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fublishmd By 


iilinoiM Oldeat and Beat Farm Par 


A new Gtore in 

NOT NEW IN YEARS, but new in spirit; not 
trying to see how much we can get, but how 
much value we can give ; carrying out the spirit of 
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Ashton Dry Goods Co. 

State and Main Streets 

Bell 170 Home 170 ROCKFORD, ILL. 

yi y 




o o o 

IX this directory we have endeavored to g^ive Stephenson 
county farmers a complete and reliable directory of 
the farmers, breeders and merchants of the county, 
with such other information as will make the directory a 
valuable reference book. 

The task of calling on every farmer in a county and 
collecting- the information for such a directory is a tre- 
mendous one. We have received splendid co-operation 
from the farmers and business men of the county, with- 
out which the publication of such a directory would be 
impossible. In a very few cases we have found farmers 
unwilling to give the information requested, which ac- 
counts for a few^ names that do not appear. 

A few mistakes are bound to occur in a directory that 
involves so large an amount of work, but we have spared 
no effort or expense to make the information complete 
and accurate, and we believe that the mistakes are very 

W^e want to speak a word of appreciation for the ad- 
vertisers whose liberal support has helped materially to 
bear the heavy expense of publishing this directory, and 
ask that you favor them with your patronage whenever 

We hope and believe that the publication of this 
directory will be a real service to Stephenson county farmers 
and in line with Prairie Farmer's policy of service to the 
farmers of Illinois. We hope that the increased circula- 
tion of Prairie Farmer in Stephenson county which has re- 
sulted will help in the movement for better farming, bet- 
ter farm living, and more prosperity for the county, and 
that our many new friends will become permanent mem- 
bers of the big Pr.\irie Farmer family. 


Editor, Prairie Farmer. 


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Stephenson County Courthouse, Freeport, Illinois 

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The H. A. Hillmer Co. 

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H. BOKHOF, Vice-Pre»ident 
HENRY GRAHAM. Secretory 
D. F. GRAHAM, Tren»urer 





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Prairie Farmer's Directory 


Stephenson County 

Complete Directory of the Farmers of Stephenson 
County, with valuable information about each farm. 

Breeders' Directory, giving full classified list of 
breeders of purebred livestock and poultry. 

Business Directory, giving list of all business 
houses in Stephenson County. 

Valuable statistics and general information. 

Copyright. 1917 



29 00219 5899 

Compiled and Published by 

Prairie Farmer Publishing Co. 




The Stephenson County Better Farming 

By L. M. Swanzy, President 

THE realization that in order to 
secure the best results in the 
business of farming it is neces- 
sary to apply modern methods of 
farm practice in order to secure the 
results which present day conditions 
demand has been rapidly growing in 
Stephenson county. Farm lands sell- 
ing at the price which they are today 
and combined with the fact that there 
is little or no virgin farm land left 
in this country to be tilled, makes it 
essential that larger and better crops 
be produced on the present farms if 
adequate returns on the investment 
are to be made. Contrary to the 
opinion which has been expressed in 
some places an increase in the crops 
does not necessarily mean a reduc- 
tion in the price of farm products, as 
the rapidly increasing population of 
this country will demand a great in- 
crease in the amount of food products 
produced in the years to come. In 
order to promote modern and scien- 
tific methods of agriculture, better 
and more profitable crops and im- 
proved soil conditions and a greater 
and better production of live stock, 
the Stephenson County Farm Im- 
provement Association has been or- 
ganized to carry on the work along 
the following lines: 

The constitution and by-laws 
adopted at the farmers' meeting De- 
cember 6, 1914, provide that there 
shall be a president, vice-president, 
secretary and treasurer and three 
other directors in whose hands the 
management of the affairs of the As- 
sociation shall be placed. The by- 
laws further provide that a delegate 
from each township shall be appointed 
the first year by the directors and 
after that this delegate shall be elec- 
ted by the members of the association 
in each township. These delegates 
will be members of the advisory coun- 
cil which will confer with the board 
of directors from time to time re- 
garding the management of the As- 
sociation and they shall be privileged 
,t,o , gppf)int cornmitteemen in their 
;vai,iotus' , hown^hips to .assist tlicm in 

carrying on the work of the Asso- 

The principal object of the Asso- 
ciation is to promote the various in- 
terests of the farmer in every way 
possible. The vital problems of in- 
creasing crop yields and repairing the 
fertility of worn out soils are of first 
importance to the farmer and those 
interested in -the prosperity of the 
county. These and many other impor- 
tant problems such as the proper dis- 
tribution of farm products in an ef- 
ficient manner; the purchasing of sup- 
plies for the farmer to the best ad- 
vantage; the advancement of agricul- 
tural education in the schools of the 
country, will all come within the scope 
of this Association which offers an 
opportunity for the farmers of the 
county to work together for their own 
interests as nothing else can. 

One of the chief objects for which 
the Association has been organized is 
to secure a County Agricultural Ad- 
visor for Stephenson county. Over 
1,200 counties in the United States 
now employ county agents, and the 
most progressive counties in Illinois 
which have prosperous farm improve- 
ment associations are employing such 
men to assist them in carrying on the 
work. The duties of a county agent 
are numerous. It is his business to 
consult with the farmers of the county 
concerning matters of soil fertility, 
crop improvement, seed and soil test- 
ing, and to aid the farmers in every 
way possible to solve these problems. 
Such a man would act as purchasing 
agent for the Association, keeping 
posted as to where the best supplies 
of seeds, fertilizers and other neces- 
sary supplies could be obtained at the 
best prices. A competent county 
agent would also assist the farmers 
to keep in touch with markets for 
their products, improve methods of 
distribution and aid them in many 
ways to develop better methods of 
doing business. 

A man capable of handling these 
problems intelligently must have 
ability and the necessary qualifica- 


tions. In order to secure such a 
man, one who will meet the require- 
ments of the United States Govern- 
ment's Department of Agriculture and 
the State University, money is es- 
sential and the financing of an asso- 
ciation of this kind is one of the 
most difficult problems it has to face. 

In order to raise the funds neces- 
sary to carry on the work of the As- 
sociation it has been thought best to 
charge a membership fee of $5 per 
year to all members. If enough farm- 
ers join the Association the amount 
raised from membership fees should 
be sufficient to secure a first-class 
county agent and pay the expenses 
of the organization. There are other 
sources of revenue, however, which 
should be made use of if possible. If 
the farmers will raise a part of the 
necessary funds the United States 
Department of Agriculture will pay 
$1,200 per year toward the support of 
the Association The County Board 
of Supervisors has the privilege un- 
der the s'tate laws, of contributing a 
maximum of $5,000 per year toward 
this work. The county boards in 
other counties in Illinois are con- 
tributing liberally toward the support 
of their farmers' organizations and 
if the Stephenson County Farm Im- 
provement Association shows that it 
means business there is no reason why 
the county should not make a liberal 
appropriation for this necessary work. 
It is understood that dues to the As- 
sociation need not be paid until a 
county agent is assured. Any member 
may take out more than one member- 
ship if he so desires. 

The benefits to be derived by any 
farmer from the Association will be 
apparent to any one who gives careful 
consideration to the matter. There 
is no doubt but what the money in- 
vested in memberships will be re- 
paid to the farmers many times over. 
The work which will be done to es- 
tablish scientific methods of farming 
in this county and the betterment of 
crop and soil conditions, mean greater 
crops per acre and additional pros- 
perity to the farmers. 

In the matter of purchasing the best 
quality of seeds, fertilizers and other 
necessary items in large quantities, 
the saving to any farmer will more 
than pay for his membership. Im- 
proved methods of distributing farm 
products of all kinds and the securing 
of better markets for them will be a 

great advantage and a saving to the 

The co-operation which a county 
agent can give the county schools, es- 
pecially in the winter months, is aii- 
other valuable feature of the work. 
The teaching of practical agriculture 
is necessary and valuable if the com- 
ing generations are to be properly 
fitted to take up practical farm work. 
A county agent can do much in the 
schools, in educating the students in 
practical farm problems and create an 
interest in farm life which will have 
a tendency to keep the young people 
on our farms. 


President — L,. M. SWANZET Rldott 

Vice-President — H. M. PHILLIPS Lena 

Secretary — THEO. F. ELLIS Winslow 

Treasurer — JOHN STOCKS Freeport 


A. J. CLARNO Orangeville 

S. RIGNEY Freeport 



Buckeye — Charles Foss Cedarville 

West Point — W. C. Strunclt. Waddams Grove 

Oneco — A. J. Clarno Orangeville 

Oneco — B. F. Albright Pearl City 

Waddams — Oliver Holmes Lena 

Winslow — Theo. Ellis Winslow 

Rock Grove — William Meinert Davis 

Florence — J. M. Stiffler Freeport 

Kent — Rufus Dammeier Lena 

Harlem — J. A. Phillips Red Oak 

Rock Run — Thomas Niblo Rock City 

Rock Run — Frank Andrus Rock City 

Ridott — L. M. Swanzey Ridott 

Silver Creek — Fred Bangasser. German Valley 

Silver Creek — John Rademaker 

German Valley 

Silver Creek — John Reints Freeport 

Loran — Charles Volkers Freeport 

Erin — Z. T. Turner Eleroy 

Lancaster — D. M. Brubaker Freeport 

Dakota — W. W. Diemer Dakota 

The officers realizing that the coun- 
ty is at a low ebb, as to any co- 
operative or organization work, have 
spent a great deal of effort in bring- 
ing together correlated interests, and 
community center leadership. 

Among the persons whose friendly 
interest was sought and their ac- 
tivities allied for a larger progressive 
moveinent are the county superin- 
tendent of schools, the principal and 
professor of agriculture in the Free- 
port High School, the officers of the 
farmers' institute, the rural pastors 
and progressive district school teach- 
ers who are natural community leaders. 
Among the community centers now 
established are: 

The Ridott Better Farming Club. 

Currier School Association. 

Holly Grove Club. 

Pleasant Hill Debating Club. 

Damascus Association. 

Waddams Center. 

Cross Roads. 

Cedarville Community Center. 



1 1 

I W.W.Wilson & Co. I 

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= We have a complete staff of first class salesmen ^ 

^ in each department, and you may feel sure your jjjj 

= live stock shipped to Wilsons will be sold for all = 

nil 1 ' \Y7 £ . Q. u III! 

= that s in it. We reler you to our many btephenson = 

yy County patrons as to our ability and reliability. ^ 


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= iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ijjj 

I W.W.Wilson & Co. I 

I Chicago I 



By Dr. A. S. Alexander in Prairie Farmer. 

When a farmer can employ a com- 
petent graduate veterinarian at rea- 
sonable expense it always is best to 
do S9, and in all serious cases such 
expert help should be used even if 
the expense will be considerable. 
Unfortunately it is not always pos- 
sible to find such an expert or he may 
live at such a distance that an ordinary 
or trivial case will not warrant the 
expense of his employment, or the 
nearest veterinarian may not be a 
properly qualified practitioner, or is 
one in whom the stockman has no 

For these reasons every owner of 
animals should keep some simple 
remedies on hand, and these are nec- 
essary even on farms where profes- 
sional assistance can readily be had. 
It should be understood, however, 
that the untrained farmer should not 
attempt the administration of strong 
poisons, alkaloids and many prepara- 
tions used hypodermically by a gradu- 
ate veterinarian. Such preparations 
are extremely dangerous in the hands 
of the layman and are liable to do 
much more harm than good. The 
trained surgeon also should be de- 
pended upon for all major operations. 

A cupboard may be set apart for 
storing medicines in a cool, dry place 
and where freezing will not occur in 
winter. A glass graduate and scales 
will be necessary for measuring and 
weighing medicines. Powdered drugs 
should be kept in tightly closed glass 
fruit jars and should be plainly labeled. 
They may soon lose their strength if 
exposed to the air. Poisons should 
be kept on a separate part of a shelf 
partitioned ofif for the purpose and 
away from simple, harmless drugs. 
Ointments, wjth the exception of fly 
blister, should be made up fresh at 
time of use. Liniment may be pre- 
pared and kept indefinitely if well 

The medicine case should also have 
a special division in which to keep a 
few instruments, bandages, suture silk 

and absorbent cotton; or better still, 
these may be kept in a handbag for 
immediate use as required. The 
emergency bag should contain a roll 
of absorbent cotton, several rolled 
three-yard bandages of unbleached 
muslin in strips three inches wide, a 
pound or two of oakum, a spool of 
strong suture silk, half a dozen suture 
needles of assorted shapes and sizes, 
most of them large; a half-ounce, 
short-barreled, strong-nozzled hard 
rubber syringe, a two-ounce metal 
syringe, a cow trocar and canula for 
tapping a bloated animal, a pair of 
curved shears, a combination operat- 
ing knife containing a curved bistoury, 
a probe pointed bistoury and a strong 
straight scalpel, a few milking tubes 
and a teat bistoury, an artery forceps, 
metal probe, castrating knife and pair 
of horse clippers. 

These will suffice, but there are 
many other useful instruments such 
as a clinical thermometer, horse tro- 
car, catheter and dentistry "float," 
which may be added from time to 
time. Some of the medicines to be 
listed later may also have a place in 
the emergency kit or bag, notably 
those needed for the treatment of 
wounds, and at hand should be a 
strong quart drenching bottle and ten 
feet of quarter-inch cotton rope with 
which to hold up a horse's head for 
drenching. A veterinary force pump 
is added on a large farm, but its place 
may be taken by three feet of new 
lawn sprinkling hose fitted with a 
large tin funnel. This is used to give 
a horse or cow a rectal injection. 
There should also be a six-foot piece 
of new half-inch rubber tubing for 
use in giving a cow or mare a vaginal 

Simple necessary medicines may 
best be listed under the following 
special heads: 

Epsom and Glauber Salts. Average 
dose for an adult cow, one pound in 


three pints of warm water. Dose for 
a horse, 12 ounces. 

;Castor Oil. Especially useful for 
young animals. Dose for a calf or 
foal, from 1 to 6 tablespoonfuls 
shaken up in milk. 

Raw Linseed Oil (not boiled, which 
is poisonous). Average dose, one pint 
for constipation and to follow a dose 
of colic medicine, or contain medicine 
for colic. 

Barbados Aloes (freshly powdered). 
Average dose, one ounce, to_ be given 
to an adult horse as a "physic ball." 
Wound Medicines. 

Keep in stock one pint each of car- 
bolic acid and coal tar disinfectant and 
a gallon can of the latter for dipping 
and disinfecting purposes. Two tea- 
spoonfuls to a pint of water ordinarily 
makes a sufficiently strong solution. 
Bleeding is stopped by applying Mon- 
sel's solution of iron on oakum or 
cotton batting, or applying Monsel's 
powder. As a wound lotion also keep 
on. hand a mixture of one ounce of 
sugar of lead and six drams of sul- 
phate of zinc in one pint of water. 
This is called "white lotion" and 
should be plainly labeled "poison" and 
well shaken before use. 

Dusting Powders. 

A dusting powder of equal parts of 
slacked lime, charcoal and sulphur is 
useful for application to surface 
wounds and sores. Boracic acid also 
is needed and a little iodoform may 
be added to keep flies away. 


Keep on hand a pint (pound) each 
of turpentine and aqua ammonia. 
One ounce each of these mixed with 
a pint of soft water, in which two 
raw eggs have been shaken up and 
the mixture left for 24 hours, will 
make a good stimulating liniment; or 
one ounce of each may be mixed with 
6 to 14 ounces of raw linseed oil to 
make a very strong or comparatively 
mild liniment. 


"White lotion" for wounds has al- 
ready been mentioned. Equal quan- 
tities of lime water and raw linseed 
oil_ make "carron oil," an excellent 
lotion for burns. Two to four ounces 
of Goulard's extract and one to two 
ounces of glycerine in one quart of 

soft water form a useful lotion for 
scratches and mud fever of itchiness 
and "gumminess" of the legs. A good 
lotion for inflammation of the udder 
is made by mixing together one part 
each of fluid extracts of poke root and 
belladonna leaves and one part of tur- 
pentine with five parts of sweet oil, 
melted lard or camphorated oil. It is 
made weaker or stronger as required. 
Anodyne lotion for painful swellings 
is made by combining equal quantities 
of tinctures of opium, aconite, bella- 
donna and druggists' soap liniment. 
A small quantity of chloroform may 
be added. Mouth lotion consists of 
an ounce of powdered borax or alum 
in a quart of soft water; eye lotion of 
half a dram each of sulphate of zinc 
and fluid extract of belladonna in a 
quart of soft water. 


Fowler's solution of arsenic is a 
good general tonic for rundown, thin, 
hidebound horses and those afflicted 
with chronic skin diseases or heaves 
(broken wind). The average dose is 
half an ounce (one tablespoonful) 
given night and morning until one 
quart has been given. The medicine 
may then be gradually discontinued, 
taking at least a week to the work. 
Dried sulphate of iron (copperas), 
dose one dram night and morning, is 
another good tonic, commonly com- 
bined with an equal dose of ground 
gentian root or ginger root, nux 
vomica, saltpeter and fenugreek as a 
condition powder. The dose is one 
tablespoonful of the combination of 
drugs mixed in the feed night and 
morning for ten days. Omit sulphate 
of iron for pregnant animals. Nux is 
poisonous and must therefore be given 
with care. It is most useful as a 
nerve tonic and appetizer. 
Colic Medicines. 

Keep in stock one pound each of 
laudanum (dose, 1 to 2 ounces); es- 
sence of ginger root (dose, 1 to 2 
drams); sulphuric acid (dose, H to 1 
ounce); turpentine (dose, 1 _ to 2 
ounces); granular hpyosulphite of 
soda (dose, 1 to 4 ounces). A dose of 
each of the first three medicines in a 
pint of water containing two ounces 
of hpyosulphite of soda will prove 
effective for most colics. Two ounces 
of turpentine in a pint of raw linseed 
oil may be given for "wind" (flatulent) 



colic, or following the other medicine 
when the pain of "cramp" (spasmodic) 
colic has subsided. 

Fever Medicines. 

Powdered saltpeter is an important 
drug for animals. It is given in the 
fever of influenza, founder (laminitis) 
or lymphangitis (milk leg, also for 
stocking of the legs and other large 
swellings. A dram is the average 
dose. Give it every four or six hours 
in fever, twice daily for swellings, or 
with tonics as a condition powder, and 
in double doses for founder or milk 
leg. Do not give it in colt distemper, 
when abscesses are forming. It may 
often be administered in drinking 
water or a bran mash or damp feed. 
It also is given in tablespoonful doses 
once or twice daily for garget of the 
cow. Beware of aconite often given 
for fever. It is too dangerous a poison 
to be safely used by anyone other than 
a trained doctor. 


An effective blistering ointment is 
made by melting together three parts 
of lard and one-quarter part of finely 
shaved yellow beeswax, and then 
stirring in one part of powdered can- 
tharides (Spanish fly). Stir in a tin 
dish until cold, then store in a capped 
glass fruit jar. It improves with age. 
When using this blister clip of? the 
hair, wash ahe skin clean, dry it per- 
fectly. Tie the horse up short in his 
stall, rub the blister in for fifteen 
minutes and then smear on some more 
blister. Wash the blister ofif in 48 
hours and then apply a little lard 
daily. Do not cover a blistered part, 
or rub it on the loins, or on top of 
. the hips, or use it after a poultice, or 
on irritated skin, or in very hot or 
cold weather. 


Never be without tincture of iodine 
to swab on swollen glands, tumors, 
forming abscesses, bony growths, 
capped or puffed joints, indolent sores 
or wounds, canker of the mouth in 
pigs and ringworm spots. It also is 
useful to inject into abscesses fistula 
and lump jaw cavities. Iodine oint- 
ment is made by mixing one dram 
each of iodine crystals and iodide of 
potash in one o.unce of lard. This is 
used on swellings, sore necks and 
shoulders, puffs of all sorts, tumors. 

forminpr abscesses, ringworm spots 
and enlargements of the udder. As 
an absorbent blister rub up one dram 
of biniodide of mercury with two 
ounces of the fly blister already men- 
tioned and use on bony growths, such 
as splints and ringbone, callouses, 
indolent sores, tumors of the udder. 

Worm Medicines. 

Gasoline is kept on most farms and 
in tablespoonful doses in six ounces of 
milk is the best remedy for stomach 
worms in sheep. Lambs take less in 
proportion. Two ounces of turpen- 
tine in a pint of raw linseed oil is 
effective as a starting dose for a 
"wormy horse." Follow with worm 
powders composed of equal parts of 
salt, sulphur and dried sulphate of 
iron. Dose, one tablespoonful night 
and morning for a week, then skip ten 
days and repeat. Omit iron for preg- 
nant animals. For worms of swine 
give one teaspoonful of turpentine in 
slop for three consecutive days for 
each eighty pounds of body weight; 
or one dram of dried sulphate of iron 
in slop for five successive mornings 
for each hundred pounds of body 
weight. Where swine are known to 
be seriously infested with worms, give 
eight grains of santonin and five 
grains of calomel in a little slop for 
each hundred pounds of body weight. 
Divide the pigs into lots of five and 
give the medicine in a little slop after 
starving the animals for eighteen 
hours. Care must be taken to give 
only the doses here prescribed, else 
damage may be done. 

In the paragraph on wound medi- 
cines it has been advised to keep car- 
bolic acid and coal tar disinfectant in 
stock. To these may be added for- 
maldehyde, bichloride of mercury 
tablets and permanganate of potash 
crystals. In disinfecting a stable a 
solution of four or five ounces of for- 
maldehyde to the gallon, or a 1-1,000 
of bichloride of mercury (corrosive 
sublimate) or a 1-30 solution of car- 
bolic acid or coal tar disinfectant 
should be used after a thorough clean- 
sing of the premises. P'or wounds a 
1-1,000 solution of corrosive sublimate 
also is the most effective disinfectant 
and a 1-500 solution should be used 
for disinfecting when a spore-form- 
ing germ, like that of anthrax, is pres- 



ent. Permanganate of potash is a 
useful mild disinfectant (antiseptic 
and deodorizer) in a 1-5,000 to a 1-50 
solution. The weaker solution is used 
lukewarm for vaginal injection pur- 
poses, while the 2 per cent solution is 
useful for injection into cavities from 
which come bad-smelling discharges 
and for swabbing sores (cankers) of 
the mouth. As a wound lotion it is 
usual to employ a 2 to 5 per cent 
solution of carbolic acid, or lysol, or 
coal tar disinfectant. Carbolic acid 
is also much used as an internal disin- 
fectant in contagious abortion. Two 
drams of the acid is well diluted with 
water and mixed in soft feed for each 
pregnant cow every other night 
throughout pregnancy. Peroxide of 
hydrogen one part and clean water 
two or three parts is a popular dis- 
infectant for cleansing foul wounds. 
Scour Medicines. 

The farm medicine chest would not 
be completely stocked without some 
remedies for diarrhoea or scours. A 
mixture of one part of salol and two 
parts of bismuth (first prescibed years 
ago by the writer) has become a 
standard remedy among farmers. The 
average dose is one teaspoonful given 
two or three times a day and washed 
down with milk or water. The dose 
may be doubled in bad cases and for 
larger calves and foals. Prepared 
chalk, powdered alum, sulphur, pow- 
dered catechu, rhubarb and ginger 
root are also much used for diarrhoea. 
Administering Medicines. 

Small doses of liquid medicine, such 
as the average two-ounce dose of a 
fever medicine or tonic solution, are 
best given by means of a half-ounce 
hard rubber syringe. Expert veteri- 
narians sometimes give such medicines 
or bad-tasting drugs in gelatine cap- 
sules, or in form of a "ball." Worm, 
condition and tonic powders are 
mixed in damp grain feed. A large 
dose of liquid medicine is termed a 
"drench" and is given from a strong, 
long-necked bottle. A few inches of 
rubber hose may be fitted on the neck 
of such a bottle. 

To drench a horse, back him into a 
stall, place a running noose of soft, 
small cotton rope or "clothes line" 
upon the upper incisor teeth, under 
the upper lip, and draw the noose 
tight, with the knot of the rope to 

the front. Throw the loose end of 
the rope across an overhead beam, 
raise the horse's head, hold it there 
by means of the rope and pour the 
medicine into the mouth a little at a 
time until all is swallowed. Do not 
squeeze the throat of the horse when 
giving medicine and never pour the 
medicine into the nostril. If the horse 
will not swallow, pour a teaspoonful 
of cold water into a nostril and swal- 
lowing will instantly occur. 

To drench a cow, place her in a 
stanchion or tie her in a stall. Walk 
up on her right side (milking side). 
Pass the left hand across her face and 
into her mouth. Hold her head in a 
straight line forward and slightly ele- 
vated, not turned to one side. Pour 
the medicine very slowly into the 
right side of the mouth. Let the 
head down instantly if the medicine 
causes the cow (or horse) to cough. 
Fluid given too fast passes into the 
paunch and is practically wasted. 
Administered slowly, it largely goes 
to the third and fourth stomachs and 
absorption takes place in the latter. 

Sheep have to be very carefully 
drenched from a bottle to avoid chok- 
ing. Swine take medicine through a 
hole cut in the toe of an old shoe 
thrust into the mouth or from a short, 
strong rubber hose fitted in the neck 
of a strong bottle. Dogs take medi- 
cine in capsules inserted in meat or 
from a bottle or spoon emptied into 
a pouch formed of the lip and cheek. 

Avoid "doping" animals unneces- 
sarily. Medicine should only be given 
when the animal is sick, should be 
the right medicine, and is best pre- 
scribed by an expert. 


The United States Department of 
Agriculture found in 1855 that it re- 
quired four hours and 34 minutes of 
human labor to produce a bushel of 
corn. At the Minnesota experiment 
station it has been found recently that 
45 minutes of human labor is about 
the average time required for the same 
work. In other words, human labor is 
worth six times as much as it was 60 
years ago, due to the use of better 
machinery, better varieties of corn 
and better soil management. 




From Prairie Farmer. 

Contagious abortion among cattle, 
the annual loss from which was esti- 
mated a few years ago to be $20,000,- 
000, is spreading so rapidly through 
the country that from an economic 
standpoint it threatens to become one 
of the most important of animal dis- 
eases. Formerly confined almost ex- 
clusively to dairy cows and farm beef 
herds, it has now found its way to the 
range, where losses in such instances 
have run as high as one-half of the 
calf crop. Here the conditions are 
such as to make its control difficult. 
For this reason it is important that 
stockmen should realize the serious- 
ness of the disease and the necessity 
for the adoption of measures for pre- 
venting its spread. 

At the present time sanitary and hy- 
gienic measures are the only means of 
control which have demonstrated their 
effectiveness. The drugs and proprie- 
tary preparations which have been ad- 
vocated for the cure or prevention of 
the disease are regarded by the spe- 
cialists of the department as ineffect- 
ive, and their use cannot be recom- 
mended. On the other hand, it is 
certain that proper disinfection of 
premises, and in particular of breed- 
ing animals, will do much to minimize 

Recently preparations known as 
"bacterins," consisting of a suspension 
of the killed organisms of abortion, 
and serum obtained from infected 
animals, have come into use and can 
be obtained from several firms who 
manufacture biologic products. These 
products are still in the experimental 
stage, and much time must elapse be- 
fore their true value can be deter- 
mined. Notwithstanding this fact, 
this line of treatment offers the most 
scientific and reasonable method of 
combating the disease, and our only 
hope of eventually controlling abor- 
tion lies in the future development of 
an effective vaccine or serum. 

The organism which causes the dis- 
ease may be conveyed from cow to 
cow by means of the bull or may 
enter the system with contaminated 
food. All aborting animals and all 

showing a discharge should, there- 
fore, be isolated from the healthy 
members of the herd in order to elimi- 
nate, so far as possible, infective ma- 
terial. Infected stables should be 
thoroughly cleansed with a standard 
disinfectant, applied with a force or 
spray pump, the disinfection of the 
contaminated stall being repeated 
after each abortion. Manure and con- 
taminated litter should be promptly 
removed and plowed under to pre- 
vent access to it by other cattle. 
Detailed instructions for the disinfec- 
tion of both the cow and the bull are 
contained in Circular 216 of the Bu- 
reau of Animal Industry. 

Many herd owners fail to observe 
.these precautions because they do not 
realize that the infection is present in 
their herds. The disease is insidious; 
it usually requires a long time to de- 
velop, does not reveal itself by warn- 
ing symptoms, and does not, indeed, 
appear to affect in any way the genera] 
health of the animal. In consequence, 
it is quite likely that the infection will 
have spread throughout the herd be- 
fore the owner is aware of any danger. 
There are, it is true, certain tests 
which can be employed to ascertain 
the presence of the infection, but from 
a, practical standpoint these possess 
some drawbacks. All infected animals 
do not abort. Furthermore, after two 
or three abortions, cows appear to ac- 
quire a natural immunity, and are 
thereafter quite capable of normal re- 
production, although they continue to 
react to the tests. A positive reac- 
tion, therefore, does not necessarily 
mean that a healthy calf will not be 

On the other hand, the fact that 
several animals have aborted within a 
short period is in itself suggestive evi- 
dence of the presence of the disease. 
Furthermore, it sometimes happens 
that in cows which have acquired im- 
munity, although apparently healthy 
themselves, the infection persists and 
they are able to transmit the disease 
to others. For this reason, when the 
infection has once established itself in 
a herd, the whole herd should be con- 
sidered infected, and all abortions, re- 
tained afterbirths and all tendency to 
sterility should be regarded as mani- 
festations of the disease. 

This does not mean, however, that 
all infected animals are to be disposed 



of. As a matter of fact, in herds in 
which the disease has gained a foot- 
hold, a cow that has aborted once or 
twice is in some ways more valuable 
than one that has not. It is safe to 
say that in practically no case do more 
than abortions take place, and 
in the majority of instances there are 
not more than two. Cows which are 
not made sterile will in all probability 
resume normal reproduction. On the 
other hand, if they are removed to 
make way for fresh animals, there is a 
strong possibility that the newcomers 
already are, or soon will be, infected, 
and are actually further from immun- 
ity than the old ones. The elimination 
of infected animals is therefore not to 
be recommended as a means of con- 
trolling the disease, unless their value 
is not great enough to warrant the 
expense of treatment. 

A train of complications often ac- 
companies abortion, and of these 
retained afterbirths is perhaps the 
commonest. This, if neglected or im- 
properly treated, may result in ab- 
sorption of poisonous products, sep- 
ticemia, ^nd death. Also sterility rnay 
follow, ruining the cow for everything 
except slaughter. Calf scours, too, 
seems more destructive in herds af- 
fected with abortion. 

These complications, together with 
the great loss in calves and the less- 
ened milk production, make the wide 
and ever extending distribution of the 
disease a matter of tremendous im- 
portance, both to the dairy and beef 


"By Dr. D. Mcintosh, University of 
Illinois, in Prairie Farmer. 

This disease is caused by horses and 
cattle eating diseased corn stalks and 
especially diseased corn. In the chem- 
ical analysis of the diseased stalks 
and corn, nothing has been found so 
far which would cause poisoning if 
eaten by horses or cattle. 

Some ears of corn are affected with 
smut, some ^ith fungus, and some 
with "worm dust," as it is called. 
From experiments that have been 
made none of these substances eaten 
separately will cause poisoning. When 
the diseased stalks and corn are eaten 
in sufficient quantities they undergo a 

process of fermentation in the stom- 
ach, eliminating a poisonous gas, and 
if enough of this gas should be formed 
and become absorbed into the system 
it acts on the nerves, causing paralysis 
of the hind legs, and affects the nerves 
of respiration, causing death. 

This peculiar disease is found in 
some parts of the country and not in 
others and all the corn fields in the 
same locality are not affected. The 
reason of this is not known. 

The symptoms of this disease are 
weakness, staggering, and partial or 
complete loss of the use of the hind 
legs, and as the disease advances the 
animal becomes unable to stand, it 
falls and struggles or has convulsions, 
and soon dies. 

The only preventive is not to feed 
the diseased corn to horses or cattle 
and to keep them out of the corn stalk 
fields until late in the winter. Dis- 
eased food of any kind is unsafe and 
should never be fed to horses. 

In the early stage of the disease the 
best treatment is to give 2 ounces aro- 
matic spirits of ammonia and 2 ounces 
sweet spirits of nitre at a dose in a 
pint of cold water and repeat every 
half hour until five doses have been 
given. This stimulant seems to coun- 
teract the action of the poison and 
should be tried. 


From Prairie Farmer. 

Santonin, which was formerly 
widely used as a remedy for worms 
in hogs, is practically unobtainable at 
the present time owing to foreign 
trade conditions. The following treat- 
ment has been found to be very effect- 
ive in experiments by the department 
of agriculture: Withhold all feed and 
water for 24 hours, then give each pig 
a tablespoonful of castor oil to which 
has been added oil of American worm- 
weed as follows: 

Small pigs, 2 to 3 months old, 35 

Pigs weighing SO to 100 pounds, 50- 
100 drops. 

Larger pigs, teaspoonful. 

Each pig should be dosed separately 
if the best results are to be obtained. 
In case separate dosing is impractic- 
able, on account of lack of assistance 



or other circumstances, the pigs may 
be sorted out into lots of half a dozen 
each, according to size. Thoroughly 
mix the castor oil and wormweed oil 
in proper quantities with a small quan- 
tity of milk or mash, and give it to 
the pigs, watching them carefully to 
see that none gets more than his 
share. Attempting to dose too many 
pigs at the same time in this manner 
will result unsatisfactorily, as some 
will get more and others less than 
they should. This treatment should 
be repeated in a week or 10 days to 
secure 100 per cent efficiency. 


Allow 40 pounds of silage per day 
for each mature cow and half this 
amount for each head of young stock. 

Figure on feeding the silage for 
about 200 days each year. 

From the accompanying table find 
the dimensions of the structure that 
will hold the total quantity needed. 
The figures are based on silos that 
have been filled with well matured 
corn, which has been allowed to set- 
tle 48 hours, and then refilled. 

The deeper the silo in relation to 
its diameter and the tighter and better 
it is built, the smaller the allowance 
that must be made for spoiled ma- 
terial. In any case it is wise to build 
a bigger silo than you absolutely need 
to allow for shrinkage, an unexpect- 
edly long season and a possible in- 
crease in the size of your herd. 

The cost of filling will vary with 
the degree of system employed, the 
distance of hauling involved, the 
quantity of labor, etc. From record? 
kept on nineteen Illinois farms, it 
was found to vary from 40 to 67 cents 
per ton, with an average of 56 cents. 




Depth, Feet 


























































































































































































By Albert Miller, in Prairie Farmer 

The first thing to do in building a 
silo of this type is to get an 8-inch 
pesthole auger, with additional gas 
pipe to extend it to the required 
length; then auger down at the place 
where the silo is intended to be made^ 
and find out beforehand the nature of 
the soil, also how far down it is to the 
first water vein. 

Then, after having the necessary 
materials on hand, such as brick, ce- 
ment and sand, make a radius hole 
and mark off the circumference of 
whatever the diameter of the silo shall 
be. Then start digging, being very 
careful to get the first three or four 
feet exactly plumb and true to the re- 
quired circle. If the soil is of such a 
nature that it will stand well without 
any danger of caving, then it is best 
to dig it all out as deep as necessary 
or not any deeper than within a foot 

or so from the water vein. After 
excavating the whole silo a scaffold 
can be arranged very easily by simply 
standing four 2 by 6-inch scantling 
inside, long enough so they reach 
within four or five feet from the top, 
where some footboards can be nailed 
across at several places and plank laid 
down to work from. The brick should 
continue well down below frost line, 
but not any higher than about five 
feet above ground. A flat cover with 
building paper over it is all that is 
needed for a roof, and it should be 
made so it can easily be removed at 
the time of filling the silo. 

For hoisting the dirt out in digging 
the silo the best way is to use a so- 
called hay derrick, with a swinging 
arm, such as is used for stacking hay. 
This arm will swing to almost any 
part of the silo, and after the team 

Albert Miller Constructing His Pit Silo. 


rreeport Putolic Iiibrary, Freeport, Xlliuois 

hoists the dirt the man that dumps 
the dirt can easily swing it away from 
the silo. A 50-gallon kerosene barrel 
makes an elegant pail for hoisting the 
dirt. The handle must be made from 
about %-inch rod iron, and it must be 
hooked a little below center on the 
barrel, which makes it very easy to 
dump the full barrel of dirt; no mat- 
ter how heavy the load, if it balances 
it turns over as easy as a barrel 
churn. Only one barrel is needed. 
Thirty barrels an hour can easily be 
sent out of the silo, even in the hard- 
est clay, with two men digging 10 feet 
per day on a 12-foot diameter silo. 

This type of silo can also be made 
where there is nothing^ but pure 
quartz sand, where the digging part 
is a snap; but in such a case the brick 
wall must be continued clear down to 
the bottom. As the sand caves in 
easily, it requires a little more care, 
but there is no need of any curbing 
by going at it in the right way. 

The cost of building a silo of this 
kind, especially where it can be cen- 
tered right to the dirt wall, is remark- 
ably low as compared with all types 
above ground. A silo 12 feet in diam- 

eter and 20 'feet deep costs for the 
material and mason work about $35. 
It should take no more than two days 
digging it out; that is, to have two 
men in the silo digging; one to dump 
the dirt and one to handle the team. 
One mason should do the cement 
work and bricklaying in two more 
days; thus it takes only $35 cash 
money for material and mason work, 
and a total of four days' work to 
complete a silo that will take care of 
five acres of good corn; thus we see 
that it would cost more to fix a stor- 
ing place above ground, even if we 
would build it out of the very poorest 
and cheapest lumber, or any other 
material on the market. 

This, however, is not the largest 
gain, even though it is well worth 
taking into consideration. The great- 
est gain and satisfaction comes in 
when the perfectly pure, unfrozen 
silage comes up with a flavor similar 
to a can of delicious fruit from a cel- 
lar. Why have a cellar? Why not 
have vegetables and fruit upstairs or 
above ground? Old Mother Earth is 
a great preserver. Jack Frost is the 
greatest destroyer. 




From Prairie Farmer. 
In computing the amount of silage 
in a silo it is first necessary to find 
the number of cubic feet of silage. 
This is done by multiplying the dia- 
meter of the silo by itself by .7854, 
and by the depth of the silage. Thus 
since the silo is 16 by 40 we have: 
16 by 16 by .7854 by 40 equals 8042.- 
496 cubic feet. 

Next we multiply the number of 
cubic feet by the mean weight of a 
cubic foot of the silage. From a 
table giving fthe mean weight of sil- 
age per cubic foot, which was pub- 
lished in Prairie Farmer Oct. 23, 1915, 
we find that the mean weight of a 
cubic foot of silage in a full 40 foot 
silo is 45.5 pounds. This would give 
a total of 365,933,568 pounds, or ap- 
proximately 183 tons of silage. 

In case your silo is not full we are 
reprinting the table, from which you 
can figure the weight of silage for 
various depths: 

Mean Weight of Silage 
Depth of Silage Per Cubic Foot 

1 18.7 

10 26.1 

15 29.8 

20 33.3 

25 36.5 

30 39.0 

35 43.0 

40 45.5 

45 47.0 

50 48.5 

The Illinois Experiment Station 
found that it cost $3.30 per ton to 
produce silage. This was of corn 
that yielded considerable more than 
20 bushels per acre. At this price, 
however, it would probably give you 
but a fair profit on your silage. 


From Prairie Farmer. 

Practice in sealing silos ranges 
from leaving the top in the shape it 
is at the close of filling to covering 
with straw on which, after it is thor- 
oughly wetted, are sown oats, their 
germination forming a dense mass 
that shuts out the air. If no special 
steps to seal the silo are taken the 
farmer may expect to find from a 
foot to a foot and a half of silage 
at the top which is unfit to feed. 

Siome farmers wet the top of the silage 
and sow oats directly upon it. On 
many farms cornstalks from which 
the ears have been removed are avail- 
able for silo sealing. This is a very 
convenient material for the purpose, 
as the stalks may be run through the 
silage cutter following the ear corn. 
The cut cornstalks should be packed 
thoroughly and soaked with water. 


While silage is an excellent feed 
for dairy stock, it should be combined 
with some other leguminous feed, 
such as clover, cow peas, or alfalfa, 
owing to its insufficient productive 

The leguminous material will tend 
to correct the deficiencies of the sil- 
age in dry matter, protein, and min- 
eral constituents. A ration of silage 
and, say, alfalfa hay alone is satisfac- 
tory, however, only for cows which 
are dry or giving only a small amount 
of milk and for heifers and bulls. 
Cows in full milk require some con- 
centrated feed in addition to hay and 
silage, as they can not consume 
enough of these feeds to keep up a 
large flow of milk and maintain body 

The amount of silage to feed a cow 
will depend upon the capacity of the 
animal to consume feed. She should 
be fed as much as she will clean up 
without waste when consumed along 
with her hay and grain. Raise or 
lower the amount until the proper 
quantity is ascertained. Generally 
speaking, a good cow should be fed 
just short of the limit of her appe- 
tite. If she refuses any of her feed 
it should be reduced at once. The 
small breeds will eat 25 or 30 pounds 
per day; the large breeds 40 or more; 
and the medium-sized ones amounts 
varying between. 

Ironclad directions for feeding 
cows can not be given. In general, 
however, they should be supplied 
A^ith all the roughage they will clean 
up with grain in proportion to butter- 
fat produced. The hay will ordinarily 
range between five and 12 pounds 
per cow per day when fed in connec- 
tion with silage. For Holsteins one 
pound of concentrates for each four 
pounds of milk produced will prove 



about right. For Jerseys one pound 
for each three pounds of milk or less 
will come nearer meeting the require- 
ments. The grain for other breeds 
will vary between these two accor-d- 
ing to the quality of milk produced. 
A good rule is to feed seven times 
as much grain as there is butterfat 

The following rations will be found 

For a 1,300-pound cow yielding 40 
pounds of milk testing 3.5 per cent: 


Silage 40 

Clover, cowpea or alfalfa hay. ..... 10 

Grain mixture . 10 

For the same cow yielding 20 pounds 
of 3.5 per cent milk: 

Silage 40 

Clover, cowpea or alfalfa hay 5 

For a 900-pound cow yielding 30 
pounds of 5 per cent milk: 

Silage 30 

Clover, cowpea or alfalfa hay 10 

Grain mixture • 10 

Grain mixture c 5 

For the same cow yielding 15 pounds 
of 5 per cent milk: 

Silage 80 

Clover, cowpea or alfalfa hay 8 

Grain mixture 5 

A good grain mixture to be used in 
a ration which includes silage and 
some sort of leguminous hay is com- 
posed of — 


Corn, chop 4 

Wheat bran 2 

Linseed oil meal or cottonseed meal. 1 

In case the hay used is not of this 
kind some of the corn chop may be 
replaced by linseed or cottonseed 
meal. In many instances brewers' 
dried grains or crushed oats may be 
profitable substituted for bran, and 
oftentimes gluten products can be 
used to advantage in place of bran 
or oil meals. 

The time to feed silage is directlj 
after milking or at least several hours 
before milking. If fed immediately 
before milking the silage odors may 
pass through the cow's body into 
the milk. Besides, the milk may re- 
ceive some taints directly from the 
stable air. On the other hand, ii 
feeding is done subsequent to milk- 
ing, the volatile silage odors will have 
been thrown off before the next milk- 
ing hour. Silage is usually fed twice 
a day. 


From Prairie Farmer. 

Farmer's Bulletm 743 of the U. S. 
Department of Agriculture contains 
a number of grain feed mixtures for 
dairy cows, which may be of interest. 
We will quote a few of them. 

Grain mixtures to be fed with 
roughages of the low protein class, 
such as corn silage, corn stover, tim- 
othy or millet hays, etc.: 

Mixture 7 — Per centage of digestible 
portein, 19.4: 

400 pounds corn meal. 

200 pounds cotton seed meal. 

300 pounds gluten feed. 

400 pounds dried brewers' grains. 

Mixture 9 — Percentage of digestible 
protein, 18.4: 

300 pounds corn cob meal. 

200 pounds cotton seed meal. 

Grain mixtures to fed with high 
protein roughage, such as clover, al- 
falfa, etc.: 

Mixture 12 — Percentage of digestible 
protein, 14.1: 

400 pounds corn meal. 

100 pounds cotton seed meal. 

100 pounds gluten feed. 

100 pounds wheat bran. 

Mixture 18 — Percentage of digestible 
protein, 15.5: 

100 pounds corn meal. 

100 pounds oil meal (old process). 

100 pounds ground oats. 

Grain mixtures to be fed with com= 
bination of low and high protein 
roughages, such as silage and clover 
or alfalfa hay, corn stover and clover 
hay, mixed hay or oat and pea hay: 

Mixture 23 — Percentage of digestible 
protein, 16.4: 

200 pounds corn and cob meal. 



100 pounds cotton seed meal. 

Mixture 25 — Percentage of digestible 
protein, 16.4: 

100 pounds corn meal. 

100 pounds ground oats. 

100 pounds cotton seed meal. 

100 pounds wheat bran. 

Give the cow all the roughage she 
will eat up -clean. Grain mixture 
should be fed in the proportion of 
one pound of grain to three to four 
pounds of milk. 


Water is contained in all foods and 
feeding stufifs. The amount varies 
from 8 to 15 pounds per 100 pounds 
of such dry materials as hay, straw, 
or grain, to 80 pounds in silage and 
90 pounds in some roots. 

Dry matter is the portion remain- 
ing after removing or excluding the 

Ash is what is left when the coni- 
bustible part of a feeding stuflE is 
burned away. It consists chiefly of 
lime, magnesia, potash, soda, iron, 
chlorin, and and carbonic, siilphuric, 
and phosporic acids, and is used 
largely in making bones. Part of 
the ash constituents of the food is 
stored up in the animal's body; the 
rest is voided in the urine and ma- 

Protein (nitrogenous matter) is 
the name of a group of substances 
containing nitrogen. Protein furn- 
ishes the materials for the lean flesh, 
blood, skin, muscles, tendons, nerves, 
hair, horns, wool, casein of milk, al- 
bumen of eggs, etc., and is one of 

the most important constituents of 
feeding stuffs. 

Gluten is the name given to . one 
of the most important of the nitro- 
genous substances classed together 
under the general term "protein." 
"Wheat gum," obtained by carefully 
chewing wheat, is a familiar example. 
It is the gluten of flour that gives 
consistency to the dough. 

Carbohydrates. — The nitrogen-free 
extract and fibre are ofen classed to- 
gether under the name of carbohy- 
drates. The carbohydrates form the 
largest part of all vegetable foods. 
They are either stored up as fat or 
burned in the body to produce heat 
and energy. The most common and 
important carbohydrates are sugar 
and starch. 

Fibre, sometimes called crude cel- 
lulose, is the framework of plants, 
and is, as a rule, the most indigestible 
contituent of feeding stuflfs. The 
coarse fodders, such as hay and 
straw, contain a much larger propor- 
tion of fibre than the grains, oil 
cakes, etc. 

Nitrogen-free extract includes 
starch, sugar, gums, and the like, and 
forms an important part of all feed- 
ing stufifs, but especially of most 

Fat, or the materials dissolved 
from a feeding stuff by ether, is a 
substance of mixed character, and 
may include, besides real fats, wax, 
the green coloring matter of plants, 
etc. The fat of food is either stored 
up in the body as fat or burned to 
furnish heat and energy. 


(From Investigations of the U. S. Dept. of Agriculture). 

Service fee $ 12.95 

Time lost by mare in foaling : . . . 10.06 

Breaking to halter 2.22 

Veterinary service 2.04 

Care and shelter— 1st year, $4.98: 2nd year, $5.36; 3rd year, $6.35 16.69 

Grain fed " 4.98; " 7.14; " 9.56.... 21.68 

Hay fed " 4.14; " ' 6.61; " 8.48.... 19.23 

Pasture " 2.56; " 5.41; " 6.21.... 14.18 

Other costs 5.01 

Total $104.06 




By C. O. Reed. University of Illinois, in Prairie Farmer. 

To have to await the services of an 
expert when every minute of the har- 
vest days is money is not only an ex- 
pensive practice, but in most cases is 
an unnecessary one if the operator 
will only use patience and good judg- 
ment and try to understand a few 
very sim-ple principles of what seems 
a complicated machine. The purpose 
of this article is to aid the operator 
in his most common binder troubles. 
To cover the ground in the most log- 
ical and concise manner, let us con- 
sider troubles under the three general 
heads: ger.eral binder troubles, bind- 
er head troubles and knotter head 

Starting. If possible, start the new 
machine on a road or in a pasture 
before going into the grain field. Use 
plenty of kerosene and run the ma- 
chine empty for about five minutes, 
taking notice that every duct to bear- 
ings and every oil hole is open. Then 
apply lubricating oil. When you are 
ready to enter the grain with a new 
machine, raise the machine well up, 
tilt the platform forward; open the 
throat of the machine by throwing 
the butt adjuster forward and start in 
with about one-half of a full swath. 
After five minutes work the machine 
is ready for maximum results. If 
compelled to make a full swath at the 
start, cut the grain extra high. 

Never change the adjustment of a 
new binder head before going into the 
field. It may miss a few bundles at 
first, but do not adjust. Apply a lib- 
eral amount of coal oil to the knotter 
head and the trouble will usually dis- 

New Machine Failing to Start. Oc- 
casionally a new machine fails to start 
due to some part sticking or catch- 
ing. Throw the binder out of gear 
and see that the bull wheel revolves 
without catching. Remove the eleva- 
tor chain and throw in gear. This 
will test the sickle. Next put on ele- 
vator chain and throw off reel chains. 
This will test the rollers. Then con- 
nect and test the reel. This method 

will test one part at a time and should 
locate the trouble without difficulty. 
In testing out head for failure to re- 
volve, operate head by hand at back 
of machine through shaft which 
drives head from elevator chain. 

General Binder Troubles 

Chains. Undue wear in chains may 
be caused by the chain being run too 
tight or backwards. Run the chain 
with the hooks of the links leading 
and with the openings of the hooks 
out. The use of oil or grease on 
chains, if the binder is being run in 
a sandy country or under dusty con- 
ditions, is not to be recommended, 
for the oil will collect the fine parti- 
cles of grit and cause excessive wear. 
Under such conditions use dry graph- 
ite. Chain jumping is caused by the 
chain being too loose or by the 
sprocket being badly worn. If a worn 
sprocket is the cause for the trouble 
a new one will have to be supplied. 

Canvas Troubles. The creeping of 
canvases is caused by running them 
too loose or by the elevators not be- 
ing square. Test the elevators to see 
if they are square by means of meas- 
uring the diagonals, and then square 
by the special apparatus to be found 
for that purpose. Have the canvases 
of the same tightness on both sides. 

Canvases not elevating the grain 
rnay be caused by missing slats of 
loose canvases. Broken slats are gen- 
erally caused by the elevators not be- 
ing square, or by the canvases not 
being buckled evenly and thus the 
slat is forced to pass over the roller 
at an angle to it. Chewed slats may 
be caused by a projecting bolt or the 
canvas guides being out of shape. 

Heavy Draft. Heavy draft may be 
caused from lack of sufficient good 
lubricating oil, bull wheel being en- 
tered in quadrant wrong; chains, espe- 
cially main drive chain, beings too 
tight; paint or varnish not being cut 
out of the bearings; or rollers binding. 
Apply lubricating oil to the bearings 



Enter the bull wheel in the quadrant 
square. Have the proper tension in 
the chains. Coal oil will cut the paint 
or varnish from bearing surfaces. 
When machine is empty, operator 
should be able to move elevators by 
hand on elevator chain. 

Sidedraft. Sidedraft in a binder re- 
fers to such resistance of the platform 
end of the machine as to cause a 
"dragging" of platform, and hence re- 
sults in a tendency to run the ma- 
chine into the grain. It may be 
caused by (a) grain wheel bearing 
too light; (b) grain wheel being out 
of proper adjustment; (c) sickle parts 
not cutting properly, resulting in a 
pulling ofif of stalks rather than cut- 
ting; (d) very light grain may give a 
condition where sidedraft is more no- 
ticeable, and (e) a fast horse on the 
outside may lead the operator to be- 
lieve he has sidedraft. 

Remedies, (a) See that grain wheel 
revolves freely and perfectly on axle. 
If axle, bearings and wheel bell are 
badly worn, replace, (b) The inexpe- 
rienced operator cannot tell whether 
a grain wheel is aligned properly or 
not. It should lead out of the grain 
slightly, and in case of poor align- 
ment here, an expert must be called. 
(c) Obvious. (d) Sidedraft here is 
an advantage rather than an objec- 
tion for it indicates the best construc- 
tion, (e) Put fast horse on inside. 

If difficulty is experienced in get- 
ting far enough into the grain with a 
tongue truck attachment, make adjust- 
ments to increase the angle between 
the platform and tongue proper, i. e., 
without changing position of machine 
make adjustments to let horses away 
from grain slightly. If machine runs 
too far into grain, make adjustments 
to bring horses a little closer to grain 
line. These adjustments can be found 
between tongue and stub tongue on 
the McCormick and Milwaukee bind- 
ers, and in the truck axle braces on 
the Deering. If sufficient adjustment 
is not provided in the Deering to per- 
mit a full swath, turn the tongue over. 

Badly Shaped Bundles in good 
grain are caused by improper manip- 
ulation of binder parts. Set the reel 
to strike straws about two inches be- 
low the heads. Run the butter as 
near at right angles to the rollers on 
tier shaft as possible, even if you 
have to sacrifice an inch or two in 

the position of the band on the bun- 
dle. Do not expect the butter to 
shove the straws down under the 
breast plate. Adjust the position of 
the head to bring the straws under 
the breast plate and then adjust the 
butter to smooth the butt of the bun- 
dle. In uneven grain the head, but- 
ter and reel must be shifted often to 
obtain the best results. In very short 
grain or in down grain leaning toward 
the elevators we have probably the 
worst conditions for good bundle 
making, especially for eight-foot bind- 
ers. First, do all possible to retard 
the heads by running the platform as 
level as possible and place a rope 
head-retarder across the platform, ty- 
ing the same to the outside divider 
frame. A rope head-retarder is often 
found to give better results than the 
retarding strap iron sent out with the 
machine, but if the latter is used, the 
operator will find that he gets very 
good results in retarding heads by 
bending up or crinkling the end of 
the strap iron. Throw the head as 
far forward as possible and run the 
butter as near perpendicular to the 
rollers as possible to still have the 
bundle securely tied. Tighten the 
front grain check. 

Badly Shaped Bundles in Long 
Tangled Greiin can be remedied by 
loosening all grain checks slightly 
and by adjusting the head to tie a 
smaller, looser bundle. 

Getting Grain Down to Packers. 
Trouble is experienced in 
getting light, fluffy grain down to the 
packers. See that the deck roller is 
working properly and lower the deck 

Choking Down. Sometimes in 
heavy, flufTy and tangled grain, and 
often in flax, the head cannot dis- 
charge a bundle and is stopped by 
"choking." Adjust the head to tie a 
smaller, looser bundle, loosen all 
grain checks and loosen the tension 
on the compressor spring, which is 
the spring attached to the compres- 
sor rod. 

Bundles Too Loose or Too Tight. 
Tighten or loosen the trip spring 
shown in Illustration 1 and described 
below under "Binder Head Troubles." 
Do not attempt to make a tight bun- 
dle by tightening the twine tension on 
the twine can. The twine tension* is 
not for the purpose of affecting the 





tightness of bundles and if it is used 
for such purpose serious needle 
troubles will result. The twine ten- 
sion should be sufficiently tight to 
keep back slack in the twine between 
the can and needle. 

Bundles Too Large or Too Small. 
Move the compressor arm nearer or 
farther away from the needle. The 
compressor arm is that arm against 
which the bundle is formed and as it 
is moved in or out that space in which 
the bundle is formed is changed. 

Reel Troubles. Short oats is often 
the cause for considerable reel trouble, 
especially reel breakage on those ma- 
chines which have no outside reel 
support. The 'operator cutting short 
oats will necessarily have to tilt his 
platform well forward and run his 
reel low. This means that occasion- 
ally the reel slats will whip down 
onto the guards and result in broken 
parts. Farmers in some localities 
have solved this difficulty by tacking 
on to each reel slat a piece of heavy 
linoleum about six inches wide. The 
reel can then be run higher, for this 
extra piece on the slats serves ad- 
mirably to force the grain over onto 
the platform and at the same time is 
sufficiently flexible to give if the reel 
is whipped down on the guards. 

Binder Head Troubles 

Before taking up binder head trou- 
bles let us refer to the first illustra- 
tion and get clearly in mind the exact 
function of the parts mentioned. 
Every operator is aware that his 
packer shaft revolves continually and 

that at certain moments it must drive 
the whole binder head while the bun- 
dle is being tied and cast. The dog, 
shown in the illustration, is that 
mechanism which throws the head 
in motion with the rest of the ma- 
chine, or it is that mechanism which 
momentarily engages the head with 
the continuous motioa' of the packers 
while the bundle is being tied. Suf- 
ficient pressure by the straw on the 
trip arm raises the stop arm, shown 
in the illustration, which allows the 
dog to be forced into the path of the 
continually revolving binder head 
driver. A little spring attached to the 
dog forces the dog into the path of 
this driver when the dog is released, 
and this same spring holds the dog in 
this path until the stop arm can drop 
back into plc^c^ and force the dog 
back out of the way of the revolving 
drivers ol the packer shc^ft. When 
the dog is thrown back out of the 
path of the binder head drivers, the 
motion in the head ceases and the 
dog, if properly working, must re- 
main engaged with the packer shaft 
until the discharge arms make a com- 
plete revolution. The continuity of 
motion in the head depends upon the 

Discharge Arms Fail to Start or 
Fail to Revolve Completely, This is 
a dog trouble. See that the dog spring 
is in place and is of sufficient strength 
to hold the dog in the path of the 
binder head drivers when the dog is 
released. See also that the striking 
faces of the dog and dog driver are 
not worn sufficiently to permit them 



to slip by one another. If the dis- 
charge arms revolve by jerks it is very 
probable that a worn condition in the 
striking faces is the cause. 

Discharge Arms Revolve Continu- 
ally. Before discussing this trouble a 
word should be said regarding timing. 
It will be noticed that every part of 
the binder head except the packers 
works at a certain moment in rela- 
tion to other parts. The dog makes a 
Certain number of revolutions before 
the stop arm is allowed to drop back 
Into place to throw the dog out of 
J^ngagement with the binder head 
drivers. Hence the relation between 
the stop arm and the dog is a set 
relation maintained through beveled 
gears. If for any reason these gears 
«re separated and not put back in the 
ftriginal definite relation to each 
mher, the head is said to be out of 
time; This means that the stop arm 
'Sifould not be in place at the proper 
moment to throw the dog out of en- 
gagement and a second revolution of 
the discharge arm immediately fol- 
lows the first. The timing principle 
holds true in all makes of heads and 
k obtained in a way more or less 
common in all types, though the 
inechanism will vary to some degree 
1ft its shape and position. If the dis- 
charge arms revolve continually the 
head may be out of time or the stop 
nrm face may be so badly worn that 
It allows the dog to slip by when the 
fr«vo come together. If the machine is 
out of time, i. e., if the stop arm is 
not in place to throw the dog out in 
the proper time, time the head by 
properly meshing the beveled gears 
between the packer shaft and the 
binder head counter shaft which runs 
up to drive the tier shaft. If the 
striking faces between the dog and 
the stop arm are so worn that they 
filip by one another, file the faces to 
their original form. If this allows 
too much play or looseness in the 
dog (which can be tested by taking 
hold of the discharge arms to deter- 
mine whether they are tight or loose) 
<» new dog or perhaps a new stop 
i»rm must be purchased. Some ma- 
*>hines permit lengthening of the stop 
hrm. Look for such adjustment and 
use same to hold the dog back tighter. 
Casting Very Small Bundles. There 
are two causes for this trouble. The 
dog may not be thrown out at the 

proper time, and the remedy for such 
a condition has been just stated above. 
Small bundles often appear in badly 
tangled grain when the cast bundle is 
not cleaned from the machine and its 
weight trips the head again immedi- 
ately and a small bundle is cast which 
seems to be really a part of the first. 
Manipulate the machine to make a 
clean bundle, loosen the grain checks, 
adjust the trip spring to tie a looser 
bundle and adjust the compressor arm 
to tie a smaller bundle. 

Discharge Arms Not Set Tight, or 
Dog Drive Strikes Dog. Usually 
these two conditions accompany one 
another and are due to extreme wear 
in gears and dog, or tier shaft lock 
may have become loosened. The tier 
shaft lock is usually a little dog 
working behind the tier shaft cam 
wheel at the end of the tier shaft. It 
holds the discharge arms in place 
when they are at rest. Examine your 
binder head for this mechanism and 
if it can be adjusted usually the 
trouble can be remedied by such ad- 
justment. If the cam track in tier 
shaft cam wheel acts as the lock, 
new parts may have to be added to 
relieve badly worn conditions, but 
this will not necessarily remedy the 
striking between dog and driver. If 
head is very badly worn and all gear- 
ing has considerable play, the dog 
may be advanced one cog which will 
bring the head into better time. Great 
care must be used in doing this, how- 
ever, for it often happens that a head 
so treated will work perfectly when 
operated by hand, but when driven 
by the packer shaft under actual con- 
ditions the tier shaft is not compelled 
to complete its revolution and thus is 
not "driven home" and locked. This 
will then result in the discharge arms 
dropping down and in greater inter- 
ference between dog and driver. It 
is sometimes found necessary to re- 
place badly worn gears, in order to 
entirely eliminate this trouble. 

Knotter Head Troubles 

All binders are very similar. They 
combine the same principles, and al- 
though the detail of the mechanism 
may dififer somewhat, still for every 
vital part on one make of machine 
there can be found on each other 
machine a part similar in function, 
very similar in shape, and often very 




similar in position. This is particu- 
larly true in the knotter head or that 
portion of the binder head which ties 
the knot. In discussing these troubles 
then, let us bear in mind that every 
make of binder has in some form 
each part shown in the second illus- 
tration, and that the functions of these 
parts are the same though the posi- 
tion and shape may vary slightly. 

The disc is that part which holds 
the end of the twine while the bundle 
is being formed. The bills, also shown 
in the illustration, are those parts 
which tie the knot. It is the function 
of the needle to bring up^ the needle 
end of the band, place it over the 
bills and into the disc where the disc 
catches it and securely holds both 
ends. The bills then revolve, forming 
a loop about themselves, and after 
revolving part way they open, seize 
both ends of the band, as shown in 
the illustration, and hold the ends of 
the band while the stripper arm pulls 

the loop off the bills — hence the ends 
of the band are pulled through the 
loop and the knot is tied. If these 
operations are kept clearly in mind 
the operator will find his tying trou- 
bles greatly simplified. 

Each operator should be able to 
tell just where his trouble lies by ex- 
amining the failing band and noting 
where it is found. 

In the third illustration. Figure 1 
found clinging to the bills with the 
simple knot tied around the bills and 
the loose end cut square and smooth, 
indicates that the disc spring is too 
loose and the twine tension is too 

The same band found cast with the 
bundle instead of clinging to the bills 
would indicate that the disc is but 
slightly loose, yet too loose. The 
band indicating such trouble is shown 
in Fig. 2. 

Fig. 3 found clinging to the bills 
but with the free end crushed and 




FQ'JNCJ ■*•' 

. . i 

pig. 2 


F; ^. » 

ragged indicates that the disc is too 
tight and that the twine tension is 
also too tight. 

Fig. 4 found cast with the bundle 
instead of on the bills indicates that 
the twine tension is perfect but that 
the disc is slightly too tight. 

Fig. 5 found with the cast bundle 
and with both ends crushed and 
ragged indicates that the disc is very 
tight. ^ 

Notice the bent crinkled ends in 
Fig. 6 and that the band is formed 
with the bundle. The ends have been 
in the knot but have pulled out. The 
bills may be too loose or the "hump" 
on the underside of the upper bill 
may be worn away sufficiently so that 
the bills cannot hold the ends of the 
band securely enouoh when the loop 
is pulled off. This probably has 
caused a loose knot which pulled out 
when the bundle spread. If the bills 
are too loose tighten the bills spring. 
If the little "hump" is worn away 
file away a little of the stock behind 
the hump, using a rat-tail file. 

Fig. 8 is the familiar band which 
seems to be tied perfectly when the 
bundle is first cast, but when the 
shocker grasps the bundle the band 
gives way and appears as shown. If 
the disc is at the proper tension, then 
the trouble is probably that the bills 
do not' open wide enough to grasp 
both ends of the twine in the disc. 
If the bills cam roller on the back of 
the upper bill is worn one-sided, sup- 

ply new parts. If the whole bills 
shaft has dropped down due to wear 
below the bills pinion gear, place a 
very thin washer under pinion to 
bring the bills up against the knotter 
head frame where they belong. It 
sometimes happens that a very loose 
twine tension allows sufficient slack 
in the twine to arch slightly over the 
bills instead of being pulled down 
tightly over them. The upper bill 
will then nose in between the bands' 
ends instead of grasping both of them 
and a simple slip knot is tied instead 
of a hard knot. 

Fig. 9 indicates a needle trouble. 
For some reason the needle has not 
placed the twine in the disc. Most 
likely the needle has carried up some 
green stuff of some kind which mo- 
mentarily clogs the disc. If this band 
occurs frequently, however, then prob- 
ably the eye of the needle has be- 
come so badly worn back, due to too 
tight a tension, that the needle can 
not advance far enough to place the 
twine in the disc. The needle should 
advance until it just barely touches 
the stripper or breast plate._ If it 
does not advance that far it is prob- 
ably slow and the needle pitman 
should be shortened slightly. 

Make all binder head and knotter 
head adjustments gradually. A quar- 
ter of a turn of the studs on the disc 
and knotter bills springs is ample to 
remedy most troubles in those parts. 




By C. O. Reed, University of Illinois in Prairie Farmer. 

Not all of our implement troubles 
are to be found in the plow or in the 
binder. The corn planter has troubles 
of its own, and it is the purpose of 
this article to discuss some of the 
corn planter principles and troubles 
that are often misunderstood. 

Accuracy in Drop 

Some corn growers say that ac- 
curacy of drop is not an important 
factor with them because two kernels 
in one hill and four in the next gives 
an average of three kernels per hill 
and that is the number desired. The 
fallacy of this statement is very ap- 
parent when we stop to consider that 
in such planting we have not the de- 
sired three kernels in either hill; and 
if the soil is three-kernel soil, two 
kernels per hill are too few while 
four kernels are too many. The re- 
sult is probably a loss in each hill. 

A certain soil may give the best 
yield with either two, three or four 
kernels per hill, but after it has been 
ascertained which number of kernels 
is best every effort should be made to 
secure that number in each hill where 
the soil conditions remain constant. 
The variable drop devices on planters 
afford ample opportunity to shift from 
two to three or from three to four 
kernels per hill as the soil conditions 
through the row may demand, but 
the advisability of permitting inac- 
curacy in drop from hill to hill is 

The first two requisites for accu- 
racy in drop are (a) seed of uniform 
size, and (b) the selection of the 
proper seed plate. Hand tipped and 
butted corn or machine sorted corn 
will give seed as uniform in shape 
and size of kernel as is practical, but 
unsorted seed may be relied upon to 
cause inaccurate dropping. 

Testing out the planter to make 
sure that the proper plate is used is 
to be strongly advocated. Last year's 
plate may not be the best one for this 
year's seed, for if there is a slight 
difference in the average size of ker- 
nels between the two years, a corre- 
sponding change miy be necessary in 

the size of the seed pits in the plate 
used. The following table taken from 
laboratory tests shows the danger of 
carelessness in selecting the seed 
plate. The planter was set to drop 
three-kernel hills, and the plates 
"small" and "large" were plates next 
size smaller and next size larger than 
the proper or right sized plate found. 

Small sized Large 
plate plate plato 
Per cent of blank hill.. 9.34 .00 .00 
Per cent of hills contain- 
ing 1 kernel 29.36 .26 .28 

Per cent of hills contain- 
ing 2 kernels 37.54 8.66 5.3 

Per cent of hills contain- 
ing 3 kernels 20.48 88.12 81.28 

Per cent of hills contain- 
ing 4 kernels 2.66 2.84 11.48 

Per cent of hills contain- 
ing 5 kernels 62 .12 1.66 

These figures tend to show that a 
slight mistake in plate selection may 
lead to a direct loss in stand. There 
may be but a very slight difference 
between two pairs of plates — so slight 
perhaps that we can not detect the 
difference by eye — but a test of the 
two pairs will quickly show that one 
of those pairs means a good drop 
while the other paii is dangerous and 
its use should be avoided. Testing 
can be done when time at the barn 
permits and will not only mean a sav- 
ing of time in the field but will also 
enable the operator to avoid a mis- 
take before it is too late. 

Each operator will have his own 
method of testing out the planter but 
he should heed these three rules: (1) 
Let each test consist of at least 50 or 
60 hills; (2) run the planter parts at 
field speed; (3) do not give up until 
the best plate is found. Probably the 
quickest way to test is to run the 
planter in the farm yard, providing 
the chickens do not get the corn be- 
fore we can count it. Rainy day test- 
ing on the barn floor is a little more 
troublesome but can be very success- 
fully accomplished by two persons as 
follows Jack the planter up over a 
blanket stretched tight on the floor so 
that the furrow openers will be about 
three inches above the blanket when 



the depth lever is thrown forward. 
One man can then turn the drive 
wheel, trip the check arm and call out 
the number of kernels dropped, while 
the second person records the count. 
After each hill is dropped the kernels 
are brushed away by foot of the man 
turning the drive wheel. Glancing at 
the drop without recording the count 
simplifies the process but it is not 
an accurate method and should be 
avoided when possible. 

Accuracy of drop may be secured 
further by keeping the seed hoppers 
at least half full at all times. 

Blank Hills at the Ends of Rows 

Accuracy of drop depends also to 
some extent upon the speed of the 
valves. It sometimes happens that at 
one end of the row we will happen to 
stop the team just as the button on 
the check wire has begun to force 
the check arm. The valves work so 
slowly at such a time or stop at such 
a point that in some planters the seed 
at the top of the boot drops clear 
through to the ground instead of be- 
ing intercepted at the bottom of the 
boot. Two hills drop at once, then, 
and when we have turned around 
there are no kernels at the lower 
valve ready for the first hill on the 
return trip. On some planters we 
may overcome the difficulty by foot 
dropping one hill while the team is 
turning. On other planters the only 
remedy is to stop sooner at the end 
of the row or to drive ahead at usual 
speed until the wire has released the 
check arm. 

Accuracy in Check 

Considerable attention is usually 
given to securing accurate checking, 
but a word regarding the adjustment 
will not be amiss. Accurate checking 
means possibility of closer cultivation 
and less loss by cultivating out hills. 
The manufacturer has found that un- 
der usual conditions the check wire 
will travel from one to three inches 
across the field, and inasmuch as the 
slack will always be ahead of the 
machine, he designs his planter to 
drop the hill at a distance behind the 
button equal to one-half the travel. 
On the return trip the hill is again 
dropped behind the button and thus 
the hills should check in spite of the 
wire travel. It can readily be seen 
then that if ^ our shoes or furrow 
openers are dropping nearer to or 
farther away from the button than 
half the wire travel,^ our system for 
securing good checking will be ma- 
terially interfered with and adjust- 
ments must be made at A in Fig. 1. 

This tongue adjustment will vary 
on the different makes of planters. 
On some it is at the rear end of the 
tongue, but it will be found on all 
the popular makes. As a rule the 
front frame of the planter should be 
run level, and it can be so run with a 
properly drawn check wire. But dif- 
ferent tensions on the wire drawn 
by different drivers may necessitate 
throwing the front frame slightly out 
of a horizontal position. If the 
planter drops too close to the button, 
make such tongue adjustment as will 

Tig. 1. fSongue Adjnstment to Secure Accurate ChecHug 



A Spread Cbeck Fork May Cause Struiging' 

drop the furrow openers back a little 
toward the wheels. To some extent 
tightening the check wire will accom- 
plish the same result in the check. 
Forcing the furrow openers a little 
ahead by means of the tongue adjust- 
ment will cause the hill to be dropped 
a little clo-e to the button, or having 
the check wire a little more slack will 
have the same result in the check. 
In testing for accuracy of check by 
digging up hills, select hills pretty 
close behind the planter. Adjusting 
the neckyoke straps will also afifect 
the check. The adjustment shown in 
Fig. 1 is also a means of maintaining 
a good check when dififerent heights 
of teams are used and when the dif- 
ference cannot be compensated for 
by adjusting the neckyoke straps. 

Uniform tension in the check wire 
must be maintained if accurate check- 
ing is to result. Some drivers even 
go so far as to make allowance for 
the expansion and contraction of the 
check wire due to varying tempera- 

ture from day to day, but this is get- 
ting too particular to be practical. 
It is practical, however, where plant- 
ing is being done up end down a 
slope, to pull the wire tighter when 
setting the high stake. 

Uniform Depth of Planting 

In planting over a rough field, a 
more uniform depth can often be se- 
cured by floating the furrow openers, 
but when this is done the operator 
should keep the openers under foot 
control so that the shoes may be 
forced to their depth in dry spots and 
kept from planting too deep in moist, 
soft spots. There are a number of 
shoe gauges now on the market which 
attach to shoes to insure uniform 
depth when floating is desirable. Such 
attachments should prove valuable if 
properly used where the conditions 
demand. Stringing of the hill may 
be caused by (a) dirt in the boot, and 
(b) by a spread check arm. Trouble 
from the first cause will probably be 



due to the team having set back on 
the planter while the shoes were still 
in the ground. Clean out the boot 
bottom thoroughly and the rest of the 
remedy is obvious. Trouble (b) is 
less easily detected. If the check arm 
is spread as is shown at B in Fig. 2, 
the wire button will let go of the 
check arm before the valves have 
been forced wide open, to the result 
that the kernels will be strung out in 
the row rather than being dropped 
well together. By means of a ham- 
mer, drive the arm halves ^;ogether to 
their original position, but in so doing 
care must be taken not to get the 
halves so closely together that bind- 
ing of the wire will result. The check 
arm halves can be left straight as 
shown at A in Fig. 2. Some opera- 
tors find that stringing is due to a 
badly worn shoe. If this is deter- 
mined to be the cause, new parts must 
usually be supplied. 

Clutch Troubles 

Clutches on the various planters 
differ so widely in design that no spe- 
cific rules can be given that would 
apply to all makes. Failure of the 
clutch to grip or release can often be 
overcome by thoroughly cleaning the 
parts, and if the striking forces are 
worn round, new parts may have to 
be secured. On most planters this 
means but slight expense and a little 

Timing the Plate Rims 

Breakage may necessitate removal 
of the rim which drives the plate. 
This rim is timed with the pinion on 
the shaft which drives the plates from 
the clutch, and when the rim is re- 
placed on the machine the "time" must 
be re-established. If the plate rim is 
out of time with the pinion, inaccu- 
racy will result because the plate it- 
self will not stop at the proper time. 

On some machines the cog teeth of 
the rim and pinion are so marked or 
constructed that it is very easy to 
ascertain the proper relation between 
the two castings. Before removing 
the rim the operator should carefully 
seek any such guides so that he may 
know just how to replace the parts. 
If no guide Is found on the arm and 
on the shaft pinion, make a mark on 
each by means of a cold chisel, and 
then in replacing parts bring these 

two marks into the same relation to 
each other as at first. It sometimes 
happens that after replacing a rim or 
adding a new one, it breaks as soon 
as it revolves. This is due to non- 

The question is often asked: "Is 
the disc furrow opener preferable to 
the ordinary shoe runner?" The sin- 
gle disc opener has better penetration 
than the shoe and will cut through 
trash to better advantage, but it 
throws the soil to one side and cover- 
ing is made more difficult. The dou- 
ble disc has less penetrating ability 
than the single disc, but covering can 
be more easily accomplished after it. 

In hard, trashy ground, then, the 
disc opener should prove preferable 
to the shoe opener, but in a well pre- 
pared seed bed, well free from surface 
trash, the shoe is strongly advocated 
because of its simplicity. The planter 
with disc openers cannot be consid- 
ered a heavy draft implement, but the 
discs carry bearings which must work 
in soil and one may always expect 
trouble with such a combination. 


Household Editor of 

Frairie Parmer 




By C. O. Reed, University of Illinois in Prairie Farmer. 

To repair a broken or badly weak- 
ened strand, complete the break as 
shown in Fig. 1 and unlay each end 
of the strand back about 2 feet as 

shown at A and B in Fig. 2. Take 
a strand about five feet long from a 
piece of rope exactly the same size 
as the hay rope, and lay it into the 

Fig*. 1. A Broken Strand to Be Bepairedr 

Fig". 2. Ready to Lay In the New Piece 

Fig". 3. Starting* to Lay In the TXevr Strand in BepalrinEr a Broken Stranii 




,^j,s^^<»«"***'*'^^^ /3 

Pig-. 4. In Iiaying- In the New Strand the Original Twist and Tension Must 

Be Maintained 

Fig-. 5. The New Strand Has Been Iiaid In Beady to he Secured at the Bnds. 

place of the broken strand as shown 
in Figs. 3 and 4, great caution being 
taken to give the new strand its orig- 
inal twist and to draw it sufficiently- 
tight, so that the old and new strands 
will have the same tension when the 
load is applied. We now have ,tne 
ends, as shown in Fig. 5. With each 
pair of ends, tie a simple knot, as 
shown in the upper rope in Fig. 6, 
caution being taken to avoid tying 
the knot shown in the lower half of 
the same picture. Pull the knots well 
down into the lay of the rope. Now 
weave each end in, always working 
from right to left in weaving, or at 
right angles to the twist or spiral. 
Work each end under the two 

strands, laying next to the knot as 
with ends B and D in Fig. 7. Work 
the ends in a second time and then 
cut them ofif, leaving about a quarter 
of an inch extending out of the rope, 
as shown in Fig. 8. This completes 
the repairing of a broken strand. The 
rope will be stronger than its pre- 
vious dangerous condition, and if the 
repair is properly made, it will be 
hard to detect and will last as long 
as the rope is serviceable. 

If the hay rope is broken or breaks 
during the hay season, mend it with 
a long splice which can be quickly 
made with a little practice. The short 
splice should not be used in hay 
ropes. Proceed with the long splice 
as follows: 



About 2J^ feet from the ends of 
the rope at the break, tie a piece of 
twine securely around the rope. Un- 
lay all three strands in each end back 
to the twines. Now bring the ends 
of the rope together securely so that 
each strand from one end lies alone 
between two strands of the other 
end, as shown in Fig. 9. Each strand 
from each end must now be paired 
with 'a corresponding strand from the 
other end, the strands of each pair 
standing in the same relation to each 
other as the strands in each other 
pair; for instance, in Fig. 9 strands 
3 and 5 are paired and the other re- 
maining strands must now be paired 
in exactly the same way. The proc- 
ess now consists of unlaying one 

strand of each two pairs and laying 
into its place its mate from the other 
rope. In other words, strand ~ 5 in 
Fig. 9 is unlaid and strand 3 is laid 
into its place toward the reader's 
right. Then strand 2 from the left 
rope is unlaid and its mate, strand 6, 
is laid into its place toward our left. 
The third pair of strands remains in 
the center. Cut off each strand so 
that about five inches reinains and 
we will then have the partially com- 
pleted splice, as shown in Fig. 10. 
With each pair of ends, tie a simple 
knot exactly as shown in the upper 
half of Fig. 6 and weave the ends in 
just as we did when repairing a 
broken strand above. In making the 
splice great care must be taken to 
keep the original twist in all strands 

Fig'. 6. Tying' Ends in Repairing a Broken Strand and in the Iiong Splice. 
The Upper Simple Knot Is Correct. Tlie Iio-nrer Knot Is 'Wrong 

Fig. 7. Weave in tbe Ends as at B and D 



laid in, and in pulling each just tight 
enough so that it will carry its one- 
third of the load. A properly made 
long splice is hard to detect except 
where the ends protrude. It does not 
increase the diameter of the rope, 
and is the only splice which should 
be used where the rope 'runs over 
pulleys. The lengths of long splices 
for ordinary farm ropes of dififerent 
sizes should be as follows: 

% inch rope — 4 feet 

% inch rope — 5 feet 

1 Inch rope — 6 feet 

This means that each end to be 
spliced will be unlaid back only one- 
half these distances. The same dis- 
tances can be safely used for repair- 
ing broken strands where new strands 
are laid in. 

If you wish to "take the twist out" 
of a new rope before puting it into 
the hay rigging, tie one end of the 

rope to a light wagon and drag the 
rope about a meadow for twenty min- 
utes or so, drawing it sharply around 
a tree or post if possible. This treat- 
ment will lessen objectionable twist- 
ing and snarling, so troublesome with 
new ropes. Do not drag the rope 
out on a dirt road, as is often done. 
It is hardly necessary to caution the 
wise driver to turn his fork team al- 
ternately to the right and to the left 
to avoid twisting the hay rope. 

H. G. Brunning of Mason county, 
111., who has had considerable experi- 
ence with alfalfa on sandy lands, says 
that when he seeds alfalfa again he 
will not use a nurse crop, as on light, 
sandy soils the young alfalfa plants 
need all the plant food they can get 
and should not be robbed by the nurse 

rig-. 9. starting' the Iiong- Splice 

Pig. 10. Beady to Tie the Knots in the Iiongr Splice. Ends 1, 2 and 3 Axe 
from Bope A. linds 4, 5 and 6 Are from Bope B 




From Prairie Farmer. 

Here are a few rules prepared by 
the Boston Work Horse Relief Asso- 
ciation that may as well be observed 
on the farm as in the city: 

Load lightly, and drive slowly. 

Stop in the shade if possible. 

Water your horse as often as pos- 
sible. So long as a horse is working, 
water in small quantities will not hurt 
him. But let him drink only a few 
swallows if he js going to stand still. 
Do not fail to water him at night after 
he has eaten his hay. 

When he comes in after work, 
sponge ofif the harness marks and 
sweat, his eyes, his nose, and mouth, 
and the dock. Wash his feet, but not 
his legs. 

If the thermometer is 75 degrees or 
higher, wipe him all over with a damp 
sponge. Use vinegar water if possible. 
Do not turn the hose on him. 

Saturday night, give a bran mash, 
lukewarm; and add a tablespoonfuj of 

•If the horse is overcome by heat, 
get him into the shade, remove har- 
ness and bridle, wash out his mouth, 
sponge him all over, shower his legs, 
and give him two ounces of aromatic 
spirits of ammonia, or two ounces of 
sweet spirits of nitre, in a pint of 
water; or give him a pint of coflfee, 
warm. Cool his head at once, using 
cold water, or, if necessary, chopped 
ice, wrapped in a cloth. 

If the horse is off his feed, try him 
■with two quarts of oats mixed with 
bran and a little water, and add a little 
salt or sugar. Or give him oatmeal 
gruel or barley water to drink. 

Watch your horse. If he stops 
sweating suddenly, or if he breathes 
short and quick, or if his ears droop, 
or if he stands with his legs braced 
sideways, he is in danger of a heat or 
sun stroke and needs attention at 

If it is so hot that the horse sweats 
in the stable at night, tie him outside, 
with bedding under him. Unless he 
cools ofif during the night, he cannot 
■well stand the next day's heat. 


By P. O. Barnfield, in Prairie Farmer. 

Soldering is so simple and is use- 
ful in so many different ways that one 
naturally supposes every farmer would 
have a soldering outfit if he thought 
he could use it to advantage. On 
this supposition I beg to offer some 
suggestions which have come from 
actual experience. 

No special ability or experience is 
required. It is, of course, true that 
deftness and accurancy naturally fol- 
low experience, but good results will 
as surely follow if one will keep the 
following points in mind. 

The soldering outfit consists of a 
soldering copper (good size, not un- 
der two pounds), a bar of half and 
half solder, a piece of salammoniac, 
and a small bottle of muriatic acid 
with a small brush for applying. 

Heat the soldering copper not red 
hot but about the same as a flat iron 
would be heated for ironing clothes, 
wipe off the dust on a rag, take a 
file and rub the surface at the point 
till copper is clean and bright, then 
press the hot copper down the sal- 
ammoniac till it makes a depression. 
Place the end of the bar of solder 
in this depression and with the cop- 
per melt off two or three drops of 
solder. Remove the bar and rub the 
copper hard into the depression, but 
not so as to push the solder out over 
the edge. Keep this up till the cop- 
per is well coated with a smooth 
bright coat resembling tin. You are 
now ready for business. Remove 
every particle of dirt from the parts 
intended to be soldered. Usually it 
is necessary to scrape the surface with 
a knife or file if greasy or very dirty, 
and then with a small brush apply 
the muriatic acid. Rub the surface 
with the brush to remove particles. 
Now rub surface to be soldered with 
the hot copper, using solder as de- 
sired. If the solder stands in globules 
and does not spread over the surface 
it is because there is some foreign 
matter between the solder and the sur- 
face and the cleaning process should 
be repeated with more care. 

Solder will stick to almost any kind 
of metal if there is no foreign matter 
on the surface. Since the parts of a. 



copper under the tinned surface are 
easily .melted, it should never be 
heated to a red heat. 

In mending granitewear or copper, a 
copper harness rivet or a tinner's 
rivet may be inserted after cleaning 
the surface around the hole. Get the 

boys started to making measures and 
buckets, funnels and flue caps. Ask 
that these be made a specific size and 
see how quickly they v^ill grapple w^ith 
problems in mensuration. It also 
might keep them out of town some 


From Prairie Farmer. 

Nearly everyone knows the defini- 
tion of a "horsepower'' as given in 
school arithmetics, etc., namely, "the 
power required to raise a weight of 
33,000 pounds to a height of 1 foot m 
one minute." As this is a definite, 
fixed unit of power, one would natur- 
ally suppose that the horsepower rat- 
ings of two tractors would be a 
logical and reliable means of compar- 
ing their ability to perform work; 
that a tractor rated at 30 horsepower 
on the drawbar would be twice as 
powerful and capable of doing twice 
as much work as one rated at 15 
horsepower on the drawbar, for ex- 
ample. This supposition would be 
correct but for the fact that there has 
been no definite standard used m 
ascertaining the horsepower devel- 
oped by tractors and the percentage 
of the power actually developed 
which should be taken for their 
catalogue rating. The various manu- 
facturers have followed their own 
judgment in the matter, and as a re- 
sult several methods of rating are 
being used, with a consequent lack of 

It is because of this fact that at the 
present time it is quite common to 
find two tractors doing practically the 
same amount of work and clearly of 
about equal power although with 
widely dififerent catalog ratings. It 
is obvious that either the outfit with a 
low catalog rating has been under- 
rated by its manufacturer or that the 
second machine has been overrated, 
or perhaps both have occurred. It 
would seem advisable, therefore, that 
steps be taken to bring about a stand- 
ard rule for ascertaining and desig- 
nating the horsepower of tractors. It 
is not so important, perhaps, what 
particular method is followed so long 
as the same method is used by aTI 
manufacturers, thus avoiding having 
machines of the same power given 
such varying ratings. 

A movement is already on foot in 
the department to bring about the 
adoption of some standard. Until one 
has been decided upon and adopted, 
it is suggested that farmers, in com- 
paring dififerent makes of tractors, 
should give particular attention to the 
number of plows pulled and the 
amount of work done by the various 
machines, and that less attention be 
paid to the catalog ratings. 

When outfits can be seen working 
side by side, as at the tractor demon- 
strations which are being held 
throughout the country, the amount 
of work done is of more value in 
cornparing the relative power than are 
the manufacturers' ratings, unless ex- 
actly the same method has been used 
in each case. 

It is obvious that two tractors — 
each pulling the same number of 
plows of equal size, at equal depth, 
in the same soil, and each moving at 
the same speed — are exerting practi- 
cally equal amounts of power on the 
drawbar. In such case, if each is pull- 
ing its normal load, they should have 
the same drawbar rating. It is not 
at all uncommon, however, as previ- 
ously stated, to find tractors under 
such conditions with widely dififerent 
ratings. By using as a standard the 
amount of work done by different 
tractors therefore a very fair com- 
parison of the drawbar horsepower 
can be obtained. With this known, 
a good idea of the power of the motor 
can be gained. If in the case just 
mentioned, one of the machines was 
considerably heavier than the other, 
it is apparent that it would require 
more power to move its own weight 
and that it would therefore not be 
capable of exerting on the drawbar 
as large a percentage of the motor's 
total power as would the other ma- 
chine, assuming that the loss of 
power through gears, etc., in the 
transmission was the same. It natur- 
ally follows that the motor on the 



heaviest machine would develop more 
power on the belt than would the one 
on the lighter outfit. 

The terms "brake" or "belt" horse- 
power mean exactly the same thing 
and are used to denote the amount of 
power which the engine will develop 
and transmit to a belt for stationary 
work, such as threshing. This amount 
of power may be computed by dififer- 
ent formulas or may be ascertained 
definitely by actual measurement with 
a proper apparatus. This accounts for 
some of the lack of uniformity in rat- 
ings. Some companies carefully 
measure the amount of power devel- 
oped by each engine before it leaves 
the factory and then give their engine 
a catalogue rating equivalent to its 
maximum power output; others will 
deduct a certain amount from the . 
maximum horsepower as ascertained 
and rate their engine at various per- 
centages of this figure in order to be 
on the safe side, and to underrate 
their outfit rather than overrate it, 
while some companies do not measure 
the amount of power the engine actu- 
ally develops, but compute it. With 
the diameter of cylinder, the length 
of stroke, and the number of revolu- 
tions per minute known, the horse- 
power which will be developed by an 
engine can be computed with a fair 
degree of accuracy, although there are 
a number of formulas used, several of 
which give somewhat different results. 

In comparing the power of two 
tractors the speed at which they are 
moving must always be considered. 
A tractor pulling two plows at 2 miles 
an hour will do the same amount of 
work as one pulling one plow and 
traveling at 4 miles an hour, other 
conditions being equal, and the horse- 
power developed at the drawbar is the 
same, because the element of time 
enters into the determination of 
horsepower. The slower any given 
tractor is geared to move the greate-r 
will be the load which it can pull at 
the (^rawbar, as it pulls it less rapidly. 
The amount of work done and the 
total amount of power exerted will 
remain practically the same. 

It is obvious that in the case men- 
tioned the tractor pulling one plow 
and running twice as fast as the one 
pulling two plows must move its own 
weight over the ground twice as many 
times as will the other tractor. If the 

weight of the two tractors is the same, 
it will be seen that twice as much 
power has been expended in moving 
the weight of the high-speed tractor 
as has been used by the one with low 

A great many farmers find it diffi- 
cult to understand why a tractor of, 
say, 10 horsepower at the drawbar will 
not pull as heavy a load as will 10 
horses. This is not because a me- 
chanical horsepower is less than the 
amount of power developed by a 
horse, but is because of the fact that 
a horse has an enormous overload 
capacity — that is, he is capable of ex- 
erting for a short time a great deal 
stronger pull than he should normally 
maintain hour after hour. 

A tractor, however, has very little 
overload capacity when pulling its 
normal load. Thus, if a tractor with 
a drawbar rating of 10 horsepower 
pulling its nonnal load of plows under 
average conditions should strike a 
particularly hard spot where the draft 
was doubled for a few minutes it 
would stall; while 10 horses under 
similar conditions could readily in- 
crease their pull sufficiently to meet 
the increased draft. 

From this it will be seen that in 
cases where the draft will vary (and 
this occurs in practically all kinds of 
farm work because of grades, soil 
variation, etc.) the load which a 
tractor will handle satisfactorily is 
that which it can pull up the steepest 
grade or through the toughest soil in 
the field. This load may be only half 
of what it can pull under more favor- 
able conditions in the same field. It 
will also be apparent that the working 
load of a tractor under ordinary farm 
conditions is considerably less than 
the normal load for its drawbar equiv- 
alent in horses, that is, a tractor of 10 
horsepower on the drawbar will not 
pull, except under constantly favor- 
able conditions, the load which a 10- 
horse team would normally pull. The 
difference might be said to be entirely 
in the overload capacity of these tW" 
prime movers. With a tractor its 
maximum power is practically its 
normal power because it is capable of 
pulling this load continuously, but 
cannot carry anything in excess of 
this. On the other hand, the horse's 
normal load is much less than what 
he can do in an emergency. 




By Carl Livingston, University of 
Wisconsin, in Prairie Farmer. 

Covering soft maple and elm stumps 
with salt would surely kill the stumps, 
but there is no question but that this 
process would be very much more ex- 
pensive than it would to blow them 
out with dynamite or to pull them 
with a stump puller. 

In regard to pouring coal oil on the 
stumps, if enough is poured on I pre- 
sume it would kill the stumps, but I 
imagine a small quantity would injure 
them very slightly. 

From time to time we have rumors 
of kerosene being applied to stumps 
through holes bored in the top and al- 
lowed to stand for some time. It is 
claimed that these stumps may be 
burned out very easily and completely. 
However, we have never yet run 
across any case of where this process 
of stump removal has been econom- 

If anyone is especially anxious to 
kill the stumps quickly, I would ad- 
vise him to go along with a spade and 
mattock and take the dirt away from 
the roots for six iniches below the 
ground line and peel the bark from 
the stump. 


From Prairie Farmer. 

In order to assist the user in pre- 
venting most of the common gasoline 
engine troubles, the Bull Bulletin in a 
recent issue gives the following 

Don't put gasoline into the tank 
without straining it through a cha- 
mois; there may be water in the gas- 
oline, or some sediment that would 
clog up the carburetor or mixing 

Don't handle gasoline by the light 
of a lantern or other open light. If 
you have no electric light where the 
tank is located, never fill it except by 

Don't attempt to run an engine 
without providing sufficient lubrica- 

Don't over-oil the engine. Just 
enough in the right place is better 
than a quart. 

Don't use common black oil on 
small bearings. Such oil is not suited 
to the purpose. 

Don't get oil or grease on the wires 
of the battery circuit; it will ruin the 

Don't hold a spark plug wire more 
than %. inch away from the engine 
with the current turned on, when test- 
ing. There is danger of ruining the 
spark coil. 

Don't throw away a spark plug un- 
less it is broken. A spark plug does 
not wear out, and the only attention 
it requires is usually nothing more 
than grinding. 

Don't screw a spark plug on too 
tight. It may "bake" fast. Graphite, 
is available, should be used on the 

Don't throw away any batteries in 
winter until you have tried thawing 
them out. Often they are only con- 
gealed or frozen up. 

Don't leave the battery switch 
closed when the engine is not running. 

Don't leave the gasoline turned on 
when the engine is not running. 

Don't attempt to connect more cells 
of battery in a set than recommended 
by the maker of the engine. You may 
overload the spark coil and burn it 

Don't leave strands of wire sticking 
out around connections. They may 
cause a "ground" in the circuit. 

Don't attempt to use any method to 
warm up the carburetor in cold 
weather that might ignite the gasoline. 
Cloths that have been wrung out of 
hot water are the safest means of 
heating the carburetor if necessary. 

Don't run your engine when over- 

Don't drive the engine if it makes 
an unusual noise or squeak; stop at 
once and remedy the defect. 

Don't drive with a slipping clutch; 
study its connection and master the 
methods of adjustment. 

Don't drive if the lubricator is out 
of order. ^ 

Don't make a noise when changing 

Don't race the engine. 

Don't measure the depth of gasoline 
with a dirty stick. 

Don't allow a leaky gasoline pipe to 
go unrepaired; a spark or a hot ex- 
haust pipe might cause the gasoline 
to ignite. 



Don't forget to properly lock any 
nuts after making an adjustment, nor 
neglect to replace split pins which you 
may have withdrawn. 

Don't lubricate the gear with too 
thick a grease. 

Don't put too much lubricant in a 

Don't over-lubricate anywhere. 


By George Fitch. 

The tractor on the farm arose 

Before that dawn at four, 
It drove the cows and washed the 

And finished every chore. 

Then forth It went Into the field. 

Just at the break of day; 
It reaped and threshed the golden yield, 

And hauled it all away. 

It plowed the field that afternoon 
And when the job was through 

It hummed a pleasant little tune 
And churned the butter, too. 

And pumped the water for the stock, 

And ground a crib of corn. 
And hauled the baby 'round the block 

To still its cries forlorn. 

Thus ran the busy hours away 

By many a labor blest; 
And yet, when fell the twilight gray 

The tractor had no rest. 

For while the farmer, peaceful eyed. 
Read by the Tungsten's glow. 

The patient tractor stood outside 
And ran the dynamo. 


From Prairie Farmer. 

Chickens must be healthy, good 
size and not mongrel. 

Plenty of clean nests must be pro- 
vided in chicken houses or places 
where the hens lay. 

Setting hens must be separated from 
the laying flock. 

Broody hens must be broken up im- 
mediately or transferred to place 
where the setting hens are housed. 

Eggs must be gathered daily in cool 
weather and twice daily in very warm 
or extremely cold weather. 

All eggs must be kept in a cool, dry 
and well ventilated place. 

A warm kitchen, damp cellar, or in 
a room where oil, onions or strong, 
odorous vegetables are kept is very 

unsatisfactory, as eggs readily absorb 

A dry, cool, clean, well ventilated 
cellar or cave is the best. 

Never wash eggs, as it spoils their 
keeping qualities. 

Use very small, dirty eggs at home 
or market them in regular cases, not 
in the association cartons. 

Eggs o'f questionable quality must 
not be marketed through the associa- 

Always keep the eggs as cool as 
possible and away from direct rays of 

Market all eggs at least twice a 
week in summer and fall and not 
longer than once a week during' the 
rest of the season. 

After June 1, all mature males must 
be confined and sold and infertile eggs 


To find the diameter of a circle 
multiply circumference by .31831. 

To find circumference of a circle 
multiply diameter by 3.1416. 

To find area of a circle multiply 
square of diameter by .7854. 

To find surface of a ball multiply 
square of diamete;r by 3.1416. 

To find side of a square equal in 
area to a given circle, multiply the 
diameter of the latter by .8862. 
^ To find cubic inches in a ball mul- 
tiply cube of diameter by .5236. 

Doubling the diameter of a pipe 
increases its capacity four times. 

Double riveting is from 16 to 20 
per cent stronger than single. 

One cubic foot of anthracite coal 
weighs about 58 pounds. 

One cubic foot of bituminous coal 
weighs from 47 to 50 pounds. 

One ton of coal is equivalent to 
two cords of wood for steam pur- 

A gallon of water (U. S. Standard) 
-■* ighs 814 lbs. and contains 231 cu- 
bic mches. 

A cubic foot of water contains 7^ 
gallons, 1728 cubic inches, and 
weighs 62^ lbs. 

Each nominal horse-power of a 
boiler requires 30 to 35 lbs. of water 
per hour. 

To sharpen dull files lay them in 
sulphuric acid until they are eaten 
deep enough. 




By Frank I. Mann in Prairie Farmer. 

I do not know of a draft of by-laws 
suitable for a threshing ring, but it 
would be an easy matter to draw up 
such if desired. Most of the threshing 
rings are held together by a "gentle- 
man's agreement," which, as a rule, is 
just as good as a "cut and dried" con- 
stitution and by-laws, and more likely 
to be observed. 

The plan of procedure is to get all 
the parties in the ring present at a 
meeting, and if any are not present let 
them agree to observe the provisions 
agreed upon at the meeting. Elect a 
chairman and secretary. The secre- 
tary is to keep a record of all meas- 
ures acted upon by the meeting, and 
these minutes are in fact the by-laws 
to be observed later. Usually, an ex- 
ecutive com.mittee of about three 
members are chosen, and this execu- 
tive committee has full powers to de- 
cide matters not decided at the gen- 
eral meeting, to contract with engine 
and separator men, either by the cir- 
cuit or threshing and other matters 
not previously agreed upon. 

Usually the general meeting decides 
who is to furnish separator and en- 
gine and the price to be paid under a 
contract with owners of machines. 
The number of acres to be threshed is 
ascertained and the number of men to 
be furnished is distributed among the 
members according to acreage. In an 
average ring each 40-acre field fur- 
nishes one man; 80 acres, two men, 
and 100 acres or more, three men. A 
timekeeper may be agreed upon at the 
general meeting, and the timekeeper 
keeps accurate time the separator is 
running on each job. At the end of 
the threshing season a "clearance" is 
made of the work or men furnished 
during the season, and those who have 
received less help than supplied re- 
ceive the difference, which, of course, 
is paid by those who have given less 
than received. This "clearing" of help 
furnished has a good tendency to keep 
peace in a neighborhood, and is equi- 

If the ring is a large one, as many 
of the details should be agreed upon 
at the general meeting as possible, so 
as to avoid future misunderstandings. 
The order in which the jobs are 
threshed should be understood, and a 
rotation agreed upon for future years, 

so no set of members will be thrown 
either first or last; the hours for com- 
mencing and stopping work each day 
should be understood; the executive 
committee should have power to de- 
cide if any laborer furnished is ineffi- 
cient. Let the Golden Rule be the 
motto and the minutes be the by- 
laws, and among men there will be 


From Prairie Farmer. 

Grasp the chicken, when killing, by 
the bony part of the skull. Do not let 
the fingers touch the neck. Make a 
small cut with a small, sharp pointed 
knife on the right side of the roof of 
the chicken's mouth, just where the 
bones of the skull end. Brain for dry 
picking by thrusting the knife through 
the groove which runs along the mid- 
dle of the roof of the mouth until 
it touches the skull midway between 
the eyes. Use a knife which is not 
more than 2 inches long, one-fourth 
inch wide, with a thin, flat handle, a 
sharp point, and a straight cutting 

At least 30 per cent of all the poul- 
try coming into the New York market 
is incompletely bled. Much of it is so 
badly bled that it results in a loss of 
from 2 to 5 cents a pound, as com- 
pared with the corresponding poultry 
which is well bled and in good order. 
Aside from the bad appearance of in- 
completely bled chickens, their keep- 
ing properties are very inferior. The 
flesh loses its firmness sooner; its 
flavor is not so good. 

A very large proportion of the un- 
sightly poultry in our markets aside 
from the rubbing and tearing of the 
skins, is caused by an incomplete re- 
moval of the blood. This is evidenced 
by red dots which frequently occur 
where the feathers have been re- 
moved, especially over the thighs and 
wings, or by the small veins, which 
mar the appearance of the neck. Gen- 
erally it is the neck which shows most 
plainly the presence of blood in the 
fowl, or that a wrong method has been 
used in cutting the blood vessels in 
an attempt to empty them. The neck 
is the first part to discolor, becoming 
first red, then bluish red or purple and 
finally green as aging progresses. 




From Prairie Farmer. 

"It is generally agreed now that 
lightning rods, properly installed, do 
afford a considerable measure of pro- 
tection to farm buildings, a fact which 
is indicated by the more favorable in- 
surance rates which many insurance 
companies offer in insuring farm build- 
ings that are properly rodded," says 
K. J. T. Ekblaw of the department of 
farm mechanics, University of Illinois. 

"One insurance company of Michi- 
gan states that the small sum of $32 
has been paid in four years for dam- 
age done to rodded buildings by light- 
ning, although a total risk of fifty-five 
million dollars was taken. Another 
company taking risks amounting to 
fifty-nine million dollars, in the same 
period of time on both rodded and un- 
rodded buildings, paid for damage 
done by lightning more than a thou- 
sand times as much as the other com- 
pany paid on wired buildings. A 
prominent fire insurance adjuster 
states that in his experience, for every 
dollar's worth of damage done to 
properly rodded buildings, there was 
$1,168 damage done to unrodded ones. 
In other words, there was indicated 
on efficiency of 99.9 per cent in favor 
of wired ones. 

"Some of the points to be kept in 
mind in installing a system of light- 
ning rod protection are as follows: 

"(1) Either copper or galvanized 
iron may be used for lightning con- 
ductors. The cable form is satisfac- 
tory and the weight of the copper 
should be at least three ounces per 
foot, while that of the galvanized iron 
should be twice as much. 
"(2) All parts of the wiring should 
be connected up into one system. No 
blind ends or stubs should be left un- 
grounded. Joints should be made 
very securely and the contact made 
as perfect as possible by soldering and 

"(3) The conductor should be 
firmly fastened to the building in- 
stead of being insulated from it, as 
is sometimes done. The purpose of 
the conductor is to take the light- 
ning charge away from the building; 
insulation prevents this. 

"(4) The conductors should fol- 
low ridges and sharp corners in the 
buildings. No sharp turns in the con- 
ductor itself should be made. 

"(5) Aerial terminals should be lo- 
cated at the ends of ridges and on the 
ridges at intervals not to exceed 20 
feet. Any terminal point on the roof 
should have an aerial terminal of its 
own. The aerial terminals should be 
at least two feet high, firmly braced 
in upright position, securely fastened 
to the main cable, and provided with 
a galvanized or nickeled wrought iron 

"(6) Good earth connections are 
absolutely necessary. Commonly ac- 
cepted forms consist of a metal plate 
buried below the level of permanent 
rnoisture, into the soil to a depth of 
eight or ten feet, securely fastened to 
the conductor itself. 

"(7) All metal masses, such as 
metal roofs, radiators, hay fork tracks, 
etc., should be connected to the main 

"(8) Use good materials, install 
them properly, and no fear of light- 
ning need be felt." 


From Prairie Farmer. 

The slipping of belts is a great an- 
noyance, but it is not always remedied 
by tightening the belt. Ordinarily, if 
the proper-sized belts and pulleys are 
used and properly put in, there should 
be little or no slipping at all. Often 
the slipping of a belt is due to the 
overload carried by it. There is 
economy in using wider belts than is 
the usual practice. Many a three-inch 
belt is made to do the work of a four- 
inch belt, much to the annoyance of 
the operator and the ruin of the belt. 

However, when an immediate rem- 
edy is needed, a small quantity of 
powdered whiting, sprinkled on the 
inside of the belt, is very good and is 
the least harmful of any similar appli- 

The use of beeswax, rubbed on the 
inside of the belt or on the pulley is 
a very good remedy in cases of emer- 

Many people use powdered rosin on 
a slipping belt but this is bad practice 
because it soon dries the leather and 
causes it to crack. 



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Preeport Fostofiice, Freeport, Illinois 

Stephenson County Directory 

Abbreviations Used in this Directory 

a — Acres; Ch — Children; O — Owner; T — Tenant or Renter; 
R — Rural Route — Sec — Section; Maiden name of wife follows 
directory name in parenthesis (); figures at end of informa- 
tion — year became resident of county. In the case of a tenant, 
the farm owner's name follows the figures giving size of farm. 


Addams, J. (Laura Schoemaker) Ch Sarah; Cedar Creek Farm Cedarville R 1 
Buckeye Sec32 Ol38a (1853) 

Means that 

Addams, J. — name. 

(Laura Shoemaker) — wife's maiden name. 

Ch Sarah — child nained Sarah. 

Cedar Creek Farm — name of farm. 

Cedarville Rl — Postoffice Cedarville, Route 1. 

Buckeye Sec32 — Buckeye Township, Section 33. 

Ol38a— Owner of 138 acres. 

(1852) — Resident of county since 1852. 

Ackerman, Aug. (Margaret Herley) 
Ch Catherine, Joseph, Alas, August, 
Freeport R4 Harlem Sec36 T45a 
Hall Bros. (1887) 

Ackerman, Ben (Kate Schmitt) Ch 
Margaret, German Valley R3 Ridott 
Seclo Tl20a Adam Fosha (1887) 

Ackerman, Cornelius (Rena Coleman) 
Ch Edward, Alfred, German Valley 
R2 Ridott Secl4 T80a (1875) 

Ackerman, Heite (Berentie Klassen) 
Ch John, Frank, Kate, Gustie, Mary, 
Ben, Claus, Minnie, Heite, Benard, 
Alice, German Valley Rl Silver 
Creek Secl8 OSOa (1887) 



Ackerman, Henry Ridott Rl Ridott 
Sec2 Ol60a (,1885) 

Ackerman, John H. (Lena Mustert) 
Ch Henrietta, German Valley R2 
Ridott Sec21 Tl60a Maria Reints 

Ackerman, J. C. (Hattie Woodruff) 
Ch Cassie, Ida, Mary, Glenn, Ellis, 
Ridott Rl Ridott Sec2 Ol47a (1862) 

Ackerman, W. (Sarah Dallmeyer) 
Ch Minnie, William, Rosie, Elvin, 
Raymond, Ridott Rl Ridott Secll 
Ol60a (1867) 

Addams, Chas. H. (Ethel Brubacker) 
Ch Kenneth, Freeport Rl Florence 
Secl4 TBOa Mrs. J. Bruce (1885) 

Addams, J. (Laura Shoemaker) Ch 
Sarah, Cedar Creek Farm Ceder- 
ville Rl Buckeye Sec32 Ol38a 

Aikey, J. R. (Sarah Zars) Lena R3 
Westpoint Sec;52 02-la (1875) 

Albert, David (Emma Brookhausen) 
Ch Howard, Viola, Walter, Theo- 
dore, Baileyville Rl Florence Sec36 
Ol60a (1869) 

Albert, Simon B. (Mary Kaiser) Ch 
Merril, Florence Station Florence 
Sec26 Ol96a (1877) 

Albert, Theo. R., Baileyville Rl Flor- 
ence Sec36 Tl60a (1902) 

Albert, Viola, Baileyville Rl Florence 
Sec36 Tl60a (1899) 

Albertus, Hye, Ch Peter, John, Frank, 
Jennie, Tillie, Harry, German Val- 
ley R2 Ridott Sec 13 Ol60a (1867) 

Albertus, Peter, Freeport Rl Silver 
Creek Secl8 T92a Mrs. P. Alber- 
tus (1877) 

Albright, Allen (Maggie) Ch Alice, 
Lena R3 Westpoint Sec21 T80a 
C. R. Richard (1877) 

Albright, B. F., Ch Blanche, Ervin, 
Melissa, Jacob, Verna, Pearl City 
R4 Loran SeclO Ol60a (1867) 

Albright, Ervin (Cora Brinkmeier) 
Ch Earl, Everett, Milford, Pearl 
City R4 Jefferson SeclS OlBOa 

Allen, C. S. (Amelia) Ch Gladys, Jen- 
nie, Bessie, Jessie, John, Alva. 
Scioto Mills Harlem Secll T320a 
Thos. Wilcoxson (1904) 

Allison, C. H. (Mabel Campbell) Ch 
Elva, Orangeville R2 Rock Grove 
Sec27 0121a (1916) 

Alston, Guy (Elsie Backus) Ch Wil- 
son. Donald, Lena R5 Kent Sec21 
Tl20a T. H. Kiplinger (1886) 

Altenbern, Arthur L. (Blanche Smith) 
Ch Gladys, Dorothy Allen, Ruth, 
Lena R4 Waddams Secl2 O40a 
Henry Uhe (1879) 

Altenbern, Fred (Margaret Jurgens- 
mier) Ch Harold, Lena Rl Kent 
Sec4 T68a H. F. Altenbern (1896) 

Altenbern, Miss Rukie, Lena R4 West- 
point Sec28 051a (1877) 

Altenbemd, Fred (Kittie Maurer) 
Rock City R2 Rock Grove Sec4 
TllBa Henry Tilkemeier (1885) 

Altembernd, Wm. (Anna Diestle- 
meier) Ch Albert, Alfred, Emil, 
Walter, Oscar, Ervin, Hilda, Laura, 
Elsie, Eleroy Erin SeclS O230a 

Althof, Fred (Lydia Gerke) Ch Es- 
ther, Gladys, Edna, Loran R4 Jefif- 
erson Sec22 Ol90a (1855) 

Althof, Jim (Minnie Eaton) Ch Vera, 
Melvie, Kent Rl Kent Sec27 T80a 
A. Dauman (1888) 

Althoff, Carl (Mary Otto) Ch Louis. 
Vera, Freeport Rl Florence Sec21 
Tl60a Henry Althoff (1886) 

Althoff, Henry C. (Sophia Kaiser) Ch 
Cora, Leonard, Luella, Freeport R3 
Lancaster Sec33 O200a (1855) 

A-lthoff, Lenord (Geneva Kleppin- 
ger) Freeport R3 Lancaster Sec33 
T200a Henry C. Althoff (1892) 

Amendt, Walter (Rose Mart) Lena 
R2 Harlem Sec7 T200a A. C. 
Amendt (1895) 

Amendt, Wm. (Hilda Altenbernd) Ch 
Emerson, Lena R2 Harlem Sec7 
T80a Aug. Amendt (1892) 

Ammerman, Dick (Grace Frasien) 
Ch Grace, Ida, Rit, Dena, German 
Valley RS Ridott Secl3 Ol60a 

Anderson, Alavanda (Amanda Guster- 
ferson) Ch Nels. Geon. Ridott Rl 
Ridott Sec3 O200a J Milner Est. 

Anderson, A. O. (Jugahir Knudsen) 
Ch Anna, Julia, Ollie, James, Carrie, 
Isabelle. Charles, Bell, Penascovia 
Farm Davis Rock Run Sec23 0363a 

Anderson, O. F. (Ida Homer) Ch 
Walter. Martha, Mina, Shannon Rl 
Loran SecSfi Tl60a C. I. Byington 

Anderson, Wm. D. (Manetta Burn- 
man) Ch Clarence, Elizabeth, 
Buncher, Ridott R2 Lancaster 
Sec24 Ol06a (1884) 



Andres, T. H, (Ada Kramer) Ch 
Lawrence, Elizabeth, Pleasant Lane 
Farm Rock City Rl Rock Run SecS 
Ol20a (1877) 

Angle, W. R. Sunny Brook Farm Da- 
kota Rl Buckeye Sec:28 O220a 

Appenzeller, Jacob (Marie Grueb) Ch 
Marie, Fred, Herman, Orangeville 
Rl Oneco Sec35 Ol)9a (1SU9) 

Armagost, Chas. (Laura Strunk) Ch 
Walter, George, Earl, Catherine, 
Dorothy, Gladys, Waddams Grove 
Rl Westpoint Sec24 Tll4a Geo. 
Lawver (1868) 

Am, Gottfried (Lena Mueller) Ch Ida, 
Clara, All)ert, Marie, William, Flor- 
ence, Freda, Edward, Bessie, Wins- 
low R3 Winslow Sec34 OlSOa 

Asbogast, Chas. H. (Elsie Gerkey) 
Ch Laura, Ridott R2 Lancaster 
Sec 25 045a (1878) 

Asche, Chas. (Carrie Distelmeier) Ch 
Albert, Estie, Irma, Pearl City R4 
Jefferson Sec24 OlOOa (1873) 

Asche, Conrad (Hannah Distlemeier) 
Ch Fred, Pearl City R2 Jefferson 
Sec23 Oll6a (1872) 

Asche, Henry (Ella Distlemeier) Ch 
Xellie, Anna, Eddie, Robert, Alma, 
Pearl City R4 Jefferson Sec23 Oll8a 

Ascher, Tabb (Helen Callenkach) 
German Valley Rl Ridott Sec33 
T280a G Hayenga 

Ashenbelles, Homer, Ch Frank, Ora. 
Rock City R2 Rock Grove Sec28 
O80a (1913) 

Askey, Harry (Louisa Wendecker) 
Orangeville R3 Rock Grove Sec27 
Oll8a (1882) 

Aspinwall, E. W (Lizzie Volkers) Ch 
Aletha, Vivian. Winifred, Freeport 
R2 Florence Secl7 Ol04a (1871) 

Aspinwall, John R. (Lucia High) Ch 
Milo, Eunice, Homer, Freeport R2 
Florence Sec6 O240a (1887) 

Aspinwall, Lloyd (Bertha Bausher) 
Willow Spring Farm Freeport R3 
Florence Sec7 O40a (1878) 

Auer, John, Ch John, Margaret, Ri- 
dott Rl Ridott Sec7 OSOa (1867) 

Auer, John Jr. (Mary Hoebel) Ch 
Walter, Alvin, Ridott Rl Ridott 
SecS O80a (1868) 

Augenstein, Arthur, Dakota R2 Da- 
kota Sec3 O80a (1867) 

Augenstein, W. H. (Alma Rubendall) 
Ch Myrtle, Hilda, Orangeville R2 
Buckeye Seel Ol47a (1863) 

Augustine, Mrs. Mary, Ch Vedam, 
Nina, Klepher, Grace, Orangeville 
R2 Oneco Sec36 04a (1909) 

Aukes, E. R. (Anna Reints) Ch Harry, 
Iva, German Valley Rl Ridott 
Sec31 O80a (1887) 

Aukes, W. (Ella Reints) Ch Roman, 
Margaret, Melville, Harlan, Valley 
Stock Farm German Valley Rl Ri- 
dott Sec34 Oll6a (1886) 

Aultenbern, Anna Ch Carl. Ben, Elsie, 
David, Lena R4 Waddams Secl8 
Ol26a (1887) 

Auman, A. F. (Lizzie Borchers) Pearl 
City R3 Loran Sec6 Ol03a (1880) 

Auman, Clarence (Ethel Lawhorn) Ch 
Burdette, Vernice, Kent G. D. Kent 
Sec35 Tl30a S. Auman (1892) 

Aurand, Chas. (Mattie Fisher) Ch 
Ralph, Mary, Mabel, Eddie, Leroy, 
Emory, Pearl City Rl Loran Sec20 
T80a Mrs. Mary Fisher (1881) 

Aurand, Leslie (Laura Wise) Ch Al- 
vin, Glen, Leland, Helen. Verna. 
Pearl City R3 Kent Sec34 Tl40a 
Jacob Wise (1886) 

Aurand, Orie C, Pearl City R3 Jeff- 
erson Sec2 Tl20a Mrs. Sophia Au- 
rand (1894) 

Aurand, V. L., Elmhurst Farm Pearl 
City Rl Loran Secl2 Ol8Sa Tl88a 
Aug. Volkers (1887) 

Ausherman, W. C. A. (Helen Keeler) 
Ch Lloyd, Carl, Ridott R2 Rock 
Run Sec7 Ol02a (1908) 

Babb, Albert (Sophia Young) Ch 
Raymond, Ridott R2 Rock Run Sec7 
Ol40a (1897) 

Babb, LeRoy (Jessie Hill) Ch War- 
ren, Donald, Edwin, Freeport R4 
Loran SecS Tl60a D. F. Babb 

Babb, Myron (Eva Shoff) Ch Melvin, 
Verle, Freeport R4 Loran Sec 2 
T40a Henry Winters (1884) 

Babcock, Wm. B. (Hannah Keen) Ch 
Eber, Leah, Thomas, William, 
"Ruby, Minnie, Roy Howard, Wal- 
ter, Lonesome Pine Farm Orange- 
ville Rl Buckeye SeclO Ol40a 

Babler, E. C. (Dorothy Dahms) Ch 
Viola, Cedarville Rl Buckeye Secl2 
Ol84a (1904) 



Babler, Fred E. (Ada West) Ch Rov, 
Elman, Wilbert, Orangeville R2 
Oneco Sec5 Ol32a (1904) 

Babler, John M. (Louise Krueger) 
Ch Myron, Lonah, Rosevelt, Cedar- 
ville Rl Buckeye Sec7 O280a (1904) 

Babler, Oscar E. (Mary Bender) Ch 
Alyne, Pine Grove Farm Orange- 
ville R2 Buckeye Seel Ol40a (1904) 

Babler, Wm. (Ascora Garens) Ch 
Delmer, Clal, Verlea, Brookside 
Farm Orangeville R2 Oneco Sec30 
Ol36a (1904) 

Baker, Chas. F. (Lvdia Kortner) Ch 
Ralph, Ethel, Freeport R2 Florence 
SeclT OSOa (1885) 

Baker, Eugene L. (Effie Rowland) 
Ch Leona, Freeport R4 Harlem 
Sec22 TlTla Mary Lacy (1916) 

Baker, Jacob (Caroline) Ch George, 
Cora, Lena RS Westpoint Sec21 
OSOa (1873) 

Baker, Jacob (Ida Heidenreich) Ch 
Rolland, Doris, Lena Rl Kent Sec2 
OSOa (1916) 

Baker, John A. (Cora Rabe) Ch Vera, 
Clarence, Roland, Winslow R2 
Oneco Sec31 086a (1876) 

Baker, Wm. (Edna Heidenreich) 
Lena R2 Erin Secll OSOa (1883) 

Baker, W. H. H. (Edna Blackwell) Ch 
Everett, Leon, Viola, William, 
Grace, Bertram, Ulysses, Ruben, 
Scioto Mills Harlem SeclS 07a 

Baker, Wm. T. (Hannah Barttlet) Ch 
Leona, Lawrence, Viles, Lucile, 
Sunnyslope Dairy Farm Winslow 
R2 Oneco Sec20 O80a (1871) 

Balbach, Glenn (Josephine Hart- 
sought) Ch Thelma. Clifton, Orin, 
Dale, Winslow Rl Winslow Sec27- 
34 T240a Mrs. Bayne (1886) 

Baldauf, C. S. (Martha Brink) Ch 
Albert, Luetta. Pearl City R2 Loran 
Secl9 Ol06a (1885) 

Baldauf, Henry (Amanda Ditsworth) 
Ch Oscar, Daisy, Lena Rl Kent 
Secl7 OlfiOa (1867) 

Baldauf, John (Minnie Schester) Ch 
Charles, Walter, Marie, Arthur, 
Pearl City R2 Loran Sec31 Ol78a 

Baldauf, Walter (Lena Brinkmeier) 
Pearl Citv R2 Jefiferson Sec25 
Ol55a (1880) 

Balsiger, M. A. (Bertha Meyers) Ch 
Zella, Theron, Winslow R3 West- 
point Sec5 O80a (1911) 

Baltzer, H. K. (Ellen Wyler) Baltzer 
Stock Farm Dakota Rl Dakota 
Sec25 OSOa Tl60a E E. Baltzer 

Bangas, Fred (Josephine Stroup) Ch 
Fred, Albert, Charles, Leo, William, 
Edward, Clara, Freeport R5 Silver 
Creek Secl7 O200a (1867) 

Bangasser, Fred J. Jr. (Florence Ot- 
to) Ch Dorothy, Pleasant View 
Farm Freeport Ro Silver Creek 
Sec9 Ol60a (1889) 

Baning, Henry (Jane Miller) Ch Hen- 
ry, Pearl City RS Loran Sec7 OSOa 

Barber, S. B., Ctedarville Rl Buckeye 
Sec32 Tl94a (1852) 

Bardell, Edw. (Jennie Ryks) Ch 
George, Annie, Raymond, German 
Valley R2 Ridott Sec24 Tl90a 
Grumwald Est. (1888) 

Bardell, Henry (Lena Dahlmeier) Ch 
Minnie, Edna, Clara, Ridott Rl Ri- 
dott Sec8 O80a (1864) 

Bardell, John (Grace Hulls) Ridott 
Rl Silver Creek Sec 1 Tl60a Wm. 
Fisher (1889) 

Barker,- Albert (Etta Baumgartner) 
Ch Floyd, Lowell, Orvil, Lee, Eliza- 
beth, Ila, Mary, Merril, Orangeville 
Rl Waddams Sec4 Tl60a J. J. 
Baumgartner (1871) 

Barker, Chas. (Pearl Wagner) Ch 
Verdie, Mary, Dakota R2 Dakota 
Seel Tl55a Clayton Meinzer (1876) 

Barker, Clarence E., Orangeville 
Buckeye Sec6 T40a Mrs. Musser 

Barker, Elmer (Catherine Snoan) Ch 
Lyle, Rock City Rl Rock Run Sec5 
079a (1907) 

Barker, J. (Anna Kiester) Ch Esther, 
Viva, Helen, Clyde, Ethel, Rock 
Grove Rock Grove Sec6 Ol53a- 

Barklow, Glenn (Ethel Hammond) 
Ch Donald, Orelda. Hope, Clinton, 
Vivian, Pearl City R2 Loran Secl7 
Tl60a Calvin Barklow (1891) 

Barklow, Mrs. Harriet, Ch Charles, 
John, Wallace, Lydia, Hattie, Cora, 
Fannie, William, Pearl Valley Farm 
Pearl City R3 Loran Sec4 T234a Si- 
mon Hoefer (1896) 

Barklow, Newell (Carrie Schumann) 
Pearl City Rl Loran Secl6 T40a 
Jas. Barklow (1888) 

Barklow, Wallie (Clara Goethe) Ch 
Orval, Freeport R4 Harlem 5ec31 
Tl35a Mrs. Bertha Siekman (1895) 



Barmore, Fran (Anna Leakron) Ch 
Alice, William, Orangeville Ro Rock 
Grove Sec27 Oll9a U8S1) 

Barmore, F. Glenn (Maud Day) Ch 
Dornell, Dakota Rl Buckeye Secl6 
T80a Wm. Matter Est (1888) 

Barmore, Paul (Rachel) Ch Eugene, 
Orangeville Rl Oneco Sec31 T268a 
J. S. Barmore (1895) 

Barmore, Roy (Elma Fahr) Dakota 
R3 Dakota SeclO Tl06a F. G. Bar- 
more (1887) 

Barnds, Fred J, (Bertha Howe) Ch 
Josephine, Grace, Marion, Orange- 
ville R2 Buckeye Sec6 Tl20a W. H. 
Barnds (1883) 

Barnes, G. A. (Rosa) Ch Elton, Cora, 
Waddams Grove Rl Westpoint 
Seclo Ol60a (1870) 

Barnes, W. Adelbert (Clara Schu- 
mann) Ch Merrill, Adelbert, Free- 
port R2 Florence Sec7 Tlloa Mrs. 
Louisa Schlegel (1891) 

Barr, Earl (Carrie Fawver) Ridott 
R2 Lancaster Sec24 T40a Mrs. 
Charlotte Fawver (1887) 

Barr, John (Elvia Fawver) Ch In- 
fant, Rock City Rl Rock Run Sec8 
Tl60a J. F. Barr (1893) 

Barr, Leslie (Hazel Reeder) Ch Eth- 

• el, Ridott Rl Ridott Sec23 T33a 
A. J. Fitzpatrick (1892) 

Barrett, Jas. C. Jr. (Hazel Kline) Ch 
Burrell, Genevie, Orangeville Rl 
Oneco Sec25 Oo7a (1917) 

Barron, Earl W. (Susie Windicker) 
Cedarville Rl Buckeye Sec9 T60a 
Chas. Barron (1888) 

Bartelt, Albert (Nellie Moser) Ch 
Ralph, Arthur, Helen, Charlie, Ray- 
mond, Harold, Melvin, Loyd, Wins- 
low R3 Oneco Secl9 Ol36a (1883) 

Bartelt, Emil (Elsie Rabe) McConnell 
Rl Waddams Sec2 TSOa J. Kunkle 

Bartelt, Henry F. (Ollie Creke) Ch 
Roger, Winslow R3 Oneco Sec20 
O90a (1877) 

Bartelt, Rude (Laura Bast) Winslow 
R3 Winslow Sec 2.5 Tl35a (1893) 

Barton, Chas. (Hattie Wilson) Ch 
Charles, Marion, William. Dorothy, 
Elizabeth, Rockv Citv Rl Rock Run 
Secll T80a M. J. Reddy (1914) 

Barttelt, Will (Cora Deeke) Ch El- 
tal)ella, Clifton. Winslow R2 Oneco 
Secl9 087a (1885) 

Bastian Bros., Ch Luella, Shannon Rl 
Florence Sec33 Ol40a (1863) 

Bastian, Geo. (Mary Brockmeier) Ch 
Oliver, William, Frank, Harold, 
Ivah, Shannon Rl Florence Sec34 
OlGOa (1870) 

Baumgartner, A.' C. (Laura Hammer- 
meier) Cli Nelson, Reuben, Pearl 
City R3 Loran Sec9 Ol07a (1877) 

Baumgartner, Geo. (Mary Korte- 
meyer) Ch Ruth, Esther, Victor, 
Anna, Robert, Pearl City Rl Loran 
Sec9 OSOa (1872) 

Baumgartner, J. S. (Minnie Hoefer) 
Ch John, Pearl City Rl Loran 
SeclO Ol74a. 

Baysinger, N. H. (Meda Lapp) Ch 
Ralph, Cora, Royal, x\lice, Ruth, 
Vera, Mattie, Clarence, Lloyd, Eth- 
el, Waddams Grove Rl Westpoint 
SeclS Ol7a (1877) 

Bear, Clate H. (Emma Woohlford) 
Rose Lawn Farm Orangeville R2 
Oneco Sec29 T41a F. Gibler (1882) 

Bear, E. L. (Bessie Little) Ch Mar- 
garet, Pauline, Cedarville Rl Buck- 
eye Sec32 Tla Mrs. Sarah Diemer 

Bear, Floyd R. (Hazel Jackson) Ch 
Edith, Cedarville Rl Buckeye Sec32 
Tl20a W. T. Jackson (1892) 

Becher, Henry Jr. (Eva Krahmer) 
Pearl City Rl Loran SeclO Tll8a 
Susan E. Sheffey (1883) 

Bechtold, A. S. (Elbina Reeser) Ch 
Emma, Maple Grove Poultry Farm 
McConnell Rl Waddams Secl6 
094a (1858) 

Bechtold, Geo. L. (Thresse Rabe) Ch 
Earl, Glenview Farm McConnell Rl 
Waddams Secl7 OSOa (1886) 

Becke, Ferdinand (Amelia Mier) Ch 
LewMs, Lena Rl Kent Sec6 095a 

Becke, Henry (Emma Welt) Ch El- 
len, Clarence, Elmer, Milfred, Mil- 
dred, Kent Rl Kent Secl2 OlOOa 

Becke, John H. (Emma Gartner) Ch 
Helen, Harold, Lena R4 Westpoint 
Sec28 Tll6a Henry Becke (1885) 

Becker, Adam J. (Ellen Heitzman) 
Ch William. Stanley, Bertha, Free- 
port R4 Harlem Sec26 Tl56a Trem- 
bour Est. 

Becker, David (Verna Albright) Pearl 
City R4 Jefferson Secl4 Tl60a 

Becker, G. A. (Lydia Schlegel) Ch 
Clarence. Alvin. Floyd, Freeport 
R4 Harlem Sec27 084a (1877) 


Becker, H. B. (Christena Barringer) 
Ch John, Henry, Louise, Emma, 
David, George, Pearl City Rl Lo- 
ran O40a (1889) 

Becker, John H. (Rose Sherman) Ch 
Ralph, Ira, Robert, George, Grace, 
Henry, Maple Hill Farm Freeport 
R6 Lancaster Secl'J 086a (1892) 

Beckmeier, H. G. (Louisa Peiper) 
Ch David, Fred, Martha, Pauline, 
Rock City Rl Rock Run Sec29 
Oll3a (1869) 

Beidler, Chas. H. (Clara lehl) Ch 
Harold, Viola, Gladys, Melvin, 
Freeport R3 Lancaster SeclG Farm 
Hand Geo. Shoemaker (1887) 

Beine, Simon (Augusta Keppen) Ch 
Esther, Arthur, Lena Rj Erin Sec23 
Oi:_;oa (1868) 

Beine, Wm. (Carrie Patow) Ch Ruth, 
Eleanora, Lena Ra Erin Sec23 
OlOOa (1874) 

Beldt, Frank (Jessie Fawver) Ch 
Francis. Gerald, Freeport Rl Flor- 
ence Seclo Tl60a Jacob Dorsey 

Belknap, C. A. (Jenny Groes) Ch 
Bisel, Cunian, Fanny, Orangeville 
Rl Oneco Sec35 Ola (18-49) 

Belknap, R. M. (Elta Fahr) Ch Lean- 
na. Marlowe, Orangeville R2 Oneco 
Sec29 T80a F. C. Belknap (1884) 

Bell, E. L. (Edna Yarger) Ch Dale, 
Freeport R6 Lancaster Sec5 Tl60a 
J. E. Bell (1881) 

Bender, G. W. (Lyda Thompson) Ch 
Ira, Effie, Kent Rl Kent Sec24 07a 

Bender, W. E. (Attie Ault) Orange- 
ville R2 Buckeye SecG 041a (1886) 

Bender, W. H. (Emma Lantzer) Ch 
Lloyd, Leola, Kent Rl Kent Sec23 
02a (1861) 

Benfer, Ben E. (Mary Smith) Ch Al- 
ton, Wilma, Winslow Rl Oneco 
Sec20 Tl20a Mrs. Mary E. Benfer 

Benfer, Jas. K. (Nettie Hcise) Ch 
Mabel, Uba, Orvil, Winslow Rl 
Winslow Sec28 O230a (1870) 

Benfer, L. (Lucinda Heise) Ch Si- 
mon, Maggie, Minnie, Red Oak Rl 
Waddams Sec28 023a (1868) 

Benges, Henry (Kate Weimer) Ch 
Anna, Edwin, Ada^ Davis Rl Rock 
Grove Sec2 OlSSa (1867) 

Bennehoff, Chas. (Mattie Keister) Ch 
Etta, Ruth, Ralph, Clarence, 
Orangeville R2 Rock Grove Sec2G 
OloOa (1867) 

Bennehoff, Clair (Anna Seveiger) Ch 
Grace, Dakota R2 Rock Grove Sec5 
Tl32a W. Bennehoff (1887) 

Bennehoff, Wesley (Emma Bolender) 
Ch Clare, Harold, Clear View Farm 
Dakota R2 Rock Grove Sec32 055a 

Bennett, Chas. H. (Matilda) Ch Gor- 
don, Holland, Lynn, Elfreda, Wel- 
don, Scioto Mills Harlem Sec9 
075a (1853) 

Bennett, H. L. (Alma) Ch Donald, 
Scioto Mills Harlem Secll (1887) 

Banning Bros., Dakota Rl Rock Run 
Sec21 T240a Chris Benning (1872) 

Benning, Chris (Louisa Ties) Ch 
Fred, Charles, Caroline, August, 
Anna, John, Dakota Rl Rock Run 
SeclO O320a (1858) 

Benning, David (Mamie Hostmeier) 
Rock City R2 Rock Run Secl7 
T80a Wm. Hostmeier (1889) 

Benning, F. H. (Elsie Toelke) Rock 
City Rl Rock Run Sec20 Tl36a S. 
R. Fosha (1886) 

Bentley, Nelson (Emma Van Taning- 
ham) Freeport R5 Silver Creek 
Sec34 Tl9a Mrs. Ellen Guenther 

Bergman, Geo. (Carrie Vosberg) Ch 
Helen, William, Frederick, EarJ, 
Freeport R4 Harlem Sec26 T235a 

Berthold, Isaac, Ch Henry, Baileyville 
Rl Silver Creek Sec20 O40a (1855) 

Bessert, Frank C. (Jennie Heiden) Ch 
William, Freda, Albert, Walter, Ri- 
dott R2 Lancaster Sec35 T206a Geo. 
Dietlein (1892) 

Bessert, Fred W. (Sophia Nierman) 
Ch Anna, William, Hettie, Helen, 
Emma, Harry, Mabel, Arllius, Ri- 
dott R2 Lancaster Secl2 OSOa 

Best, C. H. (Bertha Kohl) Ch Em- 
erson, Harold, Freeport R4 Harlem 
Sec30 T200a G. W. Kohl (1880) 

Best, Ezra J. (Elizabeth Schoch) 
Davis R2 Rock Run Sec24 T80a 
Will Best (1887) 

Best, Frank (Mayme Altendorf) Ch 
Alice, Freeport R2 Harlem Sec32 
Tl20a W. J. Best (1893) 

Best, Harvey J. (Etta Fox) Ch 
Lowell, Freeport R2 Florence Sec5 
TllOa H. C. Best (1867) 

Beulh, A. J., Ch Amanda, Albert, Del- 
la, Dorothy, Pearl, Ida. German 
Valley Rl Ridott Sec25 T80a Enos 
Beulh (1877) 



Beyer, Alfred (Wanda Walters) Ch 
Ethel, Welda, Pearl City R4 Jeffer- 
son Secl3 Ol04a (1916) 

Beyer, Aug. (Augusta Leopold) Ch 
Emma, Fred, John, Albert, Orange- 
ville R2 Oneco Sec20 Ollila (1907) 

Beyer, Fred (Christiana Albright) Ch 
William, Elsie. Mary, Lydia, Har- 
ry, Pearl City R4 Jeft'erson Secl5 
OlOOa (1892) 

Beyston, Eunis (Anna Elepson) 
Orangeville R2 Oneco Sec31 Ooa 

Bicker, A. F. (Alma Brinkmeier) Ch 
Evelyn, Pearl City Rl Loran Sec34 
TllSa Henry Bicker (1878) 

Bicker, E. L. (Agnes Boeger) Ch lola, 
lona. Pearl City Rl Loran Sec33 
TSOa W. Bicker (1914) 

Bier, Herman (Louisa Heiler) Ch 
Charlie, Delnia, Marie, Eldora, 
Lena R2 Erin Sec3 09Sa (1871) 

Biesemeier, Bert (Pauline Prasse) Ch 
Mavnard, Lena R5 Erin Sec22 
O240a (1872) 

Biesemeier, Chas. (Minnie Prasse) 
Ch Fern, Dorothy, Lena Rl Kent 
Sec7 Ol37a (1877') 

Biesemeier, Dan (Minnie Kurth) Ch 
Arthur. Reu1:)en, Laura, Bernice, 
Lena Rl Kent Secl7 Ol60a (1872) 

Biesemeier, E. J. (Elizabeth Kurth) 
Lena R5 Kent Secl6 OSOa (1883) 

Biesemeier, Henry C. (Gertrude 
Brown) Ch Margaret Lena Rl Kent 
Sec9 O80a (1879) 

Biesemeier, L. (Lena Polker) Ch Ag- 
nes, Ervin, Irene, Mabel, Lola, 
Lena R5 Erin Secl5 Ol40a (1867) 

Bikes, Lloyd (Lillian Wagner) Ch 
Ralph, Red Oak Rl Buckeye Sec23 
O80a (1885) 

Binges, John Davis Rl Rock Grove 
Sec26 OSOa (1861) 

Birkholz, Albert L. (Grace Viel) Ch 
John, Jennie, Freeport R5 Silver 
Creek Sec21 Tiena H. & R. Jans- 
sen (1914) 

Bitterly, Simon, Ch Albert, Edwin, 
Elta, Maud, Mabel, Cedarville Rl 
Buckeye SeclS OSOa (1861) 

Bitz, F. W. (Martha Altenbern) Ch 
Grace, Carl, Fred, W'inslow R3 
Winslow Sec32 Ol75a (1911) 

Black, Mrs. C. (Charlotte Lathrop) 
Ch Mattie, John, Winslow R2 Win- 
slow Sec23 O40a (1889) 

Blackmore, Jackson (Mary Dlynn) 
Ch Jennie, Nellie, Frank, James. 
Blue Grass Farm Davis Rl Rock 
Run SeclO 02l6a (1861) 

Blackmore, Oscar Davis Rl Rock 

Run Secl2 0281a (1857) 
Blaisdell, Chas. (Elma Rodebaugh) 

Winslow R3 Winslow Sec2G T28Sa 


Blattau, Wm. (Jennie Dietlein) Free- 
port R6 Lancaster Sec4 Ol20a 

Blewett, Wm. E. (Amelia Bucher) Ch 
Myrtle. Waddams Grove Rl West- 
point Sec4 O80a (1911) 

Bleymeyer, Carl (Anna Klein) Pearl 
City R3 Jefferson Sec3 OSOa (1892) 

Bleymeyer, Conrad (Caroline Schiele) 
Ch Mary, Carl, Emma, Rachel, 
Christina, Julia, Anna, Pearl City 
R3 Jefferson SeclO OSOa (1892) 

Bliss, Victor (Myrtal Gemwein) Ma- 
bel Grove Farm Davis R2 Rock 
Run Sec24 O240a (1902) 

Block, Herman (Barbara Endress) 
Ch Ralph, Amelia, Edward, Pearl, 
Earl, Carl, Pearl City Rl Loran 
Secl5 0429a (1910) 

Blunt, Roy C. (Ella Hoffman) Ch 
Nevin, Marjorie, Dale, Freeport R3 
Lancaster Sec2 094a (1896) 

Boal, Lewis, German Valley R3 Ri- 
dott Sec32 Tl40a Geo. Boal (1911) 

Boals, Sam, Cedarville Buckeye Secl6 
0498a (1865) 

Boals, Thos. Cedarville Buckeye Secl6 
0498a (1865) 

Bobb, Eugene (Susie Mayers) Ch El- 
dora. Hazel, Edith, Mildred, Mary, 
Katherine, Freeport R3 Lancaster 
Seel T80a M. A. Bobb (1862) 

Bode, Rev. H. C. (Mamie Greenfield) 
Ch Lillian, Carneavas, Helen, Ma- 
mie, German Vallev R2 Ridott 
Sec22 T5a (1909) 

Boedecker, Fred (Mary Sander) Ch 
Arthur, Minnie, Elizabeth, Eda, 
Pearl City R3 Erin Sec34 O300a 

Boedeker, Aug. I'earl City R3 Kent 
Sec33 0243a (1862) 

Boedeker, Louis ( Emma Heinbaugh) 
Pearl City R3 Kent Sec20 Ol20a 

Boeger, F. (Mary Lott) Ch Agnes, 
Lydia, Fred, Madie, Eddie, Harvey, 
Edna, Jessie. Pearl City Rl Loran 
Sec33 650a (1887) 

Boehland, Fred (Frances Walstche) 
Ch Adolph, Bertha, Gust, Ida, An- 
na, Minnie, Emma, Freeport R5 
Silver Creek Sec3 046a (1869) 

Boeke, Geo. (Clara) Ch Burton, 
Everett, Lena R2 Waddams Sec34 
Ol48a (1867) 



Boeke, Wm. L. Lena R5 Erin Sec3 
Ol2a (1870) 

Boekholt, Harm (Freda Johnson) 
Ch Henry, Christ, Mary, Annie, 
Luella, German Valley Rl Ridott 
Sec34 O40a R. Wessler (1902) 

Boels, Roy L. (Eva Bordner) Da- 
kota Ra Buckeye Secl6 Ol20a 

Bokemeier, Henry (Kate Deerey) Ch 
Walter, Ada, Flossy, Ridott R2 
Ridott SecSl O860a (1851) 

Bokemeier, John (Kate Wise) Ch 
Earl, Geneva, Rock City Rl Rock 
Run SecB TlOa D. Brubaker Est. 

Bokemeier, Wm. Ch Bertha, Forrest, 
Freeport R3 Lancaster Sec23 Ol25a 

Bokemeier, Walter S. (E. Lestekom) 
Ch Myrtle, Reeve, Ridott R2 Ridott 
Sec20 TSOOa H. Bokemeier (1879) 

Bolander, E. G. (Winnie Bear) Ch 
Ethel, Meadow Brook Farm Or- 
angeville R2 Oneco Sec29 OSOa 

Bolander, John T. (Emma Davis) 
Orangeville R2 Oneco Sec30 Ol20a 

Bolender, Frank (Hattie Lauch) Ch 
Grace, Orangeville R2 Rock Grove 
Sec34 OBOa (1870) 

Bolender, H. E. (Sadie Lanunstine) 
Ch Jessie, Victor, Orangeville R2 
Rock Grove Sec27 Tl58a E. J. 
Fisher (1872) 

Bolender, J. H. (Alfarata Kuster) Ch 
Judis, Rock Grove Rock Grove Sec 
31 077a (1872) 

Bonebright, Harry (Helen Apeive) 
Ch Mildred, Lena Rl Westpoint 
Sec36 Tl20a J. Holly (1903) 

Bonebright, Wallace W. (Nettie Bolt- 
on) Ch Clarence, Harrison, Wil- 
liam, Edna, Bolton Florence Sec20 
Ol04a 1882) 

Boomgarden, Annie Ch Peter, Ul- 
rich, Lewis, Letta, William, Fred, 
German Valley R3 Ridott Sec31 
O200a (1867) 

Boomgarden, Lewis (Etta Deckna- 
del) Ch Annie, Vernon, Lewis, 
German Valley Ridott Sec30 Tl46a 
Anna Boomgarden (1887) 

Boomgarden, Peter (Annie VanLoh) 
Ch Menvan, Freeport R5 Silver 
Creek Sec28 Ol57a (1871) 

Boop, Chester (Katie Belle) Ch 
Grace. Martha, Raymond, Mary. 
Pearl City R3 Kent Sec36 T90a 
H. H. Keltner (1885) 

Borchers, Fred (Gertie Bahl) Ch 
Bessie, Anna, Clarence, Elmer, 
German Valley Rl Silver Creek 
Sec36 O40a (1868) > 

Borchers, Herman (Elsie Rusenberg) 
Ch Vivian; Bailey ville Rl Silver 
Creek Sec29 Tl48a Matilda Rader 

Borchers, John (Lizzie Gailen) Ch 
Debara, John, Mary, Henry, Wil- 
liam, George, Frank, Lizzie, Willow 
Wood Poultry Farm German Val- 
ley Rl Silver Creek SeclS Ol33a 
Borchers Est. (1877) 

Borchers, Margaret Miller Ch Earl, 
Russell, Maple Hill Farm Ridott Rl 
Ridott Sec5 082a (1895) 

Borchner, Chas. S. (Emma Guintes) 
Dakota R2 Dakota Sec22 055a T80a 
Bordner Est. (1865) 

Bordell, Geo. (Rosie Stensthorn) Ch 
Edward, John, Will, Oscar, Elmer, 
Lillian, Freeport R5 Silver Creek 
SeclS Tl60a John Schnitt (1862) 

Bordner, Jas. (Louisa Runner) Ch 
William, Ray, Eva, Dakota R2 
Dakota SeclS O90a (1855) 

Bordner, Wm. (Edna Swartz) Da- 
kota R2 Dakota SeclS TSOa Mrs. 
F. M. Ernold (1884) 

Borehardt, Emil J. (Rose Gahm) Ch 
Alta, Ira, Julia, Ora, Irene, Aus- 
tin, McConnell Rl Waddams Secl7 
TlSa Fred Borehardt (1876) 

Borehardt, Sam G. (Wilhelmina 
Glentz) Ch Bertha, Martha, Ella, 
Wilhelm, Maple Wood Farm Mc- 
Connell Rl Waddams Secl6 061a 

Borger, Geo. (Liza Meyer) Ch Lloyd, 
Thomas, Roy, Raymond, Ridott R2 
Rock Run Sec8 076a (1877) 

Borgmann, Peter J. (Selma Blair) 
Ch Lucile, Evelyn, Shannon Rl 
Florence Secin T80a Jos. Pierce 

Borth, Wm. F. (Lulu Stamm) May- 
flower Stock Farm McConnell Rl 
Waddams Secl7 O30a (1880) 

Bottorf, Dave (Flossie Worrick) Ch 
Bertha, Jenette, Rock Citv R2 Rock 
Grove Sec33 Tl20a H. W. Kloep- 
ping (1910)_ 

Bouray, Lewis (Mabel Knoup) Ch 
Audrey. Chester. Rock City Rl 
Rock Run Sec4 Ol90a (1882) 

Bourey, Jos. (Fanny Lavles) Ch 
Lauretta. lola. William, Kenneth. 
George. Bernice, Pecatonica R2 
Ridott Sec36 TllSa G. A. Hollister 



Bourey, N. J. (Isabelle Gumein) Ch 
Fred, Ada, Edna, Daisy, Rock City 
Rl Rock Run Sec5 OllOa (1864) 

Bournkel, Carl (Ruth Hubble) Ch 
Ellen, German Valley R2 Ridott Sec 
27 TllOa Mrs. John Ludwig (1893) 

Bowen, S. E. (Angilie Scharer) Ch 
Marie, Remember, Joseph, Rachel, 
Thomas, Katheryn, Orangeville Rl 
Oneco Sec21 T95a Mrs. S. E. Bowen 

Bower, Aaron Ch Elma, Cornelia, 
Ebba, Otto, Melvin, Orangeville 
Rl Oneco Sec36 Ol26a (1850) 

Bower, Frank J. (Mary Humel) Ch 
Roy, Freeport R3 Rock Run Sec6 
Ol60a (1877) 

Bower, Melvin Ch Eva, Helen, Or- 
angeville Rl Oneco Sec 23 O30a 

Bower, O. A. (Lena Rubendall) Ch 
Harold, Ward, Willow Brook Farm 
Orangeville Rl Oneco Sec35 OSOa 
T40a A. Bower (1873) 

Bowinkle, Andrew (Lena Schrader) 
Ch Dan, John, Frank, German Val- 
ley R3 Ridott Sec24 Tl60a C. Lud- 
wig (1884) 

Bowinkle, Geo. (Grace Boalson) Ch 
Mary, Charlie, Annie, Daniel, John, 
Jim, George, German Valley R2 
Ridott Sec24 Tl60a C. Ludwig 

Boyer, Boyd (Georgia Steese) Ch 
Earl, Paul, Esther, Green Bush 
Stock Farm Kent Rl Kent Secl4 
T240a E. Boyer (1884) 

Boyer, Isra (Catherine Johnson) Ch 
Arthur, Allen, Lena R3 Westpoint 
Sec25 Ol20a (1857) 

Boyer, Sam B. (Virgie Walter) Ch 
Paul, Shannon Rl Florence Sec30 
T240a Ontje Janssen (1909) 

Brace, O. L. (Mary Knapp) Ch Ella, 
Stephen, Daisy, Freeport R2 Flor- 
ence Secl7 Ol6a (1875) 

Brace, Mary Ch Orvin, Arthur, Ella, 
Ralph, Ridott Ridott SecSl Ol25a 
Brace Est. (1857) 

Bradley, Anna Rock City Rl Rock 
Run Secll 075a (1847) 

Bradley, G. M. (Ethel Piper) Ch 
Moran, Carl, German Valley Rl 
Ridott Sec27 TlOa J. Ackerman 

Bradley, Joe S. (Nellie Bussev) Rock 
City R2 Rock Grove Secio Osia 

Brady, Henry (Maggie Dorse) Ch 
Emerson, Hazel, Mildred, Ruth. 
Ethel, Tra, Elenora. Violet, Pearl 
City R.T Erin Sec34 Ol62a (1873) 

BraYidt, Chas. (Ava Gorman) Ch 
Myrtle, Freeport R4 Harlem Sec27 
087a (1868) 

Brandt, C. F. (Louise Kaiser) Ch 
Roy, Lester, Minnie, Freeport R3 
Lancaster Sec22 Ol20a (1859) 

Brandt, Fred (Mary Homan) Ch 
Lydie, Edna, Morris, Freeport R4 
Erin Sec36 O60a (1873) 

Brandt, Wm. I. (Belle Willetto) Ch 
Cloyd, Orelda, Beatrice, Margaret, 
Shannon Rl Florence Sec31 T270a 
Edw. Barnes (1871) 

Brandt, Wm. H. (Hattie Kortemeyer) 
Ch Weldon, Evan, Alice, Pearl City 
Rl Loran Sec35 Tl60a H. Brandt 
Est. (1884) 

Brauer, Heiko (Grace Munk) Ch 
Ubbo, John, (jerman Valley R3 
Ridott Secl'6 Ol35a (1877) 

Brauer, J. (Amelia Wangelin) Ch 
William, Addie, Winslow Rl Wins- 
low Sec24 OlOOa (1887) 

Brauer, Peter (Hattie Thompson) Ch 
Hazel, Winslow Winslow Sec20 
Ol40a (1896) 

Brechtel, Frank (Cora) Ch Ida, Wad- 
dams Grove Rl Westpoint Secll 
Tl20a (1896) 

Breed, Clyde E. (Catherine Grace) 
Ch Grace, Marie, Kent Rl Kent Sec 
23 0228a (1913) 

Breyman, Chas. (Emma Finkenbind- 
er) Ch R. S., Kent Rl Kent Sec27 
Ol20a (1858) 

Brick, Annie Ch Annie. Lizzie. Lena, 
Louise, Katie, John. Louis, George, 
Sam, Harry, Henry, Peter. Ridott 
R2 Ridott Secl9 OlOOa (1857) 

Brick, Henry (Amelia Hepfner) Ch 
Edward, Daniel, Charles, Arthur, 
Violet. Christena, Emmett, Char- 
lotte, Robert. Ridott R2 Ridott Sec 
29 OlOOa (1915) 

Brick, Lewis Fettahoff Homestead 
Ridott R2 Ridott Sec20 T334a 
Henry J. Fettahofif (1887) 

Bridge, C. B. (Carrie Trompy) Ch 
Carol, Frances, Ruth, Winliar Farm 
Orangeville R2 Oneco Sec32 Ol20a 

Bridge, J. A. (Ella Membeery) Ch 
Clay. Mae. Orangeville R2 Oneco 
Sec33 Ol20a (1907) 

Briggs, Thos. (Adeline Grant) Ch 
Virgel, Grant. Irene, Forrest, Bur- 
nett, Stella, Valley Meade Farm 
Orangeville Rl Oneco Sec26 Ol25a 

Brillhart, Harry (Hattie Goethe) 
Freeport R2 Florence Sec6 T]20a 
W. N. Brillhart (1894) 



Brillhart, Wm. N. (Minnie Fox) Ch 
Harry, Nellie, Archie, Frank, Free- 
port R3 Florence Sec6 O320a (1869) 

Brinkman, Otto (Etta Rice) Ch 
Mearl. Marion, Joyce, Leslie, Lyle, 
Lois, Ridott Rl Ridott Sec26 OSlOa 
Albert Brinkman (1897) 

Brinkman, Wm. (Marie Gutschow) 
Ch Albert, Otto, William _ Jr., 
Augusta, Emma, Ridott Rl Ridott 
Sec26 0700a (1885) 

Brinkmeier, Arthur Pearl City R2 
Jefferson Sec26 T260a Aug. Boe- 
meier (1916) 

Brinkmeier, Edw, (Elsie Beyer) Ch 
Edna, Pearl City R2 Loran Sec30 
Tl70a Mrs. Wm. Brinkmeier (1887) 

Brinkmeier, Elmer (Hulda Luett- 
man) Pearl City Rl Loran Sec34 
Tl60a Geo. Brinkmeier (1895) 

Brinkmeier, Frank (Elsa Schulz) 
Shannon Rl Loran Sec35 Tl20a 
Mrs. F. C. Brinkmeier (1888) 

Brinkmeier, F. D. (Anna Bremmer) 
Ch Mabel, Vera, Minnie, Viola, 
Hazel, Freeport Rl Florence SeclG 
Tl30a A. B. Roberts (1877) 

Brinkmeier, Geo. (Martha Hassel- 
niann) Ch William, Elmer, Mary, 
Oscar, Pearl City Rl Loran Secl6 
0253a (1870) 

Brinkmeier, Lewis (Julia Erbsen) Ch 
Oscar, Luetta. Pearl City R2 Jef- 
ferson Sec36 O40a (1880) 

Brinkmeier, Paul A. (Alma Busch) 
Ch Evora, Lloyd, Pearl City R2 
Jefferson Sec25 T245a S. D. Brink- 
meier (1884) 

Brinkmeier, Simon W. (Clara Kamp- 
meier) Ch Martin, Pearl City R2 
Jefferson Sec36 O240a (1875) 

Brinkmeier, S. H. (Lottie Eichmeier) 
Ch Simon, Louis, Carrie, August, 
John, Walter, Freeport R2 Jeffer- 
son Sec36 Ol40a 

Brinkmeier, Wm. (Glennetta Malone) 
Ch Orin, Royal, Izola, Pearl City Rl 
Loran Sec9 Tl60a Edw. Schuler & 
John Knapp (1899) 

Brith, J. H. (Ellen Lewis) Ch Ray- 
mond, Marie, John, Freeport R6 
Lancaster SeclS 088a (1899) 

Brobst, Dan (Mattie Frankeberges) 
Ch Kenneth, Orangeville R2 Rock 
Grove Sec24 Tl80a Meiner Brobst 

Brobst, Robt. S. (Sarah Lied) Ch 
Edna, Bessie, Clarence, Lawrence. 
Orlo, Freeport R4 Harlem Sec32 
Ol90a (1867) 

Brockmeier, Alfred H. (Grace Wes- 
sels) Evergreen Farm German Val- 
ley Rl Silver Creek Sec26 T240a 
H. W. Brockmeier (1889) 

Brodley, Wm. (Catherine Owens) Ch 
Mary, Catherine, James, Helen, 
Mabel, Rock City Rl Rock Run Sec 
10 Ol40a (1850) 

Broege, F. F. (Mary) Ch Annie, Lil- 
lie, Frank, Gusta, John, Bertha, 
Lena R3 Westpomt SeclS Ol20a 

Broge, Herman (Mary Schultz) Ch 
Martha, Clifford, Alma, Arthur, 
Lester, Lena R3 Westpoint Sec22 
Ol20a (1895) 

Brokhausen, Chas. A. (Martha Nie- 
mier) Ch Charles. Fred, William, 
Vera, Elsie, Pearl City R3 Kent 
Sec30 Tl52a Mrs. Fred Niemier 

Brokhausen, Ed. H. (Caroline Nese- 
meier) Freeport R5 Silver Creek 
Sec4 0374a (1861) 

Brookman, Geo. (Lena Pauls) Ch 
Jenny, John, Mary, George, Grace, 
Mae, Ridott Rl Ridott Secl6 06a 

Brose, Fred (Annie Masters) Ch 
Clara, Edward, Waddams Grove Rl 
Westpoint SeclS Oll4a (1885) 

Brown, Edw. J. (Ethoin Stiffler) Ch 
Joseph, George, Susie, Jewal, 
Cranes Grove Farm Freeport Rl 
Silver Creek Sec28 Tl60a Jos. 

Brown, Mrs. Ellen B. Ch Arthur, Lou, 
Elsie, Harry, Freeport Lancaster 
Sec36 046a (1879) 

Brown, Emil (Mary Diestelmeir) Ch 
William, Emily, Lydia, Herman, 
Lena Rl Kent Sec8 OllOa (1872) 

Brown, F. E. (Grace Eastman) Ch 
Lewis, Robert, Ridott Rl Ridott Sec 
34 Ol20a (1886) 

Brown, Herman (Minnie Hummer- 
meier) Lena R5 Kent Sec8 083a 

Brown, John A. Pearl City R3 Kent 
Sec33 O40a (1885) 

Brown, Mrs. Lucina Ch Mary, 
Charles. Freeport R5 Silver Creek 
Sec34 Ol45a (1867) 

Brown, Wm. (Martha Schwarz) Ch 
'Margaret, Esther, Herbert, Lena 
Rl Kent SecS TllOa Emil Brown 

Brown, Wm. F. (Elizabeth Nehns) 
Ch Clarence, Magdalen, William. 
Freeport Rl Silver Creek Secl9 
T250a Jos. Brown (1883) 



Brubaker, Benj. S. (Martha Meek) 
Ch Ralph, Elva, Nora, Freeport R6 
Lancaster Sec30 Ol2(;a (1854) 

Brubaker, Clinton C. (Louella Engle) 
Freeport R3 Lancaster Sec28 TSOa 
D. AL Brubaker (1893) 

Brubaker, D. M. (Mary Shellen- 
herger) Ch Ida, Roy, Clint, Ruth, 
Willow Brook Farm Freeport Lan- 
caster Sec29 Ol90a (18G1) 

Brubaker, Elmer D. (Susan Dahlem) 
Ch Robert, Kenneth, Freeport R3 
Lancaster Sec28 Ol41a (1873) 

Brubaker, Harlen W. (Elta Mitchell) 
Ch Gladvs, Freeport R3 Lancaster 
Secl2 Ti20a Wm. Mitchell (1887) 

Brubaker, John M. (Amy Fritzel) 
Freeport R3 Lancaster Sec28 O20a 

Brubaker, Mrs. Nora Clay Ch Frank, 
Oscar, Locust Grove Rock City Rl 
Rock Run Sec8 O70a (1885) 

Brubaker, Ralph M. (Florence Hen- 
sing) Freeport R6 Lancaster Secl9 
Tl22a Benj. S. Brubaker (1883) 

Brubaker, Roy (Myrtle Engle) Ch 
Dorothy, Wilbur, Freeport R3 Lan- 
caster Sec29 Farm Hand in partner- 

Brubaker, R. S. (Emma Shellenber- 
ger) Ch Ethel, Lester, Ray, Floyd, 
Hazel, Riverside Farm Freeport R6 
Lancaster Sec30 075a (1867) 

Brubaker, Warren J. (Florence Hage- 
mann) Freeport R3 Lancaster SeclO 
TllGa Wm. H. Brubaker (1892) 

Bruce, Geo. W. (Susie Jager) Ch 
Josephine. James, Freeport Rl 
Florence Secl3 075a (1872) 

Bruesch, Fred (Helen) Ch Mabel, 
Esther. Clara, Red Oak Rl Harlem 
Sec2 Ol38a (1868) 

Bruesch, John H. L. (Mary Reede- 
ker) Ch Florence, Frederick, Free- 
port R3 Lancaster Sec33 Tl08a C. 
Bruesch Est. (1872) 

Brunkow, Ulrich W. (Orval Austee) 
Sunnyslope Farm Orangeville Rl 
Oneco Sec36 085a (1913) 

Buchanan, Mrs. C. Ch Gust, Louis, 
Emil, Ben, John, William, Arthur, 
Dora. Matilda, Freda, Pearl City 
R2 Jefferson Sec35 0275a (1861) 

Buchenau, Ben (Ida Bicker) Pearl 
Citv Rl Loran Sec24 T88a Fred 

Bucher, Steve Jr. (Emma Enzler) 
Scioto Mill Harlem SeclG T240a 
Steve Bucher Sr. (1894) 

Buehler, Jacob (Bertha Honick) Ch 
John, Fred, Clarno Rl Oneco Secl9 
bl20a (1913) 

Buehler, John (Libbie Babler) Clarno 
Rl Oneco Sec24 T65a Fred Culke 

Buethe, Wm. (Dora Leanman) Da- 
kota R3 Dakota Secl5 TSOa Geo. 
Karmer (1897) 

Bungel, Paul (Anna Utt) Freeport 
R6 Lancaster Sec5 Tl20a Harry 
Blattau (1897) 

Bunkos, Arthur (Eliza Snyder) Ch 
Dawson, Pearl, Donald, Lena R3 
Westpoint Sec26 O80a (1916) 

Burckhardt, Al Freeport R5 Silver 
Creek Sec3 063a Tl45a J. J. Burck- 
hardt (1885) 

Burckhardt, Fred H. (Emma 
Schmitt) Ch Robert, Ruth, Freeport 
R5 Silver Creek Sec9 Ol60a (1884) 

Burckhardt, J. G. (Florence Bauscher) 
Ch Dorothy, Esther, Kathryn, Free- 
port R5 Silver Creek Sec9 Ol60a 

Burckhart, J. J. (Bertha Watcke| Ch 
Henry, (justa, Al, Frank, Kate, 
Freeport R5 Silver Creek Ol45a 

Burdick, Hal (Florence Rockow) Ch 
Kenneth, Harry, Freeport R6 Lan- 
caster Sec20 F. W. Rockow (1912) 

Burkhart, Frank (Lizzie Hess) Ch 
John, Edna, Winslow R3 Waddams 
Sec3 Ol20a (1912) 

Burma, Henry G. (Jennie Kielman) 
Shannon Rl Florence Secl9 Tl86a 
Oltman Janssen (1907) 

Burtsfield, B. F. (Ada Swartzbaugh) 
Ridott Ridott Sec8 Tll2a Kescher 
Est. (1902) 

Busch, Fred F. (Elizabeth Papp) Ch 
John, Martha, Alma, Walter. Law- 
rence, Pearl City R2 Jefferson Sec 
22 O240a (1865) 

Busch, John A. (Florence Busekros) 
Pearl City R3 Kent Sec35 Oll4a 

Busekros, Mrs. Aug. Ch Ruth, Ruby, 
Pearl City Rl Loran Sec22 OSOa 

Busekros, Fred (Minnie Edler) Ch 
Mabel, Florence, Lillian, Oscar, 
Clara. Fred, Margaret, Paul, Alma, 
Pearl City R2 Loran Sec32 O200a 

Busekros, Herman (Mary) Ch Ed- 
ward, Marie, Carl, George, Freeport 
R4 Harlem Sec29 066a (1883) 

Busekros, O. C. (Melva Kemple) 
Kent Rl Kent Sec23 Farm Hand 
Ed. Wingert (1894) 




Busjahn, Aug. (Gusta Stabenow) Ch 
Milton. Winslow R3 Winslow Sec23 
O60a (1900) 

Busjahn, Carl (Anna Hamann) Ch 
Herman, Ida, Ralph, Bertha, Ruth, 
Elma, George, Lena R4 Westpoint 
Secl6 Ol60a (1901) 

Buske, Aug. (Amelia Buss) Ch Ed- 
win, Frederick, Marie, Winslow R3 
Westpoint Sec6 T80a Wm. Strunk 

Buske, A. R. (Millie Leckington) Ch 
Eva, Florence, Allen, Doris, Wad- 
dams Grove Rl Westpoint Secl2 
Ol20a (1882) 

Busker, Jacob, (Minnie Meyer) Ch 
Jacob, Marie, Oren, Flossie, Andy, 
Anna, Tillie, Velma, Eleanor, Bai- 
leyville Rl Silver Creek Sec32 
Ol93a (1882) 

Buss, Albert (Mabel Miller) Ch El- 
dora, Genevieve. Lena R3 West- 
point T70a Jas. Miller (1888) 

Buss, Chas. (Etta Heidenwright) 
Lena Rl Westpoint Sec36 OlOa 

Buss, Cora S. Ch George, Amy, 
Mabel, Carrie, Lucy, Lena R5 West- 
point Sec33 O206a (1907) 

Buss, Henry (Margaret Kopper) Ch 
Loretta, Lena Rl Kent Sec6 Tll5a 
Chas. Buss (1895) 

Buss, John (Annie Westerman) Ch 
Jennie, Hiram, Mae, Pecatonica R2 
Ridott Sec36 Ol52a (1916) 

Buss, Wm. (Lizzie Dows) Ch Allen. 
Lola, Barton, Lena Rl Kent Seel 
O80a (1863) 

Bussian, Wm. F. (Sophie Borchart) 
Ch Grace. Clara, Alice, John, Mc- 
Connell Rl Waddams Sec9 065a 

Buttel Bros. Ch John, Elsie, Grace, 
Mary, Fred. Harry. German Valley 
R2 Ridott Sec25 O200a Buttel Est. 

Buttel, H. J. (Kate Stradmann) Ch 
Henry. Heye. Margaret, German 
Valley R2 Ridott Sec25 Ol60a 

Butz, G. J. (Grace Koch) Ch Irma, 
Paul, Florence, Herbert, Pearl Citv 
Rl Loran Sec34 Ol60a (1890) 

Cabot, E. C. (Emma DeSette) Ch 
Bennie, Marie. Freeport R4 Harlem 
Sec22 Ol28a (1895) 

Cahoon, M. J. Ch Kil, Anna, Orange- 
ville R3 Rock Grove Sec27 O80a 

Cain, Jay B. (Lizzie Hiram) Ch 
Emerson, Walter, Donald, John, 
Elizabeth, Freeport R2 Florence 
Seco 078a (1868) 

Callan, Geo. (Katherine Blust) Ch 
Orville, Freeport R4 Erin Sec35 
O80a (1870) 

Campbell Bros. Winslow R3 Winslow 
R21 Tl57a J. Snook 

Campbell, Clarence C. (Lulu Stone) 
Ch Marietta, Kathleen. Dorothy. 
Helen. Martin. Winslow R3 Wins- 
low Sec26 T94a J. A. Fells (1888) 

Campbell, Martin V. (Mary Fawver) 
Ch Hattie. Arthur. William, Roy, 
Clayton, Thomas, Bert, Edna, Les- 
ter Winslow R2 Oneco Secl9 054a 

Campmier, Edw. (Sadie Dittmier) Ch 
Violet, Kent Rl Kent Sec27 Tll8a 
J. Brandt (1890) 

Canfield Chester (Bessie Richard) Ch 
Sybil, Robert, Freeport R2 Florence 
Sec8 Ol20a (1877) 

Canfield, Elmer W. (Lola) Freeport 
R4 Harlem Secl8 078a (1874) 

Canfield, John (Hanna Kauffman) Ch 
Clarence, Roy, Lottie, Gertrude, 
Bessie, Ridott R2 Ridott Sec20 036a 

Canfield, Marvin (Cora Daughenbaug) 
Ch Mele, Ridott R2 Rock Run Secl6 
Ol4a (1889) 

Capp, MUton (Anna Meyer) Freeport 
Rl Silver Creek Secl9 T83a (1881) 

Carbiener, John H. (Lena Matter) 
William. Ida, Florence, Lillian. 
John, Edward. Mary, Freeport Rl 
Florence Sec26 078a (1883) 

Carmody, Jas. (Ellen Donnelley) Ch 
Anna, Frank, Nellie, Eugene, Agnes, 
Dorothy, Eileen. Kathleen, Lena 
R5 Erin Sec22 Ol60a (1888) 

Carmody, Owen (Anna McGurk) 
Florence, Francis, Eugene, Pleasant 
View Farm Lena Ro Erin Sec27 
Ol61a (1865) 

Carroll, D. W. Lena R5 Erin Sec26 
Ol60a (1853) 

Carson, Stanley (Bessie Light) Ger- 
man Valley Rl Ridott Sec 36 T80a 
Hiko Buttel (1916) 

Carter, Arthur (Gladys Schrecken- 
gost) Red Oak Rl Buckeye (1895) 



Carter, Herman (Christian Luettig) 
Grace, Arthur, Alfred, Lloyd, Rich- 
land Dairy Farm Red Oak Rl 
Buckeye Sec23 086a (1864) 

Carter, Wallace (Ida Flickinger) 
Floyd, Pearl City R2 Jefferson Sec 
27 Ol20a (1900) 

Cerny, Henry (Mildred Tirskovskej') 
Ridott Rl Silver Creek Seel 03a 

Chaney, Geo. W. (Sarah Moyer) 
Jesse, Winslow R2 Oneco Sec20 
029a (1866) 

Chapin, Eli (Clara LeDue) Alberta, 
Geraldine, McConnell Rl Waddams 
Secll O80a (1915) 

Chappin, J. A. (Grace Weaver) Ch 
Loula, Gladys, McConnell Rl Wad- 
dams Secl2 OSOa (1911) 

Chester, J. W. (Carrie Smith) Ch Ray, 
Roy, Ethel, Earl, Myrtle, Ella, 
Hattie, Jessie, Ruth, Arthur, Lola, 
Kent GD Kent Sec23 Rl (1908) 

Christen, E. (Ruth Harding) Ch Har- 
old, Dakota Rl Buckeye Sec21 TSOa 
W. Meincer (1909) 

Christen, Jacob (Alice Christen) Ch 
Rose, John. Bertha, Pinehurst Farm 
Cedarville Rl Buckeye Sec29 Ol20a 

Christen, John (Rosa Godfred) Ch 
Clara, Elsie, Olga, Winslow R3 
Oneco Sec20 O60a (1916) 

Cillmer, Wilhelm F. (Wilhelmina 
Hamann) Ch Anna, Martha, Emma, 
Otto, Winslow R2 Oneco Secl9 
073a (1881) 

Clair, Galen (Martha Rayhorn) Ch 
Evelyn, Dean, Kent Rl Kent Secl3 
Ol20a (1891) 

Clark, Alfred L. (Mabel Kramer) Ch 
Duane, Kenneth, Freeport R2 Har- 
lem Sec3.5 TSOa J. P. Kramer (1879) 

Clark, Frank (Barbara Haas) Ch Orla, 
Harla, Ridott R2 Ridott Sec30 045a 

Clark, Geo. C. (Josephine Weinhardt) 
Ch Louise, Carrol, Orangeville Rl 
Oneco Sec24 Tll5a Willard Bolen- 
der (1916) 

Clark, H. R. (Alma Solace) Ch Mabel, 
Rolling. Aletha, Lena R4 Waddams 
Secl.5 Ol20a (1873). 

Clark, N. L. (Ida H. Neeble) Lena R4 
Waddams Sec22 Ol48a (1876) 

Clarno, A, J. (Charlotte Lehrack) Ch 
Roy, Guy, Grace, Edna, Mary, 
Glenn, Orangeville Rl Oneco Sec34 
Ol35a (1869) 

Clarno, Guy S. (Hazel Taft) Ch Caro- 
Ivn, Orangeville Rl Oneco Sec34 
O40a (189.5) 

Clarno, John H. (Sarah Decker) Ch 
Mary, Myrtel, Mable, Clarence, 
Orangeville Rl Oneco Sec22 072a 

dinger, Geo. (Gepka Peters) Ch 
Jacobous, Theodore, Hilda, Eelko, 
Jacob, Martha, Alice, Rekus, Ena, 
Tatje, German Valley R2 Ridott 
Secl4 09a (1906) 

Clingman, J. T. (Sarah Margarets) 
Ch Laura, John, Elmer, Coon Hol- 
low Farm Cedarville Rl Buckeye 
Sec2o Ol25a (1841) 

Clingman, Rekus (Stella Guth) Ch 
Clarence, Mabel, Ridott Rl Ridott 
Secll Tl48a J. C. Guth (1893) 

Coble, J. Frank Cedarville Rl Buck- 
eye Sec31 O40a (1872) 

Coe, L. M. (Corel Allen) Mae, Allen. 
Orangeville Rl Waddams Sec4 
OlOOa (1912) 

Colby, Nate D. Hazel Meyers) Davis 
R2 Rock Run Secll T295a Henry 
Goeke (1913) 

Cole, Chas (Delia Smith) Ch Elsie, 
Elma, John, Roland, Chester, Pearl, 
Kent Rl Kent Sec27 Ol20a (1865) 

Cole, John (Katherine Kohl) Ch 
Charley, George, Kent Rl Kent 
Sec26 Ola (1867) 

Cole, Roy (Mabel Polhill) Lena R4 
Waddams Sec25 Tla Mrs. M. Bab- 
cock (1887) 

Cole, Frank (Emma Rakowska) Ch 
Curt, McConnell Waddams Sec8 
T42a Wm. Cole (1883) 

Cole, Wm. (Mathilda Shippey) Ch 
Delbert, Abe, Barbara. Charles. 
Frank McConnell Waddams Sec8 
042a (1852) 

Coleman, Mrs. Elizabeth, Ch George, 
Oscar, Waddams Grove Rl West- 
point Secl2 Ol58a (1882) 

Coleman, Onno E. (Margaret Oster- 
loo) German Valley R2 Ridott Sec 
22 Tl60a Wm. Coleman (1889) 

Collin, Geo. (Mary Rosenscale) Ch 
Jesse, Walter, Preston, Alda, Ellis, 
Pearl City. R2 Jefferson Sec26 
O240a (1867) 

Collin, W. G. (Elva Sites) Pearl Citv 
R2 Loran Sec29 Ol46a (1891) 

Collman, Wm. (Margaret M. Acker- 
man) Ch O W.. Cora. Rena. Mag- 
gie, Mary, William, Gervan Vallev 
Rl Silver Creek Sec36 O320a (1856) 

Confer, Henry (Ida Strohm) Lena 
R4 Waddams Sec24 Ol25a (1892) 

Confer, Mrs. Lerletta, Ch Mvra, Eliz- 
abeth, McConnell Rl Waddams 
SeclO O80a (1872) 



Confer, Wm. (Esther Frybarer) Cli 
Mae, Paul, Isabelle, Frank, Rockow, 
McConnell Rl Waddams SeclO 
OlOOa (1872) 

Conrad, Daniel A. (Caroline Gersh- 
baugh) Ch Catherine, Rose, Oak- 
dale Park Camp Ground Baileyville 
Rl Silver Creek Sec20 T27a (1891) 

Cook, Albert (Nettie Leckington) Ch 
Arlene, Lena R3 Westpoint Sec25 
T80a Wilmot Leckington (1889) 

Cook, L. E. Kent Rl Kent Sec24 T4a 
F. R. Erwin (1860) 

Cook, Ralph (Anna Blisten) Ch Hat- 
tie, Blanche, Winslow Rl Winslow 
Sec30 T220a Geo. DeHaven 

Coomber, Albert, Ch Lola, Raymond, 
Leslie, Bernard, Waddams Grove 
Rl Westpoint Secl9 Tl87a Geo. 
Louver (1905) 

Coomber, Chas. (Emma Hayes) Ch 
Sussie, Grace, Gladys, Lena R2 
Erin Sec2 O40a (1868) 

Coomber, Lowell B (Mabel Harper) 
Freeport R6 Lancaster Seel Ol20a 
Wm. Blatten (1898) 

Coomber, W. M. (Anna Royer) Ch 
Rolland, Elmer, Arthur, Lowell, 
Kent Kent Sec27 02a (1882) 

Coplien, Elmer (Nettie FranklDcrger) 
Ch Kenney, Bernice, Dakota R2 
Dakota Secl2 T80a H. Kuehlmeier 

Cordes, L. (Heppy Vanroden) Ch 
Jacob, William, Ella, Helen, Ger- 
man Valley R2 Ridott Secl8 Ol60a 

Corman, Omar Harlem Sec36 T80 
Gorman Est. 

Cox, Jas. (Clara Kearns) Ch Lucy, 
Edna, Blanche. Floyd, George, 
Howard, Alice, German Valley R2 
Ridott Sec21 T5a (1915) 

Crain, Harry (Marcelia Howe) Ch 
Theodore, Robert, Orangeville R2 
Oneco Sec21 Ol83a (1889) 

Crain, H. R. (Anna Gallagher) Ch 
Hamilton, Blanche, Harry, Ray, 
Warren Rl Winslow Sec26 Ol60a 

Cratzer, J. L. (Alma Ranch) Ch Joe, 
Red Oak Rl Buckeye Sec34 OlOa 

Creighton, Thos. (Ella Boyle) Ch 
Lucille, Lena Westpoint Sec32 053a 

Cromely, Roy D. (Bertha Smith) Ch 
Perry, Meriam, Cedarville Rl Buck- 
eye Sec36 Tl08a (1885) 

Cross, John F. (Lottie Runkel) Ch 
Ruth, Ro3^ Mabel, Glenn, McCon- 
nell Rl Waddams SecB O60a (1874) 

Cross Thos. (Magie Davidson) Ch 
Lester, Veneta, McConnell Rl 
Waddams Sec5 Ol03a (1871) 

Culver, H. P. Eleroy, Erin Secl4 
Ol34a (1867) 

Cuplin, Oral V. (Clara Stenghorn) 
Ch Helen, Dorothy, Freeport R5 
Silver Creek SeclO Tl40a Mrs. P. 
Bardell (1903) 

Curtiss, Carey (Lena Dwyer) Ch 
Carol, Celia, Geraldine, Ruth, Ralph, 
Cedarville Rl Buckeye Sec20 TlOOa 
L. Moses (1896) 


Dahlmeier, Lewis ( Debora Rade- 
maker) Ch Vernon, Evelyn, Albert, 
Louella, German Valley Rl Ridott 
Sec31 T160 Rademaker Est (1882) 

Dahms, W. H. (Bertha Celmer) Ch 
Alma, Dora, Lena, Kearney, Golda, 
Marie, Alfred, Maple Leaf Farm 
Orangeville Rl Buckeye SecB OlSOa 

Dameier, David (Onetha Parkinson) 
Ch Virginia, Lena Rl Kent Sec7 
T188 Mrs. Mary Dameier (1886) 

Dameier, R. F. (Ella Finkenbinder) 
Ch Evelyn, Melvin, Elvin, Lena,R5 
Kent Sec8 Tl49 Mrs. Mary B. 
Dameier ( 1882) 

Dameier, W. (Clara Altenl:)ern) Ch 
Alvera. Doris, Dairv Farm Lena Rl 
Kent Sec4 0127 (i878) 

Damman, Henry J. (Elsie Gross) Ch 
Belinda, Lizzie, Carl, Freddie, 
Shannon Rl Florence Sec34 Tl60a 
John Bastian Est (1914) 

Dampman, Conrad (Katie Dorsey) 
Freeport RO Lancaster Secl6 0252a 

Danekas, Cord A. (Marv Franson) 
Baileyville Rl Florence Sec36 TlGOa 
John H. Snyder (1908) 

Daughenbaugh, Daniel M. (Jennie 
Matter) Ch Lettie, Bertha. Valey, 
Cora, John. Earl. Glenn. Arthur, 
Esther, Ridott Ridott Sec21 O60a 

Daughenbaugh, Frank (Mary Mon- 
sell) Ch Charles, James, Ridott R2 
Rock Run Secl7 OlOa (1848) 



Daughenbaugh, Henry A. (Harriet 
Bardell) Ch Silas, Clarence, Laura, 
Ridott R3 Ridott Sec27 Ol35a 

Daughenbaugh, Mary Ch Robert, 
Ida, Clara, Mae, Shuman, Ridott 
R3 Rock Run Secl7 055a (1882) 

Daughenbaugh, Vallie (Lena Miller) 
Ridott R2 Rock Run SeclG O40a 

Davidson John (Ida Heise) Ch Ray. 
Kenneth, Lavetta, Winslow R2 
Winslow Sec25 T40a A. Rackow 

Davidson, Lewis G. (Emma Heise) 
Ch Laura, McConnell Rl Oneco 
Sec31 O40a (1881) 

Davidson, W. H. (Lulu Runkel) Ch 
Marvin, Barbara, Beulah, Pearl, 
Sadie, Donnell, Dorothy, Orange- 
ville Rl Oneco Sec32 O40a (1871) 

Daws, H. T. (Lizzie Robinson) Ch 
Iva, Roy, Lena Rl Kent Sec2 O80a 

Daws, Jas. G. (Lulu Frie) Ch George, 
Royce, Lena R3 Westpoint Sec31 
Ol25a (1883) 

Deal, Henry J. (Laura Wilson) Ch 
Thomas, Howard, Clifford, Free- 
port R3 Lancaster Secl5 TOOa Nel- 
lie Landolt (1893) 

Dean, Frank (Maud Bitterly) Ch 
Raymond, Florence, Brush Creek 
Dairy Farm Cedarville Rl Buckeye 
Sec8 O80a (1916) 

Deaner, Scott (Hattie Staas) Ch 
Harry, Scott Jr., Freeport R2 Har- 
lem Sec35 074a (1866) 

DeBear, David (Dora) Cedarville Rl 
Harlem Secl2 085a (1877) 

Decknodle, Cornelius (Margaret 
Colema) Ch Lulu, German Valley 
R2 Ridott Secl6 OlOa (1882) 

Decknodel, E. (Emily Gilbert) Ch 
Esther, German Vallev Rl Silver 
Creek Sec24 Ol60a Decknodel Est. 

Deemer, Ernest (Bernice Nelson) Ch 
Ruth. Hillside Stock Farm Dakota 
Rl Dakota Sec27 Tl80a W. W. 
Deemer (1892) 

Deemer, Frank C. (Esther Flory) Ch 
Victor, Gladys, Cedarville Rl Buck- 
eye Sec2 O80a (1869) 

Deemer, Henry (Ella Fryberger) Ch 
Arthur, Orangeville Rl Buckeye 
Sec2 Ol9a (18^^55) 

Deery, Mrs. Mary, Ch Helen, Wil- 
liam, Kate, Emma, Reitzell, Arthur, 
Harry, Freeport R3 Lancaster Sec 
13 0215a (1852) 

Deery, Reitzell J. (Helen Demmel) 
Ch Amy, Freeport R3 Lancaster 
Secl3 T215 Mrs. Mary Jane Deery 
Est (.1863) 

Deery, Wm. (Mary King) Ch Nettie, 
Roy, Ridott R2 Lancaster Secl3 
05a (1852) 

DeGroot, O. (Dena Tervenn) Ch 
Grace, German Valley Rl Ridott 
Sec32 O80a (1877) 

DeHaven, Arthur T. (Susan Fenner) 
Ch Theodore, Fremont, Orange- 
ville Rl Oneco Sec25 Ollla (1896) 

Deiminger, Geo. C. (Augusta Kar- 
stadt) Ch Grace, Harry, Paul, Free- 
port R. D. Silver Creek Sec4 Olla 

Deitsmeyer, Fred (Phoebe Paul) Ch 
Otto, Albert, William, Lena R3 
Westpoint Sec25 O50a (1884) 

Delp, Jacob (Nancy Frey) Ch 
Phoebe, Sylvanus, Charles, Addie, 
George, Pearl City R3 Kent Sec31 

Denekas, Martin Ch Marvin, Matilda, 
Sophia, Clarence, German Valley 
Rl Ridott Sec34 0476a (1869) 

Denakas, Robt. (Alice Schleifer) Ch 
Marie, Pearl, Alvin, George, Wal- 
ter, Myrtle, German Valley R2 
Ridott Secl6 091a (1874) 

Denney, Elmer E. (Anna Askey) Sun- 
nyside Farm Orano-eville R2 Buck- 
eye Seel O80a (1904) 

Deuth, Alvin (Katherine W^itte) Ele- 
roy Erin Secl3 Ol72a (1889) 

Deuth, Elvin (Minnie White) Eleroy 
Erin Secl3 Ol60a (1887) 

Deuth, Fred H. (Emeline Hutacher) 
Ch Alice, Eleroy Erin Sec24 Ol48a 

Devries, Mrs, Sophia Ch Kent, An- 
drew, Albertie, Eildert, Addie, Ger- 
man Valley Rl Ridott Sec27 OlOa 

Dezell, Saml. (Levina Baker) Ch 
Samuel, George, Scioto Mills Har- 
lem Seclo Ol8a (1866) 

Dickman, Edw. H (Clara Landgraf) 
Ch William, Luella, Helen, Edgar, 
Freeport R5 Silver Creek Sec5 OlOa 

Dickman, Henry L. (Katherine 
Schlaup) Ch Henry, Leonard. 
Katherine, Freeport R5 Silver 
Creek Sec5 Ol60a (1863) 

Diddens, Geo, B. (Clara Gastel) Ch 
Ben, George. John, Herman, Edna, 
German Valley Rl Silver Creek 
Sec24 O320a (1856) 

Diehl, John (Ella Buss) Ch Merrill. 
Lena Rl Kent Sec2 OSOa (1882) 



Dieken, Ben (Alberta Jacobs) Ch 
Grace, German Valley R3 Ridott 
Sec31 O40a (1871) 
Diemer, V. L. (Mary Christensen) Ch 
Luther, Dakota Rl Dakota Sec27 
Tl80a Mrs. Minnie Diemer (1891) 
Diepenbrock, Ufka (Rena Meyer) Ch 
John, Gertie, Alma, Henry, Rena. 
German Valley R2 Ridott Secl4 
Tl8a (1901) 
Diestlemeier, Aug. (Mary Olternbern) 
Ch George, Clara, Delia, Lulu, Lil- 
lian, Florence, Lena RD Kent Sec4 
O130 (1859) 
Diestelmeier, Chas. (Catherine Bal- 
dauf) Ch Dora, Edith, Herman, Hil- 
da, Gertrude, Margaret, Ben, Kent 
Rl Kent Secl9 Ol20a (1854) 
Diestelmeier, Fred C. (Louisa Meyer) 
Ch Alma, Hilda, Matie, Clara, Ray- 
mond. Lena R5 Erin Secl4 07a 
Diestelmeier, Mrs. F. S. (Mma Berne) 
Ch Fred. Minnie, Henry, Mary, 
Ernest, Charles, Albert. Amelia, 
John, Edward, Art, Lena G. D. 
Kent Sec4 Ol45 (1846) 
Diestelmeier, Herman (Amy Reese) 
Ch Eldora, Lena R3 Westpoint 
Sec27 TlOOa F. D. Broge (1890) 
Diestelmyer, John (Susie Koethe) Ch 
Walter, Lena R3 Westpoint Sec35 
O80a (1880) 
Dietmeier, Floyd E. (Ruth Gaboon) 
Orangeville Rl Oneco Sec31 TSOa 
J. P. "Dietmeier (1900) 
Dietmeier, Jos. (Mary Kahn) Ch 
Clarence. Homer. Gustav, Meadow- 
brook Dairy Farm Winslow R2 
Oneco Sec31 Ol68a (1870) 
Dietmeier, J. P. (Minnie Walters) Ch 
Melvin. Effie. Floyd. Theresa. Fran- 
ces. Ray, Laura, Klipher. Orange- 
ville Rl Buckeye Sec3 O240a T20a 
Strom Sisters (1875) 
Dietmeier, Melvin E. (Iva Hulbert) 
Ch Glenn. Orangeville Rl Oneco 
Sec32 Tll9a Mrs. Hulbert (1909) 
Dietrich Bros. Pearl City Rl Loran 
Sec28 Tl60a Catherine Dieterich 
Est ('18P2) 
Dietrich, Chas. Pearl City Rl Loran 

Sec2S O80a (1877) 
Dietrich, W. (Laura Micha) Hazel. 
Oscar, Pearl City R2 Loran Sec28 
O80a (1865) 
Dilly, Adam F. (Emma Long^ Ch 
Kenneth. Ridott Rl Ridott SeclO 
Ol60a (1877) 
Dilly, Albert (Rena Reints) German 
Valley R2 Ridott Secl5 Tl60a An- 
nie Ackerman (1890) 

Dilly, Frank (Mary Gastel) Ch Agnes, 
Florence, Clara, Louella, Ridott Rl 
Ridott Sec8 095a (1859) 
Dilly, Geo. A. (Lillie Long) Ch Ray- 
mond. Ridott Rl Ridott Secl7 T95a 
C Dilley (1885) 
Dinges, Cleveland H. (Esther Schroe- 
der) Ch Ransom, Dyne, Romona, 
Maple Lane Farm Orangeville R2 
Oneco Sec29 Ol83a (1884) 
Dirksen, Edwin (Gladys Chichester) 
German Valley R2 Ridott Secl4 
Tl67a John Dirksen (1894) 
Disher, John W. (Victoria Carter) Ch 
Earl, Edna, Ethel, Gladys, Orange- 
ville R2 Oneco Sec29 Tl63a Wm. 
_Carter (1911) 
Dittmar, Geo. (Hazel Aurand) Ch 
Cyril, Indian Spring Farm Pearl 
City R3 Kent Sec35 T52a A. 
Dusche (1915) 
Dittmar, Jacob (Hattie Luy) Ch Earl, 
Harold, Neil, Winslow Rl Winslow 
Secl5 T270a W. J. Kennedy (1906) 
Ditzler, Bert (Louisa Toelmier) Ch 
Lois. Gladys, Merrill, Pearl City Rl 
Loran Sec20 O80a (1876) 
Ditzler, Cyrus M. Ch Morrell. Pearl 
City R4 Loran Secl2 Ol20a (1868) 
Ditzler, Perry A. (Marie Baries) Ch 
Robert, Pearl City R4 Jefferson 
Secll T200a Mrs. Rose Aurand 
Ditzler, S. A. (Clara Harrenstein) Ch 
. Glen. Pearl City R4 Loran Sec7 

O40a (1865) 
Dobler, Herst (Lillie Price) Ch 
Herst, Lena R3 Westpoint Sec27 
T80a J Sandrock (1904) 
Dole, A. G. Pearl City Rl Loran Sec22 

Tl20a Erhart Dole (1893) 
Dole, Paul (Elizabeth Faber) Ch 
Vernon. Orvale. Lena R5 Erin Sec 
26 Ol60a (1874) 
Doll, Albert (Eda Raders) Ch Irene, 
Lena West Point Sec28 0229a 
Doll, John (Anna Loebieg) Ch Mar- 
garet. Oliver. Alvin. Glenn. Lena Rl 
Westpoint Sec34 Ol67a (1871) 
Doll, Jos. (Olefa Raders) Evergreen 
Hill Farm Lena Westpoint Sec30 
Ol73a (1884) 
Donker, Reinhart (Alzina Wagens) 
Ch Bernard, Florence Station Flor- 
ence Sec26 T 80a Mrs. Harm Frey 
Doonan, A. (Nellie Richardson) Ch 
Thomas. Marie. Myrtle, Frances, 
Ridott R2 Rock Run Secl4 O200a 



Dora, Byron B. (Harriet Moyer) Ch 
Parker. OrangevilleRl Oneco Sec35 
TGOa S. P. Dorii (1880) 

Dorse, Michael (Sophia Luettig) Ch 
Edna, Lester, Benjamin, Kenneth, 
Leo, Freeport R2 Florence Sec7 
Ol20a (1860) 

Dorsey, Stephen (Rose Flynn) Ch 
Lowell, Burdett, Infant, Ridott R2 
Ridott Sec22 Ol39a (1887) 

Dorsey, Wm. (Nellie Fitzpatrick) Ch 
Frank, Marguerite, Rock City R2 
Rock Run SeclO OlGOa (1907) 

Dorsi, Louis (Minnie Nesemeyer) 
Freeport Rl Florence Secl5 OOOa 

Dorty, G. W. (Minnie Brandt) Ch 
Nora, Walter, Shannon Rl Loran 
Sec25 Ol60a 

Doty, Clarence (Margaret Sloan) Ch 
Fay, Beth, Frank, Walter, Margery, 
Pecatonica R2 Ridott Sec25 0298a 
Clarence Dotv (1912) 

Doubler, John E. Ch Nellie, Robert 
John Jr., Springbrook Farm Nora 
Westpoint Sec3 O201a (1897) 

Doughenbaugh, A (Ida Hauns) Ch 
Mildred, Alfred, Louetta, Leroy, 
Florence, Jay, Orangeville Rl Buck- 
eye Secll OlOla T70a C. Doughen- 
baugh (1871) 

Doughenbaugh, Chas. H. (Lucy Van- 
house) Ch Mary. Rose, Ben, Myrtle, 
Joseph. Peter. Jennie, Charles, Ri- 
dott R2 Ridott Sec29 TSOa Henry 
Bohmeier (1885) 

Doughenbaugh, Christian (Augusta 
Beyer) Ch Laura, Arbe, Edward, 
Orangeville R2 Buckeye Sec2 Ol55a 

Doyle Bros., Pearl Citv R3 Kent 
Sec33 Ol97a (1877) 

Dreakey, Arthur (Minnie Schrader) 
Davis R2 Rock Grove Sec34 TlGOa 
Henry Dreakey (1881) 

Dreakey, Walt (Hallie Weves) Da- 
vis Rl Rock Grove Sec3 TlOSa 
Henry Dreakey (1883) 

Dreibelbis, Boyd B (Mabel Zettle) 
Ch Kenneth, Orangeville Rl Oneco 
Sec25 T40a J. Dreibelbis (1914) 

Dreibelbis, Clayton E (Bessie Miller^ 
Ch Stanford, Celesta, Orangeville 
R2 Oneco Sec28 O80a TSOa Mrs. 
Maratha Dreibelbis (1891) 

Dreibelbis, Ephriam (Ora Kroh) Ch 
Dollie, Inwood Farm Freeport R2 
Florence SeclO Tl20a Mrs. J. T. 
Hance (1902) 

Dreibelbis, John S. (Millie Keuhl) Ch 
Mabel, Viola, Ruth, Orangeville Rl 
Oneco Sec27 OlOOa (1900) 

Dreibelbis, O. C. (Nettie Fisher) Ch 
Luella, Ruth. Sunnyside Stock 
Farm Orangeville R2 Buckeye Sec6 
085a (1884) 

Duek, Wm. A. (Katherine Klontz) Ch 
Dora, Harrv, Dakota Rl Buckeye 
Secl6 TlOa Mrs L Richard (1860) 

Dunaway, E. D. (Lola Rodebaugh) 
Ch Flossie, Glenn, Evelyn, Robert, 
Theora, Winslow Winslow Sec34 
O80a (1880) 

Dunavi^ay, Orrin (Ruby Carter) Ch 
Wilbur, Roy, Eugene. Orangeville 
R2 Oneco Sec29 058a (1914) 

Dunaway, Thos. (Josephine Schulz) 
Winslow R2 Oneco Sec29 T60a 
T. H. Dunaway (1892) 

Dundore, Susan, Ch Margaret, Bruce, 
Allen, Emma. Orangeville R2 Rock 
Grove Sec25 Ol98a (1877) 

Dunn, Fred (May VanSickle) Lena 
R4 Waddams Sec27 0227a (1875) 


Earlwine, Glenn (Mattie Davis) Juda 
R2 Rock Grove Sec21 T200a Judd 
Davis (1914) 

Eberhardt, Fred (Mae Diven) Ch 
Frederick. Spring Grove Farm 
Orangeville R2 Oneco Sec33 TlOOa 
N. J. Eberhardt (1881) 

Eberhart, N. J, (Elizabeth Teuscher) 
Ch Fred, Hulda, Jennie, Jacob, 
Emma. Spring Grove Farm Orange- 
ville R2 Oneco Sec33 OlOOa (1882) 

Ebersole, Mrs, D. L. Ch Ella, Cora, 
Frances, Freeport R3 Lancaster 
Sec28 O80a (1899) 

Eckhoff, Richard (Ricksine Nieman) 
Ch Peter, Gasina, Marvin, German 
Valley R2 Ridott Secl4 TSOa Reta 
Eckhoff (1874) 

Eder, E, M. (Amelia Neuberger) Ch 
Willard, Florence. Freeport Rs Sil- 
ver Creek Sec9 Tl60a Mrs. J. H. 
Eder (1882) 

Eder, Fred (Mary Dahn) Ch Fred. 
Esther. Jennie, Lillie, Emma, Nel- 
lie, Walter, Freeport R2 Florence 
Sec 8 Ol55a (1868^ 

Eder, Geo. M. (Endorcia Cable) 
Freeport R5 Silver Creek Secl4 
O80a (1871) 



Eder, Herman (Minnie Crane) Ch 
Lorelle, Simmons, Freeport R5 Sil- 
ver Creek Secl4 T77a Jacob Eder, 
Sr. (1877) 

Eder, Jacob Sr., Ch Eva, John, Mar- 
garet, Fred, George, Jacob, Her- 
man, Frank, Emma, Freeport R5 
Silver Creek Secl3 O200a (1847) 

Eder, Jacob, Jr. (Anna Motter) Ch 
Ralph, Freeport R5 Silver Creek 
Secl6 O80a (1874) 

Edler, Edw. F. (Nora Dorty) Ch 
Howard, Opal, Vera, Shannon Rl 
Loran Sec35 Tl99a Christian Ed- 
ler (1888) 

Edler, Fred (Lena Kortner) Ch Ar- 
thur, Edna, Earl, Luella, Pearl City 
Rl Loran Sec26 Ol60a (1904) 

Edler, Henry C. (Edith Klipping) Ch 
Gerald, Shannon Rl Loran Sec35 
O80a (1881) 

Edler, Simon (Hattie Dinderman) Ch 
Donald, Alice, Shannon Rl Loran 
Sec26 Tl60a Fred Kortner (1886) 

Eellis, T. F. (Nettie Lincoln) Ch Clar- 
ence, Edgar, Lola, Arthur, Eddie, 
Ruth, Winslow Rl Winslow Sec24 
Ol39a (1865) 

Eells, Edgar C. (Millye Dorn) Wins- 
low Winslow Sec22 O230a (1882) 

Effert, Wm. (Emma Brunkow) Ch 
Bessie, Cedarville Rl Buckeye Sec24 
OlOa (1902) 

Eggemeier, Ed. (Alma Telke) Ch Mil- 
ton, Opal, Davis Rl Rock Grove 
Sec26 T40 Fred Lohmeier (1890) 

Eggemeier, Wm. (Bertha Lohmeier) 
Davis Rl Rock Grove Sec25 O90a 

E(?gert, Dan (Amelia LaGrange) 
Rock City Rock Run Secl9 OSOa 

Ehler, John (Josie Henright) Ch 
Areline, Lena R3 WestDoint Sec9 
Tl20a Mrs. Scannall 

Ehrler, Martin (Mary Gaffne) Ch 
Margaret, Frances, Winslow Rl 
Winslow Sec35 Tl20a Chas Ehrler 
Est. (1883) 

Ehrler, Walter A. (Edna Glenn) Ch 
Donald, Prairie View Poultry Farm 
Lena R3 Westpoint Sec32 034a 

Eichmeier, Ben F. (Ella Plager) Ch 
Glenn. Russell, Freeport Rl Flor- 
ence SeclO T268a H. F. Donnan 

Eichorn, John (Lydia Scheffner) Ch 
Etta, Ridott Rl Ridott SeclS Ol20a 

Eichstadt, Ernest B. (Carrie Thomm) 
Ch Florine, Monroe R9 Oneco Sec 
22 Ol60a (1912) 

Eilders, T. (Ida Daniels) Ch Dena, 
Ernbert, Freeport Ro Silver Creek 
Sec3 Tl40a Mrs. Hinkermeier 

Eilert, Frank (Ida Brandt) Ch 
Llo'yd, Rachel, Clover Leaf Farm 
Rock City Rl Rock Run Sec28 
O60a (1867) 

Eisen, Harm Ridott Rl Ridott SeclO 
T248a Wm. Hunt (1897) 

Eisenbise, Wm. (Clara Masters) Wad- 
dams Grove Rl Westpoint Seclo 
O40a (1878) 

Eisenhawer, John (Sarah Confer) Ch 
Saloma, William, Mabel, Iva, Mary, 
John, Twin Elms Cedarville Rl 
Buckeye Sec25 OlOOa (1859) 

Eisenhower, W. A. (Mazie Farringer) 
Kent Rl Kent Sec27 Farm Hand 
Elmer Wingert (1911) 

Eley, Arthur E. (Antonia Snyder) Ch 
Marjorie. Ridott R2 Lancaster Sec 
25 T40a Frank Hibst (1908) 

Elmer, Henry (Marie Zimmerman) 
Ch Marie, Anna, Rosa, Henry, 
Orangeville R2 Oneco Sec33 OSOa 

Endress, Geo. (Matilda Block) Ch 
Edna, Arthur, Amelia, Simon, La- 
vere. Pearl City R4 Loran SeclS 
Ol32a (1899) 

Endress, John (Julia Wagoner) Ch 
Fred, Louise, Oscar, Rudolph, Al- 
ma, Pearl City R4 Jefferson Secll 
Ol60a (1904) 

Engle, Boyd B. (Margaret Arm- 
strong) Ch Eleanor, Norman, Wil- 
liam, Freeport R3 Lancaster Sec28 
T240a E. H. Engle (1888) 

Engle, C. C. (Alice Diemer) Ch Bir- 
die, Edgar, Minor, Carl, Evan, Free- 
port R4 Harlem Sec26 077a (1859) 

Engle, Janin C. (Leone FetterhofT) 
Maple Lawn Farm Freeport R3 
Lancaster Sec28 O60a (1891) 

Engelman, Harvey (Katie Harnish) 
Ch Fredmont, Red Oak Rl Buckeye 
Sec34 095a (1900) 

Erb, Addison E. (Elizabeth Smith) 
Ch Clarence, Henry, Freeport R3 
Lancaster Secll TllOa S. F. Smith 

Erbsen, Adam (Caroline Brink- 
meier) Ch Arthur, Theodore, Luel- 
la, Elmer, Margaret, Alvin, Pearl 
City R2 Jefferson Sec36 Olloa 



Erickson, Ed. J. (Blanche Hutchison) 
Ch Martha, Carl, Freeport RO Lan- 
caster Sec5 OlOOa (1893) 

Ermold, C. A. (Carrie Lauker) Ch 
Gladys Cedarville Rl Buckej'e Sec25 
T120 Wm. Clingman (18G8) 

Ermold, Frank W. (Alice Sickafoose) 
Ch Edna, Walnut Lane Farm Ce- 
darville Rl Buckeye Secl3 OSOa 

Ermold, N. N. (Emma Kunkel) Ch 
Eva, Red Oak Rl Buckeye Seco5 
Ol9a (1863) 

Erwin, F. R. (Susie Bogenrief) Ch 
Lowell, Glen, Clifford, Robert, Ken- 
neth, Esther, Ethel, Nelda, Inez, 
Park Farm Kent Rl Kent Sec24 
O640a (1866) 

Erwin, Levi (Rebecca Unangst) Ch 
Frank, Addie, Kent Rl Kent Sec24 
T60a F. R. Erwin (1845) 

Espe, Ed. (Minnie Richtemier) Ch 
Arthur, Lillie, Kent Rl Kent Secll 
OlOOa (1900) 

Ethridge, Walter (Margaret Ander- 
son) Ch William, Marvin, James, 
Pearl City Rl Loran Sec3:3 Oll8a 

Etzler, Frank (Florella DeHaven) 
Winslow Rl Winslow Sec30 T320a 
Geo. DeHaven (1881) 

Everhart, Otto (Rosa Brubaker) Ch 
Mildred, Bernice, Pearl City R4 
Jefferson SeclO OoOa (1912) 

Everson, Ever. (Louise Wendt) Ch 
May, Lyda, Nettie, Elsie, Stella, 
Laverne, Prairie Hill Farm Rock 
City Rl Rock Run Sec23 O80a 

Everts, Mrs. Emma, Ch Martha, 
Onno, John, Lillian, Wessle, Ger- 
man Valley R2 Ridott SeclT Ol60a 

Everts, Wm. (Rosa Rademacher) Ch 
Alyrtle, Baileyville Rl Silver Creek 
Sec34 Tl60a Harm Rademacher 

Faber, Henry (Myrtle Fannell) Lena 
Ro Erin Sec27 O80a (1881) 

Fahr, Ben. (Anna Stemm) Ch Elta, 
Elma, Vera, Yevon, Orangeville R2 
Oneco SecSO O80a (1860) 

Fahr, M. L. (Ethel Wise) Ch Lola, 
Lucile, Orangeville R2 Oneco Sec28 
Tl08a A. Fahr (1881) 

Fahr, Royce R. (Rubie Nease) Ch 
Catherine, Virginia, Royce Jr., 
Winslow R3 Winslow Sec31 Ol60a 

Fahr, Warren (Helen Schafer) Ch 
Edgar, Winslow R3 Westpoint Sec5 

Fairboirn, O. R. (Anna Xeiberger) 
Ch Henry, Mary, William, Ridott 
Ridott Sec31 O560a (1849) 

Faist, Jos. (Anna Sieferman) Ch 
John, Albert, Clemens, George, 
Freeport Rl Silver Creek Secl8 
O207a (1872) 

Faist, Wm. (Rosetta Doll) Ch Oleva, 
Lois, Luella, Melvin, Celestin, Eu- 
gene, Paulina, Freeport Rl Silver 
Creek SeclS Ol46a (1867) 

Farringer, F. W. (Ida Heise) Ch Roy, 
Mazie, Len, Lena Rl Kent Sec5 
Ol63a (1862) 

Fawver, Mrs. Charlotte, Ch Mary, 
Laura, Amelia, Carrie, Jessie, Edna, 
Elva, Phillip, Harvey, Will, Oscar, 
Ira, Lizzie, Ridott R2 Ridott Sec24 
O40a (1852) 

Fawver, Thos. tOllie Krinka) Ch 
Amy, Jessie, Ridott R2 Lancaster 
Sec25 025a (1875) 

Fedmeier, Walter (Mabel Moring) Ch 
Ruth, Baileyville Rl Silver Creek 
Sec33 TlGOa (1914) 

Fehr, Arthur (Mary Sangster) Ch 
Mildred, Kent Rl Kent Seclo Oooa 

Fehr, Aug., Farm View Kent Rl Kent 
Secl2 Ol40a (1874) 

Fehr, E. O. (Margaret Rockey) Ri- 
dott R2 Lancaster Sec26 O80a 

Fehr, F. J. (Theresa Donahue) Ch 
Albert, Kent Rl Kent Secll TSOa 
F. W. Fehr (1894) 

Fehr, F. W. (Catherine Biehl) Ch 
Tillie, Florence, Luella, Agnes, 
Elizabeth, Frank, Kent Rl Kent 
Sec2 O220a (1892) 

Fehr, Ira W. (Carry Peckin) Ch Les- 
ter, Miriam, Homer, Dakota R2 Da- 
kota Sec23 Ol76a (1887) 

Fehr, J. (Bertha Doll) Ch May, Doll 
Farm Kent Rl Kent Secl2 T240a 
Barney Doll (1867) 

Fehr, Ray (Effie Frankberger) Ch 
Ravmond, Dakota R2 Dakota Secl2 
08ba (1892) 

Fehr, Wesley (Mellissa Lass) Ch 
Raymond, Harrison. Bessie, Dakota 
R2 Dakota Secll Ol20a (1872) 



Ferguson, Levi (Lizzie GoU) Ch 
George, Winslow R3 Waddams 
SeclO Ol20a (1855) 

Ferguson, Myron (Mabel Etzler) Ch 
Wilson, Clark, Winslow Rl Wins- 
low Sec24 Ol89a (1887) 

Fetzer, Fred (Jessie Kuhn) Red Oak 
Rl Harlem Sec4 Ol30a (1876) 

Fetzer, G. (Adeline Dole) Ch Bessie, 
Roy, Red Oak Rl Harlem Sec4 
068a (1855) 

Fiedler, Martin (Leatha Rice) Ch 
Raymond, Winslow Rl Winslow 
Sec31 T200a Wm. Rice (1914) 

Fieme, John (Anna Benning) Ch Ar- 
villa, Edna, Davis Rl Rock Grove 
Sec2 T5a E. Fieme (1880) 

Finkenbinder, M. D. Pearl City R2 
Loran Sec20 T93a Mrs. Ellen Fink- 
enbinder (1890) 

Fischer, Wm. (Fredericka Dahms) 
Ch Amanda, Elizabeth, William, 
Anna, Rosa, Luella, Ridott R2 Lan- 
caster Sec25 O20a (1871) 

Fishburn, Chas. H. (Hattie) Ch Mil- 
dred, Robert, Clarence, Freeport 
R6 Harlem Secl2 T86a W Wright 
Est. (1899) 

Fisher, Wm. (lona Wallin) Ch Cora, 
Myrtle, Edna, Green Lawn Farm 
Orangeville R2 Rock Grove Sec25 
095a (1849) 

Fisher, Mrs. Adelle, Ch Clarence, 
Winslow R2 Oneco Sec28 085a 

Fisher, Bruce (Ethel Boothroyd) Ch 
Dorothy, Robert, Ward, Lone Elm 
Farm Orangeville R2 Rock Grove 
Sec25 Ol40a (1877) 

Fisher, Edwin, Ch Ward, Stanly, 
Donald. Jeana, Pleasant Lawn 
Stock Farm Ridott Rl Ridott Secll 
Tl95a Christ Fisher (1883) 

Fisher, Elmer (Lena Martin) Ch Iris, 
Elvin, Orangeville R2 Rock Grove 
Sec26 T 220a Henry Fester (1883) 

Fisher, R. U. (Anna Leinenger) Cli 
Harold, Paul, Dale, Esther, Adrem 
Stock Farm Dakota Rl Dakota Sec2 
Ol30a (1876) 

Fitzgerald, Oscar (Anna Gebhardt) 
Ch Leland, Mabel, Alta, Delma, 
Rock City R2 Rock Grove Sec29 
Ol28a (1886) 

Fitzpatrick, Martin, Pecatonica RD 
Rock Run Secl4 O90a (1871) 

Fleugel, F. D. (Bertha Shultz) Ch 
Gordon, Grace, Bessie, Clyde, Ce- 
cil, Viola. Prairie View Farm Da- 
kota R2 Dakota Secl2 Ol90a (1869) 

Flickinger, Aaron C. (Daisy Brush- 
our) Ch Mabel, Roy, Pearl City R4 
Jefferson Secl5 O200a (1857) 

Flickinger, Clinton (Louisa Baker) 
Ch Kenneth, Pearl City R4 Jeffer- 
son Sec22 082a (1893) 

Flickinger, Mrs. C. W. Ch Eva, Nel- 
son, Ida, Jasper, Pearl City R4 Jef- 
ferson Sec22 Ol38a (1855) 

Flickinger, Geo. E. (Lilly Glasser) Ch 
Lucile, Pearl City R4 Loran Sec7 
O80a (1887) 

Flickinger, Irvin (Marie Lamphier) 
Ch LaVerne, Jay, Pearl City R4 
Jeft'erson Secl5 Ol40a (1887) 

Flickinger, L. W. (Louisa Campmier) 
Ch Thurlow, Victor, Pearl City R3 
Kent Sec29 Tl60a Hughes Est. 

Flickinger, Nelson N. (Anna Koch) 
Ch Lowell, Pearl Citv R4 Jefferson 
Secl4 O60a (1876) 

Flickinger, Wm. (Mary Waker) Ch 
Irvin, Elvin, Lawrence, Odessa, El- 
mira, William, Maplehurst Farm 
Pearl City R4 Jefferson Sec22 OlOOa 

Fluegel, Ed. D. (Carrie Deuth) Ch 
Oliver, Elsworth, Lena R2 Harlem 
Sects Ol20a (1874) 

Fluehting, Wm., Ch Frank, William, 
Minnie, Elsie, Ridott R2 Ridott 
Sec30 091a (1877) 

Flueting, Frank (Leona Southard) Ch 
Arthur, Ridott R2 Ridott Sec30 
Tl25a Henry Bokemeier (1891) 

Flynn, Chas. (Elizabeth Dailey) Da- 
vis R2 Rock Run Seel Ol20a 

Flynn, Chas. N. (Minnie Knodle) Ch 
Mildred, Charles, Davis R2 Rock 
Run Secl2 Tl20a G. C. Meyer 

Flynn, John (Rosela Boway) Ch 
Rosela, Stasia, Rock City Rl Rock 
Run Secll O40a (1857) 

Flynn, Sophia, Ch Everette, Pearl, 
Emerson, Pearl City R3 Kent Sec32 
Ol85a (1912) 

Folbridge, Fred A. (Elsie Noltemeier) 
Ch Marie, Florence, Freeport R6 
Lancaster Sec8 T224a Will Rig- 
ney (1909) 

Folgate, Ed. C. (Maud Erban) Ch 
Myrtle, Ethel, Ransem, Emmert. 
Dakota R2 Rock Grove Sec35 
Tl60a Beck Est. (1886) 

Folgate, Geo. S. (Elsie Wohlford) 
Cedarville Rl Buckeye Secl4 T380a 
Wm. Bennethun (1889) 



Folgate, I. T.' (Sarah Wise) Ch 
George, Ray, Warren, Earl, Irene, 
(Jlara, Charles, Carl, Cedarville Rl 
Buckeye Secl8 T206a Estella Mat- 
ter (.1865) 

Folgate, L. L. (Dora Kratzer) Red 
Oak Rl Waddams Sec28 T50a Ja- 
cob Elsasser (1893) 

Folgate, Milton (Pauline Dahms) Red 
Oak Rl Waddams Sec28 TllOa 
John Schiden (1890) 

Folgate, Orville (Grace Carter) Ch 
Theren, Red Oak Rl Buckeye Sec27 
O30a (1887) 

Folgate, Otto L. (Nettie Windecker) 
Ch Esther. Victor, Cedarville Rl 
Buckeye Sec7 TSOa Mrs. I. Folgate 

Folgate, Ray J. (Grace Frank) Ch 
Harold, Cedarville Rl Buckeye 
SeclS Tl60a (1891) 

Folgate, Warren U. (Bessie Reed) 
Ch Virgil, Dakota Rl Oneco Sec33 
TllO I. T. Folgate (1893) 

Folgate, W. G. (Jennie Mitchell) Ch 
Vernon, Eva, Margaret, William, 
Mirian, Cedarville Rl Buckeye 
Secl6 Ol07a (1865) 

Folkerts, Schwaantje, Maple Shade 
Farm Freeport R2 Loran Seel 

Forest, Geo. W. (Edith Stearns) Ch 
Bernice, Elmer, Florence Sec5 T40a 
R. W. Garrison 

Fortner, A. C. (Loma Detwiler) Ch 
Julian, Grover, Dakota Rl Lancas- 
ter Sec2 O204a (1882) 

Fortner, Frank M. (Maud Lapp) 
Freeport RS Lancaster Secll O40a 

Fosha, Dan F, (Rena Collmann) Ch 
Linda, Walter, German Valley Rl 
Silver Creek Sec35 Ol60a (1878) 

Fosha, Mrs. Minnie, Ch Elizabeth. 
Anna, Henry. Johanna. Dora, John. 
Dan. William, Baileyville Rl Silver 
Creek Sec35 Henry Fosha (1855) 

Fosha, O. (Carline Lauber) Ch James 
Red Oak Rl Buckeye Sec27 Ol7a 

Fosha. W. (Rosa Loss) Baileyville 
Rl Silver Creek Sec35 Ol60a (1880) 

Foss, Chas. (Carrie Folgate) Ch Vera, 
LeRoy. Mary, Maple Spring Dairy 
Farm Cedarville Rl Buckeye Secl3 
096a (1868) 

Foss, C. L. (Amelia Scheider) Ch 
Delia, John. Dora, Ira. Walter. Pio- 
neer Oak Stock Farm Dakota R2 
Dakota Sec23 O309a (1863) 

Foss, John (Elsie Windecker) Cedar 
Meadow Farm Dakota R2 Dakota 
Sec22 Tl05a C. L. Foss (1892) 

Foss, L. H. (Agnes Lesticon) Red 
Oak Rl Buckeye Secl5 OlOOa 

Fouke, Geo. (Zadie Fosdick) Ch 
Gladys, Louis, Lester, Eugene, 
Winslow R3 Winslow Sec27 T368a 
C. Fosdick (1915) 

Fox, Frank M. (Bertha Daniels) Ch 
Nelson, Betty, Freeport R2 Flor- 
ence Sec5 T240a Mellisson Fox 

Fox, Henry (Elizabeth Branz) Ch 
Henry, Peter, John, Gertrude, Flor- 
ence, Harold, Kent Rl Kent Sec23 
Ol87a (1879) 

Fox, Nick (Lena Schaffner) Ch Mar- 
tin. Annie, Mary, Elizabeth, John, 
Christ, Lewis, Winslow Rl Wins- 
low Sec34 T240a Mrs. Robt. Hawley 

Fox, Peter (Erma Lawhorn) Kent Rl 
Kent Secl4 Tl20a Henry Fox 

Foy, Frank (Alta Hutmacher) Ch 
Nevin, Inez, Lena Harlem Secl6 
O80a (1882) 

Foy, Mrs. Louisa, Ch Augusta, Frank, 
William, Lewis, Martha, Lena R3 
Harlem Secl7 Ol06a (1889) 

Foy, L. W. (Cora Stamm) Ch Fran- 
ces. Lena R2 Harlem Secl7 TlOGa 
Mrs. Louisa Foy (1884) 

Fraizer, Chas. C. (Lena Barthel) Ch 
Marie, Lena Rl Westpoint Sec34 
OlOOa (1915) 

Francis, A. C, Ch Lena, Leo, George, 
Celia, Theodore, Cecil, Norman, 
Lena R5 Erin Sec24 Tl60a Chas. 
^Uhe (1913) 

Frank, Adam (Mary Nelson) Dakota 
Rl Dakota Sec27 098a (1872) 

Frank, Henry R. (Viola Lied) Ch 
Samuel, Archie. Grace, Inez, Leroy. 
Cedarville Rl Buckeye Sec23 O60a 

Frank, J. C, Davis Rl Rock Grove 
Sec27 Ol8a (1902) 

Frank, Wm. (Anna Mven) Ch Her- 
man. Bertha, Ida. Meta. Edward 
Winslow Rl Winslow Sec21 T220a 
C. Gavlord (1896) 

Frank. Wm. S. (Ruth Lapp) Ch John. 
Paul, Gladvs, Ralph, Lena R3 West- 
point Sec22 Tl60a J. Inman (1916) 

Frank. W. H. (Cora Hoofnagle) Ch 
Hester, Helen, Ward, Ruth. Ce- 
darville Rl Buckeye Sec31 OlOOa 



Frankeberger, J. W. (Alice Wagner) 
Ch Russell, Evelyn, Dakota Rl Da- 
kota Seel Tl50a Harrison Raymid 

Franklyn, J. A. (Maude Meyer) Ch 
Irene, Sarah, Frances, Orangeville 
Rl Oneco Sec36 043a (1869) 

Fransen, Herman (Dena Koeloff) Ch 
Frank, Ben, Grace, Gertie, Jake, 
Herman, Dena, Henry, Freeport R6 
Lancaster Secl6 T248a Conrad 
Dampina (1915) 

Fransen, Jacob (Margaret Frie) Ch 
Frank, Peter, Henry, Harm, Jacob, 
Jennie, Margaret, Baileyville Rl 
Silver Creek Sec31 Tl24a Mrs. 
Mary Lamm (1914) 

Franzmeier, Henry (Mary Brink- 
meier) Pearl City Rl Loran SeclG 
O80a T8a (1882) 

Franzmeier, H. A. (Anna Gottfried) 
Ch Harold, Shannon Rl Loran 
Sec26 Tl60a Henry Kortner (1881) 

Frederick, Earl H. (Emma Heid) Ch 
Maynard, Velida, Pearl City R4 
Jefiferson Secl2 OlOOa (1916) 

Freese, John German Valley Rl Ri- 
dott Sec29 T200a J. Wessles (1887) 

Freese, M, (Martha Swoder) Ch 
Heye, John, Emma. Mattie, Mein- 
hard, Mary. Wessels, German Val- 
ley Rl Ridott SecSl OlOOa (1882) 

Frei, Geo. J. Ch Grace, Freeport R5 
Silver Creek Sec34 T82a Aug. Lan- 
doldt (1896) 

Frene, David (Bertha Niedermeier) 
Ch Alfred, Davis Rl Rock Grove 
Sec3 Ol06a Fred Neldermeier 

Frene, Fred C. (Anna Meinert) Ch 
Merrill, Cleo, Davis Rl Rock Run 
Secll T80a Emma Frene (1878) 

Frene, Henry W. Ch Clarence, Wal- 
ter, Lester, Davis Rl Rock Grove 
Sec34 Ol58a (1867) 

Frey, Lewis (Winnie Frei) Ch Hel- 
en, John, Louis, George. Elmer. 
Henry. Freeport Rs Silver Creek 
Sec22 Ol60a (1888) 

Fricke, B. (Margarethe Virdag) Ch 
Simon, John, Freeport R5 Silver 
Creek Sec23 Ol60a (1885) 

Frickson, Wm. (Minnie Huls) Ch 
Dena, Harold, Louis, Richard. Rock 
City Rl Ridott Sec3 Tl20a Geo. 
Kurtz (1887) 

Frickson, Wm. (Winnie Hulls) Ch 
Dena, Harold, Lewis, Richard. Ri- 
dott R2 Ridott Sec26 T30a Wm. 
Hunt (1906) 

Friedley, Jacob (Emma Dietmier) Ch 
Pearl Orangeville Rl Oneco Sec21 
053a (1866) 

Frisbie, Wm. (Bessie Agney) Ch 
Mary, Charles, Baileyville Rl Silver 
Creek Sec31 Tl25a Mary Frisbie 

Fry, Geo. (Clara Baker) Ch Galen, 
Edna, Lena Rl Kent Sec3 083a 

Frye, Albert (Agnes Kaltenbauch) 
Ch Edith, Ervin, Shannon Rl Flor- 
ence Sec30 T200a R. & H. Janssen 

Frye, J. H. (Augusta Miche) Ch Har- 
riett, Pearl City Rl Loran Secll 
052a (1852) 

Fryer, C. B. (Grace Wohlford) 
Orangeville Rl Buckeye Sec2 026a 
T80a D. Wallace Est. (1889) 

Fryer, Herman (Augusta Homan) 
Ch Clarence, Emma, Elta, Red Oak 
Rl Buckeye Sec23 O40a (1882) 

Fryer, Wm. F. (Jennie Taft) Ch Clin- 
ton, Harry, Green Valley Stock 
Farm Winslow R2 Oneco Sec20 
064a T54a John Van Meare (1873) 

Fuls, John A. (Grace Kramer) Ch Al- 
bert. John. Anna, German Vallev 
Rl Silver Creek Sec26 Tl60a A. 
Fuls (1897) 

Funk, Otto (Trienje) Ch Katy,_Al- 
vin, Arthur. Lee. Dorothy. Bailev- 
ville Rl Silver Creek Sec35 Ol26a 

Furst, Mrs. Harreit, Ch Oliver. Lil- 
lian. Nellie, Frank, Freeport R6 
Lancaster Secl8 075a (1867) 

Fye, J. S. (Louisa Rudell) Ch Olive, 
Ora. Pearl City Rl Loran Secll 
038a (1864) 

Gable Bros., Kent Kent Sec3 O203a 

Gaengel, Frank, Ch William. Leo, 

Freeport R4 Harlem Sec2S O80a 

Gahm, Geo. Pearl City R4 JefTerson 

SeclO Ol37a (1900) 

Gahm, John H. (Katie Dahlem) Ch 

Laverne, Merrill, Myrna, Pearl. 

Pearl City Rl Loran Secl2 078a 

Gait, D. A. (Helen Briggs) Freeport 

R3 Lancaster Sec33 028a (1915) 



Gardner, Emil (Anna Hudson) Ch El- 
mer, Robert, Lena R4 Waddams 

Garman, Henry (Kate Springman) 
Ch Charlie. Cora, Arthur, Cedar- 
ville Lancaster Sec6 024a (1851) 

Garnhart, Allen (Fannie Kornhous) 
Pearl City R3 Kent Sec33 T200a 
Liebenstein Bros. (1910) 

Garnhart, Glenn (Nellie Barnes) Pearl 
City Rl Loran Secl5 TSOa Mrs. W. 
Pals (1892) 

Garnhart, O. C. (Mollie Jourgens- 
meier) Ch Dwight, Wallace, Virl, 
Pearl City Rl Loran SeclO TSOa 
J. S. Baumgartner (1896) 

Garrison, Chas. (Charlotte Wool- 
hiser) Cedarville Rl Lancaster Sec6 
033a (1S87) 

Gartner, Albert (Hannah) Ch Wil- 
liam. Lena R2 Waddams Sec35 
OSOa (1691) 

Gassman, Albert (Lydia Schwarz) Ch 
Anna, Freeport R4 Harlem Sec20 
Tl32a Fred Kloepping (1884) 

Gassman, Arthur (Edith Pan ska) Ch 
Eugene. Harold. Spring Brook 
Stock Farm Lena R2 Erin Seel 
Ol8oa (1889) 

Gassman, A. C. (Annie) Ch Leona 
Freeport R4 Harlem Sec30 OlSOa 

Gassman, Dan (Lydia Witte) Ch Mil- 
dred, Doroth}', William. Robert, 
Charles, Eleroy Erin Secl4 078a 

Gassman, Fred (Florence Wagner) 
Ch Gladys, Bernita. Eleroy Erin 
Secll 075a (1881) 

Gassman, L. F. (Grace Htitmacher) 
Freeport R4 Harlem Sec29 TSOa 
Mrs. Mabel Metz (1890) 

Gassman, Sam C. (Elsie Rampenthal) 
Ch Ester. Bertha, Freeport R4 Har- 
lem Sec30 OlOOa (1886) 

Gassman. Wm. N. (Hazel Alstin) 
Lena R4 Waddams SeclO T76a 
Chas. Alstin (1887) 

Gast, Emil (Martha Minslaff) Ch 
Ernest. Luella. Esther. Pearl Citv 
R3 Jefferson Seel OlGOa (1914) 

Gastel Bros., Ch Gastel, Edith, Lena. 
John. Louis, Freeport R5 Silver 
Creek Secl6 Farm Hand Geo. Gas- 
tel (1893) 

Gearhart, J. W. (Rosetta Meinzer) 
Ch Floyd. Jacob. Cedarville Rl 
Buckeye Sec20 O80a (1864) 

Gebhardt, Geo. Rock Citv R2 Rock 
Grove SeclO 062a (1873) 

Geetes, J. E, (Ida Hassinger) Ch 
Glenn, Alice, Blanche. Dakota Rl 
Rock Grove Sec34 O202a (1867) 

Geiger, Nelson (Ida Bardell) Ch Jim, 
Flossie, Nellie, Ruby, Freeport R3 
Lancaster Sec33 04a (1867) 

Geiger, Wilson (Nora Pierce) Ch 
Clarence, Nelson, Ruth, Freeport 
R6 Lancaster Sec20 Ol52a (1865) 

Geiser, Chas. W. (Anna Ortmeier) 
Ch Henry, Walter, Albert, Iva, 
Irene, Laura, Freeport R2 Florence 
Sec3 O240a (1884) 

Geiser, Walter A. (Esther Klaas) Ch 
Delbert, Freeport R2 Florence Sec3 
T200a Mrs. E. Piper (1888) 

Gentz, Geo. (Bertha Brose) Ch Helen, 
Edwin, George, Albert, Pleasant 
Hill Farm Waddams Grove Rl 
Westpoint Secl3 Ol2a (1897) 

George, Chas. (Annie) Ch Mame, 
Freeport RO Harlem Secll 069a 

George, Herman (Agnes Springman) 
Ch Ralph, Ruth, Karl, Doris, Green 
Valley Dairy Farm Freeport R4 
Harlem Sec28 OSOa (1883) 

Gerber, Fred (Elizabeth) Ch Mary, 
Martha. John, Caroline, Paul, Wad- 
dams Grove Rl Westpoint Secl2 
O80a (1902) 

Gerber, John, Ch John, Jacob, Lena, 
Edith, Winslow R2 Oneco Sec32 
Tl04a Gerber Est. (1871) 

Gerhardt, Floyd O. (Edith Marean) 
Ch Gladys, Dakota Rl Buckeye 
Secl6 TSOa John Gerhardt (1889) 

Geringer, Geo. (Christine Brechter) 
Ch Marion. Waddams Grove Rl 
Westpoint OSOa (1865) 

Gerke, Elmer (Anna Binger) Davis 
R2 Rock Run Secl2 T80a John Loh- 
meier (1895) 

Gerke, Henry (Matilda Meyer) Ch 
Edith, Pearl City R4 Jefferson 
Secl4 Ol30a (1903) 

Germain, Chas. (Agnes Beyer) Ch 
Ethel. Dorothy, Doris. Rock City 
Rl Rock Run Sec4 T200a John- 
son Est. (1895) 

Germain, Fred (Mary Bouray) Ch 
Oscar, George. Florence. Albert, 
Rock City Rl Rock Run Sec34 
O207a (1875) 

Germain, O. L. (Sadie Pela) Ch Mar- 
vin, Rock City Rl Rock Run Sec5 
083a (1883) 

Gift.' W. G. (Mary Millikan) Ch 
Glenn. Rov. Orangeville R2 Oneco 
Secl9 Tl50a J. G. Gift (1880) 



Gingrich, D. S. (Cora Ebersole) Ch 
Lucille, Willard, Seven Oaks Farm 
Freeport R3 Lancaster Sec28 Ollla 
T80a Mrs. D. L. Ebersole (1896) 

GishwUler, Riley (Ella) Ch Eldora, 
Winslow Westpoint Seel Tl60a 
Mrs. Sophia Neice (1882) 

Gitz, Chas. (Ethel Roberts) Ch Thel- 
ma, Emerson, Sunny Brook Farm 
Freeport Rl Florence Sec24 TlTOa 
Lena Gitz (1887) 

Gitz, Edw. (Ethel Fox) Maple Bend 
Farm Freeport Rl Florence Secl3 
Tl60a John Gitz (1889) 

Gitz, John (Lena Schmertman) Ch 
Charlie, Edward, John, Emma, 
Freeport Rl Florence Sec23 O480a 

Gitz, Will G. (Maude Hartman) Ch 
Dorothy, Freeport Rl Florence 
Secl4 T73a Mrs. Alvina Berhing 

Glamman, Fred C, Ch Lena, Fred, 
William, Elizabeth, Anna, Charles, 
Henry, Ridott R3 Lancaster Sec2o 
OllOa (1884) 

Glynn, Mary Ch Matilda, Rosie, 
Mary, Martin, Mitchell, Katharine, 
Margaret, Pecatonica R4 Rock Run 
Secl3 O360a John Glynn Est. 

Gobel, Clemmens, Ch Joseph, John, 
Lena R4 Westpoint Sec26 Oll9a 

Goddard, W. C. (Mary LaLande) 
Lena Rl Kent Sec6 OSOa (1913) 

Goeke, D. C. (Hannah Henze) Ch 
Albert, Wilber, Edna, Garden Field 
Farm Dakota R2 Dakota Sec25 
077a (1876) 

Goen, John Pearl City Rl Loran 
Sec31 Ol28a (1869) 

Goethe, Elmer E. (Norma Meier) Ch 
Alvera, Freeport R2 Loran Secl2 
T80a Roland Goethe (1888) 

Goethe, John (Anna Penticofif) Ch 
Charles, Hattie, Maple Ridge Farm 
Freeport R2 Florence Sec7 096a 
T96a (1883) 

Goethe, Roleind Ch Lenora, Arthur, 
Elmer, Sadie, Clara, Jessie, Leroy, 
Harold, Edith, Lester, Freeport R3 
Loran Secl2 T60a Aug. Littig 

Goethe, Wm. (Mathilda Eder) Ch 
Nellie. Freeport R5 Silver Creek 
Sees Tl78a Robt. Goethe (1884) 

Goetz, Geo. (Mary Tolmeier) Free- 
port R4 Harlem Sec31 T74a Con- 
ley Est. (1884) 

Goldin, J. C. (Annie Ritzman) Ch 
Verne, Orangeville Rl Oneco Sec25 
T90a L. A. Ritzman (1867) 

Goodhart, J. B. (Bertha Dorn) Ch 
Ellen, Meadow Brook Farm 
Orangeville R2 Oneco Sec31 OlOOa 

Goodman, L. A. (Effie Meyer) Ch 
Boyd, Marguerite, Rock City Rl 
Rock Run SeclO Ol60a (1877) 

Goodrich, C. C. (Lizzie Lott) Ch 
Susie, Norval, Maud, Pearl City 
R4 Loran Sec5 Tl90a W. H. Good- 
rich (1884) 

Goodsell, Ellis W. (Ivy VanBrocklin) 
Ch Mary, Wilbur, Lowell, Leona, 
Echo Glen Farm Freeport R2 Flor- 
ence Secl7 075a T75a Mansfield 
W. Goodsell Est. (1868) 

Graalman, Frank (Dora Buss) Ger- 
man Valley R2 Ridott Secl6 09a 

Graham, J. A. (Mary Kryder) Ch 
Huldah, Maud, Albert. Helen, 
Thelma, Cedarville Rl Lancaster 
Sec6 063a (1857) 

Grallman, Wm. (Elizabeth Klane- 
hagen) Ridott R2 Ridott Sec30 
Ol40a (1884) 

Gramley, Ellis J. (Elizabeth Pfile) 
Ch Miles, Mervin, Pearl, Freeport 
R3 Lancaster SeclS Ol50a (1893) 

Gramley, J. E, (Fannie Fortner) Ch 
Zella, Dorothy, Raymond, Frances, 
Freeport R3 Lancaster Seclo Ol86a 

Graves, Wm. (Hazel Rosentiel) Ch 
Irene. Lena R2 Erin Secl4 Tl40a 
D. W. Brandt (1892) 

Graybell, S. E. (Lucy JVLishler) Ch 
Mary, William, Paul, Lois, Free- 
port R3 Lancaster Secll Ol04a 

Greenfield, Benj. Sunnyside Farm 
German Valley Rl Ridott Sec30 
0266a (1892) 

Greider, John (Ida Bowers) Ch Lil- 
lian, Susie, Shoemaker Poultry 
Farm Freeport R3 Lancaster Secll 
051a a892) 

Grell, Paulena Ch Alma. Alvin, 
Charles. Emma, Leo, Freeport R2 
Florence Seel O20a (1864) 

Griffin, Oscar (Lizzie Riggle^) Ch 
Florence, Harrv, Ella, Luella, Edna, 
Dakota R2 Dakota SeclS 0.">a 

Griffin, Wm. A. (Delia Wolters) Ch 
Nulo, Elsie, Lera. Vera, Bervl, 
Cloverdale Dairy Farm Cedarville 
Rl Buckeve Sec21 Ol30a (1889) 



Grimm, O. W. (Debie Hockman) Ch 
Minnie, Elmer, Pearl City R3 Kent 
Sec26 OoOa (,1908) 

Grinnell, Jeff (Marie Aulteman) Ch 
Walter, Clarence, Roy, Gladys, 
Earl, Selma, Sunny Brook Dairy 
Farm Cedarville Rl Buckeye SeclG 
OlGOa (1912) 

Gritshall, M. S. (Elsie Bisthne) Ch 
Ralph. Ora, Jane, Ridott Rl Ridott 
Seel T240a Fred Smith (1914) 

Groeneveld, Ubbo ( Remke Voogt) 
Ch Tillie, Henry, Mamie, Ida, Fan- 
nie, Heiko, Gertrude, Christoph, 
George, Silver Creek Dairy Farm 
German Valley Rl Silver Creek 
Sec25 O:]20a (1868) 

Groesinger, Adam (Maud Belk) Ch 
Laura, Judson, Clara, Nora, Ray- 
mond, Edgar, Sunny Brook Farm 
Kent Rl Kent SeclO O200a (1910) 

Gross, Floyd L. (Frances Schrumm) 
Ch Karlyle. The Elkhorn Farm 
Cedarville Rl Buckeye Secl3 T80a 
Thos. Wholford (1891) 

Gross, Isaac B. (Minnie Stamm) Ch 
Stanley, Kenneth, Dale, Eldee, 
Milo. Selma. Spring Valley Farm 
Orangeville Rl Buckeye Sec3 0272a 

Groth, Frank (Burance Johnson) 
Pecatonica R2 Ridott Sec36 Tl60a 
Anderson & Larson (1897) 

Grotihus, R. Ch Eno, Florence Sta- 
tion Florence Sec26 06a (1896) 

Gruis, Jacob (Tillie Schnider) Ch 
Stella, Freeport RO Lancaster SeclS 
T77a Mrs. J. Schnider (1893) 

Gruis, Lewis (Etta Buss) Ch Henry, 
Edith, Mabel, German Valley R2 
Ridott Secl6 T80a (1895) 

Guenther, Ed. (Annie Meyer) Ch 
Floyd, Myrtle, Pearl City R2 Lo- 
ran Sec29 Ol20a (1906) 

Guentner, Jacob Pearl City R4 Jefif- 
erson Secl3 Ol70a (1887) 

Guentner, Levi (Elsie Keister) Ch 
Vera, Lilly, Ruth, Pearl City R2 
Loran Sec8 OlOoa (1868) 

Guinther, John, Freeport R6 Harlem 
Sec24 GL-Sa (1872) 

Gundry, Jos. (Sadie Ford) Ch Ber- 
dena, Marvin, Winslow Rl Win- 
slow Sec27-26 T422a J. & J. Gun- 
dry (1877) 

Gundry, Tom (Lorena Ford) Ch Ver- 
na, Dala, Mabel. Winslow Rl Win- 
slow Sec27 0262a (1899) 

Gustoff, Fred J. (Sophia Long) Ch 
Harold, Roy, Freeport R3 Lancaster 
Sec22 063a (1882) 

Guth, Eugene (Falena Herlyn) Ch 
Herbert. German Vallev R3 Ridott 
Sec23 Tl60a Jacob Guth (1894) 

Guth, Sidney (Emma Klever) Ch 
Helen, Ridott Rl Ridott Secll 
TlROa (1890) 

Gutzmer, Emil A. (Margaret Wallor) 
Ch Ernest, Charlie, Orangeville Rl 
Oneco Sec22 Ol60a (1884) 


Haack, Frank G. ( Kate Meyer) Ch 
Melvin, Baileyville Rl Florence 
Sec36 OSOa (1906) 

Haas Bros., Rock City Rl Rock Run 
Sec9 0377a (1882) 

Haas, Ed. (Bertha Wichelt) Ch Al- 
bert, Barbara, Ransen. Iris, Gerald, 
Lvles, Reka. Davis Rl Rock Grove 
Sec23 O40a (1896) 

Haas, Luther (Mabel Long) Ch Eth- 
el. Alvin. Laverne, Doris, Florence, 
Theodore, Girda, Margaret, Rich- 
ard. Davis Rl Rock Grove Sec25 
Oloa (1887) 

Haas, Omer (Anna Wechelt) Ch 
Leigh, Evert. Milford, Byron, 
Grace, Katherine, Lavera, Bennie, 
Davis Rl Rock Run Sec23 T3a Haas 

Hahn, W. H. (Margaret Ditzler) Ch 
Allen, French View Farm Pearl 
City R4 Loran Sec6 O70a (1869) 

Haidtke, Aug. F. (Louise Schramm) 
Ch William, Emma, Effie, Winslow 
R2 Oneco Sec31 Ol21a (1861) 

Hainke, Miss Lizza, Lena R5 Erin 
Secl4 071a (1869) 

Haithcox, Harry J. (Minnie Snyder) 
Ch Alta, Dorothy, Lois, Clover- 
dale Farm Freeport R6 Lancaster 
Secl9 OoOa (1893) 

Hake, Loyd (Lucy Brown) Ch Mil- 
dred, Marie, Ridott R2 Ridott 
Secl9 T35a Sam Hake (1887) 

Hake, Sam, Ch Lizzie, Lloyd, Pearl, 
Leonard, Flossie, Ridott R2 Lan- 
caster Sec24 0.55a (1850) 

Hale, M. E. (Anna Knanff) Orange- 
ville Rl Oneco Sec32 Ol60a (1889) 

Hall, Warren (Bertha Daugherbaugh) 
Ch Vernon, Ridott R2 Ridott Sec29 
O40a (1907) 

Haller, Cyrus A., Freeport Rl Flor- 
ence Sec22 T200a Miss Mary Hal- 
ler (1891) 



Haman, A. (Minnie Albright) Ch 
Martha, William, John, Gustaf, 
Winslow R2 Winslow Sec24 084a 

Hainan, Frank (Phoebe Furguson) 
Ch William, Winslow R3 Waddams 
Sec3 Ol20a (1892) 

Haman, Howard M. (Mary Miller) 
Ch Milton. Kathelyn, Orangeville 
R2 Buckeye Sec6 Tl40a W. H. 
Barnds (1911) 

Hamlyn, J. E. (Rosa Penticoff) Ch 
Harold, Russell, Freeport R2 Har- 
lem Sec33 Ol60a (1897) 

Hanke, Fred (Mary Lauber) Ch 
Christ. Red Oak Rl Harlem SeclO 
067a (1854) 

Haraldsen, T. (Alice Knudsen) Ch 
Harold. Osmund. Elmer, Therea, 
John. Martin. Mabel. Alice. Davis 
Rock Run Sec24 Ol60a (1871) 

Harbach, Dan (Olive Metcalf) Ch 
Joseph, John, Leo, Marie, Sippy, 
Lena R3 Westpoint Secl5 065a 
. (1867) 

Harbach, Oscar (Lillian Breielbis) 
Ch Karl, Veal, Lena R3 Westpoint 
Sec22 Ol60a (1880) 

Hardell, Geo,, Ch Julius, Carrie. 
George. Elizabeth. Mary, Lena R4 
Waddams Secl9 Tl65a Julius Har- 
del (1871) 

Hardell, J. F. (Lizzie Scheider) Ch 
Edna, Alice. Lillie. Grace. Ida. 
Edith. Walter, Lizzie, Mildred, 
Charles, Riverside Stock Farm 
Lena R4 Waddams Secl9 Ol68a 

Haren, Michael (Margaret Dailey) 
Ch Nellie, Rayfield, Winnifred. 
Marion, Leola, Lillian, Francis, 
Freeport R2 Florence Seel Oll5a 

Harms, Frank (Dora Dickhoff) Ri- 
dott Rl Ridott Sec7 T200a Fred 
Fisher (1882) 

Harms, Harm T. (Johanna Emden) 
Ch Theodore, Frank, Albert, John, 
Jetta, Jennie, Etta, Hannah, Ridott 
Rl Ridott Sec33 079a (1867) 

Harms, Theo. (Maggie Soehne) Ch 
Henry, German Valley Rl Ridott 
Secl9 T200a (1882) 

Harnish, Eugene (Anna Hofifman) 
Ch Glenn, Red Oak Rl Buckeve 
Sec34 02r3a (1877) 

Harnish, John (Alice Strickler) Ch 
Mayme, Tillie, Nellie, Leslie, Eddie, 
Red Oak Rl Harlem Sec3 07a 

Harpers, Remmer W. (Grace De- 
Grott) Ch Raymond, German Val- 
ley R3 Ridott Sec31 074a (1910) 

Harris, E. C. (Annie Hoffman) Ch 
Charley, Clarence, Freeport R4 
Erin Sec36 O40a (1914) 

Harris, Frank H. (Anna Cain) Ch 
Josephine, Ethel, Mayme, Ray- 
mond, Gladys, Lena R2 Harlem 
Sec5 063a (1897) 

Harris, W. J. (Mary Welsh) Ch 
Frank, Willard, George, Lena R2 
Erin Sec3 Ol60a (1900) 

Hart, C. A., Ch Rosette, Dew^itt, Clif- 
ton, Lena R2 Harlem Sec8 O80a 

Hart, C. D. (Daisy Kratzer) Ch 
Grace, Floyd, Harold, Lena R2 Har- 
lem Sec8 O50a TSOa C. A. Hart 

Harting, Chas. (Cora Sandive) Ch 
Ruth, Beatrice, William, Dakota Rl 
Dakota Sec24 Ol20a (1871) 

Hartman Bros. (Ella Klectner) Ch 
George, Emily, Glenwood Farm 
Freeport R3 Lancaster Sec20 O40a 

Hartman, F. W. (Cora Moyer) Ch 
Valerie, Jay, Roy, Cedarville Rl 
Buckeye Secl4 O200a (1871) 

Hartman, John J. (Myrtle Clarke) 
Ch Francis, Mary, Pearl City Rl 
Loran Sec34 T200a John Hartman 
Est. (1883) 

Hartman, P. O. (Mary) Ch Frances, 
Glen, Cedarville Rl Harlem Seel 
Ol60a (1877) 

Hartman, Ralph (Daisy Carmody) 
Elmwood Farm Cedarville Rl 
Buckeye Secl9 T80a A. H. Hart- 
man (1888) 

Hartog, John (Rena Deboer) Ch 
Clans, John, Grace, George, Will, 
Rena, Freeport R5 Silver Creek 
Secl6 Tl85a Mrs. Kachelhofer 

Hartwig, Elmer E, (Anna Kester) 
Ch Ramona, Ned, The Orangeville 
Dairv Farm Orangeville Oneco 
Sec36 063a (1906) 

Hasselmann, Aug. (Emma Papp) Ch 
Valda, Lingrove Farm Pearl City 
R3 Loran Sec4 Tl72a H. W. Has- 
selmann (1915) 

' Hasselmann, Wm., Ch David, Pearl 
City Rl Loran Sec27 O80a (1877) 

Hauser, Frank (Mae Stableton) 
Orangeville Rl Oneco Sec26 Oll3a 



Hayenga, H. B. (Anna Vanroden) 
Cli i-ydia, Mary, Benjamen, Ger- 
man Valley R2 Ridott Sec29 Ol20a 

Hayenga, J. (Mamie Fruhdag) Ch 
Ben, Bena, Henry, Kate, Martha, 
Harr}', Mamie. German Valley Rl 
Silver Creek Sec26 O240a (1875) 

Hayes, Chas. L., Ch Leonard, Linnie, 
Lyman, Pearl City R3 Jefferson 
Sec3 O40a (18T7) 

Hays, Chancey (Augusta Robb) Ch 
Wondie, Riley, Florence, Glenola, 
Glen, Geneva, Maude, Lena Rl 
Kent Sec3 Tl30a Mary Hays and 
Geo. Shoesmith (1913) 

Haney, Frank A. (Matilda Hut- 
macher) Ch Ella, Maiiiie, Gertrude, 
Zelma, Lena R3 Waddams Sec31 
OlGOa (1865) 

Heck, John (Margaret Kaiser) Ch 
Margaret, Maple Wood Farm Ce- 
darville Rl Buckeve Sec30 OSOa 

Heck, Vernon C. (Vera Foss) Cedar- 
ville Rl Buckeye Sec20 Tl60a Mitt 
Humphrev (1894) 

Heck, Wm'. H. (Lola Ulrich) Ch 
Clayton, Vernon, Edna, Elmer, 
Shady Lawn Farm Cedarville Rl 
Buckeye Secl9 OSSOa (1867) 

Heck, W. C. (Dora Grace) Triple 
Springs Farm Dakota Rl Buckeye 
Sec2l' Tl60a W. H. Heck (1893) 

Heeren, Emma and Angeline, German 
Vallev Rl Ridott Sec33 Ol80a 

Heeren, H. (Crildan Everts) Ch Til- 
lie, Edna, Alta. Alvin, Christal, 
German Valley Rl Ridott Sec33 
0267a ('1863) 

Heeren, Julius (Rose Linkenbiner) 
Ch Marie, Edwin, Shannon Rl Lo- 
ran Sec36 Tl60a Adam Christman 

Heeren, J. E., Ch Enos, Sarah, Gar- 
relt, German Valley R2 Ridott 
Sec28 Ol53a (1879) 

Heerkes, Herman (Agnes Osendorf) 
Ch Amanda, Ridott Rl Ridott SecS 
Tla Sam Schmitt Est. (1837) 

Heerkes, Nicklas (Gertie Hayenga) 
Ch Christive, Ridott Ridott Sec21 
046a (1872) 

Heft, Wm. (Jane Goll) Ch George. 
Gerdie. Mary. Lena R4 Waddams 
Secl5 Ol3na (1867) 

Heide, A. (Elizabeth Katzenberger) 
Ch John. William, Emma, Fred, 
Martha. Matilda, George. Pearl 
Citv R4 Jefferson Sec23 055a 

Heidenreich, J. E. (Ada Werkheiser) 
Ch Gordan, Elmer, Elsie, Earl, 
Ralph, Irene, Sunny Side Farm 
Lena Rl Kent Sec3 Ol40a (1899) 

Heidenreich, L., Ch Hilda, Theodore, 
William, Edna, Laura, Carl, Lena 
J^2 Erin Sec2 OlOOa (1867) 

Heiler, J. F. (Mattie Hastins) Ch 
Fredie, Deloise, Lena Westpoint 
Sec28 T260a Mary Knoche (1887) 

Heilman, S. E. (Lydia Gerwig) Ch 
William, Esther, Howard, Emma. 
Ridott Rl Ridott Sec26 Ol64a 

Heilman, Wm, (Louise Becker) Ch 
John, William, George, Daniel, 
Arthur, Marie, Pearl City Rl Lo- 
ran SeclO Tl6()a L. W. Sheffey 

Heimendinger, Henry S. (Louise 
Schwarze) Ch Ruth, Freeport R2 
Florence Sec9 O60a (1883) 

Heimerdinger, Wm. (Mary Offen- 
heiser) Ch Rose, Lewis, William. 
Lee, Allegra, Loran Jefferson Sec22 
O20a (1866) 

Heindel, C. G. (Ida Clock) Ch Rubv, 
Willard, Lucy, Winslow Rl Win- 
slow Sec25 O320a. 

Heintz, John B. (Katherine Richter) 
Ch Charles. William, Raymond. 
John, Irvin, Frank, Pearl, Orange- 
ville Oneco Sec36 Ol02a (1900) 

Heitham, Otto (Ida Brenneman) 
Prairie View Farm Davis R2 Rock 
Run Sec24 OSOa (1903) 

Heitter, Alvin (Sophie Borchardt) Ch 
Blanche, Freeport R4 Erin Sec35 
O40a (1872) 

Heitter, Mrs. P. (Polly Aspinwall) 
Ch Harvey, George, Eliza. Alvin, 
Dorliska, Nettie, Edha, Thomas, 
Luther, Elma. Samuel, Ruth, Lena 
R5 Erin Sec25 Ol80a (1846) 

Heitter, Thos. A. (Winifred Rees) 
Ch Thomas, Jr., LoM^ell, Pearl City 
Rl Loran SeclO T80a Geo. Heitter 

Heise, Geo. (Fannie Granes) Win- 
slow Waddams Sec2 Ol60a (1860) 

Heise, Jos. E. (Effie Davidson) Ch 
Alverda, Viles. Wane. Twin Springs 
Dairy Farm Winslow R2 Oneco 
Sec29 OSOa (1880) 

Heise, Stanley A. (Lena Weick) Ch 
Kenneth. McConnell Rl Waddams 
SecS T94a Miller Est. (1890) 

Heisler. Dan (Mamie Kohl) Ch Mu- 
rel. Grace, Lena R2 Harlem Sec7 
Tl20a Mrs. Dan Heisler (1874) 



Heitz, Chas. (Margaret Scheffner) Ch 
Viola, Buelah, Freeport Rl Flor- 
ence Sec24 Ol26a (1900) 

Heitz, John W. (Effie Deitmeier) Ch 
Leila, Walter, Winslow R3 Oneco 
Sec30 OlOla (1900) 

Heitz, Wm. H. (Mayme Taft) Ch 
Merrill, Margaret, Winslow R2 
Oneco Secl9 057a (1900) 

Helmen, Sam (Harriett Knodle) Ch 
Clinton, Clarence, Kenneth, German 
Valley Rl Ridott Sec35 Tl60a Piper 
Est. (1911) 

Henfhell, Albert (Ella Bennehoff) 
Orangeville R3 Rock Grove Sec2 
TlOOa J. C. Bennehoff (1895) 

Henze, Albert (Cora Pela) Ch No- 
ble, Dakota R2 Dakota Secll OSOa 

Henze, Conrad, Jr. (Emma Goeke) 
Ch Mildred, Melvin. Sunny Home 
Farm Dakota R2 Dakota Secl2 
OSOa (1879) 

Henze, D. C. (Minnie Bennmg) Da- 
kota Rl Dakota Sec28 Ol60a (1887) 

Henze, John (Josie Hirshmeier) Ch 
Violet, Lela, Harold, Dakota Rl 
Dakota Secl-t Oll7a (1877) 

Henze, Walter (Laura Toelka) Ch 
Mary, Dakota R2 Dakota Seel 
Ol20a (1887) 

Henze, Will (Lulu Tellke) Ch Nellie, 
Brown Swiss Stock Farm Dakota 
R2 Dakota Sec24 Ol20a (1886) 

Hepner, Chas. Ch 6, Rock City Rl 
Rock Run Sec27 094a (1867) 

Herbrick, L. A. (Kate Roeshisen) 
Ch Eldridge, Ruth, John, Phillip. 
Valley View Farm Pearl City RS 
Loran Sec4 Ol20a (1887) 

Herlyn, Henry (Marie Weirda) Ch 
Freda, Henry, Joe, Mary. Lena, Al- 
ma, William, Seward Rl Ridott 
Sec24 O80a (1879) 

Hershberger, Chas. R. (Rama Mel- 
ster) Dakota Buckeye Sec4 Farm 
Hand Sam Miller (1916) 

Hershey, John (Sophia Hassalmann) 
Ch Susana, Sarah. August, Benja- 
min, Pearl City R2 Loran Sec3.3 
Ol60a (1854) 

Hetherton, Lucinda Smith, Ch James. 
Carrie, Harry, Bertha, McConnell 
Waddams Sec20 Ol91a (1877) 

Hettinger, Paul W. (Lillian Lueds- 
king) Ch Jane. Freeport Florence 
Secll T200a Mrs. M. B. Witte 

Heuerman, Ranko, Shannon Rl Lo- 
ran Sec36 T40a Mrs. Thos. Heuer- 
man (1886) 

Heyenga, L., Ch Annie, Gertie, Ri- 
dott R2 Ridott Secl6 T7a Nick 
Hcerkes (1896) 
Heyer, Frank (Emelia Boedker) Lena 
Albert, Lewis, Robert, Roy, Ralph, 
Lena Rl Kent Secll O200a (1902) 
Heyer, Robt. (Mabel Ortmeir) Lena 
Rl Kent Secll T60a Frank Heyer 
High, Mrs. Eunice, Ch Alice, Lucia, 
Myrtle, Olive, Pearl City Rl Loran 
Sec 27 O320a (1878) 
Highland, Earl (Clara Kartendick) 
Rock City Rl Rock Run Secll 
O380a (1916) 
Hill, C. J. (Lottie Miller) Ch Elmer, 
Roger, Freeport R3 Lancaster Sec23 
O60a (1884) 
Hill, Louis (Elizabeth Mueller) Ch 
William, May. Albert, Waher, Ar- 
thur, Freeport R3 Lancaster Sec29 
O209a (1871) 
Hill, Walter M. (Gladys Huber) 
Freeport R3 Lancaster Sec29 Louis 
Hill (1890) 
Hill, Wm. G. (Emma Long) Ch Alvin, 
Wilbur, Margaret, Freeport R3 
Lancaster Sec23 T79a Lewis Hill 
Hille, Wm. P. (Mary Fawver) Ch Al- 
fred, Clarence, Russell, Raymond, 
Carl, Pleasant View Farm Freeport 
R6 Lancaster Secl8 O30a (1881) 
HUlman, D. S. Rock City Rl Rock 
Run Sec27 T80a Steve Hillman 
Hinders, Ben (Lena Siemens) Ch 
Dorothy, Miranda, Elmer, Urban, 
German Valley Rl Silver Creek Sec 
25 Ol60a (1870) 
Hintz, Frank (Martha Gardner) Ch 
Fred. Esther, Lena R4 Westpoint 
Sec21 Ol70a (1877^ 
Hiram Bros. (Mary Faber) Ch Edna, 
Pearl City Rl Loran Secl2 Ol40a 
Hirsbrunner, Chas. (Sadie Sanders) 
Ch Glenn. Winslow Winslow Sec26 
Tll5a M. S. Sincox (1916) 
Hitchner, Geo. (Lottie Roberts) Ch 
Opal. Mabel. Marybelle, Rock Citv 
R2 Rock Grove Sec29 T270a O. S. 
Hitchner (1914) 
Hockman, Wm. Ch Grace, Florence. 
Morrell, Glenn, Pearl City R3 Jef- 
ferson Sec3 O80a (1877) 
Hodapp, Jos. (Minnie Siefernann) Ch 
Helen, Charles, Clara, Marie, Free- 
port R2 Harlem Sec28 OSOa (1884) 
Hoebel, Alfred Ridott Rl Silver Creek 
Secl2 Ol54a Hoebel Est. (1897) 



Hoebel, Edw (Edith Neuberger) 
Freeport R5 Silver Creek Sec8 T40a 
J. E Miller (1887) 

Hoebel, Harvey G. (Ellen Mayer) Ch 
Ruth; Freeport Rl Florence Sec25 
Tl60a Geo. Hoebel (1891) 

Hoefer, Mrs. Crissie Ch Lloyd, Ar- 
thur, Pearl City R3 Jefferson Sec2 
OSOa (1879) 

Hoefer, H. J. (Minnie Goethe) Ch 
Sarah, Charles, Raymond, Orvilla, 
Mabel, Pearl City Rl Loran Sec2o 
Ol40a (1859) 

Hoefer, Sam (Christie X-eebel) Pearl 
Citv R3 Kent Sec36 Tl95a Pete 
Neebel (1882) 

Hoeffer, Fred S. Ch Fred, Sam, 
Charles, Louis, Caroline, Dora, 
Louisa, Mary, Martha, Pearl City 
Jefferson Secll Ol83a (1854) 

Hoffman, Clayton (Minnie Neiman) 
Freeport R6 Lancaster SecS TSOa 
Geo.'Geiter (1890) 

Hoffman, Cyrus (Ada Price) Ch Ella, 
Anna, Clayton, Red Oak Rl Buck- 
eye Sec34 Ol9a (1867) 

Hoffman, Frank A. (Bonnie Burton) 
Ch Elmer, Freeport Lancaster Sec 
36 Ol3a (1882) 

Hoffman, Geo. M. (Mary Wall) Ch 
James, Eileen, Agatha, Shannon Rl 
Florence Sec29 C)80a (1910) 

Hoffman, H. (Lucy Henry) Ch Earl, 
Freeport R'4 Harlem Secl7 O40a 

Hoffman, John Ch Isaac, John, Char- 
lie, Frank, Mary, Louis, Clayton, 
Anna, Freeport Lancaster Sec36 
06a (1875) 

Hofmeister, Walter (Ruth August) 
Rock City R2 Rock Grove SecoO 
Ol42a (1887) 

Hogans, Henry (Elenora Timmons) 
White Crest Stock Farm Orange- 
ville R2 Oneco Sec31 OlOOa (1913) 

Hogins, Boyd Ch Marie, Ora, Linnie, 
Leona, Freeport R4 Erin Sec26 
Farm Hand Harrv Heitters (1875) 

Holmes, O. W. (Anna Lobdell) Ch 
John, Dorothy. Francis, Lois, Ever- 
green Stock Farm Lena R4 Wad- 
dams Sec31 Olfila (1887) 

Holsinger, Chas. W. (Ollie Fye) Ch 
Vernon. Freeport R2 Florence SecS 
T200a C. H. Holsinger (1879) 

Holste, Fred Rock City Rl Rock Run 
Secl7 0237a (1857) 

Holste, Wm. (Carrie Heetcher) Ch 
Harry, Rock Citv Rl Rock Run Sec 
17 O202a (1852) 

Holste, Henry (Minnie Klass) Ch 
Lydia, Freeport R6 Lancaster Sec29 
041a (1853) 

Holznagel, Emil (Martha Klenn) Ch 
Irene, Winslov^ R3 Waddams Sec3 
O80a (1913) 

Homan, David J. (Emma Beyer) Ch 
Ruth, Orangeville R2 Buckeye Seco 
Tl21a A. Beyer (1910) 

Homan, Fred (Annie Meyers) Ch 
Lillie, Emma, Ida, Elma, Augusta, 
Howard, Freeport Rl Silver Creek 
Secl9 O40a (1870) 

Homan John (Lillie Borehardt) Ch 
Hazel, Beulah, McConnell Rl Wad- 
dams Secl6 057a (1875) 

Homan, Lewis (Annie Kapine) Ch 
Clarence, Elmer, Frances, Florence, 
Chester, Bertha, Lena R4 Waddams 
Sec30 OCOa (1875) 

Homan, Samuel (Agnes Langenstein) 
Ch Esther, Violet, McConnell Rl 
Buckeye SeclO 055a (1873) 

Homan, Wm. (Bertha Klent) Ch 
Gladys, Kenneth, McConnell Rl 
Waddams Sec9 072a (1872) 

Hoot, Clarence W. (Myrtle Clarno) 
Ch Clark, Cedarville Rl Buckeye 
Secl3 Tl20a I. C. Hoot (1888) 

Hoot, Isaac (Ellen Harteelk) Ch 
Clarence, Charles, John Liela, 
Buena Vista Buckeye Secl3 0232a 

Hoot, Percy E. (Dorothy Wallmann) 
Orangeville R2 Buckeye Secl2 
Tll9a J. A. Hoot (1881) 

Hoppe, Louis (Lida Schick) Ch Ros- 
etta, Lena R4 Westpoint Secl6 
Oliea (1879) 

Horman, Frank (Anna Fehr) Dakota 
R2 Dakota Secl4 T80a Mary E. 
Berner (1882) 

Horstmeier, Dan (Ida Heintz) Rock 
City R2 Rock Grove Sec29 O60a 

Horstmeier, Herman (Anna Schliee- 
ter) Ch Minnie, Henry, Lloyd, Ray- 
mond, Davis Rl Rock Grove Sec36 
Ol69a (1861) 

Horstmeier, Wm, (Bertha Gerka) Ch 
Clayton, Mary, William, Rock City 
R2 Rock Run Secl6 Ol25a (1865) 

Houseknecht, R. E. (Esther Gimmer- 
son) Freeport Lancaster Sec29 
075a E. M. Cunier (1916) 

Housel, Lewis (Katherine Finken- 
binder) Ch Cora, Maud, William, 
Pearl City R2 Loran Secl9 OSOa 



Houser, Geo. S. (Cora Shoenhard) Ch 
Ralph, Freeport R3 Florence Sec2 
T88a A. Bidwell & M. B. Marvin & 
M. Munn (1907) 

Housman, John (Reika Kortner) Ch 
Harold, Selma, Freeport R4 Harlem 
Sec33 T90a Miss Annie Kortner 

Howard, Alfonso Lena R3 Westpoint 
Sec33 OSOa (1840) 

Howard, J. M. Ch William, Murry, 
Ginseng- Farm Lena Rl Kent SecS 
091a (1847) 

Howe, J. F. (Mary Hines) Ch James, 
Melvin, Bertha, Morceile, Joseph, 
Nellie, Ervin, Letha, Evelyn, Wins- 
low R2 Oneco Secl9 057a (1858) 

Howe, Quincy (Mary Stamm) Pleas- 
ant Breese Farm Winslow R3 One- 
co Sec20 039a (1863) 

Hoy, Frank (Mary Gallagher) Ch 
May, Josephine, John, Frances, 
Nellie, Alice, Helen, Freeport R4 
Erin Sec26 Ol20a (1916) 

Hoy, Wm. (Beulah Frederick) Ch 
Pierce, John, Clem, Pearl City R2 
Jefferson Sec35 0237a (1913) 

Hoyman, J. N. (Elian E. Werkheiser) 
Lena Rl Kent Secll OSOa (1856) 

Huber, Harry (Myrtle Brandt) Ch 
Marjorie, Freeport R4 Harlem 
Farm Hand Chas. Brandt (1896) 

Huber, Henry (Agnes Hayden) Ch 
Harry, Paul, Charlie, Clarence, Cle- 
mens, Leona, Dorothy, Freeport R4 
Harlem Sec29 Ol40a (1863) 

Hudson, Walter (Mary Bills) Ch Har- 
old, William, Mildred, Winslow Rl 
Winslow Sec31 Tl40a O. Staver 

Hueneke, E. (Louise Ernste) Ch Er- 
nest, William, John, Charly, Louise, 
Mary, Lena Rl Kent Sec9 Ol47a 

Hueneke, E. C. (Mary Bieseleier) Ch 
Henry, Ethel, Lena R5 Kent Sec8 
Ol40a (1860) 

Hueneke, W. M. (Catherine Metcar) 
Ch Lillian, Alice, Marion, Lena Rl 
Kent Sec8 OSOa (1868) 

Hufferd, F. M. (Anna) Ch Charles, 
Mary, Cora, Louis, Edward, Wil- 
liam, Katherine, Robert, Mabel, 
Harry, Bluff Edge Farm Rock City 
Rl Rock Run Sec27 074a (1891) 

Hugelshofer, H. A. (Laura Win- 
decker) Ch Alice. Albert, Dakota 
Rl Dakota Seel Ol20a (1884) 

Hull, David (Clara Ludoph) Ch Oli- 
ver, Scioto Mills Harlem Sec3 T73a 

Hull, Wm. A. (Esther Steele) Ch 
Elian, David, Flossie, George, Wes- 
ley, Anna, Stanley, Scioto Mills 
Harlem SeclO Ol88a 

Hummel, Geo. H. (Edith Griffin) Ch 
Hattie, Vera, Fountain Herd Stock 
Farm Dakota Rl Dakota Seclo 
Ol60a (1903) 

Hummel, S. A. (Josephine Cromley) 
Ch Catherine, Fernwood Poultry 
Farm Freeport R6 Lancaster Secl7 
Ol03a (1876) 

Hummermeier, Emil (Lydia Amendt) 
Ch Luella, Carl, Mabel, Freeport R4 
Erin Sec36 Ol54a (1879) 

Hummermeier, Wm. H. (Lydia 
Brown) Ch Oscar, Albert, Esther, 
Pearl City Loran Sec3 Ol92a (1906) 

Hunt, Geo. (Clara) Waddams Grove 
Rl Westpoint Sec3 O320a J: D. 
Hunt (1883) 

Hurley, P. Ch John, Richard, Maj', 
Freeport R6 Lancaster SeclS 076a 

Hurley, Tim Ch Mary, Alice, Mar- 
garet, John, Freeport R4 Erin Sec35 
O40a (1857) 

Hutchinson, Elmer E. (Vernice Shelp ) 
Ch Jean, Freeport R6 Lancaster 
Sec7 Tl42a C. M. Hutchinson 

Hutchinson, Mrs. M. Ch Edna, 
Blanche, Freeport R3 Buckeye Sec 
33 O80a (1867) 

Hutchinson, Joe (Florence Shoe- 
maker) Freeport R6 Lancaster SecB 
OllOa (1892) 

Hutchinson, W. T. (Selma Wolever) 
Ch Helen, Freeport Buckeye Sec33 
Ol30a (1884) 

Huthicker, Wm. (Minnie Henze) 
Dakota Rl Dakota Sec24 OSOa 

Hutmacher, Frank (Lizzie Kraft) Ch 
Leslie, Carrie, Harold, Red Oak Rl 
Buckeye Sec34 T90a Joe. Myers 

Hutmacher, Jacob E. Ch Naomi, Lena 
R2 Harlem Sec8 T80a Adam Hut- 
macher (1891) 

Hutmacher, J. C. (Agnes Biesemeier) 
Lena R2 Harlem 'Secl8 Tl60a M. 
Hutmacher (1892) 

Hutmacher, Landis (Alice Holmes) 
Ch Gale, Lena R4 Waddams Sec24 
T200a Geo. Holmes (1889) 



Hutmacher, M. (Amelia) Ch Emeline, 

Lela, Elma, Anna, Rophie, Amanda, 

Joseph, George, Lena" R2 Harlem 

Seciy Ol63a (1856) 
Hutmacher, Oliver (Adeline Moser) 

Red Oak Rl Buckeye Sec27 Tl46a 

P. Meyer (1893) 
Hutmacher, Thos. (Eliza Kratzer) Ch 

Elmer, Lena Harlem Sec8 O40a 


Hutmacher, Titus (Minnie Winters) 
Ch Pearl, Roy, Archie, Oscar, Mu- 
rele, Lena R2 Erin Secll 035a 

Hutmacher, Wm. (Hulda Martin) Ch 
Martin, Oliver, Nellie, Lloyd, Viola, 
Ella, Paul, Cedarville Rl Buckeye 
Sec30 T260a Wm. Clingman (1867) 

Hyland, Jane Ch Josie, James, Rock 
City Rl Rock Run Secll OGOa 

leseman, Fred (Ida Tielkemeier) 
Rock City Rl Rock Run Sec9 Ol20a 

Ilgen, Irvin (Edna Hardel) Lena R4 
Waddams Secl9 Ol04a (1889) 

Ilgen, Jas. B. (Carrie Snook) Ch Mag- 
dalene, Paul, Freeport R6 Lancaster 
Secj 074a (1878) 

Ilgen, John ( Cathern Kraft) Ch Wil- 
liam, Bertha, Bessie, Kalf, Myra, 
Red Oak Rl Waddams Sec33 O90a 

Ilgen, Robert. (Mary Wonder) Ch Ir- 
vin, Roy, George, Ellis, Gladys, 
Lena R2 Harlem Sec5 Olola (1857) 

Ilgen, Wm. H. (Pearl Bike) Ch An- 
etta, Red Oak Rl Waddams Sec2 
Ol09a (1888) 

Inman, H, R. (Carrie Clute) Ch Mex- 

ine, Leone, Ivan, Kent Rl Kent Sec 

23 Tla Jacob Sipe (1916) 
Isely, A. J. (Emily) Ch Hazen, Murill, 

Merle, Edwin, Freeport R4 Harlem 

Sec28 Tl60a W. H. Brandt (1906) 
Isenberger, Geo. (Cora Frazier) Ch 

Neoma, Thurlo, Georgia, Kent Rl 

Kent Sec27 TSOa Jacob Auman 

Iserman, Andrew (Minnie Hintz) 

Rock City Rl Rock Run Sec27 

Ol40a (1907) 
Iserman, A. E. (Eleneaner Wardlow^) 

Ch Gerald, Burr Oak Grove Farm 

Dakota Rl Rock Run Sec29 Ol58a 

Iserman Bros. Rock City R2 Rock 

Run Sec31 Ol63a (1877) 

Jackson, C. O. (Lizzie Johnson) Ch 
Doss, Omar, Joseph, Waddams 
Westpoint SeclS T4a Albert Meyers 

Jackson, W. T. (Edith Bolender) Ch 
Hazel, Cedarville Rl Buckeye Sec32 
Ol20a (1868) 

Jacobs, Chas. W. (Louisa Brandt) Ch 
Fred, Herbert. Helen, William. 
Clarence, Harriet, Marie, Ridott R2 
Lancaster Sec23 O60a (1883) 

Jacobs, Fred Ch Charles, Eda, Harry, 
Ridott Rl Ridott Sec9,Tl60a J. E. 
Taggart (1871) 

Jacobs, Fred W. Freeport RD Harlem 
Secl3 Farm Hand Julius Neiman 

Jacobs, John Ch Lizzie, Clara, Albert, 
John, Will, Ed, Ridott R2 Lancas- 
ter Sec25 OSOa (1867) 

Jacoby, J. C. (Cora Eisenbice) Ch 
Russell, Roy, Neva, Waddams 
Grove Westpoint Sec23 Ol02a 

Jaeger, Henry (Emma Steffen) Ch 
Frank, Rose, Laura, Arthur, Mag- 
dalene, Albert, Emily, Viola Clara, 
Florence, George, Twin Springs 
Farm Freeport R6 Lancaster SeclS 
Ol54a (1863) 

Janicke, Carl A. (Matilda Wagner) Ch 
John, Emma, Bernard, Alice, Alvin, 
Ridott R2 Lancaster Sec24 Oll9a 

Janicke, Wm. (Dorothy Reuber) Ch 
Freda, Charlie, Ida, William, Mable, 
Ella. Emil. Red Oak Rl Buckeye 
Sec22 084a (1887) 

Janssan, H. & R. Baileyville Silver 
Creek Sec33 Ol34a (1872) 

Janssen, Ako Shannon Rl Florence 
Secl9 Ol87a (1877) 

Janssen, B. W. (Mattie Lursen) 
White Star Farm Freeport Rl Flor- 
ence Secl8 OGla (1873) 

Janssen, Dirk (Leonora Grunewald) 
Ch Elva, German Valley Rl Silver 
Creek Sec26 OSOa (1868) 


Janssen, Henry German Valley Rl 

Ridott Sec29 OSOa (1874) 
Janssen, Jacob (Alice Amelsberg) 

Shannon Rl Florence Secl9 Ol60a 

Janssen, John (Sabena Julius) Ch 

William, John Jr, Baileyville Rl 

Florence Sec2o Tl60a Mrs. W. M. 

Janssen (1882) 

Janssen, John H. (Lena Roskam) Ch 
Nettie, Albert, Freeport Rs Silver 
Creek Sec27 Ol40a (1858) 

Janssen, J. J. (Maggie Lott) Ch Wil- 
liam, Mabel, Edith, Shannon Rl 
Florence Sec29 O80a (1882) 

Janssen, Nels (Mary Borchers) Ch 
Laura, Carl, Ruby, German Valley 
Rl Silver Creek Sec23 OSOa (1875) 

Janssen, Oltman Ch Pappo, Joseph, 
Ako, Oltman, Jacob, Lena, Carrie, 
Shannon Rl Florence SeclO OlSGa 

Janssen, Oltman Jr. (Emma Wil- 
helms) Ch Oltman, Oscar, Har- 
mana. Shannon Rl Florence Sec30 
0335a (1879) 

Janssen, O. P. ( Reka Wilhelms) 
Shannon Rl Loran Sec25 Ol60a 

Janssen, Poppo (Elsie Hasselman) 
Shannon Rl Florence Sec30 O230a 

Jensen, S. M. (Edella Reed) Ch 
Thura, Randson, Theodore, Fran- 
ces, Kliphe, Elsie, Alice, Carl, Anna, 
Dakota Rl Buckeye Sec4 057a 

Jogerst, B. (Abie Boissin) Ch Casey, 
Joe, Will. Christie, George, John, 
Kent Rl Kent Seel Ol31a (1853) 

Jogerst, Geo. (Anna Fullarkey) Ch 
John, Francis, Frank, Vernon. Kent 
Rl Kent Seel Tl31a B. Jogerst 

Jogerst, John A. (Carrie Simmons) 
Ch Donald, Charles, WiHslow^ Rl 
Winslow Sec36 T200a (1879) 

Jogerst, Will (Matilda Mideke) Ch 
Emmert. Lorena, Lena Rl Kent 
Secl8 Ol42a (1874) 

Johnson, Albert A. (Dora Brink- 
meier) Ch Eunice, Freeport Rl 
Florence Sec20 Tl60a Oltman Wil- 
helms (1888) 

Johnson, Christ (Mary Kuegel) Ch 
Herman, Christ. Elma, Freda, Ella, 
Freeport Rl Silver Creek Sec7 
Tll5a County Farm (1894) 

Johnson, Christ Jr. (Rena Menanga) 
Ch Christ, Leona, Robert, Freeport 
Rl Silver Creek Secl8 T80a Christ 
Johnson Sr. (1887) 

Johnson, John (Luella Raders) Ch 
Elwyn, Lionel, Lena Rl Kent Sec8 
T40a H. Baughenbaugh (1882) 

Johnson, M. Rock Citv Rl Rock Run 
Sec23 048a (1867) 

Johnson, Oder (Mary Lahre) Ch 
John, Otto, Pearl Citv R3 Loran 
Sec8 T 78a Walter H. Johnson. 

Johnson, Peter (Bell Olson) Ch John, 
Clara, Charles, Ida, Ennis, Mabel, 
Evergreen Farm Davis Rl Rock 
Grove Sec36 Ol21a (1893) 

Johnson, S. W. (Elva Spekman) Ch 
Alice, Ivan, Ridott R2 Rock Run 
Sec7 Ol02a (1867) 

Johnson, Walter H. (Ena Olthoff) Ch 
Linnie, Anna, Mamie. Pearl City R4 
Loran Sec6 OlOa (1853) 

Johnson, Wesso E. (Hiske C. Frei) 
Ch Joseph, Arthur. Henry, Grace, 
Esther, Baileyville Rl Silver Creek 
Sec34 Ol60a (1910) 

Johnston, Mrs. Sarah Ch Robert, 
Ruth, John, Margery, Freeport R6 
Lancaster Secl7 Ol58a (1879) 

Jones, Albert (Mary McConnell) Ch 
Martha, River Side Stock Farm 
Ridott R2 Ridott Sec29 O205a 

Jones, Albert E. Freeport Rl Flor- 
ence Secll O80a (1912) 

Jones, A. D. (Amanda Carman) Ch 
Albert, Clara, Lena Rl Kent Sec4 
Ol98a (1848) 

Jones, Henry (Lucy Friedley) Ch 
Capitola, Salome, Homer, Anna, 
Winslow R3 Westpoint Sec6 O200a 

Jones, Oscar (Jennie Price) Ch Lillie, 
Weber, George, Clarence, Red Oak 
Rl Buckeye Sec26 Tl51a Peter 
Meyers (1877) 

Jordan, Harry (Ethel Woodley) Ch 
Wilbur, Waddams Grove Rl West- 
point Sec7 Tl70a Al. Gross (1887) 

Jordan, John (Cecelia) Ch Clifford, 
Harry, Trine, Lena R3 Westpoint 
SeclO Tl20a J. Pierce (1884) 

Jordan, Oscar (Minnie Hintz) Ch 
Mav, Lena Westpoint Sec21 075a 

Jordan, Perry (Ida Leverton) Ch Eve- 
lyn, Winslow R3 Winslow Sec35 
T74a G. Slothower (1890) 

Jordan, S. V. (Maggie Gregory) Ch 
Henrv, Clarence. Cora. McConnell 
Rl Waddams Sec5 068a (1881) 



Jordan, Wesley C. (Grace Durmowey) 
Ch Lorel, Orangeville Rl Oneco 
Sec27 T90a Mrs. Jas. Thorpe (1881) 

Joy, Samuel Orangeville Rl Oneco 
Sec28 O20a (1867) 

Julius, Ben (Gertie Fransen) Freeport 
R6 Lancaster Sec9 Tl60a Sam Mar- 
bell (1U0()) 

Julius, Hiko (Lena) Ch Aba, Simon, 
Lena, Freeport R5 Silver Creek 
Secl(3 Ol5a (1877) 


Kachelhoffer, Victor Freeport Ro Sil- 
ver Creek Sec3 02a (1868) 

Kahly, B. J. (Emma Meyers) Cedar- 
ville Rl Buckeye Sec31 Oll'Ja 

Kahly, Clarence (Ruth Pepperman) 
Ch Irma, Wilber, Lorna, (Jedarville 
Rl Buckeye Sec24 TSUa Sam Kahly 

Kahly, Logan C. (Hazel Winchell) 
Ch George, Kathryn, Cedarville Rl 
Lancaster SecG 096a (1894) 

Kahly, Samuel A. (Elizabeth Ehley) 
Ch Clarence, V. J., Orval, Sarah, 
Logan, Irene, Cedarville Rl Lan- 
caster Sec6 Ol63a (1862) 

Kailey, W. E. (Mary Cadwell) Ch 
C. F.. Helen, Bertha, Mary, Walnut 
Farm Lena R2 Erin Seco Tl40a 
E. Kailey (1872) 

Kaiser, Aug. (Augusta Foy) Ch Mar- 
garet, Fred, Conrad, William, Free- 
port R6 Lancaster Secl6 095a 

Kaiser, Chas. E. (Amanda Rockey) 
Ch Leo. Paul. Merle, Clyde, Cedar- 
ville Rl Lancaster Seco OlSOa 

Kaiser, Conrad F. (Minnie Ortnieier) 
Ch Paul, Helen, Pleasant View 
Farm Freeport R6 Lancaster Secl9 
06a (1897) 

Kaiser, Geo. ( Carrie Homan) Ch 
Grace, Glen, Dakota R2 Dakota Sec 
15 062a (1867) 

Kaiser, Walter A. (Alvina Kortner) 
Ch Alvin, Shannon Rl Florence 
Sec27 T240a Mrs. C. P. Kaiser 

Kampmeier, Fred (Alma Wenger) Ch 
Xelda, Delors, Pearl City R3 Kent 
Sec31 Tl60a Fred Tollmier & 
Arthur Herd (1911) 

Kampmeier, Wm. G. (Bessie Sites) 
Aurand Farm Pearl City R3 Jeffer- 
son Sec2 T73a Fred Hoefer (1916) 

Kaney, Louis A. (Amanda Stuken- 
berg) Ch Lawrence. Prairie View 
Farm Baileyville Rl Silver Creek 
Sec36 Ol60a (1909) 

Kappien, P. G. (Vance Bender) Ch 
Kieth, Red Oak Rl Buckeye Sec34 
O60a (1889) 

Karlen, Fred J. (Sophie Hoelin) Ch 
Marion, Frederick Jr., Blue Label 
Farm Winslow Winslow Sec23 
O360a (1908) 

Karon, Fred O. (z\melie Nickel) Ch 
Carl, Albert, Emma, Elmer, Oscar, 
Esther, Ridott R2 Lancaster Sec25 
Ooa (1894) 

Karsjens, Reemt (Gepke Koolhof) Ch 
William, Ben, Freeport R6 Lan- 
caster Sees O80a (1910) 

Karsk, Chas. T. (Wilhelmina Swan- 
son) Ch Paul, Arnold, Ellis, Mabel, 
River Bend Farm Pecatonica R2 Ri- 
dott Sec25 Ol54a (1915) 

Katzenberger, A. J. (Gertrude M. 
Kosher) Pearl City R2 Jefferson 
Sec34 O90a T9a (1914) 

Kaufman, B. S. dennie Foresman) 
Ch William, Elmer, Marjorie, Rob- 
ert, Lena R2 Erin Secll OSOa 

Kaufman, W. H. (Ella Daws) Ch 
Mattie, Harry, Lena R2 Erin SeclO 
Ol35a (1854) 

Kauffman, Geo. F. Ch Grant, Dewey, 
Clyde, Ridott R2 Lancaster Sec6 
06a (1861) 

Kauffman, John (Grace Thomas) Ch 
James, Ridott R2 Ridott Sec29 TlOa 
Henry Backemeier (1879) 

Keehner, J. (Lewy McDonald) Ch 
James, Wilber, Ida, Clarence, Rock 
City Rl Rock Run SeclO OSOa 

Keeler, Chas. H. (Eva Cain) Ch Leo, 
Freeport R2 Florence Sec4 O201a 

Keeler, Leo F. (Anna Koertner) Free- 
port R2 Florence Sec4 Tl60a C. H. 
Keeler (1894) 

KeU, Conrad (Laura Heidenrich) Ch 
Benny, Lena Rl Westpoint SecBl 
085a (1912) 

Keister, Geo. W. (Cora B. Miller) Ch 
Pearl, Lola, Theodore, Kent GD 
Kent Sec23 Ol53a (1856) 



Keister, John (Mary Young) CIi Ran- 
son, Lester, Charlotte. Rock City 
R2 Rock Grove Sec36 TlOla B. H. 
Keesler (1877) 

Keister, J. F. (Alice Miller) Ch Bert, 
Anna, Walter, Ada, Mikie, Sher- 
wood, George, Kent GD Kent Sec27 
OllOa (1851) 

Keister, Vernon (Clara Meinert) Ch 
Evelyn, Rock City R3 Rock Run 
Secl6 T80a Charlie Schrader (1901) 

Kelley, Dan (Mary) Ch Leo, Anna, 
Lena R3 Wesipoint SeclO Ol90a 

Kelley, Patrick (Mary Miller) Rock 
City Rl Rock Run SeclG O70a 

Kellis, Jas. (Collie Johnson) Ch 
Ralph, Elsie, Alice, Rock City R2 
Rock Grove Sec32 O80a (1890) 

Kellis, Ralph (Grace Quest) Ch Lee, 
Orangeville R3 Rock Run Sec28 
T80a (1892) 

Keltner, G. E. (Corlyn Stees) Pearl 
City R3 Loran Sec6 Tl68a Wm. 
Miller (1900) 

Keltner, H. H. (Phoebe Delp) Ch 
Katherine, Guy, Perry. Orpha, 
Pearl City R3 Kent Sec31 O240a 

Kelum, Oliver Nora Farm Winslow 
Winslowr Sec20 O330a A. Neuses 

Kempel, John (Katherine Branz) Ch 
Fred, Melvia. Lloyd, Milmer, Mil- 
fred, Mildred, Nelson, Merna, Pres- 
ton, Pearl City R3 Kent Sec34: 
0276a (1867) 

Kempert, Wm. (Phoebe Becker) Ch 
Robert. Edwin, Matilda, Alfred, 
Alice, Marie, Lena R3 Westpoint 
Sec27 O80a (1885) 

Kemple, Henry (Lena Boedeker) Ch 
Vera, Alvin. Kent Rl Kent Secl3 
Ol20a (1877) 

Kenyon, Chas. (Leila Bechtold) Ch 
Harold, Mildred, Red Oak Rl Buck- 
eye Sec23 O50a (1868) 

Kerchner, Mrs. E. Ch Anna, Archer, 
Emil, Delbert, Charles, Georgine, 
Freeport R4 Harlem Sec27 025a 

I^erkhoff, Tonnis (Fannie) Ch Ange- 
line, Fannie, Rena, Aaron, Frank, 
Henrietta, Freeport R5 Silver Creek 
Secl4 T4a Frank Liemens (1911) 

Kesler, Frank (Amelia Gesner) Wins- 
low Rl Winslow Sec34 OsOa (1908) 

Ketzke, George Fort Lonesome Lena 
R2 Erin Seel Ol35a (1877) 

Kietike, Geo. F. Lena R2 Erin Seel 
Ol35a (1883) 

Kilian, Wm. (Emma Schwitz) Ch 
Roy, Beatrice, Leland, Winslow R2 
Oneco Sec29 O50a (1863) 

KUker, A. F. C. (Elizabeth Runte) Ch 
Mabel, Edwin, Glen, Baileyville Rl 
Silver Creek Sec35 O280a (1898) 

Kinman, D. J. (Pearl Parkinson) Ch 
Morrell, Lois, Pearl City R3 Jeffer- 
son Seel OSOa (1877) 

Kinney, Fred (Annie McGilligan) Ri- 
dott R2 Ridott Secl6 O200a (1882) 

Kinney, Peter (Nora Morrison) Ch 
Fred, Arthur, Kinne'y Farm Ridott 
R2 Rock Run SeclG Ol80a (1867) 

Kinney, Wm. P. (Margaret Fitzpat- 
rick) Ch Mary, Loretta. Alice, 
Esther. Anthony, Ridott R2 Rock 
Run Secl5 Ol88a (1875) 

Kinsell, Wm. Ch Margaretta, Mary, 
John, Bessie, Irene. Ellen, Stella, 
Pearl City R3 Kent Sec28 Ol40a 

Kinzer, Foster J. (Kathryn Eash) Ch 
Lucille, Freeport R3 Lancaster 
Secl5 T95a Henry Landolt (1909) 

Kinzer, Harry W. (Gertrude Rosen- 
stiel) Ch Roy. Freeport R3 Lan- 
caster Secl5 T215a Geo. E. Shoe- 
maker (1909) 

Kippen, Aug. (Anna Meier) Ch Ruth. 
Waddams Grove Rl Westpoint Sec 
19 Tll4a E. Look (1887) 

Kitner, C. H. (Mary Thomas) Kent 
Rl Kent Sec24 T85a F. R. Erwin 

Klaas, A. W. (Mary Asher) Ch Wal- 
ter. Weslie. Alice. Kent Rl Kent 
Secl5 O200a (1861) 

Klaas, Edwin (Anna Vehmeier) Free- 
port R4 Erin Sec36 O60a (1893) 

Klaas, Henry Lena R5 Erin Secl5 
Ol20a (1867) 

Klaas, Henry A. (Caroline Amendt) 
Ch Edwin, Elbert. Nelson, Lena R5 
Erin Sec26 O220a (1864) 

Klaas, L. (Bertha Forduson) Ch El- 
dora, Lena R5 Kent Secl6 O90a 

Klaas, Mrs. L. (Caroline Scheiran- 
berg) Ch Arthur. Alvin. Lillian, 
Lourena. Luella. Emeline, Elmer, 
Irvin, Lena R5 Erin Secl5 Tl33a H. 
Klaas Est. (1887) 

Klaas, P. W. (Tillie Vehmeier) Ch 
Herbert, Harold, Emmert, Eleroy 
Erin Secl2 Ol36a (1881) 

Klaas, Wm. (Hattie Ascher) Ch 
Esther, Charley, Albert, Kent Rl 
Kent SeclS OllOa (1857) 



Klages, Aug. (Jennie Schmertman) 
Ch Lydia, Laura, Mary, Walter, 
Freeport R4 Harlem Sec2(3 OUTa 

Klahsen, Jacob (Flora Klages) Ch 
Viola, Bernice. Freeport R4 Harlem 
Sec26 Tl54a Mrs. Klages (1879) 

Kleckler, Chas. ( Lillian Jones) Ch 
Elberta, Leroy, McConnell Rl 
Waddams Seci;i ToOa Jacob Kleck- 
ler (1887) 

Kleckler, Gordon (Lydia Runkle) Ch 
Verla, George, Mabel, Kenneth, 
Edna, Ruth. Earl, McConnell Rl 
Waddams Secl3 O40a (1882) 

Kleckler, Henry Ch Olive, Raleigh, 
Lena R4 Waddams Secl3 Ol20a 

Kleckler, Jacob (Ellen Swagle) Ch 
William, John, Emma, Delia, Ella, 
Charles, Boyd, Fred, Byron, Mc- 
Connell Rl Waddams Secl2 Ol30a 
( 1847) 

Kleckler, J. P. (Henrietta Henninger) 
Ch Oscar, Gordon, Warren, How- 
ard, Edna, Elizabeth, McConnell Rl 
Waddams Secl2 O400a (1843) 

Kleckler, Oscar (Elizabeth Gould) 
McConnell Rl Waddams Secl2 
OaOa (1876) 

Kleckner, A. D. (Miranda Baker) Ch 
Pearl, Vernon, Winfield, Rolland, 
Bessie, Fern, Pearl City R3 Jeffer- 
son Seel Ol60a (1861) 

Kleckner, John (Elizabeth Timms) 
Ch Thelma, Margaret, Kent Rl 
Kent Sec23 Ol40a (1870) 

Kleges, Louis Freeport Rl Florence 
Secl2 T220a Mrs. D. Kleges (1857) 

Klem, Wm. F. (Albertine Hemin) 
Ch Anna, Emma, Bertha, Lizzie, 
Martha, Esther, Lillian, McConnell 
Rl Waddams Sec5 OlOa (1884) 

Klemm, Otto (Clara Haase) Ch Viv- 
ian, Nellie, Marvin, Cherry Valley 
Farm Cedarville Rl Buckeye Secl2 
O40a (1875) 

Klentz, Charley (Mary Borehardt) Ch 
Arthur, Lawrence, Wallace, Ken- 
neth, Roland, McConnell Rl Wad- 
dams Secl6 Farm Hand Mrs. E. 
Borehardt (1907) 

Klever, Clarence (Mary Meyer) Ch 
Russell, Ridott Rl Ridott Sec7 
Tl63a John Klever (1881) 

Klever, Henry A. (Minnie Boehland) 
Ch Helen, Freeport R5 Silver Creek 
Sec3 Ol47a (1880) 

Klever, John (Annie Beal) Ch Robert, 
Jessie. Ridott R2 Rock Run Secl7 
O90a (1883) 

Kline, Ben L. (Flossie Kerster) Ch 
Margaret, Wright, Orangeville R2 
Oneco Sec36 T55a Joe B. Miller 

Kline, Geo. W. (Bertha Dreibelbis) 
Ch Ransom, Nelend, Dwight, Edna, 
William, Sarah, Wright, Martha. 
Melvia, Orangeville R2 Oneco Sec 
20 034a (1916) 

Kline, D. C. (Francelia Rathbourn) 
Ch Harry, Mary, John, Belle, Inez, 
Hazel, Orangeville Rl Oneco Sec23 
O40a (1875) 

Klinger, Lukes (Fannie Hoorestrate) 
Ch Lizzie, Henry, German Valley 
R2 Ridott Sec28 Tla Robt. Wessle 

Klipping, E. J. (Clara Brinkmeier) 
Pearl City R4 Loran SeclS Tl62a 
Fred Klipping (1890) 

Klitz, Jessie (Hazel Morrison) Ch 
Roy, Wilbur, Pecatonica R2 Rock 
Run Secl2 Tl60a Will Darley (1914) 

Klitz, Sam'l (Nora Althafer) Ch Thel- 
ma, Robert, Arlie, Evelyn, Rock 
City Rl Rock Run Sec2 Tl20a 
Harry Montague (1907) 

Klock, Rulf (Bertha Abies) Ch Mar- 
garet, Jacob, Simon, Elwood, Ger- 
man Valley Rl Ridott Secl9 Tl31a 
Fred Baucher Jr. (1915) 

Kloepping, Chas. W. (Henrietta 
Koertner) Ch Fred, Louisa, Emma, 
Lillian, Sammy, Pearl City Rl 
Loran Sec21 Ol60a 

Kloepping, C. L. (Margaret Kuhle- 
.meier) Ch Raymond, Lester, Pearl 
City Rl Loran Sec23 0218a (1865) 

Kloepping, Daniel (Delia Hufmeister) 
Ch Fred, Lamont, Dale, Corrine, 
Rock City R2 Rock Grove Secl9 
T92a Henry C. Kloepping (1876) 

Kloepping, Henry F. (Pauline Koert- 
ner) Ch Laura, Henry, Daniel, Ed- 
win, Marie, Fairview Farin Free- 
port R3 Florence Sec3 Ol54a (1908) 

Kloepping, H. W. (Adelle Doss) Ch 
Genda, Selma, Glenn, Irma, Rock 
City R2 Rock Grove Sec4 Ol21a 

Klontz, L, E. (Annie Schellenberger) 
Ch Bessie. Milfred. Ida. Dorothy. 
Rubey, Annie, McConnell Rl 
Waddams Sec6 078a (1872) 

Klontz, Milton C. (Edith Riemer) Ch 
Hales, Eldon, Ruth, Esther. Mc- 
Connell Rl Waddams Secl7 TllOa 
Isaac Klontz (1878) 

Kluck, Floyd Pearl City R3 Kent Sec 
33 Ol80a (1877) 



Kluck, Millard A. (Geneva Bowers) 
Ch Russell, Lena R4 Westpoint Sec 
29 Tl07a Wm. Shallhase (1886) 

Kluck, N. A. (Hannah Philips) Ch 
Mabel, Carnie, Ivan, Galvin, Lena 
R4 Waddams Secl3 Ol60a (1862) 

Kluck, Raymond (Goldie Price) Ch 
Howard, Alfa, Gladys, Marsden, 
Dale, Pearl City R3 Kent Sec32 
O80a (1880) 

Klug, Albert (Minnie Raba) Ch Em- 
ma, Olga, Herta, Esther, Elmer, 
Winslow R2 Winslow Sec24 066a 

Kneller, Fred M. (Amelia Karten) Ch 
Elda, Vera, George, Carl, Ruth. 
Frank, Joe, Henry, Walter, Free- 
port R5 Silver Creek SecS Tl63a 
John Martini (1871) 

Kniss, Wm. (Maggie Knoss) Ch 
Clarence, Luola, Freeport R4 Erin 
Sec36 Ol20a (1915) 

Knoll, Aug. Ch Fritz, Martha, Ri- 
dott RD Ridott Sec35 Tl20a Ellen 
Warham (1911) 

Knoll, Aug. F. (Augusta Schultz) Ch 
Annie, Otto, Emma, William, 
Frank, Fred, Freda, Freeport R6 
Lancaster SeclT Ol20a (1885) 

Knoll, Otto A. (Anna Kruger) Ch 
Kenneth, Stanley, Freeport R6 
Lancaster Sec8 Oll2a (1885) 

Knoup, Ed (Edna Cable) Ch Lavern, 
Guy, Kenneth, Clark, Dorothy, Da- 
vis R2 Rock Run Sec36 T335a 
Henry MuUarkey (1886) 

Knoup, Henry (Flora Folgate) Ch 
Birdie, Mabel, Raymond, Rock City 
Rl Rock Run Sec28 O80a (1870) 

Knoup, Ray (Clara Pfeiffer) Ch 
Hazel, Harold, Rock City Rl Rock 
Run Sec34 T48a Henry Knoup 

Koba, Wm. M. (Minnie Rinnow) Ch 
Venus, William, Rock City Rl Rock 
Run Seen Tl60a Steve Wolf (1906) 

Koch, Mrs. Aug. (Lizze Barto) Ch 
Alta, Arthur, Clara, George, Lena 
R2 Erin Sec2 Ol20a (1877) 

Koch, Art J. (Bertha Cadwell) Ch 
Florence, Lena R2 Erin Secll O90a 

/I QQO"\ 

Koch, Ed R. (Elsie Fisher) Ch Allen, 
Infant, Freeport R4 Loran Sec3 
091a (1886) 

Koch, Geo. (Daisy Aurand) Ch Vera, 
Geneva, Marjorie, Emmerson, Mer- 
na. Pearl City Jefiferson Secl2 
T220a M. Koch (1881) 

Koch, Loiois F. (Jessie Goethe) Ch 
Donald, Freeport R2 Loran Seel 
T216a Alfred Meyers (1884) 

Koch, Michael (Rosina Offenheiser) 
Ch Katie, Grace, Anna, George, 
Laura, Clara, Oscar, Pearl City R4 
Loran Sec7 0258a (1854) 

Koch, Peter (Johanna Heimerdinger) 
Ch Lloyd, Pearl City RS Kent Sec34 
Ol90a (1855) 

Koch, Wm. (Christina Eiseman) Ch 
Fred, Lillie, Maggie, Willie, Rose, 
Louis, Louella, Harry, Lawrence, 
Leland, Pearl City R4 Jefiferson Sec 
12 Ol62a (1849) 

Koch, W. H. (Ethel Babb) Ch Clif- 
ford, Hattie, Ivy, Pearl City R3 
Erin Sec27 Tl98a E. L. Legwith 

Koche, Henry (Dora) Ch Henry, 
Fred, Emma, Alvin, Clara, Arthur, 
Daniel, Selma, Sunny Side Farm 
Davis Rl Rock Run Secll Ol20a 

Koche, Henry (Sadie Welling) Well- 
ing Crossing Farm Dakota R2 Da- 
kota Secl3 Tl60a Henry Welling 

Koehler, Wm. (Mary Kaufifman) Ch 
Elta, Mildred, Arleen, Eleroy Erin 
Secl3 09a (1897) 

Koeller, Aug. (Mary Schwarze) Ch 
Walter, August Jr., Lorenz, Freder- 
ick, Arnold, Lillian, Olga, Alvin, 
Pearl City R4 Jefiferson Sec23 O205a 

Koeller, Chas. (Margaret Snapp) Ch 
Edna, Pearl City R4 Jefiferson Sec 
23 Ol20a (1869) 

Koepinck, Wm. F. (Hermina Abder- 
holden) Ch Laura, Orangeville R2 
Oneco Sec33 O240a (1910) 

Koepp, Frank Ch Ella, Charlie, Dora, 
Otto, Albert, August, Alfred, Davis 
Rl Rock Grove Sec27 099a (1909) 

Koertner, Mrs. Charlotte Ch Fred, 
Louisa, Conrad, Paulina, Henrietta, 
Henry, William, Annie, Pearl City 
R2 Loran Secl7 O80a (1883) 

Koertner, Mrs. Mary Ch Esther, 
Harry, Pearl City Rl Loran Sec22 
O240a (1877) 

Koertner, W. C. (Nora Goethe) Pearl 
City R2 Loran Secl8 O80a (1885) 

Koethe, L. H. (Henrietta WestphaH 
Ch (Tharlie, Lena Rl Kent Sec6 
OSOa (1892) 

Kohl, Chas. H. Lena R4 Waddams 
Sec23 Ol42a (1871) 



Kohl, Elmer (Mary Leslie) Ch Jean- 
nette, Esther, Russell, Alice, Free- 
port R4 Harlem Sec28 OlOOa (1870) 

Kohler, Frank Cedar Home Farm 
Freeport R2 Florence SeclO O40a 

Kohler, Wm. Freeport Rl Silver 
Creek Sec30 T229a (1889) 

Kohn, Jos. (Leona Phillips) Pleasant 
Hill Stock Ferret Farm Winslow 
R2 Oneco Sec29 Ol4Sa (1891) 

Kolkenbaugh, John, Ch Mary, Helen, 
Olsje, Christ, German Valley Rl 
Silver Creek Sec2o TSa Ben Kin- 
der (1912) 

Konstant, Joe (Ella Burns) 'Ch Zelda, 
Elma, Lula. Lester, Ridott Rl Ri- 
dott Secl4 Tl60a Mrs. Ella War- 
ham (1882) 

Konstant, John (Marie Symens) Ch 
Hilka, Jennie, Henry, Petrus, Ger- 
man Valley R2 Ridott Sec25 T80a 
Ellen E. Rice (1897) 

Koppean, Ernest (Emma Koons) Ch 
Albert, Loyd, Marion, Alice, Lena 
Rl Westpoint Sec35 078a (1876) 

Koppien, Chas. (Emelia) Ch Tillie, 
Ernest, August, Herman, Emil, 
Lena Rl Kent Seel Ol20a (1874) 

Koppien, H. F. (Sophie) Ch Mil- 
dred, Edna, Catherine, Edith, Lena 
R2 Harlem Secl7 O90a (1886) 

Kortemeier, Fred H. (Louisa Theal) 
Ch Martin, William, Marie, Dan- 
iel, Albert, Florence, Luella, Free- 
port R3 Lancaster Secl6 OlSOa 

Kortemeier, Henry F. (Kate Lentz) 
Ch Paul, Clifford, Stanley, Ellwood, 
Freeport R3 Lancaster Seclo Ol82a 

Kortemeier, Wm. (Ida Tilkemeier") 
Ch Ruth, Lucille, Freeport R3 Lan- 
caster Sec21 OlOOa (1879) 

Kortemeyer, A. C. (Nellie Brandt) 
Ch Leland, Valda, Pearl City Rl 
Loran Sec23 O80a 

Korth, Geo. O. (Beada Lied) Ch 
Florence, Cedarville Rl Buckeye 
Sec31 047a (1887) 

Kortman, Elmer R. (Bessie Franzek) 
Ch Walton, Winslow R2 Oneco 
Sec30 T90a (1895) 

Kortman, Frcmk A. (Emilia Gandn- 
kine) Winslow R2 Oneco Sec20 
O30a T40a Mrs. H. Taft (1882) 

Kortman, Herman E. (Louise 
Schramm) Ch Richard, Alinnie. Ma- 
rie, Elmer, Winslow R2 Oneco 
Sec30 O90a (1882) 

Kortman, Richard P. (Margaret Rei- 
ter) Ch Edna, Esther, Emma, Ken- 
neth, Summerdale Farm Winslow 
R2 Oneco Sec29 065a (1882) 

Kortner, F. H. (Sophia Koeller) Ch 
Albert, Karl, Sunnyside Spring 
Farm Pearl City R2 Loran Sec32 
Ol30a (1861) 

Kortner, P. F. (Sophia Kloepping) 
Ch Ernest, Hulda, Martin, Shannon 
Rl Loran Sec26 Ol59a (1868) 

Koser, Chas. (Ella Kiester) Ch Bes- 
sie, Ardoth, Pearl City R2 Loran 
Secl9 O40a 

Kostenbader, G. K. (Carrie Schader) 
Red Oak Rl Harlem Sec3 Tll8a 
Henry Kostenbader Est. (1886) 

Kostenbader, Sam. (Mary Crow) Ch 
Laura, Cecelia, Freeport R4 Har- 
lem Secl6 O80a (1849) 

Kottman, Mrs. Aug. (Helen Biene) 
Ch Arthur, Alinnie, Martin, Benny, 
Lena R5 Kent Sec4 Ol80a (1853) 

Kottman, Chas. H. (Pearl Eply) Ce- 
darville Rl Buckeye Secl3 043a 

Kottman, Martin F. (Jennie Schmert- 
man) Ch Vera, Melvin, Sunny Slope 
Lena Rl Kent Sec4 083a (1884) 

Kraft, Jacob Red Oak Rl Waddams 
Sec29 Tl69a John Kraft 

Kraft, Jas. C. (Anna Wittenmeyer) 
Ch Harold, Helen, Glenn, Russell, 
Bernice, Homer, Lena R2 Harlem 
Sec5 092a (1886) 

Kraft, John (Rebecca Robinson) Ch 
John, Mary, James, Jacob, Emma, 
Red Oak Rl Waddams Sec29 
Ol69a (1858) 

Kraft, John L. (Minnie Beufer) Ch 
Lawrence, Lester, Earl, Mabel, 
Clarence, Lewis, Myron, Dorothy, 
Red Oak Rl Waddams Sec28 Ol20a 

Krahmer, Paul (Lizzie Penticofif) Ch 
Adam, Roy, Irvin, Pearl City Rl 
Loran Secl4 O70a (1868) 

Kramer, Arthur (Minnie Brobst) Ch 
Marie, Irene, Leva, John, Orange- 
ville R2 Rock Grove Sec36 Ol07a 

Kramer Bros., Red Oak Rl Wad- 
dams Sec29 OlOa (1872) 

Kramer, Elmer (Alvina Rackow) 
Sciota Mills Harlem Sec3 053a 

Kramer, F. C. (Cora McCaully) Ch 
Amy, Dakota R2 Rock Grove Secfi 
T80a Minnie Dorse & Lydia Me- 
ring (1897) 



Kramer, Howard (Blanche Griffin) 
Ch Barrel, Rock City R2 Rock 
Grove Sec30 T62a J. Kramer (1896) 

Kramer, Joe (Grace Herbert) Ch Mel- 
vin, Myrlali, Rock City RS Rock 
Grove Sec30 TSOa Frank Gill (1882) 

Kramer, John M. (Ora A. Peeper) 
Ch Lucille, Lone Cotton Wood 
Dairy Farm Dakota RS Rock Grove 
Sec6 T40a Geo. Andris (1894) 

Kramer, J. K. (Hattie Hanke) Ch 
Julius, Willis, Laura, Alice, Elmer, 
Sciota Mills Harlem Sec3 082a 

Kramer, J. O. (Anna Myers) Orange- 
ville R2 Rock Grove Sec35 082a 

Kramer, M. L. (Hazel Reed) Cedar- 
ville Rl Buckeye SeclT Tl60a T. & 
S. Boals (1896) 

Kratzer, Mrs. Annie Ch Andrew, 
Elizabeth, Noah, Lena R2 Wad- 
dams Sec36 O80a (1877), 

Kratzer, Chas. (Gertrude Partner) Ch 
Marcette, Red Oak Rl Buckeye 
Sec33 Tl28a Jos. Kratzer (1892) 

Kratzer, Henry (Sarah Fessler) Red 
Oak Rl Harlem Sec3 OSUa (1858) 

Kratzer, J. B. (Eliza Hutmacher) Ch 
Dallas, Harry, Freeport R4 Harlem 
Sec20 Ol71a (1875) 

Kratzer, Wm. (Mary) Ch Raymond. 
Amanda, Red Oak Rl Harlem Secll 

Kraul, Albert Ch All^ert, Ridott R3 
Sec22 Tl80a Wm. Hunt (1897) 

Krekhas, Aaron (R. Kloster) Ch 
Harm, Fanny, Benka, German Val- 
ley Rl Silver Creek Sec24 T80a 
A. Friday (1897) 

Krienke, Chas. (Mertle Askey) Ch 
Oscar, Dorothy, Ridott R2 Ridott 
Sec29 082a (1877) • 

Kriens, Claus (Kate Miller) Ch Carl, 
Lena, German Valley Rl Ridott 
Sec34 Tl60a Ben Miller (1880) 

Kriens, Henry (Henrietta Skitter) Ri- 
dott Rl Ridott Secl2 TllOa Adam 
Nix (1882) 

Kriens, Hisco (Mary Eichman) Ch 
Claus, Mabel, Herman, German 
Vallev R2 Ridott Sec24 Ol60a 

Kriens, John (Ida Schmidt) Ch Roy, 
Lavern, Bailevville Rl Silver Creek 
Sec29 065a (1883) 

Krijenborg, Thos. German Valley 
R2 Ridott Sec26 O20a (1887) 

Krouse, John (Anna Dohland) Ch 
Dick, Maggie, Harm, Agnes, Si- 
vanzv, Cora. Fanny, German Val- 
lev Rl Ridott Sec25 0300a (1877^ 

Kruse, C. D. (Martha Popper) Ch 
Detrick, Agnes, Mary, Alfred, 
James, German Valley Rl Ridott 
Sec26 Ol40a (1867) 

Kryder, Daniel E. (Elsie Rees) Ch 
Emory, Ivan, Freeport R3 Lancas- 
ter Seel Oll8a (1881) 

Kryder, G. W. (Nellie Barber) Ch 
Charles, Jessie, Hiram, Edna, Ma- 
bel, Esther, Margaret, Rock City 
Rl Rock Run Sec6 Tl60a Mrs. M. 
Kachelhofer (1865) 

Kryder, J. Frank (Agnes) Ch Clar- 
ence, Cedarville Rl Buckeye Sec30 
O80a (1872) 

Kubstzke, Chris M. (Dora Whitheck- 
er) Ch Florence, Earl, Floyd, Wal- 
ter, Pearl, Christopher, Harold, 
Freeport R6 Harlem Sec24 Tl60a 
Thos. Beeler (1892) 

Kudsen, A. C. & K. O., Davis Rl 
Rock Run Secl3 Ol57a (1869) 

Kuehl, F. W. (Ernestine Beyer) Ch 
Emma, Harry, Esther, Evergreen 
Farm Orangeville R2 Buckeye Seel 
Ol40a (1894) 

Kuhlaff, Frank (Lena Julius) Ch 
Fanny, Tracy, Alta, Thomas, Oda, 
Hico, John, Lena, German Valley 
Rl Silver Creek Secl3 Tl60a W. 
Ackerman (1895) 

Kuhle, Frank E. (Sarah Barttlet) Ch 
Effie, Mynron, Bessie, Helen, Win- 
slow R2 Oneco Sec20 O60a (1911) 

Kuhleman, Aug. (Mary Eby) Ch Mil- 
ton, Minnie, Lyman, Ruth, Pearl 
City R3 Kent Sec31 OSla (1891) 

Kuhlemeier, Chas. J. (Caroline Klip- 
ping) Ch Lulu, Chester, Pearl City 
R2 Loran Secl6 O80a (1855) 

Kuhlemeier, Walter C. (Mabel Dole) 
Ch Stanley. Pearl City Rl Loran 
Sec26 TlOOa Wm. Kuhlemeier 

Kuhlemeyer, Louis G. (Dorathea 
Sager) Ch Helen, Esther, Louis, 
Ruth, Eldora. Henry, Ridott R2 
Lancaster Sec36 Tl30a Aug. Meier 

Kuhlemeyer, Samuel (Emma Brant) 
Pearl City Rl Loran Sec27 OSOa 

Kuhlemeyer, S. W, (Nannie Fennell) 
Ch Thelma, Donald. Wace, Pearl 
City R3 Loran Sec8 O40a (1880) 

Kuhlemeyer, W. H. (Lizzie Adair) 
Ch Edwin. Kenneth, Pearl City Rl 
Loran Sec21 Ol20a (1869) 



Kuhlemyer, Theo. (Minnie Koch) Cli 
Lizzie, Clarence, Elmer, Mabel, Ir- 
vin, Edna, Elsie, Vernon, Pearl City 
Rl Loran Sec24 Tl60a Alma Vol- 
kers (1878) 

Kuhlman, Henry (Minnie Lovikie) 
Ch Alfred, Edwin, Oscar, Vestie, 
Lena R-1 Westpoint Sec28 O320a 

Kuhlmeier, Aug. Dakota R2 Rock 
Grove Seel Oooa (1875) 

Kuhlmeier, Arthur (Katherine 

Schnieder) Ch Howard, Ruth, Da- 
kota Rl Dakota SecHo T78a Fred 
Kuhlmeier (1888) 

Kuhlmeyer, A. E. (Flossie Barnes) 
Ch Vivian, Pearl City R3 Loran 
Sec 17 OlOOa (1885) 

Kuhlmyer, L. H. (Cora Housel) Ch 
Lavern, Pearl City R2 Loran Secl7 
Ol08a (1876) 

Kuhlmyer, Mrs. Caroline Ch Anna, 
Margaret, Hattie, Lewis, Dan, Si- 
mon, John, Ada, Beulah, Hallie, 
Ray, Pearl City R2 Loran Sec20 
0225a (1850) 

Kuhnke, Emil (Clara Bixler) Ch 
Grace. Cora, Russell, Dakota Rl Da- 
kota Sec 11 Ol20a (1902) 

Kuhnke, Herman E. (Louise Biasing) 
Ch Ruben, Ida, Helen, Bessie, Edna, 
Glenn, Alfa, Pleasant View Farm 
Orangeville R2 Oneco Sec33 OSOa 

Kundert, Jack A. (Anna Weiss) Ch 
Kathrine, Edwin, Helen, Roy, Leo, 
Orangeville Rl Oneco Sec23 Ol08a 

Kundert, Wm. (Lena Koehner) Mar- 
tintown Winslow Secl5 TSOa (1915) 

Kunkel, M. H. ( Ada Klontz) Red Oak 
Rl Buckeye Sec2() 02a (1864) 

Kurr, Arthur (Jane) Ch Ardo, Ma- 
ron. Morrow, Grace, Stanley, Ar- 
line, Lena R3 Westpoint Sec2 
OieOa (1867) 

Kurth, Wm. (Bessie Altman) Ch 
Harold, Eloise, Lena Rl Kent Sec9 
Ol38a (1886) 

Kurtz, Edmund (Mary Templeton) 
Kurtz Corner Farm Freeport " Ro 
Rock Run Sec6 Tl68a Templeton 
Est. (1882) 

Kyler, Brad, Waddams Secll OlOa 

Kyler, Elmer (Mattie M. Daniel) Ch 
Neva, Harold, McConnell Rl Wad- 
dams Secl7 Oll3a (1871) 

LaBudde, Oscar E. (Elsie Walters) 
Freeport Florence Sec2 Ira W. Fox 

Legrande Bros. Rock City R2 Rock 
Run Secl7 Oll6a (1867) 

Lahre, W. E. Ch Cecelia, Loretta, 
Leo, Mary, Josephine, Doris, Ruth, 
Helen, William, Sarah B. Stock 
Farm Lena R5 Kent Sec20 Ol60a 

Laible, Arthur (Marie Ley) Ch Ar- 
lene, Merle, Rock City Rl Rock 
Run Sec45 T200a C. P. Ley (1887) 

Laing, Walter (Anna Mathews) Rock 
Grove Rock Grove Sec6 OSOa 

Lamb, Chas. T. (Ollie Newberger) 
Ch Cleo, Ridott Rl Ridott Sec4 
O210a (1876) 

Lambert, Forrest E. (Lizzie Maurer) 
Ch Elmer, Marie, Russell, Nellie, 
Willard, Lawrence, Freeport RO 
Lancaster Sec9 TlOOa Geo. & Helen 
Maurer (1891) 

Lambert, G. M. (Sarah Mattes) Ch 
Verna, Earl, Dakota R2 Dakota 
Sec23 Ol04a (1876) 

Lameyer, Geo. B. (Minnie Tubbers) 
Ch Broas, Gezina, Freeport R5 Sil- 
ver Creek Sec8 Tl52a Mrs. J. Nam- 
fiel (1899) 

Lameyer, Geo. (Mamie Hamish) Ch 
Henry, Freeport R5 Silver Creek 
Secl3 T80a Jacob Maurer (1910) 

Lameyer, Herman (Annie Shuur) Ch 
George, Christ, Grace, Ridott Rl 
Ridoft Sec9 Tl20a (1905) 

Lameyer, Henry (Lucy Viel) Ch 
George, Ellis, Lena, Henry, Grace, 
Harm, Albert, Jennie, John, Reka, 
Annie, German Valley R3 Ridott 
Sec29 T200a Frank Reints (1907) 

Lamm, Albert W. (Lucy Schwich) Ch 
Walter, Vincent, Richard, Berna- 
dette, Bernard, Vera, John Freeport 
R5 Silver Creek Secll Ol50a (1875) 

Lamm Bros, Freeport Rl Florence 
Secl3 O205a (1892) 

Lamm, Frank Ch Fred, Annie, Frank, 
August, Robert, Rudolph. Clemens, 
George, Gertrude, Ruth, Spring 
Valley Stock Farm Ridott Rl Ri- 
dott Sec7 Tl75a Frank Lamm 



Lamm, Frank H., Jr. (Clara Bangas- 
ser) Ch Robert, Carl, William, Ar- 
thur, Evergreen Dal Farm Free- 
port Rl Silver Creek Secl9 098a 
Landolt, Chas. Freeport R3 Lancas- 
ter SeclO Ol25a (1868) 
Landolt, Rudolph (Lydia Herold) Ch 
Alfred, Bertha, Anna, Freeport Rt5 
Lancaster Sec20 Ol75a (1866) 
Lang, C. E. (Pauline leserman) Ch 
Arlene, Dakota R2 Rock Grove Sec5 
T40a H. C. Lang (1888) 
Langenstein, Chas. (Elsie Geft) Ch 
Glenn, Robert, Bee, Chester, Wil- 
low Lane Farm Dakota R2 Dakota 
SeclO Ol06a (1867) 
Langenstein Est. Ch Mary, Kather- 
ine, Ida, Ellen, Dakota Rl Buck- 
eye Secll Ol60a Langenstein Est. 
Langenstein, Sam Dakota R2 Dakota 

SeclO O80a (1877) 
Lanker, Lloyd L. (Pearl Schartz) Ch 
Blanche, Lynden, Orangeville R2 
Oneco Sec31 T86a (1878) 
Lapp, C. L. (Bertha Kurtz) Oak 
Wood Farm Rock City Rl Rock 
Run Sec23 Ol36a (1868) 
Lapp, Geo. (Bertha Stauffer) Ch El- 
mer, Catherine, Rock City R2 Rock 
Run Secl6 Ol20a (1877) 
Lapp, I. E. (Margaret Smith) Ch 
Willard, Ralla, Gladys, Marguerite, 
Freeport R3 Lancaster Secll Oll5a 
Lapp, Walter (Anna Dart) Ch Miles, 
Warren, Rock Run Rl Rock Run 
Sec27 Ol52a (1878) 
Larrow, Elsie Ch Mary, Emma, John, 
William, Louis. Carrie, Ida, Mc- 
Connell Rl Waddams Sec8 O40a 
Larrow, John H. (Helen Schons) Ch 
Alice, Homer, Helen, Marjone. 
Genevie, McConnell Rl Waddams 
Secl7 066a T8a Mrs. ' E. Klontz 
Larson, Amandus (Elizabeth Jacob- 
son) Ch Carl. Ina, Ridott Rl Ri- 
dott Sec34 OBOa (1913) 
Lausch, H. D. (Mary Clamor) Ch 
Lester, Ralph, Luella, Cedarville Rl 
Buckeye Secl6 Tl60a Wm. Hoes 
Lausch, John H. (Dora Jones) Ch 
Ellna. Harold. Willow Brook Stock 
Farm Cedarville Rl Buckeye Sec24 
Ol86a (1873) 

Lawler, Howard (Pearl Shippy) Ch 
Elwin, Nelda, McConnell Rl Wad- 
dams Sec5 TlOa Mrs. H. Stabenow 
Lawler, Wm. (Lucinda Hulbert) Ch 
Fannie, Lillie, Howard, Leota, 
Sylvia, Nelson, McConnell Rl Wad- 
dams Sec5 055a (1862) 
LeBorder, Mrs. Cate Ch Harry, 
George, Eda, Orangeville Rl Buck- 
eye Sec2 T25a Mrs. Gusta Gengen- 
bach (1854) 
Leckington, HoUis (Anna Treppen) 
Lena Ra Westpoint Sec30 Ol20a 
Lee, H. W., Ch Arthur, Wilson, Bert, 
Clara, Mae, Florence, Laura, Peca- 
tonica Rock Run Secl3 OllOa 
Lee, John (Jennie Johnson) Ch 
Lloyd, Earl, Agnes, Pecatonica R2 
Rock Run Secl2 Tl60a Larson & 
Anderson (1914) 
Leek, Oscar (Babara Davidson) Ch 
Klipher, Winslow R2 Oneco Sec32 
T60a G. Leek (1914) 
Leiby, Chas. (Margaret) Ch Kate, 
Frank, Wife, Nora, Oney, Paul, 
Lena Westpoint Secll Ol60a (1879) 
Leid, Landis (Bernie) Ch George, 
Freeport R6 Harlem Secll O40a 
Leisnes, Amelia, Ch Bertha, Hulda, 
Frank, Marie, Katie, Red Oak Rl 
Waddams Sec21 Ol74a (1877) 
Leistekon, Chas. (Cora Brubaker) Ch 
Leland, Elmer, Davis Rock Run 
Sec23 0285a (1874) 
Lane, E. T. (Florence Doran) Ch 
Ruth, Orangeville Rl Oneco Sec35 
O70a (1887) 
Lentz, Chas. (Anna Wardlow) Ch 
Jerome, Russell, Ridott R2 Lan- 
caster Secl3 Oll8a (1879) 
Lentz, Herman (Lena Tolmer) Ch 
Jesse, Orville, Davis Rl Rock Cirove 
Sec22 Tl62a Fred Dreakey (1912) 
Lentz, Orville (Myrtle Blaine) Ch 
John, Myron, Lillian, Dakota R2 
Dakota Secl2 TllOa Herman Nott 
Lenz, Gustav A. (Mabel Miller) Ch 
LeRoy, Frances, Elva, McConnell 
Rl Waddams Sec9 T80a Wm. Lenz 
Lenz, Otto P. (Edith C. Rabe) Ch 
Melvin, Roland, Avery, Valeda, 
Catherine, Dakota R2 Dakota Sec2 
OSOa (1879) 



Leopold, Ben P. (Sena Diiiken) Ch 
Dora, Henry, Walter, Bertha, Taul, 
Spring Lawn Farm Baileyville Rl 
Florence Sec35 Tl61a H. C. 

Lephart, E. (Lydia Waite) McCon- 
nell Rl Waddams SeclO OoOa 

Lephart, Lloyd (Althea Dweley) Ch 
Marjorie, McConnell Rl Waddams 
Secll 084a (1882) 

Lephart, M. C. (Collie Fuller) Ch 
Robert, Winslow R3 Winslow 
Sec32 Tl20a M. Sandrock (1882) 

Lessman, Henry (Rena Schmitt) Ch 
Henry, Fred, Baileyville Rl Silver 
Creek Sec20 035a (1885) 

Leveke, H. W. (Elizabeth Sulzbach) 
Ch Eleanor, Isabel, Lena R5 Erin 
Seclo 0276a (1871) 

Leverington, Arthur (Elizabeth Rose) 
Ch Virginia, Winslow Rl Winslow 
SeclO Tl38a Henry Leverington 

Leverton, Homer C. (Grace Klontz) 
Ch John, Robert, Mearl, Ila, Win- 
slow R2 Oneco Sec31 T93a John 
Klontz (1884) 

Leverton, M. (Dora Neusus) Ch Er- 
nest, Annie, Nettie, Mabel, Arthur, 
Glenn, Clinton. Warren Rl Win- 
slow Sec22 O260a (1853) 

Leverton, W. Ed. (Lola Moyer) Ch 
Loris, Geraldine, Winslow R2 Win- 
slow Sec36 Ol20a (1880) 

Leverton, W. O. (Bessie Staver) Ch 
Dwight, Jetta, Winslow R3 Win- 
slow Sec27 Ol32a (1914) 

Levine, Herman (Augusta Beriman) 
Ch Frida, Elsa, Emil, Orangeville 
Rl Oneco Sec28 076a (1902) 

Ley, F. C, Cedarville Rl Lancaster 
Sec6 Ol60a 

Liebergesell, Wm. (Emma Faber) Ch 
Gladys, William, Earl, Freeport R2 
Florence Sec7 OlOOa (1871) 

Lied, Jacob (Katie Royer) Ch Ralph, 
Red Oak Rl Buckeye Sec26 042a 

Lied, Wm. (Maud Young) Cedarville 
Rl Buckeye Sec25 048a T40a E. 
Young (1881) 

Light, Mrs. Emma, Ch Rosa. Alva, 
Amanda, Isabelle, Clarence, Bessie, 
Irvin. Bertha, German Valley Rl 
Ridott Sec36 Tl60a (1880) 

Likens, E. H. (Florence Wagner) Mc- 
Connell Rl Buckeye SeclO Tl20a 
John Wagner (1913) 

Likens, S. T. (Fern Clarno) Ch 
Rachel. Orangeville Rl Oneco 
Sec34 T80a A. A. Clarno (1914) 

Lincoln, Albert C. (Adellaid Bouray) 
Ch Orville, Wilbur, Ridott Rl Ri- 
dott Sec33 TSOa P. Byrnes (1885) 

Lincoln, Ben (Ida Morrison) Rock 

. City Rl Rock Run SeclG OllOa 

Lincoln, Thos. (Anna Heimbuch) Ch 
Walter, Seward, Clara, Robert, Nel- 
lie, Elsie, Arthur, Helen, Ridott R2 
Rock Run Secl7 T300a Chas. & Ar- 
thur Haas (1877) 

Linderman, C. (Ida Hunt) Ch Effie, 
Emma, Wilber, Jessie, Lewis, 
Laura, Winslow Rl Winslow Sec28 
OlSOa (1885) 

Linderman, Fred (Annie Wolfe) Ch 
William, Elizabeth, Mary, Wood- 
row, Red Oak Rl Buckeye Sec22 
042a (1882) 

Linderman, Wm. (Amanda Ruben- 
dahl) Ch Harold, Louella, Red Oak 
Rl Buckeye Sec35 075a (1897) 

Lingbeek, Edw. Freeport Rl Flor- 
ence Sec35 

Lingbeek, Jens, Freeport Rl Flor- 
ence Sec25 Jens Lingbeek 

Lingbeek, Jens (Mary Jensen) Ch 
Christina, Edward, Jens, Frank, Lil- 
lian, Esther, Freeport Rl Florence 
Sec25 Ol56a (1914) 

Link, Theo., Ch Adolph, Phillip, 
Charles, Hattie, Rosa, Carrie, Rob- 
ert, Albert, Louisa, Ralph, Pearl 
City R2 Jefferson Sec34 Ol08a 

Linneman, Frank (Gesene Anesberg) 
Ch Charles, August, Carrie, Bertha, 
Frank Jr., Russell, Baileyville Rl 
Silver Creek Sec31 Ol60a (1887) 

Linneman, Fred (Ella Beiners) Ch 
Floyd, Baileyville Rl Silver Creek 
Sec31 TsOa Fred Amesberg. 

Lins, Chas. (Effie Hutmacher) Ch 
Florence. Red Oak Rl Waddams 
Sec28 Ol30a F. Lins (1879) 

Lintz, Edw. (Myrtle Roger) Lena Rl 
Westpoint Sec36 TlOOa H. M. Rog- 
er (1914) 

Lishtenberg, John (Jane Bachers) Ch 
Johanna. Margaret. Louise. German 
Valley Rl Ridott Sec21 T5a Robt. 
Wessles (1904) 

Liston, J. J. (Mary O'Connell) Ch 
Raymond, Jerome, Edward, Mil- 
dred, Margaret. Ridott R2 Rock 
Run Secl5 Tl60a (1903) 

Lobdell, Geo, (Bessie Ilgen) Ch Wil- 
liam, Lena R2 Harlem Sec6 099a 



Lobdell, Wm. (Emma Klontz) Ch 

Anna, George, Jennie, Lavina, 

Irene, John, Lester, Ella, Mabel, 

Emerson, Wilson, Lena R4 Wad- 

"dams Sec29-31 O200a (1866) 

Lohmeier, Ernest (Mary Toelke) Ch 
John, Berlie, Ida, Minnie, Arthur, 
Ada, Ernie, Lohmeier Corner Farm 
Davis Rl Rock Run Secll O60a 

Lohmeier, Henry (Anna Toelke) Ch 
Anna, Elmer, Walter, George, Wil- 
liam, Alveen, Myrene, Milton, Red 
Clover Farm Davis Rl Rock Grove 
Sec2 0237a (1872) 

Lohmeier, John (Lena Toelke) Soft 
Maple Farm Davis Rl Rock Grove 
Sec2 O70a (1886) 

Lohrman, Fred, Davis Rl Rock Grove 
Sec36 TsOa Emil Lohrman (1887) 

Long, Aaron (Frances Klueneth) Ch 
Edward, Anna, Rosa, Emma, Til- 
lie, Mildred, Luella, Freeport R5 
Silver Creek Secl5 0215a (1859) 

Long, Fred S. (Mary Kraft) Ch Em- 
ma, Kenneth, Florence. Aulbery, 
Hickory Grove Farm Dakota R3 
Dakota Secll OllOa (1879) 

Long, F. (Clara McLain) Ch Ellen, 
Floyd, Allen, Esther, Ruth, Ridott 
R2 Ridott Sects T40a Glenn Bros. 

Loomis, C. H. (Orpha Skene) Ch 
Edna, Glenn, Lucille, Jessie, Lena 
Rl Westpoint Sec35 T42a Mrs. A. 
Loomis Est. (1878) 

Loomis, Henry (Sadie Boyer) Ch 
Catherin, Marion. Lena R3 West- 
point Sec26 Ol20a (1880) 

Loomis, Warren, Lena R3 Westpoint 
Sec27 Ol60a (1877) 

Maaske, Chas. F. (Kathrine Kreger) 
Ch Raymond, Mildred, Orange- 
ville R2 Oneco Sec31 Ol40a (1913) 

Machamer, Wallace (Estella Krell) 
Ch Ola, Ruby, Phyllis, Kent GD 
Kent Sec23 T260a E. F. White 

Mack, Warren (Olive High) Ch Wal- 
ter, Robert, Freeport R2 Florence 
Sees T80a Walter D. Mack (1879) 

Macomber, A. J. & Sons (Elizabeth 
Bell) Ch Juna, Herbert, Effie. De- 
forest, Homer, Eva, Harold. West 
Side Farm Winslov^ Rl Winslow 
Sec31 Ol48a (1879) 

Lorenz, John M. (Inez Jones) Ch 
Roy, Paul, John, George, Mildred, 
Melvin, Freeport Silver Creek 
Sec4 Ol8a (1869) 

Loss, J. D. Ch Alice, Clayton, 
Blanche, Rock City R2 Rock Grove 
Sec31 025a (1888) 

Ludewig, Chris R. (Martha Wessle) 
Ch Rema, Christine, German Val- 
ley Rl Ridott Sec20 O700a (1867) 

Luettmann, Fred (Anna Meyers) Ch 
Anna, Hulda, Martha, Pearl City 
Rl Loran Secl5 088a (1887) 

Lundstrom, Edwin (Mabel Peterson) 
Ch Raymond, Russell, Old Hamil- 
ton Farm Pecatonica Ridott Sec24 
T57a R. T. Redline (1916) 

Lups, Mineard (Jane Buss) Ch Susie, 
Minnie, Henry, Irene, Catherine, 
Ridott R2 Ridotf Sec22 T320a O. 
L. Miller (1908) 

Lutz, A. G. (Lizzie Dittmar) Ch Gar- 
ver, Lydia, Myron, Winslow RS 
Winslow Sec32 

Lutz, Benj. H. (Minnie Myers) Ch 
Genevieve, Winslow R3 Winslow 
Sec32 T80a J. I. Lutz. 

Lutz, Emanuel A. (Dora Hase) Ch 
Earl. Leslie. Ada, Lula, Elsie, Ray- 
mond, Ridott R2 Rock Run Sec7 
086a (1877) 

Lutz, Ezra (Katie) Ch Lula. Wad- 
dams Grove Rl Westpoint Secl3 
0211a (1860) 

Lutz, Mrs. Mary, Ch Daniel, Wad- 
dams Grove Rl Westpoint Sec24 
038a (1862) 
Lyons, Wm. C. (Augusta Natzel) 
Lawndale Farm Freeport R2 Flor- 
ence Sec2 T72a Katharine Barkley 

Lytle, Jas. (Elsie) Ch Verne, Jennie, 
Lena R3 Westpoint Secl5 " T200a 


Madden, J. M. (Mary Schoeny) Ch 
George, Raymond, Elwood, Ken- 
neth, Ross, Lena R2 Harlem Sec8 
Ol20a (1876) 

Mader, Adam (Mary Kempel) Ch 
"Orie, Lloyd, Kent Rl Kent Sec22 
O80a (1872) 

Mahon, Paul R. (Emma Kuehl) 
Orangeville Rl Buckeye Sec2 Tl60a 
F. W. Kuehl (1913) 

Maiborg, Arand, Ch Fannie, Minnie, 
George, William, Freeport Rl 
Silver Creek Sec30 Ol49a (1892) 



Maize, C. (Lizzie Fawver) Ch Esther, 
Ruth, Mildred, Viola, Edna, Donald. 
Stert, Freeport R3 Lancaster Secl3 
Ol96a (1896) 

Malone, R. H. (E. M. Thomas) Ch 
Glennetta, Osie, Hartley, Pearl City 
Rl Loran Sec28 TSOa Herman Kuh- 
lermeier (1895) 

Mammoser, A. T. (Mary Puis) Ch 
Gladys, Leora, Laverne, Robert, 
Pearl City R3 Kent Sec29 O80a 

Mammosser, Barbara Mrs. Ch Mike, 
Joseph, John, Mary, Edward, Lena 
Rl Kent SecT 02o2a (1862) 

Mann, Albert (Auguste Gadow) Ch 
August, Otto, Emil, Willie, Win- 
slow Rl Winslow Sec24 Ol60a 

Mann, Aug. H. (Delia Rabe) Ch 
Florence, Alvin, Ethel, Orangeville 
Rl Oneco Sec21 091a (1899) 

Mann, Emil (Esther Klemm) Win- 
slow R3 Winslow Sec30 Tl85a 

Manon, Harry (Jessie) Clinton, Earl, 
i^ena R3 Westpoint Sec2 08Ua 

Manthei, Fred (Tillie Kautz) Ch Ot- 
to, Fred, Ed, Herman, Henry, Ida, 
Emily, Lena Rl Kent Sec20 O40a 

Manthei, Otto (Ida Minslaff) Ch 
Helen, Carl, Lena R5 Kent Sec21 
O80a (1886) 

Manus, D. G. (Clara Wessels) Ch 
Johanna, Agnes, George, Jennie, 
Alvin, Pearl City Rl Loran Sec34 
Ol60a (1908) 

Marian, John (Eva Suman) Ch Ralph, 
Dale, Louis, Dakota R2 Dakota 
SeclO OlOla (1884) 

Markel, E. E. (Vera Blattau) Sunny- 
brook Farm Cedarville Rl Buckeye 
Sec20 Tl60a (1888) 

Markle, Clayton (Florence Bohe- 
meier) Ch Lowell, Ridott R2 Rock 
Run Secl7 T360a Henry Bohe- 
meier (1885) 

Martin, Frank L. (Bessie McCartin) 
German Valley R3 Ridott Secl3 
Tl60a (1886) 

Martin, Ross (Lucina Pickard) Ch 
Hazel, Harriet, John, Ruth, Fran- 
cis, Scioto Mills Harlem Sec4 033a 

Martini John (Tillie Mopes) Ch Vera, 
Freeport R5 Silver Creek Sec2 
Ol86a (1884) 

Marsheno Anthoney (Emma Hipp- 
ner) Ch John, Elizabeth, Rock City 
Rl Rock Run Secl6 TSOa M. Mo- 
ran (1877) 

Martin, Ed. (Lavin Guenther) Free- 
port R4 Harlem Secl7 OSOa (1872) 

Martin, Wm. (Carrie Guinter) Ch 
Ruth, Spring Creek Stock Farm Da- 
kota R3 Dakota Sec23 OSOa (1862) 

Marty, Jest (Elizabeth Ably) Ch Ber- 
tha, Jake, Mary, Fred, Hollow 
Creek Dairy Farm Orangeville R2 
Oneco Sec31 Ol51a (1916) 

Marx, Carl (Bertha Kupha) Ch Gust, 
Lizzie, Winslow Rl Winslow Secl3 
053a (1905) 

Mast, L. M. (Reka Marshall) Ch 
Lewis, Rosa, Freddie, Mary, Liz- 
zie, Lena, Hanna, Lousie, Kent Rl 
Kent Secl3 05a (1887) 

Masters, G. A. (Blanche) Ch Merle. 
Waddams Grove Rl Secl4 Ol60a 

Mathoit, Elam H., Ch Iva. Clark, 
Harry, Lewis, Freeport R3 Lancas- 
ter Secl4 O210a (1887) 

Matter F. Harvey (Ida Strumm) Ch 
Charlie, Sarah, Lester, McConnell 
Rl Waddams Sec9 O80a (1899) 

Matter, Oscar (Emma Ermold) Ch 
Elton, Highview Dairy Farm, 
Orangeville Rl Oneco Sec27 O40a 

Matter Michael (Minnie Grote) Ch 
Willard, Nellie, Freeport Rl Flor- 
ence Sec23 Ol08a (1871) 

Matter, Nellie, Freeport Rl Sec23 
Michael Matter. 

Matter, Willard, Freeport Rl Flor- 
ence Sec23 (1897) 

Matzke, Samuel O. (Letha Boyer) Ch 
John, Maple Grove Farm Orange- 
ville R2 Oneco Sec30 O80a (1916) 

Mau, Albert (Ida Folgate) Winslow 
R2 Winslow Sec25 O90a (1866) 

Mau, Frank R. (Mary Kundert) Ch 
Raymond, Lena Rl Kent Sec3 
Ol21a (1867) 

Maurer, Geo. B, Ch Dora, Addie, 
Kittie, Frank, Edna, Cora, Flor- 
ence, Pioneer Brown Swiss Stock 
Farm Rock Grove Rock Grove 
Sec32 0463a (1860) 

Maurer, Jacob (Ollio Utt) Ch Wal- 
ter, Henry, Clarence, Mildred, El- 
mer, Freeport R6 Lancaster Sec30 
Tl61a W. T. Raweleigh (1877) 

Mayers, Frank (Louisa Hafer) Ch 
Kenneth. Margaret, Freeport R5 
Silver Creek Sec8 Osia (1896) 


Mayer, G. C. (Cathernea Kitsinger) 
Ch Charles, Lottie, Laura, Watles, 
Pecatonica R4 Rock Run Secl2 
O240a (1862) 
Mayer, Oscar (Nettie Borgmann) Ch 
Edward, Robert, Freeport R4 Erin 
Sec34 T238a Mrs. Ed Manlove 
Mayor, Sam. (Martha Vaupel) Ch 
Oscar, Lorretta, Alma, Clara, El- 
len, Ida, Willow Lane Farm Free- 
port Rl Florence Secl2 OllTa 
Mays, Adam P, (Carrie Holloway) 
Ch Merrill, Orangeville R2 Oneco 
Sec32 Tl60a Wm. P. Holloway 
McCammon, Jos. B. (Anna Wood- 
ring) Ch Mabel, Joseph, Lawrence, 
Cedarville Rl Lancaster Sec6 O40a 
McCanley, C. A. (Ida Kurtz) Ch Loy, 
Wilda, Dakota Rl Dakota Seel 
O80a (1874) 
McCanley, J. W., Orangeville R2 Rock 

Grove Sec35 Toa (1877) 
McCarty (Ada Bessert) Ch Ruth. An- 
drew, Ridott R2 Ridott SeclS Tl09a 
L. Shockey (1916) 
McCanley, Oren, Orangeville RS Rock 

Grove Sec28 O40a (1847) 
McClain, John (Mary Sullivan) Ch 
Ella, Mary, Sabina, John, Francis, 
Irmengarde, Lena R5 Erin Secl4 
O260a (1902) 
McCool, Wm, C. (Rose Monett) Ch 
Harry, Bessie, Melie, Charlie, Ida, 
Cora, Elsie, Helen, Allie, Fred. 
Orangeville R2 Oneco Sec30 Tl40a 
E. M. McCool. 
McCulloch, Geo. H. (Anna Fisher) 
Ch Emerson, Howard, Roger, Ri- 
dott R3 Lancaster Sec24 O90a 
McCulloch, G. Harry (Rose Morris) 
Ch George, Harry, Theodore, Da- 
kota Rl Dakota Sec36 OeOa (1859) 
McDonald, Loyd (Emma Stephens) 
Rock City Rl Rock Run Sec27 
O20a (1890) 
McGrath, A. (Elizabeth) Ch Charles, 
Scioto Mills Harlem Sec23 Ol35a 
McGurk, Mike (Bessie Carney) Bur 
Oak Stock Farm Lena Rl Kent 
Secl7 O400a (1887) 
McGurk, P. E. (Nellie Sullivan) Ch 
Mary, Agnes, Lena R2 Harlem Sec 
7 OlOOa (1876) 

McGurk, Wm. (Mary A. Flanogan) 
Ch Mary, William, Iron Spring 
Farm Pearl City R3 Kent Sec29 
Ol87a (1868) 
Mcllhattin, Frank (Nora Ditsworth) 
Ch Russell, Pearl City R2 Jeffer- 
son Sec34 Ol20a (1899) 
McPhilips, John (Clara Garner) Ch 
Berneice, Murel, George, John, 
Donald, Lena R5 Erin Sec22 Tl60a 
I. Kiplinger (1913) 
Meads, Jas. M. (Anna Pfile) Ch Paul, 
Harold, Ethel, Freeport R3 Lancas- 
ter Sec22 Ol60a (1879) 
Meads, Louisa Mrs. Ch Russell, 
Freeport R5 Silver Creek Seel 
Tl95a A. F. Fisher (1884) 
Meek, J. A. (Emma Shoemaker) Ch 
Clarence, Titus, Esther, Freeport 
R3 Lancaster Secll O270a (1886) 
Meek, Clarence C. (Mabel Resh) 
Freeport R3 Lancaster Secl4 TllOa 
A. J. Meek (1894) 
Medeke, A. (Julia Brown) Ch Alfred, 
Otto, Eleroy GD Erin Secl3 OSOa 
Medeke, Edwin (Pearl Flynn) Ch 
Clemmens, Virginia Gladys, Lena 
Ro Erin SeclS T246a A. Medeke 
Medeke, John (Adelaide Brown) Ch 
Leona, John, Alvina, Eleroy GD 
Erin SeclS O240a (1859) 
Meier, Aug. (Minnie Brunkmeier) Ch 
Minnie, Marie, Arthur, Ridott R2 
Lancaster Sec36 O260a (1885) 
Meier, Aug. H. (Mamie Gehring) Ch 
Alfred, Chester. Fern, Freeport R4 
Harlem Sec30 Ol20a (1872) 
Meier, C. T. (Marie Brunkier) Ch 
William, Fred. Albert, Lena R4 
Waddams Sec22 Ol20a (1869) 
Meier, C. W. (Elsie Gaboon) Dako- 
ta Rl Dakota Secl4 Tl20a Herman 
Meier (1894) 
Meier, Dan. J. (Anna Miller) Ch 
Viola, Arvilla, Esther, Ralph, Are- 
lene. Church Hill Farm Davis Rl 
Rock Run SeclS Ol76a (1869) 
Meier, E. S. (Tilma Sewalsin) Ch 
Marvin, Evelyn, Rock City Rl Rock 
Run Sec26 Ol20a (1884) 
Meier, Frank (Secret Kratzer) Ch 
Emily. Lookout Stock Farm Red 
Oak Rl Buckeye Sec27 TllOa M. 
B. Marvin (1887) 
Meier, F. F. (Ella Miller) Ch Esther, 
Carrie, Homer. Laura, Pecatonica 
R2 Ridott Sec36 OSOa (189S) 
Meier, Geo. (Augusta Smith) Ch 
Frank, William, George. Anna, 
Lena R2 Erin Seel OlOOa (1913) 



Meier, Geo. F. (Elsie Wolfe) Lena 

R4 Waddams Sec25 Tl61a E. C. 

Huenke (1894) 
Meier, Henry F. (Anna Bornemeier) 

Ch Freda, Karl, Harry, Ridott R2 

Lancaster Sec24 OwOa (1884) 
Meier, Louis O. (Eleda Everson) Ch 

Lucille, Davis R3 Rock Run Sec 

25 TlOOa (1887) 
Meier, Otto (Caroline Micke) Ch 

Viola, Irene, Norman, Freeport R4 

Harlem Sec30 OoTa (1857) 
Meiners, Mrs. Emma Ch Ella, Mein- 

ert, Rena, Edward, Maggie, John, 

Baileyville Rl Florence Sec25 OlGOa 

Meinert, Adolph (Rose Hostmeiers) 

Ch Mabel, Alvin, Fern, Davis Rl 
. Rock Grove Sec33 Ol78a (1867) 
Meinert, Albert (Sophia Miller) Ch 

Leona, Etta, Melvin, Lester, Lee, 
. Earl, Davis Rl Rock Grove Sec33 

OllOa (1876) 
Meinert, Elmer (Elsie Dreaky) Davis 

Rl Rock Grove Sec27 Ol05a (^886) 
Meinert, Frank (Maud Bradley) Ch 

Margaret, Marjorie, Lee, Charles, 

Rock City Rl Rock Run Secl6 T83a 

Bell Carifex (1886) 
Meinert, Fred Ch Clarence, Harry, 

Ada, Pine Drive Farm Davis Rl 

Rock Grove Sec34 Ol60a (1870) 
Meinert, Geo. (Edith Goeke) Ch 

Hazel, Davis Rl Rock Grove Sec27 

Tl40a Wm. Meinert (1887) 
Meinert, G. F. (Minnie Fiene) Elmer, 

Harrison, Art, Edna, Myron, Ruth, 

Esther, Orville, Davis Rl Rock 

Grove Sec27 085a (1867) 
Meinert, Harrison (Viola Miller) 

Rock City R2 Rock Grove Sec21 

Tl35a Gottlieb Meinert (1891) 
Meinert, Henry (Mary Miller) Ch 

Walter, Frank, Edith, Sam, Oscar, 

Clara. Roy. Ralph, Rock City R2 

Rock Run Secl6 Ol20a (1856) 
Meinert, John (Anna Horstmeier) Ch 

Verna, Davis R2 Rock Run Secl4 

071a (1872) 
Meinert, Oscar (Cora Keester) Ch 

Lucile. Rock City Rl Rock Run Sec 

15 TlOa Fred Schlueler (1892) 
Meinert, Will (Bertha Zimmerman) 

Ch Vergie, Rock City R2 Rock 

Grove Sec28 Tl88a (1893) 
Meinzer, Harlem (Lyda Fielkemeier) 

Rock City Rock Grove Sec2S 075a 

Meinzer, Wallen (Ida Dreakey) Ch 

Myron, Mildred Dakota R2 Dakota 

SeclD Ol72a (1877) 

Meldorf, John C. (Jennie Guth) Ch 
Paul, Russell, Ridott Rl Ridott Sec 
1 Tl75a John Guth (1889) 

Meldorf, Will G. (Esther Loobs) Ch 
Lloyd, Doarn, Ridott Rl Ridott 
Seel T40a Dora Meldorf (1889) 

Melester, John (Pearl Hake) Ch 
Louis, Rayma, Viola, Stanley, In- 
fant, Ridott R2 Lancaster Sec24 
T35a Sam Hake (1909) 

Mellenthin, Hermack (Louisa) Ch 
Amanda, Emil, Winnie, Alfred, El- 
ma, Waddams Grove Rl Westpoint 
Secl8 034a (1887) 

Menden, Robt. (Ethel Atkinson) Ch 
Dwight, Gladys, Stanley, Ridott Rl 
Ridott Secl2 0286a (1882) 

Mennenga, L. (Annie Webben) Ch 
George, Meno, Kate, William Lena, 
Annie, German Valley Rl Ridott 
Sec3o Tl60a Mrs. Pewnnesberg 

Mennenga, P. J. (Ruth Schleifer) 
German Valley Rl Ridott Sec26 
TSOa R. Mennenga (1900) 

Mennenga, Titus (Kathern Barth) 
Ch Ed. Ethel, John. Harry, Har- 
riet, German Valley R2 Ridott Sec 
22 Tl60a John Barth (1905) 

Mensenkanik, Geo. (Dora Staas) Ch 
Donald, Kenneth, Freeport RD 
Lancaster Sec36 O40a (1882) 

Merchant, Frank (Minnie Nagal) Ch 
Charlie, Delia, Ralph, Bessie, Ma- 
bel, Lena R5 Erin Secl4 0255a 

Merjer, J. F. (Anna Holsapple) Ch 
Audrey, Evelyn, Harper, Russell, 
Lucille, Dakota Rl Rock Run Sec 
32 O250a (1863) 

Merkle, David (x\nna Keppen) Carl, 
Edwin, Lena R4 Waddams Sec23 
Ol60a (1904) 

Merkle, Fred (Catherine Schafifer) Ch 
Paul, Lena R4 Waddams Sec2o 
Ol20a (1910) 

Merrill, H. E. (Mary Coleman) Ch 
Clara, Mabel, Harold, Waddams Rl 
Westpoint Secl3 Ol5a (1910) 

Merton, Earl Orangeville R3 Rock 
Road Sec26 O90a (1887) 

Messinger, Robt. M. (Lola Folgate) 
Ch Dorothy, Bertha. Paul, Cedar- 
ville Rl Buckeye Sec8 TSOa Mrs. 
Folgate (1905) 

Messman, D. T. (Edith J. Hutchison) 
Ch W^ilbur, Vernin, Brown Swiss 
Farm Dakota R2 Dakota Sec26 
OlOOa (1871) 

Messman, Henry Ch Frank, Harry, 
Dora, Cora, Elmer. Rock Grove 
Rock Grove Sec6 OllSa (1853) 



Messimore, John E. (Katie R. Brick) 
Ch Elmer, Emerson, Blanche, Ri- 
dott R2 Lancaster Sec24 Farm 
Hand C. Maize (1880) 

Messman, T. H. (Mamie Dinges) Ch 
Glem, Leona, Rock City R2 Rock 
Grove Sec25 Tll3a R. C. Rayhorn 

Messman, S. H. (Anna Good) Ch 
Clark, Shady Nook Farm Dakota 
Rl Dakota Sec26 OlOOa (1878) 

Metz, Fred H. (Emma Kraul) Ch 
Ora, Earl, Clinton, Helen, Katie, 
Carrie, Ridott Rl Ridott Sec34 
Ol77a (1897) 

Metz, F. H, (Emma Kraul) Ch Katie, 
Carrie, Ora, Earl, Clinton, East Ri- 
dott Farm Ridott Rl Ridott Sec34 
Ol77a (1877) 

Metz, G. W. (Mary Kraft) Ch Ray- 
mond, Clarence, Lena Harlem Sec 
8 Ol20a (1870) 

Metz, Lewis (Annie Tabolt) Ch Leo, 
Vida, Lolieta, Red Oak Rl Wad- 
dams Sec28 OlOOa (1874) 

Metz, Rubert A. (Mabel Siekman) 
Freeport R4 Harlem Sec29 TSOa 
Mrs. Etta Siekman (1883) 

Metzges, Lizzie Ch Julia, Rock City 
R2 Rock Grove Sec25 O20a (1887) 

Meuhlenhoff, Henry Freeport Rl 
Florence Secl5 Ol48a (1878) 

Meyer, Albert C. (Maggie Becker) 
Ch Melvin, Orlo, Pearl City R4 Jef- 
ferson Sec23 Ol84a (1882) 

Meyer, John J. (Minnie Busing-) Ch 
Viola, Freeport R5 Silver Creek Sec 
21 Tl58a John A. Meyer (1915) 

Meyers, A. P. (Clara Lutz) Ch Elden, 
Little, Alice, Waddams Grove 
Westpoint Sec23 OllSa (1884) 

Meyers, Geo. (Anna Kerls) Ch Es- 
ther, Ruby, Cass, Rock Grove Rock 
Grove Sec31 Ol57a (1867) 

Meyers, John (Mamie Snook) Irma, 
Emma, Gertrude, William, Homer, 
Loren, Red Oak Rl Buckeye Sec35 
Ol23a (1867) 

Meyers, John A. Ch Ernest, John, 
James, Annie, Carrie, Katie, Free- 
port R5 Silver Creek Secl5 Ol60a 

Meyers, Jos. (Mary) Ch Joseph. 
James, John, Marie, Evergreen 
Stock Farm Freeport R4 Harlem 
Secl5 O220a (1860) 

Meyers, Jos. H. (Kate Boom) Ch 
Harm, Ida, Richard, George, Katie, 
John, Margaret, Dorothy, Pleasant 
View^ Farm Pecatonica R2 Ridott 
Sec36 O40a (1881) 

Meyers, Lewis (Tenie Taska) Ch 
Charlie, Fred, Bertha, Levi, George, 
Martha, Lillie, Earnest, Frank, Pec- 
atonica R2 Ridott Seel 095a (1892) 
Ch Ambert, German Valley Rl Ri- 

Meyers, Wm. E. (Annie Daniels) 
Ch Ambert, German Valley Rl Ri- 
dott Sec30 T266a B. M. Greenfield 

Meyers, Wm. H. (Lillian Hurst) Ch 
Edith, Dorothy, Freeport R5 Silver 
Creek Sec8 Ol28 (1914) 

Miche, C. J. (Annie Stock) Ch Edna, 
Roy, Irvin, Pearl, Harold, Freeport 
R4 Loran Sec2 Ol60a (1867) 

Miche, Junius (Lena Voss) Ch Laura, 
Myrtle, Oscar, Pearl Rl Loran Sec 
20 Ol46a (1871) 

Michel, Frank G. (Edith Foust) Ch 
Shirl, Valeria, Lenord, Bernice, 
Freeport Rl Florence Secl4 Ol61a 

Michel, Phil J. (Emma Lamm) Flor- 
ence Station Florence Sec35 Tl60a 
J. Michel Est. (1885) 

Mideke, Alfred (Otilda Fehr) Ch 
Pearl, Irene, Pearl City R3 Kent 
Sec28 Tl60a Anton Mideke (1884) 

Mielke, Carl (Luella Carter) Pearl 
City R2 Jefferson Sec27 Tl90a 

Miley, A. C. (Maggie Demeier) Ch 
Hazel, Ralph, Ben, Elta, Freeport 
R3 Lancaster Sec26 OSOa (1874) 

Miley, Morris F. (Eniilie Kunz) Ch 
Edna, Ruth, Jess, Roy, Henry, Rus- 
sel, Ridott R2 Lancaster Sec25 Ooa 

Miller, Aug. (Ella C. Rockow) Ch 
Margrete, Helen, Gladys, Infant, 
Winslow R3 Winslow Sec35 T40a 
Lester Reck (1909) 

Miller, Mrs. A. Ch Louie, Gust, Her- 
man, Mary, David, Martha, Fred, 
Henry. Davis R2 Rock Grove Seel 
077a (1884) 

Miller, A. C. (Mary Grain) Waddams 
Grove Rl Westpoint SeclS Olla 

Miller, A. L. (Maude) Eleroy Har- 
lem Secl9 TSOa G. W. Miller (1885) 

Miller, Chas. A. (Eva Schauer) Ch 
Thelnia, Theron, Poplar Farm Free- 
port R2 Florence Sec9 O40a (1875) 

Miller, Clare (Susie Cakoon) Ch 
Mar}', Dale, Lucille, Wayne, Da- 
kota R2 Dakota SeclO OSOa (1883) 



Miller, Daniel (Lulu Meinert) Ch Al- 
fred, Laurine, Davis Rl Rock Grove 
Sec36 O40a (1875) 

Miller, Earl (Ida Mayar) Ch Roland, 
Freeport Rl Florence Seel TlGOa 

Miller, Ed. (Margaret Frey)^ Ch 
Harry, Tony, Edward, Tena, Katie, 
Raike, Bertha, Bunker Hill Stock 
Farm German Valley Ridott Secl9 
OieOa (1877) 

Miller, Emanuel (Florence Coryell) 
Ch Ruth, Mary, DeGrand, Clarno 
Rl Oneco Sec24 098a (1915) 

Miller, Frank B. (Katie Bonn) Free- 
port Rl Florence Seel Tl90a Mrs. 
Mary Barber (1899) 

MiUer, Fred H. Rock City Rl Rock 
Run Seclo Ol06a (1877) 

Miller, F. Henry (Mary Barto) Ch 

. Mabel, Maud, Oak Knoll Farm 

Eleroy R5 Erin Secl3 095a (1852) 

Miller, F. M. (Emma Westfall) Ri- 
dott Rl Ridott Sec35 Tl62a G. C. 
Meyer (1907) 

Miller, Harry W. (x^nna Frei) Ch 
Raymond, Clarence, Freeport R5 
Silver Creek Sec22 T200a W. Frei 
Est. Geo. VanLoa (1888) 

Miller, Harvey O. (Fannie Ault) Ch 
Vida, Elery, Orangeville Rl Oneco 
Sec22 Ol20a (1873) 

Miller, Henry (Mary Bartel) Ch Ma- 
l)el, Kennett, Gordon. Bennett, Ele- 
ro3' Erin Secl3 095a (1857) 

MiUer, Henry German Valley R2 Ri- 
dott SeclG TlOa (1893) 

Miller, Henry J. (Mamie Brandt) Ri- 
dott Ridott Sec2S TlSOa O. T. Mil- 
ler (1892) 

Miller, Herman (Louise Peeper) Ch 
Lloyd, Lawrrence, Jay, Grace, Rock 
City Rl Rock Run Secl7 O40a 

Miller, Jos. B. (Annie Stair) Ch Jay, 
Irene, Helen, Francis. Ward, Leona. 
Mildford, Gencie, Orangeville R2 
Oneco Sec25 Ol86a (1895) 

Miller, Lee M. (Nettie Mays) Ch 
Dale, Lyle, Hillsdale Farm Cedar- 
ville Rl Buckeye Sec7 095a (1882) 

Miller, Lena Ch Rena. Menno, Lydia, 
Ben Lina, Lewis, Herman, Henry, 
Pearl, German Valley Rl Ridott 
Sec26 OieOa (1877) 

Miller, Mat, (Agnes Brandt) Ch Liz- 
zie, Nora, Florence, Orvin, John, 
Harvey, Clayton. Mable. Pecatonica 
Rl Rock Run Secl2 TlSOa Wm. 
Highland (1897) 

Miller, Nelson (Julia Clark) Ch 
Viola, Spruce Wood Farm Orange- 
ville Rl Oneco Sec21 Tl40a Jerry 
Miller (1893) 

Miller, Oscar (Emma Heise) Ch Earl, 
Dewejs Verla, Freeport Rl Flor- 
ence Seel OieOa (1891) 

Miller, Oscar W. (Rosamond Barnes) 
Lena R3 Westpoint Sec36 OGOa 

MUler, Peter O. (Sophia Ascher) Ch 
George, Beulah, Margaret, Pearl 
City R2 Loran Sec32 Tl20a G. W. 
Keister (1877) 

Miller, R. H. (Addie Studebaker) Ch 
Lawrence. Clorus, Pearl City R3 
Jefferson Sec3 Ol09a (1883) 

Miller, S. W. (Mary Schroedermier) 
Ch Kenneth, Arline. Dakota R2 
Rock Run Sec30 Ol70a (1879) 

Miller, Wallace (Ada Keister) Clover 
Leaf Farm Pearl City R3 Kent Sec 
25 O80a (1883) 

Miller, Wm. (Clara Koch) Ch 
George, Arthur, Lena R2 Erin Sec 
12 Ol20a (I860) 

Miller, Wm. C. (Nellie Plum) Ch 
Clyde, Ruth, Freeport R5 Silver 
Creek Sec22 Ol54a (1912) 

Miller, Wm. F. (Mary Ackerman) Ch 
Agnes Ridott Rl Ridott Sec2 TSOa 
Fred Jacobs (1887) 

Miller, W. L. (Elsie Gesin) Ch Er- 
nest, Vinona, Elma, Maple Rest 
Farm Freeport Rl Florence Sec 
14 OlGOa (1913) 

Millman Frank E. (Abbie Welch) Ch 
Laura. Happy Home Farm Orange- 
ville R2 Oneco Sec36 026a (1913) 

Milton, John W. (Jennie Gables) Ch 
Fred, Ethel, Pine Grove Farm Ri- 
dott Rl Ridott Sec34 Ol95a (1867) 

Mitchell, C. W. (Bertha Berdles) Ch 
Roy, Arthur. Verda, Dakota Rl Da- 
kota Sec35 Tl97a Mrs. D. M. Mitch- 
ell (1888) 

Mitchell, D. L. (Alma Studebaker) 
Ch Dot, Hildred, Spring Branch 
Stock Farm Pearl City R2 Loran 
Sec9 0255a (1862) , 

Mitchell, Earl (Ethel Spangler) Rock 
City Rl Dakota Secl3 T80a Rueben 
Mitchell (1887) 

Mitchell, Guy A. (Fannie Lentz) Ch 
Beulah, Ruby, Roscoe, Sunnyside 
Poultry Farm Freeport R5 Silver 
Creek Sec5 T32a (1873) 

Mitchell, Hayes (Nellie Candy), Ch 
Melvin, Alice. Dakota R2 Dakota 
Secl3 OSOa (1882) 



Mitchell, J. A. (Martha Lapp) Ch 
Charles, Grace, Glen, Freeport R3 
Lancaster Secl2 O205a (1864) 
Mitchell, L, D. (Delia Brinkmeier) Ch 
Virginia, Verla, Spring Branch 
Stock Farm Pearl City R2 Loran 
Secl7 Tl89a D. L. Mitchell (1891) 
Mitchell, Robt (Mina Nath) Ch Wil- 
liam, Sarah, Davis Rl Rock Run 
Sec24 024a (1902) 
Mitchell, Robt. T. (Helen Deery) Ch 
Guy, Freeport R3 Lancaster Secl3 
OlOSa (1847) 
Mitchell, Wm. J. Ch Elta, Miles, Em- 
erson, Freeport R3 Lancaster Sec 
12 Ol20a (1859) 
Mizner, F. M. (Helen Hayes) Ch Den- 
zil, Vera, Dewey, Ruby, Gmseng 
Farm Lena Rl Kent Sec2 086a 
Mogle Frank (Mable) Oak Grove 
Dairy Farm Scioto Mills Florence 
Secll O280a Geo. Mogle (1886) 
Mohri, Rev. Aug. (Emma Feil) Ch 
Hildegrad, Gerda, Lena R2 Erm 
Secll OlOa (1914) 
Molter, Frank (Ada Wise) Ch Ruth, 
Ridott Rl Ridott Sec7 Ol60a (1877) 
Molter, Jacob (Lizzie Schreiber) Ch 
Margret, Ruben, Clarence, Gilbert, 
Ruth, Ridott Rl Ridott Secl7 Ol48a 
Momenteller, W. L. (Ivy Vander- 
heyden) Ch Ethel, Vivian, Lena R3 
Kent Sec21 Tl60a L W. Momen- 
teller (1916) 
Montague, H. C. (Maud L. Jenkons) 
Waddams Grove Rl Westpoint Sec 
18 0211a 
Moore, Wm. A. (Kittie Vantsmeier) 
Theodora, Evelyn, Harold, Ken- 
neth, Kathrine, Orangeville Ri 
Oneco Sec2o Ol53a (1888) 
Mopes, 'Jacob (Katherine Motter) Ch 
Maggie, Tillie, Ida, Mary, Ruth, 
Helen, Freeport R5 Silver Creek 
Sec3 Ol75a (1860) 
Moran, A., Ch Mary, Bertha, Anna, 
Anthony, Lizzie. Michael. Cather- 
ine, Maggie, Ridott Ridott Sec24 
O40a (1877) 
Moran, Anthoney (Arabelle Kable) Ch 
Jerome. Rock City Rl Rock Run 
Sec9 Tl70a Cable Est. (1872) 
Moran, Geo. (Ida C. Patow) Ch Ar- 
thur, Minnie. Florence, Florence 
Station Florence Sec34 Tl40a Hen- 
ry Otto (1893) 
Morris, Jas. T. (Marie Kidwell) Ch 
James, Kenneth, Freeport R3 Lan- 
caster Secll Farm Hand Wm. Pfile 

Morrow, Mrs. Richard (Emma Smith) 
Ch George, William, Evelena, Ger- 
trude, Edward, Harvey, Pearl City 
Rl Loran Secl2 036a (1869) 
Morse, H, H. (Lenora Bratley) Ch 
Ruth, VVinslow Ro Winslow Sec27 
075a (1889) 
Morton, C. L. (Hattie Witt) Ch Lo- 
raine, Orangeville R2 Oneco Sec 
29 T94a Henry Elmer (1916) 
Moser, John H. (Jennie Folgate) Ch 
Maud, Edna, Cedarville Buckeye 
Sec36 08a (1887) 
Moss, Walter (Helen Bergman) Ch 
Georgianna, Albert, Arno, Freeport 
R4 Harlem Sec26 T285a A. M. 
Hoover (1916) 
Moss, Wm. A. (Mary Messmore) Ch 
Gladys, Ridott Rl Ridott Sec6 
Tl04a Geo. Scheffner (1902) 
Motter, L. E. (Beulah Buss) Ch Wil- 
liam, Arthur, Oliver, Lena Rl 
Westpoint Sec34 T138 A. Stevens 
Moyer, Ammond (Sarah Mendstenn) 
Lh Susen, Esther, Bertha, Jenning, 
Alvin, Gladys, Orangeville Rl 
Oneco Sec25 Tl20a Mrs. Amanda 
Moyer (1881) 
Moyer, Geo. D. (Annie Bobb) Ch 
Helen, Clarence, Orangeville R2 
Oneco Sec36 T80a Wm. Clark 
Muehlenhoff, Fred Freeport Rl Flor- 
ence Sec22 Ol60a (1874) 
Muehlenhoff, John Freeport Rl Flor- 
ence Secl6 0232a (1863) 
Mullarky, Arthur (Mary Stinson) Ch 
Laverne, Genevieve, Irene, Rock 
City Rl Rock Run Sec35 T40a 
Niedneir Bros. (1879) 
MuUarkey, Walter (Jennie Warlow) 
Davis R2 Rock Run Sec36 Tl20a 
Mrs. Anthony Mullarkey (1892) 
Mullarkey, W. H. (Oleva Gerginger) 
Ch Lawrence, Irene, Lena R4 Wad- 
dams Sec25-30 Tl20a F. W. How- 
ard (1887) 
Mulnix, S. M. (Clara Stocks) Ch 
Ellsworth, Emory. Thelma. Hills- 
dale Farm Lena R2 Harlem Sec8 
092a (1871) 
Muntzke, Albert (Carrie Hardle) Ch 
Minnie, Carl, Mable, Elmer. Edwin, 
Albert, John, Laura, Arnold, Her- 
old, Theodore, Jennie, Red Oak Rl 
Waddams Sec20 Ol22a (1877) 
Murphy, John (Mary Fetzer) Ch 
Catherine, Helen, Lena R2 Wad- 
dams Sec36 O80a (1858) 



Murphy, John (Florence Dailey) Ch 

Clifford, Davis R2 Rock Run Sec36 

Tl69a Jennie Daily (1916) 
Murry, Thos. (Ethel Eby) Winslow 

Rl Winslow Sec34 T260a Mrs. M. 

Murry (1886) 
Musser, Dan. C. (Anna Philby) Ch 

Wilfred, Orangeville R3 Buckeye 

Sec6 Ol20a (1865) 
Mustart, O. H. (Katie Ackerman) Ch 

Lewis, Ridott Rl Ridott Sec2 OSOa 

Mustert, Herman German Valley R2 

Ridott Secl4 Tl20a A. Guth (1885) 
Myer, AUie (Florence Frisbie) Ch 

Winston, Edward, Baileyville Rl 

Silver Creek Sec21-19 Ol60a (1880) 

Myers, Henry D. (Rachel Althoff) 
Ch Albert, Rolland, Clara, Arthur, 
Frederick, Pearl, Frank, Lloyd, 
Freeport Rl Florence Secl6 Tl37a 
Mrs. H. D. Myers (1864) 

Myers, H. (Annie Myers) Ch Jennie, 
Dick, Willie, Alice, John, Edwin, 
George, Mildred, German Valley R2 
Ridott Sec23 Ol38a (1914) 

Myers, Isaac (Emelia Held) Ch Os- 
car, Freeport R3 Lancaster Secl4 
OlTOa (1846) 

Myers, Lloyd A. (Florence Shippy) 
Dakota Rl Dakota Secl4 Tl60a J. 
J. Myers (1894) 

Myers, Oscar A, (Daisy Markell) 
Freeport R3 Lancaster Secl4 Tl70a 
L Myers (1881) 


Nafe, Josiah (Ellenes Barber) Cedar- 
ville Rl Buckeye Sec33 Barber 
Bros. (1857) 

Nagelmeier, Geo. Dakota R2 Rock 
Run Secl8 O80a (1872) 

Nath, Arthur (Helen Schofield) Ch 
Frederick, Rock City Rl Rock Run 
Sec35 Tl40a (1892) 

Nath, Chas. (Martha Wendt) Ch Ma- 
bel. Arthur, Paul, David, Melvin, 
Viola, Rock City Rl Rock Run Sec 
25 0376a (1866) 

Nath, Herman Ch John, Sadie, Dave, 
Dakota R2 Rock Run Sec7 Olloa 

Natzel, Frank (Polly Kauffman) Ch 
Edith, Freeport Rl Florence Sec21 
T276a John Hamm Jr. (1875) 

Neebel, Frank W. (Verdella Fergu- 
son) Ch Kenneth, Reed, Waddams 
Grove Rl Westpoint Sec7 Ol26a 

Neebel, Hugo (Mallisa Albright) Ch 
Cloyd, Eben, Kent Rl Kent Sec23 
T205a G. W. Miller (1881) 

Neebel, Michael Ch William, Katie, 
Peter, Hugo, Otto, Maggie, John, 
Edward, Pearl City R4 Jefferson 
SeclO Ol60a (1868) 

Neebel, Peter (Christina Heimer- 
dinger) Ch Georg'e. Edna, Christina, 
Albert, Kent Kent Sec36 0435a 

Neiberger, Abe (Matilda Herman) 
Ch Charles, William, Ridott Rl Ri- 
dott Sec9 0328a (1862) 

Ne'dermeier Bros. Davis Rl Rock 
Run Sec26 Ol90a (1881) 

Neidermeier, Dan (Ida Keehman) Ch 
Donald, Rock City Rl Rock Run 
Secl5 T65a Henry Neidermeier 

Neidermeier, Fred (Hazel Schrader- 
meier) Rock City Rl Rock Run 
Secl5 TllOa Mrs. Caroline Althof 

Neidigh, Wm. (Emma Metz) Cedar- 
ville Rl Lancaster Secl8 O60a 

Neil, John S. (Lizzie Bakemeir) Ch 
Marvin, Ridott Rl Ridott Sec33 
Ol70a (1862) 

Neiman, Julius (Minnie) Ch William, 
Gusta. Oscar, Louis, Minnie, Nel- 
lie, Freeport Harlem Secl3 Ol60a 

Neiman, Will F. (Ivy Lambert) 
Freeport R6 Lancaster Sec8 Tl40a 
Geo. Geiter (1875) 

Neimeier, H. (Minnie Schwartz) Ch 
Charley, Harry, Lena R2 Erin Sec 
10 O80a (1863) 

Nelson Bros. Dakota Rl Buckeye Sec 
28 0225a (1867) 

Nelson, F. A. (Lottie Knight) Dako- 
ta Rl Buckeye Sec28 0225a (1877) 

Nelson, J. W. (Susie Neidigh) Ch 
Robert, Bernice, Sheldon, Earl, Da- 
kota Rl Dakota Sec54 098a (1865) 

Nelson, T. S. (Mary Rodebaugh) Ch 
Clifford, Roy, Winslow R2 Winslow 
Sec24 066a (1872) 

Nesemeier, Geo. (Flora Keister) Ch 
Clara, Clifford, Russell, Dakota R2 
Dakota Secl2 O80a (1867) 

Nesemeyer, Elmer F. (Belinda Dau- 
mann) Freeport Rl Florence Sec 
14 OSOa (1894) 



Nesemeyer, John (Lillie Koeller) Ch 
Laura, Pearl, Edwin, Roy, Freeport 
Rl Florence Secl5 Ol96a (1883) 

Nesemeyer, Wm. (Louetta Mayer) 
Ch Mildred, Walter, Dorothy, Free- 
port Rl Florence Sec22 074a (1880) 

Ness, Chas. (Bertha Olgen) Ch John, 
Hiland View Farm McConnell RD 
Waddams Sec20 053a (1911) 

Netzel, Henry Freeport R2 Florence 
SeclO TlOOa H. Netzel Est. (1871) 

Neuberger, Geo. (Flora Lamb) Ch 
Raymond, Nadine, Mary, Ridott Ri- 
dott Sec31 O200a (1882) 

Neuberger, Michael (Katherine 
Schlanp) Ch Edith, Flora, Mina, 
Freeport R5 Silver Creek Secl5-16 
OlSOa (1869) 

Neuschwander, Henry (Cora Rockey) 
Ch Glenn, Dakota Rl Dakota Sec 
15 043a (1871) 

Neuschwander, Jas. (Anna Wise) Ch 
Hazel, Harold, Blanche, Florence 
Dakota R2 Dakota Secl5 Ol38a 

Nevenhooven, Peter (Ernie Linne- 
man) Ch James, Baileyville Silver 
Creek Sec32 T275a M. VanLoh 

Nevenhoven, Reko (Henrietta Niller) 
Ch James, John. Katherine, Bailey- 
ville Silver Creek Sec31 Tl20a Her- 
man Meyers (1905) 

Niblaw, T. R. (Lizzie Wolf) Ch 
Lloyd, Edna, Mae, Thomas, Spring- 
Brook Stock Farm Rock City Rl 
Rock Run Sec4 O240a (1862) 

Nichwander, Harold & Arthur Free- 
port R3 Lancaster SeclO Tl25a 
Chas. Landolt (1911) 

Nickel, Fred (Frieda Lewin) Ch Al- 
fred, Harold, Roger, Winslow R3 
Winslow Sec35 Tl44a Geo. Eells 

Nickel, Philip (Louise Innenfeldt) Ch 
Paul, Susie, Pearl City Rl Loran 
Secll 054a (1872) 

Nickless, A. L. (Ida Gerhardt) Ch 
Siccy, Verna, Frances, Cedarville 
Rl Buckeye Sec8 OSOa (1865) 

Nicolls, John Alex (Clara Belle Adle- 
man) Ch Mary, David, Floyd, Irene, 
Ray, Davis Rock Run Secl3 T64a 

Niedermier, Fred (Rose Heithecker) 
Davis Rl Rock Grove Sec3 TSOa 
(1878) , 

Nieman, Henry (Augusta Matter) Pe- 
catonica R3 Ridott Sec21 OlOSa 

Nieman, Jacob (Henrietta Kerkhoff) 
Ch Rena, Annie, Tillie, Jacob, 
Thomas, Henrietta, Ridott Rl Ri- 
dott SeclB Ol20a (1894) 

Nieman, John (Annie Schneck) Ch 

r Simon, Jacob, Freeport Rl Flor- 
ence Secll Tl60a C H. Holsinger 

Niemier, John (Anna Hupper) Ch 
Fred, Earl, Frank, Clarence, Lillie, 
Emmertt, Lena Rl Westpoint Sec 
35 Ol05a (1867) 

Niemier, Wim. (Emma Inman) Ch 
John, Charles, Leo, Irene, William, 
Lyda, Lena Rl Kent Secl6 Tl70a 
Mrs. F. Niemier (1880) 

Noller, Henry (Emma Uecker) Ch 
Orville, Melvin, Lena R4 Westpoint 
OllOa (1909) 

Noltemeier, Mrs. Charlotte Ch Ida, 
Ella, Elmer, Freeport R3 Lancas- 
ter Sec3 T80a Elmer Noltemeier 

Noltemeier, Ernest A. (Augusta Foy) 
Ch Elsie, William, Henry, Lillian, 
Oak Lawn Farm Freeport R6 Lan- 
caster Secl7 Ol61a (1886) 

Noltemeier, Henry E. (Florence 
Staas) Ch Helen, Freeport R6 Lan- 
caster Secl8 Farm Hand E. A. 
Noltemeier (1895) 

Nott, David (Lydia Theren) Ch Hul- 
dah, Luella, Citv R2 Rock 
Grove Sec33 O80a (1913) 

Nott, Frank (Violet Werrich) Dako- 
ta Rl Dakota Secll TllOa Mrs. 
Mise Matter (1887) 

Nott, Wm. A, (Florence Devan) Ch 
Howard, Rock City R2 Rock Grove 
Sec24 T93a Mrs. Henry Nott 

Oaker, Minor (Margaret Abels) Ch 
Marjorie, Roscoe, Dorthy, LeRoy, 
John Winslow Rl Winslow Secl9 
Tl77a Carrie Oaker (1887) 

Obert, Gust (Pauline Shadewaldt) Ch 
Edna, Lillian, John, Ruth, Marie, 
Georgie, Kenneth, Mabel, Winslow 
Winslow Sec20 OlOOa (1897) 

Ochsner, Jacob (Sophia StefTen) Ch 
Lillie, Jacob, Frank, William, Ce- 
ment Product Farm Dakota R2 Da- 
kota Secl5 Ol37a (1894) 

Offenheiser, Gottleib (Barbara Eise- 
mann) Ch Emma, Pearl City R4 
Loran Sec8 O80a (1S81) 



Offenheiser, Sam. (Myrtle Miche) Ch 
Opal, Pearl City R2 Loran SeclO 
T92a Henry Koser (1902) 

Oifenheiser, Wm. (Laura Ortmeier) 
Ch Oscar, Albin, Inez, Robert, Ar- 
thur, Cedar Hill Kent Rl Kent Sec 
15 Ol62a (1877) 

Olson, Mrs. Helen Ch Olof, Martin, 
Charles, Morris, John, August, 
Anna, Davis R3 Rock Run SeclS 
Ol8a (1879) 

Olson, John (Ora Thompson) Davis 
Rl Rock Grove Sec9 OlOa (1882) 

Olthoff, Frank H. (Pearl Cole) Pearl 
City R3 Kent Sec31 TlGOa Henry 
Olthoff (1890) 

Olthoff, Geo. D. (Bess Koser) Pearl 
City R3 Loran Sec6 Tll4a Hiram 
Olthoff (1891) 

Olthoff, Rallen (Mary Otte) Ch Ray- 
mond, Pearl City R3 Jefferson Seel 
Ol60a (1889) 

Olthoff, W. B. Ch Fred, Dick, Oscar, 
Stanley. Grace, Pearl City R3 Kent 
Sec32 OSOa (1877) 

Orndorff, John Orangeville R3 Rock 
Grove Sec26 Ol30a (1867) 

Orth, Frank (Hilda Papp) Ch Ida. 
Pearl City R4 Jefferson Sec24 Ol98a 

Ortmeier, Fred (Mary Iseiman) Ch 
Mabel, Lola, Hollis, Maggie, Rol- 
lie, Leo. Pearl City R3 Kent Sec 
35 Ol70a (1877) 

Ortmeier, H. (Lotta Krogham) Ch 
Laura. Bertha. Delia. Minnie, Kent 
Rl Kent Sec22 O270a (1900) 

Ortmeier, Oscar (Maud Stees) Lena 
Rl Kent Sec6 095a (1886) 

Ostendorf, H. L. (Tillie Hayenga) 
German Valley R3 Ridott Secl6 
T200a G. T. Hayenga (1897) 

Ostendorf, O. (Helen Baker) Ch 
George, Heigh, Katie, Agnes. Irene. 
Helen, Albert. Herman. Grace. Ri- 
dott R2 Rock Run Secl6 031a 

Osterloo, J. W. (Margret Heeren) 
German Valley R3 Ridott Sec32 
Tl60a D. VanOsterloo (1894) 

Otte, Daniel (May Schemerharm) Ch 
Mabel. Evelyn, Reuben. Alvin, 
Freeport R4 Erin Sec24 O260a 

Otte, Henry Sr. Ch Henry. Lena. 
Emily, Gust, Mary, Pearl City R3 
Kent Secl9 O401a (1884) 

Otte, Henry Jr. (Marie Butt) Ch 
Florence, Kent Rl Kent Secl9 
TlGOa Henry Otte Sr. (1885) 

Otte, Herman (Bertha Schluder) Ch 
Marena, Edwin, Mullen, Ralph, 
Evergreen Stock Farm Rock City 
R2 Rock Run Sec9 Ol20a (1870) 

Otte, John (Mary Hintz) Ch Lloyd, 
Ruth, Hilda, Lena R2 Waddams 
Sec35 OSOa (1887) 

Otte, Simon (Emelia Tielkmeier) Ch 
Milda, Elmer, Clayton, Lena R2 
Erin Secl2 0264a (1866) 

Otte, Wm. C. (Alta Koch) Ch Ches- 
ter, Kent Rl Kent Secl3 Ol27a 

Ottenhauser, L. C. (Nettie Ruben- 
dahl) Ch Mildred, Donald, Malfred, 
Elsie, Lester, Violet, Walter, Lewis, 
Freeport R3 Lancaster Sec27 Ola 

Otto, Aug. (Dorothea Kilker) Ch 
Laura, Florence, Alma, Luella. Ir- 
vin. Floyd, Evergreen Farm Flor- 
ence Station Florence Sec35 0223a 

Otto, Floyd Florence Station Flor- 
ence Sec35 (1904) 

Otto, Henry L. (Mildred Althoff) 
Prairie Evergreen Stock Farm 
Shannon Rl Florence Sec27 T240a 

Owens, B. F. Ch Franser. Clarence. 
Ridott R2 Ridott Secl4 O40a (1864) 

Pals, Chris (Rosa Hasselman) Ch 
Vernina, Pearl City R2 Loran Sec 
29 OSOa (1872) 

Pals, David (Ethel Millor) Ch James. 
Donald, Ridott Rl Ridott Sec34 
065a (1910) 

Papp, Frank (Paulina Niemeier) Ch 
Harry, Hilda, Emma. Esther. Louis. 
Dora. Edwin. Pearl City R2 Jeffer- 
son Sec24 Ol90a (1864) 

Pappen, Jelreck (Alberta Defrese) Ch 
Johanna, Tano, Clarence. Reint. 
Margret. Ada. Sophia, Alvin. Ger- 
man'Valley R2 Ridott Sec33 O200a 

Pappen, Ulfert (Bell Goliengoom) 
Ch Morris, Laverne. Kenneth. 
Edgeville Stock Farm German Val- 
ley Ridott Sec33 Oll2a (1885) 

Parkinson, Howard (Jennie Werk- 
heiser) Ch Ora, Burdette. Kent Rl 
Kent Sec26 085a (1896) 



Parriott, Clen R. (Eda Zweifel) Ch 
Mirian, Cedarville Rl Buckeye Sec 
13 Oll5a Wm. M. Parriott (1886) 

Parriott, Floyd A. (Fannie Belknap) 
Orangeville Rl Oneco Sec27 T80a 
T. Deekler (1891) 

Parriott, Milford (Beulah Wagner) 
Ch Viola, Orangeville Rl Rock 
Grove Sec27 Tl20a C. Gingrich 

Parriott, Thos. W. (Mary Bolender) 
Ch Katherine, Mildford, Byron, 
Ralph, Cedarville Rl Buckeye Sec 

12 O80a (1864) 

Parriott, Wm M. (Mary Smith) Ch 
Clenn, Cedarville Rl Buckeye Sec 

13 Oll5a (1858) 

Passet, Louis (Lous. Bengner) Ch 
Charlie, Louis, Mary, Jennie, Dako- 
ta R2 Rock Run SeclS Ol35a (1882) 

Pattat, E. C. (Margaret Shinkle) Ch 
Clarence, Richel, Gertrude, Nellie, 
McConnell Rl Waddams Sec6 O40a 

Patterson, Robt. (Edith Adleman) 
Ch Vera, Gerald, Fair View Farm 
Davis R2 Rock Run Sec24 OSOa 

Pearson, Henry (Sarah Newble) Ch 
William, Rosella, Lena RD Kent 
Sec5 079a (1885) 

Peck, Chas. (Nora Frank) Ch Ro- 
main, Pauline, Robert, Cedarville 
Rl Buckeye Sec20 Tl09a A. E. Peck 

Peck, E. O. (Ella Brace) Ch Roscoe, 
Bertha, Grace, Willow Brook Farm 
Freeport R2 Florence Secl8 Ol46a 

Peck, Roscoe E. (Iva VanBrocklin) 
Ch Dorothy, Florence SeclS Tl46a 
E. O. Peck (1884) 

Peeper, Aug. (Amelia Raltz) Ch El- 
sie, Sadie, Dan, Anna, Charlie, Rock 
City Rl Rock Run Sec28 O80a 

Peeper, Henry (Louisa Brich) Ch Do- 
ra, Berth, Elmer, Rock City Rl 
Rock Run Sec33 O80a (1866) 

Pehl, Gust (Sophy Schadernald) Ch 
Georoe, Arthur, Davis Rl Rock 
Grove Sec22 Ol69a (1907) 

Pela, John (Nellie Wise) Rock City 
R2 Rock Run Secl7 OSOa (1892) 

Penticoff, David (Hannah) Ch Lizzie. 
John, Dora, Laura, Loran R3 Jeff- 
erson Sec2 O40a (1877) 

Penticoff, Lewis H. (Elizabeth Thiele) 
Ch Oras, Valeria, Emmerson, In- 
fant, Pearl Citv Rl Loran Sec33 
Tl60a Logan Hershey (1878) 

Penticoff, Mrs. Susamie Ch Aaron, 
Calvin, Elizabeth, Annie, Louisa, 
Catharine, Gilbert, Edward, Wil- 
liam, Cora, Pearl City Rl Loran 
Sec28 O40a (1867) 

Penticoff, Thos. E. (Kathryn Green- 
held) Ch Vivian, Freeport Silver 
Creek Sec21 TlOa Great Western 
Agent (1890) 

Pesst, Louis (Louis Bingner) Ch 
Charlie, Louis, Mary, Irene, Dakota 
R2 Rock Run Sec7 T85a Fred Feine 

Petermeier, Ed. (Carrie Stukenberg) 
Baileyville Rl Silver Creek Sec29 
Tl90a Simon Petermeier (1876) 

Petermeier, Sam. (Nettie (Dtto) Ch 
Esther, Mabel, Baileyville Rl Silver 
Creek Sec29 T200a Simon Peter- 
meier (1874) 

Peters, Chas. (Pauline Staderman) 
Ch Eddie, Meta, Melvin, Lena R3 
Erin Sec24 Ol5a (1897) 

Peters, Fred (Sophia Marberg) Ch 
Emma, All, Walter, Matie, Helen, 
Fritz, Davis R2 Rock Run Sec25 
T200a Mrs. Dinnis Flynn (1892) 

Peters, Fred (Lena Albertus) Ch 
Lynn, Earl, Mildred, Ruth, Fred 
Jr., Freeport Rl Florence Sec22 
Tl60a Mrs. Barbara Bengasser 

Peterson, Carl (Anna Johnson) Ch 
Nelson, Elsie, Gunnard, Ruth, Hen- 
ry, Rudolf, Pecatonica Ridott Sec 
25 Ol20a (1914) 

Peterson, Julis (Lydia Gieb) Rock 
City Rl Rock Run Sec28 053a 

Peterson, Peter (Anna Pederson) Ch 
Oscar, Clara, Hanna, Guy, Ray- 
mond, Rock City Rl Rock Run Sec 
34 OOOa (1897) 

Petit, Amos (Margaret Baker) Ch 
George, Rose, Ellen, Freeport R5 
Silver Creek Secl2 Tl47a Mrs. 
Mary Karcher (1906) 

Pfeiffer, Mary Ch William, Albert, 
Clara, Oscar, Charles, Harry, Eliza- 
beth. Ridott R2 Ridott Seel T5a A. 
Dooen (1911) 

Pfeil. Jacob W. (Almeda Crow) Ch 
Earl, Ethel, Ada, Luella, Ruth, 
Freeport Rl Florence Sec24 Ol20a 

Pfeil. Raymond F. (Laura Otto) Ch 
Orlnne, Freeport Rl Florence Sec 
24 Tl20a Ed. Pfeil (1890) 

Pfile, Henrv (Selinda Mayer) Ch 
Russell, Pfiles Poultry Farm Free- 
port R3 Lancaster SeclS OlOOa 



Pfile, Lewis D. (Jessie Boyar) Ch 
Eugene, Maple Crest Freeport R(i 
Lancaster Sec30 035a (1883) 
Pfile, Wm. (Olive Fortner) Ch Orvis, 
Ruth, Harry, Ezra, Pine Lawn Farm 
Freeport R3 Lancaster Secl4 Ol60a 
Phillips, Allen (Irene Wallbaum) Ch 
Clarence, Eunice, Freeport R2 Flor- 
ence Sec9 TlO-4 J. Mason Fox 
Phillips, Arthur A. (Eva Kohle) Ch 
Laura, Mamie, Lloyd, Warren Earl, 
Clarence, Carrie, Alice, Jay, Ruth, 
Edith, Inez, Valerie, Mc(3onnell Rl 
Waddams Sec9 098a (1870) 
Phillips, Clyde (Alice Hardell) Ch 
Clara, Robert, Willow Brook Farm 
Lena R4 Waddams SecSO T60a J. 
Phillips Jr. (1886) 
Phillips, C. N. (Florence Masters) Ch 
Chester, Edith, Alice, Ralph, Rose, 
Ermia, Coralyn, David, Cedarville 
Rl Lancaster Sec7 Ol55a (1864) 
Phillips, Frank E. (Nora Dinges) Ch 
Stella, Irene, Arthur, Oscar, 
Orangeville Rl Oneco Sec26 Ol97a 
Phillips, H. M. (Ethel Ingalls) Ch 
Harriet, Hugh, Winifred, Spring 
Brook Stock Farm Lena R2 Har- 
lem Sec5 0575a Phillips Co. (1876) 
Phillips, Jake (Margarette Ramper- 
thal) Freeport R4 Erin Sec35 TSOa 
W. C. Yule (1912) 
Phillips, Jos. (Annie Althoff) Ch Roy, 
May, Freeport Rl Florence Sec20 
Ol20a (1907) 
PhUlips, J. A. (Mabel Houser) Ch 
Irene. Gladys, Dorothy. Ruby, 
Lucille, Riverside Farm Red Oak 
Rl Harlem Sec6 OlOOa (1870) 
Phillips, Mrs. Mary Ch Charles, 
George, Albert, William, Eugene, 
Harrv, Nelson, Frank. Clara, Lena 
R2 Harlem Seco O580 (1843) 
Phillips, Walter A. (Martha Utt) Ch 
Glen, Ferot, Thelma. Louis, Free- 
port R6 Lancaster Sec9 Keene Can- 
ning Co. (1883) 
Phillips, Wm. (Susan Goll) Ch 
George. Lizzie. McConnell Rl Wad- 
dams Secl3 OllOa (1865) 
Phillips, Wm. (Lillian Sherman) Ch 
Ruth, Sidney, Stevan, Elizabeth, 
Emma. Spruce Hill Farm Lena R4 
Waddams Secl9 OlOOa (1871) 
Philips, John A. (Margaret Sheetz) 
Woodland Terrace Freeport R2 
Florence Sec8 T5a R. V. Sheetz 

Piefer, Ernest (Florence Gillett) Ch 
Bernice. Lena R4 Waddams Sec36 
T80 A F. Gillett (1905) 
Pieper, Albert (Matilda Nolle) Ch 
Bertha, Emma, Lizzie, Fred, Sadie, 
Pearl City Rl Loran Sec3 Ol24a 
Pieper, Anton (Bertha Minsloff) Ch 
William, Alvin, Nelson, Aaron, 
Harry, Pearl City R3 Kent Sec31 
Ol20a (1896) 
Pieper, Frank (Ida Lityke) Ch Er- 
nest, Emma, Lyda, Melvin, Oliver, 
Glen, Frank, Leroy, Pearl City R3 
Kent Sec29 Ol87a (1894) 
Piepes, Henry C. (Martha Neider- 
meier) Ch Henry, Velvin, Davis Rl 
Rock Grove Sec3 T119 Fred Neider- 
meier (1874) 
Pimow, W. C. (Anna Rosemburg) 
. Ch Ray, Earl, Leslie, Rock City 
R2 Rock Grove Sec20 097a (1910) 
Piper, Elmer L. (Winnie Calhoun) Ch 
Melvin, Pearl City R3 Jefferson Sec 
3 OSOa (1916) 
Piper, Wm. (Margaret Allen) Ch 
Ethel, German Valley R3 Ridott 
Sec28 TlOOa J. E. Heeren (1872) 
Place, Wm. (Jane Metz) Ch Gordan, 
Grace, Edwin, Red Oak Rl Wad- 
dams Sec33 T7a Bert Phillips 
Plager, John D (Lettie Aurand) Ch 
Verena, Freeport R2 Florence Sec6 
086a (1871) 
Plager, Lewis H. (Elizabeth Auran) 
Ch Clinton. Lillie, Floyd, Vernon, 
Thelma, Pearl City R2 Loran Sec8 
OlOOa (1897) 
Plager, Sam (Alice Byington) Ch 
Clark, Iva. Pearl City Rl Loran Sec 
22 Tl60a Fred Plager (1873) 
Plager, S. F. (Minnie Busch) Ch Ida, 
Emma, Nora. Ella, Raymond, Pearl 
City R2 Loran Secl9 OlOOa (1852) 
Plattner, Jacob Hartman Cheese Fac- 
tory Cedarville Rl Buckeye Sec29 
Hartman Cheese Factory (1916) 
Ploeger, W. H. (Winnie Bremmer) 
Ch Lola. Pearl City R4 Jefferson 
Sec24 Ol30a (1883) 
Ploger, H. F. (Maggie Fisher) Ch 
Alvin. Majorie, Pearl City R2 Loran 
Sec29 085a (1877) 
Pohl, Chas. J. (Maria Shirk) Ch Ches- 
ter, Elsie, Herman, Edward. Charlie, 
Florence. Nora. Lloyd. Oscar, El- 
mer. Pearl City R3 Jefferson Sec2 
Polhill, E (Martha Goodsell) Ch Emo, 
Minnie. Ada, Viola. Nellie, Lena Rl 
Kent SeclO O80a (1870) 



Polhill, Frank (Sophie Garfield) Ch 
Mabel, Charles, Henry, George, 
Elsie, Hazel, Loune, Theodore, 
Grace, Lena R4 Waddams Sec26 
T285a Henry Harris (1873) 

Polhill, Roy (Edith Diestelmeier) Ch 
Raymond, Florence, Kent Rl Secl3 
Ol20a (1885) 

Polhill, S. G. (Laura Russell) Lena 
Rl Kent Sec3 O70a (1868) 

Poppen, Reint (Emma VanLow) Ger- 
man Valley R3 Ridott Sec28 Ol60a 

Poust, C. C. Freeport R3 Lancaster 
Sec29 T75a E. M. Carson (1910) 

Prasse, Adolph (Henriette Toedt) 
Ch Martha, Arthur, Elanor, Marena, 
High View Farm Lena R2 Erin 
Sec24 Ol65a (1862) 

Prasse, Arthur J. (Meta) Ch Mar- 
garet. Brook Side Farm Freeport 
R4 Harlem Secl9 TlOOa Adolph 
Prasse (1890) 

Prasse, Aug. (Martha Messman) Ch 
Reuben, Freeport R4 Erin Sec25 
Ol80a (1868) 

Prasse, C. A. (Clara Diestelmeier) 
Lena R5 Kent Secl6 Ol60a (1873) 

Prasse, Gust. (Anna) Ch William, 
Elmer, Florence, Edgar, Freeport 
R4 Harlem Sec27 Ol60a (1877) 

Prasse, Henry (Emelia Brown) Ch 
Doris, Emert, Marion, Lena Rl 
Kent Secl6 Ol20a (1869) 

Prasse, L. C. (Lyda Pieper) Ch Mil- 
lard, Louis, Pearl City R3 Kent Sec 
20 Ol58a (1872) 

Price, E. B. (Hannah Kuehn) Ch 
Howard, Stanley, Merrill. Oak 
Grove Stock Farm Lena R4 Wad- 
dams Sec30 Tll4a H. D. Price 

Price, Harvey (Augusta Hamann) Ch 
Frank. Leslie, Clarence, Lena R4 
Waddams Sec24 0275a (1887) 

Price, J. A. (M. Simpson) Waddams 
Grove Rl Westpoint Secl8 O80a 

Price, Marvin M. (Jennie Bechtold) 
Ch Lois, Roger, Paul, McConnell 
Rl Waddams Sec6 T35a C. Wells 

Price, Stanley (Myrtle Doll) Ch 
Glenn, Lena R4 Waddams Sec30 
Tl30a H. D. Price (1886) 

Priewe, Sam. (Jennie Leistikow) Ch 
Elmer, Orland. Flossie, Meadow 
Brook Dairy Farm Orangeville Rl 
Oneco Sec33 O230a (1893) 

Quinters, Frank J. (Rose Schmitt) 
Ch George, Jessie, Freeport R4 Sec 
26 05a (1857) 

Quinters, Geo. (Adeline) Freeport R6 
Harlem Secl4 T62a W. Zimmerman 



Rabe, Arthur (Emma Bechtold) 
Maple Grove' Poultry Farm Mc- 
Connell Rl Waddams Secl6 T94a 
A. S. Bechtold (1884) 

Rabe, Frank (Emma Klug) Ch Clif- 
ford, Ilo, McConnell Rl Waddams 
Secl3 O60a (1909) 

Rabe, Fred (Zelma Philips) McCon- 
nell Winslow Sec36 T95a Herman 
Rabe (1887) 

Rabe, Louis (Irene Howe) Winslow 
R2 Oneco Sec29 Tl20a Albert Rabe 

Rabe, Milton V. (Clara Schroeder) 
Ch Velda. Eldon. Pleasant Brook 
Farm Winslow R2 Oneco Sec30 
098a (1886) 

Rackow, Aug. (Louisa Schultz) Ch 
Emma, Gustav, Lewis, Winslow R2 
Winslow Sec24 022a (1881) 

Rackow, Chas. (Edith Mahlkuch) Ch 
Hubert, Winslow Winslow Sec26 
T80a J. Gore (1888) 

Rackow, F. F. (Augusta Kaeser) Ch 
Mabel, Elmer, Edna, Winslow R3 
Winslow Sec34 OlOOa (1881) 

Rackow, Gustof H. (Anna Bartlet) Ch 
Velma, Marjorie, Winslow R2 
Winslow Sec24 OSOa (1888) 

Rackow, John F. (Barbara Cole) Ch 
Ray, Clyde. Donald, McConnell Rl 
Waddams Secl7 O40a (1875) 

Rademaker, John (Dora Fosha) Ch 
Harry, Roy, Elmer, Clarence, Clo- 
ver Dale Stock Farm German Val- 
ley Rl Ridott Sec31 O240a (1871) 



Rader, Edwin (Agnes Goffney) Ch 
Francis, Genevie, Kent Rl Kent 
Sec25 T225a G. S. Lantzer (1884) 

Raders, F. (Minnie) Ch Lorena, 
Edwm, Luella, Malinda, Lena Rl 
Kent Sec20 Ol20a (1878) 

Raders, Mrs. J. (Josephine Smith) Ch 
Eda, William, Olefa, Joseph, Ed- 
ward, Leland, Martha, Marie, Lena 
Ro Kent Sec28 OlBOa (1879) 

Raders, Wm. (Mary Doile )Ch Har- 
old, Gerald, Lena R5 Kent Sec28 
Ol60a (1877) 

Raepple, John A. (Margaret Rigney) 
Ch Joseph, Ellen, Harlem Heights 
Freeport R4 Harlem SecSl O70a 

Raetz, Aug. Rock City Rl Rock Run 
Sec33 Tl20a Mrs. Charlotte Raetz 

Raetz, Chas. (Emma Peeper) Ch Art, 
Nettie, Esther, Lydia, Carl, Elth, 
Florence, Clara, Ellis, Rock City Rl 
Rock Run Sec28 Ol5 Tl20a Char- 
lotte Raetz (1866) 

Raker, John (Louise Meier) Ch Ella, 
Rock City R2 Rock Run Secl5 OSOa 

Rakowska, Frank C. (Hazel Kelly) 
Orangeville Rl Oneco Sec28 TlOOa 
Fred Rakowska (1916) 

Rampenthal, Carl (Alice Scheider) 
Valley View Farm Lena R2 Erin 
Sec2 OSOa (1891) 

Rampenthal, Fred (Lydia Vehmeier) 
Ch Nelda, Alfred, Lena R2 Wad- 
dams Sec35 O80a (1902) 

Rampenthal, Henry (Cane Schaffer) 
Ch Laura, Lena R2 Waddams Sec34 
Ol20a (1890) 

Rampenthal, J. W. (Minnie Otte) Ch 
Vera, Daniel, John, Orval, Lena Rl 
Kent Sec5 086a (1879) 

Rapean, Geo. F. (Elsie Neuschwan- 
der) Ch John, Cedarville Rl Buck- 
eve SeclT TieOa D. Snyder (1893) 

Rathboum, E. J. (Mae Green) Ch 
Raymond. Grace, Hillside Farm 
Orangeville Rl Oneco Sec26 O40a 

Rayhorn. Arthur (Mellissa Wardlow) 
Ch Infants. Ridott R2 Rock Run 
Sec7 T80a Wm. Rayhorn (1891) 

Rayhorn, Cummons Winslow Wins- 
low Sec27 09.5a (187.5) 

Rayhorn, Ernest (Laura Strohecker) 
Ch Merle, Freeport R2 Harlem Sec 
33 TSOa M. J. Hall (1878) 

Rayhorn, Geo. (Luella Gailord) Ch 
Marv. Laura, Stanley, Winslow R3 
Waddams SeclO Ol20a (1867) 

Rayhorn, John (Blanche Clark) Ch 
Mildred, Louis, Donald, McConnell 
Rl Waddams Secl2 Ol03a (1875) 

Rayhorn, Mrs. (Caroline Stewart) Ch 
Cummins, Frank, Thomas, Sarah, 
Josephine, James, Winslow R3 
Winslow Sec28 Tl20a M. M. Ray- 
horn Est. 

Rayhorn, Will Winslow Winslow Sec 
24 Tll6a Emery Howe 

Rajrmer, A. (Effie Williams) Ch 
Louisa, Dakota R3 Dakota Sec2 
O90a (1882) 

Raymer, E. G. (Lucinda Sheckler) Ch 
Harrj', Prairie Block Farm Davis 
R2 Rock Run Sec24 OSOa (1877) 

Reamer, Chas. (Julia Zweifel) Ch 
Marie, Cedarville Rl Buckeye Sec31 
TlOOa S. L. Reamer (1886) 

Rech, A. C. (Winifred Keiley) Lena 
G. D. Kent Sec9 Tl20a Fred Lese- 
man (1887) 

Reck, F. (Louise Huneke) Ch Mar- 
tin, Henry, Alfred, Milda, Walter, 
Fred, Laura, Sarah, Esther, Meriam, 
Roland, Marjorie, Lena R5 Erin Sec 
15 Ol85a (1854) 

Reck, Lewis (Blanche Solace) Ch 
Phoebe, Ruby, Rosalyn, Winslow 
R3 Winslow Sec35 Tl09a (1865) 

Redburn, John A. Freeport R2 Flor- 
ence Secl7 085a (1875) 

Reddy, Jas. (Jennie Slach) Ch Clif- 
ford, Marion, Lucille, Davis R2 
Rock Run Sec3 Ol98a (1870) 

Reddy, W. F. (Sarah Maran) Ch 
Rupert, Ridott R2 Ridott Sec23 
Ol70a (1915) 

Reed, Chas. E. (Laura Clingerman) 
Ch Hazel, Lester, Obel, Darnell, 
Bethel, Pauline, Cedarville Rl 
Buckeye Sec4 Ol20a (1872) 

Reed, L. H. (Mabel Eurben) Ch 
Ethel, Clarence, Harold, Lester, 
Lawrence, Roy, Violet, Dakota Rl 
Buckeye Sec4 O70a (1878) 

Reed, L. W. (Rosa Krotzer) Ch Wil- 
bur, Norval, Merrill, Mina, Pearl 
City R4 Loran Sec7 O50a (1887) 

Reed, M. J. (Jessie Wirth) Ch Clark. 
Wilbur, Cedarville Rl Buckeye Sec 
8 T80a Mrs. Mosher Matter (1889) 

Reed, Preston (Lena Mollenbergen) 
Ch Edna, Milford, Esther, Ada, 
Elmer, Dorothy, Lucille, Dakota R2 
Rock Grove Sec6 T40a Geo. Nese- 
meier (1874) 

Reed, Ralph R. (Dott Reiener) Ch 
Ellen, Russell, Raymond, Dakota 
Rl Buckeye Sec4 Tl54a Mrs. 
Davids (1872) 



Reeder, Jas. (Phoebe Strong) Ch 
Hazel, Mame, Daisy, Ada, Myrtle, 
Viola, Dorothy, Ridott R3 Ridott 
Sec23 Ol35a (1869) 

Reel, Harry (Frances Kaus) Ch Mar- 
garet, Morris, Vada, Veryl, Elmer, 
Edwin, Lena R3 Westpoint Sec26 
Tl30a J. B. Kurntz (1916) 

Reemtsma, Geo. (Nellie Sanjer) Ch 
Iva, Lester, German Valley Rl 
Ridott Sec3D Ol49a (1887) 

Rees, A. J. Ch Grant, Maud, Malcolm, 
Lena Ro Erin SeclO Ol60a (1840) 

Rees, D. F (Annie Hartman) Ch 
Winifred, Irma, Olive, Nellie, Ar- 
thur, Lester, Beulah, Freeport R4 
Harlem Sec32 Tl59a Joe Cain 

Rees, Jas. M. (Eliza Hietter) Ch 
Lloyd, Clyde, Glenn, James, John, 
Bertha, Lee, Ward, Freeport R4 
Harlem Sec31 Oll8a (1869) 

Reeser, Emery B. (Anna Remmers) 
Ch Clark, Orangeville Rl Waddams 
Sec4 Tl35a C. Wohlford (1889) 

Reeser, Sam (Sarah Clarnon) Ch 
Mattie, Mary, Delia, Phillip, 
George, James, Martin, Gladys, 
Good Luck Dairy Farm Orangeville 
Rl Oneco Sec33 OSOOa (1859) 

Reeter, Wm. (Amelia Groenwald) Ch 
Sophia, George, John, Dakota Rl 
Dakota Sec26 O80a (1848) 

Reidelbaugh, Levi (Martha Seid- 
schlag) Ch Edward, Winslow R2 
Winslow Sec24 074a (1885) 

Reiman, Fritz (Barbara Balmer) Ch 
Roy, Ellen, Sophie, Louis, Albert, 
Emma, Esther, Orangeville R2 
Oneco Sec21 082a (1915) 

Reininger, Carl (Sophia Henrich) Ch 
Frances, Matilda, Carl, Thoda, 
Rock City Rl Rock Run Secli 
Tl60a Mike Hyland (1912) 

Reints, A. H. (Cornelia Caiman) Ch 
Alva, Alice, Carl, German Valley R2 
Ridott Sec20 Tl35a H. Reints (1882) 
Reints, Frank (Tena Krygenbar) Ch 
Mary, Rena, Harry, German Valley 
R2 Ridott Sec26 O200a (1865) 
Reints, Heye (Elizabeth Brockmeier) 
Freeport R5 Silver Creek Sec27 
O240a (1858) 
Reintz, Geo. (Ella Eisen) Ch Marie, 
Minnie, Elnora, German Valley R2 
Ridott Sec22 O240a (1871) 
Reiss, J. C. (Laura Best) Ch Dorothy, 
Ruth, Freeport R4 Loran Sec2 T59a 
Mrs. Frederica Althof (1884) 

Remmers, Henry E. (Kate Boomgar- 
den) Ch Martha, Gabrant, Anna, 
Henry, George, John, Enno, Ridott 
R2 Lancaster Sec24 OlOOa (1905) 

Ressler, Chas. (Vandula Kuhlemeier) 
Ch Leona, Viola, Pearl City Rl 
Loran Sec28 Tl20a Simon Kuhle- 
meier (1916) 

Retzlaff, Gustav (Emma Kienow) Ch 
John, George, Agnes, Rudolph, Ro- 
bert, Wesley, Winslow R2 Winslow 
Sec25 OlOOa (1885) 

Reuber, Alvin (Alma Dahams) Red 
Oak Rl Buckeye Sec26 Tl60a Ben 
Heed (1892) 

Reuber, Fred L. Sunny Creek Stock 
Farm Orangeville Rl Buckeye Sec 
10 Ol39a (1889) 

Rhode, John D. (Louisa Siphei) Ch 
George, William, Charlie, Nettie, 
Edna, Lena R5 Erin Sec3 Ol24a 

Rice, W. A. (Rosetta Satterle) Ch 
Mayme, Glenn, Waddams Grove 
Rl Westpoint Sec31 O400a (1867) 

Richard, John (Mary Metz) Ch Helen, 
Freeport R4 Harlem Sec20 068a 

Richards, Carl (Maude) Ch Coralyn, 
Lena R2 Harlem Secl8 T75a E. R. 
Richards (1886) 

Richards, Erwin (Cora) Ch Carl, 
Maude, Gratia, Eleroy Harlem Sec 
19 Ol60a (1871) 

Richards, Wm. (Mary Diestlemeier) 
Ch Mabel, Daisy, Ralph, Roy, Jen- 
nie, Ida, Lena R2 Erin Seel Ol07a 

Richtemeyer, Ed (Katherine Stevens) 
Ch Laverne, Doris, Kent Rl Kent 
Secl5 083a (1902) 

Richtemeyer, Walter (Genora Aur- 
and) Kent Rl Kent Secl5 Tl20a H. 
Richtemeyer (1895) 

Rickusky, Wm. (Mabel Rabe) Mc- 
Connell Rl Waddams Seel OSOa 

Riem, Geo. D. (Lottie Young) Ch 
Frances, Maple Dale Farm Orange- 
ville Rl Buckeye Seel 073a (1875) 

Riem, Henry C. (Lillie Lawler) Ch 
Svlvia, Franklin, Kermit, Winslow 
R2 Oneco Sec29 OSOa (1907) 

Riemer. Aug. (Alta Albright) Ch 
Blanche. John, Grace, Dorothy, 
Glen, Gladvs, Clarence. Spring Val- 
ley Stock Farm Rock City R2 Rock 
Grove Sec25 Ol46a (1901) 

Riess, Adam (Martha Becke) Ch 
George. Kent Rl Kent Seel Ol63a 



Rigney, Thos. Ch Stephan, Michael, 
Nellie, Jennie, Grace, Thomas, 
Marie, Sciota Mills Harlem Sec4 
0328a (1857) 

Rinehart, Elmer (Clara Denney) Ch 
Lyle, Ernest, Eugene, CedarviUe Rl 
Buckeye Sec25 OlOOa (1911) 

Rinehart, Noel (MoUie Haggard) Ch 
Russel, Shelby, Winslow R2 Wins- 
low Sec34 O80a (191G) 

Ritzman, O. L. (Amanda Benfer) Ch 
Clifton, Leo, Neva, Norma, Wins- 
low R3 Winslow Sec28 OloOa 

Robb, Geo. (Beatrice Kilian) Wins- 
low R3 Oneco Sec29 OoOa (1895) 

Robert, Wm. L. (Mary Gressley) Ch 
Edna, Bertha, Neva, Mabel, Free- 
port R2 Florence Sec8 Ol20a (18T2) 

Roberts, Benj. F. (Minnie Miller) Ch 
Marion, Mildred, Orlo, Freeport R2 
Florence Scc9 Tl2Ga J. P. Fox Est. 

Roberts, Edw. L. (Minnie Goodsell) 
Ch Donald, Freeport Rl Florence 
Sec20 T90a Mrs. Mary Goodsell 

Robey, Fred Deer Horn Spring Farm 
Rock City R2 Rock Grove Sec4 
O40a (1867) 

Robieson, Dan (Rebecca Graham) Ch 
Dewey, Nathaniel, Mabel, Alfa, 
Louis, Lucille, Lena R4 Waddams 
Sec29-30 Ol70a (1876) 

Robieson, J. A. (Maggie) Ch George, 
Harvey, Bessie, Freeport R4 Har- 
lem Sec29 Ol60a (1872) 

Rockey, D. W. (Cora Wells) Ch Oyd, 
Lillie, Mart, Florence, Rachel, Sid- 
ne3^ Theodore, Dakota R2 Rock 
Grove Sec31 T87a Wells Est. (1865) 

Rockey, Elmer (May Allison) Ch 
Ora, Edna, Gladys, Dakota Rl Da- 
kota Sec23 O40a (1872) 

Rockey, F. A. (Mattie Hofifnagle) Ch 
Lottie, Bertha, Russell. Spring 
Meadow Farm CedarviUe Rl Buck- 
eye Sec29 Ol20a (1875) 

Rockey, Oyd (Lottie Kramer) Ch 
Russell. Cifford. Dakota R2 Rock 
Grove Sec5 T73a (1892) 

Rockow, Albert Ch Minnie, Charles 
Arthur, Bertha, Lena, Lester, Alice, 
Winslow R2 Winslow Sec24 032a 

Rockow, F. Wm. (Millie Seefeldt) Ch 
Florence. Alice, Freeport R6 Lan- 
caster Sec20 O80a (1870) 

Rockow, Herman (Estelle White) Ch 
Lera, Cleo, McConnell W'addams 
Sec20 O40a (1872) 

Rodebaugh, Dan (Lottie Lathrop) Ch 
Elma, Mary, James, Lola, Eva, 
Winslow R2 Winslow Sec24 045a 

Rodebaugh, Jas. H. (Anna Horch) Ch 
Lottie, Tillie, Thomas, Winslow R2 
Oneco Secl9 OSOa (1888) 

Rodemeier, J. A, (Martha Saxby) Ch 
Helen, Pearl City R4 Loran Sec6 
077a (1867) 

Roekhow, Wm. (Louisa Martin) Ch 
Minnie, John, Vera, Winslow R3 
W^addams Sec3 Ol20a (1880) 

Roemeburg, Arthur (Ella Doak) Rock 
City R2 Rock Grove Sec2S Tl41a 
Fred Roemeburg (1892) 

Roemeburg, Dan (Daisy Roether) Ch 
Lee, Rock City R2 Rock Grove Sec 
28 Tl66a Fred Roemeburg (1891) 

Roli, W. B. (Marcelia Cole) Ch 
Dorothy, Alvin, Wendel, Wanda, 
Phillis, Dakota Rl Rock Run Sec30 
0239a (1876) 

Rosemeier, Fred (Amelia Luedking) 
Ch Fred Jr., Edna, Herman, Rick- 
tie, Laura, Nellie, Ridott Rl Silver 
Creek Seel Farm Hand Illinois 
Public Service Co. (1882) 

Rosenstiel, Elmer M. (Mabel Mar- 
shall) Ch Ruby, Glenn, Merle, 
Winslow Rl W^inslow Sec20 OSOa 

Rosenstiel, Frank (Nellie Caroll) Ch 
Arthur, Earnie, Gertrude, Elsie, 
Mabel, Lawrence, Glenn, Red Oak 
Rl Buckeye Sec34 OSOa (1865) 

Rosenstiel, Fred (Verneta Sprague) 
Ch Hazel, Elbridge, Floyd, Helen, 
Mildred, Kenneth, Donald, Red Oak 
Rl Waddams Sec33 O40a T220a 
Madden Est. (1869) 

Rosenstiel, Harlow (Sophia Kruger) 
Ch Bessie, Alta, Lena Harlem Secl6 
O40a (1858) 

Rosenstiel, Richard (Catherine Ly- 
ons) Ch George, Leander, Bertha, 
Clarence, Otis, Stanley, Lena Har- 
lem SecG 073a (1855) 

Rosenstiel, Wm, Sr. (Sarah Johnson) 
Ch Fred, Ed, John, William, Lena 
R5 Erin Sec27 Ol99a (1851) 

Rosenstiel, Wm, Jr, (Elsie Martin) 
Lena R5 Erin Sec27 Tl99a Wm. 
Rosenstiel (1877) 



Ross, Chas. (Reca Annerman) Ch 
Barba, Grace, Andy, Mata, Lena, 
German Valley R3 Ridott Sec9 
Tl60a C. Kurtz (1897) 

Ross, Fred (Annie Kragenbard) Ch 
William, Annie, Johnny, Frank, Ida, 
Rosetta, Infant, German Valley R3 
Ridott Secl7 O360a (1882) 

Ross, John J. (Rose Molter) Ch El- 
mer, Clarence, Fred, Walter, Free- 
port Ro Silver Creek Secl5 Ol20a 

Ross, Will (Lottie Duitsman) Ch 
Irene, Ruth, Freeport R5 Silver 
Creek Sec3 T280a Mrs. Lillian Bor- 
dell (1895) 

Rote, Irvin E. (Emelia Geiter) Ch 
Edna, Dakota Rl Buckeye Sec4 
O80a (1872) 

Rote, John A. (Amanda Geiter) Ch 
Minard, Dakota Rl Buckeye Sec9 
O80a (1867) 

Rote, S. Dakota Rl Buckeye Sec9 
O80a (1864) 

Roth, Clarence (Helen Hoebel) Ch 
Evelyn, Freeport R5 Silver Creek 
Secl7 T80a Albertus Bros. (1891) 

Roth, Lewis (Etta Paul) Ch Edna, 
Esther, Shannon Rl Loran Sec36 
Tl60a Adam Christman (1898) 

Roth, L. E. (Louisa Toetle) Ch Clar- 
ence, Leslie, Helen, Freeport Ro 
Silver Creek Sec8 O60a (1867) 

Rotmeier, Henry (Mabel Hawkins) 
Ch Weldon. Marion, Red Oak Rl 
Harlem SeclO Oll5a (1914) 

Royer, John B. (Alice Folgate) Ch 
Eber. McConnell Rl Waddams Sec 
17 025a T45a C. Folgate (1883) 

Rubendall, Adam (Bessie) Ch Nelson 
Red Oak Rl Harlem Sec2 TlOOa 
Mrs. S. Rubendall (1883) 

Rubendall, Ulysses G. (Bell Daughen- 
haugh) Ch Jessie, Margaret. Daniel, 
Freeport R3 Lancaster Sec21 085a 

Rubendall, U. (Elizabeth Cochran) 
Ch Merl, Maple Leaf Dairy Farm 
Cedarville Rl Buckeye Sec8 Ol20a 

Ruch, Arnold (Sophia Maibach) Ch 
Minnie, Jacob, Freda, Robert, Mar- 
garet. Sophie, Winslow R2 Wins- 
low Sec23 Ol90a 

Rudy, E. C. (Alice Schower) Ch 
Claude, Orangeville Rl Oneco Sec 
34 O70a (1872") 

Rudy, John H. (Ida Nickel) Ch Ruth, 
Dorothv. Ralph. Elwyn, McConnell 
Rl Waddams Sec9 O40a (1879) 

Rudy, Wm. F. (Minnie Schabilon) Ch 
Ray, Orangeville Rl Oneco Sec33 
O70a (1877) 

Ruehlman, Rev. Adolph (Lydia 
Fischer) Ch David, Joseph, Mary, 
Ridott Rl Silver Creek Seel Pastor, 
State Rd. Ref. Church Farm Hand 

Ruf, Ulrich Ch Ida, Mary, Maple 
Grove Holstein Stock Farm Rock 
City R2 Rock Grove Sec29 Ol80a 

Rumelhagen, Wm. (Mary Mapes) Ch 
William, Freeport R5 Silver Creek 
Sec34 T50a Mrs. Lillian Bardell 

Runkle, Emanuel (Lulu Solidey) Ch 
George, Shirley, Guy, Vernie, 
Thomas, Leslie, Ervin, Eleroy, Mc- 
Connell Rl Waddams Sec5 T74a 
Charlie Hawley (1857) 

Runkle, Geo. (Amanda Mallenthue) 
Ch Walter, Mabel, Needa, Lena Rl 
Westpoint Sec35 Tl63a G. Myers 

Runkle, Geo. W. (Sarah Giese) Ch 
Lydia, Emma, Vera, Milton, Mc- 
Connell Rl Waddams Sec5 Ol34a 

Runkle, S. M. (Mary Biasing) Ch 
Florence, Reinerva, Ruth, Mabel, 
Winslow R2 Oneco Secl9 TlOOa 
Margaret Hines (1916) 

Runte, Fred (Katherine Weaver) Ch 
Fred, George, Jermina, Lizzie, Will, 
John, Carl, Alfred, The Runte Cor- 
ners Davis Rl Rock Run Secl4 
O80a (1850) 

Runte, Oscar (Edna Pfail) Ch Eu- 
gene, Loyd, Ardith, Freeport R5 
Silver Creek Sec8 T80a Alvah Dunn 

Runte, Simon (Helen Dubbert) Ch 
Oscar, Arthur, Florence, Freeport 
R5 Silver Creek Secl7 Ol64a (1897) 

Runte, Wm. (Addie Best) Ch Viola, 
Pine Grove Farm Dakota Rl Da- 
kota Sec35 T80a (1902) 

Runte, Wm. (Edith Schauer) Ch 
Emerson, Baileyville Rl Silver 
Creek Sec30 Tl20a Henry Runte 

Runyon, W. H. (Elizabeth Kendall) 
Ch Minnie. Ida. Emma, Charlie, 
Egan Rl Ridott Sec36 Tl60a Marv 
Matter (1913) 

Rusenberg, Chester A. (Esther Mor- 
ing) Ch Ethel, Silver Creek Heights 
Baileyville Rl Silver Creek Sec34 
T80a Fred Rusenberg (1891) 



Rusenberg, Fred (Elizabeth Keeler) 
Ch Helena, Elsie, Edward, Carrie, 
Minnie, Chester, Sunnyside Farm 
Baileyville Rl Silver Creek Sec28 
O220a (1852) 

Russ, Herman (Mary Meyers) Ch 
William, Fred, John, Lena R4 Wad- 
dams Sec22 O80a (1887) 

Russ, J. F. (Myrtle Richard) Ch 
Ethel, Florence, Lyle, Fern, Pena 
Rl Kent Sec6 03a (1883) 

Russell, H. (Nancy Bunker) Ch Jessie, 
Maynard, Flossie. Kent Rl Kent 
Secl2 Tl55a Elmer Doll (1916) 

Russell, Preston W. (Olive Fox) Ch 
Margaret, Walnut Forest Freeport 
R2 Florence Sec9 OSOOa (1876) 

Ruter, Geo. (Johanna Henrichs) Ch 
Luella, German Valley Rl Ridott 
Sec35 Tl20a Emma Light (1898) 

Ruth, E. M. (Edna Hutchison) Ch 
William, Carlton. Esther, Edward, 
Freeport R3 Buckeye Sec33 Ol20a 
Mrs. M. Hutchison (1877) 

Ruthe, Fred (Rena Manert) Free- 
port R5 Silver Creek Sec21 Tl20a 
Henrv Ruthe (1892) 

Ruthe, Henry (Bertha Amelsberg) 
Ch Freida, Fred, Carrie, Lena, Ka- 
tie, Lillian, William, Mabel, Flor- 
ence, Bennie, Karl, Freeport R5 
Silver Creek Sec21 Tl25a Mrs. T. 
Amelsberg (1882) 

Rutherford, T. H. (Nellie Yarka) Ch 
Beulah, Freeport R6 Lancaster Sec 
4 OSOa (1874) 

Rutter, C. L. ( Ella Heavey) Ch Carl. 
Catherine, Charles, Frank, Lena R2 
Waddams Sec31 Tl60a F. A. Hea- 
ney (1883) 

Rutter, R. E. (Louisa Albert) Davis 
Rock Run Sec28 Tl58a Mrs. Eva 
Wurtz (1890) 

Rybolt, Homer H. (Nora Hendrick- 
son) Ch Cleo, Faith, Beatrice, Wins- 
low R2 Oneco Sec20 T20a Rural 
School Teacher (1S82) 

Ryker, Ben (Tillie Harbers) German 
Valley Rl Ridott Sec20 TSOa Mrs. 
Gepka Ludwig (1897) 

Ryker, Harm (Anna Elsing) Ch Ben, 
Harm, Minnie, Jennie, Simon, John, 
Annie, Gertie, Fern, German Val- 
ley R2 Ridott Secl4 T320a (1897) 

Saaijenga, Geo. (Hilka Papkes) Ch 
Falkert, Hilvin, Dena, George, Hat- 
tie, Bertha, Rosie, German Valley 
R2 Ridott Sec27 OSOa (1856) 

Saak, Wm. (Mary Fein) Ch Edith, 
Davis Rl Rock Run Secll OSOa 

Sager, Albert A. (Lizzie Kuhlemeier) 
Ch Lauretta, Henry, Wilbur, Shan- 
non Rl Florence Sec31 T210a Olt- 
man Janssen (1878) 

Sager, Mrs. Augusta, Ch Louise, Min- 
nie, Henry, Albert, Dora, Pearl 
City Loran Secl4 05a (1865) 

Sanders, E. B. (Emma VanMattee) 
Ch Toria, Diana, Ethel, Musett. 
Winslow R2 Oneco Sec29 OSOa 

Sanders, Francis (Sarah Hornby) 
Ch Edith. Clara, Leslie. Russel, Sa- 
die. Addie, Frances, Freeport R3 
Lancaster Secl2 Tl65a Mrs. E. 
Crotzer (1913) 

Sargent, Lester (Verna Gundry) Ch 
Donald, Winslow Rl Winslow Sec 
27 T262a Tom Gundry (1915) 

Sartarius, Fred (May Yardy) Ch 
George, Fred, Francis, Edna, Har- 
ry. Harold. Rupert, Ridott Rl Rid- 
ott Sec7 T220a Kucher Est. (1892') 

Saxby, B. B. (Anna Puflfpaff) Ch El- 
son, Ivy, Bernice, Vernon, Marion, 
Willow Row Farm Freeport Rl 
Florence Secl7 T300a H. O. Van 
Brocklin Est. (1914) 

Saxby, Dick (Mary Bleymeier) Ch 
Gladys, Edith, John, Donald, Roy- 
al, Pearl City R3 Loran Sec8 T55a 
Mrs. J. G. Saxby (1887) 

Schadewaldt, Gust (Wilhelmina Abe) 
Ch Gust, Charles, Elma, Fred, Eliz- 
abeth, Henry, Kurt, Anna, Gustafif, 
Emil, Ruth, The Oaks Dakota Rl 
Buckeye Sec28 T360a Hitchner & 
Smith (1913) 

Schadewaldt, Will (Anna Koehn) Ch 
Vera, Helen, Winslow Rl Winslow 
Sec26 T240a Mrs. Pooley (1889) 

Schadewalt, Fred (Minnie Wange- 
lien) Ch Carl, Pauline, Bertha, Liz- 
zie, Will, Frank, Arthur, John, 
Grace, Daniel, Lillian, Winslow Rl 
Winslow Sec26 O240a (1884) 

Schaffer, Frank V. (Mary Moore) Ch 
Glenn, Orangeville Rl Oneco Sec 
23 059a (1909) 

Schaper, Wesley (Emma Alt) Ch 
Frederich, Pearl Citv R4 Loran Sec 
5 075a (1903) 



Schasker, Aug. (Katie Stieneke) Ch 
Maggie, P>ed, Charles, Pearl City 
R2 Loran Sec31 Ol25a (1908) 

Schasker, Chas. (Esther Eichmeier) 
Ch Mervin, Pearl City R2 Jeffer- 
son Sec25 T210a C. H. Eichmeier 

Schauer, Wm. H. (Gertrude Lawver) 
Ch Donald, Eliza, Dorothy, Wilbur, 
Freeport R4 Harlem Sec21 092a 

Schaver, Henry (Amelia Whitmier) 
Ch Eva. Anna, William, Nellie, 
Edith, Edwin, Freeport R2 Flor- 
ence Secie 08a (1865) 

Scheffner, Jacob J. (Grace Cother- 
man) Ridott Rl Ridott Sec5 Ol6a 

Scheffner, Wm. H. (Marie Schleich) 
Ch Ruth, Ridott Rl Ridott Secl8 
T240a John Scheffner (1886) 

Scheider, Aug. Ch John, Lewis, Fred, 
Carrie, Ida, George, Jennie, Clif- 
ford, Clinton, Red Oak Rl Wad- 
dams Sec21 O230a (1877) 

Scheider, Emil (Jennie Pappe) Ch 
Alta, Charlie, Kenneth, Red Oak 
Rl Buckeye Sec22 OSOa (1882) 

Scheider, Frank (Elizabeth Bauske) 
Ch Ruth, Lois, Robert, Francis, 
Lena R2 Waddams SecSl TlSOa 
Amelia Scheider 

Scheider, Fred (Martha Burkhart) Ch 
Thelma, Lena R2 Waddams SecSl 
077a (1883) 

Scheider, Henry (Leah Babcock) Red 
Oak Rl Waddams Sec21 065a 

Scheidigger, Geo. (EmYna Schultz) Ch 
Conrad, Owen, Ethan, Florence, 
Vanessa, Maud, Andrew, Howard, 
Donovan, Eva, Davis R2 Rock 
Grove Sec22 O220a (1914) 

Scherer, John (Josephine Slapnicka) 
Ch Rosa, Archie, Frank, Hazel, 
Thelma, Waddams Grove Rl West- 
point Sec23 OlOOa (1896) 

Schermerhorn, Mrs. Alice (Alice 
Smith) Ch May, Louis, Alice, Cuy- 
ler, Lena R2 Erin Seel Ol60a (1862) 

Schermerhorn, Cuyler (Alma Hintz) 
Lena R2 Harlem Sec6 TlOla Dan- 
iel Otte (1891) 

Scherr, Geo. (Annie Belk) Ch Emma, 
Frank, Walter, Lena R4 Westpoint 
Secl6 O80a (1879) 

Schester, John Pearl City R2 Jeffer- 
son Sec25 091a (1880) 

Schider, Harvey (Bertha Barckart) 
Ch Luella, Pleasant View Farm Red 
Oak Rl Buckeye Sec22 OSOa (1886) 

Schider, Otto (Austa Frank) Ch 
Grace, Elmer, Ada, Lloyd, Ray- 
mond, Francis, Red Oak R3 Wad- 
dams Sec21 O80a (1877) 

Schiesser, Fred (Louisa Hirt) Ch 
Fred, Edwin, Amiel, Armon, Clar- 
ence, Frank, Annie, Helen, W^inslow 
R2 Winslow Sec23 Tl20a F. J. Kar- 
len (1916) 

Schirenberg, Ed (Minnie Klass) Ch 
Delia, Clarence, Nettie, Theodore, 
Alice, Grace, Maple View Farm 
Kent Rl Kent Sec30 Ol93a (1871) 

Schissler, Henry (Catherine Walters) 
Ch John, Carrie,' William, Margaret, 
Pleasant View Farm Freeport R2 
Florence Secl7 078a (1893) 

Schissler, John F. (Esther Eder) Ch 
Ellen, Freeport R2 Florence Sec9 
T80a Henry Schauer (1894) 

Schlachter, Henry (Elizabeth Daws) 
Ch Hazel, May, Esther, Murl, Kent 
Rl Kent Secl3 Ol70a (1870) 

Schlafer, A. (Mary Steebing) Pearl 
City R3 Jefferson Sec3 O90a (1904) 

Schlegel, Chas. M. (Josie Heirman) 
Ch Esther, Freeport Rl Florence 
Secl2 O80a (1872) 

Schlegel, Wm. (Anna Faber) Ch Os- 
car, LeRoy, Freeport RD Silver 
Creek Sec21 Ola (1867) 

Schlegel, Wm. (Angeline Sulzbach) 
Ch Elizabeth, Lena R5 Erin Secl4 
093a (1873) 

Schleich, Chas. (Ida Mapes) Ch How- 
ard, Ridott Ridott Sec22 T7fla Geo. 
Kurtz (1887) 

Schleich, Edwin P (Alice Lamm) Ch 
Dorothy, Lucille, Freeport Ro Sil- 
ver Creek Secl6 Ol21a (1882) 

Schleich, Henry (Lizzie Kurtz) Ch 
Anna, Charles, Ella, Ruth, Pleasant 
Hill Stock Farm Ridott Rl Ridott 
Sec8 Ol60a (1859) 

Schleich, Sam'l (Catheryn Bardell) 
Ch Edwin, Mary, George, Walter, 
Arthur, Ridott Rl Ridott Sec5 
Ol75a (1857) 

Schleich, Wm. (Elizabeth Fisher) 
Brookside Stock Farm Ridott Rl 
Silver Creek Secl3 Ol20a (1882) 

Schlicter, Fred C. (Sophia Nieder- 
meier) Ch Dan, Hulda, John, Fred- 
die, Louisa, Henry, Alta, Rock City 
Rl Rock Run Secl6 0213a (1859) 



Schlueter, Chris (Almelia Nieder- 
meier) Ch Dan, Bertha, H. C, Ida, 
Willow Creek Farm Davis Rl Rock 
Run SeclO OlSla (1850) 

Schlueter, Daniel (Alia Willing) Da- 
kota R2 Rock Run SeclS T94a Wm. 
Willing (1889) 

Schlueter, H. C. (Clara Schadermeier) 
Ch Alvin, Myron, Alsach Farm Da- 
vis Rl Rock Run SeclO 079a (1881) 

Schmerse, Gustav H. (Mary Wolfe) 
Ch Elvina. William, Edwin, Ervin, 
Walter, Harold, Ray, Pine Dairy 
Farm Cedarville Rl Buckeye SecS 
Ol20a (1909) 

Schmertman, Henry (Caroline Hol- 
singer) Ch Estella, Irene, Lester, 
Freeport Rl Florence Secl2 Ol60a 

Schmertman, Louis (Lottie Schwarze) 
Ch Anna, Jennie, Clara, Lettie, 
Freeport Rl Florence SeclS 084a 

Schmidt, John F. (Hendertje Vogd) 
Ch Grace, Ida, Johanna, Florence 
Station Florence Sec26 Ol32a 

Schmitt, Albert J. Ridott Rl Ridott 
Sec3 T235a Geo. Schmitt (1879) 

Schmitt, Edwin (Ella Dilly) Ridott 
Rl Ridott Sec3 Tl65a Geo Smidtt 

Schmitt, John C. (Myrtle Fisher) Ch 
Roy, Ralph, Ridott Rl Ridott Sec 
12 Ol20a (1890) 

Schmitt, Sam'l (Bertha Boehland) Ch 
Fred, Walter, Freeport Ro Silver 
Creek Sec2 0229a (1870) 

Schmitt, W. H. (Rose Long) Ch Ar- 
nold. Ridott Rl Ridott Sec33 Ol92a 

Schnell, P. H. (Hattie Eye) Ch May, 
Vernon, Geneva, Pearl City Rl Lo- 
ran Secl4 Ol7a (1885) 

Schnider, C. (Lena Beidler) Ch Thel- 
ma. Miles, Meryl, Mary, Russel, 
Louetta, Harry, Everett, Freeport 
R3 Lancaster Sec2 Farm Hand Wm. 

Schnider, Geo. (Ida Doll) Ch Lloyd, 
Fredrick, Mable, Bernard, Wad- 
dams Grove Rl Westpoint Secll 
Ol60a (1879) 

Schnider, Mrs. John Ch Tillie, Free- 
port R6 Lancaster SeclS 077a 

Schnider, Loran Ch Agatha, Caroline, 
Joe, Carl, Walnut Grove Farm 
Waddams Grove Rl W^estpoint Sec 
1 0275a (1892) 

Schoch, Edw. J. (Henrietta Koert- 
ner) Ch Kenneth, Freeport R2 
Florence SecS O80a (1880) 

Schoch, Irvin (Carrie Wagner) Ch 
Mabel, Red Oak Harlem Sec4 T59a 

Schoch, W. G. (Kate Gras) Ch Helen, 
Russell, Pearl City R4 Loran Sec7 
O50a (1859) 

Schockey, Alvin H. (Helen Osten- 
dorf) Ch Ruth, Ruby, Ridott Rl 
Ridott Sec2r T253a J. M. Marks 

Schoenhoven, Andrew (Fannie Ros- 
kam) Ch Leroy, Clarence, Bailey- 
ville Rl Silver Creek Sec28 Tl60a 
R. Schoenhoven (1881) 

Schoenhoven, C. R. (Elma Busker) 
Ch Gertrude, Henry, Amanda, 
Brookside Farm Baileyville Rl Sil- 
ver Creek Sec33 Ol31a (1878) 

Schoeny, Chas. N. (Lavina B. Lob- 
dell) Ch Doris, Lena R4 Waddams 
Sec:;i OSOa (1889) 

Schoney, Harry A. (Ethel Richard) 
Red Oak Rl Waddams SecSS TllOa 
Schoney Est. (1892) 

Schoonhoven, Christ (Ella Meiners) 
Ch Edna, Freeport Rl Florence 
Sec23 TSOa Annie Matter (1915) 

Schoonhoven, Henry R. (Grace Stahl) 
Ch Raymond, Johnnie, Freeport Rl 
Florence Secl2 Tl54a Mrs. P. Al- 
bertus (1900) 

Schopf, Wm. H. Freeport R5 Silver 
Creek Seel Farm Hand Mrs. Lou- 
isa Meads (1889) 

Schrack, Chas. (Emma Bittner) Ce- 
darville Rl Buckeye Sec29 T80a 
Frank Rockey (1874) 

Schrack, W. H. (Sarah Alice Bobb) 
Ch Clifford, Ivan, Cedarville Rl 
Buckeye Sec24 Ol40a (1905) 

Schrader, Arthur (Bertha Bokemeier) 
Ch Margaret, Wilbur, Dakota Rl 
Dakota Sec35 082a (1886) 

Schrader, E. T. (Bertha Horstmeier) 
-Dakota R2 Rock Run Secl8 Ol60a 

Schrader, J, J. (Agnes Ludwig) Ch 
Sadie, Faline, German Valley Rl 
Ridott Sec31 OSOa (1892) 

Schrader, Lloyd (Anna Smith) Ch 
Harry, Ridott Rl Ridott SeclO T 
1.-)0a Blakeway Farm (1891) 

Schrader, Loisa Ch Herman, Tilla, 
Tina, Red Oak Rl Buckeye Sec34 
026a (1893) 

Schrader, W. H. (Emma Fiene) Da- 
kota R2 Rock Run Secl8 Tl60a 
Henry Schrader (1880) 



Schrader, W. J. (Lyda Tieklmeier) 
Ch Melvin, Dakota R2 Dakota Sec 
25 O80a (1880) 
Schradermeier, D. L. (Ada Emrich) 
Ch Myron, Alice, Dakota Rl Da- 
kota Sec35 OSOa (1879) 

Schradermeier, Henry C, (Minnie Ter- 
mohlen) Spring Lawn Farm Flor- 
ence Station Florence Sec35 Ol61a 

Schradermeier, Walter (Ida Schlieter) 
Ch Vernon, Davis Rl Rock Run 
SeclO Ol04a (1881) 

Schramm, Frank R. (Anna Rohd) Ch 
Leroy, Evelyn, Winslow R2 Oneco 
Sec30 Ol2Ta (1883) 

Schroder, Herman F. (Martha Sip- 
per) Ch Helen, Velmar, McConnell 
Rl Waddams Sec5 078a (1883) 

Schroder, John (Lada Osendorf) Ch 
John, Helen, Mildred, Pecatonica 
RD Rock Run Secl3 O70a (1892) 

Schroeder, Albert L. (Nellie Zimmer- 
man), Ch Ruth, Dakota R2 Dakota 
Sec3 Tl90a Geo. L. Kaiser (1914) 

Schroeder, Chas. L. (Annestina Tres- 
ter) Ch Elsa, Nora, McConnell Rl 
Waddams Sec4 046a (1885) 

Schroeder, John Lena R2 Harlem Sec 
17 Tl46a F. Otte (1909) 

Schroeder, Teman C. (Emma Wil- 
helms) Ch Anna, Elm Grove Farm 
Shannon Rl Florence Sec20 T240a 
Jos. Emmert (1886) 

Schroedermeier, Alfred (Sadie Neider- 
meier) Davis Rl Rock Run Sec3 
Tl50a Fred Schroedermeier (1895) 

Schubert, Fred E. (Molly Logemann) 
Ch Ora, Gladys. Cedar Lawn Farm 
Kent Rl Kent Sec22 Ol20a (1910) 

Schubert, Ora (Grace Eaton) Ch Ga- 
len, Cedar Lawn Farm Kent Rl 
Kent Sec22 Tl20a Fred E. Schu- 
bert (1910) 

Schultz, E. H. (Harriette Cole) Ch 
Esther, Alvin, Lena R2 Kent SeclO 
073a (1894) 

Schultz, Henry Lena R3 Westpoint 
Sec9 OlGOa (1915) 

Schultz, Mrs. Jacob Ch Lucy, Mary, 
Annie, Rosella, Emma, Jacob, Emil, 
Rudolph, Winslow R2 Oneco Sec32 
051a (1872) 

'Schultz, Oliver A. (Grace Wichman) 
McConnell Rl Waddams Secl8 T 
58a E. Schultz (1892) 

Schulz, Aug. (Elizabeth Burkhart) Ch 
Clarence, Hiram, Oliver, Florence, 
Viro, Sadie, Earl, Esther, Inez, Riv- 
erview Farm Lena R4 Waddams 
Secl9 Ol96a (1882) 

Schulz, Edw. (Mathilda Burckhart) 
Ch Lester, Josephine, Gladys, Al- 
fred, Vernon, Isabelle, Homer, Ma- 
ple Leaf Dairy Farm Orangeville 
Rl Buckeye Sec2 Oll5a (1882) 

Schulz, E. H. (Harrietta Cole) Ch 
Esther, Alvin, Lena R2 Erin SeclO 
074a (1897) 

Schulz, Herman (Caroline Lefler) Ch 
Rudolph, Pred, Lena R4 Waddams 
Secl4 Ol20a (1895) 

Schulz, O. M. (Ethel Miller) Ch Vi- 
ola, Harold, Russell, Lena R2 Har- 
lem Secl7 074a (1894) 

Schumacher, Ben (Minnie Kaber) Ch 
Edward, Rock City Rl Rock Run 
Secl4 Tl20a J. J. Sughrow (1915) 

Schumann, Adolph (Minnie Brink) 
Ch Linnie, George, Clara, Carrie, 
Blanche, Martha, Elmer, Pearl City 
R2 Loran Sec29 Ol30a (1877) 

Schumann, Geo. (Lillian Barnes) Ch 
Lois, Lona, Pearl City Rl Loran 
Sec21 Tl20a W. S. Barnes (1885) 

Schurah, Earnest (Freda Siegentha- 
ter) Ch Clara, Marie, Anna, Elsie, 
Rosa, Bayhe, Rock City R2 Rock 
Grove Sec30 Ol53a (1916) 

Schuur, Ben. (Alier Sweep) Ch An- 
nie, Helen, Baileyville Rl Silver 
Creek Sec28 Tl69a (1906) 

Schuur, Ikko (Rena KerkhofT) Ch 
Annie, Freeport R5 Silver Creek 
Sec23 T80a John A. Wessles (1892) 

Schwarze, Arthur F. (Amelia Koert- 
ner) Freeport R2 Loran Seel TlOOa 
Mrs. Margaret Koertner (1894) 

Schwarze, Conrad (Anna Freytag) Ch 
Alfred, Walter, Carl, Erwin, Free- 
port R4 Erin Sec35 083a (1905) 

Schwarze, Frederick (Emma Schmert- 
man) Ch Louisa, Benjamin, Rob- 
ert, Lewis, Emma, Carl, Freeport 
R2 Florence Sec4 O80a (1860) 

Schwarze, H. C. (Martha Stieneke) 
Ch Arthur, Margaret, Helen, Loran 
Sec2 072a (1864) 

Schwarze, John (Louisa Busch) Ch 
Clara, Mabel, Anna, Amanda, Her- 
ris, Freeport R4 Erin Sec25 Tl08a 
Jas. Setterly (1869) 

Schwarze, Will Freeport R4 Erin Sec 
35 O80a (1881) 

Schweder, H. P. (Sadie Heise) Ch 
Mabel, Alice, Red Oak Rl Harlem 
Sec9 Farm Hand Thos. Rigney 

Schwenge, Anna Warms Ch John, 
Fred, Charlie, Mary, August, Wil- 
liam, Anna, Ridott Ridott Sec28 
022a Wm. Hunts (1886) 



Schwitz, Emil A. (Jessie Belknap) Ch 
Lesley, Mabel. Sunnyslope Farm 
Orangeville R2 Oneco Sec30 OlOOa 

Schwitz, R. T. (Jessie Taft) Ch Clif- 
ford, Marie, Orangeville Rl Oneco 
Sec29 046a (1877) 

Scofield, Mrs. Annie K. Ch Ira, Wal- 
ter, John, Pleasant View Farm 
Waddams Grove Rl Westpoint Sec 
24 OG2a (1909) 

Scovill, Jas. F. (Emma Gordon) Ch 
Howard, Freeport Rl Florence Sec 
18 Tlooa Katharine Janssen (1878) 

Scudder, Justus B. (Amanda VVool- 
hiser) Ch Charles, Grand View 
Farm Freeport R2 Florence Secl7 
O30a (1877) 

Seefeldt, Gust. (Elizabeth Shawaldt) 
Ch Mildred, Robert, Freeport R6 
Lancaster Sec20 076a T6a (1882) 

Seidel, C. L. Waddams Creek Farm 
Lena R4 Waddams Secl9 0249a 

Seidel, E. W. Orangeville Rl Oneco 
Sec34 Tlola T. P. Seidel (1872) 

Seidel, Harry M. (Mae Millikan) Ch 
Myron, Carrie, Delia, Erma, Leila, 
Winslow R2 Oneco Sec20 Ol34a 

Seiser, A. E. (Louisa Howard) Ch 
Catherine, Lena Westpoint Sec20 
O60a (1867) 

Semler, Geo. (Thakla Arlanor) Ch. 
George, John, Mary, Emma, Con- 
nie, Fred, Willie, Eddie, Ridott R2 
Lancaster Sec2.5 OlOOa (1887) 

Sewring, Richard (Minnie Schrau- 
der) Ch Germane, Cedarville Rl 
Buckeye Sec20 Tl68a Boals Bros. 

Shadle, Roy (Rose) Waddams Grove 
Rl Westpoint Secl8 089a (1907) 

Shadle, Wm. (Annie Marie Lamb) 
* Cedarville Rl Buckeye Sec32 079a 

Shafer, Elias (Margaret McKnight) 
Ch Bertha, Robert, Ridott Rl Rid- 
ott Sec8 Tsoa Geo. Klavern (1910) 

Shaver, N. (Jane Slurry) Davis R2 
Rock Run Sec25 Tl57a Sjdvester 
Flynn (1915) 

Shaw, R. E. (Mary E. Leonard) Grand 
View Farm Winslow R2 Winslow 
Sec27 T35a Peter Steer (1913) 

Sheetz, Aug. (Kittie A. Blanchard) 
Ch Harry, Homer. Roscoe, Esther, 
Warren, Vernon, Freeport R2 Flor- 
ence Sec5 OloSa (1845) 

Sheetz, Mrs. Emma Ch Mae, Roy, 
Locust Lawn Farm Freeport R2 
Florence Sec4 065a (1878) 

Sheetz, Harvey B. (Josephine Pfeif- 
fer) Ch Donald. Freeport R3 Lan- 
caster Sec 3 Farm Hand Keine Ran- 
ning Co. (1884) 

Sheleinberg, E. M. (Jane Zimmer- 
man) Ln Mary, Anna, Emma. 
Martha, Louis, Ada, Freeport R3- 
Lancaster Sec29 Farm Hand D. M. 
Brubaker (1852) 

Sherboudy, J. W. (Laura Klein) Ch 
George, Nellie, Orangeville R2 
Oneco Sec2S O230a C1862) 

Sheton, Homer (Alma Peterson) Ch 
Helen, Dakota R2 Rock Grove Sec 
23 T80a Steve Sheton (1915) 

Shick, Will (Emma) Ch Mabel, 

' George, Waddams Grove Rl West- 
point Secl2 Ol60a (1874) 

Shmty, i\eal (Rose Gerbes) Ch Flor- 
ence, Leland, Lyle, Lillian, Nellie, 
Glem, Josephine, Dorothy, Iris, 
Wayne, Rock City R2 Rock Run 
SecG T194 W. C. Smith (1871) 

Shippee, Giles G. (Maude Graham) 
McConnell Rl Waddams Sec9 T60a 
John Shippee (1892) 

Shippee, John (Jane Vanmatre) Ch 
Carrie, May, Morgan, Hannah, 
Ethel, Grover, Wright, Giles, Chris- 
tie, McConnell Rl Waddams Sec9 
O60a (1854) 

Shippee, Wells (Myrtle Baker) Mc- 
Connell Rl Buckeye SeclO OlOa 

Shiopee, Wilbur McConnell Rl Wad- 
dams Sec9 Ol28a (1857) 

Shippy, Claire (Clara Marsh) Orange- 
ville R2 Rock Grove Sec26 Tl41a 
G. W. Shippy (1891) 

Shippy, Guy O. (Bertha Severton) Ch 
Ivan, McConnell Rl Waddams Sec6 
O30a (1886) 

Shippy, Hermon (Viola Hopke) Ch 
Marie, Marvin, Mary, Harold, Wins- 
low R2 Winslow Sec36 T93a Geo. 
Emmrich (1873) 

Shippy, Jas. L. (Hariet Klontz) Ch 
Guy, Hazel, Ruth, Grant, Sadie, 
Lawrence, McConnell Rl Waddams 
SecG 057a (1861) 

Shippy, Jos. (Lizzie Gerber) Ch Viv- 
ian, Clarence, Dwight, Lewis, Lela, 
McConnell Rl Waddams Seco 043a 

Shippy, Perry (Clara Runkel) Ch 
Frank, Howard, Cora, Flora. Lucy, 
Loy, Maude, Sopha, McConnell Rl 
Waddams Sec6 037a (1865) 



Shippy, Peter Ch Harry, Perry, Eu- 
gene, McConnell Rl Waddams Sec7 
094a (1857) 

Shippy, Sherman (Lydia Stabenow) 
Ch Emelyn, Jennie, Mabel, Blanche, 
Martha. Minnie, Rachel, Edna El- 
sie, McConnell Rl Waddams Sec7 
T40a Mrs. Mary Shippy (1866) 

Shirk, Oscar (Mary Bogenrief) Ch 
Vera, Freeport R4 Erin Sec35 Tl20a 
J. Lawndrigan (1892) 

Shleck, Clarence (Carrie Ackerman) 
John Sleich Farm Ridott Rl Ri- 
dott Sec4 Tl75a John Sleich (1891) 

Shockey, Lincoln (Jennie Wise) Ch 
Pearl, Ira, Ridott R2 Ridott Sec29 
O20a (1877) 

Shockey, Lloyd (Flossie Hake) Ch 
Orial, Ridott R2 Ridott Secl9 Tll2a 
Henry Fetterhofif (1892) 

Shockey, Norman (Nora Daughen- 
bough) Ch Gladys, Myrtle, Ed- 
ward, Ridott R2 Ridott Sec21 Ol75a 

Shockey, Wm. W. (Jennie Beal) Ch 
Lloyd, Guy. Grace, Ridott R2 Ri- 
dott Sec20 Ol09a (1877) 

Shoemaker, Arthur C. (Louisa Engel) 
Ch Eugene, Orval, Freeport R3 
Lancaster Seel Ol24a (1890) 

Shoemaker, E, B. (Cora Reedy) Ch 
Naomia, Joseph, Freeport R3 Lan- 
caster Seel 075a (1880) 

Shoemaker, Geo. E. (Rose Mayer) 
Ch Florence, Georgieann, Freeport 
RS Lancaster Secl6 0243a (1863) 

Shoemaker, J. S. (Elizabeth Brubak- 
er) Ch Cora, Edwin, Fannie, Elta, 
Bertha, Arthur, Charles, Stella, 
Louella, Freeport R3 Lancaster Sec 
1 O202a (1864) 

Shoenhard, Geo. (Nellie Rigney) Ch 
Mary, Eileen, Rachael, Regal Red 
Farm Freeport R6 Lancaster Secl8 
037a (1899) 

Shoesmith, Chas. (Cecilia Eschelberg- 
er) Ch Bert, Lena Westpoint Sec32 
Ol90a (1869) 

Showers, Mrs. C. E. Ch Lewis, Wil- 
liam, Peter, Abe, Edith, Daniel, 
Frank, Frederick, Glen, Warren, 
Orangeville Rl Oneco Sec27 Ol35a 

Showers, D. A. (Elta Leverton) Ch 
Inez, Winslow Winslow Sec22 078a 

Showers, Frank J. (Emma Shabilon) 
Ch Elwood, Hillside Stock Farm 
Orangeville Rl Oneco Sec34 Ol35a 

Showers, Olen O. (Delia Reeser) Ch 
Ralph, Irene, Orangeville Rl Oneco 
Sec27 T80a Mrs. C. E. Showers 


Shultz, Albert (Minnie Rackon) Wins- 
low R2 Winslow Sec36 097a (1901) 

Sieber, Boyd (Kate Wert) Dakota 
Dakota Sec25 Tl20a Templeton Est. 

Siedschlag, Carl (Auguste Broege) 
Ch Lena, Clara, William, John, 
Amil, Martin, Margaret, Big Spring 
Facm Warren Rl Winslow Sec23 
Ol71a (1890) 

Siedschlag, Herman (Amelia Hell- 
wig) Ch Frank, Elsie, Matilda, 
Emma, Edith, Warren Rl Wins- 
low Sec23 Ol30a (1890) 

Siedschlag, Will. (Tillie Stacks) Wins- 
low Rl Winslow Secl8 T93a A. 
Siedschlag (1892) 

Sieferman, Chas. L. (Maud Minnick) 
Ch Lawrence, Anna, Edna, Free- 
port R3 Lancaster Sec28 OlOOa 

Siefermann, Wm. (Theresa Sauer) Ch 
Albert, Frances, Walter, Margaret, 
Marie, William, Freeport R3 Lan- 
caster Sec28 O80a (1867) 

Siemens, Frank (Mary Martin) Ch 
Mabel, John Ulysis, Grace, Twin 
Springs Farm Freeport R5 Silver 
Creek Secl4 Ol60a (1876) 

Siemens, John (Katherine Fuls) Bai- 
leyville Rl Silver Creek Sec28 092a 

Simmons, Chas. (Sarah Steine) Wins- 
low R3 Waddams Sec3 Ol60a 

Singer, Fred L. (Alma Grell) Ch Ray- 
mond, Carl, Freeport R5 Silver 
(reek Sec4 052a T40a Mrs. L. 
Bardell (1883) 

Sisson, J. Ch Marv, Iris, Lena R4 
Waddams Sec25 Ol20a (1887) 

Sisson, Rebecca Lena R4 Waddams 
Sec24 Ol20a (1854) 

Sites, Aug. (Mary Hoefer) Ch Clar- 
ice, Freeport R5 Silver Creek SecS 
T48a (1911) 

Skene, Alex. (Dora Rankin) Lena Rl 
Westpoint Sec35 065a (1893) 

Slamp, O. W. (Cora Meiers) Ch Alice, 
Kenneth, Harold, Nevin, Dwight, 
Davis R2 Rock Grove Sec23 Tl60a 
Rolland Pfafif (1907) 

Sleght, Jas. (Anna Robertson) Ch 
James, Charles, Richard. Red Oak 
Rl Waddams Sec28 T22a Cankrite 
& Hunter (1911) 



Smith, Chas. (Ellen Rubendall) Ch 
Harvev, Susan, Scioto Mills Har- 
lem Secll Ol04a (1871) 

Smith, Christopher (Eudora Atkins) 
Ch. Clarence, Ralph, Ethel, Hazel, 
Llovd, Merril, Winslow Winslow 
Sec2,-5 O40a 

Smith, Fred W. (Lousa Polker) 
Freeport R2 Florence Seel TSOa 
Mrs. Fred W. Smith (1867) 

Smith, Fred W. (Nettie Burma) Ch 
Orville, A-Iargret, Evelyn, Shannon 
Kl Florence Sec29 Tl20a Mrs. John 
Luebbing (1911) 

Smith, F. D. (Jennie Sullivan) Mc- 
Connell Rl Oneco Sec 31 Tll3a 
Mrs. Fred Schram (1867) 

Smith, G. W. Shannon Loran Sec2o 
O80a (1862) 

Smith, Harry (Edna Fortner) Ch 
Blanche, Ethel, Florence, Gladys, 
Ridott Rl Ridott Seclo Tl60a M. 
D. Swanza (1910) 

Smith, Henry (Sarah Auman) Kent 
Rl Kent Sec23 Ol3a (1862) 

Smith, H, L. (Anna Roskem) Ch 
Margaret, Mildred, Ethel, Bailey- 
ville Rl Silver Creek Sec29 Oll6a 

Smith, Jacob H. (Jessie) Ch Oscar, 
Freeport R6 Harlem Sec23 T35a 
Mrs. K. Smith (1890) 

Smith, John S. (Mabel Bordner) Ch 
Ralph Opal, Freeport R3 Lancas- 
ter Sec2 T40a Newton Wolf (1896) 

Smith, John A. (Jennie C. Pollock) 
Ch Herbert, Dakota Rl Dakota Sec 
36 067a (1886) 

Smith, Mrs. Kate B. (Troxel) Ch 
Mary, Earl, Myrtle, Helen, Free- 
port R3 Lancaster Sec23 Farm 
Hand A. F. Hill (1872) 

Smith, L. K. (Flossie Buss) Ch Irene, 
Hazel, Waddams Grove Rl West- 
point Sec23 Tl20a P. K. Smith 

Smith, R. W. (Kate Howard) Sunny 
Side Farm Freeport R6 Lancaster 
Seel 7 OSOa (1850) 

Smith, S. F. (Ellen Stoner) Ch Har- 
ry, Elizabeth, John, Samuel, Anna, 
Freeport R3 Lancaster Seclo OllOa 

Smith, Wm. J. (Ollie Kramer) Red 
Oak Rl Buckeye Sec34 075a (1872) 

Smith, Oscar (Lena Gerbetz) Ch Ed- 
na, Margaret, Oscar Jr., County 
Home Freeport Rl Silver Creek 
Sec7 T276a County Farm (1870) 

Smull, Wm. (Hattie Lapp) Ch Jake, 
Emery, Roy, Willie, Dakota Rl Da- 
kota Sec36 T80a Geo. Otto (1893) 

Snapp, Adam (Emma Baker) Pearl 
Cilv R2 Jefferson Sec25 OlOOa 

Snapp, Albert (Bena Gastman) Ch 
Margaret, Mabel, Mildred, Shan- 
non Rl Florence Tl60a (1883) 

Snapp, Mrs. Albert Ch Albert, Adam, 
Edward, Margaret, Pearl City R2 
Jefferson Sec25 Oll8a (1888) 

Snavely, C. (Oda Duck) Rock City 
Rl Rock Run Secl5 062a (1882) 

Sneck, G. S. (Rena Terhark) Free- 
port Rl Florence Seclo Tl40a 
Frank Muehlenhoff (1916) 

Snetcher, Chas. (Mary Kuhlemeyer) 
Ch Alma, Florence, Sam, Pearl City 
Rl Loran Secl6 Ol20a. 

Snook, A. G. (Villa Shull) Ch Don- 
ald, Freeport R3 Lancaster Secll 
Farm Hand John Greider (1901) 

Snook, Geo. (Ida Zimmerman) Ch 
Clara, Winslow R3 Winslow Sec21 
OS3a (1861) 

Snook, Harry E. (Katherine Zipse) 
Ch Vara, Clarence, Helen, Lorna, 
Ridott R2 Lancaster Sec36 Ol62a 

Snyder, Mrs. A. L. Ch Frank, Wal- 
ter, Raymond, Elta, Mabel, Floyd, 
Clarence, Freeport R6 Lancaster 
Secl9 0344a (1855) 

Snyder, Chas. W. (Mary J. _ Smith) 
Ch Albert, Antonia, Lucretia, Har- 
old, Leroy, Freeport R3 Lancas- 
ter Sec2fi Ol03a (1872) 

Snyder, Henry (Amanda Gerringer) 
Ch Isabelle, Clemmins, Clarence, 
Lena R3 Westpoint Sec31 O80a 

Snyder, John (Bessie Runkle) Ch 
Katelyn, McConnell Rl Waddams 
Sec9 OlOa (1877) 

Soehne, Henry (Lumky Trey) Ch 
Remmer, Margaret, German Valley 
R2 Ridott Sec20 Ol60a (1884) 

Soehne, Remmer (Tillie Jansen) Ger- 
man Valley R2 Ridott Sec20 Tl55a 
Henry Soehne (1891) 

Solace, Geo. C. (Lillian Gerber) Mc- 
Connell Rl Waddams Sec7 T66a 
John Cole (1880) 

Solace, John C. (Hazel Shippy) Ch 
Kenneth, Uve. Ralph, Elwyn. Mc- 
Connell Rl Waddams Sec8 Tl93a 
A. J. Stamm (1885) 

Solace, Jos. (Lizzie Moyer) Ch Fern, 
McConnell Rl Waddams Secl5 
Ol40a (1887) • 



Solace, V. A. (Elizabeth Cole) Ch 
Delbert, Velma, Ethel, McConnell 
Rl Waddams Secl4 OSOa (1857) 

Solberger, Fred (Kathrine Blumer) 
Ch Rosa, Erna, Fred, Otto, Albert, 
Arthur, Marion, Alice, Leona, Long 
Hollow Farm Orangeville R2 One- 
co Sec21 0214a (1909) 

Soliday, Shirley M. (Anna Schultz) 
Ch Clyde, Freeport Lancaster Sec36 
OlOa (1885) 

Soltow, Wm. (Anna Hall) Ch Alon- 
zo. Pearl City R2 Jefferson T40a 
Fred Dole (1915) 

Spaide, F. C. (Mabel LaBorde) Ch 
Mildred, Marie, Hazel, Freeport R6 
Harlem Secl4 Ol35a (1893) 

Spaide, J. C. (Emma Wessinger)- Ch 
Lloyd, Florence, Clarence, Russell, 
Vernon, Viola, Dorothy, Freeport 
R3 Dakota Sec36 Tl50a Mrs. Mary 
McElhaney (1892) 

Spangler, Frank (Anna Bolterf) Ch 
William, Gene, Paul, Rock City R2 
Rock Grove Sec29 OllOa (1852) 

Spangler, W. W. (Theodosia Wise) 
Ch Ada. Bernice, Helen, Dorothy, 
Rock City Rl Rock Run Sec5 TlOOa 
Johnson Est. (1877) 

Spielman, Burton (Carrie Warks) Ch 
Howard, Anna, Wanda, Pecatonica 
Ridott Sec24 Tl90a Mrs. Wolven 

Spielman, Jas. (Bertha Highland) Ch 
John, Henrj', Frank, William, Mary, 
Anna, Davis R2 Rock Run Seel 
O420a (1848) 

Spielman, Harry (Bertha Wascher) 
Ch Viola, Harriet, Charlie, Emiline, 
Phyllis, Frederick, Sanaport Springs 
Freeport R3 Lancaster Sec27 Tl83a 
Geo. Shoemaker & Jim Hinelure 

Spielman, O. W. (Margaret Harrigan) 
Ch Mildred, James, Dorothy, Jack, 
Frances. Robert, Freeport R3 Lan- 
caster Sec27 Tla Geo. Shoemaker 

Spillum, Wm. (Lizzie Flynn) Ch Leo, 
Clemones, Vernon, Davis R2 Rock 
Run Sec2 Ol90a (1882) 

Spitler, Thos. Ch Eva, May. Ran- 
som, Lena R4 Waddams Sec23 T80a 
John Vansickle (1913) 

Splinter, Mrs. Elizabeth Ch Walter, 
Winslow R2 Oneco Sec31 TlOa Mrs. 
Aug. Eberham (1903) 

Splinter, Julius (Lola Ellis) Ch Helen, 
Winslow Rl Winslow Secl9 T93a 
Mrs. L. F. Grandall (1913) 

Springman, Clarence (Lena Allen) 
Red Oak Rl Harlem Sec2 TlOla 
Geo. Springman (1895) 

Staas, Aug. (Anna Martin) Ch Helen, 
William, Albert, Clara, Woodland 
Valley Farm Freeport R2 Florence 
Secl8 064a (1877) 

Staas, Henry (Elizabeth Schubert) Ch 
Walter, Esther, Carl, Ruth, Helen, 
Freeport R3 Lancaster Sec22 O70a 

Staas, Henry (Emma Maurer) Ch 
Nelson, Dorothy, Beulah, Cedar- 
ville Rl Lancaster Sec8 Ol23a 

Staas, S. F. (Sophie Guthman) Ch 
Albert, Roy, Florence, Paul, Rob- 
ert, Harry, Freeport R3 Lancaster 
Sec21 OlOOa (1870) 

Staas, Walter (Pauline Clay) Pearl 
City R3 Kent Sec 36 Tl20a L. C. 
Prasse (1897) 

Stabenow, Mrs. Amand Ch John, Mc- 
Connell Rl Waddams Secl3 T61a 

Stabenow, Chas. (Carline Klecker) 
McConnell Waddams SeclS OlOOa 

Stabenow, Ed. L. E. (Lizzie Rohde) 
Ch Frances, Delmer, McConnell 
SeclS Ol03a (1880) 

Stabenow, Elmer (Frances Kohn) Ch 
Gerome, McConnell Rl Waddams 
Seel Ol46a (1888) 

Stabenow, Henry (Cathrine Dorles- 
ka) Ch Ruth, Gertrude, Clarence, 
Sarah, Laura, Delbert Leroy, Glen, 
McConnell Rl Waddams Sec8 
•Ol40a (1876) 

Stabenow, Jas. A. (Ella Barehardt) 
Twin Hill Farm McConnell Wad- 
dams Sec8 085a (1890) 

Stabenow, Sam. (Zoe E. Klontz) Ch 
Verda, Cecelia, Hazel, Iris, Tola, 
Oresta, Orelda, McConnell Rl 
Waddams Secll OlOOa (1S71) 

Staderman, Emil H. (Carline Wiss- 
mach) Ch Paul, Roath Farm Ridott 
Rl Ridott Sec4 TlSOa H. Roth Est. 

Staderman, Herman (Dena Kraul) 
Ch Nellie. Mady, Ridott R2 Ridott 
Sec27 085a (1885) 

Staderman, William (Marj^ Klaas) Ch 
Willard, Robert, Jennett, Eleroy 
Erin Secl3 Oll3a (1S79) 

Stahl, Louis (Grace Lameyer) Ch 
Mary, Lucy, Henry, Freeport R5 
Silver Creek SeclG TSOa Geo. Stenz- 
horn (1899) 



Stamm, E. W. (Maggie Wade) Ch 
Merl, Gladys, Mulford, Glenn, Red 
Oak Rl Buckeye Sec34 Tl45a Steve 
Rigney (1874) 

Stamm, Lloyd C (Elma Walter) Ch 
Byron, Harold, Mildred, McCon- 
nell Rl Waddams Sec8 097a (1913) 

Starr, Percy (Eda Skeine) Ch Floyd, 
Leo, Viola, Lena Rl Westpoint 
Sec36 O30a (1893) 

Stauffacher, E. R. (Chloe) Ch Mar- 
guerete, Freeport R4 Harlem Sec22 
T296a C. C. Bentley (1916) 

Stauffacher, W. D. (Bertha Gempler) 
Ch Wilma, Walter, Lincoln Junet- 
ta: Winslow Rl Winslow Seclo 
OlOOa (1910) 

Staver, E. H. (Nannie Strunk) Ch 
Glenn, Winslow Rl Winslow Sec25 

Staver, G. B. (Ada Maricle) Ch Harry, 
Elta, George, Pearl, Winslow Rl 
Winslow Sec 36 Ol20a (1875) 

Stebbins, Frank (Lizzie Hoke) Ch 
Delmer, Earl, Murfin, Archie, Bel- 
va; Freeport R2 Silver Creek Sec2 
Tll8a Mrs H. S. Stebbins (1889) 

Stebbins, J. H. (A'da Guinther) Ch 
Marion, Lester, Homer, Arnold, 
Melvin, Clifford, Violet, Freeport 
R5 Silver Creek Sec2 TllSa H. S. 
Stebbins Est (1879) 

Stebbins, Ralph (Bertha Fredricks) 
Ch Donald, Warren, Freeport R5 
Silver Creek Sec35 Tl56a A. Steb- 
bins (1891) 

Steele, Alexander E. (Bessie Rosen- 
stiel ) Ch Russel. Wilber, Loretta, 
Bonita, Donald, Freeport R4 Har- 
lem Sec20 Tl57a Thomas Steele 

Steele, John Freeport R6 Lancaster 
Sec8 Farm Hand Keine Canning 
Co. (1882) 

Stees, H. D. (Jennie McCalley) Ch 
Hersty, Percy, Paul, Thomas, Mar3^ 
Joseph Jennins, Henry, Waddams 
Grove Rl Westpoint Secl7 Tl03a 
Mary Stees (1882) 

Stees, John Waddams Grove Rl 
Westpoint Secl9 Ol4a (1887) 

Stees, M. C. Ch Maud, George, Lizzie, 
William. John, Amy, Dorothy, Ver- 
nette. Kent Rl Kent Secl4 Ol60a 

StefFen, JVIrs. C. Ch Simon, Louisa, 
Sophia, Henry. Loran SecSO 082a 

Steffen, Elmer (Emeline Shippy) Ch 
Eldred, Blanche, Freeport Rl Sil- 
, ver Creek SeclS TlOSa F. C. Stef- 
fi n (1892) 

Steffen, Simon (Henrietta Busch) Ch 
Laura. Anna, Lillie, Rosa, Fred, 
Walter, Robert, Maynard, Pearl 
City Rl Loran Sec27 TSOa A. Has- 
sclman Est. (1910) 

Steine, Geo. (Emma Rodgers) Myrtle, 
Husband, William, Clarence, Clif- 
ford, Iven. Waddams Grove Rl 
Westpoint Ola (1856) 

Steine, J, G. (Mary Simmons) Ch 
Arthur, Frank, Waddams Grove Rl 
Vk^estpoint SeclS 025a (1877) 

Stellin, J. S. (Addie Nurderhil) Ch Ho- 
mer, Clarence, Laura, Audrey, Eva, 
Freddy. Marv. Dakota R2 Rock 
Grove Sec29 OSOa (1914) 

Stem, Wm. H. Dakota Rl Dakota 
Sec36 058a (1866) 

Stemm, A. F. (Leah Stamm) McCon- 
nell Rl Waddams SecS 098a (1856) 

Stemm, Egre C. (Lydia Heise) Clo- 
ver Leaf Stock Farm McConnell Rl 
Waddams SecS TSOa Mrs. Susan 
Stemm (1889) 

Stemm, Mrs. Susan Ch Minnie, Ida, 
Milton, Mathilda, Maud, Nettie, 
Nora, Egre, Frank, Russell, Mc- 
Connell Rl Waddams SecS OSOa 

Stenchorn, Peter (Mary Bardell) Ch 
Clara, Edith, Bertha, Mary, Emma, 
Freeport R5 Silver Creek Sec2 OTOa 

Stenchorner, Geo. (Cornelia Martin) 
Ch George, Freeport R5 Silver 
Creek Secll 076a (1857) 

Stephan, August (Adele Blackstone) 
Freeport R3 Lancaster Sec33 Farm 
Hand O. H. Wright (1914) 

Stevens, I. E. (Hazel Brown) Ch 
Harold.' Lena R2 Erin Seel T80a 
L. Henke (1896) 

Stewart, Clem (Eva) Dakota R2 Da- 
kota Sec24 085a 

Stewart, Homer (Grace Zipsie) Win- 
slow R3 Winslow Sec 34 TSOa J. A. 
Stewart (1895) 

Stewart, O. M. (Hattie Smith) Ch 
Carlyle, Caryl, Winston, Winslow 
R2 Winslow Secl4 057a (1877) 

Stinson, W. F. (Mary Darsey) Ch 
Terome: Rock City Rl Rock Run 
Secl4 O220a (1847) 

Stites, James E. (Edith Shippee) Ch 
Loral, McConnell Rl Waddams 
Sec6 T44a Mrs. Mary Shippee 



Stoleupe, Wm. (Jane Trickle) Ch 
Elly, Verna, Mamie, Jenny, Jessie, 
Hiram, Lee, William, Nettie, Clar- 
no Rl Oneco Sec24 OSOa (1916) 

Stoll, J. L. (Lizzie Wohlford) Ch Ma- 
bel: Red Oak Rl Buckeye Sec26 
O60a (1889) 

Stork, Fred B. (Fredericka Brisor) 
Ch Pauline, Marie, Fred, Morning 
Side Fruit & Vegetable Farm Free- 
port Silver Creek Sec4 025a (1854) 

Stout, Chas. Ch Milford.Freeport R4 
Erin Sec25 OlOOa (.I860) 

Strattman, H. (Kate Ophof) Ch Hen- 
ry, Kate, Herman, Deane, German 
Valley R2 Ridott Sec27 O80a (1857) 

Streckwald, John Ch Eva, Roy, Henry, 
Francis, Robert; Winslow R2 Wins- 
low Sec 25 Ol46a (1897) 

Strohecker, G. W. (Pauline Meier) 
Ch Laura, Arthur, Fern, Freeport 
R4 Harlem Sec28 OlOOa (1872) 

Strong, Harrison (Alice Reed) Ch 
Oidy, Clark, Clifford, Elmer, Ridott 
R2 Ridott Sec21 07a (1875) 

Strong, Oscar (Sarah Meyers) Ch El- 
sie. Ridott R2 Rock Run Secl6 
Ol4a (1887) 

Strong, Sam (Ida Gregory) Ch Ma- 
mie. Ridott R2 Ridott Sec24 TlOOa 
Wm. Merritt (1897) 

Strong, Wm. (Sarah Daughenbaugh) 
Ch Samuel. Harrison. Knaly, 
Phoebe, Edith, Earnest, Ridott R2 
Ridott Sec21 042a (1857) 

Stubby, Wm. (Amanda Fisher) Ch 
Rosie. Clarence, Carl, Winslow R3 
Winslow Sec35 Ol51a (1900) 

Studebaker, Elmer (Linnie Schu- 
mann) Ch Lucille, Lawrence, Mar- 
guerite, Kent Rl Kent Sec24 T87a 
F. R. Erwin (1883) 

Stukenberg, Alfred O. (Mabel Kru- 
sey) Ch Shannon. Florence Sec32 
T200a Mrs. P. Barron (1892) 

Stukenberg, Ed L. (Sadie Veitmeier) 
Ch Lester, Freeport Rl Florence 
Sec21 T200a Ed. Hamm (1886) 

Stukenberg, Henry C. (Minnie Viet- 
meier) Ch Marjorie. Baileyville Rl 
Silver Creek Sec34 Ol60a (1890) 

Stykle, Mello (Anna) Ch Engil, John, 
William. Baileyville Rl Silver 
Creek- Sec35 Tl60a Wm. Fosha 

Suettig, Fred C. (Susie Schmidt) Pearl 
City Rl Loran Secl2 Ol02a (1882) 

Sughrove, T. J. (Alice Dorn) Ch Ed- 
ward, John, James, Nellie, Joseph, 
Ridott R2 Rock Run Secl4 T80a 
John Shugrove (1857) 

Sullivan, Al. (Ida Liberty) Ch Mary, 
Edward, Harold, Bernard, Lena R2 
Harlem Sec8 QSOa (1877) 

Sullivan, E. J. (Jane McConville) Ch 
John, Lena R2 Harlem Sec6 0215a 

Sunderman, Mary Ch Maggie, Lottie, 
Au8;ust, William, Pearl City R4 
Jefi'erson Sec24 O20a (1853) 

Swanzey, L. M. (Ellen Blakway) Ch 
Howard, Ruth, Ella, Helen, Maple 
Lawn Farm Ridott Rl Ridott SeclO 
Ol21a (1877) 

Swisher, Ed. Orangeville R3 Rock 
Grove Sec34 0318a (1877) 

Taft, B. T. (Jennie Runkle) Ch Jo- 
sephine, Cyrus, Dale, Kenneth, 
Wilma, Percherons Stock Farm 
Orangeville Rl Oneco Sec23, 082a 

Taft, Rand (Berdie Crago) Winslow 
R2 Oneco Sec29 O80a (1883) 

Tammline, Claus (Minnie Weick) Ch 
Helen, Gertrude, Emma. Lucille, 
Ruth, Cedarville Rl Buckeye Sec32 
Tl73a T. R. Rice (1907) 

Terhark, Fred (Jennie Nehman) Ch 
Grace, Rena, Jake, Frederick. Fred, 
Henry, Lena, Anna, Richard, 
George, Jennie, Freeport Rl Flor- 
ence Secl2 T270a T. Moyer (1892) 

Terhark, Thos. (Gesana Fransen) Ch 
Grace, John, Fred, Gertrude, Henry, 
Thomas, Rock City Rl Rock Run 
Secl7 Ol70a (1892) 

Thiel, Mrs. Rosie Winslow R2 Wins- 
low Sec25 Ooa (1882) 

Thiele, Geo. W. (Delia Merchant) Ch 
(lalena. Pearl City R4 Loran Sec7 
OlOOa (1891) 

Thoman, Boyd H. (Mabel Nath) Ch 
Lois, Dallis, Cleone, Verda, Wil- 
low Creek Farm Freeport R3 Lan- 
caster Secl3 Ol44a (1886) 

Thoman, J. T. (J. L. Mitchell) Ch 
Bovd. Freeport R3 Lancaster Secl3 
Boyd Thoman (1854) 



Thomas, C. M. (Emma Placer) Ch 
Fern, Nellie, Ellis, Pearl City R2 
Loran Sec 18 T80a Geo. Thomas 

Thomas, H. T. (Nora Plager) Ch 
Lloyd, Florence; Pearl City R2 Lo- 
ran Secl8 TSOa Geo. Thomas (1886) 

Thomas, S. H. Ridott Sec2 Ridott 
Tl20a J. L. Lease (1911) 

Thomson, Alfred (Cora Weber) Da- 
vis Rl Rock Run SeclS Ol20a 

Thompson, D. T. (Fianna Erwin) Ch 
Roland, Sarah, Lerr, Nettie, Wil- 
son, H. P. S.. Elta, Daisy, Beulah. 
Arbor Dale Farm Kent Rl Kent 
Sec25 Ol46a (1871) 

Thompson, L. W. (Almeda Inman) 
Ch Lowell, Edna, Walter, Luella, 
Oral, Kent Kent Sec27 T223a G. 
W. Keister (1884) 

Thompson, Ole (Josephine Hanson) 
Ch Clara, Ora, Andrew, Verna. 
Train View Farm Davis Rl Rock 
Run SeclS 084a (1840) 

Thompson, R. R. (Anna M. Prasse) 
Ch Melvid, Miles, Merril, Lenora, 
Eveljm, Arlena, Sunnyside Farm 
Kent Rl Kent Sec34 OloOa (1873) 

Thoren, Chas. (Susie Barlga) Ch 
Leonard, Vernon, Guida, Rock City 
R2 Rock Grove Sec4 Ol59a (1S71) 

Thoren, John (Minnie Talkemeier) 
Ch Harold, Veneta, Clover Leaf 
Stock Farm Rock City R2 Rock 
Run Sec8 Ol40a (1883) 

Tielkemeier, Clayton Sprina: Brook 
Stock Farm Rock City R2 Rock 
Grove Sec5 Ol65a (1875) 

Tielkemeier, C. T. (Ida Thoren) Ch 
Esther, Ruth, Rock Run Stock 
Farm Rock City R2 Rock Run Sec8 
Ol50a (1878) 

Tielkemeier, Fred (Reke Hoofmeis- 
ter) Ch Henry, John, Anna, Mar- 
tha, Reke, William, George, Ida, 
Rock City Rl Rock Run SeclS 
Ol55a (18.52) 

Tielkemeier, Fred H. (Anna Aless- 
man) Ch Roy, Clarence, Lloyd, Ce- 
dar Grove Dairy Farm Cedarville 
Rl Buckeye Secl9 Ol60a (1870) 

Tielkemeier, Geo. (Emma Becker) Ch 
Grace, Franklin, Freda, Nira, Fred, 
Rock City Rl Rock Run Secl5 0.53a 

Tielkemeier, Gust (Julia) Rock City 
R2 Rock Run Secl7 O80a (1867) 

Tielkemeier, John (Clara Messiman) 

Ch Evelyn, Grace, Spring Meadow 

Farm Dakota R2 Dakota Sec26 

Ol20a (1877) 
Tielkemeier, Wm. Rock- City R2 Rock 

Run Secl7 OSOa (1867) 
Timm, Wm. F. (Amanda Block) Ch 

Alvin, Dwight, Orangeville R2 

Oneco Sec28 O80a (1880) 
Timmerman, R. R. German Valley R2 

Ridott Sec28 04a (1877) 
Toeke, Fred (Ida Keller) Ch Elmer 

Kenneth, Mary, Davis Rl Rock 

Run Sec36 OllOa (1867) 
Toelke, Charlie (Minnie Iserman) Ch 

Clarence, Esther, Elmer, Florence, 

Rock City R2 Rock Run Sec8 OlOOa 


Toelke, Dane (Minnie Goka) Ch Ma- 
bel, Ada, Otter Creek Farm Davis 
Rl Rock Grove Seel Ol38a (1875) 

Toelke, Wm. (Minnie Horstmeier) 
Dakota R2 Rock Grove Sec8 Tl20a 

Tollmeier, Edw. (Rana Kerch) Pearl 
City R2 Jefferson Sec35 Ol91a 

Toogood, C. M. (Kate Rice) Lena 
R3 Westpoint Secll Ol73a (1907) 

Topper, Albert (Alvina Beyer) Kent 
Rl Kent Sec23 Ed. Wingert (1917) 

Trappon, John T. (Margaret Riland) 
Ch John, Nicholas, Thomas, Lena 
R3 Westpoint Sec35 OSaa (1867) 

Tredinnick, E. C. (Althea Levi) Ch 
Vernon, Red Oak Rl Buckeye 
Sec23 O60a (1910) 

Trester, Gust. A. (Dora Jordan) Ch 
Leo, Ovel, Irene, Helen, Neva, 
Orangeville Rl Oneco Sec35 O40a 

Trotter, M. T. (Emma Baiter) Ch 
Grace, Guy, Orangeville Rl Buck- 
eye Secll O70a (1849) 

Trunk, Chas. (Laura Kramer) Free- 
port R5 Silver Creek Seel T222a 
Wm. C. Fischer (1896) 

Trunk, Geo. C. (Catherine) Ch LeRoy, 
Russell, Scioto Mills Harlem SeclS 
T226a John F. Trunk Est. (1876) 

Turner, Elmer J. (Bertha Miller) Ch 
Virgil, Ridott R2 Ridott Sec30 
T208a J. T. Turner (1887) 

Turner, Wm. T. (Minnie Kruse) Ch 
Charlie. Laura, Martha, Elta, Ar- 
thur, liarry; Ridott R2 Lancaster 
Sec25 Ol31a (1872) 




Ubbens, Geo. (Johanna Konstant) Ch 
Lena, German Valley RS Ridott 
Secl4 O20a (1881) 

Ubbens, Henry (Lizzie Beckermier) 
Ch Mary, Elsie, William, Martha, 
Annie, Lizzie, Ada, Bertha, Ridott 
R2 Ridott Sec21 087a (1868) 

Uden, Reemt Ch Thomas, Jennie, Ida, 
Frank, Freeport Rd Silver Creek 
Secl4 Farm Hand Thos. Uden 

Uden, Thos. (Deborah Borchers) Ch 
Hattie, Alvin, Freeport R5 Silver 
Creek Secl4 03a (1867) 

Uecker, E. W. (Anna Noller) Ch 
Opal. Paul, Freeport R4 Loran 
Seel T]00a W. J. Noller (1884) 

Uhe, Herman (Mabel Holmes) Ch 

Helen, Lena R4 Waddams Sec25 

Ol60a (1882) 
Uhe, Sam (Elsie Dower) Ch Mildred, 

Floyd, Lloyd, Lena R4 Westpoint 

Sec21 Ol71a (1888) 

Uhe, Wm. (Anna Bushman) Ch Cath- 
erine, Irvin, Lena R3 Westpoint 
Sec26 Ol05a (1866) 

Uhe, W. H. (Ida Hintz) Ch Arnold, 
Leslie, Lena R4 Westpoint Sec29 
OlOSa (1915) 

Ulrich, J. L. (Alice Springman) Ch 
Lester, Roy, Freeport R6 Buckeye 
Sec33 T250a W. B. Angle (1877) 

VanAuken Bros. Rock City R2 Rock 
Run Secl7 O40a (1901) 

VanDyke, Will (Elizabeth Lake- 
macher) Ch Dick. Freeport R2 
Florence Sec3 TllOa J. W. Van- 
Dyke (1883) 

VanLoh, Christ (Mary Reints) Ch 
Alvin, Freeport R5 Silver Creek 
Sec23 Ol60a Tl60a Mike Stoskoff 

VanLoh, Geo. M. (Flora Kaiser) Ch 
Clarence, Evoda, Freeport R5 Sil- 
ver Creek Sec27 T268a M. G. Van- 
Loh (1879) 

VanMatere, Fred N. (Kittie Taft) Ch 
Irene, Dory, Madeline, Evelyn, Bru- 
neta. Orangeville Rl Oneco Sec21 
087a (1878) 

VanMatre, Geo. (Ella Dorn) Ch 
Glenn, Thurin, Homer, Clarence, 
Orangeville Rl Oneco Sec28 OT7a 

VanMatre, L. D. (Rachel Shippy) 
Orangeville Rl Oneco Sec21 057a 

VanSickle, Chas. O. (Alta Kleckler) 
Ch. Leland, Glenn, Henry, Allen, 
Kenneth, Lena R4 Waddams Secl4 
Oll2a (1880) 

VanSickle, Edwin (Anna Shippee) Ch 
Ralph, Laurabelle, Lena R4 Wad- 
dams Sec22 Ol20a (1869) 

VanSickle, Fred (Addie Masters) Ch 
Leona, Dakota Rl Dakota Sec3 
Oll4a (1871) 

VanSickle, Geo. (Carrie Heise) Ch 
Rollege, Eileen. Lena R4 Wad- 
dams Secl4 Cl20a (1876) 

VanSickle, Jas. (Angie Smith) Ch 
Ruth, Vera, Lena R4 Waddams 
Seel Tl24a R. Siesson (1872) 

VanValkenburgh, Albert (Kate Rich- 
ardson) Ch Frank, Bert, Pecaton- 
ica R4 Rock Run Seel 065a (1867) 

Vautsmeier, Geo. Lena R5 Erin Sec27 
Ol20a (1874) 

Vautsmeier, R. B. (Sadie Cady) Ch 
Mildred. Howard, Helen, Marjorie; 
Freeport R3 Lancaster Sec27 OlOa 

Veer, Garrelt M. (Henricka Etgas) Ch 
John, Jennie, Freeport R6 Lancas- 
ter Sec9 T80a Dick Dickman (1915) 

Vehmeier, Alfred (Delma) Eleroy 
Harlem Secl9 OlOOa (1881) 

Vehmeier, Chas. (Erna Smith) Lena 
R2 Erin Secl2 081a (1890) 

Vehmeier, Elmer D. (Emma Kampen) 
Ch Wilbur, Evaline, Eldon, Free- 
port R3 Lancaster Seel O80a (1879) 

Vehmeier, Mrs. F. Ch Ida, Elmer, 
Walter, John, Alta, Fred, Ralph, 
Harrv, Edna; Rock City Rl Rock 
Run Sec28 O210a (1857) 

Vehmeier, John W. (Vernie Walker 
Ch Gladys, Doris. Dakota Rl Rock 
Run Sec29 T256a Vehmeier Est. 

Veitmeier, Sam (Dehla Mavers) Ch 
Ruby, Henry. Beulah, Ridott R2 
Rock Run Secl6 Ol3a (1887) 



Veitmeyer, Chas. H. (Lottie Camfield) 
Ridott R-2 Ridott Sec28 042a (1884) 

Vial, Harm (Jennie Lamayer) Ch 
George, Henry, Grace, Catherine, 
German Valley Rl Ridott Sec28 
Tl9tia McDemkes Est. (1915) 

Vick, Chas. (Gertrude Lorenze) Ch 
Ferdinand, Carlsruhe Farm Free- 
port Rl Lancaster Secl9 O20a 
(187 8) 

Vierdag Bros. Ch Herman, Henry, 
William. John. Alargaret. German 
Valley Rl" Ridott SeclQ Tll6a Jake 
Wessles (1877) 

Virtue, David S. (Wilna Keeler) Ch 
Bethel, Martha, Donald, Sherman, 
Black Hawk Farm Pearl City R3 
SecS.J TlOSa A. Keeler (1908) 

Vohlken, Geo. (Jennie (Fransen) Ch 
Appie, Emil, John, George Jr., 
Florence Station Florence Sec 27 
T302a C. Fred Kaiser Est. (1892) 

Volkers, Chas. H. (Nelda Rech) Vol- 
ker's Stock Farm Freeport Rl Lo- 
ran Sec23 0316a (1892) 

Volkers, Jas. F. (Alma Christman) 
Ch Raymond, Forrest, Randall, 
Genevieve, Gwendolyn, Pearl City 
Rl Loran Sec26 O330a (1877) 

Volkers, John J. (Stella Christman) 
Ch Rollan, Freeport Rl Florence 
Secl8 081a (1884) 

Voss, Frank (Lena Brinkmeier) Ch 
Roy, Willie, Grant, Harvey, El- 
nora, Nellie, Pearl City R2 Loran 
Sec33 O200a (1869) 

Voss, Fred (Anna Mideke) Ch Jo- 
sephine, Anna, Carolina, Clara, 
George, Laura, Frederick, Freeport 
Rl Loran SeclS Ol35a (1867) 

Voss, Fred J. (Martha Jonas) Ch 
Florence, Freeport R3 Lancaster 
Sec23 T80a W. Voss (1885) 

Voss, Geo. Pearl City Rl Loran Secll 
Tl02a E. Stocks Est. (1875) 

Voss, John Jr. German Valley Rl 
Ridott Sec26 Tia Mrs. Menonenga 

Voss, John A. (Edna Roberts) Free- 
port Rl Loran Se'clS Ol56a (1891) 

Voss, Karl F. (Lidy Houlste) Ch 
Henry, Freeport R3 Lancaster 
Sec20 096a (1874) 

Voss, Sam (Catherine Penticoff) Ch 
Gertrude, Pearl City Rl Loran 
Secl6 O80a (1877) 


Wachlin, Chas. F. (Mary Young) Ch 
Emma, Lizzie, Edward, Fred, 
Frank, Laura. Roy, Ray, Charlie, 
Freeport R3 Lancaster SeclO OlOOa 

Wachlin, Frank (Elsie Hess) Ch Lee, 
Jennie, Mylo, Pearl, Noel, Dale, 
Floyd, Luella, Lena R4 Westpoint 
Secie OloOa (1870) 

Wachlin, Robt. E. (Louise Schinkel) 
Ch Elmer. Rolland; McConnell Rl 
Waddams Sec20 096a (1892) 

Wagner, Chas. U. (Lizzie Lapp) Ch 
Gertrude, Clifford, Leslie, Dakota 
Rl Dakota Sec24 TSOa W. H. Lapp 

Wagner, Christian (Frederica 
Whorle) Ch Fanny, Dena, Fred- 
erick, Winslow R3 Winslow^ Sec33 
O80a (1891) 

Wagner, Edw. (Ada Wohlford) Ch 
William, Theodore, Ideal Poultry 
Jersev Farm McConnell Rl Wad- 
dams' Sec9 088a (1862) 

Wagner, L. R. (Anna Biesemeier) Ch 
Helen, Eleroy Erin Secl3 026a 

Wagner, John (Elizabeth Wachlain) 
Ch Lillian, Nellie, Iflorence, John, 
Busy Bee Farm McConnell Rl 
Buckeye SeclO O203a (1858) 

Wagner, Oscar (Cora Fisher) Ch 
Glenn, Grace. Rock City R2 Rock 
Grove Sec24 O50a (1879) 

Wagner, R. A. (Myrtle Lichtenwil- 
ner) Ch Thelma, Orangeville R2 
Oneco Sec29 Tl60a W. A. Wagner 

Wagner, S, R. (Mina Dobler) Ch 
Stafford, Iva, Violet, Delmar, Lena 
R2 Harlem Sec7 TlOa Miss R. T. 
Wagner Est. (1867) 

Wagner, W. H. (Fannie Stocks) Ch 
Carrie, Mabel, Pleasant Valley 
Farm Lena R2 Harlem Sec5 O80a 

Wait, Louis (Eliza Rayhorn) Ch 
Clyde, Ralph, Winslow R3 Wad- 
dams Sec2 Ol40a (1882) 

Wales, A. J. (Harriett Dively) Ch 
Ethel, Louis, Alma, Clarence, Mel- 
vin, Edwin, McConnell Rl Wad- 
dams Seco Tl40a Geo. Hulbert 



Wales, Clarence E. (Phoebe Reck) 
Ch Ralph, Lois, Winslow R3 Wins- 
low Sec33 TllOa Anderson Maurer 

Wales, Louis A. (Blanche Grain) Ch 
Alma, Orangeville R2 Oneco Sec21 
Ol83a L. A. Wales and Harry 
Grain (1887) 

Walker, Edw. L. (Katherine Heisler) 
Gh Oliver, Grace, Freeport R2 
Florence Sec4 Ol52a (1865) 

Walker, F. B. (Martha Brown) Gh 
Harry, Iva, Eugene, Freeport R3 
Dakota Sec34 Ol60a (1852) 

Walker, Harry H. (Anna Marcan) Gh 
Mary, Bertha, Floyd, Grace, Ho- 
mer, Prairie View Farm Dakota Rl 
Buckeye Sec4 Ol55a (1882) 

Walker, H. A. Freeport R3 Dakota 
Sec34 TlGOa (1876) 

Wall, John F. (Helen Grant) Gh 
Mary, Shannon Rl Florence Sec3-2 
O240a (1889) 

Wall, Mrs. Katherine Gh Agnes, John, 
Harriet, Francis, Shannon Rl Flor- 
ence Sec28 Tl60a John Wall Est. 

Wallbaum, H. F. (Garrie Ipenwall) 
Gh Arvilla, Floyd, Glendale Farm 
Freeport R2 Harlem Sec32 Ol20a 

Wallmann, E. A. (Vera Fahr) Spring 
Valley Farm Orangeville Rl Oneco 
Sec23 Tl90a (1912) 

Walrad, G. (Augusta Lahre) Gh Nina, 
Ardath; Pearl Gity Rl Loran Sec21 
OlOOa (1887) 

Walter, Chas. W. (Antonie Lenz) Gh 
Glenn, Edna, Erma, Orangeville Rl 
Oneco Sec27 Ol60a (1882) 

Walter, C. C. (Ruth Barker) Gh Neva, 
Ray, Elsie, Ethel, Glenn, Dakota 
Rl Oneco Sec33 OllOa (1874) 

Walter, Earl M. (Dora Wilson) Gh 
Roy, Orangeville Rl Waddams Sec 
3 T53a Oscar Walter (1882) 

Walter, Frank A. (Meta Reuber) Gh 
Lillian, Orangeville Rl Oneco Sec 
27 OlOOa (1886) 

Walter, Frank J. (Pearl Bender) Gh 
Faye, Spring Grove Dairy Farm 
Orangeville Rl Oneco Sec33 O90a 

Walter, J. G. (Anna Walter) Gh 
Frank, Elsie, Julia, Bertha, Mar- 
garet, Freeport R2 Harlem Sec32 
Ol60a (1893) 

Walter Lloyd (Mary Daugenbaugh) 
Ch Leda, Gladys, Vade, Freeport 
R6 Buckeye Sec33 Ol30a (1872) 

Walter, Oscar (Ethel Smith) Gh Clar- 
ence, Harold, Millard, Orangeville 
Rl Waddams Sec4 059a Tl85a E. 
L. Bender (1870) 

Walter, Wm. O. (Edna Stamm) En- 
terprize Farm Dakota Rl Buckeye 
Secll 073a (1894) 

Wardlow, Robt. (Melissa Barlliff) Gh 
Victor, Robert, Mary, Anna, Jennie, 
Madison, Harry, Melissa, Ridott R2 
Rock Run Secl8 OSOa (1852) 

Wardlow, U. G. (Mary Whirry) Gh 
Robert, Dora, Olive, Howard, Lou- 
ise, Homer, Leo, Milo, Orangeville 
Rl Buckeye Sec2 L Gross (1906) 

Warneke, Edw. (Gertrude Krahmer) 
Gh Mildred, Freeport R2 Florence 
Sec7 088a (1915) 

Warneke, H. W. (Garne Hake) Ch 
Norman, Pearl City Rl Loran Sec 
11 OlSla (1879) 

Waterman, Waldo D. (Emma Lamb) 
Ch Robert, Harry, May, Arthur, 
Frances, Helen, Vernon, Ra3miond, 
Floyd, Pearl City Rl Loran Secl4 
O320a (1856) 

Waywaydy, Mrs. Gh Anna, Rock City 
Rl Rock Run Sec27 O40a (1867) 

Weaver, H. Elmer (Vernie Wolf a) 
Gh Adelbert, Charles, Meadow 
View Farm Dakota Rock Run Sec 
31 Tl05a S. A. Weavers (1886) 

Webb, Geo. (Agnes Beal) Ridott R3 
Ridott Sec30 Oll2a S. M. Webb 

Weber, A. C. (Nettie Tollett) Gh 
Charles, Earnest, Clarence, Daniel, 
Prairie View Farm Ridott Rl Ri- 
dott Sec35 Tl20a Weber Est. (1867) 

Weber, Earnest (Sarah Gearman) Ch 
Clinton, Rock Gity Rl Rock Run 
Sees TlOOa Germain Est. (1889) 

Weber, Geo. (Sadie Millan) Ch John, 
Esther, Joseph, Lena R3 West- 
point Sec26 T80a John Weber 

Weber, John F. (Nettie Kubly) Al- 
falfa Orin Farm Orangeville Rl 
Oneco Sec26 047a (1910) 

Weber, Roy (Edith Lohmeier") Davis 
Rl Rock Run Secll T85a Take 
Weber (1914) 

Weber, Wm. (Minnie Schenberg) Ch 
Wesley, Ada, Albert, Earl, Helen, 
Eda, Ridott Ridott Sec31 Tl20a 
Brace Est. (1909) 

Weber, Wm. A. (Edith Hillebrecht) 
Gh Lucille, Freeport Silver Greek 
Sec34 T80a G. E. Brown Est. (1890) 



Weckerly, B. E. (Ida Sheard) Ch 
Irvin, Fay, Delia. Warren Rl 
Winslow Sec23 O80a (1909) 

Weells, C. E. (Glen Stites) Ch 
Floyd, McConnell Rl Waddams 
Sec8 Tl29a Mrs. Geo. Weells 

Weemer, Carl (Edith Sack) Ch Earl, 
Davis Rl Rock Run Secll Tl20a 
John Mattes (1885) 

Weemer, C. H. (Anna Beckmier) Ch 
Arthur, Leah, Rock City Rl Rock 
Run Sec28 Tl36a (1881) 

Weemer, Fred (Dora Koepp) Ch 
Irene, Charlotte. Rock City R2 
Rock Grove Sec2 T240a Henrichs- 
meier Bros. (1886) 

Weemer, John (Lena Otto) Ch Alvin, 
Grace, Davis Rl Rock Grove Sec26 
0221a (1879) 

Weggens, Wm. Florence Station Flor- 
ence Sec26 Ol5a (1909) 

Wehrenberg, Richard (Lizzie Sand- 
rock) Ch William, Marie, John, 
Fred, Paul, Elsie, .Sprinc: Brook 
Dairy Farm Rock City Rl Rock 
Run Sees Ol60a (1887) 

Weick, Aug. Jr. (Nettie Rackow) Red 
Oak Rl Buckeye Secl5 Tl78a 
Thos. Wohlford (1892) 

Weick, Fred W. (Emma Freyer) Ch 
Beulah. McConnell Rl Buckeye 
SeclO T57a Aug. Weick (1889) 

Welch, John E. (Orpha Holman) Ch 
Hazel, Guv, Lucille, Orangeville 
R2 Oneco Sec25 064a (1914) 

Welch, Wm. E. (Maud Wandh) Ch 
Edward, Orangeville R2 Buckeye 
Sec5 Tl60a W. A. Welch (1912) 

Welling, Aug. Dakota R2 Dakota 
Secl3 Ol60a (1864) 

Welling, Fred (Jennie Rente) Ch 
Merrill, Clififord, Star Dairy Farm 
Dakota R2 Rock Run Secl8 075a 

Wells, Byron (Edna Miller) Ch Clif- 
ford, Evelyn, Lester, Hickory 
Grove Dairy Farm Dakota R2 Da- 
kota Secll Ol22a (1885) 

Wells, John (Anna McCauley) Ch 
Irene, Rock City R2 Rock Grove 
Secl9 062a (1873) 

Welt, Fred McConnell Rl Waddams 
Seel O80a (1875) 

Welt, Geo. (Pearl Kern) Ch Marga- 
ret, Katherine, Paul, Winslow Rl 
Winslow Sec29 OlOSa (1873) 

Welt, Jacob McConnell Rl Waddams 
Seel O40a (1885) 

Welz, Herman (Lena Trester) Ch 
Victor, Winslow R2 Oneco Sec33 
OoOa (1905) 

Werkheiser, Emery (Blanche Sar- 
gent) Kent Rl Kent Secll Ol20a 

Werkheiser, John (Amy Allanson) Ch 
Ralph, Melvin, Kenneth, Lena Rl 
Westpoint Sec34 T95a Jennie Yea- 
gers (1907) 

Wernicke, John (Elizabeth Stouf¥er) 
Ch Samuel, William, Waddams 
Grove Rl Westpoint Sec8 OSOa 

Wernicke, Wm. (Hazel Matter) Wad- 
dams Grove Rl Westpoint Sec9 
O80a (1915) 

Wessels, Henry Freeport R5 Silver 
Creek Sec 22 T240a John H. Wes- 
sels (1877) 

Wessels, Heye (Gertie Friday) Ch 
John, Arjen, Etta, Jennie, Heye Jr., 
Harry, Angeline, German Valley 
Rl Silver Creek Sec36 T200a Mrs. 
G. Wessels (1863) 

Wessles, H. R. (Maggie Coleman) 
German Valley R2 Ridott Sec21 
TlSOa Robt. Wessles (1887) 

Wessles, Jacob (Bertha Abels) Ger- 
man Valley Rl Ridott Sec35 O20a 

Wessles, John Jr. (Minnie Bardell) 
German Valley Rl Silver Creek 
Sec30 TlOOa G. Wessles (1891) 

Wessles, John H. Ch Heye, Katie, 
Henry, Clara, Freeport R5 Silver 
Creek Sec22 O240a (1864) 

Wessles, J. W. (Dena Wieman) Ch 
Wessles, Freling, Jacob, Herman, 
Macko, Annie, Grace, George, Ma- 
rie. German Valley Rl Ridott Sec 
16 O400a (1857) 

Wessles, Miko J. (Florence Brauer) 
Ch Gerald. German Valley R2 Ri- 
dott Sec21 T295a Telderk Wessles 

Wessles, Robt. (Ennette Weiman) Ch 
Grace. Mako, Wessle, Annie. Rubia, 
German Vallev R2 Ridott Sec20 
O560a (1862) 

Wessles, Wessle (Ida Johnson) Ch 
Harry, German Valley Rl Ridott 
Sec30 OSOa (1882) 

Westbrook, John G. (Adella Phillips) 
Ch Mav, Lena R2 Waddams Sec32 
T40a Phillips Co. (1914) 



Whitbecker, Louis F. (Martha Fer- 
nan) Ch John, Jessie, Teddie, Elea- 
nor, Dorothy, Freeport Silver 
Creek Sec4 Tl5a Whitbecker Est. 

Wichman, A. (Freda Paul) Ch Han- 
nah, Mary, Frank, Jennie, Charlie, 
Grace, Red Oak Rl Waddams Sec 
28 O40a (1875) 

Wichman, Frank (Ethel Klontz) Ch 
Jean, Maple Spring Stock Farm Red 
Oak Rl Waddams Sec21 Tl93a Mrs. 
Mary Folgate (1884) 

Wichman, Gabe (Martha Remmers) 
Ch Clarence, Freeport R6 Lancas- 
,ter Sec4 T240a Aug. Landolt (1916) 

Wickler, Adam (Mary Wright) Ch 
Milton, Sheldon, Vera, Lena Rl 
Westpoint Sec34 Tl44a F. A. How- 

Wieck, Wm. (Anna Schram) Ch Wil- 
liam, Charles, Kate, Dora, Red Oak 
Rl Buckeye Sec22 Ol22a (1882) 

Wieck, Wm. F. Jr. (Ethel Nafe) Ch 
Glenn. Tyler, Red Oak Rl Buck- 
eye Secl4-23 OlOOa (1885) 

Wieman, Christ (Midie Annerman) 
Ch Gretchen, Slenas, Engleton, 
Dick, German Valley R2 Ridott 
Sec23 T240a Marie Reints (1879) 

Wienand, Simon (Lena Meier) Ch 
Charlie, Henry, Matilda, Ed., Helen, 
Laura, Freeport Lancaster Sec36 
O20a (1889) 

Wieneke, Fred (Mary Hughes) Ch 
Carl, Mary, Irene, Freeport R2 
Florence Sec2 T40a Oakland Ceme- 
tery Assn. (1878) 

Wieneke, Henry (Caroline Greene- 
wald) Ch Augusta, Henry, Carrie, 
Fred, Emma, Charles, Matilda, Ed- 
ward, Lydia, Bertha, Paul, Sunny 
Slope Farm Freeport R2 Florence 
SeclO O80a (18G2) 

Wiener, Frank (Bertha Iseman) Ch 
Ella, Dakota R2 Rock Grove Sec36 
Tl60a Kuhlmeier Est. (1913) 

Wientjes, Mrs. Jennie Ch John, Jake, 
Anna, Albert, Fannie, German Val- 
ley R2 Ridott Sec21 T3a Robt. 
Wessles (1911) 

Wild, Henry (Lucy Moss) Ch Har- 
old, Viola, Spring Valley Farm 
Winslow R2 Oneco Sec30 OlOOa 

Wiley, Henry (Pearl Stout) Freeport 
R4 Erin Sec25 OlOOa (1892) 

Wilhelms, Christopher W. (Reinarda 
Schaa) Ch William, Irene, Harry, 
Henrietta, Shannon Rl Florence 
Sec29 Ol60a (1869) 

Wilhelms, Henry O. (Leah Wubbena) 
Ch Ollie, Samuel, Minnie, Rachel, 
Shannon Rl Florence Sec33 0278a 

Wilhelms, H. (Katherine Johnson) 
Ch Emma, Helen, Casino, Maggie, 
Baileyville Silver Creek Sec32 
Ol59a (1894) 

Wilhelms, O. C. (Emma Gitz) Ch 
Earl, Shannon Rl Florence Sec33 
Tl60a C. O. Wilhelms (1892) 

Wilhelms, S. C. (Alta-May Heeren) 
Shannon Rl Florence Sec33 T240a 
C. O. Wilhelms (1895) 

Wilhelms, Wm. W. (Savina Reemts- 
ma) Ch William, Frances, Bailey- 
ville Rl Florence Sec35 Ol60a 

Wilhelms, W. O. (Ella Janssen) Ch 
Wilbur, Shannon Rl Florence Sec 
31 Ol85a (1903) 

Wilke, Henry (Laura Klages) Free- 
port R4 Erin Sec25 Farm Hand 
Aug. Prasse (1907) 

Wilke, Wm. (Anna Reefer) Rock 
City R2 Rock Grove Sec3 Tl91a 
Henry Wilke (1907) 

Wilken, Dirk (Martha Busker) Ch 
Lena, Henry, Martha, Anna, Jacob, 
Baileyville Rl Silver Creek Sec20 
TlSOa Seth Scott (1914) 

Wilkens, Peter (Josie Wagens) Ch 
Joe, Daniel, Walter, Clarence, Bai- 
leyville Rl Florence Sec36 O80a 

Wilkens, Staas (Bertha DeVries) Ch 
Lenda, Jennie, Elizabeth, Free- 
port R5 Silver Creek Sec20 O60a 

Willfong, John F. (Alice Withers) Ch 
Glenn, Eleroy Erin Secl3 Ol8a 

Williams, Jacobs (Jennie) Ch Chris- 
tiana, Hannah, Jennie, Bennie, Ce- 
darville Rl Harlem Secll Tl60a 
Thos. Wilcoxson (1915) 

Willie, S. E. (Rosa Heins) Ch Alice, 
Marie, Earnest, Davis R2 Rock Run 
Sec25 T200a Henry Mullarky 

Willits, CJias. (Nellie Hime) Ch 
Ethel, Loretta, Rock City Rl Rock 
Run Sec9 Tl75a Mrs. Hanson 

Wiliits, Jessie (Mary Becke) Ch Jes- 
sie, Francis, Stanley, Rock City Rl 
Rock Run SeclO T200a A. C. 
Snavley (1870) 

Wilson, Albert (Rose Christen) Ch 
Alvin, Claire, Dakota Rl Buckeye 
Sec28 Tl90a Tohn L. Wilson (188.')) 



Wilson, Andrew (Emma) Ch Mil- 
lard, Leonard, Russell, Clarence, 
Donald, Ethel, Red Oak Rl Har- 
lem Sees 095a (1865) 

Wilson, A. M. (Mary Wilson) Ch 
Roy, Dewey, Calvin, Myrtle, Grace, 
Elmer, Wilbur. Dakota Rl Dakota 
Sec27 Ol60a (1866) 

Wilson, Carl (Rena Griffin) Maple 
Row Farm Dakota R2 Dakota 
Secll T80a Geo. Hummel (1912) 

Wilson, C. T. (Cora Kizer) Ch Harry, 
Leona, Evelyn, Marvin, Melvin, 
Rock Grove Rock Grove Sec36 
0254a (1871) 

Wilson, Floyd (Myrtle Hazzard) 
German Vallev Rl Ridott Sec^G 
Tl20a J. W. Allem (1913) 

Wilson, John O. (Sarah McCanley) 
Ch Mary, Alice, Lawrence, Elmer, 
Lester, Elsie, Kenneth, Orange- 
ville R2 Rock Grove Sec35 Ol38a 

Wilson, M. I. Ch Dora, Ray, Cedar- 
ville Rl Buckeye Sec9 O20a (1868) 

Wilson, Thos. (Carrie Bruner) Ch 
Carson, Robert, Marie, Lena Ro 
Erin Sec23 Tl60a Frank Merchant 

Wilson, Thos. (Nena Botter) Ch 
Carl, Eli, Dakota R2 Dakota Sec22 
T80a Samuel Markel (1863) 

Wilson, Sam (Minnie Soliday) Ch 
Violet, Francis, Alice, Cedarville 
Rl Buckeye Sec30a 054a (1869) 

Wimer, M. (Marella Donner) Ch Bes- 
sie. Pearl City R3 Loran Sec6 
Ol20a (1887) 

Windecker, Chas. (Ida Dunkel) Ch 
Maud, Nettie, Susie, Edna, Hazel, 
Oscar, Dakota Rl Buckeye Sec9 
Ol40a (1860) 

Windecker, Jos. L. (Sarah LaBorde) 
Ch Alfie, Dakota Rl Buckeye Sec9 
087a (1866) 

Wingert, C. G. (Ada Yeoman) Ch 
Malvin, Floyd, Lena Rl Kent Sec5 
O90a (1875) 

Wingert, Ed. (Mina Studebacker) Ch 
Barrel, John, Esther, Kent Rl 
Kent Sec26 Ol59a (1876) 

Wingert, John (Elian Gilbert) Ch 
Charles, Edward, Lulu, Elmer, Le- 
land, Kent Rl Kent Sec26 O220a 

Wingert, Wm. H. (Nellie Egger) Ch 
Marie, Donald, Willard, Russell, 
Rock City Rl Rock Run Sec5 TlOOa 
Johnson Est. (1914) 

Winning, Chas. F. (Edna Alternbern) 

Ch Evelyn, Melvin, Lena R2 Erin 

Sec3 Tl76a Wm. Rampenthal (1889) 
Winning, John (Laura Diestelmeier) 

Ch Harold, Lena R5 Kent Sec21 

097a (1883) 
Winslow, John P. (Pearl Dixon) Ch 

Alice, Warren Rl Winslow Secl4- 

23 Tl31a Peter Winslow Est. (1910) 
Winter, Wm, Freeport R3 Lancaster 

Sec2 Ol20a (1855) 
Winters, Bert (Carrie Mishler) Ch 

Wilbert, Millard, Evelyn, John, 

Dorothy, Freeport R4 Erin Sec 36 

Tl40a Mrs. Eliza Winters (1878) 
Winters, Mrs. Eliza (Eliza Ashin- 

wall) Ch Cora, Alida, Grant, Aaron, 

Joseph, Etta, Bert, Daisy, Freeport 

R4 Erin Sec36 Ol40a (1841) 
Winters, Grant (Lulu Stichter) Ch 

Merle, Melvin, Lena R5 Erin Sec26 

OlOOa (1868) 
Winters, G. R. (Amanda Liphart) Ch 

Ross, McConnell Rl Waddams Sec 

10 OlOOa (1869) 
Winters, Jos. L. (Cora Sheetz) Ch 

Dudley, Kenneth, Theron, Duane, 

Philadena, Garland, Florence Sec28 

Tl60a Aug. Althoff (1869) 
Wire, Archie (Amelia Schaper) Ch 

Alice, John, Donald. Winslow R3 

Winslow Sec32 OSOa (1876) 
Wire, E. M. (Lena Haman) Ch Zel- 

ma, Ira, Glenn, Gladys, Nellie, 

Winslow R3 Winslow Sec32 Tl20a 

Mrs. Sam Sinclair 
Wirth, H. T. (Mary Hoofnagle) Ch 

Lester, Hessworth Heights Farm 

Dakota Rl Dakota Sec34 O200a 

Wirtjes, Geo. J. (Hilka Fry) Ch 

Hilda, George Jr., Herman, Walter, 

Florence, Baileyville Rl Florence 

Sec36 OSOa (1882) 
Wise, Arthur (Alice Becher) Davis 

Rock Run Secl4 Tl32a Susan Wise 

Wise, Clyde E. (Laura Bobb) Ch 

Merle, Willard, Lowell, Freeport 

R3 Lancaster Sec4 Tl60a Geo. Ise- 

mann (1887) 
Wise, Fred (Ada Felts) Ch Maurine, 

Davis Rl Rock Grove Sec24 Tl60a 

D. J. Felts (1892) 
Wise, Geo. C. (Martha Hartman) Ch 

Porter, Glen, Kent Rl Kent Sec34 

Ol63a (1913) 
Wise, J. J. (Sarah Keen) Ch Jane, 

George, Katherine. Mae, Etta, Ada, 

Theodore, Rebecca, Ridott Ridott 

Sec30 055a (1879) 



Wise, Wm. W. (Anna Nickel) Ch 
Virgie, Florence, Johnnie, William 
Jr., Cedardale Stock Farm Winslow 
R3 Winslow Sec33 T60a Mrs. Sarah 
Sinclair (1873) 

Wissmach, Herman (Margaret Pe- 
ters) Ch Minnie, Carl, Bertha, Pe- 
ter, Tillie, Herman, Katie, Martha, 
Annie, Ridott Rl Ridott Sec35 
OllSa (1903) 

Witte, E. S. Freeport R4 Loran Seel 
T92a C. Witte 

Witte, G. L. Cedarville Rl Buckeye 
Sec33 Ol94a S. B. Barber (1892) 

Wohlford, C. B. (Lola Duneway) Ch 
Ralph, Ray, Kenneth, Orangeville 
Rl Buckeye Sec2 OSOa (1897) 

Wohlford, Dan (Lydia Runkel) Ch 
Ralph, Gertrude, Janetta. Red Oak 
Rl Buckeye Sec23 O80a (1882) 

Wohlford, Ed. (Eliza Lied) Ch Ver- 
non, Letha, Esther, Cedarville Rl 
Buckeye Sec24 Ol02a (1877) 

Wohlford, M. E. (Jennie Ermold) Ch 
Grace, Elsie, Cedarville Rl Buck- 
eye Secl4 T380a Wm. Bennethun 

Woker, H. S. (Mabel Flickinger) Ch 
Verlas, Pearl City R4 Jefferson 
Secl2 Ol20a (1870) 

Wolf, Lawrence Ch Amil, William, 
George, Ridott R2 Ridott Sec20 
O30a (1871) 

Wolf, Newton L. (Sarah Lapp) Ch 
Milton, Paul, Freeport R3 Lancas- 
ter Sec2 Ol51a (1873) 

Wolf, Thos. (Elizabeth Wrent) Ch 
Florence, Dewey, Pearl, Miles, 
Rock City Rl Rock Run Sec3 Ol60a 

Wolfe, G. W. (Mary Mallery) Ch 
Vernie. Jasper, Rock City Rl Rock 
Run Sec32 O80a (1857) 

Wolfe, O. W. (Annie Prieve) Ch 
Edna, Hilda, Milo, Ira, Iva, Wins- 
low R2 Oneco Sec20 069a (1894) 

Wollmann, Ernest (Pearl Freidley) 
Orangeville Rl Oneco Sec21 T53a 
J. Freidley (1908) 

Womer, Jas. Red Oak Rl Buckeye 
Sec22 O40a (1897) 

Wonder, Jos. P. (Mary Skalitzky) Ch 
John, Katie, Red Oak Rl Wad- 
dams Sec. 33 073a (1851) 

Woodley, Alfred (Mary Staver) Ch 
Jennie, Winslow Rl Winslow Secl9 
OlfiOa (1882) 

Worth, Geo. (Flora Corman) Ch Jes- 
sie, Alta, Mamie, Earl, Cedarville 
Rl Buckeye Sec35 083a (1859) 

Wright, Luke (Anna Kline) Ch Har- 
old, Lola, Cecile, Naomi, Grace, 
Vivian, Alfalfa Dairy Farm Clarno 
Rl Oneco Sec21 074a (1910) 

Wright, O. H. (Alice Dorman) Ch 
Barbara, O. H. Jr., Wright Wood 
Farm Freeport R3 Lancaster Sec28 
Ol80a (1874) 

Wurte, Peter (Eva Peth) Ch Emma, 
Liza, William, Davis R2 Rock Run 
Sec25 O80a (1849) 

Wybourn, Chas. (Hattie Robinson) 
Lena Rl Kent Sec2 TSOa Mrs. 
Thos. Wybourn (1878) 

Wybourn, Henry (Mary Fisher) Lena 
Rl Kent Sec3 O240a (1872) 

Wybourn, Robt. (Matilda Beekie) Ch 
Agnes, Ralph, Albert, Lena Rl 
Westpoint Sec35 O80a (1867) 

Wyssman, G. (Ida Rief) Ch Frida, 
Edward. Rosa. Orangeville R2 
Oneco Sec20 Ol48a (1916) 

Yarger, Austin (Mary Ida Boals) Ch 

• John, Mary, Edna, Freeport R6 
Lancaster SeclO 097a (1867) 

Yarger, B. D. (Minnie Kurtz) Ch Ha- 
zel, Orangeville R2 Oneco Sec21 
Ol59a (1873) 

Yarger, H. M. (Tulia Cearhart) Ch 
Ralph, Red Oak Rl Waddams Sec 
28 T50a Oscar Jones (1866) 

Yarger, John (Geneva Caloon) Ch 
Ruth, Isabelle, Dakota R2 Dakota 
SeclO Oll6a (1887) 

Yarka, Wm. C. (Anna Grota) Ch Nel- 
lie, Cedarville Rl Buckeye Sec31 
T33a Aug. Witte (1882) 

Yeager, Isaac Ch Sister, Ada, Kate, 
Alvin, Waddams Grove Rl Wad- 
dams Secl5 Ol20a (1877) 

Yeager, Wesley Ch Elery, Winslow 
Westpoint Sec9 Ol53a (1872) 

Yeagle, Cyrus (Johanna Hoot) Ch 
Preston, Edna, Red Oak Rl Buck- 
eye Sec26 05a (1846) 

Yeagle, H. T. (Levena Leid) Ch 
Raymond, Perry, Cedarville Rl 
Buckeye SeclS Ol20a TlS4a Cyrus 
Yeagle (1870) 

Yeakle, Newton (Ida Harbah) Ch 
Elta, Oscar, Deloras, John, Fair 
View Farm Winslow Rl Winslow 
Sec25 086a (1913) 

Yeoman, Elmer (Barbara August) Ch 
Laverne, Lee, Dakota R2 Dakota 
Secl5 Ol60a (1909) 



Yeoman, Luther (Lillian Davis) Ch 
Gladys, Edwin, Hazel, Ethel, Pearl 
City R3 Jefferson SeclO Ol20a 

Yoder, Andrew (Melvada Smith) Ch 
Clifford, Scioto Mills Harlem Seco 
02oa (1871) 

York, John (Emma Reck) Ch George, 
Elliott, Pearl, Ernia, Lola, Winslow 
R3 Waddams Sec3 O40a (1892) 

Young, E. (Sarah Kahley) Ch Maud, 
Cedarville Rl Buckeye Sec28 048a 

Young, P. O. (Emma Stel)bins) Free- 
port R5 Silver Creek Sec34 Tl58a 
W. W. Stebbins (1902) 

Youtzy, E. J. (Addie Menzimer) Ch 
William, Kenneth, Lavv'rence, Rob- 
ert, Winslow R2 Winslow Sec23 
T55a A. S. Youtzy (1883) 

Youngeblut, L. W. (Emma Tielke- 
meier) Ch Harry, Marion, Pleasant 
Sights Dakota Rl Dakota Sec26 
O40a (1861) 

Zaedow, Chas. (Susie Albertus) Ch 
Edna, Abbie, Freeport Rl Silver 
Creek Sec7 T65a Mrs. P. Albertus 

Zeigler, H. B. (Emma C. Kurts) Ch 
Flossie, Clarence, Orangeville R2 
Rock Grove Sec35 O80 (1897) 

Zerby, Earl Winslow R3 Waddams 
Sec3 O80a (1887) 

Zettle, G. B. (Emilia Rockey) Ch Guy, 
Oliver, Frederick, Orangeville Rl 
Oneco Sec21 Ol34a (1910) 

Zimmerman, Adam (Effie) Ch Helen 
Red Oak Rl Harlem Seel OSOa 

Zimmerman, All (Kate Cakoon) Ch 
(irace, Orangeville Rock Grove Sec 
27 OSOa (1857) 

Zimmerman, Ben. (Helen Smith) Ch 
Grace, Louisa, Freddie, Albert, 
Herman, Bennie Raymond, Free- 
port R5 Silver Creek Sec27 O200a 

Zimmerman, Frank (Mary Johnson) 
Ch Ira, Hebron, Mabel, Harley, 
Clay, Merle, Rossie, Thurl, Vera, 
Mary, Rock City R2 Rock Grove 
Sec24 083a (1897) 

Zimmerman, Fred (Lena) Ch Alma, 
Maude, Scioto Mills Harlem Secll 
Ol64a (1859) 

Zimmerman, Henry (Cora) Ch Har- 
old, Freeport R6 Harlem Secl2 
Tl24a F. Zimmerman (1865) 

Zimmerman, H. H. (Lavena Meenzer) 
Maple Grove Dairy Farm Davis Rl 
Rock Grove Sec24 Ol98a (1868) 

Zimmerman, Ira J. (Minnie Schoch) 
Ch Welma, Grace, Margery, Shady 
Dell Farm Rock City R2 Rock 
Grove Sec25 079a (1897) 

Zimmerman, John (Maggie) Ch Es- 
ther, Lloyd, Leslie, Margaret, Free- 
port R6 Harlem Sec24 OlOOa (1864) 

Zimmerman, Orville (Edith Maske) 
Ch Florence, Juda R3 Rock Grove 
Sec22 Tl60a Fred Dreakey (1914) 

Zimmerman, Oscar (Elsie Killer) Ch 
Bernice, Russell, Rock City R2 
Rock Run Secl7 Tl53a Fred Holsli 

Zimmerman, Will F. (Hattie Berg- 
man) Ch Frances, Freeport Rl 
Florence Sec23 T240a Mrs. Barbara 
Bengasser (1884) 

Zipse, Chas. (Augusta Heselman) Ch 
Louis, Charles, Clinton, Hattie, 
Lester, Red Oak Buckeye Sec25 
Ol35a (1892) 

Zipse, Chas. (Pearl Kratzer) Red Oak 
Rl Harlem Sec35 Tll2a Jos. Krat- 
zer (1894) 

Zipse, Frank (Mary Meyer) Ch Ros- 

coe, Waddams Grove Rl Westpoint 

Sec6 OllOa (1882) 
Zipse, Louis (Ida Worth) Red Oak 

Rl Buckeye Sec26 065a (1889) 
Zipse, Wm. (Lettie Birch) Ch Nellie, 

Waddams Grove Rl Westpoint Sec 

31 Ol20a (1887) 

Zipsie, Ben (Edith Lied) Winslow 
Winslow Sec30 OSOa (1887) 

Zipsie, Geo. (Magdalene Reese) Ch 
Roy, Edward, Martin, Winslow Rl 
Winslow Sec35 OlOOa (1887) 

Zipsie, John ( Lydia Eisley) Ch Mar- 
shall, Benjamin, Wesley, Alta, 
Grace, Floyd, Vera, Winslow Rl 
Winslow Sec29 0282a (1862) 

Zunker, John (Ellen Cook) Ch Eldora, 
Lena R5 Kent Sec9 Tl60a Mrs. 
Chas. Leseman (1890) 

Zurbriggen, Moritz (Leona Oggier) 
Ch Ida, Herman, Freda, Rosie, Ka- 
tie, Fred, Morris, Charles, Alvin, 
Coon Creek Dairy Farm Cedarville 
Rl Buckeye Sec29 Ol60a (1908) 

Zweipel, Gabriel (Katherine Lee- 
mann) Ch Lena, Eddie, Clara, Em- 
ma, Henry, Spring Creek Dairy 
Farm Juda R3 Rock Grove Sec23 
Ol40a (1900) 


Stephenson County Breeders' Directory 



Carroll, D. W Lena, R. 5 

Kratzer, Chas Red Oak, R. 1 

Murphy, John Lena, R. 2 

RosENSTiEL, Wm., Sr Lena, R. 5 

RosENSTiEL, Wm., Jr Lena, R. 5 

RuNTE, Wm Dakota, R. 1 

Schaper, Wesley Pearl City, R. 4 

Voss, Geo Pearl City, R. 1 

Wall, John F Shannon, R. 1 

Warneke, H. W Pearl City, R. 1 

Werkheiser, Emery Kent, R. l 

Wilhelms, Henry O Shannon, R. 1 

WiLHELMS, O. C Shannon, R. 1 

Wilhelms, S. C Shannon, R. 1 

Wire, Wm. W Winslow, R. 3 


Benfer, L Red Oak, R. 1 

Brauer, Petter Winslow 

Dietmeier, Jos. W Winslow, R. 2 

Dorsey, S Ridott, R. 2 

Kleckler, Jacob McConnell, R. 1 

Klontz, L. E McConnell, R. 1 

Moran, a Rock City, R. 1 

Reddy, Jas Davis, R. 2 

Wales, R. J McConnell, R. 1 

Werkheiser, J Lena, R. 1 


ACKERMAN, J Ridott, R. 1 

AuRAND, V. L Pearl City, R. 1 

Barklow, Mrs. Harriet 

Pearl City, R. 3 

Cole, Chas Kent, R. 1 

Dole, Paul Lena, R. 5 

Doll, Albert Lena, Bx. 105 

Ethridge, Walter Pearl City, R. 1 

Finkenrinder, M. D... Pearl City, R. 2 

Goodman, L. A Rock City, R. 1 

Hiram Bro Pearl City, R. 1 

Katzenberger, A. J Pearl City, R. 2 

Kloepping, Henry F Freeport, R. 2 

Meyers, J. F Dakota, R. 1 

Raders, Mrs. J Lena, R. 5 

Van Loh, Geo. M Freeport, R. 5 

Volkers, John J Freeport, R. 1 

Wall, Mrs. K Shannon, R. 1 

Wilhelms, Henry O Shannon, R. 1 


BoYER, Boyd Kent, R. l 

Lapp, C. L Rock City, R. 1 

Schirenberg, Ed Kent, R. 1 

Kaufman, B. S Lena, R. 2 


Bier, Herman Lena, R. 2 

Garnhart, Glenn Pearl City, R. 1 

Kellis, Jas Rock City, R. 2 

Kohlek, Frank Freeport, R. 2 

Mitchell, D. L Pearl City, R.2 

Staas, Henry Cedarville, R. 1 


AcKERMAN, J. C Ridott, R. 1 

Albert, David Baileyville, R. 1 

Albert, Simon B Florence Station 

Albright, B. F Pearl City, R. 1 

Anderson, A. F Shannon, R. 1 

Ascher, Tabb German Valley, Rl 

AsPiNWALL, John R Freeport, R.2 

AuKES, W German Valley, R. 1 

Babb, LeRoy Freeport, R. 4 

Barr, John Rock City, R. 1 

Bastian, Geo Shannon, R. 1 

Baumgartner, J. S Pearl City, R. 1 

Becker, David Pearl City, R. 4 

Beldt, Frank Freeport, R. 1 

Benning, F. H Rock City, R. 1 

Best, Harvey J Freeport, R. 2 

Beyer, Alfred Pearl City, R. 4 

Bower, L A Orangeville, R. 1 

BoYER, Boyd Kent, R. 1 

BoYER, IsRA Lena, R. 3 

Brechtel, Frank 

Waddams Grove, R. 1 

Breed, Clyde E Kent, R. 1 

Brillhart, Wm. N Freeport, R. 2 

Brinkmeier, Paul A... Pearl City, R.2 

Brown, Ed J Freeport, R. 1 

Brown, Herman Lena, R. 5 

Bruesch, Fred Red Oak, R. I 

Colby, Nate D Davis, R. 2 

Dameier, David Lena, R. 1 

Daughenbaugh, Henry A. .Ridott, R. 2 

Decknodel, E. E German Valley, R. 1 

Deemer, Ernest Dakota, R. 1 

DiLLY, Adam Ridott, R. 1 

Doll, Jos Lena 

Dorse, Michael Freeport, R. 2 

Edler, Edw. F Shannon, R. 1 

Edler, Henry C Shannon, R. 1 

EiCHMEiER, Ben F Freeport, R. 1 

Erwin. F. R Kent, R. 1 

EsPE, Ed Kent, R. I 

Fairboirn, O. R Ridott, R.D. 

Fisher, R. N Datkota, R. 1 

Flickinger, Nelson N 

Pearl City, R. 4 

.Flickinger, Wm Pearl City, R. 4 

Fox, Frank M Freeport, R. 2 

Fox. Peter Kent, R. 1 

Franzmeier, H. A Shannon, R. 1 



Funk, Otto Baileyville, 

Gable Bros Kent, G 

Gahn, John H Pearl City 

Garnhart, Glenn Pearl City 

Geber, Fred Waddams Grove 

Goethe, John Freeport 

Goodrich, C. C Pearl City 

Gundry, Jos Winslow 

GuNDRY, Tom Winslow 

Haack, Frank G Baileyville 

H ALLER, Cyrus A Freeport 

Haney, Frank A Lena 

Harms, Frank Ridott 

Harpers, R. W . . . German Valley 

Hartman, John J Pearl City 

Heck, Wm. H Cedarville 

Heck, W. C Dakota 

Heeren, Julius Shannon, 

Heeren, J. E German Valley 

Heilman, S. E Ridott 

Heilman, Wm Pearl City 

High, Mrs. Eunice Pearl City 

Hodapp, Jos Freeport 

Hoebel, Alfred Ridott 

Hoefer, Mrs. Crissie. . .Pearl City 

Hutmacher, Frank Red Oak 

Janssen, Ako Shannon 

Janssen, Jacob Shannon 

Janssen, John Baileyville, 

Janssen, Oltman, Jr Shannon 

Jordan, Harry. . .Waddams Grove 

Klaas, Henry Lena 

Klaas, Henry A Lena 

Kleckner, a. D Pearl City 

Klever, John Ridott 

Klontz, Milton C McConnell 

Kniss, Wm Freeport, 

Knoll, Aug. F Freeport 

Knoup, Ed Davis 

Knock, Geo. . : Pearl 

Koch, W. H Pearl City 

Koeller, Aug Pearl City 

KoERTNER, Mrs. Mary.. Pearl City 

Kortmeyer, a. C Pearl City 

Kuhlmeyer, a. E Pearl City 

Kuhlemeyer, W. H Pearl City 

Lahre, W. E Lena 

Lamm, Frank Ridott 

Lephart, M. C Winslow 

Leveke, H. W Lena 

Lincoln, Thos Ridott 

Macombes, a. J. & Sons. .Winslow 

Madden, J. M Lena 

Master, G. A Waddams Grove 

McClain, John Lena 

McGuRK, Mike Lena, 

McGuRK, Wm Pearl City 

Meier, Geo. F Lena 

Meier, Louis O Davis 

Meyers, Jos Freeport, 

R. 1 
R. 1 














R. 5 

Michael, Phil J Florence Station 

Mitchell, D. L Pearl City, R.2 

Mitchell, L. D Pearl City, R. 2 

Muehlenhoff, Fred Freeport, R.1 

Muehlenhoff, John ... .Freeport, R.l 

Murphy, John Davis, R. 2 

Neebel, Fbank W 

Waddams Grove, R. 1 

Neebel, Peter Kent, Box 116 

Neiberger, Abe Ridott, R. l 

Neimeier, H Lena, R. 2 

Nesemeyer, Wm Freeport, R. 1 

Niblo, T. R Rock City, R. 1 

Olthoff, Rollen a . . . . Pearl City, R. 3 

Otto, Henry L Shannon, R. 1 

Peck, E. O Freeport, R. 2 

Phillips, Wm McConnell, R. 1 

Plager, Sam F Pearl City, R. 1 

Ploeger, W. H Pearl City, R. 4 

Prassie, L. C Pearl City, R. 3 

Price, E. B Lena, R. 4 

Price, Harvey Lena, R. 4 

Rademaker, John. German Valley, R.l 

Rampenthal, Carl Lena, R. 2 

Reeser, Samuel Orangeville, R.l 

Rosen steil, Fred Red Oak, R. i 

Runte, Fred Davis, R. 1 

RuTTER, C. L Lena, R. 2 

Sack, Wm Davis, R. 1 

Schasker, Aug Pearl City, R. 2 


The dark brilliant Reds. 
Show soon, winners and great 
egg strain. Satisfaction or 
money back. Stock shipped 
on approval. Send for mating 
list or write your wants. 

Originator and breeder 
of the Regal Strain of S. 
C. Rhode Island Reds. 

G. W. Shoenhard 

R. No. 6 - Freeport, Illinois 



ScHEiDER, Frank Lena, R. 2 

ScHEiDER, Fred Lena, R. 2 

ScHLEiCH, Henry Ridott, R. 1 

Schliete, Fred C Rock City, R. 1 

ScHocK, Edw. J Freeport, R. 2 

Schroeder, Teman C Shannon, R. 1 

Schubert, Fred E Kent, R. 1 

Schubert, Ora Kent, R. 1 

Schumann, Geo Pearl City, R. 1 

Sheetz, Aug Freeport, R. 2 

Shippy, Clare Orangeville, R. 2 

Shoemaker, A. C Freeport, R. 3 

Smith, Fred W Shannon, R. 1 

Sullivan, A Lena, R. 2 

Sullivan, E. J Lena, R. 2 

Thoman, Boyd, H Freeport, R. 3 

Thompson, D. F Kent, R. 1 

Thompson, R. R Kent, R. 1 

Thomson, Alfred Davis, R. 1 

ToELKE, Dave Davis, R. 1 

Tollmeier, Edw Pearl City, R. 3 

Turner, Elmer J Ridott, R. 2 

Turner, Wm. L Ridott, R. 2 

Ulrich, J. L Freeport, R. fi 

Van Aucken Bros Rock City, R. 2 

Volkers, Chas. H Freeport, R. 1 

Volkers, Jas. F Pearl City, R. 1 

Werkheiser, John Lena, R. 1 

Wernicke, JoHN.Waddams Grove, R. 1 
Wessles, Miko J.. German Valley, R. 2 

WiEMER, C. H Rock City, R. 1 

WiLHELMS, C. W Shannon, R. 1 

Willie, S. E Davis, R. 2 

Winning, C. F Lena, R. 2 

Winter, G. R McConnell, R. 1 

Worth, H. T Dakota, R. 1 

Wolfe, G. W Rock City, R. 1 

Yeager, I Waddams Grove, R. 1 

Yeager, Wesley Winslow 

Yeoman, Luther Pearl City, R. 3 

ZiPSE, Frank B.. Waddams Grove, R. 1 



Bennehoff, Clair Dakota, R. 2 

Christen, Jacob Cedarville, R. 1 

Folgate, Ray J Cedarville, R. 1 

Gearhart, J. W Cedarville, R. 1 

Hufford, F. M Rock City, R. 1 

Hutchinson, W. T Freeport, 

Kahly, Clarence Cedarville, R. i 

Korth, Geo. O Cedarville, R. 1 

Landolt, Chas Freeport, R. 3 

Landolt, Rudolph Freeport, R. I 

Lang, C. E Dakota, R. 2 

Maurer, Geo. B Rock Grove 

Meier, Frank Red Oak, R. 1 

Meinzer, Wallen Dakota, R. 1 

Messman, D. F Dakota, R. 2 

Mitchell, Earl Rock City, R. 1 

Mitchell, Hayes Dakota, R. 2 

Nickwander Bros Freeport, R. 3 

Rapean, Geo. F Cedarville, R. 1 

Ruth, E. M Freeport, R. 3 

ScHEiDES, Emil Red Oak, R. 1 

Smith, John Dakota, R. 1 

Walker, H. A Freeport, R. 3 

Wise, Arthur Davis 


AsPiNWALL, H. L Freeport, R. 2 

Lins, Chas Red Oak, R. 1 


AcKERMAN, Ben... German Valley, R. 2 

Ackerman, C German Valley, R. 2 

Ackerman, John H 

German Valley, R. 2 

Addams, J Cedarville, R. 1 

Angle, W. R Dakota, R. 1 

Aspinvvall, H. L Freeport, R. 2 

Babb, Albert Ridott, R. 2 

Babler, Wm Orangeville, R. 2 

Baltzer, H. K Dakota, R. 1 

Bardell, Henry Ridott, R. 1 

Baumgartner, J. S Pearl City, R. 1 

Bechtold, Geo. S McConnell, R. 1 

Beulh, a. J German Valley, R. 1 

Bike, Lloyd Red Oak, R. 1 

Bliss, V Davis, R. 2 

Blunt, Roy C Freeport, R. 3 

Bonebright, Wallace W Bolton 

Bowen, L. E Orangeville, R. 1 

Bridge, C. B Orangeville, R. 2 

Briggs, Thos Orangeville, R. 1 

Brown, Herman Lena, R. 5 

Brown, Wm. F Freeport, R. 1 

Brubaker, Elmer, D. .. .Freeport, R. 3 
Brubaker, Ralph M. .. .Freeport, R. 6 

Burtsfield, B. T Ridott 

Buttel Bros German Valley, R. 2 

Campmier, Edw Kent, R. 1 

Carter, Herman Red Oak, R. 1 

Clark, Geo. C Orangeville, R. 1 

Crain, Harry Orangeville, R. 2 

Cromley, Roy D Cedarville, R. 1 

Dameier, Wm Lena, R. 1 

Davidson, Wm. H. . . .Orangeville, R. 1 

DeHaven, a. T Orangeville, R. 1 

Deuth, Fred H Eleroy, Bx. 84 

Dietmeier, M. E Orangeville, R. 1 

Dirksen, Edwin. . .German Valley, R. 2 

Disher, John W Orangeville, R. 2 

Dreibelbis. E Freeport, R. 2 

Dreibelbis, O. C Orangeville, R. 2 

Eder, Fred Freeport R. 2 

Edler, Henry C Shannon, R. 1 

Elmer, Henry Orangeville, R. 2 

Ermold, C. a Cedarville. R. 1 

Ermold, N. N Red Oak, R. 1 



Fehr, Ira W Dakota 

FoLBRiDGE, Fred A Freeport 

Foss, Chas Cedarville 

Foss, C. L Dakota 

Foss, John Dakota, 

Foss, L. H Red Oak 

Frankeberger, J. W Dakota 

Friedley, Jacob Orangeville 

Fryer, Wm. F Winslow 

Garhart, O. C Pearl City 

Geiser, Walter A Freeport 

Germain, Chas Rock City 

Goodhart, J. B Orangeville 

Gramley, J. E Freeport 

Griffin, Wm. A Cedarville 

Haithcox, Harry J Freeport, 

Hale, IM. E Orangeville 

Hardell, J. F Lena 

Hartman Bros Freeport 

Heck, John Cedarville, 

Heck, Vernon C Cedarville 

Heeren, H German Valley 

Heitz, Chas. J Freeport 

Herbruck, L. a Pearl City 

High, Mrs. Eunice. .. .Pearl City 

Hoffman, Cyrus Red Oak, 

Hofmeister, Walter A.Rock City 

Hogans, Henry Orangeville 

Holmes, O. W Lena 

Horen, M Freeport 

HoRSTMAN, Dan Rock City 

Houser, Geo. S Freeport 

Howe, J. F Winslow 

Howe, Q. P Winslow 

HoYMAN, J. N Lena 

Hugelshofer, H. a Dakota 

Hutchison, E. E Freeport 

Jackson, W. T Cedarville 

Jensen, L. M Dakota 

Johnson, S. W Ridott 

Johnston, Mrs. Sarah. .Freeport 

Jones, Albert E Freeport 

Kahly, B. J Cedarville 

Kappien, P. G Red Oak, 

Kinman, D. J Pearl City 

Kloepping, Dan Rock City 

Kloepping, Henry F Freeport 

Kluck, M. a Lena 

Kluck, N. a Lena 

Koch, Peter Pearl City 

KoHN, Jos. W Winslow 

Konstant, Jos Ridott 

Krahmer, Paul Pearl City 

Kramer, John M Dakota 

Kreins, H German Valley 

Kryder, J. Frank Cedarville 

Kuhnke, Emil Dakota 

LaBudde, Oscar 

Lapp, Geo Rock City 

Lapp, I. E Freeport 

Leverton, W. O Winslow 


Linderman, Wm Red Oak, R. 1 

LisTON, J. J Ridott, R. 2 

Maize, C Freeport, R. ?> 

Markel, E. E Cedarville, R. 1 

Martin, Frank L.German Valley, R. 2 

Mathiot, Elam H Freeport, R. 3 

McCanley, C. a Dakota, R. 1 

Meier, C. W Dakota, R. 1 

Metz, Fred H Ridott, R. 1 

Miller, Harvey O. . . . Orangeville, R. 1 

Miller, Jos. B Orangeville, R. 2 

MiLLMAN, Frank E Orangevile, R. 2 

Mogel, Frank Sciota Mills 

MoLTER, Frank Ridott, R. 1 

Momenteller, W. L Lena, R. 5 

MuLNix, S. M Lena, R. 2 

MusTART, O. H Ridott, R. 1 

Nath, Chas Rock City, R. 1 

Ness, Chas McConnell, R. D 

Oaker, Minor Winslow, R. 1 

Pals, David Ridott, R. 1 

Peck, Chas S Cedarville, R. 1 

Pfeil, R. F Freeport, R. 1 

Pfile, Wm Freeport, R. 3 

Phillips, H. M Lena, R. 2 

Phillips, J. A Red Oak, R. 1 

Phillips, Wm Lena, R. 4 

Priewe, Sam F Orangeville, R. 1 

Reuber, Alvin Red Oak, R. 1 

Robieson, Dan Lena. R, 4 


"There's Money in the Name" 

Want your shipments of 
dressed veal and live 
and dressed poutlry. 

Assure you of highest 
prices, honest weights, 
and quick returns. 

119 West South Water Street 


Member,: ^tl^S" Poultry Board 
Lhicago Association of 

Freeport Dairy & Pro- 
duce Co., Freeport, 111. 

References: a. O. Crotzer, Prop. 
Willow Brook Cream- 
ery, Freeport, 111. 

Your Banker Can Give You Our Rating 



RuEPPLE, John A Freeport, R. 4 

RuF, U Rock City, R. 2 

Sanders, F Freeport, R. 3 

ScHADEWALDT, G Dakota, R. 1 

ScHAUER, Wm. H Freeport, R. 4 


ScHEiDER, Emil Red Oak, R. 1 

ScHEiDER, Henry Red Oak, R. 1 

ScHiDER, Otto Red Oak, R. 2 

ScHLAFER, A Pearl City, R. 3 

ScHLEiCH, Edwin P Freeport, R. 5 

ScHLEiCH, Wm Ridott, R. 1 

ScHRADER, Lloyd Ridott, R. 1 

Seidel, C. L Lena, R. 4 

Seidel, E. W Orangeville, R. 1 

Shafer, Elias Ridott, R. 1 

SiEFERMAN, Wm Frccport, R. 3 

Smith, Fred W Freeport, R. 2 

Smith, Wm. J Red Oak, R. 1 

Small, Oscar Freeport, R. 1 

Spaide, J. C Freeport, R. 3 

Staas, Aug Freeport, R. 2 

Staderman, Wm Eleroy, Bx. 62 

Stamm, E. W Red Oak, R. 1 

Stamm, Lloyd C McConnell, R. 1 

Stauffacher, W. D Winslow, R. 1 

Stauffer, E. R Freeport, R. 4 

Stites, Jas. E McConnell, R. 1 

SwANZEY, L. M Ridott, R. 1 

Terhark, Thos Rock City, R. 1 

C. L. Swanson 

A. Gilmore 

Swanson & Gilmore 



Chicago Phones: Sioux City Phones: 

Automatic 70330 Bell 379 

Bell— Yards 1662 Automatic 1908 

Branch House 

Swanson, Gilmore & Walsh 

Sioux City, Iowa 


Drovers National Bank, Chicago, Illinois 

Live Stock National Bank, Sioux City, Iowa 

Oar patrons are our best advertise- 
ments, as a Word front a satisfied cus- 
tomer has more weight than all We 
could say. 

Tielkemeier, Fred H. . .Cedarville, R. 1 

Ubbens, Geo German Valley, R. 2 

Van Matre, L. D Orangeville, R. 1 

Van Sickle, Chas. O Lena, R. 4 

ViCK, Chas Freeport, R. 1 

Vohlken, Geo Florence Station 

Wachlin, Frank Lena, R. 4 

Wagner, Oscar Rock City, R. 2 

Wagner, R. A Orangeville, R. 2 

Walter, Lloyd Freeport, R. 6 

Wehrenberg, R Rock City, R. 1 

Wells, Byron Dakota, R. 2 

Wese, Fred Davis, R. 1 

Wessels, H. R.... German Valley, R. 2 
Wessels, Robt. .. .German Valley, R. 2 

Wild, Henry Winslow, R. 2 

Wilson, Albert W Dakota, R. 1 

Wilson, C T Rock Grove 

Wolfe, O. W Winslow, R. 2 

Wyssman, G Orangeville, R. 1 

Zimmerman, F Rock City, R. 2 . 

Zimmerman, Fred Scioto Mills 

Zimmerman, H Freeport, R. 6 

Zubriggen, M Cedarville, R. 1 

Z WEiFEL, G Juda, R. 3 


Carter, G. H & Son Freeport 

Coomber, Chas Lena, R. 2 

Deaner, Scott Freeport 

EwiNG, W. T Freeport 

Harris, E. C Freeport, R. 4 

Matter, Oscar Orangeville, R. 1 

Mensencamp, Geo Freeport 

Wagner, Edw McConnell, R. 1 

Wright, O. H Freeport 

Yarger, H. M Red Oak, R. 1 

Yarka, Wm. C Cedarville, R. 1 





Culver, H. P Eleroy. Bx. 72 

Garnhart, O. C Pearl City, R. 1 

Kampmeier, Fred Pearl City, R. 3 

MuLNix, S. M Lena, R. 2 

Pappen, J German Valley, R. 2 


Ross, John J Freeport, R. 5 


Hoot, Isaac Buena Vista 

ScHLAFER, A Pearl City, R. 3 


Hoot, Isaac Buena Vista 

Smith, Chas Scioto Mills 


Beck MEIER, H. G Rock City, R. 1 

Parriott, Clem R Cedarville, R. 1 

VoLKERS, Chas. H Freeport, R. 1 


Brokhausen, Chas. A. .Pearl City, R. 3 

Kleckler, Jacob McConnell, R. 1 

Reininger, Carl Rock City, R. 1 

Schmitt, Albert J Ridott, R. 1 


Albert, Simon B Florence Station 

AuKES, W German Valley, R. 1 

Beyer, Alfred Pearl City 

Breed. Clyde E Kent 

Endress, John Pearl City 

Fox, Peter Kent 

Gahn, John H Pearl City 

Goodhart, J. B Orangeville 

GuNDRY, Jos Winslow 

GuNDRY, Tom Winslow 


Janssen, Ako Shannon 

Janssen, Jacob Shannon 

Janssen, Oltman Shannon 

Johnson, Albert Freeport 

Kinney, Fred Ridott 

Kinney, Peter Ridott 

Klontz, L. E McConnell 

Landolt, Chas Freeport 

Landolt, Rudolph Freeport 

Miller, Jos. B Orangeville 

Mitchell, D. L Pearl City 

Mitchell, L. D Pearl City 

MoRAN, Geo Florence Station 

Mulnix, S. M Lena, R. 2 

R. 1 

Nath, Chas Rock City, R. 1 

NiBLOW, T. R Rock City, R. 1 

Nichwander Bros Freeport, R. 3 

Pappen, J German Valley, R. 2 

Pohl, Chas. J Pearl City, R. 3 

Prasse, Adolph Lena, R. 2 

Runyon, W. H Egan, R. 1 

Solace, V. A McConnell, R. 1 

Taft, B. F Orangeville, R. 1 

Thompson, R. R Kent, R. 1 

Volkers, Jas. F Pearl City, R. 1 

Wilhelms, Wm. W Bailey ville, R. 1 


Bowers, Frank J Freeport, R. 3 

Glassman, Fred Eleroy, Box. 47 

Mitchell, Guy A Freeport, R. 5 


AuGENSTEiN, W. H Orangeville, R. 2 

Newman, Will F Freeport, R. 6 

Spaide, F. C Freeport, R. 6 


Flickinger, Wm Pearl City, R. 4 

La Budda, Oscar Freeport 

Parriott, Clem R Cedarville, R. 1 

Trunk, Geo. C Scioto Mills 

H. D. Copeland & Co. 


Rooms 181-183 Exchange Building 

Union Stock Yards 

Chicago, 111. 

No Consignment too small for 
us to handle 

Market Quotations furnished 
free on request 

Your proceeds guaranteed by- 
Hartford Indemnity Co. 





BoRGMANN, Peter J Shannon, R. 1 

Janssen, Aka Shannon, R. 1 

Janssen, Oltman, Jr Shannon, R. 1 

ScHEiDER, Frank Lena, R. 2 

VoLKERS, Chas. H Freeport, R. 1 

VoLKERs, John J Freeport, R. 1 



.r German Valley 

AspiNWALL, John R Freeport 

Baker, Elmer F Rock 

Baltzer, H. K Dakota 

Barttelt, W VVinslow 

Bliss, Victor Davis 

Blunt, Roy C Freeport 

Brandt, Wm. I Shannon 

Brinkmeier, Frank Shannon 

Cain, Jay B Freeport 

Campmeier, Edw Kent 

Cole, Chas Kent 

Coleman, O. E German Valley 

Denny, Elmer E Orangeville 

Dunaway, Thos Winslo\v,R. 2 

Eilert, Frank Rock City, R. 1 

Engle, Jamin C Freeport, R. 3 

FiSKES, Elmer Orangeville, R.2 

Flickinger, Clinton. . .Pearl City, R. 4 
Flickinger, Nelson N . Pearl City, R. 4 

Foss, Chas Cedarville, R. 1 

Foss, C. L Dakota, R. 2 

Foss, L. H Red Oak, R. 1 

Fryer, Wm. F Winslow, R. 2 

George, Chas Freeport, R. 6 

Gingrich, D. S Freeport, R. 3 

Gramley, J. E Freeport, R. 3 

Greenfield, Ben j.. German Valley, R. 1 

Hadtke, Aug. F Winslow, R. 2 

Haithcox, Harry J Freeport, R. 6 

Hartman, Bros Freeport, R. 3 

Houser, Geo. S Freeport, R. 2 

Howe, Q. P Winslow, R. 2 

Iler, a, S German Valley 

Jensen, S. M Dakota, R. 1 

Karsk, Chas. T Pecatonica, R. 2 

Kleckler, Oscar McConnell, R. 1 

Klipping, E. J Pearl City, R. 4 

Kohn, Jos. W Winslow, R. 2 

Kramer. Howard Rock City, R. 2 

Kubatzke, Chris Freeport, R. G 

Landolt, Rudolph Freeport, R. 

Lang, C. E Dakota, R. 2 

Larson, A Ridott, R. 1 

Leveke, H. W Lena, R. 5 

LooMis. C. H Lena, R. 1 

Mays, Adam P Orangeville. R. 2 

McCarty, Raymond Ridott, R. 2 

R. 2 
R. 1 
R. 1 

Mennenga, p. J... German Valley, R.l 

Metz, F. H Ridott, R. 1 

Meyer, Albert C Pearl City, R. 4 

Meyers, John Red Oak, R. 1 

Milton, John W Ridott, R. 1 

Mizner, F. M Lena, R. 1 

Morse, H. H Winslow, R. 1 

PousT, C. C Freeport, R.3 

Richard, J Freeport, R. 4 

ScHOCK, Edw Freeport, R. 2 

ScHULZ, Aug Lena, R. 4 

ScHWARZE, F Freeport, R. 2 

Scudder, Justus Freeport, R. 2 

Sheetz, Aug Freeport, R. 2 

Shippee, Giles McConnell, R. 1 

Shoemaker, A. C Freeport, R. 3 

Smull, Oscar Freeport, R. 1 

Snook, Oliver Rock City 

Staas, Henry Freeport, R. 3 

Staas, Henry F Cedarville, R. 1 

Staderman, Emil H Ridott, R.l 

Stauffer, W. D Winslow, R. 1 

Sullivan, A Lena, R. 2 

Terhurk, Thos Rock City, R. 1 

Van Sickel, Fred Dakota R. 1 

Voss, Frank Pearl City, R. 2 

Voss, Karl, F Freeport, R. 3 

Wall, Mrs. K Shannon, R. 1 

Wallbaum, H. F Freeport, R.2 

Walter, C. C Dakota, R. 1 

Wilhelms, H. O Shannon, R.l 

Wilson, Floyd. .. .German Valley, R.l 
Wilson, Wm. B... German Valley, R.l 

WiRTH. H. T Dakota, R.l 

Yeoman, Luther Pearl City, R.3 


Allen, C. A Scioto Mills 

Angle, W. R Dakota, R. 1 

AsPiNWALL, H. L Freeport, R. 2 

Brown, Edw. J Freeport, R. 1 

Brown, Wm. F Freeport, R. 1 

Brubaker, Mrs. N. C.Rock City, R.l 

BuTZ, G. J Pearl City, R. 1 

Carter, Wallace Pearl City, R. 2 

Christen, E Dakota, R. 1 

Dameier, David Lena, R. 1 

Dillev, Geo. A Ridott, R.l 

Dunaway, Orsen Orangeville, R.2 

Eder, Fred Freeport, R. 2 

Engle, Boyd B Freeport, R. 3 

Fisher, Edwin Ridott, R. 1 

Funk, Otto Bailevville, R. 1 

Germain. O. L Rock" City, R. 1 

Griffin, Wm. A Cedarville, R. 1 

Gundry, Jos Winslow, R. l 

Gundry, Tom Winslow, R. 1 

Haves, Chas. L Pearl Citv, R. 3 

Heck, Wm. H Cedarville, R. 1 

Heck, W. C Dakota, R. 1 

Heeren, H German Valley, R. 1 



Heilman, S. E Ridott, R. 1 

Heitham, Otto Davis, R. 2 

Heitz, Chas Freeport, R. 2 

High, Mrs. Eunice Pearl City, R. 1 

HiRSBRUNNER. Chas Winslow 

HoEBEL, Harvey G Freeport 

HoREN, M Freeport 

HoRSTMAN, Dan Rock City, 

Hummel, Geo. H Dakota 

Johnson, Albert Freeport 

Klontz, Milton C McConnell 

Knoup, Ed Davis 

Koertner. Mrs. Mary.. Pearl City 

Kreins, Henry Ridott 

Lamm, Frank Ridott 

Lamm, Frank, Jr Freeport 

Leverton, W. J Winslow, 

Light, Mrs. Emma 

German Valley 

Maize, C Freeport 

Manus, D. G Pearl City 

Mathiot. E. H Freeport 

Mayer, Sam Freeport 

Meier, Geo. F Lena 

Meinzer, Wallen Dakota 

Michel, Phil J Florence Station 

Moran, Anthony Rock City, R. 1 

Murphy, John Davis, R. 2 

Myers, H German Valley, R. 2 

Olthoff, Rollen a.... Pearl City, R. 3 

Pappen, J German Valley, R. 2 

Parkinson, H Kent, R. 1 

Prasse, Henry Lena, R. 1 

Raders, Mrs. J Lena, R. 5 

Reamer, Chas Cedarville, R. 1 

Reddy, Jas Davis, R. 2 

Richards, \Vm Lena, R. 2 

Roberts, Edw. L Freeport, R. 1 

Runte, Fred Davis, R. 1 

Sack, Wm Davis, R. 1 

Saxby, B. B Freeport, R. 1 

Schleich, Wm Ridott, R. 1 

ScHRADER, E. T Dakota, R. 2 

Schrader, W. H Dakota, R. 2 

Shadle, Wm Cedarville, R. 1 

Shoemaker, Geo. E Freeport, R. 3 

Toelke, Dave Davis, R. 1 

Uhe, W. H Lena, R. 4 

Walker, Edw Freeport, R. 2 

Wolfe, O. W Winslow. R. 2 

WuRTz, W. H Davis 

Zimmerman, F Rock City, R. 2 


McClain, John Lena. R. 5 


Addams, J Cedarville, R. 1 

Albert, Simon B Florence Station 

Angle, W. R Dakota, R. 1 

Aukes, W German Valley. R. 1 

R. 1 
R. 2 
R. 1 
R. 1 
R. 1 
R. 1 
R. 1 
R. 1 
R. 1 
R. 3 

R. 1 
R. 3 
R. 1 
R. 3 
R. 4 

Aurand, V. L Pearl City, R.l 

Babb, Albert Ridott, R. 2 

Babb, LeRoy Freeport, R. 4 

Bastian Bros Shannon, R. 1 

Baumgartner, J. S Pearl City, R. 1 

Best, Harvey J Freeport, R. 2 

Boekholt, Harm.. German Valley, Rl 

Bonebright, W. W Bolton 

Borehardt, Emil J McConnell, R. 1 

Brinkmeier, Paul A.. Pearl City, R.2 

Brobst, Dan Orangeville, R. 2 

BuscH, Fred F Pearl City, R. 2 

Clinger, Rekus Ridott, R. 1 

Cook, Albert Lena, R. 5 

Coomber, L. B Freeport, R. 6 

Dameier, Wm Lena, R. 1 

Daws, Jas. G. Lena, R. 3 

DiEMER, V. L Dakota, R. 1 

Ditzler, C. M Pearl City, R. 4 

Edler, Henry C Shannon, R. 1 

EiCH MEIER, Ben F Freeport, R.l 

Ermold, C. a Cedarville, R.l 

Erwin, F. R Kent, R. 1 

Fahr, Royce R Winslow, R. 3 

Farringer, F. W Lena, R. 1 

Fiedler, Martin Winslow, R. 1 

Fisher, Bruce Orangeville, R. 2 

Fisher, R. U Dakota, R. 1 

FiSKES, Elmer Orangeville, R.2 

Flynn, Sophia Pearl City, R. 3 

"Bonded " by Hartford Accident & 
Indemnity Co. Your Pro- 
ceeds Guaranteed 

Geo. M. Brownson 
Hog Salesman 

J. L Et dinger 
Callle Salesman 

Long Distance Phone 
Yards 2382 

Brownson &EttIinger 


Room 202, Exchange Building 
Union Stock Yards 


Drovers National Bank 





Foss, John Dakota, R. 2 

Gassman, Albert Freeport, R. 4 

Gassman, Edw Lena 

Gassman, Wm. N Lena, R. 4 

Geiser, Walter A Freeport, R. 2 

Gitz, Ch as Freeport, R. 1 

Goddard, W. C Lena, R. 1 

Gross, I. B Orangeville, R. 1 

Grosskoff, Wm Dakota 

Grimm, O. W Pearl City,R. 3 

Hartman, Ralph Cedarville, R. 1 

NiBLow, T. R Rock City, 

Nott, Frank Dakota. 

Heeren, Julius Shannon 

Heidenreich, J. E Lena 

Helman, Sam German Valley,R. 1 

Hershey, John Pearl City^ R. 2 

High, Mrs. Eunice Pearl City, R. 1 

Hoffman, Geo. M Shannon, R. 1 

Holmes, O. W Lena, R. 4 

Hufford, F. M Rock City, R. 1 

Hutchison, W. T Freeport 

Ilgen, John Red Oak, R. 1 

Jacob, Chas. W Ridott, R. 2 

Janssen, Ako Shannon, R. 1 

Janssen, John Baileyville, R. 1 

Johnston, Mrs. Sarah. .Freeport. R. 6 

Klaas, Edwin Freeport, R. 4 

Klaas, Henry A Lena, R. 5 

Kleckner, a. D Pearl City, R. 3 

Kloepping, Dan Rock City, R. 2 

Kniss, Wm Freeport, R. 4 

KoBA, Wm. M Rock City, R. 1 

Koch, Wm Pearl City, R. 4 

Koethe, L. H Lena, R. 1 

Kraft, Jacob Red Oak, R. 1 

Kramer, John M Dakota, R. 2 

Kriens, Claus German Valley, R. 1 

Lephart, E- McConnell, R. 1 

Lephart, M. C Winslow, R. 3 

Leverington, a Winslow, R. 1 

Long, Fred S Dakota, R. 2 

Lutz, Benj Winslow 

Madden, J. M Lena, R. 2 

Mammoser, a. F Pearl City, R. 3 

Maurer, Jacob Freeport, R. 6 

McClain, John Lena, R. 5 

McGuRK, P. E Lena, R. 2 

McGuRK, Wm Pearl City, R. 3 

Meenert, Wm Rock City, R. 2 

Meier, Louis O Davis, R. 2 

Meinzer, H Rock City 

MiELKE, Carl Pearl City, R. 2 

Miller, Harry W Freeport, R. 5 

Miller, Wallace Pearl City, R. 3 

Mitchell, L. D Pearl City, R. 2 

Momenteller, W. L Lena, R. 5 

Neebel, Hugo Kent, R. 1 

Neebel, M Pearl City, R. 4 

Neidigh, Wm Cedarville, R. 1 

Neimeier, H Lena, R. 2 

Nesemeyer, Wm Freeport, R. 1 

Newberger, Geo Ridott, R. D. 

R. 1 
R. 1 

PoppEN, Ulfert German Valley 

Price, E. B Lena, R. 4 

Rader, Edwin Kent, R. 1 

Reel, Harry ^ Lena, R. 3 

Rees, a. J Lena, R. 5 

Rinehart, Noel Winslow, R. 2 

Rosenstiel, E. M Winslow, R. 1 

Ruter, Geo German Valley, R. 1 

Ruth, E. M Freeport, R. 3 

ScHOENY, Chas. N Lena, R. 4 

Schubert, Fred E Kent, R. 1 

Schubert, Ora Kent, R. 1 

Seidel, C. L Lena, R. 4 

Shippy, Clare Orangeville, R. 2 

Shippy, Perry McConnell, R. 1 

Showers, F. J Orangeville, R. 1 

Smith, Fred W Shannon, R. 1 

Spangler, W^ W Rock City, R. 1 

Steward, Homer. . .German Valley, R. 1 

Swanzey, L. M Ridott, R. 1 

Thompson, D. F Kent, R. 1 

Thompson, R. R Kent, R. 1 

Tielkemeier, Fred Cedarville, R. 1 

Turner, Elmer J Ridott, R. 2 

Uhe, Wm Lena, R. 3 

Van Matre, Geo Orangeville, R. 1 

Wagner, John McConnell, R. 1 

Wall, John F Shannon, R. 1 

Weaver, H. E Dakota 

Wehrenberg, R Rock City, R. 1 

Wessels, Henry Freeport, R. 5 

Wessels, John H Freeport, R. 5 

Wessels, M. J German Valley, R. 2 

Willie, S. E Davis, R. 2 

Willit, Jesse Rock City, R. 1 

A\^ohlford, Ed Cedarville, R. 1 

Wolfe. G. W. Rock City, R. 1 

Wonder, Jos. P Red Oak, R. 1 

^^'RIGHT, O. H Freeport, R. 3 

Zimmerman, J Freeport, R. 6 

ZiPSE, W. L Waddams Grove 

Zurbriggen, M Cedarville, R. 1 


R. 1 


Plager, Sam F Pearl City, R. 1 


Koch, Geo Pearl City 

Prasse. Adolph Lena, R. 2 

Pkasse, Arthur Freeport, R. 4 


Albert, Theo. R Baileyville. R. 1 

Albert, Viola Baileyville, R. 1 

Erwin, F. R Kent. R. 1 



Flickinger, N. N Pearl City, R. 4 

Hayes, Chas. L Pearl Citv, R. 3 

Heck. \Vm. H Cedarville,.R. 1 

Katzenberger. a. J Pearl City, R. 2 

Machamer, Wallace Kent, G. D 

Prasse, Adolph Lena R. 2 

Ruth, E. M Freeport, R. 3 

Schwarze, F Freeport, R. 2 

Sullivan, E. J Lena, R. 2 

Wall, John F Shannon, R. 1 



Shaw, R. E Winslow, R. 2 


DiEKEN, Ben German Valley, R. 3 

Kelley, Pat Rock City, R. 1 


Janssen, Jacob Shannon, R. 1 

Mathiot, E. H Freeport, R. 3 

Offenheiser, Sam Pearl City, R. 2 



Engle, J. C Freeport, R. 3 

Meyers, Isaac Freeport, R. 3 


Aurand, V. L Pearl City, R. 1 

Bender, W. H Kent, R. 1 

Brubaker. John M Freeport, R. 3 

Cook, L. E Kent, R. 1 

Deemer, Ernest Dakota, R. 1 

Hueneke. E. C Lena, R. 5 

Mizner, F. M Lena, R. 1 

MuLNix, S. M Lena, R. 2 

Pfile, Wm Freeport, R. 3 

Vansickle, Tas Lena, R. 4 

Wise, Wm. W Winslow, R. 3 


Beulh, a. J German Valley, R. 1 

Reeser, Samuel Orangeville, R. 1 

Rutherford, T. H Freeport, R. 6 


Barker, Albert Orangeville, R. 6 

Bear, Clate H Orangeville, R. 2 

Bessert, Frank C Ridott, R. 2 

Biesemeier, Henry C Lena, R. 1 

BouRNKEL, Carl. . .German Vallev, R. 2 

BuTZ, G. T Pearl City, R. 1 

Confer, Mrs. V AlcConnell, R. 1 

Dezell, Sam Scioto Mills, Ex. 5 

Erickson, Ed. J Freeport, R. 6 

Heck, John Cedarville, R. 1 

Hutmacher, Wm Cedarville, R. 1 

Kuhlemax, Aug Pearl City, R. 3 

Mammoser, a. F Pearl City, R. 3 

Miller, W. F Ridott, R. 1 

Mitchell, Guy A Freeport, R. 5 

Mitchell. L. D Pearl City, R. 2 

]\Iorrow, Mrs. R Pearl City, R. 1 

Pfeil, Raymond F Freeport, R. 1 

Price, Stanley Lena, R. 4 

Shippy, Guy O McConnell, R. I 

Snapp, Adam Pearl City, R. 2 

Spangler, Frank Rock City, R. 2 

Stork, Fred B Freeport, R. D. 

Thomas, C. M Pearl City, R. 2 

Thompson, D. F Kent, R. 1 

Wagner, Edw McConnell, R. 1 

WooDLEY, Alfred Winslow, R. 1 

Zurbriggen, M Cedarville, R. 1 


AuRAND, V. L Pearl City, R. 1 

Benfer, L Red Oak, R. 1 

Brubaker, Ralph M Freeport, R. 

Deemer, Henry Orangeville, R. 1 

Iserman, a. E Dakota, R. 1 

Klitz, Jesse Pecatonica, R. 2 

Murphy, John Davis, R. 2 

Nafe, Josiah Cedarville, R. 1 

Otto, Floyd Florence Station 

Thomas, C. M Pearl City, R. 2 

Yarka, Wm. C Cedarville, R. 1 


Brubaker, Clinton C Freeport, R. 3 

Brubaker, D. M Freeport 

Graybill, S. E Freeport, R. 3 


Brubaker, John M Freeport, R. 1 

Fiedler, Martin Winslow, R. 1 

FisHBURN, Chas. H Freeport, R. 6 

KiNZER, Foster J Freeport, R. 3 

Kniss, Wm Freeport, R. 4 

Leveke, H. W Lena, R. 5 

Loomis, Henry Lena, R. 3 

Meinzer, Wallen Dakota, R. 2 

Mitchell, Guy A Freeport, R. 5 

Pfile, Lewis D Freeport, R. 6 

Stauffer, W. D Winslow, R. 1 

Thoman, Boyd H Freeport, R. 3 

WiLHELMs, O. C Shannon, R. 1 

WiLHELMS, S. C Shannon, R. 1 


Babb, Myron Freeport, R. 4 

Barker, Albert Orangeville, R. 1 

Engle, J. C Freeport, R. 3 

Haithcox, Harry J Freeport, R. 6 

Tones, Albert E Freeport, R. 1 

Kahly, B. J Cedarville, R. 1 

Konstant, John. . .German Valley, R. 2 

Meyers, John Red Oak, R. 1 

Miller, A. C.Waddams, Grove, R. 1 
^Mitchell, Guy A Freeport, R. 5 



Olthoff, Rollen a Pearl City, R. 3 

Shoemaker, A. C Freeport, R. 3 

Shoemaker, J. S Freeport, R. 3 


AcKERMAN, J. C Ridott, R. 1 

Albert, Simon B Florence Station 

Albertus, Peter Freeport, R. 1 

Allison, C. H Orangeville, R. 1 

Alston, Guy Lena, R. 5 

AuKES, W German Valley, R. 1 

Bastian Bros Shannon, R. 1 

Benfer, L Red Oak, R. 1 

Bier, Herman Lena, R. 2 

BiESEMEiER, Dan Lena, R. 1 

Brandt, Wm, I Shannon, R. 1 

Britt, J. H Freeport, R. 6 

Breed, Clyde E Kent, R. 1 

Brown, F. E Ridott, R. 1 

Brown, Wm. T Freeport, R. 1 

Brubaker, Benj. S Freeport, R. 6 

Bruce, Geo. W Freeport, R. 1 

Burckhardt, J. G : . . Freeport, R. 5 

Carbiener, John H Freeport, R. 1 

Cole, Chas Kent, R. 1 

Cole, John Kent, R. 1 

Confer, Mrs. V McConnell, R. 1 

Clark, Alfred L Freeport, R. 2 

Clinger, Rekus Ridott, R. 1 

Cook, L. E Kent, R. 1 

CooMBES, Lowell B Freeport, R. 6 

Cox, Jas German Valley, R. 2 

Deaner, Scott Freeport. R. 2 

DeGroot, O German Valley, R. 1 

Ditzler, S. a Pearl City, R. 4 

Dole, A. G Pearl City, R. 1 

Eder, Fred Freeport, R. 2 

Edler, Edw Shannon, R. 1 

Edler, Simon Shannon, R. 1 

Eich MEIER, B. F Freeport, R. 1 

EiLERT, Frank Rock City, R. 1 

Erb, Addison E Freeport, R. 3 

Ermold, Frank W Cedarville, R. 1 

Ermold, N. N.- Red Oak, R. 1 

Fairboirn, O. R Ridott, R. D. 

Fehr, Arthur Kent, R. 1 

Fetzer, G Red Oak, R. 1 

Franzmeier, H. a Shannon, R. 1 

FuRST, Mrs. H Freeport, R. 6 

Eye, J. H Pearl City. R. 1 

Gitz, Chas Freeport, R. 1 

Gitz, Edw Freeport, R. 1 

Gransley. Ellis J Freeport, R. 3 

Graves, Wm Lena, R. 2 

GuNDRY, Tom Winslow, R. 1 

Hahn, W. H Pearl City, R. 4 

Hainke, Miss Lizze Lena, R. 5 

Haller, Cyrus A Freeport, R. 1 

Harpers, R. W.... German Valley, R. 3 

Hasselman, Wm Pearl City, R. 1 

Heck, Wm. H Cedarville, R. 1 

Heitter, Alvin Freeport, R. 4 

Helmen, Sam German Valley, R. 1 

Herbrick, L. a Pearl City, R. 3 

Holste, Henry Freeport, R. 6 

Horen, M Freeport, R. 2 

Houseknecht, R. E Freeport 

Howe, Q. P Winslow, R. 2 

Hummermeier, Wm. H 

Pearl City, Ex. 87 

Janssen, John Baileyville, R. 1 

Jordan, Wesley C Orangeville, R. 1 

Kahly, Sam A Cedarville, R. 1 

Klaas, Edwin Freeport, R. 4 

Kleckler, J. P McConnell, R. 1 

Kleckler, Oscar McConnell, R. 1 

Kloepping, Dan Rock City, R. 2 

Koch, Geo Pearl City 

Koehler, Wm Eleroy, Ex. 64 

Koertner, Mrs. Mary.. Pearl City, R. 1 

Kohl, Chas. H Lena, R. 4 

Kortemeyer, a. C Pearl City, R. 1 

Kottm an, Martin Lena, R. 1 

Kraft, Jacob Red Oak, R. 1 

Kruse, C. D German Valley, R. 1 

Kryder, Dan. E Freeport, R. 3 

Kuhlemeyer, S. W.... Pearl City, R. 2 

La Budde, Oscar Freeport 

Lamm, Frank Ridott, R. 1 

Lamm, F. H., Jr Freeport, R. 1 

Lapp, Geo Rock City, R. 2 

Laphart, M. C Winslow, R. 3 

Larson, A Ridott, R. 1 

Lincoln, Thos Ridott, R. 2 

Linderman, Wm Red Oak, R. 1 

LisTON, J. J Ridott, R. 2 

LuTz, A. G Winslow, R. 3 

Lyons, Wm. C Freeport, R. 2 

Macombe, a. J. & Sons. .Winslow, R. 1 

Madden, J. M Lena, R. 2 

Maize, C Freeport, R. 3 

Manthei. Otto Lena, R. 5 

McDonald, Loyd Rock City, R. 1 

McGuRK, P. _E Lena, R. 2 

Meck, a. J. .' Freeport, R. 3 

Meier, Frank Red Oak, R. 1 

Merchant, Frank Lena, R. 5 

Metz, F. H Ridott. R. 1 

Metz. G. W Lena 

Meyer, J. F Dakota, R. 1 

Miller, Henry F Eleroy, R. 5 

Miller, Wallace Pearl City, R. 3 

Mitchell, D. L Pearl City, R. 2 

Mitchei,l. Guy A Freeport. R. ") 

Mitchell, Robt. T Freeport, R. 3 

Morris, Jas. T Freeport, R. :i 

Muehlenhoff, John Freeport, R. I 

Neebel, Peter Kent, R. D. 

Neidigh, Wm Cedarville, R. 1 

Neimeier, H Lena, R. 2 

Nesemeyer, Wm Freeport, R. 1 

Ny:wi!ERC.ER, Geo Ridott, R. D. 



Owens, B. F Ridott, R. 2 

Pfeil, Raymond F Freeport, R. 1 

Phillips, Clyde Lena, R. 4 

Phillips, J. A Red Oak, R. 1 

Phillips, Wm Lena, R. 4 

PiEPER, Anton Pearl City, R. 3 

Plager, Lewis H Pearl City, R. 2 

Polhill, RgY Kent, R. 1 

PoPPEN Ulfert German Valley 

PouoT, C. C Freeport, R. 3 

Prasse, C. a Lena, R. 5 

Raders, F Lena, R. 1 

Rapean, Geo. F Cedarville, R. 1 

Reck, F Lena, R. 5 

Richards, Carl Lena, R. 2 

Richards, Erwin Eleroy 

RocKEY, F. A Cedarville, R. 1 

Rotmeier, Henry Red Oak, R. 1 

RuNTE, Fred Davis, R. 1 

Sack, Wm Davis, R. 1 

Scheffner, J. J Ridott, R. 1 

Scheider, Aug Red Oak, R. 1 

Schlegel, Wm Lena, R. 5 

ScHMERTMAN, Louis Freeport, R. 1 

ScHOCK, Edw. J Freeport, R. 2 

ScHONEY, Harry A Red Oak, R. 1 

ScHRADER, Lloyd Ridott, R. 1 

ScHWARZE, Fred Freeport, R. 2 

Scudder, Justus B Freeport, R. 2 

Shadle, Wm Cedarville, R. 1 

Shippy, Guy O AlcConnell, R. 1 

Shoemaker, E. B Freeport, R. 3 

Skene, Alex Lena, R. 1 

Smith, Fred W Freeport, R. 2 

Smith, Harry Ridott, R. 1 

Smith, S. F Freeport, R. 3 

Smull, Oscar Freeport, R. 1 

Spaide, J. C Freeport, R. 3 

Stadaman, Herman Ridott, R. 3 

Starr, Percy Lena, R. 1 

Sullivan, E. J Lena, R. 2 

SwANZEY, L. M Ridott, R. 1 

Terhurk, Thos Rock City, R. 1 

Thiels, Geo. W Pearl City, R. 4 

Thomas, C. M Pearl City, R. 2 

Thompson, D. F Kent, R. 1 

Thomson, Alfred Davis, R. 1 

Trunk, Chas Freeport, R. 5 

ViCK, Chas Freeport, R. 1 

Volkers, Jas. F Pearl City, R. 1 

Wagner, Edw McConnell, R. 1 

Wall, John F Shannon, R. 1 

Wehrenberg, R Rock City, R. 1 

Willet, Chas Rock City, R. 1 

WiNGERT, Wm. H Rock City, R. 1 

Wire, Archie Winslow, R. 3 

WoHLFORD, C. B Orangeville, R. 1 

Wolfe, O. W Winslow, R. 2 

WooDLEY, Alfred Winslow, R. 1 

Zimmerman, Adam Red Oak, R. 1 

Zimmerman, H. H Dakota, R. 1 


Bessert, Frank C Ridott, R. 2 

Brubaker, John M Freeport, R. 3 

Deaner, Scott '. Freeport, R. 3 

DiLLY, Frank Ridott, R. 1 

Graybill, S. E Freeport, R. 3 

Heeren, J. E German Valley, R. 2 

Kaney, Louis A Bailejnrille, R. 1 

Kurtz, Edmund Freeport, R. 3 

LoRENZ, John M Freeport, R. D, 

Peck, E. O Freeport, R. 2 

Rayner, a Dakota, R.2 

Shoemaker, Geo. E Freeport, R. 3 

Thoman, Boyd H Freeport, R. 3 

Wagner, S. R Lena, R. 2 

Wessles, H. R German Valley, R.2 

Zaedow Chas Freeport, R. 1 


Kortemeier, Wm Freeport, R. 3 

Kuhlemeier, W. C Pearl City, R. 1 

Rademaker, John. .German Valley, R. 1 


Bardell, Henry Ridott, R. 1 

Barker, Albert Orangeville, R. 6 

Bessert, Fred W Ridott, R. 1 

Borchers, Margaret Ridott, R. 1 

Brubaker, John M Freeport, R. 3 

Carson, Stanley. .German Valley, R. 1 

Dilley, Geo. A Ridott, R. 1 

DoRN, Byron B Orangeville, R. 1 

Fairboirn, O. R Ridott, R. D. 

Gassman, Fred Eleroy, Bx.47 

Goeke, D. C Dakota, R. 2 

Greenfield, Benj.. German Valley, R. 1 

Heimendinger, H. S Freeport, R. 2 

Hueneke, W. M Lena, R. 1 

Hufford, F. M Rock City, R. 1 

Ilgen, Jas. B Freeport, R. 6 

Johnston, Mrs. Sarah. .Freeport, R. 6 

Kuhlemeyer, S. W Pearl City, R.2 

Landolt, Chas Freeport, R. 3 

Lapp, C. L Rock City, R. 1 

Lapp, Walter Rock River, R. 1 

Lyons, Wm. C Freeport, R. 2 

Matter, Willard Freeport, R. 1 

McCarty, R Ridott, R. 2 

Mennenga, Lena.. German Valley. R. 1 

Miller, A. L Eleroy 

Mitchell, Guy A Freeport, R. 5 

Nichwander Bros Freeport, R. 3 

Morse, H. H Winslow, R. 3 

Pfeil, Raymond F Freeport, R. 1 

Prasse, Adolph Lena, R. 2 

Prasse, Arthur T Freeport, R. 4 

Reck, F Lena, R. 5 

Rinehart, Noel Winslow, R. 2 

Schmitt, W. H Ridott, R. 1 



ScHVVARZE, Fred Freeport, R. 2 

Shlech, Clarence Ridott, R. 1 

Ubbens, Geo German Valley, R. 2 

Vantsmeier, R. B Freeport, R. 3 

Veh MEIER, John W Dakota, R. 1 

Waterman, W. D Pearl City, R. 1 

VVessles, John, Jr. .German Valley, R. 1 

Winters, Grant Lena, R. 5 

WSiGHT, O. H Freeport, R. 3 

Zimmerman, Adam Red Oak, R. 1 


Addams, J Cedarville, R.l 

Aspinwall, John R Freeport, R. 2 

AuRAND, V. L Pearl City, R. 1 

Baker, Chas F Freeport, R. 2 

Baumgartner, J. S Pearl City, R. 1 

Bear, E. L Cedarville, R. 1 

Bell, E. Loy Freeport, R. 6 

Benfer, L Red Oak, R. 1 

Beyer, Alfred Pearl City, R. 4 

Bonebright Bolton 

Boomgarden, Annie 

German Valley, R. 3 

BoRCHERS, John. . .German Valley, R.l 

BouREY, Jos Pecatonica, R. 2 

Brandt, Wm. H Pearl City, R. 1 

Brinkmeier, Frank Shannon, R. 1 

Brubaker, E. D Freeport, R. 3 

Brubaker, Ralph M Freeport. R. 6 

BuTz, G. J Pearl City, R. 1 

Ueaner, Scott Freeport, R. 2 

Decknodle, E. E. ..German Valley, R.l 

Deuth, Fred H Eleroy, Bx. 84 

Diestelmeier, F. C Lena, R. 5 

Dreibelbis, E Freeport, R. 2 

Edler, Henry C Shannon, R. 1 

Ehrler, Martin Winslow, R. 1 

EisENHAWER, John Cedarville, R. 1 

Fehr, E. O Ridott, R. 2 

Fehr, Ira W Dakota, R. 2 

Ferguson, Myron Winslow, R. 1 

Flickinger, Wm Pearl City, R. 4 

Folbridge, F. a Freeport, R. 6 

Garnhart, Glenn Pearl City, R. 1 

Garnhart, O. C Pearl City, R. 1 

Geiser, Walter A Freeport, R. 2 

Grallman, Wm Ridott, R. 2 

Haithcox, Harry J Freeport, R. 6 

Hartman John J Pearl City, R.l 

Heeren, Emma. .. .German Valley, R.l 

Heitter, Alvin Freeport, R. 4 

Heitz, Chas. J Freeport. R. 1 

High, Mrs. Eunice Pearl City, R.l 

Highland, Earl Rock City, R. 1 

Hoefer, Mrs. Crissie. . .Pearl City, R. 3 

Hoffman, Cyrus Red Oak, R. 1 

Hoffman, Geo. M Shannon, R. 1 

Hogans, Henry Orangeville, R. 2 

Hugelshofer, Hi a Dakota, R.l 

Kampmeier, Fred Pearl City, R. 3 

Karsk, Chas. T Pecatonica, R. 2 

Keehner, J Rock City, R. 1 

Klaas, Wm Kent, R. 1 

Klock, Ralf German Valley, R. 1 

Koba, Wm. M Rock City, R. 1 

Koch, W. H Pearl City, R. 3 

KoELLER, Chas Pearl City, R. 4 

Kortemeier, H. F Freeport, R. 3 

Kramer, Bros Red Oak, R. 1 

Kryder, J. Frank Cedarville, R.l 

Lohmeier, John Davis, R. I 

Mack, Warren Freeport, R. 2 

Martini, John Freeport, R. 5 

McGurk, Wm Pearl City, R. 3 

Miller, Chas. A Freeport, R. 2 

Mitchell, Guv A Freeport, R. 5 

Molter, Frank Ridott, R. 1 

Morrow, Mrs. R Pearl City, R.l 

Neebel, Hugo Kent, R. 1 

Neiberger, Abe Ridott, R. 1 

Althoff, Rollen a Pearl City, R. 3 

Ottenhausen, L.' C Freeport, R. 3 

Parkinson, H Kent, R. 1 

Penticoff, Thos. E Freeport, R. D. 

Phipps, John A Freeport, R. 2 

Piper, Wm German Valley. R. 2 

Placer, Lewis H Pearl City, R. 2 

Roberts, Edw. L Freeport, R. 1 

Ruepple, John A Freeport, R. 4 

Schleich, Henry Ridott, R. 1 

Schleich, Wm Ridott, R.l 

ScHOCK. Edw. J Freeport, R. 2 

Schoeny, Chas. N Lena, R. 4 

Schrader, E. T Dakota, R. 2 

Schrader, Loisa .Red Oak, R. 1 

Schumacher, Ben Rock City, R.l 

Sheetz, Aug V Freeport, R. 2 

Shippy, Guy O McConnell, R.l 

Shoenhard, Geo. H Freeport, R. 6 

Smith, Wm. J Red Oak, R. 1 

Stauffacher, E. R Freeport, R. 4 

Sullivan. A Lena, R. 2 

Turner, Wm. L Ridott, R. 2 

Vantsmeier, Geo Lena, R. 5 

Vehmeier, Mrs. F Rock Citj', R.l 

Volkers, John J Freeport, R. 1 

Voss, John, Jr. . . .German Valley, R. 1 

Wall, Mrs. K Shannon, R. 1 

Wilkens, Stass Freeport, R. 5 

Willie, S. E Davis, R. 2 

Yarger, H. M Red Oak, R. 1 

Zimmerman, F Rock City, R. 2 

Zimmerman, Wm. F Freeport, R.l 

Zweifel, Gabriel Juda, R. 3 


Ackerman, John H 

German Valley, R. 2 

Bowers, Frank J Freeport, R. 3 

Brookman, Geo Ridott, R. 1 



Mayers, Frank Freeport, R. 5 

OsTENDORF, H. F... German Valley, R. 2 


AuHES, E. R German Valley, R. 1 

^liTCHELL, Guv A Freeport, R. '> 

Strong, Wm Ridott, R. 2 


Barr, Leslie Ridott, R. 2 

CooMBER, Chas Lena, R. 2 

DouBLER, John E Nora 

Lincoln, Albert C Ridott, R. 1 

MuRRY, Thos Winslow, R. 1 


Baltzer, H. K Dakota, R. 1 

FuRST, Mrs. H Freeport, R. 6 

Lansch, H. D Cedarville, R. 1 

Peters, Fred Davis, R. 2 

ScHLEicH, Henry Ridott, R. 1 

Veitmeier, Sam Ridott, R. 2 

Yarger, Austin Freeport, R. 6 


Babb, ]\Iyron Freeport, R. 4 

Barker, Albert Orangeville, R. G 

Blunt, Roy C Freeport, R. 3 

Bode, Rev. H. C... German Valley, R. 2 

Borgman, Peter Shannon, R. 1 

Briggs, Thos Orangeville, R. 1 

Christian, Jacob Cedarville, R. 1 

Clark, H. R Lena, R. 4 

Engle, Boyd B Freeport, R. 3 

Goodman, L. A Rock City, R. 1 

Gritshall, M. S Ridott, R. 1 

Groth, Frank Pecatonica, R. 2 

Hartman, Ralph Cedarville, R. 1 

Houser, Geo. S Freeport 

Kaiser, Chas. E Cedarville 

Kaiser, Conrad F Freeport 

Kruse, John German Valley 

Linneman, Frank Baileyville 

Lyons, Wm. C Freeport 

Meads, J as. M Freeport 

Neiman, W. F Freeport 

Olthoff, Rollen a . . . . Pearl City, 

Raders, F Lena 

Rampenthal, Carl Lena 

Schoonhoven, C Freeport 

Staas, Henry Freeport 

Voss, Karl F Freeport 

R. 1 
R. G 
R. 1 
R. 1 
R. 3 
R. G 
R. 3 
R. 3 

Wise, J.J Ridott 



Harpers, R. W.... German Valley, R.3 

?^1einzer, Wallkn Dakota, R. 2 

Mennenga, T German Valley, R. 2 

Mitchell, Guv A Freeport, R. 5 

Ploger, H. F Pearl City, R. 2 

Schauer, W. H Freeport, R. 4 


Matter, Nellie Freeport, R. 1 

Maurer, Jacob Freeport, R. 6 

Tollmeier, Edw Pearl City, R. 2 


Asche, Conrad Pearl City, R. 2 

BouREY, N. J Rock City, R. 1 

Brubaker, D. M Freeport 

Brubaker, John M Freeport, R.3 


229-231 W. SO. WATER ST. 

.MmfM,. CHI" 



Highest Prices, Full 
Weight, Prompt Returns 

Write for Tags and Market Quotations 

References — Any Bank or Express Agt. in your town. 
Fort Dearborn National Bank. Chicaeo 



Keehner, J Rock City, R. 1 

Kurtz, Edmund Freeport, R. 3 


AsPiNWALL, J. R Freeport, R. 3 

Baker, W. H. H Scioto Mills 

Best, Harvey Freeport, R. 2 

Bokemeier, Walter S Ridott, R. 2 

BoRGER, Geo Ridott, R. 2 

BouRNKEL, Carl. . .German Valley, R. 2 

Brick, Henry Ridott, R. 2 

BuTZ, G. J Pearl City, R. 1 

Carbiener, John H Freeport, R. 1 

Eder, Fred Freeport, R. 2 

Engle, Boyd B Freeport, R. 3 

Erb, Addison E Freeport, R. 3 

Fairboirn, O. R Ridott, R. D 

Flickinger, Wm Pearl City, R. 4 

Hartman, John J Pearl City, R. 1 

Heitter, Alvin Freeport, R. 4 

Hill, C. J Freeport, R. 3 

Hill, Wm Freeport, R.3 

Janicke, Carl A Ridott, R. 2 

Kinney, Wm. P Ridott, R. 2 

Lingbeek, J Freeport, R. 1 

Manus, D. G Pearl City, R. 1 

Meyer, J. F Dakota, R. 1 

Mitchell, Guy A Freeport, R. 5 

Moltee, Jacob Ridott, R. 1 

Nath, Chas Rock City, R. 1 

Pfile, Lewis D Freeport, R. 6 

S HIPPY, Guy O McConnell, R. 1 

Staas, Aug Freeport, R. 2 

Stork, Fred B Freeport, R. D. 

Vehmeier, Mrs. F Rock City, R. 1 

Vehmeier, John W Dakota, R. 1 

Webb, Geo Ridott, R. 2 

Wright, O. H Freeport, R. 3 


Gramley, J. E Freeport, R. 3 

Hutchison, W. T Freeport 

Laible, Arthur G Rock City, R. 1 


Dorse, Michael Freeport, R. 2 



Terhurk, Thos Rock City, R. 1 


Albert, Simon B Florence Station 

Borchers, John. . .German Valley, R. 1 

Brinkmeier, Frank Shannon, R. 1 

Deal, Henry J Freeport, R.3 

Engle, Boyd B Freeport, R. 3 

Erb, Addison E Freeport, R. 3 

Gramley, J. E Freeport, R. 3 

Harms, Theo German Valley, R. 1 

Hill, C. J Freeport, R. 3 

Kaney, Louis A Baileyville, R. 1 

Kesler, Frank Winslow, R. 1 

KoBA, Wm. M Rock City, R. 1 

Meyers, Jos Freeport, R, 4 

Miller, Henry J Ridott 

Neiberger, Abe Ridott, R. 1 

Schauer, W. H Freeport, R. 4 

Smith, Fred W Shannon, R. 1 

Voss, Karl F Freeport, R. 3 

Willit, Chas Rock City, R. 1 

Wright, O. H Freeport, R. 3 


AspiNWALL, J. R Freeport, R. 2 

Aultenbren, Anna Lena, R. 4 

Bakxr, W. H. H Scioto Mills 

Bergman, Geo Freeport, R. 4 

Bessert, Fred W Ridott, R. 2 

Bokemeier, Walter S Ridott, R. 2 

Borchers, John. . .German Valley, R. 1 

Borger, Geo Ridott, R. 2 

Bourey, N. J Rock City, R. 1 

Bournkel, Carl. .. German Valley, R. 2 

Brillhart, Wm Freeport, R. 3 

Brinkmeier, Frank Shannon, R. 1 

Brubaker, Elmer D Freeport, R.3 

Brubaker, John M Freeport, R.3 

Butz, G. J Pearl City, R. 1 

Cain, Jay B Freeport, R. 2 

Clark, Alfred L Freeport, R. 3 

Eilert Frank Rock City, R. 1 

Engle, Boyd B Freeport, R. 3 

Erb, Addison E Freeport, R. 3 

Franzmeier, H. a Shannon, R. 1 

Heeren, Julius Shannon, R. 1 

Hill, C. J Freeport, R. 3 

Hufford, F. M Rock City, R. 1 

Hutchison, W. T Freeport 

Janicke, Carl A Ridott, R. 2 

Jones, Albert Ridott, R. 2 

Kaney, Louis A Baileyville, R. 1 

Kloepping, Henry F Freeport, R. 2 

Koba, Wm. M Rock City, R. 1 

Kuhlemeyer, S. W Pearl City, R.2 

Laible, Arthur G Rock City, R. 1 

Lapp, Geo Rock City, R. 2 

Leverton, W. O Winslow, R. 3 

Lingbeek, Edw Freeport, R. 1 

Matter, Michael Freeport, R. 1 

Mauer, Jacob Freeport, R. 6 

Meinzer, Wallen Dakota, R. 2 

Miller, Chas. A Freeport, R.2 

Mitchell, Robt. T Freeport, R. 3 

Murray, Thos Winslow, R. 1 

Rutherford, T. H Freeport, R. 6 

Ryks, Harm German Valley, R. 2 

Schrock, Edw. J Freeport, R.2 

S hockey, Alvin H Ridott, R. 1 










Positively Highest Prices 

Prompt Service, Courteous Treatment and 
Square Dealing 


Quarter Mile North of City FREEPORT, ILL. 




Time of 



340 Days 

Tan. 1 

Dec. 6 

'' 6 

" 11 

" 11 

" 16 

'• 16 

" 21 

" 21 

" 26 

" 26 

'• 31 

" 31 

Jan. 5 

Feb. 5 

" 10 

" 10 

" 15 

" 15 

" 20 

" 20 

" 25 

" 25 

" 30 

Mar. 2 

Feb. 4 



" 12 

" 14 

" 17 

" 19 

" 22 

" 24 

" 27 

Mar. 1 

Apr. 1 
** 6 


" 11 

" 11 

" 16 

" 16 

" 21 

" 21 

" 26 

" 26 

" 31 

May 1 
** 6 

Apr. 5 
•' 10 

" 11 

" 15 

" 16 

" 20 

" 21 

" 25 

" 26 

" 30 

" 31 

May 5 

June 5 

" 10 

" 10 

" 15 

" 15 

'■ 20 

" 20 

" 25 

" 25 

" 30 

" 30 

June 4 

I* ,J 


" 15 

" 19 

" 20 

•' 24 

" 25 

" 29 

" 30 

J'jJy i 

Aug. 4 
" 9 

" 9 

" 14 

" 14 

" 19 

" 19 

" 24 

" 24 

" 29 

Set. 3 

Aug. 3 

" 29 



" 13 


" 18 

" 18 

'• 23 

" 23 

" 28 

" 28 

Set. 2 

Oct. 3 



" 12 

" 13 

.. 17 

" 18 

" 22 

" 23 

" 27 

" 28 

Oct. 2 

Nov. 2 



" 12 

" 12 

.. 17 

" 17 

" 22 

•' 22 

" 27 

" 27 

Nov. 1 

Dec. 2 



" 11 

" 12 

" 16 

.. 17 

" 21 

" 22 

" 26 

" 27 

Dec. 1 

" 31 



:83 Days 



























































































; 2 























. 1 










Sept. 5 












. 5 





150 Days 

































































































. 4 










■. 1 

























May 5 












112 Days 











































































. 3 















































Mar. 3 












. 2 










63 Days 










































































. 5 
























. 4 












. 4 
























. 2 












-. 3 



Shippy^ Guy O McConnell, R. 1 

SiEDSCHLAG, Carl Warren, R. 1 

Snapp, Adam Pearl City, R. 2 

Stork, Fred B Freeport, R. D. 

Sullivan, E. J Lena, R. 2 

VicK, Chas Freeport, R. 1 

VoLKERS, Jas. F Pearl City, R. 1 

Voss, Karl F Freeport, R. 3 

Webb, Geo Ridott. R. 2 

Weimer, C. H Rock City, R. 1 

WiLHELMS, Henry O Shannon, R. 1 

WiLLET, Jesse Rock City, R. 1 

Yarka, Wm. C Cedarville, R. 1 

Zipse. Chas Red Oak, R. 1 


HiRSBRUNNER, Chas Winslow 


DiTZLER, S. A Pearl City, R. 4 

KoELLER, Chas Pearl City, R. 4 



Kesler, Frank Winslow, R. 1 

Kraft, John L Red Oak, R. 1 

Veh MEIER, John W Dakota, R. 1 

Wolfe, G. W Rock City, R. 1 

Wright, O. H Freeport, R. 3 


Kinney, Wm. P Ridott, R. 2 

Kurtz, Edmund Freeport, R. 3 

Mullarky, Arthur. .. .Rock City, R. 1 

Nath, Chas Rock City, R. 1 

Staderman, Emil H Ridott, R. 1 

Sullivan, E. J Lena, R. 2 

Uhe, Sam Lena, R. 4 

Vehmeier, Mrs. F Rock City, R. 1 

Wessles, J. W.... German Valley, R. 1 
WiLLET, Jesse Rock City, R. 1 


Waterman, W. D Pearl City, R. 1 







Reference • Citizens Bank, Lena, III. 

47 Years in Business 

H. L Brown & Son 


219 West South Water Street 

Poultry, Veal, 
EggSy Butter 

Immediate sales at 
top quotations always 


{ National Produce Bank 

I First National Bank 

Long Distance Phone Main 1670 




To Prairie Farmer Readers — 

D.on't buy cheap, unadvertised goods, but protect yourself when buy- 
ing by insisting on getting from your dealer only — 


All Goods Advertised in Prairie Farmer are TRIPLE-G Goods. 
All Goods Advertised in This Directory are TRIPLE-G Goods. 

When the local dealer says in his advertisement: 

"We Sell and Recommend the Following 

TRIPLE-Guarantee Goods" 

as in any advertisement in Prairie Farmer or in this 
Directory, it gives you this TRIPLE-Guarantee 

1st That the manufacturer of the goods stands back of them. 

2nd That the Prairie Farmer stands back of them. 

3rd That the merchant handling the goods stands back of them. 

"TRIPLE-Guarantee Goods 

Are the best value for the money. 

Safest to buy. 

And Satisfaction is absolutely insured. 




What Are "TRIPLE-G" Goods? 

r.>y>t'^^^^ , 1, 1 

should you ask 


for them and 
refuse any other kind? 

WHEN a reader of Prairie Farmer goes into a store 
to buy, he is assured of getting full value for his 
money if he insists on buying only well known advertised 
goods and refusing to buy any unknown brand substitute. 

W/ U V p Because advertised goods are well known 
goods that are backed up with the guar- 
antee of PRAIRIE FARMER and the manufacturer. If 
the goods are not as represented in the advertising, or do 
not give full satisfaction, this TRIPLE GUARANTEE 
means that you have only to make your complaint and 
that any just claim will be fairly considered and your 
money paid back in case the goods are not as represented. 
with its readers. We back up every advertisement in 
PRAIRIE FARMER and guarantee honest treatment. 
No humbugs , swindles or cheap substitute goods (that are 
made to sell and get the customer's money on false pre- 
tenses) are advertised in PRAIRIE FARMER. Buy the 
goods advertised in PRAIRIE FARMER and in this 
Directory and you are taking no chances. You are guar- 
anteed satisfaction because all goods we advertise are 




Freeport Y. M. C. A. Building', Freeport, Illinois 

John Hessenthaler 

Blacksmith and 
Implement Dealer 

Davis Illinois 

Why send your money to 
Chicago for your Farm 
Implements when I can 
sell as cheap as the Mail 
Order Houses and you 
save the freight? 

Bring your Catalogue price 
withyou andcompare values 

Let me repair your broken farm 
machinery. I have all the necessary 
equipment to do the work well. 
.-►;i^»^^ Oliver Chilled Plows, 
I Rock Island Plows, Hay 
Tools, Thomas Crown 
Mower, Acme Harvester 
Line, Milwaukee Sanitary Separator. 

Harness, Blankets, 
Robes and Awnings 

The Largest Line of 
Trunks, Bags, Suit 
Cases, etc., in Freeport 

All Kinds of Repairing 


Phone 246 
74 Galena St., FREEPORT, ILL. 





Ceurch, Wm Cheese Mfr. 

Gift, Wm General Store 

Meyers Bros Lumber & Grain 


Richart &; Richart General Store 

Strohm, John Meats 

Strohm, Jno. D Meats 


Baltzer & Rummell 

Meat & Confectionary 

Bowers, Clem Poultry Dealer 

Bradley, Ralph Barber 

Butterfield, F. A Physician 

Dakota Condensed Milk Co. 

Graham Bros Elevator and Lumber 

Hillmer Lumber Co 

Coal, Grain and Lumber 

Keck, W. H General Merchandise 

Smeltzer, W. H Confectionery 

Smith, Geo Undertaker 

Smith. W. C. & Co..... 

.. .General Merchandise & Hardware 
State Bank of Dakota. 


PhiUips, G. W General Store 


Afflerbaugh Painters 

Andres, H. R Grocer 

Arnsmeier, Wm Stock Buyer 

Best, C. M Garage and Electric 

Buticofer, O. J Grocer 

Cunningham, Dr. F. E Physician 

Degunther, Edw Barber 

Ditzler, E. R Druggist 

Eggemeier, Fred Meat Market 

Farmers' Bank. 

Hessenthaller, John Blacksmith 

Johnson, G Blacksmith 

Kanne, Wm Harn'cssmaker 

Kurtz, M. W Grocer 

Liljequist, C. J.. Furniture & Undertaker 

Martin, R Hotel Keeper 

Meier, Fred Wagon Maker 

Miller, David Hardware 

Miller, Virgil • Millinery 

Mollenberndt Bros Livery 

Raymer & Schoch Grocer 

Riche & Liljequist Millinery 

Rutter Bros Painters 

Schmitt, John Boots & Shoes 

The Hillmer Co Lumber & Grain 

Tilke, Fred Hardzvare 

Yore Bros Painters 

Wilke, Henry v ..Implements 

Wilson, Dr. A Physician 


JNIeyers Elevator Grain 

Steele, A. C General Store 


Brookman, Geo Imp. Dealer 


Florence Elevator. 

Otto, Aug Stock Dealer 

Otto, E. L Lumber & Coal 

Otto, Wm General Store 


Allen, Miss Frances Practical Nurse 

Allington, E. D Music Store 

AUington, Edward, Jr Piano Tuner 

American Express Co. 

American Candy Co. 

Andre, H. Z. .. .Painting, Papcrhanging 

Andre, T. C. .. .Painting, Papcrhanging 

Angelos, Theo Restaiiran t 

Angelos Confectionery Co 

Anzeiger Printing Office 

Arcade Mfg. Co Manufacturers 

Art & Book Shop Book Store 

Art Shoe Parlor. 
Artificial Ice & Storage Co 
Associated Charities. 

Ascher, \Vm Coal and JJ'ood 

Assiniboine Land Co. 

Atchison, Mrs. Daisy Dressmaker 

Auto Electrical Co. 

Babb & Spaz Barbers 

Babb & Steffen Barbers 

Bushnelle Bros Liverv 

Baldwin, Mrs. R. C Milliner 

Babcock, A. L Contractor 

Badura. Bern Tailor 

Ballschmidt, Wm. C Cigars 

Banker's ]\Iutual Accident & Health Co. 

Banker's Mutual Life Co 

Life Insurance 



FOUNDED A. D. 1858 

Taylor & Frick 

(Slephenson County Abstract Office) 

Abstracts of Title 
Mortgage Loans 

We have on hand at all times 
choice Farm Mortgages to net the 
investor 6% and we attend to the 
collection of principal and interest 
without charge. 

Let us put your idle 
money to work 

Banner Grocery Groceries 

Barber Shop, O. K. 

Bardell, Albert J Blacksmith 

Barnhart, S. H Drugs 

Bart, Col Auctioneer 

Bartlett, Miss Nellie Dressmaker 

Baumgarten, C. W Batteries, Wiring 

Bauscher, John, Jr Florist 

"B. B." Dye Works Dyeing 

Becker, Oscar Taxi Cabs 

Beeler, Mrs. A. E Dressmaker 

Bender & Donahue Meats 

Bengston, E Jeweler 

Berg, John ]\Icat Market 

Bertalot, E. C Groceries, Meat 

Best, Dr. Walter T Dentist 

Bijou Garage. 

Billerbeck, Mrs. John Bakery 

Blackhawk Construction Co. 

Bloom, H. G., & Sons Meats 

Blust, E. A Dry Goods 

Bohannon & Malone Barbers 

Bokhof , Lillian Corsctier 

Bolender, J. A Groceries 

Boos, J. H Plumber 

Borchers, H. R .Meats 

Bossemeyer, C. L Repair Shop 

Bowler & Jones IVholcsale Saddlery 

Brandt, J. T Contractor 

Brandt, W. H.. & Co Store 



Tires, Tubes and 

Willard Batteries 

A. C. Spark Plugs 

Havoline Oil and Grease 
Tire Covers, Chains, etc. 

Also (we regret to say) 
Used Cars 

VyHEN any better 
cars are built we 
will change our lines. 
Until then we will 
sell only 



Chalmers Cars 

Republic Trucks 

and thereby insure those who patronize us E 
the greatest value for their money. = 

Our service is the most liberal and the most efficient E 
to be had in Stephenson County and in keeping = 
with the quality of the cars we handle. = 


_ . FREEPORT, ILLINOIS Phone 1688 | 

fniii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii mill iiiiiiiiii I IIIIIIIIIIII7 



Avery Tractors 
Threshers and Implements 

We Recommend 
TRIPLE-G Implements 


"Avery" Tractors snd 
Threshing Machinery 
"Peter Schuttler" and 
"La Crosse" Wagons 
"Cassady," "Janesville" 

"La Crosse" Plows 
"Janesville" and "Ster- 
ling" Disks 
"De Laval" Separators 
"Janesville," "Avery" 
and "La Crosse'" 
Grain Cleaners 
"Sterling" Seeders, 
Hay Loaders and Side 
Delivery Hay Rakes 
"McCormick's" Har- 
vesters and Mowers 

We Carry a Full Line of 

Silos, Engines 
Hay Tools 
Washers, Twine 

"Porter" Hay Carriers 
"Drew" Steel Barn 


"Rude" Spreaders 

"Haag" Power Washers 

"Century" Steel Posts 

"Cypher's" Incubators 

and Brooders 

"Lansing" Tile and 

Wood Stave Silos 

"Plymouth" Twine 

and Rope 

'Ingeco" Electric Farm 

Lighting Plants 

"Hocking Valley" 


"Cow Boy" Tank Heaters 

"Letz" Grinders 



Telephone 38 




D. F. GRAHAM, Pres. M. W. GRAHAM Cashier 

E. A. BLUST.Vice-Pres. W. V. MARTIN, Assl. Cashier 

Second National 

Established 1863 

Capital, $100,000 
Surplus, 30,000 


Publisher's Note — 

It is to be regretted that a picture of the 
remodeled building of the Second National 
Bank could not appear in the Stephenson 
County Directory. The improvements were not 
far enough along to get a picture. When the 
building is completed it will be one of the 
attractions of Freeport, and a substantial in- 
dication of Stephenson County's enterprise. 

Brew & Redmer Groceries 

Brewster House Hotel 

Brokhausen, G. W Automobile Co. 

Browns Business College. 

Brown & Dollmeyer Book Store 

Brown, E. S Flour and Feed 

Brown, G Decorating 

Brown's Hotel Hotel 

Brown, Geo. Irving. .Mttt. Life of N. Y. 

Brown & Shouer Implements 

Brown, Miss Susie Hair Work 

Brubaker, B, F Lime, Cement 

Brunswick, The Billiards 

Bucks, Miss Franna M Hair Work 

Bulletin Piihlishers 

Burkard & Steele Dressmaking 

Burns, James Tires, Vulcanising 

Burwell, Dr. E. E. 

Bushelle, Bros. & Co Auto Livery 

Bus Barn Co. 

Buss, Henry Painter 

Byrem, Blair Auto Livery 

Carter Hardware Co. Hardware 

Cascade Laundry. 

Case, .T. I Threshing Mach. 

Case Threshing Mach. Co., The J. J. 

Cavanaugh Bros Ncivs., Cigars 

Central Garage. 

Chamberlain, Milo Tea, Coffee 

Chamber of Commerce. 





To Rent 

Capital and Surplus 

Over $400,000 


H. BAIER, Vice Pres. 

H. H. ANTRIM, Cashier 
O. W. DORMAN, Asst. Cashier 



Mr. Citizen:— 

A Dollar is worth less now than for several 
years except when you buy Insurance. 

Your own County has a Life Company 
that has been in successful operation for ten 
years. It is operating in five states and has 
over $8,000,000 of insurance in force. Its 
annual rate for $1 ,000 insurance is as follows: 

Age 20 $11.00 Age 40 $17.80 

25 12.20 45 21.04 

30 13.64 50 25.44 

35 15.40 55 32.00 

Other ages in same proportion. Men and 
women insured. 

Bankers Mutual Life Company 

93 Stephenson Street, Freeport, 111., invites 
you to call at its office at any time or phone 
Number 518. 

P. S. — The Bankers Mutual Accident and Health 
Company is under the same management as this 
Life Company. It has a policy that will fit your needs 
for insurance against loss from accident or sickness. 





Hudson-Sherard Co. 

112 Exchange Street 

Freeporl - ■ 

Chapman, H. O Nurseryman 

Chicago, Great Northern R. R. 
Chicago, M. & St. P. R. R. 
Chicago & N. W. R. R. 

Chokas, Charles Grocer 

City Drug Store. 

City Furniture Exchange. ^wd Hand Store 

City of Freeport Attorney's Office 

City- of Yrtf^ori. . .Central Police Station 
City of Freeport... .CiVy Engineer's Office 

City of Freeport City Cemetery 

City of Freeport City Quarry 

City of Freeport City Scales 

City of Freeport Clerk's Office 

City of Freeport Fire Dept. 

City of Freeport Mayor's Office 

City of Freeport Public Library 

City of Freeport Treasurer's OiKce 

Clingman & Glasser Cement, Lime 

Cochran, J. W Real Estate 

Cohen Iron Yard 

Cole, Mrs. Bertha Corsetier 

Collman & Cannon Cigars 

Collier, W. H Upholsterer 

Colonial Music Shop. 

Colvin House Hotel 

Cone, R. A Druggist 

Copy Shop, The Multigraphing 

County Abstract & Title Co. 

Country Club House Club 

Automobiles - Accessories 


"Maxfer" and "Mack" Trucks 


"Michelin" Tires 



Oils, Grease and 


"Weed" Chains 

All "Ford" Parts 

A Real Service Station 
A Car for Every Man 
Prest-O-Lite Storage Battery Station 


170-174 Galena Street 

Phone 363 

We carry the largest stock of Accessories 
in Northwestern Illinois 




One thing that adds excess value and life to the 
Series 18 FOUR and SIX is the special steels used 
in the manufacture, made to Studebaker's own 
specifications especially for Studebaker cars. 

Another is the scientific heat treatment of vital 
parts, like gears, axles, axle shafts, etc., which makes 
them stronger, longer-wearing, and permits lighter 
weight with increased strength. 

A third is the absolute accuracy of Studebaker 
manufacturing processes, and the resulting perfect 
fit and alignment of all parts, and perfect balance of 
motor parts and the entire car, reducing friction and 
wear to the very lowest point. 

This is why Studebaker Cars "stand up," give 
continuous service month after month, year after 
year, with low up-keep cost. This is why a Stude- 
baker in the end is one of the most economical cars 
in the world to buy. 

Come in and let us give you a demonstration. 

40-H. P., 7-Passenger FOUR $985 

50-H. P., 7-Passenger SIX 1250 

Price F. O. B. Detroit 

Full Line of Accessories for Studebaker 
Cars. Prest-O-Lite Service Station 


170-174 Galena Street Tel. 363 FREEPORT, ILL. 



illlllllllllllllllllllllllllllMlllllllllllllllllli^ County Home. 

— = County Sheriff. 

— fl 1^ /^ ^ County Supt. of Highways. 

= Ine farmers uarage = county supt of school 

= r n* riTDDiCD d = County Treasurer. 

= E. M. CURRIER, Prop. = Cramer, Jno. F Grocer 

E 62 S. Galena Ave. ^ Cramer & Schrader Grocers 

E * ' E Criddle Bros Blacksmiths 

E E Cronkhite & Hunter Law Office 

S ; — Crum & Forster Insurance 

= **pQd€TClU* ^ Cummings, The Candy Co. 

E E Currier & Hershey Garage 

S TlfeS = Danielson, Peter .. .Clothing, Furnisliir.rjs 

^ E Deininger, G. C Fruits, Vegetables 

— — ^ E Delhauer, Mrs. Chas Dressmaker 

E _ . E Delhauer, Edw. K Teas, Coffee 

E Repairing accessories and = Democratic Club. 

E storage. When your car E Demeter & Seitz Paints, Wall Paper 

E needs overhauling, let us E ^euth, AG Cement Co nt. 

Hi-, -TTtT- . 1 • 1 — Dickos, T. N Confectionery 

= do It. _We specialize only = Diefenthaler, Minnie Dressmaker 

= m repair work and have all E Dirksen & Towslee Planing Mill 

= modern facilities and skilled E Dittmar, C; J Livery 

E mechanics necessary for E Dittmar, Walter .. . Dairy 

E doing expert work. We re- I E""^^^ Bros. Motor Car Co.. . Autos 

— ° ^ 1 . . - = Dorman & Co implements 

— move carbon by burning by = Dubbert, Bertha Nurse 

E the oxygen process. = Dubbert, Miss M. H Dressmaker 

— ^ Dubs, Mrs. S. J Dressmaker 





Common Brick, Hard Brick of all 
Shades for Building, Fire Brick, 
We recommend = Firc Clav, Sewer Tile, Drain Tile, g 

i TRIPLE-G SUPPLIES I ,, „ t> •! !• T-1 / 11 • \ ^ 

I "Medusa" and \ Hollow BuiMing 1 lie (all sizes), m 

\ "Rub!b^-oid" " I Sand, Gravel, Hard Plaster, Wood 1 
I "Standard" °° "^ I Fibre Plastcr, Plaster Hair, Plaster | 

= Asphalt Shingles ^ = 

I "Ivory" i Paris, Mortar Colors (all shades), i 

i Finishing Lime = ' ^ = 

I "Limate'Lime \ Plaster Board, Panel Board and | 
^Slvey's^ucco ] Metal Lath. WHOLESALE and | 

I "Adamite" for Leaky \ IJ r* X A f I PRIPT^ B 

I Roof s (tin, wood or paper) Iv Cj 1 r\ I 1-a 1 IV. 1 V^J-j O • ^ 

BIT DDTTDAkri7P telephone soi I 






JOHN BRUCE, Vice Pres. 


JOHN T. HINDERKS. Asst. Cashier 



Capital $150,000 

Surplus and Profits $300,000 

^ You are cordially invited to make use of our ample 
accommodations and facilities for the transaction of 

^ Your attention is especially directed to our new and 
modern safety deposit vault, which we believe to be 
thoroughly fire and burglar proof. The boxes are for 
rent at reasonable rates. 

^ In our Savings Department we pay interest on 
monthly balances at 3% per annum. Your patronage 
is respectfully solicited. 




We recommend 



South Bend Watches 

Big Ben Alarms 

Gilbert Mantel and 

Kitchen Clocks 
Rogers and Wallace 

American Cut Glass 


This is the place 
to buy Watches, 
Clocks, Jewelry 
and Silverware. 

Repair Work and 
Engraving Done 

Come to us to have 
your eyes tested 
and fitted by a 
licensed Optome- 
trist. All work 


94 Chicago St., FREEPORT, ILL. 

Dustman, Hubert A Contractor 

Eagles Hall Club 

East Side Grocery Groceries 

Economy Gas Range Tops. 
Economy Auto Ins. Ass'n. 

Eberle, John Mason Contractor 

Edler, Ed., Lather 

Edier, Geo Furnaces, Sheet Metal 

Embury Church. 

Eichorn, Geo. F Tailor 

Ellis, Jno. F Cigars 

Eisenhower, Steff en-Yount . . . Commission 

Eisley, Miss Julia Dressmaker 

Elite Cafe. 

Elk's Hall Club 

Emmert Drug Store Drugs 

Emerick & Ringer Jewelers 

Emmert Drug Store. 
Enterprise Cigar Co. 

Enterprise Livery Livery 

Enterprise Supply House Phonograph 

Erb, H. B Real Estate 

Erie, The News, Cigars 

Essex, Mrs.- E. E Dressmaker 

Everts & Smith Furniture 

Elk's Hall. 

E. & W. Clothing House Clothing 

Farmers' Garage Garage 

Fidelity Loan Co. 




We manufacture and install the famous original Severance gas 
machines — cold process, no generating, no engine, no danger and 
always ready for use. It is just the same as city gas. Very cheap 
and very simple. A child can take care of our plant. We can give 
you all modern gas appliances and fixtures — irons, instantaneous 
water heaters, gas logs, room heaters, etc. Any style light in 
both upright and inverted mantles. Stock tank heaters, any 
style or size gas range. Estimates on jobs given free of charge. 



Phone 128 FREEPORT, ILL. 




On everything that is going on in 
the world today. The only way 
to be so is to read a Hve daily paper, 
a paper that gives you not only the 
telegraph news of the world but 
also the news of your city, county 
or rural community. You owe it 
to every member of your family 
to be supplied with a reHable daily 
paper, such as 

jhe Freeport Bulletin 

Daily and Weekly 

Associated Press Franchise 
Latest City and County News 
Local and Metropolitan Markets 
Up_to-Date Advertising Columns 


99 Chicago Street, FREEPORT, ILLINOIS 



The Place To Buy 


Old Firm 


We recommend 

Triple- G 

"Kabo" and "A. C. 

C." "Dependon" 

Hosiery and 


"Linden" Waists 

"Lonsdale" and 

"Fruit of the Loom" 



Prints, Percales, 


Sweaters, Blankets 


New Blood 

(My Sons) 

New Store 
New Stock 
New Location 

Established Repu- 
tation. Experience 
of 35 years in Free- 

J. D. WHEAT Sr. 

Will be pleased 
to meet you at 
the New Store 


Corner Galena and Chicago Sts. 

(n Years at 126 Galena-201 Van Buren; 

First National Bank Banking 

Fisher, H. E Decorator 

Fitchner & Schadle Groceries 

Fleischer, C. M Insurance 

Flachtmeier Monument Works 

Marble Works 

Folgate & Rosemeier Machine Shop 

Ford Agency. 

Forry, S. S Weaver 

Fox Electric Co. 

Franklin Life Ins. Company .. .Insurance 

Freeport Auto Co Autos 

Freeport Battery & Electric Co. 
Freeport Building & Loan Ass'n. .Loan.? 

Freeport Bulletin Newspaper 

Freeport Club Club 

Freeport Dairy &: Produce Co.. Commis'n 

Freeport Dye Works Dyeing 

Freeport Engraving Co. 

Freeport Floral Co Flowers 

Freeport Garage Garage 

Freeport Gas Co Fixtures 

Freeport Gas Machine Co. 
Freeport General Hospital. 

Freeport Hardware Co Hardware 

Freeport Implement Co Implements 

Freeport Iron & Metal Co Iron 

Freeport Journal- Standard. . Publishing 
Freeport Ladies & Gents Tailoring. 
Freeport Lodge, I. O. O. F Lodge 

= Not by big advertised promises, but by S 

= selling good, dependable dry goods, = 

^ carpets and clothing at a fair profit, ^ 

= and showing larger stocks than is = 

= shown by any other two firms in the same ^ 

S line of business in the city, this business s 

S grows, just as it has grown for 59 years. = 

= liiifiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii = 






Dodge Brothers 


^ Dodge Brothers are their own severest critics, and they will 
never wait for the pubhc to ask for a better car from them. 

^ They try to anticipate — to travel ahead — to give even more 
than expected. 

^ No material, no part, no accessory is barred from Dodge 
Brothers car because it is too high priced. 

CJ The only question asked, the only proof demanded, is of its 

^ It will pay you to visit us and examine the car. 

^ The gasoline consumption is unusually low. 

^ The tire mileage is unusually high. 

^ Touring Car or Roadster, $835; Winter Touring Car or Road- 
ster, $1,000; Sedan or Coupe, $1,265. (All prices f. o. b. Detroit.) 


Exchange and Van Buren Sts., FREEPORT, ILL. 




The Merchandise You Want 

At the Price You Want to Pay 


We recommend 

"Educator" Shoes 
"Harl.Schaffner & 

Marx" and 

"R. B." Clothes 

"Barker Brand"Collars 

"Yorke Brand" Shirts 

Stetson Hats 

Stetson Men's Shoes 

H. Gray's Ladies' 


You'll always find 
it at theEA W m 
Men's or Boys' 
Clothing and Furnish- 
ings. Shoes for the 
whole family, Hats, 
Gloves, Neckwear, Suit 
Cases and Bags. 


at the £<& IV the 
purchase price 
includes a guar- 
antee of 

Satisfaction or 
Your Money Back 

Freeport Machine Works. 
Freeport Manufacturers' Ass'n. 
Freeport Motor Boat Club. 

Freeport Motor Mart Garage 

Freeport Motorcycle Club Club 

Freeport Oil & Rendering Works. 
Freeport Poultry & Egg House. 

Freeport Sanitary Laundry Laundry 

Freeport Spring Co Mfr. 

Freeport Taxi Cab Line Taxis 

Freeport Tire Co Tires 

Freeport Trust & Savings Bank. Banking 
Freeport Wholesale Grocery Co. 

Freidag, Fred W Undertaker 

Freidag, H. A. & Co Harness 

Frick, A. G Ins. & Abstracts 

Frick, Robert L Jeweler 

Frisbie, L. A Contractor 

Fritz, J. F Decorator 

Frueh & Steffen Insurance 

Furst, McNess & Co Mfrs. 

Fuss, C Meats 

Furniture Trading Co. 

Garman, Chas. W Contractor 

Gaulrapp, Frank Stone Mason 

Genant, Joseph Real Estate 

Geraty, W. H Decorator 

German Bank .Banking 

Germania Society Hall 

Gibler, Ferd H Horseshoer 



We have a name to live up to. 
We are selecting lines 
of goods that will never 
discredit the name. 

We recommend 
TRIPLE-G Hardware 

"Majestic" Malleable Range 

"Universal" Cast and Combination Ranges 

"Perfection" and "Puritan" Oil Stoves 

"Cream City" Tinware 

"Rochester" Copperware 

"Keen Kutter" and "Village Blacksmith" Cutlery 

"Stewart" Clippers 

"Dexter" and "Motor Speed" Washers 

"Ever-Ready" Safety Razors 

"Stanley" Carpenter Planes 

"Disston" and "Keen Kutter' Saws 

"Winchester" and "U. M. C." Ammunition 

"Keen Kutter" and "Enterprise" Meal Grinders 

"Ney" Hay Tools 

"National" Barn Door Hangers 

"Sheyboygan" Coaster Wagons 

"Keen Kutter" and "Otsego" Forks 

"Coldwell" Lawn Mowers 

See us for Hardware, 
Ranges, Washers, Tin- 
ware, Carpenters' and 
Machinists' Tools, Cut- 
lery, Oils, Hay, Bam 
Tools and Stove Repairs 
for all Stoves and 

Let us figure on your 
building hardware. 
Estimates cheerfully given. 






Farm Home Comfort 

Demands Modern Heating and Plumbing 


American X Ideal 

r\ Radiators ^Iboilers 

Properly installed, give perfect 
satisfaction. We carry a full line 
of plumbing and heating material. 

Knipschild Plumbing 
and Heating Co. 

161 Galena Street 

Telephone 429 

Freeport - Illinois 



I The Mutual Life Insurance Co. I 

i of New York | 

= **Oldest in America** S 

I Assets January 1,1917, over $624,500,000 | 

= Has Paid to Policyholders = 

= in 74 years over $1 ,250,000,000 = 

The Best Business and Professional Men in the World 
— everywhere, are The Mutual Life's Best Patrons 

I GEORGE I. BROWN special representative I 

E Office Phone 1727; Residence 30 Lincoln Ave., Phone 447 E 

I 137 Stephenson Street FREEPORT, ILLINOIS = 





The Store of 


Because we buy bright 
Bankrupt and Store 
Stock Goods of all grades. 

Shoes, Hats, Caps, Shirts, 
Skirts, Waists, Corsets, 
Underwear, Neckwear, 
Raincoats, Hosiery, 
Gloves, Sweaters, Over- 
alls and Work Shirts. 

All Furnishings 
at Lowest Prices 

47 Stephenson Street 

Gibler, Will Livery 

Gilbert, Edward Insurance 

Gill, R. M Decorator 

Gingrich, Anna M Linen, Laces 

Gishwiller, J. B. . . . Clothing, Furnishings 
Globe Hospital. 

Goumalatsos Bros Groceries 

Graham, Geo. W Contractor 

Grant, Edward Real Estate 

Grace Parish House. 

Grant, Thos Coal, Wood 

Grattelo & Son Blacksmithing 

Grier & Brauer Vulcanising 

Green Mfg. Co., C. H Mfr. 

Guccione & Scheldt Tailors 

Guenther, C. P. & Co Drugs 

Gund, Graham & Co Contractors 

Gundry, Wm Excavating 

Guhl, Christ Bakery 

Guyer & Calkins Co.. .Wholesale Grocers 

Haight, Paul Flour & Feed 

Hamlyn, S. P Decorator 

Harden, C. W Cigars 

Hansen, C. F Painting 

Harkins, D Contractor 

Harpster, J. S Tailor' 

Harris, Frank W Tailor 

Harris, Geo Meats 

Hart's Sanitary Laundry Laundry 

Hartman, A. H Autos 

Everything in Hardware 


We recommend 
'Louden" Hay Tools and 

Barn Equipment 
'Carborundum" Grinders 
'Washington" Cutlery 
'Disston" Saws 
'Stanley" and "Sargent" 

'McGraw" Tires 
'Western" Ammunition 
'Clark's" Foot Warmers 
'Ford" Repairs 

Wholesale and Retail 

Wire Rope, Asbestos, Rubber 
and Wood Fibre Packing — 
Leather, Rubber and Canvas 
Belting — Water and Steam 
Hose, Automobile Supplies, 
Blacksmith Supplies, Ma- 
chinists* Tools, Steam 
Goods, Tire Work. 

The Freeport Hardware Co. 

Freeport Illinois 



Hartman, Factory, John . . . Hides, Tallow 

Hayes, J. G Livery 

Ha3aier & Son Groceries 

Heckman, Eugene Decorator 

Heckman, I. E Garage 

Heeren, Herman Cigars 

Heine, T. W Roofing Contractor 

Henke, Mrs. Laura Dressmaking 

Henney Buggy Co. 

Hermsmeier Bros Groceries 

Herold, A. M. Cigars 

Herold, Christ Repair Shop 

Hershberger, Miss Mary Dressmaker 

Higley, E. R Decorator 

Hildebrandt, J. A Contractor 

Hildreth, C. F Insurance 

Hill Grain Co., P Coal, JVood 

Hillmer Co., H. A Coal, Grain 

Hillmer, Wm Groceries 

Hime, L. L Contractor 

Hineline, J. M. & H. H. .. .Contractors 

Hines & Roth Furniture 

Hinton-Tuckett Mfg. Co. 

Hoefer, E. A Insurance, Real Estate 

Hoefer Mfg. Co Mfr. 

Hogan, J. E. & Sons Contractors 

Hoover, R. H Hides, Tallow 

Horse Shoe Cafe. 

Horwitz, H Loans 

Hoy, J. B Insurance 

For Flour, Feed 


Timothy and 
Clover Seed, 
Grain, Baled 
Hay and 
Straw, Salt 
and Mill Feeds 

Come to see us or 
phone. We buy in 
large quantities at 
Lowest Prices, and 
sell at Lowest Prices. 

We are Wholesalers 
and Retailers 



"Corner Stone," 
'Plymouth," "E.-A.- 
Co." and "Schminke's 
Best" Flours. 
"Sterling," "Salzer" 
and "Terry's" Gar- 
den Seeds. 
"Salvet," "Inler- 
nalional" and "Stand- 
ard" Stock and 
Poultry Tonics. 
"Globe" Hen and 
Chick Feeds. 
"Martin's" Calf Meal_ 
"Darling's" Meat 

We Reco 




"Samson" Wind Mills 

"Emerson Foot Light" 

"Stover's Good 



"Tiger" Drills 

"Natco" Silos 

"New Pioneer" and 

"Waterloo Boy" Tractors 

"Samson" Wagons 

"E-B" Tractors 

"Tower" Surface 

"Old Hickory" Spreaders 


"Grand Detour" Plows 

"Fairbanks" Scales 

"Freeport" Shellers 

"Sharpies" Milkers 

"Peters" Corn Planters 

and Separators 

"Blue Star" Corn 

"Apex" Fence and Posts 


"Myers" Strickler and 

"Ann Arbor" Hay 

"Star" Hay Tools 


"Trahern" Pumps 



Tractors Gas Engines 

Spreaders Silos 

Tank Heaters and Feed Cooker 

Delco Lighting Auto Tires 

All Farm Implements 


Incubators and Poultry Supplies 

Field Seeds 

"Big Four" and "Grinnell" Washers 

"Stover" Washers 

"2 in 1" Washers 

''Buckeye"and "Standard" Incubators 

Supplies of All Kinds 







Excellent Service 
S a t i s f led 




Goodyear, U. S. 


and Dayton Tires 

Willard Batteries, 

Champion and 


Spark Plugs 
Ivory Oil 

Hoyman, Henry Livery 

Hudson-Sherard Co. 

Huenkemeier, H. A Groceries 

Humason & Anderson News, Cigars 

Huss Cloak Co. . . . Women's Furnishings 

Ideal Mattress Co Mattresses 

Illinois Central R. R. 

Isaac, Geo Stock Dealer 

John's Tire Repair Shop. 

Jaeger, Misses D. & J Groceries 

Janssen, Allen Justice of the Peace 

Jenks Bros Photographers 

Jenkins, M. C Justice of the Peace 

Jewel Tea Co. 

Johnson, C. F Drugs 

Johnson, Roy Auto Repair 

Journed- Standard Newspaper 

Jungkunz, Wm. F Drugs 

Kaney & Spelman Shoes 

Keene Canning Co Canning 

Kegel & Co Bicycle Shop 

Kimball Piano Co... Musical Instruments 

Kiplinger & Son, I. J ■. ..Lumber, Coal 

Kleno, W. L Taxi Line 

Kircher, Geo Tin Shop 

Kloss, R. C Watcli, Clock Repairing 

Kluth, August Contractor 

Knights of Columbus Club 

Knipschild. . . .P/M;n&m,? & Heating Co. 
Knoble, John Wholesale, Retail 

Waukesha Lime and Stone Co. 


Quality Agricultural Limestone 


Flour — No. I Kiln Dried^No. 2 Common 

Samples and Booklet Furnished on Request. 

Address Inquiries to 


Branches : 

Milwaukee, Chicago 

Patronize your home dealers. They help make your 
town a live community center and they should have 
your friendship and support -:- -:- -:- -:- -:- 



Knorr, A. C Insurance, Real Estate 

Knowlton, Chas. D Banking 

Koenig, F. B Furniture, Undertaking 

Kohler, Edith F Dressmaker 

Kramer, J. F Blacksmith 

Kranich & Bach Piano Store Pianos 

Krehl, Alex. B Barber 

Krehl & Winter Cigars 

Kreig, Carl Groceries 

Kuehner 'Bros. . .Furniture, Undertaking 

Kuhlemeyer, Herman H Shoes 

Landgraf, E. C Brass Foundry 

Lawrence, F. D Garage 

Leath & Co., A Furniture 

Leekley, J. C N. Y. Life Insurance 

Lehan, Miss Mary Dressmaker 

Lennox, Miss Harriet Beauty Shop 

Library, Public. 

Lichtenberger Bros Meats 

Lieber, Wm Plumbing 

Lilley & Foss Clothing 

Lincoln, A. L. 

Lincoln Garage Garage 

Ling, L. R Plumbing, Heating 

Little, C. H. & Co Crockery 

Little Gem Cafe. 

Loan Fidelity Co Loans 

Lobby Cigar Store Cigars 

Locust Street Garage Garage 

L. O. O. M. Club Room Club 


242 Adams Street 


Telephone 1796 

Bring us your Milk and 
Cream. We pay top prices 
for your product. Correct 
weights and tests guaranteed 
We manufacture Butter and 
Ice Cream under the 
"Divinity" trade mark, which 
denotes purity. 



Oakland — The Sensible Six 

" Distributer 

H. Ohlendorf & Son ^rdan^ 

110 Exchange Street \ ^^m 





Lohr, Frank Harness 

Lorenz, Wm Plumber 

Luebbing Bros Groceries 

Luecke Sons, Robt Shoes, Clothing 

Luedeke, R. F Plumber 

Luedeking, Henry Tin Shop 

Mahle & Mogle Pool 

Majestic Theater. 

Malone & Bohannon Barbers 

Manion Shepley Co. .Plumbing, Heating 

Mann, Wm Sausage Mfr. 

Manufacturers' Association. 

Martin, G. M Blacksmith 

Maryland Casualty Co Insurance 

Masonic Hall Lodge 

Mattern Shoe Repair Co. 

Maurer, Geo, E Ajifos 

Market House, S. & S. 

McNight, Geo. & Son. .Plumbing, Heating 

McNutt, J. H Contractor 

Mellom, Oscar E Brick Contractor 

Mercantile Adjustment Service. 

Meyer, Chas. & Co Vinegar 

Michel, C. A Groceries 

Midland Lumber Co. 

Miller Bros Groceries 

Miller, Carroll & Co Clothing 

Miller, E. U Contractor 

Miller, Margaret Dressmaking 

Miller's Diabetic Sanitarium. 


"Wise" and "Rudy" 
Furnaces, "Acorn," 
" Favorite " and 
" Range Eternal " 
Ranges, "Puritan" 
and "New Process" 
i I Cook Stoves, 
"Keen Kutter" and 
"0. V. B." Cutlery, 
" S t u r g e s " and 
"Burn" Milk Cans, 
"Simmonds" Saws, 
"Keen Kutter" and 
"Luther" Grinders, 
Power Washers, 
"Bradley & Vroo- 
man" Paints. 

We believe we 
have a stock of 
Hardware that 
will give excel- 
lent satisfaction. 

All kinds of Tin 
Work and Fur- 
nace Heating. 






We recommend 


"Globe- Wernicke" Book Cases 
"Karpen" Upholstered Furniture 
"Royal" Easy Chairs 
" Windsor" and " Mandel " Phonographs 
"Orinoka" Sun Fast Draperies 

"Bundhar" and "French" Wilton Rugs 

"Simmons" Beds 

"Stearns & Foster" Mattresses 

"Tiger" Springs 

"Hoosier" Kitchen Cabinets 




furnishes absolute protection (invalid income — old age fund — death 
benefit) at a very low net cost. 

Why Men and Women Should Insure: 

(1) "Only one man in 100 who lives to be 50 leaves anything at death except 
his insurance. 

(2) Statistics show that 85% of the men who have money now will lose it before 
they reach the age of 65. 

(3) Of all the men living at age 65, 3% are self-supporting, the other 97% are 
dependent upon relatives or charity. 

(4) Out of 100 average healthy men age 35, statistics show the following facts 
when they reach 60: 

36 will be dead, 1 w-ill be rich, 4 will be wealthy, 54 will be dependent upon 
friends, relatives or charitj^" — "Eastern Underwriter." 

MORAL — Insure now while in good health, later yon may not pass an examination. 

For the most complete and up-to-date 
policies on life insurance, see, write or phone 

JC* fl717L^II7V 252 Pleasant Street 

^ If you arc selling or buying a farm, consult me. \ 
I handle both farm and city property and also 
have bargains in Western Lands. I can help you 
in making an exchange of property. 
^ If you need money, I loan it to you at 5% 
interest on real estate security. 

Hf3 COD 96 Stephenson CO I7I7 r>/^0 "T 
• O. iLiIVjD Corner of Chicago T IxlliIliA ^^IX. 1 



Moers, C. A Shoes 

Molchair, Jno Cigars, Confectionery 

Moline Plow Co Branch 

Moogk, H. J Drugs 

Moore, N. H Undertaker 

Music & Art Shop. 

Nampel, Frank Machine Shop 

New Dry Goods Store. 

New Hampshire Fire Ins. Co. 

New Idea Quilter Co Manufacturer 

New York House. 
North American Union. 
North Ridge Brush Co. 
Northern 0-Zell Sales Co. 
Northern Steel & Concrete Co. 
N. W. Mutual Life Ins. Co. 

Oak Place Creamery Creamery 

O'Connell, M. J Upholsterer 

Odd Fellows' Temple Ass'n. 
Old People's Home. 

Ohlendorf, H Pianos 

O. K. Barber Shop. 

Opel Printery, H. E Printing 

Orphans' Home. 

Orpheum Theatre. 

Ott, W. B Cigars, Sporting Goods 

Palace Confectionery. 

Parker Co., M. L Plumbing 

Pauler, F. J Grocer 

Penticoff & Young Contractors 

Perfection Vapor Light Co Lighting 

Perkins, J. V ^ Photographer 

Pfender, J Flour & Feed 

Postal Telegraph Office. 

Prudential Insurance Co Insurance 

Public Library. 
Puritan Eat Shop. 
Quality Hardware Store. 

Quigley, D. J Cigars 

Ranken, F. T Autos 

Rawleigh Co., W. T Manufacturers 

Read, F. A Dry Goods 

Ribback, Nat Co Garment Mfrs. 

Rice, F. R. & Co Wholesale Fruits 

Richter & Cook Grocers 

Richter's Garage Garage 

Richter & Wright Autos 

Robinson, Frank J Photographer 


Electricity For Every Farm 

At last a complete electric plant that is so simple, reli- 
able and economical, that electric light and power 
are now available anywhere and for any purpose. 

Now you may have the comfort and convenience of electric light 
in your home and out-buildings — brilliant, cool, safe. 

Delco-Light will do most of your chores because it provides 
power for the smaller machines. 

Let us show you how it will pay for itself in time and labor 


f . o. b. Dayton, Ohio 









Roland, Isaac N Insurance 

Rosemeier & Folgate Machine Shop 

Rosensiel, Ralph Co. . .Ins., Real Estate 

Rotzler, H. A Je:ccler, Optician 

Ruch, W. C lo-Cent Store 

Ruthe, C. A Cement Blocks 

Rutter, Wm. C Blacksmith 

Ryan, E. F Music 

Saeger, Conrad Contractor 

Sanderson, Jacob G Insurance 

Sanford & Zartman L. Co. Lumber, Coal 

Sanitar}^ Laundrj^ Laundry 

Satterlce, J. P Contractor 

Schlott. Wm Grocer 

Schmelzle, Albert J. . . .Dyeing, Cleaning 
Schmelze & Sons. 

Schmelzle, Geo. F Paints, Paper 

Schneider, John Flour, Feed 

Schofield & Co Manufacturers 

Schrader & Scheffner 

Implements, Flour, Feed 

Schulz. F. A Fruits, Vegetables 

Schwars, J. & Sons Paints 

Schwarz Sisters Books, Stationery 

Second National Bank Banking 

Second Presbyterian Church. 

Security Trust Co Investments 

Senate Hotel Hotel 

Serf, M. H Cigars 

Serf & Haight Flour & Feed 


tinnishes aI)solute protection (invalid income — 
old ago fund — death benefit) at a very low 
net cost. 

Why Men and Women Should Insure: 

(1) "Only one man in 100 who lives to be 50 
leaves anything at death except his insurance. 

(2) Statistics show that 85% of the men who 
have money now will lose it before they reach 
the age of 65. 

(3) Of all the men living at age 63, Z% are 
Keif -supporting, the other 97% are dependent 
upon relatives or charity. 

(4) Out of 100 average healthy men age 33, 
statistics show the following facts when they 
roach 60: 

36 will be dead, 1 will be rich, 4 will be 
wealthy, 54 will be dependent upon friends, 
relatives or chaiity." — "Eastern Underwriter." 

MORAL — Insure now while in good health; 
later you may not pass an examination. 

For the most completo and up-to-date 
])olicies on life insurance, see, write or phone 


Phone Black 1226 
252 Pleasant Street, FREEPORT, ILL. 




When you bu}^ a 
Heater the fuel 
consumption is im- 
portant. The 

Warm Air 

— is a powerful and 
economical Heater 
because it has dou- 
ble the heating sur- 
face and heating ca- 
pacity of ordinary fur- 
naces; and warms 
rooms by so much 
better methods that 
it cuts down the coal 
bills 20 to 30 per cent. 

The great KelseY 
weight also mea ns 
an even tempera- 
t u r e maintained 

The Kelsey has 
earned its right to 
the name, "The 
Coal Saver." 

Furnace Work 

Our Specialty. 
Also all kinds of 

Roofing and 


HENRY LUEDEKING - Phone 1063 - Freeport, 111. 



Organized 1824 


Fire Insurance Co. 

Succeeding by Consolidation 




FRED M. GUND, Manager 

Assets $6,889,577.71 

Capital 1,400,000.00 

Surplus to Policy Holders - - 3,043,904.75 

Fire, Aufomobile, Tractor, Tornado 
and Motorcycle Insurance 


You thought you had ruined 
your suit with automobile 
oil or from other causes. But 
you haven't. It is our busi- 
ness to clean soiled suits, 
dresses, lace curtains, rugs or 
any fabric. It is not neces- 
sary to buy new clothes when 
old ones can be made like 
new. Bring in or send parcel 
post, whatever you want 
cleaned. We do the rest, 


Phone 1367 158 Stephenson St. 

Severance Gas Mach. Co Lighting 

Sheel, Mrs. Anna Hair Work 

Sherard, E. R Hudson Agency 

Shoemaker Incubator Co Incubators 

Shoemaker & Place Fuel Co. 
Shoenhard, Geo. W. 
Show, E. R. 

Sieferman & Sauer Grocers, Milk 

Singer Sewing Machine Co. 
Sixteen Dollar Ward. 

Sluiter & Brauer Paints, Paper 

Smith-Robinson Studio. . .Photographers 

Snyder, W. G Automobiles 

Spangberg, E. J Machine Welding 

Special Shoe Store Shoes 

Speedaway Boat Motor Co. 

Spelman & Kaney Shoes 

Spencer, S. W Harness 

Springbrook Creameries. 
Springer Auto Co. 

Stahl, Mrs. Navme Corsetier 

Standard Printing Office. 
Standard Oil Co. 
Standard Supply Co. 
Standard Tire & Vulcanizing Co. 

State Bank Banking 

Steff en & Seyf arth Hardzvare 

Stemper, M. P Pianos, Phonographs 

Stephan Mfg. Co. 

Stephens Motor Branch Autos 




I i i We do all! 

I kinds of house | 
[and barnB 

= = u/ 11 J ^ painting. We 1 

= = We sell and | ^ ° ^ 

I = '^Tr'i^Le'^G i ^^^^'^ ^^^^^ ^^^^ i 

m I Goods I Qf paints, var- 1 
m ^ B. p. s. Glass, Oil = . , , m 

= I and Paints. | nislies and wax g 

= H Johnson's and Old =r .. i-i = 

g i English I tor automobile g 

1 1 !i:,;;::::!::: ) finishing. i 


g 160 Stephenson Street g 


g Phone Us — No. 5341 g 




Stop Worrying 

About Your Soiled Garments 

Send them to us and we will 
make them look like new 



We also clean Carpets, Rugs, 
Lace Curtains, Portiers, in 
fact anything that is clean- 
able. We will "dye" for you 
every day. It will pay you 
to send your work to the 


GUCCIONE & SCHEIDT, Proprietors 
Established since 1901 

City Office 
97 Stephenson St. 
Phone 93 


Main Office and Works 

37 So. Galena Ave. 

Phone 652 





The Largest and Best Equipped 
Shop in Northern Illinois 


Leave your shoes at one 
of our stations 




Pearl City 


German Valley 

Red Oak 






Sciota Mills 


We pick up and return shoes to our 

stations, or return to owner by 

parcel post, charges prepaid 


86 Chicago Street 

Established 1902 

Clothing, Shoes and Furnishings 


Kaufman's " P r e - 
shrunk" Clothing 
— "Stag" Trousers 
— "Packard" Men's 
Shoes — "Dorothy 
Dbdd" Ladies' 
Shoes — " K - Z " 
Children's Shoes — 
"Fried" Hats— 
"Best Knit" and 
"Rellim" Hosiery — 
"T r a V e 1 1 o" and 

"Perry's" Knit 
Goods — "Ball 
Band," "Wales' 
Goodyear Rubbers 
and Boots — "Signal" 
and "Elgin" Shirts 
— "Swissam" Union 
Suits — "Duck 
Brand" Raincoats 
and Umbrellas — 
"Imperial" Winter 

We Buy as Low as we can: that s 
Business Sense. 

We Sell as Low as we can: that's 
Progressive Sense. 

You Buy as Low as you can : that's 
Common Sense. 

You Buy of Us: that's Dollars 
and Cents for both of us. 

We appreciate your trade and leave 
nothing undone to give you the best 
service possible. 


82 Galena Street 




Stevens-Schwarze Drug Co. 
Stover Engine Works. 
Stover Mfg. Co. 

Straub, C. H Ltinch 

Straub, Wm. R, Jr.. . .Gents' Furnishings 
Strand Theatre. 

Stukenberg & Borchers Dry Goods 

Structo Mfg. Co. 

Swan, S. N Piano & Organ Mfr. 

Swartz & Crawford Drugs 

Schwarz, John & Sons Paints 

Swingley. C. W Veterinary Surgeon 

Taylor & Frick Ins., Abstracts 

Tempel, Fred H. Undertaking, Furniture 

Tempehnayr, John Grocer 

The Quality Hardware Co., Inc. 
Third Ward Drug Store. 

Thomas, Mrs. A. C Beauty Shop 

Thompson & Huenkemeier. .Lumber, Coal 

Tinsley, Geo -iutonwbiles 

Trunck, D. L Contractor 

Trunck, John Coal, Wood 

Trunck, W. S Con tractor 

Uneeda Lunch Room. 

Union Loan & Savings Association. 

Union Welding & Machine Works. 

U. S. Fire Insurance Co. 

U. S. Loan Office. 

United Dental Parlors. 

Vanbrockhn, C. C Real Estate 

Van Gerpin,Jas... Fai«^(?r, Paper Hanger 


Look Here! 

If you want to Buy, 
Sell, Trade or Rent 
a Farm or City Real 
Estate, if you want • 
a Farm Loan, if you 
want to invest your 
money in 6% First 
Farm A-lortgages, if 
you want Insurance, 
write or 



V2d Floor, 101 Galena St. j 

"Round Oak" and 
"Fuller & Warren" 

"Round Oak," "Ar- 
Qadian," "Red 
Cross," "Alcazar" 

'Clark Jewel" Gas 

"Diamond" and 
"Miller" Tires 


"Atlantic" and 



"Fisk" Roasters 


Motor Washers 


We carry a high grade 
line, including F u r - 
naces, Ranges, Cut- 
lery, Carpenters' and 
Machinists' Tools. 

Sheet Metal Work 

W c arc Furnace 
Specialists. Our 

figures are reasonable. 






Year Established, 1873 

German Bank 

Freeport, Illinois 

Capital Slock and Undivided Profits 
over $350,000.00 

3% interest paid on Savings Accounts 

and Time Certificates of 


We Solicit Your Patronage 




Old Line Life 
Insurance Com- 
pany in Illinois 


A. F.Wagner 

General Agent 

Freeporty Illinois 



Insurance and 

Real Estate 


21 Years 



Is Your Money j 
Safely Invested | 

Is it earning as much = 
as it should? M 

If you have monej^ that is not g 

being used we can sell you a g 

farm mortgage, netting you = 

from 5% to 6%. We offer M 

nothing to our customers in M 

which we have not already in- M 

vested our own money. If you | 

want to borrow, we can loan M 

you money on your farm. g 

Security Trust Company | 

Tarbox Bldg. FREEPORT, ILL. | 


Addison Bidwell Edwin Hall A. J. Clarity g 

E. A. Blust C. W. Chapman J. H. Snyder = 

Joseph Etnmert = 





We recommend 


"Quick Meal " 


"Schill " and 

"Garland " 

Ranges and Stoves 

"One Minute" 

"Claas" Shears 

Electric Washers, Gas, Gaso 
Furnaces and all kinds of 

Represents our 
best judgment 
of selection, cov- 
ering ten years 
of experience. 

Your future or- 
ders interest us 
more than your 
first one. 

We carry General 
Hardware, Enam- 
el and Aluminum 
Ware, Tools of 
All Kinds, Ammu- 
nition, Guns, Ri- 
fles, Engine Pow- 
er, Motor and 
line and Oil Stoves 
Sheet Metal Work' 


Both Phones, 1394 


Van Matre, C. E .' Livery 

Vaupel, John Clothing 

Viavi Co Shoes 

Wachlin & Pfeiffer Bros Clothing 

Wagner, A. F., Franklin Life Ins. Co.-^ 


Wagner, A. J Undertaker 

Wagner Bindery Book Bindery 

Wagner's Confectionery. . .Ca«(/3', Cream 
Wagner Furniture & Undertaking. 

Waldecker, Miss Alma Hair Dresser 

Walsh Bros Plumbing, Heating 

Walton Nephews, Wm Dry Goos 

Waream, J. L Photographer 

Waterloo Chemical Works. 

Weiss & Co Hardware 

Welch & Hartman Clothing 

Wells, Cyrus J Real Estate 

West Freeport Grocery. 

Wheat, J. D Dept Store 

Whiteside & Co Box Factory 

Wilkins, C. E Photographer 

Willard Service Station. 

Williams & Beckmire Dry Goods 

Williamsburg City Fire Ins. Co. 

Williamson Corp., C. B Autos 

Wilson House Hotel 

Winnesheik Lodge, I. O. O. F. 

Drugs -Remedies 

See us also for 






and Remedies for Horses, 
Cattle, Hogs and Poultry 

Guenther's Drug Store 

Billerbeck BIdg. Freeport, III. 





Horse, Cattle 

and Poultry 


"Lewis" Lice 

and Fly Killer 


Stock Dip 


Eastman Agent 

Films and 



Mail your Films to 
our developing de- 
partment. Pictures 
returned in 24 hours, 
postage paid. 

Household and 
Stock Remedies 

Toilet Soaps 
and Perfumes 

Fountain Pens 
and Inks 


Phone for what you want,, 
we've got it, or will get it. 

Barnhart's Drug Store 

Freeport, III. Phone 85 

We recommend 
RIPLE-G Goods 



Cold Tablets 

and Preparations 


Face Cream 

"Dr. Hess'," 

"Dr. Robert's" 

and "Lee's" 

Stock Remedies 

"Sal vet" 



Wall Paper, Paints, 

"Acme" Paint. 

"Old English^' 
and "Johnson" 
and Furniture 

Carbon Re- 

Oils, Varnishes 
Paint and Var- 
nish for Auto- 

Indoor and Outdoor 
House and Barn 

We do 
Paper Hanging, 
Painling, Etc. 

All Work Guaranteed 



PHONE 714 

Flour - Feed 
Seeds - Grinding 

"i We recommend ^y i8k \ 


" Dr. Hess ' " Panacea 

Stock Tone Louse 


Dip and Disinfectant 

Hog Worm Powder 

"Robinson's" Louse 


"Lee's" Louse Killer 

"Carbo" Dip Roup 


"Pratt's" Poultry Food 

"Lay or Bust" Mash 

"Wolf's" Egg Maker 

"R. K. D." Dairy Feed 

"Arcady" Calf Meal 
"Golden Palace" Flour 
"Clear Quill" Flour 
Golden Palace Pan- 
cake Flour 
Old Fashioned Stone 
Buhr Corn Meal and 
Graham Flour 

Condon's "Sure Crop" 
Bulk Garden Seeds 

Chicken Feed 

Mill Feeds— Tankage 

Serf & Haight Store 

Freeport - Illinois 


I Repair Your Furniture | 

I and Save Money | 


ZZ I am an expert furniture ^ 

S repairer of 21 years experience S 

= I do upholstering, refinish- = 

E ing and general repairing of E 

E furniture. E 

E Cabinet work and made to E 

E order, furniture a specialty. E 

E Auto Tops and Cushions re- E 

E covered and repaired. E 


— All Work Guaranteed ~ 

E Phone 1649 E 


^ 46 Galena Street Freeport, Illinois E 

Furniture — Undertaking 


"EXCEL" Exten- 
sion Tables 

"West End" Buf- 
fet and Serving 

"Old Colony" 

"Art" Beds 

"Grand Rapids" 
Bed Room 

"Union" Wire 
Mattresses and 

"Capitol" Felt 

"Mil waukee " 
Couches and 
Parlor Furni- 




Dining Room 
Library and 
Bed Room 


81 Stephenson Street Freeport, Illinois 



Winslow & Co Shoes 

Winters, C. A Grocer 

Wise, John M Nurseryman 

Woodmanse Mfg. Co. 

Woodring, G. H Plasterer 

Woolworth, F. W. Co. 

Wright, Wm. O. & Co Clothing 

Young, J. C. & Bro 

Paper Hanging-;- Painting 

Young Men's Christian Association. 
Zimmerman & Bangasser. . .Farjn Mach. 

Zimmerman & Reiter Shoes 

Zwack, A General Contractor 


We recommend 




Kincaid Clothing 

"Society Brand" 



Knit" Sweaters 

"Earl & Wilson" 

Shirts and Collars 

High grade Hosiery 

and Neckwear 


Night Robes and 


Suit Cases 

It does not 
cost more to 
dress well . 

Good taste in 
selecting stylish 
clothes and 
furn i sh in g s 
of the latest 
pattern makes 
all the difference. 



78 Stephenson Street 


THE true product of all cultural edu- 
cation as against technical or pro- 
fessional training is character. A 
bad man will hardly be a good citizen, 
and Christianity is necessary to the 
making of good men. The church bears 
the responsibility of the culture and 
development of the Spiritual Life; no 
other institution is specially charged 
with this duty. 

Religion must always underlie mor- 
ality. It is necessary to teach morals 
as a basis for a people's prosperity. 
Morality cannot be taught effectively 
without the Bible; the responsibility of 
teaching the Bible rests with the church. 

The church recognizes that conduct 
is the supreme test of religious validitj', 
and strives to instill in the hearts of the 
people the sense of truth and right that 
will direct them at all times to choose 

To the farmers, the church opens her 
doors for farmers' institutes, and lec- 
tures on farming. The church serves 
the farmer by bringing to his famiy, not 
only pleasant social activities, but seeks 
to surround them with pure and profit- 
able associations. Through the church 
his home is kept in vital and sympa- 
thetic touch with other homes, and 
trained in unselfish dealing and loving 
service. The church takes its place for 
good in every fight against wrong, and 
declaring its belief in the ultimate suc- 
cess of right, it inspires hope and 
blesses all men. The churches of 
Stephenson county are united in the de- 
sire to serve the farmers. 

Rev. a. F. Moseley. 

Freeport, 111. 



J. M. BEST, President 
C. M. BEST, Manager 

Davis, HI. 


This Garage is a Hupmobile Service Station 

We specialize only in REPAIR WORK and have all the modern 
facilities necessary for doing EXPERT WORK 



Physicians' and Surgeons' Professional Directory 


Physician and 

2nd Floor, New State Bank Bldg. 

Office Phone 5— Res. Phone 10 



Physician and Surgeon 

Suite 400 (o 404, New State Bank Building 

HOURS: 11 10 12 a. m., 2 to 4 p. m., 7 to 8 p. m. 
Sundays, 11 lo 12 a. m. 

Office Phone * Jljf J' 1" Residence Phone 424 
I Uld Z44 






95 Stephenson Street 

Tel. Office No. 8 
Tel. Res. No. 9 




Old Colony Building 

Office Hours, 11 to 12 a. m., 2 to 3 p. m. 

Both Phones Office 181 
Both Phones Residence 191 




10 to 12, 3 to 5, 7 to 8 


Over Majestic Theatre 
Phones 144 


R. J. BURNS, M. D. 

Physician and 

Hours: 11 to 12 AL; 3 to 5 P. M. 
Office Phone 8 Res. Phone White 1017 

95 Stephenson Street 


Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat 


Office Phone 158 Residence Phone 555 

Fifth Floor New State Bank Bldg. 


Office, 95 Stephenson Street 

Phone No. 8 
Hours, 10 to 12, 3 lo 5, 7 to 8 ' 

Residence, 229 Carroll Street 
Phone 187 




Physicians' and Surgeons' Professional Directory 


Physician and 

Office Phone 449 
Residence Phone 1504 

Tarbox Building 



Physician and Surgeon 

Hours: 11 to 12 A. M.; Ito 4 and 7 to8 P. M. 

Office, 550 Residence, 552 




Physicians and Surgeons 
Offices, Fry's Block Phone 27 


Res. Phone 

Res. Phone 


Res. Phone 





8 a. m. to 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. to 8 p. m. 

Office Phone 1644 Res. Phone 297 

Tarbox Building 


Res. Phone 292 - 85 N. Galena Ave. - Freeporl, III. 


Res. Phone 335 - 332 Douglas Ave. - Freeporl, III. 


Office, 162 Stephenson St. 
Office Phone 290 



Physician and 

Office Hours: 10 to 12, 2 to 5, 7 to 8 

Emergency Hospital Building 
Galena and Walnut Streets 



Physician and Surgeon 

County Coroner 

OHic* Phone 1372 Garage Phone 1171 

65 Stephenson Street 


Physicians and Surgeons 

7:00 A. M. to 9:00 P. M. 

Office PboDos 383 


Residence Phonci 139 




ao<l '.CraiiilRg School for Miirses 

Cortmr Galena and Walmtt -Streets 

refep^^one5 4/9 

vS'i^erintv) talent 


I r»t?^« 




Physicain's and Surgeons' Professional Directory 


Physician and 

9 to 12 a. m., 2 to 5 and 7 to 9 p. m. 

Telephone New 197 


Physician and 

Office Phone 1 Res. Phone 140 


Physician and 


8 fo 9 and 11 to 12 a. m., 1 to 3 and 7 to 9 p. m 

203 Mackay Building 

Telephones: Res. 199; Office 196 



EyCf Ear, Nose 
and Throat 

Tarbox Building 


Allen, Miss Francis Practical Nurse 

Arganbright, Dr. N. A DenHst 

Askey, Miss Wenona Trained Nurse 

Arnold, Dr. B. A Physician 

Arnold & Pettepiece Physicians 

Barrett, C. S Optician 

Baltzer, Miss Fannie Nurse 

Barstow, Jeannette .. .Registered Nurse 

Baumgartner, Dr. M. M Physician 

Best, Dr. C. L. Physician 

Best, C. L. & Collins, Drs '. . 

Physicians & Surgeons 




Physician an 






Phone 6 Res. 

Phone 6 



Best, Dr. E. H Physician 

Best, Dr. Walter T Dentist 

Bingham, Walter M Music Teacher 

Bokhof, Ella Registered Nurse 

Boos, Miss Caro Music Teacher 

Bowers, Dr. F. H Dentist 

Brearton, Lillian Registered Nurse 

Breyer, Dr. P. M Dentist 

Brigham, Mrs. L. A Nurse 

Buonini, Miss Florence 

Piano, Violin Teacher 

Burns, Dr. R. J Physirian 

Brokhansen, Dr. B Erp. 

Burrell & James Lazi'vers 

Carl, F. M Dentist 

Chapman. Miss Peerless Nurse 

Clarity, A. J Lazvycr 

Clark, Dr. J. Sheldon Oculist. Aurist 

Callier, Ella M. S. Nurse 

Chrisler, W. J Justice of Peace 

County Abstract & Title Co. 

Cronkrite & Hunter Lai.'ycrs 

Crowle.y, The Dentist. 

Davis, Miss Hulda Graduate Nurse 

Delhauer, Miss Edna Music Teacher 

Diestelmeier, Dr. E. A. .Phys., Surt^eon 

Dubbert, Miss Bertha Nurse 

Dustman, Urias M Architect 

Eckert, R. P Lazv Oiuce 



Dentists' Professional Directory 



Suite 302 Tarbox Bldg. 

HOURS: 8:30 to 12:00 M. 
1:30 to 5:00 P. M. 
Evening and Sunday by appointment 

Office Phone 449 Res. Phone Black 727 




HOURS: 9 to 12 M. and 1 to o P. M. 

( ^„. Mutual 23 
PHONES: ^ """^^= Independent 43 
(^ Residence 49 






Office Phone 29 

Res. Phone 46 



301 Second National Bank 



Suite 505 Tarbox Blk. 
Office Phone 313 Res. Phone 378 




107 Stephenson Street 

HOURS: 9 to 12 M. and 
1:30 to 5:30 P. M. 

Office Phone 233 Res. Phone White 1315 




Office in Emergency Hospital 
Corner of Galena and Walnut 

Telephone 1747 




Louis H. Mailer, D. D. S. Slephen H. Mailer, D. D. S. 

Res. Phone Red 735 Res. Phone Blue 876 

Office Phone 544 

S A, M. to 12 P. M.; 1 P. M. to 5 P. M. 

Cor. Stephenson and Chicago Sts. 



Directory of the Legal Profession 



Tarbox Block 


Attorney at Law 

Office Phone No. 238 




Telephone 67 


in this directory 
is endorsed and 
recor)imended by 

Prairie Farmer 


Attorney at Law 




Attorney at Law 

7 North Galena Avenue 

Opp. Court House 

Telephone 344 



Attorney at Law 

Telephone Bell 1134 
Telephone Independent 562 

First National Bank Building 


Attorney and 
Counsellor at Law 

Second National Bank Building 

Telephone 44 



Dirctory of the Legal Profession 


Attorney at Law 

139 Stephenson Street 

Phones: New 884— Old 344 


PETER E. McDonald 


135 Stephenson Street 

Phone No. 295 



Attorneys at Law 

145-147 Stephenson Street 

Telephone 113 


Use Your Directory 

every day in the year. The pro- 
fessional men and merchants listed 
here are boosting your interests. 



Attorney and 

604 Tarbox Building 


137 Stephenson Street 

New Phone 1727 



Attorney at Law 

141 Stephenson Street 

Opposite the Monument 

Telephone 265 




Knowlton Bank Building 
144 Stephenson Street 

Office Phone 207 




Edwards, Emma Nurse 

Emergency Hospital, The. 

Fahrig, Miss Emma Graduate Nurse 

Fahrig, Miss Mary Trained Nurse 

Flinn, Miss S. E Nurse 

Freeport General Hospital. . . .Hospital 

Gassman, Isaac P .Lazu O.Tice 

Gilbert, Miss Mattie Music Teacher 

Globe Hospital Hospital 

Grant, Dr. J. J Physician 

Green, Chas. H Attorney 

Gregory, Mrs. Elizabeth C Osteopath 

Griffith, Dr. E. L. 

Hadley, Clifford Piano Tuner 

Hale, Mrs. Caroline 

Manicurist, Chiropody 

Hall, Edna Music Teacher 

Hall, Mildred Musician 

Harris Orchestra Orchestra 

Hayes, Dr. J. G Veterinarian 

Hayes, Dr. R. F. 

Henkel, Mrs. Anna Trained Nurse 

Heyer, Dr. H. C Dentist 

Himes, Wm. G. G. M Masseur 

Holderby, Martha G Trained Nurse 

Holke, Dr. T. J Physician, Surgeon 

James, Harold D Attorney 

Jayne, L. A Lazu Office 

Johnson, H. K Oplomctrist 


Your success and future prospects 
depend in a large measure on 
your eyes. 

Think of trying to finish your work 
in 1917 without sight and you get a 
faint realization of how important it 
is to take excellent care of your eyes. 





Kahl, Ruth Graduate Nurse 

Karcher, Dr. W. L Physician 

Kalzenmeyer, Mrs. Louise 

"Doctor Lady" 

Karb, G. F Lawyer 

Kelbel, Miss houise. .. .Registered Nurse 

Kintzell's Orchestra Orchestra 

Kirtland, F. W Attorney 

Knipfel, Miss Lula Nurse 

Korf, G. F Laiv Office 

Krieg, Miss Elizabeth A^nrse 

Leavy, Dr. C. J Phxsician, Surgeon 

Leitzell, C. P " Physician 

Little Hospital, The Hospital 

Alanchester, Mrs. Jennie V Nurse 

Matter & Matter, Drs Dentists 

Manus, A. H Law Office 

Marinello Sliop Manicure, Chiropody 

Maj^er, J. F Piano Tuner 

McDonald, Peter E Attorney 

McGee, Aliss Mary Graduate Nurse 

Mease, Dr. D. C. L Physician 

Mellinger, H. A Dentist 

Middlekauff, C. W Attorney 

Miller, Dr. R. G Physician 

Miller's Diabetic Sanitarium. 

Mitchell, R. B Lnicyer 

Monahan. Mrs. Anna Nurse 

[Nlurphy, Miss Marjorie Nurse 

Nerdeigh, Dr. S. R Dentist 

Noble, Miss A. R Nurse 

Nolting, Miss 'ReXddi.. . .Registered Nurse 
Nurses' Central Directory. 

Pattison, Douglas Laivyer 

Orphans' Home. 

Peck, Dr. W. B Physician 

Pellett, Dr. F. N Dentist 

Peters, Clara E Nurse 

Pettepiece, Dr. T. A Physician 

Phillips, Dr. N. C Physician. 

Place. Dr. E. H Dentist 

Poling, J. A Pliysician 

Reinhold, Louis F Late Office 

Reynolds, Mrs. Wm. C. . . Graduate Nurse 
Rideout, Miss Mayme. .Registered Nurse 

Rideout, Dr. W. J Oculist, Aurist 

Rodemeyer, Mrs. Henrj' Nurse 

Rosenstiel, Dr. Mary L Physician 

Rosenstiel, Miss Susan N^urse 

Salter, Allen A Physician 

Savage, Rosamond Registered N^urse 

Smith, Dr. A. E Physician 

Smith, Dr. D. G Physicia)i 

Smith, Mrs. Grace Nurse 

Snyder, Dr. C. C Physician 

Snyder, Dr. Karl F Phy.<;ician 

Stahl. Miss Florence. . . .Registered Nurse 

Stealy, Dr. J. H Physician 

Stearns & Zipf Attorneys 

Stiver, Dr. R. J Physician 

Stove, & Ford, Drs Dentists 



{•>o:)|xo:i't G^ii'^rnl liosivUnl 

One '\}'looY ibr OxJ^tstsies 
Tralalii^ vSchool for NiiirsQS 


iV(. J. MAN 






3 ;3 


®» em 

I umm 



Justices of Peace 


Justice of the Peace 

Notary — Collections 

Office, 143 Stephenson Street 

New Phone 569 



Justice of the Peace 


141 Stephenson Street 

Office Phone 563 


Sweatt, Mrs. Nellie D. . . Registered Nurse 

Sweeney, Miss" Susie Nurse 

Swingley, Dr. C. W. . . Veterinary Surgeon 

Tiffany, R. R Lawyer 

Torey, Dr. E. J Physician 

Trobridge, D. C. W Physician 

Tyler, Dr. B. S Dentist 

Tyler & Mellinger Dentists 

Ulrich, Miss Cora Trained Nurse 

Ulrich, Miss Eliza Trained Nurse 

United Dental Parlors Dentists 

Unzicker, Mrs. Glen Nurse 

Vaughn, Miss Ethelyn Nurse 

Vaughn, Miss Mabel Nurse 

Waggoner, Dr. Thos Physician 

Wallace, Dr. J. C. 

Chiropractor, Osteopath 

Wasson, Miss Ivy Graduate Nurse 

Weber, Dr. A. C. . . . Osteopathic Physician 
Wessinger, Miss Anna. . .Graduate Nurse 

White & Sikes Co Physicians 

Wilson, Dr. H. D Physician 

Windish, Selma Graduate Nurse 

Yarger, Miss Harriett 

Piano, Violin Teacher 

Zimmerman, Anna Registered Nurse 

Zipsie, W. J Musician 



J. J. STOCKER, Prop. 
Manufacturers of 

Cheese and Butter 

Phone No. 56 and we 
will come out and 
get your milk and 
cream. We pay 
highest cash prices. 
Correct weights and 
tests guaranteed. 



Dr. L. C. Runkle, Prop. 

(Veterinary Surgeon) 

When your car needs 
overhauling let us do it. 

We do expert repairing 

All work guaranteed 

Orangeville, 111. 




Danielson, Peter Creamery 

Danielson & Seise 4utoinobilcs 

Gage, A. V Barber & Confectioner 

Graves, Nettie Notio>is 

Hayes, Ralph .Meat Market 

Kerr, Dr. G. A., M. D Physician 

Killan, Roj' Harness Shop 

Price, Lizzie lYotioiis 

Price & Seise. . .Shippers of Live Stock 

Retzlaff, August Blacksmith 

Schramm, AI. F .. .General Merchandise 

Stamm, J. M General Merchandise 

Stamm, J. W [lardzcare 

Wachlin, W. J Farm Implements 


Rischel, Chas Veterinarian 


Auman, Wm General Merchandise 

Auto Repair Co. . .Automobile Repairs 

Brunkow, Wm Restanrant 

Bryant, Wm Auto & Horse Livery 

Chilton & Son Garage 

Clark, Thos Harness Shop 


That Fit and Wear for ii;! 


Prices Make You Happy xi 

New Method Shoe Parlor | 

121 Stephenson Street 

Upstairs j::! 

Freeport Illinois % 

Clarno, Ray Restaurant 

Clarno, A Auctioneer 

Confer Medical Co. 
Courier Printing Office. 

Daly, Dr. J N Physician 

Ebel, Alfred Undertaker 

Ftantschy & Co. . . .General Merchandise 

Gouse, Dr. M. W Dentist 

Hartevig, Elmer .Stock Buyer 

Holmes, A. W Hotel 

Hutchins, Dr. W. A Physician 

Mahany, Mrs. Ed Milliner 

Moore, R. W Drugs 

Oechlin, John Meats 

Orangeville WWl. .Flour, Feed, Grinding 
O range ville State Bank. 
Peoples Bank of Orangeville. 
Rate Lumber Co. 

Runkle, L. C Garage, Vet. Surgeon 

Runkle, Ben Blacksmith 

Schramm & Hawthorne Implements 

Shabelon, Ed Ta.ridermist 

Snyder, H. C General Merchandise 

Wagner, D. W Hardware 

Wagner, Geo Notary Public 

Wiesing & Keister 

Barbers & Electric Contractors 


Long Time 
Lowest Rates 




Telephone 4 5 9 




laocfe Citp ^tate 

Capital, $25,000.00 
Surplus, 25,000.00 

H. BOKHOF, President 

HENRY GRAHAM, Vice-Pres't 

S. H. THOREN, Cashier 

We pay 4% on time 



Adams, Wm Drayman 

Bates, Bert Blacksmith 

Bates, Chas Restaurant 

Blocher, Dan'l Grocery 

Brinkmeir, Fred, Mrs Restaurant 

Eby, F. D Druggist 

Hooker, C. I., M. D Physician 

Hooker, M. W Dentist 

Hotel Pearl 

Krell & Son Meat Market 

Kuijehahn, Harry Shoes 

Kuhlemeier, C. F Implements 

Kuhlemeier, Delia Milliner 

Kuhlemeier & Krell Garage 

Liebenstein Bros. .General Merchandise 

Meyers & Frank Elevator 

Mitchell & Auman Creamery 

Offenhiser, Fred 

Furniture & Undertaking 

Offenhiser, John. . .General Merchandise 
Pearl City Bank. 
Pearl City News. 

Rush, Russell Barber Shop 

Rush, Airs. Russell Millinery 

Scheldt, J. P General Merchandise 

Schoff, J. L Blacksmith 

Benning of Rock City 





John Deere Carries the Following Emerson 

Sterling TRIPLE-G Guaranteed International 

Hayes Farm Implements Velie Buggies 


BENNING & CO., Rock City, 111. 

Dealers in 




CAPITAL $28,000 

President, SIMON TOLLMEIR - . _ Cashier, A. R. HURD 


The Universal Car 

Dealer in Ford Cars and All Auto Accessories 
Goodrich Service Station 

\\TZ^.^9^ /^^„_ _^_, ROY WISE, Proprietor 

Wise s oarage Peari city, m. 




General Merchandise 


We recommend 

Lines of Tr 


Gold Medal Flour 

Calumel Baking Powder 

Heinz' 57 Varieties 

Sauer's Extracts 

Johnson's Soda 

Post Toasties 

National Oats 

Old Reliable Coffee 

Brook Bond Teas 

Hunt's Canned Goods 

the following 
iple-G Goods 

Kow Kure 

American Horse Tonic 

Dr. Hess' Stock Foods 

Wright's Liquid Smoke 

Complete line of 

Cough Remedies 


Ball Band Rubber Goods 
Straight Line Rubbers 
Mayer Honorbilt Shoes 

Eiffel Hosiery 

Stephenson Underwear 

Slidewell Collars 

We Pay Highest Cash Prices for Hides. 
Bring Us Your Butter and Eggs 

Shook, F. J Physician 

Schuler, Edw Hardware 

Wise, Roy Garage 

Wober, J. G Physician 


Schreckengost, M. S General Store 


Hoag, Dr. E. J Physician 

Kruckenberg Bros General Store 

Moore, C. B Lumber 

Mund, H. C Meats 


J. C. 'Btnnin^.. Automobile Implements 

Rock City State Bank Bankers 

Thoren Bros General Store 


Mauer, Wm Cheese Factory 

Quest, Jas Blacksmith 

Shaffer, J. J Contractor 

Thoren Bros General Store 

Wenger, John Cheese Factory 

Weutrich, Earnest Cheese Factory 


Bennett, H. L General Store 

Meyers Bros Lumber and Grain 




Phone 82 At WINSLOW Phone 196 At LENA 

Dealers in 

Ford Cars and Accessories 

^re^totte Tires 



Every road has two 
ends — at one end the 
farm, at the other the 
country town. Each 
depends on the other , 
and both prosper to-- 
gether. When the 
broad-minded mer- 
chants and the pro- 
gressive farmers work 
together for the good 
of the community, 
then you have a com- 
munity worth living in. 

Pleasant Hill 
Ferret Farm 

JOSEPH KOHN - Proprietor 

Breeder and 
Shipper of 

White and 

Stock Guaranteed to 
Give Satisfaction 

Route 2 

Winslow - Illinois 

Schramm & Hawthorn 


Winslow, lU. 

Orangeville, III. 

We carry in stock the following 
guaranteed farm implements 

TRIPLE .<r-- 

— G— 








Agency for Gargoyle Mobiloils 
and Greases 


Schramm's Quality Store 

Winslow, Illinois 

Recommends the Following Lines 
of Guaranteed Merchandise 



Big Jo Flour 

Royal Baking 

Natural Oats 

Batavia Teas and 


Sauer's Extracts 

Heinz Varieties 

Old Dutch 


Jack Frost Pan 

Cake Flour 


Educator Shoes 

Ball Band 


Stephenson and 



Gossard Corsets 

Black Cat 


O. W. 


Linoleums and 

Oil Cloths 

Bring Us Your 
Butter and Eggs 




President VVoodrow Wilson 

Vice-President Thomas Marshall 

Secretary of State Robert Lansing 

Secretary of Treasury William G. McAdoo 

Secretary of War Newton C. Baker 

Attorney General Thos. W. Gregory 

Postmaster General Albert S. Burleson 

Secretary of Navy Josephus Daniels 

Secretary of Interior Franklin K. Lane 

Secretary of Agriculture David F. Houston 

Secretary of Commerce William C. Redfield 

Secretary of Labor William B. Wilson 


Governor Frank O. Lowden 

Lieutenant Governor John G. Oglesby 

Secretary of State Louis L. Emmerson 

Attorney General Edward J. Brundage 

Treasurer Len Small 

Auditor of Public Accounts Andrew Russel 


Illinois Senators Lawrence Y. Sherman 

James Hamilton Lewis 

Congressmen at Large William E. Mason 

Medill McCormick 

(Counties of Stephenson, Jo Daviess and Carroll) 

Senate Adam C. Cliff e. Sycamore 

House Frederick A. Brewer, Tampico 

Geo. L. Carpenter, Amboy 
John P. Devine, Dixon 

Congressmen at Large Lawrence Y. Sherman 

James Hamilton Lewis 

Senate .William E. Mason 

Medill McCormick 
Congressman. 13th Dist. (Counties 
of Carroll, Jo Daviess, Lee, 
Ogle, Stephenson and White- 
side John C. McKenzie 


New Year's Day January 1 

Lincoln's Birthday February 12 

Washington's Birthday February 22 

Memorial Day May 30 

Independence Day July 4 

Labor Day First Monday in September 

Election Days 

Columbus Day October 12 

Thanksgiving Day 

Christmas Day December 25 




County Judge R- J- Carnahan 

County Clerk Andy H. Volkers 

Circuit Clerk J- O- Templeton 

State's Attorney Charles H. Green 

Sheriff John Ohmsgards 

County Treasurer Simon Hoefer 

County Superintendent of Schools Cyrus S. Grove 

County Surveyor W. H. Butterfield 

Coroner E. A. Diestelmeier 

Superintendent of Higlnvays O. G. Hively 

Public Administrator Douglas Grant 


Finance — Alberstett, Ebel, Erwin, Price, Kaufifman. 

County Accounts — Frank, Markel, Lamb, Peck, Manus. 

Poor and County Home — Felts, Halladay, Rosenstiel, Beyer, Molter. 

State's Attorney — Uden, Peck, Hutmacher. 

Road and Bridge — Leverton, Matter, Hutmacher, Uden, Markel. 

Coroner — Hoefer, Matter, Manus. 

Supplies for Court House and Jail — Althoff, Matter, Lamb. 

Sheriff — Halladay, Leverton, Scheffner. 

Public Buildings — Scheffner, Hoefer, Althoff. 

Assessments and Taxes — Ebel, Price, Alberstett. 

County Superintendent of Schools — -Erwin, Kauffman, Peck. 

Blind — Rosenstiel, Frank, Beyer. 



Towns Supervisors P. O. Address 

Jefferson Fred Beyer Pearl City 

J^oran D. G. Manus Pearl City 

Florence E. O. Peck Freeport, R. F. D. 2 

Silver Creek Thomas Uden Freeport, R. F. D. 5 

Ridott Charles T. Lamb Ridott 

Rock Run Fred Alberstett Davis 

Lancaster Henry Althoff Freeport, R. F. D. 3 

Freeport Emil A. Hoefer Freeport 

Freeport Samuel Markel Freeport 

Freeport R. E. Matter Freeport 

Freeport Philip Molter Freeport 

Freeport J. J. Rosenstiel Freeport 

Freeport John Scheffner Freeport 

Harlem Mahlon Hutmacher Lena, R. F. D. No. 2 

Erin W. H. Kauffman Lena, R. F. D. No. 2 

Ivent Frank R. Erwin Kent 

West Point M. F. Halladay Lena 

Waddams Howard D. Price McConnell 

Buckeye W. H. Frank Cedarville 

Dakota George Nesemeier Dakota 

Rock Grove D. I. Felts Dakota 

Oneco Alfred C. Ebel Orangeville 

Winslow William Leverton Winslow 




Towns Name P. O. Address 

Jefferson William Flickinger Pearl City 

Loran J. F. Flickinger Pearl City 

Lcran H. H. Meyers Pearl City 

Florence George Moran Florence Station 

Florence • . H. B. Witte Freeport 

Silver Creek Fred Stork Freeport 

Silver Creek George V. Heeren German Valley 

Ridott S. D. Cable Ridott 

Ridott Henry Janssen German Valley 

Rock Run T. B. Young Rock City 

Rock Run Niles Ende Davis 

Harlem Ira Miller Freeport 

Harlem J. A. Phillips Lena 

Erin Harry A. Kauffrnan Lena 

Erin Levi Pickard Lena, R. F. D. 2 

Freeport P. E. McDonald Freeport 

Freeport Allen Janssen Freeport 

Freeport P. J. Geib Freeport 

Freeport M. C. Jenkins Freeport 

Freeport W. J. Christler. Freeport . 

Kent Frank Keister Kent 

Kent D. F. Thompson Kent 

West Point Jesse N. Gates Lena 

West Point O. T. Wilsey Lena 

Waddams M. P. SmuU McConnell 

Waddams George W. Phillips Red Oak 

Buckeye M. F. Trotter Orangeville 

Buckeye Uriah Rubendall ' Cedarville 

Dakota James A. Templeton Dakota 

Dakota ' William S. Fehr Dakota 

Reck Grove John S. Walter Rock Grove 

Rock Grove James Quest Rock Grove 

Oneco Charles A. Bolender Orangeville 

Oneco Jacob Rush '. Winslow 

WinslovN-^ M. J. Van Matre Winslow 

Winslow W. W. Wright Winslow 


Towns Name P. O. Address 

Jefferson A. L. Dickson Pearl City, R. F. D. 4 

Loran L. H. Kuhlmeyer Pearl City, R. F. D. 

Loran I. B. Hammond Pearl City 

Florence B. W. Janssen Bolton 

Florence Will Carbiener Freeport, R. F. D. 1 

Silver Creek Henry Dickman Freeport 

Ridott John Voss German Valley 

Ridott Emil Staderman Ridott 

Rock Run C. J. Meinzer Rock City 

Reck Run Clyde Rutter Davis 

Freeport Thomas J. Rodebaugh Freeport 

Freeport Frank Portner Freeport 

Freeport Fred Drener Freeport 

Freeport S. W. Chapman Freeport 

Freeport Ed. Reinhold Freeport 

Harlem George Metz Lena 

Erin Arch Winters Eleroy 



Erin Fred Miller Eleroy 

Kent Charles Wingart Lena 

Kent John Kleckner Kent 

West Point George Hunt Lena 

West Point T. A. Saul Lena 

Waddams William Kailey McConnell 

Waddams T. N. Smull McConnell 

Buckeye Gustave A. Trester Cedarville 

Dakota Charles Barker Dakota 

Rock Grove George A. Meyers Rock Grove 

Rock Grove Floyd Kurtz Rock Grove 

Oneco A. A. Clarno Orangeville 

Oneco E. E. Harting Orangeville 

Winslow Thomas Rayhorn Winslow, R. F. D. 3 

Winslow Peter S. Rau Winslow 


Towns Name P. O. Address 

Jefferson George Kollins Pearl City 

Loran W. D. Waterman Pearl City 

Florence Fred Eder Freeport 

Silver Creek Henry Ruthe Freeport, R. F. D. 5 

Ridott Nels H. Janssen German Valley 

Rock Run T. R. Niblo Rock City 

Lancaster Earl G. Smith Freeport, R. F. D. 3 

Harlem Adam Becker Freeport, R. F. D. 4 

Erin William Baker Lena 

Kent William Fehr Kent 

West Point Harry M. Royer Lena 

Waddam.s Oscar Kleckler McConnell 

Waddams Charles Kohl Lena 

Buckeye A. W. Bear Cedarville 

Dakota Fred Fluegel Dakota 

Rock Grove Gottlieb Meinert Davis 

Oneco J. A. Bridge Orangeville, R. F. D. 2 

Winslow George Zipse Winslow 

Winslow William Stubbe Winslow 




Population ^^'nH 

Number of all farms 2,91o 

Color and nativity of farmers: , „_ . 

Native white 2,344 

Foreign-born white 569 

Negro and other non-white 569 

Number of all farms classified by size: 

Under 3 acres 5 

3 to 9 acres 118 

10 to 19 acres 112 

20 to 49 acres 264 

50 to 99 acres JS3 

100 to 174 acres 1.102 

175 to 259 acres 409 

260 to 499 acres 114 

500 to 999 acres 6 

1,000 acres and over 

Approximate land area acres 357,760 

Land in farms acres 344,921 

Improved land in farms acres 306,882 

■Woodland in farms • ■ .acres 21,110 

Other unimproved land in farms acres 16,929 

Per cent of land area in farms 96.4 

Per cent of farm land improved. 86.0 

Average acres per farm 118.4 

Average improved acres per farm 105.3 

All farm propertv value dollars 40,298,733 

Land dollars 28,019,530 

Buildings dollars 7,270,337 

Implements and machinery dollars 1,032,443 

Domestic animals, poultry and bees dollars 3,976,423 

Per cent of value of property in: 

Land 69.5 

Buildings 18.0 

Implements and machinery 2.6 

Domestic animals, poultry and bees 9.9 

Avei^age values: .„„„, 

All property per farm dollars 13,834 

Land and buildings per farm dollars 12,115 

Land per acre dollars 81.23 

Farms reporting domestic animals 2,845 

Value of domestic animals dollars 3,799,261 


Total number 54,232 

Dairy cows 25,901 

Other cows 4,549 

Yearling heifers 7,341 

Calves 8.345 

Yearling steers and bulls 4,108 

Other steers and bulls 3,988 

Value dollars 1,444,836 

Horses: .,.,.,,, 

Total number 16,117 

Mature horses 14,513 

Yearling colts 1.416 

Spring colts 118 

Value dollars 1,652,974 


Total number 118 

Mature mules 110 

Yearling colts — 7 

Spring colts '■ 1 

Value dollars 13,331 

Asses and burros: 

Number „^1 

Value dollars 200 


Total number 85,591 

Mature hogs 15'^i« 

Spring pigs ^ Vi • " ' Al'Hl 

Value dollars 587, 1 48 


Total number ?;'i oc 

Rams, ewes and wethers o iSc 

Spring lambs , „X'?X„ 

Value dollars 100.107 


Number ,;•••• 5, 

Value dollars 66 



Number of poultry of all kinds 300,134 

Value , dollars 168,110 

Xumber of colonies of bees 2,412 

Value dollars 9,052 

Number of farms operated by owners 1,917 

Per cent of all farms 65.8 

Land in farms acres 209,455 

Improved land in farms acres 184, SSO 

Value of land and buildings dollars 21,837,712 

Degree of ownership: 

Farms consisting- of owned land only 1,651 

Farms consisting of owned and hired land only 266 

Color and nativity of owners: 

Native white 1,486 

Foreign-born white 431 

Negro and other non-white 

Number of farms operated by tenants 978 

Per cent of all farms 33.6 

Land in farms acres 132,400 

Improved land in farms acres 119,644 

Value of land and buildings dollars 13,198,080 

Form of tenancy; 

Share tenants 229 

Share cash tenants 139 

Cash tenants 606 

Tenure not specified 4 

Color and nativity of tenants: 

Native white 84 3 

Foreign-born white 135 

Negro and other non-white 

Number of farms operated by managers IS 

Land in farms acres 3,066 

Improved land in farms acres 2,358 

"\'alue of land and buildings dollars 254,075 

Mortgage debt report: 

For all farms operated by owners: 

Number free from Mortgage debt 1,139 

Number with mortgage debt 766 

Number with no mortgage report 12 

For farms consisting of owned land only: 

Number reporting debt and amount 590 

Value of their land and buildings dollars 6,323,479 

Amount of mortgage debt dollars 2,012,753 

Per cent of value of land and buildings 31.8 


Dairy cows on farms reporting dairy products number 24,880 

Dairy cows on farms reporting milk produced number 18,713 

Milk produced gallons 7,621,059 

Sold gallons 5,397,308 

Cream sold gallons 149,241 

Butter fat sold pounds 484,746 

Butter produced pounds 296,020 

Sold pounds 184,704 

Cheese produced : .pounds 1,350 

Sold pounds 1,000 

Value of dairy products, excluding liome use of milk and cream, .dollars 787,881 

Receipts from sale of dairy products dollars 760,146 

Poultry raised number 324,183 

Sold number 133,008 

Eggs produced dozens 1,175,618 

Sold dozens 852,427 

Value of poultry and eggs produced dollars 392,426 

Receipts from sale of poultry and eggs dollars 24 7,991 

Wool fleeces shorh number 11,397 

Mohair and goat hair fleeces shorn number 

Value of wool and mohair produced dollars 27,647 

Honey produced pounds 34,825 

Wax produced pounds 799 

Value of honey and wax produced dollars 4,334 


Calves sold or slaughtered number 11,832 

Other cattle sold or slaughtered number 12,700 

Horses, mules, asses and burros sold number 1,600 

Swine sold or slaughtered number 68,611 

Sheep and goats sold or slauglitered number 8,153 

Receipts from sale of animals dollars 1,731,914 

Value of animals slaughtered dollars 165,684 


Cereals dollars 2.547,340 

Other grains and seeds dollars 12,947 

Hay and forage -'. dollars 813,933 



Vegetables dollars 186,061 

Fruits and nuts dollars 28,014 

All othei- crops dollars 55,293 


Corn acres 83,252 

bushels 2,878,688 

Oats acres 67,316 

bushels 2,230,344 

Wheat acres 788 

bushels 16.700 

Emmer & Spelt acres 32 

bushels 822 

Barley . . . .• acres 8,893 

bushels 209,520 

Buckwheat acres 40 

bushels 927 

Rye acres 1,304 

. bushels 17,152 

All tame or cultivated grasses acres 53,355 

tons 78,665 

Timothy alone acres 25,872 

tons 59,139 

Timothy and clover mixed acres 24,310 

tons 34,336 

Clover alone acres 2,726 

tons 4,373 

Alfalfa acres 84 

tons 275 

Millet and Hungarian grass acres 112 

tons 190 

Other tame and cultivated grasses acres 251 

tons 352 

Wild salt or prairie grasses acres 1,603 

tons 2,453 

Grains cut green acres 27 

tons SO 

Coarse Forage acres 5,069 

tons 9,217 

Potatoes acres 2,274 

bushels 242,117 

Sweet potatoes and yams acres 1 

bushels 59 

All other vegetables acres 1,779 

Maple trees number 3,114 

Maple sugar (made) pounds 595 

Maple syrup (made) gallons 1,083 

Broom corn acres 

pounds 150 

Apples trees 31,741 

bushels 8,587 

Peaches and nectarines trees 547 

bushels 16 

Pears , . trees 1,094 

bushels 107 

Plums and prunes trees 12,116 

bushels 763 

Cherries trees 14,359 

bushels 1,556 

Quinces trees 16 


Grapes vines 7,954 

pounds 55,626 

Strawberries acres 22 

quarts 60,027 

Raspberries and loganberries acres 26 

quarts 29,200 

Blackberries and dewberries acres 17 

quarts 22,208 

Nuts trees 3,564 

pounds 52,592 

Labor — farms reporting 1,485 

Cash expended dollars 231,346 

Rent and board furnished dollars 70,439 

Fertilizer — farms reporting 40 

Amount expended dollars 2,894 

Feed — farms reporting ' 940 

Amount expended dollars 9,051 

Receipts from sale of feedable crops dollars 462,806 




THE Freeport High School, with an 
enrollment of almost 700, is fast 
becoming a county educational in- 
stitution. At the present time there are 
more than 100 rural students in Free- 
port High School. They have always 
realized the value of the high school as 
an institution to prepare young men 
and }^oung women for college. To pre- 
pare for college these young people pre- 
pared themselves for life in the profes- 
sions and many are now prominent 
lawyers, doctors, teachers, engineers, 
architects, etc. 

Every year a large number of young 
people from the coimtry come into the 
high school to prepare to teach in the 
country schools. After completing the 
course in the high school they have al- 
ways been successful in passing the 
teachers' examinations, and many of 
them are today among the most suc- 
cessful teachers in Stephenson county. 

Another feature that has appealed 
strongly to the people of the country 
is the commercial department. The 
young people from the country who are 
alwaj's wide-awake to their opportuni- 

ties, realize that in Freeport High 
School they can master bookkeeping, 
typewriting, and stenography, and fill 
good positions creditably. ,The com- 
mercial department has had remarkable 
success. There are always more de- 
mands for high school graduates of this 
department than can be filled. At pres- 
ent, not one of the many graduates is 
out of work. The demand is great be- 
cause of the excellent training these 
young people receive. 

Boj^s and girls from the country have 
always taken advantage of the courses 
in manual training, cooking and sew- 

The department of agriculture has 
been established three years. There 
are classes in field crops, animal hus- 
bandry, soils, farm machinery and 
dairying. These classes have taken 
great interest in the work. Aside from 
the text-books and instruction by the 
teachers, the classes have the benefit 
of charts, stereopticon views, and trips 
to farms in many parts of the county. 
Rural students have always stood high 
in scholarship, debates, band, orchestra, 
athletics and military. 

100 Lbs. 


Dry Matter Mineral Digestible Nutrients in 

in 100 Lbs. Matter Carbo- 

Protein hydrates 

Corn 89.1 l.S 7.2 77.8 

Oats 89.0 3.5 10.7 51.0 

Wheat 89.5 1.8 11.9 72.4 

Barley 89.1 2.5 9.3 70.0 

Rye 88.4 2.0 11.3 73.8 

Buckwheat 87.4 1.0 7.7 49.2 

Millet 86.0 1.0 8.9 45.0 

Potatoes 21.1 0.8 0.9 16.3 

Sugar beets 13.5 1.0 1.1 10.2 

Mangels 9.1 1.0 1.1 5.4 

Turnips 9.5 0.8 1.0 7.2 

Pumpkins 9.1 0.8 1.0 5.8 

Alfalfa hay 91.6 7.0 11.0 39.6 

Red clover hay 84.7 7.0 6.8 35.8 

Soy beans 89.2 5.0 29.6 22.3 

Cowpeas 85.2 5.0 18.3 54.2 

•Tankage 93.0 15.0 55.0 4.0 

Oil meal 90.0 6.0 30.0 32.0 

Wheat middlings 87.9 4.1 12.8 53.0 

Rye middlings 90.7 4.0 11.9 45.1 

Red dog flour 90.3 1.7 13.5 61.3 

Bran 88.1 5.8 12.2 39.2 

Gluten feed 92.2 1.3 20.4 48.4 

Gluten meal 91.8 1.0 25.8 43.3 

Kaffir corn 84.8 16 7.8 57.1 

Skim milk 9.7 0.8 3.6 5.1 

Buttermilk 9.6 0.8 3.6 0.5 




♦$ .60 
























+ 17.24 





























*Per bushel. tPer hundredweight. tPer ton. 

The last column gives value of other feeds when corn is worth 60 cents a bushel and 
tankage $50 a ton. 

**These tables are taken from Prairie Farmer's Hog Book. 



You Can Use Prairie Farmer Every Day 

A GOOD many Prairie Farmer readers say that a farmer might as well try 
to farm without modern machinery as without Prairie Farmer. 
There is a good deal of truth in this statement — more than many 
farmers who have not been reading Prairie Farmer regularlj' realize. 

The keynote of Prairie Farmer's policy is service. All the energies and 
resources of the paper are used to this end. By doing for its readers many things 
that they are not in position to do for themselves, Prairie 
Farmer makes itself indispensable to them. For 76 years 
it has been a leader in Illinois agriculture, a position which it 
fills even more successfully than it did in 1841, when it was 
first published as Illinois' pioneer farm paper. 

It is not the primary purpose of Prairie Farmer to 
teach you how to farm. You know the peculiarities of your 
own farm better than we do, and experience has taught you 
more about the needs of each field than we can possibly 
MR. GREGORY know. Our task is to supplement your experience by adding 

to it the experience of ourselves and thousands of other farmers. 

When you meet your neighbor farmers in town, or talk with them over the 
back fence, you learn many a lesson from their experience, which is a much cheaper 
way to learn than to find it out at your own expense. You do not follow all 
the advice your neighbor gives you. But you do get from him many ideas that 
you can use with profit in your own business. 

Prairie Farmer makes every farmer in Illinois your neighbor. Whenever we 
hear of a farmer who has made a special success in any line of farming we find 
out how he did it, and print his experience for the benefit of other farmers. Some- 
times we get this information from him by mail. Sometimes we send a trained 
member of our staff to see him. No matter what the expense, we get this informa- 
tion, which, in many cases, is worth hundreds of dollars to our readers. 

No one farmer, of course, can follow out all the ideas from the experience of 
these successful farmers. But out of this wealth of experience and ideas each 
reader can find many things that will help him to make his farming more profitable. 

This is a service that can only be given by a farm paper published in your own 
state, edited by practical men, and full of the spirit of service to its readers. 

Prairie Farmer is proud of the fact that its editors are practical farmers. 
Clifford V. Gregory, Editor-in-Chief, owns and manages a 190-acre live stock 
farm in Northern Illinois. Frank I. Mann, Editor of the Soils and Crop department, 
writes from the experience of his 500-acre grain farm in the heart of the corn 
belt. Mrs. Lena Stevenson Mann, Home Department Editor, is a farmer's wife 
who writes from the heart of her own experiences in the farm home the articles 
that are an inspiration to farmers' wives all over the state. Horton Green, Poultry 
Editor, is a combination of poultryman and preacher, and is a success at both. 
Our legal department is in charge of one of Chicago's best lawyers, a man whose 
specialty is farm law. One of the best veterinarians in the country has charge of 
our veterinary department. This policy of keeping its feet on the ground makes 


Prairie Farmer practical — a paper that sees the farmer's problems through the 
farmer's own eyes. 

Coupled with Prairie Farmer's policy of giving the best experience of success- 
ful farmers, is the policy of giving reports of the new facts brought out at all the 
leading experiment stations. Much of the work of the experiment stations is 
valuable to every farmer when stated in plain, brief English, with the frills cut 
out and only the practical facts left. The results of every important experiment 
in this country are given in Prairie Farmer. 

News as well as information is an important part of a real farm paper. Every 
farmer wants to know what is happening in the agricultural world. He wants 
reports of fairs, shows and important farmers' meetings. He wants to know what 
Congress and the State Legislature are doing along agricultural lines. All these 
things Prairie Farmer gives him. 

Our reports of the State Legislature are especially complete and valuable. 
"Bill's" comments on legislative affairs are mighty interesting reading and give 
the reader an insight into state politics that he cannot get in any other way. In 
publishing these letters Prairie Farmer is doing a work for better citizenship and 
better government that is bringing splendid results. 

After all, the true success of the farm is not measured by its production of 
corn and hogs, but by its boys and girls and its home life. The farm that is 
producing stalwart citizens, that is building character and real home life, is the 
farm that represents the highest type of success. 

That is the kind of a farm that Prairie Farmer wants every one of its 
readers to have. For that reason we devote a good deal of space to articles 
that will inspire the boys and girls, and the older folks, too, to higher ideals of 
farm and community life. In this we are doing a service that cannot be measured 
in dollars and cents, but that will be reflected in the homes and citizens of the 

Prairie Farmer guarantees every one of its advertisers. We promise that 
in dealing with them you will receive square and honest treatment. We go further 
than that, and do everything we can to protect our readers from fraud of every 
kind. We turn the searchlight of publicity on every swindler who tries to separate 
the farmer from his money, and by doing so save our readers thousands of 
dollars every year. 

You can take advantage of the feature of Prairie Farmer's service by con- 
sulting us before investing your money in any scheme that you do not know 
anything about. With the facilities at our command we will make a full investi- 
gation and give you a report. 

You can take advantage of Prairie Farmer's personal service in many other 
ways. We will help you solve everyday problems on your farm. Questions about 
farm law, live stock diseases, farm machinery, soils and crops, dairy, poultry, 
homemaking and any other line of farming are answered without charge for our 

We want you to use Praiwe Farmer. We are your best friend, and are glad 
to do anything we can to serve you 

We are glad to have you in the Prairie Farmer family and want you to use 
Prairie Farmer every day. 

The Elgin Tractor 







Impossible to Strip Gears 

The "Elgin" Tractor is so constructed that you cannot strip the 
gears. It is built to withstand the severest strains and tests. 

This general purpose tractor is light, sure and speedy — the fastest 
going, quickest working tractor you ever saw. 

Write for descriptive literature 

SLOAN & OWEN Msiributors ELGIN, ILL. 

Cameras and Supplies 

2^x3}4 Roll Film Camera S1.65 

2}^x4J4 Roll Film Camera 2.65 

SH^m Roll Film Camera 3.65 

Post Card Camera 4.65 


For Particular People 


Our Specialty. Samples furnished on receipt 

of 10 cents. 


338 East Main - Galesburg, III. 



The new Freeport Chamber of 
Commerce stands for everything that 
will help to make Freeport and the 
surrounding districts better for the 
people who live in the county. 

It is made up of public-spirited 
men, with big minds and big hearts; 
men who are giving their time and 
money to the uplifting and develop- 
inp- of the city and county. 

The Chamber of Commerce divides 
its work into several departments. 
Committees are appointed to look 
after the various departments, each 
committee being responsible for a 
certain part of the work that needs 

The specific manner, and the par- 
ticular things to be done to bring 
about improvements are determined 
by the membership and a Board of 

The good that can be accomplished 
by a live Chamber of Commerce has 
no limit. Every public-spirited man 
in Stephenson County should lend a 
helping hand and get in touch with 
the Chamber wherever he may see a 
chance for a community betterment. 


Breeders' Directory, Stephenson County 118-135 

Business Directory, Stephenson County 136-183 

Farmers' Directory, Stephenson County 41-117 

General Information: 

Abortion, Contagious, Controlling 11 

Belt, slipping 39 

Binder Troubles and Adjustments 19 

Corn Planter Adjustments 25 

Corn Stalk Disease 12 

Dairy Cow Feeds 17 

Eggs, Rules for Producing High Quality 37 

Hay Rope, How to Mend 29 

Hog Feeds, Composition of 191 

Horse, Care of 33 

Horse, Cost of Raising 18 

Lightning Rods 39 

Livestock, Farmers Medicine Chest 7 

Poultry, Preparing for Market 38 

Prairie Farmer, Use Every Day 192 

Silage, Finding Weight of 16 

Silage, For Dairy Cows 16 

Silo, How Big Shall I Build? 13 

Silo, Pit, How to Build 14 

Silo, Sealing 16 

Soldering 33 

Stephenson County Better Farming Association 4 

Stock Food, Some Facts About 18 

Stumps, Killing 36 

Threshing Ring, Organizing 38 

Tractor Don'ts 36 

Tractor Horsepower, How to Judge 34 

Tractioneer's Dream 37 

Useful Information 37 

Value of Labor 10 

Worms in Hogs 12 


Ask Your Banker About Ui CONSIGN YOUR STOCK TO 




Capital and Surplus ^-^ v t v d^ %. 0-^ ^-v 

$60,000.00 (^ rl 1 C A Cs O 

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Mr. Farmer , v'ou get on t>f , ,iside wliCxi you place your 
Fire. Lightnin g, Vv'indstorm . Cyclone , Torn ado a id Live 
Stock Insurance with Ralph B. Rosenct'cl Co., Gen- 

eral Agents for Ncrthwesitrn Illinois for "^ne Gei man- 
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We have i^uiit up an agency through v/hich w" can 
assure you "Absolute Protection, Prompt ourv^ce and 
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Statistics show no building is Fire-proof and no 
district is Tornado-proof, so the s urest protection is a 
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Simply telephr^nr number 149, our oflPice, 107 StepJienson 
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not necessa. 3^ foi -o'; to ^■ux.xfilo us. 

We a] ^,■rite Li^e, ident, Health, and Liability Insurance 
and Surety Bond ; .■^n 1 cieai in High Grade Farm MorLgages . 

"If it's worth having, iVs worth insuring." 




Men and 

Young Men 

Fit the Figure 

Fit the Purse 

"You Know Him"