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Full text of "Prairie Farmer's directory of Champaign County : complete directory of the farmers of Champaign County, with valuable information about each farm; breeder's directory, giving full classified list of breeders of purebred livestock and poultry; business directory, giving list of all business houses in Champaign County; valuable statistics and general information"

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Illinois Oldest and Btst Farm Paper 








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IN this directory we have endeavored to give Champaign 
county farmers a complete and reliable directory of 
the farmers, breeders and merchants of the county, 
with such other information as will make the directory a 
valuable reference book. 

The task of calling on every farmer in a county and 
collecting the information for such a directory is a tre- 
mendous one. We have received splendid co-operation 
from the farmers and business men of the county, with- 
out which the publication of such a directory would be 
impossible. In a very few cases we have found farmers 
unwilling to give the information requested, which ac- 
counts for a few names that do not appear. 

A few mistakes are bound to occur in a directory that 
involves so large an amount of work, but we have spared 
no effort or expense to make the information complete 
and accurate, and we believe that the mistakes are very 

We want to speak a word of appreciation for the adver- 
tisers whose liberal support has helped materially to bear 
the heavy expense of publishing this directory, and ask 
that you favor them with your patronage whenever pos- 

We hope and believe that the publication of this direc- 
tory will be a real service to Champaign county farmers and 
in line with PRAIRIE FARMER'S policy of service to the farm- 
ers of Illinois. We hope that the increased circulation of 
PRAIRIE FARMER in Champaign county which has resulted 
will help in the movement for better farming, better farm 
living, and more prosperity for the county, and that our 
many new friends will become permanent members of the 
big PRAIRIE FARMER family. 

Publisher, Prairie Farmer. 


W. E. Reigel in His Soy Bean Field on the Meharry Farm, Champaign County, Illinois 





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Prairie Farmer's Directory 

Champaign County 

Complete Directory of the Farmers of Champaign 
County, with valuable information about each farm. 

Breeders' Directory, giving full classified list of 
breeders of purebred livestock and poultry. 

Business Directory, giving list of all business houses 
in Champaign County. 

Valuable statistics and general information. 

Copyright, 1917 

Compiled and Published by 

Prairie Farmer Publishing Co. 



Champaign County Agriculture 

CHAMPAIGN county, Illinois, is 
primarily a grain-raising section. 
More than 90 per cent some 
estimates place it as high as 95 per 
cent of the county's 3,757 farms are 
devoted chiefly to the business of 
raising grain for the market. Over 
80 per cent of the amount of grain 
produced within the borders of Cham- 
paign county goes to the markets, 
only a few men being live stock feed- 
ers; in fact, just about all the grain 
goes out of the county except that 
which is needed to feed the work 

Champaign was one of the last 
counties in Illinois to be settled, as 
in early times the main cornbelt 
prairie area, of which it is a part, was 
considered worthless because so much 
of it was like a swamp. As late as 
the early fifties the Illinois Central 
engineers recommended against put- 
ting through the present Gilman- 
Champaign line because "it ran 
through an uninhabited and uninhabi- 
table region." Today this "uninhabited 
and uninhabitable regjon" is worth 
from $250 to $300 per acre and is con- 
sidered some of the best farm land in 
the world. 

During the thirties and forties the 
first settlers came to Champaign 
county in numbers. Much of the 
land was then deemed worthless for 
farming purposes because every 
slough was filled with water and many 
of the flats were covered a good 
share of the time. That was why 
much of the very best land in the 
county was not farmed for a great 
many years. 

The coming into use of drain tile 
was probably the greatest single fac- 
tor in making Champaign county the 
rich farming district it is today. This 
was during the seventies and eighties. 
The water was taken off the level 
lands and out of the sloughs and a 
new world created for many farmers. 

Champaign county is made up al- 
most entirely of level or just slightly 
rolling land. It is not so level as 
Ford or Livingston, which, in fact, 
are level almost all over, but it has 
several large level areas to which 
there is no perceptible fall. One of 

these is in Somer and Stantion town- 
ships, north and northeast of Urbana. 
In general the land is slightly rolling, 
in some places enough so that drain 
tile is required only in the sloughs. A 
few streams cut here and there into 
the county, none of them having dig- 
nity enough to be called rivers. These 
streams break into the level prairie to 
some extent and are bordered, in 
most instances, by a fringe of trees 
of varying width. The Sangamon 
river has its origin in the north part 
of the county, but is no larger than 
a creek there. 

Champaign county is not entirely 
without native woods, however, for 
here and there, especially along the 
streams, are considerable areas of oak 
and other native trees. In this re- 
spect the county differs materially 
from those 'west of it, but not with 
Vermilion county on the east. There 
are considerable areas of timber be- 
tween Mahomet and Fisher, in Kerr 
township, and also in Ogden town- 

From 65 to 75 per cent of the 
county is brown silt loam, the com- 
monest soil of the Illinois corn belt. 
The University of Illinois soil maps 
have not been completed as yet, but 
the above is the best obtainable esti- 
mate. There is a little gray silt loam, 
some timber soil in the areas men- 
tioned above, but the bulk of the rest 
of the county from 20 to 25 percent 
of the county in all is black clay 
loam, the very richest soil of the corn- 
belt. The black clay loam and brown 
silt loam are intermingled all over the 
county, the black clay loam being 
found more especially in the low- 
lands, though not always. 

Champaign is numbered among the 
half-dozen leading agricultural coun- 
ties in Illinois, being exceeded in total 
value of agricultural products by Mc- 
Lean, LaSalle, Livingston and Iro- 
quois. Champaign in 1916 had the 
second largest area of corn of any 
Illinois county, showing how pre- 
eminently a grain section it is. In 
the whole United States only seven or 
eight counties stand ahead of Cham- 
paign, they being the four Illinois 
counties listed above, Los Angeles in 



California, Chester in Pennsylvania, 
Pottawattamie in Iowa and sometimes 
one or two others. 

Only a very small percentage of 
Champaign county farmers are inter- 
ested in livestock. There are only 
four large live stock feeders in the 
entire county O. L. Meharry of To- 
lono, U. G. Fowler of Fithian, B. F. 
Harris of Mahomet and T. P. Chester 
of Champaign. Twenty per cent of 
all the live stock shipped out of 
Champaign county for the market are 
fed on B. F. Harris' two farms be- 
tween 2,000 and 3,000 acres a fact 
which emphasizes still more the pre- 
dominance of grain farming. There 
are about a dozen dairy farms around 
Champaign and Urbana and two near 
Villa Grove, otherwise the dairy busi- 
ness has no hold. Only a few steers 
and lambs are fed, and in no single 
neighborhood is there a well-defined 
hog raising section. 

There are more draft horses than 
any other live stock in Champaign 
county. Yet there is no horse breed- 
ing section in comparison with Mc- 
Lean or Tazewell counties. Outside 
of Fred Rising, G. C. Williams, Sizer 
Brothers and J. J. Postlewait, there 
are no noted draft horse breeders, 
though here and there a man has one 

or two registered mares. Shires are by 
far the predominating breed. Last fall 
at Fisher, which is about the center of 
the horse section of Champaign 
county, there was held a colt show 
with nearly 100 colts brought out. 
This is the most notable live stock 
show ever held in the county. 

Beef cattle have more than a slen- 
der hold, there being a number of 
herds of good Shorthorns and a 
marked tendency on the part of other 
people to get into the business. There 
are only two small Angus herds in 
the county and no Herefords. The 
dairy business boasts of no purebred 
herds, and likewise there are only a 
few herds of registered sheep and 

Senator Henry M. Dunlap at Savoy 
has one of the best orchards in Illi- 
nois, its care and management being 
excelled by none. Aside from this 
there are no important orchard hold- 
ings in the county. 

The strongest force for agricultural 
improvement in the county is the 
Champaign, County Farm Bureau. A 
complete review of its work, under 
the direction of County Advisor C. H. 
Oathout, is given on another page of 
this directory. 

Soy Beans in Corn on the C. L. Meharry Farm in Champaign County 



The Champaign County Farm Bureau 

IT IS only once in a long while that 
a movement for better farming owes 
its success to a retired farmer, but 
such is the case with the Champaign 
County Farm Bureau. The man most 
responsible for the success of this 
movement which seeks to make better 
farmers out of Champaign County citi- 
zens is J. A. Hossack, a retired farmer 
who has lived in Champaign for a num- 
ber of years previous to the organization 
of the farm bureau. 

The beginning of the Champaign 
County Farm Bureau dates back to 1912 
when the Farmers, Institute at Ivesdale 
passed a resolution favoring the organ- 
ization of a farm bureau and the 
employing of a county advisor. The 
Champaign Chamber of Commerce took 
the matter up during the winter of 1912 
and pushed the movement as fast as 
they could. 

The matter progressed far enough so 
that during the winter of 1913, a tem- 
porary organization was formed with 
M. O. Stover of Mahomet as president. 
There was a great deal of opposition to 
the movement then among even the bet- 
ter class of farmers in Champaign 
County. At this point Mr. Hossack 
practically took charge of the entire 
campaign to organize the farm bureau 
and spent all of his time for several 
months as well as considerable of his 
own" money in order to get the thing 
started. The temporary organization 
grew into a permanent organization 
called the Champaign County Agricul- 
tural Association in the spring of 1913, 
Dr. C. L. Van Doren, a land owner in 
Urbana, was elected president and has 
remained president ever since. There 
were about 250 members of the organ- 
ization at this time. No definite amount 
was charged as membership fees, each 
man paying what he wishes, the range 
being from $5 to $25 each per year, most 
of the members paid $10. For the first 
three years of the organization the busi- 
ness men of Champaign contributed $600 
each year. Most of the 250 members 
were farmers, though a few were land 
owners who lived in town. No mem- 
berships were taken from any other 

On the first of September in 1913 C. 
H. Oathout was employed as county 
advisor. Mr. Oathout had been gradu- 

ated from the University of Illinois in 
1904, was employed for several years in 
the soils department of the University, 
and for five years previous to 1913 had 
been manager of the Meharry farm at 
Tolono. He thus had a range of ex- 
perience which eminently qualified him 
for the work as county farm advisor. 

The first piece of work which Mr. 
Oathout and the officers of the Agricul- 
tural Association decided was needed in 
Champaign County was work along the 
line of the maintenance and improve- 
ment of soil fertility. They therefore 
set out to urge the farmers of Cham- 
paign County to make greater use of 
the experimental data on soils which 
was being gathered at the University of 
Illinois. The experimental plots at 
Champaign had demonstrated for a 
number of years that it was profitable 
to use rock phosphate on the common 
prairie soils in Champaign County. Only 
a very small amount of rock phosphate, 
possibly two or three cars at the most, 
had been used by the farmers, but in 
1914 members of the Champaign County 
Agricultural Association used 2,100 tons 
of raw rock phosphate, most of it being 
applied at the rate of one-half ton per 
acre. In 1915 an equal amount would 
have been used except that it was a 
very wet season and it was difficult to 
get the rock phosphate hauled from the 
shipping station, therefore only 735 tons 
were used. In 1916 the car shortage 
affected the amount used to such an 
extent that only 850 tons were pur- 
chased. During this year it is expected 
that about a thousand tons will be used, 
but more would be bought if it were not 
for the car shortage. 

Champaign County soils are almost all 
acid in the surface soil, but very few of 
them are acid in the subsurface or sub- 
soil. Mr. Oathout early found out that 
where only the surface soil was acid 
that limestone did not pay very large 
returns. Where, however, the subsoil 
was also acid then the use of limestone 
paid big. A considerable amount of 
limestone has been used in Champaign 
County, but no attempt has been made 
to keep a record of it because only a 
small amount of it has been ordered 
through the farm bureau. Some lime- 
stone had been used before the organiza- 
tion of the bureau, though not a great 



One of the biggest efforts of the or- 
ganization has been to encourage the 
growing of a larger acreage of clover. 
In 1913 many farmers in Champaign 
County were becoming discouraged with 
the clover situation owing to the poor 
stands, but the use of phosphate and 
limestone has greatly increased the 
growing of clover. Mr. Oathout is con- 
stantly urging the growing of more 
clover, also the plowing under of more 
clover to add to the supply of organic 
matter in the soil. A few have been 
doing this in the last few years, and 
results have uniformly favored the 
practice and it is expected that more 
clover will be plowed under each year. 

In connection with this the county 
advisor has planned a rotation system 
for 175 farmers and in each case has 
made clover appear on the land once 
every few years. 

No big attempt has been made to in- 
troduce new varieties of clover, as the 
county advisor and the members of the 
association feel that the common red 
and mammoth red clovers are fully as 
good as any others. Champaign County 
farmers have not had the sweet clover 
bug or the alsike clover bug as have 
farmers in Kankakee and Livingston 

The association has not yet at- 
tempted to introduce any new crops in 
Champaign County. The only exception 
to this rule has been the use of Sudan 
grass and soy beans, both of which have 
been quite freely urged by the associa- 
tion. Sudan grass has been used for 

hay, pasture and seed purposes quite 
largely. The best experience of the use 
of this Sudan grass has been on the 
Meharry farm at Tolono, where 36 acres 
of it pastured 90 mature animals for the 
entire season. W. S. Hinton of Foos- 
land has been the most experienced 
grower of Sudan grass in Champaign 
county. He uses it very largely for hay*, 
pasture and seed and from his place the 
Sudan grass idea has spread all over 
the county. 

The most conspicuous contribution of 
the Champaign County Farm Bureau to 
the introduction of new crops has been 
the spreading of soy beans all over 
Champaign County. Soy beans have been 
grown for years but only a few of the 
farmers, including the Meharrys, have 
found it to be one of the most valuable 
crops, but more than 500 farmers in 
Champaign County are growing soy 
beans now and probably more than one- 
half of the 450 members of the associa- 
tion are among these 500. Soy beans 
are used for hay, for seed, for silage, for 
hogging down, for lambing down and to 
some extent for green forage crop. The 
Meharrys have been pioneers along the 
line of using corn and soy beans for 
hogging down for about eight years 
and perhaps have followed this practice 
as long as any farmer in Illinois. Their 
experience has been a distinct contribu- 
tion to the present knowledge of this 
subject and this has grown out of the 
work of the Champaign County Farm 

A great deal of attention has been 

Baling Straw with a Tractor on the Burwash Farm, Champaign County, Illinois 



paid by the Champaign County Farm 
Bureau to alfalfa growing. Only a small 
acreage of alfalfa was grown in Cham- 
paign County in 1913, but this has been 
increased until in 1916 there were over 
5,000 acres. This number had decreased 
this year because a good many farmers 
have become discouraged over the fail- 
ures they have met with in getting the 
crop started. Mr. Oathout says their 
failures are due to the fact that the 
alfalfa needs lime or phosphate, or both. 
Mr. Oathout says that most of the 
farmers must realize this before alfalfa 
growing will become uniformly satisfac- 
tory in the county and he has put a 
great deal of effort to prove this point. 

Four years ago there were only a 
limited number of silos in the county ; 
at the present time there are 200, this 
being about the number of livestock 
farmers in the county. 

The bureau has also done some work 
along livestock improvement lines. The 
use of tankage and self-feeders for hogs 
has been encouraged through the pub- 
licity which has been given the success- 
ful use of these things. 

More has been done along horse 
breeding lines than any other livestock 
proposition perhaps. There are a good 
number of Shire breeders in Champaign 
County. These men have been brought 
together through the Champaign County 
Purebred Livestock Association, an 
auxiliary organization to the Farm Bu- 
reau. A local colt show was held last 

fall in Fisher, at which there were 160 
horses and colts exhibited. Many of 
these were registered and five of them 
later were exhibited at the Interna- 

Along beef cattle lines the bureau has 
done some work during this last spring. 
Oathout had noticed for a year or two 
an increased interest in the Shorthorn 
business, so at the present time he is 
engaged in an endeavor to secure a car- 
load of registered Shorthorn heifers 
brought into Champaign County from 
outside. Practically all the purebred 
beef cattle already in the county were 
Shorthorns and the bureau believes it 
wise to boost the predominating breed. 

Another important piece of work done 
by the county advisor and the farm bu- 
reau has been the organization of farm- 
ers' clubs. There are now six active 
local community clubs which meet 
regularly and which are accomplishing a 
great deal for their members. 

In Condit township the club held a 
community fair. The 70 club members 
under the leadership of Rev. J. H. 
Singleton put this over in fine shape. 
They had no cash prizes, but they had 
large exhibits of almost all kinds of 
farm produce. The first day they bar- 
becued a steer and a hog and the second 
they had a fish fry. 

There have been many other things 
accomplished by County Advisor Oath- 
out and the bureau, but the foregoing 
summarizes the most important. 

Plowing with a Tractor on T. P. Chester's Farm, Champaign County, Illinois 




Time of 




340 Days 

283 Days 

Jan. 1 
" 6 

Dec. 6 
" 11 

Oct. 10 
" 15 

" 11 

" 16 

" 20 

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" 21 

" 25 

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" 26 

" 30 

" 26 

" 31 

Nov. 4 

" 31 

Jan. 5 

41 9 

Feb. 5 

" 10 

" 14 

" 10 

" 15 

.. 19 

" 15 

" 20 

" 24 

" 20 

" 25 

" 29 

" 25 

" 30 

Dec. 4 

Mar. 2 

Feb. 4 




ii 14 

" 12 

" 14 

ii 19 

., 17 

" 19 

" 24 


" 24 

" 29 

" 27 

Mar. 1 

Jan. 3 

AP, 1 

" 11 

" 8 
" 13 

" 11 

" 16 

" 18 

" 16 

" 21 

" 23 

" 21 

" 26 

" 28 

" 26 

" 31 

Feb. 2 

May 1 
" 6 

Apr. 5 
K 10 

" 12 

" 11 

" 15 

,, 17 

" 16 

" 20 

" 22 

" 21 

" 25 

" 27 

" 26 


Mar. 4 

" 31 



June 5 
" 10 

" 10 
" 15 

.. 19 

" 15 

" 20 

" 24 

" 20 

" 25 


" 25 
" 30 

" 30 
June 4 

Apr. 3 
" 8 

July 5 

14 9 

" 13 

" 10 

" 14 

" 18 

" 15 

II ";) 

" 23 

" 20 

' 24 

" 28 

" 25 

- 29 

May 3 

" 30 

July 4 


Aug. 4 
" 9 

" 14 

" 13 
" 18 

" 14 

n ^9 

" 23 

" 19 


" 28 

" 24 

" 29 

June 2 

Set. 3 

Aug. 3 

ii 7 

" 29 

" 8 

" 12 

" 8 

" 13 

" 17 

' 13 

" 18 

" 22 

" 18 

" 23 

" 27 

" 23 

" 28 

July 2 

" 28 

Set. 2 


Oct. 3 


" 12 

" 8 

" 12 

ii i 7 

" 13 

., 17 

" 22 

" 18 

" 22 

" 27 

" 23 

" 27 

Aug. 1 

" 28 

Oct. 2 

" 6 

Nov. 2 


" 11 


" 12 

" 16 

" 12 


" 21 

., 17 

" 22 

" 26 

' 22 

" 27 

11 31 

" 27 

Nov. 1 

Sept. 5 

Dec. 2 

" 6 

" 10 

" 7 

" 11 

" 15 

" 12 

" 16 


" 17 

" 21 

" 25 

" 22 

" 26 

" 30 


Dec. 1 

Oct. 5 

" 31 



150 Days 

112 Days 

May 30 
June 4 

Apr. 22 
" 27 


May 2 

" 14 


" 19 

" 12 

" 24 

" 17 

" 29 

" 22 

July 4 

" 27 

" 9 

June 1 

" 14 



" 11 

" 24 

" 16 

" 29 

" 21 

Aug. 3 

" 26 

" 8 

July 1 

" 13 


" 18 

" 11 

" 23 

" 16 

" 28 

" 21 

Sept. 2 

" 26 


" 31 

" 12 ' 

Aug. 5 

, 17 

" 10 

" 22 

" 15 

" 27 

" 20 

Oct. 2 

" 25 


" 30 

" 12 

" 17 

Sept. 4 

.r 9 

" 22 

" 14 

" 27 

I. 19 

Nov. 1 



" 29 

" 11 

Oct. 4 

" 16 


" 21 

" 14 

" 26 

.. 19 

Dec. 1 

" 24 


" 29 

" 11 

Nov. 3 

" 16 


" 21 

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" 31 

" 23 

Jan. 5 
" 10 

" 28 
Dec. 3 

" 15 


" 20 

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" 30 

" 23 

Feb. 4 

" 28 


Jan 2 

.. 14 

"' 7 

.. 19 

" 12 

" 24 

. 17 

Mar. 1 

" 22 


" 27 

" 11 

Feb. 1 

" 16 

" 6 

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" 21 

Apr. 5 

" 26 

" 10 

Mar. 3 

" 15 


" 20 

" 13 

" 25 

" 18 

" 30 

" 23 

May 5 


" 10 

Apr. 2 

" 15 

n 7 

- 20 

" 12 

" 25 

" 17 

" 29 




63 Days 

Mar. 4 


" 14 
" 19 

" 24 

" 13 
" 18 
" 23 
" 28 
May 3 
" 8 
" 13 
" 18 
" 23 
" 28 
June 2 

" 12 
Juy 2 

" 22 
" 27 
Aug. 1 

" 11 
" 16 
" 21 
" 26 
" 31 
Sept. 5 
" 10 
" 15 
" 20 
' 25 
" 30 
Oct. 5 
" 10 
" IS 
" 25 

Nov. 4 

" 14 
.. 19 



Dec. 4 


" 19 

" 24 


Jan. 3 

" 13 
" 18 
" 23 
" 28 

Feb. 2 

M 17 
" 27 

Mar. 3 




52 years of giving bed- 
rock values is the 'why' 
of our growth. 

33-37 Main St. CHAMPAIGN, ILL. 


L W. Bramblett & Co. 


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Champaign County Directory 

Abbreviations Used in this Directory 

a Acres; Ch Children; O Owner; T Tenant or Renter; 
R Rural Route; Sec Section; maiden name of wife follows 
directory name in parentheses (); figures at end of informa- 
tion year became resident of county. Name of farm follows 
names of children. In case of a tenant, the farm owner's 
name follows figures giving size of farm. 


Adams, G. W. C. (Mabel Nichelson) Ch Earl, Arthur, George, Helen; Fisher 
R35 Newcomb Sec4 T160a C. E. J. Adams (1882) 


Adams, G. W. C. Name. 
(Mabel Nichelson) Wife's maiden name. 
Ch Earl, Arthur, George, Helen Children named Earl, Arthur, George, 


Fisher R35 Postoffice Fisher R. F. D. 35. 
Newcomb Sec34 Newcomb Township, Section 34. 
T160a Tenant on 160 acres. 
C. E. J. Adams Owner's name. 
(1882) Lived in county since 1882. 

Abbott, Charles (Ida Abbott, House- 
keeper) Mahomet R41 Mahomet Sec 
10T120a J. B. Abbott (1857)' 

Abbott, I. C. (Susie Pinkston) Ch 
Edwin, Ruth; Mahomet R41 Maho- 
met Secl8 T337a J. B. Abbott (1890) 

Abrams, C. E. (Louisa Morfey) Ch 
Hazel, Opal, Glenn, Doris, Maurice; 
Seymour R43 Scott SeclO O120a 

Abrams, S. H. (Laura Kesler) Ch 
Ruby; Champaign Rl Champaign 
Sec8 O80a (1867) 

Ackerman, Ben (Annie Bartell) Ran- 
toul R24 Rantoul Sec20 T60a Ack- 
erman Est. (1891) 

Ackerman, E. (Tiny Roelfs) Ch Tiny, 
Harm, Henry, Grace, Ella, Anna; 
Gifford R26 Compromise Sec24 
T160a H. Ackerman (1892) 

Ackerman, Henry F. (Emily Olson) 
Ch Herman; Gifford R26 Compro- 
mise Sec24 TlOOa Herman Acker- 
man (1892) 

Ackerman, Herman (Tena Johnson) 
Ch Henry, Carl, Tena, Anna, Har- 
mon, John; Gifford R26 Compro- 
mise Secl9 T140a (1877) 

Ackerman, John (Hanke Gronewald) 
Ch Herman, Ehmi, Emma; Gifford 
R26 Compromise Sec2 O80a (1876) 

Ackerman, J. A. (Martha Gillespie) 
Ch Lena; David A., Martha E. Gil- 
lespie (Nephew and Niece) Ogden 
R18 Ogden Sec8 O187a (1879) 

Adam, Allie (Lila Smith) Ch Zora, 
Marion; Gifford R27 Compromise 
Secll T320a A. E. Burglen (1913) 

Adams, Arthur (Sylva Van Meter) Ch 
Bessie, Lucy, Oma, Amy, Frank, 
Zola; Gifford R25 Harwood Sec23 
T80a B. Schluter (1917) 

Adams, Charles (Minnre Ratahman) 
Ch George, Amy, Clare, Mandie; 
Mahomet Newcomb Sec7 O160a 

Adams, C. (Jane Dunlap) Ch Everett; 
Gifford R27 Compromise Secll 
T320a L. E. Bergland (1913) 

Adams, Edward (Edna Mulvaray) Ch 
Vearl, Guy, Mildred, Wayne, Mary; 
Savoy R45 Omega Sec2 O40a Tol- 
ono Sec8 Farm Hand Samuel Som- 
ers (1917) 

Adams, G. W. C. (Mabel Niclielson) 
Ch Earl, Arthur, George, Helen; 
Fisher R35 Newcomb Sec4 T160a 
C. E. J. Adams (1882) 



Adams, Harmon (Marguier Farpain) 
Ch John, Paul, Charlie, Willie, Oley, 
Harmon, Mary, Lena, Minnie; 
Mahomet R41 Newcomb Sec7 O80a 

Adams, John (Gertie Stringer) Ch 
Thomas; Champaign Rl Hensley 
Sec32 Farm Hand L. T. Sawyers 

Adams, Mason (Minnie Norris) Ch 
Bertha, James, Ethel, Florence, 
Pearl, Clara, Dorothy, Robert; 
Mahomet R41 Mahomet Sec30 T5a 
John Harris (1900) 

Adams, Oley (Rose Mangold) Ch 
Francis; Mahomet R41 Newcomb 
Sec 19 T80a E. Duale (1889) 

Adams, Taylor (Anna Lamb) Ch Will- 
iam, Leslie, Rosie, Bob, Phado, 
Sarah, Ella, Lilly, Alice; Mahomet 
R41 Mahomet Sec30 John Adams 

Addy, J. A. (Nana Woods) Ch Hugh, 
Van, Ona, Hazel; Penfield R27 
Compromise SecS T36a Tom Gordon 

Aden, Ehm H. (Grace Duden) Ch 
Harm, Marie, Herman; Rantoul R24 
Rantoul Secl7 T180a H. Behrends 

Aden, Gerd (Hannah Steele) Ch Cor- 
rie, Sam, Minnie, Reka, Tena, Hen- 
ry, Rosa, Hannah; St. Joseph R14 
Ogden Sec30W O167a (1857) 

Adkins, G. W. (Ella Keith) Ch Wal- 
ter, Ola, Esther; Champaign R6 
Rantoul Sec32 T160a R. G. Morrison 

Adkins, S. T. (Laura E. Penington) 
Ch Estel, Ethel, Beulah, Samuel, 
Jessie, Curtis; Clarence Rl Kerr 
T240a (1912) 

Alagna, Peter (Catherine Spanglo) Ch 
Angelina, August, Augustine, Anton; 
Champaign R3 Champaign Secll 
T35a Mr. J. M. LaLachan (1909) 

Alagna, Sam (Annie Garry) Ch 
Augustine, Angeline, Leo, Marie; 
Champaign R3 Champaign Sec2 
T35a Mrs. Angeline Mass (1909) 

Albers, D. (Augusta Miller) Ch Al- 
vena, Nettie, William, Dorothy; 
Broadlands R37 Ayers Sec29 T160a 
Fred Albers (1912) 

Albers, Frederick C. (Fohlke Aden) 
Ch Claus; Thomasboro R20 Rantoul 
Sec29 O346a (1875) 

Albers, John Ch Lup, Heye, Annie; 
St. Joe R15 Ogden Secl9 OlOOa 
T120a Tena Albers School Land 

Albers, Louis L. (Annie Heddman) Ch 
Annie Trinka, Emma; Rantoul R23 
Rantoul Sec6 O84a (1885) 

Albers, L. Reak (Mary Aldarf) Ch 
Anna; Rantoul R24 Compromise 
Sec9 O120a (1885) 

Albers, William L. (Almuth Johnson) 
Ch Libby, Heigh, John, Henry, An- 
nie, Reaka; Rantoul R24 Rantoul 
SeclS O120a T80a Henry Franzen 

Albert, Chris (Eliza Carle) Rantoul 
R21 E. Bend Sec26 T280a Jim Stur- 
dy vin and W. L. Sturdyvin (1900) 

Albrecht, Frank F. (Lillie Kramer) Ch 
Willard, Frank, Herman, Melvin; 
Tolono R47 Tolono Sec21 T240a 
Mrs. Fred Busey (1875) 

Alexander, A. M. (Ella Boyd) Ch 
Florence, Edith, Jessie, Edna, Ruth; 
Fisher R34 Brown Secl4 T352a J. 
James (1895) 

Alexander, Charles (Elizabeth 
Schwartz) Ch Leslie; Dewey R32 E. 
Bend Secl6 T326a Mrs. H. S. Mc- 
Curdy (1869) 

Alexander, E. E. (Emily Bragg) Ch 
Glen, Donald; Champaign R5 Hens- 
ley Sec24 T180a Ed. Bassett (1889) 

Alexander, Harry (Minnie Lorenz) Ch 
Evelyn, Melvin; "Houston Place" 
Dewey R32 E. Bend Secl7 T260a 
Mrs. J. S. Jones (1877) 

Alexander, John P. (Eza Lindley) Ch 
Blanche; "The Crest" Seymour R43 
Mahomet Sec32 Farm Hand B. F. 
Harris (1917) 

Alexander, N. B. (Rebecca Wood- 
worth) Ch Lesley, Lois, Clara, Fern, 
James; Rantoul R23 Ludlow Sec35 
T200a Mrs. C. R. Blood (1884) 

Alexander, R. G. (Lela Eicher) Ch 
Claude; Dewey R32 E. Bend Secl6 
T160a H. S. McCurdy (1895) 

Allen, A. F. (Sarah J. Goudie) Ch 
Ida, Roland, Bert, George, Joseph, 
Arthur, Edwin; Pesotum R54 Sad- 
orus Sec36 O80a (1882) 

Allen, C. M. (Monta Dicherson) Ch 
Annie, Joseph, Dwight, Margaret; 
Champaign R4 Hensley Sec27 O220a 

Allen, Martin St. Joseph R14 Ogden 
Sec7 Farm Hand John Frerichs 

Allen, M. B. (Inez Zimmerman) Ch 
Frank, James; Homer R59 Homer 
Sec28 O80a T200a Laura F. Smith 



Allen, W. W. (Kate Yexley) Ch Les- 
lie, Harold, Clair, Ethel, Edith; 
Champaign R4 Hensley Sec22 O276a 
T160a (1874) 

Allison, Harvey (Alta Russell) "Piety 
Knob Stock Farm" Homer Homer 
Sec5 O353a (1889) 

Allman, J. L. (Lydia Byrd) Ch Ethel, 
Delmar, Clarence, Omar, Sylvester; 
Urbana R7 Stanton Sec29 T160a 
Bibler Sisters (1908) 

Allsip, Jess Ogden R18 Ogden Sec 
6SE O40a (1915) 

Alsip, F. J. (Etta Ausburn) Ch Hazel, 
Ellen, Howard, Paul, Ruth, Stanley, 
Mary, Margaret, Martha, Jess; Og- 
den R18 Ogden Sec6SE T80a Z. D. 
Alsip (1903) 

Alsip, Z. D. (Eliza Woodrum) Ch 
Effie, Frank, Jus, Elsie, Chester; 
Ogden R18 Ogden Sec5-6-9 O285a 

Amick, B. F. (Artie E. Bell) Ch Ethel, 
Meina; St. Joseph R16 St. Joseph 
Sec26 T3a L. P. Grimes (1916) 

Anders, Harvey (Louise Gulden Pfen- 
ny) Ch Lottie, Charley, Kenneth; 
Sidney R57 Sidney Secl2 T63a 
Chas. Golden Pfenny (1885) 

Anders, John (Mary Crum) Ch Will, 
Eli, Henry, Emma, Mary, Ella, Etta; 
Sidney Sidney Sec4 O107a (1902) 

Anders, Tom (Theda Taylor) Ch Ed- 
ward, Aria, Ervin, Ottis, William, 
Erie, Nellie, Charles; Ivesdale R53 
Sadorus Sec31 O80a (1867) 

Anders, Will (Tena Lauenhagen) Ch 
Martha, Thresa, Edward; Sidney 
R58 Sidney Secl7 T155a Mrs. Por- 
terfield (1885) 

Anderson, A. G. (Maud Orr) Ch Har- 
old, Alice; Broadlands R37 Ayers 
Secl9 T200a Paul Anderson (1877) 

Anderson, A. J. (Clara Herman) Ch 
Arline, Weston, Grace, Robert; 
Clarence Rl Kerr Sec6 T189a Dave 
Patten (1913) 

Anderson, A. V. (Mary Etta Sims) 
Ch Finley, Olin, Constance, Grace, 
Arlie, Roy, Carl, May; Ogden R17 
Ogden Sec33N T200a W. D. An- 
derson (1870) 

Anderson, A. W. (Alice Birky) Foos- 
land Brown Secl7 O80a (1894) 

Anderson, C. G. (Goldy Crammer) 
Ch Carl, Marie, Lela, Louise; Ur- 
bana RIO Urbana Sec31 Farm Hand 
Chas. Grein (1908) 
Anderson, C. L. (Selma Bartelson) 
Ch Hazel, Dorothy; Paxton Rl 
Ludlow Sec6 O160a (1872) 

Anderson, D. (Margaret Isaas) Ch 
Minnie, Burton, Roy; Seymour R44 
Colfax Sec8 Farm Hand B. Sulli- 
van (1896) 

Anderson, Edgar Homer R59 Homer 
Sec32 TlOOa N. P. Anderson (1896) 

Anderson, Ellworth (Nancy Adkins) 
Ch Eula, Mary, William, Charles, 
Reuben, Bessie, Cecelia, Francis; 
Seymour R44 Scott Sec33 T300a 
Dighton Est. (1914) 

Anderson, L R. (Ida Hendrickson) 
. Ogden R17 Ogden Sec21N T180a 
John White (1913) 

Anderson, John A. "Pleasant View 
Farm" Ludlow R29 Harwood SecS 
O160a (1869) 

Anderson, John B. (Emma Mangnu- 
son) Ch Claud, Victor; "Maple- 
grove Farm" Ludlow R30 Ludlow 
Sec6 O240a (1864) 

Anderson, John C., Sr. (Emily Sam- 
uelson) Ch Charles, John, Jr., 
William, Mary, Albert, Minnie, 
Ella; Mahomet R41 Mahomet Sec 
17 T320a R. D. Burnham (1874) 

Anderson, John P. (Grace Taylor) Ch 
Lucile, Philip; Mansfield Rl Ma- 
homet Sec6 T107a J. D. Taylor 

Anderson, Joseph A. (Lillian Swan- 
son) Ch John; Paxton R3 Harwood 
Sec4 T80a Mrs. C. G. Eckblaw 

Anderson, Joshua C. (Myrtle Barco) 
Ch Nancy; Champaign R2 Cham- 
paign Sec24 TlOa Mrs. A. Stoltey 

Anderson, Nels W. (Victoria Gustaf- 
son) Ch Hugo, Glenn, Arval; Ran- 
toul R23 Harwood Sec30 T160a E. 
S. Smith (1913) 

Anderson, N. P. (Helma Olsen) Ch 
Albert, Ellen, Edith, Edgar; Homer 
R59 Homer Sec33 OlOOa (1873) 

Anderson, P. R. (Lida Wilson) Ch 
Luella, Lester, Ruth, Doris, Edna, 
Hazel, Mildred; Foosland R38 
Brown Sec4 TllOa A. L. Phillips 

Anderson, R. M. (Alice Bishop) Ch 
Lessie; Seymour R43 Scott Sec4 
T400a D. A. Phillippi (1901) 

Anderson, S. (Tillie House) Ch Mar- 
tha, Andrew; Ludlow R30 E. Bend 
Sec3 T240a Mrs. Dunnam and Mon- 
roe Cook (1892) 

Anderson, William R. (Lulu Jane 
Snyder) Ch John, William, Thomas, 
Charles Bennett, Ratchel, Fern, 
Vern, Joyce; Sadorus R51 Sadorus 
T180a (1917) 



Andrews, Frederick (Laura Miller) 
Ch Charles, Howard, Bernice; To- 
lono R46 Crittenden Sec7 T133a 
J. N. Dick (1875) 

Andrews, Martin Longview R64 Ray- 
mond Sec26 080a (1872) 

Andrus, John F. (Flossie Rodgers) 
Ch Margaret; Rantoul R21 Ludlow 
Secl6 T160a Birch Est. (1914) 

Apperson, L. O. (Carry Siegmund) 
Ch John, Juanita; Rantoul R21 Lud- 
low Sec34 T205a Seth Smith (1890) 

Apperson, W. V. (Lottie M. Taylor) 
Ch Roy, Raymond, Lawrence, 
Arthur; Urbana R7 St. Joseph Sec5 
T320a Albert Busey (1883) 

Appl, John (Clara Waidelich) Ch Ed- 
mond, Charlie, Henry, Alice, Walk- 
er; Ogden R17 Ogden Sec32N 
T200a A. Canady (1899) 

Appl, J. Edmond (Flossie Yeazel) 
St. Joseph R15 St. Joseph Sec24 
T88a W. S. Lloyd (1894) 

Archer, Chester St. Joseph R16 St. 
Joseph Sec23 TSOa M. J. Archer 

Archer, Clinton (Laura Woods) Ch 
Veloris; St. Joseph R16 St. Joseph 
Sec23 TlOSa N. J. Archer (1886) 

Archer, C. H. (Herma Marlowe) Ch 
Jessie, Charles; St. Joseph R16 St. 
Joseph Sec26 T250a M. J. Archer 

Archer, M. J. (Ida M. Boys) Ch Myr- 
tle, Charles, Clinton, Chester; "Clo- 
ver Leaf Farm" St. Joseph R16 St. 
Joseph Sec23 O409a (1861) 

Argo, William H. (Effie J. Brown) 
St. Joseph R16 St. Joseph Se23 
T80a M. H. Argo (1877) 

Arie, Charles Ch. Edward, Marguer- 
ite, Elizabeth; Urbana Rll Urbana 
Sec27 Oll7a (1886) 

Arie, Mrs. Peter Ch James, Cora, Jo- 
sephine, Nickolas, Mark, Myrtle; 
Thomasboro R19 Rantoul Sec35 
O160a Tla (1869) 

Ark, John (Dora Cirkle) Ch Emma, 
Arthur, Annie, Marie, John, Doro- 
thy; Dewey R32 E. Bend SeclO 
T420a E. G. Helm, Dan Dobbins, 
and O. B. Dobbins (1899) 

Arledge, Charles F. (Lydia V. Albert- 
son) Ch David, Tanabell, Haeel, 
Alva, Helen, Wilbur, May; Urbana 
R9 Somer Sec21 T210a L. E. Ford 

Armstrong, C. H. (Elizabeth Merri- 
field) Ch Edith, Doris; Bondville 
R65 Scott Secl2 T160a Mrs. J. D. 
Armstrong (1892) 

Armstrong, Frank (Jennie Trees) Ch 
Leslie; Sidney R57 Sidney Sec35 
T160a S. E. Porterfield (1895) 

Armstrong, G. W. (Maude Mulliken) 
Ch Dorothy, Vierlie, Marion; Bond- 
ville R65 Scott Secl4 TSOa Mrs. J. 
D. Armstrong (1891) 

Armstrong, H. M. (Beulah Thomas) 
Ch Edith, Walter; "Sunnyside 
Farm" Dewey R33 Condit Sec9 
Farm Hand G. C. Williams (1913) 

Armstrong, Joseph E. (Frances Rog- 
ers) Ch Loretta, Agnes, Frances, 
William, Margaret, Joseph; Savoy 
R45 Tolono Sec7 O290a (1875) 

Armstrong, J. A. (Susie Pfiester) Ch 
Calvin, Maurice, Florence; Bond- 
ville RD Scott Secl2 T243a Frank 
Goodman (1890) 

Armstrong, J. L. (Anna Jen Richard) 
Ch Loren, Frank, Elmer, Hazel, 
Loyd, Floyd; Penfield R27 Kerr 
Sec36 T320a Bryan Gorden (1889) 

Armstrong, Thomas (Ella Seely) Sa- 
voy R45 Champaign Sec34 T240a 
Dr. A. M. Lindley (1879) 

Armstrong, W. E. (Blanch Collins) 
Ch Wayne, Mildred; Mahomet R42 
Mahomet Sec36 TSOa Mrs. J. D. 
Armstrong Est. (1890) 

Arnold, Cyrus Champaign Rl Cham- 
paign SecS Mrs. Mary C. Locke 

Arnold, J. D. (Delia Mae Musgrove) 
Ch Elbert, Arthur, Festus; Rantoul 
R21 E. Bend Sec23 T160a Loretta 
Yeoman (1900) 

Ash, Jessie (Ada Morgan) Ch Paul- 
ine; Seymour R44 Scott Sec21 Farm 
Hand Joseph Pfeffer (1914) 

Asher, James F. (Jula Cole) Ch An- 
drew, Dortha, Royal; Mahomet R40 
Newcomb Sec23 O78a (1904) 

Astell, J. E. (Maria J. Blair) Ch Alex, 
Max; Homer R60 Homer Sec31SW 
O190a (1885) 

Astell, S. D. (Lucy Cofurn) Ch Sarah, 
Lucy; Broadlands R36 Raymonds 
Secl4 O80a (1878) 

Atchison, Joseph (Emma Brentlinger) 
Ch Herschel; Champaign Rl Cham- 
paign Sec20 (1916) 

Ater, Frank (Emma Neblock) Ur- 
bana R9 Urbana SecS OlOa (1877) 

Atkinson, O. G. (Nellie P. Gowler) 
Ch Milburn, Montel; St. Joseph RD 
'St. Joseph SeclO T104a McElwee 
Est. (1916) 

Atteberry, D. B. (Remier Sanders) 
Ch Earl, Frank, Leonard, Fred; 
Pesotum R54 Sadorus Sec36 TlOOa 
Minnie Record (1899) 



Audre, Marcellus (Maggie Watson) 
St. Joseph R13 Stanton Sec34 O40a 

Auld, Charles F. (Mabel Harrison) 
Ch Herold, Harry, Dorothy, Nellie, 
Jenette, Pauline; Ivesdale R53 Sa- 
dorus Sec28 O40a (1902) 

Auth, Edward A. (Anna Stevens) 
Ivesdale R52 Colfax Sec29 T120a 
William Auth (1887) 

Auth, John (Anna Rogers) Ch Mar- 
garet; Ivesdale R52 Sadorus Sec6 
T120a William Auth (1883) 

Auth, John (Kate Hayden) Ch Vern, 
Kathrine, Roy, Lesley, Violet, Clif- 
ton, Lilly; Ivesdale R52 Colfax Sec 
32 O160a (1879) 

Ayres, Ahna (Lottie Ferris) Ch 
..Clayce, Leafe, Earl, Maud, Ordra; 
Ludlow R29 Harwood Sec9 Farm 
Hand J. R. McCabe (1914) 


Babb, C. E. (Mary Hauersperger) Ch 
Russel; Thomasboro R19 Condit 
Sec36 T240a C. E. Babb (1893) 

Babb, Jeffery (Carrie Epler) Ch 
Clyde, Eva, Edna, Opal; Thomas- 
boro R19 Condit Sec36 O160a Sotn- 
ers Sec6 TlOOa Mrs. John Babb 

Babb, R. J. (Elsie Irle) Ch Richard, 
Joseph, Harry; Champaign R6 
Hensley Sec2 T300a George Babb 

Babb, Thomas (Rosie Yakel) Ch 
Henry, Elridge; Rantoul R24 Ran- 
toul Secl4 O240a (1886) 

Babb, W. L. (Ellen Myers) Ch Dor- 
othy, Glen; Dewey R32 E. Bend 
Sec35 T160a Mrs. Scott (1890) 

Bachert, Arthur Sadorus R51 Peso- 
turn Sec4 T80a William Bachert 

Bachert, William (Emma Bealeschki) 
Ch Arthur, Clara, Artie, Garrett, 
Ralph/ Grace, Orville; Sadorus R51 
Pesotum Sec8 O80a T160a Fred 
Bealeschki (1875) 

Backer, George (Tine Epler) Ch Lee; 
Champaign R5 Hensley Sec2 T156a 
R. R. Mattis (1900) 

Bade, Henry Ch Lillie, Ida, Charles, 
'Arlie; Pesotum R55 Pesotum Sec36 
O40a (1867) 

Bader, John (Amelia Kock) Sadorus 
R49 Colfax Sec36 T80a (1867) 

Bagley Estate Ch William, Olive, 
Mayme; Urbana R8 Urbana Sec9-4 
OlOOa Bagley Est. (1866) 

Bahrns, Will (Martha Schrader) Ch 
Frank, Edna; Homer R61 Sidney 
Sec24 T175a Margaret Boid (1902) 

Bailey, M. J. (Ada Foster) Ch Fred- 
ick, Elsie, Marion; Bondville R65 
Scott Sec24 T240a J. C. Foster 

Bailey, Ray Mahomet R40 Mahomet 
SeclO A. F. Thompson (1901) 

Bailey, W. T. x (Harriett Rogers) Ch 
Thomas, Mary, Harmon; Mahomet 
R40 Newcomb Sec23 O22a (1869) 

Baird, J. S. (Hattie Browning) Ch 
Glen, Oscar, Ralph, Mary, Eliza- 
beth; Homer R60 Homer Secl9 
O200a (1854) 

Baird, Oscar M. (Helen Conkey) Ch 
Robert, Betty; Homer R60 Homer 
Sec 19E T172a J. S. Baird (1892) 

Baker, Albert A. (Eake Johnson) Ch 
Walter, Louis, Herbert, Lily, Ros- 
enia; Thomasboro R20 Somer Seel 
T206a Martin Huls (1878) 

Baker, Chauncey (Lona Shelton) Ch 
Clarice, Cora, Carl; Tolono R46 
Philo Sec33 Farm Hand Alonza 
Brand (1913) 

Baker, Edden (Sarah Bates) Ch Lu- 
cille, Lloyd; Pesotum R55 Critten- 
den Sec33 Farm Hand George R. 
Hanson (1916) 

Baker, E. C. (Lottie Demien) Ch 
Louie; Champaign R5 Champaign 
Sec2 O160a T300a Burnham Est. 

Baker, Frank W. (Mamie Wyckoff) 
Ch Frank; Savoy R66 Tolono Secl4 
T80a Lewis Mulligan (1885) 

Baker, H. W. (Marguadth Riser) Ch 
Harry, Edna, Ruth; Mahomet R40 
Newcomb Sec27 T120a Chas. Abott 

Baker, Joel (Mirtie Helms) Ch Ed- 
ward, Bessie, Ray, Lela, Logan; 
Ogden R17 Ogden 5S (1909) 

Baker, Mrs. L. Z. Ch Charlie, Bert, 
Retia, Edith, Myron, Ella, Mamie, 
Cora, Beulah, Frank; Savoy R66 
Tolono Secl2 OllOa (1857) 

Baker, P. W. (Mabel Gustafson) "Mt. 
Vernon Farm" Rantoul R22 Ran- 
toul Sec4 T160a Henry J. Baker and 
Miller Est. (1894) 

Baker, Robert (Hattie Woolwine) Ch 
Cliffton, Eloise, Cecil; Pesotum R55 
Crittenden Sec33 T240a Mrs. Scrog- 
gens (1914) 



Baker, R. R. Ch Ethel, Nellie, 
Georgia; "L. Z. Baker Farm" Savoy 
R66 Tolono Secl2 TllOa L. Z. 
Baker (1870) 

Baldwin, Bert (Laura Allen) Sadorus 
R51 Sadorus Sec27 TlOOa William 
Price (1892) 

Baldwin, C. H. (Grace Burns) Ch 
Alto, Fay; Sadorus R51 Sadorus 
Secl2 T40a Baldwin Est. (1874) 

Baldwin Est., Mrs. C. L. Ch Charlie, 
Ed, Harry, Roy, Walter, Nellie, 
Bert; Sadorus R51 Pesotum SeclS 
Ol74a (1882) 

Bales, Alex. (Lydia Crider) Ch Ray- 
mond, Alma, Russell, Ralph; St. 
Joseph R15 Ogden Sec6SE T149a A. 
Carmady (1913) 

Ball, Corley (Sada Haverfield) Ch 
Mildred, Martha, Dortha, Waldo; 
"Walnut Hill Farm" Foosland 
Brown Secl7 T250a Alice Bailey 

Ball, O. P. (Lillian Larkins) Ch 
Arthur, Maurice; "Foos Farm" 
Foosland Brown Sec8 T3a Fergu- 
son Foos (1895) 

Bamberger, John P. Ch Lester, Fre- 
da; Homer R60 Sidney Sec36 T80a 
Lena Bumberger (1908) 

Bantz, Elmer (Lola Leigh) Ch Frank, 
Clyde, Fay; Homer R62 Homer Sec 
31NE T231a Thomas Richards 

Baptist, Ollerbein (Lillian Hem- 
brough) Ch Albert, Howard; Long- 
view R63 Crittenden Sec22 T160a 
Harry Waldo (1893) 

Barber, B. F. (Mary Marlatt) Ch Guy, 
Pearl, Louisa; Bondville R65 Scott 
Secl2 T120a A. C. Barber Est. 

Barber, James (Mae Miller) Ch Oleta; 
Champaign R2 Champaign Sec29 
TlOOa Barber Est. (1888) 

Barber, John (Mary Cole) Ch Julia, 
Bernice; Champaign R2 Champaign 
Sec29 TlOOa Barber Est. (1888) 

Barcus, Charles (Elizabeth Fiock) Ch 
Gertrude, Clara, John, Russell, 
' Charlie, Chester, Elmer, Floyd, 
Raymond, Frankie, Ernest, Van; 
St. Joseph R15 Ogden Sec7SW 
T306a Mrs. Eunice Weaver and 
Mrs. Freagel (1875) 

Barker, George (Nannie Elwarner) 
Ch Thomas, Georgina; Bondville 
R65 Champaign SeclS O106a (1898) 

Barker, Thomas H. (Anna Rayburn) 
Ch Geneva; Bondville R65 Scott 
Sec3 O120a T120a (1897) 

Barnes, James E. (Deamie McGuire) 
Ch Anna, Cecil, Evelyn, Helen; 
Tolono R48 Tolono Secl2 T160a 
Joe Bowman (1909) 

Barnes, Walter (May Harrison) Ch 
Walter; St. Joseph R15 Ogden Sec 
31NW T164a Miss Mary Harper 

Barnhart, Chauncy Tolono R47 To- 
lono Sec28 O60a (1895) 

Barnhart, Harvey T. (Vivian Hamil- 
ton) Ch Lester, Opal, Hazel, Cecil, 
Clarence, Edith; Tolono R47 Peso- 
tum Sec3 T240a T. M. Salisbury 

Barnhart, Herbert (Jessie Grove) Ur- 
bana RIO Philo Sec4 T120a Harry 
Grove (1895) 

Barnhart, R. M. (Marguaret William- 
son) Ch Dorothy; "Maple Row 
Farm" Mahomet R41 Newcomb 
Sec30 T160a H. J. Barnhart (1890) 

Barnhart, Will T. (Susie Hamilton) 
Ch Clyde, Willma; Tolono R47 To- 
lono Sec28 O60a (1882) 

Barnhart, Willis (Jennie M. Batch) 
Ch Lola; Tolono R47 Tolono Sec34 
T186a H. B. Steward and G. W. 
Manley (1874) 

Barrett, R. E. (Clara Thurman) Ch 
Everett, Edith, Elva, Fern; Condit 
Sec7 Farm Hand John Van Sickle 

Barrick, Charles (Maud Price) Ch 
Durward, Hazel, Inez, Everett; 
Longview R63 Crittenden Sec36 
Farm Hand Waller J. Burnett 

Barrick, Harry L. (Clara Duncan) 
Villa Grove Crittenden Sec34 T160a 
John Barrick (1884) 

Barrigan, Patrick Longview R63 Crit- 
tenden Secl6 O320a (1857) 

Bartell, Bart H. (Wilma Janssen) Ch 
Frank, Rika, Tena, Hy, Arthur; 
"Maple Grove Farm" Urbana R7 
Stanton Sec21 T160a Frank Bartell 

Bartell, Henry (Grace Benting) Ch 
Anna, Bertha, George, Barney, 
Carl; Ogden Ogden Sec8 O172a 

Bartlett, T. P. (Lucy Sullivan) Ch 
Robert, Harold, Mary, Ward; 
Mansfield Rl Mahomet Sec6 O68a 
Sec7 T140a (1892) 

Bartelson, Ephraim (Anna Stueland) 
Ch Charles, Vernon, Irene, Melvin; 
Rantoul R21 Ludlow Secl6 T160a 
A. Parker (1901) 



Barton, Mrs. M. J. Ch Louie, Leonard, 
Frank, Inez, Earl, Edna; Homer 
R60 Homer Sec8 O4a (1862) 

Barton, William (Josephine Bulloch) 
St. Joseph R13 Stanton Sec22 TSOa 
A. D. Hay worth (1908) 

Barton, W. F. (Oral Custer) Ch Ethel, 
Marguerite, Carsie, Jane; Homer 
R59 Homer Sec9 T160a B. M. Cus- 
ter and W. H. Smith (1877) 

Bash, O. M. (Kate Inskeep) Ch Wil- 
ma, Rupert; Mahomet R40 New- 
comb Sec27 Tla Mrs. L. M. Hazen 

Bass, Catherine Ch Laura, Edward, 
Ira; Tolono R48 Tolono Secl9 T 
160a J. T. Moore (1917) 

Bass, Ira (Ruby Blair) Tolono R46 
Philo Secl9 T160a Farm Hand J. 
T. Moore (1917) 

Bassett, Frank C. (Bertha M. Ham- 
pel) Ch Marjorie; Champaign R5 
Somer SeclS T165a George Bas- 
sett (1878) 

Bassett, Richard (Ethel Flatt) Ch 
Lois; Champaign R6 Somer Secl7 
T240a O. B. Flatt (1891) 

Bateman, John (Beulah Fairfield) Ch 
Pauline; Fisher R34 Brown SeclS 
T120a Jim Naylor (1917) 

Bates, Ed, Jr. (Alice Donovan) Ch 
Marie, Frank, William, Sarah; To- 
lono R46 Tolono Sec36 OSOa Peso- 
turn Seel T403a Edw. Bates and W. 
V. Lafbery (1871) 

Bates, Frank J. (Emma McCarty) 
Tolono R46 Crittenden Sec6 T237a 
E. P. Lelle (1883) 

Bates, James A. (Hetty Maager) Ch 
Ruth, James; Tolono R48 Philo Sec 
30 T240a Edward Bates (1884) 

Bauman, Ira A. (Maggie Long) Ch 
Guy, Opal; Tolono R48 Philo Sec28 
T120a J. H. Thrash (1901) 

Baxter, Grant Ch Geneva, Earl; Og- 
den R18 Ogden Sec7SE (1895) 

Bayliff, William (Sarah Kirby) Sid- 
ney R57 Sidney Sec4 T97a George 
Cole (1895) 

Bear, Isaac (Mary A. Forester) Ho- 
mer R61 Homer Sec32N TSOa Chas. 
Wilson (1886) 

Beard, Mrs. Eliza (Lewis) Ch Cora, 
Frank; Mahomet R42 Mahomet 
Sec26 Archie Herriott (1908) 

Beard, Frank (Ethel Babb) Ch Wil- 
son; Mahomet R42 Mahomet Sec26 
Farm Hand Archie Herriott (1908) 

Beard, L. W. (Fannie Eaton) Ch 
Evert, May, Marvin, Ethel, Willie, 
Ray; Sidney R58 Sidney Secl6 T 
500a John Risk (1912) 

Beasley, William (Vestella Baker) Ch 
Carl; Tolono R47 Pesotum Sec8 
Farm Hand Frank Nofftz (1902) 

Beatty, Calvin (Ella McKinney) Ch 
George, Lillian, Lula, Sarah, Har- 
riett, Guy; "Woodlawn Farm" 
Fisher R35 Newcomb Sec5 O400a 

Beatty, F. J. (Daisie Carleton) Ch 
James, Frances; Longview R64 Ray- 
mond Sec20 T200a John Beatty 

Beatty, G. F. (Nellie Donahue) Ch 
Evelyn; Lotus Brown Sec31 T140a 
H. D. Donahue (1889) 

Beaver, Charles D. (Fannie Kirkpat- 
rick) Ch Edith, Virgil, Elvin, Clyde, 
Earl, Dorothy, Harold; Champaign 
R6 Somer Sec7 OlOSa T130a George 
Beaver (1872) 

Bebbus, William (Edith Yerkey) Ur- 
bana R9 Somer Sec34 T128a W. E. 
Yerkey, L. R. Bireley and Chas. 
Miller (1876) 

Bebout, R. M. (Lillie Lare) Ch Les- 
lie, Gladys, Everett, Floyd, Nina, 
Clair, June; Mahomet R40 New- 
comb Secl3 TSOa C. Busey (1915) 

Beck, D. E. (Laura Philips) Ch Har- 
vy, Gladys, George, Frederick; Ur- 
bana RIO Urbana Sec29 Farm Hand 
J. S. McCullough (1916) 

Beck, Henry (Emma Borowske) Ch 
Elsie, Minnie, Oscar, Arthur, Otto, 
Emma, Lena, Marie, Dorothy; Sey- 
mour R43 Mahomet Sec28 T260a 
Payne Harris (1893) 

Becker, Martin (Augusta Deedrich) 
Ch Minnie, John, Bernice, Marie, 
Martin, Evert; "Pioneer Grove 
Farm" Ivesdale R53 Sadorus Sec33 
T195a H. J. Robinson (1898) 

Beckett, Thomas W. (Ella Hutchin- 
son) Ch Robert, Ichone, Mildred, 
Roy, Charles; Urbana Rll Philo 
Secll Farm Hand James Love 

Bedient, Walter H. (Eva Walls) Ch 
Lester, Harry, Golden; Tolono R46 
Crittenden Sec8 T120a Mrs. C. C. 
Bedient (1877) 

Bedwell, E. H. (Jennie E. Hulbert) 
Ch Harold, Wesley; Mahomet R40 
Newcomb SeclS O40a (1901) 

Bedwell, W. H. (Elora Thompson) 
Mahomet R40 Newcomb SeclS 
O40a W. H. Bedwell (1909) 

Beeler, C. H. (Agnes L. Hoch) Ch 
Dale, Leona; Gifford R25 Kerr Sec 
18 T246a Perry Martin (1897) 



Beeler, P. E. (Harriet Stiger) Ch 
Laura, Cecil, Mary, Park, Mabel, 
Perry, Mamie; Gifford R25 Kerr 
Secl8 T670a Perry Martin (1897) 

Behrends, Harne F. Rantoul R24 
Rantoul Secl7 O180a (1877) 

Behrens, Alexander (Bertha Shontz) 
Ch Fritz, Marie, Wilbur; Dewey 
E. Bend Sec34 T252a Behrens Est. 

Behrens, Harm G. (Nancy Loschen) 
St. Joseph R15 Ogden SeclS T140a 
H. H. Behrens (1891) 

Behrens, Herman H. (Elisa Park) Ch 
Anna, John, Tena, Harm, Cather- 
ine; St. Joseph R15 Ogden SeclS 
O334a (1873) 

Behrens, J. H. (Anna Buhr) Ch Her- 
man, John; St. Joseph R15 Ogden 
18NE T120a H. H. Behrens (1887) 

Beightler, C. D. (Pearl Mechi) Ch 
Celia, Hatty, Amanda; Mahomet 
R40 Newcomb Sec35 T40a Mrs. 
Lewis (1904) 

Beightler, E. V. (Angeline Mahin) Ch 
Earnest, Beulah, Edna, Connie; 
Champaign R4 Hensley Sec7 Farm 
Hand Bert Hickle (1901) 

Bell, E. S. (Jennie Rodgers) Ch Hel- 
en, Ruth; Seymour R44 Scott SeclS 
T240a C. M. Bell (1882) 

Bell, Floyd (Hazel Heness) Seymour 
R43 Scott Secl7 T80a O. T. Bell 

Bell, F. S. (Nellie W. Ball) Ch Ralph, 
Archie, Pauline, Howard, Robert; 
Sadorus R49 Tolono Sec31 T488a 
J. R. Trevelt (1903) 

Bell, John W. (Mae Wrench) Ch Ila, 
Stanley, Lowell; Seymour R43 Scott 
Sec9 T200a Wm. Bell and Dave 
Bell (1887) 

Bell, O. E. (Hazel Rogers) Ch Or- 
ville; Seymour R44 Scott Sec28 
T120a O. T. Bell (1891) 

Bell, S. F. (Sarah Alderson) Ch Lau- 
ra, Harley, Glen, Ethel; Champaign 
Rl Champaign Secl7 O120a (1866) 

Bell, Walter (Vernie Bowman) Ch 
Milton; Seymour R43 Scott Secl6 
T160a Mrs. Elizabeth Miller (1901) 

Bengston, Charles A. (Clara J. Erick- 
erson) Ch Alfred, Engward, Carl, 
Tillie; Ludlow RD Harwood Sec7 
O245a (1889) 

Bengston, Engward B. (Sylvia Gil- 
burg) Ch Edward; Ludlow R31 
Harwood Sec7 T245a C. A. Beng- 
ston (1883) 

Benner, E. R. (Ellen Chngan) Ch 
Ernest, Dale; Homer R60 Homer 
Sec31 T160a T. E. Stanford (1914) 

Bennett, Nathan (Clara Bennett) Ch 
Orville; Tolono R48 Philo SeclS 
T120a James Edward (1900) 

Benschneiger, Carl (Anna Hebbe) Ch 
Ehrhard, Marie; Homer R59 Ho- 
mer Sec31 O240a T80a C. J. 
Benschneiger (1890) 

Bensley, George (Maggie Norman) 
Ch Lenora, Walter, Van; "Timber 
Edge Farm" Mahomet R42 Ma- 
homet Sec22 Foreman B. F. Harris 

Benting, Frank (Annie Coleman) Ch 
John, Reca, Mary, Grace, Bennie, 
Herman, Carrie, Josie; Ogden R17 
Ogden Sec9N T160a C. W. and D. 
W. Boner (1917) 

Benting, Rikus (Johanna Albers) Ch 
Gerhard, Anna, Connie; Penfield 
R28 Compromise Sec29 O120a 

Benting, Ryner Thomasboro R20 
Compromise Sec33 OlSOa (1885) 

Benting, Mrs. Tollie Ch Anna, George, 
Gertie, Mary, Frankie; Thomasboro 
R20 Rantoul Sec26 T160a Joseph 
Osman (1902) 

Benton, W. B. (Mrs. Pearl Thomas, 
Housekeeper) Dewey R32 E. Bend 
Sec22 T240a Mrs. James P. Wilson 

Berbaum, Albert (Mary E. Erwin) 
Sadorus R50 Colfax Sec29 Farm 
Hand Patrick Flainn (1898) 

Berbaum, Alfred B. (Irene Matteson) 
Bondville R65 Scott Sec27 TISSa 
Mrs. Chas. Berbaum (1893) 

Berbaum, August (Frederika Hank) 
Ch Anna, Will, Albert, Low, Wal- 
ter, Birdie, Carl, Henry, George; 
Champaign R2 Tolono Sec6 O89a 

Berbaum Bros. Champaign R2 Tolo- 
no Sec6 T80a August Berbaum 

Berbaum, Clara Bondville R65 Scott 
Sec26 H. W. Zindar (1891) 

Berbaum, Fred (Clara Betz) Ch 
Charles, Florence, Ileen, Helen; 
Champaign R2 Champaign Sec32 
T120a Carl Berbaum Est. (1880) 

Berbaum, Herman (Doris Strack) 
Savoy R45 Colfax Sec22 T207a Wil- 
liam Schnabel (1882) 

Berbaum, Lou C. (Esther Henigh) 
Ch Esther, Alice; Champaign R2 
Champaign Sec32 T160a Abe Crist 

Berbaum, Robert (Amelia Joergens) 
Ch Marie, Louis, Milo; Bondville 
R65 Scott Sec36 T200a Mrs. Fred 
Wendt (1882) 



Bergfield, H. H. (Minnie Brandes) 
Ch Eva, Lillie, Anna, Clarence; 
Longview R64 Raymond Sec35 
T360a Sullivan Est. (1885) 

Bergman, Evert H. (Lena Peters) Ch 
Offe, Grace, John, Maggie, Herman, 
Harm; St. Joseph R13 Stanton Sec9 
O240a (1882) 

Bergman, Uffe (Nanka Johnson) Ch 
Grace, Anna, Emma; Thomasboro 
R20 Stanton Sec9-8 O195a (1882) 

Bermingham, J. (Delia Lylly) Ch 
Margaret, Frances, Leo, Thomas, 
Glenn; Thomasboro R19 Rantoul 
Sec 19 T160a Tom Leonard, Jr. 

Bermingham, William (Ellen Murray) 
Ch William, Joe, John, Mary, Ed- 
gar, Tilly, Catherine, Ellen; Thom- 
asboro R19 Rantoul Sec30 O160a 
TllSa Stamey Est. (1892) 

Berry, John (Mellissa Watkins) Ch 
Tessie, Susie, John, Harvey, George, 
Carl; Longview R63 Crittenden 
Sec26 Farm Hand Gilmer J. Han- 
sen (1914) 

Berry, John O. (Estella Baugman) Ch 
Cecil, Raymond, Ethel, Edith; Sid- 
ney R57 Sidney Sec27 TllOa 
Matthew Busey (1913) 

Berry, J. H. (Lulla Soard) Ch Ger- 
trude, Robert, Ivern; Sidney R58 
Sidney Sec29 Farm Hand R. Z. Por- 
terfield (1908) 

Besore, David B. (Luella Wilson) Ch 
Clarence, Helen, Howard, Alice, 
George; Savoy R66 Tolono Sec2 
O160a (1864) 

Besore, T. H. (Grace M. Kearns) Ch 
Margaret; Urbana R7 Urbana Secll 
O198a (1878) 

Best, Frank L. (Clotilda Happ) Ch 
Irene, Elmer, Isabell; Tolono R46 
Pesotum Secl3 O160a (1893) 

Betts, Luther (Martha Liddie) Ch 
John, Pauline; Sidney R58 Ray- 
mond Sec9 Henry Mohr (1917) 

Bevers, Charles (Melisa Musick) Ch 
Jessie, Grace; Homer R59 Ayers 
Sec8 O80a (1899) 

Bialeschki, Albert F. (Essie Ham- 
mond) Ch Arthur, Mamie, Emma, 
Vernon; Pesotum R54 Pesotum Sec 
8 T80a Fredrick Bialeschki (1865) 

Bialeschki, C. A. (Matilda Reitz) Ch 
Enna, Ryne, Clarence; Sadorus R50 
Colfax Sec35 T80a (1877) 

Bialeschki, Fred (Wilimena Nofftz) 
Ch Herman, Lafayette, Albert, 
Emma, Martha; Sadorus R51 Peso- 
tum Sec8 O80a (1859) 

Bialeschki, Fredrick A. Tolono R47 
Pesotum Sec4 T298a H. G. Bia- 
leschki and Fred Bialeschki (1880) 

Bialeschki, H. A. (Edith Ferstenberg) 
Ch Herbert, Warren, Ernest, Rosie, 
Freddie, Richard, Caroline, Lilah; 
Sadorus R50 Colfax Sec35 T200a 

Bialeschki, Lafayette F. (Mary Bretz- 
loff) Ch Henry, Ed, Olio, Albert, 
Christina, George, Irvin, John; Pe- 
sotum R54 Pesotum Sec35 O77a 
Sec36 T40a Fred Bialeschki (186.1) 

Bickas, John (Ella Scurlock) Ch 
Luther, Lawrence; Tolono R48 
Philo Sec27 T320a Crawford Est. 

Bickel, Charles A. (Eldora Hott) Ch 
Harvey, Laura, Harry, Mary, Addie, 
Viola, Walter, Carl, Earl; Tolono 
R48 Philo Sec20 Farm Hand Ed 
Meharry (1892) 

Bickel, Harvey C. (Elizabeth Boles) 
Philo R56 Crittenden Sec3 T120a 
Lawrence Sandwell (1892) 

Bickel, Joseph (Katie Fisher) Ch 
Henry, Mary, George, Carl, John; 
Seymour R44 Colfax Sec3 T210a 
Frank Banner (1885) 

Bickers, Amos (Edna Thompson) Ch 
Jesse, Pearl, Harlin, Donald; To- 
lono R46 Crittenden Sec3 T140a 
Mrs. Adelia Clemmon Est. (1910) 

Bickers, Lawrence Philo R56 Philo 
Sec25 Farm Hand Jason E. Church- 
ill (1900) 

Bickers, Luther S. (Mary Rickey) 
Philo R56 Philo SeclS T80a John 
Shepherd (1900) 

Bickle, Henry (Mary Cain) Bondville 
R65 Scott Sec24 T80a Mrs. Mary 
Bouck (1889) 

Bidner, C. C. (Matilda Schwear) Ch 
John, Dorothy; Mahomet R41 'Ma- 
homet Sec6 T370a Alvah James 

Bielefield, William (Martha Woller) 
Ch Minnie, Emma, Carl, Herman, 
Verna, Russell; Thomasboro R20 
Stanton Sec8 O120a (1870) 

Bingham, A. B. (Marion Graves) 
Champaign R6 Champaign Seel 
O21a (1911) 

Birch, C. F. (Maggie Ward) Ch 
Mary, Agis, Jenedie, Charles, Wil- 
liam, Margaret, Irene; Rantoul R21 
Ludlow Sec21 T320a Jackson Bros. 

Bireley, L. Frank (May Besore) Ch 
Francis, Wilma, Mary; Urbana R9 
Somer Sec28 T320a L. R. Bireley 



Birkey, A. F. (Fannie) Ch Harold; 
Rantoul R21 E. Bend Sec23 O80a 
T80a V. A. Birkey (1892) 

Birkey, J. A. (Mary Zimmerman) Ch 
Clarence; Foosland R38 Brown Sec 
10 T80a E. Birky (1896) 

Birkey, J. C. (Lillie Birky) Ch Elaine; 
Dewey R32 E. Bend Secl4 O80a 
T80a V. A. Birkey (1892) 

Birkey, L. F. (Kate Oyer) Ch Ray- 
mond, June, Ralph; Dewey R33 E. 
Bend Sec33 T157a John G. Birkey 

Birkey, Valentine (Phoebe Good) Ch 
Silas, Joel, Ada, Edna; Fisher R34 
E. Bend Secl7 O60a (1893) 

Birkley, George (Sadie Rankin) Ch 
Harriet, Marie, Bettie, Anita; 
Dewey R32 E. Bend Sec21 O43a 
Birkley Est. (1879) 

Birky, Andrew (Elica Studer) Ch 
Levi, Fanny, Edwin, Lilly, Emma, 
Giltien, Mary, Carl, Bessie; "Wal- 
nut Grove Farm" Fisher R34 Brown 
Secl3 O190a (1892) 

Birky, A. R. (Amelia Zehr) ' Ch Ellis, 
Viola, Marvin; Foosland R38 E. 
Bend Sec8 O20a T70a Peter Zehr 

Birky, C. B. (Magdalena Gender) Ch 
Harvey, Lewis, Martha; Fisher R34 
Brown Sec23 T80a N. A. Slagle 

Birky, E. C. (Lena Birky) Ch Pearl; 
Fisher R34 Brown Sec24 O80a 

Birky, J. S. (Fannie Naffziger) Lud- 
low R30 E. Bend Secll T160a Jacob 
Heiser (1911) 

Birky, L. E. (Dora Stamm) Ch Ruby, 
Irene, Lottie; Rantoul R21 E. Bend 
Sec24 O45a TllSa Augsberger Est. 

Bishop, George (Lizzie Schaefer) Ch 
Luke, John; Tolono R47 Pesotum 
Secl6 T160a R. C. Lindsey (1897) 

Bishop, Henry C. (Viresa Shaefer) 
Ch Celia, Frank, Mike, Mary, Fran- 
ces, Katherine, Tillie, Clara; Tolono 
R47 Pesotum Secll T160a Bell Hall 

Bishop, Ira (Doshie Bickers) Ch 
Zella, Viola, Annie, Evert, Rose, 
Winnie; Sidney R57 Sidney Secll 
T70a F. K. Pierce (1913) 

Bishop, J. L. (Nancy York) Ch Alice; 
Seymour R43 Scott Sec4 R. M. An- 
derson (1916) 

Black, T. H. (Ida B. Patrick) Ch 
Ermal, Marie, Lucile, Cecil, Paul- 
ine, Ralph Evelyn; Sadorus R49 
Colfax Sec22 T240a Meade Bros. 

Black, W. Z. (Mildred Leas) Ch Wil- 
liam, Eleanor, John; "Springwood 
Stock Farm" St. Joseph St. Joseph 
Sec3 O280a (1883) 

Blackwell, H. E. (Bell Leggett) Ch 
Cicel, Fern, Okie, Vernon; Gifford 
R25 Kerr Sec7 T408a Joe Martin 

Elaine, Wilson (Sadie Dunn) Ch 
Ermie, Edward, Mary; Champaign 
R2 Champaign Sec27 OlOOa (1880) 

Blake, William (Minnie Collim) Ch 
Raymond, Sylvester; Champaign R4 
Hensiey Sec21 Farm Hand S. Guinn 

Blaker, Alfred P. (Eva L. Peters) Ch 
Charley, Roy, Ruby, Raymond; St. 
Joseph R16 St. Joseph Sec22 OlOa 

Blakney, Gideon (Ella Tarkley) Ch 
Noble, Mary, Ruby, Alva; Ogden 
R18 Ogden Sec20S Farm Hand 
John Yearsley (1915) 

Blan, Wolford (Lona Ardt) Ch Eliza- 
blan, Else, Edith, Marie; Savoy R45 
Tolono Sec6 Farm Hand Gus Ersex 

Blank, Chris (Lizzie Renner) Ch Dan, 
Ada, Grace, Mae, Russell, Clyde, 
Bessie, Ruth; Bondville R65 Scott 
Sec27 O320a (1868) 

Blaudow, Adolf (Anna Wenzlaff) Ch 
Edith, Francis, Florence, Marguer- 
ite, Ralph, Addie, Dorothy; Sey- 
mour R43 Scott Sec7 T320a Frank 
Koogler (1879) 

Blaylock, Elmer (Ethel Ward) Ch 
Elma, Edna; Ludlow R29 Harwood 
Sec8 Farm Hand F. S. Watson 

Bleichner, George (Lena Garber) Ch 
John, Andy, Joe, Rose; Tolono R46 
Crittenden Secl6 T240a A. Barrand 
Waldo Est. (1882) 

Block, Albert (Jemima Secil) Ch 
Secil, Raymond; Sidney R58 Sidney 
Secl6 T80a A. B. Block (1895) 

Block, Amel (Minnie Dayison) Ch 
Jessie, Pearl, Feme; Sidney R58 
Sidney Sec33 T71a August Block 

Block, Edward (Eva Bergfield) Long- 
view R64 Raymond Sec20 O4a 

Block, Francis L. (Mary Bamberger) 
Ch Leo, William, Cleopha, Lewis; 
Sidney R57 Sidney Sec33 TISOa 
August Block (1877) 

Block, F. C. (Emma Edens) Ch Leda, 
Edward, Marthie, Nellie, Fred, Ma- 
belle, Bessie, Floyd; Longview R64 
Raymond Sec20 O380a (1864) 



Block, Henry A. (Elizabeth Bam- 
berger) Ch Hilbert, Estor, Elma, 
Ella, Flora, Kerna; Sidney R57 
Raymond, Sec3 O164a (1865) 

Block, Hilbert (Ella Lehmkuhler) Ch 
Orville; Homer R60 Sidney Sec25 
T80a August Block (1892) 

Block, Raymond F. (Hazel Walker) 
Broadlands R36 Ayers SecSOW T 
460a Paul Block (1891) 

Block, William J. (Emma Weise) Ch 
Raymond, Roy, Lawrence, Leonard, 
Edith; Sidney R58 Raymond Sec8 
T160a Frank Frick (1865) 

Bloom, Jacob (Charlotte Barnhart) 
Ch Daisy, John, Frank, Elmer, Wil- 
liam, Charlie, Minnie, Joe, Emmett; 
Pesotum R54 Pesotum Secl7 T160a 
T. M. Salisbury (1913) 

Bloom, Loren F. (Inez Maham) Ch 
Kathryn; Tolono R47 Tolono Sec22 
T160a John Bloom and G. W. 
Vanmeter (1887) 

Blue, Anthony (Ola McClellan) Ch 
Ruby, Kenneth; Champaign R5 
Condit Sec26 T80a Mrs. Hutchinson 

Blue, Carl E. (Fanny Mathias) Ch 
Lena; Thomasboro R20 Rantoul 
Sec27 T240a A. H. Blue (1884) 

Blue, Earl Mahomet R40 Mahomet 
SeclO T140a William Blue (1894) 

Blue, Henry (Katie Hinberger) Ch 
Alma, Mabel, Lee, Clarence; Dewey 
R32 E. Bend Sec22 T200a Mrs. O. 
B. Dobbins (1875) 

Blue, Louis (Bertha Cook) Ch Eldon, 
Glen; Rantoul RIO Ludlow Sec8 
O160a (1910) 

Blue, Mrs. Sarah (Sarah Means) Ch 
William; Mahomet R40 Mahomet 
SeclO Earl Blue (1846) 

Blue, William (Agnes Clapper) Ch 
Earl, Ralph, Lyle; Mahomet R40 
Newcomb Sec34 O175a (1869) 

Bluhm, A. F. (Emma Busboon) Ch 
Fred, Rankin, John, Ida, Ties, Anna, 
Eddie, Gertie, Hugh, Johanna, Tina, 
Sophie; Gifford R26 Sec35 T315a 
Fred Busboon (1881) 

Bluhm, Fred (Cathryn Osterbur) Ch 
Emma; St. Joseph R13 Stanton 
Sec28 O80a (1894) 

Bluhm, John (Anna Ahlmier) Ch 
Fred, Adolph, Emma, Lawrence, 
Herman; St. Joseph R13 Stanton 
Secl6-15 O119a (1872) 

Boastick, M. W. (Minerva Linger) Ch 
Grace, William, Albert, Gilbert, 
Fred; Sadorus R51 Sadorus Sec36 
O4a (1899) 

Bocock, Al E. (Millie Stewart) Ch 
Gladys; Philo R56 Crittenden Sec2 
T80a Bocock Est. (1873) 

Bohlen, William (Hanke Saathoff) 
Dora, Jacob, Eka, Lars; Thomas- 
boro R20 Stanton Sec8 O160a 

Boise, Lander (Leona Jenkins) Ch 
Clelia, Garnett, Vida, Vinnie, 
Georgia; Homer R60 Homer Secl9 
Farm Hand Squire E. Lee (1912) 

Boland, John (Gertrude Whalen) 
Ch Frank, Earl, Mary; Ivesdale R52 
Colfax Secl9 O307a (1877) 

Boles, Edward N. Ch Blanche, James, 
Gertie, Nanny, Emmery, Lizzie, 
Merle; Tolono R46 Crittenden Sec3 
T200a Joe Dave Maddox (1904) 

Boles. James A. (Helen Smith) Ch 
Delbert, Elsworth; Tolono R48 
Philo Sec28 T80a Carl Oderbrecht 

Boley, William (Ester S. Bowen) Ch 
Katherine, Ida, Virginia; Urbana 
R8 Urbana Sec3 D. Slade (1855) 

Boling, B. H. (Bertha Cusick) Ch 
Millie, Alfred; Dewey R33 Condit 
Sec28 T160a J. F. Lennington (1910) 

Bolman, Scott (Sennie Stamper) Sey- 
mour R43 Mahomet Sec27 Farm 
Hand George Carter (1912) 

Bonnell, S. A. (Ella Hyatt) Ch Glen, 
Fritz, Don; Homer R61 Sidney Sec 
12 O95a (1917) 

Bonner, Lelia Ch Kate, Edna, George, 
Fred, Francis; Mahomet Newcomb 
Sec27 O200a Lelia Hazen (1871) 

Bosch, Anthony (Rose Roetker) Ch 
Andrew, Anthony, Edward, George, 
Leo, Michal; Broadland R36 Ray- 
mond Sec23 O400a (1898) 

Boten, O. H. (Annie Hayen) Ch Hen- 
ry, Francis, Frankie, John; Thom- 
asboro R19 Rantoul Sec35 T280a 
Ben Weaver and Frances Boten 

Bower Bros. Tolono R47 Pesotum 
Sec3 T160a T. M. Salisbury (1908) 

Bower, Mrs. E. A. Ch Fred, Stanley; 
Tolono R47 Pesotum Sec3 T160a 
T. M. Salisbury (1908) 

Bower, Robert A. (Mary E. Geary) 
Ch Robert, Samuel, Hope, Mamie, 
Albert, George; Tolono Tolono 
Sec26 OSOOa (1863) 

Bower, Scott (Lela Starr) Tolono R48 
Philo Secl9 TSOOa R. A. Bower 

Bowers, E. J. (Jessie Wilson) Ch 
Harry, Merl; Philo Sidney Secl9 
T320a S. S. Lowe (1912) 



Bowlin, William M. (Daisy Neil) Ch 
Pauline, Marguerite, Raymond; To- 
lono R48 Philo Secl6 Farm Hand 
Roy Edwards (1913) 

Bowling, Gealene (Elizabeth Herser) 
Sidney R58 Sidney Secl6 TllOa Til- 
man Busey (1915) 

Bowman, Clarence (Marion Jourden) 
Ch Veretta; Mahomet R40 New- 
comb SecU T200a (1915) 

Bowman, George (Jenny Cook) Ch 
Clarence, Willie, Albert, Herbert, 
Lulu, Sylvester; Fisher R35 New- 
comb Sec2 O80a (1861) 

Bowman, Mrs. Minnie (Miller) Ch 
Verna, Alma, Edna, Ethel, Earnest, 
Carroll, Leah, Lolo, Oleda; Sey- 
mour R43 Scott Sec9 T160a Mrs. E. 
Miller (1872) 

Boyd, Charles (Ava Hixenbaugh) Ch 
Beryl; Homer R61 Ogden Secl9SE 
T204a Isaac Hixenbaugh (1911) 

Boyd, Frank (Myrtle Walker) Ch 
Charlie; Longview R64 Raymond 
SeclS T80a John Edens (1885) 

Boyle, John (Nellie Quennan) Ch Ger- 
trude, Marie, Thomas, Henry, 
Stella; Sadorus R50 Colfax Sec28 
O240a (1872) 

Boys, C. C. (Ada Peeps) Ch Fern, 
John; St. Joseph R15 Ogden Sec 
6SW T206a Boys Est. (1867) 

Boys, William O. (Minnie M. Vest)- 
Ch Charles, Esther, Opal; St. Jo- 
seph R14 Stanton Sec36 T220a C. 
H. Boys (1878) 

Boze, F. V. (Belva Wiedner) Ch 
George; Gifford R26 Sec27 T80a Ed 
Sage (1915) 

Brackemyre, L. P. (Hazel Davis) Ch 
George, Elvira, Florence; Mahomet 
R42 Mahomet Secll T174a Fred 
Eichhorst (1906) 

Brackney, Edward A. (Mollie C. 
Scurlock) Ch Rufus, Hazel, Nelie; 
Philo R66 Crittenden Secl6 T80a 
Hickenbricker Est. (1911) 

Bradley, Edd (Mary M. Mathew) Ch 
Flossie, Mildred, Elwood, Elmo; 
Ogden R17 Ogden Secl6 T160a Ora 
Carmaday (1917) 

Brady, Pat. (Fanny New) Rantoul 
R22 Ludlow Sec32 T80a Ed Walsh 

Braithwaite, E. (Martha Rice) Ch 
Anna, Gussie, Winworth, George; 
Sadorus R50 Sadorus Secl6 O80a 

Branaman, Frederick T. (Nellie Sulli- 
van) Ch Louise; Rantoul R23 Ran- 
toul Sec5 Farm Hand C. A. Crane 

Brand, A. S. (Zella Chippendale) Ch 
Charles, Earl, Gladys, Fred, Ervin, 
Clifford, Roy, Thurman; Sidney R58 
Sidney Sec30 T320a C. G. DeLong 

Brand, Roy (Francis Plolner) Ch 
Virginia, Howard; Tolono R48 
Philo Sec27 Farm Hand J. F. Plol- 
ner (1890) 

Branson, H. W. (Herma Harden) Ch 
Esther; Rantoul R22 Rantoul SecS 
T240a Andy Siela (1914) 

Braten, James (Anna White) Ch 
Bernice, Fred, Bessie, Eunice; St. 
Joseph R61 Ogden Secl9SE T149a 
A. B. Gloscock Est. (1869) 

Breen, James (Anna Corcan) Ch 
Katie, Jack, Ella; Urbana R9 Somer 
SeclS O160a (1895) 

Breen, John (Effie Keith) Urbana R9 
Somer Secll T240a Jack McCon- 
nell and James Breen (1897) 

Bretzloff, Augusta Ch Walter, Ed, 
Fred, Anna; Tolono R47 Tolono 
Sec21 O160a (1870) 

Bretzloff, Edward C. (Ola Heyatt) 
Ch Orville; Savoy R66 Tolono Sec 
17 T120a P. F. Bates (1886) 

Bretzloff, Fred H. (Frances Holl) 
Ch Welma; Tolono R47 Tolono 
Sec29 T112a G. Bretzloff (1885) 

Bretzloff, Henry W. (Nell Wynne) 
Tolono R47 Tolono Sec32 OlOOa 

Brewer, Orma (Emma Mumm) Ch 
Frank, Kenneth, Walter; Philo R56 
Raymond SeclS T162a R Penman 

Brewer, William C. (M. Dudd) Ch 
Chester, Stella; Allerton Rl Ayers 
Sec33 T80a William J. Alexander 

Bright, E. W. (Almira Hill) Ch Les- 
lie, Dale, Leo; Foosland R38 Brown 
Sec9 O160a (1894) 

Brinkley, Bert O. (Nora White) Ch 
Hattie; Ludlow R30 Ludlow Sec3 
O320a Waldon Est (1901) 

Brinkley, Samuel M. (Ella Yakel) 
Ch Flossie, Clare, Marion, Mildred, 
Opal, Beulah; Rantoul R21 Ludlow 
Secl7 O160a (1884) 

Britt, M. S. (Nettie H. Putnam) Ch 
Charles, William; Ogden R17 Og- 
den Sec4 O382a (1874) 

Brittenham, John (Anna Fiock) Ch 
Marie, Charley; St. Joseph R13 St. 
Joseph SeclO T40a George Rice 



Brock David (Eliza Waggoner) Ch 
Edgar, Adam, Pearl, Minda, Ma- 
rion, Wayne; Foosland R39 Brown 
Sec29 T160a W. and W. Ritchie 

Brockschmidt, Will H. (Lizzie Peter- 
son) Ch Hazel, Clifford; Rantoul 
R21 Ludlow Sec20 T160a Pat Conner 

Brodigan, Patrick; Urbana R9 Somer 
SeclS O127a (1859) 

Brooks, James (Lena Havey) Ch 
Harvey, Flossy, Margaret, Helen, 
Mary, Elizabeth; Penfield R27 Kerr 
Sec8 T350a Charles Wood 

Brooks, J. H. (Elizabeth H. Burnett) 
Ch Leonard; Urbana Rll Urbana 
Sec21 O120a (1903) 

Brosman, J. Ezra (Delia Martindale) 
Broadlands R36 Raymond Sec36 
T80a J. D. Dyer (1914) 

Brotherton, L. D. (Hanna Peterson) 
Ludlow R30 Ludlow Sec5 Tl74a 

Brown, Abel W. (Maggie Noe) Ch 
Allis, Edna, Hallie, Janetta, How- 
ard, Margaret, Albert, Hazel; Pe- 
sotum R54 Pesotum Sec28 T240a 
Kelley Sisters Est (1895) 

Brown, Andrew Homer R59 Ayers 
SecS T160a J. W. Neal (1908) 

Brown, Clint (Agnes Stewart) Ch 
Eva, Edna; Homer R59 Homer Sec 
17 O160a (1865) 

Brown, Earl (Carrie Gorrell) Ch 
Mary, Deen, Maxine; Seymour R43 
Mahomet Sec35 T80a Arthur Arm- 
strong (1916 ) 

Brown, F. L. (Ella Allison) Cham- 
paign R3 Hensley Sec 29 O265a 

Brown, Harry (Carrie Coler) Ch Guy, 
Ralph, Maude, Herold; Sadorus 
R51 Sadorus Sec 14 O98a (1877) 

Brown, John P. (Mary Cain) Ch 
Charlie, Vera, Kate, Edith, James, 
John, Clara, Mildred, Michael, 
Morris, Lucille; Ludlow R30 Lud- 
low SeclS O320a (1878) 

Brown, John W. (Emma George) 
Homer R61 S. Homer Sec7 O80a 

Brown, J. F. (Jane Cain) Ch James, 
John, Mary, Eugene, Eleanor, Mar- 
garet; Penfield R28 Compromise 
SeclS O160a (1879) 

Brown, O. M. (Bell Smith) Mahomet 
R41 Mahomet Secl9 T253a Mrs. M. 
Smith (1913) 

Brown, Robert B. (Vina Harmond) 
Ch Dora, Lou, Nora, Fay, Edna, 
Goldie; Allerton Rl Ayers Sec29 
T80a J. J. Hammer (1917) 

Brown, R. E. (Pearl Zimmerman) 
Ch Warren, Sherrill; Foosland R38 
Brown Sec 10 T160a W. B. Brown 

Brown, R. L. (Mary Tipton) Ch 
Isham, Harry, Zora, Hazel; Urbana 
R8 Somer Sec34 O24a (1860) 

Brown, Stanley (Nellie Montgomery) 
Mahomet R41 Mahomet Sec30 
T166a Theodore Brown (1903) 

Brown, Theodore (Julia Vandvort) 

- Ch Stanley, Nina; Mahomet R41 
Mahomet Secl9 O167a (1903) 

Brown, Theodore (Bertha Former) 
Ch Lela; Broadlands R36 Sidney 
Sec35 T160a August Block (1902) 

Brown, William (Florence Edmison) 
Ch Madge, Dajton; Homer R61 
Sidney Seel T175a C. A. Dryer 

Brown, William (Leana Keene) Ch 
Robert, Lee; "Old Tucker Farm" 
Mahomet R40 Newcomb Sec26 
T240a Mrs. Lewis (1885) 

Brown, William O. Ch Georgia, Wil- 
meth, Alice, Horace; Homer R59 
Homer Sec21 O80a T140a Frank 
Stadden (1868) - 

Brownfield, A. S. (Lyde Low) Ch 
Bertha, Joseph, Ruth; Thomasboro 
R19 Somer Sec2 O99a (1867) 

Brownfield, C. E. (Josephine John- 
son) Ch Annie, Lottie, Charles, 
Nellie, Mary, Fay, May; Rantoul 
R22 Rantoul Secl6 T142a McCon- 
nel Bros (1879) 

Brownfield, Henry W. (Elizabeth Mc- 
Cluthen) Ch Jane; St. Joseph R16 
St. Joseph Sec27 O21a (1851) 

Brownfield, John (Leone M. Hord) 
Urbana R8 Somer Sec25 T160a 
Martin Brownfield (1893) 

Brownfield, M. M. (Rachel Shaw) 
Urbana R7 Urbana Sec3 T55a Frank 
Apperson (1885) 

Brownfield, Ray (Minnie Garland) 
Urbana R7 Stanton SeclS O80a 

Brownfield, S. (Sally Dunn) Ch 
Nanny, Ethel, Wylie, May, Earle; 
Mahomet R40 Newcomb Sec 36 
TlOa Mrs. Hildreth (1845) 

Brownfield, W. (Irene Henley) Cham- 
paign R4 Hensley Sec6 Farm Hand 
D. A. Phillippi (1890) 

Brudder, B. A. (Lizzie Clapper) Ch 
Leon, Harold, Iva; Bondville R65 
Scott Sec 26 O160a (1890) 

Bruggeman, Herman Pesotum R55 
Crittenden Sec29 T40a John Brug- 
geman (1892) 



Bruhn, C. F. Broadlands R36 Ray- 
mond Secl4 T160a John Fitzgerald 

Bruhn, John A. (Allie Rush) Ch Her- 
schel; Homer R60 Sidney Sec25 
T160a Fannie Buddanayer (1895) 

Bruhn, W. H. (Catherine Witt) Ch 
Ronald, Opal, Lola, Irene, Carl, 
Florence, Howard; Sidney R57 
Sidney Sec34 T240a T. L. Block 

Bruns, Eilt (Antya Miller) Ch W51- 
hema; Thomasboro R20 Rantoul 
Sec24 T80a George Miller (1913) 

Bruns, Herman (Hanna Haveln) Ch 
Mana, Claas; Penfield R28 Com- 
promise TISOa Grace Bruns (1887) 

Bruns, Jerry (Anna Johnson) Ch 
Mana; St. Joseph R13 Stanton Sec 
11 T120a Martin Huls (1882) 

Bruns, John (Katherine Bartell) Ch 
William, Frank; Gifford R26 Com- 
promise Sec35 T120a Frank Bartells 

Bruns, William (Grace Hoveln) Ch 
Mana; Penfield R28 Compromise 
Sec31 T130a H. Burkstead (1895) 

Bryan, Harris (May Thurston) Ch 
Velma, Keith; Fisher R35 Newcomb 
Secl7 O37a (1884) 

Bryan, Jesse (Anna Roles) Ch Bessie, 
Ivan; "Bryan Farm" Fisher R35 
Newcomb Sec8 T90a Bryan Est. 

Bryan, J. H. (Dona Stanford) Ch 
Earl, Nettie; Urbana R12 Urbana 
Secl4 T160a L. R. Birley (1882) 

Bryant, Iva (Avis Duke) Mahomet 
R42 Mahomet Sec22 Farm Hand 
Len Rayburn (1914) 

Buchan, Jay G. "Plain View Farm" 
Mahomet R41 Newcomb SeclS 
O320a (1877) 

Buchs, H. H. (Sophia Shoudt) Ch 
Edward, Herman, Charles, Welma; 
Urbana RIO Urbana Sec21 T160a 
J. C. Buhr (1872) 

Buchs, J. C. Ch Frank, Harmon, Ed- 
ward, Anna; Urbana RIO Urbana 
Sec33 O480a (1876) 

Buck, J. J. (Frances Downing) Ch 
Ch Leo, Ester, Margaret, Josey, 
Mary, Gertrude, Francis, George, 
Katherine; Penfield R28 Compro- 
mise Sec28 T160a W. E. Buck (1869) 

Buck, Thomas (Sarah Graham) Ch 

Francis, Joseph, Arthur, Edward, 

Harold, Mary, James, Charles, 

Helen; Penfield R28 Compromise 

*Sec21 O160a (1863) 

Buckles, R. C. (Nell Purnell) Ch 
Ralph, Paul, Rhea; Mahomet RD 
Mahomet Sec21 T20a A. M. Burke 

Buddemeier, S. A. (Jakobine Dahl) 
Ch Louise, Merle, Wilbur, Lowell; 
Sidney R57 Sidney Sec35 O160a 

Buddie, Charlie F. (Cora Durr) Ch 
Frederick; Philo R56 Philo Sec22 
O80a T80a John Buddie (1874) 

Buddie, John Ch Minnie, Charles, 
Fanny; Philo R56 Philo Sec22 O80a 

Buhr, B. M. J. (Mary Novann) Thom- 
asboro R20 Compromise Sec34 

Buhr, John J. (Anke Idnes) Ch Anna, 
Kate, Jelde, George, Charles; Og- 
den R17 Ogden Sec7 O200a (1871) 

Buhs, Mrs. A. (Johanna Huls) Ch 
Sina, Aelart; Gifford R26 Stanton 
OlOOa Tina Huls (1874) 

Buhs, Charles (Gebka Flesner) Ch 
Geska, Minnie, Anna; Gifford R26 
Compromise Sec24 O160a (1872) 

Buhs, George (Jennie Thompson) Ch 
Grace, Anna, Hye, John, Tena, 
Emma, Kate; Ogden R17 Ogden 
Sec6 O40a T80a John Thompson 

Bullins, Ausbron (Bessie Hamilton) 
Ch Elton, Howard, Walter; Philo 
R56 Raymond Sec 19 T315a Mary 
Waldo (1917) 

Bumgart, Charles (Rosa Bear) Ch 
Golda, Dorothy, Alta; Homer R61 
Homer Sec31 O40a (1912) 

Buoy, Charles (Orph Johnson) Ch 
Edward; Sadorus R51 Sadorus 
Sec36 Ola Mrs. Snyder (1894) 

Burgin, Joseph (Hattie Anderson) Ch 
Wilma, Theodore, Neil; Urbana 
R9 Somer Sec21 Farm Hand Frank 
Burnett (1914) 

Burgin, Lee (Leota Martin) Ch Rus- 
sell, Wayne; Urbana R8 Somer Sec 
11 Farm Hand Lincoln Sadorus 1 

Burk, C. E. (Rosa Hayes) Ch Robert; 
Ogden R17 Ogden Sec9 O60a (1901) 

Burke, B. (Celia Leonard) Ch Mary, 
Camella, Florence, Leo, Ethel; Ran- 
toul R22 Rantoul Sec6 O240a (1881) 

Burke, John (Hannah CurranJ Ch 
William, Kate, Joseph, Delia; 
Thomasboro R19 Rantoul Sec27 
O160a (1880) 

Burke, Mathew (Sarah Monagh) Ch 
Mary, Margaret, Katherine; Tolono 
R47 Pesotum Secl4 O195a (1882) 



Burke, Michael T. Savoy Tolono 
Seel O233a (1900) 

Burke, M. J. Champaign Hensley 
Secl8-19 T200a L. F. Wingard 

Burke, William Thomasboro R19 
Condit Sec36 T259a John Burke 

Burke, William F. (Margaret Doile) 
Ch Francis, Mike, Mary, William, 
Sadie, Maggie, Harry, Josephine; 
Tolono Tolono Sec23 O220a (1868) 

Burley, G. W. (Anna Burnett) Ch 
Alice, Hazel, Marie; Thomasboro 
R20 Stan ton SeclS O160a (1882) 

Burley, J. S. (Edith Schrader) Ch 
Elmer; Urbana RIO Urbana Sec31 
O80a T80a (1871) 

Burnes, Charles B. (Ethel Allen) Ch 
Ruby, Hazel, Charles; Philo R56 
Crittenden Seel T3a Daily Sisters 

Burnes, E. L. (Nellie Warnock) Ch 
Gordon, Opal; Broadlands R37 
Ayers Secl9 T40a A. G. Anderson 

Burnes, James (Viola Stevens) Ch 
Harry, Carroll; Homer R61 Homer 
Sec8 T2a J. Siebolt (1917) 

Burnett, Alonzo E. (Daisy Johnston) 
Ch Alonzo; Urbana R7 Stanton 
SeclS (1898) 

Burnett, Mrs. Anna (Anna Ziegler) 
Ch Anna, Nellie, Thomas, Emma, 
Sue, Kate, James; Urbana R9 Somer 
Secl6 O80a (1882) 

Burnett, A. A. (Fanny Quayle) Ch 
Vearl, Aletta, Clyde, Velma; Sey- 
mour R44 Colfax Sec4 T80a B. E. 
Quill (1895) 

Burnett, C. M. (Lena Wenzlaff) Ch 
Otto; Seymour R43 Scott Sec5 
T160a Captain Scott (1893) 

Burnett, Don (Edna Edwards) Peso- 
turn R55 Crittenden Sec33 T240a 
Elmer Edwards (1889) 

Burnett, M. C. (Louisa Ziegler) Ch 
Alonzo; Urbana R17 Stanton Sec20 
O3a (1878) 

Burnett, Oscar C. Seymour R43 Scott 
SecS T160a Captain Scott (1892) 

Burnett, Walter J. (Eulia Cumbo) Ch 
Wayne, Russell; Longview R63 
Crittenden Sec36 T240a W. J. Bur- 
nett (1882) 

Burnett, W. F. (Susie Stalley) Ur- 
bana R9 Somer Sec22 T240a Thomas 

Burns, Don (Leona Curtis) Ch Ruby; 
Foosland R38 Brown Sec4 T108a 
Mrs. P. Anderson (1915) 

Burns, R. T. (Sarah Doyle) Ch Sadie, 
Robert, Harry; Ivesdale R53 Sado- 
rus Sec6 T80a Doyle's Est (1876) 

Burr, Elbert A. (Ethel Plotner) Ch 
Paul, Fern, John; Philo R56 Philo 
Sec23 O120a (1885) 

Burr, Eugene C. (Minnie DeLong) 
Ch Ruth, Merrill; Urbana Rll Philo 
Secl2 O520a (1867) 

Burr, Franklin E. (Edith Smith) Ch 
John; Philo R56 Crittenden Seel 
T160a H. A. Burr (1892) 

Burr, F. R. (Anna C. Black) Ch El- 
bert, Nelle, Emily, David, Esther; 
Sidney R58 Philo Sec36 O160a 

Burr, Marshall Philo R56 Philo Secl4 


Burrell, David E. (Thra Strohl) Ch 
Gaylord; Savoy R66 Tolono Seel 
O62a (1876) 

Burrell, Ellas (Neva Balchter) Sey- 
mour R44 Colfax Sec9 T80a (Carl 
Cline (1875) 

Burt, Nathan M., Sr. (Grace Beecher) 
Ch Ruth, Lauren, Mary, Clarence, 
Nathan, Jr., Florence, Charles; 
Savoy RD, Champaign Sec36 

Burt, W. W. (Effie Smith) Ch Ralph, 
Leonora; "Rural Home" Savoy R45 
Champaign Sec36 H. M. Dunlap 

Burtney, W. O. (Ella Wilson) Ch 
Lillian, Ethel; Allerton Ayers Sec 
33 T160a C. J. Johnson (1869) 

Burton, Lee Ch Anna, Luther; Dewey 
R32 E. Bend Sec22 T80a Allie Par- 
ker (1912) 

Burton, M. P. (Martha Woodard) 
Ch Ruth, Marjorie; Homer R60 
Sidney Sec25 T160a T. H. Block 

Burwash, A. E. Savoy R45 Champaign 
Sec25 T160a D. A. Burwash (1889) 

Burwash, L. S. Savoy R45 Champaign 
Sec25 T160a D. A. Burwash (1895) 

Busboom, Ed. G. (Grace Duitman) 
Gifford R26 Compromise Secl4 
T125a George Busboom (1893) 

Busboom, George (Anna Bloom) Ch 
Fred, Theis, Henry, Emerald, Ed- 
ward, Hugh, John, Rankin; Gifford 
R26 Compromise Secl4 O320a 

Busboom, Heije (Lena Schoene) Ch 
Ortman, Theis, Peter, Reinken, 
Emma, Tena; Gifford R26 Compro- 
mise Sec36 O240a (1874) 

Busboom, O. H. (Hilka Idous) Ch 
Bertha, George, Anna; Rantoul 
R23 Compromise Sec3 O240a (1870) 

Busboom, Peter (Katharine Hen- 
dricks) Ch Grace, Heye, Erbe, Ber- 
tha, Lena; Gifford R26 Ogden Sec6 
O166a (1874) 



Busboom, Rankin (Anna Saathoff) 
Ch Bertha, Tina, Hugh, Claus, 
Emma; Gifford R26 Compromise 
Sec36 O160a (1880) 

Busboom, Thees (Anna Johnson) Ch 
Rankin, Ralph; Rantoul R24 Com- 
promise Sec9 O120a (1880) 

Busboom, Theis (Margaret Grussing) 
Ch George, John; St. Joseph R13 
Stanton Secl6 T120a John Gruss- 
ing (1885) 

Busboon, Henry (Tina Gerbers) Ch 
Anna, Martha; Thomasboro R20 
Compromise Sec27 T120a L. H. 
Gerbers (1887) 

Eusey, Clyde (Leah Fisher) "Green 
Lawn Farm" Sidney R57 Sidney 
Secl6 T200a S. F. Busey (1908) 

Busey, J. H. (Sadie Dyer) Ch Edwin, 
James; Savoy R45 Champaign Sec31 
T118a F. H. Busey (1892) 

Busey, M. C. (Arthena Hale) Ch 
Annette, Estella, Delbert, Lillian; 
Champaign R5 Somer SeclS O380a 

Bush, Walter (Edna Cox) Ch Ken- 
neth, Fred, Verna, Ada; Rantoul 
R22 Condit Secl3 Farm Hand See- 
ber Bros. (1912) 

Buss, Jacob (Maggie Saathoff) Ch 
Catherina, Anna, Louise; St. Joseph 
R14 Stanton. Secl7 T180a Hen- 
dricks Bros. 

Butin, Frank (Hattie Becker) Ch 
Marie; Sadorus -R51 Pesotum Sec8 
Louis Strack (1883) 

Butler, John E. (Cornelia Plotner) 
Ch Lawrence^ Evelyn, Margarel; 
James, Hetty, Myrtle, Julia; Philo 
R56 Crittenden Sec2 T180a Martha 
Butler (1878) 

Butler, J. B. (Margaret O'Hara) Ch 
John, Mary, James, Robert, Leo; 
"Margaret Farm" Ivesdale R53 Sa- 
dorus Sec8 T160a Tim Driscoll 

Butler, Paul (Mae Butler) Philo 
Crittenden Secl2 Farm Hand Geo. 
J. J. Mumm (1897) 

Butler, Tom M. (Rose Sudduth) Ch 
Xavier; Tolono R48 Philo Sec21 
T80a Martha Butler (1880) 

Butlin, Paul Savoy R66 Tolono Sec9 
TllSa T. T. Jordan (1896) 

Butts, Riley (Lottie Beverley) Ur- 
bana R12 St. Joseph Secl9 Farm 
Hand W. E. Mosier (1911) 

Butz, Fred E. (Amanda Fiscus) Ch 
Mary, Ruth, Jennie; Tolono R47 
Champaign Sec33 O80a Pesotum 
SeclO T252a P. M. Salsbury (1898) 

Butzow, Edward (Jennie Reese) Ch 
Louis, Edward, Clara, Grace, Wal- 
do, Ruth, Marshall, Gladys; St. Jo- 
seph St. Joseph Sec34 O440a (1865) 

Butzow, Edward C. (Zora Rudicil) 
Ch Harold, Gleason, Darnell; St. 
Joseph R16 St. Joseph Sec34 T440a 
Edward Butzow, Sr. (1887) 

Byerley, Charles (Kate Denhart) Ch 
Roy, Grace; St. Joseph R14 Stan- 
ton Sec36 T240a E. A. Wood (1902) 

Byrd, Harry (Ellen Leaf) Ch Evelyn; 
St. Joseph R14 Stanton Sec34 Farm 
Hand A. Hunt (1914) 

Byrd, Sidney (Stella F. Fulk) St. 
Joseph R16 St. Joseph Sec35 Farm 
Hand James Rudicil (1915) 

Byrens, Emma Ch Opal, Everett; 
Pesotum R55 Crittenden Sec20 

Byrnes, Tim (Maggie Powers) Ch 
Walter, Marcella; Tolono R46 Crit- 
tenden Sec29 O80a (1870) 

Byron, Pat (Martha McCoffin) Ch 
Anna, Laurette, Vincent, Thomas, 
Raymond; Ivesdale R52 Colfax 
Sec31 T160a T. K. Welsh (1876) 

Cade, Charles (Alvira Turner) Ch 
Alma, Lillian, Stanley, Wayne, 
Helen, Lloyd, Orlando; Seymour 
R44 Scott Sec20 T120a Mrs. S. A. 
Kade (1864) 

Cade, B. H. (Alley Patton) Ch Ruth, 
Hellen, Franklin; "Sugar Grove 
Farm" Penfield R27 Kerr Sec9 
T300a Patten Est. (1911) 

Cade, Mrs. S. A. (Sarah Ashcraft) 
Ch Albert, Ella, Laura, Frank, 
Charles, Ida; Seymour R44 Scott 
Sec20 O120a (1863) 

Cade, V. B. (Georgia Snelson) Ch 
Dorothy, Pauline; Seymour R44 
Scott Sec20 T120a Frank Cade 

Cagle, J. H. (Roda Shoemaker) Ch 
James, Clarence, Lloyd, Harold; 
Fisher, R35 Newcomb Sec2 T120a 
F. V. Vemivain (1907) 

Cain, B. J. (Anna Shea) Sadorus R49 
Sadorus Sec26 T120a Charles Dixon 



Cain, Edward (Josie Boyce) Ch Mar- 
garet, Rose, Hellen, Marie, Cather- 
ine, Rollie, Leo, Josephine, James; 
Gifford R25 Harwood Sec23 T280a 
James Cain, Sr. (1872) 

Cain, Eppa (Daisy White) Ch Lois; 
Mahomet R42 Mahomet Sec26 
T452a Andrew Phillippe (1915) 

Cain, I. J. (Mary Auth) Ivesdale R53 
Sadorus Sec20 TlOOa William Auth 

Cain, James (Delia Rice) Ch Mary, 
Adela, Margaret, Cornelius, Alice; 
Gifford R25 Harwood Sec23 T200a 
McCain Est. (1883) 

Cain, James T. (Mary Cordel) Ch 
Frank, Lucy, Joe, Vincent, Mar- 
garet, Myrtle; Ivesdale R50 Colfax 
Sec29 O160a (1867) 

Cain, Joseph (Julia Danavin) Ch 
John, Paul; Ivesdale R52 Colfax 
Sec29 O200a (1897) 

Cain, Patrick H. (Anna Coady) Ch 
Stella, Grace, Leo, Anna, Kathaline, 
Thomas; Philo R56 Philo SeclS 

Cain, Thomas (Catherine Gallegor) 
Ch Mabel, Charles, Mary, Martha, 
Oscar, Raymond, Josephine; Sa- 
dorus R49 Colfax Sec23 O160a 

Cain, Thomas (Hazel Knox) Ch 
Gwendolyn; Seymour R43 Scott 
Sec9 T340a D. A. Phillippi (1884) 

Cain, T. W. (Marie Tynan) Ivesdale 
R52 Colfax Sec30 T250a William 
Cain (1914) 

Cain, William (Mary McGraw) Ch 
Thomas, Mary, James, Cornelius, 
Cecillia, Wilmer, Clarence; Ivesdale 
R52 Colfax Sec31 O240a (1877)- 

Caldwell, A. E. (Maggie Anderson) 
Ch Hazel; Urbana Rll Sidney Sec6 
T160a Mary Ruckman (1909) 

Caldwell, R. M. (Sarah Bradley) Ch 
James, Isabelle, Gertrude, Mamie; 
Sidney R57 Sidney Seel O156a 

Callahan, John, Sr. Ch Jerry, Mary, 
Margaret, Bridget, Elizabeth, Agnes; 
Longview R63 Crittenden Sec27 
O160a (1865) 

Callahan, John W., Jr. (Elizabeth Lee) 
Ch James, Edward, John, Catherine, 
Josephine; Longview R68 Critten- 
den Sec27 T160a John Callahan Sr. 

Galloway, Thomas L. St. Joseph R16 
St. Joseph Sec34 O75a (1867) 

Calvert, Leslie (Martha Slade) Ch 
Amelia; Urbana R7 Urbana SeclO 
O12a T40a John Littler (1877) 

Camden, Huse (Kate Crawford) Ch 
Marjorie, Ina, Marley, Kenneth, 
Wilbur, Frances; Mahomet R40 
Newcomb Sec24 T200a F. Goodman 

Cameron, William (Grace McKee) Ch 
Lenore; Philo R58 Sidney Sec30 
T80a N. L. Hazen (1910) 

Campbell Edward (Mary Neisser) Ch 
Donald, Dorothy, Allen; Sadorus 
R49 Colfax SeclS O80a (1875) 

Campbell, John E. (Liza Evans) Ch 
Leslie, Asa, Algie, Otto, Florence, 
Ernest, Grace, Frankie; Rantoul 
R22 Rantoul SecS T317a Scott Est. 
and J. J. Fletcher (1858) 

Campbell, Steve (Allie Stotts) Ch, 
Gladys, Bernice, Theo, Dale, Ellis; 
Champaign R2 Champaign Sec24 
T9a Mr. Kirby (1910) 

Campbell, William (Lena Sims) Ma- 
homet R40 Newcomb Sec23 T4a W.- 
Thompson (1879) 

Campbell, W. M. (Clara Chalke) Ch 
Jessie, Hartwell; "Fairview Farm" 
Champaign R4 Hensley Sec34 O160a 

Cannaday, E. R. (Gertrude Sites) Ch 
Frank, Helen; Homer R62 Homer 
Sec4 O315a (1879) 

Cannon, John T. (Martha Stites) Ch 
Willis, Frank, Andrew, Irma, Zora; 
Homer R62 Homer Sec33N T38a 
Charles Wilson (1852) 

Cannon, J. F. (Viola Kirby) Homer 
R61 Homer Sec31N T70a Louis Ro- 
shibe and Mrs. P. Mitchell (1877) 

Cannon, Michael (Margaret Dillon) 
Ch Patrick, John, Mary, Gustie, 
Agnes, James, Netta, Ida, Margaret, 
Michael, Ray, Charles, Anna, Wil- 
liam; Ivesdale R52 Colfax Sec30 
O200a (1848) 

Cannon, T. J. (Calhnar Welsh) Ch 
Sadie, Florence, John, Thomas, 
Ruth, Anna, Joseph, Francis; Ives- 
dale R52 Colfax Sec29 T240a (1867) 

Cardiff, A. P. (Lena Davis) Ch Leon; 
Urbana R7 Stanton Secl9 T214a 
G. E. Carson (1888) 

Carey, P. J. Ivesdale R53 Sadorus 
Sec30 O160a (1880) 

Carl, Albert (Anna Partlow) Ch 
Francis, Leroy, Florence; Mahomet 
R40 Newcomb Sec21 T96a Allen 
Brodrick (1903) 

Carl, George D. (Mary Schaeffer) Ch 
Louisa, George, Minnie, Helen; 
Thomasboro R19 Rantoul Sec33 
T160 John Carl (1882) 



Carleton, Edward (Agnes Ringo) 
Longview R64 Raymond Secl6 
T38a J. Carleton (1889) 

Carleton, James Ch Ada, Edward,, 
Mary, Maud, Daisie, Ruth, James; 
Longview R64 Raymond Sec21 
O120a (1871) 

Carleton, James, Jr. (Madge Driver) 
Ch Marion; Longview R63 Ray- 
mond Sec33 T80a J. Carleton (1896) 

Carlson, O. (Ida Ecklarb) Ch Fred, 
Victor, Arthur, Edith; Gifford R25 
Compromise Sec2 T160a Charles 
Hickey (1880) 

Carmien, Roy (Dena Ackerman) Ch 
Henry, Emma, Herman; St. Joseph 
R14 Stanton Sec25 T140a H. Ack- 
erman (1886) 

Carnes, Fred L. (Lottie Stout Carnes) 
Ch Donald, Dorothy; Savoy R66 
Tolono SeclO' T160a J. W. George, 

Carpenter, Charles (Daisy Jenkins) 
Ch Therode, Leland, Noble, Rosy, 
Randall, Kenneth, Glen, Dorothy; 
Penfield R28 Compromise Sec21 
T160a J. Gorden (1901) 

Carpenter, W. H. (Myrtle Duncan) 
Ch Helen; Champaign R4 Hensley 
SeclS Farm Hand W. J. Collins 

Carper, G. E. (Nellie Cade) Ch Byron, 
Emiline; Seymour RD Scott Secl7 
T371a Mrs. H. R. Carper (1882) 

Carper, Mrs. Harriet (Harriet Cresap) 
Ch Daniel, Eusebius, Ida, Annie, 
Cleora, George, Philip, Eugene, 
Ulysses, Clara, Guy; Seymour R44 
Scott Secl7 O239a (1869) 

Carper, U. S. (Sarah Moore) Ch 
Carroll, Clyde; Seymour R43 Scott 
Secl6 O75a (1875) 

Carr, Anthony (Elizabeth Hill) Ch 
Gladys, Hazel, Marie; Urbana R12 
Urbana Sec25 Farm Hand J. P. 
Hudson (1907) 

Carr, Robert L. (Carrie Hartsock) 
Ch Evelyn, Layton; Gifford R25 
Harwood Sec27 T120a G. W. Hart- 
sock (1902) 

Carter, Charlie (Susie Riddle) Ch 
Henry, Eliza, Floyde; Allerton Rl 
Ayers Sec21 Tla E. K. Pugh (1915) 

Carter, C. W. (Emma Cooke) Ch 
Viola, Ruth; Seymour R43 Mahomet 
Sec34 O200a (1867) 

Carter, Mrs. H. C. Ch Dolly, Bell, 
Horace, William, Flossie; Ogden 
R17; Ogden Sec5 O80a (1870) 

Carter, Ida A. Ch Lula, Flossie, Wil- 
liam, Belle, Horace; Ogden R17 
Ogden Sec5 O80a (1913) 

Carter, Joe (Emma Pasley) Seymour 
R43 Mahomet Sec34 T200 Frank 
Carter (1892) 

Carter, Mrs. Sadie (Sadie Parnell) 
Ch Frank, Catharine, Elizabeth, 
William, Birdie, Wesley; Seymour 
R43 Mahomet Sec27 O120a (1874) 

Carter, T. F. (Lue Welch) Ch Chris- 
tie; Thomasboro R19 Rantoul Sec34 
T160a Jeff Babb (1909) 

Carter, Van (Josephine Mantle) Ch 
Ollie, Merle, Harold; Homer R59 
Homer Sec9 O137a (1864) 

Carter, N. V. (Edna Dickson) Ch 
Roy; Homer R59 Homer Sec21 
T300a A. Carter (1885) 

Carter, W. W. (Cora Davis) Ch Lena, 
Earl, Dean, Paul; Penfield R28 
Compromise T314a Mrs. Tucker 

Case, R. L. (Mabel Yeazel) Homer 
R61 Ogden Secl9SE T213a G. B. 
Loeffler (1895) 

Case, W. M. (Laura Smith) Ch Roy, 
Osie, Vera; Ogden Rll Ogden 
Sec20S O120a (1869) 

Cassaday, A. B. (Minkie Charles) 
Penfield R27 Kerr Secl7 Farm 
Hand U. G. Fowler (1917) 

Cassaday, William (Katherine Brown) 
Ch Alice, John, Mary, Margaret, 
Katherine, James, Joseph, Pauline, 
Hilda, Rose; Penfield R28 Compro- 
mise Sec7 O120a (1881) 

Cassidy, J. P. (Mabel Remsstad) Ch 
Vincent; Penfield R28 Compromise 
SeclS T160a Ed. Malloy (1893) 

Castle, Charles E. (Louise Richards) 
Ch Donald, Caroline, Dale; St. Jo- 
seph R14 Stanton Sec36 T80a F. 
Oleky (1885) 

Castle, P. M. (Eliza Kellogg) Ch 
Charles, May, Guy, Ella, Louise, 
Mason, Teddy, Frank, Jennie; St. 
Joseph R14 Stanton Sec36 T200a 
M. E. Villera (1865) 

Castle, Guy (Alma Gebbink) St. Jo- 
seph R16 St. Joseph Sec34 T47a 
F. M. Castle (1891) 

Castof, J. W. (May Coffman) Ch Eva, 
Freda, Clare, Frank, Carl, Ralph; 
Mahomet R40 Newcomb Sec22 
O40a T120a R. and I. Wright (1908) 

Cavanaugh, J. W. (Margaret McCoy) 
Ch Morris, John, Marie, Paul, Carl, 
Margaret; Urbana R7 Somer Sec36 
O390a T40a Elizabeth Cavanaugh 
( 1864) 

Cekander, Albert (Ida Kamradt) Ch 
Roy, Alfred, Erma; Savoy R66 To- 
lono Secl9 T228a Mrs. Christina 
Demlow (1888) 



Cekander, Charlie G. (Edith Polk) 
Ch Marjorie; Pesotum R54 Pesotum 
Secl8 T140a W. R. Miller and Mrs. 
Charles Rich (1917) 

Cekander, William J. (Minnie Gady) 
Ch Clifton, Edna; Pesotum R54 
Pesotum SeclS T230a Charles Ce- 
kander and William R. Miller (1892) 

Cender, J. J. (Elsie Kauffman) Ch 
Raymond, Homer, Marie, Elvin, 
Agnes; Foosland Brown Sec28 O80a 

Center, John (Katie Zehr) Ch Roy, 
Lela, Alva; Foosland R38 Brown 
Sec22 O160a (1892) 

Chalk, Joe E., Sr. (Lena McLaughlin) 
Ch Joseph, Jr., Clara; Seymour R43 
Mahomet Sec29 T50a Payne Harris 

Chambers, J. J. (Nellie Robinson) Ch 
Dorothy, Gertrude, Margaret; Sa- 
dorus R51 Sadorus Secl3 T360a J. 
G. Chambers (1877) 

Chambliss, Ray (Mae Robison) Ch 
Mary, Charles; St. Joseph R14 
Stanton Sec34 T160a M. A. Leigh 

Champers, Thomas (Belle Leonard) 
Ch John, Roy, William, Manuel, 
Lewis, Hazel, Murvin, Glen, Don- 
ald; Penfield R27 Kerr Sec8 T178a 
Charles Wood (1901) 

Chaplin, Thomas Philo R56 Raymond 
SeclS TlOOa Elizabeth Chaplin 

Chapman, Asa S. (Jennie Meeker) Ch 
Martha; "Burr Oak Burrow Farm" 
Mahomet RD Mahomet Secl6 OSOa 

Chapman, M. W. (Florence Barber) 
Ch Hazel, Bessie; Mahomet RD 
Mahomet Sec9 T145a Mrs. S. M. 
Gleason (1911) 

Chapman, Orris (Oma Coleman) Ch 
Violet, Gladys, Kenneth, Woodrow, 
Charles; Thomasboro R19 Somer 
Seel Farm Hand William Raup 

Chapman, W. H. (Lula Allen) Ch 
Iva, Bertha, Ernest; Longview R64 
Raymond Sec20 T80a F. Wegeng 

Charles, G. W. (Clara E. Rush) Ch 
Opal, Marie; St. Joseph R16 St. 
Joseph Sec23 Farm Hand Charles 
Archer (1914) 

Chasteen, Barnett (Pearl Repp) Ch 
Glenn; Pesotum R56 Crittenden Sec 
19 Farm Hand James Quinlan 

Chenoweth, Charles (Maria Laman) 
Ch Russell, Ruth; Fisher R35 New- 
comb Sec6 OSOa (1912) 

Chenoweth, T. A. (Kate Lowther) 
Ch Foster, Leonard, Edna, Harry; 
Penfield R27 Kerr Secl7 O20a 

Cherry, Henry (Emma Smith) Ch 
Mervin, Nellie, Velma; St. Joseph 
R15 Ogden Sec6 O205a (1858) 

Cherry, Mervyn (Grace W. La Heve) 
St. Joseph R15 Ogden Sec7E O74a 
Sec 5 T190a Henry Cherry (1885) 

Chesshir, A. W. (Cora Phenicie) Ch 
Joseph, Elsie, Austin, Mabel; St. 
Joseph R15 Ogden Sec31W T180a 
Ike Phares (1887) 

Chester, T. P. (Nellie Craig) Ch 
Jamie, Dorothy; "Home Farm" 
Champaign R2 Champaign Sec21 
T437a Manager Chester Farm Co. 

Chilton, Roy (Berthie Cook) Ch. Ev- 
erett; St. Joseph R13 Stanton Sec 
21 (1912) 

Choat, H. B. (Rebecca Neal) Ch 
Lucile; Urbana R7 Stanton Secl7 
Farm Hand W. R. Jones (1914) 

Christian, Christ (Katherine Raup) 
Ch Alma, Harm, Henry; Urbana 
R8 Somer Secl2 O40a H. Christian 
( 1884) 

Christian, Fred (Louise Leibel) Ch 
Willie, Ella, Freddie, Joe; Tolono 
R46 Crittenden Sec28 O320a (1890) 

Christian, Hemmo, Sr. (Mary John- 
son) Ch Annie, Maggie, John, 
Harm, Henry, Emma, Ernest, Her- 
man; Thomasboro R20 Stanton Sec 
1 O87a Rantoul Sec31 T320a Mrs. 
D. Stamey (1875) 

Christians, Eddo (Jane Boten) Ch 
Rainey, Henry, Francis; Urbana R9 
Somer Sec3 O40a T70a Hemmo and 
Harm Christian (1886) 

Christians, Hemmo, Jr. Ch Minnie, 
Harm, Anna, Henry, Eddo, Eilert; 
Thomasboro R20 Rantoul Sec25 

Christie, Mrs. E. B. (Emma Bear) 
Ch Wayne, Jean, Robert; Seymour 
R43 Scott Sec9 OSOa (1874) 

Christman, John (Nellie Tracy) Ch 
Opal, Fanny, Rocky, Charlie, 
George, Clifton, Iline; Sadorus R50 
Sadorus SeclS T160a R. L. Sarkman 

Christy, Carey (Delia F. Bullock) St. 
Joseph R13 Slanton Sec32 T120a 

Christy, E. D. (Mame Quirk) Rantoul 
R21 Ludlow Secl9 T260a Mrs. Mary 
Christy (1894) 

Chumbley, Frank A. (Delia Hodam) 
Ch Roy, Marion; Ludlow R31 Har- 
wood Sec21 T240a Mrs. S. Hodam 

Church, J. W. (Sarah Shanks) Ch 
Roy, Lois; Champaign R5 Hensley 
Sec 11 OSOa (1884) 



Churchill, Jason E. (Mildred Spencer) 
Ch Jason, Esther, Mildred; Philo 
R56 Philo Sec25 O80a Lollie and 
Agnes Churchill (1892) 

Clancy, James E. (Elizabeth Sullivan) 
Ch Agnes, Phillip; Savoy R45 To- 
lonp Sec4 O40a T80a Clancy Est. 

Clancy, Thomas (Margaret Donovan) 
Ch Coletta, Joseph, Edward, Mar- 
garet; Savoy R45 Tolono SecS O40a 
T80a James Clancy Est. (1872) 

Clancy, Thomas (Ella Mullery) Ch 
William, John, Catherine, Agnes; 
Champaign R2 Champaign Sec29 
O79a (1867) 

Clapper, Frank (Minnie Keeler) Ch 
Lloyd, Alma, Kenneth, William, 
Ruth; Bondville R65 Mahomet Sec36 
O40a T80a Mrs. Francis Clapper 

Clapper, R. S. (Merle Hayward) Ch 
Keith, Kenton; Mahomet R42 Ma- 
homet Sec25 T120a J. J. Hayward 

Clark, A. M. (Belle Minnis) Ch Jen- 
nie, Bonnie, John, Robert; Penfield 
R27 Compromise Sec6 O40a (1867) 

Clark, Elmer (Ella Bridgewater) Ch 
Leland, Lawrence, Glenn, Margaret, 
Madgealice; St. Joseph R13 Stan- 
ton Sec27 Tl60a L. Russell (1884) 

Clark, Frank (Nellie Stout) Ch Ken- 
neth; Champaign Rl Champaign 
Sec7 T240a Mrs. A. B. Rising (1897) 

Clark, F. C. (Stella Devan) Ch Wrex- 
ford, Janis; Ogden R17 Ogden Sec 
20N TlOa Isaac Devan (1908) 

Clark, George W. (Mary Zilz) Ch 
Violet, Oliver, Estes, Kenneth, Ker- 
mit, Erita, Edith; Urbana RIO Philo 
Sec3 O124a (1877) 

Clark, George W. (Mildred Harrison) 
Ch Wilbur, Willis; Pesotum R54 
Pesotum Secl9 T200a O. B. Plate, 
Dr. Chambers and Cecilia Riggles 

Clark, John A. (Inez Reynolds) Ch 
John; Ludlow R29 Harwood Secll 
T200a J. Webber and William H. 
Reynolds (1890) 

Clark, J. E. (Cora M. Whitlatch) Ch 
Trecy, Edna, Thelma, Inez, Paul; 
Urbana R12 St. Joseph Secl9 Farm 
Hand W. R. Hissong (1909) 

Clark, J. H. (Mattie Smith) Ch Floyd, 
Everett, Nona, Elsie, Florence, 
Warren; Savoy R45 Colfax Secl2 

Clark, Lorin (Ava C. Cockayne) 
Homer R62 Homer Sec30N O80a 
T240a N. W. Cockayne (1880) 

Clark, Otto B (Henrietta Hoke) Ch 
Omar, John, Elizabeth, Margaret, 
Charles; "Watson Homestead Farm" 
Ludlow R29 Harwood Secl6 Farm 
Hand N. J. Watson (1916) 

Clark, R. B. (Sarah Rjpp) Ch Edith; 
Penfield R28 Compromise Sec7 
O160a (1868) 

Clark, Thomas P. (May Allgood) Ch 
Ruth, Glenn, Blanche, Grace; Lud- 
low R31 Harwood Sec7 T80a Henry 
Walker (1897) 

Clark, Wallace (Eliza Thompson) Ch 
Loren, Ava; Homer R61 Ogden 
Secl9SW O340a (1856) 

Clark, Walter L. (Dora Talbott) 
Savoy R45 Tolono Sec3 T123a 
Thomas H. Leathers (1894) 

Clarkson, Harry E. (Ester Schultz) 
Rantoul R23 Compromise Sec4 
T120a H. J. Clarkson (1915) 

Clary, Frank (Leona Henness) Ch 
Aline, Harold, Duane, Maurice; 
Bondville R65 Champaign Sec31 
T102a Charles Naurer (1908) 

Clayborn, F. W. (Maud Beal) Ch 
Clinton, Devine, LaVada Belle; 
Dewey R32 E. Bend SeclS (1917) 

Claypool, R. J. (Mae Perring) Ch 
Kenneth, Mary; Rantoul R22 Con- 
dit T120a Mary Claypool (1891) 

Clayton, F. M. (Carrie Hayes) Ch 
Elsie; Ogden RD Ogden SecSN 
080a (1897) 

Clegg, Thomas E. (Susan West) Ch 
Kenneth, Lincoln; Urbana R9 Ur- 
bana SecS Tla Woodlawn Cemetery 

Clem, Mrs. Emma Ch Roy, Helma; 
Longview R63 Raymond Sec33 
T160a B. C. Paine (1897) 

Clem, Harry (Nellie Brandenburg) 
Ch Virginia, Howard; Sidney R58 
Sidney Sec30 T5a A. F. Branden- 
burg (1917) 

Clem, Wilson (Lucinda Taylor) Ch 
Albert, Herbert, Howard, Anna; 
Broadlands R37 Ayers SeclS O160a 

Clements, James (Catherine Roberts) 
Ch Edwin, Frances, Stella, Arthur, 
Joseph, Ernest, Carl; Urbana R8 
T3a Stella Benjamin (1873) 

Clements, Martin (Emeline Kindader) 
Ch John, Joe, Frank, Louis; Peso- 
tum R55 Pesotum Sec36 T80a Joe 
Peffer (1912) 

Clements, T. G. (Sarah . Smith) Ur- 
bana R8 Urbana Sec3 O10a(1862) 



Clennon, Mrs. Adelia Ch Mary, Mar- 
tin, Francis, Sadie, Agnes, Kather- 
ine, Loretta, Laura, Raymond; To- 
lono R46 Crittenden Sec9 OSOOa 

Clennph, Francis W. (Lucy Cain) Ch 
Cecil; Tolono R46 Crittenden Sec4 
T200a W. F. Clennon Est. (1883) 

Clennon, Martin J. (Kathryn Tyrrell) 
Ch Howard, Edith, Louis; Tolono 
R46 Philo Sec33 T200a William F. 
Clennon Est. (1880) 

Cler, Frank M. (Mary Plautsler) Ch 
Martin, William, Rosie, Francis; 
Tuscola Rl Pesotum Sec35 O178a 

Cler, Jacob (Josephine Hausemann) 
Pesotum R5S Crittenden Sec31 
T118a Frank Cler (1903) 

Cler, Joseph (Theresa Wilhelm) Ch 
Leo, Louis, Evelina; Pesotum R55 
Pesotum Sec-27 T200a John and 
Anna Canning (1890) 

Cler, Phillip (Lucy Wilhelm) Ch 
Mary, John, Clotilda, Phillip; Peso- 
tum R55 Pesotum Sec35 O80a T80a 
Mrs. Paul Roe (1910) 

Clifford, Cornelius (Mary O'Connor) 
Ch Ellen, Ethel, Josephine, Corne- 
lius; Penfield R28 Compromise Sec 
30 O480a (1877) 

Clifford, C. E. Rantoul R21 Sec20 
T160a C. E. Clifford (1897) 

Clift, Mrs. Emma (Emma Apperson) 
Ch Albert, Lilly; Urbana R8 Urbana 
Sec4 O46a (1861) 

Clifton, Charles E. (Dora Stonestreet) 
Ch James, Nancy, Jessie, Frank, 
Ella, Claud; Ludlow R31 Harwood 
Sec20 O280a (1875) 

Clifton, Edward (Maud Broom) Ch 
Dorothy; Ludlow R31 Harwood 
Sec20 T280a C. E. Clifton (1883) 

Clifton, Frank A. (Myrtle Wycoff) 
Ludlow R31 Harwood Secl7 T160a 
C B. Taylor (1892) 

Clifton, Jess J. (Clara Kuhne) Ludlow 
R31 Harwood Sec20 T280a C. E. 
Clifton (1889) 

Clouse, John (Maniday Hollenworth) 
Ch Fanny, Jack, Grace; Homer R59 
Ayers Sec9 T240a Henry Gorham 
( 1902) 

Cloyd, William (Maude Campbell) Ch 
Daisy, Glen; Bondville R65 Scott 
Sec28 Farm Hand Charles Flowers 

Clutter, Clell (Zoe Crane) Homer R62 
-Homer Sec32N T13a Addison 
Clutter (1910) 

Coady Bros. Savoy R45 Tolono SecS 
T280a Mary Coady (1895) 

Coady, Mary Ch Mary, Anna, John, 
Mat, Bridget, Katherine, Esther, 
Margaret, Joe, Francis, Josephine, 
Gerald; Savoy R45 Tolono SecS 
O280 (1875) 

Coady, M. C. (Catherine White) Ch 
Mary, Winifred, Catherine, Julia, 
George, John, Lucile, Lillian, Marie, 
Joseph, Dorothy; Ivesdale R53 Sa- 
dorus Sec21 T120a P. Mannion 

Cochran, G. G. (Maud Sutton) Ch 
Cecil, Rebert, Clifford; Dewey R33 
Condit Secl4 T160a Louisa Cochran 

Codington, John (Emmie Bell) Ch 
Effie, Lillian, William, Oliva; 
Homer R61 Sidney Seel O94a (1851) 

Coffey, J. E. (Agnes Stigall) Ch De- 
lora; Savoy R45 Colfax Secl2 T240a 
Meade Bros. (1892) 

Cole, Arthur G. (Minnie Anders) Ch 
Irma; Sidney R58 Sidney Sec32 T6a 
Isaac Cole (1881) 

Cole, A. H. (Pearl Martin) Ch Cordie, 
Annabel, Clarence, Hubert, Mildred; 
Ludlow R31 Ludlow Secl3 T80a 
Harry Beara (1905) 

Cole, Coy (Nellie Whitington) Ch 
Stanley, Stella, Paul; Champaign 
R3 Mahomet Sec24 Farm Hand 
Joseph Sylvester (1917) 

Cole, Mrs. C. G. Ch Julia, Florence, 
Mabel, Agnes, Nathan; Sidney R58 
Raymond Sec6 T179a Isaac Cole 

Cole, Edgar (Birdie Marshall) Ch 
Leona, Harold; Champaign R3 Ma- 
homet Sec24 Farm Hand Joseph 
Sylvester (1917) 

Cole, Isaac (Loretta Johnson) Ch 
Sherman, Willard, Lora, Delia, Ar- 
thur; Sidney R58 Sidney Sec32 
O640a (1850) 

Cole, Mrs. M. F. Ch Hazel, Estelle, 
Charles, Gladys; Sidney R58 Philo 
Sec25 O260a (1874) 

Cole, Raymond (Ibbie Hulett) Ch 
Dorothy; Ludlow R31 Harwood 
Secl6 T240a N. Shinker (1911) 

Cole, S. L. (Addie Kennedy) Ch 
Ellen, Bertha, Lloyd; Sidney R58 
Sidney Sec32 T640a Isaac Cole 

Colee, Henry (Emma Berus) Savoy 
R66 Tolono Sec21 T53a Barbara 
Berus (1883) 

Coleman, Ed. (Nannie Nincewander) 
Thomasboro R20 Rantoul Sec30 
T120a (1875) 



Colgrove, George (Pearl Marshell) 
Ch Robert; Tolono R47 Tolono 
Sec21 Farm Hand Thomas M. Sons 

Collin, M. (Mary Gordon) Ch Stella, 
Agnes, John, Harry, Irene, Patricia, 
Margaret, Gordon, Ellen, Gertrude; 
Penfield R28 Compromise SecZl 
T311 D. M. Hedrick (1878) 

Collins, Canda (Minnie Kennedy) 
Urhana R7 Stanton Sec21 T90a 
Lewey Huls (1912) 

Collins, Clyde C. (Charlotte Rey- 
nolds) Ch Helen; Tolono R48 Philo 
Sec8 T200a Henry Miller (1903) 

Collins, C. C. (Mattie English) Ch 
Cleo, Verna; Thomasboro Rantoul 
Sec28 T360a Frank Lachemmeyer 
and Wm Lachemmeyer (1895) 

Collins, C. H. (Ida Ritchie) Ch Clyde, 
Judson, Bert, Harley, Edith, Ethel, 
Hazel, George; Champaign R2 
Champaign Sec25 T320a Cruise 
Bros. (1912) 

Collins, John (Grace Goldsberry) Ch 
Taylor, Harlan; Dewey R33 Condit 
Sec23 T160a A. S. Nelson (1913) 

Collins, J. T. (Nellie Evans) Ch 
Leathel, June; Thomasboro R19 
Rantoul Sec29 T320a John, Carl and 
Cal Stamey (1902) 

Collins, Mrs. Mary J. Ch Char'es, 
Agnes; Champaign R2 Champaign 
Sec22 T520a Daniel Morrisy (1893) 

Collins, O. A. (May Frink) Ch Ray, 
Lillian, Bernice, Gladys; Foosland 
R38 Brown Sec4 T360a C. A. Hel- 
mick (1914) 

Collins, Thomas (Maggie M. Miller) 
Ch James; Rantoul R23 Rantoul 
Sec6 J. A. Osborne (1892) 

Collins, William S. (Carrie E. Lach- 
enmeyer) Ch Henry, Maude, Essie, 
Hubert, Clara; Thomasboro R20 
Rantoul Sec33 T280a Frank Lachen- 
meyer (1855) 

Collins, W. A. (Ethel Babb) Ch 
Harold; Thomasboro R17 Rantoul 
Sec21 T230a Jeffrey Babb (1899) 

Collins, W. J. (Mary Easter) Ch 
Charles, George; Champaign R4 
Hensley Secl6 O80a T160a (1887) 

Collison, Fred (Elsie Harper) Ch 
Kenneth; Rantoul R22 Condit SeclO 
T240a Ed. Woods (1892) 

Combest, Willard P. (Julia Hardy) 
Ch Reita, Raymond; Urbana R8 
Urbana Sec3 T118a J. O. Cunning- 
ham (1906) 

Compton, Roy (Pearl Johnson) Ch 
Leslie; Urbana R9 Urbana SecS 
T25a W. S. Hopkins (1915) 

Conard, James S. (Lillian Nelson) 
Ch Elizabeth, Inez, Pauline; Dewey 
R33 Condit Sec32 O120a T80a Liz- 
zie Nelson (1901) 

Concannon, James, Jr. (Maime Ker- 
wan) Ivcsdale R53 Sadorus Sec9 
T160a (1882) 

Condit, Arthur W (Jeanette Condit) 
Ch Lois, Clark, Robert; Dewey R33 
Condit Secl6 T80a Mrs. Casper 
Condit (1904) 

Condit, D. S. (Helen Conkling) Ch 
Oella, Lucy; "Koogler Crossing 
Farm" Seymour R44 Scott Secl7 
O120a SecS TlOOa Helen K. Condit 
and D. S. Condit (1878) 

Conerty, Mrs. Carrie (Carrie Hudson) 
Ch Genevieve, Annastasi, Hugh, 
John, Roger, Francis, Margaret, 
James; Urbana R8 Somer Sec24 
T120a Conerty Est. (1878) 

Connerley, Virett (Irene Brittan) 
Urbana R9 Urbana Sec7 Farm 
Hand George Lindsey (1916) 

Conners, Patrick (Katherine Toohey) 
Ch Amel, Jeneva; Sadorus R49 Col- 
fax Secl3 O120a Tla (1892) 

Connley, John, Prow and William 
Urbana RIO Urbana Sec32 T80a 
Arthur Scharaden (1909) 

Connor, P. (Mary Sullivan) Ch Kate, 
Mary, Irena, John, Patrick, Mage- 
lane, Helen; Rantoul R21 Ludlow 
Secl9 O320a (1872) 

Connor, Wilson (Alice Mantle) Ch 
McKinley, Mary; Penfield R27 Kerr 
Sec28 O104a (1862) 

Connor, W. F. (Kittie Odell) Sadorus 
R49 Colfax Sec25 T160a Mrs. Jen- 
ning (1887) 

Conrad, C. E. Urbana R12 St. Joseph 
Sec7 T75a Edward Cord (1889) 

Conrad, G. W. (Winnie Jervis) Homer 
R16 S. Homer Sec6W T240a Joe 
McElroy (1909) 

Conrad, Mrs. Laura Ch Alice, Ida, 
Frances, Lizzie, Charles; Urbana 
R12 St. Joseph Sec7 Charles Con- 
rad (1889) 

Conrad, T. B. (Cynthia A. Conrad) 
Ch Guy, Katie, Laura, Nora, Grace, 
Mary, Lizzie; Homer R61 Homer 
Sec6W Farm Hand Joe McElroy 

Consoer, August Ch Thomas, Ethel, 
John, Oscar; Sidney R58 Raymond 
Sec6 O140a (1821) 

Cooddinton, William (Ina Howland) 
Ch Lois, Carl, Margaret; Homer 
R61 Sidney Secl2 T171a G. W. 
Townsend (1885) 



Cook, Dennis (Dora Hill) Ch Lucille; 
Tolono R47 Tolono Sec30 T327a 
Mrs. Edna Kelley (1878) 

Cook, Ed. (Maggie Mitchell) Ch 
Harry, Tona, Ruth, Berthie; St. Jo- 
seph R13 Stanton Sec29 (1912) 

Cook, Frank (Maud Rollins) Ch 
Eltha; Dewey R32 E Bend Sec22 
T120a Wm. A. Cook (1890) 

Cook, Garfield (Sarah Martin) Ch 
Merl, Ralph, Leoma; Sidney R57 
Sidney Sec9 T21Sa Edward Hayes 

Cook, George W., Jr. Urbana R7 St. 
Joseph Sec7 T70a Henry Dyson 

Cook, Guy (Nellie Black) Ch Grace, 
Gertrude; Ivesdale R53 Sadorus 
Sec29 O280a (1873) 

Cook, Ira (Mary Nelson) Ludlow R30 
E Bend Sec2 O79a (1880) 

Cook, James (Marguerite Lee) Ch 
Charles, Franklin, Cecil, Hazel, 
Bertie; Mahomet R40 Mahomet Sec 
3 T320a Dan Morrissey (1862) 

Cook, John (Bertie Jurney) Urbana 
R7 St. Joseph Sec7 T70a Henry 
Dyson (1890) 

Cook, J. E. (Frankie Boose) Ch 
Layman; Sadorus R49 Colfax Sec24 
Farm Hand M. Solon (1917) 

Cook, William A. (Sarah Chambers) 
Ch Myrtle, Pearle, Lacey, Archie, 
Walter; Dewey R32 E Bend Sec22 
O264a (1868) 

Cooms, O. B. (Catherine Welch) Ch 
Nettie, Albert; Foosland R38 Brown 

- SeclO O120a (1903) 

Coon, J. S. (Mary Smith) Ch Elmer, 
Harry, Lewis, Fern, Irena; Ludlow 
R30 Ludlow SeclO O160a (1890) 

Coons, A. C. (Olive Deere) Ch Ethel, 
Gilbert, Nora, St. Claire; St. Joseph 
R16 St. Joseph Sec29 T200a Mabel 
Hunter and Jacob Coons (1872) 

Coons, Gilbert S. (Eva Swearingen) 
St. Joseph R16 St. Joseph Sec28 
TllOa W. M. Jones (1894) 

Cooper, Mrs. Amanda Ch Charlie, 
Ross, Ira, Alfred, Elaine; Pesotum 
R55 Pesotum Sec25 O63a (1862) 

Cooper, Ira M. (Anna Knapp) Ch 
Francis, Leslie, Donald, Howard; 
Pesotum R55 Pesotum Sec35 OllSa 
P. L. Cooper (1881) 

Cooper, John F. (Albertia Harold) 
Ch Chria, Hazel, Harold, Carl; 
Pesotum R55 Pesotum Sec36 T160a 
Madison Cooper (1871) 

Cooper, Thomas E. (Mary L. Lucas) 
Ch Gertrude, Leland; Pesotum R55 
Pesotum Sec26 T80a Madison 
Cooper (1873) 

Coplea, Dave (Iva Schwartz) Ch 
Melvin; Fisher R34 E Bend Sec31 
T200a J. K. Chapman and V. W. 
Johnson (1913) 

Coplea, J. C. (Ethel Wilson) Ch 
Marvin, Ruth; "Cooper Farm" 
Fisher R34 Brown Sec36 T240a E. 
W. Johnson (1910) 

Corbett, R. P. (Mary Cleary) Ch 
Effie, Roy, Bessie, Raymond, John, 
Mike, Joey; Ludlow R31 Ludlow 
Secl3 O320a (1892) 

Corbley, F. H. (Isabelle Jackson) 
Gifford R25 Kerr Secl2 Tl60a Linn 
Corbley (1890) 

Corbley, Ross L. (Fay Goodwin) Ch 
Sarah, Lola, Henry; Gifford R25 
Harwood Secl2 T200a H. L. Corb- 
ley (1886) 

Corbley, J. L. (Nell Sheehan) Ch 
Frank, James, Ray, Elmer, Pauline, 
Margaret, Irene; "Oak Lawn Farm" 
Gifford R25 Kerr Secl2 O280a 

Corbley, Owen (Vesta Wampler) 
Clarance Rl Kerr Secl2 TlOOa J. L. 
Corbley (1893) 

Corcoran, Mrs. Mary Ch Nellie, Mary, 
Thomas, William; Ivesdale R53 Sa- 
dorus Sec5 O40a (1870) 

Corcoran, T. J. (Katherine Burns) 
Mary, Terese; Sadorus R51 Sadorus 
Secl6 T160a M. J. Brye (1880) 

Cord, Triman (Media Lockwood) 
Ch Joy, Thelma, Lenora, Edith, 
Robert; Sidney R58 Sidney Sec8 
T280a Granville Reese (1917) 

Cordray, J. D. (Ida Duram) Ch Ar- 
thur, Ralph, Lena, Blanch; Urbana 

R7 Urbana Secll Farm Hand E. B. 
Smith (1904) 

Cordts, J. A. (Anno Oye) Ch Walter, 
Alfretta, Ervin, Icell; "Champaign 
County Line Farm" Ivesdale R53 
Sadorus Sec32 O80a (1905) 

Cornelius, John P. (Grace Roelfs) Ch 
John, Grace, Peter; St. Joseph R13 
Stantou SeclO O240a (1870) 

Cornell, Ollie (Pearl Bullick) Ch 
Gladys, Oliver; Allerton Rl Avers 
Sec33 T160a Daniel Cornell (1887) 

Coroll, Frank Ivesdale R52 Colfax 
Sec29 Farm Hand J. T. Cain (1871) 

Corray, G. M. Ch Austin, Harmon, 
Lowell;. Urbana R9 Somer Sec33 
O240a (1869) 

Corray, H. M. (Elizabeth Bowers') 
Ch Mary, George, William, Fred, 
Frank; Urbana R8 Urbana Sec4 
O183a Somer Sec24 O120a Stanton 
Sec30 O46a (1862) 



Corson, J. B. (Ella Braumfield) Ch 
Gladys, Fay, Ruth, Merl; Urbana 
R8 Stanton Secl9 T3a George Cor- 
son (1889) 

Corum, L. A. (Nellie Hazle) Ch Alma, 
Herman; Champaign Rl Cham- 
paign Secl7 Farm Hand John Low- 
man (1917) 

Coslet, John (Phena Wooline) Far- 
land R63 Raymond Sec32 T200a M. 
B. Hensen (1906) 

Cottle, Robert B. (Melissa J. Craft) 
Ch Rena, Susie, Lucy, Ida, Dorothy, 
Robert, James; "Riverside Farm" 
Paxton R3 Harwood Seel T200a J. 
M. Howe (1917) 

Cotton, C. N. (Alice Coddington) Ch 
Robert, Frank; Homer R67 Sidney 
Secl2 O176a (1885) 

Cover, J. C. (Winnie Burton) Ch 
Clyde, Nellie; Urbana R8 Urbana 
Sec9 O^a .(1854) 

Cox, Elwin (Lessie Dunn) Ch Lloyd, 
Clarence, Merle, Rachel, Laurence, 
Jennie; Urbana R8 Somer Sec34 
TlOa W. Knoch (1886) 

Cox, Henry W. (Anna Grant) Ch 
Dee-Ette, Laura, Elwin, Harry, 
Hazel; Urbana R8 Somer Sec34 
T155a J. O. Cunningham Est. 

Cox, H. L. (Grace Alexander) Foos- 
land R39 Brown Sec33 T200a W. M. 
Cox (1886) 

Cox, Lelie (Maggie Brown), Ch Earl, 
David; Fisher R34 Brown Sec28 
T260a William Cox (1890) 

Coyle, Anthony (Mandia Cauter) Ch 
Clara, Frank; Penfield R27 Kerr 
Sec32 O80a (1854) 

Crabb, Grant (Abbie Evans) Ch Neva, 
Elsie, Clyde; White Heath Rl Scott 
Sec30 T144a Bishop Est. (1901) 

Crabtree, W. H. (Hattie McDowell) 
Ch Ervin, Robert; Champaign R4 
Hensley Sec4 Farm Hand Grant 
Pipher (1916) 

Craft, George (Hazel Martin) Ch 
Nora, Delmar; Sidney R58 Ray- 
mond Sec4 I. Graymond (1913) 

Craft, J. B. (Audie Caldwell) Ch 
Abbott; Mahomet R41 Newcomb 
Sec29 T240a N. E. Wilson (1916) 

Craig, Albert (Ethel Guard) Urbana 
RIO Philo Sec4 Farm Hand A. G. 
Guard (1917) 

Craig, Carl (Dollie Hackler) Ch Paul; 
Ogden R17 Ogden Sec33N Farm 
Hand Oral Hubbard (1917) 

Cramer, Chas. F. (Ida White) Ch 
Sarah, Ruth; Tolono R47 Tolono 
Sec35 O80a T277a Bell Est., Milli- 
gan and E. C. Cramer (1884) 

Crane, Clinton A. (Jessie W. Wood) 
Ch Glenn; Rantoul R23 Rantoul Sec 
5 T160a (1885) 

Crane, Ira (Hazel Roughton) Ch 
Wendell, Maurice; Rantoul R23 
Ludlow Sec35 T160a Mrs. E. H. 
Roughton (1883) 

Crane, Joe J. (Lillie White) Ch' Hu- 
bert, Frances; Homer R62 Homer 
Sec33 O15a T12a Charles Wilson 

Crane, Mrs. Luellen Ch Orpha, 
Bertha, Mary; "Sunset Lawn Farm" 
Rantoul R23 Harwood Sec32 O80a 

Cranford, Edward N. (Claye Hoover) 
Ch Grace; Philo R56 Philo Sec24 
T240a E. B. Hazen Est. and Thomas 
King (1892) 

Cranford, W. O. (Pearl Hogan) Ch 
Helen, Raymond, Edward, Doris, 
John, Mary, William; Sidney R58 
Raymond SecS T165a J. S. Ray- 
mond (1907) 

Cravens, Walter (Hazel Lemaster) 
Ch Ralph, Raymond; Philo R56 
Philo Sec36 Farm Hand !W. H. 

Craw, G. E. (Isabel M. Latch) Ch 
May, Way; Sadorus R49 Colfax Sec 
25 T180a Sam Craw (1877) 

Crawford, Claud E. (Anna Priest) Ch 
Everett, Clifford, Ruby, Blanche; 
Longview R63; Crittenden Sec27 
T160a E. B. Chapin (1909) 

Creamer, William C. (Charlotte Grif- 
fith) Ch Harold, Jean; Tolono R47 
Tolono Sec35-34 O130a Pesotum 
Secll T175a E. C. Creamer (1882) 

Creiger, Louie (Emma Norman) Ur- 
bana RIO Philo SeclO T280a Harry 
Grove (1856) 

Cresap, Charles (Ida B. Koble) Ch 
Jessie, Ross, Elmer, Edwin, Frank, 
Lena, Kenneth, Michael, Sadie, 
Grace; Ivesdale R52 Colfax Sec6 
O225a (1876) 

Cresap, William H. (Maude Johnston) 
Ch Robert, Dorothy; White Heath 
Rl Scott Secl9 O160a (1877) 

Cribbet, G. C. (Anna Klein) Ch Ed- 
ward; Champaign R5 Hensley Seel 
Farm Hand Bessie Deacons (1896) 

Cricke, Herman Homer R60 Sidney 
Sec36 T200a Patrick Moore (1901) 

Crispin, John E. (Anna Florey) Ch 
Albert, John; Sidney R57 Sidney 
Sec22 T160a R. M. Porterfield (1913) 



Critzer, C. W. (Elizabeth Schlichter) 
Ch Doris, Pauline; Urbana R12 St. 
Joseph Sec20 T160a J. H. Bell (1903) 

Crooks, W. E. (Edna Golden) "Gil- 
more Farm" Fisher R35 Newcomb 
SeclO T200a C. H. Gilmore (1916) 

Cropper, Charles V. (Lorena 
Meadows) Ch Leighton; Gifford 
R25 Harwood Sec24 Farm Hand 
Lynch Jones (1915) 

Crouch, Charles F. (Lena Hundert- 
pfund) Ch Minnie, Nellie, Ray; 
Savoy R45 Scott Sec36 T40a Mrs. A. 
Gross (1917) 

Crowley, Cleveland Champaign R4 
Hensley Sec8 T280a D. A. Phil- 
lippie (1885) 

Crowley, J. W. (Nancy Holt) Ch 
Charlotte, Chester, Leo, Lucy, Paul, 
Allena; Mahomet R40 Newcomb 
Sec25 T19a Mrs. M. Crowley (1872) 

Crowley, Lee (Pearley Moorehead) 
Ch Evelyn, Russel, Charles; Ma- 
homet R42 Condit Sec30 T5a Cope- 
land Est. (1883) 

Crowley, Lou (Cynthia Moorhead) 
Ch Leona; Mahomet R40 Newcomb 
Sec25 O40a (1885) 

Crowley, Mrs. M. (Martha Raines) 
Ch James, Daniel, Myrta, Ora, 
Omer, Lou, Lee, Cleveland; Ma- 
homet R40 Newcomb Sec25 O79a 
T19a Mrs. M. Crowley (1878) 

Crowley, Omer (Edith Lawrence) 
Champaign R4 Hensley Sec8 T280a 
D. A. Phillippie (1881) 

Crozier, Fred (Emma Roth) Dewey 
R32 E Bend Sec5 T167a Mary 
Dever (1912) 

Crozier, H. C. (Henriettie Bartell) 
Ch Earnest; Rantoul R23 Ludlow 
Sec36 T160a Coon Bros. (1915) 

Cruser, Herman D. (Etta A. Busey) 
Champaign R5 Hensley Sec24 O120a 
Somer Secl7-20 T195a Mrs. Nellie 
Cherry (1892) 

Crutcher, S. M. (Lizzie Conder) Ch 
David, Nancy, Margaret, Cynthia, 
Albert, Lee, Sallie, Newton, Noah; 
Sadorus R51 Sadorus Sec36 TSOa 
James LaGrange (1911) 

Cruze, W. D. (Betty Farmer) Ch 
Dewey; Dewey R32 E Bend Sec28 
T120a Matila Lorenz (1913) 

Cundifr, Sam (Fannie Neat) Rantoul 
R24 Rantoul Secl4 T240a Thomas 
Babb (1916) 

Cunningham, R. F. (Mary E. Reid) 
Ch Jessie; Urbana R12 St. Joseph 
SeclS T120a Ubbe Gerdes (1902) 

Cunningham, S. P. (Anna S. O'Don- 
nald) Ch Terrence, Vincent, Ed- 
ward, Mary, Margaret, Francis; 
Penfield R28 Compromise Sec32 

Cuppernell, A. (Delia, Mayme, sisters) 
Rantoul R24 Rantoul Secll O80a 

Cuppernell, Merritt V. (Millie Foley) 
Rantoul R23 Rantoul Secl2 Farm 
Hand A. L. Meuser (1915) 

Curtis, Eugene, Jr. (Madge Trexler) 
"Plainview Farm" Savoy R45 
Champaign Sec34 T240a T. E. Cur- 
tis, Sr. (1895) 

Curtis, George F. Champaign Rl 
Champaign Sec20 O385a (1874) 

Curtis, G. A. (Mannie McKinney) Ch 
Harold, Marshall, Margaret; Fisher 
R34 Brown Sec34 TSOa S. McKin- 
ney (1913) 

Curtis, J. Wesley (Ritta Stout) Ch 
Paul; Champaign Rl Champaign 
Sec21 O40a T300a (1881) 

Curtis, Pearl "Plain View Farm" 
Savoy R45 Champaign Sec34 T. E. 
Curtis (1894) 

Curzon, J. A. (Bessie Wyant) Ch 
George; Champaign R2 Tolono Sec 
34 O20a Champaign Sec32 T200a 
T. H. Trevett (1887) 


Dabney, Robert C. (Oshel Woods) Ch 
Thelma; Champaign R5 Somer Sec7 
T130a M. Kilbury (1910) 

Dadey, Edward J. (Anna Klein) Ch 
Anna; Champaign R2 Tolono Sec5 
T165a Anna Dadey (1888) 

Daeger, Jake A. (Cathrine Kelly) Ch 
Nellie, Francis, Cathrine; Savoy R66 
Tolono Secl4 T160a William Red- 
hed (1893) 

Daeger, John K. (Madgeline Stickley) 
Ch Lena, Nick, Mary, Pete; Pesot- 
um R55 Crittenden Sec20 O40a 

Dahl, August (Margarett Olson) Ch 
Frederick, Emma, Carl, Clara, Ida, 
Franz, Annie, Ester, Martin, Law- 
rence, Myrtle; Ludlow R29 Har- 
wood Sec2 T260a R. F. Webber and 
Mrs. Sutton (1907) 



Dahl, E. V. Ludlow R30 Ludlow SecS 
T160a Mrs. Anna Goddey (1882) 

Dahl, J. C. (Mere Straagaard) Ch Jac- 
obine, Clark, Christ, Martinus; Sid- 
- ney R58 Raymond Sec4 T80a Hos- 
pital Est. (1883) 

Dahl, J. F. (Anna Anderson) Ch Ed, 
Hatty, Ellen, Walter; Ludlow R30 
Ludlow SecS T160a Mrs. Anna God- 
dey (1882) 

Daily, Newton (Ollie Hayes) Ogden 
R17 Ogden Sec21N T4a Elizabeth 
Hayes (1877) 

Dailey, P. M. (Anna Manon) Ch Jo- 
seph, Nettie, Marie, Nora, Thomas, 
Kate; "The Maples Farm" Penfield 
R28 Compromise Sec31 O320a 

Dale, H. M. (Thelma Wilder) Ch 
Cecil; Dewey R32 E. Bend Sec3 
T450a John J. Rea, Margaret Dob- 
bins and W. H. Cosner (1905) 

Dale, W. O. (Grace Rayburn) Ch Bell, 
Fern, Lula, Oscar, Mary, Robert; 
Seymour R43 Mahomet Sec21 T200a 
Thomas Dale (1864) 

Dalton, George (Elizabeth Harris) Ch 
Clifford, Gilbert, Dessa, Roy, Ray, 
Seward, Melvin; Pesotum R54 Pes- 
otum Sec34 Farm Hand Frank Eck- 
el (1917) 

Daly, Charles (Susan A. Clennon) Ch 
Margaret, John, Ellen, Albert, 
Marie, Leo; Philo Philo Sec36 
O280a (1868) 

Daniels, James W. (Fanny Nogle) 
Sadorus R50 Sadorus Sec2 O40a 
George Spaulding (1902) 

Danielson, Otto E. (Ella E. Kridner) 
Ch Walter, Raymond; Ludlow R29 
Harwood SecS T240a Mrs. G. Dan- 
ielson (1889) 

Dannison, Charles (Emma Zendar) 
Ch Walter, Margaret, Vern; Ives- 
dale R50 Colfax SecS O160a Daniel 
Dannison (1888) 

Davenport, Elizabeth (Elizabeth 
Cresap) Seymour R44 Scott Secl7 
Mrs. H. Carper (1902) 

David, Lewis (Cora Ogle) Ch Dwight, 
Helen, Dale, James, Bruce; Loner- 
view R64 Raymond Sec29 T120a 
James Watts (1917) 

Davidson, J. E. (Mary Keller) Ch 
Raymond, Richard, Lester, Essie, 
Mable, Alma, John; Foosland R39 
Brawn Sec28 T160a W. F. Hinton 

Davis, Albert (Lena Bort) Ch How- 
ard, Merle, Mary; Foosland R38 E. 
Bend Sec7 T60a Aaron Davis Est. 

Davis, Allen Ch Orville, Edmon, Har- 
ry; Mahomet RD Mahomet Sec9 
Isaac Minnear (1849) 

Davis, A. E. (Reta Artis) Ch Charlie, 
Frederick; Ludlow R30 Ludlow Sec 
4 T160a W. O. Smith (1914) 

Davis, C. H. Ch Maggie, Cora, Rich- 
ard, Roy; Longview R64 Raymond 
Secl7 0401a (1870) 

Davis, Elliott (Alice Elmore) Ch Vi- 
olet, Hildreth; Champaign R6 Som- 
er Sec6 Farm Hand M. C. Busey 

Davis, Frank (Emma Davis) Ch Effie, 
Ina; Pesotum Pesotum Sec26 O120a 

Davis, Jay R. (Louise Herriott) Ch 
Rex, Lois; "Lonesome Pine Stock 
Farm" Mahomet R42 Mahomet Sec 
13 T240a Mrs. S. Davis (1880) 

Davis, John Sr. (Elizabeth Nichols) 
Ch John Jr., Jesse, Lou, Orville, 
Clyde, Lawrence; Seymour R44 
Scott Sec34 O80a T40a (1900) 

Davis, Mrs. Joseph Tolono R48 Philo 
SeclS O212a (1875) 

Davis, J. A. (Sarah Phillis) Ch Olive, 
Willard, Mabel; Homer Homer Sec 
28 T200a Charles Breedlove (1871) 

Davis, J. H. (Alice Thulbery) Ch 
Grace, Ralph, Harold, Clarence; 
Broadlands R37 Ayers Sec9 T400a 
H. Gohorm (1898) 

Davis, Q. A. (Edna Lee) Ch Charles, 
Louise, Hattie, William, Bertha, 
Delia; Clarence Rl Kerr Sec7-8 
TSOOa Charles Wood (1912) 

Davis, Richard (Gertrude Wilson) Ch 
Dwight; Longview R64 Raymond 
Secl7 T401a C. H. Davis (1888) 

Davis. R. L. (Nellie M. Yeats) Ch 
Beulah, Glen, Pearl, Bernice, Mabel; 
St. Joseph R15 St. Joseph Secl3 
T139a Eugene Peabody (1891) 

Davis, Wiley (Lida K.nox) Ch Hazel, 
Floyd, Elsie, Clifford; Mahomet R42 
Mahomet Secl3 O80a T139a (1865) 

Davis, Will (Mary Mecham) Ch Ha- 
zel, William, Clarence, John, Lay- 
ton, Chester, Jennie; Sidney R58 
Raymond Sec6 T165a A. D. Milliken 

Davis, W.' L. (Ida Stucky) Mahomet 
R40 Newcomb Sec24 O40a (1899) 

Davison, Carl (Ida Kirchner) Ch Lois, 
Ida; Broadlands R36 Raymond Sec2 
T160a Daniel Kirchner (1906) 

Davison, Walter (Bertha Hovis) Ch 
Opal, Mildred; Homer R60 Sidney 
Sec26 T80a T. L. Block (1909) 



Dawley, Miss Alicia Seymour R43 

Scott ScclO O40a (1871) 
Dawley, Mrs. Rebecca (Littler) Ch 
Alicia; Seymour R43 Scott SeclO 
O80a (1864) 

Dean, John (Edith Dean) Ch Stella, 
Clyde; Mahomet R40 Newcomb Sec 
15 T240a F. B. Vennum (1909) 
Dean, Sam (Tina Shoemaker) Ch 
Boyd, Hattie, Carl, Dorothy, Infant; 
Dewey R33 Condit Sec4 T200a F. B. 
Vennum (1907) 

Deany, Michael (Margaret Walsh) Ch 
Mary, Josie, Alice, Raymond, Ruth, 
Dennis, Helen; Rantoul R21 Ludlow 
Sec30 O160 (1867) 

DeBolt, G. M. (Kate Mergenthal) Ch 
Frank, Ruth; Sadorus R51 Sadorus 
Sec34 O210a (1867) 
Decker, C. G. (Elizabeth Kipper) Ch 
Herman, Alfred, Stella, Florence, 
Walter; Philo R56 Philo Secl3 
O230a (1893) 

Decker, Wesley (Emma Mitchell) Ch 
Cornelia; Mahomet R42 Condit Sec 
29 O80a (1897) 

Decker, William (Dellah Redenbach) 
Ch Warren, Hazel, Walter, Eld- 
ridge; Champaign R5 Hensley Sec 
36 T380a Frank Stamey (1881) 
Deener, L. E. (Ida Bryant) Ch Jose- 
phine; Mahomet RD Mahomet Sec 
21 Farm Hand Charles Lester(1915) 
Deffenbaugh, A. (Clara Guthridge) Ch 
Hobart, Floyd, Helen, Merle; Ma- 
homet R42 Condit Sec32 O86a TlOOa 
Scroggins Est. (1899) 
DeHoff, George (Jennie Seymour) Ch 
Blanche, Curtis; Penfield R27 Kerr 
T12a Freeman Lewis (1902) 
Delaney, Frank (Anna McGuire) Ch 
Leonard, Wayne, Catherine, Hazel; 
Fisher R35 Mahomet SecS O80a 
Sec6 T157a (1875) 
Dellenbach, L. E. Champaign Rl 

Champaign Secl8 O40a (1888) 
Delozier, James Hannah (Sister) 
Dewey R33 Condit Sec3 T160a A. J. 

Delozier, S. W. Ch O. C, Arthur, 

Rebecca, Bonnie; Dewey R33 E. 

Bend Sec34 T120a Sam Wills (1910) 

Demlow, C. H. (Mary Luther) Ch 

Isabel; Champaign R2 Champaign 

Sec24 T160a Dr. Wall (1889) 

Demlow, Harry W. (Clara Hiefsteck) 

Ch Lena, Wilfred, Oscar; Bondville 

R65 Scott Sec25 T160a Charles H. 

Demlow (1884) 

Denhart, Anthony E. (Delia Saddler) 
Ogden R17 Ogden Sec29 TlOSa 
Isaac Parris (1917) 

Denhart, C. E. (Luella Bridgewater) 

. Ch Beryl, Dorothy; St. Joseph R13 
Stanton Sec29 T160a Louis Denhart 

Denhart, F. L. (Mary Grace Stanner) 
St. Joseph R15 St. Joseph Sec21 
T80a Louis Denhart (1894) 

Denhart, George (Annie Blake) Ch 
Kate, Antone, Charles, Henry, Her- 
man, John, Elmer, Mamie; Ogden 
R18 Ogden SecS OlOOa (1879) 

Denhart, Henry G. (Fannie Richard- 
son) Ch Imogene; Ogden R18 Og- 
den Secl7-18S T160a Dr. Lawson 

Denhart, Herman (Bessie Freeman) 
Ch Melvin; St. Joe R15 Ogden Sec6 
T126a Plotner Est. (1890) 

Denhart, Louis (Sophia Keehn) Ch 
Clarence, Cora, Frank, Olive, Floyd, 
Lawrence, Howard, Wilma; St. Jo- 
seph St. Joseph Secl4 O610a (1888) 

Denison, J. H. (Myrtle Mark) Ch 
Gertrude, Roscoe, Mary, Mildred, 
Dorothy; Champaign R3 Hensley 
Sec30 Farm Hand Elmer Miller 

Denney, Grant Mahomet R41 Maho- 
met Secl6 (1901) 

Dennis, W. A. (Rachel Carrigin) Ch 
Evelyn; Homer R62 Homer Sec28 
Ola (1917) 

Dennison, O. B.(Ada McKean) Bond- 
ville Sec65 Scott Sec24 T80a John 
Black (1910) 

Depp, Carl (Nora Hope) St. Joseph 
R16 Sidney Sec3 T160a C. C. Elwee 

Depuy, C. D. (Nana Williams) Ch 
Franklin, Mary, Katherine; Urbana 
Rll Urbana Sec26 T300a Fred Sil- 
ver (1883) 

Devore, R. L. (Louise Husher) Cham- 
paign R3 Hensley Sec32 Farm Hand 
R. B. McKee (1917) 

Dewitt, A. (Alida Leerkamp) Ch Le- 
land, Raymond; Broadlands R37 
Ayers Sec30 T240a H. Dohme(1913) 

Dick, William (Lucy Fisher) Ch Mary, 
Katie, Joseph, William, Maggie, 
Louise, Clara, Agnes, Elmer, Anna; 
Sadorus R50 Colfax Sec21 O120a 

Dickason, Bert W. (Ruth Fabert) 
Urbana Rll Philo Sec2 Farm Hand 
James Love (1909) 

Dickason, Fred (Mabel Fabert) Ch 
Mildred, Lester; Urbana Rll Philo 
Sec2 T80a John Clark (1902) 



Dickerson, Lee A. (Mildred Lindsey) 
Ch Dorothy, Lee Jr., Lindsey, Al- 
bert; Mahomet R42 Condit Sec32 
T133a Alice Dickerson (1884) 

Dickerson, R. Mahomet R42 Condit 
Sec30 T14a Polly Terril (1863) 

Dillingham, R. W. (Mary Dehart) Ch 
Florence, Marvin, Leslie, Larkin, 
Finus, Ruth, Paul, Rawlin; Seymour 
R44 Scott Sec29 Farm Hand Wil- 
liam Dighton (1917) 

Dillion, Jasper (Neaty Eaton) Ch 
James, Clara, Bessie, Esther, .Lu- 
cile; Champaign R2 Champaign Sec 
24 Farm Hand State Farm (1913) 

Dillman, Emmet (Dolly Epperson) Ch 
Ruth, Raymond, Myrtle; Urbana 
R7 Stanton Sec20 T160a D. B. Dill- 
man (1880) 

Dillman, Robert (Cora Cain) Ch 
James, Ray, Hazel, Alverta; Cham- 
paign R4 Hensley Secl7 TlOOa T. 
D. Wilson (1889) 

Dillman, Mrs. Ruth Ch Roy, Clifton, 
Ernest; Urbana R12 Urbana Secl6 
Tla (1866) 

Dillman, Walter (Jessie Bramnfield) 
Ch Merwin, Manton, Mary, Marga- 
ret, Morris, Marian; Urbana R7 
Stanton SeclS T167a D. R. Dillman 

Dillman, William (Jessie Wilson) Ch 
Jewel, Ruth, Wayne, Rosemary; 
Tolono R48 Philo Sec7 T209a Cruse 
Bros (1874) 

Dillman, William F. (Mae Neil) Ch 
Beulah, Arthur; Savoy R45 Tolono 
Sec2 T167a R. W. Hall (1893) 

Dittamore, E. H. (Nettie Thiel) Ch 
Myrtle, Harold, Raymond; Seymour 
RD Scott SeclS Foreman William 
Dighton (1913) 

Dittman, Joe (Matilda Beleschki) Ch 
Louie, Bennie, William, Esther, Al- 
fred, Alma; Tolono R47 Tolono Sec 
21 O80a (1887) 

Dixon, W. J. (Mary Jane Jones) Ch 
William, Morrill, Elmer, Evelyn, 
Phyllis; Sadorus R49 Colfax Secl7 
T140a Sam Wills (1917) 

Dobyns, C. P. (Byrd Trimble) Ch Ma- 
rie, Owen, Frank; Bondville R65 
Scott Sec25 T220a Mary E. Busey 

Dodge, Mrs. Laura Ch Mary, Ina, 
Frank, Burt, Bessie, Hazel, Clar- 
ence; St. Joseph R16 St. Joseph Sec 
34 O3a (1870) 

Dodson, I. H. (Carrie B. Slaybock) 
Ch Mattie; Urbana R12 Urbana Sec 
10 O108a. 

Doehring, R. A. (Lena Meier) Ch 
Chester, Mabel, Alto, Ernest, Ethel, 
Arnold, Kirdenia; Sadorus R50 Sa- 
dorus T200a Ed. Stuverdon (1877) 

Doley, C. L. (Viola May Scripter) Ch 
William, Ethel; Rantoul Sec22 Lud- 
low Sec33 T160a Henry Schlemsker 

Dollahan, O. R. (Julia Higgens) Ch 
Cleo, Aline, Leland; Mahomet R42 
Mahomet Sec25 T270a J. J. Hay- 
ward (1904) 

Donahue, John (Ada L. Mathews) Ch 
Charles, Clarence, Alena, Louisa, 
Sarah, Marybelle; Tolono R47 To- 
lono Sec33 O58a Sec32 T85a W. A. 
Lewis (1897) 

Donaldson, Peter Ch Philip, Paul, 
Helen; Urbana R9 Somer SeclS 
T240a Mrs. Elizabeth Donaldson 

Dorsey, James (Hanna Occonor) Ch 
John, Edward, Alice, Thomas, Wil- 
liam, Leona, Mary; Penfield R28 
Compromise Sec21 T320a D. M. 
Hedrick (1871) 

Doty, A. (Sophia Hammock) Ch 
Bertha, Clarence; Champaign R2 
Champaign Sec29 Farm Hand Ches- 
ter Farm Co. (1916) 

Doty, Joseph (Elizabeth Dick) Ch 
Millie, Lewis, Walter; "Ash Grove 
Farm" Tolono R47 Tolono Sec29 
O200a (1872) 

Doty, Lewis (Clara Stone) Tolono 
Tolono R47 Tolono Sec29 T200a 
Joseph Doty (1877) 

Douglas, Fred (Elsie Osborne) Ch 
Edith, Wintress; Homer R61 
Homer SecS Farm Hand Harvey 
Allison (1893) 

Douglas, George (Gennie Innis) Ch 
John, Stella, Dorothea; Urbana Rll 
Urbana Sec21 O120a (1859) 

Douglas Roy (Lena Pell) Ch Ken- 
neth, Robert, Raymond; Urbana 
RIO Urbana Sec32 T200a George 
Douglas (1892) 

Douglas, T. S. (Florence Montgom- 
ery) Ch Charles, Lawrence, Clar- 
ence; Seymour R44 Scott Sec20 
T160a Mrs. C. N. Hensen (1917) 

Dover, Benjamin F. (Alice Huber) Ch 
Raymond, Lucille; Ludldw R29 
Harwood Sec3 Farm Hand M. 
Quinlan (1912) 

Downey, Vernal (Eva Allen) Ch Vi- 
vian, Allen, Shirley; Broadlands R37 
Ayers Sec9 T400a H. Gorhom 



Downing, W. J. Ch Chester, Verna, 
Virginia; Ogden R18 Ogden Secl7 
O80a Sec20 T160a L. L. and Charles 
Freeman (1877) 

Downs, Mrs. Nancy (Funston) Ch 
Dwight, Mettie, Bessie, Woodrow, 
Pearl, Bernice, John, Nannie, Glen, 
Don, Melvin, Leslie,- Carroll; "Wil- 
low Brook Farm" Mahomet R40 
Newcomb SeclS O160a (1860) 

Doyle, M. J. Ivesdale R53 Sadorus Sec 
5 0120a (1875) 

Dozier, John (Mary Covington) Ch 
Roy, Melvin, Jay, Leota; Foosland 
R39 Brown SecS O80a (1917) 

Dozier, Roy (Ruth Travis) Foosland 
R39 Brown SecS T80a John Dozier 

Drais, C. W. (Emma Maier) Cham- 
paign R4 Hensley Sec23 Farm 
Hand Fred Maier (1917) 

Drake, H. C. (Noma Carlton) Ch 
Evert, Russell, Marie; Urbana RIO 
Urbana Sec20 Farm Hand Fred Pell 

Drennan, Cecil (Ethel Ward) Ch 
Elenor, Lyle; Dewey R33 Condit 
SeclO T200a Samuel Drennan(1891) 

Drennan, H. F. (Dorothy Guynn) Ch 
John; "Breezy Hill Farm" Fisher 
R34 E. Bend Sec20 T40a (1850) 

Drennan, True (Orvilla Sitts) Ch 
Lila, Leslie, Lloyd, Keith; Rantoul 
R22 Condit Seel O120a (1876) 

Dreyer, Ernest (L. Klott) Ch Otto; 
Clarence Kerr T255a Krilts Est. 

Driskell, George (Sanatha Mercer) 
Penfield R27 Kerr Sec32 O200a 

Driver, Henry (Mae Spears) Ch Beu- 
lah, Robert; "Maplewood Farm" 
Urbana R12 St. Joseph O45a Sec20 
T80a Mrs. Sarah Driver (1872) 

Driver, Mrs. Sarah Ch Clara, George, 
Ben, Henry; "Maplewood Farm" 
Urbana R12 St. Joseph Sec20 O80a 

Drover, Percy (Ethel Ladd) Ch Dick, 
Gail, Bennett; Tolono R46 Critten- 
den SecS Farm Hand William E. 
Reigel (1913) 

Dubson, D. S. (Myrtle Wood) Ch 
Carl, Pearl, Violet, Arthur, Helen, 
Mary; Fisher R35 Newcomb Seel 
T160a Howard Kurts (1904) 
Dubson, Frank (Retta Lane) Ch Bes- 
sie, Reuben; Mahomet R42 Condit 
Sec30 TlOOa R. Muhlman (1909) 
Dubson, W. H. (Ida Welch) Ch Eva, 
Bertha, Joe; Seymour R43 Scott 
Sec4 T400a Phillippi Est. (1892) 

Ducey, James (Kathrin Gleenon) Ch 
Mary, Clara, Elizabeth, James, Wil- 
liam, Katherin, Gerald, Donald; 
Ivesdale R52 Colfax Secl7-18 T180a 
M. J. Negal (1915) 

Ducy, W. A. (Nettie Patrick) Ch Leo, 
Loren, Lloyd, Opal, Leslie, Delmar; 
Sadorus R49 Colfax Secl3 T160a 
Timothy Duscol (1911) 

Duden, G. D. (Reka Huls) Ch Manic; 
Gifford R26 Compromise T135a 
Herman Duden (1890) 

Duden, Harm (Anna Huls) Ch Her- 
mian, John, Ed, Ida; Gifford R26 
Compromise Secl2 T160a (1882) 

Duden, Herman (Mary Johnson) Ch 
Ed, Engel, Harm, Mint, Gerd, 
Grace, John; Gifford R26 Compro- 
mise Secl3 O455a (1875) 

Duden, John (Ida Cornelius) Ch 
Mary, Emma; St. Joseph R14 Stan- 
ton SeclS O80a Sec22 T80a Hum- 
richhouse Est. (1879) 

Duell, William M. (Mildred Priest) 
Ch Genevieve; Longview R63 Crit- 
tenden Sec27 Farm Hand Claud and 
E. Crawford (1912) 

Dugan, E. O. (Annie Hardy) Ch Beu- 
lah, Thomas; Bondville R65 Scott 
Secl2 T80a Dr. Davis (1911) 

Duitsman, Bernhard J. (Gretje Grus- 
ing) Ch Gretje, John, Wilke, Her- 
man; Gifford R26 Stanton Sec2 
O206a (1873) 

Duitsman, Henry J. Ch Gertie, Han- 
nah, Ida, Minnie, Rosie, John, Mary, 
Peter; St. Joseph R13 Stanton Sec 
11 O160a (1871) 

Duitsman, John (Tena Osterbur) Ch 
Ike, Louie, Heye; Ogden R17 Og- 
den Secl7N T120a I. J. Duitsman 

Duitsman, John J. (Margaret Flesner) 
Ch Grace, Gerd, John, Henry, 
Wilke, Anna, Tilda, Tenney; Gif- 
ford R26 Compromise Sec21 O240a 

Duitsman, Oltman (Gretje Huls) Ch 
Christena; Ogden R17 Ogden Sec 
17N T120a I. J. Duitsman (1890) 

Duitsman, Theis (Frances Osterbur) 
Ogden R17 Ogden Sec9N T140a I. 
J. Duitsman (1895) 

Duitsman, Wilke (Emlma Eilers) Ch 
Ike, Dick, John; Gifford R26 Com- 
promise Sec31 T247a T. J. McKin- 
ney (1882) 

Duitsman, Wilke (Clara Hurling) Ch 
Ernest; Ogden R17 Ogden Sec9E 
T130a I. J. Duitsman (1887) 



Duke, T. A. (Emma Stoner) Ch 
Chloe, Avis, Francis, Ruth; Sey- 
mour R43 Mahomet Sec28 Farm 
Hand Charles Irle (1914) 

Dukes, Frank (Ara Murphy) St. 
Joseph R15 St. Joseph Secl3 Farm 
Hand M. F. Dunn (1912) 

Dunaway, W. J. Mahomet R40 New- 
comb Sec35 O160a (1854) 

Dunbar, C. O. (Maude Evens) Ch 
Muril, Glen, Delia, Helen; Sadorus 
R50 Sadorus SeclO T200a (1911) 

Duncan, Arthur (Mary Stearns) Ch 
Arthur, Dorothy; Champaign Rl 
Champaign Secl6 Farm Hand 
Henry Mayes (1917) 

Duncan, Mrs. Elizabeth Ch Robert, 
Jennie, Margaret, Laura, Thomas, 
Etta, Wilbur, Carrie, Clara; Long- 
view R63 Raymond Sec31 O80a 

Duncan, J. S. (Minnie Darnell) Ch 
Ethel, Eula; Rantoul R23 Ludlow 
Sec30 T160a P. Murry (1916) 

Duncan, Sylvester (Minnie Darnell) 
Ch Ethel, Eula; Rantoul R23 Lud- 
low Sec22 Farm Hand John Quenlin 

Duncan, Thomas C. (Emma May 
Richman) Ch Pauline, Irma, Wilma, 
Earl; Longview R63 Crittenden Sec 
Z5 T210a Elizabeth Duncan (1878) 

Dunkan, C. M. (Fanny Wood) CM 
Ray, Dale, Russell, Ethel, Gilbert; 
Penfield R27 Kerr O191a (1890) 

Dunlap, G. H. (Sadie Pfeister) Bond- 
ville R65 Scott Secl2 T160a C. W. 
Pfeister (1913) 

Dunlap, J. E. (Flossy Watson) Gif- 
ford R25 Kerr Sec7 Farm Hand A. 
O. Martin (1916) 

Dunlap, Henry M. (Nora Burt)"Rural 
Home" Savoy R45 Champaign Sec 
36 O320a (1857) 

Dunlap, L. N. (Florence Babb) Ch 
Elenore, Viola, Francis, Donald, 
Arthur; "Rural Home Farm" Ran- 
toul R22 Condit Secl2 O120a T80a 
Mrs. Jessie E. Manuel (1880) 

Dunn, Clarence (Jennie S. Clements) 
Ch Raleigh, Lessie, Ralph, William, 
Mary; Urbana R7 Somer Sec35 
O20a T50a Clara and Enoch Cle- 
ments and Mrs. C. W. Johnson 

Dunn, J. C. (Delia Higgins) Ch Flor- 
ence, Margaret; Ivesdale R53 Sa- 
dorus Sec7 T120a McGuire Gunning 

Dunn, Lafayette (Jeanette Thomp- 
son) Ch Ruth, Leah, Dorothy; Sid- 
ney Rll Sidney Secll T205a Bell 

D. Rodgers (1875) 

Dunn, L. M. (Eliza Roberts) Ch Myr- 
tle, Sarah; Urbana Rll Sidney Sec6 
O166a (1897) 

Dunn, P. P. (Fannie Brownfield) Ch 
Bertha, Ora, Walter; Urbana R8 
Urbana Sec9 O27a (1877) 

Dunn, Matt (Lucy Brown) Ch Lelia, 
Walter, Emmet, Glenn, Roy, Ken- 
neth; Champaign R6 Hensley Sec25 
T240a Rice Reed (1876) 

Dunn, Ralph (Willie Smith) Ch 
Frank, Ruth, Ralph; Urbana R17 
Urbana SeclS T125a Sec 10 T123a 

E. 5- Dodson and D. M. Smith 

Dunn, Walter (Jessie Brown) Urbana 
R8 Urbana T6a Somers Bros. (1886) 

Dunn, William J. (Nona Parker) Ch 
Elsie; Urbana R8 Somer Sec35 
T135a Mrs. Houte, Alfred Dunn, 
Julia A. Clements, Clarence Dunn 

During, A. J. (Prudence Cook) Ch 
Agnes, Gladys, Melvin, Vera, Paul, 
Florence; Rantoul R21 Ludlow Sec 
18 O80a (1891) 

Dust, Fred C. (Margaret Rose) To- 
lono R47 Tolono Sec29 T53a Mrs. 
Elizabeth Rise (1872) 

Dwight, Day Mrs. M. A. Day 
(Mother) Ludlow R30 E. Bend 
Sec 14 O160a (1870) 

Dye, A. E. (Clara M. Coler) Ch Ray, 
Claude, Horace, Opal, Pearl, Lyle, 
Alta, Willard, Wayne; Sadorus R51 
Sadorus Secl4 O43a (1877) 

Dyson, Arthur F. (Daisy Gilmer) Ch 
Catherine, Mabel, Austin; Urbana 
R7 Urbana SeclO T146a M. W. 
Busey (1888) 

Dyson, Charles W. (Lydia Parvis) Ch 
Agnes, Bernice; Urbana R9 Somer 
Secl6 T80a Henry Dyson (1878) 

Dyson, Elmer (Carrie Poll) Ch 
Henry, Willard, Elsie; Urbana R9 
Somer Sec32 T160a Henry Dyson 

Dyson, John W. (Ruby Gepner) Ch 
Louis; Urbana R9 Somer Sec33 
T80a Mrs. H. W. Dyson (1907) 

Dyson, Henry Ch Glen, Allie, Jesse, 
Calie, Elmer, Charles, Chester; 
"Woodland Heights Farm" Urbana 
R9 Somer Sec32 O171a (1855) 




Eagar, Walter (Minewa Wright) Ch 
Anna, Eugenia; Sadorus R49 Colfax 
Sec36 T120a J. R. Travitt (1914) 

Earley, A. E. Champaign Rl Cham- 
paign Secl9 Farm Hand T. J. Ear- 
ley (1900) 

Earley, T. J. Champaign Rl Cham- 
paign Secl9 T160a John W. Earley 

Earley, Mary Champaign Rl Cham- 
paign Secl9 Housekeeper T. J. Ear- 
ley (1882) 

Earnshaw, Hanice (Mary E. Pittman) 
Urbana R4 Urbana Sec4 Farm 
Hand R. B. Smith (1915) 

Easton, Francis U. (Alice M. Wisley) 
Ch Daisy, Mary, Ernest, Violet, 
Nolan; Homer R62 Homer Sec28 
Farm Hand Edgar Martin (1915) 

Eaton, Mrs. Cyntha (Hornbaker) Ch 
James, Ben, Nealy, Molly, Minnie, 
Ralph, John; Champaign R2 Cham- 
paign Sec24 Jasper Dillion (1913) 

Eaton, Howard (Pearl Anders) Ch 
Howard; Urbana R9 Urbana Sec5 
T55a Mrs. E. Kerr (1888) 

Eckblaw, Andrew (Ingre Johnson} 
Ch Elmer, Carl, Irene, George, Sid- 
ney; Rantoul R23 Harwood Sec28 
T400a H. T. Green (1876) 

Eckle, Frank Pesotum R54 Pesotum 
Sec35 T190a Barney Youngman 

Edens, Henry J. (Marie Etter) Broad- 
lands R36 Raymond Secll T400a 
Peter Edens (1885) 

Edger, A. M. (Minerva Cass) Ch Em- 
ma, Ervin, May, George, Gertrude, 
Matty; Ivesdale R3 Sadorus Sec5 
O80a (1868) 

Edminson, Vaughn (Grace D. McEl- 
wee) Ch Lela, Marie; St. Joseph St. 
Joseph Secl6 T134a J. S. McElwee 

Edwards, Albert (Alma Kingery) Ch 
Harley; Tolono R47 Philo Sec30 
Farm Hand Leslie Gates (1916) 

Edwards, Anna Tolono R48 Philo Sec 
18 T160a George Edwards Est. 

Edwards, James L. Tolono R48 Crit- 
tenden Seel O80a Philo SeclS 
T160a George Edwards Est. (1867) 

Edwards, Roy L. (Bessie Cramer) Ch 
Helen, Everett; Mahomet R41 Ma- 
homet Secl9 T120a J. C. Edwards 

Edwards, Roy V. (Adelaide Cassing- 
ham) Ch Dorothy; Tolono R48 
Philo Secl7 T320a John Edwards 

Edwards, Mrs. Sarah Ch Charles, 
E'la, George, Alice, Dewey, Ira; 
Gifford R25 Harwood Sec25 T2a 
James Talbot (1896) 

Eggleston, George H. Ch Anna; 
Homer R62 Homer Sec33 O275a 

Ehler, B. E. (Anna Hughes) Ch Har- 
old; Champaign R4 Hensley Sec35 
Elmer Ehler (1892) 

Ehler, Elmer (Elizabeth Reed) Cham- 
paign R4 Hensley Sec35 T200a G. 
W. Ehler (1886) 

Ehler, John (Clara Hunsley) Ch Mar- 
garet, Mildred, Lois, John, Ruth; 
Champaign R5 Hensley SeclO O80a 
TlOOa (1881) 

Ehler, John J. Jr. (Tida Duitsman) 
Thomasboro R20 Rantoul Sec26 
T200a John W. Ehler (1893) 

Ehler, John W. (Annie Benting) Ch 
Wichie, Reiner, Carrie, John, Reka, 
Anna, Grace, Emma; Thomasboro 
R20 Rantoul Sec26 O520a (1892) 

Ehler, Reiner J. (Serm Koppman) Ch 
Annie; Thomasboro R20 Rantoul 
Sec34 T160a John Ehler (1889) 

Ehler, W. (Millie Hunsley) Ch Ed- 
win, Stanley, Harris; Champaign R4 
Hensley SeclO OlOOa T80a (1884) 

Ehler, W. J. (Minnie Lubben) Ch 
Walter; Thomasboro R20 Rantoul 
Sec27 T160a John Ehler (1888) 

Ehman, John A. (Dora Bohlen) Ch 
Trientje; Rantoul R24 Rantoul Sec 
18 T200a Mrs. H. Kawlman (1892) 

Ehman, M. J. (Onke Johnson) Ch 
John, William, Jennie; Gilford R26 
Compromise Secl4 O160a (1877) 

Ehman, William' (Trentje Sage) Ch 
Anke; Gifford Compromise Secl4 
T160a M. J. Ehman (1891) 

Ehmen, John L. (Grace Frieden) Ch 
Minnie, Henry; St. Joseph R14 
Stanton Secl6 T160a Minnie Ehmen 

Eichberger, Charles (Mary Capp) Ch 
George, Bertha; Ludlow R30 E. 
Bend Secl3 O155a (1895) 

Eichelberger, George(Anna Unzicher) 
Ch John, Ervin, Anna, Alma; Ran- 
toul R21 E. Bend Sec24 O167a 
T302a Andrew Housten and Joe 
Eichelberger (1893) 



Eichhorst, Frank R. (Katie Backer) 
Pesotum Pesotum Sec28 T160a Mrs. 
Philip Schultz (1873) 

Eichhorst, Fred W. (May Beaver) Ch 
Ethel, Clara, Lloyd, June; Cham- 
paign R6 Somer Secl9 O80a (1872) 

Eichhorst, Mrs. William (Winona 
Lachenmyer) Ch Harry, Roy, Bert, 
Paul; Champaign R5 Somer Secl9 
O80a T160a Daniel Morrisev (1882) 

Eilers, Henry (Mary Lohmifler) Ch 
Annie, Dora, John; Gifford R25 
Harwood Sec27 T120a Mary War- 
burton (1875) 

Eisenmenger, Charles (Louise Kleise) 
Ch Viola, Dolores, Marcella; Peso- 
tum R55 Crittenden Sec30 O120a 

Eisenmenger, Leo (Louise Schaefer) 
Ch Cletus; Pesotum R55 Pesotum 
Sec30 O125a (1890) 

Eisenmenger, Mrs. Mary Ch Anthony, 
Frank, Joe, Pete, John, George, 
Kate, Otto, Anna, Abbie, Will, 
Charlie, Leo; Pesotum R55 Peso- 
tum Sec24 O240a (1870) 

Eisenmenger, Will W. (Isabell Cles) 
Ch Peter, Elmer; Pesotum R55 
Pesotum Sec24 T240a Mrs. Mary 
Eisenmenger (1885) 

Eisenschenk, Jacob Ludlow R31 Har- 
wood Sec20 T180a E. O. Williams 

Eiskamp, Arend H. (Hanna Johnson) 
Ch Henry; Thomlasboro R20 Stan- 
ton Sec8 T80a Eiskamp Est. (1888) 

Eiskamp, Mrs. Minnie Ch Fred, An- 
nie, Wert, Henry, Willie; Thomas- 
boro R20 Rantoul Sec29 O80a(1875) 

Elder, Ed (Maud Simpson) Ch Ray- 
mond, Mary; Ogden R18 Ogden Sec 
16S T86a J. A. Harris (1872) 

Elder, Frank Ogden R18 Ogden Sec 
20S O30a (1867) 

Elder, John (Cynthia Akers) Ch 
Ruth, James, Euphemia; Longview 
R63 Crittenden Sec22 T240a Tom 
Sands (1906) 

Elder, J. R. (Mary Robins) Ogden 
R18 Ogden Sec29S OllOa (1864) 

Elder, Nancy Ogden R18 Ogden Sec 
29S O40a (1873) 

Ellars, O. W. (Mabel Householder) 
Ch Bonnie, Nina, Charles, Evelyn, 
Claudie; Sadorus R51 Sadorus Sec 
34 O160a (1913) 

Elliott, Amos (Sarah Kirby) CTi 
Clara, Fred, Emimett, Bertha; St. 
Joseph R15 Ogden Sec30NW O240a 

Elliott, E. (Zella Bradley) St. Joseph 
R15 Ogden Sec30NE T290a A. El- 
liott and E. P. Frederick (1884) 

Elliott, Frank O. (Elizabeth McClain) 
Ch Floyd, Georgia; Homer R62 
Homer Sec32N O49a T25a J. T. 
Freeman (1878) 

Elliott, Fred (Maggie Freeman) Og- 
den R18 Ogden Sec2S O40a T165a 
Elias Freeman (1880) 

Elliott, Hiram (Erne Devore) Ch 
Blanch, Oliver, Marie; "Plain View 
Farm" Champaign R6 Urbana Sec6 
T210a W. W. Paul (1910) 

Elliott, T. R. (Lettie Moss) Urbana 
R8 Somer Sec35 O102a (1873) 

Ellis, A. M. (Lola Gault) Ch Leola, 
Newell, Wayne; Penfield R28 Com- 
promise Secl7 T120a Samuel Ellis 

Ellis, Charles (Mary Heckerson) Ch 
Edna, Mildred, Everett, Florence; 
Penfield R28 Compromise Secl7 
T120a Samuel Ellis (1879) 

Ellis, H. G. (Alice Buck) Ch Francis, 
Loretta, John; Penfield R27 Com- 
promise Sec8 T160a Mary Graham 

Ellis, J. J. (Helen Austin) Penfield 
R28 Compromise Sec8 T120a Mary 
Graham (1889) 

Ellison, Roy (Mabel Barger) Tolono 
R46 Tolono Sec35 Farm Hand 
Charles F. Creamer (1916) 

Emery, Albert (Belle Swearingen) Ch 
Lola; Homer Homer Sec28 Farm 
Hand H. H. Price (1865) 

Ems, John P. (Alphretta White) Ch 
Clarence, Willie, Ed, Carrie, Ralph, 
Leon, Frank; St. Joseph R15 St. 
Joseph Secl2 OlOOa T160a U. G. 
Swearingen (1892) 

Ennis, Ralph (Nora Lain) Urbana 
Rll Urbana Sec28 Farm Hand Fred 
Pell (1898) 

Epler, John W. (Nancy Williams) Ch 
Amos; Champaign R5 Hensley Sec 
2 O97a (1853) 

Erb, Edward (Celia Stragard) Ch 
Ray, Glen, Floyd, Walter; Sidney 
R58 Raymond Sec5 O85a (1885) 

'Ersig, George (Mary Koss) Ch Lot- 
tie, Clara, Ethel, Mabel; Urbana Rll 
Urbana Sec21 O160a (1893) 

Ersig, Gustav (Rose Krum) Ch Fred- 
erick, Lilly, Helen; Savoy R45 Col- 
fax Secl2 T190a William Krumm 

Erwin, Harlan (Ivean Johnson) Ch 
Lowell, Deane, Forrest; Broadlands 
R36 Raymond Sec23 T120a August 
Block (1917) 



Estridge, Elish C. (Martha S. Smith) 
Ch Alma, Elmer, Flora, Zack, Wil- 
lie, Pearl, Ray; Leverett RD Somer 
Secl7 Farm Hand Ross Flatt (1912) 

Esworthy, C. D. (Ora Vanlanding- 
ham) Ch Grace; St. Joseph R15 
Ogden Sec30NW T17Sa J. R. Es- 
worthy (1875) 

Esworthy, J. E. (Keturah Johnson) 
Ch Nora, John, Glenn, Melvin, 
Raymond, Donald, Burton; Ogden 
R18 Ogden Secl6S T160a J. R. Es- 
worthy (1870) 

Esworthy, J. R. Ch J. E., Sarah, May, 
C. D., L. M.; St. Joseph R15 Ogden 
Sec30NE O258a (1871) 

Etchason, Elsworth (Cora Hiens) Ch 
Mildred, Florence; Ludlow R30 
Ludlow Secl4 T160a James Cleary 

Etter, Conrad (Anna Mumm) Ch Ma- 
rie, Nora, Agnes, Amelia, Francis; 
Philo R56 Philo Sec23 O25a (1878) 

Evans, Arthur (Bessie P-ailey) Sidney 
R57 Sidney SeclO T40a Mamie 
Foulk (1917) 

Evans, F. L. (Mina Webster) Ch 
June, Paul; "Maple Hill Farm" 
Rantoul R22 Rantoul Sec5 O80a 
T160a W. F. Evans. 

Evans, George R. (Sarah Jefferies) 
Ch Myrtle, Minnie, Ida, Dora, Nel- 
lie, Mollie; "Poor Farm" Dewey 
R32 Condit Sec3 O80a T185a. 

Evans, H. H. (Minnie Allen) Ch May, 
Grace, Edna, Fern, Valentine, Rus- 
sel, Pearl, Fay, Helen; Ludlow R30 
Ludlow Sec3 T240a H. H. Evans 

Evans, J. H.,(Manda Epler) Ch Ches- 
ter, Fanny, Olive, Bessie, Effie, 
Ada; "Infield Farm" Dewey R33 
Condit Sec4 O200a (1866) 

Evans, O. T. Urbana Rll St. Joseph 
Sec31 Ola (1874) 

Evans, W. F. (Sarah Rider) Ch Lee, 
Hazel; "Cloverdale Farm" Rantoul 
R22 Rantoul Sec4 O160a (1893) 

Evens, C. L. (Vada Mabry) Ch Vir- 
gil; Rankin R2 Kerr T200a J. C. 
Culberson (1911) 

Evermon, E. C. (Ethel Fisher) Cham- 
paign Rl Champaign Sec20 Farm 
Hand J. M. Mullkin (1912) 

Eyestone, F. J. (Lulu Doney) Ch 
Clyde, Clarence, Cloye, Glenn, 
Grace, Minnie; Penfield R28 Com- 
promise Sec33 O160a (1877) 

Fabert, H. F. (Ethel Wilson) Ch 

Irma, Merrill, Thelma; Broadlands 

R36 Ayers Sec30W Tla Paul Block 

Fackler, Alex. (Effie Clark) Ch 

Helen; Champaign R2 Champaign 

Sec21 T260a J. M. Craig (1887) 
Fackler, George (Anna Houser) Ch 

Chester, Paul; Sadorus R49 Tolono 

Sec26 O80a Secl9 T156a Mrs. Lucy 

Hall (1911) 
Fackler, Oliver G. (Elsie Tucker) Ch 

Kenneth, Frank; Pesotum R54 Pe- 

sotum Secl6 T80a Pat Holden 

Fackler, Roy Tolono R47 Tolono Sec 

34 O80a T160a S. F. Fackler (1887) 
Fackler, S. F. (Millie Dunlap) Ch 

Frankie, Roy; Tolono R46 Tolono 

Sec34 O160a (1865) 
Fagaly, Edward (Louis Thompson) 

Philo R56 Crittenden Seel T80a 

Jim Stearns (1902) 
Fagenbush, William (Rose Hogan) 

Ch Clara, Catherine; Sidney R58 

Raymond SeclS T160a James Astel 


Fair, William M. (Katherine Wil- 
liams) Ch Irene, Ernest, Hazel, 
Russell, Ethel, Martha, Roy, Al- 
veena; Pesotum R54 Pesotum Sec 
20 Farm Hand Harmon Schuenk 

Fairfield, Charles (Minnie Schenk) Ch 
Roy, Floyd, Emmett; Fisher R34 
Brown Secl4 O120a (1875) 

Fairfield, E. J. (Myrtus French) Ch 
Beulah, Merle, William, Ida; Foos- 
land R38 Brown SeclS O40a (1868) 

Fairfield, Palmer (Anna French) 
Foosland R38 Brown Sec21 O80a 

Fairfield, Roy J. (Augusta Heyer) 
Fisher R34 Brown Sec26 T160a 
Charles Fairfield (1896) 

Farmer, Tobe (Maggie Gibbs) Ch 
Robert, Donald; Mahomet R40 
Newcomb Sec34 T80a George 
Miller (1914) 

Farquha, Wallace (Nellie Wingler) 
Ch Velma, Hazel, Ruth, Lucile, 
Dorothy; Tolono R48 Philo Sec20 
T200a J. G. Master (1900) 



Fawver, James Ludlow R30 Ludlow 
SecS O80a (1903) 

Fay, John T. (Stella Creek) Ch Ed- 
ward, Ralph, Zelma; Ivesdale R53 
Sadorus Sec20 T200a Henry Conely 

Fecht, Harm. M. (Engel G. Loeschen) 
Ch Carrie; St. Joseph R14 Stanton 
Sec25 O120a (1882) 

Feder, Robert A. (Mary Wagner) Ch 
Edna; Rantoul R24 Rantoul Sec20 
T160a Fred C. Albers (1914) 

Federer, Fred (Ella Hummel) Ran- 
toul R23 Rantoul SecS T210a (1885) 

Federer, Stanislaus (Clara Rausch) 
Ch Carl; Rantoul R23 Rantoul 
Sec6 T160a Federer Est. (1888) 

Feeney, Luke (Alliner Phalen) Ch 
Anna, Margaret, William, John; 
Ivesdale R52 Colfax SeclS O410a 

Fender, Earl (Delia Mitchell) Ch Lo- 
raine, Richard; Ludlow R31 Ludlow 
Secl3 T160a E. Head (1912) 

Fenwick, M. (Martha E. Johnson) Ch 
Carrie, William, Inez, Zulu; St. Jo- 
seph R15 St. Joseph Secl3 T190a 
M. C. Ricker (1868) 

Fenwick, W. J. (Erma Marten) Ch 
Louise; St. Joseph R15 St. Joseph 
Secl3 T160a Elizabeth Swearinger, 
Kienzle Bros., N. C. Ricker (1875) 

Ferris, Mrs. Thomas (Ellen Toohey) 
Ch Gustus, Lloyd; Sadorus R49 Col- 
fax SeclS T40a (1903) 

Fetters, Henry (Nora Greenwood) 
Ch Raymond; Savoy Tolono Seel 
Farm Hand Michael T. Bark (1914) 

Ficus, E. (Stella Needy) Ch Anna- 
belle, Nellie, Herbert, Herman, 
Thelma; Champaign R3 Hensley 
Sec28 T171a Thomas Mulligan 

Fiedler, Ferdinand (Rose Keith) Ch 
Maleta, Sylvester; Champaign R6 
Somer SecS T200a Mrs. Joseph 
Fiedler (1885) 

Fiedler, E. F. (Mary Leonard) Ch 
Harold, Marie, Mildred, Marcella, 
Donald, Raymond; Thomasboro 
R19 Rantoul Sec32 T200a Mrs. Jo- 
seph Fiedler 

Fieldbinder, G. A. (Ruby Williams) 
Ch Florence, Eva, June; Champaign 
R3 Hensley Sec33 T140a Frank 
Koble (1883) 

Fightmasler, Walter (Myrtle Aug- 
spurger) Ch Douglas, Lenore, 
Mary; Longview R64 Raymond Sec 
18 T120a Charley Danis (1914) 

Filkin, Frank (Myrtle Flagg) Ch 
Gladys, Opal, Lloyd; Rantoul R22 
Rantoul Sec6 T120a C. W. Little 

Filkin, R. T. (Jane Little) Ch Jessie, 
John, Beatrice, Richard; "Wolf 
Mound Farm" Rantoul R22 Condit 
Secl4 O239a (1859) 

Fillenwarth, Jacob G. (Emma Luhr- 
ing) Ch Clarence, Trena, Viola, 
Norma, Roy, Stanley; Fisher R35 
Newcomb Secl7 T200a William 
Firke (1911) 

Fillenwarth, John H. (Jennie Amor) 
Ch Erma, Harold, Clara; Mahomet 
R40 Newcomb Secl6 T200a W. 
Firke (1910) 

Fink, Charles (Lucy E. Nelson) Ch 
Mabel; Dewey R33 Condit Sec26 
O120a (1872) 

Fink, J. W. (Laura Porter) Ch Ray, 
Frank, Earl, Opal; Dewey R32 Con- 
dit Secl4 T200a Gottleib Fink 

Finley, J. L. (Vinne Smith) Ch Violet, 
James; Urbana R12 Urbana Secl4 
T120a Mrs. Mary Frame (1912) 

Finley, J. Orton (Annie Fox) Ch 
Mary, Sarah, Ann; "Harris Home 
Farm No. 1" Seymour R43 Ma- 
homet Sec32 Manager B. F. Harris 

Finnagen, Tom (Mary Conarty) Ch 
John, Hugh, Anna, Stacy, Helen; 
Homer R61 Sidney Secll O80a 

Finney, Heman (Mary L. Halber- 
stadt) Tolono R46 Philo Sec30 
T160a Joseph Letterman (1896) 

Fiock, Charles (Blanch Mapes) Ch 
Beulah, Zada, Clyde; St. Joseph R13 
St. Joseph Sec9 T160a G. C. Full 

Fiock, Frank (Annie Worly) Ch 
Gladys; Sidney R57 Sidney Sec2 
T240a M. A. West (1917) 

Fiock John (Mary Denhart) Ch 
George, Charles, Lizzie, Edward, 
Annie, Maggie, Louis, Joseph, 
Frank, Willie; St. Joseph R14 St. 
Joseph Sec3 O133a (1885) 

Fiock, J. B. (Sadie Denhart) Ch Ver- 
bell, Vondell: St. Joseph R13 St. 
Joseph SeclO T80a Russell Est. 

Fiock, L. R. (Leona Swearingen) Ch 
Neva, Marine; Urbana R7 Stanton 
Sec28 T190a John Speechley (1888) 

Fiscus, Elias (Clara Speas) Ch Alice, 
Berma, Herbert, Ralph; Cham- 
paign R2 Champaign Sec33 T80a 
F. E. Butz (1912) 



Fiscus, Robert (Sadie White) Long- 
view R64 Raymond Sec35 T80a 
Powell Black (1915) 

Fiscus, Solomon (Mary Houser) Ch 
Marilda, Isabella, Amanda, Elias, 
Frank, Ollie, Delanna; Urbana R9 
Somer Sec26 T200a W. T. Shaw 

Fish, Guy (Lydia Brone) St. Joseph 
R16 St. Joseph Sec36 Farm Hand 
C. R. Thompson (1913) 

Fisher, Charles A. (Nellie Clancy) 
Glenn, John, Ruth, Phyllis; Savoy 
R66 Tolono Seel O2l7a (1867) 

Fisher, Clyde E. (Lucy Jordan) Ch 
Claud; Savoy R66 Tolono Secl7 
T160a Mrs. David Bond (1886) 

Fisher, David (Clara Upp) Ch Pearl, 
Fay, Ray, Hazel, Grace, Floyd, 
Lorin, Ruth; St. Joseph St. Joseph 
Secl4 O48a T210a Maud Davis, U. 
G. Swearingen (1871) 

Fisher, Elmer (Nellie Bond) Ch 
Clyde, Walter, Clifford; Savoy R66 
Tolono Sec 10-11 O160a SeclS T160a 
Fisher Homestead (1870) 

Fisher, Mrs. Emma L. Ch Guy, Elsie, 
Ray, Ralph, Eugene; Savoy R66 
Philo Sec6 O207a (1887) 

Fisher, Guy H. (Ida Lindley) Savoy 
R66 Champaign Sec26 O140a To- 
lono Seel TlOOa Mrs. Emma L. 
Fisher (1891) 

Fisher, G. H. (Kathryn Farris) Ch 
George, Richard; Foosland R39 
Brown Sec21 T160a Springer and 
McClelland (1906) 

Fisher, Harold Mahomet R41 Ma- 
homet Sec6 Jay T. Herriott (1902) 

Fisher, Joseph Champaign Rl Cham- 
paign Sec5 T230a Ed. Bailey (1879) 

Fisher, Mrs. J. R. Ch Charles; Savoy 
R66 Tolono Secl2 O40a (1877) 

Fisher, N. C. (Anna Foster) Mahomet 
R42 Condit Sec31 OlOOa (1850) 

Fisher, O. E. (Effie Curry) Ch Goldie, 
Glen, Gerald, Dean, Dale, Lowell, 
Leal, Robert; St. Joseph R16 St. 
Joseph Sec22 T261a U. G. Swearin- 
gen (1875) 

Fisher, Ralph (Ruth Dillman) Ch 
Kenneth; Savoy R66 Philo Sec6 
T207a Mrs. Emma L. Fisher (1898) 

Fisher, Scott (Anna Koss) Savoy R66 
Tolono SeclS T160a Naomi Fisher 

Fisher, Walter (Maud George) Ch 
Helen; Savoy R66 Tolorfo Secll 
T160a Elmer Fisher and Naomi 
Fisher (1887) 

Fitton, Bernard J. (Josie Gordon) Ch 
Ruth; Rantoul R23 Rantoul SecS 
T80a Federer Est. (1884) 

Fitton, Henry R. (Mary T. Gordon) 
Ch Mary, Alice, Agnes, Henry; 
Rantoul R23 Rantoul Sec6 T200a N. 
Gordon Est. (1877) 

Fitton, Russel A. (Sarah E. Mooney) 
Ch John, Daniel, Mary, Russel; 
Rantoul R24 Rantoul SecS T240a 
Fitton Est. (1876) 

Fitzgerald, James G. Longview R64 
Raymond Sec28 T80a Hanna Fitz- 
gerald (1885) 

Fitzgerald, John (Cory George) Ch 
Martha, Margaret, Mary; Sidney 
R58 Raymond SeclO O78a (1885) 

Fitzgerald, Mrs. J. Ch Joseph, Henry; 
Sidney R58 Raym'ond Sec4 O80a 

Fitzgerald, J. M. (Fannie Seaney) Ch 
Mary, Ruth, Nellie; Broadlands R36 
Raymond Sec2 T240a Tom Fitzger- 
ald (1884) 

Fitzgerald, Mrs. Mary Ch Patsy, 
Clary, John, Edna; Broadlands R36 
Raymond Secll T80a Fitzgerald 
Est. (1874) 

Fitzgerald, William, Ch James, Thom- 
as, William, Cecil; Sidney R58 Ray- 
mond SeclO O80a (1880) 

Fitzsimmons, L. W. (Sarah E. Ran- 
dall) Ch Bernice, Harold, Donald; 
St. Joseph R16 St. Joseph Sec26 
TllOa J. M. Peters (1910) 

Fitzsimmons, Thomas (Mollie Bib- 
bus) Ch Anna, Lenora, Myrtle, 
James, William, Bernard; Urbana 
R9 Urbana SecS O9a (1875) 

Flags, Charles S. (Florence Camp- 
bell) Rantoul R23 Ludlow Sec35 
T175a Seth Smith (1895) 

Flagg, H. R. (Helga Palmberg) Ch 
Eunice, Kenneth; Dewey R32 Con^ 
dit Seel T200a O. E. Williams 

Flagg, W. E. (Sarah Jane Kenzon) 
Ch Myrtle, Harry, Edna, Florence, 
Charlie, William; Rantoul R23 Lud- 
low Sec25 T320a J. M. Collinson 

Flatt, Ross A. (Ella S. Roberts) Ch 
Ross Jr.; Leverett RD Somer Secl7 
T160a A. J. Flatt (1890) 

Flavin, John (Margaret O'Conner) 
Ch Timothy, James, John, Mary; 
Ivesdale R52 Colfax Sec28 O160a 

Flesner, Ekke E. Ch Fred, Ekke, An- 
drew, Ed, Anna; Gifford R26 Stan- 
ton Secll O160a (1872) 

Flesner, Ekke Jr. (Grace Hinrichs) 
Ch Ekke, Martin; St. Joseph R13 
Stanton Sec22 T120a (1892) 




Flesner, Frank M. (Margaret Meyer) 
Ch John, Albert, Ralph, Marie; Gil- 
ford R26 Sec27 T160a Martin Hen- 
dricks (1874) 

Flesner, George (Katherine Schluter) 
Ch Grace, Hiemka, Anna; Gifford 
R26 Compromise Sec30 T240a Wil- 
liam Flesner (1876) 

Flesner, John (Anna Ehler) Ch' 
George, Anna, Carrie, Margaret, 
Henry, John, Florence, William; 
Rantoul R24 Rantoul SeclO O112a 

Flesner, Martin (Hanna Rocker) Ch 
Hiemke, Crist; Rantoul R24 Com- 
promise Secl4 T120a William Fles- 
ner (1886) 

Flesner, Menka (Keska Leskien) Ch 
Frankie, Hiemka, John, Maggie; 
Thomasboro R20 Compromise Sec 
34 O80a (1877) 

Flesner, William G. (Hiemke Hulf) 
Ch George, Jasper, Henry, Martin, 
Anna, Gerald; Rantoul R24 SeclS 
Ol53a (1872) 

Fletcher, Clyde R. (Stella Cannon) 
Ch Carol; Pesotum R54 Pesotum 
Secl6 O120a T80a Emma Laird 

Fletcher, Earl (Nellie Little) Ch 
Alice, Edna, Louise; Rantoul R22 
Condit Sec22 T240a Alice Fletcher 

Fletcher, Elmer E. (Emma Howell) 
Ch Francis, Raymond, Winslow, 
Mary, Delbert; Pesotum R55 Peso- 
tum Secl4 TlSOa A. H. Fletcher 

Fletcher, J. T. (Orpha Welker) Ch 
Bessie, William; Rantoul R22 Ran- 
toul Sec7 020a (1873) 

Fletcher, Otis A. (Eva Burk) Ch 
Henry, Bernice, Herman, Burdette, 
Julia, Walter, Willis; Pesotum 
Pesotum Sec23 O80a T260a A. H. 
Fletcher (1877) 

Fletcher, Ray (Effie Henness) Ch 
Doris, Mildred; Urbana Rll Urbana 
Sec25 T210a C. B. Taylor (1892) 

Flowers, J. C. (Pearl Burks) Ch 
Elizabeth, Sarah, John, Charles, 
Robert; Urbana R7 Stanton Sec30 
T200a J. C. Kirby (1916) 

Flynn, Lawrence P. (Catherine Clen- 
non) Ch William, Mary; Tolono 
R48 Philo Sec20 T160a John Flynn 

Fogel, Clarence (Grace Miner) 
Champaign R3 Hensley Sec31 
T160a J. Miner (1890) 

Fogel, C. A. (Mary Kelly) Ch Clar- 
ence, Lloyd, Jesse, Clara; Mahomet 
R42 Mahomet Secl2 O58a (1888) 

Fogel, L. F. (Lottie Mark) Ch 
Charles; Champaign R5 Hensley 
Sec2 Farm Hand Oscar Lange 

Fogerson, Grover (Vida Wilkinson) 
Ch Harold, Buran; Thomasboro 
R19 Rantoul Sec25 Farm Hand Pat 
Murray (1915) 

Fogerson, Laban (Ada Easton) Ch 
Ruth, Mary, Helen; Homer R60 Ho- 
mer Sec30 Farm Hand Hebbe Bros. 

Foley, John (Maggie Ackerman) 
Philo R56 Philo Sec24 T88a John 
M. Bales (1912) 

Foltz, C. J. (Laura Payne) Ch Claude, 
Delbert, Marian, Bonnie, Lillie, 
Letha; "University Farm" St. Jo- 
seph R13 Stanton Sec26 T240a U. of 
I. Farm (1909) 

Fonner, J. T. (Alice Williams) Ch 
Marie, Everett; Broadlands R36 
Raymond Sec35 O160a (1902) 

Ford, Thomas (Lucy) Ch Jessie; 
Homer R60 Homer Sec29 Farm 
Hand J. C. Hildrebrand (1916) 

Fore, Asa E. (Bula Davis) Ch Lee; 
Gifford R25 Harwood Sec35 T80a 
H. Onken (1911) 

Forestal, John (Mary Shea) Ch 
James, Edward, Joanna, Thomas, 
Joseph; Ivesdale R53 Sadorus 
Secl7 O240a (1902) 

Forshey, N. E. (Bertha Martin) Ch 
Carl, Mae, Walter, Lloyd, Alma, 
Ruth, Gladys; Savoy R45 Cham- 
paign Sec35 T240a L. G. Johnston 

Fortune, John (Eliza Foley) Ch Ben, 
Cornel, Grace, June; Sadorus R51 
Sadorus Sec35 T160a L. E. Martin 

Fosnaugh, Edward (Anna Simeral) 
Ch Delbert, Albert, Myrtle, Velma, 
Harriet; "Gay wood Farm" Maho- 
met R41 Newcomfb Sec32 T320a 
J. W. Pinkston (1881) 

Fossel, Thomas (Belle Natterstad) 
Ch Viola; Ludlow R30 E. Bend Sec 
1 O200a (1879) 

Foster, C. H. (Lena Parnell) Bond- 
ville R65 Mahomet Sec36 T80a D. 
Parnell (1888) 

Foster, C. J. (Emma Barber) Ch 
Viola, Mamie, Marjorie; Bondville 
R65 Scott Sec24 T160a J. C. Foster 



Foster, D. W. (Myrtle Ard) Ch Otis, 
Opal; Bondville R65 Scott Sec28 
Farm Hand Charles Flowers (1917) 

Foster, Frank (Grace Jones) Ch Lelia. 
Thelma, Johnny, Ruth; Fisher R34 
Brown Sec23 T160a Andrew Richie 

Foster, J. C. Ch Louisa, Corelli, Mary, 
Ada, John, Harrison; Bondville R65 
Scott Sec24 O240a (1877) 

Foster, O. A. (Ina Hollingsworth) 
Fisher R34 E. Bend Sec30 O120a 
TllSa O. B. Dobbins and William 
Knerr (1897) 

Foster, R. E. (Lena Hammel) Ch 
Winnie, Robert; Mahomet R42 Con- 
dit Sec30 T16a A. A. Havice (1886) 

Foster, R. F. Mahomet R40 Condit 
Sec30 O2a (1860) 

Foster, V. D. (Grace Sitts) Ch Alta, 
Eldon; Dewey R33 Condit Sec9 
T120a M. T. Scott (1887) 

Foulks, Warren Sidney R57 Sidney 
Secll T84a S. E. Rogers (1884) 

Fowler, L. S. (Apha Wood) Ch Beth; 
Penfield R27 Kerr Sec21 O320a(1904) 

Fox, Daniel (Margaret Junkerveldt) 
Ch Edward, Marie, Anna, Earl, 
John, Helen, Ruth; Sadorus R49 
Colfax Secll T160a (1874) 

Fox, Matthew P. (Liddie Roller) Ch 
Pearl; Urbana R7 Urbana Secll 
T150a L. H. Smith (1914) 

Frakes, William (Elizabeth Fox) Ch 
Bonnie, Hazel, Eugene, Fern, 
Laura, Harlan; Rantoul R21 Ludlow 
Sec36 T160a C. Kallman (1911) 

Frampton, Edna Ch Stella, Card; To- 
lono R48 Tolono Sec24 O160a(1887) 

Frampton, Card Tolono R48 Tolono 
Sec24 O160a (1892) 

Frankenberg, C. E. (Anna Larry) Ch 
Clyde, Carl, Elizabeth; Urbana R7 
Urbana SeclO O52a (1876) 

Frankenberg, Ervin (Sarah Dunn) Ch 
Cloe, Mabel, Rosa, Paul; Ogden 
R17 Ogden Sec4 T160a Ora Canady 

Franklin, W. A. (M. E. York) Thom- 
asboro R20 Stanton Sec6 T90a H. 
Waller (1913) 

Franzen, Ehmen J. (Tena Busboum) 
Ch John, Bertha, Annie, Heije, 
Henry, Oltman; Rantoul R23 Ran- 
toul SecS O239a (1881) 

Franzen, Henry J. (Anna Lushan) Ch 
John, Tiny, Harm, Lebby; Rantoul 
R24 Compromise Sec9 O240a (1877) 

Franzen, John (Anna Garbars) Ch 
Henry, Minnie, Michael, William, 
Aime; Gifford R26 Compromise Sec 
21 O80a William Franzen (1881) 

Franzen, William (Hiske Ehmen) Ch 
Trientje, Anke, Albert; Rantoul R24 
Rantoul SecS T240a M. Franzen 

Frazer, Elmer (Bessie Lake) Ch 
Ruth; Urbana RIO Urbana Sec31 
T129a Maxwell Sisters (1912) 

Frazier, Howard (Leta Steward) Ch 
Donald; Rantoul R21 Ludlow SeclS 
T160a Steffer Est. (1890) 

Frazier, George Jr. (Faye Choyce) 
"Maplewood Stock Farm" Villa 
Grove Crittenden Sec36 T240a G. A. 
Frazier (1885) 

Frazier, W. H. (Alice James) Ch 
Mollie, Elmer, Minnie, Howard, 
Glen; "Roselawn Farm" Rantoul 
R24 Rantoul Secl6 O80a (1868) 

Freaden, Henry (Gabka Huls) Ch 
Grace, Tena, Reka, Cathrena, Freda, 
Johanna, Trenna, Anna, Gabka; St. 
Joseph R14 Stanton Sec23-12 O240a 

Frederick, H. (Lou Ott) Ch Edgar, 
Mildred, Arthur, Charles, Walter; 
Sadorus R49 Colfax Sec24 T80a Al- 
bert Hadden (1898) 

Fredrick, Sherman (Manie Polland) 
Ch Clyde, Ralph; St. Joseph R15 
Ogden Secl9NE T153a Fredrick 
Est. (1884) 

Fredrick, William (Margaret Ouster- 
bur) Ch John, Anna; Ogden R17 
Ogden Sec7NW T177a John Fred- 
rick (1887) 

Fredrickson, Charles (Anna Wolf) Ch 
Clara, Mary, May; Ludlow R29 
Harwood Sec3 T200a A. Thompson 
and H. Kirk (1914) 

Freeman, Charles E. (Anna Johnson) 
Ch Ralph, Helen, Josephine; Ogden 
R18 Ogden Secl7-21S T240a E. R. 
and J. C. Freeman (1880) 

Freeman, Gordon Homer R61 Homer 
Sec4 T200a J. J. Freeman (1894) 

Freeman, Grant (Rosa Ramert) Ch 
Donald, Lola, Carl; Ogden R18 
Ogden Sec20S O40a (1881) 

Freeman, J. J. (Flora E. Yount) CK 
Gordon; Homer R61 Homer Sec4 
O400a (1858) 

Freeman, Roy (May Spllee) Ch 
Noble, Glenn; Ogden R18 Ogden 
Sec20S T80a Jim Harper (1893) 

Freeman, R. W. (Bertha Elliott) Ch 
Roland; St. Joseph R15 Ogden Sec 
30NE T170a M. H. Johnson, E. F. 
Fredrick, Mary Harper, I. Esunby 

Freeman, W. O. (Ada Rayburn) Ch 
Wendell; Ogden R17 Ogden SecSS 
O83a (1887) 



Frerichs, George J. (Katherine Beh- 
rens) Ch Elenor, John; St. Joseph 
R14 Ogden Sec7 T112a John Frer- 
ichs (1895) 

Frerichs, Harm (Reka Buhr) Ch 
Jelde; Thomasboro R20 Compro- 
mise Sec34 O200a (1881) 

Frerichs, Henry (Anna Huls) Ch 
John, Martin, William, Jennie; Gif- 
ford R26 Compromise Sec35 T240a 
Martin Huls (1887) 

Frerichs, Jelde (Anna Duitsman) Ch 
Hilda; Thomasboro R20 Stanton 
Sec9 T200a H. Frerichs (1891) 

Frerichs, W. S. (Lena Smith) Ch 
Stofer, Gerhard; Thomasboro R19 
Somer Sec2 T120a Mrs. R. Benting, 
Stofer Frerichs (1884) 

Frick, Edward (Elma Newman) Ch 
Helen, Ray; Broadlands R36 Ray- 
mond Sec25 T80a A. J. Roberts 

Frick, F. J. (Meda Newkirk) Ch 
Elmer, Lewis, Oscar; Broadlands 
R36 Raymond Sec25 T160a Charles 
Newkirk (1897) 

Frick, John J. (Cora Lehmkuehler) 
Ch Walter; Savoy R45 Champaign 
Sec35 T160a F. G. Campbell (1913) 

Fruhling, George (Sarah Bruns) Ch 
Gerhard, Gretye, Mana, John, Jur- 
gen, Eilert, Tene; Gifford R26 Sec 
27 T120a William Buhr (1893) 

Fruhling, Henry G. (Anna Acker- 
man) Ch Elsie, Emma, Ette, 
George, Francis; St. Joseph R14 
Stanton SeclS O120a Secl3 T320a 
August Onken (1893) 

Fry. C. H. (Jessie Clary) Ch Gregory, 
Mary; Champaign Rl Champaign 
Secl7 T214a H. G. Fry (1893) 

Fry, Ephraim (Effie Eveland) Ch Vir- 
gil, Howard, Leslie; Savoy Tolono 
Seel Farm Hand Michael Burk 

Full, G. C. (Lennie J. Thompson) 
"The Heritage" St. Joseph R13 St. 
Joseph Sec9 O160a (1866) 

Fuller, Jesse K. (Jane Pearson) Ch 
Horace, Manny, Fred, Robitine; 
"Maplehurst Farm" Ludlow R31 
Harwood Sec8 O160a (1890) 

Fulton, W. G. (Neomi Price) Ch Dale, 
Idavelle, Glen; Longview R63 Ray- 
mond Sec31 O90a (1870) 

Fultz, Grover (Arona Burkhardt) Ch 
Clare, Dana, Dorothy, Ermie; Ran- 
toul R24 Lederbold Secl3 O80a 
Raritoul Secl4 T160a Thomas Mal- 
loy (1899) 

Fultz, Joseph (Mary E. Bottorff) Ch 
Louis, Herman, Ernest, Elsie, Orvil, 
Grover, Goldie, Vesta; Rantoul R24 
Rantoul Secl3 T80a L. E. Leder- 
boge (1909) 

Funk, Henry B. (Lucy Hupp) Ch 
Ralph, Lula; Ludlow R31 Harwood 
Secl9 T120a M. P. Funk (1871) 

Funkhouser, Alexander (Hattie 
James) Ch Effie, Mary, Homer, 
Isaac, Harry, Clinton, Etsel, Lena, 
Frederick, Earl; Rantoul RD Ran- 
toul Sec23 O160a Seel T400a Rich- 
ards Est. (1859) 

Funkhouser, Clinton L. (Opal Mul- 
vany) Rantoul RD Rantoul Secl2 
T80a (1890) 

Funkhouser, C. E. (Julia Tracey) Ch 
Richard; Urbana R8 Somer Secl3 
T240a Richards Est. (1881) 

Funkhouser, Isaac C. (Sarah A. Hart- 
souck) Ch Francis; Rantoul R24 
Rantoul Sec23 T160a Alex. Funk- 
houser (1887) 

Funkhouser, Otis (Evelyn Bailey) 
Gifford R26 Harwood Sec26 T120a 
G. W. Hartsouck (1888) 



Gady, C. J. (Martha Kamradt) Sa- 
dorus R51 Sadorus T40a William 
Gady (1894) 

Gady, William M. (Minnie Rahn) Ch 
Ida, William. Minnie, Charles; Sa- 
dorus R51 Pesotum See? O320a 

Gady, W. C. (Carrie Kamradt) Ch 
Wilma, Donald, Dorothy; Sadorus 
R49 Colfax Sec23 T120a William 
Gady (1869) 

Gaines, A. A. (Dora Earnest) Ch 
Mary, Mable, Helen; Broadlands 
R37 Ayers Sec7W O280a (1876) 

Gale, A. M. (Audrey Willets) Ch 
Helen, Paul; Ogden R17 Ogden 
Sec29N OlOOa (1886) 

Gallagher, F. J. (Sarah A. Cain) Ch 
Mary, William, Sarah, Frank, Anna, 
John, Joseph; Sadorus R50 Colfax 
Sec35 T160a (1875) 

Gallagher, J. Ray (Inez Jenkins) Ur- 
bana R8 Urbana Sec9 O37a (1891) 

Gallagher, W. J. Sadorus R50 Sadorus 
Sec31 T160a M. McGuire (1890) 

Gallaspey, Andrew (Georgiana Wolfe) 
Ch Ollie, Dessie, Leona, Howard; 
Tolono R48 Philo Secl9 Farm Hand 
Wallace Farquha (1914) 

Gallavin, George (Catharine Dines) 
Ch John, Mary, Anna, Margaret, 
Zita, George, Phillip, William, 
Gregory, Celestine, Lauretta; Ives- 
dale R53 Sadorus Sec7 TllOa (1865) 

Ganley, William (Margaret Gorden) 
Ch John, Francis, Joseph; Ivesdale 
R52 Sadorus Sec30 O120a (1911) 

Garber Bros. Pesotum R54 Pesotum 
Sec3 O120a (1875) 

Garber, J. A. (Martha A. Holliday) 
Ch John, Mary, Catherine, Roose- 
velt, Rose, Andy; Sadorus R51 Sa- 
dorus Sec25 O80a (1892> 

Gardiner, John L. (Kate Davison) Ch 
Clarence, Maud, Opal; Homer R60 
Homer Sec3SW T152a Mike Plaute 

Gardner, Clarence (Grace McCoy) 
Longview R64 Raymond Sec20 
TlOOa Elvene Schrendler (1894) 

Gardner, I. W. (Edith Denison) 
Champaign R3 Hensley Sec30 Farm 
Hand R. B. McKee (1917) 

Garloch, P. T. (Rosa Webb) Ch Alice; 
"Billy Grove Farm" Fisher R35 
Brown Sec33 T320a Henry Tobin 

Garrett, A. M. (Belle Hutcherson) 
Ch John; Urbana R7 Stanton Sec31 
T92a Urbana Secll T163a (1905) 

Garrison, Weaver (Jennie Lewis) Ch 
Alvia, Vernard; Tolono R47 Peso- 
tum Sec4 Farm Hand Fred Bich- 
esckpi (1914) 

Carver, C. D. (Lizzie Ezra) Ch Car- 
ter, Clark, Ila; Ludlow R30 Ludlow 
SeclO T160a Mrs. Bach (1915) 

Gass, Toney (Rosey Wilcott) Ch 
Mancil; Ivesdale R53 Sadorus Secl7 
T80a Lizzie B. Ross (1917) 

Gasser, E. W. (Mary Wilson) Ch 
Floyd, Freda; Sidney Sidney Sec33 
T240a E. F. Block (1898) 

Cast, Wilbert E. (Bertha Megher) 
Ch Ruth, Ralph; Longview R63 
Crittenden Sec28 T200a S. E. Tucker 

Gates, Howard (Minnie Nelson) Ch 
Herbert, Curtis, Eschol, Don; 
Champaign R6 Champaign Seel 
O45a T160a Dave Beasley (1877) 

Gates, Perry J. (Philena Nelson) Ch 
Leslie, Orus; "Nalco Farm" Tus- 
cola Rl Pesotum Sec34 O880a (1870) 

Gates, Samuel (Clarissa Moore) Ch 
Leona, Dwaim, Martha, Alleta, Vio- 
let; Mahomet R40 Newcomb Sec27 
T80a W. D. Burton (1916) 

Gauble, A. E. (Anna Matheny) Ch 
Lenore, Mamie, Harold, Lyle, Edna, 
Irma, Luella, Lucile, Carrol, A. E., 
Jr.; Urbana R8 Somer Sec33 O18a 

Gauble, Henry Fisher R34 Brown 
Sec35 O80a (1880) 

Gault, Archibald (Lornia Allen) Ch 
Minnie, Grace; Philo R56 Crittenden 
SeclO T12a Ella Smith (1877) 

Gault, C. W. (Ricka McGiles) Ch 
Elsie, Ellen, Lydia, John, Marie; 
"Gault Egg Farm" Champaign St. 
Joseph Sec7 O6a (1904) 

Gauntt, E. (Vesta Fultz) Ludlow R30 
Ludlow Secl2 Ti'fiOa Roy Morse 

Gauntt, R. (Minnie Lacey) Ch Rob- 
ert, Helen; Thomasboro R19 Ran- 
toul T120a Jim Leonard (1912) 

Gaylord, E. M. (Bertie Doyle) Ch 
Opal, Earl; Homer R57 Sidney Seel 
O40a (1904) 

Gaynor, P. H. (Mary Catherine Breen) 
Ch Frances; Rantoul R24 Rantoul 
Sec21 Oll6a (1881) 

Gebbink, Ferrill (Isle McElwee) St. 
Joseph R16 St. Joseph Sec34 T45a 
Sigle Gebbink (1894) 



Gebbink, H. R. (Effie McElwee) St. 
Joseph R16 St. Joseph Sec34 T3a 

F. M.Castle (1900) 

Gebbink, Sigle Ch Viola, Alma, Pearl, 

Ferrill, Etna; St. Joseph R16 St. 

Joseph Sec34 O45a (1863) 
Gehrt, John E. (Matilda Streitmatter) 

Ch Rollin, Arthur; Rantoul R23 

Rantoul Sec33 O334a (1899) 
Gehrt, Julius M. (Caroline Kuhn) Ch 

Forest, Elmer, Ernest, Alice, Julius, 

Jr.; Dillsburg RD Harwood Sec33 

O186a (1913) 
Gentry, Joseph C. (Donnie Ogden) 

Tolono R47 Pesotum Sec3 T240a T. 

M. Salbury (1903) 
Genung, Merwin W. (Edna Wood) 

Rantoul R23 Harwood Sec33 T90a 

R. Wood (1893) 
George, Walter (Essie Wrisk) Ch 

Lora; Homer R61 Sidney Secl2 

TlOOa E. George (1885) 
Gerbers, Henry H. (Grasha Bartell) 

St. Joseph R14 Ogden Sec7 O80a 

Stanton Secl2 O80a (1872) 
Gerbers, Jerry (Grace Osterbar) Ch 

Agtie; St. Joseph R14 Stanton 

Secl2 O80a (1886) 
Gerbers, Lehndert H. Ch Hank, 

Tena, Henry; Thomasboro R20 

Compromise Sec27 O120a (1872) 
Gerbes, W. H. (Ellie Ihnen) Ch 

Gretze; Rantoul R24 Sec35 T120a 

Henry Gerbes (1894) 
Gerdes, George (Bertha Erickson) 

Ch Eva, May, Lyle, Jacob; Mayview 

RD St. Joseph Sec7 T327a Mrs. 

Mary E. Busey (1877) 
Gerdes, William (Minnie Outlaw) Ch 

Russell, Mabel; St. Joseph R13 St. 

Joseph Sec9 T240a I. T. Leas (1874) 
Gerhardt, John (Pauline Heinemann) 

Ch Selma, Klemens, Florence, Nor- 

bert; Urbana R8 Urbana Sec3 T144a 

Weeks Est. (1917) 
Gerth, John (Gustie Lingreen) Ch 

Carl, Garth, Violet, Lew; Savoy 

R45 Colfax Sec2 T160a Lynard 

Gesser, E. W. (Roseann Wilson) Ch 

Floyd, Fred; Sidney R57 Sidney 

Sec33 T160a K. Block (1895) 
Gettner, Halley Ch Herbert, Rube; 

Savoy R45 Tolono Sec7 Farm Hand 

G. A. Smith (1915) 

Ghere, T. M. (Rachel See) Ch Albert, 
Ethel, Benjamin, Bertha, Florence, 
Verner; Homer R62 Homer Sec32N 
T280a George Eggleston and Ed 
Canady (1902) 

Gibbens, Rod G. (Nell Fruin) Ch 
Mary, Helen; Foosland R39 Brown 
SeclS T204a Ferguson Foos (1890) 

Gibbens, S. F. (Emma Pearson) Ch 
Frank, Robert, Ethel, Joe, Clinton, 
Francie, Alice, John, James, Even; 
"Foos Farm" Foosland Brown Sec8 
T328a Ferguson Foos (1876) 

Giblin, F. E. (Lucy Ryan) Ch Myrtle, 
Francis, Grace; Sadorus R50 Colfax 
Sec27 T200a Edna Kelly (1888) 

Gibson, B. E. (Daisy Winters) Ch 
Rosalie; Homer R59 Homer Secl6 
T245a Charles Wallace and Charles 
Bogus (1884) 

Gibson, F. L. (Bertha M. Peabody) 
Ch Mareella, David, Mary, Mar- 
jorie, Margerite, Sarah; St. Joseph 
St. Joseph Secll O163a (1880) 

Gibson, J. A. (Isabelle Clark) Ch 
Clark, Earl, Myrtle, Junita, Ethel; 
Homer R60 Ogden Secl9 O60a 

Gibson, J. E. (Minnie Pulliam) Ch 
Earnest, Marvin; Champaign R4 
Hensley Sec9 Farm Hand H. I. 
Nelson (1911) 

Giertz, Fred (Carrie Marlens) Ch 
Laura, Gustie, Lena, Josephine, 
Jimmy, Maudia, Alfred, Edmon; 
Sadorus R50 Sadorus Sec2 T160a 
Guy Hartrick (1891) 

Giertz, Otto (Lula Horn) Ch Lillie, 
Elmer, Bernice; Fisher R34 Brown 
Secl3 O137a (1896) 

Gifford, Clyde L. (Elsie B. McCul- 
lugh) Thomasboro R19 Rantoul 
Sec24 T200a J. R. Gifford (1882) 

Gillison, Thadeus M. (Verba Hylbert) 
Ch Cathren; Gifford R25 Harwood 
Sec34 T120a James Talbot (1915) 

Gilles, George (Mary Reinhart) Ch 
Anna, Joseph, Julia, Louise, Ma- 
tilda, Frank, Pauline, Ella, Clar- 
ence, Henrietta; Pesotum R55 Crit- 
tenden Secl9 O120a (1885) 

Gillespie, C. J. (Lou Osborn) Ch, 
Jessie, Fred; "Hickory Grove Farm" 
Mahomet R41 Mahomet Secl9 

Gilley, Creed (Dona Vickers) Ch Roy, 
Vica, Harold; St. Joseph R14 Stan- 
ton Sec36 Farm Hand C. H. Boys 

Gilliland, Allen (Lola Seffens) Ch 
Willie, Cecil, Lola, Walter; Cham- 
paign R2 Champaign Sec31 T180a 
Meade Bros. (1902) 

Gillispie, Robert Ogden R17 Ogden 
SecSS O480a (1867) 

Gilmer, F. T. (Emma Betke) Ch 
Irene, Paul, Raymond; Urbana R8 
Urbana Sec3 O25a (1875) 

Gilmore, W. J. (Ellen Morris) Ch 
Lucille, Blanche; Mahomet R40 
Newcomb SeclO-11 O280a Sec26 



Glascock, J. R. (Myrtle Curry) Ch 
Harold; "Prairie View Farm" St. 
Joseph R16 St. Joseph Sec25 O168a 

Gleeson, Dennis Ludlow R31 Ludlow 
Sec31 OlOOa (1889) 

Godsell, John E. (Cathrine Connor) 
Ch Richard, John, Mary, Joe; Ur- 
bana RIO Philo SeclO O200a (1875) 

Godsey, Curtis (Nettie Keene) Sado- 
rus R49 Colfax Secl6 T160a J. L. 
Groves (1901) 

Godsey, J. H. (Anna Mayes) Ch 
Harry; Champaign Rl Champaign 
Secl6 T288a Dan Snider (1900) 

Goldenstein, Chris. (Josie Johnson) 
Ch Lena, Henry, Anna, Tena; 
Thomasboro R20 Stanton Sec8 
T80a H. Johnson Est. (1900) 

Goldenstein, J. (Jessie Boten) Ch 
Willie, Frances, Henry, Heye, Lena; 
Thomasboro R20 Rantoul Sec26 
T120a Martin Huls (1900) 

Goldenstein, William (Rosie Meier) 
Ch Helen; Gifford R26 Compromise 
Sec30 T93a Peter Busboon (1895) 

Good Bros. "Lax Farm" Thomasboro 
R19 Condit Sec25 T320a Don Mor- 
risey (1889) 

Good, B. G. (Jessie Hasher) Ch Har- 
old; "Lax Farm" Thomasboro R19 
Condit Sec25 T320a Dan Morrisey 

Good, Charles (Rose Fennimore) Ch 
Harry; Urbana R9 Somer Sec28 
William Good (1884) 

Good, Charlie (Effie Thomson) Ch 
Roscoe, Lawrence, Clarence, Ruby, 
Ernest, Oakley, Clyde, Leslie, How- 
ard; Ludlow R31 Harwood Secl7 
Farm Hand George Watson (1913) 

Good, Leroy (Leah Echelberger) 
Rantoul R21 Ludlow Sec20 T160a 
Peter Good (1900) 

Good, Peter (Mary E. Nassziger) Ch 
Arthur, Ivan, Elsie, Laura, Joseph, 
Alta, Bessie; Rantoul R21 E. Bend 
Secl3 O385a T40a John Murray 

Good, William M. (Flora E. Luman) 
Ch Charles, Trevor, Balford, Wil- 
liam, Ona, Arthur, Uneeta; Urbana 
R9 Somer Sec33 O115a (1862) 
Good, W. E. (Lena Matthews) Ch 
Dorothy; "Lax Farm" Thomasboro 
R19 Condit Sec25 T320a Dan Mor- 
risey (1891) 

Goodknight, W. D. (IsabeHe Pootoff) 
Ch Walter, Frank, Ross, Fannie, 
Roy, Nettie, Worthy; Sidney R67 
Sidney Sec2 O12a (1891) 

Goodling, J. R. Mahomet R40 New- 
comb Sec22 T253a J. F. Trotter 

Goodman, R. H., Jr. (May Wright) 
Ch Robert, Hale, Joseph; Sadorus 
R51 Sadorus Sec28 T180a R. H. 
Goodman (1888) 

Goodwin, William H. (Ida Myers) 
Ch Eugene; Ogden Ogden Sec4N 
Farm Hand Hugo Kiemetz (1915) 

Gorden, J. F. (Emma McEbilly) Ch 
Vivian; Gitford R25 Kerr Sec25 
T240a Charles Gorden (1887) 

Gordon Bros. Mrs. Alice Conaghan 
and Anna Gordon (Houskeepers) 
"Rexhurst Farm" Rantoul R22 
Rantoul Sec9 O320a (1893) 

Gordon, C. C. (Mary N. Apperson) 
Ch Harold, Edith, Hazel, Florence, 
Frances; Urbana R7 Urbana Sec2 
T103a D. M. Smith (1893) 

Gordon, G. C. (Clara McClain) Ch 
Glenn, Mary, Herbert, Hilda; Ur- 
bana R12 Urbana Secl3 O212a 

Gordon, I. H. (Jessie Yount) Ch 
Maurice, Lorene, Helen; Urbana 
R12 St. Joseph SeclS T197a Malinda 
Yount and W. W. Myer (1887) 

Gordon, John J. (Elsie Diller) Lud- 
low R31 Harwood SeclS T320a N. 
Gordon Est. (1885) 

Gordon, J. (Ellen McQuaid) Ch 
Charles, Thomas, Joseph, Gertrude, 
Mary, Anna, Agnes, William, John, 
Francis; Penfield R28 Compromise 
SeclS O200a (1872) 

Gordon, J. C. Penfield R28 Compro- 
mise Sec4 O312a (1883) 

Gordon, J. E. (Katherine Nolen) Ch 
Martha, Joseph, Paul, Mary, Emily, 
Rita, Charlie; Penfield R28 Compro- 
mise SeclS OSOa (1881) 

Gordon, Nicholas A. Ludlow R31 
Harwood SeclS T320a N. Gordon 

Gorman, James (Mary Fitzgerald) Ch 
John, Maggie, Mary, Katie, Frances, 
James, Annie, Jerry, Josie, Esther, 
Ruth, Gertrude, Lawrence, Marton; 
Sidney R38 Raymond Sec7 O480a 

Gorman, John C. (Mary Seaney) Ch 
Mary, Frances, Franklin, Paul; Sid- 
ney R58 Raymond Sec7 T200a Jerry 
Gorman (1885) 
Gorman, Mrs. S. M. Ch Zoe; Urbana 

R12 Urbana Secl6 O3a (1851) 
Gose, James (Alice Bennett) Urbana 
Urbana SeclO T296a W. H. Smith 



Goss, C. E. (Frances Harvey) Ch 
Lula, Grace, Gladys; Urbana R9 
Somer SeclS O40a T160a W. T. 
Shaw (1892) 

Goudie, Aaron E. (Katherine L. 
Latch) Ch James, Floyd; Sadorus 
R51 Pesotum SecS O80a Sec32 
T265a A. M. Goudie and William 
Lyon (1866) 

Gourdier, C. (Lena Moran) Ch Belle, 
Louise, Bertha, Nellie, Edna, 
Charles, Maud; Dewey R33 Condit 
SeclO O200a (1876) 

Gourley, James L. (Iva M. Rideout) 
Ch Frances, Norma; Paxton R3 
Harwood SecS T280a J. M. Gourley 
Est. (1884) 

Gowdy, Fred A. (Cora Balwin) Ch 
Florence, Floyd, Maud; Tolono R46 
Tolono Sec25 Farm Hand Fred 
Haven (1915) 

Gowdy, J. H. (Florence Jines) Ch 
Arleigh; Ludlow R30 E. Bend Seel 
T160a Wilson Est. (1917) 

Gowler, L. E. (Chloe Chilton) Ch 
Everett, Orvel, Juanita; St. Joseph 
R16 St. Joseph SeclS Farm Hand 
N. G. Swearingen (1915) 

Gowler, William (Minnie Robertson) 
Homer R62 Ogden Sec28S Farm 
Hand W. J. Wilson (1915) 

Grady, Charles P. (Mary Sherlock) 
Ch Helen, Mary; Ivesdale R53 Sa- 
dorus Sec29 O40a (1891) 

Graham, Frank (Mary McCabe) Ch 
Paul; Ludlow R31 Harwood Sec22 
T260a P. Graham (1885) 

Graham, F. H. (Emma Buck) Ch 
Agnes, Gertrude, Maude, Francis, 
Thomas, Raymond, Gilbert; Penfield 
R28 Compromise SecS T240a M. L. 
Benjamin (1875) 

Graham, Hugh (Johana Murphy) Ch 
William, Sarah, Hugh, John, Arthur, 
Margaret, Thomas, Joseph, Edward, 
Frances; Ludlow R31 Harwood Sec 
22 O520a (1869) 

Graham, William (Katie Kirk) Gifford 
R25 Harwood Secl2 T120a Hugh 
Graham (1886) 

Grant, C. W. (Bertha Dubson) Ch 
Marjorie; Champaign Rl Champaign 
Sec9 Farm Hand H. T". Johnson 

- (1914) 

Grant, Frank L. (Ray L. Campbell) 
Ch Roy, Gladys, Louise; Champaign 
R2 Somer Sec31 T17a Illinois Cen- 
tral (1916) 

Grant, Harvey (Delia Manuel) Ch 
Samuel, Harold, Effie, Doris, Rich- 
ard; Seymour R43 Mahomet Sec27 
T80a Mrs. J. D. Armstrong (1911) 

Graves, Cash (Hazel E. Gerrard) St. 
Joseph R16 St. Joseph Sec27 T55a 
Grover Graves (1905) 

Graves,. C. V. (Buronetta Welb) Ch 
May, Pauline; Ivesdale R52 Colfax 
Sec6 T79a O. B. Dobin (1914) 

Graves, James (Ella Weir) Ch Rob- 
ert, Ernest, Beulah; Homer R61 
Homer SecS T130a Elliott and Stan- 
ford (1907) 

Graves, S. M. (Lucy A. Gooch) Ch 
Grover, Nettie, James, Ollie, Cash, 
Gladys, Alma, Eula; St. Joseph R16 
St. Joseph Sec36 T124a Fred 
Kienzle (1905) 

Green, C. (Grace Low) Dewey R32 
E. Bend Sec35 T156a Hardin Green 
and Sarah Green (1888) 

Green, F. C. (Ada Warnigk) Ch 
Helen, Rosa, Floyd, Martha; Ogden 
R17 Ogden Sec28N T160a J. W. 
Harper (1917) 

Green, George Ivesdale R52 Colfax 
Sec20 O160a (1850) 

Green, J. R. (Dora Combs) Ch Mor- 
ris, Donald, Lettie, Edna; Cham- 
paign R4 Champaign Sec2 Farm 
Hand Bert Rayburn (1912) 

Green, Neal (Edna Tackett) Ch Ruth, 
Irene; Urbana R8 Somer Sec34 
Farm Hand Louis Gundlach (1915) 

Green, Otis (Isabelle Johnson) Ch 
Violet, Gladys, Selma; Urbana R9 
Somer Sec33 Farm Hand L. F. 
Bireley (1896) 

Green, Samuel (Lizzie Packard) Ch 
Artie, Otis; Urbana R8 Urbana Sec 
3 O8a (1899) 

Green, Theodore (Anna Oye) Ch 
Wilbur, Hazel; Homer R60 Homer 
Secl9W T154a (1887) 

Green, Will (Hope Halberstadg) To- 
lono R46 Philo Sec30 Farm Hand 
Lon Halberstadg (1902) 

Green, William (Caroline Wilson) 
Ch Louise, Dorothy, Leona; Homer 
R61 Homer Secl9W O80a Sidney 
T70a Sarah Clausen (1881) 

Gregerson, C. F. (Anna Hooper) Ch 
Alfred; Foosland R38 E. Bend Sec7 
O91a (1903) 

Gregg, S. M. (Emma Hitz) Ch Sam- 
uel; Rantoul R21 Ludlow Secl7 

Greggory, M. G. (Jewell Francis) Sa- 
dorus R50 Sadorus Sec3 Farm Hand 
C. J. Miller (1917) 

Greggs, S. E. (Etta Pomtious) Ran- 
toul R21 Ludlow SeclS TlOOa Sam 
Greggs (1892) 



Gregory, Homer (Minnie Anderson) 
Ch Floyd, Dorothy; Mahomet R41 
Mahomet Sec5 T120a Robert Burn- 
ham (1916) 

Grein, Fred (Edna McCloskey) Ch 
, Pearl, Opal, Ruby; Savoy R45 
Champaign Sec26 O180a (1873) 

Grein, George (Marie Glanz) Urbana 
RIO Urbana Sec31 O120a (1889) 

Grein, John W. (Christine Hurst) 
Philo R56 Philo Sec22 T160a George 
Grein (1888) 

Grein, Will (Catherine Subbs) Ch 
William, Joe; Philo R56 Philo Sec 

, 22 O70a (1867) 

Grennari, James '(Ellen Murphy) Ch 
John, Maggie, Margie, James, Mike, 
Mary, Matt, Hannah; Ivesdale R53 
Sadorus Sec5 O160a Q904) 

Grennan, M. F. (Mary Butler) Ch 
Lucille; Ivesdale R53 Sadorus Sec8 
T160a Driscol (1901) 

Gresham, Harry (Belle Hayes) Ch 
Raymond, Dowe, Dale; Urbana R8 
Somer Secl4 Farm Hand J. C. 
Yearsley (1917) 

Grice, Mrs. Annie E. (Terry) Ch Lot- 
tie, Asbury, Mary, Etta, Maudie; 
Urbana R9 Urbana SecS O5a (1863) 

Grider, C. W. (Eva Harris) Rantoul 
R21 E. Bend Sec36 Farm Hand and 
Housekeepe'r William J. Quirk 

Grierson, Charles M. (Mary Heim- 
burger) Ch Clifford, Andy, Lyle, 
Katherine, Charles, Leslie; Cham- 
paign R6 Somer Sec29 O120a (1867) 

Grierson,. Homer (Emma Schlorff) 
Ch Bernice, Hazel; Champaign R6 
Somer Sec30 T120a J. C. Johnson 

Grieser, George (Leona Baecher) Ch 
Lester, Edna, Melvin, Alvia, Deli- 
lah; Dewey R32 E. Bend Sec9 T320a 
Col. Smith 

Griffith, Marvin (Sylva Winthrop) 
Fisher R35 Brown Sec32 T3a F. 
Delaney (1916) 

Griffith, Roy Urbana R12 St. Josef>lj 
Secl7 Farm Hand J. R. Stanner 

Grill, Albert (Ettic Winchell) Urbana 
R8 Urbana Sec3 O9a (1865) 

Grimes, A. M.> (Cora M. Parks) Ch 
Claude? St. Joseph R16 St. Joseph 
Sec26 T275a Charles Kieryle, Fred 
Kieryle and L. P. Grimes (1881) 

Grimes, L. P. (Annie R. Ridinger) 
Ch Arley; St. Joseph R16 St. Joseph 
Sec26 O78a (1875) 

Grindley, A. J. (Enrica Satouf) Ch 
Herbert, Hazel, Claude, Harry, Wil- 
liam, Fred, Paul; Mahomet R42 
Mahomet Secll Jacob Bellinger 


Grindley, A. R. (Pearl Layman) Ch 
Merwin, Neva, Glen; Champaign 
R4 Hensley SeclS O80a T160a 
Susane Grindley (1879) 

Grindley, H. E. (Almeta Baker) Ch 
Pearl, Howard; Mahomet R42 
Mahomet Secl4 Farm Hand W. W. 
Herriott (1885) 

Grindley, J. R. (Mary Leonard) Ch 
Joseph, Florence, Ruby, Leo; Ran- 
toul R22 Condit Sec23 T80a Mrs. 
John Leonard (1882) 

Grisson, W. B. (Maude Carroll) Ch 
Leo, Raymond; Sadorus R51 Sado- 
rus (1917) 

Griswold, Elza W. (Mary E. Yazel) 
Ch Ralph, George, Lucy; "Catalpa 
Farm" Ludlow R31 Harwood Secl7 

Gronewold, Henry (Foske Gerdes) 
Ch Ehme, Henry; Ogden R17 Ogden 
Sec7 T80a Henry Gerbers (1883) 

Gronewold, William H. Ch Annie; 
Thomasboro R20 Rantoul Sec25 

Grostephan, John (Emma Paar) Ch 
Bernice, Marcella, Helen; Pesotum 
R55 Crittenden Sec30 Tla Jacob 
Smith (1901) 

Grove, Evan E. (Maud Kearns) Ur- 
bana RIO Philo 'Sec4 O140a (1882) 

Groves, Eli (Katie Porterfield) Ch 
Vera, Lyle; Urbana RIO Philo Sec 
10 O200a (1870) 

Grussing, Harvey (Fannie Lannarts) 
Ch John; Rantoul R24 Rantoul Sec 
20 O120a (1877) 

Grussing, John (Tena Osterman) Ch 
Harvey, Hugh, Lue, Thomas, John, 
Peter, Fred, Grace, Tine, Maggie; 
Gifford R26 Compromise Sec28 
O160a (1870) 

Guard, Alexander G. (Binda Rice) Ch 
Ethel, Carroll, Joe, Hazel, Alexan- 
der, Jr.; Urbana RIO Philo Sec4 
O80a SecS T180a Evan Grove (1873) 

Guffey, Colonel (Pearl Neal) Ch 
Marie, Ray; Urbana R9 Somer Sec 
32 Farm Hand Carl Harrenknecht 

Guffy, Perry (Susie Clark) Ch Gladys, 
Bertha, Roxie; Champaign R2 Ur- 
bana Sec31 (1916) 

Guinn, Elmer G. Urbana R9 Somer 
Sec22 T120a J. W. Harris (1889) 

Guinn, S. (Nannie Pinkston) Ch Ar- 
thur; Champaign R4 Hensley Sec21 
O80a T160 (1880) 

Gulick, W. C. (Anna Dubson) Ma- 
homet R42 Mahomet SeclS T140a 
F. J. Barber (1884) 

Gundlach, Louis Urbana R8 Somer 
Sec34 O35a T45a 'Gundlach Est. 


Gunning, D. Joe Tolono R46 Tolono 
Sec36 T168a John Gunning (1889) 

Gust, M. H. (Lena Bannick) Ch Ber- 
nice; Champaign R5 Hensley SeclO 
Farm Hand H. Phillippi (1916) 

Gustafson, A. G. (Ethel Allen) "Gus- 
tafson Farm" Rantoul R23 Ludlow 
Sec25 T320a J. Collison (1888) 

Gustafson, Victor W. (Louise Crane) 
Ch Donald; Rantoul R23 Harwood 
Sec30 T240a Collinson Est. (1887) 

Gut, Andrew (Emma Martin) Ch Al- 
dine, Ora, Nellie, Clarence; Rantoul 
R21 E. Bend Secl3 T80a Peter 
Good (1914) 

Gut, Christian C. (Mary Eichelberger) 
Ch Edwin; Fisher R34 E. Bend 
Secl9 O119a (1903) 

Gutzwiler, P. J. (Anna Mangold) Ch 
Hortense, Leo; Mahomet R41 New- 
comb Secl7 D160a J. F. Zinner 

Guynn, Charles (Freda Heyer) Ch 
Charles, Godfrey, Olga; Dewey 
R32 Condit Seel O80a (1876) 

Guynn, John Matilda Guynn (Mother) 
Dewey R32 E. Bend Sec35 O80a 
T80a Matilda Guynn (1873) 

Guynn, Thomas M. (Etta Drennan) 
Ch Jessie; Dewey R32 E. Bend Sec 
35 O160a (1875) 


Haag, Charles A. (Leone Powell) Ch 
Willard, Thelma; Penfield R28 Com- 
promise Sec4 Farm Hand J. C. Gor- 
den (1915) 

Haase, Ben G. (Katie Lechier) Ch 
Albert, Elizabeth, Mike; Pesotum 
R54 Pesotum Sec33 T180a Mrs. 
Elizabeth Detrick (1906) 

Hadden, L. M. Ch Anna, Albert, Stel- 
la, Walter; Sadorus R49 Colfax Sec 
24 O80a (1874) 

Hadfield, A. L. (Sarah Hixon) Ch Ma- 
bel, Alma, Lena, George, Nora; Sa- 
dorus R50 Sadorus Sec21 O120a 

Hadler, A. W. (Rose Real) Ch Har- 
ris, Henry, Frances; Rautoul R21 
E. Bend Sec36 T240a Parris Robin- 
son (1879) 

Hadven, A. H. (Elizabeth Fackler) 
Ch Helen, Pearl, William; Sadorus 
R49 Sadorus Sec26 O80a (1867) 

Hafermann, Rev. Henry (Dora T. 
Schaffnit) Ch Meta, Siegfried, Al- 
brecht, Carl, Heinrich, Martin, Ed- 
die, Hans, Marie; St. Joseph R15 
Ogden SeclS Royal Church (1905) 

Haga, Henry (Leota Rightsel) Ch 
Blanche, Herold; Sidney R57 Sid- 
ney SecS T160a R. Steel (1916) 

Hagen, John (Anna Porterfield) Ch 
Mary, Charles, Louis, Nellie, Vareta, 
Juanita; Sidney R58 Sidney Sec30 
O80a (1887) 

Hagen, Menne (Catherine Albers) Ch 
Libby, Andrew, Anna, Minnie, Mar- 
tin, Eli; St. Joseph R14 Stanton Sec 
21 O160a (1891) 

Hagermann, William (Delia Raver) 
Ch Freda; Philo R56 Philo Sec24 
Farm Hand William Rickman 

Hahn, Daniel (Catherine Denhart) Ch 
Johnnie, Edward, Dorothea; Ogden 
R17 Ogden SecS O62a T22a N. Hahn 

Hahn, Nicholas (Margaret Haines) 
Ch William, Daniel; Ogden R18 Og- 
den SecS O80a (1890) 

Haines, F. B. (Ada Knox) Ch Russell; 
Seymour R44 Scott Sec32 T320a 
Frank Dillatush (1884) 

Haines, F. B. (Harriett Qbenchain) 
Champaign R2 Champaign Secl3 
O189a (1871) 

Haines, George Sr. (Alice Hood) Ch 
Fred, John, Alverta, George, Bertha, 
Florence, Chester; Seymour R44 
Scott Sec31 T320a F. V. Dillatush 

Haines, George C. Jr. Seymour R44 
Scott Sec28 T200a J. L. Black (1894) 

Haines, L. T. (Katenn Smith) Ch 
Anna, John, Charles; Fisher R35 
Newcomb Sec3 T160a Ida Morrison 

Halbersadt, J. W. (Carrie Buttry) Ch 
Jim, Frances, Ralph, Russell, John; 
Urbana R12 Urbana Sec23 T160a 
Dan Massey (1903) 

Halberstadg, Lon (Lida Hazen) Ch 
Hope; Tolono R46 Philo Sec30 
T177a Pawling Morey (1888) 

Hall Bros. Savoy R45 Tolono Sec3 
T320a C. E. Hall (1895) 

Hall, Carl (May Brownfield) Ch Har- 
old; Mahomet R42 Newcomb Sec36 
T27a J. H. Thurston (1913) 

Hall, Henry (Elizabeth Watson) Ch 
Claudie, Ethel, Elsie, Herbert; Sid- 
ney R57 Sidney Sec33 T160a T. L. 
Black (1904) 



Hall, James (Lillian Yeats) Ch Ar- 
cher, Carmen, Orville, Edna; St. Jo- 
seph R13 St. Joseph Sec9 Farm 
Hand Frank Leas (1917) 

Hall, J. A. (Ella Anders) Ch James, 
Orvel; Sidney R58 Sidney Secl6 
T160a J. F. Risk (1904) 

Hamilton, D. C. (Emma Reed) Cham- 
paign Rl Champaign Sec21 O80a 

Hamilton, Frank (Ida Hoffbien) Sa- 
voy R45 Tolono Sec4 T183a J. I. 
Groves (1900) 

Hamilton, J. W. (Bettie Rayburn) Ch 
Kellious, Carl; St. Joseph R16 St. 
Joseph Sec24 Farm Hand Harrison 
Peters (1916) 

Hamilton, Leonard E. (Virgie R. Mar- 
tin) Ch John, Ethel, Elmer; Philo. 
R56 Crittenden Secl3 Farm Hand 
Pat Morey (1907) 

Hamm, Charles (Ethel Sawyer) Ch 
Mona, Charles; "Helmrock Farm" 
Ludlow R30 E. Bend SeclO T320a 

Hamm, C. W. (Mary Ann Thomas) 
Ch Owen, Sarah; "Pleasant Hill 
Farm" Champaign R4 Hensley Sec 
10 T320a Scott Est. (1873) 

Hamm, Forrest W. (Minnie Pearson) 
Ch Orval, Harriett, Bessie; Ludlow 
R29 Harwood SeclO O200a (1869) 

Hamm, I. B. (Lucy Wilson) Ch Lil- 
lie, Richard, Martha; Sidney R57 
Sidney Sec32 Isaac Cole (1914) 

Hamm, John M. (Ethel J. Suitors) Ch 
Geraldine, Earl; St. Joseph R13 
Stanton Sec27 Farm Hand O. W. 
Maddock (1916) 

Hammack, James M. (Grace B. Mc- 
Cool) Ch Jamie, Edith, Florence, 
Helen; Champaign R6 Somer Sec30 
T165a W. F. Hardy (1901) 

Hamman, Dan (Susie Meeker) Ch 
Guy, Lucy; Sadorus R51 Sadorus 
Sec26 O20a (1891) 

Hammel, E. T. (Nannie Downs) Ma- 
homet R40 Newcomb Sec24 T80a 
Mrs. N. Downs (1892) 

Hammel, Ferdinand (Margarita See- 
ber) Ch George; Thomasboro R19 
Rantoul Sec30 O520a (1870) 

Hammel, J. F. (Ella Moorehead) Ch 
Lena, Lottie, Richard, Mettie, Eve 1 
lyn, Leonard, Lillian; Mahomet R42 
Condit Sec31 T204a Richmond Est. 

Hammel, N. J. (Cynthia Dickerson) 
Ch Nora, Elsie, Floyd, Ernest; Ma- 
homet R42 Newcomb Sec36 O70a 

Hammel, Pliny (Drusilla A. Osborn) 
Ch Dora; Mahomet R40 Newcomb 
Sec23 T5a (1887) 


Hampel, G. W. (Christina Heimberg- 
er) Thomasboro R20 Rantoul Sec27 
T256a C. T. Walton (1870) 

Hampton, W. F. (Nora Redenbaugh) 
Ch William, Guilford, Doris, Creed, 
Vera; Mahomet R40 Newcomb Sec 
22 T155a A. M. Burk (1897) 

Hanbright, Charles (Pauline Hender- 
son) Ch Deloss; Seymour R43 Scott 
Sec6 Farm Hand C. T. Seymour 

Hancock, H. M. (Bertha Flanery) Ch 
Roy, Francis, Fern; Ludlow R31 
Ludlow Sec2 T160a W. O. Smith 

Hanks, R. E. (Sarah White) Ch Ches- 
ter; Homer R61 St. Joseph Sec36 
O80a (1901) 

Hannah, Robert R. (Mary Hanes) Ch 
Goldie, Mildred, Robert, Isaac, Ber- 
tie, Bertha, Charity, Alice; Maho- 
met R40 Newcomb Sec26 O90a 

Hansel, Grob (Olive Kirby) Ch Har- 
old, Helma; Urbana R12 Urbana Sec 
14 T360a Arthur Willard (1908) 

Hansen, T. E. (Lava Peterson) Ch 
Harold, Arthur; Dewey R32 E. 
Bend Sec3 T160a Johnson Est. 

Hansens, F. L. (Ida Leischner) Ch 
Louis, Oscar, Albert; Champaign 
R5 Hensley Secll T120a (1895) 

Hansens, William (Emma Schablon) 
Ch Elmer, Esther; Savoy R45 
Champaign Sec34 T80a Fred Han- 
sens (1897) 

Hanson, August (Louisa Mix) Ch 
Mamie, Helena; Champaign R5 
Hensley SeclO O80a (1900) 

Hanson, E. C. (Nora Simerl) Ch John, 
Charles; Champaign R3 Hensley 
Sec34 T293a Burham Est. (1877) 

Hanson, George R. (Wanda Barrick) 
Pesotum R55 Crittenden Sec33 
T280a R. P. Hansen (1880) 

Hanson, Gilmer J. (lona Erwin) Ch 
Pauline, Thelma, Erwin; Pesotum 
R55 Crittenden Sec27 T520a W. P. 
Hanson (1888) 

Happ, Elizabeth Ch Mary, Adeline, 
Maggie, Mealy, Otto, Lizzie, Tillie, 
Reba, Louis; Tolono R46 Crittenden 
Sec 18 O240a (1867) 

Happ, Louis Tolono R46 Crittenden 
SeclS T120a Elizabeth Happ (1886) 

Happ, Otto (Barbara Supancheck) Ch 
Elizabeth, Luella, Anton, Clara, 
Odelia, Susie, Uvanica, Joseph, 
Mary; Pesotum R55 Pesotum Sec 
24 0160a (1872) 

Hardin, M. S. Ch Gayle, Orville, 
Georgia; Homer R60 Homer Sec8 
T6a Mrs. Cessney (1885) 


Hardynan, Orran (Flora Jones) Ch 
Floyd, Arthur, Wayne, Delma; 
Longview R63 Raymond Sec34 
T80a W. Norman (1880) 

Hargan, E. J. (Delia Pro) Ch Lewis, 
Freda George, Leo, Leslie; Urbana 
R9 Urbana Sec5 T16a Noland Est. 

HaVgS W. F. (Martha Sazer) Ch 
Edward, Ross, Mamie, William, Leo, 
Carl Hazel; Penfield R28 Com- 
promise Sec20 02a T240a Oben- 
chain Est. (1879) 

Hargan, W. M. (Lena Saalhoff) Ch 
Francis, Etta, Pauline, .Everett; 
Armstrong Rl Compromise Sec/ 
T240a Julia Clark (1887) . 

Hargesheimer, Charles (Minnie Ira- 
vis) Foosland R39 Brown Sec29 

Harmon, J. R. (Mary Nealis) Ch Carl^ 
Mae; "Cottage Grove Farm Dewey 
R33 Condit T200a J. L. Drennun 

HaJms, Dick (Maggie Gerdis) Ch 
Martin, Lizzie, Mary; Gifford R26 
Stanton Seel O286a (1881) 

Harms, Martin (Gertrena Emkes) Ch 
Dick Ella, Grace, William, Edward 
John'; St. Joseph R14 Stanton Secl4 
0160a (1885) 

Harnishfeger, Zack (Mary Barnett 
Ch Paul, Carl; White Heath Rl 
Scott Secl9 Farm Hand W. H. Cre- 
sap (1915) 

Harper, A. Mahomet R40 Newcomb 
Sec23 T40a Mrs. V. T. Harper 

Harper, Leonard (Nellie Jenkins) 
Penfield R28 Compromise Secli 
T93a Bryan Gorden (1872) 

Harris, B. F. Champaign RD Mahomet 

Harris, H. A. (Alice Flowers) Ch 
Helen; Bondville R65 Scott Sec2 
T80a Mrs. Nora Dawley (1870) 

Harris, Tom J. (Alice McCurry) Ch 
Merrill, Marion, Arthur; Pesotum 
R55 Pesotum Sec36 Farm Hand 
John Cooper (1912) 

Harrison, A. C. (Lillie Akers) Ch 
Hazel, Guy, Margie, Earl, Zelda; 
Fisher R35 Condit Sec6 Farm Hand 
Mrs. A. H. Morris (1917) 

Harrison, James A. (Mary Cooper) 
Ch. Florence, Bertha, Anna, Madi- 
son Gerald; Pesotum R55 Pesotum 
Sec36 T263a Madison Cooper (1905) 

Harrison, Madison A. (Hattie Starky) 
Ch James, Delbert; Pesotum R55 
Pesotum Sec25 Farm Hand James 
A. Harrison (1905) 

Harrison, .William (Rosamond Ne- 
vins) Ch Lee, Marie, Ethel, Irene, 
William Jr.; Sadorus R49 Tolono 
Sec32 Farm Hand H. L. Timmons 
Est. (1914) 

Harry, M. M. (Mary J. Boyd) Ch Ef- 
fie, James, Fanny, Ethel, Daisy; Ur- 
bana R7 Urbana SeclO O27a (1856) 
Harshbarger, M. E. (Ida Smith) Ch 
Minnie, Frances, Ernest, Edna, 
Howard, Freda, Gladys, Ervin, Al- 
bert, Harry; Ivesdale R53 Sadorus 
Sec30 O80a (1898) 

Harshbarger S. T. (Ellen Thrasher) 
Ch Willis, Nellie; Ivesdale R53 Sa- 
dorus Sec31 O120a (1872) 

Harshbarger, V. M. (Emma Roberts) 
Ch Gladys; Champaign R5 Hensley 
Secl3 T160a J. M. Hershbarger 

Hartel, A. J. (Opal Stewart) Ch Hazel, 
Helen, Marie; Urbana R7 Urbana 
Seel T200a Mrs. Sarah Busy (1893) 

Hartle, L. B. (Edith Tanner) Sadorus 
R50 Colfax Sec25 T350a R. L. Hunt 

Hartman, Frank J. (Thresa Reinhart) 
Ch Rose, Joe, Antone, Anna, Kath- 
erine, George, William; Pesotum 
R54 Pesotum Sec32 O320a (1880) 

Hartman, George (Mary Dietrich) Ch 
Clara, Frank, Tillie, William, Min- 
nie, Iva; St. Joseph St. Joseph Sec 
11 O28a T200a Mrs. M. Davis and 
G. W. Rice (1901) 

Hartman, William (Ollie L. Denhart) 
Ch Helen; St. Joseph RD St. Jo- 
seph SeclS T128a Mrs. Maud Davis 

Hartrick, V. O. (Ruth Boomer) Sa- 
dorus R50 Sadorus Sec3 T154a J. H. 
Hartrick (1898) 

Hartz, Peter D. (Caroline Foot) Ch 
Josie, Wilhelm; Philo R56 Philo Sec 
23 OlOa (1872) 

Hartz, Wilhelm A. (Ida Peters) Ch 
Dorothy, Mabel, Wilhelm; Philo 
R56 Philo Sec23 T5a Peter Hartz 

Harvey, E. C. (Lizzie Wilson) Ch Ed- 
ward; Sidney R57 Sidney SeclS 
T60a S. D. Mandville (1897) 

Harvey, James (Ruby Rodgers) Ch 
Lois, Mary, Elizabeth, Juanita; Sid- 
ney R57 Sidney Seel T120a J. M. 
West (1912) 

Harvey, Tom (Mattie Sawers) Ch 
Merlin; Ogden R17 Ogden Sec28N 
Farm Hand Fred McKinney (1916) 

Hastings, Mrs. M. A. Sadorus R50 
Pesotum Sec7 O75a (1875) 

Hasty, Allen Ch Marie, Russell; St. 
Joseph R16 St. Joseph Sec24 O120a 



Hasty, William (Bertha F. Rebman) 
Ch Fern, Harold; St. Joseph St. Jo- 
seph Secl4 T3a Laura Graves (1876) 

Hasumann, Joe (Frances) Ch Roman, 
Joe, Mary, Cecilia, Leo, George, 
Frances, Anna, Tony, William, Pau- 
line; Tolono R46 Crittenden Sec21 
T400a John Armstrong (1909) 

Hatchel, George W. (Elizabeth Cox) 
Ch John, James, Thomas, Lee, 
Henry, Perry, Millie, Lottie; Sa- 
dorus R51 Sadorus Sec36 O8a (1892) 

Hatchel, Henry (Jennie Hubbert) Sa- 
dorus R51 Sadorus Sec26 O2a 

Hatchel, Lee (Florence Clark) Ch 
Betty, Grace, E,va, Alta, Ruth, Wil- 
son, Eddie; Sadorus R50 Sadorus 
Secl6 T80a Stewart Black (1887) 

Hatchel, Thomas (Mary Clark) Ch 
Mabel, Stella; Sadorus R51 Sadorus 
Sec26 O2a (1891) 

Hatter, Melvin (Zora Brown) Ch 
George; Urbana R8 Sonrer Sec34 
R. L. Brown (1914) 

Hauersperger, M. E. (Grace Leslie) 
Ch Donald, Doris; Thomasboro R20 
Stanton Sec9 T80a M. E. Stewart 

Hausman, Roman Tolono R46- Crit- 
tenden Secl6 T200a Pat Berritan 

Haven, Walter (Effie Morfey) Cham- 
paign R3 Mahomet Sec36 William 

I Morfey (1900) 

Havens, H. H. (Grace Hood) Ch Wil- 
liam Mahomet R41 Mahomet Secl7 
T120a Mrs. Arnett (1915) 

Havice, G. W. (Anna Armstrong) Ch 
Millard, Sarah, Frank, Addle, 
Mabel, Ida, Roscoe, Pearl; Mahomet 
R40 Newcomb Sec26 O5a (1874) 

Hawk, C. (Maggie Payton) St. Jo- 
seph R13 Stanton Sec33 T160a Isaac 
Hawk (1862) 

Hawk, Wyley (Elizabeth Alverson) 
Ch Blanche, Flenner, Stanley; St. 
Joseph R13 Stanton Sec33 O120a 

Hawk, W. F. (Opal Peters) Urbana 
R7 Stanton Sec30 T80a A. K. Frank- 
enberg (1897) 

Hawkins, J. F. (Mary E. Cook) Ch 
Aldia, Audrey, Fredia, Velma, Mel- 
vin; Urbana R9 Somer Sec3 Farm 
Hand John Wolken (1910) 

Hawl, Oscar (Carma Robertson) Ch 
Myrtle, Ernest, Hazel, Dorothy; 
Sidney R58 Sidney SeclS T120a D. 
M. Wilson (1904) 

Haworth, Charles (Carrie Harvey) Ch 
Lucile, Willard, Harold; "Walnut 
Grove Farm" St. Joseph R13 Stan- 
ton Sec27 TISOa C. Haworth (1871) 

Hayes, Arthur E. (Goldie Richter) Ch 
Helen, Donald; Ogden R17 Ogden 
Sec4S T200a Minnie Luzater (1883) 

Hayes, R. P. (Sadie Truax) Ch Dulsie, 
Lizzie, Lenore, Roy, Hollis; Ogden 
RD Ogden Sec9-8S O170a (1860) 

Hayes, Howard (S. Ellen Van Fleet) 
Ch Ora; St. Joseph R16 St. Joseph 
Sec27 TlOOa B. C. Green (1866) 

Hayes, William (Lora Green) Ch 
John; Ogden Sec4 O40a T120a Abe 
Leavett (1881) 

Hayne, Frank (Lena Hers) Ch Anna, 
Mary, Herman, Dick, Ricka, Carl, 
Alma, Frank, Andrew; Penfield R28 
Compromise Sec31 T120a George 
Evton (1885) 

Hazen G. W. Mahomet R40 Newcomb 
Sec27 T200a Mrs. L. M. Hazen 

Hazen, Pearl (Adaline Jayne) Ch 
Sarah, Horace, Jeanette, Wiley, Ed- 
win; Mahomet R40 Newcomb Sec 
26-27-22 O270a (1876) 

Hazzard, James (Cora Anderson) Ch 
Rhea, Mabel, Stanley, Leonard, 
Marguerite, Stewart, Martha; "Lock 
Farm" Philo R56 Philo Sec36 Farm 
Hand J. O. Baker (1916) 

Head, E. D. (Elizabeth Cleary) Ch 
Alta, Catherine, Edna, Jennie, Anna, 
Mary; Rantoul R21 Ludlow Secl4 
O160a (1903) 

Heater, H. L. (Mabel Amsden) Ch 
John; Urbana R12 Urbana Sec36 
T193a (1888) 

Heater, Robert F. (Anna Binley) Ch 
Houlsie, Delia, John, Robert, Josie; 
Urbana Rll Urbana Sec35 O208a 

Heath, A. F. (Mabel Crofward) Ch 
Phyllis, Marian, Dorothy; Ivesdale 
R52 Colfax Sec6 T480a John Digh- 
ton (1913) 

Heath, E. C. (Lizzie Jones) Ivesdale 
R53 Sadorus Charles T. Auld (1917) 

Hedric'k, N. D. (Jesse Meade) Ch 
Dan, Ray, Robert; Penfield R28 
Compromise Secl6 T120a D. M. 
Hedrick (1911) 

Hefferan, Charles L. (Rose Clifton) 
Ch Viola; Rantoul R23 Harwood 
Sec28 T80a H. W. Gerdes (1902) 

Heffernan, J. J. Ivesdale R52 Colfax 
Sec33 T120a Catherine Cain (1900) 

Heffington, Carl (Alice Benjamin) Ch 
Rhea, Myrtle; Gifford R26 Compro- 
mise Sec2 TlOOa J. Ackerman (1867) 



Heien, Herman J. (Emma Bussboom) 
Ch John, George, Ernest; St. Jo- 
seph R14 Stanton SeclO O160a 

Heien, Reiner (Kate Idens) St. Jo-- 
seph R14 Stanton SeclS O130a 

Heimburger, Andy (Emma Wascher) 
Ch Charles, Harry, Eldon, Elsie, 
Rose, Lena; Rantoul R22 Condit 
Secl4 T160a Thomas Murray and 
Charles Fink (1881) 

Heimburger, A. J. (Rose Reifsteck) 
Ch Harold, Roy; Champaign R6 
Somer Sec20 T270a Andrew Heim- 
berger (1892) 

Heimburger, Charles E. (LeTia Fied- 
ler) Ch Cornelia; Rantoul R21 Lud- 
low Sec31 T170a John Carl (1883) 

Heindselman, Martin D. (Mabel V. 
Engquist) Rantoul R23 Harwood 
Sec31 T80a H. F. Mack (1897) 

Heindselman, Martuis (Nellie Brad- 
ford) Rantoul R21 Ludlow Sec20 
T80a Dennis Deaney (1914) 

Heindselman, M. L. (Clare Gladhart) 
Ch Martin, Martuis, Sossie, Marian, 
Mabel, Mervin; Rantoul R21 Lud- 
low Sec28 T400a' Ainsworth Est. 

Heiser, J. A. (Fanny Schrock) Ch 
Leslie, Alta, Mabel; Fisher R34 
Brown Sec24 T120a John Schrock 

Heiser, J. B. (Amelia Ingold) Fisher 
R34 Brown Sec26 T160a Henry In- 
gold (1894) 

Heiser, M. E. (Barbara Goot) Ch 
Raymond, Velma; Dewey R32 E. 
Bend Secl7 T220a Jacob Heiser 

Heiser, S. J. (Tillie Ingold) Ch Eve- 
lyn; Fisher R34 Brown Secl4 T195a 
Henry Ingold (1888) 

Helliard, Thee (Alabama Angle) Ch 
Polly, Catherine, George, William, 
Sarah, Ellen; Tolono R47 Tolono 
Sec27 T248a Ed and Roland Book- 
less (1903) 

Helms, M. E. "Helms Farm" Sadorus 
R51 Sadorus Sec36 O29a (1883) 

Hemrich, J. H. (Fay Cooper) Lud- 
low R30 E. Bend Secll Farm Hand 
Ralph Tarvin (1916) 

Henderson, Miss Emma Homer R60 
Homer Sec 19 Housekeeper O. J. 

Henderson, John E. (Elmira Stuart) 
Ch Ervin, William, Wallace, Wal- 
ter; Urbana R8 Somer Sec26 TlOOa 
Lizzie Cavanaugh (1885) 

Henderson, O. J. Homer R60 Homer 
Secl9 OllOa (1872) 

Henebery, Patrick (Mary Maddox) 
Urbana Rll Urbana Sec35 O80a 

Henning, Louis Savoy R45 Tolono 
Sec4 T200a Ed Hagen (1897) 

Henning, Ranke (Lizzie Gronewold) 
Ch Anna, Hannah, Emma; Gifford 
R26 Stanton Sec3 T106a William 
Gronewold (1887) 

Henry, John (Catherine Laley) Ch 
Edna, Hugh, Edward, Helen, Otto; 
Philo R56 Crittenden Secl3 T200a 
Tom Lowery (1897) 

Henry, Joseph (Frances Kleiss) Ch 
Clarence, Frank, Mary, Eva; Peso- 
turn R54 Pesotum Secl9 O169a 

Hensley, Earl (Lula Ferris) Cham- 
paign R4 Hensley SeclS T240a P. S. 
Hensley (1879) 

Hensley, Jeff (Bertha Hensley) Ch 
Alvia, Raymond, Cletus, Cleo; 
Longview R64 Raymond Sec23 
T80a W. M. Wilkes (1915) 

Heppe Bros. (John and William) Ho- 
mer R60 Homer Sec30S O300a 

Heppe, Edward (Emma Erhorn) Ch 
George; Homer R60 Homer Secl7 
OlOOa (1882) 

Herbert, George W. (Katherine Sun- 
derland) Ch James, George, John, 
Katherine; "Green Lawn Farm' 
Gifford R25 Harwood Sec36 O325a 

Herndon, E. M. (Ida Wadsworth) Ch 
Fay, Wayne, Glenn, Bruce, Pearl, 
Frank; Homer R62 Homer Sec29N 
Farm Hand J. T. Freeman (1909) 

Herrenknecht, Carl (Bertha Ziegler) 
Ch Bertha, Jake, Dorothy; Urbana 
R9 Urbana SecS T147a S. T. Busey 
Est. (1910) 

Herriott, Archie R. (Mabel Pittman) 
Ch Harold, Frank; Mahomet R42 
Mahomet Sec26 O80a T80a (1887) 

Herriott, Elmer (Elva Pfiester) Sey- 
mour R44 Scott Sec21 T120a Peter 
Keller (1894) 

Herriott, George L. (Jessie Miller) 
Ch Maurice; Mahomet R42 Maho- 
met Secl2 T208a S. A. Herriott 

Herriott, H. B. (Marie Jones) Ch 
Richard; Mahomet R42 Mahomet 
Secll J. M. Herriott (1890) 

Herriott, Jay T. (Edna Fisher) Ch 
Dorothy, Virginia; Mahomet R41 
Mahomet Sec6 T92a W. R. Barnhart 



Herriott, J. M. (Kate Bellinger) Ch 
Harry, Elenore; Mahomet R42 Ma- 
homet Sec 11 O66a Secl4 T334a 
J. A. Bellinger (1884) 

Herriott, T. C. (Ella Hacker) Ch 
Pauline, Max; Ludlow R30 Ludlow 
SecS T320a F. A. Collinson (1897) 

Herriott, William W. (Rosa Bellin- 
ger) Ch Lela, Nova; Mahomet R42 
Mahomet Secl4 T320a Jacob Bel- 
linger (1912) 

Hershberger, J. M. (Sofia Eickhorst) 
Ch Arlie, Leslie, Merle, Roy, Nor- 
ton, Delbert, Helen; "Maizeland 
Farm" Leverett RD Somer Secl7 
O561a (1868) 

Hershberger, Leslie (Grace Goss) 
Champaign R6 Somer Sec20 T90a 
J. M. Hershberger (1887) 

Hershberger, L. A. (Elizabeth Van- 
meter) Ch Fern, Thelma; Leverett 
RD Somer Secl7 T80a J. M. Hersh- 
berger (1885) 

Hester, Al (Blanche Smith) Ch Mel- 
vin; Urbana R7 St. Joseph Sec8 
Farm Hand Earl Kirkpatrick (1914) 

Hester, Earl H. (Clara Hielman) Ch 
Beatrice, Hester, Mildred; Tolono 
R48 Philo Sec28 T80a Sammy 
Brown Est. (1899) 

Hester, Plas. (Grace Staples) Ch 
Dannie, Carven; Thomasboro R20 
Rantoul Sec30 Farm Hand Charles 
Keal (1912) 

Hester, Walter (Bessie Harvell) Ur- 
bana R7 St. Joseph Sec7 Farm Hand 
Earl Kirkpatrick (1914) 

Hettinger, Aloys (Margaret Som- 
mers) Ch Michael, Frank, Lizzie, 
George, Joe, Louis, Pete, John, 
Frances, Cecilia; Pesotum R55 Pe- 
sotum Sec24 O600a (1872) 

Hettinger, Joe Pesotum R55 Pesotum 
Sec24 T240a A. Hettinger (1884) 

Hettinger, Louis G. (Matilda Gilles) 
Ch Victoria, Paul, Clarence; Peso- 
tum R55 Crittenden Sec30 T157a A. 
Hettinger (1885) 

Hettinger, Peter M. (Ella Gilles) Ch 
Monica; Tolono R46 Pesotum Sec2 
T160a John Gorman (1896) 

Hewerdine, A. B. (Mary Poison) Ch 
Velma, Mildred, Alton; "Mapledale 
Farm" Dewey R33 Condit Sec4 
T80a Jos. Hewerdine (1875) 

Hewerdine, W. J. (Addie Myrtle Mat- 
thews) Ch Earl, Imo, Leslie, Ray, 
Carrie, Glenn; Dewey R33 Condit 
Secl6 O240a (1869) 

Heyer, Walter E. (Eva Johnson) Ch 
Lois, Wayne, Glenn; Fisher R34 E. 
Bend Sec29 T440a Heyer Est. and 
Aug. Sperling (1888) 

Hickle, B. A. (Maud Primmer) Ch 
Pauline, Chester, George, Marie, 
Harold; Champaign R4 Hensley Sec 
7 T180a C. Dyer (1887) 

Hickman, F. (Ada Lankster) Ch 
Blanche, May, Noah, Ruby, Wilbur; 
Penfield R28 Compromise Sec32 

Hieser, Amos A. (Bertha Birkey) 
Dewey R32 E. Bend Secl7 T240a 
Barbara Eyer (1889) 

Hieser, A. L. (Elizabeth Birky) Ch 
Alice, Inez; Fisher R34 E. Bend 
Sec20 T200a Jacob Hieser and Pete 
Hieser (1888) 

Hieser, J. E. (Mary Ander) Ch Sarah, 
Emory, Vernon, Florence, Frances^ 
Foosland R38 E. Bend Secl7 O120a 
T40a Birkey Est. (1890) 

Higgin, J. E. (Evelyn Davis) Ch 
Clara, Mildred, Clifton; Ivesdale 
R50 Sadorus Sec7 Road Gradesman 
Driscoll (1911) 

Higgins, E. (Mary Williams) Ch 
Ruth, Norris; "Cheery Grove Farm" 
Champaign R2 Champaign Secl3 
O7a (1897) 

Hilderbrand, Charles (Lula Halber- 
stat) Ch Edgar, Willie, Jessie, Len- 
nie; "Charles Hilderbrand Farm" 
Urbana R8 Stanton Sec7 T170a P. 
Richards (1888) 

Hilderbrant, J. C. (Belle Morgan) Ho- 
mer R60 Homer Sec20 T180a L. 
Hilderbrant (1881) 

Hildreth, Charles (Maggie Quails) 
Mahomet R40 Newcomb Sec36 
O30a (1866) 

Hiler, Horace (Irene George) Long- 
view R64 Raymond Sec34 T80a 
J. M. George (1916) 

Hillard, Charles (Ada Yeazel) Ch 
Chester; Ogden R18 Ogden Secl6S 
T192a M. L. and H. A. Brewer 

Hillard, George W. (Letha Angle) Ch 
Clarence; Tolono R47 Tolono Sec 
26 O9a T80a Phil Gunning (1904) 

Hillard, John W. (Louise E. Adams) 
Ch Susan, Mary, Charley, Bertha, 
Melvin, Elmer; Homer R60 Homer 
Sec7E T308a Dr. Conkey, Sr. Est. 
and George Spencer (1894) 

Hillson, Tom, Julia Knudson (House- 
keeper); Ludlow R30 E. Bend 
Secll O160a (1892) 

Hilt, George W. (Vivian Hoke) Ch 
Anna, Dwight, Lawrence, Louis; 
Ludlow R29 Harwood Sec4 T80a 
R. M. Hodam (1913) 



Hinds, Herman F. (Genevieve Gross) 
Ch Hilda; Pesotum R54 Pesotum 
Sec30 T200a A. W. Hinds and S. 
Ross (1889) 

Hiners, Fred C. (Ellen Dunbar) Philo 
R56 Philo Sec24 Farm Hand Ed- 
ward N. Cranferd (1916) 

Hines, Jacob (Clara Beasley) Ch 
Olive; Rantoul R21 Ludlow Secl3 
T225a R. P. Corbett (1914) 

Hinners, William (Belle Brown) Ch 
Ullman, Blanche, Prince; Urbana 
Rll Urbana Sec35 T220a Anna Sil- 
vers (1902) 

Hinrichs, Martin E. (Anna Debuhe) 
Ch Grace, Johannah, Eibe; St. Jo- 
seph R13 Stanton Sec3 O365a 

Hinrichs, Ulfert (Maria Cornelius) 
Ch Peter, Margaretha, Anna, Heye, 
John, Hinrich; Gifford R26 Stanton 
Sec3 O160a (1887) 

Hinton, Carl V. (Minnie Prince) Ch 
Bernice, Willard, Roy, Russell, Lin- 
den, Louis, Lucile, Adaline; Maho- 
met R40 Newcomb Sec28 T240a 
Gulick Bros. (1881) 

Hinton, C. A. (Maud Shaffer) Ch 
Cleora, Lavon; Mahomet R40 New- 
comb Sec24 T120a Mrs. I. Shaffer 

Hinton, C. P. (Mabel Marsh) Ch 
Alice, Leone; Fisher R35 Newcomb 
SeclO O80a SeclS T106a J. A. Hin- 
ton (1886) 

Hinton, Ira A. (Anna James) Ch 
Daisy, Linton, Nancy, Clarence; 
"Plain View Stock Farm" Mahomet 
R40 Newcomb Seel? O120a (1881) 

Hinton, J. A. (Anna Nelsen) Ch Elda, 
Louie; "Hickory Grove Farm" Ma- 
homet R40 Newcomb Secl6 O94a 

Hinton, Myron (Agnes Austin) Ch 
Helen; Mahomet R40 Newcomb Sec 
20 T160a Mrs. Mary Buchan (1884) 

Hinton, O. R. (Belle Craig) Fisher 
R35 Newcomb Secl6 O20a Tla D. 
D. Hinton (1886) 

Hinton, R. W. (Zora Daley) Ch Lyla; 
Fisher R35 Condit Sec7 T320a J. W. 
Reardon (1887) 

Hinton, W. A. (Rose Shoppel) Ch 
James, Roper; Fisher R35 New- 
comb Sec9 O160a (1857) 

Hinton, W. S. (Clara Lanam) Ch 
Vern, Alton, Mervin; Fisher R35 
Newcomb Sec9 O160a (1868) 

Hinton, W. S. Ch Stanley, Virgil, 
Vivian; "Hintonia Farm" Foosland 
R39 Brown Sec20-28 O299a (1861) 

Hiser, Jake (Ella Boys) Ch Charles, 
Raymond, Grace, Ruby; St. Joseph 
R1S Ogden Sec31W T256a C. H. 
Boys (1891) 

Hiser, J. W. (Nellie Freeman) Ch 
Percilla, Glenn, Chester; Homer 
R61 Ogden Secl9NE T228a E. R. 
Freeman (1904) 

Hiser, Peter (Adina King) Ch Sam- 
uel, Aaron, Silas; Foosland R38 E. 
Bend Sec7 O120a (1887) 

Hissong, W. R. (Effie M. Peters) Ch 
Virginia, Oscar, Lowell, Wendell; 
Urbana R12 St. Joseph Secl7 O225a 

Hittinger, Michael (Emma Kerker) 
Ch Margaret, Joseph, Edwin, Rita, 
Michael; Pesotum R55 Pesotum Sec 
24 O160a (1897) 

Hixenbaugh, Isaac (Priscilla Spencer) 
Ch Louie, Clarence, Ava; Homer 
R61 Ogden Secl9SE O236a (1868) 

Hixenbaugh, Newton (Mattie Stay- 
ton) Ch Dollie, Maude; "Dellwood 
Farm" Homer R61 Homer Sec31N 
O148a T45a Wilson Lloyd (1873) 

Hixson, Grover C. (Jessie Palmer) Ch 
Merrill, Robert, Dorothy, Arthur, 
Margaret, Mary; Sadorus R51 Sa- 
dorus Sec27 T80a (1884) 

Hixson, F. L. (Ethel Riddle) Sadorus 
RSI Sadorus Sec35 T125a M. L. 
Hixson (1896) 

Hixson, L. W. (Enna Mergenthal) Ch 
Ralph, Harry, Howard, Albert, 
Clarissa; Sadorus R51 Sadorus Sec 
26 O260a (1913) 

Hobbs, John F. (Mary E. Mayes) Ch 
Hazel, Joseph, Louis, Ralph; Ur- 
bana R9 Somer Secl4 T320a H. A. 
Haley (1896) 

Hobbs, William E. (Hillie White) Ch 
Helen; Tolono R48 Philo Secl7 
T29Sa Lindly Est. (1892) 

Hobson, J. E. (Martha Klemick) Ch 
Helen; Champaign Rl Champaign 
SeclS T160a John Nofftz (1906) 

Hobson, William (Lela Welch) Ch 
Cecil, Ross, Opal; Urbana R9 Somer 
Sec9 T166a John Voss (1901) 

Hodgson, Frank M. (Alice M. Brown) 
Ch Floyd, Fay, Lavaughn; Homer 
R59 Homer Sec21 T160a Mort 
Brown (1882) 

Hodgson, James (Mary Farmer) Ch 
Burl, Robert, Francella; Homer R60 
Homer Sec28 T120a Hodgson Est. 

Hoffhines, Dan (Mae Staples) Ch 
Ethel, Donald, Clifford; Seymour 
R43 Mahomet Sec34 T200& Charles 
Grove (1900) 



Hogans, Walter (Ethel Donovan) Ch 
Claud, Gladys, Dorothea; Urbana 
Rll Urbana Sec35 T120a J. W. 
Ruchman (1880) 

Hoghey, M. A. (Ella Milstead) Ch 
Ruetta, Dewey, Mary; Atwood R4 
Sadorus Sec35 T240a Kate Webster 

Holdman, Charles (Amelia Stable) Ch 
Van, Ethel, Mildred, Paul, Leo; 
Ivesdale R53 Sadorus Sec20 T160a 
John Stevens (1914) 

Holeman, O. C. (Lena Combs) Ch 
Elbert, Frances, Alfred, Olis; Bond- 
ville R65 Scott Sec2 Farm Hand C. 
C. Rayburn (1915) 

Holl, Bernard C. (Hulda Nofftz) Ch 
Earl, Bernice, Zelma; Pesotum R54 
Pesotum Secl7 O160a (1875) 

Hollaman, Porter (Jessie Reed) Ch 
Harold, Frank; Dewey R33 Condit 
Sec28 T155a Justine Arnold and Lee 
Johnston (1910) 

Holleman, William (Maggie Swain) 
Ch Ina, Elmer; Savoy R66 Tolono 
Sec8 T200a Mike Bates (1901) 

Holies, Jesse (Mary Blair) Sadorus 
R49 Tolono Secl9" Farm Hand Al- 
bert Nofftz (1907) 

Holliday, S. W. (Mary Hinds) Ch 
Frank, Evelyn, Luther, Hershel, 
Alto, May; Pesotum R54 Sadorus 
Sec25 OlOOa (1856) 

Holste, William (Ida Kamarad) Ives- 
dale R53 Sadorus Sec20 T80a Jim 
Conconcanan (1914) 

Holtapp, George (Elizabeth Moore) 
Ch George; Rantoul R23 Rantoul 
Sec33 T160a Holtapp Est. (1886) 

Holtermann, D. J. (Lilly M. Resenen- 
steel) Ch Laverne, Lucy, Veta, 
Neva; Sadorus R50 Sadorus SeclO 
O200a (1869) 

Holtzhauer, Charles A. (Elizabeth 
Furst) Urbana R7 Stanton Sec32 
T343a Levi Furst (1899) 

Holzbog, Charles (Edith Bolden) 
Champaign R3 Mahomet Sec25 
Farm Hand C. B. Hyde (1916) 

Holzinger, August (Margaret Mc- 
Yaly) Tolono R47 Tolono Sec34 
O14a (1888) 

Holzinger, George (Frances Cler) Ch 
Frank, John, Angeline; Sidney R58 
Sidney Sec31 T240a Jerry Gorman 

Homer, W. M. (Hattie Shumway) Ch 
Beulah; Sadorus R51 Sadorus Sec26 
T57a L. A. Grange (1891) 

Hood, F. O. (Velma Lindsey) Ran- 
toul R22 Condit Sec23 T240a Farm 
Hand Mrs. Warner (1890) 

Hoosier, Roley (Tava Norfleet) Ch 
Lola; Mahomet R42 Mahomet Sec 
25 Farm Hand O. R. Dallohan 

Hord, George (Lillie Howell) Foos- 
land R38 Brown Secl2 T160a M. S. 
Rankins (1909) 

Hord, Gilbert W. (Virna Roberts) Ch 
Oral, Leone, Bessie, Daisy; Urbana 
R8 Somer Sec25 Farm Hand John 
Brownfield (1917) 

Hord, R. R. (Phebe Connerty) Ch Ar- 
chie, Elsie, Lester; Urbana R7 Ur- 
bana Seel (1917) 

Horgan, M. Ch Thomas, Mitchell, 
John, Mary, Ellen; Ivesdale R52 
Coif ax Sec23 O160a (1870) 

Horsch, Henry (Katy Good) Ch Lou- 
isa, Martha, True, Devina, Henry, 
Clara, Erin, Katy, Algy; Foosland 
R38 E. Bend Sec7 T154a Chris. 
Berky (1915) 

Horst, Frank A. (Barbara Koerner) 
Ch Rosa, Martin, Mary; Sidney R58 
Raymond Sec6 T109a Reed Est. 

Hough, A. C. (Carrie E. Nuss) Ch 
Lena, Alice, Alma, Ralph, Ray, 
Austin, Fay; Gifford R25 Kerr Sec24 
T340a Mollie Collison (1885) 

House, Richard A. (Bertha Warren) 
Savoy R45 Tolono SeclS O90a T45a 
Mrs. I. F. House (1884) 

House, Verna (Daisy Penny) Ch Mel- 
vin; Urbana RIO Philo Seel Farm 
Hand Prof. J. O. Baker (1912) 

Houston, D. H. Mrs. O. B. Reeder, 
Housekeeper; Dewey R32 E. Bend 
Sec4 T240a Col. T. C. Smith (1881) 

Houston, S. (Linnie Fink) Ch Ira, 
Alfred, Mildred, Gladys, Russell; 
Champaign R4 Champaign Sec2 
T30a Mrs. Spencer (1873) 

Houze, John W. (Mollie Wycoff) Ch 
Atha; Urbana R9 Somer Sec26 
T184a W. T. Shaw (1903) 

Hoveln, Claas (Tina Roalfs) Ch 
Hannah, Grace, Harry, Fred, Ellis, 
Anna, Dinah; Penfield R28 Compro- 
mise Sec29 O120a (1882) 

Hovis, George (Lottie Frazier) Ch 
Glenn, Dorothy; Sidney R58 Sidney 
Sec28 T80a August Block (1916) 

Hovis, Willis (Malinda Grieb) Ch Al- 
tia, Merl, Herold, Lawrence, Bertha, 
Nellie; Sidney R57 Sidney Sec33 
T200a T. L. Block (1908) 

Howard, D. A. (Mary Gibbens) Ch 
Grace, Frank, Hope, Leda; Rantoul 
R21 Ludlow Secl4 T340a A. P. 
Nixon (1873) 



Howard, Orlie (Kate Wingle) Ch 
Francis, Mabel, John, Daniel, Eliza- 
beth; Dewey R32 E. Bend Sec28 
O116a (1884) 

Howe, T. B. (Clara Cresner) Ch Mil- 
dred, Helen; Foosland R39 Brown 
Sec30 T248a D. Zimmer (1916) 

Howell, Fred (Edna Snyder) Homer 
R60 Homer Sec29 T160a S. W. 
Howell (1886) 

Howser, D. M. (Nancy Huffman) Ch 
Oral, Georgia, Russell; "Twin Maple 
Farm" Urbana R12 St. Joseph Sec 
17 O120a (1885) 

Hoy, Fred (Opal Lockwood) Ch 
Marjorie; Urbana R12 Urbana Sec 
24 T180a R. B. Hoy (1885) 

Hoy, J. F. (Mary Brooks) Ch Lavina; 
Urbana R12 Urbana Sec24 T160a 
R. B. Hoy (1881) 

Hoy, Monroe (Myrtle McCullom) Ch 
William, Genevieve; St. Joseph R13 
Stanton Sec33 O113a (1883) 

Hoy, W. H. (Lottie Crayne) Ch Mon- 
roe; Urbana R8 Somer Sec24 O80a 

Hoyt, A. J. (Rosa Sinkes) Ch Rollie, 
Robert, Leone, Charles; St. Joseph 
R13 St. Joseph Secll T160a N. C. 
Hoyt (1889) 

Hoyt, C. L. (Mae Cook) Thomasboro 
R19 Condit Sec25 T160a Jim Leo- 
nard (1909) 

Hoyt, G. N. (Martha Zook) Ch Cre- 
tia, Walter; St. Joseph St. Joseph 
Secll O129a (1913) 

Hoyt, Mrs. Julia E. Ch William, 
Grace, George, James; St. Joseph 
R13 St. Joseph Secll N. C. Hoyt 

Hoyt, N. C. (Julia A. Clements) Ch 
Anson, Ethel, Ralph, Ealey, Nealey, 
Mildred, Loree, Zclla, James; St. 
Joseph R13 St. Joseph Secll O360a 

Hoyt, N. G. St. Joseph RD St. Joseph 
Secl6 T157a N. C. Hoyt (1895) 

Hubbard, L. G. (Edger Bennett) Ch 
Nelle, Minnie; "Pleasant Hill Farm" 
Urbana RIO Urbana Sec29 T80a 
Hubbard Sisters (1869) 

Hubbart, H. J. (Nancy Hibbed) Ch 
Sarah, Leonard, Jenny, Minnie, Jes- 
sie, Elsie, Grace; Sadorus R51 Sa- 
dorus Sec25 O82a (1874) 

Hubbart, S. L. J. (Sallie Wilson) Ch 
Herold, Milton; Sadorus R51 Sa- 
dorus Sec25 T2a (1880) 

Huckin, E. R. (Nora Smoot) St. Jo- 
seph R15 Ogden Sec20 T160a R. P. 

Hudson, Ed (Alta M. Swain) Ch 
Hersel; "Fairview Stock Farm" 
St. Joseph R13 St. Joseph Sec21 
O160a (1869) 

Hudson, F. M. (Cora M. Root) Ch 
Glenn, Harold, Kenneth, John, Fred- 
erick; Urbana R8 Somer Sec33 T99a 
J. H. Hudson Est. (1884) 

Hudson, John (Ina Murrah) Ch Vera, 
Vivian, Vernon, Mary; Sidney R7 
Sidney Sec5 T163a A. Hudson (1885) 

Hudson, Marion (Sarah Werts) Ch 
Cecil, Grace; Urbana R12 Urbana 
Sec26 O240a (1861) 

Hudson, J. M. (Margaret Flaherty) 
Ch Helen, Howard; Urbana R12 
Urbana Secl4 T160a Eliza Hudson 

Hudson, Oscar (Catherine Mullin) 
Ch Elizabeth, Lindley, Kathleen; 
Urbana R12 St. Joseph Sec30 T160a 
Mrs. J. H. Hudson (1875) 

Hudson, Perry (Anastasia Connerty) 
Ch Anastasia, Elizabeth; Urbana 
R12 St. Joseph Sec30 T280a Mrs. 
J. H. Hudson and Tom Tyrell (1880) 

Hudson, P. B. (Sue Dyson) Urbana 
R12 St. Joseph Sec30 Farm Hand 
Perry Hudson (1889) 

Hudson, R. C. (Ruth Hill) Ch Fred, 
Lawrence; Urbana R12 Urbana Sec 
25 TlOOa Marion Hudson (1890) 

Huffman, Fred (Lillian Kuhn) Ch 
Allen; St. Joseph R13 St. Joseph 
SeelO Farm Hand Raymond Wolfe 

Huffman, R. O. (Minerva E. Johnson) 
Ch Dwight, Grace, Edna, Raleigh 
Jr.; St. Joseph R13 St. Joseph Secl7 
O40a TlOOa A. W. Strong (1879) 

Hughes, Clint (Ella Davidson) Ch 
Eva, Nathaniel, Earl, Elmer; Sid- 
ney R59 Sidney SecS O90a (1888) 

Hughes, E. O. (Hazel DeHart) Ma- 
homet RD Mahomet Sec21 Farm 
Hand Fred Snell (1916) 

Hughlett, Ed (Stella Bogard) Ch 
Hazel; Ogden R18 Ogden Sec20S 
Farm Hand Billie Downing (1916) 

Huguet, Paul (Sarah Cleary) Ch Ber- 
nadine, Marguerite, Mary, Francis, 
Irene; Ludlow R30 Ludlow Secll 
O200a'T40a (1902) 

Hulmes, Harry H. (Orpha Yeasel) Ch 
Mark, Herman, Madeline; Sidney 
R4 Sidney SeclO O161a (1860) 

Huls, Garrolt (Trente Burns) Ch Jas- 
per, Wipke, Anna, Georgia, Richie, 
Tony, George, John, Harb, Martin; 
Rantoul R24 Compromise Sec9 
O200a (1876) 



Huls, George G. (Minnie Eman) Ch 
Trecia, Albert, Emma; St. Joseph 
R14 Stanton Sec23 T160a Charles 
Huls (1888) 

Huls, Jasper G. (Anna Alday) Ch 
Garrett, John; Rantoul R24 Rantoul 
Sec8 O120a (1880) 

Huls, Jasper J. (Taaker Ehmen) Ch 
Ida, Trenje, Anna, Bertha; Rantoul 
R24 Compromise Sec9 T120a John 
J. Huls (1886) 

Huls, John J. (E. A. Albers) Ch Jas- 
per, Anna, Anke, Libby, Henke, 
William; Rantoul R24 Compromise 
Sec9 O280a (1877) 

Huls, J. G. (Carrie Wolken) Ch Gerd, 
Annie, Tina; Thomasboro R19 Ran- 
toul Sec27 T240a G. J. Huls and J. 
D. Wolken (1889) 

Huls, J. P. (Abby Loschen) Ch Poppe, 
Harm, Tena, Hilda; St. Joseph R15 
Ogden SeclSNE O360a (1872) 

Huls, Louie (Lizzie Harms) Ch Tina, 
Grace; Gifford R26 Stanton Sec2 

Huls, Martin (Janna Hendricks) Ch 
Anka, Gretje, Hemke, Tina, Anna, 
Jasper, Emma; Gifford R26 Com- 
promise Sec34 O200a (1877) 

Huls, Poppe J. (Annie) Ch Poppe; 
St. Joseph R14 Ogden Secl9 O196a 

Huls, William (Anna Duden) Ch 
Tena, Harman, Mary; St. Joseph 
R14 Stanton Sec23 O140a (1867) 

Hulvey, Wilmer (Anna Kirby) Ur- 
bana R8 Somer Sec35 T180a Thomas 
Brownfield (1916) 

Humes, Lizzie Rantoul R23 Harwood 
Sec29 O80a (1873) 

Hummel, Charles A. (Kathryn Nichol) 
Ch Clifford; "Forrest Lawn Farm" 
Dewey R36 E. Bend Sec28 T529a 

Hummel, Henry (Mary Hannagan) 
Ch Kathryn, Eloysius; "Forrest 
Lawn Farm" Dewey E. Bend Sec 
28 O529a (1861) 

Hummel, Phillip (Anna Lorenz) Ch 
Lewis; Dewey E. Bend Sec34 O5a 

Humphery, W. M. (Cora Hedrick) 
Ch Clarence, Alma; R42 Condit Sec 
31 T160a N. C. Fisher and August 
Sperling (1912) 

Humphrey, J. M. (Zona Fuqua) Ch 
Ethel, John, Rosey, Josy, Mitchel, 
Francis; Sadorus Sadorus Seel TlOa 
Wabash (1913) 

Humphrey, O. V. (Ella Hazel) Ch 
Virgie, Ruby, Edward; Champaign 
Rl Champaign Secl6 Farm Hand 
S. F. Bell (1917) 

Humphry, George (Amelia Hopp) To- 
lono R46 Crittenden Secl7 T240a 
William Ridhed (1902) 

Hunsicker, L. Carl (Ethel Canada) 
Ch Hazel; Urbana R7 Urbana T174a 
Mary Apperson (1886) 

Hunt, J. W. (Etta Belle Stay ton) Ch 
Durward, Annabelle, Jasper; St. 
Joseph R14 Stanton Sec35 T200a 
A. Hunt (1887) 

Hunt, Orren M. (Edna O. Clark) St. 
Joseph R13 Stanton Sec27 T120a 
A. Hunt (1889) 

Hunt, T. O. (Madge E. Boling) Ch 
Nellie, Charles; Champaign R6 
. Somer Sec20 Farm Hand Herman 
Cruser (1917) 

Hunter, W. E. (Lucie Clayton) Ch 
William; Champaign Rl Champaign 
Secl6 Farm Hand Clifford Fry 

Hupp, C. E. (Alice Altop) Ch Elsie, 
Mary, Lewis, Harry, Helen, Leo- 
nard; Longview R63 Raymond Sec 
26 T160a W. M. Zenke (1917) 

Kurd, J. C. (Lillian Clift Pickrell) Ch 
Roy, Pickrell, Thelma; Urbana R8 
Urbana Sec4 O7a (1873) 

Kurd, Lyman (Freda Schernan) Ch 

. Evelyn; Urbana R9 Urbana Sec6 
T2a Carry Howl (1890) 

Hurst, George (Mary Frank) Ch Min- 
nie, Carl; Champaign R2 Champaign 
Sec26 O40a (1883) 

Hurst, George, Jr. (Mattie Duggan) 
Ch Nellie, Willie, Walter, Minnie; 
Homer R59 Ayers Sec5 T160a 
George Hurst Sr. (1883) 

Hurst, John (Lucy Hytt) Ch George, 
Susie, Anna, Roy, Emma, Francis, 
John, General, Lois, Telith; Sidney 
R58 Raymond Sec7 T125a John 

Hurt, B. H. (Dora Brown) Ch Fred, 
Robert, Hallie; Allerton Rl Ayers 
Sec28 T160a William J. Alexander 

Huss, J. Walter (Etta Brash) Ch Ray- 
mond, Hazel; St. Joseph R16 St. 
Joseph Sec3 T140a J. R. Huss (1887) 

Huss, M. R. (Bertha Preplow) Ch 
Leonard, James. Beulah, Lois, Alice; 
St. Joseph R16 St. Joseph Sec33 
T160a J. R. Huss and Preplow Est. 



Hutchens, T. C. (Jennie Saddoris) Ch 
Lynn; Urbana R8 Somer Secl3 
T160a R. R. Mattis (1910) 

Hutchinson, D. S. (E. I. Carter) Ch 
Norma; Sadorus R51 Sadorus Sec23 
TllOa D. S. Hutchinson Est. (1917) 

Hutchison, E. T. (Maude Moon) Ch 
Opal, Fay; Champaign R6 Rantoul 
Sec33 T80a McConnel Bros. (1881) 

Hutchison, J. H. (Louise Brooks) Ch 
Clarence, Brent; Urbana R7 Stanton 
Sec31 O132a T. Ellrod Est. (1917) 

Hutson, Henry (Belle Miller) Ch 
Jack, Maud, Willie, Gretchen, Or- 
pha, Needy, Belle; "Holstein Dairy 
Farm" Urbana R8 Urbana Sec9 
T121a J. W. Stipes (1874) 

Hyde, A. A. (Alice Norton) Ch Nellie, 
Marion, Paul; Rantoul R21 E. Bend 
Sec25 O160a (1856) 

Hyde, A. B. (Kate Miller) Ch Loren, 
Marshall, Russell; Rantoul R21 E. 
Bend Sec25 O160a (1865) 

Hyde, C. B. (Lottie McKee) Ch 
Adelia, Charlotte, Florence, Samuel, 
Charles, Raymond, Rosamond; 
Champaign R3 Mahomet Sec24 

Hyde, H. R. (Julia Guinn) Ch Lois, 
Lelia, Nancy, Roland, Julius, Eliza~ 
beth; Champaign R3 Hensley Sec30 
O40a T180a (1878) 

Hyde, O. S. Champaign R3 Hensley 
Sec30 Farm Hand Hyde Est. (1869) 

Hylbert, Henry Clay (Elizabeth 
Boggs) Ch Vera, Benjamin, Jo- 
seph, Bessie, Leonard; Gifford R26 
Harwood Sec26 T200a James Talbot 

Hylbert, Jerome M. (Nora Burson) 
Gifford R25 Harwood Sec35 T240a 
J. M. Gehrt (1901) 

Hylbert, S. L. (Laura E. Corbett) Ch 
Earl, Ruby, Anna, Earnest, Harold, 
Janet; Gifford R26 Compromise 
Secll T320a L. E. Burglen (1904) 

Ice, Bernard E. (Jessie Roberts) Ch 
Kathryn; Urbana Rll Urbana Sec 
35 O80a (1891) 

Ickes, Mrs. Anna Ch Jake, Emma, 
Charles, Frank, Nellie, Daisy, Mary, 
Joe; Longview R63 Crittenden Sec 
22 O160a (1869) 

Ickes Bros. Longview R63 Crittenden 
Sec22 T160a Mrs. Anna Ickes Est. 

Idens, Wolfert (Grace Bloom) Ch 
Anna, Fred, George, Hannah; Gif- 
ford R26 Compromise Sec26 O80a 

Idues, George (Anna Harms) Ch 
Anna, Hilda, Albert, Katie, Hugh; 
Gifford R26 Sec26 O240a (1846) 

Idues, Heye (Katie Groneweld) Gif- 
ford R26 Sec36 T240a George 
Idues (1884) 

Ihnem, George H. (Maggie Emkes) 
Ch Tjirk, Angle, Wilke, JHanna, 
Anton; Rantoul R24 Rantoul Secl7 
O240a (1877) 

Imming, Joseph (Edith Schwemin) 
Ch Esther; Thomasboro R19 Condit 
Sec25 T200a Tom Malloy (1899) 

Imning, B. F. (Johana Quinlan) Lud- 
low R30 Ludlow Sec4 T160a Tom 

Ingleman, All (Minnie Warmer) Ch 
Glen; Rantoul R21 Ludlow Sec33 
O320a (1885) 

Ingleman, Dave, Jr. Ludlow R30 Lud- 
low Sec7 T250a Dave Ingleman 

Ingleman, John (Gina Nelson) Ran- 
toul R21 Ludlow SeclS T345a Dave 
Ingleman (1881) 

Ingleman, William, Ethel Martin 
(Housekeeper) Rantoul R22 Rantoul 
Sec6 O170a TllSa J. T. Fletcher 

Ingold, David (Katie P. Grieser) Ch 
Ray, Roy, Harvey, Joe, Russel, 
Mary, Katherine; "Oak Grove 
Farm" Dewey R33 Condit Secl9 
O256a (1917) 

Ingram, D. B. (Lyda Frazier) Ch 
Hood, Elsie; Allerton Rl Ayers Sec 
33 Tla Daniel Cornell (1911) 

Innes, Charles (Violet Shelby) Cham- 
paign R2 Champaign Sec28 T240a 
Mrs. H. M. Johnston (1887) 

Innes, Chester F. (Grace Jones) Ch 
Bessie, Frank, Hazel, Nellie, Maude, 
Lois; Bondville R65 Scott Sec36 
T320a Tom Wilson (1877) 

Innes, Roy B. (Fay Fowler) Ch Mar- 
jorie; St. Joseph R16 St. Joseph 
Sec35 T160a George Humrichouse 

Innes, W. O. (Lizzie Francis) Cham- 
paign R5 Hensley Secl3 T196a 
Frank Pfiester (1867) 

Innis, R. S. (Letha Hutson) Ch Oscar, 
Roy, Rody, Ora, Nora; Urbana RIO 
Urbana Sec33 T160a Isaac Reynolds 

Irle, Charles Mahomet RD Mahomet 
Sec28 O180a 



Irle, George G. (Mary Arnold) Ch 
Anna, George, William, Nettie; 
Urbana R9 Somer Secl6 O376a 

Irle, Harry L. (Edith Babb) Ch Ev- 
eret; Champaign R6 Somer Sec8 
T320a Henry Irle (1890) 

Irle, L. J. (Beatrice Babb) Ch Louis, 
Kenneth; "Willow Lane Farm" 
Champaign R6 Somer Sec8 T289a 
Louis Irle and Mrs. A. Busey (1888) 

Irle, W. H. (Gussie Peters) Ch Her- 
bert, Mildred, Walter, Mabel; Thom- 
asboro Rantoul Sec28 O160a T80a 
Anna Gabriel (1878) 

Irons, A. E. (Leota Dawson) Homer 
R61 St. Joseph Sec36 TlOOa S. Irons 

Irons, S. (Elizabeth Hackett) Ch Alva; 

Homer R61 St. Joseph Sec36 OlOOa 

Irwin, J. W. (Cincie Gabbert) Ch 

Paul, Blanche, Claude, Park, Daisy; 

Longview Raymond Sec34 O200a 


Isaacs, Mrs. Beatrice Ch Robert, Har- 
old; Champaign R2 Champaign Sec 

23 Charles Collins (1916) 
lungerich, George W. (Elizabeth 

Myers) Ch Ethel, Lloyd; Rantoul 

R23 Rantoul Sec7 T200a E. N. Crane 

lungerich, L. F. (Clara Phelps) Ch 

Mildred; Dewey R32 E. Bend Sec27 

T80a Earl Crane (1915) 

Jackson, Ed S. (Eva Paul) Mahomet 
R41 Newcomb Sec29 T160a Nannie 
Wilson (1902) 

Jackson, Hubert O. (Cecil Walker) 
Ch Elizabeth, Ida, William; Ludlow 
R31 Harwood Sec 18 T200a R. R. 
Griswold Est. and Mrs. Lawrence 

Jackson, Joe M. (Ella Cole) Ch Inez; 
Pesotum R55 Crittenden Sec32 
T280a Chesman Est. (1911) , 

Jackson, John Ludlow R30 Ludlow 
Secl6 O160a (1877) 

Jackson, William T. (Mary M. Cham- 
berlin) Ch James, Freeman, Wil- 
liam, George, Susan, Hurbert, Mark; 
Ludlow R31 Harwood SeclS T160a 
R. R. Griswold Est. (1895) 

Jackson, W. H. (Julia A. Rhoten) Ch 
Floyd, LaVerne; "Clover Leaf 
Farm" Fisher R35 Condit SeclS 
O262a (1875) 

Jacobs, Charles A. (Gertrude Arie) 

"~"Ch Gladys, Charles; Urbana Rll 
Urbana Sec26 Tl57a H. N. Pell 

Jacobs, Charles J. (Effie Breese) Ch 
Magdalena; Ludlow R31 Harwood 
SeclQ T160a George Martin (1913) 

Jacobs, C. A. (Grace Hodgson) Ch 
Pearl, Ruth, Howard, Wilbur, Hazel, 
Helen; St. Joseph R15 Ogden Sec 
6SW O173a (1877) 

Jacobs, G. W. (Alice Lawhead) Ch 
Thomas, Russell, Maggie; Cham- 
paign Rl Champaign Sec7 T160a N. 
Jacobs (1871) 

Jacobs, John H. (Lucretia Walker) Ch 
Alice, Earl, Pearl, Ray, Lloyd, Mary, 
Clarence; Dewey R32 E. Bend Sec36 
T240a Derrough Est. (1886) 

Jacobs, William, Katherine Becket 
(Mother) Mahomet R40 Condit Sec 
19 O43a (1885) 

James, Chauncey (Fannie Clements) 
Ch Ormal, Lulu, Lorraine, Trathen, 
Hortense, Chauncey Jr.; Thomas- 
boro Rantoul Sec28 T245a John 
Sluter (1874) 

James, George (Viola Daily) Ch Ray- 
m'ond, Harlan, George, Russell, 
Ethel; Urbana R12 Urbana SeclO 
T74a J.'F. Johnson (1875) 

James, Mrs. Hannah (Natzabaugher) 
Ch Marian, John; Urbana R7 Stan- 
ton Secl7 O65a (1844) 

James, Hugh (Edith Webster) Ch 
Mabel, Harold; Thomasboro R20 
Stanton Sec6 T91a T. J. James 

James, John Urbana R7 Stanton Sec 
17 T80a William Waller (1886) 

James, J. W. Rantoul R22 Rantoul 

James, Mrs. Lucy (Baughman) Ch 
Moses, Lucy, Mary, Annie, Clara; 
Mahomet R41 Newcomb Secl9 
0320a (1877) 

James, Marrian (Mary Rogers) Ch 
Charles, Dave, John, Goldie, Lena, 
Ernest; Thomasboro R20 Stanton 
SeclS O20a Sec6 T195a (1880) 

James, Moses (Emma Keene) Ch Les- 
lie, Iva, Willard, Glenn, Wayne; 
Mahomet R41 Newcomb Secl9. 
T320a L. J. James (1877) 



James, New (Margaret Lyttleton) Ch 
Herbert, Theresa, John; Ludlow 
R30 E. Bend Secl2 T320a E. M. 
Armstrong (1877) 

James, O. (Pearl Webster) Thomas- 
boro R19 Rantoul Sec32 T200a R. G. 
Morxison (1897) 

Jared, J. A. (Essa Sursa) Ch Dennis, 
Bernice, Susie; Urbana R9 Somer 
Secl6 TlOOa Thomas F. Thornburn 

Jarrett, Elmer (Liza Dooley) Savoy 
R45 Champaign Sec26 Farm Hand 
Charles Luthers (1906) 

Jarrett, John P. (Laura McKinney) 
Ch John, Isaac, Morris; Urbana R8 
Somer Sec35 T182a J. W. Bensyl 
and T. R. Elliott (1907) 

Jarrett, Jonas M. (Myrtle Dillman) 
Ch Homer, Claud; Thomasboro R20 
Rantoul Secl9 T360a Alice Yeoman 
( 1898) 

Jelley, John (Lulu Castor) Ch Elsie; 
Seym'our R44 Scott Sec34 T80a John 
Van Buskirk (1915) 

Jelly, George (Mary Castor) Ch How- 
ard, Belle, Mildred, Bertha; Fisher 
R35 Newcomb Seel T160a R. E. 
Rising (1907) 

Jenkens, C. C. (Eliza Adams) Urbana 
R12 Urbana SeclO T3a (1877) 

Jenkens, Guy (Evelyn Mundy) Ch 
Neil; Homer R61 Homer Sec31 
Farm Hand Newton Hixenbaugh 

Jenkins, C. E. (Lida Osborn) Ch Mar- 
garet, William; Foosland R38 
Brown Secll T65a P. Blissard 

Jenkins, Hodge (Grace Bryan) Ch 
Mildred; Mahomet R41 Mahomet 
SecS Farm Hand M. O. Stover 

Jenkins, Hodge (Grace Bryan) Ch 
Mildred, Austin; Mahomet R41 
Newcomb Sec32 T40a M. O. Stover 

Jenkins, Jessie (Vinnie Horshman) Ch 
Mae; Ogden Ogden SecS Farm 
Hand R. P. Hayes (1887) 

Jenkins, Wiley (Rosanna Rush) Ch 
Florence, Gertrude, Guy, Joseph, 
Katherine, George, Dorothy, Ruby; 
St. Joseph R16 St. Joseph Sec23 
Farm Hand A. M. Grimes (1912) 

Jenkinson Alfred (Elizabeth Clark) 
Ch Clements, Mary, Jessie, Benja- 
min; Gifford R25 Harwood Sec35 
O200a (1876) 

Jerney, J. C. (Anna Alexander) Ch 
Carrie; Champaign R4 Hensley Sec 
27 T80a M. McWilliams (1908) 

Jervis, D. G. (Cleora Westall) Ch 
Merwin, Ellen; Thomasboro R19 
Condit Sec35 T280a Mrs. Katherine 
Jervis (1877) 

Jervis, J. C. (Rosa Lester) Ch Win- 
nie, Lorin, Clyde, Verda, Elva; Ma- 
homet R40 Newcomb Secl4 T120a 
Mrs. E. Lester (1868) 

Jessee, Bruce (Marie Rush) Ch Mar- 
jorie; Tolono R46 Crittenden SeclO 
Farm Hand Pat Lynch (1896) 

Jessen, Christs (Lena Remussen) Ch 
Clarence; Ludlow R30 Ludlow Sec9 
T160a J. Carvill (1910) 

Johnes, Robert (Bertha Beaman.) 
Broadlands R36 Raymond Secll 
Farm Hand Peter Edens (1913) 

Johnson, Alfred (Cora Peterson) Ch 
Theodore, Mabel, Melvin, Arthur, 
Harold, Ellen, Esther, Chester; 
Rantoul R21 Ludlow Secl7 O280a 
T280a S. Johnson (1883) 

Johnson Andrew E. (Sarah A. Brown) 
Ch Elizabeth, Clark, Lena, Elsie, 
Lucinda; Gifford R25 Harwood Sec 
13 T160a I. Johnson (1882) 

Johnson, Claude L. (Mabel Beving- 
ton) "Sunnyside Farm" Gifford R25 
Harwood Secl2 T160a I. Johnson 

Johnson, C. O. (Lizzie McClaskey) Ch 
Kenneth, Ervin, Lyle; Penfield R28 
Compromise Secl7 T120a J. B. John- 
son (1887) 

Johnson, C. V. (Effie Manning) Ch 
Wilbur; Penfield R28 Compromise 
Sec20 T240a Oben Chain Est. (1914) 

Johnson, C. W. (Clara Voightutter) 
Ch Dorothy; Pesotum R54 Pesotum 
Sec33 T160a T. O. Darrah (1891) 

Johnson, Dick (Nannie Williams) Ch 
Clifford; Rantoul R21 Ludlow Sec 
17 T80a C. B. Chapin (1913) 

Johnson, Edward (Sarah Kelly) Ch 
Harry, Emory, Ollie, Carrie, Lola; 
Edna, George, Paul, Helen; Cham- 
paign R2 Champaign Sec26 T45a R. 
R. Mattis (1903) 

Johnson, E. E. (Edith Collins) Cham- 
paign R6 Somer SecS T89a Daniel 
Duggan (1905) 

Johnson, Frank (Nellie Roberts) Ch 
Daisy, Elsie, Ethel, John, Frank, 
Dorothy, Marjorie; Urbana R7 
Somer Sec36 OllOa (1875) 

Johnson, Fred (Lina Filemann) Ch 
Herman, Regina, Pauline, Theodore, 
Bernard, Annette; Urbana R8 Somer 
Seel OSOa T80a John Schluter 

Johnson, George W. (Mary Harms) 
Ch John; Gifford R26 Stanton Seel 
T160a Dick Harms (1911) 



Johnson, George W. (Henriette 
Schmidt) Ivesdale R53 Sadorus Sec 
31 T153a Mary Schmidt (1914) 

Johnson, G. A. (Bessie Monroe) Ch 
Ray; St. Joseph R16 St. Joseph Sec 
36 T180a Marion Harmeson and 
Mrs. Dick Caldwell (1875) 

Johnson, G. F. (Florence Upton) Ch 
Eugene; Champaign Rl Champaign 
Secl6 Farm Hand J. H. Godsey 

Johnson, H. (Maria Fretty) Ch How- 
ard; Ludlow R30 E. Bend Sec2 
T180a Mrs. B. Allright (1914) 

Johnson, John (Autge J. Schluter) Ch 
John, Grace, Marie; Rantoul R24 
Rantoul SeclS O120a (1884) 

Johnson, John M. (Annie Elmien) Ch 
. Gerhardt; Rantoul R24 Rantoul Sec 
17 O90a (1890) 

Johnson, John R. (Mary Fredricks) 
Ch Minnie, Joe, Kate, Ralph, Henry; 
Anna, Hannah, Bertha; Rantoul R23 
Compromise Sec4 O80a (1886) 

Johnson, J. B. (Ida Duncan) Ch Mary, 
Kent, Ralph; Champaign R5 Cham- 
paign Sec2 Farm Hand E. C. Baker 

Johnson, J. B. (Julia Mooney) Ch 
Tommy, Jack, Ethel, Edith; Ludlow 
R30 Ludlow SeclS T160a N. B. Ty- 
ler (1915) 

Johnson, J. H. (Sarah B. Battershett) 
Ch Hannah, Jessie, Lucy, Sallie, 
Isabelle, Rollie, Ollie, Henry, Her- 
bert, Everman; Urbana R8 Urbana 
Sec3 O29a (1870) 

Johnson, J. H. (Lorena Hackney) Ch 
Geraldine; Fisher R35 Newcomb 
Sec6 T160a Frank Delaney (1914) 

Johnson, Sarah J. Sadorus R51 Sa- 
dorus Sec25 O17a (1877) 

Johnson, Theodore Rantoul R21 Lud- 
low Secl7 T280a S. Johnson (1901) 

Johnson, Theye (Rika Harbets) Ch 
Almuth, Wurke, Sine, Dene; St. Jo- 
seph R14 Stanton Sec25 O40a (1888) 

Johnson, Thomas (Laura Corray) Ch 
Lydia, Ethel, Verna, Florence; Ur- 
bana R7 Somer Sec36 O170a (1865) 

Johnson, T. C. (Tillie Ketterman) Ch 
Harlan, Fletcher, Elsie, Willie, Min- 
nie; Urbana R8 Urbana Sec3 Tj4a 
D. W. Slade (1874) 

Johnson, W. B. (Maud Kirkpatrick) 
Ch Nolan, Glenn; St. Joseph R13 
Stanton Sec28 O40a T120a David 
Johnson (1887) 

Johnson, W. H. (Sarah Smith) Ch 
Charles, Arthur, Lillie, Thomas, 
Pearl, Felix, Arnold, Ethel, Mamie, 
Claud; Sidney R57 Sidney Sec8 J. 
Woodard (1916)' 

Johnson, W. L. Sadorus R51 Sadorus 
Sec36 T35a Calvin Johnson (1883) 

Johnson, W. P. (Bernice Harris) Ch 
Eugene, Marjorie; Sidney R57 Sid- 
ney Sec22 O76a Clawson Est. (1896) 

Johnston, Elmer L. (Lillian Hurd) Ch 
Kenneth, Robert; Urbana R7 Stan- 
ton Sec29 T200a (1890) 

Johnston, Hume (Bertha Bradley) Ch 
Florence, Richard, Irmahume; Sey- 
mour R43 Scott SaclO T40a Robert 
Johnston (1887) 

Johnston, H. T. (Clara Seely) Ch 
Seely; Champaign Rl Champaign 
Sec9 O239a (1873) 

Johnston, I. W. (Rose Ehler) Dewey 
R33 Condit Sec21 TSOOa C. H. 
Johnston (1891) 

Johnston, Mrs. P. (Alzina Sizer) Ch 
Maggie, Henry, Sadie, Lizzie, 
Mabel; Fisher R35 Fisher Secll 
O80a (1892) 

Johnston, Robert Ch Nina, Maude, 
Jessie, Hume, Esther, Florence; 
Seymour RD Scott Secl6 O160a 

Johnston, Robert W. (Dorothy 
Quick) Ch Nettie, Robert, Alex, 
John, Goldie; Tolono R48 Philo 
Secl8 T212a Mrs. Joseph Davis 

Jolley, Homer (Myrtle Hoskins) Ch 
Louise, Kenneth; Penfield R27 Kerr 
T120a Oscar Wyler (1916) 

Jones, Albert (Ethel Smith) Ch Clar- 
ence, Louis, Paul; "Cabin Home 
Farm" Seymour R43 Mahomet Sec 
31 Farm Hand B. F. Harris (1907) 

Jones, B. E. (Sarah Berry) Ch Eva, 
Grover, Edna, Laura, Leota, Robert, 
Elizabeth, Cleary; Sidney R57 Sid- 
ney Sec34 T120a J. H. Buddemeir 

Jones, B. L. Foosland R38 Brown Sec 
11 T40a G. W. Jones (1878) 

Jones, Floyd (Bessie Gilmore) Ch 
Pauline, Gerald; Seymour R43 Ma- 
homet Sec34 T120a Wilson Miller 

Jones, Frank (Vera Smith) Ch Mar- 
garet; Foosland R38 Brown Secll 
0103a (1873) 

Jones, Frank M. (Ethel Hoyt) St. Jo- 
seph R16 St. Joseph Secl7 T80a J. 
R. Stookey (1891) 

Jones, George E. (Melvina Jordan) Ch 
Emery, Edith; Fisher R34 E. Bend 
Sec31 O80a T280a U. of I. and O. 
B. Dobbins (1893) 

Jones, J. F. (Estella Michael) Ch 
Irene, Stanley, Francis; Ludlow R30 
E. Bend Secl2 T120a Henry Surdorf 



Jones, J. W. (Nancy Harmeson) Ch 
Herbert, Howard, Fernney; Sidney 
R57 Sidney Sec26 T24Ga Mary Por- 
terfield (1889) 

Jones, Lon Sr. (Minnie .Bird) Ch 
Maude, Guy, Bernice, Floyd, Marie, 
Lonnie Jr., Harold, Almeta, How- 
ard; Seymour R43 Mahomet Sec33 
T400a D. A. Phillipi (1887) 

Jones, Lynch T. (Susie E. William- 
son) Ch Earl, Blanche, Hazel; Gil- 
ford R25 Harwood Sec24 T320a H. 
Hamilton (1905) 

Jones, W. R. (Anna Berkshire) Ur- 
bana R7 Stanton Secl7 T160a J. B. 
Birkshire (1914) 

Jordan, Calvin (Nettie Hyatt) Ch 
Floyd, Fred, Marie, Harold, Mil- 
dred; Sidney R58 Crittenden Seel 
T80a Jim Edwards (1905) 

Jordan, Francis W. Savoy R66 Tolono 
Secl6 T240a Mrs. Mary E. Jordan 

Jordan, James M. (Laura McKelvy) 
Ch Mary, Henry; Savoy R45 Cham- 
paign Sec36 Foreman H. M. Dunlap 

Jordan, John (Edith Jordan) Ch Nat- 
lie; Homer R59 Ayers Sec6W T84a 
Aug. Jordan (1902) 

Jordan, J. C. Sr. Ch James^ Jr., My- 
ron, Mary, Eula; Savoy R45 
Champaign Sec36 J. C. Jordan 

Jordan, Mrs. Mary E. Ch John, Fran- 
ces, Lucy; Savoy R66 Tolono Secl6 
O240a (1865) 

Jordan, M. H. (Mollie Ramsey) .Ch 
Gladys, Marion, Herman, Jennie; 
Longview R64 Raymond Secl9 
T400a Mary Waldo (1914) 

Jordan, Rolla (Eve Carter) Ch Doro- 
thy, Donald, Harold, Beulah; 
"Pleasant View Farm" Ludlow R30 
Ludlow Sec8 T160a Tom Keyes 

Jordan, R. V. (Grace Sawyer) Ch Vir- 
gil; Dewey R32 . E. Bend Secl5 
T200a J. W. Morden (1916) 

Jordan, Theodore N. Savoy R66 To- 
lono Secl6 T400a T. F. Jordan 

Jordan, Theron F. (Ellen A. Barnum) 
Ch Theodore, Mary, George, Agnes; 
Savoy R66 Tolono Secl6 O400a 

Joyce, James (Katherine Abram) Ch 
Frances, Joseph, Leo, Alice, Ger- 
trude; Sadorus R49 Colfax Sec 15 
T20Ca Solen Bros. (1886) 

Joyce, William Ch Agnes, Wilfrid, 
Mary, Nellie, Vincent; Savoy R66 
Tolono Secl4 O160a (1864) 

Judy, Mrs. L. W. (Lillie A. Cordell) 
Ch Teddy, Jacob, Lavern; Urbana 
R9 Urbana Sec8 O3a (1889) 

Judy, Robert E. (Nina E. Colby) Ch 
William, W r onlita, Mildred, Francis; 
Gifford R25 Kerr SecS T240a G. W. 
Kerr (1913) 

Jutkins, Leonard F. (Delia Emig) Ch 
Frances, Clarence, Charles, Ray- 
mond; Savoy R45 Champaign. Sec4 
O140a Tolono Sec3 T200a Mrs. Z. 
Emig (1904) 


Kaiser, J. F. C. (Edith Lange) Cham- 
paign R4 Hensley SeclS O80a T160a 
John I. Murphy (1895) 

Kaiser, S. (Elizabeth Roth) Ch The- 
resa, Alma; Champaign R4 Hensley 
Sec22 O80a T80a (1895) 

Kalk, O. A. (Lena Eadens) Ch Ar- 
thur, Elsie, Doric; Broadlands R36 
Raymond Sec23 O80a (1916) 

Kammin, John (Anna Rehberg) Ch 
William, Elmer, Arthur, Francis; 
Broadlands R36 Raymond Seel 
T200a John Vedder (1907) 

Kamradt, A. C. (Francis Hartrick) 
Ch Clara, Ester; Sadorus R50 Col- 
fax Sec36 T240a David Evens (1881) 

Kamradt, Frank A. (Ida Gady) Ch 
Everett; Sadorus R49 Tolono Sec30 
O69a Secl9 T120a Henry Kamradt 

Kamradt, Henry (Mamie Messman) 
Ch John, Frank, Rudolph, Emma, 
Lucy, Ida, Carrie, Hattie, Maudie, 
Frances; Pesotum R54 Pesotum Sec 
20 O160a (1874) 

Kamradt, Herman (Maggie Stiger) 
Ch Ida, Anna; Ivesdale R53 Sadorus 
Secl7 T160a William Kirwin (1886) 

Kancher, J. T. (Geraldine Bell) Ur- 
bana R8 Urbana Sec8 OlOa (1859) 

Kane, John (Annie Maloy) Ch Annie, 
Mary, Nellie, James, John, Cather- 
ine, Thomas; Rantoul R24 Rantoul 
Secl4 O200a (1876) 

Kantner, Lewis (Myrtle Innes) Ch 
Amelia, Ralph; "Plainview Farm" 
Champaign R5 Condit Sec27 T160a 
E. J. Hutchinson (1913) 



Kappes, John (Susie Labert) Ch 
Viola, Elizabeth, Alvin, Wilfred, 
John, Roselia; Pesotum R35 Peso- 
turn Sec35 T160a Mat Cooper (1884) 

Kappes, William (Clara Seitz) Ch 
Mary, Irene; Tolono R47 Pesotum 
SeclS T160a Sarah Gorman (1885) 

Kaskie, Louis (Artie Bialeschki) Ch 
Dorothy; Tolono R47 Tolono Sec33 
T200a E. D. Rutenber (1899) 

Kaufman, H. C. (Almedi Newman) 
Ch Russell, Donald, Ivan, Bernadine, 
Hazel, Juanita; St. Joseph R16 St. 
Joseph Secl4 T204a I. S. Peters Est. 

Keagle, L. E. (Emma .Green) Ch 
Charlie, Earl, Mary; Dewey R32 
E. Bend Sec23 T240a A. C. Brown 

Keal, Charles G. (Antje Christians) 
Ch Rozena, William, Annetta; 
Thomasboro R20 Rantoul Sec31 
O200a (1870) 

Keal, C. W. (Estella Tweedy) Ran- 
toul R24 Rantoul Secl4 TlOOa W. C. 
Keal (1888) 

Keal, G. A. (Ida A. Kallman) Ch 
Herschel, Emerson, Mabel; Rantoul 
R24 Rantoul Secl2 O320a (1879) 

Keal, W. C. (Frances Harris) Ch 
Rose, Thomas, Charles, Harold; 
Rantoul R24 Rantoul SeclS O280a 
T40a Mrs. McCarty (1862) 

Kearns, Sarah Philo R56 Philo Secl4 

Keele, Lawrence (Bridget Callahan) 
Ch Annie, Mary, Lawrence, John, 
Henry, Joseph, Katherine; Longview 
R63 Raymond Sec28 T200a Michael 
Keefe (1875) 

Keeler, Mrs. Julia R. Ch John, Nell, 
Angela, Katherine, Walter, Cecil, 
Julia, Frances; Philo R56 Crittenden 
Sec3 O80a Sec2 T120a C. E. Moran 

Keeling, Emmert (Grace Gladson) 
Ch Morris; Dewey R33 Condit Sec 
10 Farm Hand Ira Hewerdine (1916) 

Keene, Z. C. (Jennie Johnston) Ch 
Paul, Roy; Seymour R43 Mahomet 
Sec21 T132a Richard Johnston 

Keller, Charles J. (Laura B. Stout) 
Ch Russell, Guy; Tolono Tolono 
Secl2 O160a (1899) 

Keller, H. K. (Selma Bennidott) Ch 
Jet; Urbana R12 Urbana Secl6 Su- 
perintendent ".Champaign County 
Farm" (1910) 

Keller, L. B. (Mary Hundertpfund) 
Ch Fred, Louis, Jesse, Clarence, 
Homer, Hazel, Paul, Louella; Bond- 
ville R65 Scott Sec34 T160a William 
Early (1875) 

Keller, Ottis (Laura Cade) Ch Cade. 
Phyllis, Wilhelmina; Savoy R45 
Tolono Sec6 T120a Dick Keller 

Kelley, Frank (Margaret E. Murray) 
Ch Mazzie, Everett, Ivan, Opal, 
Edith, Jennetta, Ruby; Urbana R9 
Somer SeclS Farm Hand H. R. 
Shade (1914) 

Kelley, Henry (Hazel Smith) Ch Vir- 
gil; Urbana R9 Somer Sec23 Farm 
Hand Lincoln Saddoris (1916) 

Kelley, M. S. (Hennis Britton) To- 
lono R48 Philo Sec29 T240a Jesse 
Meharry Est. (1899) 

Kellsey, P. E. (Iva Allen) Ch Neil; 
Sadorus R51 Sadorus Sec36 TlOa 
Ida Daggart (1895) 

Kennedy, Clarence (Ethel Barr) Ch 
Wilma, Edith; St. Joseph R13 Stan- 
ton SeclO Farm Hand J. P. Corne- 
lius (1917) 

Kenney, A. M. (Lodena Emeram) Ch 
Goldie, Zula, Helen; "Shady Lawn 
Farm" Broadlands R37 Ayers 
Sec31W 0160a (1884) 

Keolker, John D. (Mary Holzinger) 
Ch George, Cecilia, Raymond, Eliz- 
abeth, Louise, Francis; Pesotum 
R55 Crittenden Sec30 T80a Joe 
Peffer (1897) 

Keoppell, Henry (Myrtle Huss) Ch 
Russell; St. Joseph R16 St. Joseph 
Sec33 T250a J. R. Huss (1897) 

Kerr, Thomas, Jr. (Georgia Kramer) 

. Ch Cathryn; Urbana R7 St. Joseph 
Sec6 T253a Elizabeth Kerr (1888) 

Kesler, Frank (Lanie Christman) Ch 
Roy, Clarence, Ralph, Opal; Dewey 
R33 Condit Sec29 O80a T374a Sta- 
mey Est. (1875) 

Kibler, Oliver (Nellie Beard) Ch Oli- 
ver; Pesotum R55 Crittenden Secl7 
Farm Hand Ralph Spencer (1914) 

Kidd, Emanuel G. (Lora Barger) Ch 
Beulah, Mary; Tolono R47 Tolono 
Sec23 T320a Solona Bros. (1915) 

Kidd, J. L. (Anna Butt) Ch Dorothea; 
Champaign Rl Champaign Sec22 
T200a F. E. Solon (1913) 

Kienitz, G. E. (Annie Beherns) Ch 
Fred, Martha, Herman, Gertrude, 
Ernest, Minerva, Henry, Harm. 
George; Ogden R17 Ogden Sec9 
O73a (1880) 

Kiewitt, R. J. (Myrtle A. Mumm) St. 
Joseph R16 St. Joseph Sec36 T120a 
P. H. Mumm and J. W. Mumm 

Kilan, Henry (Annie Kelian) Ch 
Irene; Broadlands R36 Raymond 
Secl3 O80a (1879) 



Kilbury, Asa (Edna Morris) Ch Win- 
ston; "Village Home Farm" St. 
Joseph St. Joseph Secll T132a Mort 
Kilbury (1878) 

Kilbury, Fred E. (Inez Mullin) St. 
Joseph R13 St. Joseph SeclO T80a 
Mort Kilbury (1885) 

Kilbury, Mort ^ (Mary L. Friedrich) 
Ch Asa, Fre*d, Winifred, Genette; 
"Village Home Farm" St. Joseph 
St. Joseph Secll O210a (1874) 

Kilgour, Owen (Ellen Baker) Maho- 
met R40 Mahomet SeclO O14a 

Kilian, Henry B., Jr. (Nellie Hovis) 
Ch Raymond; Homer R60 Homer 
Sec31SW T129a Henry Kilian, Sr. 

Killion, George (Anna Haase) Ch 
Charles, Dan, Grace, Virgie, Lee, 
Ruby; Pesotum R55 Crittenden Sec 
27 Farm Hand William Fulton 

Kimble, H. C. (Mary Schwenkmeyer) 
Ch Roy, Glenn, Edith, Harry, 
Helen; Mahomet R42 Mahomet Sec 
1 O60a (1900) 

Kimble, Roy (Ivory Carroll) Ch 
Aleen; Mahomet R42 Mahomet Sec 
1 Farm Hand H. C. Kimble (1900) 

Kincade, Earnest (Rosa Marvin) 
Champaign Rl Champaign SecS 
Farm Hand Joseph Fishers (1914) 

King, Joe (Fanny Heiser) Ch Clar- 
ence, Elmer, Viattie, Ralph, Orea; 
Fisher R34 Brown Sec34 O80a 

Kinneson, Robert E. (Ollie Fiscus) 
Ch Everett, Gladys; Savoy R66 
Philo Sec6 T75a O. L. Percival 

Kinney, Ray Urbana R7 St. Joseph 
SecS Farm Hand Howard Shaff 

Kirby, Addison (Flossie Marie 
Thompson) Ch Fern, Rose; St. Jo- 
seph R16 St. Joseph Sec32 Farm 
Hand Grover Kirby (1892) 

Kirby, Clarence (Mattie Rphrschieb) 
Ch Florence, George; Sidney R57 
Sidney Sec9 T80a G. Kirbey (1895) 

Kirby, Clinton (Alta Lee) Ch Donald, 
Maxim; Urbana R7 Stanton Sec30 
T200a S. D. Kirby (1880) 

Kirby, E. (Anna Saathoff) Ch -Ver- 
nice, Murrell, Dorothy; Penfield 
R28 Compromise Sec8 T157a Rupp 
Harris (1883) 

Kirby, E. N. (Carrie Hains) Ch Max- 
well, Lucy, Richard; Champaign 
R2 Champaign Sec24 OlOa (1903) 

Kirby, E. V. (Mollie) Ch Matilda; 
Urbana R8 Urbana Sec9 O120a 

Kirby, Frank (Bessie McElwee) Ch 
Gladys; Sidney R57 Sidney Sec9 
T80a W. T. Hardin (1914) 

Kirby, Grover (Ella Light) Ch Hazel, 
Helen; Sidney R57 Sidney SecS 
T400a W. M. Huss (1885) 

Kirby, G. H. Champaign R2 Cham- 
paign Sec24 E. N. Kirby (1910) 

Kirby, James Mahomet R40 Mahomet 
SeclO TlOOa Bert Warner (1909) 

Kirby, John J. (Mary Trickle) Ch 
Millie; Urbana R7 Stanton Sec20 
Farm Hand A. F. Shaff (1851) 

Kirby, J. L. (Pauline Parry) Ch Law- 
rence, Edna, Emmett, John, Glenn, 
Mabel, Jesse, Pauline, Edith; Ur- 
bana R8 Somer Sec34 O90a (1870) 

Kirby, W. L. (May E. Roberts) Ch 
Clare, William, Helen; Urbana R9 
Somer Sec34 O91a (1872) 

Kirby, W. P. (Laura Phillips) Ch 
Laurel, Stephen, Trevett; Urbana 
R7 Stanton Secl8 T154a M. D. L. 
Sellars (1881) 

Kirchner, Charles (Daisy Burnes) Ch 
Hazel, Norman; Broadlands R36 
Raymond Secl4 T160a Herman 
Struck (1885) 

Kirk, Berned (Susin McGinnis) Ch 
Barny, Henry, Anna, Frank, Seal, 
Laura, Charles; Gifford Kerr Sec 
30 O710a (1889) 

Kirk, Hugh A. (Marie Deany) Ch 
Harold; Ludlow R29 Harwood Sec3 
O40a T320a James Kirk, Sr. (1880) 

Kirk, J. F. (Marie Donovan) Ch Don- 
ald, Alice, Willard; Ludlow R30 
Ludlow Secll O80a (1883) 

Kirk, J. F. Penfield R27 Kerr Sec30 

Kirk, Owen B. (Ada New) Ch Ber- 
nard, Wayne, Katharine, Adele, 
Austin; Ludlow RD Harwood Sec7 
T86a W. H. New (1897) 

Kirk. P. H. Penfield R27 Kerr Sec29 
T'SSSa Mrs. Susan Kirk (1882) 

Kirkpatrick, A. J. (Ida B. Fisher) Ch 
Earl, Myrtle, Claude, Maude; "Blue 
Mound Farm" Urbana R8 Stanton 
Secl9 O297a (1854) 

Kirkpatrick, Claude (Hazel Shaw) Ch 
Claude; Urbana R8 Stanton Sec30 
O160a (1891) 

Kirkpatrick, C. A. (Flossie M. Petus) 
Ch Gladys, Robert; "Roselawn 
Farm" St. Joseph St. Joseph SecS 
O80a SecS T40a Kirkpatrick Est. 

Kirkpatrick, C. W. (Pearl Swearingen) 
Ch Vera, Kenneth; St. Joseph R13 
St. Joseph Sec9 T120a Kirkpatrick 
Est. (1874) 



Kirkpatrick, J. C. (Edith L. Clark) Ch 
Florence, Jesse; Urbana St. Joseph 
SecS O240a (1870) 

Kirkpatrick, J. Earl (Melia Polter) 
Ch Lysle, Raymond, Wilma; Urbana 
R7 St. Joseph Sec6 O40a T380a 
A. J. Kirkpatrick and M. W. Busey 

Klein, C. P. (Margaret Feeney) Sey- 
mour R44 Colfax Sec9 T80a (1882) 

Klein, F. J. (Alice Gordon) Gifford 
R25 Kerr Sec25 O240a Charles Gor- 
den (1896) 

Klein, Joseph Seymour R44 Colfax 
SeclO T80a (1877) 

ffleiss, Charles (Katherine Dielhett) 
Ch George, Mike, Francis; Pesotum 
R54 Pesotum Sec28 O160a (1875) 

Kleiss, George F. (Katherine Kappes) 
Ch Peter, Nicholas, Anna, Cecilia, 
Clara; Pesotum R54 Pesotum Sec28 
O120a (1869) 

Kleiss, Mike N. (Mary Kappes) Ch 
Clarence, Raymond, Charles, Fran- 
cis; Pesotum RS4 Pesotum Sec28 
O40a T116a Charles Kleiss and Au- 
gust Koss (1882) 

Kleiss, Nicholas M. (Ethel Sudduth) 
Pesotum R54 Pesotum Sec20 T180a 
George Kleiss and Ed Werth (1896) 

Kleiss, Peter (Magdalena Stenger) 
Ch Raphael; Pesotum R54 Pesotum 
Secl9 T170a Mrs. Hannah Burton 

Kleiss, William, Jr. (Frances Harmon) 
Ch Elizabeth; Pesotum R55 Peso- 
tum Sec36 T120a Frank Kleiss 

Klemick, Mrs. Mary (Jordan) Ch 
Albert, Henry, John, Herman, Fred, 
Emma, Mary, Lena, Minnie, Mar- 
tha; Champaign R2 Champaign Sec 
13 O7a (1872) 

Klette, S. K. (Bertha Goodman) Ch 
Ruth, Dorothy; Sadorus R49 Colfax 
Sec23 Farm Hand Fred Koss (1914) 

Klienmeyer, Edward (Louise Leek- 
ant) Ch Mabel; Sidney R58 Ray- 
mond Sec3 T80a George Frick 

Klockenbrink, William C. (Augusta 
Mummi) Ch Fern, Chester; Long- 
view R63 Crittenden Sec25 T152a 
Tom Cowery (1903) 

Knight, Lester (Fay Hunt) Ch Shelby, 
Louise, Infant; Ogden R17 Ogden 
Sec9N T50a David Knight (1911) 

Knott, Hiram (Addie Lahin) Ch Ber- 
nice, Roscoe, Elsie, Hazel, Edith, 
Arthur; Urbana R7 Stanton Sec31 
T204a T. Brownfield (1897) 

Knott, Wiley (Jane Dull) Ch Ellen, 
Thomas; Savoy R45 Champaign 
Sec26 T140a Mrs. Emma Fisher 

Knox, Frank (Mary Gleason) Sey- 
mour R43 Mahomet Sec20 T210a 
Dyson Est. (1858) 

Knox, O. F. (Estella Shively) "Pleas- 
ant View Farm" Mahomet R42 Con- 
dit Sec30 T80a E. L. Wright (1890) 

Knox, R. D. Sr. (Florence Bell) Ch 
Russell, Jr.; Bondville R65 Scott 
Sec3 T143a Mrs. J. S. Knox (1894) 

Knox, Thomas Penfield R27 Kerr 
Sec28 O80a (1900) 

Knox, W. M. (Jesse M. Campbell) Ch 
Merrill, Helen; Penfield R28 Com- 
promise Sec32 (1901) 

Kobel, Frank (Anna Schrader) Ch 
Harry, Marie, Roy, Frank, Oscar; 
Champaign R3 Champaign Sec2 
O140a T275a Burham Est. (1870) 

Koch, A. F. (Eva R. Smith) Ch Ray- 
mond, Elva, Allen; Urbana R12 
St. Joseph SecS T160a J. A. R. Koch 

Koch, Clarence (Susie L. Ault) Ch 
Clifton, Genevieve, Francis, Donald; 
St. Joseph R16 St. Joseph Sec28 
T80a J. A. R. Koch (1883) 

Koch, G. L. (Eunice Easter) Ch Ora; 
"Ashlawn Farm" Champaign R4 
Hensley Sec22 O164a (1872) 

Koch, J. A. R. Ch Jennie, Clarence, 
Frank; Mayview St. Joseph SecS 
O225a (1864) 

Koeberlein, Albert (Mary Weshall) 
Ch Margaret, Merle, Helen; Tolono 
R46 Crittenden SeclS T160a Eva 
Happ (1895) 

Koeberlein, George P. (Mary Vogel) 
Ch Marie; Villa Grove Crittenden 
Sec36 Farm Hand George Frazier, 
Jr. (1895) 

Koerner, Fred (Gela Wilson) Ch 
Ralph, Howard, Wilber, Thomas; 
Sidney R58 Raymond Sec9 T160a 
A. G. Porterfield (1914) 

Kopemann, Fred (Maggie Fackman) 
Ch Katie, Lena, Henry, Fanny, 
William; Gifford R26 Compromise 
Sec36 O287a (1877) 

Koss, August F. (Edith Davidson) Ch 
Willard; Savoy R66 Tolono Secll 
O80a (1878) 

Koss, Fred J. (Mary Johns) Ch Wil- 
ma, Pauline; Tolono R46 Pesotum 
Seel T200a Philip Genning (1885) 

Koss, Henry (Emma Schurz) Ch Ar- 
nold. Dorothy; Pesotum R54 Peso- 
tum Sec22 T120a Cora Schurz (1884) 



Koss, William (Mealia Goch) Ch 
Arthur, Alfred, Bertha; Sadorus R49 
Colfax Sec 24 Ola TllOa Solon 
Bros. (1869) 

Krabble, Harry (Delia M. Ohrie) Ch 
Harriet; Tolono R46 Pesotum Secl2 
T460a Mrs. Erma Dohme (1880) 

Kracht, Frank (Bertha McCormick) 
Broadlands R36 Raymond Sec24 
O80a (1886) 

Kracht, George (Maggie Brande) 
Broadlands R36 Raymond Sec24 
O120a (1883) 

Kracht, William C. (Minnie Bruhn) 
Ch Roy, Lillian, Arnold; Philo R56 
Raymond Sec24 O40a Crittenden 
Secl2 T370a P. G. 'Jones (1882) 

Kraft, Sam (Manda Newkirk) Ch 
Henry, Walter, Fred, Clarence, 
Edgar, Charley; Homer R60 Sidney 
Sec26 O160a (1883) 

Krenzien, Rev. R. (Louise Herrmann) 
Ch Irene, Paul, Herbet, Alfred, 
Ruth, Mathilde; Broadlands R37 
Ayres Secl8W T7a Ev. Luth Im- 
manual Church (1912) 

Kresin, August (Tina Arppel) Ch 
John, Ernest, Paul, Henrietta; Sa- 
dorus R49 Colfax Sec8 T200a Solen 
Bros. (1914) 

Kromer, Adam (Lizzie Liestman) Ch 
Fred, Willie, Louis; "Immer-Arbeit 
Farm" Mahomet R41 Newcomb 
Sec29 O160a (1890) 

Krukewitt, A. G. (Allie May) Ch 
Gladys, James, Mildrew, Raymond; 
Homer R61 Sidney Secl3 T160a 
Mrs. Eliza Ball (1897) 

Krukewitt, Fred G. (Grace Peters) 
Ch. Katherine; Homer R60 Homer 
SeclSW O167a (1894) 

Krukewitt, Louis (Nora Hilderbrant) 
Ch Dean; Homer R59 Homer Sec33 
T160a S. L. Burwash (1914) 

Krukewitt, R. W. (Grace Bowen) Ho- 
mer R59 Homer Sec21 O40a T40a 
J. H. Bowen (1917) 

Krumm, Christian J. (Lillie Bailesch- 
ki) Ch Carl, Oscar; Sadorus R51 
Pesotum Sec33 O78a SecS T183a H. 
J. Baileschki (1878) 

Krumm, Herbert A. (Effie Ode- 
brecht) Ch Opal; Philo R56 Philo 
Secl4 T160a J. F. Krumm (1878) 

Krumm, John (Anna Buhs) Ch Marie; 
Urbana Rll Urbana Sec21 T120a 
J. C. *Buhs (1893) 

Krumm, William C. (Myrtle L. Porter- 
field); Sidney R58 Sidney Sec20 
O80a (1886) 

Kuder, Frank C (Junita B. Gibson); 
St. Joseph R16 St. Joseph Sec26 
T130a Mrs. Jennie Martin (1892) 

Kuhlam, Heiko (Grace Miller) Ch 
Charlotte; Rantoul R24 Rantoul 
Secl7 T7a H. Behrends (1912) 

Kuhlman, Herman (Mary Eilers) Ch 
Dick, Mary, Anna, Herman, Lena; 
Urbana R12 Urbana Sec23 T160a 
John S. Huck (1890) 

Kuhms, L. E. (Lula Bowman) Ch 
Louis, Emmett, Edward; Fisher R25 
Newcomb Secl6 T40a J. W. Rich- 
mond Est. (1895) 

Kuhns, J. E. (Lillie Davis) Ch Lewis, 
Roy, Walter, Viola, Loren, Ruby; 
Mahomet R40 Newcomb SecS T390a 
Richmond Est. (1891) 

Kukendall, H. (Rachel Rummer) Ch 
Mary, Charles, Harrum, James, Ju- 
lia, Wardney, Clara, Beulah, Phebie; 
Mahomet R4 Hensley Sec7 TISOa 
Joe Lawson (1910) 

Kunce, Clifford C. (Olia Furrow) Ch 
Dorothy, Irean, Louise; Paxton R3 
Harwood Seel T160a Ed Swegest 

Kunce, Thomas J. (Ruth Marshall) Ch 
Mary, Ray, Clifford, Bernice, Hattie; 
Ludlow R29 Harwood Seel T200a 
H. C. Corbley (1913) 

Kunce, Samuel P. (Eisebell Mason) 
Ch Mural, Grace, John; Gifford R25 
Harwood Seel Farm Hand Ross 
Corbley (1917) 

Kuntz, Lew (Tillie Christman) Ch 
Russell; Mahomet R41 Newcomb 
Secl9T240a Charles Slater (1899) 

Kurts, H. H. (Nellie Roles) Ch Elsie, 
Ruhama, David, Fred, Clare; Fish- 
er R34 Brown Sec25 T210a J. W. 
Richmond (1892) 

Kurzweg, J. W. (Mary Bannich) Ch 
Edward, Gilbert, Harold, Dorothy; 
Champaign R4 Hensley Secl4 O40a 
T40a (1875) 

Kuykendall, L. W. (Maggie Shaw) Ch 
Harry, Roy; Champaign R6 Somer 
Secl9 T192a F. L. Stamey (1901) 

Kuykendall, Joe (Vernie Crites) Ch 
Mary, Annie, Bonnie, Wayne; Ma- 
homet R42 Mahomet Seel Farm 
Hand J. Mars (1817) 



Labert, Frank J. (Dora Holzinger) 
Tuscola Rl Pesotum Sec33 T240a 
Boggs Est. (1901) 

Lacy, W. M. (Nellie Redenbaugh) Ch 
Mildred, Dorothy; Champaign R5 
Hensley Sec23 T160a L. M. and J. 
H. Kirkpatrick (1897) 

Lady, George (Lucinda Bowman) 
Fisher R34 E. Bend Sec31 TlOOa 
Bowman, Vandorey, Lady Est. 

Lahne, Edward Ch Grace, Charles, 
Fern, Clyde, Ward, Nellie; Urbana 
R9 Urbana Sec7 T40a Sarah Schlorff 

Lahne, George (Mary Davis) Ch Ira, 
Ethel, Cecil, Carl; Sidney R58 Ray- 
mond Sec9 T160a Jose Brine (1897) 

Lakey, Dalt (Ellen Knott) Ch Fran- 
ces, Hershel; Savoy R66 Philo Sec6 
T212a A. R. Hall (1903) 

Lakey, W. L. (Nettie Knott) Ch 
Leona, Mamie, Stella, Clifford, 
Myrtle, Marie; Thomasboro R19 
Rantoul Sec33 T114a John Voss 

Laley, Leo B. (Kate Eisenmenger) Ch 
Rudolph, Loretta, Marie, Gertrude, 
Walter, Lucy, Luella; Long View 
R63 Crittenden Sec35 T240a S. C. 
Henson (1910) 

Lamb, H. A. (Annie Nichorns) Ch 
Grace, Edward, George, Ella, Hilda; 
Broadlands R36 Raymond Sec36 
O160a (1881) 

Lamb, William Ch Icey, Allie, Annie, 
Jessie, Ross; Rantoul R24 Rantoul 
Sec23 Farm Hand L. A. Walsh 

Lambdin, B. (Ollie McCormick) Ch 
Fred, Marie; Mahomet R40 Condit 
Secl9 T207a Kienzle Bros. (1895) 

Lambdin, Homer C. (Ethel Dillman) 
Thomasboro R20 Rantoul Secl9 
T120a Chas. Miner (1907) 

Lamke, Charles W. (Martha Maier) 
Ch Frank, Paul, William, Ralph, ' 
Jennie, Marie; Urbana R9 Somer 
Sec4 O42a T138a Mrs. Mary Lamke 
and J. G. Luther (1874) 

Lammle, Gottlieb (Pauline Lutz) Ch 
Leslie, Walter, Henry; Fisher R34 
Brown Sec24 Jos. Rich (1908) 

Lampp, W. J. (Oma Harvill) Ch Clay- 
burn, Georgie; St. Joseph R13 Stan- 
ton Sec33 Levi Forest (1917) 

Land, Abe St. Joseph R16 St. Joseph 
Sec24 Farm Hand J. R. Glascock 

Landis, E. E. (Ella Wilson) Ivesdale 
R53 Sadorus Sec32 T160a Henry 
Landis (1880) 

Landis, Walter (Pearl Eaton) Urbana 
R8 Urbana Sec4 O28a (1886) 

Lang, C. C. (Minnie Albers) Ch Ray- 
mond, Dorothy; Fisher R35 Sec5 
T80a Chris Lang (1917) 

Lange, Albert (Amanda Voker) Ch 
Elmer, Cora, Harold; Champaign 
R5 Hensley Secl4 O321a (I860) 

Lange, August (Lena Hunsinger) Ch 
Lewis, Lester, Lee; Champaign R3 
Champaign Sec5 O160a (1906) 

Lange Bros. Champaign R3 Cham- 
paign SecS T160a Rising Sisters 

Lange, Chris (Sarah Winegarh) Ch 
Clarence, Alfred, Arthur; Foosland 
R39 Brown Sec29 T160a F. Rich- 
mond (1880) 

Lange, Gilbert (Augusta Klitzing) 
Champaign R5 Hensley Secl2 T200a 
Henry Lange (1894) 

Lange, O. A. (Bessie Rea) Ch Doro- 
thy, Thomas; Champaign R5 Hens- 
ley Sec2 T357a F. H. Lange Est. 

Lange, Paul (Juliana Kaiser) Cham- 
paign R5 Condit Sec34 O80a (1912) 

Langhoff, H. J. (Lucy Demien) Ch 
Clarence, Elmer; Champaign R6 
Somer Sec30 T160a Ed Baker (1892) 

Lankford, R. A. (Adeline Bonner) 
Champaign R4 Hensley SecS Farm 
Hand Len Rayburn (1903) 

Lape, E. R. (Janie Ritchie) Ch Agnes, 
Ruth; Fisher R34 Brown Sec26 
O120a (1887) 

Larkins, A. Foosland R39 Brown Sec 
9 O80a Larkins Est. (1874) 

Laroe, James (Catherine Sloan) Ch 
Margaret, James, Daniel, Lucy; 
Ivesdale R53 Sadorus Secl9 T22a 
Peter Skiverton (1913) 

Larson, G. Herman (Mary E. Larson) 
Ch Grace; Ludlow R29 Harwood 
SecS T80a G. Johnson (1914) 

Layenhagen, William (Millie Wollen- 
zien) Ch Paul, Wayne; Sidney R58 
Raymond SecS T245a Lewis Laven- 
hagen (1886) 

Laverick, Ira F. (Anna Johnson) 
Broadlands R37 Ayers Sec31 T325a 
Laverick Est. (1882) 

Lawhead, B. C. (Bessie Cole) Ch 
Pearl, Minnie, Albert; Champaign 
Rl Champaign SecS T80a Mrs. L. 
K. Trotter (1883) 



Lawhead, J. (Elizabeth Vest) Cham- 
paign Rl Champaign Sec8 O80a 

Lawrence, Frank (Lottie Ray) Ch 
Charles, Bessie, James, Belle, Lot- 
tie, Ethel; Dewey R33 Condit SecS 
O160a T160a Elza Ward (1914) 
Lawrence, John (Martha Wood) Ch 
Charles, Mary, Alice, Lois; Rantoul 
R23 Harwood Sec34 OlOOa (1865) 
Lawrence, Robert (Etta Read) Ch 
Susie; Dewey R32 E. Bend R4 Farm 
Hand Harrison Dale (1916) 
Lawrence, Mrs. Samuel Rantoul R23 

Harwood Sec34 OlOOa (1897) 
Lawson, G. B. (Sarah Barren) Ch Vi- 
ola, Leonard, Philis; Penfield R27 
Kerr Sec9 Farm Hand Patten Est. 

Layman, Bruce (Bessie Fletcher) Ch 
Gilbert, Lloyd, Harold, Lyle, Leone; 
Dewey R33 Condit Sec22 T280a 
Peter Murray (1879) 
Layman, Chester (Bertha Womacks) 
Ch Kenneth; Rantoul R22 Condit 
Secll O160a T80a Martha J. Lay- 
man (1883) 

Layman, Earl (Bernie Fay Putnam) 
Ch Ralph, Ruth; Fisher R35 Condit 
SeclS T120a Emery Jackson (1883) 
Leach, Odus (Esther Cole) Ch Wes- 
ley, Francis; Champaign R3 Scott 
Seel T80a Mrs. D. J. Leach (1884) 
Lear, Hortance Urbana R8 Stanton 
Secsl7-7-8 O200a H. M. Lorray 

Leas, Frank S. (Florence M. Griffith) 
Ch Helen, Robert; "Bonnie View 
Farm" St. Joseph R13 St. Joseph 
Se'c9 O160a (1890) 

Leas, George N. (Martha Bowers) Ch 
George, Arthur; "Evergreen Farm" 
St. Joseph R14 St. Joseph Sec2 
O200a (1869) 

Lee, D. R. (Mabel Newby) Ch Isabell, 
Alice, Arthur; Champaign R2 Ur- 
bana Sec30 T255a Rice Est. (1900) 
Lee, Elmer (Lois Bright) Rantoul R22 
Rantoul Sec6 T240a Lee Evans 

Lee, Henry (Sadie McCauley) Ch Al- 
bert, Henry; Pesotum R54 Pesotum 
Sec32 O200a (1854) 
Lee, Osmond C. Ch Osmond, Jr.; Gif- 
ford R25 Harwood Sec25 T160a Jas. 
Talbot (1910) 

Lee, Squire E. (Effie Wright) Ch 
Harry, Irene, Hazel; Homer R60 
Homer SeclSW O80a T420a D. 
Wright (1876) 

Lee, W. N. (Clara James) Clarence Rl 
Kerr SecS T40a Charles Wood 

Leece, J. C. (Nellie Pruett) Ch Jessie; 
"Midway Farm" Seymour R43 Ma- 
homet Sec32 Farm Hand B. F. Har- 
ris (1917) 

Leece, Sigler (Susie Roberts) Ch Ger- 
trude; "Prairie View Farm" Sey- 
mour R43 Mahomet Sec29 Farm 
Hand B. F. Harris (1916) 
Leerkamp, Ernest (Josephine Dewitt) 
Ch Wilma, Margaret, Ruth; Broad- 
lands R36 Raymond Secl4 T80a 
Thomas Fitzgerald (1911) 
Lees, Cade (Stella Perkins) Ch Ruby, 
Francis; Urbana Rll Urbana Sec36 
T120a Bart. Barry (1915) 
LeFever, F. C. (Elzina Murphy) Ch 
Vera, Frank; Penfield R27 Kerr 
O48a (1900) 

Legue, Charles C. (Laura McBride) 
Ch Roy, Murry, Ruhl, Grace, Ed, 
Minnie, Clellia; Savoy R66 Tolono 
Sec2 T179a Hall Est. (1906) 
Legue, R. W. (Bell Jordan) Ch Helen, 
Chancy; Sadorus R54 Colfax SeclS 
T200a Solon Bros. (1911) 
Lehman, F. W. (Elizabeth Shelley) 
Ch Alice, Lizzie, Ella, William, 
Charley; Sidney R57 Sidney Sec21 
O153a (1876) 

Leichner, C. S. Mrs. Minnie Leichner 
Mother Champaign R5 Hensley 
Secll O80a (1907) 

Leidendeker, A. R. (Armentia Young) 
Ch Henry, A. R., Jr.; Champaign 
R5 Hensley Sec36 T320a (1876) 
Leidendeker, A. R. (Armentia Young) 
Ch Henry, A. R., Jr.; Champaign 
R5 Hensley Sec36 T320a (1876) 
Leigh, C. D. (Cora Penny) St. Joseph 
R13 St. Joseph Sec4 T160a Eliza- 
beth Dilling Est. (1874) 
Leigh, Everett (Virginia Karr) Ch 
Ray, Lois, Ivadell; St. Joseph R14 
St. Joseph Sec2 O120a (1886) 
Leigh, J. M. (Lulu M. Jacobs) Ch 
Rollo, Arvilla, Edward; St. Joseph 
R13 St. Joseph Sec3 O360a (1868) 
Leischman, William (Anna Leistman) 
Ch Orville, Mabel, Earl, Bernice; 
"Alfalfa Farm" Fisher R35 New- 
comb Sec3 O160a W. M. Leischman 

Leonard, E. J. (Alice Elkins) Ch Ag- 
nes, Joseph, Vere, Celia; Rantoul 
R21 Ludlow Sec31 O160a (1882) 
Leonard, J. L. (Margaret Dailey) Ch 
Led, Annie, Thomas, Nellie; 
Thomasboro R19 Rantoul Sec20 
O160a (1883) 

Leonard, J. M. Mrs. Minnie Gauntt 
Housekeeper Thomasboro R19 Ran- 
toul Sec30 O120a (1876) 



Leonard, M. A. (Elizabeth Ganwell) 
Ch Frances, Mary, Rose, Cyril; 
Thomasboro R19 Rantoul Sec21 
O160a (1896) 

Lepper, George (Ada Gamier) Ch 
Jessie, Ralph, Raymond, Birdie, 
Delmar, Charles, Fay, Thomas; 
Ludlow R31 Harwood Sec21 T160a 
G. Punke (1888) 

Leray, Mrs. Mary (Tohill) Ch Mil- 
lard, Charles, Minnie, Edd, Emma; 
Urbana R7 Urbana Sec2 O55a 

Leslie, John W. (Jeannette Durfey) 
Ch Margaret; Tolono R47 Tolono 
Sec21 T188a D. Q. Durfey (1887) 

Lester, D. H. Ch Effie, Bert, Orey, 
Daisy; "Brookside Farm" Ma- 
homet R40 Newcomb Sec22 O71a 
Sec21 O32a (1870) 

Lester, Mrs. Nannie (Lanam) Ch 
Clyde, Velma; Fisher R35 New- 
comb SeclO O80a (1880) 

Levear, Ross (Effie George) Ch Bue- 
lah; Gifford R25 Harwood Sec24 
T320a (1882) 

Lewis, B. E. (Cora Snell) Ch Doris, 
Burnell; Ivesdale R53 Sadorus Sec 

20 T140a Conley Est. (1914) 
Lewis, Charles (Gertrude Burton) 

Ch Elmer, Henry, Russell, Oliver; 
Homer R59 Homer Sec32 T242a 
Nogle Est. (1917) 

Lewis, C. Edward (Lela Herriott) 
Ch Russell; Mahomet R40 New- 
comb Sec35 T80a Mrs. F. E. Lewis 

Lewis, S. G. (Gertrude McMurry) 
Ch Murry, .Emma; Dewey R32 Sec 

21 T131a McMurry Est. 

Lewis, U. S. (Delia Hutton) Ch Doris, 
Levern, Elmer; Champaign R2 Ur- 
bana Sec30 Farm Hand J. H. Persi- 
val (1911) 

Libka, Lon (Lena See) Ch Leo; Ho- 
mer R62 Homer Sec33 O48a (1883) 

Licht, Carl J. (Bessie Williams) Ch 
Paul, Harold; Tolono R46 Critten- 
den Sec9 T320a Mae Haven (1882) 

Licht, Henry G. (Elvira Hunt) Ch 
Gladys, Mabel, Ethel, Lois; Urbana 
RIO Philo Sec9 T120a Mrs. Wm. 
Licht (1880) 

Lieb, Frank J. (Mame Hougolle) Ch 
Charlie, Judith; Pesotum R55 Secl5 
T160a J. E. Davis (1880) 

Liestman, A. L. Ch Irvin, Lucile; Ma- 
homet R41 Newcomb SeclS O160a 

Liestman, C. C. (Anna Leischner) Ch 
Bertha, Minnie; Mahomet R41 New- 
comb Sec7 O160a (1878) 

Lietz, Albert (Anna Koss) Ch Alta, 
Erma, Clara, Albert; Sadorus R49 
Colfax Sec26 T80a Pat Divons 

Lietz, H. W. (Atelina Wegner) Ch 
Harry, Clarence, Selma, Olgo, 
Emma, Albert, Martha, John; Sa- 
dorus R51 Sadorus Secl3 O80a 

Light, John K. (Nancy L. Henderson) 
Ch Maurice, Myrtle; Thomasboro 
R20 Rantoul Sec30 T200a (1898) 

Limp, P. J. (Minnie Portenheimer) Ch 
Oscar, Selma; Broadlands R36 Ray- 
mond Sec35 T160a August Block 

Lindenman, J. G. (Ellen Britten) Ch 
Albert, Ralph; Dewey R32 E. Bend 
Sec22 T280a J. W. Martin 

Lindley, Alvah (Maud Wood) Ch 
Grace, Frank, Roy, Annie, Orion, 
Gladys, Lois, Rachel; Sidney R57 
Sidney SecS O324a R. H. Steele 

Lindsey, George W. (Mary A. Busey) 
Ch Harriet; Urbana R2 Urbana Sec5 
T120a M. B. Busey (1866) 

Lindsey, L. F. (Julia Brown) Ch Mar- 
old; Champaign R3 Hensley Sec20 
O240a (1864) 

Link, J. W. (Eliza Franklin); Homer 
R62 Homer Sec31E O5a (1892) 

Little, Arthur (Edith M. Putnam) 
Ch Charles, Ray; Rantoul R24 Ran- 
toul Secl3 T200a Charles Babb 

Little, A. G. (Florence True) Ch Har- 
vey; Champaign R4 Hensley Secl4 
O80a (1881) 

Little, B. S. (Alice Jervis) Ch Alton, 
Minnie, Irvin, Harvey, Grace; Ran- 
toul R24 Rantoul SeclS O240a T120a 
Steffler & Wert (1868) 

Little, C. W. (Elizabeth Thayer) Ch 
Florence, Chester, Hazel; Rantoul 
R22 Rantoul Sec7 O200a (1869) 

Little, Leslie A. (Mary J. Pierce) Ch 
Ada, Wilbur, Roland, Nellie, Mabel, 
Harland, Milo, Florence; "Ever- 
green Home Farm" Tolono R46 
Crittenden Sec6 O160a (1868) 

Little, Rolland B. (Addie Bickel) Ch 
Helen, Mary; Tolono R46 Pesotum 
Secl2 T160a E. P. Little (1889) 

Little, R. S. (Mabel Johnson) Ch Ruth, 
Paul; Rantoul R22 Rantoul SeclS 
T280a Sam Little and Mary Clay- 
foot (1892) 

Livingston, B. T. (Ada Aid) Ch 
Irene, Charles; Ludlow R30 E. Bend 
Secll O160a (1905) 



Lloyd, Miss Pheeby Homer R61 Ho- 
mer Sec30N Housekeeper Wilson 
Loyd (1908) 

Lloyd, Wilson Homer R61 Homer 
Sec30N p85a (1881) 

Lloyd, Winfrey (Ida Coomer) Ch 
Gaylord; Mahomet R42 Mahomet 
Sec26 Farm Hand F. Cain (1917) 

Locke, C. E. (Ella Fagaly) Ch Floyd, 
Louise; Bondville R65 Scott Sec23 
T160a William Beck (1882) 

Locke, Mrs. Mary C. Champaign Rl 
Champaign Sec8 O199a (1891) 

Loeffler, Chris (Anna Hohmeister) Ch 
Dora, Albert, Joseph; Homer R61 
Ogden Secl9 O131a (1861) 

Loeschen, B. A. (T. Osterbus) Ch 
Mabel, Henry, Albert, Anna, Wil- 
liam, Margaret, Bertha; Thomas- 
boro R20 Compromise Sec33 T90a 
A. R. Loschen (1881) 

Loeschen, Fred H. (Gaske Gerdes) 
Ch Harm, Henry, Willie; St. Joseph 
R14 Ogden See? O137a (1884) 

Loeschen, G. A. (Incha Johnson) Ch 
Rixte, Annie, Fannie, John, Ber- 
nice, Maggie, Nancy, George; Pen- 
field R28 . Ogden SecSN O288a 

Loeschen, John R. (Angeline Myer) 

" Ch Louie, Henrietta, Frank, John, 
Jr., William, Ralph, Hattie; Thom- 
asboro R20 Rantoul Sec30 T84a 
Ralph Loeschen (1904) 

Loftus, L. (Mary Stout) Ch Mary, 
Amos, Edna, John, Edward; Ives- 
dale R53 Sadorus Sec29 O40a (1873) 

Loftus, Michael (Sarah McName) Ch 
John, Machley, Charlie, Mary, Mat- 
ty, Carrie, Michael; Ivesdale R53 
Sadorus Sec29 O320a (1870) 

Logan, Charles (Catherine Dahl) Ch 
Pearl, Mary, Walter, Joseph; Sidney 
R58 Raymond Sec8 T116a J. H. Lo- 
gan (1877) 

Logan, Charles (Beulah Jenks) Ch 
Dorothy, Lula; Tolono R46 Critten- 
den Secl7 Farm Hand Albert Mess- 
man (1917) 

Logan, Joseph (Eliza Ring) Ch Clara, 
Frank, Charley, Erne, Ruth; Sidney 
R58 Sidney Sec31 O80a (1866) 

Logan, William R. (Lulu Denton) Ch 
William; Tolono R46 Crittenden 
Sec7 Farm Hand Frank M. Martin 

Lohmiller, William G. (Clements 
Jenkinson) Ch Elizabeth, Jessie, 
Mary, Alfred; Gifford R25 Harwood 
Sec35 T200a A. Jenkinson (1897) 

Long, R. H. (Lucy E. McKinney) Ch 
Dessie, Floyd, Zetta, Hazle; St. Jo- 
seph R14 St. Joseph Sec3 Farm 
Hand W. Z. Black (1913) 

Loschen, Rohlf (Margaretha French) 
Ch Albert, Mary; Thomasboro R20 
Sec33 O80a (1872) 

Loschen, William (Gerty Osterbur) 
Ch Kate, Frank, Harm, Grace; St. 
Joseph R15 Ogden Sec7 O160a 

Loues, Nicholas (Catherine Yehle) Ch 
Joseph; Bondville R65 Scott Secll 
T78a Mrs. Mary Bok (1896) 

Louks, J. D. (Nellie Creighton) Ch 
Ray; "Joseph Kuhn Farm" Dewey 
R33 Condit Sec8 T200a Joseph Kuhn 
Est. (1869) 

Louks, Ray (Nina Sitts) Ch Loren; 
"Riverside Farm" Fisher R35 Con- 
dit Sec6 T220a Mrs. A. H. Morris 

Love, Mrs. Mary Ch Clara, Howard, 
Clifford; "Sunny Side Farm" Sidney 
R58 Sidney Secl9 O320a (1855) 

Love, S. S. Philo Sidney Secl9 O320a 

Lovejoy, Owen (Elsie Hyde) Ch Har- 
ry, Dale, Esther; Rantoul R22 Ran- 
toul Sec6 T80a Margaret Lovejoy 

Lovingfoss, Clifford (Maude Marks) 
Ch Richard, Ruth; Homer R59 Ho- 
mer Sec21 T160a Mort Brown (1888) 

Lovingfoss, George A. (Fanny Burr) 
Ch Clifford, Kenneth, Phillip, Fred, 
Ellen; Philo Philo SeclS O160a 

Lovingfoss Kenneth (Madge Fisher) 
Urbana RIO Philo SeclS T120a Eli 
Groves (1890) 

Lovingfoss, W. H. (Cora Arnold) Ch 
Howard, Walter, Mary, Martha; 
Phila R56 Philo Sec35 O80a T80a 
Mrs. Mary C. Locke (1873) 

Lowery, Ted L. (Essie Taylor) Ch 
Gertrude, Gladys, Orville; Homer 
R59 Homer Sec8 T20a Maggie Tay- 
lor (1907) 

Lowman, John (Ella Beck) Ch Mil- 
dred, Helen; Champaign Rl Cham- 
paign Secl7 T214a Mrs. Annie Daw- 
ley (1899) 

Lowman, J. L. (Manerva O'Bryan) 
Ch Fred, Harley, John, Glen, Zelda; 
Sadorus R51 Sadorus Sec36 O80a 

Lowman, S. L. (Clara Locke) Ch Stan- 
ley, Cora; Champaign Rl Champaign 
Sec8 Ola (1876) 



Lowrey, James, Jr. (Mary Madigan) 
Longview R63 Crittenden Sec26 
T120a James Lowrey (1885) 

Lowrey, Mike (Kate Gorman) Ch Eu- 
gene, Genevieve, Joseph, Paul; 
Longview R63 Crittenden Sec26 
T160a James Lowrey (1883) 

Lowry, James, Sr. Ch Michael, James, 
Nellie, Josie, Henry, Mary, Frances, 
Cluelta; Longview R63 Crittenden' 
Sec36 0240a (1872) 

Lubben, Ehme (Anna Werwert) Ch 
Fred, Minnie, Teddy; Thomasboro 
R20 Stanton SecS O207a (1885) 

Lubben, Harm Ch Annfe, Freda, 
George, Fred, Hei; Thomasboro R20 
Rantoul Sec20 O160a (1887) 

Lustig, Joseph (Jennie Riemke) Ch 
Ed, Frank, John; Tolono R47 Peso- 
turn Secll T320a Jim Gorman (1889) 

Luth, Edward (Hanna Aye) Ch Edna; 
Homer R60 Raymond Seel T240a 
Mrs. A. Luth (1890) 

Luth, Joe (Mandy Geitz) Ch Wilbert, 
Heler; Homer R59 Ayers SecS T80a 
T. Luth Est. (1889) 

Luth, John Albert (Hannah Bensch- 
neider) Ch Vernon; Broadlands R37 
Ayers Sec6W O147a (1887) 

Luther, Charles (Christina Hunder- 
prund) Ch Mary, Carrie, Anna, Ella, 
Lilly; Savoy R45 Champaign Sec26 
O160a (1881) 

Luther, J. G. (Fredericka Lemke) Ch 
Bertha, Cornelia, Carl, Ida, Wilhel- 
mina; Champaign R2 Champaign 
Sec26 OlOOa (1881) 

Lux, Henry (Marcret Labert) Ch El- 
la, Hilda, Louise, Mildred, Henry; 
Pesotum R55 Crittenden Sec30 O40a 

Lykins, Robert (Grace Frye) Ch 
Ruth; Champaign R4 Hensley SeclS 
Farm Hand J. F. C. Kaiser (1917) 

Lyman, W. B. (Mary Jordan) Cham- 
paign Rl Champaign Sec20 T120a J. 
P. Lyman (1885) 

Lynch, A. J. (Delia McCarty) Ch 
Anna, Carl, Irene; Penfield R27 Kerr 
Secl6 T360a C. V. Wilson (1867) 

Lynch, B. E. (Bell Brown) Ch Opal, 
Dean; Sidney R57 Sidney Secl4 
O85a (1870) 

Lynch, G. W. (Josephine Carlisle) 
Ch Bently, Grace, Delsia; Mahomet 
R42 Mahomet SeclS O6a (1858) 

Lynch, James E. Ch Harry; Urbana 
R17 Stanton Sec31 T124a E. V. Kir- 
by (1914) 

Lynch, M. E. (Ethel Bailey) Ch Har- 
old, Pauline, Raymond, Louis; Ho- 
mer R61 Homer Sec6W O22a (1891) 

Lyon, L. T. (Hester Crank) Ch Led, 
Lucy, Dell; Fisher R35 Newcomb 
Sec6 T320a Buchan Bros. (1912) 

Lyons, E. F. (Elizabeth Johnston) 
Ch Winifred, Edward; Champaign 
R4 Hensley Sec20 T240a R. W. Hall 

Lyons, Tom (Leviha Longheed) Ch 
Cathleen, Marlin, Alice, Anna, Susie; 
Urbana RIO Philo Sec9 T80a Quirk 
Est. (1905) 


Mabis, G. W. (Laura Schmall) Ch 
Lyle, Vern, Edith; "Pet. Webb 
Farm" Mahomet R41 Newcomb 
Sec30 T120a Preston Webb (1912) 

Madden, Charles A. (Samantha 
Grady) Ch Ellis, Arthur, Glenn; 
Seymour R44 Scott Sec33 T300a 
X A. J. Dighton (1913) 

Maddock, Edward (Josie Hemmric- 
house) Ch Lavern, Rachel, Ruth, 
Mary, Helen; St. Joseph R14 Stan- 
ton Secl4 O160a Sec22 T80a SeclS 
T120a Hemmrichouse Est. (1886) 

Maddock, O. W. (Lutora Tompkins) 
Ch William, Edward, Clifton, 
Earl, Lowell, Russel; St. Joseph 
R13 Stanton Sec27 O160a (1864) 

Madigan, John (Martha Fitzgerald) 
Ch Timothy; Sidney R58 Raymond 
Sec3 T80a Jerry Gorman (1891) 

Madigan, *J. J. (Anna Wingle) Ch 
Josephine, Mary, John, Nellie, 
James, Margaret, Dennis, Frances, 
Anna; Longview R64 Raymond 
Sec27 T240a John Madigan (1877) 

Magers, George (Olive Francis) Ho- 
mer R60 Homer SeclSE T205a 
Henry and Fred Messman and 
Herman Struck (1914) 

Magers, James (Etta Ehlers) Ch 
John, Madona; Longview R64 
Raymond Sec22 T123a Herman 
Struck (1914) 

Magill, C. C. (Sadie Mullin) Ch Eula, 
Zuma, Floyd; St. Joseph R16 St. 
Joseph Sec34 T95a D. R. Magill 
and Mrs. R. M. Caldwell (1885) 

Magill, Park (Bertha Hiller) Sidney 
R58 Sidney Sec20 T520a J. Wirk 



Mahorney, M. (Jane Brownfield) Ch 
Grace, Hallie, Edith, Marchie; St. 
Joseph R16 St. Joseph Sec27 T21a 
H. M. Brownfield (1913) 

Maier, Charles (Lucy Baker) Ch 
Fred, John, Charles, Annie, Lily, 
Henry; Champaign R6 Homer Sec4 
O66a (1869) 

Maier, Fred H. (Pearl Keath) Ch 
Agnes; Urbana R8 Stanton SeclS 
T80a (1894) 

Maier, Joseph (Aplona Fielder) Ch 
Joseph, Bernice, Ralph, Laurence; 
Champaign R6 Homer Sec4 O120a 
Sec35 T40a Mrs. Joseph Fielder 

Maier, Mrs. Minnie Ch Fred, Jacob, 
Mary, Edward, Emma, Michael, 
George, Paul, Cletus, Bernard; 
Rantoul R24 Rantoul Sec22 O160a 
T80a W. A. Lachenmeyer (1871) 

Maier, W. J. (Emma E. Pankan) Ch 
Mary, Helena, Frances, William, 
Elizabeth; Rantoul R22 Rantoul 
SeclS T170a Mrs. Anna Warner 
and Mame Grundley (1862) 

Majors, W. T. (Sarah Steddem) Ch 
Alfred, Ruth, James; "Maple 
Farm" Champaign Rl Champaign 
Sec6 T580a R. D. Burham (1865) 

Maley, James (Jessie Galtford) Ch 
Sarah, Hazel, Mary, Virgil; Sa- 
dorus R51 Sadorus Secl6 T160a 
Mike Maley (1879) 

Manion, John Seymour R44 Colfax 
Sec3 T160a Thomas Manion 

Manion, Thomas Monticello R2 Col- 
fax Sec30 OllOa (1868) 

Manion, Thomas (Mary Coffey) Ch 
John, Mary, Agnes, Rosie; Sey- 
mour R44 Colfax Sec3 T160a 

Manley, J. F. (Hazel L. Ross) Ch 
Ruth, Ross, Ray, Alfred, Thomas; 
Urbana R9 Somer Sec21 T143a 
Thomas Thornbrian (1914) 

Manning, T. A. (Jennie Johnson) 
Ch Paul, Howard, Lawrence; Og- 
den R18 Ogden Sec21S T240a W. 
N. Cordy (1869) 

Mansfield, Mary E. (Mary E. King) 
Ch Albert, Frank, Eva, Edith, 
Centina, Jesse, David, Girady; Ur- 
bana R8 Homer Sec33 O42a (1877) 

Mansfield, M. D. (Mary D. Brown- 
field) Ch Clarence, Harold, Glenn; 
Urbana R8 Homer Sec33 O25a 

Mantle, John (H. A. Sever) Ch John, 
William, Fanny, Alice, Bonnie, 
Sol, Mary, Jane; Penfield R27 Kerr 
O57a (1869) 

Mantle, J. R. Penfield R27 Kerr Sec 

28 T90a Wilson Connor (1888) 
Mantle, W. H. Paxton R3 Kerr Sec4 

T45a Jane Pattens (1885) 

Manuel, C. M. (Bessie Mahin) Ch 
Gladys, Raleigh, Ralph, Russel, 
Kenneth, Alice, Jessie; Mahomet 
R41 Newcomb Sec33 T320a J. W. 
Myers (1901) 

Manuel, Henry (Clara Addy) Ch 
Rita, Dorothy, Beulah, Wayne, 
Fern; Seymour R43 Mahomet Sec 

29 T160a Molly House (1912) 
Manuel, K. S. (Emma Burke) Ch 

Wilburn, Lloyd, Teddie; Mahomet 
R40 Mahomet SeclO T240a Bill 
Wyckle (1911) 

Mara, James Sadorus Tolono Sec32 
O93a (1873) 

Mara, M. F. (Mary Maley) Ch Kath- 
erine, Kenneth, Pauline; Ivesdale 
R53 Colfax Sec28 T160a John 
Fiaven (1887) 

Marcellus, A. J. (Emma B. Vance) 
Ch Willard, Mary, Frank, Lee, 
Wilson, Harriett, Charlie; Foos- 
land R38 Brown SeclO O120a 

Markwell, Willis E. (Gertrude Malli- 
sen) Ch Agnes, Doyle; Tolono R47 
Tolono Sec34 Farm Hand Fred 
Bialeschke (1912) 

Marrah, Robert (Vadie Burnside) Ch 
Curtis, Frank; Sidney Sec6 T160a 
J. O. Woodard (1915) 

Marriott, H. B. (Marguerite Beltz) 
Ch Oscar; Urbana R12 St. Joseph 
Sec32 T200a Wm. Jones (1881) 

Marriott, O. M. (Susie Burnett) Ch 
Franklin, Gale; Urbana R9 Somer 
Sec23 T200a Mrs. Lydia Marriott 

Marriott, R. A. (Elizabeth Smith) 
Ch Joseph, Clara, David; Urbana 
R9 Somer Sec23 O240a T170a H. 
B. Hill (1880) 

Marsh, J. B. (Mary Loeffler) Ch Ce- 
cil, Elsie, Nellie, Lucy, Florence, 
Oren, Herald, Paul, Roberta, Al- 
bert; Ogden R18 Ogden Sec7S O18a 
T148a George Loeffler (1885) 

Marsh, L. E. (Sadie Richards) Ch 
Nellie, Ethel, Violet, Opal, How- 
ard, Grace; St. Joseph R14 St. Jo- 
seph Sec3 O80a T160a John Marsh 

Marsh, Mary Sidney R58 Raymond 
Sec7 O40a (1871) 

Marshall, Charles (Ada White) Ch 
Ruth; Sadorus R50 Pesotum Sec9 
Farm Hand Frank Nofftz (1913) 



Marshall, John (Ida Byers) Urbana 
R12 St. Joseph Secl7 Farm Hand 
J. R. Stanner (1883) 

Marshall, J. W. (Sarah Summitt) Ch 
Nellie "Meserole Farm" Rantoul 
R21 Ludlow SeclS T240a Jackson 
Bros. (1867) 

Marshall, Merle (Katie Ritchie) Ch 
Guy, Gladys, Opal, Leon, Maomi; 
Foosland Brown Sec8 T260a Alice 
Bailey (1903) 

Martin, A. G. (Odessa Batson) Ch 
Robert, Leland; Fisher R35 Condit 
SecS T200a F. B. Vennum (1897) 

Martin, Clyde (Mary Stevens) Ch Jo- 
sephine; Ivesdale R52 Colfax SecS 
Farm Hand L. F. Strohl (1913) 

Martin, C. E. (Ella Babcock) Ch 
Mable, Lillie, Myrtle; Fisher R35 
Condit SecS O120a (1883) 

Martin, Edgar L. (Jennie Swearin- 
gen) Homer R62 Ogden Sec28S 
O160a (1897) 

Martin, J. D. (Cora McGuire) Ch 
Minnie, Lila, Albert, Lula, Anna, 
Raymond, Lloyd; Sadorus R50 Sa- 
d'orus Sec21 T200a Alice Arps 

Martin, J. E. Ch Ethel, Elkins; Fish- 
er R34 Brown SeclS T80a John 
Cender (1896) 

Martin, Ned Ch Pearl, Hickman; St. 
Joseph R14 Stanton Sec36 Farm 
Hand C. H. Bays (1916) 

Martin, Samuel (Mabel Hayes) Ch 
Willard, Howard, Charley; Homer 
R61 Sidney Seel T80a C. Cotton 
( 1914) 

Martinie, Frank (Enca Rice) Long- 
view R64 Raymond Sec21 T316a 
S. Watts (1899) 

Martinie, W. (Myrtle Slater) Ch 
Earl, Mabel, Ralph, Blanch; Dewey 
R33 Condit Secl6 T320a F. K. 
Robeson (1863) 

Marton, Fred (Lillie Comeln) Ch 
Lena, Pearl, Douglas, Francis, 
Hubert; Sidney R57 Sidney Sec4 
T285a Mrs. Deere (1902) 

Marvin, C. E. (Mamie Weddle) Ch 
Donald, Bessie, Charles; Sadorus 
R51 Sadorus Secll T240a R. I. 
Hunt (1917) 

Mast, Fred (Ora May Hudson) Ur- 
bana R12 St. Joseph Secl9 T120a 
Henry Mast (1887) 

Mast, Mrs. Musa (Musa Roe) Ch 
Roe, Marie, Ralph; Urbana R7 Ur- 
bana SeclO O127a (1875) 

Mast, Thomas E. (Jennie Hoffman) 
Ch Helen, Kenneth, Esther; Philo 
R56 Philo Sec27 T160a John Trost 

Mast, W. H. (Maud Blaisdell) Ch 
Irena, Lela, Lawrence, Clyde, 
Gerald, Lyle; Broadlands R37 Ay- 
ers Sec30 T160a H. W. Six (1892) 

Matby, W. R. (Lillie Myers) "Foos 
Farm" Foosland R39 Brown Sec6 
T160a Ferguson Foos (1869) 

Matheny, Harry W. (Flora Trimble) 
Ch Perry, Luella, Madona; Cham- 
paign R2 Champaign Sec30 Farm 
Hand J. F. Munds (1915) 

Mathes, J. C. (Nancy Hobson) Ch 
Paul, Harold; Urbana RIO Urbana 
Sec33 T240a R. W. Hall (1903) 

Mathews, John W. (Anna Breston) 
Ch Walter, Ralph, Ethel; Sadorus 
R49 Tolono Sec30 O340a (1862) 

Mathews, Ralph L. (Florence 
Wright) Ch Maud, Helen; Sadorus 
R49 Tolono Sec30 TlOOa J. W. 
Mathews (1894) 

Mathews, Thurma R. (Hedwig 
Gehrky) Ch Harold; St. Joseph 
R16 St. Joseph Sec21 Farm Hand 
Marion Hudson (1889) 

Mathews, Walter J. (Kathryn Hall) 
Ch John; Tolono R47 Tolono Sec 
29 T140a J. W. Mathews (1892) 

Mathias, Herman (Catrina Arons) 
Ch Maggie, John, Catrina, Harvey, 
Fanny; Gifford R26 Sec31 O25a 

Matlock, George (Myrtle Riddle) Ch 
Erwin; Sidney R58 Raymond Sec4 
I. S. Raymond (1917) 

Matson, Alex (Mattie Minter) Ch 
Lela, Delbert, Colman, Raymond; 
Tolono R46 Crittenden SecS Farm 
Hand Wm. E. Rugel (1914) 

Matteson, Mrs. Alonzo (Lizzie Men- 
ion) Ch Nellie, Etta, Rellie, Gertie, 
Irene, Opal; Bondville R65 Scott 
Sec27 (1913) 

Matteson, Rellie (Edna Cast) Ch 
Thome, Frances; Bondville R65 
Scott Sec27 Tl60a Ray Fisher 

Matthews, Walter J. (Mertie Ward) 
Ch John; Savoy R66 Tolono Secl3 
Farm Hand W. H. Revell (1917) 

Mattix, J. G. (Flora Stover) Ch 
Chester; Sadorus RSI Sadorus Sec 
24 T600a Anna Rock (1900) 

Mattix, J. H. (Nancy Rock) Ch Ber- 
tha, Irwin, Anna, Hugh, Grover, 
Roxie, Gertrude; Pesotum R54 
Sadorus Secl3 O160a (1867) 

Matzka, John A. (Armeda McKel- 
vey) Ch Sarah, Emma, Rosie, 
Grace, John; Tolono R47 Tolono 
Sec33 OllOa (1865) 




Maxwell, A. S. (Ella Wood) Ch Ed- 
die, Ruth, Ester, Cecil; Broadlands 
R37 Ayers Secl9 O330a (1871) 

Maxwell, Jessie E. (Fern McMorris) 
Ch Wintrice; Ogden R17 Ogden 
Sec28N T170a Wm. Parris, Isaac 
Parris, J. R. Maxwell and Wm. 
Ramert (1892) 

Maxwell, J. W. (Minnie Edwards) 
Ch Roland, John, George; "Maple 
Lawn Stock Farm" Urbana RIO 
Urbana Sec31 T37Sa J. T. Maxwell 

May, W. H. (Mada Craft) Ch Jesse, 
Roy, Ruby; Mahomet R42 Ma- 
homet Seel Farm Hand V. R. 
Rittenhouse (1917) 

Mayer, Wendel J. (Elizabeth Hopp) 
Ch Alwis, Evelyne, Joseph, Odilea, 
Mary, Wilber; Pesotum R55 Crit- 
tenden SeclS T120a Elizabeth 
Hopp (1902) 

Mayes, H. C. (Maude Stout) Ch Roy, 
Leslie; Champaign Rl Champaign 
Secl6 T320a Dr. Groves (1882) 

Mayes, George (Iva Cross) Ch Ken- 
neth; Bondville R65 Scott Sec24 
T160a Dan Snyder (1916) 

Mayes, Joseph (Mary Alderson) 
Champaign Rl Champaign Sec9 
O320a (1876) 

McAllister, Charles L. (Annie Eisen- 
scheank) Ch Robert, Leo, Frances; 
Rantoul R23 Harwood Sec31 T200a 
J. M. Collinson (1903) 

McCabe, J. R. (Johanna Walsh) Ch 
John, Leo, Spencer, James, Jr., 
Florence, Joseph, Katherine, Wil- 
liam, Margaret; Rantoul R23 Ran- 
toul Sec2 T140a Ed Malloy (1869) 

McCabe, Mrs. Mary Ch John, Mi- 
cheal, Vincent, Frances, Mary, 
Anna, Grace; "Maple Leaf Farm" 
Ludlow R29 Harwood SeclO O280a 

McCabe, Thomas J. (Helen Drzycim- 
ski) Ch Donald; Ludlow R31 Har- 
wood Sec27 T240a Peter McCabe 

McCabe, W. M. (Mary Drzycimski) 
Ch Frances, Ruth; Rantoul Ran- 
toul SeclO T148a Pat Markey 

McCammon, Frank B. (Mabel Hilt) 
Ch Wayne, Dorothy; Sadorus R49 
Colfax Secl7 T140a Samuel Wills 

McCarrey, Alva (Alma Kemper) Ch 
Ileen; Broadlands R36 Raymond 
Sec3 Tom Wilson (1915) 

McCarrey, William (Mary Brown) 
Ch Alva, Robert, Maggie, Annie, 
Dalta, Charley, Clyde; Broadlands 
R36 Raymond Secll T163a John 
Wendling (1915) 

McCartney, Austin H. (Mary J. 
Tackett) Ch Charlotte, Everett, 
Edna, Hazel, Paul; St. Joseph R14 
Stanton Sec22 Farm Hand Edd 
Maddocks (1908) 

McCarty, Perry M. (Mirtie Ogden) 
Ch Gilbert, Vesta, Leotis, Onis; 
Ogden R17 Ogden Sec20 Farm 
Hand J. B. Silkey (1915) 

McClain, E. J. (Margaret Williams) 
Ch Edward, Dwight, Joseph, Eve- 
lin, Evangeline, Eli; Foosland R39 
Brown Sec32 T3a R. Muhlemann 

McClanahan, John (Jane Floyd) 
Champaign R6 Homer Sec6 Farm 
Hand William Irle (1909) 

McClelland, C. L. (Martha Osborn) 
Ch Gertrude; Foosland R38 Brown 
Secl6 T120a McClelland Est. T1878) 

McClelland, Mrs. E. J. (Eliza Foster) 
Ch Ella, Aura, Gertrude, Carroll; 
"Lone Tree Farm" Foosland R38 
Brown Secl6 T160a F. R. McClel- 
land (1874) 

McClintock, John W. (Sylvia Farrar) 
Ch Gladys, Adolphus, Clyde, Har- 
old; Longview R63 Crittenden Sec24 
O275a (1870) 

McCloskey, O. J. (Ina Sandford) Ch 
Earl, Mark, Irene, Ruth, Lois; Ur- 
bana Rll Urbana Sec34 T160a 
Sampson Est. (1895) 

McConkey, Oscar (Florence Perkins) 
Ch Thomas; Savoy R66 Tolono Sec8 
Farm Hand Mike Bates (1917) 

McConnell, John and Lawrence Ur- 
bana R9 Homer SeclS O621a (1862) 

McCoppin, James (Anna White) Ch 
Margaret, Etinaretta; Ivesdale R52 
Colfax Secl7 T80a Mary McCoppin 

McCortnick, Mrs. Ella F. (Clark) Ch 
Claud, Floyd, Homer; Urbana R7 
Stanton Sec31 (1879) 

McCormick, Fred Urbana R7 Stan- 
ton Sec30 O96a (1887) 

McCormick, John (Agnes Lee) Ch 
Eilee, Margaret, Katherine; Long- 
view R64 Raymond Sec28 T200a 
Thomas McCormick (1885) 

McCormick, L. A. (Ella Hilderbrand) 
Ch Lloyd, Cecil, Maud, Herald, Ma- 
rie, Florence, Glessny, Bonnie, Lu- 
cile; Urbana R7 Stanton Sec30 O76a 



McCormick, Thomas (Margaret Win- 
gle) Ch Mary, William, John, Thom- 
as, Fanny, Margaret, Nellie, Lizzy, 
Eddie; Philo R56 Philo Sec23 O400a 

McCown, Chester (Nellie March) Ch 
Irene, Edwin; St. Joseph R13 Stan- 
ton Sec22 T80a J. W. Humeriek Est. 

McCoy, D. (Hesbey Hite) Ch Geneva; 
Broadlands R36 Raymond SeclS 
Farm Hand Henry Seider (1905) 

McCoy, Jerry (Isabelle Woodard) Ch 
Grace, Etta, Wilbur; Homer R60 
Homer Secl9E T70a Nancy Wood- 
ard (1880) 

McCoy, William and Thomas Urbana 
R9 Homer SeclO O160a (1882) 

McCullam,- William D. Homer R62 
Homer Sec29N T40a McCullam Est. 

McCullock, J. D. (Millie Fanchor) Ch 
Robert, Glenn, Ross, Ethel; Dewey 
R33 E. Bend Sec32 T195a A. H. 
Sperling and August Sperling (1914) 

McCullough, Albert (Celia Shaw) Ch 
Clinton, Lillie, Fulk; Urbana RIO 
Urbana Sec29 T200a A. S. McCul- 
lough (1857) 

McCullough, A. C. (Edna Myers) Ur- 
bana RIO Urbana Sec29 T160a J. S. 
McCullough (1861) 

McCullough, John (Ann Clark) Ch 
Helen, Mary, Fred, Margaret; Ur- 
bana RIO Urbana Sec29 O160a 

McDaniel, Alfred W. (Susie Kamp- 
schrader) Ch Orville, Loyal, Ber- 
nice, Gladys; Urbana R14 Philo Sec5 
T160a Geo. Johnson (1897) 

McDaniel, C. H. (Ella Chake) Cham- 
paign R4 Hensley Sec34 Farm Hand 
W. M. Cambell (1916) 

McDaniel, John (Ada Kirby) Homer 
R59 Homer Sec28 Farm Hand M. 
F. Allen (1917) 

McDaniel, R. L. (Sarah Freeman) Ch 
Lanie, Janie, Leona, Otis, Mae, 
Woodrow, Johnnie; Mahomet R41 
Mahomet Sec30 John Harris (1916) 

McDavitt, William (Ada Combs) Ch 
Neva, Pearl; Seymour R44 Scott Sec 
29 T320a John Phalen (1912) 

McDonald, Otha (Lena Curby) Sid- 
ney R57 Sidney Sec23 T20a Pirt 
Lynch (1912) 

McDowell, E. (Blanch Mericle) Ch 
Leonard; Fisher R34 Brown Sec23 
T160a M. I. Nelson (1910) 

McElroy, Walter (Nora Wright) Ch 
Emerson, Elsie, Harold, Helen; Ho- 
mer R59 Homer Secl6 T350a P. E. 
Wiggins (1917) 

McElwee, B. E. (Ida Swaney) Ch 
Lizzy, Resie, Willie, Raymond, Ora, 
Lorin, Gilbert; Urbana R12 St. Jo- 
seph Sec31 T160a W. M. Jones 

McElwee, A. C. (Julia A. Green) Ch 
Floyd, Harry, Albert; "Elder Row 
Stock and Grain Farm" St. Joseph 
R15 St. Joseph Seel O248a (1874) 

McElwee, C. C. (Ressie Johnson) Ch 
Guy, Maud, Ermel, Noma, Claudie, 
Lavern; St. Joseph R16 Sidney Sec3 
T190a J. M. Johnston (1875) 

McElwee, Floyd L. (Lucile Warnick) 
Ch Rowena, Dorothy; "Elwood 
Farm" St. Joseph R15 St. Joseph 
Seel T173a Chas. Kienzle and A. C. 
McElwee (1892) 

McFall, Daniel, Sr. (Martha Miller) 
Ch Richard; Urbana Rll Urbana 
Sec27 O80a (1886) 

McFall, Daniel, Jr. (Rhoda Innis) Ch 
Robert, Martha, Mildred; Urbana 
Rll Urbana Sec36 T80a B. Manning 

McFall, John (Mary Coffery) Ch Alice, 
Elizabeth; Urbana RIO Philo Sec9 
T80a Johnnie Godsell (1876) 

McFall, William (Sophia Kennedy) 
Ch Mabel, Joseph, William; Ur- 
bana Rll Urbana Sec28 T159a Fred 
Pell (1886) 

McGarigle, James J. Tolono R46 Crit- 
tenden SeclO T120a Pat Lynch 

McGath, William (Ettie Mattison) Ch 
Jessie, Donald; Champaign R2 
Champaign Sec28 T160a Elaine Est. 

McGauphlin, G. (Maude Mills) Ch 
May, Melvin, Opal; Penfield R2 
Compromise Sec4 O160a (1907) 

McGee, Elizabeth Ch William, Nath- 
an, Mary, Thomas, Ida, Charles; Ur- 
bana RIO Philo Seel T160a McGee 
Est. (1853) 

McGee, S. L. (Nellie McKenney) Ch 
Kenneth, Ettabelle, Harriett; Ogden 
R17 Ogden Sec20N O15a (1885) 

McGee, William F. Urbana RIO Philo 
Seel O56a (1855) 

McGill, Edward (Delia Shreeves) Ch 
Opal, James; Urbana R7 Urbana 
Sec2 Ola (1876) 

McGinn, E. (Clore Heines) Ch 
Charles, Florence; Seymour R44 
Colfax Sec4 T130a G. E. Casper 

McGlaughlan, Pat (Mary Cunning- 
ham) Ch Philip, Edd, Patrick; 
Mansfield R3 Mahomet Sec30 T45a 
Fred Barker (1908) 



McGrath, John (Ora Meader) Ch 
Grace; Rantoul R22 Condit Secl3 
Farm Hand Seiber Bros (1916) 

McGraw, Harley St. Joseph R13 St. 
Joseph Secl7 Farm Hand Mrs. Mary 
Strong (1896) 

McGraw, Mrs. Myrtle Ch Harley, 
Ruby, Ruth, Beatrice, Clarence; St. 
Joseph Secl7 Harley McGraw (1876) 

McGuire, Connor (Katherine Burke) 
Ch Dan, Willie, Clara, Maggie, 
Johnny, Connor; Sadorus R50 Sa- 
dorus Sec21 O200a (1872) 

McGuire, Pat (Nora Burke) Ch Wil- 
lie, Charles, Joseph, Stella, Kather- 
ine; Sadorus R50 Colfax Sec33 
O120a (1878) 

McHarry, D. R. (A. S. Smedley) "Two 
Pines Farm" Rantoul R21 Ludlow 
Sec23 O240a (1891) 

McHarry, George (Edith Whitmer) 
Ch Kenneth, Lois; Rantoul R21 
Ludlow Sec23 OllOa (1877) 

McHenry Emmet (Jane Fiscus) Ch 
Harry, Fletcher, Loren, Lucy, Fred- 
rick; Urbana Rll Urbana Sec28 
T240a Mary Wickizer (1915) 

Mcllwain, Charles (Lula Curtis) Ch 
Laura, Opal, Doyle, Maston; Gifford 
R25 Harwood Sec36 Farm Hand 
E. P. Talbot (1913) 

Mclnnes, O. A. (Hannah Hadfield) 
Ch Sterling, Jessie, John, Agnes, 
Ralph; Urbana R7 Sidney Sec8 
O245a Urbana Sec2 T102a (1875) 

Mclnnes, Robert S. (Ethel Slacker) 
Ch Edith, Ada; Urbana R7 Urbana 
. Sec2 O160a (1887) 

Mclntyre, C. (Bessie Price) Ch Mary, 
Cecil, Robert, Jennie, Ada, Gale, 
William; Urbana R7 Urbana SeclO 
T60a Chas. Lawhead (1877) 

Mcjilton, A. W. (Nelle Williams) Ch 
June; Fisher R34 E. Bend Sec29 
T260a J. E. Mcjilton and I. D. Nel- 
son (1888) 

McKee, R. B. (Mary Leidendeker) 
Ch William; Champaign R3 Hensley 
Sec32 T320a W. E. McKee Est. 

McKeon, James (Mary Graham) Ch 
Nellie, Annie, Marie, Loreta, James, 
Jr., Gertrude; Rantoul R23 Harwood 
Sec32 T160a Mrs. Annie O'Donnell 

McKeown, James E. (Bell Cottrell) 

. Tolono R48 Philo SeclS O120a 

McKinley, Dick (Isabella Carter) Og- 
den R18 Ogden SeclSS O18a T72a 
Hicksonbaugh and Bill McKinley 

McKinney, Daniel (Permelia Ping) 
Ch Laura, Bertha, Minnie, James, 
Ray, Sophia, Wesley; Urbana R9 
Somer SeclO Thomas McCoy (1909) 

McKinney, Fred Ogden R17 Ogden 
Sec28N T200a Mrs. Rachel McKin- 
ney (1889) 

McKinney, J. L. Urbana R9 Somer 
SeclO T120a Thomas McCoy (1909) 

McKinney, Peter J. (Ada Campbell) 
Ch Lavern, Audrey, Juanita, Mary, 
John; Ogden Ogden Sec32N T80a 
Frank Davis (1884) 

McKinney, Rachel (Ensley) Ch P. J., 
Richard, Fred, Lora, Nellie, Jennie 
Myrtle; Ogden R17 Ogden Sec28N 
O200a (1869) 

McKinney, Ray (Hanna Mason) Pen- 
field R27 Kerr Sec29 T160a William 
T. Shorthose (1909) 

McKinney, Samuel (Marguart Christ- 
lieb) Ch Carry, William, ,Manie, 
Jenny; Osman Brown Sec31 OlOOa 

McKinney, William (Selma O'Dean) 
Ch Elva, Earl; Foosland R39 Brown 
Sec28 O80a (1903) 

McLaughlin, Melvin (Lottie Grice) 
Ch Melvin, Bernice; Urbana R9 Ur- 
bana Sec4 Ola (1900) 

McLaughlin, Pat, Sr. (Mary Cunning- 
ham) Ch Philip, Ed, Patrick, Jr.; 
Mansfield R3 Mahomet Sec30 T45a 
Fred Barker (1908) 

McMahan, Adam (Bertha Anders) 
Ch Helen, Frank, Clarence, Mary; 
Sidney R58 Sidney Sec32 T246a 
Isaac Cole (1898) 

McMahon, R. G. (Elizabeth Van Bus- 
Kirk) Ch Lillian, Isabelle, James, 
Luther; St. Joseph R15 Ogden Sec 
29N O80a T80a E. and F. Elliott 

McMahon, Thomas S. Ch Lucy, 
George, Mary, Vincent, Tom, Viola, 
Owen; Savoy R45 Tolono Sec2 
Ol62a (1873) 

McMillen, Fremont (Laura Curtis) 
"Pleasant Ridge Farm" Champaign 
R3 Champaign Sec3 O271a (1859) 

McMullen, William (Ellen Jordan) 
Ch Helen; Bondville R65 Scott Sec 
25 O160a (1869) 

McNamarna, Dan (Mary Cassidy) Ch 
William, Rose, James; Penfield R28 
Compromise Sec28 T240a Abe Gra- 
ham (1884) 

McNally, James Tolono R46 Pesotum 
Sec2 T80a Hugh McNally (1891) 

McNeely, William H. (Laura Sulli- 
van) Ch Robert, Willima, William; 
Ludlow R31 Harwood SeclS Farm 
Hand D. Sullivan (1915) 



McNeil, C. V. (Inez Dodge) St. Jo- 
seph R16 St. Joseph Sec22 OlOa 

McNeil, J. V. Ch Clem, Rosa, Joseph, 
William, Julia; St. Joseph R16 St. 
Joseph Sec34 O15a (1881) 

McNeil, William J: (Gertrude Walls) 
Ch Edith, Ethel, William; Long- 
view R63 Crittenden Sec27 Farm 
Hand W. O. Walls (1917) 

McNeill, R. D. (Nina Johnston) Sey- 
mour R43 Scott Sec6 T185a Miss 
Margaret Seymour (1893) 

McPheeters, Mrs. Frances Champaign 
Rl Champaign Sec5 Housekeeper 
Oliver McPheeters (1910) 

McPheeters, O. K. Champaign Rl 
Champaign SecS T160a J. D. Rundle 

McQueen, B. F. (Mollie Clark) Ch 
Harry, Clark, Goldie, Ada, Noah, 
Harley; Sadorus R51 Sadorus Sec35 
O6a (1864) 

McQueen, H. C. (Mary Wilson) Ch 
Naoma, Katherine; Sadorus R51 Sa- 
dorus Secl2 O5a (1887) 

McQuinlan, Raymond M. (Catherine 
Brown) Tolono R47 Pesotum Sec4 
T140a Mat Dorsey (1895) 

McQuire, C. (Kathern Burke) Ch 
Daniel, William, Clara, Margaret, 
John, Conard; Sadorus R51 Colfax 
Sec4 T220a (1868) 

McTeer, W. M. (Caldonie Woodward) 
Ch Alexander, Wright, Earl, Dave, 
Myrtle, Mary; "Cripple. Creek 
Farm" Fisher R35 Condit Sec6 
T221a Hewerdine Est. (1912) 

Mead, Freeman (Allie Johnson) Ch 
Bessie; Homer R62 Homer Sec30N 
O95a (1859) 

Means, Rufus (Alma Hough) Ch Stan- 
ley, Opal, Carrie; Gifford R25 Har- 
wood Secl4 T80a C. G. Reynolds 

Measel, J. A. (Lela F. Warren) Og- 
den R18 Ogden Sec7SE Farm Hand 
Meryn Cherry (1915) 

Meath, T. E. Sadorus R52 Colfax 
Sec21 T240a (1898) 

Meese, James W. (Lora McKinney) 
Ch Wilber, Oral, Roberta, Luretta; 
St. Joseph R13 Stanton Sec26 T120a 
M. H. Simcox (1891) 

Meharry, George F. (Sophie Voss) 
Ch John; Tolono R48 Philo Sec21 
T269a Jesse Meharry Est. (1880) 

Meharry, T. E. (Katherine I. Hay) 
Tolono R48 Tolono Sec26 T260a 
Jesse Meharry Est. (1876) 

Meharry, Paul F. (Stella Dougherty) 
Ch Jesse; Tolono R48 Philo Sec29 
T280a Jesse Meharry (1888) 

Meier, Fred (Kate Osterbur) Ch Jerry, 
Tode, Anna; St. Joseph R15 Ogden 
Sec30NW T120a Mrs. Anna Fra- 
zen (1885) 

Meier, George, Jr. (Marie Hayn) St. 
Joseph R14 Ogden SeclSNW T137a 
George Meier, Sr. (1892) 

Meier, William (Anna Osterbur) Ch 
Anna, Frank, George, Grace, John; 
St. Joseph R14 Stanton Secl4 T120a 
Mrs. Minkey Gerbers (1876) 

Menges, Arthur (Nora Wentzel) Ch 
Margaret, Clara, Elizabeth, Erma, 
Arthur, Nellie; Urbana R8 Somer 
Sec34 T108a George Schiff (1911) 

Menges, Walter (Cora Denhart) Ch 
Louis, Freda, Robert; St. Joseph 
R13 St. Joseph Sec4 T120a~ Louis 
Denhart (1910) 

Mennenga, Carl (Anna Harms) Ch 
Martin, Fred, Johnnie, Jette, Mary, 
Rosie; St. Joseph R13 Stanton Sec4 
O225a (1887) 

Mennenga, Fred (Hiska Ihmen) Ch 
Fred, Onke, Jennie, Allie, Rike, Hil- 
da; Thomasboro R20 Compromise 
Sec20 O156a (1870) 

Mennenga, Fred C. (Lena Oncken) 
Gifford R26 Compromise Sec28 
TlOOa F. C. Mennenga (1896) 

Mergenthal, F. J. (Ella Orrell) Ch 
Emmitt; Sadorus R51 Sadorus 
Sec33 T91a Deboth (1898) 

Merrick, Wilber (Mary Geise) Ch 
Wilma Urbana R9 Urbana Sec4 Ola 

Merrifield, Daniel (Susan Dixon) Ch 
Mabel, Daniel, Henry; Champaign 
R3 Champaign Sec9 T240a San. 
Wilk (1890) 

Merrifield, Mrs. Etta Ch Lott, Ruth, 
Clair, Marguerite, Clinton, Ervine; 
"Brightside Farm" Dewey R33 Con- 
dit OlOOa (1912) 

Merritt, Raymond (Ruth Baslon) To- 
lono R48 Philo Sec6 T120a J. J. 
Brennen (1914) 

Messer, Mrs. Chas., Ch Rudolph, Al- 
bert, Lonie, Alma, Mary, Joe; Sa- 
dorus R45 Tolono Sec6 O65a (1870) 

Messman, Albert (Lura Kuhlman) Ch 
Howard; Tolono R46 Crittenden 
Secl7 O220a (1879) 

Messman, C. A. (Bertha Reinke) Ch 
Elmer, George. Martin, Frederick; 
"Lost Grove Farm" Homer R60 
Homer Sec31SE O244a Ayens T80a 
Chas. Dohme (1877) 

Messman, Fred J. (Louisa Hornung) 
Ch Frances, Frank, Bertha, Henry, 
Alwin, Vera, Alfred, Fred; Sadorus 
R51 Pesotum SecS O40a Sec4 T180a 
Messmann Est. (1875) 



Messman, William (Fredricka Mead- 
row) Ch Walter, John, Ervin; Sa- 
dorus R51 Tolono Sec32 O163a 

Messmann, Clarence (Bertha Morenz) 
Sadorus R51 Sadorus T80a A. F. 
Morenz (1917.) 

Messmann, Paul (Enna Kruger) Ch 
Carl; Sadorus R51 Sadorus Seel 
T190a Sadorus Est. (1869) 

Metsdarffer Bros. Pesotum R55 Crit- 
tenden Sec 32 T80a Charles Procter 
Sling Est. (1914) 

Metsdarffer, John M. (Mary Schaefer) 
Ch Mike, Helen, Georgie, Frankie; 
Tolono R46 Crittenden Sec7 T4a 

Meuser, Albert L. (Zena Taylor) Ch 
Fern, John; Rantoul R23 Rantoul 
Secl2 T370a Charles Babb (1884) 

Meuser, Fred (Helen Bjurstrom) Ch 
Carl; Rantoul R22 Rantoul Sec7 
T330a Mrs. Gere and J. Fletcher 

Meuser, F. W. (Ada Inglan) Ch Ruth; 
Ludlow R31 Ludlow Sec24 T320a 
Watson Est. (1881) 

Meuser, Guss P. (Jane Blue) Ch Aug- 
ust, Albert, Rose, John; Rantoul 
R22 Ludlow Sec28 T200a A. F. 
Meuser and G. P. Meuser (1877) 

Meuser, P. A. (Zilla Wallace) Ch 
Max, Stanley; Thomasboro R19 
Rantoul Sec22 T160a Glen Collison 
and Mrs. Tucker (1886) 

Meuser, W. C. (Elma Blue) Ch Min- 
nie, Hermon, Gertrude; Rantoul 
Ludlow Sec27 O200a (1876) 

Meyer, Anthony (Magdlena Kappes) 
Ch Mary, Anna, Anthony, Christina, 
Charles, George, Irene; Pesotum 
R54 Pesotum Sec30 TlOOa E. V. 
Burton (1900) 

Meyer, J. C. (Roma Cord) Ch Hazel, 
Mildred, Lee; Urbana R12 Urbana 
Sec 12 O267a (1864) 

Meyers, G. J. (Anna Christian) Ch 
Gustie, Louise, Herbert, Lilly, Carl, 
Clara; Thomasboro R20 Rantoul 
Sec36 T200a D. Meyers and Mr. 
Gronawalt (1880) 

Meyer, William (Alta James) Ch 
Maude, Bertha, Lawrence, Ernest, 
Everett; Seymour R44 Scott Sec20 
Farm Hand James Karr (1917) 

Michener, Ross (Louvena Gidding) 
Homer R62 Homer Sec4 O160a 
T80a Amy Michener (1895) 
Mile, O. C. (Nora Coon) Ch Russell, 
Lucile, Dale, Kenneth, Francis; Gif- 
ford R25 Kerr Secl7 T263a James 
Martin (1913) 

Milk, Henry (Emma Jackson) Ch 
Ralph, Marie, Leata, Charles, Rex; 
Champaign R5 Hensley Secl2 Farm 
Hand Tom Murrell (1914) 

Miller, A. S. Emma, Julia (Sisters) 
Dewey E. Bend Sec34 T64a John 
Guynn (1888) 

Miller, Carl (Anna Wilmhelm) Ch 
Ruth; Ludlow R30 Ludlow Sec4 
T320a Brinkley Est. (1917) 

Miller, Clarence E. (Judith Detrich) 
Longview R63 Crittenden Sec24 
T120a Michael Miller (1890) 

Miller, C. J. (Bertha Eddleman) Sa- 
dorus R50 Sadorus Sec2 T160a Sull 
Est. (1896) 

Miller, C. P. (Mary Sparks) Bondville 
R65 Scott Secl4 T200a Frank Het- 
ishee (1892) 

Miller, D. J. (Cora Smith) Ch Pearl, 
Silvie, Oscar, Fanny, Theasa, Wy- 
olla, Cora; Fisher R35 Newcomb 
Secl7 TlOa A. Kuhns (1909) 

Miller, Elwood (Carrie Minks) Ch 
Zora, Willard; Fisher R35 New- 
comb Secl2 T240a E. B. Chapin 

Miller, E. J. (Besse Primmer) Ch 
Paul; Champaign R3 Hensley Sec30 
T285a George Rising (1890) 

Miller, Frank (Rekkie Eilus) Ch An- 
nie; St. Joseph R15 Ogden SeclSNE 
O80a (1874) 

Miller, Frank J. Champaign Rl Cham- 
paign Sec8 T97a Mrs. Mary C. 
Lacke (1916) 

^Miller, Henry (Anna Christian) Ch 
Edward, Dorothy, Amanda, George, 
Herman, Frieda, Rosa, Lena; St. 
Joseph R14 Stanton Secl6 T80a 
Secl7 T80a George Miller (1873) 

Miller, Herman (Anna Post) Ch Max, 
Mary, Hans, Edward, Edna; Homer 
R61 Homer Sec7 T112a Pearl Wig- 
gins (1909) 

Miller, Homer N. (Nellie Heyer) Ch 
Edith, Lucille; Fisher R35 Condit 
Secl9 T170a Wm. Heyer (1884) 

Miller, John R. (Fannie Gelvin) Lud- 
low R31 Harwood Sec20 T160a 
Miller Est. (1895) 

Miller, Lawrence (Ingra Poison) Ch 
Lawrence; Mahomet R40 Newcomb 
Sec25 OlOa (1885) 

Miller, Michael (Magdelena Kepper) 
Ch Clarence, Elmer, Leroy; Philo 
R55 Crittenden Secl3 O280a (1881) 

Miller, P. G. (Katherine Bokart) 
Champaign R2 Champaign Sec26 
Farm Hand S. A. Trinkle (1896) 



Miller, Richard (Sally Lynch) Ma- 
homet R41 Mahomet Sec30 John 
Harris (1915) 

Miller, R. (Leanna Biggs) Ch Ray- 
mond; Allerton Rl Ayers Sec20 
O80a (1884) 

Miller, Taylor (Bessie Keefer) Ch Le- 
vina, Irene, Charlie, Gladys, Cli- 
teith; "Billy Grove Farm" Fisher 
R35 Brown Sec34 T320a Henry To- 
bin (1909) 

Miller, William (Mary Wilson) Ch 
Robert, Mary, Bell, Fay, Willie; 
Philo R56 Sidney Secl8 T160a M. 
Kerans (1885) 

Miller, William H. (Minnie Jarneck- 
er) Ch Norman, Richard; Homer 
R60 Homer Sec32 O120a T240a H. 
E. Wiese and A. H. Allen (1886) 

Miller, W. E. (Erne Dubson) Ch Ben- 
nie; Seymour R43 Scott Sec9 O80a 
SeclO T120a (1877) 

Miller, W. J. (Elizabeth Burcham) Ch 
Roscoe, Joe, George; Mahomet R41 
Mahomet Secl6 O131a (1864) 

Miller, W. R. (Martha Robinson) Ch 
Edith, Jessie; Sadorus R51 Sadorus 
Sec24 O5a H. J. Robinson (1857) 

Miller, W. R. Champaign R3 Ma- 
homet Sec25 T187a B. J. Rising 

Mills, C. P. (Florence Parrett) Ch 
Wallace; Homer R61 Ogden Sec 
30SW T135a J. W. Parrett (1912) 

Mills, W. T. (Ollie Kirby) Ch Ever- 
ett, Ray, Flossy, Robert; Penfield 
R27 Kerr Sec33 T240a John Bacey 

Miner, Charles (Addie Youmans) Ch 
Grant; Rantoul R24 Rantoul Sec24 
0280a (1857) 

Miner, D. (Mary Fieldbinder) Ch 
John, Eunice, Chester, Arthur, 
Charles, Martha, Marie; Champaign 
R3 Hensley Secl9 O325a (1861) 

Minks, Bert (Artie Cranston) Ch 
Floyd, Raymond, Elmer, Milton, 
Guy; Foosland R38 E. Bend Sec6 
T190a Cranston Est. (1881) 

Minks, E. W. (Elsie Mcjilton) Ch 
Lyle, Merle; Fisher R35 Newcomb 
Sec 3 T240a Richmond and Lester 
Fusion (1887) 

Minks, Lizzie Ch Elsie, Edwin; "Giant 
Elm Farm" Fisher R34 E. Bend 
SeclS O84a (1863) 

Minks, R. A. (Hertha Hcyer) Ch Eva, 
Frieda, Marie; "Wild Cat Valley 
Grange" Dewey R33 E. Bend Sec33 
0198a (1885) 

Mitchell, E. L. (Nellie Stover) Ch 
Martha; "Willow Brook Farm" Ma- 
homet R40 Newcomb Sec20 T80a 
J. R. Mitchell (1884) 

Mitchell, Frank (Leona Bell) Ma- 
homet R40 Mahomet SeclO Farm 
Hand James Kirby (1917) 

Mitchell, F. R. (Rosa Rineheart) Ch 
Lillian, Elsie, Viola; Fisher R35 
Brown Sec33 O160a (1882) 

Mitchell, John T. (Minnie Banner) Ch 
Lucile, Lenord; Foosland R38 
Brown Sec22 O160a (1879) 

Mitchell, J. E. (Idonia Wheatley) Ch 
Vira, Elbert; Mahomet R41 New- 
comb Sec20 (1917) 

Mitchell, Manton (Lena Bartison) Ch 
Bernice; Seymour R44 Scott Sec32 
Farm Hand Wm. Dighton (1916) 

Mitchel, Roy (Nellie Ritchie) "Prairie 
View Stock Farm" Fisher R35 New- 
comb Seel O80a (1881) 

Mitchell, R. G. (Minerva Hinton) Ch 
Charles, Leslie, Sylvia, Walter, Bes- 
sie, Jessie; Fisher R35 Newcomb 
Secll O160a (1872) 

Mitsdarffer, John A. (Anna Kauff- 
man) Ch Wendel, Florence, Mary, 
Clarence; Pesotum R55 Crittenden 
Sec32 T280a Charles S. Proctor 
Sling Est. (1913) 

Moehl, Rev. Ernest (Charlotte Frit- 
schel) Ch Hedwig, Emma, Hilda, 
mise Sec34 Flatville Church (1895) 
Evnor; Thomasboro R20 Compro- 
mise Sec34 Flotville Church (1895) 

Moenkhaus, B. J. (Alma Partenhei- 
mer) Ch Oreatha; Urbana R9 Somer 
Sec28 TllOa F. A. Krabbe (1915) 

Moenkhaus, William (Louisa Parten- 
heimer) Ch Nora, Gilbert, Albert; 
Urbana R12 Urbana Secl4 T160a 

Mohr, August (Flora Rothermel) Ch 
John, Mary, Earnest, Herman; Ho- 
mer R59 Ayers Sec6 T80a Heppe 
Bros. (1902) 

Mohr, Ernest Seymour R44 Scott Sec 
21 T118a Philip Mohr (1887) 

Mohr, Frank (Amelia Mumm) Ch 
Howard, Lyman; Longview R64 
Raymond Secl6 O120a (1874) 

Mohr, Fred J. (Alvena Edens) Ch 
Mildred, Elmer; Broadlands R36 
Raymond Secll T240a Peter Edens 

Mohr, Henry K. (Ethel Kracht) Ch 
Muriel; Sidney R58 Raymond Sec9 
O120a (1885) 

Mohr, Philip Ch Ernest, Louis, Fred, 
Carl; Mahomet R42 Mahomet Sec22 
O265a (1874) 



Molloy, Thomas F. (Jenny Gahagan) 
Ch Helena; "Mount Ida Farm" 
Rantoul Ludlow Sec22 O320a (1883) 

Monaghan, James (Sarah Sloan) Ch 
Sarah, Nora, Mary, Patrick, Daniel, 
Edward, Catheen, Margaret, Sa- 
banna; Ivesdale R53 Sadorus SeclS 
O80a (1847) 

Monroe, A. L. (Eva Holtz) Ch Fay; 
Champaign Rl Champaign Secl6 
O13a (1871) 

Monroe, George W. Ch Bessie, Ethel; 
St. Joseph R16 St. Joseph Sec36 G. 
A. Johnson (1851) 

Montgomery, Silas H. (Myrtle S. Mc- 
Coy) Ch Carl, Chrystal, Arthur, 
Dewey, Alvinette, Orus, Esther; 
Tolono R46 Crittenden Sec21 T320a 
J. L. Armstrong (1884) 

Mooney, Dan (Mary Nolen) Ch 
Peter, Marcott, Daniel, Elizabeth, 
Anna, Mary, Michael, John; Gif- 
ford R26 Compromise SeclS O240a 

Mooney, Dan D. (Sadie Shurrvehn) 
Ch John, Bernard, Harold, Wilbert; 
Longview R63 Crittenden Sec24 
O220a (1875) 

Mooney, Patrick (Bertha Weggeng) 
Ch Paul, Martha, Thaddeus, Cleotus, 
Felix, Mark, John, Joseph; Philo 
R56 Crittenden Sec24 O540a (1876) 

Moore, A. Y. Homer R60 Homer Sec 
17 O80a (1867) 

Moore, Edgar (Pernie Boyd) Ch 
Harry, Helen, Fay, Edgar, Freddie, 
Harold; St. Joseph R13 Stanton 
Sec32 T120a Delia Christy (1915) 

Moore, G. E. (Viola Flower) Ch Vivi- 
anne, David, Kenneth; Champaign 
R6 Hensley Sec36 T160a D. S. 
Moore Est. (1872) 

Moore, J. E. (Lillian Coddington) Ch 
Beulah, Arthur; Homer R61 Homer 
Sec6W O114a (1872) 

Moore, O. D. (Mary Silkey) Ch Jo- 
seph, Laura; St. Joe R15 Ogden 
SeclQNW T120a Fitzgerald Sisters 

Moore, Rolaigh (Anna Hoch) Pen- 
field R27 Kerr Sec20 T230a T. J. 
Stevens (1896) 

Moore, R. T. Ch Willie; "Sunnyside 
Farm" Dewey R33 Condit Sec9 
Farm Hand G. C. Williams (1916) 

Moore, Thomas (Lue Moon) Ch Ed- 
gar, Carrie, Hazel, Rolley, Hurbert; 
"Fair View Farm" Gifford R25 Kerr 
Sec7 T400a (1913) 

Moore, William (Ina Harman) Ch 
Dolly, Joe, William, Jr.; "Alexander 
Farm" Broadlands R37 Ayers Sec32 
T575a Wm. J. Alexander (1910) 

Moore, William M. (Clare Shelby) 
Ch Clarence, Zora, Jane, Lyle, Eliz- 
ebeth; Fisher R34 Brown Sec22 
O280a (1876) 

Moore, W. G. (Melissa Henderson) 
Ch Virgil, Lowell, Ethel, Wayne, 
Ray, Marshall, Mary, Iva; Savoy 
R45 Colfax Secl2 T220a Mrs. Dust 

Moorehead, J. C. (Pansy Stoltey) Ch 
Beatrice, Henry, Joseph; Cham- 
paign R3 Hensley Sec31 Farm Hand 
Hyde Est. (1879) 

Moran, Henry J. (Frances McCor- 
mick) Ch Mary, John; Urbana RIO 
Philo Sec9 T160a Mrs. A. C. Nash 

Moran, William (Mary Clennon) Ch 
Henry, Sadie, William, Charlie, 
Maggie; Tolono R48 Philo Sec21 
O120a (1902) 

Morehead, Dave (Cora Wingler) Ch 
Esther, Paul, Glenn, Russell; Ur- 
bana R8 Somer Sec33 O3a (1878) 

Morehead, Peter (Hannah E. Hum- 
bert) Ch Hattie, Edgar, David, 
John, May, Charles; Urbana R9 
Somer Sec28 O40a (1856) 

Morehouse, C. A. (Roma Renner) Ma- 
homet R. D. Mahomet SeclO H. J. 
Morehouse (1887) 

Morenz, A. F. (Minnie Bantin) Ch 
Bertha, Laura, John, Paul, Tilda, 
Ida, William, Walter, Anna, Albert, 
Leo, Otto, Mary, Jacob; Sadorus 
R51 Sadorus Secl3 O160a (1877) 

Morey, Pawling (Lois S. Knights) 
Tolono R46 Philo Sec30 O177a 

Morfey, C. M. (Molly Haven) Ch Al- 
fred; Mahomet R42 Mahomet Sec36 
T40a Ben Rising (1893) 

Morfey, G. I. (Amanda Hosier) Ch 
Gerald; Alahomet R42 Mahomet 
Secl4 T80a Jap Rayburn (1890) 

Morfey, R. E. Ch Murel, Elmer, Earl, 
Ruth, Blanch, George; Champaign 
R3 Hensley Sec28 T127a M. M. 
Harris (1878) 

Morfey, S. (Annie Smith) Ch Ed- 
ward, Harry, Bessie, Roy, Charles, 
Amos; Champaign R6 Somer Sec5 
OllOa (1887) 

Morfey, William, Sr. Ch Annie, Elijah, 
James, Louisa, Dan, Effie, Carl, 
William, Jr.; Champaign R3 Ma- 
homet Sec36 O184a (1861) 

Morgan, J. A. (Lillie Hilderbrant) Ch 
Dorothy, Mary; Homer R60 Homer 
Sec29 T180a Levi Hilderbrant 



Morgan, W. E. (Elizabeth Paxton) 
Ch Gladys, Paul; Savoy R45 Cham- 
paign Sec25 Farm Hand D. A. Bur- 
wash (1887) 

Morris, Charles H. (Edith Coons) Ch 
Charles, Jacob, June; St. Joseph 
R14 St. Joseph Sec2 T81a Harriett 
Morris (1876) 

Morris, F. L. (Bessie Mishler) Ch 
Edward, Lee, Paul; Mansfield Rl 
Newcomb Sec31 T240a H. Haw- 
baker (1915) 

Morris, W. L. (Maude Mincer) Ch 
Paul, Ivas; Dewey R32 E. Bend 
SecS T183a W. J. Morris (1893) 

Morrison, E. W. (Nelle Rea More- 
house) Ch Heber; "Twin Oaks 
Stock Farm" Mahomet R42 Ma- 
homet Secl4 T120a H. J. Morehouse 

Morroe, S. M. (Laure Crow) Ch Mil- 
dren; "Alex Farm" Broadlands R37 
Ayers Sec32 T575a W. J. Alexander 

Mortimer, Ray (Eilzabeth Martin) Ch 
Hope, Gerald; Fisher R35 Condit 
SeclS T6a George Hewerdine 

Morton, William E. (Alice Thomp- 
son) Ch William, Martha, Charles; 
"Glen Oak Farm" Homer R61 Ho- 
mer Sec31W O24a TlOOa William 
Morton (1889) 

Mosier, W. (Bertha F. White) Ch 
Bernard, Hazel; Urbana R12 St. Jo- 
seph O80a St. Joseph Sec31 T200a 
Mahala White (1882) 

Mosley, Loyd (Edna Jones) Ch Paul- 
ine; Sidney R57 Sidney Sec22 T80a 
W. C. Wilson (1904) 

Moss, Everett (Etta Collins) Ch Del- 
bert, Hazel, James; "John Ark 
Farm" Dewey R32 E. Bend Sec4 
T420a (1916) 

Moss, I. N. (Hannah Clements) Ch 
Lousetta, Charles, Rufus, Eva, 
Leonard, Curtis; Urbana R8 Ur- 
bana Sec3 Ola (1852) 

Mosser E. E. (Edith Alcoke) Ch Pau- 
line, Eugene; Penfield R27 Kerr Sec 
20 Farm Hand U. G. Fowler (1915) 

Motsinger, D. E. (Maud Bridgewater) 
Ch Amos, Frances, Violet; Urbana 
R12 St. Joseph Sec30 T80a Maud 
Davis (1911) 

Mounts, Joseph (Elizabeth Howard) 
Ch Bretta; Rantoul R22 Condit Sec 
11 O240a T80a Mrs. Will Cole 

Mueller, J. W. (Josephine Brown) Ch 
William, Ada; Urbana R9 Urbana 
Sec4 O58a (1897) 

Mueller, Charles F. (Susan Gervert) 
Urbana R8 Urbana Sec4 O60a 

Mueller, William M. (Nellie Kane) Ch 
Anna; Urbana R8 Somer Sec34 
T65a John Kane (1891) 

Muhleman, F. M. Foosland R39 
Brown Sec32 T316a Rudolph Muhle- 
mann (1902) 

Mullen, Bert (Bessie Pridemore) Ch 
Ada, Mary, Emma, Georgie, Alford, 
Opal, Delbert, Virginia; Sidney R61 
Sidney Secl2 T112a George McEl- 
roy (1885) 

Mulligan, L. B. (Stella Jones) Ch 
Margaret, Marie, Helen; Bondville 
R65 Scott Secl4 TllOa John Mulli- 
gan (1893) 

Mullikin, Henry Champaign Rl 
Champaign Sec29 Farm Hand J. W. 
Mullikin (1896) 

Mullikin, J. M. (Belle Lowman) 
Champaign Rl Champaign Sec20 
O400a (1867) 

Mullins, Anna Ch Mary, Charles, Pau- 
line; Tolono R48 Philo Sec21 O80a 

Mullins, C. F. (Lydia R. Myers) Ho- 
mer R62 Homer Sec33N T35a War- 
ren Satterfield (1904) 

Mullins, John Ch Noble, Maude, Al- 
len, Madge, Viola; Bondville R65 
Scott Secll Noble Mullins (1917) 

Mullins, Noble Bondville R65 Scott 
Secll T40a Frank Fiester (1915) 

Mullvain, C. E. (Mary Tyas) Ch 
Emma, Lloyd, Ralph, Ruth; Foos- 
land R35 Brown Sec28 TlOOa Shep- 
herd Cox (1897) 

Mullvain, James F. (Lora Short) Ch 
Gladys, Orpha, Roy, Lelia, Pauline; 
Fisher R35 Brown Sec33 T80a H. 
Mitchell (1897) 

Mulvany, Charles R. (Jesse N. Jones) 
Ch Gladys, Otto, Leah, Vivian, 
Cora; Champaign R6 Somer Secl6 
Farm Hand Charles Beaver (1907) 

Mulvany, James C. (Viary Smith) 
Ch Roy, Hirschel, Dela, Opal, 
Harry; Champaign R6 Somer SecS 
T74a F. Manning Est. (1914) 

Mumm, George J. J. (Augusta Prie- 
fert) Ch Emma, Minnie, Bertha, 
Augusta, Martha, Earl, Alice, Lu- 
ther; Philo R56 Crittenden Sec2 
O120a (1866) 

Mumm, Luther (Anna Waxher) Ch 
Velma, Vernon; Sidney R58 Sidney 
Secl7 TISOa J. W. Mumm (1890) 

Mumm, Otis W. (Bessie Toy) Ch 
Floyd; St. Joseph R16 St. Joseph 
Sec36 T120a J. W. Mumm and D. 
H. Witt (1892) 



Mumm, William D. (Sarah White) 
Ch Florence, Lloyd, Clarence, Ag- 
nes; Philo R56 Crittenden Secl2 
O80a Secll T320a Mrs. Kate Wea- 
ver (1870) 

Munday, D. M. (Mary Jackson) Ch 
Sarah, Davis, Price, Virginia, Bet- 
tie; Sadorus R50 Sadorus SeclO 
T200a Gunning Est. (1917) 

Munds, Edward (Dottie Heater) Ch 
Marguerite; Urbana Rll Urbana 
Sec36 T126a Katherine Parsons 

Munds, John F. Jr. (Edna Marsh) Ch 
William; Champaign R2 Champaign 
Sec32 T120a John Munds Sr. (1902) 

Munning, John (Rena Iknen) Ch 
Freda; Rantoul R23 Compromise 
Sec4 T80a Belle Flesner (1908) 

Murphy, G. E. (Nannie Bebout) Ch 
Edna; Mahomet R42 Mahomet Sec 
14 T61a Charles M. Weber (1898) 

Murphy, John (Jane Whalen) Ch 
James, Thomas, Mary, John, Mar- 
garet, Mildred; Penfield R27 Kerr 
Sec32 O340a (1892) 

Murray Bros. Pesotum R54 Pesotum 
Sec30 O60a (1894) 

Murray, D. S. (Martha Henry) Ch 
Ruth, Helen, Harley; Sadorus R51 
Sadorus Sec34 T280a Ellers Est. 

Murray, E. J. Rantoul R21 Ludlow 
Sec33 T640a (1884) 

Murray, J. F. (Katherine Connor) Ch 
Anna, Mary, Connor; Rantoul R21 
E. Bend Sec25 O280a T160a Kath- 
erine Murray and Rose Murray 

Murray, Pat Thomasboro R19 Ran- 
toul Sec25 T330a Murray Est. 

Murrell, H. A. (Luella Dehart) Ch 
Alex, Walter, Garrett, Margaret, 
Nina; Champaign R6 Hensley Sec 
24 T205a Dan Morrissey (1905) 

Murrell, M. T. Champaign RS Hens- 
ley Secl2 T160a Thomas Lowery 

Murrell, N. (Ruby Connet) Ch Eva, 
Dorothy; Champaign R5 Hensley 
Secl3 T164a J. N. Connet (1905) 

Murrell, Porter A. (Hila Bell) Ch 
John, Permelia; Thomasboro R19 
Rantoul Secl9 T160a Victoria Fied- 
ler (1910) 

Musson, J. H. (Mamie Thompson) Ch 
Bessie, Mabel, Fielding, Hayden, 
Lysle, Edith; Savoy R66 Colfax Sec 
13 O117a (1898) 

Myers, W. W. (Cora Thompson) Ur- 
bana R12 St. Joseph SeclS O161a 

Myers, J. H. (Grace Riechel) Ch Gil- 
bert, Donald; Broadlands R36 Ray- 
mond Seel T160a Chris Swick 

Myers, J. H. (Ella Wordworth) Ch 
Helen, Joe, Roy, Harry, James; 
Long View R63 Crittenden Secl6 
Farm Hand Fred Crestson (1903) 

Myers, Lon (Minta Hall) Ch Ray-, 
mond, Conrad, Maud, Melvin; Ho- 
mer R61 Ogden Sec30SE T128a W. 
F. Loeffler (1873) 

Myers, Roscoe L. (Anna C. Davis) 
"Puritan Rock Farm" Mahomet R41 
Newcomb Sec29 T240a L. A. Myers 

Myler, Earl (Catherine Slunkard) 
Ch Thelma, Anita, Lewis, Vernon; 

. Urbana RIO Philo SeclO T80a John 
Sandwell (1908) 


Naffziger, J. W. (Mary Springer) Ch 
Jesse, Lena, Leah; Foosland R38 
E. Bend Sec8 O140a (1902) 

Naffziger, R. J. (Ethel Sharp) Foos- 
land R38 E. Bend Sec6 T112a J. W. 
Naffziger (1901) 

Neal, E. B. (Desona Jones) Ch D. D., 
T. T., Rose, Daisy, Oni, Hattie, 
Sarah, Starling; Champaign R6 
Somer Sec31 Farm Hand G. E. 
Moore (1913) 

Neal, J. W. (Anna Smith) Ch Harry, 
Mildred, Walter, Gladys; Broad- 
lands R37 Ayers Sec7W T180a G. 
W. Smith Est. (1890) 

Neal,- O. R. (Mary Jackson) Villa 

Grove Crittenden Sec33 Farm Hand 

Harry C. Barrick 
Neef, C. F. Jr. (Gladys T. Carson) 

Urbana R9 Somer SeclO T120a C. F. 

Neef, Sr. and McCoy Bros (1894) 
Neff, Perry (Cora Yow) Ch Harold; 

Homer R61 Ogden Sec30SW Farm 

Hand Loren Clark (1908) 
Negangard, Will E. (Effie Logan) Ch 

Ralph, Kenneth; Sidney R58 Sidney 

Sec39 T80a J. H. Logan (1896) 
Neisser Bros Savoy R45 Tolono Sec6 

T65a Mrs. Charles Neisser (1885) 



Nelson, C. O. (Lottie Nelson) Ch 
Fred, Charlie, Huldy; "Maple Grove 
Ranch" Ludlow R30 Ludlow Sec7 
O360a (1881) 

Nelson, Earl (Lucy Chamberlain) 
Champaign R4 Hensley Sec9 T160a 
M. D. Nelson Est. (1885) 

Nelson. E. J. (Valentine Hawins) 
Fisher R35 Newcomb Secl2 T240a 
Mrs. M. W. Hayes (1889) 

Nelson, E. P. (Bessie Staubus) Ch 
Neva, Myron; Rantoul R22 Condit 
Secl2 T253a Mrs. A. F. Staubus 

Nelson, F. G. (Ruth Reynolds) Ch 
Roy, Charles, Harriet, Estella; 
Champaign R6 Champaign Seel 
O20a TISOa Mrs. Wilbur (1877) 

Nelson, H. I. (Dell Hemerdin) Cham- 
paign R4 Hensley Secl6 O331a 

Nelson, J. M. (Hazel Warner) Ch 
Clarence; Champaign R4 Hensley 
Secl6 T124a Mrs. H. I. Nelson 

Nelson, Percy (Belle Mitchell) Ch 
Dorothy, Leland; Fisher R35 Brown 
Sec32 O240a (1889) 

Nelson, P. (Christine Hansom) Ch 
Christine, Clara, Eugene, Elmer, Ef- 
fie, Agnes, William, Alton; Foos- 
land R38 Brown Sec3 T280a Tim 
Ross (1897) 

Nelson, P. H. (Mary Jervis) Ch Earn- 
est, Gerty, Harry, Alta, Leslie, Cecil, 
Randall, Fern, Lela; "Gravel Farm" 
Fisher R35 Newcomb Secl3 O160a 

Nelson, Reier (Beulah Brinkley) Ran- 
toul R22 Ludlow Sec30 T80a Dick 
Nelson (1891) 

Nelson, Richard (Ingeborg Johnson) 
Ch Sarah, John, Gene, Reiel, Anna, 
Ollie, Emma, Marie, Louise; Ran- 
toul R21 Ludlow Sec30 O160a 

Nelson, Roy R. Champaign R6 Somer 
Sec29 T3l5a Frank Wilber (1889) 

Nelson, W. E. (Blanche Martinie) Ch 
Marie, Evert; Dewey R33 Condit 
Sec23 O80a T80a Mrs. M. E. Nelson 

Nesbitt, Charles A. (Nina Berry) Ch 
Nina, Laura; Mahomet R4L Ma- 
homet Sec20 O160a (1865) 

Nesler, Beachem (Lullu Morgan) Ch 
Eveline; Urbana R9 Somer Sec32 
Farm Hand Jack Roberts (1913) 

Newcomb, C. A. (Barbara Davis) 
Ch Alice, Wayne, Harley, Walter, 
Veuiia; Foosland R38 Brown Secl3 
O27a (1902) 

Newell, Asa (Estella Merriman) Ch 
Joel, Gladys, Russell; Tolono R47 
Pesotum Sec2 Farm Hand H. M. 
Salsbury (1915) 

Newell, George (Ethel Mathus) Ch 
Virgie, Helen, Cecil; Tolono R47 
Tolono Sec20 T160a F. J. Hall 

Newkirk, Fred (Bertha Black) Ch 
Carl; Broadland R36 Raymond Sec 
36 T160a P. F. Black (1870) 

Newman, C. E. (Pearl Winsett) Ch 
Melvin, Rebecca; Foosland R38 
Brown SecS T160a Mrs. John Scholl 

Newnum, Eph (Goldie .Smith) Ch 
Ronald, Dorrel; Champaign R6 
Somer SeclS Farm Hand L. W. 
Roberts (1916) 

Newnum, H. H. (Daisy Smith) Ch 
Olive, Glenwood; Urbana R9 Somer 
Sec23 T200a George Corray (1917) 

Newnum, J. E. (Lena Walton) Ch 
Gladys, Forest; Champaign R5 
Hensley Sec36 Farm Hand U. M. 
Decker (1916) 

Nicholas, Miss Ella Mahomet R41 Ma- 
homet SeclS I. C. Abbott (1915) 

Nieman, John R. (Louise Maddock) 
Philo R56 Philo Sec30 T120a J. B. 
Slivers (1882) 

Noble, Frank (Lulu Campfield) Ch 
Frank, Doris; Tolono R46 Critten- 
den SecS O120a (1875) 

Noble, James (Susan Mullins) Urbana 
RIO Philo Sec9 O80a (1870) 

Noble, Joe Ch Raymond; Tolono R46 
Crittenden SecS O120a (1879) 

Noe, Bascom (Addie Baker) Ch Dor- 
thie, Lester; Sidney R57 Sidney Sec 
27 TSOa Luetta Lawson (1913) 

Nofftz, Charles (Jessie Howell) Ch 
George, Elsie, Charlie, May; Sa- 
dorus R51 Pesotum SecS OSOa 

Nofftz, Frank (Pearl Vincent) Ch 
Vera; Sadorus R51 Pesotum SecS 
O348a (1885) 

Nofftz, Fred J. (Rena Diedrich) Ch 
Elmer, Carl, Dora, Olga, 'Erma; 
Sadorus R51 Pesotum Secl8 OSOa 

Nofftz, F. A. (Hedwig Finder) Ch 
Pauline, Edna, Harold, Helen, Frei- 
da, Arnold, Albert; Pesotum R54 
Pesotum SecS OSOa Secl6 T120a 
Carlorence Nofftz (1874) 

Nofftz, Henry C. (Louise Klitzong) 
Ch Howard, Wayne; Sadorus R51 
Pesotum Sec7 T170a Albert J. Nofftz 



Nogle, A. P. (Alma Barrett) Ch Mel- 
vin, Walter, Kermit, David, Vivian; 
Sadorus R50 Colfax Sec20 T80a 
David Nogle (1883) 

Nogle, John T. (Hattie Prestine) Ch 
Marvel; Sadorus R52 Sadorus Sec 
26 O80a Tolono T120a George No- 
gle (1872) 

Nohren, G. H. (Clara Edens) Ch 
John, Edward; Longview R64 Ray- 
mond Sec23 O120a (1886) 

Nohren, John (Jennie Rayl) Ch Har- 
ry; Longview R64 Raymond SeclS 
T160a John Edens (1914) 

Nolan, E. F. (Katherine Gorden) Ch 
Mary, Ruth, Josephine, Thomas; 
Gifford R26 Compromise Secl2 
T240a Micheal Collins (1876) 

Nolan, James E. (Nellie Foran) Ch 
Mary, John, Ellin, Bessie, James, 
Joseph; Ivesdale R52 Colfax Sec30 
O227a Phillip McGrath (1878) 

Nolan, M. H. (Mary Keegar) Ch Ma- 
mie, Jennie, C. J., Thomas, Eliza- 
beth, Catherine, Margaret, John; 
Ogden R17 Ogden Sec4N O230a 

Nolan, Thomas Ogden R17 Sec32 
T190a Frank Haines (1882) 

Nonman, Wilhelm (Lena Girtil) Ch 
Minnie, William, Albert, Elsie, Wal- 
ter; Broadlands R36 Raymond Sec24 
O160a (1897) 

Norton, Albert E. (Caroline Knob- 
lock) Ch Alma, Herbert, Blanche, 
Virle; Tolono R46 Pesotum Secl2 
O280a (L876) 

Norton, C. E. (Irene Scroggin) Ch 
Clyde, Harold, Gardiner; Bondville 
R65 Scott Sec23 T240a (1879) 

Norton, Frank M. (Wilhelmena Knob- 
lock) Ch Leonard, Raymond, How- 
ard, Morris, Margaret, William, 
Ruth, Wilma; Tolono R46 Critten- 
den Sec7 O320a (1870) 

Norton, O. W. (Bertha Neumann) Ch 
Dorothy; Bondville R65 Scott Sec26 
T280a Homer Norton (1879) 

Nye, J. E. (Ellen E. Ford) Ch Kate, 
Maudie; "Timber View Farm" St. 
Joseph R16 St. Joseph Sec27 O240a 

Oakes, Charley .(Ella Williams) Ch 
Alta, Pearl, Edelbert, Kenneth; 
Homer R62 Homer Sec4 Farm Hand 
Harry Michener (1874) 
Oakley, Daniel F. (Nettie Johnson) Ch 
Hugh, Leon, Frankie; Tolono R46 
Crittenden SecS Farm Hand C. L. 
Meharry (1913) 

O'Beirne, George M. (Nora Flynn) 
Ch William, Margaret, Raymond, 
Thomas, Agnes; Tolono R48 To- 
lono Sec24 T160a (1863) 

O'Beirne, William F. (Gladys Har- 
low) Ch William, Jr.; Philo RS6 
Crittenden Secl4 T200a Thomas 
Lowry (1898) 

O'Brien, John E. (Mary Doherty) 
Ch Philip, Gertrude, Julia, Edward; 
Tolono R46 Pesotum Secl4 O140a 

O'Brien, Philip Tolono R46 Pesotum 
Secl4 T140a John E. O'Brien (1892) 

O'Bryan, H. B. (Opal Hinds) Ch 
Vernon, Russell; Pesotum R54 
Sadorus Sec25 T185a S. O'Bryan 

O'Bryan, J. A. (Lula Dun) Ch Louis, 
Wayne, Blanche; Pesotum Sadorus 
Sec36 O64a (1865) 

O'Bryan, Sherman (Susie Seffens) Ch 
Hiram, Flossie, Minnie, Sadie; Sa- 
dorus R51 Sadorus 'Sec36 O200a 

O'Connor, Dan (Loretta Ducey) Sa- 
dorus R51 Sadorus Sec35 T80a Jim 
Gummeg (1917) 

O'Connor, Dennis J. (Bridget Coady) 
Ch John, Gerald, Stannus, Mary, 
Margaret; Ivesdale R52 Colfax Sec 
18 O200a (1886) 

Odebrecht, Albert J. (Nancy I. Boles) 
Tolono R48 Philo Sec38 T160a E. 
Doss and Charles Odebrecht (1884) 

Odebrecht, Carl F. (Edith Porterfield) 
Ch Helen, Melba, Mary; Philo R56 
Philo Sec28 T200a Charles Ode- 
brecht (1877) 

Odebrecht, Charles Ch Charles; To- 
lono R48 Philo Sec28 O240a (1872) 

Odell, C. M. (Emma Moorehouse) Ch 
Clifton; Sadorus R50 Colfax Sec28 
O200a James Somers (1911) 

Odell, William (Mabel Spradling) Ch 
Harry, Charlie, John, Kittie; "Wal- 
nut Grove Farm" Sadorus R49 Col- 
fax Sec25 O170a (1871) 



O'Donnell, John P. (Margaret Moo- 
ney) Ch Comils, Daniel, John Jr., 
Margaret, Cletius, Jerome, Anna; 
Rantoul R24 Rantoul Secl7 O180a 

O'Donnell, T. O. (Mary Mulchay) 
Ch Francis, Beatrice, Raymond, 
Bernice, Albert, Herbert; Ludlow 
R29 Ludlow Sec2 O164a (1872) 

Oehmke, J. P. (Pauline Clark) Ch 
Dorothy, Myron; Penfield R28 
Compromise SeclS T120a J. F. 
Oehmke (1884) 

Ohl, Andrew (Annie Donovan) Bond- 
ville R65 Scott Secll T80a Dan 
Meyer (1882) 

Ohl Bros. Bondville R65 Scott Secll 
T240a Dan Meyers (1872) 

Ohl, Henry (Frances Tubouis) Ch 
Matt, Andy, Ed., John, Anthony, 
Charles, Joe, Mary; Bondville R65 
Scott Seel T300a Frank Goodman 

Ohl, John (Gertrude Pimpell) Bond- 
ville R65 Scott Secl2 T80a Robert 
Quayle (1881) 

Ohms, W. M. (Molly Lange) Ch 
Eleanor; Champaign R4 Hensley 
Sec26 T200a Frank Allen (1903) 

Olson, Olof (Salma Norberg) Ch 
Emily, Elof, Albert, Fred, Selma, 
Oscar, Ella, John, Erick; Penfield 
R28 Compromise Secl9 O320a (1898) 

O'Neal, James R. (Anna L. Reeder) 
Ch Wayne; Urbana Rll Philo Seel 
T80a W. F. O'Neal (1882) 

O'Neal, W. B. (Mae E. Campbell) Ch 
William, Leslie, Elmira, Retta, Mar- 
garet; Sadorus R51 Sadorus Sec23 
T700a D. L. Campbell (1888) 

O'Neal, W. S. (Emma Henry) Urbana 
Rll Philo Sec2 T160a W. F. O'Neal 

O'Neill, John (Mary Callahan) Ch 
Thomas, Anna, Frances, Paul, Ev- 
erett, Bridget, William, Albert; To- 
lono R48 Philo Sec21 O156a (1884) 

O'Neill, Thomas C. (Mary McCor- 
mick) Ch Thomas, Bridget, John, 
Dennis, Ed., Margaret, Mary; Philo 
R56 Crittenden SeclS O320a (1885) 

Onnen, John (Mary Panbacker) Ch 
Lena, Frieda, Katy; Thomasboro 
R20 Stanton SecS T207a Mrs. Gebke 
Sage (1893) 

Ooton, V. Thomasboro R20 Compro- 
mise Farm Hand Ryner Benting 

Ordel, Frank (Edith R. Bielsford) 
Ch Mary, Helen, Lois, Benjamin; 
"Ordel Home Farm" Philo R56 Philo 
Sec35 O80a T80a J. B. Silver (1875) 

Ordel, John Philo R65 Philo Sec35 

Ordel, W. H. (Minnie M. Bocock) 
Ch Clarence, Raymond; Philo R56 
Philo Sec35 O80a Sec36 T80a Mrs. 
Alice Poucher (1871) 

Osborn, George S. (Maggie Murphy) 
Ch Vernon, Thomas; Tolono R46 
Tolono Sec36 Farm Hand Ed Bales 

Osborn, J. F. Mahomet R41 Mahomet 
Secl9 C. J. Gillespie (1902) 

Osborn, Raymond (Florence Tibbet) 
Ch Carl, Thelma; Homer R62 Ho- 
mer Sec31 T63a Ellen Tibbets 

Osborn, Virgil (Edith Paage) Ch 
Lowell; Ogden R18 Ogden Sec29 
Farm Hand James Eder (1917) 

Osman, A. N. (Daisy Hensen) Ch 
LaVerne, Louise; Ludlow R30 E. 
Bend Secl3 T160a Peter Good 

Osterbur, Frank (Katy Miller) Ch 
Tena, Simon, Gertie, Maggie, Anna, 
Henry, Frank, Louie, John, Carl, 
Reka; Ogden R17 Ogden SecSN 
OSOOa (1877) 

Osterbur, Frank, Jr. (Eilerdena John- 
son) Ch Heye, Fred; Ogden R17 
Ogden SecS TlOOa Frank Osterbur 

Osterbur, Fred (Kate Buhr) St. Jo- 
seph R15 Ogden Sec30W T80a L. 
Osterbur (1893) 

Osterbur, Hero H. (Carrie Ehler) Ch 
Anna, Charlotte; St. Joseph R15 
Ogden Secl7 T122a H. T. Osterbur 

Osterbur, Henry, Jr. (Tena Beherns) 
Ch Louise, Frank; Ogden R17 Og- 
den Sec9N T80a Frank Osterbur 

Osterbur, Henry L. (Etta Gage) Ch 
Carrie, Thilia, Joe, Lucy, Hilda; 
Ogden R17 Ogden SecS OlOOa T80a 
L. Osterbur (1875) 

Osterbur, John (Anna Behrens) Ch 
Elizabeth, Theodore, Catherine, 
Herman, Anna, Helena; Ogden R17 
Ogden SecS T160a L. Osterbur 

Osterbur, John F. (Catherine Huls) 
St. Joseph R15 Ogden Secl7N T143a 
Henry Osterbur (1895) 

Osterbur, Rankin (Anna Miller) Ch 
Reka, Libby, Frank; St. Joseph R15 
Ogden SeclS O38a (1878) 

Osterbur, Simon (Hicka Duitsman) 
Ch Johnny, Kate, Anna; St. Joseph 
R15 Ogden SeclS T104a Frank Os- 
terbur (1879) 



Osterbur, Simon (Anna Huls) Ogden 
R17 Ogden Sec7NE T140a L. Oster- 

Osterdock, Homer D. (Barbara Al- 
coke) Ch Zola, Kenneth, Olivia, 
Kermit, Ruby; Savoy R66 Tolono 
SeclS Farm Hand W. S. Ridhed 

Osterdock, D. E. (Lola Erwin) Ch 
Cletis, Zeline, Thelma, Leo; Dewey 
R33 Condit Sec21 TSOOa Johnston 
Farm (1914) 

Ott, Alf (Minnie Godby) Ch Merle; 
St. Joseph R15 Ogden Sec31W 
T102a Kilbury Est. (1913) 

Ott, Etta (Rush) Ch Hazel, Rush, 
Ray, May; Ogden R17 Ogden Sec9 
T65a Mrs. Helen Helton (1885) 

Oucken, High (Angeline Veerhusen) 
Ch Maggie, Lena; "Shady Lawn 
Farm" Gifford RD Harwood Sec35 
O120a (1879) 

Overman, Roy (Etta Smith) Ch Hazel, 
Franklin; Homer R59 Ayers Sec4 
T200a George Skinner (1885) 

Overmyer, J. E. (Daisy Davis) Ch 
Neva, Velma, Paul; Seymour R43 
Mahomet Sec28 T198a J. B. Harris 

Overmyer, W. C. (Stella Roth) Ch 
Iva, Harold, Glen; Foosland R35 
Brown Sec35 T400a J. W. Reardon 

Owens, Isaac (Lulu Washburn) Ho- 
mer R60 Homer Sec30W T115a 
E. Davis (1906) 

Oyer, Crist (Kate Zehr) Ch John, 
Elsie; Foosland R38 E. Bend Sec7 
O140a (1902) 

Oyer, Joseph (Bertha Zimmerman) 
Ch Walter, Earl, Elmer; Foosland 
R38 E. Bend SecS TISOa John Zehr 

Oyer, M. (Lizzie Baecher) Ch Elsie, 
Bessie; Foosland R38 E. Bend Sec6 
TlOOa Joe Baecher (1902) 

Page, E. C. Mahomet R41 Mahomet 

Secl6 TlOa (1914) 
Page, M. A. (Martha Hart) Mahomet 

R41 Mahomet Secl6 TlOa Lee 

Hovey (1916) 
Painter, A. M. (Nora Dalburg) Ch 

Dean, Linden, Donald; Foosland 

R38 Brown Secl6 T306a (1885) 
Painter, D. O. Foosland R39 Brown 

Secl7 T121a Ferguson Foos (1889) 
Painter, J. W. (Chanty) Ch Esther, 

Nellie, Carl, Ada, Merle; Dewey 

R33 Condit Sec9 T160a Mrs. Scott 

Painter, W. M. (Kate Turnell) Ch 

Goldie; Rantoul R21 Ludlow Sec30 

T190a Ed Quirk (1887) 
Palmberg, C. A. (Anna Natterstead) 

Ch Gordon, Lorine; Ludlow R30 

Ludlow Sec4 T240a J. C. Parker 


Palmberg, G. E. (Julie Stolie) Lud- 
low R30 Ludlow Sec6 T226a Mrs. 

Magnus and Young Green (1887) 
Palmer, Albert (Belle McElroy) Ch 

Edward; Sidney R57 Sidney SeclO 

O130a (1912) 
Pammbacker, Henry Gifford R26 

Compromise Secll T240a Burgton 

Est. (1888) 

Pankau, Frank Sr. (Louise Brigge- 
mann) Ch Lizzie, Frank, Emma, 
Albert, Edward, Clara, Carl, Ray- 
mond; Bondville R65 Scott Secl4 
T120a John Pankau (1872) 

Pankers James (Elizabeth Vickers) 
Champaign R5 Hensley Sec26 O80a 

Pannbacker, Lebbo (Meta Houck) 
Gifford R26 Compromise Secl4 
TlOOa George Johnson (1896) 

Parish, W. S. (Eva Nixon) Ch Mil- 
dred; Penfield R27 Kerr Secl7 
Farm Hand Wyle Fowler (1917) 

Park, E. M. (Anna Yow) Ch Lau- 
retta, James; Ogden R18 Ogden Sec 
19SE Farm Hand (1913) 

Parker, Allen (Lula Howard) Ch Leo, 
Joseph, Clema; Rantoul R23 Har- 
wood Sec29 T160a E. S. Smith 

Parker, Arthur Rantoul R21 Ludlow 
Sec9 T160a A. Parker (1887) 

Parker, C. L. (Daisy Morton) Ch 
Wallace, Clair, Ruth; Homer R61 
Homer Sec30NW T187a R. A. Par- 
rott (1898) 

Parker, Jack D. (Mabel I. Smith) Ch 
Harold; Ludlow R31 Harwood Sec 
27 Farm Hand Forrest Rush (1895) 



Parker, N. (Frances Walker) Ch Let- 
tie, Leslie; Dewey R32 E. Bend Sec 
26 T80a Phil Hummel Jr. (1886) 

Parker, Otto G. Nora Mounts) 
Rantoul R23 Harwood Sec29 T160a 
E. S. Smith (1900) 

Parks, C. A. (Clara Lockhart) Ch 
Kathleen, Charles Jr.; "Villa Grove 
Farm" Crittenden Sec36 Herdman 
George Frazier Jr. (1912) 

Parks, Ed (Ora Robbins) Ch Free- 
man, Mary; Tolbno R46 Pesotum 
Secl3 Farm Hand Harry Krabbe 

Parks, William (Annie Petty) Ch 
Melvin, Nathan, Oliver, Lizzie, 
Dorothy, George, Clinton, Ruth, 
Helen, Blanche; Longview R63 
Raymond Sec32 T220a W. G. Ful- 
ton (1915) 

Parnell, W. J. (Mabel Pike) Ch 
Glenn; Bondville R65 Mahomet Sec 
35 T160a D. Parnell (1888) 

Parrah, Annis Ch Juanita, Howard; 
Sadorus Colfax Sec 11 O80a (1859) 

Parrett, Mrs. G. (Mary Thomas) Ch 
Frederick; Mahomet R41 Mahomet 
Sec8 O81a (1859) 

Parrett, F. R. (Mary Anderson) Ch 
Maurice, Mervin, Harold; Mahomet 
R41 Mahomet Sec4 O80a . Sec8 
T240a Mrs. G. C. Parrett (1890) 

Parris, Isaac (Dora Harper) Ogden 
R17 Ogden Sec28 O160a (1870) 

Parry, Joseph L. (Ida M. Zech) Ch 
Gladys, Bern; Tolono R48 Philo 
SeclS O120a (1871) 

Parry, Mary L. Tolono R48 Philo 
Secl8 O40a (1867) 

Pasley, U. S. (Katharine Carter) Ch 
Marion; Mahomet R40 Newcomb 
Sec21 T120a I. S. Laman (1916) 

Patient, Stanley (Florence Mahin) Ch 
May, Marie, Homer, Hester, Lucile, 
Theodore, Alice; Mahomet R41 
Newcomb Sec28 H. Cook (1909) 

Patten, E. C. (Emma Parsons) Ur- 
bana R9 Somer Sec27 Farm Hand 
H. E. McClurg (1914) 

Patten, Lafayette (Ella E. McHenry) 
Ch Alfred, Sam, Harry, Ruth; Clar- 
ence Rl Kerr Sec5 O440a (1856) 

Patten, Sam (Opal Trott) Clarence 
Rl Kerr SecS T440a (1895) 

Patterson, M. J. (Lillie Hasty) Ch 
Hazel, Avis; St. Joseph R16 St. Jo- 
seph Secl3 O49a T91a Mrs. Maud 
Davis (1866) 

Patterson, Otho (Sadie E. Wood) St. 
Joseph R16 St. Joseph Sec23 OSla 

Patton, Thornton J. (Ada Sheffield) 
Ch Cora, John, Nathan, Joseph, 
Herbert; Philo R56 Philo Sec25 
Farm Hand Clarence Williams 

Paulus, A. (Mary Lane) Ch Will, Ol- 
lie, Cora, Louisana, Clara, Joe, 
Frank, Stella; Fisher R35 Newcomb 
Sec7 O80a (1859) 

Paulus O. L. (Alice Robinett) Ch 
Ruby; Fisher E. Bend Sec30 T120a 
Fred Covert (1867) 

Paxton, Ray L. (Myrtle Metcalf) 
Foosland R38 Brown Sec2 T370a 
Beulah Hunt (1917) 

Pearce, B. Q. Allerton Rl Ayers Sec 
33 O3/ 4 a (1901) 

Pearce, Thomas N. (Sarah E. Bruce) 
Ch Maurice; Rantoul R23 Harwood 
Secl9 T120a Anna Scoggins (1915) 

Pearson, Joseph R. (Clara Johnson) 
Ch Mary, Robert, Bessie, Eva, 
Louella, Glenn, Leroy, Donald, 
Harold; "Pearson Homestead 
Farm" Ludlow R31 Harwood Secll 
O300a (1879) 

Peaters, Bert (Mabel Ross) Ch Flor- 
ence, Leana, Ray, Molly; Homr 
R61 Sidney Secl4 T160a Grandille 
Reese (1902) 

Penny, Guy E. (Lula Reynolds) Ch 
Dorothy; Urbana Rll Philo Secl2 
O80a (1890) 

Penny, Henry (Ona Ross) St. Joseph 
R15 St. Joseph Sec24 T80a L. W. 
Porterfield (1884) 

Penny, Mrs. Ida B. Ch George, Earl, 
Guy, Daisy; Urbana Rll Philo Sec 
12 O80a (1875) 

Percival, Charles S. Jr. (Carrie John- 
son) Champaign R2 Champaign Sec 
24 T62a C. A. Percival (1894) 

Percival, C. A. Sr. (Etta Ellisthorpe) 
Ch Arthur, Hattie, Charles, Fred; 
Champaign R2 Champaign Sec24 
O62a (1851) 

Percival, Elmer J. (Grace Lint) Ur- 
bana RIO Philo SecS T280a (1885) 

Percival, E. Vincent (Nettie Dawson) 
Urbana RIO Philo Sec6 T200a C. E. 
Percival (1897) 

Percival, Fred U. Urbana RIO Philo 
SeclS T160a C. A. Percival (1895) 

Percival, Harry B. (Dollie Neal) Ch 
Margaret, Donald, Ray; Urbana 
RIO Philo SecS T160a C. A. Percival 

Percival, J. H. <Kate Dunlap) Ch 
Clarence, Benton; "Sunny Side 
Farm" Champaign R2 Urbana Sec30 
T210a Arthur Rice Est. (1863) 



Perkins, Charles (Anna Karr) Ch 
Clarence, Martha, Ruth; Champaign 
Rl Champaign SeclS T320a Mana- 
ger Charles Owens (1894) 

Perkins, C. R. (Gladys Grove) Ch 
Mildred, Inez; Dewey R33 Condit 
Sec21 Farm Hand Johnston Farm 

Perkins, George R. (Phoebe McNe- 
rey) Ch R. W., Margaret, Glenn; 
Urbana R9 Somer Secll T120a 
Robert Burrell (1903) 

Perkins, H. A. (Mabel Rice) Ch Wil- 
ma; Sadorus R50 Sadorus Secl6 
T120a (1872) 

Perkins, John (Hilma Holmes) Ch 
Vierl, Anna; "Big Elm Farm" Sey- 
mour R43 Mahomet Sec32 Farm 
Hand B. F. Harris (1908) 

Perkins, Lewis H. (Kate Porter) Ch 
R. L., Flora, Lyman; Thomasboro 
R19 Somer Sec2 T143a J. W. 
Brownfield (1907) 

Perkins, W. L. (Lilly Smith) Ch 
Gladys, Cecil, Erma; Sadorus R51 
Sadorus Secl4 T80a Mary Perkins 

Perring, Frank (Ella Bailey) "John 
A. Perring Farm" Rantoul R22 
Condit SeclS T280a John A. Per- 
ring (1888) . 

Peters, Albert O. (Nora B. Huffman) 
Ch Lawrence, Orval, Margaret; Ur- 
bana R12 St. Joseph Sec8 O160a 

Peters, E. H. (Minnie Freeman) Ch 
Clarence; St. Joseph R16 St. Jo- 
seph Sec24 T240a U. G. Glascock 
Est. (1875) 

Peters, Grant St. Joseph R16 St. Jo- 
seph Sec26 Farm Hand Tips Peters 

Peters, Grant St. Joseph R16 St. Jo- 
seph Sec26 Farm Hand J. L. Peters 

Peters, Hubert (Rhoda Singleton) Ch 
Elmer; Sidney R58 Raymond Secl6 
T120a George Wilson (1914) 

Peters, H. C. (Susie M. Foreman) Ch 
Flossie, Raymond, Opal; "Maple 
Row Farm" St. Joseph R13 St. Jo- 
seph Secl6 O80a (1860) . 

Peters, James (Belle Riggs) Ch Flos- 
sie, Bertha; St. Joseph R16 St. Jo- 
seph Sec36 O80a (1876) 

Peters, John D. (Annie M. Johnson) 
Ch Dick, Hugh, Tena, Herman; 
Rantoul R24 Rantoul Secl9 T160a 
Henry Gerdes (1892) 

Peters, J. L. (Anna Moore) Ch 
Emma, Lew, Lida, Pearl, Ethel, 
Grant, Newt, Fred; St. Joseph R16 
St. Joseph Sec26 O60a (1844) 

Peters Mrs. Mary F. Ch Cora, May, 
Maud, Everett, Marie; St. Joseph 
St. Joseph Secl4 O210a (1858) 

Peters, Raymond St. Joseph R13 St. 
Joseph Secl6 Farm Hand H. C. 
Peters (1894) 

Peters, Scott (Belle Brown) Ch Earl, 
Ira, Minnie, Beulah; Homer R59 
Homer Sec20 O80a T40a Mrs. L. 
Brown (1863) 

Peterson, Frank (Thresa Starczinger) 
Mahomet R41 Mahomet Secl6 O34a 

Peterson, Mrs. Matilda (Matilda 
Swenson) Ch Frank, Andy, Mary, 
Swan, Maude; Mahomet R2 Maho- 
met Secl6 O137a (1872) 

Petticrew, Byron L. (Grace Stewart) 
Ch Janice; Savoy R66 Tolono Secl6 
T80a Mrs. B. F. Petticraw (1882) 

Petticrew, George W. (Effie Steger) 
Ch Irma, Ralph, Charles, Helen, 
Ruth, Lloyd; Savoy R66 Tolono 
Secll T160a J. W. Porter (1860) 

Pettigrew, David H. (Agnes Roberts) 
Ch Mary, Ruth; Savoy R66 Tolono 
SeclS T120a William Thrasher 

Pfeffer, George H. (Delia E. Meade) 
Ch Vincent, Frances, Harold, Anna, 
John; Urbana R12 Urbana SeclS 
T240a (1874) 

Pfeffer, Henry (Lena Wilhelm) Ch 
Rose, William, Albert, Mary, Joe, 
Henry, Elizabeth, Margaret, Mar- 
tha; Pesotum R54 Pesotum SeclS 
O200a (1870) 

Pfeffer, Joseph G. Sr. (Mayme Hart) 
Ch Wilfred, Irene, Leo, Mildred, 
Clare, Joseph Jr., Edward, Celes- 
tine; Seymour R44 Scott Sec21 
O240a (1877) 

Pfeffer W. A. (Agnes Klein) Seymour 
R44 Scott Sec22 O80a (1877) 

Pfiester, Clark I. (Mary Morehouse) 
Ch Paul, Charles; Seymour R43 Ma- 
homet Sec21 T120a C. W. Pfiester 

Pfiester, John (Mary Dalley) Ch 
Susie, Otis, Ethel, Alvia, Fay, Har- 
old, Louis; Bondville R65 Scott Sec 
14 O120a (1858) 

Pfiester, Otis (Belle Dale) Bondville 
R65 Scott Sec3 T240a Mr. and Mrs. 
John Pfiester (1886) 

Phares, C. A. (Margaret Loeffler) Ch 
Mary, George, Bertha, Paul; "Phares 
Homestead" St. Joseph R15 Ogden 
Sec31E O148a (1876) 

Phelps, Bud (Annie Watkins) Ch 
Herrin, Cecil; Longview R64 Ray- 
mond Sec7 Jerry Gorman (1914) 



Phenicie, Abner (Clara M. Rice) St. 
Joseph R13 Stanton Sec28 T80a 

Phenicie, F. G. Penfield R27 Penfield 
Sec30 C. B. Taylor (1872) 

Phenicie, G. B. (Etta Johnson) Ch 
Merle, Abner, Ray, Harold, Ches- 
ter; St. Joseph R13 Stanton Sec33 
0160a (1869) 

Phenicie, J. W. (Blanche Hawk) St. 
Joseph R13 Stanton Sec21 T200a 
John and Lewis Hulls (1892) 

Phenicie, W. O. (Lena Dunn) Ch Ar- 
den; St. Joseph R17 Stanton Sec28 
T120a Wm. Phenicie (1883) 

Phillips, Turley (Hattie Moffatt) Ch 
Glenn, Mary, Earl, Henry, Hugh; 
St. Joseph R14 Stanton Sec25 Farm 
Hand Herman Fecht (1916) 

Phillippe, G. F. (Edna Pippenger) Ch 
Margaret, Francis, Elsie; "Green 
Lawn Farm" Champaign R4 Hens- 
ley Sec6 T135a D. A. Phillippe 

Phillippe, H. L. (Katherine Womack) 
Champaign R5 Hensley Sec3 O120a 
T80a (1879) 

Phillippe, J. H. Sr. (Ada Armstrong) 
Ch Ella, Frank, Frances, Helen, 
John Jr.; Mahomet R42 Mahomet 
Secl4 T210a E. F. French (1873) 

Phillippe, M. G. Champaign R4 Con- 
dit Sec31 O80a T120a M. A. and Kate 
Phillippe (1875) 

Phillips, Arthur (Celia Beightler) Ch 
Margaret, Helen; Mahomet R40 
Newcomb Sec27 T80a William Blue 

Phillips, Arthur L. (Lula Lange) Ch 
Stanley, Hazel, Gladys, Pauline; 
Urbana R7 Somer Sec35 T161a 
James Phillips (1879) 

Phillips, A. J. (Minnie Cassan) Ch 
Lloyd, Lydia, Howajd, Thelma, 
Lawrence; Urbana R7 Urbana Seel 
076a (1873) 

Phillips, James (Marcie Brown) Ch 
Ada, Albert, Arthur, Hannah, Lena; 
Urbana R8 Somer Sec35 O161a 

Phillips, J. R. (Mary Corray) Ch 
Ruth, Elinore; Urbana R12 St. Jo- 
seph Sec31 T270a L. H. Howser 

Phillips, P. W. (Bertha Yakel) Ran- 
toul R22 Rantoul' Sec5 T80a N. 
Bengston (1910) 

Pieplow, Charles St. Joseph R16 St. 
Joseph Sec 33 Farm Hand M. R. 
Huss (1889) 

Pieplow, Fred (Nell Rebman) St. Jo- 
seph R16 St. Joseph Sec21 T160a 
H. Pieplow Est. (1891) 

Pierce, Charles U. (Alice Strohl) Ch 
Frederick, Mary, George, Goldie, 
Vern, Ira; Sadorus R49 Colfax Sec 
14 T80a (1877) 

Pierce, W. E. (Abbie Sheffield) Ch 
Oscar, Alvin; Thomasboro R19 
Condit Sec36 Farm Hand John 
Burke (1916) 

Pike, Mrs. Minnie (Minnie Pike) Ch 
Orville; Mahomet R42 Mahomet 
Sec22 Philip Mohr (1870) 

Pilgrim, W. J. (Anna Leonard) Ch 
Mary, Joseph, Cletus; Rantoul R22 
Condit Seel O160a (1884) 

Pinkstpn, J. W. (Harriet Norton) Ch 
Jessie, Willie, Susie, Ervin, Julia; 
"Gaywood Farm" Mahomet R41 
Newcomb Sec32 O320a (1880) 

Pinnick, Andrew (Fern Vance) Ch 
Geneva; Mahomet R40 Newcomb 
Sec20 T80a E. Mitchell (1915) 

Piper, John C. (Emma L. Stewart) 
"Shady Knoll Farm" Rantoul R23 
Harwood Sec34 O200a (1864) 

Pipher, Grant (Hazel Lindley) Ch 
Helen; Champaign R4 Hensley Sec4 
T330a H. Johnston (1912) 

Pittman, Alfred E. (Mabel M. Austin) 
Ludlow R31 Harwood Secl9 Farm 
Hand C. I. Jacobs (1908) 

Pittman, Cecil (Blanche Teters) Ch 
Viola, Catherine; Mahomet RD Ma- 
homet Sec8 T160a J. C. W. Pittman 

Pittman, David (Clarissa Smith) Ch 
Dorothy, Hattie, James Hazel; Ma- 
homet R42 Mahomet Secl2 O40a 

Pittman, E. D. (Ruth Bishop) Maho- 
met R41 Mahomet Secl6 O62a 
T140a (1882) 

Pittman, H. A. (Ethel Cornwell) Ch 
Harriet; Mahomet R41 Newcomb 
Sec31 O160a Charles Pittman (1883) 

Place, Chester (Josephine Mumm) Ch 
Oliver, Melvin, Carl, Opal, Pearl; 
Homer R60 Sidney Sec36 O120a 

Place, Edgar (Grace Runkels) Ch 
Nellie, Phillip; Homer R61 Homer 
Sec31 O82a (1875) 

Plotner, Charles S. (Nellie Gust) Ch 
Wilbert, Grace; Philo R56 Philo 
Sec34 O200a (1886) 

Plotner, Edwin A. (Minnie A. Mumm) 
Ch Matilda, Helen, Randall; Tolono 
R48 Philo Sec28 O160a (1880) 

Plotner, Jerry Philo R55 Crittenden 
SeclS O240a (1877) 

Plymir, Charles (Cynthia Flannigan) 
Ch Julius, Kathryn; Sidney R58 
Sidney Sec2 T97a D. E. Plymire 



Poggendorf, John (Anna Struck) Ch 
Lena, Clare, Walter, Ester, Alfred, 
Aldealia; Broadlands R37 Ayers 
Sec? T98a Harmon Struck (1895) 

Polk, Albert Savoy R45 Tolono Sec8 
T160a Theresa Polk (1886) 

Polk, Mrs. Theresa Ch Otto, Minnie, 
Albert, Mary, Emma, Edith, John, 
Carl, Walter, Elsie, Frank; Savoy 
R45 Tolono Sec8 O160a (1880) 

Pontious, A. V. (Elvora Mahon) Ch 
Etta, Nellie, Arlie; Ludlow R30 
Ludlow Sec4 T240a G. W. Jones 

Popplewell, Chester (Lizzie Foley) Ch 
Hugh, Mary, Cora, Lee, Dolly; 
Philo R56 Crittenden Secl4 Farm 
Hand Pat Mooney (1904) 

Popplewell, Orlando (Louise Foley) 
Ch Alice, Chester, Louise, Beecham, 
Lula; Philo R56 Crittenden Sec23 
T220a Norman McCloud (1906) 

Porter, L. H. (Mary Philbrook) Ch 
Edwin, Bertha, Luther, Arthur, 
Fred, Wilbur; "Porterville Farm" 
Champaign R6 Somer Sec8 O80a 

Porterfield, Bert (Nellie Burr) Sidney 
R58 Sidney Sec29 T240a M. A. Por- 
terfield (1881) 

Porterfield, R. Z. (Anna Bantz) Ch 
Irene; Sidney R58 Sidney Sec30 
O258a (1873) 

Postle, A. C. (Fannie Rife) Cham- 
paign R5 Hensley SeclO T80a H. F. 
Lange (1915) 

Postle, Harland (Oma Rife) Ch Or- 
ville, Haden; Sidney R58 Sidney 
SeclS T80a M. B. Busey (1911) 

Postlewait, Jarvis J. Philo R56 Crit- 
tenden Secl4 T260a Postlewait Est. 

Poterfield, S. H. (Jenny Renley) Al- 
lerton Rl Ayers Sec21 O260a (1873) 

Potter, Harris (Laura Hill) Ch Shir- 
ley, Max; Broadlands R37 Ayers 
Secl7 T80a J. P. Potter (1889) 

Potter, J. P. (Louise Walker) Ch 
Harrison, Russell, Pearl, Margaret; 
Broadlands R37 Ayers Secl7 O240a 

Prahl, Henry (Elsie Koehn) Mahomet 
R41 Mahomet SeclS Farm Hand 
Sterling Matthews (1916) 

Prahl, William (Annie Koehn) Maho- 
met R41 Mahomet Sec30 T140a Ed. 
Quayle (1914) 

Prather, Lewis (Lula Werts) Ch 
Dewey, Jesse; "Sunny River Farm" 
Urbana R12 Urbana Sec23 T240a 
Mary Werts (1892) 

Prater, W. M. (Nora Robinson) Ch 
Carl; Champaign R4 Condit Sec33 
T160a Josie Lyons (1916) 

Pratt, Sarah J. (Jaques) Tolono R47 
Tolono Sec28 O300a (1887) 

Prestin, Johanna Ch Charles, Edward, 
Fred, Lizzie, Mollie, Frank, Wil- 
liam, Helena, Hattie; Sadorus R51 
Pesotum Sec5 O80a (1867) 

Prestin, William L. (Alice Laughlin) 
Ch Evelyn; Sadorus R51 Pesotum 
SecS O160a Theodore Prestin and 
Ed. Eichherse (1875) 

Pridemore, Samuel (Bertha Kirby) Ch 
Elnora, Elza, Ray; St. Joseph R16 
St. Joseph Sec34 Farm Hand Ed 
Butzow (1886) 

Pridemore, P. (Alida Wilson) Ch 
John, Sam, Brian, Rose, Bessie, 
Minnie, Bert; Homer R61 Sidney 
Seel O20a (1860) 

Pridemore, Sam (Elizabeth Kirbey) 
Ch Mack, Walter, Pleasant, Riley, 
Ida, Albert, William, Mary Ella; 
Sidney R57 Sidney Sec2 O20a 

Primmer, A. W. (Lizzie Miller) Ma- 
homet R42 Mahomet Sec25 T108a 
Ella H. Grindley (1886) 

Primmer, C. F. (Iva Gorrell) Cham- 
paign R3 Hensley Sec29 T180a Mrs. 
Ida Drennen (1883) 

Primmer, J. Leroy (Lillian Bledsoe) 
Mahomet R42 Mahomet Secl3 T319a 
Fred Primmer (1884) 

Prior, E. J. (Ethel Burris) Ch Lorin, 
Helen; St. Joseph R16 St. Joseph 
Sec33 Farm Hand Ed Francis 

Prior, Louis (Delia Burris) Ch Hil- 
mer, Wilbur; Sidney R57 Sidney 
Sec28 T120a L. A. Schindler (1909) 

Pruitt, Logan (Deby Hilland) Ch 
Martha, Nina, Mary, Mack, Grace, 
Evelyn, Lawrence, Mamie; Homer 
R61 Homer Sec6 Farm Hand Guy 
Conard (1909) 

Pufaha, Emmett J. (Bertha Hoke) 
Ch Frank, Bessie, Vivian, Thelma, 
Howard, Lillian, Clarence, Dorothy, 
Leota; Rantoul R23 Harwood Sec29 
T160a Mildred Guss (1908) 

Pufahl, Charles H. (Amy L. Martin) 
Ch Nellie, Florence, Carl, Ervin, 
Bertha, Mary, Frederick, John; 
Rantoul R24 Rantoul Sec 12 Farm 
Hand G. A. Real (1910) 

Pugh, E. K. (Lillie Thompson) Ch 
Roscoe, May, Guy, Elmer; Allerton 
Rl Ayers Sec30 O160a (1886) 

Pugh, I. E. (Grace Allen) Allerton 
Rl Ayers Sec20 T160a E. K. Pugh 



Pulliam, J. P. (Nannie Strode) Ch 
Flossy; Savoy R45 Champaign Sec 
26 Farm Hand Fred Green (1917) 

Pullian, Earl B. (Nora Keefer) Savoy 
R66 Tolono Secl4 T120a James 
Pullian (1883) 

Pullian, Reid H. (Delia Benefield) Ch 
Phyllis; Tolono Tolono Sec26 T140a 
Mrs. Fidelia Vinser and Meharry 
Est. (1892) 

Pursel, F. P. (Jennie Duvall) Ch 
Archie, Flossie, Effie, Ethel, Ruth, 
Dora, Gertie, Myrtle, Marguerite, 
Frank; Champaign R3 Mahomet 
Sec25 Farm Hand Wilson Miller 

Pursell, Charles (Laura Rayburn) Ch 
Louise, Isabella, Mary; Mahomet 
R41 Mahomet Secl7 T93a William 
Caldwell (1885) 

Putnam, C. W. (Susan Clark) Ch 
Kate, George; Champaign R4 Con- 
dit Sec33 T237a Henry Putnam 

Putnam, L. F. (Carrie McDowell) Ch 
Willis, Louise; Dewey R33 Condit 
SeclS O160a T80a Mrs. Effie Ains- 
worth (1866) 

Putscher, A. J. (Louise Weseloh) Ch 
James; Champaign R4 Hensley Sec 
17 TlOOa Mrs. F. Real (1883) 

Quayle, Thomas (Tina Grindley) Ch 
Harry, Fred, Ernest, Ada; Maho- 
met R42 Mahomet Sec35 T160a Wil- 
liam Grindley (1879) 

Quilan, James Pesotum R56 Critten- 
den Secl9 T120a Mrs. Margaret 
Quilan (1884) 

Quilan, William J. (Mary A. Ryan) 
Ch Margaret, James, Nellie, Mae, 
William, Josephine; Tolono R46 
Crittenden Sec20 O480a (1868) 

Quinlan, Charles A. (Katherine Cody) 
Ch Katherine, Mary; Ludlow R31 
Harwood Sec21 T160a E. Quinlan 
and T. Murphy (1886) 

Quinlan, Edward (Anna Henricks) 
Ludlow R30 Ludlow SeclO T240a 
Martin Cunningham (1893) 

Quinlan, Hugh F. (Katie A. Hanley) 
Ch Catherine, Agnes; Ludlow R29 
Harwood SecS O120a (1884) 

Quinlan, John (Mary E. Graham) Ch 
Raymond, Joseph, Francis, Charles, 
Agnes; Rantoul R23 Rantoul Seel 
T280a Gordon Est. (1872) 

Quinlan, Michael P. (Nellie Woods) 
Ch William, Donald; Ludlow R29 
Harwood Sec3 T240a William 
Woods and Mrs. F. Youle (1884) 

Quinlan, Owen F. (Bessie Sheehan) 
Ch Michael; Ludlow R29 Harwood 
Sec9 T180a Mrs. J. F. McCabe 

Quinlan, William M. (Mary Cleary) 
Ch Sylvester, Margaret, Edward, 
Thomas, Leo, John; Rantoul R23 
Rantoul Seel T160a (1876) 

Quinn, Mrs. Nellie Ch Orville, Alice; 
Dewey R32 Condit Sec3 O160a 

Quinn, William Ch Catherine, Ed- 
ward, Paul; Longview R68 Ray- 
mond Secl9 O80a (1917) 

Quirk, William J. Rantoul R21 E. 
Bend Scc36 T80a Ed Quirk (1879) 


Rader, A. W. (Ruby Benner) Ch 
Ruby, Elizabeth, Loretta, Glenn, 
Nellie; Champaign R6 Somer Sec31 
T80a Harry Coffeen (1897) 

Rafferty, John (Bridget Collins) Ch 
Harry, Mary, Nora, Winifred, Anna, 
Charles, Joseph, Dan; Penfield R28 
Compromise SeclS O126a (1871) 

Ragle Herman (Nannie Webb) Ch 
Marvin; Rantoul R24 Ludlow Sec34 
T120a J. Sullivan (1913) 

Ralph, Mrs. Myrta (Myrta Crowley) 
Ch Daniel, Roscoe, Martha; Maho- 
met R40 Newcomb Sec36 T43a I. 
Ralph (1879) 

Ramert, A. (Nancy A. Turner) Ch 
Spencer, S. W., J. S., Nettie, Rosa; 
Ogden R17 Ogden Sec33N O280a 
( 1878) 

Ramert, C. L. (Florence Susdorf) Ch 
Esther, Mary; Rantoul R22 Rantoul 
Secl7 T80a Elmer Susdorf (18%) 



Ramert, Ed (Grace Doney) Ch 
Charles, Avery, Stella; Rantoul R22 
Rantoul Secl9 T320a Mary E. Busey 

Raney, J. W. (Anna Lamb) Ch Wil- 
lie, John, Katie, Cleo, Charles, Joe; 
Champaign R2 Champaign Sec28 
Farm Hand F. K. Roberson (1898) 

Rankin, A. D. (Jennie Prince) Ch 
Cleo, Guy, Glenn, Lila; Foosland 
R38 Brown Seel T300a M. S. Ran- 
kin (1883) 

Rankin, C. H. Foosland R38 Brown 
Secll T152a Mrs. Rankins (1889) 

Rankins, M. S. (Jane Hall) Ch Edna, 
Arthur, Cora, Claud; Foosland R38 
Brown Secl2 O340a (1887) 

Rankins, W. T. (Ruby Myers) Ch Er- 
nest, Elva, Raymond, Mary, Kath- 
leeji; Bondville R65 Scott Secl3 
O2a (1901) 

Rasmussem, Rasmus (Marie Wester- 
house) Ludlow R30 Ludlow Sec9 
T160a Otto Calwell (1908) 

Ratter, Herman (Lizzie Cozz) Sa- 
dorus R50 Sadorus Sec2 T80a David 

Raup, D. H. (Anna Emkes) Ch 
Wilke; Thomasboro R19 Somer Sec 
2 O85a (1891) 

Raup, Henry (Ella Aelars) Ch John, 
Dick, Tina, William, Anna; Thomas- 
boro R19 Rantoul Sec36 O120a 

Raup, John (Reka Ehler) Ch Alma, 
John; Thomasboro R19 Rantoul Sec 
34 T175a Harry and Dick Raup 

Raver, C. D. (Katherine Luper) Ch 
Mabel; Sidney R58 Sidney Sec20 
T200a P. H. Mumm (1901) 

Ray, Mrs. Margaret (Margaret Hav- 
ice) Ch Edward, Albert, Frank, 
John, Abe, George, Malinda, Wil- 
liam, Millie; Mahomet R40 New- 
comb Sec25 OlOa (1867) 

Rayburn Bert (Eva Shaffer) Ch 
Glenn, Gladys, Vernon, Feryl; 
Champaign R4 Champaign Sec2 
O97a T270a Burnham Est. (1874) 

Rayburn, B. Frank (Elsie Wilson) 
Mahomet R42 Mahomet Sec23 T200a 
R. G. Rayburn (1881) 

Rayburn, C. C. (Vera Lumsden) Ch 
Dora, Virginia; Bondville R65 Scott 
Sec2 T260a R. R. Mattis (1890) 

Rayburn, George C. (Ethel Wright) 
Ch Agnes; Champaign R3 Mahomet 
Sec24 T200a R. G. Rayburn (1889) 

Rayburn, J. W. (Ethel Pfiester) Ch 
Wallace; Bondville R65 Scott Seel 
T260a R. R. Mattis (1892) 

Rayburn, Len (Fannie Davis) Ch 
Robert, Clarence, Ruth; Mahomet 
R42 Mahomet Sec22 T445a R. D. 
Burnham (1874) 

Raymond, John (Grace Lane) Sidney 
R58 Raymond Sec4 T364a J. S. Ray- 
mond (1878) 

Record, William C. (Nellie Denney) 
Ch Agnes, Edward, Danny, Nellie; 
Mahomet R41 Mahomet Secl6 Tla 
George Clouser (1900) 

Redenbaugh, G. C. (Florence Dilling) 
Ch Lloyd, Vivian; Champaign R5 
Hensley Sec35 T180a I. Staney 

Redenbaugh, I. J. (Minnie Warner) 
Ch Louise, Kenneth; Rantoul R22 
Rantoul Sec6 T40a Frank Nelson 

Reed, A. E. (Delia Wright) Ch Reba, 

Orvil, Virgil, Delbert, Edmond; 

Broadlands R37 Ayers Sec20 T160a 

Carl Zenke (1914) 
Reed, Ben L. (Ada Stacker) Seymour 

R44 Scott Sec34 T80a Mrs. Lourash 


Reed, Charles W. (Abbie Huhn) Ch 
John; Tolono R48 Philo Secl6 
O160a (1880) 

Reed, C. M. (Nora Gulick) Ch Vern, 
Mildred, Forest, Fred, Treva; Cham- 
paign R4 Hensley Secl6 T240a R. 
M. Armstrong (1882) 

Reed, Susan Ch William, Harrison, 
Maud, Henry, Kile; Homer R61 Ho- 
mer Sec28N Housekeeper William 
Reed (1904) 

Reed, Wm. Guss Homer Homer Sec 
28N Farm Hand L. Clark (1904) 

Reed, W. V. (Amanda Beatler) Ch 
Inez; Champaign R4 Hensley SeclO 
Farm Hand W. Ehler (1892) 

Reede, L. B. (Minnie Ayers) Ch Lou- 
ise; Ivesdale RS3 Sadorus Sec4 
T80a Connor McGuire (1914) 

Reese, Clinton C. (Viva Carpenter) 
Ch Helen, Don; Rantoul R23 Har- 
wood Sec27 T80a H. I. Green 

Reese, V. B. (Ethel M. Speiry) Ch 
Laverne; St. Joseph R13 St. Joseph 
Secl6 T160a R. G. Stookey (1891) 

Reetz, R. H. (Laura Morenz) Ch Car- 
rie, Glenn; Sadorus R50 Colfax Sec 
34 T80a J. O. Goodman (1895) 

Reid, W. R. (Ora Ludwick) Ch 
Frank, Lucile, William, Dorothy; 
Champaign Rl Champaign Secl9 
O80a (1894) 



Reifstech, George (Martha Koss) Ch 
Harry, Albert, Clarence, Frances, 
John, Earl, Hazel. Opal, Florence, 
Mary, Georgie, Warren; Savoy R66 
Tolono Sec9 O480a (1865) 

Reifsteck, H. (Esther Drews) Ch Ger- 
trude, Evelyn; Sadorus R50 Sadorus 
Sec3T80a E. Lyon (1914) 

Reifsteck, Jacob (Minnie Koss) Ch 
Frank, Carrie, Chester, Anna, Es- 
ther, Edward, Irene; Sadorus R51 
Pesotum Sec8 O132a T125a Ira 
Graw (1892) 

Reinhart, Charles (Mary A. Christian) 
Ch Frances, Julius, Bernard, Louis, 
Edwin; Pesotum R55 Pesotum Sec 
25 O80a (1882) 

Reinhart, F. A. (Jessie Jeffries) Ch 
Jane, Fred; "Maple Leaf Farm" 
Dewey R33 E. Bend Sec32 T120a 
Henry Reinhart and Mrs. Rebecca 
Jeffries (1903) 

Reinhart, Henry (Cecelia Brenemann) 
Ch Wendell, Irene, Henry, Agnes, 
Edith, Paul, Elmer; Pesotum R55 
Pesotum Sec25 O80a (1877) 

Reinhart, Joseph J. (Mary Thresa) Ch 
Cecelia, Anna, Mary, Joseph, Carl, 
Laura; Pesotum R55 Crittenden Sec 
30 O120a (1872) 

Reinhart, Otto W. Pesotum R55 Peso- 
tum Sec24 O96a (1888) 

Reinhart, Peter E. (Mary Scheurich) 
Ch Harold, Francis, Evelyn, Helen, 
Clarence, Martha; Pesotum R55 
Crittenden Secl9 OlOSa (1885) 

Reinhart, W. H. (Nora Martin) 
Dewey R33 E. Bend Sec32 T160a 
Henry Reinhart (1902) 

Reitmeier, H. (Clara Rocker) Ch 
Johanna, Crist, Henry, Clara, Eliza- 
beth, John, Clara, Dora; Gifford R25 
Compromise Sec6 T167a Jasper La- 
mar (1890) 

Remley H. A. (Annabelle Bailey) Ch 
Irene; Rantoul R21 Ludlow Sec22 
T160a J. B. Jackson (1887) 

Remley, John W. (Amelia A. Rey- 
nolds) Ch Hanford, Ora, Mabel, 
Minnie; Gifford R25 Harwood Sec 
13 T160a J. M. Gehrt (1883) 
Remley, Maple A. (Laverna E. Rib- 
let) Ch John; "Pleasant Vale Farm" 
Gifford R25 Harwood Secl4 T120a 
J. M. Remley (1890) 
Renken, John F. (G. J. Ehmen) Ch 
Ulrich, Tiny, Herman, Lydia, Al- 
bert, William; Gifford R26 Compro- 
mise Sec30 T2a Hugh Busbon 

Renolds, Frank Champaign R5 Hens- 
ley Sec24 O40a (1915) 

Resler, E. B. (Essie Dobbins) Ch 
Edith, Wallace, Herbert, Alden, 
Gorden, Kathryn; Fisher R35 Con- 
dit Secl7 T320a C. L. Duvall (1907) 

Resler, George W. (Sarah Ramp) Ch 
Roland, Violet, Bertha, Birdie, La- 
vanna; "College Perie Farm" 
Dewey R33 Condit Secl7 T340a 
Farm Hand William Sitts (1917) 

Revell, W. H. (Stella May Thomas) 
Ch Frank, Nellie, John, Hazel; Sa- 
voy R66 Tolono Secl2 T212a I. W. 
Maxwell (1888) 

Rewerts, Leuppa Ch Pauline, Esther; 
Thomasboro R20 Stanton Sec8 
T160a H. Rewerts (1890) 

Rex, Elmer (Bessie Eyestone) Ch 
Flossie, Hazel; Champaign R3 
Hensley Secl9 T280a Fisher Est. 

Rex, J. R. (Mary Rhodes) Ch Rosie, 
Elmer, William, Maude, Fred, 
Floyd, Blanche; Seymour RD Scott 
Secl8 T360a E. D. Plummer (1867) 

Reynolds Andrew (Ida Perry) Ch 
Pearl, Asle, Everett, Hazel, Emery, 
Glenn; Foosland R38 Brown Seel 
O160a (1900) 

Reynolds, Asle (Winnie Boyd) Ch 
Lyle, Richard; Foosland R38 E. 
Bend Sec6 T120a Rockwood Est. 

Reynolds, Chester G. "Clover Dale 
Farm" Gifford R25 Harwood Secl4 
O120a (1881) 

Reynolds, Clem L. (Marie Morrison) 
Ludlow R31 Harwood Secl4 T80a 
W. H. Reynolds (1897) 

Reynolds, John F. (Mary Butler) Ch 
Magdaline, Basil, Martha, Junior, 
Donald, Catherine; Urbana Rll 
Philo Seel T185a Geo. Buckman 

Reynolds, J. J. (Fae Shepard) Ch 
Helen, Keith, Mary; Sidney R57 
Sidney Sec2 O120a (1909) 

Reynolds, Mrs. Nora Ch Charlie, 
Grace, Ethel; Thomasboro R19 
Condit Sec26 T160a Richard Rey- 
nolds and Weir (1888) 

Reynolds, Taylor (Hazel Caldwell) 
Ch Cletus, Margaret; Sidney R57 
Sidney Sec8 T265a S. E. Huff (1912) 

Reynolds, Walter (Bessie Clark) Ch 
Floyd, Lulu, Agnes; Philo R56 
Philo Sec34 Farm Hand John Plot- 
ner (1912) 

Reynolds, Will (Mamie Prickett) Ch 
Lottie, Vernie, Harold, Ray, Royce, 
Maxine, Constance; Thomasboro 
R19 Condit Sec26 O80a T180a Anna 
Kane, Ruth Nelson and Cyrus Babb 



Reynolds, William H. (Ora Smith) 
Ch John, Inez, Clement, Dewey, 
Erne; Gifford R25 Harwood Secl4 
O280a (1871) 

Rhoades, Charles (Daisy M. Roberts) 
Urbana R9 Urbana Sec5 T160a 
Mary Busey (1902) 

Rhoads, J. F. (Eva Evens) Ch Charles, 
Clarence, Ross, Floyd, Howard, 
Gladys, Edith; S>avoy R45 Colfax 
Sec8 T160a Solon Brox (1897) 

Riddle, Arthur (Bessie Soard) Ch 
Stella, Clarence; Longview R63 
Crittenden Sec36 Farm Hand Frank 
England (1915) 

Rice, Clarence A. (Carrie Hazen) Ch 
Katherine, Nathan; Philo R56 Philo 
Sec24 O185a (1881) 

Rice, Emery (Bessie McClenard) St. 
-1 Joseph St. Joseph Secll T90a G. W. 
Rice (1886) 

Rice, Scott (Rovia Swearingen) Ho- 
mer R61 S. Homer Sec6 O80a (1868) 

Rice, Van W. (Ellen Dill) St. Joseph 
R13 St. Joseph Sec21 O120a (1894) 

Rice, Wilber (T. A. Carter) Ch Char- 
lie, Mabel, Fern, Edna, Hortense; 
Sadorus R49 Colfax Sec36 T5a 

Richards, Clarence F. (Mamie Tib- 
betts) Ch Mary; St. Joseph R15 
Ogden SeclS T90a L. Richards 

Richards, Eugene A. (Cleo Clark) Ch 
Evelyn, Madrid, Louise; St. Joseph 
R1S Ogden SeclS T120a A. Richards 

Richards, L. O. (Bessie Braten) Ch 
Buren, Lowell, Lawrence; St. Jo- 
seph R15 Ogden Sec30 T70a J. W. 
Richards (1890) 

Richards, W. H. (Josephine Green) 
Ch Albert, Ivan, Paul, Lora; St. 
Joseph R15 Ogden -Sec30 T160a 
Richards (1884) 

Richardson Bros. Sadorus R49 Tolono 
Sec20 T320a James R. Richardson 

Richardson, James H. (Jennie Butler) 
Ch Mae, Fred; Tolono R46 Philo 
Sec32 T320a Fred S. Haven (1892) 

Richardson, James R. Ch Gracie, Vin- 
cent, Alma, Harry, George; Sadorus 
R49 Tolono Sec20 O320a (1882) 

Richardson, Raymond (Mamie Den- 
hart) Ogden R18 Ogden Sec5 TlOOa 
George Denhart (1916) 

Richison, S. E. (Bessie Hilliard) Foos- 
land R38 Brown SeclO T127a P. W. 
Down (1912) 

Richman, Alonzo (America Ricman) 
Ch Marshall, Earl, Gracie; Pesotum 
R55 Crittenden Sec32 T45a Chees- 
man Est. (1914) 

Rickett, John (Stella Cook) Ch Clara, 
Arthur, Amos, Raymond; Dewey 
R33 E. Bend Sec33 O80a T160a Ed. 
Molloy (1863) 

Riddle, Arthur (Bessie Soard) Ch 
Stella, Clarence; Longview R63 
Crittenden Sec36 Farm Hand Frank 
England (1915) 

Riddle, William B. (Ora Tracy) Ch 
Ethel, Hester, Clay, Fay; Ivesdale 
R53 Sadorus Sec4 (1914) 

Ridgley, R. W. (Silvia Olson) Ch 
Dwight, Marie; Seymour R44 Col- 
fax SeclO T204a L. B. Nocker (1913) 

Ridinger, C. F. (Effie Coddington) Ch 
Fay, Vaughn; Homer R61 Sidney 
Seel O107a (1869) 

Riefstack, Charles (Lena Siegler) Ch 
Julia, Amelia, Annie, Carl, Mildred, 
Melvin; Champaign R2 Champaign 
Sec31 T80a Carl Riefstack (1880) 

Riefstack, Carl, Sr. (Christina Crumb) 
Ch Carl, Jr., William, Clara; Bond- 
ville R65 Scott Sec26 O200a (1887) 

Riefsteck, William L. (Lydia Heim- 
burger) Ch Andy, Ruth, Christine, 
Gladys; Champaign R2 Champaign 
Sec24 T245a R. R. Mattis (1885) 

Riegal, William E. (Mabel M. Mc- 
Conoughey) Ch Ruth, Robert; To- 
lono R46 Crittenden SecS T805a 
C. L. Meharry (1913) 

Riemke, Edward F. (Julia Schuerg) 
Ch William, Martin, Elmer, Frank. 
Rosie; Tolono R47 Pesotum SeclO 
O160a (1868) 

Riggs, John (Bessie Mead) Homer 
R61 S. Homer Sec6 TlOOa Riggs 
Est. and M. L. Palmer (1885) 

Ring, John (Bertha Smith) Ch Ruby, 
Stanley, Andrew, Helen, Verlene, 
Paul; Tolono R46 Crittenden Sec7 
Farm Hand C. L. Meharry (1914) 

Rinkel, W. M. (Jane Dixon) Ch Vera, 
Walter, Richard; Urbana R12 St. 
Joseph Sec7 Farm Hand C. W. 
Gault (1917) 

Rippy, Alonzo (Delia Trinkle) Ch 
Eulah, Leslie, Ray, Vernon, Martha; 
Mahomet R41 Mahomet Sec6 TISOa 
Mrs. M. Stamey (1911) 

Rippy, L. (Delia Trinkle) Ch Eulah, 
Leslie, Ray, Vernon, Martha; "Sta- 
nley Farm" Mahomet R41 Newcomb 
Sec31 TISOa Frank Stamey (1911) 

Rising, A. F. (Nellie Allen) Cham- 
paign R4 Hensley Scc28 O200a 
T140a (1876) 



Rising, George, Jr. (Thelma Gordon) 
Champaign R3 Hensley Sec31 T200a 
Mrs. George Rising (1889) 

Rist, Walter (Mary) Ch Frank, Alex; 
Sidney R61 Sidney Seel O5a (1912) 

Ritchie, Corley (Lillie Boyd) Foos- 
land R39 Brown Secl9 T80a Walter 
Ritchie (1893) 

Ritchie, D. I. (Kathryn Matthews) 
Foosland R39 Brown Sec20 T160a 
Ritchie Est. (1877) 

Rittenhouse, J. R. (Ida Stout) Ch 
Vern, Ruth; "Blue Ribbon Stock 
Farm" Mahomet R41 Newcomb Sec 
31-32 T200a (1870) 

Rittenhouse, Vern R. (Ruth Miner) 
Mahomet R42 Hensley Sec7 T287a 
Joe Rittenhouse (1894) 

Robbins, Jess R. (Sarepta Brewer) 
Ch Earnest; Ludlow R29 Harwood 
Sec7 T200a J. R. Pearson and E. 
Roland (1914) 

Robbins, Roberta (Eva Cox) Ch Lyle, 
Mildred; Seymour R44 Scott Sec21 
Farm Hand Scott Knox (1900) 

Robbins, W. E. (Nellie Johnsonbauh) 
Urbana RIO Urbana Sec30 Farm 
Hand Henry Grimes (1910) 

Robbins, Walter Homer R61 Homer 
Sec6 T30a (1907) 

Robeck, Andrew, Sr. (Mary Pankau) 
Ch Bertha, Emma, Joseph, Agnes, 
Andrew Jr., Frank, William, Mary, 
Henry, Clara; Bondville R65 Scott 
Sec26 O40a T40a (1898) 

Robeck, Joseph (Lena Georlich) Ch 
William, Lawrence, Bernice; Sado- 
rus R49 Colfax Secl6 T80a Tom 
Tracy (1884) 

Robeck, William (Margaret Conners) 
Sadorus R49 Colfax Secl3 T80a 
Mrs. Ryan (1892) 

Roberts, C. N. (Kate Burnett) Ch 
Roberta; Urbana R9 Somer Secl6 
T356a George A. Irle (1892) 

Roberts, Dan R. (Glendora Rayburn) 
Ch Austin, Jesse, Charlotte, Walter; 
Urbana R9 Somer Scc27 O69a 

Roberts, H. V. (Bessie Irene Musson) 
Ch Dorothy, Viola; Savoy R45 Col- 
fax Sec9 T80a Ida V. Roberts 

Roberts, Joe (Nannie Jones) Thomas- 
boro Rantoul Sec29 T232a (1904) 

Roberts, Joseph B. (Elizabeth Luther) 
Ch Ella, Luther, C. N., Emma; Ur- 
bana R9 Somer Sec27 O77a (1858) 

Roberts, J. T. (Ida Carper) Ch Harry, 
Harriet, Earl, Ernest; Savoy R45 
Colfax Secl3 O160a (1871) 

Roberts, Linda Ivesdale R52 G. A. 
Tempel (1896) 

Roberts, L. W. (Pearl Flatt) Ch Dor- 
othy; Champaign R6 Somer SeclS 
T390a A. J. Flatt and Christian Lut- 
terer (1887) 

Roberts, Walter (Myrtle Packer) Ch 
Louis, Kenneth; Tolono R48 Philo 
Secl7 Farm Hand William E. Hobbs 

Robertson, Bert Homer R60 Homer 
Sec30 T320a George Davis (1907) 

Robertson, Giffen (Goldie Lucas) 
Longview R64 Raymond Sec22 
T160a Will Messman (1917) 

Robertson, Joseph (Alice Turner) Ch 
Carma, Otis, Reba, Oma; Homer 
R61 Sidney Sec24 T160a R. R. Mat- 
tis (1899) 

Robertson, Oma (Mary Dodge) Ch 
Claud, Walter, Leota; Homer R61 
Sidney Sec26 T80a Gertrude Gritz 

Robertson, Thomas (Mary Thomp- 
son) Ch Laura, Bert, Thomas, 
Clara; Homer R60 Homer Secl9 
Bert Robertson (1917) 

Robinett, H. F. (Harriet Beatty) Ch 
Lyle, Dean, Ellyn; Fisher R35 New- 
comb Sec5 O40a (1881) 

Robinson, David Homer R60 Homer 
SeclS O80a (1877) 

Robinson, H. J. (Susan Hutchinson) 
"Pioneer Grove Farm" Sadorus RSI 
Sadorus Sec33 O320a (1852) 

Robinson, John H. (Sarah Gates) Ch 
Luvicia; Philo R56 Philo SeclS 

Robinson, O. F. (Ruth Honner) Ch 
Devaughn, Harriett; Sadorus R51 
Sadorus Sec26 ToOa LaGrange 

Robinson, R. J. (Flossie Cheaney) Ch 
Dewitt, Dorothy, Helen; Sadorus 
R50 Sadorus T160a A. F. Byrd 

Robinson, R. L. (Orrie Weir) Ch 
Stine, Albert; Sadorus RSI Sadorus 
Sec27 Farm Hand Grover Hixon 

Robinson, V. (Martha Alcorn) Ch 
Eunice, Lawrence, Howard; Homer 
R60 Homer Secl7 T128a Albert 
Brccdlove (1877) 

Robinson, W. C. (Edith M. Ryan) 
Ch Nellie, Olive; Ivesdale R53 Sa- 
dorus Sec33 O200a (1860) 

Robisson, Giffon (Goldy Lucas) Long- 
view R64 Raymond Sec22 T160a 
W. M. Messman (1917) 

Roby, W. F. (Olive E. McCoy) Ch 
Mildred, Infant; Champaign R2 
Champaign Sec24 T14a Mrs. Adams 



Rodgers, Charles E. (Anna Zeigler) 
Ch Pauline, Vona; Savoy R45 To- 
lono Sec6 T280a Joseph E. Arm- 
strong (1885) 

Rodgers, J. R. (Mary Polk) Ch Lil- 
lian Dorsey; Champaign R2 Cham- 
paign Sec33 T80a Charles Qumn 
(1910) _. .* 

Roe, W. S. (Ada Wearingen) Ch Vic- 
tor, Sterling; Homer R61 Ogden 
Sec30 T188a L. W. Porter&eld 
(1895) . _. 

Roedl, Rudolph (Rose Bushue) Ch 
Donald, Norman, Melvm; Tolono 
R46 Tolono Sec34 Farm Hand Roy 
Fackler (1915) 

Roelf, Albert (Katie Smith) Ch Grace, 
Ralph, Maggie, Hans, George ; Gif- 
ford R26 Compromise Sec36 O160a 


Roelfs, Harm H. (Rita Louchen) Ch 
Grace, George, Ham; Gifford KJp 
Compromise Sec36 T80a Grace G. 
Roelfs (1880) 

Rogers, C. A. (Hattie Potts) Ch Tru- 
man, Albert; Allerton Rl Ayers 
Sec21 Tla S. H. Poterfield (1917) 

Rogers, C. R. (Alta Huchul) Ch 
Blanche, Ernest, Vera; Dewey R33 
Condit SecZO T200a (1915) . 

Rogers, David G. (Prudence L. Har- 
din) Ch Raymond, Irene; Homer 
R61 Homer Sec8 T82a M. L. Yeagle 

Roger's? M. J. (Nellie Dixon) Ch 
Anna; Ivesdale R52 Colfax Secl9 
O240a , 

Rohl, W. D. (Anne Hanson) Ch Carl, 
William, Marie, Alman, Anne, Her- 
man- Homer R60 Homer Sec32 
O320a (1896) 

Rohlfing, E. L. (Daisy Lester) Ch 
Elizabeth, Lucille; "Jim Lyons 
Farm" Mahomet R40 Newcomb 
Sec34 T160a Mrs. E. E. Lyons (1914) 

Rohrscheib, Albert (Frieda Bamber- 
ger) Ch Mildred; Urbana Rll Sid- 
ney Sec? T160a J. W. Bocock (1914) 

Rohrscheib, Fred (Elsie Walton) 
Sidney R57 Sidney Sec7 T160a J. 
W. Bocock (1913) 

Rohrscheib, John A. (Mary Kerk- 
hoff) Ch Fred, Lewis, Albert, Philip, 
Meta, Hilda; Sidney R57 Sidney 
Sec7 T280a Mabel Hunter (1904) 

Rohrscheib, Louis (Birtie Haile) Ch 
Mabel Elma, Hilbert; Sidney R57 
Sidney Sec23 T240a John Bobock 

Roles, Ray (Grace Kirkman) Ch Jo- 
sephine, Donald; Rantoul R22 Con- 
dit Secll Layman's Est (1913) 

Romine, W. M. (Effie Brownfield) Ch 
Hazel, Gilbert; Mahomet R40 New- 
comb Sec36 Ola (1878) 

Romine, John (Lizzie Thurston) Ch 
Bessie; Mahomet R42 Condit Sec30 
O3a (1867) 

Rose, Robert (Anna Evans) Ch Edna, 
Katie, Ralph, Frank; Ivesdale R53 
Sadorus Sec8 T197a John Fallen 

Rosemyre, J. F. (Mary Montjar) Ch 
Fred, Helen, Milton, Florence; Savoy 
R45 Champaign Sec36 (1903) 

Rosenbock, George (Anna Flessner) 
Ch Mary, Himky, Emma; St. Jo- 
seph R15 Ogden SeclS O20a Henry 
Rosenbock (1882) 

Rosenbock, Seef (Anna Sage) Ch 
Mary; St. Joseph R15 Ogden SeclS 
O20a T80a H. Rosenbock (1893) 

Rosenbry, D. T. (Lonie Dicks) Ch 
Foster, Edith; Fisher R35 Brown 
Sec36 T80a Mrs. Alexander (1911) 

Roslund, Oscar (Halda Eirerson) Ch 
Helmer, Agnes, Nellie, Otto, Edwin, 
Hulda; Ludlow R30 Ludlow Sec8 
T120a Frank Johnson (1911) 

Ross, Charles E. (Mary Schwelm) Ch 
Earl, Grace; Savoy R66 Tolono 
SeclO O160a (1878) 

Ross, D. F. (Goldie Roughton) Ch 
Myrtle, Jesse, Charlie, Emma, 
Donald, Eva, Bonnie; Pesotum R54 
Sadorus T80a T. J. Ross (1883) 

Ross, Earl A. (Otela Christ) Ch Ruth; 
Champaign R2 Tolono Sec33 T160a 
Hiram and A. Christ (1887) 

Ross, Fred (Mary Cudding) Ch Clar- 
ence, Clifford; Homer R61 Sidney 
Sec23 T161a J. W. Mitchel (1875) 

Ross, John St. Joseph R15 Ogden 
SeclS T50a V. G. Wilson (1902) 

Ross, J. V. (Pearl Wolf) Ch Myrtle, 
John; Foosland R39 Brown Sec30 
T210a J. D. Wolf (1902) 

Rcthermel, John (Fredericke Seider) 
Ch George, Rosa. Johnny, Willie, 
Walter, Laura, Flora, Margaret; 
Broadlands R37 Ayers Sec7 O360a 

Roughton, C. T. (Grace Hubbert) Ch 
Aleen, Phoebe, Vaughn; "Ten Acres 
Farm" Sadorus R51 Sadorus Sec22 
OlOa (1880) 

Roughton, Frank (Nellie Thompson) 
Ch Violet, Kenneth, Grace, Frankie, 
Loreen, Gwyneth, Ethel, Wondie, 
James; St. Joseph Sec6 O220a 

Roughton, Reuben (Eliza H. Genung) 
Ch Roy Hazel; Rantoul R31 Ludlow 
Sec27 O40a (1858) 



Routh, C. F. (Addie Reese) Ch 
Charles; St. Joseph R14 St. Joseph 
Sec2 O160a (1886) 

Row, W. H. (Edith Barnes) Ch Clara, 
Dave, Sadie, Ida, Ada, Bell, Paul, 
Elsie; Gifford Kerr Sec8 Farm Hand 
Charles Wood (1911) 

Rowan, Fred (Mabel Musson) Ch 
Eunice; Sadorus R51 Sadorus Sec35 
T220a Belong Bros. (1911) 

Rowe, Laura Mahomet RD Mahomet 
Sec9 A. J. Wright (1893) 

Rowe, Manuel E. (Lucy Talbot) Ch 
Oran; Gifford R25 Harwood Sec26 
T160a James Talbot (1894) 

Rowe, Moses T. (Annie E. Hulett) 
Rantoul R23 Harwood Sec30 T320a 
E. S. Smith (1902) 

Rowland, James Ch Roy, Elmer, Bert, 
Noble; Ludlow R39 Harwood Sec6 
O104a (1883) 

Rowlen, J. L. (Nellie Johnson) Ch 
Beatrice; Savoy RD Champaign 
Sec36 Farm Hand N. M. Burt (1913) 

Roy, Joseph (Ella Barnhart) Ch Mar- 
garet; Tolono R47 Tolono Secl7 
O80a Pesotum SeclS T210a Alvin 
Starkey and Mrs. Whipple (1874) 

Ruckman, Ralph (Mabel Barber) Ma- 
homet R42 Mahomet Sec35 T160a 
Fred Barber (1915) 

Rudicil, Mrs. Bertie Ch Troy, Mark; 
Sidney R57 St. Joseph Sec35 O145a 

Rudicil, J. E. (Daisy Johnston) Ch 
Elsie, Glen; St. Joseph R16 St. Jo- 
seph Sec35 O163a'(1874) 

Rudicil, L. C. (Virginia Blotson) Sid- 
ney R61 Sidney SeclO O127a (1850) 

Rudicil, Troy B. Sidney R57 St. Jo- 
seph Sec35 Farm Hand Mrs. Bertie 
Rudicil (1897) 

Rudicil, Ward (Nellie Snyder) Ch 
Madge, Garnett, Lowell; Homer 
R60 Homer SeclS T120a Isaac Rob- 
inson (1888) 

Rudisill, D. D. (Belle) Ch Howard, 
Ward, James, Dora; Sidney R57 
Sidney Sec2 O50a (1880) 

Rug, William M. (Myrtle Lee) Ch 
Walter, Louis, Richard; Pesotum 
R54 Pesotum Sec35 T205a Gardner 
Est. (1869) 

Rund, William (Rosie Kappes) Ch 
Pauline, Anna, John, Cornelius, 
Christina, Theodore, Anthony, Bar- 
bara, Benjamin; Pesotum R55 Crit- 
tenden Sec32 O200a (1874) 

Runkels, George (Hattie Morehead) 
Homer R61 Sidney Seel O56a (1875) 

Rush, Claud (Rhoda Walsh) Broad- 
lands R36 Raymond Secl2 T160a 
Jacob Swick (1898) 

Rush, Ethelbert (Lillie Astell) Ch 
Ethelbert; Broadlands R36 Ayers 
SeclS T96a Charles Zenkie (1881) 

Rush, E. A. (Blanche Minick) Urbana 
Rll Sidney Sec7 T240a Luther 
Fisher (1877) 

Rush, Hiram M. (Cora Logan) Ch 
Mane, Edith, Howard; Tolono R46 
Crittenden Sec4 T80a J. H. Logan 

Rusk, Alvin (Erne Hide) Ch Harold, 
Leta, Francis; Rantoul R21 Ludlow 
Sec27 T160a William Parris (1877) 

Rusk, Forrest (Flossie Wood) Ludlow 
R31 Harwood Sec27 T160a John 
Wood (1895) 

Rusk, Volney B. (Anna White) Ch 
Mildred, Walter; Rantoul R24 Ran- 
toul SeclS O160a (1870) 

Russell, Arbuckle (Nellie Reynolds) 
Champaign Rl Champaign Secl4 
T589a Arthur Clark (1897) 

Russell, Bernard (Effie Coffey) Ch 
Flora; Champaign R6 Hensley Sec 
36 Farm Hand Howard Gates (1917) 

Russell, Carl (Susie Crane) Ch War- 
ner, Alice; Rantoul R33 Ludlow Sec 
36 T80a Mrs. A. Gillum (1912) 

Rutherford, Charles (Ella Lambert) 
Ch Roy, Reba, Marion, Opal; Peso- 
tum Pesotum Sec23 T105a Phil Ger- 
ming (1916) 

Rutledge, A. V. (Etta Jordan) Ch 
Glen, Corley, Russell; Fisher R34 
E. Bend Sec30 T120a Jordan Est. 

Rutledge, George (Rosie Kirby) Ch 
Earl, Lennie, Georgie, Irene, Nancy, 
Merl, Myrtle; Homer R61 Sidney 
Secl2 TSOa Walter George (1900) 

Rutterford, Mrs. Mary (Mary Guser) 
Ch Maline, Rachel, Emma; Foosland 
R38 Brown SecS OSOa (1892) 

Ruwe, Louis (Lena Kleinmeyer) Ch 
Harold; Sidney R38 Raymond Sec 
15 Will Wilson (1917) 

Ruyen, Jay B. (Stella Leston) Ch 
Jay, Roy, Frank, Arthur, Ruth; 
Tolono R47 Tolono Sec34 T24a 
Henry Smith Est. (1882) 

Ryan, Dan S. (Jessie Brusel) Savoy 
R66 Tolono Sec24 T234a William 
Ryan (1881) 



Saathoff, Claus (Heimke Huls) Ch 
Harm; St. Joseph R13 Stanton Sec 
23 T180a Harm K. Saathoff (1892) 

Saathoff, Harm K. (Anna Cornelius) 
Ch Claus, Peter, Tena, Mary, Anna, 
Emma, Ida, Bertha; Gifford R26 
Stanron Seel OSOOa (1872) 

Saathoff, Henry (Tenie Saathoff) Ran- 
toul R24 Rantoul Sec24 T80a Rant 
Saathoff (1896) 

Saathoff, Henry (Tillie Watkin) Ch 
Henry; Gifford R26 Ogden Sec6 
O75a (1882) 

Saathoff, John (Henrietta Miller) Ch 
Harm, Mattie, Mary, Unkie, John, 
Anna, Lena; Penfield R27 Compro- 
mise SecS O206a (1887) 

Saathoff, K. W. (Tena Gerbers) Ch 
Harm, Henry, Hulka, Acka, Anna, 
Michael; Gifford R26 Compromise 
Sec22 O160a (1873) 

Saathoff, Libby (Hilka Bohlen) Ch 
Lena, Minnie, Jacob, Martin, Wil- 
liam, Louise; St. Joseph R13 Stan- 
ton SeclS T120a H. Fruling (1910) 

Saathoff, Micke (Margaret Oucken) 
Ch Carl; Gifford RD Harwood Sec 
36 O120a (1874) 

Saathoff, Rent (Annie Flassnar) Ch 
Barney, Andrew, Carl, Ike, Henry, 
Margaret; Thomasboro R20 Ran- 
toul Sec29 0240a (1880) 

Saddler, Charles (Eda Loeffler) Ch 
Curtis, Marian, Ralph, Pauline; Og- 
den RD Ogden Sec9S T175a G. B. 
Loeffler (1880) 

Saddoris, E. C. (Edna Levy) Mayview 
St. Joseph Sec7 O2a (1897) 

Saddoris, Lincoln (Hattie Mclntyre) 
Ch Jennie, Bessie, Alice, Ellen; Ur- 
bana R8 Somer Secll O120a T280a 
Mark Mahan and Joseph Brownfield 

Sadler, Cecil A. (Lilley Birt) Ch Ona; 
Ludlow R29 Harwood Sec4 T80a I. 
Birt (1916) 

Sadler, Garnet (Florence Poage) Ch 
Winona, Chester; Homer R62 Ho- 
mer Sec33N T75a Belle Sadler 

Sadler, Marshall (Belle Swearingen) 
Ch Fred, Garnet, Osa; Homer R62 
Homer Sec28N O178a T80a (1887) 

Sadorus, W. B. (Mary Berry) Sadorus 
R50 Sadorus Seel T8a H. W. Sa- 
dorus (1884) 

Sage, Ed (Grace Meyer) Ch John, 
Harm, Arntje; Gifford R26 Compro- 
mise Sec26-27 O240a (1879) 

Sage, John J. (Finka Loschen) Ch 
John, George, Anna; Penfield R28 
Ogden Sec5-6NE O163a (1883) 

Samelson, Luther C. (Hilma Faust) 
Ch Everett, June, Paul, Lorene; 
Ludlow R30 Ludlow Sec6 T240a 
John B. Anderson (1892) 

Sample Bros. Hardy and Clarence 
(Rilla Bowman, wife of Hardy) Ch 
Thomas, Russell, Evelyn, Mabel; 
Ludlow R30 E. Bend Seel T160a 
Leidendecker Est. (1910) 

Sample, C. E. (Marie Muhleman) Ch 
Clifford; Mahomet R40 Newcomb 
Sec25 T160a P. H. Nelson (1907) 

Sample, J. E. (Mary Bolmer) Ch 
Clarence, Anna, Cora, Arthur; 
Foosland R31 Brown Sec33 T160a 
W. S. Knerr 

Samuelson, W. H. (Mabel Innes) Ch 
Charles, Lola; Champaign Rl 
Champaign Sec30 T120a A. Samuel- 
son Est. (1874) 

Sanders, Harley (Rebecca Wilson) Ch 
Kenneth, Russell, Marie; St. Joseph 
R13 Stanton Sec27 T120a Simcox 
and Hayworth (1910) 

Sanders, W. I. (Lizzie Walsh) Ch 
Floyd, Meryl, Edna; Thomasboro 
R19 Rantoul Sec23 T160a Mrs. 
Pederson (1902) 

Sandwell, John (Margaret Donaldson) 
Ch Ruth, Dorothy, Walter, Mau- 
rice, Lawrence, Billie; Philo R56 
Crittcnden Sec7 T180a Laurence 
Sandwell (1882) 

Sanks, Florian (Anne Myers) Ch Vol- 
lie, Nettie, Paul; Homer R61 Ho- 
mer Sec7E T250a Mat Yeagle and 
W. Wamsley (1892) 

Sarrenghouse, John H. (Alice Chap- 
lin) Ch Agnes; Philo R56 Critten- 
den Secl2 O80a (1895) 

Sartain, F. G. (Martha Myers) Ch 
Margaret, Bruce, Fay, Lillie; Foos- 
land R39 Brown Sec30 T230a W. A. 
Sartain (1886) 

Saunders, Adlai (Dora Miller) Ch 
Reba; St. Joseph R14 Stanton Sec34 
Farm Hand Ed Marsh (1915) 

Sawyer, J. B. (Katherinc Knerr) "The 
Maples" Dewey R32 E. Bend Sec4 
O540a (1875) 

Sawyer, L. F. (Nannie Stringer) Ch 
Lilly, Killis; Mary Robinson 
Neice; Champaign Rl Champaign 
SecS T160a Orin Trotter (1911) 



Scarbrough, George. (Effie Fisher) Ch 
Pauline, Chester; Foosland R38 
Brown Sec21 T80a John Mitchell 

Schablon, Mrs. Augusta Champaign 
R5 Hensley Secll O40a 1868) 

Schackman, George V. (Helen Hu- 
ber) Rantoul R22 Rantoul Farm 
Ha'hd B. Burke (1917) 

Schackman, J. C. (Sophia Spearl) Ch 
Anthony, Mary, George, Lawrence, 
Regina, Charles; "Fair View Farm" 
Rantoul R22 Rantoul SecS T160a 
Chas. Yakel (1916) 

Schaefer, Charles F. (Ella Christian) 
Ch Genevieve, Frederick; Pesotum 
R55 Pesotum Sec31 T210a John 
Schaefer (1889) 

Schaefer, Fred (Rena Weasel) Long- 
view R63 Raymond Secl9 T155a 
Jim O'Neil (1897) 

Schaefer, George (Elizabeth Maesler) 
Ch Helen, Veronica, Alvin, Mertina; 
Pesotum R55 Crittenden Sec31 
T160a John Schaefer (1886) 

Schaefer, Joe Pesotum R55 Pesotum 
Secl3 T160a Michael Schaefer 

Schaefer, John F. (Elizabeth Kerker) 
Ch George, Charles, Fred, Louisa, 
Raymond; Pesotum R55 Crittenden 
Secl9 O762a (1867) 

Schaefer, Michael (Mary Kleiss) Ch 
Pete, Elizabeth, Lena, Threasa, 
Mary, Frank, Joe, Will, Lucile; Pe- 
sotum R55 Pesotum Secl3 O160a 

Schenck J. A. (Ruth Johnson) Ch 
Charles; Penfield R28 Compromise 
SeclS Farm Hand Thomas Gorden 

Scheurich, Andrew P. (Bertha Ro- 
beck) Ch Frank, John, Margaret; 
Tolono R48 Philo Sec7 T280a Fred 
Peld (1878) 

Scheurich, Frank A. (Emma Roebeck) 
Ch Mary, Ellen, Agnes, Irene, Kath- 
erine; Savoy R45 Tolono Sec9 
T160a Mrs. Tom Hagen (1874) 

Scheurich, George (Katherine Heller) 
Ch Stanley; Ivesdale R52 Colfax 
SecS T80a Margaret Thuck (1896) 

Scheurich, John L. (Esther Coady) Ch 
Lucile; Savoy R66 Tolono Secl3 
T160a Tom Mulligan (1883) 

Scheurich, P. F. (Nellie Manning) Sa- 
voy R45 Colfax Seel T260a (1885) 

Schiff, George (Emma J. Johnson) Ch 
Philip; Urbana R8 Urbana Sec4 
O145a (1865) 

Schindler, John (Edna Hackbarth) 
Ch Laverne; Sidney R58 Sidney Sec 
21 T200a Mrs. R. H. Schindler 

Schindler, Mrs. R. H. Ch John, Wil- 
liam, Oscar, Frieda; Sidney R57 
Sidney Sec28 O192a (1855) . 

Schindler, William H. (Bertha Mon- 
trey; Ch lona; Sidney R57 Sidney 
Sec28 T60a R. H. Schindler (1884) 

Schlensker, W. M. (Nora Scripter) Ch 
Harold, Mildred; Rantoul R24 Ran- 
toul Sec9 O160a (1868) 

Schlichter, David (Opal White) Ch 
William; Urbana R12 St. Joseph 
SecZO T120a Elmer White (1903) 

Schlichter, Jacob (Mary Gordon) Ch 
Lizzie, Zelma, David, Mary; Urbana 
R12 St. Joseph Sec29 T160a C. H. 
Wallace (1903) 

Schlorff, Charles (Minnie Runyon) 
Champaign R6 Somer Sec32 T200a 
Herman Schlorff (1891) 

Schlorff, Edward (Louise Mayer) 
Champaign R6 Somer Sec4 T157a 
Mrs. Minnie Schlorff (1892) 

Schlorff, Fred (Emma Drawer) Ch 
Benjamin; Urbana R8 Urbana Sec3 
O2a (1870) 

Schlorff, John (Lena Gunlock) Ch 
Florence; Urbana R8 Urbana Sec3 
024a (1861) 

Schlorff, Joseph E. (Emma Karch) 
Ch Alex, Mary, Hattie; Pesotum 
R54 Pesotum Sec20 O80a (1875) 

Schlorff, John F. (Anna Nofftz) Ch 
Roy, Cecil, Way, Ethel, Everett, 
Wilbur, Cornelia; Sadorus R51 
Pesotum SecS T120a Kruger Est. 

Schlorff, J. E. (Emma Knecht) Ch El- 
sie, Marie, Hedwig; "El-Ma-Hed 
Farm" Pesotum R54 Pesotum Sec20 
O80a (1871) 

Schlueter, Bruce R. (Hanke Gerbers) 
Ch Louis, Stenie, Meenke, John, 
Harm, Annie, Hattie, Mareka; Gif- 
ford R25 Harwood Sec23 O240a 

Schluter Harem (Annie Benting) Ch 
Grace, Annie, Tinie, George, Wil- 
liam, Hilda, Louise; Gifford R26 
Compromise Sec22 O200a (1896) 

Schluter, John (Wubke Hues) Ch 
Gustie, Charles; Gifford R26 Com- 
promise Sec22 O120a (1876) 

Schluter, L. W. (Anna Sjoken) Ch 
William, John; Gifford R25 Kerr 
Sec36 O160a (1895) 



Schluter, William (Gascha Facht) Ch 
John, Harm, Catherine, Martin, 
Anett, Louis, Anta; Gifford R26 
Compromise Sec25 O480a (1877) 

Schmidt, Albert (Trientje Gerbers) 
Ch Tena, Roelf; Thomasboro R20 
Thomasboro Sec36 T273a Mrs. M. 
H. Gerbers (1896) 

Schmidt, Elmer R. (Margaret Owens) 
Ch Rolf, Lena, Henry, Mary; 
Thomasboro R20 Rantoul Sec32 
O200a (1881) 

Schmidt, Mrs. Edith Ch Pauline, Carl, 
John, Evelyn; Ivesdale R53 Sadorus 
Sec31 O120a (1897) 

Schmidt, John (Mary Grostepan) Ch 
Olive, Maggie, Stella, Martha, Lu- 
ella, Lillie, Fern, Edwin, Joseph, 
Harold, Johnnie; Pesotum R55 Pe- 
sotum Sec24 O80a T180a Peter 
Grostepan and Henry Dirshner 

Schmidt, Rolf (Ida Duitsmann) Ch 
Margaret, Regina, Elmer, Bertha; 
Thomasboro R20 Rantoul Sec29 
T160a (1897) 

Schmink, George (Anna Haun) Ch 
Roy, Madge, Harley, Francis, Clyde, 
Howard, Frank; Homer R60 Homer 
Sec30E T170a F. O. Hopkins (1905) 

Schneider, A. J. (Nancy R. McCoy) 
Ch William, Anthony, Agnes; Ur- 
bana R9 Somer SeclO O80a (1898) 

Schneider, Lawrence H. Ch Albert, 
Hilda; Pesotum R55 Pesotum Sec23 
Farm Hand Frank Davis (1913) 

Scholl, Mrs. John (Bertha Misch) Ch 
Luella, Stella, Edith, Roy; Foosland 
R38 Brown Sec5 O160a John Scholl 
Est. (1896) 

Schoon, George (Mattie Booker) Ch 
Alberta, Mary, George, Virgil; Pen- 
field R27 Kerr Sec32 T120a A. A. 
Arns (1883) 

Schrader, Henry (Minnie Gehrke) Ch 
Herman; Sidney R58 Raymond SecS 
T156a Herman Ahrens (1911) 

Schrader, William (Kate Schlorff) Ch 
Fred; Urbana R9 Somer Sec33 
O120a (1869) 

Schreiber, Albert (Augusta Winke) 
Ch Erwin; Champaign R4 Hensley 
Sec21 T167a R. R. Mattis (1876) 

Schreiber, Herman (Emma Kurzweg) 
Champaign R5 Hensley Secl4 O80a 

Schreiber, John (Augusta Bannick) 
Ch Walter, Esther; Champaign R5 
Somer SeclS T173a Fred Schreiber 

Schreiber, Otto (Laura Lange) Ch 
Lester, Mildred; Champaign R5 
Hensley Secl3 T103a A. Lange 

Schrock, John (Amelia Havenstine) 
Ch Emma, Joseph, Margaret; 
"Houston Place Farm" Dewey R32 
E. Bend Secl6 T250a Eliza Jones 

Schrock, Mrs. Josephine (Yordy) Ch 
Elmer, Orval; Fisher R34 Brown 
Sec24 T40a John Schrock (1899) 

Schroeder, Charles W. (Louise Beck- 
er) Ch Paul, Ruth; Pesotum R54 
Pesotum SecS O40a Pesotum Secl7 
T160a Fred Schroeder (1889) 

Schroeder, Fred E. (Lucy Kamradt) 
Ch Ernest, Harold, Wayne; Sadorus 
R49 Colfax Sec23 T80a O. Holbrook 

Schroeder, H. A. (Louise Franken- 
stein) Ch Amanda, Anna, Edna, 
Bernard, Lola; Thomasboro R20 
Compromise T40a (1912) 

Schroeder, John (Augusta Beutin) Ch 
Elsie, Minnie, John; Sadorus R50 
Colfax Sec35 T160a (1872) 

Schroeder, L. W. (Francis Meier) Ch 
Walter, Karl, Anna, Alfred; Sadorus 
R51 Sadorus Secl2 O80a (1876) 

Schubach, Philip H. (Mary Brannock) 
Ch James, Clyde; Rantoul R23 Har- 
wood Sec34 Farm Hand J. Gehrt 

Schultz, Christian Ch Harry, Philip, 
Irma, Freddie, Amelia, May, Ed- 
win; Pesotum R55 Pesotum Sec22 
O40a T160a Mrs. Philip Schultz and 
Henry Schultz (1882) 

Schultz, H. C. (Minnie Berbaum) Ch 
Henry; Savoy R45 Colfax Seel 
T240a Henry Berbaum (1885) 

Schumacher, Peter (Tracie Hemple) 
Ch Mary, Frank, Joe, Laurence, Ed- 
ward, John; Ivesdale R52 Colfax 
Sec6 O329a (1887) 

Schumacker, Henry (Lizzie Helen) 
Ch Florence, Arthur, Edward, Eve- 
lyn; Broadlands R36 Raymond Sec 
11 T240a John Schumacker (1880) 

Schurg, Charles (Emma Strack) Ch 
Alvin, Elmer, Bernice; Pesotum 
R54 Pesotum Sec21 O40a T80a 
Emma Koss and Albert Schurg 

Schwartz, H. C. (Hazel Putnan) 
Dewey R32 E. Bend Sec34 T200a 
Loretta Yeoman (1894) 

Schwartz, John (Carrie Warner) Ch 
Oscar, Otto, Ruth, Marie; Urbana 
R9 Urbana Sec5-6 O173a (1865) 



Schwartz, Oscar J. Urbana R9 Somer 
Sec32 T89a Minnie and Gallic Al- 
bright and Mrs. W. Goodman (1894) 

Schwartz, William (Inger Osman) Ch 
Eldie, May, Lillie, Pearl, Ray, 
Emerson; Dewey R32 Condit Sec2 
O80a T160a George Swartz (1867) 

Schwauderman, Herman (Ruth M. 
Dodson) Ch George, James, Oliver, 
Elza, Leland; "Schwauderman 
Homestead" Ludlow R31 Harwood 
Sec 17 O80a (1878) 

Schwehm, Edward J. (Elizabeth 
Clancy) Ch Russell, Cecil, Ray- 
mond, Earl, Lucile, Verna, Lois; 
Tolono Tolono Sec36 T160a Mrs. 
Mary A. Wagner (1883) 

Schweighart, George (Theresa Schae- 
fer) Ch John, Jake, Mike, Mary, 
Lizzie, Clara, Rose, Fred, Charles, 
Cecelia, Frank, Louis, Louise, Irene, 
George; Pesotum R54 Pesotum Sec 
34 O280a (1875) 

Schweineke, Fritz (Lucy Weingart) 
Ch Freda, Wilma; Homer R59 
Ayers SecS T240a Chris Schweineke 

Schwengel, Henry (Emilie Petzolk) 
Ch Lenora; Champaign R3 Hensley 
Sec34 T80a Mrs. Clevanger (1906) 

Schwenk, Herman (Addie Happ) Ch 
Gertrude, Albert, Harry, George, 
Louie, Caroline; Pesotum R54 Peso- 
tum Sec21 O200a (1892) 

Scogin, C. A. (Elva Akers) Ch Emory, 
Ralph, Evelyn; Urbana RIO Urbana 
Sec20 TlOa Mrs. S. S. Scogin (1917) 

Scoggin, R. C. (Madge Earl) Cham- 
paign Rl Champaign SeclS O104a 

Scott, A. S. Ch Annie, Robert, Wil- 
liam; Seymour R43 Scott SecS 
OSOOa (1867) 

Scott, Delmer (R. Artie Green) Ch 
Ellsworth, Charles, Kenneth, Sam- 
uel, Max, Bernice; Urbana R7 Ur- 
bana Secl2 Farm Hand D. M. Smith 

Scott, Ed (Margaret Richardson) Ch 
George, Pauline, Dorothy, Otto; 
Ogden R17 Ogden Sec21N T120a 
Scott Page (1913) 

Scott, H. D. (Margaret E. Matza- 
baugher) Ch Retta, Bertha, Ora, 
Charles, W. H., Archie, Hulda, 
Anna; Urbana R7 Urbana Sec3 T6a 
James Boyd Est. (1856) 

Scott, James (Lennie Harry) Ch Ran- 
som; Ogden R17 Ogden Sec32 
T160a Thomas Scott (1907) 

Scott, P. L. (Elsie Fisher) Ch Wayne, 
Floyd, Ruth, Mildred; Champaign 
Rl Champaign Sec29 O160a (1891) 

Scott, Warren (Cora Bean) Ch Vera, 
Veva; Ogden R17 Ogden Sec32N 
T120a Tom Scott (1917) 

Scott, W. H. (Lue Holland) Ch 
Helen, Hortense; Thomasboro R20 
Stanton Secl7 T200a Hortense 
Lear (1898) 

Seals, Everett (Pearl Blackwell) Ch 
Beulah, Dealia, Rose, Bessie, Frank, 
Allie, Irene; Gifford R25 Kerr Secl9 
T210a James Martin (1907) 

Seamster, Charles A. (Mollie Gondar) 
Ch Cora, Reila; Urbana Rll Philo 
Sec2 T50a William Rukman (1901) 

Sebens, Martin (Bertha Fertmoed) Ch 
.Ella; Seymour R44 Scott Secl7 
T97a M. Flavin (1917) 

Seeber, Miss Elizabeth Champaign R3 
Champaign Sec3 Housekeeper Peter 
Seeber (1892) 

Seeber, E. (Trase Hammel) Ch Law- 
rence; Rantoul R22 Condit Secl3 
OSOOa (1892) 

Seeber, Peter Champaign R3 Cham- 
paign Sec3 O400a Seeber Bros. & 
Co. (1892) 

Seelmeyer, Otto H. (Nellie Shepard) 
Urbana RIO Philo SeclS TSOa Mr. 
E. Patterson (1909) 

Steffens, Harry (Mabel Woolridge) 
Ch Glenn, Roy, John; Sadorus R51 
Sadorus Sec22 T120a M. Maley 

Sego, Oliver (Martha Pebles) Ch 
Ruby; Champaign R3 Mahomet Sec 
24 Farm Hand G. C. Rayburn (1917) 

Seider, Chris (Lena Aye) Ch Walter, 
Alfred; Broadlands R37 Raymond 
Seel OlOSa (1885) 

Seider, Henry (Nellie Albers) Ch El- 
rema, Norman, Norma; Broadlands 
R36 Raymond Secl3 O160a (1893) 

Selby, Sam (Dora Wolf) Ch Claud, 
Delilah; Mahomet R41 Newcomb 
Sec29 T160a Robert Myers (1882) 

Selle, L. P. (Irene Peebles) Ch Duane, 
Eugene, Mildred, Ralph, Geraldine, 
Vivian; Ivesdale R53 Sadorus Sec30 
T146a Mrs. F. Selle (1917) 

Selmeyer, Henry F. (Zella Hess) 
Philo R56 Philo SeclS T240a 
Marshall Burr (1906) 

Selmeyer, Louis (Nellie Shepar) Ch 
Louis; Sidney R58 Sidney Sec30 
TSOa F. Logan (1915) 

Seltzer, John F. (Annie Kimmel) Ch 
George, John; Longview R63 Ray- 
mond Sec30 T280a J. D. Seltzer 



Sepp, Carl (Bertha Stettner) Ch 
Laura, Ethel, Alma, Raymond; Lud- 
low R30 E. Bend Secl4 T200a B. F. 
Yates (1895) 

Seth, E. W. (Cora Beard) Ch Grace, 
Walter; Champaign R5 Hensley Sec 
26 Farm Hand H. J. Wilson (1890) 
Severins, S. H. (Tiena Grussing) Ch 
Tiena, John, Rosa, Emma, Herman; 
Rantoul R23 Harwood Sec34 T116a 
John Grussing Sr. (1885) 
Seward, Arthur (Milla Packer) Ch 
Wyle, Furman, Mary, Luella, El- 
mer, Helena; Savoy R66 Tolono Sec 
16 Farm Hand Frances Jordan 

Seward, Fred C. (Minnie Susdorf) Ch 
Henry, Paul, Fred, Francie; Rantoul 
R21 Ludlow Sec27 O160a (1877) 

Seymour, Abel Seymour R43 Scott 
Sec8 A. S. Scott (1865) 

Seymour, A. J. (Mella Clouser) Ch 
Emerson, Jean, Robert, .William, 
James, John, Dill, Anna; Seymour 
R43 Scott Sec6 O96a (1868) 

Seymour, C. T. (Aline Rising) Ch 
Curtis; Seymour R43 Scott Sec7 
T460a Seymour Est. (1887) 

Shade, H. R. (Mary A. Thornburn) 
Ch Genevieve, Richard; "Shadeland 
Farm" Urbana R9 Somer SeclS 
OlOOa Sec22 T80a T. B. Thornburn 

Shafer, George A. (Laura Shafer) Ch 
Georgie; "Idea Dairy Farm" Villa 
Grove Crittenden Sec23 O165a 

Shaff, Howard (Anna G. Phillips) Ch 
Merl, Irma, Leland, Velma; Urbana 
R7 St. Joseph SecS T240a David 
Busey (1875) 

Shaff, L. L. "Pleasant View Farm" 
Urbana R7 Stanton Sec20 T280a 
A. F. Shaff (1896) 

Shaffer, H. J. (Alice R. Richcreek) 
Ch Mattie; Sadorus Sadorus Seel 
O120a (1874) 

Shaffer, J. P. (Ruth Hewerdine) Ch 
George, Edna, Melvin, J. P. Jr., 
Ruth; Fisher R35 Condit Sec8 T288a 
George Hewerdine (1911) 

Sharp, Clarence (Blanche Metzger) 
Thomasboro R19 Somer Sec3 T120a 
Lawrence McConnell (1887) 

Sharp, Jacob Ch Sep, Emma, Lizzie, 
Kate, Tillman; Rantoul R22 Rantoul 
SeclS O80a (1884) 

Sharp, J. S. (Lona Schwartz) Ch Clar- 
ence, Mamie; Urbana R9 Somer 
Sec9 O2a (1872) 

Sharp, Tillman (Vick Fiedler) Ch 
Arthur, Florence; Champaign R6 
Somer Sec7 O130a T40a Carl Un- 
verzagt (1877) 

Sharpf, J. (Nellie Putman) Ch Mar- 
gie; Penfield R28 Compromise SecS 
T164a John Sharpf (1884) 
Sharpf, J. M. (Mary Heines) Ch 
Katherine, John; Penfield R28 Com- 
promise SecS TlOOa John Sharpf 

Shaw, James (Emma King) Ch James, 
Ethel; Bondville R65 Scott Secl3 
O3a (1900) 
Shea, Pat Ivesdale R52 Colfax Sec28 

O160a (1867) 

Sheehan, Dan (Jessie De Shazer) Ch 
Marie, Florence, Margaret, Kathryn, 
Wilma, Blossom, Beth, Vera; Ran- 
toul R24 Rantoul SeclO T114a 
Elmer Nelson (1883) 
Sheehan, Michael A. (Francis Lan- 
don) Ch Bessie, Edward; Ludlow 
R29 Harwood Sec6 O145a (1866) 
Sheffer, C. R. (Marcia Womeldorff) 
Ch Sybel, Lucile, Hazel; Fisher R34 
Brown Sec27 T180a I. D. Nelson 

Sheilds, A. (Josephine Miller) Ch 
Fred, Agnes; Dewey R32 Condit 
Sec2 O320a (1875) 

Shelby, Mrs. R. D. Ch Alvin, George, 
Anna; Sidney R58 Sidney Sec29 T2a 
W.'Negangard (1915) 
Shell, Ed T. (Lucinda Riggs) Ch 
Hazel, Wayne, Fannie, Glenn; Ma- 
homet R40 Mahomet Sec3 T410a 
H. R. Hurley (1900) 
Shepherd, George E. (Blanche E. 
Spicer) Ch Ena, Anita, Georgia, 
Edith; Tolono R46 Crittenden Sec4 
Farm Hand M. J. Clennon (1915) 
Shepherd, Jessie Philo R56 Philo 
Secl3 T200a Mrs. Laura Graffe 

Shepherd, John L. Philo R56 Philo 
SeclS OSOa Secl3 T200a Mrs. Laura 
Graffe (1903) 

Sheppard, E. D. (Myrtle Overmier) 
Ch Merle, Alice, Lyle; Fisher R35 
Newcomb Sec3 T140a D. B. Gilmore 

Sheran, A. F. (Sarah Southerly) Ch 
Lillian, Howard, Anna, Nettie, Elsie, 
Edna; Mahomet R42 Mahomet Sec4 
T300a F. B. Vennum (1905) 
Sheridan, Ed (Anna Rodhan) Ch 
Kate, Blanche, John, Margaret, Pat, 
Francis; Ogden R17 Ogden Secl6N 
T160a Jim Harper (1917) 



Smith, D. M. (Clara A. Fitch) Ch 
Elizabeth, Mabel, Fred, Lilly; Ur- 
bana R7 Urbana Secl2 O492a 

Smith, Eddie (Pearl Reed) Ch Velma, 
Clifford; Mahomet R42 Mahomet 
SeclS T17a Mrs. Homer Kimble 

Smith, Elijah (Alma F. Kirby) Ch 
Pearl, Helen, Ralph, Hazel; Homer 
R61 Homer Sec 31E O12a (1885) 

Smith, E. A. (Lottie Springer) Ch 
Erma, Russell; Urbana R9 Somer 
Sec21 T200a Thomas Thornburn 

Smith, Frank (Belle Lang) Ch Frank; 
Urbana R7 Stanton Sec30 T166a 
H. Corray (1903) 

Smith, George J. (Katherine Rund) 
Ch Mary, Madonna; Pesotum R65 
Crittenden Sec31 T80a Mrs. Anna 
Magssanen (1888) 

Smith, George E. (Ethel Jones) Ch 
Edgar, Elva; Rantoul R20 Rantoul 
SeclS T80a Farm Hand Louis War- 
ner (1916) 

Smith, Gilbert A. (Amanda E. Math- 
ews) Ch May, John, Edith, Daisy; 
"Wild Rose Farm" Savoy R45 To- 
lono SeclS O365a (1868) 

Smith, H. Earl (Cecyle Mallow) Ch 
Homer; Urbana R8 Somer Sec24 
T200a Mrs. Amanda Fitch (1892) 

Smith, H. G. (Ora Ross) Ch Arval, 
Elizabeth, Velva; Ivesdale R50 Sa- 
dorus Sec33 T200a William Fabaka 

Smith, Jacob W (Anna Henry) Ch 
Frank, Leo, Herbert, Alyin, Wal- 
ter, Raymond, Mary, Edith, Ruth, 
James, Alice; Pesotum R55 Crit- 
tenden Sec29 O320a (1888) 

Smith, John C. (Mary Franklin) Ch 
Maggie, Alice; Tolono R46 Crit- 
tenden Secl6 O160a (1865) 

Smith, John M. (Francis English) 
Ch Edith, George, Charlie; Broad- 
lands R36 Raymond Secl2 T240a 
Alary E. Smith (1885) 

Smith, John T. (Agnes E. Jordan) 
Ch Gilbert, Robert, John, George, 
Charles; "Wild Rose Stock Farm" 
Savoy R66 Tolono Sec8 O80a Sec9 
T80a T. F. Jordan (1880) 

Smith, John W. (Nancy Doile) Ch 
William, John, Florence; \Savoy 
R66 Tolono Sec2 T212a Mrs. Mary 
Satmey (1896) 

Smith, J. E. (Delia Armstrong) Sa- 
dorus R50 Sadorus Secl2 O7a Ada 
Lieter (1891) 

Smith, J. H. (Hattie Fitts) Urbana 
R7 Stanton Sec31 O40a (1864) 

Smith, J. M. (Mary Bell) Ch Rufus, 
Howard, Paul, Blanche, David, 
James; Urbana R12 Urbana Secl6 
O159a (1854) 

Smith, J. R. (Permelia Shumate) Ch 
Charles, Benjamin, Theodore, Lau- 
ra, Ellie, Effie, Forest; Penfield 
R27 Kerr Sec28 O160a (1877) 

Smith, J. V. (Minnie Grady) Ch 
Thelma, Dwight; Fisher R35 New- 
comb Sec2 T160a John Reardon 

Smith, L. A. Ch Ernest, Clarence, 
Floyd, Ruby, Edith, George; St. Jo- 
seph R13 St. Joseph Sec4 O40a 

Smith, Manuel (Margaret Haydock) 
Ch Russell, Delbert, Earl, Margaret, 
Ruth; Longview R64 Raymond Sec 
21 O226a (1895) 

Smith, Mrs. Martha (Martha Dickson) 
Ch Belle; Mahomet R41 Mahomet 
Secl9 O133a (1873) 

Smith, Ralph (Ethel Harry) ^Ch Ro- 
land, Harry, Mary, Rex; 'Urbana 
R7 Urbana Secl2 T232a A. B. Smith 

Smith, Richard M. (Olive Lovingfess) 
Ch Nettie; Tolono R46 Crittenden 
SeclO T20a Laura E. Smith (1886) 

Smith, Robert (Emmelie Messman) 
Ch Arnold, Harold; Allerton Rl 
Ayers Sec29 O160a (1889) 

Smith, Rodney R. (Ora Johnson) Ch 
Stephen, Ruth, Marian, Herbert, 
Ray; Urbana R8 Urbana Sec4 O62a 

Smith, Sherman (Manda Kirby) Ch 
Charlie; Sidney R57 Sidney Sec9 
OlOSa (1870) 

Smith, William (Bessie Westall) Ch 
Ann, Dorothy, Raymond, William, 
Mabel, Pauline; Thomasboro R19 
Condit Sec36 T120a Mrs. Katherine 
Jervis (1880) 

Smith, William (Janey Mcjunkin) Ch 
Velma, William; St. Joseph R14 Og- 
den SeclSNW Farm Hand Saathoff 
Est. (1917) 

Smith, William (Sarah Harson) Ch 
Walter, Will, Robert, Rosella, Al- 
len; Homer R61 Sidney Secl3 T80a 
Harry Winson (1903) 

Smith, William A. (Lillian M. John- 
son) Ch Franklin, Pauline, Oakley; 
St. Joseph R16 St. Joseph Sec34 
Farm Hand Edward Butzow (1908) 



Smith, W. A. (Lillian Shroyer) Ch 

Eugene; St. Joseph RD St. Joseph 

SeclS Farm Hand M. G. Swearingen 

Smith, W. F. (Nola Camerer) Ch 

Charlie, Florence, Claud, Harold; 

Broadlands R37 Ayers Sec29 O160a 


Smith, W. H. (Jennie Robinson) Ho- 
mer R59 Homer Sec9 O183a (1860) 
Smith, W. H. (Emma Eldra) Ch Mer- 

vin, Fred, Erma; Urbana R7 Urbana 

SeclO O296a (1844) 
Smith, W. T. (Dora Mathew) Ch 

Fern, Inez, Lee; Ogden Ogden Sec4 

Farm Hand R. J. Gillespi (1916) 
Smith, W. T. (Lottie Richardson) Ch 

Pearl, Lucy, Hazel, Bertha, Iva, 

Mildred; Longview R64 Raymond 

Sec21 T160a Thomas McCormick 

Smothers, Mrs. Ida (Ida Tyas) Ch 

Emery, Ethel, Charles; Mahomet 

R42 Newcomb Sec25 T165a E. B. 

Chapin (1880) 
Snape, John (Eva Kemper) Ch Earl; 

Homer R61 Sidney Secl3 T80a W. 

M. McBee (1914) 
Snell, Fred Mahomet RD Mahomet 

Sec21 T160a James Humes (1899) 
Snider, George A. (Mary Cade) Ch 

Jessie; Sadorus R51 Sadorus Sec36 

O15a (1915) 
Snyder, A. C. (Catherine Bates) Ch 

Helen, Mary, John, Gertrude, Edna; 

Sadorus R49 Colfax SeclO T120a 

Snyder, C. A. (Elizabeth Hatchel) Ch 

Ellen, Vernon; Sadorus R51 Sadorus 

Farm Hand J. J. Chambers (1895) 
Snyder, George J. Elizabeth, Renett 

(Sister and Mother) Sadorus R49 

Colfax SeclS TllOa Mrs. John Sny- 
der (1867) 
Snyder, J. W. (Mattie Beney) Ch 

Leah, May; Sadorus R51 Sadorus 

Sec26O12a (1877) 
Somers, Edward H. (Francis Ferris) 

Ch Roy; Urbana R8 Urbana Sec4 

Ola (1858) 
Somers, James (Honore Conerton) Ch 

Thomas, John, Paul, James, Joseph, 

Margaret; Ivesdale R52 Colfax Sec 

20 O200a (1895) 
Somers, J. A. (Minnie Grierson) Ch 

Russell, Donald; St. Joseph R16 St. 

Joseph Sec28 O80a (1867) 
Somers, J. B. (Jennie Davis) Ch Mary, 

Helen, Fred; Urbana R9 Somer Sec 

22 O68a (1864) 

Somers, Samuel R. (Effie Harry) Ch 
Harry, Frances, Ralph, Joe, Doro- 
thy; Savoy R45 Tolono Sec4 O280a 

Somers, T. J. Urbana R9 Somer Sec22 
O60a (1864) 

Sommer, C. W. (Freida Carle) Ch 
Henry, William, Eliza, Joseph, Car- 
rie, Benjamin, Samuel, Andrew, 
Lester, Mary, Emma; Dewey R32 
E. Bend Sec23 T240a Joe Shertz and 
J. D. Sturdyvin (1893) 

Souders, Clements (Carrie E. Brown) 
St. Joseph R16 St. Joseph Sec27 
T60a J. R. Huss (1882) 

Spangler, William M. (Kate Griffin) 
Ch William, Perry, Paul, Edward; 
Broadlands R37 Ayers SeclS T80a 
Fred A. Messman (1913) 

Spannagel, George J. (Eva Mohr) Ch 
Daniel, Louis, Mathias, Estella, 
Anna; Tolono R48 Philo SeclS 
T240a Wm. Mulligan (1912) 

Sparrow, W. F. (Hattie Bosler) Ch 
Virgie; Mahomet R41 Mahomet Sec 

7 T140a Theodore Pittman (1913) 
Spencer, Charles (Grace Manuel) Ch 

Mae, Ruth; "Spencer Farm" Maho- 
met R41 Newcomb Sec32 TSOa Mrs. 
Anna Spencer (1880) 

Spencer, George (Anna Shaw-) Ch 
Rachel, Philip, Cora, Richard, Vir- 
ginia, Harold; Homer R60 Homer 
SeclSE O120a (1865) 

Spencer, Ralph Pesotum R55 Critten- 
den Secl7 T260a Mrs. L. S. Spencer 
Est. and W. J. Quinlan (1893) 

Sperling, A. H. (Rosa Heyer) Ch 
Zelma, Lucile, August, Irene, Mil- 
ton; Fisher R34 E. Bend Sec29 
O344a TSOa Mrs. Redding (1868) 

Spitznagel, J. G. (Clara Parnell) Ch 
Mary, Edward, George, Alma; 
Bondville R65 Scott Sec2 TlOOa A. 
H. Flower (1902) 

Spoehrle, William Ludlow R21 Lud- 
low Secl3 O'140a (1873) 

Spraggens, William (Ardella Warfel) 
Ch Cleo; Pesotum R55 Pesotum Sec 
14 Farm Hand Joseph Rug (1907) 

Sprague, Dallas (Susan Severson) Ch 
William, Sylvia, John, Bertha, Jo- 
seph; Penne'd R28 Compromise Sec 

8 O123a (1890) 

Spring, Herbert N. (Jane Barnett) Ch 
William, Herbert, Elmo, Mary, Wal- 
ter; Philo R56 Philo Secll T200a 
Eugene Burr (1908) 

Springer, James E. (W. Anna Kirby) 
Ch Carrie, Lottie, Ethel; Urbana 
R7 Urbana Sec2 O126a (1859) 



Springer, J. W. (Emma Birky) Dewey 
R32 E. Bend Sec26 T120a E. B. 
Chapin (1898) 

Springer, V. W. (Emelia Unzicker) 
Ch George, Theodore, Ben, Mary, 
Clara, Dora, Elmer, Victor, Ray- 
mond, Clarence, Ervin; Rantoul R21 
E. Bend Secl4 T225a Geo. Somers, 
Katie Litviller and John Eichel- 
berger (1895) 

Sprout, C. A. (Phoebe Everett) Ch 
Venus; Philo R56 Philo Sec24 O122a 

Squire, John (Martha E. Armstrong) 
Ch Richard, Mabel; Champaign R6 
Somer Sec29 O120a (1914) 

Sry, J. H. (Nellie Knights) Ch Fay, 
Mary, Milton; Rantoul R22 Rantoul 
Sec4 O80a T125a Ed Malloy and J. 
W. Lafollette (1868) 

Stadden, T. F. Homer R59 Homer 
Sec20 O160a (1876) 

Stamm, Silas (Katie Studer) Ch 
Merle; Foosland R39 Brown Sec21 
T160a Samuel Studer (1912) 

Stamper, Monroe (Ellen Taulbee) Ch 
Dewey, Stephen, Clay, Mary, Dal- 
las; Seymour R43 Mahomet SecSl 
Farm Hand B. F. Harris (1914) 

Stanley, H. B. (Nora W. Plumlee) Ch 
Homer; Urbana R7 Urbana Seel 
Farm Hand W. K. A. Hartle (1916) 

Stanley, P. (Louisa Rollins) Ch John, 
Harvey, Elizabeth; Dewey R32 E. 
Bend Sec21 O40a (1886) 

Stanner, Guy W. Urbana R12 St. Jo- 
seph Secl7 O80a (1883) 

Stanner, J. R. Urbana R12 St. Joseph 
Secl7 O80a T160a W. H. Stanner 
Est. (1887) 

Stanner, Pearl A.. Urbana R12 St. Jo- 
seph Secl7 Housekeeper Stanner 

Stanner, R. O. (Maud Hamm) Ch 
Opal, Lowell; Champaign Rl Cham- 
paign Secl6 O5a (1878) 

Stantz, Roy E. (Nellie Worth) Ch 
Estelle, Raymond; Pesotum R54 Pe- 
sotum Sec30 T120a August Leich 

Starkey, Albert W. (Ida Boston) Ch 
Hattie, Neal, Henry, Margaret, Vir- 
gil, Richard, Agnes; Tolono R47 
Tolono Sec28 T80a Joe Roy (1882) 

Starkey, William A. (Mamie Woods) 
Ch Ethel, Merle, Naomi, Elsie, Mil- 
dred, Gladys; Pesotum R54 Peso- 
tum Secl7 T160a E. C. Creamer 

Starr, Oscar Penfield R27 Kerr Secl7 
T295a Fowler Est. (1913) 

Starr, Roy (Fanny Hackman) Ch 
Harley, Forest, Clyde, Glenn; Pen- 
field R27 Kerr T250a Bryan Gordon 

Staten, Ray (Ruth Meade) Ch Clif- 
ford; St. Joseph R15 Ogden Sec20 
Farm Hand E. Elliott (1914) 

St. Cloud, J. R. (Merlle McDonle) Ch 
Inis, Wanda; Sadorus R49 Colfax 
Secl6 Farm Hand J. T. Meathe 

Stearns, F. C. (Adelia Renfrew) Ch 
John, Geneva; Mahomet RD Ma- 
homet SeclS Tlla Frank Thomas 

Stearns, Mrs. Minnie G. Ch Jessie, 
Maud, Fred, Willard, Earl, Ray- 
mond; Philo R56 Philo SeclS O80a 

Stearns, William A. (Minnie K. 
Marsh) St. Joseph R15 Ogden Sec 
29E OlOOa Sec30NE T40a Mrs. E 
Stearns (1867) 

Steele, Will (Opal Smith) Ch Mildred; 
Tolono R48 Philo Sec33 Farm Hand 
Jacob Thimmes (1908) 

Steenburgen, Charlie (Ocie Saddler) 
Ch Dale, Kenneth; Homer R62 Og- 
den Sec28S TllOa C. H. Kienzle 

Steffens, E. (Amelia Gorlitz) Ch 
Fred; Sadorus R49 Colfax Secl6 
Ola (1869) 

Stein, Anton (Fannie Rickers) Ch 
Dina, Herman, John; St. Joseph 
R13 Stanton SeclO T120a Mrs. G. 
Flosner (1891) 

Stein, John (Catherine Hart) Ch Wil- 
lie, John, Martin, Anna; "Flatville 
Store" Thomasboro R20 Compro- 
mise Sec28 (1890) 

Stein, Martin (Ebba Post) Ch Dina, 
Maggie, Bernet; St. Joseph R13 
Stanton SeclO T120a Alfred Hen- 
rich (1897) 

Steinblock, George (Annie Rickers) 
Ch Etta, Ida, Carl, Freda; Rantoul 
R24 Rantoul Sec20 T140a Henry 
Saathoff (1893) 

Steinkard, Glenn (Lyda Teeters) Ch 
Helen; Urbana Rll Philo Secl2 
Farm Hand Eugenie C. Bur (1914) 

Stephens, Dan (Eva Webb) Ch Ros- 
coe, Charlie, Myrtle, Mabel, Donald 
Paul; Rantoul R22 Condit Secl3 
Farm Hand Seeber Farm (1913) 

Stephens, J. Sewell Pesotum R54 
Pesotum Sec30 T376a T. A. Stevens 
Koberlein Gail Beck (1890) 

Sterling, John (Hallie Brannanan) 
Mahomet R41 Mahomet Sec9 Farm 
Hand R. O. Parrett (1916) 



Steven, James (Laura Goodmann) 
Ch William, Anna, Joseph, Mar- 
garet, Alec, Elizabeth, Walter, Rob- 
ert, Fanny, Fred; Sadorus R51 Sa- 
dorus SeclS O490a (1857) 

Steven, R. J. (Ruth Abbott) Sadorus 
R51 Sadorus Secl6 T280a James 
Stephens (1889) 

Stevens, Fred E. (Bess M. Marriott) 
Ch Max, Thomas, Elizabeth, 
George; Urbana R8 Somer Sec25 
O120a T120a George Corray (1880) 

Stevens, F. K. (Louise Nierstheimer) 
Sadorus R51 Sadorus Sec22 T280a 

Stevens, William, Sr. (Bessie Win- 
nings) Ch William, Jr.; Mahomet 
RD Mahomet Secl6 Tla Mrs. M. 
Peterson (1911) 

Stevenson, F. C. (Clara Jones) Ch 
Lauren, Orlena; Fisher R34 E. Bend 
Secl9 T140a Mrs. Mary McKee and 
S. G. Stevenson (1880) 

Steward, Jesse (Cora Henderson) Ch 
Ralph, Jessie; Seymour R44 Scott 
Sec28 Farm Hand George C. Haines, 
Jr. (1915) 

Stewart, Elmer (Retta Paisley) Ch 
Elred, Grace, Fred; Urbana R7 St. 
Joseph Sec6 T220a Frank Roughton 

Stickrod, Harry D. (Louise Albrecht) 
Ch Clarence, Bernice, Irene; Tolono 
R48 Philo Sec20 T320a Newt Dich 

Stickrod, William H. (Myrtle L. Rob- 
inson) Ch Roy, Joseph; Tolono R48 
Philo Secl9 Farm Hand R. A. Bow- 
ers (1882) 

Stidham, Joe Mahomet R42 Mahomet 
Secl2 T80a J. T. Stidham (1884) 

Stidham, J. T. (Deborah Nicholas) Ch 
George, Mary, Charlie, Ernest, Joe, 
Malissa; Mahomet R42 Mahomet 
Secl2 O80a (1848) 

Stieper, C. F. (Febie Clain) Ch Pero- 
dine; Pesotum R54 Sadorus Sec36 
O77a (1903) 

Stierwalt, Tony (Daisy Adams) Ch 
Mary, Hazel, Charles; Tolono R47 
Pesotum Sec2 Farm Hand W. C. 
Creamer (1912) 

Stigall, Jeff (Haley Brock) Ch Clint. 
Mary, Willard; Sadorus R49 Colfax 
Sec22 T120a Tom Meade (1915) 

Stillabower, F. S. (Sadie Nichols) Ch 
Harold, Cornelia, Donald; Bondville 
R65 Scott Sec2 T80a George Kesler 

Stirrett, Edgar (Nettie Smith) Ch Lee, 
Ruth, Ralph, Pearl, Ada, Fay, Ed- 
gar, Jr.; Sadorus, R51 Sadorus Sec2 
T136a Charles Edwards (1900) 

Stivers, Moses (Rosie Gudgel) Ch Jes- 
sie; Tolono R48 Philo Sec8 Farm 
Hand Thomas Perkins (1912) 

Stoerger, Louis (Elizabeth Eichhorst) 
Ch Augusta, George, Harry, Fanny, 
Ruth, Carl, Walter, Lucile, Crystal; 
Ivesdale R53 Sadorus Secl7 O430a 

Stone, H. E. (Nora Watson) Ch Fran- 
cis, Thelma, Hugh; Ludlow R29 
Ludlow Sec2 T205a J. A. Watson 

Stone, R. M. (Lola German) Ch Philo- 
ma; Urbana R12 Urbana SeclS 
Farm Hand George Pfeffer (1916) 

Stone, Thomas M. (Permelie Knowles) 
Ch John, Lucy, Willis, Allie, Lewis, 
Martha, Harry, Clara; Tolono R47 
Tolono Sec22 O160a (1875) 

Stonebraker, Jesse (Dora Rebird) Ch 
Rose, Alice, Olive; Mahomet R40 
Newcomb Sec23 T20a W. Thompson 

Stonestreet, C. A. (Kattie Nye) Ch 
Lyle; Penfield R27 Kerr Sec30 O53a 

Stonestreet, G. W. (Dora Obenland) 
Ch Wyane; Penfield R27 Kerr Sec 
29 O53a (1889) 

Stonestreet, W. M. (Mary Clifton) Ch 
Andrew, Irie, Enna, Charlie; Pen- 
field R27 Kerr Sec29 O80a (1872) 

Storm, Ira (Grace Hamm) Ch Thel- 
ma, Magnolia, Willima; Champaign 
R4 Hensley Sec8 T320a D. A. Phil- 
lippie (1912) 

Story, Charlie (Lou Todd) Ch Har- 
old, Bernal; Fisher R34 Brown Sec 
23 T80a M. Maguire (1906) 

Story, Joseph Ludlow R30 Ludlow 
Sec6 T47a Mrs. H. Pickett (1904) 

Stout, Ernest (Hazel Curtis) Ch Na- 
dine, Paul; Mahomet R42 Mahomet 
SeclS O7a (1886) 

Stout, Frank (Leonora Clapper) Ch 
Ernest, Samuel, Nellie; Mahomet 
R42 Mahomet SeclS O30a (1860) 

Stout, Louis Roy Savoy R66 Tolono 
SeclO T320a Jesse Stout (1886) 

Stout, L. B. (Edith Keller) Ch Wayne, 
Ray, Neal; Ludlow R31 Ludlow 
Secl3 Ollla (1881) 

Stover, E. C. (Hatty Adams) Ch 
Otis, Inez, Hazel, Floyd, Glen, Mil- 
dred; Mahomet R40 Newcomb Secl4 
O157a George Loveless (1912) 

Stover, L. S. (Lizzie Mills) Ch Lee, 
William, Ethel, Lena, Leslie, Ruth, 
Leona, Katie; Mahomet R40 New- 
comb Secl3 T160a W. Klemick 



Stover, M. O. (Laura Lyons) Ch Nel- 
lie, Orville; "Bloomfield Farm" Ma- 
homet R41 Mahomet Sec8 O259a 

Stover, Orville "Bloomfield Farm" 
Mahomet R41 Mahomet Sec8 T249a 
M. O. Stover (1892) 
Stover, W. A. (Anna Hanna) Ch Ray, 
Flo, Chester; Sadorus R51 Sadorus 
Sec22 O200a (1886) 
Strack, Ed (Augusta Stoeger) Ch 
Jeanic, Louise; Ivesdale R53 Sa- 
dorus Secl9 Farm Hand Louise 
Stoeger (1889) 

Strack, Fred (Elizabeth Lettimore) 
Ch Walter, Madonna, Kenneth; Sa- 
dorus R50 Sadorus Sec9 T80a (1891) 
Strater, C. L. (M. J. Keiterling) Ch 
Grace, Fredrick; Ivesdale R53 Sa- 
dorus Sec8 T120a Katherine Burns 

Strohl, D. D. (Frances Beorngen) 
Bondville R65 Scott SeclO T80a J. 
E. Strohl (1896) 

Strohl, G. E. (Anna Ethel Beas-ley) 
Ch Everett, Charlie; Ivesdale R52 
Colfax Sec7 T160a Carl Varmon 

Strohl, J. F. (Sarah Houser) Ch Sa- 
rah, May, Daniel, Delia, Goldie, 
Denie; Ivesdale R52 Colfax Sec7 
T160a (1871) 

Strohl, J. W. (Sarah Fought) Ch 
Bertie, Florence, Susie, George, 
Clarence, Alice, Joe, Carl, Josephine; 
"Blue Mound Farm" Monticello Rl 
Colfax Sec7 T612a Carl Varmon 

Strom, Peter E. (Amelia Schroeder) 
Ch Victor, Freda, Forest; Gifford 
R26 Secll T320a Albert Bergland 

Struck, Delf (Mary Rayl) Ch Etta; 
Broadlands R36 Raymond Sec36 
T80a John Struck (1885) 
Struck, Herman (Louise Messman) 
Ch Elsie, Arthur, Raymond; Broad- 
lands R36 Raymond Secl4 T160a 
Herman Struck (1903) 
Struck, Otto (Marie Messman) Ch 
Leon, Alfonse, Marie; Longview 
R64 Raymond Secl6 O121a (1884) 
Stuart, L. P. (Lydia Curry) Ch Leota, 
V Ray; St. Joseph R16 Ogden Sec 
19SW TllSa M. H. Johnson (1869) 
Studer, Sam (Anna Sommer) Ch Al- 
bert, Katie, Harvey; Fisher R34 
Brown Secl3 O59a (1891) 
Styan, Ed (Nellie Irene Sewell) Ch 
Ranold, Bernice; "Timber Lodge" 
Sadorus R51 Sadorus Seel O203a 

Suddarth, Bart (Inez Plolner) Ch 
Ethel, Glenn, Francis; Pesotum R54 
Pesotum Sec28 T240a Becker 'Bros. 

Sullivan, Charles (Laura Cowan) Ch 
Virsa, Ada, Earl, Pearl, Hazel, Ber- 
nice; Bondville R65 Scott SeclS 
William Dighton (1916) 
Sullivan, Dan P. (Kathren C. Fritton) 
Ludlow R31 Harwood Sec28 OlOOa 
SeclS T220a Mrs. C. Sullivan and 
M. Welsh (1885) 

Sullivan, T. (Charlotte Callahan) Ran- 

toul R24 Ludlow Sec34 O120a (1887) 

Sullivan, J. T. Rantoul R22 Ludlow 

Sec29 T160a Mat Walsh (1891) 
Sullivan, Melvin (Lyle Bates) Ch Har- 
old, Archie; "Kays' Farm" Rantoul 
R31 Ludlow Sec8 T160a Thomas 
Keys (1905) 

Sullivan, W. H. (Golden Lutz) Ch 
Mildred; Rantoul R21 SeclS T173a 
D. Howard and Mr. Marshall (1910) 
Sulliven, William (Letha Ard) Ch 
Louney, Alney, Antony, Freda, 
Fred; Seymour Colfax Secl6 O250a 

Summers, W. M. (Anna Bailey) Ch 
Doris, Marvin; Foosland R38 Brown 
Seel T365a J. P. Roth (1897) 
Summet, S. A. Rantoul R21 Ludlow 

Sec24 O80a (1873) 

Summitt, Marion F. (Nellie Brown) 
Ch Dorothy; Pesotum R54 Peso- 
tum Sec30 T120a D. G. Summitt 
Sunderland, Charles M. Penfield R22 

Kerr O247a (1890) 

Sunderland, H. L. (Louise Parr) Ch 
Glade, Keith; Fisher E. Bend Sec31 
O165a T286a Mrs. Richmond (1877) 
Sunderland, J. S. (Ruth Carrins) Ch 
Zeda, John; Rantoul R23 Compro- 
mise SeclO T280a Mary E. Busy 
Susdorf, A. E. (Florence Flagg) Ran- 
toul R22 Rantoul Sec8 T120a Laura 
McConnell (1893) 

Susdorf, Elmer (Mary McConnell) 
Ch Archie, Mabel, Maude, Bessie, 
Lucy, Charles, Lloyd, Lena, Ruth; 
Rantoul R22 Rantoul Sec20 O160a 

Suttle, B. M. (Maud Trotter) Ch Olive, 
Archie, Nellie, Mary, Lola; Ma- 
homet R40 Newcomb Secll-23 
O160a (1889) 

Sutton, Philip (Bridget Grace) Ch 
Mary, Anna, Bridget, Josie, Fran- 
ces, Nellie, Katie; Urbana RIO Philo 
SeclO T80a Patrick Moore Est. 



Suverkrup, B. F. (Elizabeth Whitting- 
ton) Ch Paul, Bernard; Champaign 
R2 Champaign Secl3 O6a T300a 
Mrs. Chester (1905) 

Swain, V. C. (Amanda Brandt) Ch 
Lorene; Ludlow R30 E. Bend Sec2 
T104a Samuel Harnit (1916) 

Swain, W. J. (Mary Eaton) Ch Clar- 
ence, Pascal, Tressie; St. Joseph R16 
St. Joseph Sec29 O60a TlOOa Swain 
Est. (1866) 

Swain, C. W. (Etta Freeman) Ch 
Selma, Grace, Alta, Ruth, Charlotte, 
Estell, Ethel, Lee, Howard, Virgil; 
Savoy R45 Colfax Secl3 T252a O. E. 
Hall (1886) 

Swaney, James Albert (Minnie Susan) 
Ch Arlie, Iva, Ruth, Cecil, Yonda; 
St. Joseph R16 Sidney Sec4 T105a 
A. Huss (1895) 

Swaney, Will (Mamie Caldwell) Ch 
Blonde, Catherine, Bernard; Urbana 
R12 St. Joseph Sec31 T245a Isaac 
White (1880) 

Swartz, Henry (Ollie Alexander) Ch 
Harold, Alton, Freda, Fern; Rantoul 
R22 Condit Secll O160a T80a Mrs. 
George Little (1868) 

Swatsley, O. A. (Cora Williams) Ch 
Dorothy, Berdella, Hazel, Ralph, 
Roy, Odellia; Bondville R65 Scott 
Sec24T40a Dr. Eade (1914) 

Swayze, Rudy (Addie Cannon) Ch 
Hazel; Longview R64 Raymond Sec 
27 T80a James George (1915) 

Swearingen, E. C. (Lucy Ridinger) 
Ch Orville, Omer, Pearl, Clara, 
Verne, Margerite, Evelen, Flor- 
ence, Vincent; St. Joseph R13 St. 
Joseph Sec22 T360a U. G. Swear- 
ingen (1875) 

Swearingen, James O. (Jessie Doyle) 
Ch Bess, Gladys, Vaughn, Ruby, 
Glenn, Dorothy; St. Joseph RD St. 
Joseph Secl4 TlOa T. J. Woodin 

Swearingen, Naomi Ch Bess; Tolono 
R48 Tolono Sec36 T240a W. V. 
Lafferty (1881) 

Sweet, T. M. (Auctioneer) (Minnie 
Bennett) Ch Bernice, Olive, Vera, 
Francis; Mahomet R41 Mahomet 
Sec20 T144a Tom Morrisey (1901) 

Swisher, C. (Disa Garner) Champaign 
R3 Champaign Sec6 Farm Hand 
W. G. Majors (1912) 

Swisher, John (Hettie McLean) Ch 
Stella, Herbert, Chester, Roy, John, 
Floyd, Ferald; Homer R60 Homer 
Sec32 Farm Hand William H. Mil- 
ler (1915) 

Swift, W. J. (Malisa Jane) Ch Charles, 
Frederick; Sidney Sidney Sec9 
T135a Mary Busey (1865) 

Sylvester, E. B. (Bessie McDonald) 
Ch Lucile; Homer R60 Homer Sec 
19 W T80a W. H. Sylvester (1884) 

Sylvester, Joseph Champaign R3 Ma- 
homet Sec24 T240a Mrs. Franker- 
berder (1891) 

Tabaka, C. W. (Carrie Boese) Ch 
May, Ruth, Frank; Ivesdale R53 
Sadorus Sec30 O520a (1869) 

Tabaka, E. J. (Elizabeth Hummel- 
shoem) Ch Berdine, Phyllis, Leona, 
Edward, Paul; Ivesdale R53 Sadorus 
Sec6 O184a (1867) 

Tabaka, F. T. (Monaca Scherick) Ch 
Avellino, Frances; Ivesdale R53 Sa- 
dorus Sees 5-6 T200 F. J. Tabaka 

Tabaka, Weaver (Elizabeth Pankan) 
Ch Milton; Ivesdale R53 Sadorus 
Sec9 T160a Tom Kirwan (1902) 

Tade, E. C. (Cora Lowry) Ch Jessie, 
Georgie, Mary; Sidney R57 Sidney 
Secl4 T130a G. D. Boone (1912) 

Talbot, Earl P. (Myrtle Harper) Ch 
Viola; Gifford R25 Harwood Sec36 
T320a J. A. Talbot (1887) 

Talbot, Emory (Laura McBride) Ch 
Harley, James; Bondville R65 Scott 
Secl3 T300a John Barker (1905) 

Talbott, G. B. (Helena Rising) Ch 
Len, Carl; Champaign Rl Cham- 
paign Sec4 O80a (1865) 

Talbot, James A. (Eliza Lips) Ch 
Charles, Lucy, Frank, Earl; "Cherry 
Grove Farm" Gifford R25 Harwood 
Sec25 0480a (1877) 

Tarvin, Ralph (Edna Praetor) Ch 
Ethel, Wayne, Walter, Hazel; Lud- 
low R30 E. Bend Secll T400a B. F. 
Yates and B. T. Livingston (1900) 

Tash, J..L. (Venner Ray) Ch Martha, 
Mamie; Gifford R26 Compromise 
Sec31 T70a John Wood (1910) 

Tatman, Charles (Gertrude Primmer) 
Seymour R43 Scott Sec7 Farm Hand 
Adolf Blandow (1886) 



Taulman, Oscar M. Rantoul R23 Har- 
wood Sec32 O76a (1869) 

Tayler, C. B. (Mary A. Rennie) Ch 
Jennie, John, Mary, Helen, Annie, 
Zenna, Charles, Gorden, Rennie; 
Penfield R27 Kerr Secs29-30 O160a 

Taylor, George (Maude Hall) Ch 
Howard, Helen; "Homewood Dairy 
Farm" Urbana Rll Urbana Sec28 
T240a Gilbert Taylor (1874) 

Taylor, D. O. (Bessie M. Kerr) Ch 
Anna, Alsina, Emma; Thomasboro 
R20 Stanton Sec4 Farm Hand L. 
Mennenga (1910) 

Taylor, Frank W. (Louise Rayburn) 
Mahomet R42 Mahomet Sec24 T200a 
R. G. Rayburn (1879) 

Taylor, Fred (Myrtle Williams) Ch 
Royce, Ethel, Clyde, Jessie, Lulu; 
Mahomet R41 Mahomet SeclS T120a 
J. D. Pittman (1909) 

Taylor, G. W. (Mary Groves)- Pen- 
field R28 Compromise Sec20 O320a 

Taylor, Harry A. Homer R60 Homer 
Secl9 Farm Hand Joe Taylor (1879) 

Taylor, John (Grace Taylor) Ch Os- 
car; Homer R59 Ayers Sec4 T160a 
Mrs. M. Taylor (1896) 

Taylor, Joseph D. (Mancy B. Spratt) 
Ch George, Alice, Hatty, Ida, May, 
Grace, Frank; Mansfield Rl New- 
comb Sec31 O107a (1861) 

Taylor, J. C. V. Homer R60 Homer 
Secl9W T200a The Taylor Est. 

Taylor, Mrs. Maggie Ch Arthur, Mary, 
Essie, John; Homer R59 Homer Sec 
8 0180a (1879) 

Taylor, R. W. Urbana R7 Urbana 
Sec2 T147a James E. Springer (1876) 

Taylor, S. R. (Katherine Ice) Ch 
Irene, Bernard, Alberta; Urbana 
Rll Urbana Sec35 O40a T40a Mar- 
garet Ice (1917) 

Taylor, William (Mary Miller) Ch 
Joe, Sylvia, Lilly; Mahomet R41 
Mahomet Secl6 O5a (1854) 

Taylor, W. H. (Mary E. Mceks) Ch 
Adria, Effie, Grace, Virgil, Maria, 
Hallie, Burnel; Homer R60 Homer 
Sec31SW T280a Mrs. Sarah Hart 
and Mrs. Taylor (1914) 

Tayner, Elmer (Gertie Brelzlaff) Ch 
Earl, Gladys, Lucille; Tolono R47 
Tolono Sec22 T120a Gus Brelzlaff 

Teare, William (Christian Kelley) Ch 
Kenneth, Donald; Bondville R65 
Scott Sec2 T160a D. Teare (1912) 

Tehsman, Louis (Hulda Screiber) Ch 
Marie, Anna, Clara; Champaign R5 
Hensley Secl4 T160a Rolef Estf. 

Telling, Albert "Maple Bosquet Farm" 
Broadlands*R37 Ayers Sec 3E T321a 
Telling Est. (1887) 

Tempel, G. A. Ivesdale R52 Colfax 
SecS O167a (1877) 

Tempel, Henry (Mary Conner s) Ch 
Dorothy; Seymour R44 Colfax Sec3 
T120a Tom Maneon (1888) 

Tempel, John C. (Mary Loew) Ch 
Edward, Albert, Leo, Leonard, Ru- 
pert; Pesotum Pesotum Secl3 O160a 

Tempel, Martin (Josie Welch) Ch 
Olive; Tolono R46 Crittenden Sec8 
T140a John Beiller (1886) 

Tempel, P. A. (Julia T. Gilen) Ch Ve- 
ronica, Urban, Clare, Ruth; Savoy 
R45 Colfax Sec2 T200a John Ryan 

Temple, Andrew (Mary T. Schruck) 
Ch Paul, Martin, Leo, Charlie, Hen- 
ry, William, Andrew, Robert, Rose; 
Ivesdale R52 Colfax SecS O240a 

Temple, Charles A. (Mary Pankan) 
Ch Bernadine; Savoy R66 Tolono 
Secl4 T80a Pete Mulligan (1893) 

Temple, Edward A. (Tillie Parr) Ch 
John; Pesotum R55 Pesotum Sec26 
T320a John Cooper (1887) 

Ten Brook, Garnett (Alice Saston) 
Ch Pete, Nellie, Lizzie, Myrtle, 
Andy; Sadorus R50 Sadorus Secl2 
O47a (1867) 

Ten-Brook, L. J. "Willow Brook 
Farm" Sadorus R50 Sadorus Secl2 
T47a (1893) 

Tenbrook, S. P. (Nellie Baldwin) Ch 
Viola, Clifton; Sadorus R50 Sadorus 
Seel T180a Edna Timon Kelly 

Tessman, Fred (Hattie Demlo) Ch 
Charles, William; Sadorus R49 Col- 
fax Secl6 T80a Charles H. Demlo 

Teuscher, J. S. (Mary Roth) Ch Les- 
ter, Esther, Daniel, Freida, Clara, 
Melvin; Fisher R34 E. Bend Secl9 
0313a (1899) 

Thinnes, Jacob C. (Margaret Noble) 
Ch Arlene, Kathrine; Tolono R48 
Philo Sec33 O120a T120a Jane No- 
ble (1902) 

Thode, B. H. (Ida Block) Ch Oscar, 
Ray, Rosa, Barhart; Broadlands 
R37 Ayers Sec31W OlOOa (1879) 



Thode, O. H. (Ruth Wilson) Ch Wil- 
liam, Walter, Alfred; R37 Ayers 
SeclS T80a Anna Bergfield (1883) 
Thomas, Arthur (Louisa Earl) Ch 
Robert, Margaret; Seymour R44 
Scott Secl6 O160a Sec9 T120a 

Thomas, B. J., Jr. (Lillie Todd) Ch 
Hubert, Ruth; Mahomet R41 Ma- 
homet Sec4 O128a (1882) 
Thomas, D. H. (Anna Hazen) Ch 
Clark; Seymour R44 Scott Secl7 
O80a T46a Mrs. M. M. Thomas 

Thomas, James O. (Mary Clark) Ch 
Helen, Russell; Mahomet R41 Ma- 
homet Sec8 T171a R. W. Thomas 

Thomas, J. B. Ch Luther, Claude, 
Lola, Lilly, Carle, Fred, Oscar, Ed- 
na; Dewey R32 E. Bend Sec21 T200a 
Emberling Est. 

Thomas, P. A. (Lessie Burton) Dewey 
R32 E. Bend Sec22 T240a Mrs. 
James R. Wilson (1915) 
Thompson, Archie F. (Nancy Myers) 
Mahomet R40 Mahomet SeclO O29a 

Thompson, Ben (Elsie Baler) Ch 
Blanche, Leonard, Clarence, Wayne; 
Tolono R46 Philo Sec33 Farm Hand 
Alonza Brand (1912) 
Thompson, Beryl St. Joseph R16 St. 
Joseph Sec28 T80a James Thompson 

Thompson, Clarence (Aha Ware) To- 
lono R48 Crittenden Secl6 Farm 
Hand Pat Barringen (1910) 
Thompson, Cornelius J. (Mary Bouns) 
Ch Anna, Maine, Grace; Rantoul 
R24 Secl3 T80a Harm Schluter 

Thompson, C. C. (Marie Anders) Ch 
Majorie; Urbana R17 Stanton Sec21 
T152a Thompkins Est. (1884) 
Thompson, C. E. (Eliza West) Ch 
Nellie, Delia, Delmar, William 
Golda; Ivesdale R53 Sadorus Sec32 
Farm Hand Troy Madaris (1917) 
Thompson, C. R. (Bessie R. Jones.) 
Ch Dean, Rayburn; R16 St. Joseph 
Sec25 TllOa Thompson Est. (1892) 
Thompson, Fred (Hattie B. Corray) 
Ch Ruth, Carrie, Helen; Urbana R8 
Somer Sec25 O160a (1867) 
Thompson, Guy St. Joseph R16 St. 
Joseph Sec28 T80a James Thomp- 
son (1889) 

Thompson, Henry (Sadie Newlin) Ch 
Frank, Francis, Fred, Edna, Al- 
pheus; Champaign Rl Champaign 
Sec30 T160a Pat Jordan (1911) 

Thompson, Henry (Nora Mitchell) 
Ch Lillie, Jay, Alma, James, Cora, 
Herald, Nora; Sidney R58 Sidney 
Sec20 T160a Glora Goldsmith (1909) 
Thompson, James (Anna Busey) Ch 
Fred, Bert, Clint, Daisy, Millie, Min- 
nie, Charley, Beryl, Guy; St. Jo- 
seph R16 St. Joseph Sec28 O160a 

Thompson, Pearl (Emma Grouse) Ch 
Andrew, Charles, Delia, Freddie, 
Roy, Ruth, Goldie, Tolono R46 Crit- 
tenden Secl7 Farm Hand Albert 
Messman (1916) 

Thompson, Peter (Inger Frette) Ch 
Howard; Ludlow R30 Ludlow Sec4 
T80a George Johnson (1916) 
Thompson, S. F. (Nellie Rosson) Ch 
Nancy, Elmer, Flossie, Nellie; St. 
Joseph R16 St. Joseph Sec23 O2a 

Thompson, William H. (Lizzie Hayes) 
Ch Frank, Stella, Milton, Grover, 
George, Herman; Ogden R17 Og- 
den Sec33N O40a (1896) 
Thompson, W. (Olive Stonebraker) 
Ch Harley, Jessie, Thelma, Ralph, 
Freddie, Dorothy, Evelyn; "Rich- 
mond Farm" Mahomet R40 New- 
comb Sec23 TSOOa Mrs. J. Rich- 
mond Est. (1872) 

Thompson, W. H. (Edna Vancleve) 
Ch Sellie, Kenneth, Daniel; Sadorus 
R49 Colfax Sec22 Farm Hand 
Meath Bros. (1915) 
Thornton, Louis (Ethel Reede) Ch 
Erna, Charles, Dale, Lotta, Lucile; 
Penfield R28 Compromise Sec7 
T160a (1917) 

Thurman, Clifton (Trula Taylor) Ch 
Clifton, Glenna; Fisher R35 Secl6 
T5 O. R. Hinton (1913) 
Thurman, H. T. (Gladys Rcsler) Ch 
Clifford; Dewey R33 Condit Secl6 
T200a F. C. McCormick (1913) 
Tibbs, C. C. (Lila Littrell) Ch Hazel. 
Gilbert, John, Thelma; Ogden R18 
Ogden Sec7SW T90a Kinzle Bros. 

Tiffin, Charley (Lizzie Kirby) Ch Mil- 
dred; Sidney R57 Sidney SeclS 
T180a Frank McElroy (1913) 
Tillman, Lubbe (Annie Tillman) Ch 
Lena, Minnie, Sena, Tilko; Thom- 
asboro R20 Rantoul Sec32 O70a 

Timmerman, George (Christian Hen- 
sey) Ch Margaret, Freddie; Pen- 
field R28 Compromise SeclS T240a 
Thomas Gordon (1909) 
Timmins, P. (Margaret Fitzgerald) 
Rantoul R22 Condit Sec24 T240a 
James Malloy (1908) 



Tinsman, Alfred (Essie Brown) Ch 
Reta, Eunice; Savoy R45 Tolono 
Sec4 Farm Hand J. I. Groves (1916) 

Tipsword, Frank (Elizabeth Armor) 
Champaign Rl Champaign SeclS 
Farm Hand L. E. Dallanbach (1893) 

Todd, Fred (Maud Rodgers) Ch Mil- 
dred, Pearl, James; Mahomet R40 
Newcomb Sec35 T9a Mrs; Arm- 
strong (1909) 

Todd, J. D. (Nettie Powell) Urbana 
R7 Urbana Secll Farm Hand T. H. 
Besore (1916) 

Todd, William (Minnie Pickett) Ch 
Grace, Clarence, Virgil, Goldy, Ruth; 
Savoy R45 Champaign Sec36 Farm 
Hand H. M. Dunlap (1910) 

Tomblin, T. E. (Alice Tyas) Ch Char- 
lie, Joseph, Leonard, Johnathan; 
Foosland R38 E. Bend SeclS T187a 
Blizard Est. (1900) 

Tomlinson, Albert (Erma Thompson) 
Ch Albeta, Russell, Earl, Thomas; 
Penfield R27 Kerr Sec21 O15a 

Tomlinson, W. M. (Elizabeth Walker) 
Ch John, Ratchel, Albert, Andy; 
Penfield R27 Sec21 O115a (1865) 

Tompkins, W. R. (Anna Miller) Ch 
Lena;. Minerva, William; Mahomet 
R41 Newcomb Sec33 O120a (1913) 

Toohey, Gregory (Margaret Bohan) 
Ch Kate, Bessie, Mary, Rose, James; 
Seymour R44 Colfax SeclO T120a 
Gregory Toohey (1872) 

Toppe, Louis (Annie Learcamp) Ch 
Wilber, Alfred, Evert, Milinda, Rob- 
ert, Helen; Homer R60 Sidney Sec35 
T160a Albert Block (1912) 

Topple, A. W. (Ruth Wilson) Sidney 
Raymond Sec9 O58a T80a J. A. Wil- 
son (1912) 

Toppin, Jesse (Amanda Joh) Urbana 
R12 Urbana Sec36 O20a (1900) 

Totton, William (Ida) Ch Ruth; Ho- 
mer R59 Homer Sec9 Farm Hand 
Frank Barton (1917) 

Towner, C. M. (Emma Wright) Ch 
Ethel, Earl, Howard, Opal, McKin- 
ley, Leslie, Theodore; Homer R61 
Homer Sec4 Farm Hand J. J. Free- 
man (1858) 

Towner, J. A. (Berth A. Blunt) Ch 
Arthur, Florence, Mable; St. Joseph 
R16 St. Joseph Sec26 Tla Dwyer & 
Burt (1887) 

Toy, Frank (Nora Roughton) Ch 
Lulu, Bessie, Myrtle, Burt, Roland; 
Sidney R57 Sidney SeclO T207a L. 
E. Bark (1861) 

Tracey, Elmer (Olive Bradford) Ch 
Ross; Homer R62 Homer Sec9 
Farm Hand Ross Michener (1894) 

Tracy, Austin C. (Willa Constant) Ch 
Vivian; Rantoul R24 Rantoul Secl3 
T80a John Walsh (1913) 

Tracy, Charles L. (Cora Dury) Ch 
Ruth, Gladys, Elizabeth, Charles, 
'Jr., Stewart; Rantoul R24 Rantoul 
Secl3 T320a A. A. Arms (1904) 

Tracy, Ellen Ch Nora, Katherin, Pat- 
rick, Thomas, John, Willen, Mary, 
Margaret, James, Michael; "Tracy 
Estate" Sadorus R49 Colfax Secl7 
O80a (1870) 

Tracy, George (Delia Winklepleck) 
Ch Lorn; Seymour R44 Scott Sec28 
O80a (1913) 

Tracy, Harry (Blanche McCary) Ch 
Russell; Seymour R44 Scott Sec22 
O60a (1895) 

Tracy, Mrs. Martha Ch Austin, 
Charles, Harry, Julia, Bessie, Lau- 
ra; Rantoul R24 Rantoul Secl3 T80a 
John Walsh (1893) 

Tracy, P. J. (Anna E. O'Hara) Ch 
Helen, Josephine; Sadorus R45 Col- 
fax Secl6 T80a (1874) 

Trees, John F. (Mary Trick) Ch 
Scott, Glenn, Harold, Nellie, How- 
ard, Clyde, Helen, Merle, Arthur, 
Genevieve, Dale; Homer R60 Sid- 
ney Sec36 T160a John Trick (1876) 

Trick, George (Lora Witt) Ch Ken- 
neth, Ruth, Lorene, Melvin, Olive; 
Homer R60 Sidney Sec23 T80a John 
Trick (1867) 

Trinkle, Ed G. Ch Bethel, Willard, 
Russell, Helen, Edna, Elva; Ma- 
homet R41 Mahomet Secl7 Tl58a 
Mary Scott (1908) 

Trinkle, S. A. (Martha McPheelers) 
Champaign R2 Champaign Sec26 
T320a Dan Morrisey (1906) 

Trinkle, Verne (Caroline Davis) Ch 
Edith, Earl; Mahomet R41 Mahomet 
Sec9 T120a G. E. Trinkle (1908) 

Trost, Edward E. (Elva Lovingfoss) 
Ch June, Faythe, Chester, Nellie, 
Minnie; Philo R56 Philo Sec34 
T160a John Trost (1873) 

Trotter, F. O. (Emma Ricks) Ch 
Edna, Roy, .Elsie, Wayne, Lyle; 
Fisher R35 Brown Sec34 O80a New- 
comb Sec4 T160a Roy Mitchell 

Trotter, J. F. (E. J. Funston) Ch 
Ira, Maud, Grace, Daisy; "Shiloh 
Center" Mahomet R40 Newcomb 
Sec22 O71a (1856) 

Trotter, O. (Edna Miller) Ch Hu- 
bert, Donald; Champaign Rl Cham- 
paign Sec5 O240a (1883) 



Troutman, A. E. (Agnes Kullinger) 
Ch Russell; Savoy R45 Champaign 
Sec33 T240a M. B. Burwash (1900) 

Trowbridge, Ellie (Zettie Mosley) Ch 
Roy, Edith, Merl; Sidney R57 Sid- 
ney Sec34 T160a Mary Smith (1904) 

Trowbridge, Robert L. (Charlotte 
Curtis) Ch Hazel; Philo R56 Crit- 
tenden Seel T80a Lee Curtis (1903) 

Trowbridge, Meed (Mariah Robbins) 
Ch Oscar, Millin; Philo R56 Philo 
Sec36 T80a Horace Arnold (1906) 

True Bros., J. W. and K. F., Grace 
(sister) Champaign R5 Condit Sec27 
T160a A. G. Little (1899) 

Trueblood, J. R. (Blanch Poorman) 
Ch Earnest, Opal, Thelma, Frances, 
Johnny, Ruth, Margaret; Champaign 
R5 Hensley Secl4 T80a Mrs. Sarah 
Granger (1909) 

Truitt, Orville (Nora Miller) Cham- 
paign R4 Hensley Secl7 T116a W. 
W. Allen (1900) 

Truitt, R. L. (Elizabeth Pollitt) Ch 
Bessie, Orville, Owen, Daisy; Cham- 
paign R4 Hensley Sec6 T350a D. A. 
Phillippi (1905) 

Truman, J. T. (Emma Frankenberg) 
Ch Nora, Brook; Urbana R12 Ur- 
bana Secl3 O98a (1857) 

Tucker, John (Gertrude Eaton) Ch 
Beulah, Eunice, Bertha, Ethel, Ma- 
rie, Forest; Sidney R58 Sidney Sec 
19 Love Est. (1915) 

Tucker, J. M. (Halley Roberts) Ch 
Ina, Elsey, Lulu, Olive, John, Co- 
rine; Sadorus R50 Sadorus T80a 
John Nogel (1907) 

Tucker, 3. E. (Harriett Sutton) Ch 
Lowle, Gladys, Bessie, Bertha, 
Wayne; Sadorus R58 Sadorus Seel 
T240a Charles Nogle (1883) 

Tummelson, J. W. (Ruby E. Bailey) 
Ch John, Sylvia, Vercia, Hurshal, 
Orville; Champaign R6 Somer Sec9 
0145a (1882) 

Tuner, Ed D. (Mamie Baker) Ch 
Laruen, Gladys; Bondville R65 
Scott SeclO T160a G. L. Siefken 

Turner, A. M. (Mary Robbins) Ch 
Darlincr Ralph, Max; Seymour R44 
Scott Sec28 T80a James Turner 

Turner, C. E. (Mamie Flowers) Ch 
Fern, Phyllis, Clyde; Bondville R65 
Scott Sec26 O160a TlOOa (1880) 

Turner, George (Ella Strohl) Ch Vio- 
let; Seymour R44 Scott Sec21 O80a 

Turner, G. E. (Esther Heyer) Ch Mil- 
dred, Keith; Fisher R34 Brown Sec 

23 T160a J. W. Richmond Est. 

Turner, Larkin (Ellen Rowlangs) Ch 
Donald; Sidney R57 Sidney Secll 
Thomas Figian (1917) 

Turner, W. R. (Edith Wood) Ch 
Ernest, Mable, Emory, Forrest, Roy, 
Alene, Alvia; Fisher R34 Brown Sec 

24 O120a (1856) 

Turner, W. M. (Mossie Hoch) Ch 
John, Ronald; Gifford R25 Kerr Sec 
13 T160a Dr. Walker (1913) 

Turpin, E. L. (Desda Barnes) Ch Ma- 
golia, Mabel, James, Thelma; Broad- 
lands R37 Ayers Sec30 T80a W. 
Zenke (1909) 

Tuttle, George (Mary Rutherford) Ch 
John, Surta, Marie, Viola, Thomas; 
Broadlands R36 Raymond Sec23 W. 
M. Walker (1915) 

Tweet, P. R. (Matilda Helgeland) Ch 
Charlotte; Gibson City Rl E. Bend 
Sec3 T160a Mrs. Helgeland (1906) 

Tyas, G. W. (Carrie McKinney) Ch 
Velma, Norris, Carry; Fisher R35 
Newcomb Sec7 O160a Mrs. S. Tyas 

Tyler, Nelson (Lena Bolin) Ch Frank, 
Jack, Florence, Rose; Sidney R57 
Sidney Sec2 O138a (1895) 


Udu, Cornelius (Grace Bohlan) Ch 
Sjanke, Jacob, Tenie, Rennit; Ran- 
toul R24 Rantoul Secl7 TllOa 
Johnson Est. (1910) 

Uken, Henry (Jennie Miller) Ch 
Maggie, Rolf, Albert; St. Joseph 
R14 Stanton Secl6-15 O130a (1889) 

Umbanhowar, Fred S. (Amanda 
Richards) Ch Dorothy, Edward; 
Homer R60 Homer Secl7 T204a 
J. H. Umbanhower and Spencer 
Est. (1891) 

Umbanhowar, J. H. (Lizzy Hall) Ch 
Charles, Fred, Audrey, Julia; Ho- 
mer R60 Homer Secl7 O172a 

Underwood, Edward (Grace Todd) 
Ch Virgil; Savoy R45 Champaign 
Sec36 Farm Hand H. M. Dunlap 

Underwood, Ole Savoy R45 Cham- 
paign Sec36 Farm Hand H. M. 
Dunlap (1887) 



Unzicker, Ezra (Bessie Bachman) 
Fisher R35 Newcomb Seel T160a 
A. B. Bachman (1894) 

Unzicker, J. K. (Mary Oesch) Ch 
Otto, Walter, Arthur, Ezra, Roy; 
"Riverview Stock Farm" Fisher 
R34 Brown Secl3 O153a (1891) 

Unzicker, Walter (Amilia Shrock) 
Dewey R32 E. Bend Sec9 T160a 
Mordon Est. (1894) 

Upperson, F. L. (Viola Brownfield) 
Ch John, Chester, Love, Andy, 
Mamie, Dolly; Urbana R7 Urbana 
Sec3 O49a (1861) 

Van Brunt, Earl Q. Ch Myrtle, Brim- 
son; Urbana Rll Philo Secl2 O80a 
T40a E. C. Van Brunt (1872) 

Van Brunt, Merton S. (Jessie Dukes) 
Ch Noel, Russell, Vera; "Maple 
Lane Farm" Urbana Rll Philo 
Secl2 O80a T40a C. S. Van Brunt 

Van Brunt, Raymond B. (Anna 
Miller) Urbana Rll Philo Seel 
O80a (1869) 

Van Buskirk, F. H., Sr. (Josephine 
Carr) Ch Clitheral, Jimmie, Anna- 
belle, Vada, Frank, Jr., Donald; 
Seymour R44 Scott Sec21 Philip 
Mohr (1909) 

Van Buskirk, I. J. (Annie McGuire) 
Ch Verne, Leita, Dorothy; Sey- 
mour R43 Scott Secl6 O75a (1898) 

Van Cleave, C. C. (Bessie Isaacs) Ch 
Robert; Champaign R2 Champaign 
Sec23 Farm Hand Chas. Collins 

Vandam, Garrett (Susan Wakefield) 
Ch Pepel, Elsie; Rantoul R23 Lud- 
low Sec24 O120a (1867) 

Vandervort, Russel (Marget Huligs) 
Penfield R27 Kerr Secl7 T120a 
T. A. Chenworth (1895) 

Van Meter, Clinton M. (Franke 
Tackier) Ch Stella; Tolono R47 To- 
lono Sec27 O80a T140a Albert 
Nofftz and Hallet (1878) 

Van Meter, George W. (Candacy 
Miller) Ch Clinton, Bessie, Nellie, 
Clarence; Savoy R66 Tolono. Sec22 
0160a (1873) 

Van Sickle, John (Ada Potts) Ch 
Helen, Martha; Fisher R35 Condit 
Sec7 O318a (1907) 

Van Winkle, J. B. (Salley Martin) Ch 
Manny, Elton, Ozella, Martin; Sa- 
dorus R50 Sadorus Secl6 T80a John 
Black (1914) 

Varner, Adam (Emma Phenicie) Ch 
Elmer, Vernon, Otis, Effie, Mar- 
garet, Clover, Mae, Letha; Urbana 
R7 Stanton Sec32 T120a William 
Woolner (1888) 

Varner, V. E. (Cora Leigh) "Walnut 
Grove Stock Farm" St. Joseph R14 
Stanton Sec35 T320a M. E. Leigh 

Vaughn, Cyrus (Grace Johnson) Ch 
Cyrus; Champaign R3 Champaign 
Sec2 O5a (1870) 

Vaughn, C. B. (Ola Shanks) St. Jo- 
seph R13 St. Joseph Secl7 TlOOa 
A. W. Strong (1869) 

Vedder, Joseph (Amelia Grothe) Ch 
Helen, Jessie, Hazel; Broadlands 
R36 Raymond Seel T220a John 

Vest, John (Phoeba Knife) Ch 
Charles, Lottie, Katey, Josie; Ur- 
bana R8 Urbana Sec3 O^a (1840) 

Vest, William R. (Frances Maince) 
Ch Hazel, Ruth, Robert; Cham- 
paign R3 Hensley Sec20 T160a Mrs. 
J. Jahr (1871) 

Viles, C. A. (Retta Coffey) Ch Orval, 
Vesper; St. Joseph R14 Stanton 
Sec26 T200a John Dunn (1894) 

Viles, Frank (Laura McGee) Ch 
Ethel, Otis, Clarence; St. Joseph 
R14 Stanton Secl4 T160a William 
Grane-wold (1895) 

Viles, William (Thomas Jeantte) Ch 
Glenn; Urbana R7 Stanton Sec31 
T60a W. Welch (1909) 

Vinson, Glenn M. (Selma Thrash) 
Tolono R48 Philo Sec33 T260a 
Perry Thrash (1891) 

Vogt, Bert (Frankie Sitts) Ch Emma, 
Harry, Nellie; Champaign R5 Con- 
dit Sec27 T160a Tennington Est. 

Von Holten, C. J. (De Etta Cox) Ch 
Yourth, Herbert, Harry, Walter, 
Henrietta, Alta, Francis; Cham- 
paign R4 Hensley Sec7 T120a Ross 
Mattis (1878) 




Waddington, J. K. (Ida Marshall) Ch 
Agnes, Mattie, Edwin, Glen; Dewey 
R33 Condit Sec20 O178a (1882) 

Wade, Bert (Ruth Glenn) Ch Clela, 
Elenora; Savoy R45 Champaign Sec 
35 Farm Hand N. E. Forshey (1917) 

Wade, E. L. (Jennie Pritchard) Ch 
Buelah, Clead, Mary; Fisher R34 
Brown Sec35 T160a E. R. Wade 

Wade, Minnie (Montgomery) Ch Lo- 
la, Guy, Mattie, Lelan, Herald, Ma- 
rion; Ogden R17 Ogden Sec20N 
T40a Dick Williams (1915) 

Wade, T. A. (Stella Ozier) Ch Lewis, 
Blanche, Treva, Thelma, Lavaughn, 
Lelia, Geraldine; Broadlands R37 
Ayers Secl6 T240a Fred Dohme 

Wagner, Charles (Grace Curry) Ch 
Ralph, Peter, Merl; St. Joseph R15 
Ogden SeclSSW T97a P. J. Wag- 
ner (1889) 

Wagner, P. J. Ch Clara, Edith, Char- 
lie, Elmer; Ogden R18 Ogden Sec 
18SE O259a (1877) 

Wakefield, Irvin (Bessie Peters) Ho- 
mer R59 Homer Sec20 T160a D. 
Wright (1911) 

Walker, Arch (Eve Massey) Ch Mil- 
dred, Ruth, Dean; Broadlands R36 
Ayers Sec30 T160a William Walker 

Walker, Charles (Elsie Wienke) Ch 
Merl, Hazel; Broadlands R36 Ray- 
mond Sec23 T160a William Walker 

Walker, C. J. (Pearl Reese) Ch Hazel, 
Olive, Nathan, Merl; St> Joseph 
R15 St. Joseph Seel O20a TlWa 
Maud Davis and N. L. Walker 

Walker, E. W. (Hassie Wilson) Ch 
Harry; Ludlow R30 E. Bend Sec2 
T200a Hattie Webber and John Har- 
net (1913) 

Walker, Guy N. (Virginia Hissong) 
Ch Lyle; Tolono R48 Philo Secl7 
T200a C. V. Cottrell (1890) 

Walker, Harry (Minnie Gerling) Ch 
Carl; Tolono R46 Crittenden Sec8 
T120a J. E. Johnson (1917) 

Walker, T. H. (Mary Mullikin) Ch 
George, Jim, Alma, Arc-hie; Bond- 
ville R65 Scott Secl3 T5a Thomas 
Barker (1892) 

Wallace, Albert (Nora Holler) Ch 
Francis; Ogden R18 Ogden Sec 
18SW Farm Hand James Stalen 

Wallace, Charles H. (Effie O. Core) 
Ch Ralph, Helen, Louis, Ruth, Ju- 
lian, Irene; Homer RD Homer Sec 
8 O950a (1878) 

Wallen, George (Minnie Nelson) Ch 
Vernice, Nelson; Rantoul R22 Ran- 
toul Secl6 T240a Calvin Stamey and 
Bob Maxwell (1884) 

Wallen, Peter (Sophia Keal) Ch 
George, Will, Fred, Lilly, Elizabeth, 
Minnie; Rantoul R22 Rantoul Secl6 
T160a Bob Maxwell (1877) 

Wallen, William (Minnie Frazier) Ch 
Raymond, Orville; Rantoul R24 
Rantoul SeclS T172a Anna C. Sus- 
dorf (1882) 

Walsh, E. T. (Anna Wilson) Ch Wil- 
liam, Ivah, Richard, Margaret; Ran- 
toul Rantoul Sec4 O240a (1876) 

Walsh, Lawson A. (Laura Tracy) Ch 
Merwin, Laura; Thomasboro R20 
Rantoul Sec26 T360a John Walsh 

Walsh, P. T. (Mary Heines) Ch 
Thomas; Ivesdale R52 Colfax Sec31 
O120a (1887) 

Walsh, Thomas J. (Catherine Christy) 
Ch Joseph, Margaret, Theresa, Ber- 
nice, Gertrude, Loretta, Tom; "Fern- 
dale Farm" Rantoul R21 Ludlow 
Sec21 O240a (1873) 

Walsh, W. P. (Sarah Callaghan) Ch 
Mary, William; "Rose Hill Farm" 
Ludlow R30 Ludlow Secll T160a 
M. A. Walsh (1888) 

Walter, Brattan (Cora Lycan) Ch 
Samuel, Helen; Urbana R8 Stanton 
SeclS T127a F. Shrayer (1908) 

Walton, H. T. (Minnie) Ch Law- 
rence; Mayview RD St. Joseph Sec7 
O3a (1865) 

Wampler, Abraham B. (Jennie Walk- 
er) Ch Vesta, Grace, James, Frank, 
Amy; Ludlow R29 Harwood Sec9 
T280a W. Claypool Est. (1879) 

Ward, Frank H. Mabel Shields (Sis- 
ter) "Lawnview Farm" Dewey R33 
Condit Sec21 T360a H. E. Ward 

Ward, John W. (Stella Epperson) 
Ch Florence, Velma, Howard, Dor- 
othy, Herbert; Champaign R5 So- 
mer Secl9 T193a Daniel Morrisey 

Ward, Patrick Champaign Rl Cham- 
paign Sec30 O174a (1865) 

Ward, W. P. (Mary Curtin) Ch Helen, 
William; Champaign Rl Champaign 
Sec3 T174a Patrick Ward (1877) 



Wardlow, D. E. (Nora ; ,Zook) Ch 
Bernice, Carl, Richard; Mahomet 
R40 Newcomb Sec22 Tla Pearl Ha- 
zen (1878) 

Ware, W. S. (Minnie Rusk) Ch Mil- 
dred; Gifford R24 Sec3 O160a (1874) 

Warfel, Alfred L. (Ida A. Bialeschki) 
Ch Orville; Tolono R46 Pesotum 
Secll O62a Secl2 T368a Mrs. Pat- 
rick Ryan (1900) 

Warmer, J. E. (Cordlie Lawrence) Ch 
Susie, Cordlie; Foosland R39 Brown 
Sec31 O156a J. E. and W. F. Warm- 
er (1908) 

Warmer, W. A. (Katie Zimmerman) 
Ch Herman, Zetta; Foosland R38 
Brown SeclO O180a (1883) 

Warner, A. J. (Jessie Ray) Ch Le- 
land, Nadine, Wanda; Rantoul R22 
Rantoul Sec6 T171a Tartus Allen 

Warner, B. E. (Anna Berbaum) Ch 
Gladys, Dorothy; Rantoul R24 Ran- 
toul Sec24 T160a August lungerich 

Warner, B. S. (Bessie Watson) Ch 
Coy, George, John, Mary; Mahomet 
RD Mahomet SeclO O200a (1882) 

Warner, F. L. Mary Faskin Warner 
(Mother) Ch Wilma, Ruth, Fred; 
Mahomet R42 Condit Sec30 T240a 
Mary Harris (1891) 

Warner, Harry (Maude Clapper) Ch 
Rayburn; Rantoul R22 Condit Sec 
23 T220a Mrs. Anna Warner (1884) 

Warner, J. H. (Pauline Call) Ma- 
homet R42 Condit Sec31 T80a El- 
len Warner (1890) 

Warner, J. V. Penfield R27 Kerr Sec 
21 T216a J. B. Moneby (1888) 

Warner, Lewis (Emma Schwartz) 
Ch Madeline, Lewis, Jr., Francis, 
Gertrude, Harold; Rantoul R22 
Rantoul SeclS O195a T40a Lath 
Ackerman (1870) 

Warner, V. F. (Rose Gilmore) Ch 
Clifford; iMahomet RD Mahomet 
SeclS T133a Mrs. C. M. Pittman 

Warnes, Charles (Cora Davis) Long- 
view R63 Raymond Sec33 O50a 

Warnes, John Ch William, Robert, 
George, John, Charley, Wallace; 
Longview R63 Raymond Sec33 
O240a (1864) 

Warnes, John H. (Edith Anderson) 
Ch Lois, Lloyd, Wilbur; Longview 
R63 Raymond Sec29 O160a (1906) 

Warnes, Wallace (Ursa Lee) "Wal- 
nut Lain Farm" Longview R63 Ray- 
mond Sec33 O80a (1892) 

Warnes, W. H. (Blanche Davis) Ch 
Ruth, John, Clara, William, Edna; 
Longview R63 Raymond Sec32 
O140a (1880) 

Warren, Albert (Martha Jane Renner) 
Ch Nettie, Cleo; St. Joseph R16 St. 
Joseph Sec33 Farm Hand Ed Fran- 
cis (1909) 

Warren, George W., Sr. (Gertrude 
Bruner) Ch George, Herbert; Ogden 
R17 Ogden Secl6N T160a Tom 
Scott (1913) 

Warsaw, Chris (Minnie Beetzel) Ch 
Henry, Herman, Erma, Clarence; 
Foosland R38 Brown Secl6 T200a 
Rudolph Kreitzer (1907) 

Warters, Thomas B. (Alice Crow) Ch 
Florence, Dorothea, Genevieve, Ger- 
trude; Allerton Rl Ayers Sec21 
O156a (1873) 

Warthen, Walter (Flo Hawkins) Ch 
Thelma, Chase, Vera, Ronald; Ho- 
mer R59 Homer Sec9 Ola (1912) 

Wascher, Charles Ch Paul, Clara, 
Emil, Emma, Louis; Sidney R58 
Sidney Sec28 O80a (1875) 

Wascher, Herman (Eveline Von Hoi- 
ten) Ch Dorothy; Champaign R2 
Champaign Sec29 T120a August 
Wascher (1880) 

Waters, H. W. (Emma M. Carson) 
Ch Hope, Lee, Jessie, Fern, Maud; 
Urbana R8 Somcr Secl2 O80a 

Watkins, J. F. (Stella Lavely) Ch 
Libbie, Mabel, Max; Mahomet R42 
Mahomet Sec24' Farm Hand F. W. 
Taylor (1909) 

Watkins, Mark (Mary Isaac) Ch Carl; 
Philo R56 Crittenden Secl4 Farm 
Hand J. J. Postlewait (1913) 

Watson, Claud B. (Katherine Miller) 
Ch Anna, Dorothy; Ludlow R29 
Harwood Sec8 T280a W. S. Watson 

Watson, Forest S. (Ida Birt) Ludlow 
R29 Harwood Sec5 T260a S. G. 
Watson and Nels Watson (1891) 

Watson, George D. and Alice Ludlow 
R29 Harwood Sec2 Farm Hand 
James Kirk (1913) 

Watson, George L. (Elizabeth J. 
Short) Ch Clarence, Nora, Fannie, 
George; "Twentieth Century Stock 
Farm" Ludlow R31 Harwood Secl6 
O360a (1865) 



Watson, Hiram (Susie Malone) Ch 
Earl, Orville, Frances, Samuel, 
Ruth, Allie, Nettie, Charles, Nellie; 
Penfield R27 Compromise Sec5 
Farm Hand George Schoon (1917) 

Watson, J. A. (Laura Remley) Ch 
Warren, Nora, Hazel, John, Hattie, 
Elinor; Ludlow R29 Ludlow Sec2 
O240a (1883) 

Watson, Nelson J. "Watson Home- 
stead Farm" Ludlow R29 Harwood 
Secl6 O80a (1858) 

Watson, Oscar H. (Ellen Birt) Ch 
Roy; Ludlow R29 Harwood SecS 
T200a N. J. Watson, S. Watson and 
Mary Claypool (1894) 

Watson, Warren H. (Maude Van- 
dam) Ludlow R29 Ludlow Seel 
T103a Arnold Est. (1883) 

Watterson, Earl (Esther Slater) Ch 
Van Buren; Urbana RIO Philo Sec4 
T80a Pat Lurch (1897) 

Watterson, Mart (Emma Dyson) Ch 
Earl, Cecil, Ruth, Ethel; Urbana 
RIO Philo Sec 4-5 T240a Whitmore 
Est. and Pat Lurch (1895) 

Watts, William O. Ch Russell, Floyd, 
Charles Longview R63 Crittenden 
Sec23 O40a Sec26 T79a Elizabeth 
Schaefer (1898) 

Way, Amos (Sarah Worth) Ch Dean, 
Helen, Edna, Henry; Ludlow R30 
E. Bend Seel T120a Frank Rudolph 

Weasel Bros. Pesotum R54 Pesotum 
Sec21 O160a Sec20 T80a Fred Rahn 

Weasel, Harry C. (Martha Kleiss) 
Ch Dorothy; Pesotum R54 Pesotum 
Secl7 T120a Pearl Robinson (-1906) 

Weasel, John (Ola McGurk) Ch 
Willie, Harry, George, Rena, Opal, 
Raymond; Pesotum R54 Pesotum 
Sec32 T254a H. L. Jones (1906) 

Weaver, D. W. (Emma Burnett) Ch 
Ruth, Wren; Champaign Rl Cham- 
paign SeclS T80a L. B. Clark (1898) 

Weaver, G. P. (Bernice Greely) Ch 
Bernice, Jayle, George; Longview 
Raymond Sec33 T320a Churchill 
Bros. (1907) 

Weaver, M. (Cora Cole) Ch Mildred; 
Champaign R4 Hensley Sec22 T186a 
W. H. Frame (1909) 

Webb, Charles L. (Rose Robbins) Ch 
Carl, Vera, Guy; Mahomet R41 Ma- 
homet O28a Sec9 T340a Bill Lyons 

Webb, Frank (Kate Tollart) Cham- 
paign R3 Champaign Sec3 Farm 
Hand Seeber Bros. Farm (1914) 

Webb, Guy (Madge Primmer) Ch 
Glenn; Mahomet R41 Mahomet 
SeclO Farm Hand C. L. Webb 

Webb, Harry (Alice Maley) Rantoul 
R22 Condit Secl3 Farm Hand Lee- 
ber Farm (1913) 

Webb, W. H. Urbana R12 Urbana 
Secl3 T210a Mrs. E. J. Steward 

Webber, Hugh E. (Louise Arm- 
strong) Ch Remain, Hugh Jr.; Lud- 
low R29 Harwood Secll T160a 
A. F. Webber (1886) 

Webber, Leota and Eugene "Ever- 
green Lawn Farm" Ludlow R29 
Harwood Sec3 O160a (1891) 

Webster, D. W. (Anna Haines) Ch 
Mary, Rosa, Edwin, George, Anna, 
Minnie, Dan, Myrtle, Charles; 
Fisher R35 Newcomb Sec3 TlOOa 
Mrs. C. Buyan (1912) 

Webster, Ed. (Rosella Muhleman) Ch 
Elizabeth, Helen; Fisher R35 Brown 
Sec36 O78a (1910) 

Webster, E. F. (Hazel Evans) Ch 
Charles, Dorothy, Ruth; Rantoul 
R22 Rantoul Secl7 O107a T133a 
Webster Est. (1885) 

Webster, Frank S. (Carrie Green) Ch 
Hazel, Chloe, George; Rantoul 
R22 Rantoul Sec9 O200a T40a Mary 
H. Webster (1875) 

Webster, M. D. Mrs. May Webster 
(Mother) Georgia, Ivy, Bernice, 
Edith (Sisters) Rantoul R22 Rantoul 
Secl7 T160a Mrs. May Webster 
( 1894) 

Wedling, Mrs. Mary Sidney R57 Ray- 
mond Sec2 O240a (1875) 

Weeks, David E. (Myrtle Rose) Ch 
Evelyn, Kenneth, Clifton; Sadorus 
R49 Tolono Sec30 T80a R. S. Allen 

Weeks, Robert (May Smith) Savoy 
R66 Tolono SeclS O40a T280a G. A. 
Smith and Mrs. Tonner (1899) 

Wegeng, John C. (Margaret Fitzger- 
ald) Ch John, Russell, James, Rex, 
Pearl, Mary, Frances, Ruth; Long- 
view R64 Raymond SeclS O230a 

Weidner, George (Jennie Fagen) Ch 
Ella, Belle, Nettie, Howard, Velma; 
Gifford R26 Compromise Sec30 
T160a Mr. Houck (1906) 

Welch, Abe (Anna Price) Ch James, 
Ethel, John, Mildred, Lulu, Mabel; 
St. Joseph R13 Stanton Sec33 Ray 
Palmer (1903) 



Welch, Edward (Sarah Moore) Ch 
Mary, George, Olive, Anna, Albert, 
Nichols, Agnes, Josephine, Edward; 
Ivesdale R53 Sadorus Secl8 OlOOa 

Welch, W. C. (Ellen E. Knott) Ch 
Ethel, Trivia, Grace, Chester; "Sil- 
ver Maple Farm" Urbana R12 Stan- 
ton SeclS O60a TISOa Mrs. M. D. 
Busey and W. W. Myer (1893) 

Welch W. N. (Emma Apperson) Ch 
Jessie, Roy, Claude, Elmer, Opal, 
Jim; Mahomet R41 Mahomet SeclS 
T177a John Voss (1897) 

Welsh, J. T. "Fisher Place Farm" 
Ivesdale R53 Sadorus Sec4 T160a 
T. K. Welsh (1896) 

Welles, T. B. (Emma McHenry) Ch 
Maxwell, Ralph, Marian, Margaret, 
Louise, Katie; Penfield R28 Com- 
promise Sec7 O80a (1868) 

Wendling, Charles (Bertha Vaden) 
Ch Roy, Mary, Virginia; Broadlands 
R36 Raymond SeclO O180a (1877) 

Wendt, Fred (Elizabeth Whiton) 
Bondville R65 Scott Sec25 T200a 
Charles Wendt (1917) 

Wendte, Herman (Edith Deedrich) 
Pesotum R54 Pesotum Secl9 T115a 
Stewart Black (1917) 

Wenzlaff, E. J. (Anna Zech) Cham- 
paign R6 Rantoul Sec31 O80a 
( 1884) 

Wenzlaff, Ott (Bertha Beck) Ch 
Annie, Clara, Emma, Lena, Mar- 
garet, Arthur; Seymour R43 Scott 
Sec7 O120a (1860) 

Wertz, Frank (Mary Anderson) Ch 
Earl, Jessie, Fred; Urbana Rll Ur- 
bana Sec34 O240a (1870) 

West, J. Harold (Mabel Percival) 
Champaign R3 Hensley Sec34 T30a 
Mrs. E. West (1891) 

West, Mrs. M. A. Ch James, Oliver; 
Sidney R57 Sidney Sec2 O240a 

Wetherald, Gaylord T. (Nellie Matte- 
son) Ch Menzo, Blanche, Rush; 
Bondville R65 Scott Sec22 T160a 
Frank Goodman (1897) 

Whalen, Andrew (Mary Givins) Ives- 
dale R52 Colfax Sec23 T160a John 
J. Whalen (1891) 

Whalen, J. J. (Gertrude Ault) Ch 
William, Mary, Anna, Andrew, Ar- 
thur; Ivesdale R53 Sadorus Sec4 
O95a (1885) 

Whalen, W. J. (Julia Ryan) Ch Fran- 
cis, Imilda; Sadorus R49 Colfax 
Secl4 T160a (1885) 

Wheatcraft, C. H. (Mattie Fitzgerald) 
Urbana RIO Urbana Secl9 Farm 
Hand University of Illinois Farm 


Wheeler, William E. (Annie Hall) Ch 
Reynold, Susie, Madeline, Inez, 
Lovesta; Ludlow R31 Harwood 
Sec20 Farm Hand Frank Graham 

White, David (Minnie Clutter) Ch 
Glen, Gordon; Homer R60 Homer 
Sec20 T160a H. C. White Est. 

White, Earl C. (Bertha McGovern) 
Ch Edward, Frances, Loyd, Anna; 
Homer R61 Homer SecS T5a J. B. 
Anderson Est. (1890) 

White, Elmer (Lilly M. Williard) Ch 
Pearl, Inez, Opal, Carlos, Ray- 
mond, Ruth; Urbana R12 St. Jo- 
seph Sec20 O320a (1869) 

White, F. H. (Rose Hegenbart) 
Broadlands R36 Raymond Sec35 
T240a D. White (1876) 

White, F. M. (Myra Elliott) Ch Hat- 
tie, Nellie, Lillie, William; Homer 
R59 Homer Sec9 O6a T25a Abe 
Moore (1852) 

White, Isaac (Myrtle Ross) Ch Doro- 
thy, Howard; Urbana R12 St. Jo- 
seph Sec31 O245a (1873) 

White, John W. Ch Erma, Isa, Erva; 
St. Joseph R14 Stanton Sec35 T160a 
L. Gate Est. (1873) 

White, Joseph Ch Thomas, Margaret, 
Florence; Rantoul R23 Rantoul 
SecS O160a (1882) 

White, J. J. (Bridget Nagle) Ch 
James, Francis; Ivesdale R52 Col- 
fax Secl7 O80a (1902) 

White, Ottis (Minnie Brissey) Sidney 
R57 Sidney SeclS O8a (1905) 

White, Perry E. (Lina Akins) Ch 
John, Inez, Russell, Pauline; Ur- 
bana Rll Philo Sec2 T160a J. T. 
White (1887) 

White, Sanford (Minnie Thompson) 
Urbana R12 St. Joseph Sec30 T250a 
John G. White (1876) 

Whitfield, George (Dora Nice) Ch 
Olive, Melvin; Champaign Rl 
Champaign Secl7 T313a Thomas 
Lyman (1888) 

Whiting, Henry, Sr. (Rena Strack) 
Ch Launa, Glide, George, Henry, 
Charles; Bondville R65 Scott Sec25 
Farm Hand Henry Schultz (1915) 

Whitley, Dan (Lillie Cain) Ch Russel, 
Mamie, Rufus, Inez; Urbana RIO 
Urbana Sec20 Farm Hand Univer- 
sity of Illinois Farm (1914) 

Whitlock, L. E. (Bell Lawarence) Ch 
Pear!, Crystal, Leonard, Walter; 
Foosland R39 Brown Sec31 O127a 
Frank Sills (1911) 


Whitmer, C. G. Rantoul R21 Ludlow 
Sec24 O80a (1878) 

Whitmore, Niel T. (Bertha E. Sharp) 
Ludlow R31 Harwood Secl6 T160a 
D. E. Whitmore (1914) 

Whitt, J. E. (Lennie Stout) Ch Noble; 
Champaign Rl Champaign Sec? 
T188a P. W. Jacobs (1898) 

Whole, Elmer (Amanda Tibbetts) Ch 
Martha; Homer R62 Homer Sec 
32N T140a Mrs. M. Tibbetts (1883) 

Wible, A. M. and I. C. Lucy E. (Sis- 
ter) Ogden R17 Ogden Sec4S O40a 

Wicoff, S. A. (Rose Hinton) Ch 
Julia, Fannie, Hazel, Albert; "Shi- 
loh Poultry Farm" Mahomet R40 
Newcomb Sec22 O81a (1888) 

Wienke, Clarence Homer R59 Ayers 
Sec4 T160a J. E. Wienke (1896) 

Wienke, Daniel J. F. (Altye Gerdes) 
Ch John; Gifford R.26 Compromise 
Secll T240a A. Burglen (1892) 

Wienke, F. J. H. (Eliza Rothermel) 
Ch Flora, Fred, Elsie, Ernest, Ag- 
nes, Hugo, Arthur, Raymond, Ken- 
neth; Allerton Rl Aycrs Sec21 
O120a (1877) 

Wienke, George (Gertrude Schutz) 
Ch Mildred; Homer R61 Homer 
SeclSW T140a Mrs. Mary Wienke 

Wienke, J. C. (Mary Rothermel) Ch 
Ida, Gust, Clarence, Josie, Elnoron; 
Broadlands R37 Ayers Sec8 O360a 

Wienke, Louis (Caroline Hurst) Ch 
Louis, Ester, Martin, Carolina; 
Homer R61 Homer SeclSW O98a 

Wienke, William M. (Magdeline 
Mewis) Ch Leota; Broadlands R37 
Ayers Sec8 O120a (1879) 

Wiese, Charlie (Bertha Hein) Ch 
Frank, Carl, Clarence; Foosland 
R39 Brown Sec27 T320a Mrs. 
George Chanpaign, Jr. (1916) 

Wiese, E. H. (Ora Ankrom) Ch 
Tressie; Longview R64 Raymond 
Sec29 O160a (1871) 

Wiese, H. E. (Amelie Miller) Ch 
Edna, Harold; Broadlands R37 
Ayers Sec7W O311a (1870) 

Wiese, J. L., Tr. (MaBelle Kirby) Ur- 
bana R8 Somer Sec33 T49a J. L. 
Wiese, Sr., and Mrs. Evelyn Kirby 

Wigton, Charles E. (Ada Webster) 
Ch Leonard, Laura, Minnie; Sey- 
mour R43 Scott Sec3 O80a (1872) 

Wikoff, E. C. (Anna Gordon) Ch 
Francis, Albert, Merrell, Margaret; 
Penfield R28 Compromise Sec29 
T120a Patsy Dailey (1911) 

Wilhelm, John M. (Elizabeth Pfeffer) 
Ch Frank, Emma, Rosie, Albert, 
Mary, Isabelle, Lizzie, John; To- 
lono R46 Crittenden SeclS O160a 

Wilhelm, Peter C. (Elizabeth Le- 
veschk) Tolono R46 Pesotum Secll 
T175a Peter Wilhelm (1874) 

Wilken, Jacob (Anna Seirks) Ch 
Lammert, Minnie, Anna, Carrie, 
Grace, Willie, John; St. Joseph R14 
Stanton Secll T200a Martin Huls 

Wilkins, David (Elizabeth Birkholtz) 
Ch George, Mary; Urbana R8 Ur- 
bana Sec3 O50a (1882) 

Wilkins, Frank (Ida Ford) Ch 
Ralph; Mahomet R40 Newcomb 
Sec35 O86a (1884) 

Willard, Arthur (Maud Donley) Ch 
Maurice, Frank, Neal; Urbana R12 
Urbana Sec24 O240a Sec23 T120a 

Willard, E. E. Urbana Rll Urbana 
Sec22 T391a F. D. Willard (1890) 

Willard, F. D. Ch Erwin, Hazel, Ag- 
nes, Dora, Harold, Charles, Glenn, 
Russell, Francis; Urbana Rll Ur- 
bana Sec27 O391a (1870) 

Willard, W. A. (Bertha Ashmore) Ch 
Ray, Fern, Esther, Alma, Ardian; 
Foosland R39 Brown SecS T80a 
A. W. Anderson (1917) 

Williams, Clarence L. (Catharine A. 
Churchill) Ch Nellie, Roy, Doro- 
thea, Karl; "Williams Farm" Philo 
R56 Philo Sec25 O160a (1875) 

Williams, C. A. (Sadie Wright) Ch 
Arthur; Mahomet R40 Newcomb 
Secl6 T80a L. Williams (1880) 

Williams, C. J. (Josphine Rineheart) 
Ch Blanch; Mahomet R41 New- 
comb SeclS T200a Collin Buchan 

Williams, C. O. (Sarah Williams) 
Ch Pheobe, Theodore, Dorothy; 
Champaign R3 Mahomet Sec36 
T50a O. S. Williams (1869) 

Williams, Dwight (Mable Johnson) 
Ch Marie; Fisher R35 Condit Sec6 
T160a Frank Geiger (1917) 

Williams, D. S. (Winnie Deboer) Ch 
Dick, Albert, William, Clarence, 
Ella, Grace; St. Joseph R14 Stanton 
Sec36 T215a R. R. Mattis (1902) 



Williams, F. A. (Lulu Beatty) Ch Al- 
bertine, Loren; "Lookout Farm" 
Fisher R35 Sec5-7 T240a C. Beatty 

Williams, George E. (Edna Wilner) 
Ch Willis Fisher R35 Newcomb 
Sec4 T70a Charles Hinton (1907) 

Williams, George W. (Rachel Lukes) 
Ch Ray, Carlton, Malinda; Urbana 
Rll Philo Secl3 T160a Marshall 
Burr (1913) 

Williams, G. C. (Hattie Taylor) Ch 
Fred, Mildred, Violet, Lyle, James, 
Lee; Dewey R33 Condit Sec9 O80a 
T280a J. H. Ohmey (1894) 

Williams, Harry C. (Elizabeth Vick- 
ery) Ch Doratha, Julia, Murray; 
St. Joseph R13 Stanton Sec34 T120a 
M. Leigh (1883) 

Williams, John (Jennie Hamilton) 
Ch Willie, Lucille, Raymond, Mona, 
Ray; Urbana R7 Urbana Sec3 T47a 
Jennie Brown (1917) 

Williams, John (Julia Hackler) 
Bondville R65 Scott Sec34 O80a 

Williams, John (Iva Hayes) Ch Nel- 
lie, Velma, Emmett, Merna, Opal, 
Leonard, Leland, Treva; Thomas- 
boro R20 Stanton Secl7 T80a Elli- 
ott Est. (1900) 

Williams, John C. (Cora Johnson) 
Ch George, Samuel; Urbana R8 
Somer Sec26 Farm Hand J. W. 
Cavanaugh (1900) 

Williams, J. A, (Maggie Shaffer) Ch 
Harry, Wiley, Emmet, Frances; 
Mahomet R40 Newcomb Secl6 
OlOOa C. A. and J. A. Williams 

Williams, Oliver (Odessa Reed) Ch 
Chester, Katherine, Eugene; Cham- 
paign R6 Somer Sec29 Farm Hand 
Roy Nelson (1909) 

Williams, O. S. (Bessie Brighen- 
becker) Ch Harry, Glen, Harrold; 
Champaign R3 Hensley Sec31 
O200a (1869) 

Williams, Samuel H. (Sallie West) 
Ch Mirtie, Clara, Floyd, Goranie, 
Clarence; Pesotum R55 Crittenden 
Sec32 T160a W. D. Goldman (1917) 

Wills, C. C. (Altha Eyestone) Ch 
Ella, Florence, Harold; Penfield 
R28 Compromise Sec34 O240a 

Willsey, John Ch Ruby, Bessie, Min- 
nie, Ross, Mabel, Hazel; Urbana 
RIO Philo Secl6 T120a Francis So- 
lon (1899) 

Willsey, William (Berlie Walden) 
Philo R56 Crittenden Secl2 Farm 
Hand Will Mumms (1912) 

Wilner, Mrs. S. (Sophia Winegard) 
Ch Clara, Walter, Edna; Fisher 
R35 Newcomb Sec8 O60a (1898) 

Wilner, Walter (Hazle Carmical) 
Fisher R35 Newcomb Sec8 T60a 
Mrs. S. Wilner (1898) 

Wilson, Alex (Katie Robertson) Ch 
Louis, Edwin, Robert, Ralph, Alex, 
Lenore, Margie, Rowland; Homer 
R60 Sidney Sec25 T80a O. H. Davis 

Wilson, C. A. Foos4and R38 Brown 
Sec21 T160a Mrs. N. Wilson (1898) 

Wilson, David Ch Clarence, Edward, 
Rebecca, Warren, Marjory; St. 
Joseph R14 Stanton Sec24 O280a 

Wilson, George (Quintia Wilson) Ch 
Josie, Henry, Sallie, Mary, Virgil. 
Samuel; Sadorus R51 Sadorus Sec 
36 Ola (1917) 

Wilson, Glenn O. (Bessie Yorke) 
Dewey R33 Condit Sec20 T160a 
Minnie Mitchell (1914) 

Wilson, Guy P. (Grace Darsham) Ch 
Mildred; "White Ash Stock Farm" 
Ludlow R31 Harwood Sec22 O80a 

Wilson, G. S. (Elizabeth Pelman) Ch 
Henry, Addison, Edward, Edith, 
Annie, Everett; Sadorus R51 Sa- 
dorus Sec24 Farm Hand J. H. Matix 

Wilson, H. C. (Ida Elliott) Ch Win- 
fred, Howard, Russell, Montel, 
Hazel; Sadorus R51 Sadorus Sec36 
O5a (1911) 

Wilson, H. H. (Lucile Hays) Foos- 
land R39 Brown Secl7 T260a Fer- 
guson Foos (1887) 

Wilson, H. J. (Dora Westall) Ch 
Hazel, Opal, Beryl, Pearl, Phyllis, 
Gladys; Champaign R5 Hensley Sec 
25 OlSCa T120a (1881) 

Wilson, Henry (Rose E. Hardy) Ch 
Helen; Tolono R46 Crittenden Sec8 
TlOOa Samuel Wills (1908) 

Wilson, J. B. (Mary Carney) Ch Al- 
bert; Urbana R9 Urbana SecS T37a 
S. T. Busey Est. (1895.) 

Wilson, L. D. (Hazel N. Westerman) 
Ch Mildred; Urbana R9 Urbana Sec 
5 T90a J. W. Stipes (1903) 

Wilson, L. M. (Kate Emerine) Ch 
Tom; "Emerine Farm" Rantoul R30 
Ludlow Secl9 T160a M. M. Emerine 



Wilson, L. W. (Lilly Leach) Ch Roy, 
Hazel, Hatty, Russell, prank; Fisher 
R34 Brown Sec35 T210a Rickmund 
Est. (1876) 

Wilson, James A. (Mary Graham) Ch 
Frances, Walter, Roscoe, Ruth, 
Grace, Ernest, Thomas, Blanche; 
Sidney R58 Raymond Sec9 O320a 

Wilson, Mrs. Nathan (Lydia Mitchell) 
Ch James, Lydia, Frank, Roy, 
Charles, Alonzo, Harry, Glenn, 
Otis, Alma, Chester; Foosland R38 
Brown Sec21 O160a (1891) 

Wilson, Norman L. (Fannie Edwards) 
Ch Nezzie, Russell, Mabel, Goldie, 
Francis; Tolono R46 Crittenden Sec 
6 T254a W. O. Reddick (1906) 

Wilson, R. (Isabella Roy) Ch Hollis, . 
Dewey; Mahomet R40 Newcomb 
Sec20 J. E. Mitchel (1913) 

Wilson, Tom (Helen Thompson) Ch 
Mabel, Gela, Nellie, Myrtle, Clara, 
Arthur; Broadlands R36 Raymond 
Sec3 O200a (1866) 

Wilson, V. H. (Oris Spencer) Ch Gar- 
land, Irvin; Sadorus R51 Sadorus 
Sec36 Tla Lee Hatchel (1915) 

Wilson, William Ch Mildred, George, 
Lois; Sidney R58 Raymond Secl6 
T120a George H. Wilson (1882) 

Wilson, W. C. (Liddie Dicks) Ch 
Wesley, Guy, Clifford; Sidney R57 
Sidney Sec22 O220a (1860) 

Wilson, W. G. (Cora Parnell) Ch Ora, 
Louis, Frances; Ogden R18 Ogden 
SeclSSE O141a (1867) 

Wilson, W. J. (Bertha Loeffler) Ch 
Roy, George; Ogden R18 Ogden 
SeclSSE 0265a (1880) 

Wilson, W. W. (Nellie Madigan) Ch 
Josephine, James; Champaign R5 
Hensley Sec24 O40a T120a (1917) 

Wilt, T. L. (Anna Morfey) Ch May, 
Albert, Effie, Jessie; "Shady Lane 
Farm" Champaign R5 Condit Sec26 
T160a Dan Morrisey (1890) 

Wingate, Wilbur (Mary Conrad) Ch 
Artie, Annabelle, Loetta, Hettie; 
Ogden R18 Ogden Sec7SE TlOOa 
William Gohl (1897) 

Wingle, Dan (Mary Knell) Ch John, 
Frances; Long View R64 Raymond 
Sec28 T90a John Wingle (1885) 

Wingle, John (Rose Amrhein) Ch 
John, Ida, Lawrence; Longview 
R64 Raymond Sec28 T120a John 
Wingle (1901) 

Winters, Harlan L. (Evelyn B. Con- 
key) Ch Maxine; Homer R61 Ho- 
mer Sec7E T145a A. J. Conkey 

Wirt, R. D. (Agnes Odell) Dewey 
R33 Condit Sec20 T160a Odell Est. 

Wirth, Charles L. (Ida Kennard) Ch 
Nellie, William, Edna, Bryan, Daisy, 
Ernest, Norman; Pesotum R54 Pe- 
sotum Sec29 O200a (1865) 

Wirth, Edward F. (Artie Bade) Peso- 
tum R54 Pesotum Sec29 O120a 

Wise, Clark E. Savoy R45 Champaign 
Sec34 T120a C. R. Wise (1893) 

Wise, D. B. Fisher R35 Condit SeclS 
T68a Dr. Fred McCormick (1917) 

Wise, H. L. (Rosella Clark) Ch Gwen- 
dolyn; Penfield R27 Kerr Sec31 
T240a J. A. Clark (1917) 

Wise, J. E. (Ora Shoe) Ch Leo, Her- 
bert, Alfred, Victor; Savoy R45 
Champaign Sec34 T120a C. R. Wise 

Wise, J. T. (Lettie Goodman) Ch 
James, Carl, Sarah; "Prairie Farm" 
Sadorus R51 Sadorus SeclS Ollla 

Wise, Roscoe C. (Mary Oakes) Long 
View R63 Crittenden Sec26 T120a 
Thompson Est. (1887) 

Wisegarver, Howard (Minnie Emig) 
Savoy R45 Champaign Sec35 O80a 

Wisegarver, Will Savoy R45 Cham- 
paign Sec35 O80a (1882) 

Wiseman, E. V. (Jennie Taylor) Ch 
Vivian, Ruth, Edward; Longview 
R63 Raymond Sec30 O120a (1900) 

Wishall, Peter (Margaret Happ) Ch 
May, Otto, Walter; Pesotum R54 
Pesotum Sec32 O120a (1869) 

Wismar, J. C. (Nora M. Hutchinson) 
Sadorus R51 Sadorus Sec27 T365a 
( 1894) 

Witsman, Alex (Mary Roberts) Ch 
Sarah; Broadlands R36 Raymond 
Sec26 T157a Charles A. Smith 

Witt, Edward (Mary Malouhn) Ch 
Mabel, Irene; Sidney R58 Sidney 
Secl7 T80a D. H. Witt (1885) 

Witt, George A. (Alice Summers) Ch 
Josephine, Phyllis; Sidney R57 Sid- 
ney Sec23 T40a S. L. Witt (1905) 

Witt, Henry (Anna Mumm) Ch Chris- 
tina, Edward, John, Amelia, Clara, 
Annie, Nora, Frank; Sidney R2 
Sidney Secl6 O24a (1865) 

Witt, L. C. (Nellie Upp) Ch Paul, 
Dale, Melvin, Don, Grace, Eugene; 
Sidney R57 Sidney SeclS TlOOa E. 
W. Gasser (1868) 



Witt, P. (Caroline Shillhorn) Ch Rei- 
mer, Katie, Mary, Amelia, Emma, 
Oscar, Walter; Broadlands R37 
Ayers SeclS O200a (1864) 

Woford, C. H. (Elza Fay) Ch Marie, 
Hardy; Ivesdale R53 Sadorus Sec31 
T80a John Seibert (1897) 

Wohler, Fred E. (Flossie Pearcy) Ch 
Ferdinand, Alma, Mary, Harold; 
Champaign R6 Somer Sec30 T191a 
J. W. Stamey and Illinois Central 

Wohler, George H. (Bernie Scheati- 

ger) Ch Dorothy; Savoy R45 Cham- 
paign Sec26 T79a Baynum Est. 

Wolf, Charles G. (Mabel Lock) Ch 
Helen; Champaign Rl Champaign 
Secl9 O120a (1863) 

Wolf, Cleveland (lentha See) Ch 
Ralph, Dorothy; Homer R62 Homer 
Sec33 O35a (1889) 

Wolfe, Raymond J. St. Joseph R13 
St. Joseph SeclO T367a G. W. Rice 

Woliung, Adolph (Emma Hillman) 
Ch Bernice, Stanley, Lyle; Ludlow 
R30 E. Bend SeclS T160a Mrs. 
Laura Morden (1912) 

Woliung, Charles (Emma Lang) Ch 
Harvey, Ralph; Dewey R32 E. Bend 
Sec9 T160a J. Morden (1913) 

Wolken, J. D. (Annie Beckman) Ch 
Gebke, Henry, Dora, Albert, Hey, 
Annie, Lena, Ida; Thomasboro R20 
Rantoul Sec35 O240a (1880) 

Woller, Charles (OIlie Schlorff) Ch 
Henry, Herbert, Minnie, Doris, 
Frank, Richard; Urbana R8 Somer 
Secl2 O160a (1867) 

Woller, Herman (Sophia Beajert) Gh 
Fritz, Lyman, Victor, Edmond; Ur- 
bana R8 Somer Secl2 O210a (1881) 

Woller, William (Lena Dieden) Ch 
Hilda, Paul, Anna, Ernest, Bertha; 
Urbana R8 Somer Secl2 O160a 

Wolters, Henry (Mary Beherns) Ch 
Rachel, Anna, Tena, Mary, Eva, 
William, John; St. Joseph R15 Og- 
den Secl9NW O40a (1902) 

Womacks, L. P. (Ida Howard) Ch 
Mabel, Bessie, Sewell, Robert, 
Terry, Sarah, Ruth; Champaign R4 
Hensley Sec26 O480a (1872) 

Wood, Clarence (Mollie Simmons) Ch 
Herold, Velma; Sidney R57 Sidney 
Sec27 T160a L. W. Porterfield 

Wood, Franklin (Nellie White) Ch 
Raymond, Lucile, Franklin, Nellie; 
Savoy R66 Tolono Secl7 T200a E. 
L. Bryan (1885) 

Wood, H. R. (Ruth Colborn) Ch Lu- 
cile, Frances; Sidney R58 Sidney 
SeclS T192a Wilson Est (1902) 

Wood, James P. (Myrtle Michael) Ch 
Esther; Savoy R66 Tolono SeclS 
T180a William Redhed (1892) 

Wood, J. D. (Kate Rush) Ch Cora, 
May, Clark, Frank, James, Jeanette; 
Sadorus R50 Sadorus Seel TlOOa 
Barteskki Est. (1865) 

Wood, J. H. (Lucy A. Wood) Ch 
Henry, Charles, Walter, Gilbert; 
Penfield Kerr Secl9 Ollla (1891) 

Wood, Lot (Lizzie Smith) Ch Ray- 
mond; Allerton Rl Ayers Sec21 
O40a (1873) 

Wood, L. C. (Mary McClughen) Ch 
Marion, Wilfred, Victor, Amy, 
James; Mahomet R42 Mahomet Sec 
12 082a (1883) 

Wood, N. V. (Mary L. Farris) Ch 
Lawrence, Lorin; St. Joseph R16 
St. Joseph Sec26 O18a T227a F. L. 
Stamey and J. L. Peters (1889) 

Wood, Robert (Prudence Stewart) Ch 
George, Jessie, Edna, Dewey; Ran- 
toul R23 Harwood Sec33 O160a 

Wood, R. L. (Emma Hoffman) Ch 
Marie, Ohmar, Lucile; Sadorus R51 
Sadorus Secl3 Tla J. G. Chambers 

Wood, Walter C. (Maudie Nye) Ch 
Paul, Maurice; St. Joseph R16 St. 
Joseph Sec27 T180a J. E. Nye 

Wood, W. D. (Mary Chenoweth) Ch 
Ralph, Clarence, Raymond, Robert, 
Wesley; Sidney R57 Sidney Sec23 
T120a Jershusa Wilson (1872) 

Woodard, Nancy Ch John, Anne, Har- 
vey, Belle, Newton, Mattie, Barbara, 
Cora; Homer R60 Homer Secl9E 
O70a (1875) 

Woodin, T. J. (Carrie A. Hunt) Ch 
Walter, Earl, Ernest; St. Joseph St. 
Joseph Secl4 O50a (1855) 

Woodruff, C. S. (Anna Hadden) Ch 
William, Francis; Sadorus R49 Col- 
fax Sec 13 T160a Mary P. Gage 
( 1890) 

Woodworth, Charles R. (Cora Star- 
key) Ch Claud, Walter, Alfred, El- 
mer, Ralph, Lawrence; Tolono R48 
Philo Sec32 T400a Lillian Bowers 

Woody, W. W. (Bertha M. Argo) Ch 
Lloyd, May, Ruth, Paul; St. Joseph 
R16 St. Joseph Sec27 T173a Mrs. M. 
Ludwig (1875) 

Woolridge, Miss Myrtle Champaign 
R3 Hensley Sec28 Housekeeper R. 
E. Morfey (1900) 



Wooters, R. A. (Alice Ainley) Ch 
John, Ruby, Ellen, Alberta; Urbana 
R9 Somer Sec32 T135a J. W. Hays 

Workman, M. O. (Lucinda Bickers) 
Ch Maud, Leatha, Glenn, Gallord; 
St. Joseph R14 Stanton Sec26 T200a 
James McCulla Est. (1910) 

Worley, Vesta (Maud Denhart) Ch 
Geraldine, Donald; Ogden R18 Og- 
den Sec6E (1900) 

Worthey, Ben (Ada Hemrich) Ran- 
toul R21 Ludlow Secl7 T120a Sam 
Gregg (1915) 

Wrean, Howard (Francis M. Mar- 
quett) Ch Joy; Ludlow RD Har- 
wood Sec6 T170a George Wrean 
Est. (1910) 

Wright, Charles (Rosie Runyon) Ch 
James, Raymond, Renna; Gifford 
R26 Compromise Sec32 T160a Thos. 
Collison (1870) 

Wright, D. B. Ch Zay, Esther; Cham- 
paign Rl Champaign SeclS OlOOa 

Wright, James (Beatrice Silkie) St. 
Joseph R15 Ogden Secl9 T80a John 
truax (1892) 

Wright, T. T. (Enna Smith) Ch Mina, 
William, Thomas; Gifford R26 Com- 
promise Secl2 T80a Peter Craigmile 
( 1868) 

Wright, William (Catherine Richard- 
son) Ch Charles, William, Maggie, 
Jennie, Clara, Jimmie; Ogden Og- 
den Sec21N O120a (1900) 

Wright, A. J. (Laura Rowe) Ch Ora; 
Mahomet RD Mahomet Sec9 T60a 
F. Maxwell (1856) 

Wright, C. A. (Minnie McKay) Ch 
Raymond, Ethel, Mary, Charles, 
Myrtle; Mahomet R41 Newcomb 
Sec29 O80a (1876) 

Wright, Frank (Annie Bright) Ch 
Maggie, Elizabeth; Broadlands R37 
Ayers Secl6 T80a G. L. Rothermel 

Wright, H. S. (Effie Lester) Ch 
Harry, Elsie, Virgil, Wilbur, Fred- 
erick, Elmer; "Wright Farm" Ma- 
homet R40 Newcomb Sec21 O160a 

Wright, Robert (Nettie Cunic) Ch 
Hershm, Wesley, Alice, Sylvester; 
Urbana R9 Somer Sec22 Dairyman 
J. B. Somers (1917) 

Wright, T. J. (Emma Ashcroft) Ch 
John, Maude, Ralph, Claude, Eliza; 
Savoy R46 Colfax Secl3 T80a 

Wroten, L. W. (Malissey Porter) Ur- 
bana R7 Urbana SeclO TlOa M. W. 
Busey (1862) 

Wrathers, A. N. (Opal Shroyer) Ch 
Donna, Claude, Neal; Urbana R8 
Somer Secl3 T318a Mrs. Mahon 

Wurkman, W. M. (Maud Franklin) 
Ch Fred, Jennie, Lula, William, 
John, Cecil; Urbana R7 Somer Sec 
36 Farm Hand Thomas Johnson 

Wyant, W. A. (Bertha Consour) Ch 
Opal, Mildred, Edna, Feme, Ermna, 
Ethel; Longview R64 Raymond Sec 
16 O120a (1876) 

Wyatt, A. K. (Elizabeth Douglas) Ch 
Asa, Herman, Chloa; Fisher R35 
Newcomb Sec2 T160a F. B. Vennum 

Wycoff, Frank (Mollie Noyes) Ch 
Walter, Roy, Myrtie; Rantoul Ran- 
toul Sec2 O17a (1909) 

Wycoff, Gordon (Charlotte Roberts) 
Urbana R8 Somer Sec35 T. R. El- 
liott (1915) 

Wycoff, L. C. (Ella Waters) Ch Ray- 
mond; Urbana R8 Stanton Sec7 
T80a W. S. Waters (1892) 

Wycoff, L. O. (Faye Holtapp) "Pleas- 
ant Vale Farm" Rantoul R23 Lud- 
low Sec36 T124a Lou Holtapp 

Wycoff, Roy C. (Beulah Holtapp) 
Rantoul R23 Harwood Sec32 T160a 
Holtapp Est. (1908) 

Wycoff, Walter H. (Edna C. Flagg) 
Rantoul R23 Harwood Secl9 T240a 
Mrs. T. J. Cantner (1909) 

Wyne, John H. (Rose Rigdon) Ch 
Miles; Rantoul R23 Harwood Sec 
20O40a (1871) 

Wyne, Miles E. (Nellie G. Clifton) 
Ludlow R31 Harwood Sec21 T160a 
William Sheldon (1883) 

Wynn, Sam C. (Edna Clampet) Ch 
Audrey; Tolono R47 Tolono Sec33 
Farm Hand Christina Kunn (1917) 



Yakel, W. P. (Lilly Brinkley) Ch 
Louie, Albert, Lena; Rantoul R24 
Rantoul SeclO OlSOa (1869) 

Yancey, H. S. Mahomet R42 Mahomet 
Seel T80a W. L. Yancey (1886) 

Yancy, W. L. (Kate Scott) Ch Har- 
low, Wilma; Mahomet R42 Maho- 
met Seel O153a (1858) 

Yazell, B. M. (Annie Warder) Ch 
Margaret; Fisher R34 E. Bend Sec 
18 T233a Baker, Bert, Lytton, Cos- 
ner and Gentry (1914) 

Yearsley, J. C. (Jessie Edwards) Ch 
Emmett; Urbana R9 Somer Secl4 
T360a Emmett Yearsley (1887) 

Yeasel, J. H. (Mary C. Dunn) Ch 
Flossie, Grace, Ora, Glenn, Russell; 
St. Joseph R15 Ogden Sec6NW 
O120a (1871) 

Yeats, Carlos (Etta Wilson) St. Jo- 
seph R15 St. Joseph Secll Farm 
Hand J. D. P. Yeats (1896) 

Yeats, E. C. (Alta M. Yeazel) Ch Ray, 
Ralph, Ruby, Russell, Roma; St. 
Joseph R14 Stanton Sec25 O80a 
TllOa J. K. P. Yeats 

Yazel, C. R. (Sophia Hedges) Homer 
R61 Ogden Sec30 T120a H. W. 
Yeazel (1893) 

Yeazel, J. P. (Lucy A. Taylor) Ch 
Ethel; "Maplewood Farm" Homer 
R60 Homer Sec8 OlOOa (1850) 

Yeazel, Otis (Minnie Rodgers) Ch 
Mabel, Lavaughn, Genevieve; St. 
Joseph R14 Stanton Sec36 T120a 
W. D. Villars (1873) 

Yeazle, M. L. (Julia E. Smith) Ch 
Estella, Nellie, Lelia; "Old Home- 
stead Farm" Homer Homer Sec7 
O225a (1858) 

Yehle, Martin Ch Catherine; Bond- 
ville R65 Scott Secll Nicholas 
Loues (1916) 

Youmans, Isaac L. (Ava B. Clark) 
Ch Clark; St. Joseph R13 Stanton 
Sec22 T160a B. F. Youmans (1890) 

Young, Elmer E. (Jennie Smith) Ch 
Helen, Warren; Bondville R65 Scott 
Sec23 T160a W. M. Beck (1892) 

Young, George, Sr. (Iva Mitchell) Ch 
George Jr., Florence, Arnold, For- 
rest; Bondville R65 Scott Sec35 
T460a W. H. Scott Est. (1884) 

Young, J. H. (Mary Studer) Ch Earl, 
Glen, Carl, Otto, Helen, John, Ruth; 
Foosland R38 Brown Secll T320a 
Glen Collison (1896) 

Young, Odur (Bessie Truitt) Ch Leo, 
Lester, Alma; Champaign R5 Hen- 
sley Secl2 T320a H. S. Ochs (1887) 

Yount, Arberry Homer R62 Homer 
Sec4 T70a J. J. Freeman (1895) 

Yount, Glenn Urbana R12 St. Joseph 
SeclS Farm Hand I. H. Gordon 

Yount, William E. (Florence Libka) 
Ch Arberry, Earl, Pauline; Homer 
R62 Homer Sec4 O126a (1871) 

Zanton, E. H. (Mattie Hanline) Ch 
Naomi; "Mount Snip Farm" Broad- 
lands R37 Ayers Secl7 T160a T. 
Swick (1889) 

Zehr, Dan (Mollie Birky) Ch Clara, 
Lester, Alton, Dora; Foosland R38 
E. Bend Sec8 O80a T68a Lizzie 
Ander and Peter Zehr (1888) 

Zehr, John (Lydia Springer) Ch Ja- 
cob, Silas, Rosina; Foosland R38 
E. Bend SecS O160a (1891) 

Zehr, J. E. (Emma Miller) Ch Har- 
old, Walter, Mabel, Ellis, Mildred, 
Chester; Fisher R35 Brown Sec35 
O160a (1911) 

Zehr, Peter (Barbara Heiser) Ch Liz- 
zie; Emery (Grandson) Foosland 
R38 E. Bend SecS O80a (1889) 

Zehr, S. S. (Lena Unsicker) Ch Aaron, 
Samuel Jr., Albert; Fisher R34 
Brown Secl3 OllOa (1887) 

Zeigler, A. W. (Emma Heuer) Ch 
Asa, Wilma; Homer R61 Homer 
Sec7W T98a Morris Est. (1888) 

Ziegler, David, Jr. (Pearl Adkins) Ch 
Hazel, William; Thomasboro R19 
Rantoul Sec32 T160a David Ziegler 

Zenke, William (Maggie Colman) Ch 
Gladys, Opal, Carl; Broadlands R36 
Ayers Sec30 O160a (1881) 

Zenkie, Alvin (Hattie Black) Ch Al- 
fred, Hilda; Longview R64 Ray- 
mond Sec26 O160a (1888) 



Zenung, Z. R. (Charlotte Deering) 
Ch Ivalou, Nelson, Ruth, Merwin; 
"Pleasant Hill Farm" Rantoul R21 
Ludlow Sec34 T180a (1862) 

Ziegler, Jacob (Johanna Letterman) 
Ch Louise, Lena, Anna, Bertha, 
Emma, Paul, Rosie, Henry; Urbana 
R9 Somer Sec28 O210a (1865) 

Zimmerman, August (Clara Lorence) 
Ch Hazel; Foosland R38 Brown 
Secl6 T80a E. Lape (1915) 

Zimmerman, J. B. (Martha Sahf ben- 
der) Ch Mary, Bertha, Allie, Willie, 
Earnest, Charlie, Lizzie; Foosland 
R37 Brown Seel OSOa (1888) 

Zindar, H. W. (Emma Berbaum) Ch 
Violet, Grant, Harland, Wilbur; 
Bondville R65 Scott Sec26 T160a 
John McMullen (1896) 

Zindars, Edwards (Margaret Schue- 
ric) Ch Mary; Tolono R46 Critten- 
den Sec9 T260a Tom Trevoit (1917) 

Zindars, Otto (Mae Fosnaugh) Ch 
Bernice, Nellie, Howard, Floyd, 
Frank, Opal; Seymour R44 Scott 
Sec30 T306a William Cresap (1897) 

Zindiars, F. A. (Anna Strohl) Ch 
Dorothy, John, Pauline, Roy; Ives- 
dale R52 Colfax Sec8 T210a E. Mar- 
tin (1892) 

Zoch, Mrs. August Ch Louise, Mar- 
tha, Herbert, Fred, Emelie, Anna, 
Augusta, Ida, Mary, Levin; Savoy 
R66 Tolono Secl8 O169a (1892) 

Zoch, Fred Savoy R66 Tolono Secl8 
T169a Mrs. August Zoch (1898) 

Zoch, Herbert (Marie Strack) Ch 
Earnest, Norman; Sadorus R51 
Sadorus SeclO T200a Canning Est. 

Almost everyone in Illinois knows the Lazy Farmer. Thousands of Illinois farmers lau/ 
over his songs in Prairie Farmer every two weeks. You are missing a treat if 
you are not a reader of the Lazy Farmer's sayings. 



Champaign County Breeder's Directory 



BLACK, W. Z St. Joseph 

BLOCK, R. F Broadlands, R. 36 

BOYD, CHAS Homer, R. 61 

BUSBOON, H Thomasboro, R. 20 

CONNOR, P Rantoul, R. 21 

CRESAP, WM. H.... White Heath, R. 1 

DAVIS, J. H Broadlands, R. 37 

HIXENBAUGH, N Homer, R. 61 

IRLE, L. J Champaign, R. 6 

K*RK, H. A Ludlow, R. 29 

MAXWELL, A. S Broadlands, R. 37 

MEIER, FRED St. Joseph, R. 15 

MITCHELL, F. R Fisher, R. 35 

MURRAY, E. J Rantoul, R. 21 

QUILAN, WM. J Tolono, R. 46 

RIEGAL, WM. E Tolono/R.46 

ROTHERMEL, J Broadlands, R. 37 

SEYMOUR, C. T Seymour, R. 43 

Six, H. W Broadlands, R. 37 

SMITH, J. W Pesotum, R. 55 


BIRKEY, A. F Rantoul, R. 21 

BIRKEY, J. C Dewey, R. 32 

BIRKLEY, GEO Dewey, R. 32 

DAVIS, R Longview, R. 64 

ELLIS, J. J Penfield, R. 28 

FOWLER, L. S Penfield, R. 27 

FUNKHOUSER, A Rantoul, R. D. 

FUNKHOUSER, C. L Rantoul, R. D. 

FUNKHOUSER, I. C Rantoul, R. 24 

HAMM, C. W Champaign, R. 4 

KEAL, G. A Rantoul, R. 24 


M-ENSER, A. L Rantoul, R. 23 

NELSON, H. I Champaign, R. 4 

PORTERFIELD, R. Z .......... Sidney, R. 58 

RICE, C. A Philo, R. 56 

SAWYER, J. B Dewey, R. 32 

SCHWARTZ, H. C Dewey, R. 32 

SEEBER, E Rantoul, R. 22 

SEEBER, PETER Champaign, R. 3 

ZANTOW, E. H. Broadlands, R. 37 


HERBERT, GEO.. W Gifford, R. 25 

WOLF, C. G Champaign, R. 1 


STOERGER, L Ivesdale, R. 53 


BRUDDER, B. A Bondville, R. 65 

CHRISTIAN, F Tolono, R. 46 

CHAW, G. E Sadorus, R. 49 

DUBSON, D. S Fisher, R. 35 

FIEDLER, E. F Thomasboro, R. 19 

GRENNAN, M, F Ivesdale, R. 53 

HINTON, IRA A Mahomet, R. 40 

MATTIX, J. H Pesotum, R. 54 

ROBERTS, L. W Champaign, R. 6 

RUND, WM Pesotum, R. 55 

SMITH, J. W Pesotum, R. 55 

STICKROD, H. D Tolono, R. 48 

WHITMORE, N. T Ludlow, R. 31 

WILSON, J. A Sidney, R. 58 


ADKINS, S. T Clarence, R. 1 

ARMSTRONG, W. E Mahomet, R. 42 

BANTZ, ELMER Homer, R. 62 

BROWN, J. P. . : Ludlow, R. 30 

BRYAN, JESSE Fisher, R. 35 

BUCHAN, JAY G Mahomet, R.41 

BURNETT, W. F Urbana, R. 9 




Successor to 


Phones Auto 1273, Bell 2142 

Cash Buyers of Cream 
and Eggs 

Manufacturers of the 








BURNETT, W. J Longview, R. 63 

CAIN, WM Ivesdale, R. 52 

CASTLE, F. M St. Joseph, R. 14 

CHAMBLISS, R St. Joseph, R. 14 

CLENNON, MRS. A Tolono, R. 46 

CLENNON, M. J Tolono, R. 46 

COLLINS, C. H Champaign, R. 2 

COOK, GUY Ivesdale, R. 53 

COOMS, O. B Foosland, R. 38 

CRANE, C. A Rantoul, R. 23 

DAVIS, JAY R Mahomet, R. 42 

DAVIS, W. L Mahomet, R. 40 

DECKER, C. G Philo, R. 56 

DOLLAHAN, O. R Mahomet, R. 42 

DUNAWAY, W. J Mahomet, R. 40 

ECKBLAW, A Rantoul, R. 23 


FEDER, ROBT. A Rantoul, R. 24 

FEENEY, LUKE Ivesdale,- R. 52 

FISHER, C. E Savoy, R. 66 

FISHER, ELMER , Savoy, R. 66 

FISHER, G. H Savoy, R. 66 

FISHER, SCOTT Savoy, R. 66 

FLETCHER, O. A Pesotum 

FORRESTAL, J Ivesdale, R. 53 

FRERICHS, J Thomasboro, R. 20 

GIFFORD, C. L Thomasboro, R. 19 

GORDON, J. C Penfield, R. 28 

GRIESER, GEO Dewey, R. 32 

GULICK, W. C Mahomet, R. 42 

HAINES, G. C., JR. Seymour, R. 44 

HARRIS, B. F Champaign, R. D. 

HARSHBARGER, M. E Ivesdale, R. 53 

HARSHBARGER, S. T Ivesdale, R. 53 

HAWK, W St. Joseph, R. 13 

HAZZARD, JAS Philo, R. 56 

HEISER, J. A Fisher, R. 34 

HEISER, M. E Dewey, R. 32 

HELMS, M. E Sadorus, R. 51 

JOHNSTON, I. W Dewey, R. 33 

JORDAN, F. W Savoy, R.66 

JORDAN, M. E Savoy, R. 66 

JOYCE, WM Savoy, R. 66 

JUDY, R. E. Gifford, R. 25 

JUTKINS, L. F Savoy, R. 45 

KIRK, P. H Penfield, R. 27 

KOCH, G. L Champaign, R. 4 

KRUMM, H. A Philo, R. 56 

LAVERICK, I. F Broadlands, R. 37 

LEAS, F. S St. Joseph, R. 13 

LEAS, GEO. N St. Joseph, R. 14 

LEIGH, J. M St. Joseph, R. 13 

LEVEAR, Ross Gifford, R. 25 

LIGHT, J. K Thomasboro, R. 20 

LITTLE, L. A Tolono, R. 46 

LOUKS, J. D Dewey, R. 33 

MADDOCK, EDW St. Joseph, R. 14 

MARRIOTT, H. B Urbana, R. 12 

MAYER, W. J Pesotum, R. 55 

MAXWELL, J. W Urbana, R. 10 

MCCLELLAND, C. L Foosland, R. 38 

McCuLLOUGH, J Urbana, R. 10 

McHARRY, D. R Rantoul, R. 21 

McNEiLL, R. D Seymour, R. 43 

MINKS, R. A Dewey, R. 33 

MITCHEL, ROY Fisher, R. 35 

MOORE, THOS Gifford, R. 25 

NELSON, J. M Champaign, R. 4 

NOLAN, THOS Ogden, R. 17 

NEWMAN, C. E Foosland, R. 38 

O'DoNNELL, J. P Rantoul, R. 24 

O'NEAL, W. B Sadorus, R. 51 

PERCIVAL, E. J Urbana, R. 10 

PIPER, J. C Rantoul, R. 23 

PITTMAN, E. D Mahomet, R. 41 

REIFSTECH, GEO Savoy, R. 66 

REINHART, O. W Pesotum, R. 55 

RISING, A. F Champaign, R. 4 

SCHINDLER, R. H Sidney, R. 57 

SCHOLL, MRS. J Foosland, R. 38 

Six, H. W Broadlands, R. 37 

SIZER, O. B Fisher, R. 35 

SMITH, JACOB Pesotum, R. 55 

SOMERS, S. R Savoy, R. 45 

STEARN, WM. A St. Joseph, R. 15 

STOUT, L. R Savoy, R. 66 

SUMMERS, WM Foosland, R. 38 

SUTTLE, B. M Mahomet, R. 40 

TALBOT, E. P Gifford, R. 25 

TROUTMAN, A. E Savoy, R. 45 

TWEET, P. R Gibson City, R. 1 

UNZICKER, J. K Fisher, R. 34 

Lone Distance Phone 
Yards 75 

Live Stock Exchange National Bank 




Send Ut Your Next Shipment We Guarantee Satisfaction 

26 Exchange Building, 
Union Stock Yards 




VAN BRUNT, R. B Urbana, R. 11 

VARNER, V. E St. Joseph, R. 14 

WALSH, E. T Rantoul 

WIESE, CHAS Foosland, R. 39 

ZEHR, DAN lf . . . Foosland, R. 38 

ZENKE, WM Broadlands, R. 36 



BLUE, C. T Thomasboro, R. 20 

CLIFFORD, C. E Rantoul, R. 21 

TAYLOR, GEO Urbana, R. 1 1 


ANDERSON, J. A Ludlow, R. 29 

ARMSTRONG, J. A Bondville, R. D. 

BAKER, R. R Savoy, R. 66 

BENNETT, N Tolono, R. 48 

BOHLEN, WM Thomasboro, R.^0 

BROWN, A. W Pesotum, R. 54 

CHERRY, H.. . . .St. Joseph, R. 15 

CLARK, J. H Savoy, R. 45 

COMPTON, ROY Urbana, R. 9 

ELLIS, H. G Penfield, R. 27 

EYESTONE, F. J Penfield, R. 28 

FINK, CHAS Dewey, R. 33 

FISHER, CHAS. A Savoy, R. 66 

FRAZER, ELMER Urbana, R. 10 

FRAZIER, GEO., JR Villa Grove 

GILLES, GEO Pesotum, R. 55 

GLASCOCK, J. R St. Joseph, R. 16 

HANSON, E. C Champaign, R. 3 

HARSHBARGER, M. E Ivesdale, R. 53 

HEYER, W. E Fisher, R. 34 

HUTSON, H Urbana, R. 8 

IRLE, CHAS Mahomet, R. D. 

JACKSON, WM. T Ludlow, R. 31 

JORDAN, T. F Savoy, R. 66 

KEENE, Z. C Seymour, R. 43 

KOCH, A. F Urbana, R. 12 

McFALL, JOHN Urbana, R. 10 

MESSMAN, F. J Sadorus, R. 51 

MONTGOMERY, S. H Tolono, R. 46 

MURRY BROS Pesotum, R. 54 

PERCIVAL, E. V Urbana, R. 10 

RAYBURN, B Champaign, R. 4 

REINHART, Jos. J Pesotum, R. 55 

SHADE, H. R Urbana, R. 9 

SHAFER, GEO. A Villa Grove 

SHAFF, L. L Urbana, R. 7 

SMITH, CHAS Urbana, R. 7 

SPERLING, A. H Fisher, R. 34 

SUSDORF, E Rantoul, R. 22 

TAYLOR, GEO Urbana, R. 11 

THOMAS, J. O Mahomet, R. 41 

VAN BRUNT, M. S Urbana, R. 11 

WALLEN, P Rantoul, R. 22 

WEBBER, H. E Ludlow, R. 29 

WILSON, L. D Urbana, R. 9 

WOOD, L. C Mahomet, R. 42 

WOODWORTH, C. R Tolono, R. 48 


ASHER, JAS. E Mahomet, R. 40 

BALL, CORLEY Foosland 

BARNES, JAS. E Tolono, R. 48 

BARNHART, H. T Tolono, R. 47 

BARNHART, R. M Mahomet, R. 41 

BURKE, M. T Savoy 

BUTLER, J. B Ivesdale, R. 53 

CONARD, JAS. S Dewey, R. 33 

CROWLEY, J. W Mahomet, R. 40 

DITTMAN, JOE Tolono, R. 47 

DRENNAN, CECIL Dewey, R. 33 

DUBSON, D. S Fisher, R. 35 

EDWARDS, J. L Tolono, R. 48 

FAIRFIELD, E. J Foosland, R. 38 

FISHER, MRS. E. L Savoy, R. 66 

FOSTER, V. D Dewey, R. 33 

GERBERS, JERRY St. Joseph, R. 14 

GOOD, W. E Thomasboro, R. 19 

GREGG, S. M Rantoul, R. 21 

GRIIRSON, C. M Champaign, R. 6 

GRIMES, L. P St. Joseph, R. 16 

HAM MEL, J. F Mahomet, R. 42 

HARMON, J. R Dewey, R. 33 

HIGGINS, E Champaign, R. 2 

F. J. BURNS & CO. I 


Poultry, Eggs, Butter, Cheese, Frogs and Veal 


Reference: Fort Dearborn National Bank 

178 W. South Water Street CHICAGO I 



HULMES, H. H Sidney 

HUMMEL, P Dewey 

JOHNSON, A. E Gifford, R. 25 

KEAL, CHAS. G Thomasboro, R. 20 

KOBEL, F Champaign, R. 3 

KOCH, G. L Champaign, R. 4 

LINDSEY, G. W Urbana 

LOH MILLER, W. G Gifford, R. 25 

MANSFIELD, M. D Urbana, R. 8 

MARCELLUS, A. J Foosland, R. 38 

MCCLELLAND, C. L Foosland, R. 38 

McCuLLOUGH, A Urbana, R. 10 

NEEF, C. F., JR Urbana, R. 9 

NOGLE, J. T Sadorus, R. 52 

O'CONNOR, DAN Sadorus, R. 51 

PARRY, Jos. L. Tolono, R. 48 

PEARSON, Jos. R Ludlow, R. 31 

PITTMAN, H. A Mahomet, R. 41 

PUTNAM, C. W Champaign, R. 4 

PUTNAM, L. F Dewey, R. 33 

ROBINETT, H. F Fisher, R. 35 

RYAN, DEN S Savoy, R. 66 

SHIELDS, H Dewey, R. 32 

SIMERL, J. F Urbana, R. 7 

SITTS, W. H Dewey, R. 33 

SMITH, W. A St. Joseph, R. D. 

SOMERS, J. B Urbana, R. 9 

SOMERS, S. R Savoy, R. 45 

SQUIRE, J Champaign, R. 6 

STAM M, S Foosland, R. 39 

SWARTZ, H Rantoul, R. 22 

TAYLOR, GEO Urbana, R. 1 1 

TOMPKINS, W. R Mahomet, R. 41 

WARD, F. H Dewey, R. 33 

WILLIAMS, J. A Mahomet, R. 40 

WOLF, R. J St. Joseph, R. 13 

WOLIUNG, C Dewey, R. 32 



ALLMAN, J. L Urbana, R. 7 

BLACK, W. Z St. Joseph 

HAZZARD, JAS Philo, R. 56 

HINTON, M Mahomet, R. 40 

HOLL, B. C Pesotum, R. 54 

KOCH, G. L Champaign, R. 4 

LITTLE, A Rantoul, R. 24 

PIPER, J. C Rantoul, R. 23 

STOVER, W. A Sadorus, R: 51 



AUDRE, M St. Joseph, R. 13 

BENGTSON, E. B Ludlow, R. 31 

BESORE, D. B Savoy, R. 66 

BIRKEY, A. F Rantoul, R. 21 

BLOOM, L. F Tolono, R. 47 

BOHLEN, WM Thomasboro, R. 20 

BROWN, CLINT Homer, R. 59 

CARPER, U. S Seymour, R. 43 

CHERRY, H St. Joseph, R. 15 

CLARK, E St. Joseph, R. 13 

CLER, F. M Tuscola, R. 1 

COOK, D Tolono, R. 47 

COON, J. S Ludlow, R. 30 

CORDTS, J. A Ivesdale, R. 53 

CRANE, IRA Rantoul, R. 23 

CRAW, G. E Sadorus, R. 49 

CURTIS, G. A Fisher, R. 34 

DILLINGHAM, R. W Seymour, R. 44 

DUNLAP, G. H Bondville, R. 65 

EICH HORSE, F. R Pesotum, R. 28 

ELLIOTT, F. O Homer, R. 62 

ELLIS, A. M Penfield, R. 28 

FIEDLER, E. F Thomasboro, R. 19 

FINK, J. W Dewey, R. 32 

FOLEY, JOHN Philo, R. 56 

FULLER, J. K Ludlow, R. 31 

CARVER, C. D Ludlow, R. 30 

GUSTAFSON, V. W Rantoul, R. 23 

HAMMEL, J. F Mahomet, R. 42 

HARTZ, PETER D Philo, R. 56 

HARTZ, WM. A Philo, R. 56 

HAWORTH, CHAS St. Joseph, R. 13 

HEINDSELMAN, M. D Rantoul, R. 23 

HESTER, E. H Tolono, R. 48 

HICKLE, B. A Champaign, R. 4 




9 Fulton Market, Chicago 


References j Union Trust Company; The Live Stock Exchange National Bank; All 
Express Companies; R. G. Dun & Co.; Bradstreet; Drovers Journal; Live Stock World. 

I guarantee highest possible prices, correct weights, prompt returns and 

personal attention to every shipment 
Cooling Rooms Write for Tags and Market Quotations 



HINTON, J. A Mahomet, R. 40 

HUDSON, O Urbana, R. 12 

HUMMEL, P Dewey 

HUMPHRY, GEO Tolono, R. 46 

HUNT, O. M St. Joseph, R. 13 

HYDE, A. B Rantoul, R. 21 

JOHNSON, J. B Ludlow, R. 30 

KANTNER, L Champaign 

KAUFMAN, H. C St. Joseph, R. 16 

KUKENDALL, H Mahomet, R. 4 

LAYMAN, C Rantoul, R. 22 

LEVEAR, Ross Gifford, R. 25 

McMAHON, R. G St. Joseph, R. 15 

MENGES, A Urbana, R. 8 

MESSMAN, A Tolono, R. 46 

MILLER, A. S Dewey 

MITCHELL, J. G Foosland, R. 38 

MORRISON, E. W Mahomet, R. 42 

MURRELL, N Champaign, R. 5 

MURRELL, P. A Thomasboro, R. 19 

NOGLE, J. T Sadorus, R. 52 

NORTON, A. E Tolono, R. 46 

O'DoNNELL, J. P Rantoul, R. 24 

PFIESTER, C. I Seymour, R. 43 

PHENICIE, W. O St. Joseph, R. 17 

PHILLIPPE, J. H., SR. .. .Mahomet, R. 42 

POTTER, J. P Broadlands, R. 37 

RAN KIN, A. D Foosland, R. 38 

RAYBURN, B. F Mahomet, R. 42 

RICHARDSON, J. H Tolono, R. 46 

ROGERS, M. J Ivesdale, R. 52 

SCHWARTZ, H. C Dewey, R. 32 

SCHWENCK, H Pesotum, R. 54 

SEEBER, E Rantoul, R. 22 

SEEBER, PETER Champaign, R. 3 

SEEL MEYER, O. H Urbana, R. 10 

SITTS, W. H Dewey, R. 33 

STONE, H. E Ludlow, R.29 

STONE, T. M Tolono, R. 47 

STOUT, L. R Savoy, R. 66 

SWAIM, V. C Ludlow, R. 30 

SWARTZ, HENRY Rantoul, R. 22 

TALBOTT, G. B Champaign, R. 1 

TAYLOR, F. W Mahomet, R. 42 

THINNES, J. L Tolono, R. 48 

VILES, WM. E Urbana, R. 7 

WALSH, T. J Rantoul, R. 21 

WARSAW, CHIS Foosland, R. 38 

WELCH, W. C Urbana, R. 12 

WILLIAMS, H. C St. Joseph, R. 13 

WILLSEY, J Urbana, R. 10 

WISE, H. L Penfield, R. 27 

WISHALL, PETER Pesotum, R. 54 

WOMACKS, L. P Champaign, R. 4 

WOODIN, T. J St. Joseph 


ALEXANDER, C Dewey, R. 32 

ARLEDGE, CHAS. F Urbana, R. 9 

BATES, JAS. A Tolono, R.48 






Live Stock 

ESTABLISHED 1888 A" eTCtiantS 

88 and 90 Exchange Building, UNION STOCK YARDS 

; Thirty Years of Success; TRY US! We buy on orders and sell Cattle, Hog* and Sheep, 






BOWERS, S Tolono, R. 48 

BRUDDER, B. A Bondville, R. 65 

BURNETT, W. F Urbana, R. 9 

BURR, A. A Philo, R. 56 

BUTTIN, PAUL Savoy, R. 66 

CARR, ANTHONY Urbana, R. 12 

CEKANDER, A Savoy, R. 66 

CHAPMAN, A. S Mahomet, R. D. 

CHRISTIAN, F Tolono, R. 46 

CHRISTY, C St. Joseph, R. 13 

CLAPPER, R. S Mahomet, R. 42 

CLENNON, MRS. A Tolono, R. 46 

CLENNON, M. J . . . Tolono, R. 46 

CLIFFORD, C. E Rantoul, R. 21 

COLLINS, MRS. M. J ... Champaign, R. 2 

CONARD, JAS. S Dewey, R. 33 

COOK, GUY Ivesdale, R. 53 

CREAMER, C. F Tolono, R. 47 

CREAMER, WM. C Tolono, R. 47 

DADEY, EDW. J Champaign, R. 2 

DAHL, AUG Ludlow, R. 29 

DELOZIER, JAS Dewey, R. 33 

DICKASON, F Urbana, R. 1 1 

DICKERSON, R Mahomet, R. 42 

DITTMAN, JOE Tolono, R. 47 

DUNBAR, C. O Sadorus, R. 50 

DUNLAP, G. H Bondville, R. 65 

DUNLAP, L. N Rantoul, R.-22 

EDWARDS, R. U Tolono, R. 48 

EHLER, JOHN Champaign, R. 5 

ELDER, JOHN Longview, R. 63 

ELLIOTT, F. O Homer, R. 62 

FAGALY, EDW Philo, R. 56 

FISHER, C. E Savoy, R. 66 

FISHER^ ELMER Savoy, R. 66 

FISHER, S. . ; , Savoy, R. 66 

FISHER, W, Savoy, R. 66 

FLATT, R. A ' Leverett, R. D. 

FLETCHER, O. A. Pesotum 

FORE, ASA E. Gifford, R. 25 

FREEMAN, G. Homer, R. 61 

GAUBLE, H. .....' Fisher, R. 34 

GIBBENS, R. G Foosland, R. 39 

GORDON, J. J . . . ; Ludlow, R. 31 

GORDON, N. A Ludlow, R. 31 

GOURDIER, C Dewey, R. 33 

GOWDY, J. H Ludlow, R. 30 

GRANT, F. L .Champaign, R. 2 

GRIMES, L. P St. Joseph, R. 16 

HAINES, GEO., JR Seymour, R. 44 

HAMM, CHAS Ludlow, R. 30 

HAMM, C. W Champaign, R. 4 

HANCOCK, H. M Ludlow, R. 31 

HARMON, J. R Dewey, R. 33 

HARRIS, B. F Champaign, R. D. 

HARRISON, J. A Pesotum, R. 55 

HASTINGS, MRS. M Sadorus, R. 50 

HERBERT, GEO. W Gifford, R. 25 

HEWERDINE, W. I Dewey, R. 33 

HICKLE, B. A Champaign, R. 4 

HINDS, H. F Pesotum, R. 54 

HOLLEMAN, WM Savoy, R. 66 

HOLTERMANN, D. J Sadorus, R. 50 

HOUSE, R. A Savoy, R. 45 

HOYT, A. J St. Joseph, R. 13 

HOYT, N. C St. Joseph, R. 13 

HUDSON, ED St. Joseph, R. 13 

HULVEY, W Urbana, R. 8 

HYLBERT, J. M Gifford, R. 25 

IRLE, GEO. G Urbana, R. 9 

IRLE, L. J Champaign, R. 6 

IRONS, A. E Homer, R. 61 

JOHNSON, DICK Rantoul, R. 21 

JOHNSON, E. E Champaign, R. 6 

JOHNSTON, E. C Urbana, R. 7 

JOHNSTON, I. W Dewey, R. 33 

JORDAN, F. W Savoy, R. 66 

JORDAN, MRS. M. E Savoy, R. 66 

JORDAN, THEO. W Savoy, R. 66 

JORDAN, T. F Savoy, R. 66 

KAMRADT, F. A Sadorus, R. 49 

KAMRADT, H Pesotum, R. 54 

KELLY, M. S Tolono, R. 48 

KIRK, HUGH A Ludlow, R. 29 

KIRK, O. B Ludlow, R. D. 

KRACHT, WM. C Philo, R. 56 

KUYKENDALL, L. W ... Champaign, R. 6 

LAMBDIN, B Mahomet, R. 40 

LARGE, JAS Ivesdale, R. 53 

LEAS, F. S St. Joseph, R. 13 

Established 1868 



Union Trust Co. 

Richard J. Collins 


Mercantile Trust and 
Savings Bank 



Dunn and Bradstreet 
Commercial Agen- 






All Express Compan- 



Long Distance Phones: Monroe 3330-3331 

Tags and Markets 

Furnished Upon Application. Free 

Cooling Rooms. 



LEPPER, GEO Ludlow, R. 31 

LIEB, F. J Pesotum, R. 55 

LIETZ, A Sadorus, R. 49 

LINDENMAN, J. G Dewey, R. 32 

LITTLE, R. B Tolono, R. 46 

LOH MILLER, WM. G Giffprd, R. 25 

MADIGAN, J. J Longview, R. 64 

MARSH, L. E St. Joseph, R. 14 

MATHEWS, J. W Sadorus, R. 49 

MATHEWS, R. L . Sadorus, R. 49 

MAXWELL, A. S Broadlands, R. 37 

MAYER, K. J Pesotum, R. 55 

MILLER, H. N Fisher, R. 35 

MILLS, C. P Homer; R. 61 

MINKS, R. A Dewey, R. 33 

MITCHEL, ROY Fisher, R. 35 

MOORE, J. E Homer, R. 61 

MUHLEMAN, F. M Foosland, R. 39 

MUMM, W. D Philo, R. 56 

NELSON, H. I Champaign, R. 4 

NELSON, J. M Champaign, R. 4 

NORTON, O. W Bondville, R. 65 

ODELL, WM Sadorus, R.49 

ORDEL, F Philo, R. 56 

PALMBERG, C. A Ludlow, R. 30 

PALMBERG, G. E Ludlow, R. 30 

PATIENT, S Mahomet, R. 41 

PETTIGREW, D. H Savoy, R. 66 

PRIM MER, J. L Mahomet, R. 42 

PUTNAM, L. F Dewey, R. 33 

QUILAN, WM. J Tolono, R. 46 

QUINLAN, C. A Ludlow, R. 31 

QUINLAN, M. P Ludlow, R. 29 

REIFSTECH, GEO Savoy, R. 66 

REINHART, CHAS Pesotum, R. 55 

REINHART, J. J Pesotum, R. 55 

ROBERTS, J. T Savoy, R. 45 

ROBERTS, L. W Champaign, R. 6 

ROBINSON, O. F Sadorus, R. 51 

Ross, CHAS. E Savoy, R. 66 

Ross, E. A Champaign, R. 2 

RUCKMAN, R Mahomet, R. 42 

RUSK, F Ludlow, R. 31 

RUSSELL, A Champaign, R. 1 

SAWYER, J. B Dewey, R. 32 

SHADE, H. R Urbana, R. 9 

SHEFFER, C. R Fisher, R. 34 

SILVER, D. A Urbana, R. 11 

SMITH, G. A Savoy, R.45 

SMITH, J. T Savoy, R. 66 

STEARNS, WM. A St. Joseph, R. 15 

STICKROD, H. D Tolono, R. 48 

STONESTREET, G. W Penfield, R. 27 

TALBOT, E. P Gifford, R. 25 

TELLING, A Broadlands, R. 37 

TEMPEL, P. A Savoy, R. 45 

TRACY, C. L Rantoul, R. 24 

VEST, WM. R Champaign, R. 3 

WAGNER, CHAS St. Joseph, R. 15 

WATSON, GEO. L Ludlow, R. 31 

WELCH, EDW Ivesdale, R. 53 

WILLIAMS, J Bondville, R. 65 

WISE, J. E Savoy, R. 45 

WISE, J. T Sadorus, R. 5 

WOLF, C. G Champaign, R. 1 

WOLF, R. J St. Joseph, R. 13 

WOODWORTH, C. R Tolono, R. 48 

ZEHR, J. E Fisher, R. 35 

ZOCH, H. A Sadorus, R. 51 


BEELER, P. E Gifford, R. 25 

GRANT, F. L Champaign, R. 2 

GREGGS, S. E Rantoul, R. 21 

HARRIS, B. F Champaign, R. D. 

HERRIOTT, J. T Mahomet, R. 41 

JUDY, R. E Gifford, R. 25 



229-231 W. SO. WATER ST. 
C M I 


Highest Prices, Full Weight, 

Prompt Returns 
Write for Tags and Market Quotations 

References Any Bank or Express Agt. in your town. 
Fort Dearborn National Bank, Chicago 


PATTEN, SAM Clarence, R. 10 

PERCIVAL, C. A Champaign, R. 2 

PERCIVAL, F. U Urbana, R. 10 

PERCIVAL, H. B Urbana, R. 10 

SPENCER, CHAS Mahomet, R. 41 

WEBB, W. H Urbana, R. 12 


HARRY, W. M Urbana, R. 7 

HUMMEL, C. A Dewey, R. 36 

SMITH, RALPH Urbana, R. 7 

SWAIM, V. C Ludlow, R. 30 


APPL, J. E St. Joseph, R. 15 

AULD, CHAS. F Ivesdale, R. 53 

BANTZ, ELMER Homer, R. 62 

BARNES, JAS. E Tolono, R. 48 

BERBAUM, L. C Champaign, R. 2 

BERMINGHAM, W. . . .Thomasboro, R. 19 

BIALESCHKI, C. A Sadorus, R. 50 

BIRKEY, J. C Dewey, R. 32 

BIRKLEY, GEO Dewey, R. 32 

BIRKY, E. C Fisher, R. 34 

BIRKY, L. E Rantoul, R. 21 

BOWERS, S Tolono, R. 48 

BOYS, WM. O St. Joseph, R. 14 

BROWN, A. W Pesotum, R. 54 

BROWN, WM. O Homer, R. 59 

BURKE, M. T Savoy 

BYERLEY, CHAS. St. Joseph, R. 14 

BYRNES, TIM Tolono, R. 46 

CAGLE, J. H Fisher, R. 35 

CALDWELL, R. M Sidney, R. 57 

CAVANAUGH, J. W Urbana, R. 7 

CLARK, GEO. W Pesotum, R. 54 

COLE, MRS. M. F. Sidney, R. 58 

COOMS, O. B Foosland, R. 38 

COOPER, IRA M Pesotum, R. 55 

CRAWFORD, C. E Longview, R. 63 

CURTIS, EUGENE, JR Savoy, R. 45 

DECKER, C. G Philo, R. 56 

DOYLE, M. J Ivesdale, R. 53 

EDWARDS, J. L Tolono, R. 48 

ELLIS, H. G Penfield, R. 27 

ELLIS, J. J Penfield, R. 28 

ERSIG, Gus Savoy, R. 45 

EVANS, F. L Rantoul, R. 22 

EVANS, J. H Dewey, R. 33 

FACKLER, ROY Tolono, R. 47 


FIOCK, J. B St. Joseph, R. 13 

FIOCK, L. R Urbana, R. 7 

FLETCHER, E. E Pesotum, R. 55 

FLETCHER, O. A Pesotum 

FOSTER, C. H Bondville, R. 65 

FUNKHOUSER, A Rantoul, R. D. 

FUNKHOUSER, C. L Rantoul, R. D. 

FUNKHOUSER, I. C Rantoul, R. 24 

GARBER, J. A Sadorus, R. 51 

GATES, P. J Tuscola, R. 1 

GRENNAN, JAS Ivesdale, R. 53 

GRISWOULD, E. W Ludlow, R. 31 

HADVEN, A. H Sadorus, R. 49 

HAMMEL, J. F Mahomet, R. 42 

HARGESHEIMER, C Foosland, R. 39 

HARRIS, B. F Champaign, R. D. 

HARTLE, L. B Sadorus, R. 50 

HARTRICK, V. O Sadorus, R. 50 

HEISER, J. A Fisher, R. 34 

HELMS, M. E Sadorus, R. 51 

HETTINGER, JOE Pesotum, R. 55 

HETTINGER, P. M Tolono, R. 46 

HIESER, AMOS A Dewey, R. 32 

HILLARD, G. W Tolono, R. 47 

HITTINGER, M Pesotum, R. 55 

HOBSON, J. E Champaign, R. 1 

HOWARD, O Dewey, E. 32 

HUNT, J. W St. Joseph, R. 14 

JACKSON, J. M Pesotum, R. 55 

JACKSON, W. T Ludlow, R. 31 

JOHNSON, AL Rantoul, R. 21 

JOHNSON, GEQ. W Ivesdale, R. 53 

JONES, J. F Ludlow, R. 30 

KEAL, C. W Rantoul, R. 24 

KIDD, E. G Tolono, R. 47 

KIRK, J. F Penfield, R. 27 

KrtKpATRiCK, A. J Urbana, R. 8 

KOCH, C St. Joseph, R. 16 

KRUM M, C. J Sadorus, R. 51 

KRUMM, H. A Philo, R. 56 

LAMB, H. A Broadlands, R. 36 

LAM MLE, G Fisher, R. 34 

LEAS, GEO. N St. Joseph, R. 14 

LEE, O. C Gifford, R. 25 

LITTLE, L. A Tolono, R. 46 

LITTLE, R. S Rantoul, R. 22 

LOUKS, J. D Dewey, R. 33 

LOUKS, RAY Fisher, R. 35 

MADDOCK, EDW St. Joseph, R. 14 

MADDOCK, O. W St. Joseph, R. 13 

MCCLELLAND, C. L Foosland, R. 38 

McCoRMiCK, F Urbana, R. 7 

McGEE, WM. F Urbana, R. 10 

McNEiLL, R. D Seymour, R. 43 

MEHARRY, GEO. F Tolono, R. 48 

MEHARRY, J. E Tolono, R. 48 

MEHARRY, P. F Tolono, R. 48 

MILLER, EL WOOD Fisher, R. 35 

MILLER, H. N Fisher, R. 35 

MINKS, E. W :t ... .Fisher, R. 35 

MOONEY, DAN Gifford, R. 26 

MOORE, THOS Gifford, R. 25 

MOTSINGER, D. E Urbana, R. 12 

MURRY BROS Pesotum, R. 54 

MYERS, R. L Mahomet, R. 41 

NYE, J. E St. Joseph, R. 16 

O'BiRNE, WM. F Philo, R. 56 

O'BRYAN, J. A Pesotum 

ODELL, WM Sadorus, R. 49 

O'NEAL, W. B Sadorus, R. 51 

ORDEL, W. H Philo, R. 56 

PARKER, C. L Homer, R. 61 



PARNELL, W. J Bondville, R. 65 

PFEFFER, J. G., SR Seymour, R. 44 

PIEPLOW, F St. Joseph, R. 16 

PLOTNER, E. A Tolono, R. 48 

RAN KIN, A. D Foosland, R. 38 

RAYBURN, BERT Champaign, R. 4 

RAYBURN, C. C Bondville, R. 65 

REED, CHAS. W Tolono, R. 48 

REINHART, H Pesotum, R. 55 

REINHART, O. W Pesotum, R. 55 

REMLEY, J. W Gifford, R. 25 

REMLEY, M. A -... .Gifford, R. 25 

RICHARDS, E. A St. Joseph, R. 15 

RIEMKE, E. F Tolono, R. 47 

RISING, A. F Champaign, R. 4 

SADORUS, W. O Sadorus, R. 50 

SELBY, SAM Mahomet, R. 41 

SELMEYER, H. F Philo, R. 56 

SHARPE, J. W Penfield, R. 28 

SILKEY, C. F../. Ogden, R. 17 

SMILEY, H. A Broadlands, R. 36 

SOMERS, S. R Savoy, R. 45 

SOMERS, T. J Urbana, R. 9 

SPRINGER, J. W Dewey, R. 32 

SPROUT, C. A Philo, R. 56 

SQUIRE, J Champaign, R. 6 

STAM M, S Foosland, R. 39 

STOERGER, L Ivesdale, R. 53 

STONESTREET, C. A Penfield, R. 27 

SWAIN, C. W Savoy, R. 45 

TAYLOR, C. B Penfield, R. 27 

TEN BROOK, L. J Sadorus, R. 50 

TOPPIN, J Urbana, R. 12 

TOY, F Sidney, R. 57 

TROUTMAN, A. E Savoy, R. 45 

TURNER, G. E Fisher, R. 34 

VAN METER, C. M Tolono, R. 47 

WARD, F. H Dewey, R. 33 

WETHERALD, G. T Bondville, R. 65 

WHITE, S Urbana, R. 12 

WILLIAMS, G. C Dewey, R. 33 

WILLIAMS, JOHN Urbana, R. 7 

WILSON, N. L Tolono, R.46 

WISMAR, J. C Sadorus, R. 51 

WOOD, W. C St. Joseph, R. 16 

YEASEL, J. F St. Joseph, R. 15 

ZANTOW, E. H Broadlands, R. 37 


PHARES, C. A St. Joseph, R. 15 



EH MAN, WM Gifford 

EHMEN, J. L St. Joseph, R. 14 



58-60 Exchange Building 

(Union Stock Yards) 


Phone Yards 910 : Stewart 4385 
Hyde Park 4812 

Drovers' National Bank, Chicago 

Speer State Bank, Speer, 111. 
First National Bank, Granville, 111. 


Stockers and Feeders 





Goss, C. E Urbana, R. 9 

HOYT, A. J St. Joseph, R. 13 

LOESCHEN, G. A Penfield, R. 28 

STONE, T. M Tolono, R. 47 

WILHELM, P. C Tolono, R. 46 


GOOD, WM. M Urbana, R. 9 


LIGHT, J. K Thomasboro, R. 20 

SEEKER, E Rantoul, R. 22 


APPERSON, L. O Rantoul, R. 21 

DOBYN, C. P Bondville, R. 65 

EHMEN, J. L St. Joseph, R. 14 

GUTZWILER, P. J Mahomet, R. 41 

JACKSON, E. S Mahomet, R. 41 


HARTZ, W. A Philo, R. 56 


ABBOTT, I. C Mahomet, R. 41 

ANDERSON, C. L Paxton, R. 1 

BARCUS, CHAS St. Joseph, R. 15 

BEST, F. L Tolono, R. 46 

BIRKEY, A. F Rantoul, R.21 

BIRKEY, E. C Fisher, R. 34 

BIRKE.Y, L. E ....Rantoul, R.21 

CAVANAUGH, J. W Urbana, R. 7 

COON, J. S Ludlow, R. 30 

CROWLEY, Lou Mahomet, R. 40 

CROWLEY, MRS. M Mahomet, R. 40 

DAVIS, J. R Mahomet, R. 42 

DECKER, C. G Philo, R. 56 

DICKERSON, LEE A Mahomet, R. 42 

EVANS, J. H Dewey, R. 33 

FAIRCHILD. CHAS Fisher, R. 34 

GUT, C. C Fisher, R. 34 

GUTZWILER, P. J Mahomet, R. 41 

HAINES, GEO., SR Seymour, R. 44 

HARMON, J. R Dewey, R. 33 

HARRIS, B. F Champaign, R. D. 

HAWORTH, CHAS St. Joseph, R. 13 

HEIMBERGER, A. J Champaign, R. 6 

HEWERDINE, W. I Dewey, R. 33 

HOBBS, WM. E Tolono, R. 48 


JAMES, MOSES Mahomet, R. 41 

JENKINSON, A Gifford, R. 25 

JORDAN, JOHN Homer, R. 59 

JORDON, R. V Dewey, R. 3 

KEAL. CHAS. G Thomasboro, R. 20 

KEELER, MRS. J. R Philo, R. 56 

KERR, TOM, JR Urbana, R. 7 

KIDD, E. G Tolono, R. 47 

KURZWEG, J. W Champaign, R. 4 

LEAS, F. S St. Joseph, R. 13 

LEAS, GEO. N St. Joseph, R. 14 

LEIGH, J. M St. Joseph, R. 13 

MADDOCK, E St. Joseph, R. 14 

MADDOCK, O. W St. Joseph, R. 13 

MAJORS, W. T Champaign, R. 1 

MARCELLUS, A. J Foosland, R. 38 

McGEE, WM. F Urbana, R. 10 

MINKS, E. W Fisher, R. 35 

MINKS, R. A Dewey, R. 33 

MUMM, W. D Philo, R. 56 

OYER, Jos Foosland, R. 38 

PEARSON, J. R Ludlow, R. 31 

REMLEY, J. W Gifford, R.25 

SADDORIS, L Urbana, R. 8 

SCHOON, GEO Penfield, R. 27 

SEEKER, E Rantoul, R. 22 

SEPP, CARL Ludlow, R. 30 

SHEEHAN, M. A Ludlow, R. 29 

SHEFFER, C. R Fisher, R. 34 

SITTS, W. H Dewey, R. 33 

SMITH, R. M Tolono, R. 46 

SOMERS, SAMUEL R Savoy, R. 45 

SPERLING, A. H Fisher, R. 34 

SUDDUTH, BART Pesotum, R. 54 

TEMPEL, J. L Pesoturn 

THOMAS, J. B Dewey, R. 32 

TRUE, BROS Champaign, R. 5 

UNZICKER, J. R Fisher, R. 34 

VARNER, V. E St. Joseph, R. 14 

WALSH, E. T Rantoul 

WALSH, L. A Thomasboro, R. 20 

WARE, W. S Gifford, R. 24 

WATSON, GEO. L Ludlow, R. 31 

WEBSTER, F. S Rantoul, R. 22 

WHITMORE, N. T Ludlow, R. 31 

WIESE, CHAS Foosland, R. 39 

WILHELM, J. M Tolono, R. 46 

WILSON, DAVID St. Joseph, R. 14 

WILSON, G. O Dewey, R. 33 

WILSON, H. J Champaign, R. 5 

WOMACKS, L. P Champaign, R. 4 

YOUNG, GEO., SR Bondville, R. 65 

ZENUNG, Z. R Rantoul, R. 21 



ARIE, CHAS Urbana, R. 11 

BELL, E. S Seymour, R. 44 

BERBAUM, L. C Champaign, R. 2 

BOYS, WM. O St. Joseph, R. 14 

BUTZ, F. E Tolono, R. 47 

CARL, GEO. D Thomasboro, R. 19 

CHURCHILL, J. E Philo, R. 56 

CLER, Jos Pesotum, R. 55 

COFFEY, J. E Savoy, R. 45 

COOK, GUY Ivesdale, R. 53 

DELOZIER, JAS Dewey, R. 33 

DITTMAN, JOE Tolono, R. 47 

DOWNS, MRS. N Mahomet, R. 40 

DRENNAN, C Dewey, R. 33 

FACKLER, ROY Tolono, R. 47 



FISHER, ELMER Savoy, R. 66 

FACKLER, S. F Tolono, R. 46 

FLETCHER, EARL Rantoul, R. 22 

FLETCHER, O. A Pesotum 

HAINES, F. B Seymour, R. 44 

HAM M, CHAS Ludlow, R. 30 

HEATER, R. F Urbana, R. 11 

HICKLE, B. A Champaign, R. 4 

HOLLEMAN, WM Savoy, R. 66 

HYDE, A. B Rantoul, R. 21 

IRLE, L. J Champaign, R. 6 

JORDON, F. W Savoy, R. 66 

JORDON, MRS. M. E Savoy, R. 66 

JORDAN, T. F Savoy, R. 66 

JORDAN, T. W Savoy, R.66 

JUTKINS, L. F Savoy, R. 45 

KEAL, CHAS. G Thomasboro, R. 20 

KIRK, J. F Ludlow, R. 3 

KRUMAN, H. A Philo, R. 56 

McCABE, T. J Ludlow, R. 31 

MINER, CHAS Rantoul, R. 24 

POSTLEWAITE, J. J Philo, R. 56 

QUAYLE, THOS Mahomet, R. 42 

REIFSTECH, GEO, Savoy, R. 66 

REIFSTECH, J Sadorus, R. 51 

RIEMKE, E. F Tolono, R. 47 

RISING, A. F Champaign, R. 4 

RITTENHOUSE, J. R Mahomet, R. 41 

Ross, CHAS. E Savoy, R. 66 

Ross, EARL A Champaign, R. 2 

RYAN, D. S.. Savoy, R.66 

SADDORIS, L Urbana, R. 8 

SCHWEINEKE, F Homer, R. 59 

SHEPHERD, J. L Philo, R. 56 

SIZER, O. B Fisher, R. 35 

SMITH, C. A Longview, R. 64 

STAMM, SILAS Foosland, R. 36 

TROUTMAN, A. E Savoy, R. 45 

TRUE BROS Champaign, R. 5 

TURNER, C. E Bondville, R. 65 

TURNER, Y. E Fisher, R. 34 

UNZICKER, J. R Fisher, R. 34 

VAN METER, C. M Tolono, R. 47 

WARNER, B. E Rantoul, R. 24 

WARNER, B. S Mahomet, R.D. 

WARNER, J. H Mahomet, R. 42 

WEST, H Champaign, R. 3 

WIESE, CHAS Foosland, R. 39 

WILHELM, J. M Tolono, R. 46 

WILHELM, P. C Tolono, R. 46 

WILLIAMS, C. O Champaign, R. 3 

WILLIAMS, F. A Fisher, R. 35 

WILLIAMS, G. C Dewey, R. 33 

WILSON, H. J Champaign, R. 5 

WOLIUNG, CHAS Dewey, R. 32 

ZINDARS, OTTO Seymour, R. 44 


BROWN, CLINT Homer, R. 59 

CALLAHAN, J. W Longview, R. 68 

(Cattle Department) 


the success of YOUR 
efforts in the hand- 
ling of Live Stock 
by patronizing 


'The Twentieth 
Century Firm" 

(Hog Department) 


We are bonded for $50,000 in the Hartford Indemnity and the 

Chicago Bonding and Surety Companies, which absolutely 

protects your financial interests. 



MOORE, WM Broadlands, R. 37 

POSTLEWAITE, J. J Philo, R. 56 

TRUMAN, J. T Urbana, R. 12 

WILSON, H. J Champaign, R. 5 



KIRK, O. B Ludlow, R. D. 


HIXSON, F. L Sadorus, R. 51 



HERRIOTT, J. T Mahomet, R. 41 

WILSON, H. J Champaign, R. 5 



EVANS, J. H Dewey, R. 3 


BLACK, W. Z St. Joseph 

CORNELL, O Allerton, R. 1 

GIERTZ, OTTO Fisher, R. 34 

HARRIS, B. F Champaign, R. D. 

HYLBERT, S. L Gifford, R. 26 

MAJORS, W. T Champaign, R. 1 

RITTENHOUSE, J. R Mahomet, R. 41 

SANDERS, A St. Joseph, R. 14 

SCHMINK, GEO Homer, R. 60 

SINGLETON, J. H Dewey, R. 33 

STICKROD, H. D Tolono, R. 48 

THOMAS, J. O Mahomet, R. 41 

TYAS, G. W Fisher, R. 35 

WOLF, C. G Champaign, R. 1 

WOMACKS, L. P Champaign, R. 4 




BROWNFIELD, M. M Urbana, R. 7 

DALTON, GEO Pesotum, R. 54 

WILKINS, F Mahomet, R. 40 


BACKERT, A Sadorus, R. 51 


FISHER, G. H Foosland, R. 39 


BUTZ, F. E Tolono, R. 47 

HOUSTON, S Champaign, R. 1 


LARKINS, A Foosland, R. 39 

LAYMAN, C Rantoul, R. 22 

MOREHOUSE, C. A Mahomet, R. D. 

RUCKMAN, R Mahomet, R. 42 

SHIELDS, A Dewey, R. 32 

SINGLETON, J. H Dewey, R. 33 

SLOAN, MRS. L Fisher, R. 35 

SMITH, J. H Urbana, R. 7 

SUMMERS, W. M Foosland, R. 38 

THOMAS, J. B Dewey, R. 32 

VARNER, A Urbana, R. 7 

WARE, W. S. Gifford, R. 24 

WASNER, H Rantoul, R. 22 

WILLIAMS, F. H Fisher, R. 35 


GENUNG, M. W Rantoul, R. 23 

WORTHEY, BEN Rantoul, R. 21 


STOVER, W. A Sadorus, R. 51 


KUNCE, C. C Paxton, R. 3 


JOHNSON, W. L Sadorus, R. 51 


SCHLORFF, FRED Urbana, R. 8 


ADKINS, S. T Clarence, R. 1 

BALDWIN, C. H Sadorus, R. 51 

DEBOLT, G. M Sadorus, R. 51 

CLANCY, THOS Champaign, R. 2 

CORUM, L. A Champaign, R. 1 

GOODMAN, R. H. JR Sadorus, R. 51 

HIXON, L. W Sadorus, R. 51 

KIRK, J. F Ludlow, R. 38 

MAST, W. H Broadlands, R. 37 

MATTIX, J. H Pesotum, R. 54 

MCMAHON, R. G St. Joseph, R. 15 

MITCHELL, E. L Mahomet, R. 40 

RICKETT, J Dewey, R. 33 


ASHER, JAS. F Mahomet, R. 40 

BARNES, JAS. E Tolono, R. 48 



BROWN, CLINT Homer, R. 59 

EATON, H Urbana, R. 9 

HERRIOTT, T. C Ludlow, R. 30 

JAMES, HUGH Thomasboro, R. 20 

KIDD, E. G Tolono, R. 47 

KIRKPATRICK, C Urbana, R. 8 

KRACHT, WM. C Philo, R. 56 

LYNCH, M. E Homer, R. 61 

PAULUS, O. L Fisher 

PENNY, HENRY St. Joseph, R. 15 

PINNICK, A Mahomet, R. 40 

TEN BROOK, L. J Sadorus, R. 50 

WEBSTER, D. W Fisher, R. 35 

YEASEL, J. F St. Joseph, R. 15 

YEATS, E. C St. Joseph, R. 14 

t ,, 


DILLMAN, W Urbana, R. 7 

LOWMAN, JOHN Champaign, R. 1 

MANSFIELD, M. D Urbana, R. 8 


BAKER, R. R Savoy, R. 66 

BLAKE, WM Champaign, R. 4 

BOYS, WM. O St. Joseph, R. 14 

BRETZLAFF, E. C. Savoy, R. 66 

CARPKR, U. S Seymour, R. 43 

CONARD, JAS. S Dewey, R. 33 

CURZON, J. A Champaign, R. 2 

DENNISON, O. B Bondville, R. 65 

DUNLAP, G. H Bondville, R. 65 

GAULT, C. W Champaign 

GODSEY, J. H Champaign, R. 1 

GOOD BROS Thomasboro, R. 19 

GOODMAN, R. H. JR Sadorus, R. 51 

HEWERDINE, A. B . . Dewey, R. 33 

HOLTERMANN, D Sadorus, R. 50 

HOME, T. B Foosland, R. 39 

KELLER, OTTIS Savoy, R. 45 

KLETTE, S. K Sadorus, R. 49 

LONES, N Bondville, R. 65 

MAYES, H. C Champaign, R. 1 

MAYES, Jos Champaign, R. 2 

MILLER, L Mahomet, R. 40 

MITCHELL, E. L Mahomet, R. 40 

MOORE, EDGAR St. Joseph, R. 13 

MOOREHEAD, J. C Champaign, R. 3 

MURRAY BROS .Pesotum, R. 54 

MURRELL, H. A Champaign, R. 6 

OSTERBUR, J Ogden, R. 17 

PERCIVAL, C. A Champaign, R. 2 

PFEFFER, W. A Seymour, R. 44 

PITTMAN, A. E Ludlow, R. 31 

PITTMAN, H. A Mahomet, R. 41 

ROBERTS, W Tolono, R. 48 

SADORUS, W. B Sadorus, R. 50 

SANDERS, H St. Joseph, R. 13 

SAWYER, L. T Champaign, R. 1 

SCHAEFER, GEO Pesotum, R. 55 

SCHLORFF, JOHN Urbana, R. 8 

SELLE, L. P Ivesdale, R. 53 

SHEEHAN, M. A Ludlow, R. 29 

SIMERL, F. J Urbana, R. 7 

SINGLETON, J. H Dewey, R. 33 

SMITH, R. R Urbana, R. 8 

STOVER, W. A Sadorus, R. 51 

TURNER, E. D Bondville, R. 65 

WISE, J. T Sadorus, R. 51 

YOUNG, GEO. SH Bondville, R. 65 


ANDERSON, J. A Ludlow, R. 29 

CAKL, GEO. D Thomasboro, R. 19 

HANSON, G. J Pesotum, R. 55 

HELMS, M. E Sadorus, R. 51 

O'NEAL, W. B Sadorus, R. 51 

SCHLORFF, J. E Pesotum, R. 54 

SLOAN, J. L Mahomet, R. D. 


BICKLE, H Bondville, R. 65 

CAREY, P. J Ivesdale, R. 53 


MOREHOUSE, C. A Mahomet, R. D. 


ADKJNS, G. W Champaign, R. 6 

ALLEN, C. M Champaign, R. 4 

AUTH, JOHN Ivesdale, R. 52 

BACHERT, A Sadorus, R. 51 

BACHERT, WM Sadorus, R. 51 

BAUMAN, I. A Tolono, R. 48 

BELL, J. W Seymour, R. 43 

BENGTSON, E. B Ludlow, R. 31 

BOCOCK, AL. E Philo, R. 56 

BOYS, WM,. O St. Joseph, R. 14 

BROWNFIELD, R Urbana, R. 17 

BURGIN, Jos Urbana, R. 9 

BURNETT, W. F .Urbana, R. 9 

CHUMBLEY, F. A Ludlow, R. 31 

CLAPPER, R. S Mahomet, R. 42 

CLARK, J. A Ludlow, R. 29 

CLOUSE, JOHN . Homer, R. 59 

COLEMAN, ED Thomasboro, R. 20 

COLLINS, W. A Thomasboro, R. 17 

CORNELL, O Allerton, R. 1 

CRANE, IRA Rantoul, R. 23 

CREAMER, WM. C ..Tolono, R.47 

CROWLEY, MRS. M Mahomet, R. 40 

CROWLEY, O Champaign, R. 4 

CURTIS, G. A Fisher, R. 34 

DAVIS, JAY R Mahomet, R. 42 

DILLMAN, E Urbana, R. 7 

DILLMAN, W Urbana, R. 7 

DOUGLAS, GEO Urbana, R. 11 

DOWNS, MRS. N Mahomet, R. 40 

DRENNAN, T Rantoul, R. 22 

EDWARDS, R. L Mahomet, R. 41 

ELLIOTT, H Champaign, R. 6 

ELLISON, Roy Tolono, R. 46 

EVANS, F. L Rantoul, R. 22 



EVANS, J. H Dewey, R. 33 

FACKLER, ALEX Champaign, R. 2 

FLATT, Ross A Leverett, R. D. 

FRAZER, ELMER Urbana, R. 10 

FOSTER, F Fisher, R. 34 

FUNKHOUSER, C. E Urbana, R. 8 

GAUNTT, R. . . . , Thomasboro, R. 19 

GIFFORD, C. L Thomasboro, R. 19 

GILLESPIE, C. J Mahomet, R. 41 

GUINN, E. G Urbana, R. 9 

GULICK, W. C Mahomet, R. 42 

GUYNN, T. M Dewey, R. 32 

HARSHBARGER, S. T Ivesdale, R. 53 

HOWARD, D. A Rantoul, R.21 

JACOBS, CHAS. A .Urbana, R. 11 

JAMES, O Thomasboro, R. 19 

JARRETT, J. M Thomasboro, R. 19 

JOHNSON, THOS Urbana, R. 7 

JONES, FRANK Foosland, R. 38 

JONES, LON, SR Seymour, R. 43 

KAMRADT, F. A Sadorus, R. 49 

KIRBY, CLINTON Urbana, R. 7 

KIRKP,ATRICK, C Urbana, R. 8 

KRESIN, AUG Sadorus, R. 49 

KUNCE, T. J Ludlpw, R.29 

KUYKENDALL, L. W. . .Champaign, R. 6 

LAMBDIN, H. C Thomasboro, R. 20 

LAYMAN, C Rantoul, R. 22 

LIGHT, J. K Thomasboro, R. 20 

MARTIN, A. G Fisher, R. 35 

McJiLTON, A. W Fisher, R. 34 

MILLER, E. J Champaign, R. 3 

MINER, CHAS Rantoul, R. 24 

MINKS, R. A Dewey, R. 33 

MOREHOUSE, C. A Mahomet, R. D. 

NEWNUM, H. H .Urbana, R. 9 

PFIESTER, C. I Seymour, R. 43 

PHILLIPPE, J. H., SR Mahomet, R. 42 

PRIMMER, C. F Champaign, R. 3 

PRIOR, E. J St. Joseph, R. 16 

RAGLE, H Rantoul, R. 24 

RAY, MRS. M Mahomet, R. 40 

RAYBURN, LEN Mahomet, R. 42 

REIFSTECH, J Sadorus, R. 51 

ROBERTS, Jos. B Urbana, R. 9 

ROGERS, M. J Ivesdale, R. 52 

Ross, E. A Champaign, R. 2 

ROUGHTON, R Rantoul, R. 21 

SCHWARTZ, H. C Dewey, R. 32 

SHEEHAN, M. A Ludlow, R.29 

SHEFFER, C. R Fisher, R. 34 

SHRYERS, J Broadlands, R. 37 

SIMERL, F. J Urbana, R. 7 

SITTS, CARL Rantoul, R. 24 

SLOAN, J. L Mahomet, R. D. 

SQUIRE, JOHN Champaign, R. 6 

STANNER, R. O.. Champaign, R. 1 

STEVENS, F. K Sadorus, R. 51 

STOVER, W. A Sadorus, R. 51 

SUSDORF, A. E Rantoul, R. 22 

SUSDORF, E Rantoul, R. 22 

TRINKLE, S. A Champaign, R. 2 

WALLEN, WM Rantoul, R. 24 

WARNER, B. E Rantoul, R. 24 

WEBSTER, F. S Rantoul, R. 22 

WILLIAMS, G. C Dewey, R. 33 

YOUNG, J. H Foosland, R. 38 

ZENUNG, Z. R Rantoul, R.21 


BEATTY, G. F Lotus 

BIALESCHKI, C. A Sadorus, R. 50 

BIALESCHKI, H. A Sadorus, R. 50 

BRETZLAFF, F. H Tolono, R. 47 

CONARD, JAS. S Dewey, R. 33 

CRUTCHER, S. M Sadorus, R. 51 

CURZON, J. A Champaign, R. 2 

DOYLE, M. J Ivesdale, R. 53 

GALLAGHER, J. R Urbana, R. 8 

HULS, JASPER G Rantoul, R. 24 

JORDAN, J. C Savoy, R. 45 

NOGLE, J. T Sadorus, R.'52 

ROBINETT, H. F Fisher, R. 35 

STOVER, W. A Sadorus, R. 51 

SUMMITT, S. A Rantoul, R.21 

TABAKA, F. T Ivesdale, R. 53 

TALBOT, G. B Champaign, R. 1 

WITT, EDW Sidney, R. 58 


ABRAMS, C. E Seymour, R. 43 

ALBRECHT, CHRIS Rantoul, R. 21 


ALEXANDER, R. G Dewey, R. 32 


ANDERSON, E Seymour, R. 44 

ANDERSON, N. W Rantoul, R. 23 

ARIE, MRS. P Thomasboro, R. 19 

ARLEDGE, CHAS. F Urbana, R. 9 

AUDRE, M St. Joseph, R. 13 

BAKER, ROBT Pesotum, R. 55 

BATES, ED Tolono, R. 46 

BELL, FLOYD Seymour, R. 43 

BIALESCHKI, A. F Pesotum, R. 54 

BICKEL, H. C Philo, R. 56 

BIRKEY, J. A Foosland, R. 38 

BIRKEY, L. E Rantoul, R.21 

BLOCK, AMEL Sidney, R. 58 

BOLAND, J Ivesdale, R. 52 

BOLES, EDW. N Tolono, R. 46 

BOLES, JAS. A Tolono, R. 48 

BOWMAN, MRS. M Seymour, R. 43 

BRANSON, H. W Rantoul, R. 22 

BROWN, A. W Pesotum, R. 54 

BURNS, E. L Broadlands, R. 37 

BURNETT, MRS. A Urbana, R. 9 

BURNETT, W. J Longview, R. 63 

BURR, E. C Urbana, R. 11 

BURRELL, D. E Savoy, R. 66 

BURRELL, ELLAS Seymour, R. 44 

BYRNES, TIM Tolono, R. 46 

CARCY, P. J Ivesdale, R. 53 

CARL, GEO. D Thomasboro, R. 19 



CHAMBLISS, R St. Joseph, R. 14 

CHERRY, H St. Joseph, R. 15 

CONNELLEY, J. & PROW, W. Urbana, R. 10 

CHRISTY, C St. Joseph, R. 13 

CHUMBLEY, F. A Ludlpw, R. 31 

CLAPPER, F Bondville, R. 65 

CLENNON, MRS. A Tolono, R. 46 

CLIFTON, F. A Ludlow, R. 31 

COLLINS, THOS Rantoul, R. 23 

COMBEST, W. P Urbana, 8 

COOK, D Tolono, R. 47 

COOK, JAS Mahomet, R. 40 

COOMS, A. B Foosland, R. 38 

COOPER, THOS. E Pesotum, R. 55 

CORBETT, R. P Ludlow, R. 31 

CORCORAN, MRS. M Ivesdale, R. 53 

COTTLE, ROBT. B Paxton, R. 3 

CRAVENS, W Philo, R. 56 

CRAWFORD, E. N Philo, R. 56 

DADY, EDW. J Champaign, R. 2 

DAHL, AUG Ludlow, R. 29 

DALTON, GEO Pesotum, R. 54 


DAVIS, E Champaign, R. 6 

DAVIS, W. L Mahomet, R.40 

DEBOLT, G. M Sadorus, R. 51 

DECKER, C. G Philo, R. 56 

DELOZIER, JAS Dewey, R. 33 

DENHART, C. E St. Joseph, R. 13 

DENHART, H St. Joseph, R. 15 

DENISON, J. H Champaign, R. 3 

DICK, WM Sadorus, R. 50 

DICKERSON, L. A Mahomet, R. 42 

DUITSMAN, B. J Gifford, R.26 

DUNAWAY, W. J Mahomet, R.40 

DUNLAP, H. M Savoy, R. 45 

DYSON, H Urbana, R. 9 

EAGAR, W Sadorus, R. 49 

ECHBLAW, A Rantoul, R. 23 

EICHHORST, F. W Champaign, R. 6 

EISKAMP, A. H Thomasbpro, R. 20 

ELDER, JOHN Longview, R. 63 

ELLIOTT, FRED Ogden, R. 18 

ELLIS, A. M Penfield, R.28 

EVANS, J. H Dewey, R. 33 

FACKLER, GEO Sadorus, R. 49 

FACKLER, O. G. Pesotum, R. 54 

FAIRCHILD, R. J Fisher, R. 34 

FEENEY, LUKE Ivesdale, R. 52 

FISHER, ELMER Savoy, R. 66 

FLOWERS, J. C Urbana, R. 7 

FRAZIER, H Rantoul, R. 21 

FRAZIER, W. H Rantoul, R. 24 

FRY, E Savoy 

FUNKHOUSER, A Rantoul, R. D. 

FUNKHOUSER, C. L Rantoul, R. D. 

FUNKHOUSER, I. C Rantoul, R. 24 

GADY, WM. M Sadorus, R. 51 

GAUBLE, A. E Urbana, R. 8 

GEHRT, J. E Rantoul, R. 23 

GEHRT, J. M Dillsburg, R. D. 

GIERTZ, OTTO Fisher, R. 34 

GILLES, GEO Pesotum, R. 55 

GLEESON, D Ludlow, R. 31 

Goss, C. E Urbana, R. 9 

GOURLEY, JAS. L Paxton, R. 3 

GOWDY, F. A Tolono, R. 46 

GRAHAM, F. H Penfield, R. 28 

GRAHAM, WM,, Gifford, R. 21 

GREGG, S. M Rantoul, R. 21 

GRILL, A Urbana, R. 8 

GRIMES, L. P St. Joseph, R. 16 

GRINDLEY, A. R Champaign, R. 4 

GUSTAFSON, A. G Rantoul, R. 23 

GUSTAFSON, V. W Rantoul, R. 23 

GUYNN, T. M Dewey, R. 32 

HAM MEL, J. F Mahomet, R. 42 

HAMILTON, D. C Champaign, R. 1 

HANCOCK, H. M Ludlow, R. 31 

HANNAH, ROBT. R Mahomet, R. 40 

HANSON, E. C Champaign, R. 3 

HARRISON, M. A Pesotum, R. 55 

HARRY, M. M Urbana, R. 7 

HARTRICK, V. O Sadorus, R. 50 

HAUERSPERGER, M. E.Thomasboro, R. 20 

HAWK, W. F Urbana, R. 7 

HEATER, R. F : Urbana, R. 11 

HEIEN, H. J St. Joseph, R. 14 

HERBERT, G. W Gifford, R. 25 

HERRIOTT, J. T Mahomet, R. 41 

HERRIOTT, T. C Ludlow, R. 30 

HEWERDINE, W Dewey, R. 33 

HIESER, A. A Dewey, R. 32 

HILDERBRANT, J. C Homer, R. 60 

HILLARD, G. W Tolono, R.47 

HINDS, H. F Pesotum, R. 54 

HINRICHS, M. E St. Joseph, R. 13 

HINTON, C. V Mahomet, R.40 

HINTON, W. S .Fisher, R. 35 

HITTINGER, M Pesotum, R. 55 

HOBBS, WM. E Tolono, R.48 

HOLL, B. C Pesotum, R. 54 

HOLLEMAN, P _ Dewey, R. 33 

HOUSE, R. A Savoy, R. 45 

HYDE, H. R Champaign, R. 3 

HYLBERT, J. M Gifford, R. 25 

INGRAM, D. B Allerton, R. 1 

IRLE, GEO. G Urbana, R. 9 

JACKSON, ED. S Mahomet, R. 41 

JACKSON, W. H/. Fisher, R. 35 

JAMES, HUGH Thomasboro, R. 20 

JOHNSON, DICK Rantoul, R. 21 

JOHNSON, J. B Champaign, R. 5 

JONES, B. L Foosland, R.38 

JONES, FRANK Foosland, R. 38 

JORDAN, C Sidney, R. 58 

JUTKINS, L. F Savoy R. 45 

KILBURY, F. E St. Joseph, R. 13 


KLEISS, WM., JR Pesotum, R. 55 

KNIGHT, L Ogden, R. 17 

KNOTT, H Urbana, R. 7 



KOBEL, F Champaign, R. 3 

KOCH, C. St. Joseph, R. 16 

KRABBE, H Tolono, R. 46 

KRUMM, H. A Philo, R. 56 

Ku KENDALL, H Mahomet, R. 4 

KURZWEG, J. W Champaign, R. 4 

LALEY, L. B Longview, R. 63 

LANDIS, W Urbana, R. 8 

LANKFORD, R. A ..Champaign, R. 4 

LARSON, G. H Ludlow, R. 29 

LEFEVER, F. C Penfield, R. 27 

LIGHT, C. J Tolono, R. 46 

LITTLE, L. A Tolono, R. 46 

LITTLE, R. S Rantoul, R. 22 

LOFTUS, L Ivesdale, R. 53 

LONES, N Bondville, R. 65 

LOUKS, J. D Dewey, R. 33 

LOUKS, RAY Fisher, R. 35 


LOYD, W Homer, R. 61 

Lux, HENRY Pesotum, R. 56 

MAIER, Jos Champaign, R. 6 

MARSH, J. B Ogden, R. 18 

MARTIN, C Ivesdale, R. 52 

MATHEWS, R. L Sadorus, R. 49 

MATSON, ALEX Tolono, R. 46 

MAXWELL, J. .W Urbana, R. 10 

MAYER, W. J Pesotum, R. 55 

McCABE, W. M Rantoul 

MCCANNON, F. B Sadorus, R. 49 

MCCARTNEY, A. H St. Joseph, R. 14 

MCCLANAHAN, J Champaign, R. 6 

McCLOSKEY, O. J Urbana, R. 11 

MCCORMICK, MRS. E. F... Urbana, R. 7 

McGiNN, E Seymour, R. 44 

MCHARRY, D. R Rantoul, R.21 

McKiNLEY, D Ogden, R. 18 

MCMILLEN, F Champaign, R. 3 

MENGES, A Urbana, R. 8 

MESSMAN, A Tolono, R. 46 

MEUSER, P. A Thomasboro, R. 19 

MILLER, H. N Fisher, R. 35 

MILLER, R Allerton, R. 1 

MINKS, BERT Foosland, R. 38 

MOENKHAUS, B. J Urbana, R. 9 

MOORE, EDGAR St. Joseph, R. 13 

MORAN, H. J Urbana, R. 10 

MULLVAIN, C. E Foosland, R. 35 

MUMM, G. J. J Philo, R. 56 

MUMM, W. D Philo, R. 56 

MYERS, R. L Mahomet, R. 41 

NAFFZIGER, R. J Foosland, R. 38 

NEEF, C. F Urbana, R. 9 

NEWMAN, C. E Foosland, R. 38 

NOFTZ, F. J Sadorus, R. 51 

NORTON, O. W Bondville, R. 65 

NYE, J. E St. Joseph, R. 16 

OAKLEY, D. F Tolono, R. 46 

O'BRYAN, J. A Pesotum 

OHL, ANDREW Bondville, R. 65 

ORDEL, W. H Philo, R. 56 

OSTERBUR, J Ogden, R. 17 

OSTERDICK, H. D Savoy, R. 66 

OSTERDOCK, D. E Dewey, R. 33 

PALMBERG, C. A Ludlow, R. 30 

PARRETT, F. R Mahomet, R. 41 

PEARCE, THOS. N Rantoul, R. 23 

PETTIGREW, D. H Savoy, R. 66 

PIPER, J. C Rantoul, R. 23 

POMTIOUS, A. V Ludlow, R. 30 

PORTER, L. H Champaign, R. 6 

PRATT, S. J Tolono, R. 47 

QUILAN, WM. J Tolono, R. 46 

QUINLAN, EDW Ludlow, R. 30 

QUINN, MRS. N Dewey, R. 32 

RAYBURN, BERT Champaign, R. 4 

RAYBURN, G. C Champaign, R. 3 

REIFSTECH, GEO Savoy, R. 66 

REINHART, CHAS Pesotum, R. 55 

REIN HART, O. W Pesotum, R. 55 

RESLER, E. B Fisher, R. 35 

REYNOLDS, W Philo, R. 56 

RICHARDS, L. O St. Joseph, R. 15 

RIEMKE, EDW. F Tolono, R. 47 

ROBINSON, J. H Philo, R. 56 

ROE, W. S Homer, R. 61 

ROHLFJNG, E. L Mahomet, R. 40 

ROLES, RAY Rantoul, R. 22 

Ross, CHAS. E Savoy, R. 66 

ROWE, M. T Rantoul, R. 23 

RUSK, A Rantoul, R.21 

RUSK, V. B Rantoul, R. 24 

RUTLEGE, A. V Fisher, R. 34 

RYAN, D. S Savoy, R. 66 

SADDLER, CHAS .Ogden, R. D. 

SAMPLE, HARDY Ludlow, R. 30 

SCHACKMAN, G. V Rantoul, R.22 

SCHLENSKER, W. M Rantoul, R. 24 

SCHLORFF, J. F Sadorus, R. 51 

SCHNEIDER, L. H Pesotum, R. 55 

SCHOLL, MRS. J Foosland, R. 38 

SCHUMACHER, P Ivesdale, R. 52 

SCOTT, H. D Urbana, R. 7 

SCOTT, JAS Ogden, R. 17 

SHAFFER, J. P Fisher, R. 35 

SHARP, C Thomasboro, R. 19 

SHARPF, J. M Penfield, R. 28 

SHERAN, A. F Mahomet, R. 42 

Six, H. W Broadlands, R. 37 

SLADE, R. L Urbana, R. 8 

SMILEY, H. A Broadlands, R. 36 

SMITH, C. \H Ludlow, R. 29 

SMITH, E. A Urbana, R. 9 

SMITH, F Urbana, R. 7 

SMITH, R. M Tolono, R. 46 

SOMERS, S. R Savoy, R. 45 

SPERLING, A. H Fisher, R. 34 

SPOEHRLE, WM Ludlow, R. 31 

STEVENSON, F. C Fisher, R. 34 

STONE, T. M Tolono, R. 47 

STOVER, W. A Sadorus, R. 51 

SULLIVAN, M. Rantoul, R. 21 

SUMMET, S. A Rantoul, R. 21 


SWARTZ, H Rantoul, R. 22 



TAYLER, C. B Penfield, R. 27 

TAYLOR, F. W Mahomet, R. 42 

TEMPLE, J. L Pesotum 

TEMPLE, M Tolono, R. 46 

THINNES, J. L Tolono, R. 48 

THOMAS, J. B Dewey, R. 32 

THOMPSON, JAS St. Joseph, R. 16 

TIM MERMAN, GEO Penfield, R. 28 

TRUITT, R. L Champaign, R. 4 

TUCKER, S. E Sadorus, R. 58 

TURNER, G. E Fisher, R. 34 

UKEN, H St. Joseph, R. 14 

VAN BBUNT, EARL Urbana, R. 11 

VAN BRUNT, R. B Urbana, R. 11 

VAN BUSKIRK, F. H., SR. Seymour, R. 44 

VAN METER, C. M Tolono, R. 47 

VAUGHN, C Champaign, R. 3 

WALLEN, WM Rantoul, R. 24 

WALSH, L. A Thomasboro, R. 20 

WALSH, T. J Rantoul, R. 21 

WARNER, W. A Foosland, R. 38 

WATSON, G. L Ludlow, R.31 

WATSON, N. J Ludlow, R. 29 

WATSON, W. H Ludlow, R. 29 

WEAVER, M Champaign, R. 4 

WEBBER, H. E Ludlow, R. 29 

WEEKS, D. E Sadorus, R. 49 

WELCH, ABE St. Joseph, R. 19 

WENZLAFF, E. J Champaign, R. 6 

WHALEN, J. J I^esdale, R. 53 

WHEELER, WM. E Ludlow, R.31 

WHITE, J. W St. Joseph, R. 14 

WHITMORE, N. T Ludlow, R. 31 

WIESE, CHAS Foosland, R. 39 

WIESE, E. H Longview, R. 64 

WILHELM, J. M Tolono, R. 46 

WILKINS, D Urbana, R. 8 

WILKINS, F Mahomet, R. 40 

WILLIAMS, H. C St. Joseph, R. 13 

WIRT, R. D Dewey, R. 33 

WISE, H. L Penfield, R. 27 

WISHALL, PETE Pesotum, R. 54 

WAHLER, F. E Champaign, R. 6 

WOLIUNG, A Ludlow, R. 30 

WOLLER, WM> Urbana, R. 8 

WOODWORTH, C. R Tolono, R. 48 

YAKEL, W, P Rantoul, R. 24 

ZEHR, DAN Foosland, R. 38 

ZENKE, WM Broadlands, R. 36 

ZENUNG, Z. R Rantoul, R. 21 

ZINDIARS, F. A Ivesdale, R. 52 


BAKER, E. C Champaign, R. 5 

BEELER, D. E Gifford, R. 25 

BIRKY, A. R Foosland, R. 38 

CALLAHAN, J. W., Jr. . .Longview, R. 63 

CONARD, JAS. S Dewey, R. 33 

CORBLY, J. L Gifford, R. 25 

CORBLY, OWEN . . . : Clarence, R. 1 

HEISER, J. A Fisher, R.34 

HEWERDINE, W Dewey, R. 33 

IUNGERICH, L. F Dewey, R. 32 

KROMER, A Mahomet, R. 41 

LOESCHEN, J. R Thomasboro, R. 20 

MABIS, G. W Mahomet, R. 41 

MCCLELLAND, C. L Foosland, R. 38 

NELSON, E Champaign, R. 4 

NELSON, H. I Champaign, R. 4 

PANKERS, JAS Champaign, R. 5 

PAXTON, RAY L Foosland, R. 38 

ROSENDRY, D. T Fisher, R. 35 

SHREIBER, J Champaign, R. 5 

SHADE, H. R Urbana, R. 9 

STARR, ROY Penfield, R. 27 

STOUT, L. R Savoy, R. 66 

VILES, WM. E Urbana, R. 7 

WALSH, W. P Ludlow, R. 30 

WARD, J. W Champaign, R. 5 

WEBBER, L. & E Ludlow, R. 29 

WICOFF, S. A Mahomet, R. 40 


CONRAD, G. W Homer, R. 61 


ALLMAN, J. L Urbana, R. 7 


BUTZ, F. E Tolono, R. 47 

CHERRY, MERVYN St. Joseph, R. 15 

COLLINS, O. A Foosland, R. 38 

DENHART, A. E Ogden, R. 17 

DUNN, J. C Ivesdale, R. 53 

EISENMENGER, L Pesotum, R. 55 

EVANS, J. H Dewey, R. 33 

GADY, C. J Sadorus, R. 51 

GREEN, F. C Ogden, R. 17 

HAINES, F. B Champaign, R. 2 

HOLTAPP, GEO Rantoul, R. 23 

HUMPHREY, O. V Champaign, R. 1 

INNES, R. B St. Joseph, R. 16 

KIRKPATRICK, C. W St. Joseph, R. 13 

KRENZIEN, REV. R Broadlands, R. 37 

LEISCHMAN, W Fisher, R. 35 

LIGHT, HENRY G Urbana, R. 10 

MATZKA, J. A Tolono, R. 47 

MCCLELLAND, C. L Foosland, R. 38 

NEWCOMB, C. R Foosland, R. 38 

PHILLIPPE, G. F Champaign, R. 4 

REINHART, H Pesotum, R. 55 

REINHART, Jos. J Pesotum, R. 55 

RIEMKE, EDW. F Tolono, R. 47 

SLAGELL, S. H Foosland, R. 39 

SMOTHERS, MRS. I Mahomet, R. 42 

STOVER, W. A Sadorus, R. 51 

TIMMINS, P Rantoul, R. 22 

WARSAW, C Foosland, R. 38 

WEBB, FRANK Champaign, R. 3 

WOLF, C. G Champaign, R. 1 

WORTHEY, BEN Rantoul, R. 21 

ZEHR, DAN Foosland, R. 38 




ANDERSON, E Seymour, R. 44 

ANDERSON, J. C Champaign, R. 2 


BABB, R. J Champaign, R. 6 

BARRICK, H. L Villa Grove 

BASS, IRA Tolono, R. 46 

BEBBUS, WM Urbana, R. 9 

BECKETT, T. W Urbana, R. 11 

BEHRENS, A , Dewey 

BELL, W Seymour, R.43 

BESORE, D. B Savoy, R. 66 

BIRKY, A. R Foosland, R. 38 

BIRKY, J. S Ludlow, R.30 

BIRKY, L. E Rantoul, R. 21 

BLOCK, R. F Broadlands, R. 36 

BLUE, HENRY Dewey, R. 32 

BURNETT, A. A Seymour, R. 44 

CHURCHILL, J. E Philo, R. 56 

CLARK, ELMER St. Joseph, R. 13 

CLARK, W. L Savoy, R. 45 

CLER, F. M Tuscola, R. 1 

COMBEST, W. P Urbana, R. 8 

COOK, F Dewey, R. 32 

CRUZE, W. D Dewey, R. 32 

DATE, H. M Dewey, R. 32 

DAVIS, J., SR Seymour, R. 44 

DELOZIER, JAS Dewey, R. 33 

DUITSMAN, W Gifford, R. 26 

DUNLAP, G. H Bondville, R. 65 

EHLER, ELMER Champaign, R. 4 

ELLIOTT, AMOS St. Joseph, R. 15 

ELLIOTT, E St. Joseph, R. 15 

FAIRFIELD, P Foosland, R. 38 

FIELDBINDER, G. A. ... Champaign, R. 3 

FISHER, MRS. E. L Savoy, R. 66 

FISHER, O. E St Joseph, R. 16 

FOSTER, F Fisher, R. 34 

FOSTER, J. C Bondville, R. 65 

FRUHLING, H. G St. Joseph, R. 14 

GALE, A. M Ogden, R. 17 

GALLAGHER, J. R Urbana, R. 8 

GERDER, WM St. Joseph, R. 13 

HANSON, G. R Pesotum, R. 55 

HARRY, M. M Urbana, R. 7 

HAZZARD, JAS Philo, R. 56 

HIESER, J. E Foosland, R. 38 

HIGGINS, E Champaign, R. 2 

HISSONG, W. R Urbana, R. 12 

HOOD, F. G Rantoul, R. 22 

HORD, R. R Urbana, R. 7 

HOWARD, O Dewey, R. 32 

HUMMEL, P Dewey 

HUNT, J. W St. Joseph, R. 14 

KURD, J. C Urbana, R. 8 

HURD, LYMAN Urbana, R. 9 

HYDE, A. B Rantoul, R. 21 

[ENKINSON, A Gifford, R. 25 

KANTNER, L Champaign, R. 5 

KEENE, Z. C Seymour, R. 43 

KINNESON, R. E Savoy, R. 66 

KOCH, A. F Urbana, R. 12 

Koss, AUG. F Savoy, R. 66 

Koss, HENRY Pesotum, R. 54 

KUDER, F. C St. Joseph, R. 16 

KUYKENDALL, J Mahomet, R. 42 

LAMBDIN, B Mahomet, R. 40 

P A S, F. S St. Joseph, R. 13 

LlETz > A Sadorus, R. 49 

LOGAN, W. R Tolono, R. 46 

LOH MILLER, W. G Gifford, R.25 

LOUES, N Bondville, R. 65 

LOUKS, RAY Fisher, R. 35 

LUTH, JOHN Broadlands, R. 37 

MARSHALL, J. W Rantoul, R. 21 

MCCARTY, P. M Ogden, R. 17 

MEESE, JAS. W St. Joseph, R. 13 

MESSMAN, F. J Sadorus, R. 51 

MILLER, W. J Mahomet, R. 41 

MOTSINGER, D. E Urbana, R. 12 

MUNDS, EDW Urbana, R 11 

NORTON, A. E Tolono, R. 46 

O'DONNELL, J. P Rantoul, R. 24 

ORDEL, FRANK Philo, R. 56 

PERCIVAL, E. V Urbana, R. 10 

PETTICREW, G. W Savoy, R. 66 

PHARES, C. A St. Joseph, R. 15 

PHENICIE, A St. Joseph, R. 19 

PHENICIE, G. B St. Joseph, R. 17 

PHENICIE, W. O St. Joseph, R. 17 

PHILLIPPE, H. L Champaign, R. 5 

PIEPLOW, F St. Joseph, R. 16 

QUINLAN, C. A Ludlow, R. 31 

QUINLAN, M. P Ludlow, R. 29 

RANKIN, A. D Foosland, R. 38 

RAYBURN, B. F Mahomet, R. 42 

REINHART, P. E Pesotum, R. 55 

REIN HART, W. H Dewey, R. 33 

REVELL, W. H Savoy, R. 66 

RICHARDS, W. H St. Joseph, R. 15 

RICHISON, S. E Foosland, R. 38 

RING, JOHN Tolono, R. 46 

RIPPY, L Mahomet, R. 41 

ROBBINS, J. R Ludlow, R. 29 

ROGERS, D. G Homer, R. 61 

SADORUS, W. B Sadorus, R. 50 

SCHORG, CHAS Pesotum, R. 54 

SEFFINS, H Sadorus, R. 51 

SILVER, D. A Urbana, R. 11 

SKINNER, D. A St. Joseph, R. 14 

SMITH, C. I St. Joseph, R. 13 

SMITH, J. M Urbana, R. 12 

SMITH, J. V Fisher, R. 35 

SOMMER, C. W Dewey, R. 32 

STANTZ, R. E Pesotum, R. 54 

STEARNS, WM. A St. Joseph, R. 15 

STOUT, L. B Ludlow, R. 31 

STUDER, S Fisher, R. 34 

SWAIM, V. C Ludlow, R. 30 

TARVIN, RALPH Ludlow, R. 30 

TRACY, C. L Rantoul, R. 24 

VARNER, A Urbana, R. 7 

VARNER, V. E St. Joseph, R. 14 

VILES, WM. E Urbana, R. 7 



WALKER, A Broadlands, R. 36 

WALKER, G. N Tolono, R. 48 

WEASEL, JOHN Pesotum, R. 54 

WEBSTER, ED Fisher, R. 35 

WELCH, W. C Urbana, R. 12 

WIESE, J. L., JR Urbana, R. 8 

WIRTH, CHAS. L Pesotum, R. 54 

WILLIAMS, C. L Philo, R. 56 

WILLSEY, J Urbana, R. 10 

WROTEN, C. W Urbana, R. 7 

YEATS, E. C St. Joseph, R. 14 

ZEHR, P Foosland, R. 38 


HOOD, F. Q Rantoul, R. 22 

Koss, HENRY Pesotum, R. 54 


JOHNSON, W. L Sadorus, R. 51 


BLOCK, H Homer, R. 60 



COLLINS, W. J Champaign, R. 4 

FOSTER, V. D Dewey, R. 23 

GRINDLEY, H. E Mahomet, R. 42 

HYDE, H. R Champaign, R. 3 

MANUEL, K. S Mahomet, R. 40 

PHILLIPPS, A Mahomet, R. 40 

SEEBER, E Rantoul, R. 22 


ACKERMAN, BEN Rantoul, R. 24 

ANDERSON, Jos. A Paxton, R. 3 

BALL, CORLEY Foosland 

BARN HART, R. M Mahomet, R. 41 

BARNHART, H Urbana, R. 10 

BAUMAN, I. A Tolono, R. 48 

BECKER, M Ivesdale, R. 53 

BRUHN, J. A Homer, R. 60 

BUTZ, F. E Tolono, R. 47 

CASTLE, CHAS. E St. Joseph, R. 14 

CHAPMAN, A. S Mahomet, R. D 

CHRISTIAN, FRED Tolono, R. 46 

CLARK, LORIN Homer, R. 62 

CURZON, J. A Champaign, R. 2 

ELLIOTT, F. O Homer, R. 62 

GUT, ANDREW Rantoul, R. 21 

HASTY, WM St. Joseph, 

HEWERDINE, A. B Dewey, R. 33 

HILDERBRAND, C Urbana, R. 8 

HUTCHINSON, E. F. .. .Champaign, R. 6 

IRLE, H. L Champaign, R. 6 

JOHNSON, C. L Gifford, R. 25 

TUDY, MRS. L. W Urbana, R. 9 

KELLER, Orris Savoy, R. 45 

LAWHEAD, B. C Champaign, R. 2 

MANUEL, C. M Mahomet, R. 41 

MAJORS, W. T Champaign, 

MARSH, L. E St. Joseph, 

MONROE, A. L Champaign, 

McCowN, C St. Joseph, 

MILLS, C. P Homer, 

MORRIS, F. L Mansfield, 

OSTERBUR, S St. Joseph, 

PITTMAN, C Mahomet, 

ROBERTS, H. V Savoy, 

ROUTH, C. F St. Joseph, 




STEVEN, JAS Sadorus, 


STONESTREET, C. A Penfield, 

STOUT, E Mahomet, 

TAYLOR, GEO Urbana, 

THOMAS, B. F., JR Mahomet, 

TRACY, GEO Seymour, 

TURPIN, E. L Broadlands, 

WARNER, A. J Rantoul, 

WILSON, R Mahomet, 

WISE, J. E Savoy, 

WILAN, H Ludlow, 

WYCOFF, L. C Urbana, 

ZANTOW, E. H Broadlands, 

R. 1 
R. 14 
R. 1 
R. 13 
R. 1 
R. 15 
R. 14 
R. 8 
R. 11 
R. 8 



FREADEN, H St. Joseph, R. 14 

KRENZIEN, REV. R Broadlands, R.37 

MONTGOMERY, S. H Tolono, R. 46 

WIENKE, F. J. H Allerton, R. 1 


BLUE, C. E Thomasboro, R. 20 


KUNCE, C. C Paxton, R. 3 

OEHMKE, J. P Penfield, R. 28 


BARCUS, CHAS St. Joseph, R. 15 

BERBAUM, A. B Bondville, R. 65 

DAVIS, J., SR Seymour, R. 44 

DUITSMAN, B. J Gifford, R. 26 

GAINES, A. A Broadlands, R. 37 

HENEBERY, P Urbana, R. 1 1 

HEWERDINE, W Dewey, R.33 

HOWSER, D. M Urbana, R. 12 

KOCH, C St. Joseph, R. 16 

LOUES, N Bondville, R. 65 

MEUSER, W. C Rantoul 

NEWMAN, C. E Foosland, R. 38 



RUCKMAN, R Mahomet, R. 42 

SEVERINS, S. H Rantoul, R. 23 

SINGLETON, J. H Dewey, R. 33 

STOVER, W. A Sadorus, R. 51 

TAYLER, C. B Penfield, R. 27 

WIRTH, CHAS. L Pesotum, R. 27 


SELLE, L. P Ivesdale, R. 53 



SELLE, L. P Ivesdale, R. 53 


ANDERSON, R. M Seymour, R. 43 


SANDERS, H St. Joseph, R. 13 


DAVIS, J., SR Seymour, R. 44 

HARSHBARGER, S. T Ivesdale, R. 53 

HOWSER, D. M Urbana, R. 12 

TAYLOR, GEO Urbana, R. 1 1 

VARNER, A Urbana, R. 7 


WARNER, H Rantoul, R. 22 


BECKER, M Ivesdale, R. 53 

BERBAUM Champaign, R. 2 

BENE, C. E Thomasboro, R. 20 

BOLAND, J Ivesdale, R. 52 

CEKANDER, WM. J Pesotum, R. 54 

CLAPPER, R. S Mahomet, R. 42 

CLARK, J. A Ludlow, R. 29 

CORDTS, J. A Ivesdale, R. 53 

DITTMAN, JOE Tolono, R. 47 

GAINES, A. A Broadlands, R. 37 

HEISER, J. A Fisher, R. 34 

JORDAN, JOHN Homer, R. 59 

KIRK, J. F Ludlow, R. 30 

LIGHT, HENRY G Urbana, R. 10 

LONES, N Bondville, R. 65 

MEUSER, W. C Rantoul 

MURPHY, JOHN Penfield, R. 27 

SMITH, C. H Ludlow, R. 29 

SUM MET, S. A Rantoul, R. 21 

TABAKA, F. T Ivesdale, R. 53 

TAYLER, C B Penfield, R. 27 



KUNCE, T. J Ludlow, R.29 


AULD, CHAS. F Ivesdale, R. 53 

CAREY, P. J Ivesdale, R. 53 

FEENEY, LUKE Ivesdale, R. 52 

HANSON, G. R Pesotum, R. 55 

KILBURY, F. E St. Joseph, R. 13 

MCCLELLAND, C. L Foosland, R. 38 

MCCLELLAND, MRS. E. J . Foosland, R. 38 

QUILAN, WM. J Tolono, R. 46 

RUCKMAN, R Mahomet, R. 42 

WIENKE, F. J. H Allerton, R. 1 


BOLAND, J Ivesdale, R. 52 

GLEESON, D Ludlow, R. 31 

NEWCOMB, C. A Foosland, R. 38 

RANKIN, A. D Foosland, R. 38 

VARNER, A Urbana, R. 7 

WOLF, C. G Champaign, R. 1 

GRAHAM, WM Gifford, R. 25 




I believe in red clover, I believe in cow peas, I believe in soy 
beans, and above all, I believe in alfalfa, the queen of forage plants. 

I believe in a permanent agriculture, a soil that shall grow richer 
rather than poorer from year to year. 

I believe in hundred bushel corn and in fifty bushel wheat, and 
I shall not be satisfied with anything less. 

I believe that the only good weed is a dead weed, and that a 
clean farm is as important as a clean conscience. 

I believe in the farm boy and in the farm girl, the farmer's best 
crops and the future's best hope. 

I believe in the farm woman, and will do all in my power to 
make her life easier and happier. 

I believe in a country school that prepares for country life, and 
a country church that teaches its people to love deeply and live 

I believe in community spirit, a pride in home and neighbors, and 
I will do my part to make my own community the best in the state. 

I believe in better roads. I will use the road drag conscientiously 
whenever opportunity offers, and I will not "soldier" when working 
out my road tax. 

I believe in happiness, I believe in the power of a smile, and I 
will use mine on every possible occasion. 

I believe in the farmer, I believe in farm life, I believe in the 
inspiration of the open country. 

I am proud to be a farmer, and I will try earnestly to be worthy 
of the name. 




To Prairie Farmer Readers 

Dpn't buy cheap, unadvertised goods, but protect yourself when buy- 
ing by insisting on getting from your dealer only 

All Goods Advertised in Prairie Farmer are TRIPLE-G Goods. 
All Goods Advertised in This Directory are TRIPLE-G Goods. 

When the local dealer says in his advertisement: 

"We Sell and Recommend the Following 

TRIPLE-Guarantee Goods" 

as in any advertisement in Prairie Farmer or in this 
Directory, it gives you this TRIPLE-Guarantee 

1st That the manufacturer of the goods stands back of them. 

2nd That the Prairie Farmer stands back of them. 

3rd That the merchant handling the goods stands back of them. 

"TRIPLE-Guarantee Goods" 

Are the best value for the money. 

Safest to buy. 
And Satisfaction is absolutely insured. 




What Are "TRIPLE-G" Goods? 

II7IJV should you ask 

' ** * for them and 

re-fuse any other kind? 

WHEN a reader of Prairie Fanner goes into a store 
to buy, he is assured of getting full value for his 
money if he insists on buying only well known advertised 
goods and refusing to buy any unknown brand substitute. 

\\7 f-I V p Because advertised goods are well known 
goods that are backed up with the guar- 
antee of PRAIRIE FARMER and the manufacturer. If 
the goods are not as represented in the advertising, or do 
not give full satisfaction, this TRIPLE GUARANTEE 
means that you have only to make your complaint and 
that any just claim will be fairly considered and your 
money paid back in case the goods are not as represented. 
with its readers. We back up every advertisement in 
PRAIRIE FARMER and guarantee honest treatment. 
No humbugs , swindles or cheap substitute goods (that are 
made to sell and get the customer's money on false pre- 
tenses) are advertised in PRAIRIE FARMER. Buy the 
goods advertised in PRAIRIE FARMER and in this 
Directory and you are taking no chances. You are guar- 
anteed satisfaction because all goods we advertise are 




Republic Trucks 

Internal Gear Drive 

Five Republic Sizes Republic Dispatch Model 9, maximum 
capacity 1500 Ibs., furnished complete, express body with 
canopy top, side curtains, glass front, electric light with 
generator and storage battery and electric horn; or with solid 
panel body. Model 1 0, 1 -ton, with stake or express body 
and bow top. Model 11,1 J/2-ton chassis. Model "A," 2-ton 
chassis. Model "T," 3'/2-ton dreadnaught. 

Prices, $895 to $2675 





Repairer of 

Automobiles, Electric Starters 
and Storage Batteries 

Champaign County Agency and Service Station 

113 North Market Street 516 North Neil Street 

Bell Phone 2636 


Bell Phone 421 




Champaign County Business Directory 


Berbaum Eros.. Groceries & Gen. Mdse, Earhart, Charles, 202 W. Park ave. 

Bondville Auto Co Garage Hubbard & Takow, 12 Swannell 

Bondville Bank. Bldg. 

Bondville Telephone Co. Kratz, E. V., 9-10 Imperial Bldg. 

Busey, F. H Livery Maxwell Wymer, 512 W. Oregon, U. 

Crawford, S. A Elevator Ramey, G. E., Robeson Bldg. 

Jochim, W. E.. Painter & Paper Hanger Royer, J. W., 307-311 Flatiron Bldg., 

Keller, Peter Insurance U. 

Kesler, J. H Lumber & Contractor Spencer, N. S. & Son, 320^ N. Neil. 

Kirk, M. A., & Co.. .Elevator & Garage Temple, H. R., 304-305 Lincoln Bldg. 

Laffoon, Dr. C. A Physician 

Pfeister, Frank Implements 

Rankin, W. J Cement Contractor 

r* I f~* S-T* 

Samuelson, C. O ~ , , _ orvo ,, ,, 

Groceries & Gen'l Mdse. Bauman, Mrs. Emma, 202 S. Pros- 
Scott, W. H Insurance P e . ct - 1AAO ... 

Spaulding, J. W Blacksmith Reyburn Miss Mary J., 1008 W. 

Walker T. H.. Painter & Paper Hanger . Church. 

Young, G. W Hotel & Livery 


BROADLANDS Walker & Mulliken, 215-217 N. Neil. 

Allen, Harry Grain Dealer 

Bank of Broadlands (Not Inc.) 

Bergfield Bros General Store AUCTIONEERS 

Bergfield & Messman .Farm Implts. Harr ; c R 2Q6 Champaign Nat'l 

Broadlands Grain & Coal Co. Bank Bide 

Clementz John J .Garage ; d w ' 12 E Washington. 

Clester, J. A. & Co Restaurant 

C'lester & Snow Hardware, Etc. 

Croucher, Ira Restaurant 

Darnell, J. F Printer AUTOMOBILES. 

Gilbert-Johnson Co. (Not Inc.) Bilderback, I. M., 340 Hickory. 

Lumber, Coal, Etc. Burr Co., 332-334 Hickory. 

Houghton, Mrs. R. T Drugs Fidler, J. L. Motor Co., 322 Hickory. 

Illinois Sales Co Vulcanizers Qoll, G. G. Co., 336 Hickory. 

Kesterson, I. S Restr., Confect, Etc. jjoll F. M., 615 S. Wright. 

Kesterson, M. B Meats Holmes Automobile Co. 

Kuhn, Paul & Co Grain Dealers Kirby, E. V. Auto Co., 110-112 Mar- 

Lutga, Fred Blacksmith k e t U 

Mortimer, A Barber Koog'ler, F. S. 

Vale, John Hotel Lumley 'Bros.,' 106 N. Race, U. 

Wills & Earth Furn. & Undtkr. Marmon Buick Sales Co., 206 E. 

Zanto, Aug Blacksmith Main U. 

r>UA TV/T-DAT^XT TTt>r AXTA Milburn Wagon Co., 20-22 Main, 

CHAMPAIGN-URBANA. >. T , rn . & 


TRACTS OF TITLE. Miller, J. C., 340 Hickory. 

Abstract Company of Champaign Co. Miller, W. H., 115-117 N. Walnut. 

206 1st Nat'l Bank Bldg., U. Morgan, H. R. Co., 113 N. Market, U. 

Champaign County Abstract Co., 10 Motor Sales Co., Ill W. Hill. 

Main. Rewerts & Ehler, 106 N. Race, U. 

Champaign County Abstract Co., 105 Sadorus & Callahan, 342-344 Hickory. 

S. Market, U. Urbana Harness Co., 117 N. Race, U. 

L. B. Saffer, lOl 1 /^ W. Main, U. Wiese, J. L., 118 S. Neil. 

Twin City Abstract Co., 4 Price Wiggins, C. V., 335-337 Hickory and 

Bldg., 320 Hickory. 406-408 N. Neil. 



Give Our Foot Expert a 
Chance to Relieve 

Your Foot Troubles 

I j \\7HY neglect your 
tired, aching, 
| flat, "Corned and 
| Bunioned" Feet 
| supporting the full 
| weight of the body for 
| an average of 8,000 
| steps daily ? 

Come and talk with our experts 
about your Foot Aches Today ! 

We will be glad to give you 
our careful advice FREE. 


For Men, 

Women and 



312 Hickory St. Champaign, III. 


Alexander Co., 368 N. Walnut and 
710 S. Neil. 


Andrews, H. B., 64^-68^ Chester. 
Chester Transfer Co., 63-67 Chester. 
Stoltey's Garage, 64-68 Chester. 


Burr Auto Co., 332-334 Hickory. 

Champaign Rubber Works, 324 N. 

Dwiggins, A. P., 506 S. Fourth. 

Eyerence, R. P., 514-516 N. Neil. 

Fidler, J. L., Motor Co., 322 Hickory. 

Harriman Auto Shop, 206 E. Main, U. 

Herrick Auto Supplies, 113 W. Park. 

Kruse, C. E., Ill S. First. 

Lumley Bros., 106 N. Race, U. 

Marmon Buick Sales Co., 206 E. 
Main, U. 

Miller, W. H., 115-117 N. Walnut. 

Rewerts & Ehler, 106 N. Race, U. 

Shrader Auto Electric Co. 

Square Deal Garage, 107-109 N. Mar- 

Stoltey's Garage, 64-68 Chester. 

Strahle, Paul J. Co., 337 Hickory. 

Swanson, Fred Co., Washington and 

Urbana Harness Co., 117 N. Race, U. 

Urbana Metal Machine Co., 215 N. 
Race, U. 

Strode, George, 325 Hickory. 


Alter, Albert, D211 S. Market, U. 
Gehrke Illinois Bakery, 207 E. Clark. 
Hegenbart Co., 101-103 N. Neil. 
Jones, W. A., 123 N. Race, U. 
Kyle, George A., 104 E. High, U. 
Mead's Confectionery, 201 N. Neil. 
Metzler & Schafer Co., 43-45 Main. 
Myers Home Bakery, 107 W. Elm, U. 
National Biscuit Co., 126 S. Market. 
Ostrand, G. A., 606 S. TWd. 
Ostrand's Bakery, 116 N. First. 
Picknell, Harry, 9 Taylor. 
Rieckhoff, Louis F., 213 S. Neil. 
Shorb's Sanitary Bakery, 516 S. Mat- 
hews, U. 


Busey's State Bank, 201 W. Main, U. 
Champaign National Bank, Main, N. 
W. Cor. Fremont. 



Our New Store Building 

5 Stories and Basement 

Church and Randolph Sts. CHAMPAIGN, ILL. 

The largest and most complete Department Store in 
Central Illinois, and filled with the largest stocks of de- 
pendable merchandise. Prices always lower than elsewhere. 







Citizens State Bank, 124-126 N. Neil. 
Commercial Bank, 78 E. University. 
First National Bank, 30-32 Main. 
First National Bank of Urbana, 100 

E. Market. 
First State Trust & Savings Bank, 

117 W. Main, U. 

First University Bank, 606 E. Green. 
Illinois Trust & Savings Bank, 10 


Urbana Banking Co., 136 W. Main, U. 
Trevitt Mattes Banking Co., 112 W. 


Ewald, B. J., 511 S Neil. 
Hall, Chas. A., Hardware Co., 115 S. 

Race, U. 
Kuhl & Loehr, 113 N. Walnut ana 

213 S. Market, U. 
Moll, E. M., 615 S. Wright. 
Sampson, E. W., 119-121 N. Race, U. 


Chester Transfer Co., 63-67 Chester. 

Cremean, J. W., 201 N. Market, U. 

Ferguson, C. C., 508 Hickory. 

Foltz, F. M., 203 N. Market, U. 

Prison Carriage Shop, 341 N. Wal- 

Kobel, H. F., 20 Logan. 

Short, C. C., 707 N. Goodwin, U. 

Spalding, G. T., 118 N. Market, U. 

Spalding, J. W., 342 Fremont. 

Urbana Metal Machine Co., 215 N. 
Race, U. 

Zercher, Frank, 304 S. First. 


Flanigan-Pearson Co., 10-12 Chester. 

Lowden & Flanagan, 114-116 N. Wal- 

Twin City Printing Co., 116-118 N. 

Cunningham Bros., 25 Main. 
Faulkner, Watson, 208 N. Neil. 
Knowlton & Bennett, 135-137 W. 

Main, U. 

Lloyd, D. H., 7 Main. 
Lloyd's University Store, 606 E. 


Mollet & Woller, 223 N. Neil. 
Swannell, H., & Son, 1 Main. 
U. of I. Supply Store, 627-631 S. 


Barrlendrew, 601 Cunningham, U. 
Bennett, J. B., 221 Central, U. 
Sheldon Brick & Bldg. Supply Co., 

520 Cunningham, U. 
Stipes & Hecker, 108 N. Walnut. 

Champaign Loan & Bldg. Ass'n, 

225/2 N. Neil. 

Citizens Bldg. Ass'n, 107 S. Race, U. 
Loan & Investment Co., J. Beers, 

Sec., 205 N. Walnut. 
Twin Cities Savings & Loan Ass'n, 

2\\y 2 N. Neil. 
University Club Bldg. Ass'n, 1104 M. 

Illinois, U. 
Urbana Home Loan Ass'n, 110^2 W. 

Main, U. 


Alexander Lumber Co., 368 N. Wal- 
nut and 710 S. Neil. 

Foster, P. D., 305 S. Chestnut. 

Harris-Dillavou & Co., 25 E. Spring- 

Huff, S. E., & Co., 29 N. Race, U. 

Hunter, Rourke & Co., 211-217 N. 
Market, U. 

Knowles Plumbing & Heating Co., 
615 S. Wright. 

Sheldon Brick & Building Supply 
Co., 520 Cunningham, U. 

Stipes & Hecker, 108 N. Walnut. 

Wagner & Son, 118 N. Market. 

Walls, W. W., & Co., 33 E. Univer- 

Twin City Creamery Co., 16 Logan. 
Webster, J. T., & Co., 71 E. Univer- 


Keck, F. D., Furniture Co., 114-116 

W. Church. 

Kiler, C. A., 24-26 Main. 
Lawrence, G. W., 224-226 W. Main, 


Lewis, W., Co., 1 13-123. N. Neil. 
Lillard & Getman, 44-46 Main. 
Lowenstern-Meis Co., 214-216 W. 

Main, U. 
Patterson, M. J., & Co., 105-107 N. 

Percival & Moorehead, Neil, S. E. 

cor. University. 
Reliable Furniture Co., 101-103 E. 




We Sell and 
Triple- G 





Pea Berry 

We Sell and 


Triple- G 



Gun Powder 



Uncolored Japan 

The machine that takes out the 

bitter chaff, leaving the coffee 

sweet and pure 

Cocoas, Extracts and Spices of the Best 

A Satisfied Patron Means a Steady Customer 

We sell goods at a small profit. Our stocks are moving and 
always fresh. Individual attention, high ideals, unsurpassed 
methods and low cost of operating has made this store successful 



Bell Phone 872, Auto 2153 
Business Manager 

201 No. Market St. 






Yourself for a Good Meal 


when in 


309 North Neil Street 


When You Have Your Work 
Done at the 

Ford Specialty 

Because we employ only 
Expert Mechanics 

Tube Work a Specialty 


71 Chester Street 

No Job Too Large or Too Small 

Robeson, F. K., 125-135 W. Church 

and 206-208 N. Randolph. 
Sampson, E. W., 119-121 N. Race, U. 
Walker & Mulliken, 215-217 N. Neil. 

Ely, Louis, & Co., 24 Logan. 
Dillavou & Co., 335 N. Walnut. 
Prison Carriage Shop, 341 N. Walnut. 
Metz, Martin, 73 Chester. 


Harris-Dillavou & Co., 25 E. Spring- 

Somers Bros., Big Four R. R. and N. 
Orchard, U. 

Lange Bros., 701 Hickory. 

Stipes & Hecker, 108 W. Walnut. 

Walls, W. W., & Co., 33 E. Univer- 

Flocken-Cox Co., 315 N. Walnut. 


O'Brien-Ward Co., 102-125 Hamilton 


Bailey, S. W., 206 N. Oak. 

Dougan, Elmer, 114 S. Race, U. 

Gray, F. E., Basement, 17 E. Univer- 

Green, Allen, Basement, 301 N. Neil. 

lies, W. A., 106 N. Market, U. 

Illinois Pressing Shop, 512 E. Green. 

Mathews, L. E., 401 N. Neil. 

Mathews, Wm., 504 E. Green. 

Paris Dyeing & Cleaning Co., 128 W. 

Peddicord, Clifford, 120*/ 2 S. Neil. 

Perry, J. B., Basement, 207 N. Wal- 

Pistenbarger & Flynn, 612 E. Green. 

Primtt, G. J., 128 W. Alain, U. 

Souder, L. B., 517 Hickory. 

University Pressing Shop, 621 S. 

Walker, J. F., 126 W. Main, U. 

White Line Steam Laundry, 502 N. 

Williams, Wm., Basement, 4 Taylor. 


Champaign Bargain Store, 118 E. 







Frost Proof, 

Attractive and 


Any Color or Shade 

You May Desire 

If your house, barn, corn crib or garage needs a roof, 
it will pay you to investigate this roof and get our prices. 
Costs no more than any other good roof; light in weight. 



Plant Bell 656. Night Calls Bell 2866, Auto 3170 

701 Hickory Street CHAMPAIGN, ILL. 

Also Manufacturers of 

Water-proof Cement Building Blocks. 

The Water-proof Norwalk Cement Burial Vault. Delivered 
by us in Champaign, Ford, Piatt, and Douglas counties. 

Demand the Grnuine Norwelk vith our name on it 

steel fa 




The two go together when 
you think of 





and other Rings, as well as 


Wuesteman is an Eyesight 
Specialist. Fits glasses to 
your eyes and warrants satis- 


Jeweler and Optician 







Tires and Accessories 
Miller Tires 
Heider Tractor 

Peter Schuttler and 
Mitchell Wagons 

Cohen, M., & Son, 54-56 E. Univer- 

Dougan, Elmer, 114 S. Race, U. 

Finch, J. H., & Co., 104 W. Main, U. 

Grossman, David, 106-108 E. Univer- 

Gulick Tailoring Co., 207^-209^ N. 

Kaufman, J. M., & Co., 16-18 Main. 

Klorfine Bros., 47 Main. 

Kuhn, Jos., & Co., 33-35 Main. 

Lewis, W., & Co., 113-123 N. Neil. 

Liberty Clothing Co., 321 N. Neil. 

Lowenstern, M., & Son, 205 W. Main, 

Murduck Bros. 

Robeson, F. K., W. Church and N. 

St. Louis Bargain House, 72 E. Uni- 

Stern Bros., 23 Main. 

Weingarten, Sam, 11 Main. 


Alexander Lbr. Co., 368 N. Walnut 
and 710 S. Neil. 

Beach, B. C., & Co., 702 Hickory. 

Brownfield & Turner, 116 N. Mar- 
ket, U. 

Champaign Coal Co., 109 N. First. 

Hardy, Wilbur F., 41 E. University. 

Harris-Dillavou & Co., 25 E. Spring- 

Huff, S. E., & Co., 295 N. Race, U. 

Hunter, Rourke & Co., 211-217 N. 
Market, U. 

King, Harry, 207 S. Neil. 

Means, J. B., 208 N. Orchard, U. 

Mueller, Chas. E., 120 S. Neil. 

No?le & Black, 702 N. Neil. 

Paisley & Shively, 210-212 S. Market. 

Pattengale Bros., 70 E. University. 

Pettys, E. T., 308 N. Orchard, U. 

Re'chard, John L., 510 E. Main, U. 

Sandweger, S. A., 220 W. Main, U. 

Sharon Coal Yards, 107 N. Walnut, U. 

Smith Coal Co., 208 N. Market, U. 

Stinespring, H. P., 202 N. Market, U. 

Stipes, Royal A., 609 Champaign. 

Twin City Ice & Cold Storage Co., 
76 E. Washington. 

Wagner & Sons, 118 N. Market, U. 

Walls, W. W., & Co., 33 E. Univer- 


Brown's Business College, 3d floor 
Swannell Bldg., Cor. Main and 




Farm Machinery, Vehicles, Gas Engines, Etc, 




335 North Walnut Street 


This Directory is Imperfect 

FOR the reason that between the time the presses 
began to run it off and its delivery into your hands, 
many of those whose names appear have passed away. 

Illinois Life Insurance Company 

E. J. HUTCHINSON, District Manager. 
Suite 403 Lincoln Bldg., Champaign, Illinois. 





= Look in Your Directory = 

and find out who your 
neighbor is. 

Look in at the Howard 

and see yourself as you are. 
Only High Grade Portraits. 

Prices Right. 

Howard Studios 

E. L,. MELTON, Mr. 
602 E. John St. University Dist. 


We have closed our Downtown 
Studio Until Fall of 1917. 


Auto Works 

We Sell and f 


Michelin Tires, Electric 

Starters and Accessories 



Special attention given to 
repair work of all kinds 

Phones Bell 2491, Auto 3314 

69 East University Avenue 

Howse, L. K., 56-58 Main. 
H. B. Rainey, City Hall. 
Stevenson, A. G., 223 W. Main, U. 


Arcade Confectionery, 713 S. Wright. 
Bradley Confectionery, 9 Main. 
Buch, Fred W., 707-709 N. Neil. 
De Luxe Confectionery, 307 N. Neil. 
Frat, The, 3 Main st. 
Garry, Mike, 124 N. First. 
Harris, D. E., 608 E. Green. 
Mead's Confectionery, 201 N. Neil. 
Murphy, W. F., 512 E. John. 
Olympia, The, 102 W. Main, U. 
Reimund, J. S., llll 1 ^ W. Main, U. 
Seims, W. J., 304 N. Fifth. 
Sunsonne, Frank, 108 N. Neil. 
Tucker & Bongart, 17 E. University. 
Vriner's Confectionery, 55 Main and 

132 W. Main, U. 
White and Gold Confectionery, 106 

W. Main, U. 

Dickson Conservatory of Music, 208 
W. Hill st. 


Anderson, F., Electrical, 908 W. 
Clark, U. 

Anthony, N. W., Carpenter, 1214 W. 

Applegate, G. A., Carpenter, 405 W. 

Archdeacon, J. S., Carpenter, 704 E. 
High, U. 

Bacon Bros., Painting and Decorat- 
ing, 107-109 N. Walnut. 

Bennett, J. B., Mason, 221 Central, U. 

Bercher, T. C., Painter, 204 W. Ne- 
vada, U. 

Blair, Wm.. Carpenter, 207 W. Hill. 

Brumley, G. A., Carpenter, 902 S. 

Buchanan, Wm., Building, 907 W. 
Stoughton, U. 

Burdick, C. W., Brick and Cement, 
114 1 / W. Main, U. 

Caldwell Co., Electrical, 316 Hickory. 

Campbell, C. E., Paint, 116 W. Uni- 

Carpenter & Corkcry, Cement, 120^2 
W. Main, U. 

Casual Decorating Co., 307 S. Elm. 

Charles, Roy, Concrete, 113 VV. 
Washington, U. 

Colvin, George, Paint, 105 S. Fourth. 



Diamond Grid Battery Headquarters 

These halteryi 

longer life than 
any other lead 
battery made 


of the pleasure 

We can give you "^^^^^B ^ "today "' 

the best and most economical ^^^BH^Jgpr 

Electrical Service, for we are equipped to handle the most 

DIFFICULT JOBS with the highest degree of efficiency. 

Schrader Auto Electric Co. 

Special representative for PHILADELPHIA G ID BATTERIES. 


126 So. 
Walnut Street 

Auto Shop 


Cyrus Everett 



Square Deal 



See Us in Our Neiv Location 


i = 





We specialize in Kodaks and Supplies. 

Prescriptions rilled promptly and only with pure drugs. 1 

Mail orders given special attention. 

Northwest Corner Neil and Church Streets 



nuin CORN 


In the famous Darby Plains and 
Scioto Valley 

Price, $125.00 to $185.00 

Per Acre 

Will produce more Corn, Clover 
and Oats than the best Illinois 

Go to Ohio with us any time and 
let us prove it to you. 

Frank D. Harris 

Illinois Representative 
Phone Bell 2341, Auto 2182 


Northern Ohio Land Company 

Look Here! 

If you want to 

Farm or 

City Real Estate 


Arthur Sheridan 

N. E. Corner Neil and Taylor 


Combest, W. P., Excavating, 815 
Church, U. 

Cohdit, Grant, Painter, 1001 N. Ran- 

Connors, C. H., Railroad, 406 W. 

Curtis, J. W., Carpenter, 806 W. 

Daniel, Paul, Teaming, 109 W. Vine. 

Davis George, Painter, 406 N. Third. 

Davis C. W., Stone, 305 N. Wright. 

Davis, W. M., Well Driller, 116 N. 
Market, U. 

Denman, Charles, Painter, 1117 Wil- 

Desmore, W. H., Painter, 206 E. 

Dillon, G. S., Carpenter, 1406 W. 

Doherty, J. J., Carpenter, 1306 W. 
University, U. 

Donovan, J. J., Drainage, 306 E. Uni- 

Ely, Max C., Painter, 237 S. Market. 

English Bros., General, 4th floor Lin- 
coln Bldg. 

Freeman, C. Q., Excavating, 105 W. 
California, U. 

Freeman & Brooks, Building, 411 S. 

Gwinn, Charles, Carpenter, 614 W. 

Gordon,' Ed., Painter, 410 W. Wash- 

Gray, John, Cement, 523 Pennsyl- 
vania, U. 

Greeley, P. S., Carpenter, 604 W. 
Iowa, U. 

Gregory, P. T., Bridge, 120^ N. 

Grubbs, Frank, Carpenter, 308 S. 
Vine, U. 

Harmison, C. W., Carpenter, 104 W. 
Oregon, U. 

Harmison, L. A., Paper Hanger, 203 
E. Elm, U. 

Hartman, Adam H., Building, 1614 
W. Park. 

E., Painting, 10? 

A., Concrete, 701 

Harvey, W. 

Hawley, F. 

Church, U. 
Haworth, A. E., Carpenter, 304 S. 

Cottage Grove, U. 
Henderson, I. W., Lather, 407 W. 


Hines, H. F., Cistern, 221^ S. Water. 
Hix, "William, Excavating, 911 W. 

Illinois, U. 

Holland Furnace Co., S 1 /* Main. 
Hurd, L. L., Plaster, 1310 Hill, U. 
Ideal Electric Co., 15 E. University. 





Office Phone Bell 165, Home 1764 
Residence Phone Bell 499, Home 1050 

134 Park Avenue 



We Buy Sell and Exchange Real Estate 

Real Estate, Loans and Insurance 

New Hampshire, Manchester, National, Hartford; London and Lancashire 
Liverpool, Royal Exchange, London. 

Commercial Bank Bldg. Phone Automatic 2233 CHAMPAIGN, ILL. 







33 East University Avenue 



A. B. MOORE, Proprietor 


Racine Tires and Tubes 

Phone Bell 2341 

324 North Neil Street 


Johnson Electric Co., 345 N. Hickory. 
Keeler, Max, General, 1002 W. Wil- 

Keeler, W. H., Building, 202 W. 

Clark, U. 
King, Louis B., General, 1506 W. 

King & Butcher, General, 3d floor 

Lincoln Bldg. 

Kirby, John, Paving, 407 E. Bradley. 
Knowles Plumbing & Heating Co., 

615 S. Wright. 
Krabbe Electric Co., 126 W. Church, 

Park Theatre Bldg. 
Lange Bros., Cement, 701 Hickory. 
Loper, D. H., Carpenter, 209 W. 

Lott, J. H., Painter, 204^ E. Illi- 

nois, U. 

Lusk, G. B., Building, 1202 W. Park. 
Lutes, Frank, Paper Hanger, 211 E. 

Illinois, U. 
Maguire, W. T., Paint, 808 S. 

Mathews, U. 
McLain, Claude, Cement, 912 W. 

Merrifield, T., Carpenter, ZQ2 l / 2 E. 

Main, U. 

Miller, C. H., Cement, 208 Avondale. 
Moore, O. M., General, 1306 Hickory. 
Moore, R. C., Signs, 25 E. Healy. 
Morgan, C. E., Carpenter, 1004 W. 

Murphy & Weise, Electric, 120 S. 


Myers, M. M., Painter, 1011 N. Neil. 
Needham, J. W., Building, 126 Ham- 

ilton Bldg. 

Nofftz, R. T., Building, 207 E. John. 
O'Brien-Ward Co., Electric-Drainage, 

102-125 Hamilton Bldg. 
O'Brien, Wm., Excavating, 1301 Bes- 

lin, U. 
Osborn, Douglas, Building, 1104 W. 

Clark, U. 

Price Decorating Co., 207 S. Neil. 
Reiverts, T. T., Building, 106 N. 

Race, U. 
Reliable Electric Shop, 219 W. Main, 

Reyburn, R. W., Building, 1008 W. 

Roberts, L. C., Carpenter, 713 S. 

Royer, Wm., Carpenter, 508 W. 

Saltsgaver, R. H., Carpenter, 805^ E. 

Green, U. 
Sedgwick, C. A., Paint and Paper- 

hanger, 607 S. Randolph. 
Shaw, E. M., Concrete, 1404 W. 

Park, U. 



Sheldon Brick & Building Supply Co., 
520 Cunningham, U. 

Shelton, E. G., Painter, 1012 W. 

Siler, P. D., Painter, 215 S. Poplar, U. 

Somers Bros., Concrete, Big Four R. 
R. and N. Orchard, U. 

Sommer, George, Paint, 206 W. Cali- 
fornia, U. 

Sawers, A., Building, 301 Locust, U. 

Stewart, W. L., Drainage, 705 W. 
Clark, U. 

Stipes & Hecker, Building, 108 N. 

Stoecker, L. J., Building, 911 Poplar. 

Stoolman, A. W., General, 212 Arm- 

Sutherland & Sowers, Building, 203 
First Nat'l Bank, U. 

Swartz Electric Shop, 116 S. Race, U. 

Swihart, C, Painter, 1301 W. Spring- 
field, U. 

Templeton, F. L., Painter, 34 E. 

Twin City Electric Co., 8 Taylor. 

Twin City Roofing Co., 201-205 S. 

Van Koten, C. E., Painter, 712 S. 
Market, U. 

Wagner & Sons, Excavating, 118 N. 

' Market. 





makes an 

which in the sum of 

is unsurpassed for 


Penn Mutual Life 
Insurance Co. 



The Store of Quality 





You are cordially invited to call 
and use our Rest Room or any and 
all conveniences this store offers 



Quality First Service Next 
Price Last 




State Bank 

We Will 

Appreciate Your 

| Edward Bailey, Pres. F. S. Bailey, V-Pres. \ 
P. L. McPheeters, Cashier 

Transacts a General 
Banking Business 

Active Capital 


Member of 

Federal Reserve 

Champaign, Illinois 

Walkington, W. A., 403 E. Green, U. 
Weaver, J. P., Carpenter, 806 McCul- 

lough, U. 
Weeks, R. Osborne, Painter, 1010 W. 

Washington, U. 
Welch, C. J., Concrete, 118 W. 

Main, U. 

Westerbeek, A. J., 721 S. Prairie. 
White, J. C, Plasterer, 1108 W. 

Springfield, U. 
Williams-Black, Inc., Painter, 412 N. 

Neil and 345 Hickory. 
York, J. M., Carpenter, 1210 Bes- 

lin, U. 
Zipprodt, F. A., Building, 1107 W. 

University, U. 

Zoll, J. A., Carpenter, 602 E. Cali- 
fornia, U. 


Fred Hess. 


Twin City Creamery Co., 16 Logan. 
Pioneer Creamery Co. 


Harris-Dillavou & Co., 25 E. Spring- 

Champaign Sanitary Milk Co., 415 E. 


Scott, A. F., 215 S. Market, U. 
Wilson's Dairy, 1412 Champaign. 


Bacon Bros., 107-109 N. Walnut. 
Price Decorating Co., 207 S. Neil. 
Williams-Black, Inc., 412 N. Neil and 
345 Hickory. 

Alexander, Charles T., 412 Illinois 


Boone, H. W., 4]/ 2 Main. 
Boudreau, G. C., 201 Price Estate 


Brown, J. A., 304 Illinois Bldg. 
Ebert, F. E., 602^4 E. Green. 
Exl, H. H., I24y 2 W. Main, U. 
Hindman, H. A., 104 Cohen Bldg., U. 
Horr, D. L., 202 First Nat'l Bank 

Huff, F. H., 225^ N. Neil. 



Karcher, W. H., 302 First Nat'l Bank 

Leathers, Thos. H., 213^ N. Neil. 
Linnington, J. T., 1 Swannell Bldg. < 
MacLachlan, J. M., 4th floor Illinois 


Romine, S. A., 225^ N. Neil. 
Sale, F. O., 135^ W. Main, U. 
Shurtz, W. A., 208 Citizens State 

Bank Bldg. 

Stevens, Elliott G., 432 Illinois Bldg. 
Summers, Dean W., 402-404 Illinois 


Wallis, Robert, 210^ W. Main, U. 
Warner, C. B., 123 W. Elm, U. 
Wise, Lloyd H., 405 Illinois Bldg., 

4th floor. 

Flat Iron Store, 301 W. Main, U. 
Lewis, W. & Co., 113-123 N. Neil. 
Robison, F. K., W. Church and N. 

Randolph sts. 
Willis, G. C., 15-17 Main. 


Aschermann, Miss Ethel, 
Champaign, U. 


Seed Co. 

Wholesale and Retail 
Seeds and Feed 

All kinds FIELD seeds 
and GARDEN seeds. 

All kinds FEED for 
poultry or stock. 

Poultry Supplies 



Tires, Accessories and Parts 

F. S. KOOGLER, Manager 

18 Washington St. co 


o 1759 Bell 228 




Successor to 
The Frank Wilcox Loan Co. 

Farm Loans 
Real Estate 


Let me write a policy for you in 
of N. Y. to protect your estate. 
It will pay the mortgage if you 
should die. There is no better 
or stronger company. There is 
no policy that is more liberal. 


313 N. Neil Street, 


The Home of Good 


for the Entire Family 

19 Main Street, 
Champaign - Illinois 

Bogan, Miss Stella, 709 W. Califor- 
nia, U. 

Carroll, Miss Belle, 607 N. Fourth. 

Clark, Mrs. Jennie, 128 W. Park. 

Costello, Mrs. M., 10-11 Baddely & 
Stipes Blk. 

Cross, Mrs. Mary, 603 N. State. 

Dexter, M. E. ( 703 S. Randolph. 

Dooley, Agnes, 505 S. Second. 

Duffy, Mrs. Caroline, 306 Illinois 

Flanigan, Miss Muriel, 1109 W. 
Clark, U. 

Funk, Mrs. Elizabeth, 911 W. Spring- 
field, U. 

Gaiser, Louisa, 123 W. Clark. 

Geren,' Laura, 124^ S. Race, U. 

Gibbs, Jessie, 306 S. Race, U. 

Harnack, Mrs. L., 4 Baddely & Stipes 

Hooker, Miss Lelah, 208 W. Spring- 

Harvard, Mrs. Dora, 509 S. Fourth. 

Innes, Miss A., 311 W. White. 

Jackson, Mrs. Susan, 408 N. Willis. 

Johnson, Miss Belle, 315^ Fremont. 

Jones, Mrs. Beatrice, 914 W. Illi- 
nois, U. 

Judd, E. T., 906 S. Sixth. 

Judd, Mildred, 906 S. Sixth. 

Kirby, Miss Mary, 212 E. Church. 

Lee, Miss Iva, 313 S. Prairie. 

LeRoy, Miss Ella, 404 W. Califor- 
nia, U. 

May, Ora E., 703 S. Randolph. 

McGraw, Miss Margaret, 201 E. Hill. 

McKenzie, Miss Sarah, 204 W. Uni- 
versity, U. 

Meade, Miss Mabel, 106 W. Califor- 
nia, U. 

Monroe, Mrs. Minta, 56 E. Healy. 

Newcomb, Mrs. Lula, 108 S. Vine, U. 

Orsick, Miss Charlotte, 303 E. Park. 

Parker, Miss Lura, 402 W. Illinois, U. 

Perry, Mrs. Mary L., 504 E. Healy. 

Plotner, Susie, 201 E. Park. 

Prewitt, Mrs. Ella, 506 S. Market, U. 

Prewitt, Miss Lula, 5 Baddely & 
Stipes Blk. 

Raney, Mrs. Minta, 315 T /2 N. Walnut. 

Rash, Mrs. Lillie, 902 W. Spring- 
field, U. 

Rice, Mrs. Alice, 309^ N. Neil. 

Richardson, Adah, 501 E. Park. 

Schultz, Mrs. "Minnie, 108 E. Stough- 

Shaw, Mrs. Eva, 4 Faulkner Flats. 
Shaw, Mary, 919 W. Hill. 
Shepherd, Miss, 702 W. Main, U. 
Sims, Mrs. Hannah, 206 S. Walnut, U. 
Stonebraker, Laura, 205^2 N. Ran- 



Strickland, Mrs. Ida, 207 W. Ore- 
gon, U. 

Siutts, Miss Ethel, 911 W. Spring- 
field, U. 

Warriner, Mrs. Lena, 1011 W. Illi- 
nois, U. 

Watson, Isabella, 201 W. Washing- 
ton, U. 

W T ebster, Pearl, 405 N. Lynn. 



Becker Bros., 108 E. Main, U. 

Clinkenbeard, G. W., 501 N. Neil. 

Cunningham Bros., 25 Main. 

Faulkier, Watson, 208 N. Neil. 

Keusink, W. B., 101 S. Neil. 

Knowlton & Bennett, 135-137 W. 
Main, U. 

Leslie, F. M., 121 W. Main, U. 

Miller & Woller, 223 N. Neil. 

Monahan, M. J., 122 N. Walnut. 

Oldham Bros., 123 S. Race, U. 

Quirk, J., 305 N. Neil. 

Robbins, Wm. C, 118 N. Walnut. 

Ross-Sim Drug Co., 112 E. Univer- 

Sim, Wm., Drug Co., 105 W. Main, U. 

Spalding, B. E., 602 E. Green. 


Modern Plumbing 

In the Country Home 




You can have these comforts as 
well as your friends in town. 

Let us give you an estimate. 

Reliable Plumbing 
and Heating Company, 

105 N. Walnut Street, 


Economical Power Excessive Tire Mileage 

Exceedingly Low Gasoline Consumption 


410 N. Neil St. 


343 Hickory 



Swannell, H. & Son, 1 Main. 
Tucker, S. C., & Co., 225 N. Neil. 
Tucker & Bongart, 17 E. University. 
Urbana Drug Co., 107 W. Main, U. 

Champaign Bargain Store, 118 E. 


Dolling, W. J., 113-115 W. Main, U. 
Finch, J. H.. & Co., 104 W. Main, U. 
Lewis, W., & Co., 113-123 N. Neil. 
Lowenstern-Meis Co., 214-216 W. 

Main, U. 

Nelson, J. F., 607 Hickory. 
Robeson, F. K., W. Church and N. 


Stotley, Chas., 109-113 E. University. 
Willis, G. C., 15-17 Main. 

Paris Dyeing & Cleaning Co., 128 W. 

Souder, L. B., 517 Hickory and 518 

N. Neil. 


G. R. Grubb & Co. 

Caldwell Co., 316 Hickory. 
Ideal Electric Co., 15 E. University. 
Johnson Electric Co., Electric Vehi- 
cle Repairing, 345 N. Hickory. 
Krabbe Electric Co., 126 W. Church. 
Kruse, H. Paul, 77 E. University. 
Swartz Electric Shop, 116 S. Race, U. 
Twin City Electric Co., 8 Taylor. 

Burnham & Harris, 200 First Nat'l 

Bank Bldg. 
Burt, T. A., Loan Co., 202^ W. Main, 


Coffin, W. E., 13Sy 2 W. Main, U. 
First National Bank, 30-32 Main. 
Gardner, E. A., 216 Citizens State 

Bank Bldg. 

Harwood, G. H., 225*4 N. Neil. 
Illinois Tractor System. 
Oldham, J. G., 107 Cohen Bldg., U. 
Morgan, M. W., 105^ W. Main, U. 

Brownfield, L. T., 503 N. Walnut. 
Dillavou, S. E., 335 N. Walnut. 
Hardy, Wilbur T., 41 E. University. 

Harrington, T. L., 208 N. Market. 
Hudson, Noah, 339 N. Walnut. 
Tractor Sales Co. 


Champaign Seed Co., 89 E. Univer- 

Foote, W. P., & Co., 712 N. Neil. 
Fry, J. M., & Son, 210 N. Market, U. 
Mr. Farrden & Bro., 116 S. Neil. 
Paisley & Shively, 210-212 S. Market. 
Pattengale Bros., 70 E. University. 
Stinespring, H. P., 202 N. Market, U. 


Big 4 Horse & Mule Co., 12 E. 

Gorden, Edward, 510 Hickory. 

Nightingale, W. R., 112-120 S. Wal- 


Alexander Lbr. Co., 358 N. Walnut 
and 710 S. Neil. 

Somiers Bros., Big 4 and N. Or- 
chard, U. 

Walls, W. W., & Co., 33 E. Univer- 

Smith & Co., between Lincoln and 

Covler, North Limits. 
U. & U. State, between Big 4 and 

I. C. tracks. 


Dodson, E. S., 404 E. Main, U. 
Frank, Thomas, & Son, 204-206 E. 

Yeats, J. E., Flower Shop, 41 Main 

and Third sts. 


Stinespring, H. P., 202 N. Market, U. 
Holt, B. J., & Co., N. Goodwin and 

Limits, U. 
Sunsome, Frank, 109 N. Neil. 


Brinnig, J. B., 506 S. Fourth. 
Derrough, H. O., 604 N. Elm. 
Derrough & Co., 31 Main. 
Doyle, J. H., 28 Main. 
Holland Furnace Co., 8 T A Main. 
Johnson Bros., 402 N. Neil. 



Knowles Plumbing & Heating Co., 
615 S. Wright. 

Marshall Furnace Co., 114^ N. Wal- 

McGlade, H., 120 W. University. 

Prentice, C. E., 11 E. University. 

Taylor Hardware Co., 74-76 E. Uni- 

Terwilleger, A. M. & L. A., 120 N.' 

Twin City Roofing Co., 201-205 S. 

Urbana Furnace & Sheet Metal Wks., 
118 W. Water, U. 

Wozencraft & Finder,. 57 E. Univer- 




28 Main Street 


Barnhart Bros., 208-210 W. Main, U. 
Keck, F. D., Furniture Co., 114-116 

W. Church. 

Kiler, C. A., 24-26 Main. 
Kruse, J. C., 73-77 E. University. 
Kruse, W. C., 113-115 S. First. 
Lawrence, G. W., 224 W. Main, U. 
Lillard & Getman, 44-46 Main. 
Moorehead Furniture Co. 
Morgan Rug & Furniture Co., 611 N. 




'HEN your motor isn't running 
just right, or when something 
goes wrong, then is the time to 
drive over here and let us locate 
your trouble. Do Not Delay. 

General repair department for all makes of gasoline cars. Special 
electric department for all kinds of electric cars and storage batteries. The 
best welding man in this part of the country to take care of your broken 


Bell 669 Auto 2266 

342-344 Hickory Street, First Door South of Orpheum Theatre 




Patterson, M. J., & Co., 105-107 N. 

Percival & Moorehead, 102-104 S. 

Neil, Neil and University. 
Reliable Furniture Co., 101-103 E. 


Sampson, E. W., 119-121 N. Race, U. 
Stoolman, Charles, 116 E. University. 
Walker & Mulliken, 215-217 N. Neil. 


Burr Co., 332-334 Hickory. 

Everence, R. P., 514-516 N. Neil. 

Everence & Justus. 

Ewald, B. J., 511 S. Neil. 

Frink Garage, 71 Chester. 

Kirby, E. Vantolv, 110-112 N. Mar- 
ket, U. 

Lumley Bros., 106 N. Race, U. 

Magruder, I. W., 113 N. Market, U. 

Marmon-Buick Sales Co., 206 E. 
Main, U. 

Miller, W. H., 115-117 N. Walnut. 

Motor Sales Co., Ill W. Hill. 

Sadorus & Callahan, 342-344 Hickory. 

Square Deal Garage, 107-109 N. Mar- 

Stoltey's Garage, 64-68 Chester. 
Theater Garage. 
Wiese, J. L., 118 S. Neil. 
Wiggins, C. B., 335-337 Hickory and 
406-408 N. Neil. 

Dillavou, E., 335 N. Walnut. 


Alexander Lbr. Co., 368 N. Walnut 
and 710 S. Neil. 


Armour Grain Co., 21 V/ 2 N. Neil. 
Baldwin, H. I., & Co., 712 N. Neil. 
Beuch, B. C., & Co., 702 Hickory. 
Bridge & Leonard, 211^ N. Neil. 
Cleveland Grain Co., 201 Kariher 


Dryer & Burt, 202 Kariher Bldg. 
Eversole, J. I., & Co., 200 Kariher 


Stoltey's Garage 


Automobile Accessories and 

Bell 187 Auto 1543 


M. Itt. Everence 

E. J. Justus 

Everence & Justus 

Automobile Repairing and 

Bell 187 Auto 1543 

Over Stoltey's Garage 

Progress on t"he farm makes certain demands. You kntm what they are 
better than we do. Having purchased this directory shows that you are 
progressive. Go a step farther and advertise your place with good printing. 
That's what we know about. Call in person or write to us about your needs. 

FLANIGAN-PEARSON CO., Progressive Farm Printers 
10-12 Chester St., CHAMPAIGN, ILL. 



Flanders, Junius, Kariher Bldg. 
Foote, W. P., & Co., 712 N. Neil. 
French, I. H., & Co., 209 Kariher 


Pattengale Bros., 70 E. University. 
Reichard, John, 510 E. Main, U. 
Schifflin, P. H., & Co., 8 Swannell 

Shively, H. A., & Co., 4-5 Imperial 


Sledge, J. P., 2 Imperial Bldg. 
Wagner, E. W., & Co., 5 Swannell 

Walton, C. T., 211 Kariher Bldg. 


Armstrong, M. L., 411-413 E. Uni- 

Atterbery, C. E., 605 N. Romine, U. 
Bailey, A. B., 1008 N. Fifth. 
Bash, Jos. S., 623 S. Wright. 
Bean, W. E., 304 E. California, U. 
Bing, Ben, 123 W. Main, U. 
Bireley & Son, 101 W. Main, U. 
Bowen, B. W., 110 E. University. 
Branky, J. C., 34 Main. 
Brining, Owen L., 211 S. Neil. 
Buch, Fred W., 707-709 N. Neil. 
Burlse, F. L., 306 N. Wright, U. 
Cain, Ellis, 303^ S. State. 



and LOANS 

Bell Telephone 608 

Champaign - Illinois 

Convert your old Ford into a- 

This tractor attachment will convert any Ford into 
most efficient light farm tractor on the market. Positi 

TRACTOR SALES CO. Champaign, Illinois 

Bell Phone 625 
Auto - 2209 

Distributors for STAUDE-MAK-A-TRACTOR 

Also Franklin Automobiles 505 No. Neil St. 



Carlson & Deyo, 419 N. Neil. 
Cassoppo, Pietro, 1203 N. Chestnut. 
Chesley & Co., 704 S. Goodwin, U. 
Collins, I. A., 1306 Hill, U. 
Compton, I. A., 1301 N. Market. 
Conaway, A. R., 1103 W. Main, U. 
Conkwright, Horace R., 206 W. Ne- 
vada, U. 

Crailsel, A. L., 508 N. Fifth. 
Davis & Louis, 512 E. Washington. 
Dickerson, Jim, 107 S. Neil. 

Donovan Grocery Co., 406 E. Uni- 

Drewry, George, 409 Grove. 

Dunning, G. D., 215 S. Market, U. 

Elliott, E. E., 905 W. Illinois, U. 

Endicott, M. F., 504 W. Beardsley. 

Esch, W. J., 1201 N. Market. 

Feltham, Henry, 505 E. Stoughton. 

Fiscus & Myers, 304 N. Lincoln, U. 

Fowler Sanitary, 1011 W. Main, U. 

Mr. Progressive Farmer: We specialize in live stock illustrations. We 
are equipped to furnish you printine plates for catalogues, sale bills, etc. 
. Write for information and prices. 





Successors to 

BELL 262 
AUTO. 1138 

1O7-1O9 North Walnut Street 

Finuh No. 2 -Interior 

An Old Established House 16 Years in Our Present Location 

Largest Stock of 

in the county 


Benjamin Moore & Go's. 

Murisco Saniflat Wall Paint 

House Colors Tile-like and Oil Colors 



Gault, R. W., 504^ Grove. 

Gray, Daniel, 417 N. Neil. 

Great Western Tea Co., 212 W. 

Main, U. 

Green, Noah, 902 E. Main, U. 
Guard, C. R., 403 Babcock, U. 
Halberstadt, G. H., 906 E. Main, U. 
Hardy, Thomas, 606 E. Main, U. 
Harmon, J. W., 1114 W. Main, U. 
Hegenbart Co., 101-103 N. Neil. 
Healy, Thomas J., 206 N. First. 
Jervis Bros., 115 S. Neil. 
Leach, Edward, 603 W. California, U. 
Lemmon Bros., 1310 Champaign, U. 
Longden, V. N., 803 S. Randolph. 
Love, J. F., 8041-4 E. Main, U. 
Lynch, John, 410 and 607 Springfield. 
Marsteller, P. L., 506^ W. Columbia. 
Martin, G. W., 311 N. Neil. 
Martin, J. L., 506 N. Harvey, U. 
Martin & O'Donnell, 503 N. Neil. 
McGraw Bros., 102 E. University. 
Meislahn, A. A., 817 Church, U. 
Metzler & Shafer, 43-45 Main. 
Moran, A. U., 502 E. Columbia. 
Murphey, W. F., 512 E. John. 
Nelson, A. S., & Sons, 20-22 Main and 

11-13 Taylor. 

Nelson, Jos., 607 Hickory. 
Palmer Bros., 202 W. Main, U. 


E Every road has two ends E 
E at one end the farm, at E 
E the other the country E 
E town. Each depends on E 
E the other, and both pros- E 
E per together. When broad E 
E minded merchants and E 
E the progressive far mere E 
E work together for the E 
= good of the community, E 
E then you have a commu- E 
E nity worth living in. 



"The Store that Sells WOOLTEX" 

Ladies' Ready to Wear 

37-39 Main Street 




Penny Grocery, 105 N. Marshall, U. 

Rash, C. E., 405 S. Lincoln, U. 

Rash & Summers, 305 E. Green, U. 

Rehberg, H. A., 202 S. First. 

Renner, S. W., 703 S. Race, U. 

Rivers, J., 509 Poplar. 

Sadorus, E. C., 206 W. Elm, U. 

Schwartz, R. H,, 204 E. Washington. 

Selicovitz, Mose, 409 1 / E. Park. 

Shuck & Davis, 130 W. Main, U. 

Siems, W. J., 304 N. Fifth. 

Sinnott, J. W., 711 N. Neil. 

Skelton, E. R., 726 S. State. 

Slack & Bloom, 124 S. Race, U. 

Snyder, P. M., 114 W. Main, U. 

South Side Cash Grocery, 514 b. 

Shanglo, Sam, 701 N. Fifth. 

Spry, L. F., 402 E. Tremont. 

Stevenson, B. F., & Son, 117 and 121 
S. Race, U. 

Stoltey's Grocery, 105-107 E. Univer- 

Tharp, Ora A., 401 S. First. 

Tisdale, Jeptha, 701 N. Fourth. 

Tucker, C. J., 30 E. Eureka. 

United Grocery Co., 119 S. Neil. 

Waters, Mrs. L., 607 E. Washington. 

Waveley, Wm. H., 410 S. Neil. 

West End Grocery, 1312 W. Church. 

Wright, G. E., 104 E. Springfield. 


Barnhart Bros., 208-210 W. Main, U. 
Derrough & Co., 31 Main. 
Doyle, J. H., 28 Main. 
Freeman & Son, 110 W. Mam, U. 
Hall, C. A., Hardware Co., 115 S. 

Race, U. 

Lewis, W., & Co., 113-123 N. Neil. 
Percival & Moorehead, 102-104 S. 

Neil, Neil and University. 
Prentice, C. E., 11 E. University. 
Robeson, F. K., W. Church and N. 

Taylor Hardware Co., 74-76 E. Um- 

Terwilleger, A. M. & L. A., 120 N. 

Thomas, J. C., 108 W. Main, U. 


Brown, A. R., 72 Chester. 
Eichhorst, Ed. A., 104 E. University. 
Fenton, T. G., 117 S. Neil. 
Kilpatrick, T. J., 115 N. Market, U. 
Lineman, Anton, 303 W. Park, U. 
Sampson. E. W., 119-121 N. Race, U. 
Urbana Harness Co., 117 N. Race, U. 
Weimer & Schweinsberg, 111 N. Mar- 


Arlington Hotel, 710 N. Neil. 
Beardsley Hotel, Cor. Neil and Hill. 
Central Hotel, 31 J4 Main. 
Columbian Hotel, 207^-209^ W. 

Main, U. 

Commercial Hotel, 27 l / 2 Main. 
Davison Hotel, 501-503 N. Neil. 
Illinois Hotel, 202-204 N. Walnut. 
Inman Hotel, Cor. University and 

McClurg, W. R., & Son, 107 N. Alar- 

ket, U. 

Noonan Hotel, 41^ Main. 
Picknell Hotel, 51^ Main. 
Plaze Hotel, 319/ 2 N. Neil. 
Robeson, F. K., W. Church and N. 


Sampson, E. W., 119-121 N. Race, U. 
Smith, Harry D., 619 S. Wright. 
Southern Hotel, 64 Main. 
Taggert, T. T., 203-205 N. Market. 
Walker & Mulligan, 215217 N. Neil. 
Willis, G. C, 15-17 Main. 

Barnhart Bros., 208-210 W. Main, U. 
Keck, Frank D., Furniture Co., 114- 

116 W. Church. 
Kiler, C. A., 24-6 Main. 
Lawrence, G. W., 224 W. Main, U. 
Lewis, W., & Co., 113-123 N. Neil. 
Lillard & Getman, 44-46 Main. 
Patterson, M. J., & Co., 105-107 N. 

Percival & Moorehead, 102-104 S. 

Reliable Furniture Co., 101-103 E. 



Champaign Vet. Hospital. 

Chapman, S. J., 210 W. Vine. 
McWethy, Christopher C., 808 W. 

Park, U. 

Roysdon, E. R., 909 W. Clark. 
Weeks, Frank, 203 W. Nevada, U. 


Good, Wm. T., 1402 W. University, U. 

Smith & Co., between Lincoln and 
Coler N. Lts., U. & N. state, be- 
tween Big 4 and I. C. tracks. 

Twin City Ice & Cold Storage Co., 
76 E. Washington. 




is very important. Dependable Abstracts of Title are 
a necessity to ascertain the exact condition of titles 


Champaign County Abstract Company 

Champaign Office: f^ Urbana Office: 

10 Main Street Sm 105 South Market Street 

EDWIN FILSON, Manager W. E. ATKINSON, Manager | 





Wholesale and Retail Dealers in 
Scrap Iron, Rubber, Metals and Rags, Etc. 
Hides, Furs, Tallow and Wool. Highest Prices 

Reference: Commercial Bank, Champaign, 111. 
Bell Phone 707 

1 Cor. Logan and Walnut Streets CHAMPAIGN, ILLINOIS 

On Farm Lands 
and City Property 


Mortgages, School, Public Improvement and Other Good Bonds to Sell 


509-510 First National Bank Bldg. CHAMPAIGN, ILL. 







Bradley Confectionery, 9 Main. 
Champaign Ice Cream Co., 113-115 

E. University. 

De Luxe Confectionery, 307 N. Neil. 
Mead's Confectionery, 201 N. Neil. 
The Frat, 3 Main. 
Vriner's Confectionery, 55 Main and 

132 W. Main, U. 


Alyea, Gertrude, 220 Price Estate 

Armour, Phil F., 602^ E. Green. 

Beers, Sheldon P., lUy 2 W. Main, U. 

Beers & Beers, 205 N. Walnut. 

Boggs & Gutteridge, 1 Courier Bldg., 

Boyer & Huber, Lincoln Bldg. 

Brown, Frank M., 211 1 / N. Neil. 

Brown, I. J., 126 Hamilton Bldg. 

Buchanan, W. S., 204 W. Elm, U. 

Burke, E. I., Citizens State Bank. 

Burt, T. A., Loan Co., 202*4 W. Main, 

Burton, O. K., 612 E. Green. 

Campbell, F. G., & Son, 112J4 E. Uni- 

Champaign Investment Co., Cor. 
University and Walnut. 

Coffin, W. E., 135/2 W. Main, U. 

Coffman, W. H., 105/ N. Neil. 

Coggeshall, F. A., 211^ N. Neil. 

Cohen, S. N., 134 W. Main, U. 

Coughlin, Wm., 202 First National 
Bank Bldg. 

Dyas, E. A., 200 Citizens State Bank 

Ealey, Wm. M., 501 E. Oregon, U. 

Elson, Chas. B., 1101 S. Randolph. 

Enochs, Delbert R., & Co., 203-205 
Champaign Nat'l Bank Bldg. 

Everhart, Leon, 405 Lincoln Bldg. 

Fieg, F. R., Investment Co., 37 

Prison, E. H., 3 Swannell Bldg. 

Funk, John S., 911 W. Springfield, U. 

Gardner, E. A., 216 Citizens State 
Bank Bldg. 

Glenn, L. L., 112 W. Church. 

Green, Martha E., 218 Citizens State 
Bank Bldg. 

Guthrie, Mary A., 506 W. Beardsley. 

Harris-Dillavou & Co., 25 E. Spring- 

Harris, Frank D., 404 N. Neil. 

Hartrick, Guy, Cor. University and 

Henson, F., 203 First Nat'l Bank, U. 

Hessel Land & Loan Co., 37^-39^ 

Hidy, W. R., 225^ N. Neil. 

Hill, Edwin L., 902 W. Clark, U. 

Hughes, S. K., 9Y* Main. 

Hutchinson, E. J., & Son, 403-404^ 
Lincoln Bldg. 

Illinois Realty Co., 208-209 Price Es- 
tate Bldg. 

James, George, 105^ N. Neil. 

Lindsey, T. E., 114J4 W. Main, U. 

Maxwell, C. L., Citizens State Bank 

Me Daniel, Duke, 107^2 E. University. 

McDermott,' Geo. C., 216 Citizens 
State Bank Bldg. 

McGehee, John, 124^ S. Race, U. 

McLean, L. A., & Son, 135^ W. 
Main, U. 

Miebach, Henry, 53 E. Springfield. 

Miller, J. W., 105 Cohen Bldg., U. 




Specialists in 



Farms Bought and Sold 

Best Service to the Farmer 

Imperial Building - - CHAMPAIGN, ILL. 



Monier & Morrissey, 326 Illinois 


Morgan, M. W., 105^ W. Main, U. 
Oldham, J. G., 107 Cohen Bldg., U. 
Oldham, Miss Pearl, 107 Cohen Bldg., 


Parker, Geo. R., 107 Cohen Bldg., U. 
Parker, M. S., 110^ W. Main, U. 
Poe, Leslie J., 55 E. Healy. 
Price, W. E., 3 Price .Bldg., 320 


Purnell, Edward C, 1304 N. Neil. 
Rankin, J. H., 202^ N. Neil. 
Riley, C. N., 107 S. Race, U. 
Roberts, Chas. J., 8^ Main. 
Rose, John, 809 W. Stoughton, U. 
Rugg, F. D., 1 Swannell Bldg. 
Sampson, E. W., 119-121 N. Race, U. 
Sherfy, Fanny B., 214 N. Walnut. 
Smedley, Frank, 508 First Nat'l Bank 


Smith, Joseph M., 203 W. Clark. 
Snider, D. H., 501 Lincoln Bldg. 
Spalding, R. A., 112 W. Church. 
Spalding, W. P., 112 W. Church. 
Sturdyvin, Geo. A., Loan . Co., 22\y 2 

N. Neil. 

Sullivan, William, 120^ N. Walnut. 
Swannell, Dan G., 6 Swannell Bldg. 
Todd, O. C, 4 Swannell Bldg. 
Wilkins, H. A., 912 S. Fifth. 
Woolington, A. J., 112^ N. Walnut. 









BUY, sell and exchange Champaign and Urbana 
real estate. I am also the local representative of 
the E. A. Strout Farm Agency, which specializes in 
Eastern farm bargains. You are cordially invited to 
call at my office and get acquainted. You might like 
to do business with me. 


105 Cohen Building 




Illinois Life Insurance Co., 403-4045/2 

Lincoln Bldg. 
Metropolitan Life Ins. Co., 225^ N. 

Northwestern Mutual Life Ins. Co., 

508 First Nat'l Bank Bldg. 
Northwestern Mutual Life Ins. Co., 

602^ E. Green. 
New York Life Ins. Co., 612 "E. 

Penn Mutual Life Ins. Co., 6 Swan- 

nell Bldg. 
Prudential Insurance Co., 425 Illinois 



Klank, A. L., 8/2 Main. 
Loan & Investment Ass'n of Cham- 
paign, 111., 205 N. Walnut. 


Bailey, Walter, 58 E. University. 
Bowman, Jos., 110 N. Neil. 
Bowman, Roy, Jewelry Co., 205 N. 


Charles Creek, 130 W. Main st. 
Clouser, Roy, 119 W. Church. 
Craig, D. H., 5 Main. 
Gere, C. C, 206 W. Main, U. 
Maurer, Charles, 213 N. Neil. 
Nelson, John, 118 S. Race, U. 
Smith, John, 202 N. Neil. 
Wuesteman, A. E., 14 Main. 


Gallaway, James, 812 Hutson, U. 
Selicovitz, Abe, 215 S. Market. 
Smith, John, 503 E. Tremont. 
Walker, George, 301 N. First. 
Wides & Wides, 112 N. Market. 


Armstrong, J. Noah, 13^ E. Univer- 

Coffman, W. H., 105^ N. Neil. 

Kerrigan, John, 207^ First Nat'l 
Bank Bldg., U. 

McHugh, Thomas, 217^4 W. Main, U. 

Smith, G. W. L., 107^ N. Neil. 

Tailor, C. B., 105^ N. Main, U. 

Young, J. C, 107^ N. Neil. 


Champaign Steam Laundry, 517 
Hickory and 206 and 518 N. Neil. 

Empire Steam Laundry, 109-111 W. 

Home Laundry, 1405 Eads, U. 

Kee Sun Winn (Chinese), 205^ S. 
Market, U. 

Lee Sam (Chinese), 109 S. Neil. 

Long Jim (Chinese), 106 N. First. 

Soft Water Laundry, 125 N. Race, U. 

Urbana Steam Laundry, 205 N. Mar- 
ket, U. 

White Line Steam Laundry, 502-506 
N. Neil. 


Boyer & Huber, Lincoln Bldg. 
Brolder, O. L., Ill W. Main st. 
Campbell, A. E., 28^ Main. 
Carson, Frank T., 205 First Nat'l 

Bank Bldg., U. 
Cline, Roy R., Suite 505, Lincoln 


Coggeshall, F. A., 211^ N. Neil. 
Corlby, L. S., 4 Swann.ll Bldg. 
Dobbins & Dobbins, 500-502 First 

Nat'l Bank Bldg. 
Enochs & Kerker, 203-205 Champaign 

Nat'l Bank Bldg. 

Everhart, Leon U., 405 Lincoln Bldg. 
Green, Francis M., 324 Flat Iron 

Bldg., U. 


! S. E. HUFF & CO. 

Lumber and Coal 


Quality and Service URBANA, ILLINOIS 




Green & Palmer, 301-321 Flat Iron 

Bldg., U. 

Gulick, Jesse, Lincoln Bldg. 
Gulick, Joseph, Lincoln Bldg. 
Hamill, Fred, 303 First Nat'l Bank 


lungerich, C. R., 4 Swannell Bldg. 
Hidy, W. R., 225^ N. Neil. 
Jones, H. L., 112 W. Church. 
Kirk, B. L., 507 First Nat'l Bank 


Little & Finfrock, 109^ W. Main, U. 
Lyons, T. E., 500-502 First National 

Bank Bldg. 

McHugh, T. W., 217# W. Main, U. 
Maguire, W. C, 115 1 / W. Main, U. 
Mathews, C. M., 110/2 W. Main, U. 
Miller, A. J., 204 First Nat'l Bank 

Bldg., U. 

Miller, H. M., 6^ Main. 
Mulliken, A. D., 1 Imperial Bldg. 
Newcomb, Thomas F., 303 First Nat'l 

Bank Bldg. 
Price, Ben M., 1-2 Price Bldg., 320 


Rea, J. J., 215^ W. Main, U. 
Rhodes, E. M., 11 Swannell Bldg. 
Richards, C. W., 202 First Nat'l 

Bank Bldg., U. 
Riley, W. B., 200 First Nat'l Bank 




We specialize only in Repair 
Work, and have all modern 
facilities necessary for doing 
high-grade work. 

When your car needs over- 
hauling, let us do it. 


Sanitary Plumbers 

Heating Engineers 


Bell Phone 1034 Auto Phone 4212 

104 North Market Street 




Roth & Mathews. 

Saflfer, L. B., 101 J4 W. Main, U. 

Savage & Woods, 210-214 Citizens 

State Bank Bldg. 
Schaefer & Dolan, 206-207 Champaign 

Nat'l Bank Bldg. 
Schumaker, H. T., 202^ N. Neil. 
Smith, T. ]., 201-202 Champaign Nat'l 

Bank Bldg. 

Spurgin, W. G., 115^ W. Main, U. 
Strong, A. C., 2 Imperial Bldg. 
Taylor, C. B., 105 ^ W. Main, U. 
Thomas, C. D., 7*/ 2 Main. . 
Walker, Clyde H., 201 First Nat'l 

Bank Bldg. 

Weeks, A. S., 313 1 / N. Walnut. 
Wingard, L. F., 202^ N. Neil. 
Williamson, F. E., 108 Cohen Bldg., U. 


Alexander Lumber Co., 360-368 N. 
Walnut and 710 S. Neil. 

Huff, S. E., & Co., 295 N. Race, U. 

Hunter, Rourke & Co., 211-217 N. 
Market, U. 

Stipes & Baker, 108 N. Walnut. 

Walls, W. W., & Co., 33 E. Univer- 


Carpenter, Grant, 205 E. Elm, U. 
Chester Transfer Co., 63-67 Chester. 
McGurty, J. E., 514-516 Hickory. 
Philips, A. W., 116 S. Market. 
Shobe, O. E., & Co., 119-121 W. 
Elm, U. 

Armstrong & Adams, 203 Price Estate 

Baddeley, T. J., 3 Baddeley & Stipes 


Beers & Beers, 205 N. Walnut. 
Boggs & Gutteridge, 1 Courier Bldg., 


Brown, Frank M., 211^ N. Neil. 
Burt, T. A., Loan Co., 202 ]/ 2 W. Main, 

Campbell, G. G., & Son, 112/ 2 E. 

Champaign Investment Co., Cor. 

University & Walnut. 
Champaign Loan Co., 311 N. Walnut. 
Citizens Bldg. Assn., 107 S. Race. 
Citizens State Bank, 124-126 N. Neil. 
Coffin, W. E., 135 W. Main, U. 
Davidson, J. W., 2 Imperial Bldg. 
Enochs, Delbert & Co., 203-205 Cham- 
paign Nat'l Bank Bldg. 
Fieg, F. R., Investment Co., 

39^2 Main. 

Prison, E. H., 3 Swannell Bldg. 
Gardner, E. A., 216 Citizens State 

Bank Bldg. 

Harris, F. D., 404 N. Neil. 
Harris, J. B., 103 Hamilton Bldg. 
Hartrick, G. R., Cor. University & 


Harwood, G. W., 225^ N. Neil. 
Hessel Land & Loan Co., 37^ 


Hidy, Wm. R., 225*4 N. Neil 
Inman Loan Co., 15^ E. University. 
Loan & Investment Assn., of Cham- 
paign, 111., 205 N. Market. 
McLean, L. A. & Sons, 137^ W. 

Main, U. 

Morgan, M. W., 105# W. Main, U. 
Morrissey Farm Land Mortgage Co., 

5 Imperial Bldg. 
Musson, R. F., Iiy 2 Main. 
Needham, Wm. A., 126^ Hamilton 


Oldham, J. G., 107 Cohen Bldg., U. 
Parker, Geo. R., 106 Cohen Bldg., U. 
Polk, J. L., Jr., 21 \y 2 N. Neil. 
Price, W. E., 3 Price Bldg., 320 Hick- 
Romine Realty Loan & Investment 

Co., 225^ N. Neil. 

Sampson, E. W., 119-121 N. Race, U. 
Scott, J. A., 405 1st Nat'l Bank Bldg. 
Sherfy, Fanny B., 214 N. Walnut. 
Sheridan, Arthur, 202^ N. Neil 
Stamey, F. L., 201 1st Nat'l Bank 

Sturdy vin, J. A., Loan Co., 221 J4 N. 


Sullivan, Wm., 120^ N. Walnut. 
Urbana Home Loan Assn., 110J/2 W. 

Main, U. 

Wilcox, Frank, 313 N. Neil. 
Wilcox, Frank, Loan Co., 313 N. Neil. 
Woolington, A. J., U2 l / 2 N. Walnut. 
Zilly & McKinley, 203 111. Traction 



Alexander Lumber Co., 368 N. Wal- 
nut and 710 S. Neil. 

Huff, S. E., & Co., 295 N. Race, U. 

Hunter, Rourfce & Co., 211-217 N. 
Market, U. 

Oldman, J. G., 107 Cohen Bldg., U. 

Walls, W. W., & Co., 33 E. Univer- 

Burr Co., 332-334 Hickory. 
Harriman Auto Shop, Rear, 206 E. 

Main, U. 
Leavitt Mfg. Co., 208-210 Griggs, U. 



Urbana Metal Machine Co., 215 N. 
Race, U. 

We Cater to 


Amm, Thomas D., 623 S. Wright. 

Armstrong, M. L., 411-413 E. Univer- 

Barley, A. B., 1008 N. 5th. 

Bean, W. E., 304 E. California, U. 

Buch, Fred., 707-709 N. Neil. 

Burke, F. L., 306 N. Wright, U. 

Carlson & Deyo, 419 N. Neil. 

Chapman, G. M., 208 N. 1st. 

Chicago Market Co., 49 Main. 

Collins, I. A., 1306 Hill, U. 

Colvin, T. J., & Son, 204 W. Main, U. 

Compton, Ira A., 1301 N. Market. 

Dollenbach Bros., 8 Main. 

Endicott, M. F., 504 W. Beardsley. 

Gault, R. W., 504 1 / Grove. 

Hanes, W. W., & E. D., 125 W. Main, 

Harmon, J. W., 1114 W. Main, U. 

Lemmon Bros., 1310 Champaign, U. 

Love, J. F., 804 J4 E. Main, U. 

Lynch. John, 410 E. Springfield and 
607 W. Springfield. 

Martin & O'Donnell, 503 N. Neil. 

Merry, C. D., & Son, 109 W. Main, U. 

| F ar m ers , 

I "\V7HEN in doubt as to f 

W Investments, consult the m 

I Urbana Banking Co. Make H 

s this your bank, your advis- fj 

I ory headquarters, your home f| 

1 while in Urbana. 

| I 

= ' 

I Urbana Banking I 



The Lumber* Mill and Coal People 

A Complete Assortment of LUMBER, Plaster, 
Cement, Lime, etc. COAL that gives you Heat 

Fully Equipped Planing Mill 

"Let Us Figure Your Bills" 





Metzler & Schafer Co., 43-45 Main. 
Rash & Summers, 305 E. Green, U. 
Roberts & Grant, 113 S. Neil. 
Rosenbury, L. C, 1103 N_ Champaign. 
Ross & Boyle, 105 S. Neil. 
Rubow, A. E., 308 N. 3rd. 
Schreiber, J. C, 1102 W. Main, U. 
Skelton, Everett R., 726 S. State. 
Tharp, Ora A., 401 S. 1st. 
Weir, Chas., 114 E. University. 
Wright, Geo. E., 104 E. Springfield. 
Roberts & Grant, 113 S. Neil. 
Smith & Co., Btwn. Lincoln & Coler, 

N. Lts., U., and N. State, btwn. Big 

4 & I. C. Tracks. 


Best, A. S., 617 S. Wright. 

Champaign Bargain Store, 118 E. 

Cohen, M. & Son, 54-56 E. University. 

Cook Bros., 12 Main. 

Dolling, W. J., 113-115 W. Main, U. 

Dougan, Elmer, 114 S. Race, U. 

Cayman, G., 108 N. 1st. 

Grossman, >., 106-108 E. University. 

Gulick Tailoring Co., 207^-209^ N. 

Kaufmlan, J. M., & Co., 16-18 Main. 

Klein, H., 34 Main. 

Klorfine Bros., 47 Main. 

Kuhn, Jos., & Co., 33-35 Main. 

Lewis, W., & Co., 113-123 N. Neil. 

Lowenstern, M. & Son, 205 W. Main, 

Marshall, F. G., 715 S. Wright. 

Pruitt, G. J., 128 W. Main, U. 

Robeson, F. K., W. Church & N. Ran- 

St. Louis Bargain House 72 E. Univer- 

Spence, E., 2 Main. 

Stern Bros., 23 Main. 

Stoltey, C. A., 109-113 E. University. 

Weingarten, Sam, 11 Main. 

Zombro, R. E., 604 E. Green. 

Twin City Roofing Co., 201-205 S. 1st. 


Barnhart, W. R., 217 W. Main, U. 

Hat Shop, 3 Hamilton Bldg. 

Lewis, W. & Co., 113-123 N. Neil. 

Lowen, Mrs. Stern, 214-216 W. Main, 

McWilliams & Gleim, 317 N. Neil. 

Mulliken Cash Store, 111 N. Neil. 

Robeson, F. K., W. Church & N. Ran- 

Tucker, Ollie, 322 N. Neil. 

Vogel, Minnie, 111 N. 1st. 

Willis, G. C, 15-17 Main. 

Atkinson, S. P., Monument Co., 106 

S. Neil. 
Clark, C.' N. & Co., 221-223 W. Main, 



Hammersmith & Pearce, 8 Taylor. 
Kuhl & Loehr, 113 N. Walnut. 
Moll, E. M., 615 S. Wright. 

Baker, G. L., 303 E. Green. 
Eggleston Music House, 41 Main. 
Lucas, O. H., H6y 2 W. Church. 
Sill, L. L., 4 Hamilton Bldg. 

Adams, Miss Grace, 307 W. Hill. 
Allen, Miss Elizabeth, Inman Hotel. 
Barker, Miss Beatrice, 107 Franklin, 


Carton, Mrs. Glenore, 211 W. Park. 
Clapp, Miss Ruth, 208 W. Oregon, U. 
Cohen, Julius, 129*4 N. Race, U. 
Copp, Miss L. R., 106^ S. Neil. 

There would 
be only one 
shoe if every- 
one knew 




The live ones go to 


Jeweler and Engraver 
Over 11 years' experience in Urbana 

No War Prices 


130 West Main Street 




Crawford, G. B., 131 W. Clark. 
Daugherty, Miss Maud, 512 W. Vine. 
Dexter, Miss Lula, 614 W. Illinois, U. 
Dickson Conservatory of Music, 208 

W. Hill. 
Doherty, Miss Margaret, Room 404 E. 

Oregon, U. 

Ewald, Miss Sophia, 511 S. Neil. 
Foster, C. W., 713 W. Green. 
Gehrke, Miss Lilly, 102 E. Stoughton. 
La Vernway, Miss Mary, 712 S. Ran- 

La Vernway, Paul, 712 S. Randolph. 
Lawless, Miss Marcella, 105 N. 


Lee, Carrie, 701 S. Wright. 
Long, Mary, 606 W. High, U. 
Moore, Chas. L., 305 S. New. 
Redding, Miss Katherine, 612 W. Elm, 


Shephard, Norma, 1310 W. Park, U. 
Stephen, Mrs., Elizabeth, 602 W. 

Twietmeyer, Mrs. Catherine, 705 S. 

Market, U. 
Tyler, Mrs. Harriett, 1301 W. Clark, 


Wellman, Miss Iva, 1107 Williamson. 
Wells, Mrs. Flora, 803 W. Oregon, U. 
With, Art S., 201 W. Park. 

Drugs, Book s, j 

Glass and Paints 



= i 

g 1 

I Knowlton & ( 

I Bennett 1 

= = 


= ^ 


T. H. BURT .-. .-. O. M. GREEN 

We write FARM FIRE INSURANCE in reliable Old 
Line Companies; also Insurance on Grain in Cribs, Live 
Stock and all Farm Properties; Automobile Fire, Theft and 
Indemnity Insurance. 

We represent the OLDEST AMERICAN LIFE IN- 

YORK. This Company paid its Policyholders in 1916 
over $68,654,000. Pays large Dividends, making the 
Net Cost Low. Rates the lowest possible and a high class 
contract to suit your circumstances. 9 - 


See us if interested in Michigan 
Farm Lands. Farm and City Loans 




Banker Farmer, The (Monthly), 406 

1st Nat'l Bank Bldg. 
Champaign News (Daily & County), 

134 W. Church. 

Gazette (Daily), Gazette Square. 
Illini (Daily), 108 N. Neil. 
Urbana Courier, 111-113 N. Race, U. 


Beck, F. W., 1st Nat'l Bank. 
Beers, J. N., 205 N. Walnut. 
Elaine, S. A., Citizens State Bank. 
Bosley, Golda, 106^ N. Walnut. 
Burke, A. M., Citizens State Bank. 
Burke, E. I., Citizens State Bank. 
Burnham, R. D., 200 1st Nat'l Bank 


Campbell, A. E., 28^ Main. 
Capron, H. S., 1st Nat'l Bank Bldg. 
Cline, Roy R., 505 Lincoln Bldg. 
Coffman, W. H., 105^ N. Neil. 
Cook, Miss Clara, 6 Swannell Bldg. 
Davidson, J. W., 2 Imperial Bldg. 
Dobbins, D. C, 500-502 1st Nat'l Bank 

Dolan, W. J., 206-207 Champaign 

Nat'l Bank Bldg. 
Enochs, Delbert, 203-205 Champaign 

Nat'l Bank Bldg. 
Fieg, F. R., 37^-39^ Main. 
Filson, Edwin, 10 Main. 
Prison, E. H., 3 Swannell Bldg. 
Gulick, J. P., Uy 2 Main. 
Harris, F. D., 404 N. Neil. 
Harris, N. M., 1st Nat'l Bank. 
Hartrick, Guy, Cor. University & 


Harwood, Geo. W., 225^ N. Neil. 
Hayes, W. B., Citizens State Bank. 
Hidy, W. R., 225^ N. Neil. 
Hughes, S. K., 9]/ 2 Main, 
lungerich, C. R., 4 Swannell Bldg. 
Johnson, Verna C., 13 Main. 
Jones, H. L., 112 W. Church. 
Jutton, Joseph, City Hall. 
Kerker, H. E., 203-205 Champaign 

Nat'l Bank Bldg. 

Kirk, B. L., 507 1st Nat'l Bank Bldg. 
Lahr, L., 512 E. Stowghton. 
Lindsey, T. E., 114^ W. Main, U. 
McDaniels, Duke, 208-209 Price Es- 
tate Bldg. 
HcHugh, Thomas W., 217^ W. Main, 


McLean, A. H., 135^ W. Main, U. 
McPheeters, P. L., Champaign Nat'l 


Miller, H. M., 6j4 Main. 
Monier, H. H., 326 Illinois Bldg. 
Moore, P. C., 1st Nat'l Bank Bldg. 

Morrissey, D. C., 5 Imperial Bldg. 

Mulliken, A. D., 1 Imperial Bldg. 

Oldham, J. G., 107 Cohen Bldg., U. 

Osborne, W. T., 1st Nat'l Bank. 

Price, Ben M., 1-2 Price Bldg., 320 

Price, F. M., 4 Price Bldg., 320 Hick- 

Price, W. E., 3 Price Bldg., 320 Hick- 

Prouse, Lillie, 134 W. Church. 

Riley, W. B., 200 1st Nat'l Bank Bldg. 

Savage, Manford, 210-214 Citizens 
State Bank Bldg. 

Schaefer, P. P., 206-207 Champaign 
Nat'l Bank Bldg. 

Schumacher, H. T., 202*4 N. Neil. 

Scott, A. R., 207 S. Neil. 

Scott, J. A., 405 1st Nat'l Bank Bldg. 

Sherfy, F. B., 214 N. Walnut. 

Skelton, E. R., 726 S. State. 

Smith, T. J., 201-202 Champaign Nat'l 
Bank Bldg. 

Snider, J. H., 13 Main. 

Stamey, F. L., 201 1st Nat'l Bank 

Stern, W. W., 10 Main. 

Strong, A. C., 2 Imperial Bldg. 

Sturdyvin, G. A., 221 # N. Neil. 

Sullivan, Wm., 120^ N. Walnut. 

Thomas, C. D., 7*/2 Main. 

Walker, Clyde H., 201 1st Nat'l Bank 

Wingard, L. F., 202^ N. Neil. 

Woods, W. P., 210-214 Citizens State 
Bank Bldg. 

Woolington, A. J., 112^ N. Walnut. 


Abel, Miss Nora, 32 S. Green. 

Ahern, Margaret, 115 W. Park. 

Anderson, Elizabeth, 407 S. New. 

Anderson, Mrs. Susan, 107 N. Lynn, 

Bain, Ruby F., 407 S. New. 

Baird, Nellie, 608 S. Mathews, U. 

Balding, Anna, 204 S. Busey, U. 

Baynes, Edna, 408 S. Randolph. 

Baynes, Elenor, 408 S. Randolph. 

Bennell, Hannah, 401 N. Prospect. 

Buck, F., 1012 W. William. 

Burkhart, Julia, 112 W. Columbia. 

Burnham, Alice, 602 W. Clark. 

Cain, Mary, 702 N. McKinley. 

Cappis, Bertha, 208 E. White. 

Cappis, Nettie, 208 E. White. 

Dalton, Grace, 219 S. Popular, U. 

Dennison, Frances, 301^ E. Univer- 

Dieterle, Miss Anna, 407 S. New. 



Donaldson, Miss Anna, 707 W. High, 

Edwards, Miss Bessie, 804 W. Hill. 

Fanegin, Miss Emily, 615 W. Church. 

Gallaher, Miss Mary, 211 E. Green, U. 

Gleason, Catherine, 119J4 S. Neil. 

Granger, Nellie, 702 N. McKinley. 

Harper, Arvilla, 121 W. Park. 

Hobart, Elsie, 313 E. Clark. 

Holstien, Frances, 1108 W. Main, U. 

Ikins, Ethel, 401 S. State. 

Jerauld, Pauline, 305 W. Washington, 

Jorgensen, Ingeborg, 308 E. Spring- 

Keeler, Georgia, 202 W., Clark, U. 

Kerwin, Kathryn, 129 W. Clark. 

Kistler, Mae, 501 E. Clark. 

Knott, Abigal, 702 S. Elm. 

Kurzweg, Hulda, 210 W. University. 

Lange, Gertrude, 508 S. Randolph. 

Leidigh, Ellen, 616 W. Park. 

Martin, Miss Edith, 405 T /2 N. Prairie. 

McCown, Mrs. May, 312 W. Califor- 
nia, U. 

McCown, Opal, 202 W. Park. 

McDonald, Miss Mary, 405 E. White. 

McDonnell, Miss Ellen, 505 W-. Wash- 

McMahon, Miss Harriet, 1306 W. 
University, U. 


Office Phones 
Autc 4243, Bell 174 

Residence Phone 
Bell 1602 


119 West Elm Street 


$2 to $55 $15 to $250 

Developing and Printing 

Films for any camera mailed 
postpaid on receipt of price. 

Mail your films or negatives 
to us for developing and 

Victor Records exception- 
ally good stock. 

Victrolas sold to responsible 
parties on very easy payments. 

We will mail any Victor Record 
by parcel post on receipt of your 

New records on sale the first of 
each month. Send us your address 
and we will mail the list of new 
records to you every month. 






Michael, Miss Margaret, 405 N. Lynn. 

Milton, Miss Julia, 105 N. Randolph. 

Needham, Miss Isabel, 312 E. White. 

Nichols, Miss Maude, 307 N. Prospect. 

O'Brien, Miss Vera, 1304 W. Wash- 

Oswald, Margaret, 1201 W. Stough- 
ton, U. 

Palmer, Miss Hannah, 404 E. High, U. 

Pingston, Miss Florence, 1217 W. 

Postelwait, Miss Mattie, 814 W. Main, 

Pickett, Miss Blanch, 810 W. Oregon, 

Prewitt, Miss Marie, 301 E. Univer- 

Prickett, Miss Betty, 202 W. Park. 

Richardson, Miss Martha, 204 S. 
Busey, U. 

Sallie, James, 407 S. New. 

Sanders, Miss Fannie, 401 S. State. 

Slaughter, Mrs. E., 703 Church, U. 

Spidell, Miss Mary, 205 W. Oregon, 

Stilwell, Maud, 402 E. Green, U . 

Wellman, Miss Emma, 1107 William- 

Whall, Miss Florence, 202 W. Park. 

Willis, Miss Willa, 609 E. Healy. 

Smith, E. S., 204^ W. Main, U. 
Spears, C. H., 432 Illinois Bldg. 
Torger, Annie L., S l /2 Main. 


Indian Refining Co., 118 S. Neil. 
Standard Oil Co., 1201-1203 Church, 

Schlosser, C. E., 410 Lincoln Bldg. 


Bailey, W. S., 58 E. University. 
Craig, T. H., 5 Main. 
Davis, E., 404 S. Walnut, U. 
McEvilly, W. M., 304 S. Neil. 
Maurer, Chas., 213 N. Neil. 
Moulder, O. E., 205 Price Bldg. 
Smith, John O., 202 N. Neil. 
Wallin, S. M. F., 19^ Main. 
Wuesteman, A. E., 14 Main. 

Hartford, Wmi., New Robeson Bldg. 
Hartford, W. S., 222 W. Main, U. 
Parker, F. A., 133 W. Park. 
Ross, Julia, 203 W. University. 
Scott, H. A., 301-302 Illinois Bldg. 
Scott, Nellie, 206 W. Church. 


Bacon Bros., 107-109 N. Walnut. 

Bacon, F. M., & Son. 

Bacon, G. N., & Co. 

Barnhart Bros., 208-210 W. Main, U. 

Hall, C, A., Hardware Co., 115 S. 
Race, U. 

Knowlton & Bennett, 135-137 W. 
Main, U. 

Leslie, F. M., 121 W. Main, U. 

Oldham, Bros., 123 S. Race, U. 

Price Decorating Co., 207 S. Neil. 

Ross, Sim, Drug Co., 112 E. Univer- 

Sim, Wm., Drug Co., 105 W. Main, U. 

Swannell, H. & Son, 1 Main. 

Taylor Hardware Co., 74-76 E. Univer- 

Williams, Black, Inc., 412 N. Neil and 
345 Hickory. 


Cunningham Bros., 25 Main. 

Leslie, F. M., 121 W. Main, U. 

Lloyd, D. H., 7 Main. 

Lloydes University Store, 606 E. 

Mollett & Woller, 223 N. Neil. 

Oldham Bros., 123 S. Race, U. 

Ross, Sim, Drug Co., 112 E. Univer- 

Sim, Wm., Drug Co., 105 W. Main, U. 

Strauch Photo Craft House, 625 S. 
Wright and 112 N. Neil. 

Swannell, H. & Son, 1 Main. 

U. of I. Supply Store, 627-631 S. 

Hard, O. R., 512 S.' Mathews, U. 
Harding, Margaret, 308 N. State. 


Abernathy's Studio, 313 N. Walnut. 
Artisto Photographic Studio, 614 B.- 

616B E. Green. 
Cook, J. H., 328 Hickory. 
Duncan, Howard F., 614B-616B E. 

Howard Studio, 211-212 Price Estate 


Maguire Bros., 220 W. Main, U. 
Renne, H. L., 208 1 / N. Neil. 
Rose Studio, 2l l / 2 Main. 
Strauch Photo Craft Shop, 625 S. 

Wright and 112 N. Neil. 



Allen, J. R., 312-318 Flat Iron Bldg., 


Bartholow, J. M., 114^ W. Main, U. 
Beardsley, F. A., 126 1 /* W. Church. 
Bennett, Cleaves, 300-301 First Nat'l 

Bank Bldg. 

Burres, Wm., 215 W. Main, U. 
Cavanee, Elbert, 416 Illinois Bldg. 
Cogswell, Geo., 325 Illinois Bldg. 
Craig, C. M., 302 1st Nat'l Bank Bldg. 
Dallenbach, J. C., 421 Illinois Bldg. 
Davis, C. S., 19% Main. 
Davis, E. G., 215 1 / Main, U. 
Eade, T. M., 101 J4 N. Neil. 
Finch, James, 308-309 Illinois Bldg. 
Gray, William, 412-414 Illinois Bldg. 
Guleck, C. D., 504-506 1st Nat'l Bank 


Haley, H. A., 402 W. Church. 
Hanmore, J. J., 135 1 / W. Main, U. 
Honn, William, 416 Illinois Bldg. 
Howard, Hartwell, 119^ W. Church. 
Hulett, R. W., 303 Illinois Bldg. 
Johnson, C. B., Kariher Bldg. 
Kariher, H. C., 300 Kariher Bldg. 
Kirby, D. K., 308 Illinois Bldg. 
Kratz, E. A., 9-10 Imperial Bldg. 
Lindley, M. & A. M., 119^ W. Main, 

Lyons, Jennie, 302 1st Nat'l Bank 


Mason, J. S., 123 W. Elm, U. 
McKinney, C. D., 204-206 1st Nat'l 

Bank Bldg. 
McKinney, T. J., 204-206 1st Nat'l 

Bank Bldg. 

Mevill, A., 602 W. Nevada, U. 
Miller, E. P., 110^ W. Main, U. 
Miller, H. W. 125^ Main, U. 
Miller, L. C, 304 Ilinois Bldg. 
Miner, Ellen, 328-329 Illinois Bldg. 
Moss, C. T., 623^ S. Wright and 202 

W. Elm, U. 

Newcomb, C. F., 401-402 Illinois Bldg. 
Nichols, Charles, 220J4 W. Main, U. 
Osborne, J. W., 408 Illinois Bldg. 
Replogle, P. S., 127-129 Hamilton 


Rowan, H. E., 112^ N. Walnut. 
Rudy, F. T., 502 E. Green., Joseph, 216-217 Price Es- 
tate Bldg. 

Schowengerdt, W. E., 412 Illinois 

Seeker, Wm. V., 200 Citizens Bank 


Shurtz, S. W., 305}4 N. Neil. 
Spears, C. H. (eye, ear, nose & 

throat), 432 Illinois Bldg. 
Stanley, Otis, 602^ E. Green. 


This Year on Your Birthday 


There's someone who'll 
treasure a photograph 
of you, and those far 
away will receive your 
picture almost as if it 
was a visit from you. 






Home of the 




Dr. Harlow V. Wilson 

Limited to the Eye, Ear, 

Nose and Throat 

Phones: Auto 1033; Bell 275 
Illinois Building 



Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat 
Glasses Fitted 

Phones: Auto 2108; Bell 2734 
First National Bank Bldg. 



r<i r? O_LI__ _ n_i T\ T f\ c 

= Chas.E. Schlosser,Opt.D.F.O.S E 

~ Optometrist and Optician 

I < . |:ISN-S Fitted and Repaired - 

- Latest Equipment KIIO\VII to 

Optical Science 

\\ < Make Our Own Glasses 

Room 410 Lincoln Building 





2nd Floor Masonic Temple Bldg. 


Phones: Bell 758, Auto. 4297 


Attorney and 

Masonic Temple 

Van Doren, Chas. L., 710 W. Oregon, 

Wall, A. S., 504-506 1st Nat'l Bank 


Way, G. F., 102 Cohen Bldg., U. 
Wilson H'drlow V. (eye, ear, nose & 

throat), 402-403 Illinois Bldg. 
Yantis,. E., 210^ W. Main, U. 
Zorger, Annie, S l /2 Main. 
Zorger, Wm. H., 5^ Main. 


Eggleston Music House, 41 Main. 
Lawrence, G. W., 224 W. Main, U. 
Lloyde, D. H., 7 Main. 
Sill, L. L., 4 Hamilton Bldg. 
Sturdyvin, E. E., 122 N. Neil. 

Bryan, Wm., 512 E. Daniel. 
Eggleston Music House, 41 Main. 
Hill, Celestin, S., 311 W. Springfield. 

Killer, C. A., 24-26 Main. 
Leslie, F. M., 121 W. Main, U. 
Perciyal & Moorehead, Neil S. E. Cor. 

Strauch Photo Craft Shop, 625 S. 

Wright and 112 N. Neil. 
Walker & Mulliken, 215-217 N. Neil. 


Apperson, L. W., 109 W. Elm, U. 

Champaign Plum'bing & Heating Co., 
128 S. Walnut. 

Gallaghan, Ray J., & Co., 104 N. Mar- 
ket, U. 

Illinois Plumbing Co., 128 S. Walnut. 

Johnson Bros., 402 N. Neil. 

Kern, O. L., Ill N. Market, U. 

Knowles Plumbing & Heating Co., 
615 S. Wright. 

McCarthy, P. E., 70 Chester. 

McFarland, F., 112 E. Green. 

Meneley-Ross Co., 404 N. Randolph. 

Reliable Plumbing & Heating Co., 105 
N. Walnut. 

Webber & Holmes, 205 E. Main, U. 

Wozencraft & Finder, 57 E. Univer- 

Young, Roy E., 505 Union. 


Legg, George, Poultry Co., 214 S. 

Roberts & Grant, 113 S. Neil. 

Webster, J. F., & Co., 71 E. Univer- 



Champaign Seed Co., 9 E. University. 


Campbells, The, 221 W. Main, U. 

Flanigan-Pearson Co., 10-12 Chester. 

Henderson & Schmitt, 613 S. Wright. 

Louden & Flanigan, 114-116 N. Wal- 

Munhall Printing House, 17 Taylor. 

Twin City Printing Co., 116-118 N. 

University Press, 102 N. Market, U. 
and 108 S. Neil. 

Urbana Courier, 111-113 N. Race, U. 


Eversole, J. H., 200 Kariher Bldg. 
Farrar & Quinlan, 116-118 N. Mafket. 
Howse, L. K., 56-58 Main. 
Webster, J. F., & Co., 71 E. Univer- 


Alyea, Gertrude, 220 Price Bldg. 
Armstrong & Adams, 203 Price Bldg. 
Baddely, T. J., 3 Baddely & Stipes 


Beers', Sheldon P., Iliy 2 W. Main, U. 
Beers & Beers, 205 N. Walnut. 
Bliss, George P., 812 W. Main, U. 
Boggs & Gutteridge, 1 Courier Bldg., 


Boyd, Archibald, 115 N. Webber, U. 
Bramblett, L. W., & Co., Hamilton 


Brannock, W. R., 2 Swannell Bldg. 
Brown, F. M., 211^ N. Neil. 
Burt, T. A., Loan Co., 202^ W. Main, 


Burton, O. K., 612 E. Green. 
Caldwell, J., 108 N. West, U. 
Campbell, F. G., & Son, 112*6 E. 


Carroll, J., 120 J4 N. Walnut. 
Champaign Investment Co., Cor. 

University & Walnut. 
Coffin, W. E., 135 1 / W. Main, U. 
Cohen, S. N., 134 W. Main, U. 
Collins, John, 120^ N. Walnut. 
Coughlin, Wm., 202 1st Nat'l Bank 


Davidson, James, 2 Imperial Bldg. 
Ehler, Otto, 2 Swannell Bldg. 
Enochs, Delbert & Co., 203-205 Cham- 
paign Nat'l Bank Bldg. 
Fieg, F. R., Investment Co., 37^ 

Main St. 
Prison, E. H., 3 Swannell Bldg. 

Gardner, E. A., 216 Citizens State 

Bank Bldg. 

Goff, H. B., 215 Price Bldg. 
Gulick, Roscoe, 209 W. Church. 
Hampel, J. D., 803 N. Elm. 
Hand, Silas, 207 S. Wright. 
Harnsberger, J. J., 212 W. Park. 
Harris, C. F., 206 Champaign Nat'l 

Bank Bldg. 

Harris, F. D., 404 N. Neil. 
Harris, F. D., Realty Co., 404 N. Neil. 
Harris, J. B., 103 Hamilton Bldg. 
Hartrick, G. R., Cor. University & 


Harwood, G. W., 225^ N. Neil. 
Henderson, A. H., 207 E. Illinois, U. 
Henderson, Bruce, 304 1st Nat'l Bank 

Henson, F., 203 1st Nat'l Bank Bldg., 

Hessel Land & Loan Co., 37^-39^ 


Hidy, W. R., 22$y 2 N. Neil. 
Hobart, M. E., 201 Champaign Nat'l 

Bank Bldg. 

Hopkins, F. O., 7*A Main. 
Huber, F. J., 120J4 N. Walnut. 
Hughes, S. K., 9^ Main. 
Illinois Realty Co., 208-209 Price Es- 

tate Bldg. 

Tames, George, 105^ N. Neil. 
Klank, A. L., 8 T / 2 Main. 


| Champaign Veterinary | 

= DR. F. J. PILON, Proprietor = 

Residence Phones 

Bell 528, Auto 2336 

Office Phones 

Bell 1035, Auto 1446 

Corner Hickory and Washington " 



H. H. Wolf, D.V.S. ! 



E Office Bell 338, Auto 2166 = 
E Residence Bell 2727, Auto 1488 E 






JUST BECAUSE the first teeth are temporary, do not sup- 
pose that they may be safely neglected. If they are allowed 
to decay, so that they must be pulled out before their time, the 
jaw fails to expand properly, and the second teeth are crowded, 
and irregular. 

SEND the children to the dentist once every six months, 
beginning with their third birthday, if you wish them to have 
good teeth at twenty. 

EVERY TIME MODERN MAN opens his mouth he invites 
trouble for the mouth of today is a fine example of "unpre- 

INFECTION may be carried from a tooth cavity into the 
root canal and then be forced into general circulation. 

WHEN BACTERIA are forced into the circulation by in- 
fected teeth as they rise and fall in their sockets in ordinary chew- 
ing, they pave the way for such distressing and dangerous diseases 
as acute rheumatism, chronic rheumatism (so called) arthritis 
deformans (chronically deformed joints), exophthalmic goitre, 
ulcer of the stomach, duodenal ulcer, functional and organic 
heart disease, acute and chronic kidney disease, diabetes and 
diseases of the pancreas, infection of the cavities of the face 
and head, brain abscesses, anemia, Hodgkins' disease (glandular 
affection) and neuritis. 

A FORMIDABLE LIST of diseases? Yet any one of them 
can be prevented, cured or greatly improved by dental preparedness 
by clearing up infected tooth sockets and gums, and by con- 
tinually keeping the teeth clean. Chicago Herald. 

EVERY ONE should have their teeth cleaned bv the 
dentist every six months. This is not an expensive operation, 
and tends to more than save the cost by keeping the teeth free 
from decay. In addition, the dentist removes the tartar, a sort 
of lime substance, and this prevents that dread gum disease 
called pyorrhea. 

THE TEETH should be brushed by the patient three times 
a day, and just before bedtime. The brushing, however, will 
not cleanse from tartar, which has to be removed by special 




MANY PEOPLE do not know that dentists are not permitted by 
their dental society to advertise. Most dentists who advertise cheap 
prices, or exceptional skill, practice deception; therefore, the society does 
not care to have them as members. This rule holds true in all profes- 
sions. The lawyer, or doctor, who advertises is not permitted to join his 
State Association. 

The dental articles in this directory have been contributed by the 
dentists listed below, who are members of the Twin City Dental Club 
of Champaign and Urbana, the Illinois State Dental Society, and the 
National Dental Association. 

Dr. Chas. T. Alexander 

421 Illinois Bldg. 


Office Auto 171 6, Bell 2906 

Dr. Thos. H. Leathers 

41 N. Neil 

Office Phones: 

Auto 1052, Bell 2405 


Dr. G. C. Boudreau 

201 Price Estate Bldg. 

Office Phones: 

Auto 2150, Bell 854 



135} Main 

Office Phones 

Auto 4127, Bell 369 



104 Cohen Bldg. 

Office Phones: 

Auto 4148, Bell 2987 



432 Illinois Bldg. 

Office Phones: 

Auto 1275, Bell 2904 



202 First Nat. Bank Bldg. 

Office Phones: Bell 2247 



210 W. Main 

Office Phones: 

Auto 4542, Bell 980 



402 Illinois Bldg. 

Office Phones: 

Auto 1033, Bell 275 



129 W. Elm St. 

Office Phones: 

Auto 4241, Bell 86 




Directory of the Legal Profession 

Enochs & Kerker 

Delbert R. Enochs 

Harry E. Kerker 

Champaign National Bank 


Phones: Bell 431; Auto 1620 



Rooms 312 & 313 Illinois Bldg. 
Over Lewis Store 

Auto Phone 1072 



Imperial Block 



506-507 Lincoln Bldg. 

Auto Phone 1378 

Notary Public in Office 




508-9 Lincoln Building 

Notary Public 

Phones: Office, Auto 1657 
Res., Auto 3436 




Office: Bell 213 

Res.: Bell 1805 

313 North Walnut St. 





Suite 505 Lincoln Building 

Dobbins & Dobbins 

Oliver B. Dobbins 
Donald C. Dobbins 







Directory of the Legal Profession 



Manford Savage, W. F. Woods 

210-212-214 Citizens' State 
Bank Building 





Justice of the Peace 
Phones: Bell 996; Home 4137 

111 W. Main St. 



Home Phone 4153 
Home Res. 4651 

Burres Building 



Office Phones: Bell 2576 
Automatic 2250 

Ass't Att'y First State Trust 
& Savings Bank 

Neil and Taylor Sts. 



Roger F. Little 
Chancy L. Finfrock 

107-109 W. Main St. 

Francis E. Williamson 

Attorney and 

Office Phone: Bell 910 
Res. Phone: Bell 1313 

Cohen Building 



Office: Bell Phone 80 

Res.: Bell Phone 1172 

Rooms 208-9 First National Bank 



208-9 First National Bank Bldg. 

Bell Phone 2221 


Office Phones: Bell 639 

Automatic 4419 
Res. Phone: Bell 1853 

First National Bank Bldg. 




Lemon, C. H., 905 W. Oregon, U. 

Lindsey, T. E., l\V/ 2 N. Main, U. 

Martin, Lewis, 22l]/ 2 N. Neil. 

McDaniels, Duke, 107^ E. Univer- 

McGehee, John, 124^ S. Race, U. 

McLean, L. A., & Son, \3S l / 2 W. Main, 

Miller, J. W., 105 Cohen Bldg., U. 

Morgan, M. W., 105J4 W. Main, U. 

Morrissey's, Dan, Farm. 

Mullin, J. M., 703 W. Stoughton, U. 

Musson, R. F., \l l / 2 Main. 

Nash, Howard, 112 W. Church. 

Needhami W. A., 126 Hamilton Bldg. 

Oldham, J. G., 107 Cohen Bldg., U. 

Parker, G. R., 106 Cohen Bldg., U. 

Parks, M. S., HO 1 / W. Main, U. 

Porterfield Sisters, 504 W. John. 

Rankin, J. H., 202^ N. Neil. 

Reickman, Henry, 11 Swannell Bldg. 

Roberts, Chas., 8*/ 2 Main. 

Robinett, G. W., 11 Swannell Bldg. 

Roe Realty Co. 

Romine Realty Loan & Investment 
Co., 225 y 2 N. Neil. 

Schroeder, F. C., 516-518 Lincoln 

Scott, A. R., 207 S. Neil. 

Scott, John A., 405 1st Nat'l Bank 

Sheridan, Arthur, 202^ N. Neil. 

Snider, D. H., 501 Lincoln Bldg. 

Spalding, R. A., 112 W. Church. 

Sparks, Ray C., 112 W. Church. 

Staley, B. P., 215 Price Estate Bldg. 

Stamey, F. L., 2d Floor, 1st Nat'l 
Bank Bldg. 

Starr, S. S., 1207 W. Church. 

Sullivan, William, 120^ N. Walnut. 

Todd, O. C, 4 Swannell Bldg. 

Watt, Robert, 101 Hamilton Bldg. 

Wilson, T. D., 106^ N. Walnut. 

Woolington, A. J., l\2 l / 2 N. Walnut. 


Abernathy R., 313^ N. Walnut. 
Cochrun, C. L., 342 Hickory. 
Hamersmith & Pearce, 8 Taylor. 
Motor Sales Co., Ill W. Hill. 
Parris, F. E., 106 S. Race, U. 
W. C. Robbins. 
Twin City Specialty Co., 106 S. Race, 

Wilske, F. A., Basement, 322 Hickory. 

Buck, F. J., Rear, 114 S. Race, U. 

Buck, E. D., 506 E. Green. 

Burke, H., 113 J4 S. Neil. 

Cave, The (Chris Martens), 510 E. 

Chesley & Co., 704 S. Goodwin, U. 

Clifton, J. I., 210 N. 1st. 

Columbian Cafe, 207-209 W. Main, U. 

Coleman, F., 505^ N. 4th. 

Coopers Cafeteria, 318 Hickory. 

Creiger, C., Rear, 119 W. Main, U. 

Daileys Lunch Room, 112 E. Main, U. 

Dyer, Nathan, 112 N. Oak. 

East Side Cafe, 67 E. University. 

Gabel, J. C., & Son, 210 N. Walnut. 

Gehrig's Cafteria, Hamilton Bldg. 

Hamlin, W. T., 11021/2 W. Main, U. 

Harris, D. E., 608 E. Green. 

Home Cafe, 56 E. Columbia. 

Hopkinson & Doyle 1405^ W. Dublin, 

I. C. Lunch Room, I. C. Depot. 

Illinois Hotel Restaurant, 202-206 N. 

Inman Hotel Cafe, 21 E. University. 

Jones, W. J., 508 Poplar. 

Joy Hong (Chinese), 38^2 Main. 

Lemings Cafeteria, 309 N. Neil. 

Lindeman, Fred, 513 N. Neil. 

Lindley, W. W., 21 E. University. 

Lo Jim Hing (Chinese), 47^ Main. 

Lutz Fred, 126 N. First. _ 

Mackey, Earl, 104 E. Main. 

Main Restaurant, 57 Main. 

McClurg, W. R., & Son, 107 N. Mar- 
ket, U. 

McDaniel, Chas. S., 22y 2 Main and 
323 N. Neil. 

Meads Confectionery, 201 N. Neil. 

Peterson & Ladd, 103 W. Main, U. 

Picknell, H., 9 Taylor. 

Prather, Mrs. K., 69^> Main. 

Sinnott, J. W., 711 N. Neil. 

Smith, H. D., 619 S. Wright. 

Spry, J. A., 67 Main. 

Swanson, F. L., & Son, 512^ S. 
Mathews, U. 

Taggart, T. T., 203-305 N. Market. 

White Lunch Room, 28 Chester. 

Woods Cafe, 11 N. Walnut. 


Champaign Rubber Works, 324 N. 
Market St. 


Alamo, The, 715 S. Wright. 

Beatty, S. L., 71 Main. 

Buch, Fred W., 707-709 N. Neil. 


Harris-Dillavou & Co., 25 E. Spring- 

Somers Bros., Big 4 R. R. and N. 
Orchard, U. 

Stipes, R. A., 609 Champaign. 



Stipes & Hecker, 108 N. Walnut. 
Wagner & Son, 118 N. Market. 

Johnson, W. H., 207 S. Market, U. 
Klorfine Bros., 125 E. University. 
Kruse, W. C., 113-115 S. 1st. 
Phillips & Co., 113 N. Market. 
Simetsky, A., 201^2 E. University. 
Stoolman, Chas., 116 E. University. 

Champaign Seed Co., 9 E. University. 
Hall, C. A., Hardware Co., 115 S. Race 


Hardy, W. F., 41 E. University. 
McFadden, H., & Bro., 116 S. Neil. 

Lloydes, D. H., 7 Main. 
Sampson, E. W., 119-121 N. Race, U. 
Singer Sewing Machine Co., 122 N. 


Best, A. S., 617 S. Wright. 
Champaign Bargain Store, 118 E. 


Cohen, M., & Son, 54-56 E. University. 
Curry & Taylor, 133 W. Main, U. 
Dolling, W. J., 113-115 W. Main, U. 
Edwards & Mitchell, 116 W. Main, U. 
Finch, J. H., & Co., 104 W. Main, U. 
Gordon, A. W., 17 Taylor. 
Grimes, G., 122 S. Race, U. 
Jetter, T. J., 6 Taylor. 
Julian Shoe House, 111 W. Main, U. 
Kaufman, J. M., & Co., 16-18 Main. 
Kelley, S. P., 4 Main and 210 N. Neil. 
Klorfine Bros., 47 Main. 
Kuhn, Jos., & Co., 33-35 Main. 
Lewis, W., & Co., 113-123 N. Neil. 
Lowenstern, M., & Son, 205 W. Main, 


Paul, W. W., 27 Main, U., 
Robeson, F. K., W. Church and N. 

St. Louis Bargain House, 72 E. 


Snyder & Collard, 312 Hickory. 
Snyder & Snyder. 
Spalding, A. W., 19 Main. 
Stanley, J. L., 319 N. Neil. 
Stern Bros., 23 Main. 
Swearingen Shoe Store, 114 N. Neil. 
Weingarten, Sam, 11 Main. 
Zombro, R. E., 606 E. Green. 

Broderick, G. H., 205 S. Market, U. 
Carringer, W. E., Rear, 126 W. Main, 

Champaign Bargain Store, 118 E. 


D'Urso, Anthony, 108 S. Race, U. 
Forman, H., 38 Main. 
Goodyear Shoe Repairing System, 510 

E. Green. 

Hannan, Isaac, 504?4 E. Green. 
Hill, A. B., 62154 S. Wright. 
Klank, A. C., 13 Taylor. 
Klorfine Bros., 47 Main. 
La Sell, H. R., 603 S. Wright. 
Simon, H., 210 N. Neil. 
Stewart, E., 108 E. Washington. 
Urbana Shoe Shop, 112 W. Elm, U. 
Walker, J. F., 126 W. Main, U. 
Wascher, Gus., 624 N. Neil. 


Alexander Lumber Co., 368 N. Wal- 
nut & 710 S. Neil. 

Somers Bros., Big 4 R. R. and N. 
Orchard, U. 

Cunningham Bros., 25 Main. 
Hamersmith & Pearce, 8 Taylor. 
Lloyde, D. H., 7 Main. 
Lloydes University Store, 606 E. 

Strauch Photo Craft House, 625 S. 

Wright and 112 N. Neil. 
U. of I. Supply Store, 627-631 S. 


Barnhart Bros., 208-210 W. Main, U. 
Derrough & JCo., 31 Main. 
Doyle, John H., 28 Main. 
Freeman & Son, 110 W. Main, U. 
Hall, Charles A., Bardwe. Co., 115 S. 

Race, U. 
Keck, F. D., Furn. Co., 114-116 W. 

Knowles Plumbing & Heating Co., 

615 S. Wright. 

Kruse, W. C, 113-115 S. 1st St. 
Lawrence, G. C., 224 W. Main, U. 
Lillard & Getman, 44-46 Main. 
Patterson, M. J., & Co., 105-107 N. 

Percival & Moorehead, Neil, S. E. 

Cor. University. 
Reliable Furniture Co., 101-103 E. 

Robeson, F. K., W. Church and N. 





Bing, L. L., 119J4 W. Main, U. 
Dollinger, A. L., 202^ N. Neil. 
Dougan, Elmer, 114 S. Race, Urbana. 
Gehrke H., 34^ Main. 
Glasgow Tailors, 314 Hickory. 
Grimes, G., 122 S. Race, U. 
Gulick Tailoring Co., 207^-209^ N. 


Herbstriet, J. F., 205 S. Birch, U. 
lies, W. A., 106 N. Market, U. 
Irwin, J. H., 29^4 N. Main. 
Kaufman, J. M., & Co., 16-18 Main. 
Lawder, John W., 11 W., Church. 
Marshall, F. G., 715 S. Wright. 
Michael & Dimmer, 7 Swannell Bldg. 
Noby Tailors, 306 N. Neil. 
Pruitt, G. J., 128 W. Main, U. 
Robeson, F. K., W. Church and N. 


Ross, John, 108 W. Elm, U. 
Sperise, Emerson, 2 Main. 
Walker, J. Frank, 126 W. Main. 
Weingarten, Sam, 11 Main. 

Bacon Bros., 107-109 N. Walnut. 
Eggleston Music House, 41 Main. 
Killer, C. A., 24-26 Main. 
Lawrence, G. W., 224 W. Main, U. 
Leslie, F. M., 121 W. Main, U. 
Lloydes, D. H., 7 Main. 
Lloydes University Store, 606 E. 


Sill, L. L., 4 Hamilton Bldg. 
Strauch Photo Craft House, 625 S. 

Swannell, H., & Son, 1 Main. 

Champaign Tea & Coffee Co., 201 N. 

Great Western Tea & Coffee Co., 212 

W. Main, U. 

Central Union Telephone Co., 328 N. 

Home Telephone Co., 201 S. Neil. 


Bennett, John B., 221 Central, U. 

Harris-Dillavou & Co., 25 E. Spring- 

Oldham, J. G., 107 Cohen Bldg., U. 

Sheldon Brick & Bldg. Supply Co., 
520 Cunningham. 

Stipes & Hecker, 108 N. Walnut. 

Wagner & Son, 118 N. Market. 


Brinnig, J. B., Rear, 506 S. 4th. 
Derrough, H. O., 604 N. Elm. 
Doyle, J. H., 28 Main. 
Gabel, J. C, 200 N. 1st. 
Hudson, C. A., 104 N. Water, U. 
Johnson, C. W., Rear, 115 S. Race, U. 
McGlade, H., 120 W. University. 
Mollet, Charles, 205 W. Clark. 
Prentice, Chas. E., 11 E. University. 
Taylor Hdwe. Co., 74-76 E. University. 
Terwilleger, A. M., & L. A., 120 N. 

Kuhn, Jos., & Co., 33-35 Main. 
Lewis, W., & Co., 113-123 N. Neil. 
Nunan Trunk & Leather Co., 320 

Robeson, F. K., W. Church and N. 

Willis, G. C, 15-17 Main. 

Blythe & Fry, 118 E. Main, U. 
Easterbrook, E. N., 330 N. Neil. 
Kruse, John, 73-77 E. University. 
Mittendorf, Louis, 134 W. Park. 
Renner, E. H., 220 W. Main, U. 
Sweringen & Stewart, 117 W. Univer- 

Corkery, Timothy W., 301 E. Main, U. 
Pilon & Rodgers, 502 Hickory. 
Stoeckinger, P. F., 119 W. Elm St. 
Wolf, Dr. H. H. 


Brash, J. M., Ill W. Elm,, U. 
Champaign Rubber Wks., 324 N. Neil. 
Fedler, J. L., Motor Co., 322 Hickory. 
Herrick Auto Supply, 113 W. Park. 
Kerby, E. V., Auto Co., 110-112 N. 

Market, U. 

Stotleys Garage, 64-68 Chester. 
Two in One Tire Shop, 516 N. Neil. 
Urbana Rubber Wks., 129 N. Race, U. 


Bacon Bros., 107-109 N. Walnut. 
Davis A. George, 406 N. 3rd. 
Knowelton & Bennett, 135-137 W. 

Main, U. 

Leslie, F. M., 121 W. Main, U. 
Price Decorating Co., 207 S. Neil. 
Sedgwick, Chas. A., 607 S. Randolph. 
Sim, Wm., Drug Co., 105 W. Main, U. 
Williams, Beach, Inc., 412 N. Neil. 



Dwiggins, A. P., Rear, 506 S. 4th. 


Davis, W. M., 116 N. Market, U. 
Ferris, Charles H., 109 W. Illinois, U. 


Davis, W. M., 116 N. Market. 
Dijlavou, S. E., 335 N. Walnut. 


Dewey Bank, The (Not Inc.) 

Hazen & Renter Grain, Lumber, Etc. 

Jackson & Hamm Garage, Etc. 

Jones, J. M. Co 

General Store, Grain, Etc. 

Jones, Oscar Restaurant 

Knell, Chas Blacksmith 

Knell, Henry Gro. & 5c & lOc Store 

Lorenz, Ernest Drugs & Grocery 

Nordenberg, Oliver Hardware 

Wallen, C. F Restaurant 


Household Editor of 

Prairie Farmer 



Solicits your 
Deposits and Loans 

J. M* Jones Co, 


Grain, Coal, Farm Imple- 
ments, Automobiles and 
Automobile Supplies, 
Buggies and Harness. 

Dewey : Illinois 




OA r>r\f\v r\ \r *>r Allen, Harry Harness 

. A. COOK, L. V. M. Chapman & Wade.... Hardware, Stoves 

Cook, Dr. O. A Veterinarian 

rPAHIIATF Dale, Tom Livery 

UKAUU A 1 fc Dreyfuss, Simon General Store 

VETERINARIAN Fisher Bank F. B. Vennum, Prop. 

Fisher Farmers Grain & Coal Co. 
Fisher Produce Co. (Not Inc.) 
Phone 87 Fisher Telephone Co. 

Gilmore, Alva Printer, Etc. 

17ICUITD II I IMniQ Gilmore & Kidd Garage & Reprs. 

FISHER ILLINOIS Hollingsworth, P. M .... Printer 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Kenward, Joel W General Store 

Kidd, Chas Confect. & Restr. 

Knapp, I. J Jeweler, Optometrist 

Martin, Dr. L. W Veterinarian 

Mcjilton, John E 

I. J. KNAPP Lumber, Bldg. Material 

Means, Dora (Mrs. Frank B.) 

Glasses Fitted Scientifically : Drugs & Jewelry 

Prock, W. T Restr. & Confect. 

Reardon & Naylor Implements, Etc. 

o . . Roles, Newton Blacksmith 

Jeweler OC Uptometnst Rome, Agnes General Store 

Roth, J. M Wagon Repr., Etc. 

Sayers, J. O Hdwe., Gro., Etc. 

FISHER ILLINOIS Smi t h ; Geo / wY.'.Y.Y.Y. . . Gwraj Store 

Taroff Bros Dry Goods 

Trotter & Co. . .Gro., Restr. & Real Est. 

Unzicker, Wm Plumber & Tinner 

i Vennum & Gilmore Grain & Coal 

VETERINARY SURGEON Mverso. & sS, IFF .^..,*t, 

AND DENTIST Barnes, J. S.. Notary, Real Estate & Ins. 

Beeler, P. L Livery 

Residence Phone 21 Boggs, S. G Blacksmith 

Office Phone 9 Breithaupt, E. E Photographer 

Brown, Lloyd Barber 

Office Located on Front Street Busboom, Fred Gen'l Mdse. 

FISHER ILLINOIS parley Alvin .Carpenter 

Chumbley, Root Restaurant 

I Darter, G. A Junk 

i CHAS. PAIRFIELD, President 



L. E. FARL.OW, Sec'y and Mgr. 

Fisher Farmers Grain and Coal Co. 

Dealers in Grain, Coal and Feed 

Owned by the FARMERS and operated in the interest of the Farmers 
of this community 

Our Success Depends Upon Your Patronage 





The Main Business Street of Fisher, Champaign County, Illinois 


Phone 38 


We Sell and ^ 



Bradley & Vrooman's Paints. 
Curtis Mill Work. 
Mule Hide Roofing 
American Steel & Wire Co.'s 

Can't-Sag Gates. 
Rowe's New Idea Hog Oiler. 
Barrett's Creosote. 
Michigan Ladders. 
Bird & Sons' Asphalt Shingles 

and Roofing. 
Rogers' Stain Floor. 
Acme Plaster. 








in Dry 


Make our store your store. 

We always keep a first- 
class line of 


Also everything 
Goods, Shoes and 

Make this your headquar- 
ters when in 


Steiner & Harweger 

We Sell 



Gold Medal Flour : "Selz" Shoes 
None Such Canned Goods 

Stephenson Underwear 
Auto Brand Overalls and Work Shirts 
Agents for Scotch Woolen Mills Clothes 

Doan, Mrs. L Boarding 

Edinburn, Frank Veterinarian 

Ellis Lumber Co., F. D. Hamilton, Mgr. 

Extell, Dr. E. S Physician 

Gifford Elevator Co., 

O. J. Bear, Prop. 
Gifford Opera House, 

E. A. Wood, Mgr. 
Gifford Tel. Co., Coon Bros., Mgrs. 

Hickman, Cyrus Implements 

Hoch, John Blacksmith 

Jeakins, J. S Windmills 

Johnson, Jacob Hardware & Coal 

McGinley, Ira Insurance 

McHenry, J. W ...Furn. & Undrtkg 

Morrison, Frank Restaurant 

Morse, J. D Ins. & Notary 

Morse State Bank 

Park, G. B General Mdsc. 

Sheuring, Joseph Harness 

Siddens, J. E Well Digger 

Slander fer, Ed Draying 

Steiner & Harweger Gen' I Mdse. 

Steward, A. A., & H Barbers 

Stewart, Harry Produce 

Stover, Frank Draying 

Strine, Mrs. F. C Millinery 

Sugar Creek Creamery, 

E. E. Breithaupt, Prop. 
Walker, Dr. T. E. 

Wood, E. A. & Co Garage 

Wopldridge, E. B.... Ins. & Notary 

Wright, Elmer Garage 

I J. D. MORSE, President E. B. WOOLDRIDGE, Cashier 




Capital Stock . . . $25,000.00 





If it's the best, I have it, can get it, or It isn't made. 

Everything in Groceries, Meats, Dry Goods and Ladies' Wear. Also the 
latest in Men's Furnishings at reasonable prices. Agent for the J. L. Taylor 
made-to-measure clothes. 

Lion and Peter's Brand Shoes 
Ball Band Rubber Goods 
Eaco Flour 

I always keep the following 
Trlple-G goods in stock: 

Del, aval Cream Separators 


Telephone 8 




The Business Section of Homer, 111. 


Akers, W. H Jeweler 

Allison, H Stock Dealer 

Brayshaw, Dr. F Physician 

Broodbert, F Meats 

Butler, T. R Grocery 

Citizens Bank Bank 

Conke, C. A Hardware 

Conke, Dr. F. M Dentist 

Cronwell Oil Co. 

Current, J. M. & Son Grain 

Cusiek, J. A Blacksmith 

Davidson, J. G Garage 

Davis, C. H Telephone Mgr. 

Dickson, Dr. O. P Veterinarian 

Franz, J Real Estate 

Gilkey, G Barber 

Greenwell, G. H Blacksmith 

Hall, Fred Poultry Dealer 

Hall Dr. J. T Veterinarian 

Hall, R. Y /. T. S. Agent 

Hamil, L. L Furn. & Undtkg. 

Hayes, F. C Grocery 

Hess & Ball .Dry Goods 

Homer Hdwe. Co Hardware 

Junkins, A. E Feed 

Jones, W Barber 

Krugh, B. C Harness 

Lowry, Dr. J. E. Physician 

Lowry, T. L Meats 

Maynard & Redder Barbers 

Neil, R. D Meats 

Oshelltree, J Insurance 

Peters, D. & Son Mfr. Gates 

Rammond Oil Co. 

Robinson, B Livery 

Roloff, R. A Tailor 

Rose, F. M Dentist 

Rose, Dr. F; M Grain 

Rosenbaum .. . . , Cigar Mfr. 

Shroll & Son Baker 

Siebauet, J Shoe Repairing 

Smith, J. A Druggist 

Smott, H. M Lumber 

Stevens & Henry Garage 

Tate, Dr. E Physician 

Thompson, A. L Hardivare 

Thompson, W. S Electrical Contr. 

Volborn, Dr. Al. L Physician 

Wallace, C. H Real Estate 

White, J. G Grocery 


Auth,-Leo Garage 

Blocker & Forestal Implements 

Burchard, H. E Garage 

Camp & Morgan Elevators 

Cavanaugh, Frank 

General Mdse, Boots & Shoes 

Cook, M. A Shoemaker 

Crinigan, M Groceries 

Crinigan, M Restaurant 

Doyle, J. J Groceries 

Farmers Elevator, P. E. Flavin, Mgr. 

Foohy, A. J Drug Store 

Gallivan, Dr. C Osteopath 

Haimon, G. R. & Sons Groceries 

Haro, M. O Groceries & Bakery 



Hicks, Dr. S. J Physician 

Ivesdale News, E. B. Suton, Mgr. 

Johnson, Stanley Meats 

Kelly, J. A: Poultry 

Kile, Chas. O. & Co Lumber 

Lambert, C. C Barber 

Landis, R. W Veterinarian 

Luft, Chas Barber 

Maley, C. F Veterinarian 

Rickets, Dr. M. M Physician 

Roosa, Wm Bakery 

Wikle, Bert Blacksmith 

Zybell, R. M Furn. & Undtaking 


A. J. Flatt & Son .Grain, Farm 

Implements, Merchandise, Automobiles 
Hershberger, J. M Grain 


hapman, Nathan General Store 

Elvide, R. E Drugs 

Hales Bros. & Co 

Lumber, Coal, Seeds, Etc. 

Kincanon, Louis A Implements 

Kracht, Wm. B Furn. & Undtkr. 

Longview Bank (Not Inc.) 

McCormick, Thomas General Store 

O'Neil, Mike Meat 

Patchett, Warren Meat & Ice 


Rahe, L. H Livery 

Vale, John E 

Dry Goods, Grocery & Restr. 

Vale, M. E (Mrs. John) Millinery 

Williams, B. E. & Co Hotel 


Albin, Robert L. & Son 

Lbr., Coal & Bldg. Material 

Ennis, Charles A... Gen. Store & P. O. 
Lotus Grain & Coal Co Grain 


A. R. Produce Co., Elmer Day, Mgr. 

Auvinen, A Paper Hanger & Painter 

Bear, L. N Gen'l Mdse. & Groceries 

Bowles, Dr. T. K Physician 

Cole, R. W Insurance 

Daniels, A. K Drugs 

Dawson, C. W Blacksmith 

Ekstrand, E. A..Hdwe. & Notary Public 

Gathard, C. F Grocery 

Grahn, O. F Blacksmith 

Howord, L. W Restaurant 

Lateer, W. M Insurance & Notary 

Ludlow Elevator Co., 

R. M. Hodam, Mgr. 
Ludlow Telephone Co., 

J. Degroffr, Mgr. 
New, John C Grocery 


A. J. FLATT & SON \ 








East Side Business Section of Ludlow, Champaign County, Illinois 

Established 1882 

= See us before buying 

* 5 

| Groceries, Fresh Meat, Dry Goods i 

Furniture or Floor Coverings i 

i s 

i i 

= We will buy your 

= Butter, Eggs and Poultry 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ _ 



' 217 


North Harwood Telephone Co., 

J. Degrofft, Mgr. 

Osmun, J. M Gen'l Contractor 

Risser, E. D Grain & Coal, Elevator 

Sheehan, James Livery 

Sheehan, Orlo Insurance & Notary 

Smith, F. A., Lbr. Co., 

W. Thurman, Mgr. 
The Bank of Ludlow 
Whitcomb, Frank Barber 


Aubuchon, Dr Physician 

Bailey, Bert Painter, Paper Hanger 

Black, Elsie Music Teacher 

Busey, M. K Notary Public 

Caldwell, William Bakery 

Carson, Fred *. Shoes 

Carson, Joe Drugs & Grocery 

Carter & Pasley Grocery & Market 

Chapman, A. S Attorney 

Daniels, Dr Physician 

Daniels & LaFever Blacksmiths 

Farmers Elevator 

Gossard, E. M Restaurant 

Harriet & Pike Barbers 

Hayes, Russel Barber 

Hicks, James Blacksmith 

Hoit & Broomfield Contractors 

Home Bank 

Hyatt, James Transfer & Dray 

Jahr, F. O Grocery & Hdwe. 

Johnston, Jerry. .Grocery & Gen. Mdse. 

Jones, Mrs Dressmaker 

Jones, Samuel Tailor 

Lindsey Bros Restaurant 

Lindsey, Frank. .Painter, Paper Hanger 

Lindsey, Paul Cement Blocks & Tile 

Lindsey, Roy Dry Goods 

Mahomet Bank 
Mahomet Telephone Co. 

Moorhouse, Mrs. C. A Music Teacher 

Moorhouse, H. J 

Funeral Director, Insurance 

Munter, Edward Blacksmith 

Page Bros Livery 

Pearman, Dr Physician 

Phillippi, M. A Contractor 

Rea, T. H Dry Goods 

Sackrighter, Geo Brick & Tile 

Sisk, Dr Veterinary 

Smith, M. A Well Digger 

Smith, O. A. . .Poultry, Country Produce 

Sparks, William Plasterer 

Standard Oil Co. 

Stearns, Fred Garage 

Sucker State Weekly Newspaper 

Sugar Creek Creamery Co. 

Tanner, Forrest. . , Moving Pictures 

Thomas, Mrs Hotel 

Thurston, Chas Grocery 

Trinkle, Mrs Dressmaker 

Vance, W. M Real Est., Insurance 

Williams, J. W Well Digger 

Williamson & Son Plumbing 

Wills, Robert. . . .Painter, Paper Hanger 

Wright, Frank Restaurant 

Wright, Frank Grocery & Market 

Wright, O. F Real Est., Insurance 

Wright, Roy. Tire Repairing 

Wykle, William Elevator 

Young, James Grocery & Furn. 


Saddoris, Ernest C 

Grain, Coal & Gen. Store 

Walton, H. T Grain, Etc. 


Bartlett, George Restr. & Barber 

Berkley, T. F Miller 

Blake, Hiram Robert 

General Store & Hardware 

Brennan, C. & Son 

General Store & Hardware 

Cannon, G. H Harness & Hardware 

Dale, Chas. W Printer 

Delong Motor Co Garage 

Dixon, C. T Tailor 

Electric Supply Co. (Not Inc.) 
Farmers Mutual Telephone Co. 
Firebaugh, E. C 

Tinner, Plumber & Hardware 

W. J. LATEER, President 

NT. V. LATEER, Vice-President 

W. M. L.ATEER, Cashier 

The Bank of Ludlow 

CAPITAL STOCK $25,000.00 

We are at your service for 
anything in the banking busi- 
ness. We will appreciate a call 
when you want service. 



The Business Section of Ogden, Champaign County, Illinois 

Firebaugh & Scott Autos & Garage 

Freeman, J. H General^ Store 

Freese, Mrs. Jay Millinery 

Freese, W. J Restaurant 

Helton, D. E 

Jewelry & Sporting Goods 

Killer, W. J Meats 

Hixenbaugh, Robert Restaurant 

Hunter, Rourke & Co.. Lumber & Coal 

Kopies, Henry H Shoes 

Leedy, Elvin Barber 

McCannon, Daniel S Livery 

Ogden Bank, The (Not Inc.) 

Redmon, Jacob Harness 

Sherman, Wm. W Drugs 

White, John F Poultry, Junk, Etc. 


Alexander Lumber Co., 

W. C. Austin, Mgr. 

Campbell, S. C Garage 

Curtis, Ellis Painter, Paper Hanger 

Curtis, J. H Barber 

Gray, E. V Painter, Paper Hanger 

Hannigan & Gorden General Mdse. 

Inman, J. T Hdw. & Furn. 

Kelly, Patrick Restaurant 

Obenland, J. F: -..Restr. & Confcty. 

Penfield Tel. Co., Coon Bros., Mgrs. 

Rose, Henry Blacksmith 

Schumacher Garage 

Taroff Bros General Store 

The Bank of Penfield. 

Wehn, Dr. C. C Physician 

Wood & Colling Elevator 

Wright, R. M Painter, Paper Hanger 


Ablinger, A. F. & Co Painters-, Etc. 

Clark, Chas. E Hdw., Implts, Etc. 

Crawford, Lemuel Livery 

Davis, Burton & Gariner. . . .Grain, Coal 

Hausman, Ben Blacksmith 

Heinz, Julius A Undertaker 

Heinz, Riemke & Schultz 

Auto Dlrs. & Supplies 

Hoffman, Geo. F Drugs, Wallpaper 

Holl, William Autos 

Kleiss, Wm : Grocery 

Mix, D. H Grocery 

Ochs, Theodore L Hardware 

Pesotum Home Telephone Co. 

Piper, N. R Restaurant 

Rois, Wm Blacksmith 

Riemke, J. T Grain & Coal 

Shepherd, Roy Grocery & Meat 

Siefkin, G. L General Store 

Smith, Fred A., Lumber Co. 

Voelkel & Kemper General Store 


Bahr, Edward 

Brazelton & Melohne. .... . Well Drilling 

Brelsford, G. M Barber 

Cain Bros Grocery 

Davis, Dr. C. F Dentist 

Dickason, Griffith Blacksmith 

Fagaly, G. R Meats 

Fiscus, H. W Painter, Decorator 

Foltz, M. A Blacksmith 

Gilgee, F. F Restaurant 

Grothe, Otto Boots & Shoes 

Hazen & Franks Lbr. & Bldg. Matrl. 

Hesselschwerdt, E.d..Hdw. & Plumbing 



Main Street, Philo, 111., One of Champaign County's Wide Awake Towns 






U. S. L. Service Station 

Electrical Work and Battery Recharging 

Tubes and Casing Vulcanizing 



Hess, Isaac E General Mdse. 

Jessee, Dr. R. L Physician 

Lannon, J. F 

Contr. & Prop. Elm Tree Hotel 

Lowry Bros Grocery 

Lowry & McCormick Real Estate 

Malone, M. O Millinery 

Malone, Wm Harness 

Mast, H. H Cement & Brick 

Mount, Herman Produce 

O'Neill & Plotner Grain & Implts. 

Penman, Robt Real Estate 

Philo Commercial Bank 
Philo Exchange Bank 

Philo Garage Co Garage 

Rickey, W. H Furn. & Undtkg. 

Ryan, Dr. Chas. F Physician 

Scheurich, Dr. Joseph Physician 

Simmers, J. E Dray & Transfer 

Soward, J. P Drugs 

Smith, W. B Painter 

Thickson, A. R Painter & Decorator 

Trost, H. W Restaurant 

Trost & Co., J. C... Grain & Implements 

Wimmer, J. W Grocery 

Wimmer, Newton Grocery 

Woodcock, J. S Barber 


Ackerman, John F Feed Mill 

Alexander Lumber Co 

Lumber, Lime, Etc. 

Bauman, Mrs. Lydia Nurse 

Beck, Harry Painter, Paper Hanger 

Beck, W. F. . .Decorator, Paper Hanger 

Blue Bros Garage 

Blue, Mrs. John Nurse 

Biddle, Dr. J. R ..Osteopath 

Bohlen & Gelvin Men's Furnishings 

Brewer, E. M Physician 

Campbell, Dr. A. E Veterinarian 

Cantner, Roy Grocery & Meats 

Carson, L. P Barber 

Central News Stand, E. McGlasson, Prop. 

Chambers, Mrs. James Nurse 

Clark, James F Attorney 

Clank, Miss Dora Dressmaker 

Clark, Dr. M '. Dentist 

Coffman, Max 5, 10 and 25c Store 

Commercial Bank 

Coon Bros Telephone Ex. 

Cone, Lum Painter 

Cozine, W. E Drugs 

Crane, E. N Real Estate 

Daily, Timothy Jewelry 

Public School Building, Philo, 111. 



iiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiHiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiniiiiiiii!iinuiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiuiiiiiiiiii!iiiiiiiiiuiiiiii| Dar sham John Po ultrv Dealer 

j Diller, Dr. F. S Physician 

Pit C 1 I i Donovan, W. B 
H. ijCnlllCnberg Painter, Decorator, Paper Hanger 

Donovan, Dr. W. P Physician 

Dover, H. S Poultry, Cream, Etc. 

Ekblaw & Peterson Grocery 

Evans, Fannie.. .Millinery, Dressmaking 
AUTOMOBILES First National Bank 

Flagg, Lafayette Contractor 

Gray Bros Harness 

Accessories Gra y Bros Mitchell Agent 

Halberg, Axel Blacksmith 

Garage and Service ^.^Clcaning,' Pressing', Shoe 'Shining 

Hedrick, Frank Dry Goods 

Station Herricks Auto Supply. .. .Auto Supplies 

Hirschberg, Mrs. E Millinery 

iiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiniiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Holmgren, A Blacksmith 

Home Theatre Moving Pictures 

Tr7 , , . , .,. Hunt, Clifton 

When better cars are built . .Painter, Paper Hanger, Sign Painter 

Buick will build them Hyde & Lindsey Contractors 

= Hynes, Dr. M. L Veterinarian 

Jackson Bros Grocery 

"" """"" " ll "" 11 "" 1 '" | Jenson, O Blacksmith 

Jones, C. C Grocery 

RANTOUL, ILLINOIS Jones, H. P Restaurant 

Jones, Mrs. R. E Nurse 

I 1 Johnson, August.. ..Men's Furngs 

^inuiiiuiiiiimiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiii iiiiiiiiiinniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinin Johnson Walter Jewelry 

A <5TTT T iwr HTMT Kuhne, William Contractor 

A SELLING I INT Leonard Bros. Furniture, Undertaking 

When a customer comes into your JJ ar j! n H T ous e -Hotel 

store and does not ask for the article JJ a Un / \ ,' L wer S 

wanted by brand name, it is a good M cCullough & Son. ... 

thing to ask, "What brand did you -Grain Office, Coal, Implements 

buy last?" or, "What has given you JJcCullough i & Son Hup Agent 

the best satisfaction in the past?" No K^? g | r Fo US ' ' f '? 

article has ever been made that suits {Jiller, ^ A ' & C ' ^ ' V WY f 3 ' 

everybody. What you are sold on H Oy ,? ros Real Est. Insurance 

may not please your customer. Even ^ ollo >' E s \; Ford Agent 

if you do not carry the brand that has ^ or " S> n' / ~r -^ Flor . isi 

given your customer satisfaction in JJ orton ' ** V. C Physician 

the past, you are better able to please Mur , ra T y ' Ahce 

your customer by having a standard JW J T ames 

to go by. Further, by getting the ^ ' ^r 

customer's ideas, you carry the JJ C S n 'T? e /T ge ' '' 

thought that your aim is your custo- {?& ?i 

mer's satisfaction. Such an atmos- ^y len > John ................. 

phere breeds repeat orders. O ' k'Cafe' ' Cleaning, Pressing 

Olson, O Laundry 

Parr, Philo Painter, Paper Hanger 

Peering, E Meats 

ATWFRTTQTrn rnrrc T>A v Perring, Charles Auto Livery 


A store cannot be successful that Peterson & Mincar Implements 

does not stock advertising brands. On Peterson, Mrs. Gertrude. . . .Dressmaker 

the other hand, a store can be sue- Pettibon, C. A Barber 

cesstul that does not carry private Rantoul Candy Inn Confectionery 

and obscure brands. Rantoul Grain Co Grain 

Moral Advertising does sell goods. Rantoul Ice Co Ice 



Rantoul Weekly News Newspaper 

Rantoul Weekly Press Newspaper 

Reed, W. W Real Estate 

Rowlette, Z. Taylor Real Estate 

Sanitary Bakery Bakery 

Saratoga Restaurant Restaurant 

Schulenburg, P. H Garage 

Seeber Bros Breeders 

Smith, John Coal 

Snyder, M. D Painter, Paper Hanger 

Stayton & Reynolds 

Real Estate, Insurance 

Steffler & West,. . .Dry Goods, Millinery 

Stengle, Jacob Hardware 

Stull, Murrell L Dray 

Sturdyvin Bros Undertakers 

Sturdyvin, James D Velie Agent 

The Fowler Bank 

Tracy, H. L Auto Agent 

Trickle, R. E Real Est., Insurance 

Walters, J. H Garage, Automobiles 

Warner, Charles Photographer 

Webber Drug Co Drugs 

Westerhaver, Mrs. Wm. . . .Dressmaker 
Western Union Telegraph Office. 

Whitmore, Dr. S. J Dentist 

Williams, O. E Hardware 

Wright Bros Grocery 

Yakel, Chas. & Son 

Real Estate, Insurance, Etc. 

Young, Glenn Confectionery 

Walters 'Garage 

J. H. WALTERS, Proprietor 








General Automobile 




RR. 22 



Percheron and 
German Coach 
Horses, Chester 

White Swine. 

A Percheron 
Stallion Josne 
79,666 (88,740) 
in service on 
Seeber Bros. 
Stock Farm, 
6 miles South- 
west of 
Rantoul, 111. 



The M. E. Church at St. Joseph, 111. 

CHAS. W. DALE, Publisher 

Record, St. Joseph, 111. 

Courier, Ogden, 111. 

Herald, Fithian, III. 

Farmers and Breeders 

Of Champaign, Vermilion and adjoin- 
ing counties, with these three publica- 
tions St. Joseph (111.) Record, Ogden 
(111.) Courier, and Fithian (111.) Herald, 
we cover the eastern part of Cham- 
paign and western part of Vermilion 
counties, making a great medium for 

Farm Stock & General Sales 

Our Commercial Printing is Supreme 

In fact, might well be termed the 

"Art Shop." 

See us for Sale Bills, Stallion 
Cards, Etc. 

Examination Paper for Schools 
a specialty. 

Address all communications to 






Alexander Lumber Co. 

Campbell, Dora (Mrs. T. J.) 

Grocery, Restaurant 

Farmers Elevator Co Grain & Coal 

Fletcher, C. E Grain & Coal 

Koehler, Albert Blacksmith 

Leavitt, A. & Co General Store 

Meier, Bernhard & Co 

-. .Hdw., Implts. & Autos 

Royal Bank (Not Inc.) 

Stein, Jacob Restaurant 

Thomas, F. M. & Co General Store 


Alverson, James H Grocery 

Central Illinois Electric Co. 

Cook, J. G. & Co...Restr. Confect., Etc. 

Dale, Chas. W Publishers 

Davis, H. E Garage 

Dukes, W. Albert Drugs, Jewelry 

Exchange Bank, 

Husey & Swearingen Co., Prop. 

Fenwick, Carey C Contractors 

Fish, J. V., Sr Blacksmith 

Gibson, Chas. W. . .Hardware, Plumbing 

Green, B. C Feed & Sales Barn 

Hoyt & McCarty Grocery 

Huffman, Orie C Meat 

Kienzie Bros General Store 

Walnut Grove 
Stock Farm 

Percheron Horses and 
Shorthorn Cattle a Specialty 

Islam (70103 American) (81348 
Imported) Recorded by Per- 
cheron Society of America. 

Maxwalton Glory (401353) 
Sired by Avondale. 

Walnut Grove Sultan (422580) 
Sired by Royal Silver, the 
$4,000 Shorthorn Bull. 

Scotch and Scotch Topped Short- 
horns. Stock for Sale. 

Write for Prices 

M. E. LEIGH, Proprietor 

Phone No. 1367 


The Business Section of St. Joseph, One of the Live Country Towns of Champaign County 



The Sadorus Lumber Co. 

We sell and recommend 

the following 
Triple-G Goods 

Can't Sag Gates 
Universal Cement 
Cornell Wall Board 
Certainteed Roofing 
Glide Track and 



Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Sash, | 
Lime, Cement, Plaster, Wall Board, 1 
Asphalt, Asbestos Shingles and | 

If You Are Going to Build See Us First | 

Estimates and Plans Furnished g 




WM. H. DeLONG, Pres. E. B. DeLONG, Cashier F. B. BLACKFORD, Asst. Cashier 




3 Per Cent Paid 

Fire Insurance 


onTim a e n? ep08it8 See Us for Banking Service 

Savings Accounts Feirm Lo&ns 




The Sadorus, Illinois, Town Hall 

Lambdin Oil Co. (Not Inc.) 

Leedy, Mrs. M Grocery, Etc. 

Leigh, M. E Stock Breeder 

McLaughlin, B. F Undertaker 

Ogden, Thos Grain & Coal 

Peters & Meese Autos 

Peters, Walter C Insurance 

Pickett, Scott Blacksmith 

Reed, Wm Jewelery, Repr. 

Reese, James M Restaurant 

Rice, F. A Franklin Theatre 

Schuman, J. H Hdwe. & Furn. 

St. Josephs Bank (Not Inc.) 
Stookey, J. R 

Autos & Machinery 

Swearingen & Walker 

Grain, Coal, Wagons 

Towner, James A General Store 

White, A. E Lbr. & Bldg. Supplies 


Bank of Sadorus Bankers 

Blackford, F. E Notary 

Bundy, Dr. C. D Physician 

Cathcart, R. E Notary 

Chambers & Foote Grain 

Colee, Cecil Restaurant 

Craw Bros Drugs 

Davis, Harry. .Painter & Paper Hanger 

DeLong, W. H Notary 

Evans, Price Furniture 

Farmers First State Bank 

Foote, W. H Notary 

Goudie, A. M General Store 

Griswold, F. A Harness 

Holl, F. J General Store 


I Farmers First State Bank of Sadorus I 


Established July, 1910 

Capital $ 25,000.00 

Undivided Profits 10,435.58 

Deposits 125,668.17 

13 Per Cent Interest Paid on Time and Savings Accounts 
J. W. MATHEWS, President R. E. CATHCART, Cashier 




Holliday, Frank Blacksmith 

Hovey, R. L Well Driller 

James & Barnfield 

Painter & Paper Hanger 

Kelley, C. A Hardware 

Klitzing Bros Implements 

Labler, Mrs. Emma Boarding House 

Lewis, Dr Physician 

Luhrsen, Mrs. Betty Millinery 

Luhrsen, H. W Hardware 

Miskell, R. C Barber 

Peoples Toll Line Co. 

Richardson, Frank Blacksmith 

Richardson, J. W - Meats 

Ruknow, John Contractor 

Sadorus, B. W Drayman 

Sadorus Lumber Co. 
Sadorus Telephone Assn. 

Sadorus, Warren Bakery 

Stewart, D. A Cartoonist 

Suffern-Hunt Mills Grain 


Allen, Chas. W Blacksmith 

Allen, C. W Gro. & Hdwe. 

Coonrad, C. C, Cash Store 

Gro. & Men's Clothing 

Dunlap, J. H Real Estate 

Dunlap, H. M Mfg. Vinegar, Etc. 

Illinois Orchard Co., The 

Growers of Apples 

Savoy Grain & Coal Co 

Grain, Coal, Lumber 


Avis, Gerald Painter 

Bell, O. T Gen'l Merchandise 

Cade, Virgil Well Driller 

Cecil, Dr. Dwight L Veterinarian 

Dighton & Hetishee Bankers 

Gates, C. B Barber 

Hadden, Dr. J. M Physician 

Haines, J. C Insurance 

Hartrick, Dr. L. E Physician 

Karr, James 

Grain & Implements, Coal & Lumber 

Meadlock, James 

Painter & Paper Hanger 

Medlock, John Livery & Feed 

Murray, Wm Grain & Coal 

Scott, W. R Gen'l Mdse. 

and Agent for Chevrolet Automobile 
Seymour Telephone Co. 

Wheatley, M. M Implements 

Wheatley, W. W Blacksmith 

Wilcoxin, T. E Carpenter, 

Contractor and Gen'l Mdse. 


Atterberry, J. M Veterinarian 

Bentley, H. M Druggist 

Bonnell, J. E. & Son Poultry 

Boone, G. D Hardware 

Cole, Geo. & Son Grocers 

Douglas Telephone Co. 

Everett, Cyrus Garage 

Fenimore, G. W Hotel 

Golden, C. L Hardware 

Greaves, Dr. H. N Physician 

Hardyman, H. H Hotel 

Hazen & Franks. . .Lbr. & Bldg. Matrls. 

Johnson, Dr. U. G Veterinarian 

Lawson, Dr. J. M Physician 

Lehman, E. J Meats 

Merriman, Hers Insurance 

Payne, B. E Barber 

Penny, Geo Dray & Transfer 

Rankin, J. F Insurance 

Rich & Blankenbaker .Elevator 

Sidney Grain Co Elevator 

Sidney Times Office 
State Bank of Sidney 

Temple, W. S Moving Pictures 

Trees, W. M Livery 

Tucker, Edward Mason Contr. 

Ward & Epperson Restaurant 

Winston's Bank 

Wopdard, J. O. & Son Garage 

Wright, Chas Blacksmith 

Youngblood, Howard Barber 

Youngblood, Roy Restaurant 



Honorary Graduate McKillip Veterinary College, Chicago, 111. 

Nothing Too Big or Too Little to Receive Prompt Attention 

Calls Answered Day and Night Consultation PIIIOE 




This is the Town Hall of Sidney, Champaign County, 111. 


Alexander, F. M Barber 

Clements, Frank Livery 

Cribbett, Fred Livery 

Exton, Dr. T. J Physician 

Fiedler Bros Hardware 

First National Bank 

Grim, C. G Barber 

Jackson, Frank Harness Maker 

Kaufman & Co Groceries 

Livengood, Everett Druggist 

Loftus, John Groceries 

Maier, Lewis Confectionery 

Manke & Irle Groceries 

Schwartz, Herman Blacksmith 

Thomasboro Farmers Grain, Lumber 

& Coal Co Grain & Coal 

Trafford, Mrs. Laura Hotel 

Walton, Clarence T Elevator 

Ziegler, Wm Confectionery 


Albrecht, Wm. F Meats 

Anderson, R. E Dentist 

Bank of Tolono, 

R. A. Bower & Son, Props. 

Baumann, Robert Blacksmith 

Bogena, O. W Harness 

Boone, W. E Gro., Drugs, Notions 

Burns, Byron Men's Furnishings 

Burroughs, James 

Painter & Paperhanger 

Campbell, A. B Publisher 

Charles & Son Hardware 

Citizens Bank (Not Inc.) 
Creamer, James Andrew 

Grain, Coal & Auto 

Driver, R. C Barber 

Duell, Guy E Garage 

Frampton, E. G Auto Supplies 

Gross, Wm. R Grocery, Ice Cream 

Heinz & Creamer Undertaker 

Holley & Co General Store 

Citizens! panb 

Individual Responsibility 

Farm Loans a Specialty. 



Interest Paid on Time 

Accounts of farmers are espe- 
cially solicited, and we guarantee 
every courtesy consistent with 
safe banking methods. 


Horton Bros. & Co Grain & Coal 

Hunter, H. & E. F Lumber, Coal 

Jaques, Elmer F Hotel 

Mallory, Dr. C. A. Physician 

Marten, Dr. John Physician 

McDonnell, Phillip Grocery 

Moore, O. W Barber 

Murray, William Grain 

Perkins, W. A A ttorney 

Robison, H. B Hdwe. & Implts. 

Rogers Bros Feed Mill 

Thornton, Sara. . .Women's Furnishings 
Tolono Telephone Co. (Not Inc.) 
Whall & Andreau Poultry 

R. E. Anderson, D.D.S. 
Resident Dentist 

Graduate Chicago College 
Dental Surgery, 1895 





Garage and Auto 

Your Patronage Solicited 

Honest Dealings and 
Fair Treatment 





Simple, Light 

This general purpose tractor 
is light, sure and speedy 
the fastest going and quick- 
est working tractor you ever 
saw. Particularly adapted for 
general use on Illinois farms. 


Impossible to Strip Gears Light, 
simple, practical, durable, efficient, 
powerful and economical. 

Weight 2,900 pounds. 

Draw Bar Horsepower, 9-. 

Belt Horsepower, 18. 

Fuel Gasoline or distillate. 

Bearings All except Motor Hyatt 
Roller, Timken and New Departure 

Belt Pulley 9-inch diameter, 8-inch 

Belt Pulley Speed Controlled by clutch 
to 1000 revolutions per minute and 
reversible, operated by clutch lever. 

Speeds Nine speeds forward and re- 

Working Speed of Tractor to 3J4 
miles per hour. Controlled by lever. 

Road Speed of tractor with rubber tire 
equipment, to 8 miles per hour. 

Tractor is spring mounted front and 
rear ; operator's seat spring mounted. 

Tract! ^n Spike lugs are furnished with 
the machine, which are easily applied 
or taken off different forms and 
types can be furnished. 

Write for descriptive literature 





Cadillac Motor Cars 



2, 3, 4, 5 AND 7-PASSENGER CARS 

Special Chassis for Hearses and Ambulances 

Fireproof Garage 

A Real Service Station Modern Paint Shop 

Complete Repair Shop Sales Room and Office 

Expert Mechanics Employed in All Departments 



Bell Phone 653, Auto 1544 


Kinlock Phone 598 



Champaign County Automobile Owner's 


(This List Includes Farm Automobile Owners Only) 


Abbott, I. C. 
Abrams, C. E. 
Abrams, S. H. 
Ackerman, Ben 
Ackerman, E. 
Ackerman, Henry 
Ackerman, Herm. 
Ackerman, J. A. 
Ackerman, John 
Adams, G. W. 
Addy, J. A. 
Aden, Ehm H. 
Adkins, S. T. 
Albers, F. C. 
Albers, John 
Albers, L. L. 
Albers, L. R. 
Alexander, A. M. 
Alexander, C. 
Alexander, E. E. 
Archer, Chester 
Alexander, H. 
Alexander, R. G. 
Allen, A. F. 
Archer, Clinton 
Albers, Wm. L. 
Anderson, J. A. 
Anderson, I. R. 
Anderson, E. 
Anderson, C.L. 
Anderson, R. V. 
Anderson, A. J. 
Anderson, A. G. 
Allison, H. 
Anderson, J. P. 
Allen, C. M. 
Appl, John 
Anderson, N. P. 
Apperson, W. V. 
Anderson, J. B. 
Anderson, R. M. 
Anderson, S. 
Albrecht, F. F. 
Albrecht, C. 
Anderson, J. C. 
Anderson, P. R. 
Andrews, F. 
Archer, C. H. 
Argo, Wm. H. 
Arledge, C. F. 
Armstrong, C. H. 
Armstrong, F. 
Armstrong, G. W. 
Armstrong, J. A. 
Armstrong, J. E. 
Armstrong, J. L. 
Arnold, J. D. 
Asher, Jas. F. 
Astell, J. E. 
Astell, S. D. 
Auld, C. F. 
Auth, E.A. 
Auth, J. 
Auth, J. 



Overland Mahomet, R. 41 
Davis Seymour, R. 43 

Overland Champaign, R. 1 

Buick Rantoul, .R. 24 

Jackson Gifford, R. 26 

Ford Gifford, R. 26 

Overland Gifford, R. 6 

Auburn Ogden, R. 18 

Buick Gifford, R. 26 

Ford Fisher, R. 35 

Ford Penfield, R. 27 

Ford Rantoul, R. 24 

Ford Clarence, R. 1 

Lambert Thomasboro, R. 20 

Studebaker St. Joseph, R. IS 

Ford Rantoul, R. 23 

Davis Rantoul, R. 24 

Ford Rantoul, R. 24 

Velie Rantoul, R. 21 . 

Studebaker Tolono, R. 47 
Studebaker Six Fisher, R. 34 

Ford (2) Dewey, R. 32 

Ford Champaign, R. 5 

Studebaker Dewey, R. 32 

Ford Dewey, R. 32 

Ford Pesotum, R. 54 

Westcott Champaign, R. 4 
Overland Homer 

Reo Broadlands, R. 31 

Ford Clarence, R. 1 

Overland Ogden, R. 17 

Ford Paxton, R. 1 

Studebaker Seymour, R. 44 

Ford Ogden, R. 17 

Ford Paxton, R. 3 

Moline Knight Ludl'ow, R. 30 

Ford Mahomet, R. 41 

Maxwell Mansfield, R. 1 

Overland Homer, R. 59 

Ford Foosland, R. 38 

Maxwell Seymour, R. 43 

Ford Ludlow, R. 30 

Oakland Six Tolono, R. 46 

Ford Urbana, R. 7 

Chevrolet Ogden, R. 17 

Dodge St. Joseph, R. 16 

Ford St. Joseph, R. 16 

Ford St. Joseph, R. 16 

Ford St. Joseph, R. 16 

Ford Urbana, R. 9 

Ford Bondville, R. 65 

Mitchell Sidney, R. 57 

Studebaker Bondville, R. 65 

Rambler Savoy, R. 45 

Ford Bondville, R. D. 

Ford Penfield, R. 27 

Ford Rantoul, R. 21 

Ford Mahomet, R. 40 

Mitchell Homer, R. 60 

Glide Broadlands, R. 36 

Overland Ivesdale, R. 53 

Studebaker Ivesdale, R. 52 

Studebaker Ivesdale, R. 52 

Overland Ivesdale, R. 52 

Babb, C. E. 
Babb, J. 

Babb, R. J. 
Babb, Thos. 
Babb, W. L. 
Backert, A. 
Backert, Wm. 
Bahrns, W. 
Baird, J. S. 
Baker, E. C. 
Baker, F. W. 
Baker, L. Z. 
Baldwin, B. 
Baldwin, C. H. 
Baldwin, Mrs. C. 

Bales, Alex 
Ball, O. P. 
Barber, B. F. 
Barber, Jas. 
Barber, John 
Barcus, Chas. 
Barker, Geo. 
Barker, T. H. 
Barnes, Jas. E. 
Barnes, Walter 
Barnhart, R. M. 
Bartell, B. H. 
Bartlett, T. P. 
Barton, Wm. 
Bassett, F. C. 
Bassett, R. 
Bates, Jas. A. 
Bauman, I. A. 
Beatty, C. 
Beatty, G. F. 
Beaver, Chas. D. 
Beck, Henry 
Bedient, W. H. 
Bedwell, W. H. 
Beeler, C. H. 
Beeler, D. E. 
Behrens, A. 
Behrens, J. H. 
Bell, E. S. 
Bell, Floyd 
Bell, F. S. 
Bell, John W. 
Bell, O. E. 
Bell, S. F. 
Bengston, C. A. 
Bengston, E. B. 
Bennett, N. 
Benschneiger, C. 
Benting, Frank 
Benting, Rikus 
Benting, Ryner 
Benting, Mrs. T. 
Benton, W. B. 
Berbaum, A. B. 
Berbaum, Fred 
Berbaum, H. 
Berbaum, Robt. 



Ford Thomasboro, R. 19 

Overland and Ford 

Thomasboro, R. 19 
Ford Champaign, R. 6 

Studebaker Rantoul, R. 24 
Ford Dewey, R. 32 

Auburn Sadorus, R. 51 

Auburn Sadorus, R. 51 

Reo Homer, R. 61 

Dodge Homer, R. 60 

Chalmers Champaign, R. 5 
Ford Savoy, R. 66 

Ford Savoy, R. 66 

Overland Sadorus, R. 51 

E. M. F. Sadorus, R. 51 


Oakland Sadorus, R. 51 

Maxwell St. Joseph, R. 15 
Ford Foosland 

Ford Bondville, R. 65 

Ford Champaign, R. 2 

Ford Champaign, R. 2 

Ford St. Joseph, R. 15 

Lexington Bondville, R. 65 
Ford Bondville, R. 65 

Ford Tolono, R. 48 

Grant St. Joseph, R. 15 

Buick Mahomet, R. 41 

Herffbrooks Urbana, R. 7 
Overland Mansfield, R. 1 
Ford St. Joseph, R. 13 

Ford Champaign, R. 5 

Ford Champaign, R. 6 

Ford Tolono, R. 48 

Ford Tolono, R. 48 

Studebaker Fisher, R. 35 
Mitchell Lotus 

Dodge Champaign, R. 6 
King Seymour, R. 43 

Buick Six Tolono, R. 46 

Ford Mahomet, R. 40 

Overland Gifford, R. 25 

Overland Gifford, R. 25 

Ford Dewey 

Chevrolet St. Joseph, R. 15 
Cadillac Seymour, R. 44 

Ford Seymour, R. 43 

Willys-Knight Sadorus, R. 49 
Rambler Seymour, R. 43 

Ford Seymour, R. 44 

Cartercar Champaign, R. 1 
Velie Ludlow, R. D. 

Elmoore Ludlow, R. 31 

Ford Tolono, R. 48 

Chandler Homer, R. 59 

Studebaker Ogden, R. 17 
Overland Penfield, R. 28 

Ford Thomasboro, R. 20 

Ford Thomasboro, R. 20 

Chevrolet Dewey, R. 32 

Ford Bondville, R. 65 

Overland Champaign, R. 2 
Ford Savoy, R. 45 

Grant Bondville, R. 65 



By Diffusing the Light and Bending the Rays 





AL. KELLER, Chief of Police 

Invented by a life-long student of light and use of lenses, Dr. W. H. Zorger. 

$3.00 to $4.00 Per Pair 

Circular on request 

The Zorger Lens Co. 







Make PostoiBce 


Make Postoffice 

Bergfield, H. H. 

Hudson Longview, R. 64 

Breen, Ja. 

Jeffery Urbana, R. 9 

. Bergman, E. H. 

Hudson St. Joseph, R. 13 

Bretzlaff, E. C. 

Overland Savoy, R. 66 

Bergman, U. 

Lozier Thomasboro, R. 20 

Bretzlaff, F. H. 

Chevrolet Tolono, R. 47 

Bermingham, J. 

Ford Thomasboro, R. 19 

Brewer, Wm. C. 

Chevrolet Allerton, R. 1 

Besore, D. B. 

Ford Savoy, R. 66 

Bright, E. W. 

Studebaker Foosland, R. 38 

Besore, T. H. 

Buick Urbana, R. 7 

Brinkley, S. M. 

Buick Rantoul, R. 21 

Best, F. C. 

Willys-Knight Tolono, R. 46 

Britt, M. S. 

National and Stod- 

Severs, Chas. 

Case Homer, R. 59 

dard Dayton Ogden, R. 17 

Bialeschki, A. F. 

Buick Pesotum, R. 54 

Brooks, Jas. 

Overland Penfield, R. 27 

Bialeschki, F. A. 

Ford Tolono, R. 47 

Brotherton, L. D. 

Reo Ludlow, R. 30 

Bialeschki, H. A. 

Rambler Sadorus, R. 50 

Brown, A. W. 

Auburn Pesotum, R. 54 

Bialeschki, L. F. 

Rambler Pesotum, R. 54 

Brown, Clint 

Hudson Homer, R. 59 

Bickers, Amos 

Overland Tolono, R. 46 

Brown, F. L. 

Apperson Champaign, R. 3 

Bickle, H. 

Chevrolet Bondville, R. 65 

Brown, Harry 

King Eight Sadorus, R. S 

Bidner, C. C. 

Ford Mahomet, R. 41 

Brown, John P. 

Ford Ludlow, R. 30 

Bielefield, W. 

Overland Thomasboro, R. 20 

Brown, John W. 

Overland Homer, R. 61 

Birch, C. T. 

Ford Rantoul, R. 21 

Brown, J. F. 

Ford Penfield, R. 28 

Bireley, L. F. 

Ford Urbana, R. 9 

Brown, O. M. 

Dodge Mahomet, R. 41 

Birkey, A. F. 

Partin Palmer Rantoul, R. 21 

Brown, R. E. 

Studebaker Foosland, R. 38 

Birkey, J. A. 

Ford Foosland, R. 38 

Brown, S. 

Ford Mahomet, R. 41 

Birkey, J. C. 

Ford Dewey, R. 32 

Brown, Theo. 

Buick Mahomet, R. 41 

Birkey, L. F. 

Ford Dewey, R. 33 

Brown, Theo. 

Reo Broadlands, R. 36 

Birky, A. 

Ford and Parkton 

Brown, Wm. 

Ford Mahomet, R. 40 

Fisher, R. 34 

Brownfield, A. S. 

Ford Thomasboro, R. 19 

Birky, A. R. 

Ford Foosland, R. 38 

Brownfiel'd, J. 

Ford Urbana, R. 8 

Birky, C. B. 

Ford Fisher, R. 34 

Brownfield, M. M 

. Ford Urbana, R. 7 

Birky, L. E. 

Ford Rantoul, R. 21 

Brownfield, Roy 

Haynes Urbana, R. 7 

Bishop, Geo. 

Ford Tolono, R. 47 

B rudder, B. A. 

Rambler Bondville, R. 65 

Black, T. H. 

Rambler Sadorus, R. 49 

Bruhn, J. A. 

Reo Homer, R. 60 

Black, W. Z. 

Kissel St. Joseph 

Bruns, H. 

Overland Penfield, R. 28 

Blackwell, H. E. 

Ford Gifford, R. 25 

Bruns, John 

Hupmobile Gifford, R. 26 

Elaine, W. 

Chevrolet Champaign, R. 2 

Bryan, H. 

Chevrolet Fisher, R. 35 

Blank, C. 

Ford and Auburn 

Bryan, Jesse 

Chevrolet (Baby Grand) 

Bondville, R. 65 

Fisher, R. 35 

Blaudon, A. 

Chandler Seymour, R. 43 

Bryan, J. H. 

Ford Urbana, R. 12 

Bleichner, Geo. 

Maxwell Tolono, R. 46 

Buchan, J. G. 

Inter-State Mahomet, R. 41 

Block, Albert 

Overland Sidney, R. 58 

Buchs, J. C. 

Mitchell Urbana, R. 10 

Block, Amel 

Reo Sidney, R. 58 

Buchs, H. H. 

Overland Urbana, R. 10 

Block, F. L. 

Haynes Sidney, R. 57 

Buck, J. J. 

Studebaker Penfield, R. 28 

Block, F. C. 

Mitchell Longview, R. 64 

Buck, Thos. 

Auburn Penfield, R. 28 

Block, Henry A. 

Reo Sidney, R. 57 

Buddemeier, S. A. 

Ford Sidney, R. 57 

Block, H. 

Ford Homer, R. 60 

Buddie, C. F. 

Oakland Six Philo, R. 56 

Block, R. F. 

Ford Broadlands, R. 36 

Buhr, B. M. J. 

Case Thomasboro, R. 20 

Bloom, J. 

Ford Pesotum, R. 54 

Buhr, J. J. 

Overland Ogden, R. 17 

Blue, A. 

Ford Champaign, R. 5 

Buhs, Chas. 

Ford Gifford, R. 26 

Blue, C. E. 

Overland Thomasboro, R. 20 

Burke, John 

Ford Thomasboro, R. 19 

Blue, E. 

Ford Mahomet, R. 40 

Burke, Wm. 

Ford Thomasboro, R. 19 

Blue, Henry 

Ford Dewey, R. 32 

Burke, Wm. F. 

Paige Six Tolono 

Blue, Louis 

Ford Rantoul, R. 10 

Burley, G. W. 

Ford Thomasboro, R. 20 

Blue, Wm. 

Ford and Buick 

Burley, J. S. 

Overland Urbana, R. 10 

Mahomet, R. 40 

Burnett, A. E. 

Ford Urbana, R. 7 

Bluhm, F. 

Ford St. Joseph, R. 13 

Burnett, Mrs. A. 

Dodge Urbana, R. 9 

Bluhm, J. 

Kissel St. Joseph, R. 13 

Burnett, Don 

Ford Pesotum, R. 55 

Bocock, Al E. 

Chalmers Philo, R. 56 

Burnett, M. C. 

Rambler Urbana, R. 17 

Bohlen, Wm. 

Kissel Thomasboro, R. 20 

Burnett, W. J. 

Overland Longview, R. 63 

Boles, jas. A. 

Ford Ivesdale, R. 52 

Burnett, O. C. 

Chevrolet Seymour, R. 43 

Boland, J. 

Maxwell Tolono, R. 48 

Burr, E. A. 

Stutz Philo, R. 56 

Boling, B. H. 

Ford Dewey, R. 33 

Burr, E. C. 

Oakland Six Urbana, R. 11 

Bonnell, S. A. 

Overland Homer, R. 61 

Burr, F. E. 

Overland Philo, R. 56 

Bosch, A. 

Reo Broadlands, R. 36 

Burr, F. R. 

Chalmers Sidney, R. 58 

Boten, O. H. 

Ford Thomasboro, R. 19 

Burt, N. M. 

Ford (2) Savoy, R. D. 

Bowman, Mrs. M. 

Davis Seymour, R. 43 

Burwash, A. E. 

Ford Savoy, R. 45 

Boyd, Chas. 

Overland Homer, R. 61 

Burwash, L. S. 

Ford Savoy, R. 45 

Boys, C. C. 

Ford St. Joseph, R. 15 

Busboom, Ed G. 

Ford Gifford, R. 26 

Boys, Wm. O. 

Oakland St. Joseph, R. 14 

Busboom, Geo. 

Hudson Gifford, R. 26 

Bradley, Ed. 

Studebaker Ogden, R. 17 

Busboom, H. 

Rambler Gifford, R. 26 

Braithwaite, E. 

Overland Sadorus, R. 50 

Busboom, O. H. 

Haynes Rantoul, R. 23 

Brand, A. S. 

Maxwell Sydney, R. 58 

Busboom, P. 

Jackson Gifford, R. 26 

Braten, Jas. 

Overland St. Joseph, R. 61 

Busboom, T. 

Jackson Rantoul, R. 24 



No valves to adjust or grind; no waste of costly 
gasoline; no carbon troubles. The only motor 
which gains power and smoothness with use 

"40" H. P., $1495 "50" H. P., $1840 

Springfield Sedan and Coupe Models 

We are the pioneer automobile repairers of 
Champaign County. Have your automobile 
repaired by the most reliable firm at the same 
price as is charged by amateurs. 

Storage Batteries 

We carry a complete stock of Storage Batteries 
and Battery Repairs. Distributors of Exide 






The Burr Company 

332 North Hickory St. CHAMPAIGN, ILL. 










Make Postoffice 

Busboom, T. 


St. Joseph, 



Chesshir, A. W. 

Mitchell St. Joseph 

Busey, Clyde 





Chester, F. P. 

Kissel Champaign, 

R. 2 

Busey, J. H. 





Chilton, Roy 

Ford St. Joseph, 

R. 13 

Busey, M. C. 





Christian, C. 

Hupmobile Urbana, 

R. 8 

Bush, W. 





Christian, F. 

Overland Tolono, 

R. 46 

Buss, J. 


St. Joseph, 



Christian, H. 

Ford and Davis 

Butin, F. 






R. 20 

Butler, J. B. 





Christians, E. 

Hupmobile Urbana, 

R. 9 

Butler, T. M. 





Christians, H. Sr. 


Butz, F. E. 

Hudson Super Six 


R. 20 




Christie, Mrs. E. 


Butzow, E. C. 


St. Joseph, 



Dodge Seymour, 

R. 43 

Byerley, Chas. 


St. Joseph, 



Christy, E. D. 

Overland Rantoul, 

R. 21 

Byrnes, Tim 





Chumbley, F. A. 

Buick Ludlow, 

R. 31 

Byron, Pat 





Church, J. W. 

Dodge Champaign, 

R. 5 

Churchill, Jas. E. 

Overland and Ford 

Cade, Chas. 






R. 56 

Cade, D. H. 





Clancy, Thos. 

Ford Savoy, 

R. 45 

Cade, V. B. 





Clark, Geo. W. 

Cadillac Urbana, 

R. 10 

Cagle, J. H. 





Clapper, Frank 

Ford Bondville, 

R. 65 

Cain, B. J. 





Clapper, R. S. 

Ford Mahomet, 

R. 42 

Cain, Edw. 





Clark, A. M. 

Saxon Six Penfield, 

R. 27 

Cain, I. J. 





Clark, F. 

Davis Champaign, 

R. 1 

Cain, Jas. T. 





Clark, F. C. 

Oakland Ogden, 

R. 17 

Cain, Jos. 





Clark, Geo. W. 

Ford Pesotum, 

R. 54 

Cain, Thos. 





Clark, John A. 

Ford Ludlow, 

R. 29 

Cain, Thos. 





Clark, J. H. 

Rambler Savoy, 

R. 45 

Cain, T. W. 





Clark, L. 

Ford Homer, 

R. 62 

Cain, Wm. 





Clark, Wallace 

Ford Homer; 

R. 61 

Caldwell, A. E. 





Clary, F. 

Ford Bondville, 

R. 65 

Caldwell, R. M. 





Claypool, R. J. 

Ford Rantoul, 

R. 22 

Calvert, L. 





Clayton, F. M. 

Overland Ogden, 

R. D. 

Camden, Huse 





Clem, Wilson 

Reo Broadlands, 

R. 37 

Campbell, J. E. 





Clemon> Mrs. A. 

Hudson Super Six 

Campbell, W. M. 






R. 46 

Campbell, Edw. 





Clennon, F. W. 

Chalmers Tolono, 

R. 46 

Cannon, J. F. 





Cler, Jos. 

Buick Pesotum, 

R. 55 

Cannon, M. 





Cler, Phillip 

Buick Pesotum, 

R. 55 

Cannon, T. J. 





Clifford, C. 

Rambler Penfield, 

R. 28 

Cardiff, A. P. 




, 7 

Clifton, Chas. E. 

Grant Ludlow, 

R. 31 

Carey, P. J. 





Clifton, Frank A 

. Ford Ludlow, 

R. 31 

Carl, Geo. D. 

Overland Thomasboro, 



Clifton, Jess J. 

Ford Ludlow, 

R. 31 

Carmien, Roy 


St. Joseph, 



Coady Bros. 

Davis Savoy, 

R. 45 

Carpenter, Chas. 





Coady, Mary 

Davis Savoy, 

R. 45 

Carper, G. E. 





Cochran, G. G. 

Ford Dewey, 

R. 33 

Carper, U. S. 





Codington, John 

Studebaker Homer, 

R. 61 

Carter, C. W. 





Coffey, J. E. 

Ford Savoy, 

R. 45 

Carter, Ida A. 





Cole, A. H. 

Ford Ludlow, 

R. 31 

Carter, Mrs. S. 





Cole, Isaac 

E. M. F. Sidney, 

R. 58 

Carter, T. F. 

Ford Thomasboro, 



Cole, S. L. 

Westcott Sidney 

, R. 58 

Carter, Van 





Coleman, Ed 

Ford Thomasboro, 

R. 20 

Carter, W. V. 





Collin, M. 

Ford Penfield, 

R. 28 

Carter, W. W. 





Collins, Clyde C. 

Ford Tolono, 

R. 48 

Case, R. L. 





Collins, C. C. 

Ford Thomasboro 

Case, W. M. 





Collins, C. H. 

Ford Champaign, 

R. 2 

Cassady, Wm. 





Collins, J. T. 

Ford Thomasboro, 

R. 19 

Castle, Chas. E. 


St. Joseph, 



Collins, O. A. 

Studebaker Foosland, 

R. 38 

Castle, F. M. 


St. Joseph, 



Collins, Thos. 

Hupmobile Rantoul, 

R. 23 

Castle, Guy 


St. Joseph, 



Collins, W. J. 

Cole Champaign, 

R. 4 

Castor, J. W. 





Collins, W. A. 

Ford Thomasboro, 

R. 17 

Cavanaugh, J. W. 





Collison, Fred 

Ford Rantoul, 

R. 22 

Cekander, Albert 





Conard, Jas. S. 

Ford Dewey, 

R. 33 

Cender, J. J. 



Concannon, Jas 


Center, John 





Ford Ivesdale, 

R. 53 

Chambers, J. J. 





Condit, A. W. 

Ford Dewey, 

R. 33 

Champers, Thos. 

Ford * 




Condit, D. S. 

Westcott Seymour, R. 44 

Chenoweth, C. 





Conerty, Mrs. Carrie 

Cherry, Henry 


St. Joseph, 



Ford Urbana, 

R. 8 

Cherry, Mervin 


St. Joseph, 



Connor, P. 

Jeffery Rantoul, 

, R. 21 




Watson Faulkner, Druggist 

L. W. FAULKNER, Manager 

Automobile Tires and Tubes 


208 North Neil Street 








Connor, Wilson 
Connor, W. F. 
Conrad, G. W. 
Consoer, Aug. 
Cooddinton, Wm. 
Cook, Dennis 
Cook, Frank 
Cook, Guy 
Cook, Ira 
Cooms, O. B. 
Coon, J. S. 
Coons, A. C. 
Coons, Gilbert 
Copper, Ira M. 

Paige Six 

St. Joseph, 
St. Joseph, 

R. 27 
R. 49 
R. 61 
R. 58 
R. 61 
R. 47 
R. 32 
R. 53 
R. 30 
R. 38 
R. 30 
R. 16 
R. 16 
R. 55 

Corbett, R. P. 


Ludlow, R. 31 

Corbley, J. L. 


Gifford, R. 25 

Corbley, Ross L. 


Gifford, R. 25 

Corcoran, T. J. 


Sadorus, R. 51 

Cord, T. 


Sidney, R. 58 

Cordts, J. A. 


Ivesdale, R. 53 

Cornelius, John P. Apperson 

St. Joseph, R. 13 

Cornell, Ollie 


Allerton, R. 1 

Corray, G. M. 


Urbana, R. 9 

Corray, H. M. 


Urbana, R. 8 

Cotton, C. N. 


Homer, R. 61 

Cox, H. Ls 


Foosland, R. 39 

Cox, Lelie 


Fisher, R. 34 

Crabb, Grant 


White Heath, R. 1 

FRED A. SWANSON, President 

EDW. G. JACKSON, Treasurer 


Corner Hickory and Washington Streets 





Name Make Postoffice 

Name Make Postoffice 

Crane, Clinton A. Ford Rantoul, R. 23 

Dorsey, Jas. Ford Penfield, R. 28 

raw, G. E. Westcott Sadorus, R. 49 

Douglas, Geo. Marmon Urbana, R. 11 

Crawford, C. E. Ford Longview, R. 63 

Douglas, Roy Ford Urbana, R. 10 

Creamer, Chas. F. Overland Tolono, R. 47 

Douglas, T. S. Ford Seymour, R. 44 

Creamer, Wm. C. Overland Tolono, R. 47 

Downing, W. J. Overland Ogden, R. 18 

Cresap, Chas. Ford Ivesdale, R. 52 

Downs, Mrs. Nancy 

Cresap, Wm. H. Marmon White Heath, R. 1 

Case Mahomet, R. 40 

Critzer, C. W. Mitchell Urbana, R. 12 

Doyle, M. J. Dodge Ivesdale, R. 53 

Crowley, Mrs. M. Overland Mahomet, R. 40 

Dozier.'John Dodge Foosland, R. 39 

Crozier, Fred, Ford Dewey, R. 32 

Drennan, Cecil Ford Dewey, R. 33 

Cruser, H. D. Dodge Champaign, R. 5 

Drennan, H. F. Ford Fisher, R. 34 

Cunningham, S. P. 

Driskell, Geo. Hudson Penfield, R. 27 

Overland Penfield, R. 28 

Dubson, D. S. Oakland Fisher, R. 35 

Curtis, Eugene Jr. Westcott Savoy, R. 45 

Ducy, W. A. Ford Sadorus, R. 49 

Curtis, Geo. Chevrolet Champaign, R. 1 

Duden, G. D. Davis Gifford, R. 26 

Curtis, J. W. Westcott Champaign, R. 1 

Duden, Harm Maxwell Gifford, R. 26 

Curzon, J. A. Ford Champaign, R. 2 

Duden, John Studebaker St. Joseph, R. 14 

Duitsman, B. J. Chalmers St. Joseph, R. 26 

Dabney, Robt. C. Ford Champaign, R. 5 

Duitsman, H. J. Chalmers St. Joseph, R. 13 

Dadey, Edw. J. Reo Champaign, R. 2 

Duitsman, John Jackson Ogden, R. 17 

Daeger, Jake A. Buick Savoy, R. 66 

Duitsman, John J. White Gifford, R. 26 

Dahl, Aug. Ford Ludlow, R. 29 

Duitsman, Oilman Jackson Ogden, R. 17 

Dahl, J. F. Ford Ludlow, R. 30 

Duitsman, T. Ford Ogden, R. 17 

Dailey, P. M. Auburn Penfield, R. 28 

Duitsman, Wilke Ford Gifford, R. 26 

Dale, H. M. Ford Dewey, R. 32 

Duitsman, W. Empire Ogden, R. 17 

Dale, W. O. Reo . Seymour, H. 43 

Duncan, T. C. Rambler Longview, R. 63 

Daly, Chas. Overland Philo 

Dunkan, C. M. Chandler Penfield, R. 27 

Daniels, Jas. W. Oakland Six Sadorus, R. 50 

Dunlap, L. N. Marmon Savoy, R. 45 

Danielson, O. E. Hudson Ludlow, R. 29 

Dunlap, H. M. Buick Rantoul, R. 22 

Dannison, Chas. Ford Ivesdale, R. 50 

Dunn, Matt Ford Champaign, R. 6 

Davis, Albert Reo Foosland, R. 38 

Day, Dwight Cadillac Ludlow, R. 30 

Davis, Jay R. Reo Mahomet, R. 42 

Dye, A. E. Rambler Sadorus, R. 51 

Davis, John Sr. Ford Seymour, R. 44 

Dyson, Chas. W. Ford Urbana, R. 9 

Davis, J. A. Ford Homer, R. 59 

Dyson, John W. Ford Urbana, R. 9 

Davis, J. H. Mitchell Broadlands, R. 37 

Dyson, Henry Ford Urbana, R. 9 

Davis, Q. A. Ford Clarence, R. 1 

Davis, Richard Mitchell Longview, R. 64 

Edens, Henry J. Mitchell Broadlands, R. 36 

Davis, Wiley Inter-State Mahomet, R. 42 

Edger, A. M. Overland Ivesdale, R. 53 

Davis, Will Mitchell Sidney, R. 58 

Edminson, Vaugh Ford St. Joseph 

Davis, W. L. Ford Mahomet, R. 40 

Edwards, Roy V. Saxon Six Tolono, R. 48 

Davison, Carl Ford Broadlands, R. 36 

Ehler, B. E. Marmon Champaign, R. 4 

Dean, Sam Oakland Dewey, R. 33 

Ehler, Elmer Ford Champaign, R. 4 

Deany, M. Overland Rantoul, R. 21 

Ehler, John Studebaker Champaign, R. 5 

Decker, C. G. Buick Philo, R. 56 

Ehler, John J. Jr. Hupmobile and Ford 

Decker, Wm. Ford Champaign, R. 5 

Thomasboro, R. 20 

Deffenbaugh, A. Maxwell Mahomet, R. 42 

Ehler, John W. Hupmobile 

DeHoff, Geo. Ford Penfield, R. 27 

Thomasboro, R. 20 

Delaney, Frank Buick Fisher, R. 35 

Ehler, Reiner J. Hupmobile 

Dellenbach, L. E. Ford Champaign, R. 1 

Thomasboro, R. 20 

Demlow, H. W. Overland Bondville, R. 65 

Ehler, W. Chalmers and Ford 

Denhart, A. E. Ford Ogden, R. 17 

Champaign, R. 4 

Denhart, C. E. Ford St. Joseph, R. 13 

Ehler, W. J. Hupmobile (2) 

Denhart, Herman Auburn St. Joseph, R. 15 

Thomasboro, R. 20 

Denhart, Louis I. H. C. St. Joseph 

Ehman, John A. Ford Rautoul R. 24 

Dennis, W. A. Ford Homer, R. 62 

Ehmen, John L. Auburn St. Joseph, R. 14 

Dennison, O. B. Studebaker Bondville, R. 65 

Eichberger, Chas. Ford Ludlow, R. 30 

Depuye, C. D. Hupmobile Urbana, R. 11 

Eichelberger, Geo. Auburn Rantoul, R. 21 

Dick, Wm. Ford Sadorus, R. 50 

Eichhorst, F. W. Dodge Champaign, R. 6 

Dickerson, Lee A.Rambler Mahomet, R. 42 

Eichhorst, Mrs. Wm. 

Dillman, Emmet Jeffery Urbana, R. 7 

Dodge Champaign, R. 5 

Dillman, Mrs. R. Dodge Urbana, R. 12 

Eilers, Henry Ford Gifford, R. 25 

Dillman, Walter Ford Urbana, R. 7 

Eisenmenger, Chas. 

Dillman, Wm. Patterson Tolono, R. 48 

Reo Pesotum, R. 55 

Dillman, Wm. F. Allen Savoy, R. 45 

Eisenmenger, Leo Reo Pesotum, R. 55 

Dittman, Joe Ford Tolono, R. 47 

Eisenmenger, Will W. 

Dixon, W. J. Ford Sadorus, R. 49 

Overland Pesotum, R. 55 

Doehring, R. A. Overland Sadorus, R. 50 

Elder, J..R. Auburn Ogden, R. 18 

Dollahan, O. R. King Mahomet, R. 42 

Ellars, O. W. Overland Sadorus, R. 51 

Donahue, John Saxon Six Tolono, R. 47 

Elliott, Amos Overland St. Joseph, R. 15 









Elliott, E. Dodge St. Joseph, R. 15 
Elliott, Fred Overland Ogden, R. 18 
Elliott, T. R. Ford Urbana, R. 8 
Ellis, A. M. Ford Penfield, R. 28 
Ellis, Chas. Ford Penfield, R. 28 
Ellis, H. G. Studebaker Penfield, R. 27 
Ellis, J. J. Henderson Penfield, R. 28 
Ems, John P. Studebaker St. Joseph, R. IS 
Epler, John W. Ford Champaign, R. 5 
Ersig, Geo. Overland Urbana, R. 11 
Ersig, Gustav Ford Savoy, R. 45 
Esworthy, C. D. Overland St. Joseph, R. 15 
Esworthy, J. E. Chevrolet Odgen, R. 18 
Esworthy, J. R. Ford St. Joseph, R. 15 
Evans, F. L. Ford Rantoul, R. 22 
Evans, H. H. Studebaker Ludlow, R. 30 
Evans, J. H. Ford Dewey, R. 33 
Evans, O. T. Ford Urbana, R. 11 
Evens, C. L. Ford Rankin, R. 2 
Eyestone, F. J. Briscoe Penfield, R. 28 

Fackler, Alex Stud*ebaker Champaign, R. 2 
Fackler, Geo. Ford Sadorus, R. 49 
Fackler, Roy Buick Tolono, R. 47 
Fackler, S. F. Jordan Six Tolono, R. 46 
Fairefield, Chas. Ford Fisher, R. 34 
Fairfield, E. J. Ford Foosland, R. 38 
Fairfield, Palmer Ford Foosland, R. 38 
Fairfield, Roy J. Ford Fisher, R. 34 
Farquha, Wallace Ford Tolono, R. 48 
Fawver, Jas. Krit Ludlow, R. 30 
Federer, Fred Auburn Rantoul, R. 23 
Federer, S. Ford Rautoul, R. 23 
Fecht, Harm M. Jackson St. Joseph, R. 14 
Feeney, Luke Studebaker Ivesdale, R. 52 
Ficus, E. Ford Champaign, R. 3 
Fiedler, F. Jeffery Champaign, R. 6 
Fiedler, E. F. Jeffery and Ford 
Thomasboro, R. 19 
Fillenvarth, J. G. Overland Fisher, R. 35 
Fillenwarth, J. H. Buick Mahomet, R. 40 
Fink, Chas. Cadillac Dewey, R. 33 
Finley, J. Orton Ford Seymour, R. 43 
Finney, H. Saxon Tolono, R. 46 
Fiock, Chas. Ford St. Joseph, R. 13 
Fiock, John Ford St. Joseph, R. 14 
Fiock, L. R. Ford Urbana, R. 7 
Fiscus, S. Ford Urbana, R. 9 
Fisher, Chas. A. Ford Savoy, R. 66 
Fisher, Elmer Chalmers Savoy, R. 66 
Fisher, Mrs. E. L. Buick Six Savoy, R. 66 
Fisher, Guy H. Velie Savoy, R. 66 
Fisher, G. H. Ford Foosland, R. 39 
Fisher, Jos. Briscoe Champaign, R. 1 
Fisher, O. E. Hupmobile St. Joseph, R. 16 
Fisher, Scott Allen Savoy, R. 66 
Fitton, B. J. Ford Rantoul, R. 23 
Fitton, Henry R. Ford Rantoul, R. 23 
Fitton, Russel A. Ford Rantoul, R. 24 
Fitzgerald, J. M. Ford Broadlands, R. 36 
Fitzsimmons, L. W. 
Ford St. Joseph, R. 16 
Flagg, H. R. Ford Dewey, R. 32 
Flagg, W. E. Ford Rantoul, R. 23 
Flatt, Ross A. Ford Leverett, R. D. 
Flavin, John Westcott Ivesdale, R. 52 
Flesner, Ekke Jackson Gifford, R. 26 
Flesner, Ekke Jr. Kissel St. Joseph, R. 13 
Flesner, Frank M. Overland Gifford, R. 26 

Flesner, Geo. Jackson Gifford, R. 26 
Flesner, John Cadillac Rantoul, R. 24 
Flesner, Martin Glide Rantoul, R. 24 
Fletcher, Clyde R.Haynes Pesotum, R. 54 
Fletcher, Earl Ford Rantoul, R. 22 
Fletcher, Elmer E. 
Allen Pesotum, R. 55 
Fletcher, J. T. Auburn Rantoul, R. 22 
Fletcher, Ray Dodge Urbana, R. 11 
Fogel, Clarence Ford Champaign, R. ; 
Fogel, C. A, Warren Mahomet, R. 42 
Foley, John Ford Philo, R. 56 
Foltz, C. J. Ford St. Joseph, R. 13 
Fonner, J. T. Velie Broadlands, R. 36 
FosseH, Thos. Marion Ludlow, R. 30 
Foster, C. H. Ford Bondville, R. 65 
Foster, C. J. Davis Bondville, R. 65 
Foster, Frank Ford Fisher, R. 34 
Foster, J. C. Ford Bondville, R. 65 
Foster, O. A. Ford Fisher, R. 34 
Foster, R. E. Chevrolet Mahomet, R. 42 
Foster, V. D. Ford Dewey, R. 33 
Fowler, L. S. Auburn Penfield, R. 27 
Fox, Daniel Rambler Sadorus, R. 49 
Fox, Matthew P. Ford Urbana, R. 7 
Frampton, Card Overland Tolono, R. 48 
Frankenberg, C. E. 
Ford Urbana, R. 7 
Frankenberg, E. M. 
Auburn Ogden, R. 17 
Franzen, Ehme J. Haynes Rantoul, R. 23 
Franzen, Henry J. E. M. F. Rantoul, R. 24 
Franzen, Wm. Westcott Rantoul, R. 24 



Lehigh Stone Company 

Will Fill Your Orders 















Frazer, Elmer 
Frazier, Howard 
Frazier, W. H. 
Frederick, S. E. 
Frederick, Wm. 
Freeman, C. E. 
Freeman, Gordon Overland 
Freeman, Grant Chevrolet 
Freeman, J. J. Cole Eight 
Freeman, R. W. Ford 
Freeman, W. O. Chevrolet 
Frerichs, Geo. J. Ford 
Frerichs, Harm 
Frerichs, Henry 
Frerichs, Jelde 

Urbana, R. 10 
Rantoul, R. 21 
Rantoul, R. 24 
St. Joseph, R. IS 
Ogden, R. 17 
Ogden, R. 18 
Homer, R. 61 
Ogden, R. 18 
Homer, R. 61 
St. Joseph, R. 15 
Ogden, R. 17 
St. Joseph, R. 14 
Apperson Thomasboro, R. 20 
Empire Gifford, R. 26 


Thomasboro, R. (20 
Thomasboro, R. 19 
Broadlands, R. 36 
Gifford, R. 26 

Frerichs, W. S. Ford 
Frick, F. J. Ford 

Fruhling, Geo. Ford 
Fruhling, Henry G. 

Studebaker St. Joseph, R. 14 
Fry, C. H. Studebaker Champaign, R. 1 

Full, G. C. White Steamer 

St. Joseph, R. 13 
Fuller, Jesse K. Studebaker Ludlow, R. 31 

Fulton, W. G. Buick 
Fultz, Grover Ford 
-Funk, Henry B. Buick 
Funkhouser, A. Dodge 
Funkhouser, Clinton L. 


Funkhouser, C. E. Ford 
Funkhouser, I. C. Ford 
Funkhouser, Otis H. 


Gady, Wm. M. 
Gaines, A. A. 

Longview, R. 63 
Rantoul, R. 24 
Ludlow, R. 31 
Rantoul, R. D. 

Rantoul, R. D. 
Urbana, R. 8 
Rantoul, R. 24 

Gifford, R. 26 
Sadorus, R. 51 

Haynes Five 

Broadlands, R. 37 
Ogden, R. 17 
Sadorus, R. 50 
Sadorus, R. 50 
Ivesdale, R. 53 
Ivesdale, R. 52 
Homer, R. 60 
Urbana, R. 7 
Ludlow, R. 30 
Longview, R. 63 
Champaign, R. 6 
Moline Knight Tuscola, R. 1 
Ford Champaign 

Ford Ludlow, R. 30 

Ford Thomasboro, R. 19 

Gebbink, H. R. Cole St. Joseph, R. 16 

Gehrt, John E. Buick Six Rantoul, R. 23 
Gehrt, Julius M. Auburn Dillsburg, R. D. 

Gentry, Jos. C. Ford Tolono, R. 47 

Studebaker St. Joseph, R. 14 
Case St. Joseph, R. 14 

Ford Mayview, R. D. 

Buick St. Joseph, R. 13 

Overland Savoy, R. 45 

Hudson Super-Six 

Thomasboro, R. 20 
Gesser, E. W. Auburn Sidney, R. 57 

Gibbens, Rod G. Ford Foosland, R. 39 

Gibbens, S. F. Studebaker Foosland 

Giblin, F. E. Ford Sadorus, R. 50 

Gibson, B. E. Ford Homer, R. 59 

Giertz, Fred Ford Sadorus, R. 50 

Giertz, Otto Ford Fisher, R. 34 

Gale, A. M. Auburn 

Gallagher, F. J. Overland 
Gallagher, W. J. Overland 
Gallavin, Geo. Haynes 
Ganely, Wm. Overland 
Gardiner, John L. Ford 
Garrett, A. M. Velie 
Carver, C. D. Saxon 
Cast, Wilbert E. E. M. F. 
Gates, Howard Ford 
Gates, P. J. 
Gault, C. W. 
Gauntt, E. 
Gauntt, R. 

Gerbers, H. H. 
Gerbers, Harry 
Gerdes, Geo. 
Gerdes, Wm. 
Gerth, John 
Gerbers, L. H. 

Gifford, Clyde L. Ford Thomasboro, 

Gilles, Geo. Oakland Pesotum, 

Mitchell Mahomet, 
Ford Champaign, 

Buick Mahomet, 

Hupmobile St. Joseph, 

Gillespie, C. J. 
Gilliland, A. 
Gilmore, W. J. 
Glascock, J. R. 
Godsell, John E. Ford 
Godsey, Curtis Ford 

Godsey, J. H. Chalmers Champaign, 
Goldenstein, Chris Ford Thomasboro, 
Goldenstein, J. Hupmobile 


Good Bros. Ford Thomasboro, 

Good, B. G. Ford Thomasboro, 

Good, Peter Westcott and Ford 


Good, Wm. M. Oakland Six Urbana, 
Good, W. E. Ford Thomasboro, 

Goodman, R. H., Jr. 

Willys-Knight Sadorus, 
Gorden, J. F. Buick Gifford, 

Gordon Bros. Mitchell and Ford 


Gordon, C. C. Ford Urbana, 

Gordon, G. C. Cole and Ford Urbana, 
Gordon, I. H. Oakland Urbana, 

Gordon, John J. Ford Ludlow 

Gordon, J. Haynes Penfield, 

Gordon, J. C. Haynes Penfield, 

Gordon, J. E. Ford Penfield, 

Gordon, N. A. Ford Ludlow, 

Gorman, Jas. Peerless Sidney, 

Gorman, John C. Buick Sidney, 

Goss, C. E. Ford Urbana, 

Goudie, Aron E. Marmon Sadorus, 

Gourdier, C. Dodge Dewey, 

Gourley, Jas. L. Overland Paxton, 

Gowler, L. E. Ford St. Joseph, 

Grady, Chas. P. Oakland Six Ivesdale, 
Graham, Frank Grant Six Ludlow, 











Graham, F. H. 
Graham, Hugh 
Graves, Chas. 
Graves, Jas. 
Graves, S. M. 
Green, C. 
Green, F. C. 
Green, Geo. 
Green, Theo. 
Green, Wm. 
Gregerson, C. F. Ford 
Greggs, S. E. Marion 

Grein, Geo. Overland 

Grein, John W. Ford 
Grennan, M. F. Ford 
Grieser, Geo. Ford 
Grimes, A. M. Ford 
Grimes, L. P. 
Grindley, J. R. Ford 
Griswould, Elza W. 


Gronewold, Henry Westcott 
Groves, Eli E. M. F. 

St. Joseph, 
St. Joseph, 
St. Joseph, 

Studebaker St. Joseph, 


Grove, Evan E. Willys-Knight Urbana, 

Grussing, Harvey Ford Rantoul, 

Guard, Alex. Oakland Six Urbana, 

Guinn, Elmer G. Overland Urbana, 

Gustafson, V. W. Ford Rantoul, 

Gut, Andrew Ford Rantoul, 

Guynn, Chas. Ford Dewey, 

R. 19 
R. 55 
R. 41 
R. 2 
R. 40 
R. 16 
R. 10 
R. 49 
R. 1 
R. 20 

R. 20 
R. 19 
R. 19 

R. 21 
R. 9 
R. 19 

R. 51 
R. 25 

R. 22 
R. 7 
R. 12 
R. 12 
R. 31 
R. 28 
R. 28 
R. 28 
R. 31 
R. 38 
R. 58 
R. 9 
R. 51 
R. 33 
R. 3 
R. 16 
R. 53 
R. 31 
R. 28 
R. 31 
R. 16 
R. 61 
R. 16 
R. 32 
R. 17 
R. 52 
R. 60 
R. 61 
R. 38 
R. 21 
R. 10 
R. 56 
R. 53 
R. 32 
R. 16 
R. 16 
R. 22 

R. 31 
R. 17 
R. 10 
R. 10 
R. 24 
R. 10 
R. 9 
R. 23 
R. 21 
R. 32 





Guynn, John Ford 
Guynn, Thos. M. Cadillac 


Dewey, R. 32 
Dewey, R. 32 

Hadler, A. W. Ford Rantoul, R. 21 

Hahn, Daniel Ford Ogden, R. 17 

Haines, F. B. Overland Champaign, R. 2 
Haines, F. B. Ford Seymour, R. 44 

Haines, Geo. Sr. Overland, Seymour, R. 44 
Halberstadg, Lon Haynes Six Tolono, R. 46 
Hall Bros. Kissel and Michigan 

Savoy, R. 45 

Hamilton, Frank Ford Savoy, R. 45 

Hamm, Chas. Willys-Knight Ludlow, R. 30 
Hamm, F. W. Velie Ludlow, R. 29 

Hammack, J. M. Overland Champaign, R. 6 
Hammel, Pliny Ford Mahomet, R. 40 

Hampel, G. W. Ford Thomasboro, R. 20 

Hanks, R. E. Chevrolet Homer, R. 61 

Hannah, Robt. R. Oakland Mahomet, R. 40 
Hansen, T. E. Ford Dewey, R. 32 

Hanson, Aug. Ford Champaign, R. 5 

Hanson, Gilmer J. Overland Pesotum, R. 55 
Happ, Louis Ford Tolono, R. 66 

Hargan, Wm. Briscoe Armstrong, R. 1 
Harmon, J. R. Ford Dewey, R. 33 

Harms, Dick Jackson Gifford, R. 26 

Harms, Martin Studebaker St. Joseph, R. 14 
Harrison, Jas. A. Buick Pesotum, R. 55 

Harshbager, M. E. Ford and Oakland 

Ivesdale, R. 52 
Harshbarger, S. T. 

Buick Ivesdale, R. 53 

Hartel, A. J. Ford Urbana, R. 7 

Hartle, L. B. Ford Sadorus, R. 50 

Hartman, Geo. Studebaker St. Joseph 

Hastings, Mrs. M. A. 

Studebaker Sadorus, R. 50 
Hasty, Allen Buick St. Joseph, R. 16 

Hauersperger, M. E. 

Havens, H. H. 
Hawk, C. 
Hawk, Wyley 


Thomasboro, R. 20 

Mahomet, R. 41 

St. Joseph, R. 13 

St. Joseph, R. 13 


Hawk, W. F. 
Haworth, Chas. 
Hayes, A. E. 
Hayes, Wm. 
Hazen, G. 
Hazen, Pearl 

Head, E. D. 
Heater, H. L. 
Heater, R. F. 





St. Joseph, 




Heath, A. F. 
Heath, E. C. 
Hefferan, C. L. 
Heien, Reiner 
Heien, Herman J. Ford 
Heimburger, Andy 

Heimburger, Chas. E. 

Heindselman, M. L. 


Heiser, J. A. Ford 

Heiser, J. B. Ford 
Heiser, M. E. Ford 
Heiser, S. J. Ford 

Helms, M. E. Auburn 
Henderson, John E. 


Henderson, O. J. Overland 
Henebery, P. Ford 
ffenning, Louis Ford 
Henry, Jos. Ford 

Hensley, Earl Dodge 
Heppe Bros. Chandler 

Heppe, Edw. Chandler 

Herbert, Geo. W. Haynes 
Herriott, A. R. Apperson 
Harriott, Geo. L. Ford 
Herriott, H. B. Ford 
Herriott, Jay T. Inter-State 
Herriott, J. M. Studebaker 
Herriott, T. C. Ford 

Rambler and Ford 


Ford Rantoul, 

Chevrolet Urbana, 

Buick and Ford 


Oakland Ivesdale, 

Ford Ivesdale, 

Ford Rantoul, 

Hupmobile St. Joseph, 
St. Joseph, 

R. 7 
R. 13 
R. 17 
R. 17 
R. 40 

R. 40 
R. 21 
R. 12 

R. 11 
R. 52 
R. 53 
R. 23 
R. 14 
R. 14 

Rantoul, R. 22 


















R. 21 

R. 21 
R. 34 
R. 34 
R. 32 
R. 34 
R. 51 

R. 8 
R. 60 
R. 11 
R. 45 
R. 54 
R. 4 
R. 60 
R. 60 
R. 25 
R. 42 
R. 42 
R. 42 
R. 41 
R. 42 
R. 30 

The Business Section of Sidney, a Hustling Central Illinois Town 



Name Make Postoffice Name 

Make Postoffice 

Herriott, W. W. Dodge Mahomet, 



Howard, Orlie 

Ford Dewey, 

R. 32 

Hershberger, J. M. 

Howell, Fred 

Marmon Homer, 

R. 60 

Studebaker and Ford 

Howser, D. M. 

Ford St. Joseph, 

R. 12 




Hoy, Fred 

Oakland Urbana, 

R. 12 

Hershberger, Leslie 

Hoy, J. F. 

Mitchell Urbana, 

R. 12 

Ford Champaign, 



Hoy, Monroe 

Ford St. Joseph, 

R. 13 

Hershberger, V. M. 

Hoy, W. H. 

Hupmobile Urbana, 

R. 8 

Dodge Champaign, 



Hoyt, A. J. 

Ford St. Joseph, 

R. 13 

Heyer, Walter E. 

Hoyt, N. C. 

Ford St. Joseph, 

R. 13 

Chevrolet Fisher, 



Hubbard, L. G. 

Buick Urbana, 

R. 10 

Hickle, B. A. Inter-State Champaign, 



Hubbart, S. L. 

Ford Sadorus, 

R. 51 

Hieser, Amos A. Oakland Dewey, 



Huckin, E. R. 

Ford St. Joseph, 

R. 15 

Hieser, A. L. Ford Fisher, 



Hudson, Ed. 

Oakland Four 

Hieser, J. E. Reo Foosland, 



St. Joseph, 

R. 13 

Higgin, J. E. Ford Ivesdale, 



Hudson, F. M. 

Dodge Urbana, 

R. 8 

Higgins, E. Ford Champaign, 



Hudson, J. M. 

Velie Urbana, 

R. 12 

Hilderbrand, Chas. 

Hudson, John 

Haynes Sidney, 

R. 57 

Ford Urbana, 



Hudson, M. 

Ford and Overland 

Hillard, Chas. Chevrolet Ogden, 




R. 12 

Hillard, Geo. W. Ford Tolono, 



Hudson, Oscar 

Auburn Urbana, 

R. 12 

Hillard, John W 

Hudson, Perry 

Hudson Urbana, 

R. 12 

Ford Homer, 



Hudson, R. C. 

Ford Urbana 

,R. 12 

Hillson, Tom Cadillac Lvfdlow, 



Huffman, R. O. 

Ford St. Joseph, 

R. 13 

Hinds, Herman F. 

Hughes, Clint 

Ford Sidney, 

R. 59 

Overland Pesotum, 



Huls, Garrett 

Davis Rantoul, 

R. 24 

Hinners, Wm. Ford Urbana, 



Huls, Geo. G. 

Studebaker St. Joseph, 

R. 14 

Hinrichs, Martin E. 

Huls, Jasper G. 

Davis Rantoul, 

R. 24 

Haynes St. Joseph, 



Huls, Jasper J. 

Davis Rantoul, 

R. 24 

Hinrichs, Ulfert Studebaker Gifford, 



Huls, John J. 

Davis Rantoul, 

R. 24 

Hinton, Carl V. Velie Six Mahomet, 



Huls, J. G. 

Davis Thomasboro, 

R. 19 

Hinton, C. A. Ford Mahomet, 



Huls, J. P. 

Jackson St. Joseph, 

R. 15 

Hinton, C. P. Ford Fisher, 

R. 35 

Huls, Louie 

Jackson Gifford, 

R. 26 

Hinton, Ira A. Kissel Mahomet, 



Huls, Martin 

Jackson Gifford, 

R. 26 

Hinton, A. Ford Mahomet, 



Huls, Poppe J. 

Studebaker St. Joseph, 

R. 14 

Hinton, Myron Buick Mahomet, 



Huls, Wm. 

Studebaker St. Joseph, 

R. 14 

Hinton, O. R. Ford Fisher, 



Hulvey, Wilmer 

Overland Urbana, 

R. 8 

Hinton, R. W. Chalmers Fisher, 



Hummel, C. A. 

Oakland Dewey, 

R. 36 

Hinton, W. A. Velie Fisher, 



Hummel, Henry 

Pratt Dewey 

Hinton, W. S. Dodge Fisher, 



Hummel, Phillip 

llalladay Dewey 

Hinton, W. S. Mitchell Six Foosland, 



Hunt, J. W. 

Oakland St. Joseph, 

R. 14 

Hiser, Jake Mitchell and Ford 

Hunt, Orren M. 

Ford St. Joseph, 

R. 13 

St. Joseph, 



Kurd, J. C. 

Ford Urbana, 

R. 8 

Hiser, J. W. Overland Homer, 



Hurst, Geo., Jr. 

Reo Homer, 

R. 59 

Hissong, W. R. Studebaker St. Joseph, 



Huss, J. Walter 

Ford St. Joseph, 

R. 16 

Hittinger, M. Haynes Pesotum, 



Huss, M. R. 

Mitchell St. Joseph, 

R. 16 

Hixenbaugh, N. Ford Homer, 



Hutchens, T. C. 

Ford Urbana, 

R. 8 

Hixson, L. W. King Eight Sadorus, 



Hutchinson, D. S. 

Ford Sadorus, 

R. 51 

Hobbs, John F. Studebaker Urbana, 



Hyde, A. A. 

Chandler Rantoul, 

R. 21 

Hobbs, Wm. E. Inter-State Tolono, 



Hyde, A. B. 

Overland Rantoul, 

R. 21 

Hobson, Wm. Ford Urbana, 



Hyde., C. B. 

Chandler Champaign, 

R. 3 

Hoffhines, Dan Ford Seymour, 



Hyde, H. R. 

Velie Champaign, 

R. 3 

Hogan, W. Ford Urbana, 



Hylbert, Jerome 


Hoghry, M. A. Ford Atwood, 



Buick Gifford, 

R. 25 

Holl, B. C. Pratt Pesotum, 



Hylbert, S. L. 

Ford Gifford, 

R. 26 

Holleman, Wm. Ford Savoy, 



Holste, Wm. Ford Ivesdale, 



Ice, Bernard E. 

Ford Urbana, 

R. 11 

Holtapp, Geo. Studebaker Rantoul, 


Ickes Bros. 

Saxon Longview, 

R. 63 

Holtermann, D. J.Marmon Sadorus, 



Idens, Ulfert 

Kissel Gifford, 

R. 26 

Holtzhouer, C. A. Buick Urbana, 



Ihnem, Geo. H. 

Haynes Rantoul', 

R. 24 

Hord, Geo. Ford Foosland, 



Ingleman, John 

Buick Rantoul, 

R. 21 

Hord, Gilbert W. Ford Urbana, 



Ingleman, Wm. 

Buick Rantoul, 

R. 22 

Horgan, M. Ford Ivesdale, 



Imming, Jos. 

Ford Thomasboro, 

R. 19 

Hough, A. C. Jackson Gifford, 



Ingleman, All 

Ford Rantoul, 

R. 21 

Houston, D. H. Buick Dewey, 



Ingold, David 

Ford Dewey, 

R. 33 

Houston, S. Cadillac Champaign, 



Innes, Chas. 

Davis Champaign, 

R. 2 

House, John W. Ford Urbana, 



Innes, Chester F. 

Ford Bondville, 

R. 65 

Hoveln, Claas Overland Penfield, 



Innis, R. G. 

Maxwell and Ford 

Hovis, Willis Ford Sidney, 




R. 10 

Howard, D. A. Studebaker Rantoul, 



Innes, W. O. 

Ford Champaign, 

R. 5 




Irle, Geo. G. 
Irle, Harry L. 
Irle, L. J. 
Irle, W. H.. 
Irons, A. E. 
Irwin, J. W. 






Ford Urbana, R. 9 

Ford Champaign, R. 6 

Ford Champaign, R, 6 

Hupmobile Thomasboro 

Chevrolet Homer, R. 61 

Clark and Empire Longview 

Jackson, Ed. S. Ford Mahomet, R. 41 

Jackson, John Overland Ludlow, R. 30 

Jackson, Wm. T. Velie Ludlow, R. 31 

Jackson, W. H. Hudson Super Six 

Zimmerman and Ford 

; Fisher, R. 35 

Jacobs, Chas. A. Ford Urbana, R. 1 1 

Jacobs, C. A. Auburn St. Joseph, R. 15 
Jacobs, G. W. Overland Champaign, R. 1 
Jacobs, John H. Overland Dewey, R. 32 

James, Chauncey Ford Thomasboro 

James, Geo. Ford Urbana, R. 12 

James, Mrs. Hannah 

Ford Urbana, R. 7 

James, Hugh Ford Thomasboro, R. 20 

James, Marian Ford Thomasboro, R. 20 

James, Moses National and Glide 

Mahomet, R. 41 

James, New Reo Ludlow, R. 30 

Jarrett, J. M. Ford Thomasboro, R. 20 

Jelly, Geo. Chevrolet Fisher, R. 35 

Jenkinson, Alfred Cadillac Gifford, R. 25 

Jervis, D. G. Ford Thomasboro, R. 19 

Jervis, J. C. Inter-State Mahomet, R. 40 

Johnson, Alfred Mitchell Rantoul, R. 21 

Johnson, Andrew E. 

Ford Gifford, R. 25 

Johnson, Claud L. Haynes Gifford, R. 25 

Johnson, C. O. Ford Penfield, R. 28 

Johnson, C. W. Ford Pesotum, R. 54 

Johnson, E. E. Ford Champaign, R. 6 

Johnson, Frank Ford Urbana, R. 7 

Johnson, Fred Davis Urbana, R. 8 

Johnson, Geo. W. Jackson Gifford, R. 26 

Johnson, G. A. Ford St. Joseph, R. 16 

Johnson, H. Ford Ludlow, R. 30 

Johnson, H. T. Westcott Champaign, R. 1 
Johnson, John Buick Rantoul, R. 24 

Johnson, John M. Buick Rantoul, R. 24 

Johnson, John R, Overland Rantoul, R. 23 

Johnson, Thos. Hupmobile Urbana, R. 7 
Johnson, W. B. Oakland St. Joseph, R. 13 
Johnston, E. C. Hupmobile Urbana, R. 7 
Johnston, Hume Ford Seymour, R. 43 

Johnston, I. W. Ford Dewey, R. 33 

Jones, Floyd Ford Seymour, R. 43 

Jones, Frank Ford Foosland, R. 38 

Jones, Geo. E. Ford Fisher, R. 34 

Jones, J. F. Ford Ludlow, R. 30 

Jones, J. W. Reo Sidney, R. 57 

Jones, Lon Sr. Dodge Seymour, R. 43 

Jones, Lynch T. Dodge Gifford, R. 25 

Jordan, F. W. Kissel and Ford Savoy, R. 66 
Jordan, Mrs. Mary 

Kissel Savoy, R. 66 

Jordan, M. H. Dodge Longview, R. 64 

Jordan, Rolla Regal Ludlow, R. 30 

Jordan, R. V. Ford Dewey, R. 32 

Jordan, T. F. Cole Thirty Savoy, R. 66 

Joyce, Wm. Westcott Savoy, R. 66 

Judy, Robt. E. Ford Gifford, R. 25 

Jutkins, L. F. Overland Savoy, R. 45 

Kaiser, F. C. Ford Champaign, R. 4 

Kaiser, S. Ford Champaign, R. 4 

Kamradt, A. C. Overland Sadorus, R. 50 
Kamradt, F. A. Oakland Six Sadorus, R. 49 

Kamradt, Henry Buick Pesotum, R. 54 

Kancher, J. T. Ford Urbana, R. 8 

Kantner, Lewis Dodge Champaign, R. 5 

Kappes, Wm. Ford Tolono, R. 47 

Kaskie, Louis Ford Tolono, R. 47 

Kaufman, H. C. Ford St. Joseph, R. 16 

Keal, Chas. G. Maxwell Thomasboro, R. 20 

Keal, G. A. Auburn Rantoul, R. 24 

Keene, Z. C. Ford Seymour, R. 43 

Keller, L. B. Ford Bondville, R. 65 

Keller, Otis Ford Savoy, R. 45 

Kellsey, P. E. Ford Sadorus, R. 51 

Kenney, A. M. Ford Broadlands, R. 37 

Keoppell, Henry Ford St. Joseph, R. 16 

Kesler, Frank Ford Dewey, R. 33 

Kidd, E. G. Ford Tolono, R. 47 
Kidd, J. L. Chevrolet Champaign, R. 1 

Kienietz, G. E. Empire Ogden, R. 17 

Kiewitt, R. J. Ford St. Joseph, R. 16 

Kilbury, Mort Ford St. Joseph 

King, Joe Ford Fisher, R. 34 

Kinneson, R. E. Ford Savoy, R. 66 

Kirby, Clinton Auburn Urbana, R. 7 

Kirby, E. Maxwell Penfield, R. 28 
Kirby, E. N. Studebaker Champaign, R. 2 

Kirby, E. & V. Ford Urbana, R. 8 

Kirby, Grover Ford Sidney, R. 57 

Kirby, J. L. Ford Urbana, R. 8 

Kirby, W. P. Auburn Urbana, R. 7 

Kirchiier, Chas. Ford Broadlands, R. 36 

Kirk, J. F. Regal Penfield, R. 27 

Kirk, P. H. Regal Penfield, R. 27 
Kirkpatrick, A. J. Ford and Hudson 

Urbana, R. 8 
Kirkpatrick, Claud 

Auburn Urbana, R. 8 

Kirkpatrick, C. A. Studebaker St. Joseph 

Kirkpatrick, C. W. Ford St. Joseph, R. 13 

Kirkpatrick, J. C. Ford Urbana 
Kirkpatrick, J. Earl 

Hudson Urbana, R. 7 

Klein, C. P. Chevrolet Seymour, R. 44 

Klein, F. J. Oakland Gifford, R. 25 

Kleiss, Geo. F. Ford Pesotum, R. 54 

Kleiss, Mike Ford Pesotum, R. 54 
Klockenbrink, Wm. C. 

Ford Longview, R. 63 

Knott, Hiram Ford Urbana, R. 7 

Knox, O. F. Auburn Mahomet, R. 42 

Knox, R. D. Sr. Ford Bondville, R. 65 

Knox, W. M. Ford Penfield, R. 28 

Koch, A. F. Overland Urbana, R. 12 

Koch, Clarence Ford St. Joseph, R. 16 
Koch, G. L. Chalmers and Ford 

Champaign, R. 4 

Kopemann, Fred Overland Gifford, R. 26 

Koss, Aug. F. Overland Savoy, R. 66 

Krabbe, Harry Dodge Tolono, R. 46 

Kracht, Frank Hudson Broadlands, R. 36 

Kracht, Ceo. Auburn Broadlands, R. 36 

Kracht, Wm. C. Reo Philo, R. 56 

Kraft, Sam Reo Homer, R. 60 

Kresin, Aug. Ford Sadorus, R. 49 

Kromer, Adam Overland Mahomet, R. 41 

Krukewitt, A. G. Reo Homer, R. 61 



Name Make Postoffice 

Name Make Postoffice 

Krukewitt, F. G. Dodge Homer, R. 60 

Little, Arthur Ford Rantoul, R. 24 

Krumm, C. J. Winton Sadorus, R. 51 

Little, A. G. Overland Champaign, R. 4 

Krumm, H. A. Hupmobile Philo, R. 56 

Little, B. S. Studebaker Rantoul, R. 24 

Krumm, John Oakland Urbana, R. 1 1 

Little, C. W. Studebaker Rantoul, R. 22 

Krumm, Wm. C. Chevrolet Sidney, R. 58 

Little, Leslie A. Oakland Six Tolono, R. 46 

Kuder, Frank C. Chevrolet St. Joseph, R. 16 

Little, R. S. Ford Rantoul, R. 22 

Kuhlam, Heiko Ford Rantoul, R, 24 

Livingston, B. T. Hudson Super Six 

Kuhlman, Herman 

Ludlow, R. 30 

Hupmobile Urbana, R. 12 

Locke, C. E. Ford Bondville, R. 65 

Kuntz, Lew Oakland Mahomet, R. 41 

Locke, Mrs. Mary C. 

Kuykendall, L. W. 

Maxwell Champaign, R. 1 

Empire Champaign, R. 6 

Loeschen, F. H. Hupmobile St. Joseph, R. 14 

Loeschen, G. A. Empire Penfield, R. 28 

Labert, Frank J. Chevrolet Tuscola, R. 1 

Loeschen, J. P. Ford Thomasboro, R. 20 

Lacy, W. M. Ford Champaign, R. 5 

Loftus, L. Buick Six Ivesdale, R. 53 

Lady, Geo. Ford Fisher, R. 34 

Loftus, M. Paige Ivesdale, R. 52 

Lahne, Geo. E. M. F. Sidney, R. 58 

Logan, Chas. Ford Sidney, R. 58 

Lamb, H. A. Hudson Broadlands, R. 36 

Logan, Jos. Studebaker Sidney, R. 58 

Lambdin, H. C. Ford Thomasboro, R. 20 

Lohmiller, W. G. Ford Gifford, R. 25 

Lamke, Chas. W. Paige Urbana, R. 9 

Loschen, R. Jeffery Thomasboro, R. 20 

Lammle, Gottlieb Ford Fisher, R. 34 

Loschen, Wm. Studebaker St. Joseph, R. 15 

Landis, E. E. Briscoe Ivesdale, R. 55 

Loues, Nicolas Mitchell Bondville, R. 65 

Landis, Walter Ford Urbana, R. 8 

Louks, J. D. Overland Dewey, R. 33 

Lang, C. C. Auburn Fisher, R. 35 

Love, Mrs. Mary Marmon and Ford 

Lange, Aug. Glide Champaign, R. 3 

Sidney, R. 58 

Lange Bros. Stutz and Davis 

Love, S. S. Willys-Knight Philo 

Champaign, R. 3 

Lovejoy, Owen Buick Rantoul, R. 22 

Lange, Chris Auburn Foosland, R. 39 

Lovingfoss, C. Allen Homer, R. 59 

Lange, O. A. Westcott Champaign, R. 5 

Lovingfoss, K. Buick - Urbana, R. 10 

Lape, E. R. Ford Fisher, R. 34 

Lowman, John Ford Champaign, R. 1 

Larkins, A. Ford Foosland, R. 39 

Lowman, J. L. Ford Sadorus, R. 51 

Laverick, Ira F. Auburn Broadlands, R. 37 

Lowrey, Jas. Jr. Ford Longview, R. 63 

Lawrence, J. W. Ford Rantoul, R. 23 

Lowry, Jas. Sr. Dort Longview, R. 63 

Layman, Bruce Studebaker Dewey, R. 33 

Loyd, Wilson Maxwell Homer, R. 61 

Layman, Earl Ford Fisher, R. 35 

Lubben, Ehme Overland Thomasboro, R. 20 

Leach, Odus Ford Champaign, R. 3 

Luth, Edw. Buick Homer, R. 60 

Lear, Hortence Ford Urbana, R. 8 

Luth, Joe Buick Homer, R. 59 

Leas, Frank S. Buick St. Joseph, R. 13 

Luth, John A. King Eight Broadlands, R. 37 

Leas, Geo. N. Hudson Six St. Joseph, R. 14 

Luther, Chas. Westcott Savoy, R. 45 

Lee, D. R. Marmon Champaign, R. 2 

Luther, J. G. Dodge Champaign, R. 2 

Lee, Osmond C. Studebaker Four 

Lux, Henry Buick Pesotum, R. 55 

Gifford, R. 25 

Lyman, W. B. Westcott Champaign, R. 1 

Lee, Squire E. Ford Homer, R. 60 

Lynch, A. J. Ford Penfield, R. 27 

LeFever, F. C. Maxwell Penfield, R. 27 

Lynch, B. E. Overland Sidney, R. 57 

Legue, Chas. O. Ford Savoy, R. 66 

Lyon, L. T. Oakland Fisher, R. 38 

Legue, R. W. Dodge Sadorus, R. 54 

Lyons, E. F. Overland Champaign, R. 4 

Leichner, C. S. Dodge Champaign, R. 5 

Leigh, C. D. Ford St. Joseph, R. 13 

Mabis, G. W. Ford Mahomet, R. 41 

Leigh, J. M. Cadillac St. Joseph, R. 13 

Madden, Chas. A. Studebaker Seymour, R. 44 

Leischman, Wm. Ford Fisher, R. 35 

Maddock, Edw. Studebaker St. Joseph, R. 14 

Leonard, E. J. Studebaker Rantoul, R. 21 

Maddock, O. W. Studebaker St. Joseph, R. 13 

Leonard, J. L. Studebaker 

Magill, C. C. Maxwell St. Joseph, R. 16 

Thomasboro, R. 19 

Magill, Park Studebaker Sidney, R. 58 

Leonard, M. A. Overland Thoasboro, R. 19 

Maier, Chas. Ford Champaign, R. 6 

Leslie, John W. Saxon Six Tolono, R. 47 

Maier, Jos. Rambler Champaign, R. 6 

Lester, D. H. Ford Mahomet, R. 40 

Maier, Mrs. Minnie 

Levear, Ross Auburn Gifford, R. 25 

Ford Rantoul, R. 24 

Lewis, Chas. Ford Homer, R. 59 

Majors, W. G. Reo Champaign, R. 1 

Lewis, C. Edw. Dodge Mahomet, R. 40 

Maley, Jas. Ford Sadorus, R. 51 

Lewis, S. G. Ford Dewey, R. 32 

Manion, John Overland Seymour, R. 44 

Libka, Lon Overland Homer, R. 52 

Manion, Thos. Studebaker Seymour, R. 44 

Licht, Carl J. Ford Tolono, R. 46 

Manley, J. F. Ford Urbana, R. 9 

Licht, Henry G, Ford Urbana, R. 10 

Manning, T. A. Auburn Ogden, R. 18 

Lieb, Frank J. Ford Pesotum, R. 55 

Mantle, J. R. Ford Penfield, R. 27 

Liestman, A. L. Studebaker Mahomet, R. 41 

Mantle, W. H. Ford Paxton, R. 3 

Liestman, C. C. Studebaker Mahomet, R. 41 

Manuel, C. M. Inter-State Mahomet, R. 41 

Light, John K. Ford Thomasboro, R. 20 

Marcellus, A. J. Ford Foosland, R. 38 

Linderman, J. G. Ford Dewey, R. 32 

Marriott, H. B. Oakland Urbana, R. 12 

Lindsey, Geo. W. Ford Urbana 

Marriott, R. A. Cadillac Urbana, R. 9 




Marsh, J. B. 
Marsh, L. E. 
Marshall, J. W. 
Martin, E. L. 
Martinie, W. 
Marvin, C. E. 
Mast, Fred 
Matby, W. R. 
Mathes, J. C. 
Mathews, J. W. 
Matteson, Rellie 
Mattix, J. G. 
Mattix, J. H. 
Matzka, John A. 
Maxwell, A. S. 
Maxwell, J. W. 

Mayes, Geo. 
Mayes, H. C. 
Mayes, Jos. 
McAllister, C. L. 
McCabe, J. R. 
McCabe, Thos. J. 
McCabe, W. M. 
McClelland, C. L. 
McClintoch, J. W. 
McCloskejr, O. J. 
McCormick, Fred 
McCormick, John 
McCormick, L. A. 
McCormick, Thos. 
McCown, Chester 
McCoy, Jerry 
McCull'ough, Jno. 
McDaniel, A. W. 
McDavitt, Wm. 
McDowell, E. 
McElroy, Walter 
McElwee, A. C. 
McElwee, C. C. 
McElwee, F. L. 
McGath., Wm. 
McGauphlin, G. 
McGee, Wm. F. 
McGill, Edw. 
McHarry, D. R. 
McHenry, Emmet 
Mclnnes, O. A. 
Mclnnes, R. S. 
Mcjilton, A. W. 
McKee, R. B. 
McKeown, J. E. 
McKinney, P. J. 
McKinney, Wm. 
McMahon, R. G. 
McMullen, Wm. 
McNally, Jas. 
McNamara, Dan 
McNeil!, R. D. 
McPheeters, O.K. 
McQueen, H. C. 
Meath, J. E. 
Meese, Jas. W. 
Meharry, Geo. F. 
Meharry, Paul F. 

Meier, Fred 
Meier, Wm. 
Menges, Walter 






Ogden, R. 18 
St. Joseph, R. 14 
Rantoul, R. 21 
Homer, R. 62 
Dewey, R. 33 
Sadorus, R. 51 
Urbana, R. 12 
Foosland, R. 39 
Urbana, R. 10 
Sadorus, R. 49 
Bondville, R. 65 
Sadorus, R. 51 
Pesotum, R. 54 
Tolono, R. 47 
Broadlands, R. 37 
Ford and Knight 

Urbana, R. 10 

Maxwell Bondville, R. 65 
Cole Four Champaign, R. 1 
Maxwell Champaign, R. t 
Rantoul, R. 23 
Rantoul, R. 23 
Ludlow, R. 31 

Foosland, R. 38 
Longview, R. 63 
Urbana, R. 11 
Urbana, R. 7 
Longview, R. 64 
Urbana, R. 7 
Philo, R. 56 
St. Joseph, R. 13 
Homer, R. 60 
Urbana, R. 10 
Urbana, R. 10 
Seymour, R. 44 
Fisher, R. 34 
Homer, R. 59 
St. Joseph, R. 15 
Studebaker St. Joseph, R. 16 
Ford St. Joseph, R. 15 

Dodge Champaign, R. 2 
Studebaker Penfield, R. 2 
Urbana, R. 10 
Urbana, R. 7 
Rantoul, R. 21 
Urbana, R. 1 1 
Urbana, R. 7 
Urbana, R. 7 
Fisher, R. 34 
Champaign, R. 3 
Tolono, R. 48 

Foosland, R. 39 
St. Joseph, R. 15 
Studebaker Bondville, R. 65 
Tolono, R. 46 
Penfield, R. 28 
Seymour, R. 43 
Champaign, R. 1 
Sadorus, R. 51 
Sadorus, R. 50 
St. Joseph, R. 13 
Tolono, R. 48 
Hupmobile and Ford 

Tolono, R. 48 

Ford St. Joseph, R. 15 

Ford St. Joseph, R. 14 

Dodge St. Joseph, R. 13 



Reo Five 























Paige Six 









Mennenga, Carl Jeffery St. Joseph, R. 13 

Mennenga, F. C. Dixie Flyer Gifford, R. 26 
Menser, Albert L. Mitchell Rantoul, R. 23 

Mergenthal, F. J. Overland Sadorus, R. 51 

Merrifield, Dan Winton and Buick 

Champaign, R. 3 
Merrifield, Mrs. Etta 

Buick Dewey, R. 33 

Messman, Albert Buick Tolono, R. 46 

Messman, C. A. Apperson Homer, R. 60 

Messman, Fred J. Cole Four Sadorus, R. 51 
Meuser, Fred Oakland Rantoul, R. 22 

Meuser, Gus P. Oakland Rantowl, R. 22 

Oakland Thomasboro, R. 19 

Meuser, P. A. 
Meyer, J. C. 
Meyers, G. J. 

Michener, Ross Regal 
Mile, O. C. Allen 

Miller, C. J. Overland 

Miller, C. P. Studebaker 

Miller, Elwood Ford 
Miller, E. J. Ford 

Miller, Frank Ford 
Miller, Homer N. Ford 
Miller, John R. Overland 
Miller, Michael Mitchell Six 
Miller, R. Buick 

Miller, Taylor Ford 
Miller, Wm. Willys-Knight 

Miller, Wm. H. 
Miller, W. E. 
Miller, W. J. 
Miller, W. R. 
Miller, W. R. 
Mills, C. P. 
Mills, W. T. ' 
Miner, Chas. 
Miner, D. 
Minks, Bert 
Minks, E. W. 
Minks, Lizzie 
Minsk, R. A. 
Mitchell, E. L. 
Mitchell, F. R. 
Mitchell, John G. Velie 
Mitchell, Roy Studebaker 
Mitchell, R. G. Buick 
Moehl, Rev. E. Ford 
Moenkhaus, Wm. Ford 
Mohr, Ernest Ford 
Mohr, Frank Rambler 

Mohr, Fred J. Mitchell 
Mohr, Henry K. Rambler 
Mohr, Philip 

Foj-d Urbana, R. 12 


Thomasboro, R. 20 
















Homer, R. 62 
Gifford, R. 25 
Sadorus, R. 50 
Bondville, R. 65 
Fisher, R. 35 
Champaign, R. 3 
St. Joseph, R. 15 
Fisher, R. 35 
Ludlow, R. 31 
Philo, R. 55 
Allerton, R. 1 
Fisher, R. 35 
Philo, R. 56 

Molloy, Thos. F. 
Monroe, A. L. Haynes 
Montgomery, S. H. 


Mooney, Dan 
Mooney, Dan D. 

Homer, R. 60 
Seymour, R. 43 
Mahomet, R. 41 
Sadorus, R. 51 
Champaign, R. 3 
Homer, R. 61 
Penfield, R. 27 
Rantoul, R. 24 
Champaign, R. 3 
Foosland, R. 38 
Fisher, R. 35 
Fisher, R. 34 
Dewey, R. 33 
Mahomet, R. 40 
Fisher, R. 35 
Foosland, R. 38 
Fisher, R. 35 
Fisher, R. 35 
Thomasboro, R. 20 
Urbana, R. 12 
Seymour, R. 44 
Longview, R. 64 
Broadlands, R. 36 
Sidney, R. 58 
Inter-State and Ford 

Mahomet, R. 42 
Oakland Rantoul 

Champaign, R. 1 

Mooney, Patrick 
Moore, G. E. 
Moore, J. E. 
Moore, Thos. 
Moore, Wm. 

Tolono, R. 46 

Studebaker Gifford, R. 26 
Willys Knight 

Longview, R. 63 
Ford Philo, R. 56 

Ford Champaign, R. 6 

Cadillac Homer, R. 61 

Ford Gifford, R. 25 

Mitchell and Ford 

Broadlands, R. 37 



Name Make Postoffice 

Name Make Postoffice 

Moore, Wm. M. Buick and Ford Fisher, R. 34 

Nonman, Wm. Mitchell Broadlands, R. 36 

Moore, W. G. Ford Savoy, R. 45 

Norton, Albert E. Buick Tolono, R. 46 

Moran, Wm. Dodge & Ford Tolono, R. 48 

Norton, C. E. Davis Bondville, R. 65 

Morenz, A.F. Jeffery Sadorus, R. 51 

Norton, Frank M. Hupmobile Tolono, R. 46 

Morfey, R. E. Ford Champaign, R. 3 

Norton, O. W. Davis Bondville, R. 65 

Morfey, S. Saxon Champaign, R. 6 

Morriott, O. M. Ford Urbana, R. 9 

O'Beirne, Geo. M. Buick Six Tolono, R. 48 

Morris, F. L. Ford Mansfield, R. 1 

O'Brien, Philip Overland Tolono, R. 46 

Morris, W. L. Ford Dewey, R. 32 

O'Bryan, H. B. Overland Pesotum, R. 54 

Morroe, S. M. Auburn Broadl'ands, R. 37 

O'Connor, D. J. Westcott Ivesdale, R. 52 

Mosier, W. E. Mitchell Urbana, R. 12 

Odebrecht, A. J. Overland Tolono, R. 48 

Mounts, Jos. Studebaker and Ford 

Odebrecht, C. F. Buick Philo, R. 56 

Rantoul, R. 22 

Odel, C. M. Ford Sadorus, R. 50 

Mueller, Chas. F. Ford Urbana, R. 8 

O'Donnell, J. P. Inter-State Rantoul, R. 24 

Muhleman, F. M. Chevrolet Foosland, R. 39 

Oehmke, J. P. Ford Penfield, R. 28 

Mulligan, L, B. Ford Bondville, R. 65 

Ohl, Andrew Ford Bondville, R. 65 

Mullikin, J. M. P.Studebaker Champaign, R. 1 

Ohl Bros. Ford Bondville, R. 65 

Mullins, Anna Ford Tolono, R. 48 

Ohms, W. M. Ford Champaign, R. 4 

Mullvain, C. E. Ford Foosland, R. 35 

Olson, Olof Overland Penfield, R. 28 

Mullvain, Jas. F. Studebaker Fisher, R. 35 

O'Neal, Jas. R. Hudson Super Six 

Mumm, Geo. J. Overland Philo, R. 56 

Urbana, R. 11 

Mumm, Luther Oakland Sidney, R. 58 

O'Neal, W. B. Ford Sadorus, R. 51 

Mumm, Otis W. Ford St. Joseph, R. 16 

O'Neill, John Mitchell Tolono, R. 48 

Mumm, Wm. D. Overland Philo, R. 56 

O'Neill, Thos. C. Ford Philo, R. 56 

Munds, Edw. Overland Urbana, R. 11 

Onnen, John Hupmobile 

Murphy, G. E. Ford Mahomet, R. 42 

Thomasboro, R. 20 

Murphy, John Buick Penfield, R. 27 

Ordel, Frank Ford Philo, R. 56 

Murray, D. S. Ford Sadorus, R. 51 

Oeman, A. N. Saxon & Reo Ludlow, R. 30 

Murray, E. J. Buick Rantoul, R. 21 

Osterbur, Frank Jr. 

Murray J. F. Oakland Rantoul, R. 21 

Ford Ogden, R. 17 

Murray, Pat Oakland Thomasboro, R. 19 

Osterbur, Fred Ford St. Joseph, R. 15 

Murrell, H. A. Maxwell Champaign, R. 6 

Osterbur, H. H. Hupmobile St. Joseph, R. 15 

Murrell, N. Maxwell Champaign, R. 5 

Osterbur, Henry Jr. 

Murrell, P. A. Ford Thomasboro, R. 19 

Maxwell Ogden, R. 17 

Musson, J. H. Studebaker Savoy, R. 66 

Osterbur, John Jackson Ogden, R. 1 7 

Myer, W. W. Buick Urbana, R. 12 

Osterbur, Rankin Ford St. Joseph, R. 15 

Myers, Lon Auburn Homer, R. 61 

Osterbur, Simon Empire St. Joseph, R. 15 

Myers, R. L. Ford Mahomet, R. 41 

Overmyer, J. E. Overland Seymour, R. 43 

Ott, Etta Oakland Ogden, R. 17 

Naffziger, R. G. Ford Foosland, R. 38 

Overmyer, W. C. Chevrolet Foosland, R. 35 

Neal, J. W. Jackson Eight 

Owens, Isaac Ford Homer, R. 60 

Broadlands, R. 37 

Oyer, Jos. Ford Foosland, R. 38 

Neisser Bros. Ford Savoy, R. 45 

Nelson, Earl Dodge Champaign, R. 4 

Page, E. C. Ford Mahomet, R. 41 

Nelson, E. P. Auburn and Rambler 

Page, M. A. Ford Mahomet, R. 41 

Rantoul, R. 22 

Painter, A. M. Ford Foosland, R. 38 

Nelson, H. I. Westcott Champaign, R. 4 

Painter, D. O. Ford Foosland, R. 39 

Nelson, Percy Buick Fisher, R. 35 

Painter, J. W. Reo Dewey, R. 33 

Nelson, P. Ford Foosland, R. 38 

Painter, W. M. Studebaker Rantoul, R. 21 

Nelson, P. H. Case Fisher, R. 35 

Palmberg, C. A. Ford Ludlow, R. 30 

Nelson, Reier Ford Rantoul, R. 22 

Palmberg, G. E. Ford Ludlow, R. 30 

Nelson, Richard Auburn Rantoul, R. 21 

Pammbacker, H. Overland Giffora, R. 26 

Nelson, W. E. Apperson Dewey, R. 33 

Pammbacker, L. Overland Gifford, R. 26 

Nesbitt, Chas. A. King Mahomet, R. 41 

Parker, Allen Ford Rantoul, R. 23 

Newmand, C. E. Studebaker Foosland, R. 38 

Parker, Arthur Ford Rantoul, R. 21 

Noble, Jas. Ford Urbana, R. 10 

Parker, C. L. Saxon Six Homer, R. 61 

Noble, Joe Buick Tolono, R. 46 

Parker, N. Ford Dewey, R. 32 

Noe, Bascom ' Maxwell Sidney, R. 57 

Parker, O. G. Ford Rantoul, R. 23 

Nofftz, Chas. J." Studebaker Sadorus, R. 51 

Parrett, F. R. Inter-State Mahomet, R. 41 

Nofftz, Frank Case and Ford 

Parris, Isaac Mitchell Ogden, R. 17 

Sadorus, R. 51 

Parry, Jos. L. Studebaker Tolono, R. 48 

Nofftz, Fred J. Ford Sadorus, R. 51 

Pasley, U. S. Ford Mahomet, R. 40 

Nofftz, F. A. Saxon Six Pesotum, R. 54 

Patten, L. Kissel Clarence, R. 1 

Nofftz, Henry C. Ford Sadorus, R. 51 

Paulus, A. Studebaker Fisher, R. 35 

Nogle, A. P. Ford Sadorus, R. 50 

Paulus, O. L. Ford Fisher 

Nohren, G. H. Reo Longview, R. 64 

Paxton, Ray L. Ford Foosland, R. 38 

Nohren, John Ford Longview, R. 64 

Pearson, Jos. R. Auburn and Ford 

Nolan, E. F. Ford Gifford, R. 26 

Ludlow, R. 31 

Nolan, Jas. E. Ford Ivesdale, R. 52 

Penny, Guy E. Ford Urbana, R. 1 1 

Nolan, Thos. Hupmobile Ogden, R. 17 

Penny, Henry Ford St. Joseph, R. 15 




Percival, C. A.Sr. 
Percival, E. J. 
Percival, E. V. 
Percival, Fred O. 
Percival, H. B. 
Perkins, C. R. 
Perkins, Geo. R. 
Perkins, H. A 
Perkins, John 

Perkins, L. H. 
Perkins, W. L. 
Perring, Frank 
Persival, J. H. 
Peters, A. O. 
Peters, E. H. 
Peters, H. C. 
Peters, Jas. 
Peters, John D. 
Peters, Mrs. Mary 
Peters, Scott 
Petticrew, G. W. 
Pettigrew, D. H. 
Pfeffer, Geo. H. 
Pfeffer, Henry 
Pfeffer, Jos. G. 
Pfeffer, W. A. 
Pfiester, C. I. 
Pfiester, John 
Pfiester, Otis 

Phares, C. A. 
Phenicie, F. G. 
Phenicie, G. B. 
Phenicie, J. W. 
Phenicie, W. O. 
Phillippe, H. L. 

Phillippe. M. G. 
Phillips, A. L. 
Phillips, A. J. 
Phillips, J. R. 
Phillips, P. W. 
Pieplow, Chas. 
Pierce, Chas. U. 
Pilgrim, W. J. 
Pinkston, J. W. 
Piper, John C. 

Pittman, H. A. 
Place, Edgar 
Plotner, Chas. L. 
Plotner, E. A. 
Poggendorf, John 
Polk, Albert 
Pomtious, A. V. 
Porter, L. H. 
Porterfield, Bert 
Porterfield, R. Z. 
Poterfield, S. H. 

Potter, Harris 
Potter, J. P. 
Prather, Lewis 
Pratt, Sarah J. 
Prestin, Wm. N. 
Primmer, A. W. 
Primmer, C. F. 
Pugh, E. K. 



R. C. H. 



R. C. H. 








Ford * 






Buick Six 










Urbana, R. 10 
Urbana, R. 10 
Urbana, R. 10 
Urbana, R. 10 
Urbana, R. 10 
Dewey, R. 33 
Urbana, R. 9 
Sadorus, R. 50 
Ford and Enger 

Seymour, R. 43 
Thomasboro, R. 19 
Sadorus, R. 51 
Rantoul, R. 22 
Champaign, R. 2 
Urbana, R. 12 
St. Joseph, R. 16 
St. Joseph, R. 13 
St. Joseph, R. 16 
Rantoul, R. 24 
St. Joseph 
Homer, R. 59 
Savoy, R. 66 
Savoy, R. 66 
Urbana, R. 12 
Pesotum, R. 54 
Seymour, R. 44 
Seymour, R. 44 
Seymour, R. 43 
Bondville, R. 65 
National and Davis 

Bondville, R. 65 
Maxwell (2) St. Joseph, R. 15 
Ford Penfield, R. 27 

Overland St. Joseph, R. 13 
Ford St. Joseph, R. 13 

Dodge St. Joseph, R. 17 

Apperson and Inter-State 

Champaign, R. 5 
Champaign, R. 4 
Urbana, R. 7 
Urbana, R. 7 
Urbana, R. 12 
Rant9ul, R. 22 
St. Joseph, R. 16 
Sadorus, R. 49 
Rantoul, R. 22 
Mahomet, R. 41 

Rantoul, R. 23 
Mahomet, R. 41 
Homer, R. 61 
Philo, R. 56 
Tolono, R. 48 
Broadlands, R. 37 
Savoy, R. 45 
Ludlow, R. 30 
Champaign, R. 6 
Sidney, R. 58 
Sidney, R. 58 
Buick and Ford 

Allerton, R. 1 
Ford Broadlands, R. 37 

Cadillac Broadlands, R. 37 
Ford Urbana, R. 12* 

Saxon Six Tolono, R. 47 
Overland Sadorus, R. 51 

Oakland Mahomet, R. 42 

Ford Champaign, R. 3 

Paige Allerton, R. 1 















Paige Six 




E. M. F. 


Pugh, I. E. 
Putnam, C. W. 
Putnam, L. F. 
Putscher, A. J. 



Ford Allerton, R. 1 

Overland Champaign, R. 4 
Dodge & Ford Dewey, R. 33 
Ford Champaign, R. 4 

Quayle, Thos. Ford Mahomet, R. 42 

Quinlan, Jas. Buick Pesotum, R. 56 

Quinlan, Wm. J. Mitchell Tolono, R. 46 

Quinlan, Chas. A.Velie Ludlow, R. 31 

Quinlan, Edw. Studebaker Ludlow, R. 30 

Quinlan, Hugh F.Reo Ludlow, R. 29 

Quinlan, John Ford Rantoul, R. 23 

Quinlan, M. P. Studebaker & Ford 

Ludlow, R. 29 

Quinlan, Wm. M. Ford Rantoul, R. 23 

Quinn, Mrs. Nellie 

Ford Dewey, R. 32 

Ramert, A. 
Ramert, C. L. 
Ramert, Ed. 
Rankin, A. D. 
Rankin, C. H. 
Rankins, M. S. 
Rankins-, W. I. 
Rasmussen, R. 
Raup, Henry 









Raup, John 
Raver, C. D. 
Rayburn, Bert 
Rayburn, C. C. 
Rayburn, Geo. C. Saxon 
Rayburn, J. W. Ford 
Rayburn, Len 

Ogden, R. 17 

Rantoul, R. ;22 

Rantoul, R. 22 

Foosland, R. 38 

Foosland, R. 38 

Foosland, R. 38 

Bondville, R. 65 

Ludlow, R. 30 
Ford & Overland 

Thomasboro, R. 19 

Thomasboro, R. 19 

Sidney, R. 58 

Champaign, R. 4 

Bondville, R. 65 

Champaign, R. 3 

Bondville, R. 65 
Hudson & Ford 

Mahomet, R. 42 

St. Joseph, R. 13 

Champaign, R. 1 

Savoy, R. 66 


Reese, V. B. Ford 
Reid, W. R. Ford 

Reifsteck, Geo. Buick 
Reifsteck, Jacob Warren Detroit 

Sadorus, R. 51 

Reinhart, F. A. Maxwell Dewey, R. 33 

Reinhart, Jos. J. Overland Pesotum, R. 55 
Reinhart, Otto W.Willys Knight 

Pesotum, R. 55 

Reitmeier, H. Westcott Gifford, R. 25 

Ramley, H. A. Ford Rantoul, R. 21 

Remley, John W. Buick & Ford 

Gifford, R. 25 

Remley, Maple A. Ford Gifford, R. 25 

Revell, W. H. Ford Savoy, R. 66 

Rewerts, L. Hupmobile 

Thomasboro, R. 20 

Rex, J. R. Ford Seymour, R. D. 

Reynolds, AndrewRambler Foosland, R. 36 
Reynolds, Chester G. 

Ford Gifford, R. 25 

Reynolds, Mrs, Nora 

Ford Thomasboro, R. 19 
Reynolds, Will Ford Thomasboro, R. 19 

Reynolds, Wm. H.Case & Ford Gifford, R. 25 
Rex, Elmer Chevrolet Champaign, R. 3 

Rhoads,. J. F. Ford Savoy, R. 45 

Rice, Clarence A. Ford Philo, R. 56 

Rice, Emery Ford St. Joseph 

Rice, Scott Buick Homer, R. 61 

Rice, Van W. Westcott St. Joseph, R. 13 
Rice, Wilber Ford Sadorus, R. 49 

Richards, Eugene A. 

Studebaker St. Joseph, R. 15 









Richards, L. C. Overland St. Joseph, R. 15 

Richards, W. H. Overland St. Joseph, R. 15 

Richardson Bros. Oakland Six Sadqrus, R, 49 
Richardson, Jas H. 

Ford Tolono, R. 46 
Richardson, Jas. R. 

Oakland Sadorus, R. -49 

Rickett, John Ford Dewey, R. 33 

Ridgley, R. W. Reo Seymour, R. 44 

Ridinger, C. F. Saxon Homer, R. 61 

Riefstack, Carl Overland Champaign, R. 2 
Rief stack, Wm. L.Hupmobile 

Champaign, R. 2 

Riegel, Wm. E. Hupmobile Tolono, R. 46 

Riemke, Edw. F. Ford Tolono, R. 47 

Rippy, Alonzo Ford Mahomet, R. 41 

Rippy, L. Ford Mahomet, R. 41 

Rising, A. F. Cadillac Champaign, R. 4 

Ritchie, Corley Ford Foosland, R. 39 

Rittenhouse, J. R. Inter-State Mahomet, R. 41 

Robbins, Jess R. Ford Ludlow, R. 29 

Roberts, C. N. Ford Urbana, R. 9 

Roberts, Dan R. Ford Urbana, R. 9 

Roberts, H. V. Ford Savoy, R. 45 

Roberts, J. T. Buick Six Savoy, R. 45 

Roberts, L. W. Velie Champaign, R. 6 

Robertson, Bert Studebaker Homer, R. 60 

Robinett, H. F. Ford Fisher, R. 35 

Robinson, R. J. Ford Sadorus, R. 50 
Robinson, W. C. Regal & Ford 

Ivesdale, R. 53 

Rodgers, Chas. E. Ford Savoy, R. 45 

Rodgers, J. R. Ford Champaign, R. 2 

Roe, W. S. Regal Homer, R. 61 

Roelfs, Albert Overland Gifford, R. 26 

Roelfs, Harm H. Overland Gifford, R. 26 

Rogers, David G. Dodge Homer, R. 61 

Rogers, M. J. Ford Ivesdale, R. 52 

Rohl, W. D. Auburn Homer, R. 60 

Rohlfing, E. L. Ford Mahomet, R. 40 
Rohrscheib, Albert 

Ford Urbana, R. 11 

Rohrscheib, Fred Ford Sidney, R. 57 
Rohrscheib, John A. 

Ford Sidney, R. 57 

Roles, Ray Studebaker Rantoul, R. 22 

Rpse, Robt. Ford Ivesdale, R. 53 

Rosenback, Geo. Ford St. Joseph, R. 15 

Rosenback, Seef Ford St. Joseph, R. 15 

Ross, Chas. E. Overland Savoy, R. 66 

Ross, Earl A. Dodge Champaign, R. 2 

Ross, Fred Mitchell Homer, R. 61 

Ross, J. V. Ford Foosland, R. 39 

Rothermel', John Reo Broadlands, R. 37 
Roughton, Frank Auburn St. Joseph 

Routh, C. F. Hudson St. Joseph, R. 14 

Rowe, Moses T. Ford Rantoul, R. 23 

Roy, Wm. M. Auburn Pesotum, R. 54 

Ruckman, Ralph Marmon Mahomet, R. 42 

Rudicil, J. E. Mitchell St. Joseph, R. 16 

Rudicil, Troy B. Mitchell Sidney, R. 57 

Rudicil, Ward Mitchell Homer, R. 60 

Rudisill, D. D. Ford Sidney, R. 57 
Rush, Ethelbert Studebaker 

Broadlands, R. 36 

Rush, E. A. Overland Urbana, R. 11 

Rusk, Volney B. Auburn Rantoul, R. 24 

Russell, Arbuckle Jackson Champaign, R. 1 

Ryan, Den S. Paige Six Savoy, R. 66 

Saathoff, Claus Studebaker St. Joseph, R. 17 
Saathoff, Harm J.Cole Gifford, R. 26 

Saathoff, Henry K. 


Saathoff, K. W. Overland 
Saathoff, Micke Westcott 
Saddoris, E. C. Lexington 
Saddoris, Lincoln 


Sadler, Garnet Ford 
Sage, Ed. White 

Sage, John J. Overland 
Samelson, Luther C. 


Samuelson, W. H. Buick 
Sanders, Herl'ey Ford 
Sanders, W. I. Ford' 
Sarringhouse, John H. 


Sartain, F. G. Jeffery 
Scarborough, Geo. Ford 
Schaefer, Chas. F. Buick 
Schaefer, Geo. Buick 
Schaefer, Joe Buick 
Schaefer, John F.Auburn 
Schenck, J. A. Ford 
Scheurich, A. P. Ford 
Scheurich, J. L. Ford 
Scheurich, P. F. Ford 
Schiff, Geo. Buick 

Schindler, Mrs. R. H. 


Schindler, Wm. H.Auburn 
Schlichter, David Mitchell 
Schlorff, Jos E. Reo 
Schlorff, J. E. Reo 
Schlueter, B. R. Studebaker Four 

Gifford, R. ?5 

Schluter, Harm Studebaker Gifford, R. 26 
Schluter/ John Case Gifford, R. 26 

Schluter, L. W. Westcott Gifford, R. 25 

Schmidt, Albert Overland Thomasboro, R. 20 
Schmidt, Ehme R.Overland Thomasboro, R. 20 
Schmidt, Rolf Hupmobile 

Thomasboro, R. 20 

Schmink, Geo. Auburn Homer, R. 60 

Schneider, A. J. Ford Urbana, R. 9 

Scholl, Mrs. JohnStudebaker Foosland, R. 38 
Schoon, Geo. Studebaker Penfield, R. 27 
Schrader, Wm. Buick Urbana, R. 9 

Schreiber, Albert Briscoe Champaign, R. 4 
Schreiber, Herman 

Buick Champaign, R. 5 

Schreiber, John Ford Champaign, R. 5 

Schreiber, Otto Ford Champaign, R. 5 

Schroeder, John Overland Sadorus, R. 50 

Schroeder, L. W. Overland Sadorus, R. 51 

Schubach, P. J. Flanders Rantoul, R. 23 

Schultz, H. C. Davis Savoy, R. 45 

Schumacher, Peter Paige Ivesdale, R. 52 

Schurg, Chas. Willys Knight 

Gifford, R. 26 
Gifford, R. 26 
Gifford, R. D 

Urbana, R. 8 
Homer, R. 62 
Gifford, R. 26 

Penfield, R. 28 

Ludlow, R. 30 

Champaign, R. 1 

St. Joseph, R. 13 

Thomasboro, R. 19 

Philo, mf6 

Foosland, K.39 

Foosland, R. 38 

Pesotum, R. 55 

Pesotum, R. 55 

Pesotum, R. 55 

Pesotum, R. 55 

Penfield, R. 28 

Tolono, R. 48 

Savoy, R. 66 

Savoy, R. 45 

Urbana, R. 8 

Sidney, R. 57 

Sidney, R. 57 

Urbana, R. 12 

Pesotum, R. 54 

Pesotum, R. 54 

Schwanderman, H. 


Schwartz, H. C. Ford 
Schwartz, John Dodge 
Schwartz, Wm. Overland 
Schweineke, Fritz Overland 
Scoggin, R. C. Westcott 

Pesotum, R. 54 

Ludlow, R. 31 
Dewey, R. 32 

Urbana, R. 9 

Dewey, R. 32 

Homer, R. 59 

Champaign, R. 1 









Scott, Ed Overland Ogden, R. 17 

Scott, Jas. Auburn Ogden, R. 17 

Scott, P. L. Chandler Champaign, R. 1 

Scott, Warren Chevrolet Ogden, R. 17 

Scott, W. H. Ford Thomasboro, R. 20 

Seals, Everett Ford Gifford, R. 25 

Seeber, E. Auburn & Oldsmobile 

Rantoul, R. 22 
Seeber, Peter Auburn & Oldsmobile 

Champaign, R. 3 
Seelmeyer, Otto H. 

Ford Urbana, R. 10 

Seider, Chris Reo Broadlands, R. 37 

Seider, Henry Maxwell Broadlands, R. 36 
Selby, Sam Buick Mahomet, R. 41 

Seltzer, John F. Overland Longview, R. 63 
Sepp, Carl Studebaker Ludlow, R. 30 

Severius, S. H. Ford Rantoul, R. 23 

Seward, Fred C. Overland Rantoul, R. 21 

Seymour, A. J. Ford Seymour, R. 43 

Seymour, C. T. Westcott Seymour, R. 43 
Shade, H. R. Ford Urbana, R. 9 

Shaff, Howard Oakland Urbana, R. 7 

Shaff, L. L, Oakland Urbana, R. 7 

Shaffer, H. J. Ford Sadorus 

Shaffer, J. P. Oakland Fisher, R. 35 

Sharp, J. S. Hupmobile Urbana, R. 9 

Sharp, Tillman Jeffery Champaign, R. 6 
Sharpf, A. Dodge Penfield, R. 28 

Sharpf, J. M. Maxwell Penfield, R. 28 

Sheffer, C. R. Studebaker Fisher, R. 34 
Shields, A. Ford Dewey, R. 32 

Shell, Ed T. Willys Knight 

Mahomet, R. 40 

Shepherd, John L.Ford Philo, R. 56 

Sheppard, Ed. Ford Fisher, R. 35 

Sherlock, Mrs. A. E. 

Ford Ivesdale, R. 52 

Shields, Arch. Rambler Dewey, R. 33 

Shields, Fred Studebaker Foosland, R. 39 

FiiTelds, Hartley Ford Dewey, R. 32 

Shields, W. H. Jeffery Foosland 

Shirley, Burt Ford St. Joseph, R. 14 

Shirley, E. Ford St. Joseph, R. 14 

Shively, D. W. Auburn Seymour, R.43 

Shively, Frank R.Ford Seymour, R. 43 

Shotts, Jacob, SrStudebaker Seymour, R. 44 
Shroyer, Fred E. Ford Urbana, R. 8 

Shubert, Bert Ford Fisher, R. 35 

Shumate, Albert Ford Urbana, R. 9 

Shurick, C. J. Oakland Ivesdale, R. 53 

Siela, Andy Ford Rantoul, R. 22 

Silver, David A. Willys Knight 

Urbana, R. 11 

Simerl, J. F. Auburn Urbana, R. 7 

Singleton, J. H. Ford Dewey, R. 33 

Sitts, W. H. Buick Dewey, R. 33 

Suits, Barney Ford Thomasboro, R. 20 

Six, H. W. Chevrolet & National 

Broadlands, R. 37 

Sizer, O. B. Hupmobile Fisher, R. 35 

Sjoken, J. S. Ford Gifford, R. 24 

Skinner, D. A. Buick St. Joseph, R. 14 

Slagell, Sam H. Ford Foosland, R. 39 

Slpan, E. L. Ford Mahomet, R. 41 

Sloan, Felix T. Ford & Briscoe 

Ivesdale, R. 53 
Sloan, Mrs. Lillian 

Elco Fisher, R. 35 

Smalley, E. W. R. C. H. Savoy, R. 66 

Smith, A. B. Oakland Urbana, R. 7 

Smith, Bert Overland Sidney, R. 57 

Smith, Carl H. Briscoe Ludlow, R. 29 

Smith, Chas. A. Jackson Longview, R. 64 
Smith, Chas. B. Regal Urbana, R. 7 

Smith, C. A. Ford Broadlands, R. 37 

Smith, D. M. Hupmobile Urbana, R. 7 

Smith, E. A. Ford Urbana, R. 9 

Smith, Gilbert A. Westcott Savoy, R. 45 

Smith, H. Earl Oakland Urbana, R. 8 

Smith, Jacob W. Buick Pesotum, R. 55 

Smith, John M. Hudson Broadlands, R. 36 
Smith, John W. Saxon Six Savoy, R. 66 

Smith, J. E. Ford Sadorus, R. 50 

Smith, J. R. Auburn Penfield, R. 27 

Smith, Manuel Buick Longview, R. 64 

Smith, Ralph Auburn Urbana, R. 7 

Smith, Robt. Apperson Allerton, R. 1 

Smith, Rodney R.Ford Urbana, R. 8 

Smith, Wm. Ford Thomasboro, R. 19 

Smith, W. F. Haynes Broadlands, R. 37 
Smith, W. H. Haynes Homer, R. 59 

Snyder, A. C. Ford Sadorus, R. 49 

Snyder, C. A. Ford Sadorus, R. 51 

Snyder, Geo. J. Ford Sadorus, R. 49 

Snyder, J. W. Ford Sadorus, R. 51 

Somers, Jas. Studebaker Ivesdale, R. 52 

Somers, J. A. Ford St. Joseph, R. 16 

Somers, J. B. Ford Urbana, R. 9 

Somers, S. R. Ford Savoy, R. 45 

Sommers, C. W. Kissel Dewey, R. 32 

Sparrow, W. F. Ford Mahomet, R. 41 

Spencer, Chas. Ford Mahomet, R. 41 

Spencer, Geo. Dodge Homer, R. 60 

Spencer, Ralph Overland Pesotum, R. 55 
Sprague, Dallas Dodge Penfield, R. 28 

Springer, J. W. Ford Dewey, R. 32 

Springer, U. W. Buick Rantoul, R. 21 

Squite, John Ford Champaign, R. 6 

Sry, J. H. Overland Rantoul, R. 22 

Stadden, T. F. Buick Homer, R. 59 

Stamm, Silas Case Foosland, R. 39 

Stanner, Guy W. Overland Urbana, R. 12 

Stanner, J. R. Overland Urbana, R. 12 

Stanner, R. O. Chevrolet Champaign, R. 1 
Starkey, Wm. A. Ford Pesotum, R. 54 

Starr, Roy Maxwell Penfield, R27 

Stearns, Mrs. M. G. 

Ford Philo, R. 56 

Stearns, Wm. A. Auburn St. Joseph, R. 15 
Stein, Anten Studebaker St. Joseph, R. 13 

Stein, Martin Ford St. Joseph, R. 13 

Stephens, J. S. Ford Pesotum, R. 54 

Steven, F. K. Buick Six Sadorus, R. 51 
Steven, R. J. Marmon Sadorus, R. 51 

Stevens, Fred E. Ford Urbana, R. 8 

Stevenson, F. C. Ford Fisher, R. 34 

Stickrod, Harry D. Ford Tolono, R. 48 

Stickrod, Wm. H.Ford Tolono, R. 48 

Stieper, C. F. E. M. F. Pesotum, R. 54 
Stoerger, Louis Marmon & Overland 

Ivesdale, R. 53 

Stonestreet, W.M.Ford Penfield, R. 27 

Stout, Ernest Ford Mahomet, R. 42 

Stout, Louis Roy Westcott Savoy, R. 66 

Stout, L. B. Ford Ludlow, R. 31 

Stover, Orville Ford Mahomet, R. 41 

Stover, W. A. Oakland Sadorus, R. 51 



Name Make Postoffice 

Name Make Postoffice 

Strack, Ed Ford Ivesdale, R. 53 

Thomas, Jas. O. Ford Mahomet, R. 41 

Strohl, J. F. Overland Ivesdale, R. 52 

Thomas, P. A. Ford Dewey, R. 32 

Strohl, J. W. Maxwell Monticello, R. 1 

Thompson, Archie F. 

Strom, Peter E. Ford Gifford, R. 26 

Ford Mahomet, R. 40 

Struck, Herman Apperson Broadlands, R. 36 

Thompson, Beryl Overland St. Joseph, R. 16 

Struck, Otto Reo Longview, R. 64 

Thompson, C. J. Ford Rantoul, R. 24 

Studer, Sam Ford Fisher, R. 34 

Thompson, C. C. Studebaker Urbana, R. 7 

Styan, Ed Marmon Sadorus, R. 51 

Thompson, C. R. Ford St. Joseph, R. 16 

Sullivan, Dan P. Ford Ludlow, R. 31 

Thompson, Fred Ford Urbana, R. 8 

Sullivan, J. Jeffery Rantoul, R. 24 

Thompson, Jas. Studebaker 

Sullivan, J. T. Ford Rantoul, R. 22 

St. Joseph, R. 16 

ullivan, Melvin Ford Rantoul, R. 21 

Thompson, Wm.H. Ford Ogden, R. 17 

Sullivan, W. H. Ford Rantoul, R. 21 

Thompson, W. Inter-State & Ford 

Sullivan, Wm. Ford Seymour 

Mahomet, R. 40 

Summers, W. M. Studebaker Foosland, R. 38 

Thornton, Louis Ford Penfield, R. 28 

Summet, S. A. Overland Rantoul, R.21 

Tibbs, C. C. Studebaker Ogden, R. 18 

Sunderland, Chas. M. 

Tomblins, T. E. Ford Foosland, R. 38 

Ford Penfield, R. 22 

Tomlinson, W. M.Ford Penfield, R. 27 

Sunderland, H. L.Ford Fisher 

Tompkins, W. R. Buick Mahomet, R. 41 

Susdorf, Elmer Ford Rantoul, R. 22 

Toppin, Jesse Chevrolet Urbana, R. 12 

Suttle, B. M. Studebaker Mahomet, R. 40 

Towner, J. A. Ford St. Joseph, R. 16 

Swain, V. C. Ford Ludlow, R. 30 

Toy, Frank Ford Sidney, R. 57 

Swain, C. W. Ford Savoy, R. 45 

Tracy, Chas L. Ford Rantoul, R. 24 

Swaney, Will Ford Urbana, R. 13 

Tracy, Ellen Studebaker Sadorus, R. 49 

Swartz, Henry Overland Rantoul, R. 22 

Tracy, Geo. Ford Seymour, R. 44 

Swearingen, E. C. Hupmobile St. Joseph, R. 13 

Tracy P. J. Dodge Sadorus, R. 45 

Swearingen, J. O. Ford St. Joseph, R. D 

Trees, John F. Mitchell Homer, R. 60 

Sweet, T. M. Buick Mahomet, R. 41 

Trick, Geo. Studebaker Homer, R. 60 

Sylvester, C. B. Ford Homer, R. 60 

Trinkle, S. A. Ford Champaign, R. 2 

Sylvester, Jos. Ford Champaign, R, 3 

Trjnkle, Verne Ford Mahomet, R. 41 

Trost, Edw. E. Reo Philo, R. 56 

Tabaka, C. W. Chalmers Ivesdale, R. 53 

Trotter, I. O. Ford Fisher, R. 35 

Tabaka, E. J. Ford & Regal 
Ivesdale, R. 53 

Trotter, O. Ford Champaign, R. 1 
True Bros. Ford Champaign, R. 5 

Tabaka, F. T. Moon Ivesdale, R. 53 

Truitt, Orvil Ford Champaign, R. 4 

Tabaka, Weaver Ford Ivesdale, R. 53 

Tuner, Ed. D. Ford Bondville, R. 65 

Talbot, Earl P. Auburn Gifford, R. 25 

Turner, A. M. Westcott Seymour, R. 44 

Talbot', Jas. A. Ford Gifford, R. 25 

Turner, C. E. Cole Bondville, R. 65 

Talbott, G. B. Ford Champaign, R. 1 

Turner, Geo. Overland Seymour, R. 44 

Tarvin, Ralph Cadillac Ludlow, R. 30 
Taylor, Geo. Ford & Mitchell 
Urbana, R. 11 

Turner, G. E. Ford Fisher, R. 34 
Turner, W. R. Hudson Fisher, R. 34 
Turner, W. M. Ford Gifford, R. 25 

Taylor, Frank W. Maxwell Mahomet, R. 42 
Taylor, Fred Ford Mahomet, R. 41 
Taylor, G. W. Nyberg Penfield, R. 28 

Tweet, P. R. Ford Gibson City, R. 1 
Tyas, G. W. Buick Fisher, R. 35 
Tyler, Nelson Paige Sidney, R. 57 

Taylor, Harry A. Ford Homer, R. 60 

Taylor, R. W. Ford Urbana, R. 7 

Uken, Henry Studebaker St. Joseph, R. 14 

Taylor, S. R. Ford Urbana, R. 11 

Umbanhowar, Fred 

Taylor, W. H. Overland Homer, R. 60 

Mitchell Homer, R. 60 

Tayner, Elmer Overland Tolono, R. 47 

Umbanhowar, J. H. 

Teare, Wm. Ford Bondville, R. 65 

Buick Homer, R. 60 

Tehsman, Louis Westcott Champaign, R. 5 

Unzicker, J. K. Ford Fisher, R. 34 

Telling, Albert Mitchell Broadlands, R. 37 

Tempel, G. A. Ford Ivesdale, R. 52 

VanBrunt, Earl I. Regal Urbana, R. 1 1 

Tempel, Henry Ford Seymour, R. 44 

VanBrunt, Merton S. 

Temple, John C. Buick Pesotum 

Ford Urbana, R. 11 

Temple, Martin Overland Tolono, R. 46 

VanBrunt, Raymond B. 

Tempel, P. A. Chevrolet Savoy, R.45 

Buick Urbana, R. 11 

Temple, Andrew Studebaker Ivesdale, R. 52 

VanBuskirk, I. J. 

Temple, Edw. A. Buick Pesotum, R. 55 

Davis Seymour, R. 43 

Tenbrook, S. P. Ford Sadorus, R. 50 

Vandam, Garrett Oldsmobile Rantoul, R. 23 

Tenscher, J. S. Ford & Rambler 

Vandervort, Russel 

Fisher, R. 34 

Ford Penfield, R. 27 

Thinnes, J. L. Overland Tolono, R. 48 

VanMeter, Clinton M. 

Thode, B. H. Studebaker 

Hupmobile Tolono, R. 47 

Broadlands, R. 37 

VanMeter, Geo. W. Overland Savoy, R. 66 

Thomas, Arthur Reo Seymour, R. 44 

VanSickle, John Ford Fisher, R. 35 

Thomas, B. F. Jr. Buick Mahomet, R. 41 

Vaughn, C. B. Maxwell St. Joseph, R. 13 

Thomas, D. H. Ford Seymour, R. 44 

Varner, V. E. Buick St. Joseph, R. 14 




Vedder, Jos. 
Viles, C. A. 
Viles, Frank 
Vogt, Bert 




Broadlands, R. 36 
St. Joseph, R.14 
St. Joseph, R.14 

Champaign, R. S 




Waddington, J. K. Studebaker Six 

Dewey, R. 33 

Wade, E. L. Ford Fisher, R. 34 

Wagner, Chas. Ford St. Joseph, R. 15 

Wakefield, Irvin Ford 
Walker, Arch Allen 
Walker, Chas. Mitchell 
Walker, C. J. 
Walker, E. W. Ford 
Walker, Guy N. Ford 
Walker, T. H. Ford 
Wallace, Chas. H. Paige Six 
Wallen, Geo. Ford 
Wallen, Wm. Ford 
Walsh, E. T. Ford 
Walsh, Lawson Ford 

Walsh, P. T. Studebaker 

Walsh, Thos. J. Overland 

Walsh, W. P. Overland 

Walton, H. T. Auburn 

Wampler, A. B. Ford 

Ward, Frank H. Ford 

Ward, John W. Maxwell 

Ward, W. P. Ford 

Ware, W. S. Hayneg 
Warfel, Alfred L. V. 


Warmer, J. E. 
Warmer, W. A. 

Homer, R. 59 
Broadlands, R. 36 
Broadlands, R.36 
Studebaker St. Joseph, R. 15 
Ludlow, R. 30 
Tolono, R. 48 
Bondville, R. 65 
Homer, R. D 
Rantoul, R. 22 
Rantoul, R. 24 
Thomasboro, R. 20 

Ivesdale, R. 52 

Rantoul, R. 21 

Ludlow, R. 30 

Mayview, R. D 

Ludlow, R. 29 

Dewey, R. 33 

Champaign, R. 5 

Champaign, R. 1 

Gifford, R. 24 



Warner, B. S. 
Warner, F. L. 
Warner, Harry 
Warner, J. H. 
Warner, J. V. 
Warner, V. F. 
Warnes, Chas. 
Warnes, Wallace Buick 
Warren, Geo. W. Chevrolet 
Warsaw, Chis Ford 
Warters, Thos. B. Auburn 
Warthen, Walter Maxwell 
Wascher, Chas. Dort 
Wascher, Herman Overland 
Wastson, Warren H. 

Waters, H. W. Buick 
Watson, Claud B. Hupmobile 
Watson, Forest S. Hupmobile 
Watson, Geo. L. Ford 
Watson, J. A. Warren 
Watts, Wm. O 
Way, Amos 
Weasel Bros. 

Tolono, R. 46 
Foosland, R. 39 
Studebaker Six 

Foosland, R. 3~8 
Mahomet, R. D. 
Mahomet, R. 42 
Rantoul, R. 22 
Mahomet, R. 42 
Penfield, R. 27 
Mahomet, R. D 
Studebaker Longview, R. 63 
Longview, R. 63 
Ogden, R. 17 
Foosland, R. 38 
Allerton, R. 1 
Homer, R. 59 
Sidney, R. 58 
Champaign, R. 2 


Ludlow, R. 29 
Urbana, R. 8 
Ludlow, R. 29 
Ludlow, R. 29 
Ludlow, R. 31 
Ludlow, R. 29 
Longview, R. 63 
Ludlow, R. 30 
Chandler & Ford 

Pesotum, R. 54 

Weasel, John Buick Pesotum, R. 54 

Weaver, D. W. Dodge Champaign, R. 1 
Webber, Hugh E. Hupmobile Ludlow, R. 29 
Webster, E. F. Ford Rantoul, R. 22 

Webster, Frank S. Ford Rantoul, R. 22 

Webster, M. D. Auburn & Studebaker 

Rantoul, R. 22 
Weebs, Robt. Oakland Savoy, R. 60 

Wegeng, John C. Willys Knight 


Weidner, Geo. 

Welch, W. C. 

Welsh, J. T. 

Welles, T. B. 

Wendling, Chas. Reo 

Wendt, Fred Ford 

Wenzlaff, E. J. Ford 

Wenzlaff, Ott 

Wertz, Frank 

Whalen, A. 

Whalen, J. J. 

Whalen, W. J. 

White, David 

White, Elmer 

White, F. H. 

White, Isaac 

White, Jos. 

White, J. J. 

White, Sanford 

Whitmore, Niel T. Ford 

Whitt, J. E. 

Whole, Elmer 

Wicoff, S. A. 

Wienke, D. J. 

Wienke, F. J. 

Wienke, J. C. 

Wienke, Wm. M. Reo 

Wiese, Chas. Ford 

Wise, E. H. Ford 

Wiese, H. E. Hudson 

Wiese, J. L., Jr. Ford 

Wilhelm, John M. Buick 

Wilhelm, P. C. Saxon Four 

Wilken, Jacob 

Wilkins, Frank 

Willard, Arthur 

Willard, E. E. 

Willard, F. D. 


Studebaker Champaign, 
Chevrolet Homer, 

St. Joseph, 
Cadillac & Ford 
















Williams, Clarence L 

Reo & Ford Philo, 
Ford Mahomet, 

Ford Champaign, 

Ford St. Joseph, 

Studebaker Fisher, 

Williams, C. A. 
tVilliams, C. O. 
Williams, D. S. 
Williams, F. A. 
Williams, G. C. 

Williams, Harry C. 


Williams, John 
Williams, J. A. 
Williams, O. S. 
Wills, C. C. 
Wilner, Mrs. S. 
Wilson, David 
Wilson, Guy P. 
Wilson, H. C. 
Wilson, Henry, 
Wilson, L. D. 
Wilson, L. W. 
Wilson, Jas. A. 
Wilson, Mrs. N. 
Wilson, N. C. 
Wilson, Tom 
Wilson, Wm. 
Wilson, W. G. 











Ford (2) 









St. Joseph, 
St. Joseph, 

R. 64 
R. 26 
R. 12 
R. 53 
R. 28 
R. 36 
R. 65 
R. 6 
R. 43 
R. 11 
R. 52 
R. 53 
R. 49 
R. 60 
R. 12 
R. 36 
R. 12 
R. 23 
R. 52 
R. 12 
R. 31 
R. 1 
R. 62 
R. 40 
R. 26 
R. 1 
R. 37 
R. 37 
R. 39 
R. 64 
R. 37 
R. 8 
R. 46 
R. 46 
R. 14 
R. 40 
R. 12 
R. 11 

R. 11 

R. 56 
R. 40 
R. 3 
R. 14 
R. 35 
R. 33 

R. 13 
R. 65 
R. 40 
R. 3 
R. 28 
R. 35 
R. 14 
R. 31 
R. 51 
R. 46 
R. 9 
R. 34 
R. 58 
R. 38 
R. 46 
R. 36 
R. 58 
R. 18 








E. M. F. Ogden, R. 18 

Overland Champaign, R. 5 

Ogden, R. 18 

Dewey, R. 33 

Pesotum, R. 54 

Pesotum, R. 54 

Sadorus, R. 51 

Wilson, W. J. 
Wilt, T. L. 
Winget, Wilbur Buick 
Wirt, R. D. Ford 

Wirth, Chas. L. Ford 
Wirth, Edw. F. Reo 
Wise, J. T. Ford 

Wisegarver, Howard 

Overland Savoy, R.45 

Wisegarver, Will Marmon Savoy, R. 45 

Wiseman, E. V. Buick Longview, R. 63 

Wismar, J. C. Overland Sadorus, R. 51 

Witt, P. Allen Broadband*, R. 37 

Wohler, Fred E. Dodge Champaign, R. 6 
Wolf, Chas. G. Studebaker 

Champaign, R. 1 

Wolfe, R. J. Studebaker St. Joseph, R. 13 

Woliung, A. Ford A Ludlow, R. 30 

Woliung, Chas. Ford Dewey, R. 32 

Wolken, J. D. Davis Thomasboro, R. 20 
Woo, Clarence Studebaker Sidney, R. 57 
Wood, H. R. Studebaker Sidney, R. 58 

Wood, J. H. Overland Penfield 

Wood, L. C. Marion 

Wood, N. V. Ford 

Wood, Robt. Auburn 

Mahomet, R. 42 
St. Joseph, R. 16 
& Ford 

Rantoul, R. 23 
St. Joseph, R. 16 
Sadorus, R. 49 

Wood, Walter C. Dodge 
Woodruff, C. S. Reo 
Woodworth, Chas. R. 

Grant Tolono, R. 48 

Workman, M. O. Partin Palmer 

St. Joseph, R. 14 

Wrean, Howard ttudebaker Ludlow, R. D. 
Wright, Chas. E. M. F. Gifford, R. 26 

Wright, D. B. Mitchell Champaign, R. 1 

Wright, Jas. Ford 

Wright, C. A. Ford 

Wright, H. S. Richmond 

Wright, T. J. Ford 

Wrathers, A. N. Ford 

Wyant, W. A. Velie 

Wyatt, A. K. Buick 

Wycoff, L. C. Ford 
Wycoff, Walter H.Ford 


St. Joseph, R. 15 

Mahomet, R. 41 

Mahomet, R. 40 

Savoy, R. 46 

Urbana, R. 8 

Longview, R. 64 

Fisher, R. 35 

Urbana, R. 8 

Rantoul, R. 23 

Yakel, W. P. 



R. 24 

Yancey, H. S. 



R. 42 

Yancey, W. L. 




Yazell, B. M. 



R. 34 

Yearsley, J. C. 



R. 9 

Years, E. C. 


St. Joseph, 

R. 14 

Yeasel, J. F. 


St. Joseph, 

R. 15 

Yeazel, J. P. 



R. 60 

Yeazel, Otis H. 


St. Joseph, 


Yeazle, M. L. 



Young, Elmer E. 



R. 65 

Young, Geo. Sr. 



R. 65 

Young, J. H. 



R. 38 

Young, Odus 



R. 5 

Youmans, Isaac L 


St. Joseph, 

R. 13 

Yount, Wm. E. 



R. 62 

Zehr, Dan 



R. 38 

Zehr, J. E. 



R. 35 

Zenke, Wm. 



R. 36 

Zenkie, Alvin 



R. 64 

Ziegler, Jacob 



R. 9 

Zimmerman, J. B. 



R. 37 

Zindar, H. W. 



R. 65 

Zindiars, F. A. 



R. 52 

Zondars, Otto 



R. 44 




Abbott, I. C. 
Albers, John 

Allen, W. W. 



Anderson, Ellworth 

Allwork Mahomet, R. 41 

10-20 I. H. C. 

St. Joseph, R. 15 
12-25 Titan 

Champaign,* R. 4 

Ar.cher, Clinton 
Arnold, J. D. 

Big Four 

Seymour, R. 44 

St. Joseph, R. 16 

Rantoul, R. 21 


Ball, O. P. Avery 

Bassett, Frank C. Bates Steel Mule 

Champaign, R. 5 

Beeler, D. E. Emmerson Gifford, R. 25 
Behrens, A. 20 Reeves (Steam) Dewey 

Bell, F. S. Titan Sadorus, R. 49 

Bengston, E. B. Aultman-Taylor 

Ludlow, R. 31 
Berbaum, Alfred B. 


Bondville, R. 65 
Berbaum, Fred Case & Waterloo Boy 

Champaign, R. 2 

Berbaum, Herman Waterloo Boy Savoy, R. 45 
Berbaum, Robt. Waterloo Boy 

Bondville, R. 65 

Btreley, L. Frank International Urbana, R. 9 
Blank, Chris Avery Bondville, R. 65 

Block, Raymond F. 

Avery Broadlands, R. 36 

Bleu, Anthony Minneapolis CSteam) 

Champaign, R. 5 
Blue, Carl E. 8- 16 Avery 

Thomasboro, R. 20 

Brewer, Wm. C. Hume Allerton, R. 1 

Brinkley, S. M. Bull Rantoul, R. 21 

Burley, j. S. Waterloo-Boy Urbana, R. 10 

Burwash, A. E. Titan Savoy, R. 45 

Burwash, L. S. Titan Savoy, R. 45 

Busey, M. C. Universal & Parrett 

Champaign, R. 5 

Cade, V. B. Olmstead Seymour, R. 44 

Cender, J. J. Parrett Foosland 

Chambers, ^J. Hart Parr Sadorus, R. 51 
Chester, T^P. 12-25 Titan 

Champaign, R. 2 

Collins, C. C. Bull Thomasboro 

Collins, C. H. Case Champaign, R. 2 

Collins, J. T> Waterloo Boy 

Thomasboro, R. 19 

Cooper, Ira M. 8-16 International 

Pesotum, R. 55 
Cornelius, John P. 

Titan St. Joseph, R. 13 

Cruser, Herman D. 

Parrett Champaign, R. 5 
Curtis, Eugene Jr. Waterloo-Boy Savoy, R. 45 
Curtis, Wesley J. 20 Advance (Steam) 

Champaign, R. 1 

Danielson, Otto E. 
Davis, O. Q. 


Ludlow, R. 29 
Clarence, R, 1 




Decker, Wm. 12-25 Avery 

Champaign, R. 5 
Dillman, Emmet Ford Attachment 

Urbana, R. 7 
Dunlap, Henry M. Avery Savoy, R. 45 

Ehler, B. W. Reeves Champaign, R. 4 

Ehler, W. Heider Champaign, R. 4 

Eichelberger, Geo. 10-20 International 

Rantoul, R. 21 

Ellis, H. G. Emerson Penfield, R. 27 

Ellis, J. J. 12-20 Emerson 

Penfield, R. 28 

Evans, F. L. Waite Rantoul, R. 22 

Fairfield, Chas. Emerson Fisher, R. 34 

Federer, Fred Red River Special (Steam) 

Rantoul, R. 23 

Federer, S. Reeves and Red River 

Special (Steam) 

Rantoul, R. 23 
Fisher, Mrs. Emma C. 

Avery Savpy, R. 66 

Flatt, Ross A, Staude-Maker Leverett, R. D 
Flesner, John 10-20 Titan Rantoul, R. 24 
Flesner, Martin Avery Rantoul, R. 24 

Fletcher, Otis A. 8-16 International Pesotum 
Foster, C. J; Waterloo Boy 

Bondville, R. 65 

Foster, R. E, 25 Case, 25 Russel, - 
Russel, 18 Advance 
(Steam) Mahomet, R. 42 

Fox, Daniel International Sadorus, R. 49 

Rantoul, R. 24 

Franzen, Henry J. 10-20 Titan 
Frazier, Geo. Jr. 8-16 Mogul 
Freeman, Gordon Ford 
Funkhouser, A. Big Four 
Funkhouser, Clinton L. 

Big Four 
Funkhousef, C.E. Emerson 

Villa Grove 
Homer, R. 61 
Rantoul, R. D 

Rantoul, R. D 
Urbana, R. 8 

Gates, Perry J. Steel King Tuscola, R. 1 
Gibson, F. L. Big Four St. Joseph 

Good Bros. International 

Thomasboro, R. 19 
Good, B. G. International 

Thomasboro, R. 19 
Good, W. E. International 

Thomasboro, R. 19 
Gourley, Jas. L. Parrett Paxton, R. 3 

Hadler, A. W. 
Hall Bros. 
Hamman, Dan 
Hammel, Pliny 

Harris, B. F. 

Hartman, Geo. 
Hazen, G. W. 
Heater, H. L. 
Heimburger, A. J. 

Heindselman.M. L 
Herbert, Geo. W. 

Waite Rantoul, R. 21 

International Savoy, R. 45 
Minneapolis Sadorus, R. 51 
Fort Huron (Steam) 

Mahomet, R. 40 
Mogul (2), Titan (1), 
Avery (2) 

Champaign, R. D 
Mogul St. Joseph 

12-25 Avery Mahomet, R. 40 
Minneapolis Urbana, R. 12 

Champaign, R. 6 
International Rantoul, R. 21 
Waterloo Boy Gifford, R. 25 



Name Make Postoffice 

Name Make Postoffice 

Herriott, Geo. L. Ford Mahomet, R. 42 

Rayburn, Bert Titan Champaign, R, 4 

Heyer, Walter E. 12-25 Titan Fisher, R. 34 

Rayburn, C. C. Mogul Bondville, R. 65 

Hieser, J. E. Heider Foosland, R. 38 

Rayburn, J. W. Titan Bondville, R. 65 

Hoffhines, Dan Mogul Seymour, R. 43 

Rayburn, Len Titan Mahomet, R. 42 

Hoy, Monroe I. H. C. St. Joseph, R. 13 

Remley, John W. Moline Gifford, R. 25 

Hoyt, C. L. Avery Thomasboro, R. 19 

Reynolds, A. Heider Foosland, R. 38 

Hubbart, H. J. Ford Sadorus, R. 51 

Reynolds, Wm. H. Advance Gifford, R. 25 

Hudson, John International Sidney, R. 57 

Rice, Van W. Moline St. Joseph, R. 13 

Hudson, Perry Titan Urbana, R. 12 

Riefstatk, Chas. Waterloo Boy 

Hylbert, J. M. 10-20 Titan Gifford, R. 25 

Champaign, R. 2 

Riegel, Wm. E. Big Four Tolono, R. 46 

Innes, Chester F. Waterloo Boy 

Ritchie, CorTey Avery Foosland, R. 39 

Bondville, R. 65 

Roberts, L. W. Heider Champaign, R. 6 

Irle, Harry L. Bull Champaign, R. 6 

Roy, Wm. M. 10-20 International 

Irle, L. J. Bull Champaign, R. 6 

Pesotum, R. 54 

Jacobs, G. W. 10-20 I. H. C. 

Saathoff, Harm Rumley Steam Gifford, R. 26 

Champaign, R. 1 

Sage, Ed 10-20 Titan Gifford, R. 26 

James, Chauncey Heider Thomasboro 

Schlorff, J. E. I. H. C. Pesotum, R. 54 

James, O. Heider Thomasboro, R. 19 

Schluter, John 10-20 Titan Gifford, R. 26 

Johnson, Alfred Avery Rantoul, R. 21 

Schoon, Geo. Lion (8-16) Penfield, R. 27 

Jones, Lynch T. Avery Gifford, R. 25 

Schultz, H. C. Waterloo Boy Savoy, R. 45 

Kirkpatrick, J. Earl 
Atlas Urbana, R. 7 

Seeber, E. Caterpillar Rantoul, R. 22 
Seeber, Peter Holt Champaign, R. 3 
Shields, A. Avery Dewey, R. 32 

Landis, E. E. Allwork Ivesdale, R. 53 

Shields, Hartley Avery Dewey, R. 32 

Lange Bros. 40-80 Reeves 

Shively, D. W. Mogul Seymour, R. 43 

Champaign, R. 3 

Shroyer, Fred E. Bull Urbana, R. 8 

Lange, O. A. 10-20 Titan 

Sizer, O. B. International Fisher, R. 34 

Champaign, R. 5 

Smith, Jacob W. Mogul Pesotum, R. 55 

Laverick, Ira F. Waterloo Boy 

Snyder, C. A. Hart Part Sadorus, R. 51 

Broadlands, R. 37 

Sommer, C. W. Mogul Dewey, R. 32 

Lee, Squire E. Advance Homer, R. 60 

Strom, Peter E. 10-20 Titan Gifford, R. 26 

Leece, Sigler Mogul Seymour, R. 43 

Swain, V. C. Mogul Ludlow, R. 30 

Tabaka, C. W. Allwork Ivesdale, R. 53 

Madden, Chas. A. Parrett Seymour, R. 44 
Maddock, Edw. Titan St. Joseph, R. 14 

Tabaka, E. J. Waterloo Boy 
Ivesdale, R. 53 

Maddock, O. W. International 

Taylor, Geo. Titan Urbana, R. 11 

St. Joseph, R. 13 

Thomas, Jas. O. Avery Mahomet, R. 41 

Martinie, W. Avery Dewey, R. 33 
Mattix, J. G. Reeves Sadorus, R. 51 

True Bros. Advance Engine (Steam) 
Champaign, R. 5 

Maxwell, J. W. 30 Titan Urbana, R. 10 
McCabe, Thos. J. Mogul Ludlow, R. 31 
McHarry, D. R. International Rantoul, R. 21 

Tyas, G. W. International Fisher, R.35 
Ward, Frank Allwork Dewey, R. 33 
Warner, B. S. Avery Mahomet, R. D 

McKee, R. B. 10-20 Titan 

Waschen, Herman Waterloo Boy 

Champaign, R. 3 

Champaign, R. 2 

Meharry, Paul F. Parrett Tolono, R. 48 
Merrifield, Dan I. H. C.( 2) Champaign, R. 3 
Messman, Fred J. Light Allwork 

Weeks, Robt. International Savoy, R. 60 
Wendt, Fred Waterloo Boy 
Bondville, R. 65 

Sadorus, R. 51 

White, Sanford Titan Urbana, R. 12 

Minks, Bert Mogul Foosland, R. 38 
Mitchell, R. G. Case Fisher, R. 35 

Whitt, J. E. Waterloo Boy 
Champaign, R. 1 

Mohr, Henry K. Heider Sidney, R. 58 
Montgomery, S.H. Titan Tolono, R. 46 

Wienke, Dan J. 8-16 Avery Gifford, R. 26 
Willard, Arthur Emerson Urbana, R. 12 

Moore, W. G. Waterloo Boy Savoy, R. 45 

Williams, C. A. Avery Mahomet, R. 40 

Norton, Albert E. Nelson Tolono, R. 46 

Williams, J. A. Avery Mahomet, R. 40 
Williams, O. S. Aultman-Taylor 

O'Neal, W. B. Hart Parr Sadorus, R. 51 

Champaign, R. 3 

Osterbur, John Oil Pull Ogden, R, 17 

Wilson, David International 

Oyer, M. Garr Scott Engine 
(Steam) Foosland, R. 38 

St. Joseph, R. 14 
Wise, H. L. Lion Penfield, R. 27 

Wise, J. E. Allwork Savoy, R. 45 

Patten, L. Parter Clarence, R. 1 

Wolfe, R. J. Rumley St. Joseph, R. 13 

Pfiester, Otis Aultman-Taylbr 

Woodwqrth, Chas. R. 

Bondville, R. 65 

8-16 Mogul Tolono, R. 48 

Phares, C. A. Bull St. Joseph, R. 15 

Young, Geo. Sr. Avery Bondville, R. 65 

Plotner, Chas. L. Moline Universal 

Young, J. H. Parrett Foosland, R. 38 

Philo, R. 56 

Youman, I. L. Staude Maker 

Poterfield, S. H. Bull Allerton, R. 1 

St. Joseph, R. 13 

Ramert, Ed. Heider Rantoul, R. 22 

Ziegler, Jacob Waite Urbana.R. 9 




The biggest item of waste on the 
school budget is the child who isn't 
promoted who is one, two, three, or 
four years behind his grade. Almost 
invariably the child who fails to pass 
is found to be suffering from physical 
defects, especially tooth defects. 

It is literally true that good health 
is impossible without good teeth. 

Competent medical authorities now 
have no hesitation in asserting that a 
majority of diseases from which man- 
kind suffers can be traced directly or 
indirectly to mouth infection tq de- 
cayed teeth and diseased gums. 

Without good teeth it is impossible 
to masticate the food properly; with- 
out proper mastication food cannot be 
properly digested. Indigestion, con- 
stipation and other disorders of the 
digestive tract are very often caused 
by decayed teeth, and disappear as 
soon as the dentist has put his pa- 
tient's mouth in order. 

Most children are made to wash the 
hands and face. Comparatively few 
are taught to brush their teeth regu- 
larly. Yet a clean mouth is really far 
more important for the health of the 

Children whose teeth are well cared 
for are far less likely to catch diseases 
of childhood, such as measles, mumps, 
diphtheria and scarlet fever. Aston- 
ishing results in preventing disease 
have been obtained by dentists work- 
ing in institutions and orphanages. In 
the spring of 1911 a dentist was em- 
ployed to examine and care for child- 
ren's teeth in St. Vincent's Orphanage 
in Boston, where every year there had 
been many cases of measles, whoop- 
ing cough, mumps, scarlet fever and 
other children's diseases. The dentist 
filled cavities and taught the children 
the regular use of a tooth brush; as a 
result these children's diseases have 
been practically banished from the in- 
stitution. There has been scarcely a 
case since the dentist began his work. 


By Frank I. Mann in Prairie Farmer. 
The glue method of inoculating 
clover and alfalfa seed is not only 
cheap and easy, but it is nearly 
"fool proof;" that is, it is not neces- 
sary to be very particular about all the 
details to have it successful in its 
results. A pound of glue may be 
dissolved in a gallon of water or in 
two or three gallons of water, with- 
out any appreciable difference in the 
results; and a quart of dry dirt, or a 
gallon of dry dirt, may be sprinkled 
on the seed after it has been moist- 
ened with the glue water. As a rule, 
about a quart of dirt may stick to 
the seed, and the rest of the dirt may 
be screened out or not, just as you 
prefer, as the amount of dirt is not 
material, if there is enough. In pre- 
paring the dirt, however, a little care 
should be used to secure it from a 
place where the bacteria are active, 
as shown by the nodules formed, and 
if the host plant, in this case sweet 
clover, has grown in the same place 
for several years the inoculation will 
be better. This dirt should not be 
dried in the sun, as direct sunlight is 
fatal to bacteria of nearly every kind. 
The dirt should be finely pulverized 
and sifted through a fine sieve, but 
this is not much trouble, as so small 
an amount is used. 

The manufacturer of a well-known 
brand has more at stake in maintain- 
ing his quality than if he is manu- 
facturing the same product to be sold 
under private brand. In the former 
case, he must please a consumer whcrm 
he never sees; in the latter case he 
transfers the responsibility to a retail 
merchant who deals face to face with 
the consumer and who can plead his 
case in person, in case of dissatisfac- 

A live store managed by a progressive merchant is worth a good deal 
to any country town or country community. When you find such a 
merchant, encourage him with your friendship and your patronage. 
By doing this you will help make your community a better place to 
live in. 




President Woodrow Wilson 

Vice-President Thomas Marshall 

Secretary of State Robert Lansing 

Secretary of Treasury William G. McAdoo 

Secretary of War Newton C. Baker 

Attorney General Thos. W. Gregory 

Postmaster General Albert S. Burleson 

Secretary of Navy Josephus Daniels 

Secretary of Interior Franklin K. Lane 

Secretary of Agriculture David F. Houston 

Secretary of Commerce William C. Redfield 


Governor Frank O. Lowden 

Lieutenant Governor John G. Oglesby 

Secretary of State Louis L. Emmerson 

Attorney General .Edward J. Brundage 

Treasurer Len Small 

Secretary of Labor William B. Wilson 

Auditor of Public Accounts Andrew Russel 


Illinois Senators Lawrence Y. Sherman 

James Hamilton Lewis 

Congressmen-at-Lairge William E. Mason 

Medill McCormick 

Congressman, 19th District (Counties of 
Champaign, Coles, Douglas, DeWitt, Piatt, 

Macon, Moultrie and Shelby William B. McKinley, 



(Counties of Champaign, Moultrie and Piatt.) 

Senate Henry M. Dunlap, Champaign 

House Fred H. Cole, Bement 

William H. H. Miller, Champaign 
Charles A. Gregory, Lovington 


New Year's Day January 1 

Lincoln's Birthday February 12 

Washington's Birthday. February 22 

Memorial Day May 30 

Independence Day July 4 

Labor Day First Monday in September 

Election Days 

Columbus Day October 12 

Thanksgiving Day , 

Christmas Day December 25 




Township Name Postoffice Expires 

Ayers A. S. Maxwell Broadlands 1919 

Brown Ora L. Gilmore Fisher 1918 

Champaign O. L. Percival Champaign 1918 

Champaign *N. M. Burt Savoy 1919 

Champaign *J. F. Melahn Champaign 1919 

Champaign "Thomas D. Deakin Champaign 1918 

Champaign *J. Otto Goodmann Champaign 1918 

Champaign *D. B. Wright Champaign 1919 

Colfax Thomas M. O'Conor Ivesdale 1918 

Compromise Joseph E. Gordon Penfield 1919 

Condit G. C. Williams Dewey, R. R. 33 1918 

Crittenden J. J. Reinhart Pesotum (R. R.) 1919 

East Bend C. E. Jackson Dewey 1918 

Harwood George W. Herbert Gifford 1918 

Hensley John W. Church Champaign, R. R. 5 1918 

Kerr .- Harry T. Patton Clarence (R. R.) 1918 

Ludlow George B. Walker Ludlow 1919 

Mahomet J. J. Hayward Mahomet 1918 

Newcomb Frank Delaney Fisher 1919 

Ogden W. H. Richards St. Joseph 1918 

Pesotum Theodore Voelkel Pesotum 1918 

Philo C. F. VanVleck Philo 1919 

Rantoul Sep. S. Smith Rantoul 1919 

Raymond Frank Mohr Longview 1918 

Sadorus Henry A. Hagan Sadorus ...1919 

Scott R. D. McNeil Seymour 1919 

Sidney C. C. McElwee Sidney 1919 

Somer Fred Thompson Urbana, R. R. 8 1919 

South Homer B. M. Custer Homer 1918 

Stanton David Wilson St. Joseph, R. R. 14 1918 

St. Joseph Charles W. Dale St. Joseph 1919 

Tolono Leslie O. Gates Tolono 1919 

Urbana John McCullough Urbana . 1919 

Urbana *H. W. Cunningham Urbana 1918 

Urbana *Tohn Gray Urbana 1919 

Urbana *Roy Palmer Urbana 1918 

"Assistant Supervisors. 

Standing Committees for the Year 1917 

J. J. HAYWARD, Chairman 

WAYS AND MEANS Jackson, Church, O'Conor, VanVleck, Custer, Williams, Melahn. 

JUDICIARY Gilmore, Jackson, Gray, Percival, McElwee, Mohr. 

PUBLIC BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS Maxwell, Cunningham, Williams, Voelkel, Herbert, 

ROADS AND BRIDGES McCullough, Reinhart, Dale. 

PAUPERS ANL PAUPER RELIEF Custer, Gray, Melahn, Gordon, Patton, Gates, McNeill. 

CLAIMS McElwee, Richards, O'Conor, Deakin, Smith. 

FEES AND SALARIES Dale, Jackson, Williams, Wright, VanVleck, Walker. 

COUNTY FARM Church, McCullough, Reinhart, Burt, Mohr. 

STATIONERY AND PRINTING VanVleck, Cunningham, Gilmore, Thompson, Maxwell, 
Delaney, Goodmann. 

PHYSICIANS' CLAIMS Herbert, Percival, Smith, Hagan, Palmer. 

HOSPITALS, ASYLUMS AND ORPHANAGES Voelkel, Patton, Walker, Deakin, Wilson. 

COSTS OF JUSTICES AND CONSTABLES Richards, Gordon, McElwee, Wright, Good- 

EDUCATIONAL Wilson, Richards, McNeill, Gates, Delaney. 

ELECTION DISTRICTS Patton, Thompson, Burt, Wilson, Herbert. 

PAUPER STATISTICS Goodmann, Hagan, Deakin, Melahn, Palmer. 

RELIEF OF THE BLIND Gates, Voelkel, O'Conor. 

TUBERCULOSIS SANITARIUM Smith, Wright, Mohr, Gray, Church. 

SPECIAL ROAD BOND ISSUE Gilmore, Maxwell, Reinhart, McCullough, Custer, Percival, 
Dale, Hagan (Chairman of Board and County Superintendent of Highways ex-officio 


County Judge Roy C. Freeman 

County Clerk Fred Hess 

Treasurer Edward Rogers 

Sheriff A. M. Evans 

Superintendent of Schools Charles H. Watts 

Superintendent of Highways George C. Fairclo 

State's Attorney L. A. Busch 

Circuit Judge Franklin H. Boggs 

Circuit Clerk Boyd S. Elaine 

Master in Chancery C. W. Richards 

Probation Officer (County Court) . Mrs. Julia Replogle 

Probation Officer (Circuit Court) U. G. Martin 



ILLINOIS From 1910 Census 

Population 51829 

Number of all farms 3,757 

Color and nativity of farmers: 

Native white 3,251 

Foreign-born white 500 

Negro and other non-white 6 

Number of farms, classified by size: 

Under 3 acres 9 

3 to 3 acres 

10 to 19 acres 

20 to 49 acres 

50 to 99 acres 630 

100 to 174 acres 1,321 

175 to 259 acres 869 

260 to 499 acres 481 

500 to 999 acres 

1,000 acres and over. 

Approximate land area acres 667,520 

Land in farms acres 608,428 

Improved land in farms acres 596,608 

Woodland in farms .acres 10,742 

Other unimproved land in farms 1,078 

Percent of land area in farms 91.1 

Percent of farm land improved 98.1 

Average acres per farm 161.9 

Average improved acres per farm 158.8 

All farm property value dollars 123.312.914 

Land dollars 107,748,316 

Buildings dollars 8,143,770 

Implements and machinery .dollars 1,575,965 

Domestic animals, poultry and. bees ..dollars 5,844,863 

Percent of value of all property in 

Land 87.4 

Building 6.6 

Implements and machinery 13 

Domestic animals, poultry and bees 4'. 7 

Average values: 

All property per farm dollars 32,822 

Land and buildings per farm dollars 30,847 

Land, per acre - dollars 177 09 

Farms reporting domestic animals 3,697 

Value of domestic animals dollars 5,668 694 


Total number '. . 28,195 

Dairy cows 12,598 

Other cows 2,829 

Yearling heifers 4,086 

Calves 4,289 

Yearling steers and bulls 2,341 

Other steers and bulls 2.052 

Value dollars 861,700 


Total number 30.926 

Mature horses . . . : 27,169 

Yearling colts 2,734 

Spring colts li023 

Value dollars 4,008,694 


Total number , 2.419 

Mature mules 2,295 

Yearling colts 99 

Spring colts 25 

Value dollars 359,179 

Asses and burros: 

Number ". . . 19 

Value dollars 2,424 


Total number 43.328 

Mature hogs 25394 

Spring pigs 17,934 

Value dollars 379,660 


Total number 10,634 

Rams, yews and wethers 7,657 

Spring lambs 2,977 

Value dollars 56,929 


Number 58 

Value . t dollars 108 



Number of poultry of all kinds 309,133 

Value dollars 169,470 

Number of colonies of bees 1,825 

Value dollars 6,699 

Number of farms operated by owners 1,651 

Percent of all farms 43.9 

Land In farms acres 253,611 

Improved land in farms acres 248,192 

Value of land and buildings dollars 49,190,818 

Degree of ownership: 

Farms consisting of owned land only 1,127 

Farms consisting of owned and hired land 524 

Color and nativity of owners: 

Native white 1,322 

Foreign-born white 325 

Negro and other non-white 

Number of farms operated by tenants 2,078 

Percent of all farms 55.3 

Land in farms acres 347,897 

Improved land in farms acres 341,662 

Value of land and buildings dollars 65,584,488 

Form of tenancy: 

Share tenants 

Share cash tenants 

Cash tenants 503 

Tenure not specified 39 

Color and nativity of tenants: 

Native white 1,901 

Foreign-born white 175 

Negro and other non- white 

Number of farms operated by managers 28 

Land in farms acres 6,920 

Improved land in farms acres 6,754 

Value of land and buildings dollars 1,116,780 

Mortgage debt report: 

For all farms operated by owners: 

Number free from mortgage debt 

Number with mortgage report 762 

Number with no mortgage report 52 

For farms consisting of owned land only: ' 

Number reporting debt and amount 

Value of their land and buildings dollars 13,325,795 

Amount of mortgage debt dollars 2,572,979 

Percent of value of land and buildings 19.3 


Dairy cows on farms reporting dairy products number 11,916 

Dairy cows on farms reporting milk produced .number 11,577 

Milk produced gallons 4,064,940 

Sold gallons 403,296 

Cream sold gallons 43,340 

Butter fat sold^. pounds 93,046 

Butter produced pounds 937,860 

Sold pounds 495,724 

Cheese produced .' pounds 2,128 

Sold pounds 1,754 

Value of dairy products, excluding home use of milk and cream . . dollars 346.616 

Receipts from sale of dairy products dollars 249,796 

Poultry raised number 557,665 

Sold number 215,222 

Eggs produced dozens 1,179,855 

. Sold ,;: dozens 633.781 

Value of poultry and eggs produced dollars 495 540 

Receipts from sale of poultry and eggs dollars 231,063 

Wool, fleeces shorn number 5 891 

Mohair and goat hair fleeces shorn !. number 5 

Value of wool and mohair produced dollars 11 798 

Honey produced pounds 22!577 

Wax produced pounds 80 

Value of honey and wax produced dollars 4,126 


Calves, sold or slaughtered number 3 662 

Other cattle sold or slaughtered number 9,987 

Horses, mules, asses and burros sold number 4,018 

Swine sold or slaughtered number 42807 

Sheep and goats sold or slaughtered number 11046 

Receipts from sale of animals dollars 1 573 316 

Value of animals slaughtered dollars '250^486 


Cereals dollars 9,194.789 

Other grains and seeds dollars 11 724 

Hay and forage dollars 436,075 


Vegetables dollars 178,107 

Fruits and nuts dollars 114,753 

All other crops dollars 56,210 


Corn acres 291,207 

bushels 12,914,426 

Oats acres 158,571 

bushels 5,885,152 

Wheat acres 11,848 

bushels 265,432 

Emmer and spelt acres 


Barley acres 11 

bushels 240 

Buckwheat acres 12 

bushels 100 

Rye acres 37 

bushels 491 

All tame or cultivated grasses acres 29,656 

tons 40,972 

Timothy alone acres 15,194 

tons 22,265 

Timothy and clover mixed acres 3,883 

tons 5,107 

Clover alone acres 10,049 

tons 12,516 

Alfalfa acres 134 

tons 302 

Millet or Hungarian grass .acres 351 

tons 733 

Other tame or cultivated grasses acres 45 

tons 49 

Wild, salt or prairie grasses acres 


Grains cut green acres 31 

tons 67 

Coarse forage acres 114 

tons 519 

Potatoes acres 1,642 

bushels 128,247 

Sweet potatoes and yams acres 9 

bushels 879 

All other vegetables acres 1,215 

Maple trees number 200 

Maple sugar (made) pounds 10 

Maple sirup (made) gallons 

Broom corn acres 

pounds 7,945 

Apples . trees 149,939 

bushels 21,618 

Peaches and nectarines trees 45,016 

bushels 33,117 

Pears trees 6,107 

bushels 2,091 

Plums and prunes trees 5,999 

bushels 230 

Cherries trees 17,968 

bushels 11,664 

Quinces trees 522 

bushels 101 

Grapes vines 29,610 

pounds 343,085 

Strawberries acres 40 

quarts 82,589 

Raspberries and loganberries acres 35 

quarts 26,760 

Blackberries and dewberries acres 44 

quarts 62,265 

Nuts trees 396 

pounds 3,715 

Labor farms reporting 2,444 

Cash expended dollars 639,549 

Rent and board dollars 218,12 

Fertilizer farms reporting 

Amount expended dollars 9,387 

Feed farms reporting 1,145 

Amount expended dollars 88.309 

Receipts from sale of feedable crops dollars 5,533,707 




By Carl Livingston, University of 

Wisconsin, in Prairie Farmer. 

Covering soft maple and elm stumps 
with salt would surely kill the stumps, 
but there is no question but that this 
process would be very much more ex- 
pensive than it would to blow them 
out with dynamite or to pull them 
with a stump puller. 

In regard to pouring coal oil on the 
stumps, if enough is poured on I pre- 
sume it would kill the stumps, but I 
imagine a small quantity would injure 
them very slightly. 

From time to time we have rumors 
of kerosene being 'applied to stumps 
through holes bored in the top and al- 
lowed to stand for some time. It is 
claimed that these stumps may be 
burned out very easily and completely. 
However, we have never yet run 
across any case of where this process 
of stump removal has been econom- 

If anyone is especially anxious to 
kill the stumps quickly, I would ad- 
vise him to go along with a spade and 
mattock and take the dirt away from 
the roots for six inches below the 
ground line and peel the bark from 
the stump. 


From Prairie Farmer. 

In order to assist the user in pre- 
venting most of the common gasoline 
engine troubles, the Bull Bulletin in a 
recent issue gives the following 

Don't put gasoline into the tank 
without straining it through a cha- 
mois; there may be water in the gas- 
oline, or some sediment that would 
clog up the carburetor or mixing 

Don't handle gasoline by the light 
of a lantern or other open light. If 
you have no electric light where the 
tank is located, never fill it except by 

Don't attempt to run an engine 
without providing sufficient lubrica- 

Don't over-oil the engine. Just 
enough in the right place is better 
than a quart. 

Don't use common black oil on 
small bearings. Such oil is not suited 
to the purpose. 

Don't get oil or grease on the wires 
of the battery circuit; it will ruin the 

Don't hold a spark plug wire more 
than J4 inch away from the engine 
with the current turned on, when test- 
ing. There is danger of ruining the 
spark coil. 

Don't throw away a spark plug un- 
less it is broken. A spark plug does 
not wear out, and the only attention 
it requires is usually nothing more 
than grinding. 

Don't screw a spark plug on too 
tight. It may "bake" fast. Graphite, 
is available, should be used on the 

Don't throw away any batteries in 
winter until you have tried thawing 
them out. Often they are only con- 
gealed or frozen up. 

Don't leave the battery switch 
closed when the engine is not running. 

Don't leave the gasoline turned on 
when the engine is not running. 

Don't attempt to connect more cells 
of battery in a set than recommended 
by the maker of the engine. You may 
overload the spark coil and burn it 

Don't leave strands of wire sticking 
out around connections. They may 
cause a "ground" in the circuit. 

Don't attempt to use any method to 
warm up the carburetor in cold 
weather that might ignite the gasoline. 
Cloths that have been wrung out of 
hot water are the safest means of 
heating the carburetor if necessary. 

Don't run your engine when over- 

Don't drive the engine if it makes 
an unusual noise or squeak; stop at 
once and remedy the defect. 

Don't drive with a slipping clutch; 
study its connection and master the 
methods of adjustment. 

Don't drive if the lubricator is out 
of order. 

Don't make a noise when changing 

Don't race the engine. 

Don't measure the depth of gasoline 
with a dirty stick. 

Don't allow a leaky gasoline pipe to 
go unrepaired; a spark or a hot ex- 
haust pipe might cause the gasoline 
to ignite. 



Don't forget to properly lock any 
nuts after making an adjustment, nor 
neglect to replace split pins which you 
may have withdrawn. 

Don't lubricate the gear with too 
thick a grease. 

Don't put too much lubricant in a 

Don't over-lubricate anywhere. 


By George Fitch. 

The tractor on the farm arose 

Before that dawn at four, 
It drove the cows and washed the 

And finished every chore. 

Then forth It went Into the field. 

Just at the break of day; 
It reaped and threshed the golden yield, 

And hauled it all away. 

It plowed the field that afternoon 
And when the job was through 

It hummed a pleasant little tune 
And churned the butter, too. 

And pumped the water for the stock. 

And ground a crib of corn. 
And hauled the baby 'round the block 

To still its cries forlorn. 

Thus ran the busy hours away 

By many a labor blest; 
And yet, when fell the twilight gray 

The tractor had no rest. 

For while the farmer, peaceful eyed, 
Read by the Tungsten's glow. 

The patient tractor stood outside 
And ran the dynamo. 


From Prairie Farmer. 

Chickens must be healthy, good 
size and not mongrel. 

Plenty of clean nests must be pro- 
vided in chicken houses or places 
where the hens lay. 

Setting hens must be separated from 
the laying flock. 

Broody hens must be broken up im- 
mediately or transferred to place 
where the setting hens are housed. 

Eggs must be gathered daily in cool 
weather and twice daily in very warm 
or extremely cold weather. 

All eggs must be kept in a cool, dry 
and well ventilated place. 

A warm kitchen, damp cellar, or in 
a room where oil, onions or strong, 
odorous vegetables are kept is very 

unsatisfactory, as eggs readily absorb 

A dry, cool, clean, well ventilated 
cellar or cave is the best. 

Never wash eggs, as it spoils their 
keeping qualities. 

Use very small, dirty eggs at home 
or market them in regular cases, not 
in the association cartons. 

Eggs of questionable quality must 
not be marketed through the associa- 

Always keep the eggs as cool as 
possible and away from direct rays of 

Market all eggs at least twice a 
week in summer and fall and not 
longer than once a week during the 
rest of the season. 

After June 1, all mature males must 
be confined and sold and infertile eggs 


To find the diameter of a circle 
multiply circumference by .31831. 

To find circumference of a circle 
multiply diameter by 3.1416. 

To find area of a circle multiply 
square of diameter by .7854. 

To find surface of a ball multiply 
square of diameter by 3.1416. 

To find side of a square equal in 
area to a given circle, multiply the 
diameter of the latter by .8862. 

To find cubic inches in a ball mul- 
tiply cube of diameter by .5236. 

Doubling the diameter of a pipe 
increases its capacity four times. 

Double riveting is from 16 to 20 
per cent stronger than single. 

One cubic foot of anthracite coal 
weighs about 58 pounds. 

One cubic foot of bituminous coal 
weighs from 47 to 50 pounds. 

One ton of coal is equivalent to 
two cords of wood for steam pur- 

A gallon of water (U. S. Standard) 
'ghs 8*/s Ibs. and contains 231 cu- 
bic inches. 

A cubic foot of water contains 7^/2 
gallons, 1728 cubic inches, and 
weighs 62^ Ibs. 

Each nominal horse-power of a 
boiler requires 30 to 35 Ibs. of water 
per hour. 

To sharpen dull files lay them in 
sulphuric acid until they are eaten 
deep enough. 



Economical Power 

Exceedingly Low Gasoline Consumption 

Holmes Automobile Co. 

410 N. Neil St. 343 Hickory St. CHAMPAIGN, ILL. 

Index to Triple-G Goods Advertised 
In This Directory 


Auto Brand overalls and shirts 214 

Ball brand rubber goods 214 

Buick automobiles 170 

Can't-Sag gates 213 

Curtis millwork 213 

De Laval cream separators 214 

Eaco flour 214 

Ford automobiles 201-213 

Gold Medal flour 214 

Goodyear tires 170 

Heider tractors 170 

Kodaks 173 

Michelin tires 172 

Miller tires 170 

Mitchell wagons 170 


None-such canned goods 214 

Oakland automobiles 191 

Overland automobiles 179 

Peter Schuttler wagons 170 

Peters shoes 214 

Racine tires 176 

Republic trucks 162 

Rowe's New Idea hog oiler. 213 

Scotch Woolen Mills clothes 214 

Selz shoes 196-214 

Standard varnish 186 

Staude-Mak-A-Tractor 185 

Studebaker automobiles 181 

Victrolas . . . 199 




Automobile Owners' Directory of Champaign County 232-252 

Breeders' Directory of Champaign County 139-158 

Business Directory of Champaign County 163-230 

Farmers' Directory of Champaign County 17-138 

Tractor Owners' Directory of Champaign County 253-254 

General Information 

Champaign County Agriculture 10 

Champaign County Farm Bureau 12 

Eggs, Rules for Producing High Quality 262 

Facts for Taxpayers , 255 

General Farm Data for Champaign County 258-260 

Gestation Table of Farm Animals 15 

Inoculation by Glue Method..- 254 

Legal Holidays in Illinois 256 

Killing Stumps 261 

Officers, Champaign County 257 

Officers, Illinois 256 

Officers, U. S 256 

Tractor Don'ts 261 

Tractioneer's Dream 262 

Useful Information 262 






Built in all Sizes 

| A size to fit every farm. Nothing freakish, but built for good 

| hard work. Gears machine cut, running in an oil bath on Hyatt 

1 Roller Bearings. Our E. B. Plow Hoist is an exclusive feature 

| and worth its weight in gold, and can be supplied on E-B 12-20 

1 and 20-35 Tractors. 

Send for Catalog and list of satisfied users. 

Emerson-Brantingham Implement Co. (inc.) 


Good Farm Machinery 

Factory: Rockford, Illinois. Branch: Peoria, Illinois 


Reliable Plumbing & Heating Co. 


Engineers : Contractors 

Plumbing, Heating and Power Work 
In all its Branches 

105 No. Walnut St. 





Valve-in-Head Motors : Old Line Factories 4J 

Permanent Local Service - Organized Business 





A Directory of 
Helpful Suggestions 



Town and Country Stains 


Roof, Barn, Imple- ENAMEL, 

ment, Auto. 
White Lead and 


Auto Finishes 

Carter's White Lead 


Pure Linseed. Oil 

GLASS (window, auto 

shield or lamp) 
With a Dollar or Two 
Your Place'll Look 


A Store Full of 
Suggestions A Helps 


"Before War Prices" 
Wholesale and Retail 


Taylor and Walnut Streets Witt Building 



Merchandise advertised in Prairie Farmer carries a triple guarantee. 
The manufacturer guarantees it, the local merchant who sells it guar- 
antees it, and Prairie Farmer guarantees square treatment from the 
advertiser. You can be sure of satisfaction by asking your merchant 
for goods advertised in Prairie Farmer. 

1 Office Bell Phone 451 

Res. Bell Phone 587 

George Strode 

A. E. STRODE, Mgr. IW 

Tents, Awnings, Porch Curtains 
Hay Stack Covers 

Everything Made of Canvas 

Tents for Rent 
I 325 Hickory St. CHAMPAIGN, ILL. 



Roe Realty Company 

Real Estate, Loans 
and Insurance 

. Bell Phone 846 
135Vi W. Main Street URBANA, ILLINOIS 

~ I I I I I I I 1 I I I I I I I I I 1 I I I I I I I ? I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I II I I I' 


A Great Combination 



Ship your Cream direct to Danville, 111., Watseka, 111., 
Oilman, 111., or Tuscola, 111. 

Be Sure Tag Reads 

Sugar Creek Creamery Co. 


g Limestone Fertili 

Building Mater : ils of 


j Cruslied Stone, Plaster, 
1 Roofing, Reinforcing, 
| Asphalt Shingles, 


917.7366P88 C001 

1 1917 


I and others 

Our | 
Mater i- | 
als are the | 
best we can | 
buy and are se- 
>\ ^P stf lected to give you the | 

*r >^ Creates* Service j 

t *y^ Oflficfs anc? Warelioupes 

Urbana and Champaign j 

Your orders will receive personal attention 


Your Money Back if not Satisfied 



Highest Grade Food 

Moderate Prices 






Net How Cheap, But How Good 


Gazette Square 


Citizens Bank BIdg.