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DECEMBER 17, 1954 

Prepared and released by the 

fommittee on Un-American Activities, U. S. House of Representatives 
V^ashington, D. C. 

United States House of Representatives 

HAROLD H. VELDE, Illinois, Chairman 

DONALD L. JACKSON, California 
KIT CLARDY, Michigan 

FRANCIS E. WALTER, Pennsylvania 
CLYDE DOYLE, California 
JAMES B. FRAZIER, Jr., Tennessee 
Robert L. Kuxzm, Counsel 
Frank S. Taven.ner, Jr., Counsel 
Thomas W. Beale, Sr., Cliief Clerk 
Raphael I. Nixon Director ol Research 
Courtney E. Owens, Chief Iiircstigutor 




Foreword 1 

The fascist problem in the past 2 

Neofascism in the United States 3 

National Renaissance Party 3 

Nature of propaganda 5 

Extent of NRP operations 8 

The hate group 10 

Common Sense . 10 

The organization of Common Sense 11 

Nature of propaganda 11 

Cooperation with other propagandists 14 

Circulation and finances 17 

Conclusion , 19 

Appendix 20 

Index 30 


Figure 1. Throwaway distributed by the National Renaissance Party 4 

Figure 2. Pages from the Handbook for the Elite Guard of the National 

Renaissance Party 6 

Figure 3. Typical headlines which have appeared in Com^non Sense 13 

Figure 4. Photograph of the headquarters of Common Sense in Union, N. J, 16 
Exhibit 1. Comparison of the similarities between fascism and communism, 

as contained in Fascism In Action 20 

Exhibit 2. National Renaissance Bulletin, October, 1953, pages 3, 4 21 

Exhibit 3. National Renaissance Bulletin, May 1953, pages 1-4 23 

Exhibit 4. National Renaissance Bulletin, October 1952, page 4 27 

Exhibit 5. Leaflet headlined "Brotherhood?" issued by National 

Renaissance Party 28 

Exhibit 6. Common Sense, March 15, 1953, page 1, containing message to 

Congress from Elizabeth Billing, Lyrl Van Hyning, and Conde 

McGinley._ _ 29 


Public Law COl, 79th Congress 

The legislation under which the House Committee on Un-American 
Activities operates is Public Law GOl, 79th Congress [1946J, chapter 
753, 2d session, which provides: 

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States 
of America in Congress assembled, * * * 


Rule X 


qC 3|S "t" t* t* *I* V 

17. Committee on Un-American Activities, to consist of nine Members. 

Rule XI 


* * * * ^C * « 

(q) (1) Committee on Un-American Activities. 

(A) Un-American activities. 

(2) The Committee on Un-American Activities, as a whole or by subcommit- 
tee, is authorized to make from time to time investigations of (i) the extent, 
character, and objects of un-x'^merican propaganda activities in the United States, 
(ii) the diffusion within the United States of subversive and un-American propa- 
ganda that is instigated from foreign countries or of a domestic origin and attacks 
the principle of the form of government as guaranteed by our Constitution, and 
(iii) all other questions in relation thereto that would aid Congress in any necessary 
remedial legislation. 

The Committee on Un-American Activities shall report to the House (or to the 
Clerk of the House if the House is not in session) the results of any such investi- 
gation, together with such recommendations as it deems advisable. 

For the purpose of any such investigation, the Committee on Un-American 
Activities, or any subcommittee thereof, is authorized to sit and act at such 
times and places within the United States, whether or not the House is sitting, 
has recessed, or has adjourned, to hold such hearings, to require the attendance 
of such witnesses and the production of such books, papers, and documents, and 
to take such testimony, as it deems necessary. Subpenas may be issued under 
the signature of the chairman of the committee or any subcommittee, or by any 
member designated by any such chairman, and may be served by any person 
designated by any such chairman or member. 


House Resolution 5, January 3, 1953 

* * * * * m 

Rule X 


1. There shall be elected by the House, at the commencement of each Con- 
gress, the following standing committees: 

****** i^ 

(q) Committee on Un-American Activities, to consist of nine members. 

Rule XI 


* * * * * ^t If 

17. Committee on Un-American Activities. 

(a) Un-American Activities. 

(b) The Committee on Un-American Activities, as a whole or by subcommittee, 
is authorized to make from time to time, investigations of (1) the extent, char- 
acter, and objects of un-American propaganda activities in the United States, 
(2) the diffusion within the United States of subversive and un-American prop- 
aganda that is instigated from foreign countries or of a domestic origin and 
attacks the principle of the form of government as guaranteed by our Constitu- 
tion, and (3) all other questions in relation thereto that would aid Congress 
in any necessary remedial legislation. 

The Committee on Un-American Activities shall report to the House (or to the 
Clerk of the House if the House is not in session) the results of any such investi- 
gation, together with such recommendations as it deems advisable. 

For the purpose of atiy such investigation, the Committee on Un-American 
Activities, or any subcommittee thereof, is autliorized to sit and act at such times 
and places within the United States, whether or not the House is sitting, has 
recessed, or has adjourned, to hold such hearings, to require the attendance 
of such witnesses and the production of such books, papers, and documents, and 
to take such testimony, as it deems necessary. Subpenas may be issued under 
the signature of the chairman of the committee or any subcommittee, or by any 
member designated by such chairman, and may be served by any person desig- 
nated by any such chairman or member. 





Communism's present threat to the very survival of the United 
States and the rest of the free world has placed heavy burdens on 
the defenders of human freedom and dignity. The Committee on 
Un-American Activities is concerned to observe that this burden is 
being aggravated by certain individuals and organizations unscrupu- 
lously exploiting the menace of communism to promote other activities 
equally subversive and equally un-American. Such activities would 
destroy the very foundation work of the American Republic, if per- 
mitted to operate unnoticed or unchallenged. 

Committee investigations disclose that this organized activity falls 
into two patterns: 

(1) The neo-fascist ^ organization which openly espouses a fascist 
regime for the United States; and 

(2) The organized hate group, which masquerades as a defender of 
our republican form of government yet conducts hate campaigns 
against racial and religious minorities in the infamous tradition of the 
fascist dictatorships. 

Under Public Law 601 (79th Cong.), the committee is instructed to 
investigate and report on "the extent, character, and objects of 
un-American propaganda activities in the United States," and specifi- 
cally the diffusion of "subversive and un-American propaganda" 
which "attacks the principle of the form of government as guaranteed 
by our Constitution." 

Advocates of both fascism and communism are therefore of gi'ave 
concern to the committee. 

Both totalitarian doctrines are basically incompatible with the 
principles of our Republic. Both seek to destroy our constitutional 
government and supplant it with a godless dictatorship in which the 
individual is deprived of his rights and liberties to become an abject 
slave of the state. Both derive strength by dividing their opposition — 
communism choosing to set class against class, while facism incites 
racial and religious discord.^ 

Despite the similarities between communism and fascism — so 
dramatically demonstrated to the world during the infamous Hitler- 
Stalin pact of 1939-41 — their propaganda to the effect that each is the 
foremost opponent of the other is undoubtedly a major contributor to 
whatever support each has been able to muster in our population. 

' The committee uses the word "fascism" to describe the philosophy and movement as a whole, and 
not in the narrower sense which refers to the actual operation of fascist regimes such as Nazi Germany 
or Fascist Italy. The adjective "fascist" can be applied to any organization or individual espousing the 
fascist philosophy. However, the committee will also use the term "neo-fascist" as a convenient 
method of designating organizations and Individuals whose espousal of fascism is recent In nature — 1. e., 
occurring after the military defeat of the Axis aggressors in World War 11. 

" See exhibit 1, appendix, p. 20 for a more detailed comparison of the similarities between fascism and 


The Special Committee on Un-American Activities warned in 1940 
that the danger to American democracy lay not so much in a possible 
frontal attack by Fascists and Communists in our midst, as in — 

the much greater chance that each extreme totalitarian group seeking by decep- 
tion to advance its own cause and pad its ranks will succeed in convincing a really 
substantial number of people that their only defense against violence from the 
opposite extreme is to accept the violence of the one they find least objectionable. 

This committee is agreed that subversion cannot be combated by 
subversion. Those who would support the extreme right today do as 
great a violence to our national institutions as do those on the extreme 
left. Furthermore, the appearance of neo-fascist organizations and 
methods in the postwar period serve only to impede the intelligent, 
united effort necessary in the current life and death struggle with 

The committee does not claim to have made an exhaustive investi- 
gation into all demagogic groups in the United States now exploiting 
religious and racial hatred. The committee's preliminary studies show, 
however, that such groups employ the Hitlerian technique of the 
"big lie" in their platforms and literature. Their vicious falsehoods 
are often clothed in seeming discussions of grave issues such as the 
Communist menace. 

The hate group appeals to the unwary by a cynical use of concepts 
having a deep emotional appeal to the majority of decent citizens — • 
love of God, country, home; or antipathy to communism. Amid 
protestations of patriotism and religious devotion, these groups propa- 
gate hoaxes and smears aimed at setting creed against creed and 
race against race. They use the divisive tactics of the Communists 
whom they allegedly deplore. Depending upon the type of audience 
to be reached, this propaganda is couched in language ranging from 
violent vituperation to subtle innuendoes. 

The committee believes that, in its preliminary report, the Congress 
and the American public may best be alerted to this demagogic menace 
by the selection of two specific groups. One is an avowed neo-fascist 
organization, and the other is an allegedly patriotic organization 
which can best be characterized as a hate group. They represent the 
major methods of approach used today by the exploiters of racial and 
religious bigotry. 


The greatest activity by un-American propagandists of the extreme 
right occurred in the United States in the late 1930's, under the in- 
spiration and often with the direct aid of Fascist and Nazi regimes 

The first investigation conducted by the Special Committee on 
Un-American Activities after its creation in 1938 dealt with the 
German-American Bund. The special committee reported that the 
bund, which claimed 25,000 members in this country, including 5,000 
Btorm troops, operated in fact as an agent of a foreign power. Special 
committee investigations also revealed the existence of hundreds of 
other fascist organizations ranging from groups openly advocating 
totalitarianism of the Hitler, Mussolini, or Imperialist Japanese va- 
riety, to groups posing as patriotic Americans but invariably marked 
by antiraciul and pro-Nazi characteristics. 


All of these organizations exploited racial and religious hatreds to 
enlist members and gain financial support. They frequently cooper- 
ated with each other in exchanging speakers and literature. Efforts 
at closer coordination failed, however, due to rivalries between the 
groups' petty "fuehrers" and jealousy over sources of income. It was 
discovered that many of the organizations were led by "racketeers" 
who operated primarily for the purpose of reaping financial profit from 
racial and religious "hate" propaganda. The special committee con- 
demned such hate propaganda as "un-American per se," and as being 
particularly vicious in a period when it was a favorite weapon of the 
Axis Powers. 

Unrelenting investigation and exposure, followed by legal prosecu- 
tion prior to and during World War II, defeated the effort to organize 
fascism in the United States. The military defeat of the Axis wiped 
out any remaining hopes of the fascists. Even the hate-peddling 
racketeers were largely silenced in the face of an aroused public 


National Renaissance Party 

The reappearance of the avowedly fascist organization on the 
American scene was marked by the formation in January 1949 of the 
National Renaissance Party, headed by a young fanatic, James H. 
Madole, of Beacon, N. Y. 

The party's official organ, the four-page monthly National Renais- 
sance Bulletin, is frankly billed as "the only Fascist publication in 

"What Hitler accomplished in Europe, the National Renaissance 
Party shall yet accomplish in America," is Madole's fatuous boast in 
the issue of his Bulletin dated May 1953. 

National Renaissance Party activities center on the dissemination 
of fascist propaganda through the Bulletin, other printed literature, 
and through street-corner oratory. The Bulletin has been published 
in Beacon, N. Y., where Madole's home at 224 East Main Street has 
served as national headquarters of the organization until the spring 
of 1954. At that time, Madole took up residence at 10 West 90th 
Street, New York City, and announced the new national headquarters 
address as Box 238, 208 East 86th Street, New York City. Street 
meetings have long been held at the corner of 88th Street and York 
Avenue in the Yorkville section of Manliattan. There, in seasonable 
weather, Madole may be seen haranguing some two dozen followers 
with a mixture of praises for Hitler and Mussolini and vituperation 
against minority groups. Hecklers at times swell the audience to 
almost 100 persons, and the meeting occasionally ends in a stone- 
throwing bout. 

^ A serio-comic yet repugnant feature of this neo-fascist organiza- 
tion is its attempt to maintain a uniformed "elite guard" in the Nazi 
style._ Madole is at times accompanied by a handful of young 
fanatics wearing dark caps and trousers and brassards on which 
a lightning bolt replaces the swastika. The elite guard takes an 
oath of unconditional obedience to the NRP leaders, whom it allegedly 

64945'— 54 2 



Q.n RPRiL /fifl,9 

International Jewish-Cjommuniam has always been a threat to Aryan 
Civilization and that Great GerTuan Statesman ADOLF 'HITLER was the 
FIRST to combat this deadly enemy before the world. What Adolf Hitlei 
gave to the German Nation cannot be denied, What National Socialism 
bestowed upon the German pedple stands before the world as a monunent 
to all of the Western World, No one can change the deep intense 
nationalistic feeling that Adolf Hitler taught them to feel toward th« 
State, Nationalism is the only antidote to the poison of Jewish- 
World-Communism, The Western World will never forget the struggle of 
the N.S.D.A.P, in the early tv;enties,nor, v/ill they forget how foolish 
some of them were to oppose Adolf Hitlers Nev; Order, Now we see that 

1 COIlf-lUNISM,!] 

Mr, James H.Madole* 
National Director. 

National Renaissance Party: National ■Headquarters; 
222» East Itoln Street Beacon New York,,U,S,A, 

Figure No. 1. 


serves as honor guard as well as protector.^ The guard admittedly 
held secret meetings in New York City on Thursday evenings during 
1953 under the joint command of Matt Koehl, Jr., and Hans Schmidt. 


The program and propaganda of the National Renaissance Party is 
virtually borrowed wholesale from the Fascist and Nazi dictators. 

Its nine-point program advocates abolition of parliamentary gov- 
ernment in the United States in favor of government by a "trained 
elite"; estabhshment of a Fascist corporate economy; encouragement 
of "racial" pride; preservation of the "white Aryan" race by gradual 
deportation of the "Porto [sic] Ricans, Negroes, Jews and Asiatics"; 
and the denial to Jewish people of citizenship, professional and 
political posts, and the right of "intermarriage." * 

NRP propaganda contains extensive rehashes of Hitler's speeches. 
Typical are National Renaissance Bulletin articles, "Adolf Hitler 
Explains Nazi Anti-Semitism," appearing in the February 1953 issue, 
and "Adolf Hitler, the George Washington of Europe," which appeared 
in the issue of May 1953.^ 

NRP's own leaders imitate the Hitler line. Eustace Mullins, who 
has joined Madole in his street-corner propagandizing, is the con- 
tributor of an article entitled "Adolf Hitler: An Appreciation," in 
the Bulletin of October 1952.^ John M. Lundoff, Brooklyn chairman 
of the NRP, extolled the features of the Fascist corporate state in the 
April 1952 Bulletin and asked the 3^outh of America to choose between 
"parliamentary democracy with its empty promises and discord or 
the clear, brave, and youthful Fascist principles outlined here." 
Chief source of propaganda for the NRP, however, is Frederick Charles 
F. Weiss, of Middletown, N. Y., who is portrayed as a graduate of 
the University of Heidelberg and the Sorbonne. His prolific writings 
in the Bulletin and in separate leaflets are mainly racist diatribes. 

The NRP has also circulated literature received from Einar Aberg, 
of Norrviken, Sweden. For example, an anti-Semitic pamphlet by 
Aberg entitled "The War Criminals" was distributed in this country 
under the NRP's stamp. An "overseas ofl&ce" is maintained by the 
NRP under the direction of Mana Truhill, of 54 Audubon Avenue, 
New York City. 

Madole's group offers its fascist program as the "antidote" to 
communism. The falsity of its anti-Communist role is immediately 
exposed by NRP's insistence that a Communist is synonymous with 
"Jew." The NRP not only violates our constitutional principles by 
making this minority its target; it also frequently supports the position 
of the very Communists it allegedly opposes. 

For example, the NRP accuses the United States Government, 
whether under Democratic or Republican control, of seeking to pro- 
mote a new world war to "carry out the economic and political 
ambitions o f a small coterie of international Wall Street bankers." ^ 

3 See fig. 2, pp. 6 and 7 or partial reproduct'on of the Handbook for the Elite Guard of the National 
Renaissance Party. 

* See exhibit 2, appendix, p. 21 for complete program of the NRP as outlined in its Bulletin of October, 

« See exhibit 3, appendix, p. 23 for reproduction of article In the May 1953 issue of the National Renais- 
sance Bulletin. 

6 See exhibit 4, appendix, p. 27 for reproduction of article in the October 1952 issue of the National 
Renaissance Bulletin, 

' National Renaissance Bulletin, January 1953, p. 2. 



r \ 

h ^ 

J J 

r I 

( Ay 




^ 4^ /^i 





Figure No. 2, Paut 1. 


fO AIX n^m^S AKD ^Ct&nUL !.2L?21S CF TH2 £.2,n2 OUiiiE; 

Ths ursiforaei 21it« Oujird of the Nfttional Kenelssans© Farty w^s 
founded as a saml-rtUltajfy farmatlcm fftr tK» j>urpo»a cf pretest Ing 
Iniioor and cutioox ir»ei>'Inge cf the Party, ' pi'ovldttig an honor 
juard ftjr forty iessdara an* p»»tioljatlr^ in msiforaea psralss and 
m&Bs ds.TJonst rat loos. 
Ycur .!?ictlo Is ; " I«j6l%j' , S«rvl(5e» Cteii'j «»««". 

YcuT eneffiiea consist cf i.ntern!»,tion»l Je-wry on the loit anfi 
Internatlcwil nuance on the Rigiit, Bott ct these lnt«rnstiotsal 
forces eeok to exploit tn* natloa as & wfccle for their ovm selTlakf 

^s « ssaober of the. Sllte Oward.tSe 9-polftt jr«graa of 
tha National Bsoatseaws J'axty awst serve os yo«r politloai Blbla» 
Your indivldualiaai aust bo replaoec b;- yo^zr 6uty t.nd djTotiesv to 
the ti&tlcaat oDismalty, tho >iryan Rcoe, corssletlng of tho j sir via, 

N'ordic, C«ltlo, latin, r,ni5 A.s\«lo/scj^r. ptioples «y»t rcaaia th« 
iosilnant oultur« orsstlRd fores in Aawlea if ".icstscrn CirliiE»tlcm i» 
to ismrvtvo, *» Aryans l»« ;r6u4-cotR, cf yowr Jt'.CS 3(54 

Ji'.TIOJ:. Jitrsasa indiviawaitsm snd iatarmtlon&lisis ^n&Mo JSK'S end 
othora »inla»to4 by solfish afti- 8flftl-r»ct«Jl iSeaa to aominatc t&e 

latcllcotiwl aa4 polUloal Jif« of tho aatlcai. #u»t as cxtrcaio 
ind-lTjaufciiaE fisust fca autiorfiinsttiji to th«. woXJ^sro ot tho tution&l 
eoasunity so «suBt tfei iafrorosfts of UBC® »a4 :«»}if.aiJSS{® fao 
ftuboriinatcd te thv aocds of t&o :tSlO» «6 a UBlt. 

Our &iCS aisd Ott* ii»7tOS JWBt bo of 5»r&(KCunt }Bpoart«aof> to all 
acKbcrs of tho i%tloB»l hcntisftaacc ivsty* 

Yo« ms coiisldcr your cnl I atascctt ia tfto glite ttttarft sa at»ilar 
to en oailstasoat ia a jrtimto arsy, whe-ne awora puopo»c is tlso 
cstebliBfeacat of 8.a iffiKrioan i*&gl«o tasoS on the jtrlaolplos of 

'^JJotioasl filroetor ot tlte 
Kfetlonal Bsaal«saftcc lurty 

PIOvT JS^.^SH CO*i«iKlSti' 


^MSixd^ PCR iJCTtia;jvS****;.y3Riai, rffigp 


Figure No. 2, Part 2. 


This attack is identical with the propaganda hne of the Communist 
Party, despite the different motives beliind Communist and fascist at- 
tempts to disaffect Americans from their Government. 

In a leaflet entitled, "Asiatic Barbarism Versus Western Civiliza- 
tion," Madole proclaimed that — 

Only the superbly efficient totalitarian economic systems of Fascists, National 
Socialist, and Communist regimes are adaptible [sic] to the strain of TOTAL 
WAR as practiced in the 20th century * * * The spirit of democracy is a 
glorification of weakness and cowardly conduct. It glorifies the coward instead 
of the fighter, it raises feeble weaklings to leadership rather than a trained, 
iron-hard, and youthful elite * * * 

At the time of the Prague trials in 1952 and other anti-Semitic 
purges behind the Iron Curtain, the NRP defended the action of the 
Soviet leadership and implied that the example should be followed in 
Europe and America. 

Such an appeal to violence exposes the most vicious and dangerous 
aspect of the National Renaissance Party. In its printed literature, 
NRP has attempted to disguise such appeals, although the implica- 
tions are clear in headlines such as the following: 

In Russia They Execute Them the Prague and Beria Way! In U. S. A. They 
Promote Them the Dexter White Way!* 

In his speeches, however, Madole has discarded caution on a number 
of occasions and boldly advocated "6 inches of steel" for America's 
Jewish minority. 

NRP activities and propaganda are clearly subversive and un- 
American. The commiittee is further of the opinion that this neo- 
fascist organization, by its advocacy of force and violence, contravenes 
the Smith Act. The committee urges the Department of Justice to 
consider taking immediate steps to convene a Federal grand jury for 
the purpose of prosecuting the leaders of the National Renaissance 
Party under the act. 


The National Renaissance Party has frequently appealed for sup- 
port from crackpot elements which were active in bund and other 
fascist activities in the 1930's. Madole stated on one occasion that 
the NRP was formed to "carry on the work of the Christian Front." * 
The Christian Front had cooperated with the German-American Bund 
in pre-Pearl Harbor days and bund leader Fritz Kuhn had declared 
the ideas of the two organizations were 100 percent in agreement. 

Daniel Kurts, self-proclaimed leader of the Christian Front in 
Queens, N. Y., in 1939, became an active worker in the National 
Renaissance Party. 

Another veteran propagandist, Kurt Mertig, became New York 
City chairman of the NRP, and his oihce at 317 East 54th Street, 
New York City, served as the NRP's city headquarters. From this 
same office, Mertig has operated as chairman of two of his own organi- 
zations — the Citizens Protective League and the German-American 
Republican League of Greater New York. Mertig's letterheads state 
the leagues were formed in 193G; the Attorney General cited both 
leagues as fascist organizations in 1948. Mertig himself served a 

« Ueadliiios iirc contalnod In a loaflot, Brotherhood?, distributed In 1953 and 1954 by the NRP and 
reproduced Iti part as c-xliibil 5, appendix; p. 2S. 
' National Kenaissaneu Ihdlelin, October 1951, p. 1, 


6-month workhouse term in 1946 on unlawful assembly charges 
growing out of his participation in a Christian Front rally in Queens, 
N. Y., in 1945. 

In the summer of 1953, the NRP announced plans to run a candi- 
date for Congress from the Yorkville district. Nothing further was 
heard of the scheme, however. The would-be candidate was H. Keith 
Thompson, Jr., who was identified in the National Renaissance 
Bulletin as a former registered agent for Maj. Gen. Otto Remer's 
Socialist Reich Party — a neo-Nazi group in West Germany now 
banned by the German Government. 

The NRP had previously publicized Thompson as the national 
director of a newly formed American Committee for the Advancement 
of Western Culture. James Madole, Kurt Mertig, Frederick Charles 
F. Weiss, and other "officers and members" of the NRP also were 
represented on this committee, which had the grandiose role of serving 
as "a high policy planning group for the coordination of racial nation- 
alist activities in America, Europe, Africa, and Asia." ^° 

Last 5'ear, the NRP tried to extend its activities into other sections 
of the country. 

A guest speaker at one of the NRP meetings in Yorkville on June 
26, 1953, was one James R. White, who was billed as an "organizer" 
from Los Angeles. Madole claimed that White had "already organ- 
ized a fully uniformed group in his city and distributed thousands of 
copies of National Renaissance Bulletins." ^^ Committee inquiries 
disclose that James White's activities in Los Angeles have been 
confined to a small group and that no eft'ective efforts in organizing 
the NRP in that city have materialized. 

A youth in his early twenties, White was the publisher of his own 
newsletter. Reason, in 1952. Committee information shows that 
several 5'ears prior to his involvement in neo-fascist activities, White 
had been a member of the Spartacus Club of the American Youth 
for Democracy — a front organization of the Communist Party. It 
might be noted at this point that Mana Truhill, previously mentioned 
as head of the NRP overseas bureau, has admitted having attended 
the Communist-operated Jefferson School of Social Science in New 
York. This is another illustration of the common ground often 
reached by fascists on the extreme right and Communists on the 
extreme left. 

Madole announced in his June 1953 Bulletin that a local NRP 
headquarters had also been set up at 2627 Hale Avenue in Louisville, 
Ky., under the leadership of J. W. Mitchefi, a high-school student. 
Subsequent inquiry by the committee revealed that the branch in 
Louisville never attained any significant success and that it has since 
been dissolved. 

In December 1953 the party's Bulletin stated that an NRP branch 
was being formed in Pennsylvania under the direction of E. R. Barron 
and Frederick Polzin, and that another branch was being created in 
New Jersey by Lawrence Sestito. 

The numerical strength of an organization such as the NRP is 
difficult to measure. Such fanatics exaggerate their influence, and 
the committee would do no service in overestimating the importance 
of an element which will undoubtedly take pride in being publicized 

'° National Renaissance Bulletin, April 1953, p. 1. 
u National Renaissance Bullet.n, June 1953, p. 4. 


as a "menace." IMembership of the NRP has been estimated at 
anj^vhere from 200 to 700 persons. All indications point to a dimin- 
ished following in 1954. 

The NRP charges a nominal $1 membership fee, and its monthly 
Bulletin, which has a $2 yearly subscription rate, is often distributed 

The NRP has stated it held 22 street meetings in 1952, and regular 
Friday meetings during the seasonable weather in 1953, its most 
active year. The combined total of indoor and outdoor meetings of 
the iSRP in 1952-53 has been estimated at 70. 

A certain decline in the organization's activities was evidenced in 
1954. Investigation reveals that the new headquarters address 
adopted by the NRP early this year is the address of a commercial 
firm. It is apparent that the NRP is largely a nomadic group, 
meeting in hotels and private homes, at times under the cover of 
another name, and using privately operated mail boxes as mailing 
addresses. Its Bulletin is bemg issued sporadically, and in mimeo- 
graphed rather than in its usual printed form. 

The committee is encouraged by the relatively restricted nature of 
National Renaissance Party influence. The committee believes, 
however, that such organizations have no place in the American scene 
and that the full force of exposure and prosecution must be employed 
to eradicate them. 


"Common Sense" 

Growth of the hate group in recent years is exemplified by the 
publishing endeavors of Conde J. IMcGinley and his son, C. J. Mc- 
Ginley, in Union, N. J. The McGinleys, senior and junior, operate 
as the Christian Educational Association, for the purpose of publisliing 
a semimonthly paper, Common Sense, as well as a mass of individual 
printed matter. 

Common Sense represents itself as "the Nation's anti-Communist 
paper." Subscriptions are sought from "loyal and patriotic Amer- 
icans" in order to "help save our Republic," 

Such patriotic claims provide poor disguise, however, for some of the 
most vitriolic hate propaganda ever to come to the attention of the 
committee. Common defines communism as "Judaism" and 
devotes its pages almost exclusively to attacks on the Jewish and to a 
lesser extent the Negro minorities in our Nation. Sympathy for 
the former Nazi regime in Germany also is injected into this propa- 
ganda, which is hardly distinguishable from that of the National 
Renaissance Party except for the lattcr's open appeal for a fascist 
govermnent in the United States. 

Despite its patriotic claims, Common Sense has in fact employed 
and/or carried the writings of a number of individuals associated with 
the National Renaissance Party. Through the columns of Common 
Sense and innumerable booklets printed and offered for sale, the 
McGinleys appear to serve as a clearinghouse for hate propagandists 
throughout the country. Among these are many of the native fascists 
and hate racketeers who were active in the 1930's. 

In contrast to the limited appeal of the openly fascist National 
Renaissance Party, the McGinley enterprise appears to be a shrewd 
and going business. 



Conde J. McGinley, Sr., began editing a miniature weekly paper in 
Newark, N. J., in 1946, under tlie various titles of Think, The Think, 
and Think WeeJdy. In June 1947 the paper was issued under the 
name. Common Sense, and in November 1947 it was expanded to its 
present tabloid size and the headquarters transferred from Newark 
to Union, N. J. It became a semimonthly publication in 1948. 
McGuiley remained the sole owner and publisher until early this year, 
when the so-called Christian Educational Association was created to 
serve as owner and publisher. Officers of the new association are 
Conde J. McGinley, Sr., president; Conde J. McGinley, Jr., secretary 
and treasurer; and Alex Jefimow, vice president. Jefimow is em- 
ployed by the McGinleys in a subordinate capacity; only the 
^IcGinleys are authorized to handle association funds. 

Headquarters of the newspaper and its publishing association are 
located in a 14-room stone building at 530 Chestnut Street in Union, 
N. J. The building is owned by Miss Katherine Littig, of Newark, 
N. J., who has worked for Common Sense on a voluntary basis almost 
from the inception of the publication. 

The building also houses the press which prints Common Sense and 
other hate literature sold through Common Sense. This mechanical 
equipment is owned by the Union Patriotic Press, which gives the 
Chestnut Street building as its headquarters. A corporation reso- 
lution of the Union Patriotic Press lists its officers as president, 
Charles Kane, of Tampa, Fla.; secretary, John J. Reynolds; and 
treasurer, Edward J. Byrne, High ts town, N. J., farmer. Byrne is 
known to have been a volunteer worker in the Common Sense enter- 
prise. Both Byrne and Reynolds have attended rallies held by 
McGinley for his followers; Kane has also been in attendance prior 
to his removal to Florida. 

McGinley was forced to rely on other presses prior to 1953 and he 
admittedly encountered difficulties in assuring continuous printing of 
his propaganda. After Common Sense moved into its headquarters 
on Chestnut Street in the spring of 1953, an addition was built for a 
press later acquired by the Union Patriotic Press. McGinley an- 
nounced to his readers that the press had been set up "for our use" 
and would insure prompt service in the future. Technically, however, 
McGinley leases the press from the Union Patriotic Press for a $75 
monthly rental. 


During 1946 and 1947, McGinley's allegedly anti-Communist pub- 
lication gave little indication of its subsequent level of propaganda. 
At the outset, its columns carried a certain amount of factual infor- 
mation on communism. Beginning in 1948, however. Common Sense 
became increasingly outspoken in its statements of a pro-Nazi and 
anti-Semitic nature. It was soon almost exclusively a vehicle for the 
exploitation of ignorance, prejudice, and fear. 

The paper devoted considerable space in 1948 to the support of the 
late Robert H. Best, American newsman who was convicted of treason 
and sentenced to life imprisonment in that year as a result of his 
broadcasts for the Nazis in World War II. A eulogy of Best appearing 

54945°— 54 3 


in Common Sense for December 15, 1952, described him as a "patriot/ 
"Paul Revere," and "true Christian American." 

An arrogant letter written by Herman Goering to Winston Churchill 
just before the Nazi leader poisoned himself, appeared in Common 
Sense for July 1, 1950. An editorial note recommended that the letter 
be "read carefully by Members of Congress and all others who are 
shaping the destiny of America." 

Common Sense adopted the National Renaissance Party line which 
alleges the United States Government is plotting a new world war: 

* * * Now that the matchless German army is destroyed, Germany laid in ruins, 
and Europe helpless, Eisenhower asks the German people to help him prepare 
for another war purporting to be a war against communism, while he protects 
and coddles in Washington the same people who prevented Germany from wiping 
out communism. This is to be a war against the Russian people — not com- 
munism. * * * 12 

In this statement, ^McGinley's "anti-Communist" and "patriotic" 
publication apparently is not averse to serving the Communist propa- 
ganda cause. Indeed, ]McGinley has even printed such statements 
as the following, w^hich he identified as being from a "European" 

* * * if your paper is to continue its excellent work of opposing the policy of 
the Jew, please do not fight Russia also, for we in Euroi)e look upon it as the only 
hope to prevent Jewish world domination by means of its stupid, willing, tech- 
nically clever American slaves, the destroyers of Europe's cities, the hateniongers 
of the vile occupation and the hangmen of Xurnberg.^^ 

Anti-Semitism is the chief stock in trade of Common Sen.^e, which 
now distortedly deanes communism as "a false face for Judaism." 
Typical of headlines which appear in the publication are: "Jewish 
Leaders Are Crazy For Power;" "Zionists Threaten Russia With War;" 
" 'Brotherhood' — Jew Trap For Christianity;" and "Invisible Gov- 
ernment Rules Both Parties; Adlai and Ike Marxist Stooges." 
Articles in Common Sense have even attacked water fluoridation as a 
Red plot by "the invisible rulers" aimed at mass destruction of the 
American people. 

The violent nature of this propaganda is illustrated by an article 
written by George Thomas Adams in the issue of Common Sense for 
December 1, 1952. In the course of a discussion of anti-Semitic 
pogroms in Communist countries, Adams stated: 

* * * If the Russian people wish to throw off their Jewish yoke, what right 
have we to criticize them? * * * We should be doing the same. 

Conde McGinley, Sr., uses the oblique method in an article in the 
issue dated June 15, 1952: 

* * * The German Government, facing flip same sitiiation as the United Slnlrs 
does today, put these Red Jews in concentration camps. * * * [Italics supi)lied]. 

A survey of Common Sense propaganda fails to reveal any outright 
advocacy of a fascist government for the United States. The solu- 
tion customarily offered by Conde McGinley, Sr., to "save America" 
is an increase in the circulation of Common Sense. It is apparent 
that this publication represents a modern example of the racketeers 
who made a business out of un-American hate propaganda during 
the 19:50's. 

'2 Cnmmnti SeaKe, October \!i, 1953, p. 1. 
M Common Sense, June 1, 1953, p. 2. 



reals ' 

'Wits* tews 

j TCt «.<fc in — '3i?:iSs-ir""' 

oxWK fJrw.'RtsEv V s » fa»iii,.«v iS i«.< 5v^wR^PT)0« it « /. y^ar 

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EOSSIA 11 f M 

«fcpi »&MS rt »♦ i*»frtafc I»Xii tJKt ft-NI >** '- 

Or Jdjiuary 1" 



"'J'^'^^r;^- «>*'*''*' 



<*•««* ^kMb 





FlGURK No.- 3. 



Information in the possession of the Committee reveals a significant 
Interchangeability of propagandists working for the allegedly patriotic 
Common Sense and the avowedly fascist National Renaissance Party. 

A good example is provided by Eustace Mullins, who frankly 
eulogizes Hitler in the pages of the National Renaissance Party's 
Bulletin and who has been observed at an NRP street session in New 
York City last 3'ear. Articles AVTitten by Mullins have been appearing 
in Common Sense since at least September 1951 and, last year, he 
became a ^\Titer on the staff of Common Sense. 

W. Henry AlacFarland, Jr., is another individual who has been 
simultaneously active in both the National Renaissance Party and 
Common Sense. A resident of Philadelphia, MacFarland in 1948 had 
organized a Nationalist Action League which was promptly cited as a 
fascist organization by the United States Attorney General. In 
1949, MacFarland spoke at a number of meetings of the National 
Renaissance Party in New York. He presided at a branch meeting 
of the NRP held in Philadelphia in October 1949. Meanwhile, his 
name also appeared as "associate editor" of Common Sense in the 
issues which appeared during July and August of 1949. 

At that time, Conde McGinley, Sr., was planning to combine 
forces with MacFarland and his cited Nationalist Action League, 
and with another organization, the Loyal American Group, headed 
by William J. O'Brien. The scheme, as announced in Common Sense, 
called for McGinley's publication to serve as official organ of the 
Nationalist Action League, with O'Brien disbanding his group to 
serve as national secretary of the new combination. The plan fell 
through, however, and McGinley resumed sole editorship of Common 
Sense. O'Brien, a printer from Montclair, N. J., was later taken on 
the staff of Common Sense. 

The interlocking of Common Sense and the National Renaissance 
Party is further demonstrated by the fact that Common Sense has 
carried articles by Frederick Charles F. Weiss, chief propagandist 
for the NRP, and by Kurt Mertig, New York City chairman of the 

Common Sense is also a channel for hate propaganda being issued 
by numerous other individuals and organizations scattered throughout 
the country. The literature of these fellow hatemongers is dissemi- 
nated either through reprints in the columns of Common Sense or in 
booklets published and sold by Common Sense. 

One of the most frequently reprinted "authors" is Robert H. 
Williams, of Santa Ana, Calif., who issues the Williams Intelligence 
Summary, a monthly newsletter. Common Sense also sells his writings 
in pamphlet form. Williams advertises himself as the possessor of 
vast intelligence information which he gained as a member of Army 
Intelligence during World War II. The deception is evident from 
the fact that Williams' intelligence duty comprised less than a year 
as an administrative officer for the intelligence section of a bomber 
wing. In this position, he would have received no intelligence infor- 
mation dealing with the Communist conspiracy. His assignment to 
the military intelligence was merely in the Reserves, from which 
commission he was relieved by official action of the Army, effective 
December 21, 1950. 


Conde McGinley, Sr., has maintained a particularly cooperative 
relationship with two disseminators of anti-Semitic literature from 
Chicago: Mrs. Elizabeth Dilling and Mrs. Lyrl Clark Van Hyning. 
Mrs. Dilling's writings have been circulating since the 1930's. Mrs. 
Van Hyning is the head of an organization known as We, The 
IMothers, Mobilize For America, Inc., and is editor of the publica- 
tion, Women's Voice. 

Messages have been sent to ^Members of Congress over the joint 
signatures of Mrs. Dilling, Mrs. Van Hyning, and McGinley.'^ 

Mrs, Dilling is a constant source of violent articles for Common 
Sense which prints them under such headlines as " 'Brotherhood' —  
Jew Trap for Christianity" and "World Crucifixion and the Master 
Race." Mrs. Dilling has also authored appeals in Common Sense 
for support of the propaganda activities of McGinley and Mrs. Van 
Hyning. McGinley in turn has recommended Mrs. Dilling's "Bulle- 
tins" to his readers and has offered for sale reprints of her book, The 
Plot Against Christianity. He has also appealed for financial con- 
tributions for Mrs. Van Hyning and occasionally carried in Common 
Sense statements either credited to her or to her publication. Women's 

A number of individuals notorious for their efforts to create a 
nationwide fascist orgft,nization in the United States in the 1930's 
are also propagandizing again through Common Sense. McGinley has 
printed articles and letters from Gen. George Van Horn Moseley 
(Ret.), Col. Eugene N. Sanctuary, and Charles B. Hudson. He has 
advertised for sale a new book by Robert Edward Edmondson. The 
Special Committee on Un-American Activities reported in 1940 that 
General Moseley was being seriously considered as a national leader 
of an attempted union of fascist and hate groups in the United States 
until the plans were exposed and Moseley was called as a witness 
before the committee. The special committee named Sanctuary, 
Hudson, and Edmondson as being among the individuals who took 
part in this unsuccessful attempt to create a united fascist movement. 

Preliminary committee investigations have thus far failed to reveal 
any indication that present-day fascist and hate groups are seeking 
national organizational unity. 

The cooperative efforts of the hate groups, however, have actually 
extended to the point of national conventions. Common Sense re- 
ported the proceedings of one such convention held in Chicago, July 
4-6, 1952. Conde McGinley, Sr., and William J. O'Brien spoke as 
representatives of Common Sense at this gathering, which was refeiTed 
to by McGinley as an "annual convention" of "nationalists." Mrs. 
Lyrl Clark Van Hyning served as moderator of the convention, which 
was chaired by one George Foster. The 200 delegates, from all sec- 
tions of the country, heard speeches and adopted resolutions following 
the lines of the propaganda which they issue. The most significant 
statement was in a speech by O'Brien of Common Sense. He urged 
the delegates to back each other "to the limit" whenever any one of 
them is "under attack." ^^ 

" See exhibit 6, appendix, p. 29 for a reproduction of one such message which was reprinted in Common 
Sense of March 15, 1953. 
!• Common Sense, June 15, 1952, pp. 1 and 2. 

















c ' 

































Information available to the committee on the circulation and 
financial status of Common Sense indicates that Conde McGinley has 
developed a shrewd and flourishing business out of hate propaganda. 

Common Sense reported in October 1948 that the number of copies 
which were distributed to paid subscribers during the preceding 12 
months averaged 7,072. In October 1949 the average paid subscrip- 
tions were reported at 9,6G0, and by October 1950 the figure had 
jumped to 21,255. The committee has not observed any further 
publication of subscription figures in Common Sense since then. 
However, figures filed by the publication with United States postal 
authorities show that an average of 15,796 copies of Common Sense 
were being distributed through second-class mail to paid subscribers 
during the 6-month period from March 15 to September 15, 1954. 

These figures do not reflect the thousands of copies of Common Sense 
which are sold by other means or distributed gratis. For example, 
McGinley has been known to make bulk deliveries of an issue to various 
individuals for remailing or distribution in other ways. JMcGinley 
asserted that he had "120,000 readers" in 1952. Committee investi- 
gation indicates that the circulation of Common Sense tops the 100,000 
mark for certain issues, but averages approximately 50,000 copies. 
The number of free copies averages at least 30,000. 

Subscriptions to Common Sense sell for $1 a year and provide a 
minimum of $15,000 annually, based on second-class mailing alone. 
On-the-side sale of books and pamphlets brings in an estimated maxi- 
mum of $1,000 a year. However, the publication also receives finan- 
cial contributions, the exact amount of which has not been ascertained. 

McGinley solicits contributions in urgent messages printed in 
Common Sense as well as through special fund-raising letters. A typ- 
ical letter sent out by McGinley in the spring of this year stated that, 
due to a low subscription rate and lack of advertising revenue, "We 
must depend on real patriots to subsidize us in keeping with their 

McGinley invariably represents himself in these appeals as a penni- 
less patriot who has used up his life's savings of $15,000 on Common 
Sense yet continues to work "fuUtime" without salary or profit in 
order to save his country. "Wlien I am reminded of my duty, and it 
is not for myself," he has stated, "I take courage to warn you that if 
you do not get into this work personally and actively, or give money 
quickly to those Avho are active, the hidden invisible government plot 
will have proceeded so far that dictators will be giving orders." 
McGinley adds the sly reminder that money orders can be sent under 
fictitious names. 

Such broad fund appeals appear with irregularity. They usually 
occur when McGinley requhes large sums for a special project, such 
as the remodeling of his new headc^uarters building. Constant 
solicitations seem to be unnecessary as a result of very substantial 
financial support rendered McGinley by a few well-to-do patrons. 

One of the financial "angels" behind Conde McGinley has been 
Benjamin Harrison Freedman, a rethed toilet goods manufacturer of 
960 Park Avenue, New York City. 

Freedman estimated that he had spent $15,000 on Common Sense 
by December 1950, according to testimony he gave on December 12 


of that year before the Senate Armed Services Committee. In a 
propaganda slieet published by Froedman in New York on January 2, 
1951, he detailed his support of AlcGinley in this way: 

* * * In 1948 Freedman met INIcGinley. They found that thej' had much in 
common. Freedman became interested in Common Sense as one of the most 
aggressive orgam'zations fighting Marxism [communism] to which Freedman had 
lent financial assistance. 

Since 194S Freedman has given unsparingly of his time and his efforts to increase 
the circulation of Common Sense and has advanced a small fortune for that 
purpose. Within the past 2 months alone Freedman has advanced to and/or for 
Common Sense in excess of seven thousand dollars ($7,000.00). 

Common Sense was rapidly becoming an important factor in the nationwide 
fight against the worldwide campaign of tlie Marxists [Communists] for world 
conquest. * * * Freedman advanced funds to McGinley to cover the cost of 
printing and mailing fifty-thousand (50,000) copies of Common Sense (No. 
1-26) * * * 

In addition to his financial contributions, Freedman is a prominent 
figure at various meetings held for supporters of Common Sense. He 
spoke as a "noted authority on Zionism" at a meeting held as recently 
£s November 14 at Common Sense headquarters m Union, N. J. 
Common Sense advertised the meetmg as a pro-America rally spon- 
sored by Americans Against Communism — an organization name 
occasionally used by McGinley. 

McGinley himself has not publicized such major financial support 
for fear of discouraging his smaller contributors. However, rumors 
that Freedman and others have been providing substantial aid to 
Common Sense have become widespread enough to force a recent 
public statement from McGinley. 

In a fund-raising letter sent out in the fall of 1954, McGinley stated, 
"I have learned recently, that some people are under the impression 
that Mr. Ben Freedman and a prominent manufacturer are backing 
us." McGinley acknowledged in the letter that Freedman's assistance 
was "a help in making Common Sense the most widely read, factual 
publication on Marxism," and that Freedman today continues to 
"give all his time and is a tower of information." McGiidey attempted 
to persuade his readers that nevertheless "for some time, Mr. Freed- 
man has not been in a position to be of material financial assistance 
to us." With respect to the unidentified "manufactin-er," McGinley 
also insisted that the contributions have been "nominal" although 
"very helpfid." 

The thriving nature of the Common Sense enterprise is attested to 
by McGinley himself on numerous occasions. He cannot avoid 
boasting of his accomplishments, even in the course of his urgent 
rcfjuests for funds. 

He reported, for example, that in 1953 he had made "much prog- 
ress." He referred to his excellent new headquarters which were 
extensively remodeled and enlarged; a press at his disposal for the 
first time; and the addition of an investigator and a writer to his stafl^, 

A fund-raising letter issued this fall boasted that "we have now 
built Common Sense into a large operation to reach numbers." How- 
ever, McGinley continued to announce ambitious plans, including 
the installation of new mailing equipment in his headquarters at a 
cost of $3,000. McGinley has also stated hopes of soon stepping up 
publication to a weekly basis. 

McGinley's claim to full-time work in behalf of Common Sense with- 
out salary or profit is misleading in view of the facts developed in the 


committee's investigation. Volunteer workers perform many duties 
in connection witli the publication. The committee has learned, how- 
ever, that Conde McGinley, Sr., has no employment or income outside 
of the Common Sense operation. He has for a short period in the past 
served as caretaker of property in Union, but his payment did 
not exceed $1,000 a year. Conde McGinley, Jr., supplements his 
Common Sense activities by serving as a free lance salesman of alumi- 
num windows and siding for houses. Conde McGinley, Sr., and Mr. 
and Mrs. Conde McGinley, Jr., reside in the headquarters buildmg of 
Common Sense at 530 Chestnut Street in Union. 

Since contributions form an admittedly important part of Common 
Sc7ise inco7ne, the true state of its finances is difficult to determine. 
The committee has been denied access to Federal income tax informa- 
tion on the principals involved. A minimum income of approximately 
$30,000 annually is evident from a study of bank deposits made in the 
name of Common Sense or its new corporate cloak, the Christian Educa- 
tional Association. A total of $25,965.97 was deposited in the publica- 
tion's account in a Union, N. J., bank during the 10-7iionth period from 
January 1 to October 29, 1954. During' the 12 months of 1953, 
deposits totaled $29,320.78. 

It is regrettable that any American may have contributed to the 
perpetuation of a hate factory such as that operated by the Mc- 
Giiileys. If loyal Americans seek to play an active part in protecting 
their country from subversion, they would do well to lend their support 
to legitimate patriotic organizations rather than to those whose real 
objective is another form of subversion. 


In this preliminary report, the committee has concentrated on 
a few examples of subversive propaganda activity currently to be 
found in the United States. The committee is well aware that this 
report conveys only a small part of the total picture of such activities 
in this country today. 

The committee believes, however, that this preliminary report will 
provide useful information to the Congress. Both the National 
Kenaissance Party and Common Sense have made unsolicited dis- 
tributions of their un-American propaganda to Members of the 
Congress, and the Members have consequently made frequent inquiry 
of the committee regarding the nature of these organizations. 

The committee further hopes that this report will alert both the 
Congress and the American public to dangers which must not be 
ignored. The National Renaissance Party and the operators of 
Common Sense illustrate two types of subversion from the extreme 
right. The committee condemns any such resurgence of pro-fascist 
and hate activity. 

The committee is continuing its investigation and exposure of 
Communist conspirators wherever they may be found. The com- 
mittee is convinced, however, that there is a concurrent need for 
continuous investigation, exposure, and, where necessary, prosecution, 
to the end that no activity of a pro-fascist nature will ever be per- 
mitted to gain substantial stature or influence in the United States. 


Exhibit No. 1 

Some of the many similarities between fascism and communism are outlined 
as follows in Fascism In Action, a documented study and analysis prepared by 
the Legislative Reference Service of the Library of Congress in 1947: 

"1. The wiping out of all independent trade-unionism with the result that 
those trade-unions which are permitted, exist only under the tolerance of the 
totalitarian state, to serve as its servile adjuncts. 

''2. The elimination of political parties except the ruling Nazi, Fascist, or 
Communist Party. 

"3. The subordination of all economic and social life to the strict control of 
the ruling, single-party bureaucracy. 

"4. The suppression of individual initiative, and the liquidation of the system 
of free enterprise, and a tendency toward govern:ncnt control of supercartels. 

"5. The abolition of the right to freedom of speech, press, assembly, and 
religious worship. 

"6. The reduction of wages and, in the case of communism, living standards. 

"7. The use of slave labor on a vast scale and the establishment of concentration 

"8. The abolition of the right to trial by jury, habeas corpus, the right to 
independent defense counsel, and the innocence of the defendant until proven 

"9. The glorification of a single Leader or Fuehrer or Duce, who is all-powerful 
and subject neither to criticism nor removal through the ballot. 

"10. The utilization of a special form of social demagogy — for example, incite- 
ment of race against race and class against class — the elimination of all opposition, 
and the concentration of power into the hands of the ruling dictatorship. 

"11, The subordination of all economic and social life and the everyday needs 
of the population to the requirements of an expanding military machine seeking 
world conquest. 

"12. The establishment of a system of Nation-wide espionage to which the 
entire population is subject. 

"13. The severance of social, cultural, and economic contact between the people 
of the totalitarian state and those of other countries, through a rigorous press and 
radio censorship, travel restrictions, etc. 

"14. The open disregard for the rights of other nations and the sanctity of 

"15. The maintenance and encouragement of fifth columns abroad. 

"16. The reduction of parliamentary bodies to a rubber-stamp status auto- 
matically approving all decisions of the one-party dictatorship and the omnipotent 




Exhibit No. 2 
(National Renaissance Bulletin, October 1953, pp. 3 and 4.) 

The Program of The National Renaissance Party 


Duiini; the pnst several months we have been 
Asked by large numbers of people to explain exactly 
what principles the Nnlional Renaissance Party is 
fighting for, and how we differ from the programs 
o.' tlie orthodox Republican and Democratic Parties. 
1 his article is designed to answer all these questions. 

To begin with, the Nntional Renaissance Party 
believes in subordinating the interests of the individ- 
ual citizen to the interests of the national community 
as a whole. The nation represents the totality of 
the American people; their hopes, their needs, and 
tneir ideals. . , and h» such the weli&re of the 
nation must always supercede the privatefiisterests 
ot any race, class or individual. Where&s our doc- 
trine of Racial Nationalism welds the nation into a 
united and compatible Iron Front based on the 
ancient ties of blood and race, the poisonous Jewish 
doctrines of Democracy, Liberal-sm and Commun- 
ism seek to foment class warfare, disunity and revo- 
lution within the borders of all national states. 
Until the power of the Jew is crushed there can 
never be peace between, among, or within nations. 

Secondly, we believe that the individual has 
o.ily fulfilled his duly to the natio.nal community 
when he has founded a successful home and fanfly. 
The healthy Christian concept of the heme and 
family is the backbone of Western Civiliz&tion. A 
man who will not fight for his wife and family will 
certainly not hght for his native Urd either. Hence, 
just as individually healthy cells constitute a healthy 
human body: so do individually healthy family .nits 
insure a healthy, united and strcng national conn- 

During the past century the White Race has 
undergone a steadily declining birth rate in contrast 

to the ever increasing fecundity of the colored 
hcrdes in Africa and Asia. Ihis situation is partly 
due to economic conditions in both America and 
Western Europe where the combinntion of inflation- 
ary prices, greedy industrialists and rapacious labor 
czars make it necessary for young married couplet 
to remain in their jobs in order to eke out the barest 
existence. Naturally when both husband and wife 
are forced, through economic necessity, to spend 
their days working in offices and factories, the con- 
ditions are hardly suitable for raising even the most 
li.eagre sized family. 

We believe that strong, healthy family units can 
be established by providmg loans to newly married 
couples who have fnH passed a strict medical ex- 
amination to insure that they are not suffering from 
any hereditary physical or mental disease which 
m:ght prove detrimental to th.-~ir progeny. The 
child must always be the paramount concern of the 
Racial Nationalist State since the national youth 
represents the seed bed of the rising generation 
from wSch shall arise the elite Aryan leadership 
o( the NEW AMERICA. We can insure the propa- 
(jaticn of a strcng, virile race only by prohibiting 
racial intermarriage and by pern^itting only those 
wl-o are physically and mentally sound to marry. 
I he racial purity of a nation and its freedom from 
hereditary disease are just as closely related as body 
and scul. To restore the Chiistian home, marriage 
loans should be granted without interest, to be 
repaid to the Slate at the rate of 3 percent monthly 
so lor.g as the wife is in paid employment, and at 
the rate of I percent thereafter. A reduction of 25 
percent will be made from each marriage lean for 
e\ery child that is born of the union. This wili 



VMtly increase the Aryan birlh rate in America and 
open up many jobs now held by married women 
to unemployed men. 

i Thus the National Renaissance Party is primar- 
ily concerned with the welfare ot the national co:n» 
munity as a whole and with the supreme task of 
the national community which is the protection end 
preservation o( our most valuable Aryan racial 
elements. As opposed to this, the worthless Demo- 
cratic and Republican Parties are solely concerned 
with the accumulation ot gold and votes. The Re- 
publican Party serves the interests of Internaticnal 
Finance, the Democratic Parly serves International 
Jewry; but neither serves the interests of the Amer- 
ican people as a whole. To clarify the issues we 
will outline the complete 9-point political, racial 
and economic program of the National Renaissance 

(1) To encourage racial nationalism among the 
peoples of Europe. Africa and Asia as an antidote 
to the spread of International Communism. We must 
disassociate American foreign policy from the de- 
cadent British and French colonial empires against 
which the entire land mass of Africa and Asia is in 
revolt. We must also repudiate the operetta-state of 
Itrael unless we wish to drive the entire Middle East 
into the open arms of Soviet Russia in order that our 
political windbags in Washington may appease a 
howling pack of New York kikes, whose sole con- 
tributions to American culture have been syphilis 
and usury. 

(2) To enforce a strict policy of racial segregation 
in America in order to preserve and advance the 
culturally dominant- White Aryan Race which 
brought the cultural and social benefits of Western 
Civilization to our shores in 1492. (By the "Aryan 
Race" we refer to the Nordic, Celtic, Anglo-Saxon, 
Latin and Slavic peoples.) 

(3) To brinR about a gradual deportation of 
those racial elements which cannot be assimilated 
with the culturally predominant While Race. Laws 
must be passed to rigidly prohibit racial intermar- 
riage. (Those racial elements which cannot be 
assimilated in an Aryan racial community are the 
Porto Ricans, Negroes, Jews and Asiatics.) 

(4) The Jewish Race, which constitutes the mo- 
tivating financial and intellectual force behind Com- 
munism, shall be deprived of theirT^merican citizen 
•hip and hence barred from all political and pro- 
fessional posts. Marriage between Jews and mem- 
bers of the dominant White Race shall be forbidden. 
(During the past 20 years the Jews have managed 
to obtain a tremendous hold on American politics, 
art. culture and commerce. No people on earth with 
M vestige of pride in itself and its national honor 
vill tolerate such a domination of the KEY pro- 

fessions by members of a completely ALIEN race. 
At the same time, the Jews are a determining factor 
in those political parties which have sought to under- 
mine the last vestiges of racial and national pride 
in America. The Jew constitutes an alien virus in 
ojr national blood stream and as such he must be 
purged from our cultural, economic and political 

(5) To bring about the withdrawal of the United 
States from the Urited Nations in order to prevent 
further exploitation of American resources and man-' 
power by toreicn parasites. (In regard to foreign 
trade. America must develop a policy of preserving 
the American market for the American farmer and 
manufacturer. America must "Buy American" and 
subsidize, if necessary. American scientific ingenuity 
toward the end of producing chemically many of 
those product* wUch are not found here in America 
but upcn which this nation is dependent.) 

(6) The alliance of German scientific and military 
genius combined with American technology, mass 
produ^Jtion technique and manpower could domin- 
ate both the American and European continents. 
Therefore our foreign policy must have the three- 
fold objective of realizing a German-American al- 
liance in Europe; a Moslem- American alliance in 
the Middle EosI; and a Japanese- American alliance 
in Asia. 

(7) The creation of an American Corporate Econ- 
or.iy wherein labor and management will be equally 
represented in an Economic Dept. of the Federal 
Government. All disputes will be settled by impart- 
ial labor tribunals. (Labor and management exist to 
serve the interests of the Slate, which represents the 
tot.ility of the American people. Class warfare and 
indatioiiary prices create universal economic chaos 
hence prices and wages must be stabilized by the 
State in order to meet the needs of the American 
people as a whole.) 

(C) The abolition of parliamentary Rovernmenl 
national-minded elite. 

(9) The use of all educational facilities to imbu«, 
the American youth with an intense feeling of racial 
and national pride as a sure antidote to the inter- 
national poison of World Communism. 

ACT NOW. Send an immediate contribution 
to help put over the party program. Subscription 
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Beacon, New York 



Exhibit No. 3 


MAY 1953 

Oiiicial organ tA lh« National Renaissance Party devotsd to a restoration 
d the American Republic, the preservation oi American sovereignty and 
the eatabliahment oi an American regime based on the principles oi r aci al 
nationalism end social justice. 

Published in Beacon, N. Y. 

92.00 per 12 issues 

"More than thirty years have now passed sinca 
In 1914 I made my modest contribution as a volun- 
teer in the First World War, which was forced upon 
the Reich." 

In these three decades I have been actuated 
solely by love and loyalty to my people It is untrua 
that I, or anyone else in Germany, wanted the war 
in 1939. It was desired and instigatsd solely by those 
international statesmen who were either of Jewish 
descent or worked for Jewish interests. I have made 
too many offers for the control and limitation of 
armaments, which posterity will not for all lime bo 
able to disregard, lor the responsibility for the out- 

break of this war to be laid on me. I have further 
never wished that, oiler the fatal First World War, 
G second against England or against America, 
should break out. Centuries will pass away, but out 
of the ruins of our towns and monuments hatred will 
grow against those finally responsible lor every- 
thing, international Jewry, and its helpers. I have 
also made it plam that, if the nations of Europe are 
again to be regarded as mere shares to be bought 
and sold by those international Conspirators in 
money and finance, then that race, Jewry, whach is 
the real criminal of this murderous struggle, will be 
saddled with the responsibility." Adolf Hitler's Lost 
Politidal Testament— April 29, 194S. 


James H Madole 

In May, 1945 the Jewish vultures plunged low 
ever the prostrate ruins of Nazi Germany as hordes 
of Jewish bureaucrats Irom Washington lought lor 
the cultural and military spoils ol Central Europe. 
Beautiful cultural centers like Berlin, Cologne and 
Dresden had been reduced to smoking ask heaps, 
their civilian population converted into screaming 
human torches as a result ol the phosphorus bombs 
dropped from the bombing squadrons of Jewry's 
•American errand boys m Europe. Our Twentieth 
Century liberal democrats and apostles ol brotherly 
love laughed when thousands ol lovely German and 
Austrian girls were dragged Irom their mother's 
orms by lustlul Red savages from the steppes of 
Asia and by panting Senegalese Negroes, hired as 
Tnercenaries by our Frendi Allies. Captured German 
soldiers were used for homosexual purposes by 
these same Senegalese savages during the North 
African campaign. A wave of suicides syphilis and 
Illegitimate mulatto children swept Central Europe 

while the Jewish Occupational Officers led by Eisen- 
hower gloated with the report ol each new outrage. 

fn a final burst of savagery and hatred the Jews 
manipulated the legalized torture and murder oi 
Germany's top military, political and economic 
leadership at the infamous Nuremberg Trials. This 
trumped up infamy wUl live in history as a black 
smirch on the records of American justice. Despite 
the inhuman hardships and cruelties inflicted upon 
them, the German people remained loyal to the 
memory of their heroic Chancellor, Adolf Hitler. Only 
a lew oowards and traitors joined hands with 
Jewry's political puppet, Konrod Adenauer. 

We have on record the last words ol seven 
German soldiers hung at Londsberg Prison by the 
Jewish Occupational Authorities. They were guilty 
ol two great crimes, love ol country ond racial pride. 
The young hero ol the American Revolution, Nathan 
Hale, when captured by the British was ollered his 



lile In exchange for vital militaiY inlormation. His 
inunorlal reply waa. "I regret that I have but one 
lile to give for my country." Compare this statement 
With the final words of German soldier Werner 
Braune spoken at the foot of the gallows. 

"Gormar^s! Obedience and faithfulness to my 
supreme chief of state brought me under tho gal- 
lows. I ccnnol regret my obedience In place of 
being shot at the front by comrades, I deem it to bo 
more honest to be killed at the gallows by the hands 
of the enemy. My love was devoted to my people. 
My struggle was for truth and justice. My lost idea 
is Germany. My last greeting is for my brave wife, 
my cfiildron, my old jxirenls, my beloved brother 
and all my relations and friends. My last prayer is. 
God, forgive my murderers." 

Despite the horrors of rape, famino and legaliz- 
ed murder the German people dug out from the 
ruins and cosimenood tho hard and arduous task of 
recomtruction. Tho mJitiant Fascist spirit awaited 
only the exit of Allied occupational forces before 
takmg the roirw of powdor from tho feoble puppets 
of Wostem Democracy known as Koruod Adenauer 
in Germany and Alddo de Gasperi in Italy. To 
understand tho rovival of European Posicm in post- 
war Europe requims a baaic understanding of the 
beauty and glory esBentialiy inherent in Fascist phil- 
osophy as compared to tho decadent democracy ol 
Western Europe which servf^s as a media for the 
e<tenomic and political exploitation of the Gentilo 
masses by the Jewish Race. 

: The two political titans ot Twentieth Century 
Fascism were Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler. 
These two men created a jxiliticol and economic 
philosophy which swept the mental shackles of lew- 
iah Bolshevism from the minds of untold millions of 
European workers, intellectuals and shopkeepers. 
These two men created order out of chaos and pre- 
vented the final extinction of Western Civihtation at 
the hands of a barbarian Asiatic horde led by the 
Jewish Commissars of the Kremlin. When his liberal 
critics referred to him as "a ruthless totalitarian dic- 
tator," Mussoloni replied as follows: 

"In what consists the Liberalism which today 
bifiplies all the enemies of Fascism? Does Liberalism 
stand for universal suffrage and such conceptions?' 
Does it mean keeping Parliament jsermanently sitting 
so that it may continue to piesent the ignoble spect- 

acle which has evoked general disgust? Does it, in 
the name of Liberty, allow the minonty to destroy 
the freedom of the maiority? Does it moan making 
way for those who declare their hostility to the State 
and who are working actively to destroy it? Is this 
Liberalism? Well, if this be Liberalism, it is a theory 
and practice of surrender and ruin. Liberty is not an 
end, it IS a moans. As a means it peeds to be con-' 
trolled and dominated Here we come to the quest- 
ion of forcel" 

"I beg my friends the Liberals to tell me if ever 
in all history there was a Government which was 
based exclusively upon the consent ol the people 
end which was roady to dispense altogether with 
the use of force. There has novor been and nover 
will be such a Government. The consent of the 
people IS as mutable as tho sands of the seashore. 
The consent of the poopio is never permanent. There 
nover was a Govomm«nt that made all the governed 
happy. Aryi granted this tact, however far-seeing 
the Govomment may be, there must always be 
malcontents, how shall you prevent their feelings 
from growing and from becoming a danger lo tho 
State? You must have recourse to force." 

"Now Fascism throws the noxious theories of so- 
called Liberalism upon tho rubbish heap. The truth, 
manifost to all whose eyes ore not blinded by dog- 
matism, is that men are tired of liberty. They hovo 
had an orgy of it. Liberty today is no longer tho 
chaste and severe virgin for whom fought and died 
the soldiers of World V/ar 1. For the youths ol today, 
intrepid, eager, stem, who envisage tho dcr/m of a 
new era, there are words which excercise a more 
potent fascination and these words are: Order, 
Hierarchy, [Xscipline. . . " 

The collapse of the Imperial German Army in 
1918 was brought about by the groat munitions 
strike formentod by Communist Jews in control of the 
well organized German Trade Union Movement. The 
most prominent of these Jewish leaders were Rosa 
Luxemburg and Kurt Eisner. These Jewish labor 
leaders, assisted by a host of "liberal" Jewish journ- 
alists and professional Red revolutionists, were seek- 
ing to creot a Soviet Germany to ad as a buffer 
slate for Lenin's newly created Soviet Russia which 
had been established in 1917. The attempted Red 
Revolution in Germany failed due to the heroia 
efforts of Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist 



In September, 1928, Adoll Hitler spoke to his 
party leaders in Munich. The problems conironting 
Germany in 1928 were similar to the problems lac- 
ing America in 1953. In order to save Germany Irom 
Imanaal and moral collapse, Hiller postulated the 
loUowing program: 

"In the first place our people must be delivered 
from the hopeless conlusion of international convic- 
tions and educated consciously and systematically 
to fanatical Nationalism . . . Second, in so far as we 
educate the people to fight against the delirium of 
democracy and bring it again to the recogrution of 
the necessity of authonly and leadership, we tear 
it away from the nonsense ol parliament onanism. 
Third, insofar as we deliver the people from the at- 
mosphere of pitiable belief in possibilities which lie 
outside the bounds of ones own strength — such aa 
the belief in reconciliation, understanding, world 
peace, the League Of Nations, and international 
solidarity — we destroy these ideas. There is only one 
right in the world and jthal right is one's own 

Thus Hitler explained to his people the futility of 
seeking international cooperation with those nations 
which were bent on explorting a defeated end 
occupied Reich. How c»uld there bo reconciliation 
and fnendship with a French government whose 
troops occupied the key German industrial areas ol 
the Soar Basin and Rhineland? Could there be inter- 
national solidarity with an England who had jealous- 
ly stripped Germany ol her Afnom colonies and 
overseas trade? Only strong nations can afford to 
bargain in fho great game ol power politics. Hence 
Hitler's primary goal was the creation ol a strong, 
independent, self confident Germany. 

The racial philosophy of the Nazi Movement 
was completely at variance with the doctrines of 
liberal democracy, which had emerged from the 
Red ghettoes of Eastern Europe and the Masonic 
Lodges of Frande at the time of the bloody French 
Revolution. Lberal democracy was based on the 
mythical claims ol racial, individual and economic 
equality laid down by such Jewish intellectuals as 
Adam Weisshaupt, founder of the semi-mystioal 
lllurainati Society and spiritual mentor of the French 
Revolution and Karl Marx, the author ol the Red 
Bible,"Das Kapital, and founder of World Commun- 
ism. This democratic doctrine of universal equality 
was used by its spiritual founders, the Jewish Race, 
to break down the radal and national pride of tho 

culturally dominant Aryan Race. The Jew, like the 
Biblical serpent tempting Eve in the Garden Ol Eden, 
seeks to lure the Aryan Race into polluting its pure 
blood and creative ingenuity by mixing sexually 
With Zulu Hottentots and Asiatic ancestor worship- 
pers. Hitler spoke as follows conoerning the National 
Socialist conception of race: 

"National Soaalism takes as the starting point 
ol its views and its decisions neither the individual 
nor humanity. It puts conciously into the central 
point ol Its whole thinking the Race. This Race is lor 
us a blood-conditioned entity in which we see the 
God-willed building stone ol human society. Tho 
individual is transitory, the Race is permanent. If the 
Liberal viewpoint in its deification of the single in- 
dividual must lead to the destruction of the racial 
community. National Socialism, on the other hand, 
desires to saleguard the Race, if neceBsary oven at 
the expense ol the individual. It is essential that the 
individual should slowly come to realize that his own 
ego IS unimportant when compared with the exist- 
ence ol the whole people . . . Above all we must real- 
ize that the Ireedom. ol the mind and will ol a whole 
nation are to be volved more highly than the individ- 
ual's Ireedom ol mind and will." 

The National Socialist Party look power in 1933 
end inaugurated the most rapid economic recovery 
program in European history. Vast public housing 
and road building projects were undertaken success- 
fully. American soldiers returning from occupied 
Germany have remarked about the high standard 
of living and cleanliness prevalent in German towns 
and cities under the Hitler regime. How was it pos- 
sible for the Nazi Party to raise Germany from the 
depths of financial ruin to tho heights of economic 
prosperity in three short years? This problem was 
solved by substituting the productive capacity of the 
German worker lor the Capitalist inspired Gold 
Standard. Hitler explained it to the German workers 
ol Berlin on December 10, 1940, as follows: 

"The German capacity for work is our gold 
end our capital, and with this gold 1 can compete 
successluUy with any power in the world . . . My 
whole economic system has been built upon the 
conception ol work. V/e have solved our problems 
while, amazingly enough, the capitalist countries 
end their currencies have sulfered bankruptcy. 
Sterling can find no market today . . But our Reichs- 
mark, which is backed by no gold, has remained 
stable. Why'' It has no gold cover, it is backed by 
you and your work . . . German currency, with no 



gold coverage, is worth more today than gold itself. 
It signifies unceasing production." 

"Work alone can create new work: money cctn*' 
not create work. Work alone creates values, values 
•with which to reward those who work. The work ol 
one man makes it possible (or another to live and 
continue to work. And when we have mobilized Iho 
•working capacity ol our people to its utmost, each 
individual worker will receive more and more of 
the world's goods." 

The success ol the Nazi regime in substituting 
O goods standard lor the gold standard threatened 
the security of international linance through-out Iho 
civilized world. The golden shackles, forged origin- 
ally by the Jewish Rothschild linandal empire, which 
had held the world in bondage lor generations wera 
seriously weakened. This lact combined with hitler's 
world wide exposure ol the Jewish Race as the 
'motivating financial and intellectual force behind 
World Communism spelled the linal doom ol Nazi 
Germany. The press radio and cinema of every 
nation in Europe and the Americas were geared 
to an unceasing campaign ol vililication and hatred 
agoinfll Nazi Germany. All German goods and ahip» 
,ping was boycotted by order ol the Jewish million- 
aire, Samuel Unlermyer, president ol the World Jew- 
ish Economic Federation. Although tho World 
Almanac attests to the lact that lewer than 600,000 
Jevrs over lived in Germany, the Jews persisted in 
their monstrous lie that Nazi Germany had cremated 

six million ol their coracials. This lie was used as a 
basis lor the most fiendish persecution ol the German 
people. That Hitler and his regime were loved and 
honored by the German people is proven by tho 
fact that it took the combined manpower and ro- 
sources ol the entire world live long years to deleat 
sixty million Germans! 

Hitler's last words to his people before commit- 
ting suicide were: 

"After six years ol war, which in spite of all sol- 
backs will go down in history as the most glorious 
and valiant demonstration of a nation's life purpose, 
I cannot forsake the city which is the capital of tho 
Roich ... I have decided, therelore, to remain in 
Berlin and there ol my own tree will to choose death 
at tho moment when I believe th position of Fuehror 
and Chancellor can no longer be held." 

"I die with a happy heart aware of tho immea- 
surable deeds ol our soldiers at the front. From tho 
sacrifice ol our soldiers and Irom my own unity 
wjth them unto death will spring up in tho history 
ol Germany the seed ol a radiant renaissance of tho 
National Socialist movement and thus of tho realiza- 
tion of a true community of nations." 

Although Adolf Hitler is dead, his philosophy 
lives again in the growing strength of Fascist forces 
in America, Europe and the Middle East. What 
Hitler accomplished in Europe, the National Renaiss- 
ance Party shall yet oocomplish in America. 



Mass street meetings are now held every Friday 
ni5(ht at 6 PJ4. on the Southeast comer of 88lh Street 
ond York Avenue in N. Y. C. Everyone is welcome 

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for this traitorous Red sheet. They have only 1,000 
more subscriptions to attain before reaching their 

■Our "Notional Renaissance Bulletin" doesn't 
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ately necessary to appeal lor hinds Irom cdl our 
readers and supporters. We have steadfastly kept 

to our program of racial nationalism and social 
justice, but in order to do a better job we need your 
urgent help In order to advance this light and to 
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you to send your contribution, now and In any 
omount today. 

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ffortieaed Bcnckaanco Party 

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(National Renaissance BulMin, October 1952, p. 4.) 


ETaniuoUy AiMrlaa must admit het debt to 
AdoU HitWr tor it wo* HiU«r who lint oolJcd tipoo 
oil AiycBi p«opl« to unit* aad chalkm^ lowish oco- 
nomifi and politiocil powv. It voa HitW who fint 
euiAciat*d th* docttto* ot !^;!ttcQGl eali-de^rsia- 
oiian ond Ud th« ansiM oi Q-uistian Europe in a 
gr«at aiiaod* ogaiiut tbs godlua Javs ol the Kram- 
tin. Miliar. Eiie Chriat b«!or« him, was cruciiad on a 
Crow Oi Gold through th« dupEdty of hi< own Chhs- 
bon p*:^. 

America wiH nsvar fcrs«t that Ihs lewiah tlta^ 
nctional bontari, 109©th»r with Franklin D Roes«- 
v«lt, their tool. Ud u» into V/«a War U. Why! Be- 
cause Kill*? drove tha rjsnoinic laadwe c( tha RolI-i» 
child and Warburg ksiili« cut d Germciy. The Jew-' 
i<h "reiuge«c" poured into Amerioa and enlistad ui 

Oi &^ oonnon icdder end errand boyt ta CuMp*. 
Hoikr warned Aasrica in 184S. tbal we wddd htm 
to tecs the uhunote bcsti* agaawA ibe fewtaii Fmk<- 
ee^an Mooetor ot Comiaucusin oieaa *™4¥tffT kai 
b«Ij>*d oeoie the monitH. o&w h w«uU dbitooy Iw 

It t* no longer a queetaon ol <>e«endixtg AoMrioa^k 
indspendervoe. It Is a queAon o* ^ etei t Jb n the » 
KShrd»: ol W^Ssre QrUizotus) bom te eolorai 
bc?dee of h^s tsd AM^ led b^ icvaoh Og?*mlwwni 
tc°jr:sd the uleiiaate god ol Jvwirit WorW Do(nla> 
at^on T^M lew p^rsfv ksr high itakM, wort^ doola- 
otion or the extsnciscciso oj iaati too* Aaarloa ia 
the kst obstocte in ^ p=^ d (ewoh oes^ueet 
Either tb« Arysi or the lew must rteU In the worid 
■trugsk Tbc 9001 ok cur Nobono! Rffiv3»saMi |i4ov«- 
tnent becoeoee dsa 

Ever since April. 1952. the National Psr.oisjsinco 
Poily has becsn holding mass outdoor meolmgs on a 
w»e)dy basis. 70 to 200 ptsople have allendsd 
each meeting, the greoteat outdoor Nationalist dem- 
onstration since Charles Lindbergh, Joe McWillicime 
and Father Coughlin ceased operatons in 1042. 
Next year we shall extend our outdoor mosa roUiee 
into Queens and Brooklyn. 

Recoe cooperate by sending in a contribution 
today. Subscribe to the National Renaissance Bui- 

ktm by eesding S2.00 for 12 dynamic i«uee. Mam- 
b^rship OErds with party embWm oSUed ooet tl.OO. 
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every month by purchoatng extra oopiee ol our Bul- 
letin at the rate of 10 copisa per dollar. Don't delay, 
GCt now, send your subecription, dortotion or pur- 
cbsae extra copies by saedmg your check or ooah to: 
Ks&csti SesfiirssBee Party 
224 East Mdn ZtrtM 
Bsoccn, Mi-w YoHi 



Exhibit No. 5 







Fellow Ameiican, a*1c 
your Sentaor and Cong- 
rcaam&n for a list of those 
who under examination by 
our various committees re- 
fused to ttate whether or 
not they ever belonged to 
a Communist organizat- 
ion. You then, will readily 
fihd that of these 1673 
"Amendment Reds", no 
less than 93% belong to 
thotre '"Brotherhood" and 
One World apostles who 
at any time will sell us 
down the river — lock. 
stock, and barrel; to those 
brethren of ours who will 
•ell ufl out because these 
•liens in our midst — in 
the realm of their cult 
enjoy quite a unique privi- 
lege — tlie privilge. nam- 
ely, to have God. himself, 
as their lawmakcrt (Com- 
pare Pentateuch, especial- 
ly Part 3 and Part 5) 

A year ago we wrote in our December 1952 Bulletin: 
". . , It IS simple to catch Jewish leaders in a male of con- 
tradictions during these limes when they are frantically beginning 
to realize that their atomic weapons ultimatum, their United 
Nations front againil Russia and the Korean War are gi- 
gantic blunders which may seal the final doom of World Jewry 
and bring an end to their viaous intrigues both in America and 
Rufisia. Up to now the Jewish objective within Russia has been 
to replace the pan-Slavic Stalin regim*. which the Jews consider 
as having deviated from the international principles of Karl 
Marx, by a nev/ Jewish dictator of the Trotsky (Btonstcin) type. 
(In all probability Beria is designated by the B-iruchs to fill 
Trotsky's pUce in the near future). Just as they constantly hoped 
for an internal revolution in Germany, so they have hoped for a 
revolu'ion against Statin, a revolution which would sweep away 
the old Czunst dream of a pan-Slavic Russian Empire with Na- 
tiondlisl tendencies and return to the fundamental theme of 
world Jewish domination over the Gentile masses as envisioned 
in Talrhudic prophecy. This revolution against pan-Slavic Stal- 
inism would embrace the United Nations and bnntj about the 
proverbial Jewish millrnium. the reunion of Baruch and Beria 
of Lippmann and F.hrenburg. of Buttenwicser and F,isner. of Ana 
Paukrr ajid Ana Rosenberg. But now. this Uopc has vanished. 
It is pos/iible to record the developments which have been ren- 
dered inevitable by the clear break signified by the Praguo 
Trials. . 

". . . The Prague Trials have gone off with an explosive roaf 
to waken the Kuropean Foscmt elite to active resistance aRainat 
the death plans being hatched for European Culture in Wash- 

IN U. S. A. 




Do you comprchcna 
now, why every effort is 
being made by our "Re- 
publican" administration 
to do away with the Mc- 
Carthy and Jcnner "Inqui- 
sition "? A sentry found 
asleep at his post, before 
the enemy. U EXCUTED, 
even if no spy has sneak* 
ed past. Shall we. now, 
execute Mssrs. Truman, 
Acheson, Morgenthau et 
al. who — asleep at their 
posts of trust — promoted. 
aided, recommended and 
praised these spies bent on 
our destruction) Certain- 
ly not! We. again, will 
elect them to their post! 
in 19561 

ington by American Jewry. The fact is: the Russian leadership 
is killing Jews for treason to Russia, for service to the Jewish 
entity. Nothing can gainsay, or reverse this fact. The European 
elite will perforce note this fact and act accordingly. , ." 

". . . An inevitable development of the Prague Trials is the 
intensification o( the Amc.ican diplomatic offensive ai^ainst Rus- 
sia, the "cold war." The press campaign will intensify both in 
Amrtica and Europe: Russia will appear morally blacker and 
blacker; the Amenc^n armament drive will be accelerated; all 
potential Soviet ai^ents will be liquidated. Russia will naturally 
retaliate: today "Pravda" says "Zionism is a tool of American 
imperialism." Tomorrow it will say "American imperialism is 
the tool of Zionism." 

And now. gentle reader, compare with these staterrtenls of ours 
the events over the last twelve months, now, that Trotsky 
the second — Beria, that is — has been excuted. 

Ever since 194S ve demanded the resurrection — with out 
help — of a powerful . German Fourth Reich within the frame 
of a Federated F.urope. BUT. the planned E.D.C. instrument — 
a "Babylonischcs Durtheinander" without parallel in history — 
will end in disaster. For the Jewish consensus, however, it will 
be THE instrument par excellence to bring into reality the 
Jewish Imperium. 

National Renaissance Party 
National Headquarters 
224 East Main Streci 
Beacon, New York 



Exhibit No. 6 

.a^' i V. n'.KiiVNiHn ,^LM^^.J^l^8^^ | " 

jinML i . ' mLHJk.u^;juuAjj i j.A. wmuii ii LjLj ■n^Lu^. l uJ ll WA^ .l i L ' JW g Lia i un i w m im fi mM #mrmmoi'''mirmmmm 

j/ 1/ aim>mmi4m U JM&tiim --^ peUi it ufUk e(miH()4t itHde 

Urn ^siim'$ A^lA-tmrntim fmr 



TE&B, 8c. isi xa^nm. ms^ XEnsm. mabch i$. issj *i,oo pbr year 

UTM msim 

BAJiNEY aiUt0CH "ra* SIS5W elected by Uss 
AxB£fic»a pK^ to S2tsr ^osltiea - c&t even as 

J&ilRlJCH Is fee "eJ^ SfOSaSSCAN" for » 
ZmnrnT WOHUJ ^fcB'miS aea ttuaiSeatloa 
erf Ai»*ncaa E!ov«r«jga^. 

r^ia»sK*fttii8» (Jaiias, WorM Ww I, wag aot 
cossspim^rjfti. It m» ft .atar^roas f&Slure 

H HARCCK'S Atomic SS&erty CommisMon 's-as 
TJot. a e«8spirat«rSsLl Ctscsj^.WtH-Jd W&r I, ii 
w&s » tr«itoroiiis Ja?lH?«. Ajn«rics's etismiv sec- 
rete sere givejs ta eur gswaijes Sty mssse^ ot 

jesi«et -j^pimt *i«>©ae to i»§ag iacsm tfee Com- 
«8i^^i l^ssty'a dtoTsft-S»tss«r$ aa4 cte??y-tor- 

Obs; oI t&««e 'b««j^l4iM. ir lli»l*tJt?H wag Xskk?- 

the coa>^scvc<3 ediier of tfee CojmaiasSst ^as-t^'s 
JDatJv Worker. 


Aroeriesua b5««xS is feeiug jshed J« gu anaisthor- 
SaesJ '■peJtoe aetSoa" to ^orca, lo ateo isJeed !!*-h;tft 
tow m<fet ChUstiajaizsjct Aaiatle eouustry", jH'?v«afc 
UjeU- >s»detWRsi*-tt<:e. tJien turn ja the Jong Amfr- 
ie3iu-s-aJa«J CfeSassse troops from Forasosa to 
«!fej«8&ic Kwfea a»sS C?jam «i«ter aaotiver 2Jo&- 
ist-rua {Ui;Ui«ra^|>. 

wrmrN sixty txkts war? 

A quick war. wltti or wjtjjout the eonMnt of 
CONOB«&3, is reportedly plaaaed within 60 
^ia¥», "Kse Z^misUt «re »»*. ready to supDlaul 
UseST Sovlrt ferethi^n. There ts «0 differeu** be- 
iw€«« Balmt&iiua S*aci^ls«m sad HttssSaa Stx^tol- 
ism. I^:te4as8 fe isoSmy MAKS5ST in featSsrahtp, 
i» 5»3Stlca3 {mrti^, Sn nUe, sdm. «.M objectSve. 

SA»0CK'S oair »ii1fcorit3r fe his own bcW iw- 
rogasaee, |^ caavictfeso tteat «Jtbo be has a<5- 
T-lsed Am^*» -toto sjMMis <}<»«& sod astroswsaiciaS 
<I^Jt A-O/aJM »arf A-OAm a&d AXSAIN, that 
yott vm k3»tl to his win &w! .sacrtfice ^-otti- 

♦e»a 1^,05*6 300 KOTT S^ tK> BARUCK'8 SiOB- 
I3UKATK>N OaOEa to r^iliaent men. womm 
«B<J their YOtJNt? to serve fciwl die to alMiiier 
PtA}?J«iE3D tJJm-ED KAtltMifS WABt 

WRjrrs! wipEt , -  

TODAY! . . 

The «6«}osed went to «'ery Cot^wstmat* tod&y 
M&i-cn 24iLn. J96S. 

3«Kitoa|8 3«»u'-s»w K&aNEY EARUOB cwsr TV, 
or hftfcrd JattB *& r&tJto i«Jlmg. Coagre^ -shst t» 

^fsre (rrery ?s«sfe Uoi&cattst BARfOfY cotnes 
befe*e Csssgvess fw tegSsiatieR in jwfsntratioa 
for hsame&glag jm8 SJ»'t,8lstei5Kg "the {>» p.!e who 

ills?, as WB are c^lJed^ 

Aitf we "asses", 'we "stoves" to be hara«sssed 
and a)i8tus;htered AOAiK with^t protest^ 'r«t 

cojrasoi^ KNOW the SE^rraiENT of ths 
covwtnY on: awothek Zionist war jrroh, 

yoOB. SficnON! it fe uofaSr to assume t5«;y 
wSl nat, bw-d tfcs real VOICE OF AMERICA 
tmfess we tuthkc some ej^prt ta be heard. 

"^•y,i aftd ysKi  i>eig!xb&r"s 1& yeajr «!}d bey Ss 
sc}w<3uU-d to be drafted for GCOBAI. ZIONISM 
this next swHite in 41 slates. Our blood an<I 
treasure are fcelog stream acrcsss the eakji wiUi 
UiU« comp3rJ.nt from us "Steves who, an; coasici'- 
ered tiie jsrej>ert>- of the MASTER." 

ELIZABKrM eaUNG; Author of "Tf-BB BED 
NKTWORK - Ks»»c8l5ooJ£; sad Who's Who cf Rad" 
ic&tSsBi for Patslsts'' etc., etc., Box 858, Cbioego 

hYM: VAK BnmmO. heed of "WS, THB 

Morraiass. mobjuke ?csi amebica. ate."' 

Stfitor trf "WOMAN'S VOICr* 637 8. Delurbom 
St„ Ofeie«i«d. 

a??ros MoOrNiJEnf. SWiter, tommoa sense. 



ai;^*8H&iii:*at'.rts>^ ^ 

J i^^^v^jsk«.<i^"^AVi.ty.^yJMa{ i i^4^^  


IxDiviDUALS Pa^e 

Aberg, Einar 5 

Adams, George Thomas 12 

Barron, E. R 9 

Best, Rol^ert H 11 

Byrne, Edvrard J 11 

Billing, Elizabeth 13, 15, 29 

Edmondson, Robert Edward 15 

Foster, G eorge 15 

Freedman, Benjamin Harrison 17, 18 

Hndson, Charles B 15 

Jefimow, Alex 11 

Kane, C harles 11 

Koehl,, Jr 5 

Ivnhn, Fritz 8 

Knrts, Daniel 8 

Littig, Katherine 11 

Lundoff, John M 5 

MacFr.rland, \V. Henrv, Jr 14 

INIar'ole, James H 3-5, 7-9, 21, 23 

INIcGinley, Conde J., Jr 10, 11, 19 

McGinley, Mrs. Conde J., Jr 19 

INIcGinlev, Conde J., Sr 10-12, 14, 15, 17-19, 29 

Mertig, Kurt 8, 9, 14 

Mitchell, J. W 9 

RToselev, George Van Horn 15 

Mullins, Eustace 5, 13, 14, 27 

O'Brien, William J 14, 15 

Folzin, Frederick 9 

Remer, Otto 9 

Reynolds, John J 11 

Sanctuary, Eugene N 15 

Schmidt, Hans 5 

Sestito, Lawrence 9 

Thompson, H. Keith, Jr 9 

Truhill, Mana 5, 9 

Van Hyning, Lyrl Clark 15, 29 

Weiss, Frederick Charles F 5, 9, 14 

White, James R 9 

Williams, Robert H 14 


Americans Against Communism 18 

American Committee for the Advancement of Western Culture 9 

Christian Educational Association 10, 11, 19 

Christian Front 8, 9 

Citizens Frotective League 8 

German- American Bund 2, 8 

German-American Republican League of Greater New York 8 

Jefferson School of Social Science 9 

Loyal American Group 14 

National Renaissance Farty 3-10, 12, 14, 19, 21-23, 26-28 

Nationalist Action League 14 

Socialist Reich Party 9 

Spartacus Club of the American Youth for Democracy 9 

Union Patriotic Press 11 

We, the Mothers, Mobilize for America, Inc 15,29 



Publication's Page 

Common Sense 10-19, 29 

National Renaissance Bulletin 3, 5, 9, 10, 14, 23 

Reason 9 

The Think -- U 

Think - - H 

Think Weekly H 

Williams Intelligence Summary 14 

Women's Voice 15, 29 



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