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Montgomery County, Illinois 

Published By 


Illinois Oldest and - -* Farm f'aptr 



Russell Freemon 
Shelbyville, Illinois 



Us Tiat 


A FARMER said 
^^ the other day, 
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cream weekly to 

Sugar Creek Creamery Co. 

"United States Food Administration License No. G-12992" 


L. V. HILL, President ISAAC HILL, Vice-President [ J. A. SULLIVAN, Cashier 

State Bank of Taylor Springs 

Organized 1912 

Incorporated 1917 

Capital Stock $25,000.00 

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JESS. O. BROWN, Hillsboro. 
M. ROSENFELD, Taylor Springs. 


T. H. KING, Hillsboro. 
W. E. BLACKWOOD, Hillsboro. 
W. T. SCHLUKEBIER, Hillsboro. 
GEO. DANCISAK, Taylor Springs. 



a B B B a^ 


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Implements, Wagons, Tractors, 
Farm Seeds of all kinds, Cream 
Separators, Fencing, Pumps, Gaso- 
line and Kerosene Engines, Light- 
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Troughs and Water Tanks, Barn 
Equipment, Manure Spreaders, Feed 
Grinders, Fertilizer Sowers. 

We sell and recommend the following Triple-G Goods: 

, Titan Tractors. 
,1. H. C. Line of Binders, Mowers, Rakes 

and Hay Loaders. 
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P. & O. and Oliver Tractor Plows. 
Osborn Discs and Harrows. 
C. B. & Q. Corn Planters. 

Deering Standard Twine. 

Emerson & Ohio Cultivators. 

American Fence. 

Can't-Sag Gates. 

I. H. C. Kerosene Engines. 
Deering Grain Binders and Mowers. 
Hayes Pumps. 

Quincy Electric Wheel Co. Trucks. 
I. H. C. Ensilage Cutters. 

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A. H. Niemann.815 N. State St., Litchfield 

William Atterbury Hillsboro 

Herman Niemann Litchfield 

William Nobbe Farmersville 

John Whalen Farmersville 

Edw. F. Fuchs Farmersville 

A. White Farmersville 

T. P. Flood Farmersville 

Chris Miniken Farmersville 

Julius Boehme Litchfield 

Henry G. Gehner.... Mt. Olive 

Fred W. Mueller Litchfield 

Wm. H. Klekamp Litchfield 

Emil H. Niemann Litchfield 

Henry L. Sewing Litchfield 

Oscar Sutherland Atwater 

Walter Klaus Atwater 

Samuel Sorrels Raymond 

Blue Mound Church Raymond 

Otto King Raymond 

Bois-D-Arc Church Thomasville 

Wm. Eldred Thomasville 

Herman Schoper Thomasville 

Dr. J. B. Turner, Jr., Veterinary. . Butler 

J. B. Turner, Sr Butler 

Wm. Turner Butler 

Fred Lueker Mt. Olive 

James D. Perrings Farmersville 

Walshville Town 3 K. W. 110 Volt. . . 

tR. Grantham Butler 
yman Ware Butler 

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Wm. H. Niemann Litchfield 

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Others sold but not delivered at time of going to press. 

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ALBERT H. NIEMANN Dealer ft^ASSrfiZ County 

Del-Home Light Co., 3317 Olive St., St. Louis, Mo., Distributor* 


The Lansing Vitrified 

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Dealer for Montgomery County 

815 N. State St. Bell Phone 320-R; Mutual Phone 60-10 Litchfield, III 
Headquarters: J. M. Preston & Co., Lansing, Mich. 



1906 Built on The Rock 1918 

.The Peoples National Bank 
of Hillsboro 

We feel we can offer to you the safest and most con- 
servative management of any funds intrusted to our care. 

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Capital $60,000.00 Surplus $7,000.00 


J. M. Baker, President G. W. Grassel, Vice-President 

D. F. Brown, Cashier James A. Slater, Asst. Cashier 






IN this directory we have endeavored to give Montgom- 
ery county farmers a complete and reliable directory 
of the farmers, breeders and merchants of the county, 
with such other information as will make the directory a 
valuable reference book. 

The task of calling on every farmer in a county and 
collecting the information for such a directory is a tre- 
mendous one. We have received splendid co-operation 
from the farmers and business men of the county, without 
which the publication of such a directory would be impos- 
sible. In a very few cases we have found farmers unwilling 
to give the information requested, which accounts for a few 
names that do not appear. 

A few mistakes are bound to occur in a directory that 
involves so large an amount of work, but we have spared 
no effort or expense to make the information complete and 
accurate, and we believe that the mistakes are very few. 

We want to speak a word of appreciation for the ad- 
vertisers whose liberal support has helped materially to bear 
the heavy expense of publishing this directory, and ask that 
you favor them with your patronage whenever possible. 

We hope and believe that the publication of this direc- 
tory will be a real service to Montgomery county farmers 
and in line with PRAIRIE FARMER'S policy of service to the 
farmers of Illinois. We hope that the increased circulation 
of PRAIRIE FARMER in Montgomery county, which has 
resulted, will help in the movement for better farming, 
better farm living, and more prosperity for the county, 
and that our many new friends will become permanent 
members of the big PRAIRIE FARMER family. 


Publisher, Prairie Farmer. 




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Montgomery County, 

ery County, with valuable information about 
each farm. 

BREEDER'S DIRECTORY, giving full classified 
list of breeders of purebred livestock and poultry. 

BUSINESS DIRECTORY, giving list of all busi- 
ness houses in Montgomery County. 

Valuable statistics and general information. 

Copyright, 1918 
By Prairie Farmer Publishing Company 

Compiled and Published by 

Prairie Farmer Publishing Company 

Chicago, Illinois 


Binder Troubles ana Adjustments 

By C. O. Reed, University of Illinois, in Prairie Farmer 

To have to await the services of an 
expert when every minute of the har- 
vest days is money is not only an ex- 
pensive practice, but in most cases is 
an unnecessary one if the operator 
will only use patience and good judg- 
ment and try to understand a few 
very simple principles of what seems 
a complicated machine. The purpose 
of this article is to aid the operator 
in his most common binder troubles. 
To cover the ground in the most log- 
ical and concise manner, let us con- 
sider troubles under the three general 
heads: general binder troubles, bind- 
er head troubles and knotter head 

Starting. If possible, start the new 
machine on a road or in a pasture 
before going into the grain field. Use 
plenty of kerosene and run the ma- 
chine empty for about five minutes, 
taking notice that every duct to bear- 
ings and every oil hole is open. Then 
apply lubricating oil. When you are 
readv to enter the grain with a new 
machine, raise the machine well up, 
tilt the platform forward; open the 
throat of the machine by throwing 
the butt adjuster forward and start in 
with about one-half of a full swath. 
After five minutes work the machine 
4S ready for maximum results. If 
compelled to make a full swath at the 
start, cut the grain extra high. 

Never change the adjustment of a 
new binder head before going into the 
field. It may miss a few bundles at 
first, but do not adjust. Apply a lib- 
eral amount of coal oil to the knotter 
head and the trouble will usually dis- 

New Machine Failing to Start. Oc- 
casionally a new machine fails to start 
due to some part sticking or catch- 
ing. Throw the binder out of gear 
and see that the bull wheel revolves 
without catching. Remove the eleva- 
tor chain and throw in gear. This 
will test the sickle. Next put- on ele- 
vator chain and throw off reel chains. 
This will test the rollers. Then con- 
nect and test the reel. This method 
will test one part at a time and should 

locate the trouble without difficulty. 
In testing out head for failure to re- 
volve, operate head by hand at back 
of machine through shaft which 
drives head from elevator chain. 

General Binder Troubles 

Chains. Undue wear in chains may 
be caused by the chain being run too 
tight or backwards. Run the chain 
with the hooks of the links leading 
and with the openings of the hooks 
out. The use of oil or grease on 
chains, if the binder is being run in 
a sandy country or under dusty con- 
ditions, is not to be recommended, 
for the oil will collect the fine parti- 
cles of grit and cause excessive wear. 
Under such conditions use dry graph- 
ite. Chain jumping is caused by the 
chain being too loose or by the 
sprocket being badly worn. If a worn 
sprocket is the cause for the trouble 
a new one will have to be supplied. 

Canvas Troubles. The creeping of 
canvases is caused by running them 
too loose or by the elevators not be- 
ing square. Test the elevators to see 
if they are square by means of meas- 
uring the diagonals, and then square 
by the special apparatus to be found 
for that purpose. Have the canvases 
of the same tightness on both sides. 

Canvases not elevating the grain 
may be caused by missing slats or 
loose canvases. Broken slats are gen- 
erally caused by the elevators not be- 
ing square, or by the canvases not 
being buckled evenly and thus the 
slat is forced to pass over the roller 
at an angle to it. Chewed slats may 
be caused by a projecting bolt or the 
canvas guides being out of shape. 

Heavy Draft. Heavy draft may be 
caused from lack of sufficient good 
lubricating oil, bull wheel being en- 
tered in quadrant wrong; chains, espe- 
cially main drive chain, being too 
tight; paint or varnish not being ^cut 
out of the bearings; or rollers binding. 
Apply lubricating oil to the bearings. 
Enter the bull wheel in the quadrant 
square. Have the proper tension in 
the chains. Coal oil will cut the paint 



or varnish from bearing surfaces. 
When machine is empty, operator 
should be able to mov^ elevators by 
hand on elevator chain. 

Sidedraft. Sidedraft in a binder re- 
fers to such resistance of the platform 
end of the machine" as to cause a 
"dragging" of platform, and hence re- 
sults in a tendency to run the ma- 
chine into the grain. It may be 
caused by (a) grain wheel bearing 
too light; (b) grain wheel being out 
of proper adjustment; (c) sickle parts 
not cutting properly, resulting in a 
pulling off of stalks rather than cut- 
ting; (d) very light grain may give a 
condition where sidedraft is more no- 
ticeable, and (e^ a fast horse on the 
outside may lead the operator to be- 
lieve he has sidedraft. 

Remedies, (a) See that grain wheel 
revolves freely and perfectly on axle. 
If axle, bearings and wheel bell are 
badly worn, replace, (b) The inexpe- 
rienced operator cannot tell whether 
a grain wheel is aligned properly or 
not. It should lead gut of the grain 
slightly, and in case of poor align- 
ment here, an expert must be called, 
(c) Obvious, (d) Sidedraft here is 
an advantage rather than an objec- 
tion for it indicates the best construc- 
tion, (e) Put fast horse on inside. 

If difficulty is, experienced in get- 
ting far enough into the grain with a 
tongue truck attachment, make adjust- 
ments to increase the angle between 
the platform and tongue proper, i. e., 
without changing position of machine 
make adjustments to let horses away 
from grain slightly. If machine runs 
too far into grain, make adjustments 
to bring horses a little closer to grain 
line. These adjustments can be found 
between tongue and stub tongue on 
the McCormick and Milwaukee bind- 
ers, and in the truck axle braces on 
the Deering. If sufficient adjustment 
is not provided in the Deejing to per- 
mit a full swath, turn the tongue over. 

Badly Shaped Bundles in good 
grain are caused by improper manip- 
ulation of binder parts. Set the reel 
to strike straws about two inches be- 
low the heads. Run the butter as 
near at right angles to the rollers on 
tier shaft as possible, even if you 
have to sacrifice an inch or two in 
the position of the band on the bun- 
dle. Do not expect the butter to 

shove the straws down under the 
breast plate. Adjust the position of 
the head to bring the straws under 
the breast plate and then adjust the 
butter to smooth the butt of the bun- 
dle. In uneve^ grain the head, but- 
ter and reel must be shifted often to 
obtain the best results. In very short 
grain or in down grain leaning toward 
the elevators we have probably the 
worst conditions for good bundle 
making, especially for eight-foot bind- 
ers. First, do all possible to retard 
the heads by running the platform as 
level as possible and fllace a rope 
head-retarder across the platform, ty- 
ing the same to the outside divided 
frame. A rope head-retarder is often 
found to give better results than the 
retarding strap iron sent out with the 
machine, but if the latter is used, the 
operator will find that he gets very 
good results in retarding heads by 
bending up or crinkling the end of the 
strap iron. Throw the head as far 
forward as possible and run the butter 
as near perpendicular to the rollers as 
possible to still have the bundle se- 
curely tied. Tighten the front grain 

Badly Shaped Bundles in Long 
Tangled Grain can be remedied by 
loosening all grain checks slightly 
and by adjusting the head to tie a 
smaller, looser bundle. 

Getting Grain Down to Packers. 

Trouble is sometimes experienced in 
getting light, fluffy grain down to the 
oackers. See that the deck roller is 
working properly and lower the deck 

Choking Down. Sometimes in 
heavy, fluffy and tangled grain, and 
often in flax, the head cannot dis- 
charge a bundle and is stopped by 
"choking." Adjust the head to tie a 
smaller, looser bundle, loosen all 
grain checks and loosen the tension 
on the compressor spring, which is 
the spring attached to the compres- 
sor rod. 

Bundles Too Loose or Too Tight. 
Tighten or loosen the trip spring 
shown in Illustration 1 and described 
below under "Binder Head Troubles." 
Do not attempt to make a tight bun- 
dle by tightening the twine tension on 
the twine can. The twine tension is 
not for the purpose of affecting the 





tightness of bundles and if it is used 
for such purpose serious needle 
troubles will result. The twine ten- 
sion should be sufficiently tight to 
keep back slack in the twine between 
the can and needle. 

Bundles Too Large or Too Small. 
Move the compressor arm nearer or 
farther away from the needle. The 
compressor arm is that arm against 
which the bundle is formed and as it 
is moved in or out that space in which 
the bundle is formed is changed. 

Reel Troubles. Short oats is often 
the cause for considerable reel trouble, 
especially reel breakage on those ma- 
chines which have no outside reel 
support. The operator cutting short 
oats will necessarily have to tilt his 
platform well forward and run his 
reel low. This means that occasion- 
ally the reel slats will whip down 
onto the guards and result in broken 
parts. Farmers in some localities 
have solved this difficulty by tacking 
on to each reel slat a piece of heavy 
linoleum about six inches wide. The 
reel can then be run higher, for this 
extra piece on the slats serves ad- 
mirably to force the grain over onto 
the platform and at the same time is 
sufficiently flexible to give if the reel 
is whipped down on the guards. 

Binder Head Troubles 

Before taking up binder head trou- 
bles let us refer to the first illustra- 
tion and get clearly in mind the exact 
function of the oarts mentioned. 

Every operator is aware that his 
packer shaft revolves continually and 
that at certain moments it must drive 
the whole binder head while the bun- 
dle is being tied and cast. The dog, 
shown in the illustration, is that 
mechanism which throws the head 
in motion with the rest of the ma- 
chine, or it is that mechanism which 
momentarily engages the head with 
the continuous motion of the packers 
while the bundle is being tied. Suf- 
ficient pressure by the straw on the 
trip arm raises the stop arm, shown 
in the illustration, which allows the 
dog to be forced into the path of the 
continually revolving binder head 
driver. A little spring attached to the 
dog forces the doer into the path of 
this driver when the dog is released, 
and this same spring holds the dog in 
this path until the stop arm can drop 
back into place and force the dog 
back out of the way of the revolving 
drivers of the packer shaft. When 
the dog is thrown back out of the 
path of the binder head drivers, the 
motion in the head ceases and the 
dog, if properly working, must re- 
main engaged with the packer shaft 
until the discharge arms make a com- 
plete revolution. The continuity of 
motion in the head depends upon the 

Discharge Arms Fail to Start or 
Fail to Revolve Completely. This is 
a dog trouble. See that the dog spring 
is in place and is of sufficient strength 
to hold the dog in the path of the 
binder head drivers when the dog is 



released. See also that the striking 
faces of the dog and dog driver are 
not worn sufficiently to permit them 
to slip by one another. If the dis- 
charge arms revolve by jerks it is very 
probable that a worn condition in the 
striking faces is the cause. 

Discharge Arms Revolve Continu- 
ally. Before discussing this trouble a 
word should be said regarding timing. 
It will be noticed that every part of 
the binder head except the packers 
works at a certain moment in rela- 
tion to other parts The dog makes a 
certain number of revolutions before 
the stop arm is allowed to drop back 
into place to throw the dog out of 
engagement with the binder head 
drivers. Hence the relation between 
the stop arm and the dog is a set 
relation maintained through beveled 
gears. If for any reason these gears 
are separated and not put back in the 
original definite relation to each 
other, the head is said to be out of 
time. This means that the stop arm 
would not be in place at the proper 
moment to throw the dog out of en- 
gagement and a second revolution of 
the discharge arm immediately fol- 
lows the first. The timing principle 
holds true in all makes of heads and 
is obtained in a way more or less 
common in all types, though the 
mechanism will vary to some degree 
in its shape and position. If the dis- 
charge arms revolve continually the 
head may be out of time or the stoi 
arm face may be so badly worn that 
it allows the dog to slip by when the 
two come together. If the machine is 
out of time, i. e., if the stop arm is 
not in place to throw the dog out in 
the proper time, time the head by 
properly meshing the beveled gears 
between the packer shaft and the 
binder head counter shaft which runs 
up to drive the tier shaft. If the 
striking faces between the dog and 
the stop arm are so worn that they 
slip by one another, file the faces to 
their original form. If this allows 
too much play or looseness in the 
dog (which can be tested by taking 
hold of the discharge arms to deter- 
mine whether they are tight or loose) 
a new dog or perhaps a new stop 
arm must be purchased. Some ma- 
chines permit lengthening of the stop 
arm. Look for such adjustment and 
use same to hold the dog back tighter. 

Casting Very Small Bundles. There 
are two causes for this trouble. The 
dog may not be thrown out at the 
proper time, and the remedy for such 
a condition has been just stated above. 
Small bundles often appear in badly 
tangled grain when the case bundle is 
not cleaned from the machine and its 
weight trips the head again immedi- 
ately and a small bundle is cast which 
seems to be really a part of the first. 
Manipulate the machine to make a 
clean bundle, loosen the grain checks, 
adjust the trip spring to tie a looser 
bundle and adjust the compressor arm 
to tie a smaller bundle. . 

Discharge Arms Not Set Tight, or 
Dog Drive Strikes Dog. Usually 
these two conditions accompany one 
another and are due to extreme wear 
in gears and dog, or tier shaft lock 
may have become loosened. The tier 
shaft lock is usually a little dog 
working behind the tier shaft cam 
wheel at the end of the tier shaft. It 
holds the discharge arms in place 
when they are at rest. Examine your 
binder head for this mechanism and 
if it can be adjusted usually the 
trouble can be remedied by such ad- 
justment. If the cam track in tier 
shaft cam wheel acts as the lock, 
new parts may have to be added to 
relieve badly worn conditions, but 
this will not necessarily remedy the 
striking between dog and driver. If 
head is very badly worn and all gear- 
ing has considerable play, the dog 
may be advanced one cog which will 
bring the head into better time. Great 
care must be used in doing this, how- 
ever, for it often happens that a head 
so treated will work perfectly when 
operated by hand, but when driven 
by_the packer shaft under actual con- 
ditions the tier shaft is not compelled 
to complete its revolution and this is 
not "driven home" and locked. This 
will then result in the discharge arms 
dropping down and in greater inter- 
ference between dog and driver. It 
is sometimes found necessary to re- 
place badly worn gears, in order to 
entirely eliminate this trouble. 

Knotter Head Troubles 

All binders are very similar. They 
combine the same principles, and al- 
though the detail of the mechanism 
may differ somewhat, still for every 
vital part on one make of machine 





, V 


there can be found on each other 
tnachine a part similar in function, 
very similar in shape, and often very 
similar in position. This is particu- 
larly true in the knotter head or that 
portion of the binder head which ties 
the knot. In discussing these troubles 
then, let us bear in mind that every 
make of binder has in some form 
each part shown in the second illus- 
tration, and that the functions of these 
parts are the same though the position 
and shape may vary slightly. 

The disc is that part which holds 
the end of the twine while the bundle 
is being formed. The bills, also shown 
in the illustration, are those parts 
which tie the knot. It is the function 
of the needle to bring up the needle 
end of the band, place it over the 
bills and into the disc where the disc 
catches it and securely holds both 
ends. The bills then revolve, forming 
a loop about themselves, and after 
revolving part way they open, seize 
both ends of the band, as shown in 

the illustration, and hold the ends of 
the band while the stripper arm pulls 
the loop off the bills hence the ends 
of the band are pulled through the 
loop and the knot is tied. If these 
operations are kept clearly in mind 
.the operator will find his tying trou- 
bles greatly simplified. 

Each operator should be able to 
tell just where his trouble lies by ex- 
amining the failing band and noting 
where it is found. 

In the third illustration, Figure 1 
found clinging to the bills with the 
simple knot tied around the bills and 
the loose end cut square and smooth, 
indicates that the disc spring is too 
loose and the twine tension is too 

The same band found cast with the 
bundle instead of clinging to the bills 
would indicate that the disc is but 
slightly loose, yet too loose. The 
band indicating such trouble is shown 
in Fig 2. 

Fig. 3 found clinging to the bills 



but t with the free end crushed and 
ragged indicates that the disc is too 
tight and that the twine tension is 
also too tight. 

Fig. 4 found cast with the bundle 
instead of on the bills indicates that 
the twine tension is perfect but that 
the disc is slightly too tight. 

Fig. 5 found with the cast bundle 
.and with both ends crushed and 
ragged indicates that the disc is very 

Notice the bent crinkled ends in 
Fig. 6 and that the band is formed 
with the bundle. The ends have been 
in the knot but have pulled out. The 
bills may be too loose or the "hump" 
on the underside of the upper bill 
may be worn away sufficiently so that 
the bills cannot hold the ends of the 
band securely enough when the loop 
is pulled off. This probably has 
caused a loose knot which pulled out 
when the bundle spread. If the bills 
are too loose tighten the bills spring. 
If the little "hump" is worn away 
file away a little of the stock behind 
the hump, using a rat-tail file. 

Fig. 8 is the familiar band which 
seems to be tied perfectly when the 
bundle is first cast, but when the 
shocker grasps the bundle the band 
gives way and appears as shown. If 
the disc is at the proper tension, then 
the trouble is probably that the bills 
do not ooen wide enough to grasp 
both ends of the twine in the disc. 
If the bills cam roller on the back of 

the upper bill is worn one-sided, sup- 
ply new parts. If the whole bills 
shaft has dropped down due to wear 
below the bills, pinion gear, place a 
very thin washer under pinion to 
bring the bills up against the knotter 
head frame where they belong. It 
sometimes happens that a very loose 
twine tension allows sufficient slack 
in the twine to arch slightly over the 
bills instead of being pulled down 
tightly over them. The upper bill 
will then nose in between the bands' 
ends instead of grasping both of them 
and a simple 1 slip knot is tied instead 
of a hard knot. 

Fig. 9 indicates a needle trouble. 
For some reason the needle has not 
placed the twine in the disc. Most 
likely the needle has carried up some 
green stuff of some kind which mo- 
mentarily clogs the disc. If this band 
occurs frequently, however, then prob- 
ably the eye of the needle has be- 
come so badly worn back, due to too 
tight a tension, that the needle can 
not advance far enough to place the 
twine in the disc. The needle should 
advande until it just barely touches 
the stripper or breast plate. If it 
does not advance that far it is prob- 
ably slow and the needle pitman 
should be shortened slightly. 

Make all binder head and knotter 
head adjustments gradually. A quar- 
ter of a turn of the studs on the disc 
and knotter bills springs is ample to 
remedy most troubles in those parts. 



Corn Planter Adjustments 

By C. O. Reed, University of Illinois, in Prairie Farmer 

Not all of our implement troubles 
are to be found in the plow or in the 
binder. The corn planter has troubles 
of its own, and it is the purpose of 
this article to discuss some of the 
corn planter principles and troubles 
that are often misunderstood. 

Accuracy in Drop 

Some corn growers say that accu- 
racy of drop is not an important fac- 
tor with them because two kernels 
in one hill and four in the next gives 
an average of three kernels per hill 
and that is the number desired. The 
fallacy of this statement is very ap- 
parent when we stop to consider that 
in such planting we have not the de- 
sired three kernels in either hill; and 
if the soil is three-kernel soil, two 
kernels per hill are too few while 
four kernels are too many. The result 
is probably a loss in each hill. 

A certain soil may give the best 
yield with either two, three or four 
kernels per hill, but after it has been 
ascertained which number of kernels 
is best every effort should be made to 
secure that number in each hill where 
the soil conditions remain constant. 
The variable drop devices on planters 
afford ample opportunity to shift from 
two to three or from three to four 
kernels per hill as the soil conditions 
through the row may demand, but the 
advisability of permitting inaccuracy 
in drop from hill to hill is question- 

The first two requisites for accu- 
racy in drop are (a) seed of uniform 
size, and (b) the selection of the 
proper seed plate. Hand tipped and 
butted corn or machine sorted corn 
will give seed as uniform in shape 
and size of kernel as is practical, but 
unsorted seed may be relied upon to 
cause inaccurate dropping. 

Testing out the planter to make 
sure that the proper plate is used is 
to be strongly advocated. Last year's 
plate may not be the best one for this 
year's seed, for if there is a slight 
difference in the average size of ker- 
nels between the two years, a corre- 
sponding change may be necessary in 

the size of the seed pits in the plate 
used. The following table taken from 
laboratory tests shows the danger of 
carelessness in selecting the seed 
plate. The planter was set to drop 
three-kernel hills, and the plates 
"small" and "large" were plates next 
size smaller and next size larger than 
the proper or right sized plate found. 


Small sized Large 
plate plate plate 

Per cent of blank hill 9.34 .00 .00, 

Per cent of hills containing 

1 kernel 29.36 .26 .28 

Per cent of hills containing 

2 kernels 37.54 8.66 5.3 

Per cent of hills containing 

3 kernels 20.48 88.12 81.28 

Per cent of hills containing 

4 kernels 2.66 2.84 11.48 

Per cent of hills containing 

5 kernels 62 .12 1.66 

These figures tend to show that a 
slight mistake in plate selection may 
lead to a direct loss in stand. There 
may be but a very slight difference 
between two pairs of plates so slight 
perhaps that we can not detect the 
difference by eye but a test of the 
two pairs will quickly show that one 
of those pairs means a good drop 
while the other pair is dangerous and 
its use should be avoided. Testing 
can be done when time at the barn 
permits and will not only mean a sav- 
ing of time in the field but will also 
enable the operator to avoid a mis- 
take before it is too late. 

Each operator will have his own 
method of testing out the planter but 
he should heed these three rules: (1) 
Let each test consist of at least SO or 
60 hills; (2) run the planter parts at 
field speed; (3) do not give up until 
the best plate is found. Probably the 
quickest way to test is to run the 
planter in the farm yard, providing 
the chickens do not get the corn be- 
fore we can count it. Rainy day test- 
ing on .the barn floor is a little more 
troublesome but can be very success- 
fully accomplished by two persons as 
follows: Jack the planter up over a 
blanket stretched tight on the floor so 
that the furrow openers will be about 
three inches above the blanket when 



the depth lever is thrown forward. 
One man can then turn the drive 
wheel, trip the check arm and call out 
the number of kernels dropped, while 
the second person records the count. 
After each hill is dropped the kernels 
are brushed away by foot of the man 
turning the drive wheel. Glancing at 
the drop without recording the count 
simplifies the process but it is not an 
accurate method and should be avoided 
when possible. 

Accuracy of drop may be secured 
further by keeping the seed hoppers 
at least half full at all times. 

Blank Hills at the Ends of Rows 

Accuracy of drop depends also to 
some extent upon the speed of the 
valve. It sometimes happens that at 
one end of the row we will happen to 
stop the team just as the button on 
the check wire has begun to force 
the check arm. The valves work so 
slowly at such a time or stop at such 
a point that in some planters the seed 
at the top of the boot drops clear 
through to the ground instead of be- 
ing intercepted at the bottom of the 
boot. Two hills drop at once, then, 
and when we have turned around 
there are no kernels at the lower 
valve ready for the first hill on the 
return trip. On some planters we may 
overcome the difficulty by foot dropping 
one hill while the team is turning. On 
other planters the only remedy is to 
stop sooner at the end of the row 
or to drive ahead at usual speed until 
the wire has released the check arm. 
Accuracy in Check 

Considerable attention is usually 
given to securing accurate checking, 

but a word regarding the adjustment 
will not be amiss. Accurate checking 
means possibility of closer cultivation 
and less loss by cultivating out hills. 
The manufacturer has found that un- 
der usual conditions the check wire 
will travel from one to three inches 
across the field, and inasmuch as the 
slack will always be ahead of the 
machine, he designs his planter to 
drop the hill at a distance behind the 
button equal to one-half the travel. 
On the return trip the hill is again 
dropped behind the button and thus the 
hills should check in spite of the wire 
travel. It can readily be seen then that 
if our shoes or furrow openers are 
dropping nearer to or farther away 
from the button than half the wire 
travel, our system for securing good 
checking will be materially interfered 
with and adjustments must be made 
at A in Fig. 1. 

This tongue adjustment will vary on 
the different makes of planters. On 
some it is at the rear end of the 
tongue, but it will be found on all the 
popular makes. As a rule the front 
frame of the planter should be run level, 
and it can be so run with a properly 
drawn check wire. But different ten- 
sions on the wire drawn by different 
drivers may necessitate throwing the 
front frame slightly out of a horizon- 
tal position. If the planter drops too 
close to the button, make such tongue 
adjustment as will drop the furrow 
openers back a little toward the wheels. 
To some extent tightening the check 
wire will accomplish the same result 
in the check. Forcing the furrow open- 
ers a little ahead by means of the 
tongue adjustment will cause the hill 

Fig. 1. Tongue Adjustment to Secure Accurate Checking 



A Spread Check Fork May Cause Stringing 

to be dropped A little close to the but- 
ton, or having the check wire a little 
more slack will have the same result 
in the check. In testing for accuracy 
of check by digging up hills, select hills 
pretty close behind the planter. Ad- 
justing the neckyoke straps will also 
affect the check. The adjustment 
shown in Fig. 1 is also a means of 
maintaining a good check when differ- 
ent heights of teams are used and when 
the difference cannot be compensated 
for by adjusting the neckyoke straps. 

Uniform tension in the check wire 
must be maintained if accurate check- 
ing is to result. Some drivers even go 
so far as to make allowance for the 
expansion and contraction of the check 
wire due to varying temperature from 
day to day, but this is getting too par- 
ticular to be practical. It is practical, 
however, where planting is being done 
up and down a slope, to pull the wire 
tighter when setting the high stake. 

Uniform Depth of Planting 

In planting over a rough field, a 
more uniform depth can often be se- 
cured by floating the furrow openers, 
but when this is done the operator 
should keep the openers under foot 
control so that the shoes may be forced 
to their depth in dry spots and kept 
from planting too deep in moist, soft 
spots. There are a number of shoe 
gauges now on the market which attach 
to shoes to insure uniform depth when 
floating is desirable. Such attachments 
should prove valuable if properly used 
where the conditions demand. String- 
ing of the hill may be caused by (a) 
dirt in the boot, and (b) by a spread 
check arm. Trouble from the first 
cause will probably be due to the team 
having set back on the planter while 
the shoes were still in the ground. 
Clean out the boot bottom thoroughly 
and the rest of the remedy is obvious. 



Trouble (b) is less easily detected. If 
the check arm is spread as is shown at 
B in Fig. 2, the wire button will let go 
of the check arm before the valves 
have been forced wide open, to the re- 
sult that the kernels will be strung out 
in the row rather than being dropped 
well together. By means of a ham- 
mer, drive the arm halves together to 
their original position, but in so doing 
care must be taken not to get the 
halves so closely together that binding 
of the wire will result. The check 
arm halves can be left straight as 
shown at A in Fig. 2. Some opera- 
tors find that stringing is due to a bad- 
ly worn shoe. If this is determined to 
be the cause, new parts must usually 
be supplied. 

Clutch Troubles 

Clutches on the various planters 
differ so widely in design that no spe- 
cific rules can be given that would 
apply to all makes. Failure of the 
clutch to grip or release can often be 
overcome by thoroughly cleaning the 
parts, and if the striking forces are 
worn round, new parts may have to 
be secured. On most planters this 
means but slight expense and a little 

Timing the Plate Rims 

Breakage may necessitate removal of 
the rim which drives the plate. This 
rim is timed with the pinion on the 
shaft which drives the plates from the 
clutch, and when the rim is replaced 
on the machine the "time" must be re- 
established. If the plate rim is out 
of time with the pinion, inaccuracy 
will result because the plate itself will 
not stop at the proper time. 

On some machines the cog teeth of 
the rim and pinion are so marked or 
constructed that it is very easy to 
ascertain the proper relation between 
the two castings. Before removing 
the rim the operator should carefully 
seek any such guides so that he may 
know just how to replace the parts. 
If no guide is found on the arm and 
on the shaft pinion, make a mark on 
each by means of a cold chisel, and 
then in replacing parts bring these 
two marks into the same relation to 
each other as at first. It sometimes 
happens that after replacing a rim or 
adding a new one, it breaks as soon as 
it revolves. This is due to non-timing. 

The question is often asked : "Is 
the disc furrow opener preferable to 
the ordinary shoe runner?" The sin- 
gle disc opener has better penetration 
than the shoe and will cut through 
trash to better advantage, but it 
throws the soil to one side and cover- 
ing is made more difficult. The dou- 
ble disc has less penetrating ability 
than the single disc, but covering can 
be more easily accomplished after it. 

In hard, thrashy ground, then, the 
disc opener should prove preferable to 
the shoe opener, but in a well pre- 
pared seed bed, well free from surface 
trash, the shoe is strongly advocated 
because of its simplicity. The planter 
with disc openers cannot be consid- 
ered a heavy draft implement, but the 
discs carry bearings which must work 
in soil and one may always expect 
trouble with such a combination. 


Household Editor of 
Prairie Farmer 



Livestock Farmer s Medicine Chest 

By Dr. A. S. Alexander, in Prairie Farmer 

When a farmer can employ a com- 
petent graduate veterinarian at rea- 
sonable expense it always is best to 
do so, and in all serious cases such 
expert help should be used even if 
the expense will be considerable. Un- 
fortunately it is not always possible 
to find such an expert or he may live 
at such a distance that an ordinary or 
trivial case will not warrant the ex- 
pense of his employment, or the near- 
est veterinarian may not be a properly 
qualified practitioner, or is one in 
whom the stockman has no confidence. 

For these reasons every owner of 
animals should keep some simple 
remedies on hand, and these are nec- 
essary even on farms where profes- 
sional assistance can readily be had. 
It should be understood, however, 
that the untrained farmer should not 
attempt the administration of strong 
poisons, alkaloids and many prepara- 
tions used hypodermically by a gradu- 
ate veterinarian. Such preparations 
are extremely dangerous in the hands 
of the layman and are liable to do 
much more harm than good. The 
trained surgeon also should be de- 
pended upon for all major operations. 

A cupboard may be set apart for 
storing medicines in a cool, dry place 
and where freezing will not occur in 
winter. A glass graduate and scales 
will be necessary for measuring and 
weighing medicines. Powdered drugs 
should be kept in tightly closed glass 
fruit jars and should be plainly labeled. 
They may soon lose their strength if 
exposed to the air. Poisons should 
be kept on a separate part of a shelf 
partitioned off for the purpose and 
away from simple, harmless drugs. 
Ointments, with the exception of fly 
blister, should be made up fresh at 
time of use. Liniment may be pre- 
pared and kept indefinitely if well 

The medicine case should also have 
a special division in which to keep a 
few instruments, bandages, suture silk 
and absorbent cotton ; or better still, 
these may be kept in a handbag for 
immediate use as required. The 
emergency bag should contain a roll 

of absorbent cotton, several rolle 
three-yard bandages of unbleache 
muslin in strips three inches wide, 
pound or two of oakum, a spool c 
strong suture silk, half a dozen sutui 
needles of assorted shapes and size 
most of them large; a half-ounc 
short-barreled, strong-nozzled hai 
rubber syringe, a two-ounce met; 
syringe, a cow trocar and canula f< 
tapping a bloated animal, a pair < 
curved shears, a combination opera 
ing knife containing a curved bistour 
a probe pointed bistoury and a stror 
straight scalpel, a few milking tub< 
and a teat bistoury, an artery forcep 
metal probe, castrating knife and pa 
of horse clippers. 

These will suffice, but there a: 
many other useful instruments sue 
as a clinical thermometer, horse tr 
car, catheter and dentistry "float 
which may be added from time 
time. Some of the medicines to 1 
listed later may also have a place 
the emergency kit or bag, notab 
those needed for the treatment i 
wounds, and at hand should be 
strong quart drenching bottle and t< 
feet of quarter-inch cotton rope wi 
which to hold up a horse's head f< 
drenching. A veterinary force pun 
is added on a large farm, but its pla> 
may be taken by three feet of ne 
lawn sprinkling hose fitted with 
large tin funnel. This is used to gr 
a horse or cow a rectal injectio 
There should also be a six-foot pie 
of new half-inch rubber tubing fi 
use in giving a cow or mare a vagin 

Simple necessary medicines mi 
best be listed under the following sp 
cial heads: 


Epsom and Glauber Salts. Averaj 

dose for an adult cow, one pound 

three pints of warm water. Dose fi 
a horse, 12 ounces. 

Castor Oil. Especially useful f< 

young animals. Dose for a calf < 

foal, from 1 to 6 tablespoons ful sha 
en up in milk. 



Raw Linsed Oil (not boiled, which 
is poisonous). Average dose, one pint 
for constipation and to follow a dose 
of colic medicine, or contain medicine 
for colic. 

Barbados Aloes (freshly powdered). 
Average dose, one ounce, to be given 
to an adult horse as a "physic ball." 

Wound Medicines 

Keep in stock one pint each of car- 
bolic acid and coal tar disinfectant and 
a gallon can of the latter for dipping 
and disinfecting purposes. .Two tea- 
spoonfuls to a pint of water ordinarily 
makes a sufficiently strong solution. 
Bleeding is stopped by applying Mon- 
sel's solution of iron on oakum or 
cotton batting, or applying Monsel's 
powder. As a wound lotion also keep 
on hand a mixture of one ounce of 
sugar of lead and six drams of sul- 
phate of zinc in one pint of water. 
This is called "white lotion" and 
should be plainly labeled "poison" and 
well shaken before use. 

Dusting Powders 

A dusting powder of equal parts of 
slacked lime, charcoal and sulphur is 
useful for application to surface 
wounds and sores. Boracic acid also 
is needed and a little iodoform may 
be added to keep flies away. 


Keep on hand a pint (pound) each 
of turpentine and aqua ammonia. 
One ounce each of these mixed with 
a pint of soft water, in which two 
raw eggs have been shaken up and 
the mixture left for 24 hours, will 
make a good stimulating liniment; or 
one ounce of each may be mixed with 
6 to 14 ounces of raw linseed oil to 
make a very strong or comparatively 
mild liniment. 


"White lotion" for wounds has al- 
ready been mentioned. Equal quan- 
tities of lime water and raw linseed 
oil make "carron oil," an excellent 
lotion for burns. Two to four ounces 
of Goulard's extract and one to two 
ounces of glycerine in one quart of 
soft water form a useful lotion for 
scratches and mud fever of itchiness 
and "gumminess" of the legs. A good 
lotion for inflammation of the udder 

is made by mixing together one part 
each of fluid extracts of poke root and 
belladonna leaves and one part of tur- 
pentine with five parts of sweet oil, 
melted lard or camphorated oil. It is 
made weaker or stronger as required. 
Anodyne lotion for painful swellings 
is made by combining equal quantities 
of tincture of opium, aconite, bella-. 
donna and druggists' soap liniment. 
A small quantity of chloroform may 
be added. Mouth lotion consists of 
an ounce of powdered borax or alum 
in a quart of soft water; eye lotion of 
half a dram each of sulphate of zinc 
and fluid extract of belladonna in a 
quart of soft water. 


Fowler's solution of arsenic is a 
good general tonic for rundown, thin, 
hidebound horses and those afflicted 
with chronic skin diseases or heaves 
(broken wind). The average dose is 
half an ounce (one ^ tablespoon ful) 
given night and morning until one 
quart has been given. The medicine 
may then be gradually discontinued, 
taking at least a week to the work. 
Dried sulphate of iron (copperas), 
dose one dram night and morning, is 
another good tonic, commonly com- 
bined with an equal dose of ground 
gentian root or ginger root, nux 
vomica, saltpeter and fenugreek as a 
condition powder. The dose is one 
tablespoon ful of the combination ,of 
drugs mixed in the feed night and 
morning for ten days. Omit sulphate 
of iron for pregnant animals. Nux is 
poisonous and must therefore be given 
with care. It is most useful as a 
nerve tonic and appetizer. 

Colic Medicines 

Keep in stock one pound each of 
laudanum (dose, 1 to 2 ounces) ; es- 
sence of ginger root (dose, 1 to 2 
drams) ; sulpuric acid (dose, Yz to 1 
ounce) ; turpentine (dose, 1 to 2 
ounces) ; granular hyposulphite of 
soda (dose, 1 to 4 ounces). A dose of 
each of the first three medicines in a 
pint of water containing two ounces 
of hyposulphite of soda will prove 
effective for most colics. Two ounces 
of turpentine in a pint of raw linseed 
oil may be given for "wind" (flatulent) 
colic, or following the other medicine 
when the pain of "cramp" (spasmodic) 
colic has subsided. 



Fever Medicines 

Powdered saltpeter is an important 
drug for animals. It is given in the 
fever of influenza, founder (laminitis) 
or lymphangitis (milk leg, also for 
stocking of the legs and other large 
swellings. A dram is the average 
dose. Give it every four or six hours 
in fever, twice daily for swellings, or 
with tonics as a condition powder, and 
in double doses for founder or milk 
leg. Do not give it in colt distemper, 
when abscesses are forming. It may 
often be administered in drinking 
water or a bran mash or damp feed. 
It also is given in tablespoon ful doses 
once or twice daily for garget of the 
cow. Beware of aconite often given 
for fever. It is too dangerous a poison 
to be safely used by anyone other than 
a trained doctor. 


An effective blistering ointment is 
made by melting together three parts 
of lard and one-quarter part of finely 
shaved, yellow beeswax, and then 
stirring it one part of powdered can- 
tharides (Spanish fly). Stir in a tin 
dish until cold, then store in a capped 
glass fruit jar. It improves with age. 
When using this blister clip off the 
hair, wash the skin clean, dry it per- 
fectly. Tie the horse up short in his 
stall, rub the blister in for fifteen 
minutes and then smear on some more 
blister. Wash the blister off in 48 
hours and then apply a little lard 
daily. Do not cover a blistered part, 
or rub it on the loins, or on top of 
the hips, or use it after a poultice, or 
on irritated skin, or in very hot or 
cold weather. 


Never be without tincture of iodine 
to swab on swollen glands, tumors, 
forming abscesses, bony growths, 
capped or puffed joints, indolent sores 
or wounds, canker of the mouth in 
pigs and ringwork spots. It also is 
useful to inject into abscesses, fistula 
and lump jaw cavities. Iodine oint- 
ment is made by mixing one dram 
each of iodine crystals and iodide of 
potash in one ounce of lard. This is 
used on swellings, sore necks and 
shoulders, puffs of all sorts, tumors, 
forming abscesses, ringworm spots 
and enlargements of the udder. As 
an absorbent blister rub up one dram 

of biniodide of mercury with two 
ounces of the fly blister already men- 
tioned and use on bony growths, such 
as splints and ringbone, callouses, 
indolent sores, tumors of the udder. 

Worm Medicines 

Gasoline is kept on most farms and 
in tablespoon ful doses in six ounces of 
milk is the best remedy for stomach 
worms in sheep. Lambs take less in 
proportion. Two ounces of turpen- 
tine in a pint of raw linseed oil is 
effective . as a starting dose for a 
"wormy horse." Follow with worm 
powders composed of equal parts of 
salt, sulphur and dried sulphate of 
iron. Dose, one tablespoonful night 
and morning for a week, then skip ten 
days and repeat. Omit iron for preg- 
nant animals. For worms of swine 
give one teaspoonful of turpentine in 
slop for three consecutive days for 
each eighty pounds of body weight ; 
or one dram of dried sulphate of iron 
in slop for five successive mornings 
for each hundred pounds of body 
weight. Where swine are known to 
be seriously infested with worms, give 
eight grains of santonin and five 
grains of calomel in a little slop for 
each hundred pounds of body weight. 
Divide the pigs into lots of five and 
give the medicine in a little slop after 
starving the animals for eighteen 
hours. Care must be taken to give 
only the doses here prescribed, else 
damage may be done. 


In the paragraph on wound medi- 
cines it has been advised to keep car- 
bolic acid and coal tar disinfectant in 
stock. To these may be added for- 
maldehyde, bichloride of mercury 
tablets and permanganate of potash 
crystals. In disinfecting a stable a 
solution of four or five ounces of for- 
maldehyde to the gallon, or a 1-1,000 
of bichloride of mercury (corrosive 
sublimate) or a 1-30 solution of car- 
bolic acid or coal tar disinfectant 
should be used after a thorough clean- 
sing of the premises. For wounds a 
1-1,000 solution of corrosive sublimate 
also is the most effective disinfectant 
and a 1-500 solution should be used 
for disinfecting when a spore-form- 
ing germ, like that of anthrax, is pres- 
ent. Permanganate of potash is a 
useful mild disinfectant (antiseptic 



and deodorizer) in a 1-5,000 to a 1-50 
solution. The weaker solution is used 
lukewarm for vaginal injection pur- 
poses, while the 2 per cent solution is 
useful for injection into cavities from 
which come bad-smelling discharges 
and for swabbing sores (cankers) of 
the mouth. As a wound lotion it is 
usual to employ a 2 to 5 per cent 
solution of carbolic acid, or lysol, or 
coal tar disinfectant. Carbolic acid 
is also much used as an internal disin- 
fectant in contagious abortion. Two 
drams of the acid is well diluted with 
water and mixed in soft feed for each 
pregnant cow every other night 
throughout pregnancy. Peroxide of 
hydrogen one part and clean water 
two or three parts is a popular dis- 
infectant for cleansing foul wounds. 

Scour Medicines 

The farm medicine chest would not 
be completely stocked without some 
remedies for diarrhoea or scours. A 
mixture of one part of salol and two 
parts of bismuth (first prescribed years 
ago by the writer) has become a 
standard remedy among farmers. The 
average dose is one teaspoon ful given 
two or three times a day and washed 
down with milk or water. The dose 
may be doubled in bad cases and for 
larger calves and foals. Prepared 
chalk, powdered alum, sulphur, pow- 
dered catechu, rhubarb and ginger 
root are also much used for diarrhoea. 

Administering Medicines 

Small doses of liquid medicine, such 
as the average two-ounce dose of a 
fever medicine or tonic solution, are 
best given by means of a half -ounce 
hard rubber syringe. Expert veteri- 
narians sometimes give such medicines 
of bad-tasting drugs in gelatine cap- 
sules, or in form of a "ball." Worm, 
condition and tonic powders are 
mixed in damp grain feed. A large 
dose of liquid medicine is termed a 
"drench" and is given from a strong, 
long-necked bottle. A few inches of 
rubber hose may be fitted on the neck 
of such a bottle. 

To drench a horse, back him into a 
stall, place a running noose of soft, 
small cotton rope or "clothes line" 
upon the upper incisor teeth, under 
the upper lip, . and draw the noose 
tight, with the knot of the rope to 
the front. Throw the loose end of 

the rope across an overhead beam, 
raise the horse's head, hold it there 
by means of the rope and pour the 
medicine into the mouth a little at a 
time until all is swallowed. Do not 
squeeze the throat of the horse when 
giving medicine and never pour the 
medicine into the nostril. If the horse 
will not swallow, pour a teaspoonful of 
cold water into a nostril and swallow- 
ing will instantly occur. 

To drench a cow, place her in a 
stanchion or tie her in a stall. Walk 
up on her right side (milking side). 
Pass the left hand across her face and 
into her mouth. Hold her head in a 
straight line forward and slightly ele- 
vated, not turned to one side. Pour 
the medicine very slowly into the 
right side of the mouth. Let the head 
down instantly if the medicine causes 
the cow (or horse) to cough. Fluid 
given too fast passes into the paunch 
and is practically wasted. Administered 
slowly, it largely goes to the third and 
fourth stomachs and absorption takes 
place in the latter. 

Sheep have to be very carefully 
drenched from a bottle to avoid chok- 
ing. Swine take medicine through a 
hole cut in the toe of an old shoe 
thrust into the mouth or from a short, 
strong rubber hose fitted in the neck 
of a strong bottle. Dogs take medi- 
cine in capsules inserted in meat or 
from a bottle or spoon emptied into 
a pouch formed of the lip and cheek. 

Avoid "doping" animals unneces- 
sarily. Medicine should only be given 
when the animal is sick, should be 
the right medicine, and is best pre"- 
scribed by an expert. 


The United States Department of 
Agriculture found in 1855 that it re- 
quired four hours and 34 minutes of 
human labor to produce a bushel of 
corn. At the Minnesota experiment 
station it has been found recently that 
45 minutes of human labor is about 
the average time required for the same 
work. In other words, human labor is 
worth six times as much as it was 60 
years ago, due to the use of better 
machinery, better varieties of corn 
and better soil management. 



>ome Common 



By Dr. A. S. Alexander, in Prairie Farmer 

TAKE nothing for granted when 
buying a horse. One should 
make sure about doubtful things. 
If the eye cannot decide the mat- 
ter the hand may be employed to 
corroborate or disprove; but the eye 
should be the main dependence and 
the hand used only as a last resort. 
An Irishman does not like to buy a pig 
"in a poke." He wants to see and 
examine the "rint payer" and may 
even make the animal squeal to be 
sure that he is getting his money's 
worth. In just the same way one must 
make the most careful examination of 
every part of a horse, "size up" the 
entire combination of points and make 
sure that there is lack of vice, sound- 
ness of eyes, wind and limb, and perfect 
fitness for the special kind of work the 
animal will have to do. 

A famous veterinary teacher once 
called upon his senior students to ex- 
amine a lame horse and state in writ- 
ing what they thought was the cause 
of lameness. The horse had a splint, 
one sidebone and a small ringbone 
affecting the lame leg. To one or 

other of these three unspundnesses 
each student in turn attributed the 
lameness. But one learns best by 
making mistakes and this truth was 
soon "rubbed in" by the teacher. 
Having collected the reports he told 
the smith who was standing by, to 
remove the shoe from the lame foot. 
Then a majority of the students no- 
*ticed for the first time that the sole 
of the foot was covered with a thick 
leather pad. When the leather came 
off puss spurted from a nail prick 
wound which had been purposely hid- 
den. Lameness was due to the nail 
prick, not to splint, ringbone or side- 
bone, and the laugh was on the 
"boys." Never again would one of 
them be similarly caught and so a 
never - to - be - forgotten lesson was 
learned. Every intending purchaser 
should learn this lesson, too, and be 
a "doubting Thomas" until his hands 
have felt where, the eyes could not 
definitely decide a mooted point. 

Seek to deal with men of known 
integrity in business. If not expert, 
and the horse to be bought is a dear 





one, it will be good policy to employ 
a veterinarian to make a critical ex- 
amination. Better visit the stable 
when not expected and see the horse 
in the stall. There some things can 
be learned that will not be seen when 
the horse is warmed up. You should 
be able to enter and leave the stall 
on the left side of the horse, without 
being received with a bite or expelled 
with a kick. Note, too, if the horse 
digs a hole in the floor by pawing, or 
chews his manger and hay rack, which 
may indicate cribbing and wind suck- 
ing, or weaves from side to side, or 
pulls back on the halter. Make him 
"stand over" and note if he jerks up a 
hind leg, or hops over. The hopping 
may indicate spavin lameness, which 
quickly disappears when the horse is 
warmed up. 

The jerking up of a hind leg may be 
accompanied by quivering of muscles 
and tail and such a horse is a "shiv- 
erer" or "crampy" and afflicted with 
incurable St. Vitus' dance. The symp- 
toms of the latter disease become 
more apparent as the horse backs out 
of the stall, but quickly subside with 
slight exercise. If the animal has 
"string halt" the jerking up of the 
hind legs is continued as long as the 
horse is in motion, he does not warm 
out of it. When a horse is brought 
out for inspection "on a run" or "dead 
jump" it is impossible to detect spavin 
lameness or chorea and even string 
halt may not be noticed. This will be 
more certainly the case if the horse 
is turned loose iflj deep snow, or 
plowed land, or in a straw bedded pad- 
dock. This commonly is done. Some- 
times an old plug that has scarcely 
animation enough to get out of its own 
way will kick up, strut and trot, proud 
as a peacock, when suddenly the halter 
shank, previously cut part way through 
breaks and the old pilgrim imagines he 
has broken loose by his own great 
strength. This trick is often tried. 
Never allow the dealer to keep the 
horse "in the air." 

After making an examination in the 
stall watch the horse for a while as 
he stands at ease on a level floor. 
Maybe he cannot stand at ease. If a 
foot hurts, soon that foot will be thrust 
forward ; if two hurt each will be 
thrust forward ; if two hurt, each will be 
advanced turn about ; if four hurt 
the horse will rest each foot in turn. 

And do not forget to walk around the 
horse that every part may meet the 
eye. Often one side is a pretty pic- 
ture, the other marred. See both 
sides, for often the animal is turned 
toward the wall if an eye is out, a big 
bare spot present or some unsound- 
ness there that had best be kept hid- 
den. A "watch" or "wall" eye can 
see, but it is unsightly. The tour of 
inspection around the horse discloses 
such blemishes. 

Remember about not buying a pig 
in a poke, so remove the blanket from 
all fancy harness and see that the 
halter has no springs and trusses to 
press down upon the nostrils to pre- 
vent high blowing and "roaring." 
Many a man has neglected to remove 
a horse's hood before buying and af- 
terward has discovered that it hid a 
cropped, lopped, or split ear, fistula of 
the base of the ear, a "poll evil" or 
some unsightly blemish. 

Don't get too close to the horse 
when making the preliminary exam- 
ination. Ex-Governor Hoard, of Wis- 
consin, once said that in farm business 
matters a man may hold a cent piece 
so close to his eye that it keeps him 
from seeing a big silver dollar a little 
further off. So if one rushes up and 
grabs a foot, before viewing what the 
French term the tout ensemble the 
assemblage of all points he misses 
the comprehensive estimate of the 
horse as a whole and that is of most 
importance. When one has looked 
the horse over from a little distance 
and from all points of view and has 
seen how the animal stands and be- 
haves it will be time enough to scru- 
tinize each component part of his an- 
atomy. First we shall see him move 
away and back, at a walk, then at a 
trot, and finally we shall gallop him. 
Be there when he stops and so decide 
as to the soundness of his "wind." 
It is not enough to test the "wind" 
by standing the horse close to a wall 
and suddenly threatening to strike 
him with a whip. The sudden fright 
may cause the animal to grunt loudly, 
but this does not necessarily prove 
that such a "bull" is unsound in wind. 

Many sound horses grunt when so 
threatened, or even when one goes to 
mount. In the latter instances it is a 
nervous "expression" and nothing 
serious. When watching the horse at 
rest one should note that he does not 





heave at the flanks, cough or pass gas 
from the rectum. These are the symp- 
toms of "heaves" ; but the "heavey" 
horse may be "shut" or "doped" with 
drugs so that temporarily the symptoms 
do not show. Usually they will quickly 
appear if the horse is given all the hay 
and water he wants and then is gal- 
loped. Roaring sometimes is tempora- 
rily relieved by plugging the nostrils 
with a sponge or squeezed half lemon. 
Discharge is also prevented by this 
means. It is best to locate these at 
once than have them sneezed into the 
feed box when the horse is yours. 

At both walk and trot the horse 
should go straight, level and true, 
each joint perfectly fixed, the soles of 
the feet well turned up, as he goes 
away, and no "padding," "winging," 
in or out, "forging," stumbling or toe 
dragging noticeable. Lameness should 
be absent. If the horse passes muster 
when in motion and his style, action 
and conformation are suitable, he next 
may be critically examined as he stands 
at rest. He should stand square and 
firm on each foot. The profile. of the 
front and back of each leg should 
show no abnormal bends, curves, puffs, 
swellings, or lumps. If any one of 
these things is seen its nature will have 
to be carefully determined. The eyes 
should be sound and of the same color. 
The pupils should dilate in the dark 
and contract when the horse is brought 
into the light. Angular, wrinkled eye- 
brows and sunken eyes denote previous 
attacks of "moon blindness" (periodic 

ophthalmia). "Smoky" or "opaque," or 
"pearl grey," or "curdy" appearance 
of the cornea (anterior chamber of the 
eye) denote more serious stages of the 
disease or blindness from cataract or 
glaucoma. A brilliant sparkling 
prominent eye ("glassy eye") may be 
stone blind from paralysis of the ret- 
ina and optic nerve. The ears should 
neither be absolutely unused, nor ab- 
normally active. The former may in- 
dicate deafness ; the latter, impaired 
vision, nervousness or vice. 

See that a thread from ear to ear 
under the forelock, does not keep lop 
ears upright and that a leaden ball, 
suspended from a thread in the ear, is 
not preventing undue motion. The 
horse should let one handle his ears, 
his poll (back of ears), the top of the 
neck, where the collar will bear, and 
the withers, where fistulous openings 
or their scars so commonly are found. 
Fighting against such handling indi- 
cates a reason for fear and the rea- 
son usually is that a twitch has been 
used on the ear and the horse may be 
hard to shoe, have sore neck from 
the collar, poll evil or fistulous with- 
ers, or have suffered a previous opera- 
tion for such disease. 

Handle each part upon which har- 
ness will have to bear and see that 
it is sound and free from sores, tu- 
mors or abscesses. The nostrils should 
be large, under command of the will, 
rosy pink inside, not slit and free 
from abnormal discharge. See that 
the breath does not smell foul and 



that the teeth are sound and the jaws 
not under or over "short." Examine 
the back. It should be strong, broad, 
straight, free from sores and well 
muscled. Pinching the loins is un- 
necessary. A ticklish horse will squat 
when so handled but the test does not 
detect weak kidneys. Note that the 
ribs are well sprung, the underline 
fairly straight, the abdomen capacious, 
the flank not tucked up and the 
coupling short and strong. See that 
no wounds or abscesses are present 
high up on the right flank, as the re- 
sult of tapping for flatulant colic. 
With the left hand on the horse's loin, 
as a support, stoop and examine 
sheath, or udder as the case may be, 
and other parts high up in the groins. 

Examine the tail, which should be 
strong, not artificial ("joined on") and 
not rubbed bare from itchiness. Lift 
it and see that the black skin below is 
free from tumors, the anus clean, well 
pursed up, free from scurvy substances 
or streaks of mucous ; or, in the mare, 
that the space between rectum and 
vulva is intact and that no discharge 
comes from the latter. Looking from 
the rear, compare one hip with the 
other. If one is "knocked down" that 
side will be steep. At each side of 
the tail is the tuberosity of the ischium. 
Like the point of the hip (ilium) this 
often is fractured, leaving one side 
depressed. All parts of the shoulders, 
neck, barrel and hindquarters should 
be smoothly and deeply covered with 
sound muscles. 

Now examine each hoof. Cracks, 
rings, ridges and meatiness should be 
absent, frogs and bars prominent, soles 
slightly concave, heels wide, coronets 
(hoof heads) open and strong, hoofs 
waxy, smooth and ample" in size. Ob- 
ject to a horse that has steep narrow 
heels with a deep cleft in frog, also 
one that has chronic corns, chronic 
thrush, "dropped" (convex) soles, or 
hoof walls showing toe or quarter 

Make sure that the elbows are free 
from hard or soft tumors or abscesses 
called "shoe boils" and that the knees 
are free from hairless scars and are 
straight, wide, deep and strong. All 
joints should be large, clean, bony 

and strong. This is of the greatest 
importance. The joints cannot be too 
large so long as the size is made up of 
large, clean sound bones, ligaments 
and tendons. Beware of puffs, meati- 
ness and bony growths which give 
the wrong sort of size. The knees 
should have perfect flexion, no matter 
what work the horse has to do. They 
should not be bent forward (buck 
knees) nor bent backward (calf 
knees). Splints close to the knee are 
serious ; but low down, on an adult 
horse, they are practically harmless, 
unless struck by a shoe. Splints, ring- 
bones and spavins are bony excres- 
censes. Splints come on the cannon 
bones, along the course of the splint 
bones (small metacarpals and metatar- 

Ringbones are found high, medium 
or low, on the long pastern, and often 
involve the short pasterns. Bone 
spavins are found at the lowerj front, 
inner aspect of the hock joints. Bog 
spavins are soft bursal distensions of 
the hock joints, above and in front 
of the seat of bone spavins. Thoro- 
pins are bursal distensions seen at the 
sides of the hocks, towards the rear 
and when pressed on one side bulge 
out on the opposite side. "Wind 
galls" are similar puffs in connection 
with the tendons at and just above 
the fetlock joints. A curb appears as 
a hard enlargement giving a rounded 
bulging contour to the profile of the 
back of the hock joint, looking from 
the side. 

Splints are most easily seen by 
standing in front of the horse, then 
examining further by feeling the parts 
involved, first with the foot standing 
down firm, then with it off the ground. 
Ringbones are best seen from a side 
view of the profile of the long pas- 
tern. The hand may have to help in 
their detection. To examine for spav- 
ins look between the forelegs at the 
inner, lower profile of each hock. The 
hard "knob" on one hock probably 
will prove to be a bone spavin. A 
small spavin is called a "jack" and it 
is apt to prove serious and grow to 
be a large spavin. Spavin may also 
be detected from a quartering view of 
the hock, or from the rear. 



gitiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiniiiuiiiiiniiiiiuiiiiiitiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiittiiiiiiiiiiiutiiiiiii in iiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiuiiiiiiiuiiiiimiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiniiiii? 


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Montgomery County Farmers' Directory 

Abbreviations Used in this Directory 

a Acres; Ch Children; O Owner; T Tenant or Renter; 
R Rural Route; Sec Section; Maiden name of wife follows 
directory name in parentheses ( ); figures at end of informa- 
tion year became resident of county. Name of farm follows 
names of children in quotation marks. In case of a tenant, 
the farm owner's name follows the figures giving size of farm. 


Adams, Frank (Sophia Helmbold) Ch Fred, *Louisa, *Caroline, *Anna, *Tillie; 
Rosemond Rl Audubon Sec8 O160a (1872) Bell Tel. Nokomis 


Adams, Frank Name. 

(Sophia Helmbold) Wife's maiden name. 

Ch Fred, *Louisa, *Caroline, *Anna, *Tillie Children named Fred, 

*Louisa, *Caroline, *Anna, *Tillie. Star indicates children not at 


Rosemond Rl Postoffice Rosemond, R. F. D. 1. 
Audubon Sec8 Audubon township, Section 8. 
O160a Owner of 160 acres. 
(1872) Lived in county since 1872. 
Bell Tel. Nokomis Telephone. 

Acree, Gilbert A. (Myra Grubbs) Ch 
MildredjLitchfield Rl North Litch- 
field Secl7 T117a Fern Holiday 
(1896) Mutual Tel. Litchfield 

Adams, Frank (Sophia Helmbold) Ch 
Fred, *Louisa, *Caroline, *Anna, 
*Tillie; Rosemond Rl Audubon 
Sec8 O160a (1872) Bell Tel. No- 

Adams, Jake T. (June Mclntyre) Ch 
Cledith; Raymond R3 Zanesville 
Secl4 T80a D. W. Starr (1912) Mu- 
tual Tel. Raymond 

Adams, J. W. (Louisa Crow) Ch 
Mary, *Nellie, *Annie, *Nora; No- 
komis R4 Witt Seel T92a Mrs. Au- 
gusta Hand (1907) 

Adden, Mrs. Foskea Ch Edward, Al- 
ma; Nokomis Rl Rountree Secl4 
O120a (1893) Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Adden, Otto (Lorena Johnson) Har- 
vel Rl Raymond Secll O120a 
(1903) Mutual Tel. Raymond 

Adden, Theodore (Hilka Arkebauer) 
Ch William, Marie, Albert, Anna, 
Clarence; Nokomis R5 Nokomis 
Sec8 O80a (1873) Mutual Tel. No- 

Adkins, Mrs. E. N. (Etta Maxwell) 
Ch Fern, Irvin, *George, *Pearl, 
*Byron, *Keith; Nokomis R2 Au- 
dubon Sec20 O120a (1903) Bell Tel. 

Agnew, William (Olivia Leitch) Ch 
Howard; Irving Rl Witt SeclS 
T160a William Hand (1898) 

Aherin, M. C. (Laura Fitzgerald) Ch 
John, Vern; Farmersville R2 Bois 
D' Arc Sec21 T120a M. Aherin Sr. 
(1883) Farmersville Tel. Farmers- 

Aherin, M. V. (Rose Clark) Ch Pearl, 
Emmett, Mary, Joe, Walter, Gen- 
evieve; Farmersville Rl Bois D' 
Arc Sec36 O80a T20a D. Aherin 
(1888) Mutual Tel. Farmersville 

Aikman, Harry E. (Grace L. Wallis) 
Ch James, Doris; Raymond Rl 
Zanesville Sec36 O30a (1882) 



Aikman, Herbert (Janet Burnett) 
Farmersville Rl Pitman Sec23 
T120a J. M. Burnett (1878) Wag- 
goner Tel. Waggoner 

Aikman, Louisa Ch Warren, Nellie, 
"Herbert, *Harry, *George, *Gene; 
Raymond R3 Zanesville Sec26 O40a 
(1878) Mutual Tel. Raymond 

Akeman, F. E. (Bertha Frame) Ch 
Wayne, Evelyn, Infant; Litchfield 
R3 South Litchfield Sec35 T220a 
Dr. Barcroft (1915) 

Alderson, T. A. (Orrie Wilson) Ch 
Dwight, Mary; Hillsboro R4 Gris- 
ham SeclS T360a N. B. Wilson 
(1877> Bell Tel. Donnellson 

Alexander, Ida (Ida Butler) Ch Clay- 
ton, Lola, *Faye; Fillmore R2 Fill- 
more Seel O287a T40a Charlie As- 
kins (1871) Mutual Tel. Fillmore 

Alexander, Mrs. I. E. (Rose Lay) Ch 
Charlie, *Lilly; Hillsboro Rl Hills- 
boro Secl6 T200a Mrs. E. R. Davis 
(1866) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Alexander, J. E. (Lula Chesnut) Ch 
Audrey, Harold; Walshville Rl 
Walshville Sec2 T254a Dr. Otto 
Hauser (1909) People's Mutual Tel. 

Alexander, J. J. (Eliza Butler^ Ch 
Wave, Belle, Noel, Raymond, Nel- 
lie, Ruby, Reva, Ned, *Jess; Fill- 
more Rl Fillmore Secl2 O160a 
(1869) Mutual Tel. Fillmore 

Alexander, J. K. (Nellie Hannabar- 
ger) Fillmore Rl Fillmore Sec2 
T240a Mrs. Elmer Marshall (1891) 
Mutual Tel. Fillmore 

Allen, Jonathan (Winnie B. McEl- 
fresh) Ch Catherine; Ravmond Rl 
Zanesville Sec22 TISOa J. W. Dris- 
kell (1892) Mutual Tel. Raymond 

Allen, O. K. (Mary Lows) Ch Vir- 
ginia, Kathryn, Robert L. ; "Home 
Farm" Coffeen Rl East Fork SecSS 
T600a George Allen (1883) Bell Tel. 

Allen, Robert B. (Nettie L. Driskell) 
Ch Jonathan, Robert, Willard, Les- 
ter; Barnett R2 Zanesville Sec22 
OlSOa (1861) Mutual Tel. Raymond 

Allman, Edward (Bertha White) Ch 
Harold, Harry, Edith, Fay; Hills- 
boro R3 East Fork SecS T80a J. B. 
Boiringer (1874) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Almond, George H. (Lucretia West) 
Ch Edith O.; "Maple Lawn Farm" 
Virden R2 Bois D' Arc SecS O120a 
(1905) Tel. Virdin 

Altevogt, Edward (Laura Petra) Ch 
Harry; Irving R2 Irving Sec4 T80a 
Louis Altevogt (1892) 

Altevogt, John (Lettie Salmons) Ch 
Bertha, Hazel, Cathrine; Irving R2 
Irving Sec9 O20a (1890) 

Altevogt, Louis (Anne Hidemann) Ch 
Henry, Fred., *Lois, *William, 
*John, *Edward, *Irving R2 Irving 
SecS O140a (1880) 

Altevogt, William (Cora Caulk) Ch 
Lydia, Grace, Clarence, Russell; Irv- 
ing R2 Irving Sec9 O40a (1883) 

Anderson, James (Emma Lee) Ch 
Ralph; Nokomis R4 Audubon Sec33 
O37a (1906) 

Anderson, J. W. (Sadie Bote) Ch 
Gladys, Kenneth, *Chester; Noko- 
mis Rl Nokomis Sec29 O160a (1872) 
Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Anderson, W. C. (Lottie C. Jones) 
Ch Mabel, Blanch, Lucy, Dorotha, 
Neva; Hillsboro R2 East Fork 
Sec6S O80a (1876) Bell Tel. Hills- 

Anderson, W. L. (Cora Windsor) Ch 
Carl, Omar, Ross, Fern, Thelma, 
Helen, Gladys, *Mae, *Tullius, 
*Earl, 'Clifford; Litchfield R3 South 
Litchfield Sec35 TISOa Mrs. Lula 
Blades (1899) 

Angerstein, C. W. (Mary Edwards) 
Ch 'Illinois, *Thomas, *George; 
Hillsboro R2 Grisham Seel O370a 
(1860) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Applegate, A. W. Hillsboro Rl Hills- 
boro Secl9 O40a Secl7-29 T160a 
Mrs. C. P. Applegate (1866) 

Applegate, Mrs. C. P. (Caroline 
Jones) Ch Arthur, Susie, *Abbie, 
*Rachael, *George, *Addison, *Gor- 
don; Hillsboro Rl Hillsboro Secl7- 
29 O160a (1840) 

Applegate, George (Julia Ferguson) 
Ch *Maud, *Roy, *Ethel; Hillsboro 
Rl Hillsboro Secl7 O40a T120a M. 
T. Kiggins (1880) Bell Tel. Hills- 

Applegate, S. A. (Lottie Corlew) Ch 
Fern; Hillsboro Rl Hillsboro Sec20 
OlSOa (1883) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Armentrout, C. L. (Ida Towell) Ch 
Inez, Leslie, John, Lethia, Dorothy, 
Velma; Irving Rl Witt Secl7 OllOa 
(1872) Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Armentrout. G. W. (Ella Tucker) Ch 
Russell, Edith, *Homer, *Elbert; 
Irving Rl Witt Secl6 O250a (1855) 
Mutual Tel. Nokomis 



Armentrout, Jesse (Ida. Suits) Hills- 
boro R4 Hillsboro Sec22 T80a Mrs. 
Emily Suits (1871) Bell Tel. Hills- 

Armstrong, J. L. (Minnie- Young) Ch 
Wayne, Harry; Irving East Fork 
Sec2N T160a Mr. C. F. Laws (1869) 

Armstrong, Richie D. (Mary J. Har- 
bison) Ch Stella, Earl, Malcolm, 
Bertha; "Elm Avenue Farm" Litch- 
field Rl North Litchfield Sec30 
O80a (1899^ Mutual Tel. Litchfield 

Armstrong, William H. (Agnes Ful- 
lenwider) Waggoner Rl Pitman 
Sec33 OI60a (1918) 

Arney, William (Johanna Spearman) 
Ch Agnes, Christina; "Pine Hill 
Farm" Hillsboro R3 East Fork Sec4 
O148^a 0904) 

Arnold, Edwin W. (Amanda T. Mc- 
Williams) Ch *Lela; Litchfield 
North Litchfield Sec35 OlOla E. W. 
and G. M. Arnold (1883) Bell Tel. 

Arnold, Willis E. (Ellen A. Furge- 
son) Ch George. Edgar; Waggoner 
Rl Pitman Sec? O83a (1896) Mu- 
tual Tel. Farmersville 

Ash, Charles H. (Carrie May Potts) 
Ch Doroth, Milton, Jessie, Marion; 
Irving R2 Raymond Sec34 TlOOa 
Mrs. Martin Richie (1882) Mont- 
gomery Tel. 

Ash. Jesse (Hannah N. Mercer) Ch 
*Charley, *Harley, *Cora, *Richard 
S.; Litchfield R2 North Litchfield 
Sec9 O140a (1859) Bell Tel. Litch- 
field , 

Ash, T. C. (Efne Corlew) "Orchard 
Ridge Farm" Honey Bend North 
Litchfield Seel TlOla Morgan Cor- 
lew (1870) Mutual Tel. Litchfield 

Ater, Frank L. (Agnes Myers) Ch 
Robert Raymond; Morrisonville R3 
Rountree Sec6 T120a Krinard Est. 
(1903) Mutual Tel. Harvel 

Atkinson, William (Ethel Bierman) 
Ch Eliza, Wilbert, Tommie, Bessie; 
Fillmore R2 Fillmore Seel T170a 
Fred Hucher (1913) 

Attebery, Charles W. (Dorothy Ed- 
ards) Hillsboro R4 Hillsboro Sec21- 
22-26-27-28 T470a William J. At- 
tebery (1890) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Attebery, David P. (Cora McAdams) 
Ch William, Elmer, Luella, Ruth, 
Feme, Mabel; Litchfield R3 Hills- 
boro Sec30-31 O155a (1864) 

Attebery, William J. (Lula Bailey) Ch 
Clara, Homer, Hazel, *Charlie; 
Hillsboro R4 Hillsboro Sec27 O586a 
(1861) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Ault, Mrs. Mary M. (Mary Corlew) 
Ch Verna, *Margaret, *Retta, 
*Vena; Hillsboro R4 Hillsboro 
Sec29 O470a (1851) Bell Tel. Hills- 

Austin. Jesse J. (Coralie Heckman) 
Ch Ethel E.. Ralph H., J. Elbert, 
Mildred B.; "Sycamore Slope Farm" 
Coffeen R3 East Fork Sec24S O56a 

Aylward, Ed (Marcella Dougherty) 
Nokomis R6 South Audubon SeclS 
O140a (1881) Bell Tek Nokomis 


Baggett, H. Y. (Ruth E. Traylor) Ch 
Vera. Verne, Vaughn, Victor; Cof- 
feen R2 Fillmore SeclS T160a Ezra 
Wright (1905) Mutual Tel. Fillmore 

Bahlow, H. W. (Bertha Mittelstedt) 
Ch Lydia, Louis, Edwin; Raymond 
R3 Raymond Sec27 O120a (1915) 

Bailey, Mrs. Cordelia (Cordelia Black- 
wood) Ch Frank, *Edd, *Minnie, 
*Lula, *Eva, *Cora; Hillsboro R4 
Hillsboro Sec35 O14a (1844) 

Bailey, C. H. (Carrie Rhinehart) Ch 
Grant. Alfred, Wilma. Ivan, Veda, 
Wanda. Charles R.. Alva. *Nollie; 
''Lone Pine Farm" Irving Rl Irving 
Sec23 T120a A. A. Rhinehart (1883) 
Mutual Tel. Irving 

Bailey, Edgar (Amanda Barry) Ch 
Delia, Grace, Mabel, Edgar. Ruby, 
*Maude, *Mary; Hillsboro R4 Gris- 
ham Sec4 O140a T120a W. Atte- 
berry (1861) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Baker, Horace S. (Lorna Cary) Ch 
Flossie, Izella; Farmersville Rl Pit- 
man Sec8 O40a (1913) Mutual Tel. 

Baker, H. S. (Amy Davis) Ch Pearl; 
, Irving Rl Witt Sec30 O283a (1848) 
Mutual Tel. Irving 

Baker, Jarvis (Nellie M. O'Brien) 
Barnett Rl Zanesville O145a (1904) 
Bell Tel. Carlinville 


Baker, M. D. (Ella Downs) Ch Ina 
May; Fillmore R2 Fillmore Sec3 
O80a T40a Frank Herron (1907) 
Mutual Tel. Fillmore 

Baker, P. R. (Katherine Brookman) 
Ch Joe Lyng; Irving Rl Witt Sec30 
T273a H. S. Baker (1888) Mutual 
Tel. Irving 

Bakley, Chris (Ollie Gile) Witt Rl 
Witt Sec8 O80a (1881) Mutual Tel. 

Ball, Henry S. (Emma L. Sloman) Ch 
Samuel; "Poplar Drive Farm" 
Litchfield Rl North Litchfield Sec30 
O80a (1874) Mutual Tel. Litchfield 

Ball, William A. (Lillie D. Thomas) 
Ch Ralph W.; "Meadow Brook 
Farm" Virden R2 Bois D' Arc Sec9 
O116J4a (1908) Mutual Tel. Virden 

Bandy, Earl O. (Harriet Hart) Ch 
Mildred; Litchfield R2 North Litch- 
field SeclS T131a B. W. Bandy 
(1888) Mutual Tel. Litchfield 

Bandy, Elmer E. (Mamie Hoog) Ch 
Lucile; Litchfield R2 North Litch- 
field Sec21 TlOOa Joseph Hoog 
(1886) Mutual Tel. Litchfield 

Bandy, James P. (Lucy R. Shawn) 
Ch Joseph, Jesse, Benjamin, *Lester 
W.; Litchfield R2 North Litchfield 
SeclS O163% (1855) Bell Tel. 

Bandy, Luie (Gertie Savage) Ch Fern, 
James, Leland, Bernard; Hillsboro 
R2 East Fork T220a Farm Hand C. 
D. Homes (1918) Bell Tel. Hills- 

Bandy, Orville B. (Anna Miller) Ch 
Opal, Gerald; Litchfield R2 North 
Litchfield SeclS O55a (1884) 

Bandy, Walter H. (Louisa B. Dris- 
kell) Ch Clyde, Kenneth, Thelma, 
Dale, Isabel; Barnett R2 Zanesville 
Sec21 O20a (1880) Mutual Tel. Ray- 

Barbee, J. W. (Annie Livingston) Ch 
Clyde. *Albert; Waggoner Rl Pit- 
man SeclS OlOOa (1865) Tel. Girard 

Barker, J. Biant (Lidia Ballard) Ch 
Harold, Minnie, *Elliott, *Orval, 
*Ezra, *Larmon, *Merrill, *Lulu, 
*Goldie, *Viola, *Lilly, *Lottie; Irv- 
ing R2 Irving Sec21-15 T23%a Mrs. 
M. Hinkje and A. C. Short (1898) 

Barnes, Irvin (Mary Hill) Ch Mil- 
dred, Bryce, Glenn; Farmersville Rl 
Pitman Sec9 T160a Mrs. Dave Gris- 
ham (1884) Mutual Tel. Farmers- 

Barnstable, Henry (Katie Alice Fern) 
Ch Ernest, Ora, Gladys, Cecil, 
*Cora; Nokomis R2 Nokomis Seel 
T240a Ruth Grimes (1912) Bell Tel. 

Barrett, W. F. (Rosa Hall) Ch Roy, 
*Edith; Butler Rl Hillsboro SecS 
OSS^a T18a Hamilton Bros. (1875) 
Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Barricklow, Elizabeth M. (Elizabeth 
M. File) Ch Arlie, William, *Lee, 
*Harry, *Charles, *Grace, *Pearl; 
Coffeen R2 Fillmore Sec29 O21Ha 
Sec23 T25a Harry Barricklow 

Barricklow, L. A. (Hattie Young) Ch 
*Ernest, *Harry, *Fairy; Coffeen 
R2 Fillmore SecS OSOa T15a Jim 
Wright (1878) Mutual Tel. Coffeen 

Barringer, I. N. (Hettie Bost) Ch 
Whitten, *Lewy; "Willow Branch 
Farm" Fillmore R2 Fillmore SeclO 
OSOa (1860) Mutual Tel. Fillmore 

Barringer, S. E. (Lurena Otwell) Ch 
Edna, *Newell; Coffeen R2 East 
Fork Sec26 OSOa (1857) Mutual Tel. 

Barry, Mrs. Anna (Anna Mitchell) 
Ch Warren, *Olive; Hillsboro R4 
Hillsboro Sec26 OlOOa Sec35 TISa 
Sumner Barry (1868) Bell Tel. 

Barry, Earl (Wilda Otter) Ch Vir- 
ginia, Elvina; Hillsboro R4 Hills- 
boro Sec35 T189a Sumner Barry 
(1885) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Barry, M. (Bridget Malone) Ch Bes- 
sie, Katherine, Anna, John, *Ralph, 
*Thomas, *Irene; Farmersville R2 
Bois D' Arc Sec22 p320a (1873) 
Mutual Tel. Farmersville 

Barry, Mrs. M. A. (Margaret McAd- 
ams) Ch "Jessie, *Mary. *Noi, 
*John; Litchfield R3 South Litch- 
field Sec22 O296a (1847) Mutual 
Tel. Litchfield 

Barry, Sumner (Dora McLean) Ch 
Earl, *Nell. *Roscoe; Hillsboro R4 
Hillsboro Sec35 O189a (1857) Bell 
Tel. Hillsboro 

Barry, Thomas Farmersville R2 Bois 
D' Arc Sec24 TSOa Thomas Malone 
(1890) Tel. Farmersville 

Barton, W. E. TAlthea Morse) Ch 
John, Walter. Eunice, Clara; No- 
komis Nokomis Sec23 Ola (1878) 

Bass, Edgar (Clara Neathery) Ch 
Vida, Eula, Marvin, Warren, Clar- 
ence, Merna; Oconee Rl South Au- 
dubon Seel OSOa T40a Mattie Whit- 
mer (1879) Mutual Tel. Oconee 



Bassham, Henry (Lela M. Harvey) 
Ch William F., Vera B., Zella P., 
Grace A.; Coffeen R3 East Fork 
Secl2S O88a (1876) Mutual Tel. 

Bateman, George W. Ch *Lorenzo, 
*Kerna, *Noah; Fillmore Rl Witt 
Sec35 O80a (1850) Mutual Tel. Fill- 

Battiste, Marco (Emma Scanconie) 
Ch Annie, Frank, Edith, John, 
Amie; Irving R2 Irving Sec8 O95a 
Secl7 T30a Perry Fisher (1880) 

Battles, Earl W. (Lucile Hinton) Ch 
Beulah; Nokomis R4 Witt SeclO 
T240a B. S. Battles (1892) Bell Tel. 

Battles, Edward (Edna Helderbrandt) 
Nokomis R4 Witt Secll T120a B. S. 
Battles (1895) Bell Tel. Nokomis 

Battles, Mrs. Olive (Olive Ransdell) 
Ch Lucy, *Ross; Nokomis R4 Witt 
Secll OlOOa (1868) Bell Tel. Noko- 

Bauer, Arthur, (Bertha Lee) Ch Lee; 
Nokomis R3 Audubon Sec31 T120a 
Henry Pohler (1908) Mutual Tel. 

Bauer, R. D. (Caroline Elmers) Ch 
Weert, William, Ernestina, Edwin, 
Margaret. Caroline, Reiner, Floyd, 
*Arthur, *Fred; Nokomis R3 Audu- 
bon Sec32 O220a T130a McNichols 
Sisters (1912) Bell Tel. Nokomis 

Bauman, F. C. (Lydia Peper) Ch Bel- 
ford, Laverne; Nokomis R5 Noko- 
mis Secll T160a William Stahlhutt 
(1893) Bell Tel. Nokomis 

Bauman, John (Lottie Gostes) Ch Or- 
ville J., Earl R. ; Nokomis R3 So- 
komis Secl2 O40a T80a F. C. and 
Dena Bauman (189P Bell Tel. No- 

Beal, J. K. (T^nnie McAdams) Ch 
Floyd, Otto. Gladys, Grace, Charlie, 
Russell; Hillsboro R4 Hillsboro 
Sec33 O246a (1872) Bell Tel. Hills- 

Beal, Newton (Nellie Short) Ch 
Mary, Josephine; Hillsboro R4 
Hillsboro Sec33 T30a Frank McDa- 
vid (1872) 

Beaman, S. Rover (Edith) Ch Leo, 
Velma, Vivia. Paul. Ruth; Raymond 
R3 Raymond Sec33 O120a (1913) 
Bell Tel. Raymond 

Beaman, Varney (May Ludwick) 
Nokomis R6 Witt Sec2 T80a J. L. 
Beaman (1896) 

Beasley, Charles (Mabel Wallace) 
Virden R2 Bois D' Arc SecS 
T162j4a C. Richard (1895) Virden 
.Tel Virden 

Beattie, David Morrisonville R3 
Rountree Sec5 O80a (1905) Mutual 
Tel. Harvel 

Beatty, O. G. Raymond Raymond 
Sec5 O60a (1880) 

Beaty, Isaac (Martha Jones) Ch 
James, Marguerite, Halbert, *Orval, 
*Ruth; Virden R2 Bois D' Arc Secll 
T160a T. B. Tony (1860) Tel. Vir- 

Beck, C. G. (Ida Voiles) Ch Clarence; 
Walshville Rl Grisham Secl7 Tll8a 
Mrs. L. B. Harrison (1893) Mutual 
Tel. Sorento 

Beck, George M. (Anna McDavid) 
Coffeen Rl East Fork Sec22 T160a 
Nancy J. Beck (1867) Mutual Tel. 

Beck, Roscoe E. (Loretta Sturgeon) 
Ch Emily; Hillsboro R2 Hillsboro 
Sec36 O74a (1879) Bell Tel. Hills- 

Becker, Albert (Leah Sarah Kunz) 
Ch Berthold, Margie; Fillmore Rl 
Fillmore Sec23 O120a (1912) Mu- 
tual Tel. Fillmore 

Bederman, John A. (Clara Jones) 
Hillsboro Rl Hillsboro Sec6 O120a 

Bedinghaus, Clem (Elizabeth Stork) 
Ch Bernard, Elizabeth, Margaret, 
Helen, Anna, Clara, Josephine, 
Clement; Farmersville Rl Harvel 
SeclS T216a P. J. Gaul (1905) Mu- 
tual Tel. Farmersville 

Bedinghaus, Edward (Leona Ring- 
eisen) Harvel R2 Harvel Sec8 T120a 
Chris Specht (1916) Mutual Tel. 

Bedinghaus, William (Carrie T. Mar- 
tin) Ch Everett; Farmersville Bois 
D' Arc Sec25 TlOOa Mrs. Tom Le- 
han (1905) Mutual Tel. Farmersville 

Beeler, Edward (Alice Epps) Ch 
Garnett; Farmersville Rl Pitman 
Sec23 O96a (1877) Mutual Tel. 

Beeler, Harmon W. (Helena C. Weit- 
ekamp) Ch Ralph, Mary, Lawrence; 
"Elm Grove Farm" Raymond Rl 
Zanesville Sec24 T116a Valentine 
Beeler (1883) Mutual Tel. Raymond 

Beeler, Joseph (Johannah Moroney) 
Ch Veneta, Josephine, *Leon F.; 
Nokomis R3 Audubon Sec32 O160a 
(1914) Bell Tel. Nokomis 



Beer, Jesse W. (Maggie Vayles) Ch 
Alma, Ralph, Milford; Litchfield Rl 
Zanesville Sec32 T160a Mrs. Eva 
Baker (1898) 

Belcher, Mrs. Florence Ch Delsia, 
Ola, *Grace; Coffeen R2 Fillmore 
Sec6S T65a William Williamson 

Belk, Russell N. (Pollie Brown) Ch 
Alice, Mary, Newman, * William; 
Donnellson Grisham Secl3 Farm 
Hand William. D. Boone (1884) Bell 
Tel. Donnellson 

Belk, William M. (Mabel M. Wil- 
liams) Donnellson Grisham Secl3 
Farm Hand William D. Boone 

Belknap, Morgan (Mae Dunn) Ch 
Carl, Leonard, Helen, Glen, Hallie, 
Elmer, Marvin, Rex, *Harmon, 
*Ida- Harvel R2 Harvel Sec33 
T240a Dr. Scherer (1917) 

Bell, Frank J. (Lena Rush) Coffeen 
R3 Fillmore Sec7S O80a (1859) Mu- 
tual Tel. Coffeen 

Bell, Harry (Anna Morrow) Taylor 
Springs Hillsboro Secl3-26 O295a 

Bell, Hiram Jr. (Mary Munson) Ch 
Iva, Lee Otis, Hubert; Irving R2 
Irving Sec9 O30a T90a Hiram Bell 
Sr. (1883) 

Bennett, Deleon S. (Sarah C. Everley) 
Ch Etta, Mabel, Rosella, *William, 
*Bertha, *Effie; Barnett R2 Zanes- 
ville Sec28 O30a (1878) Mutual Tel. 

Bennett, W. F. (Bertha Duff) Ch 
Ralph, Harold, Agnes, Wilma, Ber- 
tha, Florence; Harvel Rl Raymond 
Secl2 T120a C. B. Wiley (1881) Mu- 
tual Tel. Harvel 

Benning, George (Henrietta Ripenz) 
Ch Louis, Walter, Edward, Frank; 
Harvel Rl Raymond Sec27 O239a 
(1865) Bell Tel. Butler 

Benning, Herman & Fred M. Ch Hel- 
en Marie; "Benning Homestead" 
Raymond R2 Zanesville Secl2 
O200a (1883) Bell Tel. Raymond 

Benning, John H. (Amanda C. Vite) 
Ch Maynard; Raymond R3 Zanes- 
ville Seel O120a (1885) Bell Tel. 

Benny, Joseph (Barbara Huber) Ch 
Fred, *George, *Edward, *Francis; 
Coffeen Rl East Fork Sec27 O29a 

Benny, William (Anna Benny, House- 
keeper) Coffeen R3 East Fork 
Sec35S O48Ha (1918) 

Benson, Henry (Catharine Clark) Ch 
William, Florence, Frank, Delia, 
*Mary, *Margaret, *Celia; Mor- 
risonville R2 Harvel Sec4 O80a 
(1878) Mutual Tel. Farmersville 

Bergeman, Henry (Caroline Bruen- 
bach) Raymond R2 Raymond Sec6 
T144a (1882) Mutual Tel. Raymond 

Bergman, Henry (Sarah Kern) 
"Bungalow Bergman Farm" Litch- 

. field R3 South Litchfield Sec3 O15a 

Bergschneider, Theodore (Emma Nei- 
hause) Ch Viola, Raymond, Ruth, 
Theodore Jr.; Harvel R2 Harvel 
Sec29 T160a C. Doolin (1869) 

Berkenkamp, August (Charlotte Holl- 
mer) Ch Edward, Lillie, Theodore, 
Freda, Martha, Otto; Farmersville 
R2 Bois D' Arc Sec20 O160a T80a 
Ebers Sisters (1866) Mutual Tel. 

Berry, Frank M. (Grace Lingle) Ch 
Corinne, Verda, Kenneth; "Cedar 
Glen Farm" Irving Rl Irving Sec23 
O103a (1862) Mutual Tel. Irving 

Besanceney, Jules (Emma Miller) Ch 
Lela, Essie, *Carson; "Shady Lawn 
Farm" Barnett R2 Zanesville Sec31 
O160a (1881) 

Best, August C. (Sophia Noman) Ch 
Louis, Lottie; Harvel Rl Raymond 
Sec3 O80a Mutual Tel. Harvel 

Best, Carl (Edith Newport) Ch Al- 
berta, Wayne, Merle; Butler Rl 
Butler Grove Sec8 O59^a (1916) 
Bell Tel. Butler 

Best, Carl F. Morrisonville R3 Roun- 
tree Sec4 O158a (1873) Mutual Tel. 

Best, Ernest D. (Louise M. Kraft) Ch 
Omar, Lelia, *Jesse, *Tillie; "Pleas- 
ant Home Farm" Butler Rl Butler 
Grove Sec30 O155a (1877) Bell Tel. 

Best, Jacob Coffeen R2 Fillmore 
Sec20 O60a (1916) Mutual Tel. Fill- 

Best, Peter (Minnie Dewerff) Ch 
Elma, Wilma, Alice, Leona; Mor- 
risonville R3 Rountree Sec3 O80a 
(1874) Mutual Tel. Harvel 

Bethard, Benjamin (Geneva Pope) Ch 
Opal, Faye, Herrschel, Wayne; 
Harvel Rl Raymond Sec3 TlOOa D. 
W. Starr (1904) Mutual Tel. Ray- 

Bethard, F. L. (Viola Pope) Raymond 
Rl Raymond Secl6 T80a Frank 
Todt (1908) Mutual Tel. Raymond 



Bethard, G. W. (Rosa Brown) Ch 
Bertha, Wesley, William, Benjamin, 
Levi, Mary, Hulda, Frank, *Arthur, 
*Luther, *Leona, *Leora, *Marie; 
Raymond Rl Raymond SeclS T240a 
William Hendrickson (1900) 

Bethard, Wesley (Nettie Freeman) 
Ch Aleidean, Oral, Ruby, Eldon, 
Hazel; Harvel Rl Raymond Sec26 
T80a William Drury (1911) 

Bethard, W. J. (M. Boatwright) Ch 
Altypean, Oral; Harvel Rl Ray- 
mond Secl3 T80a Lou Wiley (1908) 
Mutual Tel. Harvel 

Betzold, Mrs. Anna Ch Ed, Charles, 
Joseph, Sophia, *Tillie, *Louisa, 
*Anna, *Adam, *George; Nokomis 
R2 Audubon Secl6 OlSOa (1889) 
Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Betzold, G. F. (Nora Hilton) Ch Don- 
ald; "Center Hill Farm" Nokomis 
R2 Nokomis Sec24 T80a Betzold 
Est. (1883) Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Bill, William F. (Martha J*. Burris) 
Ch *Mamie, *Edith, *Abe; Butler 
Butler Grove Sec28 O55a (1863) 

Billiter, Ellis E. (Agnes Potts) Ch 
Milford, Byron, Melvin, Thelma; 
Litchfield R2 Zanesville Sec27 O60a 
W. B. Potts (1884) Mutual Tel. 

Billiter, James A. (Pearl A. Williams) 
Ch Howard, Charles; Barnett R2 
North Litchfield" Sec4 T80a H. W. 
Williams (1884) Mutual Tel. Litch- 

Birkenkamp, Mrs. Clara Ch William, 
Edward, *August, *Frank, *Fred, 
*Minnie; Litchfield R3 South Litch- 
field Sec34 O300a (1870) 

Birkenkamp, Frank (Lena Dickman) 
Litchfield R4 South Litchfield Secl7 
O80a (1858) 

Birkenkamp, Fred W. (Etta Bruers) 
Ch Frank; Litchfield R4 South 
Litchfield Secl7 O144a (1867) 

Birzele, Frank F. (Henrietta Tiefen- 
bruch) Hillsboro R2 Hillsboro Seel 
TlOa C. H. Witherspoon (1910) Bell 
Tel. Hillsboro 

Bishop, Charles (Cora E. Bailey) Ch 
Ruth. Jewell; Litchfield R2 North 
Litchfield Sec34 T106a S. E. O'Ban- 
nen (1867) Mutual Tel. Litchfield 

Bishop, F. E. (Ida Rosche) Ch 
Charles,- Dorothy, Franklin; Pana 
R3 Audubon Sec2 O160a (1858) 
Mutual Tel. Rosemond 

Bishop, John I. (Martha Brown) Ch 
Ernest I.; Litchfield South Litch- 
field Sec4 T33a I. T. S. and Mrs. 
Tim Mock (1867) 

Bishop, Wriley W. (Sarah Drake) Ch 
Hersey, Lawrence, Bernard, Vernie, 
Eugene, Dorothy, Sylvester, Stan- 
ley, Mary; Mt. Olive R14 Walsh- 
ville Sec9 T160a Sylvester Griswold 

Bitter, William (Carrie E. Cart- 
wright) Ch Doris, Alice, *John L.; 
Hornsby Rll South Litchfield Sec7 
O120a (1866) Mutual Tel. Litchfield 

Black, Mrs. Alma L. (Leah A. Snow, 
Cousin) "Lingle and Black Knoll 
Stock Farm" Witt Rl Rountree 
Sec34 O320a (1869) Mutual Tel. 

Black, A. F. (Stella Myers) Ch Al- 
bert, Mary, Robert; Donnellson 
Grisham Sec24 T97a A. J. Taylor 

Blackburn, Earl (Mary McPhail) 
Hillsboro Rl Hillsboro SeclS O15a 
T215a J. R. Blackburn (1888) Bell 
Tel. Hillsboro 

Blackburn, Elmer E. (Esta M. Hamil- 
ton) Ch Mildred A.; Coffeen Rl 
East Fork Sec23S T80a L. & M. 
Siminion (1890) Bell Tel. Donnell- 

Blackburn, Fred J. (Emma L. Rose) 
Hillsboro Rl Hillsboro SeclS O15a 
Secl6 T159a J. R. Blackburn (1889) 
Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Blackburn, John A. (Sarah A. El- 
moe) Ch William C., Delbert, Fairy, 
John H., Alva L., Oscar; "Walnut 
Ridge Stock Farm" Coffeen Rl East 
Fork Secl4S T80a Pete Jones 

Blackburn, John E. (Carrie McGuire) 
Ch Horace; Coffeen R2 East Fork 
Sec36 O20a Fillmore Sec8 TISOa 
Harrison Blackburn (1878) Mutual 
Tel. Coffeen 

Blackburn, J. R. (Mary A. Hart- 
groves) Ch Fred, *Earl; Hillsboro 
Rl Hillsboro Secl6 O285a (1856) 
Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Blackburn, W. S. (Etta Mae Brook- 
man) Coffeen R2 Fillmore Sec7S 
T160a W. L. Blackburn (1876) Mu- 
tual Tel. Coffeen 

Blackwood, W. E. (Alma Green) Ch 
Howard, Walter; Hillsboro R4 
Hillsboro Sec35 O281a Grisham 
Sec2 TlOOa Conrad Wiegand (1871) 
Bell Tel. Hillsboro 



Blades, William A. (Christina Mans- 
holt) Ch Arthur, Clarence, Leona; 
Litchfield R2 North Litchfield Sec29 
T120a D. M. Blackwelder (1895) 
Mutual Tel. Litchfield 

Bland, David (Elizabeth Bland) Ch 
Tony, Clarence, Zola, Chester, 
Georgie; Nokomis R4 South Audu- 
bon Sec4 T40a John Williams 

Blankenship, Clyde O. (Edna Eaves) 
Ch Gladys, Earl; Fillmore R2 Fill- 
more Secl3 T50a Theodore Giller 

Blankley, Alfred R. (Madge Withing- 
ton) Ch Estella, Gladys; Litchfield 
R2 North Litchfield Sec28 T12a T. 
P." Rose (1883) Bell Tel. Litchfield 

Blauer, Jacob Hillsboro Rl Hillsboro 
Secl9-20 T140a Henry Messimore 
Est. (1910) 

Blizzard, E. S. (Cora Hubbard) Ch 
Morse, John, Kenneth, *Harold, 
Geraldine; Hillsboro Rl Hillsboro 
Sec7 T50a John Leetham (1911) 
Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Boas, Fred (Agnes Braun) Ch Ray- 
mond, Freda, Evelyn, Vernon; Cof- 
feen R2 East Fork Secl3 O80a 

Bock, Martin (Minnie Hnber) Ch 
Martin, demons; Witt Rl Witt 
SeclO O290a (1898) Mutual Tel. No- 

Boden, A. J. (Angie Netherton) Ch 
*Bell, 'Albert, *Anna, *Henry, 
*Hazel; Litchfield R3 South Litch- 
field Secl2 T86a Hy Hussy (1887) 
Mutual Tel. Litchfield 

Boehler, Anthony (Anna A. Goby) 
Ch Agnes, Ruth; Raymond R2 
Zanesville Sec9 O78a C1876) Bell 
Tel. Raymond 

Boehler, Charles H. (Sadie E. Etter) 
Ch Hazel, Earl; "Silver Maple 
Farm" Raymond R3 Zanesville 
Secll O104a (1878) Bell Tel. Ray- 

Boehler, Joseph V. (Rebecca L. Mar- 
ten) Ch Sophia, Willie, Helen, Paul, 
Margaret; Raymond Rl Zanesville 
Sec24 O118a (1879) Mutual Tel. 

Boehler, N. P. (Mary Martin) Ch 
Raymond, Frank, Margaret, Lela, 
Ralph, May, Roy, Nicholas; Wag- 
goner Pitman Secl7 O160a (1914) 

Boge, John A. (Anna Wiegand) Ch 
Mildred, Marguerite, Jeannette, 
Elizabeth; Hillsboro R4 Grisham 
SeclO T159a C. Wiegand (1910) Bell 
Tel. Donnellson 

Bohlen, Ekke (Anna Schoen) Ch 
Mary, Agatha, Edwin, *Albert, 
*John; Litchfield R3 South Litch- 
field Secl6 O240a (1883) 

Bollman, August (Vernetta Ash) Ch 
August, Ida, *Sam, *Richard, 
*James, *Charles, *Emory, *Min- 
nie; Litchfield R3 South Litchfield 
Sec22 O55a (1862) 

Bollmann, William Ch Matilda; No- 
komis R5 Nokomis Sec2 T160a 
William Herzog (1909) Bell Tel. 

Bolte, H. W. (Lydia Oltmanns) Ch 
Viola, Irvin, Willis, Vernon; Noko- 
mis R2 Nokomis Seel T2a Mrs. 
Grimes (1853) 

Bonnet, Paul Farmersville Rl Har- 
vel Sec6 O73^a (1867) 

Bonnet, tephen F. (Alice Jordan) Ch 
Merl Irene; Harvel R2 Harvel 
Sec8 O160a (1877) Mutual Tel. Har- 

Bonnett, David (Florence Jorden) Ch 
Blanch, Ross, Harlin. Bernice; 
Farmersville Rl Pitman Sec2 O396a 
(1893) Mutual Tel. Farmersville 

Booher, Mrs. Hortense Ch King, 
Fern, Roy, *Dona E., *Henry S., 
"Ida B., *Jake, *John; Coffeen R3 
East Fork Secl3 O20a (1880) 

Booher, James Alvin (Minnie Lynch) 
Ch Raymond, Mildred, Earl, Harry; 
"Bliss Bald Knob Farm" Fillmore 
Rl Fillmore Sec24 T420a C. W. 
Bliss (1880) Mutual Tel. Fillmore 

Booher, J. M. (Mabel Heckman) Ch 
Clifford, Marion, Pernecy B.; "Sun- 
ny Knoll Poultry Farm" Coffeen 
R3 East Fork Sec24S OlOa (1889) 

Booher, T. L. (Emma Harvey) Ch 
*Ethel, *Gertie, *Jacob; "Shady 
Nook Farm" Coffeen R3 East Fork 
Sec24S O70a (1858) Mutual Tel. 

Booher, W. J. (Mary Brockman) Ch 
Paul, Pauline *Charles W.; "Oak 
Ridge Farm" Coffeen R3 East Fork 
Sec24 O40a (1864) 

Boone, Mrs. Margaret J. (Margaret 
Bishop) Ch Hattie, Harry, Perry, 
Teddy, *Carrie, *Daisy, *Ioda, *E1- 
mer, *William. *Pearl; Hillsboro R2 
Grisham Secl3 O98a (1857) Bell 
Tel. Donnellson 



Boring, Martha E. (Martha Street) 
Walshville Rl Hillsboro Sec32 
O205a (1845) 

Bost, Alex (Minnie Cress) Ch Elta, 
Daniel, Warren, Evert, *Dwight, 
*Leta, *Flake; Fillmore R2 Fill- 
more Sec8 O430a (1869) Mutual 
Tel. Fillmore 

Bost, Allen (Delia Reamy) Ch Mag- 
gie, Russell, Ruth, Opal; Irving R3 
Irving Sec21 O60a T60a Elizabeth 
Bost (1878) 

Bost, B. A. (Julia Muzzy) Ch Earle 
Q.; Coffeen R2 Fillmore Sec5 O80a 
Sec6 T60a C. H. Bost (1864) 

Bost, Caleb L. (Tabitha Brown) Ch 
James O., *Frank, *Clara, *Daniel 
O.; Coffeen R3 East Fork SeclS 
O174^a (1875) 

Bost, Dwight (Alice Snell) Irving Rl 
Witt Sec21 T203a Ben Hoehn (1890) 

Bost, Frank P. (Charity L. Snow) Ch 
Orel L., Franklin E., Beulah I., 
*William L., *Thomas A.; "Shady 
Oak Farm" Coffeen R2 East Fork 
SeclS O35a (1874) Mutual Tel. Cof- 

Bost, M. H. (Emma D. Whitlock) Ch 
Carlos D., *Florence; Fillmore Rl 
Fillmore Sec23 OlOOa (1861) Mu- 
tual Tel. Fillmore 

Bost, Ralph S. (Wilda Downs) Ch 
Ethel, Edwin; "Maple Lawn Stock 
Farm" Fillmore R2 Fillmore Sec33 
T330a V. A. Bost (1885) Mutual 
Tel. Fillmore 

Bost, Thomas L. (Marie E. Nuss- 
mann) Ch Ross; "Bost & Son's 
Farm" Nokomis R2 Rountree Sec28 
O97^a (1863) Mutual Tel. Noko- 

Boston, Albert (Mary E. Neighbors) 
Ch Harry, Ray, Grace, Velma, Ar- 
dine; Eleanor, Wife of Reynolds 
Miller; Farmersville Rl Pitman 
Secl2 T160a Richard Carrol (1885) 
Mutual Tel. Farmersville 

Bottrell, Robert (Esther Hadden) Ch 
Harold, Alice; Morrisonville R2 
Harvel Sec5 T160a Thomas Bottrell 
(1907) Mutual Tel. Harvel 

Bowles, Charlie L. (Ava M. Kurd) Ch 
John M., Ila L. ; "Buck Timber 
Farm" Coffeen Rl East Fork 
Sec23S T80a L. & M. Siminion 

Bowles, William E. (Flora R. Ritchie) 
Ch Ruth Ritchie, John Stanley; 
"Trail View Farm" Litchfield R2 
North Litchfield Secl6 O135a 
(1872) Mutual Tel. Litchfield 

Bowman, C. E. (Amanda Whitworth) 
Ch Lois, Dayton, Neta, Forrest; 
"Mammoth Maple Farm" Waggon- 
er Rl Pitman Sec29 OlOOa (1874) 
Mutual Tel. Waggoner 

Bowman, Jesse M. (Lizzie McCul- 
lough) Ch James, Georgia, *Ada; 
Raymond R2 Zanesville Sec9 O78a 
(1878) Bell Tel. Raymond 

Boyce, Ralph (Mildred Grantham) Ch 
Robert; Irving Rl Irving Sec25 
T160a George Bryce (1894) Mutual 
Tel. Irving 

Boyd, Asa Ch John. Henry, Clayton; 
Walshville Rl Grisham SeclS T210a 
George Boyd (1872) 

Boyd, D. W. (Bertha N. Bentley) Ch 
Charles, Thomas, Hughey, Mildred, 
*William, *Frank, *Mattie, *Car- 
rie; Walshville Walshville Secl2 
O40a (1908) 

Boyd, Grant (Mary Sturgeon) Ch Ed- 
ward, Florence; Walshville Rl Gris- 
ham Sec7 T120a Strange, Frey & 
Millerner (1872) 

Boyd, H. J. (Ann J. Kirkland) Ch 
Charles F., Griffith, Edgar, Anna; 
Walshville Rl Walshville Sec23 
T97a Manager T. W. Kinder (1917) 
Farmer's Mutual Tel. Sorento 

Boyd, J. C. (Lora Sovade) Ch Henry, 
May, *Jesse, *Lena, *Mollie, *Kit- 
tie, *Hattie, *Charlie; "John Boyd 
Farm" Coffeen R3 East Fork 
Secl4S O36a (1853) 

Boyd, W. A. (Virginia Lewis) Ch 
Valla B., Zonna, Lillian, Dora L., 
*Mary, *Iva; Hillsboro R2 East 
Fork Sec32 O160a (1880) 

Bradley, Oscar (Grace Marshall) Ch 
Royal, George, Robert, Lucile; Irv- 
ing Rl Witt Sec25 O80a (1918) Bell 
Tel. Nokomis 

Bradshaw, John H. (Anna Best) Ch 
Eunice, George, Eugene, Walter, 
Henry C., *Leslie, *Bessie, *Nellie. 
*Jennie; Fillmore Rl Fillmore Sec9 
T120a T. T. Smith (1917) Mutual 
Tel. Fillmore 

Brackebusch, August (Bertha Green- 
wood) Ch Ester, Mabel; Coffeen R3 
Fillmore Secl7S O193a (1873) Mu- 
tual Tel. Coffeen 

Brakenhoff, Henry G. (Sophia Bolte) 
Ch Edith, Lena, Virgil, Harold, Or- 
ville; Nokomis R5 Nokomis Sec8 
T80a Mrs. H. Carstens (1874) Mu- 
tual Tel. Nokomis 



Brakenhoff, John F. (Mamie Rup- 
precht)) Ch Margaret. Wilma, Vic- 
tor; Nokomis R5 Nokomis Sec7 
T80a Eilert Brakenhoff (1885) 

Bramel, B. A. (Alice Marshall) Ch 
Homer, Eva, Elsie, Laura; Butler 
Butler Grove Sec4 OlOOa (1912) 
Bell Tel. Butler 

Bramel, Homer E. (Florida Seward) 
Ch Jerald; Butler Butler Grove 
Sec4 TlOOa Ware & Doyle (1912) 
Bell Tel. Butler 

Brandes, Frank H. (Alice M. Carev) 
Harvel Rl Raymond Sec23 T160a 
Frank Brandes (1877) Tel. Ray- 

Brandon, Walter (Marguerite F. Mc- 
Ward) Ch David W.; Harvel R2 
Harvel Sec5 T240a George Good- 
win (1913) 

Brandt, William (Lizzie Smith) Ch 
Emma, Charley, Isaac, Albert, 
John, Mary, William; "Spring Val- 
ley Dairy Farm" Litchfield R3 
South Litchfield Secl2 O200a (1868) 
Mutual Tel. Litchfield 

Braun, August L. (Mary Limper) Ch 
Leo, Leonard; Coffeen R2 East 
Fork Sec2 4 T80a Xavier Braun 

Braun, Xavier (Elizabeth Braun) Cof- 
feen R2 East Fork Secl3 O220a 

Bray, Martin (Emma J. Fite) Ch Wil- 
lis, Nellie, Ruth, Mabel, Harold, 
Fred; Waggoner Rl Zanesville Sec4 
O80a T80a (1873) Mutual Tel. Wag- 

Braye, Henry (Bessie House) Ch 
Lauvina, Floyd, Pearl; Harvel Rl 
Rountree Secl6 T24.0a George Wat- 
son (1895) Mutual Tel. Harvel 

Breiterback Bros. Harvel Rl Ray- 
mond Sec25 T200a William Sims 

Bremer, Henry Jr. (Hazel Hoes) Ch 
Helen; 'Bremer Hill Farm" Hills- 
boro Hillsboro Sec2 O66a T200a 
Henry Bremer (1888) Bell Tel. 

Bremer, J. H. (Alice Currier) Ch Jes- 
sie, Lawrence; "Bremer Hill Farm" 
Hillsboro Hillsboro Sec2 O400a 
(1848) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Bremer, Louis (Ruth Grantham) Ch 
Robert "Bremer Hill Farm" Hills- 
boro Hillsboro Sec2 O65a T200a 
Henry Bremer (1890) Bell Tel. 

Brewner, James W. (Mary J. Bass) 
Ch Frank, Maye, *John E., *Ger- 
trude; Nokomis R2 Audubon Secl6 
O200a (1861) Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Bridge, H. L. (Ella Jane Piper) Ch 
Helen, *May, *Ralph, *Frank, 
*Homer; Nokomis R4 Nokomis 
Sec25 O80a (1904) Bell Tel. Noko- 

Bridges, Willis (Cora Follis) Ch Har- 
old, Clarence; Litchfield R3 South 
Litchfield Sec26 T80a C. St. Clair 

Briegel, John (Bertha Ludwick) Ch 
Roscoe, Ivan, Thelma; 'Nokomis 
R4 Witt Seel T220a Fred Law 
(1878) Bell Tel. Nokomis 

Briggs, Charles L. (Ellen Barker) Ch 
Maud, Leonard, *Samuel, *Myrtle, 
*Stephen; "Lockhart Farm" Butler 
Rl Butler Grove Sec38 O80a (1862) 
Bell Tel. Butler 

Briggs, Fred P. (Bessie Nivins) Ch 
Nancy; Litchfield R2 North Litch- 
field Secll O50a (1878) Mutual Tel. 

Brinkman, Frank (Anna Hussmann) 
Ch George, Richard, Alma, Herman, 
Raymond, Marguerite; Nokomis Rl 
Rountree SeclS T240a Ernest Hays 
(1916) Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Brockman Herman (Emma Jeager) 
Ch Evelyn; Farmersville Rl Pitman 
Secll T80a August Brockmeyer 
(1888) Mutual Tel. Farmersville 

Brockman, Walter (Anna Misenheim- 
er) Hillsboro R2 Hillsboro Sec23 
TllOa American Zinc Co. Bell Tel. 

Brockmeier, A. Ch Herman, Freda, 
*Henry, *August, *George, *An- 
nie, *Louis; Farmersville Pitman 
SeclO O640a (1878) Tel. Farmer's 
Mutual Farmersville 

Brockmeyer, Henry (Alvina Grosen- 
heider) Farmersville Rl Pitman 
Secl4 O80a T200a August Brock- 
meyer (1879) Mutual Tel. Farmers- 

Brockmeyer, William (Edna Wage- 
hoft) Ch Inez, Ailene; Harvel R2 
Pitman Sec24 T120a A. Brockmeyer 
(1885) Mutual Tel. Waggoner 

Brohammer, Fred (Manda Ernst) Ch 
George; Coffeen Rl East Fork 
Sec23 T160a Lester E. Berry (1884) 

Brohammer, Thomas A. (Anna Som- 
mers) Ch Lawrence, *Carrie. *Fred, 
* Agnes, *Anna; Coffeen Rl East 
Fork SecllN O120a (1881) Mutual 
Tel. Hillsboro 



Brokaw, Abram (Lillic A. Huggins) 
Ch Earl, Ophelia, *Ida, *Isaac, *Ed- 
ward, *Charles, *Grace, *Frank, 
*Fannie; Litchfield R3 South Litch- 
field Sec20 O160a (1852) 

Brookman, E. O. (Jennie Rhinehart) 
Ch Mary, *Blanche, *Katie; Irving 
Rl Irving Sec23 O9a (1855) 

Browkaw, Charles H. (Alice Chancy) 
Ch Thurman, Helen, Abram; Litch- 
field R3 South Litchfield Sec20 OlOa 

Brown, Arthur (Lizzie Fireman) Ch 
William, Russell, LeRoy, *Ralph; 
Farmersville Rl Bois D' Arc Sec26 
O160a Sec24 T80a Mrs. Pearl Mul- 
ligan (1907) Mutual Tel. Farmers- 

Brown, Charles (Elizabeth Meroney) 
Ch Elizabeth; Nokpmis R4 Noko- 
mis Sec36 T40a Elizabeth Fitzger- 
ald (1883) 

Brown, Charles A. (Ida Wright) Ch 
Cornelius; Nokpmis R3 Audubon 
Sec26 T90a Mrs. M. Weakly and 
Mrs. J. Kitchell (1910) 

Brown, Charles L. (Anna M. Hoehn) 
Ch Walter, Celia, Ray, Cleda; "The 
Maples Farm" Irving Rl Witt 
Sec29 OlSOa (1870) Mutual Tel. No- 

Brown, C. C. (Mary Elwell) Ch 
*Ethel, *Cora, *Lora; Pana R3 Au- 
dubon Secll-12 O240a (1867) Mu- 
tual Tel. Rosemond 

Brown, C. E. (Ollie Pyle) Ch Mar- 
guerite, Harold; Rosemond Rl Au- 
dubon Secll T80a Mrs. Belle 
Brown (1878) Mutual Tel. Rose- 

Brown, C. H. (Mary McLean) Hills- 
boro R4 Hillsboro Sec36 O15a 
(1853) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Brown, F. E. (Nora Rhoades) Ch 
Nova, Lorene; Nokomis R4 South 
Audubon Sec3 T40a Dave Hicks 

Brown, G. M. "Oak Grove Farm" Cof- 
feen Rl East Fork SeclOS O75a 
(1850) Mutual Tel. Coffeen 

Brown, 'James (Alice Hayes) Ch Mar- 
tin, Mary, Everett; Farmersville Rl 
Harvel Sec7 O213a (1873) Mutual 
Tel. Farmersville 

Brown, John (Hannah Coen) Ch Ha- 
zel, Loretta, Lelah, John, Jr., Ray- 
mond, Bernice, Elmer; Harvel R2 
Harvel Secl9 O74a (1877) Mutual 
Tel. Harvel 

Brown, John Harvey (Anna Smith) 
Hillsboro Rl Hillsboro Sec6 Ol45a 
(1914) Mutual Tel. Hillsboro 

Brown, John W. Ch Hazel, Velma, 
Melva, Everett; Pawnee R51 Bois 
D' Arc Secl7 T160a Dave Deal 
(1917) Tel. Pawnee 

Brown, J. F. (Laura Summers) Ch 
Harold, *Charles, *Henry, *Blanch; 
Hillsboro R3 Irving Sec30 O165a 
(1888) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Brown, J. F. (Tressa Coen) Ch James, 
Willard, Mary; Farmersville Rl 
Pitman Secl3 O80a T120a Brown 
Est. (1885) Mutual Tel. Farmers- 

Brown, J. H. (Mary Brown) Fillmore 
Rl Witt Sec35 T160a Mrs. Belle 
Webb (1900) Mutual Tel. Fillmore 

Brown, J. W. (Mary Belle White) Ch 
Olive, *Bertha, *Cora, *Elmer; Cof- 
feen R3 Fillmore Secl6 O169a 
(1858) Mutual Tel. Coffeen 

Brown, Lee (Laura Hard) Ch Melvin; 
Nokomis R4 Witt Secl2 O80a 
(1865) Bell Tel. Nokomis 

Brown, Orville (Elsie Blackburn) Ch 
Harold, Millard, Marshall, Ralph, 
Windell; Hillsboro R2 East Fork 
Sec20 TISOa "Rice Miller (1876) 

Brown, Otis (Ellen Brown, Mother) 
"Maple Wedge Farm" Coffeen Rl 
East Fork Sec28 T240a Ellen Brown 
and Amos Miller (1887) Mutual Tel. 

Brown, Ralph (Mary Millburg) Far- 
mersville R2 Bois D 1 Arc Sec23 
T80a Arthur Brown (1894) Mutual 
Tel. Farmersville 

Brown, Roland O. (Ida Turner) But- 
ler Butler Grove Sec28 OlOOa 
George W. Brown Est. (1877) Bell 
Tel. Butler 

Brown, R. G. (Anna Wilson) Ch 
Thomas, Frank, Hattie. Bertha, 
Hazel, Edna; Nokomis R3 Audubon 
Sec33 O60a T80a Sarah Willfawn 
(1882) Bell Tel. Nokomis 

Brown, Tom J. (Anice Brown. Sister) 
Nokomis R4 South Audubon Sec7 
O80a (1878) Bell Tel. Nokomis 

Brown, T. E. (Nancy Gary) Ch Ed- 
gar, *Oral, *Arnold; Fillmore R2 
Fillmore Sec22 O120a Sec21 T30a 
John Wright (1862) Mutual Tel. 

Brown, T. J. (Louvisa Campbell) Ch 
*Rosalia, *Victoria; Fillmore Fill- 
more Sec25 O51a (1894) Mutual Tel. 



Brown, William J. (Carrie Broham- 
mer) Ch Kenneth, Earl, Marie; 
Hillsboro R2 East Fork Sec7 T320a 
Arthur Kinkead (1877) 

Browning, George W. (Effie Erisman 
Ch Alice, James, George, Francis, 
Laurel, Fern, Ruth; Farmersville 
Rl Pitman SecS O235a (1917) Mu- 
tual Tel. Farmersville 

Browning, J. W. (Nettie Street) Ch 
Eunice, Neil; Waggoner Rl Pitman 
Sec20 O80a (1873) Mutual Tel. 

Browning, Ray (Ethel Gerlach) Ch 
Raymond E.; "Midland Farm" Ray- 
mond R2 Pitman Sec27 T160a E. M. 
Browning (1888) Mutual Tel. Wag- 

Brubaker, Levi (Lena L. Browning) 
Ch Vesta L., Lula E., Winter E., 
Dale C, Neva E., *Glen E., *Clyde 
M.; Farmersville Rl Pitman SecS 
.O317a (1868) Mutual Tel. Farmers- 

Brubaker, Martin (Clara Williamson) 
Ch Eva, Margaret, Emmett, *Law- 
rence, *Gail; Waggoner Rl Pitman 
Secl9 O220a (1870) Mutual Tel. 

Brummet, Jesse P. (Maggie Wright) 
Ch Opal; Nokomis R3 South Au- 
dubon Sec2 O205a (1890) 

Bruns, Heye (Clara Vibeck) Nokomis 
R3 Audubon SeclS T200a Mary Mc- 
Kowen (1915) 

Bruns John (Felicia Stanley) Ch 
Vivian; Rosemond Rl Audubon 
SeclO OlOa TlOa Mrs. A. Bruns 
(1898) Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Bruntjen, Herman (Sarah C. John- 
son) Ch Heinrich J., Christian H. 
Frederick J., Frank, Leola; Mor- 
risonville R3 Rountree Secll O80a 

Bruntjen, J. G. (Mary Potter) Ch 
Melvin, Margaret, Hazel; "Maple 
Lane Farm" Harvel Rl Rountree 
Sec6 O160a (1884) Mutual Tel. Har- 

Bryce, George A. (Effie Harris) Ch 
Edith, Camilla, *Buelah, *Ralph; 
"Wolf Pen Dairy Farm" Irving Rl 
Irving Sec25 O247a (1866) Mutual 
Tel. Irving 

Bryce, William (Belle Lingle) Ch 
Hubert, Letha; Nokomis Rl Noko- 
mis Secl9 O167a (1871) Mutual Tel. 

Buchanan, Ray (Edith Ninimo) Ch 
Juanita, Forrest, Bermie; Raymond 
R2 Pitman Sec26 T160a William 
Ninimo (1887) Mutual Tel. Wag- 

Bullard, Sarah Ch Anna, Robert Wil- 
liam, Mathew, John, Martha, Mary; 
Harvel Rl Raymond SeclS T160a 
Clarence McNaughton (1915) 

Bullard,- S. F. (Laura Morton) Ch 
Marie, Paul M., Silas E., *Frank 
R.; Harvel R2 Harvel Sec32 T160a 
J. G. Dorsey (1902) Mutual Tel. 

Burkaw, Isaac F. (Laura B. Beck) Ch 
Annabelle, Marguerite, George, 
Frederick, Julia, *Willber, ""Leslie; 
Litchfield Rl North Litchfield 
Sec29 T120a F. Groves (1870) Mu- 
tual Tel. Litchfield 

Burke, Edward A. (Minta Sanders) 
Ch Otis; Irving R3 Fillmore SecS 
TllOa J. L. Sanders (1873) 

Burke, James (Mary Lehan) Ch El- 
mer, Roy, *John, *James, *Mar- 
guerite, *Mary, *Mabel; Farmers- 
ville R2 Bois D' Arc Sec27 O240a 
Sec34 T80a Pat Burke (1875) Mu- 
tual Tel. Farmersville 

Burke, John S. (Eva Cross) "Maple 
Dale Farm" Butler Rl Butler Grove 
Sec30 T160a J. H. Rainey (1918) 

Burke, Michael (Kate McCarthy) Ch 
Marguerite, Katherine; Girard R43 
Bois D' Arc Sec30 T200a John Tohl- 
an (1888) Mutual Tel. Girard 

Burke, T. W. (Lola Upchurch) Ch 
Marie, Verna, Florence. Ralph, 
Henry, Lee, Susan, lone; Irving R3 
East Fork Secl2 O80a (1873) 

Burkhardt, Albert (Juanita Dilley) Ch 
Harold, Albert, Elmo; Sorento Rl 
Walshville Sec36 O85a T40a Jasper 
Dilley (1915) Farmer's Mutual Tel. 

Burnet, C. E. (Cora E. Graham) Ch 
Franklin M.; Raymond R2 Pitman 
Sec26 T80a H. C. Burnett (1886) 
Mutual Tel. Waggoner 

Burnet, J. A. (Doris Graham) Ch 
Dorothy, Elmef, Virginia, James; 
Raymond R2 Pitman Sec26 T80a H. 
C. Burnett (1879) Mutual Tel. Wag- 

Burris, Charles D. (Edna Briggs) Ch 
Kenneth, Helen, Feme; "Plain 
View Farm" Butler Rl Butler 
Grove SecS O160a (1875) Bell Tel. 



Burris, John R. (Laura Kime) Ch 
Marshall, Paul; Girard R43 Bois D' 
Arc Sec30 T240a Edward Isett 
(1912) Mutual Tel. Girard 

Burris, W. C. (Mary C. Klemme) Ch 
Cleone, Paul; "Spring Valley Farm" 
Butler Rl Butler Grove See? O201a 
(1877) Bell Tel. Butler 

Burris, W. Richard (Joan Anderson) 
Ch William, Audry, Kendrick; Paw- 
nee R51 Bois D' Arc Secl7 T160a 
Mrs. Minnie Barnett (1912) Tel. 

Burton, O. J. (Iva Spicer) Waggon- 
er Rl Pitman Sec20 T9Sa Mrs. E. 
Williamson (1890) 

Burton, W. W. (Laura B. Carroll) Ch 
Everett, Gladys, *Orville, *Vera; 
Waggoner Rl Pitman Secl9 O120a 
(1867) Mutual Tel. Waggoner 

Busby, J. A. (Amy L. Ware) Ch Le- 
land, Evelyn; "Grand View Farm" 
Butler Butler Grove SeclS O130a 
(1893) Bell Tel. Butler 

Busby, Vernon (Demaree Newberry) 
Ch Leroy; Witt Rl Witt Sec8 O5a 

Busby, William (Anna G. Hamell) Ch 
Joe, Muriel, *Andie, *Vernon, *Gail; 
Nokomis R6 Nokomis Sec23 T13a 
Luther Shoemaker (1892) Bell Tel. 

Buse, Rudolph (Johanna Hildebrandt) 
Ch Louise, Frieda, Ruth, Emil, 
*Julia; Ohlman Audubon Sec4 
O160a (1903) 

Buskey, Henry F. (Desina Engleman) 
Ch Elmer, Erna; Raymond Rl 
Zanesville SeclS T188a L. Niehaus 
(1912) Mutual Tel. Raymond 

Butler, H. B. (Centie Hutchison) Ch 
Helen; "Glenwood Farm" Hills- 
boro Rl Hillsboro Sec29 O80a Sec30 
TSOa Will Ault (1869) Mutual Tel. 

Butler, Ralph (Polly Hicks) Fillmore 
Rl Fillmore Sec2 T355a Joseph 
Weinstein (1894) Mutual Tel. Fill- 

Butler, Wesley (Laura Thalls) Ch Ar- 
thur, Willard, Essie; Hillsboro Rl 
Hillsboro Sec30 O80a Secl9 T40a 
Archie Simpson (1854) Mutual Tel. 

Calame, George (Anaise Calame, 
Mother) Ch Shirley Edward; Witt 
Rl Rountree Sec35 O40a TlOOa 
Carraiker Est (1875) Mutual Tel. 

Calame, Paul (Anna Buckhagen) Ch 
Grace, lona, Marjorie; Witt Rl Irv- 
ing Seel O80a Witt Sec6 T40a 
(1877) Mutual Tel. Witt 

Caldicott, John (Flora Groseclose) Ch 
James, Walter; Virden R2 Bois D' 
Arc. Sec6 T75a E. Herlin (1914) Tel. 

Caldwell, C. M. (Minnie Heinneman) 
Fillmore R2 Fillmore Sec28 O93a 
(1903) Mutual Tel. Fillmore 

Callahan, T. J. (Abbie Applegate) Ch 
Grace, Gordon, Willie, Carrie, *Lil- 
lie; Hillsboro Rl Hillsboro Sec9 
T170a Amos Miller (1883) Bell Tel. 

Calyar, James M. (Ada R. Gore) Ch 
Ola; Barnett R2 Zanesville Sec32 
O84a (1855) 

Campbell, Albert (Anna Smith) But- 
ler Butler Grove Sec27 T135a Frank 
Brown (1916) Bell Tel. Butler 

Campbell, Charles W. (Sarah Camp- 
bell) Ch Mary M.; Butler Rl Butler 
Grove Sec31 O80a (1907) Bell Tel. 

Campbell, Earl A. (Myrtle Chance) 
Ch Lester Moore; Harvel R2 Har- 
vel Sec8 T240a Christian Specht 
(1912) Mutual Tel. Harvel 

Campbell, J. A. (Melissa McLean) Ch 
Jennie, Effie A *Carrie, *Archie, 
*John, *Robert; Hillsboro R2 Gris- 
ham Sec3 O70a (1875) Befl Tel. 

Campbell, Robert (Edna Denham) Ch 
Joyce; Hillsboro R4 Grisham Sec3 
T40a J. A. Campbell Bell Tel. Hills- 

Canaday, Charles F. (Myrta White) 
Hillsboro Rl Butler Grove Sec31 
T113a John F. White (1882) Mu- 
tual Tel. Hillsboro 

Canaday, E. F. (Mattie G. Perkins) 
Ch Virginia; Coffeen Rl East Fork 
Sec35 O25a (1869) Mutual Tel. Cof- 

Canaday, James Ch Bunyan, Mattie, 
Laila, 'Elizabeth; Litchfield Rl 
North Litchfield Sec36 O83a (1834) 
Mutual Tel. Butler 



Cannon, H. (Martha Anderson) Ch 
Loraine; Virden R42 Bois D' Arc 
SeclO T140a Mrs. Bertha Shoer 
(1870) Mutual Tel. Virden 

Carey, Michael (Winnie Kilduff) Ch 
*Alice, *Jane, *Michael, *Leo; Ray- 
mond R3 Zanesville Sec26 O84a 
(1905) Mutual Tel. Raymond 

Carey, Pat J. (Margaret E. Sheedy) 
Ch William E., Alpha, Juanita; No- 
komis R5 Rountree Seel T160a A. 
M. Shepherd (1912) 

Carlock, Pleasant (Mary Jerden) Ch 
Charlie, *Ora, *Edward, *Mary, 
*Mahala, *Dora, *Jesse; Fillmore 
R2 Fillmore Secl3 OlSOa (1898) 

Carnahan, W. E. (Mary Halbrook) 
Ch Mary, *Nettie, *Grace; Irving 
Rl Irving Sec24 T216a File Est. 
(1915) Mutual Tel. Irving 

Carr, Delbert C. (Genevieve Chausse) 
Ch Grace; Irving R2 Irving Sec3 
T50a Rebecca Chausse (1891) Mu- 
tual Tel. Witt 

Carr, Dolphus (Alice Cline) Ch 
*Charley, *Logan, *Delbert; Irv- 
ing R2 Irving Sec3 O102^a (1866) 
Mutual Tel. Witt 

Carriker, C. L. (Frances Catherine 
Sechler) Ch Ina V., Ethel M., Har- 
ry G., *Orval, *Opha, *Lester, 
*Grace; Witt Rl Witt Sec9 O212a 
(1849) Mutual Tel. Witt 

Carriker, J. J. (Margaret Morain) Ch 
* Pearl, *Susan; Irving Irving Sec22 
O200a (1864) Mutual Tel. Irving 

Carroll, C. C. (Grace Waddington) 
Ch Homer, Jennie, *Elby, *James, 
*Anna, *William, *Edwin, *Edna; 
Oconee Rl Audubon Sec25-36 
O240a (1903) Mutual Tel. Oconee 

Carroll, Ed (Clara Hinton) Ch War- 
ren, Edith, Gladys, Wilbur, Nellie, 
Mabel; Oconee R2 Audubon Sec35 
T320a C. C. Carroll (1903) 

Carroll, James M. (Hattie S. Pitch- 
ford) Ch James Jr., * William J.; 
"Green Mound Farm" Litchfield Rl 
North Litchfield Secl9 O120a (1866) 
Mutual Tel. Litchfield 

Carroll, John (Eliza Donnelley) Ch 
William, Floyd, Edna; Ramsey R3 
South Audubon Secl4 O80a (1917) 
Tel. Ramsey 

Carroll, J. E. (Mary L. McNutt) Ch 
Grace, Carmen, Adrian, Millicent, 
Doris. Wavne, Harry; Nokomis R3 
Audubon Sec34 T205a Horace El- 
liott (1898) Bejl Tel. Nokomis 

Carter, William D. (Lillie Hennessy) 
Ch Isabel, William, Lillian, Alice. 
Louise, Olive, Daniel; Barnett R2 
Zanesville Sec20 O700a (1880) Mu- 
tual Tel. Raymond 

Cartmel, L. T. (Mary Mathews) Ch 
Edna, Otto; Thomasville Bois D' 
Arc SeclS O80a T120a W. H. 
Mathews (1914) 

Case, Delbert (Nellie Duty) Ch Fay, 
Elmer; Virden R2 Bois D'Arc Sec4 
O120a (1876) Mutual Tel. Virden 

Case, Harvey (Claudia R. Middleton) 
Ch Virginia, Howard; "Prairie 
Farm" Nokomis R5 Nokomis SeclS 
O290a (1898) Bell Tel. Nokomis 

Case, Otis (Clara Bowman) Ch Veda, 
Virgel, Orval, Paul, Marie; Virden 
R42 Bois D' Arc Sec4 O80a T160a 
M. Peariman and H. Schaper (1879) 
Mutual Tel. Virden 

Cashen, J. W. (Elizabeth Curtin) Ch 
Francis, Lawrence, Peter, Anna, 
Mary, Ellen, Agnes, Veronica, Vin- 
cent; Farmersville R2 Bois D' Arc 
Sec29 O80a T40a Coen Est. (1906) 

Cass, O. B. (Anna Fromknecht) Ch 
Wilma; Butler Rl Butler Grove 
SecS O340a (1877) Bell Tel. Ray- 

Casseday, Albert B. (Emma Grimm) 
"Maple Lawn Farm" Litchfield R2 
North Litchfield Sec27 T136a Mrs. 
B. B. Casseday (1889) 

Casselberry, W. H. (Rosella Gray) Ch 
Agnes K., Josephine. *Rosella C., 
*Ruth A.; "Ash Knoll Farm" No- 
komis Rl Nokomis Sec22 O80a 
(1877) Bell Tel. Nokomis 

Cassidy, B. J. Irving R3 Witt Sec26 
O160a (1890) Mutual TeJ. Nokomis 

Cassidy Brothers (Sarah Oneill and 
Mary, Wife and Child of I. J. Cas- 
sidv) Nokomis R5 Nokomis Sec3 
O300a (1878) 

Cassidy, T. M. (Evelyn Golden) Ch 
Rosa, Lawrence, Edna, Joseph, 
Clement. Ruth, John, Mildred, 
*Mary. *Evelyn, *Jerome; Nokomis 
R5 Nokomis Sec3 OlOOa (1878) Mu- 
tual Tel. Nokomis 

Caulk, Lloyd W. (Lenna Weller) Ch 
Sylvia; "Orchard Grove Farm" Irv- 
ing R2 Irving Secl7 TllOa Miller 
& Son (1916) Mutual Tel. Irving 

Cave, Robert (Elmira Compton) Ch 
Roy, Lela, Herbert, *Asa. *Maud, 
*Alva; Litchfield R2 North Litch- 
field Sec9 T112a G. Nimmons (1917) 


Cavett, William W. (Hattie B. Miles) 
"Ferndale Farm" Litchfield R3 
South Litchtield Sec3 O47a (1913) 

Chadwick, John E. (Anna Yeager) Ch 
Ester; Litchfield R2 North Litch- 
field Sec36 T39a O. O. Omaley 

Chamberlain, L. M. (Mary Lay) Ch 
Inez, Edna, *Delbert; Hillsboro R4 
Hillsboro Sec27-28 O580a (1862) 
Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Chamberlain, Nathaniel W. (Essie M. 
Valentine) Ch Ruth, Mary; Litch- 
field R3 South Litchfield Sec8 O7a 
(1875) Bell Tel. Litchfield 

Chamberlin, J. D. (Stella Brodenback) 
Ch Ruby; Litchfield R3 South 
Litchfield Sec26 T320a L. M. Cham- 
berlin (1893) 

Chambers, L. L. (Emma Pope) Ch 
Lyman; Raymond Rl Raymond 
SecS T80a Frank Luking (1898) 
Mutual Tel. Raymond 

Chance, Lewis Hornsby Rll South 
Litchfield Sec6 O159a (1858) 

Chandler, Fulton (Sonora Williams) 
Butler Rl Butler Grove Sec7 T38a 
S. A. Chandler (1890) 

Chaplin, Eugene Litchfield R3 South 
Litchfield Sec23 O120a (1913) 

Chaplin, Harry (Monta V. Lovelace) 
Ch Juanita; Raymond R2 Zanesville 
Sec2 TlOOa William Beattv (1904) 

Chapman, Albert (Veleda W.edekind) 
Ch Harry, Curtis, Earl, *Emma, 
*Keith; Raymond R2 Raymond 
SecS O91^a (1872) Mutual Tel. 

Chappelear, E. D. (Annie Bales) Ch 
Russell, Ruth, Rex, Mary, Tom, 
Charles; Hillsboro R4 Grisham Sec4 
T160a Ed McDavid (1914) 

Chausse, A. E. (Amelia Bowers) Ch 
Daisy, *Nettie, *Walter; "Poplar 
Lawn Farm" Nokomis Rl Noko- 
mis Sec21-17-18 O480a (1864) Mu- 
tual Tel. Nokomis 

Chausse, Edgar (Edith Dixon) Ch 
Thelma, Mervin; Nokomis Rl 
Rountree Sec27 O40a (1878) Mu- 
tual Tel. Nokomis 

Chausse, W. A. (Ellen Marley) Ch 
Gladys, Mary (deceased). John, 
Donald, Levon; Nokomis Rl Noko- 
mis Sec21 O80a (1882) Bell and 
Mutual Tels. Nokomis 

Chesnut, Charles A. (Ella R. Hosing- 
ton) Butler Rl Butler Grove Sec30 
T398a E. Garret (1917) Bell Tel. 

Chestnut, I. A. (Jessie Orton) New 
Douglas Rl Walshville T200a 
George Schoen (1918) 

Chesser, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth 
Johnes) Ch Philin Luther, *Wil- 
liam, *Louise; Irving Rl Witt Sec29 
T40a Charles Brown (1844) 

Chisholm, James D. (Frances Jen- 
kins) Ch Marguerite, Ruth; "Lin- 
denview Farm" Butler Rl Butler 
Grove Sec33 O80a (1863) Bell Tel. 

Cholewinski, S. T. (Catherine Lubeki) 
Ch Alphonso, Leonard, Zigmand, 
Virginia, Agon; Hillsboro R3 Irving 
Secl9 O130a (1908) 

Christian, Arthur (Odessa McClel- 
land) Ch Marie, Earl, Ben, Flora- 
bella; Coffeen R2 East Fork Sec25 
T273a J. C. Christian (1872) Mutual 
Tel. Coffeen .' 

Christian, Lawrence A. Irving Irving 
SeclO O180a (1883) 

Christian, W. R. (Ella Bell) Ch El- 
mer,- Blanche, Lula, Guy, Frank, 
*Roy; Witt Rl Nokomis Sec31 
T220a Theo. Keller (1874) 

Christner, William L. (Kathryn Gu- 
dehus) Ch Eleanor, Eugene, War- 
ren; Rosemond Rl Audubon SeclO- 
11 O120a (1878) Mutual Tel. Rose- 

Chumley, G. H. (Lizzie Prater) Ch 
Edward M., J. Byron; Coffeen R3 
East Fork Secl2S O103a (1891) Mu- 
tual Tel. Coffeen 

Chumley, Homer (Mary Roberts) Ch 
Hazel M., Harry R., Mabel E.; Cof- 
feen R3 Fillmore Sec7S T60a Illi- 
nois Chumley (1887) 

Chumley, Hugh (Roxie Spears) Ch 
Esther, Howard Pernina, Harold, 
Martha, Lewey, Herman, Helen, 
Ida, Newell, Kenneth; Coffeen R2 
Fillmore Sec31 O140a Sec32 T50a 
James K. Chumley (1879) Mutual 
Tel. Fillmore 

Chumley, Joel (Ida Fravel) Ch Roy; 
Coffeen Fillmore ' Sec6S O264a 

Chumley, J. K. (Caroline Hightower) 
Ch *Hugh, *Joel, *Laura, *Ida; Cof- 
feen R2 Fillmore Sec32 O60a (1836) 

Cimbalista, John (Mary Bolazik) Ch 
Mary, Anna, Mike, Marguerite, 
Pauline, Agnes, Josephine; Hills- 
boro R3 Irving SeclS O34^a (1909) 



Clark, A. C. (Anna E. Martin} Ch El- 
mer, Joseph, Willard, Mary, Mar- 
tha; Farmersville Rl Bois D' Arc 
Sec25 T80a Mrs. M. Morrissey 
(1881) Mutual Tel. Farmersville 

Clark, John J. (Anna Barry) Ch 
James, Joseph; Farmersville R2 
Bois D' Arc Sec24 O164a Sec27-30- 
32 T210a James E. Dunnegan, P. 
Burke and E. Tolan (1873) 

Clark, L. J. (Effie Kline) Girard R43 
Bois D' Arc Sec? T160a W. H. 
Baum (1910) Mutual Tel. Virden 

Clarke, Frank J. (Dadie Carey) Ch 
Edward, Howard, Frances; Far- 
mersville R2 Bois D' Arc Sec29 
O60a T60a Martin Carey and 
Charles Lewis (1884) Mutual Tel. 

Clarke, James E. (Margaret Fitzger- 
ald) Ch Raphael, Malcomb, Paul; 
Morrisonville R2 Harvel Sec4 O124a 
(1878) Christian Tel. Morrisonville 

Clarke, Mathew P. Farmersville R2 
Bois D' Arc Sec36 O80a T40a Mrs. 
George McCranor and Mary Clark 
(1878) Mutual Tel. Farmersville 

Clarke, Patrick (Nora Quinlin) Ch 
Patrick, Helen, James, Edward, 
Francis, Rita; Farmersville R2 Bois 
D' Arc Sec31E OlOQ^a T20a Mrs. 
E. Clarke (1865) Mutual Tel. Far- 

Clarke, Thomas (Katherine Whalen) 
Ch Marie, Nellie, Grace, Thomas, 
Jr., Margaret, Joseph; Farmersville 
R2 Bois D' Arc Sec31E OlOOa 
(1868) Mutual Tel. Farmersville 

Clayton, Arthur S. (Rosalie C. Hoog) 
Ch Lorraine; Hornsby Rll North 
Litchfield Sec31 TlOOa Casper Hoog 

Cline, Thomas (Dona Robertson) Ch 
Cecil, Claudia, Emil; Fillmore R2 
Fillmore SeclO T95a Otis Whitten 
(1910) Mutual Tel. Fillmore 

Cline, W. G. (Sarah Stairs) Ch Au- 
drey Lee, Reginal G.; Mrs. Rebecca 
Stairs, Esta Stairs, Mother-in-law 
and Sister-in-law; Nokomis Rl 
Rountree Secl9 T159a E. Black 
(1914) Mutual Tel. Raymond 

Clotfelter, J. A. (Sarah Barrisklow) 
Ch Laura, *Lillie, *Frank, *Flora, 
*Homer; Hillsboro R2 Hillsboro 
Sec36 OlOOa (1839) Bell Tel. Hills- 

Clotfelter, R. J. (Ruth Field) Ch 
Ralph, Raymond; Hillsboro R2 
Hiflsboro Sec24 O142a (1877) Bell 
Tel. Hillsboro 

Coen Bros. Farmersville R2 Bois D' 
Arc Sec31E T280a James Coen Est. 
(1875) Mutual Tel. Farmersville 

Coffee, Joseph A. (Norma Reeves) Ch 
Marrietta, Oleva; Coffeen R3 East 
Fork Sec2S O60a (1871) 

Coffey, J. T. (Luella A. Davis) Ch 
Helen Marie; "Coffey Heights" 
Coffeen R3 Fillmore Secl8S O60a 
(1865) Mutual Tel. Coffeen 

Colclasure, James J. (Myrtle Nash) 
Ch Golden, Foya; Pawnee R51 Bois 
D' Arc Sec4 T160a Andrew Weber 
(1915) Tel. Pawnee 

Cole, Abner R. (Dicy L. Williamson) 
Ch *Homer M.; Fillmore R3 Fill- 
more Secll O86a (1843) 

Cole, Elmer (Sarah Rufus) Hillsboro 
Hillsboro Sec24 Ola (1900) 

Cole, Hubert (Ida Hill) Ch Jack, Wil- 
lie; Fillmore R2 Fillmore Secl2 
T40a Cornelius Hill (1900) 

Cole, H. B. (Ethel Simmons) Ch 
Roberta May; Pana R3 Audubon 
Sec3 T160a E. Ullom (1914) 

Cole, R. S. (Ida Williams) Ch Fern, 
Verla; Fillmore R2 Fillmore SeclS 
T180a Frank Herron (1916) Mutual 
Tel. Fillmore 

Collins, Henry P. (Dena Compton) 
Ch Alvin W.; Witt Rl Nokomis 
Sec33 Ol5a T70a Joseph Haushki 
and Walter Grimes (1902) 

Comer, Fred (Anna Wanger) Ch Myr- 
tle, Delight, Ruth; Harvel Rl Ray- 
mond Sec3 T160a Louis Wolfer 
(1907) Mutual Tel. Harvel 

Commerford, Anna (Anna Carmody) 
Ch Dan, Joe, Lee, William, Cecilia, 
Margaret, Sarah, *Thomas, *Mary, 
*Elizabeth; Farmersville R2 Bois D' 
Arc Sec31 O322^a (1868) Mutual 
Tel. Farmersville 

Commerford, T. M. (Julia Clarke) Ch 
Nelson, Francis, John, Anna, Jere- 
miah, Roger; Farmersville R2 Bois 
D' Arc Sec31E T322^a Farm Hand 
Anna Commerford (1873) 

Compton, Clair (Pearl Coffman) Ch 
Oma, Margaret; Hillsboro R4 Gris- 
ham SeclS Tla N. D. Wilson (1893) 

Compton, Mrs. Jane (Jane Voyles) Ch 
*Sarah; Walshville Rl Grisham 
Secl9 O32^a (1856) 

Compton, J. W.. (Maude Neal) Ch 
Gladys, Goldie, Leonard, Loraine, 
Stacy; Myrtle, Sister; Hillsboro 
R4 Grisham Secl6 O80a (1861) 



Compton, William G. (Eliza Mc- 
Curdy) Ch Charles D., Sarah B., 
William Abbott, *Jessie, *Ardenia, 
*Vira, "Lester E., *Myra L.; Witt 
Rl Witt Sec8 T160a William Ab- 
bott (1884) 

Convery. Frank (Stella Brown) Ch 
Eileen, John; Farmersville Rl Pit- 
man Seel T153a Mrs. Mary A. Con- 
very and Miss Mary Convery (1891) 

Cook, Fred (Alice Carlock) Ch Cleda; 
Fillmore R2 Fillmore Secl3 T50a 
Mary Merriman and Pleasant Car- 
lock (1880) 

Cook, W. H. (Lola Halford) Ch Carl, 
Pauline, Verna; Ramsey R3 South 
Audubon Secl4 T60a V. B. Hal- 
ford (1913) Tel. Ramsey 

Coonrod, C. A. (Pearl McConathy) 
Ch Stella Loron; Harvel R2 Ray- 
mond SecS TlOOa Mrs. M. J. Mc- 
Conathy (1902) 

Cooper, J. J. (Lula Molohan) Ch 
Sadie, Corda, *Mabel, *Lou, *Bon- 
nie, *Lottie, *Cecil; Nokomis Rl 
Rountree Sec30 T218a Mr. Truitt 
(1900) Mutual Tel. Raymond 

Corlew, Basil F. (Erne L. Bennett) Ch 
Lora, Morgan, Doris; Raymond R3 
Zanesville Sec23 T120a M. Corlew 
(1880) Mutual Tel. Raymond 

Corlew, Willis M. (Fannie L. BurnapJ 
Raymond R3 Zanesville Sec23 T80a 
Morgan Corlew (1884) Mutual Tel. 

Cornwell, William H. (Emma B. 
Behme) Ch Albert, Guy, "John, 
*Zana, *Henry, *Louisa; Atwater 
R45 Zanesville SeclS O252a Colby 
Est. (1907) Tel. Pumpkin Vine 
Cory, Thomas B. Ch Edna, Anna, 
*Ethel, *Tom, *Clayton; Butler Rl 
Butler Grove Sec27 O160a (1851) 
Bell Tel. Butler 

Cory, Thomas H. (Vera I. Dyer) Ch 
Marion, Harfield; "Echo Farm" 
Butler Rl Butler Grove Sec21 TlOOa 
J. C. Barrett (1880) Bell Tel. Butler 
Cowan, Herman (Cora Hope) Ch 
Irene, Mary, Bessie, Bertha, Reba, 
Dorothea; Irving R3 East Fork 
Secl2W T160a Mrs. Deterding 

Cox, William A. (Frances Hoxie) Ch 
Margaret, * F r a n k, *William, 
*George, *Mary; Litchfield South 
Litchfield Sec2 O175a (1896) Mu- 
tual Tel. Litchfield 

Cox, William A. Jr. (Mary Cooley) 
Ch Robert, Donald, Elaine; Litch- 
field North Litchfield Sec28 O228a 

Cramer, Gottlieb (Katie Hahn) Ch 
Eliza, Lena, Katie, Theo; Witt Rl 
Irving Secll O40a (1906) 

Cranfill, B. F. (Mintie Askern) Ch 
Lillie, Ben, George, Alva, *May, 
*Nellie; Hillsboro R3 Irving Sec30 
O93a (1895) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Crawford, George W. (Kathryn Dov- 
er) Barnett R2 Zanesville Sec33 
O206a (1867) Mutual Tel. Litch- 

Crawford, James E. (Etta A. Gris- 
ham) Ch Martha E. Charley E. 
Ruth C., Viola A., Leroy, James M., 
Ruby, Robert, Clyde, *Edith, *John, 
*Mabel, *Nellie; "Silver Crest 
Farm" Honey Bend Zanesville 
Sec34 O200a (1865) Mutual Tel. 

Crawford, Samuel H. (Nettie Paisley) 
Ch May E.; "Shady Lane Farm' 
Honey Bend North Litchfield Sec3 
O230a (1848) Mutual Tel. Litch- 

Cress, Edward T. (Lilly Joyce) Ch 
Claire, Rex; Fillmore R2 Fillmore 
Secll O148a (1873) Mutual Tel. 

Cress, Frank E. (Jane Cress, House- 
keeper) "Clover Hill Stock Farm" 
Coffeen R2 Fillmore Sec30 O542a 
(1880) Mutual Tel. Fillmore 
Cress, G. H. (Anna O. Cress) Ch 
Ada, Eitelka; "Cress Hill Farm" 
Fillmore R2 Fillmore Sec22 O295a 
(1855) Mutual Tel. Fillmore 
Cress, Hubert (Etta Grassel) "Cress 
Hill Farm" Hillsboro Hillsboro 
Sec3 T220a H. A. Cress Sr. (1886) 
Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Cress, H. E. (Nora Upchurch) Ch 
Orin, *Estelle; Irving R3 East Fork 
SeclN T280a Mrs. S. C. Cress 
(1876) Mutual Tel. Irving 
Cress, H. Frank (Sylvia Fish) Ch 
Roy, Orville, Parl, Esther; Fillmore 
Rl Fillmore Sec2 O140a (1875) Mu'- 
tual Tel. Fillmore 

Cress, James W. (Essie Webster) Ch 
Louise, Marian; "Cress Hill Farm" 
Hillsboro Hillsboro Sec3 T220a H. 
A. Cress (1889) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 
Cress, J. D. (Ada Bost) Ch Echard; 
"Kirkland Farm" Fillmore R2 Fill- 
more Sec2 O152a T60a Mark Mason 
and J. E. Cress (1883) Mutual Tel. 



Cress, Lee (Jessie Hill) Fillmore 
Fillmore SecS O306a (1879) Mutual 
Tel. Fillmore 

Cress, P. W. (Mary Whitten) Ch 
Hoyt, Russell, Ross; Irving R3 Fill- 
more SecS O40a (1870) 

Cress, Walter W. (Maud C. Taylor) 
Ch Harold, Laura, Almyra; Litch- 
field North Litchfield Sec35 O20a 

Cress, W. Orin (Geraldine Blizzard) 
Irving R3 East Fork SeclS Resi- 
dent H. E. Cress (1897) Mutual Tel. 

Cresswell, George (Ethel Bledsoe) 
Walshville Rl Grisham Sec20 TlOa 
Jake Vogel Est. (1873) 

Crihfield Anna Fillmore R3 Fill- 
more Sec4 O40a (1868) Mutual Tel. 

Criner, Ambros (Ellen Henson) Ch 
Walter L., *William, *Charlie, 
*Nora, *Josephine, *Fred, *George; 
Coffeen R3 East Fork Seel IS O40a 

Criner, A. D. (Mary D. Boyd) Ch 
Dewitt T., Laura E., Emma J., Liz- 
zie B., Verna L., Grace W., Bertha 
A.; Coffeen R3 East Fork Secl2S 
O90a (1866) 

Crissman, Homer (Margaret Satter- 
lee) Ch Marion, Howard; Irving R3 
East Fork Sec3N O40a (1870) Mu- 
tual Tel. Irving 

Crites, Albert B. (Renie Miller) Ch 
George, Eula, Beulah, Mildred, Jef- 
ferson; Coffeen R2 Fillmore Sec30 
O70a Secl9 T25a Frank Cress 
(1879) Mutual Tel. Fillmore 

Crites, J. D. (Sarah M. Myers) Ch 
Walter S., 'Albert B., *William G.; 
Coffeen R2 Fillmore Sec31 O50a 

Crites, R. E. (Fern Dickey) Ch Merl; 
Harvel R2 Harvel Sec21-16 T160a 
Mary E. Todt (1918) 

Croon, Cornelius (Foskea Braken- 
hoff) Ch Onno, "Henry, "Herman. 
*Etta; Nokomis R5 Nokomis Sec7 
O80a (1868) Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Croon, Henry (Elsie Janssen) Ch 
Carl, Walter; Nokomis R5 Nokomis 
Sec7 T80a Dick Janssen (1881) Mu- 
tual Tel. Nokomis 

Cross, J. T. (Francis Millberg) Far- 
mersville R2 Bois D' Arc Sec27 
T160a John Murnhy Sr. (1915) Mu- 
tual Tel. Farmersville 

Grouse, Alex (Nellie Bullard) Ch Mil- 
dred; Farmersville R2 Bois D' Arc 
Sec21 T160a Mrs. E. Ward (1910) ' 
Mutual Tel. Virden 

Crow, J. A. (Lida Card) Ch *Noma, 
"Alfred; Nokomis R3 South Noko- 
mis Sec3 O40a (1863) 

Culp, A. L. (Jennie Young) Ch *Wal- 
ter, "Carl; "Megnog Farm" Noko- 
mis R3 Nokomis Sec25 O160a 
(1857) Bell Tel. Nokomis 

Culp, James C. (Josephine Twohey) 
Ch Harold, William, Lorrence, 
Fred, Donald, Hellen; Litchfield Rl 
North Litchfield Secl9 T117a 
George Fisher (1912) 

Cumpton, Roscoe (Stella Waters) Ch 
Otis; Walshville Rl Walshville 
Secl2 T140a Mrs. Kennedy (1879) 

Cunningham, R. C. (Katherine B. 
Bllaw) Ch Alfred, Thomas. Jesse, 
Robert, *Charles, "Harry; Hillsboro 
R3 Irving Sec29 O127a T120a S. E. 
Washburne (1897) Bell Tel. Hills- 

Curry, Lemuel (Lula Bell) Ch Leona; 
Pana R3 Audubon Secll T160a C. 
Ullom (1915) Mutual Tel. Rose- 

Curry, Phillip (Martha Walker) Ch 
*Roy, *Lemuel, *Abby, *Charles, 
"Tracey; Pana R3 Audubon Seel 
T80a Mrs. Emma Osborn (1912) 
Mutual Tel. Rosemond 

Curtis, Delbert (Eva Kessinger) Ch 
Wayne; Witt Rl Witt Sec7 T173a 
George W. Paisley (1887) 

Curtis, Orlando (Katherine L. Sim- 
mons) Ch Elmer D., *Delbert J.; 
Butler Rl Butler Grove Sec27 O265a 

Curto, Daniel (Tressa Berton) Ch 
Louis, Prema, Angeline, Adaline, 
Coroline, Jennie, Mary, Ruby; 
Hillsboro R3 Irving Secl7 O35a 




Dahler, Charles (Ida Zeifang) Ch 
Clifford; Rosemond Rl Audubon 
Sec8 T160a Albert Dahler (1898) 
Bell Tel. Nokomis 

Dammann, E. L. (Ada E. Banes) Ch 
Tesse, Charles. Thomas; Hillsboro 
R3 Irving Sec31-32 O120a T120a 
Charles Dammann (1887) Bell Tel. 

Dammann, Frank (Katherine Rupp) 
Ch Mary, Lottie, John, Fred, Net- 
tie; Hillsboro R2 Butler Grove 
Sec23 O240a (1855) Bell Tel. Hills- 

Dangerfield, Richard C. (Katherine 
Richerson) Ch *Queene, *Rachel; 
Litchfield R2 North Litchfield Sec34 
O87a (1897) 

Danials, E. B. (Grace E. Tompson) 
Donnellson Rl East Fork Sec22S 
T60a Joseph Savage (1905) Bell Tel. 

Davenport, Thomas R. (Louise Hall) 
Ch May Beatrice, Richard, *Ralph, 
'Dallas S., Wanda; Butler Rl But- 
ler Grove Sec38 T80a Emma Vroo- 
man (1874) Bell Tel. Butler 

Davidson, J. L. (Bertha Wayne) Ch 
Ruby, Wilbur, Victor, Jerry, 
Wayne, Given, Kenneth; Fillmore 
Rl Fillmore Secl2 O128a (1865) 
Mutual Tel. Fillmore 

Davis, Albert (Margaret Dickerson) 
Harvel R2 Pitman Sec24 T120a T. 
B. Richardson (1892) Mutual Tel. 

Davis, A. M. (Eliza Banning) Ray- 
mond R2 Raymond Sec29 O70a 

Davis, A. M. (Stella Wheeler) Ch 
Bertha, Ester, Lucille, Lula, Cecil, 
*Corwin; Irving R3 Tla Easton 
Whitten (1908) 

Davis, Claire R. (Opal Ellington) Ch 
Kenneth; Donnellson East Fork 
Secl9 T80a Charles J. Davis (1891) 
Bell Tel. Donnellson 

Davis, C. J. (Eliza Cox) Ch Lyman 
K., Paul W., *Clare; Donnellson 
East Fork Secl9S O230a (1881) Bell 
Tel. Donnellson 

Davis, Frank B. (Alice G. Potts) Ch 
Glenn, Gertrude; Litchfield R2 
North Litchfield Sec3 T80a W. C. 
Davis (1890) Mutual Tel. Litchfield 

Davis, George (Matilda Marriman) 
Ch Bernell. Odell, William D.; 
Hillsboro R2 East Fork Sec9 T560a 
Farm Hand J. K. McDavid (1905) 

Davis, George D. (Angelina Cruze) 
Ch *Edd, *Gracie, *Pearl; Litchfield 
R2 North Litchfield SeclO OlSOa 
(1855) Bell Tel. Litchfield 

Davis, Harry (Rebecca Uhlry) Ch 
Stanley, Otto; Mt. Olive R14 
Walshville Sec21 T160a W. C. Mar- 
burger (1916) 

Davis, Mrs. Minnie (Minnie Webster) 
Ch Leona, William, Ethel; Nokomis 
R4 Witt Secl4 O80a (1885) 

Davis, O. B. (Sarah Osborne) Walsh- 
ville Rl Walshville SeclS T80a 
Burke Est. (1906) 

Davis, Sydney R. (Nora Bighorn) Ch 
Isabelle, Kathryn; "Evergreen 
Farm" Donnellson Rl East Fork 
Sec20S T300a Laura A. Bighorn 
(1881) Bell Tel. Donnellson 

Davis, Theodore (Susan Harlan) Ch 
Ruth, Chancey, Eldon, Helen, Mar- 
jorie. *Maud; Barnett Zanesville 
Sec31 O104a (1868) Bell Tel. Car- 

Davis, T. W. (Rachel Mariam) Ch 
Bonnie, Charles, Thomas, Marian, 
Edward, Harin; Irving Rl Witt 
Sec25 Lee Hamlin (1906) 

Davis, William J. (Tillie J. Godwin) 
Ch *William W.; Litchfield R2 
North Litchfield SeclO O127a (1863) 

Davis, W. L. (Mary E. Blevins) Ch 
Myrtle, Oren, Alvia, Clarence, Fern, 
Genevieve; Walshville Rl Walsh- 
ville Sec22 T170a F. J. Johnson 
(1915) Farmer's Mutual Tel. Hills- 

DeBarr, Fay (Dorothy E. Doll) Ch 
Fred; Litchfield R3 South Litch- 
field Secl2 TISOa John DeBarr 
(1915) Mutual Tel. Litchfield 

DeBarr, John (Jessie Lawton) Ch 
Thelma, Carl, John. Harry, *Fay: 
Litchfield R3 South Litchfield Secl2 
O200a (1914) Mutual Tel. Litchfield 

Deist, William (Anna Keiser) Ch 
Melvin: Nokomis Rl Rountree 
Sec21 T120a Wm. Dewerff (1913) 
Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Delong. James (Barbara Bremer) No- 
komis Rl Rountree Sec32 O80a 
(1899) Mutual Tel. Nokomis 



Denny, Earl (Alma Hughes) Har- 
vel Rl Raymond Secl4 T160a Ed 
Lessman (1897) 

Denny, Mrs. N. J. Ch Emma; Walsh- 
ville Rl Walshville Sec2 O20a 
(1847) Farmer's Mutual Tel. Hills- 

Denny, Oscar (Mary Alice Haynes) 
Ch Clarence, Earl, Lucy, Myrtle, 
Grace, Opal; Harvel Rl Raymond 
Sec24 T120a Frank Brandis (1888) 
Mutual Tel. Raymond 

DeMoulin, Rene S. (Lillie March) Ch 
Mary, Effie, Opal, Alorrence, 
Frank; Litchfield Rl North Litch- 
field Sec30 TlOOa Charles Nimmons 
(1879) Mutual Tel. Litchfield 

Dempsey, J. D. (Josephine Cooper) 
Farmersville R2 Bois D' Arc Sec28 
T160a Mrs. Susan E Steidley (1918) 
Tel. Farmersville 

Derby, F. P. (Maude Richardson) Ch 
Rowena, Beulah; Raymond R2 Pit- 
man Sec26 T140a Tom Richardson 
(1874) Mutual Tel. Waggoner 

Detmers, Andrew (Lena Johnson) Ch 
Louise, Emma. Edna, Nora, Alva; 
Nokomis Rl Rountree SeclS O80a 

Detort, Thomas (Eliza J. Butter) Ch 
*Emma J., *Bertha A., "Thomas C., 
* Lillie M., *Lula M.; Coffeen R2 
Fillmore Sec31 OSla (1852) 'Mu- 
tual Tel. Coffeen 

DeVaisher, WUliam W. (Gertrude 
Carature) Ch Charles. Emma; But- 
ler Rl Butler Grove Sec6 OlOOa 

DeVries, John (Mary Niehaus) Ch 
Adeli. Louis, Herman. Emil, Har- 
vev, Edna; New Douglas Rl Walsh- 
ville Sec31 O130a (1897) 

DeVries, Mrs. Mary Ch Anna, Louis, 
Louise, Otto, Walter, Carl, *Tena. 
*Lydia; Sorento Rl Walshville 
Sec29 T200a Mrs. Marnev (_1911) 

Dewerff, George (Hilda Meyer) Ch 
Melvin; Nokomis Rl Rountree 
Secl3 O80a (1885) Mutual Tel. No- 

Dewerff, John (Tillie Meyer) Ch Har- 
old; Nokomis Rl Rountree Secl3 
O80a (1906) Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Dewerff, William (Thresa Arkabauer) 
Ch Walter, Willis, Louis, Lester, 
Roy; Nokomis Rl Rountree Secl3 
O160a (1872) Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

DeWitt, Frank (Rachael Bonnett) Ch 
Eva, *Paul, *Clarence; Farmersville 
Rl Pitman Sec2 O35a (1863) Mu- 
tual Tel. Farmersville 

Dickey, Homer (Lillie Jostes) Ch 
Earl, Lora; Raymond R2 Pitman 
Sec34 T160a R. H. McAnulty (1912) 

Dietb, Joseph (Mary Suterer) Ch 
Theodore, Edward, Edgar, *Au- 
gusta, *Gertrude, *Clarence; Cof- 
feen Rl East Fork SeclS O90a 

Dikerson, Harry M. (Pearl D. Stege) 
Litchfield R2 North Litchfield O80a 

Dillbeck, John J. (Lucy Williamson) 
Fillmore Rl Fillmore Secl3 O62a 
(1914) Mutual Tel. Fillmore 

Dillon, Jack H. (Olive Giberson) 
"Fruit Farm" Hillsboro Rl Hills- 
boro Sec7 OlOa (1868) 

Dinsworth, Michael (Marguerite 
Kearns) Ch Veronica; Farmersville 
Rl Bois D' Arc Sec26 O80a (1902) 

Dirks, John (Angeline Oltmann) Ch 
Etta Ida, Harvey John; Nokomis 
R2 Nokomis Seel T80a K. Oltman 
(1886) Bell Tel. Nokomis 

Divieley, John (Julia Emmert) Ch 
Camilla, Genevieve; Donnellson Rl 
Irving Seel Farm Hand W. H. 
Young (1913) 

Dixon, George (Mary Pollett) Vir- 
den R2 Bois D' Arc Sec7 T80a 
Sarah Tunnell (1916) Tel. Virden 

Dockery, S. A. (Mary Vogel) Ch 
*Doc, *Laura. *Minnie, *Ida, *A1- 
ma, *Myrtle. *Calvin; Hillsboro R2 
Grisham Secl3 O84j^a (1855) 

Dodd, W. E. (Rhoda Morris) Ch Lil- 
ly, Austin, Rhoda, Thelma; Hills- 
boro R3 Irving Sec29 T16a Michael 
Walsh (1908) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Doehler, Paul (Hanna Keiser) Ch Al- 
fred, William, Edwin, Helen, Clar- 
ence; Mt. Olive R14 Walshville 
SeclS O200a (1896) Tel. Mt. Olive 

Doerr, A. T. (Alice Williamson) Ch 
*Harry, *Walter. *Mabel, 'William. 
*Nellie; "Walnut Grain, Feed and 
Stock Farm" Harvel Rl Raymond 
Seel O80a (1858) Mutual Tel, Har- 

Doerr, Chris Harvel Rl Raymond 
Seel O40a (1871) 

Doerr, Peter H. (Lizia Smith) Ch 
Clarence. Gladys; Irving Rl Irving 
Secl3 O140a (1868) Mutual Tel. Irv- 

Doerr, Walter H. (Katharine Harvey) 
Harvel Rl Raymond Seel T40a A. 
T. Doerr (1882) 



Dohler, John E. (Laura Dammann) 
Ch Marjorie, Lawrance, Don; Irv- 
ing R3 Irving Sec32 O60a T112a 
C. Dammann & Paden (1910) Bell 
Tel. Hillsboro 

Doht, Henry A. (Gesine Keiser) Ch 
Edward, Anna, Walter, Alwin; Mt. 
Olive R14 Walshville Sec8 O160a 
Sec7-8 T133a F. W. Hartke (1892) 
Tel. Mt. Olive 

Doiss, August (Frances O'Donnell) 
Ch John A., Francis J.; Nokomis 
R2 Audubon Secl9 O40a (1888) Mu- 
tual Tel. Nokomis 

Doll, Henry T. (Eva Rasor) Ch Ruth 
A., Mary J.; Litchfield North Litch- 
field Sec20 T120a Rasor Est. Mu- 
tual Tel. Litchfield 

Doll, Mrs. Minnie Ch Fred, Louisa, 
*Martin; Litchfield R2 North Litch- 
field Sec29 T160a Joseph Suttle 
(1900) Mutual Tel. Litchfield 

Dollintine, W. R. (Minnie L. Voyles) 
Ch Glenn, Clarence, Lester, Lola, 
Mary, Earl, Wesley, Gladys, Victor; 
Sorento Rl Walshville Sec27 T253a 
Dan Bennett (1865) 

Donaldson, A. R. (Rosa Donaldson) 
Ch Kathryn, Torney, Ruth, Helen, 
Eva; Fillmore Rl Fillmore Secl2 
T40a William Compton (1916) 

Donaldson, Dewey K. (Ruby Blay- 
lock) Ch Lawrence; Fillmore R2 
Fillmore Seel T180a Jane Donald- 
son (1897) Mutual Tel. Fillmore 

Donaldson, H. E. (Ella Carter) Ch 
Freda, Naaman, Joseph, Lucille. 
Torney; Fillmore R2 Fillmore Sec36 
T80a Cynthia Donaldson (1882) Mu- 
tual Tel. Fillmore 

Donaldson, J. G. (Lona Carter) Ch 
Bernell, Lavelle; Fillmore R2 Fill- 
more and Witt Sec36-l O40a Sec4 
TlOSa Victor Wright (1918) Mutual 
Tel. Fillmore 

Doody, Tom (Mary Clark) Ch Electa, 
Ambrose. Margaret, Mavetta; Har- 
vel R2 Harvel Sec4 O90a (1868) In- 
dependent Tel. Morrisonville 

Dougherty, Philip (Mary Larkin) Ch 
James, George. Edward, Regina, 
*Marcella. *Irene; Irving R3 Witt 
Sec33 O160a (1863) Mutual Tel. No- 

Downs, Paul (Estelle Cress) Irving 
R3 Fillmore Sec7 T80a Tom Mc- 
Lean (1894) Mutual Tel. Hillsboro 

Doyle, Lee (Emma McBride) Noko- 
mis R4 Nokomis Sec36 T80a Amos 
A. Doyle (1918) 

Doyle, Thomas Ch Lemar; Raymond 
R3 Raymond Sec29 O705a (1879) 
Tel. Raymond 

Dragoo, Williard L. (Ruby P. Smith) 
"Victory Farm" Pawnee R3 Bois 
D' Arc Sec4 T221a A. C. Dragoo 
(1891) Tel. Pawnee 

Drake, John O. (Ella N. Smitherman) 
Ch Stanley; Barnett Rl Zanesville 
Sec7 O40a (1900) 

Draper, G. Henry (Ida Fogleman) Ch 
Ethel, George, Leland, *Ruth; 
"Woodland Cottage Farm" Irving 
R2 Irving SeclS Ola (1865) 

Draper, William P. (Delia Wright) 
Ch Roy, Marie; Hillsboro Rl Hills- 
boro Sec7 T80a Ebe Yonell (1905) 

Drennan, J. P. Irving Rl Witt Sec29 
O60a (1878) 

Dressor, P. S. (Cora M. Fath) Ch 
Orin, Ester, Ellen; Hillsboro R2 
East Fork Sec20 T80a Thomas Fath 
(1902) Mutual Tel. Hillsboro 

Drew, Geo. E. (Bernice Granthan) 
Ch Leola. Norman; Irving Rl Witt 
Sec30 T190a Drew and Mrs. Lynd 
(1879) Mutual Tel. Irving 

Drewel Bros. William and Fred; 
Walshville Rl Walshville Sec3 
T220a Katherine Drewel and Fritz 
Monk (1878) 

Driskel, John (Sallie Hunt) Opal, 
Ray, Orville. Everett; Morrison- 
ville R3 Rountree Sec3 T120a Mary 
Englehart (1915) 

Driskell, James M. (Ala A. Wylder) 
Ch *Louisa; Barnett R2 Zanesville 
Sec21 O90a (1856) Mutual Tel. Ray- 

Duckett, Levi (Melissa McClurg) Ch 
Ellen, *William, *Mary; Irving R3 
Witt Sec31 O60a (1912) 

Duckett, Ora (Martha Oltmann) Ch 
Helen, Edward, Doris, Marie; No- 
komis R5 Nokomis Sec7 T80a Her- 
man Kaiser (1917) Mutual Tel. No- 

Duff, Sarah J. Ch Ellis, Abram, 'Ber- 
tha, *Burgess; Raymond R3 Zanes- 
ville Sec26 O70a (1859) Mutual Tel. 

Duffey, Edward Farmersville Rl Pit- 
man Secl2 O79a Harvel Sec4 T33a 
Pat Gall (1888) 

Dugger. Orvel (Fern McElroy) Har- 
vi -1 Harvel Sec28 Tla E. P. Babb 



Dunkel, C. E. (Ellen McKinney) Ch 
Nora, Jesse, Edna, *Katie, *Minnie; 
Morrisonville R2 Bois D'Arc 
Sec33E T160a Sampson Bottrell 
(1914) Mutual Tel. Morrisonville 

Dunkirk, Fred Litchfield Rl North 
Litchfield Sec9 O80a (1913) 

Dunkirk, Henry (Maggie Peters) Ch 
Evert, Freda, Richard, Alice; Paw- 
nee R51 Bois D' Arc Secl3 O160a 

Dunlap, C. W. (Jane Graff) Ch 
Charles, Allie, Elmer, Walter, Flor- 
ence, Louise, *Frank; Pawnee R51 
Bois D' Arc Secl6 O440a (1908) 
Tel. Morrisonville 

Durand, Eugene (Mary Bonnet) Ch 
Edward, *Essie, *Stella; Farmers- 
ville Rl Harvel Sec6 O73a (1870) 
Mutual Tel. Farmersville 

Durbin, Christopher (Alice Basel) Ch 
Clarence, Arthur, Walter, *Stella; 
Hillsboro R3 Irving Seel? T65a L. 
McHugh (1915) 

Durham, Dave (Fannie Buckner) Ch 
Richard, William; Farmersville R2 
Bois D' Arc Sec28 T160a Mrs. 
Louisa Evans (1908) Mutual Tel. 

Durston, A. E. (Lula Hodges) Ch 
John, Olan, Helen; Witt Rl Roun- 
tree Sec36 O80a (1881) Mutual Tel. 

Durston, Edgar (Nellie Griffen) Ch 
Maggie, Carol, Wilma; Coffeen Rl 
East Fork Secl^t T80a John McLean 

Durston, Joseph (Theresa Adler) Ch 
Harlan; "Lone Cedar Farm" Irving 
Rl Witt SeclS G120;i (1880) Mutual 
Tel Irving 

Durston, William H. (Nellie Hudson) 
Ch Earl, Guy. *Etta, *Edgar, *Pearl, 
*Lela; "Evergreen Brook Farm" 
Irving R2 Irving Secl6 O130a SeclS 
T40a William Hudson (1883) 

Ebe, Mrs. Sopha Ch Trena, George, 
Harry, *Charles, *Carrie; Pawnee 
R3 Bois D' Arc Secl2 O160a Sec7 
T160a F. M. Hoppin (1879) Tel. 

Eckhoff, Jesse W. (Ethel L. Gipson) 
Ch Esther, Elbridge, Helen; Noko- 
mis R4 Nokomis Sec35 T120a Mrs. 
E. Fitzgerald (1888) Mutual Tel. 

Eckoff, Kaspar (Mary Christner) Ch 
Otto, Louie, *Minnie, *Frieda; No- 
komis R4. South Audubon Sec8 
O80a (1907) Bell Tel. Nokomis 

Eddington, Edgar (Rosa Eddington, 
Sister) Irving Rl Witt Secl9 O170a 
(1898) Mutual Tel. Irving 

Eddington, Edward (Rebecca Bals- 
ley) Ch Edna, *Vernon, *Ira; Witt 
Rl Irving Sec3 O90a (1882) 

Eddington, Elmer A. (Luella Comp- 
ton) Ch Vivian. Lucile. Evelyn, 
Marie; Irving Rl Witt SeclS T120a 
Arnold Dahler (1890) Mutual Tel. 

Eddington, Harry (Lola Durston) Ch 
Russell, Nellie; Irving R4 Witt 
Sec20 O190a (1883) 

Eddington, Tames (Edith Mitchell) 
Ch Roy. Maud, Victor. *George, 
*Lora; "Citv View Farm" Witt Rl 
Nokomis Sec31 T160a W. R. Ed- 
dington (1896) Mutual Tel. Witt 

Eddington, Mrs. James (Eliza Ed- 
dington) Ch Ethel, Guv, *Oscar, 
*Rasa, *Edgar, "Nettie ;'lrving R2 
Irving Secl4 O160a (1898) Mutual 
Tel. Irving 

Eddington, Jesse (Bertha Storm) Ch 
John, Ivan, Lela; Irving Rl Witt 
Sec20 O120a (1879) 

Eddington, Joe Sr. (Margaret Van- 
burkloe) Ch Otis, *Joe, "Jesse, 
*Harry; Irving Rl Witt Sec20 O85a 
(1847) Mutual Tel. Irving 

Eddington, Joe Jr. (Minnie Groner) 
Ch Homerj Lynn, Lois; "Brookdale 
Farm" Irving Rl Witt Secl9 O210a 
(1876) Mutual Tel. Irving 

Eddington, Oliver (Myrtle Toland) 
Ch Francis, Cecil, William; Butler 
Butler Grove Sec29 O138a (1910) 
Bell Tel. Butler 

Eddington, Oscar (Pearl Durston) Ch 
James, Grace; Irving Irving SeclO 
O160a (1892) 

Eddington, Richard (Laura Dean) Ch 
Benjamin; Irving R2 Irving SeclO 
O79a (1878) 

Eddington, Thomas (Sophia Edding- 
ton) Ch Harvey, Charley, Myrtle. 
*Elmer A.; Witt Rl Irving Sec3 
O90a Secl4 T80a Mrs. A. E. Tucker 
(1888) Mutual Tel. Witt 


Edwards, J. Allen (Mary Schlucke- 
bier) Ch Gary, Arthur, Leroy, 
Fred, lone, Lena; "Old Edwards 
Homestead" Hillsboro R2 East 
Fork Sec6S O338a (1866) Bell Tel. 

Edwards, Amos R. (Carry Beck) Ch 
Elizabeth C, Randolph B., Richard 
A., Kenneth B.. *Dorothy; "Elm- 
hurst Farm" Hillsboro R2 East 
Fork Sec31 O450a (1864) Bell Tel. 

Edwards, Mrs. Flora (Flora Clotfel- 
ter) Ch Ralph, Mabel. Carl, *Ger- 
trude; Hillsboro R2 Grisham Seel 
O113^a (1871) 

Edwards, Hewey A. (Lila McLean) 
Ch Paul McLean; Coffeen Rl East 
Fork Sec34 O22a (1888) Bell Tel. 

Edwards, Jesse (Maude Lindley) Ch 
Harold; Hillsboro R2 Grisham 
Seel O159a (1872) Bell Tel. Don- 

Edwards, Justin A. (Mabel M. Morse) 
Ch Burrell T., Raymond B., Vir- 
ginia; Coffeen Rl East Fork SecSS 
T200a W. T. Edwards (1877) Bell 
Tel. Hillsboro 

Edwards, J. H. (Lucy Zenor) Hills- 
boro R2 East Fork Sec6S OlOOa 
(1857) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Edwards, J. T. (Sarah McPherson) 
Hillsboro Rl Hillsboro Sec20 O40a 
Sec21 TlOa Mrs. Mary Ault (1887) 

Edwards, J. T. (Lois E. Wray) Ch 
Wray, Ralph, Lucile, Wayne, 
Loraine, Roy; Harvel Rl Rountree 
Sec6 TllSa Mrs. J. Thunhorst 
(1908) Mutual Tel. Harvel 

Edwards, J. W. (Lou Arabelle 
Young) Ch Roscoe A., Hervey A., 
Gladys A.. Oscar A., Oliver B., 
Maud A.; Hillsboro R2 East Fork 
Sec32 O700a (1852) Bell Tel. Hills- 

Edwards, Lewis E. (Lill J. Lamb) Ch 
Irene. Jessie, Elsie. Aleen, Car- 
roll, Geneva. *Ora, *Elmer, *Clara. 
'Flossie. "Hilda; Barnett R2 
Zanesville Sec30 TlOOa Robert 
Montgomery (1917) 

Edwards, Lynn ( Pearl Kimbro) Cof- 
feen Rl East Fork Sec33 T20a W. 
A. Boyd (1890) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Edwards, Mrs. Minnie (Minnie P,rice) 
Ch Ruth, Floyd; Hillsboro R4 Gris- 
ham Sec2 Resident J. A. Price 

Edwards, M. I. (Cynthia Root) 
VValshville Rl Grisham SeclS O80a 
(1868) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Edwards, Roscoe A. (Ella Heffner) 
Ch John W. Jr.; Hillsboro R2 East 
Fork Sec32 T250a J. W. Edwards 
(1885) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Edwards, S. H. (Mary J. Frame) Ch 
*Alva, *Lynn, *Ross, *Lucile; Cof- 
feen R2 East Fork Sec35 O86a 
(186P) Mutual Tel. Coffeen 

Egelhoff, Charles (Nora Schoen) 
Raymond R3 Raymond Sec22 T120a 
W. F. Egelhoff (1886) Mutual Tel. 

Egelhoff, Otto (Anna Schoen) Ch 
Nicholas; Mt. Olive R14 Walshville 
Secl7 O200a (1873) Tel. Mt. Olive 

Egelhoff, Walter W. (Emma S. Bues- 
cher) Raymond R3 Zanesville Sec23 
T160a William Egelhoff (1885) Mu- 
tual Tel. Raymond 

Egelhoff, W. F. (Meta Johnson) Ch 
Walter, Charles, "Joseph, *John, 
*Otto, * Willis; Raymond R2 Ray- 
mond Secl9 O142a (1859) Mutual 
Tel. Raymond 

Eickhoff, Louis (Rose H. Weller) Ch 
Cleotis, Aloysius, Marie, Raymond; 
Raymond R2 Zanesville Secl4 O82a 
Bell Tel. Raymond 

Eliason, James (Jessie M. Curry) Ch 
Ethel, Perry, Lee; Farmersville Rl 
Pitman SeclS T160a John Minikin 
(1893) Mutual Tel. Farmersville 

Ellington, Alva F. (Edna E. Kinman) 
Ch Louise; Coffeen Rl East Fork 
SeclSS T55a Martha A. Ellington 
(1893) Bell Tel. Donnellson 

Ellington, A. L. (Lamirah C. Camp- 
bell) Ch T. Perry, Opal, "Clement 
L., *Ollie*B., "Ester M., "Ellen J.; 
"Maple Lawn Farm" Donnellson Rl 
East Fork SeclSS O140a (1867) 
Bell Tel. Donnellson 

Ellington, Claud (Nellie McCoslin) 
Ch Robert; Donnellson Rl East 
Fork Sec21S O95a (1882) 

Ellington, John D. (Elizabeth Harris) 
Ch Pearl, Ralph, Nora, Florence, 
Ethel, *John; Irving R2 Irving 
SeclS O109a (1875) 

Ellington, Holland (Grace Conn) 
Hillsboro R3 Butler Secl3 T65a Jess 
Osborne (1892) 

Ellington, William A. (Lela Goodwin) 
Ch . Alfred G.. Margaret L. ; Don- 
nellson Rl East Fork SecSS T160a 
William A. Ellington Sr. Est. (1882) 
Bell Tel. Donnellson 



Elliot, Louis (Edna Pierce) Ch Gay- 
lord, Walter, Virginia; Butler R2 
Butler Grove Sec21 T225a Berry 
Est. (1906) Bell Tel. Butler 

Elliott, Arthur (Bertha Fox) Ch Ber- 
nice; Nokomis R3 Audubon Sec27 
T160a C. Elliott (1878) Bell Tel. 

Elmore, E. E. (Eva Harvey) Ch New- 
ell, Eula, Lois, Carl; Coffeen R3 
East Fork Secl3 T120a Robert Bul- 
lington (1891) Mutual Tel. Coffeen 

Elmore, Frank (Minnie Boyd) Ch 
Pearl, Albert, Ina, Bernice; Fill- 
more R2 Fillmore Sec23 T119a 
Henry Hill (1875) 

Elmore, George W. (Clara Green) Ch 
Elvis, Ethel, Ralph, Earl; Coffeen 
R3 East Fork Secl3 T80a Betty 
Smith (1878) 

Elmore, Robert (Emma Green) Ch 
Chester, Harry. *Ernest, *Opal; 
Coffeen R2 Fillmore Sec6S O147a 
(1882) Mutual Coffeen 

Elvers, Christ (Lena Tacke) Ch Viola 
Marie; Ohlman Audubon SecS O4a 

Elvers, Herman (Annie Rau) Ch Ro- 
berta; Ohlman Audubon Sec6 T120a 
Henry Elvers (1878) Bell Tel. No- 

Engelhart, Fred (Anna Best) Ch Lil- 
lie, Anna. Nellie. Jesse, *Emma, 
*Louis, *Edward E., *Edna, *Lottie, 
*Henry; Morrisonville R3 Rountree 
Sec3 O240a (1887) 

Engelhart, Louis (Edna Engelhart. 
Sister) Nokomis Rl Rountree SeclO 
T80a Fred Engelhart (1896) 

Engeling, Fred (Cynthia Sanders) Ch 
Orval, John, Wilbur, *William, 
*Bert, *Lottie; Oconee Rl Audubon 
Sec24 O80a (1890) 

Engelman, Edward (Gertrude Elliott) 
Ch Ella, Paul; Nokomis R3 Noko- 
mis Secl2 T80a H. Krummell 
(1918) Bell Tel. Nokomis 

Engelman, George E. (Nellie R. Gil- 
bert) Raymond R3 Zanesville Sec23 
T120a E. Engelman (1888) Mutual 
Tel. Raymond 

Engelman, Herman (Minnie Fried- 
hoff) Ch Irma; Nokomis R3 Noko- 
mis Secl2 O120a (1885) Bell Tel. 

Engelman, H. O. (Stella Myrtle 
Briggs) Ch Otis, Lemar. Ilah; Har- 
vel Rl Raymond Secl3 TlOOa E. M. 
Engelman (1891) Mutual Tel. Har- 

Engelman, William M. (Anna J. Bau- 
man) Ch Lucile, Velma, Mildred, 
Harold, Willard; Raymond R3 
Zanesville Sec26 T114a E. M. En- 
gelman (1888) Mutual Tel. Ray- 

Englis, Walter (Fern Jett) Ch Jett; 
Coffeen R3 Fillmore Sec20 T65a 
Clyde Overeen and S. J. Jett (1915) 
Mutual Tel. Coffeen 

Ennis, John (Martha C. Tackett) Ch 
Minnie, Chester, Byron. Lillian, 
Alma, Myrtle, *Olive, *Earl; Paw- 
nee R51 Bois D" Arc Sec7 T228a 
R. T. Briggle (1911) Tel. Pawnee 

Epley, Herman (Florence Nieft) Ch 
Lillian, Lena, Edward, Russell; No- 
komis R3 Witt Sec24 O140a (1888) 
Bell Tel. Nokomis 

Epley, John (Gustie Nieft) Ch Bertha. 
Lester, Jesse, Catharine, Julia, 
Thresa, *T o hn, *Will; Nokomis R4 
South Audubon SeclS O311a (1866) 
Bell Tel. Nokomis 

Epps, Beverly R. (Martha J. Walker) 
Ch *Lloyd. *Ray, *Alice, *May, 
*Ora, *Blanche. *Sarah; Barnett R2 
Zanesville Sec34 OlOa (1871) Mu- 
tual Tel. Litchfield 

Erb, Charles (Mary A. Williams) Ch 
Winfield, Clarence, Marion, George. 
Raymond; Litchfield R2 Zanesville 
Sec32 T160a Carl Schwecke (1915) 

Ernst, August (Mary Reckart) Ch 
Arthur, Edward, Mary, George, 
Louis, Agnes; Coffeen R2 East 
Fork Sec24 O113a (1879) Mutual 

Ernst, August (Marv Bauman) Irv- 
ing Rl Witt Secl6 O40a (1868) Mu- 
tual Tel. Nokomis 

Ernst, Charles (Julia Mast) Ch Elin- 
ton, Charline; Irving R3 Fillmore 
Sec4 T160a C. A. Ramsey (1885) 
Mutual Tel. Fillmore 

Ernst Ed (Minnie Kellerman) Ch Vir- 
gil, Beulah; Witt Rl Witt Sec4 
T200a Thomas Daly and Ben 
Hoehn (1884) 

Ernst, George (Barbara Benny) Ch 
Viola, Bertha, *William, *Frank. 
*Emma. *Manda, *Agnes; Cof- 
feen Rl East Fork Sec27 O200a 

Ernst, Henry Ch Herman, August, 
Walter; Mt. Olive R14 Walshville 
Sec20 T160a Frank Grosenheider 


Ernst, H. C. (Ida Oberle) Ch Maude, 
Emma, Myrtle, Lester, Roy, *Wil- 
liam, *Edward, *Herman; Irving 
Rl Witt Sec23 O160a (1859) Bell 
Tel. Nokomis 

Ernst, Louis H. (Irene E. Elliman) 
Ch Ada; Butler Rl Butler Grove 
Secl9 T140a Ed Lane (1876) Bell 
Tel. Butler 

Ernst, William (Theresa Brown) Ch 
Lillian, Joseph, Elizabeth; Coffeen 
Rl East Fork Sec27 O64a (1885) 

Ernst, William H. (Anna Maroney) 
Irving Rl Witt Sec29 T227a An- 
drew Miller (1883) 

Essick, William C. Hillsboro Rl 
Hillsboro Sec3 T50a Mrs. D. M. 
Miller (1913) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Estell, William A. (Minnie Kolk- 
horst) Ch Clarence, Florence, Ros- 
coe; Litchfield R2 North Litchfield 
Sec28 T160a F. Swank (1917) 

fitter- Lewis P. (Anna M. Wempen) 
Ch Marie; Raymond R2 Zanesville 
SecH O50a (1884) Bell Tel. Ray- 

Evans, J. F. (Anna Lindley) Ch Val- 
lee; Sorento Rl Walshville Sec35 
O136j4a (1890) Farmers Mutual 
Tel. Sorento 

Evans, P. O. (Tetta Brakenhoff) Ch 
George, Dorothy, Anna Jane; No- 
komis Rl Nokomis Secl6 T40a Mrs. 
Mollie Collier (1885) Mutual Tel. 

Evans, S. B. (Florence Blaylock) Ch 
Otis, Emil, *Grace; Fillmore R2 
Fillmore Sec27 O62a (1860) 

Evans, W. J. (Winnie J. Jestes) Ch 
Audrey; Sorento Rl Walshville 
Sec35 O540a (1871) Farmer's Mu- 
tual Tel. Sorento 

Everts, H. (Louise Johantosettel) Ch 
Anna, *Edward, *John; Mt. Olive 
R14 Walshville Sec20 T120a Frank 

Fardell, H. T. (Lou Hensen) Ch Dal- 
las, *Azelia; Walshville Rl Grisham 
SeclS O96a (1897) 

Paris, Charles (Gertrude Frensley) 
Ch Charlie, Myrtle, Alden, Laurel, 
Ralph; Hillsboro R2 Hillsboro Seel 
T50a C. H. Witherspoon (1918) 

Farrelly, Nicholas (Anna Wentz) Ch 
Frank; Nokomis R2 Nokomis Sec4 
O160a (1898) Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Farris, G. V. (Lena Crites) Ch Dal- 
las; Hillsboro R3 East Fork Sec6 
T90a Mrs. E. Hughes (1890) 

Path, Eugene (Tillie Kaburick) Ch 
Herschel, Melville, Maynard; Hills- 
boro R2 East Fork Sec20 O90a 
(1876) Mutual Tel. Hillsboro 

Path, Luke A. (Kate Thacker) Ch 
Fairy. Kenneth; Hillsboro R3 Irv- 
ing Sec20 O60a (1867) Bell Tel. 

Fearn, Joseph (Millie Walker) Ch Ira, 
Joseph. Mary; Witt Rl Rountree 
Sec33 T160a Marshall Lipe (1904) 
Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Fearno, Charles H. (Lena Stults) Ch 
Ina, Tullis. Eva; Litchfield Rl 
North Litchfield Sec7 T160a C. V. 
Coyne (1914) Mutual Tel. Litchfield 

Felkel, George (Rosie Kessinger) Ch 
Ruth. Louise. George, Wilton, Ern- 
est. *Earle, *Clarence; Hillsboro R4 
Hillsboro Sec26 OlOa T45a J. C. 
Hope (1856) 

Felts, George W. (Mary A. Ramsey) 
Ch Addie, *Effie, *Georgie; Litch- 
field South Litchfield Sec2 T46a B. 
Hubman (1889) Farmer's Mutual 
Tel. Litchfield 

Fenton, Oscar (Nora Johnson) Ch 
Creola, Velma; Farmersville R2 
Bois D' Arc Sec24 T140a (1912) 
Mutual Tel. Farmersville 

Ferguson, Fred (Daisy Rawling) Ch 
Lynn; Irving R3 Witt Sec22 T220a 
James Rawling (1881) 

Ferguson, George L. (Mary F. Kime) 
Hillsboro Rl Hillsboro Sec22 O97a 
(1864) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Ferguson, H. W. (Mary E. Poland) 
Ch *James P., 'Grace J., *Fred J., 
*Cora E., *Robert F., 'Harvey W.; 
Hillsboro R2 East Fork Secl9 
T247a Montgomery County Farm 
(1855) Bell and Mutual Tels. Hills- 

Ferguson, John E. (Lizzie Loen) Ch 
Wanda, Bertha; Walshville Rl 
Walshville Sec2 O89a (1870) 

Ferguson, R. F. (Delia Davidson) Ch 
Burnell, Sheridan; Fillmore Rl Witt 
Sec36 T245a P. C. Able (1885) Mu- 
tual Tel. Fillmore 

Ferrari, Steve (Mary Summers) 
Walshville Rl Hillsboro Sec32 
T207a E. Seymore (1911) 



Fesser, Frank (Hannah Keiser) Ch 
Melvin, Chester; Irving R2 Roun- 
tree Sec^l O160a (1878) 

Fesser, G. W. (Minnie L. Morain) Ch 
Viola, Georgie, Ivan, *Eita, *Lester; 
Nokomis Rl Nokomis Sec20 O310a 
(1869) Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Fesser, Lester H. (Grace Cook) No- 
komis Rl Nokomis Sec28 O77a 
(1893) Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Fesser, Louis H. (Emma L. Wage- 
hoft) Ch Carl, Earl; Witt Rl Roun- 
tree Sec26 O160a (1881) Mutual Tel. 

Fesser, Ray (Pearl Wright) Ch Beu- 
lah; Fillmore R2 Fillmore SeclS 
Ol58a T160a Jennie and Albert Fes- 
ser (1885) Mutual Tel. Fillmore 

Ferjancic, Joe (Tracy Mruele) Ch 
Dainlla, Stefanije, Fredia, Edward; 
Walshville Rl Grisham Secl7 O80a 

Finley, D. E. (Polly Wright) Ch Cleo, 
Robert, George, *Pearl, *Mary; 
Fillmore R2 Fillmore Sec3 T160a 
Elige Whitten (1909) Mutual Tel. 

Fireman, Albert (Agnes Baker) Ch 
Mildred, Mary; Farmersville Rl Pit- 
man Sec24 O60a T60a John Johnson 
and Mrs. M. McCormick (1886) Mu- 
tual Tel. Waggoner 

Fireman, Henry (Frances Wagahoff) 
Ch Bernard; Farmersville Rl Pit- 
man SecH O80a T120a Mike Fire- 
man (1882) Mutual Tel. Waggoner 

Fireman, William (Margaret Coen) 
Ch John J., Anna, Bernadine; "Ma- 
ple Grove Farm" Raymond R3 Ray- 
mond Sec28 O120a (1873) Bell Tel. 

Fish, Fred (Elnora Work) Ch Melba, 
Paul; Nokomis R4 Witt Sec3 T120a 
Martin Bock (1916) 

Fish, Mrs. Lydia (Lydia Wilson) Ch 
Roy, John, *Jesse, *Sylvia, *Fred, 
'Charles; Bingham Rl Witt Sec36 
O20a (1884) 

Fisher, Fred (Emma Eckhoff) Ch 
Harold, Mildred, Hilda, Grace; Bar- 
nett R2 Zanesville Secl6 T160a Al- 
bert Fisher (1881) Mutual Tel. Ray- 

Fisher, Perrv Irving R2 Irving Secl7 
O65a (1888) 

Fite, Benjamin ,F. (Fannie E. Bash- 
am) Atwater Rl Zanesville Sec6 

Fite, C. E. (Mrs. Addie Brown, 
Housekeeper) Ch Morris, *Fay; 
Waggoner Rl Pitman Secl9 O120a 
(1864) Mutual Tel. Waggoner 

Fite, Samuel B. (Rosa L. Parrott) Ch 
Loren, Viva, Lee, Lemar; Barnett 
R2 Zanesville Sec22 TISOa Mrs. 
Potts (1815) 

Fitzgerald, Frank Farmersville Rl 
Bois D' Arc Sec31 O80a (1901) Mu- 
tual Tel. Farmersville 

Fitzgerald, John O. (Mary Denneny) 
Ch Joseph, John, Leo, Robert, 
Mary, Marguerite, Eugene, *Laura; 
Farmersville R2 Bois D' Arc Secl8 
OlH^a (1907) Tel. Farmersville 

Fleming, John W. (Mary Cummins) 
Ch Elizabeth; Litchfield R2 North 
Litchfield Sec22 T266a M. S. C. 
Crabb (1902) 

Fletcher, Albert E. (Rebeka E. Hold- 
away) Ch Jesse, *Emma, *William, 
*Albert, *James, *Edgar, *Zoe, 
* Victor, *Smith, *Ruth; Walshville 
Rl Walshville SecH O47a (1862) 

Flint, Earl W. "Twin Oaks Farm" 
Raymond Zanesville Secl2 O160a 
(1895) Bell Tel. Raymond 

Flitz, Fred (Grace Caspris) Ch John, 
William, Fred, Herman, Grace, An- 
na, Emma, *Reka, *Hannah; Litch- 
field R3 South Litchfield SeclS 
O180a (1914) 

Flitz, John (Anna Schmidt) Litch- 
field R2 North Litchfield Sec27 
O40a (1903) 

Flood, Frank (Harriett Stevens) Ch 
Earl, Milton, *Blanche; Farmers- 
ville R2 Bois D'Arc Sec24 T160a 
Thomas Flood (1868) Mutual Tel. 

Flood, T. P. (Margaret Burke) Ch 
Harold; Farmersville R2 Bois D' 
Arc Sec34 T240a Thomas Flood, Sr. 
(1876) Mutual Tel. Farmersville 

Floyd, Eugene (Minnie Leonard) Ch 
Aileen, Glenn^ Raymond, Russell; 
Harvel R2 Harvel Sec21 O40a 

Flynn, William (Emma Lewis) Ch 
Alta, Manford, Hellen, Golda, Lil- 
lie, Josephine, *Anna, *Russell, 
*Irene, *Loretta; Raymond Rl Ray- 
mond Secl9 T220a Mabel McGow- 
en (1903) 

Fogle, Calvin (Nancy Westbrook) Ch 
Myrtle, *Thomas, *Wesley, *Roy, 
*Edwin, *Bertha, *Matilda, *Esther; 
Hillsboro R3 Irving Secl7 O50a 



Fogle, Thomas F. (Myrtle Law) Ch 
Pearl, Olin, Gladys, Melvin, Leon- 
ard; Pawnee R3 Bois D' Arc Secl3 
T160a T. Murphy (1902) 

Fogleman, John F. (Mary A. Shef- 
fel) Ch Hellen, Morgan, *Arthur, 
*Jennie K. J.; Litchfield R2 North 
Litchfield SeclS O144a (1857) Bell 
Tel. Litchfield 

Fogleman, John S. (Gertrude Ault) 
Ch Bernice, Jessie, Nina, John, 
Frank, June; Irving R2 Irving Sec22 
O30a (1873) 

Fogleman, Walter D. Hillsboro R3 
Butler Grove SeclS TISOa James 
Watson (1871) Bell Tel. Butler 

Folk, Herman Nokomis R4 South Au- 
dubon SecS T124a Frank Craiger 

Fonke, August B. (Kate Korte) Ch 
Fred, Arnold, Ellanora, *Henry, 
*Ben, *Alvin; Barnett Rl Zanesville 
Sec33 T236a Mrs. A. Baker (1916) 

Forbes, Roy (Lena Badman) Ch Mar- 
jorie; Farmersville Rl Pitman Secl2 
T160a H. Blaney (1896) 

Forsyth, D. M. (Etta Maud Cable) Ch 
Everett, Luther, Ralph, Bert, Ethel 
May, Dorothy, *Norma; Pana R3 
Audubon Secl2 O80a (1900) Mutual 
Tel. Rosemond 

Foster, John F. (Lucy Seward) Ch 
Ada, Lester; Harvel Rl Raymond 
Sec26 O160a (1883) Tel. Butler 

Foster, Joseph O. (Mary Bennington) 
Ch Paul, Grace; Nokomis R3 South 
Audubon Sec6 T162a Pattengale 
Bros. (1870) 

Foster, Ross (Lena Brown) Ch Doro- 
thy, George, Russell, Theodore; 
Lucetta Foster, Mother; Noko- 
mis R4 South Audubon Sec6 O106a 
(1868) Bell Tel. Nokomis 

Fraley, Ed (Emma Ellet) Raymond 
Rl Raymond Sec30 T25a Louis 
Lessman Mutual Tel. Raymond 

Fraley, Everett (Mary Lisey) Ch 
Fern. Lionel; Irving R2 Raymond 
Sec36 T240a Joe Ochsner (1883) 
Bell Tel. Butler 

Frame, Amos (Hattie Williamson) 
Ch Preston. *Walter O., *Otis A.; 
Hillsboro R2 East Fork Secl9 
O227a (1865) Bell and Mutual Tels. 

Frame. George C. (Maggie Weller) 
Ch Wayne, Bernice, Earl, Glenn; 
Hillsboro R2 East Fork Secl9 
O204a (1871) Mutual Tel. Hillsboro 

Frank, W. R. (Clara D. Tedrick) Ch 
Malvin, Murvil, Reva, Hellen; Cof- 
feen R2 Fillmore SecSS T60a Su- 
sannah Harris Est. (1918) 

Franklin, Thomas (Rose Martin) Ch 
Earl, Tom, Dolly, *Ernnie, *Ida; 
Irving Irving SeclO O20a (1868) 

Franks, L. C. (Marguerite Anderson) 
Ch Murry L., Elizabeth, Neil, Ro- 
berta, Maggie; Farmersville Rl Pit 
man Sec23 OllSa (1888) 

Franzen, Thees (Maggie Verhusen) 
Ch Etta, Louie, Anna Detmers, 
Grandchild, *Frank; Nokomis Rl 
Rountree SeclS OSOa (1890) Mu- 
tual Tel. Nokomis 

Fravala, Chris C. (Bertha Brown) Ch 
Milburn, Wilburn; Coffeen R2 Fill- 
more Sec20 T160a (1888) Mutual 
Tel. Fillmore 

Fravala, Jake Sr. (Minnie Lohouse) 
Ch Minnie, Jake Jr.; Coffeen Rl 
East Fork Sec33 T200a William 
Wilson Est. (1916) 

Frazee, William (Mary Moore) Ch 
Myra, Emmarhetta, *Joseph; Vir- 
den R2 Bois D' Arc SecS T160a Dr. 
Bartlett Est. (1878) Tel. Virden 

Frazer, Louie (Maggie Goodinck) Ch 
James, Louis, Irene, Marguerite; 
Taylor Springs Hillsboro Sec26 
O78a (1912) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Freeman, Oscar E. (Etta Pope) But- 
ler Rl Butler Grove Sec31 O40a 
(1881) Bell Tel. Butler 

French, Joseph Farmersville R2 Bois 
D' Arc Sec36 T160a MVs. M. E. Ma- 
canarey (1905) 

Frey, William W. (Hattie K. Olde- 
murtel) Ch Mamie, Evelyn, Elmer, 
Eva, *Edna, *Ethel, *Arthur, 
*Clara; Barnett R2 Zanesville Sec28 
TSOa Mrs. John Kelly (1907) 

Frick, Jacob (Margaret Jones) Ch 
William A., *Lona, *George, *Nina; 
Coffeen R3 East Fork'SeclOS O170a 
(1881) Mutual Tel. Coffeen 

Fricke, G. C. (Theresa Doerr) Ch 
Henrietta, Lester, Walter; Nokomis 
R5 Rountree Sec2 O160a (1872) Mu- 
tual Tel. Nokomis 

Fricke, William (Mollie Weller) Ch 
Lydia, Louise, Helen, Genevieve, 
Mary, Opal, Elizabeth; Harvel Rl 
Ravmond Sec25-36 O200a Sec35 
TlOOa (1865) Mutual Tel. Hillsboro 

Friend, George M. (Anna Guy) Ch 
Dora, Lester, Harold, Raymond, 
*Tda. *Goldie. *Bertha; Ravmond 
R2 Zanesville Secll TSOa T. L. Her- 
schelman (1893) 



Fromknecht, Max (Gertrude Hogsett) Fugate, L. M. (Mollie Riley) Ch 

Ch Ralph, Grace; "Northwestern 
Dairy Farm" Butler R2 Butler 
Grove Sec21 O120a (1876) Bell Tel. 

Pearl, William H., Fred, Joseph, 
Rufus, Nellie, Katie; Pawnee R51 
Bois D' Arc SecS O380a Farm Hand 
A. Heinkle (1918) 

Frye, H. H. (Carrie Day) Ch Ellis, Fugerson, Abe (Dell Kingston) Ch 

Mary, Nellie; Raymond R3 Ray- 
mond Sec31 T40a F. M. Drake 
(1917) Bell Tel. Raymond 

Fuchs, Adolph (Gesena Keiser) Far- 
mersville R2 Bois D' Arc Sec22 
T80a McCormick Est. (1887) Mu- 
tual Tel. Farmersville 

Fuchs, Edward F. (Ida A. Nobbe) Ch 
Leona; "Walnut Lane Farm" Far- 
mersville Rl Pitman SeclO T120a 
William Nobbe (1897) Mutual Tel. 

Ch Alfred; Farmersville Rl Pit- 
man SecS T80a Mead Neal (1886) 
Mutual Tel. Farmersville 

Fuchs, Louis (Katherina Hein) Ch 
Edward, George, Louise, *Dora, 
*William, *Herman, *Henry, *Otto, 
*Lena; Farmersville Rl Pitman 
Sec9 OlOOa (1873) Mutual Tel. Far- 

Fuchs, Reinhard (Anna Schaefer) 

Abbie, Murrel; Walshville Rl Gris- 
ham Sec7 O42a (1888) 

Fulk, William (Dulcie Lee) Ch Ken- 
neth Lyle, John E. Lee, Father; 
Witt Rl Rountree Sec33 TSDa H. 
Weller (1917) 

Fuller, J. E. (Hattie Maria Hollen- 
bect) Ch Loye, *Essie, *Clyde, 
*Irene, *Josephine, *Carl, *Harry; 
"Shady Nook Farm" Hillsboro R2 
Hillsboro Sec25 T200a William 
Paisley (1858) 

Fuller, S. G. (Elizabeth Maddox) Ch 
John W., Willard G., Daniel W., 
Linly L., Jesse R., Edna C, Eliza- 
beth J., Charles B.; Coffeen R3 Fill- 
more SeclSS O220a (1868) Mutual 
Tel. Coffeen 

Furnace, Robert (Ethel Weller) Ch 
Opal, Fern, Ivan; Nokomis Rl 
Rountree Sec29 T80a H. Weller 

Ch Edwin, Mary. Martha, Martin, Furness, Charles (Violet Eddington) 

Bertha, *Adolf, *Emma; Farmers- 
ville Rl Pitman Sec3 O228a (1881) 
Mutual Tel. Farmersville 

Fyffe, Don S. (Mary Boston) Ch Har- 
old, Steidley, Mary, Alva, Clarence; 
Farmersville R2 Bois D' Arc Sec29 
O37^a T122^a T. F. Fyffe Est. 
(1871) Tel. Farmersville 

Ch Clarence, Blanch; Irving R2 Irv- 
ing Sec9 O60a Sec3 T30a D. Carr 

Caddie, Ben (Noye Atkison) Ch Har- 
riett, *Claricy, *Walter, *Robert; 
Virden R2 Bois D' Arc SecS T160a 
Dr. Bartlett Est. (1898) Tel. Virden 

Gaines, Mrs. G. E. (Anna Snow) Ch 
May, Ruth, Katie, Mary, Georgie, 
*Beatrice, *Ruby; Donnellson Rl 
East Fork Secl6S O130a (1894) Bell 
Tel. Donnellson 

Gallup, J. R. (Delia Stokes) Ch 
Louise; Oconee Rl South Audubon 
Secl2 O120a (1903) 

Galyen, J. M. (Emma Lloyd) Ch Ira, 
Irene; Nokomis R4 Witt Secll 
T160a Jacob Gleich (1908) Bell Tel. 

Gamlin, Joe (Wilma McCallum) Irv- 
ing R2 Butler Grove Sec4 T180a 
Tom Quarterly (1914) Bell Tel. But- 

Gardner, Frank (Bertha Whitten) Ch 
Charlene; Coffeen R2 Fillmore Sec4 
O140a (1873) Mutual Tel. Fillmore 

Gardner, Fred J. (Tolah Pollard) Ch 
Mary, Fred, Warren; Butler Rl 
Butler Grove Secl9 O84a (1908) 
Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Garnn, W. R. (Emily M. Brenner) 
Ch Eva, Charles, Julia, *Robert, 
*Lyman; Raymond R2 Raymond 
SecS O240a (1861) Mutual Tel. Ray- 



Garrison, J. A. (Sarah J. Holden) Ch 
*Elmer, *Charles, *Delphia; Litch- 
field R3 South Litchfield Sec36 T40a 
M. E. Garrison (1846) Mutual Tel. 

Garrison, Mrs. Rowena (Rowena 
Hand) Ch Leona, Delpha, Florence, 
Howard; Litchfield R3 South Litch- 
field Sec35 T20a Fulton Minor 

Gartner, Henry (Henrietta Hauser) 
Ch Elmer, Oren; Litchfield R4 
South Litchfield Sec8 O160a (1873) 
Mutual Tel. Litchfield 

Gartner, William F. (Ida Keune) Ch 
Hilda; Litchfield R4 South Litch- 
field Secl9 O200a (1877) 

Gass, J. H. (Fannie Strobe) Ch El- 
bert, Delbert, *Ona, Ina; Fillmore 
R2 Fillmore Sec24 O80a (1864) 

Gates, A. L. (Mary Lawson) Ch 
'Gladys, *William, *Ruby, *Cora, 
*Lula, "Blanch; Coffeen Rl East 
Fork Sec34 O4a (1868) Bell Tel. 

Gates, H. M. (Anna B. Blackburn) 
Ch Freda, *Warren. *Vaughn, *O1- 
lie; Coffeen R2 Fillmore SeclS 
OlSOa (1867) Mutual Tel. Coffeen 

Gates, J. P. (May Quails) Ch James; 
Coffeen Rl East Fork Secll T120a 
Neal McLean (1906) Mutual Tel. 

Gates, Wood W. (Spray Whitlock) 
Ch Raymond, Virginia, Joseph; Cof- 
feen R2 Fillmore SeclS OlOa TlOOa 
Hardy Gates and Edd Landers 
(1887) Mutual Tel. Coffeen 

Gee, V. W. (Anna Baugh) Ch Myrtle, 
George, Nellie, Wayne, *Charlie, 
*Pearl; Harvel R2 Harvel SecS 
T160a E. A. Campbell (1911) Mu- 
tual Tel. Harvel 

Gegg, Vincent Ch Dorothy; Butler 
Rl Butler Grove Sec21 T19a Mrs. 
Whitworth (1888) 

Gerdes, Fred R. (Ricke Flitz) Ch 
Adolph, Freda, Verna. Marvin. 
Luther; Litchfield R3 South Litch- 
field Sec22-23 T160a Mrs. Boll- 
man (1910) 

Gerhard, C. N. (Bessie May Fravers) 
Farmersvillc R2 Bois D' Arc Sec21 
T200a L. M. Gerhard (1884) Mu- 
tual Tel. Farmersville 

Gerhard, Henry C. (Ada Metzler) Ch 
Mary. Bcrnice, Helen. Melvin; Far- 
mersville Rl Pitman Sec7 O80a 
(1883) Mutual Tel. Farmersville 

Gerhard, John (Laura O'Connor) Ch 
John Cecil; "High View Farm" 
Farmersville R2 Bois D' Arc Sec21 
T156a L. M. Gerhard (1881) Mutual 
Tel. Farmersville 

Gerhard, L. M. Ch Frank, Evart, 
*Nellie, *John, *Henry, *Chalmers, 
*Emma, *Samuel, *Ruth; Farmers- 
ville R2 Bois D' Arc Sec22 O960a 

Gerhard, S. L. (Grace Travers) Ch 
Leland; "Maple Grove Farm" Far- 
mersville R2 Bois D' Arc Sec25 
T160a L. M. Gerhard (1888) Mu- 
tual Tel. Farmersville 

Gerhards, George (Anna Braye) Ch 
Clarence, Mylo, Wilbert, Irene; No- 
komis R5 Nokomis Secl6 T40a 
Enoch Cook (1887) 

Gerhards, Henry (Anna Hahnen- 
kamp) Ch Lena, Henrv Fred, Lena, 
Theodore, Pauline, *Mary, *Anna; 
Nokomis Rl Rountree Secl3 O80a 
(1888) Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Gerlach, Clyde (Edna Webb) Ch 
Elsie, Lucile; Harvel R2 Pitman 
Sec25 T120a Mrs. D. A. Gerlach 
(1888) Mutual Tel. Waggoner 

Gerlach, O. W. (Jennie Travers) Ch 
Ralph; Waggoner Rl Pitman Secl7 
O120a (1872) 

Gerlach, Paul (Vera G. Burton) Ch 
Gordon; Harvel R2 Pitman Sec25 
T80a John Gerlach (1890) Mutual 
Tel. Waggoner 

Getz, Ora (Mollie Bauerle) Ch Glen, 
Roy, Clifford, Ruth, Bertha; Noko- 
mis R2 Nokomis Sec3 T220a F. M. 
Burns (1909) Bell Tel. Nokomis 

Gifford, R E. Hillsboro Rl Hillsboro 
Sec9 O67j^a (1906) Bell Tel. Butler 

Gilbert, C. H. (Anna Jacobs) Ch Car- 
rie, Florence, *Mildred; Raymond 
R3 Raymond Sec33 O40a (1900) 
Bell Tel. Raymond 

Gilbert, J. W. (Martha Langdon) 
Raymond Raymond Sec7 O14a 
(1903) Mutual Tel. Raymond 

Gilbert, Roy (Milla Kinerly) Ch Les- 
ter; Raymond R2 Raymond Secl6 
T240a J. W. Gilbert (1903) Mutual 
Tel. Raymond 

Gile, George Ch *Libbie, *Ida, *Ollie; 
Irving Rl Witt SeclS O40a (1848) 

Oilman, Mrs. Flora (Flora Fox) Ch 
Gaylen, Harold, *Estelle; Waggon- 
er Rl Pitman Sec20 O80a (1869) 
Mutual Tel. Waggoner 



Gilmore, John H. (Mary Barry) Ch 
Edward, Florence; Girard R43 Bois 
D' Arc Sec30 T200a Russell Rice 
(1890) Mutual Tel. Girard 

Gilpin, W. G. (Edith Parson) Ch Her- 
man, Elsie, Flossie, Louise, Dora, 
George, Mary; "White Oak Farm" 
Pawnee R51 Bois D* Arc Sec6 T320a 
Montgomery & Peirceson (1917) 

Gimlin, Fred E. (Goldie J. Davis) Ch 
Eileen; Raymond R3 Zanesville 
Sec26 T50a George Martin (1913) 

Gimlin, Wilber Raymond R3 Zanes- 
ville Sec23 T280a George Martin 

Gist, Harvey Ch Mildred, Myran, 
Orin, Coy, *Daisy, *Nellie; Far- 
mersville Rl Pitman Secl3 T120a 
H. Blaney (1915) 

Glen, Louis Hillsboro Butler Grove 
Sec36-25 O1400a J. F. Glen (1878) 

Glover, C. R. (Nellie Doer) Ch Glenn, 
Evert, Lore; Harvel Rl Raymond 
SeclO O160a (1917) Mutual Tel. 

Goby, Gus (Estelle Smith) Ch Gerald 
Kenneth; Raymond R2 Zanesville 
Sec2 TlSOa A. W. Goby (1900) Bell 
Tel. Raymond 

Goby, William R. (Winifred J. Jones) 
Ch Grace, Albert, Francis; Ray- 
mond R2 Zanesville SeclO T240a A. 
W. Goby (1888) Bell Tel. Raymond 

Goodman, C. A. (Fannie E. Gaskill) 
Ch Paul, George, Gladys, *Walter, 
*Evelyn; Nokomis R2 Audubon 
Sec20 O40a (1883) Bell Tell. Noko- 

Goodson, John T. Ch Sylva, Leila, 
Archie E.; Litchfield Rl North 
Litchfield Sec30 T53a George Fisher 

Goodson, J, O. (Cora Travers) Ch 
Clayton. Hazel, Wavne; Farmers- 
ville Rl Sec36 T160a Farm Hand 
Mrs. John Tolen (1885) 

Gorman, Martin J. (Mary McGrath) 
Ch John, Merrick, Martin. Agnes. 
Rose, Florence, *Mary; Farmers- 
ville Bois D' Arc Sec25 O80a Sec35 
TlOOa Frank Convery (1883) Mu- 
tual Tel. Farmersville 

Graden, Gettys E. (Birdie Winters) 
Ch Paul; Nokomis R2 Audubon 
Secl7-32 O160a (1879) Mutual Tel. 

Graden, H. J. (Mabel Pray) Ch Gil- 
bert; Nokomis R2 Audubon Secl7 
T320a J. L. Graden (1891) 

Graden, J. L. (Elmina Pocock) Ch 
Warren, Lottie, *Gettys, *Nora, 
*Harrison J.; Nokomis R2 Audubon 
Secl7 O320a (1865) Mutual Tel. No- 

Graham, F. N. (Ruby Toberrnan) Ch 
Erne Irene; Nokomis R3 Nokomis 
Sec24 T160a Gene Haller (1884) 
Bell Tel. Nokomis 

Graham, J. H. (Nellie Cress) Ch 
Verna, Vera, Marie, Earl, Dwight, 
Pauline, Lottie, Edna; Fillmore R2 
Fillmore Sec3 T160a Isaac Hill 

Graham, J. M. (Margaret Stroud) Ch 
Rose, Edward, Roy, Ella, *Clar- 
ence, *Will; Harvel Harvel Sec33 
O120a (1907) Mutual Tel. Harvel 

Graham, J. T. (Martha Barringer) Ch 
*Ray, *Fred, *Roy, *Olin; "Running 
Water Farm" Irving R3 Fillmore 
Sec8 O120a (1866) Mutual Tel. Fill- 

Graham, Roy (Hannah Phillips) Ch 
John, Harry, Floyd, Lucille, Elmer; 
"Brookside Farm" Irving R3 Fill- 
more Sec4-5-6 O60a T30a J. T. Gra- 
ham (1886) Mutual Tel. Fillmore 

Graner, Charles (Anna Engelman) 
Ch Lucille, Alva, Clarence, Elda; 
Nokomis R5 Nokomis Secl6 T130a 
Tim Lyons and Mollie Colyer 
(1910) Tel. Nokomis 

Grantham, C. A. (Ellen Ault) Ch 
Gordon, Oliver; Irving R3 Irving 
Sec34 O60a (1904) Mutual Tel. Irv- 

Grantham, Jacob Ch *Lottie, *Dulcie, 
*Carrie. *Ellen; Irving R3 Irving 
Sec34 O109a (1836) 

Grantham, J. R. Josephine Bayer) Ch 
Winifred, Knoulton, Charles, 
*Ruth; Butler R2 Butler Grove 
Sec22 O492a (1869) Bell Tel. Butler 

Grantham, Otto (Maggie Grantham) 
Ch Mildred, *Lon: Irving Irving 
Sec26 T80a Bertha Lipe (1908) 

Grassel, Edward (Elizabeth Remen- 
snider) Ch Jessie, Arthur, *Nina; 
"Oak Grove Farm" Butler Rl But- 
ler Grove Sec31 O270a (1860) Bell 
Tel. Hillsboro 

Grassel, Henry C. (Louise Davis) Ch 
Clure D.; "Cedar Ridge Farm" 
Litchfield R2 Butler Grove Sec32 
O236a (1857) 

Grassel, John C. (Mary Lotiey) Ch 
Harrv L., Albert. *Etta, Fred Sr.; 
"Hickorv Grove Farm" Butler Rl 
Butler Grove Sec32 O225a (1860) 
Bell Tel. Hillsboro 



Gray, Charles (Mary Ruppert) Ch 
Melvin Harold; Nokomis R5 Noko- 
mis Sec6 T80a Arnold Hahler (1910) 

Gray, John (Mary Meares) Ch Eve- 
lyn, Nellie, Marie, *Susie, *Ellen, 
*Ruby, *Fred; Pana R3 Audubon 
Secl2 Tla Rau Est. (1915) 

Gray, J. S. (Florence Paire) Ch 
Everett, Mildred; Nokomis R4 No- 
komis Sec36 O120a (1870) Bell Tel. 

Gray, Walter (Florence Bevill) Ch 
May, Helen, Bessie; Witt Rl Noko- 
mis Sec31 T160a Clara B. Young 
(1907) Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Gray, W. A. (Olive J. Chancy) Ch 
*George, *Albert, *Myrtle, *Essie; 
Butler Rl Butler Sec29 O73a (1855) 
Bell Tel. Butler 

Green, C. A. (Emma Moss) Ch Shar- 
on, Ralph, Mildred, Dorothy, Helen, 
Lois; Hillsboro R4 Hillsboro Sec33 
O158a T250a Bepler Est. and Mrs. 
Laura Green (1875) Bell Tel. Hills- 

Green, Frank (Erma Lindly) Litch- 
field R3 South Litchfield Sec25 
T217a Eva Corlew (1888) 

Green, Joseph (Florence Leetham) 
Ch Laura, Annis; Hillsboro R4 
Hillsboro Sec26 O60a American 
Zinc Co. (1884) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Green, J. W. (Eva Bailey) Ch Lee. 
Doris, Ruth, Elbert, Kathryn, 
Clara; *Eva, *Irwin; Hillsboro R4 
Hillsboro Sec34 O160a T50a Mans- 
field Bros. (1868) Bell Tel. Hills- 

Green, Mrs. Laura (Laura Montgom- 
ery) Ch *Arthur, *Alma, *Joseph; 
Hillsboro R4 Hillsboro Sec23 O220a 
(1872) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Green, Mary D. (Mary Eberline) Ch 
John, Green, *Kate, *Mattie, *An- 
nie; Walshville Hillsboro Sec32 
O95a (1858) 

Green, W. S. (Victoria Bailey) Ch 
Beulah, Melvin, Clifford, Wilma, 
Vernon, Retta, *Iola; Walshville Rl 
Walshville Sec3 T160a Anna Barg- 
feld (1875) 

Greenwood, Arthur (Estella Smith) 
Coffeen R3 Fillmore Secl7 T140a 
August Greenwood (1892) Mutual 
Tel. Coffeen 

Greenwood, Louis (Anna M. Becker) 
Ch Nellie, Bessie, Oliver, Hoyt, 
Freddie, Merle, Earl; "Red Clover 
Farm" Coffeen R3 Fillmore Secl7 
O170a (1881) MutuafTel. Coffeen 

Greenwood, Otto F. (Dora Brack- 
ebush) "Spring Valley Farm" Fill- 
more R2 Fillmore Sec23 O140a 
Sec22 T60a William Greenwood 
(1881) Mutual Tel. Fillmore 

Greenwood, W. C. (Rosa Schentzius) 
Ch Clara, Ida, Caroline, Hulda, Clif- 
ford, Raymond; Fillmore R2 Fill- 
more Sec23 O205a (1881) Mutual 
Tel. Mulberry Grove 

Gregg, Jehah Ch Blanch, Alberta, 
*Ward S., *Leslie S.; Butler Rl 
North Litchfield Sec25 T240a Smith 
Est. (1888) 

Gregg, William H. (Minnie Almond^ 
Litchfield R2 North Litchfield Sec2( 
TlOOa W. C. Arthurs (1888) 

Griffen, A. F. (Katie Freeman) Ch 
Charlie B.; Coffeen R2 East Fork 
SecllS O80a (1918) 

Griffin, David (Bessie Andrews) Ch 
Alvena; Coffeen Rl Fillmore Sec6S 
T200a Farm Hand Joe Chumley 

Griffin, James (Lizzie Lessman) Ch 
*Dora, *William, *James, *Nettie, 
*Clarence; Hillsboro R3 Irving 
Secl7 O155a (1890) 

Griffin, J. E. (Josephine Mercenheim- 
er) Ch Howard, Homer; Hillsboro 
R2 Hillsboro Seel T20a C. W. Mil- 
ler (1886) 

Griffith, J. T. (Litchfield R3 South 
Litchfield Secl3 O120a (1846) 

Griffith, Sherman (Lillie Mills) Ch 
Cleora, Walter, Fern, *Gertie; 
"Branch Farm" Sorento Rl Walsh- 
ville Sec32 O90a (1866) 

Griffith, W. R. (Luella Price) Ch Wil- 
liam, Orval, *Myrtle; Sorento Rl 
Walshville Sec33 O80a (1895) 

Grigg, Ona D. (Bea Thompson) Ch 
Vivian; Coffeen R3 Fillmore Sec20 
T137a (1911) Mutual Tel. Coffeen 

Grimes, C. E. (Eva Nelson) Ch Nellie 
Margaret, Charles C. ; Nokomis R3 
Nokomis Sec35 O40a (1884) 

Grimes, Edward (Emma E. Sam- 
mons) Ch Ernest R. ; "Sunnyside 
Stock Farm" Raymond R2 Ray- 
mond Sec9 O280a (1866) Mutual 
Tel. Raymond 

Grimes, James E. (Nannie Sanders) 
Ch Irene, Ralph; Irving R3 Irving 
Sec28 O60a (1892) 

Grimes, J. C. (Delia Peacher) Ch 
Harry, Jesse, Charles; "The White 
O. I. C. Farm" Nokomis R4 South 
Audubon Sec4 O120a (1885) Bell 
Tel. Nokomis 



Grimes, Walter (Marcia Clark) Ch Grubb, Emma Ch Myrtle, Harry, 

Harry, Melvina, Lucie, Mark, Clara, Blanch, Gussie, Eunice, Gladys, 

William, Mary; Irving R2 Irving Bonnie, *Dorothy; Raymond Ray- 

Sec2 O230a (1899) Mutual Tel. Witt mond SeclS O15a (1904) 

Grimm, John A. (Ella Wright) Ch Grubb, Harry (Jennie Brown) Ch 

Fay, Noi, Mildred, Lester, Cecil, Phineas,- Raymond R2 Pitman Sec26 

*May, *Emma; Litchfield R3 South T120a A. J. Brown (1904) Mutual 

Litchfield SeclO O40a Secll T40a J. Tel. Waggoner 

Rhodes (1878) Mutual Tel. Litch- Grubbs, F. A. (Ruhanna Self) Ch Min- 

field nie, Grace, *Anna, *Kate, *Joe, 

Grisham, j. J. (Alary A. Kessinger) *Myra, * William; Litchfield South 

Ch Earl, Otto, Wayne; Hillsboro Litchfield Sec9 O85a (1854) Mutual 

R4 Grisham Sec2 T168a W. P. and Tel. Litchfield 

Jane Baker (1904) Bell Tel. Don- Grubbs, William (Stella Smith) Ch 

Grisham, W. C. (Lucy Evans) Ch 

Thelma; Litchfield South Litch- 
field Sec9 T118a M. Fought (1889) 

Irene, *Bertha; Walshville Rl Grubbs, W. S. (Annie Stoddard, Sis- 

Walshville Sec23 O92a (1906) Far- 
mer's Mutual Tel. Sorento 

ter) Hillsboro Rl Hillsboro SeclO 
O180a (1856) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Groner, Charles J. (Margaret Voiles) Guinn, John C. (Lena Bullard) Ch 

Ch *Chal, *Minnie, *Edgar, *Gert- Haskell, George, Delta, Dexter, 

rude, *Eva, *Grace; Irving Rl Witt Stanley; Butler Butler Grove Sec22 

Sec31 O60a (1882) Mutual Tel. Irv- T140a John Wallis (1914) Bell Tel. 

ing Butler 

Gronewald, Henry (Lena Johnson) Gullidge, E. G. (Mary Rau) Ch Merle 

Ch Laverne; Nokomis R3 Nokomis J., Mildred J., Lyle L., Lafonda C. ; 

Sec25 T80a Herman Veters (1893) Pana R3 Audubon Seel T160a Mrs. 

Bell Tel. Nokomis John Rau (1882) Bell Tel. Pana 

Grooms, Albert L. (Sarah E. Allen) Guthals, Albert (Mary Schaefer) Ch 

Ch Virgil, Ray, James, Francis, Allen, Lena; Farmersville Rl Bois 

"Jessie; Barnett R2 Sec21 T300a W. D' Arc Sec35 O106a (1878) Mutual 

D. Carter (1911) Tel. Farmersville 

Grosenheider, Frank (Louisa Ernst) Guthals, John (Hannah Heien) Ch 

Ch Anna, *William, *Frank Jr., George, Pauline, Rose, Nora; Far- 

*Olivera; Litchfield R4 South mersville R2 Bois D' Arc Sec23 

Litchfield Secl9 O300a (1845) O160a T40a Sarah Whalen (1874) 

Grosenheider, Frank Jr. (Minnie Mutual Tel. Farmersville 

Prange) Ch Irma, Milton, Herbert; Guthals, Samuel (Sophia Hazeman) 

Litchfield R4 South Litchfield SeclS Ch Edna, Irene, Harold, Woodrow, 

Ester, Irwin; Sorento Rl Walsh- 
ville Sec33 T136a John Guthals 

Guthrie, Albert E. Ch Blanch, Charles, 
Willma, Marie, Ruth; Litchfield R2 
North Litchfield Sec36 O140a (1875) 

'YJtchfieldT^ South' Lirehfield'~Sec8 Guthrie, J. H. (Georgie Brown) Ch 
T69a Aug. Smith (1893) Oral; Raymond R2 Raymond Sec8 

Grosenheider, William H. (Lottie T240a J- M - Cam P 0873) 

Meyer) Ch Lorene, Oliver, Verna; Guthrie, Rev. J. O. (Mattie Wilcox) 
Mt. Olive R14 Walshville Sec20 Ch Donald W.; "Guthrie Farms" 

T180a Frank Grosenheider (1903) Raymond Harvel Sec32 T160a Eliz- 

Tel. Mt. Olive abeth Guthrie (1870) 

Guy, Jasper S. (Mary E. Junkins) Ch 
William. Halbert; Barnett Rl 
Zanesville Sec30 T80a C. R. Bran- 
don (1815) - 

T160a Frank Grosenheider Sr. 

Grosenheider, Fred F. (Emma L. 
Ch Henry, Otto, Delia; 

Ch Eldred; 




Haake, Otto (Ulreka Yeske) Ch Ma- 
rell; Fillmore R3 Fillmore SeclS 
0251a (1864) Mutual Tel. Fillmore 

Haake, Solomon (Effie Fesser) Ch 
Graydon, Maud; Fillmore R2 Fill- 
more Secl4 O390a (1867) Mutual 
Tel. Fillmore 

Haarstick, Mrs. Anna Ch Barney, 
Louise, *George, *Frank; Ray- 
mond Zanesville Secl3 O45a (1869) 
Bell Tel. Raymond 

Hadley, Thomas Jr. (Ada Smith) Ch 
Harry, William, David, Woodrow; 
"Meadow Brook Farm" Witt Rl 
Witt Sec9 O35a (1904) 

Hagemeier, Fred (Lena Bode) Ch 
Hulda, Oscar, Alvin, Frieda, ""Har- 
ry, *Louisa, *Minnie; Nokomis R2 
Nokomis SecS T200a Mrs. C. Noll-. 
man (1894) Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Hagerman, William (Nora, Sister) 
New Douglas Rl Walshville Sec31 
T160a Christ Ruther (1899) 

Hahn, Henry W. (Maggie Frisch) Ch 
*Tillie, *Frieda; Litchfield R3 South 
Litchfield Sec9 T240a W. J. Lynn 
(1910) Mutual Tel. Litchfield 

Hahnenkamp, Fred (Louise Johnson) 
Ch Rosalanda; Sorento Walshville 
Sec25 T182a William Schoens 
(1917) Farmers' Mutual Tel. So- 
rento . 

Hahnenkamp, William (Mary Greena- 
wald) Nokomis Rl Rountree Secl6 
T120a John Folkerts (1908) Mutual 
Tel. Nokomis 

Hall, George (Sarah M. Clotfelter) 
Ch Dorothy, Dwight; Irving R3 
Irving Sec36 O40a (1907) 

Hall, J. T. Ch George, Gordon, Rus- 
sell, Harlen; Irving R3 Irving Sec34 
T120a V. Feraris (1912) Mutual Tel. 

Hall, William (Rosa Garrett) Ch 
Glenn; Butler R2 Butler Grove 
Sec22 T6Sa Garrett and Young 
(1873) Bell Tel. Butler 

Hall, W. M. (Laura Rainey) Ch Lee, 
Ruth, Bertha, Mary, Ethel, *Lucy; 
Butler Butler Grove Sec21 T120a 
Elliman Est. (1870) Bell Tel. Butler 

Halladay, William (Hattie Caulk) Ch 
Dorothv; Nokomis Rl Rountree 
Sec29 T60a (1893) 

Haller, M. B. (Ada Wiley) Ch Ruth 
Lucille; Nokomis R3 Nokomis 
Sec27-26-34-35 TSOOa Jacob Haller 
Est. (1877) Bell Tel. Nokomis 

Haller, W. R. (Nora Otter) Coffeen 
R2 East Fork Sec24 O70a (1868) 
Mutual Tel. Hillsboro 

Hamby, John (Cora Schmitz) Ch 
Roy, Florence, Dean, Clarence, 
Lawrence, Mary; Walshville Rl 
Grisham Secl9 O40a (1853) 

Hamlin, Lee (Ida G. Scott) Ch Addie, 
Anna, Willie, Claude, *Maude; Fill- 
more Rl Fillmore Sec2 O400a 
(1874) Mutual Tel. Fillmore 

Hamlin, W. J. (Nora Adams) Noko- 
mis R3 Audubon Sec29 O320a 
(1878) Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Hammock, Walter Hillsboro Rl 
Hillsboro Secl6 T2^a Albert Paden 

Hampkey, William (Lillie Kitchen) 
Ch Alice, Fred, Lizzie, Charles; 
Walshville Rl Grisham Sec7 O160a 

Hampton, John M. (Eva Meriwether) 
Ch John, Hadley, Helen; "Hampton 
Heights Farm" Donnellson Rl East 
Fork Sec22S O380a (1870) Bell Tel. 

Hampton, S. T. (Melissa White) Ch 
Roy, Jade; Coffeen Rl East Fork 
SeclSS O40a (1858) 

Hampton, T. W. (Laura Cory) Ch 
Arline, Itelka; Donnellson Rl East 
Fork Sec22S O80a (1892) Bell Tel. 

Hancock, Harry J. (Osie Gannon) Ch 
Julia O., Martha M., Hellen J., 
Edna; Hillsboro R3 East Fork SecS 
078a (1860) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Hancock, John W. (Clara Pope) Ch 
Ralph, Lelia, Loy, Lucille, John, 
Marie, Albert; Harvel Rl Rountree 
SeclS T80a Ed. Rosenthal (1913) 
Mutual Tel. Raymond 

Hand, Charles (Margaret Stauder) Ch 
Winnifred; Nokomis R3 Audubon 
Sec28 T160a William Hand (1885) 
Bell Tel. Nokomis 

Hand, Earl (Mary Ward) Ch Mabel; 
Nokomis R4 Witt Secl3 T240a John 
Hand (1885) Bell Tel. Nokomis 

Hand, Mrs. Ella (Ella Smith) Ch 
Vern, Leland, *Earl; Nokomis R4 
Witt Secl4 O300a (1861) Bell Tel. 

Hand, John Nokomis R4 Nokomis 
Sec36 O40a (1865) 

Hand, William Ch Emma, Augusta. 
John, *Laura. *Charles; Nokomis 
Nokomis Sec26 O180a (1888) Mu- 
tual Tel. 'Nokomis 



Handshy, David (Adelia Haycraft) 
Butler Rl Butler Grove Secl8 
O78^a (1899) 

Hanneken, Herman (Margaret Rak- 
ers) Ch Vincent; Oconee R2 Audu- 
bon Sec36 T180a John Rakers 
(1916) Mutual Tel. Oconee 

Hanner, Harry (Pearl Jett) Ch Caro- 
lyn; Coffeen Rl East Fork Sec3S 
O80a (1889) 

Hanner, Jeremiah (Cora Young) Ch 
Howe, Evelyn, Opal; Donnellson 
Grisham Secl4 T218a William Mil- 
ler (1883) Bell Tel. Donnellson 

Hanner, J. E. (Mary F. Hanner, 
Mother) "Spring Valley Farm" 
Coffeen Rl East Fork Sec33 T12^a 
Mary F. Hanner (1891) Bell Tel. 

Hantla, George E. (Leora I. Martin) 
Ch Ray, Frederick, Harold; Bar- 
nett R2 Zanesville Sec29 T240a W. 
D. Carter (1886) 

Happe, W. J. (Josephine Clevenger) 
Ch Ollin, Beatrice, Flossie; Virden 
R2 Bois D' Arc See? T160a Bartlett 
Est. (1912) Tel. Virden 

Harbauer, Joe J. (Anna Thomas) Ch 
Dorothy; Pawnee R51 Bois D' Arc 
Seel? T80a Farm Hand William 
Seaborn (1918) 

Harbert, Thomas (Jennie Garvin) Ch 
Addie, Alma, Mildred, Charles, 
Carl; Raymond R2 Pitman Sec35 
T240a D. W. Starr (1914) Mutual 
Tel. Waggoner 

Hardy, M. A. (Alice Downs) "Spring 
Dale Farm" Oconee Rl Audubon 
Sec26 O80a (1910) Mutual Tel. Oco- 

Harkey, W. L. (Mrs. Seymour, House- 
keeper) Hillsboro R2 East Fork 
SeclO T80a Frank Spinner (1870) 
Mutual Tel. Hillsboro 

Harman, P. J. (Elza A. Neal) Ch 
*Julia, *Florence, *Blanch; Ray- 
mond Raymond Sec8 O40a (1859) 

Harp, Frank (Mary Nussman) Ch 
Emmons, *Grace, * Walter; Irving 
R3 East Fork Secl4 O39a (1889) 
Mutual Tel. Hillsboro 

Harris, Ben (Ida Skinner) Ch Albert, 
Trou, Harry, Alta, Julia, *Ellis T., 
*Nettie; Witt Rl Witt Sec7 O40a 
(1913) Mutual Tel. Witt 

Harris, H. J. (Lula Bost) Ch Nola, 
Newell; Fillmore Rl Fillmore Secl6 
O70a Sec9 T70a V. A. Bost (1873) 
Mutual Tel. Fillmore 

Harris, Ira A. (Bertha Rouk) Ch 
Veda M.; Waggoner Rl Pitman 
Sec30 T12a Martin Brubaker (1913) 
Mutual Tel. Waggoner 

Harris, James H. (Mollie Coffey) Ch 
Elbert L.; Coffeen R3 Fillmore 
SeclSS OSOa (1886) Mutual Tel. 

Harris, Ora (Nellie Alexander) Ch 
Laura, Norma, Lenora, Marie; Fill- 
more R2 Fillmore Sec34 T120a 
Marion Toberman (1913) 

Harris, W. J. (Nina G. Beck) Ch J. 
Edgar, Nellie, Vera, Neva; Coffeen 
R2 East Fork Sec36 T160a John 
Beck Est. (1865) Mutual Tel. Cof- 

Harrison, Asa (Leona Malloy) Ch 
Kathryn; Fillmore Rl Fillmore 
Secll T80a Herschel Hill (1916) 

Harrison, Ira M. (Leona Whitten) 
Ch Leland, Denver, Fern; Fillmore 
R2 Fillmore Sec24 O80a (1915) 

Harrison, W. A. (Cynthia Donaldson) 
Ch Rawleigh, *Ora, *Ezra, *Ethel, 
*Bessie, *Eyerett, *Bennie, *Tony, 
*Relmon; Fillmore Fillmore Sec36 
O26a (1878) 

Harshberger, Archie (Marie Bivins) 
Litchfield R3 South Litchfield Sec22 
T340a Louis McWilliams (1916) 

Harshbarger, Isaac (Frances Bastion) 
Ch Clifford; Litchfield R2 North 
Litchfield Sec21 T80a A. Rieves 
(1915) Bell Tel. Litchfield 

Hart, J. H. (Anna Colburn) Ch 
Mildred, Veta, Alvin, Howard; 
Thomasville Bois D' Arc Secl6 
T117a Mrs. Marie Lloyd (1865) Tel. 

Hart, Walter C. (Mary E. Martin) Ch 
Gertrude, *George, *Hattie; Litch- 
field R2 North Litchfield Sec20 
T160a A. Harwood (1910) Mutual 
Tel. Litchfield 

Hartgroves, J. H. (Viola Jones) Ch 
Myrtle, Edna, Retta. Burrell, Tur- 
ner; Hillsboro R4 Hillsboro Sec29 
OSOa Sec20-21 T95a Mrs. Mary 
Ault (1872) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Hartlieb, Amil (Amanda Klein) Ch 
Duane, Ivan; Witt Witt Sec7 T160a 
Joseph Hartlieb (1884) 

Hartlieb, Philip (Caroline Hoehn) Ir- 
ving Rl Irving Sec24 T120a Frank 
Husius and Joe Hartlieb (1886) 
Mutual Tel. Irving 

Hartman, Heie (Emily Kulow) Litch- 
field Rl North Litchfield Sec8 OSOa 
(1890) Mutual Tel. Litchfield 



Hartman, Herman (Augusta Kulow) 
Ch Minnie, Anna; Litchfield Rl 
North Litchfield Sec8 O80a T80a 
Miss Mary Coyne (1889) 

Harvey, George E. (May Landers) 
Ch lone, Virgil; Coffeen R2 Fill- 
more SecS O82a Sec32 TlOa James 
A. Harvey (1872) Mutual Tel. Cof- 

Harvey, J. A. (Martha Hicks) Coffeen 
R2 Fillmore Sec32 O80a (1861) 

Harvey, T. R. (Sarah I. Snyder) Ch 
John, Aaron, *Lelia, *Grace, *Eva, 
*Inez; Coffeen R2 Fillmore Sec6 
O86a (1859) Mutual Tel. Coffeen 

Hawkins, Marcus (Laura Blaylock) 
Ch Audrey, Evelina, Lawrence, 
Leon, Roland; Sorento Rl Walsh- 
ville Sec25 T26a C. Jarvis (1914) 

Haycraft, Barney F. (Mayme Chris- 
ten) Ch Raymond, Homer; Litch- 
field R2 North Litchfield Sec35 
T80a G. L. Settlemier (1915) 

Hayden, Charley W. (Nanetta 
Downs) Ch Lena, Frank, Ruth, 
Roy; Irving R3 Fillmore Sec6 
O60a T30a Frank Price (1904) Mu- 
tual Tel. Irving 

Hayes, A. G. (Stella Williams) Ch 
Scott, Dale, Robert, *Merle, *Or- 
ville; Butler R2 Butler Grove Secl7 
O134a (1903) Bell Tel. Butler 

Haynes, William (Berty Snyder) Ch 
Baxter, Ernest, *Myrtle; Coffeen 
R3 Fillmore Sec20 OlOOa (1863) 
Mutual Tel. Coffeen 

Heater, Earl A. (Sophia Ostemier) 
Ch Francis, Earline; Farmersville 
R2 Bois D' Arc Secll O160a Secl4 
T160a Mary Clark (1911) Tel. Far- 

Heckel, John (Louise Krummel) 
Hillsboro R4 Grisham Secll O200a 
(1879) Bell Tel. Donnellson 

Heckel, Mrs. Minnie (Minnie Hei- 
fers) Ch Bertha, *Louisa, ""Char- 
lotte, *John; Hillsboro R4 Grisham 
SeclO O180a (1868) Bell Tel. Don- 

Heckman, Dell (Doie Tracker) Cof- 
feen R3 East Fork Secl3S O106a 
(1875) Mutual Tel. Coffeen 

Heckman, Sol. (Pernecy Jones) Ch 
Mabel; "Evergreen Farm" Coffeen 
R3 Fillmore SeclS OSOa (1871) 
Mutual Tel. Coffeen 

Heckman, William E. (Ida E. Otter) 
Ch Cleita, Kenneth M., Helen F., 
Beulah A.; "Sugar Hill Farm" Cof- 
feen R3 Fillmore Secl9S T135a 
Mary Heckman (1881) Mutual Tel. 

Hedden, J. S. (Belle Hart) Ch Og- 
reita, *Lura, *Margaret, *Clara, 
*Lynda, *Bessie; Nokomis R3 
South Audubon Sec7 OSOa (1905) 
Bell Tel. Nokomis 

Heeren, Harry (Tina DeVries) Ch 
Harold; New Douglas Rl Walsh- 
ville Sec31 T193a Herman Heeren 

Heffmgton, Clyde (Anna Hagerman) 
Ch Mildred, James, Mae, Eva, Roy, 
Kenneth, Robert; Harvel Rl Roun- 
tree Sec7 T80a Mrs. P. L. Heffine- 
ton (1918) 

Heffler, Charles (Bessie Bohen) Ch 
Bailey, Ida, Nellie, Helen; Irving 
R2 Irving Sec3 T80a Charles Hef- 
fley (1886) 

Hefley, Daniel (Maria Lipe) Ch 
*George, *Nelson, *Charles, *May, 
*Daniel; Witt Rl Irving Sec4 O140a 
(1844) Mutual Tel. Witt 

Hefley, George (Alice Parsell) Ch 
Ivy, Earl, Anna, Isbell, Minnie, 
Mary, Wilma, George, Kenton, 
*Ray E.; "Groveland Farm" Noko- 
mis Rl Rountree Sec21 OlOa (1874) 
Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Hegen, Herman (Lulu Leduc) Ch Ot- 
to, Ruby, Fay, Emma; Walshville 
Rl Walshville Sec23 O93a T76a 
B. G. Valentine (1882) Farmers' 
Mutual Tel. Sorento 

Heien, Heie (Annie Hohmann) Ch 
Martha, Edwin, Adolph, Lena, Dor- 
othv. Anna, *Emma, *Henry; Litch- 
field R3 South Litchfield Sec28 
O240a (1875) 

Heien, Heie (Anna Temme) Ch Lau- 
ra; Morrisonville R3 Rountree SecS 
OSOa (1914) Mutual Tel. Harvel 

Heien, Henry (Frieda Hahn) Litch- 
field R4 South Litchfield SecS 
T160a Hei Heien (1895) Mutual 
Tel. Litchfield 

Heien, Martin (Anna Hoelmer) Ch 
Alfred, Arnold, Esther; Girard R43 
Bois D' Arc Sec30 O160a Sec29 
T40a G. A. Mertz (1877) Mutual 
Tel. Farmersville 

Heim, J. A. (Alma W. Gordan) Ch 
Inez M., Luceil D.. Dorothea T.; 
Harvel R2 Harvel SecS OSOa (1885) 
Tel. Morrisonville 



Heim, Roscoe (Grace Lipe) Ch Nao- 
mi, Ramona; Harvel Rl Rountree 
Sec8-9 T240a Fred Heim (1891) Mu- 
tual Tel. Harvel 

Heisman, Fred (Maggie Manske) Ch 
Edward, Maude, Anna, Elmer, 
Charles, *Lina *Ida; Walshville Rl 
Walshville Secl2 T350a Missemer 
Est. (1864) 

Held, Joe (Louise Guttenbefg) Ch 
Joseph J.; Raymond R2 Raymond 
Secl7 T80a John Held (1890) 

Held, John (Catherine Herman) Ch 
Florence, Stella, Anthony, Mary, 
Dorothy, *Joe, *Agnes; Raymond 
R2 Raymond Secl7 O240a (1865) 

Heldebrandt, Charles (Ethel Ammer- 
man) Ch Mildred, Carl, Russell, 
Ivan; Nokomis R3 Witt Sec24 O40a 
(1882) Bell Tel. Nokomis 

Heldebrandt, Henry (Caroline 
Nieft) Ch Elizabeth, *Louise, 
*George, "Charles, *Bertha, "John, 
*Edna, *Minnie; Nokomis R3 Witt 
Sec24 O290a (1871) Bell Tel. No- 

Heldebrandt, John (Anna Windrup) 
Nokomis R3 Witt Sec24 TlOOa 
Henry Heldebrandt (1892) Bell Tel. 

Heifer, Fred (Maggie Nattleman) Ch 
*John; Hillsboro R4 Grisham Secll 
O320a (1868) Bell Tel. Donnellson 

Heifer, J. T. (Maude Arnold) Ch 
Harold, Earl, Lloyd, Bertha, Opal, 
John; Hillsboro R4 Grisham Secll 
T220a Fred Heifer (1884) Bell Tel. 

Helgen, John (Leona Davenport) Ch 
Harold, Fern; Walshville Rl Walsh- 
ville Secl3 T260a Harm Helgen 

Helgen, Harm (Eintje Dirks) Ch 
Mary, Ida, *Minnie. *Annie, *Em- 
ma, *Herman, *John; Walshville 
Rl Walshville Secl3 OlOa U858) 
Farmers' Mutual Tel. Sorento 

Hemann, George (Lillie Arkebauer) 
Ch Oscar, Mabel, Glenn; Sorento 
Rl Walshville Sec27 O240a (1909) 

Hemken, George (Mary Alice Kit- 
chen) Ch Elsie, Marie, Charles, Les- 
lie, Mary Opal, Vanie Louise; 
Walshville Walshville Secl3 T127a 
Joseph Sommer (1876) 

Henderson, L. J. (Julia Card) Ch 
Ray. 'Charlie, *Harry, *Ethel; No- 
komis R3 South Audubon Sec3 
OlOOa (1859) Bell Tel. Nokomis 

Hendricks, Brewer Morrisonville R2 
Bois D' Arc Secl6 TlOOa Otto Hen- 
dricks and Mr. Merry (1887) Chris- 
tian County Tel. Morrisonville 

Hendricks, Frank (Rosa Dayton) Ch 
*Glenn, *Floyd; Pawnee R51 Bois 
D' Arc Sec20 O80a T20a Mrs. Eliza- 
beth Hendricks (1865) Tel. Farm- 

Hendricks, Glenn (Nola Smith) Farm- 
ersville R2 Bois D' Arc Sec20 TlOOa 
Rola Simpnson (1888) Mutual Tel. 

Henry, John W. (Ester Lyman) Ch 
Lyman, Willis, Ross, Helen; Farm- 
ersville R2 Bois D' Arc Secl9 T20a 
George Lyman (1873) Mutual Tel. 

Henry, Ray (Naomi Gamlin) Ray- 
mond R3 Raymond Sec32 T270a 
Hugh Henry (1903) Bell Tel. Ray- 

Henry, Richard (Ruth Thomas) Ch 
Elmer, Elsworth; Butler Raymond 
Sec33 O120a (1911) Bell Tel. Butler 

Henson, M. M. (Beckie Thomas) Ch 
Hubert, *Nelia, *Maud, *Rawleigh; 
Fillmore Rl Fillmore Seel O40a 

Herman, C. O. (Theresa Schwab) Ch 
Joseph; Coffeen R2 East Fork Sec26 
T140a Artmiera Joyce (1890) Mu- 
tual Tel. Coffeen 

Herman, John W. (Ida Bartlett) Fill- 
more R2 Fillmore Secl3 O40a T35a 
Allen Osborn and Cornelius Hill 

Herman, Joseph F. (Louisa Thomp- 
son) Ch Aloysius, Frances, Rosa, 
*Andrew, *Ottq; Litchfield R2 
Sec22 T155a Tohie Hogan (1893) 
Mutual Tel. Litchfield 

Herman, Peter (Mary Domer) Ch 
Tony, Margaret; Raymond R3 Ray- 
mond Sec27 O80a (1871) Bell Tel. 

Herman, Roman (Lena Obertfell) Ch 
Opal, Roman, Mary, Pearl; Ray- 
mond R3 Raymond Sec28 T80a Ab- 
bie Hartwich (1873) Bell Tel. Ray- 

Herman, Sarah E. (Sarah E. Smalley) 
Ch John, Harold. Herbert. Huld'a. 
Ethel, David, Theodore; Raymond 
Raymond SeclS O6a (1892) 

Herren, Dr. C. E. Ravmond Raymond 
Sec8 OSl^a (1870) Mutual Tel. 

Herrmann, Mrs. Dora E. Ch Christo- 
pher, Take; Raymond Zanesville 
Secl2 OllSa (1897) 



Herselman, George (Katie Walch) 
Morrisonville R3 Rountree Sec3 
O8a (1873) Mutual Tel. Harvel 

Herzog, Benjamin W. (Clara E. 
Reincke) Ch Wilbur O.; Nokomis 
Rl Rountree Secl4 T80a William 
E. Redecker (1893) Mutual Tel. No- 

Herzog, John (Louisa L. Breiten- 
bach) Ch Alelia, Hilda. Arthur, 
Roy, Gladys; Waggoner Rl Zanes- 
ville Sec8 T160a M. C. Camp (1908) 
Mutual Tel. Waggoner 

Herzog, William (Emma J. Engel- 
man) Ch Edward, Florence, Har- 
old, *Benjamin, *William; Noko- 
mis R5 Nokomis Sec2 O160a (1891) 
Bell Tel. Nokomis 

Hesterberg, August C. (Anna E. 
Jung) Ch Mildred; Farmersville R2 
Bois D' Arc Sec29 O160a (1901) 
Mutual Tel. Farmersville 

Hesterberg, Carl (Caroline Bien) Ch 
Elmer, Reinhold, Paula, Wilfred; 
Farmersville Pitman SeclO T160a 
Deacon Carroll (1914) Mutual Tel. 

Hesterberg, Fred (Margreth Hort- 
man) Ch Arthur, Alfred, Alfreda 
A. Farmersville R2 Pitman Sec2 
T152a H. Rovey (1904) 

Hick, Winn (Kate Bird) Ch Grant, 
Emma; Walshville Rl Grisham 
Seel? T200a B. Scheron (1918) 

Hicken, William (Hannah McNelly) 
"Verdun Farm" Witt R2 Nokomis 
Sec33 O18a (1908) 

Hickman, Frank C. (Hattie A. Major) 
Ch Opal; Coffeen Rl East Fork 
SecSS O130a (1873) Bell Tel. Hills- 

Hicks, Fred (Etta Revis) Ch Oscar, 
Marie, Gladys, Verna, Sylva, Earl; 
Oconee Rl South Audubon Sec2 
OlOa (1912) 

Hicks, L. E. (Rebecca Stokes) Ch 
Agnes, William R., Bessie, Clifford, 
Mildred, Norval, Lester; Nokomis 
Nokomis Secl6 T80a M. Ranolds 
(1900) Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Hicks, Rufus (Myrtle Livingston) Ch 
Amber, Eileen; Fillmore R2 Sec21 
T3a Earl Flood 

Hicks, T. L. Chapman Fillmore SecS 
O40a (1871) 

Hicks, William (Nellie Miller) Ch 
Lester. Lois, Ila; Coffeen R2 Fill- 
more Sec32 O65a Sec28 T50a John 
Wetterer and Tom Hicks (1868) 

Higginson, J. B. (Lin Meyers) Ch 
Eugene, Herman; Raymond R2 
Raymond Sec4 O160a (1913) Mu- 
tual Tel. Raymond 

Hill, Asa (Lucy Wright) Ch Chester, 
Esther, Viola, Wilda; Chapman 
Fillmore Sec33 O80a (1874) 

Hill, Cornelius (Sapphire Garland) Ch 
William, Jesse, *Dora, *Ida, *Eli- 
jah, *Lafayette, *Hester, *Josie; 
Fillmore R2 Fillmore Secl2 O380a 

Hill, H. C. (Hattie Hendricks) Ch 
Harold; Fillmore Rl Fillmore 
Sec22 O70a (1873) Mutual Tel. 

Hill, John B. (Cordie Thacker) Ch 
Clifford, Iva; Fillmore R2 Fillmore 
Sec30 O2a SeclO T120a Noble Rog- 
ers (1884) Mutual Tel. Fillmore 

Hill, Lafayette (Julia Calhoun) Ch 
Ona, Chloe, Chalmer, Myrtle, 
*Ethel; Chapman Fillmore Sec28 
O102a (1863) 

Hill, S. W. (Mary Hinton) Ch Lola, 
Alma, Grover, *Asa, "Idella, *Grace; 
Fillmore R2 Fillmore Sec28 O95a 

Hillman, Mrs. Kate (Kate Lang) 
Fillmore R2 Fillmore Sec21 O60a 

Hilt, James (Blanche Weller) Ch 
Ada E.; Nokomis Rl Rountree 
Secl6 T117a Edward Hilt (1889) 

Hilyard, Sam Ch Imo; Witt Rl Irving 
Seel T80a J. C. Pick (1908) 

Hines, Joseph (Agnes Gleich) Noko- 
mis R3 Audubon Sec28 T320a Mike 
Hines (1892) Bell Tel. Nokomis 

Hines, T. E. (Jessie Randel) Ch 
Randel Leo. Maggie Doris, Clement 
Darwin; Nokomis R2 Audubon 
Sec7 T99a P. O'Donnell (1882) Bell 
Tel. Nokomis 

Hinkle, A. L. (Emma Matlew) Ch 
Hele,n R.; Pawnee R51 Bois D' Arc 
SecS O380a 0874) Tel. Pawnee 

Hinkle, C. , M. (Ada Crocker) Ch 
Mabel; Pawnee Bois D' Arc SecS 
O167a T140a M. V. Hinkle (1875) 
Tel. Pawnee 

Hinsenbrock, Andy (Angela Loh- 
mann) Hillsboro R2 East Fork 
SeclS T80a Antone Hinsenbrock 

Hinsenbrock, Anton Sr. (Helena Hu- 
ber) Ch Lawrence, Helena. *Her- 
man, *Frank, *Anton Jr.; "Orchard 
Mound Farm" Hillsboro R2 East 
Fork SeclO O320a (1878) 



Hinton, Ethan W. (Amy Brummet) 
Ch George F.; Oconee Rl Audubon 
Sec26 T60a James Carroll (1912) 
Mutual Tel. Oconee 

Hinton, R. J. (Anna Carter) Fillmore 
Rl Fillmore Sec25 T40a R. J. Hin- 
ton (1870) Mutual Tel. Fillmore 

Hirch, Albert (Tracy Riefenberg) 
Litchfield R2 North Litchfield Sec27 
O40a (1880) 

Hitchings, C. J. (Myrtle Reineke) Ch 
Herschel, Glenn, Lois; Harvel Rl 
Raymond Secl4 O120a (1884) Mu- 
tual Tel. Raymond 

Hitchings, J. C. (Eileen Pope) Har- 
vel Rl Raymond Sec3 O60a (1866) 
Mutual Tel. Harvel 

Hoard, Edward (Josie Smock) Ch 
Marguerite; Thomasville Bois D' 
Arc Sec8 T80a H. Clark (1893) 

Hoard, George W. (Dutchlen Thomp- 
son) Ch Earl, Grace, Albert, Annie, 
Lola, Elsie, "Edward; Thomasville 
Bois D' Arc Secl7 T400a McClean 
Est. (1890) Tel. Virden 

Hobson, Richard Ward (Sadie Sea- 
born) Ch Mary Ann; Farmersville 
R2 Bois D' Arc Sec22 T120a 
Thomas Seaborn (1876) Mutual Tel. 

Hodges, Arthur (Ina Fogleman) Ch 
Howard; Irving Butler Grove Sec2 
O160a (1876) Bell Tel. Butler 

Hoefke, John (Anna Klein) Ch Hen- 
ry, Theodore, *Martin, *Rena, 
*Martha; New Douglas Walshville 
Sec29 T240a John Heeren 

Hoehn, Charles (Mary Singler) Ch 
Mary M.. Otto A., Stella E., Caro- 
line J., Irene C., Harry J., *Bertha 
F., "Ida L.; Irving Rl Witt Secl6 
O200a (1875) Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Hoehn, C. B. (Clara J. Probst) Ir- 
ving Rl Witt Sec23 T160a M. 
Probst (1874) Bell Tel. Nokomis 
Hoehn, Henry (Lena Singler) Ch 
Viola. Olevia: Irving Rl Witt SeclS 
O120a (1876)" Mutual Tel. Nokomis 
Hoehn, J. A. Ch Edna, Alvin, Osca; 
Irving Rl Witt Secl6 OlSOa (1876) 
Hoehn, J. B. (Henrietta Nieft) Ch 
Lillie, Helen, Herbert, Pearl, Eu- 
gene, *Ed, *Walter, *Albert, "Flor- 
ence; Oconee Rl Audubon Sec36 
O160a (1879) Mutual Tel. Oconee 
Hoehn, Martin J. (Mattie Moore) Ch 
Josephine; Irving Rl Witt SecS 
O120a Secl4 T240a John Hoehn 
(1882) Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Hoelmer, Henry Farmersville R2 Bois 
D' Arc Sec33 T70a Charles Huffing- 
ton (1898) Mutual Tel. Farmers- 

Hoffman, Albert (Luella Schniepp) 
Nokomis R5 Nokomis Secl4 T160a 
Julius Kettlekamp (1914) Bell Tel. 

Hoffman, H. C. (Emma Schenker) Ch 
Nellie, Lillie, Dean, *Otis, "Ella; 
Fillmore Rl Fillmore Sec24 O124a 
(1882) Mutual Tel. Fillmore 

Hoffman, O. C. (Esther Hallford) 
Ch Helen; "Sunny Hillside Farm" 
Fillmore Rl Fillmore Sec24 TSOa 
Henry Hoffman (1892) Mutual Tel. 

Hoffman, Walter (Rhoda Forehand) 
Ch Rual, Lee; Hillsboro Rl Hills- 
boro SeclS O18a (1876) Bell Tel. 

Hoisington, Arthur (Anna Grubbs) 
Ch Lucille, Everett; Walshville Rl 
Walshville Sec3 T300a D. E. Hois- 
ington (1886) 

Hoisington, D. E. (Jane Cox) Ch 
Opal, Harold, "Bertha, "Alice, "Jo- 
sephine, "Arthur, "Edward; Walsh- 
ville Rl Walshville Sec3 (1855) 
Farmers' Mutual Tel. Hillsboro 

Holloway, B. C. (Dora Moody) Ch 
Marguerite; Fillmore R2 Fillmore 
Sec22 O120a Secl4-15 TSOa John 
Whitten and C. P. Hamlin (1880) 
Mutual Tel. Fillmore 

Holloway, G. E. (Katherine Kunz) Ch 
Raphael; Irving R3 Fillmore Sec7 
O62a (1881) Mutual Tel. Hillsboro 

Holloway, U. W. (Naomi Spears) Ch 
Lonnie, Byrd, Carrie, Jacob, Mabel; 
Fillmore R2 Fillmore Sec22 O40a 

Holmer, William (Dora Fuchs) Ch 
Vera, Luella; Farmersville R2 Bois 
D' Arc Sec33 T155a Mat Leaker and 
Charles Huffington (1898) Mutual 
Tel. Farmersville 

Holmes. Mrs. Dora Ch Glenn, Stella. 
"Ralph R.; Nokomis Rl Nokomis 
Sec28 O237a (1888) Mutual Tel. 

Holmes, Edwin J. (Marie Eckhoff) 
Ch Lillian, Caroline, William, Al- 
bert; Nokomis R2 Nokomis Secl3 
T320a W. A. Holmes (1885) Bell 
Tel. Nokomis 



Holt, James R. (Mabel M. Sampson) 
Ch Eulah, Russell, Susie, Permelia, 
Mary; Rosemond Rl Audubon 
SeclS T260a E. Ullom (1916) Mu- 
tual Tel. Rosemond 

Holthaus, Herman F. (Agnes Poll- 
man) Ch Paul R., Francis H.; Oco- 
nee R2 Audubon Sec56 T120a 
Thomas Lord (1913) Mutual Tel. 

Holtkoetter, August Ch Herman 
Emma, *Minnie; Farmersville Rl 
Pitman Secll T160a W. W. Hays 
(1885) Mutual Tel. Farmersville 

Hoog, Albert (Amelia Schwab) Ch 
Joseph, Barbara; Litchfield North 
Litchfield Sec29 T120a J. D. Francis 

Hoog, Carl (Lucy Bellin) Ch Viola; 
Litchfield North Litchfield Sec21 
T80a Philip Bellin (1888) Mutual 
Tel. Litchfield 

Hoog, Joseph Litchfield R2 North 
Litchfield Sec20 O200a (1874) Mu- 
tual Tel. Litchfield 

Hoole, Fred Irving R3 Irving Sec22 
O5a (1880) 

Hoover, John (Mae Cook) Ch Rufus 
Paul, *Iva; Farmersville Rl Pitman 
Secl4 T160a Mrs. R. B. Holmes 
(1914) Mutual Tel. Farmersville 

Hope, J. C. (Mary E. Chamberlain) 
Ch Ethel, *Oscar, *Cora, *Lou, 
*Laura, *Pearl, *Howard; Hillsboro 
R4 Hillsboro Sec26 O270a (1851) 
Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Hope, Oscar L. (Johanna Boo ie) Ch 
Ruby, Homer, Gladys. Edith, Mary; 
Hillsboro R4 Sec35 O70a Sec36-35 
T80a J. C. Hope (1875) Bell Tel. 

Hopper, A. P. Coffeen East Fork 
Sec33 OlOSa (1868) 

Hoppin, Frank H. ''Maude Sloman) 
Ch Mark. Curtis, Fredrick, Ruth: 
Pawnee R51 Bois D' Arc Sec7 
O152a Sec8 T240a C. C. Hoppin 
(1879) Tel. Pawnee 

Hoppin, F. M. (Mattie P. Pierce) Ch 
Daisy. *William P.; Pawnee R51 
Bois D' Arc Sec7 O260a (1902) Tel. 

Hopwood, Edd (Maud Henson) Ch 
Earl, Clarence. Carl; Fillmore Rl 
Fillmore Secl4 T80a Hamilton Card 
(1904) Mutual Tel. Fillmore 

Hopwood, Martha (Martha Wade) Ch 
Guy. 'Charlie, *Edd, 'Martha, 
*Margaret. *Bill: Fillmore Fill- 
more Sec25 O20a T30a Joseph Hoff- 
man Mutual Tel. Fillmore 

Horn, Thomas (Dora Dunkirk) Ch 
William H., 'Richard, 'Lelia; Litch- 
field R2 North Litchfield Sec9 
O160a (1907) Mutual Tel. Litchfield 

Houck, W. J. (Anna E. Adams) Ch 
Irene, Frank; Ohlman Audubon 
Sec7 T160a E. A. Burwell (1910) 
Bell Tel. Nokomis 

House, C. E. (Mabel Nussmann) Ch 
Ivan, Cecil, Lelah; Nokomis Rl 
Rountree Sec30 T240a Sim Est. 
(1888) Mutual Tel. Raymond 

House, Hiram (Martha Shore) Ch 
Gladys, Clinton, Loretta, *Hugh, 
*Wifliam, *Ed, *Mary, *Scott, 
*Cleve, *Nellie, *Hattie, *Bessie. 
*Glenn; Harvel Rl Rountree Secl7 
O120a (1876) Mutual Tel. Harvel 

House, Hugh (Katie Furnace) Ch 
Roxie, Ruby, Woodrow, Willard; 
Nokomis Rl Rountree Sec28 O92a 

House, Scott (Maggie Williams) Ch 
Virgie, Blanch. Lora, Agnes, Wil- 
lis, Rexford; Harvel R2 Rountree 
Secl7 T120a George Watson (1888) 

House, William (Celia Hilt) Ch Opal, 
Faye, Hiram, Edward; Irving R2 
Irving SeclO O80a T30a Perry 
Smith (1880) 

Houshka, Joseph (Mary Kancki) Ch 
Anna, Joseph, Jr.; Nokomis R4 No- 
komis Sec33 O30a (1874) 

Hosto, George (Lydia Prange) Ch 
Kenneth, Norma; New Douglas Rl 
Walshville Sec31 O120a (1914) Al- 
hambra Mutual Tel. Alhambra 

Howard, James R. (Rebecca Sorrells) 
Ch Aura, Francis, Berthol, Mary, 
Edith; Coffeen Rl East Fork 
Secl6S T364a Emmet Stokes (1913) 
Bell Tel. Donnellson 

Howell, Albert (Mary Grimes) Ch 
Grace, Louis, Leona. Mary, Dale; 
Nokomis Nokomis Sec25 O120a 
(1898) Bell Tel. Nokomis 

Howell, C. L. (Susie Barding) .Ch 
Lula, Ida. Mildred, Francis, Anna, 
John; Nokomis R4 South Audubon 
Sec4 TllOa George Howell (1906) 

Howell, Ed. (Lottie Elwell) Ch Ves- 
ta, Florence; Pana R3 Audubon 
Secl2 O160a (1888) Mutual Tel. 

Howell, Frank (Ida Sturgeon) Ch 
George Morris; Nokomis R3 South 
Audubon Sec9 T220a George How- 
ell (1904) Bell Tel. Nokomis 



Hoxsey, James R. (Barbara How- 
ard) Ch Minnie, Vessie, John, Clar- 
ence, James W., Sylvia; Sorento 
Rl Walshville Sec26 T200a Vic 
Barcroft (1915) 

Huber, Albert B. (Lillie Meyer) Ch 
Joseph; Coffeen R2 East Fork 
Sec26 O40a (1893) 

Huber, Miss Alice "Clay Hill Cot- 
tage" Nokomis R3 Nokomis Sec34- 
35 O30a (1876) 

Huber, A. G. (Ella W. Pick) Hills- 
boro R2 East Fork Secl6 T120a 
Godfrey Huber (1890) 

Huber, Anthony L. (Clara Filling) 
Ch Irene, John; Coffeen R2 East 
Fork Sec25 O190a (1887) Mutual 
Tel. Coffeen 

Huber, B. I. (Anna Huber) Ch Euris, 
Llewellyn, Ralph, Marcel, Herschel, 
Irwin; "Meadow Brook Farm" Fill- 
more R2 Fillmore Sec33 O180a 

Huber, Frank (Emma Benny) Ch 
Lorene, Harold, *Elta, *Guy; 
"Edgemont Farm" Hillsboro Rl 
Hillsboro Sec2 O255a (1867) Mu- 
tual Tel. Hillsboro 

Huber, Frank (Lizzie Briegel) Ch 
Blaine, Raymond; Nokomis R6 No- 
komis Sec35 O65a (1876) 

Huber, Frank A. (Louisa Wanger) 
Ch Lillian, Walter; Nokomis R4 
Witt Secl2 O200a (1876) Bell Tel. 

Huber, Frank J. (Angela Tilling) Ch 
Ferdinand, Olivia, Clarence, Les- 
ter, Mary, Florence; Coffeen R2 
East Fork Se.c25 O187a (1876) Mu- 
tual Tel. Coffeen 

Huber, George A. (Elta Huber) Ch 
Vincent, Marie, Ruth, Woodrow, 
Emma, Carl; Coffeen Rl East Fork 
Seel 5 O80a (1883) Mutual Tel. 

Huber, Henry (Caroline Brown) Ch 
Michael, Joseph; Coffeen R2 East 
Fork Sec 14 O80a also owns 25 
acres of timber land in Sec25 (1871) 

Huber, Henry (Emma Huver) Ch An- 
drew; Witt Rl Witt Sec9 T166a 
Tony Soletto (1889) Mutual Tel. 

Huber, Henry J. (Lucy Kaburick) Ch 
Paul, Ralph, Margaret, Irene, Glen, 
Wema; Coffeen Rl East Fork Sec23 
T120a William Kaburick (1890) 

Huber, Joseph (Anna M. Spinner) Ch 
Charlie L., *Emma, *Edna; Coffeen 
Rl East Fork Secl4 O160a (1868) 
Mutual Tel. Hillsboro 

Huber, J. L. (Mary Hoehn) Ch 
Harry, Leo, *Charles; Irving Rl 
Witt Sec21 O130a (1882) Mutual 
Tel. Nokomis 

Huber, William (Ellen Bender) Ch 
* William, *John, *Katherine; Irv- 
ing Rl Witt SeclS O160a (1870) 
Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Huber, William C. (Marie Seidel) 
Coffeen East Fork Sec34 T52a God- 
frey Huber (1894) 

Huber, William L. Nokomis R3 Witt 
Sec2 O160a (1888) 

Huber, William R. (Catherine Benny) 
Ch Cleo, Ester, Roy; Coffeen Rl 
East Fork Sec35 O150a (1869) 

Hucker, Albert (Nettie Eddington) 
Ch Homer, Carrol; "Oakdale Farm" 
Irving Rl Irving Sec34 O80a Witt 
Sec31 T200a John Hucker (1882) 
Mutual Tel. Irving 

Hucker, John (Emma E. Eddington) 
Ch John, Olive, Elsie, -* Albert; 
"Rose Hill Stock Farm" Irving R3 
Irving Sec36 O560a (1882) Mutual 
Tel. Irving 

Huddelson, W. (Mattie Sperry) Ch 
Inez, *Robert H., *Charles V.; No- 
komis R4 Witt Sec3 O80a Nokomis 
Sec32 O40a (1881) Bell Tel. 

Hudson, George J. (Nellie Harkey) 
Ch Mildred, Ilene; Irving R2 Irving 
Sec9 O60a Secl6 T20a W. Wiley 

Hudson, James (Candace Young) Ch 
James, Roy, Cleo, Claude, Mollie, 
Emma, Hazel, Fairy, *Pearl, *Char- 
ley, *William, *Effie, *Liddie, 
*Maude; Hillsboro R3 Irving Sec20 
O55a T40a Mr. Wiley (1888) 

Hueschen, Diedrich (Johanna Trauer- 
nicht) Ch Marie, Emil, Anna. Hele- 
na, Ida, Luella, *William, *Rose; 
Morrisonville R3 Rountree SecS 
OlSOa (1886) Mutual Tel. Harvel 

Hueschen, William D. (Josephine 
Fesser) Mrs. Mary Fesser, Mother; 
Witt Rl Rountree Sec26 O80a 
(1888) Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Hugh, Henry (Lula Cass) Ch Roy. 
Hellen; Raymond R3 Raymond 
Sec32 O270a (1903) 

Hughes, Andrew P. (Myrtle Short) 
Ch Lyman; Hillsboro R3 Irving 
Sec32 OlOOa (1876) Bell Tel. Hills- 

Hughes, Daniel Gage (Frances Mc- 
Lean) Ch Mary, Leighton, *Albert, 
*Alma; Hillsboro R3 Irving Sec32 
O245a (1848) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 



Hughes, F. G. (Belle Grantham) Ch 
Joe, Willis, Hush, Kenneth; "Cedar 
Grest Farm" Irving R3 Irving 
Sec34 OlOOa (1888) 

Hughes, James (Rosa Kelgay) Ch 
Edward, Lucile, John, James, 
George; Irving Rl Irving Sec24 
O40a (19in 

Hughes, James E. (Laura M. Boyd) 
Ch Ellsworth, Boyd, George W.; 
Mt. Olive R14 Walshville Secl6 
O280a T40a Sylvester Griswold 

Hulbert, W. F. (Lula Gage) Ch Sua- 
villa, Lloyd, Howard, Everett, 
Grace Edna, Ida Mae; Nokomis 
R3 Nokomis Sec27 O40a (1876) 
Bell Tel. Nokomis 

Hults, H. G. (Emma R. Shewmake) 
Ch Ivan H., *Anna R., *Forest, 
*Katie O., *Jesse C; Irving R3 
Fillmore Sec7 O40a (1858) Mutual 
Tel. Fillmore 

Hunt, W. D. (Eliza J. Dennison) Ch 
Isaac M., Stephen L., Irene E., 
Clara, Gladys; Morrisonville R2 
Rountree Sec3 T160a Mary Engle- 
hart (1912) 

Hunter, H. N. (Iva Glenn) Ch Vir- 
gil; Donnellson Grisham Sec24 
T125a W. Hahn (1909) 

Hunter, J. S. (Bertha Liticker) Ch 
George D., Tessie, Irene, Mary E., 
Myrtle, Lura, *James, *Leo; No- 
komis Rl Rountree Sec20 O60a 
T80a Mary Liticker (1911) Mutual 
Tel. Raymond 

Hurd, Mose U. (Lovicy Davis) Ch 
Erne, *Frank, *Mabel; Coffeen R2 
Fillmore Sec8 O60a (1844) Mutual 
Tel. Coffeen 

Kurd, William H. (Nettie Ellis) Ch 
Mary, *Etta, *Alex; Coffeen R3 
Fillmore Secl7 O20a (1851) 

Husband, James Waggoner Rl Pit- 
man Sec30 O57a (1838) 

Husman, George (Tena Flitz) Litch- 
field R3 South Litchfield Secl3 
O120a (1884) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Hutchinson, William E. (Kate Davis) 
Ch Blanche, Erma, Theodore; 
Litchfield Rl North Litchfield Sec6 
T163a W. C. Davis Est. (1891) 
Farmers' Mutual Tel. 

Hyme, John (Margaret E. Castle) 
Pana R3 Audubon Sec23-24 O80a 


Idoll, John A. "Mentor Farm" Coffeen 
Rl East Fork Sec4S OlSQa (1915) 

loerger, Frank Farmersville R2 Secl3 
T240a Mrs. Frederic loerger (1908) 
Mutual Tel. Farmersville 

Irwin, Ida O. Ch Harry, Elmer, Ray; 
Litchfield R2 North Litchfield SeclS 
T200a Mrs. M. A. Richie (1899) 
Bell Tel. Litchfield 

Isaacs, Carl (Maggie Isaacs, Mother) 
Hillsboro R2 East Fork Secl9 T40a 
Maggie Isaacs (1887) 

Isaacs, William (Nellie Adams) Ch 
Velma, Clarence, Virgil, Mabel, 
Ethel, William; Nokomis R3 Audu- 
bon Sec20 T40a Ed Marley (1906) 

Isabel, Louis D. Honey Bend North 
Litchfield Sec3 O73a (1882) 

Isbell, Louis, Jr. (Lydia Alexander) 
Ch Rolla, Rena; "Oak Ridge Farm" 
Fillmore R2 Fillmore Secl2 O592a 
(1871) Mutual Tel. Fillmore 

Ishmael, B. F. (Neta Jacobs) Ch 
Earl, Walter, Lawrence, Ila; Rose- 
mond Rl Audubon Sec3 Tla A. M. 
Ohlman (1868) 

Ishmael, Guy (Bessie Forbes) Ch 
Florence, Mary, Vernie W., Nora- 
bell, Robert, *Loran Forbes; Ohl- 
man Audubon SeclO Tla Eck 
Ohlman (1903) 

Ishmael, S. M. (Sophia Davis) Ch 
*Lester Earl; Nokomis R3 Audu- 
bon Sec34 O15a (1854) Bell Tel. 


Jackson, Clayton A. (Lela E. Rob- 
erts) Litchfield Rl North Litchfield 
Sec9 T125a C. A. Cinclair (1894) 

Jackson, Dixon O. (Verna D. Strip- 
lin) Ch Myrl, Pearl Zella, Erva, 
Floyd, Harold, *Clayton, *Oran; 
Hornsby Rll South Litchfield Sec6 
T126a G. L. Settlemire (1916) 

Jackson, M. D. (Mabel Grace Davies) 
Ch Raymond, Millerd, Grace, Ruth; 
Raymond Raymond Secl7 OlOOa 
(1917) Mutual Tel. Raymond 

Jackson, M. H. (Nellie Titsworth) Ch 
Paul; Walshville Rl Walshville 
Sec24 T120a Earl Major (1890) 



Jackson, Robert (Alice Rowe) Ch 
John, Lloyd, *Guy, *Lester; Morri- 
sonville R2 Harvel Sec9 T80a Eliza 
Heim (1911) 

Jacobs, John (Adelia Creed) Ch 
Edith, Lee, James, Euphrates, Cleo- 
tis; Raymond R3 Raymond Sec33 
T80a M. Kenerly (1912) 

Jagosh, John (Agnes Jagodzinski) 
Ch Mary; Taylor Springs Hillsboro 
Sec24 O22^a (1912) Bell Tel. 

Janssen, Fred (Meta Watjies) Ch 
Dick, Fleie, Marie, Carl, Emma; No- 
komis R5 Rountree Secl2 T160a 
Dick Janssen (1888) Mutual Tel. 

Janssen, Heie D. (Anna Janssen) No- 
komis R2 Nokomis Sec9 O160a 
(1882) Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Janssen, T. A. (Anna Duin) Ch 
Gretchen, John, Henry, *Arend, 
*Anna, *Lena, *Theodore, *Louise; 
Nokomis R5 Nokomis Sec9 O80a 
(1891) Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Jarrett, R. A. (Flossie Kessler) Ch 
Helen, June; Irving R2 Irving SeclS 
T80a F. Lingle (1909) Mutual Tel. 

Jeisy, John T. (Bertha Zimmerman) 
Ch Aileen, Opal, Ruth, Wilma; 
Raymond R2 Raymond SeclS T160a 
Mrs. Mary Hartwick (1916) Mu- 
tual Tel. Raymond 

Jessup, Scott L. Ch Charles. Scott, 
Esther; Virden R2 Bois D' Arc 
T120a Mr. Jessup Est. (1910) Tel. 

Jett, J. W. (Nancy Hickman. House- 
keeper) "White Oak Hill Farm" 
Coffeen R3 East Fork Sec24 O90a 
(1898) Mutual Tel. Coffeen 

Jett, S. J. (Erne Haynes) Ch Tom- 
mie, *Fern; Coffeen R3 Fillmore 
Secl9 O160a (1895) Mutual Tel. 

Johijson, Anton (Sophia Johnson) Ch 
Theodore, Otto, Anna. *Frank, 
*Edward, *Tohn: Nokomis R5 No- 
komis SeclO O160a (1912) Mutual 
Tel. Nokomis 

Johnson, Arend T. (Mary Eiskamp) 
Ch Anita. Edna; "Maple Grove 
Farm" Nokomis R2 Nokomis Sec3 
T160a Tony Johnson (1898) 

Johnson, Ben C. (Anna Gerhards) Ch 
Fannie, Lawrence, Margrete; Rose- 
mond Rl Audubon Sec6 T80a 
Charles Meinser (1886) 

Johnson, Ed (Phoebe Waite) Ch 
*Viola, *Charles; Walshville Rl 
Grisham Sec? O64a (1872) 

Johnson, Edward, Anna and Lottie 
Farmersville Rl Pitman Secl6 
T99a Johnson Est. (1876) Mutual 
Tel. Farmersville 

Johnson, Edward H. (Anna Bruns) 
Ch Girard; Nokomis R2 Nokomis 
Sec8 T120a Augusta Taylor (1914) 
Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Johnson, Frank (Tillie Mindrup) Ch 
John, Emma, Martha, Frieda; No- 
komis Rl Rountree Secll O240a 
(1874) Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Johnson, F. J. (Gasena Saathoff) Ch 
Grace, Tilly, Mabel, Edith, John; 
Mt. Olive R14 Walshville Secl6 
O340a T65a W. W. Saathoff (1870) 
Farmers' Mutual Tel. Hillsboro 

Johnson, Henry G. (Dora B. Grote) 
Ch Irma Velia, Harold Henry; 
"Kerr's Mound Farm" Nokomis Rl 
Rountree Sec23 T160a George 
Johnson (1886) Mutual Tel. Noko- 

Johnson, H. C. (Cena Lindemann) Ch 
Christina, Clarence, Leona; Noko- 
mis R3 Audubon Sec30 T240a C. P. 
Hamlin (1881) Mutual Tel. Noko- 

Jonhson, John, Estate (Anna John- 
son) Ch John, Emma, Albert, Fred, 
Martin; Farmersville Rl Pitman 
SeclS O340a (1880) Farmersville 
Mutual Tel. Farmersville 

Johnson, John E. (Christine Giese- 
king) Ch Alfred; Morrisonville R3 
Rountree Sec2 T120a Mrs. Dora 
Kerr (1912) Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Johnson, John J. (Margreta DeVries) 
Ch Albert, "John, *Fred; New 
Douglas Rl Walshville Sec32 O160a 

Johnson, J. W. Nokomis R5 Nokomis 
Sec2 O160a (-1903) Bell Tel. Noko- 

Johnson, Pete (Myrtle Lucas) Ch 
Lloyd; Raymond R3 Raymond 
Sec33 T160a John Rubenking (1916) 
Bell Tel. Raymond 

Johnson, Theodore H. (Anna F. Mil- 
ler) Ch Norman; Nokomis R5 No- 
komis Secl6 T160a Fred Miller 
(1914) Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Johnson, Ubbe (Anna Kassens) Ch 
Anna, John, Louis. Lena, Milo, 
Theodore, Elmer, *Fred, *Arendt, 
*Henry; Nokomis R5 Nokomis 
Sec6 O160a (1891) Mutual Tel. No- 



Johnson Walter (Eura Davis) Ch 
Mervin, Bernard; Nokomis R4 Witt 
Secll T160a C. H. Smith (1914) 

Johnson, William A. (Etta Croon) 
Nokomis R5 Nokomis SecS T80a C. 
Nollman (1893) Tel. People's Mu- 

Johnson, William G. (Edith Corns) 
Ch Everett, Vivian; Nokomis R2 
Nokomis SecS T80a Louis Adden 

Johnson, William G. (Clara Schweiz- 
er) Ch Mildred; Nokomis Rl Roun- 
tree SeclO T80a George Johnson 
(1881) Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Jones, Alva W. (Mary F. Hamilton) 
Ch Ruth, Ross, Eldon, Gladys, 
Daniel; Harvel Rl Raymond SeclO 
O230a (1872) Mutual Tel. Raymond 

Jones, A. E. (Corry Coffeey) Coffeen 
R2 Fillmore SeclSS O60a (1876) 
Mutual Tel. Coffeen 

Jones, Frank (Maggie Hudspeth) Ch 
Buryl; Litchfield R3 South Litch- 
field Sec23 T160a F. M. Jones (1902) 

Jones, F. M. (Mary Fogleman) Ch 
Ralph, *Lucy, *Grace, *Thomas, 
*Frank, *Mary; Litchfield R3 South 
Litchfield Sec23 O160a (1902) 

Jones, Hardy J. (Ida M. Adkison) Ch 
Mary G. ; "Fox Hollow Farm" Cof- 
feen R3 East Fork Secl3S O60a 
(1867) Mutual Tel. Coffeen 

Jones, John M. (Sarah E. White) Ch 
*Edward L., *Myrtle. *Eva; Cof- 
feen Rl East Fork Secl4S O80a 
(1854) Mutual Tel. Coffeen 

Jones, J. C. Hillshoro Rl Hillshoro 
Secl9 O78a (1871) Bell Tel. Hills- 

Jones, J. M. (Eliza J. White) Ch 
*Charlie M., *Nancv M., *Preston 
E., *Jacob L., *Alma, 'Rebecca A., 
*Lettie B., *Claud E., *Marv; Cof- 
feen R3 East Fork Secl4S O55a 

Jones, L. W. (Rhoda Henson) Ch 
William M., Faye, Martin, Edna, 
*George A., *Emma V., * Walter E. ; 
Coffeen R2 East Fork Secl2S T45a 
John M. Jones (1857) 

Jones Thomas F. (Bertha Grisham) 
Ch Harold, Luman, Orpha; Walsh- 
ville Rl Walshville Sec26 T140a 
Mrs. Grisham (1901) Farmer's Mu- 
tual Tel. Sorento 

Jones, W. R. (Amanda Hentley) Ch 
Amey, Mildred; Raymond R2 Ray- 
mond SecS T240a Mary Berry 
(1910) Mutual Tel. Raymond 

Jordan, Alex (Mary Caveny) Ch 
Mary, Joseph, Aloysius, James, An- 
na, Thomas, Monica, Jerome; Far- 
mersville R2 Bois D* Arc Sec31 
O440a (1868) Mutual Tel. Farmers- 

Jordan, A. C. (Martha Cresswell) Ch 
Robert, Blanche, Grace, Irene, Mat- 
tie, *Alpheus, *Fred *Alice; Harvel 
R2 Harvel Sec6 O160a (1870) Mu- 
tual Tel. Harvel 

Jordan, Edward Ch Catherine, Anna 
Loretta, Emmett, Alfonso L, 
*Joseph A., *James L., *Edward J., 
*Ellen, *Gertrude, *Mary; Mor- 
risonville R2 Bois D' Arc Sec32E 
O220a (1872) Mutual Tel. Farmers- 

Jordan, Henry F. (Mary E. Jackson) 
Raymond R2 Zanesville Secl3 T160a 
Watson Sisters (1862) Mutual Tel. 

Jordan, James (Elizabeth A. Wilson) 
Ch Mary U., Katie A., Angeline, 
John A., 'Elizabeth, 'Marguerite, 
'Bridgie A.; Farmersville Rl Pit- 
man Secl2 O160a (1868) Mutual 
Tel. Farmersville 

Jordan, John T. Ch Edward, Mack, 
Lidia, *Mart, *Alva, *Axie; Hills- 
boro R2 East Fork Sec32 T80a 
Amos Edwards (1918) 

Jordan, Joseph A. (Bridget Aylward) 
Ch Liola, Bernard, Mildred, Marcel- 
la, Paul; Farmersville R2 Bois D' 
Arc Sec33E O40a T220a Edward 
Jordan (1872) 

Jordan, Pearl (Lethia Pope) Ch Ida, 
Bertha, Zetta; Sorento Walshville 
Sec25 OSOa (1815) 

Jorn, Peter (Thresa Miller) Ch Anna, 
Tommy, Paul, John, Martin, Frank, 
Katie, Lucy, Ben, 'William. 
*Charlie; Coffeen East Fork Sec36 
OlOa (1888) 

Jostes, L. H. (Liddia Eckhardt) Ch 
Archie, Ethel, Raymond, Roy, 
Helen; *Edward. *Clara, *Bertha. 
*Stella, *Lillie; Waggoner Rl Pit- 
man Sec34 T240a R. H. McAnulty 
(1912) Mutual Tel. Raymond 

Jouett, John L. (Myrtle Slighton) Ch 
Leslie, Goldie, Opal, Thurman; 
Barnett R2 North Litchfield SecS 
T236a Mrs. E. S. Baker (1915) 

Joyce, A. T. (Bellzorah A. Harper) 
Ch Joseph, 'Jennie, *Myrtle, 
'Fiona, 'Mancel, *William; Coffeen 
R2 East Fork Sec3S OS^a (1868) 



Joyce, J. R. (Daisy Bost) Ch Ray, 
Fern; Fillmore R2 Fillmore Sec33 
T170a V. A. Bost and R. R. Joyce 
(1881) Mutual Tel. Fillmore 

Joyce, M. H. (Ethel Fath) Ch Mau- 
rice, Mory; Hillsboro R2 East Fork 
Sec20 T80a Margaret Borry (1888) 

Joyce, Noah (Ida Nevinger) Ch Paul, 
Reece, *Verne; Coffeen R3 Fillmore 
Secl9 O40a Sec21 T40a William 

Joyce, Robert R. (Betty Roberts) Ch 
*Wilburn. *Drew P. Jr., *John, 
*Taylor, *Belva; Chapman Fillmore 
Sec33 OlOOa (1868) 

Joyce, Taylor (Alice Maddox) Ch 
Edgar, Robert. Howard, Denver; 
Coffeen R2 Fillmore SecS O80a 
Sec28-33 T50a (1883) 

Joyce, W. T. (Cloe Libby) Ch Eldon, 
Jerald; Coffeen Rl East Fork Sec28 
T200a (1891) 

Jurgena, Charles E. (Emma Ernst) 
Ch Edward, Earl; Coffeen Rl East 
Fork Sec27 TlOOa Ferdinand Tilling 

Jurgena, Heie (Elizabeth Guile) Ch 
Rubert, Stella, Wilbur, Etta, Mel- 
vin, Inez; Irving Rl Witt Secl7 
O165a (1897) Mutual Tel. Witt 

Jurgena, Henry W. (Gertrude Dretl) 
Ch William; Coffeen R2 East Fork 
Sec24 T70a Joe Spinner (1891) 

Jurgena, Richard (Eve Spinner) Ch 
Cleda, Bernadene, Mildred, Joseph; 
Coffeen Rl East Fork Sec21 O40a 
(1881) Mutual Tel. Hillsboro 

Kaburick, William (Margarett Klein) 
Ch Frank, Tessie, *Edward, *Mary, 
*Maggie, *Tillie, *Lucy; Coffeen Rl 
East Fork Sec23-14-15 O270a (1869) 
Mutual Tel. Hillsboro 

Kaiser, Joseph (Mary L. McElroy) 
Ch Tom, John; Hillsboro R3 Butler 
Grove Sec25 O240a (1865) Bell Tel. 

Kandle, A. K. (Lillie E. Fenton) Far- 
mersville R2 Bois D' Arc Sec27 
T40a Harry Mathews (1881) Mutual 
Tel. Farmersville 

Kastning, Dora (Dora Bockstruck) 
Ch Paul, Floyd, *Myrtle; Fillmore 
R2 Fillmore Sec23 O16a Secl4 T12a 
Frank Gardner (1875) 

Kastning, F. E. (Emma Brune) Ch 
Erne, Henry; Fillmore R2 Fillmore 
Secl4 OllOa (1893) 

Kates, Walter (Mabel Bolding) Pana 
R3 Audubon Secl4 Tla H. & H. 
Rowe (1918) Mutual Tel. Rosemond 

Keagry, Arran S. (Jennie Pinkard) 
Ch Hannah, Martin, *William, 
*Olive, *Cecil; "White Oak Springs 
Farm" Litchfield R3 South Litch- 
field Secll O120a (1869) 

Keagy, J. C. (Pearl Arnett) Hillsboro 
R4 Hillsboro Sec34 T240a Mrs. 
Margaret Barry (1895) 

Kean, Joseph F. Ch Frank, Cora, Far- 
rie, Harry; Honey Bend North 
T.itchfield Secll T80a C. W. Kean 
(1878) Mutual Tel. Litchfield 

Kean, Walter W. (Lillie M. Bandy) 
Ch Gilbert, Willis, Nellie, Lillie; 
Litchfield R2 North Litchfield 
T140a George W. Kean (1882) Mu- 
tual Tel. Litchfield 

Kearns, Charles (Jennie Dunsworth) 
Ch Lula, Nellie; Farmersville Rl 
Bois D' Arc Sec26 O80a (1865) Mu- 
tual Tel. Farmersville 

Keepper, E. R. (Bessie Haywood) Ch 
Lester H., Wendell E., Mildred E., 
Keneth H., Howard W.; Irving R2 
Butler Grove Seel T240a Herman 
Keepper (1906) Bell Tel. Butler 

Keepper, R. M. (Florence Major) Ch 
Clifford; "Catalpa Row Farm" Irv- 
ing R2 Irving Sec6 T120a Herman 
Keepper (1887) Bell Tel. Butler 

Keiser, Albert, Jr. (Mary Gerhards) 
Ch Elsie, Christena, John, Edna; 
Nokomis Rl Rountree Sec23 T80a 
Albert Keiser, Sr. (1913) Mutual 
Tel. Nokomis 

Keiser, Albert F. (Frieda Scheller) Ch 
Oliver, Lucille. Raymond; Mt. Olive 
R14 Walshville Sec7 O240a (1886) 
Mt. Olive Tel. Mt. Olive 

Keiser, Herman (Tena Detmer) Ch 
Eileen; Witt Rl Rountree Sec24 
T120 Albert Keiser. Sr. (1893) Mu- 
tual Tel. Nokomis 

Keiser, H. F. (Rebecca Oltmann) Ch 
Clarence, Pauline. Glenn; Nokomis 
R5 Rountree Seel T153a Henry Olt- 
mann (1882) Mutual Tel. Nokomis 



Reiser, John A. (Elta M. Fesser) Ch 
Leona Virginia; Nokomis Rl No- 
komis Sec30-20 O160a T160a Wil- 
liam Young (1884) Mutual Tel. No- 

Keith, H. C. (Effie Baxter) Ch Har- 
vey, Stella, *John, *Jennie, *Maud, 
*Byrle; Walshville Rl Grisham 
Sec8 O170a (1886) 

Keith, J. S. (Ruth Robinson) Ch Clar- 
ence, Ralph; Walshville Rl Walsh- 
ville SeclO T138a Charles Keune 

Kell, Orren (Ida Forsyth) Ch Dru- 
cilla, Malinda, Edna, Fern, Joseph- 
ine; Chapman Fillmore Sec32 O40a 

Kellenberger, August (Elizabeth Bon- 
nington) Ch Lester, Harrold; Litch- 
field Rl North Litchfield SeclS 
T171a (1884) Mutual Tel. Litch- 

Kellenberger, Frank F. (Marie Rill) 
Ch Aloys; Litchfield Rl North 
. Litchfield Sec7 T124a Mary Kellen- 
berger (1889) Mutual Tel. Litch- 

Keller, Frank (Jane Carey) Ch Wil- 
liam, Clarence, Celestine, Everett, 
Geraldine; "Green Lawn Farm" 
Farmersville R2 Bois D' Arc Sec28 
O160a T40a Martin Carey (1886) 
Mutual Tel. Farmersville 

Keller, Joseph (Mary Jordan) Ch 
Helen, Herald, Herbert, Margaret, 
Alice, Theresa; "Walnut Grove 
Farm" Farmersville R2 Bois D' Arc 
Sec32E O200a (1886) Mutual Tel. 

Keller, L. H. (Cathrine Cashen) Ch 
Mary, Sylvester, Hugh, Paul, 
Charles; Witt Rl Nokomis Sec31-30 
O260a (1918) Mutual Tel. Witt 

Kelley, Jasper Clark Ch Coy, Harry, 
*Mauna, *Ina, *Elta; Irving R2 
Irving Secl6 O50a (1906) 

Kellogg, Otis (Louise Schwartzley) 
Ch Gordon, Lillie, Bertha; "Maple 
Row Farm" Nokomis R4 South Au- 
dubon Sec5-8 T240a W. L. Kellogg 

Kelmel, Charles (Lugard Beeler) Ch 
Mary, Anna. Clarence. Earl; Rav- 
mond R2 Raymond SeclO O210a 
Seel T160a (1863) Mutual Tel. Ray- 

Kendal, A. A. (Rosa T. Sorrells) Ch 
Marv. Hazel. Tames, Kenton, Hel- 
en; Harvel Rl Raymond Secll O80a 
(1869) Mutual Tel. Raymond 

Kerr, Charles Harvel Rl Raymond 
Sec22 O159J4a (1889) Bell Tel. But- 

Kessinger, Charlie (Wealthy Brad- 
shaw) Ch Claud, Dorothy, *Ross; 
Fillmore Rl Fillmore Secl3 OlOOa 

(1871) Mutual Tel. Fillmore 
Kessinger, J. M. (Margaret Docrea) 

Ch William, *Mary, *Solomon, 
*James, *John, *May; Donnellson 
Grisham Sec28 O109a (1868) 

Kessinger, Percy (Viola Pence) Ch 
Hazel; Walshville Rl Walshville 
SeclS T80a Emil Greybrook (1893) 

Kessinger, Roy (Essie Best) Ch Mar- 
garet, David; Nokomis R3 Audubon 
Sec32 O89a (1882) Bell Tel. Noko- 

Kessinger, S. Z. (Margaret Heady) 
Ch Tom, *Addie, *Mary, *Vannie, 
*Viola; Panama Grisham Sec23 
T500a Faudi Bros. (1858) 

Kessler, Ed (Inez Lyerla) Ch Lucille, 
Pauline, Mildred, Wendell, Benja- 
min, Russell; Nokomis Rl Rountree 
Sec22 T160a Joseph Lipe (1906) 
Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Kessler, J. C. (Maggie McBride) Irv- 
ing R3 Irving Sec26 T80a A. Kin- 
kade (1915) 

Kettlekamp, Ernest (Edith JohnsojLi) 
Ch *Minnie, *Louie, *Amelia, Jul- 
ius; Nokomis R5 Nokomis Secl4 
OllSa (1902) Bell Tel-. Nokomis 

Kettlekamp, Frank S. (Bertha Hardy) 
Ch Elberta, Frank Jr., Lorna; No- 
komis R5 Nokomis Secl4 O80a 
(1900) Bell Tel. Nokomis 

Kettlekamp, S. R. (Emma C. Best)Ch 
Bernice, Carroll,, William, Ronald, 
Doris, Dwain; "Quality Hill Farm" 
Nokomis R2 Nokomis Secl3 O80a 
T80a William R. Kettlekamp (1898) 
Bell Tel. Nokomis 

Keune, Charles W. (Sophia Grosen- 
heiden) Ch Irma. Amos; Litchfield 
R4 South Litchfield Sec32 O163a 

(1872) Tel. Mt. Olive 

Keune, Henry A. (Augusta White- 
house) Ch Norma, Lorine. Carl, 
Paul, Ralph; Walshville Rl Walsh- 
ville Secl4 O193a (1881) Farmer's 
Mutual Tel. Hillsboro 

Keune, Henry C. (Mary Loewenstein) 
Ch Irma; Litchfield R4 Walshville 
Sec4 T140a Andrew Keune Est. 
(1882) Mt. Olive Tel. Mt. Olive 



Kiefer, Mrs. Elizabeth (Elizabeth 
Hildebrandt) Ch Otto, "Lena, 
*Emma, *Ida, *John, *Carrie, 
*Mary, *Charles, *Walter; Noko- 
mis R3 Witt Sec24 OlOa (1871) 

Kiefer, Walter (Katharine Huber) Ch 
Robert; Nokomis R3 Witt Sec23 
T2a Farm Hand John Stauder(1891) 

Kieslar, James E. (Cora Jones) Ch 
Alma, Ruth, John, Opal, *Fay; 
Hillsboro Rl Hillsboro Seel? O40a 
(1862) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Kieslar, Sidney (Laura B. Hall) Hills- 
boro Rl Hillsboro T120a Mrs. R. 
E. Elliot (1873) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Killpatrick, J. S. (Carrie Seymour) 
Ch Essie, Earl; Hillsboro R4 Hills- 
boro Sec4 O140a (1858) Bell Tel. 

Kilpatrick, David (Mary Anne Mc- 
Williams) Ch Ersest; "Maple Ridge 
Farm" Hillsboro Rl Hillsboro Sec9 
O120a (1833) Mutual Tel. Hillsboro 

Kilpatrick, E. F. (Lulla Gresham) Ch 
Emory, Ross, Carl; "Elm Ridge 
Farm" Hillsboro Rl Hillsboro 
SeclS O145a SeclO T35a George 
Seymour (1860) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Kilpatrick, William (Libbie Smith) 
Hillsboro R4 Hillsboro Sec22 T108a 
Sam McAdams (1853) 

Kilton, S. W. (Mollie Tester) Ch Dar- 
rell, Sylvia; Morrisonville R3 Roun- 
tree SeclO OlOOa (1903) Mutual Tel. 

Kimbro, Jacob (Elizabeth Etchison) 
Ch Ada, Essie, Jay, Edna, Lester, 
*Earnest, *George, *Bert, *Pearl, 
*Grace; Coffeen R3 Fillmore Sec7S 
O40a (1909) Mutual Tel. Coffeen 

Kime, S. A. (Mary Johnson) Ch Fred; 
Hillsboro R4 Hillsboro Sec27 O103a 
(1857) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

King, Bryant (Sharp) Ch Bertha, 
*Oscar, *Amy, *Ross; Atwater 
Rl Zanesville Sec6 O60a .(1864) Mu- 
tual Tel. Waggoner 

King, F. P. (Lizzie S. Schwing) Ch 
Etta, *Mary, *Oscar, * Walter; Irv- 
ing R2 Irving Secll O96a (1857) 

King, Ira C. (Jennie Wright) Ch 
Harold, Eunice, Toland, Wayne; 
Nokomis, R3 Audubon Sec22 T80a 
Mr. Zimmerman (1905) 

King, James M. (Nancy B. Rhodes) 
Ch Chester, Basel, *Lottie, *Wil- 
liam, *Clarence; Irving Secl6 O60a 
T40a Dobey Est (1853) Mutual Tel. 

King, J. O. (Emma Mitts) Ch Ollie; 
Irving Raymond Sec35 O80a (1881) 
Bell Tel. Butler 

King, Ross (Prudence M. Minder) Ch 
Everett G. ; Waggoner Rl Pitman 
Sec31 T55a Elbert Sharp (1889) 

King, Walter W. (Chlo Wright) Ch 
Hellen, Harold, Robert; Hillsboro 
R3 Irving SeclS O60a (1887) 

King, William J. (Elizabeth A. 
Brooks) Ch Justin, Olive, Willis; 
"Jersey Hill Farm" Raymond R3 
Zanesville Sec26 O30a (1867) Mu- 
tual Tel. Raymond 

Kinney, James R. (Anna McLean) 
Ch Mary Jane, Louis V.; Virden 
R2 Bois D' Arc Seel T320a William 
Sandage, Agt. (1917) Virden Tel. 

Kinney, John M. (Francisco Ossick) 
Ch Efnil, Earl, Leona, Olivia; No- 
komis R3 Audubon Secl9 O80a 
(1870) Bell Tel. Nokomis 

Kirk, Charles N. (Ethel Fox) Ch 
Anna M., Thomas G., Julia E. ; Far- 
mersville Rl Pitman Sec6 T160a 
Kirk Est. (1876) Mutual Tel. Far- 

Kirk, John (Mary Perry) Ch Harold, 
Howard, Evelyn, Frank, Mildred; 
Farmersville Rl Pitman SecS T140a 
Grisham & Metcalf (1870) Mutual 
Tel. Farmersville 

Kirk, William (Mrs. Hester Fox) Ch 
Clarence, Willie, Hester, *Levi, 
*Ethel, *Roy; Farmersville Rl Pit- 
man Sec6 O80a (1896) Mutual Tel. 

Kirkland, John Ch Eva. *Estella, *A1- 
bert; Sorento Rl Walshville Sec25 
O180a (1865) 

Kirkland, Albert (Minnie Chestnut) 
Opal, Ruby; Sorento Rl Walshville 
Sec25 T180a John Kirkland (1885) 
Farmer's Mutual Tel. Sorento 

Kirkland, Samuel (Winifred Cooper) 
"Smoothing Ivon Farm" Hillsboro 
R2 Hillsboro Secl3 O19^a (1918) 

Kirkner, John (Mary Neal) Ch Clyde; 
Walshville Rl Grisham Secl7 T30a 
V. M. Neal (1918) 

Kitchen, Fred (Alice Eleson) Walsh- 
ville Rl Walshville Sec23 T116a V. 
B. Barcroft (1880) Farmer's Mutual 
Tel. Sorento 

Klay, Christ (Louisa Souerson) Ch 
Rudolph, Lena. *Fred, *Walter, 
*Tacob; Rosemond Rl Audubon 
Secl6 T220a John Russell (1918) 
Mutual Tel. Nokomis 



Klein, Charles A. (Amanda Thomp- 
son) Ch Louis A., Ivan H., 
*Charles T.; "Willow Brook Farm" 
Litchfield R2 North Litchfield Secl6 
OlOOa (1907) Mutual Tel. Litch- 

Klein, G. J. (Amelia Delbridge) Ch 
Edna, Carl, George, Levenia; Har- 
vel Rl Raymond Sec2 T160a Best 
Bros. (1908) Mutual Tel. Harvel 

Klein, Henry (Hattie Klein, Sister) 
Mt. Olive Walshville Sec8 T180a 
Andrew Keiser (1880) 

Klein, John (Minnie Blanki) Ch Flora, 
Theodore, Ora, Elmer, Roy, Jesse; 
Litchfield R3 South Litchfield Sec33 
O160a (1870) 

Klein, William (Allie Wilhelm) Ch 
Ethel, Etta, Earl, *Edith; Irving 
R2 Rountree Sec31 T210a Mrs. P. 
Klein (1883) 

Klekamp, Henry H. (Minnie Krause) 
Ch Kate, Lena, George, Martin, 
Frank, Herman, Fred; Honey Bend 
North Litchfield Secl2 T130a 
James Clifton (1872) 

Klekamp, H. F. (Lena Fplkerts) 
"Dick Klekamp Farm" Litchfield 
R4 South Litchfield SeclS O80a 

Klekamp, John (Anna Brockmeyer) 
Ch Harold; Litchfield R4 South 
Litchfield Sec30 O157a (1878) 

Klekamp, William (Ida M. Klocke) 
Ch Edward, Theodore; Litchfield 
R4 South Litchfield Sec29 O158^a 
T20a (1861) 

Klemme, A. H. (Louisa Mitts) Ch 
Burt; "Sunny Summit Farm" Butler 
Butler Grove Sec9 O180a (1864) 
Bell Tel. Butler 

Kleoper, John A. (Bertha M. Wes- 
brook) Ch Augusta, Fred, Harry, 
Alice. *Susie, 'Albert, *Helen; But- 
ler Rl North Litchfield Sec24 T240a 
T. A. Prange (1911) 

Klimm, Mrs. G. Ch Mary, Richard. 
*Herman, 'Elizabeth, *Anna. *Mor- 
ton. *Henry; Harvel R2 Harvel 
SeclS O120a (1883) 

Klimm, Martin (Clara Langbein) Ch 
Geraldine; Morrisonville R3 Roun- 
tree Sec2 O80a (1889) 

Klindworth, Henry (Anna Weber) 
Ch Walter. Louis: Witt Rl Noko- 
mis Sec30 O120a (1893) 

Klindworth, Henry (Reka Heins) Ch 
Fred. Anna. *Maggie, *William; 
Nokomis Rl Nokomis Sec30 T160a 
R. P. Barnard (1888) Mutual Tel. 

Kline, Chris (Annie Zimmerman) Ch 
Edward, Ida, Lena, Edna, Bertha; 
Litchfield R3 South Litchfield 
Sec36 T80a J. W. King (1878) 

Kline, Ernest (Alberta Smith) Ch 
Mabel, May, Roy, Helen; Girard 
R43 Bois D' Arc SeclS T160a Wil- 
liam and Josephine Sedentop (1914) 

Knag, Christ (Lois Blevins) Ch Ed- 
ward, Emma, *Chrwt; Litchfield R3 
South Litchfield Secl3 O260a (1878) 
Mutual Tel. Litchfield 

Knagg, C. H. (Maggie Ault) Ch My- 
ron; Hillsboro Rl Hillsboro SeclS 
OlOOa Litchfield Sec24 TSOOa Chris 
Knagg (1888) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Knetzer, Edward (Rosie Hoog) 
Hornsby Rll North Litchfield 
Sec31 T160a Casper Hoog (1890) 

Knodle, Geo. W. (Nellie I. Hanson) 
Ch William, lola, *Glen, *Mary; 
"Evergreen Corners Farm" Irving 
Rl Witt Sec20 O80a (1868) 

Knodle, Glenn (Lillie Hoffman) Q 
Kenneth, Marie, Wayne, Lucile: 
Irving Rl Witt Sec21 T240a Miller 
and Knodle (1884) 

Knowles, Ethel, and Florence Fill- 
more Fillmore Sec25 OlSOa 
(1862-73) Mutual Tel. Fillmore 

Knowles, Oscar (Alice Smith) Ch 
Cleda; Fillmore Fillmore Sec25 
O65a (1860) Mutual Tel. Fillmore 

Kober, Mrs. Emma Ch Marion, Har- 
old; Butler Rl Butler Grove Sec32 
TlOOa Criss Kober (1878) Bell Tel. 

Kober, George D. (Susie Hoes) Ch 
Ralph: "Maple Lawn Farm" Butler 
Rl Hillsboro Sec4 O80a Sec4-5 
T40a Hamilton Bros, and August 
Ye'ska (1870) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Kochis, John (Mary Madok) Ch An- 
drew. Joe, Mary, Anna, *John, Jr.; 
Nokomis Rl Nokomis Sec27 T30a 
F. Hardgrave (1910) Bell Tel. No- 

Kolkhart, Henry A. (Sophie Back- 
haus) Ch Wilma; Harvel Rl Ray- 
mond Seel T80a Henry Aull<1903) 
Mutual Tel. Harvel 

Kolkhorst, Herman (Lillie Safrit) Ch 
Wilbert; Harvel Rl Rountree Sec7 
TllSa Joseph Forester (1885) Mu- 
tual Tel. Harvel 

Koonce, G. C. (Edna Butts) Ch 
Marguerite. Frances. Helen. Allen, 
Lee, Virginia: Hillsboro R4 Hills- 
boro Sec34 T3a George Monroe 



Krager, Frank A. (Bessie File) Ch Kroenlein, Louis (Emma Gullidge) 

Frances Pauline; Harvel R2 Har- 
vel Secl7 O240a (1887) Mutual Tel. 
Krager, John (Mabel Molohan) Ch 

Ch Ambrose, Elvira, Melvina, 
Louis, Malcolm; Nokomis R2 Au- 
dubon Sec20-21-28 T240a T. M. 
Graden (1882J Bell Tel. Nokomis 

Amos, Bessie, Mildred, Louise, Kroenlein, William (Lorena Mitchell) 

John; Harvel Rl Raymond Secl2 
T160a Henry Fensterman (1895) 
Mutual Tel. Harvel 
Krager, Joseph Harvel Rl Raymond 

Agatha Sommer, Foster child; 
Oconee Rl Audubon Sec24 T260a 
Mrs Martha Bates (1888) Mutual 
Tel. Oconee 

Secl3 O320a (1876) Mutaul Tel. Krummel, Fred, Jr. (Lottie Heckel) 


Krager, J. C. (Elizabeth Betinghaus) 
Ch Lena, Catharine, Frank; Harvel 

Ch Walter, Clara, Albert, Harold; 
Hillsboro R2 Grisham Secl2 O180a 
(1876) Bell Tel. Donnellson 

R2 Harvel Secl7-16 O240a (1880) Krummel, Philip (Lillie Fisher) Ch 

Mutual Tel. Harvel 
Kranich, Walter L. (Delia Stillwell) 
Ch Alfred, Mabel, Cecil, Russell; 

Harold, Ralph, Anita, Aretha; Fill- 
more R2 Fillmore Secl4 O80a 

Barnett Rl Zanesville Sec30 T240a Kruse, Mrs. Sophia (Sophia Feld- 

Harry Stuttle (1918) Tel. Carlin- mann) Ch William; Sorento Rl 

ville Walshville Sec33 O160a (1911) 

Krause, Otto (Hannah Keiser) Ch Kruthhaupt, Ben (Ida Osburn) Ch 

John, Henry, Edward, Hilda, Wai- Edgar, Willie, Fred, Leonard, Ray- 

ter, *Christine; Nokomis R5 Roun- mond; Pawnee R51 Bois D' Arc 

tree Seel O80a (1876) Mutual Tel. SecS O280a Farm Hand Al Hinkle 

Nokomis (1905) 

Kroeger, Henry (Mary Marley) No- Kulp, T. J. (Lelah Seyberts) Ch Wal- 

komis R3 Witt Secl3 O80a (1871) ter, Isabelle, Arline, Edgar, Ellenor, 

Bell Tel. Nokomis Jessie; Irving R3 East Fork Sec3 

Kroeger, Joseph (Bertha Helde- T140a Bob Funk (1886) 

brandt) "Prairie View Farm" No- Kunz, Cayus (Blanche Harrison) Ch 

komis R3 Witt Secl4 T180a Frank Leo, Raymond; Fillmore Rl Fill- 

Kroeger (1883) Bell Tel. Nokomis more Sec2 TlOOa Herschel Hill 

Kroeger, Will (Catherine Hard) Ch (1893) Mutual Tel. Fillmore 

Genevieve Pauline; Nokomis R4 Kunz, John J. (Mamie E. Probst) Ch 

South Audubon SecS O80a T200a Clarence, Roy, Charles, Anna, May; 

Frank Kroeger (1886) Bell Tel. No- Irving Rl Witt Sec26 T160a Mick 

komis Probst (1887) 

Kutter, William (Lena Etter) Ch 
Marie, Earl, Chester, Allen, Gladys, 

Ray; Litchfield R3 South Litchfield 
Secl2 O13a (1884) 

Lacy, Sam P. (Ora Long) Ch Eliza, 
Floyd, Joe, Rubert, Everett, Walter, 
Harvey, Othello, Esther; Farmers- 
ville Rl Pitman Secl4 T160a A. Mil- 
ler (1915) 

Lanigan, Dennis (Valeda Fath) Ch 
Lenard; Hillsboro East Fork Secl7 
O80a (1863) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Land, Grover (Zora Allphin) Ch 
Ebert, Almeda, Ira, Ibra; Nokomis 
.Rl Rountree Secl4 TlOa E. Hays 

Lane, Henry (Irene Lake) Ch Virgil; 
Oconee Rl South Audubon Secl2 
O80a (1912) Mutual Tel. Oconee 

Lang, Jeff (Bernice Hill) Ch Floyd, 
Henry; Fillmore R2 Fillmore Sec2] 
T60a Mrs. Kate Hillman (1888) 

Lang, L. M. (Minnie Felhi) Ch Hel- 
len May, Russel Louis, Howard 
Raymond; Harvel Rl Raymond 
Secll T80a Mary Phelps (1908) Mu- 
tual Tel. Harvel 

Lange, Frank C. (Francis M. O'Con- 
ers) Harvel Rl Raymond Secll 
O40a Sec2 T40a F. J. Lange (1891) 
Mutual Tel. Harvel 



Langen, John (Margaret A. Todt) Ch 
Ralph H., Marie, Catharine, Albert 
W., Irene, Louise, Evelyn, *John L. 
in Service; Harvel R2 Harvel Sec20 
O400a (1891) Mutual Tel. Harvel 

Langford, William (Esther Fuller) Ch 
Victor, Osmondj Wendel; Hillsboro 
R4 Grisham Secl4 T40a Mrs. H. 
Flemming (1913) 

Langley, J. W. (Mary Slater) Ralph 
and Nellie Frazier, Grandchildren; 
Pana R3 Audubon Secll Tla E. N. 
Pray (1910) 

Lape, William (Anna Hancock) Ch 
Roy, Gailon, *Preston, *Fannie; 
Farmersville Rl Pitman Sec22 
T120a Ira Doyle (1888) 

Larkin, Mrs. M. L. Ch Kate, Stella, 
James; Irving R3 Witt Sec28 O160a 

Laswell, W. E. (Florence Godown) 
Ch Earl, Walter, Charles, Jessie, 
Viola; Laura, Bernice, Clint God- 
own; Irving Rl Irving Sec34 O40a 
(1911) Mutual Tel. Irving 

Laughlin, Arthur D. (Anna C. Smith) 
Ch Howard; Raymond R2 Zanes- 
ville Secl2 T80a F. A. Goby (1912) 
Bell Tel. Raymond 

Laughlin, William H. (Carrie Smith) 
Ch Harold, Archie, *Edward, *Lota, 
*Ruben; Butler Rl Butler Grove 
Sec34 T200a William Abot (1903) 
Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Laurent, Frank (Melinda Whitworth) 
Ch Frank. John, James. Eula, Lo- 
raine, Mary, Irving. *Amos, 
*George, *Anna, *Ethel; Hillsboro 
Rl South Litchfield Seel T195a 
Foot Est. (1913) 

Law, William (Leeta Parnell) Ch 
Myron, Cloud, Roscoe, Gerald, Wil- 
liam Jr.; Farmersville R2 Bois D' 
Arc Sec21 T160a Farm Hand T. H. 
Murphy (1903) 

Laws, Charles L. (Florence Traylor) 
Ch Marion, Camilla, Lena, *Effie, 
*Joe; "Prairie View Stock Farm" 
Donnellson Rl East Fork Sec20S 
O460a (1862) Bell Tel. Donnellson 

Lawson, Wilson Donnellson Rl East 
Fork Sec22S T126a Arthur Bartlett 
(1862) Bell Tel. Donnellson 

Lav. John (Harriett Corlew) Ch Otto. 
*Albert, *Minte. *Letha; Litchfield 
R3 South Litchfield Sec28 O220a 

Lay, W. B. (Nettie Livington) Ch 
Edith; Litchfield R3 South Litch- 
field Sec23 O128a (1873) Mutual 
Tel. Litchfield 

Lazenby, Alvin (Nancy Jarvis) Ch 
Calvin, Hollis, Elva, Nellie; Litch- 
field R3 South Litchfield SeclO T65a 
Railroad Construction Camp (1913) 

Lazenby, J. G. (Rosa Clifton) Ch Ar- 
thur, Clara, Ruth, Marie, Nina, 
Edith, Opal; Hillsboro R2 East 
Fork Sec8 T260a A. C. William- 
son (1875) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Leach, Lilburn (Lottie Hunt) Ch El- 
mer, Lloyd; Pawnee R51 Bois D' 
Arc Sec8 T320a Farm Hand Lewis 
I. Snodgrass (1917) 

Leahan, T. R. (Margaret McGraw) 
Ch John, Nellie, Mary; Farmersville 
R2 Bois D' Arc Sec34 O240a (1863) 
Mutual Tel. Farmersville 

Lebeck, John H. (Louise E. Zimmer- 
man) Ch Melvin, Harold. Butler R2 
Butler Grove Sec9 O80a (1892) 
Bell Tel. Butler 

Lee, Dan H. (Rachael Patton) Ch 
*Mattie, *Alice; Butler R2 Butler 
Grove SeclS T190a W. A. Young 
(1865) Bell Tel. Butler 

Lee, Harry (Anna Lock) Ch Bessie. 

Morris, Dale, Karl, Russell, *Pearl; 

Harvel R2 Pitman Sec24 T240a 

. Charles Troup (1882) Waggoner 

Mutual Tel. Waggoner 

Leetham, J. F. (Bertha Brown) Ch 
Lester, lone, *Florence; Hillsboro 
Rl Hillsboro Sec7 O50a Sec8 T170a 
Edd Harris (1898) Bell Tel. Butler 

Legg, Donn (Susie Brock) Litchfield 
North Litchfield Sec32 O40a (1915) 

Lehan, W. H. (Kattie Hoisington) Ch 
Maggie, Thomas, Katherine, Mabel, 
Marie, Mat; Farmersville R2 Bois 
D' Arc Sec20 p!60a (1871) Mutual 
Tel. Farmersville 

Lehnen, Leo (Ollie S. Janssen) Ch 
Edward, Wesley, Jesse, Delbert; 
Nokomis Rl Nokomis Secl8-19 
O83a (1902) Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Lehnen, Leonard (Clara M. Pilgrim) 
Ch Ervin, Albert, Margureta; Noko- 
mis Rl Nokomis Secl9 T160a Dick 
Janssen (1902) Mutual Tel. Noko- 

Leighs, James (Elizabeth Souter) Ch 
*Thomas, *Emma. *Mary A., *Wil- 
liam, *Gertrude; Nokomis R3 Noko- 
mis Sec34 O20a (1905) Bell Tel. No- 

Leitchuh, Albert (Emma P. Markle) 
Ch Carl. Toney. Marie; Litchfield 
North Litchfield Sec31 T80a John 
Carrol (1882) 



Leivolf, Wilhelm (Josephine Erspam- 
er) Hillsboro R3 East Fork Sec6 
O3a (1913) 

Lemay Mrs. Anna (Anna Rowe) Ch 
*Sarah, *Mina, *Stella; "Ash Hol- 
low Farm" Irving R3 Fillmpre Sec6 
OSOa (1880) 

Lemon, F. B. (Sarah E. Kean) Ch 
Russel, Ruth; Honey Bend North 
Litchfield Secll T125a G. W. Kean 

Lemon, William (Lidie V. Goodwin) 
Ch Randel, William, Mynard, Hel- 
len, *Hazel; Honey Bend North 
Litchfield Sec2 T129a J. J. Carey 
(1869) Mutual Tel. Litchfield 

Lentz, W. W. (Anna L. Fath) Ch 
Grace, -Ruth; Hillsboro R2 East 
Fork Secl6 T160a J. C. Short Est. 
(1892) Mutual Tel. Hillsboro 

Leonard, James (Sadie Brown) Ch 
Dennis, Ross, Lyle; Harvel R2 Har- 
vel Sec7 O280a (1873) Mutual Tel. 

Leonard, William (Tressa Brown) 
Farmersville R2 Bois D' Arc Sec29 
OSOa (1882) Farmersville Mutual 
Tel. Farmersville 

Lessman, Ed (Minnie Neighause) Ch 
Mary, Eddie, Lester, Lemme, An- 
nabell, Luvine; Harold Rl Ray- 
mond Sec23 O275a (1888) Mutual 
Tel. Raymond 

Lessman, H. E. (Katie Feraris) Ch 
Myrtle, Ernest; Hillsboro R4 Hills- 
boro Sec29 O120a (1888) Mutual 
Tel. Hillsboro 

Lessman, Joseph Raymond Rl Ray- 
mond Secl7 T300a H. H. Hitchings 
(1891) Mutual Tel. Raymond 

Lewey, Albert (Lavina Beeler) Ch 
*Oliver, *Charlie, *Everett, *Dan- 
iel; Hillsboro Hillsboro Sec28 
OllOa (1850) 

Lewey, C. C. (Mary E. Blackburn) 
Hillsboro Rl Hillsboro Sec21 
O169a (1855) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Lewey, Daniel LeRoy (Mae Louck) 
Hillsboro R4 Hillsboro Sec28 T90a 
Albert Lewey (1885) Bell Tel. Hills- 

Lewey, L. F. (Mabel Gordon) Hills- 
boro R4 Hillsboro Sec25 TlOOa Guy 
Lane (1875) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Lewey, O. R. (Hester I. Hill) Ch 
Leo, Cecil, Cleo, Loyd, Victor, Carl, 
Seymore, Earl, Woodrow; "Ridge 
View Stock and Dairy Farm" Cof- 
feen R2 East Fork Sec25 T160a Ar- 
thur Christian (1872) 

Lewey, William A. (Lurenna Thack- 
er) "Mulberry Ridge Farm" Hills- 
boro Rl Hillsboro Secl7 OSOa 
(1855) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Lewis, Albert (Melinda Howell) Ch 
John, *Sadeta, *Lavona; "Oak 
Ridge Farm" Butler R2 North 
Litchfield Sec36 O40a (1881) Mu- 
tual Tel. Litchfield 

Lewis, B. R. (Alva Savage) Ch Her- 
chel, Joie, Ulis, Ina, Ralph, Clell, 
Gary, Merle, James; Coffeen Rl 
East Fork SeclS T240a James B. 
Barringer (1867) 

Lewis, Charles D. (Lula Releford) Ch 
Walter; Litchfield Rl SeclS T211a 
John Monke (1918) 

Lewis, H. C. (Georgia Brown) Ch 
Gladys, Hugh, James, Evelyn, Ken- 
neth, Kermit, Lillian, *Naomi; Cof- 
feen Rl East Fork Sec34 T137a T. 
J, McDavid (1871) Mutual Tel. Cof- 

Lewis, Kate Ch Kate, John, Tom, 
*Sarah, *Mary; Harvel Rl Rountree 
Sec6 O154a (1871) 

Lewis, M. S. (Laura E. Green) Ch 
Laurell, Clarence, Guy, Harry, 
*Ella, *Sirena, *Lucy, *Emma, 
* Lizzie; Coffeen R3 Fillmore 
Secl9S OSOa (1867) Mutual Tel. 

Lewis, Robert (Mary E. Shrock) Ch 
*Ralph, *Emma, *Etta; Raymond 
R2 Zanesville Secl3 T160a John Mc- 
Gown (1902) Mutual Tel. Raymond 

Lewright, Hart B. (Mollie Baxter) 
Ch Randolph, Bennett, Winford; 
Litchfield Rl North Litchfield Sec8 
OSOa (1865) 

Libbey, W. P. (Nancy J. Thacker) Ch 
Faye G., Edward A., *Cloe S.; Cof- 
feen Rl East Fork Sec2S O131a 
(1868) Mutual Tel Coffeen 

Lidiker, Mrs. Jane Ch Mary, *Bertha, 
*Hattie, *Clara; Nokomis Rl Roun- 
tree Sec29 OSOa (1848) 

Limper, Joseph (Tessie Kaburick) Ch 
Lessie; Coffeen Rl East Fork Secl4 
T120a William Kaburick (1892) 

Linane, John J. (Minnie Hicks) Ch 
Ida, Carra, Lewis, Joseph, Bertha; 
Butler Rl Butler Grove Sec28 Tla 
Jenkins Est. (1905) 

Linane, Pete (Lillie Spring) Ch 
Frankie, Ruth, Howard. Edward; 
Oconee R2 South Audubon Secll 
OSOa (1918) 

Linane, William Nokomis R3 South 
Audubon Sec3 O120a (1908) 



Lindemann, Henry (Anna Suda) Ch 
Rosie, Carl; Witt Rl Nokomis 
Sec29 T140a Robert Dixon (1894) 
Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Lindley, J. A. (Laura E. File) Ch 
Bertie J., *Otto L., *Oren E., 
'Charles C, *Asa I.: Walshville Rl 
Walshville Sec26 O68^4a (1861) 
Farmer's Mutual Tel. Sorento 

Lindley, J. J. (M. C. Pence) Ch 
Winfred, Edith, Alva, Vernon, 
*Mamie, *Earl; Walshville Rl 
Walshville Sec25 O65a (1860) 

Lindly, L. E. (Roxanna Corlew) Ch 
Leone, Otto, *Mabel, *Harry, 
*Irma; Litchfield R3 South Litch- 
field Sec36 O180a (1883) 

Lingle, H. G. (Viola Masters) Ch 
Martin A., Dorcas H. J.; "Sunny 
Brook Stock Farm" Witt Rl Roun- 
tree Sec35 O220a (1875) Mutual 
Tel. Witt 

Linville, James (Augusta Lyles) "Tall 
Pine Farm" Coffeen R3 East Fork 
SeclS T90a E. N. Lyles (1875^ Mu- 
tual Tel. Coffeen 

Lipe, Alvin O. (Ora Draper) Ch Wa- 
neta, *Cecil in Service; Witt Rl 
Rountree Sec35 O40a 0868) Mu- 
tual Tel. Witt 

Lipe, Charles E. (Hannah Copland) 
Irving Rl Rountree Sec31 O117a 
(1855) Bell Tel. Butler 

Lipe, Edward H. (Madge Kelly) 
"Woodside Farm" Irving R2 Irving 
SecS O149a (1877) Bell Tel. But- 

Lipe, Ephraim D. (Cora A. Cook) Ch 
Eva, Lucille, Mildred; Irving R2 
Irving Secll O164a (1870) Mutual 
Tel. Irving 

Lipe, Glenn (Myra Compton) Ch 
Raymond, Wayne; Witt Rl Witt 
Sec7 T80a William Abbott (1893) 

Lipe, H. S. (Mary P. King) Witt Rl 
Irving Sec2 OllOa (1876) Mutual 
Tel. Witt 

Lipe, J. J. (Minnie Augusta Yeske) 
Ch, Esther May, Elizabeth Laura, 
Godfrey Martin, John Easton, 
*Edna Frances; Irving Rountree 
Sec34-35 O220a (1870) 

Lipe, Thomas L. (Vera Rupe) Ch 
Fern, Viola; Witt Rl Rountree, 
Sec27 O120a (1890) Mutual Tel. 

Lipe, Vernon F. (Cora F. Bond) Ch 
Vernon, Jr.. Lois, Betty; Raymond 
R2 Zanesville Secl4 T80a Will Sims 
(1881) Mutual Tel. Raymond 

Lippard, Tom (Nell Garret) Ch Ruth, 
Wayne; Hillsboro Rl Hillsboro 
Secl4 T323a Brewer Est. (1883) 
Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Listen, George G. (Miry Graham) 
Ch William A., Harry F., *George 
E., 'Walter S., *Mary H.; Coffeen 
R2 Fillmore SeclS OlOa (1871) 

Listen, G. E. (Martha J. Williams) 
Ch Harold; Hillsboro R2 East Fork 
Secl6 T480a Manager William 
Welge (1876) 

Littleton, J. M. (Floro Harbert) Ch 
Ruby, Arthur, Flossie; Raymond R2 
Raymond Secl4 T160a C. McNaugh- 
ton (1915) Mutual Tel. Raymond 

Litz, Christ (Minnie Schultz) Ch 
*Fred, *Ida, *Henry, *John, 
*Louisa; Oconee Rl Audubon Sec24 
O70a (1891) 

Litz, Henry (Sophia Hauseum) Ch 
Rosa, Krist; Oconee Rl Audubon 
Sec24 O80a (1906) 

Litz, John L. (Katie Kroenlein) Ch 
Louis A., Homer K., Carl Emil; 
Pana R3 Audubon Sec24-23 O70a 
(1892) Mutual Tel. Rosemond 

Livingston, Harry (Mary Barry) Ch 
Barry, Margaret; Litchfield R3 
South Litchfield Sec26 O80a (1885) 

Livingston, Imer (Ruth Piatt) Fill- 
more R3 Fillmore Sec28 T200a T. 
M. Livingston (1894) Mutual Tel. 

Livingston, T. M. (Alpha Gatewood) 
Ch Morris, Clyde. Ivan, Inez, 
*Lona. *Imer, *Eva; Fillmore Fill- 
more Sec28 O212a t lOa A. B. Cal- 
houn (1851) Mutual Tel. Fillmore 

Lloyd, Clarence (Gertrude Cole) Cof- 
feen Rl Fillmore Secl6 T280a 
Flora Williamson (1916) Mutual 
Tel. Fillmore 

Loen, Edward (Susan Miller) Ch Ed- 
ward C., Jesse, *Mary Babtist; 
Walshville Rl Walshville Secl4 
OlOOa (1865) 

Loen, William P. H. (Mayma L. 
Sturgeon) Ch Katharine; Walsh- 
ville Rl Walshville Secll T47a Wil- 
liam Loen (1890) 

Loewenstein, William (Emma Nie- 
haus) Ch Wilma; "Brookside Farm" 
Walshville Rl O120a Walshville 
SeclS T160a Henry Loewenstein 
(1892) - 

Logsdon, C. L. (Mary V. Bailey) Ch 
Jewell, Blanch. LeRoy; Hillsboro 
R2 Hillsboro Sec36 T217a W. P. 
Thacker (1891) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 



Logston, John (Annie Bealer) Ch 
Daro, Ida, Jennie. Charles, Elmer, 
Ruby; Walshville Rl Grisham SecS 
O130a (1875) 

Lohaus, John (Julia Simon) Noko- 
mis R3 Nokomis Sec35 O20a (1902) 
Bell Tel. Nokomis 

Lohman, Fred Jr. (Nellie Reeves) Ch 
Earl, Marie; Farmersville Rl Pit- 
man Sec23 T185a Fred Lohman Sr. 
(1883) Mutual Tel. Waggoner 

Lohman, E. O. (Jennie Browning) 
Ch Edward, Garl; Waggoner Rl 
Pitman Sec29 T400a J. M. Wag- 
goner (1885) Mutual Tel. Waggoner 

Long, Albert (Maggie Titsworth) Ch 
Ruth, Ruby; Walshville Rl Gris- 
ham Sec7 T80a Mrs. L. McPhear- 
son (1891) 

Long, C. F. (Sarah McCullough) Ch 
Paul, Wallace, Helen; "Pitman 
Farm" Raymond R2 Pitman Sec27 
O160a T120a Mary Brubaker (1873) 
Mutual Tel. Waggoner 

Long, Fred S. (Edna Miller) Ch Ruth, 
Bernice, Miller, Claire, Arlene, Jun- 
ior; Coffeen R2 Fillmore Sec20 T40a 
Henry Long (1884) 

Long, Henry (Mary M. Troutman) 
Ch Gretta, *Fred, *Jeff; Coffeen R2 
Fillmore Sec20 O134a (1861) Mutual 
Tel. Fillmore 

Long, John F. (Mary Plant) Ch 
Marie, Leonard, James, *Grace, 
*May, *Margarete, *John; Walsh- 
ville Rl Walshville Sec26 O104a 
T20a C. B. & Q. R. R. Co. (1860) 

Long, Joseph (Matilda E. McDaniel) 

* William, *Omer, *Dallas; Wag- 
goner Rl Zanesville SecS T170a W. 
H. Peck (1881) Mutual Tel. Wag- 

Losch, John H. (Spicy Brown) Ch 
Leota, Susie. Harold, *Florence, 
*Nettie, *Aral; Hillsboro Rl Hills- 
boro Sec9 O91^a (1881) 

Loucks, Alva F. (Laura Hartgroves) 
Ch Roy, *Mae; Hillsboro R4 Hills- 
boro Sec28 O204a (1864) Bell Tel. 

Lounsbury, Ira R. (Rosa Wittman) 
Ch Ruby; Irving Rl Witt SeclS 
TlOOa Joseoh Lounsbury (1880) 
Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Lounsbury, W. T. (Nettie Sperry) 
"Center Point Farm" Irving Rl 
Witt Sec22 O80a (1876) Mutual Tel. 

Loveless, Riley (Rosa Perrine) Ch 
Samuel, Ruah, Oriel, Nona, Lina, 
Marvel, Ina, Babie, Nina, Mitchell, 
James, Johny; Barnett R2 Zanes- 
ville Sec33 O40a (1906) 

Loving, William O. (Clara Fuller) 
Ch *Roy, *Cora, *Guy M.; Coffeen 
R2 Fillmore Sec32 O80a (1868) 

Lowe, Jesse (Viola Webster) Ch 
Daisy, Mildred; Nokomis R3 Au- 
dubon Sec23 T160a J. R. Lowe & 
Kitchell (1880) Mutual Tel. Rose- 

Lowrance, James B. (Celia Frarer) 
Irving R2 Irving Sec6 T196a Susan 
Frarer (1891) Bell Tel. Butler 

Lubben, Albert (Dora Klotz) 
Girard R43 Bois D' Arc Secl9 T152a 
John H. Lubben (1918) 

Lubben, Herman (Ida Rovey) Far- 
mersville R2 Bois D' Arc Sec29 
T160a William Rovey (1917) Mu- 
tual Tel. Farmersville 

Luck, Mary M. (Mary M. Kilpatrick) 
Ch Homer, Roscoe, Lester; *Elisha, 
*Fred, "Sarah, 'Stella; Hillsboro 
R4 Hillsboro Sec29 O40a (1848) 
Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Luddeke, Arthur G. (Maud E. Moore) 
"Windy Point Farm" Butler R3 
Butler Grove Sec28 T160a C. J. 
Woland (1911) Bell Tel. Butler 

Luddeke, Theodore (Gertrude Moore) 
Ch Donald. Thelma; Irving R2 Irv- 
ing Sec20 O90a (1872) Farmer's Mu- 
tual Tel. Irving 

Ludenrick, F. M. (Louisa Whitten) 
Ch Lorena, *Clara. *Cora; Chapman 
Fillmore Sec4 O65a (1859) 

Ludewich, H. M. *Ina. *Elwood. 
*Maude; "Maole Hill Farm" Cof- 
feen Rl East Fork Secll O240a 
(1837) Mutual Tel. Hillsboro 

Luedtke, Julius (Amalia Ruschke) Ch 
Charles. Albert, Alwina. *Minnie, 
*Ida, *Lena, *Bertha; Girard R43 
Bois D' Arc Sec31 O80a (1918) Mu- 
tual Tel. Farmersville 

Luenemann, Henry (Nora Buerger) 
Ch Anton. Marv John; Litchfield 
R4 Walshville SecS T180a W. C. 
Marburger (1891) 

Luker, Henry (Tillie Mansholt) Ch 
Herman, Irene; Nokomis R5 Noko- 
mis Secl7 T160a Mrs. H. Luken 

Lyerla, Ed A. (Elizabeth Stewart) Ch 
*Susia. *Ruby, *Burges. *Edna: Irv- 
ing R3 Irvine Sec27 O300a (1875) 
Mutual Tel. Irving 



Lyerla, Fred R. (Bell Vandever) Irv- 
ing R3 Irving Sec36 O92a (1879) 
Mutual Tel. Irving 

Lyerla, Thomas (Deta Young) Ch 
Ada, Ruth, Eldred, Nina, Marvin, 
Mima, Jane; Coffeen Rl East Fork 
Sec3S O42a (1874) 

Lyerla, Wilson (Dora Sanders) Ch 
Zella, June, *Earl, *Una, *Audra, 
*Ray; Irving R3 Irving Sec26 T160a 
Dr. "Parkhill (1863) Mutual Tel. Irv- 

Lyerly, Richard (Serena Lyerly) Ch 
Cleta, Ava, *Fred, *Abbiegail, 
*Wood, *Katie; Irving R3 Irving 
Sec36 O468a (1863) Mutual Tel. Irv- 

Lyles, E. N. (Olive Nichols) Ch Es- 
ter, Loretta, *Augusta, *Angie, 
*Elsie; "Lyles & Nichols Farm" 
Coffeen R3 East Fork Sec2S O540a 
(1886) Mutual Tel. Coffeen 

Lyman, Corneilus S. (Lois Smith) Ch 
Elberta Alfreida, Mary, Allus, Cor- 
nelius; Farmersville R2 Bois D' Arc 
Secl9 TlOSa W. A. Lyman (1903) 
Mutual Tel. Farmersville 

Lyman, E. (Clara Hendricks) Ch 
Marie; Farmersville R2 Bois D' Arc 
Sec21 O80a Sec20 TlOOa F. K. Hen- 
dricks (1887) Farmersville Mutual 
Tel. Farmersville 

Lyman, Lewis (Elva Gottlob) Ch 
Etta; Pawnee R51 Bois D' Arc 
Secl9 T140a George Lyman (1880) 
Farmersville Tel. Farmersville 

Lynn, H. G. (Clara Briggs) Ch Ralph, 
*Edward; Mulberry Rl Fillmore 
Sec21 O191a (1852) Mutual Tel. 

Lynn, William J. (Annie Haynes) Ch 
Fairy, Lena, Mary, *John, *Guy; 
Coffeen R3 Fillmore Sec21 O299a 
(1849) Mutual Tel. Coffeen 

Lyons, James M. (Marguerite Cur- 
ran) Ch Helen Marie, Rita, John 
Bernard; Harvel R2 Harvel Sec20- 
31 T160a John Lyons (1881) Mutual 
Tel. Harvel 

Lyons, John (Mary Bushel) Ch John, 
Ida, *James, *Katharine; Raymond 
R2 Harvel Sec31 O350a (1875) Mu- 
tual Tel. Raymond 


Mack, Amos G. (Alice R. Scherer) Ch 
Evelyn L., Lester D., Ross D., El- 
mer L. ; "Mack Farm" Butler R2 
Butler Grove Seel 1-14 T120a D. W. 
Mack (1875) Bell Tel. Butler 

Mack, D. W. Ch Walter, *Jasper, 
*Carrie, *Dora, *Amos, *Bessie, 
*Oscar, *Albert; Butler R2 Butler 
Grove Seel 1-14 O200a; also owns 
27a Timber Land in Irving; (1838) 
Bell Tel. Butler 

Mack, Jasper M. (Julia Dorsey) Ch 
Jennie, Irwin; Butler R2 Butler 
Grove Secll O80a (1868) Bell Tel. 

Macrafic, Edwin (Dott E. Slayback) 
Ch Herschel; Butler Rl North 
Litchfield Sec25 T180a L. A. Slay- 
back (1917) 

Maddox, Wilson (Amanda Jane 
Brown) Ch Edna, *Allie, *Eliza- 
beth, ""Lafayette. *Dan; Coffeen R2 
Fillmore Sec9 O180a (1859) Mutual 
Tel. Coffeen 

Madigan, Thomas (Sarah, Sister) No- 
komis R3 Audubon Sec29 O80a 

Maher, Phillip (Bridget Hogan) Ch 
Mae, Thomasj Raymond R2 Ray- 
mond Se'cl9 OlSOa (1864) Mutual 
Tel. Raymond 

Major, A. H. (Lillie M. Brown) Ch 
Velma, Josephine, *Chlorus; Cof- 
feen Rl East Fork SecSS O120a 
(1873) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Major, Charles R. Ch Mary, *James, 
*Edgar, *Joseph, *Charles, *Russell, 
*Samuel; Donnellson Grisham' 
Secl3 O130a (1865) Bell Tel. Don- 

Malloy, William Ch Jerome, *Leona; 
"Walnut Ridge Farm" Coffeen R3 
East Fork Sec23S O80a H864) 

Maninfior, John Sr. (Madiline Er- 
spammer) Ch Emma. Frank, Cath- 
erine, *Albina; Hillsboro R3 East 
Fork Sec6 O3a (1892) 

Maninfior, John Jr. CNatalina Breb- 
bia) Ch Joe, Rachael, Esther, 
Marie; Hillsboro R3 Irving Sec20 
O60a (1886) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Mann, Leslie I. (Mattie A. Specht) Ch 
Dorothy; Farmersville Rl Pitman 
Sec6 O40a T40a Mrs. Maria Specht 
(1910) Mutual Tel. Girard 



Mann, Thomas (Jessie Alderson) Ch 
Agnes, Glenn; Thomasville Bois D' 
Arc Secl6 T195a M. W. Treadway 
(1915) Virden Tel. Virden 

Manning, Asberry (Mettie Alexander) 
Ch Claude, Irvin, Burdett, Morgan; 
"Maple Slope Farm" Virden R2 

Bois D' Arc Secll T160a Earl Heat- 
er (1910) Pawnee Tel. Pawnee 

Manning, Mont (Flora Clark) Ch 
Chandler, Wilburn, Martha Belle, 
Herman A., Woodrow Wilson; Far- 
mersville R2 Bois D' Arc SeclS 
T160a William C. Luth (1910) Mu- 
tual Tel. Farmersville 

Manning, Tue (Audrey Cline) Ch 
Calvin, Kenneth; Morrisonville R2 
Bois D' Arc Sec9 T120a A. Allen 
(1917) Pawnee Tel. Pawnee 

Mansfield, C. H. (Harriet Foster) Ch 
Merrill, Harold; Nokomis R3 South 
Audubon Sec3 O154a (1868) Bell 
Tel. Nokomis 

Mansfield, Henry (Alice James) Ch 
Ruth, Alice, Roy; Nokomis R4 
South Audubon Sec6 O75a (1866) 

Manske, Miss Emma Litchfield R4 
South Litchfield Secl7 O460a (1871) 

Marburger, Ed C. Ch Harry, Tillie; 
Mt. Olive Walshville Sec6 O180a 
(1865) Mt. Olive Tel. Mt. Olive 

Marburger, H. G. (Sophia Gehner) 
Ch Otto, Amile, William, Lydia; 
Litchfield R4 South Litchfield Sec31 
O140a (1856) Tel. Mt. Olive 

Marburger, William (Emma 'White- 
house) Ch Theodore, Jesse, Alma, 
Freda, Alfred, Lucetta, Leo; Litch- 
field R4 South Litchfield Sec31 
O380a (1868) Tel. Mt. Olive 

Marburger, W. C. (Emma White- 
house) Ch Theodore, Jesse, Elmer 
Elfreida. Alfred. Lusetta. Leon; 
Litchfield R4 Walshville Sec6 O230a 
(1865) Mt. Olive Tel. Mt. Olive 

Marfell, William (Jane Herbert) Ch 
John, Ella, Ethel, Louise, Vera, 
William Jr.; Witt Rl Witt Sec8 O3a 

Marit P. S. (Treacie White) Ch Mur- 
rel, Wesley, Irene, Dwight, Mild- 
red; Litchfield R3 South Litchfield 
Sec36 O26a (1877) 

Marley, James (Margaret Randle) Ch 
Margaret. Donald; Nokomis R2 Au- 
dubon Secl9 T231a John Marley 
(1878) Bell Tel. Nokomis 
Marsh, W. O. (Amie Sharp) Ch Fred. 
Trinel. Waggoner Rl Pitman Sec21 
T150a John Waggoner (1905) 

Marshall, Edward (Ella Moore) Paw- 
nee R3 Bois D' Arc Sec4 T160a 
Mrs. Joseph Marshall (1883) 

Martin, Charles A. (Goldie Wade) Ch 
Glen; Witt Rl Irving Secl2 T200a 
John Martin (1904) Mutual Tel. 

Martin, Edgar W. (Olive Burger) Ch 
Mary, Robert; Honey Bend North 
Litchfield Sec3 O69^a (1874) 

Martin, Mrs. Emma J. Ch Ernest, 
Silas, John, Ollin, Stanley, Cecil, 
Alma, Harold, Glenn, Lucile, Elbert, 
Pauline, *Buel; Harvel R2 Harvel 
Sec29 T160a W. H. Guthrie (1908) 
Mutual Tel. Harvel 

Martin, Everett (Katherine Meisen- 
heimer) Ch Lovine, Johnnie; Har- 
vel R2 Harvel Sec32 T160a J. O. 
Guthrie (1918) 

Martin. Frank O. (Emma Pickett) Ch 
Walter, Earl, Irene; Farmersville 
R3 Bois D' Arc Sec28 T80a Orin 
Martin (1887) Farmersville Tel. 

Martin, Franklin (Lorena Huber) Ch 
Ralph, Helen, Edith, Frank Jr.; Far- 
mersville Pitman Sec5 TlOOa Henry 
Martin Sr. (1886) 

Martin, Henry Sr. Ch Lena, Martha, 
*Henry, *Katie, *Lizzie, *Frank; 
Farmersville Pitman SecS O200a 

Martin, Henry Jr. Farmersville Pit- 
man Secl6-17 O80a SecS T120a 
Henry Martin Sr. (1874) 

Martin, John H. (Harriet N. Elledge) 
Ch Rexford, Ethel, Blanche, Vesta, 
Homer; Raymond R3 Zanesville 
Sec26 O40a (1870) 

Martin, Joseph W. (Eliza J. Ogden) 
Ch *Grover, *Moses; Raymond R3 
Zanesville Sec26 O140a (1867) 

Martin, Lee (Jane Coen) Ch Francis, 
Ruth, Bernard: Farmersville Rl 
Pitman Seel T160a Frank Martin 
and Paul Bonnett (1890) Farmers- 
ville Mutual Tel. Farmersville 

Martin, Otis (Gertrude Parrott) Ch 
Dale; Litchfield R3 South Litchfield 
Secll O80a T66a E. B. Jordan & 
Son and William Davis (1911) Mu- 
tual Tel. Litchfield 

Mason, Frank (Nora Dilworth) Hills- 
boro Rl Hillsboro Sec7 OlOa (1882) 

Masters, A. T. (Josephine Casselber- 
ry) Ch *Minnie. *Vie, *Evans; But- 
ler R2 Butler Grove Sec21 O95a 
(1865) Bell Tel. Butler 



Masters, E. E. (Sybil Chapman) Ch 
Margaret, Nina; Witt Rl Rountree 
Sec36 T80a Tosephine Masters 

(1881) Mutual Tel. Witt 
Mathews, B. B. (Nora Casey) Ch 

nVillie; Fillmore Rl Fillmore Secl2 
O12a Secll T16a Charlie Poland 
Mutual Tel. Fillmore 

Mathews, Harry E. (Virginia Simons) 
Ch Celestine, Maxine; Farmersville 
Bois D' Arc Sec27 O40a (1890) Far- 
mersville Tel. Farmersville 

Mathews, Oris B. (Pearlie Supinger) 
Ch Louie, Lonnie, Florence; Fill- 
more Rl Fillmore Secl2 O40a T20a 
Thomas Mathews (1908) Mutual 
Tel. Fillmore 

Mathewson, J. A. (Clara Bost) Ch 
Lyman B., Mary, *Henry; "Shady 
Nook Farm" Coffeen R3 East Fork 
Seel O35a (1895) Mutual Tel. Cof- 

Matli, Alex J. (Kate T. Sullivan) Ch 
Paul, Margaret; Raymond R2 
Zanesville Sec3 T80a Mrs. Rose 
Sullivan (1875) 

Matli, Bernard G. (Anna Kelenber- 
ger) Ch Verna, Bernard; Litchfield 
Rl North Litchfield SeclS T149a 
William Weigreffee (1883) 

Matli, Charles J. (Josephine Boehm) 
Ch Sylverias; Litchfield R2 North 
Litchfield Secl7 T120a Mrs. Sarah 
Fisher (1889) Mutual Tel. Litchfield 

Matli, Frank (Louisa Holmes) Ch 
Mary, Lawrence; Harvel R2 Harvel 
Sec32 T80a Dr. Scherer (1866) Mu- 
tual Tel. Raymond 

Matthews, Jesse (Mahla Carlock) Ch 
Harry T., Dewey B., Lena, Opal J., 
Oral, Vona; "White Oak Ridge 
Farm" Hillsboro East Fork Sec23S 
TlOOa P. Carlock (1897) 

Matthews, W. F. (Pansie Cole) Ch 
Russell) "J. J. Bost Farm" Coffeen 
R2 Fillmore Sec8 T77 a J. J. Bost 
(1915) Mutual Tel. Fillmore 

Mauton, Frank (Helen Suterer) Ch 
Fred. Victor, Inocence, Justina, 
* Walter. 'Frank; Coffeen Rl East 
Fork Secl4 T300a John McLean 

May. Charles H. (Dollie E. Sharp) Ch 
Ruth, Alfred; Litchfield R2 Zanes- 
ville Sec32 T80a W. P. Rogers 

(1882) Mutual Tel. Litchfield 

May, J. S. (Eva Crichfield) Ch *Lena, 
*Orin; Fillmore R3 Fillmore Sec9 
O80a (1872) Mutual Tel. Fillmore 

May, Orin (Pluma Chesser) Ch Mil- 
dred; Fillmore R2 Fillmore Sec9 
T80a J. S. May (1888) Mutual Tel. 

Maybury, M. (Kate Carlock) Ch May, 
Everett, Mary, Resie, Johnnie; 
Ramsey R3 South Audubon Secl4 
O20a (1906) 

Mayer, Andrew (Naomi Platt) Ch 
Melvina, Helen Naomi; Witt Rl 
Witt SecS T160a Mrs. Lind and 
Ursula Mayer (1886) 

Mayer, Joseph A. (Anna Reardon) 
Witt Rl Nokomis Sec33 O30a Sec32 
T166a Ursula Mayer (1884) 

McAnarney Charles (Mary Coen) Ch 
Mary, Arthur, Leroy, Irene; Har- 
vey R2 Harvel Sec6 O40a (1864) 

McAnarney, Edward J. (Mary J. 
Walsh) Ch Leonard R., Harry E., 
*Gertrude F., *William A.; Farmers- 
ville R2 Harvel SecS O160a T63a 
Mrs. Redman and Dave Barnet 

McCain, W. H. (Rosa Ruff) Ch Viola, 
Latisha, Helena, *Pearl, *Iva, 
*Goldie, *John B., *Harrison; No- 
komis R3 Audubon Sec32 O5a 

McCallum, Arch (Jennie Scherer) Ch 
Pearl, *Wilma, *Mae, *Lela; Irving 
R2 Butler Grove Sec4 Ol60a (1858) 
Bell Tel. Butler 

McCalum, Hugh E. (Cordelia Mala- 
hon) Ch Edith, Johnrussel, Gerald; 
Harvel Rl Raymond Seel T240a 
John McCalum (1893) Mutual Tel. 

McCaslin, Louie A. (Nellie Ellington) 
Ch Pearl, Dwight; Donnellson Rl 
East Fork Sec20S T120a Mollie 
Hawking (1878) Bell Tel. Donnell- 

McCaslin, William (Eva Brummet) 
Ch Pauline, Genevieve, Ruby; Oco- 
nee Rl South Audubon Sec2 T80a P. 
Hershey (1916) 

McConathy, Jacob T. (Lula Seago) 
Ch Clyde; Raymond Rl Zanesville 
Sec25 T152a Mrs. J. F. Kelley 
(1876) Mutual Tel. Raymond 

McConathy, Perry M. (Myra Husted) 
Ch Vera. Selma. *Letha: Harvel R2 
Harvel Sec32 O80a (1872) Mutual 
Tel. Raymond 

McConathy, W. L. (Melinda E. 
Thomas) Ch Earl, Ellen Mareissa, 
Rosella. Myrtle; Litchfield R2 
North Litchfield Secl4 T160a Sam- 
uel Thomnson (1871) Mutual Tel. 



McCord, L. H. (Sarah L. White) Cof- 
feen R2 Fillmore Secl6 O120a T20a 
Floyd Miller (1913) Mutual Tel. 

McCord, Robert (Fairy Fath) Ch Es- 
ther; Irving R3 Irving Sec29 T99a 
R. H. McCord (1886) Bell Tel. 

McCormick, John A. (Mary Firman) 
Ch Elbert, Willie, Loretta, Joseph, 
Mary; Farmersville Rl Bois D" Arc 
Sec27 O440a (1866) Mutual Tel. 

McCullers, John ^Fannie Vanderburg) 
Ch Florence, Dorothy, Ethel, La- 
verne, *Anna, * Willie; "Hill View 
Farm" Hillsboro Rl Hillsboro 
SecH O6^a (1890) Bell Tel. Hills- 

McCulley, E. H. (Mary Caulk) Ch 
Gladys, Lester, Erma; Irving R2 
Butler Grove Secl2 T180a Watson 
Est. (1892) Bell Tel. Butler 

McCulley, George (Lillie Edwards) 
Ch Wayne R., Charles D., Opal L., 
Oscar L.; Witt Rl Rountree Sec34 
T160a Clark Lipe (1885) Mutual Tel. 

McCulloch, S. R. Donnellson Grisham 
Secl3 O332a (1867) Bell Tel. Don- 

McCullough, Ben (Lena Padfield) Ch 
Alene, Keneth, Josephine, Nprma; 
"Lone Evergreen Farm" Pitman 
Sec8 T95a Dave Grisham (1879) 
Mutual Tel. Farmersville 

McDavid, F. L. (Erna Rafferty) Ch 
Clarence; Hillsboro Hillsboro Sec33 
O333a (1877) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

McDavid, J. L. (Mattie Newman) Ch 
*Gaillord, *Lyndom; Coffeen Rl 
East Fork Sec34 O179a (1861) Mu- 
tual Tel. Coffeen 

McDavid, J. T. (Edith Bond) Irv- 
ing Rl Irving Sec23 O160a (1851) 

McDavid, Mrs. Ollie Ch Thurman; 
Coffeen Rl East Fork Sec28 
O1241^a (1880) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 
and Mutual Tel. Coffeen 

McDonough, H. S. (Anna Ricke) Ch 
Theodore, Ruth, John Fillmore R2 
Fillmore Sec24 O120a (1864) 

McDowell, Charles H. (Bessie Ran- 
dies) Ch Herbert, Harold, Evelyn, 
Dorothy; Irving Rl Witt Sec30 
T102a L. A. File (1886) Mutual Tel. 

McDowell, James (Sarah Wubker) Ch 
Clarence, *Walter, *Edward, *Lo- 
gan, *Charles *Helen; Ii >ing Sec24 
O126a (1861) 

McDowell, Walter (Katheryn Blair) 
Ch Marjorie, James; Irving Rl Irv- 
ing Sec24 T126a James McDowell 
(1872) Mutual Irving 

McElfresh, Jerome F. Ch Russell, 
*Winnie; Barnett R2 Zanesville 
Sec27 OlOOa (1878) 

McElroy, T. B. (Lena Strahm) Ch 
Bertha, *Dalas, 'Clifford, *Mary; 
Hillsboro R4 Raymond Sec32 O80a 
Hillsboro SeclO T135a C. H. Tiffen 
(1898) . 

McGowan, George L. (Carrie Alexan- 
der) Ch Everet, William; Butler Rl 
Butler Grove Sec34 T80a Mrs. Min- 
nie Jenkins (1917) Bell Tel. Butler 

McGown, Clayton C. (Anna E. Hut- 
son) Ch Frances, Geneva, Edward; 
Waggoner Rl Zanesville Sec7 T3a 
N. White (1892) 

McGown, Edward A. (Agnes A. Mar- 
tin) Ch *John. *Fairy, *Percy; 
"Lone Elm Dairy Farm" Raymond 
R2 Zanesville SecH O40a (1858) 
Bell Tel. Raymond 

McGown, Harlev E. (Lizzie B. Reed) 
Ch Velma, *Lelia May; Litchfield 
R2 North Litchfield Sec20 TlOOa 
G. Booth (1867) 

McGown, John E. (Rebecca M. 
Thomas) Ch Victor, John, Homer, 
Thomas, *Clayton r *Viva; Atwater 
Rl Zanesville Sec7 O12^a (1864) 

McGuffie, John "Old Pry Farm" Wag- 
goner Rl Pitman SeclS T240a Tom- 
my Taylor (1910) Tel. Girard 

Mclntosch, J. B. (Ollie Baggett) Ch 
Virgil; Fillmore R2 Fillmore Sec24 
O40a (1893) 

McKinney, Boyd (Myrtle Cryder) Ch 
Florence, *Aldine, *Jessie, *Frank; 
Virden R2 Bois D' Arc Sec4 T200a 
Gudge McBride (1915) Virden Tel. 

McKinney, William (Flora Govaia) 
Ch Claude, Earl, Ralph, Welma; 
Witt Rl Irving Sec2 T140a J. J. Car- 
riker (1875) 

McKowen, Joseph W. (Eva J. Black- 
welder) Ch Lisle, Florence, Ira; 
Raymond R2 Zanesville Sec23 
O120a (1908) Mutual Tel. Raymond 

McLean, Mrs. Anna (Anna Hutchin- 
son) Ch *James, *Arthur, *Etta. 
*Charles; Butler Rl Butler Grove 
O80a (1865) Bell Tel. Butler 

McLean, C. E. (Julia Jett) Ch Owen. 
Loron: Donnellson Rl Ea'st Fork 
Sec20 T200a W. F. Schluckbier 
(1878) Bell Tel. Donnellson 



McLean, Charles F. (Nellie D. King) 
Ch Robert, Mary; Butler Rl Butler 
Grove Sec8 T80a Mrs. Anna M. Mc- 
Lean (1877) Bell Tel. Butler 

McLean, C. S. (Peachie Taylor) Ch 
Maurice; Coffeen Rl East Fork 
Secl3 OSOa (1874) 

McLean, D. (Martha Marks) Ch 
Charlie, Willa, Maud, Gloyd; Cof- 
feen Rl East Fork Secl4 O300a 
(1851) Mutual Tel. Hillsboro 

McLean, Isaac Taylor Springs Hills- 
boro Sec26 O40a (1883) 

McLean, J. R. Hillsboro R4 Hillsboro 
Sec35 OSOa Grisham Sec2 T40a 
(1858) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

McLean, Mart F. (Bridget E. Comer.- 
ford) Ch William, Margaret, Eileen, 
Mazie, Joseph; Farmersville Pitman 
Sec4 T280a McLean Est. (1882) 
Mutual Tel. Farmersville 

McLean, William (Lula Brockamp) 
Morrisonville R2 Bois D' Arc Secl6 
T80a M. E. Howard (1915) Chris- 
tian County Tel. Morrisonville 

McNish, John (Vina Ballinger) Ch 
Rosce; Virden R2 Bois D' Arc Sec6 
T152a Stella Lockwood (1905) Vir- 
den Tel. Virden 

McPeak, Andrew O. (Irene Par- 
sons) Honey Bend North Litchfield 
Seel T55a W. S. Parsons (1912) 

McPhail, Bert (Laura Cass) Butler 
R2 Butler Grove SecS OSOa (1882) 

McPhail, George Litchfield R3 South 
Litchfield Sec35 O40a (1878) 

McPhail R A. Ch Maggie, *Mary; 
Litchfield R3 .South Litchfield Sec36 
O186a (1857) Mutual Tel. Hills- 

McPherson, A. S. (Olive Barry) Ch 
Albert. Glenn; Walshville Rl Gris- 
ham SecS T80a Mrs. T. Price and 
L. McPherson (1893) 

McPherson, James (Sarah M. Vogel) 
Ch Letha, Clara, Eileen; Walshville 
Rl Grisham Sec9 TlOOa Lewis Mc- 
Pherson (1890) 

McPherson, Lewis (Sarah E. Stevens) 
Ch Paul, *James, *Albert, *Lewis 
Jr.; Hillsboro R4 Grisham Sec9 
O460a (1867) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

McReynolds, Louis C. Ch James, 
Frances; Litchfield North Litchfield 
Sec34 O44a (1875) 

McWilliams, W. K. (Edna Murphy) 
Ch Meade, Neale; Pawnee R51 Bois 
D' Arc Seel T320a J. A. Murphy 
Est. and W. M. Montgomery (1873) 
Pawnee Tel. Pawnee 

Mehlberg, Albert (Lizzie Hohmann) 
Ch John, Edward, Emma, August, 
Henry, Albert, *William, *Lena, 
*Adolph; Litchfield R3 South Litch- 
field Sec22 O120a (1881) 

Mehlberg, William C. (Edna J. Hart) 
Ch Clarence; Litchfield R4 South 
Litchfield SecS T80a Joseph Beeson 
(1903) Mutual Tel. Litchfield 

Meier, August A. (Mary Johnson) Ch 
Alva, Walter, Everett; Nokomis Rl 
Rountree Sec24 OSOa (1898) Mu- 
tual Tel. Nokomis 

Meier, Charles F. (Meta Jjuissen) Ch 
Harold H.; Witt Rl Rountree 
Sec24 T80a L. C. Weber (1905) Mu- 
tual Tel. Nokomis 

Meier, Ferdinand (Ruth Casselberry) 
Nokomis Rl Nokomis SeclS T170a 
J. B. Barringer (1903) Bell Tel. No- 

Meier, Walter (Ida Dewerff) Ch Ad- 

. dis Roefae; Nokomis R5 Nokomis 

Sec6 T120a Henry Slaughter (1916) 

Meiners, Hiram (Sarah Riser) Ch 
Albert; Irving Rl Witt SecS O57a 

Meiners, John (Tena Oltmans) Ch 
Louis, William, Walter, Lester, 
Lena; Nokomis R4 South Audubon 
Sec9 O78a (1862) Bell Tel. Noko- 

Meisenheimer, Clement (Nellie 
Noyes) Ch Carl, Archie; Witt Rl 
Witt SecS T95a Henry Stauder 

Meisenheimer, C. Ch Dorothy, 
*Clement, *Christian, *Declecia, 
*Frank, *Catherine, *Josephine; 
Witt Rl Witt SecS T120a Martin 
Hohen (1904) Mutual Tel. 

Meisenheimer, F. E. (Myrtle Gray) 
Ch Madeline, Maurice, Loeta; No- 
komis Rl Rountree Sec30 T20()a 
John Sims (1903) 

Melton, Elmer (Mother, Housekeep- 
er) Coffeen Rl East Fork SeclOS 
O118a (1892) Mutual Tel. Coffeen 

Melton, James C. (Rena Bandy) Ch 
*Lottie; Honey Bend North Litch- 
field Sec3 OSOa (1876) Mutual Tel. 

Melton, Lonnie (Elsie Lyles) Ch 
Clyde L.; Coffeen R3 East Fork 
Sec2S O75a (1892) 

Mercer, Arnal (Lizzie Harland) Ch 
Alfred, Elizabeth, Alma; Litchfield 
R3 South Litchfield Secll T220a J. 
M. Rhoades (1885) 



Meriwether, A. B. (Mattie Gerlach) 
Ch Lyman A.; Harvel R2 Pitman 
Sec25 O80a (1878) Waggoner Mu- 
tual Tel. Waggoner 

Merriman, William Elexader (Maud 
Owens) Ch Helen, Martha, Nancy, 
Harley; Hillsboro R2 East Fork 
Sec9 T240a Farm Hand Edward 
McDavid (1917) Mutual Tel. Hills- 

Mertz, Mrs. Mary Ch Leota, *Cora, 
*Henry; Farmersville R2 Bois D' 
Arc Sec29 O80a (1883) Mutual Tel. 

Mey, Dorris (Florence Harrison) Cof- 
feen R2 Fillmore Sec4 T80a Ben 
Toberman (1892) 

Meyer, Edward (Mary Schoen) Ch 
Arthur, Ruby; Witt Rl Rountree 
Sec24 T200a Mary Miller (1888) 
Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Meyer, John F. (Nora Lohr) Ch El- 
mer, Mary; Hillsboro R2 East 
Fork Secl7 T160a James Clotfelter 
Est. (1892) Mutual Tel. Hillsboro 

Meyer, Joseph B. (Lizzie Fravla) Ch 
Jesse, Guy, Harold, Lillie, Edna, 
Nellie, Flossie, *Charlotte, *Lilfie; 
"Diamond Spring Poultry Farm" 
Coffeen R2 East Fork Sec35 T20a 
W. J. McDavid (1892) 

Meyer, Marion (Cora Conrow) Ch 
Clyde, Claud, Freda, Fern; Fillmore 
R2 Fillmore Seel TlOOa Louis Is- 
bell (1910) Mutual Tel. Fillmore 

Meyer, Otto (Harriett Hadley) Ch 
Vernon; Witt Rl Irving Seel T80a 
Manager Charles Fesser (1891) Mu- 
tual Tel. Irving 

Meyers, Grover (Jessie Williams) Ch 
Louie, Leon; Irving R3 Fillmore 
Sec8 OlOOa (1883) Mutual Tel. Fill- 

Meyers, G. R. (Kate Grubbs) Hills- 
boro Rl Hillsboro Sec9 T120a Mrs. 
J. R. Spraker (1890) Farmers' Mu- 
tual Tel. Hillsboro 

Meyers, J. D. (Nellie V. Wikoff) Ch 
Elsie, Pansy. Imogene, *Guy; Hills- 
boro Rl Hillsboro Sec7 O48^a 
T50a William Abbott (1862) Mutual 
Tel. Hillsboro 

Mevers, Robert C. (Marie Phelan) Ch 
William, Edward; Irving R3 Irving 
Sec21 O40a (1908) 

Meyers, William (Hannah Banning) 
Ch Willis, Harold, Minnie, *Anna; 
Litchfield Rl North Litchfield Sec8 
O160a (1883) 

Middleton, Mrs. M. E. C. Ch Lujea- 
nia, *Claudia; Nokomis R5 Nokomis 
SeclS O2a (1861) 

Mienhimer, M. (Maude Jenkins) Ch 
Earl, Hazel, May, Dwight, Daniel, 
Dorothy, Bonnie, Gerald; Hillsboro 
R4 Grisham SeclS O80a (1871) 

Mikulitz, Mike (Mary Tolvay) Ch 

. Mary, Annie, Julia, Katie, Paul, 
Johnnie, Pauline, George, Walter; 
Hillsboro Hillsboro Sec26 O20a 
(1909) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Milberg, Joe (Lizzie Walch) Ch Wal- 
ter; Raymond R2 Pitman Sec35 
T200a R. H. McAnulty (1899) Ray- 
mond Mutual Tel. Raymond 

Miles, C. A. (Clara Kroenlein) Ch 
Veda, Mary; Pana R3 Audubon 
Sec23 T160a Louis Kroenlein (1911) 
Mutual Tel. Rosemond 

Miles, Tom (Ella Singer) Ch Melvin, 
Hilda, Catharine, Robert, Lester, 
Loevia, Raymond; Rosemond Rl 
Audubon Sec3 T220a Kitchell (1906) 
Mutual Tel. Rosemond 

Millburg, T. C. Ch Leo, Agnes, Tony, 
Mary, *Frank; Farmersville Rl Pit- 
man Sec2 T160a John Gelder (1898) 
Farmersville Tel. Farmersville 

Millburg, William (Rosa Walch) Ch 
Lawrence, Leona; Morrisonville R3 
Rountree Sec4 T80a Peter Best 
(1913) Mutual Tel. Harvel 

Miller, Blazuis (Ina Kelley) Ch Doris 
Virginia; Irving R3 Irving Sec36 
TlOOa W. Redman (1891) Mutual 
Tel. Irving 

Miller, Albert R. (Alvena A. Eckhoff) 
Ch Bernice, Lawrence; Raymond 
R2 Zanesville Sec25 T172a Bertha 
Seppi (1880) 

Miller, Austin (Flora Rogers) Far- 
mersville Rl Pitman SeclS O640a 
(1856) Farmersville Mutual Tel. 

Miller Bros, E. E. & A. W. (Rose 
Hueschen, Wife of Albert Miller) 
Nokomis R5 Nokomis Sec6 T200a 
William Miller (1892) Mutual Tel. 

Miller Bros. Harvel Rl Raymond Sec3 
O160a (1898) 

Miller, Carl D. (Edna Turner) Ch 
Turner; "Woodland Orchard Farm" 
Irving R2 Irving Secl7 OllOa Mil- 
ler & Son (1916) Mutual Tel. Irving 

Miller, Charles ^Minnie Schneider) 
Ch Minnie, Mane, John, Irene; Irv- 
ing R2 Butler Grove Secl2 O160a 



Miller, C. W. (Minnie Linxwilder) Ch 
Virginia, Mary, C. H., *Lois; Hills- 
boro Hillsboro Secl3 O600a (1856) 
Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Miller, David (Kate Bost) Ch Myrtie, 
Vida, Hoyt, *Verna, *Grace; Fill- 
more R2 Fillmore Sec35 O210a 
(1850) Mutual Tel. Fillmore 

Miller, D. F. (Lillie Snook) Ch Wal- 
ter, Russell; Hillsboro R4 Grisham 
Secll O75a (1874) Bell Tel. Hills- 

Miller, Fred (Frances Carstens) Ch 
Elinor, *Anna, *Freda; Nokomis 
R5 Nokomis Sec9 T80a Fred Engle- 
hart (1868) Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Miller, Fred (Lucy Wright) Ch 
Marie, Alvin, *Vern; Coffeen R3 
Fillmore Sec20-21 OlSl^a (1891) 
Mutual Tel. Coffeen 

Miller, George A. (Emma L. Riden- 
hour) Ch Kenneth, Bernice, Carl, 
Irene, Ruey, Margie, Woodrow, 
Eunice, Clyde, *Edna; Fillmore R2 
Fillmore Sec20 O80a (1865) Mutual 
Tel. Fillmore 

Miller, George W. (Sylvia Emery) Ch 
Zola, Renie, *Essie P., *Eva, *Isa- 
belle, *Joseph, *Vella; Coffeen R2 
Fillmore Secl9 O140a (1849) Mu- 
tual Tel. Fillmore 

Miller, Harrison (Velma Kidd) Ch 
Mildred, Wilma, Helen, Agnes; Far- 
mersville Rl Pitman Sec22 T180a A. 
Miller (1890) Waggoner Mutual 
Tel. Waggoner 

Miller, Henry (Anna Helgen) Ch 
John. Ina. Sadie, Otto. Sena; Soren- 
to Rl W T alshville Sec25 O256a 
(1868) Farmer's Mutual Tel. Soren- 

Miller. John G. (Minnie C. Benning) 
Ch Wilma. Herman; Waggoner Rl 
Za-iesville SecS O40a (1902) Mutual 
Tel. Waggoner 

Miller, Mike W. (Elizabeth J. Hans- 
ford) Ch *Geore:e A., 'William E.; 
Fillmore R2 Fillmore Sec20 O210a 
(1861) Mutual Tel. Fillmore 
Miller, P. J. (Grace Miller) Ch Clar- 
ence. Lawrence. Donald. Richard. 
Lilly, Fern. *Minnie, *Harry. *Getie, 
*Mayme *Joseph; Mt. Olive R14 
Walshville Sec21 T400a Martin Lee 
and George Taylor 
Miller, Samuel (Kate Crawford) Ch 
Madge, Charles. 'Frank. *)ohn, 
*Ester. *Ruth. . *George. *Fred: 
Ravmond Ravmond SeclS O60a 
(1898) Bell Tel. Raymond 

Miller, William (Maude Bailey) Hills- 
boro R4 Grisham Secl4 O218a 
(1879) Bell Tel. Donnellson 

Miller, William T. (Maggie Campbell) 
Ch Edna, *Nola Hoy, "Mattie Cur- 
rie; Waggoner Rl Pitman Sec21 
T160a James 'Chapman (1917) 

Milner, W. A. (Alma Hawkins) Ch 
Julia, Isaac, Marjorie, Alva G., 
*Eva; "Walnut Grove Farm" Don- 
nellson Rl East Fork Secl6S O298a 
(1874) Bell Tel. Donnellson 

Mindoup, John (Lena DeBoah) Ch 
Herman, Fritz, Fannie, Lena, Mag- 
gie, *Annie, *Tillie; Nokomis R4 
Witt Sec3 O120a (1885) Bell Tel. 

Mindrup, Richard (Louise Wolters) 
Nokomis Rl Nokomis Sec7 O80a 
(1877) Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Minor, D. F. (Purlina Lane) Ch 
*Pairlee, *Alva; Walshville Rl 
Walshville Sec2 T80a Frank Snow 

Minor, Reuben E. (Rebecca Russell) 
Ch Betta, Luther, Lorena, Chattee; 
Farmersville Rl Pitman Sec6 T80a 
Mrs. R. J. Mitchell (1915) Mutual 
Tel. Farmersville 

Missimore, A. A. (M. P. Grisham) Ch 
*Earl; Walshville Walshville Secll 

Missimore, Earl (Alice' R. Ho'sinc- 
ton) Ch Lester, Gen; Walshville Rl 
Walshville Sec2 T140a A. A. Missi- 
more (1915) Farmer's Mutual Tel. 

Mitchell, Douglas J. (Tillie Groves) 
Litchfield R2 North Litchfield Sec35 
O60a (1900) Mutual Tel. Litchfield 

Mitchell, W. W. (lona Donaldson) Ch 
Lowell, John, Ruby, Edith; Oconee 
Rl South Audubon Secl2 O80a 
(1906) Mutual Tel. Oconee 

Mitts, C. C. (Nettie Miller) Ch Flor- 
ence, *Kirby; Irving R2 Raymond 
Sec33 O40a (1857) Bell Tel. Butler 

Mitts, George W. (Lulu Hoes) Ch 
May, Norris; Butler Rl Butler 
Grove SeclS OlOOa (1866) Bell Tel. 

Mitts, Henry (Ida McLean) Hills- 
boro R4 Hillsboro Sec35 O40a Gris- 
ham Sec2 T48a C. H. Shepard 
(1868) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Modla, Steve (Mary Pavlica) Ch 
Julia, Andv. Mary. Agnes, Steve. 
Georgie, Vernie; Tavlor Springs 
Hillsboro Sec24 O28a (1908) 



Molohan, J. A. (Sarah Baker) Ch 
*Cora, "-Walter, *Lula, *Mabel, 
*Jessie, *Cordelia, *Leroy, "'Ray- 
mond, *James, *Minnie; Raymqnd 
Rl Raymond Sec20 O65a (1879) 
Mutual Tel. Raymond 

Molohon, LeRoy (Mary Lessman) Ch 
Corrine, LeRoy; Irving Rl Butler 
Grove Sec3 T160a Lemuel Doyle 
(1898) Bell Tel. Butler 

Monahink, Charles (Anna Hauser) Ch 
Myrtle May, Earl Russel; Raymond 
R3 Raymond Sec32 T160a Fred 
Groves (1885) Bell Tel. 

Monahink, Fred H. (Anna Roy) Ch 
Charles, Harry, Perley, Lottie; 
Raymond R3 Raymond Sec32 O400a 
(1881) Bell Tel. Raymond 

Moniotti, John (Angela Maninfore) 
Ch Joseph, Josephine, Angelo; 
Hillsboro R3 East Fork Sec6 O21a 

Monke, H. H. (Mary Rueter) Ch 
Otto, Alvin, Amanda, lola, Ester, 
*Henry, *Louise, *Josie, "'Mathil- 
da; Walshville Rl Walshville Sec3 
O360a (1887) 

Monke, William H. (Amanda Nie- 
mann) Ch Victor, Edgar; Litchfield 
R4 South Litchfield Sec20 T160a 
John Monke (1888) Mt. Olive Tel. 
Mt. Olive 

Monroe, George S. (Illinoi Mansfield) 
Ch G. Stuart; "Mansfield Farms" 
Hillsboro R4 Hillsboro Sec34 O75a 
Sec27-34 T294a C. C. and G. N. 
Mansfield (1861) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Moody, C. D. (Florence Card) Ch 
James, Erva, Bliss, Elizabeth, 
Charles Jr., Alice; Fillmore R2 Fill- 
more Secl4 O420a SeclS T40a 
Lelia Moody Mutual Tel. Fillmore 

Moon, D. M. (Jennie E. Brown) Ch 
David M., Mitchel D., Owen S., 
Nancy C., *Alta G., *James G., 
"Oliver N., *Olive E., *Alva K.; 
"Orchard Grove Farm" Coffeen Rl 
East Fork Sec US O140a (1830) 
Mutual Tel. Coffeen 

Moore, D. W. (Alice Thacker) Ch 
*Mvrtle, *Mary, *Toney, *Tarney; 
Hillsboro R4 Grisham SeclO OlOa 
(1855) . 

Moore, Edgar (Ella Martin) Ch 
Maye, Bernard; "Maple Grove 
Farm" Ravmond R2 Raymond Sec9 
O80a (1884) Mutual Tel. Raymond 

Moore, George C. (Mary C. Swan) 
Ch *Addie, *Mattie, *Corene, 
*Evert, *Mae; Irving R3 Witt Sec28 
O120a (1870) Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Moore, Guy L. (Edna Lyerla) Ch 
Olga, Marian; Irving Rl Witt Sec31 
TlOa C. L. Groner (1896) Mutual 
Tel. Irving 

Moore, Henry S. Ch Winnie, Fern, 
Erma, John; Raymond R3 Zanes- 
ville Secll T80a Mrs. Connor (1915) 

Moore, J. E. (Ida D. Gatewood) Ch 
Orval, Merle, *Rossie L., *Claud E.; 
"Oak Grove Farm" Coffeen R2 Fill- 
more Sec31 O74J4a (1868) Mutual 
Tel. Coffeen 

Moore, M. A. (Bessie White) Ray- 
mond Rl Raymond Secl6 OlSOa 

(1865) Mutual Tel. Raymond 
Moore, M. A. Raymond R3 Raymond 

Secl6 OlSOa '(1891) Mutual Tel. 

Morain, William (Sarah B. Wiley) Ch 
*Mrs. Irma Whitten; "Ash Grove 
Farm" Irving Irving Sec22 O180a 

(1866) Farmer's Mutual Tel. Irving 
More, W. O. (Lillie Wilson) Ch 

Gladys, Evert, Oscar; "Oak Hill 
Farm" Coffeen R2 Fillmore Sec31 
O30a (1879) Mutual Tel. Coffeen 

Morehouse, H. B. (Ide Thompson) 
Ch Doris, Synthia, Henrietta, 
Charles, *Hazel; "Knoll View 
Farm" Butler R2 Butler Grove 
Secl6 O160a (1904) Bell Tel. But- 

Morgan, Elmer W. (Alma Schneider) 
Nokomis Rl Nokomis Sec20 T160a 
T. A. Keiser (1896) 

Morgason, S. D. (Edna Stephens) Ch 
Nellie Lucile; Oconee Rl South Au- 
dubon Sec2 Tla F. Taylor (1915) 

Moroney, John (Nellie Binder) Ch 
Francis, William, Paul, Russell, 
Sylvester, Mary; Nokomis R2 No- 
komis Sec4 T160a J. W. Johnson 
(1903) Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Moroney, Lawrence (Mary Cassidy) 
Ch Miles, Evalee, Josie; Butler 
Butler Grove Seel T200a Watson 
Est. (1918) 

Morris, John (Ella F. Harrison) Ch 
Bessie, Edward, James, Irene, "'Liz- 
zie; Coffeen East Fork SeclS O20a 

Morrissey, Dennis (Anna Haley) Ch 
John, Dalbert, Marie, *Joseph; Far- 
mersville R2 Bois D' Arc Sec33 
OlSOa (1873) Mutual Tel. Farmers- 

Morrissey, Joseph (Gertrude Jordan) 
Farmersville Rl Bois D' Arc Sec36 
TlOOa Mrs. Dennis Morrissey 


Mortimer, Arthur (Bertha Coultas) 
Ch Dorothy, Raymond; Virden R2 
Bois D' Arc SecS T160a Dr. A. T. 
Bartlett Est. (1887) Virden Tel. 

Mortimer, Reginald (Winifred Lor- 
ton) Ch Jean, Lyle; Virden RZ.Bois 
D' Arc Sec6 T160a Bartlett Est. 
(1887) Virden Tel. Virden 

Mortimer, Mrs. W. & Sons; Ch 
Charles, Matilda, Oliver, *Selina, 
*Reginald. *Florence, *Arthur; Vir- 
den R2 Sec8 T200a Dr. Bartlett 
Est. (1887) Virden Tel. Virden 

Moss, Henry L. (Florence Losch) Ch 
Howard, Harold; Hillsboro R4 
Hillsboro Sec36 T182a Mrs. Moss 
and McLean & Clotfelter (1882) 
Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Moss, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Clot- 
felter) Ch Henry, *Emma, *Bessie; 
Hillsboro R4 Hillsboro Sec36 O83a 
(1851) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Mueller, Henry L. (Anna Sewing) Ch 
Hulda, Esther, Dortha; Litchfield 
Rl North Litchfield Secl9 T160a L. 
Settelmeyer (1917) 

Muller, Christeina Ch Fred, Henry, 
Anna; Raymond R2 Raymond Sec6 
O240a (1858) Mutual Tel. Raymond 

Muller, Henry (Lena Howard) Ch 
Marie, Ester; Raymond R2 Ray- 
mond Sec6 T240a Mrs. Mullers 
(1870) Mutual Tel. Raymond 

Murphy, A. E. Virden R2 Bois D' Arc 
Secl2 T160a William F. Murphy 

Murphy, Charles H. (lona Drury) Ch 
Alice, Owen, Byron; Farmersville 
R2 Bois D' Arc Sec30 O76a Sec30- 
28 T156a J. A. Murphy Est. (1869) 
Farmersville Mutual Tel. Farmers- 

Murphy, Clyde (Minnie Young) Ch 
Joseph, Mildred. Estel, Lewis; Paw- 
nee R51 Bois EM Arc Secl2 T160a J. 
A. Murphy Est. (1882) Pawnee Tel. 

Murphy, John F. Farmersville Rl Pit- 
man Seel O40a (1868) 

Murphy, J. D. (Etta, Sister) Nokomis 
R5 Nokomis Secll T160a Mrs. Ellen 
Murphy (1878) 

Murphy, Thomas A. Farmersville Rl 
Pitman Seel O40a (1868) 

Murphy, Thomas P. (Margaret Quin- 
lan) Ch Joseph, Francis, Gertrude, 
Edward, Margaret, Catharine; Har- 
vel Harvel Sec6 T148a Thomas 
Ouinlan (1880) 

Murphv, Tisdal (Marguerete Moonev) 
Ch George, Daniel, William, John, 
Tanson, Marguerite^ Frank, Mary, 
Mabel, Letitia; Farmersville R2 
Bois D' Arc Sec30 O480a (1883) 
Farmersville Mutual Tel. Farmers- 

Murphy, W. C. (Ella Dodson) Ch 
Laura: Fillmore R2 Fillmore Sec23 
O86a Secl3 T20a J. J. Murphy Mu- 
tual Tel. Fillmore 

Myers, Peter Ch Frank, Leo, Dollie, 
*Lawrence. *Clara. *Alice. *Bessie, 
*Walter, *Jim, *Mavo, *Peter Jr.; 
Barnett R2 Zanesville Sec21 Tl70a 
(1878) Mutual Tel. Raymond 


Nail, A. S. (Eva Voyles) Ch Avis, 
Aline; Litchfield R3 South Litch- 
field Secl3 T40a Abbot & Sims 

Nail, Edwin T. (Fannie Roach) Ch 
Harold, Eva, Russel, Garnet; 
Litchfield R2 North Litchfield Sec25 
T25a James Garret (1881) 

Nail, R. H. (Lucy Hooper) Ch Clar- 
ence, Myron, Irene, Henry, Edith, 
Kenneth; Waggoner Pitman Sec22 
O160a Sec27 T80a R. H. McAnul- 
ty (1867) Mutual Tel. Waggoner 

Nance, Levi (Mary McKenzie) Ch 
Willard, Nellie. Herbert, Mabel, 
Bessie; Nokomis R4 Nokomis Sec34 
T60a John Peiper (1915) 

Nance, Louie (Ola Neisler) Ch Don- 
ald, Hewett; Coffeen R2 Fillmore 
SecS T145a Mrs. Neil Nance (1882) 
Mutual Tel. Coffeen 

Nantkes, Jesse (Anna Meier) Ch 
W r ayne, Marvin, Imogene; Nokomis 
R5 Rountree Sec2 T80a John Lang 

Nantkes, Henry (Maggie Adden) Ch 
Willie, Pauline, Leona, Edward, 
Lawrence, *Hattie, *Jesse, *Garret, 
*Louie; Nokomis Rl Nokomis 
Secl8-7 O160a (1868) Mutual lei. 

Nash, Franklin S. (Anna A. Rusher) 
Ch Sarah E., William F., George L., 
Giles R.; Litchfield Rl North Litch- 
field SecS T240a Marv Randle 
(1877) Bell Tel. Litchfield 



Nash, Harry (Mary Clause) Ch John 
B.; Girard R43 Bois D' Arc Sec31 
T71a Paul McWilliams (1915) 

Neal, Harvey (Myrtle Tittsworth) 
Ch Fern, Floyd, Claude, Norman; 
Walshville Rl Grisham Sec6 TUOa 
James Bailey (1883) 

Neece, A. B. (Lura Fish) Ch Ralph 
Burrell; Nokomis R2 Audubon 
Sec26 T180a Neece Bros. (1883) 
Mutual Tel. Rosemond 

Neece, Bert (Jessie Brown) Ch Lois, 
Vanda, Kenneth, Ethel, Helen, 
Dale; Pana R30 Audubon Secl3 
O160a (1884) Mutual Tel. Rose- 

Neece, George C (Lola G. Sanders) 
Ch Opal, Ruby, Pearl, Emerald; 
Nokomis R2 Audubon Secl6 O240a 
(1875) Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Neece, J. D. (Norma Wilson) Ch 
Russell, Pauline; Irving Rl Witt 
Sec21 O340a (1876) Mutual Ttel. 

Neece, W. F. (Hattie E. Price) Ch 
Mary L., Melvin B.; Donnellson Rl 
East Fork SecSS O140a (1880) Bell 
Tel. Donnellson 

Neighbors, Charles (Edith Balsley) 
Ch Geneva; Farmersville R2 Bois 
D' Arc Sec23 T160a Mrs. L. Ward 
(1898) Farmersville Mutual Tel. 

Neisler, Mrs. Belle W. (Belle Drew) 
Ch Mae, Lloyd, Harold, *Ernest, 
*Maude, *Lester, *Stella, *Ruth; 
"Maple Wood Farm" Irving R3 
Sec35 O240a (1875) Mutual Tel. Ir- 

Neisler, D. W. (Ora Knodle) Ch Ira, 
Beatrice, *Oscar, *Guy, *Earl, 
*George, *Walter, *Edgar; "Mound 
View Farm" Irving Rl Witt Sec27 
O270a (1876) Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Neisler, Earl (Corinne Moore) Ch 
Newell, Marlin. La Rue; Irving Rl 
Witt Sec27 T50a Dan Neisler 

Neisler, Edgar L.(Elizabeth M. Lash) 
Ch Clifford; "Hill Crest View Farm" 
Irving R3 Witt Sec27 T95a Dan 
Neisler (1893) Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Neisler, George A. (Stella Lemay) Ch 
Mildred. Drexel; Irving R3 Fillmore 
Sec6 O90a Witt Sec36 T40a Joseph 
Neisler (1885) 

Neisler, H. L. (Marv B. Kelly) Ch El- 
len. *Edwin. *Harvev. *Clarence; 
Irving Irving Sec22 OSOa (1863) 

Neisler, Joseph L. (Mary C. Bost) Ch 
Ollie, William H., Luther A., Emilv. 
Leatha, Bessie; "The Fruit and 
Dairy Farm" Irving Rl Witt Sec27 
O160a (1845) Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Neisler, Lester (Bessie Bost) Ch Na- 
omi, LaNora Belle, Sylvia, Wanda; 
Irving R3 Witt Sec31 T160a Mrs. I. 
M. Neisler (1887) Mutual Tel. Ir- 

Neisman, Joseph (Fredereka Sudhole) 
Ch Alfonse, *Tony, *Alisias, *Lily 
*Anna, *Leo; Nokomis R2 Audubon 
SeclS O75a (1895) , 

Nelson, Clarence (Mary Spinner) Ch 
Estelle, Myrtle, Carl, Kenneth, Hal- 
don; Coffeen R2 Filimore SecS 
O60a Sec32 T30a Mrs. Martha Wil- 
son (1880) 

Nelson, Clark (Laura Dodson) Ch 
Guy, Fred, Roy, Eula; Coffeen R2 
Filimore SecS O60a TlOa Louie 
Nance (1880) 

Nelson, O. E. (Fay Alexander) Ch 
Agnes, Ida; Filimore R2 Sec35 
OlOOa TSOa Sarah Alexander (1884) 
Mutual Tel. Filimore 

Nelson, Robert (Emily Scagg) Ch 
Lillie, Adda, Alford, Becky, Hershel, 
Willie, Fred, Eddie; Farmersville 
R3 SeclS T320a Farm Hand Marsh 
Barry (1917) 

Nelson, Scott (Iva Kirk) Ch Doris, 
Lawrence; Coffeen R2 Filimore 
SeclO O40a T16a Oscar Nelson 
(1890) Mutual Tel. Filimore 

Nelson, W. H. Filimore R3 Sec4 T86a 
Torney Alderson (1887) Mutual Tel. 

Neunabergr, George (Emma Wolff) 
Ch Harry, Alvin; Harvel Sec33 Ola 
(1906) Mutual Tel. Harvel 

Nevinger, Oliver (Mamie Cable) Ch 
Claude; Coffeen R3 Filimore Sec21 
T160a Webster Nevinger (1892) Mu- 
tual Tel. Coffeen 

Nevinger, Webster (Sarah Wright) 
Ch *Abbie, Oliver; Coffeen R3 Fill- 
more Sec21 OSOa (1878) Mutual Tel. 

Newberry, R. R. (Mary F. Case) Ch 
Velma; Nokomis R3 South Audu- 
bon Sec3 O54a (1880) 

Newberry, William C. (Kate Nale) 
Ch Nillah, Frank; "Prairie Home 
Farm" Irving Rl Irving Secl3 O160a 
(1864) Mutual Tel. Irving 



Newcome, Rome C. (Melissa Ander- 
son) Ch Marion A.; "Cassellaun 
Farm" Nokomis Rl Nokomis Sec2l 
T200a \V. H. Casselberry (1879) 
Bell Tel. Nokomis 

Newport, Abel S. (Nancy C. Martin) 
Ch Lela, Shirley, Virginia, Otis, 
Perry, *Neva; Barnett Rl Zanes- 
ville Sec29 O240a (1872) Mutual Tel. 

Newport, J. S., (Myrtle Whitten) Ch 
Irene; Fillmore R2 Fillmore Sec3 
T80a E. E. Newport (1907) Mutual 
Tel. Fillmore 

Newport, W. T. (May Butler) Ch 
Charlie, William, Leslie, Kathrina; 
Hillsboro Rl Hiilsboro Sec 8 O140a 
(1872) Mutual Tel. Hillsboro 

Niehaus, E. H. (Anna Warner) Irving 
Rl Butler Grove Secll T80a Frank 
Niehaus (1895) 

Niehaus, Frank (Anna Gurdes) Ch 
Leonard, Clara, *Roy, *Edward; 
Butler R2 Butler Grove Sec2 
O307^a (1869) Mutual Tel. Hills- 

Niehaus, Henry (Lula Eickhoff) Ch 
Earl, Lester, Lillie, Velma, Louvina; 
Nokomis Rl Rountree Sec9 O80a 

Niehaus, Henry (Lizzie Bemsing) 
Harvel Rl Raymond Sec24 O200a 
(1878) Mutual Tel. Raymond 

Niehaus, Herman (Anna Marburger) 
Ch Arthur, Herman, Walter, Elle- 
nore; Hornsby Rll South Litchfield 
Sec6 O164a (1893) 

Niehaus, Lewis (Anna Fahl) Ch Opal, 
Cecil, Irene, Mildred, Bernadine, 
Louis; Harvel Rl Raymond Sec26 
T160a Amos Miller (1876) 

Niehaus, Roy W. (Lulu Klein) Ch 
Frances, Ethel; Irving R2 Butler 
Grove Seel T107a Frank Niehaus 
(1892) Mutual Tel. Hillsboro 

Niemann, E. J. (Kate Monke) Ch Jo- 
sephine; Litchfield R4 South Litch- 
field Sec33 T145a J. Niemann (1890) 
Mt. Olive Tel. Co. 

Niemann, Emil (Lydia Dieckmann) 
Litchfield R4 South Litchfield Sec32 
T351a Mrs. J. Niemann (1891) 

Niemann, George (Louise Saathoff) 
Litchfield R4 Walshville Sec8 T160a 
Martha Niemann (1889) 

Niemann, Henry C. (Louise W. Loe- 
wenstein) Ch Alfred H.. Alice H.. 
Norma; Mt. Olive Walshville Sec6 
O260a (1865) Mt. Olive Tel. Mt. 

Niemann, Mrs. Johanna (Johanna 
Siebers) Ch Elfrieda, *Emil; Litch- 
field R4 South Litchfield Sec32 
O351a (1880) 

Niemann, Julius (Etje Ross) Ch 
*Paulina, *Edward, * Amanda; Litch- 
field R4 South Litchfield Sec33 
O385a (1855) Mt. Olive Tel. 

Niemann, Louis(Hannah Oltmans)Ch 
John, Walter, Herbert, Louis, Viola, 
Rosetta, Alberta, Hilda, *Luella; 
"Hillside Farm" Litchfield R4 
Walshville Sec8 O200a SecS T60a 
Anna B. Niemann (1877) Mt. Olive 
Tel. Mt. Olive, 

Niemann, William (Anna B. White- 
house) Ch William Jr., *Herman, 
*Albert H., *Ida; "Brookside 
Farm" Litchfield R4 Walshville 
SecS O320a (1858) Mt Olive Tel. 
Mt. Olive 

Niemeyer, Ernest (Lizzie Martin) Ch 
Clarence, Frank, Raymond, Arthur, 
Esther; Farmersville Rl Pitman 
Sec4 T160a Dan Brown (1911) 

Niemeyer, H. H. (Lulu Crawford) Ch 
Earl, Herbert, Eva; Raymond R2 
Pitman Sec34 Tl85a S. C. Waggon- 
er (1913) Raymond Mutual Tel. 

Niemeyer, Roy (Ora Jennings) Wag- 
goner Rl Pitman Sec31 T160a Hen- 
ry Haynes (1899) Mutual Tel. Wag- 

Niensted, Leonard (Sophia Johnson, 
deceased) Ch Ruth, Roy, John; No- 
komis Rl Rountree SeclO T160a H. 
Mindrup (1912) 

Niesman, Anton C. (Mary Sommer- 
korn) Nokomis R3 Audubon Sec7 
T160a Mrs. Ganey (1889) Mutual 
Tel. Nokomis 

Niesman, J. H. (Anna Dahler) Ch 
Elvira, Alvin; Nokomis R2 Audu- 
bon Sec7 T70a Albert Dahler (1886) 
Bell Tel. Nokomis 

Nichelson, George (Susie James) Ch 
Irene, *Sarah, *Bertha; Nokomis 
Rl Nokomis Sec28 O5a (1913) Bell 
Tel. Nokomis 

Nicholas, Cyrus M. (Hattie C. Go- 
vaia) Ch Ruth, Mana. *Grace; Wag- 
goner Rl Zanesville SecS T160a Mc- 
Grady Est. (1909) 

Nichols, W. C. (Jones Haynes) Ch 
Mina I., *Luvena B., *Baxter G., 
*Willett; "G. Nichols Farm" Cof- 
feen R2 East Fork Sec2S O70a 
(1855) Mutual Tel. Coffeen 



Nimmons, George A. (Maria E. Aik- 
en, Mother) Ch George, Maybel E. ; 
Litchfield Rl North Litchfield SecS 
O175a (1889) Mutual Tel. Litchfield 

Nimmons, John J. (Elva Groves) Ch 
J. Leslie; Litchfield Rl North Litch- 
field SecS O106 2-3a (1873) Mutual 
Tel. Litchfield 

Nimmons, Robert T. (Grace M. Dav- 
is) Ch Evely; Litchfield Rl Litch- 
field Sec4 OlOSa (1880) Bell Tel. 

Nimmons, William H. (Nellie Pruitt) 
Ch Oliver, Edna; Litchfield Rl 
North Litchfield Sec4 O94a (1874) 
Bell Tel. Litchfield 

Nobbe, Wm. (Tina Ross) Ch Linda, 
Louis, *Anna, *Ida; Farmersville 
Rl Pitman Sec3-10 O320a (1862) 
Mutual Tel. Farmersville 

Norvel, James F. (Josephine Martin) 
Ch *Fred W., "Apple Grove Farm" 
Butler Butler Grove Sec28 O23a 
(1918) Bell Tel. Butler 

Norvell, Charles H. (Mary Briggs) 
Ch Muriel B., Frank, Claud, Hubert, 
*George, *Mary; Butler Rl Butler 
Grove Sec26 T525a Jacob Cress 
Est. (1873) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 
Noyes, Charley (Eliza Bolen) Ch 
*Bessie, *Bertha, *Nellie, *Charles, 
*Anna; Irving R3 Irving Sec21 O14a 
T27a Fred Hoole, Rose Neley, Tri- 
pod Est. (1878) Mutual Tel. Irving 


Oakley, John L. (Lou Pyle) Ch Mil- 
dred, Dorothy, John Wesley; Witt 
Rl Rountree Sec33 T260a John G. 
Friedmeier (1879) Mutual Tel. No- 

Oberle, Albert (Etta Durston) Ch 
Lela, Walter, Ada, Opal, Fay; Ir- 
ving R3 Witt Sec22 T160a William 
Oberle (1879) 

O'Brien Edmond (Cathryn Cassidy) 
Ch Emmett, Teresa, Clarence, Ol- 
ivia, Raymond, Irene, Lester; 
Nokomis R3 Witt Secl2 O160a 
(1892) Bell Tel. Nokomis 

O'Brien, P. S. (Lou Ward) Ch 
Osa, Laura, Floyd, Orville, Bruce; 
Nokomis R4 Nokomis Sec33 T210a 
Walter Grimes (1918) Bell Tel. No- 

O'Brien, W. H. (Nancy Mossbarger) 
Ch Jesse, Harry, Herbert, Curtis, 
Delbert, Emma; Nokomis R4 No- 
komis Sec34-35 T280a John Peiper 
(1918) Bell Tel. Nokomis 

Ogden, George G. (Lenie H. Lemon) 
Ch John, Henry, Roscoe, Rachel, 
Laura; Raymond R3 Zanesville 
Sec27 O70a (1872) 

Oliver, Howard L. (Elsa Klein) Ch 
Leland, Ruth; Witt Rl Irving Seel 
T160a Manager H. Fesser (1883) 
Mutual Tel. Witt 

Oltmann, G. W. (Minnie Mieners) Ch 
*George; Nokomis R4 South Audu- 
bon Sec9 O60a (1864) 

Oltmanns, J. Harm (Mary G. Dahler) 
Ch Anna M., Lester A.; Rosemond 
Rl Audubon Sec4 T160a Henry 
Nollman (1909) Bell Tel. Nokomis 

O'Malley, Mike (Amelia Ernest) Ch 
Loy, Francis, *Lawrence, *Louis; 
in France; Nokomis R3 South Au- 
dubon SeclS O230a (1900) Bell Tel. 

Orear, R. M. (S. J. Morell, Sister^ 
Pana R3 Audubon Secl3 T2a A. 
Welch (1847) 

Osborn, F. J. (Eva L. West) Ch *Otis 
*Ray in France; Pana R3 Audubon 
Secl4 T160a E. F. Osborn (1869) 
Mutual Tel. Rosemond 

Osborn, James M. (Nellie B. Wiley) 
Ch Ralph, James Jr.; "Ash Knoll 
Farm" Butler Butler Grove Secll 
O80a T80a J. M. Osborn (1879) 
Bell Tel. Butler 

Osborn, Jesse W. (Emma Ware) Ch 
Clarence, Harrold, Loren, *Wesley, 
*Grace; Butler Butler Grove Secl4 

O448a (1865) Hillsboro and Butler 

Osborn, Wren (Lula Oldham) Ch 
Sylvia, William; Irving R2 Irving 
Sec3 T80a W. Moran (1915) 

Osborne, L. G. (Amanda Howard) 
Ch Herbert, Maude, M. C., Charles, 
*Bertha, *Clara, *Pat, *Emma; Ir- 
ving Irving SecS T164a Bess Brown 



Otter, Clem (Naomi Wright) Ch Nel- 
ma, Thurman; Coffeen R2 Fillmore 
Sec8 OlSOa (1878) Mutual Tel. Cof- 

Owens, G. C. (Rebecca Westhoff) Ch 
Arthur, Russell, Elmer, Lee, Bettie 
Jane; Harvel R2 Harvel Sec28 
T160a Anna C. Westhoff (1902) 
Mutual Tel. Harvel 

Owens, Homer (Cory Lynch) Ch 
Earl, Orvil, Harold, Arvin, Francis; 
Coffeen R3 Fillmore Sec7 T40a 
Shell Fuller (1915) Mutual Tel. 

Owens, S. S. (Mariah Cundiff) Ch 
Rosston, Ernie, *Taylor, *Burrell, 
*Carl, *Fred; Fillmore R3 Fillmore 
Sec27 O40a T91a George Livingston 
(1864) Mutual Tel. Fillmore 

Paden, Albert M. (Dora Emery) Ch 
Carl, Bert, *Bertha; Hillsboro Rl 
Hillsboro Secl6-20 O145a (1864) 
Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Paden, Champion O. (Minnie Brown) 
Ch Mabel; Litchfield R2 North 
Litchfield Sec4 T160a Mrs. E. S. 
Paden (1873) Mutual Tel. 

Paden, Lester L. (Pearl Markel) 
Hillsboro Rl Hillsboro Sec21 T90a 
Rufus Paden (1890) Bell Tel. Hills- 

Paden, Rice (Norma Turner) Ch Ca- 
mille; Hillsboro Rl Hillsboro Secl7 
TlOOa S. R. Paden (1887) Bell Tel. 

Paden, Rufus (Martha Lewey) Ch 
*Lester; Hillsboro Rl Hillsboro 
Sec21 O196a (1855) 

Paden, S. R. (Nellie C. Chamberlain) 
Ch Rice, "Maud; Hillsboro Rl 
Hillsboro Secl7 O200a (1860) Bell 
Tel. Hillsboro 

Paden, W. A. (Mary B. Howard) Ch 
*Newell, *William, *Mary, Cather- 
ine; "The Mound" Irving R3 Irving 
Sec32 O77a (1847) Bell Tel. Hills- 

Padgett, C. H. (Rosa Oiler) Ch Lill- 
ian, *Virginia, *Charles, *Howard, 
*Clarence, *Ray; "Padgett Farm" 
Hillsboro R2 East Fork Secl7 
O160a (1894) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Painter, Henry E. (Bertha Bennett) 
Ch Ellis, Carl,, Gladys, Lester, 
Thelma; Barnett R2 North Litch- 
field Sec3 T160a Charles Sinclair 
(1878) Mutual Tel. Litchfield 

Palmer, Albert B. (Olivia Tuttle) Ch 
Virginia; "Hilltop Farm" Litchfield 
Rl North Litchfield Sec32 T96a W. 
S. Palmer Est. (1864) 

Panska, Bernard J. (Emma Schweppe) 
Ch Ella; Barnett Rl Zanesville 
Sec32 T240a Abbie B. Fisher (1913) 
Mutual Tel. Litchfield 

Paris, Frank (Angelina Mangona) Ch 
Lena, Lee, Esther, Emma, Roy, 
Paul,. Virginia, *Ida; Hillsboro 
Hillsboro Seel OlOa (1902) 

Parish, Fred (Frona Youell) Ch 
Lindel; Coffeen R2 East Fork Sec23 
T160a B. O. McLean (1886) 

Parry, B. S. (Blanch Brown) Hillsbo- 
ro R3 Irving Sec20 O40a (1892) 
Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Parry, Mrs. N. J. (Nellie Chavies) 
Ch George, Louise, *Bernard, *Lill- 
ian; Hillsboro R3 Irving Sec30 
O80a (1892) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Parsons, W. S. (Minnie Neal) Ch 
Irene, Vera, Arthur, Neil; Harvel 
Rl Raymond Sec35 TlOOa Wm. 
Fricke (1873) 

Patterson, H. G. (Ella H. Powell) Ch 
Helen M., Robert M., Florence L. f 
Richard J., Grace E.; "The Maples" 
Hillsboro R2 East Fork Sec8 O133a 
(1902) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Patterson, J. M. (Anna Painter) Cof- 
feen Rl East Fork Sec6S T40a Mrs. 
Julia Major (1918) 

Pattinson, Samuel (Alma Chapman) 
Ch Reginald, Jane, Catherine, Dor- 
othy, Reba, Edith; Witt Rl Witt 
Sec6 T21a Deering Coal Co. (1906) 

Paul, L. J. (Josie Fowler) Ch May, 
Eva, Charlie, George, Joe; Paw- 
nee R51 Bois D' Arc Sec9 T120a 
Lee Paul (1875) 

Paul, W. F. Pawnee R2 BoxSl Bois 
D' Arc Sec9 O24a (1873) Christian 
Tel. Morrisonville 

Pearman, C. W. (Emma Vaughn) Ch 
William, *Edward; Farmersville Rl 
Pitman Sec9 T140a John Herman 



Pease, Sanford L. (Anna M. Wolf) Ch 
Sidney, Harry; Butler Rl North 
Litchfield Secl3 O20a (1899) 

Pence, E. J. (Viola Martin) Ch Ina, 
'Claude, 'Mabel, *Clyde; Harvel 
Rl Rountree Sec7 T145a Mrs. Este- 
brook (1915) 

Pence, Malacki (Annie Kuykendall) 
Ch Irvin, "Viola; Walshville Rl 
Walshville Sec26 O63a (1872) Farm- 
er's Mutual Tel. Sorento 

Perkins, Charles (Florence Mock) Ch 
Nolan, Ross, Mary, Mervin; Irving 
R2 Irving Secl6 O102a (1877) Mu- 
tual Tel. Irving 

Peters, Elmo (Augusta Reish) Ch 
Melba; Morrisonville R2 Bois D' 
Arc Sec28 T120a C. Wagehoft 
(1886) Christian Mutual Tel. Mor- 

Peterson, Henry (Minnie Brewe) Ch 
Ida; Nokomis R5 Nokomis Secl2 
T120a J. Peterson (1878) Bell Tel. 

Petra, Ed (Lydia Edmons) Ch Esther, 
Ethel, Louis, Harry, Mary, Edwin, 
'Laura; Irving R2 Irving SecS T20a 
P. Heldt (1872) 

Petree, William (Ella Brown) Ch 
Vivian, Glenn, Ted, Lester, Alma, 
Lorin; Virden R2 Bois D' Arc Sec2 
T320a Harry Bowes, George Bunn 
(1917) Virden Tel. Virden 

Pfeifer, Jacob (Millie Krumreich) Ch 
John, *Rosa, *Augusta, 'Noah, 
'Ray; Coffeen R2 East Fork SeclS 
O80a (1897) Mutual Tel. Coffeen 

Phillips, Abe (Effie McGuire) Ch Dor- 
cas, Doris, Arthur, William, George; 
Nokomis R5 Nokomis SeclS T130a 
A. Monaham (1905) Bell Tel. Noko- 

Phillips, Allen D. Butler Rl Butler 
Grove SecS O130a (1871) Mutual 
Tel. Hillsboro 

Pickerill, John F. (Daisy Dorcey) Ch 
Oren, Obert, Roberta, Robert; But- 
ler R2 Butler Grove Sec28 T20a 
Dan Lea (1906) 

Pickerill, J. W. (Bessie Cress) Ch 
James, Charles; Irving R3 East 
Fork Seel T187a Mrs. H. Price 
(1898) Mutual Tel. Irving 

Pickerill, R. H. (Loucetta Miles) Ch 
Clarence. *Naoma, Cora, 'Wendel, 
'Lena; Irving R3 East Fork Sec3 
T200a L. McDavid (1879) Mutual 
Tel. Irving 

Pickett, P. W. Ch Elmer, Lela, 'Em- 
ma; Harvel Rl Rountree SeclS 
T193a W. A. Johnson (1888) Mutual 
Tel. Rountree 

Pieper, Edwin (Grace Mahoney) Ch 
Donald; Rosemond Rl Audubon 
SecS T160a Mabel Monaghan (1892) 
Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Pieper, Eugene (Olivia Whitmore) Ch 
Orville, Geraldine, Eugene Jr.; No- 
komis R2 Audubon SeclS T160a 
Frank Pieper (1892) Mutual Tel. 

Pieper, John (Margaret Agnew) Ch 
Leo, Clements, Helen, *Mary, 'Es- 
ther, 'Edwin; Rosemond Rl Audu- 
bon Sec9 O320a (1883) Mutual Tel. 

Pieper, Leon (Hilda Geng) Ch Fran- 
cis; Nokomis Nokomis Secl3 T193a 
Frank Pieper (1892) Mutual Tel. 

Pier, Charles (Lula Barker) Ch Mil- 
dred, Charles, Joseph; "Cedar Hill 
Farm" Nokomis Sec28 T275a Har- 
ry Nathan (1889) 

Pierce, B. F. (Cora Henderson) Ch 
Edna, Winnie, Willard, Fern; Ray- 
mond R3 Raymond Sec22 T200a 
Fannie Berry (1888) Bell Tel. Ray- 

Pierce, Frank (Carrie Henderson) Ch 
Arthur, Flossie, Ruby; Raymond 
R2 Raymond Sec29 TlOOa Mrs. 
Berrie (1865) Bell Tel. Rayomnd 

Pierce, John E. (Lillie McCabe) Ch 
'Charley. 'Bertha; Virden R2 Bois 
D' Arc Secll O200a (1911) 

Pierson, J. W. (Delilah Cross) Ch 
Orville, Camilla, 'Merville; Hills- 
boro Rl Hillsboro SeclS T250a Hel- 
ston Bros. (1916) Bell Tel. Hillsbo- 

Pinson, William H. (Effie Hamby) 
Ch William V., Harry, Forrest, 
Farris, Jarrett; Fillmore Rl Witt 
Sec35 T160a C. H. Poland (1918) 
Mutual Tel. Fillmore 

Piro, D. (Florence Andrews) Ch 
Alice, Myrtle, Tressie; Coffeen R2 
East Fork SecllS O40a (1913) 

Pitchford, Jesse E. (Alma C. Wells) 
Ch Lucille, Geneva: Raymond R2 
Zanesville Sec3 T160a Geo. Fooks 
(1914) Raymond Tel. Bell 

Pitchford, Paul (Bessie Snow) Ch 
Homer. Ward; Waggoner Rl Pit- 
man SecZO T120a Martin Brubak- 
er (1916) 



Plyler, Rex R. (Pearl Wilson)) Ch 
Raymond; "Willow Spring Farm" 
Fillmore R2 Fillmore Sec35 T230a 
J. T. Wilson (1883) Mutual Tel. 

Pocock, Burrell, (Lulu Anderson) 
Nokomis R2 Audubon Sec33 O70a 
(1884) Bell Tel. Nokomis 

Pocock, Clyde (Eda Bradley) Ch 
Marguerite, Esther, Leora; Noko- 
mis R3 Nokomis Sec36 O120a 
(1887) Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Pocock, C. S. (Ella M. Shoemaker) 
Ch *Clyde W., *Eugene M., *Roy 
M.; Nokomis R2 Nokomis Sec24 
O200a (1866) Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Pocock, Eugene M. (Minnie Dewerff) 
Ch Rolland; Nokomis R2 Nokomis 
Sec24 T200a S. C. Pocock (1890) 
Bell Tel. Nokomis 

Pocock, E. B. (Myrta Kellogg) Ch 
*Chester in France; Nokomis R3 
Audubon Secl9-30-29 O280a (1868) 
Bell Tel. Nokomis 

Pocock, J. C. (Lugena Russell) Ch 
Leland, *Burrill; Nokomis R2 Au- 
dubon Sec21-32 O211a (1866) Bell 
Tel. Nokomis 

Poff, John (Minnie Brooks) Ch Har- 
ry, Ethel, Everett, Ralph; Farmers- 
ville Rl Pitman Sec9 T284a R. H. 
McAnulty (1913) Mutual Tel. 

Poggenpohl, Frank (Minnie Weller) 
Ch Marie, Celia, Louella, Frank, 
Florence; Raymond R2 Raymond 
SeclO O240a (1872) Mutual Tel. 

Poggenpohl, John H., Sr., (Mary Go- 
etten) Ch Mary, Josephine, Carrie; 
"Maple Grove Farm" Harvel R2 
Harvel Sec30 O286a (1861) Bell 
Tel. Raymond 

Poggenpohl, Joseph (Mary E. Young) 
Ch Lawrence, Edith, Freda, *John 
Jr.; Harvel Sec20 T160a A. Aull 
(1871) Mutual Tel. Harvel 

Poggenpohl, J. H. Jr. (Anna Sneer- 
inger) Harvel R2 Harvel Sec29 
T160a Jasoer Fahranholtz (1892) 
Mutual Tel. Harvel 

Poggenpohl, Tony F. (Emma R. Ton- 
sor) Ch Frances, Dena, Fred; 
"Lone Elm Farm" Morrisonville R2 
Harvel Sec9 p240a (1863) Chris- 
tian Tel. Morrisonville 

Pohler, Henry (Ida Huber) Ch 
Louis, Frank, *Minnie, *Anna; No- 
komis R4 Nokomis Sec36 O80a 

Poland, Charles H. (Maude Knowles) 
Ch Carroll, Roxie; "Hickory Grove 
Farm" Fillmore Rl Witt Sec35 
O380a T40a Miss Almedia Poland 
(1861) Mutual Tel. Fillmore 

Pope, Daniel (Josephine Cam) Ch 
Oline, Willis, Etta, Nellie, Bertha, 
Joseph, Rallie, Geneva, Maud; Har- 
vel Rl Raymond Sec4 O160a (1868) 
Mutual Tel. Harvel 

Pope, Eddie T. (Ellen West) Ch Beu- 
lah; Hillsboro R3 Irving Sec20 
TlOOa John Ziefang (1918) Farm- 
ers' Mutual Tel. Irving 

Pope, George R. (Nettie E. Kessler) 
Ch Clarence, Madge; "Shady Nook 
Farm" Irving R3 Irving Sec28 O50a 
T135a C. W. Pope (1903) Mutual 
Tel. Irving 

Pope, George W. (Emma Tetley) Ch 
Walter; Oconee Rl Audubon Secl3 
T160a Mrs. J. W. Kitchell (1904) 
Mutual Tel. Oconee 

Pope, Joseph E. (Nellie A. Heberling) 
Ch Harold, Ross, Keith, Lynn; 
Harvel Rl Raymond Sec4 T160a 
Daniel Pope (1885) Mutual Tel. 

Pope, Ransom (Lavina Miller) Ch 
Juanita, Willard; Sorento Rl 
Walshville Sec33 T40a Griffith 
Lewis (1916) 

Pope, Rollie (Elnora Bentley) Ch 
Loyde; Harvel Rl Raymond Secll 
. T80a C. McNauRhton (1888) Mu- 
tual Tel. Raymond 

Pope, W. G. (Ella Hitchings) Ch 
Roy, Lamar; Harvel Rl Raymond 
Secl4 O120a (1876) Mutual Tel. 

Porter, Ben (Nettie Bond) Ch Har- 
old, Herman; Raymond R2 Zanes- 
ville Sec3 T148a E. Gerlach and 
Tony Gees (1896) Mutual Tel. 

Porter, Luther (Pruda A. Young) Ch 
Harley, Lille, Paul, Clyde, *Ora, 
*Sophia; Barnett Rl Zanesville 
Secl7 TlOOa Dug Price (1915) Mu- 
tual Tel. Raymond 

Porter, U. A. (Maude Pitchford) Ch 
David, Elva, Chalcie, Russell, Clar- 
ence, Kenneth, Opal; Raymond R2 
Pitman Sec36 T320a D. W. Starr 
(1895) Mutual Tel. Waggoner 

Potts, William B. (Olive B. Rushton) 
Ch. Joseph. *Agnes, *Henry, *May, 
*Leroy. *Alice, *Florence: Honev 
Bend Zanesville Sec34 O402a (1900) 
Mutual Tel. Raymond 



Powell, Daniel W. (Mellie Cadle) Ch 
Riley; Barnett R2 Zanesville Secl7 
T240a Louis Johnson (1905) 

Powers, G. T. (Ada Harshbarger) Ch 
Katherin, Benjamin, Ralph, Grace, 
Alberta, Irene; Pawnee R51 Bois 
D' Arc Sec 6 TlOOa Mrs. Lulu Hair 

(1915) Tel. Pawnee 

Prange, C. F. (Ada Beardsley) "Sil- 
ver Creek Farm" Mt. Olive R14 
Walshville Secl9 T317a Frank H. 
Prange (1889) 

Prange, John F. (Minnie Niehaus) 
Ch Bertha, Frank, Edward, Lorine, 
Alma, *Henry, *Lydia, *Anna; Mt. 
Olive R14 Walshville Secl9 O300a 

Prater, E. D. (Cora Supinger) Ch 
Mary, Dorothy, Charlotte; Fillmore 
R2 Fillmore SeclO O40a T40a Solo- 
mon Haake (1909) 

Pratt, Charlie, (Flossie M. Rivers) 
Ch Geraldine, Pearl; Waggoner Rl 
Pitman Secl9 T80a Robt. H. Pratt 

(1916) Tel. Girard 

Pratt, Joseph (Jossie Martin) Ch 
Carl, Ina; Waggoner Rl Pitman 
Sec20 T70a Jap Witt (1903) 

Pratt R. H. (Anna Watts) Ch Elijah 
*Charley, 'Joseph, *Lilly; ' Waggon- 
er Rl Pitman Secl9 O240a (1901) 
Tel. Girard 

Pray E. N. (J. Etta Pray) Ch Helen, 
*Nellie *Hardin, *Gladys, *Mabel, 
*Pearl; Pana R3 Audubon 
Secll-12-13-14 O360a (1880) Mutual 
Tel. Rosemond 

Pray, Hardin (Grace Beattie) Pana 
R3 Audubon Secl3-14 T360a E. N. 
Pray (1892) Mutual Tel. Rosemond 

Presnell, William (Erne Richardson) 
Ch Cecil, Chester, Clara, Kenneth; 
Pana R3 Audubon Secl3 T80a A. 
Welch (1916) 

Price Albert Nokomis R4 Audubon 
SeclS 040a (1882) Bell Tel. Noko- 

Price, Albert V. (Lillie B. Brewing- 
ton) Ch Ana Bell, Minnie, Emma, 
Delia, Albert, Nora, *Richard, 
*Amanda; Litchfield R2 South 
Litchfield Seel T50a Brewington 
Est. (1889) Mutual Tel. Litchfield 

Price, John E. (Margaret Martin) Ch 
Mary, Edward; Hillsboro R2 East 
Fork Secl7 T80a George Arney 

Price, J. A. (Palmyra McWilliams) 
Ch Minnie, Fairy, Burrell; Hills- 
boro R4 Grisham Sec2 T182^a 
Shoal Creek Coal Co. (1857) 

Price, J. B. (Harriette Thacker) Ch 
*Inez, *Minnie, *Leslv; Coffeen Rl 
East Fork Sec26 TlOOa W. H. H. 
Blackburn (1861) Mutual Tel. Cof- 

Price, William (Mary L. Gray) Ch 
Elizabeth, Harry, ""Herbert. *Arth- 
ur, ""Charles; Litchfield R3 South 
Litchfield Sec9 O24a (1906) Bell 
Tel. Litchfield 

Priddle, J. Ed. (Vonnie Chamberling) 
Ch George, Arthur, Florence, John; 
Litchfield R3 South Litchfield Sec22 
O80a (1908) Mutual Tel. Litchfield 

Priddle, Wyndham M. (Lora M. Ber- 
ry) Litchfield Rl North Litchfield 
Sec32 T213a Mrs. Murphy Hooper 

Pritchett, William O. (Martha Smith) 
Ch Rada; "The Old Angerstein 
Farm" Donnellson Grisham Secl4 
T300a Tom Angerstein (1912) 

Probst, J. R. (Minnie Schwartzle) Ch 
Lois, Dorothy; Irving Rl Witt 
Sec26 T160a M. Probst (1882) Bell 
Tel. Nokomis 

Pruitt, James O. (Myrtle A. Tucker) 
Litchfield Rl Sec20 T80a A. Heien 
(1907) Mutual Tel. Litchfield 

Pyatt, Henry T. (Emma Chestnut) 
Irving R3 Fillmore SecS O95a 
(1873) Mutual Tel. Fillmore 

Pyatt, John F. (Essie Miller) Ch 
Rachel, Ethel, Frances, *Ruth; Irv- 
ing Rl Witt Sec28 O80a (1873) Mu- 
tual Tel. Fillmore 

Pyle, Glen (Amy Willoughby) Ch 
Leslie, Margaret, Mildred; Nokomis 
R3 Witt Sec2 O80a (1884) Bell Tel. 

Pyle, J. A. (Watie Brummet) Ch 
Martha, Roberta, Robert; Rose- 
mond Rl Audubon SeclO T160a 
Mrs. I. W. Kitchell (1874) Mutual 
Tel. Rosemond 



Quails, Curtis M. (Hazel Wilson) Ch 
Leroy, Marjorie, Vivian; Witt Rl 
Irving Secl2 T78a C. S. Cook 
(1904) Mutual Tel. Witt 

Quails, Foster (Maud L. Clore Sedg- 
wick) Coffeen Rl East Fork Sec34 
T80a Frank Kinman (1882) 

Quattlander, William (Etta Janssen) 
Ch Minnie, Richard, Viola; Noko- 
mis R5 Rountree Secl2 O160a 

Quinlin, Thomas E. Farmersville Rl 
Harvel Sec6 O148a (1880) 


Radcliff, Eli (Lulu Barker) Ch Elma, 
Elmer; Irving R3 Irving Sec21 
T78a Mrs. J. H. Hickman (1901) 

Rademacher, Harm (Christina Kast- 
ning) Ch Lena, *Will, *Ben, *Her- 
man, *Lydia, *Laura; Fillmore R2 
Fillmore SeclS O232a (1881) 

Rainey, G. W.. (Sarah M. Atteburry) 
Ch George, Marshall, Charles, Ma- 
bel, *Walter, *Elmer; "Wildwpod 
Fruit Farm" Hillsboro Rl Hills- 
boro Secl7 O210a Sec31 T40a Lon 
McPhail (1879) Mutual Tel. Hills- 

Randle, Louis (Mae Hicks) Ch Paul- 
ine, Loraine, Lois, Kenneth; Hills- 
boro R4 Hillsboro Sec35 T7a James 
Hope (1889) 

Randle, R. H. (Alice Busby) Ch Om- 
er, *Alvah, *Maggie, "Jessie; Noko- 
mis R6 Nokomis Sec24 O40a (1903) 
Bell Tel. Nokomis 

Ransdell, E. H. (Dora Edwards) Ch 
Tarvin. Velma; "Illiwanna Farm" 
Witt Rl Witt Sec5 O41a (1873) 

Ransdell, Robert (Eva Garland) Witt 
Rl Witt Sec4 O98a (1877) 

Rashaw, D. L. (Lucy May Young) 
Ch Evelyn. Margarete, Lucy, James 
L., Katherine, Eileen; Nokomis Rl 
Nokomis Secl9 O160a (1903) Mu- 
tual Tel. Nokomis 

Rau, D. W. (Addie Verdin) Ch John, 
George, Mae; Pana R3 Audubon 
Sec2 O80a (1878) Mutual Tel. Rose- 

Rawling, Mrs. Thomas (Sarah Hand) 
Ch Nora: Nokomis R4 Witt Sec2 
O240a (1868) Bell Tel. Nokomis 

Ray, J. W. (Luella Chestnut) Ch Ber- 
nice. Dwight. Reba; Sorento Rl 
Walshville Sec35 OllOa (1910) 
Farmers' Mutual Tel. Sorento 

Ray, Thurman J. (Pearl Snow) Ch 
Herald L.: Coffeen Rl East Fork 
Secl4S O60a (1886) 

Rayphole, T. W. (Lillian Palmer) Ch 
Alice, Murrel, Harold, Anna, Ethel; 
Walshville Rl Grisham Secl9 O35a 
(1909) Mutual Tel. Sorento 

Reagin, W. J. (Lylah Pentenney) Ch 
Opal, Paul, Ruth; Butler Butler 
Grove Sec9 TISOa J. N. Pentenney 
(1912) Bell Tel. Butler Grove 

Rebhan, W. C. (Eliza A. Kitchens) 
Ch Howard; Raymond Rl Ray- 
mond SeclS O240a (1880) Mutual 
Tel. Raymond 

Reckerd, Thomas (Mattie McCaslin) 
Ch Forest, Newell, Earl, Irene; 
Hillsboro R2 East Fork Sec20 
T160a C. W. Miller (1885) 

Rector, Lester (Edna Woodall) Ch 
Bula, Mildred; Farmersville Pit- 
man Sec3 T240a Farm Hand Wil- 
liam Nobbe (1915) Mutual Tel. 
Fcirmcrs villc 

Redeker, W. E. (Tena Slaughter) Ch 
Louis, Elda, Walter, Wilma; Noko- 
mis Rl Rountree Secl4 O80a T240a 
W. F. Redeker (1876) Mutual Tel. 

Redman, William C. (Maggie -Lyerla) 
Ch *Cora; "The Progressive Stock 
Farm" Irving Rl Witt Sec32 O390a 
Witt Sec29 T80a Mrs. Clara M. 
Ernst (1877) Mutual Tel. Fillmore 

Reed, E. W. (Letha Neisler) Ch 
Leonard, Irma, Howard, Thelma; 
"Hill Side Farm" Irving Rl Witt 
Sec27 O40a (1918) 

Reed, J. I. Ch *Eli. *Eugene, *Her- 
shel; Irving R3 Witt Sec27 O80a 

Reeves, L. J. (Ida Desart) Ch Ersa, 
Velma, Helen; Coffeen R3 Fillmore 
SeclSS O75a (1869) Mutual Tel. 

Reeves, Mrs. Martha Ch Orvil. *Ar- 
thur, *Lenox, *Horace. *Norma; 
Coffeen R2 East Fork SeclS O40a 



Renken, Herman (Mary Oltmann) 
Ch Anna, Henry, Ella, Edwin, 
Leola; Nokomis R5 Rountree Seel 
O80a (1888) 

Reubart, J. V. (Laura Bost) Ch Leo- 
na, Claud, *Ida, 'William, *Ralph, 
*Elsie, *Vera; Fillmore R2 Fillmore 
Sec26 O71a (1855) Mutual Tel. Fill- 

Reubart, William O. (Isabelle Miller) 
Ch Dorothy; Coffeen R2 Fillmore 
Secl9 O45a (1883) Mutual Tel. Fill- 

Reynolds, Adolphus Ch Nettie, ""Char- 
ley, *Susie; Hillsboro R3 Irving 
Sec29 O91^a T133a Nettie Welge, 
F. B. Cranfield, D. C. Williams and 
John Williams (1890) Bell Tel. 

Rhine, William M. (Edna Pearl Bost) 
Ch Rossie, Leland, William, Jr.; 
Nokomis Rl Nokomis Secl9 T160a 
C. M. Rhine (1887) Mutual Tel. 

Rhinehart, F. L. (Nancy Lawson) Ch 
Nellie, John, Kate, Ruth, Alice; 
Irving Rl Irving Sec23 T80a Mrs. 
Cummings (1868) Mutual Tel. Irv- 

Rhoads, William Marion (Alma M. 
Stanton) Ch William, Edith, Rue, 
*Ott, *Bruce; Hillsboro R3 Irving 
Secl7 TllOa C. E. Duff, John Wiley 
and E. Radcliff (1882) Mutual Tel. 

Rhodes, Frank (Essie Range) Ray- 
mond Rl Raymond Sec30 O80a 

Rhodes, Riley (Lenora Stanley) Ch 
Ruth, Merle; Fillmore Rl Fillmore 
Secl3 T60a Rebecca Hill (1916) 
Mutual Tel. Fillmore 

Rhodes, Shelvy A. (Lenora M. Arm- 
strong) Ch Lorine, Olive; "Twin 
Hedge" Litchfield Rl North Litch- 
field Sec30 O80a (1883) 

Rhodes, T. A. (Sarah Cole) Ch Otis, 
Albert, *Sylvesta, *Hiram, *Rebec- 
ca, *Ida; Fillmore Rl Witt Sec36 
T40a Mary Hard (1916) 

Rhodes, W. R. (Roxie Hill) Ch Thel- 
ma, Lewis; Harvel Rl Raymond 
Sec23 T120a William Rhodes "(1893) 
Mutual Tel. Raymond 
Rice, Charles F. (Clara E. Fite) Ch 
*Grover, *Madgre: Irving R3 Irving 
Sec21 OlOOa (1896) 
Rice, Fisher (Saddie, Keiser) Ch Gol- 
die, Stella. Lawrance: "Rosedale 
Farm" Girard R43 Bois D' Arc 
Sec31 OlOOa (1862) 

Rice, George Ch Glenn D.; Farmers- 
ville R2 Bois D' Arc Sec29 T200a 
Douglas Rice (1894) Mutual Tel. 

Rice, Mrs. Ida (Ida Wiggs) Ch 
Floyd, Nellie, Mary; Fillmore Rl 
Fillmore Sec2 T25a Mrs. Neisner 
Rice, William H. (Elizabeth C. Mas- 
sa) Ch Lee; Waggoner Rl Pitman 
Sec24 O20a (1876) Tel. Girard 
Rice, W. H. (Elizabeth Massay) Ch 
Levi; Waggoner Rl Pitman Secl9 
O20a (1902) Tel. Girard 
Richards, E. C. (Agnes Rowen) Ch 
Irene Agnes; "Elmwood Farm" 
Hillsboro R4 Hillsboro Sec23-24 
O109a (1857) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 
Richmond, Kent (Hazel Smithdeal) 
Ch Margaret, Mary; Fillmore Rl 
Fillmore Sec23 T203a G. A. Rich- 
mond (1884) Mutual Tel. Fillmore 
Rickher, Louie (Lulu Voyles) Ch 
Carl, Irma, Lena; Panama Grisham 
Sec20 T94a C. H. Gramley (1912) 
Rieke Bros. Butler Butler Grove Seel 
O462a (1877) Mutual Tel. Hillsboro 
Rieke, William (Lizzie Niehaus) But- 
ler Butler Grove Sec2 O121a (1872) 
Mutual Tel. Hillsboro 
Riggins, George (Mary Heifers) 
Hillsboro R4 Grisham Sec9 O80a 

Rill, Aloys Ch John, *Frank, *Marie, 
*Tressa; Litchfield R3 South Litch- 
field SeclO O80a (1883) Mutual Tel. 

Ringelstein, Charles (Anna Barth) Ch 
Anna, *Johana, *Rose, *Arthur; 
Litchfield North Litchfield Sec34 
_O20a (1909) 

Rippen, Henry Louisa Rippen, 
Mother; Lydia Rippen, Sister; Mor- 
risonville R3 Rountree Sec2 O80a 

Ritchie, Albert L. (Anna Waldrop) 
Ch Maurice, Maynard. Velma Lee; 
Litchfield Rl North Litchfield 
Secl6 O60a (1877) Mutual Tel. 

Ritchie, James M. Litchfield R2 North 
Litchfield SeclS T170a Mary and 
Sarah Ritchie (1858) Mutual Tel. 

Roach, Alvie (Rose Emmos) Ch 
Adell. Harry. Hellen: Irving R2 
Irving Sec9 T40a M. Yob (1889) 
Roach, Samuel M. (Rosa E. Wyant) 
Ch Ira, Willie, Virgil, Stephen: 
Litchfield R2 North Litchfield 
Sec26 T80a Mrs. S. Carnes (1860) 



Roach, Walter E. (Lettie Barker) Ch 
Essie, Frank, Roy, Clifford, Grace, 
Walter, Russell; Irving R2 Irving 
Sec21 O32a (1884) 

Robb, Walter S. (Mathilda A. Hav- 
ron) Ch Nina, Gertie; Walshville 
Rl Walshville Sec24 T195a I. N. 
Jordan (1907) Farmers' Mutual Tel. 

Roberts, H. H. (Laura Harrison) Ch 
Richard, *Nell, *Bessie, *Kate. 
*Lucy, *Jamesj Hillsboro Rl Hills- 
boro Sec8 O80a (1870) Bell Tel. 

Roberts, Jessie (Eva A. Demoulin) 
Ch Russell; Litchfield Rl North 
Litchfield Secl7 T80a Morgan Cor- 
lew (1877) Mutual Tel. Litchfield 

Roberts, Walter (Eva V. Weather- 
ford) Ch James, Ida B'.; Honey 
Bend North Litchfield Sec2 TlOOa 
V. A. Roberts (1885) Mutual Tel. 

Roberts, W. H. (Sussie Harris) Ch 
Elsie, Grace; Virden R2 Bois D' 
Arc Secll T200a Elizabeth Eads 

Robertson, Aura C. (Bessie Simpson) 
Ohlman Audubon Sec4 O80a (1898) 

Robertson, Basil (Clara White) Ch 
Paul, Orvile, Geneva; Coffeen R3 
East Fork SeclS T30a George Huf- 
fer (1888) 

Robertson, B. R. (Cassie McNutt) 
Ch Loelle, Max; Rosemond Rl 
Audubon Sec4 O81a (1904) 

Robertson, Frank H. (Viola E. Ward) 
Ch Francis; Butler R2 Butler Grove 
Sec28 T160a J. H. Ward (1885) Bell 
Tel. Butler 

Robertson, George O. (Mary E. Os- 
born) Ch Francis, Evelyn, *Ralph; 
"Locust Ridge Farm" Butler R2 
Butler Grove Sec24 T160a M. L. 
Robertson (1876) Bell Tel. Butler 

Robertson, Mrs. Minnie L. (Minnie 
Masters) Ch Floyd, Josephine, Les- 
ter, Mildred, William; Butler R2 
Butler Grove Secl4 O160a (1872) 
Bell Tel. Butler 

Robertson, O. A. (Clarissa Williams) 
Ch Willie, *Mabel, *Dona, *Myr- 
tle, *Basil, *Letha; Fillmore Rl 
Fillmore Sec24 T75a Rebecca Hill 

Robertson, Robert L. (Louisa Bar- 
nett) Ch Henrieta; Litchfield R2 
North Litchfield Sec34 O114a 

Robertson, William (Mary Runyon) 
Ch *Aura, *Rexford; "Blue Rib- 
bon Farm" Ohlman Audubon Sec5 
O84a (1904) Bell Tel. Nokomis 

Robicky, Thomas (Anna Lanahan) 
Ch Louis; Helen Irene; Nokomis 
R4 Nokomis Sec26 T80a James 
Vericker (1896) Mutual Tel. Noko- 

Robinson, G. C. (Florence Johnson) 
Ch Cloyd, Mary Louise, Mervin, 
Merle, Baby; Walshville Rl Grish- 
am Sec8 T120a John Logston (1885) 
Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Robinson, James F. (Emma Varner) 
Ch Russell Johnson; "Lindenwood 
Farm" Litchfield R2 North Litch- 
field Sec26 O198a (1872) 

Robinson, J. Q. Walshville Rl Gris- 
ham Sec7 T80a (1881) 

Robinson, Theophilus O. (Louisa C. 
Blair) Ch Beatrice, Lecha, Coy, Al- 
fred, Bernice, Calvin, Eileen, 
*Mamie; Waggoner R2 Zanesville 
Sec4 T80a John Johnson (1815) 

Rock, John (Antonia Dezelak) Ch 
John, Mary, Albert, Charlie; No- 
komis R5 Nokomis Sec3 T5a Kas- 
sady Bros. (1910) 

Rodems, W. J. (Delaney) Ch Wil- 
fred; Raymond R2 Raymond Secl6 
T80a T. E. Delaney (1917) 

Rodenbeck, Egge (Martha Hanover) 
Ch Hannah, Eggie, Otto, Edward, 
Grace, Matilda, William, Thomas, 
George, Henry; "Orchard Farm" 
Litchfield R4 South Litchfield SecS 
O57a (1913) Bell Tel. Litchfield 

Rogers C. E. (Belle Wilcoxson) Ch 
Haden, Judge, Clay, Perry, Lihd- 
sey, Margaret, *Pearl, *Elmer, 
*Ray; Irving R2 Butler Grove 
Secl2 T300a Watson Est. (1915) 
Bell Tel. Butler 

Rogers, Elmer (Ellar Kirtley) Ch 
Gilbert C., Mary, James; Irving R2 
Butler Grove T40a Wotson Est. 

Rogers, F. O. (Gracia Hackney) 
"Edgewood Farm" Waggoner Rl 
Pitman Sec31 O80a (1886) Tel. Mu- 

Rogers, G. V. (Caroline Gilman) Ch 
Verna; "Elm Brook Farm" Wag- 
goner Rl Pitman Secl9 O80a (1891) 
Tel. Waggoner 

Rogers, S. H. (Nanie M. Wood) Ch 
Dolen, Elist, Oltwell, Winter, *Au- 
brey, *Bennett, *Cleo; Waggoner 
Rl Pitman Sec.^0 OlOa T60a Mary 
S Rogers (1867) 



Rogers, W. C. (Rosa Dively) Ch 
Noble, Georgie, Ruth; Fillmore R2 
Fillmore Sec23 O80a (1903) 

Roland, L. G. Farmersville R2 Bois 
D' Arc Sec29 O160a (1862) 

Rolf, Robert (Mary Kiesler) Ch 
Hazel, Edith, Roberta; Hillsboro 
Rl Hillsboro SecS O117a (1873) 
Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Ronk, Nath G. Ch *Minnie, *Bertha; 
Farmersville Rl Pitman Secl4 T80a 
Hy Bruckmeyer (1891) 

Root, J. L. (Virginia Bruce) Ch *Ar- 
kadelphia; Walshville Rl Grisham 
Secl7 O160a (1869) Mutual Tel. 

Roper, Otis (Olivia Lyerla) Ch Edith, 
Merle, Linda; Coffeen Rl East Fork 
Secl2 T160a Thomas McLean 

Rosche, Charles (Nora Graden) No- 
komis R4 Nokomis Sec35 Witt 
Seel O236a (1888) Mutual Tel. No- 

Rosche, Fred (Sophia Stauder) Ch 
Alfred, Vivian, Geraldine, Doris; 
Nokomis R6 Witt Seel O78a Au- 
dubon Sec6 T80a Mrs. Fiorina 
Rosche (1881) Tel. Mutual 

Rosche, Mrs. Florena Ch Lillie, 
*John, *Mamie, *Phillip, *Ida, 
*Charlie, *Fred; Nokomis R3 
South Audubon Sec6 O75a (1888) 
Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Rose, Charles E. (Lydia P. Welch) 
Ch Roy R., Clarence R., Walter E.; 
Virden R2 Bois D' Arc Secl2 T320a 
M. Treadway (1914) Tel. Virden 

Rosenthal, Mrs. Augusta Ch Robert 
Schelp, Edward A., Esta D.; Har- 
vel Rl Rountree SeclS O290a 
' (1867) 

Ross, Harry J. (Lillie Campbell) 
Hillsboro R3 Butler Grove Sec24 
T130a W. S. Perkins (1912) Bell 
Tel. Butler 

Roth, Otto (Bertha Bitter) Ch Ar- 
thur; Litchfield R4 South Litch- 
field Sec7 O160a (1879) Mutual Tel. 

Rottinghaus, John Ch John, Hilda, 
Wilma, Allie, Minnie, Henry, Wade, 
Marie; Harvel Rl Raymond Sec3 
T80a Mutual Tel. Harvel 

Rouhslange, Charles (Katie Henslick) 
Ch Hilda, Ray, Levene; Hillsboro 
R2 East Fork SecS O80a (1880) 
Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Rouhslange, William (Ada Cress) Ch 
Mary, Elizabeth; Coffeen Rl East 
Fork Secll O168a (1871) Mutual 
Tel. Hillsboro 

Rouslange, Frank (Sarah Bertolet) 
Ch Frances, Mary, Margaret; "S""- 
mour Place Farm" Hillsboro Rl 
Hillsboro Secll T407a Mrs. C. W. 
Seymour (1889) Bell Tel. Hilisboro 

Rovey, Fred J. (Dorothea Jung) Ch 
Charles, Vernon, Dorothy; Farm- 
ersville Rl Bois D' Arc Sec32 T240a 
William Rovey (1893) Mutual Tel. 

Rovey, Otto (Minnie Haegemier) 
Farmersville R2 Bois D' Arc Sec20 
T160a G. H. Rovey (1896) 

Rovey, William H. (Nannie Snapp) 
Ch *Fred, *Ida; Farmersville Rl 
Bois D' Arc Sec29 pl60a (1893) 
Mutual Tel. Farmersville 

Row, J. M. (Clara Burgan) Litch- 
field R3 South Litchfield Sec24 
T80a Mrs. M. A. Blackburn (1870) 
Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Rowe, Mrs. Mary Ch Hardy, Harry, 
*Bessie; Pana R3 Audubon SeclS 
TSOOa Mrs. John Kitchell (1896) 
Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Rowland, J. H. (Sussan Malone) Ch 
Lula, Florence, Albert, Leonard, 
May, Lola, Leroy, Francis, *Marie; 
Thomasville Bois D' Arc SeclS 
T400a Mrs. Nora Ryan (1862) 

Rowland, Ralph M. (Creola Huff-* 
master) Farmersville Rl Pitman 
Bois D' Arc Secl2 T300a J. C. and 
H. H. Rowland (1881) Tel. Farm- 

Rucker, John (Nina Fisher) Ch Har- 
old, Emma; Irving R2 Irving Sec7 
O66a (1878) Bell Tel. Butler 

Rufuis, Clinton Hillsboro R4 Hills- 
boro Sec25 O2a (1901) 

Runyon, B. D. "Golden Rule Farm" 
Fillmore Rl Fillmore Seel O95a 
(1872) Mutual Tel. Fillmore 

Rupe, Roy (Mable Cain) Ch Clemen- 
tine, Cleta, Clinton; Irving R3 
Irving Sec26 T186a Bohn Est. 

Ruppe, Charles (Louisa Schentzius) 
Ch Willie, Theresa, Edwin, Clar- 
ence, Esla, Harold; Mulberry Grove 
Rl Fillmore Sec22 O80a (1890) 

Ruppert, Peter (Mary Stonger) Ch 
Lillian, Aleene, Meryl, Velma; No- 
komis R2 Nokomis Sec4 T85a Nick 
Ruppert (1871) 



Ruppert, William (Emma Doerr) No- 
komis R2 Nokomis Sec4 T160a 
Mrs. S. Ruppert (1884) Mutual Tel. 

Rush, Elmer E. (Gertrude Harrison) 
Ch Kenneth, Melvina, Ina; Fill- 
more R2 Fillmore Sec2 T170a Pete 
Cress and Louis Isbell (1917) Mu- 
tual Tel. Fillmore 

Russell, J. H. R. (Susie M. Sanders) 
Fillmore R3 Fillmore Sec27 O4a 

Ryan, J. H. (Maggie Chamberlin) Ch 
Hallie, Wayne, *Glenn, *Earl; 
Litchfield R3 South Litchfield Secl4 
O30a (1862) 

Saathoff, Hei (Nora Cruthis) Ch Ru- 
fus, Lloyd, Naomi; Walshville Rl 
Walshville Sec22 T80a Harm Hel- 
gens (1908) Farmers' Mutual Tel. 

Saathoff, T. W. (Line Hoefker) Ch 
Reinhart, Harry, Anna, *Gesina; 
Walshville Rl Walshville Sec22 
O240a (1860) 

Saathoff, W. W. (Geske Saathoff, 
Mother) Walshville Rl Walshville 
Sec21 OlSla (1866) 

Safford, E. N. (Maud L. Lease) Ch 
Leora; Nokomis R3 Nokomis Sec24 
T160a Mrs. J. H. Lease (1870) Bell 
Tel. Nokomis 

Sale, Jake (Kate Laughlin) Ch Will- 
iam, Sarah, Blanch, Hugh, Clar- 
ence; Witt Rl Witt Sec4 T120a * - 1 - 
ler Est. (1881) Mutual Tel. Noko- 

Salto, Anton (Domenica Bollero) Ch 
Lucy, Joie, Gabriella, Letizia, Gari- 
baldi, Irene; Coffeen East Fork 
Sec36 O40a (1908) 

Sammons, A. C. (Carrie A. Burris) 
Butler Rl Butler Grove Sec8 O186a 
(1868) Bell Tel. Butler 

Sammons, Charles P. (Nellie Norvel) 
Ch Stella, Levone, Effie, Roscoe, 
Fred, Paul, Pauline; Butler Rl But- 
ler Grove Sec7 T80a J. E. Sammons 

Sammons, Harry S. (Orilla Wash- 
burn) Ch Hellen; Litchfield Rl 
North Litchfield Sec6 T160a Mrs. 
C. R. Brandon 

Sammons, James (Mina Masters) Ch 
Gus; Butler Rl Butler Grove Secl7 
O195a (1865) Bell Tel. Butler 

Sanders, A. F. (Anna Hunter) Ch 
Olive, Alvin, Lavone, *Mintie, 

*Nonnie, *Edna; Irving R2 Irving 
Sec3 O80a (1860) Mutual Tel. Witt 

Sanders, J. A. (Carrie Bacon) Ch 
Mamie. Forrest, Nora, Helen; "Fair 
View Farm" Harvel R2 Harvel 
Sec21 O160a (1912) Mutual Tel. 

Sanders, S. H. (Ida Revis) Ch Luther, 
Harold, Carl, Pearl, Myrtle, Vester, 
Genevieve; Nokomis R3 South Au- 
dubon SecS T160a Anna Ward 

Satterlee, A. E.(Kathryn Scherer) Ch 
Elvin, Elbert, Dorothy, Jesse L., 
Kathryn, Kenneth, Carl; Nokorm's 
Rl Rountree Sec27 O160a (1882) 
Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Satterlee, Benjamin F. (Marie L. O'- 
Hern) Ch *Anna, *Eula, *John, 
*Irby, *Della, *Thomas; Irving R3 
Irving Sec22 T58a James M. Kelley 

Satterlee, Elmer C. (Lydia Wright) 
Ch Cyril; Coffeen R3 Fillmore 
SeclSS T120a Robert Coffee (1912) 

Satterlee, Walter E. (Mary C. Austin) 
Ch Derward, Emery, Orin, Wil- 
mith; "Hill View Farm" Irving R3 
Irving Sec28 O85a (1884) Mutual 
Tel. Irving 

Sattgast, Fredrick W. (Elizabeth Tip- 
ton) Ch ^Herbert, *Emma, *Theo- 
dore, *May, * William; Hillsbora 
Rl Hillsboro Sec6 O166a (1891) 

Sattgast, William Edward (Josephine 
Grubbs) Ch Ruth, Evelyn; Hillsbo- 
ro Rl Hillsboro Sec6 T95a Fred 
Sattgast (1892) Mutual Tel. Hills- 

Sauer, Frank (Anna Wagahoff) Ch 
Marie; Raymond R2 Harvel Sec31 
O80a (1874) Mutual Tel. Raymond 

Savage, C. A. (Ollie Cline) Ch Dew- 
ey,, Ruth, Fairy, Marjorie, *Flossie, 
*Goldie, *Oral; Coffeen Rl East 
Fork Sec34 O20a (1869) 

Saxby, O. E. (Genevra Baxter) Ch 
Dorothy Jean; Litchfield Rl North 
Litchfield SecS T160a Edwin Sax- 
by (1892) Mutual Tel. Litchfield 

Sawyer, Mrs. S. E. (S. E. Brewer) Ch 
Nellie, Edgar, *Hubert. *Amos; 
Hillsboro Hillsboro SeclS OlOOOa 



Schaefer, William (Lina Beaman) Ch 
""Herbert, *Homer, *Herman; No- 
komis R5 Nokomis Secl7 O80a 
(1908) Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Schafer, Neil H. (Georgia Grainey) 
Ch Helen, Blanch; Butler Butler 
Grove Sec28 O160a (1915) Butler 
Tel. Butler 

Schaffner, E. G. (Emma Westphal) 
"Sunshine Knoll Farm" Nokomis 
R5 Nokomis Secl6 O120a (1897) 
Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Scherer, John J. Ch *Kate, *Ella, 
*Robert; Butler Rl Butler Grove 
Sec34 O44a (1837) 

Schimmelpfennig, Fred (Loretta Gal- 
vin) Barnett Rl Zanesville Secl9 
T210a Renfrow (1918) 

Schleis Matt (Anna Wostatek) Ch 
Rosa, James, Andrew; Irving R3 
Irving Sec28 O4a (1910) 

Schluckebier, William F. (Louise 
Heckel) Ch Nellie, Charles, Minnie, 
Mary, Grace, Jacob; Donnellson R2 
East Fork SeclS O824a (1870) Bell 
Tel. Donnellson 

Schmidt, August (Minnie Sewing) 
Ch Mary, Bertha, Henry, Edna, 
Alma, August, Paul; Litchfield R4 
South Litchfield Sec8 T160a Mrs. G. 
C. Schroeder (1888) 

Schneider, Albert (Christina Schoen) 
Ch Charles, Mina, Anna, Clara, 
*Martin; New Douglas Rl Walsh- 
ville Sec30 T230a John J. Arkebau- 
er (1863) 

Schneidewint, William (Laura Win- 
del) Ch Annie, Loui, Lawrence. 
*Ada, 'Charles; Hillsboro R4 Gris- 
ham Sec2 O183a (1868) Bell Tel. 

Schoen, Albert (Anna Schlomann) 
Ch Topka, Alma, Johnie, Victor; 
Mt. Olive R14 Walshville Sec9 
T160a Henry C. Niemann (1913) 
Mt. Olive Tel. Mt. Olive 

Schoen, Ben (Lena Verhusen) Ch 
Amos; Harvel R2 Raymond Sec2 
T160a John Smith Mutual Tel. Har- 

Schoen, Ben (Mary Linden) Ch John. 
William, Thomas, Fred, Mary; New 
Douglas Rl Walshville Sec31 T200a 
Anna Whitehouse (1878) 

Schoen, Cornelius (Emma Mary Dew- 
erff) Ch Louella. Wilma, Rudacyle, 
Udell; Nokomis Rl Rountree 
Secl3 T80a Margarete Dewerff 
(1881) Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Schoen, Harm (Trientje Engelman) 
Ch Minnie, Anna, Herman, Tina, 
George; New Douglas Walshville 
Secl7 O130a (1874) 

Schoenweis, W. M. (Amelia Beck) Ch 
Rena, Herbert, Oregena, Hartwell, 
Jesse; Irving Rl Witt Secl7 T90a 
George Bote (1873) Mutual Tel. 

Schrempp, H. J. (Mary Singler) Ch 
Raymond; Irving R3 Witt Sec26 
T160a Richard Schrempp (1890) 
Bell Te!. Nokomis 

Schrempp, Joseph (Theresa Hoehn) 
Nokomis R3 Witt Sec24 O40a T80a 
Richard Schrempp (1879) Bell Tel. 

Schubert, Emil (Isabelle Reid) Irving 
R3 Irving Sec2 T132a A. B. Mc- 
David (1913) 

Schuette, August (Anna Bohlmann) 
Ch Herman, Katherine; Litchfield 
R4 South Litchfield Sec7 T170a 
Bohlmann Est. (1906) 

Schwab, Jacob E. (Lillian Senn) Ch 
Melvin, Irvin; Litchfield Rl North 
Litchfield Secl7 T120a R. F. Ben- 
net (1895) Mutual Tel. Litch'field 

Schwab, Philip F. (Ruth Wilson) Ch 
Riley; Litchfield Rl North Litch- 
field Secl9 T160a Mary Graham 
(1889) Mutual Tel. Litchfield 

Schwartzle, Louis (Louisa Pilgrim) 
Ch Edward, Louis, Bertha Louisa; 
Nokomis R5 Nokomis Sec8 O80a 
(1870) Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Schweizer, Gottliep (Hilka Hines) Ch 
Viola, Walter, Elmer, *Clara; Witt 
Rl Rountree Sec26 O200a (1888) 
Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Schweppe, Frank R. (Ella B. Duke) 
Ch Howard, Ruth; Butler Rl North 
Litchfield Sec24 T275a H. A. 
Schweppe (1875) Bell Tel. Butler 

Seaborn, William E. (Hilda Hanson) 
Ch Charles; Pawnee R51 Bois D' 
Arc Secl7 O80a T80a Thomas Sea- 
born (1893) Tel. Pawnee 

Sedentop, Dennis F. (Mary Dufner) 
Ch Opal, Ladonna, Nona, Alice; 
"Brookside Farm" Farmersville Rl 
Bois D' Arc Sec34 p240a (1867) 
Mutual Tel. Farmersville 

Seelbach, George L. (Marie F. Todt) 
Ch George, Marie; Raymond Rl 
Zanesville SeclS OllOa T240a 
(1908) Mutual Tel. Raymond 



Seelbach, Richard (Myrtle Buhl- 
mann) Ch Leola, Loraine, Burna- 
dene; Harvel Rl Rountree Sec7 
TllSa W. Lanen (1912) Mutual Tel. 

Seelbach, William (Mary Sheedy) Ch 
William E. and wife Clotilda, Mar- 
garet, Alvin, Alma, Alfred, *George, 
*John; Harvel R2 Harvel Sec30 
T307a Reginia Poggenpohl (1909) 
Mutual Tel. Harvel 

Seffen, Fred Ch Charley. Fred, Eddie; 
Pawnee R51 Bois D' Arc Sec20 
T160a Charles Kelmel (1901) Mu- 
tual Tel. Farmersville 

Segrest, Jesse Monroe (Ellen Rop- 
per) Ch John, Etta, Charles, Roy, 
Jane, Pearl; Hillsboro R4 Grisham 
Sec3 O40a (1890) 

Seivers, John (Frances Moore) Ch 
John, Jr., 'William; Witt Rl No- 
komis Sec29 O80a (1878) 

Settle, E. F. (Helen Spinner) Ch 
Marcella; Harvel Rl Raymond 
Sec23 T120a John McCalum (1899) 
Mutual Tel. Raymond 

Settle, Harry (Florence Moore) Ch 
Thurman; Irving R3 Witt Sec28 
T80a Mary Verricker (1891) Mu- 
tual Tel. Nokomis 

Settle, William H. (Laura Chumley) 
Ch Lila, Carlos, *Harry E., Tornie; 
Irving R3 Witt Sec28 O80a (1878) 
Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Seward, G. L. (Bernice Winn) Ch 
George; Butler R2 Butler Grove 
Secl6 O80a (1883) Bell Tel. Butler 

Sewing, Edward (Frances Hein) Ch 
Anna; Litchfield R4 South Litch- 
field Sec7 O175a (1862) Mutual Tel. 

Sewing, George (Minnie Drewel) Ch 
Lydia, Edward, Walter, Bertha, Ed- 
na, Norma, Elmer, Theodore; 
Litchfield R3 South Litchfield 
Sec28 O180a (1865) 

Sewing, Henry (Sofia Whitehouse) 
Ch Wilmer, Amanda; Litchfield R4 
South Litchfield Sec29 O161^a 
(1875) Tel. Mt. Olive 

Sewing, Mrs. Jane E. (Jane E. You- 
ell) Ch Minnie D.; Hillsboro Rl 
Hillsboro Sec4 O184a (1843) Mu- 
tual Tel. Hillsboro 

Sewing, John (Barbara Wikoff) Hills- 
boro Rl Hillsboro SeclS O60a 
Sec7 T25a C. W. Grassel (1868) 

Sewing, Mrs. Mary (Mary Kotha) 
Ch Louis, Herman, Mary, Martha, 
*Edward, *George, *William, 
*Henry, *Theodore, *Minnie, *Lou- 
isa, *Anna, *Ida, *Bertha; Litch- 
field R4 South Litchfield Sec28 
O335a (1862) 

Sewing, Theodore J. (Anna Niemann) 
Ch Selma; Litchfield R4 Walshville 
Sec4 T140a William and Julius 
Niemann (1879) Tel. Mt. Olive 

Sewing, William (Minnie Birken- 
kamp) Ch Laura, Freda, Esther, 
Arnold, William, Helen; Litchfield 
R3 South Litchfield Sec34 TlOOa 
Mrs. Birkenkamp (1875) 

Sewing, William F. (Mary E. Man- 
ners) Hillsboro Rl Hillsboro Sec7 
T140a Jane E. Sewing (1865) Mu- 
tual Tel. Hillsboro 

Seybert, D. J. (Lydia Beal) Ch John 
Milton, Otto Newton, Ruth Isa- 
belle, Dorothy Frances, Bertha 
Irene; Hillsboro R4 Hillsboro Sec33 
O93^a TSOa Frank McDavid (1873) 
Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Seymour, Mrs. Flory Ch Ora, Eu- 
gene, * Lewis, *Vernon; Atwater Rl 
Zanesville Sec6 O60a (1868) Mu- 
tual Tel. Waggoner 

Seymour, Lewis W. (May Jarman) 
Atwater Rl Zanesville Sec7 O62a 

Shafer, Bert C. (Ruth M. Amos) 
Litchfield R2 Zanesville Sec33 T78a 
Charley Shafer (1914) 

Sharp, Celia A. Ch Benjamin, Wil- 
liam, *Leslie, *Ida; Litchfield South 
Litchfield Sec2 O135a (1903) Mu- 
tual Tel. Litchfield 

Sharp, H. L. (Hattie Anderson) Ch 
Laura, Mattie, Helen, *Dwight; 
Coffeen Rl East Fork Sec9 T25a 
W. A. Sharp (1877) 

Sharp, James L. (Jannett Woods) Ch 
Mabel, Opal; Waggoner Rl Pitman 
Sec29 O130a (1864) Mutual Tel. 

Sharp, Leslie W. (Hazel A. Boden) 
Ch Wayne, Nellie, Robert; Litch- 
field South Litchfield Sec2 T65a 
Celia Sharp (1903) 

Sharp, Thomas (Kittie Boyd) Ch 
Mildred, Dewey; Coffeen R3 East 
Fork SeclOS T117^a Charlie Jfir- 
gena (1880) Mutual Tel. Coffeen 

Sheff, J. (Lilly Elliot) Butler R2 
Butler Grove Secl6 T160a C. Ward 
(1918) Bell Tel. Butler 



Shelton, W. A. Hillsboro R4 Hills- 
boro Sec25 T21a Miss Flora Shel- 
ton (1887) Bell Tel. Hilsboro 

Shepherd, C. H. (Lena B. McCord) 
Ch Robert, Fred; Irving R3 Gris- 
ham Sec2 O40^a Resident R. S. 
McCord (1871) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Sherfy, C. C. (Lizzie Best) Ch Wal- 
ter, Alva, Polly, Alma, Milton, 
Vane, Bessie, *Mabel, *Gertrude, 
*Cornelius; Walshville Rl Walsh- 
ville SeclO T205a Marburger and 
Taylor (1918) 

Sherman, August and F. W. E. Rolf 
Hillsboro R4 Hillsboro Sec4 O280a 
(1880-1896) Bell Tel. Butler 

Shoemaker, L. F. (Mildred Smith) 
Ch William, Lucille, Virginia, Mil- 
dred; Nokomis Rl Nokomis Sec29 
Tl60a Hellen Young (1867) Mu- 
tual Tel. Nokomis 

Shoemaker, Sam (Mary C. E. 
Swaney) Ch *Minnie E., *Alice M., 
*Jennie M., *Olive B., *Mary C., 
*Elmer A. D., *Edgar A., *Samuel; 
Nokomis R4 Nokomis Sec26 O40a 
(1867) Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Shoraga, August (Mary Casto) Ch 
Clara, Albert, Walter, Viola, 
George, Elda, Clarence; Nokomis 
R3 Audubon Sec6 OlSOa (1870) 
Bell Tel. Nokomis 

Shoraga, William Ch Louis, Emma, 
*Henry, *August, *William, *Lena, 
*Minnie; Nokomis R2 Audubon 
Sec6 O190a (1865) 

Shore, Frank A. (Celia Lanahan) No- 
komis Rl Nokomis Secl6 O80a 
(1891) Bell Tel. Nokomis 

Shore, Frank E. (Jessie Cundiff) Ch 
Grace, Ivan, Clarence; Litchfield R2 
North Litchfield Secl6 TISOa J. S. 
Stuttle (1873) Mutual Tel. Litch,- 

Shore, John M. (Kathryn Hilt) Ch 
Faye, Wilma, Russell, Paul; "Per- 
simmon Grove" Hillsboro R2 East 
Fork Sec29 O160a (J881) Bell Tel. 
Hillsboro . 

Short, Grover (Ola Kellums) Ch Ed- 
na; Nokomis R3 South Audubon 
Sec2 T360a Ed. Mootz (1916) 

Short, Imon (Soohia Donaldson) 
Oconee Rl South Audubon Seel 
T40a A. L. Donaldson (1898) Mu- 
tual Tel. Oconee 

Short, James (Lorena Alexander) Ch 
Osie, Herman, Nellie, *Virgil, Jus- 
tin, *Bessie, *Austin, *Grover, 
*Tmon: Nokomis R3 Audubon 
Sec35 T360a Ed Mootz (1916) 

Short, Joseph (Fannie Voiles) Hills- 
boro Rl Hillsboro Sec30 TlOOa Ed- 
mund Thompson (1862) 

Short, Robert F. (Iva Manley) Ch 
Marian, Elizabeth; Hillsboro R2 

East Fork Sec5 T80a Mrs. A. A. K. 
Sawyer (1888) Bell Tel. Hilsboro 

Short, Wm. A. (Lula Liggett) "Ma- 
ple Grove Farm" Hillsboro R2 
South Fork SeclO T80a Sarah Short 

Shoults, A. W. (Quincy Boyce) Ch- 
Opal, Ruby, Murriel; Farmersville 
Rl Pitman Sec4 T160a A. S. Her- 
man (1912) Farmersville Mutual 
Tel. Farmersville 

Shraut, Ferdinand (Belva Booher) 
Ch Inez, Ida, Carl, Frederick; Cof- 
feen R2 Fillmore Sec4 O220a (1881) 
Mutual Tel. Coffeen 

Shufe, Philipp (Mrs. Mabel Bealer) 
Ch *Roy; Virden R2 Bois D' Arc 
SecS T160^a Mrs. L. Randolf 
(1902) Virden Tel. Virden 

Shuping, John E. (Hannah Hawks) 
Ch Grace, Rena. Daniel, *Beulah; 
Hillsboro R4 Hillsboro Sec24 
Oll^a T12a E. C. Richards (1872) 
Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Sielschott, William H. (Maud Friend) 
Ch Hazel E., William G.; Litchfield 
Rl North Litchfield Secl7 O140a 
(1900) Mutual Tel. Litchfield 

Simmons, W. D. (Lillie Pratt) Ch 
Clyde, Roy, Mary, Ray, Charles, 
Lester, Milton, Ira. Alma; Waggon- 
er Pitman Sec22 T160a E. V. Per- 
rine (1902) 

Simon, George (Anna Seaborn) Ch 
Eldon, Virginia; Farmersville Bois 
D' Arc Sec28 O160a Sec21 T80a L. 
M. Gerhard and Harry Mathews 
(1884) Mutual Tel. Farmersville 

Simon, Howard L. (Tessie Chance) 
Ch Mary_, Frances; Farmersville R2 
Bois D' Arc Sec28 O80a T20a L. M. 
Gerhard (1882) Mutual Tel. Farm- 

Simpkin, William (Emma Leigh s) Ch 
William, Alfred, Elizabeth, Harold. 
Tames; Nokomjs R4 Witt Sec3 
T120a Nokomis Sec34 T80a Peter 
Felhauer (1908) Bell Tel. 

Simpson, A. D. (Alice J. Corlew) Ch 
*Roxalma; Litchfield R3 South 
Litchfield Sec23 O252^a (1856) 
tual Tel. Hillsboro 

Simpson, A. D. (Bertha Hosington) 
Ch lona; Walshville Rl South 
Litchfield Sec36 O200a (1884) Mu- 
tual Tel. Hillsboro 



Simpson, J. M. (Ellen Massey) Ch 
Roy, Lela, Mae, Nora, *Baxter; 
Hazel and Ruth, Grandchildren; 
Walshville Rl Grisham Sec8 O35a 
(1840) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Sims, J. H. (Ida Hammond) Ch Mar- 
garet, James, June; Harvel Rl 
Rountree Secl9 O120a (1888) Mu- 
tual Tel. Raymond 

Sinclair, Charles A. (Anna Spires) Ch 
Mary, Jane, Charles Spires, *John 
C. ; "Pleasant Prairie Farm" Bar- 
nett R2 Zanesville Sec21 O1200a 
Tla Charles A. Sinclair (1868) Mu- 
tual Tel. Raymond 

Sinclair, John C. (Elfleda M. Sallee) 
Ch Frances Anna; "Maple Shade 
Stock Farm" Barnett Rl Zanesville 
Secl9 T320a C. A. Sinclair (1894) 
Mutual Tel. Litchfield 

Singer, T. G. (Minnie Bossier) Ch 
Otto, Franklin; Nokomis Rl Roun- 
tree Sec28 T160a John M. Lipe 
(1914) Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Singler, Edward J. (Minnie Hilde- 
brandt) Ch Geraldine; Nokomis R4 
Witt Secl2 T200a Frank Huber and 
Scott Keer (1896) Bell Tel. Noko- 

Singler, F. J. (Esther Larkin) Ch 
Harry, Irene; Irving Rl Irving 
Sec24 O130a (1884) 

Singler, F. W. (Cecilia Klein) Ch 
Evelyn; Irving Rl Irving Sec24 
O133a (1883) 

Singler, Mrs. John B. (Margarette 
Reigel) Ch Emil, John, Anna, *Vic- 
tor, *William, *Mary, *Louis, *Le- 
na: Irving R3 Witt Sec34 O120a 
(1887) Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Singler, Louis (Louisa Heldebrandt) 
Ch Roy, Lelia, Ethel, Harold; No- 
komis Rl Rountree Sec22 T200a 
Charles Westphal (1900) Mutual 
Tel. Nokomis 

Singler, Victor (Caroline Stauder) Ch 
Maude, *Ed^ard; Nokomis R4 Witt 
Secl4 O80a (1888) Bell Tel. Noko- 

Singler, William (Emma Hoehn) Ch 
Minnie, Leo, Esther, *Mary; 
"Mount View Farm" Fillmore Rl 
Fillmore Sec3 O120a T40a Frank 
Herron (1890) Mutual Tel. Fill- 

S : ngleton, Joseph (Marian Lee) Witt 
Rl Witt Sec9 O80a T30a Tony Se- 
lotto (1907) 

Skinner, Alonzo (Sinna Oiler) Ch 
Bessie, Stella, Dora, Ralph, Russel, 
Paul, *Mabel, *Leo, *Vernis; Litch- 
field R2 North Litchfield Sec3 T9/a 
Bowles Est. (1894) Mutual Tel. 

Slaughter, Henry (Sarah Janssen) Ch 
John, Frank, Emma, Elmer; Noko- 
mis Rl Nokomis SeclS O160a 
(1896) Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Slaughter, John (Theresa Braken- 
hoff) Nokomis Rl Nokomis SeclS 
O80a (1904) Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Sloman, C. H. (Sadie K. Campbell) 
Ch Russell, Elsie; Pawnee R51 Bois 
D' Arc Secl6 T156a Mrs. Laura 
Kelly (1903) 

Sloman, George (Mildred Wheeler) 
Ch Wheeler; Pawnee R3 Bois D' 
Arc Sec9 O40a Sec4-9 T340a Gar- 
retson Est., A. Sloman and M. Slo- 
man (1886) Sangamon Tel. 

Sloman, Ralph Pawnee R2 Bois D' 
Arc Sec9 O40a Sec4-9 T300a Gar- 
rettson Est., A. Sloman and M. Slo- 
man (1880) Sangamon Tel. 

Smalley, W. H. (Deliah C. Luther) 
Ch Thomas F., Harry L., Edgar R., 
Ruth V.; Nokomis R4 South Audu- 
bon Sec7 O160a (1905) Bell Tel. 

Smith, Albert J. (Nancy J. Whit- 
more) Ch Grace, *Cleo O. S.; 
Litchfield North Litchfield Sec35 
O20a (1857) Bell Tel. Litchfield 

Smith, Earl (Flora Hinkle) Ch Vic- 
tor, Frances, Alberta, Earl, Jr.; 
Hillsboro Rl Hillsboro Sec7 T35a 
Charlie Robinson (1887) Bell Tel. 

Smith, Edgar L. (Grace Burton) Ch 
Roy. Harry. *Ruby; Walshville Rl 
Walshville Sec22 T295a T. T. Smith 
(1866) Farmers' Mutual Tel. Hills- 

Smith, E. B. (Elizabeth Jane Thack- 
er) Ch *Laura; Fillmore R2 Fill- 
more Sec34 O98a George Richmond 
and Orville Young (1856) Mutual 
Tel. Fillmore 

Smith, Frank R. (Stella Cutshall) Ch 
Mabel. Onal, Paulina. Flora. Ber- 
nice, Maud, *Lula: Harvel Harvel 
Sec28 T240a E. P. Babb (1885) Mu- 
tual Tel. Harvel 

Smith, F. M. (Miriam Cox) Ch Loren, 
Eula, *Etta, *Laurn. *Dovev *Ly- 
da, *Herman. *Elmer, *Henry: 
Farmersville Rl Pitman Secl6 
T160a John White (1918) Farmers- 
ville Mutual Tel. Farmersville 



Smith, Harry (Blanch Flood) Paw- 
nee R51 Bois D' Arc SeclS TlOOa 
Susan M. Eldred (1912) 

Smith, Harry E. (Cora A. Redman) 
Ch Juanita, William, Le Mar, Fran- 
ces; "Golden Gate Farm" Irving R3 
Witt Sec32 O240a (1907) Mutual 
Tel. Fillmore 

Smith, John (Pauline Heiberger) Ch 
Harriet; Donnellson Grisham Secll 
Tla D. Miller (1918) 

Smith, John E. (Eva F.' Whiteside) 
Ch *Burell R.; Litchfield R2 North 
Litchfield Sec27 O60a (1868) Bell 
Tel. Litchfield 

Smith, John H. (Ida M. Crites) Ch 
Viola, *Lester, *Eugene, *James; 
Coffeen R2 Fillmore Secl7 O30a 

Smith, John M. Ch Mary, *Joseph; 
Barnett North Litchfield Sec7 
TISOa G. B. Cariso (1877) 

Smith, John W. (Lucy Evans) Ch 
Grace, Hazel, Nellie, Orvil; Don- 
nellson Rl East Fork Sec20 TlOOa 
L. A. Bigham (1877) Bell Tel. Don- 

Smith, Matthew (Ruth Hill) Ch Sam- 
uel, Mabel, *CharIes, *Woodford, 
*Stella; Mulberry Grove Rl Fill- 
more Sec22 OlSOa (1880) Mutual 
Tel. Mulberry Grove 

Smith, Robert (Bettie Drye) Ch Hor- 
ace, Arthur, Annie, Ralph, *Bessie, 
* Watts; Hillsboro R3 Irving Secl9 
T90a Willus Tester (1896) 

Smith, Stanford A. (Margaret A. 
Smith) Ch *George, *Calvin, 
*Charles, *Newton, *Albert, *Alice; 
Barnett R2 Zanesville Sec22 O220a 
(1854) Mutual Tel. Raymond 

Smith, Sylvester (Edna Toberman) 
Ch Kenneth; Irving Rl Witt Sec32 
T90a Willus Tester (1896) 

Smith, T. T. (Lizzie A. Whitten) Ch 
*Florence, *Sylvester, *Ollie, 
*Christine; Fillmore Rl Fillmore 
Sec9 O60a (1899) Mutual Tel. Fill- 

Smith, T. T. (Susan Sackett) Ch 
*Mary L., *Edgar, *John E.; "Ma- 
plewood Farm" Walshville Rl 
Walshville SeclS OSa (1858) Farm- 
ers' Mutual Tel. Hillsboro 

Smith, Vernon (Ida Guile) Ch Ira, 
Grace; Irving Rl Witt Sec30 O50a 

Smith, Wash. (Edna Breeden) Irving 
Rl Irving Sec25 O60a (1865) Mu- 
tual Tel. Irving 

Smith, William R. (Christine Conn) 
Ch Rose, *Etta, *Elmer, *George, 
* Viola, *Grace; Irving R2 Irving 
SeclS O78J4a (1850) Mutual Tel. 

Smith, W. B. (Lora J. Titsworth) Ch 
Ernest B., Clarence A., Shirley 
Homer, Nancy J., *Bessie Fern; 
Walshville Rl Walshville Sec24 
T80a Will Edwards (1801) Farm- 
ers' Mutual Tel. Sorento 

Smith, W. C. (Minnie Rieke) Ch 
John, Roscoe, *Erna, *Anna, *Es- 
tella; Harvel Rl Raymond Sec25 
O160a (1861) Mutual Tel. Hills- 

Smithdeal, J. L. (Stella Haynes) Ch 
Ruby, *Hazel; Coffeen R3 Fillmore 
Sec20 O165a T40a (1868) Mutual 
Tel. Coffeen 

Smitts, K. C. (Murta Jacobs) Ch Mil- 
dred, Dorothy, Virginia; Raymond 
Rl Raymond Sec21 O80a (1880) 
Mutual Tel. Raymond 

Smothers, Robert (Elvira Gray) Ch 
Alfred, Archie, Ethel, Bobbie; Oco- 
nee Rl South Audubon Secll T300a 
W. E. Chaussee (1912) 

Snell Bros., Fred and Herbert Noko- 
mis R3 Witt Sec25 OlOOa (1883) 
Bell Tel. Nokomis 

Snell, Charles W. (Maggie James) Ch 
Howard, Harry, Walter, Everett. 
*Alice; Nokomis R4 Witt Sec25 
OlSOa (1888) Bell Tel. Nokomis 

Snell, Harold A. (Effie M. Arnold) Ch 
Helen E., Donald H.; Irving Rl 
Witt Sec34 TllOa Mrs. H. M. Wol- 
ford (1879) Fillmore Mutual Tel. 

Snider, Fred L. (Mary A. Dunham) 
Ch Inez, William, Neva, Edith, 
*Eunice, *Alma; Coffeen R3 East 
Fork Secl2S O14a (1874) Mutual 
Tel. Coffeen 

Snider, Ora C. (Orah B. Green) Ch 
Ray L., Claud V., John W., Mar- 
guerite, Blanch, Wayne C., *Iva M.; 
"Home Farm" Coffeen R3 Fillmore 
SeclSS O53a (1880) Mutual Tel. 

Snodgrass, Lewis I. (Callie Boyce) 
Ch Lorain. Earl, *Ethel, *Lucy; 
Pawnee R51 Bois D' Arc Sec8 
T320a Miss Mary Ann Clark (1917) 
Pawnee Tel. Pawnee 

Snook, Amos U. (Effie Graham) Ch 
Harold, Lily. Grace, Raymond: 
Fillmore R3 Fillmore Sec4 O40a 
(1878) Mutual Tel. Fillmore 



Snow, William (Delia Barton) Ch 
Bessie, Irene; Waggoner Rl Pit- 
man Sec20 T180a Brown, Burton, 
Barnett, Richardson (1913) 

Snyder, George (Lydia Wilson) Ch 
Alfred, George, Melvin, Lyman, 
Henry, Velma, Zelma, Nellie, Wil- 
mer *Martin, *Norwood, *Oso, 
*Ethel, *Bettie; Morrisonville R2 
Bois D' Arc Sec21 T160a Charles 
Dunlap (1918) Christian County 
Tel. Morrisonville 

Snyder, Jacob (May Lingle) Ch Mar- 
tha, Orvilla, *Olin; Witt Rl Roun- 
tree Sec2S O320a (1851) Mutual 
Tel. Nokomis 

Snyder, John H. (Alice Wright) Ch 
*Samuel, *Oel, *Pearl; Coffeen R3 
Fillmore Secl7 O280a (1857) Mu- 
tual Tel. Coffeen 

Snyder, Oel (Grace Barricklow) Ch 
Ila; Coffeen R3 Fillmore Secl6 
T120a J. H. Snyder (1885) Mutual 
Tel. Coffeen 

Snyder, S. H. (Corda Hickman) Ch 
Louise, Eldon, Nellie; Coffeen R2 
Fillmore Sec8 O125a Sec9 T70a Edd 
Landers and John Snyder (1883) 
Mutual Tel. Coffeen 

Snyder, S. L. (Ella Fuller) Ch *Oscar; 
Coffeen R3 Fillmore Secl6 O85a 
(1860) Mutual Tel. Coffeen 

Sorrells, Samuel (Sadie Ripley) Ch 
Merrell; Raymond R3 Raymond 
Sec27 O200a (1883) Bell Tel. But- 

Sparks, Robert E. (Grace Harkey) Ch 
Maurice. Russell; Nokomis R4 Witt 
SeclO T280a Mrs. James R. Brown 
(1910) Bell Tel. Nokomis 

Spears, Fred (Sallie Davis) Ch 
Ralph, Jesse, Kenneth, Elbert; 
Fillmore Rl Fillmore Secl4 T240a 
George Walcott (1914) Mutual Tel. 

Spears, J. W. (Leann Goodrich) Ch 
*Lugena, *Otis, *Bessie; Fillmore 
Rl Fillmore Secl2 T60a Thomas 
Spears (1878) Mutual Tel. Fillmore 

Spears, Otis (Ethel Hunter) Ch Ray- 
mond. Violet. Teddy, Otho. Laurel, 
Blanche: Fillmore Rl Fillmore 
Secl2 T60a Tom Spears (1886) Mu- 
tual Tel. Fillmore 

Spears, S. S. (Tane Carlock) Ch Le- 
na. 'Frederick. *Willis. *Ora *Jes- 
se. *Ida. *Levv. *Roda: Fillmore 
R3 Fillmore Secl2 O36a T40a Aaron 
Butler (1906) 

Spears, W. T. (Nancy Barnes) Ch 
*Finis, *Naomi, *Belle, *Willie', 
Fillmore R2 Fillmore Sec27 O40a 

Specht, Martin W. (Oda M. Harri- 
son) Ch Henry D., Harrison; Farm- 
ersville Rl Pitman Sec7 OSOa Mrs. 
Marie Specht (1888J Mutual Tel. 

Specht, Ora O. (Fay Fite) Farmers- 
ville Rl Pitman Sec6 O40a T40a 
Mrs. Marie Specht (1892) Mutual 
Tel. Girard 

Speiser, P. F. (Florence Martin) Witt 
Rl Irving Secl2 T160a Mrs. W. M. 
Speiser, Sr. (1886) Mutual Tel. Witt 

Speiser, W. G. (Clara Bowlby) Ch 
Clara, Marie, Charles; Witt Rl Irv- 
ing Seel T80a Mrs. Susan Speiser, 
Sr. (1884) Mutual Tel. Witt 

Sperry, Clarence (Hattie Weber) Ch 
Lloyd, Mary, *Roy, *Carl; Noko- 
mis R3 Audubon Sec29 O120a 
(1871) Bell Tel. Nokomis 

Sperry, Milo (Margaret Barber) No- 
komis R4 Audubon Sec31 OSOa 
(1868) Bell Tel. Nokomis 

Spinner, Carl (Hellen Walz) Ch Liz- 
zie, Charlie, Mary, Minnie, Hellen; 
Coffeen Rl East Fork Sec22 T240a 
Mrs. Edward Lane (1869) 

Spinner, Charlie (Josephine Meyer) 
Ch Mary H.; Hillsboro R2 East 
Fork Secl9 T120a George C. Frame 

Spinner, Frank (Mary Mast) Ch Leo, 
Clement, Francis, Celia. Raphael. 
Herman, Frank L. ; Hillsboro R2 
East Fork Sec21 T200a Spinner 
Est. (1870) Mutual Tel. Hillsboro 

Spinner, Joseph (Lena Huber) Ch 
Min"ie. Genevieve, George; "Hedge 
Wood Farm" Coffeen Rl East Fork 
Sec22 O244a (1869) Mutual Tel. 

Spinner, Louis (Pauline Mast) Ch 
Cyril, Matilda, Urban, Gertrude, 
John; Coffeen R2 East Fork Sec23 
O170a (1873) 

Spooner, C. B. (Ada Reid) Ch Vel- 
ma. Alice. Paul. Mildred. Reid: 
Witt Rl Irving Secll T160a C. F. 
Lipe (1906) Mutual Tel. Witt 

Stackamp, William (Louisa Marbur- 
p-er) Ch Walter, Henry, Rose. Leta, 
William. Paul: Litchfield R4 Soutl 
Litchfield Sec20 O200a (1863) 



Stamer, George (Anna Muelsehen) Ch 
Anna, Martha, John, Herman, Fritz, 
William, Henry, Christ, *Sophia; 
Mt. Olive R14 Walshville SeclS 
O160a T80a Frank H. Prange 
(1909) Mt. Olive Tel. Mt. Olive 

Stanley, Homer (Lynda Hedden) Ch 
Lloyd, Bernice; Nokomis R4 South 
Audubon Sec8-16 TlOOa A. Lenahan 

(1887) Bell Tel. Nokomis 
Stanley, Mrs. Mary (Mary Agnew) Ch 

Jesse, Sadie, Estella, *Henry, *Fe- 
licia; Nokomis R2 Audubon Sec28 
O120a (1899) 

Stanley, R. D. (Ida Hard) Ch Guy, 
lola, Edna, Myrtle, Ray, *Homer, 
*Luther, *Nora, *Dora, "Glen; Irv- 
ing Rl Witt SeclS T120a Mrs. An- 
nie Uzzell (1869) Mutual Tel. No- 

Stauder, Charles (Laura A. Ernst) Ch 
Frances, Isabell, Paul, *Sophia, 
*Margarete, *Amelia, *Helena, *Lu- 
la, *Anna, *Barbary, *Minnie, '"'Ja- 
cob, *Charles A.; "Crystal Spring 
Farm" Nokomis R4 South Audu- 
bon Secl7 OlOOa (1870) Bell Tel. 

Stauder, Jacob Nokomis R4 South 
Audubon Secl7 T240a Mary Sharp 

(1888) Bell Tel. Nokomis 
Stauder, Louis (Annie Hoehn) Ch 

Philip, John, Lena, Leo, Hilary, 
Clement, Josephine, Elizabeth; No- 
komis R3 Witt Secl3 T160a John 
Stauder (1873) Bell Tel. Nokomis 

Stauder, Phillip (Anna M. Meyer) Ch 
Lawrence, Stella, *Arthur, *Eu- 
gene; Witt Rl Irving Secl3 OllSa 
Secl4 T48a J. Gleich (1876) 

Stead. Ben (Angeline Hicks) Ch 
*Norman; Farmersville Rl Pitman 
Sec7 O280a (1876) Mutual Tel. 

Stead, Chester A. (Mabel O. Street) 
Ch Eva E.; Waggoner R2 Pitman 
Sec7 O40a T40a Allen Ball (1888) 
Mutual Tel. Farmersville 

Stead, Clarence B. (Carrie Hill) 
Farmersville Rl Pitman Sec7 TllOa 
Mrs. A. M. Stead (1883) Mutual 
Tel. Farmersville 

Stead, Norman D. (Katie Murphy) 
Ch Olin, John, Earl; Farmersville 
Rl Pitman Sec7 T280a Ben Stead 
(1880) Mutual Tel. Farmersville 

Stelter, John Farmersville R2 Bois 
D' Arc Sec20 O80a Sec28 T80a 
Henry Stelter (1875) 

Stephenson, A. D. (Fairy Lay) Ch 
Josephine, Ethel; Hillsboro Rl 
Hillsboro Sec3 T80a J. O. Miller 
(1884) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Stephenson, Bert (Lilly Suits) Hills- 
boro Rl Hillsboro SeclS O46a Sec6 
T20a C. W. Grassel (1886) Bell Tel. 

Stephenson, E. F. (Martha Wright) 
Ch *Archie; Hillsboro R4 Hillsboro 
Sec20-21 T120a Mrs. M. L. Butler 
(1867) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Stettbacher, Conrad (Elizabeth Gran- 
tham) Ch William C., *Forrest; 
"Hazel Dell Farm" Irving Irving 
Sec27 O80a (1915) 

Stevens, C. C. (Hattie Hickmann) Ch 
Dona E., Lester; "Cannon and 
Stevens Farm" Donnellson Rl East 
Fork Secl7 O155a (1873) Bell Tel. 

Stevens, Edw. (Ada Belle Rhodes) 
Ch Irene, John, Helen, Frances; 
Farmersville Rl Pitman Sec3 T80a 
Lottie Stevens (1883) Farmersville 
Tel. Farmersville 

Stevens, John A. (Emma C. Swann) 
Ch George S., Sadie L., James O., 
*Bertha C.; "Happy Corner Farm" 
Donnellson Rl East Fork Sec9S 
O265a (1868) Bell Tel. Donnellson 

Stevens, Walter (Nellie Grammer) 
Ch Fern, Frankie, *Bennie, *Edna; 
Oconee Rl South Audubon Seel 
T20a Clark Craig (1914) 

Stewart, George L. (Alice Robertson) 
Nokomis R4 Audubon Sec31 O160a 
(1874) Bell Tel. Nokomis 

Stewart, James (Norma Whitmore) 
Ch Margaret; Nokomis R2 Audu- 
bon Sec29 O160a (1877) Bell Tel. 

Stewart, Ralph (Anna Lehman) Ch 
Doris, Wallace, Harry, Mildred; 
Morrisonville R3 Rountree Sec9 
T120a A. Fricke (1909) 

Stewart, Wesley (Tillie Reisacher) 
Nokomis R4 South Audubon Sec6 
T206a Mrs. Stewart (1881) Bell Tel. 

Stewart, William E. (Ella N. Smith) 
Ch Carl, Earl, Cloyd, Mabel, Edna, 
Hazel, Luella, Henry; Wageroner 
Rl Zanesville Sec4 T240a E. Wood- 
man (1914) 

Stiefel, Jacob (Martha Clement) Ch 
Myra, Elsie. Ralph; "The Home 
Place Farm" Litchfield R4 South 
Litchfield SecS O80a T20a Mrs. I. 
M. Brokaw (1855) Mutual Tel. 



Stiefel, Thomas A. Ch *Ira B.; Litch- 
field R4 South Litchfield SecS O80a 
(1858) Bell Tel. Litchfield 

Stieren, Louis (Marie Rowland) Ch 
Louis, Paul, Allen; Pawnee R51 
Bois D' Arc Secl7 T140a Sam Ren- 
iker (1917) Farmersville Tel. Farm- 

Stillahn, Herman (Emma M. Hunt- 
man) Ch Ella, William, Nora, Mil- 
dred, Verna; Raymond Rl Zanes- 
ville Sec25 T180a J. Johnson (191/) 
Mutual Tel. Raymond 

Stillwagon, H. (Pearl Ferguson) Ch 
Iva, Ruby, Marguerite; Pawnee R51 
Bois D' Arc Secl7 T80a Frank Hop- 
kin (1904) Pawnee Tel. Pawnee 

Stivers, R. L. (Melissa Crow) Ch 
Stanley, Jennie, Beulah, Bernie, 
*Homer, *Harley, *Harry; Noko- 
mis R4 Witt Secl4 T160a John 
Schrempp (1910) Bell Tel. Noko- 

Stokes, George (Dolly Porter) Ch 
Leo, Opal, Estel, Alena; Fillmore 
R2 Fillmore Sec22 T200a (1914) 
Mutual Tel. Fillmore 

Stokes, Jacob L. (Sarah Lemay) Irv- 
ing R3 Fillmore Sec6 O50a (1889) 

Stone, Albert (Katie S. Troyer) Ch 
Aileen, Juanita, Bonnevieve, Albert; 
Witt Rl Witt Sec9 T160a William 
Shannon (1915) 

Stone, Mary A. Ch Charley, Fred, 
*Wesley, *Jennie, *Enoch, *Wil- 
liam, *Sam; Virden R2 Bois D' Arc 
Sec4 O80a (1892) Virden Tel. Vir- 

Storey, Wiley O. (Emma From- 
knecht) Butler Rl Butler Grove 
Sec29 T170a E. O. Eichelroth (1905) 
Bell Tel. Butler 

Street, Herbert W. (Nora C. Hanken) 
Ch Dwight E.; Waggoner Rl Pit- 
man Sec31 O119a Sec32 TSOOa Mrs. 
S. E. Waggoner (1869) Mutual Tel. 

Street, W. T. (Bessie L. Hanken) Ch 
*Errett, *Estell; Harvel R2 Pitman 
Sec23 T80a T. G. Richardson 
(1878) Waggoner Mutual Tel. 

Studebaker. Henry A, (Eliza Oben- 
shain) Ch *Oscar, *Nona, *Bertha, 
*John, *Nellie; Litchfield Rl Zanes- 
ville Sec33 O120a (1868) Mutual 
Tel. Litchfield 

Stugeon, R. L. (Lorain Carlock) Ch 
Fred. *Charley, *Ethel: "East 
Brook Dairy Farm" Hillsboro R2 
East Fork SecS T147a J. K. Mc- 
David (1861) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Stump, Daniel (Effie Kinser) Ch *Ma- 
bel, *Ethel, *Grace; Irving R3 Irv- 
ing Sec22 O6a Sec27 T25a Caroline 
Allen (1864) Farmers' Mutual Tel. 

Sturgeon, Walter (Clara Platt) Ch 
Gerald, Clayton, Leona; Irving R3 
Fillmore SecS T60a E. H. Sturgeon 

Stuttle, Frank (Rosa Blackwelder) 
"Cedar Grove Farm" Litchfield R2 
North Litchfield Sec29 O154^a 
(1857) Mutual Tel. Litchfield 

Stuttle, Joseph S. (Mary Blankley) 
Ch Francis, Alfred, Ruth; "Maple 
Mound Farm" Litchfield Rl North 
Litchfield Sec28 T240a Joseph 
Stuttle (1879) Mutual Tel. Litch- 

Suits, Mrs. Emily (Emily Brown) Ch 
Mary, *James, *Tom, *Richard, 
*Gideon, *Charlie, *Albert, *Ida; 
Hillsboro R4 Hillsboro Sec22 O80a 

Suits, G. F. (Anna Rolf) Ch Edward, 
Howard, Kenneth, Minnie, Ruth, 
Dora, Gertrude, Carrol; Hillsboro 
R4 Hillsboro Sec22 O190a (1863) 
Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Supinger, Jesse (Joisey Sears) Ch Jo- 
sie, Jesse, *Pearle, *Cora, *Myrtle: 
Fillmore Rl Fillmore Secl3 O190a 
(1859) Mutual Tel. Fillmore 

Sutter, August T. (Mollena Berg- 
schneider) Ch Stephen,- Tony, Aug- 
ust J., Elizabeth, Agnes, *Mary, 
'Theresa, *Otto, *Carl; Harvel R2 
Harvel Sec33 T168a Minnie Bock- 
witz (1906) 

Sutton, Allen (Etta Martin) Ch Min- 
nie, Mary, Martha; Girard R43 Bois 
D' Arc Secl9 T80a W. T. Burford 
(1895) Mutual Tel. Girard 

Sutton, Eld. L. Elmer (Emma Mas- 
ters) Ch Edgar, Earl, Lela, Virnie; 
Girard R43 Bois D' Arc Secl9 T80a 
Mrs. Stutzman (1895) Mutual Tel. 

Swaney, Jacob A. (Louisa Pigg) Ch 
Mary, Boyd, Rella, *Dennis, *Lu- 
ther, *Beulah; "Lookout Mountain 
Farm" Nokomis R2 Audubon SeclS 
O240a (1855) Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Swartz, Mrs. Cathrine Ch Emil, 
*Blaze. *John; Irving Rl Witt 
Sec28 OlOOa (1887) 

Swetland, C. A. (Emma Herman) Ch 
Roy; Fillmore R2 Fillmore Secl3 
O33a (1874) 



Tabor, George (Alta Morrell) Ch 
Elsie, *Bertha; Oconee R2 Audu- 
bon Sec26 O80a (1888) 

Tarran, Christopher (Margaret Og- 
den) Ch Margaret, Christopher, 
Anna, Samie, *Elizabeth, *Edith, 
*Eunice, *Dora, *Thomas; Irving 
R3 Irving Sec27 O48a (1911) 

Taulbee, L. F. (Rosa C. Taylor) Ch 
Noah, *Ray V., *Dollie M., "Jesse 
C, *Ora M.; Donnellson Rl East 
Fork Sec22S O60a (1868) 

Taylor Charles (Alma Carriker) Ch 
Roy, Lester, *Nora; Hillsboro R3 
Irving Secl7 O63a (1875) 

Taylor, Charles (lone Felkel) Ch Le- 
roy, Edward; Hillsboro Rl Hills- 
boro Sec31 T50a Mrs. Mary Ault 

Taylor, Edw. (Mary Bryant) Ch Roy, 
Nellie, Earl, Lester, *Vineta; Girard 
R43 Bois D' Arc SeclS T359a Mrs. 
J. P. Henderson, James Murphy, 
Ed Bartland (1916) Mutual Tel. 

Taylor, Fred V. (Mabel Weller) Ch 
Myrtle, Irene; Nokomis Rl Roun- 
tree Sec20 TlOOa Fred Rikie (1890) 

Taylor, F. (Alice Saffield) Ch 
*George, *Sophia, *Vernie, *Eu- 
nice, *Dwight, *Edith, *Lula; Noko- 
mis R3 South Audubon Sec2 O120a 

Taylor, Hays (Delia Wagner^ Ch 
Donald, Thelma, Drethy, Kenneth, 
Hazel; Waggoner Rl Pitman Sec21 
T160a Sarah Ripley (1915) 

Taylor, John B. (Daisy Mayberry) 
Farmersville R2 Bois D' Arc Secl9 
T275a E. W. Bail (1909) Farmers- 
ville Mutual Tel. Farmersville 

Taylor, John W. (Vina Bishop) Ch 
John W., *Ora, *Ruby, *Mayme, 
*Bertha, 'Ritchie; Litchfield R4 
Walshville Sec9 T280a Henry C. 
Nieman (1893) Mt. Olive Tel'. Mt. 

Taylor, T. B. (Isabelle Kinnamon) Ch 
'Geneva, *Hattie, 'Peachie; Witt 
Rl Irving Secl2 O37a (1892) 

Taylor, Walter (Mae Carriker) Ch 
Flossie, Howard, Carl, Ross, *Nel- 
lie; Irving R2 Irving Secl6 O40a 

Taylor, William H. (Lura Morris) 
Hillsboro R3 Irving Secl7 O20a 

Tedrick, F. D. (Theresa King) Ch 
Lucille, Esther, Ralph, Hazel. 'Ed- 
gar, 'Justin, *Clara; Coffeen R2 
Fillmore Sec4 O80a Sec9 T40a C. 
E. Landers (1912) Mutual Tel. Fill- 

Telfer, James (Elizabeth Smith) Ch 
*John, *George, Thomas; Litch- 
field Rl North Litchfield Sec30 T82a 
(1909) Mutual Tel. Litchfield 

Tenison, C. A. (Ida Ollen) Ch Sam- 
uel, Eda; "Oak Cress Farm" Hills- 
boro Hillsboro Sec3 O12a (1858) 

Tester, Charles E. (Anna Walsh) Ch 
Luella, Martha; Morrisonville R3 
Rountree Sec5 O140a (1872) Mutual 
Tel. Harvel 

Tester, Frank (Anna Johnson) Ch 
Edward, Earl, Glenn, Pauline, Gar- 
ris; Morrisonville R3 Rountree 
Sec4-10-15-16 O257a (1876) 

Tester, James 'A. (Lois Stevens) Ch 
Raymond, Albert, Gladys, Florence, 
John, William; Morrisonville R3 
Rountree Sec4 OlOOa (1868) 

Teter, David G. (Mary Wilfong) Ch 
Fannie, Nellie, Mildred, Dorothy, 
Cecil, Goldie; Nokomis R3 Audubon 
Sec34 O120a (1903) 

Teter, M. J. (Sarah A. Jones) Ch 
Ruby Jane, Margaret Louise; Noko- 
mis R3 Audubon Sec32 Tla W. J. 
Hamlin (1918) 

Thacker, Dennis (May Whitlock) Ch 
Oscar, Nina, Albert, Evelyn, Har- 
old; Coffeen R3 East Fork Secl2S 
O5a (1883) Mutual Tel. Coffeen 

Thacker, Fred W. (Hattie E. Logs- 
don) "Forest Lawn Farm" Donnell- 
son Rl East Fork Sec21S O88a 
(1871) Bell Tel. Donnellson 

Thacker, Martin V. (Lillie Snow) Ch 
Altha A., Goldie E., Norma A., Ima 
V., Amiel V., Paul E.; "Gravel 
Ridge Farm" Coffeen R3 East Fork 
Sec24S O108a (1866) Mutual Tel. 

Thacker, William (Huldah Hamilton) 
'Maud, 'Ethel. 'Illinois, 'Blanch, 
*Lester, *Eva, 'William; "Fair 
Lawn Farm" Coffeen Rl East Fork 
Sec3S O120a T1855) 

Thielen, George (Caroline J. Meis- 
ner) Ch George, Anna, Emma, 
Henry; Raymond R3 Zanesville 
Secl4 O80a (1867) Mutual Tel. Ray- 

Thomas, Floyd (Blanch Hacknev) Ch 
Floyde. Harry; Waggoner Rl Pit- 
man Sec31 O95a (1917) 



Thomas, George H. Waeeroner Rl 
Pitman Sec30 OlOOa (1873) Mutual 
Tel. Waggoner 

Thomas, G. H. (Magie Mitchell) Ch 
Clyde, Velma; Raymond R2 Ray- 
mond See? O160a (1863) Mutual 
Tel. Raymond 

Thomas, Harry O. (Fannie E. Do- 
zier) Ch Russell, Henry, Paul; Vir- 
den R42 Bois D' Arc Sec4 O161a 
(1871) Mutual Tel. Virden 

Thomas, Mrs. Hattie (Hattie Loud) 
Ch Kenneth, Ida, Rowland, Eileen, 
Lewellyn, Stewart; Virden R42 Bois 
D' Arc Sec9 O160a (1901) Mutual 
Tel. Virden 

Thomas, J. E. (Sofronia Piggott) Ch 
Mary, Jennie, Margaret, Harold, 
Fred; Waggoner Pitman Sec23 
O124a (1861) Waggoner Mutual 
Tel. Waggoner 

Thomas, Pryor (Edith Lysinger) Ch 
Russell; Raymond R3 Zanesville 
Seel T120a Gid Henderson (1916) 

Thomas, Samuel Dayton (Emma Dod- 
son) Ch *Anna, *LeRoy, *Aldine; 
"Maple Manor Farm" Virden R2 
Bois D' Arc Seel 1-2 O493a (1864) 
Mutual Tel. Virden 

Thomas, Mrs. W. V. Ch Kenneth, Ida, 
Rollyn, Eileen, Lewellyn, Stuart; 
Virden R2 Bois D' Arc Sec9 O161a 
(1901) Mutual Tel. Virden 

Thompson, G. T. (Ruby Landers) Ch 
Violet, Johnnie, Goldie, Mamie, Jes- 
sie, Baby; Pana R3 Audubon Seel 
Tla J. H. Limes (1918) 

Thompson, W. J. (Sarah Booher) Ch 
*Susan, *Bea; Coffeen R3 Fillmore 
Sec20 O8Sa (1875) Mutual Tel. Cof- 

Thomsen, H. C. (Mary Whitehouse) 
Ch Paula, Omer, Velma; Litchfield 
R3 South Litchfield Sec20 T240a 
Miss M. Schroeder (1903) 

Thumb, Ralph (Emma Lipe) Ch 
Mabel, Mary; "Sunny Slope Farm" 
Witt Rl Witt Sec7 O120a (1871) 
Mutual Tel. Witt 

Thunhorst, Herman (Katie Neihaus) 
Ch Lydia, Lulia; Harvel Rl Roun- 
tree Sec7 O80a (1908) Mutual Tel. 

Thunhorst, Peter (Marv Parsel) Ch 
Anna, Chester, Grace, William, Jes- 
sie; Irving R3 Irving Sec22 O20a 
T20a Mrs. Eustus (1916) 

Thunhorst, Walter G. (Clara Gentry) 
Ch Eleanore, Georgia; Raymond R2 
Raymond Sec9 T80a Frank Poken- 
poe (1918) 

Thunhorst, William (Winifred Coen) 
Ch Anna, Willis; Morrisonville Ro 
Rountree Sec8 T160a A. Hays 
(1917) Mutual Tel. Harvel 

Tiffin, Albert (Hattie Taylor) Ch 
Thomas, Orville, Joseph, Don, Gail, 
Russell, Genevieve, Harold; Walsh- 
ville Walshville Sec2 O280a (1869) 
Farmers' Mutual Tel. Hillsboro 

Tilling, Louis (Agnes Ernst) Coffeen 
Rl East Fork Sec23 T160a Ferd- 
inand Tilling (1891) 

Timko, Annie Ch Paul Louis; Hills- 
boro R3 Irving SeclS O80a (1910) ~ 

Tindle, Walter (Ida Busby) Ch Les 
ter, Floyd, Gladys*; Harvel R2 Har- 
vel Sec21 T160a Mrs. W. J. Zimmer- 
man (1903) 

Titsworth, W. L. (Ethel Neal) Ch 
William, Harvey, Fredia, Iva, Ruby 
*Nellie, *Ada, *Iona, *Laura; 
Walshville Rl Walshville Secl2 
T175a T. J. Ray (1898) 

Tittsworth, John (Charlotte Johnson) 
Ch Noi, Evan, Elbert, Ellis, 
*Maude, *Orin, *Myrtle, *Maggie; 
Walshville Rl Grisham Secl9 O160a 
(1855) Mutual Tel. Sorento 

Toberman, Eliza J. (Wilson) Ch Zil- 
pha, *Lily, *Amos, *Sadie; Fillmore 
R3 Fillmore Sec4 O90a (1845) Mu- 
tual Tel. Fillmore 

Toberman, John (Lily Brown) Ch 
Dorothy, Una, Lewey, Bruce, Har- 
old, Howard, Esther, *Edna, ""Les- 
ter, *Ruby; Fillmore R3 Fillmore 
Secl6 T180a Charles Miller (1870) 
Mutual Tel. Fillmore 

Toberman, Lester E. (Olive M 
Smith) Nokomis Nokomis Sec25 
T80a Ned Walton (1892) 

Toberman, Wesley (Bertha Richard 
son) Ch Guy, *Grover, *Hattie. 
*Cora; Fillmore R2 Fillmore Sec9 
TlOOa Mary Miller (1855) 

Todt, F. A. (Alice Curran) Ch Eliza- 
beth, Elenora, Marie, Raymond, Ag- 
nes, Loretta, Bernard, Francis, Urs- 
lea, *Claud, *Margaret, *Joseph; 
Raymond Rl Raymond Sec21 O320a 
(1878) Mutual Tel. Raymond 

Todt, H. E. (Mary B. Brockamp) Ch 
Lucille Katharine; Harvel R2 Har- 
vel Sec21 T240a Mary B. Todt 
(1890) Mutual Tel. Harvel 

Todt, J. T. (Bertha Hoehn) Ch Har- 
old, Joseph, Herman, Charles; Har- 
vel R2 Harvel Sec20 O80a Sec20-17 
T160a Mary Todt (1883) Mutual 
Tel. Harvel 



Todt, Mrs. Mary B. Ch Clarence, 
Lawrence, *John, *William, *Elmer, 
*Mary; Morrisonville R2 Harvel 
Secl6 O880a (1842) Mutual Tel. 

Tomamichel, B. Ch Basilic, *Joe; Irv- 
ing R3 Irving Sec26 O90a (1863) 
Mutual Tel. Irving 

Tomamichel, Joseph (Cleo Williams) 
Ch Mildred, Rollan, Joseph, Everett, 
Estel; Irving R3 Irving Sec34 T120a. 
V. Feraris (1877) Mutual Tel. Irv- 

Tosch, John (Lydia Bahlow) Ch Vio- 
let; Witt Rl Rountree Sec36 T80a 
Pete Bost (19ia) Mutual Tel. No- 

Towell, I. T. (Cara Ludwick) Ch 
Lloyd, Floyd, Frank, Paul; Chap- 
man Fillmore Sec33 T160a I. T. 
Towell Sr. (1878) Mutual Tel. Fill- 

Towell, J. E. (Clara Ludewick) Ch 
Earle, Cecil, Ruth, Mattie, Thom- 
as; Chapman Fillmore Sec29 O40a 
T200a Coffeen Coal Co. (1881) Mu- 
tual Tel. 'Fillmore 

Travers, George E. (Anna L. Fritz) 
Ch Roy, Fred, Ellen, Mildred; 
"Plainview Farm" Waggoner JPit- 
man Sec27 T120a Ed Johnson and 
Clarence Bowman (1865) 

Travis, Adren (Minnie Jackson) Ch 
Pearl, Harry, Albert, Helen, Ray- 
mond, Dorothy; Irving Rl Witt 
Sec28 T80a John Neece (1914) 

Traylor, Caleb (Elizabeth Straub) Ch 
Johnie, May, Samuel, *Jane, 
*Ruthie, *Roscoe, *Ora, *Charlie, 
*Ezra, 'Claudia; Fillmore R2 Fill- 
more Sec23 O60a (1882) 

Traylor, Roscoe (Dora Milam) Ch 
Buell, Lester; Hillsboro R2 East 
Fork Sec7 T7a Chester Dreyhus 

Trimble, Louis (Bessie Knight) Ch 
Francis, Anna, Ida; Girard R43 Bois 
D' Arc Sec31 T160a Mrs. Dr. K. L. 
Hayes (1912) Mutual Tel. Farmers- 

Trinkle, W. P. (Hattie Stuckee) Ch 
Carl, Raymond, Almena, Harley. 
Charles; Raymond Rl Ravmond 
Sec7 T240a M. C. Davitt (1905) 

Trost, F. E. (Victoria G. Sutter) Ch . 
Bertha V.. Winfred E.. Harold A.; 
"Pleasant View Farm" Hillsboro R2 
East Fork SeclO O120a (1888) Mu- 
tual Tel. Hillsboro 

Troutman, J. L. (Jennie Lyerla) Ch 
Bliss, Harry; Fillmore R2 Fillmore 
Sec29 O76a (1865) Mutual Tel. Fill- 

Tucker, Mrs. Melinda Ch Hannah, 
Charlotte, *Ester, *Roy; Witt Rl 
Irving Secl4 O80a (1866) Mutual 
Tel. Irving 

Tudor, Herbert (Bertha Olson) Ch 
Jennie Elizabeth; Witt Rl Noko- 
mis Sec32 Tla Keller Coal Co. 
(1906) Bell Tel. Nokomis and Mu- 
tual Tel. Witt 

Tuetken, Herman (Maggie Meyer) Ch 
Ivan; Nokomis Rl Rountree Sec24 
O80a (1876) Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Tuetken, J. H. (Mary Klopmeier) Ch 
Emma, Fred, Pauline, Ida, Edward; 
Witt Rl Rountree Sec23 O160a 
(1875) Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Tuetken, Richard (Louisa Betzold) 
Ch Roy. Velma; Nokomis R6 Au- 
dubon Sec21 T80a Henry Best 
(1910) Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Tunnell, James C. (Ida M. Pottorff) 
Ch Evelyn, Alberta, Helen, Clifford; 
Girard R43 Bois D' Arc SeclS O80a 
T180a Mrs. Sarah Tunnel and H 
Tunnell (1878) Virden Tel. Virden 

Turner, H. A. Ch Howard; "The Ma- 
ples Farm" Irving R2 Butler Grove 
Sec4 OlOOa (1881) Bell Tel. Butler 

Turner, John B. (Fannie B. Grobe) 
Ch Rhodolphus K.; "Evergreen 
Stock Farm" Butler Rl Butler 
Grove Sec20 O947a (1861) Bell Tel. 

Turner, J. B. Sr. (Fannie Grobe) Ch 
Rudolph, *Nettie, *Fred, *Minnie, 
*Walter, *John, *Carrie, *Ida. 
*Myrtle, *Charles, "Howard. *Will; 
"Ever Green Farm" Butler Rl But- 
ler Grove Sec20 O940a (1862) Bell 
Tel. Butler 

Turner, J. B. Jr., Dr. V. S. (Harriet 
Washburn) Ch Jonathan, Josephine. 
Babette, Dorothy; "Crown Hill 
Farm" Butler R2 Butler Grove 
Secl7 O280a (1872) Bell Tel. Butler 

Turner, W. H. (Wilma Ware) Ch 
Frank; "The Maples Farm" Irving 
R2 Butler Grove Sec4 OlOOa (1883) 
Bell Tel. Butler 

Tuttle. Marcus L. (Ruth I. Hensen) 
Ch Henry. Mark; "Mineral Springs 
Farm" Litchfield R2 Sec26 T89a 
Mrs. G. M. Faught (1892) 

Tyndale, T. W. (Emma Kelsay) Ch 
George Elwood: Witt Rl Witt Sec4 
O80a (1900) Bell Tel. 




Uhrig, Thomas (Drucilla M. Haben- 
strit) Ch John, Gertrude; Raymond 
R2 Zanesville SeclS O164a (1902) 
Tel. Raymond 

Ullom, R. L. (Ethel Holsclaw) Pana 
R3 Audubon Sec2 O320a (1876) 
Bell Tel. Pana 

Ulrich, Fred (Olinda Rosenthal) Ch 
Marie, Verda; Sorento Rl Walsh- 
ville Sec32 T200a Rosenthal Est. 

Umberger, Mikel (Anamry Greer) Ch 
Moray, *Otho; Hillsboro R3 Butler 
Grove Sec24 O183^a (1906) Mu- 
tual Tel. Hillsboro 

Upchurch, E. H. (Mary Yenny) Ch 
Lee, Alice, *Harold, *Margrett, 
*Bell, *Nora, *Maud, *Joyce, *Lola, 
*Myrtle, *Lula, *Stella, *Kathryn; 
Irving R3 East Fork SeclN T128a 
J. M. Gleason (1866) 

Upton, Charles J. (Ada F. Barnett) 
Ch Aleta Feme; Barnett R2 North 
Litchfield Sec6 O142a (1877) 

Urbancek, Joseph (Susie Pastirik) Ch 
Joseph Jr., Elizabeth, Anna, An- 
drew, Demaris, Frank, Louis; "Elm 
Ridge Farm" Coffeen Sec36 O40a 

Vallbracht, Henry J. (Pearl Snyder) 
Ch Minnie N.; Coffeen R2 Fillmore 
Sec7S O80a (1904) Mutual Tel. Cof- 

Vallbracht, William (Rosa Pfeifer) 
Ch George: Coffeen R3 Fillmore 
Secl7 T120a George Schwalen- 
stocker (1908) Mutual Tel. Coffeen 

Vancil, Frank M. (Annie Moore) Ch 
Benjamin, Marion, *Anna; Litch- 
field R2 North Litchfield Sec22 T80a 

Vanderburg, George ( Amanda Price) 
Ch Virgil Emamal, Vira May: 
Litchfield North Litchfield Sec36 
T40a McClenin Bros. (1896) 

Vandoren, Clarence (Etta May Mc- 
Caslin) Ch Erwin, Waldo; Coffeen 
R2 Fillmore Sec21 O16a Sec20 T40a 
Gasper Harris (1912) Mutual Tel. 

Vangeison, Oliver R, (Elizabeth Paul) 
Ch Dave, Florence, Cecil, Edith, 
Oliver, Everett, Chester, Lois. Stel- 
la *Russell; Pawnee R51 Bois D' 
Arc SeclS T348a F. M. Hoppin 
(1883) Pawnee Tel. Pawnee 

VanGeison, Russell (Mae Smith) Ch 
Helen. Earl, Irene, Leo; Pawnee 
RSI Bois D' Arc SeclS TSOa C. 
Simmson (1888) Farmersville Tel. 

Vanhooser, Jesse A. (Clora S. Satter- 
lee) Ch *Sarah. *Walter, 'Ernest; 
"Fruitdale Farm" Hillsboro R3 Irv- 
ing Secl7 O40a (1856) Mutual Tel. 

VanHyning, Pearl R. (Anna Z. Lewis) 
Ch Roland, Katherine, Anna; But- 
ler R2 Butler Grove Sec24 O120a 
(1883) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

VanWinkle, H. C. (Birdie Wood) Ch 
Lewis, Dorotha; Farmersville Rl 
Bois D' Arc Sec33 T106a Albert 
Guthels (1915) Mutual Tel. Far- 

Varner, Charles (Lou Nash) Ch 
*Maude, *Weslev *Otto, *EHor a r. 
*Roy. *Etta, *Willis; Hillsboro R4 
Grisham Secl6 O160a (1862) 

Varner, Mrs. Jenetta Ch DeForest, 
*Emma; Litchfield R3 South Litch- 
field Sec3 O70a (1883) 

Varner, O. C. (Emma Hearlston) Ch 
Russel, Shirley; Hillsboro Rl Hills- 
boro Sec20 O80a Sec32 T120a Mrs. 
Mary Ault (1884) 

Varner, Willis (Bertha Mansfield) Ch 
Willis Jr.; Hillsboro R4 Grisham 
Secl6 O79a (1897) 

Verhusen, Henry (Jennie Longpine) 
Ch Fred. Margarete, Simon; Noko- 
mis Rl Rountree Secl3 O80a (1869) 
Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Vericker, Augustin (Katie Linane) Ch 
Leo, Agnes, Johnnie. Henry, Ger- 
trude, Mildred, Maurice; Irving Rl 
Witt Sec22 O80a (1881) 

Vicker, Edward (Minnie Spears) Ch 
Lillian, Clarence. Thomas; Irving 
Rl Witt Sec22 OSOa (1876) 



Waters, M. M. (Laura Voyles) Ch 
Geraldine, Myrle; Mt. Olive R14 
Walshville SeclS T140a L. V. Hill 

Watkins, William D. (Lottie Melton) 
Ch Hellen, Lois, Edna; "Oddacre 
Farm" Honey Bend North Litch- 
field Seel O7a (1885) Mutual Tel. 

Watson, Burl E. (Daisy Adkisson) Ch 
Joseph; Hillsboro Rl Hillsboro 
SeclS T120a Mrs. A. C. Adkisson 
and Lon McPhail (1886) Bell Tel. 

Watson, Charles (Ollie Evans) Ch 
Inez, Robert, Letha; Sorento Rl 
Walshville Sec36 O192a (1893) Far- 
mers' Mutual Tel. Sorento 

Watson, John O. (Nettie Losch) Ch 
Loretta; Hillsboro Rl Hillsboro 
Secl9 T80a Will Hall (1894) 

Watson, J. A. (Mary E. Starr) Ch 
Sophia, *Homer, *Burrell, *John; 
Hillsboro Rl Hillsboro Sec20 
OlOOa (1859) 

Watson, Roy L. (Ora Taulbee) Ch 
Ethel, Dorothy; Hillsboro Rl Hills- 
boro Secl9 OlOa Sec30 T20a Tom 
Watson (1893) 

Watson, Thomas D. (Josephine Fitz- 
patrick)Ch Frances, Fern, Roye, El- 
mer, Truman; "Spring Farm" Hills- 
boro Rl Hillsboro Secl9-30 O103a 
T20a C. Griswold Est. (1865) 

Watson, William (Maude Moore) Ch 
Lowell, Kenton, Ruth, Ruby, Willa, 
Willma; Raymond R2 Zanesville 
Secl3 O120a (1863) Mutual Tel. 

Watters, W. D. (Amy Tittsworth) Ch 
'William, *Stella; Walshville Rl 
Grisham SeclS O24j^a (1862) 

Wattjes, Richard (Lena Janssen) Ch 
Alvin; Nokomis R5 Nokomis Sec6 
T160a Brunke Wattjes (1902) Mu- 
tual Tel. Nokomis 

Weatherford, George W. (Jennie 
Lovely) Ch Ira, Preston, Bennie 
Earl, George, Viola; Litchfield Rl 
North Litchfield SeclS TlSla Mrs. 
Cratty (1878) Mutual Tel. Litchfield 

Weatherford, Mrs. Jennie Litchfield 
R2 North Litchfield Sec34 O13a 

Weatherford, William M. (Hattie 
Wright) Ch Hazel, Blanch M.; Bar- 
nett R2 North Litchfield Sec4 T120a 
W J. Weatherford (1878) 

Weaver, J. A. (Elinor long) Ch Al- 
fred, Celesta; Sorento Grisham 
SeclS T80a Mrs. Biggam (1872) 

Webb, J. R. (Minnie B. Jacobs) Ch 
Ralph, Margurite, Walter, Bernard; 
Raymond R2 Pitman Sec26 T200a 
G. W. Waldorf (1908) Mutual Tel. 

Webb, O. H. (Gertrude Booher) Ch 
Geneva; "Oakcrest Farm" Coffeen 
R2 Fillmore Sec9 O140a (1882) Mu- 
tual Tel. Fillmore 

Weber, Albert (Katy Imme) Ch Her- 
man, Edward, Emma; Mt. Olive 
R14 Walshville Sec9 T281a Henry 
C. Niemann (1913) Mt. Olive Tel. 
Mt. Olive 

Weber, Mrs. Anna Ch Cornelius, 
Louis, Minnie, Lawrence, *Henry; 
In France; Witt Rl Rountree Sec25 
O160a (1888) Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Weber, John B. (Lena M. Potts) Ch 
John, William; Harvel Rl Ray- 
mond Sec5 TlOOa Chas Lipe (1894) 
Mutual Tel. Hillsboro 

Weber, Henry (Alma Meyer) Ch El- 
fie, Mildred; Nokomis R5 Nokomis 
Sec8 T120a Luke Weber (1887) Mu- 
tual Tel. Nokomis 

Weber, Luke C. (Katharine Johnson) 
Ch Emma, Herman, *Anna, *Henry; 
Witt Rl Rountree Sec25 O115a 
(1875) Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Weber, Perry E. (Rosa Bowser) Ch 
Ora, Ruby; Nokomis R4 Witt Secl3 
O140a (1868) Bell Tel. Nokomis 

Weekly, G. A. (Mattie Wilson) Pana 
R3 Audubon Secl2 Tla Charles 
Brown (1890) Mutual Tel. Rose- 

Weekly, Mrs. Margaret Ch *Nora L.. 
*John F. ; Nokomis R3 Audubon 
Sec26 O40a (1865) 

Weerts, Charles Raymond R2 Ray- 
mond SeclS T60a John Mason 

Weerts, Richard J. (Petje G. Ocken) 
Ch William, Mary, *George, *John. 
*Henry, *Peter; Raymond R3 
Zanesville Sec36 OllOa (1893) Mu- 
tual Tel. Raymond 

Wefenstette, George G. (Margurite 
Morrissey) Ch Florence, Nellie. 
May, John, Glenn, *Mary, *Roy, 
*Lee; Farmersville Rl Pitman Sec3 
O84a Sec2 T40a Wefenstette Est. 
(1865) Mutual Tel. Farmersville 

Weingand, Bert (lone Gannon) Hills- 
boro Rl Hillsboro Sec2 T141a Mrs. 
Mary Cory (1886) Bell Tel. Hills- 

Weitekamp, Edward J. (Josephine 
Kallol) Ch Francis; Raymond R2 
Pitman Sec36 O20a TlOOa Mrs. 
Christine Wei'tekamp (1889) Mu- 
tual Tel. Waggoner 



Weitekamp, Fred (Marq Kelmel) 
Harvel Rl Raymond Seel T160a 
Chas Kelmel (1885) Mutual Tel. 

Weitekamp, Henry (Mary Munster- 
man) Ch Ellen, Harold, Margaret, 
Agness, Joseph; Raymond R2 Pit- 
man Sec36 TlOOa Mrs. Christine 
Weitekamp (1886) Mutual Tel. 

Weitekamp, Leo T. (Mother; Clara, 
Evelyn, Sisters) Raymond R2 Pit- 
man Sec36 T140a Mrs. Christine 
Weitekamp (1891) Mutual Tel. 

Welch, I. K. (Lula Wright) Ch El- 
mer, *Georgej Fillmore Rl Fillmore 
Sec4 T220a John Kaburick (1891) 

Welch, Samuel (Edna Jorden) Ch 
Clarence, Ralph, Owen, Francis, 
Zola, Clifford, Kennon, Garnet, 
Ruth, *Lloyd: Farmersville Rl' Pit- 
man Secll T200a Samuel Welch Sr. 
(1878) Mutual Tel. Farmersville 

Welge, F. C. (Mary Brown) Ch Ken- 
neth, Hellen; Raymond R2 Pitman 
Sec26 TlOOa S. B. Waldorf (1890) 
Mutual Tel. Waggoner 

Welge, Miss Nettie (Albert and Mil- 
dred Welge, Neice and Nephew, 
Residents) "Hillside Range Farm" 
Butler R2 Butler Grove Sec22 
O220a (1871) Bell Tel. Butler 

Wellar, H. N. (Magdalena Bergman) 
Ch Evelyn, Henry, Wilma; Harvel 
R2 Harvel Secl9 O154a (1877) Mu- 
tual Tel. Harvel 

Wellar, J. C. Harvel R2 Harvel Secl9 
O160a (1878) Mutual Tel. Harvel 

Weller, Horace (Nettie J. Sullivan) 
Ch *Wesley, *Ethel; Nokomis Rl 
Rountree Sec28 O68a (1862) Mutual 
Tel. Nokomis 

Weller, H. H. (Pearl Rebman) Ch 
Lois, Estelle, Jeannett; "Cedar Lane 
Farm" Irving R2 Raymond Sec36 
OllOa (1878) Mutual Tel. Hillsboro 

Weller, Jesse F. (Lelia Cruze) Ch 
Virginia, Donald; Irving R2 Irving 
SecS TllOa Louis Weller (1890) 
Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Weller, Lewis (Mattie Perkins) Ch 
Grace, *Jessie, *Blanche, *Fern; 
Irving R2 Irving SeclS O211a 
(1865) Mutual Tel. Irving 

Weller, Mark (Mary Pope) Ch Ber- 
nice, Wilma; Harvel Rl Sec22 T160a 
Floy Est. (1876) Mutual Tel. Ray- 

Weller, Noah (Minnie Smith) Ch 
Ralph; Harvel Rl Raymond Sec36 
O80a (1872) Mutual Tel. Hillsboro 

Weller, Otto (Anna Stett) Ch Mar- 
gie, Roy, Margaret; Harvel Rl Ray- 
mond Sec26 O80a (1882) Bell Tel. 

Weller, Robert F. (Stella M. Chris- 
t tian) Ch Mable, Marie, Gladys, Ar- 
thur, Ruby, Hettie, Leo, *Alma, 
*Carrie, *Lenna, *Levon; Irving R2 
Irving Secl6 O200a (1868) 

Weller, Wesley (Elizabeth McPeak) 
Ch Mary; Irving R2 Irving Sec3 
T145a R. F. Weller (1889) 

Weller, William D. (Maude VanHyn- 
ing) Ch Earl, Selma, Oren; "Lone 
Oak Farm" Irving R2 Butler Grove 
Secl2 O53a (1871) Bell Tel. But- 

Wells, William (Emma McMillan) Ch 
Ruth, Hubert, Marguerite, Grace, 
Edith, Lillian; "Mapleside Farm" 
Irving Rl Witt Seol6 O76a (1910) 

Wells, W. W. (Clara E. Brown) Ch 
Glen; Irving R3 Irving Sec27 O60a 
(1.865) Mutual Tel. Irving 

Wempen, Riner H. (Augusta Henkle) 
Ch Minnie, *Henry, *Charley, *Rpy, 
*Annie; Raymond R2 Zanesville 
Secll O150a (1903) 

Wenke, August (Mamie Meeting) Ch 
Lena, Katie; Litchfield Rl North 
Litchfield Sec32 O12a (1916) 

Wenner, John F. (Ida M. McLaugh- 
lin) Ch Herbert, Leland, Freeman, 
*Clara, *Frederick, *Justin; Ray- 
mond R2 Zanesville Secl6 T240a R. 
R. Parrish (1914) Mutual Tel. Ray- 

Wentz, Berthis J. (Louise Sewing) Ch 
Ida; "Walnut Home Farm" Litch- 
field Rl North Litchfield Sec29 
O40a (1898) 

Werner Bros., Joseph A., Francis A., 
Peter J.. (Anna Blue, Wife of 
Francis A.) Ch Josephine A., 
Francis H., Louanna D., Martin A., 
August E., Katharine; Oconee Rl 
Audubon Sec26 O240a (1880) Bell 
Tel. Oconee 

Werner, Carl (Katharine Ettling) Ch 
Alvin, Arthur, Alfred, Aland, Alva, 
*Anna; Harvel Rl Raymond Sec25 
T160a Mrs. McMurry (1886)) 

Wernsing, Edward (Anna Theen) Ch 
Burrell, Lyle, Howard; Harvel R2 
Rountree Secl8-17 O80a (1884) Mu- 
tual Tel. Harvel 

Wernsing, Fred H. (Etta M. Verhu- 
sen) Ch Carrie. Aleck, Frieda, Ber- 
tha; Harvel Rl Rountree SecS 
O160a (1873) Mutual Tel. Harvel 



Waters, M. M. (Laura Voyles) Ch 
Geraldine, Myrle; Mt. Olive R14 
Walshville SeclS T140a L. V. Hill 

Watkins, William D. (Lottie Melton) 
Ch Hellen, Lois, Edna; "Oddacre 
Farm" Honey Bend North Litch- 
field Seel O7a (1885) Mutual Tel. 

Watson, Burl E. (Daisy Adkisson) Ch 
Joseph; Hillsboro Rl Hillsboro 
SeclS T120a Mrs. A. C. Adkisson 
and Lon McPhail (1886) Bell Tel. 

Watson, Charles (Ollie Evans) Ch 
Inez, Robert, Letha; Sorento Rl 
Walshville Sec36 O192a (1893) Far- 
mers' Mutual Tel. Sorento 

Watson, John O. (Nettie Losch) Ch 
Loretta; Hillsboro Rl Hillsboro 
, Secl9 T80a Will Hall (1894) 

Watson, J. A. (Mary E. Starr) Ch 
Sophia, *Homer, *Burrell, *John; 
Hillsboro Rl Hillsboro Sec20 
OlOOa (1859) 

Watson, Roy L. (Ora Taulbee) Ch 
Ethel, Dorothy; Hillsboro Rl Hills- 
boro Secl9 OlOa Sec30 T20a Tom 
Watson (1893) 

Watson, Thomas D. (Josephine Fitz- 
patrick)Ch Frances, Fern, Roye, El- 
mer, Truman; "Spring Farm" Hills- 
boro Rl Hillsboro Secl9-30 O103a 
T20a C. Griswold Est. (1865) 

Watson, William (Maude Moore) Ch 
Lowell, Kenton, Ruth, Ruby, Willa, 
Willma; Raymond R2 Zanesville 
Secl3 O120a (1863) Mutual Tel. 

Watters, W. D. (Amy Tittsworth) Ch 
"William, *Stella; Walshville Rl 
Grisham SeclS O24^a (1862) 

Wattjes, Richard (Lena Janssen) Ch 
Alvin; Nokomis R5 Nokomis Sec6 
T160a Brunke Wattjes (1902) Mu- 
tual Tel. Nokomis 

Weatherford, George W. (Jennie 
Lovely) Ch Ira, Preston, Bennie 
Earl, George, Viola; Litchfield Rl 
North Litchfield SeclS TlSla Mrs. 
Cratty (1878) Mutual Tel. Litchfield 

Weatherford, Mrs. Jennie Litchfield 
R2 North Litchfield Sec34 O13a 

Weatherford, William M. (Hattie 
Wright) Ch Hazel, Blanch M.; Bar- 
nett R2 North Litchfield Sec4 T120a 
W J. Weatherford (1878) 

Weaver, J. A. (Elinor long) Ch Al- 
fred, Celesta; Sorento Grisham 
SeclS T80a Mrs. Biggam (1872) 

Webb, J. R. (Minnie B. Jacobs) Ch 
Ralph, Margurite, Walter, Bernard; 
Raymond R2 Pitman Sec26 T200a 
G. W. Waldorf (1908) Mutual Tel. 

Webb, O. H. (Gertrude Booher) Ch 
Geneva; "Oakcrest Farm" Coffeeq 
R2 Fillmore Sec9 O140a (1882) Mu- 
tual Tel. Fillmore 

Weber, Albert (Katy Imme) Ch Her- 
man, Edward, Emma; Mt. Olive 
R14 Walshville Sec9 T281a Henry 
C. Niemann (1913) Mt. Olive Tel. 
Mt. Olive 

Weber, Mrs. Anna Ch Cornelius, 
Louis, Minnie, Lawrence, *Henry; 
In France; Witt Rl Rountree Sec25 
O160a (1888) Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Weber, John B. (Lena M. Potts) Ch 
John, William; Harvel Rl Ray- 
mond SecS TlOOa Chas Lipe (1894) 
Mutual Tel. Hillsboro 

Weber, Henry (Alma Meyer) Ch El- 
fie, Mildred; Nokomis R5 Nokomir 
SecS T120a Luke Weber (1887) Mu- 
tual Tel. Nokomis 

Weber, Luke C. (Katharine Johnson) 
Ch Emma, Herman, *Anna, *Henry; 
Witt Rl Rountree Sec25 O115a 
(1875) Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Weber, Perry E. (Rosa Bowser) Ch 
Ora, Ruby; Nokomis R4 Witt Secl3 
O140a (1868) Bell Tel. Nokomis 

Weekly, G. A. (Mattie Wilson) Pana 
R3 Audubon Secl2 Tla Charles 
Brown (1890) Mutual Tel. Rose- 

Weekly, Mrs. Margaret Ch *Nora L.. 
*John F. ; Nokomis R3 Audubon 
Sec26 O40a (1865) 

Weerts, Charles Raymond R2 Ray- 
mond SeclS T60a John Mason 

Weerts, Richard J. (Petje G. Ocken) 
Ch William, Mary, *George, *John. 
*Henry, *Peter; Raymond R3 
Zanesville Sec36 OllOa (1893) Mu- 
tual Tel. Raymond 

Wefenstette, George G. (Margurite 
Morrissey) Ch Florence, Nellie. 
May, John, Glenn, *Mary, *Roy, 
*Lee; Farmersville Rl Pitman Sec3 
O84a Sec2 T40a Wefenstette Est. 
(1865) Mutual Tel. Farmersville 

Weingand, Bert (lone Gannon) Hills- 
boro Rl Hillsboro Sec2 T141a Mrs. 
Mary Cory (1886) Bell Tel. Hills- 

Weitekamp, Edward J. (Josephine 
Kallol) Ch Francis; Raymond R2 
Pitman Sec36 O20a TlOOa Mrs. 
Christine Weitekamp (1889) Mu- 
tual Tel. Waggoner 



Weitekamp, Fred (Marq Kelmel) 
Harvel Rl Raymond Seel T160a 
Chas Kelmel (1885) Mutual Tel. 

Weitekamp, Henry (Mary Munster- 
man) Ch Ellen, Harold, Margaret, 
Agness, Joseph; Raymond R2 Pit- 
man Sec36 TlOOa Mrs. Christine 
Weitekamp (1886) Mutual Tel. 

Weitekamp, Leo T. (Mother; Clara, 
Evelyn, Sisters) Raymond R2 Pit- 
man Sec36 T140a Mrs. Christine 
Weitekamp (1891) Mutual Tel. 

Welch, I. K. (Lula Wright) Ch El- 
mer, *Georgej Fillmore Rl Fillmore 
Sec4 T220a John Kaburick (1891) 

Welch, Samuel (Edna Jorden) Ch 
Clarence, Ralph, Owen, Francis, 
Zola, Clifford, Kennon, Garnet, 
Ruth, *Lloyd: Farmersville Rl Pit- 
man Secll T200a Samuel Welch Sr. 
(1878) Mutual Tel. Farmersville 

Welge, F. C. (Mary Brown) Ch Ken- 
neth, Hellen; Raymond R2 Pitman 
Sec26 TlOOa S. B. Waldorf (1890) 
Mutual Tel. Waggoner 

Welge, Miss Nettie (Albert and Mil- 
dred Welge, Neice and Nephew, 
Residents) "Hillside Range Farm" 
Butler R2 Butler Grove Sec22 
O220a (1871) Bell Tel. Butler 

Wellar, H. N. (Magdalena Bergman) 
Ch Evelyn, Henry, Wilma; Harvel 
R2 Harvel Secl9 O154a (1877) Mu- 
tual Tel. Harvel 

Wellar, J. C. Harvel R2 Harvel Secl9 
O160a (1878) Mutual Tel. Harvel 

Weller, Horace (Nettie J. Sullivan) 
Ch * Wesley, *Ethel; Nokomis Rl 
Rountree Sec28 O68a (1862) Mutual 
Tel. Nokomis 

Weller, H. H. (Pearl Rebman) Ch 
Lois, Estelle, Jeannett; "Cedar Lane 
Farm" Irving R2 Raymond Sec36 
OllOa (1878) Mutual Tel. Hillsboro 

Weller, Jesse F. (Lelia Cruze) Ch 
Virginia, Donald; Irving R2 Irving 
SecS TllOa Louis Weller (1890) 
Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Weller, Lewis (Mattie Perkins) Ch 
Grace, *Jessie, ^Blanche, *Fern; 
Irving R2 Irving SeclS O211a 
(1865) Mutual Tel. Irving 

Weller, Mark (Mary Pope) Ch Ber- 
nice, Wilma; Harvel Rl Sec22 T160a 
Floy Est. (1876) Mutual Tel. Ray- 

Weller, Noah (Minnie Smith) Ch 
Ralph; Harvel Rl Raymond Sec36 
O80a (1872) Mutual Tel. Hillsboro 

Weller, Otto (Anna Stett) Ch Mar- 
gie, Roy, Margaret; Harvel Rl Ray- 
mond Sec26 O80a (1882) Bell Tel. 

Weller, Robert F. (Stella M. Chris- 
% tian) Ch Mable, Marie, Gladys, Ar- 
thur, Ruby, Hettie, Leo, *Alma, 
*Carrie, *Lenna, *Levon; Irving R2 
Irving Secl6 O200a (1868) 

Weller, Wesley (Elizabeth McPeak) 
Ch Mary; Irving R2 Irving Sec3 
T145a R. F. Weller (1889) 

Weller, William D. (Maude VanHyn- 
ing) Ch Earl, Selma, Oren; "Lone 
Oak Farm" Irving R2 Butler Grove 
Secl2 O53a (1871) Bell Tel. But- 

Wells, William (Emma McMillen) Ch 
Ruth, Hubert, Marguerite, Grace, 
Edith, Lillian; "Mapleside Farm" 
Irving Rl Witt Seol6 O76a (1910) 

Wells, W. W. (Clara E. Brown) Ch 
Glen; Irving R3 Irving Sec27 O60a 
(1.865) Mutual Tel. Irving 

Wempen, Riner H. (Augusta Henkle) 
Ch Minnie, *Henry, *Charley, *Roy, 
*Annie; Raymond R2 Zanesville 
Secll OlSOa (1903) 

Wenke, August (Mamie Meeting) Ch 
Lena, Katie; Litchfield Rl North 
Litchfield Sec32 O12a (1916) 

Wenner, John F. (Ida M. McLaugh- 
lin) Ch Herbert, Leland, Freeman, 
*Clara, *Frederick, *Justin; Ray- 
mond R2 Zanesville Secl6 T240a R. 
R. Parrish (1914) Mutual Tel. Ray- 

Wentz, Berthis J. (Louise Sewing) Ch 
Ida; "Walnut Home Farm" Litch- 
field Rl North Litchfield Sec29 
O40a (1898) 

Werner Bros., Joseph A., Francis A., 
Peter J.. (Anna Blue, Wife of 
Francis A.) Ch Josephine A., 
Francis H., Louanna D., Martin A., 
August E., Katharine; Oconee Rl 
Audubon Sec26 O240a (1880) Bell 
Tel. Oconee 

Werner, Carl (Katharine Ettling) Ch 
Alvin, Arthur, Alfred, Aland, Alva, 
*Anna; Harvel Rl Raymond Sec25 
T160a Mrs. McMurry (1886)) 

Wernsing, Edward (Anna Theen) Ch 
Burrell, Lyle, Howard; Harvel R2 
Rountree Secl8-17 O80a (1884) Mu- 
tual Tel. Harvel 

Wernsing, Fred H. (Etta M. Verhu- 
sen) Ch Carrie. Aleck, Frieda, Ber- 
tha; Harvel Rl Rountree SecS 
O160a (1873) Mutual Tel. Harvel 



Wernsing, Herman J. (Tena Verk- 
sen) Ch Oscar, Harry, Roy, Walter, 
Alma, Earl; Harvel Rl Raymond 
Secl2 O180a (1875) Mutual Tel. 

West, Bert (Ada Johnson) Ch Ethel 
Floyd, Orval, Owen; Oconee R2 
Audubon Sec/4 T60a Frank Lehnen 

Westcott, Nathan H. (Grace Osborn) 
"Sassafras Knoll Farm" Butler R; 
Butler Grove Secl4 T295a Mrs. A. 
C. Westcott (1892) Bell Tel. Butlei 

Westphal, Charles H. (Barbara Ru- 
pert) Ch Ralph, Olivia, Irene, May; 
Nokomis Rl Nokomis Sec20-19 
O320a (1869) Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Wetherford, William J. Ch *William. 
*Mary; Litchfield Rl Zanesville 
Sec33 O154a (1860) 

Wetterer, John Fillmore R2 Fillmore 
Sec21 TISOa Mrs. Sophia Wetterer 

Wetterer, Sophia (Sophia Hillman) 
Ch Mary, John, Katie, *Lena; Fill- 
more R2 Fillmore Sec21 O232a 

Whalen, Ed (Rose Brown) Ch * H a , 
Leta, Evelyn; Farmersville Rl Har 
vel SeclS TISOa Mrs. Martin Brown 
(1873) Mutual Tel. Farmersville 

Whalen, John (Cornelia Brown) Ch 
William, Anna, Mary, Irene; Far 
mersville Rl Pitman Secl2 O240a 
(1900) Mutual Tel. Farmersville 

Wheling, W. L. (Annie Grote) Ch 
Emma, Thelma; Litchfield South 
Litchfield Sec4 O16a T40a L. Set- 
tleman (1885) 

Whetstone, B. F. (Cora Raleford) Ch 
*Ethel; Harvel R2 Pitman Sec25 
T160a William Starr (1914) Mutual 
Tel. Waggoner 

Whitaker, Charles D. (Etta Rice) Ch 
Laura, Georgie; Farmersville R2 
Bois D' Arc Sec29 O160a (1885) 
Mutual Tel. Girard 

White Albert (Nellie McHugh) Ch 
Alberta, Bessie, Benny. Bertha, Wil- 
bur, Leslie, Wayne. William, Mar- 
jorie * Raymond *Gertrude: Irving 
R3 Irving O60a (1888) Farmer's 
Mutual Tel. Irvine 

White, A. (Emma Grisham) Ch 
James, Zetta, Pauline, Elizabeth, 
Harvey, Clarence, *Susie, *Roy; 
"White Home Farm" Farmersville 
Rl Pitman Sec9 O160a (1863) Mu- 
tual Tel. Farmersville 

White Bros., Julius and Cowan; Hills- 
boro R4 Hillsboro Sec36 T200a Ed 
Lane Est. (1866) 

White, E. B. (Katie Hitchings) Ch 
Russel, Blanche; Harvel Rl Ray- 
mond Secl3 O120a (1903) Mutual 
Tel. Raymond 

White, Harry (Lula Jenkins) Ch 
James A., Marie, Eunice, Mary; 
Coffeen R3 East Fork Secl3S O115a 

White, H. W. (Etta Varnp-^ Ch Carl, 
Varner, Fay; Walshville Rl Gris 
ham Sec8 O70a T80a Mrs. L. Eas 
ley (1884) 

White, Iva J. (Rettie Snow) Ch Len- 
ard, *Taylor, *Oscar, *Cleve. 
*Clara, *Charlie; Coffeen R. East 
Fork Secl3S O60a (1859) Mutual 
Tel. Coffeen 

White, James J. (Mary A. Savage) Ch 
Cora E., *Harry A. "Walnut Grove 
Farm" Coffeen R3 East Fork 
Secl4S O65a (1861) Mutual Tel. 

White, John (Abbie Varner) Ch Clar- 
ence, Louis, Walter, Victor, Luthur; 
Panama Grisham Sec22 T40a John 
Vogel (1876) 

White, John F. (Luri Barry) Ch *Bes- 
sie, *Myrta, *Mabel; Hillsboro Rl 
Butler Grove Sec31 O113a (1866) 
Mutual Tel. Hillsboro 

White, Loy N. (Louise A. Wiegrieffe) 
Ch Paul; Barnett Rl Zanesville 
Secl7 T40a Fred Wiegrieffe (1882) 
Mutual Tel. Raymond 

White, Newton (Eliza J. Thomas) Ch 
Lura, *Loy, *Earl, *Rosa; Barnett 
Rl Zanesville Sec7 O12a (1878) 

White, Raymond (Declicia Meisen- 
heimer) Fillmore Rl Fillmore Sec24 
T185a Jennie Whitlock and Knowles 
Sisters (1900) 

White, Roy A. (Martinette Baker) Ch 
Mary, Lydia; Farmersville Rl Pit- 
man Sec9 T60a A. White (1890) 

White, R. L. (Nancy M. Carr) Ch 
Ora, Stephen E., *Baxter, *Donnie, 
*Emma M.; Coffeen R3 East Fork 
Sec23S O80a (1864) 

White, S. C. (Cora Brown) Ch Fran- 
cis, Loraine; Hillsboro R4 Grisham 
SeclO T30a N. D. Wilson (1916) 

White, S. H. (Harriet M. Thacker) Ch 
Tom, *Gertie, *Myrtle, *Nova, *Ed- 
ward, ^Earnest; Coffeen Rl East 
Fork SecllS O183a (1858) Mutual 
Tel. Coffeen 

White, S. W. (Emma C. Kimbro) Ch 
Edward G., Emma G., Wesley, Jes- 
sie; Coffeen Rl East Fork Secl4S 
O65a (1879) 



White, Wesley (lona Tittsworth) Cl 
Maude, Louise, Jaunita; Walshville 
Rl Walshville Seel TlOOa Charles 
Tolley (1889) 

Whitehouse, Charles (Anna White- 
house, Sister) Mt. Olive R14 Walsh- 
ville Sec? O194a (1874) 

Whitehouse, Edward H. (Fanny M. 
Brokaw) Litchfield R3 South Litch- 
field Secl6 T160a Mrs. Anna White- 
house (1883) Mutual Tel. Litch- 

Whitlock, Charles L. (Marv E. Barry) 
Ch Harold B., Myron C., Mary L, 
Charles L. Jr., Frances, Ruth, Dor- 
othy L.; Litchfield R3 South Litch- 
field Secl6 O80a (1874) Mutual Tel. 

Whitlock, Homer L. (Mildred L. Ful- 
ler) Ch Marion, Mabel; Waggoner 
Rl Pitman Sec31 TISOa Elbert 
Sharp (1887) Mutual Tel. Waggon- 

Whitlock, H. A. (Bertie Kimbro) Ch 
Dwight, .Denver, Nelma, Thelma; 
Coffeen PI East Fork Sec6S T200a 
J. W. Edmonds (1889) 

Whitlock, J. O. (Marv E. Snider) Ch 
Walter, *May. *Spray, *Arthur, 
* William J.; Coffeen R3 East Fork 
Secl2S O168^a (1868) Mutual Tel. 

Whitlock, William J. (Velma Reeves) 
Ch Marion, Wayne; Coffeen R3 Fill- 
more Sec7 TlOOa J. O. Whitlock 
(1897) Mutual Tel. Coffeen 

Whitlock, W. L. (Tenpa C. Myers) 
Ch Myrtle J., Willis L.; Irvine R3 
Fillmore Sec8 O84a (1871) Mutual 
Tel. Fillmore 

Whitlow, Guy (Grace Donaldson) 
"Pleasant Hill Farm" Irving Rl 
Witt Secl9 T93a John Whitlow 
(1895) Mutual Tel.. Irving 

Whitlow, John (Mary Poggenpohl) 
Ch Delia, *Ray, *Guv; Nokomis R2 
Rountree Sec31 T20Sa Mrs. A. 
Fricke (1867) 

Whitlow, Ray (Irene Nieft) Ch Ruth. 
Marie; Witt Rl Rountree Sec36 
T120a Mrs. Katie Doerr (1894) Mu- 
tual Tel. Witt 

Whitman, Carl F. (Bertha Bell) Ch 
Mildred, Robert; Irving Rl Irving 
Sec36 T160a J. W. Mowrey (1914) 

Whitman, Clarence (Anna McCrack- 
en) Coffeen R2 East Fork Secl3 
T80a M. and U. McLean (1897) 

Whitman, C. J. (Fiona Joyce) Ch 
Coffeen Rl East Fork Sec28 T200a 
William Wilson Est. (1897) 

Whitman, J. F. (Sarah A. Jones) Ch 
*Cyrus J., *Clark R., *Cora E., 
*Clarence L., *Corry A., *Carter F.; 
Coffeen Rl East Fork Sec34 T120a 
Mr. Evans (1915) 

Whitmore, Joseph Ch Hettie, *Mona; 
"Maple Crest Farm" Nokomis R2 
Audubon Sec22 O160a (1847) Bell 
Tel. Nokomis 

Whitmore, O. F. (Mary Weaver) Ch 
Joy, Leota; Nokomis R4 Audubon 
Sec23 O40a (1874) Bell Tel Noko- 

Whitten, C. W. Coffeen R2 East 
Fork Sec24 T35a Whitten Est. 

Whitten, Easton Irving R2 East Fork 
Secl2 O234a Fillmore Sec7 T40a 
Hino O. Whitten (1888) Mutual 
Tel. Hillsboro 

Whitten, Elijah O. "Blue Mound 
Stock Farm" Fillmore R2 Fillmore 
Sec3 O180a Secl2 T230a Denver 
and Irma Whitten (1885) Mutual 
Tel. Fillmore 

Whitten, Henry (Lena May) Ch Tar- 
ney, Alice; Fillmore R3 Fillmore 
Sec4 T120a John W. Whitlock 
(1883) Mutual Tel. Fillmore 

Whitten, John T. (Maggie Moody) 
Ch Mabel; Fillmore R3 Fillmore 
Sec26 O140a T40a George Perkins 
(1872) Mutual Tel. Fillmore 

Whitten, J. E. (Bessie Seaton) Ch 
Harry, Tony, Edna, Kenneth; 
"Spring Valley Farm" Fillmore 
Fillmore Sec25 T303a Ned Allen 
(1912) Mutual Tel. Fillmore 

Whitten, P. O. (Elizabeth E. Right- 
mire) . Ch Easton Woodford; 
"Round Mound Stock Farm" Cof- 
feen R2 Fillmore Sec9 O305a T25a 
Edd. Landers (1881) Mutual Tel. 

Whitten, Rex (Kathryn Pudenz) Irv- 
ing R3 Fillmore Sec7 T200a H. M. 
Ludwig (1889) 

Whitten, S. C. (Chloe Cress) Ch Bon- 
nie, Joe. *Myrtie; Coffeen R2 Fill- 
more Sec31 O120a (1857) Mutual 
Tel. Fillmore 

Whitten, Tom (Agnes L. Williams) 
Ch *Forest D.; Coffeen R2 Fillmore 
Sec.10 O30a (1861) 

Whitten, T. J. (Flora Prater) Ch 
Myrtie. Dewev: "White Oak Soring 
Farm" Fillmore R2 Fillmore Secll 
0297a (1850) Mutual Tel. Fillmore 



Wiegreffe, George W. (Cora Bowles) 
Ch Rachel, Mary, Homer, Lemuel; 
Barnett R2 Zanesville Secl6 TlOOa 
Fred Wiegreffe (1871) Mutual Tel. 

Wiegreffe, Walter E. (Esther M. Mil- 
ler) Ch Harry Miller; Raymond R2 
Zanesville Secl4 T76a Ida Wie- 
Rreffe (1892) Bell Tel. Raymond 

Wiggins, Frank (Millie Baker) Ch 
Florence; WagRoner Rl Pitman 
Sec29 T160a Henry WaRRoner 
(1913) Mutual Tel. WaRRoner 

Wikoff, Ben M. (Lillie Alexander) Ch 
Howard, Ester; Butler Rl Butler 
Grove Sec30 T160a G. L. Settle- 
meyer (1882) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Wikoff, Harry (Emma Sattgast) Ch 
Grace, Marion; Hillsboro Rl Butler 
Grove Sec31 T117a Mrs. L. John 
White (1884) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Wilburn, Emmett O. (Bertha Faw- 
cett) Ch Willard, Gerald; Farmer s- 
ville R2 Bois D' Arc Secl9 TlOOa 
Mrs. John Hendricks (1916) Mu- 
tual Tel. Farmersville 

Wiley, Charles H. (Alice Lee) Ch 
Vivian; "Red Elm Farm" Hills- 
boro R3 Butler Grove Sec27 O80a 
(1879) Bell Tel. Butler 

Wiley, O. H. (Mary Black) Ch Aus- 
tin, Lynn; "Pleasant Prairie Farm" 
Butler R2 Butler Grove Secll 
OlOOa (1875) Bell Tel/ Butler 

Wiley, Mrs. Thomas (Rosa Cromer) 
Ch Ruby, Grace, Harriet; IrvinR 
IrvinR SeclS O80a (1863) 

Wiley, William H. (Julia A. Rober- 
son) Ch *Owen H., *Ora J., 
*Charles H.; "Mapledale Farm" 
Hillsboro R3 Butler Grove Sec26 
OWtf* (1854) Bell Tel. Butler 

Wilhelm, William H. (Bertha Fogle) 
Ch Clarence, Clifford. Carl, Willis; 
Irving Irving Secl9 O80a (1879) 

Williams, Bertha Coffeen R2 Fillmore 
Sec31 O90a (1873) 

Williams, Calvin (Delia L. Bandy) 
Barnett R2 Zanesville Secl6 T80a 
Mrs. Smith (1870) Mutual Tel. 

Williams, D. F. (Hattie Ferguson) 
Ch Charles W.; Hillsboro R3 But- 
ler Grove Sec25 O32a (1869) 

Williams, Jess (Nella Williams) Ch 
Robert: Irving R2 Raymond Sec34 
T160a Mrs. Reeves (1908) Bell Tel. 

Williams, Preston H. (Emma Gran- 
tham) Ch Homer, *Cleo, *Forest, 
*Ester; "Brookside Farm" Irving 
Irving Sec27 O120a (1855) Mutual 
Tel. Irving 

Williams, Robert (Marthy C. Pitch- 
ford) Ch Aletha, *Jessie, *Otto, 
*Maggiej Raymond R3 Zanesville 
Sec36 O65a (1852) 

Williams, Walter B. (Louisa P. Corn- 
well) Barnett R2 Zanesville Sec33 
T162a Sanders Est. (1916) 

Williamson, F. M. (Hannah Crow- 
croft) Ch Ada, George, *Ruby, 
*Charlie; "Hazel Hill Farm" No- 
komis Rl Rountree Sec32 O114a 

Williamson, John Edw. (Effie 
Barnes) Ch Fay, Everett, Edwin, 
William, Oren, Ruby, Dorothy, 
Harold; Virden R2 Bois D' Arc 
Sec6 T160a Fred Richard (1888) 
Virden Tel. Virden 

Williamson Richard (Martha L. Mc- 
Kitrick) Ch *J. Leslie, *Maud, *Val- 
lie; Sorento Rl Walshville Sec34 
O160a (1915) 

Willis, J. R. (Mattie Smith) Ch Ray- 
mond Rl Raymond Secl6 T150a 
M. A. Moore (1917) 

Willoughby, George W. (Elizabeth 
Tinsley) Ch Jennie, Walter, *Clara, 
*Amy, *Dora, *Ralph; Nokomis R4 
Witt Secl2 O140a (1880) Bell Tel. 

Wilson, Allen B. (Hazel Morehouse) 
Butler Rl Butler Grove SeclS 
T87*/ 2 D. E. and N. E. Ward (1906) 
Bell Tel. Butler 

Wilson, Bert (Emma Gamble) Ch 
Reva, Geneva, Ellis; Fillmore R2 
Fillmore SeclO T120a Elizabeth 
Prater (1916) Mutual Tel. Fillmore 

Wilson, C. E. (Ida Townsend) Ch 
Wayne; Irving R3 Irving Sec27 
T73a R. J. Wilson (1874) Mutual 
Tel. Irving 

Wilson, H. M. (Gallic Brewer) Ch 
Edith, Mary, Edgar, Earl, *Allen; 
Butler R2 Butler Grove SeclO T235a 
Arthur Ware (1907) Bell Tel. But- 

Wilson, Jarvis (Ida M. Logdon) Ch 
Edith, Gladys. Pe^rl; Hillsboro R2 
Grisham Secll O115a (1878) Bell 
Tel. Donnellson 

Wilson, John C. (Mary , E. Wether- 
ford) Ch Henry; Barnett R2 Zanes- 
ville Sec28 T160a M. P. Kelly (1878) 



Wilson, N. B. (Ida White) Ch *Or- 
rie, *Norma; Hillsboro R4 Grisham 
SeclS O420a (1857) Bell Tel. Don- 

Wilson, O. N. (Jennie R. Logsdon) 
Ch Clement, Olive; Hillsboro R4 
Grisham SeclS T281a James Wilson 
(1883) Bell Tel. Donnellson 

Wilson, R. J_. (Mary Lillard) Ch Cle- 
ment, *Myrtle, "Hazel, *Olive, 
*Parker, *Bailey; Irving R3 Irving 
Sec27 O73a (1854) Mutual Tel. Irv- 
Wilson, Uriah (Ethel Hanner) "Lo- 
cust Grove Farm" Hillsboro R4 
Grisham Secll O130a (1877) Bell 
Tel. Donnellson 

Wilson, William, Jr. (Emma Walch) 
Ch Temple, Irene; Morrisonville 
R2 Harvel Sec9 T160a Gretge Gol- 
den (1886) Mutual Tel. Harvel 

Winters, Marshal A. (Sue B. Stanley) 
Butler Rl Butler Grove Sec24 T40a 
B. T. Pensky (1913) 

Witherspoon, C. H. (Alice Gunning) 
Hillsboro Hillsboro Seel O152a 

Witt Bros. Raymond Harvel Sec30 
O160a (1875) Mutual Tel. Harvel 

Witt, Henry (Ethel Scott) Ch 
Charles, Walter, Frances, Mabel; 
Farmersville Bois D' Arc Sec33 
O200a (1880) Mutual Tel. Farmers- 

Witte, John W. (Sciota Arnold) Ch 
John; Litchfield R2 North Litch- 
field Sec35 OlOa (1885) Mutual Tel. 

Wittnam, Hal W. (Carrie Grantham) 
Ch Walter, Rolla; Witt Rl Witt 
SeclS O85a (1876) Mutual Tel. 

Wittnam, Lester (Lucy Battles) No- 
komis R4 Witt Secll TlOOa Mrs. 
Olive Battles (1887) Bell Tel. No- 

Wittnam, Oliver (Maude Neisler) Ch 
Cleda, Eva; Witt Rl Witt SeclS 
T124a Frank Wittnam (1881) Mutu- 
al Tel. Witt 

Wolff, Herman F. (Anna Hobbie) Ch 
Chester; Nokomis Rl Nokomis 
Secl7 T240a A. F. Weaver (1893) 
Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Wolff, Otto (Matilda Hauschild) Ch 
Tvan; Witt Nokomis Sec29 T200a 
Fred Seivcr (1916) 

Wolford, Mrs. H. M. Ch Maude. An- 
na: Irving R3 Witt Sec34 O120a 
(1872) Mutual Tel. Nokomis 

Wolz, Joseph (Stena Wilcox) Ch 
Madeline, Francis; Hillsboro R2 
East Fork Sec9 T240a S. E. Saw- 
yer (1883) 

Wood, A. B. (Clara Skaggs) Ch Lor- 
ren, Ruth, Laura, Dorothy; Ray- 
mond Rl Pitman Sec28 T240a Wag- 
goner Est. (1869) 

Wood, Ben P. (Mary Sullivan) Ch 
Leroy, Earl, Glenn, Clinton; Wag- 
goner Rl Pitman Sec32 O240a 
T160a J. Witt and E. Ball (1873) 
Mutual Tel. Waggoner 

Woods, Cleve E. (Faye Hoes) Ch 
Dorothy, John Scott, Marjorie; 
"Woodburn Farm" Butler Butler 
Grove Sec29 T85a C. E. Woods 
(1905) Bell Tel. Butler 

Work, Mrs. Jennie (Jennie Abel) Ch 
David, Mamie* Albert Donaldson, 
Grandchild, *Dick, *Robert, *Mag- 
gie, *Elnora; Irving Rl Witt Sec25 
OlOOa (1900) 

Work Robert (Ardie Cook) Ch 
Helen; Irving Rl Witt Sec26 T40a 
A. C. Culline (1885) 

Worker, Edward (Dora Womack) Ch 
Herbert, Gladys, Fredie, Muriel; 
Sorento Rl Walshville Sec36 
O92^a . (1911) Farmers' Mutual 
Tel. Sorento 

Works, G. E. (Eliza Neal) Ch *Sam- 
uel, * William. *Earl; Harvel Rl 
Rountree Secl9 nySa G. Pere- 
boom (1915) Mutual Tel. Raymond 

Wostatek, Wens (Galirielle Aucoutu- 
rier) Ch Raymond; Irving R3 Irv- 
ing Sec32 T54a Reynard Yeska 
(1909) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Wotters, Hugo (Ida Haake) Ch 
Pearl, *Lucy, *Elizabeth, *Fred- 
rick W. ; "Black Angus Stock Farm" 
Hillsboro R2 East Fork Secl6 
O280a (1865) 

Wright, Benjamin F. (Corria M. Gil- 
bert) Litchfield R2 North Litch- 
field Sec25 T220a G. L. Stettmire 

Wright, Mrs. Cora B. (Cora B. Wal- 
ker) Ch Druecilla M., Feme I.; 
Butler Rl Butler Grove Sec8 
Housekeeper Allen D. Philip (1906) 
Mutual Tel. Butler 

Wright, Mrs. Edith (Edith Wolford) 
Helen, Homer. Eunice. Marion; 
Fillmore Rl Witt Sec34 O40a Fill- 
more Sec4 T40a J. P. Wright (1872) 
Mutual Tel. Fillmore 



Wright, Edw. J. (Rosie L. Wesbrook) 
Ch Gladys, Grace, Russell; Honey 
Bend North Litchfield Secl4 T60a 
F. E. Wright (1887) 

Wright, Isaac (Myrtle A. Joyce) Ch 
Estel; Coffeen Rl East Fork Sec20 
T210a William Wilson Est. (1881) 

Wright, J. M. (Anna Lack) Ch *Isaac, 
*Alvin, *Jesse, *Earney, *Howard; 
Hillsboro R2 East Fork Sec31 
T160a Geo. McGee (1908) 

Wright, J. T. (Elvira Thompson) Ch 
*Ora, *Naomi, *John, *Lora, 
*Gladys; Coffeen R3 Fillmore Seclb 
OlOOa (1855) 

Wyld, Jack (Lottie Richards) Ch El- 
sie, Lottie, *Ruth; Nokomis R2 
Nokomis SeclO Tla Vincent Melo- 
na (1916) 

Wright, J. W. (Anna Landers) Ch 
*Inez, *Edith; Coffeen R3 Fillmore 
Sec21 O131a (1863) Mutual Tel. 

Wright, Lewis C. (Ruth A. Lipsey) 
Ch *Mary, *Jennie; Barnett Rl 
Zanesville Sec20 T240a R. P. Rog- 
ers (1913) Mutual Tel. Litchfield 

Wright, R. E. (Lilie Cress) Ch *Ther- 
na, *Zella, *Earl, *Chlo; Irving R2 
Irving Secll T200a J. M. Clarkson 
(1855) Mutual Tel. Witt 

Wright, T. Clark (Pearl Cearlock) Ch 
Merle, Carl; Nokomis Rl Nokom's 
Sec21 Tla W. Chaussee (1916) 

Yard, Chester (Matties Miller) Ch 
Wayne, Loren; Farmersville Rl 
Pitman Secll T160a A. Attwood 
and J. T. Young (1888) Farmers- 
ville Tel. Farmersville 

Yeska, August (Mary Cober) Butler 
Rl Hillsboro Sec4 O127a (1874) 
Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Yeska, Fred (Augusta, Heidemann) 
Ch Annie, Carrie, Frank, Walter; 
Irving R3 Irving Sec33 O135a 

Yeske, Herman C. (Lucia McDow- 
ell) Irving R3 Irving Sec34 O80a 

Yeske, Shirley (Viola Fesser) Irving 
R2 Irving Sec3 TlOOa W. J. Yeske 

Yeske, W. J. (Rana Smith) Ch Vera, 
Verna, *Shirley; Irving R2 Irving 
Sec2 OlOOa (1872) Mutual Tel. 

Young, Charles W. (Cora Ladd) Ch 
Martha, *Clara, *George, *Milton. 
*Jessie, *Sylvia; Pawnee R3 Bois 
D' Arc Sec9 T340a Farm Hand 
Sloman Bros. (1912) 

Young, E. B. (Agnes Lindh) Ch Hes- 
ter Arlene; "Oakwood Stock 
Farm" Hillsboro R2 Grisham Secl2 
O70a (1891) Bell Tel. Donnellson 

Young, Fred W. Ch Fred E.. 
"George E.: "White Leghorn Farm" 
Litchfield R3 South Litchfield Sec3 
O21a (1880) 

Young, Herman G. (Bertha Ruther- 
ford) Ch Owen, Rachel, William, 
Hellenj Butler R2 Butler Grove 
Sec23 T240a Robert Grantham 
(1907) Bell Tel. Hillsboro 

Young, J. M. (Mattie E. Mann) Ch 
Blanche E., Ester M., Frances W., 
Sarah E.; Hillsboro R2 East Fork 
Sec29 O160a (1869) Bell Tel. Hills- 

Young, M. B. (Pearl Barraclough) 
"Evergreen Stock Farm" Hillsboro 
R2 East Fork Sec7S T285a S. D. 
Young (1883) Bell Tel. Donnellson 

Young, O. B. (Lottie L. Mathewson) 
Ch Raymond, Roland; Donnellson 
East Fork SeclS O240a (1875) Bell 
Tel. Donnellson 

Young, Sam Coffeen R3 Fillmore 
Sec7 O40a (1864) Mutual Tel. Cof- 

Young, Stuart (Ethylle R. Clotfelter) 
Ch Harold, Henrietta; Hillsboro R2 
East Fork Sec29 O80a (1875) Bell 
Tel. Hillsboro 

Young, S. D. (Eliza Wilson) Ch 
Ninta, *Douglas, *Florence, *Dita. 
*Runsey. *Bronta. *Ermer. *Dates, 
*Shay, *Ebey; Hillsboro R2 Grish- 
am Secl2 O297a (1916) Bell Tel. 

Young, William A. (Emma Critch- 
low) "Lindenhurst Farm" Butler 
R2 Butler Grove SeclS O200a 
(1836) Bell Tel. Butler 

Young, W. H. (Mabel Woods) Ch 
Mary Elizabeth; Donnellson Rl 
East Fork SeclSS O380a (1864) 
Bell Tel. Donnellson 



Zaugg, Gottfred D. (Laura E. Case) 
Barnett R2 Zanesville Sec33 O40a 
(1893) Mutual Tel. Litchfield 

Zeifang, Andrew (Tillie Carsten) Ch 
Laura, Anna, Wallace; Nokomis R5 
Nokomis Secl2 T80a John Zeifang 
(1866) Bell Tel. Nokomis 

Zeifang, August (Dena Engelman) 
Nokomis R2 Nokomis Seel O80a 
(1886) Bell Tel. Nokomis 

Zeifang, John (Minnie Schmidt) Ch 
Lo_uise, Fhpra, Bettie, Clarence, 
August. Eveline: Nokomis R2 No- 
komis Secl2 O120a (1909) Bell Tel. 

Zeifang, William (Etta Carstens) Ch 
Elwyn; Ohlman Audubon Sec6 
O80a (1871) 

Ziegler, Mrs. B. H. (Barbara Wasser) 
Ch *John, 'Christ, *Willie, *Millie, 
*Rose; Fillmore R2 Fillmore Sec24 
OlOOa (1880) Mutual Tel. Fillmore 

Ziegler, C. F. (Pearl Finley) Ch Vir- 
gil; Fillmore R2 Fillmore Secl3 
T80a B. H. Ziegler and W. C. 
Greenwood (1881) 

Zimmerman, Charles (Augusta Mehl- 
berg) Ch Charles, William, *Mary, 
*Annie, *Minnie, *Lizzie; Walsh- 
ville Rl South Litchfield Sec36 
O113a (1857) 

Zimmerman, Edward J. (Minnie Bo- 
ettcher) Ch Louise and Husband, 
John H. Lebeck, *Edward, *Clara, 
*Charles; "Floral Dale Farm" Har- 
vel R2 Harvel Sec29 O160a (1883) 
Mutual Tel. Harvel 

Zimmerman, H. H. (Marie C. Tie- 
meyer) Harvel Harvel Sec33 Ola 
(1883) Mutual Tel. Harvel 

Zimmerman, John W. Jr. (Anna 
Schwendeman) Ch Mildred, Vir- 
ginia; "The Oaks Farm" Harvel R2 
Harvel Sec28 T160a Mrs. Wade J. 
Zimmerman (1876) Mutual Tel. 

Zupancie, John (Josie Trupas) Ch 
Mary, Albert, Frank, Anton; Witt 
Rl Nokomis Sec33 O5a (1908) 

By Prank I. Mann in Prairie Farmer. 

You can not kill a hedge fence 
entirely by burning or cutting off the 
tops during the winter or spring. 
There is so much stored material in 
the roots to be used in making 
growth that the roots or stumps will 
start buds and grow the coming sea- 
son. If you could cut it or burn it 
during late summer or early fall 
during August in this latitude after 
the growth has been made and before 
the wood has begun to harden, most 
of the plants will be killed, if not all. 

To get rid of a hedge, however, it 
is not a bad plan to burn it or cut 
it off close to the ground during the 
winter when there is more time to 
work at it, and depend on cutting off 
the new growth that comes once or 
twice during the next summer. One 
close cutting should be made in 
August, just before the wood com- 
mences to harden, so that this young 
growth is not permitted to store any 
food in its roots for another year. If 
all tops have been burned or cut close 

to the ground the new growth next 
summer may be kept down without 
much work by cutting off with a 
mower or heavy scythe. A close cut- 
ting throughout one summer and fall 
will usually kill all the hedge, though 
sometimes an occasional plant may 
show another year. If not allowed 
to mature any wood during the fall 
the hedge or any plant is easily killed. 
If your hedge is where you can per- 
mit it to grow it would pay to let 
it grow for posts. It will pay more 
per acre than your corn land. 


Prom Prairie Farmer. 
Saturate cloths large enough to fill 
the entrances of the holes with car- 
bon-disulphide, perhaps a large tea- 
spoonful to each cloth. Poke the 
cloth down as far as possible, then 
fill in with dirt. This gas is very 
heavy and when it evaporates it settles 
into the bottom of the holes, killing 
old and young. This gas is also very 
satisfactory in killing gophers and 




Illinois' Oldest and Best Farm Paper 

PRAIRIE FARMER was the first farm paper published in 
Illinois and has worked consistently for seventy-five years for 
the advancement of the welfare and prosperity of Illinois farmers. 

PRAIRIE FARMER was the first paper to endorse Dr. 
Hopkins' wonderful system of maintaining soil fertility, which 
is doing so much to increase the production of Illinois farms. 

PRAIRIE FARMER was the first paper to recognize the 
importance of the county advisor work in Illinois, and has sup- 
ported and pushed this work from the start. 

PRAIRIE FARMER is the only paper which has taken 
up political questions in Illinois from a non-partisan standpoint. 
Through the letters from "Bill" it has given farmers a view of 
the inside working of the state government, and revealed some 
of the causes of graft and inefficiency. 

PRAIRIE FARMER was the first paper to publish com- 
plete articles and authentic photographs on the first outbreak 
of the Foot and Mouth Disease. It also conducted a poll of the 
members of the Illinois Legislature that convinced farmers that 
their slaughtered stock would be paid for, thus removing the 
principal cause of opposition to the work of the State and Federal 

PRAIRIE FARMER stands for the Illinois farmer first 
and all the time, treating all questions fairly and honestly. 

PRAIRIE FARMER doesn't try to tell the farmer how 
he should farm. He knows his own farm better than we do. 
But we do try to give him the experience that other successful 
farmers and experiment station men have, so that he can learn 
their ideas and adopt any that may look good to him. The 
PRAIRIE FARMER is newsy, cheerful and always working for 
the farmers' best interests. 

These are a few of the reasons why PRAIRIE FARMER 
is subscribed for and read by more farmers in Illinois than any 
other farm paper published. 



Montgomery County Breeders' Directory 

This list includes all Farmers in Montgomery County who own one or more pure bred animals 
Star ( *) indicates farmers who raise breeding stock for sale. 



BURKE, T. W Irving, R. 3 

DAMMANN, FRANK Hillsboro, R. 2 

LEE, DAN H Butler, R. 2 

*LISTON, G. E Hillsboro, R. 2 

LOWRANCE, JAS. B Irving, R. 2 

*LUDEWICK,, H. M Coffeen, R. 1 


*OSBORN, JAS. M Butler 

*RADEMACHER, HARM Fillmore, R. 2 

REDMAN, WM. C Irving, R. 1 


Harvel, R. 1 

*VoiLS, F. B Irving, R. 3 

*WHITTEN, EASTON Irving, R. 2. 

*WOLTERS, HUGO Hillsboro, R. 2 


MAJOR, CHAS. R Donnellson 

*McCuLLOCH, S. R Donnellson 

RHOADS, W. M Hillsboro, R. 3 


AHERIN, M. C Farmersville, R. 2 

*ALEXANDER, IDA Fillmore, R. 2 

*AYLWARD, ED Nokomis, R. 3 

BLACK, MRS. A. E Witt, R. 1 

JORDAN, J. A Farmersville, R. 2 

LINGLE, H. G Witt, R. 1 

MATLI, BERNARD G Litchfield, R. 1 

MATLI, CHAS. J Litchfield, R. 1 

MILLER, C. W Hillsboro 

SEDENTOP, D.' F Farmersville, R. 1 


*TURNER, JOHN B Butler, R. 1 

WETTERER, JOHN Fillmore, R. 2 


BENNING, GEO Harvel, R. 1 

*GREEN, C. A Hillsboro, R. 4 

McPEAK, ANDREW O Honey Bend 

RICE, WM. H Waggoner, R. 1 

ROGERS, G. V Waggoner, R. 1 


YARD, CHESTER Farmersville, R. 1 


ALLEN, ROBT. B Barnett, R. 2 

*ARMSTRONG, WM. H.. Waggoner, R. 1 
BATTLES, EARL W Nokomis, R. 4 


Raymond, R. 2 

*BosT, RALPH S Fillmore, R. 2 

*BosT, THOS. L Nokomis, R. 2 

*BROWN, C. H Hillsboro, R. 4 

BROWN, J. W Coffeen, R. 3 

BROWNING, RAY Raymond, R. 2 

BUCHANAN, RAY Raymond, R. 2 

CALDWELL, C. M Fillmore, R. 2 

*CASSELBERRY, W. H Nokomis, R. 1 

CHAUSEE, W. A Nokomis, R. 1 

CORNWELL, WM. H Atwater, R. 45 

CRESS, J. D Fillmore, R. 2 

*CRESS, LEE Fillmore 

GROUSE, ALEX Farmersville, R. 2 


*DERBY, F. P Raymond, R. 2 

* DOYLE, THOS Raymond, R. 3 

*DRAGOO, W. L Pawnee, R. 2 

* EDWARDS, AMOS R Hillsboro, R. 2 

*ENGELMAN, GEO. E Raymond, R. 3 

*FESSER, FRANK Irving, R. 2 

FESSER, RAY Fillmore, R. 2 


GRASSEL, JOHN C Butler, R. 1 

GUTHOLS, JOHN ... Farmersville, R. 2 

HAND, EARL Nokomis, R. 4 

HAND, H. J Fillmore, R. 1 

HARRIS, H. J Fillmore, R. 1 

HAYES, C. G Butler, R. 2 

HEIEN, MARTIN Virden, R. 43 

HINES, T. E Nokomis, R. 2 

HOLMES, MRS. DORA. . .Nokomis, R. 1 

HUBER, B. I Fillmore, R. 2 

HUCKER, JqfiN Irving, R. 3 

*HUESCHEN, WM Witt, R. 1 

HUGHES, JOE Irving, R. 3 

*!OERGER, FRED Farmersville, R. 2 

JOHNSON, H. C Nokoirys, R. 3 

JONES, JOHN M Coffeen, R. 1 

JORDAN, ALEX Farmersville, R. 2 

*KEEPPER, E. H Irving, R. 2 

*KILPATRICK, DAVID Hillsboro, R. 1 

*KRAGER, Jos Harvel, R. 1 

KROENLEIN, WM Oconee, R. 1 

*LANGEN, JOHN Harvel, R. 2 

*LEWIS, B. R Coffeen, R. 1 

LIFE, E. D ..Irving, R. 2 

LOUCKS, ALVA F Hillsboro, R. 4 

*LYONS, JAS. M Harvel, R. 2 

*MANN, THOS Thomasville 

McNisH, JOHN Virden, R. 2 

McPHERSON, LEWIS ...Hillsboro, R. 4 

*MEIER, F Nokomis, R. 1 

MORTIMER, ART Virden, R. 2 




Virden, R. 2 

Moss, H. L Hillsboro, R. 4 

NAIL, R. H Waggoner 

NANTKES, HENRY Nokomis, R. 1 

*NEECE, A. B Nokomis, R. 2 

NEECE, W. F Donnellson, R. 1 

NEWPORT, ABEL S Barnett, R. 1 

*NOBBE, WM Farmersville, R. 1 

*OAKLEY, JOHN L Witt, R. 1 

*PHILLIPS, ALLEN D Butler, R. 1 

*POGGENPOHL, FRANK ..Raymond, R. 2 

*POGGENPOHL, F. T Raymond, R. 2' 

POGGENPOHL, Jos Harvel, R. 2 

POPE, G. R Irving, R. 3 

*POPE, W. G Harvel, R. 1 

PRATT, R. H Waggoner, R. 1 

*PYATT, HENRY T Irving, R. 3 

*REYNOLDS, ADOLPH us. .Hillsboro, R. 3 


ROSE, CHAS. E Virden, R. 2 

ROUSLANGE, FRANK Hillsboro, R. 1 

SINCLAIR, CHAS. A Barnett, R. 2 

SLAUGHTER, JOHN Nokomis, R. 1 

*SLOMAN BROS Pawnee, R. 3 

*SMITH, HARRY E Irving, R. 3 

SNODGRASS, L. I Pawnee, R. 51 

*SORRELS, SAMUEL Raymond, R. 3 

*SPERRY, CLARENCE Nokomis, R. 3 

*SPERRY, MILO Nokomis, R. 4 


TUETKEN, RICHARD .... Nokomis, R. 6 

WADDINGTON, WM Nokomis, R. 3 

WEBB, J. R Raymond, R. 2 

WELCH, SAMUEL Farmersville, R. 1 

WELGE, Miss NETTIE Butler, R. 2 

WRITTEN, P. O Coff een, R. 2 




*BOWMAN, C. E Waggoner, 

*CRESS, J'RANK Coffeen, 

DAMMANN, E. L Hillsboro, 


*HALLER, W. R Coffeen, 

HULBERT, W. F Nokomis, 

JOHNSON, H. C Nokomis, 

LYERLA, ED. A Irving, 

*MEYER, J. B Coffeen, 


WHITE, S. W. Coffeen, 


HECKEL, JOHN Hillsboro, 

HECKEL, MINNIE Hillsboro, 

PLYLER, REX R Fillmore, 

FRANCE, C. F Mt. Olive, 

*SATTERLEE, W. E Irving, 

R. 1 
R. 2 
R. 3 
R. 3 
R. 2 
R. 3 
R. 3 
R. 3 
R. 2 
R. 1 
R. 1 

R. 4 
R. 4 
R. 2 
R. 14 
R. 3 


BOYD, H. J Walshville, R. 1 

CASE, HARVEY Nokomis, R. 5 

CLINE, W. G Nokomis, R. 1 

DILLON, JACK Hillsboro, R. 1 

FLETCHER, ALBERT E. .Walshville, R. 1 

*GRAHAM, ROY Irving, R. 3 

GRIMES, C. E Nokomis, R. 3 

HICKMAN, F. C Coffeen, R. 1 

HUBER, B. I Fillmore, R. 2 

*JORN, PETER Coffeen 

*LYERLA, THOS Coffeen, R. 1 

*MACK, AMOS G Butler, R. 2 

*MAJOR, A. H Coffeen, R. 1 

McGowAN, GEO. L Butler, R. 1 

REUBART, J. V Fillmore, R. 2 

STEPHENSON, A. D. .. .Hillsboro, R. 1 


WATSON, BURL E Hillsboro, R. 1 

WEINGAND, BERT Hillsboro, R. 1 

WHITE BROS Hillsboro, R. 4 

ZIMMERMAN, EDW. J Harvel, R. 2 


ALEXANDER, J. E Walshville, R. 1 

ALLEN, JONATHAN D.. Raymond, R. 1 

*ALLEN, O. K Coffeen, R. 1 

*ARMSTRONG, R. D Litchfield, R. 1 

BILLITER, ELLIS E Litchfield, R. 2 

BOYD, D. W Walshville, R. 1 

*BROKAW, ABRAM Litchfield, R. 3 


*CALDICOTT, JOHN Virden, R. 2 

CARROLL, JAS. M Litchfield, R. 1 


CRAWFORD, JAS. E Honey Bend 


DAVIS, CLAIR R Donnellson 

DAVIS, O. B Walshville, R. 1 

DREWEL BROS Walshville, R. 1 

EDWARDS, JUSTIN A Coffeen, R. 1 

FLINT, EARL W Raymond 

*FOSTER, JOHN F Harvel, R. 1 

GARDNER, FRED J Butler, R. 1 

*GRAHAM, J. T Irving, R. 3 

GRANTHAM, C. A Irving, R. 3 



HOFFMAN, O. C Fillmore, R. 1 

*HOISINGTON, ARTHUR. Walshville, R. 1 
HOSTO, GEO New Douglas, R. 1 

*JACKSON, M. D Raymond 

KELLENBERGER, AUG. . . . Litchfield, R. 1 

*KILPATRICK, E. F Hillsboro, R. 1 

KING, J. O Butler 

*KiRK, CHAS. N Farmersville, R. 1 

*KiRK, WM Farmersville 

KLEMME, A. H Butler 

*KOBER, GEO. D Butler, R. 1 

KRUMMEL, FRED, JR. .. .Hillsboro, R. 2 

*LESSMAN, Jos Raymond, R. 1 



LYERLA, WILSON Irving, R. 3 

*MACK, AMOS G Butler, R. 2 

McGowN, EDW. A Raymond, R. 2 

*MILLER, GEO. W Coffeen, R. 2 

*MINOR, REUBEN E. .Farmersville, R. 1 

MITTS, GEO. W Butler, R. 1 

*MONDHINK, CHAS Raymond, R. 3 

MONKE, H. H Walshville, R. 1 

*MONKE, WM. H Litchfield, R. 4 

*MORIAN, WM Irving 

NIEMANN, WM Litchfield, R. 4 


POWERS, G. T Pawnee, R. 51 

PRIDDLE, W Litchfield, R. 1 

SATTHOFF, T. W Walshville, R. 1 

SHARP, CELIA A Litchfield 

SIMON, GEO Farmersville 

SIMPSON, A. D Walshville, R. 1 

SMITH, EDGAR L Walshville, R. 1 

*SNIDER, FRED L Coffeen, R. 3 

STIEFEL, THOS. A Litchfield, R. 4 

TEDRICK, F. D Coffeen, R. 2 

THOMSEN, H. C Litchfield, R. 3 

TOMAMICHEL, B .' . Irving, R. 3 

VARNER, MRS. J Litchfield, R. 3 


*WARD, L. A Butler 


*WHITEHOUSE, EDW. H. Litchfield, R. 3 
WHITLOCK, CHAS. L. .Litchfield, R. 3 



ALLEN, ROBT. B Barnett, R. 2 

*BLACKBURN, EARL Hillsboro, R. 1 

BLACKBURN, FRED J. . .Hillsboro, R. 1 


HEIEN, MARTIN Virden, R. 43 

NIEMANN, H. C Mt. Olive 

STEWART, WESLEY Nokomis, R. 4 

*THOMAS, S. D Virden, R. 2 


*ALMOND, GEO. H Virden, R. 2 

*AYLWARD, ED Nokomis, R. 3 

BAKER, HORACE S . . Farmersville, R. 1 


*BROWN, C. H Hillsboro, R. 4 

*CLINE, W. G Nokomis, R. 1 

CROUSE, ALEX Farmersville, R. 2 

CUNNINGHAM. R. C. . .Hillsboro, R. 3 

CURRY, L. R Pana, R. 3 

ELLINGTON. W. A. . .Donnellson, R. 1 

FORSYTH, D. M Pana, R. 3 

*FUCHS, EDW. F. .. .Farmersville, R. 1 

*GIFFORD, R. E Hillsboro, R. 1 

*GREEN, C. A Hillsboro, R. 4 

*GRIMES, J. C Nokomis, R. 4 

'HECKMAN, WM. E Coffeen, R. 3 

*HOISINGTON, ARTHUR. Walshville, R. 1 


*HO\VELL, C. L Nokomis, R. 4 

HUBER, B. I Fillmore, R. 2 


ISHMAEL, S. M Nokomis, R. 3 

*JOHNSON, FRANK Nokomis, R. 1 

JOYCE. J. R Fillmore, R. 3 

*KELLENBERGER, AUG Litchfield, R. 1 

*KRAGER, Jos Harvel, R. 1 

*KROEGER, HENRY Nokomis, R. 3 

KROEGER, WILL Nokomis, R. 3 

KUNZ, JOHN J Irving, R. 1 

LEE, DAN H Butler, R. 2 

MAJOR, CHAS. R ' Donnellson 

*McCuLLOCH, S. R Donnellson 

McPHERSON, A. S... Walshville, R. 1 

*McPHERSON, J. S... Walshville, R. 1 

MCPHERSON, LEWIS .. Hillsboro, R. 4 

MEYER, MARION Fillmore, R. 2 

"MILLER, GEO. W Coffeen, R. 2 

MOREHOUSE, H. B Butler, R. 2 

*MORTIMER, R Virden, R. 2 

*NEF.CE, GEO. C Nokomis, R. 2 

*NEECE, W.- F Donnellson, R. 1 

PRICE, ALBERT V Litchfield, R. 2 

SANDERS, J. A Harvel, R. 2 



Graduate Missouri Auction 

Farm Sales, Real Estate and 

General Auction Work 

Pedigreed Stock. 

Sales Conducted Anywhere 

Modern Methods and 

Reasonable Terms 

Bell Phone 498K 





F. W. E. ROLF Hillsboro, R. 4 

SIMON, H. L Farmersville, R. 2 

SNELL, HAROLD A Irving, R. 1 

TUNNELL, JAS Girard, R. 43 

*VoiLS, F. B Irving, R. 3 

*VoiLS, J. L.. Fillmore, R. 1 

*WAGAHOFF, A. J Harvel, R. 1 

*WERNER BROS Oconee, R. 1 

*YOUNG, S Hillsboro, R. 2 


*AHERIN, M. C Farmersville, R. 2 

ARMSTRONG,' R. D Litchfield, R. 1 

*ARMSTRONG, WM. H.. Waggoner, R. 1 

*BAUER, ARTHUR Nokomis, R. 3 

BAUER, R. D Nokomis, R. 3 

BECK, C. G Walshville, R. 1 

BOWLES, WM. E Litchfield, R. 2 

BRADSHAW. JOHN H. ..Fillmore, R. 1 

*BROKAW, ABRAM Litchfield, R. 3 

*CALDICOTT, JOHN Virden, R. 2 

*CRINER, A. D Coffeen, R. 3 

DAVIS, THEO Barnett 

*EDWARDS, J. ALLEN Hillsboro, R. 2 

*ELMORE, E. E Coffeen, R. 3 

*ENGELMAN, GEO. E Raymond, R. 3 

ENNIS, JOHN Pawnee, R. 51 

*HARDY, M. A Oconee, R. 1 

HOUSE, WM Irving, R. 2 

HUTCHISON, WM. E. .Litchfield, R. 2 

KELLER, L. H Witt, R. 1 

*KILPATRICK, E. F Hillsboro, R. 1 

LOUCKS, ALVA F Hillsboro, R. 4 

*MANN, THOS Thomasville 

*MCPHERSON, J. S Walshville, R. 1 

McWiLLiAMS. W. K Pawnee, R. 51 

MINOR, D. F Walshville, R. 1 

MINOR, REUBEN E. .Farmersville, R. 1 

*MONKE, WM. H Litchfield, R. 4 

MURPHY, CLYDE Pawnee, R. 51 

*OSBORN, JAS. M Butler 


QUALLS, FOSTER Coffeen, R. 1 


*ROBERTSON, B. R Rosemond, R. 1 

*ROSE, CHAS. E Virden, R. 2 

*RUNYON, B. D Fillmore, R. 1 

SATTERLEE, A. E Nokomis, R. 1 

SHELTON, W. A Hillsboro, R. 4 

SHUFE, PHILLIP Virden, R. 2 

SLOMAN BROS Pawnee, R. 3 

*SMITH, HARRY E Irving, R. 3 

STAUDER. CHAS Nokomis, R. 4 

SUITS, G. F Hillsboro, R. 4 

WHITE BROS Hillsboro, R. 4 

*WHITEHOUSE. EDW. H. Litchfield, R. 3 

*WHITLOCK, W. L Irving, R. 3 


*LEIVOLF, WM Hillsboro, R. 3 

SATTERLEE, A. E Nokomis, R. 1 


*ALEXANDER, IDA Fillmore, R. 2 

ALLEN, ROBT. B Barnett, R. 2 


BARRY, MRS. ANNA. . .Hillsboro, R. 4 

BATTLES, EARL W Nokomis, R. 4 

BAUMAN, JOHN Nokomis, R. 3 

BEELER, Jos Nokomis, R. 3 


Raymond, R. 2 

*BosT, RALPH S Fillmore, R. 2 

*BOWMAN, C. E Waggoner, R. 1 

BROCKMEIER, A Farmersville 

*BROWN, C. H Hillsboro, R. 4 

BROWNING, RAY Raymond, R. 2 

CARROLL, JOHN Ramsey, R. 3 

CH AUSSE, W. A Nokomis, R. 1 

CHESTNUT, CHAS. A Butler, R. 1 

CORNWELL, WM. H Atwater, R. 45 

*CRESS, FRANK Coffeen, R. 2 

*CRESS, LEE Fillmore 

*DERBY, F. P Raymond, R. 2 

DICKEY, HOMER Raymond, R. 2 

*DOERR, A. T Harvel, R. 1 

*DOLL, HENRY T Litchfield 

*DOYLE, THOS Raymond, R. 3 

*DRAGOO, W. L Pawnee, R. 2 

*EDWARDS, J. W Hillsboro, R. 2 

FESSER, G. W Nokomis, R. 1 

*FITZGERALD, JOHN O. Farmersville, R. 2 

FLINT, EARL W Raymond 

*GoBY, WM. R Raymond, R. 2 

GOODMAN, C. A Nokomis, R. 2 

*GRAHAM, F. N Nokomis, R. 6 

*GRAHAM, J. T Irving, R. 3 

*GRAHAM, ROY Irving, R. 3 

GRANTHAM, C. A Irving, R. 3 

*GRASSEL, JOHN C Butler, R. 1 

*GUTHRIE, REV. J. O Raymond 


HECKEL, MINNIS. Hillsboro, R. 4 

*HIGGINSON, J. B Raymond, R. 2 

HILT, JAS Nokomis, R. 1 

HINKLE, A. L Pawnee, R. 51 

HOOG, ALBERT Litchfield 

HOOVER, JOHN Farmersville, R. 1 

HOPPIN, FRANK H Pawnee. R. 51 

HOUCK, W. J Ohlman 

*!OERGER, FRED Farmersville, R. 2 

JORDAN, ALEX Farmersville, R. 2 

KEEPPER, R. M Irving, R. 2 

KING, Ross Waggoner. R. 1 

KIRK, WM Farmersville, R. 1 

*LANGEN, JOHN Harvel, R. 2 

*LEWIS, B. R Coffeen, R. 1 

LINGLE. H. G Witt. R. 1 

*LONG, C. F Raymond, R. 2 



LUKEN, HENRY Nokomis, R. 5 

LYM AN, LEWIS Pawnee, R. 51 

*LYONS, JAS. M Harvel, R. 2 

MARTIN, Jos. W Raymond, R. 3 

*MARTIN, OTIS Litchfield, R. 3 

MCANARNEY, Emv. .Farmersville, R. 2 
MISSIMORE, EARL Walshville, R. 1 

*MOLOHAN, J. A Raymond, R. 1 

MURPHY, W. C Fillmore, R. 2 

NEWPORT, ABEL S Barnett, R. 1 

NIEMANN, EMIL Litchfield, R. 4 

*NOBBE, WM Farmersville, R. 1 

*OAKLEY, JOHN L Witt, R. 1 

*O'MALLEY, M Nokomis, R. 3 

PLYLER, REX R Fillmore, R. 2 


*POPE, Jos. E .Harvel, R. 1 

PRATT, CHAS Waggoner, R. 1 

PRATT, R. H Waggoner, R. 1 

PYLE, J. A Rosemond, R. 1 

*RADEMACHER, HARM Fillmore, R. 2 

*RASHAW, D. L. .. v .. .Nokomis, R. 1 
REYNOLDS, ADOLPHUS. .Hillsboro, R. 3 

RHOADS, W. M Hillsboro, R. 3 



ROBINSON, JAS. F Litchfield, R. 2 

RUSSELL, J. H. R Fillmore, R. 3 

SATTGAST, WM. EDW. .Hillsboro, R. 1 
F. W. E. ROLF Hillsboro, R. 4 

*SIELSCHOTT, WM. H. . .Litchfield, R. 1 
SLAUGHTER, JOHN Nokomis, R. 1 

*SLOMAN BROS. Pawnee, R. 3 

SMITH, EDGAR L Walshville, R. 1 

SMITH, W. B Walshville, R. 1 

*SPERRY, MILO Nokomis, R. 4 


STEWART, RALPH. .Morrisonville, R. 3 
STIEFEL, THOS. A Litchfield, R. 4 

*STUTTLE, Jos. S Litchfield, R. 1 

UHRIG, THOS Raymond, R. 2 

VOYLES, C. W Farmersville, R. 1 


WALCHER, HOMER Irving, R. 3 

WAPLES, C. E Nokomis, R. 3 

WARNSING, D. J Nokomis, R. 1 

WEITEKAMP, EDW. J... Raymond, R. 2 
WELCH, SAMUEI Farmersville, R. 1 

*WELLAR, J. C Harvel, R. 2 

*WENNER, JOHN F Raymond, R. 2 

WHITE, RAYMOND Fillmore, R. 1 

WHITLOCK, CHAS. L. .Litchfield, R. 3 
WHITLOCK, HOMER L.Waggoner, R. 1 

WRITTEN, P. O Coffeen, R. 2 

WIGGINS, FRANK Waggoner, R. 1 

WILHELM, W. H Irving 

WILLIAMSON, JOHN E...Virden, R. 2 
ZIMMERMAN, EDW. J Harvel, R. 2 


*BOST, RALPH S Fillmore, R. 2 

HARBERT, THOS Raymond, R. 2 

JOYCE, TAYLOR Coffeen, R. 2 

*LESSMAN, ED Harvel, R. 1 


ROUHSLANGE, WM Coffeen.R. 1 


PRATT, Jos Waggoner, R. 1 


*BENNETT, W. F Harvel, R. 1 

*BosT, RALPH S Fillmore, R. 2 

BREMER, HENRY, JR Hillsboro 

*BREMER, Louis Hillsboro 

CARROLL, ED Oconee, R. 2 

*CRESS, FRANK Coffeen, R. 2 

*CRESS, LEE Fillmore 

*EDWARDS, J. W Hillsboro, R. 2 

HART, WALTER C Litchfield, R. 2 

*JORDAN, ALEX Farmersville, R. 2 

LESSMAN, H. E Hillsboro, R. 4 

LINGLE, H. G Witt, R. 1 

LIFE, ALVIN Witt, R. 1 

MCWILLIAMS, W. K Pawnee, R. 51 

MOLOHON, LEROY Irving, R. 1 

_ i i i i i I i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i 


Buyer and Shipper of 
Hogs and Cattle 

Agent for the Home Insurance i 
Co. of New York, the largest 
Fire Insurance Co. in America. 
Cash Capital $6,000,000. Fire 
and Windstorm. 

Phones: Bell 42; Mutual 58 






NEECE, W. F Donnellson, R. 1 

NEWPORT, ABEL S Barnett, R. 1 


*ROUHSLANGE, CHAS. . . Hillsboro, R. 2 

*SAMMONS, A. C Butler, R. 1 

*SLOMAN BROS Pawnee, R. 3 

SPOONER, C. B Witt, R. 1 

STEVENS, J. A Donnellson, R. 1 

*THACKER, FRED W. . .Donnellson, R. 1 

TUNNELL, JAS Girard, R. 43 

YARD, CHESTER Farmersville, R. 1 


*THACKER, FRED W. . .Donnellson, R. 1 


EDWARDS, J. W Hillsboro, R. 2 

HAMLIN, LEE Fillmore, R. 1 

*KiRK, CHAS. N Farmersville, R. 1 

KLEIN, CHAS. A Litchfield, R. 2 

VAN WINKLE, H. C. Farmersville, R. 1 

WRITTEN, E. O Fillmore, R. 2 



NEWCOME, R. C Nokomis, R. 1 

ROBERTSON, B. R Rosemond, R. 1 

SHORAGER, AUG Nokomis, R. 3 


MASTERS, E. E Witt, R. 1 



CALAME, PAUL Witt, R. 1 

*CRESS, FRANK Coffeen, R. 2 

HAMLIN, LEE Fillmore, R. 1 

JOYCE, TAYLOR Coffeen, R. 2 

LOUCKS, ALVA F Hillsboro, R. 4 

*ROUHSLANGE, WM Coffeen, R. 1 

*CRESS, FRANK Coffeen, R. 2 


*EDWARDS, J. W Hillsboro, R. 2 



*EDWARDS. J. W Hillsboro, R. 2 

*KILPATRICK, DAVID ...Hillsboro, R. 1 

POCOCK, J. C Nokomis, R. 2 


F. W. E. ROLF Hillsboro, R. 4 


CORNWELL, WM. H Atwater, R. 45 

*CRESS, LEE Fillmore 



*ALLEN, O. K Coffeen, R. 1 

BOST, THOS. L Nokomis, R. 2 

BROWNING, RAY Raymond, R. 2 

*BURTON, O. J Waggoner, R. 1 

*CRESS, FRANK Coffeen, R. 2 

FESSER, Louis H Witt, R. 1 

GUTHOLS, JOHN ... Farmersville, R. 2 

*LONG, C. F Raymond, R. 2 

*PIEPER, EUGENE Nokomis, R. 2 

*TURNER, JOHN B Butler, R. 1 



CORNWELL, WM. H Atwater, R. 45 





*BOWLES, CHAS. L Coffeen, R. 1 

GRIGG, ONA D *... Coffeen, R. 3 

*HUGHES, JOE Irving, R. 3 

FRANCE, C. F Mt. Olive, R. 14 

* VARNER, W Hillsboro, R. 4 


*COFFEY, J. T Coffeen, R. 3 


*BASSHAM, HENRY Coffeen, R. 3 

CRESS, J. D Fillmore, R. 2 

KUNZ, JOHN J Irving, R. 1 

LANG, JEFF Fillmore, R. 2 


UMBERGER, MIKEL Hillsboro, R. 3 


SMITH, HARRY E Irving. R. 3 




FRALEY, ED Raymond, R. 1 


*HITCHINS, J. C Harvel, R. 1 

HOEHN, MARTIN Irving, R. 1 

M ARLEY, JAS Nokomis, R. 6 

POPE, DANIEL Harvel, R. 1 

REBH AN, W. C Raymond, R. 1 

STEPHENSON, A. D Hillsboro, R. 1 

WARE, GEO. V Butler 


MOOREHOUSE, H. B Butler, R. 2 


CALDWELL, C. M Fillmore, R. 2 


BOST, B. A Coffeen, R .2 


BEST, JACOB Coffeen,, R. 2 

*BOWMAN, C. E Waggoner, R. 1 

*DWARDS, H. A Coffeen, R. 1 

*GILBERT, ROY Raymond^ R. 2 

*HANNER, HARRY Coffeen, R. 1 

*HARRISON, IRA M Fillmore, R. 2 

HOPWOOD, EDO Fillmore, R. 1 

KESSLER, ED Nokomis, R. 1 

MCCULLOCH, S. R Donnellson 

MclNTOSGH, J. B Fillmore, R. 2 

McPEAK, A. O Honey Bend 

MONKE, WM. H Litchfield, R. 4 

NEECE, A. B Nokomis, R. 2 

O'BRIEN Nokomis, R. 4 

TOPE, G. R Irving, R. 3 

RUNYON, B. D Fillmore, R. 1 

TOWELL, J. E Chapman 

WADDINGTON, WM Nokomis, R. 3 

*YOUNG, STUART Hillsboro, R. 2 


ARMENTROUT, C. L Irving. R. 1 

NEECE, W. F Donnellson, R. 1 

VANDOREN, C Coffeen, R. 2 

WRITTEN, E. O Fillmore, R. 2 


*ALEXANDER, IDA Fillmore, R. 2 

BRADSHAW, JOHN H Fillmore, R. 1 

*EDDINGTON, E. A Irving, R. 1 

GRANTH AM, J. R Butler, R. 2 

HAYES, C. G Butler, R. 2 

*HOOVER, JOHN Farmersville, R. 1 

*JOSTES, L. H Waggoner, R. 1 

KOBER, GEO. D Butler, R. 1 

LYERLA, ED. A Irving, R. 3 

MANINFIOR, JOHN JR.. .Hillsboro, R. 3 

McCuLLEY, E. H Irving, R. 2 

NEISLER, D. W Irving, R. 3 

NEISLER, EARL Irving, R. 1 

O'BRIEN, W. H Nokomis, R. 4 

POLAND, CHAS. H Fillmore, R. 1 

*RANSDELL, E. H Witt, R. 1 

ROBERTSON, GEO. O Butler, R. 2 

SHAKER, BERT C Litchfield, R. 2 

SMITH, HARRY E Irving, R. 3 


Nokomis, R. 3 

SNELL, HAROLD A Irving, R. 1 

TROST, F. E Hillsboro, R. 2 

* VOILS, J. L Fillmore, R. 1 


*WYLD, JACK Nokomis, R. 2 

YOUNG, H. G Butler, R. 2 


PIER, CHAS Nokomis, R. 4 


*BENNETT, W. F Harvel, R. 1 

* BOWLES, CHAS. L Coffeen, R. 1 

BRIGGS, CHAS. L Butler, R. 1 

*FOSTER, JOHN, F Harvel, R. 1 

GETZ, ORA Nokomis, R. 2 

*GRAHAM, ROY Irving, R. 3 

*GRANTHAM, C. A Irving, R. 3 

GUTHRIE, REV. J. O Raymond 

*HOWELL, C. L Nokomis 

M.cCuLLOUGH, BEN . . Farmersville, F. 1 

MOOREHOUSE, H. B Butler, R. 2 

NEECE, GEO. B Nokomis, R. 2 

NEISLER, MRS. B. W Irving, R. 3 

NEWBERRY, R. R Nokomis, R. 3 

OAKLEY, JOHN L Witt, R. 1 

PARSONS, N. F Harvel, R. 1 

QUALLS, FOSTER Coffeen, R. 1 

SAMMONS, A. C Butler, R. 1 

*SANDERS, A. F Irving, R. 2 

SEWARD, G. L Butler, R. 2 

SMITH, HARRY E Irving, R. 3 

SMITH, K. C Raymond, R. 1 

WAGAHOFF, A. J Harvel, R. 1 

*WAGEHOFT, CRIST. .Morrisonville, R. 2 

WANGER, WM Harvel, R. 2 

WARD, L. A Butler 

WEEKLY, G. A Pana, R. 3 

WELLAR, H. N Harvel, R. 2 

WILEY, O. H Butler, R. 2 

WILEY, WM. H Hillsboro. R. 3 


GRUBB, F. A Litchfield 

HALLER, W. R Coffeen, R. 2 

KETTLEKAMP Nokomis, R. 2 



LYERLA, WILSON Irving, R. 3 

*PRIDDLE, J. ED Litchfield, R. 3 


*AHERIN, M. C Farmersville, R. 2 

AHERIN, M. V Farmersville, R. 1 

ANDERSON, W. L Litchfield, R. 3 

*ARMSTRONG, J. L Irving 

BANDY, WALTER H Barnett, R. 2 

BAUMAN, F. C Nokomis, R. 5 

BERRY, F. M Irving, R. 1 

*BLACKBURN, EARL Hillsboro, R. 1 

*Bosx, RALPH S Fillmore, R. 2 

BOST, THOS. L Nokomis, R. 2 

* BOWMAN, C. E Waggoner, R. 1 

BROWN, J. F Hillsboro, R. 3 

BRUBAKER, LEVI Farmersville, R. 1 

*BUEHLER, Jos. V Raymond, R. 1 

*BULLARD, S. F Harvel, R. 2 

BURRIS, JOHN R Girard, R. 43 

BURRIS, W. C. Butler, R. 1 

*BUSBY, VERNON Witt, R. 1 

*BUSBY, WM Nokomis, R. 6 

CALAME, GEO Witt, R. 1 

CARROLL, JAS. M Litchfield, R. 1 

CLINE, W. G Nokomis, R. 1 

COLE, H. B Pana, R. 3 


CULP, A. L Nokomis, R. 3 

DAVIS, WM. J Litchfield, R. 2 

*DOERR, A. T ...Harvel, R. 4 1 

DOHLER, JOHN E Irving, R. 3 

*DOYLE, THOS Raymond, R. 3 

DURSTON, A. E Witt, R. 1 

* ED WARDS, AMOS R Hillsboro, R. 2 


EVANS, P. O Nokomis, R. 1 

FESSER, G. W Nokomis, R. 1 


Farmersville, R. 2 


GEE, V .W Harvel, R. 2 

GERHARD, JOHN Farmersville, R. 2 

GIFFORD, R. E Hillsboro, R. 1 

GRAY, J. S Nokomis, R. 4 

*GRUBB, EMMA Raymond 

GRUBB, F. A Litchfield 

*GUTHOLS, JOHN. Farmersville, R. 2 

HAAKE, SOLOMON Fillmore, R. 2 

HALL, WM Butler, R. 2 

HALL, W. M Butler 

*HALLER, W. R Coffeen, R. 2 

HANNER, J Donnellson 

HANTHA, G. E Barnett, R. 2 

HARRIS, IRA A Waggoner, R. 1 

*HARRISON, IRA M Fillmore, R. 2 

*HART, J. H Thomasville 

HARVEY, GEO. E Coffeen, R. 2 

*HEATER, EARL Farmersville, R. 2 

HECKEL, JOHN Hillsboro, R. 4 

HEDDEN, J. S Nokomis. R. 3 

HICKS, RUFUS Fillmore, R. 2 

HILL, H. C Fillmore, R. 1 

HOLMES, EDWIN J Nokomis, R. 2 

HORICK, W. J Ohlman 

HUBER, FRANK Hillsboro, R. 1 

*HUBER, FRANK A Nokomis, R. 4 

JORDAN, ALEX Farmersville, R. 2 

*KEEPPER, E. R Irving, R. 2 

*KILPATRICK, E. F Hillsboro, R. 1 

*Knuc, CHAS. N Farmersville, R. 1 

KOBER, MRS. EMMA Butler, R. 1 

LEACH, LILBURN Pawnee, R. 51 

LEE, DAN H Butler, R. 2 

*LIPE, E. D Irving, R. 2 

*LIPE, H. S Witt, R. 1 

*LISTON, GEO. G Coffeen, R. 2 

LOUNSBURY, IRA R Irving, R. 1 

*LOUNSBURY, W. T Irving, R. 1 

LUKEN, HENRY Nokomis, R. 5 

MAKER, PHILIP Raymond, R. 2 

MATHEWSON, J. A Coffeen, R. 3 

MCELROY, T. B Hillsboro, R. 4 

McKiNNEY, WM Witt, R. 1 

MCPHERSON, A. S Walshville, R. 1 


*MONDHINK, FRED Raymond, R. 3 

MILLER, DAVID Fillmore, R. 2 

MOODY, C. D Fillmore, R. 2 

MORRISSEY, DENNIS. Farmersville, R. 2 

*MORTIMER, R Virden, R. 2 

*NEISLER, Jos. L Irving, R. 1 

NEWPORT, J. S Fillmore, R. 2 

PARRY, MRS. N. J Hillsboro, R. 3 

PLYLER, REX R Fillmore, R. 2 

*POGGENPOHL, FRANK ..Raymond, R. 2 


Harvel, R. 2 

*POPE, DANIEL Harvel, R. 1 

POPE, GEO. W Oconee, R. 1 

*POPE, Jos. E Harvel, R. 1 

*POPE, ROLLIE Harvel, R. 1 

*PRIDDLE, J. ED Litchfield, R. 3 


RANDLE, R. H Nokomis, R. 6 

ROBERTSON, B. R Rosemond, R. 1 


*ROCHE, FRED Nokomis, R. 6 

SANDERS, J. A Harvel, R. 2 

SCH AFFNER, E. G Nokomis, R. 5 


ROLF ...Hillsboro, R. 4 

SHORE, FRANK A Nokomis, R. 1 

SHORE, FRANK E Litchfield, R. 2 

*SHORE, JOHN M Hillsboro, R. 2 


SIELSCHOTT, WM. H... Litchfield, R. 1 

SINGER, T. G Nokomis, R. 1 

*SMITH, T. T Walshville, R. 1 

*SORRELLS, SAMUEL Raymond, R. 3 

SPECHT, MARTIN W. Farmersville, R. 1 



STANLEY, HOMER Nokomis, R. 4 

STAUDER, CHAS Nokomis, R. 4 


TENISON, C. A Hillsboro 

TILLING, Louis Coffeen, R. 1 

TOMAMICHEL, B Irving, R. 3 

TRINKLE, W. P Raymond, R. 1 

TUNNELL, JAS Girard, R. 43 

TURNER, J. B. JR Butler, R. 2 


WELLER, H. H Irving, R. 2 

WETTERER, SOPHIA Fillmore, R. 2 

WHITE, RAYMOND Fillmore, R. 1 

*WHITLOCK, W. L Irving, R. 3 

WHITTEN, S. C Coffeen, R. 2 

*WHITTEN, TOM Coffeen, R. 2 

*WILLOUGHBY, CEO. W . . Nokomis, R. 4 

*WOLFORD, MRS. H. M Irving, R. 3 

WRIGHT, MRS. EDITH . . . Fillmore, R. 1 

WRIGHT, R. E Irving, R. 2 

*YoUNG, S Hillsboro, R. 2 


BURRIS, CHAS. D Butler, R. 1 

GERHARD, C. N Farmersville, R. 2 


Farmersville, R. 1 

GERHARD, S. L Farmersville, R. 2 

GOODSON, J. O Farmersville, R. 1 

HAGEMEIER, FRED Nokomis, R. 2 

*JOSTES, L. H Waggoner, R. 1 

*MACK, MRS. A. G Butler, R. 2 

McGuFFiE, JOHN Waggoner, R. 1 

MILLER, WM T.. .,.. .Waggoner, R. 1 

*PEARMAN, C. W Farmersville, R. 1 

*SIMPSON, A. D .Litchfield, R. 3 

STEAD, CHESTER A Waggoner, R. 2 

STEAD, NORMAN D. .Farmersville, R. 1 


SMITH, EARL Hillsboro, R. 1 


*ARMENTROUT, G. W Irving, R. 1 

*AsH, JESSE Litchfield, R. 2 

BROWN, C. E Rosemond, R. 1 

CARTMEL, L. T Thomasville 

*CROUSE, ALEX Farmersville, R. 2 

*DERBY, F. P Raymond, R. 2 

GRADEN, H. J Nokomis, R. 2 

*HIGGINSON, J. B Raymond, R. 2 

KILTON, S. W Morrisonville, R. 3 

MARTIN, CHAS. A Witt, R. 1 

*MOORE, GEO C Irving, R. 3 

NEISLER, EDGAR Irving, R. 3 


NICHELSON, GEO Nokomis, R. 1 

NIEMANN, JULIUS Litchfield, R. 4 

*SATTERLEE, W. E Irving, R. 3 

WATKINS, WM. D Honey Bend 

WELLER, OTTO Harvel, R. 1 



*A YLWARD, ED Nokomis, R. 3 

*BASS, EDGAR Oconee, R. 1 

*BASSHAM, HENRY Coffeen, R. 3 

BONNET, S. F Harvel, R. 2 

BOTTRELL, ROBT Morrisonville, R. 2 

BOWLES, WM. E Litchfield, R. 2 

BRUBAKER, LEVI Farmersville, R. 1 

BUSBY, J. A Butler 

*CARRIKER, C. L Witt, R. 1 

CRANFILL, B. F Hillsboro, R. 3 

CRESS, EDW. T Fillmore, R. 2 

*CRINER, A., D Coffeen, R. 3 

*DOWNS, PAUL Irving, R. 3 


*ENGELMAN, H. O Harvel, R. 1 

*FUCHS, EDW. F Farmersville, R. 1 

GRANTHAM, J. R Butler, R. 2 

GRIGG, ONA D Coffeen, R. 3 

"HANCOCK, H. J Hillsboro, R. 3 

HARRIS, H. J Fillmore, R. 1 

HEIM, J. A Harvel, R. 2 

*HUCKER, ALBERT Irving, R. 1 

*HUCKER, JOHN Irving, R. 3 

*KEAGRY, ARRAN S Litchfield, R. 3 

KELMEL, CHAS Raymond, R. 2 

KENDAL, A. A Harvel, R. 1 

KOBER, GEO. D Butler, R. 1 

KRAUSE, OTTO Nokomis, R. 5 

McCyLLOCH, S. R Donnellson 

McCuLLOUGH, BEN. .Farmersville, R. 1 

MILLER, GEO. A Fillmore, R. 2 

' NEECE, A. B Nokomis, R. 2 

NEECE, GEO. C Nokomis, R. 2 

*NEISLER, Jos. L Irving, R. 1 



PRATT, CHAS Waggoner, R. 1 

PRATT, P. H Waggoner, R. 1 

*RANSDELL, E. H Witt, R. 1 

*REED, E. W Irving, R. 1 

*REUFORT, WM. O Coffeen, R. 2 

*SMITH, EDGAR L Walshville, R. 1 

STEAD, CLARENCE B. Farmersville, R. 1 

THOMPSON, G. T Pana, R. 3 


VOILS, F. B Irving, R. 3 



WESTCOTT, N. H Butler, R. 2 

WHITTEN, J. E Fillmore 

WHITTEN, J. T Fillmore, R. 3 

*WHITTEN, TOM Fillmore, R. 2 

WILEY, CHAS. H Butler, R. 3 

WILSON, R. J Irving, R. 3 



WILSON, URIAH Hillsboro, R. 4 

WOLFORD, MRS. H. M Irving, R. 3 

WRIGHT, J. W Coffeen, R. 3 

COLE, ABNER R Fillmore, R. 3 


*DAMMANN, E. L Hillsboro, R. 3 

*SATTERLEE, B. F Irving, R. 3 


VAN HYNING, PEARL R... Butler, R. 2 


*SATTERLEE, B. F Irving, R. 3 


'ARMSTRONG, R. D Litchfield, R. 1 

'BARNES, IRVIN Farmersville, R. 1 

BECK, R. E Hillsboro, R. 2 

BRADSHAW, JOHN H Fillmore, R. 1 

'CASSELBERRY, W. H Nokomis, R. 1 

CORY, THOS. B Butler, R. 1 

*CRESS, WALTER W Litchfield 

FRAVALA, CHRIS C Coffeen, R. 2 

HOLMES, MRS. DORA. . .Nokomis, R. 1 

*JONES, A. E Coffeen, R. 3 

JOYCE, TAYLOR Coffeen, R. 2 

KEEPPER, R. M Irving, R. 2 

KERR, CHAS Harvel, R. 1 

LEE, DAN H Butler, R. 2 

MANINFIOR, JOHN JR.. Hillsboro, R. 3 

McCuLLEY, E. H Irving, R. 2 

MONDHINK, CHAS Raymond, R. 3 

NANTKES, HENRY Nokomis, R. 1 


TAYLOR, JNO. B Farmersville, R. 2 

TENISON, C. A Hillsboro 


WELLER, H. H Irving, R. 2 

WELLER, NOAH Harvel, R. 1 

WRIGHT, J. W Coffeen, R. 3 


BLACK, MRS. A. L Witt, R. 1 


'HALLER, W. R Coffeen, R. 2 

*HUGHES, JOE Irving, R. 3 


RUNYON, B. D Fillmore, R. 1 

WHITE, R Fillmore, R. 1 


'BETHARD, BENJ Harvel, R. 1 

SMITH, HARRY E Irving, R. 3 


'BETHARD, BENJ Harvel, R. 1 

CARTMEL, L. T Thomasville 

FEARN, Jos Witt, R. 1 


GULLIDGE, E. G Pana, R. 3 

HICKEN, WM Witt, R. 2 

HUCKER, JOHN Irving, R. 3 



'ALEXANDER, IDA Fillmore, R. 2 

BERRY, F. M Irving, R. 1 

CRESS, EDW. T Fillmore, R. 2 

*CRINER, A. D Coffeen, R. 3 

GOODMAN, C. A Nokomis, R. 2 

GULLIDGE, E. G Pana, R. 3 

JOHNSON, AREND T Nokomis, R. 2 

*KRUMMEL, FRED Hillsboro, R. 2 

PRESNELL, WM Pana, R. 3 

SMITH, HARRY E Irving, R. 3 


BROWN, R. G Nokomis, R. 3 


BEDINGH AUSE, WM Farmersville 

'BOEHLER, Jos. V Raymond, R. 1 

BROWN, J. H Fillmore, R. 1 

*BULLARD, S. F Harvel, R. 2 

CASSIDY, T. M Nokomis, R. 5 

FESSER, G. W Nokomis, R. 1 


HUCKER, JOHN Irving, R. 3 


Nokomis, R. 5 

KROENLEIN Nokomis, R. 2 

LIFE, ALVIN O Witt, R. 1 

McCuLLEY, E. H Irving, R. 2 

RHINE, WM. M Nokomis, R. 1 

STAUDER, CHAS Nokomis, R. 4 

WELLAR, H. N Harvel, R. 2 







*YOUNG, STUART Hillsboro, R. 2 



FESSER, G. W Nokomis, R. 1 

GOODMAN, C. A Nokomis, R. 2 

*HUCKER, JOHN Irving, R. 3 

McCoRD, L. H Coffeen, R. 2 


RADEMACHER, HARM. . .Fillmore, R. 2 

THURMAN, RAY J Coffeen, R. 1 


CHAUSSE, EDGAR Nokomis, R. 1 

HUBER, Miss ALICE Nokomis, R. 3 

KEISER, H. F Nokomis, R. 5 

KROENLEIN, WM Oconee, R. 1 

MITCHELL, W. W Oconee, R. 1 

SANDERS, J. A Harvel, R. 2 

WERNER BROS Oconee, R. 1 




Nokomis, R. 5 


SMITH, HARRY E Irving, R. 3 

STAUDER, CHAS Nokomis, R. 4 

GRAHAM, J. M Harvel 


DOERR, A. T... Harvel, R. 1 


NEISLER, EDGAR Irving, R. 3 

Nokomis Machine Shop 

GEO. BRAYE, Proprietor 

Dealers in Engines, Boilers, Farm Machinery (new and second-hand), 

Blacksmithing, Engineers' Supplies. Everything for Thresherman and 

Power Users. Woodwork and Auto Repairing. Steam and Hot Water 

Pipe and Pipe Fitting, Belting, Packing and Hose 


The Dickelman Patent Rat 
Proof Metal Corn Cribs and 
Grain Bins are made in all 
sizes. They soon pay for 
themselves in the corn and 
grain they save. Both pre- 
serve and dry your grain. 
Our customers are pleased. 
Write for Prices. Montgom- 
ery county agency. 

We sell and recom- 
mend the following 
Triple-G Goods : 

Dickelman Patent Ventilated Corn 
Cribs and Grain Bins 

Independent Harvester Co. Full 
Line Farm Implements 

J. I. Case Corn Shelters, Tractors, 

Ensilage Cutters, Gas Engines and 

Threshing Machines 
Meyers Thresher Pumps 






To Prairie Farmer Readers 

Don't buy cheap, unadvertised goods, but protect yourself when buy- 
ing by insisting on getting from your dealer only 

All Goods Advertised in Prairie Farmer are TRIPLE-G Goods. 
All Goods Advertised in This Directory are TRIPLE-G Goods. 

When the local dealer says in his advertisement: 

"We Sell and Recommend the Following 

TRIPLE-Guarantee Goods" 

as in any advertisement in Prairie Farmer or in this 
Directory, it gives you this TRIPLE-Guarantee 

1st That the manufacturer of the goods stands back of them. 

2nd That the Prairie Farmer stands back of them. 

3rd That the merchant handling the goods stands back of them. 

TRIPLE-Guarantee Goods" 


Are the best value for the money. 

Safest to buy. 
And Satisfaction is absolutely insured. 



1 What Are "TRIPLE-G'^Goods? " 


PF 1918 

1I7OV should you ask 
""* for them and 
refuse any other kind? 

TT7"HEN a reader of Prairie Farmer goes into a store 

* to buy, he is assured of getting full value for his 

money if he insists on buying only well known advertised 

goods and refusing to buy any unknown brand substitute. 

\\7 t-I V P Because advertised goods are well known 
goods that are backed up with the guar- 
antee of PRAIRIE FARMER and the manufacturer. If 
the goods are not as represented in the advertising, or do 
not give full satisfaction, this TRIPLE GUARANTEE 
means that you have only to make your complaint and 
that any just claim will be fairly considered and your 
money paid back in case the goods are not as represented. 
with its readers. We back up every advertisement in 
PRAIRIE FARMER and guarantee honest treatment. 
No humbugs, swindles or cheap substitute goods (that are 
made to sell and get the customer's money on false pre- 
tenses) are advertised in PRAIRIE FARMER. Buy the 
goods advertised in PRAIRIE FARMER and in this 
Directory and you are taking no chances. You are guar- 
anteed satisfaction because all goods we advertise are 



Guaranteed by thu Manufacturer, the Dealer mnd the Publither. 



Professional Directory 

Law Office of 


Real Estate Loans 
Abstracts of Title 

204A So. Main St. 


Attorney -at- Law 

General Practice 
Mutual Telephone No. 52 

Office, Union Block 


204A So. Main St. 

Phone Bell 360 



States Attorney, Montgomery 

Phones: 'Bell 475; Mutual 4 



Phone 234 





Lane, Dryer & Brown 


216 A S. Main Street 

Phones: Bell 88; Mutual 46 




Frey Building 
Phone Bell 319 

303 So. Main 


Hill and Bullington 

Phones: Bell 141; Mutual 66 





Professional Directory 

Amos Miller 

John R. McDavid 


Phones: Bell 13; Mutual 78 

212A So Main St. 

DRS. W. W. and E. T. 

Office Hours: 8 to 9 a. m. 
2 to 4 and 7 to 8 p. m. 

Phone Bell 52-K 

323A So. Main St. 


M. L. MOVER, M. D. 

Office: Over First National Bank 


Office, 92-K; Residence, 92-W 

Dr. Harry L. Granier 

Office Hours: 8 to 12 a. m. 
1 to 5:30 p. m. 

Phones: Bell 293; Mutual 14 
Over Henley Alden's Store 

304A So. Main St 


Osteopathic Physicians 

Offices: Opera House Block 

Phone Bell 320-W 



Phone Bell 92-K 



Louis S. Brown, M. D. 

21 3 A Main St. 

Phones: Bell 200; Mutual 84 




Attorney and Counsellor 
at Law 

311 Madison St. 

First Door North of Litchneld 


Bell 463-W Mutual 52 





Montgomery County Business Directory 


Barry & Ware Genl. Merchandise 

Brown, Geo. W., Jr.. Genl. Merchandise 
Ware Bros Grain 


Smith, W General Store 

Stevenson, W General Store 

Toberman, Joel Grain 

American Exchange Bank. 

Berry, Dr. F. W Physician 

Blackburn, H. H Grocery 

Bost, F. P 

Shoe Repairing & Second Hand Store 

Bunton. John Livery 

Chumley, Joe. . .Elevator & Threshing 

Clover Leaf Mining Co Coal Mine 

Coffeen Hotel. 

Coft'een National Bank. 

Daily, Ella Millinery 

Edwards Mercantile Co Genl. Mdse. 

Fipps, H. T., & Son Barbers 

Force, E. A 

Pianos & Talking Machines 

Green, Jas. A Real Estate 

The Coffeen 
National Bank 

Member Federal Reserve 

We appreciate your business. 
Our service proves it. 

Avail yourself of this service. 



Greenwood, A Hardware 

Harris, E. E 

. .Furniture, Undertaking & Hardware 

Hopson, J. J Creamery 

Idoll, J. A 

Pomologist & Horticulturist 

Lewey, C. A Meat Market 

McLean & Son Feed & Grain 

Montgomery Democrat Newspaper 

Near, H Barber Shop 

Newsome, R. E Drugs 

Orenstein, Max Genl. Mdse. 

Paddock Lumber Co Lumber 

Pfertner, W. F Dry Goods 

Schear, J. I Blacksmith 

Short, H. E Grocery 

Sills, J. N Bakery 

Toberman, B. E Garage 

Turney, Dr. H. C Physician 


Allen, W. F Drugs 

Boone, D. W., & Son Hardware 

Cary, Dr. A. B Physician 

Davis, B Shoe Repairing 

Donnellson Farmers Equity. 

Farmers' Equity Co 

Grain, Feed & Coal 


E. A. FORCE, Proprietor 

Pianos, Player Pianos, 

Grafonolas, Sheet Music 
and Player Rolls 

Baldwin Pianos and Player 
Pianos. Phonographs and Rec- 
ords. We have machines to suit 
your taste and your pocketbook. 
Let us demonstrate to you. 

Easy terms of payment. 
Magazines of all kinds. 





Harrison, H Grocery 

Haworth. Chas Veterinary 

Krumwell, F Genl. Mdse. 

Lewey, A , . Garage 

Martin, B Garage 

McCaslin & Hayworth Lumber 

McCracken, J Barber 

Schutt, John Grain 

State Bank of Donnellson. 

Swinderman, Geo Blacksmith 

Taylor, B. R Genl. Mdse. 

Volmer, J Grocery 

Wilson, J. E Hardware 

Wright, B. L General Mdse. 


Baines, W. O 

Windmills & Contracting 

Black, Dr. W Physician 

Bray, M. E Restaurant 

Browning, J. O Insurance 

Brubraker, Glen Garage 

Burkes, Jas Grocery 

Carey, M. D Insurance 

Durham, Wm Barber 

Farmersville Bank. 

Farmersville Post Newspaper 

First National Bank. 

Galloway, H Hardware & Lumber 

Donnellson Farmers 


Grain, Feeds, Seeds, 

Flour, Coal, and other 

Farm Supplies 

The Donnellson Farmers 
Equity is organized by the 
Farmers and for the Farm- 
ers, and we solicit the 
Farmers trade. 

Bell Phone. 

Call on us for anything 
you may need. 



Farmersville, 111. 

Capital and Surplus $30,000.00 

Government Depository Bank. Member of Federal Reserve Bank 

Is under supervision of the United States Government 


P. J. Gaul President 

Thos. R. Leah an Vice-President 

M. D. Carey Cashier 

Emil Helen Assistant Cashier 



on your buildings, livestock, grain or automobile with any of these three 

companies means Insurance. 


Many farmers are paying same rates to weaker companies, often to agents 
1 who are strangers. Are you one of them? A fire may cause you to 
regret it. 

M. D. CAREY, Agent 






Dealer in Aermotor Wind- 
mills, Pumps and Engines, 
also supplies and repairs. All 



I erect all 
kinds of wind- 
mills and wood 
silos. General 
carpenter con- 
tracting and re- 
pair work. 

Consult u s 
on your wind- 
mill needs. 


Drop a Postal Card or Phone 

Wilson Bros. Drug Store 

for any of your drug wants, and we 
mail Parcel Post the same day. East- 
man Kodaks and Supplies. Printing 
and Developing. Dr. Hess Sock and 
Poultry Remedies. Johnston's appre- 
ciated chocolates. Our prescriptions 
are carefully filled. 

Phone Mutual 




Her.dricks & Son 

Hardware & Implements 

Johnson, L. W Drugs 

Lewis, Chas Barber 

Mathews, C. H ...Livery & Feed 

McAnarney, E. C Drugs 

McLean, D. F., & Co 

Dry Goods & Clothing 

Miller & Co Grocery & Dry Goods 

Naughton & Wheaton 

Autos & Tractors 

Schaffer, Ed Hotel 

Schultz, H Bakery 

Snyder, D Veterinary Surgeon 

Snyder, H. M Meat Market 

Wheaton, John Grain 

Yard, L Harness & Phonographs 


Allen, N. B Hardware 

Askins & Beaman Garage 

Bost, V. A Veterinary 

Fillmore Bank. 

Fillmore State & Savings Bank. 

Fish, Dr. W. O Physician 

Freeman, M Meat Market 

Fuller, C Hardware 

Hill Bros General Mdse. 

Isbell, Ray Restaurant 

Lane, T. L General Mdse. 

Lossin, W Livery 

Mason & Cress General Mdse. 

McFarland, E General Mdse. 

Strobel, L. F., & Co... Poultry & Feed 

Toberman, M. F Grain & Feed 

Walcott, Elmer Lumber 

Wilson Bros Drugs & Kodaks 

Wollerman, A. J Harness 


Brown, Miss Hazel Millinery 

Farhenoltz, H. E Groceries 

Farmers Grain Co 

Grain & Implements 

Forrester, C. M Garage 

Gillispie, J. W Hardware 

Harvel Bank. 

Harvel Grain, Hay & Supply Co 

Grain & Implements 

Harvel Lumber Co Lumber 

Haughman, C. J Meat Market 

Kitchens, Miss Clara Millinery 

Huber, H General Mdse. 

Mackey, J Restaurant 

Redmond Bros Livery 

Tulpin, A. V Hardware & Harness 

Weber & Smock General Mdse. 

Whitworth, J. A. . .Restaurant & Hotel 



Baker, Joseph M., 220 S. Main. 



Hillsboro Abstract & Investment Co., 

323 South Main. 
Litchfielcl-Hillsboro Abstract Co., 107 

S. Main. 
Montgomery County Abstract Co., 207 

S. Main. 


O'Daniel, R., 102 N. Main. 

Sears, Homer B., 317 W. Mechanic. 


Brown, Geo. \v.. Jr.. 102-04 S. Main. 
Hillsboro Garage, 123 E. Wood. 
McDavid Motor Car Co., 122-24 E. Wood. 


Hillsboro Garage, 123 E. Wood. 
HillNboro Battery & Tire Shop, 109 S. 


Brungger, H., 231 S. Main. 
Egerer, C., 234 S. Main. 
Tidd, C. A., 1556 School. 


HillHboro National Bank, 200 S. Main. 
Montgomery County Loan & Trust Co., 

212 S. Main. 
Peoples National Bank, 220 S. Main. 


Loucks, G. E., 109 E. Wood. 


Dry Goods, Shoes and 

Warner Corsets 

Topsy Hosiery and Underwear 
Adler Clothing 

Stetson Hats 

Douglas Shoes for Men 

Walton Shoes for Children 

Dorothy Dodd Shoes for Ladies 

Prices always lowest. We pay 
attention to the farmer and his 

Mercantile Co. 


"iiHiiiininiiiiHliiliitiiliiliiliiliiiiiliiiiiiiiiiii i i i i i i- 


Hardware Department Store 

Automobiles and Accessories 

Dodge - Overland - Franklin 

Penn Vac Cup Tires 

Many Exclusive Lines 

Big Stock and Prices Right 






C. Norman Paine 


Watches, Jewelry, Clocks, 
Cut Glass, China, Diamonds, 
Silverware, Fountain Pens 
and Fine Stationery. 

"Big Ben Clocks" 

"Community Silver" 
Watch Clock and 
Jewelry Repairing 

All Repairing done in 


Moore, A., 225 S. Main. 
Risk, Wm., 308 S. Main. 
Rucker, H. G. t Shram City. 


Brown, Geo. W., Jr., 102 S. Main. 


Brown, Geo. N., Jr., 102-04 S. Main. 
Dorsey, H. M., Lumber Co., 438 S. Main. 
Hill, Isaac, Lumber Co., 1401 School. 


Hillsboro Building & Improvement As- 
sociation, 323 S. Main. 


Green, Miss Lola, 432 S. Main. 


Zellman, J. P., 206 S. Main. 


Cress, H., 109 S. Main. 
Davis, J. A., 319 S. Main. 
Henemeyer, W. H., 306 S. Main. 
Lewis, F. H., 433 S. Main. 
Serve-U-Well News Co., 227 S. Main. 


Gelfer, A., 230 S. Main. 


Ramey, J. M., 101 S. Main. 
Reaves, W. D., 434 S. Main. 


Official Willard Battery Service Station 
of Montgomery County 

Rent Batteries for All Cars 

All Makes of Batteries Repaired and Recharged 
Hillsboro Tire Hospital 

Expert Tire Vulcanizing and Repairing 
Oxy-Acetylene Welding of All Metals 

The weld that holds is the weld that pays. When in need, when in 
doubt, call on us. We can save you money. 

Phone 182 Bell 


109 SO. BROAD ST. m 

H. J. MUELLER, Mgr. ff 





Dort, C. F., 1605 School. 
Hillsboro Coal Co., 1123 School. 
Kortkamp Mine, Kortkamp. 
Sims, A., Cor. Oak and Wood. 


Neal, L. T., 320 Rollins. 


Hillsboro Candy Kitchen, 232 S. Main, 
Thompson, J. H., 106 E. Wood. 


Adams, J. Q., (Concrete), Fern Hill. 

Brooks & Martin (Plumbing), 313 S. 

Clotfelter Bros. (Cement), Wood and 

Cole, T. E. (Concrete), Hill Crest. 

Collins, C. H. (Carp.), 223 Hunt Ave. 

Gage, A. W. (Paint), 116 E. Seward. 

Johnsey & Nichols (Carp.), 305 Miller. 

Little & Hendricks (Sheet Metal), 113 
E. Wood. 

Miles, W. D. (Gen.), 956 S. Main. 

Miller, W. H. (Plumber), 119 Miller. 

Morgan, J. T. (Gen.), 1018 S. Main. 

Personette & Weatherford (Dec.), 115 
W. Seward. 

Sentel, E. H. (Plaster), 308 S. Hamilton. 

Simonin, J. J. (Carp.), 617 W. Fair- 

Smith, E. (Carp.), 322 E. Vawter. 

Stokes, Chas. E. (Gen.), 122 E. Me- 


Osborn, J. W., Ice Cream Co., 107 S. 


Colby, O. C., 320 S. Main. 
Fink, H. K., 106 W. Seward. 
Granler, H. L., 304 S. Main. 
Strange, E. B., 1-2 Fry Bldg. 


Cooper, Miss Maude, 712 S. Oak. 
Gates, Miss Vaughan, 509 S. Main. 
Philipps, Miss Ray, 632 Jefferson. 


Douglas Pharmacy, 221 S. Main. 
Stubblefield, E. N., 218 S. Main. 
Swingle, D., 202 S. Main. 


Brown-Murdock & Co., 235 S. Main. 

Collavo, V., Kortkamp. 

Grand Leader, 431 S. Main. 

Henley-Alden Co., 304 S. Main. 

Karnes, T. F., 1600 School. 

Miller, C. W., 216 S. Main. 

Penwell & Klear Merc. Co., 203 S. Main 

and 108 E. Seward. 
Weber & Goad, 301 S. Main. 


Willard Storage Battery, 109 S. Broad. 


Hillsboro Electric Shop, 236 S. Main. 
Southern Illinois Light & Power Co., 
200 S. Main. 


Adams Express Co., 110 S. Main. 
American Express Co., 106 E. Seward. 
National Express Co., 106 E. Seward. 

Strich & Zeidler Pianos 

Having been a Musician for over 40 years and a Piano Dealer 
for 30 years, I feel qualified to judge the qualities of pianos. 
With that experience I have sold for 1 6 years, and still offer 

the famous ^ 

Strich & Zeidler Pianos 

On Terms of Cash or Monthly Payments 
Send for Catalog and Further Particulars 






The Woman's Style Store 

I Henley Alden Company 

I Hillsboro, 111. Bell and Mutual Phones 

Distributort of Women's 

EVERYTHING in the line of 


In the "Basement Store" 

Excellent Staple Merchandise. 


Make our store your headquarters 
when in town 



Kimball, Mehlin & 
Sons, Emerson, Lyon & 
Healy, Pease, Adam 
Schaaf, and other 
makes of high grade 
pianos. Piano tuning 
by a reliable tuner. 

Kimball and Pathe 
talking machines and 

228 S. Main Street 
Hillsboro Illinois 



Pohlmann, B., 636 W. Tremont. 


McDavid, Jas. L., Co., 509 S. Main. 
Ware Bros., 217 Berry. 


Mercuric Bros., 501 S. Main. 


Little & Hendricks, 113 E. Wood. 


Evans Bros. Furniture Co., 320 S. Main. 
Welgre, Fred W., 423 S. Main. 


Hillsboro Battery Shop, 109 S. Broad. 
Hillsboro Garage, 123 E. Wood. 


Schram Glass Mfg. Co., Schram City. 


Big Pour Store, 221 S. Main. 
Schram City Co-operative Society, 


Brown, T. M., 1101 School. 

Duff, C. E., 304 W. Fairground Ave. 

Goad, D. D., 214 S. Main. 

Hill, J., 739 E. Brailley. 

Hillsboro Co-operative Association, 719 

S. Main. 

Jones Cash Store, 223 S. Main. 
Karnes, T. F., 1600 School. 
Kenney Bros., 1222 School. 
Kritikos, O., 1616 School. 
Liticker, H. A., 109 N. East. 
Ludwig & Sons, 505 S. Main. 
McDavid, Jas. L., & Co., 509 S. Main. 
Mollmann, Wm. M., 305 S. Main. 
Renshaw, J. F., 210 S. Main. 
Rivilis, Thos., Schram City. 
Rolf, Ed, 211 S. Main. 
Rupe, R. E., 965 Vandalia Road. 
Schalkle, A., 1331 School. 
Ware, L. J., 503 S. Main. 
Weber & Nelson, 300 S. Main. 
Weingand, A. E., 315 S. Main. 
Wright, E., Grocery Co., 1608 School. 


Brown, Geo. W., Jr., 102 S. Main. 
Latham, H. C., 312 S. Main. 
McDavid, C. I-., A Co., 215 S. Main. 


Weingard, Fred, Jr., 305 Berry. 


Ware Bros., 217 Berry. 


Brooks & Martin, 313 S. Main. 
Little & Hendricks, 113 E. Wood. 


Carmody Hotel, 102 N. Hamilton. 
Hillsboro Hotel, The. 122 E. Seward. 
Starr Hotel, 103 E. Seward. 


Osborn, J. W., Ice Cream Co., 107 S. 



Clotfelter, Frank I.. 106 S. Main. 


Adkinson, Walter R., 405 S. Main. 
Eagle, C. R., 304 S. Main. 
McDavid, W. F., 216 S. Main. 
Strange, A. T., 3-4 Frey Bld&. 
Swart. C. O., 204 S. Main. 


Crawford. A. O., 108 B. Wood. 
Klar, C. W.. 311 S. Main. 
Noterman, Fred, 226 S. Main. 
Paine, C. Norman, 401 S. Main. 


Gudder, A., 630 Railroad. 


Kallmeyer & Co., 307 S. Main. 


American Laundry, 200 Mill. 


Abbott, \\ m.. 204 S. Main. 

Baker, Joseph M., 220 S. Main. 

Hill & Bulllngton, 220 S. Main. 

Knliurick, E. C., 304 S. Main. 

Lane, Dryer & Brown, 213 S. Main. 

Major, J. Earl, 104 E. Seward. 

McMurray, M. J., 204 S. Main. 

Miller, McDavid & Miller, 212 S. Main. 

^Farmers Attention!=- 

When in need of insur- 
ance on grain, live stock, on 
barn, dwelling, or any kind 
of insurance call on or tele- 
phone Thompson, at Hills- 
boro, 111. 

We write a more liberal 
policy and our rates are 
lower than traveling solici- 
tors. Ten years' experience 
and prompt attention to your 

Fred E. Thompson 

General Insurance and Surety 


C. L. McDAVID & CO. 

Hardware, Stoves, Bicycles, Auto Accessories, Guns and 
Ammunition, Seeds and Sporting Goods 

We sell and recommend the following Triple-G Goods: Quick Meal 
Stoves Ranges and Oil Stoves, Perfection Oil Stoves, DeLaval Separa- 
tors, Fairbanks-Morse E. Z. Gas Engines, One-Minute Washing Mach- 
ines, Diamond Edge Tools and Cutlery, Hoover Suction Carpet Sweepers. 
Meyers Pumps, Reed's Matchless Metal Ware, Winchester Guns and 
Ammunition, Rice's Garden Seeds. 


Phone Montgomery County No. 34 

Accurate Optical 

Phone (. 

Scientific Eye 



Office over Weber & 
Nelson's Grocery 







Itagsdale. J. i .. 104 S. Main. 
Ramey, F. M., 206 S. Main. 


Wilton, R. L., 108 S. Main. 


Hillsboro Marble & Granite Co., 1H 
W. Seward. 


Burnett, Geo., 441 S. Main. 
Canady, J. S., 965 Vandalia Road. 
Herguth, F. F., 233 S. Main. 
Holmes & Williamson, 317 S. Main. 
Revelis, T., Schram City. 
Spinner, J., 1602 School. 


Barringer & Edwards, 309 S. Main. 
Kallmeyer & Co., 307 S. Main. 
White, W. A., 325 S. Main. 


Kortkamp, Miss Louise, 320 S. Main. 
Shaner Hat Shop, 206 S. Main. 


Brown, Geo. W., Jr., 102 S. Main. 


Root, Miss Bertha, 1002 S. Main. 
Seymour, Miss Ethel, 409 E. Tremont. 
Truitt, Miss Ida, 802 S. Main. 
Welge, Louise W., 305 Dearborn. 
White, Miss Ruth, 928 S. Main. 
Williams, Miss Margaret, 425 Round- 

Funk, Otto, 103 S. Main. 
Rhodes, J. H., 228 S. Main. 


Hillsboro Journal, The, 110 E. Wood. 
Montgomery News, The, 106 E. Seward. 


Baker, Miss Jennie, 220 S. Main. 
Baker, Jos. M., 220 S. Main. 
Beckwith, H. M., 207 S. Main. 
Cox, H. L., 200 S. Main. 
Dunn, Geo., 207 S. Main. 
Fisher, G. H., 200 S. Main. 
Tiley, Miss Gladys, 207 S. Main. 


Card, Mrs. Mary, 409 Franklin. 
Hummitsch, Miss Helene, 138 E. Wood. 


['Independent Oil Co., Hill Crest. 
Standard Oil Co., 519 E. Tremont. 

Thorp, W. J., 311 S. Main. 

Pleak, J. J. 


405 S. Main. 


Latham, H. C., 312 S. Main. 


Serv-U-Well News Co., 227 S. Main. 


Berner, Chas., 101 S. Main. 


Brown, Louis S., 213 S. Main. 
Clotfelter, Geo. A., 300 S. Main. 
Douglas, E., 221 S. Main. 
Douglas, E. T., 323 S. Main. 
Douglas, w. W., 323 S. Main. 
Hamilton, R. A., 405 S. Main. 
Klmball. Z. V., 104 W. Seward. 
Lindberg, A. W., 5-6 Frew Bldg. 
Moyer, M. L., 104 W. Seward. 
Seymour, H. A., 106 E. Seward. 


Latham, H. C., 312 S. Main. 


Bartlett, H. J., 101 N. Broad. 


Brown, Geo. W., Jr., 102-104 S. Main. 

Butler & Brown, 216 S. Main. 

Canady, S. D., 106 S. Main. 

Cress, A. A., 216 S. Main. 

Frey, J. J., Bond & Mortgage Co., 207 

S. Main. 

Gordon, Ednah G., 204 S. Main. 
Grassel, C. W., 212 S. Main. 
Thompson, Fred E., 107 S. Main. 
White & White, 323 S. Main. 


Christy, W., 1620 School. 
Digman, F. M., 209 S. Main. 
Jones, I. B.. 443 S. Main. 
Lect & Duckworth, 229 S. Main. 
Reed, J. T., Schram City. 
Wilton, B. H., Ill S. Main. 


Bartlett, Harry, 436 S. Main. 
O'Daniel. R.. 102 N. Main. 


Pana Hillsboro Cyclone Company 

Montgomery County Fire Co. 

In business twenty-five years. 
About nine millions in force. 
Paid over 1,450 losses. 

Limited to farm and suburban property. All 

receipt of proof. 

A. T. STRANGE, Secy. 
303a South Main St. 

Twenty-nine years experience. 
Insurance over two millions. 
Losses paid over $50,000. 

losses paid promptly on 

Hillsboro, 111. 



SEWING MACHINES Carickcr, E. P Barber 

Singer Sewing Machine Co., 434 S. Main. Cockelreas, F. B General Mdse. 

SHEET METAL WORKERS offcy, C. C. Grocery 

Little & Hendricks, 113 E. Wood. offey, T. * Groceries 

Crawford, J. B., & Son 


Corflo, Ed, 313 S. Main. File, Fowler & Lingle Hardware 

Hartline & Son, 105 S. Main. File & Gregory Grain 

Smith, Louis, 310 S. Main. Funk R L Grnrerv 

Stephenson, James, 447 S. Main. /, V??,?- y 

Grantham, Rose Millinery 


Lewey, E. A., Office, Court House. Haller, E. E Shoe Repairing 

Hammond, L. R Meat Market 

SHOES Irving National Bank. 

Brown & Battles, 206 S. Main. Kellv T R Grocerv 

Hartline & Son, 105 S. Main. ^ L.,' &' Co .'.'.' .'.':. G^w/ra/ Mdse. 

SMELTERS Kincaid, A Drug Store 

Lanyon, Robert, Zinc & Acid Co., E. Lingle & Son.... Garage 

Limits. Lyerla, E Veterinary 

McLaughlin, D. B Baker 

TAILORS Morain, W. E Real Estate 

Gelfer, A^ 230 S. Main Parkhill, Dr. W. V Physician 

Reaves, W. D, 434 S. Mam. Williams, W. B Real Estate 

TELEGRAPH COMPANIES ^! ls n ' ^ ' Y>' ^ Blacksmith 

Western Union Telegraph Co., 207 S. ^mans Dr P. H .Dentist 

Main. Winn & Tobias Lumber Yard 


Montgomery County Telephone & Tel- 
egraph Co., 116 W. Water. 
People** Mutual Telephone Co., 405 S. 



Little & Hendricks, J.13 E. Wood. 


Harris, P. R., 405 W. Water. 

Stears. Geo Grocery 


Barry, W. V Men's Furnishings 

Blatt, Joseph Harness Shop 

Bodkin Bros Restaurant 



City Bakery, 313 N. State. 
Home Bakery, 209 N. State. 


County Superintendent 
of Schools 

Montgomery County 

Bell No. 25 Mutual No. 

Office Day Saturday 

Office at Court House 












405-A South Main St. 
Opera House Bldg. 


For information in rela- 
tion to rates for service call 
the secretary or local man- 
ager at each exchange. 

Complete County Service. 












First National Bank, 324 N. State. 
Litchfield Bank & Trust Co., cor. Ryder 

and N. State. 
Litchfleld National Bank, 316 N. State. 


Allen, Jos. R., 120 B. Kirkham. 
Bargfield. E. A., 220 N. State. 
Kelley, Dan, 117 W. Edwards. 
Ripley, Wm. H.. 105 W. Ryder. 


Priddle, Rolla, 113 E. Edwards. 
Windels, P. H., 123 E. Union Ave. 
Wright, P. E., 602 N. State. 


Wangler, Jos. 


Co-Operative Savings & Loan Associa- 

Litchfleld Business College, 401 N. State. 


Brawley Bros. 

Zuber, C. D., N. Jackson. 


Schalk, F. R., 411 N. State. 
Scholl & Hunt, N. State. 
Smith, A. V., 109 W. Ryder. 
Smoke Shop. 


Wessel, W. W., 212 N. State. 


Blackwelder, P. W., 305 N. State. 
Burgdorff, C. H., & Co., 321-323 N. State. 
Sterneck, N., 318 N. State, 308 N. State. 
Union Clothing Co., 320-322 N. State 
and 106 E. Kirkham. 


Wilton & Chapman, 106 N. State. 


Bartling, H. W., 124 W. Ryder. 
Buscher, M. J., & Co., 402 W. Edwards. 
Weigreffe, Wm., & Son, 110 N. Jackson. 
Welsh, Jas., 307 W. Edwards. 


O'Bannon & Kirkpatrick, 304% N. State. 


Bennett, J. E., & Co., 304% N. State. 


Litchfleld Candy Co., 314 N. State. 


Union Bakers, 209 N. State. 


Angle, Claud (Concrete), 608 E. Tyler 

Bishop, John J. (Cement), 306 Park PI. 

Butts, Jas. (Plaster), 506 W. Sargent. 

Cassity, Sterling (Carp.), 918 N. Harri- 

Dunn, W. A. (Concrete), 324 N. Mont- 

Pellmer, Geo. C. (Carp.), 803 N. Jackson. 
James, W. C. (Carp.), 914 N. Jackson. 
Keese & Chamberlain (Brick), 904 N. 


Smith, A. P., 115 W. Ryder. 
Striplin, Edw. (Concrete), 212 W. St. 



McPheron, R. A., 1101 E. Union Ave. 


Litchfield Creamery Co., W. St. John. 


Baker, T. T., 115% E. Union. 
Graf ton, C. W., 223% N. State. 
Gray, L. R., 401% N. State. 
Snerley, R. D., State. 


Bartling & Hussey, cor. Jefferson and 

W. Sargent. 

Cline, L. W., & Co., 415-417 N. State. 
Henley- Alden Co., 315 N. State and 112 

W. Kirkham. 


James, Miss Violet, 914 N. Jackson. 
Mock, Mrs. Sadie, 115% E. Union Ave. 
Roach, Miss Kate, 625 E. Edward. 
Smith, Esther, 615 Illinois Ave. 
Wayne, Mrs. I. K., 1119 N. Jackson. 


Holderread, "Walter, 223 N. State. 
Hood, Herbert S., 303 N. State. 
Kunkel & Frain, 403 N. State. 
Litchfield Drug Co., 302 N. State. 


Towey Dry Goods Co., 307 N. State. 
Youell, L. E., 630-632 N. Chestnut. 


Wessel, W. W., N. State. 


Southern Illinois Light & Power Co., 
107 W. Ryder. 


Illinois Traction System, 108 N. State. 

Nieman, Albert H., 815 N. State. 


Carroll & Son, 114 E - Ryder. 
CoBtello, Don, 722 W. Ryder. 
Dodda Undertaking < > 108 W. Ed- 


Adams Express Co., 304 N. Madison. 

American Express Co., 206-208 W. Ry- 

United States Express Co., 108 N. State. 

Wells Fargo Express Co., 304 N. Mad- 


is. .-.t. w. it.. 604 N. State. 
Eichelroth, E. O., 206-208 W. Ryder. 
Street Gate Co. Farm Equipments, 118 
E. Ryder. 




Blackwelder, Chas., 107 Union. 
Jordan, Robt., 415-417 N. Jefferson. 

l l l n MILLS 
Harris, E. E., 1303 N. Jefferson. 


McPheron, R. A., 1001 Union Ave. 


Hoog, E., 110 N. State. 

Litchfield Milling Co. 

Wand & Todt, 413 W. Union Ave. 


Litchfield Mill & Elevator Co., cor. Ed- 
wards and Jackson. 


Mercuric Bros., 208 N. State. 


Buman Mfg. Co. 


Beardsley, B. C., 603 "W. Jackson. 
Brubaker, G. E., 606 N. State. 
Corzine, W. T., 109 W. Edwards. 
Litchfield Auto Repair Co. 
Saxby, W. R., 117 E. Union Ave. 
White, John C., cross from Litchfield 


International Trucks 

County Dealer 

Sub Agent at Hillsboro 


Bell Phone 84 Michal 54 \ 

Opposite Litchfield Hotel 


Only Windmill Factory in County 

Water Supply Goods, Plumbing, Heating, Gasoline Engines 
We Solicit Your Patronage 





Burgdorff, C. H., & Co., 321-323 N. State. 
Union Clothing Co., 320-322 N. State 
and 106 W. Kirkham. 


Litchfield Grocer Co., 403 W. Ryder. 


Bishop, F., Montgomery and Taylor. 
Butler, Harry, 121 E. Union Ave. 
Edwards, J. E., cor. Clark and Van 


Emmons Grocery. 
Farmers' Exchange, 423 N. State. 
Gretzer, John L., 307 S. State. 
High School Grocery, 1101 W. Jefferson. 
Kaveney, Wm. P., 416 W. Sargent. 
Leak, Abram, 501-503 N. State. 
McBride Bros., 109 N. State. 
Mercer, J., 401 S. Jackson. 
Miller, Jackson. 
Neel, B. R., 501 S. Jackson. 
Neuber, A., 313 S. Hamilton. 
Owings Store, 1304 N. Monroe. 
Pearman, B. C., 610 E. South. 
Union Avenue Grocery, H. H. Van- 

Doren, 119 E. Union Ave. 


Austin & Shrader Bros., 216 N. State. 
Fizzell, Robt., 112-122 W. Union . 
Schutt Hardware Co., 409 N. State. 


Brell, Wm. F., E. Kirkham. 
Holderread, Henry, 108 E. Kirkham. 


Friddle, Rolla, E. Edwards. 
Gudder, A., E. Edwards. 
Wright, F. E., 602 N. State. 


St. Francis Hospital, 706 S. State. 


City Hotel, 223-227 W. Ryder. 
Illinois Hotel, 223 W. Ryder. 
Litchfield Hotel, cor. Madison and Ry- 

Old Dobson Hotel, 201 W. Edwards. 
Post Hotel, W. Kirkham. 
Star Hotel, 215 N. State. 


Bartling, H. W. 

Buscher, M. J., & Co., 402 W. Edwards.. 


Bray, M. E., 726 E. Union. 

Metropolitan Life Ins. Co., room 5, Do- 
ran Bldg. 

Neuber, Arthur M., 313 S. Hamilton. 

O'Bannor, S. E., 306% N. State. 

Prudential Life Ins. Co., room 6, Doran 

Rea, John W., Ill W. Kirkham. 


Hartwell Jewelry Co., 224 N. State. 

Lager Bros., 309 N. State. 

W r hite Jewelry & Art Co., 407 N. State. 



Fine Monument Work of All Kinds 

Artistic Lettering and Carving Our Specialty 

All Work Guaranteed as Represented 

Litchfield Marble & Granite Works 

W. O. WHITE, Prop. 





Gudder, Alec, E. Edwards. 
Welsh, Jas., 307 W. Edwards. 


Griswold, J. W., 106 E. Ryder. 
Munday, Chas., 729 S. State. 


Litchfleld Lamp Mfg. Co. 


Atterbury, J. H., 109 E. Ryder. 
Kessinger, S. W., 106 E. Ryder. 
Kinder, D. R., 405% N. State. 
>i.-\\ iiii.-iinx. Paul, 311 Madison. 
Rives, Zeno J., 110 E. Ryder. 
Stuttle, Harry C., 226% N. State. 


Litchfleld Farmers' Grain & Live Stock 
Co., 503-505 W. Tyler. 


Taylor, F. I., Lumber Co., W. Union 
Ave. . _ 

Beindorf, W. C., 317 W. Sargent. 
Coulter, Wm., cor. Kirkham and Wash- 

Litchfield Foundry & Machine Co., 308 
S. Jackson. 


Blades, S. E., 401 S. Jackson. 
Ulenhope & Co., cor. State and Sargent. 


Funeral Director 

Only Lady Licensed Em- 
balmer in the city 

Motor Hearse and Chapel 


of every description 
Concrete Burial Vaults 

111 W. Ryder St. 



Implements, Wagons, Bug- 
gies, Tractors, Silos, Fur- 
naces, Briscoe Automobiles. 
John Deere Full Line Implements. 

We carry a full line of John 
Deere and Johnson Repairs in 
Stock and can get any other 
repairs on short notice. 

We sell and recommend the following 
<b DeLaval Cream Separators. 

very & Moline Universal Tractors. 
Mueller & Caloric Pipeless Furnaces, 
i Meadows Washing Machines. 
Tower Surface Cultivators. 
Letz Feed Grinders. 

Ingeco Gasoline and Kerosene Engines. 
Ingeco Farm Lighting Plants. 
Louden Dairy Barn Equipment and Hay 


Hinman Milking Machines. 
Hayes Pumps. 
Emerson Buggies. 

Triple-G Goods: 

Union City Storm Buggies. 
Avery Threshing Machines. 
Superior Grain Drills. 
Plymouth Twine. 
Kokomo Fence. 
Geerless Hay Loaders. 
Perfection Straw Spreaders. 
Electric Wheel Co. Trucks. 
Ohio Ensilage Cutters. 
Van Brundt Fertilizer Sowers. 
Richmond Fertilizer Sowers. 
Cow Boy Tank Heaters. 

604 N. State St. 

Bell Phone 421 -W; Mutual Phone 6 

Litchfield, III. 



Beindorf Machine & 
Supply Co. 

Expert Machine Work and En- 
gine Repairing. Cylinder Rebor- 
ing, Tractor Repairing. We carry 
a large stock of engineers' sup- 
plies. Myers Pumps. Gasoline 
Engines and Steam Boilers, 
Pipes, Valves, Fittings, Belting, 
Packing and Hose 

Office, 317 W. Sargent St. 
Phone 89 



McBrain, Miss Mabel, 1116 W. Ryder. 


Costello, Don, 218 W. Ryder. 
LItchfleld Marble & Granite Co., 410 

N. Monroe. 


Mead, L. M., 108 W. Union. 
Rubinowitz, M. E., 108 E. Ryder. 
Salee, W. A., 212 N. State. 


Sallee, Miss Ota, Harrison and N. Limit, 
Towey, Mrs. Mamie Chas., 320 E. Union 

Wiegreffe, Miss Lorraine. 


Litchfleld Daily Union. 

LItchfleld News-Herald, 112 E. Ryder 


Williams, Chas., 108 W. Ryder. 


Hub, The, 319 N. State. 
Woolworth, P. W., Co., 311 N. State. 


Standard Oil Co., cor. Water and S, 


Sallee, June, First National Bank Bldg., 
106 Ms E. Kirkham. 




Glasses accurately fitted 
for better vision and the re- 
lief of eye strain. 

| Hours 9 to 12 and 1 to 5. LITCHFIELD - ILLINOIS S 


"The School That Business Men Endorse" 



We offer a "Home Study 

Course" in Typewriting 

and Shorthand. 

"It is the L. B. C. plan to 
help with help all it can." 


Eight Practical 
Courses offered. 

School in session 
the year round. 


Enter any time. 

"Practical Farm 
Course" offered. 







I'appiiieier, John A., 409 N. State. 


Cline, J. Stanley. 124 W. Ryder. 
Schiller, Solomon, 409% N. State. 
Tennyson, D. D., 323% N. State. 


Allen, L. D., 404 N. Monroe. 
Bancroft, Victor B., 601 N. State. 
Bennett, Harry F., 117 W. Kirkham. 
Bennett, R. F., 117 W. Kirkham. 
Blackwelder, F. C., 120 W. Ryder. 
Colt, J. D., 416 N. Monroe. 
Cox. G. W., 123 E. Union Ave. 
Griswold, Ross. 
liiiMNiiuiiin, Dr. Geo. 8. 
Sihler, G. A., 312 N. Madison. 
Sihler, G. A., Jr., 312 N. Madison. 
Snell, M. W., 302% N. State. 
Williams, T. W., 315 N. Madison. 
Zoller, C. H., Milnor Bldg. 


Cox, Chas. T. 

MeDaniela & Son, 611 Clinton. 
Odem, Press, 206 N. State. 
Tinklepaugh, Henry, 110 B. Kirkham. 


Legg Poultry Co. 


Lewis, E. B., room 4, Doran Bldg. 
Litchfleld Printing & Stationery Co., 

108-110 E. Ryder. 

Randall, Parham A., 607 N. Chestnut. 
Union Printing Co., W. Ryder. 


American Radiator Co. 


King, W. J., 115 W. Ryder. 
Neighbors, J. L., room 11, Doran Bldg. 
O'Bannon, Kirkpatrick, 304% N. State. 
Ren & Tester, 114 W. Ryder. 
Stansifer, A. R., 216 N. State. 
Strehle, J. C., 118 E. Ryder. 
Wood, L. F., 114 W. Ryder. 


Ballard Johnson Co., 423 N. Washing- 

Beveridge, Mrs. T. L., 218 N. State. 
Blakey, Mrs., 202% N. State. 
Jones, Mrs., 206 N. State. 


Wilton & Chapman, 106 N. State. 


North State Street Sanitarium, 601 N. 


Brawley, C. F., 112 W. Union Ave. 


Brown Shoe Co. 
Ritchie, John, 317 N. State. 
Stansifer Shoe Co., 306 N. State. 
Sterneck, N., 318 N. State. 
Union Clothing Co., 320-822 N. State 
and 106 E. Kirkham. 


Brown, David, 421 N. State. 
Burns, John, 403 S. State. 
Hussey, Wm. H., 118% E. Kirkham. 
Mangers, Peter, 212 E. Ryder. 


Hargraves, Lewis, Silo Co. 

M. IIKII. ii. Albert II.. 815 N. State. 

Seathoff, R. W., Tyler and Chestnut. 


Catt, W. H., 109 W. Kirkham. 
Krumerick, Miss Sophia, 321 N. State. 
Wessel, W. W., 212 N. State. 


Western Union Telegraph Co., 222 N. 


Litchfleld Telephone Co., 102% W. Ry- 
Peoples Mutual Tel. Co., 401% N. State. 


Clearwater, Napoleon, 715 N. Madison. 
Killer, Henry, 214 N. Harrison. 


Duncan, D. W., 515 North. 
Striplin, Edw., 212 W. St. John. 
White, W. A., 1314 N. Jackson. 


White, John C., cross from Litchfleld 



Eastman Kodaks and 

Sherwin-Williams Paints and 

Wall Paper 
School Books 

Mail and Telephone Orders 

| Walter Holderread I 






VEHICLES Beatty, L. A Jewelry Store 

Bout, Roy, N. State. Bender Henrv Coal 

Eichelroth, B. O, 206-208 W. Ryder. f^ f^ "&"&*"*< 

VETERINARIANS Branham, Frank 5 & JO Cent Store 

Bandy, Chas. W., 309 W. Kirkham. Braye, Geo 

Travis, A., 117-119 W. Division. Machine Shop, Implements & 

Brenner, Jos Implements 

WINDMILLS Bur well, Dr. E. A Physician 

New Era Windmill Co. Grain Bing 

xTrkvr*To Central Illinois Creamery Co. 

NUKOMIS Central Illinois Public Service Co. 

Abrolet, E Blacksmith Shop Cilufo, F Fruit Store 

Arnold, Joseph Bakery Costa, Lucino General Mdse. 

Balsey & Schneider Autos Crowell, P Cigar Store 

Beaman, Ed Meat Market Crumbaugh, Mrs. Dora Millinery 

^ . ^ !% Eikhoff, A. J Poultry 

~~~ Ernst, Fred.. Real Estate & Insurance 

Farmers National Bank. 

Dr Geo F Hasaman Gelly ' Gea D Insurance 

L/r. 060. H.. naSSman Giberson, C. C Meat Market 

OSTEOPATH Grauer, Wm. F Hay Buyer 

Hargrave Lumber Co Lumber 

Graduate of Kirksville, Mo. Hotel Nokomis. 

Hovey, Dr. W. C Physician 

Bell Phone 309 Hoyt, Dr. J. M Physician 

Irwin, Dr. M. N Physician 

221 W. Kirkham Jaynes, A. J Barber 

LITCHFIELD ILLINOIS Kahrhoff, M. H., & Co... Meat Market 

Kelly, R. D 

_^___^__^_^^_^^_^________ Stock Yards, Stock Buyer & 


Kempton, C. H Drug Store 

Kerr, C. H., & Co 

Henley Alden Company jj Kettlekamp ; fl #^ * ^ lements 

Litchfield, Illinois Autos & Lalley Lighting Plants 

R-H .,! M.,,.I PK. = Kettlekamp, J., Auto Sales Co Autos 

Bell and Mutual Phones g= T , o A u /-> ii^-j 

g Kroeger & Arnold General Mdse. 

. H Kroeger, Arnold & Brockman 


Distributors of Le S& Produce Co Poultry & Eggs 

MEN'S and WOMEN'S = Lipschitz, I. (The Fair) 

1V1 I_*l^ *J ttllU TV \_7iVl L.1^ *J _ r . /~* j , , , , - ' ; . I , TT 7 

f-i r^TiMr- iv/in f IMPOV ^ ..Dry Goods & Ladies Ready-to-Wear 

CLOTHING, MILLINERY, = Little B urrell Tailor Shop 

SHOES, HOISERY, UNDER- Miller, H. C .Attorney 

WEAR, SILKS, LINENS, DRESS | Mincevitch, A. , Meat Market 

GOODS of WOOL and Moose Hotel. 

POTTON RIIPS I IN Nobbe, H. J Grain Elevator 

TON, RUGS, LIN- Nokomis Coal Co Coal Mine 

OLEUMS, DRAPER- Nokomis Co-operative Store 

IES, SHADES. Grocery & Miners' Supplies 

Nokomis Machine Shops 

QUALITY and SERVICE I .Machine Work, Implements & 

... H Nokomis National Bank. 

at all times. Nokomis Progress Newspaper 

Nokomis State Bank. 

Grain Bins 

j Make this store your head- Olmstead, D. E Tailor Shop 

quarters when in town Pachesa Bros Meat Market 

1 Paddock, C. H., Lumber Co 

^IllllllllllllllllllllinillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllUlllllllJlllllllIll Lumber, Paints & Building Material 



Panwitt, F. J., & Son Neal, H Barber 

. .Hardzvare, Furniture & Implements Reveli, G Restaurant 

Pauschert, A. P Photo Studio Romani, C General Mdse. 

Pereboom & Pereboom Schwartz, J General Mdse. 

Jewelry & Grafonolas 

Pier, John Coal & Hay RAYMOND 

Pleak, J. J Osteopath Beck, Geo. J . . . Ice Cream & Restaurant 

Pness, L. A Blacksmith Carlin & Jones Lumber Yard 

Robertson Bros. Hardware & Plumbing De Prima, Max Restaurant 

Rogers, Chas Garage Dirscoll, Dr. L Physician 

Rowe, C. E Dentist Doyle, Noah Garage 

Russell Mercantile Co. . .General Mdse. Drake, F. M Racket Store 

Schafer, Geo Drug Store, John '.'.'.'...'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. Shoes 

Schneider, L. J Dry Goods & Shoes Farmers Grain & Supply Co Grain 

Schutter, Geo Tin Shop First National Bank. 

Serenco, Harry Foster, A. W Dry Goods 

Dry Goods & Clothing Guthrie, D Jeweler 

Shaef er, David Groceries Guthrie, F Notion Store 

Smgler, Dr. Henry Dentist Haarstick, Geo Farm Implements 

Smith, Louis .Shoes Henderson, H. J 

Snedecker, R. W Garage Jewelry 6- Optometrist 

Snell, Wesley Restaurant Hendrickson, L. E Grocery 

Sprinkle, Dr. J. M Dentist Hines, I Furniture 

Sullivan, Edward Feed Store Hough, R. M Undertaking 

Tick, Henry Electrician Hughes, E Harness Shop 

Todd, John Kenton, Dr. J. R Physician 

Dry Goods & Women's Clothing Legg Produce Co Poultry & Eggs 

Turzak, Joseph Grocery Lipe, O. R Veterinary Surgeon 

Vaughan, Dr. C. W Physician Litch, Miss Susie Millinery 

Walcher, J. L Veterinary Surgeon Litchfield Creamery Co. 

Wallus, Jos Miners' Store 

}v, a . ' J as ,'.. Livery t'liiiiiiiiniiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiniiilnniiiiiiiiiiiiiiniininiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii'j 

Webster, W. G Attorney 

Weinstein, Jos. H., & Co Clothing 

Wells & Brown Clothing Columbia Grafonolas and 

Welsch, Con A Bakery 

Welsch, Jos Restaurant Records Player Pianos I 

Wilson, Dr. G. S Physician \ 

Wilson, J. D Attorney Watches Jewelery and 

Woltman, John, & Co General Mdse. 

Yackle, F Shoe Store Diamonds 

Young, Crickenberger & Kettlekamp.. 

Real Estate & Autos 

Zueck, Baptiste Meats 

Repairing Neatly Done 
Farmers Bank. Eyes Tested Free 

Grote, Geo. H General Mdse. ^ 

Paddock Lumber Co....... Ansco Cameras 

Lumber & Building Material 

Umpleby, J. F Grain 

Zimmerman Bros Grocery 

TjAXTAiwrA Pereboom & Pereboom 


AzZ ! & r L'nzinni Bakery Jewelers and Opticians 

Bank of Panama. 

Everett Drug Store Drugs 

Kinzer & Pullen . . KTJ*\V SVAXIO it i YH.TSIYO 

McCracken, R Meat Market NOKOMIS - ILLINOIS 

Hardware & Furniture 

McReaken, C Restaurant ^iiiniiiiiiiiiiiiniiniiiiiiiiiniiiiniiiiiniiiiniiinuiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiniiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii^ 



Get Your Footwear From 


Maze, C. L Grocery & Meats 

McLean, G. C Dry Goods 

Oberle, A Implements 

Potts, L. L Newspaper Publisher 

Raymond State Bank. 

Raymond Tile & Cement Factory 

Tile & Blocks 

Reinecke, Roy Hardware 

Scherer, Dr. W Dentist 

Scholte, Steve Bakery & Restaurant 

Sellars, P. A Grocery 

Seward, R General Mdse. 

Seymour, W. L Drugs 

Southern Illinois Light & Power Co. 

Standard Oil Co. 

Stovenor, F Clothing & Dry Goods 


American Zinc Co. 

Bell, Harry Grocery 

Bonon, Fred Feed Store 

Brooks, Eli Confectionery 

Brownstein, H 

Clothing, Hardware & Dry Goods 

Brown-Murdock & Co... General Mdse. 

Cobetto, Frank General Mdse. 

Dancisak, Geo General Mdse. 

Freedman, D Dry Goods & Clothing 

Herman, Dr. E. H Physician 


The Creamery that was organized by the Farmers, for the Farmers, 
= and of the Farmers. We buy your cream the year around. Our Co-op- 
| erative Payment Plan nets the Farmer the Highest Market Price for his 

Every Pair Guaranteed, 
for the Whole Family, 
and Johansen Shoes. 




G. W. FESSER, President. 


GEO. H. BOST, Mgr. and Treas. 

Phones: Bell 177; Mutual 51 

18 Years of Successful Business 





A State Bank 

Nokomis, HI. 

The Bank that plans to meet the 
ordinary needs of every one. 

Conservative Safe Consistent. 

3% on Savings and Time Deposits. 
Safety Deposit Boxes for Rent. 

This is the Bank where we want 
you to feel at Home. 


J. L. Manning, Pres. 

V. C. Singler, Cashier 

C. H. Kerr, Vice-Pres. 

B. F. Zimmerman, Asst. Cashier. 

Our Growth in Deposits 







The 0. H. Paddock Lumber Co. 

"The Place to Buy Lumber" 

Lumber, Building Material, Cement, Paints, Millwork, Building 
Blocks, Sewer Pipe, Posts and Poles, Glass, Oils and Turpentine 

We sell and recommend the following Triple-G Goods: 

Cornell Wall Board. 

Vulcanite & Security Roofings. 

Can't-Sag Gates. 

Valdura Roof Paints. 

Acme Plaster and Plasterboard. 

Best Brands Cement. 

DeVoe and Lowe Bros. House and 

Barn Paints. 
Best Brands Millwork. 
DeVoe, Pratt & Lambert and Berry 

Bros. Varnishes. 
Medusa Water-Proof Cement. 

We have a large stock of goods on hand at all times. 
Nokomis, 111. Yards at Coffeen and Ohlman 



Hardware, Furniture and 

Implements Builders 

We sell and recom- 
mend the following 
Triple-G Goods: 

Diamond Edge Tools 
Estate Stoves and Ranges 

Range Eternal 

Revenoc & Boss Oil Stoves 
Winchester Guns and Ammunition 

Sharpies Separators 
Myers Pumps and Hay Tools 

Fairbanks Z Engines 

Maytag Washing Machines 

John Deere Full Line Implements 

and Wagons 

See us when in need of Builders' 
Hardware. We carry a com- 
plete line of House Furnishings 
and Furniture. 



Grazeck, Henry Barber 

Guelpa, Fred Bakery 

Hill, Isaac, Lumber Co Lumber 

Hillsboro Co-operative Assn 

General Mdse. 

Jagosh, John Meats 

Kellar, T. C Receiver for 

C. & E. I. Coal Mine Properties 

Mazera, Mrs. Joe Grocery 

Mehrochko, Jdhn. . .Grocery & Meats 

Melic, Chas Barber 

Panschis, Jos Grocery & Meats 

Rosen f eld, M Clothing & Shoes 

State Bank of Taylor Springs. 
Swingle's Drug Store Drugs 


Drennan, Allen General Mdse. 

Thomas & Loyd Grain 

Wand & Todd Grain 


Bank of Waggoner. 

Gerlach, J. W Grain 

Hargraves & Lewis Lumber Co.. Lumber 

Kesslar & Son General Mdse. 

McGill, Dr. L. R Physician 

Norvell, C. S, Co General Mdse. 

Rice, R. J. . Hardware 

Shoptaw, H Blacksmith 

Thompson, W. A Barber 


The Electric Light and 
Power for Every Farm. 

Pays for itself by 
the work it does. 

Let us demonstrate 
to you why you 
should have a Lalley. 
A message on the 
phone will bring it 
to your home. 

Power and light 
with the Lalley Light 
day or night. 

I A. 0. KETTELKAMP, Dealer Nokomis, III. | 




Vignos, J. E Confectionery 

Wandt, Todd & Co Grain 


Barlow, T. M. & C. C. . ..General Mdse. 

Copeland & Canon General Mdse. 

Marburger, A. G Grocery 

McPhail, C. L Grocery 


Adams, Dr. J. W Physician 

Avena, A General Mdse. 

Bathe, C. E Neivsstand 

Baxter, W Garage 

Benz, John Bakery 

Betty, J., & Son Tractors 

Buchko, John Grocery 

Carricker & Maxey 

Grocery & Hardware 

Coderre, T Drugs 

Dean, H. L Justice Peace 

Fesser Bros Meat Market 

Gruenwald, Dr. W Physician 

Hammack, H. L 

Dry Goods & Clothing 

Hargrave, Lewis, Lumber Co... Lumber 

Hoehn, F Garage 

Hubbard, Dr. E. D Dentist 


So many times a customer has 
come into your store and asked 
for a brand you do not carry. 
You tried to sell a competing 
brand, but could not. Did you 
then say, "Wait a moment and 
I'll get what you want," or, "I'll 
get what you want and send it to 
you?" The probability is you 
would make the sale at a loss, but 
such a loss is an investment to be 
realized on throughout your busi- 
ness life. It pays to please. 

Chas. L. Rogers 

Auto Repairing 

Auto Accessories of all kinds 
Kokomo Tires 

Columbia Batteries 
Inland Piston Rings 

We buy and sell second hand 
automobiles. Bicycle repairs. 

" Bell Phone 339 

Nokomis Illinois 

^iiiiiiiniMiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiniiniiiiiiiHiiiii 1 ' 

| William A. Bote 

Insurance in All Its 

! Agency Fidelity Phoenix Co. 
Fire, Tornado and Windstorm. 

I Automobiles insured against Fire, 
Theft, Collision. Liability and 
Property Damage. New York 
Life Insurance Co., Hartford Live 

! Stock Co., Kaskaskia Live Stock 

| Co. 

i Real Estate of all kinds. Notary 

Phone Bell 241 






Wm. F. Grauer 

Dealer, Buyer and Shipper 
of All Kinds of Hay 

Highest Market 
Price Paid 

Offices: Nokomis and Pal- 
mer, 111. 

Office at Nokomis 
With H. J. Bender 


= H 



Drugs, Stationery, Paints, 

Oils, Wall Paper and School 


We are headquarters for win- 
dow glass, Dr. Hess and other 
standard stock foods. 

Drugs with a reputation. 

Our prescriptions are care- 
fully filled by a registered phar- 

Phone Bell 83 


nnimraniuwtiii miinm 


Keller Coal Co Coal Mine 

Lee, Samuel General Mdse. 

Lewin, R Gents' Furnishing 

Lockhart, Dr. C. H Physician 

Luderwick, R. S Attorney 

Martin, A. R Auctioneer 

McDowell, F Decorator 

Michael, Joe Real Estate 

Oland National Bank. 

Pailsey Mill & Elevator Co Grain 

Paslavsky, Sam.. Dry Goods & Clothing 
Pfertner, F. W..Dry Goods & Clothing 

Pyle, W Grocery 

Stauder & Hoehn Hardware 

Tarro, J. A Grocery Store 

Taylor, S., & Son Grocery & Meats 

Voytilla, J Grocery 

Walcher, Chas Veterinary Surgeon 

Witt Co-operative Store. . General Mdse. 
Witt National Bank. 

Witt Press Newspaper 

Witt Vulcanizing Shop 

Tire Vulcanising 

Wittman, Edw Harness Shop 


Hess, J. W Grocery 

Wandt, Todt & Co. .Grain, Hay & Feed 





Dealer in 

Flour, Shorts 

and Bran 





Automobile Directory of Montgomery Couuty 

This List Contains the Names of Farm Automobile Owners Only 


Adams, Fred 
Adams, Jake T. 
Adden, Mrs. F. 
Adden, Otto 
Adden, Theo. 
Aherin, M. C. 





Buick Six 


Rosemond, R. 1 
Raymond, R. 3 
Nokomis, R. 1 
Nokomis, R. 5 
Harvel, R. 1 

Aikman, Herbert Saxon Six 

Buick Farmersville, R. 2 

Alderson, T. A. Reo 
Alexander, Ida Dodge 
Alexander, Mrs. I. E. 

Allen, O. K. 

Farmersville, R. 1 
Hillsboro, R. 4 
Fillmore, R. 2 


Allen, Robt. B. 
Almond, Geo. H. 
Anderson, J. W. 
Anderson, W. C. 
Angerstein, C. W. Ford 
Armentrout, C. L. Studebaker 
Armentrout, G. W Studebaker 
Armstrong, R, D. Overland 
Armstrong, Wm. H. 


Arney, Wm. Dodge 

Arnold, Edwin W. Ford 
Arnold, Willis E. Ford 
Ash, Chas. H. Ford 

Hillsboro, R. 1 
Overland and Ford 

Coffeen, R. 1 

Ford Barnett, R. 2 

Dodge Virden, R. 2 

Nokomis, R. 1 

Hillsboro, R. 2 

Hillsboro, R. 2 

Irving, R. 1 

Irving, R. 1 

Litchfield, R. 1 

Waggoner, R. 1 

Hillsboro, R. 3 


Waggoner, R. 1 

Irving, R. 2 

Name Make 

Attebery, Chas. W. 


Attebery, Wm. J. Buick 
Ault, Mrs. Mary M. 

Aylward, Ed. Ford 

Bahlow, H. W. 
Bailey, Edgar 
Baker, Horace S. 
Baker, Jarvis 
Baker, M. D. 
Ball, Henry S. 
Ball, Wm. A. 
Balsley, Chris 
Bandy, Jas. P. 
Bandy, Orville B. Ford 
Bandy, Walter H. Ford 
Barnstable, Henry 

Barricklow, Elizabeth M. 


Barricklow, L. A. Ford 
Barringer, I. N. Ford Sedan 
Barry, Earl 
Barry, M. 
Bass, Edgar 
Battles, Earl W. 


Hillsboro, R. 4 

Hillsboro, R. 4 

Hillsboro, R. 4 

Nokomis, R. 3 

Reo Raymond, 



Ford Hillsboro, 



Ford Farmersville, 



Buick Barnett, 



Ford Fillmore, 



Chevrolet Litchfield, 



Ford Virden, 



Crow-Elkhart Witt, 



Ford Litchfield, 



Ford Litchfield, 



Ford Barnett, 



Nokomis, R. 2 

Coffeen, R. 2 

Coffeen, R. 2 

Fillmore, R. 2 

Ford Hillsboro, R. 4 

Ford Farmersville, R. 2 

Overland Oconee, R. 1 

Ford Nokomis, R. 4 


The automobile has quickened American life by 
making it possible to do more things every day. 
Without an automobile it is doubtful whether you 
can keep up with your opportunities. 

Overland and Willys Knight Autos 

Pennsylvania Vacuum 
Cup Tires 

Brunswick Tires 
United States Tires 
Veedol Oils 
Champion Spark Plugs 

Plowman 15-30 



per cent Reserve Power Tractor 







Battles, Edw. 
Bauer, Arthur 
Bauer, R. D. 


Nokomis, R. 4 
Nokomis, R. 3 
Nokomis, R. 3 

Bauman, F. C. Overland Nokomis, R. 5 

Bauman, John Overland Nokomis, R. 3 

Beal, J. K. Buick Four Hillsboro, R. 4 

Beal, Newton Reo Hillsboro, R. 4 

Beaman, S. Rover Ford Raymond, R. 3 

Beasley, Chas. Chevrolet Virden, R. 2 
Beattie, David Overland 

Morrisonville, R. 3 

Beaty, Isaac Dodge Virden, R. 2 
Beck, C. G. Ford Walshville, R. 1 

Becker, Albert Ford Fillmore, R. 1 
Bedinghaus, Clem Overland 

Farmersville, R. 1 

Bell, Harry Ford Taylor Springs 

Benning, Geo. Ford Harvel, R. 1 
Benning, Herman and Fred 

Maxwell Raymond, R. 2 

Benning, John H. Ford Raymond, R. 3 
Bergman, Henry Winton Six 

Litchfield, R. 3 
Bergschneider, Xheo. 

Saxon Six Harvel, R. 2 
Berkenkamp, Aug. 


Farmersville, R. 2 

Berry, F. M. Ford Irving, R. 1 

Besanceney, Jules Buick Barnett, R. 2 

Best, Aug. Ford Harvel, R. 1 

Best, Carl Ford Butler, R. 1 
Best, Carl F. Maxwell 

Morrisonville, R. 3 

Best, Ernest D. Chevrolet Butler, R. 1 

Best, Jacob Ford Coffeen, R. 2 
Best, Peter Jackson Mor,risonville, R. 3 

Bethard, Benj. Briscoe Harvel, R. 1 

Bethard, G. W. Ford Raymond, R. 1 

Bethard, W. J. Ford Harvel, R. 1 

Betzold, G. F. Maxwell Nokomis, R. 2 

Billiter, Jas. A. Ford Barnett, R. 2 
Birkenkamp, Fred W. 

Maxwell Litchfield, R. 4 

Bishop, F. E. Overland Pana, R. 3 

Bitter, W. Maxwell Hornsby 
Black, Mrs. Alma L. 

Jackson Witt, R. 1 

Blackburn, Earl Dodge Hillsboro, R. 1 
Blackburn, John E. 

Ford ' Coffeen, R. 2 

Blackburn, J. R. Ford Hillsboro, R. 1 

Blackburn, W. S. Ford Coffeen, R. 2 
Blackwood, W. E. 

Ford Hillsboro, R. 4 

Bock, Martin Reo Witt, R. 1 

Boden, A. J. Ford Litchfield, R. 3 

Boehler, Chas. H. Oakland Raymond, R. 3 

Bohlen, Ekke Ford Litchfield, R. 3 

Bonnet, S. F. Overland Harvel, R. 2 
Bonnett, David Reo Farmersville, R. 1 

Booher, T. L. Ford Coffeen, R. 3 

Best, Alex Buick Six Fillmore, R. 2 

Bost, B. A. Overland Coffeen, R. 2 

Bost, Coles L. Ford Toffeen, R. 2 

Bost, DwigM For': Irving, R. 1 

Bost. F. P BuicU Coffeen. R. 2 

Bost, M. II For,] Fillmotr, R. 1 

Name Make Postoffice 

Bost, Ralph S. Briscoe Fillmore, R. 2 

Bost, Thos. L. Ford Nokomis, R. 2 

Bottrell, Robt. Ford Morrisonville, R. 2 

Bowles, Chas. L. Ford Coffeen, R. 1 

Bowles, Tom E. Ford Litchfield, R. 2 

Bowman, C. E. Ford Waggoner, R. 1 

Boyd, W. A. Dodge Hillsboro, R. 2 

Bradley, Oscar Cartercar Irving, R. 1 
Brackebusch, Aug. 

Buick Coffeen, R. 3 

Bramel, B. A. Dodge Butler 
Brandes, Frank H. 

Maxwell Harvel, R. 1 

Braye, Henry Ford Harvel, R. 1 

Breiterback Bros. Allen Harvel, R. 1 

Bremer, J. H. Studebaker Hillsboro 

Bridge, H. L. Ford Nokomis, R. 4 

Bridges, Willis Ford Litchfield, R. 3 

Briegel, John Maxwell Nokomis, R. 4 
Brockman, Herman 

Ford Farmersville, R. 1 
Brockman, Walter 

Ford Hillsboro, R. 2 
Brockmeyer, Henry 

Ford Farmersville, R. 1 

Brockmeyer, Wm. Ford Harvel, R. 2 

Brohammer, Fred Ford Coffeen, R. 1 

Brohammer, T. A. Fqrd Coffeen, R. 1 

Brokaw, Abram Ford Litchfield, R. 3 
Brown, Arthur Overland 

Farmersville, R. 1 

Brown, Chas. L. Studebaker Irving, R. 1 

Brown, C. C. Crow Pana, R. 3 

Brown, C. E. Dodge Rosemond, R. 1 

Brown, E. H. Dodge Hillsboro, R. 4 

Brown, Jas. Buick Farmersville, R. 1 

Brown, John Overland Harvel, R. 2 

Brown, John W. Maxwell Pawnee, R. 51 

Brown, J. F. Buick Farmersville, R. 1 

Brown, Ralph Reo Farmersville, R. 2 

Brown, Roland O. Dodge Butler 

Browning, J. W. Ford Waggoner, R. 1 

Browning, Ray Buick Raymond, R. 2 

Brubaker, Levi Ford (2) Farmersville, R. 1 

Brubaker, Martin Ford Waggoner, R. 1 

Bruns, John Ford Rosemond, R. 1 

Bruntjen, J. G. Ford Harvel, R. 1 

Bryce, Geo. A. Overland Irving, R. 1 

Bryce, Wm. White Nokomis, R. 1 

Buchanan, Ray Buick Raymond, R. 2 

Bullard, Sarah Cartercar Harvel, R. 1 

Bullard, S. F. Maxwell Harvel, R. 2 

Brokaw, Isaac F. Ford Litchfield, R. 1 
Burke, Jas. Overland, Chalmers 
and Maxwell 

Farmersville, R. 2 

Burke, Michael Ford Girard, R. 43 

Burnet, C. E. Overland Raymond, R. 2 

Burnet, J. A. Dodge Raymond, R. 2 

Burris, Chas. D. Overland Butler, R. 1 

Burris, John R. Buick Girard, R. 43 

Purris. W. C. Dodge Butler, R. 1 
Burris, W. Richard 

Buick Pawnee, R. 51 

Burton, W. W. Ford Waggoner, R. 1 

Busby, J. A. Maxwell Butler 

Buse, Rudolph Elgin Ohlman 

Butler, H. B. Ford Hillsboro, R. 1 



Name Make 

Butler, Ralph Ford 
Butler, Wesley Ford 

Calame, Paul Ford 

Caldicott, John Ford 
Caldwell, C. M. Metz 
Campbell, Chas. W. 

Campbell, Earl A. 

Campbell, Robert. 


Cannon, H. Ford 

Carey, Pat. J. Ford 

Carr, Delbert C. Ford 
Carr, Dolphas Maxwell 
Carriker, C. L. Vulcan Witt, R. 1 

Carroll, C. C. Overland Oconee, R. 1 

Carroll, John Hupmobile Ramsey, R. 3 

Carter, Wm. D. Ford Barnett, R. 2 

Cartmel, L. F. Overland Thomasville 

Case, Delbert Ford Virden, R. 2 

Case, Harvey Winton Six Nokomis, R. 5 
Case, Otis International and 

Ford Virden, R. 42 

Cashen, J. W. Paige Farmersville, R. 2 
Cass, O. B. Dodge Butler, R. 1 

Casselberry, W. H. 

Franklin Nokomis, R. 1 
Cave, Robt. Overland Litchfield, R. 2 

Chamberlain, L. M. 

Overland Hillsboro, R. 4 
Chaplin, Harry Ford Raymond, R. 2 

Chapman, Albert Ford Raymond, R. 2 

Chausse, Edgar Oldsmobile Nokomis, R. 1 
Chausse, W. A. Ford Nokomis, R. 1 

Christian, W. R. Briscoe Witt, R. 1 

Christner, W. L. Elgin Rosemond, R. 1 

Chumley, Hugh Ford Coffeen, R. 2 

Clark, John J. Ford Farmersville, R. 2 
Clark, L. J. Ford Girard, R. 43 

Clarke, Frank J. Overland 

Farmersville, R. 2 

Clarke, J. E. Dodge Morrisonville, R. 2 

Clarke, Patrick Ford Farmersville, R. 2 
Clarke, Thos. Overland 

Farmersville, R. 2 

Clayton, ArthurS. Ford Hornsby, R. 11 

Clotfelter, R. J. Maxwell Hillsboro, R. 2 
Commerford, Mrs. Anna 

Case and Overland 

Farmersville, R. 2 

Convery, Frank Dodge Farmersville, R. 1 
Cooper, J. J. Ford Nokomis, R. 1 

Corlew, Basil F. Ford Raymond, R. 3 

Corlew, Willis M. Ford Raymond, R. 3 

C^rnwell, Wm. H. Chevrolet Atwater, R. 45 
Cramer Sisters Ford Witt, R. 1 

Crawford, Geo. W. 

Ford Barnett, R. 2 

Cress, Frank Ford Coffeen, R. 2 

Cress Hill Farm Buick Hillsboro 

Cress, H. E. Case Irving, R. 3 

Cress, J. D. Ford Fillmore, R. 2 

Cress, Lee F^rd Fillmore 

Cress, W. Orin Ford Irving, R. 3 

Crites, Albert B. Ford Fillmore, R. 2 

Crites, J. D. Ford Coffeen, R. 2 
































Crouse, Alex 






, R. 






Lennul R. 























Dahler, Chas. 
Dammann, E. L. 






v Irvine' 






Frank B. 
Geo. D. 
O. B. 


Harvel, R. 2 
Litchfield, R. 2 
Litchfield, R. 2 
Walshville, R. 1 

Davis, Sidney R. Dodge Donnellson, R. 1 

Davis, Theo. Ford Barnett 

Dayis, W. J. Overland Litchfield, R 2 

Davis, W. L. Ford Walshville, R. 1 

DeBarr, John Ford Litchfield, R. 3 

Deist, Wm. Dort Nokomis, R. 1 

Delong, Jas. Studebaker Nokomis, R. 1 

Denney, Earl Chevrolet Harvel, R. 1 

Denny, Oscar Maxwell Harvel, R. 1 
DeMoulin, Rene S. 

Chevrolet Litchfield, R. 1 

Dempsey, J. D. Studebaker 

Farmersville, R. 2 

D^rby, F. P. Dodge Raymond, R. 2 

Detmers, Andrew Dodge Nokomis, R. 1 

DeVries, John Ford New Douglas, R. 1 

Dewerff, Geo. Dodge Nokomis, R. 1 

Dewerff, John Ford Nokomis, R. 1 

Dewerff, Wm. Reo Nokomis, R. 1 

Dickey, Homer Buick Four Raymond, R. 2 

Dikerson, H. M. Chevrolet Litchfield, R. 2 

Dirks, John Allen Nokomis, R. 2 

Dixon, Geo. Ford Virden, R. 2 

Doehler; Paul Buick Mt. Olive, R. 14 

Doerr, A. T. Overland Harvel, R. 1 

Doerr, C. Ford Harvel, R. 1 

Doerr, Peter H. Studebaker Irving, R. 1 

Dohler, John E. Briscoe Irving, R. 3 

Doiss, Aug. Chevrolet Nokomis, R. 2 

Doll, Henry T. Ford Litchfield 

Doll, Minnie Ford Litchfield, R. 1 

Dollintine, W. R. Studebaker Sorento, R. I 

Doody, Tom Dodge Harvel, R. 2 

Dougherty, P. Reo Irving, R. 3 

Downs, Paul Ford Irving, R. 3 

Doyle, Thos. Jeffery Six Raymond, R. 3 

Dragoo, W. L. Maxwell Pawnee, R. 2 

Drake, John O. Ford Barnett, R. 1 

Dressor, P. S. Maxwell Hillsboro, R. 2 

Drewel Bros. Ford Walshville, R. 1 

Dunlap, C. W. Buick Pawnee, R. 51 

Durand, Eugene Overland 

Farmersville, R. 1 

Durham, Dave Ford Farmersville, R. 2 

Durston, A. E. Ford Witt, R. 1 

Durston, Edgar Hudson, Maxwell and 

Oakland Coffeen, R. 1 

Durston, J. J. Studebaker Irving, R. 1 

Durston, W. H. Ford Irving, R. 2 

Ebe, Mrs. Sopha Buick Pawnee, R. 3 

Eckhoff, Kasper Ford Nokomis, R. 4 

Eddington, Edgar Ford Irving, R. 1 



Name Make Postoffice 

Name Make Postoffice 

Eddington, Mrs. Jas. 

Fite, C. E. Ford Waggoner, R. 1 

Ford Irving, R. 2 

Fitzgerald, Frank Dodge Farmersville, R. 1 

Eddington, Joe. Sr. 

Flint, Earl W. Overland Raymond 

Reo Irving 

Flitz, John Ford Litchfield, R. 2 

Eddington, Joe Jr. Pullman Irving, R. 1 

Flood, Frank Buick Six 

Eddington, Oliver Ford Butler 

Farmersville, R. 2 

Eddington, Roy Briscoe Witt, R. 1 

Flood, T. P. Buick Farmersville, R. 2 

Edwards, Amos R. 

Floyd, Eugene Ford Harvel, R. 2 

Hudson Hillsboro, R. 2 

Fonke, Aug. B. Empire Barnett, R. 2 

Edwards, Henry A. 

Forbes, Ray Buick Farmersville, R. 1 

Buick Coffeen, R. 1 

Foster, John F. Dodge and International 

Edwards, Jacob T. 

Truck Harvel, R. 1 

Ford Harvel, R. 1 

Foster, Ross Ford Nokomis, R. 4 

Edwards, J. Allen Studebaker and Ford 

Fraley, Everett Briscoe Irving, R. 2 

Hillsboro, R. 2 

Frame, Amos Ford Hillsboro, R. 2 

Edwards, Lvnn Ford Coffeen, R. 1 

Frame, Geo. C. Buick Hillsboro, R. 2 

Edwards, M. I. Overland Walshville, R. 1 

Franks, L. C. Ford Farmersville, R. 1 

Edwards, Koscoe A. 

Fravala, Chris, C. Ford Coffeen, R. 2 

Buick Hillsboro, R. 2 

Frazier, Louis Dodge Taylor-Springs 

Edwards, S. H. Ford Coffeen, R. 2 

Fricke, Gus. C. Reo Nokomis, R. 5 

Egelhoff, Chas. Reo Raymond, R. 3 

Fricke, Wm. Buick Harvel, R. 1 

Eelhoff, Otto Briscoe Mt. Olive, R. 14 

Friend, Geo. M. Ford Raymond, R. 2 

Egelhoff, Walter W. 

Fromkneckt, Max Dodge Butler, R. 2 

Ford Raymond, R. 3 

Fuchs, Edw. F. Ford Farmersville, R. 1 

Egelhoff, W. F. Dodge Raymond, R. 2 

Fuchs, Louis Ford Farmersville, R. 1 

Ellington, A. L. Dodge- Donnellson, "{. 2 

Fuchs, Reinhard Ford Farmersville, R. 1 

Ellington, W. A. Ford Donnellson, R. 1 

Furnace, Robt. Ford Nokomis, R. 1 

Elliot, Louis Overland Butler, R. 2 

Furness, Chas. Overland Irving R 2 

Elliott, Arthur Maxwell Nokomis, R. 3 

Fyffe, Don S. Ford Sedan 

Elmore, E. E. Ford Coffeen, R. 3 

Farmersville, R. 2 

Elvers, Christ Ford Ohlman 

Elvers, Herman Chevrolet Ohlman 

Gardner, Frank Ford Coffeen, R. 2 

Engelman, Edw. Commonwealth 

Garnn, W. R. Dodge Raymond, R. 2 

Nokomis, R. 3 

Gartner, Henry Ford Litchfield, R. 4 

Engelman, Geo. E. 

Gee, V. W. Ford Harvel, R. 2 

Buick Raymond, R. 3 

Gerdes, F. R. Overland Litchfield, R. 3 

Engelman, Herman 

Gerhard, C. N. Ford Farmersville, R. 2 

Dixie Flyer Nokomis, R. 3 

Gerhard, Henry C. 

Engelman, H. O. Hupmobile Harvel, R. 1 

Ford Sedan 

Engelman, Wm. M. 

Farmersville, R. 1 

Maxwell Raymond, R. 3 

Gerhard, John Overland 

Ennis, John Buick Pawnee, R. 51 

Farmersville, R. 2 

Epley, John Maxwell Nokomis, R. 4 

Gerhard, S. L. Buick Six 

Ernst, A. Ford Coffeen, R. 2 

Farmersville, R. 2 

Ernst, Chas. Ford Irving, R. 3 

Gerhards, Henry Ford Nokomis, R. 1 

Ernst, Ed. Ford Witt, R. 1 

Gerlach, Clyde Reo Harvel, R. 2 

Ernst, Ceo. Ford Coffeen 

Getz, Ora Ford Nokomis, R. 2 

Ernst, Henry Ford Mt. Olive, R. 14 

Gilbert, Roy Ford Raymond, R. 2 

Ernst, H. C. Ford Irving, R. 1 

Gilman, Mrs. Flora 

Ernst, W. H. Overland Irving, R. 1 

Ford Waggoner, R. 1 

Etter, Lewis P. Oakland Raymond, R. 2 

Gilmore, John H. 

Evans, W. J. Maxwell Sorento, R. 1 

Overland Girard, R. 43 

Everts, H. Ford Mt. Olive, R. 14 

Gilpin, W. H. Ford Pawnee, R. 51 

Gimlin, Wilber Maxwell Raymond, R. 3 

Glen, Louis Buick Hillsboro 

Farris, G. V. Overland Hillsboro, R. 3 

Glover, C. R. Hudson Harvel, R. 1 

Fearn, Jos. Ford Witt, R. 1 
Fearno, Chas. H. Ford Litchfield, R. 1 
Ferguson, R. F. Ford Fillmore, R. 1 

Goby, Gus Ford Raymond, R. 2 
Goby, Wm. R. Buick Raymond, R. 2 
Graden, Gettys E. Ford Nokomis, R. 2 

Ferrari, Steve Ford Walshville, R. 1 

Graden, J. L. Overland and Ford 

Fesser, Frank Buick Six Irving, R. 2 

Nokomis, R. 2 

Fesser, G. W. Oakland Nokomis, R. 1 

Graham, J. M. Ford Harvel 

Fesser, Louis H. Ford Witt, R. 1 
Fesser, Ray Ford Fillmore,' R. 2 

Graham, J. T. Dodge Irving, R. 3 
Graner, Chas. Commonwealth 

Fireman, Wm. Overland Raymond, R. 3 

Nokomis, R. 5 

Fisher, Fred Ford Barnett, R. 2 

Grantham, J. R. Maxwell Butler, R. 2 

Fisher, Perry Staver Irving, R. 2 

Grassel, Edw. Dodge Butler, R. 1 

Fite, Benj. F. Ford Atwater. R. 1 

Grassel, Henry Dodge Litchfield, R. 2 



Name Make 

Grassel, John C. Ford 
Gray, Chas. Ford 

Gray, Walter Ford 

Gray, W. A. Ford 

Green, C. A. Buick 

Green, Jos. Ford 

Green, J. W. Ford 

Greenwood, Arthur 

Greenwood, W. C. 


Gregg, Jehah Ford 

Gregg, Wm. H. Ford 
Griffin, Jas. Ford 

Grigg, Ona D. Maxwell 


Butler, R. 1 

Nokomis, R. 5 

Witt, R. 1 

Butler, R. 1 

Hillsboro, R. 4 

Hillsboro, R. 4 

Hillsboro, R. 4 

Coffeen, R. 3 

Fillmore, R. 2 

Butler, R. 1 

Litchfield, R. 1 

Hillsboro, R. 3 

Coffeen, R. 3 

Grimes, Edw. Hudson Super Six 

Raymond, R. 2 

Grimes, J. C. Ford Nokomis, R. 4 

Grimes, Walter Hudson Irving, R. 2 

Grisham, J. J. Ford Hillsboro, R. 4 

Grisham, U. C. Maxwell Walshville, R. 1 

Groner, C. J. Ford Irving, R. 1 
Grosenheider, Frank Sr. 

Oakland Litchfield, R. 4 
Grosenheider, Fred F. 

Allen Litchfield, R. 4 
Grosenheider, Henry 

Ford Litchfield, R. 4 

Grubb, Harry Dodge Raymond, R. 2 

Gullidge, E. G. Maxwell Pana, R. 3 

Guthak, Albert Ford Farmersville, R. 1 

Guthols, John Ford Farmersville, R. 2 

Guthrie, J. H. Briscoe Raymond, R. 2 

Haake, Otto Franklin Fillmore, R. 3 

Haake, Solomon Ford Fillmore, R. 2 

Hagemeier, Fred Ford Nokomis, R. 2 
Hahnenkamp, Fred 

Overland Sorento 
Hahnenkamp, Wm. 

Ford Nokomis, -R. 1 
Haller, M. B. Ford and Case 

Nokomis, R. 3 

Haller, W. R. Buick Coffeen, R. 2 

Hamlin, Lee Reo Fillmore, R. 1 

Hamlin, W. J. Ford Nokomis R. 3 
Hampton, John M. 

Overland Donnellson, R. 1 

Hampton, T. W. Ford Donnellson, R. 1 
Hancock, Harry J. 

Ford Hillsboro, R. 3 

Hand, Earl Buick Nokomis, R. 4 

Hand, Ella Buick Nokomis, R. 4 

Hanner, Harry Ford Coffeen, R. 1 

Harbert, Thos. Oakland Raymond, R. 2 

Hardy, M. A. Ford Oconee, R. 1 

Harp, Frank Ford Irving, R. 3 

Harris, H. J. Ford Fillmore, R. 1 

Harris, Ira, A. Ford Waggoner, R. 1 

Harris, Jas, H. Ford Coffeen, R. 3 

Harris. W. J. Maxwell Coffeen, R. 2 

Hart, J. H. Ford Thomasville 

Hartlieb, Amil Maxwell Witt 

Hartlieb, Philip Maxwell Irving, R. 1 

Hartman, Heie Ford Litchfield, R. 1 
Haycraft, Barney F. 

Ford Litchfield, R. 2 

Name Make Postoffice 

Hayden, Charley W. 

Ford Irving, R. 3 

Hayes, C. G. Dodge Butler, R. 2 
Heater, Earl Overland Roadster 

Farmersville, R. 2 

Heckel, John Ford Hillsboro, R. 4 

Heckel, Minnie For3 Hillsboro', R. 4 

Heckman, Dell Flanders Coffeen, R. 3 

Heckman, Sol Jackson Coffeen, R. 3 

Heeren, Harry Reo New Douglas, R. 1 

Hefley, Daniel T. Marion Witt, R. 1 

Hefley, Geo. Ford Nokomis, R. 1 

Heffler, Chas. Ford Irving, R. 2 

Hegen, Herman Overland Walshville, R. 1 

Heien, Heie Ford Litchfield, R. 3 

Heien, Martin Ford Virden, R. 43 

Heim, J. A. Overland Harvel, R. 2 

Heim, Roscoe Dort Harvel, R. 1 
Heldebrandt, Chas. 

Ford Nokomis, R. 3 
Heldebrandt, John 

Ford Nokomis, R. 3 

Heldebrandt, H. Dort Nokomis, R. 3 

Heifer, J. G. Grant Six Hillsboro, R. 4 

Hemann, Geo. Ford Sorento, R. 1 

Hendricks, Glenn Ford Farmersville, R. 2 

Henry, Hugh Dodge Raymond, R. 3 

Henry, Ray Dodge Raymond, R. 3 

Herman, Jos. F. Ford Litchfield, R. 2 

Herman, Peter Ford Raymond, R. 3 

Herman, Roman Ford Raymond, R. 3 
Herren, Dr. C. E. Dodge Raymond 

Herselman, Geo. Reo Morrisonville, R. 3 

Herzog, B. W. Chevrolet Nokomis, R. 1 

Herzog, Wm. Paige Nokomis, R. 5 
Hesterberg,. Aug. C. 

Reo Farmersville, R. 2 
Hesterberg, Carl Overland Farmersville 

Hesterberg, Fred Overland Farmersville, R. 2 
Hickman, Frank C. 

Overland Coffeen, R. 1 

Higginson, J. B. Maxwell Raymond, R. 2 

Hill, H. C. Ford Fillmore, R. 1 

Hilt, Jas. Ford Nokomis, R. 1 

Hilyard, Sam Ford Witt, R. 1 

Hinkle, A. L. Buick Pawnee, R. 51 
Hinkle, C. M. Reo Pawnee 
Hinsenbrock, Andy 

Ford Hillsboro, R. 2 
Hitchings, C. J. Ford ind Buick 

Harvel, R. 1 

Hitchings, J. C. Ford Harvel, R. 1 
Hoard, Edw. Maxwell Thomasville 
Hobson, Richard W. 

Buick Farmersville, R. 2 
Hodges, Artlmr Ford Butler 
Hoefke, John Ford New Douglas 

Hoehn, Chas. Studebaker Irving, R. 1 

Hoehn, C. B. Maxwell Irving, R. 1 
Hoehn, Henry Commonwealth 

..Irving, R. 1 

Hoehn, J. A. Studebaker Irving, R. 1 

Hoehn, Martin Studebaker Irving, R. 1 

Hoelmer, Henry Ford Farmersville, R. 2 

Hoffman, O. C. Maxwell Fillmore, R. 1 
Hoisington, Arthur 

Ford Walshville, R. 1 

Hoisington, D. E. Ford Walshville, R. 1 





Postoffice Name 



Holloway, B. C. 

Ford Fillmore, R. 2 Johnson, H. C. Dodge Nokomis, R. 3 

Holloway, G. E. 

Ford Irving, R. 3 Johnson, John E. Ford Morrisonville, R. 3 

Holmer, Wm. 

Ford Farmersville, R. 2 Johnson, Pete Ford Raymond, R. 2 

Holmes, Mrs. Dora 

Johnson, Theo. Ford Sedan Nokomis, R. 5 

Ford Nokomis, R. 1 Johnson, Ubbe Dodge Nokomis, R. 5 

Holmes, Edwin J. 

Ford n Nokomis, R. 2 Johnson, Wm. A. Ford Nokomis, R. 5 

Hoover, John 

Ford Farmersville, R. 1 Johnson, Wm. G. Dodge Nokomis, R. 1 

Hope, J. C. 

Dodge Hillsboro, R. 4 Jones, Alva W. Hudson and Buick 

Hoppin, F. H. 

Buick Pawnee, R. 51 Harvel, R. 1 

Hopprn, F. M. 

Ford Pawnee, R. 51 Jones, A. E. Ford Coffeen, R. 3 

Horn, Thos. 

Ford Litchfield, R. 2 Jones, W. R. Overland Haymond, R. 2 

Houck, W. J. 

Overland Ohlman Jordan, Alex Studebaker Six 

House, C. E. 

Ford Nokomis, R. 1 Farmersville, R. 2 

House, Hugh 

Ford Nokomis, R. 1 Jordan, A. C. Ford Harvel, R. 2 

House, H. 

Ford Harvel, R. 1 Jordan, Edw. Overland 

House, Wm. 

Ford Irving, R. 2 Farmersville, R. 2 

Howell, Albert 

Ford Nokomis Jordan, Henry F. Ford Raymond, R. 3 

Howell, Ed 

Elkhart Pana, R. 3 Jordan, Jas. Overland Farmersville, R. 1 

Huber, Anthony L. 

Jordan, J. A. Studebaker Four 

Maxwell Coffeen, R. 2 Farmersville, R. 2 

Huber, B. I. 

Buick Four Fillmore, R. 2 Jostes, L. H. Ford Waggoner, R. 1 

Huber, Jos. 

Ford Coffeen, R. 1 Joyce, M. H. Ford Hillsboro, R. 2 

Huber, J. L. 

Studebaker Irving, R. 1 Joyce, Noah Ford Coffeen, R. 3 

Huber, Wm. 

Overland Irving, R. 1 Joyce, Robt. R. Ford Chapman 

Hucker, Albert 

Ford Irving, R. 1 Jurgena, Heie Chevrolet Irving, R. 1 

Hucker, John 

Crow Elkhart Irving, R. 3 Jurgena, Richard Dodge Coffeen, R. 1 

Hueschen, D. 

Buick Morrisonville, R. 3 

Hueschen, Wm. 

Reo Witt, R. 1 Kaburick, Wm. Dodge Coffeen, R. 1 

Hunt, W. D. 


Kastning, Dora Chevrolet Fillmore, R. 2 

Morrisonville, R. 2 Kastning, F. E. Ford Fillmore, R. 2 

Husman, Geo. 

Ford Litchfield, R. 3 Keepper, E. R. Dodge Irving, R. 2 

Hutchison, Wm. E. 

Keepper, R. M. Ford Irving, R. 2 

Ford Litchfield, R. 2 Keiser, Albert Jr. Ford Nokomis, R. 1 

Keiser, Albert F. Dodge Mt. Olive, R. 14 

loerger, Fred 

Reo Farmersville, R. 2 Keiser, Herman Ford Witt, R. 1 

Isbell, Louis Jr. 

Maxwell Fillmore, R. 2 Keiser, H. F Ford Nokomis, R. 5 
Keiser, John A. Overland Nokomis, R. 1 

Kellenberger, Aug. 

Janssen, H. D. 

Studebaker Nokomis, R. 2 Ford Litchfield, R. 1 

Janssen, T. A. 

Maxwell Nokomis, R. 5 Kellenberger, Frank F. 

Jessup, Scott L. 

Ford Virden, R. 2 > Ford Litchfield, R. 1 

Johnson, Anton 

Ford Nokomis, R. 5 Keller, Frank Reo Farmersville, R. 2 

Johnson, Arend T 

Keller, Jos. Reo Farmersville, R. 2 

Maxwell Nokomis, R. 2 Keller, L. H. Hudson Witt, R. 1 

Johnson, Ben C. 

Ford Rosemond, R. 1 Kellogg, Otis Reo Nokomis, R. 3 

Johnson, Edw. Anna 

Kelmel, Chas. Oakland Raymond, R. 2 

and Lottie 

Ford Farmersville, R. 1 Kessinger, Chas. Ford Fillmore, R. 1 

Johnson, Frank 

Ford Nokomis, R. 1 Kessinger, Roy Hupmobile Nokomis, R. 3 

Johnson, F. J. 

Buick Six Mt. Olive, R. 14 Kettlekamp, S. R. White Nokomis, R. 2 

Johnson, Henry G. 

Keune, Henry A. Ford Walshville, R. 1 

Maxwell Nokomis, R. 1 Keune, Henry C. Ford Litchfield, R. 4 


*=***- =5=5SSS 1 


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Name Make Postoffice 

Name Make Postoffice 

Kieslar, Sidney Buick Hillsboro, R. 1 

Lindemann, Henry 

Kilpatrick, David Dodge Hillsboro, R. 1 

Ford Nokomis, R. 1 

Kilpatrick, E. F. Overland Hillsboro, R. 1 

Lindley, J. A. Ford Walshville, R. 1 

Kilton, S. W. Moon Morrisonville, R. 3 

Lingle, H. G. Allen Witt, R. 1 

Kime, S. A. Ford Hillsboro, R. 4 

Linville, Jas. Ford Coffeen, R. 3 

King, Jas. M. Ford Irving, R. 2 

Lipe, Alvin O. Reo Witt, R. 1 

King, J. O. Ford Butler 

Lipe, Ed. H. Reo Irving, R. 2 

Kinney, Jas. R. Mitchell Virden, R. 2 

Lipe, E. D. Reo Irving, R. 2 

Kinney, John M. Maxwell Nokomis, R. 3 

Lipe, H. S. Buick Witt, R. 1 

Kirk, Chas. N. Reo Farmersville, R. 1 

Lipe, J. J. Carter Irving 

Klein, Chas. A. Maxwell Litchfield, R. 2 

Lipe, Thos. L. Reo Witt, R. 1 

Klein, G. J. Buick Harvel, R. 1 

Lippard, Tom Ford and Hudson 

Klein, Wm. Ford Irving, R. 2 

Hillsboro, R. 1 

Klekamp, Wm. Ford Litchfield, R. 4 

Litz, Henry Ford Oconee, R. 1 

Klemme, A. H. Ford Butler 

Litz, John L. Ford Pana, R. 3 

Klepper, John A. Ford Butler, R. 1 

Livingston, Henry Max well Litchfield, R. 3 

Klimm, Martin Chevrolet 

Livington, T. M. Reo Fillmore 

Morrisonville, R. 3 

Lloyd, Clarence Overland and Ford 

Klindworth, Henry 

Coffeen, R. 1 

Maxwell Witt, R. 1 

Loewenstein, Wm.Ford Walshville, R. 1 

Klindworth, Henry 

Logsdon, C. L. Ford Hillsboro, R. 2 

Allen Nokomis, R. 1 

Lehman, Ernest O. 

Kline, Ernest Case Girard, R. 43 

Ford Waggoner, R. 1 

Knag, Christ Ford Litchfield, R. 3 

Lohman, E. O. Ford and Buick 

Knagg, C. H. Ford Hillsboro, R. 1 

Waggoner, R. 1 

Knodle, Glenn Ford Irving, R. 1 

Long, C. F. Nash Raymond, R. 2 

Kolkhorst, Herman 

Long, Jos. Chevrolet Waggoner, R. 1 

Ford Harvel, R. 1 

Losch, John H. Maxwell Hillsboro, R. 1 

Krager, Frank A. Ford Harvel, R. 2 

Loucks, Alva F. Ford . Hillsboro, R. 4 

Krager, John Mitchell Harvel, R. 1 

Lounsbury, Ira R. 

Krager, Jos. Nash Harvel, R. 1 

Maxwell Irving, R. 1 

Krager, J. C. Ford Harvel, R. 2 

Lounsbury, W. T. 

Kranich, Walter L. 

Reo Irving, R. 1 

Ford Barnett, R. 1 

Lowe, Jesse Ford Nokomis, R. 3 

Krause, Otto Dodge Nokomis, R. 5 

Lowrance, Jas. B. 

Kroeger, Henry Maxwell Nokomis, R. 3 

Reo Irving, R. 2 

Kroeger, Jos. Chandler Nokomis, R. 3 

Lubben, Albert Dodge Girard, R. 43 

Kroeger, Will Hupmobile Nokomis, R. 3 

Luddeke, Arthur G. 

Kroenlein, Louis Chevrolet Nokomis, R. 2 

Dodge Butler, R. 3 

Kroenlein, Wm. Overland Oconee, R. 1 

Luken, Henry Reo Nokomis, R. 5 

Krummel, Philip Dort Fillmore, R. 2 

Lyerly, Richard Buick Six Irving, R. 2 

Kunz, Cayus Ford Fillmore, R. 1 

Lyles, N. E. Buick Coffeen, R. 3 

Lyman, E. Reo Farmersville, R. 2 

Lyman, Lewis Buick Pawnee, R. 51 

Lacy, Sam P. Buick Farmersville, R. 1 

Lynn, H. G. Ford Mulberry Grove, R. 1 

Lang, L. M. Dodge Harvel, R. 1 

Lyons, Jas. M. Dodge Harvel, R. 2 

Lange, Frank C. Ford Harvel, R. 1 

Lyons, John Buick Raymond, R. 2 

Langen, John Stephens Harvel, R. 2 

Laws, Chas. L. Jackson and Grant Six 

Mack, Jasper M. Maxwell Butler, R. 2 

Donnellson, R. 1 

Maher, Philip Chevrolet Raymond, R. 2 

Lay, John Ford Litchfield, R. 3 

Major, A. H. Ford Coffeen, R. 1 

Lazenby, J. G. Ford Hillsboro, R. 2 

Major, Chas. R. Ford Donnellson 

Leahan, T. R. Rambler 

Maninfior, John Jr. 

Farmersville, R. 2 

Ford Hillsboro, R. 3 

Lee, Harry Overland Harvel, R. 2 

Mann, Leslie I. Buick Farmersville, R. 1 

Lehan, W. H. Reo Farmersville, R. 2 

Mann, Thos. Buick Thomasville 

Lehnen, Leo Dodge Nokomis, R. 1 

Manning, Asberry Ford Virden, R. 2 

Lehnen, Leonard Chevrolet Nokomis, R. 1 

Manning, Mont Dodge Farmersville, R. 2 

Leonard, Jas. Buick Harvel, R. 2 

Manning, T. Ford Morrisonville, R. 2 

Leonard, Wm. Buick Farmersville, R. 2 

Mansfield, C. H. Ford Nokomis, R. 3 

Lessman, Ed. Ford and Buick 

Mansfield, Henry Maxwell Nokomis, R. 4 

Harvel, R. 1 

Marburger, Ed. C. 

Lessman, H. E. Buick Six Hillsboro, R. 4 

Studebaker Mt. Olive 

Lessman, Jos. Dodge Ravmond, R. 1 

Marburger, W. C. Studebaker 

Lewey, C. C. Ford Hillsboro, R. 1 

Litchfield, R. 4 

Lewey, Daniel L. Ford Hillsboro, R. 4 

Marley, Jas. Ford Nokomis, R. 6 

Lewey, L. F. Ford Hillsboro, R. 4 

Marsh, W. O. Ford Waggoner, R. 1 

Linane, Wm. Ford Nokomis, R. 3 

Marshall, Eclw. Buick Pawnee, R. 3 



Name Make Postoffice 

Martin, Chas. A. Ford Witt, R. 1 

Martin, Mrs. Emma J. 

Saxon Harvel, R. 2 

Martin, Frank O. Reo Farmersville, R. 2 

Martin, Lee Overland Farmersville, R. 1 

Masters, E. E. Ford Witt, R. 1 

Mathews, Harry E. 

Ford Farmersville 

Mauton, Frank Ford Coffeen, R. 1 

McAnamey, Edw. Overland Farmersville, R. 2 
McCalum, Hugh E. 

Dodge Harvel, R. 1 

McConathy, W. L. 

Maxwell Litchfield, R. 2 
McCormick, John A. 

Buick Farmersville, R. 1 
McCulley, E. H. Ford Irving, R. 2 

McDavid, F. L. Hudson Super Six 


McDavid, Ollie Reo Coffeen, R. 1 

McElfresh, Jerome F. 

Ford Barnett, R. 2 

McElroy, T. B. Ford Hillsboro, R. 4 

McGown, Harley E. 

Buick Litchfield, R. 1 

McKinney, Boyd Chevrolet Virden, R. 2 

McKinney, Wm. Ford Witt, R. 1 

McLean, C. E. Ford Donnellson, R. 1 

McLean, D. Studebaker Coffeen, R. 1 

McLean, Mart F. Buick and Ford 


McNish, John Ford Virden, R. 2 

McPherson, Lewis 

Briggs Detroiter 

Hillsboro, R. 4 
McReynolds, Louts C. 

Maxwell Litchfield 

McWilliams, W. K. 

Buick Pawnee, R. 51 

Mehlberg, W. C. Ford Litchfield, R. 4 

Meier, Aug. Ford Nokomis, R. 1 

Meier, Chas. F. Ford Witt, R. 1 

Meier, Walter Maxwell Nokomis, R. 5 

Meisenheimer, F. E. 

Ford Nokomis, R. 1 

Meriwether, A. B. Allen Harvel, R. 2 

Mertz, Mrs. Mary Maxwell Farmersville, R. 2 
Meyer, Edw. Ford Witt, R. 1 

Milberg, Joe Maxwell Raymond, R. 2 

Miles, C. A. Overland Pana, R. 3 

Miles, Tom Overland Rosemond, R. 1 

Millburg, T. C. Ford Farmersville, R. 1 
Millburg, Wm. Ford Morrisonville, R. 3 
Miller, Austin Buick Farmersville, R. 1 
Miller Bros. Buick and Ford 

Nokomis, R. 5 

Miller Bros. Ford Harvel, R. 1 

Miller, C. D. Ford Irving, R. 2 

Miller, Fred Ford Nokomis, R. 5 

Miller, Fred Overland Coffeen, R. 3 

Miller, Harrison Ford Farmersville, R. 1 
Miller, Henry Willys- Knight 

Sorento, R. 1 

Miller, John G. Ford Waggoner, R. 1 

Miller, Samuel Overland Raymond 

Miller, Wm. Dodge Donnellson 

Milner, Mrs. W. A. 

Grant Six Donnellson, R. 1 

Name Make 

Mindroup, John Ford 

Mitchell, W. W. Overland 

Mitts, Ceo. W. Dodge 

Mitts, Henry Dodge 

Molohon, Leroy Dodge 

Nokomis, R. 4 
Oconee, R. 1 
Butler, R. 1 
Hillsboro, R. 4 
Irving, R. 1 

Mondhink, Chas. Hudson Super Six 

Raymond, R. 3 
Mondhink, Fred Willys-Knight 

Raymond, R. 3 

Monke, H. H. Ford Walshville, R. 1 

Monke, Wm. H. Ford Litchfield, R. 4 

Monroe, Geo. S. Ford Hillsboro, R. 4 
Moody, C. D. Hudson Super-Six and 

Ford Fillmore, R. 2 

Moon, D. M. Overland Coffeen, R. 1 

Moore, Edgar Ford Raymond, R. 2 

Moore, Geo. C. Hupmobile Irving, R, 3 

Moore, M. A. Ford Raymond, R. 1 

Moore, M. A. Ford Raymond, R. 3 
Morain, Wm. Mitchell and Maxwell 


Moroney, Wm. Ford Nokomis, R. 2 

Mortimer, Art Ford Sedan Virden, R. 2 

Mortimer, R. Dodge Virden, R. 2 
Mortimer, Mrs. W. & Sons 

Chevrolet Virden, R. 2 

Moss, H. L. Ford Hillsboro, R. 4 

Murphy, A. E. Ford Virden, R. 2 

Murphy, Clyde Ford Pawnee, R. 51 
Murphy, Tisdal Buick, Ford, Reo and 


Farmersville, R. 2 

Murphy, W. C. Ford Fillmore, R. 2 

Myers, Peter Ford Barnett, R. 2 

Nantkes, Henry Chandler Nokomis, R. 1 

Nash, Franklin S. Buick Litchfield, R. 1 

Nash, Harry Overland Girard, R. 43 

Neece, Bert Overland Pana, R. 3 

Neece, Geo. C. Dodge Nokomis, R. 2 
Neece, J. D. Reo and Reo Truck 

Irving, R. 1 

Neece, W. F. Ford Donnellson, R. 1 

Neighbors, Chas. Ford Farmersville, R. 2 
Neisler, Mrs. Belle W. 

Dodge Irving, R. 3 

Neisler, D. W. Reo Irving, R. 3 

Neisler, Geo. A. Buick Six Irving, R. 3 

Neisler, Lester Ford Irving, R. 3 

Nelson, O. E. Ford Fillmore, R. 2 

Nelson, Scott Ford Coffeen, R. 2 
Neunaber, Geo. Jr. 

Ford Harvel 

Nevinger, Oliver Overland Coffeen, R. 3 
Newberry, Wm. C. 

I ~ (Chevrolet Irving, R. 1 

Newcome, R. C. Maxwell Nokomis, R. 1 

Newport, Abel S. Ford Barnett, R. 1 

Newport, J. S. Ford Fillmore, R. 2 
Nichelson, George 

Ford Nokomis, R. 1 
Nicholas, Cyrus M. 

Ford Waggoner, R. 1 

Niehaus, E. H. Ford Irving, R. 1 

Niehaus, Frank Studebaker Butler, R. 2 

Niehaus, Henry Ford Nokomis, R. 1 

Niehaus, Henry Buick Harvel, R. 1 



Name Make Postoffice 

Name Make Postoffice 

Niehaus, Herman Ford Hornsby, R. 11 

Pocock, E. B. Dodge Nokomis, R. 3 

N'iehaus, Roy W. Ford Irving, R. 2 

Pocock, J. C. Chevrolet Nokomis, R. 2 

Niehaus, Lewis Buick Harvel, R. 1 

Poff, John Mitchell 

Niemann, Emil Ford Litchfield, R. 4 

Farmersville, R. 1 

Niemann, Henry C. 

Poggenpohl, Frank 

Winton Mt. Olive 

Mitchell Raymond, R. 2 

Niemann, Louis Hupmobile Litchfield, R. 4 

Poggenpohl, John H. Sr. 

Niemann, Wm. Reo Litchfield, R. 4 

Hudson Harvel, R. 2 

Niemeyer, H. H. Dodge Raymond, R. 2 

Poggenpohl, J. H. Jr. 

Niemeyer, Roy Ford Waggoner, R. 1 

Overland Harvel, R. 2 

Niesman, J. H. Dodge Nokomis, R. 2 

Poggenpohl, T. F. Hudson Morrisonville, R. 2 

Niensted, Leonard 

Poland, Chas. H. Ford Fillmore, R. 1 

Studebaker Nokomis, R. 1 

Pope, Daniel Dodge Harvel, R. 1 

Nimmons, Geo. A. Ford Litchfield, R. 1 

Pope, Geo. W. Overland Oconee, R. 1 

Nimmons, Robt. T. 

Pope, G. R. Maxwell Irving, R. 3 

Ford Litchfield, R. 1 

Pope, Jos. E. Ford Harvel, R. 1 

Nobbe, Wm. Hupmobile 

Pope, Rollie Ford Harvel, R. 1 

Farmersville, R. 1 

Pope, W. G. Buick Harvel, F. 1 

Porter, Ben Ford Raymond, R. 2 

Oakley, John L. Chevrolet Witt, R. 1 

Porter, U. A. Ford Raymond, R. 2 

Oberle, Albert Ford Irving, R. 3 

Powell, Daniel W. Maxwell Barnett, R. 2 

O'Brien, Ed Overland Nokomis, R. 3 

Prange, C. F. Ford Mt. Olive, R. 14 

Ogden, Geo. G. Maxwell "Raymond, R. 3 

Prange, John F. Oakland Mt. Olive, R. 14 

Oliver, Howard L. 

Pratt, Chas. Ford Waggoner, R. 1 

Chevrolet Witt, R. 1 

Pratt, Jos. Ford Waggoner, R. 1 

Oltmanns, J. Harm 

Pray, E. N. Overland Pana, R. 3 

Ford Rosemond r R. 1 

Pray, Hardin Overland Pana, R. 3 

D'Malley, M. Ford Nokomis, R. 3 

Price, Albert Ford Nokomis, R. 4 

Osborn, F. J. Buick and Ford Pana, R. 3 

Price, Wm. Ford Litchfield, R. 3 

Osborn, Jas. M. Ford Butler 

Probst, J. R. White Irving, R. 1 

Osborne, Jesse W. 

Pruitt, Jas. O. Buick Litchfield, R. 1 

Reo Butler 

Pyatt, Henry T. Elgin Six Irving, R. 3 

Otter, Clem Ford Coffeen, R. 2 

Pyatt, J. F. Ford Irving, R. 1 

Owens, G. C. Maxwell Harvel, R. 2 

Pyle, J. A. Ford Rosemond, R. 1 

Paden, Albert M. Chevrolet Hillsboro, R. 1 

Quattlander, Wm. 

Paden, Lester L. Ford Hillsboro, R. 1 

Overland Nokomis, R. 5 

Paden, W. A. Briscoe Irving, R. 3 

Panska, Bernard J. 

Rademacher, Harm 

Maxwell Barnett, R. 1 

Oakland Fillmore, R. 2 

Patterson, J. M. Buick Coffeen, R. 1 

Rainey, G. W. Ford Hillsboro, R. 1 

Pattinson, Samuel 

Ransdall, Robt. Maxwell Witt, R. 1 

Studebaker Witt, R 1 

Rashaw, D. L. Overland Nokomis, R. 1 

Paul, W. F. Buick Pawnee, R. 2 

Rau, D. W. Ford Pana, R. 3 

Pence, E. J. Ford Harvel, R. 1 

Ray, J. W. Dodge Sorento, R. 1 

Peny, M. Maxwell Walshville, R. 1 
Perkins, Chas. Ford Irving R 2 

Rayphole, J. W. Maxwell Walshville, R. 1 
Rebhan, W. C. Buick Raymond, R. 1 

Peters, E. Maxwell 

Redeker, W. E. Rambler Nokomis, R. 1 

Morrisonville, R. 2 

Redman, Wm. C. Reo Irving, R. 1 

Peterson, Henry Dodge Nokomis, R. 5 

Renken, Herman Overland Nokomis, R. 5 

etree, Wm. Overland Virden, R. 2 

Reubart, Wm. O. Ford Coffeen, R. 2 

Phillips, Abe Overland Nokomis, R. 5 
Pickerill, John F. Ford Butler R 2 

Reynolds, Adolphus 
Ford Hillsboro, R. 3 

Pickett, P. W. Buick Harve^ R.' 1 

Rhodes, S. Overland Litchfield, R. 1 

Pieper, Edwin Saxon Rosemond, R. 1 
Pieper, Eugene Commonwealth 

Rhodes, W. R. Elcar Harvel, R. 1 
Rice, Fisher Dodge Girard, R. 43 

NokomU, R. 2 

Richards, E. C. Overland Hillsboro, R. 4 

Pieper, John Reo Rosemond, R. 1 

Richmond, Kent Hupmobile Fillmore, R. 1 

Pieper, Leon Maxwell Nokomis 

Rieke Bros. Ford Butler 

Pier, Chas. Maxwell Nokomis, R. 4 

Rieke, Wm. Ford Butler 

Pierce, B. F. Overland Raymond, R. 3 

Riggins, Geo. Ford Hillsboro, R. 4 

Pierce, John E. Ford Virden, R. 2 

Rippen, Henry Chevrolet 

Pierson, J. W. Ford Hillsboro, R. 1 

Morrisonville, R. 3 

Piro, D. Ford Coffeen, R. 2 

Ritchie, Albert L. Chevrolet Litchfield, R. 1 

Pitchford, Jesse E. 

Ritchie, Jas. M. Ford Litchfield, R. 2 

Ford Raymond, R. 2 

Roberson, Frank H. 

Plyler, RexR. Ford Fillmore, R. 2 

Buick Butler, R. 2 

Pocock, C. S. Maxwell Nokomis, R. 2 

Roberts, Walter Ford Honey Bend 



Name Make Postoffice 

Name Make Postoffice 

Roberts, W. H. Saxon Virden, R. 2 

Sharp, Celia A. Ford Litchfield 

Robertson, B. R. Overland Rosemond, R. 1 

Sharp, Jas. L. Studebaker Waggoner, R. 1 

Robertson, Minnie L. 

Sharp, Leslie W. Ford Litchfield 

Dodge Butler, R. 2 

Shoemaker, L. F. Ford Nokomis, R. 1 

Robertson, Robert. L. 

Shoraga, Aug. Reo Nokomis, R. 3 

Ford Litchfield, R. 2 

Shoraga, Emma Ford Nokomis, R. 2 

Robertson, Wm. Willys Six Ohlman 

Shore, Frank A. Hupmobile Nokomis, R. 1 

Robicky, Tom Studebaker Nokomis, R. 4 

Shore, John M. Ford Hillsboro, R. 2 

Rogers, C. E. Buick Irving, R. 2 

Shoults, A. W. Ford Farmersville, R. 1 

Rogers, Elmer Ford Irving, R. 2 

Simon, Geo. Ford Farmersville 

Rogers, F. O. Dodge Waggoner, R. 1 

Simon, Howard L. 

Rogers, W. C. Maxwell Fillmore, R. 2 

Ford Farmersville, R. 2 

Rose, Chas. E. Reo Virden, R. 2 

Simpson, A. D. Paige Walshville, R. 1 

Rosenthal, Robt. S. and 

Sims, J. H. Dodge Harvel, R. 1 

Edw. R. Dodge Harvel, R. 1 

Sinclair, Chas. A. Ford and Reo 

Roth, Otto Reo Litchfield, R. 4 

Barnett, R. 2 

Rottinghaus, John Ford Harvel, R. 1 

Sinclair, John C. Chevrolet Barnett, R. 1 

Rouhslange, Wm. Ford Coffeen, R. 1 

Singer, T. G. Ford Nokomis, R. 1 

Rouslange, Frank Studebaker and Ford 

Singler, Ed. J. Ford Nokomis, R. 4 

Hillsboro, R. 1 

Singler, J. J. Ford Irving, R. 1 

Ro^ey, Otto Ford Farmersville, R. 2 

Singler, Mrs. J. B. 

Rowe, Hardie Overland Pana, R. 3 

Ford Irving, R. 3 

Rowland, Ralph M. 

Singler, Louis Ford Nokomis, R. 1 

Reo Farmersville, R. 1 

Singler, Wm. Ford Fillmore, R. 1 

Runyon, B. D. Buick Fillmore, R. 1 

Slaughter, Henry Rambler Nokomis, R. 1 

Rupe, Roy Ford Irving, R. 3 

Slaughter, John Studebaker Nokomis, R. 1 

Ruppert, Wm. Hupmobile Nokomis, R. 2 

Sloman Bros Ford Pawnee, R. 3 

Sloman, C. H. Ford Pawnee, R. 51 

Saathoff, G. W. Overland 

Smalley, W. H. Maxwell Nokomis, R. 4 

Walshville, R. 1 

Smith, E. B. Ford Fillmore, R. 2 

Sale, Jake Reo Witt, R. 1 

Smith, E. R. Buick Harvel 

Sammons, A. C. Chevrolet Butler, R. 1 

Smith, F. M. Overland 

Sammons, Harry S. 

Farmersville, R. 1 

Chevrolet Litchfield, R. 1 

Smith, Harry Ford Pawnee, R. 51 

Sammons, Jas. Ford Butler, R. 1 

Smith, Harry E. Ford Irving, R. 3 

Sanders, A. F. Ford Irving, R. 2 

Smith, John E. Ford Litchfield, R. 2 

Satterlee, A. E. Ford Nokomis, R. 1 

Smith, Matthew Ford Mulbery Grove, R. 1 

Sauer, Frank Oakland Raymond, R. 2 

Smith, Stanford A. 

Saxby, O. E. Chevrolet Litchfield, R. 1 

Ford Barnett, R. 2 

Schaefer, Wm. Dort Nokomis, R. 5 

Smith, Sylvesta Ford Irving, R. 1 

Schaffner, E. G. Dodge Nokomis, R. 5 

Smith, T. T. Hudson Six Fillmore, R. 1 

Schluckebier, Wm. F. 

Smith, T. T. Ford Walshville, R. 1 

Case Donnellson, R. 2 

Smith, W. B. Ford Walshville, R. 1 

Schoen, Ben Ford Harvel, R. 2 

Smith, W. C. Reo Harvel, R. 1 

Schoen, Ben Studebaker 

Smithdeal, J. L. Overland Coffeen, R. 3 

New Douglas, R. 1 

Smitts, K. C. Dodge Raymond, R. 1 

Schoen, Cornelius Ford Nokomis, R. 1 

Snell Bros. Ford Nokomis, R. 3 

Schrempp, H. J. Ford Irving, R. 3 

Snell, C. W. Ford Nokomis, R. 4 

Schwab, Jacob E. Ford Litchfield, R. 1 

Snider, Fred L. Ford Coffeen, R. 3 

Schwartzle, Louis Hupmobile Nokomis, R. 5 

Snodgrass, L. I. Hupmobile Pawnee, R. 51 

Schweizer, G. Reo Witt, R. 1 

Snook, Amos N. Ford Fillmore, R. 3 

Schweppe, Frank R. 

Snyder, Geo. Ford Morrisonville, R. 2 

Dodge Butler, R. 1 

Snyder, Jacob Jackson Witt, R. 1 

Seaborn, Wm. E. Buick Pawnee, R. 51 

Sorrells, Samuel Reo Raymond, R. 3 

Sedentop, D. F. Buick Farmersville, R. 1 

Sparks, R. E. Ford Nokomis, R. 4 

Seelbach, Richard Ford Harvel, R. 1 

Spears, Fred Ford Fillmore, R. 1 

Seffen, Fred Ford Pawnee, R, 51 

Spears, S. S. Chevrolet Fillmore, R. 3 

Settle, Harry Ford Irving, R. 3 

Specht, Martin W. 

Settle, Wm. H. Ford Irving, R. 3 

Ford Farmersville, R. 1 

Seward, G. L. Ford Butler, R. 2 

Specht, Ora O. Ford Farmersville, R. 1 

Sewing, Edw. Ford Litchfield, R. 4 

Speiser, P. F. Ford Witt, R. 1 

Sewing, Geo. Ford Litchfield, R. 3 

Speiser, W. G. Ford Witt, R. 1 

Sewing, Henry Ford Litchfield, R. 4 

Spery, Milo Reo Nokomis, R. 4 ' 

Sewing, Jane E. Chevrolet Hillsboro, R. 1 

Spinner, Frank Studebaker Hillsboro, R. 2 

Sewing, Mrs. Mary 

Spinner, Jos. Buick Coffeen, R. 1 

Ford Litchfield, R. 4 

Spinner, Louis Chevrolet Coffeen, R. 2 

Sewing, Theo. J. Ford Litchfield, R. 4 

Stackamp, Wm. Ford Litchfield, R. 4 

Seybert, D. J. Buick Hillsboro, R. 4 

Stanley, Homer Ford Nokomis, R. 4 



Name Make Postoffice 

Stanley, Jesse Ford Nokomis, R. 2 

Stauder, Jacob Ford Nokomis, R. 4 
Stauder, Louis Commonwealth 

Nokomis, R. 3 

Stead, Chester A. Ford Waggoner, R. 2 
Stead, Clarence B. 

Ford Farmersville, R. 1 

Stead, Norman D. Ford Farmersville, R. 1 

Stevens, Edw. Overland Farmersville, R. 1 

Stevens, J. A. Overland Donnellson, R. 1 

Stewart, Geo. L. Reo Nokomis, R. 4 

Stewart, Jas. Reo Nokomis, R. 2 
Stewart, Ralph Chevrolet 

Morrisonville, R. 3 

Stewart, Wesley Maxwell Nokomis, R. 4 

Stewart, Wm. E. Ford Waggoner, R. 1 

Stillahn, Herman Ford Raymond, R. 1 
Stillwagon, H. Studebaker Pawnee, R. 51 

Stivers, R. L. Ford Nokomis, R. 4 
Street, Herbert W. 

Chalmers and Ford 

Waggoner, R. 1 
Studebaker, Henry A. 

Ford Litchfield, R. 1 

Stuttle, Frank Ford Litchfield, R. 2 

Stuttle, Jos. S. Overland Litchfield, R. 1 
Suits, G. F. Buick and Ford 

Hillsboro, R. 4 
Sutton, Eld. L. E. 

Ford Girard, R. 43 

Swaney, Jacob A. Studebaker Nokomis, R. 2 

Tabor, Geo. Ford Oconee, R. 2 
Taylor, Edw. Ford Girard, R. 43 

Taylor, Hays Ford Waggoner, R. 1 

Taylor, John B. Ford Farmersville, R. 3 

Taylor, W. H. Ford Hillsboro, R. 3 

Tedrick, F. D. Ford Coffeen, R. 2 
Tenison, C. A. Dodge Hillsboro 
Tester, Chas. E. Overland 

Morrisonville, R. 3 

Tester, Frank Ford Morrisonville, R. 3 
Tester, Jas. A. Studebaker 

Morrisonville, R. 3 

Thomas, Geo. H. Ford Waggoner, R. 1 
Thomas, Harry O. 

Buick Virden, R. 42 

Thomas, Mrs. Hattie 

Studebaker Virden, R, 42 
Thomas, Samuel D. 

Chevrolet Virden, R. 2 

Thomson, H. C. Ford Litchfield, R. 3 

Thumb, Ralph Ford Witt, R. 1 
Thunhorst, Herman 


Harvel, R. 1 

Thunhorst, Wm. Ford Morrisonville, R. 3 
Tiffin, Albert Ford Walshville 

Tilling, Louis Ford Coffeen, R. 1 

Tindle, Walter Jackson Harvel, R. 2 

Toberman, John Chevrolet Fillmore, R. 3 
Toberman, Wesley 

Ford Fillmore, R. 2 

Todt, Mrs. Alice Ford Raymond, R. 1 

Todt, H. E. Maxwell Harvel, R. 2 

Todt, J. T. Oldsmobile Harvel, R. 2 
Todt, Mrs. Mary B 

Oldsmobile and Chalmers 

Morrisonville, R. 2 

Name Make Postoffic* 

Tomamichel, B. Ford Irving, R. 3 

Tosch, John Reo Witt, R. 1 

Towell, I. T. Ford Chapman 

Towell, J. E. Ford Chapman 

Trost, F. E. Ford Hillsboro, R. 2 

Tucker, Mrs. Melinda 

Reo Witt, R. 1 

Tuetken, Herman Ford Nokomis, R. 1 

Tuetken, J. H. Reo Witt, R. 1 

Tuetken, Richard Commonwealth 

Nokomis, R. 6 

Tunnel, Jas. Ford Girard, R. 43 

Turner Bros. Dodge Irving 

Turner, J. B. Jr. Crow Elkhart Butler, R. 2 
Tyndale, J. W. Reo Witt R. 1 

Uhrig, Thos. Dodge 

Ullom, R. L. Buick 

Upton, Chas. J. Ford 

Upchurch, E. H. Ford 

Raymond, R. 2 

Pana, R. 3 

Barnett, R. 2 

Irving, R. 3 

Voils, Walter Ford Irving, R. 3 

Vancil, Frank M. Chevrolet Litchfield, R. 2 
Vangeisen, Oliver R. 

Buick Six Pawnee, R 51 
Vangeisen, Russell 

Ford Pawnee, R 51 
VanHyning, Pearl R. 

Ford Butler, R. 2 

Varner, Chas. Ford Hillsboro, R 4 

Varner, Mrs. J. Hupmobile Litchfield, R. 3 

Varner, O. C. Buick Hillsboro, R. 1 

Verhusen, Henry Ford Nokomis, R. 1 
Viehland, Herman 

Buick Farmersville, R. 2 

Virden, Albert Rambler Nokomis, R. 3 

Vogel, Geo. Ford Walshville, R. 1 

Vogel, John L. Studebaker Panama 

Vogel, Wm. E. M. F. Panama 

Voils, F. B. Overland Irving, R. 3 

Voils, J. L. Ford Fillmore, R. 1 

Waddington, Frank 

Glide and Ford Pana, R. 3 
Waddington, Ralph 

Overland Pana^R. 3 

Wagahoff, Fred Studebaker Raymond, R. 1 
Wagahoff, J. F. Ford Harvel, R. 1 

Wagehoft, Benj. H. 

Ford Morrisonville, R. 2 
Wagehoft, Crist Ford Morrisonville, R. 2 
Walch, Frank Overland 

Farmersville, R. 2 

Walch, Wm. Moon Morrisonville, R. 3 

Walcher, John E. Overland Irving, R. 2 

WaHis, Geo. W. Maxwell Litchfield 

Wallis, Wm. H. Ford Bamett, R. 2 

Walton, N. A. Maxwell Nokomis, R. 4 
Wanger, P. F. Maxwell Irving, R. 2 

Waples, C. E. Ford Nokomis, R. 3 

Ward, C. O. Ford Butler 

Ward, L. A. Chevrolet Butler 

Ware, Arthur Dodge Butler 

Ware, David Dodge Butler 

Ware, Geo. V. Franklin Butler 

Ware, Lyman Ford Butler 

Warmuth, Fftnk Ford Litchfield, R. 2 

Warnick, Harvey Ford Farmersville, R. 1 





Name Make 

Postoffice Name Make 


Warnsing, D. J. Ford 



1 Whitlow, John Maxwell 


Warnsing, Fred Ford 



1 Whitlow, Ray Overland 


R. 1 

Warnsing, Robt. B. 

Whitman, Clarence 




1 Ford 


R. 2 

Watson, Burl E. Ford 



1 Whitman, C. J. Ford 


R. 1 

Watson, Chas. Overland 



1 Whitten, Easton Ford 


R. 2 

Watson, Wm. Ford 



2 Whitten, Henry Ford 


R. 3 

Wattjes, Richard Ford 



5 Whitten, P. O. Ford 


R. 2 

Weatherford, Geo. W. 

Whitten, T. J. Buick Six 


R. 2 




1 Wiegreffe, Geo. W. 

Webb, J. R. Reo 



2 Ford 


R. 2 

Webb, O. H. Dodge 



2 Wiegreffe, Walter E. 

Weber, Mrs. Anna 



R. 2 




1 Wiggins, Frank Ford 


R. 1 

Weber, Henry Hupmobile 



5 Wiley, O. H. Dodge 


R. 2 

Weber, John B. Dodge 



1 Wiley, Wm. H. Buick 


R. 3 

Weber, Luke C. Buick 



1 Williams, Calvin Ford 


R. 2 

Weber, Perry E. Ford 



4 Williams, Preston H. 

Wefenstette, Geo. G. 






1 Williamson, John E. 

Weitekamp, Edw. J. 



R. 2 




2 Willoughby, Geo. W. 

Weitekamp, Fred Maxwell 



1 Ford 


R. 4 

Weitekamp, Henry 

Wilson, R. J. Maxwell 


R. 3 

Saxon S 




2 Wilson, Wm. Jr. Ford 


R. 2 

Weitekamp, Leo T. 

Witt, Henry Reo 





2 Wittman, Lester Ford 


R. 4 

Welch, Samuel Willys-Knight 

Wittman, Oliver Ford 


R. 1 



1 Wolff, Herman F. Oakland 


R. 1 

Welge, F. C. Studebaker 



2 Wood, A. B. Ford 


R. 1 

Wellar, H. N. Ford 



2 Wood, Ben P. Ford 


R. 1 

Wellar, J. C. Elcar 



2 Worker, Edw. Overland 

Sorento, R. 1 

Weller, Horace Reo 



1 Wotters, Hugo Reo 


R. 2 

Weller, H. H. Hudson 




Weller, Jesse D. Ford 

Weller, Lewis Ford 





Weller, Mark Ford 




Weller, Noah Buick and Ford 

. -vsaeB**^*"*^ 

Harvel, I 





-: ,r- .. 

Weller, Otto Buick 







Weller, Robt. F. Ford 






Weller, Wm. D. Reo 
Werner Bros. Ford 








-2* ""''<) 


Wernsing, Edw. Ford 







Wernsing, Fred A. 







: ifr 


Wernsing, Herman J. 










Westcott, N. H. Dodge 







Westphal, Chas. H. 




Super Six 




Whalen, E. Reo 




Whalen, John Reo 




Whetstone, B. F. Ford 




Whitaker, Chas. D. 








White, A. Ford 
White, E. B. Ford 
White, Loy N. Ford 





- Purity 

White, Raymond Ford 
Whitehouse, Edw. H. 









Whitlock, Chas. L. 





Whitlock, Homer L. 





Whitlow, J. W. Maxwell 






Name Make 
Wright, Benj. F. Maxwell 

Litchfield, R. 2 

Wright, Isaac Ford 

Coffeen, R. 1 

Yeska, Fred Ford 

Irving, R. 3 


Yeska, W. J. Ford and Reo Irving, R. 2 

Young, B. Buick 

Hillsboro, R. 2 


Young, H. G. Ford 

Butler, R. 2 

Young, J. M. Dodge 

Hillsboro, R. 2 

Young, M. B. Ford 

Hillsboro, R. 2 

A store 

cannot be successful 

Young, W. H. Case 

Donnellson, R. 1 

that does 

not stock advertised 

Zeifang, Andrew Reo 

Nokomis, R. 3 

brands. On the other hand, a 

Zeifang, Aug. Dodge 
Zeifang, John Reo 

Nokomis, R. 2 
Nokomis, R. 2 

store can be successful that does 

Zeifang, Wm. Reo 
Ziegler, Mrs. B. H. 


not carry 

private and. obscure 


Fillmore, R. 2 

brands. Moral. Advertising does 

Zimmerman, Edw. J. 

Kissel Car 

Harvel, R. 2 

sell goods. 

Zimmerman, H. H. 



Zimmerman, Tohn W. Jr. 


Harvel, R. 2 


following table shows the lowest and highest cash prices for cash contract wheat in the 
market for the last 50 years and the months in which extreme prices were reached: 


Months the 
Lowest Prices 

Years. Were Reached. Yearly Range 

1866 February $.78 at $2.03 

1867 August 1.55 at 2.95 

1868 November 1.04J4 at 2.20 

1869 December 76*/i at 2.47 

1870 April IIV* at 1.31) 

1871 August 99X at 1.32 

1872 November 1.01 at 1.61 

1873 September 89 at 1.46 

1874 October 81 J4 at 1.28 

1875 February S3% at 1.30; 

1876 July 83 at 1.26} 

1877 August 1.01 y 3 at 1.76; 

1878 October 77 at 1.14 

1879 January 81^ at 1.33; 

1880 August 86y 3 at 1.32 

1881 January 95 J< at 1.43! 

1882 December 69j| at 1.40 

1883 October 90 at 1.13J 

1884 December 69 at .96 

1885 March 73J< at 1.313 

1886 October 69M at .84; 

1887 August 60^ at .94} 

1888 April 71^ at 2.00 

1889 Tune .75^ at 1.08! 

1890 February 74J4 at 1.08; 

1891 July 85 at 1.16 

1892 October 69 j at .915 

1893 July 54 at .88 

1894 September 50 at .65) 

1895 January 48# at .853 

1896 August 53 at .943 


Months the 
Highest Prices 
Were Reached. 

Feb., April, Sept 











April and May 
















Montgomery County Tractor Owners' Directory 

Name Make Postoffice 

Adams, Fred 12-20 Heider 

Rosemond, R. 1 

Adden, Theo. 8- 16 Avery Nokomis, R. 5 

Armstrong, R. D. Avery Litchfield, R. 1 

Beal, J. K. 10-20 Titan Hillsboro, R. 4 

Beal, Newton Advance (Steam) 

Hillsboro, R. 4 
Benning, Geo. 10-20 International 

Harvel, R. 1 

Billiter, Ellis E. 8- 16 Avery Litchfield, R. 2 
Booher, Jas. A. 10-20 Fordson 

Fillmore, R. 1 

Bramel, B. A. 8-16 Mogul Butler 

Bremer, Henry Jr. 

10-20 Fordson Hillsboro 

Bremer, Louis 10-20 Fordson Hillsboro 

Brubaker, Levi 10-20 Fordson 

Farmersville, R. 1 
Busby, J. A. 10-20 Titan Butle'r 

Christian, Arthur Case (Steam) Coffeen, R. 2 
Chumley, Hugh Rumely (20 h. p.) 

Coffeen, R. 2 
Commerford, Mrs. A. 

12-25 Bull 

Farmersville, R. 2 
Commerford, T. M. 

12-20 Bull 

Farmersville, R. 2 

Crissman, Homer Buffalo Pitts (10 h. p.) 
and Russell (16h. p.) 

Irving, R. 3 

Davis, Albert International Harvel, R. 2 

Eddington, Oliver Minneapolis Butler 

Hoppin, F. H. 



17-34 Fordson 

Pawnee, R. 51 

Houck, W. J. 12-20 Heider Ohlman 

Hutchison, Wm. E. 

Fordson Litchfield, R. 2 

Jones, Alva W. 10-20 Titan 
Klemme, A. H. 12-25 Avery 
Lee, Dan H. 
Lipe, Thos. T. 

Harvel, R. 1 

Flint, Earl W. 10-20 Titan 
Foster, John F. 10-20 Titan 

Harvel, R. 1 

Garr-Scott (18 h. p. 

Steam) Butler, R. 2 

10-20 Case Witt, R. 1 
Livingston, T. M. Buffalo-Pitts (17 h. p.) 

Lyles, N. E. Steam Star Engine 

Coffeen, R. 3 

McCormeck, J. A. 10-20 Titan 

Farmersville, R. 1 

McCulley, E. H. 8-16 I. H. C. Irving, R. 2 
Miles, Tom 6-12 Moline 

Rosemond, R. 1 

Miller Bros. 10-20 Mogul Nokomis, R. 5 

Miller, C. D. 12-22 Fordson Irving, R. 2 

Moody, C. D. 10-20 Titan Fillmore, R. 2 
Murphy, Tirdal 10-20 Titan 

Farmersville, R. 2 

Nail, R. H. 9-18 Case Waggoner 

Nash, Franklin S. Huber Litchfield, R. 1 

Neece, A. B. 12-20 Heider Nokomis, R. 2 

Neece, J. D. 18-25 Avery Irving, R. 1 
Neisler, Geo. A. Reeves (Steam 13 h. p.) 

Irving, R. 3 

Paul, W. T. Case (Steam) Pawnee, R. 2 
Poff, John 8- 16 Avery 

Farmersville, R. 1 

Pray, Hardin 8-16 Mogul Pana, R. 3 

Probst, J. R. Rumely Irving, R. 1 

Goby, Gus 
Goby, Wm. R. 


10-20 International 

Raymond, R. 2 

Grassel, Edw. International Butler, R. 1 
Green, C. A. 10-20 Fordson 

Hillsboro, R. 4 
Green, J. W. Robinson (16 h. p. Steam) 

Hillsboro, R. 4 
Grosenheider, F. F. 

12-25 Waterloo 

Litchfield, R. 4 
Grosenheider, Henry 

12-25 Waterloo 

Litchfield, R. 4 

Raymond, R. 2 Ramey, G. W. Garr-Scott (Steam) 

Hillsboro, R. 1 
Reubart, J. V. Gasoline Stationary (22 

h. p.) Fillmore, R. 2 

Roach, Walter E. Advance (Steam 16-h. p. 

Irving, R. 2 
Robertson, Aura C. 

8-16 Moline Ohlman 

Rouslange, Frank Advance (2) 

Hillsboro, R. 1 
Rowland, Ralph M. 

Advance U4 h. p.) 

Farmersville, R. 1 

Haller, M. B. 
Hand, Earl 
Heifer, J. G. 
Hoehn, C. B. 
Holmes, E. J. 
Hoog, Albert 

10-20 Case Nokomis, R. 3 

Sammons, Harry S. 


Litchfield, R. 1 

10-20 Mogul Nokomis, R. 4 Sewing, Henry Rumley (Steam 16 h. p.) 

12-2 5 Avery Hillsboro, R. 4 Litchfield, R. 4 

40-60 Rumely Irving, R. 1 Shafer, Bert C. Turner Litchfield, R. 2 

Garr-Scott Nokomis, R. 2 Sinclair, Chas. A. Huber Barnett, R. 2 

Buffalo Pitts Litchfield Sinclair, John C. Huber Barnett, R. 1 





When a customer conies into 
your store and does not ask for 
the article wanted by brand name, 
it is a good thing to ask, "What 
brand did you buy last?" or 
"What has given you the best 
satisfaction in the past?" No ar- 
ticle has ever been made that suits 
everybody. What you are sold 
on may not please your customer. 
Even if you do not carry the 
brand that has given your cus- 
tomer satisfaction in the past, you 
are better able to please your cus- 
tomer by having a standard to go 
by. Further, by getting the cus- 
tomer's ideas, you carry the 
thought that your aim is your 
customer's satisfaction. Such an 
atmosphere breeds repeat orders. 

Wolff, Herman F. 8-16 Mogul Nokomis, R. 1 iuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiitiiiiiiiniiiiimiiiimniiuiiimiiinimmmmnmnnk 

Name Make Postoffice 

Sorrells, Samuel 10-20 Titan 

Raymond, R. 3 
Spmner, Joseph 10-20 International 

Coffeen, R. 1 
Stokes, Jacob L. Reeves (Steam 13 h. p.) 

Irving, R. 3 

Street, Herbert W. 

15-30 Twin City 

Waggoner, R. 1 

Taylor, Chas. Advance (Steam 16 h. p.) 

Hillsboro, R. 3 

Todt, H. E. 10-20 Titan Harvel, R. 2 

Todt, Mrs. Mary B. 

20-40 Lawton 

Morrisonville, R. 2 

Vangeisen, Oliver 17-34 Fordson 

Pawnee, R. 51 
Voils, J. L. 8-16 Avery Fillmore, R. 1 

Waddington, Frank 
Waddington, Ralph 
Ward, M. & D. 10-20 Fordson 
Ware, Geo. V. 10-20 Titan 
Ware, Lyman 10-20 Fordson 
Wellar, J. C. 10-20 Titan 
Weller, Otto 8-16 Mogul 
Wescott, N. H. Fordson 

Pana, R. 3 

Pana, R. 3 
a Butler 
Harvel, R. 2 
Harvel, R. 1 
Butler, R. 2 

A. DRUMM, Pres. 
M. L. McCLURE, Vice-Pres. 

Commission Company 

Cash Capital, $500,000 

National Stock Yards, Illinois 



Over a Quarter of a Century of Successful 
Business. Surely an Enviable Record. 

The high class of its officers, their invariable policy of retaining only the best 
men money could get and the confidence and loyalty of their many of 
whose patronage the company has enjoyed practically since its organization, has made 
this achievement possible. 

Join the Rank and File: SHIP TO DRUMM 

One shipment will convince you our methods are the best 

We Quote thm Market As ft Is 
C. C. HOLCOMB, Manager 

Cattle Salesmen: Cliff Mackey, Tyler Fray, Everette Wilson. 
Dan Collons, Sheep Salesman Josh Davis, Hog Salesman 

Drumm Commission Company 



In Union There is Strength 

THE keynote of Prairie Farmer's policy is service to Prairie Farmer readers. 
This service includes the latest and best information on soil fertility, crop 
growing, livestock management and feeding, dairying, livestock diseases, farm 
buildings and machinery, home and household problems, and every other question 
relating to practical farming. 

Questions on these subjects will be answered by personal letter for members 
of Prairie Farmer's Protective Union. These answers are by experts men and 
women who have made a study of the subject and who know what they are talk- 
ing about. 

The service rendered by Prairie Farmer through our Protective Union goes 
much farther than this. We have an experienced farm lawyer on our staff. His 
advice is free to members of Prairie Farmer's Protective Union. He will answer 
all questions about farm law, and will help out any member of the Union who 
may be in difficulty. 

The greatest service rendered by Prairie Farmer's Protective Union is in in- 
vestigating investment schemes, swindles, etc., and giving our members full in- 
formation about them. Do not invest in any proposition, however attractive, until 
you have written us about it. If an agent calls on you with any investment 
scheme, with a new variety of seed, with a livestock remedy, or with anything else 
about which you are not fully informed, write us before- investing any money or 
signing any papers. Send us all the printed matter about the proposition that you 
can get, and we will make a full and impartial investigation and report promptly. 

This service has already saved members of the Prairie Farmer's Protective 
Union thousands of dollars. We want to serve you, and the service will save you 

If you have subscribed for Prairie Farmer and for this Directory you thereby 
become a member of Prairie Farmer's Protective Union. There are no other dues 
or charges. 

Your certificate of membership is printed below. It entitles you to the full 
service of Prairie Farmer's Protective Union. Make use of this service freely by 
writing us whenever you want help or information. 


Thii certifies that 

is a member in good standing of Prairie Farmer's Protective Union, and is entitled 
to the full service of the Union without charge for the period of his paid-up sub- 
scription to Prairie Farmer. All communications and requests for service should 
be addressed to 

223 W. Jackson Blvd. Chicago, Illinois 




Use Electric Steel Wheels 

on your farm wagons 
Made to Fit Any Running Gear 

Durable - Efficient - Low Priced 

They lessen draft. Reduce high lifting 

Low Wheel Farm Trucks, Wagons and Wagon Boxes for Farm Work. 
Made to suit every requirement. 


Numerous machines doing profitable work in Brown and Schuyler Counties. Write us or 
visit our factory and let us show you the merits of the Allwork Tractor. 

ELECTRIC WHEEL CO., Box 46, Quincy, 111. 






National Stock Yards, Illinois 


| Saint Louis' Largest 
| Hog Firm 



Increased Cattle Business Again for 1918 





General Farm Data for Montgomery County, Illinois 


Population 35.311 

Number of all farms 3,223 

Color and nativity of farmers: 

Native white 2,896 

Foreign-born white 

Negro and other non-white 3 

Number of farms, classified by size: 

Under 3 acres 

3 to 9 acres 105 

10 to 19 acres 96 

20 to 49 acres 388 

50 to 99 acres 718 

100 to 174 acres 1,123 

175 to 259 acres 509 

260 to 499 acres 260 

500 to 999 acres 19 

1,000 acres and over 

Approximate land area acres 440,960 

Land in farms acres 426,398 

Improved land in farms acres 381,175 

Wood land in farms acres 33,815 

Other unimproved land in farms acres 11,408 

Percent of land area in farms 96.7 

Percent of farm land improved 89.4 

Average acres per farm 132.3 

Average improved acres per farm 118.3 

Ail farm property value dollars 40.895,179 

Land dollars 111.4 

Buildings dollars 31,335.149 

Implements and machinery dollars 4,690.537 

Domestic animals, poultry and bees dollars 844,450 

Percent of value of all property in: . .dollars 4.025,043 


Building 76.6 

Implements and machinery. .- 11.5 

Domestic animals, poultry and bees 2.1 

Average Values: 9.8 

. All property per farm dollars 12,689 

Land and buildings per farm dollars 11,178 

Land, per acre dollars 73.49 

Farms reporting domestic animals 3,167 

Value of domestic animals dollars 3 840,022 


Total number 29.492 

Dairy cows \\ 12.869 

Other cows ; ' ' 3^093 

Yearling heifers ' ' 4,111 

Calves 4,370 

Yearling steers and bulls 2.276 

Other steers and bulls ' 2 773 

Value ; .'dollar's ' 876.199 


Total number 19.635 

Mature horses ,......" 16,716 

Yearling colts 2 027 

Spring colts ........;.. 892 - 

Value dollars 2.028.957 


Total number 3 375 

Mature mules 560 

Yearling colts ' [ '579 

Spring colts 236 

Value .'dollar's " 418,808 

Asses and burros: 

Number 4*6 

. Value ; .' .'dollars ' 7,440 


Total number 60 130 

Mature hogs 33 749 

Spring pigs ..:.....-....:! 261381 

ou Value dollars 432,665 


Total number 20 309 

Rame, yews and wethers 

Spring lambs g'280 

Value dollars 84 486 




Number 195 

Value dollars 467 

Number of poultry of all kinds 347,674 

Value .dollars 179,036 

Number of colonies of bees 1,954 

Value dollars 5.985 

Number of farms operated by owners 1,820 

Percent of all farms 56.5 

Land in farms ..acres 237,077 

Improved land in farms . acres 207,488 

Value of land and buildings . dollars 19.407.377 

Degree of ownership: 

Farms consisting- of owned land only 1.251 

Farms consisting of owned land and hired land 569 

Color and nativity of owners: 

Native white 1,577 

Foreign-born white 240 

Negro and other non-white 

Number of farms operated by tenants 1.383 

Percent of all farms 42.9 

Land in farms .acres 184,276 

Improved land in farms acres 169,201 

Value of land and buildings .dollars 16.223.949 

Form of tenancy: 

Share tenants ^ 

Share cash tenants 

Cash tenants . 

Tenure not specified ." 86 

Color and nativity of tenants: 

Native white 1,299 

Foreign-born white 84 

Negro and other non-white 

Number of farms operated by managers, 

Land in farms acres 5,045 

Improved land in farms . .acres 4,486 

Value of land and buildings dollars 394,360 

Mortgage debt report: 

For all farms operated by owners: 

Number free from mortgage debt 1,137 

Number with mortgage debt *...... 653 

Number with no mortgage report 30 

For farms consisting of owned land only: 

Number reporting debt and amount 382 

Value of their land and buildings dollars 3,547,118 

Amount of mortgage debt dollars 889,272 

Percent of value of land and buildings 25.1 


Dairy cows on farms reporting dairy products number 11,493 

Dairy cows on farms reporting milk produced number 10,243 

Milk Produced gallons 3,432,953 

Sold gallons 1,581,950 

Cream sold gallons 4,434 

Butter fat sold pounds 152,327 

Butter produced pounds 396,812 

Sold pounds 210,523 

Cheese produced pounds 20 

Sold " pounds 

Value of dairy products, excluding home use of milk and cream . dollars 293,476 

Receipts from sale of dairy products dollars 251,622 

Poultry raised number 474.520 

Sold number 189,546 

Eggs produced dozens 1,433,042 

Sold dozens 1,033,810 

Value of poultry and eggs produced dollars 487,971 

Receipts from sale of poultry and eggs. dollars 292.122 

Wool, fleeces shorn number 11,735 

Mohair and goat hair fleeces shorn number 

Value of wool and mohair produced dollars 23.206 

Honey produced pounds 10.258 

Wax produced *. . . pound^ 41 

Value of honey and wax produced dollars 1,605 


Calves, sold or slaughtered number 6.296 

Other cattle sold or slaughtered number 14,985 

Horses, mules, asses and burros sold number 6,452 

Swine sold or slaughtered number 80.267 

Sheep and goats sold or slaughtered number 10.933 

Receipts from sale of animals dollars 2,171 261 

Value of animals slaughtered dollars 214.080 




Cereals ...................................................... dollars 3,286,261 

Other grains and seeds ....................................... dollars 14,839 

Hay and forage .............................................. dollars 603,154 

Vegetables .................................................. dollars 128,309 

Fruits and nuts .............................................. dollars 71,585 

All other crops ............................................... dollars 40,757 


Corn ........................................................ acres 124,889 

bushels 4,119,053 

Oats ........................................................ acres 41,552 

bushels 1,142,636 

Wheat ...................................................... acres 44,113 

bushels 800,285 

Emmer and spelt ............................................. acres 22 

bushels 320 
Barley ...................................................... acres 

Buckwheat .................................................. acres 


acres 479 

bushels 5,902 

All tame or cultivated grasses ................................ acres 55,439 

tons 59,322 

Timothy alone ............................................... acres 39,766 

Timothy and clover mixed .................................... acres 8,538 

tons 9,951 

Clover alone ................................................. acres 6 ' 774 

.. f .. tons 8,01t> 

Alfalfa ...................................................... acres 51 

tons 147 

Millet or Hungarian grass ................................... acres 280 

tons 339 

Montgomery County Buyers' Guide 

Recommended to Prairie Farmer Reader 
Ask Your Dealer for Them 


Chevrolet 168 

Dodge 143 

Franklin 143 

Mitchell 151 

Overland 143-151-163 

Willys-Knight 163 

Automobile Accessories 

Champion Spark Plugs 163 

Brunswick Tires 151-163 

Columbia Batteries 161 

Inland Piston Rings 161 

Kokomo Tires 161 

Pennsylvania Tires 143-163 

Racine Tires 168 

Rayfield Carburettors 168 

Red Seal Batteries 168 

United States Tires 163 

Veedol Oils 163-168 

Willard Storage Batteries 144 

Barn Equipment 

Louden 153 


Deering 3 

I. H. C 3 

Binder Twine 

Deering 3 

l'l\ mouth 153 

Builders' Supplies 

Acme Plaster 159 

Cornell Wall Board 159 

Devoe Paint 159 

Lowe Bros. Paint 159 

Vnldura Roof Paint 159 

Vulcanite Roofing 159 


Eastman Kodaks 142 


Johnson's Chocolates 142 

Clothing and Dry Goods 

Adler Men's Clothing 143 

Dorothy Dodd Shoes 143 

Douglas Shoes 143 

Walton Children's Shoes 143 

Warner Corsets , 143 

Corn Cribs 

Dickelman 135 

Corn Planters 

C. B. & Q 3 

Deere 160 

Corn Shellers 

Case 135 

Cream Separators 

De Laval 147-153 

Sharpies 3-160 


Dccrc 160 

Emerson 3 

Ohio 3 

Tower (Surface) 153 


Deen- 160 

Osborne 3 

Ensilage Cutters 

Climax 5 

I. H. C 3 

Ohio 153. 

Fertilizer Sowers 

Richmond 153 

Van Brunt 153 


Furnaces and Boilers 

Caloric 153 

Mueller 151 

Feed Grinders 

Letz 153 

Fences and Gates 

American 3 

Can't Sag Gates 3-159 

Kokomo 153 

Gas Engines 

Aermotor 142 

I. H. C 3 

Grain Bins 

Dickelman 135 

Grain Drills 

Superior 153 

Gas Engines 

Aermotor 142 

E. Z 147-160 

Independent 135 

I. H. C 3 

Ingeco 153 

Guns and Ammunition 

E.-Z 147-160 

Winchester 147-160 

Independent 135 

Ingeco 153 


Deere 160 

Independent 135 

Osborne 3 


Davis 160 

Independent 135 

Hay Tools 

Deere 160 

Gearless Loaders 153 

I. H. C. Hay Loaders 3 

Independent Rakes 135 

Household Supplies 

Big Ben Clocks 144 

Community Silverware 144 

Hoover Suction Sweepers 147 

Reed Metal Ware 147 

Lighting Plants 

Delco 4 

Ingeco 153 

Lalley 160 

Manure Spreaders 

Deere 160 

Independent 135 

Milking Machines 

Hinman 153 


Deering 3 

I. H. C 3 

Independent 135 

Musical Instruments 

Grafonolas 157 

Emerson Pianos 146 

Kimball Pianos 146 

Lyon & Healy Pianos 146 

Mehlin & Sons Pianos 146 

Strich & Zeeder Pianos 145 

Adam Schaff Pianos 146 

Pease Pianos 146 

Pathe Talking Machines 146 


Aermotor 142 

Hayes 3-153 

Meyers 135-147-154-160 


Deere 160 

Case 3 

P. & O. Tractor 3 

Peru 3 


Rice 147 


Cement Stave 28 

Lansing Vitrified S 

Stock Remedies 

Hess 142-162 

Stoves and Ranges 

Estate 160 

Perfection (Oil) 147 

Quick Meal 147 

Threshing Machines 

Avery 153 


All Work 179 

Avery 153 

Case 135 

Moline Universal 153 


Plowman 163 

Wagons and Buggies 

Emerson Buggies 1: 

Union City Storm Buggies 153 

Weber 3 

Straw Spreaders 

Perfection 153 

Tank Heaters 

Cow Boy 153 

Washing Machines 

Maytag 160 

Meadows 153 

One Minute 147 

Wind Mills 

Aermotor 142 

McDaniel & Son 151 


e x 

Automobile Owners' Directory of Montgomery County..* 163-175 

Breeders' Directory of Montgomery County 125-135 

Business Directory of Montgomery County 140-162 

Farmers' Directory of Montgomery County 29-123 

Tractor Owners' Directory of Montgomery County 176-177 

General Information: 

Binder Troubles and Adjustments 10-15 

Corn Planter Adjustments 16-19 

General Farm Data for Montgomery County 181-183 

Horses, Common Unsoundness of 24-27 

Labor, Value of 

Livestock Farmers' Medicine Chest 20-23 

Triple-G Goods 137 



Woodson & Fennewald 

Live Stock Commission 

OFFICE E. L. Ballard. L. L. Taylor, HOG DEPT. T. W. Finnigan, Fred 

F. E. Carson, C. S. Soule, H. Langley, Frutiger, T. J. Kesinger. 

E. Randle. SHEEP DEPT. S. H. Little. 

CATTLE DEPT. E. L. Woodson. F. 
C. Kirkpatrick, B. H. Fennewald, H. W. 
Throckmorton, John W. Sanders, F. G. 
Huninger, Al Weaver, J. J. Jennings, 
C. A, French, John Ayres, James 

Office Telephones: Cattle Yard Telephones: Hog House Telephone: 
Bell Phone, Bridge 640 Bell Phone, East 2676 Bell Phone, East 212 

Kinloch Phone. St. Kinloch Phone, St. 

Clair 1782 Clair 1782 

National Stock Yards, Illinois 

Sellers of Cattle, Hogs 
and Sheep 

" We Lead While Others Follow" 

During 1918 we have sold more carloads of cattle, hogs and sheep 
than any firm on this market. WHY? Because our sales and work is 
the kind that makes our customers money. If you are not already a 
customer, ask any one of our loyal band of satisfied customers, and 
they will tell you the kind of service we render. 

Give us a trial with your next shipment. We are pleasing others 
and know we can please you if you will only give us an opportunity. 


Our Motto: "Giving Satisfaction" 








Produce Maximum Crops 

You simply cannot make sour soil produce maximum 
crops. The remedy is COLUMBIA GROUND LIMESTONE. 

After you have applied our COLUMBIA GROUND LIME- 
STONE to your soil, every fertilizer you use will act better. 

Columbia Quarry Company 

Producers of 


and Distributors of 


Plants at Krause, Columbia and Valmeyer in Illinois near East St. Louis 
General Office 710 Fullerton Building, St. Louis, Mo. 




| I 

Farm Insurance issued against Fire, Tornado, Windstorm, Hail, 
and Property of all kinds. 

Live stock, death from any cause. Automobiles insured 
against Fire, Theft, Collision, Personal Liability, and Property 

We represent a number of the best companies writing these 
kinds of insurance. 

Farms Sold on Commissions 

Farm Loans 

Legal Papers Drawn 

Your Abstracting Solicited 

Notary Public Always in Office 

114 West Ryder St. Litchfield, Ml. 

s & 

' iiiiiiiiiimiimiimnuiiiiuiiiiiiiiiHiiiiimiiiiiiii iiiiiiiniiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiininiiiiiii uiiimiiiinniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiininiii iiiiiiiiuniiiiuiiiiiiiiC 

Oland National Bank of Witt 

Invites you to open an account. The de- 
posit need not be a large one to begin with. 
Small accounts are welcomed just as much as 
large ones, and will be treated with the same 
care and courtesy. 

Three per cent paid on time and savings 

Witt .... Illinois 


977.3820025P884 C001 


the same as 
IN PEACE TIMES- 3 01 12 025398147 

This bank expects to co-operate with its 
customers. Beyond protecting their in- 
terests we expect to serve them in further- 
ing their financial interests. We are 
equipped for handling all branches of 
banking, but are 

Especially Equipped for Handling the 
Accounts of Farmers 

Capital $100,000.00 Surplus $70,000.00 


The Largest and Strongest Bank in Hillsboro 

Furniture, Floor Coverings, Wall Papers, Draperies, 
Sewing Machines 

Undertaking Auto Hearse Auto Ambulance 


We sell and recommend the following Triple-G Goods: 

? White Sewing Machines. Springfield Mattresses 

Bissell's Carpet Sweepers. Hartford Bigelow Rugs. 

Torrington Vacuum Cleaners. National Cement Burial Vaults. 

Hygenic Refrigerators. Pullman Davanettes. 

Green Castle Kitchen Cabinets. Birge Wallpapers. 
Simmons Beds. 

Phone*: Store 387; Residence 393