C» FALIJJ. IS.eoa-OlRiiB FaJlaQaa A Ktec, LL 

Co. c*||. : R. S. 8(orr» P. F. A. F^abbailn 8* 

K, M. CftsMon Sopl; 4 »rc TH; 3d o. arcG. I; » 

a. c. «tan. 280O- v. a pb. TWi) a Ilia*. T-H «ckci £40 

d. c. ttPtii «,« aiap«; 15 a. c. arc*: 8000a. c. iiu.«a; a.G. 
d4y cir; 710 hp. «; 4i&0 h[k b. BHt>: rjty i^obi. 300 It* 
c, p. 2000*78 peryr. all nl: coal 13,70. 

OLOVEK$lTlLLI*l ]|4.3I9- Fulton Conn If Ga« A, 
El«c. Co. ; J. C BeLontt ftnt\. E\t*i'V M^-^^ c^Vi tystX 
120 tta, c. p, vm IBOJO per ^r. \\; \i\* *:^Mki ^t*^ 





GOSHEN, 8,000— Goshen Lt A Pwr. Ca (Began op. 
1898) cap. aath. & ieened 114,000; bde. auth. & iBsned 
$10,000, 6 p. c. int; J. W. Corwin P. A P. A: H. B. 
Knight ». A T; H. B. Powell M. A Snpt; 1 d. c. £d. 
110 v; £d. soo: 8 d. c. series arcs; 4 d. c. Inc. arcs; 
121 d. c. incs; 346 hp. e. Wnght, Payne; 160 hp. b. 
Payne; city cont. 121 inc. Us. 84 c. p. taOper yr. 
moonlt; coal $8.35. 60 

GOUVBRNEUR— American lUg. A Power Co., cap. 
ISO.OnO. E. D. Barry, Pre*. A Man. ; W. F. Lndds, 
V. Pres. : C. Arihnr Parker, Sec. and Treas. 80 arc 
Am., 560 altg. inc. Westinghoase ; ISO h. p. eng. 
Woodbury. t 

GOWANDA, 2.00(V-Gowanda Agricnltnral Wks. Co; 
(Began op. 1885): T. 1). Keye» Snpt; 1 d. c. Climax 

1 10 v; 1 a : F. W. lOOO-KK) v. s. ph. altns; T-H 

soc: 28 arwx: 10 d. c inc. arcs; 500 d. c. incs; 2000 

a. c. incs; (JO hp. e. Noye : 100 hp. tnrb. Lcffel; 80 hp. 

b. Meadville; city cont. 23 Us. c. p. 1800 800 per yr. 
1 A.M. 110 

GRANVIIiLE, 6,000-Granvillc Elcc Lt. A Pwr. Co. 

GRAVESEND, 416*— City Elec. Lt. Plant; 1 d.c. arc, 
8 a.c. Ft.W; 16,000 altns; 40 d.c. arcs; 8,760 a.c. incs. 

GREENBUSH— East Albany Gas Lt. Co. ; see Rens- 

GREENE,1,0OO— Greene Elec.Lt.Co.;cap.8 ; Cun- 
ningham A Welch, owners; 1 a.c. T.-H. 1040-104 v., 

16.000 altns.: Ed. soc.; 620lnrs.; 1 cWestg.; 

hp. b. Fitzgns. ; city cont., 1A.M. 18 

GREEN ISLAND, 4,E0(>- Village of Green Island 

(Munic); bds. tS5,000; C. Miller Supt; 1 arc Westfr; 

a.c. Stan. 1200-110 v. Snh. 16.000 altns. Ed, T-II. 

W»!stg. soc; 60 arcs; 1,60) incs: 126 hp. e. Payne; 

180 hp. turb. Hunt, Leffel; 210 hp. b. Plnkerton A 

M. no 

GREENPORT, 2.50a-Greenport Elec. Lt. A Pwr. 
Co. ; cap. fB».000; B. D. gkinner. P.; S. B. Dorton, 
8.; 8. J. Hlgbee, T.; T. Hfg»)ee. M. A P. A.: 2 d c. 
Heis. 110 V. ; Heis. soc. ; 400 incs.; 60 hp. e. A. & S. ; 
hp. b. tublr. 18 

GREENWICH, 1,86»— Consolidated Elec. Co.; (Be 
gan op. 1890): cap.auth. A issued $75,000; bde. auth. 
& isHUf^a $60,000. 5p. r. int; L. Thompson P; M. 
8onn S: K. B. Woodruff T; H. C. GrayM; 2 d. c. 
arc Ft. W; 2 S. c. SUin. 2000-100 v. 2 ph. 90 d. c. arrs 
9.6 amps; 5000 a. c. incs; day cir; 1100 hp. turb. 
Hnnu 01 

OROTON. 1.500— Groton Klec. Lt. Plant (Munic) (Be- 
gan -op. 1896) cout $n.8r)6.84; W. W. Hare P. A; C. 
O. Rhodes Clerk; M. Yates Ch. Engr; \V. E. Gobol 
Ch. Elecii. 2 d. c. Westf. 185 v; Ed. soc; 86 d. c. inc. 
arcs; 3000 d. c. incs; 116 hp. e. Erie; 126 hp. b. Erie. 


HAMBURG, 2,000-nainl)nrg Wtr. A Elec. Lt. Co.; 
rap. 125.000; Ixis. 125,000: T. L. Bunting, P.: H. S. 
Spencer, S. A T.; J. Peffcl, Spi.; 1 arc W. E.: 36 
arcs: 50 hp. e. McI. * 8.; 60 h p. b. Taylor; city 
cout.. I A. M. 18 

HAMILTON, 1 8tK>— Iluniilton Wtr. A Lt. Plant 
(Munir) (Beean op. 189;»^ ImIh. issued $74,000; W. M. 
\VeHt I». K. L. Kinirsbiirv Supt, 1 an* W. K; 1 a. c. 
Stan. 2 ph. 3000- KMM) /o v. ltt,(KM) altni*. Weslg. sor; 
53 d.c. arcH O.K ampn . i M) a.c. incs: 300 hp. t*. Nord : 
\m hp. b SteaniH, K'!\\ fJty cont. all nt. 99 

HAVERSTRAW, 5.93S— Haverstraw Elec. Lt. . Ht, 
A Pwr. Co.; cap. $30,000; A. Co^'8griff P; I. M. 
Hodires T: C. H. Zundel Supt: 2. a.c. Westj;. 

laX) 60 V. s A 2 ph. altns. T-H soc : 8000 a.c.incs ; 

800 hp. e: 300 hp. b. I). A H: riiv cont. 170 Its. c. p. 
20 $15 per yr. all nt: coal 18.26. 91 

HEMPSTEAD, .5.000— Hempstead Gas Lt Co.; cap. 

$26,000: J. E. Davidson, P.; C.F. Gittcns, S.,M. * P. 

A.: 1 arc Ft. W.; 1 a.c T. H. 1000^2 v.. altns; 

T. H. Boc. : 79 arcs: 800 iocs. ; 100 hp. e. A. & S., Mc- 
B 26 bp. b. city coot., all nt. V2n 

HERKIMER, 6:000-City Elec. Lt Plto 
cost 127.000; B. W. Shyter Snpt. W. W. Bej 
Engr. 2 d. c. arc G. E; 2 a. c. G. B. 8000-10 
7,800 altns. Ed. soc; 100 d. c. arcs 9.6 amiw 
Incs; 370 hp. e. ; 400 bp. b. 

Herkimer County Lt. A Pwr. Co. See L 

HIGHLAND FAIXS, 8,887* — Battena 
Elec. Co. 

HILLBURN, 1.000— Rockland Elec Co. (1 
1894) cap. $18.0Oi; W. W. Snow P. J. F. 1 
S. K. W. Snow T. A. Creelman Supt. 8*. 
1100-52 V. 8. pb. 16.000 altns. Weatg. soc; » 
2.000 a. c. incs; 150 hp. e. Westg: 86 bp. toi 
276 hp. b. Payne, McE; all nt. 

HOLLEY, 1.800-Holley Elec. Co. : can. r 
«2.750; L.J. Hill, P.; H. J. Buel. 8., M. A 
Downs, T.; 1 a. c. Westg. 1000-60 v., 18 C 
8.-M. soc; 700 incs.; 75 hp. c Bus.: 90 hp 
city cont., moonlt, mdnt.. 

HONEOYE FAIXS, 1,128*— Lima-Honeo}' 

& R. R. Co.— cap. $ ; C. B. HUl Kr 

Williams M; C.F. Whiting Supt; H. A. 
Engr; H. 8. Williams Ch. Klecn: Id.cpv 
v; 2 a. c. Warren- Med bury 8800-100 t. t 
altns. Ed. soc. 80 a. c inc. arcs: 4000 a. c. 
bp. c Ball; 450 hp. b. Bab. A W; city cc 
1200 c. p. $1 .000 per y r. moonlt ; coal $2 00. 
Its. Lima.) 

HOOSICK FALLR, 7,000.— Hooaick Falls 
(B(*gan op 1889) cap. auih. A isaoed tldOi 
auth. A Issued $110,000. 6 p.c int; J. W.^ 
P; C. (\ Lowe 8. G. C. Moses T; C. B. 
A P. A : 3d. c. arc T-H; 8 d. c. pwr.SH 
Wpstg. T-H 1100-52 V. s. ph. I6.1OO alto*. 
65 d. c. arcs C.8 amps: 1.700 a. c. incs; d. c. 
525 hp. c. H. T. tt M ; 800 hp. turb. S. * B 
hp. b; citv cont. 70 Its. c p. 1200 $77.2 
all nt. coal $4.80. 

HORNELL.SVI1.LE, 11.918— American ID 
HornellKville (Began op. 1880) cap. anth. 
J. M. Finch P. L. T. Mason 8. M. *t P. A. 
SHutee T. 5 arc Ft. W: 6 d. c. Ed. 118 ?: i 
500 v; Kd. soc: 200 arcs 9.0 amps: 7.000' 
d. c. day cIr; St. R. R. pwr. cir. 800 v; ' 
Safety: 500 hp. b. McE; city oont 97 arcs 
$90 per yr.all nt; coal $3. 

HUDSON 10.000-All>any A Hudson Rr. A 
(Beuan op. iH9U); cap. auth. A isaned IM 
auth. A <)utst«. $.50,000; CH. Werner P; C 
iiigwavT: M.HoopesM; E. Gonzenbach 
3 a. c. (;. !•:. 2200-104 v s. ph. Ed. soc; 118 
6 Hmp8: 41KK) a.c. incs; a.c day cir: pwr. 
2000 hp. e. BcJtye; 4000 hp. tnrb. Victor; 
111 arcs c. p. 1200 $108 |>er yi. all nt; coal j 

ILION. 6,.'iCa- Village Elec Lt. Plant; (Ui 
910.(K)0: b(if. Muth. A issued $30,000. 2^ p. 
E. Walkir Vil. P; L. G. Getman Clerk; 
DtUHin M : 2 a. c. G. E. 2080-194 ▼. 2 ph. - 
Ed. hoc: 7«' a. c. arcs; 75 a. c incs; 800 hp 
330 hp. b. Pa. all nt; coal $8. 

Ili'ikimer County Lt. A Pwr. Co. See Li 

ITHACA. 15.000- Brush-Swan Elec Lt. 
tran op.l8^M): cttM-160,000; bds.860,000: E.0 
P: K. L. Post S, T. A P. A; H. A. Nlcbol 
Bciinott Ch. Knpt: 7800 altns. Ed. soc; 111 
118 a. c. arcs; 10.000 a. c. ince; a. c day 
cont. 1 1(. an H r. p. 8000 $9L85 jper yr. all Dt 
rented from Remington Salt Co.) 

JAMAICA— New York A ({pceBS Elec 1 

r YOB£ 




nfiST.OOO— CItTof Jamf^Btown 1 Mud Its J; 
801); bdi. ma^mn a U. SuDaquisi. p. 
fZWe. Li«, Com, M; 7 »Txr Ft, W , ^4uJ; I 

b«. T-H 11V : 360 &n:» 7 aaipa ; 18 d.cjnc. 
ftrv.*; 8;0i)0 A. c. i«ic»; *.e, day cir. pWT. 
(. II, A tr, Itue;35itJ hp.b,MtiiiiUiif. lublfi 

■^ ua 

i Ble«. Lt. « Pwr, Co.; cap. ISO TOO; bd 5. 
IV.Goktij P. ^ Mj F. C, Baiheir S: G* F. 
»rr S^n T-tl r fl d. L". T U 110 n 3 »- c- 
J-S^v. — *ltii»i. Tit *oe{ J47iirc«; 100 
Si; 15,000 tl^ i% ln€»; ii.c. fDi!»: d, t. 
clr; TSOliiu c. A. A ft. B^kyc. Mewlv; 
Mr. no 

r>f. 10,1)00- Fnltf^n tXittUty G«# ^ Elec. 

ed the JobdBtnwTi Elec Ll A Pwr Co. 

Oivorivlllc Ble€, LL Co.)E .J- C. Di-Lonc 

Eal> cotiL 93 area |»i^ per yr, «11 t^t^ 

SKP— Jordan Elec. Lt * Hwr. Co. ; cap, 

Eockwi^lU P. * P. A. ; L. J, !lwkwcn, 

iin?T.-li; S a.c. T. H. lOIOfffi t,. 

kp, e. SU Line; lOO tip. ttirb. Lellbl; 1UU 

L«. ^«a>— K«««rille Ei4w. Co, cjip.aQth. 
led laOOOa: O. ^1. Mor#(f^ P A. M, G. r. 
d. c. ana B»4|: aS *. c HatJ. 3000*1000-I0«k 
1,000 alr.9a^ Wiiit^. soe; 31 d. c. ar^ ^.C 
ft, c. Inot; 800 h PL turb. S. ^ B; cjtj eont. 


V'«**WA— Klncfiton Blif^cCo.; cap. nnlh, 
tlpOno: l>d», nutli tMI,A0Q^ R. L. Bf b<:oi:k 
>owa T; ^ P. Curtii P. A : P. Tf*hi*v. Jr, 
, are !*cbuir. T-H; iii. C- Ft W, lOiMM 
tijatus. T-a. Kii. »<k; ; lafl d.p. *«■« 0.8 
■^ Wet 6 sitnfjp; tiOOO a. c. tuc* ; 7W hp. 
, A S; f«Oti|>. h. BIk. B. 1: W; illy 
», 2S IS per vr. « l^i iirc» c. p, 12*10 
BtTcoaldT ' »l 

, ».i ■ '• ■'■ * LaiH'ni^lt'T 1,1. Pnr. 
Co. ( : . . ■ wu tap. H u t li . f75.mK >, 

100, ^<: A Jii>iue<! fnll/ur ^p. i\ 

BrP; PA, LaiTigi!i: C, PenfaldT; 1^!. H. 
Wr. A; G, Stanley Hupt: 3 n, c, O, H. 
W;ftoc; mo nrtii; m a. c. inc. arci. SJOOO 
lihp, a; aoO bp. b; city <;oftt 1-^) lt«. e,p, 
i- p*r yr. 61 

mnr.H, l a, we -Beacon ElM. Co. {Hc- 
^ fap,ftuth. 4t iMUi^ ftmOOO; P.BTwIr. 
i M^llUmiiS. W; M. Lcii T. ILW. Uarol>- 
", A. 4 arc W. E; 2 a.e. 2 pli. Wcst^. 2000- 
ttn* K«l, T H noc ; tlO f»crie» arc* 9.6 impi^; 
T' : '"Vfjir^eOOIip. 0. Phili; SOdbp. 
, jf corn. 300 arc? c. p. iJotRJ ffc 

(Co. also Iti. Wutcrfwnl) 91 

WO—L* iCoT Oa« & Elec. Cn; cap. Aulli. A 
iD; bdd, nuih. PS^OOO. l^iOf'd ^),(if)0, R 
ri>. pBtdyP; IfTL. KiDDcy S..tP. A; 
1 1 d. c. arc FL W; ISO d. c. arcB amp-* ; 
|ff^»( hp.^yrU Lef • 200 Ii|k h. — ;-: cUj' 



ffewod, p, frw per yr, 1 A. Mt coal gSJ 

lydrauUc Eloc, Co.; (Ueifan op. I!»l): 
g^C 1^. Prfi]lk4^ P: a C. II. PrtMiiirv 
lA. K. Tfcmalni' Stipt^ 8 a.o. G, E. FtW. 
k pb* maWaHns. M' i^'^*'. <<1 ». c. Inc, 
"c. tncB: • c. dait vAr; '^^ Up. & EtIc; 
Smttli. Dtdan: &oa hp* U Erie. 30 

1*7110— lJt»#*r«y Lf, A^ I'wp, Co. rap. Wft.- 

E[*rlnm Owner' I'. Hharp** KIccn. 

LITTLK rALl/*, lU.OOO-llurltUner Connty LL A 
Pwr. Cu. (I^tadon at Hnrklmcf jiiid Hlou: &lio Ita* 
Mohawk)^ cap, iiiith. i;£^,0(k), meued t300,CriO: bds. 

ftuth, A utit^tg. j:iUO.(XlO, 6 p. c. iut^ W. F. Cw^hran 
P; M. F. GtIuk* i^.^T: U.K. Witheiby G, M^ 
Wikll St. N. f. City; If. P. ColliuB G. Supt; J. V. 

Plunck Supt; od. c. arf: T4I, Ft. W; Sd.c.pwr. T-H 
Sa. c. G. B. nOO-lO&v. h. pb. Ift.OOO aUm. Kd. i4w; 
176 d. c. arcs tt.6 am pa; fiO a, e. a.m<i 0.S umpi^; 3.50r 
a. c» lata; a. c. 4«,y cir; pwr. cir. 500 %; 40Q bp. c. 
McL Jt a; 40Obp. tarb. McCor; AoO hp, b. Aigtdov* 
Pbotitili; citycuoL 111 lLi». 2000 «. p.»Op«r yr. All 
nt; coal 13.5I5. llO 

LITTLE VAI^I^EY, l.aOfV-LUle Valley Wtr. .It Lu 
Co. CBt;£*iin op. nm)i cap. lutb. 18.000, liffucil ftO.OOQ; 
bci». autb. tfe issued IH.OUO. i p. c. int ; O. E. WaUer 
P; S. U S wetland S. A P. A; L. W. Ballard T; C- 
P. Rice M. & Sapt: P, 4, Beoawn Cb. Etjer; 17 a. c. 
area; T-H hoc; 100*. c, inca; 100 hp, c. Clark; im 
bp. b. McEvrtn, HO 

LlVONIA8TATinN,l,000-Sti^iiiaii RIer. ft Mfg. 
Uth {Ht^satiop, 1890) *?rtp. *lil,(liJt>- E, t. Stodinfln P, 
M. & P. A. J. E- Stcdman S. S^ T t| d. 0. arcO. £. 
IS* v: E<1. loc: 40 d. c. mc. Atc«; aOwOd.c. laci; d. c* 
dap clr. 2iO v; - — hp. >'oyc; city coiit tndtit, _ 99 

l«y LO€KFORT, aO,OfJO— Lockport Gm * EIpC. Lt. Co. 
emp. anth. Jt i0AD«d illMj.O00L lids. antb. tmOQO^ t«- 
aned ^MOOOO, Q p. c. int; E. B. Witb«rby pTa G,M ; 
A. S. Cooku ii. -f. RA. A Swpt; W, Ijuikr Ch KnicT: 

ft Patla 

C, Y.Fowlie Cb^Eleco; arc flrmh: I niijirr VVcat^, 
aaO- no F. 3§^ are* O^S ndipi* ; 7a d.r. inn. areN f Pid d.c. 
liics; d, c. day cir; SOffl hp. e. A. A s*; 450 bp. b; city 
eont ^ It0. t'.p. aOOO |7« p. yr nil ot; coil f2,a&. 110 

LONG £f4LA?rtl €1T¥,30 O00*-Kcir York & Qti^cii* 
Ek-c. Lt, & Pwf. Co. 8«o Fltiakinit. 

LOWVILLE. 3.U()0-LoWTfiUc Elec. Lt. A P*r: Co. 
(Ltd.): cat>.»!to.OOO; b(li.«e,000; li.J. Ricbardsoii. P,; 
ih aJackion. w„ M, .t P. A-; C. W. UiirtUoti. Spt ; 
1 arc AnL. 1 ».c. PlW. liMO*IfM-,¥^ v., 10,000 ald)a.; 
T.^M.Koc,; 4.'ijire(i; HiJfJ iocr , 300 hp. c Noyc; ttO 
bp b Watortn.; <:l(y coui. 3tt Mm. e. p. fi£NXl pOiMr 
yt. mftiJtilL 1 A. M. 48 

Wettiiore Elpc. Co. oap. 140,000; G. W. PulvcrP; 

O. P. Hedden H. A T : CO arcf i,mo Inca Wesi g. jfik 

LYON rALX.S-Elcc. Lt. Plant; H. €. MarkbJUQ If . 

LYOPiS— Wajne r^ijnty Elec. Co.; cap. $40,000; J, 
W. FiitJium P; J. W. Van Etten IS. A P. A : Cbiis. 
H. GockCTT; F. H. Rnij^el Bttpt; flgare T M: flOOaJl. 
incj G. E. T-ll uoc; no day oir; 330 bp, e. Atlati; 230 
Op. turb. SaccMsj ofty cont. 160 Ita. a. p. aoooigO 
per yr. bU ni; coal *i.'.7S. (Li|;bt ihv lowu of riydtrj 

J 10 

BtALU^E. 7.000-M alone Lt. A Pwr. Co. ejip, anlb, 
f7ft.OOO: F. D. Kllhnm p. J. F. Wrlitht S. A T. J.M. 
FiakSnpL 1 ».r. Wc*tg. 4330-104 v. 2 pb. 7,200 altni; 
T"H Mt: 75 a. c. inc. ^ires; 3000 it. c inca; a, c. diy 

elf: 300 hp. e. H. O, A R; hp. inrb. Smtlk; WO 

bp.b; city codL 7a lia. c. p. aooo |S0 per ^n-. all ntj 
coal $3.g9L 110 

MAJrUATTAJT BEACH— Manhattan Bneh tm- 

provcment Co. 50 arc Eiceliiior. f 

MANLH^S, LOOO^W, J. Pliillips owner; (Uee»nop. 
waS): cap. 110.00(1; M. J. Topp Ch. Kl(»tn; 1 cT c, are 
Wc?iit||; 1 dL e. WPBtff. 110 v; la. c. Wajrcn lOOO-lOO 
V. ». ph. 15,000 ftltnP. T-H *oe; 21 d. c. are^flil mnpn; 
a ft. r. npCH ft ampfl; 2 d. tr. Inc. aren a atnps: 4m 4 e.. 
Inca: 600 a. c. Incm 100 bfi. tablr. Camden; city c*int. 
21 118. c. p. laoo tiSS-feO per yr. moonit, rndnt tlO 

MAJB.ATHOX. LSOO-Thtf Union Klec- Co. (Btg»n 
op, isai); 1 Co.also 1 ts. Caa^noria and Whim cv Pofull: 
cap, anth, ii^.ClJO, li»ne<t $18,500; T. O'Conne!! P: 
3i. D*Conntdl S, T. A P. A : 1 d. c. are, l ft, c. T-tl 
lOOO-im V. i» pb, 1^000 altiii. T*H toe; ae d e. i?««; 
aOOa. c. lnci;70lip. turb, Smith; e. p. tev<^ 





MATTEA WAN. 4,278*— Carroll Elec Co.; (Also lu. 
Fishkill Ldg.): cap. anth. A insued IIOO.OOU. 7p. c. 
div; W. Carroll P: G. A. Schroder S: C. H. Watson 
T. M. & P. A; W.E. Ulukelfy Suut: J. Donnelly Ch. 
Elecn; 1 d. c. arc Schny: 4 a. c. U. E. 1040-104 v. d. 
ph. 16.000 altne. Ed. »•«; 90 d. c arcp 9.7 ampii: 12 
a.c. aroeftampit; 4,000 a. c. Incs; a. c. day cir: pwr. 
dr. A5U v: 500 bp. e. Ames, Cor.« Rae; 304 hp. turb. 
Hunt; SaO hp.b. McF.^ H; city cont. 87 arc )i50 incf>. 
c.p. a00O&lt2WO<fc$18peryr; coal S— . 110 

IIAYVILI^R, Me-Villa^ of Mayville (Munic); 
cost 110.000: W. D. Parker, M. J. Carlson, P. G. 
NaeserLKt. Comr»; I a.c Pt,>*'. 1040-104 v. 16.000 
altns. T-11 soc: SK a. c. arcs; 800 incs; 100 hp. e. 
Noye; 100 hp. b. Erie. 91 

MEGHANICSVILLE, 4.6I«-Mechanicsvii:e Elec. 
Lt. Jt Pwr. Wk*»: B. Farrow Owner 2 a.c. Wester. 

sun 9000-100 V. s. & 2 ph. 16.000 allns: soc : 2000 

a. c. incs: £35 bp. e. W-C: 150 hp. tnrb. Swain ; 150 
hp. b; city cont. all nt. coal i8. 01 

Hadson River Pwr. Transmission Co. (Be^ran op 
1808); cap. anth. & issued $750,000; bds. anth. $500,. 
000. issued $375,000. 5 p. c. int: G. S. Field P: R- 
C. Board S. AT; E.J. Richards M; 7 a.c pwr. G. £. 

12,000 v; S ph. altns: a.c. day A nlKht cir; 7,000 

hp. turb. S. A B; vFumlsh power only.) 110 

MEDINA— Medina Gas & Elec. Lt Co.: cap. #75.000. 
A. L. Fenn«*sy. Pres.; J. F. Moffett, V.-Pres.: C. E. 
Fennesy. Sec.; 65 arc & 1,100 altg. inc. General ; no 
d. c. ; 300 h. p. eng. Payne. ^ 

MEXICO. IJiOO-Xexico Elec. Co.: E. L. Huntington 
P, T, M. A P. A: 1 arc Schuy : 1 a. c. G. K. 2080-104- 

fie V. altns. T-H soc; a arcs: 6 aeriea incs: 600 

a.c. incs: 80hp.e. Safety; IdO hp. turb. Camden: 
60 hpL b. K., F. A M; city conL muonlt. mdnt. 110 

MIDDLBTOWN. lS.00O-Middletown Gas A Elec. 
Lt. Co.: cap. anth. A issued ;K30,000: bds. auth. 

rO.COO. IsMied •lOO.OOO. 6 p .c. int: L. C. Purdy P, 
A P. A; T. L. Reeve S: F. P. S. Crane T: W. .1. 
Max Supt: U. TerwiUiger Cb. Elecn; 1 d. c. sn: 
Brush: S a. o. Stan. lOOO- 104-50 t. S ph. 16.000 sit nt>. 
TH soc: 61 d.c. arts 6.8 amps: 2 a.c Inc. arcs: 3.600 
a. c. incs: a. c. dav cir; 350 hp. e. A. A S. Brie: 450 
hpub: oitv cont. ei'arcs 216 incA c. p. 1200 A £ $71.6<) 
A $15 per yr. all nt; coal $2.70 110 

MINEOLA— .<<>« Ro9l>n. 

MOHAWK. .!.iU)-Sce Little Fall». 

MONTICELLO-Monticello Elec. Lt. Co. 

MONTOVK FAIXS, l.lW-Mouiour Falls EIcc. Lt. 

MORAVIA. l.-'^Xt-MoraviA Y.\^. Ll.Ut. A Pwr Co.: 
cap. taXCW: bds. #l0.m«0: W. Selorer. P.; W. ,1. H. 
Packer. S. : W Fitt*. T. : F. C. Revnolds. Spi. : 1 a.c. 

T.-H. hUfc-W v.. aim.*,: T.-H. soc.: 7»fc.i in.->. : 

75 hp. iur!>. Steele: cit> ^'ont.. mdr.:. 91 

Mt>RRlSVIf.LE. 'iil-W. M. Ear. Owner. M. A P. 
A; L .\ila:E> i:..En^T: 1 •:.•. .trc lirtjf: I a.c. Wr-r-tj:. 
ua.^ii.i»\. *. pQ. iri.U>» a.:n<. T-H j«oc: 3 an> y.6 
-tnip*: TA» a.c. :r.C!*; Ti'i isp. t. Amc*: 114 hp. turi». 
S. B: 7i' h:-. t». .Vrue-i. -itv -or,:. ** It*, c. p. rJi*> 
totXi \*^i yr." at-on".:. ni-i:.:; ''oa'. $4. 3i 

MT. KISCO. :.^i't-M:. K fro 1.:^. Co. iB<>:an op. 

1-^ ; ca-p. a.::.i. $et'.ai.». T. t. larpenvr. P.; 0. 1». 
Hi»rU'r. Ji. H. u. Runkle. T. ; K. B. G nimac. ^apt. 

1 a. c. il. E. KHi\. — pb. altn-.: Ed. r-**.: 'O- 

a.c. ir.O!». . hp. *. Allrc: •*« hp. h. Najle: citr 

ooc:. \^ ::*.. c. jv A'. $a.M ■ i^r jr.. ail iiL " » 

MT. MORRIS. 3..U»-M:. Morr:« \\\i. Co. Bopac 
op. !»*• ; CJt?. a;::h A :!*»>ue»i $**■>. 6 p. c. .I:v; M. 
D- II*c.'ifrF»; .1. M. ITophec S. A T: K. Goff Th. 
Engr. A EUerc: 1 d. c. arc Ball: ! d. c. We*tr. 1 10 v : 
1 m.c. Wc*!*-. l'.W-30 X. 16liX*^ altns. F.d. *oo: 4.-^ 

d. r. arv* 5 ampti: :«.V d.c. incs : 5d.^ a. c. luo*; 1»» hp. 

e. Sore: UV bp. b c:tj con:. 1 A M. UO 

MITMFORD, 600-F. H.Hyde Iwner (B« 

cost $ : 1 d, c. Eddy — v: d- 

hp. turb. (Co. also Its. Calidocia). 

MT. VEBXOX, 25,000-Kast Chester El. 
tefiO.OOO; A- Perry. P.; G.B. ClalUn. S.: 
T.. M. A Spt.: 4 arc T.-H.; 3 a.c. T.-H 
v.. L^OOO aims.: T.-H. soc.; 136 arcs. 
5.000 incs. ; && hp. e. McI. ^ S.: TOO h] 
Kendall; city cont., all nt. 

NEWARK. 5,000-The New Lt. HL ft P 

gan op. 1809); cap. anth A iBsued •40.000 
i'; W. A. Roe S. A T; A. Garloek Sapt; 
ner Ch. Elecn; 1 d.c. pwr. Wesig 500 ▼: : 
JBOO-llO V. 2 ph. 7.200 altns. T-H soc: 
arcs: 40UO s. c. incs: a. c. day cir; d, c i 
hue. Frick; 450 h p. b. Frick; cltycuDi 
2000 $60 per yr. aU nt: coal $&2S. 

NEW BERLIN. 1.300— New Uerlin Ll 
(Began op. 1889) cap. tiaOOO; O. F. Mat 
H. Bniterfleld S. M. A P.A. H-A . Powers 
T-U 1100-W V. itiOOO altns. T-H soc: 1 ai 
*ncs: 75 hp. e. We-ig; 80 hp. turb. Uoi 
60 Its. c.p. 25 $15 per yr. moonlt. 

MEWBl-RQH, 24.M3-Newbnr«h L.. I 
Co. (Cons, of Oousolidated Gas, Elec. U. 
Co. and the (ias Co.); cap. auth. KOOlOt 
sued $475,000, 5 p. c. int; F. R Bain P; 
S. ^E^ T; R.A. Diiridson M; \. H. Kellnn 
Beecher Ch Engr: city cont. 277 Its. c. p. 
p^r yr. all nt; co«l $83i5. 

NEWPORT, 610-Newport Elec. Lt. t Pi 

NEW ROCHELUS, 10.000-Ba«t Chester 
Mt. Vernon: 3 a, c. T-U 1040-104 v. IWW 
soc: 4000 incs; 230 hp. e, Prov. Bckye. ; 
b. Biifiow, F, U. A M; city coot, ill nL 

NEW YORK. 3r43r.att-The New York 1 
53-.%7 Duane >t.; cap slk. $4iV.2;jO.00a (Ha 
the Ed'son F'.lee. Ilig. Co.. N^'W YorkOa#, 
Ht. Jt Pwr. Co.. ML Morris Elec. UX0..I 
Ltjs. Co.. North River Elec. Lt A Pwr. Co 
of ManhatUn Elec. Co.. Kew York Ht.. I 
Co. and Bloi*k Lt. A Pwr. Co.: A.X.Br 
F. Hrailv 1st V. P: Thos. E. Morraritt 
W. Lieb. Jr. Sni V. P: L, B. Gsainr S: 
ie-, 32.137 kw. a.:cr; citr cont. 3W) III. c. 
'Am $101) .s Slv-s per yr. all nt: coal |UI 

New Y'nrk A (Queens Elec. Lt. A Pw 

Nf w Y'ork A Staten Island El««. Co--' 

United Ele«\Li. A Pwr. Co. 58 PnineS 
lion*^: cap. t5.(.U».0u0; G.W. He(«rd.P.:C. 
son. V. P. A M.: J. G. Lvncb. S. : J. W. H> 
C S. .la^-kson. P. A.:S5a.c. Westc. ipj 
1000-aoiM«Xu30 v.. 16.UIU7.2U0 altn^:illB 
l..Vl>a.c. arrs; 1 UkOUU iocs. : dav cir.; pw- 
V. C ph.: l.ViM* hp. e. W.-C xCttte.: IM 
Clonic . Nk-hol*: city coot. 43 li*. c. ptSW 
yr. all i:t : «'L>aI $1.30 A $2.W. 

NIAGARA F.%LLS,«.O0O-Buirak»A5i« 

Klec Lt. A Pwr. Ca; cap. f ; ti-T 

P.: C. Huiitlo\, S.: F. G. Lott. .M.l P- 
Bru!»h: 1 d. c. pwr. G. E. SOU v.; 6a e.i-l 
ei> -i«^ \ . KiHXiaitns.; Ed. soc. 377 arcf : I 
ii!C<. : a. .'. d;i\ cir.. pwr. dr. ilCOO hp. i 
u-'U-I ; ,>Oiihp. turb. Wood: citT coat- 
-UX' c . p. . «?•» per year, all nu 

N -»-:in» FalS Hvdraulic Pwr. A MfjE- ' 
au:'.. .V ;>«uod ff3U»,O0O: G. & Matbm 
Nt.,. : ^ioif S, M. A P. A: F. G. Lor. Si 
Joe- > t h. Ki:-r: 4 d. c. 3 a. c. Walker AM 
ph. v—i.atns. Kd.M»c:aOaivs: IKW^ 
c:r. 5i.«> V ; hp^ turb. Leffel A iHhen. 

Niijara Fall* Pwr. C«.: D. O. WOkJ 
W: s.:>. 1*: V. P: W. B. RaukiB^M/r. 
F. L. Luvelace. S.; W. P. Littia Asrt. & 
S.\:vR>i'h. y.uir: H. W. B«ck Had Em 
Barto:: ^up:: P. M. UbooIb Rm. BM 
Brackoor.dL-v. Resc Eacr.: tmtmaik flUW 
1 .^.VU« bp. drnamoaopetAtad by IMMI$ 





W— Nortiiptirt Elcc. LI, Co, ; (Be- 
llS.niQ; bile. |15,{3a»: J.Cu^kcroft 

10 V. Itf^OOtf hUp,*, Kd. soc: 7,uClU 
v; ItN) Kpv «!. U. F, & Ml S(iO bp. 
UrttiL lOJlU. c* p* ao moonlt* nil 

4KOA. 10,000— Tona wand II Pwr. 
cm of Toniiwunda Lti^, & Twr* Co, 
ttitra^^t Vwt, I'o. Uitftfibatom of 
'BJT for Tonawandifc htA N. Touu- 
^\tv Aud cauiiuerciAJ ItiEi^r); lAp, 
,OdO. ft p. c. iati C. A> is^wett. P. ; 
V, P.; dt^Lnnrev HAoklno. 8. A 
M: A, y. Adun, Sapl: tlty cont. 
7 per yr. »U ui. J 10 

MO-Nnrtlivni*» Bloc. Lt *t Pwr. 
E. IX. A. U. A U, R, iScrlbner* 
botr, P, A-t I Ji-c. Suu. ItWJ-IOO- 
,- Eli. «n?,; OUONi^-.E W t*p, »? 
. Coll i 11 1 ; rit}" iron I , , iii d d L 1 27 

-Krtrwlch On* A Elec. Co: rnp, 
P»v, P. T. A SV A: H. A. lHirK'4*ii 

;t ne. Knti, Wests, imio-fa V. 

»oc: eo afV^: 1.600 ihoa; atSO hp. &. 

'<. c. p. iaoi> 

mi-4; cUvoiit. UO ltd. 

-Norwood El(^i% Lt. A T^wr. C<J.; 

Iileli»r*ij^ P: W. II. W*ll# S. P- A. 
itiiT; I uru Wfittt: la^e. Wertg, 

ini', T-H*oc; 34 art^-: TOO nici*; 
lUUtip. b. 8iv&r(i»; ^0 hp. Surti: 

|i. iKiOlftiJp«ryr, I A. Jif;coa 

Ida CMkel Co, Clip, I : 11* 

A I atv ft. W; t 11. c. T*tl lOOO- 
- ioe: S4 iirciit fldtJ Hick; ?5 hp. e. 
b. Mutmou: lUU Paju^'; cily 

>clilaiid Lt. * Pwr. Co. (Bp^uiiti 
D J 1*1. NyiKjk. fcio. Ny»* k, Gratid 
^piu-kiLI, Tiippmj, yrflo^burg, 
irer* !Caaiiet, ^prhis Valley, Mem- 
power Ui K<n.^klHiicl EltfC^ Co., 
1r NurwiMHJ, Clfmer* Deraafefit 
»»Tk: S. R. JJradley P: y. L. 
; IK M\ Dunn M, *t P ,\; .J, F. 
h. Ekcti; **. Ejiftliiiger Ch, KiiEr; 
\ d*r. pwr Stan. tJ. K; i* a r. ^mn, 
30altti-i. Kd. tn*.'; H(»djvape«: 30 
*»; ^ a.c. toe jim*i »5 5 ampn: iflWf 
ip. e McrL & H. A, it l?. We*tj: 
. Wat4jitn: i-ity winL 71 ate 1300 
p, $1 la 4s tl7 Pi f y r. all n L 00 

yiO&^Oicdeiisbnrc Pwr. ALt. CX; 
mm. iutii. Jt ii»»tii?d {."lO/jyO; no 
E^ 1000-100 v. S ph. 7,iB0O nUiis. 
. iPt*; 8^50011. c. in*#t400hp. e, 
^ 8. A Bi iO» hp. b, B. A W: *rity 
I^JO|m<}0 per yr.iiU Dt; cout |3,Si>. 
'»ti KliM^ Lt. A Pwf. Co.t cap. $35. 
. C. llcilJis Ssi p^ ; *2 are T H Ft, W s 
l-M v^. »,pti. I6axl> II Una. VA. sfsat, 
i 400 hp. e. Kiillt 40()bp. b. McK^ 
I, p. StitJOfJTj per yr, nil ut: coal 


«dl»ou Coimiir One A El«e, Co,; 
K Aj T. W. *?iininicr«S; W. T. 
W. Koln^r Supt & Cb. Elecu; a 
B; J|il,c, pwr Stun, Wealir. 3000 
HOI V. a. pli. 7«00 alin». Ed. TH 
||10 ampii; 12 1, c. arcfi 5.H ampi^; 
c» riar eir: d, c. p*f. cirt rtOO iip. 
. b. 'BtKi^low; city cont. «0 k(*. 
per J r. mocniU.All ni ■ coal $2.70 S3 

OD«ofitA Klec. Lt. ft Pwr. Co. ; (Be- 
•00.0001 bai.iaO,CNJO: F. D. MilkT 
L * P, A; S iOii FU W; ?1 iL e, a. 
0>-S£ y, lfl.000 i»Un^. T H boc: t5 
„IOU B.C, iDPft; lt20 hp. e, Writg.; 
^ aSW h p. b. 8hftp. <Si W. ; city c*>ot- 
*1peryr. allnt. ao 

OSWEGO. aSJ, 1 00— People'* Qua A Klec. Co.; CAp. 
II 10,000; J. G. Knight Supt: ^40 arc Wood, 1403 inc. 
T a; Smhp. e. Watt* Cum pbelU CotMbi. Htint; cJty 
coDt, fm mrcA <;. p. KlOO S71 i>er y r. nil nt. t 

aSMfKOO FALLl^, l.aai*— See Fultoin. N. Y. 

OVIU. 800— Ovid K lee. Lt. Plant (Begun op. IBSfi}: iiap, 
ttutb, |10.(M>: L. C PltLiher Prop: S a. c. G. E, 10*0- 
104 V. T-H aoc: ;iOOO a. c, iiictt; 180 bp. e. Wtrwn; 180 
hp. b. Khe: dtycoiir. 4a It*, c. p. 5^ $10 ptrf yr. 
tuuotiLi. all lit; coaliS.JJf^. SI 

OWKGO.T.miO-^wego Lt A Pwr Co.; (Bcfianop. 
1887.1 Lup, mi.iiiJU; bd».»'i5jMXI; W, S. Ttnmad P;G. 

F. Atidivwa S, A T; H Yotliers P. A. A Sapt^ 1 arc 
Braih; 2 a.r. T*fL Wvt^ttj, ItXO^im i\, ld,umi»ltns, 
T-ll «w.: aOarrs; I.IW iocs.; If& hp, e. UiUU Payoe; 
l«0 lip, liirb. Smith. Unvmn: ISO hp b. Krie: city 
(lonL 77 ajrs t.^i. J^OO 5^;.50 p t yr. nil nt: coal ^80 


OX FOKD, 1,800 ^t^xford t?:iec. Lt, Co,: (B*f»n ^p. 
J8lW)i i«p. KUth. A ia-^m-d flOiUOO: bde, auth. •5,0Ol>, 
|a^ned«,5<iO,6iK c. iiil; C. A, tJllUnatJ P; P. T.*/ar- 
bhi S; II. W. CTiiTk* T. M. A p. A; .1. A.Oiilk l^tipt. 
«i Ch, Eleei*: 1 hn: T-ti; I a. u, U, bS. lOlu-Sa-ltH 
V. l&,tjr»0 Hit 11 9. T-H PO(?r JM) area; 4 a. c. area: 1000 
a, c, iiics; ao hp. e. I<>k'i tiiO hp. turb: ItiO bp. b, 
Erie: city cont. :il I1-, c. p. lOOO S^Opcf y?- mootiU. 
coiil S^TU. Bl 

OYSTBIt ItAT, 3,000-OyBter Buy Lt, ft Pwr, Co,; 
cap. tiVOUO: bd*. ont^tff, ill.5<lfl; I>. D. >mitb P., 
W. L. Swan S: 8. V. Haylea T, IlL T. Btxhy Cb. 
Engr: 1 arK Hail; 3 a. r. Warren, O.K. J00060 V. 
la.ilJO altn«. Ed. aw; « urcs ; 800 inea: 3» bp» e. B. 
^- W; IM bp^ b. Miiun: city <;4jiit,, all nt il 

PALMYRA, 3,fl<XM-Palm.ym EW-. Lt. A Pwr Co.; 
B«fi£ati up. 18&^): imp. |»O.UUO; bdii. auth. $1A,000, « p. 
c. tnt.; u. J,G«Tlo.-k. P.. M JtP,A.; VV. W.Willcoi* 
S, &T.; 1 tin;. Wi^stje,; 1 dc W«t|£, lln v; 2 a, c. 
2 ph. Stun, SOOOIUJif,^ ItJ.nOfj aitni".: FjI. aoc.; 1» 
aT(M^ 2 a. c. jtrcs: IW d.C. iiics., 3*O0U «.c. In^ii. ; a.c 
day t)ir.; pwr, eir. flOi) v.; aao hp, e, H. U. A, R., t.:uir; 
fiOOhp. b, Piizffii#., Clonb,; city wiit., 8? arc», jax^ 

G, p,, fflSfifO p*?r year, I A.M. 110 

PATCH OGUE. 5,000— Palchogne EIct. Lt. Co, ; (Be- 
gan op. am) I ci*p. nutb. tmMMi. O p. i-. dlv; ,LS. 
HavewaP; G. D. Gerard S; .J. r. MiIIh M. P, A, A 
Supt: J, H. Milla T; 3 a, c, G. E. l0lD-,^-lO4 v. p. A 
S pb, irj.OOO attiii-. T-II i^oc: ^UUt> ft. c inia: lOO bp. e. 
A. A ii; 1B» hp. In. Wurcnii: city ecml- 100 Ua.e. 
Id $1J>00 per yr all nt ; t-oal $3 00. 

FENN YAK, SlOO— Yates Klec. Lt. A Pwr To, 
(foTincrly the Peiin Yao Elcr. Lt, A Pfl*r Co.) (Be- 
ffaii up. IRPO): Xew York ofHce Wi Bro^dvifay Kooin 
m. II. T. Howel 8, A T; W, H. Bi-nee P. A. A Snpt- 
1 are Ft W; a a. e. — - 1 100 53 v. «. ph. 16 (MW altns. 
S-M »oe: ^ area ft atnpa; <^^(X1 a. c. Inci; a. duy cir; 
400 hp. tur*), liiidon; ciiy cont, a7 ]t», c. p. iJUOOIiie 
pcryrallnt. 110 

PKRRY^H.yiO- Perry Elec. Lt. Cki. (B«Ran op. IOT1> 
cap. anth. tc!5,0OO. UmiA |t),iXlO; bdd. «ia,00u; M . fL 
Olm, P; e. M B'liitH S: W. I). Pa^o T- <J- K Page 
M. A P. A: C. W. Smith Supt: 2 arc T-H; S a. g. 
T-H imfi-m V. 15 000 rtUns, T*H »'0«; 5ft arcs «.8 
amp*: 1000 Int arc*; IJWbp. f^. MoL AS; iOObp.b, 
MttE. Pbrwenli; city cont, 43 lla. 1200 c.p. fSSS ptrr yr. 
mooDlt; ciial f^ 120 

PHELPS— .1. Q. Howe** ^lu; F. H. Ho*e M. A P. 

A; la. c. O. E, 1040-104 V. 3 ph, F^. bOC; 1«00«, e. 
Int:^; I'iO lip. ^ Hall. Brli^; 80 bp, tarh, Camdt'n; 90 
bp, b, Eriet city cont, SB It*, c. p. IfiOO §42 pt^ry? 
A, M ; eoal t3 60. , , 

PHCEKIX, 1,800— Phoenii. Kl^. Co.; tap. WXOOO, 
ft. S, Sloaij. P ; E. U. Powell. T.; *L I, Van Doren. 
Spt.; 1 ar^^T.H.; 3 d,c. T.-H, 110 v.; T,-n, tm ; ~ 





MATTEA WAN, 4,278*— Carroll Elec. CJo.; (Also Ita. 
FishkiJlLdg.); cap. anth. A issued tlOO.OOO, 7 p. c. 
div; W. Carroll P; G. A. Schroder 8; C. H. Watson 
T, M. A P. A; W.K. Blakeli-y Supt; J. Donnelly Ch. 
Elecn; 1 d. c arc Scbny: 4 a. c. U. E. 1040-104 v. s. 
ph. 16.000 altns. Ed. s'»c: 90 d. c. arcs 9.7 amps: 12 
a.c. arcs 6 amps; 4,000 a. c. iocs; a. c. day cir; pwr. 
dr. 550 v: 500 hp. e. Ames, Cor., Rns; 304 hp. tnrb. 
Uant; 850 hp.b. McF.& U: city cont. 87 arc 860 ince. 

c. p. 8000 &»2 too A $\S per yr; coal $-. 110 

BLAYVILLE, 946-Vlllage of Mayville (Munlc); 
cost $10,000; W. D. Parker, M. J. Carlson, P. O. 
Naeser Lm. Comr«; 1 a.c Pt,W. 1040-104 v. 16,000 
altns. T-U soc: 2A a. c. arcs; 800 incs; 100 hp. e. 
Noye; 100 hp. b. Erie. 91 

MECHANICSVILLE, 4,605— Mechanlcsvii:e Elec. 
Lt. & Pwr. Wks; E. Farrow Owner a a.c. Wests, 

Stan 9000-100 v. s. & 2 ph. 16.000 allns: soc ; 2000 

a. c. incs; 285 b p. e. W-C; 160 hp. turb. Swain; 150 
hp. b; city cont. all nt, coal $8. 01 

Hudson River Pwr. Transmission Co. (Began op 
1808); cap. autb. A issued $750,000; bds. auth. $500,. 
000, issued $375,000, 5 p. c. int; Q. S. Field P; R- 
C. Board S. A T; E.J. Richards M; 7 a.c. pwr. O. E. 

18,000 v: 3 ph. altns; a.c. day A night dr; 7,000 

hp. turb. S. A B; (Furnish power only.) 110 

MEDINA— Medina Gas A Elec. Lt Co.; cap. 175.000. 
A. L. Fennesy, Pres.; J. F. Moflfett, V.-Pres.; C. E. 
Fennesy, Sec.; 65 arc A 1,100 altg. inc. General; no 

d. c. ; 800 b. p. eng. Payne. * 

MEXICO, l,R00-Mezico Elec. Co.; £. L. Huntington 
P, T. M.AP. A; larcSchuy: 1 a. c. G. E. 8080-104- 

59 V. altns. T-H soo; 28 arcs: 6 series incs; 600 

a.c. Incs; 80hp. e. Safety; 180 hp. turb. Camden: 

60 hp. b. K., F. A M; city cont. moonlt. mdnt 110 

MIDDLETOWN, 18,000-Middletown Gas A Elec. 
Lt. Co.; cap. suth. A issued 1880,000; bds. auth. 

rO.COO, issued $100,000. 6 p .c. int; L. C. Purdy P, 
A P. A; T. L. Reeve S; F. P. S. Crane T: W. J. 
Max Supt; U. Terwilliger Ch. Elecn; 1 d. c. arc 
Brush; 2 a. c. Stan. 1000-104-50 v. 2 ph. 16,000 altn8. 
TH soc; 61 d.c. area 6.8 amps; 8 a.c inc. arcs; 3,600 
a. c. incs; a. c. day cir; 850 hp. e. A. A S. Erie; 460 
hp.b: city cont. 61 arcs 216 incs c. p. 1200 A 82 $71.60 
A $15 per yr. all nt; coal $2.70 1 10 

MINEOLA— See Roslyn. 

MOHAWK, 2.000— See Little Falls. 

MONTICELLO— Montlccllo Elec. Lt. Co. 

MONTOUR FAIXS, l,103>Montour Falls Elec. Lt. 

MORAVIA, L.'iOO-Moravia Elec. Lt., Ht. A Pwr. Co. ; 
cap. «ao,000: bds. $10,000; W. Selover, P.; W. J. H. 
Parker, S.; W Fitts. T.: F. C. Reynolds. Spt.; 1 a.c. 

T.-n. 1000-52 v., altns.: T.-H. soc; 700 incs, ; 

75 hp. turb. Steele; city cont., mdnt. 91 

MORRISVIT.T.E, OM— W. M. Earl Owner, M. & P. 
A: L. Adams Ch.Knj^r: I d.r. arc Greg; 1 a.c. WeytL'. 
1000-100 V. 8. ph. IG.OOa altns. T-H hoc: 8 arcs 9.6 
ainpH: 700 a. <t. incs; 70 hp. e. Amc»: 114 hp. turb. 
S. B; 70 hp. 1). Ames: city cont. 8 lt». c. p. 1200 
1600 pel yr. moonlt. mdnt; coal §4. 91 

MT. KI8CO, l,8f)0-Mt. Ki*<'o Ltg. Co. (Began op. 
1899); cap. auth. $20,000: T. E. Carpenter, P.; C. D. 
Horton, S.; H. G. Runkle, T. ; R. B. Ginlman, Supt. 

1 a. c. G. E. 1080 V. —ph. altns.; Ed. soc.; tlOO 

a.c. Inci*.: hp. e. Allen: COhp. b. Naglc; city 

cont. 100 Its., c. p. 20, $3000 i>er yr., all nt. 99 

MT. MORRIS. 3.00O-Mt. Morris lUfi. Co. (Began 
op. 1890); cap. auth. A issued $9,000, 6 p. c. div: M. 
D. Hanover ^; .1. M. I'rophet S. * T: F. Goff Ch. 
Engr. A Elocn: 1 d.c. arc Ball; 1 d. c. WestX. 110 v; 
1 a.c. Wcstg. 1000-60 v. s.pb. 16,000 altns. Ed. soc: 45 
d. r. arcs 6 amps; 100 d.c. inca; 500 a. c. incs; 100 hp. 

e. Noje: 100 bp. b; city coot. 1 A. M. 


MUMFORD, 600— F. H.Hyde Owner (Bejai 

cost $ ; 1 d. c. Eddy — v: — d. c i 

hp. turb. (Co. also Its. CalidoEia). 

MT. VERNON, 25.00O-East Cheater Elec 
•860,000; A. Perry, P.; G.B. Claflin. S.: J.I 
T., M. & Spt.; 4 arc T.-H.; 8 a.c. T.-H. 1( 
v.. 15,000 altns.; T.-H. soc.; 126 arcs, J i 
5.000 incs. ; 625 hp. e. McI. & S.: 700 hp. I 
Kendall ; city cont., all nt. 

NEWARK, a,00O-The New Lt Ht. A Pwr. 
gan op. 1899); cap. auth A issued 940,000; F 
1'; W. A. Roe S. & T; A. Garlock Supt; P. 
ner Ch. Elecn; 1 d.c. pwr. Weatg 500 ▼: 1 a 
2200-110 v. 2 ph. 7,200 altns. T-H soc: fi 
arcs; 4000 a. c. incs; a. c. day cir; d. c. pwi 
hp. e. Frick; 450 h p. b. Frick; city com 61 
2000 $60 per yr. all nt; coal $8.25. 

NEW BERLIN, 1.200— New lierlin Lt. A 
(Began op 1889) cap. 110,000; O. F. Mallei 
H. Batterfleld 8. M. A P. A. H.A. Powers bJ 
T-H 1100-6i V. 16000 altns. T-H soc; 1 a.c. i 
Incs: 75 hp. e. Westg; 80 hp. turb. liol; « 
60 Its. c.p. 85 $15 per yr. moonlt. 

NEWBURGU, 24,943— NewbQKh L.. Ht 
Co. (Cons, of Consolidated Gas, F:iec Lt. H 
Co. and the (ias Co.); cap. autb. 8600.000; 
sued 8475.000, 5 p. c. int; F. R. Bain P; 1 
S. & T; R.A.. Davidson M; A. U. Kellogg S 
Beecher Ch Engr: city cont. 277 Its. c. p. I 
per yr. all nt; coal $8.85. 

NEWPORT, 610-Newport Elec. Lt. A Pwi 

NEW ROCHELI^, 10,000-Ea«t Chester 1 
Mt. Vernon; 3 a, c. T-U 1040-104 v. 15,000 
soc: 4000 incs; 250 hp. e. Prov, Bckye. L 
b. Bigiow. F, H. A M ; city cont. all nt. 

NEW YORK, 3,437.aO»-The New York E 
53-57 Duane M.; cap. elk. $45,200.00a (Has 
the Edison Elec. Ilig. Co.. Nuw York Gas. 
Ht. A Pw». Co., Mt. Morris Elec Lt. Co.. 1 
Ltg. Co.. North River Elec. Lt A Pwr. Co. 
of Manhattan Elec. Co., Kew York Ht.. L 
Co. and Block Lt. A Pwr. Co. : A. N. Bn 
F. Brady 1st V. P: Thos. E. Mnrmv 2nc 
W. Lleb. Jr. 3rd' V. P: L. B. Gawtrv 8; 
ies, 32,187 kw. accr; city cont. 3050 Its. c. 
2000 $109 <s $1K2 per yr. all nt: coal $1.S( 

New York A Queens Elec. Lt. A Pwr 

New York A Staten Island Elec. Co.— ^ 

United Klec.Lt. & Pwr. Co, 58 Duane S 
tions); cap. »5.00l»,000; G.W. HeOnrd, P.; C 
son, V. P. & M.; J. G. Lvuch, S. ; J. W. Us 
C. S. .lat^kson, P. A.;25a.c. Westg. 2 pi 
1000-200-100-50 v., 16,000-7.900 altns.: all k 
1,500 a.c. arcs: 1 15,000 incs. : day cir.; pwr. 
v. 2 ph.: 15,000 hp. e. W.-C. Westg.; ll.< 
Clonb.. NlchoJH; city cont. 43 lis. c. p. 8001 
yr. all nt; coal $1.50 A $2.90. 

NIAGARA FALLS, 30,000— Buffalo* Nia 

Klec. Lt. & Pwr. Co.; cap. $ ; o. C 

P.: C. Huntley, S.; F. G. Lott, .M.A P. 
Brush: 1 d. c. pwr. G. E. 6(X) v.; 6 a. c. s. 
228)-104 v., l«00Ualtns.: Ed. soc. 377 arcs ; 
incs.; a. c. dav cir,, pwr. cir. (1000 hp. 
nt-cted): 3000 h p. turb. Wood; city com.. 
2000 c.p.. *80 per year, all nt. 

Niuguru Falls Hydraulic Put. A Mfg. 
auth. A- i88ued f50<i,000; G. B. Matbeso 
SchoHllvopf S, M. A P. A; F. G. Lot! Su 
Jonen Ch. Kngr; 4 d. c. 8 a. c. Walker 2900 
ph. 16.000 altns. Kd. soc ; 80 arcs ; 16.000 in 
cir. 50U V ; 20,000 hp. turb. Leffel A others. 

Niagara Falls Pwr. Co.; D. O. Mills. 1 
Wi( kcH. iHt V. P.: W. B. Rankinc, 2d. V. 
F. L. Lovelace, S. ; W. P. Little Asst 8. 
Sellers Ch. Knpr; H. W. Buck Sled Eu 
Barton Supt: P. M. Lincoln Res. Blecn 
Brackenridge, Res. Engr.; furnish 40,000 
lU-5000 hp. dynamos operated by 10*6000 hp. 




K^ Tl X. L, Pt^t£(K»ii Cli. t;ii[£t-^ B 

fitr.: iflO hp, e. II. F. hl M; 200 np. 
iltT cwdt lOJ It*, e. p, SO idotjiilt* nil 

i WAND A, lO,OCO-Tqti4wmndii Pwr. 
dntioii or TonnWHnJA Ltij. A Pwr, Co. 
a 0«Lurat:l Pwr, Cq. Dii^trlbtitoi* of 
powpr for Tiifriwtmdii Jir.d N. ToUtt- 
do I'ltv Atid (toijimMoiti,! lt>r.); cm p. 
tl5t*AKiO. rt p. d. Sat. ; C. A. «wwt, P.; 
tirW V. Kh di*Lilii™y Hamkine, R. A 
rm. M; A. H. A<lfU, Su|»l; tit> cotit, 
JWSTTlHjf yr. atl uL 110 

S, I.SOf^-NoTThvMli* Klec. Lt, A Pwr. 

Scrllmer, P. .\.\ 1 n.f. Slaii. KMKHOO- 
[ttm.l Kd. ioe.; «.iMiiu#.; f»7 hp, *' 
\p, h. Collins; cU)- com., tiiddt. R'? 

l)UO-N»rrtk"h On** Etw:. Co.; ('up. 
Miirmy, I*. T, A IV A: K A. Uuihmim 
h iiy ; 2 li . X nil I W f s t j?. imW-NS v . 
»f ji. 1.01! ■ BO 11 res ; 1 .500 i no* ^ 30(» Ji j>. Vh 
b, Aimit: c^lVi^^rlL Wl Iti. t. p. llttW 
ault, »H]}i; ciml $!i,fi% lH 

^aO0_ Norwood KI*H7- Lt. A '^^fp. Co.; 
. W. RiL'biira»P; W. U W..l!i*g, P. A. 

Od H Ini^. T-H «ie; tJ^ iifi>: TOO mt;-: 
%mi lUUQp^ li* iiw?*irii«: f« hp. lurbi 
V. C |i. IW^taifpvryr, I A. M; ooil 

-Xanilii r»*kel Co, c*p. • -t IL 

ft p. A I *^- 1 1. WM kt C. T-lt IWIO* 

. -i— Rott . a4 are»: oaa i»o; 75 hp. is 
[klitfb. Jiim«ciu; iuu}i|i.b. PA)iitf; cliy 
nduu 9» 

i-BockUnd U. A Pwr. Co. (Bp^ati 
»Uii hf. Nym^k. ^o, >'>'*■■ k. Grand 
n^. apuTliUh Tiippim, Umnicf^biirf;, 
I HtVL*r, Niiuui< ^pHiig Valley, Won- 
»lw* power 10 Kui?kl]ind Eluc. Co., 
Hiviilc, NorwiHHl, r]o!iifir. I>en)»re#t 
itt Purk; S a liradk-y P : li. L. 
ft T; n. W. Dunn >L A P A: 4. F. 
ft^ eb, Kk'cn: n. g^^linpT Cb. finer: 
I Ti 4 4.r, pwr. 8Uiii. G. tii: 3 a c. Man. 
1 T^aWnltO'*. Kd.iicjei HOtLf. ir'h; -W 
Aibte; t d.r, ioc, htc* d.S atutw; wiOo 
ii«a tip. e Mtt A t*. A. A ^. XVe.'tf : 
t W. WfticTUi; eity ctrnt. Tl arc rJOO 

» c. p. tna & sn p^t y p. uri nu m 

[I, t4»l»0-O^deTi*h«rsf Pwr. A Ll. Tfi.; 
17)1 cap. anih * i-«n«^d fMMwHJ: on 

r*«fir. uxn-i49D V. a ph. :,'jni> -iiuif-. 
m,f* JirtJi; S,&( in »■; 4ili> lip, i'. 
imrtj* S. A B- aOO hp. H, R. A Wi ,<|ty 
p. SPiJO 179.00 p«r yr,$ill nt; codI $3^50. 
-01«VD Elw. LL A pwr To.^ cpip. laii, 
?; K a HolllsSnpi; ^ai^- T H W^AV . 
O-IOI-W v\ P ph. trtJUMi liUii*. J'^tL «oc; 
Ltici: 4£iO hp, iv B.ill: 4U0bp, ti. McE: 
tM. c, p. aUOU *«A fitrr yr. nil nt: foul 


h-MMUMHi Connti' G^iA A Elec. Co.; 

& P. A; T. W. 54iimnit>r« S: W. T. 

; C, W, KoineT Snpt. & Ch. Blecn; 3 

,T-1I: «d.a pwr stiin W«fiir, 0XW 

^ — lO-lCK*. a. pb. 7300 aUni, Kd. T-l! 

l'l.6ftQlp«: tS 4. c> BrCT ft.*J mnp«; 

K. tljiv cir; d. c, n*f; ctr: iSitO bp. 

h b. ^Jedow; cUj com. ^* U*. 

^tH ptr yr.moonlt.aH nt; coal $3.70^ 

t-^hieouLB Etec. Li. A Pwr Cn.: (Be* 
u 160,000: bdii,|a(UMKlL F a MiW 

, A P. A: 2 iro Tt. W i S il o. (<. 

DO-fie V. Id.OOO HltMft. T B «»c; 7G 
; l.SOt) A,c, tuts; 1130 im, e. Wt»t(E.; 
at; s»J hp, b ShAp, A W.; dty cotiL 



il^irec^a, ^ajSJg— I*«oplc'i Gm A Elec. Co,; eap, 
1110,000; J. C. Knight Scipt; P40 ate Wood. HOOlnc. 
T B ; afitl bp. a. WatiH-C^mpbelU CotUm, Snut*, city 
i: ant. 340 ju"c« c. p. auOO f n fier yr. a\\ nl. t 

OSWECiCI FALLS, uail»-S«* Foltoti. N. Y. 

OVID* HOO— Ovul RlfscLt, Plant (B«gan op. imd): iMip. 
AOth. $1(1 UOd; L. C PlidtMif Prop: a a. c, G E. lOiO 
lOl V r-H *oc'. :400<t*. c. luc*; J8f>bp. e, Wtrwn; J80 
hp. b. ErJL': city conr. 43 lU t, p. ^ flO per yr, 
mwmluall nt; €oalte.^. SI 

OWKOO, 7,«»-Oweg<i Lt. A Pwr. Co.; {Bc|;ad op. 
lii&7.) ii^p.miMlit: lida.t2L\0lEh W. S, Trnmiin P;U. 
F. AiKin-Wi !5. A T; IL Votbtjrp P. A. A SEipt; I mc 
Brush; i ft.r. T-II. W.*i»rL'. lOW-10* v.. b5,<^W al Ins, 
T-ll mo€,, 80*fcs: 1,100 ipc^*, ; l«r» hp. e. Ibill. Pnyne; 
ISO hp. tnrh, Smlitu Divvtim i l«»bp b. FMa: city 
cont. 77 afi!h c,p. law f&'LSO p r yr. all tit; coal $180 


OXFORD, 1,800 -Oxford EhH^ Ll. Co.; (B«Bmn op, 
]H^:>: riip, «uth. A tM^ucd flP.uOO: bde. autb. t^.OOO, 
lo*nt*dt4.WlO, R It. c. Inl; <;. A. (Jillmati I'; F. T,car^ 
blu S; Hh W. CUrkfr T. M. A P. A; 1. A-Gnib StipL 
A Ch. Ekcn; 1 tm- V-H; I «. i^ U. H. HHU-52-lOi 
V. l&,<JOtJ at I lis. T'H ?rwt: 30 arcs; 4 ik C aw^a: lOOfl 
Ji. c. iiic« i ftJ bp. *■, Erltr; lUi bp. tufb; IIjO bp. h. 
F:rn.*: olry coni. Ai U- o. p. lOOO Si50 per yr. intmtiJU 

OYSTEK BA¥,3.(KlO-UyisU?r Bsy Lt A Pwr. Co.; 
cap. tas.OOCH b<U. ooiitK. ill.^"k0O; D, D. ^nlhh P., 
W. L. tSWjui S; y. \. bftylri T; E, T. BUhy Cb. 
Engrt 1 mm Hall; 2 a. r. Wjipren, G. K. 1000 60 v. 
lO.imo atni4. Ed. PQc; 45 nrrjH ; BOU tors; '2Si^ hp. e. B. 
A W L I jti hp. b. Maun : i-ity CJint , aJl nt. 91 

PALMYRA. 3,*)00— Pbi ! in V nt Kh -r . Ll , A P wt Cn, { 
Began tip. li*!*.Vt; f»p |-miMi>; lnJ*. auth. $15,000, A p* 
c. itit,; t>. J. ^|l1•lm^k. K, M. A P. A.; \V. D. Willooi. 
S. AT,; 1 aiv. Wf-stx.: I dr. Wwi.^, Mil ¥: 2a. c, 
S pb, SUin. 3000 IOHm ROlK) aim*.: Ed. soc-,; 3SI 
area, 2 a. c. arcii: lAO d.c. ini^s,, 3,000 &-u. inrs.: ja.c, 
dftv t^lr. ; pwr. i^ir. 500 v.; asw hp. e. IL U. A. R,> (.'pr; 
(MXi bp. b. Fitesrnn., Clonb.: city coat., 3S area, isor 
c. p.,$R2 60p«r year., t A. M. 110 

PATCH nouE, 6.000- Pa icbogne Elcc. LL Co- ; (Be^ 
g&n op. i^!9i}; c*p, MOth. f4aU(JU, « p. t. dlv; J. S 
Haveiia P; U. D. Ci-rard H; .L f\ MIUh M. P. A. ft 
Sapt: .1. IL MUla T; 3 a. ir. «. E- 1000-52-104 v. f. A 
2 ph. 15,000 aUns'. T-ll vm-; 300(1 a. c Iiich: If/Obp. e. 

A. A S: 11A» bp. U Watenn; uitv cooL 100 Ita.c^ 
It} $1500 poj- yr, all iil; loal $3.00.' 


FKEKgKILL. li^.OOO-Pf^f'kfliDI Ltji. A R. K ro.; 
B » NiiHirnndJr, M ; 3 a. c. Sran., W^ai^r. llOO-ftf 
V 1(1000 Filliij*. Wt'*«tir. fNM3: S.OOi) Jdi;.i: -00 bp t. 
Wi'.3ig] 300 hp. b. BIjjkIow; cHy conl., moontL tlx. 

PENN YAN. 5 100-Yatc* Elfjc. Lt, A Pwr. To* 
(formerly tlie Peon Vmi Klt-r. Lt. A Pwr. Co.) {Be- 
g*n op. 1«8ft); New York offlct* Oft Broadway Rcioro 
HO: IL T, Howfll ». A T; W. S, iJniec P. A. A Sapt; 

1 arc Ft, W ; 3 a c. 1 lOO M v. a. ph. I* 000 altna. 

8-M i^iic: 60 area fi (t anipfl; 3M)0 a. e. laca; a. dny dr; 
400 bp. tnr^. Riadon; dix con L 67 Ita, e. p. SUOOtOS 
tK-j- yr. a tint llB 

PEBRV, 3.5^ -Perry BMc Lt. Co. <Bt»Kan Op. IWI) 
cap. autb. leS.OOO. b^urfl i&.OOO; bda. 113,000; SI. B. 
OUn. P; C. M Sniiih S; W. IJ. PajjcT: li. K. Page 
M. A P, A : C. W. ^niiib Sapt: 2 arc T-tl; 2 *, e. 
T-Ff imo-m V, 16 Of JO II I in a. T-H -oc; &0 arcs «.» 
amp^: 1000 inc. arcs; IMU hp. p. WcL AS; 100 h p. b. 
MiiK. Pbocmii; cUy cooL 4« Itt, 1200 c.p, ^ P«*r yr. 
rnoonit; coal $ IL 129 

PHELPS-^, a Huwfl-P Son** F. IL Howe M. A P, 
A: 1 u, c. U. E. IMKIOI V. S pb. Ed, mxi ISfWa. <;, 
incs; 120 bp. i^. Hall. Brli^: 80 hp, turri. CumdiMi; fM) 
l»p. b. Kri«; cily cont. 39 lia, c. p. 1?^ f4S* pi-t yr 
A. M; ccjAl«f60. 

FHCEKiXp L8C»-Phf«nil. Hlec. Co,i tap. i^.m 
R, S. Bloai*. P.; K. U, PowHl. T.; J. L Van Dorei>. 
Spt.; 1 ap«T-tI-^ StLi-S T.-U, llOv ; T.-IL «m- ; 38 
an>»: i^>iEif«; 160 bp, t», Morris; 260 bp. tiub.S. A 
li; SOO Up. b. Atnefi, f^lll Qoul.,m&tiH. "^ 






BRIUOETON, \4,000— Bridgeton Elec. Co. cap. aath. 
& fMued $85,000: bds. autb. & isifued I860.00U, 5 p. c. 
Int: S. W. PettltP; C. L. 8. Tingley S. T. A P. A; 
B. F. Hiros Supt; 8 d. c. arcT-H; 8a. c. G. E. 1040- 
104-52 V. 8. ph. 16,000 altns. T-H Ed. soc: 75 d.c. area; 
48 a. c. arcs; 8,1M) a. c. incB; 1100 hp. e. Ball, A. A S: 
760 hp. b. Wctb: city cont. 75 arcs, 158 inc9: c. p. 1200 
A M $H0 & $18 per yr. all nt; coal $8.23. (Controlled 
by American Kys. Cj. Phila, Pa.) 110 

BRIOATINK BKACH -Electric Lt. Co. 

BURLINGTON. 8,500- Burlington Elec. Lt. A Pwr. 
Co.: cap. t&».OOU: N. HaiueM P.: H. Flandera. S.: 
T. DanlelK, T. A M. : 1 arc Ft. W. : 2 d.c. Ed. 130 v. ; 
2 a.c. T -11., Ft.\V. 1000-50 v., 15,000altni,: Kd. boc; 
SOaro; 1,500 d.c. incp.. 1,500 a.c. iocs.: 105 hp. e. 
Prov : city conu 25 arcM c.p. -JOOO $IK) per yr. all nt.llO 

CAM DKN, 75,000-- South Jerney Gas Klec. A Trac. 
Co; ofllce 4th A Arch St^. (.'aindcn, X. J.: cap. 96,- 
000.000; (Have alMKirhcd the following companies: 
Camden Ga« Lt. Co. Kant 8ide Gai* Co.'. C-amden Lt 
*t Htg. Oo. of Camden, Mert.*hantvllle Gas Co., Mer- 
chuntvilleElHc.Lt. Co.. Mt. Hollv Gas Co., Mt. Holly 
Klec, Lt.Co„ Citi/.eni* GasCa of WtxMlbury, Moores- 
town Klec. Lt. Co., Haddonfleld Blec. Lt. Co., Glou- 
cesttT Cliy Klec. Ll. Co.. Woodbury Elec. Lt. Co. 
Trenton Uat* A Elec. Co. and CuindtMi Glouresicr A 
Woodbury (elec.) Uv): (^ol. \. R. Kuner P. Newark; 
Sen. T. N. McCnrtef. Jr.- T. Newark; F. F. Dryden 
8. Newark: F. I). Mows Cn. Kngr; P. Lapke Ch. 
KUvu; M. Ludlam G. Supt. True. l><>pt. Gloucester, 
cliy ront. 400 \U. c. i>. 2000 $120.50 \xix yr. all nt. 51 

CAPK MAY CITY-Pranklin Elec. Lt. Co., cap. $50. 
000. J. O. Williams, Uecr.; lOOarc Sihuylor; 75 h. n 
e. KusMell. 118a 

CLAYTt)N— See Pitman Gn»ve. 

CLINTON. UW-i'Unton KIw. Co.; cap. $10 000; 
H. F Thirkfll. M.. P. A. A Spl.; 1 d.c. 1%H. 110 v.; 

8«K\: 10 d.c. inc. arcs.: oOOd.c. incs.; 73 hp. e. 

Tayhir; 100 h p. b. Erie; city cont.. mo(mlt.,mdnt. 127 

COLLINGSWOOD— Si>e Haddonfleld. 

DKCKKRTOWN. 1.500— Sussex VMh\ Lt. A Pwr. 
Ct».; cHii. *7.000; bds. f7.(KW: O. Hurdln. P.. .M. 
A Spt.; .1. W. C. CarlM'r, S. A P. A.; .1. K. Waddmif- 

ton. T. ; S.-ic. lleii*. v.. ultns. ; U-i». soc.; 

l.lOOa.c. ines. : 150 hp. ♦•. Pii>««». Stearns; 75 hp. b. 
Eric; city. c«int.. mooult.. mJnt. 18 

DOVKK. n.OOiV-Dovcr Klec. Lt. Co.: cap. $40,001); 

bds. $40,000, 6 p. c. int; VV.C. W hittingham P; .). D. 

Condit S. AT; 2 a. c. 2 ph. SUn. 1000-100-50 v. 

16,000 allnn. fM. poc; 45(Wa. c. incs; 600 hp. e. Frick; 

450 hp. b. tublr; city cont. incs., 24 c. p. all nt. 

D17NKLI.KN See Bound Brook. 

KGO HARBOR, 2,0iX)-Egg Harlwr Elec. Lt. Co. 
(Began op. InOH); T. T. Mather Owner; 1 arc T-H; 1 
a. r. 2 lib. Stan. llOiVKM v. lO.OOi- altns. S-M soc; 23 
arcs \».(i :iinpH; «.ttrt a. c. incs; T2 hp. caso. c Otto; 
cilv cont. 2i ItH. c. p. 'JOOO, lOincn.c. jk 16 $15tOperyr. 
mmmlt. 1 A. M. 110 

ELIZ.AIIKTII Suburlian (Controlled br 
Uniteil Klec. Co. of N. J. S(H» Newsrk^: A. B. Carl- 
ton P; v.. H. St»\c«sS: .%d. c. «n' T-H. Hru.««h: 7 
d. c. pwr. li. K eJO. no. .Vn) r\. v; .S a. c (i. K. 2080- 
UM V. \\\'\. pb. 7.'.Mi»altii<.. \\\. T-H m»c: ir,M.c.8rvs; 
:Oa. c. inc. Hrr> rt amps: *,M.tnK) a. c. incn; a. c. dav 
cir., S.UM hp. c. 11. .t P. W-r; l.'Ak) bp K Bab. 
A \V.i\»r: cit\ COM!. i:hH|(*. l'JiH>e. p. H»2 >> per vr. 
all nt. '«) 

ENGLK\V4N>I> Sec Ha-ken-ack. 

LKMINGTON. '.>.b^» Klemin:;ton Klec. Lt. Ht. A 
IVr. Co . .Hcirsn op. l.»Ji>.%U c:ip. auib. ^rnKO-iU bds. 
$6.vVV: .1. Kurr. V ; K. K. W illismi-ttn. M. « P. A.: 
larcRnll. 2 :». r V\. W.. H.'i!« lOiM-ia) v , l\0Hi> 
altnv: K.l. mv. 4;^ arcp. :\ .1 i-. sri''^. 6 nnip. : 2l<0 
a. c. inc-. : •J7.% hp. e. B. A \\ .. Pb<vnix: iTiO hp. b. 
A. A k. ; e.t\ cont.. Wan'!*. 1J*|» c. p. #ftrt ikt \ear, 
mdnt. * 110 

FRKKIIOLD. .t.7iX>- KnvboUi Klec, Ll. c\i. 0»»'i:J»n 

op. 188S^; rap. flS.OiXV H. V. M. l»ennis P: O H. 

JlarchtrS. A r. W. I.. Kr^'cman. M.: 450 inc. Edi- 

w/i; *^/j/». c. .V, r.. Safety. ao 

GLASSBORO—Sec Pitman Grove. 

OLOUCE.STER-S0. Jersey Gas Elec. A Trac. IV). 
See Camden. 

HACKENSACK, 8.000->Gas A Elec. Co. of Bergen 
County (a consolidation of the Hackensack Gas A 
Elec. Co. Englowood Gas A Elec. Co. Ridjeewood 
Elec. Lt. A Pwr. Co. and Rutherford Boilinsr Hprinen 
A Carlstadt Elec. Co.) cap. issued ^000,000: bds. 5 p.c. int; F. B. Poor P; L. Lozier 
S; W. C. Thomas T; W. J. Jones Supt. (Hackenssck 
Plant) 8 a. c. HUn. 2100-110 v. 2 pb. 8.000 altns. Kd. 

soc: 100 a. c. arcs; a. c. incs; 2000 hp. c. McL A 

S; 3000 hp. b. Bie, Ames. Stir: city cont 9000 c. p. 
25-3S $ld<'4) per yK all nt. (Co. Its. 44 towns) llO 

HACKETTSTOWN, 2,41T»— Racket tstown Elec Lt. 
Co. cap. 118,000. G. W. Tit man P; S. R. Smith 8; 
J. Everett. T: T. Yountr Supt: 1 a. c. Stan. 2000-106 
V. 2 ph. 16.000 altns. Ed. soc; 1800 a. c. incs'; 200 ha 
e. H. A P; hp. b; city cont moonlt. Irl 

HADDONFIELU, 8,000-So Jersev (;as. Elec. * 
Trac. Co. (Haddonfield Sts.) See Camden. 1 a. c. 1. 
ph. Stan. 1000-100 v. 16,000 altns. Ed, T fl soc: » 
series arcs; 8 a. cares; 6 A 8 amp; 3000 a. c. tscs; 
2S0hp. e. Bckye; 870 hp. b. Coatesville, Do PUine; 
city cont. 29 ItM. c.p. 201.0 $110 per yr. all nt. (Co. alM 
Its. Haddon Hts., CollinKswood A Weatmont.) 110 

HAM^IONTON, 4,000 — Haramonton Elec. Lt. lit 

A Pwr Co; cap. I ; S.C. Verts M: 1 a.c, Westf. 

1000-100 v.. 16,000 altns.; Kd. soc: 24 a.c. arcs: 400 
a.c. inc-.: 75 h p. e. A. AS ; 80 hp. b. tublr.: city 
cont.. mdnt. M 

HARRISON—ExcelMior Eletv Co. (Controlled hj 
Peoples*' Lt. A Pwr. Co., Newark). 

HIOIITSTOWN. 2,000-The Elec. LL A Pwr. Co. 
(Began op. 180.-(); cap. auth. $25,000, issued $16,250; 
bds. autb. A is»ucd $10,00, 5 p, c. int; G. Relssmia 
P; F. J. Thron S, T. A P. A : P. E. Wilson .Ir. M. A 
Supt: 2 a. c. Ft. W. 2000-110 v. 16,000 altns. Ed. 
soc; 37 s. cans: 700 h. c. incs: 125 hp. e. KoUini; 
150 hp. b. Heine: city cont. 81 Its. c. p. 1200 fSOp^r 
\ r. mdnt : coal I . 110 

IIOBOKKV. (W.OOO-Hudson Elec. Lt. Ht. A Pwr. Co. 
(Controlletl bv I'nited Elec. <'o. of N. J.); A. B. 
Carlton P: Col. Dickinson S. A T: ILI). Kini^Sapt: 
8 d.c. arc G. K. Brush ; 6 d.c. ijwr. G. E. 500 v: 9 ac. 
Stan3400-lUVn5 v. 2 ph 7.200 altns. Ed, T-H soc; 
820 d. c. sr s; l.'iO a.c. arcs 5, 7 amps; 10,000 a.c. incs; 

a. c. day cir: iJ.tiOO hp. e. Penn, Cor. Whlk: 3.100hp. 

b. Bak A \V: city cont. 236 Its. 3000 c p. $100 per 
yr all nt. OO 

JERSEY CITY. 206 433-Peoples^ Lt. A Pwr. Co. 

vCtJOtrolled by rniUHl Elec. Co. of N.J. S«»e Newark) 
2t)d. c. are Ft. W, Bru^h: 2d. c. pwr. Westp. 500 v; 
4 a c. Stsn. 2iHk) 101 v. s. ph. 16.000 altns. Ed, T-H. 
S-M soc: 178.' d.c. arc«: M) inc. area 6.5 amps; 29,000 
a. c inch: a. c. dsy cir. 2U(X) v; d. c. 500 v; 8,600 hp. 
e. W-C. t"t»r, McI. A S: 3i)00hp. b Clonb: city cont 
1.373 Us. c. p. 2000 |U9 i>er yr. all nt. 00 

KEY POUT, :).(XX)-Middlesix A Monmouth Elec. Lt. 
Hi. A Vw r. (.'o. ^Bc^au op. itM): also Its.fek). Amboj 
and M.'ittwsn; c.n:>. autb. A issued $50,000: bdt. 
autb. ^lotkio. i!»^n«-a $6o.iKi0, 5 p. c. int: John Karr 
P. A P. A: F.Bell S jc T: W.Stubba. Supt: S.B»*atty 
Ch. Kiiizr; 1 .1 c Stan. 24<)i>-l(^ v. 2 pb. 7200 altna 
Kd. MH-: |.\0;i. I-. inc. arcs; 1000 a. c. incs; 250hp. 
e. W. C: •i'SObp. h. Btb. A W; city cont. 55lta.aOW 

c. p. SiH> per > I. all nt; coal $3.4.*> 21 

LAKE\YOOI>.»»-Ij*kewaod Wtr.U. A Pwr.Co.; 
C.P. B:t-!«ett T: W I. WarrinerSupt; 4 d.c. arcG.E. 
IJft V. 3 a. c. W. <t-. 22IM 110 v; 7200 altns. Ed. soc; 
'.01 hp. k: K» hi'. iurl». ll 

L.AMHERTVILLE. 4.,V» Hunterdon Rlec. Ox; 
c:4i.. ?:«>.<ioi»: »».N. *-r\<tiM: W. B. Hraturn. P. A P. A, 
1112 (..rami B.Ik' . Pbila.: H. K. Zollinger. S.: W. A. 
Kohius^Mi. T.: \V. S. Newman. SpC; 1 air Std.: I •.€. 
Hoval liM>^-uu-.\2 v.. 17.000 alms. S-X soc: 4iaraa.l 
a.c. arcs. l.iXiOa.c. incit.: a.c. di^ cir.; SM hp.*- 
H^ll. Tavtor: i,Vt bp. b. HarrUbch.: cttj eamt. « 
Us. c. p. U<\t IDO vet N t . slU nl; coil iLSBw tl 





I r.t, 111 A Pwr, Co. Ownt^d hy Tnunon 
• ^ & Eltic, Co, Patei^on. 
^ S€U, iO.OiW-ConwlkJiitwJ Gns Co, of 
— ^; H McMlHtti l». H. IL VVIlMonil, 
C. Jl. fetfo&p M, Jfe ?. A. S, O. Spmng 
-H: C d, c, pwr. T U Kt. ^i50 v ; 5 a. *-\ 
'-. n«0-n«-5ft V, l^OOO aims. T-H soc; 
W^t St, 1^ !*rc^; aJ^tiOtl a, c. tncft; «. f . ilny 
ir -^( V r fl>«J h]f. e. A. Jt S. rifch : flCN) hp. 
Vi^T^ ; ;ii4>hp. b. tulilr; cUy e^jiiL US Us, o, ii. 
: i.r t I r. ttil lit: cml $3.80. ill* 

>S'. :3,7:i4— Citj Klflc. Ll Plmii. (Mitnlc); 
},i)iJi>^ fl Van W. My en Boj-o Ckutk; Council 
lloT^K of Mfldi*ofi M. A P. A; 3 a. c. T ll. 
I \in)t<>i-m V. ltt,0OaaUQB. T-U t»sci SMQ ft. e. 
m hi>j^, U. ifc P; T.'y:* muDDlt, all nu M 
KJLTa:** |,f.oe*-See Point Pleiisant* a 

V,%>f— Sec Ki*yporL 
I ANTVILLK -So. JpfBej Uai KJee, Jt Trtic. 

i iiiilidi'lt, N.J. 
IftN— (JeulTnl £]«c. Co, H. C RlfthortliOi) 
AI*M tw Newark. 

L: It V, I jm* - M U ] bu ro E Itctrlc Co. 

II.LK. ll,(Jw>-MiilviJl^ Kiec, LU Co.; en p. 

K. B.*HfV*.'S, I"; N, ti. Livertiinre S: VV- D. 

T: \V. u. Hiiy i^Qpt; ad. c. an^ Brush «a.e. 

\Af-^} V. :.2i.(ft alltib. T-il itw; ISO tire » S 

&atJ mr^; HuHip, iqrb.WtJtJth c'Uj i^oni. KJOU*. 

Icr pili p. yr. iiLI tiL IIQ 

|rr<tWN,:ajfi*)*-SaJoniey Ga« EJih:.* Trac. 

i» Cntmlet^, N. J. 

RroWN. JXOUO MorHs Coaniy EJtx-. Co. 
t^l by ilir Utiiteti E lee. Co. of N.J. I5«o 
0; li, ii. Fn-linLTiiuyien P: L. IL D. Cpllmotir 
"^ ll# T; A, U. Lvntli Mtpt, 4 th c. arc T-H; 

"" "" H, 8-M. s«n'; JhMLc. :*rc*i IT m. e. 

» c. lues; a, e. day t^f ; l/iiiOUfi. 

turb. V«i\l>; 750 hp b. Uii^iiloiAi, 

ft. K. OS c.p, 16 ll*. rJUO K. ih «1 ii> 

nC UO 

"'♦fl.OOft— S». Jurwey Gub FJi?<3. A TracCo. 

I, N.J. 

I31 ^lia. Sopt. A. Von DaeliiMibauHm. 4 4.P. 

; 1.^*1. c. Iii«^ arr^f; KiL rto<r; IKi lip, «. A. 

p. h. «4]i«tiiv: citv 4'util ^lOJtii, c. p. Id f15 

ill [It; ciifllSS.i'^ ' ^i 

RTk, Omttp^Q atiJ Jersey City coniTollid by 
M El«i. Cn. of N, J. omcB, iO? >lark<-t 8tK 
Kb. fao.wOO.OOfJt p. N. Jachpon P; G. KrncircT 
», lartiuid y. A O. M; l\ IpgaHn Awat T; 22 
rFt. w; W. E, BrtiBb; Sd. c. Wi^Mp; ^d c. 
•tte. 550, 3SSL 1 m V : 3 a. c. W^-HTff a^KJO-iSU V. 
npitiift. T ]{. H4, 8^H eoc; S 4^ <J, c. arcv; 
'll^tiADipii: H).00il K. c. inci: ii.d. <1mv dr. 
.JO hp. 13. iViiii, W (\ McL A S; fl,S^ hn. 
chy (not. |SiM) ll*-. iiUOOc. p. nil HI. «J 

it Kli*!-". Cn, ( llni^ al'i^.iirln^fl piiiii * m the fnll- 
[|6i«fi»: New HniOfwi*-k, ItouinJ llnjiik. M<?- 
tivray and P%^rib Arolioyjj j*, N. ,ijw:^ktDi]i 

6. Co. of S. J., office, 5»07 Market St. 
pki* Ll. ^ Pwr. Co. No. Iludbon Lt. 
to* Hijiboken; Coniomer* Lu UL A 
[.abijib; Mornt County Kh-c C«., Mor- 
BooiJUio): cap. am h. $m(MJO,OCIO; A. B. 
T. J Gtforg#S: L. LlllieT; ll. Faff and 
Bk'alU Ai«t-t. T; cUj cont. 3SU0 It*, c. 1*. aOiXi 
er tr. nil ui, eoa} $2.^. eo 

llTKSWICK»'JO.CIWJ— Cetitfil El<*<-. Co J A. 
I isupt; city vour. 40 Jt», e. p. 3000 f JOt* p#r jr. 

iVrr, 7,UflO— Nt;iv Egy|*t Elpt". Lt. A Fwr. 

(in Of. iKi*M> tftp. I -i M, E* Lamb P. & 

Rfe. C "i i-M. Noc: SKIP d c. iucs; 

.AIt' iiL. mdnt. 30 

Ijf, -Jt.; : . n KlettHc Ll., III. *t Pwr. 
|. ll.Eafit. M. Jt P, A. £Bt 

J*JI.O0n^Nichoj# Elcc. Lt A Pwr Co.; cap. 
L*r. Nicbolii, P. ; J. Hjrb^^jjs, S. A T.: T. 15 1- 
>t.. W.. P. A. Jt Spt; I »,t^ G, K. |ttOO-ltK>-&0 
"^altnit.: F^L tot*, i I a.c arc«; l.fflK) lti<r», ; liCM} 
kyi"., Wright: 0(1) dp. b.;<Mty coiit,,all ot 18 

OCEAN CITY. 2.000— l>cS4^au CUv Elw?. Lt, Co. (Be- 
i;ati op. l^t^i e^p. autb. ^V ii«iiL>^ |30,Q0U; lxt».liiued 
|»0,0 6, fl p. c. int; E. H. Lsike P. A ?. A, W. Lake 
R G. K. Pilim T. H.Y. Lake M. U.M, KiiHiacli Supt. 
^ Ch. Eleca, ( \ Wal#oti Ch. Eagr. 3 d. g. »r(.^ Ft, W, 
Ss-biiy^ T d. c. pv!i. Sf*?«- «« V ; a B.i', Wesly. Ft. W. 
lUO-50 F. — pb. liJ.OUU nliti*. Wi^*ttr. hw:: tft d. p, ilFCS 
fl amn*^ 25 a. c. inc, arcw; ftuOtU. c. inci: d, c. pwr. 
t!ir. 5fi0; flOO lip. r. HiilL, Jl, iJ. A: K, \\>st|j; TOtfap, 

b. Ki*li*r; city con t- — It*, c, p. 1^00 $110 p. yr, all ml; 
CoSlf3.'J0. n 

OCKAN UKOVE.2,7M»-*Jceiin OroveCarnp \k«tliiif 
A»«n. (Muni*-,;; cap. |35,U00: T. ,J. Fri-ston^ M. Ji 
P. A.; \\\ D. Fnitiklin, Ehu; 4 an? Ex, ; S a.ixWfcilf, 
lOUO'liX^^ V,, 16.000 aJttiii.; Kd. imic,; t2Carei; S^lJHD 
lut*: 900 h p. IS Bass. Wjttls C; «U bp.b.lias*. 00 

OJ£AN'<2E> 24.11!— PeopltJs* Lt.A Pwr.Cu. (Coo troUf?d 
bv tbe Cnited Elcc, < o. of N. J. S^^? Newark.): fl d,c. 
O". E; Sd.c. pwr. Wi-riliJ. ."Wft v; 2 u, e. man, 2300 lia 
V. 2 pb. 7.m> ultri*. EfU T H. t?^-M jicw; &4tJ d. c. arcs; 
(W a. c. arcf ft ti amp^i.; UO.OOO a. c. Inen; a. v. day tir; 
11S00 bp. e, Wa^ 11, * P- 1800 hp. b. Clonb; city 
cool, m^ Us. 2000 c.p. $K5 per yr. all nt. 00 

l*,7rT-'Pat*inKm A Passsik Gi* ^ Ekc.Co. 
(%H?e Paluratifi for oftlclala) 5 d. c, arc T-H ; 5 a. C* 
G. E, SUn 1 l(iD-10l-6.J v. iti^OUO »ltD&. T 11 ioc; 17* 
d. C, aP30 6.nx ^Qatiipfi: 2t u.c, ioc. ntt*^ H.OOa n. c. 
itics; d. c. day cir. 540 ^ : I*1B hi). *■. W -C; two tip, b. 
Stir: city mut. ItMi area c. p. i@lb $10^ t^er vr, all Hi; ' 91 

FATI£K§ON, lOft.07(^Pateraoo & Panaak Gfti & 
KItt, Co. i-ap. rmth A U*m*d 15,000.000 : bda. aiftb. 
«fi.OUO,{]IK), liifiUfd »4.1(^,(]0U, E» p. e. lui; W. Barhour 
P; W, II. Ropure S; E. C. I.*e T; J. A. pcarton P. 
A: W. M. Bruek SupMCIe^*. Pepi; 2sfd.c. nro liruib, 
T-H. 10 d, c. G. E. 110 v: ^dx, pwr. aen. MO vt «», 

c. 8 tan. 1^400-lL! v n.pb. l!i,lX)t) alliit . Ed. #f>r; 03» d.C. 
arcs ti.l A 8.0 atiipi; OOSd. c. ioe. area; *iuj0il d. c. 
Incft: a,100 a. c. Incni d. 1^. day c-ir, li:J-tiyy v, d. c. 
pwr. ctr. rm v ; 6.(>60 ivp. u. 11. A VV ; 3.000 bp.b. Sut; 
oily corit. 712 I in. iWlOO c. p. f lUa per yr. all lit, 
cool $^M. (See ako Paj<Aak) ^1 

F£HTU AMROV, 14,00O-Cr?iirra| El*c. Co,; Huo 
ct^w^ors t4>RaTiinx] Eke Lt.^ Pwr. Co. W, A, bilthpr 
Siipi; se^alpo NV-wafk. ciiv font, lliv lt». c. p, iSllOO 
see. 13 per yri cosl $3.^.1. 

PITMAN ClRaVE,. l7.(II0-Wt'no!Jiib, Glftrtboro * 
Clajrion Klec Cu. iHtifc«'*»or 10 Glourf<»ter County 
Kte/E. CoAi aliMjliH. ^VeDiHiiih^ GlftsflHiro A Claylot], 
oap.t50.aj0: C W . Bovnuin P: J. P. Channon T; 
A. liiiy» G. M. i P. A: 3 ■. c Stao. 2i0u-Uu v. •£ pb. 
lfl,OO0 altn«. Ed. soc: 'i^JOn c, ines: 2m hp. u Aiii«a. 
Erii'; flO hp. tujb. Smtib; 250 iip.b. Amcp, Enu; city 
trout. SI 

PLAINT I KWJ, 130,W10 Plain mid Gan Jb Kleo. Ll. 

Co,. tBeifttiiop. I88fl>; rap. »— . IL G ttunklc P. 

<fe T: J. C. P«pi* iy; W, A. MoCltirtf M: ft a. e. ti pr». 
Wi-ftts. ] HO 101-53 V. 7/^)0 *liii8. E«L i4.-M, ioe; 7 a. 
can!*; I2,00t]»a,c. inei-; u.e. dav cir; «. ry, pwt. eir. 
300 V ; 1000 hp e. \ A S, Ww^tg ; city cont, ill iit. 59 

PLKASANTVILLK, 2.n00-Tluj Slion* Elec. Lt., Hi. 
A Pwr Co. iHcjian r>p. J9G1): {iil«o It*. AbM?co&> 
cap. aoth. tiS iXM); nt. B. IL Shivt-r* P; V. Lake^; 
R Luilkk T; E. I'. Nye Wtipt; I a.c. \V*fitlff. 'iiOU-lOS 
V. f! pii, 7^W aUnft. Ed,i*o<!; Sl^n.c.arcs; 100 tLC. in«»; 

IflO bp. ti. Skliitier: HXJ hjj, b; city coat, — Ite. 

c, p. lauoo piT yr. nidiil. 51 

Lt. ^ Piirr. Co.; cLi#. alfo 3ianH0qnan and Bay 

Headi; can. I ^: Q. N. Kvatii, P.* W. CAaamn. 

8. *.T.: V.P.J. Alinlfall. 3rt.; Ftvans, Almimll A 
Co.. P. A.. 41 Dey St., N. V.; P, Tiirni-r, fipt.: 1 d. c, 
Weati:. 500 v.; 5 a, c. 3 pb. JSran, ;!3iIKlltKiJlO(H04 v., 
Ifl.OOO iilln*.: K(i., T.-H. »«?.; 35 a. -.'. urns; 2.000 
ini:^f. 2tM) a. I*, perie* Ince. 38 en.: pwr, cir 600 v.; 300 
hp. e, B. A U\ ; 300 fa p. b.Htf ; city cadU mdnt. TO 

PRINCETON. fi.OOO-Prlnceton El«c. Wka.; cap 
anth. 1100,000; \V. A. Siiuirt* P; C. 8. Robltiaon V.P; 
C. P. Fiicb S. T, M. * P. Ai 1 d.c. G. B. 3S0 v : 3 i^e* 
G. E, Wi?#tjr. Warrpn 1040 101 v. 10,000 alLn#. Ed. 
Kjc: Glares; ^.000 i »-■,*. a c. day cir; wm hp.e.FItcfaj 
^ L w bti rtrb ; 275 h p. h. Stir ; c tl j con t. mdn l. 1 1 D 

BAUWAV. ft,0(K^— Central Blec. Co.: W. A. Bel cb.*i 
Bupt; aJ«oi«« Nevark, ciiy cont. ^ Ita. c. p. 2l>00 
PW pdr yr. all nt. 

B AKIT AN« «>,00O-S^ V^tOd kmXwii . 





RKD BANK, o.OOO-Shore E lee. Co.; cap. auth. A 
issued $100,000; P. N. Jackson P: H. P. Chandler S; 
P.IngalU T; K. Hall M A P. A: E. A. Terhone Spt: 
2 d.c. pwr. 500 v; 2 a.c. Stan. 2000-104 v. H ph. 16.000 
altns. fid. soc : 42 a. c. inc. arcs; 8500 a. c. incs; a.c. 
A d.c. day cir: 500 hp. e. A. & S; 000 hp. b. Sterling; 
city cont. 4a arcs, 185 incs. $— per yr. all nt; coal. 51 

BIDQEWOOD, 3 500-The Gas A ElecCo, of BerRen 
County: 1 arc Wests:.: 1 d.c Ed. 126 v.; 2 a.c. 
B. ph. Westg., T.-H. 2300-230 115 v., 7,200 alms.; Ed. 
aoc ; 3S arcs, 15 a.c. inc. arcs, 5 amp., 18 a c. arcs, 6 
amp.: 2000 d. c. inc. 750 a.c. 100 hp. e. St. Line, 
Watertn; 121 hp. b. Erie; city cont.. 45 arcs; 12 c.p. 
$80 per yr. 3:30 A. M See Hackensack. 110 

BIVERSIDC:, 2,200— Cinnamiiisou Elec. Lt.. Pwr. & 
Htg. Co. 

ROCKAWAY, 8,000— Rockaway Elec. Lt. A Im- 

{>rovement Co. (Began op. 1899) ; cap. anth. $15,000, 
S8ued$8..500: G. W. ^tickle P; M. L. Hougland S; 
E. M. Loewenthal T; 1 a. c. G. E. lOOO-lOO-.V) v. 
15,000 altns. Ed. soc; 875 a. c. incs; 100 hp. e. A. A 

S; 50 hp. turb. : hp. b; city cont 75 Its. 82 

c. p. $15 per yr. all nt; cotil $2.45. 110 

RUTHERFORD, 2,500— Gas A Elec. Co. of Bergen 
Co.— See Hackensack. 

SALEM— Salem Elec. Lt, Heat A Power Co.; cap. 
■•82,000; John M. Carpenter P. A Supt; J. O. Acton 
S. A T: 40 arc, 1.20U inc. Wesig. d. c; 160 hp. e. 
Westg; city cont. all nt t 

SilYREVILLE, 8,900-Sayreville Elec. Lt A Pwr. 
Co. (Betfan op. 1897) cap. auth. & issued ^,000; J. U. 
Sayre Jr. P; E.A. Fisher S, M. A P. A; Peter Fisher 
T: E. E. Meeker Ch. Knar; C. W. Carr Ch. Elecn: 
8 d. c. pwr. C. A W, Short; 2 a. c. Stan. 2400-110 v. 2 
ph. 7200 altns. T-H soc; 8 a c. arcs 6 amps; 900 a. c. 
mcs; d. c day cir; pwr. clr. 550 v; 750 hp. e Fitchb: 
450 hp. b. Soiter. 110 

SEAB RIGHT. 2.r0O-SeAbriflrht Elec. Lt. Co. (Began 
op. 1897) CHp.auth. $20,000: bds. $15,000: B. A. Von 
Brunt P: E. 8. NesbittS; J. J. Reed T; C. Heisler 
M. A Supt; 1 d. c. 110-150 v:. 2 a. c. Warren lOOO-lOO 
y. s. ph. 16,000 altns. T-H, Ed. soc; 26 d. c. arcs 6.6 
amps; 26 a. c. arcs. 6 A 6.t Imps; 2500 a.c. incs; a.c. 
dav cir: 226 hp. ga«. e. OUo. city cont. 20 Us. c. p. 
1800 $2000 per yr. all nt ; gasolene. 110 

SEA I^LK CITY, 766-Sea Isle Citv Klec. Lt Pwr. A 

Wtr. Co.; cap. I ; J. Haugh. S.; M. Batiey, T.; 

A.R. Hilbert Spt; 2 d.c. Ed. 110 v.: soc; 1,000 

incs.: 120 hp. -. Taylor. 160 hp. b Taylor, Wood; 
city (.'ont , nil nt I** 

SEASIDE PARK— Seaside Lt Wtr, A Sewer Co. : 1 
. c. arc; 16,800 altns; 660 a. c. Incs. 

SEWAREN— See Kahway. 

SOMKRVILLR. 4,843 -Somerset Ltg. Co.: cap. auth. 
&i8Hued$150 000: Hon. L. A. Thompson P: C. M. 
Hemlnt'way »; F. M. Tali M. P. A. A Supt; 8 a. c. 
(t K. 1150-104 V. 8. ph. TiOO alms. Ed. soc: 20 a. c. 
arcsOanipB: 8000 a.c- incs; a.c. day cir; 300 h p. e. 
B. AW: 600 hp. lurh. Leflfel; 250 h p. b. Nat; city 
cont 230 Itt. c. p. '-'5 $20 per yr. 121 

SO. AM HOY— .See Key port 

SO. nOliND IIROOK— See Bound Brook. 

SUM HIT. 6.000- Ehscx Union Wtr. & Lt. Co. cap. 
•40.000: F. K. Drnke P: (\M. HasH'tt S. * T: 2 a. c. 
WeHtL'. 2000-104 v 2 ph. 7.200 nltos. Ed. hoc; 11 a. c. 
arcH: 6 UN) a. c. iocs; 510 hp. e. II. A P, Rus; 300 hp. 
b. McE : city cont all nt 110 

TOMS RIVER, 1,800-Toms River A Island Heights 

Elec. Lt. A Pwr. Co; (Bogan op. 1900); cnp. auth. 

I2»>.000 issued 116,000: ni» bds; A. A. Brant P; G.W. 

Holman S. M. A P. A: T. D. Wardeii Supt; 1 a. c. 

Ft IV :?0a>- 1000-200- 100 V. I'.UOO altns. Ed. soc; 2 
M. c. art'/i: 700 h.c. incs; 126 hp. e. Bckye; city cont 
1T5 Jts. c. p. 35 $8 per yr. all nr; coal $2.80. UO 

TRENTON. 73^7— Trenton Gas A Elec. Co.; (For* 
eriy T. Lt. A Pwr. Co.) (Began op. 1885); cap.wnk 
A issued $2,000,000; bds. auih. $2 000,000. issued $1.- 
650 000, 5 p. c. lut; H. C. Moore P.; A. R. Knser S. 
A T; K. Stocton M. & P. A; P. Lupke Supt; F.D. 
Moses Ch. Ener: 9 arc. Brush; 9 a. c. s. ph. 6.B. 
1100-110 y. 15,000 altns. Ed. soc.; 500 seHes arcs, IS 
a. c. arcs, amp; 20,000 a. c. incs; a. c. day fix; 
pwr. cir. 220 v; 1000 hp. e. Westg., B. A W.,Bckj«.; 
1200 hp. b. Thropp; city cont, 820 arcs., 8000 c.p^ 
$98 per year, all nt; coal $2.75. 90 

WASHINGTON. 4,000— Washington Elec. Lt Ca: 
(Began op. 189 ); A. Nesbitt P; W. P. Billing* T; J. 
Plaingan M: E. C. Ward A. A. & Supt; E. Albert. 
Ch. Eiigr; 1 d. c. arc Ball; 2 a. c. Ft. W, SUn, lOBO- 
100 V. 8. A 2 ph. 16.000 altns. Ed. soc; 45 d. c. aits 
6.5ampt(; 2 a. <*. arcs 6 .nmp; 2500 a. c. incs; 2ii)sf. 
e. McI. A S, Phoenix; 275 hp b. Phoenix; city coot 
48 arcs 87 incs. 1200 c. p. $50 A $12 per yr. mooolL 
all ni; coal $3. M 

WENONAH— See Pitman Grove. 

WIL.D WOOD— West Coast Elec. Co; 1 d.csre.1 
a. c. Ft. W; 7,200 altns; 80 d.c. area; 1500 a. c ioo. 

WOODBRIDGE— See Rahway. 

Carteret Elec. Lt A Pwr.Co. (Began op.19n0); cap. 
anth. A issued 150,000; J. A. Quln P; ^. J. Unil«j 
S.'M. A P. A; L. A. Chase T; S. Harris Ch. gnfr, 
M. Jaeger Ch. Elecn; 2 a. c. G. E. 2300-110 t. S pb. 
Ed. .soc: a. c. day cir: 820 hp. e. Amea; city cost. 
165 Its. c. p. 26 $3300 per yr. 5 

WOODBURY. 4,000— So. Jersey Gaa Elec A Tiac 
Co. See Camden. 


AI.AMOGORDO. 2.100— Alamogordo Elec LJciit 
Plant; M. H. Finher Lessee; 2 a. c. arc G. E; T-H 
soc; 38 a. c. arcs; 1500 a. c. incs; all nt; steam 
rented. tt 

ALBUQUERQUE. 10.000-Elec. Lt. Co.; (Besasoj). 
1894); cHp.auth.SlOO.OOO; A.A.Grant P; D.A.IIcPli«^ 
son S. T. A P.A; B. H. Fiahcr M: R.B.Colemaa 8pt. 
A Ch. Mecn: 1 d.c. arc Brush; 4 d.c. Ed. 11S>2Mv:S 
a. c G.K. 2000-1 1.5-230 V. s. ph. 720O altns. Ed. soe:tt 
d c.arcH 9 6 amps : 4 a.c, arcs 3 amps ; 8 d c. incs. tret: 
1500 d.c. incs; 2000 a.c. incs: d. c. day clr; iiwr. cir. 
226 V : .?20 hp p. Ide, A. « S : 400 hp.b. Pond, SprteKf: 
citv cont. 24 its. c. p. 2000184 per yr. moonlt; cw 
$2.70. $X fl 

CARLSBAD (Formerly Eddy). 1,500-cap. 16,000; 
B. G. Swgman Owner. P, T. A P. A. 1|A 
Weatg. 2200-1 10 v. 7200 altns. S-M. hoc; OUl a. c inct: 
75 hp. inrb. Leffel; city cont SO Its. c. p. 16 IB per 
yr. mdnt. 110 

BAST LAS VEGAS, lO.OOO-The Las 'Vegas U A 
Fuel Co. (Bccan op. 1890) cap.anth. A lamed $100,000 
F. Springer P. E. 1). Bullard S. C. C. Gise T. U. W. 
Condon M. A' P.A. 3 a.c. Westg. lOOO-SSv. 16.000aitu. 
Brush, Weste. soc; 21 a. c. arcs; 1,400 incs; 206 bp 
e. Weelg; 200 hp. b. Erie; city cont,all nt 00 

LAS VE i^S— See East Las Vegaa. 

RATON— he Raton Elec. Lt Co., cap. $aaOOO. B. 
Marcy, Pree. : 8. T. Rush, V. Pres. ; C. A. Fox, Sec. 
and Treas. .^00 inc. Edison : 50 h. p. Ide. t 

SANTA FE, 8.000-Santa Fe Wtr. A Elec Ca; (Be- 
gan op. 1H91): C. F. btreet 4« Wall St New York?. 
A T; I. Spajks M. A P. A; A. J, GrifOn Ch. Kngr.A 
Elecn; 2(1. c. Ed. 112 v; 1 a.r. G.B. 2000-110 r. 8 ph. 
7.000 altns. Ed. so<- 2200 d.c. incs: RO bp. e. W«tr: 
100 hp. turb. Pelton: 60 h p. b. Sionx C; city coat 
50 Its. c. p. 82 $24 per yr. all nt; coal $3. tl 

SILVER CITV, 2 7S.5-Thc New Mexico Lt.Ht * 
Pwr. Co. (Be^Mi op. 1869); cap.$80,000; bds. $».O0O. 
5 p. c. int: K. L. Woods P; F. L. Cnddleliack 8; C 
T. Srimielzrl T, M. &P. A: 1 d.c. Northern IIOt; 
Ed. T H soc: S d. r. arcs 5 arotw; 1800 d. c. incs: 100 
hp. (>. Ball; ISO hp. b. Xa»;el. Ames; city coBt Al»< 
$675 per yr. moonlt. all nt; coal $4. 


A DAM K— Adams Elec. Lt Co. cap. $10,000: BoMi; 
R. F. Steele P, T, M. A P. A. 80 arc Wood: m^M. 
inc. T-H 1000-52 v; T-H soo; BOd^ «lr; tfll|t 


W^^^m—Addlmn El«jc, Lt, ft Pwr. Co. €*p. 
T. a. W lie* ton P, M. « V< A. F.A. Whi-atwu 
&bui]twu> T 1 nrc Sid; 2 lc. Nfttl. 10CM>-A0 V. 
M. Fid. sot; 46 Brest; IJOO inc«; ^3a0 hp. p. 

fill'; aw^bp. b. Erie; ^ity ctinL Diuonlt ftll 

, ttl, 161— At bun J Blec. II rg C^.: cap. l35Vt»r 
^ Weaver P; TTKiirc! Brq^bi 1.3U0 *Ug. Inc. 
Ir, 53lv. 10 wjnp; 1,13U bp. a. EurriB-Ci^r. 

^pal Gu Co. fiUj c<mC. 075 IIa. c. p, 2CIQ0 S% 

»f, li.OOtt - Albloo PwT. Co.; tup. 175,000; Hon. 
ail lev t*. NligAi* F*llft, N\ Y; S, T. Churcb 
\ Johnfon Uva. M, Mjikilmi FiiJli, N. Y; J. 
in# P. A. ^ Snpt; F. A, i'aira*"r UK. Engr; 1 
: U. E; 2 tt.c. Siftn- nuU-UO-lSO v, 3 [>h. TdOu 
id. *oci 5i tl. c arc* 0.6 anip»; W Jt. c lu^s (^ 
MXWn. c lnt»; d»y cir; IM up. c. MiJ:. Jk S, 
40U hp. turb. McC' aoii hp. k Jljib. « W; 
It Sr Iti. c p. StIKi 165 per >T. 1 A,M. all d*rk 

NUSIA BAY, uaiO-AlatMidTl* Bar BW. 
Vr Co.; cMt|l5,UiM>; A, A. hfiyate uwner; 
Ed,: Id.c. fid. lU) v.; 2 a. e. ti. £.^ Sian. 
, t.aOO altot,; Kd. boc; :W urn*; ifflu d. c. 
SO H.C, Imti.; ■<!» top. e, Mel. * S., Waietttu; 
l; cltjocmlp^ loooiilL, indnt, 7B 

»WT<etice lnt<>niALbiia( Ek-c. Co.: Hon, J. 
H, B. Tftggen \M'; C. O. WeDt S; C, B. 
I T. Si 

E1.LE, SL^OO-AmUjvflle EleC. Lt. Oo.; Cftp. 

¥. W. Davl*, P, P. A. ft Snpt; S, Ketcbam. 

[T; 8n. c. T-H, Hian. lO(KMa^50 v, 16J«» 

„fe ioc; l.OOO luci; IW hp. e. A. A S^t 160 bp. 

cOTt l» ft«. JS c, p. i