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Full text of "A preliminary list of masters theses and doctoral dissertations accepted at Duke University through 1965"

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Digitized by the Internet Archive 
in 2012 with funding from 
Duke University Libraries 




Compiled by the Reference Department, Perkins Library, 

Duke University 
Durham, N.C. 




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Trinity College accepted its first master's thesis in 1920, for the 
M.A. degree in Education. No Ph.D. degrees were awarded until 1928, in 
which year Duke University's Zoology department accepted its first mas- 
ter's thesis and doctoral dissertation. Although some 6000 theses and 
dissertations were accepted between 1920 and 1965 no cumulative listing 
has been available except in card files in the university library. This 
provisional list has been compiled from a library card file arranged by 
department and within department, by date. Hopefully, future editions 
of thesis lists will appear as computer printouts. 

The original typed copy of every thesis and dissertation is kept 
in the University library's archives. Usually, a second copy is avail- 
able either in the Graduate Reading Room or in the appropriate science 
departmental library. 

Since January 1958 Duke University has participated in the University 
Microfilms program whereby microfilm or xerox copies of dissertations 
may be purchased directly from University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Michi- 

At the library's discretion, second copies of all Duke theses and 
dissertations may be borrowed through regular interlibrary loan procedures. 
Permission of the author is necessary before photocopies may be made. 

A final word concerning Bachelor of Divinity theses. For a few years 
the same thesis was accepted for two degrees: the B.D. and the M.A. in 
religion. Therefore the same title will appear in the B.D. and M.A. lists. 
Unfortunately, the library failed to receive archival copies of some 
B.D theses, and so, although they are listed here, no copies are avail- 

Corrections, additions and suggestions for future editions will 
be gratefully received by the Reference Department, Perkins Library, 
Duke University. 

1 December 1967 






1. Santadusit, Aroon Ekchandra, 1921- 

Studies upon implanted ovarian tissue in spayed albino rats, follow- 
ing cultivation in vitro for varying lengths of tine ... 92 p. 



2. Kahaley, Moses Stephen, 1932- 

The in vitro- in vivo screening of drugs for, and tneir use with, 
estracorporeal regional cancer chemotherapy ... 77 p. 

3. Wells, Joseph, 1934- 

The autoradiographic distribution of DL-cystine-S-35 in normal and 
water-deprived adult rats ... 63 p. 



4. Singleton, Mary Clyde 

Fiber connections of the human optic tract ... 28 p. 


5. Benton, Robert Sheeran, 1914- 

A morphological study of the primate pelvis ... 237 p. 

6. Frayser, Katherino Regina, 1926- 

In. vivo and histologic study of emphysematous changes experimentally 
produced in animals ... 83 p. 



7. Flanagan, Eleanor M. 

The phenomenon of intra-uterine respiratory activity in the guinea 
pig and its relation to pentobarbital sodium anesthesia ... 69 p. 

8. King, Joseph Edward 

Some effects of barbiturate anesthesia (pentobarbital) on rats and 
their offspring ... 91 p. 

9. Riebel, John Daeschner 

An electronic method of measuring and recording the resistance to 
passive muscle stretch in man ... 64 p. 

10. Wilson, Robert Gladstone 

Studies of the range of motion of fingers and thumb in all anatomical 
dimensions ... 71 p. 



11. Perkins, Lois Claire, 1926- 

The early postnatal development of the cerebellar cortex in the dog 
and the effect of early spinocereoellar tractotomy ... 50 p. 



13. Gabor, Andrew John, 1935- 

The claustrum a "behavioral and electrographic study ... 112 p. 

13. Wilkinson, Harold Arthur, 1935- 

Intracranial self-stimulation in cats: a study of the neural basis 
of emotion ... 146 p. 



14. D'Ansi, Francis Anthony 

An electron microscope study of the cat adrenal medulla with reference 
to the chromaffin granules ... 85 p. 


15. Osinchak, Joseph, 1937- 

A fine structure and cytochemical study of neurosecretory cells in the 
supraoptic nucleus of the rat ... 240 p. 



16. Xelson, Cnarlene l-lae 

A histologic study of the effects of profound hypothermia on spinal 
cord of the dog ... 48 p. 

17. Taylor , Barbara Day 

An electromyographic study of the human deltoid muscle ... 54 p. 


18. Boone, Stephen Christopher, 1938- 

The site and synthesis of lignoceric and nervonic acids ... 116 p. 

19. Singleton, Mary Clyde, 1912- 

Distribution of optic fibers in the cat ... 60 p. 



20. Little , Chloe Backley Doby 

Delayed birth in experimental animals and its relation to the post- 
maturity syndrome ... 119 p. 

21. Molleson, Ann Louise 

A histological study of alpha and beta cells in the pancreatic islets 
in newly hatched chicks through the ago of two weeks ... 67 p. 



22. Wilkinson, Thomas Oberson 

The social functions of primitive art. 1950,.. 110 p. 



23. Cheek, Frances Gowans 

A consideration of the methodological contribution of the personality 
and culture school from a Whiteheadian point of view . .* 70 p. 


24. Conrad, Jack Randolph, 1923- 

The "bullfight; the cultural history of an institution ... 368 p. 




25. Mickle , Walter Alvin 

A study of tho dissociation of Canida (l-ionilia) albicans. 1939. 48 p. 



26. Pope, Hilda Persons 

The synthesis of B-complex vitamins by tubercle bacilli when grown on 
a synthetic medium. 27 p. 



27. Adams, Anne Shand 

Immunological and epidemiological studies of blastomycosis, coccid- 
ioidomycosis and histoplasmosis. 52 p. 



28. Hardin, Hilliard Prances 

Serological studies of epidemic parotitis: the application of the 
E. P. 50 complement fixation test utilizing the viral and soluble 
mumps antigens. ^6 p. 


29. Haley, Leanor Davison, 1921- 
Etiology of otomycosis. 72 p. 

30. Pope , Hilda Persons , 1923- 

The effect of vitamin analogues on growth of the tubercle bacillus. 100 p. 



31. Priedman, Lorraine, 1919- 

Comparative antigenic and immunologic studies on blastomyces dermatitidis, 
the cause of Horth American blastomycosis, and blastomyces brasiliensis, 
the cause of South American blastomycosis. 59 p. 



32. Christison, Isabel B. 

Testing fungistatic activity of some organic compounds against fungi 
pathogenic for man. 39 p. 



33. Jor.ofiak, Eugene Joseph, 1926- 

Studies in tno gnnus phialophora thaxter 1915. 59 n> 

34. Vogel, Ralph Arnold, 1923- 

Cultural and immunologic studies on the parasitic growth phase of coccid- 
ioines innltis . the etiologic agent of coccidioidomycosis. 73 p , 



35. Taylor, Robert Leo, 1925- 

A study of the antigenic properties of hlstoplasna cap sula turn darling, 
... 42 p. 

36. Vardhanabhuti, Sman, 1916- 

Antigenic study of chemically purified substances from nocardia aster- 
oides ... 80 p. 



37. Hampson, C. Ross, 1913- 

Imnunological and environmental studies with coccicioides immitis ... 71 p. 

38. Hawkins, Joan Ellen, 1925- 

Transaminase activity in tuOercle "bacilli ... 76 p. 

39. Wilbur, Jeanne Doucette , 1925- 

The effect of some fungal and bacterial infections on the succinic 
dehydrogenase activity of mouse and guinea pig kidneys ... 17 p. 



40. Curtis , William Grandy 

The effects of high pressures at low temperatures on erytnrocytes, 
plasma and certain viruses ... 49 p. 


41. Cozad, George Carmon, 1927- 

Investigations concerning the agglutination test as a diagnostic test 
for histoplasmosis ... 40 p. 

42. Trejos, Alfonso, 1921- 

Korphologic, physiologic and antigenic studies of torula bergeri ... 88 p. 



43. Reese, Ethel Merritt 

Serum calcium and phosphorus in guinea pigs after treatment with 
parathyroid hormone and calcium gluconate. 18 ,p . 


44. Mason, Morton Freeman 

The distribution of bromide in the blood, cerebrospinal fluid, urine, 
saliva and gastric juice in the dog and man in the state of chronic 
bromide intoxication. 47 p. 



45. Michel, Harry Oscar, 1910- 

A study of sulf hemoglobin. 60 p. 



46. Baun, Rhoda May 

A study of a combustion method for the determination of the solubility 
of benzene in water and in aqueous salt solutions. 48 p. 

47. Klein, James Raymond, 1908- 

A study of tne tissue metabolism of the rat in relation to thyroid 
activity. 50 p. 



48. Levy, Edward David 

The excretion of the pyridine derivatives in the urine ... 50 p. 



49. Sarett, Herbert Paul, 1916- 

The metabolism of nicotinic acid in man and dog. 56 p. 

50. Saz, Arthur Kenneth, 1917- 

The effect of aromatic iodine compounds on the growth and metabolism 
of the tubercle bacillus. 79 p. 



51. Volkin, Elliot 

The preparation and partial purification of Wassermann antibody 
(reagin). 28 p. 



52. Huff, Jesse William, 1916- 

Studies on the metabolism of nicotinic acid and of pyridoxine. 130 p. 



53. Kaufman, Elaine Elkins, 1923- 

Chemical and enzymatic studies on crystalline carboxypeptidase .. 88 p. 

54. Kaufman, Seymour, 1924- 

Chemical and enzymatic studies on crystalline chymothrypsin. 80 p. 

55. Rosen, Fred, 1921- 

Further studies on the metabolism of nicotinic acid. I. The transfor- 
mation of tryptophan to nicotinic acid. II. The estimation of 6-pyridone 
N^-methylnicotinamide and its significance in nicotinic acid metabolism. 
117 p. 



56. Georgiade, Ruth Sauer 

The effect of dietary protein upon the blood sugar level. 44 p. 


57. Hunter, Sylvia Fishman, 1926- 

The enzymatic oxidation of n methylnicotinamide to 6-pyridone 
nlmethylnicotinamide in vitro . 47 p. 


58. Kent, John Franklin, 1908- 

The application of quantitative methods in studies of the antigen- 
antibody reactions. 68 p. 

59. Snoke, John Edward, 1921- 

The relation of chemical stricture of substrates to their hydrolysis 
by proteolytic enzymes. 77 p. 



60. Eisenberg, Max Aaron, 1917- 

Studies on pancreatic proteases and their precursors and reversible 
heat denaturation of chymotrypsinogen. 81 p. 

61. Leder, Irwin Gordon, 1920- 

The biological synthesis of pyridine nucleotides. 89 p. 

62. McKinney, Gordon R. , 1923- 

An in vitro study of the action of various drugs on certain phases 
of tissue anabolism. 77 p. 




63. Colin , David V. 

Parathyroid hormone and tne renal excretion of phosphate. 133 p. 

54. Drats, Arthur Frederick, 1923- 

Eenal phosphate and carbohydrate metabolism ... 114 p. 

65. Green, Irving, 1921- 

An electrotitrimetric method for the study of ATPase activity in myosin 
systems ... 179 p. 

66. Parrish, Bobert Guy, 1924- 

The preparation, hydration and molecular kinetic properties of myosin... 
192 p. 



67. Cobey, Florapearl Armstrong, 1923- 

Adenylate kinase activity in vivo, and studies on sulfur metabolism ... 95 p. 



68. Kyun, Maung Than 

The enzymatic mechanism of the specific dynamic action of proteins ... 40 p. 


69. Fridovich, Irwin, 1929- 

Studies on the enzymatic oxidation of sulfite ... 137 p. 

70. Glaid, Andrew Joseph, 1923- 

Specificity and inhibition of liver esterase and lactic dehydrogenase . .. 
141 p. 

71. Hakala, Kaire Tellervo, 1917- 

Studies on dehydrogenase systems. I. Kinetics and specificity of lactic 
dehydrogenase. II. Spectral properties of coenzyme I and of related 
substances ... 104 p. 

72. Bupp, Joseph C. , 1928- 

The determination of the molecular size and shape of myosin by optical 
methods ... 130 p. 



73. Takonaka, Yasuo , 1925- 

A spectrophotometric determination of trypsin and chymotrypsin •»• 
Mechanism of action of lactic dehydrogenase ... 101 p. 

bio - c h e ;■; I S ? H I 


74. Preiss, Jack, 1934- 

Biosynthosis of nicotinamide mononucleotide... 104 p. 

75. Winer, Alfred Dennis, 1926- 

A study of tne effect of pH on the kinetics of the lactic dehydrogenase 
system ... 103 p. 



76. Duda, George 

Kinetics of ammonia metabolism in vivo ... 50 p. 

77. Klingman, Jack Dennis , 1927- 

Partial purification and properties of renal glutaminase ... 41 p. 

78. Neuhaas, Francis Clemens, 1932- 

Ketabolism of phosphoserine-c— phospho serine phosphatase ... 122 p. 



79. Hass , Louis Frederick, 1926- 

The enzymatic dephosphorylation of glucose-6-phosphate and fructose-1, 
6-diphosphate ... 104 p. 

80. ITovoa, William Brewster, 1950- 

A study of some inhibitors of lactic de-hydrogenase ... 67 p. 



81. Imsande , John, 1931- 

Biosynthesis of nicotinic acid mono r^bleotide ... 69 p. 

82. IlacLeod, Robert Meredith, 1929- 
Sulfite-cytochrome c reductase ... 84 p. 

83. EothscHild, Carl, 1931- 

Kitochondrial oxidation of reduced pyridine nucleotide ... 60 p. 

84. Smith, Eugene Joseph, 1929- 

Studie9 on tne nucleotide Bpectra of microorganisms ... 62 p. 



85. Parkas, Walter Robert, 1933- 

Bovine sulf ito-cytocnrome c reductase ... 69 p, 

86. Mashburn, Louise (Tull), 1930- 

Studies of lipolytic enzyineo: purification and separation of some li- 
polytic enzymes in adipose tissue ... 64 p. 



87. Millar, David B.S. , 1931- 

Isolation and physical characterization of homogeneous lactic de|iy- 
drogenase ... 107 p. 

88. Williams, Charles Iladdon, 1932- 

Microsomai triphospnopyridine nucleotide-cytochrome c reductase of liver.. 
109 p. 



89. Griffin, Lillian Defilippis 

The partial purification and characterization of fructose-1, 6-diphos- 
phatase ... 36 p. 


90. Greenlee, Lorance Lisle, 1935- 

Studies on induction of chemiluninescence during enzymic reactions ... 66p. 

91. Jacobson, Bernard Jerome, 1936- 

Studies on the metabolism of chondroitin sulfate B ... 132 p. 



92. Bhatnagar, Eajendra Sahi 

Biosynthetic capacities of avian embryonic tibiae in culture. Part I: 
"biosynthesis of collagen ... 51 p. 


93. Masters, Bettie Sue (siler) 1937- 

The mechanism of hepatic microsomal triphosphopyridine nucleotide- 
cytochrome c reductase ... 133 p. 

94. Smith, William James, 1935- 

Studies on dopamine-yS-hydrosylase ... 102 p. 

95. Waite, Benjamin Moseley, 1936- 

Studies on acetyl CoA carboxylase ... 104 p. 



96. Modirzadeh, Jamal 

Microsomal TPM-cytochrome bg reductase system ... 107 p. 


97. Bhatnagar, Rajendra Sahai, 1936- 

The effect of lathyrogens on collagen metabolism in embryonic chick 
hones in culture ... 81 p. 




98. Brownlee, Susan Templeton, 1935- 

Studies on galactosamine uronic acid and other acid amino 
sugars obtained from VI antigen producing bacteria ... 97 p. 

99. Bulos, Bernard Arthur, 1934- 

A study of glutamic-alanine transaminase ... 109 p. 

100. Cherniak, Robert, 1936- 

Metabolism of sulfated heteropolysaccharides "active sulfate", 
its chemical synthesis and biological role ... 157 p. 

101. Ganoza, Maria Clelia, 1938- 

The role of lipid in glucose-6-phosphatase ... 173 p. 

102. Kim, Taik Yung, 1925- 

The synthesis and biological activity of uridine-5' -diphospho-n-acetyl 
hexosamines ... 108 p. 

103. Weinberg, Barbara Lee Huberman, 1934- 

Some studies on the cell-virus relationship in avian 
myeloblastosis ... 145 p. 

104. Woodson, Bruce Alan, 1936- 

Arginine as a precursor of pyrimidines in strain L 929 fibroblasts 
infected with pleuro-pneumonia-like organisms ... 92 p. 


105. Stutts, Patricia Louise 

Studies on the stimulation of horseradish peroxidase by nitrogenous 
compounds ... 88 p. 

106. Aleman-Aleman, Victor, 1933- 

Studies on the structure and function of dihydroorotic dehydrogenase ., 
138 p. 

107. Harris, Constance Malmar, 1937- 

Studies on the structure of human myoglobin ... 116 p. 

107a. Perchemlides , Peter, 1936- 

Synthesis and properties of aldosyl and aldosyluronic acid phosphates 
and the related application of NMR spectroscopy ... 221 p. 

108. Pugh, Elizabeth Lenora, 1933- 

The mechanism of fatty acid synthesis in E. coli ... 96 p. 

109. Whitney, Philip Lawrence, 1937- 

Denaturation and renaturation of fragment I of rabbit y-globulin 
and antibodies ... 104 p. 



3 921 


110. Barnes, Jesse Tnomas 

Fure culture method of diatoms. 1921. 



111. Buff aloe , ITorraan Barnes 

Tne morphology of tne vegetable structures of Dionaea muscipula. 26-p". 



112. Ehrlich, John 

Areolate mildew of cotton and tne morpnology of Ramularia areola 
Atkinson. 32 p.. 

113. Jenkins, V.'ilbert Armonde 

The morphology and life-history of Mycosphaerella cere salla Adorn. 33 p. 

114. Root, Raymond Villard 

The influence of humidity on txxe temperature of certain poikilotnerms. 



115. Breciier, Gerhard Karl Adolf Otto 
Tooacco Frenching (Folyphylly). 33 p. 

116. Trentham, Snannon Otis 

Vegetation of the artificial lakes of western North Carolina. 50 p. 


117. Pov/ell, Tnomas E. , Jr. 

A biological study of tne tooacco beetle ( Laslaorna serricorne Fabr. ) 
witn special reference to its life history and control. 137 p. 



118. Greathouse, Glenn Artnur 

Sono physico-chemical properties of cell sap in plants, with some studies 
of transpiration, and their relationship to the physical environment. 1931. 
84 p. 



119. Carlos, Thomas Patrick 

Studies on the black shank disease of tobacco. 42 p. 

120. Johnson, Frank Harris 

A new approach to the problem of culturing in vitro the infective 
principle of tobacco mosaic: Fractionation of healthy tissue for 
culture media. 136 p. 

121. Robertson, Lora Lee 

Morphology of the sporophyte of Aulacomnium heterostium (Hedw.) 
B. & S. 21 p. 

122. Wilson, Lloyd Bain 

The influence of the halogens chlorine, bromine, and fluorine on 
tobacco. 22 p. 



123. Anderson, Lewis Edward 

Microsporogenesis in Philadclphus grandiflorus Willd. 47 p. 

124. Harvey, Harlow Williamson 

Morphological studies in the hysteriales. 46 p. 

125. This number not used. 

126. Jenkins, Ruth Irwin 

The origin and early development of axillary buds and roots in 
the aerial fruiting stem of Equisetum praealtum.R af . 14 p. 

127. Latham, Dennis Harold 

A Cerocospona leaf spot of cowpeas. 34 p. 

128. Waynick, Minerva Ann 

A rot of pear caused by the red bread-mold fungus. 21 p. 



129. Glasson, Mary Embry 

A survey of the vegetation of Perquimans County, -North Carolina, 
with special reference to the spring flora. 91 p. 


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130. Wallaco , Julian Howard 

Comparative studies of the leafsap properties of tnree evergroens in 
relation to cold resistance. 1933. 28 p. 



131 • Philson, Paul James 

Tho Cynnophyceae of Durham and vicinity, 1931. 106 p. 

132. Billings , William Dwight 

Some effects of the removal of tho "A" horizon on the soil and the 
vegetation. 1935. 70 p. 

133. Reddish, Paul Sigman 

Soil protozoa of the Duke Forest. 1935. 57 p. 

134. Peed, John Frederick 

The relation of the leaf structure of mesophytic forest trees to certain 
environmental factors. 1935. 51 p. 

135. Peed, Mildred Gant Stites 

A taxonomic and floristic study of the genus C.yperus in North Carolina. 
1935. 116 P . 

136. Scott, John Dayton 

Factors affecting the storage and germination of seeds of Viburnum 
pry jiifolium. 193 4. 45 p. 



137. Correll, Donovan Stewart 

The orchids of llorth Carolina. 1936. 147 p . 

138. McLean, Puth Atkinson 

The pathology of damping-off of tobacco seedlings caused "by r-hizoctonia 
solani Euhn. 1936. 33 p. 

139. Miller, James Kyle 

A new species of Keithia on rod cedar. 1934. 19 p. 


140. Billings, William Dwight 

The structure and development of old field shortleaf pine stands and 
certain associated physical properties of the soil. 1936. 

141. Peed, John Frederick 

Poot and shoot growth of shortleaf and loblolly pines in relation to 
certain environmental conditions. 1936. 120 p. 

142. Spangler, Helen Virginia 

The anatomical and histological results of potassium deficiency in toma- 
to and tobacco. 1936. 130 p. 




143. Beaven, Evelyn Sherwin 

A taxononic and ecologic study of the moss flora of Franklin county, 
North Carolina. 1936. 60 p. 

144. Beaven, George Trancis 

A study of the flora of the Pocoiaoke River swamp on the Eastern Shore 
of Maryland. 1935. 60 p. 

145. Brown, Jaraea Wilson 

The effect of temperature on the respiration of acorns. 1937. 43 p. 

146. Garren, Kenneth Eoward 

A study of the wood- inhabiting fungi of the Duke forest. 1937. 83 p. 


147. Schopmeyer, Clifford Scharff 

The effect of soil moisture on the transpiration and hound water content 
of 1 oblolly pine and short- leaf pine with reference to drought resistance. 

1937. 75 p. 



148. Humphreys, Mary Emily 

Buried viable seeds in a successional series of old field and forest 
soils. 1938. 40 p. 

149. Jester, Joseph Rioaardson 

The effect of length of day on the growth of certain forest tree seedlings. 

1938. 28 p. 

150. McAllister, Birdie 

A study of the ^iora of Key 3iscayne,Dade County, Florida. 1938. 54 p. 

151. Price, Albert Lee 

A survey of the vegetation of Unicoi county, Tennessee. 1938. 62 p. 

152. Smith, Prank Perrell 

A comparative study of three methods of treating black locust seeds to 
hasten their germination. 1938. 48 p. 

153. Toole, Bben Richard 

Relation of incidence of needle diseases in loblolly pine plantations 
to certain physical properties of the soil. 1938. 21 p. 




154. Brown, Jar.ios Wilson , 1913- 

Kespiration of acorns as related to temperature and after-ripening. 1938. 74 f 

155. Duncan, Wilbur Howard, 1910- 

A study of root development in three soil types in the Duke forest. 1938.145 p 

156. Garren, Kenneth Howard, 1912- 

A study of Polyporus nbietinus , the cause of the pitted sapwood rot of 
pines. 1938. 120 p. 



157. Barbour, William Johnston 

The brown spot disease of longleaf pine seedlings. 1939. 23 p. 

158. Luttrell , Everett Stanley 

A tar spot disease of American holly and tne life history of the causal 

organism. 1939. 42 p. 

159. McDermott, John Joseph 

Changes in the chemical composition of acorns as related to storage 
treatment and after-ripening. 1939. 26 p. 

160. Post on, Mary Alverta 
Brucellosis. 1939. 29 p. 


161. Brown, Dalton Milford, 1898- 

The vegetation of Roan mountain: an ecological study. 1938. 152 p. 

162. Correll, Donovan Stewart, 1908- 

A taxonomic and distributional study of tne orchids of the southeastern 
United States. 1939. 400 p. 

163. Moore, Jerry Hamilton, 1895- 

The distribution of the fiber population on the cotton seed and its re- 
lation to f ibiar length and unit fiber weight in five varieties of Ameri- 
can upland cotton. 1939. 54 p. 

164. Wang, Yen-Chieh, 1908- 

Studies of interactions of certain site factors and young loblolly pine 
( Pinus taeda L. ) plantations 1939. 219 p. 



165. Decker, John Peter 

The effect of Dowax on transpiration, height growth, photosynthesis, and 
respiration of tree seedlings. 1940. 23 p. 



M.A. i^O 

166. Huntley, Dorotiiy 

A survey of the vogetation of i ; orty-acre Rock Lancaster county, South 
Carolina.. 1939. 33 p. 

167. Singeltary, Mary L. 

A survey of tne vegetation of Osceola county, Florida. 1939. 78 p. 

168. Williams, Louis G. 

The genus Podium at Beaufort , llorth Carolina. 39 p. 


169. Gier, Leland Jacob, 1904- 

Root systems of brignt "belt tobacco. 75 p. 

170. Luttrell, Everett Stanley, 1916- 

The morphology and development of some fungi parasitic on trees within 
the Duke forest. 62 p. 

171. Toole, Eben Richard, 1913- 

Mimosa wilt caused by Fusariun porniciosum Hepting. 1940. 115 p. 



172. Asan, Eaydar Mustafa 

Toxicity of certain volatile compounds to tobacco downy mildew, Perono- 
spora tabacina. 1940- 27 p. 

173. Dedmon, Robert 0. 

The genus Buppia at Beaufort, llorth Carolina, and adjacent vicinity. 30 p, 

174. Elder, Frances R. 

The vegetation of Pine Island, Dade County, Florida. 38 p. 

175. Kosiovski., Theodore Thomas, 1917- 

The transpiration rates of some forest tree species during the dormant 
season. 59 p. 

176. Livingston, Robert Blair 

The effect of altitude on the composition of grasslands on the plains 
of central Colorado. 70 p. 

177. Pew, Shelba Glenn 

A summer pnase of ^ntoronorpha Lingulata J. A. Agardh at Beaufort, 
North Carolina. Zb p . 

178. Quarterman , Elsie 

Distribution of the comp.ositae in Lowndes county, Georgia. 41 p. 

179. Wilson, Cnarles Christopher 

Diurnal changes in the moisture content of some herbaceous plants, by 
Charles Cnristopher V/ilson. 18 p. 



180. Boomnour, Elizabeth Gregory, 1913- 

A taxonomic study of the genus Pycnanthemun . 227 p. 

181. Humphreys, Mary Emily, 1911- 

Responses of certain lawn grasses to controlled watering and treatments 
of soil. 68 p. 

182. McDernott, John Joseph, 1915- 

A physiological study of afterripening in acorns. 86 P- 

183. Johnston, George W. 

Cytological studies of pollen tube development in certain Angiosperms. 37 p. 



184. Hill, Cleo I -Adeline 

Pioneer vegetation on barren "shoals" at Beaufort, Uorth Carolina. 

185. Humra, Harold Judson 

Bacterial leaf nodules: witn special reference to Psycnotria punctata Vatke. 
43 p. 

186. Johnson, Kathryn Eloise 

Specificity of agar-digesting bacteria. 43 p. 

187. Keever, Nancy Catherine 

Plant succession on exposed granite of Rocky Face fountain in Alexander 
county, Worth Carolina. 32 p. 

188. Rodgers, Cnarles Leland 

The plant communities of Table Rock, Pickens county, Soutn Carolina. 77 p. 

189. Thomas, Florence 

A non-osmotic force concerned in the absorption of water by plant tissues. 
24 p. 

190. Decker, John Peter, 1915- 

The effect of temperature on photosynthesis and respiration in loblolly 
and red pines. 44 p. 

191. Jemison, George Meredith, 1908- 

Tho effect of basal wounding by forest fires on the diameter growth of 
some southern Appalachian hardwoods. H3 p. 





192. Livingston, Martha Alida Comstock 

The development of Primary vessels in Ipo.-ioea "batatas , 14 p. 

195. Williams , Kuby I-ialinda 

A phyto socio logical survey of the vegetation on Pilot mountain, 
North Carolina. 88 p. 


194. Brown, Walter Varian, 1915- 

Cytological Studies in the Paniceae. 64 p. 

195. Caughey, Mary Gladys, 19 04- 

A physiological and ecological study of certain pocosin plants. 67 p. 

196. Punyasingh, Zrui, 1917- 

Cytogenetical studies of intercrosses among diploid, triploid and 
tetraploid types in Zea mays L. 140 p. 

197. Wilson, Charles Christopher, 1911- 

The effect of some environmental factors on the movements of the 
guard cells. 89 p. 



198. Bentley, Uancy Joyce 

Glandular leaf hairs of oriental tobacco. 41 p. 


199. Eumm, Harold Judson, 1912- 

A study of marine agar-dige sting bacteria of the Atlantic coast. 130 p, 



200. Lair, Eugenie Dille 

Smooth patch, a hark disease of white oaks and post oaks. 24 p. 


201. McNeill, Ellis Meade, 1901- 

A contribution to the knowledge of West Virginia algae. 153 p. 



202. Haley, Leanor Davison 

Kycological flora of the ear. 50 p. 



203. Kozlowski, Theodore Thomas 1917- 

Light and water in growth and competition of Piedmont forest tree species. 
156 p. 

204. Livingston, Robert B. , 191 J - 

An ecological study of the Black Forest region and adjacent plains. 133 p. 



205. Wilbur, Robert Lynch 

Taxonomic studies of some families in the Piedmont flora. 52 p. 

206. Williams, Louis Gressett , 1913- 

Marine algae of Capo Lookout, North Carolina. 127 p. 

'207. Young, Harold Edle , 1917- 

The effect of pruning on the height and diameter growth of loblolly pine. 109 P 



208. Batson, Wade Thomas 

The genus <Juncus in North and South Carolina. 53 p. 


209. Gordon, Morris A., 1920- 

The physiology of a blue stain mold with special reference to production 
of ethyl acetate. 23 p. 

210. Keever, Nancy Catherine, 1910- 

Causes of succession on old fields of the Piedmont, North Carolina. 96 p. 

211. Quarterman, Elsie, 1910- 

Plant communities of cedar glades in middle Tennessee. 120 P* 

212. Rogers, Hollis Jetton, 1911- 

The genus Qilactia, in the United States. 122 P- 



213. Bormann, Frederick Herbert 

The statistical efficiency of plot size and shape in forest ecology. 3 ^ P- 

214. Schramm, Robert J. 

Effects of aeration on root anatomy. 23 p. 

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675. This number not used. 


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"CO N M I C S 


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m a 1956 


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1114. This number not used. 




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1383. This number not used. 




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1493 • (unused number) 



™ », 1940 

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112 p. 





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v a 194i 

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1585. This number not used. 





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H.A. 1942 

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2117. This number not used. 




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1941 ' 


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£■$}(• This number not used. 

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E N G L I S H 


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2475. Number not used. 




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v a ±2§2 

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E N G 1 !5fl 

V A '" 1%5 


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. mi 


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3417. This number not used. 





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Ph. D. 

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4158. This number not used. 




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— — - 


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B. D. 

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winning. 161 p. 


a study in modern methods of soul- 




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B. D. 







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.Durham, North 











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5399. xhis number not used. 

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5421. This number not used. 




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Ph . D . 

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5810. This number not used. 




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4 74 





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Bell, Roy Edison 5261. 
Bell, Vereen McNeill 2429. 

Bell, Vereen McNeil 2484. 
Bellamy, Virginia Nelle 5376. 

JBellamy, Virginia Ne lle 5393. 
Benedetti, Robert Anthony 2643. 
^Benedict, Margaret Ann 4441. 
Bengel, Paul Robert 3994. 

Berry, Christine Brooks__ 5693. 
Berry, Frederick Hamer 2745. 


Berry, Lucia Kendall 
Berry, Willard Miller 


Berson, Elaine Sylvia 5743. 

Bertman, Bernard Theodore 4327, 
Best, Albert Hartwell 1643. 

_ Benjamin, Walter William 5427. 

Bennett, Adrian Thomas __ 2555. 

Bennett, Frank Autrelle 2918. 

Bennett, Georgia Belle 4628. 


Georgia Belle 



Jean Arline 



John Boyce 



John Boyce 


Bethel, James Samuel 2689. 

Bethel, James Samuel 2800. 
Bettersworth, John Knox 3240. 

Betz, Catherine Teresa 4031. 
Bevan, John Morgan 4662. 

Bevan, John Morgan 4700. 
Bevan, William 4648. 
Bevan, William 

Beville, Stuart McGuire 


Bevington, Philip Raymond 4271. 
Bew, James William 2717. 

Bhanthumchinda, Saowanee 2430. 
Bhatnagar, Rajendra Sahai 92. 
Bhatnagar, Rajendra Sahai 97. 

Bhattacharya, Brojo Nath 4255. 
Bickell, Ernest A. 5852. 
Bickley, Robert Bruce 2644. 

Bierman, Josephine Abigail 5873. 

Bigger, William Parker 2732. 

Biggers, Robert Price 3998. 

Biggers, Ruth Evans 3842. 

Biggers, Sherrill Bost 5167. 

Biggerstaff, Frank Malcolm 1385. 
Bigham, Virgil Lee 1332. 
Bilan, Mykyta Victor 3001. 

Bilan, Mykta Victor 3028. 
Billings, William Dwight 132. 
Billings, William Dwight 140. 

Bindrim, Edward Paul 4659. 
Bingman, Mary (Waybright) 2431. 
Binkley, Janet Margaret 2522. 
Binns, Elizabeth 1386. 
Birch, Olive Georgeanna Mary 400. 

Bird, Carl Orlando 1164. 
Bird, Margaret Anne 6002. 
Bird, Ralph Sidney 1436. 
Bird, Robert Macbeth 5037. 
Birge, William Root 4690. 
Birturk, Yavuz 1835. 
Biscoe, Alvin Blockson 832. 

Bishop, Benjamin Harold 476. 
Bishop, Maurice Fugh 4383. 
Bishop, Stephen Hurst 5973. 

Bivona, Annabelle 5637. 

Bizzell, Alma Bridgers 1085. 

Black, Caroline Banks 3355. 
Black, Edwin Robert 4547. 
Black, Elma Jeanette 3779. 

Black, Marcia Carolina 4020. 
Black, Mercedes A. Saez 2108. 

Black, Roland Joseph 1621. 
Blacka, Edwin Herbert 3942. 

Blackburn, Jacob Floyd 3843. 
Blackburn, Lillian lone 477. 
Blackburn, Linwood Earl 5168. 
Blackburn, Norma Marie 4361. 

Blackmon, Bobby Glenn 3083. 

Blackshear, Katherine Baker 5616. 

Blackstock, Clarence Ernest 3038. 
Blackstone, William Thomas 4080. 

Blackstone, William Thomas 4091. 
Blackwell, Henry Conrad 4818. 

Blackwell, Lawrence Avery 4256. 

Blagg, Mary Evelyn 4468. 

Blake, Joan 307. 

Blake, Nelson Morehouse 3153a. 

Blake, Nelson Morehouse 3188. 

Blake, Robert Grady 2466. 

Blake, Roy Baxter 1855. 

Blakeley, Brian Layton 3665. 

Blakemore, J. H., Jr. 4982. 

Blakeslee, Edward Ray, Jr. 1685. 

Blakeslee, Verna Treat 1664. 

Blalock, Verona 788. 

Blanco Fernandez, German Alfredo 1033. 

Blane, Andrew Quarles 5507. 

Blank, Olive Greenawalt 2248. 

Blanton, Betty Newbern 1644. 

Bleke, Priscilla Dattman 4711. 

Bleke, Robert Charles 4701. 

Blevins, Gilbert Sanders 4246h, 

Blevins, Maurice Everett 4257. 

Bliss, Lawrence Carroll 245,, 

Bliss, Verne Fairbanks 2832. 

Block, Robert Charles 4245. 

Block, Robert Hoyt 


Bloom, Leonard see Broom, Leonard 
Bloom, Melvin Sigmund 461. 
Bloom, Melvin Sigmund 

Bloom, Robert Louis 
Blossom, Thomas 

Blume, Steven David 2523. 



Boardman, William Kilbourne 4723. 

Boardman, William Kilbourne 4680. 
Boatman, Sandra 756. 
Boatwright, Eleanor Miot 3274. 

_Bobbitt, Pearl Burkh ead 906. 

Bobo, William Pervy 


Bock, Elsie Ervin 2489. 

Boddie, Wyatt David 5169. 

Boggess, William Randolph 2703. 
Boggs, Charles Marvin 5262. 

Bond, Jean Bernerd 517. 
Bond, Sara McCallum 518. 

Bond, Wita Avis 3780. 
Bondurant, Agnes Meredith 2153. 
Boneau, Charles Alan 4737. 

Boney, Nancy Virginia 2193. 
Bonfoey, Winifred Lee 2043. 
Boni, Kenneth Arnold 702. 


Bonnallie, Chester Alexander 
Bonnen, James Thomas 917. 

Bonner, Franklin Thomson 3044. 
Bonner, Franklin Thomson 3113. 

Bookhout, Cazlyn Green 5805. 
Boomhour, Elizabeth Gregory 180. 
Boone, Sidney Grant 5290. 
Boone, Stephen Christopher 18. 

Boone, William Riley Prichard 3302. 
Booth, Luther Lambuth 5170. 

Borcherding, Margaret Elaine Moss 3691, 
Bormann, Frederick Herbert 213. 
Bormann, Frederick Herbert 224. 

Boswell, Sidney ^1333^ 
Bott, William Kellam 1777. 

Bouldin, Walter Virgil 4291. 

Boggs, Clyde Stewart 


Boggs, Mary Amber 


Bogue, Helen Sarah 


Bourdeau, Phillippe Francois Joseph 


Boland, Joseph Bethro 1437. 

Bolen, Claude Waldron_ 3210. 

Bolen, Claude Waldron 3333. 

Bolen, David Winton 3962. 

Bolen, James Shepherd 998. 

Boliek, John Ernest 728. 

Bollens, Jack C. 4438. 

Bourdeau, Phillipp e Francoi s Joseph 236. 

Bowden, Elbert Vic tor 940. 978. 

Bowden, William Robert,_Jr. 2044. 

Bower, David Roy Eugene 3039. 

Bowers, Eveline Green 5981. 
Bowers, Mary Blair 5925. 
Bowers, Paul Chadwick 3714. 
Bowles, Charles Phillips 4865. 
Bowles, Charles Phillips 4921. 

Bowles, Madison Harwell 1235. 
Bowles, Robert C. 2429. 

Bowman, Bernice Claire, ed. 2109. 

Bowman, Charles Daniel 4251. 

Bowman, Charles Daniel 4280. 

Bowman, Clarice Margaret 5054. 

Boyce, John Shaw 219. 

Boyce, Peter John 4548. 

Boyd, James Emory 3738. 

Boyd, Julian Parks 3144. 

Boyd, Wade C. 3098. 

Boyer, Charles Chester 5843. 

Boycr, Charles Chester 5890. 
Boyer, Charles Victor 1285. 

Boyer, John Strickland 310. 

Boynton, John O'Hara 5725. 
Brabec, Joe M. 2718. 

Brabham, Angus McKay 5170a. 
Brach, Earl Tilton 818. 

Bracken, Charles 1760. 

Brady, Clarissa Lee 5641. 

Brady, Elbert Carl 1115. 

Brady, William Herman 5144. 
Bramlette, Carl Allen 4702. 

Bramlette, Lucile 2089. 
Brandis, Roland Buford, Jr. 872. 
Brandis, Roland Buford 3364. 

Brandis, Royall 901. 
Brandis, Royall 949. 

Brandon, Barbara Wolff 3556. 
Brandon, Elvis Denby 4456. 

Brandt, Bartholomew Brandner 5802. 
Brandt, Bartholomew Brandner 5811. 

Branford, Walter Avery 2045. 

Brannock, Durant York 5641a. 

Brant, George Ezekiel 3758. 

Brantley, Mabel Ruth 2254. 

Branton, Razzie Ray 4846. 

Bras, Monique Therese 5669. 
Brasen, Wallace Raymond 604. 
Braswell, William 1935. 

Braverman, Elizabeth Parks 2330. 
Braverman, Howard 3374. 
Braverman, Howard 3461. 

Braxton, Jabus Walter 4922. 
Breadon, Robert Edwin 2919. 

Breazeale, James Branson 5059a. 
Brecher, Gerhard Karl Adolf Otto 115. 

Bree, Jacobus Christiaan 2960. 
Breece, Ruth Schoenberger 2236. 
Breen, William James 3692. 
Breibart, Sidney 4345. 

Brendall, Earl Hall 5038. 
Bresee, Louis Bowles 3995. 
Breslow, David Samuel 430. 
Brewer, Earl D. C. 5707. 
Brewer, Mary Elizabeth 1746. 

Brewster, James Pendleton 3798. 
Brewster, James Pendleton 3893. 

Brewster, Lawrence Fay 3351. 
Brian, Beverly Dianne 2524. 

Brice, Luther Kennedy 605. 
Briceland, Alan Vance 3633. 
Briceland, Alan Vance 3715. 
Briceland, Penelope Warren 5505. 

Brickhouse, Ernest Fielding 5291. 
Bridewell, Joseph Albert 5171. 
Bridgers, Frank Ernst, Jr. 1972. 

Brideers, John Elbert 2188. 
Bridgers, Raymond Bradley 1747. 

Bridges, Daniel Moody 1315. 
Bridy, Charles Louis 1387. 
Brierre, Roland Theodore 757. 
Brigham, Lyman Henry 2833. 
Bright, Robert Dietrich 417. 

_Bright. Samuel Raymond 3602. 

Bright, Samuel Raymond 3545a. 
Brinson, John Clinton 5362. 

Brown, Adrian Ernul 


Brinson, Pearl Leola 


Briscoe, Charles Buford 3029. 
Britton, George Taylor 4368. 


Broad, Al fred Carter 
Broadhead, Edward Hall 


Broadway, Blanche 


Brock, Edwin Lawrence 


Brockhoff 3 Lois Ann 


Brodersen, Jens 2525. 

Brodhag, Alex Edgar 


Brody, Leon 4060. 

Brokaw, Ruth W. 


Bronson, Arthur H arold 


Brookover, L ind a 5759. 

__ ^Brooks, Charles Edward 3907 . 
Brooks , Jes sie_Mae 21 94 . 

Brooks , Onni e Estu s 1195 . 

Brooks, Robert Charles 1040. 

Broom, Leonard 5678. 
Bross ,_Add i son C l em 24 9 . 

Brothers, Wilbur Leo 1679. 
Brouse, Albert J. 2266. 
Broussard, James Hugh 3693. 

Brown, Adrian Ernul 4872. 

Brown, Byron Roy 5226. 

Brown, Cansau Delane 4923. 

Brown, Dalton Milford 161. 

Brown, George Erwin 1388. 

Brown, Gregory Neil 3092. 

Brown, Henry Clay 454. 

Brown, James Henry 3114. 

Brown, James Newton 1844. 

Brown, James Newton 1894. 

Brown, James Wilson 145. 

Brown, James Wilson 154. 

Brown, James Witt 4903. 

Brown, James Witt 

Brown, Jesse Hunchberger 5492. 

Brown, Joan Claudette 


Brown, Jonas William 3853. 
Brown, Joshua Robert Calloway 5894. 
Brown, Joshua Rob ert Ca llow ay 5917. 
Brown, Kenneth Lee 5493. 
Brown, Margaret June 2298. 

Brown, Margaret Lou ise 1536. 
Brown, Mary Ell en 406 5. 

Brown, Milton Perry 


Brown, Morton 


Brown, Nora Catherine Hugh 1011. 
Brown, Norman Ralph 4423. 
Brown, Raymond Ode 11 5145. 
Brown, Robert Edgar 

Brown, Walter Varian 


Browne, Margaret A. 3383. 
Brownell, Robert Foote 4179. 

Browning, Elmer Ross 1196. 
Browning, Lonville Epton 1686. 

Browning, Marie Boggess 1197. 
Brownlee, Susan Templeton 98. 
Brownlee, William Hugh 5357. 
Brubaker, Mark Allen 958. 
Bruce, Richard C. 5982. 
Bruce, William Thornton 1562. 
Bruck, Nikolaus 951. 

Bryan, Colgan Hobson 1438. 
Bryan, Emily Virginia Schmitt 238, 
Bryan, Thomas Conn 3430. 

Bryan, William Alfred 1973. 
Bryant, Anne 2110. 

Bryant, Carlyle Rupert 1389. 
Bryant, David Robert 703. 

Bryant, Ralph Clement 2996. 
Brysk, Henry 4194. 

Bryson, Daniel Winfred 1198. 
Bryson, Joseph Eugene 1767. 
Bryson, Pauline Pressley 5602. 
Buccino, Salvatore George 4301. 

Buchanan, Bob Branch 4008. 
Buchanan, Edith 2361. 
Buchanan, Evelyn 3781. 
Bucher , Richard Henry 4498 . 
Buck, Ida Hermine 1390. 

Buck, Walter Roger 425. 
Buckner, Edward Reap 2988. 

Buckwalter, Kathryn Ma«-y 2154. 

Budd, Allen Clark 5084a. 
Budd, Warren Candler 4984. 

Buehler, Martin George 1856. 

Buell, Jesse Howard 2741. 

Buffaloe, Norman Barnes 111. 

Bull, Virginia Anne 3204. 
Buller, Laura Eshleman 2195. 
Bullock, Henry C. 3099. 

Bullock, Thomas Kirby 1768. 

Bullock, Thomas Kirby 3436. 
Bulos, Bernard Arthur 99. 

Bulwinkle, Muriel Charlton 2237. 
Bumgarner, George William 5108. 
Bumgartner, Louis Emery 3523. 
Bunn, Carolyn Cooper 5897. 
Bunn, Ronald Freeze 4459. 
Bunn, Ronald Freeze 4486. 

Burch, James Charlie Horton 1919. 
Burch, James Charles Horton 1988, 

Burch, Robert LeRoy 1826. 

Burch, Vella Jane 1974. 
Burdette, Dorothy Nell 1622. 

Burdette, Orral Lorain 1439. 
Burgess, James Rowland, Jr. 1199. 
Burgess, John Evans 1440. 
Burgess, Marvin Franklin 5753. 

Burgin, W. Grady 5362a. 
Burhans, Allison Stilwell 426. 
Burke, Blanche Lenore 1106. 
Burke, William Miller 2060. 

Burkhalter, James H. 4182. 
Burkholder, Marilyn Ann 2590. 
Burks, Harry Hunter 1623. 

Burkus, Jean 5902. 
Burkus, John 569. 
Burnham, Richard E. 2645. 
Burns, Joe Gay 2834. 

Burns, Lacy Harvey 5060. 

Burns, Rebecca Sue 2591. 

Burnside, Dunklin Sullivan, Jr. 

Burnside, Maurice Gwinn 4409. 

Burow, Richard Wilcox 3996. 

Burris, Craven Allen 3560. 

Burris, Craven Allen 3716. 
Burroughs, Robert Eli 326. 


Burrows, Edward Flud 3303. 
Burrus, Charles Andrew 4232. 

Burstein, Kenneth Richard 4773. 
Burton, Anne Seixas a\,_2155. 

Burton, Nancy 1795 .__ 
Burts, Robert Milton 3375. 

Burtt, Everett Johnson, Jr. 


Burtt ? Everett John son 


Busbee, Betty e Anne 


Busch, Bruce Lipscomb Moore 2267. 

Bussell, Wilsie Florence 5561. 

Bussell, Wilsie Flo rence 5615. 
Bustle, Wade Robert 


Butcher, Gene Lacy 


Butcher, Mary Bright 3862. 
Butter, Charles Miller 4747. 


Butter, Irene Hasenberg 

Butts, Helen Elizabeth 5806. 

_Butts, Robert George _ 2612,. 

Butts , Vi rginia F . 2111. 

Buzzard, Gale Herbert_ 3983. 
Byer, James Edwin 2613. 

Byers, Archie McAllister 2760. 
Byers, Donald V. 2920. 

Byers, Gordon Cleaves 3899. 
Byrd, James Curtis 1624. 
Byrd, John William 2803. 

Byrd, Robert Ross 1797. 
Byrum, Roy Delbert 5292. 
Caddell, Elinor Brooks 4022. 
Caffrey, Mary Margaret 1236. 
Cagle, William Carl 377. 
Cahow, Clark R. 3694. 
Cain, Charles Eugene 625. 
Cain, Charles Eugene 657. 
Cain, Glen T. 5481. 
Cain, Herbert Lloyd 813. 
Cain, Robert Jasper 3695. 

Cairns, Frank Elmer 
Caldwell, John Tyler 





Caldwell, Joseph Edmund 

Caldwell, Lawrence McClure 

Calfee, John Douglas 411. 
Calhoun, Frances Mitchell 

Calhoun, Rob ert Ly on 4373^ 

Calica, Roman Romeo 1756. 

Callahan, John Conrad 2804. 

Callcott, Mary Ireland 2526. 

Callihan, Dixon_ 346. 

Camp, Maryella 2112. 

Campbell, Carrie Belle Craig 5583, 

Campbell, Carrie Smith_ 1334. 


Craig Carol 



Enid Mona 



Jefferson Holland 5482. 


Mildred Ann 



Olen Kenneth 



Philip Storer 



Robert Earle 


Campbell, Ruth Foster 5649. 

Campbell, Walter H. 1563. 

Canada, Mary Whitfield 2196. 
Canaday, Ernest Franklin 3815. 

Canavan, Francis P. 4495. 
Candelas, Graciela C. 5964. 
Candler, Frances Godfrey 3368. 

Canestrari, Robert E'Milio 4778. 

Canning, John Jacob 3634. 
Cannon, Carl Franklin 3510. 

Cannon, Ernestine Jacobs 1116. 

Cannon, William Maury 4663. 

Cannon, William Maury 4748. 

Canon, Alfred Orville 4439a. 

Canon, Alfred Orville 4463. 
Cantelou, Lamar Black 2921. 
Cantor, Louis 3589. 
Cantor, Louis 3649. 
Capua, Julius Paul 3376. 

Capwell, Richard Leonard 2637. 

Cardwell, Raymond £. 5162. 

Carey, Charles Major 2836. 
Carey, John Jesse 5508. 

Carlos, Thomas Patrick 119. 

Carlson, Alan Ervin 2961. 

Carlson, Lillian Elsie 2157. 

Carlton, Arthur McCoy 5263. 

Carlton, John Buford 2704. 

Carlton, John William 5414. 
Carmean, Willard Handy 2761. 
Carmean, Willard Handy 2997. 

Carnes, Robert Darrell 4112. 
Carney, James Joseph, Jr. 871. 
Carpenter, Alta Buane 2158. 

Carpenter, Clarence Ray 5778. 

Carpenter, David Williams 4115. 412* 
Carpenter, Dewey Kenneth 543. 606. 

Carpenter, James 1857. 

Carper, Doris Viola 1822. 

Carper, Doris Viola 4635. 

Carper, John Howard 4873. 

Carr, Charles Harper 1829. 

Carr, Heyward Alexander 1564. 

Carr, Howard Ernest 1165. 
Carriger, Thomas Pinckney 5009. 
Carroll, Charles Fisher, Jr. 1076. 

Carroll, Howard 5227. 
Carroll, Howard 5339. 

Carroll, James Elwood 4841. 

Carroll, James Elwood 4874. 

Carroll, Jane Helen 3950. 

Carroll, Kenneth Lane 5402. 

Carroll, Lloyd Gilbert 1761. 

Carroll, Mary Swan 3180. 

Carroll, Zoe Wells 5779. 

Carroll, Zoe Wells 5812. 
Carruth, C. H. 1336. 
Carruth, John Robert 4904. 
Carruth, John Robert 4947. 
Carruth, Paul 5228. 
Carruthers, Emily Lee 2159. 

Carson, Louis Frederick 1286. 
Carson, Louise Geddings 1565. 
Carson, Robert Brice 1391. 

Carson, Ruth Sullivan 5616a. 
Carson, Thomas Coleman 3739. 
Carter, Carolyn Lee 5993. 

Carter, Frances Claire 4048. 
Carter, James Edwin 5264. 
Carter, Judson McGilvray 1270. 
Carter, Mason Carlton 3043. 
Carter, Maude 2197. 
Carter, Nelle Ada 4472. 
Carter, Patricia Jean 4464. 
Carter, Robert LeRoy 4176. 
Carter, Roland DeBuske 2005. 
Carter, William Guestion 5926. 

Carter, William Guestion _5979. 
Carve 11, Kenneth Llewellyn_ 2992, 

Casey, Dayle Alan 


Cash, Derek John 


Cash, Derek John 


Cash, Rosanelle 5538. 
Ca skey , Ann Jour dan 444 2 . 

Caskey, Claire Omar 


Caskey, James Edward 


Cassady, June Reece 


Cassell, Hugh Kent 


Casto, Margaret Atkinson 1338. 

_Castor, Charles Robert, 

Castor, Charles Robert 


Cate, George Alla n 
Cato, Benjamin Ralph 



Caudill, Dennis D. 
Caughey, Mary Gladys 

Causey, Nelle Bevel 
. Cavaliere, A. Ralph 




Cebeci, Tuncer 3986. 

Cecil, L. Moffitt 2061. 
Cell, John Whitson 3717. 
Cerame-Vivas, Maximo Jose 5983. 
Cerame-Vivas, Maximo Jose 6015. 
Chadwick, I. Howard 5196. 

Chaffee, Elmer Fenn 551. 
Chaff in, James Claude 5265. 

Chaff in, Nora Campbell 3163. 
Chaff in, Nora Campbell 3365. 
Chait, Donald Carl 4180. 
Chalfant, Vernon Elmer 4875. 

Chalker, Robert Phelps 


Chalker, William Houston 
Chamberlain, John Victor 


Chamberlain, John Victor 


Chamber 1 in , John M ac Mullen 681. 
Chamberlin, J ohn M acM ullen , 736. 


Chambers, Mary Dawson 

Chambers, Moreau Browne_^ongleton 
Chambers, William John 618. 
Champagne, Raymond W. 


Cavin, William Pinkney 478. 

. Caviness, Woodrow Darlington 


Cavior, Stephan Robert 3937. 
Cavior, Stephan Robert 3955. 

Chandler, Everett Roller 5816. 
Chandler, John Wesley 5410. 

Chaney, Jane Elliott 5491. 
Chang, Chuen-chuen 4 281. 

Chang, Sea Bong 667. 

Channell, Robert Bennie 239. 

Chanphaka, Udhai 296 . 

Chao, Shih H ui 569 5. 
Chapman, M. L. 1653. 
Chappell, Fred Davis 2614. 


Chappelle, Daniel Eugene 3040. 
Chard, Leslie Frank 2582. 
Charlton, Virginia 2113. 
Chattarji, Dipankar 4328. 
Chaudhri, Mohammed Ahsen 4549. 
Chaudhry, Mahinder Datt 1029. 

Cheatham, Cora Lee 5780. 

Chee, Chang-boh 5 733. 
Chee, Chang-boh 5746. 
Cheek, Frances Gowans 23. 
Chekenian, Iris 2338. 

Chen, Chang 779. 
Chen, Huai-chen 5708. 

Chen, Tien Chi 545. 
Chen, Tien Chi 4246i. 
Chen, William Yuanlung 4862. 
Cheney, Sarah Anne 1992. 

Chern, Bernard 4239. 
Cherniak, Robert 100. 

Chernuchin, Vivian 913. 
Cherry, Leonard Victor 571. 

Chesley, Leon Carey 5797. 
Chew, Jeanne Maurer 5603. 
Childs, Clara Annie 2376. 
Chisman, Henry Harmon 2690. 
Chisman, Margaret Sue 2198. 
Chitwood, Elizabeth Anne 5550. 
Chiverton, William Scott 1625. 
Choi, Yoon Ai 3532. 
Chreitzberg, Augustus M. 503. 

Christe, Doris Virginia 1908. 
Christenson, James Andreas 4633. 

Christian, Charles Donald 5938. 
Christie, John Aldrich 2420. 

Christison, Isabel B. 32. 4000. 
Christison, Isabel B. 4000. 
Christopher, Benjamin B. 931. 

Christy, Wayne Herron 5193. 

Chu, Limin 2450. 

Chujo, Kazuo 2389. 

Church, Charles Alexander 3975. 

Church, Thomas Wright 2962. 

Cilluffo, Anthony Frank 4808. 

Cintron-Rios, Maria Mercedes 3636. 

Civin, Paul 3820. 

Civin, Paul 3832. 

Claiborne, Imogene Byron 350. 

Clark, Amos Olivia 1778. 
Clark, Blanche Henry 3154. 

Clark, Carolyn Bowman 5661. 

Clark, Charles Branch 3221. 
Clark, Ellen Mercer 825. 

Clark, Frank Eugene 3839. 
Clark, Frank Eugene 3858. 
Clark, Helen Dearmin 4842. 

Clark, Helen Dearmin 4876. 

Clark, Martha Louise 5865. 
Clark, Paul Wilson 4499. 
Clark, Thomas Dionysius 3189. 
Clark, Virginia Louise 5628. 
Clarke, Alan Rogers 4774. 
Clarke, Alisone M. 668. 
Clarke, Mary Gill 4712. 
Clarke, Sara Elizabeth 5530. 

Clarke, William Mynell 5940. 

Clarkson, Helen Elizabeth 3782. 
Clarkson, John Montgomery 3736. 

Clavering, Rose 2317. 

Clay, Charles Wesley 4924. 
Clay, Leo Roderick 4664. 
Clayton, Bruce Lynn 3637. 

Clayton, William Joseph 380. 

Clayton, William Joseph 406. 

Cleaveland, Frederic Neill 3338. 

Cleaveland, John Adams 3100. 

Cleaves, Alden Parker 4144. _ 
Clebsch, Edward Ernst Cooper 279. 

Clees, James Cameron 


Cleetwood, Cleet Clyde 


Clegg, Mildred I. 5138. 

Clemans, George Burtis 


Clemans, George Burtis 


Clemons, James Thomas 


Cleveland, Opal Jean 


Cleveland, Vela Howell 




Clifton, James Malcolm 


Clifton , Robe rt Ma r ston 


Cline. John 2114. 

Cline, John 2293. 
Clouser, Paul Lee 4313. 

;>Clu te, Robert Eugene 4506j_ 

Clutter, Jerome Lee 3023. 

Clutter, Jero me Lee 


Cobb , Ja cob Ernest 


_Cobbs_,_Walter Herbert 507. 
Cobey, Florapearl Armstrong 

Coble, Carolyn Idol 2646. 


Coble, Joseph Fillmore 

Cochran, Bernard Harvey 
Cochran, James Edgar 5321. 
Cocke, John 3911. 


Cockrell, Henry Hadley 1845. 
Cody, Frances Perle 5830. 
Cody, Ray Spencer 5039. 
Coffee, Florence Marie 4490. 
Coffin, George Kyle 777. 
Cofresi, Emilio 5716. 
Cogswell, Sumter Aldage 446. 
Cohen, Eckford L. 3837. 

Cohen, Eckford 3851. 
Cohen, Hilda 232. 
Cohen, Louis David 4677. 
Cohn, David V. 63. 

Cole, Benjamin Theodore 4350. 
Cole, Benjamin Theodore 5903. 
Cole, Doris Annette 2557. 
Cole, Elfreida 


Cole, James Lawrence 


Cole, John William 1442. 
Cole, Margaret Evelyn 5874. 

Coleman, Maybelle 


Coleman, Thomas Rupert 


Coleman, Thomas Rupert 


Coles, William Jeffrey 
Coles, William Jeffrey 
Colinvaux, Paul Alfred 




Collett, Robert Lee 1019. 
Col ley, Frank Harris 3259. 
Collicott, Lloyd Vincent 2874. 

Coleman, Donna Elizabeth 


Coleman, Frank McGill 


Coleman, James Richard 


Coleman, Margaret Louise 


Collins, Annie Ethelene 1626. 

Collins. Claude Ray 5108a. 
Collins, Elmer Harland 1237. 

Collins, Herbert 3384. 
Collins, Herbert 5770. 

Colloms, Lester Hubert 5217. 
Coltrane, James Elbridge 4365. 

Colvin, Ralph Whitmore 4703. 
Combs, James Howard 1670. 

Come, Donald Robert 3357. 

Comer, David Baine 2385. 
Commander, Richard Thompson 5378. 
Compton, Jane Howard 2527. 

KConard, Thomas Pennington 1287. 
Cox, Gene Spracher 2998. 

Condron. Clara Mae 3275. 

»Cone, Bonnie Ethel 1537. 
Connolly, Francis Thomas 3002. 
Connor. Emma Cower 2376a. 
Conoley, Rudolph Evander 3276. 

Conrad, Frederick Larue 999. 
Conrad. Jack Randolph 24. 
Conrad, Joseph Locke 2762. 

Constantine, Gus Andrew 1748. 
Conte, John Peter 3385. 

Conyers, David P. 5265a. 

Cook, Abner Ray 5010. 
Cook, Donald Eugene 5469. 

Cook, Francis K. 4443. 

Cook, Hugh Gray 1443. 

Cook, Louis Bertram 351. 
Cook, Louis Bertram 371. 

Cook, Pierce Embree 5011. 
Cook, Richard Cairns 2837. 

Cook, Viola 2221. 

Cooke, Cecil Dennis 1238. 

Cooke, Cecil Edwards 1082. 
Cooke, Dennis Hargrove 1054. 

Cooke, Jack 5172. 
Cooke, Jack Homer 5293. 
Cooley, William Frank 5012. 
Coolidge, Cary 5634. 

Cooney, Barbara Ann 626. 
Cooney, Barbara Ann 658. 
Cooper, Arnold 3638. 

Cooper, Charles Dewey 4172. 

Cooper, Charles Dewey 4195. 

Cooper, Charles Fisher 260. 

Cooper, Frances Harlee 3358. 

Cooper, George David 47 79. 

Cooper, Gerald Rice 408. 

Cooper, Gerald Rice 418. 

Cooper, Joel Aubrey 5230. 

Cooper, John Marvin 3339. 

Cooper, Louise Sullivan 1752. 

Cooper, Mildred Jo 3447. 
Copeland, James Marion 5061. 

Copeland, Lewis Campbell 5684. 
Copeland, William LeRoy 914. 
Copp, Earl P. 2222. 
Cordova, Max Fernando 780. 
Corley, Gerald B. 3437. 

Corley, Robert Calvin 640. 
Cornwell, William Samuel 5817. 
Correll, Donovan Stewart 137. 
Correll, Donovan Stewart 162. 

Corson, Harry Herbert 3914. 

Corson, Harry Herbert 4218. 
Corthell, Richard Eldon 2838. 

Coslow, Mary Ann 2451. 

see also 
Wimsatt, Mary Ann (Coslow) 

Costlow, John DeForest 5931. 

Cote, Wilfred Arthur 2875. 

Cothran, Elizabeth Lloyd 1952. 
Cotsoradis, Stephen John 991. 

Couch, Leon 


Coughlan, Heather Turner 


Council, Lowell Benjamin 


Council, Raymond Ward 

Council, Raymond Ward 

Courtneyj John Childs 
Courtney ,_John Childs 

4866. _ 

3609 .„ 

Courtney, Josephine Rowe 1315a. 

Covington, Bessie 


Cowart, Joseph Ralph 1034_^ 

Cox, Abram Jones 5062. 

Cox, Don Knowlton 217. 

Cox ,_E s th er Lee 
Cox , Fay 1937. 


Cox, Gene Spracher 

I Cox_Gene Spracher_ 


Cox, Granville Claude 


_Cox a _Headley_Morris 2091. 

Cox, Henry, Miot 3148 . 

J]ox, James Stanley_ 
_ CoXi_John Thomas 



Cox, Richard Allen 2615. _ 

Cox, Samson Arthur 4233. 

Coy, Nettie Helena 4140. 
Cozad, George Carmon 41. 

Crable, George Francis 4196. 

Craghead, Frances Ann 819. 

Craig, J. Marie 1077. 

Covington, Mary Faison 2090. 

Covington, Philip Stanhope Sheffield 2199, 

Cowan, Monroe Joseph 4263. 

Coward, James Kenderdine 729. 

Craig, Mary Eleanor 995. 
Craig, Ruth Winifred 3277. 
Craig, Sara Patton 1695. 

Craig, Virginia Taylor 2390. 
Crain, Elizabeth T. 2391. 
Craven, Clyde Rober 2284. 
Craven, Wesley Frank, _ Jr. 3145. 
Cravens, Byron Clay 5231. 

Craver, Donald Henry 2467. 
Crawford, Eugene Carson 4357. 
Crawford, Eugene Carson 4363. 

Crawford, Robert Gunn 3278. 

Creegan, Robert Francis 4064. 

Creegan, Robert Francis 

Crenshaw, Miles Aubrey 


Crenshaw, Miles Aubrey 6017. 

Cress, Hertha Ramsey 4004. 

Cresson, Bruce Collins 


Crisp, James Allen 3666, 

Critchfield, Clara 2062, 

Crockett, Cora Mae 


Crockett, Joseph McGavock 3003. 

Crompton, Shirley 493. 
Cronin, Eunice Thompson 261. 

Crook, Dorothy Louise 


Crook, William E, 


Cross, Carlyle 


Crosthwaite, James Carroll 


Crovitz, Elaine Kobrin 

Crovitz, Elaine Kobrin 
Crovitz, Herbert Floyd 



Crow, William Addison 5040. 
Crowe, Frank Chapman 1288. 
Crowley, Christopher Julian 

Croy, Oakley E. 4823. 


Cruikshank, Margaret Jones 3232. 
Crumpacker, William Johnson 2705. 

Crumpton, Sidney Randolph 5173. 

Crutchfield, Finis Alonzo 5147. 

Crutchfield, Gilbert Wesley 5232. 

Crutchfield, Paul Washington 4240. 

Cubbison, Mary Paige 3590. 

Cuculo, John Anthony 532. 
Culberson, Chicita F. 659. 
Culbertson, Jack Arthur 3130. 
Culbreth, George Bernice 5233. 

Culbreth, Sarah Elizabeth 5818. 
Culbreth, Sarah Elizabeth 5834. 

Culp, William B. A. 5197. 

Culver, Charles Marriott 4775. 

Culver, Starr 5984. 
Cummings, Anne S. 4655. 
Cummings, Jasper Richard 2558. 
Cummings, Wiletta Bernadine 4402. 
Cuninggim, Merrimon 1975. 
Cunningham, John Monroe 2491. 

Cunningham, Marcus Earl 4824. 

Cunningham, Marcus Earl 4847. 

Cunningham, Noble E. 3421. 

Cunningham, Noble E. 3475. 

Curington, Orrell V. 1392. 

Curie, Lawrence Duke 2922. 

Curley, Edwin Munson 4105. 
Curry, Lois Mae 4665. 
Curry, Roy Watson 3476. 

Curry, Wayne Burbage 1566. 

Curtis, Kador Randolph 1086. 

Curtis, Ruth Evelyn 3175. 

Curtis, William Grandy 40. 

Cushing, Mary-Louise 1687. 
Cuthrell, Mabel Claire 3341. 

Cutter, Walter Airey 4052. 

Cutter, Walter Airey 4878. 

Cutter, Walter Airey 4598. 

Cuyler, W. Kenneth 4339. 

Cypers, Harry Wolfe 2876. 

Dail, Bernard Eugene 918. 

Bail, Frances Roderick 5344. 

Dale, Dorothy Jeanne 2255. 

Dale, Philip Malor 3448. 

Dale, William Pratt, II 3205. 

Dale, William Pratt 3334. 

Dallmayr, Winfried Reinhard 4525. 

Dalton, George Willie 5345. 

Dal ton, Jo Ann Baughan 4023. 

Dalton, William Theophilus, Jr. 1239. 

D'Amico, Frank J. 5606. 

Dance, Willis Lufkin 1976. 

Daniel, Annie Laura 2116. 

Daniel, Carter Anderson 2492. 

Daniel, Wilbon Harrison 3541. 

Daniels, Archie Shields 1165a. 

Daniels, Boyd Lee 5422. 

Dankwort, Rudolf Carl Werner 1864. 

Dantzler, William Hoyt 6018. 
D'Anzi, Francis Anthony 14. 
Daoud, Hazim Solaiman 287. 
Darling, John Blake 266. 
Darlington, Lacy Neil 3342. 
Daves, Walter Francis 4789. 
David, Farilla Bode 4687. 
Davidson, Cornelia Neal 3449. 
Davidson, Elizabeth Huey 3190. 
Davidson, Loren Kenneth 2485. 
Davidson, Marcia Dell 1014. 
Davidson, Mary Frances 1567. 

Davidson, William David 4666. 

Davies, Clyde Thomson 1087. 
Davis, Alberta Lee 5554. 
Davis, Charles Shepard 3251. 

Davis, Curtis Carroll 2282. 
Davis, Donald Albert 1339. 

Davis, Ethel May 
Davis, Harvey L. 



Davis, Herbert Stephen 4 759. 

Davis, Ira Claude 1200. 

Davis, Jesse Maxwell 5875. 

Davis, Johnie Edward 2763, 

|_ Davis, Keith Eugene 47 90,_ 

__Davis, Luckett Vanderford 


_Davis, Luckett Vanderford 5QQft 
L Davis, Mary Martin 2468. 

Davis, Richard Edwards 

Davis, Rodney Oliver 

Davis^_ Rodney _0l iyer 

I Day i s j_Ro s e May 327. 
Davis, Rose May 335. 
Davis, Sylvia Annette 





Davis, Virginia Brid ges 20 46 . 

_Davis ,_Wi 1 liam Dixon 5234. 

Davis. Wilma_Marvette_ 


Davison, Alexander Thayer 2877. 

_ Dawes, JMary Josephine 572L. 

Dawson, Dana 5174. 

Dawson, Robert Grady 


Day, Charles Raymond 


Day, Lyndon Robert 853 . 

Day, William Franklin 392. 
Deal, Carl Hosea 473. 

Deans, Edwina 1201. 
Dearborn, Donald Curtis 3786. 
DeBouy, Katie Lou 3512. 

de Bruyne, Jacob Marinus Anton 

de Bruyne, Jacob Marinus Anton 
Decker, John Peter 165. 
Decker, John Peter 190. 
Deckert, Russell Coulter 2737. 

Dedeaux, Randle Juan 2806. 
Dedmon, Robert 0. 173. 


Dedmond, Francis Berneil 2318. 
Deener, David Russell 4452. 

Deetlefs, Philippus Petrus du Toit 
Deetlefs, Philippus Petrus de Toit 
DeHart, Mildred Francis 5524. 

Dehler, Sophie Anne 5781. 

Deierhoi, Tyler 3576. 

Deierhoi, Tyler 3683. 

DeJong, David Cor nell 1953. 

DeLancy, Franc es Prisc illa __4410. 
DeLap, James Harve 649. 

DeLap, James Harve 


Delaplane, Walter Harold 


Del Castillo, Rom ulo Adre 3061. 
Delgado, Nelle Smith 5617. 

DeLoach, Mary Elizabeth 


DeLong, Thomas Stover 


Delong, Thomas Stover 


Dean, Charles Wesley, Jr. 3770. 

Dean, Lillian Alberta 1445. 

Dean, William Eunice 4948. 



DeMent, Russell Duke 2269. 

DeMond, Robert Orley 3252. 

Demorest, Merrick Albert 1340. 

Demouy, Alexina Anderson 1993. 
DeNike, Lyman Douglas 4804. 

Denman, Sidney Brunson 5735. 
Denning, Joyce Georgia 4473. 

Dennis, Paul M. 5322. 
Denny, John Peter 4780. 
Denny, Mary Rebecca 1977. 

Denton, Don Richard 778. 
Denton, Ernest Sigler 4949. 
Depew, Arthur McKinley 5055. 
Derr, Paul Franklin 413. 

Derr, Paul Franklin 441. 

De Santo, Pasquale 5428. 

Dessler, Alexander Jack 4246. 

Detoro, Fredric 643. 

de Trcville, Marie Louise 2063. 
DeTurk, William Ernest 5850. 

Dew, Joanna 3304. 

Diamond, Sidney 2923. 

Dibeler, Vernon Hamilton 427. 

Dickerson, Robert Turpin 4133. 
Dickinson, Elmer G. 3386. 
Dickinson, Lucile Lawton 2286. 
Dickinson, Vivian S. 1568. 
Dickoff, Hilda 4781. 
Dickson, Bonnie Ethel 2064. 
Dickson, Samuel Adrian 4314. 

Dien, To Thi 4102. 
Dietrich, Harry Schuette 2377. 

Diftler, Nathan 2765. 
Dildy, Felton Jane 4491. 

Dillard, Kathryn 2092. 
Dillinger, George Edward 5221. 
Dillingham, Mary Marjorie Carter 
Dillingham, William Pyrle 928. 
Dillon, Conley Hall 4374. 

Dillon, Conley Hall 4399. 
Dinas, Johnny Anastatious 5370. 
Dirks, Dwight Warren 5323. 
Dix, Edward Keith 973. 


Dixon, Arthur Curtis 2924. 

Doby, J. Lillian 1393. 
Dodge, William Wesley 5148. 
Doering, John Frederick 2006. 

Doermann, Ralph Walter 5470. 

Dolson, James Frederick 2270. 

Donald, Samuel Everett 4950. 

Donegan, Thomas Daniel 3451. 

Donnan, Sara Kathryn 4042. 

Donoghue, John Joseph 1694. 

Doob, Leonard William 4599. 

Dooley, Emilie Phoebe 3242. 
Doolittle, Warren Truman 2878. 
Dorman, Noel 2647. 

Dornbusch, Clyde Henry 2392. 

Dornbusch, Clyde Henry 2446. 

Dorr is, Henry Nathaniel 1830. 
Dorsett, Edward Cruttenden 1225. 
Dotson, Roy 1240. 
Doty, Cornelia Allen 1823. 
Doty, Roy Anderson 1316. 

Doty, Roy Anderson 1535. 
Doty, Thomas Smith 1538. 

Doub, Isabel Bryan 1909. 
Douglas, Donald Sterling 6007. 
Douglas, Jessie 1317. 

Douglas, Nelle Chappell 1446. 

Dove, Lewis Dunbar 311. 
Dove, Robert Britton 4552. 

Dowd, Orren Edwards 1447. 
Dowler, Clare 1994. 

Dowling, Ruth Ellen 3963. 
Downs, Murray Scott 3467. 
Downton, James Bertram 820. 

Downs, Murray Scott 3569. 
Doxey, John Elwood 5525. 

Doyle, Meryl Daniel 1819. 

Dozier, Richard Junior 2616. 

Drake, Thomas Mitchell 4500. 

Drake, Virginia Helen 794. 

Drake, William Harvey ,1846. 
Dratz, Arthur Frederick 64. 

Drennon, Herbert Neal 4453. 

Dressel, Francis George 

Drew, Fraser Bragg 801. 

Drew, Russell Cooper 4282. 

Duncan, Floyd Alexander 5175. 
Duncan, Marion Mahan 4246a. 
Duncan, Wilbur Howard 155. 
Dunham, Richard Marshall 4749. 
Dunham, Tessie Frances Yeager 4791. 


Dribben, William Barnett 1272. 

Driscoll, Charles Peter__ 730. 

Drozdowski, Eugene Christopher 3438. 

Drozdowski, Eugene Christopher 3684. 

Drumheller, Philip McCain 2807. 

J)rummond, Kitty Lomax 3222. 

_Duarte,_Hugo Alberto 5651. 

Dunkel, Susan Jane 2648. 
Dunkle, Margaret Robert 791. 

Dunlap, Howard Giles 2559. 

Dunlap, Orell Alva_ _ 8 49. 

Dunn, Elmer Cowan 1241. 

Dunn, lone Henderson 


Dunn, John Joseph 


Dunn, Millard Charles 5064. 

Dunn, Van Bogard 541 1. 

_DuBose, Charles Gerald 1394. 

. DuBose, Clarence Franklin 5109. 
DuBose, Robert Newsom 5324._ 

_ DuBose, Samuel Wilds 

DuBose, Samuel Wilds 
Duda, George 76. 

Dudley, Mary Adams 

Dunn, Willard Bruce 2720. 
Dunn, William Lawrence _^_704. 

Dunnavant, William Rexford 677. 

Dunsky, Irvin 5682. 


Dunton, Alice WedelJL 3164. 

Dupree, John L. 15 39. 

DuRant, Edward Wilson 


Durden, George Douglas 


Duehring, Frederica E. 


J)uehr ingj _Virg inia Atwell 


Duffie, George Summers 

Dufort, Robert Hamilton 
Dugger , Fowler 443 4. 


Durham, Donald William 


Durham, John Edward 
Durrance, S. P. 



Durst, Margaret Rebecca 


Dugliss, Roderick Bruce 



Du gliss , Roderick Bru ce 

Duke, Kenneth Lindsay 5851. 

JDuke,_Mary_ Catherine 3_352.._ 

Dusseau, John LaFontaine 2027. 
Dutrow, George Fewell 3045. 


Dutton, Joe Dewayne 

Dull, Frances 2355. 

Duly, Leslie Clement 3718. 

Dunbar, Alonzo B. 


DuVernet, Grace Neville 1978. 
Dwyer, Walter William 2840. 

Dyas, Harold Eugene 442. 

Dye, Margaret Luisita 5539. 
Dyer, Charles James 4777. 

Dysart, Martha Robertson 669. 
Eaker, William Franklin 5041. 
Eakin, Frank Edwin 5496. 
Earle, Sylvia Alice 249. 

Early, Benjamin W. 2351. 

Easley, Esther Ann 4465. 

Easley, Nancy Hyde 3409. 

Eason, Elizabeth Bruner 3124. 

East, John William 2841. 

Easterling, Henry Beniamin 1716. 
Ebert, James Boyer 250. 

Eby, Charles Joseph 619. 
Echerd, Eugenia Mae 1318. 

Eckard, Edwin Woodrow 854. 
Eckard, Edwin Woodrow 865. 
Eckert, Edward Arthur 3998b. 

Eddy, George Norman 5703. 
Edelman, Irving J. 3390. 

Edelmann, Louise Lorraine 2223. 
Edelstein, Warren Stanley 3938. 
Edens, Lacy Thomas 5014. 

Edge, Charles Ernest 2463. 
Edgerton, Jesse Wilbert 4705. 
Edgerton, Roland Ottis 1068. 
Edmeston, Rhoda Christena 5584. 
Edmondson, Clifton Earl 3610. 

Edmondson, Patricia Bailey 4577. 
Edmundson, Lois 1341. 
Edwards, Allen Braxton 874. 

Edwards, Allen David 5685. 
Edwards, Earl Bowling 4879. 
Edwards, George Riley 5416. 
Edwards, Howard Dawson 4183. 
Edwards, Mrs. Sophia (Ryman) 4117, 

Edwards, Thelma Catherine 2363. 

Edwards, William Alpheus 5235. 

Edwards, William Burrell 1736. 

Efird, James Michael 5471. 
Efird, Laura Christine 1273. 

Eggers, Graydon Poe 1954. 

Eggers, Graydon Poe 2086. 

Ehlhardt, George Brinkmann 5325, 
Ehrlich, John 112. 

Eicher, Chester Franklin 1640. 
Eidson, John Olin 2189. 

Eiring, Armand Gilbert 4009. 
Eisenberg, Max Aaron 60. 
Elder, Frances R. 174. 

Elder, Mary Louise 3546. 
Elgin, Barbara Yates 4028. 

Elkin, Sanford 4258. 

Ellenberg, John Vinson 5065. 

Ellerbe, Isla Ramoth 2161. 

Elliott, Don Ringgold 4444. 

Elliott, Emmet Roach 3742. 

Elliott, Emmet Roach 3778. 
Elliott, Mahlon Hamlett 5266. 

Ellis, Ivy Mary Phillips 1665. 

Ellis, Melvin Hobson 1151. 

Ellzey, William Clark 5110. 
Elmore, Kelly Lee 349. 
Emerson, Charles Edward 3422. 
Emerson, Everett Harvey 2299. 

Emma, Ronald D. 2339. 
Emma, Ronald David 2514. 

Enfield, George Hyson 1088. 

Engel, David W. 5985. 

Engelhart, Roland S. 4750. 
Engle, Mary Margaret 3279. 

bngnsn, jonn Alan 3667. 
Entrekin, William Frank 3391. 

Erckman, William James 3799. 

Erickson, John Otto 4038. 
. Erisman, Fred Raymond 2493. 
Ernst, William 2721. 

Ervin, Everest LaMont_ 5014a. 
Erwin, Aurel Maner 5573. 
Erwin, William Rector 


Escobar, Ricardo Lagos 

Lagos Escobar, Ricardo. 1938- 

Eskridge, Thomas Joseph 1268. 
Esler, Anthony James_ 3547. 
Esler, Anthony James 3603. 

Espy, Gladys 1184. 

Estes, Guy _2808._ 

Estes, Phoebe Beckner 2494. 

Esthus, Raymond Arthur 3452. 

Esthus, Raymond Arthur 


Estus, Charles Wilson_ 5449. 

Ether idge, James Neal 2766. 

Evancoe, Paul John 1185. 

Evans, Alona Elizabeth 


Evans, Augustus Elbert 


Jjvans, Beverly Daniel 


Evans, Garfield 


-Evans ._ Garfield^ 


Evans, Gerald Wilbert 

Evans, Joseph Claude 


Evans, Robert Rush 

Evans, Robert Weldon 

Evans, Wayne Orien 



Evatt, David Gaines 1688. 

Everett, Caleb Roy, Jr. 5294. 

Everett, Thomas D. 5177. 

Evers, Jim William 2617. 

Ewing, Thomas Newell 5687. 

Eyler, William A. 2065. 

Facinoli, Adele 1652. 
Failing, George Edgar 5341. 
Faires, Robert Edgerton 4151. 

Fanning, Frederick Deveau 5782. 
Fant, Alethea Blackmore 1654. 

Farina, Amerigo 4740. 
Farkas, Walter Robert 85. 

Farmer, Thomas Wohlsen 4622. 

Farnsworth, Clyde Huston 1729. 

Farrar, Margaret Ella 1979. 

Farrell, Charles Ernest 5907. 
Farrell, Earl Thompson 5371. 

Farrell, John Alden 4315. 
Farris, Bobby Ray 1865. 
Farris, Mary Mel 


Farthing, Carrie Lee 

Fasick, Clyde Augustus 


Fast, Jennings Howard_ 

Faucette, Olive Cannady 


Faulk, Roland William 


Feather, Ben Wayne 


Feister, Irving 


Felder, Helen Elise 1242. 

Feliu-Otero, Luis A. 696. 

Feliu-Otero, Luis Angel 760. 

Felt, Jeremy Pollard 3514. 

Felts, Carl Monroe 1166. 
Ferchau, Hugo Alfred 269. 

Ference, George Melville 2925. 

Ferguson, Clyde Randolph 3534. 
Ferguson, Clyde R. 3587. 

Ferguson, Edwin Roudillon 2926. 

Fernandez, Felisa Dumlao 
Ferrell, Doctor Thomas 

_ 1035. 

Ferrell, Doctor Thomas 520. 

Ferrell, Henry Clifton 3535. 
Ferrell, William Kreiter 2749. 
Ferrell, William Kreiter 2869. 

Ferrill, Mitchell Davis 3093. 
Fessler, Robert Glenn 660. 
Few, Elizabeth Vander Horst 2561. 

Few, Lyne Starline 4057. 
Field, Frank H. 462. 
Field, Frank Henry 499. 
Fike, Cora Ruth 3787. 
Fillas, Theodore James 2722. 

Finan, John Lincoln 4623. 
Fink, Leonard Sheldon 4799. 

Finklea, John James 1449. 
Finlay, James Charles 4513. 
Finnie, Gordon Esley 3578. 
Finnie, Gordon Esley 5472. 
Firebaugh, Joseph Jesse 2066. 
Fischer, Monroe Carl 868. 
Fish, Laurens Hull 4375. 
Fishburne, Margaret Greene 5831. 
Fisher, Benjamin Franklin 2592. 
Fisher, Cleo Edith 1289. 
Fisher, James Washington 1570. 
Fisher, Jesse Caldwell 959. 

Fisher, Jesse Gilbert 5555. 
Fisher, William David 5945. 

Fitzgerald, Frances 1395. 
Fitzgerald, Odie LeRoy 2842. 

Fitzgerald, Robert James 5891. 

Flaccus, Edward 270. 
Flaherty, Anne Grace 1671. 

Flanagan, Eleanor M. 7. 
Flanders, Bertram Holland 2217. 
Flanders, Ralph Betts 3161. 

Flannery, Peggy Anne Strowd 2249. 
Flansburgh, Clara Julina 5626. 
Fleming, Dorothy Hight 2118. 
Fleming, Elizabeth McClellan 2649. 
Fleming, Murry Douglas 5268. 
Flemister, Jane Lamarr 3964. 
Flemister, Launcelot Johnson 5839. 
Flemister, Launcelot Johnson 5862. 

Fletcher, Mary Little 2094. 

Fletcher, Mildred Jane 3263. 

Fletcher, Nancy Turnbull 3931. 

Fletcher, Neil Russel 4283. 

Fletcher, Ward Thomas 1290. 

Flick, Carlos Thomas 3536. 

Flick, Carlos Thomas 3588. 
Flinn, Lawrence 4051. 

Flinner, Laurence Victor 3233. 
Flood, David Wall 2340. 
Flory, Anne Putney 4413. 
Flory, Lula Mae 1186. 

Flory, William Evans Sherlock 4407, 

Flory, William Evans Sherlock 4426. 

Flowers, John Morgan 1762. 

Flowers, Virginia Anne 1787. 

Fluegel, Edna Rose 4393. 

Fluegel, Edna Rose 4411. 

Flur, Ina Claire 495. 
Foerster, Alma Pauline 3267. 

Foil, Robert Rodney 3115. 
Foley, Lemley Peter 5149. 
Folger, Ruth M. 1342. 
Folk, Hugh Wilds 1001a. 
Follett, George Leonard 2927. 

Folwell, Thomas Harold 1020. 
Ford, Emerson 5384. 

Ford, Joel Clarence 4483. 

Foreman, Charles William 4343. 

Foreman, Charles William 4351. 

_Forge, Auguste 3927. 

_Forman, Eleanor Brynberg 1069. _ 

_Formwalt, John McClellan 4143. 

Forsyth, Harold Frederic_ 2928. 

Fort, Willena 2119. 

Fort, William Edwards^ Jr. 4053a. 

Fort, William Edwards, Jr. 4049. 

Fortna, Betty Louise 627. 

Fortosis, Anthony Constantine 


Foshee, Charles Newell 5435. 

Foss, John Huston 2364. 

Foster, Abram John 3392. 

Foster, George Adair 

Foster, Hazel Elizabeth 


Foster, Hazel Elizabeth 


Fouts, Dwight Lang 4830 



Fowler, William Randall 


Fraley, Jonathan David 


Fralick, Jo Ann 2528. 

Francis, Joseph Langhorne 


Francis, Luther Edgar 


Francisco, Noel 



Francisco, Richard Lee 
Francisco, Ross ^5236. 

Franckle, Alice Emma _ 3280. 

Frangiadakis, Mark 

Frank, Harry Thomas 


Frank, Letitia Morehouse 5563. 

Frank, Walter Bergman 5809. 

_Franko, Alfred M . 3165. 

Franks, Doris Jean 


Franzen, Charles Kugler 1769. 

Fray, Robert Dutton 3976. 

Frayser, Kathcrine Rcgina 6. 
Frayser, Regina 4346. 
Frazee, Lora Miller 1696. 
Frazer, Emmet M. 5081. 
Frazier, John Rhett 2809. 
Frazier, Kathryn Eleanor 1655. 
Frear, Edgar Paul 1344. 
Fredericks, Frank Joseph 1881. 
Freedheim, Donald Koperlik 4765. 


Fletcher Albert 1450. 


Gordon Query 2392a. 


Jane Gilbert 5467. 



John Alderman 5896. 
Kathren 5919. 


Ralph Lexie 5150. 

Freeman, Robert Earle 2007. 
Freeman, William Lawrence 5198. 

Freiser, Henry 447. 

Freiser, Henry 467. 

French, Thomas Bedford 


French, Wayne Eugene 


Frey, Ellen Frances 


Frick, Harvey Lee 


Fridley, Robert Daniel 5295. 
Fridovich, Irwin 69. 

Fridovich, Mollie Finkel 5729. 
Friedman, Edward Leonard 4725. 

Friedman, George S. 2618. 
Friedman, Lorraine 31. 
Friedmann, Richard Timothy 1036. 
Friend, Fred Erwin 2287. 
Frierson, Manton Rodgers 2769. 
Fries, Jean Nevin 2238. 

Frost, Jackie Gene 704. 
Frostick, Frederick Charles 

Fruth, J. Richard 3306. 


Fry, Glenn Ansel 4121. 
Fry, Glenn Ansel 4124. 

Fry, John Sedgwick 595. 

Fu, Hsueh-chien 770. 

Fujii, Otomi 4228. 

Fulbright, Evelyn Rebecca 1788. 

Fuller, Hugh Lee 1882. 
Fulmer, Mary Eunice 3759. 
Fulton, John William 5151. 
Fulton, Lewis McLeod, Jr. 3845. 

Fulton, Lewis McLeod 3878. 
Fulton, Pencie 1448. 

Fultz, Mary Catherine 2200. 

Funk, Sherwood William 4849. 
Funkhouser, Joseph Alfred 1571. 

Fuqua, Robert Meek 5296. 
Furnival, George Mason 2929. 
Furnival, George Mason 3030. 
Furr, Aaron Keith 4292. 

Furr, Lester Seymour 5042. 
Gable, Ralph William 563. 

Gable, Ralph William 620. 
Gab or, Andrew John 12. 

Gabriel, William John 2880. 
Gaby, Louis Ignacio 2963. 
Gadbois, George Harold 4539. 

Gadbois, George Harold 4589. 
Gado, Frank 2529. 

Gaiser, Richard Nicholson 2723. 

Gaiser, Richard Nicholson 2830. 

Gaither, Nenita 5853. 
Gale, Glen Roy 4044. 
Gale, Glen Roy 4046. 

Gale, Walter John 1749. 
Galloway, Charles Betts _„37 5, 
Galphin, Louise 1451. 

Gamble, Nina 1572. 

Gamelin, Timothy Robert 4578. 

Gandy, Joe Allen 2770. 

Ganley, Robert Verrill 2964. 
Ganoza, Maria Clelia 101. 

Gantt, Ben T. 3863. 
Ganyard, Robert Loyal 3650. 

Garber, Paul Leslie 5135. 
Garcia-Bottari, Rafael Enrique 5908. 
Garcia de Quevedo, Jose Luis 4169. 

Gardner, Eugene Elmore 5553. 
Gardner, Ralph Ahiga 4068. 
Gardner, Robert G. 5429. 
Gardner, Thomas Jefferson 2562. 

Garland, James Louis 1666. 
Garner, Frances Adrien 2530. 
Garner, George Lee 3166. 

Garner, Ruth Eldora Bailey 1152. 
Garner, Samuel Paul 850. 
Garner, William Nelson 5876. 

Garrard, Annie Walker 3167. 
Garren, Kenneth Howard 146. 

Garren, Kenneth Howard 156. 

Garrett, Denzel Raymond 1573. 

Garrett, Gordon Hughes 1226. 

Garrett, Harper Lee 3184. 


Garrett, James Richard 3846. 
Garrett, James Richard 3879. 
Garrison, Albert L. 1123. 
Garrison, Allen Kenneth 4259. 
Garrison, Evelyn Crutchfield 1674. 
Garrison, John Leland 2121. 
Garrison, Joseph Marion 2433. 
Garrison, Joseph Marion 2583. 

Gavtrisou, Uobci't Edmund 'j\./H. 
Garrison, Roy Charles 1060. 
Cass, Walter Conard 1789. 

Gates, Rosalie Prince 3591. 
Gates, Rosalie (Prince) 3719. 
Gatewood, Willard Badgette 3493. 
Gatewood, Willard Badgette 3542. 
Gathings, James Anderson 4369. 

Gatlin, Clyde Talmadge 2365. 
Gatlin, Ruth Arrie 1627. 

Gaulding, Roxie 2095. 

Gavey, John 4344. 

Gavriloff, Gantcho G. 4435. 
Geiger, Walter Bernard 2965. 
Gelbach, George K. 3423. 

Gentry, Ivey Clenton 3847. 
Gentry, Ivey Clenton 3870. 

Gentry, John B. 1345. 
George, Charles W. 4147. 

George, Dick Leon 3989. 

George, LeRoy Brunson 4906. 
George, LeRoy Brunson 4954. 
George, Robert Wilfred 4606. 

George, Theodore Samuel 3783. 
George, Theodore Samuel 3833. 
Georgiade, Ruth Sauer 56. 

Geraci, Lois Roccatelle 2434. 
Gergen, Kenneth Jay 4792. 

Gerke, David George 4279. 

Gerke, David George 4316. 
Gerow, James Anthony 1452. 

Gerringer, Hugh Leslie 1866. 
Gervasi, Jay Anthony 588. 
Gervin, Spencer Rex 4424. 

Gervin, Spencer Rex 4496. 
Gesling, Martha Myra 1714. 


Gcyinor, Douglas Oliver c'<4. 

Gibbons, Jean Dickinson 3921. 

Gibbons, Joan Worlcy 5885. 

Gibbons, John Howard 4221. 

Gibbons, Kcrmit Field 5015. 
Gibbs, Frances Ruth 5577. 

Gibbs, John Ernest, Jr. 1938. 
Gibbs, Norman Brantley 5403. 
Gibbs, Shirley Mae 3611. 
Gibson, Harvey Taylor 2008. 
Gibson, Walter Van Buren 1708. 
Gibson, William Marion 4370. 
Gibson, William Marion 4400. 
Gier, Leland Jacob 169. 

Giessen, Charles Henry 4955. 

Gift, Richard Edgar 1041. 

Gilbert, A. R. 455. 

Gilbert, Alfred Rachels 508. 

Gilbert, Barrie Keith 6024. 

Gilbert, Joe T. 952. 

Gilbert, Mary Jo 504. 

Gilbert, Paul Wilner 3816. 

Gilchrist, Reneta E. 5740. 
Gill, H. Aurelia 5786. 

Gill, Katie 1899. 
Gill, Robert C. 2881. 
Gillaspie, Athey Graves 339. 
Gillaspie, Athey Graves 372. 

Gillespie, Arthur Samuel 596. 

Gillespie, Edgar Bryan 2393. 
Gillespie, Helen 2047. 

Gillespie, Mary Elisabeth 1955. 

Gillespie, Neal Cephas 3592. 

Gillespie, Neal Cephas 3685. 

Gillespie, Sarah (Calhoun) 3612. 

Gillette, Janet Isabel 5643. 
Gilliam, Otis Randolph 4184. 
Gillingham, Samuel Wilson 1453. 
Gillock, Emmie May 3746. 
Gilmann, Hermann Henry 357. 

Gilmer, Lula Jane 5056. 
Gilmer, William Dryden 2930. 

Gilmore, Alvan Ray 2882. 

Gilmore, Alvan Ray 3067. 

Gilmore, Patricia 2122. 

Gilmore, Vera Lovella 827. 
Ginther, James Edward 2256. 
Gira, Paul Ambrose 2724. 

Girdner, John Byron 4706. 
Girvan, Margaret Leah 1135. 

Gist, Joseph Andrew 4850. 
Gitlin, Emmanuel M. 5326. 

Gitlin, Emmanuel M. 5404. 

Giuliano, Jerry James 470. 

Glabau, William Edward 2931. 

Gladfelter, Charles Herbert 1396. 
Glaid, Andrew Joseph 70. 

Glaman, Paul Thompson 2341. 
Glasner, LeRoy August 966,. 

Glass, Laurel Ellen 5958. 
Glasson, Lucy P. 1921. 
Glasson, Mary Embry 129. 

Gleason, Elaine Mygrant 4019. 
Gleaves, William Walton 3024. 

Glenn, Argyle 795. 
Glenn, John Spellman 3987. 
Glenn, Vivian Eugene 1227. 
Glick, Rudolph Alfred 3 765._ 
Glickfield, Charlotte Woods 2366. 

Gnewuch, William T. 5974. 
Goad, Walter B. 4222. 

Gobbel, Luther Lafayette 4820. 
Godard, Doris Elizabeth 3343. 
Godard, James McFate 4600. 
Godbold, Albea 5136. 
Godbold, John Jake 1397. 

Godcharles, Charles Augustus 4050. 

Godcharles, Charles Augustus 4060a. 
Godfrey, Bernard Ephraim 2966. 
Godfrey, Robert Kenneth 225. 

Godfrey, Roy Burchell 1124. 
Godoy, Gerardo A. 4013. 
Godsey, James Howard 526. 

Goebel, Norbert Bernard 2750. 
Goebel, Wallace Barger 828. 
Goertz, Clare Marian 4636. 

Goff, Richard Davis 3651. 

Goffman, Irving Jay 974. 

Goffman, Irving Jay 996. 
Goggans, James Floyd 2771. 

Going, William Thornbury 2067. 
Gold, Harvey Sheldon 257. 

Goldburg, Walter Isaac 4234. 

Goldman, Robert L. 2563. 

Goldston, Cleo Wade 4956. 

Goldstone, Sanford 4707. 

Golightly, Howard Buren 1398. 
Gonis, Christine 2495. 

Gooch, Richard Este 


Good, Myron Lindsay 


Goodbread, Louise 


Goode, George Edgar 


Goode, George Edgar 


Goode, Hal Kelly 


Goode, William Osborne 


Goodkind, John Morton 4272. 
Goodman, Juanita Lee 5456. 
Goodman, Warren Herbert 3307. 
Goodrum, William Drayton 3134. 
Goodson, Susan Tweed 3613. 
Goodwin, Crauford David Wycliffe 

Goodwin, Noma Lee 2271. 
Goodwin, Norvelle Winston 5688. 

Goodwin, Otho Creasy 2772. 
Goolsby, Owen Lee 5534. 

Gordon, Donald Precourt 5866. 

Gordon, Harold Dunbar 4445. 
Gordon, Hiram Landor 4691. 

Gordon, John Starke 4553. 
Gordon, Morris A. 209. 
Gorirossi, Flora E. 5923. 

Gorman, Mary Aylward 352. 

Gorman, Mary Aylward 378. 
Gossett, Louise Young 2550. 
Gottheil, Fred Monroe 975. 

Gottheil, Fred Monroe 997. 
Gottlieb, Ann (Lodge) 4766. 
Gottlieb, Gilbert 4767. 

Gould, Robert Kent .414. 
Gould, Robert Kent 443. 

Grace, Nelson Burton 4726. 

Gragg, Alan Wayner 5458. 
Graham, Benjamin Franklin 271. 

Graham, Eleanor Grace 1107. 

Graham, Thomas Bell 4501. 

Grant, Louise Gundry 2651. 

Grant, Minnie Spencer 3168. 

Grant, Nicholas Warnum 5043. 

Grant, Sarah Bird 2452. 
Grantham, R. Jack 534. 
Grasty, George Mason 3131. 


Gratz, Joan Alice 748. 
Gravatt, Ann Sullivan 731. 
Graves, Robert Dorset 2379. 

Graves, Roy Neil 2619. 

Gray, Alan DeLeon 5179. 

Gray, Elizabeth 1153. 

Grayson, William Curtis 4235. 
Greathouse, Glenn Arthur 118. 

Green, Charles Sylvester 4851. 

Green, Claud Bethune 2374. 

Green, Ernest Joshua 1956. 

Green, Irving 65. 

Green, Ralph Tillman 956. 

Greenberg, Arthur 4681. 

Greenberg, George 4768. 

Greenberg, Irving Melbourne 5854 

Greene, Franklin William 5297. 

Greene, Fred Woodside 1089. 

Greene, Jack Phillip 3524. 

Greene, James 0. 1574. 

Greene, John Thomas 5152. 

Greene, Johnnie Thomas 5085. 

Greenhow, Charles Richard 4207. 
Greenlee, Lorance Lisle 90. 
Gregory, George MacKendrick 1969 

Grice, Phillip Harold 5111. 
Griffin, James Benjamin 697. 

Griffin, James Edward 4667. 
Griffin, Joseph Earle 4425. 
Griffin, Lillian Defilippis 89. 
Griffin, Mabel Jeanette 3747. 
Griffin, Mabel Jeanette 3763. 

Griffin, Mary Helen 2531. 

Griffin, Ralph Hawkins 3020. 

Griffith, Emily Camilla 3147. 
Grigg, Claud 1061. 
Grigg, Ivey Franklin 1098. 
Grigg, Womble Quay 2319. 

Grigg, Womble Quay 4880. 
Griggs, Georgia 3243. 
Grigsby, Alice Blanche 1399. 
Grimball, Berkeley 3453. 
Grimm, Robert Henry 
Grimm, Robert Henry 
Grisham, Roy Arnold 
Grogan, Kermit Lee 
Groman, William David 
Grondin, Nancy Ann 
Gropen, Arthur Louis 
Gross, Dawyer Dincoff 

Grossman, Bruce David 
Grossman, Bruce David 
Grotpeter, John Joseph 

Gruber, Ira Dempsey 
Gruber, Ira Dempsey 
Grubin, Leonard Melvin 

Gruver, Esdras Stuart 
Guagenty, Mary Clementina 


Guerrant, William Hepbourne 2725. 

Guess, Patricia Carol 2593. 

Guice, Clarence Norman 3234. 
Guice, John Asa 4852. 

Guild, Lucy 5526. 

Guilds, John Caldwell 2386. 

Guilds, John Caldwell 2301. 

Guinn, Mary Frances 5574. 

Guise, Stanley M. 5628a. 

Guito. Anna Sheoherd 3344. 
Gum, Coburn 2584. 


















Gunn, Lois Duncan 6003. 
Gunson, Mildred Sneed 3800. 
Guptill, Carleton Sanborn 5771. 
Guy, John Ansley 3281. 
Guy, Walter Carlisle 360. 
Guyton, Percy Love 3477. 
Gwaltney, Richard Clarke 3990. 
Gynther, Malcolm Donald 4727. 
Haag, Vincent Harold 
Haber, Pierre-Claude 
Haberer, John Frederick 

Habib, Fawzi 988. 

Hackney, Edward June 
Haddock, Richard Abraham 1062. 
Hadley, Elbert Hamilton 431. 
Hadley, Joseph Howe 4303. 
Hafer, Raymond Frederic 2620. 

Hagaman, Jake George 
Hagan, Charles Banner 
Hagenstein, William David 2726, 
Hagerman, Edward Hayes 
Hagerman, Edward Hayes 
Hahn, Martha Strowd 
Hahn, Samuel Wilfred 
Hahn, Samuel Wilfred 
Hahn, Vernon Walter 
Haigh, William Sunday 
Hailey, James Russell 
Hailman, Jack Parker 
Haines, Harry Caum 
Hair, Clifton LeCroy 

Haislet, John Aulden 2932. 

Hakala, Maire Tellervo 71. 

Halde, Carlyn Jean 4001. 

Hale, David George 2675. 








Hale, David Georac . jZ2. 
Hale, Lois 32S2. 

Hale, Robert Nelson 1167. 

Haley, Carl Wrenn 5044. 

Haley, Leanor Davison 29. 

Haley, Leanor Davison 202. 

Haliburton, William 273S. 

Hall, Arthur Ryker 3419. 
Hall, Elizabeth Ann 712. 

Hall, J. H., Jr. 1922. 
Hall, Maurice Barker 4154. 
Hall, Thaddaeus Bland 
Hall, Thor 5473. 
Hallberg, Russell Kurt 
Halloran, William Frank 
Halloran, William Frank 
Hallow, William Charles 
Hallowell, John Hamilton 

Halsall, Earl B. 4414. 
Haltiwanger, Robert Sidney 1099. 

Haman, James Blanding 2096. 

Hamilton, Charles Everette, Jr. 4602. . 

Hamilton, Harold Philip 5412. 
Hamilton, John Reynolds 5112. 
Hamilton, Marion Bessent 5712. 
Hamilton,^ Mary Jane (Greene) 1790. 
Hamilton, Thomas Theodore 3424. 

Hamilton, Thomas Theodore 3489. 
Hamilton, William Baskerville 3253. 

Hammen, Carl Schlee 5959. 
Hammons, John William 4615. 




Hampson, C. Ross 


Hampton, Judith Allen 4360. 

Hampton, Kenneth Gerald 761. 

Hamrick, Emmett Willard 53S5. 
Hamrick, Garnet 5696. 

Hamrick, James L. 4457. 
Hamrick, Phillip Jennings 635. 
Hamsher, Carl Miller 2123. 

Han, Pyo Byung 1003. 
Hance, Charles Robert 552. 
Hancock, Carolyn Lois 5722. 
Hanes, Virginia Lee 2124. 

Hannen, Lew Wallace 1243. 
Hanson, Harlcy Myles 4728. 

Hanson, Isabel 4129. 
Hapala, Milan Ernest 4487. 
Harbin, Andrew Vandiver, Jr. 4926, 
Harbuck, George Welcome 5298. 

Hard, Walter Leon 5828. 
Hardaway, Richard Travis 3121. 

Hardcastle, Aaron Bascom 5869. 
Hardee, Robert Marion 4957. 
Harden, Nell 2356. 

Hardendorff, Victor Kail 2201. 
Hardin, Elliott Wannamaker 5086. 

Hardin, Harvey M. 4927. 
Hardin, Hilliard Frances 28. 
Hardin, Hilliard Frances 4002. 

Hardin, Paul Douglas 3283. 

Hardin, Rector Roemilt 840. 
Hardin, Rector Roemilt 856. 
Hardison, David Caleb 3880. 

Hardman, Linn J. 1346. 

Hardwick, Olen Leon 5016. 
Hargreaves, Henry Allen 2515. 

Hargreaves, Herbert Walter 887. 
Hargrove, John Zeb 2773. 
Harkema, Reinard 5813. 
Harlan, Douglas Sloan 4579. 

Harlow, Agnes Virginia 2261. 

Harmon, Elizabeth Anne 5952. 

Harmon, Elson Thomas 2621. 

Harms, William Robert 3070. 

Harper, Eunice V. Mitchell 1455. 
Harper, Gail 2533. 
Harper, Glenn Terry 3593. 

Harper, Glenn Terry 3652. 
Harper, Miles Douglas 5436. 

Harper, Verne Lester 2742. 

Harrington, Annie Mae 3755. 

Harrington, William George 3503. 
Harris, Arthur Small 1291. 

Harris, Carl Vernon 5394. 

Harris, Charles Stanley 5767. 

Harris, Clarence Ligon 5787. 
Harris, Constance Malmar 107. 

Harris, Florence Catherine 3176. 
Harris, Hyman LeRoy 4825. 
Harris, Isabella Deas 1980. 
Harris, Isabella Deas 2294. 
Harris, James Thurloe 505. 

Harris, James Thurloe 553. 


Harris, Jesse Graham 4721. 
Harris, Joseph Belknap 272. 

Harris, Margaret Elliott 1456. 
Harris, Robert Leigh 3525. 

Harris, Thomas Munson 661. 
Harris, William Styron 2594. 

Harris, Yeuell Yeamans 3377. 
Harrison, Carl R. 1347. 

Harrison, Charles William 3206. 

Harrison, David Moody 847. 
Harrison, David Moody 88S. 

Harrison, Emory Earl 3614. 
Harrison, Eugene Myers 4907. 


Harrison, Francis Eugene, Jr. 5544, 
Harrison, Julian Ravenel 5965. 

Harrison, Margaret Norma 6004. 

Harrison, Mary Elizabeth 1400. 

Harrison, Monique W. 5607. 

Harrison, Russell Sage 4986. 

Harrison, William Lee 3047. 
Hart, Irvin 4729. 
Hart, James Alfred 2677. 

Hart, Joseph Tate 4460. 
Hart, Kathryn D. 919. 
Hart, William Mar oney 5545. 
Hartle, Douglas Graham 953. 
Hartle, Douglas Graham 979. 
Hartman, Inez Rebecca 5585. 
Hartman, Joan Edna 2357. 
Hartman, John Leo 4353. 
Hartman, Mary Irene 1457. 
Hartness, Edna ' 2097. 

Harton, Benjamin Love 1078. 

Harton, John James 4618. 
Hartz, Edwin R. 5068. 

Hartz, Edwin Ruben 5679. 

Hartz, Edwin Ruben 5726. 
Harvey, Harlow Williamson 124. 

Harvill, Richard Anderson 830. 
Harvin, Harry Lewis 3410. 
Harvin, Harry L. 3543. 
Harward, Morata Beatrice 1981. 
Harwell, George Corbin 
Harwell, George Corbin 
Harwell, Robert William 
Hasenberg, Irene 960. 
Hass, Louis Frederick 
Hasscll, Allene Brinklcy 




Hastings, Comer Henry 4908. 
Hastings, Comer Henry 4958. 

Hastings, Emily P. 3284. 
Hatchell, Glyndon Elbert 2989. 

Hatcher, William Hamilton 4532. 
Hathaway, Of fie Lemuel 4928. 

Ha thorn, Guy Bramlett 4448. 
Haugh, Florence Irma 5593. 
Haught, Viva Elizabeth 2028. 
Hauptschein, Murray 521. 
Haus, George Joseph 347. 
Hauser, John Reid 1847. 
Hauser, John Reid 1875. 
Hausman, Carl Ransdell 4698. 
Hauss, Mary Arden 1939. 
Hausser, Harry Edward 4063. 
Havens, Ralph Murray 889. 

Hawes, Raymond Burke 2933. 
Hawk, David Bixby 5736. 
Hawkins, Jean Ellen 38. 

Hawkins, Jean Ellen 3999. 

Hawkins, William Theron 2884. 
Hawthorne, Mark Fant 1458. 

Hayes, David Ryan 


Hayes, Samuel Banks, Jr. 


Hayes, Walter Harold 1930. 
Hayes, William Ernest 1575. 
Hayes, William Summerville 4540. 

Haynes, Winifred Newman 2844. 

Hays, Margaret Luanne 2534. 
Hayward, Becky Jon 2652. 

Haywood, Charles Foster 920. 

Hazlewood, Lucye Linwood 1100. 
Head, Philemon Ernest 1245. 
Heape, Rita Polk 1602. 

Heath, Frank Harvey 1459. 
Heckard, Cecil Linwood 5113. 

Heckman, Oliver Saxon 3268. 
Heckman, Richard Cooper 4212. 

Heckman, Richard Cooper 4246b. 
Hedden, Forrest Dearborn 5045. 
Hedeman, Emma Ruth 3788. 
Heeren, Robert Dralle 3016. 
Heffernan, Wilbert Joseph 4474. 
Heffner, William Frank 5180. 
Heggoy, Alf Andrew 3594. 
Heggoy, Alf Andrew 3653. 

Heilman, Carl E. 3809. 
Heilman, Lee W. 1940. 

Heimberg, Murray 554. 

Heintz, John William 4113. 

Heisey, Wilbur Lloyd 3393. 

Heifers, Melvin C. 2302. 

Heller, Robert Chester 2727. 
Helm, Robert Meredith 4066. 
Helm, Robert Meredith 4073. 

Helmbold, F. Wilbur 5409. 

Helmke, Henry Conrad 3135. 
Hempel, Robert Charles 2009. 

Hench, Harold Ernest 3394. 

Henchie, Janet Hamilton 4203. 
Henderson, Alfred James 3269. 
Henderson, Alice Lois 5604. 

Henderson, Cary Smith 3686. 
Henderson, Grace 2010. 
Henderson, Mary Elizabeth 4394, 

Hendren, Albert Lee 1460. 

Hendrickson, Clarence B. 1709. 
Hendrix, Major Clyde 5269. 

Hendrix, Thomas Christian 5181. 
Hendry, Harry Frierson 1576. 
Henley, Mary C. 5568. 

Hennen, Mary Bernadette 436. 

Hennis, William McKinley 1779. 
Eenritze, Welch Hudson 1292. 
Henry, Howard Emerson 1246. 

Henry, Sibyl 1072. 

Henry, Stuart Clark 5417. 

Hensley, James Powell 2622. 

Henson, Eleanor Elizabeth 1202. 

Hentz, Harold Horace 5546. 

Herbert, Alexander Sally 1883. 

Herbert, Carolyn Jones 2367. 

Herbert, Chcsley Carlisle 1900. 

Herbert, Chesley Carlisle, Jr. 4831, 
Herbert, Mary Eloise 5630. 

Herbst, Robert Taylor 3886. 

Herdman, Allan Whitney 5519. 
Hermelink, Herman Milton 2706. 

Herndon, Clyde 1136. 

Herndon, Fred Jackson 1603. 
Herndon, Jerry Allen 2623. 

Herndon, Nannie Mae 1604. 
Herndon, Nettie Southworth 3371. 
Hernick, Michael Edward 1293. 
Herring, Benjamin Marshal 2125. 
Herron, E. Warren 3895. 

Herron, Eugene Warren 3928. 
Herron, Ima Konaker 2021. 

Hershey, John Warren 2202. 
Hertz, Hilda 5701. 
Hertz, Hilda 5719. 

Hertz, John Joseph 1168. 
Hess, Dexter W. 227. 
Hess, Harvey Carleton 1461. 
Hess, John Henry 1228. 
Hess, Ursula Elizabeth 3515. 
Hester, Ernest Carrington 5319, 
Hester, Helen Serman 2394. 

Hester, Ruport 4713. 
Hester, William 4070. 
Hetrick, Charles Raymond 1294. 
Hettinger, Charles Paul 2049. 
Hewell, Onyce Olive 2050. 

Hewlett, George Tyler 2967. 
Hewlett, John David 293. 

Hickey, Doralyn Joanne 5474. 

Hickey, Harry Wild 612. 

Hickey, Robert Louis 2068. 

Hickey, Robert Louis 2316. 
Hickman, Victor Ralph 5153. 

Hicks, Lou Ella 4785. 
Hiers, Billie Jean 3890. 

Higginbotham, Robert Don 3570. 
Higgins, Robert Price 5992. 

High, Dallas Milton 5509. 
Highfill, Thomas Gutherie 4844. 

Highfill, Thomas Guthrie 4959. 
Highfill, William Lawrence 5418. 

Hightower, John Devereaux 2126. 
Hilbert, John Cassell 5237. 
Hilborn, Edwin II. 4722. 
Hilgartner, Margaret Wehr 5904. 
Hill, Benjamin Frederick 1295. 
Hill, Cleo Madeline 1S4. 
Hill, Edward Hughes 519. 

Hill, John Lowell 3615. 
Hill, Johnsie Cooke 2069. 
Hill, Martha Frances 2162. 
Hill, Rebecca Ridgely 4024. 
Hill, Robert Matteson 4215. 
Hill, Samuel Smythe 5451. 
Hill, Samuel Thomas 1012. 
Hillcs, William Clark 3548. 
Hilliard, Frances Pauline 2051. 

Hills, Mathilda Mellon 2624. 
Hills, Stanley 579. 
Hills, Stanley 621. 
Hinds, Katherine Powell 2380. 
Hinnov, Einar 4219. 
Hinnov, Einar 4246c. 
Hinshaw, Clifford Reginald 3308. 
Hinson, Van Glenn 1108. 
Hipps, Gary Melvin 1S06. 

Hirata, Arthur Atsunobu 5905. 
Hirsch, Albert Albrecht 982. 
Hirsch, Albert Albrecht 1007. 

Hirsch, Carl 5768. 
Hitchcock, Harry Clay, Jr.. 2810. 

Hitchings, Robert Grant 3031. 

Hix, Clarince Eugene, Jr. 4987. 

Hoag, Merritt Eldred 1203. 
Hoagland, Elizabeth 3285. 

Hoban, Charles Francis, Jr. 1180. 

Hoban, Charles Francis, Jr. 1941. 

Hobbs, Grimsley Taylor 4081. 
Hobbs, James Ewell 2774. 

Hobbs, Marcus Edwin 376. 
Hobbs, Marcus Edwin 396. 

Hobgood, Alton A. 2303. 

Hochachka, Peter William 6029. 
Hocker, Harold Willetts 3013. 
Hodel, Richard Earl 3946. 

Hodges, Carl V. 1462. 

Hodges, John Herbert 3896. 
Hodges, John Herbert 3905. 
Hodges, John Kennedy 32S. 

Hodges, Julius B. 1577. 
Hodges, Louis Wendell 5452. 

Hodges, Wiley Edward 4371. 

Hodges, Wiley Edward 4431. 


Hodgins, Bruce Willard 3721. 

Hodgkin, Douglas Irving 4554. 
Hodgson, Richard Holmes 233. 
Hoffeditz, Laura Margaret 3286. 
Hoffenberg, David S. 580. 
Hoffenberg, David S. 622. 

Hoffman, George Peters 1247. 

Hoffmann, Ira Penn 1296. 
Hoffman, Raymond Norton 3244. 
Ho f maim, Fritz Walter 4273. 
Hofmann, Julian George 2867. 

Hoge, Phyllis 2304. 
Hogue, Carol Clarke 4025. 

Hohner, Robert Arthur 3640. 

Hohner, Robert Arthur 3722. 

Hoke, Jane Elizabeth 2564. 

Holcomb, Shirley Lou 2368. 

Holcombe, Lena Mae 1605. 
Holder, Ray 5200. 

Holl, Frederick John 5776. 

Holland, Clyde Nelson 771. 

Holland, Thomas Edward 1024. 
Hollandsworth, Clinton Edward 4302, 

Holler, Adlai Cornwell 4853. 
Holley, D. L. 1540. 
Holley, David Pitts 2775. 
Hollon, Ellis Wing 2496. 
Holloway, Caroline Tobia 762. 

Holloway, Lewis Shannon 5046. 
Hollyday, Frederic B. M. 3439. 
Hollyday, Frederic B. M. 3507. 
llolman, Harriet R. 2295. 
Holman, Jack 2845. 
Holmes, John Julian 5087. 
Holmes, Kenneth Lee 2435. 
Holmes, Marjorie Moran 3309. 

Holmes, Philip Duane 2653. 

Holmstrom, Engin Inel 5772. 

see also 
Inel, Engin 

Holmstrom, Robert William 4814. 

Holt, Doctor Dillon 4960. 

Holt, Isaac Terry 3169. 
Holt, Nancy Binford 1248. 
Holt, Robert LeRoi 5386. 
Holt, Roy Ray 1741. 

Holton, Harold Belmont 1884. 
Holton, Jean Morris 5888. 
Holub, Fred F. 510. 

Holzworth, Robert Haviland 5867. 

Hones, Edward Wheeler 4173. 

Hones, Edward Wheeler 4208. 

Honeycutt, Ava L. 3668. 
Honeycutt, Charles Bailey 3148. 

Honig, Werner K. 4741. 

Hood, Edwin Morris 1680. 

Hood, George Franklin 4929. 

Hood, Mai lie Roy 5881. 
Hood, Ralph E. 1319. 

Hood, Thomas Charles 5760. 
Hook, Donald Dwight 3136. 

Hook, Wade Franklin 5741. 

Hooker, Charles Wright 5793. 

Hooker, Charles Wright 5807. 
Hooker, James Wallace 1867. 

Hoole, William Stanley 


Hooper, Charlotte Lucille 
Hooper, Winona Elizabeth ^ 
Hoopes, Luther Hartman 2.1^. 
Hoover, Basil 2320. 
Hoover, Edna May 2305. 
Hopke, Ernest Rudolph 4166. 

Hopke, Ernest Rudolph 4198 * _. 

Hopkins, Adelene M. 921. 





Hopkins, Anne Pleasants 2098. 
Hopkins, Elizabeth Gertrude 2053. 
Hopkins, James Franklin 3431. 
Hopkins, John Isaac 4131. 
Hopkins, John Isaac 
Horak, Francis John 
Horn, Herman Lionel 
Horn, Herman Lionel 
Hornaday, John Albert 
Hornaday, John Albert 

Hornbuckle, James Pinkney 
Horrocks, Brigid 2535. 
Horsfield, Christopher Henry 3923, 
Hortin, Ross 2846. 
Horton, George Raymond 1606. 
Hosack, Robert Ewing 4454. 
Hosain, Khondkar Tafazzul 1015. 
Hoskin, Charles Morris 5941. 
Hosner, John Frank 2885. 
Hostetter, Robert Dale 2739. 
Houck, Thomas H. 5689. 
Hough, Walter Andrew 3094. 

House, James Harwell 3234a. 
House, Ray Weldon 1090. 

House, Robert Lee 4854. 

House, Winfred Jackson 1727. 

House, Winfred Jackson 1734. 
Howard, David Caldwell 


Howard, Fletcher Earl 5017. 
Howard, Frederick Kennedy 3454. 
Howard, Lula Virginia 5578. 
Howard, Raydeen Roland 4167. 
Howard, Raydeen Roland 4185. 
Howard, Robert Crawford 5348. 
Howell, John Chase 5744. 
Howell, John Edmund 5485. 
Howell, John McDade 4469. 

Howell, Kay Marsh 5742. 
Howell, Thelma 5 789. 
Howell, Wilson Nc Daniel 3411. 

Howerton, Ila Lee 1049. 

Howie, Naomi 5105. 
Hoye, Mary Lou Kohfeldt 2654. 
Hoyle, Daniel S. 3310. 

Hoyle, Norman Eugene 2516. 

Hoyle, Norman Eugene 2454. 
Hoyt, William Russell 5475. 
Hozendorf, Connie Ray 5069. 
Hozik, Michael 1463. 
Hu, Cheng -Chang 3991. 
Hubbard, Thelma 5163. 
Hubbell, Jay Broadus, Jr. 3425. 

Hubennan, Edward 2001. 
Huckabee, Elizabeth Rezner 5612. 
Huckabee, Ellen Harris 1942. 
Huckabee, Weyman Carlisle 4909. 
Huckabee, Weyman Carlisle 4961. 
Hudgins, Walter Edward 5430. 
Hudnall, Eva Irene 2070. 
Hudnall, Michael Benjamin 5372. 
Hudson, Boyd Ellyson 444. 
Hudson, Donald B. 1541. 
Hudson, George Cornelius 2536. 

Hudson, Lucile 3urruss 4616. 
Hudson, Virginia La Frage 3467a. 

Huff, Jesse William 52. 

Huffaker, James Neal 4304. 
Huffman, Mrs. Esther Wright 4962. 

Huffman, Jacob Brainard 2776. 
Huffman, Esther Wright 4988. 

Huffman, Jacob Brainard 2993. 
Huffman, Norman Ara 4910. 
Huffman, Norman Ara 4963. 

Huffstetler, Juanita Elizabeth 1101. 
Hug, Richard Ernest 3025. 
Huggin, James George, Jr. 4832. 

Hughes, Ann Miriam 4341. 
Hughes, Homer Howard 2029. 
Hughes, Margaret Elizabeth 1705. 

Hughes, Maryanne (Robinson) 

see also 
Robinson, Maryanne 


Hughes, Paul Fenlon 2625. 
Hughes, Sanford William 1628. 

Hulbert, Marie Jones 1320. 
Hull, Alfred Newton 902. 
Hull, Way land E. 4342. 
Hull, William Henry Nelles 4514. 
Humble, Hilary Augustus 361. 
Kumm, Harold Judson 185. 
Humm, Harold Judson 199. 

Humphlett, Wilbert Jeptha 522. 

Humphrey, Elizabeth Marie 4656. 
Humphreys, Mary Emily 148. 
Humphreys, Mary Emily 181. 

Humrichouse, Ann Stockton 5547. 
Huneycutt, Charles Jerome 5392. 
Kuneycutt, Wiley Jackson 5114. 
Hunt, Dwight Russell 4881. 
Hunt, Francis Milton 2847. 

Hunt, Melba Cleo Greene 5832. 

Hunter, Adelaide Meador 3395. 
Hunter, Annie May 1117. 
Hunter, Charlotte Elizabeth 2239. 

Hunter, Merle W. 1464. 
Hunter, Sylvia Fishman 57. 

Huntley, Arthur Gene 895. 

Huntley, Dorothy 166. 

Huntley, Joyce Clydcnc Miller 4555. 


Huntley, William Barney 5497. 
Huntsman, Carmen 4674. 
Hurley, Myrtis Tilden 1465. 
Hurley, Paul Joseph 2585. 
Kurt, J. Lewis 1321. 
Hurwitz, Arnold Philip 5S20. 
Husain, Asrar 4580. 
Huse, Mary Kathleen Martin 4751, 
Huss, John David 4519. 

Huston, Hollis Wilburn 5374. 
Hutcheson, Joan 3700. 

Hutchinson, Lois Bernice 4637. 

Hutchinson, Merrill Eugene 1466. 

Hutchison, Victor Hobbs 5942. 

Hutchison, Victor Hobbs 5969. 
Hutnik, Russell James 3107. 

Hutson, Harold Horton 5017a. 
Hutt, Paul Jonas 4708. 
Hwang, Chester ?. 4241. 
Hyatt, Albert Mark John 3723. 
Hyde, Forrest Ervin 5088. 
Hyland, Kerwin Ellsworth 5918. 
Hynes, John Barry 688. 
Hypes, Warren Dunning 3004. 
Ide, Walter Swetland 331. 

Idinopulos, Thomas 5434. 

Illich, Mary Virginia 4396. 
Imsande, John 81. 

Ince, Gordon Anthony 2934. 

Inel, Engin 5751. 

see also 
Holmstrom, Engin Inel 

Inge, John Wesley 5182. 

Inglis, Richard 4815. 
Ingram, Osmond Kelly 5299. 

Inman, Frank Edwin 1689. 
Insko, William Robert 1763. 


Irby, Alice Joyner 4520. 

Irons, George Vernon 3230. 
Irvin, Ruth McElhaney 3311. 

Irwin, Harry Penrose 1710. 

Irwin, Harry Penrose 1735. 

Isenhour, Catharine E. 5564. 

Israel, Kate Ola 381. 
Ivey, Mary Frances 2164. 

Ivey, Mary Stuart 798. 
Ivie, Edith Jones 5618. 

Izower, Jack 5995. 
Jacks, William LeRoy 1348. 
Jackson, Dan Shaw 1770. 
Jackson, David Kelly, Jr. 1943, 
Jackson, Desmond Sidney 3057. 
Jackson, Essie Jane 1690. 
Jackson, Fynes Berty 4964. 
Jackson, Fynes Berty 4989. 

Jackson, James Fauntleroy 5047. 
Jackson, Lester Polk 5349. 

Jackson, Robert Bruce 3915. 
Jackson, William Thomas 229. 

Jackson, Winston Jerome 555. 
Jacobs, Donald Harry 4134. 

Jacobs, James Arnold 1249. 
Jacobson, Bernard Jerome 91. 
Jacokes, James Warner 397. 

Jaeger, Margaret Ann 1742. 

Jaeger, Margaret Ann 1799. 
Jaffe", David 2030. 

Jamerson, Charles Dewey 1868. 

James, Charles William 240. 

James, Fclthnn Syrcen 4911. 
James, Fleming 4744. 

James, Helen Rebecca 5548. 

James, Herman Brooks 

.James, Keith Warren 
James, Norman 2486. 



James, Robison Brown 
James, Ruth 2165. 
Jani, Aurobindo J. 4S00. 
Jarman, Laura Martin 5527. 
Jarman, Laura Martin 5549. 
Jarnagin, Milton Preston 3871. 
Jarrell, Hampton McNeely 1970. 
Jarrell, John Percha 1578. 
Jarrett, Horace Marshall 3562. 

Jarrett, Horace Marshall 3626. 
Jarvis, James Clair 5115. 
Jay, Lemuel Eugene 2204. 
Jemison, George Meredith 191. 

Jenkins, R. Brovm 1349. 
Jenkins, Ruth Irwin 126. 

Jenkins, Sanford Swindell 344. 

Jenkins, Theodore Roosevelt 4912. 

Jenkins, Theodore Roosevelt 4965. 

Jenkins, Wilbert Armonde 113. 

Jenkins, Wilmer Mitchell 1703. 
Jennings, Charles Warren 535. 
Jennings, Louis Girton 817. 

Jenny, Yolande Jeanne 5660. 

Jensen, Raymond Louis 3669. 
Jernigan, Charlton Coney 784. 

Jernigan, Charlton Coney 804. 
Jerome, Robert LeRoy 4833. 
Jester, Harold Thomas 802. 
Jester, Joseph Richardson 149. 

Jiles, Robert Algin 3017. 
Jodrey, Louise Harriet 5913. 
Johnsen, Ardith Brask 301. 
Johnsen, Thomas Norman 280. 

Johnson, Alicnc 2011 . 
Johnson, Allen Saunders 3480. 
Johnson, Allen Saunders 3508. 
Johnson, Anna (Pitts) 645 • 
Johnson, Carl Anderson 5327. 

Johnson, Charles Buchanan 1719. 

Johnson, Charles Buchanan 1731. 

Johnson, Charles E. 2464. 

Johnson, Charles Minor 4199. 

Johnson, Clyde Alexander 1629. 

Johnson. Cvrus Murray 5756. 

Johnson, Daniel S. 1063. 

Johnson, E. Sigurd 2969. 

Johnson, Earl Frank 1467. 

Johnson, Emma Bain 2224. 

Johnson, Eric Gustav 2071. 

Johnson, Everette Keith 3932. 
Johnson, Frank Harris 120. 

Johnson, Glenn LaPorte 2436. 

Johnson, Henry Morrison 4966. 
Johnson, Hugh Hanna 4854a. 
Johnson, Jesse Louis, Jr. 5328. 

Johnson, Julius Robert 3908. 

Johnson, Julius Robert 3916. 

Johnson, Kathryn Eloise 186. 

Johnson, Keith Whitaker 860. 

Johnson, Keith Whitaker 899. 

Johnson, Mary Louise 3312. 

Johnson, Natalie Kristina 5598. 

Johnson, Oscar Floyd 3821. 
Johnson, Philip Lewis 288. 
Johnson, Richard Stebbins 537. 
Johnson, Robert Bruce 2886. 

Johnson, Walter Livezey 1025. 
Johnson, William Pearcc 1401. 


Johnston, George W. 183. 
Johnston, Jaines Gilbert 284S. 
Johnston, Nina Louise 5575. 
Johnston, Robert Ward 1402. 
Johnston, Thomas McNaughton 2087. 
Johnstone, Mary Stewart 2497. 
Joiner, Charles Frank 3670. 
Joiner, Oscar Kardy 1350. 
Joiner, Sarah Benton 2167. 

Joines, William Thomas 1836. 
Joincs, William Thomas 1876. 
Jokerst, Ronald William 3084. 
Jolly, Joseph Ralph 5300. 
Jones, Alvin Adelbert 4855. 
Jones, Barbara Louise 954. 
Jones, Barney Lee 5437. 
Jones, Edward Brodus 3654. 
Jones, Edward Earl 2887. 

Jones, Edward Eugene 2777. 
Jones, Edward Lee • 3481. 
Jones, Edwin Harvie 5575a. 

Jones, Eldon Lewis 3701. 
Jones, Elijah Newman 1351. 

Jones, Ethel Hughes 1137. 

Jones, Frank Norton 705. 
Jones, Franklin Ross 1764. 
Jones, George Wesley 5270. 

Jones, Glenn Clark 706. 

Jones, Gordon Ervin 4317. 
Jones, Haniei 5301. 

Jones, Houston Gwynne 3724. 

Jones, Hugh Edward 3616. 

Jones, Hurlan Eura 5048. 

Jones, James Ilolden 646. 

Jones, Jameson Killer 521S. 

Jones, Joseph Simeon 


Jones, Leonidas John 1831. 

Jones, Marian Porcher 2205. 

Jones, Martha Elizabeth 2358. 

Jones, Mary Ellen 2470. 

Jones, Melville Lewis 5082. 

Jones, Murray Hughlon 5302. 

Jones, Ora Melinda 4675. 

Jones, Ora Melinda 4731. 
Jones, Patricia Elizabeth 5638. 
Jones, Philip Dwight 3671. 

Jones, Sam Bruce 5070. 
Jones, Stella Marie 1250. 
Jones, Tandy 2437. 

Jones, Theodore Edward 5116. 
Jones, Vernie Okie 1691. 

Jones, William Curry 2707. 

Jones, William Robert 1468. 

Jongbloet, Louis Alphonse 5535, 

Jordan, Frank 2498. 

Jordan, Frank 2678. 
Jordan, Frank Booe 4882. 

Jordan, Gladys 1469. 
Jordan, Howard Roy 5018. 

Jordan, Martha Robertson 2011. 

Jordan, Thomas Earl 39S. 
Josef iak, Eugene Joseph 33. 
Joslin, Vinnie Rona 3223. 

Jourdan, Marguerite Marie 967. 

Joyner, Weyland T. 4204. 
Joyner, Weyland Thomas 4236. 
Judge, William A. 536. 

Judy, Carl Wesley 5238. 
Judy, Clifford Page 304S. 
Jumper, Roy E. 4477. 

Jurney, William Howard 3760. 
Justice, Arthur Edward 1S07. 


Justin, John Raymond 1672. 
Justis, John C. 1542. 
Justus, John Henry 4990. 
Kale, William Arthur 4883. 
Kamin, Henry 500. 
Kammer, William Nolan 4581. 
Kandlbinder, Hans Karl 827a. 
Kanoy, Donald Wooley 1055. 
Kantor, Simon William 511. 
Kao, Kathcrinc Chun Ch'un 4692. 
Kapadia, Cyrus Jamnsp 4298. 

Kapchan, Jack Albert 4693. 
Kaplan, Ellen Brauer 3951. 

Kapp, Mary Eugenia 3750. 
Kardon, Samuel 546. 
Karlsson, Yrj'o Leinen Nikolai 

Karr, Mary Frances 1825. 

Karriker, Fuller Parham 4242. 

Kates, Kenneth Casper 5804. 

Kates, Kenneth Casper 5829. 

Katkin, Edward Samuel 4793. 

Katman, Thomas Sidney 4318. 

Katzenmeyer, William Gilbert 1743. 
Katzenmeyer, William Gilbert 1780. 
Kaufman, Elaine Elkins 53. 
Kaufman, Seymour 54. 

Kaufman, Willis Mast 547. 

Kauvar, Elaine Mozer 2655. 

Kawasaki, Kyozi 4264. 
Kayll, Albert James 3049. 

Kaylor, Robert David 5498. 

Keech, James Maynard 833. 

Keech, James Maynard 866. 

Keefer, Truman Frederick 2369. 
' Keefer, Truman Frederick 2551. 

Keen, Qucntin Begley 3396. 

Kcene, Ellis Leaman 1470. 
Keene, Thelma Beazley 2127. 

Kecsee, Aubrey Mays 869. 
Keever, Homer Maxwell 4845. 

Keever, Homer Maxwell 4884. 
Keever, Nancy Catherine 187. 
Keever, Nancy Catherine 210. 
Kegler, Lucia S. 5645. 

Keirce, William Francis 2637a. 

Keith, Harry Dale 1251. 
Keith-Lucas, Alan 4478. 
Kellam, William Porter 1064. 

Keller, Albert Freed 5089. 
Keller, Margaret Neel Query 5426. 
Kellers, Charles Frederick 4274. 
Kelley, Byron Elmo 5019. 
Kelley, Gayle 1471. 
Kelley, J. T. 1352. 
Kelley, Joseph Jackson 1322. 
Kelley, Marvin Hess 5154. 
Kelley, Rhoda Athaleene 2054. 
Kelley, William Arlington 1579. 
Kelly, David Barry 4541. 
Kelly, Edward H. 870. 
Kelly, Gilbert Loyd 3005. 
Kelly, Jack Edwin 2849. 

Kelly, Kathleen Eliza 1673. 

Kelly, Philip T. 1543. 
Kelly, Richard Michael 
Kelly, Richard Michael 
Kelly, Walter Richard 
Kelly, William Watkins 

Kelly, William Watkins 
Kelson, Robert Nathaniel 







Kelty, Edward John 4752. 
Kemp, Arne Kalervo 2850. 
Kemp, David E. 4805. 
Kendig, Anna Mae 1697. 
Kendrick, William Turner 3997, 
Kenion, Alonzo Williams 2321. 
Kenion, Alonzo William 2607. 
Kennedy, Arthur C. 5271. 

Kennedy, John Wesley 
Kennedy, Vincent M. 
Kennedy, William Bean 






Kennek, James Francis 
Kent, John Franklin 

Kent, Linwood Edsison 

Kenyon, William Grant 

Kepchar, John Howard 
Kerbow, Dewey Lynn 

Kern, Donald Warren _ 1472. 
Kern, Mary Katharine 2306. 
Kernaghan, William David Kenneth 4563. 
.Kerr, Marilyn Sue 5986. 
Kesler, Archie Dean . 5020. 
Kesler, Robert Harris 5239. 
Kessell, Harry Rayburn 5855. 
Kessler, Myer 4170. 

Kester, Grier Smith 5090. 
Kestler, Mary 1957. 
Ketchum, Margaret May 402. 

Key, Francis Bromlev 4135. 
Keys, Noel Wiley 4760. 
Keyser, Stanley Randolph 3440. 
Khalaf, Nadia 4556. 
Khatchadourian, Haig Apraham 4085. 

Kidd, Rex Charles 15S0. 
Kidder, John Newell 4275. 
Kicrer, George Croney, Jr. 2811. 

Kiker, Seaborn Martin 5155. 

Kikuchi, Tadashi 4284. 
Kilberg, Edward J. 942. 
Kilbourne, M. Elizabeth 1403. 
Kilgore, John William 670. 
Kilgore, John William 763. 

Kilmer, Hulda 
Kim, Chun Su 
Kim, Chun Su 



Kim, Sung Kyu 

Kim, Sung Kyu 4329. 
Kim, Taik Yung 102. 

Kimberly, James Carlton 5752. 

Kimbrell, Charles Wesley 5071. 

Kimbrough, Edith 1109. 

Kimler, Verna 3789. 

Kinard, Ellenor Milling 5761. 

Kincaid, Randall Rich 1027. 

Kincheloe, Henderson Grady 2296, 

Kincheloe, Marvin Smith 4885. 
King, Chi-Yu 1837. 

King, Creston Alexander 4289. 
King, Doris Elizabeth 3397. 
King, Doris Elizabeth 3478. 

King, Elizabeth Norfleet 6008. 


King, Emily Barton 2012. 

King, Emily Barton 
King, John Talbert 
King, Joseph Edward 8. 

King, Joseph Jerome, Jr. 861. 
King, Lunsford Richardson 3957. 
King, Margaret Skeel 473S. 
King, Richard Austin 4753. 
King, Robert Herndon 855. 
King, Sallie Rebecca 1544. 
King, Sara Edna 5258. 
King, Susan Frances 6005. 


King, Virginia Wetmore 2370. 

King, William Connor 4216. 
King, William Eskridge 3641. 

Kind. Woodrow Wilson 2812. 

Kine-Farlow, John 4086. 
Kinghorn, James Myles 2SSS. 
Kingsbury, Ralph Norman 479. 
Kingston, Maricn 2362. 

Kinlaw, Sara Lorine 2128. 

Kinney, Hinton E. 3264. 
Kinsman, Margaret Eleanor 3369. 

Kirby, Frederick Willard 1737. 

Kirby, James Ray 623. 

Kirby, James Ray 678. 

Kirby-Smith, John Selden 4136. 
Kirby-Smith, John Selden 4145. 

Kirby-Smith, Virginia 2538. 
Kirk, Philip Moore 393. 
Kirk, Russell Amos 3323. 

Kirkland, John Dermont' 3642. 
Kirkland, John Dermont 3725. 

Kirkpatrick, Charles Atkinson 835. 
. Kirkpatrick, Donald Everette 4118. : 
Kirkpatrick, Larry James 2680. 

Kirshner, Annette Grossman 720. 
Kirwan, Albert Dennis 3405. 

Kiser, Vernon Benjamin 5694. 

Kish, George Bela 4715. 

Kishpaugh, Barbara Florence 4032. 
Kittila, Richard S. 463. 

Kittila, Richard S. 512. 
Kizilbash, Mirza Hamid H. 4542. 
Klawitter, Ralph Alex 3077. 

Klein, Bert Alan 5450. 

Klein, James Raymond 47. 

Klein, John Frederick 3073. 

Klein, Raymond Louis 1722. 
Klemm, Frederick Alvin 3126. 
Klepper, Elizabeth Lee 297. 

Kliever, Lonnie Dean 5486. 
Klikoff, Lionel Garland 302. 

Kline, Irene Tabitha 5857. 

Kline, Richard B. 2681. 
Klingman, Jack Dennis 77. 

Klostermann, Janet Gay 945. 
Knape, Arthur J. 1545. 

Knapp, John Laurence 5748. 
Kneipp, Janet Rettew 2225. 

Knight, Clifford Burnham 5946, 

Knight, David Bates 733. 

Knight, Eleanor Sue 713. 

Knight, Fred Barrows 2889. 
Knight, Fred Barrows 3021. 

Knight, James Allen 5272. 

Knight, Lofton Lacie 862. 
Knight, Mary Roberts 2226. 

Knight, Theron Turner 1581. 
Knight, Walter David 4159. 
Knight, Walter David 4186. 

Knipe, Richard Hubert 4223. 
Knipling, Edward Byron 29S. 

Knobeloch, Dorothy Elsa 1473. 
Knoll, Dorothy Bard 15S2. 
Knorr, Philip Noel 270S. 
Knotts, Zelotes Rufus 1138. 
Knowles, Harvard Vaughan 2656. 
Knox, Norman 2448. 

Knudsen, Lyle L. 2890. 
Knudsen, Lyle L. 2912. 
Koch, Daniel Francis 2970. 

Koch, Sigmund 4651. 
Kochenour, Earl Franklin 1474. 


Koenig, Walter Louis 2851. 
Koesy, Sheldon Fred 3655. 

Kohn, Edward Maurice 572. 

Kolb, Ernest Connors 4826. 

Kolb, Ernest C. 4930. 

Kopp, Paul Joseph 362. 

Koppenhaver, Allen John 2637b. 

Kovacs, Arthur Zoltan 4305. 

Kowal, Katherine Ann 47S6. 
Kowal, Norman Edward 275. 

Kozlik, Charles James 3026. 
Kozlowski, Theodore Thomas 175. 

Kozlowski, Theodore Thomas 203. 
Kraft, Quentin Guild 2455. 

Kraft, Quentin Guild 2608. 

Kramer, Miriam Loretta 1475. 
Krathwohl, Betty Augenstine 5884. 

Kraus, Clyde Norman 5460. 

Krause, James Barber 5880. 

Krein, David Frederick 3702. 

Krpinik. Phvllis Sallv 4754. 

Kremer, Anna Penberton 2499. 

Krenkel, Edward George 932. 
Kreps, Clifton Holland 910. 
Kreps, Juanita (Morris) 911. 

Kreutzer, Valerie S. 3141. 

Kriegel, Abraham D. 3579. 
Kriegel, Abraham David 3726. 

Krucger, Robert Charles 2471. 

Krummel, Mary Eleanor 5613. 

Kubicek, Robert Vincent 3727. 

Kubzansky, Philip Eugene 4716. 

Kucera, Daniel Robert 3074. 

Kuehner, Kenneth George 1641. 
Kuhn, Robert Elwood 1297. 
Kuist, James Marquis 2472. 

Kuist, James Marquis 2682. 
Kulow, Don Lee 3050. 
Kumro, Donald M. 336. 

Kuo, Jean 682. 
Kuohung, Ping-Wen 4364. 
Kurz, James Eckhardt 641. 
Kurz, James Eckhardt 689. 
Kwak, Nosup 3929. 

Kydd, Helen Elizabeth 3595. 

Kyker, Granvil Charles 4319. 
Kyle, Joseph Burch 3479. 
Kyles, Alpheus Alexander 4834. 

LaBarge, Richard Allen 1004. 

L 1 Abate, Luciano 4732. 
Labyak, Leo Francis 2779. 



Labyak, Leo Francis 

Lacey, Mary Frances 
Lackey, Oscar N. 

Lacy, David Allen 5476. 

Ladner, Keber Austin 3246. 

Lagerstedt, Kenneth Raymond 3122. 

Lagos Escobar, Ricardo 1021. 

Lagos, Ricardo 1021. 

Lagos Escobar, Ricardo, 1938- 

Lai, Hwa Wen 4311. 

Laine, Amos Lee 3703. 
Lair, Eugenie Dille 200. 

Lambert, Eloise 5540. 
Lambert, James Alfred 1353. 
Lambert, Sarah Margaret 3468. 
Lamond, Leo Daniel 2935. 
Lamparter, William Smith 2289. 
Lancaster, Forrest Wesley 4200. 
Lancaster, Purvis Talmadge 1808. 
Lanckton, Arthur Leroy, Jr. 3790, 


Landay, Marshall Edwin 4015. 

Landis, Allyae Wilder 2099. 
Landis, Robert Janes 1354. 
Landrum, Louella 2072. 
Lane, Daniel 5117. 
Lane, James Frank 2227. 
Lane, Mary Turner 1781, 
Lang, Cecil Yelverton 2206. 
Langford, Roberta Brodie 2596. 
Langford, Rupert Wesley 1355. 
Lancford, Thomas Anderson 5438. 
Langlois, Alphonse Joseph 4010. 
Langston, Robert Dorn 4769. 
Lancwell, Patricia Ann 3848. 
Lansdell, Emily Kilpatrick 2073. 
Lansing, Elizabeth J. 5987. 
Larche, William Lawrence 3143. 

Larimer, James Lynn 5970. 
Lark, Mary Jeannette 841. 

Larkin, Declan M. 4285. 

Larocque, Andre J. 4564. 
La Roi, George Henri 276. 
La Roi, George Henri 313. 

Larrabee, Donald Ralph 2936. 
Larsen, Harry Stites 3096. 
Larson, George S. 2565. 
Lashure, Melvin Murray 1583. 
Latham, Dennis Harold 127. 
Lathan, Samuel Howard 785. 
Laukaitis, William Edward 2566. 

Laverty, Carroll Dee 2352. 
LaVia, John Thomas 2567. 

Law, James Vincent 164S. 

Lawrence, Marquis Wood 4856. 
Lawrence, Martha Eugenia 3917. 
Lawrence, Ora Woodford 5672. 

Lawrie, Jack Douglas 1771. 
Lawson, Douglas Miller 5487. 


Lawton, Robert Oswald, Jr. 

Lawton, Robert Oswald, Jr. 
Layton, Frank Leon 548. 
Layton, Reber Boyce 1405. 
Lazenby, Gail Bryan 3596. 
Lea, Mary Ann 1796. 
Leach, James M. 1546. 
Leahy, Joseph P. 3494. 
Leahy, Joseph Patrick 3526. 

Leake, Preston Hildebrand 564. 
Leake, Preston Hildebrand 589. 
Leake, William Walter 565. 
Leary, Thomas Francis 216S. 
Leavell, John Perry 3643. 
LeBleu, Ronald E. 690. 
Lebold, William Ray 2813. 
Ledbetter, Frances Gresham 
Ledbetter, Jap 1476. 
Ledbetter, John William 683. 
Ledbetter, John William 721. 

Ledbetter, Margaret M. 4867. 
Leder, Irwin Gordon 61. 
Ledford, Roy Henry 2971. 
Lee, Chien Ping 5988. 
Lee, Chien Ping 6020. 
Lee, Donald Woodward 1982. 
Lee, Emily Markham 2074. 
Lee, Herbert Leonard 3824. 
Lee, James Edward 2972. 
Lee, Jang Hyun 5745. 
Lee, John David, Jr. 4991. 

Lee, Lawrence Wolfe 5021. 
Lee, Robert Emil 2937. 


Lee, Robert Steele 5072. 

Lee, Thomas William 59S9. 

Lee, William Wei-li 781. 
Leenhouts, Laura Nelja 1252. 

Leete, Mortimer Uriel 1667. 

Lefler, Bayne Wesley 4967. 

Le Floch, Jean-Pierre G. 1869. 

LeGwin, Mary McCullen 1958. 
Lehnberger, Sigrid Louise 5608. 

Leighton, Richard Ingalls 100S. 

Leith, James Andrew 3516. 
LeMaistre, John Wesley 379. 

Lemos, Ramon Marcelino 4077. 
Lemos, Ramon Marcelino 4082. 
Lengel, Leland L. 3617. 

Lentricchia, Frank 2597. 

LeRoy, Hester Franklin 1996. 

Lethbridge, Berry Biccomb, Jr. 875. 

Leu, Liow-Min 772. 

Levenson, Jacob 340. 

Leventhal, Gerald Seymour 4783. 

Lever, Oscar William 5191. 

Levin, Florence C. 1356. 

Levin, Saul 4755. 

Levine, Robert 474. 

Levitas, Nora 4039. 

Levitsky, Ihor Alexander 4071. 
Levy, Edward David 48. 

Lewis, Allison L. 4100. 
Lewis, Alvin M. 671. 
Lewis, Eloise Railings 1800. 
Lewis, Florence L'Dora 2129. 
Lewis, Frank Bell 5340. 
Lewis, George Gordon 1169. 
Lewis, Gladys Shorrock 4033. 
Lev/is, Gomer Junior 1357. 

Lewis, H arold Walter 

Lewis, Henry Barton 
Lev/is , James Howard 
Lewis, Jo Carolyn 
Lewis, Nancy Eloise 



Lewis, Ralph La Verne 4429. 
Leysath, Elwin Frederick 2780. 
Libby, Nancy Dorothea 2406. 
Light, Robley Jasper 691. 
Lightfoot, Neil Roland 5439. 
Lightle, Jack T. 1870. 

Lightle, Ted Lee 1871. 
Lightsey, William Fred 2814. 
Ligon, Edgar William 5835. 
Limouze, Arthur Sanford 2297. 
Limouze, Mary Anne Eeyward 2130. 
Lincecum, Jerry Bryan 2626. 
Lincoln, Clarence 1170. 
Lind, Edward Louis 496. 
Lind, Edward Louis 556. 
Lindsay, Charles Stuart 1477. 
Lindsay, Jacque King 636. 
Lindsey, Jordan Allen 5201. 
Lindsey, Julian Astor 5118. 
Lindstrom, Harry Oscar 1885. 
Link, John Barry 1S72. 

Linn, Bruce Oscar 623. 
Linn, Robert Maurice 252. 

Linnemann, Calvin Cummins 1547. 
Linschitz, Henry 437. 
Linschitz, Henry 4S3. 
Lipe, Godfrey Frederick 5350. 
Lipscomb, Arthur McLaurine 2169. 

Lipscomb, Donn Barry 4816. 
Little, Chloe Rackley Doby 20. 

Little, Edwin Demetrius 566. 
Little, Lawrence Calvin 4S27. 


Little, Nary Evelyn 5774. 
Little, Sue Allen Warren 4682. 
Litzinger, Elmer Francis 739. 

Livingston, Knox Worrill 2815. 
Livingston, Martha Alida Corns tock 192 
Livingston, Robert Blair 176. 
Livingston, Robert B. 204. 
Lloyd, Peter John 1016. 

Lloyd, Ruth 1630. 

Locker, Paula Rae 2500. 
Lofton, Paul Storman 2657. 

Logan, Leslie Emory 1056. 
Logan, S. Frank 3398. 

Lohr, Delmar Frederick 714. 

Lohr, Delmar Frederick 764. 
Lohr, Elida 1053. 

Long, Andrew Fleming, 1938- 3976a. 
Long, John William 3287. 

Long, John William 3432. 
Longanecker, Edwin ^Snyder 1253. 
Longstreet, Rubert James 1102. 

Lontz, Robert Jan 4293. 
Lopushinsky, William 289. 
Lord, Charles A. 3324. 

Lorman, Justine H. 2228. 
Lotspeich, Jane Inman 3150. 

Lott, Audrey Peacock 3235. 

Lott, John Raymond 2586. 

Lou, Pao-Soong 672. 
Louis, William K. 3247. 

Lovelace, Arsola Crawford 1091. 

Loveland, Clara Olds 5405. 
Loveless, Ruth 2273. 
Lovett, Jack McSpadden 2816. 
Loving, Grace Evelyn 2229. 
Lovink, Johannes Anton Alexander 4543 

Loworn, Mary 2013. 

343". Lowance, Franklin Elta 348. 

Lowance, Franklin Elta 384. 

Lowder, John Albert 5303. 
Lowe, Donald Scott 4168. 

Lowell, C. Stanley 4913. 
Lowengrub, Morton 3940. 
Lowenherz, Robert Jack 2342. 
Lowery, Andrew 1858. 
Lowery, David Perry 2891. 
Lowman, Everett Herman 5091. 
Lowry, Francis Bullitt 3563. 
Lowry, Francis Bullitt 3656. 
Loyless, Angie Elizabeth 1171. 
Luborsky, Lester Bernard 4652a. 
Luborsky, Lester B. 4649. 
Lucas, Isoline Beaty 1959. 
Lucas, Linda Susan 4014. 
Lucas, Michael Stephen Patrick 1848. 
Lucas, Michael Stephen Patrick 1895. 
Luck, Clarence Frederick 4246d. 
Luck, Seta Mahakian 597. 
Ludington, Charles Townsend 2627. 

Lumsden, Ernest Asbury, 1931- 4816a. 
Lune, Anders Edward 3018. 
Lund, Anders Edward 3103. 

Lundberg, Donald Emil 4645. 
Lundeberg, Philip Karl 3399. 
Lunz, Elisabeth 2539. 

Lupien, Alfred Louis 1254. 
Luttrell, Everett Stanley 158. 
Luttrell, Everett Stanley 170. 

Luttrell, Karl Francis 1681. 

Luvaas, Morten Jay 3455. 

Luvaas, Morten Jay 3527. 

Lylc, Everett Samuel 2973. 


Lyloa, Jamca Robert 1717. 

Lynch, Donald Walton 2709. 

Lynch, Donald Walton 3014. 

Lynch, Eugene J. M. 4243. 

Lynch, Eugene J. M. 4265. 

Lynch, George Ernest 5240. 
Lynch, Kathryn Willogene 1407. 

Lynch, Robert Allen 1172. 
Lynn, Julanne 2396. 

Lynn, William Louis 1548. 
Lyon, Catherine Hill 1187. 

Lyu, Kingsley Kyungsang 5202. 

Mabry, Gussie Eugene 1408. 
Mabry, William Alexander 3149. 
Mabry, William Alexander 3199. 
McAdams, Donald Ray 3704. 

McAfee, Janet Brokaw 5825. 

McAllister, Birdie 150. 

McAllister, James Gray 3751. 

McAllister, James Leon 5431. 

McAlpine, Paul Hamilton 1409. 
McAndrew, Florence Helton 4653. 
MacArthur, Carol-Lynne 698. 

McCabe, Vance Alvin 1478. 
McCain, James A. 1910. 
McCain, John Walker 1110. 

McCain, Paul Moffatt 3413. 

McCain, Paul Moffatt 3462. 

McCain, William David 3214. 

McCall, Margaret 3235a. 
McCallie, Robert Lewis 2032. 
McCallie, Spencer Jarnagin, Jr. 1154 
McCamey, Kathryn Elizabeth 1358. 

McCann, Florence Ford 2207. 

McCants, Clyde Taft 2415. 
McCarrell, David Kithcart 3195. 

M« Carrull, David K l Llicaj i. 3241. 

McCartt, Miry Leah 1410. 

McCarver, Clyde Gay 5304. 

McCaslin, Phoebe Elizabeth 1411. 

McCastlain, Morris Sheppard 4857. 

McCelvey, George Edward 2637c. 

McClay, Thomas Alan 2852. 

McClintick, Keith B. 2728. 

McCloskey, Lawrence Richard 6025. 
McCloy, Minnie Lee Fagan 1139. 
McClurkin, Douglas Charles 2999. 
McClurkin, Douglas Charles 2938. 
MacColl, Sylvia Hazelton 4626. 
McCollum, John Isaac 2421. 
McConnel, Robert Merriman 3947. 
McConnell, Owen Link 4794. 
McCord, William Fletcher 4629. 
McCormack, Jeanne Eagles 2371. 
McCormack, Maxwell Leland 3095. 
McCormick, Addie 1255. 
McCormick, Carroll Gene 4260. 
McCormick, Dwight Williams 1204. 
McCormick, Edward Theodore 890. 
McCormick, William Devlin 4266. 
McCoury, Phillip Dewey 922. 

McCoury, Phillip Dewey 980. 
McCoy, Charles Sherwood 5329. 

McCoy, Lewistine Martin 5273. 

McCoy, Samuel Jesse 1901. 

McCracken, Mary Lee 1274. 
McCrary, Martha Penn 2343. 
McCrory, Otho Elmer 5858. 
McCullers, Julia Allen 2540. 
McCulley, Robert William 5119. 


McCulloch, Thomas Logan_ 4595. 

McCulloch, Thomas Logan 4609. 
McCul lough, Raymond 0. 1412. 

McCurdy, Harold Grier 4630. 
McCurdy, John Albert 1656. 

McCurdy, Mrs. Mary Burton (Dcrrickson)- 

McCutcheon, Frederick Harold 5S22. 
McDaniel, Anne Elizabeth 1323. 

McDaniel, Jesse Louie 1809. 
McDavid, Raven Ioor, Jr. 1983. 
McDavid, Raven Ioor, Jr. 2022. 
McDermott, John Joseph 



McDermott, John Josepn 
McDermott, Milford June 1359. 
McDermott, Robert Emmet 226. 

McDonald, Alma lone 1660. 
MacDonald, Harry John 5859. 
McDonald, John William 

McDonald, John William 
McDonald, Ralph Waldo 

McDonald, Ralph Waldo 



McDonald, Thaddeus LeVerne 5274. 

_ McDougall, Kenneth Dougal 5870. 

McDow, Mildred A. 3672. 
McDowall, Jack 1173. 

McDowell, Gladstone Wadley 3752. 
McElmurray, Emily Leslie 1205. 
McElroy, David Brian 3456. 
McElroy, John Harmon 2598. 

McEntire, Weldon Davis 4376. 
MacEv/en, Gertrud 3137. 
MacEven, Leslie 3138. 
McEwen, Noble Ralph 1073. 
McEven, Noble Ralph 1824. 
McFadyen, Alvan R. ed. 2170. 
MacFadyen, Elizabeth Ann 3177. 

McGavock, William Gillespie 3761, 
McGavock, William Gillespie 3307. 
McGec, Betsy Brooks 3537. 

McGee, Charles Eugene 3027. 

McGee, Charles Eugene 3058. 

McGee, Charles McKay 2171. 

McGec, Martha 1744. 

McGhee, Grant Oliver 1256. 

McGinnes, W. W. 1479. 
McGinnis, James William 



MacGorman, John William 
McGough, Robert Bennett 

McGregor, Frank Hamilton 
McGregor, William 262. 
McGriff, Mary Emily 3387. 
McGuire, Douglas Lyons 5275. 

McGukin, Lena Virginia 5520. 

McHarg, James 1782. 

Macht, Richard Martyn 3141a. 

MclLwaine, Robert Shields 2473. 
Maclnnes, Donald Boyer 4061. 
Mcintosh, Frank Wesley 2782. 

Macintosh, Fred Henry 
Macintosh, Fred Henry 



Mcintosh, Thomas Franklin 
Mack, Edwin S. 3933. 
Mackay, Donald Mason 5276. 
McKee, James Clifford 2974. 

McKee, John Anderson 1155. 
McKee, Lynn C. 1092. 

McKellar, Ella Clare 5049. 

McKenry, John Archibald 5241. 
McKenzie, Emory J. 2274. 

Mackey, Constance Jean 5920. 

Mackey, Thomas Andrev; 3943. 

Mackie, Mary Mildred 2275. 
McKicrnan, Dennis Lester 18S6. 
McKinney, Gordon R. 62. 
McKinney, William Harold 1125. 
MacKinnon, Sallic Lou 1960. 


McKnight, James Samuel 1849. 

MacKorell, Mary Bowers 1713. 

McLamb, Howard McKinnon 5022. 

McLarty, Eimnett Kennedy, Jr. 4992, 

McLarty, Furman Gordon 4055. 

McLarty, James Brown 485S. 
McLaurin, Wayne 2344. 
McLean, Edward Fletcher 5646. 

McLean, Edward Fletcher 5657. 

MacLean, Guy Robertson 3558. 
McLean, Ruth Atkinson 138. 
MacLeod, Robert Meredith 82. 

McLeod, Samma Helen 1820. 
McLeod, Walter Grey 5156. 
McLeskey, James Joseph 765. 

McMahan, Betty Anne 4669. 
McManamon, Hazel Forrester 1480. 

McManus, Mary Idolene 5814. 
McMillan, John Johnson 4670. 
McMillan, John Johnson 4686. 
McMillen, Shirley Margaret 218. 

McNair, Hallie 1961. 
McNeill, Ellis Meade 201. 

McNicoll, Robert Edwards 3224. 

McNicoll, Robert Edwards 3254. 
McNurlen, Lewis J. 5731. 

McRae, Luther Cecil 1057. 
McWilliams, John Scott 2710. 
Maden, William L. 5514. 
Madison, Blaine Mark 1360. 
Madison, Blaine Mark 1984. 

Madison, Graham Rex 1631. 
Madren, Wcldon Thomas 5351. 
Magalhaes, Hulda 5SS3. 

Magill, Samuel Kays 5477. 
Magncr, Bertha Ardys 5~98. 

Maguire, Merrill Ann 2501. 

Mahaley, Moses Stephen 2. 

Major, James Edward 5242. 
Malac, Barry 2975. 

Maldonado-Clark, Nelly 527. 
Mallard, William 5423. 

Mallet, John Jacques 4730. 
Mallory, Rupert Talmage 4120. 
Malone, Thomas Patrick 5710. 
Maltby, William Saunders 3705. 
Man, Eugene Herbert 557. 
Manarin, Louis Henry 3538. 
Manarin, Louis Henry 3728. 
Manasse, Marianne Ecrnhard 3139, 
Mancha, Philip Edward 3673. 

Manchester, Alan Krebs 3172. 
Manes, Milton 487. 
Maness, Levi Rufus 3740. 
Maness, Madison Ward 4968. 

Manget, Jeanne Logan 4125. 
Manley, Barbara Lu 242. 

Manley, Harry Stockwell 4479. 

Manlove, George Kendall 2517. 

Manly, Emily Janet 2438. 
Manly, Jethro Oates 230. 
Mann, Bess Mae 5551. 
Mann, Donald Ray 5794. 
Mann, Harold Wilson 3627. 
Mann, Margaret Lois 6028. 
Mann, -Marvin Mellard 4126. 
Mannello, George 1632. 
Manning, Peter Kirby 5754. 
Mansfield, Edwin 945a. 
Mansfield, Edwin 963. 
Manyik, Robert Michael 590. 
Maple, William Robert 2939. 


Marcello, Ronald Ely 3706. 
Maris, Gary Lcroy 4565. 

. Maris, Gary Leroy 4590. 
Mark, Alan Francis 263. 
Mark, Frances Gray 722. 

Mark, Harry Berst 679. 

Markell, Manley Lee 2783. 
Markham, Eleanor Mallory 3784. 
Markley, Jack Hutcheson 2990. 
Marks, William Bernelle 1126. 

Marley, Francis William 4699. 

Marlin, Clifton Boyd 2853. 

Marlow, Ernest Grant 2892. 

Maroney, Samuel Patterson 5947. 
Marovitz, Sanford E. 2541. 

Marquez, Sylvia Vanentina 685. 
Marra, George Gori 2868. 

Marschka, Edwin Howard 3897, 

Marshak, Harvey 4246e. 
Marshall, Clarence William 1361. 

Marshall, Helen Edith 3207. 
Marston, Frederic Carver 2131. 

Marston, Helen Mount 3801. 

Martell, Charles 4096. 

Martin, Abram Venable 3S17. 

Martin, Bessie Mary 1945. 
Martin, Betty Jean 5914. 
Martin, David Vance 1751. 

Martin, David Vance 1783. 
Martin, Dorsie Garnet 1481. 
Martin, Isabel 1103. 

Martin, Jack McMichael 3580. 

Martin, James Alfred 4062. 
Martin, James Dwight 2784. 
Martin, James Marion 1549. 

Martin, Lelia Virginia 1985. 

Martin, Mary Mercedes 4650. 
Martin, Myra Kathryn 2658. 

Martin, Robert Douglas 1772. 
Martin, Robert Vance 5121. 

Martin, Shirley Davis 4026. 

Martin, Stanley Harland 1482. 

Martin, Willard Edgar 2246. 

Martinelli, Mario, Jr. 2817. 

Martinelli, Robert Owens 3865. 
Marty, William Ray 4557. 

Martz, Edward Everts 5194. 

Maryott, Arthur Allen 432. 

Mascitelli, David William 2568. 
Mashburn, Louise (Tull) 86. 

Mashburn, Thompson Arthur 692. 
Mason, Clarence W. 1413. 

Mason, Elwood Byrd 1414. 
Mason, Morton Freeman 44. 
Massey, Calvin Leroy 2697. 
Massey, Calvin LeRoy 2743. 
Massey, William Everard 2940. 

Massey, Winston Louis 3766. 
Masters, Bettie Sue (Siler) 93. 

Masters, Leon Raymond 923. 
Masterton, R. Bruce 4795. 

Matchett, Ruth 1483. 
Matheny, Rolla John 4993. 
Matheny, Voris Awilda 5775. 

Matherly, Walter J. 1037. 
Mathewes, David Andres 723. 

Mathews, Donald Gene 3628. 
Mathews, J. C. 1484. 
Mathews, Jane DeKart 3597. 
Mathews, Joseph Chesley 1923. 

Mathews, Joseph James 3170. 
Mathias, Ama Avis 1657. 
Mathison, Ovic Wilson 5092. 


Ma tsunami, Jean Reiko 299. 

Matte, Lorenzo 2746. 
Matte, Lorenzo 2757. 

Matthews, Hester Poole 5599. 

Mat thews, Roy Thomas 3517. 

Matthews, Wesley Woodbury 1485. 

Mattison, James Barmore 1997. 




Mattocks, Millicent Elizabeth 
Mattox, William Reuben 842. 
Maturo, Frank J. S. 5915. 
Maturo, Frank J. S. 

Mauer, William Alan 
Maxwell, Abe Forest 
Maxwell, Abe Forest 
Maxwell, Mrs. Edith Crawford 
Maxwell, Nancy I. 1047. 
Maxwell, William Cary 786. 
May, Robert Legard 2941. 
May, Stella Josephine 5860. 
May, William Henry 1257. 
Mayfield, Peter Nelson 4745. 

Mayo, Louis Allen 5050. 
Meacham, Benjamin Franklin 5203. 

Mead, Waldo Bruce 4544. 

Meaney, Neville Kingsley 3571. 

Meddaugh, Winifred Joan 4034. 

Medlin, William Tracy 5243. 
Meeks, Marion Littleton 4201. 
Meier, Frederick William 4053. 
Meister, Lynn Louise 3952. 
Melenek, ina Ruth 5690. 
Mellard, Hervie Harold 1144. 
Mellinger, Janice 2474. 
Mellon, Jane Stroud 3564. 
Melton, Jack Robert 1607. 
Meltzer, Carl Martin 4276. 

Mendenhall, Warner 4528. 

Menon, Korandattil Venugopalan 3977. 

Mercer, Charles Henry 5244. 

Mercer, Julia 2075. 

Merchant, James William 5245. 

Merck, John William 5749. 

Meredith, Evelyn T. 3288. 
Meredith, McLaurin Mayers 5363. 

Merkle, Mildred Olive 1645. 

Merrick, Gordon Danforth 2688. 

Merrifield, Robert Glenn, 1930- 

Merritt, Effie Mae 1324. 
Merrow, Dorothy Lillian 4037. 
Mershon, Barbara Jane 2569. 

Meserve, Bruce Elwyn 3822. 
Meserve, Bruce Elwyn 3852. 
Mesner, William Lowell 3101. 

Metcalf, Margaret Jane Schnabel 5868. 

Metier, Alvin Velbert 341. 

Metier, Alvin Velbert 358. 

Metz, Earl Clarence 1486. 

Metz, Louis John 2785. 

Metz, Louis John 2913. 

Meyer, Ambrose Eden 2034. 

Meyer, Donald Theodore 4290. 

Meyer, Robert Bruce 693. 

Michael, Chloe 2172. 

Michaux, William Whitehead 4694. 

Michel, Harry Oscar 45. 
Micheli, Robert A. 607. 
Michell, Arthur Stephen 2942. 

Mickle, Walter Alvin 25. 
Milburn, John William 3898. 
Milburn, Josephine Fishel 4488. 
Milburn, Ronald McRae 591. 
Miles, Ernest Percy 3802. 
Miles, Ernest Percy 3872. 

Millar, David B. S. 87. 
Millar, Helen Mary 5683. 

Miller, Arthur McA. 2502. 
Miller, Barbara Mary 1028. 

Miller, Cecil Lee 1584. 
Miller, Charles L. 1362. 

Miller, Charles R. 3062. 
Miller, Christian Harry 2599. 
Miller, David Edward 1887. 
Miller, Don Curtis 5975. 

Miller, Don Curtis 6030. 
Miller, Elizabeth Moore 2076. 
Miller, Harold William 796. 
Miller, Harold William 805. 
Miller, Ira Malcolm 2711. 

Miller, Irving Roscoe 5183. 
Miller, James Kyle 139. 

Miller, Jesse Edward 2818. 
Miller, John Carlisle 5093. 
Miller, Kenneth Edward 5773. 
Miller, Margaret Harrell 5359. 
Miller, Nancy Hartley 5565. 

Miller, Paul 3791. 

Miller, Paul Nelson 4735. 

Miller, Paul Robert 1174. 

Miller, Philip Eugene 740. 

Miller, Robert Edward 1156. 
Miller, William Durell 3360. 

Miller, William Flynn 2819. 

Miller, William Long 892. 

Miller, William Long 929. 

Miller, William Starr 1723. 

Miller, William Taylor, Jr. 385. 

Mills, James Arthur 2786. 

Millspaugh, Robert 2381. 
Milner, Morris Edwin 1093. 
Milnor, Andrew Johnson 4521. 
Milnor, Andrew Johnson 4550. 

Milstead, Harold Ashton 5157. 
Minga, Taylor Herbert 4886. 
Minnich, Lawrence Arthur 3345. 
Minor, Charles Oscar 2734. 
Minor, Charles Oscar 3034. 
Mirza, Jehangir Farhad 769. 

Misenheimer, Helen Evans 5663. 
Mitchell, Charles Maness 5277. 
Mitchell, Edith Myrl 3370. 
Mitchell, Edna Mae 1363. 

Mitchell, Frank Joseph 5478. 

Mitchell, Gary Earl 4252. 

Mitchell, J. Frank 2132. 
Mitchell, James Harvey 1206. 
Mitchell, Jo Anne Chavis 4027. 
Mitchell, John Aubrey 1207. 
Mitchell, Katherine Hurt 1608. 
Mitchell, Nicholas Pendleton, Jr. 4381. 
Mitchell, Norma Taylor 3618. 
Mitchell, Robert Allan 3518. 
Mitchell, Robert Earl 2133. 
Mitchell, William Jerome 2476. 
Mitchell, William Jerome 2683. 
Mithoefer, William Coleman 4502. 
Moberg, Theodore Russell 2735. 

Mockler, Richard Calvin 4224. 
Modirzadeh, Jamal 96. 

Modirzadeh, Joan Quilter 5652. 

Moehring, David Marion 3041. 

Moehring, David Marion 3116. 

Moffett, Robert Preyer 447a. 

Moffett, Robert Preyer 523. 

Moffett, William Andrew 3565. 

Moffitt, James William 4868. 
Moffitt, Walter Volentine 834. 
Mohammad, Murad-Baba Murad 5966. 

Mohler, J. David 277. 

Mohler, J. David 1810. 

Moler, Jar.iGs Milton 1364. 

Mo line, Jon Nelson 4108. 
Molleson, Ann Louise 21. 

Monahan, Ralph Thorns 3108. 

Montague, Joanne 2628. 

Montague, Ludwell Lee 3215. 
Monteabaro, John Greenwood 3909, 
Monteith, Larry King 1850. 
Monteith, Larry King 1896. 
Montgomery, John F. 1827. 
Montgomery, Ronald Eugene 699. 

Montgomery, Ronald Eugene 741. 
Montgomery, Theron Earle 5 713. 

Montgomery, Theron Earle 5720. 
Monyer, Kenry William 3753. 
Moody, Peter Richard 2276. 
Mool, James Bulger 3289. 
Mooney, Harold Alfred 258. 
Mooney, Harold Alfred 281. 
Mooney, Robert Cleveland 5204. 
Moore, Daniel Houston 4127. 
Moore, Edward Towson 1862. 
Moore, Eldridge Hord 3924. 
Moore, Eunice Martha 419. 
Moore, Everett L. 353. 
Moore, Helen Ruth Blair 4582. 
Moore, Jack Warren 5330. 

Moore, Jack Warren 5440. 
Moore, Jerry Hamilton 163. 

Moore, John Robert 35S1. 
Moore, John Robert 3629. 
Moore, John Wa'caon 1111. 
Moore, Katharine ratio 2503. 
Moore, Katherine Boude 3792. 


Moore, Nelle Elizabeth 2257. 
Moore, Rayburn Sabatzky 2422. 

Moore, Ross Henderson 3255. 
Moore, Troy Rozelle 5528. 

Moorefield, David Royal 5446. 

Moorman, Claude Thurman 5057. 

Moorman, Julian Pierce 5205. 

Morana, Simon Joseph 448. 
Morehead, Charles Galloway 1946. 
Morehead, Mildred Lillian 2173. 
Morehead, Sara Frances 1947. 
Morehouse, Roger Lyman 4330. 
Moretz, Bettie Opal 5762. 
Morgan, Charles H. 1911. 

Morgan, Jasper Eugene 4123. 
Morgan, Jasper Eugene 4132. 

Morgan, John 1325. 
Morgan, John Andrew 4508. 

Morgan, John Andrew 4560. 
Morgan, Karl Ziegler 4130. 
Morgan, Kenneth James 2729. 
Morgan, Richard Leroy 3051. 
Morgan, Robert Wnittelsey 3140. 

Morgan, Thomas Sellers 3619. 
Morgareidge, Clayton Clarke 4114. 
Morm, Manuel Garcia 501. 
Morison, Gordon Calvin 4460a. 

Moroney, John Rodger s 1030. 

Morris, Clara Elizabeth 1912. 

Morris, Clara Juanita 898. 

Morris, Clarence Poe 5094. 
Morris, Irene 2277. 

Morris, Paul Tidwell 1675. 
Morris, W. Walton 5631. 

Morris, William Clews 2345. 

Morris, William Edward, Jr. 1904, 

Morris, William Lind 3S1S. 
Morrison, Harriet Newell 789. 
* Morrison, Joseph L. 3605. 
Morrissey, Sheila Noel 4809. 

Morse, Theodore Frederick 3495. 

Mortenson, John Harry 4262. 

Morton, Hilton 0. 5122. 
Morton, Louis 3256. 

Morton, Perry Wilkes 4246 j . 

Morton, Vernon Adam 5373. 
Moser, Harold Eugene 1692a. 
Moser, Kenneth Bruce 663. 
Moses, Anna Katherine 5531. 
Moss, Beverly Carradine 4671. 
Mossor, Mary Gail 4746. 

Motley, Everett Lyle 1415. 

Moudy, James Mattox 5406. 
Moulden, Richard Gordon 3707. 
Mount, Elizabeth 1229. 

Mountjoy, Marjorie 815. 
Mounts, Charles Eugene 2190. 

Mouton, Eve Rita 1188. 
Mowbray, Thomas Bruce 308. 

Mowshowitz, Israel 4646. 

Mowshowitz, Israel 4709. 
Moye, William Andrew 946. 

Moyer, George Samuel 4994. 

Moylan, John Dudley 2278. 
Mueggler, Walter Frank 290. 

Mueller, David Livingstone 5441. 

Muench, John 3104. 
Muldrow, Mary Frances 5594. 

Muldrow, Mary Frances 5635. 

Mulholland, Vester Moye 1905. 

Mullen, Frank Joseph 3674. 

Mullis, Dwight Bruton 5073. 

Mumford, Carey Gardner 3767. 
Mumford, Carey Gardner 3819. 

Mumford, Lawrence Quincy 1913. 
Munger, Bernard Vernon 5432. 

Munsey, Lassie May 1275. 

Munster, Ralf Friedrich William 4076. 

Munster, Ralf Friedrich William 4415, 
Munzenrider, John Ellery 749. 
Murdoch, Bernard Constantine 1642. 
Murphy, Evelyn Frances 1042. 
Murphy, Frederick Francis 4347. 

Murphy, Hugh Edwin 4887. 
Murphy, Maude Alice 3810. 
Murphy, Ted Daniel 5976. 

Murphy, Ted Daniel 6009. 
Murray, Donald Charles 2570. 
Murray, Edward James 4683. 
Murray, James Gordon 608. 
Murray, John Aloysius 3544. 
Murray, Noland Patrick 5488. 
Murty, P. S. K. 9S3. 
Murty, P. S. K. 5747. 

Musgrove, Janice Alicia 2307. 
Mussell, Harry W. 3102. 

Musser, Benjamin F. 5278. 

Myers, Arnold Brian 2600. 

Myers, Carl Francis 3803. 

Myers, Gary Carl 3085. 

Myers, Howard Paul 5763. 

Myers, Richard Harold 53S. 

Nail, Lonnie Emerson 5023. 
Najam, Edward William 5619. 

Nakamura, Junichi 2077. 

Nance, Jcannette 5529. 

Nania, Frank 1738. 


Napoli, Franccan Gloria 2477. 

Napp, Ralph Raymond 1801. 
Nash, Ralph 2279. 
Nasiruddin 3969. 

Nathanson, Leonard Ivan 2397. 

Nau, Walter Theodore 5579. 

Nau, Walter Theodore 5610. 
Neal, Louisa Warnell 715. 

Nease, Edgar Harrison 4S83. 

Nease, Edgar Harrison 5364. 
Nease, Felton Reece 231. 
Nebel, Bernard James 322. 

Nebel, Jean Elizabeth Inglis 6026. 
Neece, George Allen 742. 
Needham, George Harlan 5306. 

Neel, Samuel Regester 5219. 
Nelson, Charlene Mae 16. 
Nelson, Fletcher 4859. 

Nelson, Melvin Frederick 4422. 


Nelson. Norman Kent 2308. 
Nelson, Ronald Roy 3708. 

Nesbitt, Marion Wilson 51S4. 
Neuhaus, Francis Clemens 78. 

Neupert, Lois Elizabeth 2208. 
New, Mary Ellen 363. 

Newberry, Gene Wilson 5383. 

Newcomer, Richard Seyier 1724. 

Newcomer, Richard Seyier 4384. 
Newell, Isaac 2382. 
Newell, Leonard Jackson 3675. 
Newland, Lee Max 843. 
Newman, Joan Pierce 2629. 

Newman, Walker Preston 2893. 
Newsom, Mary Etta Cavett 1118. 
Newton, Pliny Foster 5024. 
Nichols, Bertha 1487. 

Nichols, Lawrence Richard 3457. 
Nichols, Lawrence Richard 3500. 
Nichols, Paul Frothingham 4261. 

Nichols, Thomas Everett 1031. 

Nicholson, Maude Lucile 5515. 

Nicholson, Stanley Alan 1043. 
Nicholson, Waller S. 4995. 
Nickell, James Minor 4583. 
Nickerson, Kenneth Stanford 4756. 

Nickerson, Virginia Howard 3785. 
Nielsen, Kai Edward 4083. 

Noble, Lawrence Everman 4461. 
Noble, Lawrence Everman 4480. 
Noble, Mary Primrose 5223. 
Noggle, Burl Lee 3469. 
Noggle, Burl Lee 3528. 

Nolan, Louis Clinton 3216. 

Norberg, Carl Gustav 1698. 

Norris, Edward Janney 2542. 

Norris, Jesse Allen 1792. 

Norton, William Randolph 1157. 

Novick, William Joseph 4358. 
Novoa, William Brewster 80. 

Nowalk, Mary Janice 4006. 

Nuermberger, Gustave Adolph 3185. 

Nuermberger, Gustave Adolph 3217. 

Nuermberger, Ruth Anna Ketring 3155. 
Nuermberger, Ruth Ketring 3208. 

Null, William Stanley 3075. 
Nunley, Rachel Lee 5927. 
Nunn, Lilian Via 1070. 
Nyeu, Ming Hwa 848. 
Nyun, Maung Than 68. 

Oates, Julie, Neagle 2241. 
O'Brien, Janice Patricia 2372. 
O'Brien, Joseph William 5369. 


O'Brien, Pauline Wiggins 2387. 

Ochi, Takashi 968. 
O'Connell, John Francis 1189. 
O'Connor, Ruth 394. 

O'Dell, Roberta Maxine 5971. 

O'Donnell, James Howlett 3598. 

O'Donnell, James Howlett 3657. 

Ogden, Dunbar Hunt 2416. 
Ogden, John Patton 3325. 

Ogden, Warren Cox 


Oglesby, Glynn Aubrey 5331. 

Oglesby, Roscoe Ralph 4450, 

Olds, Dan W. 4320. 

O'Leary, James John 
O'Leary, James William 

Olinger, Harold Lawson 
Oliver, George Brown 

Oliver, George Brown 

Oliver, Henry Madison 

Oliver, Henry Madison, Jr. 873. 

Oliver, John Burrell 3501. 
Olliff, Martha Walker 
Olness, Dolores Urquiza 

Olness, John William 
Olness, Robert James 

Olsen, Norman laCour 

Olsen, Norman laCour 

Olson, David Fredrick 

Olson, Earl F. 2747. 
Olson, Frank Roland 3902. 

Olson. Sally Sapp 6013. 
Omwake, Henri Geiger 1699. 

O'Neal, Alice Burris 1550. 

O'Neal, Ernest Elijah 5185. 

Oppel, Bernard 3644. 











Oppenheim, Stanley R. 3426. 
Opton, Edward Milton 4806. 

Orange, Linwood Elden 2290. 
Orange, Linwood Elden 2408. 
Ordel, Arthur William 2855, 
Orfield, Lester Barnhardt 4366, 
Ormond, John Kern 5095. 

Osgood, David William 6027. 
Osinchak, Joseph 15. 

Osores, Luis Varilles 782. 

Ost, John William Philip 4770. 
O'Steen, Arthur Marion 2383. 
O'Steen, Wendall Keith 5960. 
Ostwalt, Jay Harold 1416. 
Ostwalt, Jay Harold 1718. 
Otey, Cosby Millard 1208. 

Otter, Mary Linne Stitely 650. 
Ouzts, James Byrnes 1633. 
Overdyke, William Darrell 3335. 
Over street, Edmond Austin 1889. 
Overton, Ernest Golden 5206. 
Overton, James Hardy 5123. 

Overton, James Hardy 5442. 

Owen, Ray Anderson 1417. 

Owens, Calvin Irwin 3970. 

Owens, William Hector 
Owens, William Keith 
Owens, William Robert 



Ownbey, Sara Elizabeth 

Owsley, Norman L. 1890. 

Pace, Donald Metcalf 5783. 
Pace, Donald Metcalf 5790. 

Pace, Ora Belle 5795. 
Packard, Hyland Bryant 3676. 

Paden, Erma Elizabeth 2346. 

I' uljj» ! l l . 1»»WI >'iu >• I..U,' I it 

: I'ijt. 

Pafford, Julian Aubrey 1586. 

Pafford, Waldo Cecil 1488. 
Pafford, Ward 2331. 
Page, Inez Harlee 3326. 

Paine, Stephen Curtiss 2399. 

Paine, Stephen Curtiss 2552. 

Painter, Edward Jackson 1365. 

Palmer, Grover Winfield 1276. 

Palmer, James Edward 4397. 

Palmer, P. Robert 1489. 

Palmour, Charles E. 1366. 

Pannill, Harry Burnell 5279. 
Pannill, Harry Burnell 5395. 

Pappas, Nicholas Anastasios 686 
Parham, James Crowder 687. 
Parham, James Crowder 724. 
Park, Robert DeForest 4152. 
Parker, Anne Elizabeth 5569. 
Parker, Carl Duncan 1851. 

Parker, Clyde Alfred 1811. 

Parker, Enid Rifner 797. 

Parker, Enid Rifner 823. 

Parker, James Austin 2943. 
Parker, John Harry 1490. 
Parker, John Reid 2976. 
Parker, Johnson 2908. 
Parker, Mary Carolyn 2134. 

Parker, Mary Ellen 480. 
Parker, William Alonzo 4181. 

Parkhurst, Amos James 1209. 
Parkinson, Russell Jay 3566. 
Parkinson, Russell Jay 3658. 

Parks, E. Taylor 3181. 

Parks, Genet Little 651. 
Parks, Helen Clare 415. 

I'tirlwi, iu-I.mi i.nulnc 2309. 

Parks, Paul Blair 4306. 

Parnell, Ruth Elizabeth 1298. 

Parr, Lois Alberta 2078. 

Parrish, Gene Blanco 3948. 
Parrish, Joanna Woodson 251. 
Parrish, Robert Guy 66. 

Parsons, Oscar Albert 4717. 
Partin, Malcolm Overstreet 3582. 
Parton, David Albert 4796. 
Paschal, Mary Naomi 1609. 
Paskins, Cloyd Woodrow 3361. 
Patel, Kanti Ashabhai 3971. 
Patrick, Clarence Hodges 5704. 

Patrick, William Franklin, Jr. 3400, 
Patten, Brooks 5246. 
Patten, Duncan T. 294. 

Patten, Francis Walter 4277. 

Patten, Raymond Alexander 4287. 
Patterson, Floyd Merrill 5096. 

Patterson, Howard Carlton 5352. 

Patterson, James Reid 4150. 
Patterson, James Reid 4237. 

Patterson, John Clarke 3173. 

Patterson, Marguerite Tiffin 5823. 

Patton, Dorothy Jean 2258. 
Patton, Ernest Gibbes 246. 

Patty, Jack Eugene 2400. 
Paulett, Grover Starr 629. 

Paulett, Grover Starr 680. 
Peace, Clifford Hinshaw 5051. 

Peale, Marjorie Elizabeth 2174. 
Pearce, Hubert Edward, Jr. 4996. 
Pearce, Lora May 1210. 
Pearson, Alden Bryan 3709. 
Pearson, Ann 1367. 

Pearson, John Herbert 354. 

Pearson, John Herbert 373. 

Peck, Alice Amanda 3756. 
Peck, Kenneth Owen 234. 

Peck. Robert Lawrence 420. 
Peddicord, Paul Wallace 1812. 

Pedersen, Pedar Malvin 428. 

Peeler, Banks J. 5035. 

Pegram, Howard Mclevcr 3866. 
Pegram, Margaret Hanner 4624. 

Pekkala, Salme Anne 5724. 

Pell, Evelyn Jackson 5541. 

Pemberton, John 5443. 

Penfield, Thornton Bancoft 2571. 
Penn, Neil Shaw 3549. 

Penninger, Frieda Elaine 2322. 2553. 
Pennington, Frederic Adams 2401. 

Pennypacker, Henry Sutton 4784. 

Perchemlides, Peter, 1936- 107a. 
Perkins, Betty Sue 5609. 
Perkins, Eugene George 2856. 
Perkins, George 2402. 

Perkins, James Croswell 5424. 
Perkins, Lois Claire 11. 

Perkins, Lois Claire 5953. 

Permenter, Walter Newton 1299. 

Perrin, Edwin Noel 2323. 
Perry, Anne Castelain 5647. 

Perry, Charles Steamberg 5307. 
Perry, Eustace R. 1649. 
Perry, Frances Hunter 528. 
Perry, Gilbert Vincent 1300. 

Perry, Haywood Arnold 1127. 

Perry, Jesse Parker, Jr. 2820. 
Perry, Lenelle 1750. 
Perry, Marvin 3519. 

Perry, Percival 3406. 
Peters, Frank Anthony 4446. 

Peters, Thelma Peterson 3265. 
Petersen, Richard Hubbard 5495. 

Petersen, William Bentz 2730. 

Peterson, Daniel McLeod 3768. 

Peterson, Dcwayne August 2456. 

Peterson, Dewayne August 2587. 

Peterson, Elizabeth Anne 614. 
Peterson, Harold Fern 3200. 

Peterson, Margaret Anne 529. 

Peterson, Philip Leslie 4107. 

Peterson, Robert John 947. 
Petitt, Gus A. 4331. 

Petri, Henry 984. 
Pettengill, R. Barbara 409. 
Pettigrew, Richard Campbell 1934, 
Pettit, Julia Ruth 1418. 

Petty, Paul Vernon 1551. 
Pew, Shelba Glenn 177. 

Peyton, Philip Barbour 4213. 

Pfeiffer, Jack Russell 2894. 
Pfeiffer, John Franklin 2659. 

Pfeiffer, Mary Margaret 3881. 

Pfeiffer, Walter Mark 4103. 

Pfisterer, Fred Russell 5332. 
Pham, Thi Thu 581. 

Pharis, Richard Persons 3068. 

Phelps, George Thomas 1230. 

Phelps, William Robert 2944. 

Phibbs, Andrew Frank 5074. 

Phifer, Ernest Carl 5280. 

Phillips, Beula Mayra 5845. 

Phillips, Claude S. 4470. 
Phillips, Colette Simpson 4584. 


Phi 1 J Lps, Dorot liuii Jo 1491 . 

Phillips, Edward Lindsey 4385. 

Phillips, James Godfrey 4835. 
Phillips, Jeffrey Travis 4585. 

Phillips, John Nova 2347. 
Phillips, Paul L. 4416. 

Phillips. Prcson Peek 456. 
Philson, Paul James 131. 

Phipps, William P. 1552. 
Phythyon, Hugh Reed 2945. 

Piavis, George Walter 5961. 

Pickens. Marshall Tvev 829. 
Pickett, William Lee 2601. 

Piedra, Harry Tiburt 5556. 

Pierce, John Arthur 4205. 

Pierce, John Louis 4586. 

Pierce, Lucile 1301. 

Pierle, Robert Christopher 2543, 
Pierpoint, Frank Ray 884. 
Pierson, Dolores Lehmann 5900. 

Pierson, Patricia Joyce 3550. 

Pierson, Robert Malcolm 2291. 

Pierson, Robert Malcolm 2353. 
Pigott, Otho Keith 907. 

Piirvee, Raimund 3011. 

Pilant, Denny E. 4558. 
Pilant, Denny Eugene 4572. 

Pilkington, Theo Clyde 
Pilkington, Theo Clyde 


Ping, Charles Jackson 5461. 

Pinschmidt, Mary Warren 5990. 
Pinschmidt, William Conrad 6010. 

Piper, Don Courtney 4533. 

Piper, John Franklin 5512. 

Pirkle, Eva Ann 3834. 
Pittard, Jesse Leo 5158. 

Pittillo, Robert Albert 1773. 

Pittman, DeWitt Kennieth 1650. 

Pittman, Frances Harris 2175. 

Pittman, Louie Delle 1368. 
Planck, Carl Gustav 1302. 

Plantinga, Cornelius A. 1634. 

Plantinga, Cornelius A. 4067. 

Pledger, William Ferrell 5075. 

Plemmons, William Howard 3212. 

Plowden, John Gabriel 2751. 

Plymale, Pearl Boggess 1303. 

Plymale, Rexford Puryear 1304. 

Poag, Frederick Vaughan 4603. 

Pohl, Herbert Ackland 421. 
Pohl, Marian Evelyn 5882. 

Pohrer, Robert George 3891. 
Pohrer, Robert George 3903. 
Polasek, Metodey 1010. 
Polk, Alice Morella 2209. 

Polk, Charles 5353. 
Polley, Max Eugene 5433. 

Pollitt, Joe Donald 2014. 

Pollock, John Brookes 1839. 

Pollock, Theodore Marvin 2324. 

Pomerening, Donald Alfred 2946. 

Pomeroy, Kenneth Brownridge 2821, 
Pond, Robert Barlett 2822. 

Pool, Bob Lem 4869. 
Pool, Bob Lem 4931. 
Pool, Frank Kenneth 5137. 
Poole, Elizabeth 5582. 
Poole, Mary Elizabeth 1986. 
Poole, Wiley Gordon 4997. 

Poos, Frederick William 3414. 
Poos, Margaret Stevenson 3415. 

Poovey, Maybelle 2035. 
Pope, Hilda Persons 26. 
Pope, Hilda Persons 30. 

Pope, Liston 4932. 
Pope, Marvin Hoyle 5106. 
Porter, Bernard 592. 
Porter, Calvin Lewis 5462. 
Porter, Earl Waters 3520. 
Porter, Earl Waters 3606. 
Porter, Gilbert Rodman 1492. 
Porter, Hardin Kibbe 558. 
Porter, Helen Elizabeth 2079. 
Porter, Henry Powell 3583. 

Porter, Henry Powell, Jr. 3729. 
Porter, James Norman 5764. 
Porter, John Allamong 2895. 

Porter, Joyce Elaine (Cahoon) 5653. 

Porter, Julia Adeline 5557. 

Porterfield, Austin Larimore 4619. 

Post, Boyd Wallace 3079. 
Poston, Mary Alvcrta 160. 

Powell, Margaret Alice 


Poteat, Mary 2023. 
Poteat, William Hardman 

Potter. John Clarkson 

Potter, Richard Austin 
Potter, Robert Duchaime 





Potts, Charlie Kinchin 

Powell, Annie Mae 2135. 

Powell, Caroline Egerton 5833 

Powell, Donald Moore 2080. 

Powell, James Dewey 1635. 
Powell, John James 5281. 

Powell, Lillie Mae 3427. 

Powell, Louis William 2947. 

Powell, Mary Ellen 3743. 
Powell, Robert William 282. 
Powell, Thomas E., Jr. 117. 

Powell, William Allan 573. 

Powell, Woodrow W. 2176. 
Powell, Woodrow W. 2465. 

Power, Walter Dean 1755. 
Powers, Harry Robert 2896. 

Pratt, Ellis Carl 1610. 
Pratt, Francis Marion 1494. 

Pratt, George Thomas 1495. 
Pratt, Joseph Gaither 4608. 

Pratt, Joseph Gaither 4620. 

Pratt, Judith Dunlap 5962. 

Pratt, Lanier Ward 5558. 
Pre is s, Jack 74. 

Prentis, Edward Walker 5186. 

Prentis, Robert Brown 4969. 

Pressly, Eleanor Crockett 3835. 

Preston, Norman George, Jr. 5308, 

Pribble, Mary Jo 630. 
Price, Albert Lee 151. 

Price, Charlotte Alber 985. 
Price, Eugene Patton 908. 
Price, Guy Vaughn 5670. 
Price, James W. 1700. 

Price, Virginia Woodruff 2504. 

Prichard, Howard Oscar 3442. 

Prichard, Virginia Meade 2384. 

Pridgen, Lorraine Isely 1074. 
Pridgeon, Charles Taylor 2572. 

Priepke, Rudolf Julius 342. 
Priepke, Rudolf Julius 359. 

Priester, Harold F. 1496. 
Prince, Agnes MacGregor 2230. 

Trine::, Deborah Burnham 6006. 

Pritchett, Leo Kluttz 1211. 

Pritchett, William Kendrick 792. 

Propst, Mary Elizabeth 1611. 

Prouty, Leonard A. 4638. 

Pruden, Brenda Lamont 4332. 

Pruess, John Frederick 3063. 

Pruette, Rowland Shaw 5400. 

Pruner, John Shults 3620. 

Pryke, Kenneth George 3551. 

Pryke, Kenneth George 3630. 

Puette, Lucille Agnes 382. 

Pueh, Charles W. 1840. 
Pugh, Elizabeth Lenora 108. 

Pugh, Evelyn Littleton 3567. 
Pugh, Olin Sharpe 933. 

Pugh, Olin Sharpe 981. 

Pullias, Earl Vivon 1222. 

Pullig, Flora Margaret 2348. 
Punyasingh, Krui 196. 

Purcell, Eugene George, Jr. 5333. 
Purcell, James Slicer 2081. 

Purcell, James Slicer 2332. 

Purcell, toe Maxine 4398. 
Purcell, Ralph Elliott 2177. 

Purcell, Wilbur Hallam 863. 
Purcell, Wilbur Hallam, 1938- 3953. 
Purcell, Wilbur Hallam, 1938- 3966. 

Purser, David Ingram 2210. 

Pushard, Gladys Garrett 3829. 

Puterbaugh, Walter H. 574. 

Pyle, Katherine A. 2242. 
Quarterman, Elsie 178. 
Quarterman, Elsie 211. 

Queen, Vergil Erwin 5207. 

Quillen, Delia Lucile 1962. 

Rabossi, Eduardo A. 4099. 
Racine, Charles Henry 317. 

Rader, George Leroy 1497. 

Radford, Kitty Chamberlin Hyatt 1758, 

Raebeck, Charles 1732. 
Raff, Patricia Jane 228. 
Rahman, Syed Matiur 4797. 

Rainey, Lawyer James 4860. 

Rainsford, Albert Edwin 364. 
Rainsford, Albert Edwin 407. 

Rainwater, Roland William 5282. 
Rajagopalan, Govindachari T. 743. 
Rajan, Jai Raj Narain 774. 
Ralston, Charles William 2787. 

Ralston, Charles W. 2870. 
Ramey, David Scott 2788. 
Ramsaur, Edmund George 3482. 

Ramsay, Charles McKay 5287. 
Ramsay, Sheila Anne 992. 

Ramsey, Benjamin Sterling 1676. 
Ramsey, Helen Joyce 5863. 

Ramsey, Julia Emma 2015. 
Ramsey, Robert Wayne 3470. 

Rand, George I. 2660. 
Rand, Patricia June 323. 
Rand, Robert Collom 3811. 

Randall, Eugene Boyd 5076. 
Randall, James Carlton 744. 

Randle, Clinton Wilson 5680. 
Raney, Mary Ann 5642. 
Rankin, John Stewart 5824. 
Raper, Julius Rowan 2573. 

Rapoport, Lorence 468. 
Rapp, Marvin August 3290. 
Rapp, Marvin August 3420. 

Raskin, Vilma Leah 2243. 

Rasor, Charles Lewis 2136. 

Rasor, Ellen Frances 3830. \ 

Ratchford, Benjamin Ulysses 831. 

Ratchford, Benjamin Ulysses 844. 

Ratchford, Charles Brice 938. 
Ratcliff, Billy 0. 1498. 

Ratcliffe, Anne King 1612. 

Rath, Harry Nicholas 1128. 

Rathmell, Jack Edward 1841. 

Rati iff, Charles Edward 934. 
Ratliff, Charles Edward 964. 
Ratnam, Bollapragada Venkata 291. 

Rattc, Rcna Josephine 4087. 

Ratte, Rcna Josephine 4093. 

Raup, William W. 3471. 

Ravcnel, William Bee, III 2100. 

Rawl, William Asmann 1326. 
Rawlinson, Cam Rhodes 1158. 

Rawls, Horace Darr 5757. 

Ray, Cora Miller 1305. 
Ray, Milton Undrel 5309. 

Ray, Philip Lancaster 2948. 

Rayner, Kenneth Tyson 3744. 

Rea, Katherine 3327. 
Reaves, Agnes 2602. 

Reavis, Rebecca 1420. 
Rebuck, Allen Laverne 324. 

Recano, Henry Howard 3388. 

Recoulley, Alfred Lunsford 2661. 
Reddish, Paul Sigman 133. 
Redman, Robert B. 893. 

Reece, James B. 2310. 
Reece, James Brady 2388. 
Reed, Arthur Van 2823. 

Reed, Bruce 1658. , 

Reed, Frederick tenable 3867. 

Reed, John Frederick 134. 

Reed, John Frederick 141. 

Reed, Mildred Gant Stites 135. ' 

Reed, Ralph Lee 5247. 

Rees, Edward Jeffries 4870. 

Rees, George Howard 5954. 

Reese, David Whitehead 5124. 
Reese, Ethel Merritt 43. 

Reese, Malcolm Cephus 5077. 
Reeves, Marie Louise 1369. 
Reeves, W. Thomas 3248. 
Reeves, Walter Paschal 2439. 
Reeves, Walter Paschal 2610. 
Regan, James Robert 5354. 
Register, Kenneth Davis 5283. 

Rcichard, James Charles 5159. 
Reichert, Albert Phillips 4058. 

Reid, Charles Lloyd 4079. 
Reid, Charles Lloyd 4097. 

Reid, David Gene 2736. 

Reid, Louis Jean 3939. 
Reid, Robert Harding 3416. 
Reid, William Henry 2789. 
Reid, William James 652. 
Reigner, Irvin Cope 2824. 

Rein, William Christopher 1306. 
Rein, William Christopher 1599. 
Reinhardt, William Warren 3677. 
Reiser, John Shealy 566a. 
Remley, Winslow Rodeck 4269. 
Renegar, Douglas 2457. 
Renfroe, Carl Gilbert 1307. 
Renfrow, William Burns 407a. 

Ktsutrow, w i 11 1.11,1 iluvns, jr. 383. 

Rentz, Thomas Eugene 5620. 

Reshaur, Kenneth Morton 4591. 
Retan, Edith Jeannette 1421. 
Router, William Leo 1212. 
Revcley, Walter Taylor 5407. 
Rex, Richard Luther 3109. 
Rexroad, Harvey Nixon 4248. 
Reynolds, Clark Gilbert 2645. 

Reynolds, Clark Gilbert 3687. 

Reynolds, George Arthur 539. 

Reynolds, Harlan Jerome 1784. 

Reynolds, James William 5365. 
Reynolds, John Bradley 1613. 

Reynolds, John Terrence 4321. 

Reynolds, Norman L. 2359. 

Reynolds, Thomas Davies 3831. 

Reynolds, Thomas Davies 3860. 

Rhett, Robert Barnwell 2977. 
Rho, Joon Hee 243 . 
Rho, Joon Hee 264. 

Rhoades, Mary Jane Hertenstein 318. 
Rhoades, Richard Wesley 325. 
Rhodes, Daniel Durham 5388. 

Rice, Clinton Posey 1258. 
Rice, John Edward 5248. 

Rice, Nolan Ernest 5798. 
Rice, Nolan Ernest 5808. 

Rice, Ruth Smith 2036. 

Rice, William Ward 3105. 

Rich, Edward Barry 4801. 
Richards, Claud Henry 4417. 

Richards, Claud Henry 4433. 
Richards, George David 2630. 
Richards, James Austin 4155. 

Richards, Jane Leighton 4914. 

Richards, Margaret (Weather ly) 2662. 

Richards, Michael Uulany 3678. 

Richards, Michael Reynard 2574. 

Richards, Noel J. 3599. 
Richardson, Betty (McCarthy) 4322. 

Richardson, Henry Powell 5160. 
Richardson, John William 1499. 
Richardson, Jonathan Lynde 6031. 

Richardson, Sarah Evelyn 1614. 
Richey, McMurry Smith 5125. 
Richey, McMurray Smith 5413. 
Richman, Ann Fiser 2663. 
Richman, Larry 2479. 

Richmond, John Ashley 1259. 

Richmond, John D. 1500. 
Richmond, William Dickenson 1231. 

Richter, Melissa Lewis 4043. 
Richter, Peyton Elliott 4078. 

Rickard, Harry Cleveland 5097. 

Rickey, Mary Ellen 2325. 

Rickman, Raymond Horatio 1636. 
Riddick, Floyd Millard 4389. 

Riddle, Ida Belle 4029. 
Ridenhour, Henry Isley 5310. 
Riebel, John Daeschner 9. 

Rierson, Herman Auston 5934. 

Rigg, Ann Evangeline 1587. 

Riley, Madison Monroe 2693. 

Riley, Walter Samuel 2991. 

Rimmcr, Maude Ella 3225. 

Ring, Harold Francis 4177. 

Ringlcr, Betty Irene 481. 

Rink, James Edward 5098. 

Rintelen, Joseph Charles 399. 

Risner, Benjamin F. 3378. 

Rivera, Rodolfo Osvaldo 3156. 
Rivera, Rodolfo Osvaldo 3191. 
Rives, John Edgar 4295. 

Robbins, Cecil Wayne 4970. 

Roberg, Jane 4148. 
Roberg, Jane 4156. 

Roberson, Paul Dawson 4386. 

Robert, Joseph Clarke 3157. 
Robert, Joseph Clarke 3201. 

Roberts, Alma 2101. 

Roberts, Beatrice Thelma 3771. 
Roberts, Bruce Roger 3052. 

Roberts, Bruce Roger 3097. 

Roberts, Charles Buck 4462. 

Roberts, Daisy Mae 1140. 

Roberts, Frances Lenora 2801. 

Roberts, Henry Stoutte 5892. 

Roberts, Ivon Leard 4836. 

Roberts, John Stephen 6032. 

Roberts, Lucien Emerson 3352. 
Roberts. Patricia Ruth 253. 

Robertson, Alfred P. 2137. 

Robertson, Archibald Thomas, Jr. 1924. 
Robertson, Clyde Henry, Jr. 5909. 

Robertson, Clyde Henry 5932. 

Robertson, Eleanor Virginia 1588. 

Robertson, Hettie Marian 3236. 
Robertson, James Campbell Hay 2828. 
Robertson, James Louis 5025. 
Robertson, Lora Lee 121. 

Robertson, Patricia Ruth 2326. 

Robins, Robert Sidwar 4529. 

Robins, Robert Sidwar 4561. 

Robinson, Albert John 1017. 

Robinson, Benjamin Franklin 1501. 

Robinson, Betty Belle 909. 

Robinson, Blackwell Pierce 3291. 

Robinson, Boyd B. 1112. 

Robinson, Charles Kivet 5444. 

Robinson, Frances 1422. 
Robinson, Harold Ernest 283. 

Robinson, Harold Manson 4971. 

Robinson, Hugh Gettys 4225. 

Robinson, James Thompson 4684. 

Robinson, Margaret Eula 2311. 

Robinson, Maryanne 5943. 

see also 
Hughes, Maryanne (Robinson) 

Robinson, Milton Harvey 5366. 

Robinson, Stewart Marshall 3930. 

Robinson, Thomas Eugene 1502. 

Robinson, Woodrow Thomas 1553. 
Robinson, Woodrow Wilson 1615. 

Rochlin, Alan M. 4718. 

Rochow, Theodore Frederick 309. 

Rock, Howard Francis Leonard 247, 

Rock, William Alfred 5284. 

Rock, William Ray 3483. 

Rock, William Ray 3529. 

Rocks, James Engel 2575. 
Rodgers, Charles Leland 188. 

Rodriquez-Diago, Andres 5788. 

Roe, Jay Thomas 3710. 
Roebuck, Julian 5702. 
Rogers, Anne Herndon 1785. 
Rogers, David William 1802. 
Rogers, Dorothy 1693. 

Rogers, Henry Harper 4119. 
Rogers, Hollis Jetton 212. 

Rogers, Isabel Wood 5463. 

Rogers, Jack David 3053. 

Rogers, James Edwin 520S. 

Rogers, John Groe 285 7. 
Rogers, Maude F. 1048. 
Rogers, Powell Burwell 1963. 

Rogers, Rembert A. 924. 
Rogolino, Mary Theresa 5591. 

Rohrbaugh, Daniel W. 3328. 

Rohrer, Robert Harry 4226. 

Rolland, William Woody 4307. 

Roller, David Charles 3621. 

Roller, David Charles 3730. 

Rollings, Grace Dunlap 5542. 

Rollins, Roy Eugene 1277. 
Rolston, Cornelia Love 5536. 
Romine, Benjamin Houston 4810. 
Rooker, Bessie Alice 1065. 
Rooks, Charles Stanley 4566. 
Rooks, John James 5126. 

Root, Paul A. 4933. 
Root, Paul Adelbert 5676. 
Root, Raymond Willard 114. 

Root, Raymond Willard 5784. 

Root, Raymond Willard 5791. 

Ropp, George William 1159. 

Rorer, David Cooke 4323. 

Rose, Charles William 1859. 
Rose, Floyd Day 4821. 

Rose, Jesse Lee 799. 
Rose, Jesse Lee 814. 

Rosell, David Paul 3978. 
Roseman, Morris 4678. 
Rosen, Fred 55. 

Rosenbaum, Haskell Menachim 471, 
Rosenberg, Alexander F. 609. 

Rosenberg, Alexander F. 566b. 
Rosenblatt, Max Barr 5821. 

Roscndahl, Russell Otto 2694. 

Rosenstein, George Morris 3944. 
Rosenstein, George Morris 3958. 

Rosenthal, Gerald A. 3086. 

Rosenthal, Louis 3875. 
Rosoff, Morton 610. 
Ross, Ella Virginia 1190. 
Ross, William Alexander 1370. 

Ross, William D. 904. 

Ross, William D. 939. 

Rosser, Lillian Evelyn 877. 

Rossy-Valderrama, Carmen R. 5928, 

Roth, Robert Harold 5769. 

Roth, Rodney Jack 3949. 
Rothschild, Carl 83. 

Rountree, Elliott Moye 1213. 

Rouse, Henry McCormick 2505. 

Rouse, Mary Church 2576. 

Row, Horace Clark 3032. 

Rowland, John L. 4934. 

Roy, Barbara Danehower 2506. 

Ruangchotvit, Thip 993. 

Rubin, Herbert Bernard 5861. 

Rucker, Neville Leon 986. 

Ruckman, Lee Van 5249. 
Ruddick, Girard B. 836. 

Rudin, Vera 484. 

Rudin, Walter 3849. 

Rudin, Walter 3873. 

Rudisill, Dorus Paul 5316. 
Rudolph, Victor John 2740. 
Rudolph, Victor John 2909. 

Ruff, Hazel Shelton 3329. 
Ruff in, Albert 2327. 

Rumbold, Dean Warren 5777. 

Rundlett, Thurman Learoyd 395. 

Runyan, Theodore 3158. 
Rupp, Joseph C 72. 

Rush, Joseph Harold 4188. 
Rusk, James Rogers 4296. 

Russ, Alexander 3804. 
Russell, Charles Daniel 445. 

Russell, Harrell McTeer 4972. 

Russell, Leon 4861. 

Russell, Marcia Rachel 4594. 

Russell, Mat tie 3530. 

Rustin, Lee D. 5187. 

Rustomji, Roshni Behram 2631. 

Rutledge, Ivan Cate 4418. 
Rutman, Gilbert Lionel 1044. 

Ryan, Edward William 976. 

Ryder, Katherine Scribner 4056. 

Ry lander, Gustave W. 3458. 
Saadaldin, Mohammed Jawad 3935, 
Saadaldin, Mohammed Jawad 3925, 
Sadler, George Marion 1998. 

Saide, Frederick 3711. 

Saini, Tej Bhan Singh 3035. 

Sakornbut, Songe Sook 2829. 

Sales, Millard Vance 1765. 

Sales, Reames Hawthorne 5334. 
Sales, Reames Hawthorne 5396. 

Salley, Charles Dudley 1038. 

Salley, Claudia Louise 3379. 

Salmond, John Alexander 3688. 

Salomon, Ann Douglass 4657. 

Salter, Harriet M. 3362. 
Saltzman, ^rving Jackson 4652. 
Sam, Ahmad 615. 
Sam, Ahmad 647. 

Sample, Everett Jean 2280. 

Sampley, Anne lie 2458. 
Sams, Alma Frances 2211. 

Sams, Eugene Richard 1891. 

Samuels, Norman 4545. 

Sandefur, Earl Wilton 1813. 

Sanderford, Patricia Butler 2417. 

Sanders, Mary 1503. 

Sanderson, James Joseph 513. 
Sandler, David 4817. 

Sandlin, Hiram Walter 1554. 
Sandusky, Fred William 1803. 

Sanford, Marshall Stanfield 4915. 
Sanford, Marshall Stanfield 4973. 

Sanguannam, Anant 4522. 
Santadusit, Aroon Ekchandra 1. 

Santoro, Jean Claudio 2978. 

Sanver, Armagen 775. 

Saperstein, Passie Othello 485. 

Sappington, Roger Edwin 3496. 

Sappington, Roger Edwin 3573. 
Sarett, Herbert Paul 49. 

Sartorius, William Schoolfield 3197, 

Sasser, Roxie Johnson 1079. 

Sastri, Mantrala L. N. 4209. 

Sauls, Barbara Ayers 2664. 

Saunders, Ernest William 5257. 

Savage, William Richard 1504. 
Savely, Harvey Epperson 5837. 

Sawin, Horace Lewis 2409. 

Sawyer, Roma Elizabeth 4372. 

Saxena, Surendra Kumar 783. 
Say lor, John Henry 330. 

Saylor, John Henry 345. 
Sayre, Lee Baldwin 2507. 

Saz, Arthur Kenneth 50. 

Scanlon, Mary Rebecca 2016. 
Scarboro, Louise 2244. 

Scarborough, Henry Baldwin 4143a. 
Scarpelli, Emile Michael 4359. 
Scarrow, Howard Albert 4471. 
Schacht, William Patrick 3076. 
Schaedler, Louis Calvern 2178. 

Schafcr, Thomas Anton 5389. 
Schaller, Aileen Lewis 943. 

Schaller, Charles Burnett 1505. 

Schaller, Howard Graham 950. 

Schallert, Dorothy Amaryllys 5785. 
Schatzberg, Paul 582. 

Scheid, Paul William 1964. 

Schell, Kerry Franklin 3117. 
Scher, Theodore Gould 3012. 
Scheraga, Harold A. 449. 
Scheraga, Harold Abraham 488. 
Scherer, Wallace Brown 4672. 
Schmidt, Frederick J. 1278. 

Schneider, Julius August 1308. 
Schofield, Wilfred Borden 284. 

Scholtes, Wayne Henry 2712. 

Schoolland, John Bernard 4631. 
Schopmeyer, Clifford Scharff 147. 

Schrack, John Howard 1260. 

Schrader, Albert John 5380. 

Schramm, Richard Howard 2637d. 
Schramm, Robert J. 214. 
Schramm, Robert Johnson 285. 

Schreycr, George Maurice 5127. 
Schroder, Vincent Nils 248. 

Schultz, George Adam 6021. 

Schultz, Harold 3292. 

Schultz, Harold 3366. 

Schultz, Harold John 3574. 
Schultz, Robert Paul 3118. 
Schulze, Frances Elaine 482. 
Schunk, Gene Maria 2577. 

Schuppan, Irma Margaret 3757. 
Schwartz, Charles Murry 2949. 
Schweitzer, Adrienne Thoet 3497. 

Score, John Nelson Russell 5489, 
Scott, David 303. 

Scott, Frank Alexander 1701. 

Scott, George Milton 2017. 

Scott, Harley Augustus 4710. 
Scott, John Dayton 136. 

Scott, Leroy Alexander 5209. 
Scott, William Osborne 2403. 
Scott, Worthy Kincaid, Jr. 878. 

Scovel, Jackson 810. 
Scudder, John Ralph 1774. 

Seale, William 3679. 
Seale, William 3731. 
Searcy, Hubert 4377. 
Searcy, Hubert 4405. 
Seawell, Lee Anne 5691. 
Seay, Elizabeth Irene 3293. 
Seay, Hibernia 5516. 
Sechrist, Robert Arthur 3019. 
Secor, Philip Bruce 4503. 
Secor, Philip Bruce 4516. 
Sceber, Sandra Frederick 2665. 
Seeley, Emetta Weed 4604. 

Scery, Virginia Lee 5955. 

Seevers, Delmar Oswcll 4202. 
Sehgal, Prem Parkash 315. 

Seibert, Julien Carl 5727. 
Seigler, Milledge Broadus 2037. 

Seigler, Milledge Broadus 2218. 

Sellars, Mary Anne 2440. 

Semmler, Henry 955. 

Sensintaffar, James Clair 5025a. 

Scrinken, Sina Hasan 773. 

Setzer, John Schoneberg 5513. 

Severens, Richard Hoxie 4088. 
Severens, Richard Hoxie 4098. 

Seward, Donald Monfort 3825. 
Seward, John Hooton 642. 
Seyler, William Charles 4458. 
Sha'ban, Fuad 2544. 

Sha'ban. Fuad 2684. 
Shackford, Joseph Temple 5250. 
Shafer, Julia Simpson 1931. 
Shaffer, Donald Wade 2055. 
Shakespeare, James Ewart 2545. 
Shankle, Carl Edward 1661. 
Shankle, Herbert Lazelle 355. 
Shannon, Charles Eugene 5210. 

Shannon, Edgar Finley 2179. 
Shannon, Edward McDaniel 1119. 

Shapiro, Constance 2251. 
Shapiro, Oscar William 5895. 
Sharp, Allan Rhinehart 1793. 

Sharp, David Gordon 4146. 
Sharp, David Gordon 5826. 
Sharp, Eron Malcolm 4605. 

Sharp, Henry 3876. 

Sharp, Henry 3894. 

Sharp, John Buckner 2790. 
Sharpe, Ralph M. 4935. 
Shaver, Robert Vickers 2480. 
Shaw, Daryl Winston 1214. 

Shaw, Jeanne McGuffin 2487. 
Shaw, John Nelson 725. 

Shaw, John Sidney 3266. 

Shaw, Thomas Jefferson, Jr. 1948. 

Shaw, William Henry 1129. 

Shawver, William Rowley 3912. 

Shear, William Merrill 4451. 
Sheese, Mildred Libbie 3237. 

Shelburne, Frank Amfort 750. 
Shelton, Napier 300. 

Shepard, Maurice Charles 4003. 

Shepherd, Warren Lee 3972. 

Sheppard, Albert Parker 1897. 

Sherer, James Pressly 716. 
Sherry, John Joseph 1506. 
Sherwood, Richard Appleton 5755. 
Shewbert, John Edward, Jr. 4998. 
Shields, Howard William 4246f. 
Shields, James Montgomery 1145. 

Shields, Margaret Virginia 2082. 
Shih, Chung -wen 2312. 
Shih, Chung -wen 2410. 

Shinn, Fred Harris 5078. 
Shinn, Gerald Harris 5499. 
Shipp, Mary Elizabeth 5796. 
Shirey, William Arthur 5723. 
Shivers, Joseph Clois 457. 
Shivers, Joseph Clois 489. 
Shockley, Martin Staples 1965. 
Shockloss, Michael Daniel 1261. 
Shogren, Ruth E. 3600. 
Shook, Howard Everett, Jr. 751. 
Shore, Richard Eugene 5991. 
Shore, Richard Eugene 6011. 

Short, Ray E. 5750. 

Shorter, Robert Ncwland 2459. 

Shorter, Robert Newland 2685. 

Shriver, George Hite 5464. 
Shropshire, William Ogden 1026. 
Shut f lcbarger , Irnia Frances 1637, 

Shuford, Haywood Rhyne 4676. 
Shugrue, Michael Francis 2518. 
Shugrue, Michael Francis 2441. 
Shull, Paul Eugene 1309. 

Shuller, Edgar Ralph 


Shuster, Charles Willard 5929. 
Siddall, Thomas Henry 540. 

Sidney, Cedric Thomas 

Siegel, Paul Shafer 
Sigmon, Hugh William 




Silk, Leonard Solomon 

Silva, Joseph A. 3868. 

Silva, Joseph Andrew 3887. 

Simmons, Alma Julia 2102. 

Simmons, Bowen Eugene 4214. 
Simmons, Edgar B. 3797. 

Simmons, James Wood 4171. 
Simmons, Willard Russell 879. 
Simonds, Gardner William 1589. 
Simons, Mayrant 1874. 
Simpson, Harold Ross 5211. 
Simpson, Mary McNab 1987. 
Simpson, Robert Sisson 4387. 

Simpson, Ruth Winifrid. 

Simpson, William Hays 
Simpson, William Hays 
Sims, Alice 1507. 



Sims, Clara Mabel 1215. 
Sinclair, Elizabeth Faye 583. 

Sinclair, Elizabeth Faye 624. 

Sinclair, Giles Merten 2259. 

Sinclair, Peter Kirk 935. 
Sindberg, Ronald Max 4742. 

Singeltary, Mary L. 167. 
Singer, Armand Edwards 5566. 
Singer, Armand Edwards 5588. 

Singer, Mary Rebecca (White) 824. 
Singer, Stephen Sloane 4485. 

Singletary, William Albert 1833. 

Singleton, George Harbin, Jr. 4936. 

Singleton, Marvin Kenneth 2519. 

Singleton, Marvin Kenneth 2442. 
Singleton, Mary Clyde 4. 
Singleton, Mary Clyde 19. 

Siple, Claire Dwight 5381. 

Sisk, Glenn Nolen 3463. 

Sisk, Josephine Rowe (Courtney) 1555. 

Sites, Thelma Wilson 2212. 

Sitton, Robert McConnell 4109. 

Sizemore, William Roy 2791. 

Skaggs, Calvin Lee 2481. 

Skeen, James Morris 1216. 
Skell, Philip Solomon 453. 
Skelton, Billy Ray 1032. 
Skiles, Amos F. 1508. 
Skiles, F. 0. 1509. 
Skinner, Alfred Lister 438. 

Skipp, Francis Edwin 2588. 
Slack, Herbert William 1175. 
Slacum, Emerson Phillips 1510. 
Slade, Russell Stewart 2858. 

Slaughter, Grimes Gibbons 4206. 
Slaughter, Grimes Gibbons 4249. 

Slay, James Matthew 5570. 

Sledd, Warren Candler 787. 

Sleichter, Martha Beryl 3346. 

Sliker, Alan William 2979. 

Sloan, Mrs. Alice Catherine (Gaines) 5580. 

Sloan, John Lindsay 3854. 

Sloan, John Stover 5673. 
Sloan, Marion Lucile 3226. 

Sloane, Keith 1005. 
Slone, Jewell E. 3294. 

Smalling, James Arthur 5099. 

Smart, Hugh Robert George 4074. 

Smart, Virginia Lee 811. 

Smedberg, William Waldemar 2792. 

Smith, A. Lee 3805. 

Smith, Alexander Goudy 4178. 

Smith, Allen Candler 3249. 
Smith, Aubert Marlyn 5251. 

Smith, Barbara Anne 2508. 

Smith, Benjamin Lee 1232. 
Smith, Bernard Fletcher 2897. 

Smith, Burke McGuire 4625. 

Smith, Burke McGuire 4661. 
Smith, Calvin Clifton 2360. 

Smith, Calvin Clifton 2449. 

Smith, Carolyn (Herbert) 2520. 
Smith, Cecil Clive 1160. 

Smith, Charles E. 1590. 

Smith, Charles Moody 5026. 
Smith, Culver Haygood 3202. 

Smith, David Edward 4546. 

Smith, David Edward 4573. 

Smith, David V. 2898. 

Smith, Donald George 2423. 

Smith, Dorothy Elizabeth 1591. 

Smith, Edwin Studley 459. 

Smith, Elizabeth Ann 2666. 
Smith, Elsie Margaret 1423. 

Smith, Eugene Joseph 84. 

Smith, Frank Ferrell 152. 

Smith, Geneva Marie 5621. 

Smith, Hampden Harrison, Jr. 5051a, 
Smith, Harmon Lee 5479. 

Smith, Harry Otto 1161. 
Smith, Hugh Preston 1050. 

Smith, Joan Holmquist 5668. 

Smith, John David 2859. 

Smith, Jonathan Marshall 1424. 

Smith, Kenneth Judson 653. 

Smith, Kenneth Judson 708. 

Smith, Kenneth Lee 5447. 

Smith, Lawrence Joseph 1702. 

Smith, LeRoy Walter 2424. 

Smith, Margaret McMillan 1425. 

Smith, Mildred Priscilla 3186. 

Smith, Natalie Blanche 3418. 

Smith, Newell Hart 387. 

Smith, Norwood Graham 2460. 

Smith, Ollie Sanders 1327. 

Smith, Oscar 1279. 

Smith, Pauline Duggan 2056. 

Smith, Philip Cox 3992. 

Smith, Ray George 4229. 

Smith, Rebecca 2083. 

Smith, Richard Chandler 2793. 

Smith, Richard Chandler 2910. 
Smith, Richard Clark 221. 
Smith, Richard Clark 254. 

Smith, Robert Lewis 2713. 

Smith, Robert Ross 3330. 

Smith, Robert Sidney 845. 

Smith, Sarah Olive 1080. 

Smith, Suzanne Louise 5650. 

Smith, Thomas Calvin 752. 

Smith, Virginia Alice 55S6. 
Smith, Waring Wright 2949a. 

Smith, Wilbur Franklin 1176. 

Smith, William Arthur 1511. 

Smith, William J. 


Smith, William James 94. 

Smithey, John Willie 2899. 
Smythe, William Rodger 3892. 
Smythe, William Rodger 3906. 

Sncdcgar, Dorothy M. 5107. 

Snellgrove, Harold Sinclair 3295. 

Snipes, Wallace Clayton 4324. 
Snoke, John Edward 59. 

Snow, Annabel Kelsey 2180. 

Snowden, Jesse Otho 1191. 

Snuggs, Henry Lawrence 1914. 

Snuggs, Henry Lawrence 2002. 

Snyder, Arlyne Naphtali 2632. 

Snyder, Donald Paul 4110. 

Snyder, William Ulrich 4338. 

Solomonic, Robert J. 1860. 

Solomons, Thomas William Graham 664. 

Soltero, Luz Eloisa 4164. 

Soltero, Mercedes 3855. 
Somberg, Seymour Ira 2752. 
Somberg, Seymour Ira 3080. 
Sommer, Esther Lucille 3401. 

Sommer, Gunter Friedrich 5453. 
Soodak, Harry 4162. 
Soonthornsaratoon, Dumrong 4475. 

Soper, Elgar Clyde 5128. 

Soriano, Avelina C. F. 4504. 

South, Malcolm Hudson 2546. 

Southard, Paul Cornelius 4837. 
Southern, James Albert 1720. 

Southern, Pauline Barnwell 


Soverns, James William 1512. 
Sowder, Ellie Mae 3840. 

Sowle, Patrick M. 3601. 

Sowle, Patrick Michael 3659. 


Spainhour, Richard Edward 1371, 

Spangenbcrg, Bradford 3622. 

Spangler, Arthur Hodson 1310. 
Spangler, Helen Virginia 142. 

Spangler, John David 4288. 

Sparks, Dade 3209. 

Sparks, Maryc Remelle 

Sparling, Russell Paul 

Spear, Richard Southall 

Spear, Walter L. 1711. 

Spearman, Eloise 4447. 
Spears, Julius Hubert 5288. 
Spears, Robert Wright 5052. 
Speas, Melinda Baab 5977. 
Speeks, Ida Mae 2547. 
Spell, Herbert Lee 4999. 
Spence, Besse Whitted 
Spence, Charlotte G. 
Spence, Floyd Vance 
Spencer, Dale Kirk 
Spencer, Ralph Edwin 

Spencer, Stephen Marion 
Spencer, Stephen Marion 
Spencer, William 2328. 
Sperling, Leslie Howard 
Sperling, Leslie Howard 
Sperry, Marvin Gene 3913. 
Sperry, William Hartley 3484. 
Spikes, Louis Everett 
Spivey, Herbert Edward 
Spivey, Lucy 4828. 
Sprague, Edward Dubois 
Spraker, James Henry 
Spring, Marion Kathryn 
Sprouse, Veda Bagwell 






Stabler, Carey V. 3381. 
Stackhouse, Arva Eastwood 3159. 
Stadthagen, Heinz 858. 

Stafford, David Benbow 5732. 

Stafford, Garland Raid 4937. 

Stagner, Marilyn Leanne 5977a. 
Stainbrook, Edward John 4654. 

Staley, Richard Lee 5648. 
Stallcup, Mary Jane 4161. 
Stalnaker, Lillian 2084. 
Stalvey, James Benjamin 3178. 
Stalzer, Robert Frederick 497. & 560. 

Stamey, Robert Henry 5188. 

Stamy, A. Reese 1130. 

Stanback. Tnomas Melville 957. 
Stanbarger, Phyllis Ann 2482. 

Stanbury, Walter Albert 1966. 

Stanbury, Walter Albert 2088. 

Stancik, Edwin Edward 3869. 

Stanfield, Claude Edwin 5335. 

Stanford, Stephen Dunlap 3472. 

Stanton, Peggy Jane 2461. 
Stark, John Daniel 3607. 

Stark, Lloyd William 3857. 

Starling, James Holt 5871. 

Starling, Mary Lee 1932. 
Starmer, Charles Franklin 1892. 

Starnes, Alvin Bradley 1162. 

Staton, Ennis Calvin 1083. 
Stauffer, Russell G. 1372. 
Steel, James Richard 215. 

Steele, Alpheus Thornton 880. 
Steele, Arthur Robert 3545. 
Steele, Betty Jean 2604. 

Steele, Chester Raymond 5252. 
Steele, Marion DeVault 5532. 

Steclman, Max Randolph 1427. 

Stcclman, Ruth A. 1428. 

Stecnscn, Donald 3054. 

Steer, Alfred Gilbert 3128. 

Steffcnsen, June Emma 2633. 
Steiner, Pinckney Alston 4333. 

Steirly, Charles Cornell 2714. 

Stem, Margaret 4829. 
Stephens, Arey Lee 1280. 

Stephens, H. W. 4122. 

Stephenson, Harold Patty 4174. 
Stephenson, Harold Patty 4210. 

Stephenson, Marion Osborne 5129. 
Stephenson, Mary Elizabeth 4030. 
Sterne, Richard Stephen 4660. 
Stevens, Harlan Riley 3936. 

Stevenson, Arthur Linwood 4593. 
Stevenson, Linwood Jennings 5285. 
Stewart, A. Theodore, Jr. 549. 

Stewart, A. Theodore, Jr. 593. 
Stewart, Alva Ware 4476. 
Stewart, Beverly Ann (Bridges) 567 
Stewart, Burton Gloyden 1217. 
Stewart, John Wiley 598. 
Stewart, Mary Alice Leath 1177. 
Stewart, Paul Dckker 4419. 
Stewart, Paul Dekker 4439. 

Stewart, Sara 3745. 
Stewart, Truman Joel 3296. 
Stewart, Wilber C. 1842. 
Stewart, Wilber Clarence 1877. 
Still, Evedon Howell 1429. 

Still, Joseph Ragsdalc 4974. 
Stillwell, Edgar F. 5915a. 

Stillwell, Edgar F. 5948. 

Stillwell, Harold Daniel 3006. 

Stim, Thomas Bernard 4007. 

Stires, Lawrence Robert 5644. 

Stirewalt, Martin Luther, Jr. 803. 

Stirewalt, Martin Luther, Jr. 826. 

Stober, John William 1045. 

Stober, William John 977. 

Stockdale, Harry Foster 3459. 

Stockdale, Ruth Mary 450. 

Stockton, Manley Stillwell 3504. 
Stockton, Marijim 2668. 

Stoehr, Henry Arthur 2753. 
Stokes, J. Lemacks II 4938. 

Stokes, James C. 5000. 
Stokes, Marion Boyd, Jr. 5028. 

Stokes, Ruth Wyckliffe 3754. 

Stone, Ann 5600. 
Stone, Clarence Nathan 

Stone, Clarence Nathan 

Stone, Edward 2333. 
Stone, Henry Clarence 
Stone, Henry Otto 6022. 

Stone, Jake Ward 1514. 
Stone, Jane Dunn 5342. 
Stone, Joseph Leslie 
Stone, Margaret Jones 




Stone, Mary Niemi 4524. 
Storch, Margaret Rees 5709. 
Storey, George Gilbert 2057. 

Stott, Janadus Doane 4839. 
Stover, Kermit Martin 1311. 
Stowe, David Henry 1147. 

Stowe, William McFerrin 5029. 

Stowers, Dewey Marion 1775. 
Stradley, Paul Gill • 3187. 

Stradley, Reese Gillespie 3772. 

Strain, Edward Richard 4695. 
Strange, William Ernest 1218. 

Strickland, Thomas Edward 5212. 
Stripling, Edna Harriette 5581. 
Strother, Eura Vance 1120. 
Stroud, Dorothy Mae 3196. 
Stroud, Lowell 1706. 
Stroude, Alice Pauline 1592. 

Stroupe, Henry Smith 3353. 
Stroven, Carl 2149. 

Stuart, Charles Edward 4642. 

Stuart, Charles Morgan 3773. 

Stuart, John Calhoun 1834. 
Stuart, William Morley 4104. 
Stubbs, David Leon 5253. 
Stuckey, James Morlan 403. 

Stuckey, James Morlan 433. 

Stucky, Elizabeth Jane 4084. 

Stull, Martha Louise 1646. 

Sturm, Albert L. 4420. 

Sturm, Albert Lee 4428. 

Sturtevant, William Lyons 5311. 
Stutts, Patricia Louise 105. 

Styer, Mildred M. 3812. 
Sugden, Herbert Wilfred 1915. 
Sugden, Herbert Wilfred 1989. 
Suggs, Marion Jack 5419. 

Suid, Lawrence Howard 3623. 
Sullivan, Claude Townsend 365. 
Sullivan, Edward Thomas 2794. 
Sullivan, Edward Thomas 2994. 

Sullivan, Eugene Redmond 4559. 

Sullivan, Willie Jefferson 366. 

Sulzer, Richard Lee 4679. 

Sulzer, Richard L. '4719. 

Summers, George Boyd 1328. 

Summitt, Paul Clayton 4567. 
Sunas, Ernest Constantine 700. 

Sund, Judith Elna 


Suri, Kanwal Kishore 4299. 
Sussman, Gennifer Pearson 1006. 
Sutcliffe, William Humphrey, Jr. 5886. 

Sutcliffe, William Humphrey 5901. 
Sutley, Edgar Eudell 5633. 

Sutor, Jack Alexander 3347. 

Suttle, Jimmie Ray 4325. 

Sutton, Max Keith 2509. 

Sutton, Max Keith 263 7e. 
Sutton, Richard Francis 2860. _ 

Swackhamer, T. Cecil 5001. 

Swain, Louis Hall 1967. 

Swamer. Frederic Wurl 514. 

Swann, Edgar Allen 5100. 
Swanson, John Chester 332. 

Swanson. John Chester ,388. 

Swanson, William Edward 5622. 

Sward, Gilbert Leinbaugh 3904. 

Swaringen, Roy Archibald 1148. 
Swearingen, Mildred E. 1515. 

Sweet, David Emery 


Swendiman, Dorothy Delia 3348. 

Swensen, James Herbert 2980. 
Swcrlick, Isadore 525. 
Swicegood, Ella Mae Cox 2138. 

Swim, Riley Cecil 1262. 

Swink, Ray Franklin 5355. 
Syme, Samuel Augustus 1776. 

Syme, Samuel Augustus 3568. 

Sypher, Ruth Margaret 1516. 

Tabor, Dorothy Hazel 3349. 
Takenaka, Yasuo 73. 

Takeuchi, Kenji 1018. 

Talbert, Robert Harris 5699. 

Talbot, Gloria Anne 2443. 

Talbutt, Palmer Cummins 4101. 

Tamkin, Arthur S. 4720. 

Tanner, Agnes Mae Vicars 1659. 

Tanner, Edward William 367. 

Tanner, Martha M. 5846. 
Tarbutton, Grady 374. 

Tarrall, Elmer 1373. 
Tarrant, Paul 469. 
Tarumingkeng , Rudolf Christiaan 

Tarver, David Franklin 5002. 

Tate, Lucille Ann 4362. 

Tate, Robert Spence 5130. 

Tate, Russell Sage, Jr. 881. 
Taylor, Barbara Day 17. 

Taylor, Charles Theodore 882. 

Taylor, Charles Theodore 1281. 

Taylor, Donald Lavor 5706. 

Taylor, Doris Lavenia 1374. 

Taylor, Ellis Bruce 1556. 

Taylor, George Aiken 5408. 
Taylor, Guy 1766. 

Taylor, James David 1683. 

Taylor, John David 4757. 

Taylor, Kenneth Merwin 5420. 


Taylor, Louise Randall 5878. 

Taylor, Mary Thelma 1517. 

Taylor, Nancy Nettles 2018. 

Taylor, Noel Alexander 1312. 
Taylor, Orville Walters 3531. 

Taylor, Patricia Lloyd 4035. 

Taylor, Paul Richard 5101. 

Taylor, Raymond Herbert 5030. 

Taylor, Robert King 5799. 
Taylor, Robert Lee 35. 

Taylor, Voigt Otway 5131. 
Taylor, Walter Herman 235. 

Teagarden, Lucetta Jane 


Teagarden, Lucetta Jane 2232. 
Teer, Harold Benton 5188a. 

Teer, Thomas Walter 2329. 

Teets, Bruce Earle 2411. 

Teffeteller, Gordon Lamar 3646. 

Teichman, Milton 2373. 
Cellman, Stephen James - 3111. 

Templet, Paul Hughes 734. 

TePaske, John Jay 3485. 

TePaske, John Jay 3575. 
Terrell, Katherine 3428. 

Terry, Charles E. 1518. 
Te Strake, Diane 267. 

see also 
Wagner, Diane Te Strake 305. 

Tetenbaum, Marvin 


Tetenbaum, Marvin Theodore 
Tew, Thelma 1375. 
Tew, William Alton 4975. 

Thacker, James Allen 1684. 

Thackston, Thomas Jefferson 

Thacore, Harshad Rai 4016. 
Thames, Harold Stanley 4481. 



Thiel, Goodrich August 3877. 

Thomas, David Rolf 4776. 
Thomas, Florence 189. 

Thomas, John Edward 4089. 
Thomas, John Edward 4111. 
Thomas, John Frederick • 4610. 
Thomas, Mary Elizabeth 3389. 
Thomas, Mary Olive 2425. 

Thomas, Theodore Hubert 4492. 
Thomas, William West 5500. 

Thomasson, Gerald Ste. Gemme 2901. 
Thompson, Annie Laura 5654. 

Thompson, Arnold Chester 4976. 

Thompson, Clarence Edward 3823. 

Thompson, Dan Stuart 1814. 
Thompson, Donald Frederick 561. 
Thompson, Earle Crosland 3460. 
Thompson, Ethel 1557. 
Thompson, Evan Lewis 2213. 
Thompson, Jessie Florinda 3146. 
Thompson, John Richard 5935. 
Thompson, John Richard 6012. 
Thompson, John William 2669. 
Thompson, Kaye Ogilvie 2231. 
Thompson, Lacy Hunter 4939. 
Thompson, Lawrence Nathaniel 2902. 

Thompson, Paul Everett 1220. 
Thompson, Robert Luther 3552. 

Thompson, Virginia M. 3473. 

Thompson, Walter Rowe 5189. 

Thomson, Alexander Low 4308. 

Thorne, Harry Wallace 2903. 

Thorne, Sylvia Porter 2670. 

Thornton, Bobby Michael 1815. 

Thornton, Ernst Sccmann 2950. 

Thrift, Charles Tinsley 4916. 

Thrift, Charles Tinsley, Jr. 4977, 

Thumm, Byron Ashley 541. 

Thumm, Milford Vernon 5254. 
Thurner, John Thomas 2795. 

Tidier, Hazel 2182. 

Tillery, Doris Katherine 3774. 

Tilley, Ernest Clarence 1131. 

Tilley, Lester Archie 5031. 
Tilley, Nannie May 3179. 

Tilley, Nannie May 3270. 

Tilman, Robert Oliver 4509.- 

Tilman, Robert Oliver 4534. 

Timber lake, Emily Kent 3227. 

Timmerman, John Ranson 2058. 
Tipton, Samuel Ridley 5801. 

Titus, George Joseph 3998a. 
Tobin, Catherine Elizabeth 812. 
Todd, Richard Cecil 3443. 

Togneri, Lila C. 1593. 

Tolbert, Nancy U. 

Tollen, William B, 
Toller, A. Louis 

Tomeny, Rose Nell 




Tomlinson, Muriel D. 5587. 
Tomlinson, Muriel Dorothy 5601. 
Tompson, Reade Yates 475. 

Tongue, William Richard 800. 
Toole, Eben Richard 153. 
Toole, Eben Richard 171. 

Topper, Pearl 3402. 

Torrey, William 3055. 
Torrisi, Alfred Fred 416. 

Towers, Barry 3064. 
Towers, Barry 3119. 
Towncnd, Marion Frost 2483. 
Townes, Charles Hard 4137. 
Townsend, Freda Liverant 2183. 
Townsend, Freda Liverant 2247. 

Townsend, Harley Vance 1376. 
Townsend, Roswell George 885. 

Townsley, Inman Ueber 5079. 

Traci, Philip Joseph 2462. 

Traci, Philip Joseph 2686. 

Tracy, Helen Wellman 2245. 
Trammell, Frances Mauldin 2252. 

Trammell, James Fletcher 4978. 

Trapnell, Emily Annette 5632. 

Trawick, Mary Louisa 1999. 

Trawick, Sarah Catherine 2019. 

Traylor, Idris Rhea 3732. 
Trejos, Alfonso 42. 

Trent, Rosalind Lee 


Trentham, Ina Rankin 5517. 
Trentham, Shannon Otis 116. 


Trewhitt, Katharine Lowrey 
Trexler, Dora May 3198. 
Trimble, William Ellwood 1519. 
Triplett, Edna Bernadine 2020. 
Tripp, Marian Lucille 4639. 
Trivette, Chester Draper 648a. 
Trivette, Ruth Jane 1647. 
Trotter, Agnes Anne 3647. 
Trout, David Linn 4356. 
Trout, David Linn 5921. 
Troutman, William Fife 4436. 
Troutman, William Fife 4517. 

Troxell, Harry Emerson 2796. 

Troxell, Harry Emerson 3069. 

True, Michael Daniel 2637f. 

Trueblood, Paul Graham 1933. 

Trueblood, Paul Graham 2024. 

Truesdale, James Nardin 790. 

Truesdale, James Nardin 808. 

Tryon, Florence Reno 1178. 
Tsai, Tze-ting 506. 

Tsina, Richard Vasil 753. 

Tuck, William Pressly 3553. 

Tucker, Kenneth Irby 5032. 

Tucker, Roger Wilkins 5336. 
Tumblin, John Addison 5717. 

Tumblin, John Addison 5737. 

Turner, Albert Blythe 3680. 

Turner, Anne 809. 

Turner, Archer Rudder 5312. 
Turner, Barbara Jean Beavers 4798. 
Turner, Carl Byron 1045a. 

Turner, James Henningham 3087. 

Turner, John Dean 767. 
Turner, Phillip Allison 5576. 
Turner, Ralph Gray 3007. 
Turner, Rutus Benton 1816. 

Turner, William Calhoun 3882. 
Turnipseed, Marie 3741. 
Turpin, David Howard 2904. 
Turquette, Atwell Rufus 3793. 

Tuten, Parma Westbury ' 5665. 
Tuttle, Robert Gregory 5003. 
Twichell, Martell Herman 5004. ___. 

Tyczkowski, Edward Albert 575. 

Tyer, Harold Latham ,1817. 

Tyler, George William 3775. 
Tyler, Karlie Reed 1263. 

Tyler, Lyon Gardiner 3712. 

Tyler, Warwick Percival Newell 3660. 
Tyree, Elizabeth Davis 1066. 

Tyte, Wilbur Henry 5213. 
Uhler, Katherine 5567. 
Ullman, Arthur 5889. 

Ullman, Frederick David 3973. 
Ulmer, David Heading Bartine 241. 

Ulmer, Shirley Sidney 4466. 
Ulmer, Shirley Sidney 4489. 
Umstot, L. Mabel 1594. 
Unal, Gurkan 1852. 
Underwood, Eugene Taylor 5522. 
Unterberger, Betty Miller 3444. 
Unterberger, Robert R. 4189. 
Upchurch, Marilyn Morrissette 2548. 

Upton, Anthony Frederick 3486. 
Usher, George Ephraim 1179. 

Usrey, Nancy Emily 1638. 
Utley, John Dewent 4047. 
Vaidya, Madhu Sudan Lai 3081. 
Vairo, Philip Dominic 1794. 
Van, Thomas Anthony 2605. 
Van de Linde, Frank 2951. 
Vandell, William Kenneth 1520. 

Vandivere, Edgar Filmore, Jr. 3776. 
Van Eenam, Donald Neil 637. 

Van Fossen, Richard Waight 2349. 

Van Hettinga, William Lance 2549. 
Van Meter, Robert G. 3910. 
Van Meter, Robert Guy 3959. 
van Roggen, Arend 4246g. 

Van Voorhis, Robert Henry 


Vogel, Ralph Arnold 
Volkin, Elliot 51, 


Van Voorhis, Robert Henry 900. 
Van Wyk, Jacobus Johannes Pienaar 
Vardhanabhuti, Sman 36. 

Varn, David Wilson 1861. 
Vartanian, Haig 600. 
Vaughan, Frederick Randolph 654. 
Vaughan, James Alexander 2671. 

Vaughan, Jerry Eugene 
Vaughan, Robert Akers 


Vaulx, Rann Lawton 701. 
Vaulx, Rann Lav/ton 745. 
Vause, Robert Zeno 3850. 

Veazey, Sidney Edwin 4334. 
Vega, Arthur 4761. 
Vega, Gloria de la 5624. 

Veit, Natalie Iris 530. 
Vereen, LaFon Carpenter 5337. 

Vermillion, Gertrude 434. 

Vermillion, Herbert Edward 422. 

Vermont, Albert 5543. 
Vernon, Sarah Elizabeth 4408. 

Via, Dan Otto 5425. 

Via, Grayson Hall 766. 

Viault, Birdsall Scrymser 3539. 

Viault, Birdsall Scrymser 3661. 
Vibhatakarasa, Jin 4530. 

Vick, Thomas Marvin 5132. 
Vickers, Lawrence Otis 5714. 

Vigal, Joseph Clifton 864. 

Villaume, John C. 3331. 

Vingiello, Frank Anthony 490. 
Vining, Morgan Fisher 1968. 
Vinson, John Chalmers 3445. 


Vinson, R. A. 1377. 
Voelpel, Agatha Gayle 


Volkin, Elliot 4041. 
Vonk, Paul Kenneth 4075. 
von Zellen, Bruce Walfred 
Vorona, Jack 4250. 


Vousden, John Alfred 2826. 

Wade, Luther Irwin 3826. 

Waggoner, Albert Crews 4900. 

Waggoner, Brooks Milton 5190 
Waggoner, Brooks Milton 5224. 

Waggoner, Brooks Milton 5397. 
Waggoner, John Phillip 5102. 

Wagner, Carl Leon 1378. 

Wagner, Diane Te Strake 305. 

see also 
Te Strake, Diane 267. 

Wagner, Fredrick Reese 2313. 

Wagner, Horace McDonald 1313. 
Wagner, Richard Henry 259. 
Wagner, Richard Henry 306. 

Wagoner, Eddie Raymond 2861. 
Wagoner, Howard Eugene 2952. 
Wagoner, Robert Adair 4733. 

Waite, Alexander 1149. 

Waite, Alexander 4640. 
Waite, Benjamin Moseley 95. 

Waite, E. Emerson 5686. 

Waits, Julius Weber 969. 

Wake, Orville Wentworth 1379. 
Walker, Edyth 1052. 

Walker, Herman, Jr. 4378. 
Walker, Herman, Jr. 4406. 
Walker, Howard George 491. 

Walker, Jeanette Gail 2606. 
Walker, John Lawrence, Jr. 5956, 
Walker, Lela Samantha 2140. 

Walker, Leon Bryan 5933. 

Walker, Stanley Earl 1692. 
Walker, Thelma Pauline 1677. 

Walker, Thomas Banner 568. 
Walker, William Oliver 5480. 

Wall, Harriet Euphrasia 1521. 

Wall, Mildred Eugenia 3380. 

Wallace, Aldred Pruden 5356. 

Wallace, Elbert Stephen 838. 

Wallace, Elbert Stephen 867. 

Wallace, James Neill 3883. 

Wallace, Julian Howard 130. 

Wallace, Lillian Parker 3372. 
Wallace, Wesley Herndon 3631. 
Waller, William Washington 5899. 

Wallin, Virginia Stanton 1595. 
Walrath, Alice M. 5967. 
Walrnnd. Alan Lambert 2981. 
Walsh, Anastasia 2185. 

Walsh, Mary Katherine 2186. 

Walston, Rosa Lee 1951. 
Waltcher, Irving 429. 

Walter, Eugene Victor 4440. 
Walter, Selwyn B. 3250. 

Walter, Waldemar Melchert 5924. 
Walters, Eleanor Boyd 3806. 
Walters, Geoffrey King, 1931- 4246gg. 

Walters, Margaret Genevieve 
Walton, Aubrey Grey 4901. 


Walton, Leslie Hughes 1141. 
Walton, Lucia Adelaide 2510. 

Walton, Wesley Wills 1725. 
Wang, Yen-Chieh 164. 

Wannamaker, Elizabeth Bates 1084. 

Ward, Catherine Byrn 2672. 

Ward, Charles Eugene 1906. 

Ward, Charles Eugene 2003. 

Ward, Edward Hiram 2982. 

Ward, Ellen Gunter 2038. 

Ward, George H. 1893. 

Ward, William Edward III 5910. 

Ward, William Smith 2233. 

Ware, J. Edgar 1596. 

Ware, James Hamilton 5501. 

Ware, Joan Linton 1745. 

Ware, Lee Wilson 5286. 

Warlick, George Clifton 926. 
Warlick, Raymond Aubrey 3498. 

Warren, Ida Leane 3814. 

Warner, James Harold 1990. 
Warner, John Robinson 2862. 

Warner, John Robinson 2995. 

Warren, John Sharpe 1522. 

Warren, Margaret Elizabeth 472. 

Warren, Marion 4980. 
Warren, Robert David 961. 

Warrick, Edward 1094. 

Washburn, Alice 3238. 
Washburn, John Loren 4587. 
Washington, Maaja Harms 3142. 
Waters, Audley Alexander 1058. 
Waters, William Eugene 2863. 
Watkins, David Charles 1843. 

Watkins, Virgil Gray 2754. 
Watson, Charles Nelles 2634. 
Watson, Charlie Hugh 2253. 
Watson, Florence Kathleen 2103. 
Watson, James Donald 3954. 
Watson, Karl Brantley 4617. 

Watson, Karl Brantley 4634. 
Watson, Marjorie 5605. 

Watson, Robert Meredith 3681. 

Watson, Wallace Steadman 2511. 

Watt, Edward David 4535. 

Watts, Daniel Thomas 5872. 

Watts, Helena Brawley 2234. 

Watts, Hessie 1926. 

Watts, Robert Johnson 3132. 

Waugh, Ray Paschal 5313. 
Waynick, Minerva Ann 128. 

Weaver, James Carlvin 5552. 

Weaver, M. Virginia 1430. 

Webb, David Arthur 3088. 
Webb, Edwin Hull 4192. 

Webb, John Maurice 3502. 

Webb, Lester Dell 1651. 

Webb, Omri Kenneth 5502. 

Webb, Thomas Howard 673. 

Webb, Thomas Howard 694. 

Webb, Warren Wright 4696. 

Webb, William Edward 3403. 

Webber, Donald Bowie 5664. 

Webber, Winona Louise 2673. 

Webster, Margaret Dorothy 4336. 

Webster, Robert Edward 4017. 
Webster, Sidney Thomas bl6. 

Webster, Sidney Thomas 638. 
Weddle, William McKinley 1264. 

Weeks, Karen Hanke 3713. 
Weeks, William Benn 1523. 

Weems, Benjamin Burch 1329. 
Weesner, Murrell Davis 2444. 
Wefing, Henry Otto 2674. 

Weidensaul, Thomas Craig 3089. 

Weinberg, Barbara Lee Huberman 103. 
Weinberg, Daniel I. 1853. 
Weiner, Kenneth Bruce 754. 
Weinheimer, Alfred John 594. 

Weinland, David Eugene 5161. 

Weiss, Herold David 5503. 

Weiss, Martin Joseph 515. 

Weith, Archie James 439. 

Weith, Archie James 492. 
Welch, Ann Marie 278. 
Welch, Bruce Lynn 295. 

Welch, Sadie Elizabeth 1104. 
Weldon, Dewayne 3065. 

Weldon, Wilson Osbourne 5005. 
Wellborn, Charles Talmadge 5504. 
Wellborn, Mary Moss 2314. 

Weller, Grace Harlowe 2141. 
Weller, LeGrand 1000. 

Weller, Wayne 1524. 
Wellons, Albert Wilson 5314. 

Wellons, Jesse Davis 3090. 

Wells, Charles Frederick 3980. 

Wells, Harry Wilson 5922. 

Wells, Harry Wilson 5963. 
Wells, Joseph 3. 

Wells, Mary Jane 5968. 
Wells, Philip Vincent 273. 

Wells, Robert Newton 5338. 

Wells, Rodney Lee 584. 
Wellwood, Robert William 2695. 

Wellwood, Robert William 2744. 
Welsh, John Frederick 2983. 

Welsh, Robert Ford 2512. 
Welsh, Robert Ford 2637g. 
Wend, George 4300. 

Wenger, Karl Frederick 220. 

Wenser, Karl Frederick 2864. 
Wenner, Bruce Richard 3967. 

Werbel, Burton 440. 

Werbel, Burton 460. 
Wertz, Roy Albert 1330. 

Wesson, William Hinton 930. 

West, Christiane G. 5639. 
West, Elonza McKinley 1818. 
West, Harold Fane 1639. 

West, Henry Robison 4090. 

West, William Jennings 2827. 

Westerhof, Anthony Cornelius 4596. 

Westerhof, Anthony Cornelius 4614. 

Westin, Richard Barry 3584. 
Weston, Kay Eugenia 5666. 
Weston, Lawrence Wilson 4278. 

Weston, Neila Elaine 793. 

Wethington, Lewis Elbert 5375. 

Wetmore, Thomas Hall 2187. 

Whaley, Grace Wine 1927. 

Whaley, Mary Ellen 1786. 
Whaley, Otis 1071. ______ 

Whaley, Otis 4391. 
Wharton, George Willard 5842. 
Wharton, Lona Claire 5978. 
Wheeler, Harold P. 1928. 
Wheeler, Kermit R. 5255. 
Whelchell, Laura 2104. 

Whisnant, David Eugene 2687. 
Whisnant, David Eugene 2579. 

Whitaker, Shirley Blue 5625. 

Whitcombe, David Niles 3487. 

White, Gladys Ruth 4120. 

White, Harry Arthur 3297. 
White, James Floyd 5454. 

White, John Charles 3624. 

White, John Charles 3689. 
White, Joseph Benton 1105. 

White, Kevin Joseph 4335. 

White, Mary Rebecca 1192. 

White, Percy Daniel 5103. 

White, Rebecca Anne 2635. 

Whitehead, Mary Elizabeth 5614. 

Whitehead, Talton Johnson 5033. 
Whitener, Ann Elizabeth 3151. 

Whitener, Catherine Viola 2142. 

Whitenfish, Abe Irving 368. 

Whitenfish, Abe Irving 389. 

Whitesel, John Asbury 5256. 

Whiting, Sara Maysel 1597. 

Whitlatch, Lewis Wade 3350. 

Whitman, Joseph Atwood 2953. 

Whitman, William Tate 897. 

Whitman, William Tate 4379. 

Whitney, Clara Frances 1193. 
Whitney, Philip Lawrence 109. 

Whitney, Richard Boardman 2954. 

Whitsett, Daniel Cleveland 4979. 
Whitten, Robert Craig 4253. 
Whitten, Robert Craig 4267. 
Wicker, Elmus Rogers 971. 
Widom, Joanne M. 585. 

Wiebe, Herman Henry, 1921- 231a. 
Wiese, Marion Bernice 3160. 
Wiggins, Elizabeth Lewis 
Wiggins, James Wilhelm 
Wiggins, James Wilhelm 
Wilbanks, Evelyn Rivers 


Wilbur. Fred Charles 2636. 
Wilbur, Jeanne Doucette 39. 
Wilbur, Robert Lynch 205. 

Wilcox, David Henry, Jr. 
Wilcox^ Kathryn 1821. 


Wilcox, William George 5448. 
Wildman, Edith Grace 5677. 

Wilenzick, Raymond Morris 4254. 
Wilenzick, Raymond Morris 4297. 

Wiles, Charles Preston 5390. 

Wiles, Charles Preston 5705. 

Wiles, Mary Elizabeth 5906. 
Wiley, Edward Emerson, Jr. 5006. 

Wiley, Frances Amelia 3213. 

Wiley, Virginia 2260. 
Wilhite, Arthur Bolton 1617. 

Wilkerson, Albert Ernest 5730. 

Wilkerson. Helen Elizabeth 4613. 
Wilkerson, Milton Chick 5133. 

Wilkerson, Starling Dwight 1113. 
Wilkinson, Edith Lewis 5718. 

Wilkinson, H. Jean Foster 1733. 
Wilkinson, Harold Arthur 13. 

Wilkinson, Howard Charles 5215. 

Wilkinson, Jesse Giles 4902. 

Wilkinson, Theodore S. 5739. 
Wilkinson, Thomas Oberson 22. 

Will, Nelson Paige 3056. 

Will, Robert Milton 962. 

Will, Robert Milton 989. 

Willcox, Annette Veva 3900. 

Willhoit, Fred Hale 4510. 
Willhoite, Fred Hale 4536. 

Williams, Atticus Morris 4940. 

Williams, Benjamin Truman 4941. 
Williams, Bettie Neal 1142. 

Williams, Charles Haddon 88. 

Williams, Donald Leigh 5465. 

Williams, Elizabeth Camille 601. 

Williams, Ellis Downing 1265. 

Williams, Harley Morrison 5315. 
Williams, Harvey Page 3777. 

Williams, Hatcher Crenshaw 2315. 

Williams, Henry Gordon 3934. 
Williams, Jack Caldwell 
Williams, Jay Reigle 
Williams, Joel Quitman 
Williams, John Francis 
Williams, John Rodney 
Williams, Leland Hendry 



Williams, Lina Elizabeth 
Williams, Louis G. 168. 
Williams, Louis Gresset't 206. 

Williams, McChord 5800. 

Williams, Margaret Lawrene 1525. 

Williams, Marion Eugene 5533. 

Williams, Melvin John 5134. 

Williams, Melvin John 5192. 

Williams, Myra Allene 5864. 

Williams, Olan Yarnall 1526. 

Williams, Roger Augustus 1527, 

Williams, Rose Elizabeth 
Williams, Ruby Malinda 



Williams, Stanton Pender 
Williams, T. Webster 970. 
Williams, Webster Douglas 2955. 
Williams, William Augustus 5911. 
Williams, William Haves 358S. 
Williams, William Hayes 3734. 

Williams, William Lane 5840. 
Williams 3 Winona 1949. 
Williamson, Francis Marvin 1095. 
Williamson, Marilyn Lammert 2426. 
Williford, Annie May 3231. 

Willis, Sidney L. 5080. 
Willits, Esther May 3363. 

Wills, George Robert 4568. 
Wills, Wirt Henry 222. 

Wills, Wirt Henry 237. 

Wilmore, Nancy Strother 3505. 
Wilson, Charles Christopher 179. 
Wilson, Charles Christopher 197. 

Wilson, Charles F. 5640. 

Wilson, Edward E. 5655. 
Wilson, Elizabeth Andrews 3298. 

Wilson, Graves Humbert 5058. 

Wilson, Jane Bliss 2281. 

Wilson, John Woodrow 5838. 

Wilson. JoseDh B. 1528. 
Wilson, Lloyd Bain 122. 

Wilson, Raymond E. 4942. 
Wilson, Robert Gladstone 10. 

Wilson, Ulrey Kaulbach 1662. 

Wilson, William Riley 5455. 
Wimberly, Rosamond Ramsay 5700. 
Wimsatt, James Irving 263 7h. 

Wimsatt, Mary Ann (Coslow) 2637i. 
see also 

Coslow, Mary Ann 
Winecoff, Janet (Coon) 5658. 
Winer, Alfred Dennis 75. 

Winer, Miroslava Nikitovitch 5949. 
Winer, Ruth C. 936. 

Winfrey, John Crawford .._. 1046. 
Winslow, Leon Edward 3981. 

Winston, Anthony 550. 
Winston, Anthony 611. 

Winter, Arthur Bruce 4482. 
Winter, George Virgil 1266. 
Winters, Eric John 2984. 
Winton, Lowell Sheridan 3794. 

Wirtenson, Mary Elizabeth 
Wishart, Lutrelle Angel 
Wishner, Raymond Philip 
Wisseman, William Rowland 
Wissow, Lennard Jay 458 




Withers, Clarence Maxwell 
Witt, Catherine 3769. 

Witt, Fountain Joel 3884. 
Wohlford, Paul Frederick 4807. 

Wolf, Mary Hubbard 5847. 

Wolfarth, William 1618. 

Wolfe, Quentin Donald 1380. 
Wolford, Richard Wilson 498. 
Wolf son, Nancy Dolly 5980. 

Wollet, Charles Elmer 1381. 

Wollman, Seymour Horace 4153. 
Womack, Carlos Poynor 4861a. 

Womack, John Gamble 343. 

Womack, Sam Jones 5466. 

Wonder, Craig E. 5572. 

Wood, Frederic Marcus 816. 

Wood, Frederic Marcus, Jr. 822. 

Wood, George William 2985. 

Wood, Gordon Rcid 2085. 
Wood, Mary Rose 1431. 

Wood, Mildred Louise 5944. 
Wood, Virginia Loraine 4430. 

Wood, Virginia Loraine 


Woodall, John Burwell 3239. 

Woodbridee, Charles Jahleel 5317. 
Woodham, John Edward 3648. 

Woodham, John Edward 3690. 

Woodress, James Leslie 2334. 

Woodruff, Carmen Moore 2145. 
Woodruff, Joseph Leroy 4632. 

Woodruff, Joseph Leroy 4643. 
Woodruff, Margaret 1529. 

Woods. John Delano 746. 
Woodson, Bruce Alan 104. 

Woodwell, George Masters 244. 
Woodwell, George Masters 265. 

Woody, Robert Hilliard 
Woody, Robert Hilliard 
Wooler, Edward Sigmund 

Wooten, Frank Thomas 
Wooten, Thomas Ernest 
Work, Stewart Dean 

Workman, Molly Frances 







Worley, Claude 1382. 

Worley, David Perry 2798. 
Worsham, James Essex 576. 

Worsham, Jesse Norman 2865. 

Wortman, Jimmie J. 1854. 

Wortman, Jimmie Jack 1898. 
Wray, Clayton 2956. 

Wray, George Anthony 4531. 
Wrenn, Samuel N. 333. 

Wright, Audrey Adele 1598. 

Wright, Cora Lee 4822. 

Wright, Donald 3988. 

Wright, Edward Reynolds 4537. 

Wright, Herbert Fletcher 4612. 

Wright, Kenneth Harold 2905. 

Wright, Robert Ross 4467. 

Wright, Thomas George 2696. 
Wu, Chung-lwen 2911. 
Wyckoff, Peter Jackson 2906. 
Wylie, Claude 1530. 
Wyly, Anne Ethel 2215. 
Wyman, James Harschel 4230. 
Wynn, Lawrence 2146. 
Wynne, George Baker 3153. 

Wynne, Waller, Jr. 1929. 

Yager, Charles Monroe 1531. 

Yarborough, Charles Hill 4569. 
Yarbrough, Mary Elizabeth 4340, 

Yarrington, Nancy Laura 655. 
Yarrington, Nancy Laura 709. 
Yeatman, Joan Ray 2580. 

Yelenosky, George 3106. 
Yeomans, Alice Virginia 1712. 
Yonekura, Hiromasa 1039. 
Yonker, Thomas Walter 3506. 
Yost, John K- 3735. 
Yost, Robert Stanley 502. 
Young, Bettie Anne 2405. 

Young, David Bruce 1828. 
Young, DeWalt Secrist 410. 
Young, DeWalt Secrist 435. 

Young, Franklin Woodrow 5318. 
Young, Harold Edle 207. 

Young, Harold Edle 2755. 

Young, Hobart McKinley 1532. 

Young, James Doyne 5104. 

Young, James Howard 3885. 

Young, James Joseph 944. 

Young, Jerome Louis 5848. 

Young, Laura Newell 2147. 

Young, Mabel Dorothy 1331. 
Young, William Coleman 3299. 

Young, William Vincent 1533. 

Young, Worth John 4160. 
Youngblood, George Thomas 617. 
Youngblood, George Thomas 639. 

Yowell, Robert B. 896. 
Zahn, Theodore Paul 4734. 
Zahner, Robert 2957. 
Zahner, Robert 3000. 
Zak, Bratislav 2866. 
Zak, Bratislav 3009. 
Zarfoss, L. Harold 1534. 

Zauder, Howard L. 4045. 
Zechman, Fred William 4355. 
Zeigler, Frances Chambers 1668. 

Zekowski, Arlene Jean 5592. 

Zikmund, Joseph 4592. 

Zimic, Stanislav 5667. 
Zimmerberg, Helen Yarmush 4040. 

Zimmerman, Carroll Louis 4138. 
Zimmerman, Robert Lee 2521. 

Zink, James Keith 5490. 
Zinn, Mary Farris 768. 
Ziolkowski, Theodore Joseph 3133. 

Ziring, Stanley 3499. 
Zirkle, George 4611. 
Zirkle, George Anderson 4644. 
Zirkle, John Jacob 2907. 

Zitner, Sheldon Paul 2412. 
Zuber, Richard Lee 3608. 

Zubieta, Agustin Diaz 3984. 

Zunner, Cecile Hostetler 1753. 

Zunner, Thelma Butler 1704. 

Zweifel, Paul Frederick 4227.