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Full text of "Price & Leeʹs New Haven (New Haven County, Conn.) City Directory, Including West Haven, East ..."

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47 Chestnut Street. 




Laadaas, Cabrloleu, 

Coachet, Hamom Cabi, 

Bronghaioi, Opera Oamlbates, 

Tictoriai, §tatloB Wacon*, 

Traps for town or coantrf. 

The Seabrook & Smith Carriage Go. 




Manila, Hardware, 

Building and Roofing 


Warehouse and Office, 398) 300 and 303 State St. 

ksta.blishe;d 1861. 


H lectrotypers 



I ^ 

I I IOI,l03,IOSMeadowSt.,N8wHa«enCt. 

I 1 The Veiy Best of Work 

9 I Guaranteed in all Departments. 


Wm. F. Stahl & Son, 


210 Meadow St., New Havei 

'^■"■i^*^ I I - 







1012 Cbapel St ad IS iCrand Ayc^ : 





lOia Or IOT4» CHARet. 3T» 



Practical £mbalmer$ 

" A Marvel of Mechanical Skill." Made Like a Watch. 

The Haflwood 
Cash Register Co., 

. Headoaarters for Connecticut 

O. y. SHIIH, Sales Agtttt. 67 Center Street. 








. ■» 






B34 to 840 CHAPEL BTKSET and 91 to 96 CHURCH STBEET, 


Ladles', Mlas«s' and ChHdren'a 

Suits and Furs* Mackintoshes 
and Silk Waists. 





LowMt Prices in the City. . SatisfKotlon or jour money back. 





770 to 774 CHAPEL ST., NEW HAVEN, CONN. 






Abbremtions 25 

Adfertiaements 865 

Advertiang Index 5 

A- 0. of H 835 

A.O. U. W ^ 836 

Bands and Orchestras 673 

Bands of Mercy 840 

Banks '. 865 

Blocks and Buildings 9 

Board of Aldermen 797 

Board of Assessors 799 

Board of Oouncilmen 798 

Board of Education 808 

Board of Finance 799 

Board of Relief 799 

Borough Officers of Fair Haven East. 803 

Borough Officers of West Haven 803 

Bailding and Loan Association 684 

Bureau of Compensation 799 

Bnsiness Directory 671 

Canadian Provinces Ck>mmissioner3. . 847 

Dniage Fees 23 

Ckthdic Temperance Societies 839 

Cemeteries 842 

Omsus 863 

Churches 817 

Oty Court 797 

Gty Officers 797 

Civil Service Board 799 

Clergymen 691 

Hubs (Social) 841 

Commisaioners of Deeds for other 

States and Territories 847 

Ocnnmissioners of Superior Court 846 

Committees of the Common Council. 798 

Constables 803 

Owmty Officers 847 

Courts 844 

Custom House 849 

BefMurtment Charities and Correction. 798 
Department of Health Commis- 
sioners 799 

Department of Public Parks 799 

DeJMuiment of Public Works 799 

Distances (Table of) 852 

Educational 804 

Express Lines 708 

Fair Haven East Fire Department. . 803 

Fire Alarm Telegraph. 801 

Fire GommissicMierB. 799 

Fire Department 800 

Foresters 834 

Free Public Library 841 

Gnjid Army of the Republic 840 

Halla 9 

Harbor CommiasionerB 799 

Hospitals 823 


Improved Order of Heptosophs 836 

Ind^ to Out-of-Town Advertise- 
ments 786 

Internal Revenue 849 

Justices of the Peace 803 

Knights of Columbus 836 

Knights of Honor 837 

Knights of Pythias 837 

Knights of the Golden Eagle 837 

Masonic Societies 831 

Military 842 

Municipal Bond Sinking Fund Com- 
missioners ' 799 

Naval Veterans Association 841 

New England Order of Protection 838 

New Haven Collection District 849 

Notaries Public 844 

Odd Fellows 833 

Orphan Asylums 823 

0. U. A. M 838 

Patriotic Order Sons of America 839 

Police Commissioners 799 

Police Department 800 

Post Offioea 847 

Post Offices in Connecticut 850 

Railroads 843 

Rates of Postage 848 

Religious and Benevolent Organiza- 
tions 821 

Royal Arcanum 839 

Savings Banks 870 

Schools, Private 816 

Schools, Public 808 

Societies, Associations, Etc 824 

Sons of Temperance 840 

Sons of Veterans 841 

Stage Lines 762 

State Government 847 

Steam Boilers, Board of Supervisors. 799 

Stock Companies 764 

Street Railway Companies 844 

Street and Avenue Directory 10 

Templars of Honor and Temperance. 840 

Town Government 803 

ToAv-n Government of Orange 804 

Union Veterans' Union 841 

United States Government 849 

United States Steam Vessel Inspec- 
tion Service 849 

United States Weather Bureau 847 

Veteran Memorial Association of 

West Haven 841 

Ward Boundaries 22 

West Haven Fire Alarm Telegraph. . 804 

West Haven Fire Department 803 

W. C. T. U 840 

Yale University 804 

IB DincCory (Inclnding 1«765 remorala), 1896 56,847 

ccaaed in praiwrliig Direotory of 1899 6,647 

added In pnparliigDirectonr of 1899 7I189 

In IHractoiy of 1899 (inclnding 1,771 r^movala) 66,889 

' 642 

of addraaB in preparing Dirtctory of 1899 10,216 

of NaoBM in Directoriea praTiooa yeara, aee page 8 


The one feature that speaks more, and 
speaks louder, for this great store is its 
teeming interest for everyone. 

Each day is a day ripe with new oppor- 
tunities. And the constant bringing to- 
gether of the numberless things our people 
want at prices lower than they expected to 
pay has been, perhaps, the prime factor in 
making this the general shopping center 
that it is — in making it the first store in 
the State. 


. SrtMvlAMutln... 
I BroektUF. U 

I BrowD ClttrM'si.. !!.... I '.WD 

BrovD ElBocrWil CgoMnwUoB 

kJukHBCo M> 

fnmC eol'a p XV 

CoKloC* Co 

Cairla rrMcrtok E 
"— *»nii 

«a:A:i-cS.-:r,r".::: S^ 

ailtMttLnl 0. Co. Ttaa. .■---' ' 


Olllwrt * TbomHoa.... 

OlolHBtlt Work! 

Ooodrldi J.P.ACo.. 


in A ZMbtr .. 

B*n O.K. Co. Til*. m 

Bintord Hulal Co. front eol'd p V 
HarttoTd BMUn BoUv In*. Co. .SMI 

HuT«*P*Tl>Ca ~- 

HmhAkIi'W'. F.... 

H*U« Cliriniu 

fluff BnM .^. 

Hn^ABoUliklHCa. Tbs 

front cord p ZVn 

H>(*1 ronUar* C( 







: ■.:;.;':K 


I'a.'^ns-^ci ' 

•25 ^»~ « 



; :-:':-'g 






; rf 


Ii EiJ 

■ •■■■■■ffi 



i ill 


i =s 

a gj 

! ::;:::'^ 


! ::::::i!5 


^ ^-.IS 










No. of 



No. of 




Kune of PnbllBher. 





Name of PablUher. 





James M. Patten, 2,859 



J. H. 
























































J. H. Benham, 






Lee & Co 

. 19,567 



















































































































































52The Price & Lee Co.41 ,610 


































































* Decrease. 

f West Haven included, 

975 names 



Population of New 
growth at each decade. 

Haven for 100 years, showing increase and percentage of 



















Increase. Per cent. 





19.52 I 



56.56 ' 






Lowest percentage, 1800 15.94 

Highest percentage, 1860 74.30 

Average percentage for 100 years, 35.43 
Average percentage last 50 years. 44.15 



"iranar" (I'M) (SuGtlor ipinmsiiu). lOU Cl»p*l 

Whtmnon BiMik, KM to lOll Ctanpd 
■WInebaiSr BnlJdfDi. SI to n Oruca 
Wood'! BDlldlna, Ha* Ctrareii e oeorcs 
Tile Bulk BullSlnc. 149 CUpil 




It will be noticed that in this Street Directory the names of the streets are in alphabetical order, 
giTing the course In which they run, according, as near as possible, to the points of the compass, 
and enumerating all the streets which cross the same In the order in which they occur. 

Abbreviations. -N. for North; N. E. for Northeast; N. W. for Northwest: 8. for South; 8. E. 
for Soatheast; S. W. for Southwest; B. for East; W. for West. 

A eademyy N. from 660 
Chapel to 182 Oreene. 
Ward 6 
Adams, N. from Gofle 
to Crescent, Ward 18 
City line 
Adeline, S. W. from 82 
West to Boalerard, 
Ward 8 
56 Eddy 
140 Barclay 
Admiral, W. from 162 
Ashmun ie 847 Dixwell 
ar. Ward 
Albert, W. from rail- 
road, near town line, to 
State, Ward 12 
Alden, S.from 58 Foun- 
tain to Chapel, Ward 13 
46 Willard 
72 Burton 


Edgewood av 
Allen (Highwood), W. 
from St. Hary to Dix- 
well ay 
AlUnff, N. from 163 
Putnam to 256 Wash 
ington ay. Ward 4 
10 West Carlisle 
Alton, W. from 06 
Monroe to 868 James, 
Ward 18 
80 Main 
Anderson, N. E. from 
108 Willow to Cold 
Spring, Ward 6 
41 Canner 
78 N. Bank 
Aner, from 187 Qninni- 
plac ay B. to Vale, 
Ward 14 
88 Lenox 

Lexington ay 
Sherland ay 
Ann, W. from 16 Kos- 
suth to a06West, Ward 8 
Antlionjr, from 220 
Fountain easterly to 
1846 Whalley ay, Ward 
Areli (Highwood), W. 
flrom Dixwell ay 
Arcli, N. W. from 857 
Columbus ay to 408 
Congress ay, Ward 8 

Anryle, W. from 247 
wTuchester ay to 417 
Dixwell ay, Ward 
40 Newhall 
57 R. R. crossing 
161 Sbelton ay 

A rmory ( Whitneyyille) 
W. from Whitney av 
above city line to Pros- 

Artbur, N. from 88 
Lamberton to 120 Ro- 
sette, Ward 4 

Artlzan, N. from 65 
Court to 076 Grand av. 
Ward 6 

50 St. John 

A all* S. W. from Rock to 
30 Sycamore, Ward 12 

A alimant N. from cor 
Groye and Tork to 180 
Munson, Ward 
84 Tork Square 
48 Pierpont court 
54 Lake pi 
65 Lock 
70 Bristol 
88 Eaton 
106 Webster 
186 Foote 
146 Gregory 
168 Admiral 

176 Henry 
Asylum, N. from 860 

Congress ay to 868 Oak, 

Wards 2 and 8 

48 Dayenport av 
80 Sylvan ay 

A t^vater, N. from 187 
Grand av to 88 Middle- 
town ay. Ward 18 
07 Pine 
117 Grafton 
151 Chatham 

177 Lombard 
800 Peck 
817 English 
286 Dover 
867 Bailey 

Auburn, N. from 160 
Sylvan av to 180 Scran- 
ton, Ward 8 
86 Oak 
86 Fayette 

A udubon, N. W. from 
668 State to 41 Whit- 
ney ay. Ward 8 
48 Orange 

Audubon Plaee, 
north from 20 Audu- 
bon, Ward 8 

Ausur (WhitneyviUe), 
W. from Whitney av. 
to Newhall 

Austin, N. W. from 
Blake to Hard, Ward 18 

A utumn, N. from 271 
Canner to 80 Highland, 

Avon, N.W. from 103 
Foster to Livingston, 
Ward 8 

Bailey, W. from 432 
Front to 881 Ferry. 
Ward 18 

81 Downing 
§3 Maltby 
60 Clinton av 
181 Atwater 
147 Rowe 

Baldivin, N. W. from 
887 Congress av to lfi8 
Davenport av. Ward 8 

B a 1 d DV 1 n (Annex), 

— see Chamberlin 
Baldwin Place, S. 

from 24 Whalley av to 
805 Elm, Ward 10 

Barelay, N. W. from, 
eae>t of Frank to 140 Ad 
ellne. Ward 8 
15 Frank 

Barnes At, W. from 
618 Ouinulpiac av tr 

N. from 78 
to 88 Elm. 


Ward 18 

41 Willard 
Bassett, W. from 464 
Winchester av to Cres- 
cent. Wards and 18 
61 Newhall 
87 Shepard 
117 Butler 
141 Sbelton ay 
171 Goodyear 
808 Watson 
211 R. R. crossing 
880 Dixwell av 
280 Fruit 

Beacli, W. from Mill 
river to 061 State, 

85 Mill River 
61 Bast 
80 Wallace 
Beacon At«, 8. from 
Main to Fort Wooster 
Park, Ward 16 

BeaTcr (Highwood), N. 
from Easton to North 
BeaTcr Pond I«ane 
E. from Fitch to Creo 
cent north side of Mill 
Pond, Ward 18 

Beeclier Court, rear 
106 Olive, Ward e 

Beers. K. 

from 14i: 
604 Elm. 

Chapel to 
Ward 10 

87 Edgewood av 
Birch, S.W.f rom Bock 
to Sycamore, Ward Iv 

Blsbop, W. from 088 
State to 201 Whitney av. 
Ward 8 


Blake, N. W. from 681 
Whalley av to Whalley 
av n Philip, Wards 10 
and 18 

185 Osbom ay 
161 City line 
160 Diamond 

188 Jewell 
847 Famham 
257 Springside ay 
267 Austin 
267 Stone 
800 River 
827 Valley 
Blatcbley Aw., N. 
from Quinnipiac rlyer 
to 18;!5 SUte, Wards 11 
and 12 

71 River 
07 Chapel 

186 SaltonataU ar 
150 Woloott 

105 Exchange 
817 Woolsey 
841 Grand ay 
800 Clay 
841 Pine 
448 Lombard 
471 Peck 

408 R. R. croesine 
Bond, N. from 501 Co- 
lumbus av to 488 Con- 
gress av. Weurd 8 

Boston Aw«, 8. W. 

from Main bey. town 
line. Ward 15 
Bouleward, N. from 
June. Sea and Qreen- 
wioh av to 470 Wlialley 
av. Wards 8,8, 4 auad 10 


Kimberly aw 




Columbus av 

Congress av 

Davenport aw 


Parmelee aw 

Judson ay 

Derby av 




Edgewood av 


Boiren (Highwood), K. 
from Cherry Ann to 

Bradley, N. from T61 
Grand av to 183 Wlitt- 
ney av. Wards T a.nd 8 



n Lfonpl 





S. EL crofliing 
219 State 
BndleyfWwtyme), S. 
E. from Stone to val- 
Jej, Ward 19 

Bradlef Place, 

S. from 49 Bradley, 
Ward 7 
Brewery* N. from 
LoBf wbarf to 878 
IM Water 
Brewster. W. from 
188 Bbelton at to MB 
52S.B. croaaliig 
Brli^e, N. W. from 
QdBJifplM rlrer to 198 
Salt, Wards 
10 Water 
154 Fortes pi 
BrlskC, K. from 188 
Grand to Plne,Ward 13 
Bllsto], W. from 66 
Oual to 79 Dixwell at, 

61 Ashman 
Bread, & W. from SOS 
eerape to 889 Cedar, 

8 Commereo 

51 Oak 

64 Lafayette 

81 Palmer 
Breadwaj, N. W. 
tnm 2S8 York to ]nnc 
tioo Dizvell ar and 
MEe and to 149 Howe, 


BreokyN. from Spring 
ride ar to Wintergreen 
ar. Ward 18 

Old Mill 
(HamdenX B. 
froBi Sate to Welton 
KrewB. N. from 97 
Water to 156 Wooater, 

K>»WB Place, N. 
from 180 Forbea av. 
Ward 15 

trswraell. H. from 
Umood gt to 614 
WSyieT aT, Ward 10 

Barke (Hlgbwood), N. 

fMB Arch to North 
BvtBSyW. from Mill 

xfvw u» rSPWlilfeney aT, 

__ Krerttt 
BaiTy & from Town- 

and aT to town line, 

Ward 15 
Bsftea, W. from 98 

Ontral aT to 78 Alden, 

Ward 18 

lU* from Town- 
■Md ST SI. to Warwlek, 

H. from 115 

wer, 9. trom lis 
tvy 10 Goodrleb, Ham- 
Am. Ward 9 


117 Read 
08 City line 

Button, N. from 103 
Lamberton to Putnam, 
Ward 4 

59 Rosette 
Cain, W from 818 East 
to 141 Wallace, Ward 6 
Canal, N. W. from 15 
Look to 160 Munson, 
Ward 9 

56 Bristol 
96 Webster 
198 Gregory 
S49 Henry 
Canner, N. W. from 
160 NiooU to Proepeci, 
Wards 8 and 9 
85 Foster 
61 Anderson 
89 Orange 
166 LlTlngston 
945 Whitney aT 
871 Aatumn 
884 St. Ronan 
Carllole, W. from, 
Union av to 848 How- 
ard ST. Ward 4 
81 Water 
118 Liberty 
142 Cedar 

Trowbridge sq 

166 Salem 
Oarmel, N. from 817 

Whalley st to 864 
Gofte, ward 10 
68 Percival 
Carroll, N. from Aner 
to RobertBon, Ward 14 
East Grand aT 
Caaalna, W. from 2fi 
Cedar to 849 Howard 
ST, Ward 4 
Castle, W. from 81 
Monroe to 885 James, 
Ward 12 
49 Main 
Cawan, S. from Foun- 
tain to town of Orange, 
Ward 18 
Cawe. W. from 686 Win- 
chester aT to Shep- 
ard. Ward 9 
Cedar, N. from 1 Lam- 
berton to 48 DaTen- 
port aT, Wards 8 and 4 
88 Rosette 
87 R. R. crossing 
IOC Spring 
18T Putnam 

167 Carlisle 
Trowbridge sq 

179 Portsea 

809 Columbus aT 

8S9 Minor 

289 R. R. crossing 

SM4 SilTer 

808 Prince 

871 Washington av 

809 Congress aT 
889 Broad 

Cedar Hill At.« N. 
B. from 1180 State to 
88 Grace, Ward 12 
109 Warren pi 
187 May 
Center, n. W. from 80 
Orange to 166 Temple, 
Ward 1 
61 Church 
71 Qregson 
Central At«, S. from 
16 Fountain to Derby 
ST, Ward 18 
98 Burton 
121 Blm 

Edge wood aT 
Perry aT 
Town line 
Maltby av 

Cfaamberlln, from 
June. Fairmont st 
and Farren av S., 
thence W. t o 88 Fulton, 
Ward 15 

Cliambera, N.W.from 
Quinnipiac rlTer to 71 
Ferry, Ward 11 
IT Front 
85 B. Pearl 

67 Houston 
Claapel, W. from 24 

Bast Pearl toWestrille. 
Wards 1, 2, 5, 6, 10, 11 
and 18 

54 Houston 

68 Ferry 
108 Poplar 

168 Blatchley aT 
208 Lloyd 
258 James 
280 Mill 

MiU riTcr 
888 East 
416 Wallace 
446 Hamilton 
488 Franklin 
614 Chestnut 
547 Wooster pi 
Wooster sq 
578 Brewery 
589 Academy 
718 Union 
796 R. R. bridge 
741 State 
806 Orange 
875 Church 

The Green 
986 Temple 
998 College 

Tale University 
1072 High 
1128 York 
1178 Park 
1280 Howe . 
1297 Gill 
1828 Day 
1866 Kensington 
1886 Orchard 
1417 Beers 
1468 Sherman aT 
1498 Hotchklss 
1600 Derby st 

Fountain Park 
1580 Winthrop aT 
1578 Norton 
1616 Ellsworth aT 

Whittemore av 
1654 BoulcTard 
Weet river 
Central aT 
CMarlea, W. from 888 
DizweU aT to 481 Or 
chard. Ward 9 
89 Townsend 

44 Winter 

Cl&atbani,W. from 884 
Front to 802 Poplar. 
Ward 13 

45 Downing 
67 Maltby 

118 Clinton aT 
158 Atwater 
888 Ferry 
Clierry Ann, W. from 

616 Dixwell aT to War- 
ner, Wards 9 and 18 
Clieatnuc, N. from 79 
Water to 106 St. John, 
Wards 6 and 6 
67 Wooster 
97 Chapel 
161 Greene 
Clirlatop]ier,N. from 
85 Portsea to 124 Co- 
lumbus aT, Ward 4 

Clinrcb, N. E. from 
1 89 George to 78 GroTC, 

45 Crown 

74 Center 
110 Chapel 

The Green 
151 Court 
198 Elm 
885 Wall 
Cbnrcb (Annex), E. 
from 897 Lenox to Lex- 
ington av, Ward 14 

Clark, N. W. from 860 
State to 558 Orange, 

69 Pleasant 
Clarendon, W. firom 
south end Massachu- 
setts av to Fort Woos- 
ter Park 
Clay, W. from 178 Feriy 
to Ttl Haven, Ward 18 
81 Poplar 
51 Fillmore 

75 Blatchley av 
95 Monroe 

100 Shelter 
187 Lloyd 
161 Maltby pi 
189 James 
CUir, W. from 804 Whit- 
ney av to reservoir 
thence to Prospect, 
Ward 9 

St. Ronan 

ClIirCAnnex), N.E. from 
Morris to Meadow 
View, Ward 15 

Ocean View 
Clifton, B. from 857 
Quinnipiac av to Bast, 
Ward 14 
15 Lenox 
85 Lexington av 

51 Sherland av 
First av 

Clinton Aw., N. from 
81 Grand av to 58 
Middletown av, Ward 

11 GrannisB 
97 Grafton 
105 Chatham 
189 Lombard 
168 Peck 
171 English 
108 Dover 
815 Bailey 
Cold Springy, N. W. 
f romNicoU to 665 Whit- 
ney av. Ward 8 
41 Orange 
188 Entrance to Eaat 

Rock Park 
159 Everett 
College, N. E. from 876 
George to 168 Grove, 

88 Crown 

52 Chapel 
The Green 
Tale University 



98 Elm 
197 WaU 
CoUlSfW. from 198 BMt 
to 91 Franklin, Ward ft 
89 Hamilton 
€oI ambus At.* W 
from State to 008 Con- 
^roM ay, Wardi 8 and4 
51 M«adow 
106 Wator 
108 &af ayetto 
194 Chrlrtopher 
169 Uberty 
919 Cedar 
949 Salem 
975 Howard »▼ 
809 Hallook 
816 DeWitt 
816 Washlmcton av 
806 Frank 

B. R. oroaaing 
876 Portaea 
895 White 

417 Bedfleld 
451 West 
485 Weat lane 
488 Hedge 
601 Bond 

585 Downea 

Commerce. N. W. 

from 961 Water to 88 

Broad, Warda 8 and 4 


74 Whiting 

149 Congreaa ar 

188 Temple 


Oomptoiiy W. from 106 

Mansfield to railroad, 

Ward 9 

85 Wlnchetter ar 
Conffreas At., S. W. 
from 146 George, lunc- 
tlon Meadow to Ailing- 
town, Wards 8 and 4 
87 Commerce 
91 Temple 
161 Lafayette 
164 Waahingtonay 
840 Liberty 
847 Rose 
855 Cedar 
804 Howard ay 
889 8teyensooiirt 
888 Vernon 

857 Ward 

858 Daggett 
869 Aaylam 
876 Hallook 
887 Baldwin 
413 Kossuth 

418 White 
444 Redfleld 
478 West 
488 Bond 
584 Downes 

600 ColambuB ay 
West riyer 
Connel (High wood), W. 
from Dfxwell ay to 

Cottaffe^ N. W. from 70 
Foster to 890 Whitney 
ay. Ward 8 

108 Liyingston 
Coanty, N. from 887 
Whalleyay to City line, 
Wards 9 and 10 
196 Henry 
Court, West from 28 
Aoademy to 151 Church, 
Wards 1 and 6 

87 01iye 
66 Artisan 
80 Union 

R B. bridge 
95 SUte 
139 Orange 
Cowe, S. W. fh>m Mor- 
ris av at the coye, Ward 
Crescent} N. from 878 
Oofle to Fitch, Wards 9 
and 18 

48 Henry 

87 Munson 

Ellsworth ay 
Beayer Pond lane 

Croivn, N. W. trom 
948 State to 48 Howe, 
Wards 1 and 8 
71 Orange 

189 Ohureh 
161 Gregson 

190 Temple 
888 College 
986 High 
869 Park 

Oaccettf N. W. from 
175 waahington to 866 
Congress ay. Ward 8 

DalaT| W. from 99 
(atoodyear to 801 Dix- 
well ay. Ward 9 

88 Watson 
51 Gem 

71 R. B. crossing 
Dawenport At*. B. 
W. from 78 Oak to 
Boalevard, Wards 8 and 

48 Cedar 
51 South 
61 York 
97 Howard ay 
198 Vernon 
149 Ward 
171 Asylum 
195 Elliott 
198 Baldwin 
819 Orchard 
880 Kossuth 
855 Steyens 
887 Winthrop ay 
808 West 
480 Congress ay 
Oawis, from Fountain 
n Bamsdell easterly to 
Whaliey ay 
Day* N. from 956 Oak 
to 158 Edgewood ay, 
Wards 8 and 10 

10 Scranton 

68 00011(0 
99 Chapel 

DaytoDy N. from 181 
Fountain to 1169 Whal- 
iey ay, Ward 18 

Derby At.* W. from 
1500 Chapel, Ward 8 
87 Winthrop ay 
91 Norton 
100 George 
149 Ellsworth ay 
West river 
Reynolds av 
Central av 
DeHritt, K. from 71 
Lamberton to 816 Co- 
lumbus av. Ward 4 

11 R. R. crossing 

69 Rosette 
04 Spring 

185 Putnam 
156 West Carlisle 
170 Portsea 

IMamondf N. B. from 
168 Blake to MUl Pond, 
Ward 18 

Dlekermany N. W. 
from 88 Spernr to 858 
Orchard, ward 10 
DlTlslon, W. from 
486 Proapeot to 507 
Dixwell av. Ward 9 
81 Mansfield 

Sheffield ay 
61 Winchester ay 
177 R. R. crossing 
809 Shelton ay 
DlTlelonCHamden), E. 
from State to Schent* 
sen Park 
mz (Highwood)»N. from 
Arch to North 
Dlzirell At.) N from 
108 Broadway to Ham- 
den. Ward 9 
81 Lake Plaoa 
79 Bristol 
101 Eaton 
188 Webster 
179 Foots 
811 Gregory 
888 Charlea 
847 Admiral 

888 Henry 

889 Shelton ay 
417 Argylo 

607 Division 
589 Howard 
647 Thompson 
560 Ford 
687 Ivy 
669 Brewster 
741 Dorman 
768 Dummer 
768 Pond 
788 Julia 
788 Elisabeth 
801 Daisy 
811 City line 
816 Cherry Ann 
Donnelly Plaee. E. 
from 157 Wallace, 
Ward 6 
Dormaji, W. from 741 
Dixwell av. Ward 9 
DoTer. W. from 404 
Front to 818 Ferry, 
Ward IS 

55 Downing 
89 Maltby 
188 Clinton av 
168 Atwater 
80S Rowe 
Dour. N. G. from 78 
Oak to 880 George, 
Doirnea, N. from 585 
Columbus av to 684 
Congress av. Ward 8 
DoirnliMg. N. from 18 
Pine to Front, Ward 12 
88 Grafton 
67 Chatham 
98 Lombard 
185 Peck 

187 English 

165 Dover 
Dndlejr CHighwood),W. 
from St. Mary to Dlz- 

Dnmmery K. from Gft 
Goodyear to 768 Dix- 
well av. Ward 9 

85 Wataon 


69 R. R. crossing 

Dirlcbt. N. B. from 
819 Oak to 44 Whil- 
ley av. Wards 8 and 10 
45 George 
71 Chapel 
105 Edgewood av 

187 Elm 

.Djer. N. W. fromCres- 
cent to Fitoh, Ward It 
I Ellsworth 

Osbom ay 
Bade. N. W. from MIU 
river to 111 Foster, 

Willow pi 
118 Nash 

188 NtooU 

Bast. N. from the hai^ 
bor to 1001 State, Wsrdi 
5, 6 and 7 
99 Water 

188 Bridge 
198 Collie 
158 Wooster 

189 Chapel 
955 Greene 
891 St. John 
818 Cain 

871 Grand av 

896 Locust 

407 New 

487 Myrtle 

458 R R. bridge 

477 Walnut 

Jooeljn squaze 

617 Humphrey 

660 Beach 
Bast Grand At** S. 
from Quinnlpiao rtytt 
to Russell, ward 14 

88 Quinnipiae av 
71 Lenox 

94 Lexington ay 
Bherland ay 
Bast Pearl* N.B^rom 
8 River to 104 Grand av, 
84 Chapel 
55 Chambers 
75 Second 

89 Pierpont 
101 Exchange 

Bastoui 8. from Qoln- 
nipiao av to town line. 
Ward 14 




Baston* W. from Dix- 
well ay (Highwood) 
Baton, W. from 88 Aah- 
mun to 101 Dixwdl ay. 
Ward 9 

Eddy>N. W. from 117 

Frank to 80 
Ward 8 

80 Adeline 

R. R. rFcmalmi 

60 Thorn 



Mgar, K. rrom 85 
Sttiini to lOS Putnam, 

Mf« HiU Boa4. 

fraaHlfUaiid to Cliff, 

W.ttm 118 Park to 
Fonk Wards 10 and 18 


47 Howe 


Ml Gudon 




in Piatt 



ttt Wlatlirop mw 


Eniworth Kf 








Central aT 



N. torn State to Welton 
Miiwmr4mm N. W. from 
MStatoto Prospect, 
11 NleoII 
13 Poster 
Ml Orange 
Wbitnej aT 
■i W4e (HSgliwood), 
5. tnm Goodrich to 

. N. W. from TBS 

8Uto to 491 Oxmnge, 

■irtiCtf B. from 200 
JUammitoB ar^ard 14 
■linketks W. from 

VlMiwelTaT, Ward 9 
niett, N. from 195 

(mnpoit aT to S88 

Oik, Ward 9 
n 8 jItab aT 

turn m DerbT »t to 
(^vem, WanU 2, 10 

80 Stanley 

Ugeirood AT 



M W. from 804 State 
to wen liTer, Warda 1, 




Ta'e UnlTeratty 



4R UalTenltj pi 

684 Kenalngton 
668 Orotaard 
604 Beers 
888 Piatt 
666 Sherman aT 
719 Winthrop aT 
741 Norton 
808 BllBWorth aT 
846 Boalevard 
897 Brownell 
966 Pendleton 
Blm City Park 
West riTer 
Bmersoiii from 85 
Fountain to Valley, 
Ward 13 

44 Whalley aT 
Bnsllsli) W. from 880 
Front to 891 Ferry, 
Ward 18 

59 Downing 
89 Maltby 

128 Clinton aT 
168 Atwater 
BrersTOAn Co art. 
8. from 604 Oak, Ward 9 
Brerltt, N. from 169 
Cold Spring to Bams, 

181 Rook lane 
Bzeliaiice) W. from 
Qainnipuo river to 
Mill rlTer, Ward 11 
16 Front 

60 Bast Pearl 
160 Ferry 

801 Poplar 
867BUtchley aT 
866 Jamea 
Factory, 8. W. from 
260 George to 86 Oak, 
Ward 8 

11 Commeroe 
Fair. W. from 88 OUto 
to 176 State, Ward 5 
89 Prindle 
68 Union 
66 R. R- bridge 
FalrmoBt At*, from 
Fennr E. to Townaend 
aT, ward 16 

Famit W. from Central 
aT to Forest, Ward 18 
Famliaiii, S. E. from 
Wintergreen a t to 
Blake, Ward 18 
Old Mill 
Faurren ▲▼•) 8. from 
Ferry to Fairmont aT, 
Ward 16 

FaiyettOy W. from 86 
Aubnm to 160 Win- 
throp aT, Ward 2 
11 Sherman aT 
8 Prig 
Ferry, N. from Qoinni- 
pUe aT to 1887 State, 
Wards 11, 18, 14 and 16 
Pardee aT 
Fairmont aT 
11 BiTor 
16 Houston 
88 Chapel 
S8 SaltonstaU aT 
71 Chambers 
88 Wolcott 
98 Plerpont 


107 Bxcbange 
187 Grand st 
178 Clay 

209 Pine 
286 Grafton 
849 Chatham 
267 Lombard 
891 Snglish 
818 Dover 
381 BalleT 
888 MIddJetown av 
847 R. B. crossing 
FUUft, W. from 88 Hal 
look av W. to 107 Green 
wioh aT, Ward 4 
86 Howard av 
FlUmore, N. from 276 
Grand av to 206 Peok, 
Ward 12 
68 Clay 
96 Pine 
161 Lombard 
FIrat« W. from the har- 
bor to 04 Kimberly av, 
Ward 4 

29 Hallock aT 
60 Howard aT 
89 Greenwich aT 
First At., N. from 
Clifton to Hemingway, 
Ward 14 
F 1 1 ell. N. from Blake 
to town line. Ward 18 

ill Pond 
Old Mill 

Beaver Pond lane 
Wintergreen av 
Florence Aw., N. B. 
from Townaend av at 
Morris Cove, Ward 16 
Footc, W. from 126 
Aahman to 197 Gofle, 

121 Winter 
Forbes Aw.. B. from 
TomUnaon bridge to 
Townaend st. Ward 15 
7 Watereide 
89 Stiles 
48 Wheeler 
92 Falton 
196 Woodward st 
Forbes PI.. N. from 
19 Water to 164 Bridge, 
Ward 5 
Ford. W. from 560 Dix 
well aT to City line. 
Ward 9 
Forest. R. from 118 
Fountain to Milfoxd 
turnpike. Ward 18 

Edgewood aT 
Town line 
Foster. N. E. from 58 
Edwards to Mill river. 

86 Lawrence 
70 Cottage 

108 Avon 
111 Eagle 
182 Linden 
107 WiUow 
906 Canner 
218 N. Bank 
286 Cold Spring 

Foantaiin, W. 

WbaUer av to 
line. Ward 18 
16 Central av 


47 Philip 
52 Alden 
55 Harrison 

78 Barnett 
86 Emerson 
lis Foreet 
121 Dayton 
179 West Prospect 
Fonnier, 8. W. from 
Bassett to Crescent. 
Ward 9 
Fonrtli. W. from 184 
Hallook av to 189 
Greenwich av. Ward 4 
119 Howard av 
Foxon, E. from 575 

Suinnipiao av to town 
DC, Ward 14 
FrauiM, 8. W. from 866 
Colnmbna av to 15 Bar- 
elay. Ward 8 
10 Portasa 
86 Lines 

86 West 
117 Eddy 

Frank (Annex), 8. E. 
from Morris, Morris 
Cove, Ward 16 
FrauyLlln. N. from 78 
Water to 846 State, 
Wards 5, 6 and 7 
88 Wooster 
61 Chapel 
98 Greene 
128 St. John 
168 Grand ar 
208 William 
222 Madison 

R.B bridge 
289 Summer 
Front, N. B from 1 
River to 14 Middletown 
ST, Wards 11 and 12 
72 Cbambera 
90 Second 
106 Pierpont 
186 Sxohange 
140 Talmadge 
170 Grand st 
196 Grannies 
249 Lewis 
278 Pine 
884 Chatham 
868 Lombard 
874 Peok 
880 English 
404 DoTor 
Frost, W. from Beacon 
aT, to Townsend aT, 
Ward 16 
Fruit, N. from Bassett 
to Poiid, Ward 9 
Fnlton, 8. fromQoin- 
nipiao av, to 60 Forbes 
av. Ward 15 
Fairmont aT 
Gaurden, N. from 141 
Edgewood aT to 124 
Whaller aT, Ward 10 

87 Sim 

Oem, N. from 68 Dmm- 
mer to City line, Ward 9 
Gcorcc, N. W.from 170 
State to no Derby aT, 
Wards 1, 2, 8 and 5 
50 Orange 
182 Meadow 
189 Church 




146 Congress »▼ 
195 Temple 
SB6 Factory 
875 College 
886 High 
880 Dow 
868 York 
886 Spruce 
410 Purk 
459 Howe 
498 Dwlght 
589 Day 
599 Orchard 
648 Greenwood 
681 Sherman ar 
T89 Winthrop ar 
796 Norton 
Oibbs«W.from railroad 
to Dixwell ay, Ward 9 
Shelton av 
Gilbert, S. W. from 994 
Cedar to 429 Howard 
AT, Ward 8 
Gilbert At.9 W. from 
85 Waverly to 388 Win- 
throp av, Ward 8 
81 Orchard 
51 Greenwood 
108 Sherman aT 
GUdaj Alley, see 

Kllday Alley 
Gill, N. from 1897 Chap- 
el to 194 Bdgewood av, 
Ward 10 
GoflTe* N.W. from Jane- 
tion Dixwell and whal- 
ley ars to 86 Osbom 
ay, Wards 9 and 10 
104 Sperry 
185 Webster 
885 Orchard 
840 Coanty 
856 Hudson 
888 Sherman ay 
864 Carmel 
878 Crescent 
400 Winthrop ay 
444 Norton 
494 Ellsworth ay 
Gold, N. from 61 Prince 
to 44 Washington av. 
Ward 4 
Goodrleb rHlehwood), 
W. from Winchester av 
to Dixwell av 
Shelton av 
St. Mary 
Goodyear, N. from 171 
Bassett to Goodri ch, 
Ward 9 

56 Dnmmer 
61 Read 

99 Daisy 
Graee, N. w. from 18SS 
State to Rock, Ward 18 
88 Cedar Hill av 
Grafton, W. from 88 
Downing to 886 Ferry, 
Ward 18 

80 Maltby 

69 Clinton av 
84 Pine PI 
104 Atwater 
nipiac river to 5178tate 
Wards 6, 7, 11 and 18 
11 Front 

57 Perkins 

81 Clinton av 

104 Bast Pearl 

187 Atwater 

188 Bright 
818 Ferry 
848 Poplar 
876 Fillmore 
801 Blatchleyay 
825 Shelter 

887 Lloyd 
878 Maltby pi 

897 James 
481 Haven 

Mill liver 
548 RaUroad ay 
568 East 
609 WaUaoe 
656 Hamilton 
781 Franklin 
761 Bradley 
801 Jefferson 
946 Olive 
976 Artixan 
990 St. John 
996 B. R. crosalng 
GrannlM,W. from 196 
Front to 11 Clinton av. 
Ward 18 

85 Perkins 
Grant, N. W. from 168 
Kimberly av to rail- 
road. Ward 4 

87 Pljmonth 
Greene.W. from South 

end of Railroad av, to 
100 Olive, Ward 6 
7 Bast 
89 Wallace 
58 Hamilton 
75 Franklin 
98 Chestnut 
114 Wooster pi 

Wooster square 
195 Hughes pf 
182 Academy 
Greennneli At., N. 
from Sea to 68 Lam- 
berton. Ward 4 
68 Sixth 
107 Fifth 

189 Fourth 
174 Third 

898 Second 
867 First 

891 Kimberly av 
Greennrood, N. from 
188 Sylvan av to 686 
George, Ward 8 
71 Oak 
104 Scranton 
148 Gilbert av 
Gregory, W. from 198 
Canal to 811 Dixwell 
av, Ward 9 

88 Ashmun 
Greffson, N. E. from 

161 Crown to 894 Chap- 
el, Ward 1 
85 Center 
Growe, N. W. ftom 614 
State to 857 York 
Wards 1, 8 and 9 
88 Orange 

R. R. Dridge 
78 Church 
88 Whitney av 
185 Temple 
187 Hillhouse av 
168 College 
178 Prospect 
820 High 
Gnlld, from Augur 

south, Whltneyyllle 
Hallock^ N. W. from 
807 Washington av to 
876 Congress av. Ward 8 
B. R. crossing 
Halloelc At.. N.from 
60 Sea te 80 liamber- 
ton. Ward 4 
41 SUth 

88 Fifth 
184 Fourth 

180 Third 
884 Second 

Hamilton, N. from 
57 Water to 901 State, 
Wards 5, 6 and 7 



51 Chapel 

97 Greene 

181 St. John 

164 Grand av 
195 Locust 
889 Myrtle 
888 R. R. bridge 
848 Summer 

869 Walnut 
898 Humphrey 

Hard, S. W. from 
Springside av to Spring, 
Ward 18 

Harriet, W. from 
Prospect to 89 Shepard, 

109 Winchester av 

165 NewhaU 
Harrison, N. from 65 

Fountain to Valley, 
Ward 18 

Whalley av 
to 98 Market, Ward 18 
Grand av 
61 Clay 
Haxel, w. from 879 
Winchester av across 
Dixwell av. Ward 9 
48 Newhall 
18T Shelton av 
R. R. crossing 
Dixwell av 
Hedg^e. S. W. from 488 
Columons av to St. 
Bernard Cemetery, 
Ward 8 
HemlnciRray,E. from 
481 Quinnipiac av to 
Easton, Ward 14 
First ay 
Hemlnjrivay P1.,W 
from Quinnipiac av 
above Barnes av, Ward 

Hemlock, S. W. from 
Book to 115 Sycamore, 
Henry, W. from 168 
Munson to 48 Cres- 
cent, Ward 9 

R. R. crossing 
4 Canal 
18 Ashmun 
118 Dixwell ay 
188 Townsend 
161 Orchard 
Hlffli, N. B. from 886 
George to 880 Grove, 

88 Crown 
50 Chapel 

Tale University 
78 Library 
96 Elm 
187 Wall 
Hlcliland, W. from 
640 Whitney av to 488 
Winchester av, Ward 9 
80 Autumn 
66 St. Ronan 
187 Prospect 

870 Sheffield ay 
Hill. N. from 968 

Water to 78 Congress 
av. Ward 4 


88 Silver 

71 Whiting 

90 Prince 
118 Hill court 
Hill Court, W. from 

118HU1, Waid4 
HUllioaee At., H. 
from 137 Grove to IB 
Sachem, Ward 9 
96 Trumbull 
Hillside At., 8. from 
Main to ClarendOB, 
Ward 15 

Hillside Place, W. 
from 880 Prospect to 
Mansfield, Ward 9 
Hlne Plaee. W.from 

960 State, Ward 8 
Hobart, N. from Sd^e- 
wood av to 544 Wha% 
av. Ward 10 
HotcblLlss. N. from 
1498 Chapel to 814 
Edgewood av. Ward 10 
Houston, N. from 15 
Fer^ to 60 PlerpoBt 
K Chapel 

86 Sanford 
61 Chambers 

Hoirau>d, W. from sn 
Dixwell av to Beavor 
Ponds, Ward 9 
City limit 

Howard (AnnexX E. * 
from 887 Lexington ar 
to Sherland ay. Ward 14 

Ho^rard AT,,N.from 
City Point to 184 Oak 
opp Howe, Wards 8, 8 
ana 4 

1 South Water 

87 Sea 
57 Sixth 
85 Fifth 

115 Fourth 
148 Third 
901 First 
885 Lamberton 

848 BUmberly av 

849 Cassius 

861 B. R. crossing 

880 Rosette 
801 Spring 
889 Putnam 
848 Carlisle 

881 Columbus av 
899 Minor 

408 R. R. czosaing 
411 Waahinffton av 
489 Gilbert 
456 Congreee av 
491 Davenport av 
519 Park 
584 Sylvan av 
Ho^re, N. B. from 185 
Oak to 8 Wballey av. 
Wards 8 and 10 
81 Georgo 
49 Crown 
69 Chapel 
90 Bdgewood ST 
188 Elm 
Hndson, N. CromW 
Whalley av to Mnneon, 
Wards 9 and 10 
Hnffbes PJ»ee, N. 
from 185 Greene to 14S 
St. John, Ward 6 
Hnmplirey, ir. W. 
from JilU nver to S5? 
Whitney av, TTaids T 
and 8 
160 Bast 





MS State 



HiBlligl«B« from 

IM wmwj av to 


HutliiftoB At., S. 

fton Mud to CUren- 


UmbuUm to lane 
WuUagum tTud Pat- 
au, Ward 4 


6S Spring 
Irrliff, W. from 17 
KortOB to Boal9Tftid, 

44 SUfvoith AT 

W. from 407 Win- 

«▼ to B6«ver 
Poidt, Wud 9 
Jwmmy K. tiom Qniimi- 
Ml Alton 
B.B. bridge 
JaAnoB. N. from 117 
8l Jokn to S4 LjOD, 
_ nOmidaT 
'!F*U, K. E. from 756 
3??0V »▼ to 188 
BUoe, Wnds 10 and 18 

'■AtOB At», W. from 

SH Wiothnm ar to 

. 101 Porter 

'■Us, S. from m Dlz- 

_ ^^N. from 

99 Idfewood AT 
Kfflday Allay, N. B. 
nomlilLerqrette to 42 
■ft»*«rir At., 8.W. 
tem9IB Howard ar to 
V«t Havea, Ward 4 
aJ gree owtohaT 
191 Great 

Weft flTer 
M. W. from 
aT to 980 
aT, Warn 8 

K.W. from 
to 84 Broad, 



mKilday alley 


I«atayetia Placa« N. 

from 88 Minor to K.R., 
Ward 4 
Laice Placet W. from 
54 Ashmnn to 81 Dix- 
well aT, Ward 9 
LambertoiiiW. from 
the harbor to Weat river, 

1 Cedar 
90 HaUoek ar 
60 Howard ay 
81 Kimberly ar 
68 Greenwich mw 
71 DeWltt 
88 Flymoath 
88 R. R. croMlng 
88 Arthor 
108 Button 
194 Horlburt 
156 Wilaon 
B. R. croaaing 
LanoralU. from Qoip- 
nipiae av W. to Fair- 
mont av. Ward 15 
I<aiurel, aee Humphrey 
liaurel (WeatTilleX N. 
B. from Blake, Ward 18 
La'wreitee. N.W.from 
1060 State to St Bo- 
nan, Warda 8 and 9 
168 Orange 
186 St. Ronan 
916 LivlngatOB 
800 Whitney av 
I^enoz, from Quinni- 
plao av N. to Oilfton, 
Ward 14 
880 Oxford 
895 Aner 
866 Weloome 
88^ B. Grand av 
Leonard. N. E. from 
99 Bradlev to 50 Sum- 
mer, Ward? 
I^aivia. N. from 849 
Front toSSPlne, Ward 18 
I«exliurtoii Aw., N. 
from Warwick to be- 
yond Clifton, Ward 14 
188 Oxford 
218 Aner 
987 Howard 
981 B. Grand ar 
lilbarty, N. from 99 
Spring to 944 Oongreaa 
av, waida 8 and 4 
87 Putnam 
68 Carllale 
TO Portaea 
100 Columbua av 
107 Minor 
188 R. R.croning 
196 BUver 
198 Prince 
166 Waahington av 
Library. N. w. from 
78 High ta 827 York, 
lallae. W. from 496 
Wlneheeter av to 81 
Butler. Ward 9 
81 NewhaU 
66 8hepard 
lillae (WestvlUe). 8. 
from Blm to Bdgewood 
ar. Ward 18 

Irtneoln, V. B. from 
8. of Trnmboll to and 
beyond Bradley, Ward 8 

5 Trumbull 
89 Bradlev 
Linden, N. w. from 
189 Foater to468 Whit- 
ney av. Ward 8 
60 Orange 
Lines* N. from 305 
Waahington av to 86 
Frank, Ward 8 
Llwlntraton.N. B.from 
Bd warda to 166 Ganner, 

82 Lawrence 
Lloyd. N. from Qulnnl 
piac river to 196 Clay, 
Wards 11 and 12 
65 River 

96 Chapel 

191 Saltonatall av 
166 Wolcott 

193 Exchange 
916 Woolaey 
842 Grand av 

Loelc, N. W. from rail- 
road to 66 Aahmun, 
15 Canal 

Loenst, W. from 896 
Bast to 195 Hamilton, 

Ward 7 

21 Wallace 
Lombard, W. from 
368 Front to Jamea, 
Waro 19 

46 Downing 

67 Maltby 

97 Clinton av 
127 Atwater 

186 Rowe 

187 Ferry 
919 Poplar 
930 Fillmore 
958 Blatchley av 
267 Monroe 
981 Main 

Lona: ^V'barf, S. E. 
from jane. State and 
Water, Ward 6 

48 R. R. croaaing 
150 Brewery 

Lyman, W. from rail- 
road, near town line to 
SUte, Ward 12. 

Lynipvood, N. from 28 
Edge wood av to 852 
Elm, Ward 10 

Lyon, W. from 84 Brad 
ley to 161 Olive, Ward 7 
84 Jefleraon 

Lyon Pl^ B. from 88 
Bradley, Ward 7 

RIadlaon, E. from 79 
Bradley to 822 Frank 
lln, Ward 7 

Rtaln, N. from 61 Mar- 
ket to Peck, Ward 12 
27 Caatle 

68 Alton 

87 Lombard 
Main (Annex), B. from 

Townaend av to Bast 
Havenward 14 
Beacon av 
Hantington av 
maltby, N. from 45 
Pine to 26 Middletown 
av, Ward 12 
82 Grafton 
64 Chatham 

88 Lombard 
124 Peck 

184 Bngliah 
164 Dover 

194 BaUey 

maltby At., N. E. 

from Central av to Bey- 
nolda av. Ward 18 
Maltby Place, N. 
from 878 Grand av to 
161 Clay, Ward 12 
Rlanalleld, N. from 
Proapect pi to beyond 
Division, ward 9 
88 Sachem 
108 Compton 
168 Woodland 
184 Tllton 
928 Munsbn 
Hillside pi 
maple, W. from 289 
Sherman av to Hobart, 
Ward 10 

Winthrop av 
Ellsworth av 
maple Roir, that 
part of Division at. be- 
tween Prospect and 
Winchester av, Ward 9 

market, W. from 68 
Monroe to 81 Haven, 
Ward 12 
61 Main 
88 Jamea 
marlboro (Highwood), 
W. from Wlneheeter av 
to Shelton av 
228 Newhall 
mason, from Wlnehee- 
ter av to Mansfield, 

Sheffield av 
maasacbasetts At. 
8. W. from Main be- 
yond town line, Ward 15 

may, N. W. from Win- 
chester av to Newhall, 
Ward 9 
may, N. W. from 1888 
State to 187 Cedar HUl 
av. Ward 12 
mcKlnley, N. from 
Woodbrldge to Foun- 
tain, Ward 13 
meadoir, N. from 
Vnlon av to 182 fteoige 
Wards 4 and 5 
86 Columbus av 
81 Water 
119 Prout 
149 Whiting 
maadoir Vfe^r, N. 
E. from Morris to S. 
End road. Ward 15 

mecbanlo* N. E. from 
1014 State to Willow, 

21 Lawrence 
85 Eagle 
middletoirn At., S. 
W. from town line to 
889 Ferry, Wards 19 and 

Baraea av 
Quinnipiao rivet 
14 Front 
26 Maltby 
63 Clinton av 

88 Atwater 
106 Rowe 

mm, N.from280Chapel 

to 170 Wolcott, Ward 


85 Baltonstall av 
mill RlTcr. N. from 

Walnut to 1048 State, 

Ward 7 

89 Humphrey 
91 Beach 



Bllll Rock (Hifcb 
wood), S. from Aagar 
and £. to Prospect 
Winchester av 
IHIlls* N. from New to 

Myrtle, Ward 7 
Mlnor^ S. W. from 18 
IiAfayette to 899 How- 
ard ftT, Ward 4 
88 Lafayette pi 
88 Liberty 
108 Oedar 
Monroe. N. W. from 96 
CUy to di» Peck. Ward 

61 Market 
69 Pine 
81 Castle 
97 Alton 
160 Lombard 
Moriia, N. from 186 
Lamberton to 416 
Washington av,Ward 4 
188 Bosette 
Morris (Annex), 8. from 
Morris av. Ward 16 
Meadow View 
Morris At«, N. E. 
from old lighthoose 
road. Ward 16 
Morse (High wood), W. 
from Prospect to vix- 

Winchester av 
Shelton av 
St. Mary 
MoU (Highwood), W. 
ttom. Barke to Beaver 
Motte* W. from Alden 

to Lilac, Ward 18 
Miinn Koady B. from 
Townsend av, Ward 16 
Miuasoii} W. ttom 828 
Mansfield: to 8T Ores- 
cent, Ward 9 

Sheffield av 
148 WInohester ar 
169 B. B. crossing 
160 Canal 
168 Henry 

180 Ashman 
896 Shelton ar 
801 DixweU av 
808 Orchard 



MarraT Pl«« S. from 

118 Wolcott, Ward 11 
Myrtle. W. from Mill 
rirer to 889 Hamilton, 
Ward 7 


9 East 
Naeli. N. B. from 11 
Bdwards to 104 WUlow, 

01 Lawrence 
111 Basle 
Ne^r. W. ibom Mills to 
407 Beat, Ward 7 
Ne'wliall. N. from 49 
Argyle to Hamden, 
Ward 9 

76 Division 
106 Thompson 

181 Starr 
147 Hasel 

166 1 V 
806 Ul ac 


867 Harriet 
896 Bead 
806 Cave 





NleoU, N. B. from 81 
Bdwards to MiU river, 


187 WUlow 
160 Canner 

Cold Spring 
Nortlt (Highwood), W. 
from DixweU av to 
Nortli BanM, N. W. 
from 818 Foster to 78 
Anderson. Ward 8 
Norton, N, from 786 
George to 444 Gofle, 
Wards 8 and 10 
2 Derby av 
21 Irving 
61 Chapel 
78 Stanley 
119 Bdgewood av 

199 Blm 

847 Whalley ar 
Oak, N. W. from 6 

Temple to West river, 
Wards 2 and 8 

26 Factory 

48 Eilday alley 

68 Broad 

78 Davenport av 

78 Dow 
101 7ork 

188 Spruoe 
149 Park 
184 Howard av 
186 Howe 
819 Dwight 

880 Ward 

868 Day 
868 Asylum 
888 BlUott 
800 Orchard 

848 Vine 
867 Greenwood 

881 Auburn 
401 Sherman av 
481 Winthrop av 
477 Wight 
404 Tyler 

604 Bvergreenoourt 
618 Porter 

Obeerratory Pl.« S. 
from Canner in line of 
Hillhouseav when ex- 
tended. Ward 9 
Ocean Tleir, 8. E. 
from Morris av to Mea- 
dow View, Ward 16 
Offden. from Proapect 
easterly to Edge HUl 
road« ward 9 
Old Mill, W. from 
Fitch to Brook, Ward 

Pine Rock 
Ollwe, N. from 148 Wa- 
ter td 667 State, Wards 
6, 6, and 7 
84 Fair 
46 Woester 
61 Chapel 
89 Court 
109 Greene 
188 St. John 
146 Grand av 
161 Lyon 

177 WilUam 

186 B. B. bridge 
Ollwer, B. from ^reat, 

Ward 18 

Central av 
Orang^e, N. B. from 69 
George to Baat Rock 
Park. Wards 1 and 8 
46 Crown 

80 Center 
181 Chapel 
181 Court 
847 Blm 
897 Wall 

B. B. bridge 

888 Grove 
878 Audubon 
ai Trumbull 
468 Bradley 
491 Eld 
681 Pearl 
668 Clark 
668 Humphrey 
681 Biahop 
666 Bdwards 
686 Lawrence 
716 Cottage 
748 Avon 
709 Linden 
796 WUlow 
685 Canner 
887 Cold Spring 

Mill river 
Orebard, N. from 819 
Davenport av to 806 
Munaon, Wards 8, 9 
and 10 

81 Sylvan av 
188 Oak 

187 Scranton 

178 Gilbert av 
196 George 
887 Chapel 
861 Bdgewood av 
801 Blm 

889 Whalley av 
868 Diokerman 
891 Gofle 
481 Charles 
471 Henry 

Osbom, N. from 49 
WilUam to 716 Stote, 
Ward 7 
Osborn Aw*, N. from 
687 Whalley av, Wardt* 
10 and 18 
68 Blake 
Oxford, E. from 99 

guinniplac av to 160 
Bxlngton av. Ward 14 
Pace« B. from Beacon 
av to Huntington av, 
Ward 16 
Palmer, N. W. from 16 
Rose to 88 Broad, 
Pardee, 8. from Ferry 
to Fulton, Ward 16 
Park, N. B. from 619 
Howard av to 894 Blm, 
Wards 8 and 10 
7 South 
68 George 
76 Crown 
96 Chapel 
18Q Bdgewood av 
Park At,, N. from 
Bdgewood av to Whal- 
ley av 
Park Plaee, N. from 
105 Bailey to 66 Middle- 
town av, Ward 18 
Parker Plaee, N. E. 
from Townsend av, 
Morris Cove, Ward 16 

Parmelee At*, W. 
from 180 Winthrop av 
to West river. Ward 8 

16 Wight 

67 Tyler 

88 Porter 
Pearl, N. W. from 880 

State to 681 Orange, 

66 Pleasant 

Peck, W. from 874 
Front to 91 Main, 
Ward 18 

69 Downing 

89 Maltby 
151 CllntoB ar 
168 Atwater 
848 Ferry 
8H6 FiUmote 
846 Blatchley av 
868 Monroe 

Pendleton, N. from 
Bdgewood av to 674 
Whalley av, Ward 10 
PerelTal, W. from 
Hudson to 516 Winthrop 
av. Ward 10 

Sh«Tman av 
86 Carmel 

Perkins, N. from 61 
Grand av to 60 Pine, 
Ward 13 

16 Granniaa 
Perry« N. B. from Cen- 
tral av to Beynolda av. 
Ward 18 

PbUlp, 8. from 083 
Whafley av to 47 Foun- 
tain, Ward 18 
Plerpont, N. W. from 
106 Front to 98 Feny, 
Ward 11 

19 B. Pearl 
50 Houaton 
Plerpont Coart« 8. 
W. trom 48 Aahmnn, 
Ward 9 

Pine, W. from S?8 
Front to 60 Monroe, 
Ward 18 

18 Downing 
46 Maltby 
86 Perkina 
69 Clinton aT 
77 Pine PI 
07 Atwater 
119 Bowe 
161 Ferry 
175 Poplar 
196 FUimore 
817 Blatehley av 
Pine (Highwood), W. 
from DixweU av to DIX! 

PlneRoek, N 

Race toWinte 

Ward 18 

Old Mill 
Pltkln» from 879 8t 

to 149 Orange 
Plant, from Davis 

to Bamsdell 
Platt,N. from 971 Bd| 

wood av to 

Ward 10 

Pleasant, N. H. ti 
65 Pearl to 184 H 
phrey. Ward 8 
83 Clark 
Plymontli, M. 
from West river to 
Lamberton, Wsu^d 4 
97 Grant 
190 B.B 



'P«b4« W. ftoai TISBIz- 

9%w4 (HftBtaX B. 

frpBftau to Walton 
Vratar, H. from QalB- 

4Eb rim to tn 




■ SytDBitftUaT 


• InteBgo 





ry N. (nMB 

rifor to 101 Jadoon ar, 
PofftMSi W. 
Ualon sr feoS76Coliim< 
Wo OT, Waido S and 4 
• Witor 
ft Ghzlotopher 
111 Liberty 

MB Howard ar 
M Do Witt 
HI WaahiagtoB kw 


W. f torn 90 


tt Liberty 
Pitedle. N. frooi 
fibio «8 WoQSter, 


fttegl*. W. from Gen- 
till ar to Pneat, Ward 

to Hnaaden, 

R. Bw oroeninf 









90 Cedar 
101 Salem 
117 Howard ay 
168 Ailing 
168 Button 
jm At.) (Wbit- 
DOTTille), W. from 
Whitney av near the 
chnrch to I>ixwell av 
UnlMiilplao At«| N. 
from Forbea ar to town 
line, Warda 14 and 16 
18 Ferry 

97 Oxford 

187 Aner 

188 Welcome 
818 Beat Qruid av 
907 Clifton 
481 Hemingway 
619 Bamea ay 


Hemingway pi 

Bmith*a aT 
l«ie««8. £. from Brook 
toB. We8tTllle«Ward 18 

Pine Bock 
Railroad Ain.^ N. 
from Greene toWalnat 
eaat of rallioad, Wardu 

St. John 

98 Grand aT 

laaiadMl* N. from 
Fountain to Whalley 
ar. Ward 18 

taad* W. from 610 
Wlncneator aT to €1 
Goodyear, Ward 9 
86 8hepard 
111 BaUer 
187 Shelton ar 
Badfleld, N. W. from 
417 ColnmbnoaT to 444 
Con g ree a aT, Ward 8 
BoyMolda At.» N. W. 
from Derby aT to OliTer, 
Ward 18 

tlekard, N. from 60 
SaltonMU aT to 48 
Wotoott, Ward 11 
Bldsa, N. from 68 
Warren pi to Book, 
Ward 18 
iilTeri W. from 9 B. 
Pead to MiU riTor 
Ward 11 
79 Poplar 
186 Blatohley aT 
171 Uoyd 
Bo^ertaoiit B. from 
Clifton to ValOfWard 14 
Boekf W. from 1896 
State to Eaat BoekPark, 
Ward 18 

Boek At«9 from 741 
Whitney aT weet to 
Proapeot, Ward 
Bdge Hill load 

Bock HUl Boad, 

from St. Bonan north 
to Whltneyrille, Ward 

Book Laney from 
741 Whitney aT to Beat 
Bock Park, Ward 8 
BoflOy W. from 118 La- 
fayette to 947 Congreaa 
aT, Ward 8 
16 Palmer 

Bono l«aBOy N. from 

97 Boae, Ward 8 
Boaotto. W. from Ce- 
dar at raUroad bridge 
to 198 Monla, Ward 4 
68 Howard aT 
96 De Witt 
180 Arthur 
140 Button 
164 Hnrlburt 
901 Wllaon 
Boiwe, N. from 119 Pine 
to 108 Mlddletown aT, 
Ward 18 

86 Grafton 
66 Chatham 
80 Lombard 
100 Peck 
177 Bailer 
Bnbj) S. E.ftom Dia- 
mond to Oobom, Ward 
B n aaell f from War- 
wick N. to CU(ton» 
Warda 14 and 16 
B. Grand aT 
vaekom, W. ftom 166 
Whitney aT to railroad. 
Ward 9 

18 HiUhooBe aT 
70 Prospect 
Winchester aT 
ataUiemi N. ftom 101 Pat- 
nam to 821 Colnmbos aT, 
Ward 4 

94 Carlisle 

Trowbridge sq. 
Saltonatall At.. W. 
ftom 68 Ferry to HiU 
liTor, Ward 11 
41 Poplar 
86 Blatchlqr at 
119 Lloyd 
157 Jamea 
189 Mill 
Banlbrdf W. ftom 86 
Hoaston to 80 Ferry, 
Ward 11 

Day to 100 

W. from 
aT,~Ward 9 
180 Auburn 
140 Sherman aT 

80% W. nom north end 
of S. Water to Groeu' 
wich aT, Ward 4 

67 Hallock aT 
99 Howard aT 

Sooond) W. from 9M 
Hallock aT to 887 Green 
wich aT, Ward 4 

68 Howard aT 
atooondf W. Itom 90 

FtoDt to 76 B. Peari, 
Ward 11 

Skofllold AT.9W.ftom 
Munsoa and N. to 
Highland, Ward 
Bkoltor. N. from 816 
Grand aT to 100 Clay, 
Ward 18 

Skolton At., N. B. 

from 880 Dlzwell aT to 
Morse (Highwood), 


117 GiblM 

161 DiTision 

188 Thompson 

906 Starr 

819 B. B. crossing 


869 iTy 

988 Brewster 


888 Bead 
447 Goodrich 

Sbopard. N. ftom 
LUac to Goodrich, Ward 

99 Harriet 
BhapardfAnne^, N.B. 
ftom Morris to Meadow 
View, Ward 15 

Ooean View 
Skorland At.. N. 
from Aner to Clifton. 
Ward 14 

B. Grand aT 
Howard aT 
Bkerman At. N. from 
140 Winthrop aT to 888 
Gofle, Warda 8 and 10 
16 Oak 
86 Fayette 
81 Gilbert aT 
116 George 
160 Chapel 
811 Bdgewood aT 

889 Maple 
866 Blm 

SUTor. W. ftom Com- 
meree to 944 Cedar, 
81 Lafayette 
86 Silver court 
46 Liberty 
SUTor Coorl, from 86 
SIlTor, Ward 4^ 

Slztk, W. from 41 Hal- 
lock av to 68 Green- 
wich aT, Ward 4 
66 Howard aT 

BBtltk'a At., B. from 
Mlddletown aT to Qnln- 
nipiac aT n town line. 
Ward 14 

Sontli, N. W. fIromSl 
DaTenport aT to 687 
Howard aT, Ward 10 
7 York 
66 Park 

Sovtli BBd Bond, 
8. B. from Morria aT to 
South £nd Point, Ward 

Sontb irater,S. ftom 
east end of Sea, Ward 4 
06 Howard aT 

Bperrr, N. ftom 97 
Whalley aT to 104 Goffe 
Ward 10 





•priiTf N. ftomFiyette 

to Scnmton, Ward 8 
Sprliic* W. ftrom N. Y., 
IT. H. ftH.B.R.to884 
Washinxton ar 
88 Cedar 
86 Edgar 
108 Howard aT 
188 DeWlU 
100 Batton 
808 Hnrlbnrt 

8prlnssld« av* 

N. W. from 8ft7 Blake to 
Wintargreen av,Ward 18 



•prace. N. B. fh>m 188 
Oak to 888 Geoise, 

Stenleyf W. from 78 
Norton to Bonlerard, 
Ward 10 

48 Ellsworth ar 
Stan*! from 868 Win- 
chester av to 805 Shel- 
tonav, WardO 

MtMt^f N. E. from Union 
ay to Hamden, Wards 
1,6, 7, 8 and 18 
4 Ciolambiis aT 
M Water 
90 Front 
168 Whiting 
170 George 
176 Fair 
848 Crown 
840 Chapel 
604 Ehn 
617 Grand aT 
664 R. R. hridge 
670 WaU 
614 GroTe 
867 0UTe 
666 Andnbon 
768 Bradley 
788 Eld 
701 Summer 
680 Pearl 
846 Franklin 
880 Clark 
808 Humphrey 
001 Hamilton 
088 Bishop 
040 Wallace 
061 Beach 
064 Edwards 
1001 Bast 
1014 Mechanic 
1080 Lawrence 
1048 MUl Biver 
Mill river 
1187 James 
1140 View 
1884 Willow 
1800 Warren pi 
1888 May 
1887 Ferry 
1800 Rock 
SteTens, N. tnm 866 
Davenport av to 186 
Sylvan av. Ward 8 
StereiuB ronrt, B. 
fram 888 Congress av. 
StU es* S. fkom 80 Forbes 
av, Ward 15 

88* Jolui«W. fhmk Mill 
river to 000 Grand av, 
86 Wallace 
67 Hamilton 
86 Franklin 
108 Chestnut 
117 Jefferson 
146 Hughes pi 
176 Olive 
St. nary jHSighwood), 
N. from Goodrich to 

Stonet W. from Pearl 
and S. to Mechanic, 
Ward 18 

88 Hard 
!• Ronaii* fhim Ed- 
wards to CUfI, Ward 
mmiier. W. ftom 848 
Hamilton to 701 SUte, 
Ward 7 

17 Summer Place 
88 Franklin 
60 Leonard 
iiiiiiii«r Placet N. 
from 17 Summer, Ward 7 
Snmiiitt. S. from Clif- 
ton to Aner, Ward 14 
East Grand av 
flyeamorei N, E.fh>m 
View, Ward 18 
80 Ash 

116 Hemlock 
SylTan At.. W. fkom 
684 Howard av to Ever- 
green Cemeteiy, Ward 8 
80 Vernon 
86 Ward 

67 Asylum 
7B Elfiott 
08 Orchard 

100 Vine 
186 Stevens 
188 Greenwood 
140 Auburn 
160 Winthrop av 
Talmadffei W. ftom 

140 Front, ward 11 
Temple* N. B. fh>m01 
Congress av to 111 Whit- 
ney av, Wards 1, 8, 8 

80 Commerce 

68 George 
188 Crown 
166 Center 
106 Chapel 

The Green 
880 Elm 
888 WaU 
868 Grove 
446 Trumbull 
Third, W. from 180 Hal- 
lock av to 174 Greenwich 
av, Ward 4 

148 Howard av 
Tlftompeoiiy W. from 
880 Winchester av to 
647 Dizwell av, Ward 
66 NewhiOi 
Shelton av 
Thorn. 8. W. from 114 
West to 10 Eddy, Ward 

Tllton, from 180 Mans- 
field to Winchester av, 

To^meend. N. from 
80 Charles to 188 Henry, 

At.« S. 

from Forbee av to Mor- 
rla av, Moxris Cove, 
Ward 16 


880 Upson 

Mann road 


Florence av 

Parker Place 
Tromani from West 
to Boulevard, Ward 4 

Trnmball. N. W. 
from 608 State to T8 
Prospect, Wards 8 and 

8T Orange 
47 Linooln 
78 Whitney av 

70 Temple 
06 Hilihonse av 

T r y o u 9 N. W. from 
Derby av to Elm, Ward 

Maltby av 

Perry av 



Bdgewood av 
TryoBy S. from Foun- 
tsln to Central av. 
Ward IS 
Tyler. N. from West 
river to 17 Parmelee av, 
Ward 8 

71 Oak 

CniOD. N. E. from ITO 
Water to 80 Court, 
Ward 6 
80 Fair 
78 Wooster 
100 Chapel 
Union AT., &. W. 
from south end of State 
to Putnam, Wards 4 




Union l¥liarr« B. W 

from foot of Brewery 

Unlweraltr PI 

N. from 46T Elm to 

Whalley av. Ward 10 

Up eon I W. ftom 880 
Townsend av to 800 
Woodward av. Ward 16 
Valley .N. W. from 887 
Blake, Ward 18 
Spring Hill 

Vale* S. from Robert- 
son to Aner, Ward 14 
E. Grand av 
Vernon« N. from 888 
Congresa av to 80 Syl- 
ran ay. Wards 8 and 8 
87 Davenport av 

View, N. from 1140 
State to Rock, Ward 18 
80 Willow 
180 Warren pi 
880 Sycamore 
Vlllaae. 8. from Foun- 
tain to woodbridge 
Vine. N. from 100 Syl- 
van aT to 848 Oak, 
Ward 8 
Wall, N. W. from 670 
Bute to 810 Tozk, 

8 B. R. bridge 
86 Orange 
40 Charoh 

67 Temple 
01 CoUege 

188 High 
Wallace. N. from 45 
Water to 048 Stste, 
Wards 6, 6 and 7 
17 Collla 
86 Wooster 

68 Chapel 
08 Greene 

188 St. John 
141 Cain 

167 Donnelly plaoa 
176 Grand av 
107 Locust 
880 Myrtle 

880 R. R. bridge 
866 Walnut 

Jooelyn 8<iiisre 

881 Humphrey 

Walnut. W. from nil- 
road to 860 Hamilton, 
Ward 7 

Mill RiTor 

Jooelyn sq 
61 Wallaoe 
Ward, N. from 867 
Congress a v t o 880 Oak, 
Wards 8 and 8 

57 Davenport av 
07 Sylvan av 
Warner (Uigl|woo4), 
N. from Cherry Ann to 

Warner Aw., from 
Dizwell av west to 
Pine Rock, Ward 
Warren. N. B. from 
181 Water to 818 
Wooster, Ward 5 
Warren Plnea»N.W. 
from 180O State to 189 
▼lew, Ward 18 
81 Cedar HUE av 

69 Ridge 
Wanrlcky from Qttin- 

nipiae av B. to BniweD, 


ar to Woet 


44 Gold 

61 Liberty 

85 0edaur 

161 Howard ar 

168 Waahingiton pi 

171 R. B. 



811 ColuB&biia aT 

888 De Witt 

887 West 
886 Pnteii 

416 Morrte 
488 Boolerard 


N. W. from 158 Wa^ 
ington ar. Ward 8 
Water, 'w. from 188 
Bridge to rai]road,8. of 
Putnam, Warda 4 and 6 
10 Poit>e« nl 
8rBa«t *^ 

78 Franklin 
70 Cl&n«taut 
118 Brewery 







ta Oonmeroe 





ttt PatoAin 
Water|W. from BUke, 


WaMrald*, ft. (on the 

teilwr) froai rotbe* 

•T, Wild 16 

WataoB. N. from Baa* 




Waverl Js N. ftom 2B 
Seniuo&to SOSGaorse, 

Watotary W. from 
ff Cuttl to 185 Ctolto, 

91 Aahmon 
m Dizwall AT 
101 Winter 
Weftatar (Hamdan),N. 
f ran Pood to DiYialoa 
Weleamc^E. from 1(0 
OBfaalBlae bt to W 
Lnoz, ward 14 
Waltaa. N. from Ly- 
■HI to HamdaD, Ward 
Waau N. W. from iS7 

WiaUngcoB ar to aoe 

DaTeaoorl ay. Ward 8 


117 Oolamlma at 
181 Ifaat lane 

Waat 0«rllde« W. 

ftoB BeWftt CO Ailing, 
Waac Wkwm^ W. from 
Ommi ar to Foraat 

Wmit Laae. 8. from 

MWcatto 48B Cohim- 

baaa r. Ward > 
^r • PranpACCf N.from 

ITf Foaniain to Wbal- 

lay ay. Ward 18 
Vhallay Av., N. W. 

tram Broadway to 


8 Howe 



98 UnlToraity pi 




8H Winabrop ar 




7B6 Jewell 

866 Fountain 
006 Blake 
088 Philip 

106T Rmerson 
1160 Dayton 

Weat Proapect 
Wbaeler, N. from 46 

Forbes aT, Ward 16 
mate. N. W. from 896 
Colomoua ar to 418 
Oonffreaa ay, Ward 8 
Wiatlnc, 8. W. from 
MB State to 71 HUl, 
68 Meadow 

Tl Commeroe 

Wlftltnay At«« N. B. 
from 88 Orove to Whlt- 
neyTlUe, Wards 8 and 
41 Aadobon 
111 Temple 

867 Homphrey 
901 Bishop 
880 Bdwarda 
860 Lawrenoe 
800 Cottage 
483 Linden 
616 Obnner 
666 Cold Spring 
640 Highland 
684 Hnntlngton 
741 Book lane 
780 Bums 

Foot Path to Bast 

Rock Park 


WKIttamore At,— 

see Boal«Tard 
WIcMi. N. from Oak 


Parmdeeay^Ward 8 

Wlleox AUey, B. 

from 946 Atwater, 

Ward 18 

Wllicliuu 8. from 

Aiignr, whitneyyiUe 
irilliijrd, W. horn 68 
Central ay to Foreat, 
Ward 18 

iriUtam, W. from 906 
Fhmklin to 177 Oliye, 

97 Bradley 
Wllllau W. from 684 

Dlxweu ay. Ward 
Wlllo^r* N. W. ftom 
1894 State to 497 Whit- 
ney ay. Ward 8 

Cedar Hill ay 
104 Nash 
108 Andenon 
888 Orange 
Willow Plaee, 8. W. 
ttom 88 Willow to Bagle, 
Wilson. 8. from 901 
Boaette to 168 Lamber- 
ton. Ward 4 
Wlnelieatar At«* N. 
from Sachem to Mill 
Bock, Highwood, Ward 

86 Oompton 


947 Argyle 

811 Dlyidon 
880 Thompson 
868 Starr 
407 Ivy 
488 Harriet 
610 Read 
686 Cave 


City Una 



Winter, N. from 101 
Webster to 44 Charlea, 


Wlnterarraen At.* 

N. W. fkom Fitch, Ward 


Pine Rock 

Wlntbrop AT.^ftom 
987 Davenport av to 400 
GofEe, Wards 9 and 10 

80 Sylvan av 
140 Shsrman av 
168 Oak 

160 Fayette 
180 Parmelee av 
100 Scranton 
906 Jadson av 
988 Gilbert av 
961 George 
987 Derby av 
997 Chapel 
845 Bdgewood av 

807 Elm 

616 Perclval 

Wolco It* from 88 Fsnr 
to Mill river, Ward 11 

81 Poplar 
48 Richard 

80 Blatchley av 
104 Lloyd 
118 Mnrraypl 
148 James 
178 Mill 
Woodbrldse* W. 
from Alden to LUac, 
Ward 18 

Woodlnnd* W. from 
166 Manaflefd to Win- 
cheater av. Ward 
Wood'ward At** S. 
from Forbes av to Fort 
Hale Park, Ward 16 
106 Forbes av 
900 Upson 

Woolaej, W. from 114 
Poplar to 188 James, 
Ward 11 

80 Blatchley av 

Wooaterj W. from 168 
Bast to 277 State, Ward 6 

81 Wallace 
60 Hamilton 

198 Chestnut 
166 Brown 
180 Brewery 
918 Warren 
947 Olive 
890 Union 
896 R.B. bridge 

Wooster Plaee, N. 

from 647 Chapel to 114 
Greene, Wara6 

York, N. B. tnm 61 
Davenport av to 900 
Grove, Wards 1, 9, 8, 
and 10 


47 Oak 

100 George 

184 Crown 

180 Chapel 

987 Library 

967 Elm 

968 Broadway 
810 Wall 

Tork flgnare, N. B. 

from 70 Broadway to 84 
Ashmnn, Ward 

laj View, at City 
Point • 

leaver Ponds, 

bounded by Goffe, 
County, Henry apd Cres- 
cent sts 

Clinton, bounded by 
Bngllsh, Peck and At- 
water sts 

Bast Roek, head of 

Orange st 

Edseiv^ood* bounded 
by Chapel st,lBonlevard, 
Bdgewood av, and 
acroas West river 

Port Hale^ Townsend 
av, south end of Wood* 
ward av, at Morris Cove 

Port W^ooster,Town- 


and Derby and 

throp avs 

a Sqoare* 

by C^pel St 


Greenf bounded by 
Chapel, Church, CoUega 
and Rim streets 

JToeelyn S^aare, 

bounded by Laurel. 
Myrtle, WaUaoe and 
Bast streets 

4|alnBlplae, Chapel 
foot Jamea at 

Sclientsen, State st 

Troiir bridge 8 a • , 

bounded by Cedar, Car- 
lisle, Portsea and Salem 

Waterside. Water 
foot of Franklin st 

West Roek, W. of 

Springside av 

Woosler Sana re, 

bounded by Academy, 
Chapel and Greene 
sts and Wooster place 



West km aod Alliogtowo SM wi kn Direetorj. 

A4iiiiral ( Allinirtown), 
N. from MUfM torn- 

— Cheiter pi 
~ Bristol 

All^rt, N. from 190 Blm 
to Wood 

Allliur* W. from First 
AT to 874 Campbell &▼ 

AslibareoD Pl»f S. 
from 888 Campbell at 
to Ward pi 

Atirafert W. from 
Peek av to Aria aT 
Waahinffton ST 
Campbell ay 

Baj Vteur Plaee« S. 

from IS Main to 1 Proe- 

Beaeli, W. from 
Meadow ay 
Peck ay 
Washington ay 
Campbell ay 

Biiliept W. from 
North Union ay to 
Washington ay 

Blolun* W. from Sec^ 
mid ay to Ninth 
Third ay 

Bristol ( Allingtown>W 
from Admiral to Lee 

Brown* W. from Sec- 
ond-ay to 150 Sayln ay 
14 Third ay 
88 Union 
BO Martin 
» Peck ay 
78 Washinirton ay 
06 Campbell ay 

Oalliomla* W. from 
Bast ay to Washington 

Peek ay 

OaniFboll At.* N. 

ftam Beach to MUford 




118 Fifth 
186 Fourth 


168 New 
100 Church 
171 Cnrtiaa Plaoe 
808 Mam 
890 Center 
886 Ward pi 
844 Blm 
850 George 
856 Clark 
860 York 
860 Wharton 


First ay 

Candoo N. from 817 

Catliarlnat (Ailing- 
town)N.and8.from Otk 

Oenter* W. from Water 
to 888 Sayln ay 
10 First ay 
67 Second ay 
71 Third ay 
86 Union 

114 Washington ay 

Oliaator PI* (Allin^'- 
town), W. fhnn Ad- 
miral to Lee 

ChosSnaty W. from 
168 Savin ay 

Clmreliji W. from 160 
Campbell ay 

Sayln ay 

Clarkj W. from 865 
Waahinston ay to Ste- 
yens Hcoghts 


Clarke (Allinstown), 
W. from the Meadows 
to Gilbert 

Cllftoiij W. fkom Front 
ay to Fust ay 

ClintOByW. from 6 
Front ay 

ColllSf N. from Tork to 
West Prospect 

Ooiirt« W. from 156 
Washington ay to B. A. 
Bay's puMW 

80 Campbell ay 


Ovrtlaa Place. B 

from 171 Campbell ay 

Daaa* W. from First 
ay to WO Campbell ay 

inTlalon (near Sandy 
Point)2W. from Second 
ay to Third ay 

« N. from Tork 
W. Prospect 


FirtM, W. from 116 
Campbell ay to Sayln ay 

First At«. N. fkom 
Monohan p! to Camp- 
bell ay 

88 Jones 

100 North 
185 Prospect 
148 Main 
174 Center 
818 Blm 
880 Wallace 
841 Maple 
850 Thompson 
856 Wood 
888 Richards 






Fovrth^ W. from 186 
Campbell ay to Sayln ay 


rrviift A.Y*! N. fkom 
Clinton to Mllf ord Turn- 


laoetOf W. from 
ay to Sayln ay 

Waahinglon ay 
Campbell ay 

I« • e (Allingtown), N. 
from Chester pi to west- 


RKaln, W. from Water 
to Blm 

18 Bay Viaw Plaoe 

84 First ay 


64 Second ay 

68 Third ay 

08 Union 
106 Martin 
188 Washington ay 
148 Campbdl av 
176 Sayln ay 
817 Candee 

Haple^B. from 841 First 
av to the meadows 

nau^iif N. from 50 
Brown Bant to 108 Main 
17 E. Court 





Waahington ay 




'mm% A.VM N. from 
Beach to Williams 






Conrtf W. flrom 
18 Martin to ]56Waah 

Blslttli. B. from Camp- 

BlJBifW. from 85 Eim- 
I berly ay to Main 
' 16 Water 

20 First ay 
84 Second ay 

Third ay 
180 Albert 
151 Union 
168 Washington ay 
100 Ward pT 
800 Campbell ay 
887 Sayln ay 

BleTentMy W. from 
Campbell av toSayln ay 

Oy W. fkt>m 


Gilbert j[A]llngtown).N. 

from MUford Tunplke 




Grahaai Pl«, B from 
158 Union 

OroTe* N. flrom Beach 
to Thomas 


BISlilaadt W. from 
Campbell ay 

Bllla. W. from Holmes 

BlnOf N. from 18 North 
to 44 Main 

Bltebeoek. W. 

Myrtle to First ay 
Front ay 


HolaaeatN. from Beach 

to Thomas 
JToaeetW. from 88 First 

ay to second ay 

KeleoT At., N. fkom 
Sayln ay. opp. Bock 

KlmlberlF Aw*. S. W. 

from West Biyer to 1 

Lambert, S. and W. 

from Spring to Front ay 

I« a Mi ■ o D, W. from 
First ay to 830 CampbeU 


W. from 
Summer to Sayin ay 

neado-w A t.» N. tnum 
Beaoh to Ninth 

nilA>r4 TnrnpilLa 

(Allingtown), W. from 
West River 


Front ay 



Campbell ar 

JHoBoliaii Pl«, W. 

from 1 First ay to Sec- 
ond ay 

myrtle* N.from Sprtns 
to Hitthoook 

Ne^r^W. from 16t Wash- 
'--jltonayto 156 Oamp- 

11 iBtlif W. from Blohai 
to Sayln ay 

Meadow ay 
Bast ay 

Waahlnfttea aw 

CampbeU ay 

IfoUey W. fkom tbo 
meadows to Sayin av 
Meadow aT 
East ay 
Peck ay 

Waahinston aw 
Campbttl ar 

Ifortby W. from lis 
First ay to 158 Second aT 

If ortb IJdIol. 

fkom railroad to 
Groye Cemetery 




B. from First ay 
Alllngtown line 





H. from BMch to 

•sk (AUIivtaywii), W. 
" ■ " to GU- 

Vftlae«» W. tnm. Qtov 

Pirfty W. twom MMdow 
Ems AT 
Waahlnstoo at 

Ft«k ATjj^N. ftwn 
Bttdi to BflT Brown 









148 Brown 
159 Chestnut 
171 Court 
180 Church 
888 Center 

i4l ATaf N. from 
Beech to 88 Elm 



Monohen pi 



168 North 
IM Rlcherdi pl 


^ W.ftom807 Fbst 
sf to Onk Qrove Ceme* 

W. fxoBk 88 

BwfVtow pl to 188 

iW. from 887 
Tlatsnr to 888 Campbdl 

88 North Union at 
BO Weehfaigtan AT 

LPMB IPI« W* from 
Worn to 188 fleeond ay 
First AT 

ietii,N.fkom Beech to 

IbvIm Aw*9 N* fkom 
Core liTcr to 888 Elm 



tliy W. ftom Third 

AT to 800 WAshington Av 

Union at 

, W. from West 
to OAmpbell at 
Front AT 
First AT 

S8«Tenn At.. N. from 
YoriL ' 


MeTenn HelsbtS} W. 

end of York 

8iUMaier« N. from 
Beech to 8ATin at 

Tklll* W. from the 
meedows to Front at 

Tliird At*, N. ftom 




M Center 


Tbomae, W. from 
Meedow at to BatIu at 


Feck AT 
Washington at 
Campbell at 

1% B. ftom 
8B0 Firit at to the meed* 


Union At., N. from 
White to Wood 
78 Center 
90 Smith 

187 Wood 

Wallae«9 W. from the 
meedows to 817 First at 

Wmr4« S. from Thomas 
to Hills 

Ward Pl.. S. from 190 
Elm to AsbDuroon pl 

WanMnston At.,N 

from Beech to OekGroTe 









168 Court 

166 Best Court 
161 New 

191 Center 
806 Smith 
886 Elm 
846 George 
860 Wood 
800 Gierke 


»»«xj N. from 1 
to 16 Elm 


W. from the meedows 
to Forest 

IF* Pronpeeuw. from 
Ften to Collie 

SteTcns AT 

W^harton, W. from 

809 Washington ST to 

WlUta^W. from 
Second AT 
Third AT 



East ST 


an, W. fh>m 
to Washington 

Peck ST 

L, W. fkom the 
meedows to 867 Wash- 
ington st 

88 First ST 
Union nT 

kf W. from 
Campbell aT to Saw 





IHkper Covers, 25 Cents. 

Cloth Covers, 40 Cents. 





First Ward — Commencing at the point 
of intersection of the central lines of State 
and Qeorge streets, thence oontinuing 
northerly through the center of Statu 
street to the center of Grove street, thence 
westerly through the center of Orove 
street to the center of York street, thence 
southerly through the center of York 
street to the center of George street, 
thence through the center of George street 
to the point of beginning. 

Second Ward— Commencing at the 
point of intersection of the centnil lines of 
Chapel and York streets, thence contin- 
uing westerly through the center of Chapel 
street to the city limit, thence following 
the city limit in a southerly direction to 
the center of Congress avenue, thence 
northeasterly through the center of Dav- 
enport avenue to the center of York street, 
thence northerly through the center of 
York street to the point of beginning. 

Third Ward— Commencing at the point 
of intersection of the central lines of 
George and York streets, thence continu- 
ing southerly through the center of York 
street to the center of Davenport avenue, 
thence southwesterly through the center 
of Davenport avenue to the center of Con- 
gress avenue to the citv limit, thence fol- 
lowing the city limit in a southeasterly 
direction in the center of Washington 
street, thence northeasterly through the 
center of Washington street to the center 
of Congress avenue to the center of George 
street, thence northwesterly through the 
center of George street to the point of be- 

Fourth Ward — Commencing at the 

S»lnt of intersection of the central lines of 
eadow street and Congress avenue, 
thence continuing southwesterly through 
the center of Congress avenue to the cen- 
ter of Washiiigton street, thence south- 
easterly through the center of Washington 
street to the city limit, thence southeast- 
erly and northeasterly by the city limit to 
a point where said city limit is intersected 
by the central line of the Meadow street 
outlet sewer, continuing in a straight line, 
thence northwesterly by the said line of 
said sewer to the center of Union avenue, 
thence northerly to the center of Meadow 
street, to the point of beginning. 

Fifth Ward— Commencing at the point 
of intersection of the central lines of 
Chapel and State streets, thence continu- 
ing southwesterly through the center uf 
State street to the point of intersection of 
the central lines of State and George 
streets, thence northwesterly through the 
center of George street to the point of in- 
tersection with the central line of 
Meadow streot, thence southerly through 

the center of Meadow street to the center 
of Union avenue, thence southeasterly by 
the central line of Meadow street sewer 
continued in a straight line to the dty 
limit to Tomlinson's bridge, themce easter- 
ly and northerly through the center of the 
channel of Mill river to a point on Chapel 
street bridge coincident vKth the central 
line of Chapel street, thence westerly 
through the center of said Chapel street 
bridge and Chapel street to the point of 
beginning. i 

Sixth ward — Commencing at tne point 
of intersection of the central line of Chapel 
and State streets, thence continuing east- 
erly through the center of Chapel street 
and Chapel street bridge to the center of 
the westerly channel ox Mill river, thence 
northerly through the center of said chan- 
nel of said river to a point on BarnesYiUe 
bridge coincident with the central line of 
Grand avenue. thence westerly through the 
center of Bamesville bridge and Grand 
avenue to the center of State street, 
theitce southwesterly through the center 
of State street to the point of beginning. 

Seventh Ward— Commencing at the 
point of intersection of the central lines 
of State street and Grand avenue, tbenoe 
continuing easterly through the center ol 
Grand avenue and Bamesville bridge to 
the center of the westerly channel of Mill 
River, thence northerlv to the center ol 
said channel of Mill Birer to a point on 
Neck bridge coincident with the central 
line of State street, thence westerly su[id 
southwesterly through the center or Neck 
bridge and State street to the point of 

fiighth Ward — Commencing at the 
point of intersection of the central lines 
of Grove and State streets, thence contin- 
uing northeasterly and easterly throu^lk 
the center of State street to* the center of 
the channel of Mill Raver, thence ncvrtfti* 
erlv following the center of the channel of 
Mill River to the city limit, thence nortli- 
westerly by the city limit to the center of 
Whitney avenue, thence southwest.«rly 
through the center of Whitney avenxfte -to 
the point of intersection of the ceixtrvA. 
lines of Whitney avenue and Temple 
street, thence southwesterly througik t^lie 
center of Temple street, to the oent«r of. 
(h^ve street, thence southeasterly thron^la 
the center of Grove street to the poin.^ of 

NinthiXrard— Commencing at the j[M>Snt 
of intersection of the central linos ol 
Grove and Temple streets, thence oog^ tA^ 
uing northeasterlv through the cen^oix' o: 
Temple street to the point of interseo^oi 
of the central lines of Temple streets mx^i 
Whitney avenue, thence northen^^^(»|. 
through the center of Whitney avexi.v2o t» 



tlM eit/ limit, thenoe westerly, southerly 
tnid westerlj by the dty limit to the cen- 
ttr of Greuent street; thence southerly 
throogii tJie center of Crescent street to 
tlieeeater of Goffe street, thenoe south* 
Msteiij through the center of Goffe street 
to t&e Doiot of intersection of the central 
Iin08 of Ooile street and Broadway, thence 
ftmtheiiteriythroug^h the center of Broad- 
my to the center of York street, to the 
eenter of Grove street thenoe easterly 
tiamgh the center of Groye street to the 
pdot ot be^nning. 

Tenth ward — Commencing at the point 

of interaeetion of central lines of York 

ttimt tod Broadway, thence continuing 

Borthwesterihr through the center of Broad- 

waj and Goffe street to the point of inter- 

teikm ot the central lines of Broadway 

and Goffe street, thence northwesterly 

through the center of Goffe street to the 

eaoter of Crescent street, thence northerly 

throogh the center of Crescent street to 

the dty limit, thenoe westerly and south- 

«riy by the city limit to the center of 

CSitpef street, thence easterly through the 

outer of Chapel street to the center of 

fork street, thenoe northerly through the 

center of York street to the point of begin- 


mth Waxd — Commencing at a 
pohit on Bamesyille bridge coincident 
with the intersection of the central line 
ot Grand ayenue and the center of the 
verteriy channel of Mill Riyer, thence 
eontinuing southerly through the center 
ot the westerly channel of Mill Riyer 
to ite Junction with the main channel of 
aaid riyer, thence southerly through 
the eenter of the main channel 
of laid riyer to its Junction with 
Qniaiiipiac riyer, thence easterly and 
northerly through the center of the Quin- 

nipiao riyer to a point coincident with the 
central line of Grand ayenue, thence 
westerly through the center of Quinnipiao 
bridge and Grand ayenue to the point of 

Twelftn Ward — Comntencing at a point 
on Bamesyille bridge coincident with the 
intersection of the central line of Grand 
ayenue and the center of westerly channel 
of Mill riyer; thence continuing easterly 
through the center of said bridge and 
the center of Grand ayenue to the city 
limit in Quinnipiac riyer; thence norther- 
ly and northwesterly by the city limit to 
the center of the channel of Mill riyer; 
thence southerly following the center of 
the said cbannel to the point where said 
riyer is divided into two channels; thence 
through the center of the west channel to 
the point of beginning. 

Thirteenth ward— All that part of the 
town of New Hayen which is westerly 
and northerly of the Ninth ward and 
northerly and westerly of the Tenth ward, 
and westerly in part of the Second ward. 

Fourteentli ward — All that part of the 
town of NevF Hayen lying easterly of the 
Quinnipiac riyer and northerly of a line 
commenchig at a point in the center of 
Meadow street where said street Joins 
Quinnipiac bridge; thence running east- 
erly through the center of said street to a 
po&t where it intersects South Quinnipiac 
street; thence in a line running due east 
to the center of the Shore Line Railway; 
thence easterly in a line following the 
center line of said railway to a point where 
it intersects the diyiding line between the 
towns of New Hayen and East Hayen. 

Fifteenth Ward— All that part of the 
town of New Hayen lying easterly of the 
Quinnipiac riyer and New Hayen harbor 
and southerly of the Fourteenth ward. 


For the earriage of a single passenger, 
vith one trunk and carpet bag, hat box, 
or other similar artiele from any railroad 
^•pot, steamboat landing, or other point 
er pbiee within the city limits, to any rail- 
RM depot, steamboat landing or other 
phoe within said limits, fifty cents. 

For the earriaffa of two passengers, with 
the amount ofba^gage stated aboye for 
mtk, fhm the same railroad depot, steam- 
hast landiaff , or other point, place or des- 
flHtioa,wi2i!n said dty limits at the same 
tfaae. aeyenty-fiye cents, and for each ad- 
Ctionsl passenger and his baggage, more 
Ikaa two, twenty-fiye eents. For each ad- 
Aienaltrank, hat box or carpet bag, ten 

a ehlld over four and under 
yone-half the aboye rates. 
to and from a party or 
the dty limits, three 




For a carriage to and from a funeral, 
three dollars. 

And for the use of a hackney coach or 
equiyalent yehicle and two horses, two 
dollars per hour, and at that rate for frac- 
tions of an hour. 

No owner or driyer of any baggage 
wagon or express wagon, or other yehi<3e 
for the carriage of baggage or foods of any 
kind from place to plai^ in saia city, shall 
charge, demand or in any way receiye 
more than the following rates or prices, 

Fortheoarriageof any trunk, chest or 
other article of baggage, or any box, bun- 
dle or package of goods of any kind not 
exceeding sixty pounds in weight, from 
any point or place within the city limits, 
to any point or place within said limits, 
twenty-flye cents, and aboye that weight, 
two cents for eyenr additional ten pounds 
or fraction thereof. 


Howe & Stetson's, 

Chapel St, bet. Orange and State. 

New Haven's Most Reliable General 

Situated in the very center of the city it 
is easily reached from all directions. Visitors 
from out of town find the State Street car line, 
which passes the door, the most direct route 
from Union Station. 

The store service betters each day ; all 
goods are marked at uniformly fair prices and, 
in many instances, sold at cost and even at a 


All goods returned in good condition and 

within reasonable time entitles the customer 
to return of money. 

Free daily delivery of all packages to any 

part of Connecticut. 





In ttw MowiDff pagw h ftands for bouw; bda for boards; av for avenue; do. for 
dttto; n for near; c fat comer; ab for above; r for rear; ree for residence; N for liTorUi; 
SforEait; 8 for South; Wfor West; pi for place; sq for square; opp for opposite; 
b((f for bonding; emp for employed; rem for removed; rms for rooms; W Haven; 
WeM Ha?en; figurvi in parentlieses (16) signifies number of room. The word street 

A. E H. Co., Andrew K Hendryx Co. 

E B. & C. Go., Boston Buekboard and 

Ckrnage Co. 
G mg, Ca, CoI<^liite Mfg. Cow 
?. & & Co., F. Bw Shuster Co. The 
F. E & W. R. B. Co., Eair Haven ft 

Wmbffne R. B. Co. 
aF. W. U!g. Co., 6. F. Warner M^. Go. 

E Eillam Co., Henry Killam Go. 
E 4 P. M^. Co., Hoggson ft Pettis Mf^. 

L L 0>., Imperial Laundry Co. 
L 4 0. Co., Lee ft Osbom Co. The 
K ¥. Arms Co., Marlin Fire Arms Co. 

K. Piano Co., liathushek Piano Co. 
lt| W. Co., Mallory, Wheeler Co. The 
U. 4 H. Shoe Co., Meyers ft Herz Shoe 

Ga The 
E F. E ft P. Co., National Folding Booe 

tad Paper Co. The 
E. E Oarriage Oo., New Haven Carriage 

K. H. dock Oo., New Haven dock 

N. H. E. Co., New Haven Electric Co. 
N. H. M^. Co., New Haven Mfg. Co. 
N. H. B. M. Co., New Haven BoUing Mill 

N. H. T., G. ft N. Co., New Haven Toy, 

Game and Novelty Co. 
N. H. Water Co., New Haven Water Oo. 
N. H. Wheel Co., New Haven Wheel Co. 
N. P. B. Co., National Pipe Bending Oo. 

N. Y., N. H. ft H. B, B., New York, New 

Haven and Hartford Bailroad 
P. Bros, ft Co., The Peck Broa. ft Ca 
S. Bros, ft Co., Smedley Bros, ft Co. 
S. N. K Tel. Co., Southern New England 

Telephone Co. 
T. M. ft T., Tuttle Morehouse ft Taylor 
U. ft G. Ice Co., Upaon ft Grannis Ice Co. 
W. Av. B. B. Co., Winchester Avenue B. 

B. Oo. 
WJI. Buckle Co.,West Haven Buckle Co. 
W. H. Water Co., West Haven Water Co. 
W. B. A. Co., Winchester Bepeating 

Arms Co. 
W. U. Tel. Co., Western Union Telegraph 

Y. U., Yale University 


AAL ABBAHAM (Kohn ft Aal) 817 
Chapel, bds 87 Olive 
Sejgfned, h 36 Olive 
Aam Jacob, second-hand furniture 708 

Grand av, h do. 
imnsoD Harris, tailor, h 126 Washing- 
ton av 
Altet Alden O., h 78 Sherland av 

Ahrin V. B. Bev., h 31 Bicharda pi, 

W Haven 
Arthur S., brakeman, bda 9 Hine pi 
Gan^iae D., widow LeGrand, bds 308 

Dadky C, bds 61 Bichards pi, W 

i3kn C. Miss, teacher, bds 31 Bich- 
ards pi, W Haven 


Abbott Greorge F., carpenter and builder 

62 Admiral, bda do. 
George S., ins. canvasser 49 Church, 

h 229 Jamea 
Hannah H., widow Bichard A., h St. 

Mary, Highwood 
Lillian W. Misa, music teacher (vo- 
cal), bda 112 Howe 
Mary Mrs., h 40 Goodrich, Highwood 
Mary W. Mias, teacher Boardman 

School, bda 31 Bicharda pi, W 

William I., emp N. H. Car Begister 

Co., bds 112 Howe 
William W., designer, h 112 Howe 
Abbraccio Salvatore, laborer, h 8 Myrtle 
Abel Charles, rem to Troy, N. Y. 




Abel Martin, emp Sperry A Barnes, h 89 
William A., fireman N. Y. Div., h 363 
Washington av 
Abeles Richard A., cigarmaker, h 74 

Edgewood av 
Aberg Oscar, emp M. Piano Ck>., h 70 

White, W Haven 
Abeehause Abram, grocer 46 Broad, h 
Koppel, rem to Bridgeport 
Sarah, widow Nathan, rem to Bridge- 
Abel white Edward, painter, h 115 Oedar 
Abner Ada Miss, bds 36 North, W Ha- 
Edward E., baker emp 25 Church, h 
8 Front av c Clinton av, W Ha- 
Abram — ^see Abrams 
AlMumovitch Bamett, peddler, h r 107 

Washington av 
Abramovitz Samuel, shoemaker 527 State, 

h r 919 Grand av 
Abrams Aaron R., carriage painter emp 
H. Hooker A C6., h 188 Peck 
Eliza Miss, h 12 Baldwin 
f^rederick D., clerk 256 Water, bds 

188 Peck 
George K, carriage painter, bds 112 

Harry, emp Strouse, Adler & Co., bds 

86 Greene 
Jacob, emp B. Shoninger Co., bds 

102 Elliott 
Lizzie Mrs., h 102 Elliott 
Samuel, bds 102 Elliott 
Wallace, plumber, bds 396 Grand av 
William H., carriage painter, h 112 

William H. Jr., policeman, h 112 

Abrameon Alvin, porter N. H. Hospital, 
bds da 
Bernard, emp Belle Dock, h 85 

Gust, emp L. Oandee A Co., bds 113 

Isaac H., foreman P. Bros. & Co., h 
460 Edgewood av 
Abt John, baker, h 92 Eaton 

Nicholas G., upholsterer, h 19 Alton 
Acabba Giuseppe, laborer, h 143 Wooster 

Vincenzo, laborer, h 143 Wooster 
Academy Hall, 916 Chapel 
Acampora Pasquale, emp Sparry ft 

Barnes, h 10 Franklin 
Acanfora Edwardo, h 21 Jefferson 
Acanpora Pasquale, emp Sargent ft Co., 
bds 101 Hamilton 
Vincenzo, emp W. R. A. Ca, h 198 
Accavallo Grsnesco, farmer, h Bowen, 
Michele, farmer, h Bowen, High- 

Accurso Fortunate, emp Sargent ft Co., 

h 66 Wallace 
Aceto Pasquale, meat and groceries 654 

Grand av, h do. , 

Peter, shoemaker 613 Grand av, h do. 
Achison Lucy, teacher Hamilton St 

School, bds 267 Franklin 
Acker Daniel, boarding house 100 Woos- 
Ackerley Samuel, laborer, h 104 James 
Ackeiman Albert H., emp W. R. A. Go., 

h 290 Dixwell av 
Ernest W., h 120 Quinnipiac av 
Francis, joiner, h 423 Washington 

Guy O., manager 140 Meadow, h 194 

Washington av, W Haven 
John H., locomotive fireman, h 78 

John W., baker 447 Congress av, h 

John W. Jr., emp 18 Congress av, h 

254 Dixwell av 
Juliu8» machinist, h 87 Cedar 
Max, baker, bds 447 OongieaB av 
Theodore J., h 198 Sherman av 
Ackley Anna K, widow Charles H., bds 

39 Cottage 
Daniel J., emp 859 Grand av, h 65 

Frederick H., h 65 Asylum 
Ira W., laborer, h 37 Albert, W 

Richard, conductor F. H. ft W. R. R., 

rms 11 Shelton 
Ackrill Harry F., chief engineer W. Av. 

R, R. Ca, h 86 Center, W Haven 
Sarah, vridow Thomas, h 86 Center, 

W Haven 
Thomas R, emp N. F. B. ft P. Co., 

No. 3, h 126 Lawrence 
Acme Cash Railway Co., 67 Court 

Laundry Works, 236 Washingi»ii av, 

W Haven 
Shoe Co. (Robert Cunningham Jr.), 

shoe dealers and merchant tail- 
ors 28 Church 
Acoobo G., barber 73 James, h 143 Wooe- 

Acunto Alfonso, baker, h 12 Fair 
Gregorio, rem to Italy 
Natale, bakery r 16 Fair, h do. 
Adam Lewis, h 79 Greene 
Adams Agnes Miss, rem to Bermuda la- 
Albert P., cook 954 diapel, h 414 

Albert W. (J. F. Goodrich & Oo.) 

148 East, res New York city 
Alfred W., bookkeeper N. H. Oounty 

Jail 245 Whalley av, h. do. 
Ann, widow Edward, h 553 Sast 
A. W. Mrs., matron N. H. Cbwnty 

Jail 245 Whalley av, li do. 
Brace C, brakeman, h 150 Plymouth 




Adanu Burdett S., phyucian 42 College 
ud 176 Grand av, h do. 
C. F. Co., household goods 490 State 
durles, emp N. H. R. M. Co., bds 88 

ChtricB D., emp N. H. R. M. Oo., bds 

46 Woloott 
diaries A. J., emp R. R. shops, bds 

112 Portsea 
ditflea F. (a F. Adams G6.) 490 

State, res Erie, Pa. 
Cbules L., ran to New York 
Cornelia C., widow Daniel L,, h 146 

n A, emp N. H. R. M. Co., bds 88 

DaTid a, emp N. H. R. M. Oow, h 46 

DaTid R., emp C. Cbwles & Co., h 

110 Addine 
DaTid R., rem to New Lcmdon 
Oerell, fanner, h First av c N Wil- 
liams, W Haven. 
Edith F. Miss, teaeher Eaton School, 

bds 120 St. John 
Elizabeth Mrs., h 10 Webster 
EUzabeth S. Mies, timekeeper 170 

Chapel, bds 18 Orchard 
Express Go., Frederick Barton agent, 
office Union depot, 137 Or^ge, 
3891 Grand av and Cedar Hill R. 
R. station 
Ejcpress Go., R. B. Vosbui^g agent, 

depot, W Haven 
Franda M., rem to Brookljik, N. Y. 
Fred B., stadent, bds 61 Wolcott 
fMeriek D., bookkeeper N. H. K 

Oow, h 269 Howard av 
Frederick C, teacher Boardman 
Training School, rms 78 Lake pi 
Frederick R, dyer R. R. shops, h 106 

Gtorge, rem to Bridgep<xt 
George A., printer, h r 160 Putnam 
Geoiie B., prof, of History Y. U., h 

Edgehill road 
G«or;ge E., conductor W. Av. R. R. 

Co., h 171 Beach, W Haven 
George S., dark (429) R. R. office 

bdg, h 144 Exchange 
George W., watchman (114) R. R. 

office bdg, h 129 Spring 
George W., lawyer (412) 865 Chapel, 
h Eleventh c Oeunpbell av, W 
George W. N., brakeman, h 72 Ro- 
. Hampton M., grocer 146 Saltonstall 
av, h do. 
Hariaad P., house mover, h 29 Dag- 
Hcniy, shoemaker 169 Maple, h do. 
Bony H., emp R. R. repair shops, 

h 13 Bradley pi 
Henry T., joiner, bds Eleventh c 
Ounpbell av, W Haven 

ADAMS HOTTSE9 ^^^' Mary Corcoran 

prop., 68 George — See p 1041 
Ida M. Miss, dressmaker 119 Adeline, 

bds do. 
James L., carpenter, h 10 Putnam 
James N., sexton Church of the Re- 
deemer, h 120 St. John 
J. E. Rev., h 149 Rock av 
Jennie F. Miss, dressmaker 120 High, 

h do. 
J. Frank, rms (1) Treasury bdg, 

Y. U. 
John, ice peddler, bds Bradley av, 

Hamden Plains 
Jc^n, sup't Met Life Ins. Co. (49) 

49 CThurch, h 152 Howani av 
John, emp N. H. R. M. Co., bds 2S 

John Mrs., h 144 Exchange 
John H., salesman Weibel Brewing 

O., h 268 Winthrop av 
John Q., emp N. H. K Co., h 18 

Kate, widow (Dharles A., h 112 Port- 
Lola M., widow Ephraim M., dress- 
maker 22 Grove, h do. , 
Lyman A., joiner, h 85 Woolsey 
Marshall J., physician 42 College and 

163 Elm, W Haven, h do. 
Mary Ann Mrs., h 553 East 
Mary J. Mrs., clerk 992 C^hapel, bds 

23 Court 
Minnie C. Mrs., rem to Washington 
Noah D., farmer, bds First av n 

Derby railroad, W Haven 
Perry, ice peddler, bds Bradley av, 

Philip, machinist, h 33 Avon 
Samuel S., grocer 412 and 414 State, 

745 Grand av and 247 and 375 

Howard av and 258 Davenport 

av, h 483 Orange 
Thomas D., clerk (429) R. R. office 

bdg, h 74 Rosette 
Thomas J., h 70 Whalley av 
Warren A., instructor in German Y. 

U., h 177 Lawrence 
William A., hostler, rms 10 Webster 
William F., painter, h 102 Brown, 

W Haven 
William J., lunch wagons 1108 d^ap- 

el, 146 Elm and 410 Temple, h 38 

William J., carpenter, h 39 Webster 
— see McAdams 
Adamson James, stone cutter, h 16 View 
Otto, emp C. Cowles & Co., h Hillside 

Thomas, laborer, h 444 Orchard 
Addelstein Rebecca, widow Benjamin, bds 

55 York 
Addis Oliver A., teamster emp 239 State, 

bds 140 Liberty 
Thomas E., gen. trav. agent W. R. 

A. Co., Ms New Haven House 




Adddhurst John, h 721 State 
Addleman Morris, rem to Meriden 
Addleson Morris, machinist, h Rom 

Nathan, laborer, h r 81 York 
Adelphi Building, 721 Chapel 

Club, 860 Chapel 
Adinolfl Antonio, farmer, h 169 WaUaoe 
Adjustable Treadle Co. The, R H. 
Wright manager, 67 Broadway 
Adkins George M., sup't The Prioe^, Lee 
A Adkins Co. 206 and 210 Mea- 
dow, h 660 Geoige 
Henry £., bds Winthrop House 
John W., brakeman, bds 146 Portsea 
William T., foreman The Price, Lee 
& Adkins Co., h 681 Elm 
Adler David, employmoit office 61 Or- 
ange, h do. 
Emil, musician, h 100 Washington 

fVederick K, musician, bds 606 Elm 
Frederick M., salesman Strouse, Ad- 
ler & Co., bds 127 Greene 
Lewis L., fancy goods 14 Grand av, 

h 106 Greene 
Max (Strouse, Adler A Co.) 60 

Court, h 127 Greene 
Milton J., clerk, bds 106 Greene 
Sigismund L., bookkeeper 60 Court, 
bds 106 Greene 
Adlerhurst Alice Mrs., h 642 Chapel 
Bridget Mrs., bds 80 E Peari 
Robert Joseph, emp W Haven, h 246 
Adley John A., porter Vanderbilt Hall, 
Y. U., h 03 Eaton 
Joseph, house cleaner, h 72 Court 
Adriance John B. Mrs., h 161 York 

Plait A> Co., Edmund 8. Osbom gen. 
agent, 104 Lake pi 
Adt Howurd E., with Geometric Drill Co., 
h 36 Whalley av 
Jean L. Mrs., ass't bookkeeper P. 
Broe. & Co., bds 48 Goffe 
Advent CSiurch, 67 Beers 
Advertiser The (Jewish Weekly), A. D. 
Steinbach pub., 124 George 

lock manager, (6) 840 Chapel 
—See p 032 
Affinito Antonio, mechanic, bds 70 Hill 
Giovanni, stone cutter, bds 70 Hill 
Raffaele, bds 70 Hill 
Rosaria, widow Gennaro, h 70 Hill 
Affleck Horatia, widow Thomas, nurse, h 
Davis c Plant 
John P., coachman 69 Elm, bds 

Davis c Plant 
William, rem to Woodbridge 
African Union Church, 66 Webster 
Africano Giovanni, saloon 227 Chapel, h 
236 do. 
John, shoemaker, bds 236 Chapel 
Marcellino, shoemaker 236 CSiapel, h 

Aggett Charles, clerk (411) R. R. office 
bdg, bds 40 Sperry 

Jessie G. Miss, stenographer, bda 40 

Mary Mias, h 113 Kristol 

Rufus, emp L. Candee A Cowi h 40 

Rufus W., emp W. R. A. Co., bds 40 
Agnew Albert C, contractor C. Cowles 4 
Co., bds 10 Audubon 

Samantha J., widow Robert R., h 19 

William B., emp C. Cowles ft Co., h 
191 Blake 
Agn<me Francesco, laborer, bds 237 Ham- 
Agricultural Experiment Station, Sam- 
uel W. Johnson director. Dr. E. 
H. Jenkins vice director, Huntr 
Aheam Catherine, w^idow David, h 211 

Frank A., machinist, bds 111 DeWitt 

John, emp R. R. shops, h 111 DeWitt 

John W. Jr., draughtsman (123) B. 
R. office bdg, h 69 Spring 

Maggie, bds 211 Pine 

Michael, plumber 274 Orchard, h da 

Patrick, lab<x«r, h 249 Chatham 

Timothy, i^asterer, bds 379 Blatdi- 
ley av 
Ahem Anna, widow John, h 64 Walnut 

Bartholomew, joiner, bds 64 Walnut 

Bartholcmiew, laborer, bds 892 Whal- 
ley av 

Cornelius, house painter, bda 41 But^ 

David, steamfitter, bds 44 Sperry 

David, emp R. R. shops, una 12 Or- 

Dennis, laborer, bds 631 Grand av 

Dennis M., supernumerary police' 
man, h 892 Whalley av 

Edward J., saloon 259 Hamilton, h 
261 do. 

Edward M., switchman, bda 41 Bat- 

Ellen, widow Stephen, h 241 V^aHaoe 

Ellen Miss, h 14 Warr^ 

G. Frederick, emp N. Y., N". H- ft H. 
R. R., bds 26 York 

John A., butcher, h 64 Putai&iii 

Joseph £., sec. and ass't foreman 
'Thomas F. Ahem Co., bda 200 

Kate, widow David, h 211 Pine 

Mary Mrs., h 116 Asylum 

Michael, laborer, h 397 Bl&tchley av 

Michael, emp L. Oandee ft Go., h 554 

Michael J., conductor P. H. & "W. R, 
R. Co., h 302 Exchange 

Patrick, rem to New Britain 

Patrick, teamster, h 241 Wallace 




Ahem Patrick, oupeater, bds 128 IVank- 

Pfetriek, laborer, h 249 Ohatham 
Thmu, emp W. R. A. C6., h 14 

ThaoMB, emp Sperry k BameSy h 68 

Tkomia F., pres. and treaa. The 

Thomaa F. Ahem Oo. 621 Grand 

av, h 167 Ferry 

ilESV THOMAS F. CO. TSE> cabi- 
netmakera, store and office fix- 
tares 621 and 626 Grand av — 
Seep 1001 
Timothy, maaon, bds 397 Blatchley 

William, laborer, bds 26 York 
William J., teamster, h 262 Oedar 
— lee 0*Hem and Heame 
Aliems Henry F., tie inepector, h 70 
Fairmont ay 
Nicholas, porter Adams Exp. Co., 
Union depot, h 318 Orange 
Ahlberg Axtd, emp B. Shoninger Co., h 

47 First av, W Haven 
Ahlgren Gustav, cutter 139 Temple, h 

47 Greenwood 
Aldheim Helen A. Mrs., grocer 61 Poplar, 
h do. 
Lndwig, cooper, h 61 Poplar 
AUqnist CSiarles J., molder, h 486 East 
AhnoB William J., clerk 97 Webster, 

nns 99 do. 
Aieilo Gioacchino, barber, h 662 Grand 

Gioseppe, mason, h 662 Grand av 
Serafino, shoemaker, h 63 Pierpont 
liken FVank N., joiner, h 61 Brewster 
Norman, laborer, bds 61 Brewster 
Ainm Hubert H. 8., h Savin av c Main, 

W Haven 
Aiaseoe James, manager 147 Oourt, rms 

27 Warren 
Ainsworth Nathan, electrician, h 192 
Walter P., painter, h 129 S Water 
Altdiison Thomas, plasterer, h 814 State 
Aitni Domaico, laborer, bds 33 MyrUe 
Ajdio Skrafino, shoemaker 207 Forbes 

av, h do. 
Akhbd^-aee lacbUid 
Ake Gustaf, emp 81 Railroad av, rms 

154 Uoyd 
Akrigg James H., ina canvasser (418) 

865 Chapd, h 387 Shelton av 
Albandli Antonio^ shoemaker 403 Grand 

av, h do. 
Albee Oiarles H., clerk 290 State, bds 161 
Duiiel W., emp W. R. A. Co., h 161 

Geotg« IL, brevet capt. TJ. S. Army, 
retired, h 324 Howard av 
ASwr Joseph, blacksmith, rms 168 Woos- 

Albercherf Albert, emp Sargent & Cow, 

bds 14 Jefferson 
Albeme Stone 06., J. Stahl Jr. agent, 20 

Albers John, h 26 Wooster pi 
Albert Alonzo C, clerk W. R. A. Co., bds 
241 Howard av 
Paul, emp Eastern Mach. Oo., h 149 
Albert! Paul £., ina broker N. Y., h 276 

Howard av 
Albig Charles C, emp J. Waas, h 88 Or- 
John M., barber 67 Union, bds 88 
Albrecht Christopher, rem to New York 
Edward, baker, h 99 Webster 
William, emp 81 Day, h 286 Peck 


'h' H h\ Duncan MacArthur state 

agent, mfrs. elevators, dumb 

waiters, hoisting machinery, etc. 

128 to 134 Union— See p 899 
Alcorn William F. (Alcorn A; Smith) (16) 

69 Church, h 9 Austin 
ft Smith (William F. Alcorn and 

George V. Smith), lawyers (16) 

69 Church 
Aloott Ambrose V., foreman Am. Fish 

Hook Ca, h 23 Wolcott 
Joseph B., emp Am. Fish Hook Co., 

bds 23 Wolcott 
Mary A. Miss, bookkeeper Globe 

Silk Works, bds 23 Wolcott 
Alden David A., cashier Merchants Nat. 

Bank 276 State, h Sheriand av 

belE Grand 
George A., pres. Seamless Rubber 

Co. 66 Daggett, res Boston 
Harriet B., widow William H., h 4 

Harriet R. Miss, bds 4 Alden 
Horace E., h 66 Kensington 
J. H. H., clerk (230) R. R. office bdg, 

ims 66 Howe 
John A., bds 4 Alden 
Margaret E., widow Dexter, h 331 

Mary J. Miss, teacher Webster 

School, bds 66 Kensington 
William, machinist, h 707 State 
Alderman Abraham, ladies' tailor 74 Oak, 

h da 
Abraham N. (Alderman Broa) 10 

Dow, h 19 Downes 
Anna, widow Herman K, h 64 Prince 
Bamett, ice peddler, h 74 Oak 
Broa (Abraham N. and Max A. Al- 
derman), junk and scrap iron 10 

Edward, clerk 66 Union, bds 66^ do. 
Edwin C, emp freight depot 80 Long 

Wharf, h 36 Welton 
Eugene, compositor Price, Lee ft Ad- 
kins Co., bds 64 Prince 
Frank, car builder, h 96 Prince 




Aldennan Harris, manager N. H. Metal 
Co. 248 Cedar, h 44 Oak 

Herman, jeweler, bds 54 Prince 

Ike, tailor, h 55| Union 

Jacob, coal and wood 63^ Union, h 
41 Broad 

Joseph, hackman, h 14 Palmer 

Mat, hackman, h 44 Oak 

Max, janitor, h 226 Commerce 

Max (Alderman Bro&) 10 Dow, h do. 

ALDEBHAN M0BBI8 EL furniture, 

stoves, etc. 66 Union, h 66^ do. 

—See p 971 
Nathan, com. trav., h 36 Oak 
Samuel, junk dealer 19 Downes, h da 
Samuel Anske, grocer 676 Grand av 

and junk dealer 16 Factory, h 

Wolf, h 40 Spruce 
— see Olderman 
Aldermen Board of, (12 and 13) City 

Aldrich (Tharles J., bookkeeper Upson & 

GrannisB, h 210 Chatham 
Charles M. W., trav. salesman 26 

Crown, h 6 Wallace, W Haven 
Charles S., restaurant 117 State, h 

279 Wooster 
Edward H., h 32 Rosette 
House, Frank R. McGinn prop., 160 

Aleesio Luigi, grocer 60 Hill, h do. 
Alexander Abram, tailor, h 37 Spruce 
Albert W., driver 3 Factory, h 40 

Augustus, waiter Ansantawae Club, 

W Haven, h 107 Oak 
Bish, tailor, h 37 Spruce 
Clarence A., collector, bds 26 High 
Elizabeth, widow Daniel, bds 489 

Columbus av 
Frank B., elevator tender, bds 202 

Dixwell av 
Gustav, tailor, h 316 Congress av 
Izetta K Mias, dressmaker 87 Starr, 

bds do. 
James H., emp R. R. shops, h 176 

Hallock av 
John C. T., city express, h 87 Starr 
John N., mason, h 202 Dixwell av 
Lawson, laborer, bds 136 Butler 
Loeb, tailor 30 Gold, h do. 
Michael, compositor, bds 30 Gold 
Louis A. Rev., h 397 Elm 
Olive E., widow Luke, bds 516 Win- 

throp av 
William, plater, h 4 N Union av, W 

William G., carpenter and builder 

138 A Greenwich av, h do. 
William Henry, mason, h 96 Foote 
Alfone Giuseppe, emp Sargent & Co., h 

19 Hamilton 
Alford Lucy D. Mrs., nurse hub 6(X) 


Algeo Margaretta, widow John, h 106 

Alger Clarence K. (Butler & Alger) (4B) 

23 C3iurch, res West Cheshirs 
Bmeet G., shipping clerk Butler & 

Alger, bds 118 Crown 
Hany L., engineer W. Av. R. R., bds 

19 Albert, W Haven 
Sherman H., car inspector, h 19 Al- 
bert, W Hav^i 
Solan B., rem to Providence, R. I. 
Allaire Alphonse E., emp N. Y., N. H. & 

H. R. R., h 476 CSiapel 
Allan Elisha, fireman steamer J. H. 

Starin, bds do. 
John, policeman, h 6 Olive 
Allard Charles H., clerk 184 State, bds 

211 Portsea 
Edward O., lieutenant Engine No. 

3, 160 Park, h 63 Goffe 
Frank F., coach lampmaker, h 406 

Frederick J., carriage painter, h 495 

Frederick W., mason, h 60 Asylum 
John H., baker, h 16 Gilbert 
Mary, widow John, h r 16 Gilbert 
Roewell V., dining rooms 67 Brood- 
way, rms 358 Crown 
Allbe Mary Mrs., housekeeper 135 St 

Alleman William E., clerk 144 Orange, 

bds 290 Orchard 
Allen Adelaide Mrs., bds 1436 Whalley 

Adele M. Miss, teacher High Scbool, 

bds 83 Grove 
Albert, confectioner, bds 254 Crown 
Alfred, clerk (411) R. R. office bdg, 

h 134 Plymouth 
Alice D. Mrs., h 206 Oongrees av 
Ambrose W., teamster, bds 266 

(juinnipiac av 
Andrew, janitor Second Regiment 

Armory, h 612 State 
Andrew P., dairyman, bds 191 

Forbes av 
Anna Mrs., h 476 Chapel 
Anthony E. (Allen Bros.) 771 Grand 

av, h 42 William 
Anthony Henry, carman, h 516 Co- 
lumbus av 
A. N. A Co. (Winthn^ L». Allen and 

Otis B. Bradley), wholesale butr 

ter and cheese 40 and 44 George 
Annis, widow Elias, h 60 Beaton 
Arthur D., R, R. yard conductor, h 

113 George 

Augusta A., widow Williazn D., h 2J 

Bertha, bookkeeper 196 U.ovd bdi 

114 Wolcott * 
Bros. (George H. and Anthony E 

Allen), blacksmiths 77 1 Grani 
av • 




JJkn BaTtoB £., emp W. R. A. Co., h 49 
Dixwell av 
Oftthcrine Ann, widow Samuel, h 882 

Gnnd av 
Charles, driver 922 Chapel, bds 180 

Washington av 
Ottries, bds Derby av n Yale Field 
Giiiiee F., lumbennan, h 95 Kim- 

berly av 
CbBiiea M., car painter, bds 237 

Greenwich av 
diaries S., oysterman, h 15 PerkinB 
Charles W., onp W. R, A. Co., h 317 

Dixwell av 
Clarence S., conductor W. Av. R. R. 

Co., h 29 Oasbius 
(Mord, oyBterman, h 147 Exchange 
Ooia Mrs., dreeemaker 113 Geoi^ h 

Daisy Miss, teacher, bds 82 Elm, W 

Dan W., emp New Haven House, h 

353^ State 
Daniel D., contractor Sargent & Oo., 

h 106 James 
David H., emp G. F. W. Mfg. Oo., h 

19 Madison 
Edgar A., mw 90 George 
Edgar M., emp W. & E. T. Fitch, h 

306 Lenox 
Edward E., clerk 773 Ohapel, h 73 

Edward F., lumber dealer 67 Kim- 

berly av, h do. 
Hbert B., bookkeeper 104 State, rms 

205 Crown 
Eliia A. Miss, bds 30 Garden 
Elizabeth Miss, teacher Zunder 

School, bds 516 Cblumbus av 
Ella Miss, b 30 Pierpont 
Ererett T., clerk 26 Crown, bds 210 

Ebn, W Haven 
Frank, mechanic, rms 168 Wooeter 
Erank A., painter, bds 304 Lenox 
Erank E., emp W. R. A. Co., h 105 

Prank J., rndder, h 141 SaltonstaJl 

Rederiok, oysterman, bds 148 Ex- 

E*«derick A., clerk 8. N. E. Tel. Co., 
h 26 Academy 

EWerick B., carpenter, bds 304 

Gardner W., clerk W. R A. C6., bds 
142 Wballey av 

Gtorge A., carter, h St. Mary, High- 

<3«oiifre D., plumber, h 147 Water 

Oeorjre G., milk dealer, h 606 Quin- 
nipiae av 

G«orB* H. (Allen Bros.) 771 Grand 
av, h d47 Congress av 

Owrf 8., saleonan Levi C. Gilbert 
Gs., nns 12 Court 

George W., bdi 309 Yoric 

Allen Georgia V. Miss, emp Globe Silk 

Works, bds 69 Carlisle 
Grace K, widow Charles W., h 1291 

Henry P., life ins. agent (807) 42 

Cliurch, bds 90 Wall 
Herman, clerk 5 Broadway, bds 185 

Whalley av 
Homer, coachman 5 Howe, h 80 


ALLEN HOBACE W. gen- agent Con- 
necticut General Life Ins. Co. of 
Hartford (10) 840 Chapel, h 210 
Elm, W Haven— See p 932 

Hubert R., emp W. R. A. Co., h 105 

Isabelle Miss, tailoress, bds 113 

James A., decorator, h 237 Green- 
wich av 

James E., milkman, h 174 Central 

James S., engineer, h 300 Elm 

Jennie Miss, h 616 Cblumbus av 

John W., emp 762 Chapel, bds 60 

Joseph B., machinist, h 164 Carlisle 

Joseph B. Mrs., nurse, h 660 Quinni- 
piac av 

Julia A., widow Bennett H., bds 151 

Julia M., bds W Prospect, W Haven 

Lafayette R., clerk 215 Water, h 88 

Laura E. Miss, children's dressmaker, 
h 89 Park 

Mabel K Miss, nurse, rms 144 Col- 

Magfirie B. Miss, dressmaker Quinni- 
piac av n town line, bds do. 

Major, laborer, h 26 Hudson 

Martin, kindling wood dealer, h 304 

Mary, widow Walter D., h 148 Ex- 

Mary Miss, teacher, bds 182 Main, 
W Haven 

Mary Miss, h 353i State 

Mary A. Miss, bds 83 Grove 

Mary J. Mrs., bds 58 Union 

Merritt L., emp W. R. A. Co., h 16 

Michael, emp N. Y., N. H. & H. R. 
R., h 40 Spring 

Millard F., physician 99 Dixwell av, 
rms do. 

Milo Sw, oysterman, h 80 Quinnipiac 

Minos E., driver U. A G. Ice Cb., h 
339 Lenox 

M. Isabelle Miss, bds 481 Edgewood 

Noah, oysterman, h 269 Front 
Philip C, milk dealer 40 Alden, h do. 
Robert N., h 132 Wolcott 




Allen Sarah A., widow Edmund O., dress- 
maker, h 69 Ourliale 
Sedgwick M., clerk 1 College, h 248 

Oongrees av 
Sherwood F., foreman R. R. shops, h 

340 Howard av 
Sophia J., widow Robert, Ms 237 

Greenwich av 
Thomas, buyer Howe & Stetson, h 

130 Wall 
Thomas H., horseshoer 87 Olive, h 

185 Whalley av 
Thomas L., porter, h 116 Day 
Walter, rem to Boston, Mass. 
Walter £., sawyer, h 113 Kimberly 

Walter F., carpenter, bds 61 Court 
Walter H., rem to Meodco 
Walter H., emp Saigent & Co., h 116 

St John 
Walter J., emp Saigent & Co., h 88 

Warren C, clerk (411) R. R. office 

bdg, bds 63 Clrown 
Wdls C., policeman, h 63 Grown 
Wentworth M., foreman D. H. Clark, 

h 114 Wolcott 
Wesley B., contractor W. R. A. Co., 

rms 198 Lawrence 
William, machinist, bds 29 Cassius 
William, molder P. Bros. A; Co., h 9 

William B., confectioner emp 26 

Crown, rms 222 Canner 
William C, engineer The Pond Lily 

Co., h 1435 Whalley av 
William H., emp Seamless Rubber 

Co., bds 9 Arch 

ALLEir WILLIAM H. architect (37) 
82 Church, h 672 ELm— See p 
William H., waiter, h 79 Eaton 
William P., emp W. R, A. Co., h 95 

Rock lane 
William R., painter 141 Water, h 89 

Winthrop L. (A. N. Allen & Co.) 40 

and 42 Goorge 
— see Allan, Ailing and Allyn 
Allender Edwin M., reporter Evening 

Leader, rms 23 Lynwood 
Allenson Louis, baker 139 La&yette and 

73 Oak, h 41 Broad 
Allerton Geocge M., treas. and general 
manager The Seamless Rubber 
Co., res Waterbury 
Alley Jennette B. Miss, h 295 Humphrey 
Ailing Albert H., real estate (200) 42 
Church, h 1406 Chapel 
Amelia Miss, h 1366 Chap^ 
Amon A. (Ailing, Webb A More- 
house) (702) 42 Church, h 388 
Whitney av 
Arthur N., physician 109 York, h do. 
Austin v., mason, h 82 Congress av 
Bertha M., teacher, bds 18 Valley 

Ailing Burton J., engineer and contxw^ 

tor GUbert c Westfield, Ailing- 
town, h da 
Charles £., pres. The Geo. Alling's 

Sons Co. 100 Water, h 120 Sher- 
man av 
Charles E., driver Edw. Malley Co., 

bds 85 Sherman av 
Charles E. Jr., clerk 100 Water, bdi 

120 Sherman av 
Charles F., clerk 110 Water, h 171 

Charles H., locomotive engineer, li 

19 Lamberton 
Charles R, rem to Orange 
Chauncey L., farmer, h Forest c l£i- 

ford turnpike, Allingtown 
David E., emp W. R. A. Co., bds 266 

David R. (F. A. & D. R. Ailing) 755 

Chapel, bds 451 Howard av 
Edward F., emp W. R. A- Co., bds 

Arch c Beaver, Highwood 
Edward G., motorman W. Av. R. B. 

Co., h 107 S Water 
Edward N., with Am. Real Estate 

Co., (805) 42 Church, h 240 

Effie Miss, dressmaker 916 Whalley 

av, bds do. 
Ellsworth, lather, bds off Hard 
Ethan J., motorman W. Av. R. R. 

Co., h 20 Court, W Haven 
Eugene S., locomotive engineer, h 80 


ALLINO F. A. & D. S. «»1 "^^ 'wo<>i 

•dealers 755 Chapel and 110 Wa- 
ter — See bax^k cover 
Francis A. (F. A. & D. R. AIting> ' 

office 110 Water, h 191 Spring 
Frank, teamster emp C. W. Blakes- 

lee &, Sons, h Front av, AUing- 

Frank D., joiner, h 385 Campbell av^ 

W Haven 
Frank R, emp W. R. A. Co., h 1491 

Dixwell av 
Fred H., h 230 Canner 
Frederick W., engineer, bds 224 Ba» 

Frederick W., farmer, h Milfon 

turnpike n Campbell av, Allfag 

George, emp 71 Broadway, li o\ 

Whalley av n Ramsdell 
George A., treas. The Geo. All^i>ig 

Sons Co. 100 Water, li HI 

George B., grainer, h 84 Goffe 
George K, motorman W. Jkyr. "SL 

Co., h west end Court, U^ 'Ha.v 
George H., farmer, h Mil£cyrd tui 

pike c Oampbdl av, AJlin^to' 
George H., emp W. R, A.. Oow 1 

107 Dwight 
George L., painter 18 yallei;^, ]^ ^ 




Sng Geoige M., emp W. R. A. Co., h 12 
Ytoepect, Highwood 
George N., apothecaxy 95 Broadway, 

h 95 Howe 
0. Wilmot, emp Milford, bds 385 

Campbell av, W Haven 
Gertrude B. Mrs., nna 66 Edgewood 

Gmce A., widow Claudius L., h 916 

Whidley av 
Grace M., widow Xoah W., h Beaver, 

fliunet A. Mrs., h 202 Spring 
Harriet M., widow Samuel P., h 65 

Harry D., emp W. R. A. Co., bds 12 

Prospect, Highwood 
Hany W., mason, bds 124 Hallock 

Harvey M., night watchman, h 816 

Dixwell av 
Henry L., fanner, h Arch, Hamden 
Henry M., h 124 Hallock av 
Hii]da S., widow Robert A., h 240 

James E., emp R. R. shops, h 385 

Campbell av, W Haven 
John Edwin, farmer, h 97 Center, W 

John J., druggist 141 Dixwell av, h 

85 Admiral 
Jdin L., blacksmith, h 140 Main, W 

John T., h 203 Spring 
John W., lawyer (Ailing, Webb A 
Morehouse) (702) 42 Church, h 
30 Mansfldd 
Leonard Ephraim, carpenter, h 107 

Leonard L., bridge builder, h 152 

Lwi, farmer, h Wintergreen av, 

ICartha J. Mrs., h Clifton n Robert- 
Kaiy H., widow L. H., h 19 Lamber- 

Ifary J. Mrs., bds Clifton n Robert- 
Mary M. Mra, h 210 Orchard 
Mortimer H.^ sec. The Halstead & 
Harmount Co. 78 Water, h 169 
Cold Spring 
Kellie JtL, widow Austin, h 194 Cedar 
Sarah 3fis8, h 1366 Chapel 
Snaan E. Miss, bds 28 Beers 
Susan E. Mrs., bds west end Court, 

W Haven 
Theodore W., foreman curing dept. 
Merwin Prov. Co., h First av n 
Campbell av, W Haven 
Webb & Morehouse (John W. and 
Amon A. Ailing, James H. 
Webb, 8. C. Morehouse and 
James B. Wheeler), lawyers 
(702) 42 Ghurcb 

Ailing Wesley B., contractor W. R. A. 

Co., rms 198 Lawrence 
William, teamster, bds 385 Campbell 

av, W Haven 
William F., teamster, h off Hard 
William F. Jr., laborer, bds off Hard 
William H., emp W. R, A. Co., bds 

12 Prospect, Highwood 
William H., pile driver and bridge 

builder 287 Lenox, h ^o. 
William M., locomotive engineer, h 

82 Spring 
Willis G., physician 310 Orange,b dow 
Willis H., organist and musio 

teacher, bds 310 Orange 
— see Allen and AUyn 
AHing's George Sons Co. The, lumber 

dealers, planing and moulding 

mills 100 Water 
AUingtown Chapel, (Campbell av n Mil- 
ford turnpike, AUingtown 
Post Office, C. M. Hamm postmaster^ 

Campbell av n Milford turnpike, 

W Haven 
Public School, Campbell av June. 

Milford turnpike, AUingtown 
Allis Harry, emp N. F. B. & P. Co., h 39 

Nelson, printer, bds 39 Pierpont 
Allison Edward, carpenter, h 19 Burns 

AIIMAN GEORGE J. Pointer 16 Au- 

dubon, h 936 State — See p 1026 

AUoe John, engineer, h 288 Blatchley av 

All Saints Church (Episcopal), Howard 

av c Lamberton 
Allston Ann, widow Henderson H., h II 
Isom, well digger, h 135 Butler 
James, h 133 Butler 
Joseph, emp N. H. House, bds II 

Joseph, rem to Boston, Mass. 
Allsworth Harrison R., emp (414) Rail- 
road office bdg, res Branford 
Allum Owen, painter N. H. Carriage Co., 

h 84 Wolcott 
Allyn Bessie, widow Ephraim D., h 65 
Bwight W., groceries and meat 199 

Exchange, h 186 do. 
Eugene E., groceries and meat 65 

South, h 85 Ward 
Nelson W., farmer, h 601 Quinnipiac 

Wilbert M., salesman D. W. Bald- 
win, h 177 Whalley av 
Aim Carl J., laborer, bds 198 James 
Almquist Bertha C, widow IVitz R., h 65 
Brown, W Haven 
B. Henry, coachman, bds 65 Brown, 

W Haven 
Edward, clerk, bds 65 Brown, W 
Almshouse (Springside Home), Spring- 
side av 
Almston Eli W., painter, h 296 York 




Alper Simon, confectionery, etc. 149 Dix- 

well av, h do. 
Alpert Abraham, teacher, h 31 York 
Benjamin, bds 94 Broad 
Harry, bottle dealer r 75 York, bdjB 

Heyman, sexton, h 226 Commerce 
Isaac, news agent, bds 75 York 
Jacob, rag dealer, h 40 Spruce 
Jennie Mrs., shirt mfr. 26 Rose, h da 
Louis Rev., h 94 Broad 
Max, barber, bds 359 Grand av 
Meyer, grocer and junk dealer 75 

York, h do. 
Nathan, confectionery and ice cream 

466 Congress av, h da 
Samuel (New Haven Art Studio) 62 

Vernon, h do. 
Samuel, com. trav., h 26 Roee 
Alpha Delta Phi, club house Iffillhouae 

av n railroad 
Alprovich Morris, second-hand clothing 

23 Oak, h do. 
Alprovitch B., rag worker, h 81 York 
Joseph, teamster, h r 81 York 
Louis (rabbi), h 94 Broad 
Alquest— fiee Ahlquist 
Alsiaber James, emp Nat Wire Works, h 

41 Pierpont 
Alsfosson Peter, emp B. Shoninger Co., 

rms 86 Hamilton 
Alstrom Hebert H., sawyer, h 35 Pros- 
pect, Highwood 
James, sawyer, h 32 Proepect, High- 
John I., carpenter, bds 32 Proepect, 
Altendorf John, emp 66 Crown, h 46 

Alterton Alfred, emp R. R. shops, bds 269 

Althen Augusta, widow Gustave, h 464 

Congrees av 
Altieri Antimo, grocer 239 Wallace, h do. 
Carmini, la]^)rer, bds 44 Hill 
Giuseppe, saloon 60 Oak, bds 44 TTill 
Marianna Miss, h 44 Hill 
Altman Carl E., wheelmaker, bds 23 Au- 
Charles A., emp 1062 Chapel, h 836 

Emil, com. trav., h 36 Broad 
Frank, clerk, h 23 Auburn 
FraJik C, emp W. R. A. Co., h 63 

Parmelee av 
Gustave A., lithographer, bds 23 Au- 
Alumni Hall, Y. U., Elm c High 
Alvord Hany E. (John W. Parker & Co.) 
178 Ferry, res Met. Vernon, 
N. Y. 
Mary E., widow Edwin D., h 605 
Quinnipiac av 
Amann Frederick E., clerk 155 Spring, h 
66 DeWitt 

Amann Creorge W., emp R. R. shops, bda 
56 DeWitt 
Philip F., cutter 123 Temple, bds 66 

— see Amman 
Amarante Andrew, grocer 422 East, h do. 
Valentino, city express, h 6 Donnelly 


Vincenzo, barber 61 Congress av 
and lodging house 8 Fair 

Amarelli Peter, h 59 Hill 

Amata Alphonso, bds 55 Collis 

Amato Louis D., barber, h 5 Minor 
Raffaele, expressman, h r 156 Ham- 

ATiTRT.'RTI. DAVID B. a«ent, livery 
stable r 57 Church, rms 352 
Crown— See p 1037 

Ambrose Adam, carpenter, h 308 Wallace 
Johanna, widow Robert, h 432 

Mary, widow David, bds 191 DeWitt 
Michael, bds 432 Chapel 

Ambrosial Disinfectant Oo., Frank A 
Hilker prop., mfrs. disinfectant 
(14) 167 Crown 

Ambrosio Carmine, emp Sperry & Barnes, 
h 45^ Collis 

Ambuhl Henry, emp N. H. Register, h 68 
Jacob, h 18 Leonard 

Ambush Syryn, widow Charles, h 5 Win- 

Amenta Salvatore, emp Sargent & Go., 
bds 10 Prindle 

American Buckle Co., H. G. Kelsey man- 
ager, mfrs. of buckles and wire 
goods Campbell av n Atwater, 
W Haven 


CO 723 Chapel— See p 053 


mfrs. fish hooks 11 Artizan — 

See p 884 
Mfg. Co., Charles Gay prop., pub- 
lishers 144 Rowe 
Oyster Co., wholesale oysters Hial- 

lock av c Fifth and 291 State 
Plating Co., platers and m&s. igvire 

goods 552 State 
Real Estate Co., (805) 42 ChurcH 
(Second Regiment) Band, Frazik 

Fichtl leader, Armory, Meadoir 
Surety C6. of New York, 8, A. 

York attorney, (1) 157 Church 
Tobacco Co., wholesale tobaooanlsts 

214 State 


Maher manager, wringers and 
household specialties, etc. 101 
Meadow— See p 906 
Ames Alvin, oyster grower 178 Quimii. 
piac av, h do. 
Clarence G., sup*t L. Candee & Co^ 
h 219 Grand av 




Ames EUen, widow Joseph, h 200 Quin- 
nqnac av 
EDea B., widow William B., bda 219 

Gnnd ay 
Gnee, widow WiUiam, h 189 Qainni- 
piae ay 
iaesbuyMuTin H., joiner, h 482 Waah- 

iagton ay 
Amid FVancesco, emp Spenry ft BameSi 

ifflidon Sadie £. Miaa, stenographer, bda 
7 Sjlyan ay 
Sanford N., h 7 Sylyan ay 
Aadty dub, 117i Court 
ABUDum Fred (6. Ammann ft Sons) 106 
Gnmd ay, h 39 Clinton ay 
Gottfried (G. ATnni«.nn ft Sons) 105 
Giand ay, h 251 Lombard 

AXXAHH 0. ft SONS «>. ^BM> Her- 
man and John Ammann), paint- 
en and decorators 105 Grand ay 
—Seep 1023 

Henuan (G. Ammiinn ft Sons) 105 
Grand ay, bds 251 Lombard 

John (G. Ammann ft Sons) 105 
Grand ay, bds 251 Lombard 

— see Awmnn 

*A]iimcniian C. Herbert, collector, bds 203 
William M., emp E. J. Toof, h 470 

Howard ay 
William M. Jr., onp W. R. A. Co., 
bds 470 Howard ay 
Ammonia Works, 349 Chapel 
Amodio Nicola, labtner, h 15 Fair 

Pietro, emp Sargent ft Co., h 203 
Amoro Gnido, emp L. Candee ft Co. and 
eonfectiofneiy 755 State, h 2 
Bradley pi 
Stlyatore, emp L. Candee ft Co., h 
77 Bradley 
Aims Alexander R., sup't The Sperry ft 
Amos Go. 102 Water, h 123 St. 
Susie I. Mn., music teacher, h 93 

William, laborer, h 93 Eaton 
Asehutz— 4ee Anschutz 
Aadel Cbaries C^, contractor M., W. Co., 

h 26 Woolsey 
Aadcnocd Frederigo, laborer, h 59 Hill 
Aodenen Gail W., blacksmith, h 324 
Oolnmbos ay 
Edward, bookkeeper 210 State, h 91 

Emfl L., seaman, h 26 S Water 
Henry, coachman 1334 Chapel, bds 

Lars, stationary engineer, h 22 8 

Martin, carriagemaker, bds 172) 
Greenwich ay 
AndenoQ Albert, laborer, bds 24 Hamil- 

Anderson Albert, emp W. R. A. Co., h 80 

Albert, emp W. R. A. Co., bda 366 

Winchester ay 
Alfred, foreman W. £. A. Co., h 80 

Allie, rem to South Norwalk 
Andrew, emp N. H. Gas Co., bds 65 

Andrew, carpoiter, bds 102 Oliye 
Andrew, emp L. Qmdee ft Co., h 52 

Middletown ay 
Andrew, teamster, bds r 97 James 
Andrew, emp 143 High, h 143 Dix- 

weU ay 
Andrew, teamster, bds 65 Third ay, 

W Hayen 
Andrew G., emp O. B. North ft Co., 

h 153 Filhnore 
Andrew M., blacksmith, h 125 Green- 
wich ay 
Annie, widow Andrew, bds 358 

Blatchley ay 
Anton, emp Sai^ent ft Co., h 151 

Faxren ay 

ANDEBSON ANTON* P»>p. Sterling 
House 672 Chapel, h do. — See p 

Anton, emp L. Candee ft Co., h 743 
Grand ay 

Anton, waiter, bds 80 Arch 

Anton G., printer, h 80 Arch 
I August, emp Sargent & Ca, bda 
Main c Boeton ay (annex) 

August, ice peddler, h 121 Salton- 
stall ay 

August, emp O. B. North ft Co., h 
16 Cedar Hill ay 

August, h 151 Union ay, W Ha- 

^gust, emp Sargent ft Co., bds 36 

Axel W., clerk 404 Grand ay, bds 
383 do. 

Benjamin, rem to New Britain 

Bridget, widow John A., h 54 Mon- 

Carl, emp N. H. R. M. Co., bds 358 
Blatchley ay 

Carl, emp O. B. North ft Co., h 247 

Carl £., rem to East Hayen 

Carl G., clerk 400 Grand ay, bds 
Second ay, W Hayen 

Carl M., bartender, bds 521 State 

Charles, emp L. Oandee ft Co., nns 
110 Olive 

Charles, machinist, bds 40 Frank- 

Charles, emp 98 Temple, rms do. 

Charles, emp R. R. shops, bds 115 

Charles, painter, bds 46 Wooster 

Charles, emp N. H. Mf^. Co., h 288 

Charles, molder, bds 202 Franklin 




Anderson Chaxles, emp L. Oandee & Ck)., 

h 148 Fillmore 
ChaxleB, baker, h 79 NicoU 
Charles A., car inspector, bds 79 

Winchester av 
Charles A., laborer, bds 125 Green- 
wich av 
Charles A., watchman H. C. Rowe & 

Ca at Quinnipiac Bridge, Ferry, 

h n do. 
Charles £., laborer, h 286 James 
Charles E., machinist, h 163 St. John 
Charles J. (Anderson & CO.) 127 Or- 
ange, h 147 livingBton 
CSiarles P., tailor, h Robertson n 

Chaxles T., baker, h 79 Nicoll 
Christian, laborer, h Middletown av 

n North Haven line 
Christian Jr., emp L. Candee & Co., 

bds Middletown av n town line 
Christine, widow Hans, h 280 Grand 

Clara L., teacher kindei^garten, bds 

Washington av c Thomas, W 

Qaus, emp N. H. R. M. 06., bds 63 

Edward, ass't keeper S. W. Ledge 

lighthouse, bds do. 
Edward, bookke^^er, h 91 Lafayette 
Ellis, joiner, bds 117 Greene 
Emil, emp U. & G. loe Co., bds 85 

Emil O., emp N. H. Mfg. Co., bds 16 

Erasmus, painter, h 14 Elm, W 

Eunice M. Mrs., matron Tale In- 
firmary 276 Prospect 
Frank, carpenter, h 411 Columbus av 
Frank, emp R. R. shops, h 416 

Blatchley av 
Frederick, mechanic 968 Grand av, h 

13 Auburn 
Frederick, emp L. Oandee & Co., bds 

63 Greene 
Fritz A., emp H. G. Shepard & Sons, 

h 101 James 
George H., die sinker, h Washington 

av c Thomas, W Haven 
George W., h 38 Richards, W Haven 
Gustave, laborer, bds 24 Hamilton 
Gustave, emp Belle Dock, h 178 Pine 

liam G. Anderson pres., E Her- 
man Arnold sec. and treas., 807 
York— See p 816 
Harold M., machinist, h 139 Lloyd 
Hennan, mason, h 164 Cedar Hill av 
James, mechanic, rms 80 Crown 
James, salesman 834 Chapel, h 167 
' James D., wood turner emp R. R. 
[ shops, h 92 Ninth, W Haven 

Anderson Jennie Miss, emp W. B. A. Ooi, 

bds 62 Gregory 
Jennie C, teacher, h Washington ft? 

n Thomas, W Haven 
John, carpenter, h 15 William 
John, smith helper, h 47 S Water 
John, £arm hand, bds Main c Boston 

av (annex) 
John, emp W. R. A. Co., bds 180 

John, emp L. Oandee & Co., h 38 Pop- 
John, emp L. Oandee & Co., h 156 

John, emp G. F. W. M^. 06., h 368 

Blatchley av 
John, laborer, h 198 Poplar 
John A., emp Saigent ft Co., bds 36 

John Albert, ^np N. H. Clock OOi, 

bds 202 Franklin" 
John August, emp N. H. dock Co., 

bds 202 Franklin 
John C, h 675 Whitney av 
John M., la;borer, h 20 Myrtle 
John S., emp N. F. B. ft P. Co., h 

178 Pine 
John W., handbill distributor, bdt 

Washington av c Thomas, W 

Joseph, emp L. Oandee ft 06., h 138 

Joseph W., clerk 398 Grand av, bds 

368 Blatchley av 
Earl, laborer, h 189 C^ve 
Lena, widow Johan, h 366 Wlncheer 

ter av 
Louis, fireman W. Av. R. "BL, h Sea 
Ludvig N., emp N. H. Mfg. Co., h 

16 Canal 
Mary, widow Joseph, h 20 Vine 
Mattliew S., carpenter and btulder, 

h 30 Baldwin 


Gymnasium 06. 307 

p 816 
Olivia, widow Olal, bds 41 Winches- 
ter av 
Oscar, emp Sargent ft 06., b 160 

Saltonstall av 
Oscar, emp N. H. Hospital, bda do. 
Oscar, emp Sai^ent ft 06., "bda 24 

Oscar E., emp L. Oandee A; Ool, bds 

743 Grand av 
Peter W., emp R. B shops, b 17 Dix- 

well av 
Theodore, bicycle repairer, bds 400 

Wilfred, oysterman, bds 129 Moiiio«i{ 
William, joiner, h Stevens a^, Ste*' 

vens Heights, W Haven ' j 

William, clerk 398 Grand a.v, bds 351 

Blatchley av ^^ 




indenon William Dexter, physician 150 
Temple, h 152 do. 
WiSiaiD G., physiciAii and aflsodate 
director Tale Gymnasium and 
pitt. Anderson Gymnaaium Ck>. 
307 York, bds 120 College 
k 0>., real estate and loans 127 Or- 
indm AIM, teamster, bds 182 Forbes 
£. Rhena Miss, teacher, bds 60 Syl- 

Tan av 
fVederick, engineer, h 182 Forbes av 
Frederick H., emp L. Candee & Co., 

bdfl 182 Forbes av 
Heniy W., plumber, bds 60 Sylvan 

Herman, painter, bds 182 Forbes av 
Jacob, marble and granite works 60 

Sylvan av, h do. 
Peter, bds 62 Lalayette 
William W., painter, h 180 Forbes 
indzeood Leonardo, laborer, bds 6 Fac- 
Andra Geoi]pfe F., emp L. Oandee & Ck>., 
h 197 Foster 
John G., emp N. H. Clock Co., bds 
197 Foster 
Andrew a C. A Co. (aarenoe C. An- 
drew), wholesale dressed beef 
183 to 197 State 
Clarence C. (C. C. Andrew & Co.) 
183 to 197 State, h 523 Win- 
throp av 
Elizabeth M. Miss, teacher Daven- 
port Avenue School, bds 80 
Fruk L, salesman C. C. Andrew k 

Co., bds 498 Winthrop av 
ftink 8. (F. S. Andrew & Co.) 183 
to 197 State, h 498 Winthrop av 
F. a & Co. (Frank S. Andrew), 

blacksmiths Henry c Crescent 
George, painter, h 36 Martin, W 

George N., foreman Reynolds & Co., 

h33 Oarmel 
fiaanah C. Mrs., housekeeper 12 

Prospect, Highwood 
Harriet L., widow William W., rms 

332 Howard av 
Harry L. (H. L.. Andrew & Co.) 183 
to 197 State, bds 498 T^Hnthrop 
Helena M. Miss, bookkeeper J. D. 
Merwin, W Haven, bds 36 Mar- 
tin, do. 
H L. 4 Co. (Hanry L. Andrew), pro- 
vision dealers, butter, cheese and 
eggs 183 to 197 State 
Ja«per, enp N. Y., N. H. ft H. R. 

R., bds 31 Carmel 
l^e-wis F., bds 298 Howard .av 
lUry A-, widow Theodore R., h 6 

Andrew Mary E. Miss, teacher Webster 

School, h 80 Ward 
Noyes T., manager New Haven Beef 

Ca 54 Union, h 298 Howard av 
William F., clerk 81 Railroad av, h 

77 Pierpont 
William L., machinist, h 31 Carmel 
William L. Jr., machinist, bds 31 

Andrews Ambrose M., machinist, h 245 

Howard av 
Amelia W., widow Aaron C, bds 725 

Antonello R., second-hand books, etc. 

66 High, h 6 Baldwin pi 
Branford Express, 292 State, 754 

Chapel and 68 Center 
Catharine Mrs., h 576 Grand av 
Charles, bds 8 Baldwin 
Charles W., express messenger 89 

Church, h 22 Brown 
Charles W., bds Whitneyville 
Charlotte R. Miss, emp S. N. E. TeL 

Co., bds 16 Rosette 
D. I., com. trav. (1) 94 Church, res 

Edgar T., machinist, bds 340 Norton 
Edward C, clerk 99 S Water, h 60 

Edward M., emp C. S. Mersick ft Co., 

h 132 College 
Eliza F., widow James M., h 79 

Greenwich av 
Eliza J., widow Joseph, h 60 Church, 

W Haven 
Erlis v., emp W. R. A. Co., bds 113 

Dixwell av 
Floyd L., vice pros. The F. C. Buah- 

nell Co. 221 Water, res Water- 
Frances H., widow Everett C, bda 

516 George 
Frank, slater, h 59 Read 
Frederick, emp L. Candee ft Co., h 

130 NicoU 
Frederick F., h 84 Dwight 
George F., h 2 Olive 
George W., trav. salesman, h 33 Nor- 
George W., brakeman, h 122 Meadow 
Gould, bds 625 George 
Harry, emp W. R. A. Co., bds 98 

Jane L., widow Isaac C, h 203 York 
Jessie P. Miss, stenographer emp 290 

State, bds 516 George 
John, emp S. N. K Tel. Co., bds 322 

John F., slater, h 59 Harriet 
Joseph, emp N. F. B. ft P. Co., h 59 

Joseph L., air brake instructor N. Y., 

N. H. ft H. R, R. (127) R. R. 

office bdg, h 16 Rosette 
Julia A., widow Norris, h 638 Whal- 

ley av 




Andrews Leonora A. Miss, boarding 
houBe 314 Grown 
Lester P., driver, h 16 Brown, W 

Louise M., widow Albert F., bds 205 

Sherman av 
Oliver C, com. trav., h 43 Livings- 
Rebecca, widow Leonard, bds 314 

Wallace D., emp W. R. A. Co., h 113 

Dixwell av 
William A. P., physician, h 161 

Campbell av, W Haven 
Wilbur R, foreman The GriUey Co., 

res Stratford 
William H., sec. The Veru Bicycle 
and Rubber Co. 160 Orange, h 
801 do. 
William H., h 24 Brown 
— see Andres, Andrew and Andrus 
Andrus Arthur D., clerk, bds 634 State 
James M., janitor Osbom Hall, h 634 

Mary £. Miss, stenographer 14 Cen- 
ter, bds 138 Henry 
Sarah M., widow Marshall D., h 138 
Andruss Angdine L., widow Lavius H., h 
17 Broadway 
Henry F., bds 464 Whalley av 
Angarola Louis, shoemaker, bds 130 

Angel Anthony, shoemaker 192 Frank- 
lin, h do. 
Frank, saloon 68 Broad, rms do. 
Angello Michael, confectionery 195 Mea- 
dow, h 23 Hill 
Angerbaur Nellie Miss, dressmaker, bds 

106 Orchard 
Angerbower Harriet Miss, stenographer 
emp (48) 23 Church, bds 48 Or- 
Angervine Charles, mechanic, bds 845 

Grand av 
Anglim Thomas, motorman F. H. & W. 

R. R. Co., bds 253 Grand av 
Angus Albert W., painter emp 366 
Crown, h 100 Goflfe 
Frederick J., fireman, h 12 Thomp- 
son, W Haven 

ANINOES EGBERT J. saloon 77 

Greene, h 79 da — See p 1044 
Anketell Arthur M., bds 627 Orange 
Edward A., lawyer, derk Superior 

Court (10) Court House, h 627 

Annarino Le^ardo, fruit peddler, h 36 

Anquillare John (Lohse & Anquillare) 

78 Fair, bds do. 
Theodore, saloon 78 Fair, h do. 
Ansantawae Club, Beach n Peck, W 

Company The, Beach n Peck, W 


Anschutz August G., emp W. R. A. Co^ 

h 147 Ashmun 
Rudolph A., student, bds 147 Ash- 

Ansley Elizabeth M., widow James, h 183 

Winchester av 
Frank B., emp W. R. A. Co., h 188 

Winchester av 
Ansonia & New Haven Express, J. F. 

Proper prop., 68 Center and 292 

Anthony Abner, waiter, bds 62 Winter 
Dencie, widow Robert^ bds 76 dinton 

Edward N., com. trav., bds 67 Cen- 
tral av 
E. &; H. T. A; Co., mfrs. photographio 

apparatus 81 Day 
Fleetwood C, cook, h 62 Winter 
Francis G., collector of taxes (8) City 

Hall, h 20 Court 
Frederick A., sec. and treas. E. & H. 

T. Anthony & Co., res. £bu*keo- 

sack, N. J. 
George, laborer, h 219 Newhall 
John E., perfume and extract mfr. 

290 Orchard, h do. 
John G., letter carrier, h 61 ChazkB 
John H., machinist, h 341 Portsea 
John R., clerk 834 Oiapel, bds 200 

Phoebe T., widow H^iiy W., rms 16 

Richard A., pres. E. ft H. T. Anthony 

ft Co., res Staten Island, NT. T. 
Robert, driver W. Judson, bds 62 

Wesley M., rem to Montclair, N. J. 
Willis M., pres. N. H. Oar Register 

Co., bds 116 WaU 

AJHTJLUXD BINE CO. (Horace lu Welta 
and Arthur B. Tireat) , mfrs. coat- 
ing for damp proofing and stahi 
proofing (17) 49 Church— See p 

.Antleman Adolph, machinist, h 16 liilse 

Anton Max, hamessmaker 114 lAia.y« 
ette, h 109 do. 

Antonio B., emp H. C. Rowe ft Co., h 
Warwick bey Russdl 

Antonucci Francesco, shoemaker 82} 
Lamberton, bds 841^ Patnaxn 
John, rem to Italy 
Marcellino, rem to Italy 

Antz John, grocer 246 George, h do. 

A. O. H. Record, (11) 739 Chapel 

A. O. U. W. Halls, 139 Orange a^d. 2,1 
Grand av 

Apelquist John, emp W. R. A. Oo., b. SH 

Apicello Giacomo, saloon 23 CoUiB, h. dc 

ner ft Co. props., 802 CSK&pd- 
See p 952 

Appel Abraham, grocer 45 Oak, H d.o>. 
G. Gu stave, laborer, h 165 ^Ply^noul 




Appd Gustave A., piano tuner 816 
GbApel, h 118 Ward 
ThcBiu, emp L. Candee & C6.« h 418 
OongresB ay 

Applebum Ida, widow Davis, h 94 Broad 
laaae W., manager Empire Credit 
aothing Go. 823 Qiapel, rma 39 
Apdk L Viiginia Was, bds 20 Lyon 
Apfkbf CSiarles O., emp W. R. A. Oo., h 
30 Brewster 
John, emp 80 Long Wliarf, h 259 

Patrick, laborer, h 138 East 
Ffttrick Mrs., dressmaker 138 Bast, 

h do, 
Wffliam, emp 80 Long Wharf, h 79 
Applets iajas, teamster, h 235 Ex- 
Ervin, bds 235 Exchange 
John D., emp W. & E. T. Fitch, h 391 

Blatchley av 
William A., carriagemaker, bds 235 
Appktoo Henry, emp R. R. shops, h 96 

Appkyard William P., master car builder 
N. Y., N. H. & H. R. R. (128) 
office bdg, h 646 George 
Apad Moritz, millinery goods 909 Grand 

ST, h 907 do. 
ipt JoMph^ baker and boarding house 66 
Wallace, h do. 
Apihrop F. L. Mifls, h 79 Bachon 
Apuzzo Domenico, emp L. Gandee & Go., 
bds 70 St. John 
Ferdinando, baker, bds 6 Gollis 
Frederico, shoemaker 249 Water, h 

Giovanni, laborer, h 70 St. John 
Ginsep^ baker, h 12 Fkir 
LodoTJco, stone cutter, bds 57 Gollis 
Vincenzo, emp L. Gandee & Go., bds 
70 St. John 
imiski Abram, laborer, h 33 York 
Joseph, city express, h 12 Dow 
^Ofki Charles, shoemaker, bds 769 Bix- 

well av, Highwood 
Aiita Ignatius J., dgarmaker, bds 6 Or- 


Hemse), 33 Church— See p 955 
Aiemd Eugene, janitor, rms 18 Crown 

Ufaic, joiner, h 264 Wallace 
^raao Giuseppe, laborer, bds 5 Silver 
^ichambeaiilt Arthur, plumber emp S. N. 

R TeL Co., h 9 Starr 
Aidier Cbarles £., emp 151 Court, h 26 
Gharies M., steward 9 Elm, h do. 
Geovge E., bartender 964 Chapel, h 

587 State 
fiamud, hoetler, h 32 Day 
ixte William, laborer, h 33 Webster 

Ardiero Graziono, emp Sargent A Co., h r 

146 Wallace 
Ardito Antonio, emp Saigent & Co., h 
208 Hamilton 
Filippo, laborer, h 60 Hill 
Fortunato, emp Sargent & Go., bds 

208 Hamilton 
Gaetano, laborer, h 30 Oak 
Arfmann House, Mrs. M. F. Arfmann 
prop., 135 Temple 
Maiy F., widow William H., liquors 
and cigars 96 Ghurch, prop. Arf- 
mann House 135 Temple, h 133 
Aigall Alfred, baker, bds 429 Columbus 
Frederick, joiner, h 429 Golumbus 

Joseph, blacksmith 109 Commerce, h 

75 Prince 
Samuel, blacksmith, h 12 Frank 
Arion Hall, 4 Ghurch 

^nging Society, 4 Ciiurch 
William R., broom mfr. 21 Avon, bds 
Arkins Angus, emp F. H. Jb W. R. R. Co., 

h 174 Grand av 
ABinrOTON THE, Dwight V. FuUer 
prop., 152 and 154 Meadow — See 
Arlovitch — see Orlovitch 
Arlt Charles, barber 802 State, bds 749 
Frederick, student, bds 749 State 
Gustave, h 749 State 
Armbruster Lena, widow Herman, h 19 

Armellino Antonio, laborer, bds 20 Pal- 
Marcellino, laborer, h 22 Minor 
Pasquale, laborer, bds 10 Lafayette 
Armour William, laborer, bds 180 Brew- 
Armstead Gurtiss T., general carting, h 
167 Ivy 
Eunice K. Miss, teacher Eaton 

School, bds 85 Cottage 
Flora Miss, h 162 Ivy 
James B., carriage trimmer, h 234* 

Main, W Haven 
Jane J., widow James B., h 85 Cot- 
Jessie M. Miss, emp W. R. A. Go., 

bds 482 Dixwell av 
Samuel H., expressman, h 162 Ivy 
Walter R., lawn mower repairer 37 

Broadway, rms 162 Ivy 
William M., cider and vinegar deal- 
er 538 Winchester av, h do. 
Armstrong Charles H., mate steamer R 
Coming, bds do. 
Edward M., carriage mfr. 433 Chapel, 

h 313 Humphrey 
Edward P. Rev., rem to Long Island 
Elizabeth, emp W. R. A. Co., h 12 




Armstrong Elmer L., carriage mfr. 433 

Chapel, h 325 Humphrey 
Esther E. Miss, bds 208 Oanner 
Frank J., fish and oysters 109 Diz- 

well av, h 87 Ashmun 
George L., lawyer (322) 865 Chapel, 

h 56 Olive 
H. Bolden (H. B. Armstrong & Ck>.) 

89 to 97 Orange, h 53 Park 

ABHSTBONO H. B. & CO. carpete, 

oil cloths, furniture, paper hang- 
ings and upholstering goods 89 
to 97 Orange and 780 Chapel — 
See front col'd p IV 

Henry W., clerk, h 138 Edgewood 

Highlon P., rem to Wilmington, Del. 

J. Harvey, emp R. R. shops, h 363 
Washington av 

Marshall F., letter carrier, h 242 Ce- 

Mary A. T. Mrs., h 208 Canner 

Montgomery (M. Armstrong & Co.) 
433 Chapel, h 325 Humphrey 

ABHSTBONO U. & CO. carriage 

manufacturers 433 Chapel — See 

front col'd p XIX 
Philando, office 89 to 97 Orange, h 

42 Howe ' 

Philando S., bds 42 Howe 
Ralph M., clerk (2) 82 Church, bds 

24 High 
Rebecca Miss, emp W. R. A. Co., bds 

12 Newhall 
Ricardo F. (H. B. Armstrong & Co.) 

97 Orange, bds 42 Howe 
Selina, widow Sereno, h 154 Hallock 

Thomas D., sawyer, h 45 Shelter 
William B., foreman painter A. T. 

Bemarest, h 24 High 
Arnold Anne E., widow Ebenezer, h 36 

Benjamin D., watchmaker, bds 99 

Burton W., clerk Smedley Co., bds 

204 Front 
Clara J., widow Stephen C, bds 28 


ABNOLD CO. THE, stoves, plumbing, 
galvanized iron workers, etc. 16 
and 20 Crown—See p 913 

E. Herman, sec and treas. Anderson 
Gymnasium Co. 307 York and 
physician 46 York sq, h do. 

Eleanor L., widow William R., h 112 

Everlyn, widow George S., h 24 

Frances J. Miss, emp S. N. R Tel. 
Co., bds 105 Liberty 

Prank L., dispatcher N.'l. Div. (119) 
R. R. office bdg, h 220 Blatchley 

Frankie Mrs., h 157^ Congress av 

Arnold George B., foreman N. F. B. ft P. 

Co., h 37 Pleasant 
George E., machinist, bds 112 Dix- 

well av 
Harold S., student, bds 24 Dwight 
Herbert M., lineman French Oahle 

Co., h 105 Liberty 
Isabella, widow Robert, florist 165 

Winchester av, h do. 
Jarecky (J. Arnold & Co.) 495 State, 

h 894 Grand av 
J. & Co. (Jarecky Arnold and Max 

It. Rosenblum), pictures and 

frames 495 State 
John, clerk, h 50 Wooster 
Joseph A. (Arnold & Matthews) 1060 

Chapel, h 49 Dixwell av 
Luden H., carpenter and builder r 

25 Trumbull, h 77 William 
Luther F., watchmaker and jeweler 

630 Chapel, h 99 Greene 
Magdalene, w^idow Joseph, bda 67 

May K. Miss, bookkeeper 180 Tem- 
ple, bds 77 WUliam 
Oscar, emp Centerbrook, h. 156 Con- 
gress av 
Otto, carriagesmith, h 69 Grace 
Rose Mrs., rem to Meriden 
Sheffield A., editor The Associated 

Press 70 Church, h 122 Dwight 
William, machinist, h 112 Dixwell 

& Mathews (Joseph A. Arnold and 

W. F. Iblathews), dyers 1060 

Amone Oazaindra Mrs., h 36 Fair 

Michael, grocer 42 Fair, h do. 
Aronski — see Aranski 
Aronson Emanuel A., emp Sargent & Co., 

bds 15 Maple, W Haven 
Emil, emp N. H. R. M. Co., h 129 

— see Aaronson 
Amott Alfred A., manager Meteor Oas 

Lamp Co. 393 State, bds 364 

Aipia Carmine, shoemaker 64 St. John, 

h do. 
Arpin John F., blacksmith, h 245 Frank- 
Orchestra, John F. Arpin leader, 245 

Arpino Luigi, emp L. Candee A; Co., h r 

140 Wallace 
Arrick Meyer, tailor 302 Cedar, Ix do. 
Arthur Frederick W., ireas. The McWil- 

Hams & Arthur Co. 82 Water, h 

235 Lawrence 
Henry F., foreman A. T. I>eixiare9t, 

h 86 Woolsey 
J. Howard, emp W. R. A. Oo., bds 

73 Foster 
John, carriagemaker, h 73 Foster 
Philip, carpenter, bds 682 Chapel 




iBUBi FEnrriNG co. i>- J* 

Bei:g€r ft Co. props., conmiier- 

eial and society printers 39 

Ste?ena — See p 944 
Artistie Printing Co., F. B. Buck prop., 

printers and engravers 800 

Arvidson Algath, butler emp 66 Hillhouse 

av, bds do. 
Anine Earllias P., lawyer (Airine ft 

Beers) (501) 42 Church, h 1169 

EuOim P. Jr., law student, bds 1169 

Wmiam B., student, nns 1169 Chapel 

ASTHE A BEEBS (^ P- Arvine and 
George £. Beers), lawyers (501) 
42 (}hurch— See p 923 
Aizbeiiger CSiarlee 6., sup't Hygeia Ice 

Co. 881 State, h 278 Hamilton 
M Theresa C. Miss, housekeeper 84 

Main, W Haven 
AAbee Bertie, emp 520 State, res East 
T., watchman N. H. Carriage Co., 

res £ Haven 
IfiOiam K., emp Smedley Co., h 149 
Aahbro Frederick, clerk, rms 96 George 
isUonn John R, emp W. R. A. Co., bds 

41 Dixwell av 
Asher Harry W., lawyer (Hotchkifis ft 
Aaher) (201) 865 Chapel, h 674 
Battie, widow Adolph, bds 23 Grove 
Ida Mrs., h 24 Albert, W Haven 
Lewis, bds 678 Orange 
Susetta. Miss, teacher Humphrey 
Street School, bds 301 Humphrey 
Ashley Albert, rem to Frankfort, N. Y. 
Aatmsa Herbert A., clerk The W. ft E. T. 
Fitch Co. i51 East, res Guilford 
John, emp Yale Safe and Iron Co., 
h 292 Oampbell av, W Haven 
Adimnn David, music teacher and dealer 
in musical instruments 266 
George, h do. 
Mton Charles, bds 11 Bums 

Houy I., peddler, h 211 Portsea 
Jacob, machinist, h 87 Dickerman 
John C, mechanic, h 59 Bishop 
John H., emp N. H. Clock Co., rms 

139 OUve 
Joseph, emp U. ft G. Ice Co., bds 147 
AA^orth Gecrge, clerk master mechan- 

iesi^ office, bds 587 Elm 
UflD Jacob, laborer, h 246 Chapel 
I-oQisa Mrs., dressmaker, h 246 
Mrer David, grocer 24 Eaton, h do. 

and Board of Relief, (8) City 

PresB The, F. M. Barber agent, 
70 Church 

Aston Bichard, coexshman J. E. Hubinger, 
h 1439 Boulevard 

William H., h 162 Scranton 
Athlophorus Co. The, patent medicine 

mfrs. r 279 Sherman av 
Atkins Charles A., carriagemaker, h 28 

John, emp W. R. A. Co., h 166 Ivy 

Winifred E. Miss, teacher Hallock 
Street School, bds 28 Daggett 

— see Adkins 
Atkinson James, molder, rms 460 State 

Lucinda Mrs., h 109 Day 

Robert, oysterman, bds 183 Kimberly 

William, drop forger, h 183 Kimberly 
Atlas Mfg. Co., mfrs. wire and sheet 

metal specialties 127 Water 
Attmore Charles, baggagemaster, h 113 

Mary A., widow William H., bds 108 
Attwater M. Edward, hack driver, bds 

119 Davenport av 
Atwater Amelia^ bds 14 Lilac 

Amzi Rev., rem to Bloomingdale, 

Anna^ widow Henry, rem to Boston, 

Block, June. Grand av and St John 

Bros. (James M., George K and Ed- 
win B. Atwater), market gar- 
deners State n Pond, Hamden 

Catherine A., widow William, h 139 

Charles E., h 321 Whitney av 

Charles H., laborer, h 14 Lilac 

Charles 0., carpenter, bds 1835 State 

Charlotte L. Miss, stenographer 169 
Orange, bds 11 Lyon 

David M., jobber, h 132 Greenwich 

Edward I. (W. J. Atwater ft Co.) 
960 Grand av, h 214 Canner 

Ed\»in B. (Atwater Bros.) State n 
Pond, Hamden, h 1825 do. 

Frances C, widow Jeremiah J., h 37 

Frederick Sanford, journalist, bds 
291 George 

George B. (Atwater Bros.) State n 
Pond, Hamden, h 1776 do. 

Greorge L., shipping clerk, h 462 Or- 

George L. Mrs., dressmaker 462 Or- 
chard, h do. 

George L. Jr., musician, h 10 Park 

George M., h 72 Woolsey 

Henrietta Miss, bds 19 Trumbull 

Horace, farmer, h 1770 State, Ham- 

James M. (Atwater Bros.) State n 
Pond, Hamden, h 1835 do. 

Jared, h 1902 State, Hamden 

John B., h 11 Lyon 




Atwater Maxy E., \(4dow Luxnan, h 85 

Mary R. Miss, teacher Lovell School, 

bds 1770 State, Hamden 
Mary W. Mifis, artist 37 Park, h 

M. Mortimer, clerk (230) R. R. office 

bdg, h 73 Ward 
Rebecca H., widow Edward E., bds 

226 York 
William C, farmer, bds 1835 State 
William J., reel estate and drain 

pipe dealer 962 Grand av, also 

gas stove mfr. 968 do. and (W. 

J. Atwater t Co.), h 19 Trum- 
William M., ass't undertaker 1012 

Cfhapel, bds 73 Ward 

ATWATEE W. J. & CO. (William J. 

and Edward I. Atwater), paper 

warahouse, stationery, twine, 

netting, fishing tackle, etc. 962 

Grand av — See p 947 
Wyllys, h 223 Crown 
Atwell Daniel H., laborer, h 176 Osbom 
Atwood Augusta C, widow Scoville L., 

h 7 Holmes, W Haven 
CSiarleB J., salesman N. H. Gaudy 

Co., h 45 Sylvan av 
Charles W., h Townsend av, Morris 

Cora D. Mrs., nurse, bds 142 Howe 
David M. Mrs., h 106 Howe 
Frank A., salesman N. H. Candy Co., 

h 95 Ward 
George F., rms 65 Prince 
Harvey N., clerk 7 Grand av, h 276 

Henrietta, widow Garwood, bds 41 

Leman G., farmer, h 237 Elm, W 

Lydia J. Mrs., rem to Hartford 
"Mbij J., widow Chaunoey, h 111 

Edgewood av 
William Hooker, sec. New Haven 

Carriage Co. Water c Franklin, 

bds 137 Wall 
Atzbach Charles S., manager East Side 

Market Co. Elm c First av, W 

Haven, h 54 Water, do. 
John, printer, bds 54 Water, W Ha- 
Paul, h 20 Auburn 
Aubry Albert, rem to Derby 
Alfred, rem to Hartford 
Benjamin A., bds 52 Winchester av 
Marcus E., paper hanger, h 121 S 

Lee J., manager L. J. Aubry Carriage 

Co. 139 Park, h 52 Winchester 

Lee J. Carriage Co., mfrs. carriages 

and carriage parts 139 Park 
Auch Frederick W., bookkeeper 18 

Church, h 187^ Columbus av 

Audley Charles, livery 79 Audubon, h 81 

Robert J., 79 Audubon, bds 81 do. 
William C, bookkeeper 79 Audubon, 

h 774 Stat e 


chine mfrs. and dealers 31 to 41 
Whitney av— See p 896 
Auer Ernest C, ass't sec. The Seamless 

Rubber Co., h 37^ Kensington 
Auerhammer Max, carpenter, h 73 Green- 
wich av 
Aufort William, cigarmaker, bds 134^ 

Augur Bessie Miss, emp Sargent & Co., 
bds 1361 Chapel 

Charles E., foreman 15 Gilbert av, h 
169 Washington av, W Haven 

Doretta, w^idow John, dressmaker 
364 State, h do. 

Ellen, widow Abram, h 162 Ex- 

Emily B. Miss, h 122 Howe 

Erroll M., lawyer (401) 865 Chapel, 
res Woodbridge 

Esther H., widow Charles P., h 86 

Fannie A. Miss, bds 6 Court 

Frank A., bds 162 Exchange 

Frank P., clerk 245 State, h 146 
Davenport av 

George H., carpenter, h 337 Lexing- 
ton av 

George W., foreman job press room 
T., M. & T., h 18 aifton 

Harry E., gardener, h 337 Lexington 

Store, Sunday Scho(^ Supply 
and Bible House 127 Church, h 
559 Howard av— See p 956 

Hiram P., joiner, h 183 Exchange 

Jane L., widow John, h 186 Front 
ATJGITB JOHN P. wholesale dealer in 
teas, coffees, spices and grocers' 
sundries 245 and 247 State, h 
406 Elm— See p 984 

Marie E., widow Jacob H., h 216 
Grand av 

Mary, widow RosweU, h 43 dinton 

Mary Mrs., housekeeper 114 James 

Mary M. MIbs, teacher, bds 86 Foun- 

Millard, driver U. & G. Ice Co., h 114 

Miimie R., emp Sargent & Co., bds 
1361 Chapel 

Sarah L., widow William H., h 1361 

William E., architect 852 Chapd, h 
161 Second av, W Haven 

School Supply and Bible House 
(H. J. Augur) 127 Church — See 




tin AdoU B., carpenter^ h 304 
Gnnd ay 
AngQitme Looia, ue't time cl«rk R. R. 

ihops, ims R. R. Y. M. C. A. 
Anlhom BacheL Mrs., h 172 Portsea 

WOIiam K, poliaher, bds 172 Portsea 
Amkk JMerick, bds 189i Poplar 
Annn Hill, 135 Union 
AnstiB Annie, widow William M., h 41 
Arthur A., conductor W. Av. R. R. 
Oo^ h 170 Second av, W Hayen 
Bmlding, 851 and 853 Chapel 
Caroline, widow Merwin, bdB 303 

OunUl F., stenographer W. R. A. 

0>., bds 24 Admiral 
Oannce C, clerk 022 Chapel, rma 

228 Crown 
(Mon E., music teacher, h 236 Hist 

ay, W Hayen 
Bayid J., bda Springaide Home 
Bdwazd, teameter, h 152 Canal 
Edward J., cariiage painter, bds 110 

Ellsworth ay 
Eliha L., tray, agent Stoddard, Gfl- 

bert & Co., h 250 Orchard 
niak £., clerk 1000 Chapd, h 63 

IVaak F., emp W. R. A. Co., bds 120 

fred D., draughtsman (41) 40 

Church, rme da 
Frederick W., h 07 Groye 
George A., musician, bds Warren 
Geoige C, rem to Hartford 
Geoiie F., clerk 870 Chapel, h 75 

Geoige L., carpenter and builder 24 

Admiral, h do. 
Geoige W., foreman N. H. E. Co., bds 

Jackson House 
'Barry W., bookkeeper W. R. A. Co., 

h 566 Winthrop ay 
Hden A Miss, teacher Strong School, 

bds 2 Uniyersity pi 
Heriwrt P., emp Security Ins. Co., 

bds 2 Uniyerrity pi 
Janet A., pleaanre boats Brewery 

n Long Wharf, h Warren 
James C, derk Hotel Westmoreland, 

bds do. 
John N., bitznaker, h Austin n Blake 
JoMph E., carpenter, h 468 Whalley 

lanren Mrs., h 236 First ay, W Ha- 

Imrad A., h 2 Uniyersity pi 
lAeinda, widow Henry F., h 75 

Mareos E., paper hanger, h 121 S 

Murens E. Jr., machinist, h 75 Henry 
Hargaret lira, bds 64 James 
Mary Ann, widow Algernon, h 64 

Water, W Hayen 

Austin Maiy £., widow William, bds 31 
Albert, W Hayen 

Nellie Mrs., housekeeper Noble n 
Washington ay, W Hayen 

Rodman L., clerk 2 Elm, W Hayen, 
bds 236 First ay, do. 

Sarali E. Mias, h 07 Grove 

Walter W., emp W. R. A. Co., bds 
236 First ay, W Hayen 

William V., machinist, bds Nor- 

William V., emp Yale Safe and Iron 
Co., h 32 Albert^ W Hayen 

Winfield, clerk W. R. A. Co., h 556 
Winthrop ay 
Anthors Publishing Co., WiUiam Gay 

trees., (10) 40 Church 
Automatic Clerk and Adyertising Co., 
MOTtimer S. Dowd sec., render- 
ing machines 201 State 

Noydty Co., H. W. Bescher man- 
ager, mfrs. time goyemors 315 
Edgewood ay 
AyeriU Alonzo G. Mr&, h 113 Starr 

Charles A. J., h 565 Winthrop ay 

Charles K., ciyil engineer (314) R. 
R. office bdg, res Bridgeport 

Frederick L., lawyer (12) 82 Church, 
and clerk Court Common Pleas 
(6) County Court House, h 212 
Howard av 

John R., salesman Edw. Malley Co., 
h 140^ Dixwell ay 
Ayeiy Adelaide, widow Prentiss P., bds 
620 George 

Carrie J. Miss, dressmaker 416 How- 
ard ay, h do. 

Celia Mra, h 06 Hazel 

Edward P., ship chandler 207 Long 
Wharf, h 620 George 

Etta L. Miss, stenographer emp (324) 
865 Chapel, bds 68 E Pearl 

Frank S., foreman N. Y., N. H. A; H. 
R. R., h 138 Union ay 

George R, in U. S. Army 

George H., emp Crystal Ice Co., h 51 

Gilbert S., tinner Bradley Mfg. Ox, 
bds 306 Oak 

Grace A. Miss, dressmaker 416 How- 
ard ay, h do. 

Henry L., carriage stitcher J. F. 
Goodrich & Ca, h 306 Oak 

James F., rem to Stamford 

James H., station master Union 
depot, h 23 Lamberton 

John C. Mrs., bds 238 Winthrop ay 

Layina, widow Eben 0., h 14 Salton- 
stall ay 

Leon E., fireman, bds 286 Hallock 

Moses, bds 67 Central ay 

Walter H., emp L. Oandee ft Co., bds 
14 Saltonstall ay 

Walter N., shipmaster, h 58 E Pearl 




Avery William C, painter and paper- 
hanger 47 LawTence^ h do. 
Avilla Maiy, widow George, h 1078 State 
Arvina Enrico, emp M., W. Co., bds r 149 
Pietro, shoemaker, bds r 149 Wallace 
Avis George £., emp W. R. A. Co., h 35 
Whalley av 
Samuel R., contractor W. R. A. Co., 
h 108 Greene 
Avitabile Mariannina, widow Luigi, h 12 
Matteo, shoemaker 480 Chapel, h 10 
Axelroad Jacob, emp 151 Church, rma 37 

Axt Charles, emp W. R. A. Co., bdfl 750 
George J., furrier, h 125 Court 
Axtelle Mary A. Mrs., h 20 Cottage 
Axtmayer Jacob, fresco painter, h 182 

Ayerle Frank, emp 94 George, bds 72 

Ayers — see Ayres 

Ayler Jimius C. Rev., lawyer (28) 42 
Church, rms 441 Orchard 
Theophilus, emp 250 York, bds do. 
Ayling William H., milk dealer, h 269 

Aylward Thomas, emp R. R. yard, h 80 

Aylwin George J., emp W. R. A. Co., bds 
81 Munson 
Mary, emp W. R. A. Co., bds 80 

Robert Henry, emp W. R. A- Co., h 

86 Gregory 
Walter J., saloon 249 Winchester av, 
h 23 Sheffield av 
Ayman Abraham L., foreman 17 Oak, 
rms 466 Howard ay 
Mendel, grocer 30 Oak, h do. 
— see Hyman and Hayman 
Ayres Carlos L., civil engineer (314) R. 
R. office bdg, h 493 Winthrop av 
Charles L., h 117 Bristol 

BABB MARY N., widow George W., em- 
ployment office 126 Court, h do. 
Babbitt George H., clerk (318) R. R. 
office bdg, rms 176 Meadow 

Edgar M., emp Reynolds & Co., h 
1314 Chapel 

Elizabeth H., widow Philo, h 1104 
Babcock Adelia A. Miss, bds Elm opp 
Water, W Haven 

Alexander H., yard foreman 167 
Water, h 37 Pearl 

Althea H. Mrs., metaphysician 114 
Crown, h do. 

Arthur E., emp W. J. Atwater & Co., 
rms 123 Wooster 

Charles S., joiner, h 63 Third av, W 

Babcock Dearborn P., clerk 2 Elm, W 
Haven, h Elm opp Water, do. 

Edmund, com. trav., h 131 Grafton 

Frederick W., lawyer (11) 69 Churdi, 
h 50 Bright 

F. W. & Co., keroeeoe oil dealers 1 

George I., rem to Bethany 

Harriet L., widow George I., h Elm 
opp Water, W Haven 

Harry L., clerk (418) R. R. office 
bdg, bds 131 Grafton 

Henry H., mfr. stationery 143 0^ 
range, bda 35 College 

Howard L., painter, bda EHm opp 
Water, W Haven 

Jane, widow Christopher, bda 125 

Julia Mrs., h 689 Chapel 

LiUie R., widow Albert C, h 25 Bald- 

Maria L., bds Elm opp Water, 77 

May H. P., widow William T., sten- 
ographer 505 Grand av, h 1ft 

Robert A., brakeman, h 235 Wash- 
ington av, W Haven 

William S., draughtsman, h 118 Put- 
Babson David A., bds 681 State 

Everett A., driver 859 Grand, av, h 
1662 Chapel 

Frank H., clerk 350 State, h 681 do. 

Lydia E., widow William B., bds 681 
Bachant George, painter, bds 64 Saltoor 
stall av 

Mary, widow A. Severin, h 64 Salton- 
stall av 
Bache George, emp N. H. R. M. Co., h. 64 

John, emp N. H. R. M. Oo., bds 64 
Bachl John, emp N. H. Wire Ox, b 

Townsend av n Burr 
Bachtold J. Jacob, h 156 West 
Backer — see Becker 
Backus Chester H., h 26 Forbes av 

Harley C, bds 26 Forbes av 
Bacon Benjamin W., prof. Neiv Testa- 
ment and Greek Y. XT., h. 90 

B. P., conductor Hartford I>iviflioii, 
h 20 Perkins. 

Charlee P., rem to New Yorfc 

Elmer A., conductor N. I*. IMv^ ft 
352 Howard av 

Francis, physician and sur^ean 3S 
High, h da 

Fred 1., emp L. Candee & Oo., h KM 
Dixwell av 

John T., clockmaker. h 72 Woolee' 

Leonard W. Jr., physician 2S94 laW 
h do. 

Martha B. Miss, h 315 York 



ItMon Mftttie 6. Mias, h 38 Mansfield 
Kellie A., widow Jarvis L., h 120 

Fitiiek H., lab<Mrer, bds r 113 Day 
Pinl H^ clerk 47 Orange, bda 227 

BebMca G. Hias, bds 307 Crown 
Bidiard, laborer, bds r 113 Day 
Sqsui a. Miss, teacher HiUhouse 

m^ School, bds 2d4 Elm 
Walter, icm to Boston, Mass. 
Bidimo StlTatore, shoemaker 97 Elm, 

W Haven, h r do. 
Bidor Henzy, emp Saxgent A Co., h r 695 

6nmd av 
Bidgw Andrew J., bds 209 Hamilton 
Maitin, laborer, h 269 Hamilton 
Uaiy, widow Andrew, bds 543 East 
Bftdor Elizabeth Miss, h 22 Canal 
BueUe John, bds 403 Congress av 
Louisa Ifiss, emp Imperial Laundry, 

bds 403 Cbogress ay 
KoBina, widow «iohn, h 403 Congress 

Baehi AMn H., emp Sargent & Co., h 97 
Townsend av 
Chia Mas, dressmaker, bds 30 Bad- 

OeoigB R., upholsterer, h 30 Redfield 
Geriiaffd B., barber 34 Center, h 91 

GnstaTe A., plumber, bds 21 Orchard 
Hennan E. J., emp B. Shoninger Co., 

bds 21 Orchard 
Jacob, derk 281 York, h 1021 State 
Oswald A., machinist, h 21 Orchard 

Bicr Louis M., bookkeeper 181 DixweU 
av, h 166 Oak 
IM L., grocer and meat market 181 
Dfacwell ay, h 76 Winchester av 
lieUca Alpheus, emp A. N. Famham, h 
Old MiU 
Fraads, emp A. K. Famham, h Old 
BifiOdan Krikor J., emp Sargent & Co., 
bds 92 Webeter 
^ Max, rem to New York 
liaott William T., h 174 First ay, W 



James J., mason, h 30 Cottage 
Samuel K., bds 102 Shelton ay 
w. J.y emp N. H. OBuriage Co., rms 

18 Wanen 
ftnil J., laborer, h 23 WOson 
Mary^ widow Thomas, h 58 Wash- 
ington ay 

Albert, h 1576 State 
£iward, barber 453 State, bds 468 
WEDiam J., iiM. canvasser (418) 865 
Ghapri, h 79 Nicoll 
Anton, emp M. F. Arms Co., h 
288 Wallace 

Bahring Julius, emp H. B. Armstrong & 

Co., h 287 Hamilton 
Katie Miss, dressmaker, bds 214 

William, h 214 Humphrey 
William Jr., emp M. F. Ams Co., 

bds 214 Humphrey 
Baier Annie M. Miss, emp 824 Chapel, 

bds 166 Oak 
Gottlieb, emp L. Candee & Co., bds 

108 Nash 
Josephine, widow Frank, h 166 Oak 
Bailey Abner O., emp C. S. Mersick & Co., 

bds 179 Cedar 
Albert D., cashier 930 Chapel, rms 

129 Howe 
Alice P. Miss, h 628 George 
Anna L. Mrs., h 70 Audubon 
Archibald L., clerk 173 DixweU av, 

h 95 Foote 
Carrie A Mrs., dressmaker 70 Con- 
gress av, h do. 
Charles Z., meat market Washington ~ 

av c Morris, h da 
Chester A., grocer 173 Dixwell av, h 

77 Kensington 
Chiltson, emp W. R. A. Ca, h 422 

Winchester av 
Christopher, laborer, bds 489 Colum- 
bus av 
Cortes W., painter, h 37 Center, W 

Edward D., emp The S. M. Munson 

Co., h 383 Quinnipiac av 
Emma lite., emp W. R. A. Co., h 66 

F. B., bookkeeper, h 173 St. John 
Frances E. Mra, rms 129 Howe 
Frank H., emp N. P. B. Co., h 65 

Fairmont av 
Frederick S., clerk 378 State, h 51 

Frederick W. Eev. (Bureau of Amer- 
ican Ancestry) 243 Howard ay, 

h do. 
Geoive E., bookkeeper L. Candee ft 

Oa, h 92 Center, W Haven 
George R, emp George Hotchkiss, h 

45 Winter 
George E., waiter, h 39 Webster 
George E. Mrs., dressmaker 495 Elm, 

h do. 
Geoi^e Edward, salesman, h 495 Elm 
George W., trav. salesman 26 Crown, 

h 873 da 
Harriet E. Mrs., bds 72 Wooster 
Harriet M. Miss, clerk 827 Chapel, 

bds 826 Elm 
Hiram A., engineer Rattan Mfg. Ca, 

bds 10 Kensington 
Isaac I., mechanic, h 249 Munson 
James L., clerk freight office 154 

Water, rms 94 Olive 
Joseph B., machinist, bds 84 Dixwell 

Leonard H., h 10 Kensington 




Bailey Lefwis J., storekeeper Y. U. din- 
ing hall, rms 105 Park 

Manning, meat market 26 Oak, bds 
226 Commeroe 

Marion, widow Ward B., h 20 Ar- 

Mark, instructor in elocution Y. U., 
h 442 Temple 

Mary A., widow William G., drsM- 
maker, h 1377 Chapel 

Morris L., shipping clerk 17 Oak, h 
887 Grand av 

Robert S., rem to Saybrook 

Ruth G. Miss, bds 36 Shelton ay 

Sarah J., widow George W., h 84 
Dixwell av 

Sarah W., widow George R., bds 24 

Susan M., widow Edward, bds 137 

T. Dunham, stationer 88 Clark, h 

Thomas S., printer, h 224 Division 

Ward, law^yer and clerk Board of 
Health (12) PoUce bdg, h 301 

W. Gamaliel, clerk 922 Chapel, bds 
1377 do. 

William, carpenter, h 191 Wooster 

William, carpenter, h 22 Olive 

William, hostler, h 68 Plymouth 

William C, blacksmith, h 35 Sheiion 

William H., emp Mrs. R O. Scripture^ 
bds r 775 Whalley av 

William R., clerk 86 Spring, bds 20 

Zadoc A., Rabbi Bnai Jacob Ooa- 
gregation, h 226 Commerce 
Balmier — see Beimler 
Bain Daniel, bottler, h 88 Broad 
Baines William, porter 109 Church, bds 

17 Edwards, Highwood 
Baird Andrew, emp Branford, h 79 Hooa- 

Andrew, emp Derby, h 65 County 

Edwin J., car builder, h 219 Cedar 

Grace L. Sfiss, clerk 390 State, bda 4 
York, W Haven 

Harry A., emp R. R. shops, bds 4 
York, W Haven 

James T., salesman 898 Chapel, h 
555 Winthrop av 

John A., emp R. R. shops, h 112 Ply- 

Jc^n D., car builder, h 219 Cedar 

Margaret, widow David, h 122 De- 

Nellie S., widow John M., h 4 York, 
W Haven 

Robert B., tinner, h 159 Monroe 

— seeBeird 
Baker Alice E. Miss, h 206 Commeroe 

Augustus D., with Sargent & Cow, h 
109 Wolcott 

Baker Charles G., woodworker, h 152 

Charlotte K Mrs., bds 69 Kensington 
Qarenoe F., waiter, h 61 Garden 
Dennis F. Rev., aas't pastor St 

Frauds' R. C. Church, h 175 

EUen R, widow Reuben, h 149 Uf- 

Ellis B., g&k. sup't Sw N. E. TeL Ooi 

118 Court, h 172 OUve 
EUis B. Jr., bds 172 OUve 
Ellsworth E., trav. salesman, hds 99 

Emma F., widow Robert, h 107 Fill- 

Frank, head waiter Hotel Savoy, nni 

61 Garden 
Frank W. Rev., h 70 Trumbull 
Frederick, mechanic, h Easton, High- 
George H., hardware, etc. 956 an& 

958 State, bds 149 Livingston 
GuBsie Mrs., h r 107 Waahii^^ton a? 
Harvey F., derk (429) R. R. offios 

bdg, bds 176 Portsea 
Ida Miss, rem to New York 
Jacob A., cook, bds 80 Eaton 
James F., laborer, bds 109 Pine 
James F., shoemaker, bds 105 Asy- 
James H., hameesmaker, h 119 S 

John F., physician, office 630 State, 

h do. 
Lewis, barber, h 95 Whalley av 
Mary Miss, h 105 Asylum 
Michael, laborer, h 111 Franklin 
3fichael, emp H. Hooker & Co^ bda 

615 State 
Patrick, laborer, bds 111 Franklin 
Reuben L., clerk 956 State, bds 14ft 

Richard, teamster, bds 31 Ash 
Samuel F., clerk 784 Chapel, xms da 
Samuel P., train dispatclier (116) 

R. R. office bdg, h 129 First ar, 

W Haven 
Stephen D., salesman P. Hroe. & Ook, 

bds 1233 Chapel 
Thomas Nelson Rev., paator I>ixw«l 

Av. Congregational ChuTch, bdi 

35 Foote 
Walter, teamster, bds 31 Ash 
Walter L, physician 388 Ho'waid ai 

h da 
T^lllard G., locomotive reigiTinrr, I 

190 Meadow 
William, motocman F. S. & "W. ] 

R. Co., h 109 Pine 
William, peddler, h 31 Ajsh 
William C, printer, h 35 I>&v«npq 

William J., switchman, h. 105 ^ 

— see Becker 





Bako Bert, earpeater, h r 215 FraakUn 
Btladunrskj ^) rem to New York 
Bdikiswki Ignacy, laborer, h 24 Lafay- 


BftllMff ChaileB R, marble and granite 

▼Qcks 91 Aahmun, h do. 

fihnn J., pianomaker, h 93 Aahmun 

Henuui C., caaemaker, h 91 Anhmun 

Kay Mia, dreflamaker, h 87 Aahmun 

fiiieom Charies A. Mrs., tailoreee, rma 

BiM Henry, grocer 204 Peck, h 206 do. 
fiilderfton L. Ray, teacher Boardman 
Manual Training School, bds 78 
Lake pi 
Btldini Xicola, laborer, bds 67 York 
Baldwin Adele H. Alias, bds 142 Whalley 
Addine F. Mrs., h 25 Broadway 
Albert W., sup't D. W. Baldwin, h 

13 Edgewoiod av 
Alfred M., clerk 822 Dixwell av, h 

810 da 
Alaoe M. Mrs., bds 128 St. John 
Alice M Mrs., h 268 Orchard 
Allen D., bds 37 Gill 
Andrew D., clerk 104 State, h 392 

Edgewood av 
Anna J. Miss, teacher Webster 

School, bds 13 Edgewood av 
Annabd, teacher Elindergarten 
Wdch School, bds Edgewm>d av 
c Winthrop av 
Antoinette S., widow Theodore E., 

h 121 Sherman av 
Arthur, rem to Derby 
Betsev A., widow Samuel A., h 1902 

State n Brook, Homden 
Caroline W., widow Nathan A., h 

Whitney av c diff 
Cbariea A., asseBsor (8) City HaU, 

h 32 Edgewood av 
Cbiiles R, mason, h 284 Orchard 
Charles K, derk 37 Townaend av, h 

212 Forbes av 
Charies F., brass molder Saigent & 

06., ree East Haven 
Charles F., emp P. Bros, k Co., h 111 

diaries 6., shipping clerk 98 Mead- 
ow, bds 211 Lloyd 
Cbtfies EL, bds 243 Greenwich av 
ChaiUa H., emp N. H. Clock Co., bds 

Fedc av c Leete, W Haven 
Cftaita L. iBt, see. Sargent ft Ca, h 

M College 
Ghaiies L., joiner, h 25 Daggett 
Cbarks Sean, prof. Y. U., h 57 Wall 
Chester H., MieHman N. H. Display 
Fixture Co., bds 398 Quinnipiac 
CoraeUa B., widow Garwood M., h 

22 Whalley av 
Qrnis £., bd9 46 Foster 
Bavid F., h 105 Second av, W Haven 


dealer in carriages, carriage tops, 

harness, etc. 366 Crown, h 18 

Park— See p 886 
Edward F., derk 906 Whalley av. h 

1028 do. 
Edward W., bookkeeper Oeurrington 

Publishing Co., h 594 George 
Edwin, emp L. Candee & Co., h 127 

Cedar Hill av 
Edwin E., prop. Baldwin Machine 

Works 552 State, res Branford 
Effie F. Miss, clerk 68 Center, bds 

243 Greenwich av 

BALDWIN ELBEBT H. mason and 
builder 37 Gill, h do.— See p X015 

Elihu L., mason, h Putnam av, Whit- 

Elizabeth B., w^dow Nathan C, h 
344 Edgewood av 

Elmer, emp W. K. A. Co., h 631 Dix- 
well av 

Emeline L., widow Samuel T., bds 13 
Edgewood av 

Emma Miss, h 165 Second av, W 

Evangeline M. Miss, nurse, bds 239 
Dixwell av 

Fannie L. Miss, bds 138 Whalley av 

Ferris, emp Peck & Bishop, bds 9 

Frances J. Miss, h 143 Edwards 

Francis H., electrical engineer, bda 
260 Crown 

Frank A., sec. The Price &> Lee Co., h 
21 Whalley av 

Prank C, emp N. H. Ice Co., h 48 

Frank H., carpenter, rms 18 Brown 

Frank R., clerk 49 Elm, bds 48 

Fred D., mason, bds 37 Gill 

Fred L. (Wallingford and N. H. Ex- 
press) 68 Center and 292 State, 
res Wallingford 

Frederick A., saloon 45 Charles, h 33 

Frederick E., house mover 27 Coun- 
ty, h do. 

Frederick H., clerk The W. & E. T. 
Fitch Ca, h 211 Lloyd 

Frederick M., h 810 Dixwell av 

BALDWIN G. A. & SON (C^* A. and 

H. H. Baldwin), mason bidld- 

ers 183 Howard av— See p 1016 

George, printer, bds 16 Hughes pi 

George A. (G. A. Baldwin & Son) 

183 Howard av, h do. 
George E., engineer, h 243 Green- 
wich av 
George E., mason, h 133 Howard av 
George H., farmer, h Peck av c Leete, 

W Haven 
George M., manager N. H. Steam. 
Saw Mill Co. Chapel c East, h 83 
Quinnipiac av 





Baldwin Geoige E., typesettiBg machine 

operator Begisteri bdB 16 

Hughes pi 
Harriet K, widow William E., h 204 

Edgewood av 
Hany H. (G. A. Baldwin & Son) 183 

Howard ay, h 270 do. 
Helen A. Miss, stenographer, bds 398 

Quinnipiflxs av 
Helen C. Mrs., h 65 Eaton 
Henry, h 260 Crown 
Henry D., collector, h 264 York 
Horace F., poultry dealer, h 6 Wol- 

Isaac P., emp W. R. A. Co., h 239 

Dixwell av 
James L., salesman N. H. Display 

Fixture Co., bds 398 Quinnipiac 

Jeannette C, widow George B., bds 

141 Meadow 
John B., compositor, h 193 Poi-tsea 
John D., emp L. Oandee & Co., h 74 

Joseph B., emp The E. A. Chatfieid 

Co., h 43 Kossuth 
Joseph P., saloon and billiards, bil- 

uard tables and supplies 450 und 

452 State, h 10 Lyon 
Josie A., widow cSiarles, bds 19 

Laura Miss, stenographer, bds 46 

Louis W., lawyer, bds 36 College 
Luke, h 247 Munson 
Machine Works, E. E. Baldwin 

prop., screw mfrs. 562 State 
Margaret, widow William, h 2 Bishop 
Marietta, widow C. I., h 520 Chapd 
Marion E., widow James M., h 398 

Quinnipiac av 
Martha M., widow Joseph E., h 193 

Dixwell av 
Mary Miss, dressmaker, bds 46 Fos- 
Mary A., widow Frank W., bds 268 

Mary E., widow Samuel H., bds 11} 

Mary E. Miss, h 164 St Ronan 
Mary H., widow Murray L., bds 121 

Sherman av 
Mary S., widow Ephraim, h 246 

M. Lester, ass't librarian Public li- 
brary, bds 121 Sherman av 
Nancy Mrs., bds 46 Foster 
Nelson C, emp The Bigelow Co^ h 

830 State 
Polly C, widow George W., h 79 

Quinnipiac av 
Baymond G., grocer and meat mar- 
ket 44 WhaJley av, h 299 da 
Eobert E., real estate agent (13) 818 

Chap^, h 32 Carmel 

Baldwin Robert T., emp W. R. A. Co., h 

63 Putnam av, WhitneyYiUe 
Roger S., lawyer (3) 69 Church, bds 

44 Wall 
Rosalie H. Miss, derk 67 Broadway, 

bds 60 Admiral 
R. Sherman, stenographer 210 Wa- 
ter, h 47 Pearl 
Samuel P., joiner, h 150 Division 
Sarah A., widow George R., bds 18 

Sarah E., dressmaker, bds 46 Foster 
Silas, emp Union depot, h r 104 Bo- 

Simeon E., judge of Supreme Gourt, 

office (21) 69 Church, h 44 WbU 
Susan, widow Charles G., h 90 Greg- 
Suaan P. Miss, clerk P. Bros, k Co., 

res Millord 
Theodore, carpenter, h 40 West 
Thomas S., emp Greist Mfg. Qk, bds 

1028 Whalley av 
Walter T., emp N. F. B. & P. Qx, h 

11 Button 
William, rem to New Britain 
William R, organist, bds 150 GroT« 
William P., physiciaji 1119 Chapel, 

rms do. 
William S., clerk W. R. A. Co., h 4ft 

William V., horse trainer, h 432 

Whitney av 
Willis H., bicycle dealer 80 Kimberiy 

av, h 82 do. 
Willis H. Jr., emp N. F. B. & P. 0^, 

bds 82 Kimberly av 
Balestier Henry W., braketnan, bds Itt 

Balfe James, watchman, h 119 Foster 
James Jr., emp W. R. A. Co., bdi 

WinchestCT av 
John F., cutter Bishop Box 

Paste Co., bds 110 Foster 
Robert, bds 119 Foeter 
Balk Edward, rms 197 George 
Ball Annie, widow William. H., h. 454 

Augustus A., bds 774 State . 

Benjamin, painter, h 30B Howard n 
Benjamin H., bookkeeper 754 Chapel 

bds 308 Howard av J 

Charles, delivery clerk N. Y., N. a 

& H. R. R.,' h 52 CMar 
Conrad C, molder O. B. Korth & G^ 

h 200 Peck ! 

Elijah S., h 76 E Pearl 
Ernest E., bicycles and supplies II 

Grand av and oyster dealer fl 

to 89 Front, h 76 ]B Pearl i 
Erwin H., engineer, rms 86 Ferry 
Frank G., clerk 61 Broadway, W 

143 Main, W Haven 
Geoiipe E., emp N. H- Yacht Club» 

Spring n meadows, W Hav«B 
George H., rem to Bloomfield 




Bdl Gnce Hiss, emp S. N. E. Tel. Co., 
bdfl 306 Howard av 
Huiiet L. Mrs., h 143 Main, W Ha- 

Hemy, molder O. B. North & Ck>., h 

192 Atwater 
Heniy S., contractor W. R. A. Ck)., h 

461 Orchard 
Henry W., clerk 49 Elm, h 454 Or- 
Howard H., stationary engineer, nns 
86 Ferry 
, Laura A., widow John S., h 36 Mans- 
L Blanche Miss, stenographer 177 

Crown, bds 308 Howard av 
Louisa Mrs., h 31 Gilbert 
Margaret, widow Henry, bds 192 At- 
Robert W., emp 924 Chapel, bds 8 

Spring, W Haven 
Waldo S., emp 52 George, h 60 Foote 
AJlantyne Robert, rem to Hartford 
fiiHud Valentine, clerk 1322 State, h 134 

Cedar Hill av 
Btllda Frank K, foreman N. Y., N. H. 

& H. R. R., h 211 Howard av 
BtJler Albert P., emp A. T. Demarest, h 

197 Edgewood av 
BiIIoo Edwin F., machinist, bds 7 Lake 

Georire F. (Kling & Ballon) 192 

State, bds 670 da 
Henry A., sawyer, h 7 Lake pi 
Joseph W., druggist 42 Kimberly av, 

h 85 do. 
Mary A. Mrs., h 162 Davenport av 
William H., bicycle repairer, bds 7 
Lake pi 
Bdmer Robert R., clerk 390 State, nns 
150 St. John 
William £., student, rms 150 St. 
r John 

' Bainer Louis, peddler, h r 118 Hill 
Balamo Alfonso, h 154 Wallace 

Emidio, cutter L. Oandee & Co., h 

154 Wallace 
Salvatore, emp L. Candee & Co., bds 
154 Wallace 
Mfh Charles A., laborer, h 26 Downes 
James F., teamster, bds 26 Downes 
Thomas C., teamster, bds 26 Downes 
Biitaxa EUas^ canvasser, h r 750 Grand 

BUticni Emilio, bootblack, h 11 Dow 
BUtnunjtis Kasimir, emp Nal Wire 

Oo^h 60 Feny 
Bilnr Lottie Mitse, teacher, bds 24 Prince 
IGon ie, widow Jacob, h 24 Prince 
Wmiam J., clerk 26 Crown, h 146 

rbwg Andrew, joiner, h 75 NicoU 
Enmia, bds 166 Thompson 
Geonre A., emp Sargent & Co., h 75 

Bamberg Joseph H., draughtsman, bds 75 
Michael, tailor, h 166 Thompson 
Bancroft Cecil K., tutor of Latin Y. U., 

rms (102) North College, do. 
Bandes Henry G., dyer and cleaner 140 

Congress av, h do. 
Bandy William, restaurant 15 Grove, W 

Haven, h do. 
Bane James, emp W. R. A. Co., bds 138 
Matthias, blacksmith, h 138 Ashmun 
Baney C6ra A., widow William, h 18 
Summer pi 
John A., carriage painter, h 287 
Bangs Elizabeth C. Miss, h 136 Sherman 
Emeretta A., widow Oliver, h 651 
Bank Julius, h (4) 52 Oak 
Ozerius, bds (4) 52 Oak 
Banker George J., emp W. R. A. Co., h 
18 Gibbs 

TmCATION CO. THE, (609) 

42 Church— See p 941 
Banko Julius, h (4) 52 Oak 
Banks Charlotte Mrs., h 170 Henry 
Cordelia A. Mrs., h 28 Dow 
Joseph (Joseph Banks & Son) 159 

Farren av, h 29 Fairmont av 
Joseph & Son (Joseph aitd Ralph 

Banks), grocers 159 Farren av 
Julia M., widow Isaac T., h 18 

M. Ona Miss, bds 18 Trumbull 
Ralph (Joseph Banks & Son) 159 

Farren av, bds 29 Fairmont av 
William H., plumber, h 282 Hallock 

Bannahan Michael, h 184 Pine 

Owen, laborer, h 264 Hamilton 
William, emp P. Bros. & Co., bds 264 

Bannell Harry, rem to North Haven 
Banning Josephine Miss, emp 5 Center, 

bds 62 Admiral 
* Nancy M. Mrs., rem to New York 
Bannon Bridget, widow James, h 27 

Edward J., clerk, h 169 Saltonstall 

Frank M., bartender, bds 31 Broad 
James F., carriage painter, h 113 Sal- 
tonstall av 
James H., stairbuilder, bds 615 State 
John, laborer, h 31 Broad 
John, engineer, bds 615 State 
John J., glass cutter emp 87 OrangCj 

bds 26 Canal 
John J., motorman P. H. & W. R. R. 

Co., h 173 Pine 
John J., bartender, h 420 Chapel 
John P., turner, h 18 William 




Bannon Joseph, carriage painter, h 206 

Joseph B., glazier, bds 26 Oanal 
Michael, emp N. T., N. H. & H. R. 

R. freight depot, h 86 Hill 
Patrick, laborer, h 126 Congress av 
Patrick J., car painter, h 17 Edgar 
Rose M. Miss, emp W. R. A. Ck>., bds 

26 Oanal 
Susan, widow John, h 26 Cknal 
Banquer Peeha, cabinetmaker R. R. 

shops, h 32 Hallock 
Bonta Arthur W., musician, bds 246 

Hallock av 
Franklin N., driver Moran's Laun- 
dry, bds 246 Hallock av 
George W., compositor, h 246 Hal- 
lock av 
George W. Jr., linotype operator The 

Price, Lee & Adkins Co., h 172 

Matilda Mrs., dressmaker 26 New- 
, hall, h do. 

Norman, musician, bds 246 Hallock 

Perry, laborer, h 26 Newhall 
Perry Jr., emp W. R. A. Co., h 42 

Banvard Paul Leon, dockmaker, h 146 

Edgewood av 
Baptista Muy, widow John, h 842 Grand 


Baptiste Manuel, emp L. Gandee & Co., 

jms 80 St. John 
Bazajan Samuel, corset cutter, h 469 

Ckmgress av 
Baxaldi Ugo, grocer 32 Washington av, h 

Barber Abbie, widow Noyes, rem to New 
Benjamin S., joiner, h 43 Garden 
Edward E., brakeman, h Highland, 

W Haven 
Frank M., agent Associated Press 70 
, Church, h 86 Howe 

George B., painter, h 42 Sperry 
Georgianna S., widow Willitun E., 
teacher Washington School, h 19 
' Harry, clerk 314 State, bds 300 Elm 
John, plate printer O. A. Dorman 
Co., h 126 Greenwood 
, Mary, widow John, h 79 Eaton 
Matilda Miss, bds 37 Ward 
Matthew, porter 16 Church, rms 117 

Sarah D., widow Edward B., bds 147 

Whalley av 
William H., machinist, h 96 Cedar 

William M., trav. salesman, h 241 

Washington av, W Haven 
— see Barbour 
Barbezat Ernest, gardener, h 176 Lexing- 
ton av 
Henri, oysterman, bds 176 Lexington 

Barbier Julie C. Miss, stenographer emp 

(416) 866 Chapel, bds 257 0^ 


Rose A. ^liss, housekeeper 176 Feny 

Barbour Arthur T., dentist emp 781 


Charles S., clerk 60 Orange, bds 25 

George E., foreman Burt & Nortcm, h 

300 Elm 
— see Barber 
Barbrick Heddley V., emp R. R. shopfl^ h 
W Prospect, W Haven 
Manuel, ship carpenter, h W Pros- 
pect, W Haven 
Barbuto Americo, emp Sargent & Co., bd« 
184 Hamilton 
Ernest, grocer 184 Hamilton, h do. 
Francesco, emp Sargent & C6., h 184 

Mike, shoemaker and confectdoneiy 
123 Dixwell av, h do. 
Barclay Albert H., journalist, h 43 Liv- 
Charles M., clerk R. R. frdght office 

Belle Dock, bds 618 Chapel 
Henry M., rem to Boston, Mass. 
Bardon John J., hostler Surf House, W 
Haven, bds do. 
Thonuus J., hostler, bds 106 Day 
Bardorf August, tailor, h 618 Wmdiester 
Charles, emp W. R. A. Oo. water 

shop, bds 618 Winchester av 
George, bds 618 Winchester av 
Oscar, bds 618 Winchester av 
Bare John R., tinner, h 18 Wall 
Bargman Henry, driver, bds 63 Greene 
Bai^uest Ida S., widow Edward, bds 

Savin av n Elm, W Haven 
Baribault Arthur O., physician 528 Chap- 
el, h do. 
Charles, blacksmith, bds 219 Chapd 
Delphine, widow Joseph, dreasmaker, 

h 247 Wallace 
Edward, emp 628 Chapel, bds do. 
Edward, blacksmith, h 219 Chap^ 
Edward, musician, bds 209 CSiapel 
Emilie Mrs., dressmaker 14 Myrtle, 

h do. 
Ethel T. Miss, emp L. Oandee Oo., bda 

168 Scranton 
Isadore, blacksmith, bds 247 Wal- 
John, blacksmith, h 106 Liloyd 
Jules, blacksmith, h 209 CSiap^ 
Louis C, student, bds 209 ChapeL 
Marc, blacksmith, h 18 Viemr 
Wilfred, rem to Ansonia 
Barile Alfonzo, laborer, bds 11 Silver 
Bario Mary F. Mrs., h 446 Grazid av 

Stella J., widow John CL, h 198 
Barkenthien Richard, rem to Hrooklya 

N. Y. 
Barker David O., with The Price & I« 
Co., h 407 Temple 




BsriEer Ttence A. Miss, music teacher, 

bds 16 Osbom 
M B., carpenter, bds 60 Green- 

Qwifgi F.y ailyer plater, h 46 Biahop 
Geoige W., car painter, h 221 Pori- 

Hittie, teacher Eaton School, bds 

108 Oreoie 
JmeBf clerk, rms 680 Chapel 
John W., physician 867 Whalley ay, 

h da 
Ljdk A, widow James i:*., h 108 

Haieui^ rem to Pennsylvania 
Hizy A, widow William, bds 48 Ad- 
11 Grukt, h 407 Temple 
Matoa C, emp K. H. Gas Light Co., 

bds 139 James 
Kettie M. Miss, h 80 Gregory 
Samuel, stenographer, bds 108 

SimeoD A., dectroplater 11 Artizan, 

Stei^ieii, carpenter, h 60 Greenwich 


^^lliam B., stenographer, bds 867 

Whall^ ay 
Wnham H. D., emp N. H. aock Co., 

h 06 Arthnr 
WQIiam &, emp W. R. A. Co., h 186 
Barietta Achille, emp 8. L. Diyision, bds 
66 Hill 
Fnneesoo, boxmaker, bds 66 Hill 
Miehele, emp 74 Crown, h 66 HiU 
Billow Dayid A., tinner, h 296 Hallock 
David W., emp W. R. A. Co., h 416 

Winthrop ay 
F. £L, emp 154 Water, res Milford 
Frank, emp W. R. A. Co., bds 116 

l&BLOW TOHH H. prop* Ideal M^. 
Co. 187 St John, h 89 Bristol- 
See p 881 
Samuel &, machinist, bds 89 Biis- 

anitde Jamee T., sawmaker and filer 

200 St. John, h 64 Clark 
«niard Cbariee E., emp N. H. Qock Co., 
h 118 Wolcott 

Edward R., com. traveler, h 81 El- 

John, emp C. Cowles ft Co., ims 174 

Alfred B., hamessmaker 10 E 
Gnmd ay, bds 236 IVont 

AhhDL T., hostler r 1038 Chapel, bds 
116 Crown 

iaoa F^ bookkeeper (302) 42 
CSinreh, bds 462 Orange 

Andrew J., paper hanger, h 13 Court 

Arthur D., agent, bds 690 Quinnipiao 

Arthur H., h 327 Edgewood av 

Barnes Arthur S. (Tuttle, Morehouse & 
Taylor) 125 Temple, rms 26 

Atherton L., printer, h 165 Colum- 
bus av 

Augustus B., oyster dealer 123 Fronts 
h 122 do. 

Augustus B. Jr., student, bds 122 

Bayard, bds 1442 Chapel 

Benjamin H., smith helper, h 149 

Charles H., clerk John B. Judson, h 
300 Elm 

Charles H., engineer, h CairoU av c 

Charles M., clerk 940 Chapel, h 607 

David B., oysterman, bds 24 Ex- 

Edward C., rem to Philadelphia, Pa. 

Edward F., machinist, h 125 Town- 
send av 

Edward H., salesman Strong, Bamea, 
Hart & Co., h 592 Quinnipiac av 

E. Henry (Sperry A Barnes) 114 
State, h 1442 Chapel 

E. L. Mrs., furrier 136 Court, h da 

Elizabeth H., widow William H., bdfl 
359 Crown 

Erwin, bookkeeper Evening Leader, 
h 26 Lynwood 

Frank, emp 381 Temple, bds Hotel 

Frank G. P., clerk 70 Center, bds 452 

Franklin L., sea captain, bds 110 
Kimberly av 

Frederick K., clerk, bds 332 Howard 

Frederick R., clerk 73 Front, h 27 E 

Genevieve I. P., widow Elbridge F., 
h 331 Ferry 

George, machinist, h 170 Ivy 

George A., cashier Adams Express 
Co. Union depot, h 58 Center, W 

George A., machinist, bds 71 Dicker- 

George D., molder, h 266 Edgewood 

George F., rem to Morrison, Va. 

Geoige F., manager Barnes Tool Co. 
958 Grand av, h 296 Howard av 

George W., machinist, h 55 Cham- 

George W., clerk auditor's office 
(429) R. R. office bdg, h 36 Ro- 

Harry F., sup't Pond Lily Co., bds 
131 Bradley 

Harvey, emp H. C. Rowe, h 873 

Heniy, tea and coffee peddler 50 
Houston, h do. 




Barnes Henrys president Pond Lily Laun- 
dry, Dyeing and Cleansing Co., 
Lawrence c Mechanic, also mfr. 

laundiy machinery 139 Park, h 
131 Bradley 
Henry A., engineer Y. U., h 80 Ad- 
Henry D., sup't 19 E Pearl, res E 

Henry E., switchman Cedar Hill, nns 

(6) 778 Chapel 
Henry L, meat market HE Grand, 

h 114 Exchange 
Herbert (Strong, Barnee, Hart & 

Co.) 165 Long Wharf, h 590 

Quinnipiac av 
Hiram H., bds 33 Sperry 
H. Manila Miss, nurse, h 41 Judson 

Horace, bds 373 Lenox 
Joseph, flagman, h 78 Washingttm 

Joseph A., carriage painter, h 167 

Katherine, rem to Philadelphia, Pa. 
L. C. Mrs., dressmaker 42 Foote, h 

Lewis C, fish market 81 Webster, h 

42 Foote 
Lewis W., painter, h 110 Kimberly 

Louisa, widow Edwin, bds 438 Elm 
Lucy S. Miss, emp 151 Orange, bds 

568 Chapel 
Luzerne F., oysterman, h 12 Lewis 
Marie Mrs., compositor, bds 120 Ex- 
Martin V., emp Y. U., h 7 Dixwell 

Mary A., widow William H., h 44 

Mary C, widow Willis, h 102 E 

Mary E., widow Wiiiiam, h 600 

Whalley av 
Mary J. Miss, typesetter, bds 120 

Miles J., clerk (129) R. R. office bdg, 

h 60 Houston 
Morley T., rem to St. Paul, Minn. 
Morton* A., student, bds 7 Dixwell 

Niar, emp (4) 49 Church, bds 68 

Derby av 
Olive A. Mias, bds 6 Trumbull 
Samuel D., bookkeeper 490 State, bds 

44 Admiral 
Samuel H., clerk 256 Congress av, h 

332 Howard av 
Samuel R., laborer, h 38 Foote 
Susan P., widow Willett, h 56 Cham- 
T. Attwater, pres. New Haven 

Trust Co., office (302) 42 

Church, h 452 Orange 


Barnes Thomas A., clerk 1 Broadway, 
rms 320 Elm 

BABNES TOOL CO. sowing m ach in aB^ 
plumbers' tools, wrenxihes, etc. 
958 Grand av— See p 903 
Walter H., emp H. G. Shepard & 
Sons, bds 12 Iie^vis 

W. E. & Co. (William E. Barnes and 
James W. Barrows), carpentos 
and builders 634 Grand av 

Willard, emp N. H. K Co., h 911 

William E. (W. E. Bamee & Co.) 
534 Grand av, h 378 Norton 

William H., collector, h 470 Goffe 

William H. S., clerk 1074 Chapel, bds 
1090 do. 

William J., carpenter and builder 
146 Lamberton, h do. 

William S., physician 332 Howard 
av, bds do. 

Willis S., oyster dealer, h 24 Ex- 
•Bamett Albert E., hides and akins 218 
George, h 502 Howard av 

Edwin, office 218 George, h 413 do. 

Harriet A., widow James, h 98 Dix- 
well av 

Jacob P., clerk 1 College, bds 270 

James E., carpenter, h 9 Ailing 

John F., physician 14 Church, W 
Haven, h do. 

John F., emp R. R. 8h<^, h 117 Wa- 

Maiy, widow Warren L., h 63 Spring 

Meyer, peddler, h 222 Commerce 

Paul, rem to New Britain 

Walter, c^oe 218 George, bds Sum- 
mer, W EEaven 

William E., attorney N. Y., K. H. & 
H. R. R. (206) R. R. office bdg^j 
h 27 College 

William L., law student, bds 27 Col- 
Barney Francis B. Miss, teacher 
School, bda 130 Cottage 

Samuel E. Jr., ass't prof, civil 

neering Sheffield Scientii 
School, h 346 Whitney ar 
Bamsdall J. Waller, physieiaii 

Crown, rms do, 
Bamum Charlotte C. Miss, teacher, 
344 Humphrey 

Clara L. Miss^ teacher, bds 

Edwin H., sec. George Alling's 

Co. 100 Water, h 456 George 

George S., sec. and treaa. The 1^ 
low Co. 92 to 102 Rivw, li 

Starr H., iron foundry 20 WTiii 
av, h 48 Trumbull 

Thomas R., bds 344 Humphie'v 

William T. (W. T. Bamum Jb 
424 State, h 270 Edgewoo^ 




lASmn W. T. & CO. electrotypefra 

424 State--See inside back cover 

Butm Bernftrd, saloon ^4 Hudson, h do. 

Qeor^ salesman 170 Meadow, h 19 

Joseph, cigarmaker, h 765 Grand av 
Birooe Antonio, laborer, h 13 Fair 
Giovanni, rem to Madison 
Gioranni, laborer, h 22 Minor 
Giuseppe, emp Sargent & Co., h 13 

John, laborer, h 5 Wight 
\jroIa, emp L. Oandee & Co., h 108 

Pasquale, mason, h 67 York 
fiaphael, laborer, h 7 Rose 
Tinceazo, confectionery 293 Water, 
h 295 do. 
Barr Charles, machinist, bds 155 Meadow 
Ellen, widow Oliver H., rem to New 

Lena Hiss, clerk 770 Chapel, bds 750 
Grand av 
Barrma Charlotte T., widow G. P., rem 

to Nantucket, Mass. 
Barrett Alice M. Miss, teacher kindergar- 
ten W Haven, bds 131 Spring 
Andrew, oysterman, h 1 Murray pi 
diaries S.,'emp Woodbridge Ice Co., 

h 84 Pierpont 
Edward, emp L. Candee & Co.^ h 36 

Townsend av 
Edward, laborer, h 14 Oak 
Edward L, foreman J. Gibb Smith & 

Co., h 67 Lafayette 
Kllen Miss, emp L. Candee & Co., bds 

r 274 Hamilton 
Frank G., contractor M., W. Co., h 

First av c Lamson, W Haven 
Frank P., brakeman, bds 136 Lib- 
George A., emp Sargent & Co., h 131 

Georige A., emp Munson & Co., h 202 

Harry A., eanp Sargent & Co., bds 

131 Spring 
James, bds Springside Home 
Jam«s, h BlaJce c Valley 
JameR, in U. Sc Army 
Jamefl M., flagman, h 331 Portsea 
John, emp Reynolds & Co., bds 1 

Murray pi 
John, laborer, h 115 Mill River 
John J., clerk 232 Franklin, bds r 

274 Hamilton 
lime N., widow Nicholas, h 113 

Maigaret Miss, dressmaker 36 Town- 
send av, bds do. 
Mary Mi», nurse, rms 22 Trumbull 
Kajy A. Miss, onp L. Candee & Co., 

bds r 274 Hamilton 
Ifi***^ J.y bds 113 Aahmun 
Patrick J., emp 60 Court, bds 113 

Barrett R. C. Mrs., dressmaker 8 Salem, 
h do. 

Richard, molder, h 33 William 

Roma C, brakeman, h 8 Salem 

Samuel L., emp W. R. A. Co., h 539 

Timothy, emp N. H. Gas Light Co., 
h 284 East 

WUliam, laborer, h 757 State 

William H., meats and groceries 232 
Franklin, bds r 274 Hamilton 
Barretta Giaccome, laborer, bds 134 Con- 
gress av 
Barrew — see Barreau 
Barrie David C, machinist, bds 63 Car- 
Barrile Alessandro, laborer, bds 38 York 
Barron Annie E. Miss, nurse, bds 142 

Barrows Albert P., clerk 91 Broadway, h 
208 Dixwell av 

Daisy S. Mrs., bds 97 Campbell av, 
W Haven 

Edward, baggagemaster, rms 16 

Frank A., dispatcher Berkshire Div. 
(124) R. R. office bdg, h 66 

Fred A., waiter 37 Gregson, rms do. 

Frederick H., pressman, h 385 Edge- 
wood av 

George, mason, bds 57 Pond 

George F., foreman M., W. Co., h 34 

George S., Hook and Ladder No. 1, h 
65 Perkins 

James W. (W. E. Barnes & Co.) 534 
Grand av, h 28 Admiral 

Johanna Miss, bds 38 Main, W Ha- 

John A., bds Elm opp Third av, W 

Margaret J., widow Albert M., bda 
208 Dixwell av 

Sherman, hostler, bds 385 Edgewood 

Stillman Mrs., bds 34 Shelton 

Thomas F., engineer, h Quinnipiac av 
n Fairmont av 
Barruth Gustave — see Bauroth 
Barry Bridget, widow John, dressmaker 
266 Wallace, h do. 

Bridget, widow William, h 167 Port- 


Catherine, widow John, h 100 James 
Charles J., emp N. H. Clock Ca, bds 

881 Grand av 
Daniel S., house painter, order slate 

89 Church, h 12 Main, W Haven 
David, rem to Ansonia 
David L., laborer, bds 36 Market 
Dennis, emp W. R. A. Co., h 742 

Edward, motorman F. H. &. W. R. R. 

Co., bds 100 James 
Edward H., carpenter, h St. Mary, 

Elizabeth, widow Peter, h 46 Locke 

^ I 




Barry James, emp 80 Long Wharf, h 133 

J. J. & Co. (Joeeph and Jamea W. 
Barry), milk dealers Hartford 
turnpike, Whitneyville 

James, laborer, h 248 WashingtoD 

James A., machinist, bds 248 Wash- 
ington ay 

James W., mason, h 20 Monroe 

James W. (J. J. Barry & Go.) Hart- 
ford Turnpike, Whitneyville, h 

John, emp N. H. R. M. Oa, h 89 

John, peddler, h Cherry Ann, High- 
John, laborer, h 40 Market 
John, carman, h 17 Sununer 
John, teamster, h 260 James 
John F., conductor F. H. & W. R. R., 

h 45 Wolcott 
John J., plumber, bds 133 West 
John J., cabinetmaker, h 19 Leonard 
Joseph (J. J. Barry & Ca) Hartford 

turnpike, Whitneydlle, h do. 
Josephine T., widow William F., h 14 

Warren pi 
Lawrence N., joiner h 167 Portsea 
Luke, emp 8. N. £. Tel. Co., h 110 

Malachi, teamster, h 14 St. John 
Margaret M. B. Miss, emp N. F. B. & 

P. Co. No. 2, bds 266 Wallace 
Mary, widow William, h 36 Maricet 
Mary Miss, h 49 Broad 
Mary Miss, h 62 Lawrence 
Patrick, emp Strouse, A^er & Co., 

bds 546 East 
Patrick, carpet layer, h 226 Wash- 
ington av 
Patrick, emp N. Y., N. H. & H. R 

R., h 212 Rosette 
Patrick, shipper H. Hooker & Co., h 

546 East 
Patrick J., emp S. N. E. Td. Ca, bds 

887 Grand av 
Patrick J., peddler, h Cherry Ann, 

Richard F. (McGuire & Barry) 6 

Broadway, h 21 Elliott 
Thomas F., stairbuilder, h 56 Third 

av, W Haven 
Thomas H., teamster 26 Hedge, h do. 
Timothy, laborer, h 219 Pine 
Timothy D., emp J. D. Dewdl & Co., 

rms 50 Crown 
William, monument setter, h 8 Au- 

William F., music teacher, h 260 

— see Bary and Barrie 
Barske Albert, emp Sargent & Co., h 148 

William, emp Sargent & Co., h 73 


Barske William F., emp Sargent & Go., k 

77 Greenwich av 
BanikT Max, tailor, h 94 Broad 

Morris, tailor 70 Church, h 94 BitMd 
Barstein David, shoemaker 471 Congrm 

av, h 473 do. 
Bantow John H., h 204 First av, W 

Nelson D., carpenter, h 204 First a?, 

W Haven 
Bartekowfsky Louis, laborer, h 750 Grand 

Bartels Charles, h r 25 Shelton av 
Barth Ge<nrge F., emp Sargent ft Ca, b 

155 West 
Barthel Christopher, gardener, h 9 White 
Barthdmes Om, emp M. F. Arms Co., 

bds 1012 State 
Bartholomew Charles H., farmer, h Gr» 

Charlotte, widow Joel C, h 73 Gbat- 

Clarissa A., widow Isaac, bds 149 

Edward F., engineer Ludeo 8ande^ 

son, h east end Wood, W Hia- 
Fannie A., widow John GL, h 56^ 

Frank P., bookkeeper 133 Orange^ 

bds 50 Crown 
George H., student, bds 225 Sherman 

George H., carriage bodymaker, h 

313 Orchard 
J. Newton, carpenter and builder 

570 Winthrop av, h do. 
John J., market gardener, h State n 

Albert, Hamden 
Leman, painter, bds 16 Broad 
Levi, emp East Divinity Hall, Y. U., 

bds 108 College 
Van Amberg, emp 71 Broadway, h 

1002 Whalley av 
William C, student, bds 225 Shei^ 

man av 
William EL, trav. salewnan Eehl D. 

Fogg Co., h 225 Sherman av 
William N., foreman N. S. Plallar 

dium, bds 570 Winthrop av 
Bartiss Eliza, widow John, h 387 MaxuKm 
John H., motorman, h 202 Dixwdl 

Johu J., laborer, h 171 Ivy 
Mary liiiss, childr^i's noraeiy 387 

Munson, h do. 
Nathan K, bds 171 Ivy 
Bartlett Albert M. (H. £. Bartlett Oo.) 

249 Franklin, bds do. 
Annie S., widow Benjamin A., b. 126 

Carl G., silver plater, h 10 Oli^a 
Caroline T., widow William T., li 8C 

Charles F., machinist, h lO Court 
Charles J., physician and prof< 

Y. U., h 705 Elm 




Bftrtktt Ch&rles T., salesman 306 State, 

bds 30 Cbllege 
Debomli "MisB, h 150 Division 
£dwm &, Bhip joiner, h 60 Quinni- 

piac av 
P. H., emp R. R. shops, h 778 State 
fnmoes E., widow Horace E., h 249 

Auk A., salesman, bds 312 Orange 
Fmk P., clerk 784 Gliapel, rma 144 

St John 
Aederick M., emp R. R. shops, h 778 

Geoifre, emp M. F. Arms Co., h 

1250 State 
H. £. Co. (A. M. Bartlett and estate 

of H. R Bartlett), wholesale 

dealers in butter, eggs and 

cheeee 240 Franklin 
Julia A., widow George H., h 1250 

Uaria £., widow George W., h 06 

Uflrion, widow Albert H., h 312 Or- 
Maiy £. Miss, h 150 Division 
Hattie A., widow Walter L., bds 47 

Roeanna, widow William, h 812^ 

Congress av 
W. Fnmk, teller Union Trust Co., 

bds 30 CoUege 
William H., emp American Optical 

Co., h 172 Elleworth av 
William Z., clerk, h 18 Albert, W 

Zenas £., h 18 Albert, W Haven 
Buto Charles R, emp W. R A. Co., bds 

43 Edwards 
Danid R, emp W. R A. Co., h 43 

Barton Albert A., painter, bds 158 Lam- 

R B., derk (429) R R office bdg, 

bds 177 Rosette 
Galherine Hrs., emp West Haven 

Buckle Co., h 25 Washington 

Cornelia M., widow Valentine H., bds 

54 William 
Edgar L., oysterman, bds 169 Cedar 
PMerick, agent Adams Express Co. 

Union depot, h 199 Washington 

av, W Haven 
George Y., clerk (318) R R office 

bdg, h 250 Lombard 
3daiy E, widow Richard T., h 117 


Richard T., h 397 George 

Sydney £., widow Joshua, h 168 

Vtlter, emp W. R A. Co., bds 158 

William R, emp W. R A. Co., h 332 

Wmiam H., h 173 Exchange 

Bartram Edward C, motorman F. H. & 
W. R R Ca, h 106 DeWitt 
Sarah J., widow Edwin, bds 515 

Winthrop av 
S. C, h Dixwell av, Hamden 
— see Bertram 
Bartsch Charles, carriagemaker, h 66 Me- 
Frederick, emp M. F. Arms Co., h 
102 Nash 
Baxwald Fanny, widow Philip, bds 476 

Winthrop av 
Barwarsky Abraham, shoemaker 41 Oak, 
h do. 
Louis, city express, h 44 Oak 
Max, tailor, h 63 York 
Bary Martin, tailor, h 83^ Greene 

— see Barry 
Bascom Horace S., dentist 25 College, h 

Basconner Amanda, widow MiteheU, h 56 
WUliam F., locomotive fireman, bds 
56 Wilson 
Basham William, emp Smedley Co., bds 

183 Wooster 
Basner dSiristopher A., emp M. Piano Co., 
h 8 E Court, W Haven 
Gustav A., joiner emp Peck Bros. 
Co., bds 8 E Court, W Haven 
Bass Benjamin, emp Grand Opera House, 
bds Aldrich House 
John P., carpenter, h 105 Greenwich 
Basserman Amelia Miss, bds 1410 State 
Emily, widow Charles, bds 97 Web- 
George A., emp CJuinnipiac Brewing 

0>., h 1395 State 
George A. 2d, clerk 97 Webster, bds 

do. J 

Louisa D. Miss, h 1410 State 

ket and grocer 209 Grand av, h 
207 do.— See p 986 

F. Jacob, clerk 209 Grand av, bds 
207 do. 

Fred A., meat market 647 Grand av, 
h 238 Lombard 

George A., clerk 97 Webster, bds do. 

Peter S., h 900 State 
Bassermier — see Bassimier 
Bassett Abigail J. Miss, h 40 Hobart 

Benjamin F., painter, h 1250 State 

Caroline B. Miss, music teacher, bds 
131 Dwight 

Charles, emp H. Hooker & Co., rms 
137 St John 

Charles F., clerk (17) City Hall, bds 
150 Howard av 

Charles W., carpenter, h 352 Peck 

Edward L., real estate agent (300) 
42 Church, h 596 George 

Edwin H., painter, h 195 Bassett 

Edwin W., house painter r 685 Chap- 
el, h 167 Kimberly av 




Baasett £3iza Miss, rem to Mt. Carmel 
Elizabeth M. IVIiss, h 40 Hobart 
EUice £. Miss, housekeeper 13 Uni- 

VOTsity pi 
Ellis A., emp James A. Thorpe, h 42 

Frank, engineer Monarch Laundry 

Co., bds 119 Ellsworth av 
Fred E., rem to Bridgeport 
George A., carpenter and builder 

Ridge road, Whitneyville, h do. 
George J., pres. and treas. The John 

E. Bassett & Co. 754 Chapel, bds 

291 Shelton av 
George W., kegmaker, h 83 Maltby 
H. Ellsworth, salesman 217 Water, 

h 114 Center, W Haven 
Henry, emp N. H. Gas Co., h 182 

James L., h 13 Lewis 
Jane E., widow Judson L., bds 712 

Jennie E., widow Mark, h 119 Ells- 
worth av 
John A., clerk telephone office, h 140 

John E. (Bassett & Reeves) 6 

Church, h 437 Howard av 


hardware 754 Chapel and 318 

and 320 State — See inside back 

Joseph, teamster, bds 184 Di\ision 
Julia P. Mrs., bds 131 Main, W Ha- 
Julius G., boilermaker, h 77 Minor 
Leonard L., carriagemaker, h 53 

Marcus J., patternmaker, h 72 Cedar 

Hill av 
Marshall L., purveyor and mechanic, 

h off Chestnut west of Savin 

av, W Haven 
Mary Mrs., h 855 Grand av 
Newcomb M., clerk Dept of Public 

Works (17) City Hall, h 150 

Howard av 
Ralph L., farmer Dixwell av ab 

Church, High wood 
Robert, farmer, h 984 Dixwell av, 

Robert King, rem to North Haven 
Samuel A. (N. H. Shoe Co.) 846 

Chapel, h 139 High 
Samuel E., student, h 41 Lynwood 
Sarah A., widow Hiram T., h 302 

Sarah B., widow John, h 291 Shel- 
ton av 
Stephen, ornamental painter, h 102 

Kimberly av 
Stephen Jr., ornamental painter, bds 

102 Kimberly av 
Susanna, widow Charles D., h 231 


Bassett Thomas A. (Thomas Phillipe k 

Son) 143 High, h 238 Lawrence 
Wallace S., mason, h 119 Ellsworth 

Walter L., fireman, h 173 Hallock ay 
William F., emp The E. B. Sheldon 

Co., h 115 Portsea 
William H., clerk 744 Grand av, h 1 

Hemingway row, Quinnipiac av 
William S., dock master Belle Dock, 

h 131 Dwight 
& Reeves (John E. Bassett and John 

F. Reeves), sporting goods 5 

Bassetti Giovanni, laborer, h r 6 Factory 
Bassewitz Isaac, rem to New York 
Bassimier Frank, blacksmith, h 33 But- 
John, janitor Jewish Synagogue, h 

84 Congress av 
Basta Domenico, emp Sargent & Co., h 

105 Wallace 
Batali Antonio, fruit peddler, h 8 Prindle 
Bastian diaries F., meat and groceries 

748 State, h 79 Greene 
Batchelder Henry, emp 17 Crown, rms 37 

Lorenzo, carriage bodymaker, h 203 

& Lincoln Co., E. A. Beals manager, 

shoes (wholesale) (1) 94 Church 
Batchelor Mary, widow Frank, h 24 Gil- 
Bateman Frank L., clerk (127) R. R. 

office bdg, h 299 Campbell ar, W 

Bates Alvin A., coachman 198 Sherman 

av, h 19 Norton 
Anthony W., emp N. Y., X. H. & H. 

R. R., h 15 Waterside 
Arnold B., foreman 78 Water, h 37 

Richards, W Haven 
Augustus P., rem to Belchertown, 

Benjamin F., h 269 Munson 
Bernard C, emp L. C. Bates Co., bds 

276 Dixwell av 
Charles B., h 437 Orange 
Charles F., pres. and treas. N'atlonal 

Varnish Co., h 147 Quinnipiskc 

Charles H., brakeman, bds 15 Water- 
Charles H., carpenter, bds 269 Mun- 
Edward G., inspector N". H. 

Co., h 274 Ferry 
Eloisia L., widow George B 

Ezra T., sec. State Youn^ 

Christian Association of 

(43) 82 Church, h 24 :N'orton 
Frederick S., motorman F. H. ^ \y 

R. R. Co., bds 274 Ferry 
George N., h 266 Ferry 
Henry, mason, bds 266 Fen-y- 


h 27 





Bat«8 Henry H., sec. and treas. L. C. 

Batee Ck>. 52 Georige, h 280 Dix- 

well av 
J. Christopher, emp O. B. North & 

Ox, h 119 Bradley 
Joaeph, bds 15 Waterside 

BATES L. C. CO. T HK, wholesale but- 
ter, cheese and eggs 46 to 52 
George — See p 991 

Iceman U., trav. saleeman, h 505 Elm 
liewis C, pres. L. C. Bates Oo. 52 

George, h 276 Dixwell av 
Martha Mrs., bds 33 Hazel 
lilary £. Mrs., h 361 George 
Sarah R Miss, dressmaker, bds 27 

William D., locomotive fireman, h 

157 Franklin 
William 6., emp X. H. Clock Co., h 

65 Atwater 
William MacFarlan, emp Sargent & 
Co., bds 505 Elm 
Batie Stephen, laborer, h Giles,Whitney- 

Bttsford Ralph B., tel. operator emp 763 

Bitaon Wayland F., h 96 Dwight 
IVitt William, emp Greist Mfg. Co., h 280 

Hallock av 
BttUglini Michele, emp L. Candee & Co., 
h 57 Hill 
Raffaele, laborer, h 260 Hamilton 
Batteocli Ella, widow Thomas J., rem to 

Battell Chapel Y. U., College c Elm 
Hatter ^lorris, plumber and gasfitter 44 

Oak, h do. 
Battersby James C, carpenter, bds 33 
Kimberly av 
John ^I., electrician, h 182 Ivy 
Batterson Samuel, bds Springside Home 

William H., bds 63 Ferry 
Battimane Vinoenzo, emp Sargent & Co., 

h 13 Locust 
Battin Fiances E. Mrs., h 395 Temple 
Battis Fkiederick W., janitor Music Hall, 

h Third av c White, W Haven 
Battistenni Giovanni, emp E. A. Qiat- 

fidd ft Co., h 67 Grant 
Batty James, emp Sargent & Co., h Main 

• Banbv John, h 31 Oak 

Stephen, teamster, bds 31 Oak 
Bander WHliam W., emp W. R. A. Co., h 
36 Ivy 
Augustus, emp M. & H. Shoe Ca, 
bds 38 Ann 
Charles, emp W. R. A. Co., h 291 

Winchester av 
Charles C, saloon 45 Bristol, h 57 

Winchester av 
F. Sigmnnd, clerk, bds 55 Perkins 
George J., carpenter, h 20 Richards, 

W Haven 
^5«wge W., emp M. & H. Shoe Co., h 
161 Plymouth 

Bauer G. Pauline Miss, stenographer 
Strong, Barnes, Hart & Co., bds 
55 Perkins 

Jacob, foreman M. & H. Shoe Co., h 
38 Ann 

Jacob Jr., bds 38 Ann 

John G., emp N. H. Clock Co., h 35 
Lamson n Campbell av, W Ha- 

Philip, painter, h 124 Adeline 

Philip, cigarmaker, h 75 Ashmun 

Sigmund (Bauer & Dietz) 17 Grand 
av, h 55 Perkins 

William G., pressman, bds 38 Ann 

& Dietz (S. Bauer and Louis Dietz), 
barbers 17 Grand av 

— see Baur 
Baum George H., collector, h 152 Oar- 

James, emp Grand Opera House, bds 
275 Portsea 

John, emp N. H. Rattan Co., rms 394 
Edgewood av 

William, agent Jersey Car Spring 
Rubber Co., h 275 Portsea 

William Jr., designer, bds 275 Port- 

Bauman Carrie E., widow John, h 98 

Emil, painter, rms 799 Grand av 
George W., bookkeeper 239 State, h 

98 Ward 
Mary Miss, teacher Winchester 

School, bds 98 Ward 
Samuel, emp 81 Day, bds 98 Ward 
Baumann Frederick R., emp M. Piano 

Co., h 4 Barclay 
Jennie Mrs., h 52 Lawrence 
Kathrina Mrs., h 5 Lyon pi 
Morris, sec. and treas. The Baumann 

Rubber Co. 340 Congress av, h 

86 Ward 
Otto, mechanic, h 34 NicoU 


mfrs. druggists' rubber goods 
340, 342 and 344 Congress av— 
See p 890 
Baumas Sumner H., rem to New York 
Baumel Joseph, h 20 Avon 
Baumer Amelia Mrs., emp Strouse, Adler 
& Co., bds 232 Munson 
Charles, emp P. Bros. & Co., h 85 

Winchester av 
Lizzie Miss, emp W. R. A. Co., bds 

17 Shelton av 
Louis, brass turner, bds 17 Shelton 

Matthias, h 17 Shelton av 
William F., emp W. R. A. Co., bds 
17 Shelton av 
Baumgart Charles M., emp W. R. A. Co., 

bds 364 Dixwell av 
Baumgartel Amo, tinsmith, h 77 Cedar 

Hill av 
Baun Christian, grocer and meat market 

295 Oak, h 119 Orchard 
Baur Bernard J. (Baur's Novelty Co.) 
(30) 69 Church, rms do. 




Baur Gustav H., mechanic, h 44 Winter 
GuBtay H. Mrs., dresBinalcer 44 Win- 
ter, h do. 
J. E. (Baur'B Novelty Go.) (30) 69 

Church, res New York 
Joaepli A., professor of languages 143 
York, h da 
Baur'B Novelty Co. (Bernard J. and J. £. 
Baur), dealers novelties (30) 69 
Bauroth Gustave, emp W. R. A. Co., h 

286 Feck 
Bauton — see Beauton 
Bavier George H., emp (418) R. R. <^ce 
bdg, bds 118 LAwrenoe 
Nelson, rem to Springfield, Mass. 
Nelson A., milk dealer, h 317 Ex- 
Bawarslnr Abraham, shoemaker 41 Oak, 

n do. 
Bawden — see Borden 

Baz John H., clerk 92 George, h 25 Olive 
Bazmann August, cabinetmaker, h 245 

Greenwich av 
Baxt Meyer, h 16 Rose 
Baxter Calvin A., h Valley 

George R., emp W. R. A. Co., h 27 

Bhelton av 
Lester G., hostler 141 Union, rms 471 
Bayer Qiarles, confectionery and bakery 

4 Eleventh, W Haven, h da 
Bayles Edward, emp F. A. GJoodyear & 
Son, bds 69 Richards, W Haven 
John C, h 69 Richards, W Haven 
Bayless M. Bertha Miss, clerk 853 Chapel, 

bds 1157 da 
Bayley Elizabeth Miss, captain Salvation 

Army, h 179 Chestnut 
Bayliss Arthur W., mason, h 103 Broad- 
W. James, mason, h 92 Dixwell av 
Bazevich Henry, emp 81 Day, h 113 Oak 
Beach Algernon 0., farmer, h Putnam av, 
Anna R. Miss, bds 424 Chapel 
Catherine, rem to Bristol 
Charles C, farmer, h Quinnipiac av 

n North Haven line 
Charles F., carriage trimmer, h 24 

Charles H., rem to Denver, Col. 
Charles P., bds 271 Munson 
QyruB A., h 185 Front 
Edson S., bookkeeper 65 Church, h 

60 Greene 
Edward C, h 424 Chapel 
Edward T., trav. salesman, h 42 

Elizabeth C, widow Dennis N., emp 

116 Church, h 17 Brown 
Ella C. Miss, bds 615 George 
Ellen B., widow Elijah, h 44 Lyon 
Elliott F., engineer, h 173 Howard 

Emily K. Miss, bds 70 Howe 

Beach Emily S., widow George E., h 86 

Emma A., widow Wallace EL, h 63 

Ernest B., emp Sargent & Co., h 217 

Second av, W Haven 
Esther Miss, bds 237 Dixwell et 
Frances J., widow Asa B., h 227 

Sherman av 
Francis G., lawyer (15) 179 Chureh, 

h 74 Wan 
Frank O., h Dixwell av, Highwood 
Frederick K, professor ci physics T. 

U., bds 44 Lyon 
George L., h 424 Chapel , 

GeoKge L., conductor Shore line Div., 

res East Haven 
HaxTT, emp Sargent & Ck>., bds 180 

Henry E., carriagemaker, h 60 

Henry K., music teacher and ofganr 

ist, h 178 Sherman av 
Herbert M., emp P. Bros. & Co., bdi 

433 Howard av 
House, Louis Moegling prop.. Beach 

c Grove, Savin Rock, W Haven 
Jane, widow William, h 8 Gardoi 
John G., painter, bds 1 Prospect^ W 

John K., lawyer (Beach A; Fiahec^ 

(15) 179 Caiurch, h 450 Temple 
Julius G., foreman P. Bros. Sl Co., h 

433 Howard av 
Laura E., widow Edward, h 615 

L. Jennie Miss, bds 615 Georoe 
Lorenzo C, emp L. Candee & Oo., bdi 

33 Bradley 
Louisa M., widow William £L, b S 

University pi 
Ludnda C. Mrs., bds 125 Wall 
Lucy A., widow William 6., bds 36 

Maria T., widow Rev. J. WicklifTe, h 

70 Howe 
Maiy C, widow Geoige T.^ h 1316 

Mary K Miss, bds 615 George 
Mary E., widow M. B., h 1 Proapect, 

W Haven < 

Mary E., widow Henry 0., h. 40 Gil- | 

bert av 
M. Louisa Mra, bds 91 Exchange 
Rebecca D. Miss, h 78 Wall 
Robert C, hamessmaker 73 Orange^ ' 

h 40 Gilbert av 
Thomas B., nurse 262 York, bds doc 
Wilbur K, deputy sheriff (lO) 818 

Chapel, res Montowese 
William, rubber worker, h. 252 

William D., student, bda 8 XJniver^ 

sity pi 
William R., painter, bds 1 Prospect, 

W Haven 
William T., farmer, bds Quinnipiac 

av n town line 




Beach ft Fisher (John K. Beach and 
Samnel H. Fisher), lawyers (15) 
179 Church 
BeidaiD Emily V., widow Alhert B., bds 

846 State 
Beadle Laura, widow Joseph B., h 554 
Thomas E., emp N. T., N. H. & H. 

B. B., h 278 Hallock av 
?^]]iam, rent agent N. Y., N. H. ft 
H. R. R. (220) B. B. office bdg, 
res Port Chester, N. Y. 
Beal Joseph, saloon 237 Wallace,h 239 do. 
Beak Daniel, teamster, h 76 Hudson 
Joseph H. Bev., editor, h 317 Ferry 
T^Iliam W., elerator tender, h 29 
Beals Edward A., manager Batchelder ft 
lincoln Ca (1) 94 Church, res 
Springfield, Mass. 
i>— M^«^ William K, printer Whitney av, 
Whitneyville, h do. 
Charles O., forconan 106 Park, bds 
99 Howe 
CSiarlotte A., widow Albert B., h 40 

Edward W., bicycle repairer, h 18 

GE020E W. bicycle dealer and 
repairer 766 State, h 133 Brad- 
ley—See p 967 
Sofus W., engineer, h 68 Third av, 

W Haven 
fooieer, laborer, h 387} Orchard 
William A. (W. A. Bean ft Co.) 17 

Crown, h 66 Whitney av 
William A. ft Co. (William A. Bean), 
bicycle dealers and repairers 17 
William H., machinist, h 19 Osboim 
Wmiam Hill, bds 40 Pleasant 
Bcaid Edward L., emp H. G. Shepard ft 
Sons, h 67 Wolcott 
Grace A. 3lis8, bds 4 Alden, West- 

Theodore R Jr., physician 163 Woos- 
ter, h do. 

Henxy B., clerk 8 Grand ay, 
bds 292 Lenox 
Joseph, h 292 Lenox 
Mdiiaaa Hiss, stenographs 289 State, 
bds 292 Lenox 

Albert^ farmer, h Morse, High- 
Aliee A. Miss, stenographer emp 60 

Cofort, bds 668 Chapd 
Ambrose E., stamp deputy internal 
Te?enue P. O. bdg, h 376 George 
Charles F., pres. The D. C. Beardsley 

0(». 85 Water, res Milf oid 
GbRnee L, clerk 90 Orange, bds 313 

CMord 0., painter 105 Oown, h 17 

Dix^-ell av 
Osaneliiis R., carpenter, bds Peck av 
• c Ninth, W Haven 

netmakers, wood turners, man- 
tels, packkig boxes 85 Water — 
See p 1000 
DeWitt C, sec. and treas. The D. C. 
Beardsley Co. 85 Water, h 77 
Edward C, com. trav., bds 88 dark 
Edward C, paper hanger, h 78 Win- 
chester av 
Elizabeth M. Miss, h 30 Elm 
Emma Mrs., housekeeper 85 dark 
Eugene 0., h 110 Eimberly av 
George E., h 110 Kimberly av 
George F., salesman Hoyt Beef and 

Produce Co., h 105 Boeette 
George H., joiner, h 1414 State 
Harry H., bds 56 Peck av, W Haven 
Harry J., student, bds 41 Howe 
H. C. I^Irs., rem to Palestine, Tex* 
Henry B., broker, h 41 Howe 
Henry L., painter, h 278 Cedar 
Hiram C. (Beardsley ft Story) 676 
Chapel, h Orchard c Elm, W Ha- 
J. Franklin, emp B. H. Brown, bds 
110 Kimberly av 

BEABDSLEY LEWIS H. painter and 

paper hangings 952 Grand av, h 

6 Artizan— -See p 1025 
Meeker, engineer, h 73 Woolsey 
Beginald A. J., plumber, bds 140 

Main, W Haven 
Susan P. Mrs., h 196 Savin av, W 

William A. Bev., rector St Thomas' 

Church, h 64 Grove 
William A., emp W. B. A. Co., h 177 

William E., switchman, h 79 Dwight 
William H., in U. S. Army 
WUlis H., baker 67 Hallock, h 314 

Columbus av 
ft Story (Hiram C. Beardsley and 

Franklin L. Story), stoves, 

plumbing, etc. 676 diapel 
Bearhalter Joseph, cigarmaker, h 1283 

Beattie Edward, laborer, h 157 Harriet 
Edward Jr., pliunber, bds 157 Har- 
James, foreman L. C. Gilbert Co., h 

36 St. John 
James, emp 1 Whalley av, rms do. 
John, laborer, h 48 Walnut 
Patrick, emp P. Bros, ft Ca, bds 48 

WOliam H., gardener, h 101 Butler 
Beatty Emma, widow Nathaniel, h 18 

John J., laborer, h 217 Commerce 
Starch Co. The, starch mfrs. 216 

— see Beattie 
Beauchamp Marcel, carpenter, bds 921 

Grand av 





Beauchea AlphozLse, in U. S. Army 

Charles, engiiieer, bds 128 Blatchley 

George W., painter, h 213 Henry 
Beaudoin Winfrai, rem to New York 
Beaulah Edward A., ins. agent, rms 75 

Edgewood av 
Beaumont Charles, clerk (220) R. R. 
office bdg, h 83 Elinor 

Christian, laborer, bds 61 Greene 

Clifton, machinist, bds 48 Henry 

John W., trav. auditor N. Y., N. H. 
& H. R. R., bds 265 Howard av 

Julius, machinist, h 459 Blatchley 
Beauton Edward, emp N. H. Clock Co., 
h 83 Monroe 

James, emp 19 £ Pearl, h 89 Mon- 

James, emp P. Bros. & Co., h 182 

James C, plumber, h 139 Monroe 

John F., carpenter, h 416 East 

John M., emp N. H. Clock Co., bds 
139 Monroe 

Martin, emp P. Bros. & Co., bds 89 

William, night watchman, h 6 Mar- 

William F., sec. Domestic Laundry 
Co. 738 Grand av, h 17 Bishop 
Beau vis William, machinist, h 159 Pop- 
Beazley Edward, bds 701 Chapel 

William M., inspector S. N. E. Tel. 
Co., rms 123 Wooster 
Becher Herman, emp R. R. shops, rms 

174 Portsea 
Beck Adam, gardener, bds 266 Campbell 
av, W Haven 

Ambrose, laborer, h Fitch n old stone 

Carl H., clerk 1134 State, bds 1136 

Emil, h 64 Franklin 

Frank C, porter Adams Express Co. 
Union depot, h 37 Ann 

Frank H., window dresser 786 Chap- 
el, rms 120 Wooster 

Frederick G., bookkeeper 113 Rail- 
road av, bds 25 Warren pi 

George, laborer, h 63 Day 

George E., foreman body dept. A. T. 
Demarest, h 98 Elliott 

Gustave A., emp M. F. Arms Co., h 
Beacon av 

John, saloon 362 Blatchley av, h 25 
Warren pi 

John, hack driver, rms 25 Audubon 

John G., baker 498 State and 347 
Congress av. h 349 do. 

BECK M. J. CO. THE. wholesale and 
retail liquor dealers 136 Con- 
gress av and 800 Grand av — See 
p 1043 

Beck Morris J., pres. The M. J. Beck Go. 

136 Congress av and 800 Grand 

av, h 120 Chestnut 
Philopine, widow Jacob, bds 71 Ofu- 

Sigmund C, soapmaker Gilbert c 

Westfield, Allingtown, h do. 
Theodore C, hackman ^np r 1038 

Chapel, h 157^ Congress av 
Theodore J., clerk 665 Grand a?, h 

102 St. John 
Thomas, laborer, h 315 Wallace 
William, grocery and meats 64 Oar- 

mel, h 62 do. 
Beckel William, emp W. R. A. Co., bds 

317 Dixwell av 
Becker Abraham, peddler, h (16) 63 York 
Hugo, clerk 92 George, h 88 do. 
Jacob, rag dealer, h 107 Oak 
Jacob, second-hand furniture 16 Oak, 

h do. 
Joseph, cabinetmaker, h 81 Wash- 
ington av 
Robert, emp 72 Center, bds 63 York 
— see Backer and Baker 
Beckert Charles F., baker, bds 476 Colum- 
bus av 
Fred W., foreman Greist Mfjg. Go., h 

69 Bamett 
George W., baker, bds 476 Cblumbus 

Mary A., widow John, h 476 Colum- 
bus av 
William E., emp C. Cowles & Co., bds 

476 Columbus av 
Beckley Charles F., bds 300 Howard av 
Cordelia, widow William A., h 691 

Elihu A., pres. and treas. Crosby k 

Beckley Co., (804) 42 Church, h 

300 Howard av 
Frank A., pres. The W. A. Beckley 

Co. 167 Water, h 591 Orange 
Oliver E., bookkeeper (804) 42 

Church, bds 300 Howard av 
Truman C, stenographer emp 40^ 

State, bds 300 Howard av 

BECKIEY W. A- CO. THE, lumbw ^ 

dealers 167 Water — See p 997 
— see Baechle 
Beckman Henry, barber, h 87 Cedar 
Otto F., glazier, h 117 Water 
William, emp M. Piano C6-, b 45 

First av, W Haven 
William T., barber 91 Cedar, h do. 
Beckstein Arthur, emp W. & E, T. Fitch, 

bds E Grand av n Vale 
Charles W., painter, bds 443 Grand 

Elizabeth, widow Jacob W., h E 

Grand av n Vale 
Beckwith Addison V., blacksmith, h west 

end Elm, W Haven 
Burton B., rem to N"orthainpto!i 
D. Francis, rem to Boston.. Ma.aa. 




Beckwith Edward, emp N. H. Ice Co., 
ims 460 State 
Fnmk, emp R. R. shops, bds weet 

end Elm, W Haven 
Fiink £., physician 139 Church, h 

Gwtge H., cabinetmaker, h Smith c 

Third av, W Haven 
Gordon, Balesmnn 97 Orange, bds 18 

James D., clerk, h 41 Charles 
John, rem to Saybrook 
John D., bds 79 Pine 
Joseph, pilot steamer C. H. Northam, 

h 246 Kimberly av 
Joseph 6., emp r 1038 Chapel, h 124 

L F. MiB., nurse, h 356 Peck 
Maiy T. Mrs., h 120 Oannel 
William, bds 246 Kimberly av 
William £., diemaker, h 17 Edgar 
WiUiam IL, derk 1225 Chapel, h 332 
BedeO Amoe S., machinist, h 133 Spring 
Anne £., widow Samuel S., h 57 

Charles A., foreman mason C. D. 

Kinney, h 337 Howard av 
David B., trav. salesman, h 416 How- 
ard av 
Edwin G., bookkeeper 329 Howard 

av, bds 337 do. 
George W. P., rem to Middletown 
George W. P. Mrs., bookkeeper Am. 

Wringer Co., bds 22 Cassius 
Janet D. Miss, bookkeeper, bds 57 

Lillian M. Miss, teacher, bds 57 Park 
Lydia A., widow Daniel, bds 431 Or- 
Spencer B., clerk 770 Chapel, bds 337 
Howard av 
Bedcnt Henry, h 24 Warren 
fieder Henry, emp Sargent & Co., h r 695 
Grand av 
: IMIord L. H., switchman, rms 473 State 
fiedworth Frank T., emp W. R. A Co., 
h 54 Willis 
George, emp W. R. A. Co., h 316 
Winchester av 
, John £., rem to Dion, N. Y. 
I Thomas 8., emp W. R. A. Co., h 9 
I Lilac 

i IMw Alonzo S., agent blank books, h 56 
Arthnr M., emp 89 Goffe, h 635 

fieiae M. Miss, stenographer emp 
(903) 865 Chapd, bds 32 Grove 
CSarenee P., with Sargent ft Ca, bds 

66 Wmiam 
£. Bavraon, conductor W. Av. R. R. 

Co., h 21 New, W Haven 
Eddis Mies, clerk 23 Elm, bds 110 

Beebe Edgar M., air brake inspector, h 17 

George H., bookkeeper 74 Crown, h 
125 Elm, W Haven 

Geoige W., carpenter, h 21 Carmel 

Harriet L., widow Elias, nurse, h 110 

Harry M., locomotive fireman, bds 17 

H. Cornelia, widow RoUin H., bds 13 
Wood, W Haven 

Henry A, clerk 127 Church, h 26 

Herbert F., bookkeeper W. R. A Co., 
h 254 Winthrop av 

Horace W., electrician, h Howard c 
Sherland av 

James F., foreman N. F. B. & P. Co., 
317 Congress av, h 32 Grove 

Lemuel C, conductor New London 
Div., h 157 Howard av 

Luden J., emp W. R. A. Co., h 16 

Marion Mrs., h First av c Wood, W 

Martha R. Mrs., h 9 E Court, W 

Nelson A, emp H. Hooker & Co., h 
61 Pine 

Oscar N., emp W. H. Buckle Co., h 
16 Wallace, W Haven 

Robert O., derk 21 Center, h 63 Ad- 

Sarah A. Mrs., nurse, bds 460 State 

Shirley, clerk 245 Dixwdl av, bds 21 

S. W., widow Seth, h 1505 Chapd 

Theodore E., pastor Christian Evan- 
gelical Church, h 40 Whalley av 

Ward S., overseer East Rock Park, 
bds 40 Hobart 

William, professor Y. U., h 262 Brad- 

Wilson E., plumber, h 19 Rosette 

Winfield S., contractor W. R. A. Co., 
h 89 Gregory 
Beecher Albert W., clerk P. Bros. & Co., 
h 294 Humphrey 

Alice M. Miss, emp S. N. E. Tel. Co., 
bds 477 Congress av 

Ambrose Y., reporter Evening 
Leader, bds 34 Summer 

Aonie M. Miss, h 33 Sylvan av 

Augusta M., widow Franklin, h 141 

Aymer J., salesman, h 149 livings- 

Charles E., Ph.D., prof, in paleontol- 
ogy Peabody Museum, h 610 Or- 

Charles L., clerk 101 Church, h 326 
Sherman av 

David, apprentice, bds 255 Hamil- 

Dennis, peddler, bds 18 E Grand 




Beecher Ebenezer 6., with Diamond 
Match Ck). and pres. Greist Mfg. 
Go., h 25 Harrison 

BEECHES EDWAED C. ^^ estate 

and insurance, auctioneer and 

notary public 149 Orange, h 688 

do.— See P 938 

Eliza» widow Henry, h 477 Oongress 

E. Louise Mrs., h 106 Olive 

Elson E., h 69 Bamett 

Eugene A., ass't treas. Conn. Sayings 
Bank, h 329 George 

Evelyn, h 116 Dwight 

Fannie, widow Darius G., h 96 St 

Folding Bicycle Stand Co., mfrs. bi- 
cycle stands 67 Court 

Frank E., clerk Post Office, bds 34 

Frederick, shipping clerk emp Ed- 
ward Wines, h 107 Orchard 

Frederick E., clerk Sargent & Co., 
bds 34 Summer 

George H., rms 140 Franklin 

Glosson H., expressman, h 13 Alton 

Harold G., clerk 406 State, bds 221 

Henry W. (Beecher & Bennett) 280 
Elm, h 315 Edgewood av 

James G., naval draughtsman, h 221 


J. Dunlap (WuL H. Beecher & Son) 

(3) 831 Chapel, h 167 Blake 
Jennette Mrs., h 272 Front 
Jeremiah B., saloon 173 Wooster, h 

16 Warren 
John, saloon 257 Hamilton, h 255 

Kate L. Miss, bds 19 Alden 
L. Wheeler, manager Diamond Match 

C6., h 986 Whalley av 
Lyman A., foreman IMamond Match 

Co., h 1400 Chapel 
Mabel L. Miss, ass't librarian Public 

Library, bds 329 George 
Martha L. Miss, derk 794 Chapel, 

bds 568 do. 
Mary E., widow Mariner, h 220 Dav- 
enport av 
Maud S. Miss, bds 477 Cragress av 
M. Grace Miss, teacher mishington 

School, bds 220 Davenport av 
Nellie, widow Virgil M., emp 914 

Chapel, h 557 Winthrop av 
Remedy Co., patent medicine mfrs. 

306 Columbus av 
Robert W. Mrs., h 272 Front 
Sarah G. Miss, h 187 Davenport av 
Thomas, blacksmith, h 34 Summer 
Wallace E. F. (Beecher Remedy Co.) 

306 Columbus av, h do. 
Wilhelmina A., widow Eugene S., bds 

306 Columbus av 
William E., bookkeeper 302 State, 

bds 329 George 

Beecher William H. (Wm. H. Beecher k 
Son (3) 831 Chapel, h 213 Crown 
William H., icepeddler, h 7 Eimbo^ 
ly av, W Biaven 

BEECE^ WTTT.TAif H. ft 801 

(William H. Beecher and J. 
Dunlap Beecher), real estate, 
loan and insurance ag^ts (3) 
831 Chapel— See p 039 
WiUiam S., director of Public Wocb 
(17) aty HaU, h 283 Blake 


Beecher and James M. BeonettK 

undertakers 280 Elm— See front 

col'd p XI 
Beeching John W., messoiger Adams Ei- 

press Co., rms 106 Mansfield 
Sarah M. Mrs., h 144 St John 
Bemn Bic^, policeman, h 079 State 
BEEGAN JOHN B. plumber, steam and 

gas fitter 962 State, bds 979 da 

—See p 912 
John W., machinist, bds 400 East 
Lawrence, molder, bds 400 East 
Lawrence F., emp W. R. A. Co., bdi 

979 State 
Mchael B., molder, h 400 East 
Michael J., saloon 398 East^ res An- 

Patrick J., toolmaker, h 376 Grand 

Thomas P., plumber, bds 079 State 
William J., machinist, bds 400 Bait 


^Chambers prop., file mfr. 191 

Olive— See p 906 
Beehler Charles J., derk 33 Broadway, 

bds 25 Albert, W Haven 
George F., emp L. Candee dt Co., h 

266 Ferry 
John F., mason, h 25 Albert^ W Ha- 
Beeler Sarah A., widow Rob^rt^ nune, 

bds 165 Woodward av 
Beeman Charles C, mir. hoes and lawft 

trimmers Whitney Paxk, h da 
Frank W., emp R. R. shops, h 259 

Beemer Alma Miss, emp 834 Chapel, bds 

52 Gregory 
Benjamin E., rem to Bridgep<Mrt 
Louise Mrs., h 52 Gregory 
Beers Amos J., wholesale fruit and 

duce 259 and 261 Stat^ h~ 

Ansel J., h 33 Pearl 
Burton M, clerk Sai^gent db Go., 

134 Wooster 
Carl E., clerk 221 Water, bds 1( 

Charles, foreman E. P. Brett, h 1( 

Charles A., brakeman, h, 226 Gi 

wich av 
Charles L., manager Ludwiff 

Co. 99 Church, h do. 




Been Chsriotte P., widow John P., miuic 
teacher 22 High, h do. 
C&fford W., rem to New Toik 
Duiei L., rem to Northf ord 
Bncr ILy mechanic, bds 7 Lake pi 
Bhin J. Mrs., h 114 Blatchley ay 
IhMBt B., dispatcher N. L. Div. 
(110) R. R. office bdg, h 36 Ver- 
Aink, rem to Norwich 
Geoige R, lawyer (Arvine & Been) 

(601) 42 dburch, h 31 Lake pi 
George M., bookkeeper^ bds 130 Cot- 
Geoige 6., tray, saleaman, h 42 Syl- 
Tan ay 

nT., bookkeeper N. H. Water 
., h 409 Geoige 
Heniy A., professor T. U., h 25 Ver- 
Houy C9a7, bookkeeper N. H. Wa- 
ter Co., h 130 Howe 
Herbert T., ccmductor Berkshire Diy., 
h 90 Cedar 

BSEB8 JAKES M. b^- carriage wheel 

and special machinery basement 

366 Congress ay, h 68 Aeylun^^ 

See p 896 
Josef^ B., emp N. Y., N. H. & H. R. 

k, h 64 Spring 
Lester J., painter N. H. Hospital, 

bds do. 
Lottie B., widow William H., dress- 
maker, h 91^ Greene 
Lonisa D.« widow James, bds 242 

Ifaria P., widow Orlando, bds 616 

Nancy R, widow Harmon, bds 16 W 

Elm, Westyille 
Nancy W., widow Smith, bds 416 

Natlian J., druggist 279 Edgewood 

ay, h 378 George , 

Robert A., ins. canyasser (214) 866 

Chapel, h 103 Bishop 
Samnd R., bds 103 Bishop 
Thomas J., h 134 Wooster 
William A., photographer 760 Chap- 

^ h 106 York 
WilHam R., machinist, h 72 Ken- 
Wmiam L, h 12 High 

Robert L., machinist W. R. A. 

Ob., bds 68 Tyler 
Thomas H., horseshoer, h 299i Or- 

c hsid 
wmiam, emp Seamless Rubber Co., 
h 68 Tyler 
Baal, salocm 762 Grand ay, h 764 

Amle, widow John, h 678 Grand 

Annie Miss, rem to Bristol 
carpenter, h 123 TUlmore 

Sogene, emp W. U. Tel. Co., bds 
2ie state 

Behl Frank, rem to Ansonia 
Behler Andrez, emp Elm City Nurseries, 
h 881 Whalley ay 
Catherine, widow Conrad, h 102 Ocm- 

diaries, spinner, bds 102 Congress ay 
Conrad, emp C. Cowles & Co., bds 

102 Congress ay 
Gotlieb, bds 82 Gregory 
Henry, filer, h 202 Munson 
John, emp (X Cowles & Co., bds 102 

Congress ay 
Louis D., sup't 42 Church, rms (900) 

Samuel, emp Grdst Mfg. Co., bds 881 

Whalley av 
Samuel £., janitor 42 Church, rms 
(900) do. 
Behn Herman, surveyor, h 980 State 
Behrend Max £., tailor, h 452 Congress 

Behrens Frederick W. H., yamisher, h 
Clinton ay n Front ay, W Ha- 
George, saloon Spring c Front ay, W 

Hayen, h do. 
Henry, rem to New York 
John A., inq. 13 Admiral 
— see Behrend 
Bdmler Amanda, widow George H., h 63 
Dora M. Miss, emp P. J. Cronan 
Paper Box Co., bds 238 FrankUn 
William A., emp N. H. Clock Co., h 
316 Exchange 
Bein Daniel, emp 162 Meadow, h 88 
William A., sup't Shoninger Co., h 
609 Chapel 
Beinhauer Mary Mrs., nurse, bds 482 

Bdns Philip, dining room 306 Wooster, 

rms 69 Union 
Beird Lydia A., widow Robert, h 166 

Winchester ay 
Beime Hugh M., emp R. R. shops, h 14 
James J., smith helper, h 68 Charles 
Patrick, emp Sargent & Co., bds 7 
seo O'Beime 
Beisler Antone, emp 20 Ferry, bds do. 

Simon, saloon 20 Ferry, h do. 
Belardino Giuseppe, emp Sargent ft Co., 

h 240 Wallace 
Bdasco Joeeph, dgarmaker, h 214 New- 
Mordecai, dgarmaker 20 Church, h 

72 York 
Morris, rem to Chicago, HI. 
Belcaste Domenico, laborer, bds 47 Hill 
Belcher George H., saloon, h 146 Portsea 
John D., h 42 Church, W Hayen 
LUlian Miss, clerk (I) 82 Church, 
bds 61 Oliye 



Belden Charles W., clerk 744 Grand av, 
bds 264 Front 

Frank H. (Thompson & Belden) 396 
and 398 State, h 186 Sherman av 

Frank H., aas't sec. R. R. branch Y. 
M. C. A., h 405 Washington av 

Frank H. Jr., com. trav. and sub- 
scription agency 732 Elm, h do. 

Frederick M., clerk Saxigent & Ck>., 
rms 26 Academy 


and works Tryon c Whalley av 

—See p 902 

Maria C, widow Seth, h 70 Admiral 

Russell A., pres. and treas. Belden 

Machine Co. Tryon c Whalley 

av, h 14 Svlvan av 

Walter W., emp N. H. Oock Co., bds 

131 Franklin 
Watson M., clerk, h 264 Front 
William, emp N. H. Clock Co., h 131 
Belfonte Martin, rem to Ansonia 
Bell Alexander, rem to Nova Scotia 
Harry, waiter, inq. 83 Webster 
James, coal and wood 83 Webster, 

h do. 
James Jr., rem to Orange 
John, shoemaker 298 Elm, h 65 Arch 
John F., carpet cleaner, h 38 Sperry 
John J., confectioner 178 Orange, bds 

Lee A., barber, rms 82 Prince 
Richard, gardener, h 30 Edwards 
Robert, major Salvation Army, h 529 

Winthrop av 
Thomas, watchman steamer Conti- 
nental, rms do. 
Virginia, widow George W., h 91 

W*ashington D., bookbinder, h 556 

William, joiner, bds 91^ Greene 
Bellamy Henry J., emp Walter Smedley, 

h 290 Wallace 
Belle Dock Hotel, Mrs. Marie Xolte prop.. 

Water junc. Bridge 
Bellin — see Berland 
Bellino Antonio, barber 150 Washington 

av, h 37 Chestnut 
Bellitlieri Emilio, bootblack 176 Court, h 

11 Dow 
Bellman Joeeph, policeman, h 56 Henry 
Belloise Giuseppe, barber 241^ Congress 

av, h 12 Davenport av 
Bellomo Giuseppe, laborer, h 84 Pierpcmt 
Bellosa Frederick, physician 209 Orange, 

h do. 
Belmont E. Mrs., h 975 Grand av 
Beloff Bamett, mason, h r 22 Gold 

Fishel, real estate, h 252 Cedar 
Belser Joeeph, grocer and boatman, h 
Morris Cove road, Morris Cove 
Sophia Miss, nurse 1418 Chapel, bds 


Belshew James, h 521 Elm 

James Mrs., dressmaker 521 Elm, h 
Belton Jennie Miss, matron Hope Nur- 
sery 107 Hill, h do. 
Belvizo Emil, shoemaker 106 Putnam, h 

Belz Charles F., clerk 649 Grand av, bds 
828 do. 
Frank, h 20 Pond 
George, emp Pond Lily Co., bds 261 

Katharina, widow Charles A., h 82S 
Grand av 
Bement Charles E., foreman Sargent & 
Co., h 9 Hughes pi 
Edward P., rem to New Britain 
Harry E., pipeman Steamer No. 7, h 

10 Hughes pi 
Louis, mechanic, bds 14 Sylvan av 
Bemies Maria Miss, h 423 Prospect 
Benard Carlos, emp R. R. shops, h 57 

Bence George W., saloon 95 Washington 
av, h do. 
Thomas, hackman, h 25 Washington 
Bencivenga Francesco, laborer, bds 41 

Bendd Frank W., polisher, h 48 Law- 
Bender August, clerk 251 Davenport, av, 
bds do. 
August, h 30 Butler 
Robert, saloon 1278 State, h do. 
— see Binder 
Benedetto Andrew, barber emp 1329 

State, bds 1341 do. 
Benedict Adolphus, trav. salesman, h 24 
Arthur C, receiving clerk W. R. A 

Co., h 25 Maple 
Building, 82 Church and 59 Oenter 
Charles W., hoisting engineer Belle 

Dock, h 149 Fairmont av 
Clifford E.,fireman4i 140 Howard av 
Downs & Co. (Frank W. Benedict, J. 
Willis Do^ns and John T. Man- 
son), wholesale coal dealers (2) 
82 CSiurch 
Edward, carpenter, bds 12 Christo- 
Edward M., clerk 339 Howard av, 

bds 24 Vernon 
Eliza, widow Geoige, h 238 Munson 
Frank W. (Benedict, Downs & Ox) 

(2) 82 Church, h 5 Howe 
George R., emp W. R. A. Co., bds 

238 Munson 
George W. L. (Benedict & Oa) 80 

Church, bds 82 Wall 
Harriet Mrs., nurse, rms 22 Trum- 
Henry H., pres. The Benedict ft Pai^ 
dee Co. 98 Meadow, h Townaend 
av n Beacon HiU 




Benedict Henry H. Jr., shipping clerk 98 
Meadow, bds Townaend av n 
Beacon Hill 
Htiriet M. Mrs., dressmaker, h 103 

Giand ay 
JofaB A., rem to Shelton 
Lucy T., widow Charles W., clerk 
(15) 49 Church, bds 568 Chapel 
Mvy A., widow Truman, bda 33 Obs- 

M117 £. Mrs., bds 96 Eaton 
Smh A., widow Edward, h 12 Chris- 
Sanh J., widow Willis, h 371 Crown 
Tbomaa E., oysterman, h 37 Sea 
William C, farmer, bds Pine Rock 
BEHEDICT & CO. (George W. L. 
Botedict and George T. and Mil- 
ton H. Bradley), coal and wood 
80 Church and 112 Water— See 
back cover 
k Pardee Co. The, wholesale coal 
dealers 98 Meadow 
Benell Louis, cook, h 114 Geoige 
Benerento Francisco, barber 857 Grand 

av, h 144 Wallace 
BcDgiB Morris, hardware and New Haven 
Stove Pipe Co. 27 and 29 Con- 
gress av, h 271 Cedar 
Horns Mrs., dressmaker 271 Cedar, 

h do. 
Xachmen, clerk 27 Congress av, bds 
271 Cedar 
BengBon August, rem to Buffalo, N. Y. 
Beoggtrom — see Bingstrom 
Bengston Charles J., emp W. R. A. Co., 
h 69 View 
Hugo v., painter, h 2 Bishop 
— see Benson 
Benham A. Clayton, bicycle dealer 1078 
Chapel, h 271 Bassett 
Abigail S., widow Merwin W., h 67 

Gflbert av, Hamden 
Alice M. Miss, bds 1329 Chapel 
Arthur A., farmer, h 84 Elm, W Ha- 

Bertnm M., emp W. R. A. Co., bds 
I 102 Edgewood av 

Butt, horse dealer, h 61 Admiral 
Ckrrie W. Mrs., h 128 Lamberton 
Gktharine M. Miss, nurse, bds 200 
Mam, W Haven 

rLM CHABLES J. (Ure & Ben- 
ham) 91 Broadway, h 62 Shelton 
av— 4Seep 982 
Clifford O., machinist N. H. Mfg. Co., 

h 204 Grove 
Sdson v., carpenter, h 160 Harriet 
Edward T., baggagemaster N. T., N. 

H. A H. R. R., h 142 Greene 
EHza A. Miss, teacher Webster 

School, h 29 High 
VnauU K.» h 564 George 
Oeoige W., engineer, h 102 Edgewood 

Benham James E. P., clerk 97 Church, h 
Dana n First av, W Haven 

BEHHAM JOSEPH T. ^oar, grain 
and hay 27 Broadway, elevator 
and warehouse Winchester av, h 
86 Bristol— See p 981 

Leonard M., farmer, h Gilbert av, 

Lincoln C, emp Sargent & Co., h 150 

Louisa K., widow Lewis, bds 61 Ad- 

Neva M. Miss, teacher elocution, bds 
Dana n First av, W Haven 

Robert A., boots and shoes 69 Broad- 
way, h 64 Admiral 

Sarah S. Miss, teacher Dixwell Ave- 
nue School, h 29 High 

Sidney J., rms 95 Newhall 

Sidney T., compositor, h 128 Lamber- 

Silaai, joiner, bds 840 Dixwell av 

Silas D., mechanic, h Quinnipiac av 
n Ferry 

Silas J., mechanic, bds Quinnipiac av 
n Ferry 

Wilbur H., farmer, h Gilbert av, 

William Wallace, emp T., M. & T., h 
124 Lamberton 
Benig Adam, clerk 764 Chapel, rms 7 

Wooster pi 
Benissimo Andrea, emp Sargent & Co., 
bds 19 Hamilton 

Salvatore, grocer 1 Fair, h 36 Olive 
Benjamin Charles, emp 3 Church, h 174 

Cornelia A., widow Robert C, bda 
144 Olive 

David W., baker, h 14 Lyon 

Frank L., locomotive engineer, h 194 

Frederick G., joiner, h 27 Stevens 

George H., bds N. H. Hospital 

Geoige M., foreman S. N. E. Tel. C6., 
h 201 English 

Mamret H., widow Edson A., h 43 

Robert C, h 792 Geoige 

Robert C. Jr., bds 792 George 

Thomas L., janitor 1010 Chapel, h 
(6) do. ^ 

Benkofike Martin, laborer, h 304 Goffe 
Bennelle Louis, waiter 964 Chapel, h 114 

Bennett Alanson, prop. Columbia Towel 

Supply Co. (42) 23 Church, h 

22 (A) Ward 
Albert H., tinner, h 112 Division 
Alonzo W., night watchman, h 

Beaver c North 
Charles, laborer, h 489 Oak 
David P., painter, h Townsend av, 

Morris Cove 
Geoige E, clerk 100 Broadway, h 80 

Harriet Miss, bds 84 Broadway 



Bennett Harry, emp 71 Broadway 

Harry D., clerk 164 Water, Ms 25 
Kimberly av 

Harry V., stereotyper emp 72 Cen- 
ter, h 5 Brown 

Henry W., emp N. F. B. & P. Co. No. 
2, bds 261 Orange 

Jamee, teamster, h 94 Foote 

James C, lock fitter, h 127 Salton- 
stall ay 

James M. (Beecher & Bennett) 280 
Elm, h 323 Edgewood av 

Jane, widow James, h r 389 Waah- 
ington av 

Jennie, widow Bernard, h 50 Daggett 

Jennie S. Mrs., seamstress, bds 167 
St John 

Jesse I., emp P. Bros. & Co., bds 792 

Joseph H., h 84 Broadway 

Mary A., widow Thomas, h 84 Broad- 

Mary £. Miss, bds 84 Broadway 

Mary J., widow Samuel D., house- 
keeper 12 Dixwell ay 

Omer E., coachman 29 £3m, rma r do. 

Oryille C., emp B. Dickerman, h W 

O. W., watchmaker and repairer 357 
Grand ay, bds 114 Exchange 

Patrick, laborer, h 131 Newhall 

PhUo S., bds 137 Wall 

Samuel J., coach lampmaker, h 14 
Lamson, W Hayen 

Susan J. Miss, bds 84 Broadway 

Thomas, carriage trimmer, bds 131 

Thomas G., pres. Winchester Bepeatr 
ing Anns Co., h 268 Church 

William L. (Fay & Bennett) (1) 179 
Church, h 367 Ehn 

William W., bookkeeper basement 
179 Church, bds 134 Grand ay 

Winchester, emp W. R. A. Ca, bds 
258 Church 

Zerah S., engineer, h 25 Kimberly 
Benninghoff Frank S., rem to Stamford 
Benoit Charles F., chiselmaker, h 35 El- 

Charles I., rem to Norwich 
Benson Charles A., gardener, h 18 Lin- 

Clarissa, widow Henry, h 290 Wash- 
ington ay 

Emma Mrs., h 67 Church 

George, emp G. Phelps, h 352 

Gustay, quarryman, h Russell n War- 

Gustaye, emp L. Candee & Co., h 
Russell ext. 

Henry, molder, h 1368 State 

Henry F., farmer, h off Forest n Mil- 
ford turnpike, Allingtown 

Henry J., mason, h 416 Blatchley ay 


l^nson Jamee H., emp Dr. F. H. Whitte- 

more, bds 290 Washington av 
John, emp L. Candee & (>>., h 153 

St. John 
John, emp L. Candee & Co., h 182 

John F., barber, bds 416 Blatchley 

Lorin, emp S. Bros. A, Co., h 133 

Matilda Miss, nurse, bds 153 St. 

Niles P.« clerk 390 State, bds \e 

Hughes pi 
William H., rem to Boston, Mass. 
Bent Frank, clerk, h 37 Oassius 
Bentley Herbert M., clerk 906 Whalley 

ay, h 19 Burton 
Joseph H., teamster, h 26 Union 
Mary E., widow M. H., h 107 Whal- 

ley ay 
Nellie A. Miss, stenographer (30) 49 

Church, bds 263 Crown 
Robert, foreman the Peck ft Bishop 

Co., h 26 Union 
Robert K, machinist, h 35 Town- 
S. Edwin, emp N. H. Clock Co., bds 

263 Crown 
Thaddeus S., music teacher (29) 49 

Church, bds 64 Salem 
William S., emp W. R. A. Co., h 182 

Benton Archie W., engineer, h 1803 

State, Hamden 
Charles B., engineer gas works N. Y., 

N. H. & H. R. R., bds 176 Woo*- 

Cornelia A., bds 98 Dwight 
Emma L., widow Andrew L».y h 369 

Eunice T., widow Dayid R.» \i \^ 

Eyelene L., widow Herbert E., h 341 

Whalley ay 
Fannie Miss, bookkeeper 116 Frank- 
lin, bds 64 Center 
Fred H., treajs. The Natioital EcAdmsj 

Box and Paper Co. 317 Gongreaifl 

ay, h 605 Orange ^ 

George S., bds 250 Whalley av 
Grace A., widow Delos O., bds 240 

Ida N. Mrs., h 1 Graham pi, W Ha-^ 

Jennie Miss, dressmaker, bds M 

Park J 

John L,, h 18 Ward ] 

Lewis D., emp N. F. B. & P. C6., bd« 

143 Dwight 
Mary A., widow Charles H., h 43( 

Mary F. Miss, teacher, bds 986 Whai 

ley ay 
Merritt h., boot and shoe dleator ^ 

Grand ay, h 372 do. 
Sidney C, bds Jackson 




BeDtoD Sadih R. hostler C. W. Blakeelee 
ft Sons, h 39 Greenwood 
Bom, widow William R., h 98 

Walter L., distributing agent, h 112 

WUttlesey S., clerk 922 Chapel, bds 

1803 State, Hamden 
William L., teamster, h 1803 State, 

Wmfred W., bicycle repairer, bds 
1803 State, Hamden 
ficntx Saaan, widow Charles, h 242 Or- 
BntaoD Edward, tinsmith, h 272 Water 
Benwav Mathew, rem to Hartford 
Boheeker Julius, pre& The William 
SdM^Ihom Co., Wooster c Wal- 
laee, res Waterbury 
Bcieattro Antonio, laborer, h 47 HiU 
Berebtdd Charles, emp 322 Oak, h 119 

Beronaky David, manager 126 Lafayette, 
nn8 28 Dow 
Dayid Mrs., druggist 126 Lafayette, 
rms 28 Dow 
Iknowitz Heuy, tailor, h 300 Cedar 
B«d— see Beird 

Berecan Louis, shoemaker, h 126 Wash- 
ington av 
Michael, rem to Boston, Mass. 
Berg Albert, watchmaker emp S. Good- 
man, rms 170 Meadow 
Albert, emp M. Piano Co., bds Wash- 
ington ay n Brown, W Haven 
Anna Mrs., h 176 East 
Charlotte, widow Herman, h 69 Sal- 

tonstall av 
Christian J., barber, bds 177 Mea- 
Jeaae C, blacksmith 430 Columbus 

av, h 437 do. 
Olaf, baker 170 Congress av, h 16 

Washington av 
Peter A., watchmaker, bds 170 Mea- 
me Bir]g and Burg 
lagaB — see Bergin 

^Bga son Ber;ger, peddler, rms 288 George 
PBgen Gnstave, raip K. H. Wire Mfg. 
Co., h 207 Chapel 
J<Am W., laborer, h 44 Liberty 

Adolph G., blacksmith, bds 102 
Benjamin C. F. (Artist Printing Co.) 
39 Stevens, bds do. 

IKE CHAEUB E. architect (32) 
82 Church, bdis 52 Xicoll— See p 


Charles F., rem to New York 
Charies F., bds 168 Second av, W 


J. (Artist Printing Co.) 39 

Stevens, bds do. 

(SR D. J. A BEO. (D- J. Mid B. 
C F. Berger), propa Artist 
Printing Co. 39 Stevens— See p 

Beiger Ernest J., porter 297 State, bds 102 

Erederica, widow Ferdinand, bds 37 

Frederick C, blacksmith 65 Orange, 

h 18 Av<m 
Geoi^, laborer, h 717 Gnmd av 
George A., cigar mfr. (15) 167 Crown, 

rms 289 Wooster 
George A. Mrs., h 77 Middletown av 
GecN^ge W., clerk (429) R. R. office 

bdg, bds 77 Middletown av 
Jacob, carpenter, h 63 York 
Jacob P., h 39 Stevens 
Joseph, shoemaker, bds 22 Ford 
Julianna, widow Frederick C, h 102 

Louis A., machinist^ bds 29 Nadi 
Philip M., h 29 Nash 
William, h 75 Broad 
William F., carriage partmaker, h 

36 Nash 
William F. 2d, carriage trimmer, h 

110 Nash 
— see Bergter 
Bergeron John B. Jr., blacksmith, h 52 

Bergh John O. Rev., sup't Seaman's Beth- 
el and Sailors' Home 61 Water, 

h do. 
Berghoefer Charles H., baker 230 DixweU 

av and 752 Grand av, h do. 
Bergin Bridget, widow Jeremiah, h 18 

James, emp R. R. shops, bds 320 Col- 
umbus av 
James F., joiner, h 183 Pine 
John, clerk (414) R. R. office bdg, 

bds 14 Daggett 
John F., mason, h 6 Market 
John M., clerk 390 State, h 24 Gill 
Katie T. Miss, emp W. R. A. Co., bds 

109 Bradley 
Maigaret Miss, dreeemaker, bds 14 

Michael H. (T. R Nugent & Ox) 8 

Kimberly av, W Haven, bds 14 

Michael J., mason, h 18 Alton 
Patrick, police sergeant precinct Na 

3, h 14 Daggett 
Thomas J., physician, bds 14 Daggett 
— see Bergen 
Bergman Alexander P., physician 203 

Crown, bda 101 Campbell av, W 

Harris, painter, h 269 Hamilton 
Bergmann Alvine, widow Herman C, bds 

9 Stevens 

Henry, driver 53 Greene, bds do. 

Neils A., laborer, h 132 Fillmore 

Bergquist Andrew J., tailor, h 24 Silver 

(jharles A., mechanic, bds 24 Silver 

Beigstrand Charles J., emp 353 Sast, h 

736 State 
Robert, car inspector, h 79 Winches- 
ter av 




Bergstram Oarl, molder, h 208 Woodward 

Bergter Amelia, widow Traugott, h 28 
Fiancee A., widow Otto, bda 28 
Berinblum Samuel, canvaaser, h 316 Con- 

gi*e68 av 
Berk Axel J., carriage painter, bds 483 
Peter J., gardener, h 483 Qiapel 
Thomas, porter 111 State, h 224 Com- 
Walter, fruit peddler, h 232 George 
Berkelee Charles W., carver 85 Water, h 
138 Carlisle 
Walter C, trav. salesman, bds 138 
Berkeley Hall, Y. U., 125 Elm 
Berkovitch Harris, tailor, h 300 Cedar 
Berkowitch John, clerk 713 Grand av, 
bds 711 do. 


CO. ^V' ^' Plumb special agent, 

(32") 23 Church— See p 930 
Berland Heyman, peddler, h r 22 Grold 
Jacob, peddler, bds r 22 Gold 
Samuel, tailor, h 17 Silver 
Berlein David, painter, h 63 Congress av 
Lisa Mrs., dining room 63 Congress 

av, h do. 
Berlepsch Charles, h 10 Edwards 
Charles Jr., bds 19 Edwards 
Berman Frank, emp Register Pub. Co., 

bds 72^ Lafayette 
Harris, city expressman, h 45 Oak 
Harris, painter, h 269 Hamilton 
Isaac, taUor, h 63 York 
Israel, prop. New England Baby 

C^mriage Co. 21 Congress av, h 

72^ Lc^ayette 
Joseph, plumber 41 Broad, h do. 
Louis, city expressman, h 27 Gilbert 
Max, teacher, h 107 Lafayette 
Morris, junk dealer r 67 York, h 88 

Nelson A., molder, h 132 Fillmore 
Reuben, rem to New York 
Samuel, rem to New York 
Samuel, shoes and clothing 17 

George, h 36 Dow 
Solomon, carpenter, h 29 Oak 
Bernard Clarence, emp N. H. dock Co., 

h Whitneyville 
E. Sherwood, h 83 Mansfield 
William A., vice pres. William 

Schollhom Co., rms 672 Chapel 
Bernardo Alfonso, confectionery 187 

Chapel, h do. 
Enrico, emp Sargent & Co., bds 220 

Bemasconi Carlo, lineman W. U. Tel. Co., 

h 50 Union 
Bemdtson John, hamessmaker, h 41 

Winchester av 

Bemer Emma, widow Robert, h 45 Arch I 
Louise^, widow Louis, bds 171 Dix- 

well av 
Paul F., emp H. Hooker & Co., h 159 

Bemfeld Louis, clerk 105 Lafayette, bdi 

Mary, widow Fred, grocer 105 Lur 

f ayette, h do. 
Bernhardt Elizabeth C. MIbs, h 46 Wi]k> 

Chester av 
George, pianomaker, h 15 Kossuth 
Kate, widow John C., h 45 Windi«- 

ter av 
Bernstein Abraham, furrier, h 136 Chest* 

Abraham C, law student (12) 69 

Church, rms 249 Crown 
Benjamin (Bernstein & Williams) 

723 Grand av, h 33 Lyon 
Charles S., butcher, h 220 CongrM 

Fannie Miss, grocer 246 Fronts h do. 
Henry, tailor, bds 905 Grand av 
Hirsch, shoemaker 145 Afitoiun, h 

130 do. 
Isaac, bicycle repairer, h (1) 62 Oak 
Israel, ladies' tailor, h 19 Feuctory 
Jacob, cigaxmaker, h 226 Commerce 
Jacob, h 274 Water 
Jacob, clerk 767 Chapel, bds 92 

Jacob, bds 794 Grand av 
Joseph, shoemaker 72 Oak, rms da 
Joseph H., boots and shoes 149 Ooor 

grees av, h do. 
Laura Mrs., grocer 35 Wilson, h da 
Louis, teacher, h 41 Broad 
Louis, boots and shoes 67 CbogresB 

av, h 57 do. 
Morris, clerk 772 Chapel, h 137 Ooa- 

gress av 
Morris, emp N. H. Clock Ocx, h 781 

Grand av 
Paul, cabinetmaker, h 184 Franklii 
Philip, grocer 794 Grand av, h 241 

Samuel, trav. salesman, bds 79* 

Grand av 
Samuel, peddler, h 35 Wilson. 
Solomon, junk dealer r 12 Dow, h 6 

Wolf, canvasser, h 914 Grand av 
& Williams (B. Bernstein and 'E, J 

Williams), boot and shoe dea 

ers 723 Gitind av 
Berre Charles, rem to Boston. MJasa. 
Berrigan Edward F., clerk 922 Ohapi 

bds 240 Ferry 
John, foreman P. Bros, k Oo., Yt 

240 Ferry 
Catherine, stenographer Gay Sn 

bds 240 Ferry 
Margaret Miss, h 240 Ferry 
Berrio Alfred A., emp Seamless Rul* 

Co., bds 17 Eflliott 





Beny Arthur, emp W. R. A. Co., h 516 
Arthur N., cmp W. R. A. Co., bds 

516 Orchard 
Carrie Mr&, h 23 Davenport av 
Fnink T., emp W. R. A. Co., bds 516 

PMerick, rem to England 
Frederick, brakeman, bds 45 Collis 
Frederick M., rem to East Haven 
George W., motorman W. Av. R. R, 

Co., h 13 Court, W Haven 
Junes, hiborer, h St Mary, High- 
James H., emp W. Av. R. R. Co., h 

13 Court, W Haven 
Joseph, rem to England 
—see Barry 
Benyman John H., laborer, h 16 Chris- 
Philip, brakeman, h 128 Cedar 
Berthel (Hwald, machinist, h 6 Barclay 
Bertiere Nicolo, rag peddler, h 11 Silver 
Bertine Frederick B., auditor passenger 
receipts N. Y., N. H. & H. R. R. 
(411) R. R office bdg, h 383 
Edgewood av 
Berttnetti Ernest, barber, bds 420 East 

Giuseppe, mason, h 420 East 
Bertram Flrederick, rem to Waterbury 

William R.. baker, h 133 Congress av 
Bertnnd — see Birtrand 
Bertsche Joseph, carpenter, h 17 Bradley 
Benelius Society Hall, 40 Prospect 
Beaas Jacob, corsetmaker, bds 40 Con- 

grasB av 
Bcschel Bros. (John, George and John 
Beschel 2d), groceries and meat 
384 George 
George (Beschel Bros.) 384 (^eorge, 

h 382 do. 
John (Beschel Bros.) 384 George, h 

87 Ward 
John 2d (Beschel Bros.) 384 George, 

h 31 Broad 
>iichael. clerk 384 George, h 28 But- 
Beacher George, emp M. Piano Co., h 213 
Savin av, W Haven 
George H., cigar packer, bds 213 Sav- 
in av, W Haven 
Albert W., emp W. R. A. Co., bds 
304 Dixwell av 
John B., h 304 Dixwell av 

Haxrie R., salesman Parish & 

3fami. bds Hotel Wastmoreland 

Lyman W. (Besse, Richey & Co.) 784 

diapel. res Springfield, Mass. 
Richey k O). (T>, W. Besse and Irv- 
ni|2r G. Richey), clothiers, furn- 
ishers, hatters, boots, shoes, etc. 
7S4 Chapel 
Benjamin W.» clerk 773 Chapel, 
hda 158 St John 
Harold S., emp A. B. Greenwood, bds 
158 St John 

Besser Leopold, h 158 St John 

Theodore J., bds 158 St. John 
Bessette Cliarles, blacksmith, bds 137 St 

Best Edward L., rem to New York city 
Edward P., rem to New York 
K P. Mfg. Co., advertising novelties 

103 Meadow 
John H., foreman E. P. Best Mfg. Co., 

bds 12 Court 
John T., agent N. Y. & Boston Des- 
patch Express Co. 700 Chapel, 
bds 12 Court 
Beswick William G., mason, h 6 Hine, W 

ger Equitable Life Assurance So- 
ciety of the U. S. (214) 865 
Chapel, res Brookfield — Sec p 
Bethany Mission Chapel, 305 Oak 
Bethel A. M. E. Church, 29 Sperry 
Bethesda Door of Hope, 11 Warren 
Bethke Adolph, emp A. N. Famham, h 
Edward, former, h Orescent c Dyer 
Francis, emp A. N. Famham, h Crea- 

John, laborer, h Crescent c Dyer 
Betrix Emile, emp 231 Congress av, rms 

244 do. 
Bettcher Ca,therine, widow George J., bds 
214 Orchard 
Louis A. (D. M. Welch & Son) 28 
and 30 Congress av and 8 Grand 
av, h 214 Orchard 
— see Boettcher 
Betterman Edward, emp 922 Chapel, bds 

317 George 
Bettigal Abraham, rem to East Haven 
Benjamin, rem to East Haven 
Harry, rem to East Haven 
Jacob, rem to East Haven 
Nathan F., rem to East Haven . 
Simon E., rem to East Haven 
Bettis William E., cook, h 26 Oak 
Betts Charles A., bds 138 Harriet 
Emily Miss, h 3 Hillhouse av 
Frederick A., office (801) 42 Church, 

h 100 Greene 
Louise M. Mrs., housekeeper 88 Sec- 
ond, bds do. 
Samuel, h 100 Greene 
Samuel D., clerk 241 State, h 138 
Betz Charles E., emp W. R. A. Co., bds 
35 Townsend 
Emily L. Miss, bds 35 Townsend 
Fred W., clerk 149 York, bds 36 
Beukler William, machinist, h 26 Ward 

pi, W Haven 
Beurer IVederick L., emp N. H. E. Co., h 

213 State 
Beust Louis, bds 646 Chapel 
Beutoff Elliot, emp L. Candee A Co., rms 
180 Wooster 



Beyan Charles A., physician 164 Main, W 

Haven, h do. 
Bevaas Mary A. Miss, dressmaker, bds 
280 Portsea 
M. J. Mrs., dressmaker, h 32 Garden 
Owen, laborer, h 280 Portsea 
Bevins James A., polisher, rms 155 Woos- 

Bews Catherine, widow William T., h 591 
Thomas E., carriage painter, h 20 
Beyea Delia E. Miss, emp Mendel & 
Freedman, bds 26 Arthur 
Nathaniel W., switchman, h 26 Ar- 
Beyer Albert H. T., carriagemaker, h 168 
George W., watchmaker emp 175 

Meadow, bds 180 Columbus av 
John A., tailor, h 247 Davenport av 
John C. (Beyer, Weidig & Co.) 360 
Congress av, bds 247 Davenport 

Louis, machinist, bds 247 Davenport 

BETEB' WEIDIG & CO. (John c. 

Beyer, Louis Weidig and Ed- 
ward R. Mayer), drop forgings 
350 and 356 Congress av — See p 
— see Baier 
Beyerle Gustav, emp Greist Mfg. Co., h 

Dyer n Diamond 
Beyers William, painter and paper hang- 
er 55 Forbes av, h do. 
Bianco Yincenzo, laborer, bds 42 Hill 
Bible Depository, 713 Chapel 

Publishing Co., James Brennan man- 
ager (80) 23 Church 
Bibro Adolph, emp N. H. Clock Co., bds 

179 Chestnut 
Bick Emile, manager N. H. Barkine Mfg. 

Co. 1270 State, h 244 Atwater 
BICK & WATTTT (Emil Bick and 
Charles H. Hahn), props. New 
Haven Barkine Mfg. Co. 1270 
State— See p 883 
Bickford Adelaide Mra, bds 140 Nash 
Edward S., manager Grand Uniou 

Hotel, bds do. 
Julia A., widow Alwin L., h 66 
Bidder John A., ass't foreman W. R. A. 

Co., h 102 Shelton av 
Bidwell Charles L., rem to New London 
John S., designer, h 72 Clark 
Julia A., teacher Eaton School, bds 

68 William 
Minnie Miss, bds 226 Crown 
Stuart, lawyer (314) 865 Chapel, h 
358 Orchard 
Bieler Gottlieb, bds 82 Gregory 

Gustave, h 426 Winchester av 
Bienstock Samuel, rem to Hartford 
Bienvineu Louis Philip, laborer, h 69 


Bierbaum Charles, emp L. Candee & Co., 
bds 57 George 
Christina, widow John, h 57 Gleorge 
Bierkan Anne M., widow Andrew 0., h 
138 Lawr^ice 
Andrew T., lawy«: (304) 42 Church, 
bds 138 Lawrence 
Biersdorff — see Beiersdorf 
Bieyre Samuel, painter, bds 116 Columbiu 

Bifield Henry G., emp W. R. A. O)., bda 
114 Ivy 
John, engineer, h 47 Wolcott 
Richard, waiter 321 State, rms 273 

— see Byfield 
Bigalke Hermon Mrs., h 4 Beecher coioit 
Bigelow Charles, pres. The Kickiqxw 
Medicine Co. 441 Chapel, bds 31 
Co. The, mfrs. steam b<Mler8, taiikst 
plate iron work, etc. 92 to 102 
Eleanor L., widow Hobart B., h 205 

Whitney av 
Florence I. Miss, teacher ol seeing 

public schools^ bds 20 Park 
Fraiuc L., pres. The Bigelow Co. 92 
to 102 River, h 205 Whitney V9 
George W., engineer The Bigelow Oa., 

h 20 Park 
Jennie Mrs., h 22 Lyon 
Walter P., ass't treas. The Bigeloir 

Co., res New York city 
William H. W., machinisi, bds 2D 
Biggs Geoige, emp K A. Chatfield Co., h 
5 Dow 
Walter, teamster, h 353^ State 
William, laborer, bds 353^ ^tate 
Bijur Joseph, rem to New York 
Bikoff Julius, baker, h 557 East 
Bilger John, piano tuner emp 801 Ohap^ 

h 39 Washington av 
Bilgori Aaron L., peddlor, bds 75 York 
BUI Arthur O., emp W. R. A. C3o., h UO 
Charles E., h 103 Davenport av 
Charles H., conductor N. Y., N. ¥L fc 
H. R. R., h 473 Edgewood av | 
Charles L., emp A. W. Flint, h m] 

C. Lewis, clerk W. R. A. Col, bds 47$ 
Edgewood av ' 

Eveline M. Mrs., h 62 Silvan av 
George R., h 39 Ward 
Harry J., bookkeq>er 262 State, bdi 

62 Sylvan av 
Henry W., clerk 333 Goog^reaB av, bdi 

39 Ward 
Jacob, clerk 92 George, h. 88 do. 
Joseph, saloon 237 Wallace, bds 41 

Oliver A., h 110 Division 
—see Bills 
Billard Joseph D. Capt., bda 78 Sixth 
Minnie C, widow Herbert I>., h IS 




Billerwell George B., flalesmaii 762 Chap- 
el, rms 107 York 
BUlingham Walter A., baggagemaster, h 

152 Lamberton 
BiUings CSiarlee T., paper hanger, h 149 
Charles K., lawyer, h 67 Tmmbull 
D. Dawson, clerk 926 Chapel, bds 99 

Eagene, cai-penter, rms 268 State 
Gflbert C, plumber, h 1 Pine 
Hittie M. Miss^ nurse, bds 35 Whal- 
ley av 
Bills Frank A., fireman, h 61 Stanlev 
Howard L, chief accountant clerk (8) 
154 Water, h 552 Chapel 
BiUiips Thomas, mason, h 767 George 
Biloff Abram, mason 11 Salem, h do. 
Benjamin, mason, h 22 Gold 
Hany, junk dealer 11 Salem, bds do. 
Samu^, m&aon, bds 11 Salem 
BOflon John Henry, h 1079 Chapel 

William, onp W. R. A. Co., bds 263 
DixweU av 
BiDder Charles A., machinist, bds 23 
Regina, widow William, h 23 Whit- 
fiinford Walter B„ manager Merchants' 
Supply Co 697 Chapel, bds 134 
Bing Benjamin, engineer, h 41 Shelter 
Gemrge F., emp N. H. R. M. Co., h 
16 Lyon 
BJngham Clinton O., druggist 119 Lloyd, 
res Hartford 
Lenmel W., motorman F. H. & W. R. 
R. Co., h 795 SUte 
Bingatrom John P., clerk 398 Grand av, h 

105 James 
Binkoaky Martin, laborer, h 304 Goffe 
Binn Jaioob, emp L. OEmdee & Ca, h 302 
Wflliam, in U. S. Aimy 
KcfiidiTIo G^uiaro, laborer, h 88 Oak 
JKoodo Antonio, lab<»«r, h 138 Lafayette 
Paaquale, laborer, h 142 Lafayette 
TomnuLSO, paver, h 14 Minor 
Btrebmore Samuel C. Rev., presiding d- 
der Zicm District, h 458 Orchard 
BM CUnion H., sec. and treas. PeanoUa 
Food Co. 106 Park, h 244 Orch- 

Gcoise W., laborer, h 29 Rose 
Heniy, laborer, h 385 Orchard 
laabid V. MiaB, teacher LoveU Kin- 
di!!tt|{Arten, rms 315 Crown 

X, mfr- elastic goods light- 
road, Morris Q>ve, h do. 
mridow George, nurse, h 370 
" av 
T. Miss, teacher, rms 315 

8., rem to Koroton 
T^ tmv. auditor N. Y., N. H, 
R. R. (418) R. R. office 
bd^, li 12 Park 

X. H- 

Birdsall Oscar T,, broker, bds 27 Pearl 
Birely Charles W., student, bds 1388 

Birg Nicholei, blacksmith Henry c Cres- 
cent, h 1 Crescent 
Birk Carl, h 388 Oak 

— see Berk and Burke 
Birks George T., salesman 849 Chapel, h 

200 Second av, W Haven 
Birmingham Andrew, emp W. S. Fowler, 
rms 150 Meadow 
Daniel, emp R. R. shops, bds 192 

Ella Miss, clerk 175 Meadow, bds 9 

George, emp 80 Long Wharf, h 161 

James, teamster 136 Water, h 9 Sil- 
James, h 124 Mill River 
John H., clerk 86 Ashmun, bds 189 

Josie M., emp W. H. Buckle Co., bds 

112 Lamberton 
Martin, carpenter, bds 40 Congress 

Maurice, emp R R. shops, h 192 

Nellie M. Miss, emp W. R. A. Cow, 

bds 189 Goffe 
Patrick J., laborer, h 308 Columbus 

Thomas F., policeman, bds 9 Silver 
William, corset ironer, h 212 Hum- 
William H., piano vamisher, bds 
Washingrton av n Brown, W Ha- 
and New Haven Express, Sloane 
Bros, props., 292 State and 68 
Bimbaum G. Charles, clerk 71 Congress 
av, bds 268 State 
Israel, peddler, h 118 Hill 
Samuel, h 268 State 
Bimbloom Morris, peddler, h 121} Wash- 
ington av 
Bimey William H., molder, h 677 Grand 
William T., stenographer W. R. A. 
Co., bds 677 Grand av 
Birt Georgiana Miss, dressmaker, bds 198 

Birtrand James H., teamster, h 236 Cedar 

J. H. Mrs., nurse, h 236 Oedar 
Birtsell Frank A., emp W. R. A. Co., h 34 

Shelton av 
Bisconner Annie, widow Mitchell, h 56 
William F., fireman, h 56 Wilson 
Bishop Albert F., artist, bds 95 Grand av 
Albert F., pilot Starin Line, rms 205 

Blatchley av 
Alfred G., conductor F. H. & W. R. 

R. Co., h 141 Fairmont av 
Arthur E., bds 239 Munson 
Block, 485 State 





T TTR mfr&. paper boxes, paste, 
etc. 13 to 25 Oak— See p 907 

Charlee, emp N. H. Clock Co., bds 
225 Lombard 

Charles A., bds 28 Pearl 

Charles H., emp Mfrs. R. R., h 117 

Charles R., pres. Bishop Box and 
Paste Co. 13 to 19 Oak, h 554 

Charlotte, widow William, h W 
Proepect c Fountain 

Edith £. Miss, bds 28 Pearl 

Edward F. (E. F. Bishop & Son) 39 
George, h 44 do. 

Edwin G., emp N. H. Clock Co., h 
239 Munson 

R F. & Son (Edward F. and Fred- 
erick C. Bishop), horseshoers 39 
and 41 Geoi*ge 

Everett R., sec. and treaa The Kil- 
born & Bishop Co. 67 Lloyd, h 
195 Exchange 

Ezra, jewelry mfr. and diamond set- 
ter (6) 739 Chapel, h 61 Ly<fti 

F. C. & Co. (Frederick C. Bishop and 

Thomas Nisbet), truckmen and 

teamsters 214 State 
Frank, foreman packer W. R. A. Co., 

h 73 Heniy 
Frank S., lawyer (502) 42 Church, 

bds 61 Lyon 
Frederic C, physician 1223 Chapel, 

rms do. 
Frederick C. (F. C. Bishop & Co.) 

214 State, h 11 Brown 
Frederick C. (E. F. Bishop & Son) 39 

George, bds 346 do. 
George, engineer, h 157 St. John 
George A., emp L. Candee & Co., h 

«552 Dixwell av 
George H., clerk 3 Atwater blk, h 

225 Lombard 
George H., pres. The Peck &, Bishop 

Co., office 702 Chapel, bds 10 

George J., clerk (429) R. R. office 

bdg, h 378 Lenox 
George N., awning hanger, bds 969 

Grand av 
George R., emp C. Cowles & Co., h 

143 Dwight 

G. Herbert, clerk 890 State, bds 28 

Grace, milliner, bds 205 Blatchley av 
Harry G., emp 160 Orange, bds 125 

Henrv A., purchasing agent N. Y., 

N. H. & H. R. R. (309) R. R. 

office bdg, res Bridgeport 
Henry M., druggist 890 State, h 28 

Herbert M., with P. Bros & Co., bds 

215 Church 
Hiram H., h 32 Russell 

Bishop Hulda E., widow Jamee £., h 17 
Ida J. Mrs., h 83 Exchange 
Ida M. Miss» telephone operator, bda 

102 Howe 
Isaac W., janitor Boardman Manaal 

Training High School, h 355 Or- 

Isabella, widow Geoige W., h 51 Wol- 

Isabella A., widow Alonzo H., h 102 

James, lawyer (5) 82 Church and 

judge aty Court (10) 165 Court, 

h 625 George 
James A., blacksmith, h 210 Ex- 
James B., bds 1320 Chapel 
James E., emp P. Bros, k Co., bds 17 

Janet C. Mias, bds 59 York sq 
Jason B., oysterman, h 35 Downing 
J. E. & Co. (Hulda Bishop and 0. E. 

Thompson), oyster dealers 293 

Jennie, widow Lent, h 830 State 
John Mark, emp Geometric Drill Gb., 

h 14 Burton 
Joseph R., wood turner, h 15 Warren 


Lee B. (Bishop & Landgren) 89 Elm. 

W Haven, h do. 
Louis B., physician 77 Whitney av, h 

Louis M., bds 71 Whalley av 
Mary, widow Andrew, h 99 Ex- 
Mary A. Mrs., h 399 Elm 
Mary C, widow John W., h 59 York 

Nancy, widow George, h 117 Perry 
Nellie A. W. Mrs., h 71 WbaHey ir 
Noble P., treas. Foskett & Biahop Ok 

Grand av c Railroad av, h 5&4 

Robert H., sup't Coyne BroB., bda] 

Hotel Westmoreland 
Ruby M. Miss, clerk 53 

bds 556 Dixwell av 
Samuel Mrs., millinery 93 Grand av, 

h 95 do. 
Samuel F., driver, h 140 Hallock 9X 
Samuel R., architectural drauglits* 

man, h 95 Grand av 
Samuel R. 2d, draughtsTnan ( 

805 Chapel, h 68 Woolsey 
Sarah Miss, rem to Naugatuck 
Sarah J., widow George S., lioti8» 

keeper 132 Meadow 
Shirlook H., h 97 Main, AV Haven 
Silas H., mason, h 398 Hla.tohlev ad 
Stephen, h Forest n Elm 
Susannah W., widow Nol>le P., li 18} 

Thomas J. J., cracker jol>ber h 91 


9 ' 





Biihop ThomajB S., watchman Starin Line, 
h 969 Grand av 
Timothy H., physician, h 215 Church 
Walter S., mfr. electric machinery 1 

Atwater blk, h 07 Grand av 
William F., joiner, h 205 Blatchley 

William F. 2d, bookkeeper 172 Brew- 
ay, h 15 Woolsey 
William H., engineer steamer No. 6, 

h 136 Division 
William H., instructor Y. U., h 68 

Tale D., bds 97 Main, W Haven 
BISHOP & CO. (George H. Bishop, 
Frank M. Carroll and Elmer L. 
Norton), general railroad and 
steamship ticket agency 702 
Ghapel — See p 1027 
k Landgren (Lee B. Bishop and 
Louis L. Landgren), painters 
and paperhangers 89 Elm, W 
Kspham Clarence W. Rev., curate Trini- 
ty Church, h 284 Orange 
SisBell Beata W. Miss, teacher Eaton 
School, bds 308 Crown 
Clarenee W., machinist, h 102 Sec- 
ond av, W Haven 
Erdyn L., physician 308 Crown, h 

Frederick R.. rem to Orange 
H. Edgar, bookkeeper, h 6 N Union 

av, W Haven 
Heuy L., emp Imperial Laundry 

Co., h 192 Hazel 
licslie D., in Grcrmany 
Theresa, widow Frederick H., h 262 

Dixwetl av 
William D., car painter, h 99 Ward 
Ktteriich Julius H., contractor Sargent 

& Co., h 1306 State 
Btttner Anna, widow Anton, bds 908 
Antone, molder, h 15 Cedar Hill av 
August, grocer 102 Clinton av, h do. 
Joseph, emp M. Wiedemann & Co., h 

393 OEunpbell av, W Haven 
Linus, carriage painter, bds 14 Jef- 
Hsx G., barber 173 Meadow, bds 908 

—Me Buttner 
George, clerk, bds 430 Newhall 
John, emp N. H. Chair Co., h New- 
hall n Goodrich 
John GetOTffe, emp W. R. A. Co., h 
243 Munson 
Louis D., policeman, h 64 Kensing* 
L. B. Mm., music teacher 64 Kensing- 
ton, h do. 
-«e Byxby 

Peter, rem to Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Bjomberg John, emp Sargent & Co., bds 

111 Lloyd 
Black George C, ass't freight agent (1) 
154 Water, h 151 Quinnipiac av 
George W., janitor, h 107 Oak 
Jesse, mason tender, h 81 Eaton 
John F., emp W. R. A. Co., h 206 

Julius, tailor, bds 37 Spruce 
Peter, laborer, h 42 Canal 
Sophia, widow John, bds 347 Hum- 
Walter, clerk 165 Lombard, h 268 

William, laborer, h 60 Webster 
Blackall Robert B., conductor N. Y., N. 
H. & H. R. R., bds 241 Green- 
wich av 
Blackburd Julia, widow Herbert J., h 

100 Quinnipiac av 
Blackburg Andrew, rem to Sweden 
Blackie David, porter 11 Church, h 15 

Blackman Annie, widow Albert S., h 473 
A. Lillian Miss, stenographer emp 21 

Center, bds 473 Elm 
Charles H., clerk }i24) R. R. office 

bdg, h 133 Ward 
George G., engineer, h 190 Poplar 
Henry K., carriage trimmer 109 

Broadway, h 287 Greenwich av 
Homer R, motorman W. Av. R. R. 

Co., h 105 Newhall 
Julia A., widow Charles, h 287 

Greenwich av 
May L., teacher Welch School, bds 

133 Ward 
Theodore, harness mfr. 170 Orange, 

h 52 Pearl 
William F., rem to Europe 
B)ackmer John L., laborer, h 134 Ex- 
Blackmore Harry G., photo printer, h 

297 Orchard 
Blackstone George, prop. Long Wharf 
Fish Co. 79 Front, res Branford 
Black well George W., porter 101 Church, 

h 781 Chapel 
Blackwood Samuel, bds 146 York 

William C, janitor Medical College, 
h 146 York 
Blade John, emp Sargent & Co., h 238 
Greenwich av 
Samuel F.. h 1.3 Willow 
Blaiklook Lillie Mrs., dressmaker, h 131 

Blair Annie M. Miss, music teacher, h 
254 Dixwell av 
Antoinette, widow James B., h 233 

Elizabeth Miss, bds 12 Beers 
Etta, widow Julius, bds 252 Shel- 

ton av 
James K., patternmaker, h 254 Dix- 
well av 



Blair John M. (R. & J. M. Blair) 1012 

and 1014 Chapel, h 10 Beers 
Katherine H. Miss, bookkeeper 1012 

Chapel, bds 12 Beers 
Napoleon P., fcnreman boot room L. 

Candee & Co., h 155 Cedar Hill 


BULCa E. & J, M. (John M. Blair, 

George W. Lewis and George A. 

May cock), undertakers 1012 and 

1014 Chapel— See front col'd p 

Samuel, emp 23 Grand av, h 77 Pine 
Thomas H., rem to New York 
Wilfred K, emp N. H. Mfg, Co., bda 

254 Dikwell av 
William H., sup't C. W. BlakeBlee & 

Sons, h 14 Gilbert av 
Blaisdell Elgin J., fireman, h 177 Hal- 
lock av 
—see Blasdell 
Blake Andrew F., locksmith emp 5 

Church, res East Haven 
Andrew J., locksmith, h 46 Olive 
Anna M., widow Patrick E., h 376 

Congress av 
Charles, molder, h 501 Blatchleiy av 
Charles A., watchman^ h 10 Howard 

Charles A., steam fitter, h 149 Ash- 

Qiarles 0., blacksmith, h 74 Center, 

W Haven 
Colin E., mariner, bds 10 Howard av 
Edson S., emp W. R. A. Ca, h 127 

Fannie T., widow Eli W., bds 83 

George A., locomotive engineer, h 530 

Quinnipiac av 
George K, h 127 Ashmun 
George W., laborer, bds 348 Munson 
Halsey H., grocer and meat market 

134 Cedar Hill av, h do. 
Helen M. Miss, teacher GkifTey's 

Shorthand School, bds 776 State 
Henry T., brakeman, bds 61 Court 
Henry T., lawyer, h 361 Temple 
I. W. Miss, h OBrmpbell av. Center, 

W Haven 
James, stationary engineer, h 341 

James E., emp N. Y., N. H. A^ H. R. 

R., rms 177 Meadow 
James Kingsley, lawyer (Clark, 

Blake, Hall & Peck), see. and 

treas. New Haven Real Estate 

Title Ca 152 Orange, and ass't 

clerk Probate Court (1) City 

Hall, h 337 Humphrey 
Jeremiah, bds Springside Home 
John, laborer, h r 294 Wallace 
John, laborer, h 129 Chapel 
John F., inventor, h Front av n 

railroad, W Haven 


Blake John M., photographer 253 Blake, 
h do. 

Joseph, emp Sperry & Barnes, h 117 

Lewis A. T., tea and cofiTee merchanti 
h 249 Quinnipiac av 

Margaret, widow William, bds r 294 

Maria, widow John, h 348 Munson 

Marie H. Miss, bds 275 Orange 

Morrell L., emp F. H. & W. R. R.C(k 
power house, rms 64 Clinton av 

Nelson 8., clerk 97 Broadway, bds 
127 Ashmun 

Patrick J., driver police wagon Sta- 
tion Na 1, h 294 Wallace 

Robo-t K, engineer, bds 348 Mun- 

Thomas, saloon 327 Water, h 323 

Thomas F., emp W. R. A. Co., h 981 

William, plumber, bds 284 Blatchley 

William J. Rev., ass't pastor St 
Francis R. C. Church, res 175 

William P., prof., h Mill Rock, Whikr 
Blakeman Henry A., detective and col- 
lector, h 135 Olive 
Blakeslee Alfred E. (H. D. Clark ft Go.) 
961 Grand av, h 1497 Ohapel 

Andrew, bds 512 State 

Bridget, widow Thomaa, bds 21 Shel- 

Caroline I. Miss, bds 63 G^arden 

Catherine, widow William M., h 63 

Charles A., rem to Hartford 

Charles H., engrossing penmaa and 
teacher of Gennan (806) 4ft 
Church, rms 1916 Sta.te 

Charles P., janitor Lovell School, % 
48 Edwards 

Charles W., emp C. W. Blakeslee 
S<ms, h 560 George 

Charles W. (C. W. Blakeslee & 
58 Waverly, h 550 €&eorge 

Charles W. Jr., with C. W. Blakesi 
& Sons, h 333 Shemiaa av 

Clara Miss, rem to Hampton, Va. 

Clarence, sup't and engineer C 
Blakeslee & Sons, h 5d8 

BLAKESLEE C. W. & SOlf 8 ( 

W., Dennis A. and 

Blakeslee) , contntetcMna 

truckmen, office 58 \^a.verl 

See p 1031 
Dennis A. (C. W. Blakeslee A 

58 Waverly, h 574 Oeorve 
Dwight W. (C. \/. Blakeslee k. 

58 Waverly, h 563 G^eorfce 
Edward F., brew» and bottler wel 

beer 212 Wallace, bds 214 do. 




Blakedee Edwin A., ornamental painterj 
h 329 Exchange 
Elbert A., emp O. W. Blakeelee & 

Sons, bds 558 Geoi^e 
Emily, widow Asabel, bds 18 Olive 
Emily L., widow A.^ h 16 Beers 
Emma L. Miss, dreeamaker 391 

Crown, h do. 
Ernest H., milk dealer, bds 610 

Quinnipiac av 
Jumie J., widow Hom^, h 610 Quin- 
nipiac av 
Geoige, student, rms 208 Wooster 
George O., bds Spiingside Home 
Henry, laborer, h 236 Wallace 
Henry R, fruit dealer, h 154 Blake 
Henry W., janitor Zunder School, h 

13 Park 
Irving W., buffer, h 40 Second 
Isaac, h 1916 State 
James, laborer, h 21 Shdter 
James U., emp E. F. Blakeslee, bds 

236 Wallace 
Jane Mias, housekeeper 39 Grand av 
Joseph, h Putnam av, Whitneyville 

Lucius R., joiner, h 132 Front 
Habel Miss, clerk 40 Grand av, bds 

610 Quinnipiac av 
Margauret, widow Ilobert, h 4 Oanal 
3iiftiy C, teadier Edwards Street 
School, bds 1916 State opp 
S^ueitKMi Park, P. O. Box 667 
ICatilda H., widow Arthur, rem to 
New York 

I. Miss, music teacher, bds 16 

KeDie 6. Miss, nurse, bds 4 Oeinal 
Xelsoiiy teamster, h 1473 Whalley av 
Robert I., grocer 40 Grand av, bds 

610 Qninnipiac av 
Btamh, widow Joseph W., dreeamaker 

165 Oolumbus av, bds do. 
Stepben I., driver 212 Wallace, h 37 

Susaji Mias, houseke^>er 542 East 
Theo. R., vice prea. The Bradley, 

Smith Co. 96 to 104 State, h 620 

TboiDaay machinist, bds 68 Greene 
Thomaa H.« emp 212 Wallace, h 214 

Walter H. (Blakeslee k Thomas) 182 

C rown^ h 64 Lafayette 
William, emp 212 Wallace, bds 214 

t Thaamm (Walter H. Blakeslee and 

Sereno 8. Thomas), scenic artists 

182 Oown 
Bdwin y., rem to Guilford 
QtarfgB I>., grocery and boats Lake 

Whitney, res Hartford 
Jotliam T., clerk Whitneyville, h do. 
Ktdmo 8., clerk Whitneyville, bds 


Blanchard Florence Miai^, cashier Edward 
Malley Co., bds 53 Trumbull 
Freeman W., patternmaker, bds 173 
Kimberly av 
Bland William A., janitor, h 99 Dixweil 

Blaney Charles J., boilermaker, rms 448^ 

Blank Alfred, emp Foskett & Bishop Ca, 

h 1279 State 
Blasdale Mary, widow Matthew, bds 14 

Baldwin pi 
Blasdell Arthur F., emp W. R. A. Co., h 
299 Norton 
Nicholas J., bds 299 Norton 
Blass Michael, laborer, h 33 York 
Blatchley Burton N., clerk (418) R. R. 
office bdg, h 352 Crown 
Israel J., painter and paper hanger 

39 Union av, W Haven, h do. 
Jacob E., student, bds 219 Blatchley 

Katie Miss, music teacher, bds 219 

Blatchley av 
Ma^y N. Miss, teacher, bds 219 

Blatchley av 
Noble S., real estate broker (320) 866 

Chapel, h 1173 do. 
Phebe A. Mrs., bds 98 Main, W Ha- 

Samuel R., real estate 441 Grand av, 

h 321 do. 
Susan, widow Crharles C, h 219 

Blatchley av 
William, bds 219 Blatchley av 
William C, jobber, bds 130 Green- 
wich av 
Blatterman Rudolph, h 19 Jefferson 
Blatz Henry Jr. Rev., pastor M. E. 
ChuTCh, Westville, h 980 Whal- 
ley av 
Blau Catharina, widow Anton, h 63 
Clfharles I., bds 63 Greene 
Emil, baker, bds 220 Washington av 
William, foreman bookbinder O. A. 
Dorman Co., h 251 Atwater 
Blaustein Morris, variety stor^ 3 Con- 
gress av, bds 105 Lafayette 
Blauvelt John, rem to Middletown, N. Y. 
William H., emp C. W. Hine 138 
State, rms 32 Gold 
Blechman Isadore, painter, h 185 Hamil- 
BleiweiflB Abraham, peddler, h 144 Lafay- 
Blemer Herman, h 6 Tyler 
Blenkhom Dexter, carriage blacksmith, h 

Townsend av, Morris Cove 
Blenner A. C & C6., flavoring extracts, 
pickles, sauces, catsups, etc. 141 
Elizabeth, widow Buighard P. (A. C. 
Blenner & Ca) 141 State, h 188 
Townsend av 
Louis J., clerk 141 State, h 54 Salem 




Blessington John P., tea dealer 21 West, 

h do. 
Blest George H., emp K. R. shops, h Gil- 
bert c Hinman, Allingtown 
Bleto Alexander, blacksmith emp F. H. & 

W. R. R. Co., h 148 Ferry 
Blew Ella, widow James, h 20 Lamberton 
Blieske Amelia, widow Albert, bds 145 

Blindenbacher Gottlieb, rem to Shelton 
Blinn Eliza M. Mrs., h 882 Grand av 
Homer L., bds 273 Norton 
John L., salesman 213 Water, h 220 

Joseph 8., ins. agent (6) 840 Chapel, 

h 184 Blatchley av 
Royal F., emp R. R. shops, bds 882 
Grand ay 
Blish Edwin M., receiving clerk 80 Long 
Wharf, h 111 Greenwood 
Roger D., foreman S. N. E. Tel. Co. 
116 Court, h 91 Wooster 
Bliss Franklin R., h 1138 Chapel 

George L., student, bds 216 Orchard 
Bliven J. F., agent Wanamaker & Brown 
(10) 739 Chapel, rms drf. 
Mary Mrs., emp N. H. Orphan 
Asylum 610 Elm, bds do. 
Blivers Abraham, peddler, h 144 Lafay- 
Bloch Joseph, peddler, h 25 Oak 
Julius, tailor, bds 37 Spruce 
Lazarus, h 248 Congress av 
Marcus, dry goods 88 Congress av, h 
248 do. 
Block Morris, peddler, h 35 Oak 
Blockhous Carl, h 42 Boston av 

William, machinist, rms 86 Hamil- 
Blodgett Ernest H., rem to Cambridge, 
Robert M., ins. canvasser (21) 82 
Church, rms 122 Meadow 
Blogg Herbert F. (Herbert F. Blogg & 
Bro.) 699 Chapel, h 476 Whalley 

bert F. and Stanhope D. Blogg), 
furniture, carpets, stoves, etc. 
699 Chapel— See p 969 
Stanhope D. (Herbert F. Blogg & 
Bro.) 699 Chapel, h 1368 do. 
Blohm Louise, widow Louis H. G., h 82 

Blois James C, engineer, rms 19 Leonard 
Joseph, barber 241^ Congress av, h 
12 Davenport av 
Blomgren Francis K, emp N. H. Gas 
Light Co., h 42 Poplar 
John, emp Belle Dock, h Easton 
Blondin Albert, emp 44 Collie, bds do. 
Peter, joiner, h 159 Dover 
Peter J., clerk 1320 State, bds 159 
Blood Frederick C., manager Niagara 
Towel Supply Co. 569 State, res 

Blood Sherman J., carria^emaker, h 681 

Bloom Fred C, emp Smedl^ Co., h 
L, watchmaker and jeweler, h 17 

John, emp N. H, Wire Mfg. Co., h 

227 Chapel 
Otto, emp N. H. R. M. Co., h 48 View 
Bloomberg Jacob, tailor, h 67 Tork 
Bloomer Annie F. Mrs., dressmaker 58 

Thorn, h do. 
Bloomingdale Christopher A., silver buff- 
er, h 52 Court 
Blosieren Reuben, shoemaker 883 Grand 

av, h 176 Chestnut 
Bloss Carrie, widow Frederick C, bds 2\\ 
Shelton av 
George, bds 256 Oak 
Blount Julia, widow Robert^ h 6 Factory 

William T., joiner, h 23 Baton 
Blue Alice F., %vidow Ezra, h 3 Graham 

pi, W Haven 
Blum Hayman, emp N. H. dock Co., h 
215 Franklin 
Joseph, grocer 205 Commerce, h do. 
Louis, h 205 Commerce 
William, emp 322 Oak, h 343 do. 
Zeak, emp N. H. dock Co., h 3(ft 
Blumberg Bessie Mrs., grocer 58 Webster, 
h do. 
Hyman, variety store 256 ELamiltan, 

h do. 
Jacob, tailor, h 31 York 
Blumenthal Hayman, expressman, h 56 
Lena Mrs., grocer 58 Eaton, h do. 
Blumle Herman, laborer, h 6 Tyler 
Blumstein Bamett, laborer, h III LAia.'f- 
Isaac, dentist 1006 Grand av, h do. 
Blunt Esther Mrs., bds 99 Dix^v^eU av 
Henry A., h Derby av n to^wn line 
W. Thomas, steward 128 T^nplei, 
Bly Frank J., tinner, bds 22 Lamberton 
Blydenburgh Cornelius A., emp N. HL ' 
Co., h 184 Meadow 
Levi N., lawyer (60) 23 CSimx*h, 
279 Portsea 
B'nai Scholom Synagogue, 98 Olive 
Board of Aldermen, (12 and. 13) 
of Civil Service, (11) aty BLall 
of Councilmen, (19, 20 and SI) 

of Education, 21 Center 
of Fire Commissioners, (4) City 
of Harbor Commissionera, {2A) 

of Health, (12) Police \y^ 165 
of Organized C^harities, 200 
of Police Commissionera, (2) 
bdg 165 Court 
Boardman Building, 739 CS&apel c StaAl 
C. J., rem to Meriden 




Boiribuan Fnjaik C, sculptor 79 Unioiii 
ims 251 Crown 
Lncy H., widow William W., h 46 

Hillhouse av 
Manual Training High School, 

Broadway c York aq 
Muj £. M186, bookkeeper O. B. 
North ft Co., rms 27 Wooater pi 
Bobik Antone, dgannaker, h 77 Arch 
Boebatt AlfnA, molder, h 250 Poplar 
Walter A, clerk P. 0., bds 250 Pop- 
Boeber Max, rem to Germany 
Boekmuehl Gottlieb, emp W. B. A. Co., 

fiode (X August, city express, h 125 Ade- 
Oecile Mias, bds 48 Gregory 
Bodge Andrew, expressman, h 131 Wash- 
ington av 
Bodie Hany 8., r«n to Boston, Mass. 

John, laborer, h 35 Putnam 
Bodlander Louis, millinery 52 Congress 

ay, h 76 Lafayette 
Bodwell Anson L., printer, bds 22 Bishop 
Charles S., clerk M. F. Arms Co., bds 

22 Bishop 
Elvira C, widow Augustus, h 22 

WUUs E., locomotive engineer, h 158 
Boeeldng Oarrie M., bds 77 Ashmun 
EUzA C, widow John, h 77 Ashmun 
Henry, bds 77 Ashmun 
Herman W., rem to New London 
John, h.77 Ashmun 
Boadeekor Fred H. D., tailor, h 28 Ann 
Bodim Henry, emp N. Y., N. H. A H. R. 
R, h 70 Arch 
Hathilde Mias, tailoress, bds 80 New- 
Wimam, emp R. R. shops, h 84i De- 
Joseph, driver 183 State, h Cres- 
^Booug Adam, saloon and bottler 115 
Hamilton, h 117 do. 
Viehael, bartender, h 120 East 
Boman, saloon 1700 State, h do. 
r ChristJaD, dgarmaker, bds 216 

George T, emp Peck Bros. Co., 

bds 01 Kensington 

John B., canvasser, h 61 Kensington 

WnHam G., machinist, h 49 Union 

av, W Haven 

Frederick^ corset cutter emp 60 

Coart, h 35 Auburn 
CUra Mn.^ h 54 NicoU 
Trances, wido'w Joseph, h 21 Cottage 
J. v., clerk (429) R. R. office bdg, 
bds 21 Cottage 
er— see Bettcher 
Oscar, gfrocer and meat market 
209 Shelton av, bds 211 do. 
Otto, batcher, rms 289 Wooeter 

Boettger William J., saloon and bottler 

215 Shelton av, h 130 Starr 
Boettner Charles £., baker, bds 117 Co- 
lumbus av 

Edward C, baker, h 117 Columbus 

Joseph A., emp M. Weidmann & 
Co., h 393 Campbell av, W Ha- 
Bogan Gustavo, signmaker, h 457 Con- 
gress av 
Bogart Charles H., toolmaker, h 76 

Cornelius, carpenter, bds 70 Gilbert 

Edward T., filer, h 146 Canal 

Frederick R., boxmaker, bds 26 Gar- 

Hannah, widow Howard P., h 481 

Irving, emp W. R. A. Co., bds 11 

James, carriage bodymaker 109 
Broadway, h 26 Garden 

James H., mechanic, h 81 Mechanic 

James H. Jr., emp R. R. shops, h 
920 State 

BOOABT JAMES P. civil engineer 
(36) 82 Church, h 684 Whitney 
av — See p 919 
John A., emp 313 State, h First av 

Spring, W Haven 
Lottie Miss, bds 15 Daggett 
Minnie, widow Edgar S., h 14 Pleas- 
S. Maude Miss, emp 321 State, bds 

70 Gilbert av 
Tunis D., emp Seamless Rubber Co., 
h 15 Daggett 
Bogen Gustav, cigarmaker, h 457 Con- 
gress av 
Louis, millinery 153 Congress av, h 
155 do. 
Bogue Charles W., emp D. W. Baldwin, h 
225 Goffe 
Enoch, emp C. W. Blakeelee ft Sons, 

h 44 Tyler 
George W., shoemaker, bds 81 Chest- 
Bohan Bridget Miss, emp 370 Temple, bds 
do. . 
Charles, trackman, h 201 Kimberly 

Charles P., bartender, bds 27 Broad 
Daniel, laborer, bds 208 Wallace 
Ellen, widow John J., bds 81 Adeline 
Frances Miss, emp Strouse, Adler & 

Co., bds 298 Oak 
Francis, emp 80 Long Wharf, h 44 

Francis, mason, h 51 Adeline 
Francis J., machinist, bds 90 Goffe 
Francis J., blacksmith, bds 191 

Hannah, widow Daniel, h 208 Wal- 





Bohan James, emp R. R. shaps, bds 46 

James, hostler 136 Water, h 298 Oak 

James J., clerk 767 Chapel, bds 27 

Jennie T. Miss, rem to New York 

Johanna, widow Daniel, h 206 Wal- 

John, laborer, bds 62 Broad 

John, emp R. R. shops, h 200 Kim- 
berly av 

John, lai)o<rer, h 213 Commerce 

John, emp N. H. Clock Co., bds 208 

Josephine, widow Patrick, h 78 
Washington av 

Margaret Mrs., h 00 Goffe 

Martin, bartender 263 Washington 
av, bds do. 

Mary Miss, emp 370 Temple, bds do. 

Mary Mrs., h 116 Oemipbell av, W 

Marv E. Miss, corset stitcher, bds 
298 Oak 

Matthew E., baker, bds 113 State 

Michael, bds 27 Broad 

Michael, emp R. R. shops, bds 46 

Michael, porter 111 State, h 50 lib- 

Michael, umbrellamaker 230 Geot^, 
h do. 

Michael, laborer, h 191 Qeoi^ge 

Michael, emp R. R. shops, h 28 Red- 

Patrick, emp W. R. A. Oo^, bds 142 

Patrick, smith helper, bds 8 Salem 

Patrick F., com. trav., h 44 Ashmun 

Peter, bds Springside Home 

Rose Miss, clerk, bds 298 Oak 

Terrence, laborer, h 191 George 

Terrence W., blacksmith 111 Com- 
merce, bds 101 Geoiige 

Thomas F., emp N. Y., N. H. k H. R. 
R., bds 197 George 

William, emp Merlin Prov. Co., bds 
28 Redfield 

William, h 27 Broad 

William, saloon 673 State, bds 671 

William H., in U. S. Army 

William J., bartender 673 State, h 
671 do. 

— see Bohen and Bowen 
}^<)]ien Frank, carriage painter, bds 103 

BOHEIT THOMAS J. bottler of mineral 
waters 263 WooRter, h 209 Oo- 
lumbuft av — See p 1042 
Bohn Charle« F., clerk A. Wilkening, rms 
216 Munson 

Dominick, emp W. R. A. Co., bds 613 
C/ongress av 

Frank D., carpenter, h 513 Congress 


George Jr. and Joseph Bohn), 
masons and builders, office 470 
Congress av — See p 1016 

George (George Bohn & Sons) 470 
Congress av, h 171 West 

George Jr. (George Bohn & Sou) 
470 Congress av, bds 171 West 

Jacob, baker, h 66 Walnut 

Joseph, mason, h 11 Vine 

Joseph (George Bohn & Sons) 470 
Ccmgreas av, bds 171 West 

Julius, student, bds 171 West 

Lawrence, bricklayer, h 46 Ohes^ 

Othelia, widow Dominick, h 513 Con- 
gress av 

Peter, h 216 Munson 

Peter J., mason, b£ls 171 West 

Victor, emp N. Y., N. H. & H. R. R., 
bds 513 Congress av 
Bohndorf Charles M., porter 821 Ohapel, 
h 39 Nicoll 

Gottfried, bds 39 Nicoll 
Bohner Fred, driver J. Smith & Sons, h 

131 S Water 
Bohnwagner Emil, saloon 171 OoagT«n 

av, h 60 Washington av 
Boisvert Joseph, blacksmith, h 631 Dix- 

well av 
BO-EAS-KA THE* ^ohn T. Doyle Oa 

props., 383 diapel — See p 918 
Boland Andrew, h 980 State 

Bridget, widow Andrew J., h 201 

Ellen A., widow Gregory, confection 
ery 133 Carlisle, h do. | 

James, emp L. C^andee & 06., h 3M ; 

James, mechanic, bds 178 Franklin 

John, emp N. Y., N. H. & H. R, 1R-, 
bds 348 East 

John, emp 86 Audubon, bds 60 Or- 

Joseph, baker, bds 60 Orchard 

Margaret E. Miss, bookkeeper, bds 
60 Orchard 

Mary A. Miss, h 104 Rosette 

Michael, laborer, h 178 Franklin 

Michael Jr., laborer, bds 178 Frank- 

Minnie E. Miss, bds 60 OrcKard 

Patrick, emp 80 Audubon, h 60 Or- 

Patrick Mrs., h 348 East 

Thomas, bds CO Orchard 
Bolar — see Bowler 
}k>lard Jay, machinist, bds 116 OolumYwi! 

Bolden Elizabeth Mrs., bds 75 14[ill Kivei 
Bolderman Otto, sign painter, bds S 

Bolduc Charles A., bds 93 Woolsey 

Xorbert H., carriagemalcer, h fl 





Bolduc Wilhelmina, widow Wilbur, h 116 

Blatchley av 
Boler Geofge T., laborer, h 411 Orchard 

Jane Mrs., h 105 Front 
fioley BeDJamin, aaloon 841 Grand ay, h 

839 do. 
Botin 8taart K., student, rms 59 Proe- 

BoQ Oonmd, emp Sargent & Co., h 1475 
Helene Miss, teacher Hillhouae High 
School, bds 82 WaU 
BoUenniiger Brutus, rem to Oedifomia 
Hermendina, widow Julius, h 25 
BoOerer Jacob, emp McLagon Foundry 
Co., h Meadow av n Ninth, W 
Jaeab Jr., bds Meadow av c Ninth, 
W Haven 
BoQor Jacob, rem to Newark, N. J. 
BoUm Mary K, widow Charles E., h 14 

BoUeticr Malle, lahorer, h 11 Dow 
BoOman Cari F., kiw student (7) 82 
CSiurch, bds 40 Sylvan av 
Charlea F., lawyer (7) 82 Church, 

h 40 Sylvan av 
Frederick J., rem to New York 
BoDsdiweiler Ernest E., brew master 322 
Oak, h 95 Sylvan av 

Prince & Whitely 15 Center, h 
19 Lynwood 

Bologneae Antonio, emp A. B. H. Co., bds 
236 Wallace 
Giuseppe, emp Sai^gent & Co., bds 
236 Wallace 

BoUttin Joseph, grocer and coal and 
wood 218 Munson, h da 

BoH William, in& canvasser (49) 49 
Church, h 72 Derby av 
Williani H., drop forger, h 43 Win- 
Frank J., rem to Springfield. 


Arthur H., foreman pressman 

Register, h 62 Edwards 
Fiances Sheldon Mrs., editor Moth- 
er's Journal (215) 121 Church, 

h 50 IMvision 
Geoti^e S., bds 61 Divisicm 
GeoTRe W., clerk N. H. Gas Light 

Co., h 61 Division 
Jamen R. (J. R. Bolton k Co.) (215) 

121 OiuTch, h 59 Division 
Jamefi R. B., with Foskett & Bishop 

Co., h 167 Washington av, W 

Jame* R. A Co. (James R. Bolton). 

pabfi. Mother's Journal (215) 

121 Church 
Jcny M., bralceman, h 284 Peck 
K. L. MisA. h 41 Pearl 
ood Bertram B., instructor Y. IT.. 

mm Sheffield Laboratory 

Bomgren Gustav, machinist, bds 115 

Bomstein Samuel, rem to New York 
Bomster John, clerk 50 Chapel, bds 18 
Thomas, printer 436 Shelton av, h 
432 do. 
Bond Elijah A. Mrs., h 41 Second 

Frederick, emp (114) R. R. office 

bdg, bds 400 Orchard 
Fritz H., clerk 90 George, h 16 Hal- 
lock av 
John, machinist, h 56 Wolcott 
John, painter, bds 494 CSiapel 
Mary £. Miss, bds 41 Second 
William H., emp (114) R. R. office 

bdg, h 400 Orchard 
Winchester R., emp N. H. R. M Co., 
h 115 Chapel 
Bone George D., job printer 103 Court, h 
27 Warren 
Robert, presemi^n, bds 27 Warren 
Bonhelsia Antone, rms 243 Wooster 
Bonin Elizear, carriage bodymaker, h 181 

Bonito Francesco, laborer, h 12 Prindle 
Bonnril M. B. A&s., rem to New York 

William P., carpenter, h 76 Ivy 
Bonnelli Thomas, fruit vender 80 State, 

h r 212 Hamilton 
Bonner Frederick D., student, bds 37 
John G., emp Sperry & Barnes, h 

416 Orchard 
Robert H., student, bds 37 Eaton 
Willis M., carpenter, h 37 Eaton 
Bonney Charles, teacher of the voice, 
studio 458 Elm, h do. 
John W., ass't sup't Met. Life Ins. Co. 

(49) 49 CSiurch, h 94 Elliott 
Nellie L. Miss, teacher Lovell School, 

bds 85 Cottage 
Thurston, teacher, bds Whitney av, 
Bonoff Aaron, tailor, h 26 Palmer 
Adam, rem to New York 
Charles, art studio 295 Cedar, h do. 
Louis (Bonoff & Oasman) ^ 0>n- 

gress av, h 74 Arch 
Moses, tailor, h 37 Spruce 
Pierre, dry goods 116 Lafayette, h 

Joseph, rem to New York 
Salomon, dry goods 746 Grand av, h 

& Casman (Louis Bonoff and Bamet 
Cftaman) , barbers 92 Congress av 
Honomo Giovanni, laborer ,bds r 119 Rail- 
road av 
Giuseppe, emp Sargent & Ca, bds 220 
Bonora John, confectionery 1033 State, h 

Bontise James E., bds 15 Baldwin 
Nicholas, barber, h 15 Baldwin 
Bonugli Antonia, emp W. R. A. Co., h 45 



Bonugli Louis, laborer, h 45 Locke 
Bonyai Ladialaus, h 32 Madison 

Stephen, porter 137 Court, h 30 Mad- 


Qark manager, bankers and 
brokers 87 Orange — See p 875 
Booker Alpheus F., porter N. H. House, 
h 463 Orchard 
George A., sup't 235 Grand av, h 57 
Boola Paul, emp K. Hooker & Co., rms 20 

Booley George, hackman, bds 18 Rose 
John, h 18 Hose 

William, clerk 157 Congress av, bds 
18 Rose 
Boone Henrietta Miss, dressmaker 30 
Winter, bds do. 
Jacob S., h 165 James 
Louis A., tel. operator Postal Tel. 

Cable Co., rms 123 Wooster pi 
Sarah, widow James, dressmaker 30 
Winter, h do. 
Booth Ada A. Miss, emp W. R. A. Co., 
bds 40 Henry 
Arthur E., teacher Boardman Manual 
Training High School, h 3 Lake 

SION CO. THE, Frank I. Booth 
manager, auctioneers and ap- 
praisers 75 Orange — See p 970 

Benjamin A., treas. Booth Meat Co. 
390 State, h 660 Geoige 

Caroline A., widow Benjamin, h 88 

Clifford H. (New England Ice Cream 
Co.) 75 Orange, h 220 OrcKard 

Edna M. Miss, bds 16 Dickerman 

Edward C, freight conductor New 
London Div., h 213 Howard ay 

Eliza A., widow John H., rms 129 
Quinnipiac av 

Frank I., manager Booth Auction 
and Commission Co. 75 Orange, 
h 71 Gilbert ay 

Fred Austin, polisher, rms 262 Dix- 
well ay 

Fred G., waiter 986 Chapel, h 128 

Frederick H., emp T., M. & T., h 282 

BOOTH OEOBOE A. principal Pre- 
paratory and Commercial Insti- 
tute 868 Chapel, h 23 Lake pi— 
See p 815 

George F., ass't manager Register 
Pub. Ca and (Young & Co.) 86 
Crown, h 631 Elm 

Harry C, manager New Hayen Pub- 
lic Market 390 and 392 State, h 
2 Garden 

Hattie Miss, bds 27 Dorman 

Helen Miss, bds 83 Groye 

Henry E., emp W. R. A. Co., h 27 


Booth Isaac E., rem to Cheshire 
James W., rem to East Hayen 
J. H. Mrs., bds 129 Quinnipiac av 
John H., emp W. R. A. Cow, h 34 

John R. (Smith & Booth (617) 42 

Church, h 64 Edge wood ay 
Julia Miss, h 151 Water 
Lena M. Miss, stenographer (309) B. 

R. office bdg, res East Haven 1 
Mabel A. Miss, emp W. R. A Oo., 

bds 40 Henry 
Malcolm, supervisor schools WaUiiig- 

ford, h 280 Winthrop av 
Margaret E., widow Nathaniel, h 306 

Mary L. Miss, bds 151 Water 
Meat Co., meat markets 370 and 900 

State and 7 and 591 Grand a^, 

also 62 Congress ay 
Ransom P, h 240 Whalley ay 
Sarah M., widow Charles W., bd& 43 

Thomas, emp Walter Smedley, h 606 

Quinnipiac ay 
Thomas B., brewmaster 14 Whiting; 

bds Aldrich House 
Thomas H., machinist^ h 16 Dicko- 

Watson C, cigar packer, bds Impe- 
rial Hotel 
William H., bds 40 Henry- 
William T., accountant (3) 61 

Church, h 61 Dwight 

XHEy yamish mfrs., paintii 
etc. 145 Water c Olive — See 
Boozang James F., canvasser Amerv 

Wringer Co., h 22 Wairen 
Borack Charles, shoemaker 24 Oak, 

do. I 

Borchert Henry, wood worker H. Hooker 
& Co., h 20 Stevens 
Henry F., baker 1012 State, bdB fll 

John, coal carman, h 44 Howaxd av 
Julius, clerk 9 Churdi, bda 20 8te^ 
Borden R Joseph, apprentice, bds 211 
Florence L. Miss^ casihier Howe 4 
Stetson, bds r 990 DixweU tH 
John P., clerk 922 Oha.pel, bds 2! 

William A., librarian '^otin^ Ma 
Institute 847 Ckapel, h 26 J 
William H., machinist, b. 87 Andi 
William H., brass xnolder, h Z 
Bordillo Andrea, laborer, h. 76 Broad 
Borel Simon J., coachman, bds 114 Qai 

nipiac av 
Boreman Julius, cigarmalcer, fa. 88 G«a 


Bors>-«ee Bug 

Borgm If ah F., carriage trimmer, bds 22 
Petefi freeco painter 87 Union, h 22 

Sophie C. Miss, bds 22 Broad 
B(ng« Emil H, h 2 Lyon 

Bury £., real estate, h 599 East 
Boigstrom GSiarles F, molder, h 249 Lom- 
Hjalmar, emp E. R. shops, h 147 C3ay 
Borgwardt Richard, music teacher, h 67 

Boiket Ifiefaael, laborer, h 222 Commerce 
Boikman Abram, laborer, h 163 Hamil- 
Borico Albert, drapery cutter emp 60 Or- 
ange, h 17 Chestnut 
Boriowaki Bonsislaus, laborer, h 91 

Bonnann WUliam, chef Hotel Davenport, 

bds do. 
Bonnaas Julius, dgarmaker, h 88 George 
Bon Enuly, widow Frederick, h 132 Fill- 
BomesB Delphine, widow Joseph N., h 
396 Front 
Edward, emp J. F. Goodrich, bds 496 
Boraholz Anton, emp Conn. Adamant 

Plaster Co., bds 243 Wooster 
Bonnan Oirl, foreman E. & H. T, An- 
thony & Co. 81 Day, h 23 El- 
Fred, clerk 28 Congress av, bds 23 
Bonmiann Adam, bottler, h 144 Farren 
Omrad W., baker, h 67 Hallock 
Louis C, ins. canvasser (49) 49 
I Church, h 43 Stevens 

Theresa, T»ndow Christopher, bds 67 


Bwr Andrew, porter Hotel Garde, bds do. 

pwffl o Andrea, laborer, h 76 Broad 

Bont Caroline, widow Philip, h 30 Aner 

Ma>y E., widow George E., h 203 

Philro, barber 13 E Grand av, h 47 

Samuel £L, lieutenant Steamer No. 2, 
40 Artizan, h 203 Lloyd 
Frank, emp W. R. A. Co., h 3 

Ificbael, painter, h 725 Grand av 
Diedricn, confectioner and ice 
eream G48 Chapel, h 646 da 
SoKHi A., joiner, h 7 North, W Ha^ 



Joseph, cigaimaker, h 795} 
Grand av 
iBmard, bds 7 Fair 
Dominic, emp Sargent k Co,, h 105 

A^pbidt Co., W. H. Mansfield 
SDp% foot Woloott 


BIAOE CO. m^rs. of fine light 

carriages 155 to 163 Eaat— See 

front col'd p XX 

926 Chapel--6ee p 986 
Bctotwick Elizabeth J., widow Frederick, 

L., h 162 Olive 
Frederick, printer, h 139 Lawrence 
Geoige H., rem to Oxford 
Henry W., emp 423 State, bds do. 
Leonard, harness mfr., horse furnish- 
ings, trunks, etc. 45 Orange, h 

604 da 
M. Annie Miss, artist, bds 269 Quin- 

nipiac av 
Mary R., widow John A., h 106 

WhaUey av 
Susan M., widow Rev. William L., 

bds 269 Quinnipiac av 
Thomas A., at Peabody Museum, n 

360 Prospect 


and builder 269 Quinnipiac av, h 

do. — See p 1005 

Botsford Charles S., augermaker, bds 248 


Edward N. (Botsford & English) 936 

Chapel, h 76 Kensington 
Frederick, Grand Sec. I. 0. O. F. (3) 

95 Crown, bds 28 Pearl 
George N., com. trav., bds 814 State 
Harry, rem to Bridgeport 
Mary J. Miss, h 814 State 
& English (Edward N. Botsford and 
James M. English), plumbers 
and gas fitters 936 Chapel 
Bosworth John J., cook, h 168 IMxwell av 
Botchar John, emp 115 Congress av, h 440 

Howard av 
Bott George J., emp 1048 Cfhapel, bds 4* 
John, locomotive fireman, h 4 Dag- 
Botta Angelo, emp L. Candee & Co., h 15i 
Lorenzo, shoemaker, bds 169 Cedar 
Marianna, widow John, bds 141 
Bottlers' Protective Association, 27 Fair 
Bottomley Thomas E., emp W. R. A. Co., 

h St. Mary, Highwood 
Botvenick Harris, bottle dealer r 34 Oak, 
h 31 do. 
Meyer, rag dealer, h 15 Rose 
Botvinick Joseph, rem to New York 
Solomon, junk dealer r 20 Oak, h 40 
Bouchard John, joiner, h 628 Newhall, 

Boucher Agnes Miss, bds 230 Columbus 
George T., transfer mail clerk Union 

depot, h 255 Grand av 
Hannora, widow Henry, h 218 Wal- 




Boucher James, emp N. H. Gkui Light Co., 
h 30 Wolcott 
James A., cook, bds 30 Wolcott 
Mary J. Mise, bds 218 Wallace 
Michael, gardener, h 1033 State 
Michael, laborer, h 116 Railroad av 
I Michael T., molder, bds 115 Railroad 
Moees D., brakeman, h 51 Adeline 
Bouchet Georgiana Miss, bds 94 Bradley 
Susan, widow William, h 94 Bradley 
Bouffard Zephirin, emp N. H. R. M. Co., 

h 80 Lloyd 
Boughen Michael, emp N. Y., N. H. & 

H. R. R., h 47 Button 
Boughton Edward K, emp L. CSandee & 
Co., bds 156 Lloyd 
Han^ey, machinist, h (1) 686 Chapel 
Josephine, widow Edward, fore- 
woman L. Candee & Co., h 156 
N. Co. The, truckmen 466 Chap^ 
Napoleon, h 235 Lombard 
William L., h 64 Washing^n av, W 

— see Bouton, also Beauton 
Boulais Peter, rem to New York 

William A., clerk 778 Chapel, bds 37 
Bouns Tunis, h 36 Forbes ay 

— see Bowns 
Bourne Edward G., professor of history 

Y. U., h 73 Mansfield 
Boutin Augustin, laborer, bds 207 Chapel 
Frank X., h 207 Chapel 
Frank X., Jr., laborer, bds 207 
Bouton Carlyle R., clerk freight office 154 
Water, bds 113 Olive 
Charles I., clerk 21 Center, bds 383 

Dixw^l ay 
Frank J., emp N. H. Clock Co., h 

855 State 
Laura E. Miss, bds 333 Dixwell ay 
William H., salesman Levi C. Gil- 
bert Co., h 383 Dixwell av 
Bove Andrew, barber 71 George, h 34 do. 
Angelo, barber emp 71 George, h 20 

Dahone, laborer, h 51 Monroe 
Giuseppe, fruit dealer, h 211 Hamil- 
Giuseppe, shoemaker 297 Hamilton, 

h do. 
Luigi, laborer, bds 61 CoUis 
Mariano, fruit dealer, h 211 Hamil- 
Rocco, lodging house 20 Union, h da 
Boveck Julius, emp Merwin Prov. Co., h 

335 Columbus av 
Bovino Aniello. barber 565 Grand av, rms 

Bowden Elizabeth Miss, stenographer 
emp 86 Audubon, bds 75 Sher- 
man av 

Bowden Joseph (Wharton & Bowden) 75 
Sherman av, h do. 

Mary C. widow Nehemiah, h 23 

Thomas, stone and granite worker 
139 Sylvan av, h do. 

William, mason, bds 75 Sherman w 

William, stone cutter, bds 139 Syl- 
van av 

William H., emp N. H. dock Co., 
bds 23 Prince 
Bowditch A. Havens, cashier Bowditch 
Furniture Co., bds 267 Lloyd 

Building, 100 to 106 Orange 

Edwin A. (Gorman & Bowditch) 
1071 Whalley av, h 1065 do. 

Edwin B., pree. The Bowditch Furni- 
ture Co., office 102 Orange, h 291 

YWF' furniture dealers, etc. 100 

to 10^ Orange— See p 880 
Joseph H., emp N. H. dock Co., h 

267 Lloyd 
Bowen Andrew, emp W. R. A. Co., Wa 

100 Meadow 
Andrew J. Jr., letter carrier, h 38 

Ann Miss, h 61 Puk 
Annie J., widow Patrick, h 78 Wash- 
ington av 
Anthony T., emp N. H. dock Co., h 

164 Hamilton 
Arthur W., porter 68 Church, rma 

56 Foote 
Daniel, onp W. R. A. Co., bds 201 | 

Elizabeth, widow Andrew, bds 28 i 

Fillmore ! 

Ezra P., bds 117 Atwater 
George H., emp E. I. Stilee^ bds 78 

Washington av 
George W., conductor W. Av. R. B. 

Co., bds 26 Washington av 
James P., bookkeeper 450 Cohunbia 

av, bds 13 Collis 
• John H., horseshoer, bds 26 Wash- 
ington av 
John I., decorator, h 201 Atwater 
Margaret C. Mias, cleiic 898 Chap4 

bds 74 Dickerman 
Maria, widow Patrick, h. 13 Oollis 
Mary, widow Albert A-, h Dudley 

Mary A. Miss, h 61 Pauric 
Patnck, laborer, bds 31 Qreenwool 
Philip E.. deputy U. S. marahall, 

745 George 
Thomas F., emp N. H. C9ock Co., \d 

28 Fillmore 
Willard N., emp 271 Bl&tchle^ av, 

117 Atwater 
William E,, policeman, b 26 Was 

ington av 
William J., clerk 745 Oraad av, b 

13 Collis 




Bowoi-iee Bohan and Bohen 
Bower Hennjum, cigar mfr. 371 State, h 
36 Lyon 
Jacob, dgarmaker, bds 36 Lyon 
Philip, painter, h off Augur, Whit- 

Samuel, cigarmaker, bds 36 Lyon 
fiowen Bertha N. Miss, teacher, rem to 
New Britain 
Charles H., gardener, h 115 Atwater 
Qiailee 0., police sergeant, h 116 At- 
Earid, locomotive fireman, h Quinni- 

piac ay c Hemingway pi 
Dwight £., lawyer (410) 865 Chapel, 

bds 209 Crown 

Edward A., lawyer and vice prea. and 

tieas. Xew Haven "ij^ruat Ca 

(302) 42 Caiurch, bds 200 Crown 

&nily, widow James H., bds 183 

Townsend av 
Fanny M., widow Caleb B., h 209 

Fredson £., pres. Gilbert Mfg. Cow 

76 Center, bds 336 Ceorge 
Geoige W., car inspector, bds 979 

Loaia G., corset cutter, h 26 Irving 
Samuel D., h 125 Greene 
Thomas G., sec. and treas. Gilbert 
Mfg. Co. 76 Center, bds 336 
William, driver Pond Lily Co., bda 
Froepect n Fountain 
Ikfwtxy Heniy, emp 0. B. North ft Co., 
bds 252 Poplar 
Joseph Jr., contractor The W. & E. 
T. Fitch Ca, h 182 James 
Bowes Alfred, emp K. F. B. & P. Co., h 
806 Grand av 
Alfred Jr., emp N. F. R & P. Co., bds 

806 Grand av 
Edward B., joiner, h Fourth n Camp- 
bell av, W Haven 
^moB, joiner, h 7 North, W Haven 
ler John J., life ins. agent, h 94 Mid- 

dletown av 
John L., printer, bds 16 8crant<Mi 
l&itha, widow George, h 81 Park 
Mldiad, mason helper, h 15 Scran- 
Batriek F., mason, bds 15 Scranton 
W., ins. canvasser (21) 82 Church, 
bds 94 Middletown av 

Agnes, widow John, tailoress, h 
61 Union 
Arthur W., clerk (214) R. R. office 

bdg, h 123 Spring 
Cattierine, widow Christopher, h 6 
Lyon eonrt 

en^> W. R A Co., h 142 

G., bds 82 Howe 

M., emp Sargent & Co., bds 

Bowman Elizabeth Mrs., h 158 Dixwell taw 
£. M. Mrs., h 53 Prospect 
Frank A, photographer emp 902 

Chapel; bds 22 Maple 
Frederick V., trav. salesman N. F. 

B. & P. Co., h 22 Maple 
George W., bookkeeper J. D. DeweU 

& Co., h 98 Ward 
Harriet, widow Horace, h 50 Park 
Harry W., clerk freight office 164 

Water, bds 46 Ekigewood av 
Henry G., painter, h Diamond 
Horace N., locomotive engineer, h 

162 Ckriisle 
James H., gardener, h 57 diaries 
ELate K Miss, cashier Strong, Bamee, 

Harii & Co., bds 227 Columbus 

Mary Mrs., h 317 Sherman av 
Peter E., ass't sup't N. Y. Div. N. Y., 

N. H. & H. R R (17) Union De- 
pot, h 46 Edgewood av 
Robert M., photographer, h 47 Car- 

Susan C, widow Charles W., h 263 

Thomas N., emp R. R shops, bds 162 

Timothy, emp N. H. R M. Co., h 43 

William H., h Diamond n Ruby, 
Bown Harriett R., widow Richard A., 

clerk 767 Chapel, h 47 Vernon 
Harry J., brakeman, h 77 Spring 
Henry J., rem to Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Boxmann August L., emp R. R shops, h 

245 Greenwich av 
Boyce Alexander F., emp Henry Hooker 

& Co., h 730 State 
Catherine Mrs., h 52 Pearl 
James, carriagemaker, h 209 Whalley 

James N., bicycle dealer and repairer 

938 State, h 578 Esuit 
Jay H., clerk 811 Chapel, bds 209 

Whalley av 
Jennie R Miss, teacher Fair Street 

School, bds 52 Pearl 
John, foreman painter N. H. Car- 
riage Co., h 142 Chestnut 
Margaret, widow William, h 278 Oak 
Maud E., clerk, bds 142 Chestnut 
Park, emp Grand Union Tea Co., h 

18 Shelter 
Thomas J., emp J. C. Hubinger Bros. 

CJo., bds 278 Oak 
William H., salesman 111 State, bds 

52 Pearl 
— see Boice 
Boyd Charles L., h 193 Chapel 

Edward E., emp W. F. Gilbert ft Co., 

bds 436 Chapel 
F. Coleman, vice pres. and general 

manager New Haven Car Regis- 
ter Co., h 577 George 
John, boilermaker, h 36 Russell 




Boyd Julia E, widow Dana, bds 478 How- 
ard av 

Reuben M., linemaTi N. H. Fire 
Dept, h 480 Howard av 

Thomas, emp W. F. Gilbert & Co., 
bds 436 Chapel 

William A., ass't janitor Durfee Hall, 
Y. U., bdfl (24) do. 

William A., machinist, h 44 Foun- 

William G., agent Southern R. R., h 
477 Elm 
Boyden Libbie E., widow Frank A., rem 

to New York 
Boydston Ernest, emp W. R. A. Co., h 
365 Shelton av 

Henry G., agent, h 125 Shelton av 

Roy N., plumber, bds 125 Shelton av 
Boyer Arthur I., in U. 8. Army 

C. J. Mrs., dressmaker, h 88 Church 

Frank, engineer, h 130 Hamilton 

George W., cigarmaker, h Light- 
house Point 
Boyhan Bernard, flour and feed 298 Con- 
gress av, bds 13 Vernon 

Edward, flour and feed 562 to 556 
Grand av, h 13 Vernon 

Morris E., clerk 552 Grand av, h 70 

Thomas, hamessmaker, h 32 Wash- 
ington av 

Thomas F., clerk 552 Grand av, bds 
13 Vernon 
Boylan Charles H., h 181 East 

James, bds Springside Home 

John J., foreman ironing dept. 
Strouse, Adler A Co., h 651 

Luke H., polisher, h 24 York 

Luke H. Jr., emp 106 Park, h 24 

Mary A., widow Bernard H., h 694 
Bqyle Ambrose, printer The Price, Lee ft 
Adkins Co., rms 12 Bradley 

Anna J. Mias, stenographer, bds 167 
Second av, W Haven 

Anthony, ass't foreman R. R. shops, 
h 261 Washington av 

Anthony D., h 245 Washington av 

Catherine L., teacher Brown School, 
W Haven, bds 157 Second av, 

Charles, emp Yale Dining Rooms, 
rms r 129 Dav 

Charles H., emp Saxgent & Ca, bds 
27 Hamilton 

Dennis, h 157 Second av, W Haven 

Dennis Jr., motorman W. Av. R. R. 
Co., h 67 Brown, W Haven 

Edward, painter, bds 251 Washing- 
ton av 

George R., molder, bds 494 Chapel 

James, laborer, h 90 Wallace 
, James, rem to Chicago, HI. 


Boyle James, meat and fish market ud 

grocer 124 Columbus av, h 124 

James, emp R. R. shops, bds 83 Roie 
James, teamster, h 25 View 
James A., upholsterer, bds 63 Oown 
John, trav. salesman, rms 40 Lyn- 

John J., clerk George W. Wanwr, 

bds 157 Second av, W Haven 
Kate Miss, emp L. Oondee & Ocx, bdi 

259 Hamilton 
Margaret, widow James, h 259 Ham- 
Mary Miss, emp L. Candee & Ooi, b 

237 Franklin 
Mary K Miss, clerk 767 Ohapd, bdt 

245 Washington av 
Michael J., machinist, bds 245 Wuk- 

ington av 
Nellie Miss, emp W. R. A. Oo^ bds 

88 Canal 
Patrick, emp C. W. Blakeslee k 

Sons, h r 129 Day 
Patrick, carpenter, h 153 C9ay 
Peter J., waiter, rms 14 Congren av 
Richard, flagman, h 88 Oanal 
Thomas, emp W. R. A. C6.» h 481 

Winchester av 
Thomas, emp N. H. R. M. Oo., bdi 

138 Wooster 
William, painter, rms 110 Olive 
William H., salesman, h 104 PdtNa 
Boylen Peter J., driver, h 971 Ghraad av 
Boynton B. W., jeweler, bds 67 Ifinor 
Edward C, electrician (30S> K. B. 

office bdg, h 381 Edgensvood av 
Theodore, molder, h 273 Lloyd 
Boys' Clubs, 200 Orange and 10 Oak 
B^rson John, emp R. R. shope, h 189|| 

Boziel Andrew, laborer, h 76 Broad 
Bozoni Benedeti, emp W. K. A. Co., I 

49 Eaton 
Brace Harry E., clerk (429) K. K. offiei 

bdg, bds 321 DizweU av 
Lyman E., foreman W. R. A. Oo^ 1 

321 Dixwell av 
Samuel Mrs., h 84 Norton 
Bracelin Jennie, widow John EL» rms 4 

Bracken Andrew, track foresnan W. A^ 

R. R. Co., h 1168 State 
John, hackman emp 662 Boward ■ 

h 82 Elliott 
Margaret, widow Patrick, Ms * 

Michael, emp R. R. shops, h 41 li 

Patrick, driver 1084 Ohap^, h i 

Patrick B., emp N. F. R A p. C6. 

53 Elliott 
Thomas, hackman. h 3Q2 Oro^vn 
Thomas C, stenograplier 1^. H. ( 

riage Co., bds 116S State 




Brackett William H., cook, bds 422 Or- 
Bndbury EUzabeth J. Min, h 101 Main, 
William, bda 15 Court 
Bnddock H^iry A., bookkeeper 702 

Chapd, miB 107 Olive 
Braden Edwajrd, bookkeeper R. R. shops, 

bds 783 Grand av 
Bradford Aleathea Miss, h 107 Oak 
CharleB H. (Sargent & Co.), bds 362 

Howard av 
Emma Mrs., h 170 Henry 
Xaocy, widow Purmort, h 362 How- 

tad av 
William, h Whitneyville 
Bndiah John Q., annalist, h 132 Howe 

Stanley P„ bds 132 Howe 
Bndley Abraham P., rem to Mt. Carmel 
Albert, police sergeant^! 14 Maltby pi 
Albert 6., farmer, h Gorham av, 

Albert H., bds 314 Crown 
Allen, mason, h 224 Commerce 
Ambrose, baker 69 S Water, bds do. 
Amos B., tray, salesman, h 141 

Blatchley av 
Andrew, emp N. H. K Co., h 13 

Andrew R., pros. The Bradley-Smith 
Co. 96 to 104 State, h 526 How- 
ard ay 
Ami £», widow Albert, h 69 Howe 
Amia L. Miss, bds 44 Garden 
Amia P. Miss, bds 352 Whitney ay 
Antonio H., carpenter, h 260 Daven- 

port av 
Archer, o ysl e rm an, bds 69 S Water 
Arthur D., oysterman, h 248 Quinni- 

piac ay 
Arthur S. (Curtiss & Bradley) 16 

Center, h 52 Everitt 
Benjamin F., emp Reynolds & Co., h 

795} Grand ay 
Bnrdett N., emp W. A. Schappa, bds 

281 Portsea 
Bart<m, painter, bds Savin Point, W 

Barton K., brass turner, bds 292 

Quinnipiac av 
Burton 8., meat market 100 Grand 

av, h 25 Atwater 
Barton W., oysteiman, h 246 Quin- 
nipiac av 
Ciwiine L., widow Dana A., h 133 

Main (annex) 
Cwiie M. Miss, emp N. P. B. & P. 

Col, bds 65 Spring 
^^^utfies A., emp New Haven Wood 

Yard, h 1 Hine pi 
Charles A., cleric 70 Orange, bds 190 

Charies A,, greenhouse soil, turfing, 
wood and timber dealer, treas. 
N. H. Display Fixture Co. 67 
Ooiirt^ res Woodbridge 

Bradley Charles C, pres. and manager 
The Bradley Co. 158 Orange, bda 
206 Cro^^ 

Charles E., bookkeeper A. N. Allen 
& Co., h 44 Garden 

Charles F., shipping clerk L. Candee 
& Co., bds 414 Crown 

Charles H., mason, h 36 First av, W 

Charles Hayes, rem to Troy, N. Y. 

Charles W., produce dealer, h Bur- 
well n Quinnipiac av 

Charles Wesley, ins. canvasser (49) 
49 Church, bds 20 Vernon 

Clarence F., farmer, h 1004 Dixwell 
av, Hamden 

Qarissa Miss, h 758 Whalley av 

Claude L., engineer, bds 69 S Water 

Clifford S., h 109 Howe . 

BEADLEY CO. THE, plumbing, heat- 
ing, tinning, galvanized iron 

workers, stoves, etc. 158 Orange 

—See p 908 
Cornelia, widow J. Chester, h Foxon 

opp Easton 
Cornelia, widow Lyman S., h 295 

Cornelia C, widow Charles B., h 235 

Edgewood av 
Cornelia M., widow Robert B., h 174 

Sherman av 
Cornelius, emp freight depot, bds 90 

Daniel B., livery stable 111 WaU, h 

113 do. 
Dewitt v., emp W. H. Buckle Co., h 

247 Washington av, W Haven 
Dexter R., bartender, h Russell opp 

£ Grand av 
Edgar S., bds 295 Lloyd 
Edward B., cabinetmaker 371 States 

h 527 Chapel 
Edward E., pres. New England 

Dairy Co. 159 Hazel, h 212 York 
Edward L., emp Sargent & Co., h 18 

Hughes pi 
Edward L., engineer Springside 

Home, bds do. 
Edward M. (H. C. Warren & Co.) 

108 Orange, bds 27 Dwight 
Edward N., waiter Hills Homestead, 

W Haven, rms do. 
Edward S., emp R. R. shops, bds 295 

Edward W., shipping clerk M. Piano 

Co., W Haven, bds 186 Elm, da 
Edwin G., ins. canvasser (49) 49 

Church, bds 11 Vernon 
Ed\vin M., lunch room 5 Center, h 

235 Edgewood av 
Elford, clerk 9 Church, bda 48 Willis 
Elihu A., bookkeeper, bds 186 Grand 

Eliott, milk dealer, h 46 Atwater 
Elizabeth Mrs., rem to Derby 




Bradley Elizabeth, widow Philo, h Diz- 

well ay, Hamden 
Elizabeth C. Miss, h 426 Orange 
Elizabeth S. Miss, teacher, bds 102 

Ellen L. Miss, h 68 Dizwell ay 
Elyira S. Mrs., bds 511 George 
Emerson C, emp C. W. Kellogg ft 

Co., h 333 Dixwell ay 
Emily Miss, h 166 Main, W Hayen 
Fanny S. Mrs., bds 128 Oliye 
Felix H., collector of antiques and 

curios, h 9 Walnut 
Frank A., driver Frank Karsch, bds 

39 Exchange 
Frank B., emp F. H. & W. R. R. Co., 

bds 296 Lloyd 
Frank C, foreman metal dept. Buck- 
ingham, Routh Co., bds 170 St. 

Frank F., gardener, rms 234 Elm, W 

Frank S., manager West Haven Mfg. 

Co. 1 Elm, W Haven, h 41 Rich- 
ards v\, do. 
Franklin F., emp M. W. Filley, bds 

13 Broadway 
Franklin S., sec. and treaa. Glendom 

Knitting Co. 106 Park, h 1287 

Fred L., clerk N. H. Clock Ca, bds 

157 Edgewood av 
Frederick, foreman 0. B. North & 

Co., h 83 Woolsey 
Frederick, emp 1575 Chapel, bds do, 
Frederick A., mfr. magazine covers, 

rms 167 St. John 
Frederick B., rem to Bridgeport 
Frederick R., bds 61 Lamberton 
Frederick T., trea«. The English & 

Mersick Co. 70 Crown, h 235 

Sherman av 
Frederick W., conductor, h 3 Oa«- 

Frederick W., farmer, h 133 Main 

F. Stanley, h 102 Wall 
Geoige C, former, h Foxon opp Eas- 

George D., emp N. F. B. & P. Co., h 

137 Division 
George E., foreman machinist 102 

Hill, h 184 Crown 
George £., emp 775 Chapel, h Fitch n 

old stone mill 
George L., ins. canvaaser (49) 49 

Church, h 50 Lawrence 
George O., policeman, h 25 Cottage 
George P., carpenter, bds 197 Wooe- 

George R., trav. salesman 27 Center, 

bds 403 Shelton av 
George R., photographer, h 64 Naah 
George S., rem to Putnam 
George T. (Benedict & Co.) and 

agent Sterling Coal Co. 80 

Church, h 1346 Chapel 

Biadley George W., emp H. B. Ives A 0^ 

bds 7 Parmelee 
G. Frank, clerk 97 Orange, h 25 Do^ 

Grace A. Miss, rem to Cramford, 

N. Y. 
Gietta F., dressmaker, bds 403 Shel- 
ton av 
Harry, machinist^ rms 63 Crown 
Hairy E., carpenter, h 111 Third a?, 

W Haven 
Haxiy P., ins. agent, bds 414 OrovB 
Helen D. Miss, h 72 Wooater 
Hendrick H., brushmaker, h 120 Itj 
Henry F., emp P. Brosw & Oow, bds 3S 

Henry H., sec. The F. C BushncA 

Co. 221 Water, res East HaveD 
Henry J., laborer, h 283 First av, W 

Henry L., sec. and treaa. Atlas M^. 

Co. 127 Water, h 138 Fountain 
Herbert L., emp Speny k Barnes, b 

13 Hughes pi 
Homer L., clerk (214) R. R. <^oe 

bdg, h 231 Edgewood ay 
House, James T. Lugg prop., 51S 

Isaac L., oyster grower 246 Quinni' 

piac av, h 406 Lenox 
Isaac M., h 68 Dixwell av 
Isaac N., bicycle repairer, h 894 Quin- 

nipiac av . 

James F., molder, h 403 SheLton. «.y ^ 
James HartweU, roofer and painter 

128 Farren av, h do. 
James J., molder, h 11 Main. 
James R., foreman machines Stroose^ 

Adler & Co., h 408 Edgewood av 
Jane L., widow Allen C, bds ASZ 0^ ' 

Jane M., widow Charles A., h. 414 

Jared C, manager Fiddity Rupturt 

Cure Co. 87 Orange, h 10 GilUct; 

Jerry, joiner R. R. shops, "h 61 LaiiH 

Jesse P., kegmaker, h 78 Qainniplafl 

J. Lucius, electrician K. B. £. Oo^ li 

12 Willard 
Joel M., carpenter and builder 401 

Lenox, h do. 
John, waiter, h 93 Eaton 
John C, cashier The Bdw. Mall^ 

Co., h 264 Exchange 
John H., carpenter, h 67 Xhird &y, ^ 

John L., oyster cultiva4>or» b. €0 t 

John N., h 10 Brown 
John S., sec. and treas. ^Te^u^ Hayf 

Car Rmster Co. 218 Qeovge si 

pres. lie Bradley 'Mfg, Cou 2] 

Water, h 41 High ^ 
John W., oystennan, bds Q9 8 Wai 




Bndley Joseph D., agent, bds 190 Division 
Joseph N., joiner, h 292 Quinnipiac 

Joseph 8., emp Foekett & Bishop Co., 

h 190 Division 
Josephine, widow John C, h 186 

Grand av 
JnKa, widow Edward, bds 278 Oak 
Juitos H., fruit growor, h 247 Wash- 
ington av, W Haven 
£aiie J. Mra, dressmaker 9 Walnut, 

h do. 
Lee E, h 133 Grand av 
Leb Miss, clerk (46) 49 Church, bds 

227 Sherman av 
Levi B. Mrs., h 109 Howe 
Lewis £., teamster, h 54 Oollis 
Lewis K, locomotive fireman, bds 26 

Lewis L^ dole Reynolds &, Co., h 14 

Maitby pi 
Lewis P., h 139 Chestnut 
Lewis S., com. tiuv., h 227 Sherman 

liliian E. Miss, teacher State Normal 
Training High School, h 69 Howe 
linns P., fish dealer 246 Quinnipiac 

av, h do. 
L, Jennie Mrs., bookkeeper, h 78 

Quinnipiae av 
Lola J., widow Joseph L., h 66 Mor- 

Louis, picture framemaker, bds 31 

Lonis £., locomotive fireman, bds 26 

Lucius, clerk The Bigelow Ca, bds 

186 Grand av 
Ljman EL. watchman, h 99 Greene 
Maria A. liGas, h 64 Water, W Ha^ 

Maria L. Mrs., bds 233 First av, W 

Marie J. Mrs., teacher Shelton Ave- 

Boe School, bds 44 Gill 
Martha. J., widow Charles H., h 43 

Martin J.^ emp R. R. shops, h 71 

Mary £., widow Lyman, h 440 

Mazy A. £. Miss, h 266 Crown 
Mazy J., widow John C, h 186 

Oimnd av 
Mary L. MiBfl> bds 426 Orange 
Mazy V. Mrs., h 247 Washington av, 

W Haven 
Mand A. Mrs., bds William, W Ha- 

11%. Co.« mfrs. patent' ice cream 

cabinets 219 Water 
Ifiehael, oysterman, bds 18 £ Grand 

MS&ie Mra., h 283 First av c Rich- 

ard% W Haven 
IGHon H. (Benedict & Ca) 80 

Canirch, bds 1346 Chapel 

Bradley Minot C, clerk 6 Center, rms 236 
Edgewood av 
M. W. Mrs., nurse, bds 120 Ivy 
Myra E., widow Charlee L., h 20 

Nathan F., fruit peddler, h 174 Ex- 
Neil, emp 80 Long Wharf, h 90 Car- 
Newell C, rem to Philadelphia, Pa. 
Newton M., engineer, h 62 First av, 

W Haven 
Oscar J., brakeman, h 61 Lamberton 
Otis B. (A. N. Allen & Co.) 40 and 

42 Geoige, h 212 Howard av 
Owen, molder, h 616 East 
Patrick J., molder, h 67 Beach 
Richard, h 88 Winchester av 
Robert B. (Robert B. Bradley Co.) 
679 Grand av, h 1 Lyon 


ware, pamts, brushes, etc. 679 
Grand av and paper hangings, 
etc. 706 do.— See p 1023 

Robert E., emp P. Bros. & Co., bds 
292 Quinmpiac av 

Robert O., h 19 Clark 

Robert S., ass't bookkeeper Yale Nat. 
Bank, res Branford 

Robert S., receiving clerk N. H. Clock 
Co., h 20 Maitby pi 

Rodney, boatman, h 14 Clifton 

Sarah A., widow Stephen, h 136 Or- 

Sarah E., widow Philo, h Dixwell av 
ab the church, Hamden 

Sarah F. Mrs., h 234 Ehn, W Haven 

Sarah M., widow Frank H., h 362 
Whitney av 

Sarah W., widow Edward L., h Savin 
Point, W Haven 

Sevilla, widow Joseph R., h 246 
Quinnipiac av 

Seymour, bds Burwell n Quinnipiac 

S. La&iyette, grocer and meat mar- 
ket 44 Waverly, bds 71 Sylvan 

Smith T., florist 26 Atwater, bds 133 
Grand av 


fectionery mfrs. and wholesale 
cigars 96 to 104 State— See p 
Stephen D., h 76 Grand av 
Susan, widow Charles, h 36 First av, 

W Haven 
Susan L. Miss, bds 426 Orange 
Temperance R., widow George, h 64 

Theodore, h 687 Elm 
Thomas, smith helper, h 38 Walnut 
Thomas A., janitor, bds 93 Eaton 
Thomas E., baggagemaster Union de- 
pot, bds 92 IMtnam 
Timothy S., h 157 Edgewood av 




Bradley Vaughn H., piano finisher, bds 56 

Walter L., sexton Calvary Baptist 

Church, h 39 Whalley ay 
Walter L., clerk 712 Chapel, h 237 

Walter M., aas't instructor Y. U., 

bds 1346 Chapel 
Wesley J., oysterman, bds 69 8 

Willette M., locomotive fireman, h 

25 Cottage 
William, driver Adams Ex. Co., h 

304 Columbus av 
William A., emp oil room N. Y., N. 

H. & H. R. R., h 65 Spring 
William E., engineer, bds 49 Sa- 
William F., emp The Stiles Metal 

Co., h 118 Greenwich av 
William H., rem to Bridgeport 
William H., foreman Sargent & Co., 

bds 13 Hughes pi 
William H., emp 60 Court, h 220 

Howard av 
William Ives, cabinetmaker, h 116 

William J., emp P. Bros. & Co., bds 

38 Wallace 
William J., h 17 Vernon 

William J., pavement inspector, bds 

9 Walnut 
William L., electrical engineer, bds 

139 Chestnut 
William L., physician and surgeon 

39 Trumbull, h 426 Orange 
William W., clerk 44 Waverly, h 71 

Sylvan av 
Wilmot v., dentist 775 Chapel, h 29 

Whalley av 
Winthrop E., com. trav., bds 109 

Bradnack James J., blacksmith, bds 1344 

John H., pipe bender, h 113 Poplar 
William B., switch tender, h 163 

William J., plumber, h 1344 State 
Bradshaw T. N., emp S. N. E. Tel. Co., 

bds 162 Wooster 

mercantile agency, F. A. Picker- 
ing sup't, City Bank bdg 113 Or- 
ange c Chapel — See p 947 

Bradway FraAk M., confectionery 311 
Congress av, h do. 

Brady Annie and Mary Misses, h 84 Ha- 
Annie E. Miss, emp I. Newman & 
Sons, bds 12 Armory, Whitney- 
Annie T. Miss, bookkeeper 28 Con- 
gress av, bds 20 Daggett 
Bart T., clerk (429) R. R. office bdg, 
res Bridgeport 

Brady Bernard, carman and trucldsg, of- 
fice 184 State, h 128 Oak 
Bernard, emp W. & £. T. I^^itcli Co., 

bds 42 St. John 
Catherine, widow James, bds 85 M 
Catherine, widow John, h Whitnej- 

Catherine E. E., widow Edwafd F., 

grocer 37 Starr, h do. 
Charles H., polisher, h 116 Day 
Edward, machinist, rms 127 Carlisle 
Edward, laborer, rms 29 George 
Ellen, widow Philip, h 12 Armory, 

Frank P., coremaker, rms 127 CSur- 

James, carman, bds 128 Oak 
James, emp R. R. shops, rms 132 Oe- 

James, farmer, h 16 Armory, Whit- 
James, emp McLagon Foundry Co., 

h 21 Summer 
James Edward, emp W. R. A Co., 

bds 12 Armory, ^VhitneyviJle 
James F., steam fitter, bds 395 Grand 

James P., starch mfr., bds 69 Car- 

James T., conductor N. Y. Div.. h 

12 Arch 
Johanna, widow James, h 95 Jama 
John, brakeman, bds 171 Chestnut 
John, painter, h 235 Davenport av 
John, emp W. R. A. Co., h 41 Thorn 
John E., driver, h 77 Haven 
John W., machinist, h 252 C^iathain 
Joseph J., emp M. F. Arms Go., b 

95 NicoU 
Luke H., car inspector, h 89 Carlisle 
Margaret, widow James, h 149 West 
Margaret T., housekeeper 208 ^iV« 

low, bds do. 
Mary Mrs., h 395 Grand av 
Michael J., printer, bds 203 WiRo* 
Nellie ^L Miss, emp W. R. A. Ox 

bds 12 Armory, Whitneyville 
Patrick, emp W. R. A. Co., bds 1 

Armory, Whitneyville 
Patrick, ran to Ireland 
Patrick, joiner, h 188 DeWitt 
Patrick H., grocer 425 and 427 O 

lumbus av, h 429 do. 
Patrick J., fireman N. Y., >f. H. 

H. R. R., h 327 Water 
Patrick J., emp 80 Long Wliarf, 

85 Putnam 
Peter, brass worker, h 1330 State 
Philip, emp R. R. shops, t><d9 "V 

Philip, joiner, bds 208 Willow 
Philip J., clerk 4 Artizan, l>d.s \1 

Richard, janitor Yale GT-mnasii 

Y. U., h 17 Ward 




Bndj Stephen, emp O. B. North & Go., 

ims 106 Wallace 
Terrence, laborer, bds 75 Oarliale 
Terrenoe, prop. Eair Haven Oon- 

Crete Go. 2 Gedar Hill av, una 

Thomas, emp Reynolds & Go., bda 

375 Grand av 
Thomaa H., emp Reynolds & Go., bds 

164 Franklin 
ThomajB Henry, emp W. R. A. Go., 

bds 16 Armory, Whitneyville 
WOliam J., janitor, bds 17 Ward 
VMlliam J., brakeman, h 109 Bailey 
William P., switchman, h 278 Wash- 
ington ay 
Bngaw Jacob L., messenger Adams Ex. 

Go, rms 136 Golumbus av 
Bobert, clerk (414) R. R. office bdg, 

h 165 Spring 
Bii(p Giovanni, emp Sperry & Barnes, h 

2 Hill 
Bninard Charles E., clerk 204 Chapel, h 

38 Bright 
Enona S. ^iiss, clerk 25 Church, rms 

82 Gbngrees av 
George S., ins. canvasser (418) 865 

Chapel, h 43 Stevens 
fienr>* K., painter, h 52 Greenwich 

Howard, oysterman, bds 52 Green- 
wich av 
Lizzie Mrs., h 751 Dixwell av 
Martin V., wood turner, h 29 Wol- 

Merritt O., emp W. R. A. Co., rms 

447 Orchard 
Otis M., bds 751 Dixwell av 
R. Eugene, carpenter, bds 8 Thomp- 
son, W Haven 
Sylvester E., carpenter, h 8 Thomp- 
son, W Haven 
Vhinie £. Miss, h 82 Congress av 
Wilbur A., wood turner, bds 29 

Wilbur P., emp W. R A. Co., bds 287 

William C, clerk (214) R. R. office 

bdg, h 141 Main, W Haven 
WinUun L., foreman Burt & Norton, 

b 63 Stevens 
WiUiam 8., clerk 290 State, bds 8 

Thompson, W Haven 
LtlinfF Arthur, carriage trimmer, H 

172 Llovd 


WILLIS 0. (succeasor to 
Qttxwood M. Baldwin), house 
mover, storehouse 440 Elm, h 
442 do.— See p 1021 
Geoige W., carpenter, h 108 

le Geonre T., clerk (230) R. R. 

office bdg, res Wallingford 
Lti Gennaro, laborer, h 104 Wal- 

Brancato Carlo, emp L. Candee A. Co., bds 
10 Franklin 
Saverio, emp Sargent & Co., bds 212 
Branch Alfred W., joiner, bds 365 Wash- 
ington av 
Alvin W., carpenter and builder 365 
Washington av, h do. 
Brand Marie, widow Henry H., h 48 
Forbes av 
Michael, teamster, h 38 Front 
Brandamoiir Joseph R., h 10 Garden 
Brandau Henry, emp W. R. A. Co., h 43 

Brandes Clara Miss, bookkeeper, bds 896 
Freda, widow William, h 896 State 
Paul, clerk, h 108 Foster 
Brandon Daniel, plumber's helper, h 47 
Daniel, plumber, bds 85 Broad 
Daniel, emp Meriden, h 22 View 
Kitty Miss, emp T. M. & T., h 706 

Grand av 
Michael, laborer, h 85 Broad 
Michael Jr., emp 161 George, bds 86 

Minnie Miss, h 706 Grand av 
Thomas, hostler 87 Long Wharf, h 
01 Carlisle 
Brandt Balsar, h 122 Ward 

Carl, manager D. M. Welch & Son 8 
Grand av and steamship ticket 
agent, h 179 Lombard 
Earl, rem to Branford 
Fred, emp W. R. A. Co., bds 231 Shel- 

ton av 
Frederick W., clerk, h 366 Congress 

Gustavus W. (G. W. Brandt & Co.) 

491 State, h 100 WilUam 
G. W. * Co. (Gustavus W. Brandt, 
William J. O'Donnell and John 
Sunblade), shoes and gents' fur- 
nishings 487 to 491 State 
John P., clerk 8 Grand av, h 123 
Branford Stage Line, G. W. Beach prop., 

700 Chapel 
Brangs Walter, rms 135 Olive 
Branicki Joseph, emp G. F. Warner Mfg. 

Co., h 175 Saltonstall av 
Braniff Elizabeth M. Miss, bds 57 Pearl 
Brank Joseph, laborer, h 444 Congress 

Brannagan James F., h 146 Norton 
Brannock Michael, emp B. Dickerman, 

bds 1082 Whalley av 
Brant Giuseppe, laborer, h 440 Congress 

Brasile Francesco, mason, h 215 Com- 
Braslin Frederick W., clerk S tarings Line, 
bds 168 Grafton 
John J. £., tel. operator Associated 
Press, bds 168 Grafton 




» > 

Braaliii Margaret, widow John, h 168 
— see Breelin 


brass and composition castings, 
r 342 Orange— See p 893 
Braatow Edward T., clerk 256 Water, bds 
146 Cottage 
Lewis L., rem to Cleveland, O. 
Lewis O. Rev. D. D., Prof. Divinity 
School Y. U., h 146 Cottage 
Braugh W. W., flagman, bds 146 Port- 

— see Brough 
Braun A. Francis, blacksmith, bds 914 

Charles P., bartender, bds 142 Wash- 
ington av 
Harry, rem to New York 
Henry, machinist, bds 142 Washing- 
ton av 
John G., bartender 145 Washington 

av, h 140 do. 
Leopold J., saloon 145 Washington 

av, h do. 
Magdalena, widow Joseph, h 142 

Washington av 
Sigmund, shoe uppers 211 State, h 

Braunsteln Jacob, jeweler 29 Church, h 

157 Congress av 
Brautigam Joseph, emp 881 State, h 862 

Brautlecht Charles, baker, bds 130 Front 

Frank, baker, h 130 Front 
Braxton Coleman 8., teamster, h 367 

Sherman av 
Bray Charles E., stove dealer 23 B Grand 

av, h 441 Quinnipiac ay 
Clifton R., engineer, h 196 Cedar 
Fannie, widow Charles N., nurse, bds 

Dixwell av, Hamden Plains 
Geoi^e A., clerk 148 Newhall, h 250 

James P., farmer, h 845 Quinnipiac 


Margaret Miss, dressmaker, bds 146 
Davenport av 

Michael, emp Strouse, Adler & Co., 
bds 9 William 
BSAT WELLS J, conveyancer, incnir- 
ance and real estate 21 E Grand 
av, rms 343 Lenox — See p 928 

William M., drop forger, h Beaver, 
Brazoe Anton (A. Brazos & Son) 808 Elm 
and 5 Broadway, res Middle- 

A. k Son (Anton and Emanuel Bra- 
zos), sewer contractors, carting, 
etc. 808 Elm and 5 Broadway 

Emanuel (A. Brazos & Son) 808 Elm 
and 5 Broadway, res Middle- 

BEAZOS F&ANE« "^^fir contuctor, 

teaming, grading, stone dealer ! 

and crusher, street sprinkling, 

etc., and pleasure barges 5 

Broadway and 808 Ehn, h 806 ! 

Elm— See p 1030 
Breakstone Jacob, rem to New Toik 

Samuel, rem to New York 
Brecht David F., tailor, h 89 Orchard 
Breck Clifton W., emp Sargent & Co., bds 

11 Kimberly av, W Haven 
Eugene F., jcnner, h 76 Elm, W Ha- 
Breckenridge Frederick D., porter, h 431 

Julia Miss, rem to Onset, Masa 
Robert, carpenter, bds 1189 WhaU^ 

Bree Dennis, emp F. H. & W. R. R. Co., 

h 263 Lloyd 
Dennis M., loc<»notive engineer, bds 

199 Pine 
BBEE JAMES P. lawyer (3 and 4) 828 

CS!^, h 225 Ferry-See p 924 
John P., rem to Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Margaret Miss, bds 134 Saltonstall 

Marie, widow Peter J., h 199 Pine 
Mary Miss, dressmaker 344 Orange, 

bds do. 
Michael Mrs., h 9 William 
Michael J., tinner 779 Grand av, bds 

168i Chap^ 
Patrick, constable and real estate (3 

and 4) 828 Chapel, h 430 Blatch- 

ley av 
Peter, emp N. H. Chair Co., h 344 

William C, emp 92 George, bds 190 

Davenport av 
Breed Charles S., prop. Grand Opera 

House 182 Crown, bds Aldrich 

Breen Bartholomew, smith helper, h 106| 

Washington av 
Bartholomew, emp 160 Court, h 17 1 

Charles, painter, bds 71 Havm 
Cornelius, teamster, h 89 Oed&r GSI 

Daniel W. (Breen ft Vars) (23) 840 

Chapel, h 179 Chestnut 
Francis F., file cutter, bds 113 Staii 
James, molder, h 27 Madison 
Jer^niah, tinner, h 10 Olive 
John, rem to New Jersey 
Kate, widow Thomas, h 42 Day 
Margaret, widow John, h 142 Cki«^ 

Margaret M. Afiss, bookkeeper 7fi 

Grand av, bds do. 
Maria L. Mrs., principal Wooster aa 

Fair Street Schools, h 24 fiigl 
Martin, emp Merwin Prov. CV>-, "b 

185 Hamilton 
Michael, corset cutter, bds ISS 





Smn Pierce, emp N. H. Gas light Ck>., h 
102 Wallace 
Sarah, widow (George H., bds 158 

William Q, derk 94 George, rms 130 

Baveiiport av 
ftVaTB (DanieL W. Breen and Geoige 
H. Vars), real estate and ina. 
agents (23) 840 Chapel 
BraoM Adrian W. (Oarlton ft Breese) 
(37) 49 Church, bds 206 Bosette 
(Charles S., emp 14 Riyer, h 649 How- 
ard av 
George, rem to Brooklyn, N. T. 
LflUaii F. Miss, bookkeeper 926 

Chapel, bds 549 Howard av 
Mab^ L. Miss, bookkeeper 346 State, 

bds 549 Howard av 
^^^Iliam 8., &ap N. H. Clock Co., bds 
548 Howanl ay 
Breggin Abraham H., watchmaker 23 

Broadway, rms 397 Ehn 
Bnhm James 8., confectioner 14 Gtooige, 

h 6 Prindle 
Britoer William, machinist, bds 127 Car- 
Bkciteiistein Edward H., bds 46 Green- 
E. Stephen, brass worker emp P. 

Broe. k Co., h 46 Greenwood 
Xoaise C. Miss, bookkeeper 9 Church, 
bds 46 Greenwood 
Brelonaki John, emp W. R. A. Co., bds 
114 Ivy 

Charles, emp W. R. A. Co., h 150 
Robert L., derk 275 Edgewood 
av, h Dayton n Foimtain 
Williaiii G., emp P. Bros. & Co., h 
Hillside av 

Ambrose K., physician 181 
Franklin, rms do. 
Anna M. Miss, teacher Cedar Street 
School, bds 12 Elliott 

S. Miss, teacher Greenwich 
Avenue Sdiool, bds 59 Kimberly 

Anwti^^ ^widow James, h 118 Canal 
Aiwri<», widow Michael, h 564 East 
Brile Miaa^ bds Chapel c Central av 
'Bridget, widow Bartley L., h 30 Red- 

Bxidget J. Miss, h 123 Sylvan av 
Cktheriiie, widow John, h 521 Col- 

mnlmB av 
Oatherine, widow Patrick, bds 27 

SyhrtLn av 
ffkf^rUm £L, night teL operator Union 

depot, h 18 Castle 
Charies K., bookkeeper, rms 360 

ftiarlfff T., emp K. H. Rattan Ca, h 

Cbapel c Central av 
lWaA»i J., tel. operator N. Y., N. H. 

Jt H. K. R., bds 37 Arthur 
JktniiA J., emp N. Y., N. H. & H. R. 

'BLj li 11 tlnion av, W Haven 

Brennan Daniel W., in& canvasBer (49) 
49 Church, bds 113 Asylum 

Edward, caipenter, h 77 Haven 

Edward J., emp N. H. Clock Co., h 
316 Exchange 

Edward L., music teacher, h 179 

Eliza Mrs., h 24 White 

Elizabeth A. Miss, teacher Ailing- 
town, bds 30 Redfield 

Ellen S. MiBS, h 12 Elliott 

Etta Miss, derk 898 Chapel, bds 41 

Francis J., mason, bds 231 Daven- 
port av 

Fred J., rem to Bridgeport 

George J., bds 119 Asylum 

Hattie K, widow John L., h 4 Pier- 
pent court 

Henry, bds 349 Grand av 

James, painter, h 27 Edwards 

James, laborer, h 30 Ann 

James, book dealer (56) 23 Church, 
h 19 Baldwin 

James A., plumber, bds 118 Canal 

James K, yard master Berkshire 
Div., h 71 Minor 

James F., paving contractor 2^ Gar- 
den, h da 

James T., trav. agent, bds 177 Ham- 

Jeffrey, carpenter, bds 443 Grand av 

Jeffrey W., laborer, h 349 Grand 

John C. Rev., rem to Windsor Locks 

John E., railway mail clerk, h 89 

John F., carriage painter, h 9 First 
av, W Haven 

John J., emp N. Y., N. H. & H. R. 
R., h 268 Winthrop av 

John J., saloon 98 Fillmore, h 309 
Lexington av 

John J., nurseiy 12 Elliott, h da 

John W., bds Springside Home 

Joseph, mechanic, h 36 Webster 

Joseph, rem to Meriden 

Joseph A., bds 71 Edgewood av 

Joseph F., carpenter, h 50 Fillmore 

Joseph M., rem to Meriden 

Joseph P., emp N. H. Clock Co., bds 
179 Franklin 

Joseph P. (Gately & Brennan) 174 
Meadow, h 174 Spring 

Josephine, widow Joseph, h 179 

Julia A MisB, bookkeeper, bds 248 

Ifargaret, widow Michael, h 9 Shel- 

Margaret, widow Michael, h 187 
Wintiirop av 

Margaret R. Miss, clerk, bds 41 

Margaret T., bookkeeper, bds 248 

Martin J., bds 79 Webster 




Brennan Maiy Mrs., h 29 Orchard 

Mary A., widow Michael F., h 41 

MiBjry 0. Mi88, clerk 898 Chapel, bds 

41 Stevens 
Marj E. Miss, dressmaker 248 Chap- 
el, bds do. 
Mary E. Miss, bds 74 Beach 
Mary J., widow John D., h 71 Edge- 
wood av 
Mary J. Miss, emp 762 Chapel, bds 9 

Maurice, painter, bds 74 Beach 
Maurice D., h 435 Congress av 
Maurice M., emp W. R. A. Ca, bds 

143 Chestnut 
Michael, polisher, h 86 Greene 
Michael, laborer, h 74 Lamberton 
Michael, polisher, h 79 Greene 
Michael A., carpenter, h 69 Nash 
Michael D., mason, h 113 Asylum 
Michael E., rem to Mill River, Mass. 
Michael F., bds 9 Shelter 
Michael Joseph, painter, h 74 Beaoh 
Michael L., bartender, bds 349 Grand 

Michael W., carriage bodymaker, h 

29 Greene 
Minnie Miss, rem to Boston, Mass. 
Nicholas F., emp N. H. dock Co., 

bds 248 Chapel 
Patrick, emp G. F. W. Mfg. Co., h 21 

Patrick, emp N. Y., N. H. & H. R. 

R., rms 89 Hill 
Patrick, hamessmaker, h 154 DeWitt 
Patrick, bds 554 East 
Patrick, emp N. Y., N. H. & H. R. R., 

Patrick, blacksmith, h 248 Chapel 
Patrick, mason, h 20 Edgar 
Patrick, boots and shoes 29 Congress 

av, h 227 Davenport av 
Patrick, molder, bds 66 Winchester 

Richard F., clerk 390 State, bds 113 

Samuel A., musician, bds 179 Frank- 
3arah C. Miss, corsetmaker, bds 154 

rhomas, emp N. H. F. D., h 95^ Hill 
Thomas, groceries and meats 61 

Kimberly av, h 59 do. ' 
Thomas, emp Sargent & Co., h 7 Col- 

Thomas F., laborer, bds 309 Lexing- 
ton av 
Thomas F., machinist, bds 521 Col- 

imibus av 
Thomajs P., bds 349 Grand av 
Walter M., bds 179 liVanklin 
William, hamessmaker, h 79 Web- 
William, gate tender, h 222 Pine 
William B., bds 177 Hamilton 

Brennan William H., motorman F. E & 
W. R. R. Co., h 57 Stevens 
William M., lineman, h 270 Gruid 

Winifred G. Miss, clerk 762 Ohapci, 
bds 9 Shelter 
Brennand Robert, machinist, h 41 Pat* 

Brenner Harris, shoemaker, h r 20 Dow 
Loui6, rem to New York 
Morris, auction rooms 709 Chapel, h 
832 State 
Brennett JMichael, emp B. Dickerman, 

bds 1082 Whalley av 
Brent Fritz, emp W. R. A. Co., bds 231 
Shelton av 
Grant P., waiter, h 59 Hazel 
Henrietta, widow Nelson, bds Dix- 
well av c Dudley, Highwood 
Brenton George, gardener, h 16 Irving 
Brenzy Morris, city express and coal and 

wood 92 Congress av, h do. 
Brereton Catherine, widow Timothy, h 
291 Hamilton 
Edward, emp M. F. Arms Co., bds %4 

Harriet, widow Patrick, h 84 Nash 
James J., bartender, h 276 Portsea 
John M. E., sup*t J. T. Doyle Co., h 

280 Portsea 
Maurice A., rem to Boston, Mass. 
Robert, bds 11 Arch 
Thomas P., laborer, h 183 Humphrey 
Timothy J., emp M. F. ArmB 06., bds 

84 Nash 
William, laborer, h 245 Hamilton 
Brerthan Daniel, laborer, h r 117 Con- 
gress av I 
Breelin Quirles, mechanic, bds 237 Hsjnil- i 
James, brass smelter, bds 237 Ham- | 

Sarah A., widow Thomas S., bda 444 

Thomas, driver, bds 237 Hamilton 
— see Braslin 
Bresnahan Michael, gardener, h. 1S3 Wil- 
Brethauer Frederick H., town clerk, of- 
fice (6) aty Hall, h 62 SUiott 

BEETT EDWABD P. caipemter, cabi- 
netmaker, boxmaking, sawing^ 
turning, etc. 16 Artiaca,!!, b. 3ft 
Gilbert av—See p 10O3 

Frank D., foreman Foekett; & Kshofi 
Co., h 195 James 

Josiah W., h 164 Second av, W H* 

Lucy J. L. Mrs., bds 22 Grove 

Thomas C, sec. Y. Safe and Irw 
Co., bds 36 Gilbert av 
Brettell Edward, emp Seymour, h 21 

Bretzfelder Benjamin, foreman printer 
10 Spruce * 




fintcfdder Benait, clerk 139 CongreBS av, 
bds 85 Lafayette 
Oarl A.| emp r 106 Park, Mb 85 Lar 

David L, letter carrier, h 23 Ward 
Fannie, widow Karl, h 34 William 
Eearj C, r«il estate (315) Exchange 
bdg and livery stable r 83 La- 
fayette, bds 85 do. 
Ifliael £., piano salesman, rms 85 La- 
Hoses, pressman, bds 34 William 
BrBokr John, foreman B. Shoninger Oo., 

h 106 Hamilton 
Bnxaag Isabella Mrs., dressmaker, h 79 
Julins, dgar packer, h 79 Greene 
Bnwer A. J., machinist, bds 158 Ash- 
Arthur, rem to Bridgeport 
Btid 6., carpenter, h 48 Nicoll 
Charles, county commissioner (1) 

Court House, res Waterbury 
Charies H., clerk 109 Church, rms 61 

ISogoie, oiler F. H. & W. R. R. Oo., 

bds 103 E Pearl 
Francis Au, emp N. Y., N. H. A H. 

R. K., bds 175 Chestnut 
Hattie Mrs., h 98 Henry 
Henry, with W. R A. Co., bds 418 

James P., captain police. Station No. 

1, h 21 Cottage 
Saatm T., widow Samuel, bds 229 

Walter P., locomotive fireman, h 21 

Wilfiam £., messenger (114) R. R. 

office bdg, bds 431 Orange 

Wniiam H., prof, agriculture Y. TJ., 
Sheffield Hall, h 418 Orange 
'Bnwttet Benjamin F., foreman W. R. A. 
Co., h 28 Didcerman 
Edgar, waiter, rms 465 State 
Frederick F., sec. The W. & E. T. 

Fitch Co. 151 East, h 81 Wall 
Walt er H., cook, rms 5 Bow 
Wmiam H., cook, h 223 Commerce 
iMMBTy Peter, peddler, h 81 Hudson 
Ikkk Bridget, widow Jeremiah, h 16 
[ Bishop 

j JfRmiali 8., bds 16 Bishop 
L John T., nutchinist, bds 16 Bishop 
Metiey Winiaxn, painter, rms 21 Olive 
wikwood Aleck, painter, h 6 Wood- 

phide EUza, widow Richard, h 390 East 
R, pcdnter and paper hanger 
Chapel c Central av, h do. 
Thomas, laborer, bds 390 East 
Alfr^, cooper, h 49 Perkins 
Nancj- Miss, bds 862 Orchard 
Marsra^et Mrs., h 30 St. John 

Briggs Anna M. Mrs., h<»ne bakery 636 
State, h da 

Arthur C, plumber, bds 181 Whalley 

Augusta F., widow Manson H., bds 
31 WaU 

David H., h 67 Button 

Delia A. Miss, music teacher, h 92 

Frank S., florist, rms 118 Crown 

Henry H., physician 237 York, rms 

Moses, clerk 786 Chapel, h 181 Whal- 
ley av 

Pauline Miss, bds 181 Whalley av 

Sarah E. Miss, principal Skinner 
School, bds 92 dark 

William A., bakery 636 State, h do. 
Brigham Frederick H., bookkeeper Mer- 
chants' Nat. Bank, rms 547 Or- 

Oliver F., brakeman, h 205 Portsea 
Bright Charles A., letter carrier, h 72 

Charles A., emp N. Y., N. H. ft H. 
R. R., h 168 Portsea 

Eleanor, teacher, bds 267 Franklin 

^enry, farmer, h 1416 State 

Jane, widow Thomas, h 140 €k>ffe 

John (John Bright & Co.) 821 
Chapel, h 580 "Kiwi 

HEIGHT JOHN & CO. (John Bright 
and Andrew F. Wyllie), crock- 
ery, glass, china, tin and wooden 
ware 821 Chapel— See p 972 

Robert, emp N. H. dock Co., bds 
1416 State 

Robert A., teacher, bds 310 Elm 

Robert C, wholesale dealer in metals 
and rags 133, 135 and 137 Park, 
h 310 Elm 

Thomas R., policeman, bds 1416 

^^Uiam A., policeman, bds 1416 
Brightman Charles H., foreman carpenter 

W. Av. R. R, h 53 Arthur 
Biiglia Nicola, Utborer, h 55 Hill 
Brin Frederick, saloon 254 Wooster, h 
252 do. 

Frederick B., druggist 258 Oak, h 
256 do. 

George H., clerk 258 Oak, h 82} Syl- 
van av 

Herman G., emp M. Piano Co., bds 
252 Wooeter 

Jacob, rem to New York 

John, draughtsman, h 815 State 

John Valentine, emp N. Y., N. H. k 
H. R. R., h 31 Linden » 

Louise C. Miss, clerk 770 Chapel, bds 
252 Wooster 

Nat., rem to New York 

Otto, carriage bodymaker, h 489 




Brill Reuben, rem to New T<n^ 

William J., druggist 1320 State, h 

1318 do. 
Brinberg Nathan, rem to New York 

Simon, shirtmaker, h 22 GiAd. 
Brink Alice, widow Cyrus A., bds 180 

Brinkman Joseph, emp N. H. dock Oo., 

h 181 Franklin 
Brinkmann Albert £., barber 175 Crown, 

h 157 Liberty 
Charles, emp W. R. A. Co., bds 37 

Louis, emp 154 Geoi^e, bds 157 Lib- 
Victoria, widow Frederick, h 37 Eng- 

Brinley Danid, emp freight depot Belle 

Dock, h 53 Soltonstall ay 
John H., in U. S. Army 
Marietta, widow Thomas, h 599 Elm 
Patrick, emp N. Y., N. H. & H. R. 

R., h 246 Chapel 
Thomas F., emp W. R. A. Co., bds 

246 Chapel 
William, emp W. & E. T. Bitch Co., 

bds 246 diapri 
William D., clerk Post Office, h 599 

Brinsmade Edward D., toolmaker, h 187 

Willis, laborer, h 25 Eaton 
Brisch Roger, emp S. N. E. Tel. Co., rms 

139 St. John 
Bristol Alice G., widow Henry Jr., bds 16 

Annie B., widow Henry, h 147 

Antoinette Miss, emp W. R. A. Co., 

bds 129 Goffe 
Arthur, clerk W. R. A. Co., bds 100 

Arthur L., bookkeeper and organist, 

bds 191 Exchange 
Caroline B., widow William B., h 66 

Charles A., driver 188 Goffe, bds 153 

Charles B., h 82 Greene 
Clarence A., machinist, bds 155 Dix- 

well av 
Delos J., with E. Stannard & Son^ h 

519 Geoige 
Drury, with W. R. A. Co., bds 100 

Edgar A., bds 44 Forbes ar 
Edith Miss, emp W. R. A. Co., bds 

129 Goffe 
Edward D., dental student, bds 298 

Edward E., real estate and insuraaoe 

agent 149 Court, h 17 Clark 
BBISTOL ELIAS E. storage warehouse 

and trucking 151 Court, h 16 
Wall— See p 1029 


Bristol Emeline V^ widow Henry L., h U 

Eugene C, painter, bds 129 Gnlton 
Eugene S., treas. Union Trust Coi 

807 Chapel, rms 84 Trumbull 
Frank E., emp W. & E. T. Fitch Co, 

bds 153 Dwight 
Greorge A., linot]^e operator, h. ITS 

George O., clerk 379 Congress a?, h 

347 Portsea 
George W., lawyer (10) 69 Chuich, 

res New York 
Grace M. Miss, violin teacher, bdi 

191 Exchange 
Harriet, widow Philo, h 355 Wash- 
ington ay 
Harriet H. Miss, music teacher and 

organist, bds 191 Exchange 
Hany L., clerk 390 State, bds 17 

Henry, h 65 Harrison 
Henry M., bds Morris, Morris Core 
Iva M. Miss, inq. 17 Clark 
James P., clerk (429) R. R. office 

bdg, res Bridgeport 
John H., h 85 OUVe 
John W., lawyer (Bristol, Stoddsid 

ft Bristol) (401) 865 Chapd, bdi 

65 TCIm 

Julius lu, painter, h 129 G^rafton 

Kate S. Miss, teacher, bds 191 Ex- 

Kate v., widow Edwin C, h 96 Peck 
ay, W Haven 

Katharine P., widow Charles D., h 
293 York 

Lambert J., trav. aalMon^n^ h 191 

Louis H., lawyer (Bristol, Stoddaz^ 
& Bristol) (401) 865 CSiapel, bds 
65 Elm 

Lucy Miss, housekeeper 1260 WYiil- 

ley av 
Martha A., widow Julius D., bds 275 

Mary E., widow Nehemiah, bds 173 

M. Franklin, rem to Milfonl 
Minnie L Miss, inq. 17 Clark: 
Nellie M. Miss, teacher, bds 65 Har- 

Nettie M. Miss, emp W. R. A. Cbu 

bds 129 Goffe 
Sarah Miss, music teacaer. h 4 

Stoddard & Bristol (Louis S. BrUU 

Henry Stoddard and «Tohn \{ 

Bristol), lawyers (401) 86 

Thomas, rem to Mt. Oamxel 
Warren H., lawyer (Bristol & Mm 

tin) (318) 865 Chapel, li 79 T^ 

Warren J., ins. canvasser (^IS) 9 
Chapel, h Morris, MottIb Oot« 


Bristol William A., bootmaker, h. 44 

Forbes av 
William 6., tinner, h 48 Second 
William T., plumber 116 Lamberton, 

h da 

BBISKH:! a MABTIN (Warren H. 
Bristol and Sanford B. Martin), 
lawyers (318) 866 Chapel— See 
p 926 
Britton Wilton R, horticulturist Conn. 
Agricultural Experiment Sta- 
tion, h 1317 Boulevard 
Broadbent A. L. Miss, teacher Woolsey 
School, bds 120 Exchange 
Benjamin B., grocer, feed and coal 
dealer 903 Dixwell av n North, 
Highwood, h do. 
Thomas, carriage painter, h 120 Ex- 

Walter J., emp M., W. Co., h 93 

William T., emp Sargent & Co., h 220 
Broadhnrst Frank E., ass't foreman Globe 
Silk Works, h 67 William 
Harry J., sup't Sargent & Co., bds 67 


STOSE. Charles M. Hall prop., 
nnlBner, dry goods and station- 
er, confectioner, etc. 81 and 83 
Broadway — See p 973 
Broadwell Homer J. Rev., h 671 Win- 
throp av 
Looia, grocer 671 Winthrop av, h 126 
Bioateh James W., in U. S. Army 

Catherine, widow William, h 294 
Cairistopher, emp W. & K T. Fitch 

Co., bds 294 Wooster 
Feliz, derk 9 Church, h 23 Arch 
Frank, baker, bds 207 Franklin 
Bvoehait — see Brocar 

Chaxles W. (The Whitneyville 
Creamery) 43 Grove, h 686 
Whitney av, Whitneyville 
elbaak Lillian Miss, nurse 1418 
Gliapel, bds do. 

Addie A., dressmaker, bds 48 
Addie B. Miss, dressmaker, bds 28 

Albert^ rms 126 High 
Ande, widow William, h 108 Lib- 

Baojamin T. (B. F. Brockett Sons) 
361 York, h 178 Ha^el 

C, widow Albert, h 28 Wel- 



B. F. Sons (B. T. and C. H. Brock- 
et), painters and decorators 361 

8., bookkeeper, h 16 Garden 
emp Strouse, Adler & Co., h 
123 Front 

Brockett Charles H. (B. F. Brockett Sons) 
and physician 361 York, h do. 

Clara A., teacher Dwight School, bdi 
23 Brown 

David H., bookkeeper Eastern Ma- 
chinery Co., h 42 Gill 

Edgar E., rem to East Haven 

Ellsworth, contractor W. & E. T. 
Fitch Co., res Montoweee 

Esther, widow Lewis, bds 266 Quin- 
nipiao av 

Everett L., emp W. R. A. Co., h 27 

Frank B., derk 922 Chapel, h 1366 

Frank W., rem to Hamden 

Frederick A., emp L. Candee & Co., 
h 1666 State 


mfr., office 68 Center, res North 

Haven — See p 1011 
George, rms 126 High 
Goorge A., oysterman, h 66 Quinni- 

piac av 
George C, pressman Munson & Co., 

bds 31 Bradley 
George C. Mra, h 31 Bradley 
Geom W., bds 280 Washington av, 

W Haven 
Henrietta Miss, emp I. Newman & 

Sons^ bds 108 Liberty 
James H., emp W. & K T. Fitch Co.. 

h 17 Chestnut 
James R., organmaker, h r 604 

Johanna, widow Henry, h 218 Edge- 
wood av 
LeRoy, contractor The W. & E. T. 

Fitch Co., res Montowese 
Lewis J., oysterman, h 84 Quinni- 

piac av 

Lewis L., oysterman, h 84 Quinni- 

jpiac av 
Louisa A., widow James S., h 148 

Margaret A., widow Nelson, bds 73 

Martha, widow Leonard, bds 10 N 

Union av, W Haven 
Mary E. Mrs., emp W. H. Buckle Co., 

h N Union av n Richards, W 

Robert, emp 175 George, rms do. 
Walter D. (WUliam E. Brockett & 

Son) Foxon c Eaaton, h 7 Foxon 
William, emp 376 Ehn, h 1666 State 
William E. (William E. Bnxskett ft 

Son) Foxon e Baston, h 3 Foxon 
William E. & Son (William E. and 

Walter D. Brockett), saw miU 

Foxon c Easton 
Brockner Ernest, bds 63 Lock 
Brockon Charles, coachman W. Clarke, h 

122 Commerce 
Brocksieper Frederick W., contractor 

Sargent & Co., res Montowese 




Brockway Nathaniel C, bds 65 Wooeter 

William M., rem to Niantic 
Broder Adolph, tailor, h 67 York 

— see Brooder 
Broderick Ella, teacher Normal Traming 
School, bds 211 Norton 
Maggie Miss, emp W. R. A. Co., bdB 

123 Ashmun 
Michael, laborer, h 127 Liberty 
Nellie, widow William, h 6 Arch 
William J., pressman, bds 6 Arch 
— see Brodrick 
Broderson Thomas, car painter, h Wash- 
ington av n cemetery, W Ha- 
Brodhead Frank R., adv. solicitor Ras- 
ter, h 198 Washington av, W 

glazier, window glass, mirrors 
and picture frames 103 Congress 
av, bds 51^ Washington av — See 
p 1000 
Brodrick John H., h 340 Orchard 
Brodski Israel, joiner, h 128 Lafayette 

Jacob, rem to Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Brody Jacob, furs and ladies' cloaks 693 

Chapel, h 110 Washington av 
Brogan Arthur, laborer, h r 139 Salton- 
stall av 
George H., carpenter, h 10 Lewis 
Henry M., bds Springside Home 
Minnie Mrs., rms 20 Ashmun 
Broidy Aaron, peddler, h 94 Broad 
Henry, grocer 107 Liberty, h do. 
Louis L., trav. salesman 385 State, h 
181 Ck>lumbus av 
Bromberg Samuel, tailor, h 80 Hallock 

William, polisher, h 80 Hallock 
Bromhan Edward D., rms 17 Olive 
Bromley Charles H., violinmaker and 
manager Giant Cure Co. 253 Or- 
chard, h do. 
George W., h 101 St. John 
Isaac, advertising agent N. Y., N. H. 
& H. R. R. (224) R. R. office 
bdg, h 1607 Chapel 
John, student, bds 101 St John 
Joseph A., h 62 Lyon 
Truman S., silver plater, h 11 Brown 
Bromm Andreas, in U. S. Army 

August C, baker, h 308 Dixwell av 
Justus H., grocer 221 State, h 607 
Bronell Charles, emp 179 Front, bds 46 

Bronfen Samuel, peddler, h 24 Dow 
Bronhiler Charles, bds 164 Franklin 
Bronnell Mary A. Miss, rms 336 Or- 
ange " 
Bronnock William, hamessmaker, bds 

291 Wallace 
Brons Thomas N., conductor W. Av. R. 

R. Co., h 31 Main, W Haven 
Bronson Beverly G., farmer, bds Dix- 
well av, Hamden 

Bronson Catherine, widow Osman, bdi 

112 Columbus av 
Charles, ass't cashier Adams Exprai 

Co. Union depot, h 79 Rosette 
Charles R., painter, bds 3 Curtitt pi, 

W Haven 
Elizabeth, widow Marvin, h 79 Ro- 
Elizur D., h 102 Brown, W Hav«i 
Ezekiel S., student, bds 58 Dwight 
Frank C, agent Elm Otty Roof 'funX 

Co., h 124 Division 
Frank M., tinner, h 229 Edgewood 

Franklin G., emp Empire Tnsuspot- 

tation Co. digger No. 2, rms do. 
George, emp Dann Bros. & Co., nns 

638 Chapel 
George C, carriage painter, h 128 

George W., emp W. R. A. Co., Ms 

128 Division 
Georgia W. Mrs., dressmaker 128 Di- 
vision, bds do. 
Howard L., student, bds 1233 Chap- 
Irwin P., carpenter and builder, h 

Dixwell av, Highwood 
Isaac, foreman R. Redfield ft Son, 

bds 1287 State 
J. Harmar, sec. and treas. The Harry 

Leigh & J. H. Bronson Go. 354 

and 356 State, h 1574 Chapel 
Mary J. Miss, teacher Eaton School, 

bds 23 Trumbull 
Mary L., widow William H., h 671 

Nathan S., h 1198 Chapel 
Rebecca L., widow Dr. Lefvi, bds 24 

Richard W.. saloon 14 E Grand av, 

h 260 Front 
Robert A. (E. L. Washburn A Co.) 

84 Church, h 103 Cottage 
Samuel L., lawyer 58 Dwigbt, \i df 
Thomas, porter N. H. Hoepital, bd 

Thomas S., physician, h 58 l>wigk 
Walter W., pres. The Hromon 

Townsend Co. 406 State, b^ 

1233 Chapel 
William A., druggist 752 State, 

305 Lawrence 
William Hayden, com. tra.v., rms 5 



YSE, hardware, ^^oodenwi 
and agricultural implements 4 
and 408 State and 102 to 1 
Court — See inside front oow 

Brooder Patrick, stone mason, 1^ 771 j) 
well av 

Brook John A., pattemmalcer, h. 
Paul, tailor emp 225 

bds 222 Washington 





Bnioke Warner G., einp B. Shoninger Co.^ 

h 41 Union av, W Haven 
Brookman Alfred, rem to Buffalo, N. Y. 
Edv^aid C, clerk, bds 340 Norton 
Henry A., rem to Buffalo, N. Y. 
Brooks Aiisel J., trav. agent, h 66 Audu- 
irthor W., bds 485 Winthrop av 
Augustus, carpenter, h 409 How- 
ard av 
Ckrl H., bookkeeper F. H. & W. R. 
K. Co., h Townsend av, Morris 
(Proline T., widow William T., h 68 

Gaoie P. Mis., bds Quinnipiac av 

June. Bunnell 
Charles E., h 277 Blatchley av 
Cbaries £., emp L, Oandee & Co., h 

145 Oedar Hill av 
Charlee J. (Lambert & Brooks) 27 

Artizan, h 19 Lake pi 
Charles L., com. trav. 385 State, bds 

22 Ashmun 
Clarence K, barber, h 98 Webster 
Cornelius D. Rev., bds 270 Edgewood 

Ebson P., motorman W. Av. R. R. 
Co., h Meadow av n Ninth, W 
Edgar, lamp lighter, bds 145 Cedar 

HUl av 
Edward, labcnrer, bds 577 Grand av 
Ella M., widow Hemy D., h 144 Mea- 
E&gene, fcnreman car dept. R. R., h 

57 Lafayette 
Frank H., in U. S. Army 
A«d, die sinker 154 Water, h 57 Lar 

IKOOKS FBXEKD E. ^^ts, caps, 

gents' furnishings, furs, trunks, 

etc. 705 Chapel, h 501 Whitney 

av — See p 965 
George £., machinist, h 214 Dixwell 

Geoixe F., chronometor maker, h 60 

Brown, W Haven 
Hermione D., widow Edwin A., bds 

659 Orange 
H. Mather, architect, bds 194 Oeui- 

Hosea A., emp N. Y., N. H. & H. R. 

R., h 35 Martin, W Haven 
Isaac J., engineer, h 71 Third av, W 

Jame« H., emp W. R. A. Co., h 485 

Winthrop av 
James R., painter, h 33 Eaton 
Mm F., emp 326 Dixwell av, h 241 

John H., machinist, h 49 Salem 
Julius E.. emp Sargent & Co., bds 

277 Blatchley av 
turn, h 22 Ashmun 

Brooks Lucretia A. Miss, nurse, bds 197 

Malvina A. Miss, dressmaker, bds 40 

Mary A. Miss, dressmaker, bds 197 

Marv E. Mrs., h 194 Canner 

Max L., cigar agent, bds 22 Ashmun 

Morgan P. (Brooks & Co.) 742 Chap- 
el, rms 954 do. 

Nellie I. Miss, teacher, bds 197 Ex- 

Rachel Miss, stenographer, bds 277 
Blatchley av 

Samuel, h 194 Canner 

Samuel H. Mrs., h 194 Canner 

Seldon M., clerk 90 Howe, bds do. 

S. Lillian Miss, teacher Training 
School, bds 49 Salem 

Thomas, rem to Vermont 

William F., sup't I. Xewman & 
Sons, h 351 Crown 

William H., locomotive engineer, h 
85 Plymouth 

William L., h 264 Front 

William R., laborer, h Beaver c Arch, 

BBOOKS & CO. (Morgan P. Brooks 
and J. Edward Geary), import- 
ers and retailers of hats, furs 
and leather goods 742 Chapel 
and 324 to 330 State— See p 965 
Brophy Charles W., porter Adams Ex. 
Co., Union depot, rms 170 Der- 
bv av 
Daniel, laborer, bds 305 Blatchley av 
Edward, laborer, h 196 Ferry 
James, molder, h 298 Elast 
James J., h 305 Blatchley av 
James T., grocer, bds 170 Derby av 
John H., grocer and meat market 
360 and 362 Dixwell av, h 170 
Derby av 
John T., emp N. H. R. M. Co., li 38 

Kiernan, teamster, rms 706 Grand av 
Margaret Mrs., h 180 Chestnut 
Mary Miss, emp L. Candee & Co., bds 

305 Blatchlev av 
Simon, rem to Bridgeport 
Brosani Beni, emp W. R. A. Co., h 49 

Brosch — see Prosch 
Broschart M. Sophia, widow Jacob, h 41 

Brose Adolph C, emp 325 Congress av, h 
6 Parmelee av 
Charles, shoemaker 170 Court, h 40 

Reinhold, confectioner 366 Colum- 
bus av, h do. 
Brosler Heinrick, emp H. G. Shepard ft 

Sons, h 171 Saltonstall av 
Brosnahan — see Bresnahan 
Broso Giovanni, stone cutter, bds 22 
Washington av 




Bross Jacob, emp R. R. Bhops, h 167 Put- 
Brostrom Charlee, emp N.-H. Wire Mfg. 

Co., h 171 Saltonstall av 
John, emp N. H. Wire Mfg. Ck>., h 

171 Pine 
Brothers Frederick J., dentist (3 and 4) 

701 Chapel, h do. 
Henrj^ V., emp New Haven Casket 

Co., bda 61 Court 
John F., carpenter and builder Ar- 

tizan, h 61 Court 
Brotherton H. L., clerk ticket office Un- 
ion depot, res Milford 
Brothwell Joseph F., clerk Adams Ex. 

Co. Union depot, res Fairfield 
W. W., flagman, rms 167 Meadow 
Brough — see Braugh 

Broughton Jennie C. Miss, bds 76 Howe 
Sarah S., widow Henry W., h 209 

Sherman av 
Brousso William N., ins. canvasser (49) 

49 Church, h 40 Ebcchange 
Brower Wallace, bds 164 Brewery 
Brown Abel D., emp W. R. A. Co.,'h 201 

Dixwell av 
Abigail J. Mrs., h 38 Center, W Ha- 
Abraham, trav. salesman 111 State. 

h 121 i Washington av 
Addison C, with Adams Express Co., 

h 104 Prospect 
Albert, h 265 James 
Albert K, emp W. R. A. Co., bds 201 

Dixwell av 
Alden A., foreman painter, h 651 

Alexander, laborer, h Giles, Whitney- 

Alfred F., gardener, bds 47 Winthrop 

Alice Mrs., h 87 Woolsey 
Alice J., widow Samuel B., bds (24) 

Durfee Hall, Y. U. 
Alice M. 0. Miss, artist, bds 100 

Allen E.. painter, bds 500 Chapel 
Allie E. oysterman I. E. Brown, bds 

12 Brown pi 
Amanda H. Mrs., h 78 Webster 
Amon, h 30 Center, W Haven 
Amoret G., widow Daniel H., bds 190 

Andrew W., blacksmith, h 56 Wood, 

W Haven 
Annie A., clerk 762 Chapel, bds 109 

Anton, carpenter, h 196 Peck 
Archibald, emp Foskett & Bishop, h 

149 Clay 
Archie, carriage bodymaker, rms 430 

Arthur B.. bookkeeper 28 Artizan, h 

236 Lexington av 
Arthur H., student, bds 1193 Chapel 
Arthur W., brakeman. h 184 Rosette 

Brown Ashabel W., joiner, bds Tryon off 
Central av 
Benjamin E., h 300 Humphrey 

BKOWH C. FBED, agent Brown Elec- 
trical Con0tructi(Hi Co. 50 Hotch- 
kiss, h do. 

Charles, emp N. H. R. M. Co., bds 60 

Charles A., emp W. R. A. Co., h 30 

Charles C, stenographer, bds 258 

Charles E., clerk 922 Chapd, h 332 

BROWN CHARLES E. buUder, lum- 
ber dealer and boxmaker and 
treas. Eastern Chair Co., office 
28 Artizan, h 79 WilUam— See 
p 1004 

Charles E., foreman and bookkeeper 
A. N. Farnham, h 63 Harrison 

Charles G., carpenter, h Water opp 
Kichardfl pi, W Haven 

Charles H., painter, h 59 Sylvan av 

Charles M. (M. Brown & Son) 128 
Court, bds 71 Washington av 

Charles P., janitor Washington 
School, h 190 Spring 

Charles W., laborer, h Prospect 

Christana, widow David, h 131 

Cornelia T., widow^ James, h 61 Edge- 
wood av 

C. P., clerk (418) R. R. office bdg, 

rms 139 Orange 
Curtis P., student, bds 220 Lawrence 
Daniel, brakeman, h 132 Fnuiklin 
David R. (Brown & Von Beren) 

(425) 865 Chapel, rms (33) S90 


D. Burton, fish and oyster 
744 Grand av, bds 2 Lewis 

Delia, widow Charles H., li 102 Lye 
Donald H., foreman S. H. Bamuin, 

160 NicoU 
Dora Miss, emp Strouse, A.dler ft 

bds 583 Grand av 
Earl, patternmaker, h 114 Ldoyd 
Earl C, in U. S. Army 
Edward J., brakeman, h 57 Cr6or;ge 
Edward M., porter 740 Main, li 

Edward 0., chief clerk (230) R. 

office bdg, h 304 Howaxd av 


Brown agent, contrstctorB 
electric light wiring, electric 
lighting, etc. 50 HotclilcissL. Ti 
phone connection — See p 895 

Elizabeth, widow James, li 135 j^ 

Ella A. Mrs., h 553 State 
* Ellen, widow Michael, li 247 

Elmer E., carpenter, bda 33 p^l 






Brown Emma Hiss, cook Beach House, W 

Haven, bds da 
Emma Mrs., h r 78 Webster 
Emma F., widow Anson K., h 268 

Ernest, emp W. R. A. G6., h 207 

Ernest, student, bds 106 Shennan 

Eunice B., widow Luman A., h 274 

Oampbell av, W Haven 
F. D., salesman 711 Chapel, rms 184 

Fnncis A., steam fitter, bds 18 

Frank, emp The Bigelow Co., h 82 

Townsend av 
Frank, woodwwker, h 254 Ivy 
Frank, cashier 151 Church, rms 157 

Frank C, rem to Milford 
Frank D., bookkeeper The Edward 

Malley Co., h 295 Howard av 
Frank K, pilot I. E. Brown, bds 98 

Quinnipiac av 

tect 61 Orange, bds 269 Oanner 

—Seep 1021 
Fnmk H., bds 329 Columbus av 
Frank J., lawyer (304) 865 Chapel 
and city attorney office (6) 165 
Court, rms 263 Orange 
Frank M., ^np L. Candee & Co., h 30 

Frank William, with The Gamble- 
Desmond Co., bds 38 Center, W 
Fred, emp X. F. B. & P. Co., bds 87 

Fred M., trav. salesman, bds 249 

Quinnipiac av 
Fred S., rem to Torrington 
Frederick, emp Merwin Prov. Co., h 

561 Congress av 
Frederick, emp W. R. A. Co., h 196 

Frederick A., emp Hauff Bros., bds 

47 Winthrop av 
Frederick A., clerk Sargent &, Co., 

bds 125 Quinnipiac av 
Frederick, A. M. Rev., pastor First 
Presbyterian Church, h 35 Howe 
Frederick *f., emp I. K Brown, bds 6 

Brown pi 
>I!rederiek H. (Brown & Durham) 74 

and 76 Orange, h 38 Academy 
Frederick ^^., dentist 112 Orange, h 

88 C6ttafi^ 
pGcrtmde M. Mrs., emp 706 Chapel, 
bds 59 Garden 

S l&borer, h 109 Day 
Gcm^ emp J^ Candee i Co., h 75 

accountant P. O. Box 633 
fen^, emp W. R. A. Co., h 78 

Brown George, emp New Haven House, h 

398 Orchard 
George, rem to New York 
George A., laborer, h 121 Day 
George C. A. (Brown & Schulz) (32) 

890 Chapel, rms do. 
George D., joiner, h 19 Center, W 

Georoe H., emp N. H. Ice Co., h 90 

Farren av 
George H., clerk (411) R. R. office 

Mg, bds 94 Crown 
George M., clerk (429) R. R. office 

bdg, bds 257 Humphrey 
George W., emp Barnes Tool Co., h 

21 Atwater 
George W., emp Sperry & Barnes, h 

Milford turnpike c Gilbert^ Al- 

Grace A., widow Daniel H., bds 190 

Grace £., widow William H., h 333 

Howard av 
Harriet, widow Sheldon C, bds 27 

Harry Mrs., rms 61 Union 
Harry B., sec. McLagon Foundry Co, 

100 Audubon, h 38 Avon 
Harry E., rem to New York 
Harry T., stenographer (812) 42 

Church, bds 55 Shelter 
Harvey L., shipping clerk Greist 

Mfg. (>>., h Willard n Bamett 
Helen M. Miss, stenographer 516 

State, bds 55 Shelter 
Helen Y. Miss, rem to Norwalk 
Henry, emp W. R. A. Co., h 24 Brew- 
Henry, rem to Bridgeport 
Henry C, painter, h 56 Hobart 
Henry J., laborer, h 63 Webster 
Henry L., salesman 408 State, h 50 

Henry Millard, watchman W. R. A. 

Co:, bds 131 Henry 
Hermann, tailor 150 George, h 165 

Congress av 
Hermann, rem to Stamford 
Hermann L., treae. N. H. Cutlery 

Co. and merchant tailor 793 

Grand av, h 788 do. 
Howard Co., paper mfr., h 220 Law- 
Hubbell & Puddicombe Co. The, art 

glass mfrs. 87 Orange 
Hugh, h 123 NewhaJl 
Hugh M., machinist, bds 15 Grove 
Ida Mrs., h 21 Jefferson 
Irtis, emp W. R, A. Co., bds 207 

BBOWN ISAAC, coal and wood, also 

carting 271 Water, h 272 do.— 

See p 980 
Isaac E., wholesale oyster dealer 98 

Quinnipiac av, h do. 
James, rem to Philadelphia, Pbi>. 




Brown James, conductor F. H. & W. R. 

R. Co., bds 312 Grand av 
Jamee, carpenter N. Y., N. H. & H. 

R. R., h 30 Asylum 
James, molder, bds 185 Olive 
James E., cook N. H. Hospital, h 63 

James £., janitor, h 179 Gk>ife 
James £., cania^esmith, h 77 Howe 
James H., car pamter, h 94 Third av, 

W Haven 
James W., plumber, h 125 Quinnipiac 

Jennette E. Mrs., artist, h 100 

Jessie L. Miss, emp W. R. -A. Co., bds 

135 Ashmun 
J. Gertrude, widow Francis W., h 18 

John, emp Sargent & Co., bds 14 

John, smith helper, h 180 Chestnut 
BBOWN JOHN, hamessmaker 153 

George, h 102 Main, W Haven- 
See p 1034 
John, blacksmith, h 32 Salem 
John, sea captain, h 23 Saltonstall 

John A., emp W. R. A. Co., h 49 Ad- 
John H., painter, h 24^ Vine 
John H., teamster, h 180 Division 
John H., h 145 Cedar Hill av 
John H. Rev., h 1193 Chapel 
John J., emp Sargent & (>>., bds 180 

John J., emp W. R. A. Co., bds Mill 

Rock, Whitneyville 
John R., watchman, h Tryon 
Joseph C., compositor, h Derby av n 

town line 
Joseph H"., emp 52 Geoiige, bds 247 

Joseph H., emp W. Av. R. R. Co., h 

73 Third av, W Havai 
Joseph M., emp W. R. A. Co., rms 

13 Broadway 
Joseph M., emp American Buckle 

Co., h 128 Campbell av, W Ha- 
Joseph P., bds 329 Columbus av 

builder 8 Maple, W Haven, h 
do.— See p 1016 

liOverett H., clerk 848 Chapel, bds 
104 Prospect 

Levi W., rem West 

Lewis B., clerk city controller's of- 
fice (15) aty Hall, h 111 Greg- 

Lewis P., student, bds 322 Orchard 

Lottie E. Mrs., h 69 Sylvan av 

Lucy M. Mrs., emp L. Cbndee & Co., 
h 119 Bradley 

Limian S., charcoal 371 Chapel, res 
Springfield, Mass. 

Brown Lyman, shoemaker 128 Calumbiu 

av, rms do. 
Lyman T., joiner, h 87 Poplar 
M., shoemaker, h 111 Franklin 
Marcus, clerk 271 Water, h MUind 

Margaret A. Miss, h 187^ Olive 
Maria E. Mrs., h 81 Webster 
Martha D., widow George H., h 17 

Mary, widow James W., h 125 Quin* 

nipiac av 
Mary Mrs., bds 358 East 
Mary A. Miss, authoress, rms 272 

Mary R, widow Joseph S., bds 102 

Shelton av 
Mary J., h 254 Ivy 
Mary J. Miss, bds 33 Gill 
Mary L. Mrs., nurse, h 26 Speny 
Mary W. Mrs., kindergarten teacher 

Zunder School, h 568 Chapel 
Max, tailor (45) 20 Center, bds 113 

Max (M. Brown & Son) 128 (Xnul, 

h 316 Congress av 
Meyer, expressman, h 112 Adeline 
Meyer, shoemaker 48 Olive, h 28( 

Michael, quarryman, h 14 Main 
Michael, molder, h 312 Grand av 
Michael J., wheelmaker, h 327 Mui- 

son I 

Myles F., trav. salesman, h 249 Quit 

nipiac av 
M A Son (Max and Charles If 

Brown), second-hand dothi^j 

128 Court 
Nathaniel S., optician Howe & ^ 

son, rms 164 St. John 
Nellie R. Miss, teacher, bds II 

Nettie M., widow Burt, h 232 Si 

ond av, W Haven 
N. Warren, ass't sup't eonatmc^ 

S. N. E. Tel. Co., h 334 Gn 

Oscar C, engineer, bds 41 CoUis 
Patrick, h 329 Columbus &▼ 
Patrick, emp L. R. Hemin^way^ 

Middletown av n town line 
Patrick, bartender, bds 34 Green 
Patrick C, carman, h 251 Jamoi 
Perley W., clerk (230) R, R. o 

bdg, bds 143 Quinnipiac &v 
Peter, auctioneer, rms 203 "W^ 
Peter, brakeman, h 244 G 

Peter F., patternmaker, h 2d 
B&ndall, laborer, bds 56 Wr< 
Reuben H. (R. H. Brown & 

Ashmun, h 322 Orchajnd 
R. H. & Co. (R. H. Brown. &Tidi 

Piatt), mfrs. expansive |>i 

169 Ashmun 





Brown Rich&rd W., emp 1026 Chapel, bds 
15 Webster 
Bichard W., emp Sargent & Co., h 

172 Dixwell av 
Robert, emp W. R. A. Co., bda 53 

Bobert, emp L. Candee & Co., rms 7 

Robert, aec. Y. U. Observatory, h 

Observatory pi 
Robert A., pree. New Haven Mfg. 
Co. 50 Whitney av, and treas. 
Xe>v Haven Savings Bajik 145' 
Orange, h 303 Whitney av 
Robert W., bartender, bds 33 Bradley 
Boheriine Miss, milliner, bds Mill 

Rock, Whitneyville 
Rosa, widow Dominic, restaurant 281 

Water, h do. 
Samuel, polisher, h 32 Hazel 
Samud, city express, h 112 Adeline 
Samuel J., janitor Durfee Hall, Y. 

U., h (24) do. 
Samuel M., h 249 Quinnipiac av 
Sarah B. Mrs., h 12 Dudley, High- 
Sarah L., widow George T., bds 33 

School, Oampbell av c Brown, W 

Sophia M., widow Joseph C, bds 71 

Stephen D., shipping clerk Wm. 
Scfaollhom Co., h 61 Edgewood 
Stephen J., grocer 301 Wallace, bds 

Suaan Ellen, teacher Shelton Avenue 

School, bds 25 Whalley av 
Sydney T^., pres. Brown, Hubbell & 
Puddicombe Co. 87 Orange, h 
277 Dixwell av 
Sylvester . K., canvasser, rms 124 

Svlve?iter O.. emp W. R. A. Co., h 

110 Ivy 
Theodore, cleaner (114) R. R. office 

bdg, h 121 Day 
Thomas, emp H. Hooker & Co., h 25 

llkamaf; D., emp 711 Chapel, rms 154 

Thomas Harry, emp H. Hooker & 

Co., bd« 25 Audubon 
TTBJiaar C, h 271 Lloyd 
Walter, emp N. H. Clock Co., bds 294 

Walter, emp L. Oandee &, Co., h 240 

Walter C, machinist, h 292 Quinni- 
piac* av 
Waf»hinirton W., laborer, h 202 Lam- 

WiOa Mim. bookkeeper Georjre W. 
Warner, bds 128 Campbell av, 
W Haven 

Brown William, emp A. T. Demarest,.rnis 

400 State 
William, waiter, bds 94 Aahmnn 
William, emp L. Candee & Co., h 

Mill Rock, Whitneyville 
William, h 294 Peck 
William, mechanic, h 711 Grand av 
William Jr., carpenter, bds 294 Peck 
William E., brakeman, h 114 Lam- 

William F., boxmaker, bds 235 Dav- 
enport av 
William H., emp Sargent & Co., h 14 

William H., emp 44 Whalley av, h 

26 Winter 
William H., clerk N. H. Mfg. Co., h 

76 Center, W Haven 
William Harris (Coe & Brown) 204 

George, h 106 Sherman av 
William J., machinist, bds 32 Salem 
William John, emp W. R. A. Go,, h 

229 Division 
William S., machinist, bds 131 Henry 
William S. J., clerk 95 Greene, bds 

180 Chestnut 
W. Louis, bds 240 Exchange 
Za*doc L., rem to Bridgeport 

BEOWN & DTTEHAM (Frederick H. 

Brown and Myron R. Durham), 
furniture, carpets and house fur- 
nishings 72 and 76 Orange c 
Center — See beu^k cover 
& Schulz (George C. A. Brown and 
Karl W. F. Schulz), architects 
(32) 890 Chapel 

BEOWN & VON BEEEN (l>avid R. 

Brown and Fred Von Beren), ar- 
chitects (425) 865 Chapel— See 
p 1020 

— see Braun 
Browne C. S., widow C. M., nurse, bds 188 

Luella G. Miss, bds 289 York 

Mary H. Miss, h 83 Grove 

Sarah K Mrs., h 289 York 
Brownell PVed W., emp Smedley Horse 

Co., rms 154 Brewery 
Brownins? Arthur E., clerk (215) 42 
Church, bds 208 Orchard 

Philip E., instructor chemistry Y. 
U., rms (351) White Hall Y. U., 
125 Elm 

William H. Mrs., h 352 Crown 
Brownstein Etta, widow Jacob, h 126 La- 

Jacob (Connecticut Fruit and Pro- 
duce Co.) 49 to 53 Union, h 102 
Washington av 

William, clerk 49 Union, h 23 Gold 
Bruce Alexander, teamster, h 179 Bassett 

Charles, emp W. R. A. Co., h 63 

Charles H., machinist, h 85 Poplar 

Ida M. Miss, dressmaker, bds 51 Wol- 





Bruce James, florist and landscape gar- 
dener 16 Kensington, h do. 
James P., emp 80 Crown, h 118 Lem- 

John, emp W. & E. T. Fitch Co., bds 

27 Greene 
Kate, widow John, h 27 Greene 
Minnie & Miss, clerk 111 State, IkLs 

61 Wolcott 
Oscar T., machinist, h 51 Wolcott 
I^obert, emp Peck & Bishop Co., !i 

45 Arch 
Robert Jr., emp 173 Long Wharf, bds 

45 Arch 
Roger C, janitor 80 Crown, h do. 
Thomas, emp R. H. Brown & Co., h 

66 Henry 
Thomas R., emp N. H. Gas Light Co., 

bds 45 Arch 
WaJt-er S., emp W. R. A. Co., bds 56 

William D., emp 16 Kensington, bds 

Bruder Herman, emp N. H. Chair Co., bds 

318 Orange 
Jacob, baker, h 180 Willow 
Patrick, enip W. R. A. Co., h 771 

Dixwell av 
Bnien John, «iloon 186 Chapel, h do. 
Bruette — see Bruvette 
Bruigg^raan Henry G., joiner, h 326 Mun- 

Brulich Simon, emp W. R, A. Co., h 293 

Winchester av 
Bnimmer Jacob, rem West 

Louisa, widow Jacob, h 258 Congress 

Brunberg Samuel, tailor, h 80 Hallock 
Brundage C. M. Mrs., bds 1397 State 
James G., emp R. R. shops, h 131 

Brune Francis W., laborer, h 29 Thorn 
J. Adolph, grocer 520 Congress av, h 

Bruneau Arthur A., emp N. Y., N. H. & 

H. R. R.. h 19 Wallace 
Elie A., clerk 144 Carlisle, bds 183 

Columbus av 
Fabian A., clerk 379 Congress av, bds 

311 Cedar 
Frank J., joiner, bds 311 Cedar 
Greorge O., clerk, bds 311 Cedar 
Joseph N.. emp H. G. Shepard & 

Sons, bds 54 Albert, W Haven 
Louis A., clerk 379 Congress av, h 26 

Peter, laborer, h 311 Cedar 
Peter Jr., laborer, bds 311 Cedar 
Telesphore 2d, emp W. R. A. Co., bds 

311 Cedar 
Theophile, blacksmith, h 54 Albert, 

W Haven 
— see Bruno 
Brunhoefer Charles, baker, rms 164 


Bruning John, baker, h 4 Front av, W 
Otto, cigarmaker, h 499 CongreflB a? 
Brunner Frederick, emp Saigent i Co., h 
39 Kossuth 
Hermaii J., cabinetmaker, bds 39 
Brunnock James, emp R. R. shops, bds 

144 Ashmun 
Bruno Arthur, joiner N. Y., N. H. & E 
R. R., h 29 Wallace 
Domenico, emp Speny & Barnes, h 

2 Hill 
Gaetano, h 416 East 
Gaetano, laborer, h 10 Prindle 
Giovanni, emp N. H. R. M. Co., bds 

167 WaUace 
Giuseppe, emp N. H. R. M. Ca, bds 

167 Wallace 
Stefano, emp A. B. H. Co., bds 3 

Donnelly pi 
Vincenzo, emp Sai^ent & Co., bds r 
13 St. John 
Brunswick-Balke-CoUander Co. The, 
Conn, branch, C. H. Miller man- 
ager, 18 Church 
Hotel, F. C. Murphy prop.. Ill Court 
Brunt George, teamster, h 52 White 
Brush George, bartender, bds 121 Con- 
gress av 
Greorge J., professor mineralogy Y. 

U., h 14 TnimbuU 
Mary Mrs., bds 55 E Pearl 
Brusstar Benjamin F., foreman W. R. A 

Co., h 28 Dickerman 
Brust Charles, molder, h 164 Peck 
Bruton Hugh, h 119 Edgewood av 

James F., plumber, h 88 Law- 
Patrick, switchman, h 458 C^apd 
Bruyette John, plumber, bds 204 Frank- 
Mary, widow Isaac, h 204 
Bruzza Carlo (J. Columbus & Cow) II 
Congress av, bds 50 Washii 

Bryan Edward (Bryan, Miner & Read)jj 
111 State, h 448 Geoirge 
Edward R., bds 448 George 
Enos, emp Crystal Ice Co., bds St 

Henry W., rms (5) 916 Chapel 
Josie Miss, dressmaker, rms 91 Olrv^ 
Levine P., carpenter, h 58 Domian 
Marshall, emp 180 Temple, h 34 La 
ingston ^ 

Mary M., widow William D., h 19 


Bryan, Ralph J. Miner and 
uel H. Read), wholesale 
105 to 111 State— See p 985 

Stephen G., trav. salesman, bds III 
Bryant Clark B., modelmaker, h 1 

C. William H., coachman, bds X! 




Bryant Earl, bds 227 Chapel 

EdBon L., deputy collector internal 
revalue P. O. bdg, res Ansonia 

Eugene C, rem to New Onaan 

Gertrude E. Mrs., fa 148 Edgewood 

Josephine A. Mia^ bda 148 Edge- 
wood ar 

Lucia J., teacher Lovell School, bds 
19 Brown 

Roacoe D., hoseman No. 3 Engine, h 
30 Townsend av 

BETAHT SAMITEL J. lawyer (407) 

865 Chapel, and judge town 

c6urt of Orange, h 71 Elm, W 

Haven — See p 022 

BfTden Andrew, foreman painter Samuel 

K. Page, h 242 Franklin 
^ers Morley T., stenographer (221) R. 

R. office bdg, rms 65 Howe 
^yning George, emp N. H. Clock Co., 

rms 65 Olive 
Bryson Christina, widow Oscar, h 27 Lin- 
Bnbek Jchn, emp 136 Water, h 703i 

Grand av 
Bnehaiuui Catherine M. Miss, dressmaker, 
bds 12 Sylvan av 
James J., lawyer (2) 63 Church, h 

63 Bishop 
Joseph N., driver, rms 103 Park 
Leonard, salesman, h 792 George 
Rose G. Miss, emp Seamless Rubber 

Co., bds 12 Sylvan av 
Simon, emp N. H. Water Co., h 12 

Sylvan av 
SimoD Jr., clerk 022 Chapel, bds 12 

Sylvan av 
Waltear £., clerk 022 Chapel, bds 702 
Bochms Joseph, laborer, bds r 216 Ham- 
Martha L. Miss, clerk 704 Chapel, 
bds 568 do. 
^hlialt«r Aaron Rev., pastor Congregsu- 
tion B'nai Jacob, h 100 Oak 

le, widow .Charles F., confec- 
tionery 791 State, h do. 
lolz Henry, emp W. R. A. Co., h 127 
Winchester av 
Henry P., ass't sup't Prudential Ins. 
Oa., h 133 Ashmun 

widow Frederick, h 44 Cedar 
Hill av 

Sdward, confectionery and 
343 Grand av, h 246 
illej' August, candymaker, bds 30 

Ij&Ofpold., carpenter, h 30 Putnam 
i^ confecticmer, h 123 Cedar 
Franlc, draughtsman, h 305 EUs- 
wortli av 

loon 120 Union, h 663 

Q^jolijBe A., widow George, h 440 

Buck Charles M., waiter New Haven 
House, h 306 Orchard 

Daniel A. A., rem to Medina, N. Y. 

Frank B., prop. Artistic Printing Co. 
800 Chapel, h 237 Lexington av 

Frederick E., emp W. & E. T. Fitch 
Ca, bds 440 Chapel 

Frederick J., emp Bridgeport, h 44 
Judson av 

G. Bert) machinist, bds 440 Chapel 

George G., carpenter, bds (3) 605 

Henry B., collector, bds 77 Carlisle 

Henry C, h 111 Maltby 

Joseph G., machinist, h 136 Green- 

Martha E. Mrs., dressmaker, rms 85 

Sarah B. Miss, h 712 State 

Walter A., dealer in carriages and 
wagons, horseshoeing 534 Grand 
av and 17 E Grand av, h 444 
Quinnipiac av 

William W., clerk (414) R. R« office 
bdg, bds 337 Orange 
Buckbee c£rrie F., organist, bds 72 Cot- 

Edith M. Miss, ass't bookkeeper 767 
Chapel, bds 72 Cottage 

Elizabeth A., widow Charles J., h 72 

L. J. Miss, dressmaker, bds 72 Cottage 

Stephen C, clerk 73 Front, h 40 Ex- 
Buckingham Albert H., bds 32 E^iwards 

Alfred H., pres. The Buckingham, 
Routh Co. 70 to 83 Court, h 162 

Caroline, widow David W., h 1104 

Charles C., sec. Mathushek Piano Co., 
W Haven, also sec. The Treat &, 
Shepard Co. 840 Chapd, bds 340 

SON CO. THE' wholesale hard- 
ware dealers 204 and 206 State 
—See p 060 

Clinton 0., rem to Washington, D. C. 

Frederick L., trav. salesman English 
& Mersick Co., h 105 E Pearl 

Henry H., machinist, h 12 Wharton, 
W Haven 

Jane L., widow Philo B., h 1233 

Joseph, bds Springside Home 

LeRoy A., clerk emp English & Mer- 
sick Co., bds 105 E Pearl 

Martha A., widow Alexander H., 
nurse, h 32 Edwards 

Mary H., widow F. S., h 31 Beers 

Nancy, widow William A., h 1407 


plumbing, heating, galvanized 
iron workers, skylighte, copper- 
smiths, etc. 70 to 83 Couzt— See 
p 008 




Buckingham Roy E., emp Celluloid Starch 

Co., bds 12 Wharton, W Haven 
William W., treas. Buckingham, 

dark & Jackson Co., h 294 

Campbell av, W Haven 
Buckland Edward G., rem to Providence, 

R. I. 
Buckley Anna Mrs., h 188 East 
Daniel, laborer, bds 188 East 
David, bootmaker 146 Poplar, h do. 
David J., clerk, bds 146 Poplar 
Ellen, widow Flur, bds Springside 

Harry F., emp Sargent & Co., bds 10 

Hughes pi 
James, emp Sargent & Co., bds 112 

John, com. trav., bds 254 Crown 
John J., grocer and meat market 627 

Grand av, h 626 do. 
John P., clerk (9) City Hall, h 294 

Joseph A., plumber, bds 625 Grand av 

BTTCKIET JOSEPH H. plumber 179 

Church, h 11 Ajs^um — See p 

Joseph H. Jr., druggist 389 CongresB 

av, h 387 do. 
Julia, widow Dennis, h 281 Blatch- 

ley av 
Margaret A. Miss, stenographer emp 

(8) 82 Church, bds 146 Poplar 
Patrick T., machinist, h 110 Court 
Redmond, wire drawer, h 10 Hughes i 

pi ! 

Sarah, widow Daniel, h 625 Grand 

Stephen, h 40 Exchange 
Thomas A., clerk (430) R. R. office 

bdg, bds 10 Hughes pi 
William, emp N. H. Clock Co., h 267 

William J., machinist, bds 68 Greene 
— see Bulkley 
Buckman Annie, widow George W., h 87 

Ellen, widow Charles A., h 94 Ash- 

Eugene, h 59 Lake pi 
George, laborer, bds Springside Home 
George R., clerk (411) R. R. office 

Mg, rms 109 Dwight 
Harriet Mrs., h 489 Oak 
Ida Mrs., h 414 Orchard 
Louis E., bds 25 High 
Buckmaster Samuel, h 22 Orchard 

Samuel G., carpenter, h 299 Norton 
William H., clerk 413 Congress av, 

bds 22 Orchard 
Buckmeir Annie Mrs., h r 166 Ashmun 
Julius, emp W. R. A. Co., bds r 166 

Budd Rebecca, widow James, rem to 


BITDDINGTOlf JOHN E. ci^i^ engi- 
neer (35) 82 Church, h 394 Edge- 
wood av — See p 920 

Budesheim Peter (Budesheim & Wentz) 
53 Greene, h do. 
& Wentz (Peter Budesheim and Wil- 
liam Wentz), bakers 53 (jteene 
Budge Daniel, car inspector, bds 10 C!as- 

Buel Caroline M., widow James N., bds 

78 Dickerman 
Buell Burton T., rem to Southingtcm 
Charles E., ass't treas. New England 
Dairy Co. 159 Hazel, rms 263 
Charles W. A., salesman 740 Chaj^ 

h 676 State 
Christine Miss, nurse, rms \319 Chi^- 

DeOrville H., bicycle repairer 520 
State, h Florence av n Townsend 
Etta A. IVIiss, stenographer, rms 25 

Wooeter pi 
Fred C, rem to East Haven 
Helen M. Mrs., bds 27 Edgewood a? 
Horace, tinsmith, h 84 Poplar 
John K., fish dealer 57 Brown, h 5d 

do., W Haven 
Morris C, h 183 Portsea 
Samuel, extract peddler, h 96 Gceoie 
Samuel E., emp N. H. El C6., h 4 
Lyon pi 
Buess Susannah, widow Joseph, bds 105 

Buffin Harrison, emp N. H. Mfg. Go., bdi 

9 Cottage 
Buggy Patrick, blacksmith, h 707 QtuA 

Buhler Gustave, teamster, h 33 Beach 
Builders' Exchange, (1) 850 Chap^ 
Roof Construction Co., oontraeton 
(212) 865 Chapel 

btthdebs' sitppit co. 

doors, sash, blinds, gr^aas, 
glass, etc. 96 Water — See p 1 
Bulford John H., sec. R. H. ITesbit'Oo. 

Elm, h 306 Lawrence 
Bulger James, emp Sargent A Co., 
311 James 
Martin, laborer, h 83 Spring 
Philip, quarryman, h 311 James 
Bulkeley Edward, bds 1320 Chapel 
Electa, widow Walter >^., h 

Grace C, widow Edward, h 1S9 
Bulkley William N., clerk 64 Center, U 
— see Buckley 
Bull Benjamin, emp W. R. A. C6., \l^ 
William E., saIesmGU[i (19) 
Church, h 165 Dixwell av 
William T., student, bds 120 Ooll« 
Bui lard Emily Miss, tea^sher, bds 
Henrv M. (Keller & BiiUard) ! 
State, res Guilford 





Bulley Ueorge N., grocer and meat mar- 
ket 203 Chapel, h 150 Blatchley 
Indore T., h 108 Ward 
Louis T., sup't Standard Gas Ma- 
chine Co., bds 68 George 
Louis W., rem to Chicago, III. 
Bums C. Edward (C. G. Whaples & Co.) 
86 Crown, h 275 Humphrey 
Henry G., clerk 385 State, bds 133 
BuUiyant Charles, ins. canvaaaer (49) 49 

Church, h 82 Dickermaji 
Bollock Clifton, clerk 279 Edgewood av, 

bds 496 Elm 
Bulluas Fannie £. Mrs., emp L. Candee 

k Co., bds 134 Grand av 
Bnmstead Henry A., instructor in phy- 
sics Y. U., h 124 High after Oct 
1 h Edgehill road 
Bumster John, clerk, bds 18 E Pearl 
Matthew, h 18 E Pearl 
Matthew Jr., emp F. H. & W. R. R, 

Co., bds 18 E Pearl 
Michaelmas, ins. canvasser (418) 
865 Chapel, bds 18 B Pearl 
Bunee Edward J., h 396 Coi^ess av 
Esther C, widow William J., h 83 

St. John 
Fannie L Miss, teacher, bds 113 Pop- 

Gracia S., widow Daniel, h 64 Greene 
John M.. watchman, h 396 Congress 

R<rflin J., h 110 Howe 
Bmach Lethia, widow Thomas, h 14 Hud- 
'Wade, laborer, h 17 Edwards, High- 
Baimell Amos, teamster, bds 11 Bristol 
Catherine Mrs., rem to Northford 
diaries A., emp N. H. Mfg. Co., bds 

261 Bassett 
Charles W., rem to North Haven 
Frank A., receiving teller First Na- 
tional Bank, h 351 Willow 
Frank E., h 115 Greene 
Frank H., emp N. P. B. Co., h 30 

Frank S., farmer, h 845 Quinnipiac 

Franlc 8. Mrs., dressmaker 846 Quin- 
nipiac av, h do. 

Fred 6., cashier First National Bank 
42 Church, h 607 Whitney av 

6eofl>re« emp Peck ft Bishop Co., h 11 

it GEOBOE B. prop- Hype- 
Theatre 1030 and 1032 
p 948 
H., bookkeeper (2) 82 


K.. emp R. R. shops, bds 26 

-vidow Lyman, h 92 Lyon 
Hattie >fisB, bds 16 Broad 

Bunnell Heniy B., rem to Meriden 

James A, h west end Highland, VV 

Julia, widow Michael, h 11 Bristol 

Leander A, clerk, h 104 St. John 

Louis, milk peddler, bds 845 Quinni- 
piac av 

Lucas C, mason builder 50 Cheriy 
Ann, h do. 

Mary E., widow Charles S., h 40 

Otis G., instructor Y. U., bds 92 
York so 

Robert S., painter, h 1104 State 

Selleck, oysterman, h 7 Pine 

S. Jennie Mrs., h r 66^ Bristol 

Sylre, emp W. R. A Co., h 12 New- 

WUbum E., emp M. F. Arms Co., h 
48 NicoU 

William A., salesman Merwln Prov. 
Co., h 44 Richards pi, W Haven 

William L., mason, bds 50 Cherry 

Willis E., laborer, bds 92 Oak 

Willis M., h 92 Oak 

— ^see Bonnell 
Bunten Sarah R., widow Collins, bds 104 

St. John 
Buonocore Salvatore, emp L. Candee & 

Co., h 27 Locust 
Buontempo Nicholas, laborer, h 47 Hill 
Burbank Alice T. Mrs., rem to Maine 

Hugh E., student, rms 126 High 
Burbaum Charles, lithographer, h 410 
Congress av 

Henry M., machinist, bds 408 Con- 
gress av 

Nora, widow William, h 408 Con- 
gress av 

William A., emp N. H. Clock Co., 
bds 408 Congress av 
Burch Harvey, laborer, rms 72 Court 
Burchell Richard F., h 97 Olive 

William H., sec. and treas. N. T. 
Bushnell Co. 712 Chapel, h 355 
Bnrckbuchler Antoine,, tailor emp 4 
Church, h 11 Stevens 

Joseph E., emp Bauman Rubber Co., 
h r 417 Davenport av 

Henry, clerk 998 Chapel, bds 11 Ste- 
Burdett James, car trimmer, h 102 Ro- 
Burdge David V., dentist 938 Grand av, 

h 196 Canner 
Burdick Albert, carriage bodymaker, rms 
65 Chambers 

Morris M., proof-reader, h 15 Audu- 

William F., engineer, h 88 Woolsey 

William L., rem to Lawrence, Kan- 
Burditt BvTon, laborer, bds Valley n 



Bureau of American Ancestry, 243 How- 
ard av 

Burford Henry, einp W. R. A. Co., h 68 

Burg Charles J., emp L. Oandee & Co., h 
136 Nash 

Burgay Frederick, tobacco caaer 210 
State, h 89 Greene 

Burge — see Berg 

Burger Charles H., clerk (411) R. R. of- 
fice bdg, h 215 Howard av 

Burgermeister Gustai, emp Stevens & 
Sackett, h 78 St John 

Burgess Alpheus D., clerk 751 Chapel, bds 
65 Howe 
David, emp W. R. A. Co., h 226 Di- 

BTJSGESS EDWABB A. «tate of, L. 
A. Homes manager, pattemmak- 
ing, special machinery, store dis- 
play fixtures, cash railings, of- 
fice railings and factory tele- 
phones 67 Court— See p 804 

Edward H., sec. Ezra D. Fogg Co., 
(2) 87 Church, h 466 Whalley 

Frederic M., bds 226 Whalley av 

Frederick, foreman plumber N. Y., 
N. H. & H. R. R., bds 138 Union 

Fur and Hat Co. The, hatters and 
furriers 749 and 751 Chapel 

George F. (Strong, Barnes, Hart k 
Co.) 166 Long Wharf, h 20 

Georgiana M. Miss, h 32 Springside 

Henry B., sec. and treas. The Burgess 
Fur and Hat Co. 751 Chapel, h 
226 Whalley av 

John, clerk 300 State, h 24 Gill 

Justin E., pres. The Burgess Fur and 
Hat Co. 751 Chapel, h 228 Whal- 
ley av 

Louis W., clerk 136 Water, bds 34 
Springside av 

Nellie Miss, stenographer, bds 456 
Whalley av 

Sarah A., widow George C, bds 20 
Burgey Fred, cigarraaker, bds 89 Greene 
Burghardt Ernest, emp C. A. Moeller, h 

90 Arch 
Burghart Benjamin, gardener, h 764 
Grand av 

Emil, emp F. P. Pfleghar k Son, bds 
764 Grand av 

— see Biirichardt 
Burgwin William H. Rev., pastor Sum- 
merfield Methodist Church, h 34 
Shelton av 
Burhans Henry, rem to New York 
Burian Carrie Miss, clerk 922 Chapel, h 
18 Bnidlev 


Burk Edward, rem to New York 

Fred C, locomotive fireman, bds M 

Martin, laborer, bds 50 Oariiale 
Mary Dudley Miss, ^ocutiooist, h 

166 Crown 
Ralph, emp N. H. Qock Co., h 166 

Stephen, rem to New York 
Burke Andrew J., carpenter, h 118 Kim- 

berly av 
Annie Miss, milliner, bds 100 Elliott 
Axel, emp C. Mfg. Co., bds 483 

Bridget, widow Thomas^ bds 397 

Catherine, widow John, h 48 Clark 
Catherine, widow John, h 216 Ham- 
Catherine L., widow John W., h 274 

Grand av 
Charles S., brakeman, h 115 Cedax 
Cornelius E., rem to Hariem River, 

N. Y. 
David, laborer, h 531 East 
Edward F., plumber, h 37 Beeuch 
Elizabeth, widow John, h 216 Ham- 
Francis, emp W. R. A. Co., h 607 

George T., janitor Y. U., h 19 Win- 
George T., brakeman, bds 76 Spring 
James, tailor, bds 33 Geor]ge 
James W., conductor F. H. & W. R- 

R. Co., bds 34 daj 
James W., emp F. D. L. & B. Oo., k 

211 Edgewood av 
John, emp N. H. Clock Ot>., Y>dB ^M 

John, teamster, h 34 Clay 
John, carpenter, h 209 Willoiw 
John, teamster, bds 34 OLa.y 
John F., clerk Sargent & Oo., h 

John H., foreman paper ruler O. 

Dorman & Co., h 110 Ooluml 

John M., foreman E. Stannard. & 

h 76 Spring 
John W. (W. B. Foote & Ox) ( 

840 Chapel, h 211 Ed^rewood 
Joseph, emp N. H. R, M. C3ow, li 

Joseph E., carpenter and lyuflder 

Greenwich av, h do. 
Kate Miss, domestic Dunoan 

bds do. 
Kate Miss, bds 82 Webater 
Margaret J. Miss, music teacher. 

274 Grand av 
Martin, emp 786 State, H 315 -V9| 

Martin H., receiving clerlt 898 Oi 

el, h 02 Scranton 1 

Mary, widow Patrick, H loo Jtlt^ 




Buike Mary F., widow James, bds 105 
Maurice, bds 315 Wallace 
Michael, rem to Noroton 
Michad, laborer, bds 65 Greene 
Michael Jr., laborer, bds 65 Greene 
Mieha«l J., boilermaker, bds 290 

Morris J., emp N. H. dock G6., bds 

315 Wallace 
Nellie J. Miss, dressmaker, bds 228 

Gblumbus ay 
Pkirick, laborer, h 83 Spring 
Patrick, emp Bigelow Co., bds 30 

I^triekf milk peddler and teamster, 

h 182 Ferry 
Peter, laborer, bds 266 Portsea 
fijchaid, h 174 Hamilton 
Richard, emp N. H. Clock. Co., h 214 

fiicbard H., emp N. H. dock Co., bds 

214 Hamilton 
Thomasy emp 111 State, h 224 Com- 
Thomas, porter 314 State, bds 228 

OoJumbus av 
Walter J., conductor W. Av. R. R. 

Co., bds 76 Spring 
WiUiam, blacksmith, bds 364 State 
\\llliam, saloon and poolroom 183 

Meaidow, h 185 do. 
William, laborer, h 376 Blatchley av 
Wniiam £., mender, h 18 Gold 
William J., plumber, bds 100 Elliott 
William P. J., physician 681 Grand 

BY, h 228 Hamilton 
William T., teamster, h 60 Wilson 
—see Berk and Birk 
[Borkhardt August, baker, h 209 Front 
Emeet IL, emp 99 Temple, h 90 Arch 
Oeoige, machinist, h 56 Lawrence 
Julius G., bds 56 Jjawrence 
ritt Qeorfre H. (Golden Rule Poul- 
try Tards) 415 Ellsworth ay,h do. 
Xellie M. Mrs., nurse, h 415 Ells- 
worth av 
:lent Victor, rem to Sweden 

William, emp N. H. Gas Light 
Go., h 1019 State 
iogame Xehson F., nurse, h Whitney 

Jennie S. Mrs., teacher Wooster 
School, bds 78 Whalley av 
Annie, Tiridow John, bds 14 
Prospect pi 

Pnanlc S., tel. operator W. U. 
Tei. CbL, h 91 aark 
Benry A., auditcnr's clerk (429) R. R 

office bd^, K 308 Howard av 
JttMs G., emp W. R A. Co., h 73 

UmimL, widow f^rank, h 395 Shelton 

Ohrifltof^er C, carpenter, h 
240 Vrxmt 

Bumham Daniel W., h 13 Wolcott 
Edwin C, policeman, h 48 Piatt 
F. E., clerk (318) R R office bdg, 

bds Imperial Hotel 
Frank R., clerk (24) 23 Cfhurch, b 

163 Grafton 
George A., stenographer (230) R R 

office bdg, rms 165 Colimibus av 
James H., rem to Bridgeport 
Maria J., widow Harry H., h 88 

Washington av 
Nellie H. Miss, emp The Price, Lee 

&, Adkins Co., bds 240 Front 
R J., clerk (429) R. R office bdg, 

bds 83 Olive 
Walter L., printer, bds 240 Front 
Bums Andrew J., plumber, h 175 James 
Ann M., widow Patrick, h 28 Daven- 
port av 
Ann W., widow William H., h 36 

Davenport av 
Annie M. Miss, restaurant 158 

Bridge, bds do. 
Bridget, widow Michael, bds 27 Lock 
Charles, hostler, rms 222 Washing- 
ton av 
Charles R., carpenter, h 68 Grafton 
Christopher J., mechanic, bds 1 Cur- 

tiss pi, W Haven 
Daniol J., buffer, h 449 Congress av 
Daniel T., driver 207 Congress av, 

bds 93 Prince 
Daniel W., emp N. Y., N. H. & H. 

R. R, h 500 Columbus av 
Edward, hamessmaker, h 29 Gill 
Edward Mrs., bds 85 Hill 
Edward J., emp N. Y., N. H. & H. R 

R, bds 93 Prince 
Elizabeth, widow Bernard J., h 247 

Ellen, widow Patrick, h 158 Bridge 
Ellen, widow Simon, h 24 Oinal 
Francis M., lampmaker, bds 1 Cur- 

tiss pi, W Haven 
Frank, driver 46 Union, h 153 Minor 
Frank XJ., emp M., W. Co., bds 68 

Garrett, clockmaker, h 48 Greene 
Harry, lampmaker, bds Globe Hotel 
Henry, rem to Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Henry J., printer, bds 40 Silver 
Henry S., sup't primer dept. W. R 

A. Co., h 159 Beach, W Haven 
Hugh, laborer, bds 47 Collis 
James, laborer, h 18 Main 
James, bartender, bds 266 Blatchley 

James J., clerk Tontine Hotel, rms 

186 Crown 
James P., clerk, bds 158 Bridge 
Jennie Mrs., nurse N. H. 0. Asylum 

610 Elm. bds do. 
John, bda Springside Home 
John, saloon .307 Grand av, h 266 

Blatchlev av 


John E., coremaker, h 66 Clay 




Burns John J., clerk 101 Church, h 22 
John W., blacksmith, h 64 Bas^ 

Joseph, plumber, bds 176 Jamef» 
Joseph L., hostler Smedley Co., rms 

63 Union 
Martha J. Miss, bds 94 Asylum 
Martin, joiner, bds 273 Blatchley av 
Mary, widow Michael, h 219 West 
Mary Miss, h 39 Broad 
Marj' A., widow Patrick, grocer and 

meats 103 Putnam, h do. 
Mary J. Miss, dressmaker, h 204 

Quinnipiac av 
Michael, laborer, h 26 Stevens 
Michael, bartender 21 Orange, bds 

Michael, machinist, bds 423 State 
Michael, laborer, h 280 Davenport 

Michael, laborer, h 219 Franklin 
Patrick, teamster, bds 449 Congress 

Patrick, gardener 1 Curtias pi, W 

Patrick, laborer, h 46 Arch 
Patrick H., R. R. section master, h 

171 Putnam 
Richard, dockmaker, bds 48 Greene 
Richard, rem to Savannah, Ga. 
R. J., clerk (429) R. R. office bdg, 

bds 727 Elm 
Robert (Bums & Fisher Co.) 38 
Court, W Haven, h 85 Brown, 
Robert H., toolmaker, h 240 Hallock 

Rosa Mrs., h 75 Day 
Thomas, emp R. R. shops, h 500 Co- 
lumbus av 
Thomas, laborer, h 137 Wallace 
Thoma.s C, mason, bds 26 Stevens 
Thomas P., laborer, bds 315 Cedar 
Walter C, joiner, h 98 Pine 
William, cigarmaker, bds 204 Hum- 
& Fisher Co. (Robert Bums and 
Frank Fisher), starch mfrs. 38 
Court, W Haven 
— see Buraes, Byrnes, also Beime 
Bumside Mabel E. Miss, nurse, bds 532 

Howard av 
Burr Abbie Miss, nurse, rms 22 Trumr 
Annie D. Mrs., bds 80 Portsea 
Arthur H., clerk N. H. Savings Bank, 

bds 60 Forbes av 
Carl E., bookkeeper Gately & Bren- 

nan, bds 101 Cro^^^l 
Emma A. Miss, nurse, bds 102 Howe 
Frank A., rem to Burrville 
Grant, bds 10 Sylvan av 
Henry L., h 46 Vernon 
Russell J., clock repairer, rms S 
Beecher court 

Burr Sarah A., widow Henry, h 60 Forbes 
Susan A. Miss, nurse, rms 379 Geoige 
Burrell Agnes, widow Thomas, h 79 Hal- 
Amos, laborer, h 94 Broad 
David, car wheel inspector, h 171 

Woodward av 
Delia, widow Robert, h 388 Crown 
George T., foreman N. F. B. & P. Co. 
319 Congress av, h 453 Howud 
James M., janitor 954 Chapel, h 63 

Robert A., shipping ctek 323 Con- 
gress av, h 99 Davenport av 
Rosa A. Miss, dressmaker 19 Leon- 
ard, bds do. 
Burritt Newell F., carpenter 64 Edwarda, 
h do. 
Robert, peddler, bds 64 Edwards 
Sarah M. Mrs., h 229 Norton 
Burroughs Chester D., emp N*. H. Chair 
Co., bds 13 Perkins 
Etta C, widow Edward A., h 13 Pe^ 
Burrows Daniel A., conductor W. Av. R 
R. Co., h 239 First av, W HJBr 
Robert, clerk 294 State, h 477 Elm 
Bursar Y. U., office 1 Phelps Hall 
Burstein Heyman, physician 32 Dow, h 
do. . 

Isaac, bicycles and repairer 51 0%3l, ^ 

h 62 do. 
Simon P., physician 94 Washington 

av, h do. I 

Burt Charles M., carpenter, bds 37 Town- 
Cornelius, rem to Harlem BxvfC,! 

N. Y. i 

Edward S., carpenter, h 37 Towa-! 

Edward S. Jr. (Burt & Norton) 44ft 

Elm, h 128 Howe 
Edward S. Mrs., nurse, li 37 Towfr 

George J. (George J. Burt ^ QfA 

993 State, h 64 Bishop 
George J. & Co. (George J. Burt aai 

Edson Lk Shuster), meata vai 

groceries 993 State 
John I. D., emp GenenLl ChemlN 

Co., h 78 Sixth 
John I. D. Jr., aas't stei^ard Tontia 

bds 78 Sixth 

BTTBT & NOETON (Edward S. Bo 

Jr. and Thomas B2. Nortai 

carpenters and builders 440 Bll 

—See p 1003 
Burtis Edward W., clerk (227) R. 

office bdg, h Qunpbell &v c Yol 

W Haven 
Burton Alice Mrs., h 822 Orand ar* 
Charles D., emp W. R. A, Co., h 





Burton Charles E. (George R. Burton & 

SooB) (1 and 3) 87 Church, h 

405 G«orge 
CharleB M., draughteman, rms 13 

Everet T., upholsterer, cabinetmaker, 

etc 18 Garden, h do. 
Frank F., machinist, h 226 Norton 
Flank M., emp 271 Blatchley av, bds 

277 Lloyd 
George, farmer, h Auger, Whitney- 

George L. (George R. Burton ft 

Sons) (1 and 3) 87 Church, bds 

59 Grove 
George R. (George R. Burton & 

Sons) (1 and 3) 87 Church, h 

630 £am 
George R. Rev., pastor Union A. M. 

£. CThurch, h Dudley, Highwood 


(Cveorge R., George L. and 
Oiarles £. Burton), Burton's 
Insurance Agency) (1 and 3) 87 
Church-^See p 934 
(Seoige W., teamster, h 14 Dudley, 

Jennie L. Miss, bds 14 Dudley, High- 
John A., emp Sargent ft Co., h 16 

John D., porter Tontine Hotel, h 50 

Joseph EL, emp Sai^ent ft Co., bds 

822 Grand av 
Louis R., clerk (1) 87 Church, bds 

630 £3m 
Ndlie G. Miss, bookkeeper 364 State, 

bds 78 Ivy 
Stephen H., waiter 986 Chapel, res 

ThonuLB &, machinist, bds 822 Grand 

H., toolmaker, bds 822 
Grsnd av 

lUBTOF's nrsTnuusrcE agenct 

(George R. Burton ft Sons), fire 
insuraxice agency (1 and 3) 
dark bdg 87 Church— See p 934 
CharleB, peddler, h Easton, High- 

Ai B., h 113 Whalley av 
Charies £., g^lazier, h 77 Frank 
diaries Lu, farmer, h 12 Warwick 
XDk>tt» baggage master, bds 69 Pearl 
SDiott Mrs., h 123 Park 
Hbworth EL, nurseiy stock and gar- 
den seed Burwell n reservoir, h 
Harriet A., xvidow Charles B., h 343 

QaiimilHac av 
Horace B.» bds 49 Wooster 
H. Boea Miss, teacher (}uinnipiac 

School, bds 343 (^uinnipiac av 
John "W., h 230 Savin av, W Haven 
Lama B., widow David £., h 69 Pearl 

Burwell Marcus S., clerk 161 Wooster, h 

237 do. 
Mary A., widow David C, h 66 E 

Mary R. Miss, teacher Winchester 

School, bds 67 Howe 
Merritt W., pres. Orange Oyster Co. 

(2) 831 Chapel, h 476 Whitney 

Nelson, h 208 Whalley av 
Robert F., dentist 902 COiapel, bds 

343 Quinnipiac av 

BTTBrWELL BOBEI^T N. undertaker 

and funeral director 966 Chapel, 

h 16 Dwigh1>-8ee front col'd p 


Roswell F., engineer, h 91 Fairmont 

S. C. Co., wholesale oystermen and 

fish market 73 Front 
S. Clarke, pres. and treas. S. C. Bur- 
well Co. 73 Front, h 32 Perkins 
Busby Thomas, blacksmith, h 12 E Grand 

Busch Jacob, emp 768 Chapel, bds 36 
Samuel, clerk 768 Chapel, bds 36 Wil- 
William, emp Sargent ft Co., h 36 
Buschel — see Beschel 
Buschmann Martha J., widow Ferdinand 

a, bds N. H. Hospital 
Buset Mattaes, emp N. H. dock Co., h 

272 Wallace 
Bmsh Addie Miss, h 21 Winthrop av 
Adelaide L. Miss^ bds 86 Wooster 
Archilaus, laborer, bds 21 Winthrop 

Arthur, laborer, bds Brook n Winter- 
green av 
Catherine J. Miss, bds 183 Howe 
Charles £., prop. Durant Hotel 128 to 
132 State, h do. 

BUSH CHABLES E. prosecuting at- 
torn^ (Orange), also lawyer 
(407) 866 Chapel, h 138 Ehn, W 
Haven— See p 927 
Charles K. Jr., boat builder, bds 138 

Elm, W Haven 
Charlotte E. Miss, bds 133 Howe 
Frances M., widow T. Catifford, h 118 

Frank C, turner, bds 118 Lawrence 
Franklin W., rem to Hartford 
Gilbert L., janitor Battell Chapel Y. 

U., h 69 Eaton 
Harry C, emp N. H. dock Co., h 38 

Harvey, laborer, bds 67 Charles 
Heniy, saloon 146 Ashmun, h do. 
Herbert S., machinist, h 118 Law- 
John A., blacksmith 17 Water junc. 

Bridge, h 86 Wooster 
Link, janitor, h 69 Eaton 
Lucy P. Miss, h 133 Howe 





Bush Magnus N., tobacconist 41 Grand 
av, h 39 do. 

Napoleon B., prop. Hotel DeBuah 43 
Grove, W Haven, h do. 

Nellie B., widow George M., mag- 
netic treatment (710) 42 Chur6h, 
bds 316 Crown 

Wallace £., blacksmith, bds 86 Wooe- 

William £., civil engineer, bds 138 
Elm, W Haven 

— see Buach 
Bushley Daniel H., motorman, h 8 Wool- 

Philip E., motorman F. H. & W. R. 
R. Co., h 105 aay 
Bushman Fred L., teamster, h 3 E Grand 

Bushnell Albert, milk peddler, h 158 Ro- 

Asa C, teller Yale National Bank, 
h 1319 Chapd 

Curtis C, teacher High School, bds 
92 York sq 

Edna J. Miss^ teacher, bds 14 Vernon 


sale grocers 221 and 223 Watei 

—See p 985 
Frank C, pres. The F. C. Bushnell 

Co. 221 Water, h 1388 Chapel 
Fred N., cabinetmaker, h 569 Win- 

throp av 
Harriet, widow H. L., bds 131 

Henry B., bookkeeper 272 Elm, h 383 

Winthrop av 
Henry K, bookkeeper, h 145 Cedar 

Hill av 
Henry T., emp W. R. A. Co., bds 124 

Jabez £., emp 223 State, rms 18 

Jedediah, electrotyper, h 115 Port- 

John H., dentist, bds 20 Park 
Lavina Miss, bds 194 Cedaf 
Margaret A., widow Curtis S., bds 92 

York sq 
MaiT E., widow Rev. George, h 77 

Nathan T., pres. N. T. Bushndl Co. 

712 Chapel, res Madison 

T. Bushnell pres. and William 
H. Burchell sec. and treas.), 
hardware, cutlery, steel, belting, 
etc. 712 Chapel c Union — See p 
Philo A., bookkeeper N. F. B. & P. 

Co., h 868 Elm 
Winthrop G., agent General Electric 
Co. of New York, bds New Ha- 
ven House 

Buss G. Frank, conductor W. Av. R. R. 
Co., bds 26 Court, W Haven 

Busse Augusta, widow John, fancy goods 
299 Oak, h do. 

Busse Bessie Miss, laundress N. H. Hos- 
pital, bds do. 
George F., emp 141 State, rms 487 

Harry, upholsterer, bds 299 Oak 
Walter A., machinist, h 82 Hamilton 
Busset John, emp W. R. A. Co., h 204 

Martis, emp N. H. Clock 06., h 272 

Bussing Betsey M., widow Harmon, bds 

111 Third av, W Haven 
Bussman Herman, job printer and prop. 

Connecticut Frieie Press, and N. 

.H Anzeiger, and agent Europeu 

steamers 71 Orange, h 331 Om* 

gress av 
John W., pianomaker, h 199 Wash- 
ington av 
Buster Pearl Miss, rem to Boston, Mass. 
Button £. K., laborer, bds 110 Day 
Butcher Bernard A., clerk, h 38 Main, W 

Charles^ blacksmith R. R. shops, h I 

96 Frank * 

Charles J., foreman M., W. Oo., h 94 

Geoige, rem West 
George Mrs., h 84 Fair 
Jacob, tailor, h 232 George 
John, wood peddler, h 440 Howard 

Butler Albert F., «np W. R. A. Co., h 

214 Dixwell av 
Alfred, emp W. R A. Co., h 160 

Anastatia, widow Edward, h 221 

B. G. Mrs., nurse, bds 250 ChwTcii 
Bridget, widow Thomas, h 434 How- 
ard av 
B. Wells, emp W. R. A. Ox. h Aic\ 

Catherine, widow James, h 126 First 

av, W Haven 
Catherine C. Miss, music teacher, b<l^ 

434 Howard av i 

Charles P. (Butler & Alger) (48) 21 

Church, h 33 Arthui- J 

Charles S., sup't The EI, B. Sheidctfl 

Co. 103 Meadow, h 40 Atw&ter 
Charlotte D. Miss, h 112 Ferry 
Clarence J., machinist^ b. 102 ^Ag^ 

wood av 
Cyrus, bds N. H. Hospital 
Cyrus A., h First av n X>erl>y 

road, W Haven 
David S., rem to Hartford. 
Dominick, emp Peck & l&ishoD Cb 

174 Wolcott ^^ '• 

Dominick, foreman 156 Statf^ "h 

Edgar M., foreman eomposin^ 

KB. Sheldon Co., K ^ 




BuUer Edwin B., emp W. R. A. Ck>., h 87 

EUen C. Mrs., bds Waahington ay n 

cemetery, W Haven 
Emily J., widow Sylvanus, h 466 

Ernest M., teacher 48 Church, bda 33 

Lake pi 
FrauciB, emp G. F. W. Mfg. Co., h 

22 Fillmore 
Frank F., emp 103 Meadowy bds 40 

Franklin W., emp W. R. A. Co., h 

DixweU av. High wood 
Creorge A. Mrs., h 130 Edwards 
George A., steward 986 Chapel, h 65 

George H., clerk Bursar's office Y. 

U. 1 Phelps Hall, h 136 Dwight 
George P., machinist, h 1370 Boule- 
H. Almeda Miss, h 112 Ferry 
Hattie M. Miss, clerk 390 State, bds 

33 Arthur 
Henry, concrete paver 29 Fillmore, 

h do. 
Henry Jr., laborer, bds 29 Fillmore 
Henry D. (Butler & Tyler) 312 

State, bds 172 Oak 
Irene, bds 79 Eaton 
Isaiah, h 47 Eaton 
Jamea, emp 97 Orange, h 19 Adeline 
Jane C., widow William A., h 70 Ad- 
John, laborer, bds 29 Ullmore 
John, molder, h 281 James 
John H., mason, h 3o dark 
John J., foreman Conn. Concrete 

C6w, bds 176 Franklin 
Joline J., oil dealer, h 24 First av, 

W Haven 
Joseph, emp Lighthouse Point Hotel, 

bds do. 
Joseph, corset ironer, h 173 Frank- 
Joseph C, waiter, rms 107 Day 
Lania, widow Charles, housekeeper 

229 Blatchley av 
Mary, widow Tobias, bds 41 Win- 

throp av 
Mary R, widow Andrew F., h 239 

Mary S., widow Benjamin C, bds 24 

Xellie J. Miss, dressmaker, bds 43 

Patrick, carpenter, h 175 Saltonstall 

Patrick F.. saloon 154 Franklin, bd» 

Patrick v., barber, bds 157 Ashmun 
Richard F.. watchman, h r 180 East 
Richard H.. painter, bds 19 Adeline 

BITTLEB SIDHET P. P«8. The Childs 

Bufnn4*m College 48 Church, h 33 
Lake pl~€ee p 816 

Butler Terrence, laborer, bds 69 Wallace 

Thomas, laborer, bds 29 Fillmore 

Thomas, bds 450 Chapel 

Thomas, upholsterer R. R. shops, bds 
19 Adeline 

Thomas, prop. Lighthouse Point 
Hotel, h da 

Thomas, saloon 38 St John, bds 36 

Thomas H., foreman Parish & Mann 
77 Orange, h 64 Bishop 

Wilbur K, physician 431 Change, bds 

William, motorman F. H. k W. R. 
R. Co., h 305 Grand av 

William, gunsmith, h 41 Watson 

William H., bds 19 Addine 

William J., physician 434 Howard 
av, h do. 

William J., saloon 14 Newhall, h do. 

William T., emp L. Candee k Co., bds 
239 Lombard 

k Alger (Charles P. Butler and 
Clarence K. Alger), book pub- 
lishers and advertising novel- 
ties (48) 23 Church 

BITTIEE & TYLER (William R. 

Tyler, Henry D. Butler and 

Frank H. Gaylord), wholesale 

boot and shoe dealers 306 to 312 

State— See p 961 
Butrick Edward L, emp H. G. Shepard 

& Son, h 11 Eld 
Butricks Charles A., h 502 Chapel 

Clarence H., music teacher, h 341 

Howard av 
Elvira K Mrs., dressmaker, h 234 

Howard av 
Frederick D., mtichinery dealer 128 

Union, h 234 Howard av 
Minott A., chief clerk Railway Mail 

Service, office over Post Office, h 

341 Howard av 
Sophia B., widow G. Henry, h 300 

Columbus av 
Willis N., h 296 Columbus av 
Butta Gaetano, cook, h 230 George 
Butterfield Marcius E., emp N. H. dock 

Co., h 12 Welcome 
Mary, widow Lot S., bds 250 Wash- 
ington av, W Haven 
Nettie Mrs., rms 280 Wooster 
Purley C, sup't Calvary Industrial 

Home 679 Chapel, h do. 
Shubael F., clerk (411) R. R, office 

bdg, h 250 Washington av, W 

Butterworth George E., stone diamond 

dealer, h 570 Elm 
Lillie I., cashier N. H. Shoe Cb., bds 

570 Elm 
Buttery Ernest, locomotive engineer, h 44 

Buttner Anton, molder, h 15 Cedar Hill 




Buttner William, emp W. & K T. Fitch 

Ck>., h 90 Niooll 
Button Charlefl M., locomotive engineer, 

h 234 Greenwich av 
Frances Miss, h 91 Davenport av 
George, clock finisher, bds 14 Lewis 
George W., factory agent 119 Sylvan 

av, h do. 
Harry K., clerk and musician, bds 

117 Greene 
Herbert, emp 271 Blatcnley av, rms 

277 Lloyd 
J. Gilbert, carpenter, h 14 Lewis 
John M., oysterman, h 68 S Water 
Lucy M. Miss, emp W. R. A. Co., bds 

6 Button 
Lyman W., salesman, h 266 Whalley 

Robert E., locomotive engineer, h 

346 Howard av 
Thomas, carpenter, h 6 Button 
William, h 91 Davenport av 
Butts Louis, emp McLagon Foundry Co., 

rms 77 Ashmun 
Buttstaedt Otto F., cigarmaker, h 280 

Buxbaum Emanuel, agent Bachman 

Brewing Co., office 71 Union, h 

464 Congress av 
Philip L., clerk 820 Chapel, bds 454 

Congress av 
Buxton George B., emp W. R. A. Co., h 

138 Newhall 
Byar James, rem to Bridgeport 
Byers Harry S., teamster 144 State, bds 

14 Orange 
Samuel S., painter, bds 166 Oarlisle 
William, painter and paperhanger 55 

Forbes av, h do. 
Byington Burdell W., jeweler 1100 State, 

h 67 Gilbert 
Charles, joiner, h 104 Poplar 
E. Minor, joiner, h 165 State 
Frederick, bds 165 State 
Helen T., widow Henry M., bds 114 

Louis M., plumber, bds 104 Poplar 
Byrd Bridget E. Miss, h 50 Crown 

Patrick, bds 60 Crown 
Byrne Henry J., emp Saiigent ft Co., h 

173 Saltonstall av 
James, fireman, bds 89 Oarlisle 
James, salesman 914 Chapel, h 184 

John F., emp.N. F. B. & P. Co., h 

260 Congress av 
Mary J. Miss, h 49 Broad 
Michael, saloon 32 Greene, h 34 do. 
Nellie Miss, corset stitcher, bds 131 

Nellie G., dressmaker, rms 23 Court 
Patrick J., grocer 96 Fillmore, bds 82 

Stephen, emp R. R. freight house 

Belle Dock, h 160 Pine 



Byrne William, plumber, bds 173 Salton- 

h 67 Minor 
— see Beime, Bumes, Burns and 

Ann, widow Edward, bds 85 Hill 
Byrnes Ann, widow Edward, bds 85 Hill 
Ann, widow John, h 231 James 
Bridget, widow James, corset bUU^* 

cr, h 223 Washington av 
Bridget C. Miss, dress and cloak- 
maker 090 Grand av, h do. 
Charles, hoetler HI Wall, rms do. 
Elizabeth F. Miss, dressmaker, h 112 

Francis J., hostler, h 65 Pendleton 
Frank, driver 46 Union, bds 16S 

Henry, emp N. H. R. M. Co., h 82 

Henry T., emp W. R. A. Co., bds »1 

James, h 250 Chapel 
James Jr., bds 250 Chapel 
James J., emp W. Av. R. R. Co., bdi 

400 East 
Jennie, widow John, h 124 Day 
John F., clerk 69 Church, bds 15S 

John J., hoseman Engine No. 1, li 

450 Howard av 
Patrick, emp Sargent k Oo.^ bdft i£A 

Patrick, salesman W. Hull & Son, h 

261 Cedar 
Patrick G., emp Sargent & Co., bdt 

112 Portsea 
Patrick J., clerk 195 Pine, Y>&^ 

Thomas H., bds 231 James 
— see Bums and Byrne 
Byron Henry B., painter, bds 133 

wood av , 
James S., saloon 167 Oeorge, 


CABLE JULIUS C, lawyer (1) 102 Oi 
ange, h 270 Ferry- 
Nathaniel J., student, bds 270 Feqj 
Oacace Raffaele, emp N. H. R. M. Oo^ 

T 191 Hamilton 
Oeushou Emilie P., widow Pierre, h Z 

Cadby John H. W., second-hand bo€i 

1075 Chapel, rma 92 Crown 
Cadieux Joeeph (Cadieux: & N^oTmaad! 
336 York, rms 107 Olive 
& Normandin (Josepb Cadieux i 
Stephen NonnaxidiiL) , canf 
repairers 336 York 
Oeidwell Charles K., picture fnan^iaJ 
h 22 Lynwood 
Edward, cigar mfr. Ill Cdumbui 

h do. 
Edward H., rms 22 Lyn^wood 
Greoi*ge H., clerk 2 BHin, W Hal 

68 Center, do. 
Henry F., brick ma.Bon, h 59 K< 




OeulTrell Horace P., bds 558 Dixwell av 
William S., locomotive engineer, h 

108 Howard av 
William W., emp W. R. A. Co., h 
588 Dixwell av 
Oidy Cornelia K Miss, artist, bds 56 Hill- 
house av 
Edward £., machinist, rms 45 Greene 
Frank R., emp B. Shoninger Co., h 

263 Chapel 
George R., draughtsman H. Hooker 

t Co., bds 337 Orange 
Pauline M. Mrs., bds 202 Elm, W 

Sarah L., widow H. S., school for 
girls 56 Hillhouse av, h do. 
Oafe FrancaiB, P. J. A. Moyen prop., 115 

Merty Prank, emp N. H. Clock Co., h 
31 Summer 
Hugh J., pressman, h 50 Ferry 
James, emp N. H. Clock Co., h 143 
Qiflrey Ann, widow Michaed, h Ram0- 
dell n Fountain 
Bessie, widow Michael F., h 47 

Claries J., clerk (411) R. R. office 

bdg, h 57 Third av, W Haven 
IVancis, emp W. R. A. Co., h 61 Fos- 
George H., emp W. R. A. Ca, h 

Fountain n Forest 
James, emp W. R, A. Co., bds 97 

Winchester av 
James Jr., emp W. R. A. Co., h 41 

Peter J., emp W. R. A. Co., h 420 
^Natchley av 
CUero Antonio, tailor 257 Grand av, h 

o Antonio, stone cutter, h 181 
Ann, widow Thomas, h 22 Naah 
I>ennia, emp N. H. Clock Co., bds 

580 East 
Dennis, mechanic, bds 150 Meadow 
f^anJc, laborer, rms 84 Fair 
James, teamster, rms 84 Fair 
James, carpenter, h 143 Putnam 
James H., emp W. R. A. Ca, bds 270 

John H., railway mail clerk, bds 31 

John J., bds 270 Wallace 
^iary. widow IdJatthew, h 31 Bradley 
KeDle Miss, housekeeper 270 Wallace 
KcDie L. Mrs., nurse, bds 272 Portsea 
Sieholas^ laborer, h 615 East 
inah, widow Michael, bds 416 East 
^MHsas K, saloon and billiards 140 

Dbrwell av, rms 49 do. 
Thomas F., emp W. R. A. Co., bds 
270 Wallace 

s F., saloon 73 Lamberton, h 
75 do. 
omas H., laborer, bds 580 East 

Oahill Thomas J., clerk L. Candee &> Co., 

h 220 Franklin 
Thomas M., physician 36 Elm, h do. 
Walter, car inspector, h 327i Howard 

William J., joiner, bds 143 Putnam 
Cahn Alexander, ass't engineer (35 and 

36) 82 Church, bds 815 State 
Alpheus, hoeeman Chemical Engine 

No. 1, h 140 Franklin 
Charles, buyer Howe & Stetson, bds 

815 State 
Edmund W., printer, bds 95 Lafay- 
Frederick, emp A. B. H. & Co., bds 

95 La&iye^te 
Joseph, cigar mfr. 985 Grand av, h 86 

Minnie, widow Wolf, h 95 Lafayette 
Morris M., cigar store 357 State, h 18 

Samuel, cigarmaker, bds 815 State 
Seymour W., emp A. B. H. Co., h 381 

Washington av 
Solomon, cigarmaker, h 815 State 
— see Cohn 
Caiava Angelo, laborer, bds 55 Hill 
Seraflna Mrs., h 32 Lafayette pi 
Gain Amos, oysterman, h 176 East 

Bernard J., bartender 88i Putnam, 

bds 101 do. 
Bessie M. Miss, teacher West Street 

School, bds 37 Putnam * 
Charles A., hackman, h 171 Franklin 
Charles H., mason, h 11 Kimberly av, 

W Haven 
Christopher J., clerk 271 State, h 102 

Edward J., candymaker, bds 101 

George, brakeman, bds 24 York 
Herbert F., laborer, h Water n Rich- 
ards pi, W Haven 
James P., emp R. R. sihops, h 24 

John, carriage trimmer, h 37 Putnam 
John E. S., electrician F. H. & W. R. 

R. Co., h 102 E Grand av 
John H., letter carrier, h 147 day 
Marcella, widow Patrick J., h 101 

Mary E., widow Stephen, h 76 Haven 
Mary E. Miss, emp 101 Union, h 173 

Washington av 
Mary E. Miss, dressmaker, bds 37 

Maurice C, clerk 420 Congress av, 

bds 37 Putnam 
Maurice J., letter carrier Station A, 

h 161 Lombard 
Patrick J., blacksmith, h 58 Putnam 
Sarah Miss, emp 101 Union, bds 173 

Washington av 
Stella M. Miss, dressmaker, bds 101 

Thomas, paper hanger, h 59 Fairmont 





Cain Thonias £., paperhanger, h 88 Fair- 
mont av 
Thomas J., quanyman, bds 88 Fair- 
mont av 
— see Kajie and Cane 
Cairns Mary J. Mrs., matron boarding 
house 163 Long Wharf 
Matilda A. Miss, stenographer Seam- 
less Rubber Co., bds 167 Long 
Thomas, emp W. R. A. Co., bds 14 

Prospect pi 
Thomas R., n\plder, h 14 Prospect pi 
Oalabrese Domenico, emp W. R. A. Co., 

h 84 Oak 
OaJagari — see Cailegari 
Cali£an John M., painter 217 Gofife, h do. 
Calamite Francesco, shoemaker 124 E 

Pearl, h 17 Lawrence 
Oslandrella Antonio, emp Sargent & Co., 
bds r 6 Factory 
Carmine, emp Sargent & Co., h 3 

Donnelly pi 
Giovanni, clerk 12 Congress av, bds 

76 Hill 
Pasquale, saloon 606 Grand av, h 
Dixwell av, Highwood 
Oalbo Piitrizio, laborer, bds 36 York 
C^chman Joseph, driver, h 302 Wallace 
Oalder James £., emp William Perpente, 

rms 654 State 
Caldwell Hannah E., widow Richard, h 
128 Ashmun 
H. Tracy, photo printer, bds 70 Un- 
ion av, W Haven 
Hugh, jeweler emp 822 Chapel, h 70 

Union av, W Haven 
Lydia Miss, milliner, bds 61 Olive 
Otis S. Mrs., h 210 Chatham 
Susan J. Miss, bds 325 Humphrey 
Oalenda Francesco, laborer, h 5 Wight 
Caley Frank S., emp Sargent & Co., h 134 

Calhoun Fannie 0., widow David P., h 
46 Trumbull 
Frederick S. (F. S. Calhoun & Co.) 
314 and 316 State, bds 46 Trum- 
CALHOUN F. S. & CO. wholesale drug- 
giste 314 and 316 State— See p 951 
Galienno Alfredo, comet player, bds r 750 
Grand av 
Raffaele, teilor, h r 750 Grand av 
CUkins Louis G., teamster, h 398 Wash- 
ington av 
Callahan Amos, confectionery 52 Nash, h 
Ann, widow Patrick, h 23 Edwards 
Annie Miss, tailoress emp 70 Church, 

bds 70 Arch 
Annie C. Miss, emp W. R. A. Co., 

bds 556 Elm 
Bartholomew, bds 195 Humphrey 
Benjamin, molder, bds 82 Haven 
Bridget Mrs., h 82 Haven 
Catherine Miss, teacher Wooster 
School, bds 309 Washington av 

Callahan Catherine, widow Michael C, k 

73 Haven 
Clara L. Miss, clerk 771 Chapel, bdB 

639 Elm 
Cornelius J., emp K Malley Co., h 91 

Daniel, emp X. Y., N. H. & H. R. R., 

h 337 East 
Daniel, tel. operator Associated 

Press, bds 195 Humphrey 
Daniel, laborer, h 88 Cedar Hill av 
David, lawyer (3) Yale Bank bdg 

342 State, bds 797 do. 
Delia, widow Patrick, bds Hotel 

Dennis J., teamster 167 Water, h 

329 James 
Edward, laborer, bds 111 Blatchley 

Edward, rem to Pennsylvania 
Edward, teamster, bds 267 James 
Edward, emp Sperry & Barnes, h 36 

St John 
Elizabeth Miss, teiloress, bds 15 Gil- 
Ellen Miss, h 67 Sylvan av 
Ellen Mss, clerk 898 Chapel, bds 70 



Home Life Insurance Co. (6) 23 

Church, bds 267 Orange— See p 

Fanny, widow John, bds 707 Grand 

Frank, mechanic, bds 168 Wolcott 
Honors, widow Michael, h 150 Cedar 

Hill av 
James, sash and blindmaker, h 395 

Grand av 
James, emp N. H. Ice Co., h 30 Mon- 

James, emp N. H. Ice Co., h 111 

Blatchley av 
James F., pressman, h 64 Poplar 
Jeremiah, emp R. R. shops, h 1Q& 

Jeremiah, bds Springside Home 
John, bds Springside Home 
John, emp Sargent & Co., bds ISC 

John, bds 26 Haven 
John F., saloon 158 Ashmiin atm 

grooer3% meat market andL aa 

loon 827 Dixwell av, Hlghvrooc 

h do. 
John F., teamster, h 50 Elliott 
John J., clerk 827 Dixwell av, 

wood bds do. 
John J., clerk 773 Chap^, h 7d Ji 
John T., emp The W. k E. T. TF^t- 

Co., h 103 James 
Joseph, confectionery, fruit. 

Summer, h do. 
Joseph H., polisher, bds 169 XV* 





CiMan Joseph O., saloon 609 Grand 

ay, h do. 
Jom Mn., bds 180 Wooster 
lizse MiB8» dreasmaker, bds 039 

Lime C. Mias, tailoreas emp (39) '20 

Center, bds 15 Gilbert 
Maggie Miss^ emp Sargent & Ga, bds 

82 Haven 
llaqiaret, widow DanieL, rem to New 

Maigaret, widow James G., h 639 


Marguret, widow Thomas, h 252 

Mary, widow James, bda 797 State 
Mary, widow Michael, h 188 Wal- 
Maiy, widow Thomas, h 19 Summer 
Mary, widow Owen, h 195 Hum- 
Mary M^ bds 188 Hamilton 
Miehad, emp N. H. Clock Co., h 

Foplar ab railroad 
Michael, hoetler 666 State, h 26 Ba^ 

Ndlie Miss, clerk Ghunble-Desmond 

Co., bds 70 Prince 
Owen, baker, bds 204 Franklin 
Aitrick, emp L. C. Gilbert Co., h 

13 Greene 
Patrick, h 300 Washington av 
Patrick F., clerk 827 Dizwell av, 

Highwood, bds do. 
Bobert a, emp W. R. A. Go., h 127 

Svlvan av 
Bobert J., rem to Providence, R. L 
Bobert M., emp 881 State, h 37 Ed- 

Bobert V., bartender 158 Ashmun, 

bds 120 do. 
Bobert W., emp Hygeia Ice Co., h 37 

TbomoB F.. conductor F. H. & W. R. 

R. Co., bds 252 Wallace 
Thomas J., emp M. F. Arms Co., bds 

23 Bdwards 
Timothy F.» lawyer and deputy cor- 
ona' (6) 153 Church, h 171 

Dnothy F., machinist, bds 309 

Washtngtoii av 
Itaiotliy J., emp L. Oandee ft Co., h 

885 East 
Timoihy J., shipping clerk J. T. 

Boyle Oo., h 104 Rosette 
f^niiam B., emp W. Schcdlhom Co., 

bds 171 Cfhstpel 

H., waiter Tontine Hotel, h 

Calahan and O'OAlahan 
ChaileB M., brass turner, h 17 Ai- 

Callaway Patrick, laborer, bds 170 lYank- 

Samuel J., milkman, bds 34 Sunmier^ 
W Haven 

Samuel T., milk peddler, h 30 Irving 
OEdlegaii Joseph, laborer, h 108 Lafay- 

Joseph Jr., tel. operator Postal TeL 
Cable Co., bds 108 Lafayette 
na.niTHLTi David, carpenter, bds 145 Mon- 

Kate J. Miss, clerk N. H. Clock Co., 
bds 145 Monroe 

3iajy, widow Dennis, h 145 Monroe 

Michael, emp N. H. Ice Co., bds 881 
Grand av 

Patrick, emp W. R. A. Co., bds 577 
Grand av 
Calloway — see Callaway 
Oednan Michael, laborer, bds 881 Grand 

Calvary Baptist Church, 1110 Chapel c 

Industrial Home, Purley C. Butter- 
field sup't, 670 Chapel 
Calvert Arthur C., foreman 20 George, bds 

Aldrich House 
CEdvin Charles C, fireman, h 222 Hal- 
lock av 
Calza Perride, director H OEurriere del 
Connecticut 834 Grand av, h do. 
Cambartello Francesco, confectionery and 
fruit Howard av c Washington 
av, bds 16 Olive 
Cambeme Rebecca L. Miss, dressmaker, 

bds 116 CEumel 
Camerlin Alfred, caniagemaker, h 14 

Alfred H., clerk 1012 Chapel, h 144 
Cameron Alexander, cook 33 Gregson, 
rms do. 

Allen F., emp W. R. A. Co., h 24 W 

Charles, bds 618 Elm 

Charles A., plumber emp A. B. Wil- 
kinson.. W Haven, bds 26 
Church, do. 

Charles D., carpenter, bds Second av, 
n North, W Haven 

Charles G., machinist, h 17 Broad- 

D. Frederick, clerk 1 Church, bds 47 
Richards pi, W Haven 

Dnncan, carpenter, h Second av n 
North, W Haven 

Frank S., emp The Greist Mfg. Co., 
bds 321 Orchard 

Frederick, clerk 1 Church, h 460 
Congress av 

Frederick W., rem to Boston, Mass. 

George M., prop. Seaview Hotel, 
Beach c Grove, W Haven, h do. 

Grace Mis8, rem to Scotland 

John Rev., rms (18) 701 Chapel 




C&iueron John, joiner, h 26 Church, W 

J. S. Jr., clerk (107) R. R. office bdg, 
rmfi 3 Vanderbilt Hall 

Matie J. Mias, stenographer emp 
(17) 82 Church, bds 321 Orchaitl 

Mina E. Mrs., h 321 Orchard 

Perley W., bds 617 Elm 

Robert H., clerk 857 Chapel, bds 321 

William W., h 617 Elm 
CBmio— see Di Oamio 
Oamm Truman, barber, h 39 Sperry 
Oammaxano Gioyanni, grocer 256 Goflfe, 
h 258 da 

Vincent, tailor, bds 256 Goffe 
Gammerar Abraham, agent fly paper and 
coal, h 76 Hamilton 

Jacob, bds 76 Hamilton 

Samuel, job press feeder, bds 76 
Oammus Delia, widow Charles, h 102 

Ocunp Albert M., locomotive engineer, h 
107 Howard av 

Albert S., bartender, h 69) Hallock 

Arthur T., emp W. R. A. Co., bds 28 

Charles L. N., prof, of miisic, bds 300 

Charles M., h 62 Bristol 

Charles T., h 398 Shdton ar 

(Clarence L., machinist, bds 107 How- 
ard av 

Cornelia^ widow Ellery, bds 335 Or- 

Edgar M., draughtsman, bds 112 
Whalley av 

Edson C. D., emp N. H. Clock Co., h 
1252 State 

Eliza, widow David O., h 451 How- 
ard av 

Ella Miss, art needlework and em- 
broidery 146 Orange, bds 568 
. Ella J. Mrs., h 112 Whalley av 

Frank E., clerk N. H. Clock Co., bds 
541 East 

George B., fireman N. Y., N. H. & H, 
R. R., h 222 Greenwich av 

Harry C, clerk W. R. A. Co., bds 398 
Shelton av 

Henry S., photographer, h 369 Shel- 
ton av 

Horace H., emp N. H. Mfg. Co., h 28 

John S., emp N. H. C^ock Co., h 81 

John W., captain Steamer No. 3, 150 
Park, h 20 Kensington 

Julia, widow Talcott R., h 161 

Leverett L., h 1303 Chapd 

Louisa M., widow Chauncey W., h 
309 York 

Camp Noble D., foreman N. H. dock Go., 

h 1252 State 
Sarah P., widow Mortimer M., h 104 

. Simeon S., clerk 26 River, h 114 Ei- 

Theresa P. Miss, bds 161 Orange 
Walter C, sec. and ass't treaa }$ew 

Haven dock Co., res Woodmont 
William £., bookkeq>er, h 43 Sum- 
William T., emp W. R. A. Co., h 77 

— see Camps and Koemp 
Oampane — see Compane 
Campbell Andrew, tallyman frei^t 

house 80 Long Wharf, h 1783 

August, carriage painter, bds B^« 

Dock Hotel u 

Augustus F., emp W. H. Buckle Ox, I 

h N Union av n Richards, ^ ' 

Carrie F., widow Thomas B., h b 

Catherine, widow Michael, h 45 

Oeitherine Mits, teacher Wooster 

School, bds 45 Hamilton 
Catherine Mrs., h 36b Rosette 
David J., emp W. R, A. CJo., bds 8 

Prospect pi 
Elizabeth A. Miss, teacher Woosts ^ 

School, bds 45 Hamilton 
Elizabeth L. Miss, teacher 

School, bds 174 Blake 
Emeline, widow William D., h 245 1 

Munson { 

F^ank, hostler emp N. BL 'WsLter Co,' 

h 295 Oak 
Geoi^e F., ass't chemist Oonn. Agli 

Exp. Station, bds 106 Ma2k» 

George M., salesman 74 Orange, fe 

207 Edgewood av 
Helen C, bds 174 Blake 
Henrietta H., dressmaker, 'bds IK 

Ida E. Miss, bds 245 Munaon 
Isabella M., widow David., "bda ^ 

James H., School of Daxusixi^, Lenfl 

Hall 6 York sq, h le do. 
James H. Mrs., teacher of docutl 

6 York sq, h 16 do. 
James L., h ^ Hallock: 

Benefit Life Ins. Oo. (402) 
Church, h 27 Haanilton— -Se« 


Jane Mrs., h 69 Halloclc 
Jennie Mrs., h 106 M&nafield 
John, plumber, bds 113 Asbmuii 
John D., teamster 24^ "^^oVbop ai 
101 Washington 





CAUPBEEL TOHK F. stoves, mogeB, 
gas fixtures and plumbing and 
roofing 146 Washington av, h 
182 do.--See p 914 
John R., carpenter, h 131 Oedar 

CAIPBEIL JOSEPH A. stoves, rang- 
es, gas and steam fitting, plumb- 
en and roofers 118 Washington 
av, h 275 Howard av— See p 916 
lUthermB 6. Miss, teacher Wooster 

School, bds 45 Hamilton 
Margaret Miss, clerk 922 Chapel, bds 

110 Blatchlty av 
Margaret C, widow Michael, h 104 

Mai)ifaTet T. ;Miss, clerk 922 Chapel, 

bds 36 Rosette 
Maiy J. Miss, bds 110 Olive 
May Miss, clerk 922 Chapel, bds 36 

Matthew^ emp Saigent & Co., h 110 

Blatchley av 
Michael F., contractor Sargent k Co., 

h 365 Edgewood ar 
Michael V., emp P. Bros, k Co., bds 

104 Nash 
MUm, h 319 Sherman av 
Xathaniel H., tel. operator, h 168^ 

Patrick, emp 112 Water, h 60 Ade- 
Roberty stone mason, bds 84 Fair 
Samnd K, bicycle dealer 55 Broad- 
way, h do. 
Thomas^ joiner, h r 242 Elm, W Ha- 
Thomas F., machinist, h 174 Port- 

Thomas J., bds 34 Perkins 

WeMs, h 100 Whalley av 

Winiam C, gardener, h 174 Blake 

IVllliain H., rem to Mt Carmel 

William 8., h 106 Mansfield 

WiHiam W., ins. agent (402) 42 

CSmrchy bds 45 Hamilton 
MOD James, h 434 East 
John T. (Oampion & Welch), h 75 

Peter, emp O. B. North k Ca, bds 

434 East 
Thomas, driver, bds 77 Mechanic 
* Welch* (John T. Campion and 
James A. Welch), mason build- 
ers 75 and 77 Mechanic 
>kin Frederick (H. Hall k Co.), r 
440 Elm, h 34 Kensington 
-see Kampner 
ehiaro Salvatore, farmer, h r 141 

Frpderico A-, carpenter and build- 
er 440 Orchard, h do. 
'Unm D., advertising writer (5) 132 
Onuige, miA 118 Crown 
Karcellino, laborer, h 12 Minor 

Canada Charles B., agent Singer Mfg. 

Co. 710 Chai^, h Fitch n old 

stone mill 
Frank W. (Canada k Robertson) 882 

Chapel, h 8 Pearl 
Greorge H., machinist, h 234 How- 
ard av 
Harriet, widow William, bds 8 Pearl 
Mary £. Mrs., teacher painting, h 

234 Howard av 
Russell, emp W. R. A. Co., bds 234 

Howard av 
& Robertson (Frank W. C^ada and 

William L. Robertson), hatters 

and furriers 882 Chapel 
CeLDBXj Ella C. Mrs., clerk 783 Chapel, 

bds 88 Washington av 
John, clerk 55 Orange, rms 18 War- 
Thomas, rem to Meriden 
William A., clerk Swift's Hinman 

House, W Haven, bds do. 
Candee Albert T., ass't stamp clerk P. O., 

h 9 Audubon 
Benjamin D., emp L. D. Harrison, h 

26 Canal 
Bert, painter, h Albert c Wood, W 

Cornelia, widow Albert E., bds 1234 

David P., janitor English Hall, h 

536 George 
Elizabeth Miss, rms 260 Edgewood 

Emma Mrs., h 169 Davenport av 


stable 284 Elm, h 74 Dixwell av 

—See p 1036 

George E., artist, bds 67 Whitney av 

Henry F., h 67 Whitney av 

Jennette A. Miss, h 271 Whalley 

John H., granite letterer, h 351 

Washington av 
Leverett, sec. and treas. Fair Haven 
and Westville R. R. Co. 730 
Chapel, rms 39 College 

CANBEE L. & CO. rubber boot and 
shoe mfrs. 214 East — See p 882 
Mary H. Miss, bds 271 Whalley av 
Nehemiah, lawyer 25 Elm, bdiB 42 

Susan P., widow Charles T., rms 39 
Canelli Salvatore, mason, bds 67 York 
Canestrino Francesco, shoemaker 119 La- 
fayette, h do. 
Oanfield Augusta, widow J. W., bds 92 
Bessie, widow Jesse H., h 534 State 
Edward, boilermaker, h 76 Carlisle 
George, hostler 160 Court, h r 99 

Hiram S., driver 271 Blatchley av, h 
477 Elm 




Omfield Jay T., emp N. Y., N. H. & H. 
R. R., h 24 Arthur 

R. M., clerk (429) R. R. office bdg, 
bdB 534 State 

Rufus £., h 98 Cedar Hill av 

Sarah W., widow Edward M., h 72 
Howard av 

Thomas S., emp W. R. A. Co., h 66 

Wesley B., packer W. R. A. Co., h 
571 Elm 
Oangiano Antonio, emp L. Candee & Co., 
h 108 Franklin 

Salvatore, emp O. B. North ft Co., h 
43 Wallace 
Cangney Margaret R. Miss, bds 362 

William J., laborer, bds 362 Crown 
Caniff — see Conniff 
Oann John, florist, Atwater c Grand av, 

h 79 Pine 
Oannan John, emp U. & G. Ice Co., h r 

64 Clinton av 
Oannavan James C, laborer, bds 21 An- 

John, mason, bds 21 Anderson 

Michael, turfing and grading con- 
tractor, h 21 Anderson 

Thomas P., mason, bds 21 Ander- 
Cannici Frank, rem to New York 
Canning William Mrs., h 193 Dover 
Cannito Salvatore, emp Sargent & Co., h 

212 Hamilton 
Cannon Annie A. Miss, emp 886 Chapel, 
bds 512 da 

Bridget, widow John, h 623 Eaat 

Burton F., auction sale stable and 
carriages, etc. 182 and 184 
George, bds Thomas c Campbell 
av, W Haven 

Catherine, widow Patrick, h 612 

Charles F., mechanic, bds 57 Lib- 

Charlefl T., ins. agent 792 Chapel, h 
221 Orchard 

Charles W., machinist^ bds 11 Brad- 

Dennis, gardener, h 466 Orchard 

Edward, plumber, bds 29 Spruce 

Eliza J. Miss, dressmaker, bds 512 

Ellen, widow Michael, h 85 York 

Ellen, widow Michael, h 228 Hamil- 

Francis J., plumber, bds 29 Spruce 

Frank P., salesman 179 Meadow, h 
150 High 

Frederick C., with C. Cowles ft Co.. 
h 40 Dwight 

George H., lineman S. N. E. Tel. Co., 
h 293 Quinnipiac av 

Hugh, blacksmith helper, bda 50 

Cannon James, rem to Ireland 
James, laborer, h 27 Jeflferson 
James J., clerk, bds 523 East 
James N., h 228 Hamilton 
James P., clerk, h Goodrich c St^ 

Mary, Highwood 
James P., clerk, h 11 Bradley 
Johanna, widow William, h 188S 

John, ass't engineer Geometric Drill 

Co., h 1083 Whallcy av 
John, emp N. Y., N. H. ft H. R. IL, 

h 57 DeWitt 
John, watchman emp M. Piano Co., 

h Ninth n Peck av, W Haven 
John, emp L. Ceindee ft Ca, h 251^ 

John H., ins. agent 792 Chapel, h 56^ 

John L., newsdealer 617i Grand av, 

h 183 Wallace 
John M., livery stable and under^ 

taker 207 Congress av, h OS 

John R., laborer, h Prospect, High- 
John S., carriage trimmer, bds 612 

John S., real estate and investments 

792 Chapel, h 166 Meadow 
John W., plumber, h 29 Spruce 
Kate M. Miss, music teacher, bds 512 

Kate V. Miss, emp 738 Grand av, bds 

53 William 
LeGraad (Stoddard, GObert ft Co.) 

215 Water, h 306 Howard av 
LeGrand B. (LeGrand B. Cannon ft 

Co.) 19 E Grand av, h 17 At- 
LeGrand B. ft Co., druggists 19 S 

Grand av 
Maigaret Mrs., h 16 Ashmun 
Maria, widow James, h 57 Liberty 
Mary, widow Thomas, h 257 James 
Mary P., h Arch, Highwood 
Mary V. Miss, dreiumaker, bds 67 

Michael, laborer, h Wood opp Albert, 

W Haven 
Michael J., emp H. Hooker ft Co.« bds 

523 East 
Nellie, widow James, 'h 41 Patnam 
Nellie L. Mrs., emp New TgngJMi^ 

Mfg. Co., bds 14 Bradley 
Nicholas, foreman O. B. North ft Oob, 

h 27 Bradley 
Patrick, laborer, bds 85^ Patnam 
Patrick F., clerk 176 Templei, bds 169 

Patrick F., policeman, h 38 HaUook 
Patrick J., contractor O. B. North ft 

Co., bds 184 Wallace 
Peter, silver plater, h 11 Bradley 
Peter F., h Arch, Highwood 
Philip, emp N. Y., N. H. ft H. E. B., 

h 442 Washingtcm av 




Cannon Roee Mrs., h 318 Elm 

Thomas, onp R. R. shops, h 57 De- 
Thomas^ vamisher, h Peck av c 

Ninth, W Haven 
Thomas B., rem to St. Louis, Mo. 
William, laborer, bds 130 Forbes av 
William, rem to Bridgeport 
William, molder, bds 158 Bridge 
William T., medical student, bds 57 

^^miam T., h 3 College 
Quktd Alexandrine, widow Charles H., 

bds 243 Dixwell av 
Ouitill» Tommaso, emp Sargent & Co., h 

368 Blatchley av 
Ouitors J., tailor, 90 Hamilton, h do. 
Omtiell William H., rem South 
Outtwdl Edward, emp 81 Day, rms 529 
William, emp Sargent ft Co., bds 
Adams House 
Cbaty Ellen, widow Thomas H., h 88 
J(^, bnuceman, h 298 Portsea 
John, rem to New York city 
Thomas H., car inspector, h 28 Day 
fkniardli Roberto, emp Sargent & Co., 

h90 0ak 
Oqiabianfa Nicola, emp Sargent & Co., 

bds 3 Donnelly pi 
Capaaso Santo, pawnbroker and barbers' 

supplies 134 Hill, h do. 
Cbpda Frank K, emp Union League, h 
John L., emp 639 Grand ay, h 71 

Saxah, widow William, cook Union 
League, h 38 Eaton 
G^^ William, emp Greist Mfg: Co., bds 

19 Alden 
Capdesa Michael, brakeman, bds 41 Wal- 
Chplaii Frank, h 149 Congress av 

Max, flour, grain and feed 163 Con- 
gress av, h 136 do. 
Samuel, meat market 740 Grand ay, 

h do. 
Simeofn, clothing 25 George, h 29 do. 
ro AchUle, millonan, h 44 Hill 
le Michele, emp Sargent ft Co., h 

A., meat market 560 Grand ay, 
h 558 do. 

a Nicola, shoemaker 13 St. 
John, h do. 
Angelo, laborer, h Arch, High- 

Jowpb J., molder, h 40 Silyer 
Lneaa G., dancing teacher, h 22 Hal- 
PMrie, hiborer, bds Dudley, High- 

Angelo A., laborer, bds 6 Myrtle 
Joaiie, bozmaker, bds 81 Oak 
Loigi, mason tender, h 95 Putnam 
Lmgi, stone cutter, h 78 Hayen 

Caprio Giuseppe, laborer, h 76 Broad 
Oapuano Lorenzo, laborer, bds 3 Donnelly 

Yincenzo, emp Sargent & Co., h 80 
Capuro Joseph, confectionery 803 Grand 

ay, rms do 
Oaputo Luigi, mason, h r 20 Rose 
Carangelo £ia, shoemaker 51 Third, rms 
84^ Putnam 
Michael, shoemaker 396 Chapel, h 66 
Carbee George W., emp F. H. & W. R. R. 

Co., bds 290 Dixwell ay 
Carberry Edward F., clerk 159 Washing- 
ton ay, h 257 do. 
Edward M., bds 140 Nash 
John, carriage trimmer, h 406 How- 
ard ay 
Kittle J. Miss, emp C. Monson Co., 
bds 223 Rosette 
- Maria D. Mrs., bds Thomas n Groye, 
W Hayen 
Peter, confectioner, bds 406 Howard 

Peter, carriage trimmer, h 223 Ro- 
Thomas F., emp W. R A. Co., bds 
Thomas n Groye, W Hayen 
Carbone Antonio, emp Sperry & Barnes, h 
37 Chestnut 
Gaetana, emp Sargent & Co., h 55 

Michael, bookbinder (10) 828 Chapel, 

rms do. 
Salyatorcj, farmer, h 788 Grand ay 
Carbonelli Giuseppe, emp N. H. R. M. 
Co., bds 106 Hayen 
Joseph, emp N. H. R. M. Co., h 106 

Rafaelle, laborer, bds 106 Hayen 
Sayerio, emp N. H. R. M. Co., h 138 
Carboy Mary, widow James, h 45 Wash- 
ington ay 
William, corsetmaker, h 45 Washing- 
ton ay 
Oarchedi Giuseppe, bds 14 Washington ay 
Card George B., machinist W. R. A. Co., 
h 82 Elliott 
Mary, widow George B., bds 190 Wil- 
Cardegnia Gracomi, laborer, bds 35 Hud- 
Cardinal J. B., clerk (429) R. R. office 
bdg, bds 831 Grand av 
John R., h 831 Grand ay , 

Carey A. Miss, h 27 Bristol 

Alicia, widow Michael C, h 4 Arch 
Anna L. Miss, stenographer 702 

Chapel, bds 9 Park 
Edward, laborer, bds 375 Congress ay 
Edward E., confectioner emp 104 

State, bds 61 Liberty 
Edward J., salesman 178 State, h 

238 Greenwich av 
Edward S., tel. operator, bds 4 Arch 




Carey Elizabeth E. Miss, tel. operator 

1044 Chapel, bds 9 Park 
Frank J., sec. The C. D. Kinney Ck>. 

61 Orange, bds 9 Park 
Henry J., machinist, bds 51 Liberty 
James F., laborer, bds 342 Eaat 
John, clockmaker, h 342 East 
Michael J., machinist emp W. R. A. 

Co., h 31 Bishop 
Patrick, molder, h 59 Winchester av 
Patrick, smith helper, h 51 Liberty 
Peter, switchman, bds 160 Columbus 

Thomas A., clerk 178 State, h 90 Ply- 
William, plumber, bds 51 Liberty 
William, brakeman, h 46 Frank 
William, polisher, bds 145 Wallace 
— see Gary and Kerry 
Oargill Archer B., mechanic, h 352 Quin- 

nipiac av 
Archie A., rem to Hamden 
Caroline, widow Albert H., h 76 

Sherland av 
Carrie A. Miss, bds 76 Sherland av 
Delia A. Miss, bookkeeper New Ha- 
ven House, bds 81 Whalley av 
Frank A., rem to Putnam 
Frank D., bookkeeper 118 State, bds 

352 Quinnipiac av 
Fred I., clerk 399 Grand av, bds 268 

Miranda J. Mrs., dressmaker, h 96 

Oscar H., rem to Branford 
Carl Henrv, coachman, h 117 Day 

Nellie* Miss, h 36 Eaton 
Carlburg Juetina Mrs., h 34 North, W 

Oarle James A., stair builder, h 118 Wol- 

John J., pres. Imperial Granum Co. 

23 Elm, res New York city 
Robert W., sec. Imperial Granum Co. 

23 Elm, res New York city 
Carleton Alice B. Miss, teacher, bds 94 

Edward A., h 141 Scranton 
Franklin H. (Carleton & Breese) (37) 

49 C^hurch, bds 124} Park 


er and lessee New Haven Heat 

Supply Co. 190 George, h 617 do. 

—See p 916 
Fred S., with Frederick A. Carleton, 

bds 617 George 
James F., clerk, bds 133 Wooster 
Ridley G. (Carleton & Covell) 139 

Orange, h 7 Prospect, W Haven 
Susan, widow Peter, h 133 Wooster 
Thomas P., carpenter, h 94 Crown 
William P., emp Hook and Ladder 

No. 3, rms Engine House No. 
' & Breese (Franklin H. Carleton and 

Adam W. Breese), engravers and 

plate printers (37) 49 CJhurch 

Carleton & Covell (Ridley G. Carleton 

and Frederick L. Covell), job 

printers and embossers (9) 139 

Carlin Charles, laborer, h 102 Chapel 
Frank J., foreman painting depi E 

Hooker & Co., h 256 Franklin 
James C, seaman, h 159 Campbell 

av, W Haven 
Mary A., widow Edward, bds 256 

M. Louise Miss, milliner, bds 568 

Carlisle Charles H., bds 42 Crown 

Harry E., civil engineer, h 137 How- 
ard av 
Street School, Carlisle bet Cedar and 

Carlquist John, emp L. Candee & Co., K 

162 Pine 
Carlsen Helmer,mechanic,h 729 Grand av 
Carlson Albert, driver, h 113 Lloyd 

Alfred, emp W. Hull & Son, h 12 

Alfred, emp N. Y., N. H. & H. R. B., 

h 164 DeWitt 
August, molder, bds 16 Jefferson 
August, coachman, h 8 North, W 

Carl, laborer, bds Hotel Westmora- 

Carl A., painter, bds 167 Orange 
Carl E., emp H. Hooker & Co., ¥ 

Russell ext. 
Carl G., painter, h lo4 Cedar Hill av 
Oarl O., engineer M., W. Oo., h 5S 

Caroline Mrs., bds 76 dinton av 
Charles J., brass molder emp Sargaft 

& Co., h Russell ext. 
Claus M., laborer, h 202 Franklin 
Edward, rem to Branford 
Elizabeth Mrs., h 12 Palmer 
Emil, emp L. Candee & Co., h 19 

Frank O., motorman F. H. & W. I 

R. Co., bds 202 Franklin 
Fred, emp L. Candee Sl Oo., h I 

Harry, rem to Montowese 
Henry, laborer, h 370 Peclc 
Ivar, emp O. B. North & Co., bds 1 

John, coachman, rms r 440 Prospe 
John, laborer, h 79 Hav^n 
John, emp N. F. B. & P. Co., bds 1 

John, emp L. Candee & Co., bds* 1 

John E., emp W. R. A.. Oo., h 

John E., emp 73 Pearl, bds do. 
' John P., car inspector, b 77 fVanl 

Olaf, rem to Massachusetts 
I Oscar, rem to Derby 




Carlson Otto, emp Morse, Williams &, 
Co., h 30 Church, W Haven 
P. Andrew, boxmaker, bds r 145 St. 

Peter £., emp Sargent & Co., h Rus- 
sell ext. 
Peter J., tailor, h 40 Cedar Hill av 
WilliAm, driver Woodbridge Ice Co., 

h 25 Haven 
WillJajD W. (Lapidos & Carlson) r 

34 Oak, h 15 Rose 
—see KarLsson 
(^rmalt William H., professor surgery 
Y. U. and physician, office 87 
Elm, h do. 
Cuasin Cornelius A., tailor, rms 16 Or- 
Frederick D. Mrs., h 58 Washing- 
ton av 
William A., motorman emp F. H. & 
W. R. R. Co., bds 107 Howe 
Cumen— eee Karrman 
C^rmichael Allen J., mason and builder 
269 Howard av, h do. 
Andrew, machinist, h r 19 Pearl 
Donald G., mason and builder 11 

Cassius, h do. 
Elizabeth, widow Donald, h 115 

Elizabeth Miss, clerk 922 Chapel, bds 

114 Wallace 
Margaret T., widow John J., h 114 

William, emp Hygeia Ice Co., h 19 
Cbrmodr Ellen, widow John, h 137 
>lu7 Miss, bds 137 Franklin 
Patrick, €anp W. F. Gilbert, bds 577 

Grand av 
eJJ Frederick W., contractor Sar- 
gent So Co., res Bristol 
evale Giuseppe, barber, h 8 Fak 
ey Ambrose F., signal man N. Y., N. 
H. & H. R. R., h 075 Grand av 
Bridget, widow John, h 18 Holmes, 

W Haven 
Edward F., t«amster, bds 138 Haven 
Edward F., plumber, h 998 Grand av 
Edward F., letter carrier, h 25 Lin- 
(korge B., b 72 Arch 
•James F., ba-rtender, h 90 Oarlisle 
James H., emp Strouse, Adler & Co., 

bd» 300 Kast 
Jolin. smltb belper, h 72 Arch 
John H., tailor, bds 107 Columbus 

John J., emp 245 Cedar, bds 72 

Join J. rCamey & McGrath) 81 

Patnam. h do. 
Mm P., bartender 645 State, h do. 
Jolia A., widow John, h 107 Colum- 


Carney Kate M. Miss, tailoness emp 167 

Crown, bds 955 Grand av 
Margaret, widow John P., saloon 169 

Meadow, h 171 do. 
Maurice, bds 18 Holmes, W Haven 
Michael, emp N. Y., N. H. & H. K 

R., rms 955 Grand av 
Michael, h 16 Baldwin 
Michael, molder G. F. W. Mfg. Co., 

h 314 East 
Patricia Sister, teacher Hamilton 

School, bds 267 Franklin 
Simon, molder, rms 955 Grand av 
Simon F., bds Springside Home 
Stephen A., mason, h 55 White 
Thomas, emp N. Y., N. H. & H. R. 

R., rms 955 Grand av 
Thomas, ass't janitor Hamilton 

School, h 154 Hamilton 
William, laborer, h 139 Haven 
& McGrath (J. J. Carney and 

Michael McGrath), coal, wood 

and trucking 81 Putnam 
— see Kearney 
Carofano Michael, laborer, h 389 Oak 
Carpenter Clarence A., emp W. R. A. Co., 

h 53 Dorman 
George B., driver, h 92 William 
Harry !»., confectionery 130 Salton- 

stall av, h do. 
l^Iary E., widow Joshua, bds 221 

Samuel M., salesman, h 19 Shelton 

Verne C, mechanic, bds 53 Dorman 
William H., collector 12 Church, h 

123 Putnam 
Carpinelli Celestino, emp Sargent & Oo., 

bds 74 Wallace 
Carr Arthur T., painter, bds 103 Minor 
Bridget, widow Patrick, h 579 East 
Catherine, widow Edward, h 96 

Catherine N., widow James, h 25 

Winthrop av 
Clarence A., carriagemaker, h 93 

David W., rem to Cuba 
Edward, waiter, rms r 74 Eaton 
Elizabeth Miss, milliner, bds 49 Kos- 
Ellen E. Miss, teacher Welch School, 

bds 465 Congress av 
Eugene, farmer, bds 583 Winchester 

Francis P., emp 290 State, bds 214 

Prank H., teamster, h 464 Congress 

Frank L., machinist, bds Winthrop 

Henry, coachman, h 431 Orchard 
Henry, carpenter, h 86 Cedar 
Honora, widow Francis, h 214 Ham- 
James, laborer, h 23? Silver 



Cut Jamee, etnp R. R. shops, h 26 Ub- 

James, trav, saJeainaii H. & P. Mfg. 

Co., h 289 FeiT7 
James, wwter emp 184 York, bds do. 
James £., emp Dann Bros. Oo., h 

Maltbjr av D Yale Fidd 
Jamea F., bartender 135 UniMi av, 

bda do. 
James H. E., caniagesmitb, bds 71 

James J., registrar of birtliE, mar' 

riBfxe end deaths (B) Qty Hall, 

h 200 Humphrey 
John, tailor, h 47 Button 
John, coachman £. S. Greeley, h 19 

John J., teMDster, bds t IS Jefferson 
John P., mechanic, h' 51 Thorn 
John P. Jr., emp Bargent A Co., h 61 

John T.. bds 116 Foet«a' 
John W., dispatcher Berkahire DIt. 

<124) R. R. tMce bdg, h 67 Der 

Joseph F., plumber 61 Wlnchestar 

Louise a. Miss, buyer Howe ft Stet- 
son, bds 94 William 

Margaret J. Hiss, clerk 1062 Chapd, 
bds 96 Minor 

Mary A. Mis., nurae, h r 17 William 

Mary Ann, widow Patrick, h 465 

Michael, laborer, h 460 Washington 

Robert, emp 239 Whitney ar, h 115 

Thomas, h 185 Humphrey 
Thomns, gardener, h r 15 JefTereon 
Thomas F., emp N. H. Clock Co., bds 

r 16 JefTerson 
Thomas F., h 49 Kossuth 
Thomas W., painter, h 103 Minor 
William, machinist, h 200 Parry 
William E., emp 162 Crown, h r 74 

William J., clerk 268 Davenport av, 

bds 26 Winthrop av 
William J., carriagesmith, h "i 
William M., clerk 38 Congi 

nns do. 
William T., emp W. K. A. O 

— see Corr and Karr 
Carrano Anthony, barber 1329 6 

1341 do. 
Antonio, carpenter, h r 14 Fi 
Francesco, emp Sperry t Ba 

47 CtJlis 
Francesco, laborer, h 57 Colli 
Matteo, emp Sperry ft Bamei 

Matteo, emp Sargent ft Co., h 


Cajri«re Charles, w&tchmako- 678 Cb^d, 

h (7) 916 do. 
Charles Mrs., music teacher (7) fll» 

h (7) 91« do. 
Carrig John, emp U. A, Stevens, h 2i0 

Oarrigan Edu-ard P., janitor 739 Oupd, 

nns (22) 739 do. 
Jame«, emp F. H. ft W. R. R Co., b 

32 Fillmore 
James, machinist, bds 32 p^mm 
James, teamster, bds 38 Liberty 
Lewis J., carriagesmith, h 644 Esit 
Patrick H., cleric 24 Congress it, b 

19 Ward 
William, bUcksmilh, h 272 WiIhM 
Ourilo — see Carillo 
Oairine AlesnjidTO, laborer, bds 3 Bam 

Raffaele, laborer, bds 3 Silver 
Oanington Edward N., h 36 High 

Elbert F., brakeman, bds 19 Giut 
Eliza A. Mrs., h 95 Wooster 
Elizabeth C. Mrs., rms 33 M^le 
George W., painter, h 43 Tiew 
Guy H., laborer, bds 621 StaU 
Herbert D., instructor Gennan Y. U, 

bds 335 Orsjige 
John B., prea. and treaa. The Cti- 

rington Publishing Co., h IH 

Whitney av 
Lulu Hiss, bookkeeper 1 Broadwij, 

bds 80 Carmel 
Margaret, widow Owea, h 134 Wot. 


CASRnraTON ponsHnro ca 

THIij. publidierB Journal aal 

Courier, also Oonn. BenU' 

Weekly Journal 400 State— Sti 

p 877 
Sarah J., widow Elbert M., h IS 

CaiToi Ernest, rem to Long IbIbiuI 
ChxtoII Andrew J., rms 268 East 

Ann, widow Jtrfin, h 22 Mill Rlvfr 
Annie T. Miss, clerk N. H. C^ock O 

bds 14 Alton 
Anthony, h 21 Baldwin 
Augustus P., saloon 37 Grove, W B 

ven, b 23 do. 

(kmU Edvard, hMUer H. H. Olds & 0(k, 
h 403 Chspe) 
Etia, widow Patrkk, h 273 Hunil- 


Binbeth, widow Danid, h T4B State 
EUmi, widow Junea, h 60 Broad 
£Dto, widow John, li SS Newhall 
Ehn VBm, «mp BtrouBe, Adlcr ft Co., 

bds SI Qreene 
fiiiffla Min, emp Stronu, Adler ft 

C&. bdB 293 WalUce 
hucii, letter carrier Statdon A, b 

93 ltwat«r 
Fnocia C. Miss, emp W. E. A. Co., 

Ms 88 NinchaU 
fnam £., emp L. Cuidee ft Co., Hm 

in East 
fnak, emp N. H. Clock Co., bds 26 

timk, hit 276 Orchud 
Fiuk, tajDgter, bde 40 Spruce 
Fmk A., scene shilter Hyperion 

Theatre, h 40 Silver 
Pnnk J., show carde (27) 818 Chap- 
el, bds 12 Brown 
ft»nk M., vice pres. The Peck ft 
Kihop Co. 702 Chapel, b 369 
Howard av 
George P., bds 63 Atwater 
Qtotgt W., contractor, grading, ex- 
cavating, etc. 3S Bedfleld, h do. 
Junea, laborer, h 161 Dav 
Jamee, emp 14 River, bda 86 Frmit 
James, emp John Clancy, bds 20 Hal- 
JaiDM D., contractor W. R. A. Co., h 

Carroll Joseph C, wine clerk Hotel Dav- 
enport, nns 12 &own 
Uargaret, widow William, h 14 Al- 

Margaret J. Miaa, corset worker, bda 
130 Carlisle 

Maria, widow John, Duree, h 294 
Washington av 

Uortha Miss, dresamaker, bds 740 

Harj K, widow Andrew J., bda 23 
Union av, W Haven 
CABAOLL MICHAEIi. ma»n build- 
er 13 Anderaon, b do.— flee p 

Michael Mrs., h 164 Hamilton 

Michad F., hborer, h 66 Third av, W 

Michael F., laborer, bda 164 Hunil- 

Michael 0., coachman, b 12 Brown 
Michael S., clerk 318 Columbus av, li 

2g Hallock 
Nora, widow John, h 72 Wallooe 
Patrick, bds 184 Frank 
Patrick, emp Sargent ft Co., bds 200 

SaltraietaJl av 
Patrick, janitor, bds 10 Orange 
Patrick, emp 272 Elm, h 22 Chnal 
Patrick J., clerk 922 Chapel, h 261 

Winthrop av 
Patrick W., emp Strouse, Adler ft 

Co., h 46 Arch 
Peto', carpenter, bds 137 Wallace 
Richard I.., plumber, bds 14 Al- 

^i^hard E., cliik 742 Oiapel, h 227 
J., cleric 922 Chiq)el, bds 261 Win- 

sBima, widow Thomas, bds 13 An- 

san, widow James, bds 82 Green- 

resa, widow Wllltam, h 122 Ward 
rrence J., carriage trimmer, bds 

272 East 
eodore, emp 6B0 George, h 80 Ty- 

[nothf , emp N. H. R. M. Co., bdi 

316 Exchange 
lUiam, bootblack 1074 Chapel, rms 

llliam, laborer, h 127 Wallace 
illiom, lather, bds 13 And^non 
lUiam, bds 26 Edwards 
illiam H., clerk 846 Chapel, h 3SS 

Congreaa av 
illiam J., lock fitter, h 276 Or- 

»ee McCarrole 




OAnon Annie C. Miss, waiter 292 Grand 

av, bds 280 do. 
Oarrie Mias, nurae, bds 280 Grand 

Carstairs Mary A. Miae, bds 76 Clinton 

Carter Adelbert H., conductor, h 135 

Alexander, bds 12 George, W Haven 
Angelina, widow Moody, bds 235 

Dixwell av 
Annie, widow John, rem to Washing- 
ton, D. C. 
Catherine, widow Charles, h 383 

Edward, laborer, h r 18 Winter 
Eliza J., widow James, h 43 Thorn 
Francis, teamster, h 270 Lloyd 
Frank, bds 6 Prindle 
Frank, fireman, bds 55 Mill 
George W., rem to Sea Cliff, N. Y. 
James F., ^np Seamless Rubber Co., 

bds 43 Thorn 
Josie C, widow Charles, h 5 Prindle 
Lewis, janitor (114) R. R. office bdg, 

h 38 Clark 
Margaret Miss, bds 220 Blatchley av 
Marion A., widow John W., h 96 

Mary, widow Peter, h 41 Thorn 
Mary M., widow George F., bds 

Springside Home 
Martin Mrs., h Diamond n Ruby 
Matthew, engineer Sperry & Barnes, 

bds 34 North, W Haven 
Merritt E., stenographer F. H. Coggs- 

well, h 110 Lawrence 
Michael, bds 159 Beach, W Haven 
Richard, clerk, bds 43 Thorn 
Robert E., clerk, h 137 Fairmont av 
Sarah Mrs., h Diamond 
Susie A. Miss, rem to Buffalo, N. Y. 
Thomas, foreman hostler 684 Chapel, 

h do. 
Thomas Jr., bds 55 Mill 
Thomas J., emp 520 State, h 55 Mill 
William, laborer, h 160 Pine 
Cartier Eugene, bookkeeper N. H. Clock 

Co., h 77 Lombard 
Frederick A., bds 366 Front 
Geoiige E., law student (4) 116 

Church, bds 27 Hamilton 
Joseph Mra, h 27 Hamilton 
Napoleon J., bds 366 Front 
Nelson, bds 366 Front 
William, blacksmitii, h 366 Front 
William Jr., smith helper, h 32 Lom- 
Carton David, molder, h 559 Grand av 

John, bds 56 Winchester av 
Cartwright Frederick, drug clerk, bds 348 

George F., emp P. Bros. & Co., h 139 

CaruUo Giuseppe, laborer, bds 8 Myrtle 
Nicola, laborer, bds 8 Myrtle 

Caruso Alphonso, barber 323 Columbui 

av, bds 14 Lafayette 
Giovanni, laborer, h 3 SUver 
Michele, eanp L. Oandee t, Co., h 202 

Nicola, emp Sargent ft Co., bds 10 

Carver Came J. Mr&, bds 125 Whallej 

W. F., clerk (429) R. R. office bdg, 

bds 125 Whalley av 
Oary Lewis N., carriagesmith, h 44 Ar- 
— see Carey 
Caryl John A., drug clerk 752 State, ran 

22 Grove 
Casannova Pasquale, emp L. Candee k 

Co., bds 70 St John 
Casari A., bds r 131 Congress av 

Bonfiglio (B. Casari & Co.) 123 Con- 
gress av, rms r 131 da 
B. & Co. (B. Casari and L FoIiia- 

cari), confectionery and fruit 

123 Congress av and 401 Grand 

Casariego Jacinto, with Nat. Cash Regis- 
ter Co., h 211 Shelton av 
Cascio Adolfo, shoemaker 549 State and 

159 Franklin, rms do. 
Case Arihur, mechanic, bds 364 State 
Ellen E., widow Frederick M., rxm 

96 Howe 
Ely & Webb (William C. Cfese. W. 

H. Ely and Howard C. Webb>, 

lawyers (3) 48 Church 
Frances E., widow Eld win, h 301 

Frederick M.„ emp W. R. A. Co., bdt 

96 Howe 
George H., bds 72 Woolsey 
George T., foreman Seanile$» Rub 

ber Co., h 43 Sylvan av 
Herman D., grocer 52 Atwater, li 64| 

Herman W., engineer, h 73 G«org« 
Julia F. Mrs., bds 178 Greenwich m 
Oliver F., publisher and a^ivertiai 

ment writer, h 72 Clark 
Truman, machinist, h 5 Albert, ^ 

William C. (Case, Ely & WeM 

lawyer (2) 48 Cliixrclu i 

Casey Ann, widow William, K 34 W 

Anna M. Mrs., boardingr House 

Christopher F., saloon 1331 Sta 

rms Ferry c State ^ 
Daniel, shoemaker, h 94 ^tf orris 
Daniel Jr., roofer, bds 94 
Dennis, carpenter, bds 881 O 
Elizabeth Miss, bds 57 He-nrx 
Eugene, polisher, bds Maple n 

meadows, W Haven. 
James, laborer, h 278 




Ouey Jame» A., emp Peck & Bishop Co., 
h 25 Union 
JanieB J., teamster, h 75 Union 
^ JanMs J,, buffer, bds 278 Wallace 
John, machinist, bds 278 Wallace 
John, h 154 Blatchley av 
John, laborer, bds 137 Wallace 
John, emp W. R. A. Ca, h 252 Wal- 
John Jr., smith helper, bds 154 

Blatcfaley av 
John K, printer, bds 881 Grand av 
John J., emp W. R. A. Co., h 179 

John P., coachman Dr. R. S. Ives, h 

Ifichad, laborer, bds 24 Flalmer 
XeUie 6. Miss, stenographer, bds 154 

Blatchley av 
Patrick, stationary engineer, h 33 

FiOrick J., machinist, h 268 Wallace 
Patrick J., emp P. J. Kelly ft Co., 

bds 881 Gxund av 
Sarah Miss, dressmaker, bds 134 

Tberem 3£. Miss, dressmaker 33 Hal- 
lock, bds do. 
Thomas, emp R. R. shops, h 95 

Thomas F., clerk emp W. R. A. Co., 

bds 57 Eaton 
Itmothy J., machinist, bds 256 Woos- 

William H., in U. S. Army 
William H., eznp Sargent & Co., h 

597 Eaist 
William H., c<»iductor F. H. ft W. 

R. R. Co., h 209 Poplar 
William J., clerk N. Y., N. H. ft H. 
R R. depot, h 150 Carlisle 

William H., clerk 85 Church, bds 
11 Garden 
Mnon Ann, widow James, emp 80 Cen- 
* ter, h 21 York 

James, laborer, bds 78 Winchester 

John J., bds 21 York 
Katherine J. Miss, stenographer emp 
78 Center, bds 78 Winchester av 
Peter, laborer, h 78 Winchester av 
Edward, l&borer, bds 250 Wal- 

BdwMid J., plumber, h 214 Hamilton 
Bkn, widow Thomas, h 250 Wallace 
^ames J., grocer Townsend av, Mor- 
ris Cbve, h da 
J^h A^ clerk 922 Chapel, bds 312 

liutrice. bds 274 Hamilton 

Baraet (Bonoff ft Casman) 92 
Caa g r et m av, h 109 Oak 
Fraierick M., emp W. F. Gilbert 
ft Co., bds 170 Franklin 

Caso Joseph, shoemaker 345 Grand av, 

h do. 
OasoLino Felice, boarding house 2 Oak, h 

Cass Bert A. (Schulze ft Cass) 6 Ehn, h 

5 do. 
Charles D., rem to Newark, N. J. 
Cassell Joseph, h 14 Garden 

William M., emp T. E. Nugent ft Cb., 

h 29 Sea 
Cassella Alessandro, laborer, bds 50 York 
Andrea, laborer, bds 50 York 
Antonio, shoemaker 269 Water, h r 

273 do. 
Francesco, laborer, bds 38 Hill 
Frank, lamp lighter, h 452 Orchard 
Giuseppe, laborer, bds 47 Hill 
Michael, emp Sargent ft C6., bds 107 

Nicola, laborer, bds 11 Silver 
Caasidy Ann, widow James, h 250 Grove 
Annie Mrs., bds 89 Woolsey 
Catherine Miss, h 30 Canal 
Charles, laborer, h 52 Liberty 
Charles H., rem to Ansonia 
Christopher W., laborer, h Edwards, 

Frank, bds 34 Ashmun 
Hattie J. Miss, emp W. R. A. CV>., 

bds 43 Henry 
James, emp R. R. shops, bds 52 Lib- 
James (James Cassidy ft Son) 737 

Grand av, h 42 Ashmun 
James, smith helper, h 25 Liberty 

CASSIDY TAMES & SON (James ajid 
William Cassidy), crockery, etc. 
737 and 739 Grand av— See p 

John J., emp Strouse, Adler ft Co., 
bds 269 Hamilton 

Mary Miss, bds 146 Norton 

Patrick, h 269 Hamilton 

Patrick, hamessmaker, rms 124 

Patrick R., policeman, h 98 Geurlisle 

Robert K, chairmaker, bds 34 Ash- 

Thomas, bds 146 Norton 

Thomas F., emp R. R. shops, bds 52 

William D. (James Oeuasidy ft Son) 
737 Grand av, bds 42 Ashmun 
Oast Charles L., ass't sup't (49) 40 

Church, h 365 Congress av 
Oastagnetti John, fruit dealer, h 69 

Joseph, emp L. Candee ft Co., bds 69 
Oastellano Dominico, emp Sai^gent ft Co., 
h r 146 Wallace 

Domenico, emp Sargent ft Co., h 223 

Filippo, emp Sargent ft Ca, h 9 Don- 
nelly pi 




Castiglione Giovanni, emp Sargent & 
Co., h r 208 Hamilton 

GiuBeppe, emp Sargent A Co., h r 208 
OasUe Burton, mechanic, h 205 Forbes 

Charles A., nurse, h 377 Orchard 

Charles £., in U. S. Army 

Clarence, in U. S. Army 

Eva A. Miss, nurse, bds 78 Whalley 

F. R Mrs., nurse, h 193 Forbes ay 

Frederick E., mechanic, h 193 Forbes 

Jennie Miss, h 56 Daggett 

John E., laborer, bds 90 Water 

Margaret, widow Benjamin, bds 45 

Mattie Miss, h 56 Daggett 

Phoebe, widow Andrew, h 24 Wil- 
Caswell Ozro H., contractor, h 27 Silver 
C&talano Francesco, mason, bds r 6 Fac- 

Giuseppe, emp Sargent & Co., h 209 
Catholic Viaticum Mfg. Co., James Bren- 

nan manager, (56) 23 Church 
Cbtlin Alice A. Mrs., h 276 Campbell av, 
W Haven 

David C, compositor, h 26 Grove 

Edward L., pianos, organs and sew- 
ing machines 643 Chapel, h 65 

Frank C, emp N. H. dock Co., bds 
280 Lloyd 

Frederick T., cooper and dealer in 
barrels 225 Water, h 294 How- 
ard av 

George A., with E. L. Catlin 643 
Chapel, h 134 Howe 

George B., rubber worker, h 5 N Un- 
ion av, W Haven 

Harry E., clerk 318 Columbus av, 
bds 90 Asylum 

Jane, widow William B., h 682 Whit-^ 
ney av 

Justine, widow Frederick A., h 274 
Howai*d av 

Lizzie M. Miss, private school 68 
Bishop, bds 682 Whitney av 

Orvis, driver emp 859 Grand av, bds 
90 Asylum 

Balph W., janitor, h 90 Asylum 

William, agent Ainerican Tobacco 
Co. 214 State, h 743 do. 

William B., trav. agent, h 133 How- 
ard ay 
Cato William L., emp 1032 Chapel, h 41 

Catran John, emp 620 Quinnipiac av, bds 

Oatton Edward A., plumber emp 319 
Water, bds do. 


CATTON THOMAS E. plumber, steaa 

and gas fitter 319 and 323 Wtr 

ter, h 319 do.— See p 912 
Gatadal Wilbrod J., carriagemaker, h 87 

Ckulfield Ellen Miss, h 279 Ferry 

G^trude L., stenographer 127 Put, 

bds 66 Saltonstall av 
James A., carpenter^ h 207 Poplar 
Michael, stair builder 85 Water, h 

66 Saltonstall av 
Thomas W., carpenter, bds 207 Pop- 
William H., carpenter, bds 66 8sl- 

tonstall ay 
Oiulkins Emma X. Mrs., bds 56 BattoB 
Oftvaliere Comaso, emp Sargent & Co., li 

33 MyrUe 
Gaetano, emp L. Oandee & Co., h 13S 

Maziano, emp L. Oandee & Co., h 

133 Wallace 
Oavallaro Agoetino, fruit dealer, h 73 

Aniello, laborer, h 12 Fair 
Oarmino (C. Oavallaro & Son) 5B 

Hill, h da 
C. & Son (Oarmino and BjiffadA 

Oavallaro), bakers 58 Hill 
Federigo, fruit vender, h 125 Hill 
Giovanni, mason, h 57 Collis 
Giuseppe, majson, h 50 Union 
Raffaele, grocer 68 Hill, also (C 

Oavallaro & Son) 58 Hill, b do. 
Vinoenzo, onp 58 Hill, bds do. 
Oavallo Ckmillo, emp L. Oandee & Ool, 

bds 86 Wallace 
Francesco, barber 6 Temple, h. 69 

Congress av 
Oavanaugh Bridget, widow Cj^nid, h 70 

Charles F., locomotive fireman, bdl 

245 Water 
Daniel, switchman, h 31 Putnam 
Daniel J., motOTman, bds 460 Oot^ 

gress av 
Edward, rem to Colorado 
Edward, rem to Newark, N". J. j 

Frank, waiter 49 Church, bds 4Avi 

Congress av 
James, emp 319 Congress a.v, h 8t^ 

James T., mason, bds 63 Ajndi 
John, laborer, h 454 East j 

John, polisher, bds 454 East. J 

John, plumber emp 29 Broadi^ray, b^ 

42 Winchester av 
John E., corset presser, bda 70 Mock 

rifl 1 

Lawrence, molder, h 804 G-nasid. wr 
Michael, emp Sargent ft Oo.» bda f| 

Oaxlisle J 

Michael J., engineer Conn. Pip% •Mi l 

Co., W Haven, bds TO Iklor^i^ 
Patrick, engine wiper, bds 31 Pnf 





O^nnau^h Patrick C, emp Sargent & 
Co., h 20 Frank 
ThomfljB, emp Sargent & Co., rms 107 

William, onp W. & £. T. Fitch Go., 

bds 16 Mill River 
-«e Eavanaugh 
OiTe William T. Jr., mail agent, h 163 
Shdton ay 
William Thomaa, foreman Foekett & 
Bishop Co., h 63 Read 
(kymey Patrick, fireman, bds 38 Oollis 
OktM Angelo, carpenter, h 38 Lafay- 
ette pi 
iVancceco, clerk 5 Congreas av, bds 

115 Lafayette 
Imiocenzo, peddler, bds 116 Lafay- 
Joeeph (Mona A; Co.) 6 Congress av, 

h 116 Lafayette 
Mary Mrs., h 116 Lafayette 
Mjchele, bds 116 Lafayette 
Ckytcm Maiy A. Mrs., h 23 Burton 
O&Iles diaries A., carpenter, h 62 View 
Cedw Street School, Cedar c Gilbert 
Ceeley Charies W., emp H. Hooker & Co., 
h 117 Goflfe 
—see Seeley 
Oefarelli James, mason builder 440 Con- 
gress ay, h do. 
OEJaniano Bro& (Joseph and Vinoenzo 
Oftlantano), confectionery and 
fruit 1006 Chapel and 41 Broad- 
Francisco, clerk 1006 Chapel, bds 76 

Jemph (Celantano Bros.) 1006 Chap- 
el and 41 Broadway, bds 76 Hill 
Viocenzo (Celantano Bros.) 1006 
Chapel and 41 Broadway, h 76 
. Hill 

HeDa RaiTaele, laborer, h r 362 East 
pfaiUu© Charles, cigarmaker, h 18 Bond 
Charles Jr., clerk 425 Columbus ay, 
1 bds 18 Bond 

Ittnloid Starch Co. The, Inc., starch 
mfr& 114 Winchester ay, office 
New York 

Franceeco, emp Saivent ft Co., h 
104 Wallace 
htaqaale, emp Sargent & Co., bds r 

104 Wallace 
Baffaele, emp Sargent & Co., bds r 
104 WalUce 
Kioda, laborer, bds 27 Locust 

AM. TEA CO. An- 

Moorehead prop., 363 State 
p 984 
Cburcb, Temple bet Chapel and 
li Chapel, 944 Chapel 
School, aOl Lenox 
Block, 786 to 706 Chapel 
;, 101 Orange 
T- J. Reynolds prop., 170 



Union Hall, 400 State 

Central Market, 9 to 33 Congress ay 
New England Brick Exchange Co. 
The (North Hayen Diyision), 
brick dealers 169 Orange 
Railroad of New Jersey, Geoige W. 
Somers N. E. freight agent (812) 
42 Church 
States Dispatch, George W. Somen 
agent, (812) 42 Church 
Cerevera Antonio, laborer, h 36 Broad 
Francesco, la^rer, bds 35 Broad 
Oerracchio Luigi, barber 346 CTongress ay, 

h 343 do. 
Cerreta Caneo, Baptist missionary, h 89 

Cerrotta Pasquale, laborer, h r 104 Wal- 
CJerruccio Donato, laborer, bds 12 Lafay- 
Seyerio, laborer, h 12 Lafayette 
Chadboume Annie S. Miss, bds 163 York 
Augusta, widow Albert H., h 336 
Howard ay 
Chadeayne Christina Mrs., bds 133 Win- 
throp ay 
Frederick W., emp N. H. Clock. Co., 

h 111 Poplar 
F. W., emp N. H. Clock Co., bds 68 

George W., emp Peck Bros. & Co., h 

2 Bishop 
Mary J., widow C^^rge, h 30 Aner 
Mattie A. Miss, emp N. H. Clock Ca, 
h 167 Shelton ay 
Chadwick Alfred, toolmaker W. R. A. Co., 
h 626 Dixwell ay 
Charles N., rem to Waterbury 
Cordelia M. Miss, bds 364 Orange 
(Jeorge B., h 208 Lamberton 
James S. Rey., D. D., rem to Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. 
John Mrs., h 110 Greenwich ay 
Thomas, toolmaker, h 560 Dixwell 

Chaflfee Josephine Miss, nurse, rms 38 

Walter S., motorman F. H. & W. R. 

R. Co., h 26 Fairmont ay 
Chain Michael (Glazer & Chain) 102 

Temple, bds 41 Broad 
Chaley Peter, barber 222 Wallace, h do. 
Chalker Clifford C, clerk 70 Church, h 

281 Greenwich ay 


starch mfrs. 49 Fair— See p 918 
Chalmers — see Chdemers 
Chamber of Commerce, secretary's office 

(1) 860 Chapel 
Chamberlain Alfred H., emp N. H. CLook 
Co., h 25 Leonard 
Asa L., clerk N. H. Water Co., bds 61 

£ Grand ay 
Caroline A., widow Myron, bds 396 

Whalley ay 
Dayid, emp W. R. A. Co., h 27 

Dwight L., clerk, bds 12 Shelter 




Chamberlain Elizabeth, widow Henry A., 
h 50 Canal 
Frederick A., engineer, h 769 State 


furniture dealers, mantels, til- 
ing and fire place goods 46 to 60 

Orange and 87 to 91 Crown 
George K., pres. The Chamberlain 

Furniture and Mantel Co. 46 Or- 
ange, h 49 Park 
Hannah M. Miss, teacher Hallock 

Street School, h 45 Park 
Harry A., emp N. H. Clock Co., bds 

25 Leonard 
Harry C, bookkeeper 297 State, h 

257 Humphrey 
Hattie L., widow James H. P., h 207 

Herbert A., emp Sargent & Co., bds 

769 State 
Julius N., laborer, bds 198 Main, W 

Leonajrd P., h 352 Orchard 
Leroy M., coachman, h 198 Main, W 

Lewis K., shipping clerk B. Shonin- 

ger Co., h 12 Shelter 
Mary J., widow Asa L., h 61 E Grand 

Merrill, blacksmith 384 Dixwell av, 

h 382 do. 
Rollin W., baker, h 32 Gilbert av 
Willard E., foreman N. H. Clock Co., 

h 179 Bradley 
Chamberlin Alice P., widow Humphrey, h 

4 Mansfield 
Burton A., sawyer, h 37 Baldwin 
Charles A., ins. canvasser (418) 865 

Chapel, h 132 St John 
David, emp W. R. A. Co., h 27 

Bobert M., student, bds 4 Mansfield 
Samuel, toolmaker, h 468 Orchard 
S. Frank, treas. Joseph Parker & Son 

Co., bds 347 Howard av 
Chambers Elias H., shipmaster, h 116 

Henry S., file cutter, bds 193 Olive 

Hive File Works 191 OUve, h 193 
do.— See p 905 
William R. Jr., file cutter, bds 193 

Champagne Emory, plumber, emp 121 
Dixwell av, bds 629 do. 
Henry, emp H. Hooker & Co., h 629 

Dixwell av 
Stella Miss, mUliner, bds 629 Dix- 
well av 

Ghampaigne Edward, loc<»notive engi- 
neer, h 105 Plymouth 

Champion John N. (J. N. Champion & 
Co.) 1026 Chapel, h 200 Ells- 
worth av 


N. Champion), florists 1028 

Chapel--See p 975 
Sarah E., widow Henry, h 270 Crown 
Stephen E., with K Mclntyre ft Go. 

834 Chapel, h 41 Fountain 
Champlin Bariaii B., clerk 90 Church, h 

119 OUve 
Clifford K, clerk 390 State, res East 

Chandler Catherine R., widow John W., 

li 110 NicoU 
Charles, cook 31 George, rms 33 do. 
Charles R., barber 687 Chapel, h 9& 

Ella, widow Reuben, h 25 Eaton 
Frank, h 79 Asihmun 
Frank F., contractor W. R. A. Ox, 

h 67 Bristol 
Harry K, clerk N. H. County }5a- 

tional Bank 317 State, bds 34 

Center, W Haven 
Henry S., painter, h 562 Chapel 
I. B. Mrs., dressmaker 158 Shdton 

av, h do. 
Ira B., grocer 7 Shelton av, h 158 

John J., foreman H. & P. Mfg. Oo-, 

h 258 Winthrop av 
Lewis, sexton St. Paul's Church, h 

18 Crown 
S. A. Mrs., h 164 Elm, W Haven 
Samuel W., mail c<dlector, h 77 Ade- 
William, clerk 33 Frank, bds Itt 

Second av, W Haven 
William E., oiganist and \nnai 

teacher (32) 49 Church, h 31 

William L., brakeman, h 296 Portsa 
W. Woods, bds 31 High 
Chanutin Morris, cigar mfr. 66 Arch, I 

Chapdelaine J. H. Rev., pastor St, Lod 

(French) R. C. Church, h 51 

Cliapel George T., teamster, h 1 Dava 

port av 
Qiapin Alice M. Miss, stenogr«Lpher (1 

116 Church, bds 605 Whalley i 
Edwin, gardener, h 376 Orchard 
George F., painter, h 21 Albert, 

Henry F., clerk Hotel Gardes, \>ds \ 
Henry T., emp H. B. Ives A Ok, 1 

370 Orchard 
Isaac B. (Rounds & Obapin) 

High, h 60 do. j 

Jonathan W., lawyer (9) 

Church, h 605 Wballev 
Merrick W., bookkeeper 16 

bds 376 Orchard 
Merrill W., h 334 Crown 
Chaplain Elizabeth S. Mias, Ix 259 
Frances E. Miss, h 259 Ghxirch 
Henrietta W. Miss, h 259 Chui 



Clubman Aaron B., rms 147 Lamberton 
Adelbett P. Rev., rector St. James 

P. E. Oiurch, mui 390 Lenox 
Albert W., carpenter, h 11 Thomp- 
son, W Haven 
Carl &, Westbrook messenger 314 

Garrie M. Miss, private school 87 

Pierpont, bds 64 Houston 
Ofttherine R. Miss, bds 85 Admiral 
Charles, rem to Baltimore, Md. 
Charles C, bookkeeper, h 22 Ann 
Charles L., captain Hook and Ladder 

Na 1, h 651 State 
Charles M., locomotive engineer, h 

221 Spring 
C. Rebecca Miss, bds 85 Admiral 
C. R., milk dealer, rms 97 Clark 
Edwin L., bookkeeper Union Trust 

Co., bds 520 Chapel 
£. F., prop. North Guilford, North 
Branford and Totoket Express 
68 Center, res North Branford 
Ephraim K., clerk 270 Water, h 190 

Francis M., rms 85 Admiral 
Grace F. Miss, bookkeeper 1074 

Chapel, bds 9 Vernon 
Hannah F. B. Mrs., bds 44 Lyon 
flaniet M. Miss, bookkeeper 6 

diurch, bds 324 Grand av 
Harry W., loccHnotive fironan, h 348 

Howard av 
J(^n G., pension agent (2) 63 

Church, h 9 Vernon 
Kiariha £., teacher Shelton Avenue 

School, bds 44 Gill 
Robert W., clerk Union Thrust Co., 

rms 520 Chapel 
S. Hartwell, physician, office 193 

Church, h do. 
William K, clerk, bds 190 Meadow 
William H.,clerk 1127 Chapel,h do. 
William H., rem to Cleveland, O. 
'Oiappell Charles W., emp L. Candee & 
Co., h 212 View 
Joafaaa M., capt. oyster steamer J. & 

G. H. Smith, h 24 8 Water 
Xancy L., widow Benjamin F., bds 

105 Roeette 
William W., locomotive fireman, h 

56 Butioii 
—see Chapel and LaChapelle 

iri Michael, rem to Philadelphia, 

va Edward, emp N. H. dock 
a>., bds 43 Mill 
Kruik, carpenter, h 33 Bradley 
Hoinr, e«np Lavigne Automatic Mfg. 

Co., bde 43 Mill 
ThoBuut, carpenter, h 43 lifill 
Samuel ll, rem to Hamden 

OeoTf^e, rms 230 Orange 
Hemy, shoemaker 120 Weat, h 



Charman Alfred, coachman 43 Hillhouae 
av, h 244 Bradley 
Ernest H., emp W. R. A. Co., h 40 
Charpentier Pauline Miss, teacher at 

French, bds 96 Wooster 
Charter Nettie J., widow George K., bds 

164 St John 
Chartrand Joseph, blacksmith, h 25 Wal- 
Cha«e Amy B. Miss, nurse, bds 223 Dix- 
well av 
Burton E., emp W. R. A. Co., bds 23 

Sheffield av 
Clara M. Mrs., bds 644 State 
Flora Miss, emp ticket dept. K. R. 

office bdg, bds 119 Putnam 
Frank H. D., Prof. Y. U., rms 2 Un- 
iversity pi 
Frederick L., ass't astronomer Yale 
Observatory Prospect and Oan- 
ner, rms do. 
Henry K, conductor N. Y., N. H. & 

H. R. R., h 65 Whiting 
H. Leroy, clerk 24 Congress av, bds 

26 Warren 
Horace F. (Chase & Co.) 990 Chap- 
el, h 1187 do. 
Joseph H., clerk (124) R. R. office 

bdg, bds 80 Hill 
Katherine E., widow Charles A., rem 

to Boston, Mass. 
Lydia A., widow Frank S., matron 

Union depot, h 119 Putnam 
Martha A. Mrs., bds 76 Clinton av 
Nancy A. Mrs., h 168 Main^ W Ha- 
Prentice W., lawyer (2) 116 GSiurch, 

h 1360 Chapel 
Robert L., sec. Masonic Mutual Ben- 
efit Aseo. of New Haven, Conn. 
(2) 839 Chapel, h 7 York, W Ha- 
Stephen, emp 73 Front, h 26 Warren 
St^hen Jr., fish markets 24 and 434 

Congress av, h 26 Warren 
Sylvester, reporter Register, h 75 

Thomas Edwin, clerk (429) R. R. of- 
fice bdg, bds 45 WUliam 
& Co. (H. F. Chase) men's furnish- 
ings 990 Chapel 
Chasmar Hattie V., widow Edward, bds 

55 Carmel 
Chatfield Alfred B., tinner, bds 66 Irv- 
Andrew 0., clerk 300 State, h 66 

Arthur, molder, bds 131 Wallace 
Benjamin N., emp N. Y., N. H. ft H. 

R. R., h 1570 Chapel 
Bemice M. Miss, stenographer (218) 

121 Church, bds 1570 Chapel 
Charlea, molder, bds 131 Wallace 




Chatfield Charles C, bookkeeper Geomet- 
ric Drill Co., bds 34 Valley 
Constant W., sea captain, h 324 

CHATVIELD £. A. CO. TH£> masons' 

materials, fire brick, front brick, 
hard plaster, blue stone, etc., of- 
fice, factory and dock 228 to 280 
Boulevard — See p 1013 

Eliza B., widow Edward A., h 355 
Whalley av 

Emma K, widow Wilbur, h 116 St 

Frederick, sec. and treas. The 
George M. Grant Co. 133 Union, 
h 40 Lyon 

George W., cough syrup mfr. 529 
Elm, h do. 

Henry, h 40 Lyon 

Henrj' B., real estate, h 268 Hum- 

Josephine, widow Timothy, h r 514 
Congress av 

Mary E., widow Philo, h 66 Lyon 

May A. Miss, stenographer 759 
Chapel, bds 1079 do. 

Minotte E., pres. and treas. The 
Cliatfield Paper Co. 298 to 302 
State, h 1620 Chapel 


wholesale paper dealers 298 Co 
302 State— See front coPd p 


Bansom, farmer, h 1570 Chapel 
William S., emp W. R. A. Co., h 299 

Whalley av 
W. N., baggagemaster Air Line Div., 
h 84 Cedar 
Chattel Emanuel, engineer, h 433 Front 
Chatterton Edwin, engine dispatcher N. 
Y., N. H. & H. R. R, h 370 
Elizabeth A., widow Geoige W., h 49 

Francis Joseph, with Sargent & Co. 
and agent electric heat regu- 
lators 174 Grand av, h do. 
F. Wallace, teller Mechanics' bank, 

h 227 Townsend av 
Walter E., machinist, bds 49 Ivy 
Checkeni Albert D., emp N. H. dock 
Co., h 1303 State 
Emma, widow Dominico, h 1303 
Cheever Fred H., sup't A. H. Smith & 

Co., bds 402 Crown 
Cheis John, wood turner, h 507 State 
Chelemer Alexander O., emp N. Y., X. 
H. & H. R. R., h Pond, Hamden 
Cheney Arthur S., physician and surgeon 
112 College, h do. 
B. Austin, physician and surgeon 40 

Elm, h do. 
Benjamin H.. physiciaa and surgeon 
45 Elm, h do. 

Cheney Harold C, bds 46 Elm 

Jeneit A., widow William H., h 20 

Loren B., foreman W. R. A. Co., h 20 

Ralph S., h 06 Sherland av 
Susan B. Miss, bookkeeper Xational 
Wire Co., bds 154 Bradley 
Cheregini Luigi, lalxMrer, bds 49 Eaton 
Chereakin Simon, rem to New York 
Cherkass Rosa, millinery, etc 25 Dixwdl 

av, bds 23 do. 
Chemoff Hill, tailor, h 144 Liberty 
Cherr John, laborer, h Burr 

Richaxd R, emp N. Y., N. H. & tt 
R. R., bds Burr 
Cherry Adolphus B., waiter, h 14 Oak 
Hill Spring Water Co., Herbert B. 
Gorham prop., 356 George 
Cheahire Express, R. Jenkins prop., 292 
Ib^press, F. N. Hall, 318 State and 
68 Cmter 
Chester Melancthon L., emp W. R. A 

Co., h 116 Center, W Haven 
Chestnut Mai^garet, widow Oscar, h 63 
William R., emp Hotel Davenpoit, 
bds 23 Dudley, Highwood 
Chettle Frederick, painter, bds 85 Syoar 
John P., painter, h 85 Sycamore 
John W., decorator^ bds 156 Lloyd 
Chiarolucci Marcellino, laborer, h 687 St. 

Chiaromondo Salvatore, barber 318 Wal- 
lace, h 6 Myrtle 
Chidsey Horace A., with Sargent A Ock, 
h 241 Exchange 
Horace R., h 198 &change 
John H., rem to New Britain 
John L., clerk 114 State, bds 488 

Howard av 
Lewis D., watchman County Jail 245 

Whalley av, h do. 
Louise A., widow Abram, x^em to 

Pine Meadow j 

Samuel R., clerk 37 Center, '—» "k*— * ^ 



Chief Adolph, rem to Germany 

Child Asaph, ins. agent, bds 427 XemplA | 

Child A. P. Mrs., bds 427 Temple 

chuds business couEaE th& \ 

6. P. Butler prop., 48 Cftrarcb— 

See p 816 
Charles, rem to Springfield, "M^mw. 
Emily M. Mrs., bds 124 ^d^OxL, W 

George A., painter, h 315 I>ix:^rell msr- 
George W., emp W. R. A. Ool, b 49| 

Unique Dairy Co., restaurajxt; 46 tii 

50 Church 
Chillcott Florence L. Miss, h 80 Oreeoi^i 
Philenda F., widow Franklin, l>m^l 



Odflmgworth Felix, sup't The Qrilley 
Oo., h 47 Staxaey 
liOie M. MisB, teacher Roger Sher- 
man School, bds 47 Stanley 
Chilton B. H. Jr., emp W. R. A. Go., h 77 

Wincheflter ay 
CUneis Benjamin, com. tray., nkiB 61 
Joaeph, brass molder, h 71 Water 
ChioTtoo Peter, barber, h 49 Haven 

Pfeter, laborer, h 109 Hayen 
Cbipman Carrie R., widow Cfharles K, h 
33 Exchange 
Banid 0., machinist, h 64 Front 
Ihn^ht, oyster dealer, h 49 Pine 
Enittt D., rem to Waterbury 
Frank 8., clerk (429) R. R. office bdg, 

bds 31 Downing 
George £., carpenter, h 59 Button 
Geoige H., sexton Union Cemetery, h 

12 Olnton ay 
Julia M. Mrs., music teacher, h 12 

Olintcm ay 
fiherman (S. Chipman ft Son) 313 

Fr(mt» h 31 Downing 
S. & Son (Sherman (Thipman), oyster 

dealers 313 Front 
Walter F., photographer, h 20 Ver- 
IVIIIiam, builder, h 98 Greene 
Ghipp Ernest, cleric (200) 42 Church, bds 
39 Linden 
William S., machinist, h 39 linden 
Aittenden Alfred EL, student, bds 83 
C. W. (Chittenden's Guilford Ex- 

presB) 297 State, res Guilford 
diaries, subscription agency 278 

Whalley ay, h do. 
Horace H., h 295 Humphrey 
Libnry, Y. U., High n Chapel 
BoBseU H., prof, physiological chem- 
istry T. U., Sheffield Biological 
laborBtory, h 83 Trumbull 
littenden's Guilford Express (C. W. 

Chittenden) 297 State 
Ufy George, clerk 1231 Chapel, h r 809 

hen William H., carriagemaker, h 732 

mtdio Nicholas, emp W. R. A. Co., h 

162 Naah 
Mn Ebiile, shoemaker 1302 State, h 
1 do. 
fy Jnng, rem to New York 

ig, grocer 164 Commerce, h do. 
Joseph, shoemaker 219 Bassett^ h 

cinsky Sophia P., widow Moses, 
rem to Boston, Mass. 
Lie, hamdry 61 Sylyan ay, h do. 
Church, Elm c Broadway 

Church c Oampbdl ay, W 

butcher, bds Milford turnpike 
e Front av, AUingtown 



Ghxistensen Christen N., driy^r W. C. 

RuBsell, bds 156 Congress ay 
CSuristian, machinist, h 49 View 
Jens C., rem to Bridgeport 
Jens J., watchmaker, h Goodrich, 

John, rem to Denmark 
Matilda^ widow Marcus, h 132 Ash- 

Niels C, boot and ehoonaker and 

confectionary 272 George, res 

Ghristenson Paul, emp N. H. Wire Co., h 

137 Saltonstall ay 
Christesen Charles N., h 207 DixweU ay 
Christian Trying D., emp K. F. B. ft P. 

Co., h 49 Dixwell ay 
Christiansen Christian^ emp dark ft 

Thompson, h MaJtby ay 
Christian J., car inspector, h 278 

Hallock ay 
John M., joiner emp R. R. shops, h 

239 Hallock ay 
LazB, emp N. Y., N. H. ft H. R. R.« 

bds 239 Hallock ay 
Christie Adam M., joiner, h 91 Wolcott 
R P. Miss, dressmaker 53 TtumbuU^ 

h do. 
Hannah, widow Thomas A., bds 195 

Hugh, real estate, h 20 Myrtle 
Robert G., sec. Star Mfg. Ca, h 45 

Thomas D. Mrs., rem to Tarsus, Tor- 
6 00 Christy 
Christmann Jacob (Strecker ft Christ- 
mann) 164 Elm, h 76 Goffe 
John, harbor 309 Dixwell ay, h 811 

Peter, barber, h 305 DixweU ay 
Peter Mis., fancy goods and confec- 
tionery 305 Dixwell ay, h do. 
Christoph Fred, plumber, h 253 James 
Richard H. (Neumann ft C^stoph) 
852 Chapel, h Campbell ay c 
Park, W Hayen 
Christopher Fired, confectionery 157 Ham- 
ilton, h do. 
Christopherson Otto, emp L. Gandee ft 

Co., h 79 Cedar Hill ay 
Christy Edmond P., blacksmith, h 45 
Harriet B. Mrs., h 233 Humphrey 
John, saloon 224 Wallace, bds 20 

— see Christie 
Chunn Annie M. Miss, teacher Hallock 

Street School, rms 42 College 
Church Anna W. Miss, bds 111 Howe 
Asa N., emp N. H. Car Register Co., 

bds 102 Park 
Betsey, widow Martin R., bds 173 

Catherine C, widow Henry C, h 564 

Congress ay 
Daniel L., dentist (4) 769 Chapel, 
bds 129 Blake 


Church Ephruni A., raip N. H. aock Co., 
miB 100 Wooeter 
Fnukk, emp 180 Templa, bds 664 

OongTess av 

CHURCH JAJCES A. c«ipetit«r and 
builder 862 Sherman av, h do.— 
See p 1006 
James R., foitmaa B. Shoninger Co., 

rea East Haven 
Martin L., gtxteerita and meat 173 
DiTiaioo, h do. 

A., widov William, bda 344 

Mary A., 

(rf Christ, SeiMitiats, {13) 730 Chmd 
of the Me^ah, 27£ Orange 
of tbe Redeemer, 2&2 Oruge e Wall 
of the Sacred Heart, Columbua av c 

UlysBM Q., nm to WaUrbury 
Walto- N., carpenter, h 41 Been 
Ward, l^wjar 818 Oiapd, bds 89 

Shsman av 
and Ministers Bureau, S4S Chapel 
Chnrchill Clara B., widow Cyrus, bds 107 

Edward, caipcnta-, h 260 Eaat 
Sarah C iSism, bds 107 York 
Tirgil h., watchman, h 49 Eagle 
Ciaburro Angdo, emp L. Chioder ft Oo.. 

bds 66 Wallac* 
Antonio, laborer, bds r 20 I-almer 
Bartcdomeo L., emp Ik Ckndee ft Oo.. 

h 74 Wallace 
Dominico, emp L. Gandee ft Co., h 

144 SaltonsUll av 
Francesco, labors-, b S Donndly pi 
Qtacinto. emp L. Oandee ft Co., b 2 

Bnwllcry pi 
Loigi. murician, bda 144 Salbmstall 

Uidiad, shoemaker 144 Saltonatall 

av, bds do. 
Ukhele, emp L. Gandee ft Co., bds 
74 Wallace 
CSandoto Giuseppe, fmit Tender, h ZT4 

CSandulIo John, oonfectionay 6 Wadi- 
ington av and 274 Water, h do. 
SalvatoFC, emp Sargent ft Cdl, h 148 

Giuseppe, fniit peddler 32 Fair, b da 
Miealangelo, fruit peddler, b 32 Fkir 
Paolo, fiuit peddler 16 FUr, h do. 
daiamdla Domenico, labOTer, h 13 La- 
CSanietto Biaso, laborer, bds 10 I^lmj- 

CSceaidli Sabato, maaon tender, h 112 

COino Michele. emp N. H. R. U. On., bd^ 
101 Havoi 

Cimmino Fianeeaco, laborer, bds B8 Wd- 

Francesco FiuAo, h 106 Franklin 

Luigi, grocer 88 Wallace, li do. 

Salvatme, rem to Waterbury 

Onicola AngeJo, Uborer, bda 119 Bait 

Cbrmine, labtffn', bda 119 RailnU 

Luigi, labravr, bds 6 Myrtle 
Clnquino Antcnio, gncer 42 TTill, h do- 
Carlo, laborer, h 65 Hill 
Qoffi Angelo, emp Sargmt ft Ox, h Ut 

Cipnano Genorcflos emp L. Oandee ll 
Co., h 163 Wallace 
Raffade, emp L. Caadee ft Cb., h 1C3 
Ciranle Michele, taUor, bda H HSl 
OriUo Raffele, barbn 78 Fair, bds do. 
Cirmo Luigi, barber, bds 12 lAfayette 
L^ruEzo Antonio, laborer, bds r 191 Ban- 
Giovanni, emp Sargent ft Co., bds t 

191 HamiltoD 
Rocco, emp Sargent ft Oo., h r IBl 
aaco William, Ulxwn-, bda 6 Fayette 
Citron Isaac, rem to New Yoi^ 
atv A ttomev's O ffice, (B ) 165 Oonrt. 
Cbapd c Orange-^See p 866 
Clerk's OfBce. (16) City Hall 
Cbnttrdler'B Office, (15) CS^ HaH 
Court, (e, 9) 166 Court | 

E^igineer's Office, (17) C^try Hall I 
Hall, including citr and town oB- I 
ces, 161 to 169 Cliurch I 

TH£> 159 Oiurcli — See bade I 

Hisdonary AssociatioD The. Court el 


Point Yacht dub, 1: 

bet Second and T 

Sheriff's Office. (16) I 

Treasurer's Office, (It 

Ctville CVmiando, laborer, 

Civit^o Antonio, laboier 

Dooato. laborer, bda i 
GinKi^, laborer, h 6 
Joseph, baker, h 64 H 
Nicolo. emp W. R. A 

Toroaso. emp L. Qmd 

Ovittolo Alberico, t 



CMbf Bdw, widow John, Ms 69 Web- 


OtStj Bridget Miaa, bds 137 Olive 
Otii Alice Mis., h off Bldridge 

CbirJcs, prop. Elm City Bottling 
Works 745 Dixwell av, h 743 
OUKCT Alice Miss, h 66 Adeline 

Btwird, etnp X. Y., N. H. & H. R. 

K., bds 13 Myrtle 
Junts, UborpT, bds 85 Arch 
JuDffl, enp W. R. A. Co., h 60 Win- 

JuD«, laborer, bda 142 Carlisle 
Junta, emp N. H. Ice Co., h 227 

Jmks J., driver 43 Liberty, h 131 

Jimea J., machioist, bds 493 Chapd 
John, rada wat«r mfr. 43 Liberty, h 

SB Ou-ltale 
Joba A., bds 21 George 
John T., ran to Anaonia 
Joba T., laborer, bda 85 Arch 
Eate Mrs., h 4»3 Chapel 
Uuy, widow Edward, h 13 Myrtle 
Mifrhael, laborer, h 21 Wilson 
Michael, motder, h 256 Chapel 
Pitrick, h 178 Hamilton 
FUrick, molder, h 154 Chapel 
Patriek P.. hostler, h 643 Eaat 
PetCT, laborer, h 21 George 
Sarina. widow Putrick, h II Ander- 

Thomas, bds Springside Home 
Thomas, machinist, bds 154 Chapel 
Oaner Frank A., pooductor W, At. E. 
B. Co., h 54 Day 
James, confectionery 258 Wallace, h 

James, cmp R. R- shops, h 119 Win- 

chenter av 
June*, emp W. R. A. Co., h 60 Win- 
chester av 
Jamen F.. laborer, bds 85 Arch 
John C. laborer, bds 85 Arch 
Joeepb, emp Sai^gent k Co., bds 242 

Tenmce, policeman, h 242 Ferry 
n-illiam H., clerk 209 Franklin, bds 

Clapp Wilbert E. (W. \V. Gale t Co.) 11 
Pitkin, bds 211 Ferry 

Clapper Charles H,, watchmaker, h 134} 
Elizabeth, widow George, bds 494 
Wintirop av 

ClKre James H., gardener, h 41E Davea- 

Claridge Bertram W., clerk, h Sheffield 

av c Division 
Clark A. Augustus, widow Enoch T., h 
1S3 Sherman av 

Adolphus C, paint«r and muaician, 
h lOei Washington av 

Albert U., machinist, bds 2TI Lex- 
ington av 

Alexander R., broker, h 2S0 York 

Alfred W., emp N. H. E. Co., bds 132 

Allen L., builder 337 Crown, rms B5 

Amanda, bookkeeper The Brad- 
street Co., bda 25 Elliott 

Andrew, rem to New York state 

Andrew, prop. Clark's N. H, Milfra^ 
and Bridgeport Elxprees 68 Cen- 
ter and 292 and 382 State 

Anna D., widow Samuel L., h 58 Liv- 

Annie E. Misa, teacher Eaton Schod, 
bds 14 Court 

Annie M. Miss. «np L. Cnndee & Co., 
bds 551 Eaat 

Arthur, blacksmith J. R. Maxwell, 
bds Ruseell 

Arthur E., clerk (206) E- R. office 
bdg. h 017 George 

Arthur E.. steward Lenox Club 840 
Chapel, h 203 Edgewood av 

Augusta, widow Enoch T., h 183 
Sherman av 

Avery, chief clerk execiitive secre- 
tary (206) R. R. office bdg, bda 
Hotel Garde 

Benjamin, emp L. Chndee ft Co., h 
61 NicoU 

Benjamin A., polisher, h 224 Bas- 

Bernard, emp 47 Church, rms 6 Or- 

Bernard, blacksmith, h 14 Court 


(.Tames Gardner dark, James 
ki Kingsley Blake, Henry A. Hall 
and George T^eefe Peck), lawyers 
and PonvevancerB 152 Orange- 
See p 925 

Iget, widow Owen, h 42 Daggett 
ding. 87 Church 
-ie M, Mrs,, h 108 DoWitt 
nerine, widow Edward, h 656 




dark Catherine Mrs., h 102 Crown 

Catherine F. Miss, bookkeeper, bds 
311 Water 

C. G. Ca, proprietary medicinee 551 

Charles A., clerk 862 Chapel, bds 55 

Charles A., emp W. R. A. Co., h 24 

Charles C, prof. French Y. U., h 65 

Charles E., clerk W. R. A. Co., bds 
3 Eld 

Charles E., machinist, h 125 De- 

Charles F., groceries and meat 322 
Elm, rms 522 do. 

Charles H., engineer, h 109 Town- 
send av 

Charles H., emp W. R. A. Co., h 68 

Charles J., contractor C. Cowles & 

Charles J., quarryman, h Russell 

Charles L., prop. Palace Oaie 35 
Broadway and Clark's Oafe 110 
and 112 Church, h 55 Dicker- 

Charles P., pres. New York, New 
Haven and Hartford Railroad 
Co., office (207) R. R. office bdg, 
h 444 Orange 

Charles T., bds Springside Home 

Charles W., trav. salesman, h 385 
Whalley av 

Charles W., carpenter and builder 97 
Union av, W Haven, h do. 

Chauncey L., stone cutter, bds Rus- 

Chauncey W., fisherman, h Quinni- 
piac ay n Fulton 

Chester W. (C. W. Clark & Son) 173 
Long Wharf, h 223 Whalley av 

Clarence L., bookkeeper 169 Orange, 
bds 57 Park 

Clarence Linden, salesman 98 Mea- 
dow, h 114 Main. W Haven 

Clarence W., h 229 Norton 

CIABK C. W. & SON (Chester W. and 
Horace E. Clark), slaters 173 
Long Wharf — See p 1019 

Daniel, farmer, h 218 Elm, W Haven 

David E., h 14 Goodyear 
CLABE DAVID H. builder and con- 
tractor, doors, sash, sawing, 
turning, etc. 166, 168 and 172 
Brewery, h 33 Pearl — See p 99! » 

Edgar (^, prop. Gem Hotel 82 State, 
h 84 do. 

Edna E. Miss, clerk 767 Chapel, bds 
556 Elm 

Edward, bootblack 175 Crown, rms 
72 Webster 

Edward, emp Robert Dickerman, 
Circular av. High wood, bds 

Clark Edward F., emp P. Bros. & Oo., bds 

121 View 
Edward J., stone polisher, h 799 

Grand av 
Edward L., fireman, h 207 Portsea 
Edward L. (U. D. Clark & Go.) 961 

Grand av, h 143 Bradley 
Edward L. Jr., lawyer (613) 42 

Church, res Orange 
Edward L. 2d, bds 444 Orange 

CLABE EBWABD M. real estate 
(205) 42 Church, h 472 Whitney 
av— See p 940 
Edwin H., milk and cream depot and 
grocer 2 Whitney av, h 68 Au- 

CLABE EDWnr H. ^^l estate (208) 

865 Chapel, rms 184 Howard av 

—See p 938 
Elihu L., rms 314 Crown 
Ellen, widow George K., bds Russell 
Ellen, widow Thomas H., h 311 Wa- 
Ellen S. Miss, bds 138 York 
Elliott D., gardener, h 121 View 
Elliott D., emp Barnes Tool 06., bds 

121 View 
Elliot D. Mrs., bds 739 Grand aY 
Elmira C.^ widow Charles, bds 76 

Clinton av 
Emily D., widow Williaxa A., h 236 

Grand av 
Emily M. Miss, teacher Eaton 

School, bds 14 Court 
Emma D., widow Andrew, bds 429 

Etta Mrs., bds 175 Beaxih, W Htr 

Eugene F., conductor F. H. & "W. B. 

R. Co., bds 139 Blatchley av 
Eunice K Miss, h 233 Humphrey 
Eva A., widow Norton F., h 18 Ham- 
Everett E., emp 8. Broa. & CkK, bds 

220 Hamilton 
Frances Mrs., h 83 Eaton 
Francis, stone mason, h 41 Alton 
Frank, machinist, h 58 'Woolsey 
Frank, rem to Vermont 
Frank C, dining rooms 416 Grand 

av, bds 46 Main 
Frank D., manager L^ 'M.. Darling 

Fertilizer Co., rms 88 Woottber 
Frank P., real est&te (205) 4fl 

Church, h 472 Whitney av 
Frank Theodore, janitor, bds lOSi 

Frank W., clockmaker, li 58 Laviiig 

Fred F., locomotive fiineman, h 22 

Kimberly ay 
Fred G., rem to Derby- 
Fred 8., clerk freight office Bell 

Dock, rms 134 WooBter 
Frederick, clerk 723 Oh.apel bds \\\ 

View ' 




Gark Frederick D. Mrs., h Warwick c 
Quiiinipiac av 
Frederick £., emp 128 Union, h 202 

EdgewocKi av 
Frederick N., emp Sargent & Co., h 

76 Woolsey 
Frederick R., hostler, h 126 Day 
Freeman P., blacksmith and quar- 

lyman, h Russell 
Gardner C, joiner, h 230 Wooster 
George, painter, bds 8 Salem 
George, emp Peck & Bishop Co., h 102 

George, rem to New York 
George B., truckman, h 180 Brew- 
George H., draughtsman, h 635 

Howard av 
Gwxge H., conductor Air Line Div., 

h 124 Spring 
George H., baker 33 Oassius, h do. 
George K., machinist Bigelow Co., h 

271 Lexington av 
6eo9ve M., grocer 305 Hamilton, 360 
Congress av and 148Rosette, h 10 
George W., joiner, bds 97 Union av, 

W Haven 
GUes W., emp H. B. Ives & Co., h 143 

Qniimipiac av 
6. "Wilbur, carpenter and builder 9 

ICaple, b 244 Sherman av 
ffannsh £. Mrs., dressmaker 103 At- 

water, h do. 
Harry P., storekeeper N. Y., N. H. & 
K. R. R. Co., h Campbell av n 
Milford turnpike, AUingtown 
Hany J., emp 38 Congress av, h 93 

Harry L., clerk 28 Congress av, h 50 

Harvey, rem to East Haven 
Hattie E. Mrs., emp C^h Register 
Co.^ h 114 Congress av 

CLAKE H. D. & CO. (Edward L. 
Clark, Herman D. Clark, Alfred 
£L Blakeslee and Herman D. 
Claric Jr.), building materials 
961 Grand av, coal and wood 
Railroad av foot St. John — See 
p 1013 
Henry, emp R. H. Brown & Co., bds 
09 Plymouth 

A., furniture repairer 109 
Broadway, h do. 
Henry J., bds 105 Wallace 
Henry I^, slater, bds 223 Whalley 

Henry L., h 3 Eld 

Henry P., rem to San Francisco, CaL 

Hennr W^ builder 224 Howard av, h 

Herbert B., bookkeeper 85 Water, 

bds 61 Atw^ater 
Herbert F^ derk 712 Chapel, h 488 

Howard av 

Clark Herbert W., toolmaker emp M., W. 
Co., h 1322 State 

Hennan, salesman Strong, Barnes, 
Hart & Co., h 101 Hamilton 

Herman D. (H. D. Clark & Co.) 961 
Grand av, h 13 Trumbull 

Herman D. Jr. (H. D. Clark & Co.) 
961 Grand av, bds 13 Trum- 

Horace E. (C. W. aark & Son) 173 
Long Wharf, h 52 Lafayette 

James, emp W. R. A. Co., bds 556 

James, agent Hazard Powder Co., h 
52 Derby av 

James E., real estate agent (10) 840 
Chapel, rms 14 Court 

James E., stencil cutter, h 21 Wol- 

James Gardner, lawyer and (Clark, 
Blake, Hall & Peck), and pree. 
New Haven Real Estate Title 
Co. 152 Orange, h 167 Beach, W 

James H., h 76 Henry 

James M., h 9 Arch 

James T., bookkeeper 290 State, h 73 

James T., fish dealer, h 109 E Pearl 

Jane, widow Charles, h 69 Plymouth 

Jane E., widow Joseph L., bds 104 
Lake pi 

Jennie M. Mrs., h 74 Olive 

John, emp 110 Water, rms 8 Fac- 

John, machinist, bds 116 Columbus 

John, agent, h 181 Congress av 
CLAEK TOHN C. nu«iager Boody, Mc- 
Lellan & Co. 87 Orange, h 122 
Fountain— See p 875 

John E., painter, bds 42 Daggett 

John E., prof, mathematics T. U., h 
445 Orange 

John F., machinist, bds 116 Columbus 

John F., plumber 160 Front, h 32 

John H., clerk, bds 159 Bradley 

John J., laborer, h 102 Crown 

John L., clerk 275 Edgewood av, h 
611 Elm 

John S., forger, h 122 Ashmun 

John T., iron melter, h 281 Lloyd 

John T., painter 266 Elm, W Haven, 
h do. 

Joseph A., emp W. R. A. Co., h 457 

Joseph B., manager P. J. Cronan Pa- 
per Box Co. 3 Wall, h 31 Bishop 

Joseph W., h 410 Elm 

Kate, widow Horace, h r 175 Mea- 

Katharina, widow Joseph, h Hitch- 
cock c Myrtle, W Haven 

Ijamlna, widow Amos, bds Winthxop 




dark Leonard E., mason, h 1379 Chapel 

Leroy, Bss*t receiying teller Krst 
National Bank, h 646 George 

Leverett P., delivery clerk freight 
depot, h 61 Atwater 

Lewis B., bds 118 Olive 

Lucy W., widow Isaac, h 210 First 
av, W Haven 

Mabel E. Miss, stenographer, bds 668 

Maggie Mrs., nurse, h 161 Brewery 

Margaret, widow John H., h 105 

Mary, widow John, h 94 Greene 

Mary Miss, clerk R. R. office bdg, bds 
311 Water 

Mary A., widow Jason, nurse, bds 
1234 State 

Mary Jane, widow Joseph P., h 44 

Mary W., widow William H., h 105 

Massena, estate of, (205) 42 Church 

M. D., clerk (429) R. R. office bdg, 
res Seymour 

Merritt T., baker 355 State, h 106 

M. Herbert, contractor N. H. Clock 
Co., h 69 Division 

Michael, h 49 Wolcott 

Michael F., emp L. Candee & Co., h 
601 Grand av 

Myron H., clerk 294 State, res Or- 

Nellie Miss, dressmaker, bds 457 Or- 

Nellie H. Miss, dry goods 273i War 
ter, bds 311 do. 

Percival marine engineer, bds 19 

Robert S., clerk 42 Webster, h do. 

Roy S., cigarmaker, bds 66 Dicker- 

Rufus B., com. trav.. bds 37 College 

Ryce L., sec. Yale Business College 
116 Church, bds 1167 Chapel 

Samuel, rem to Branford 

Samuel, waiter, h 44 Oak 

Samuel H., bootmaker, h 30 Frank- 

Sarah A. Miss, bds 462 Orange 

Sarah J., widow Sheldon E., dress- 
maker, bds 310 Elm 

Sidney M., newspaper delivery, h 20 
Clark, W Haven 

Smith W., machinist, h 48 Admiral 

Spencer A. (Clark & Thompson) 16 
Gilbert av, h 10 do. 

Stephen, emp N. H. R. M. Co., h 85 

Theodore G., tentmaker, h 76 Olive 

Thomas, laborer, h 14 Madison 

Thomas, emp R. R. shops, bds 74 

Thomas, mason, bds 9 Areh 

Thomas F., letter carrier, bds 42 

Clark Thomas F., clerk post office, h 30 

Thomas P., machinist, bds 281 Lloyd 
Ulysses S., bookkeeper 250 Boule- 
vard, h 34 Richards pi, W Ha- 
Wallace R, coal salesman, h 184 

Howard av 
Walter A., broker and inventor 466 

State, h 164 Edgewood av 
Walter I., fireman N. Y., N. H. 4 E 

R. R., h N York n OoDis, W Ha- 
Walter L., rem to Saianac Lake, 

N. Y. 
Whiting W., paper hanger, h 122 

Greenwich av 
Willard L., fish market, h Quinnipiac 

av ab Farren av 
William, clerk Gerage £. S. Miller, 

res Woodbridge 
William E., clerk 176 Temple, bda 

Warwick av c Quinnipiac av 
William £., mason, h 46 Main 
William F., barber, bds 311 Watesc 
WUliam F., corset cutter 60 C6urt, h 

195 Congress av 
William H., yard conductor, b 88t 

Townsend av 
William J., with Gen. Electric O)., 

New York, h 469 Orange 
William R., advertising manager W. 

R. A. Co., bds 451 Orange 
& Thompson (S. A. dark and F. IL 

Thompson), carpentears and 

builders 15 Gilbert av 
Clark's Cafe, Charles L. dark prop., 110 

and 112 Church 
New Haven, Milford and Bridgeport 

Express, Andrew dark prop., 

292 and 362 State and 68 Cte- 

darke Charles F., ass't sup't (21) &l 

Church, h 186 Oown 
Charles F. Rev., pastor WTiitnevviUi 

C<Mig. Church, h Whitneyville 1 
Charles H., rem to Havana, Oaba J 
Chauncey M., trav. salesman, h 64 ^ 

dement G., student, h 219 York 
Edwin N., ass't treas. S. X. E. Tel 

Co. 118 Court, h 114 Collc^ 
Elizabeth, widow Geor^ge D., h 

keeper 81 Admiral 
Emma D., teacher, h 119 I*oplaj- 
Frank N., carpenter, h 93 Ashm 
Frank N. Jr., clerk 390 St&te, 

216 Rosette 
George, janitor 133 College* h da 
George E., rem to New York 
George M., emp L. Oandee & C6 

7 Grafton 
G. H., draughtsman (123) R, R. 

fice bdg, h 535 Howard av 
Herbert A., joiner, rms 16 Grove 





CUrke Haward B., emp W. R. A. Co., h 
J56 Dixwell av 
James S., rem to Hartford 
John H., clerk, bds 159 Bradley 
John H., preSb and treas. Standard 
Supply C6. r 300 York and Dep- 
uty V. S. Marshal, h 50 Derby 
J(^ L, clerk 28 George, rms 132 

Julia A, widow Edward F., h 77 

Lucretia H. Miss, h 209 York 
Marshall G., rem to Milford 
JJartin, carriage trimmer, h 174 

Martin, t4iilor 177 St John, h 159 

Martin J., bds 159 Bradley 
Mary Mrs., dressmaker, bds 54 Car- 

Morgan H., bds 215 Winthrop av 
Nellie H. Miss, dry goods 273 Water, 

hda 311 da 
Sarah E., widow Norman W., bds 

114 CoUege 
W. Hawes, h 109 Savin av, W Haven 
William, rem to New York 
William H., bookkeeper 729 State, 

h 78 Dickerman 
William J., real estate (806) 42 
QinTch, h "Wellwood," off For- 
est. Allingtown 
. —see Clark 

fCbrkKm Arthur T., machinist, h 300 
I Greenwich av 

Charles, machinist, bds 12 Shelter 
I WiBiam, saloon 58 Kimberly av, h 
\ do. 

William F., blacksmith emp R. R 

shops, h 1256 State 
'y Paul, rem to Henderson, N. C. 
Sarah Miss, clerk 81 Broadway, bds 
496 Ekn 

mck John H. Jr., waiter, rms 157 

Basmns K., clerk (429) R. R. 
office bd^ and (CTlausen & Win- 
del) 33 Redfield, h do. 
* Wendel (Rasmus K. Cllaiisen and 
Christian Wendel), mfrs. win- 
daw mirrors 33 Redfield 
diaries A., emp W. R. A. Co., h 
57 W Hazel 

John B., cook, rms 213 State 
J. V. Mrs., bds 604 (Thapel 
^'Aiidrew« h 62 Asylum 
iXclton, waiter, bds 78 Webster 
[William A., clerk 107 Broadway, h 
Ids Thompson 

Kt« A. Miss, nurse, rms 532 
Howard av 

rrd. emp Jj. Oandee & Oo., h 43 

H.. bootblack Union depot, h 
r 74 Eaton 

Clear Alice, widow James, h r 209 Lex- 
ington av 
Clearwater Charles N., carpenter, bds 96 

CJleary Edward, rem to Bridgeport 
James, h 270 Davenport av 
James, laborer, h r 27 Beach, W Ha- 
Patrick, emp Seamless Rubber Co., 

bds 315 Wallace 
Patrick, emp N. Y., N. H. & H. R 

R., bds 149 Portsea 
William F., clerk 922 CJhapel, bds 129 

William T., h 129 Day 
Cleaveland Elizabeth H. J., widow Rev. 
James B., h 350 Elm 
Elizabeth W. Miss, teacher Hillhouae 
High School, bds 89 Whalley av 


lawyer (3) 69 Church and Judge 
of Probate, office (1) aty Hall, 
h 350 Elm— See p 923 
— see Cleveland 
Cleeton Phebe A. Miss, dressmaker, h 473 

Cleland Margaret, widow Isaac N., h 113 

Clement Belle Miss, nurse 1418 Chapel, 
bds do. 
Ellen A., widow Nathan, boarding 
house 600 Chapel 
Qemente Stefano, emp Saiigent & Co., 

bds r 104 Wallace 
Clements Eugene E., telegraph operator, 
h Reynolds av 
James B., rem to Dover, Del. 
Loui.«« Miss, nurse 1418 Chapel, bds 

— see Klemena 
Clemmons Dennis, emp N. H. Gas Light 
Co., h 284 East 
John B., trav. salesman, h 344 Wash- 
in^rten av 
Clerk of City Court, (7) 166 Court 

of Court Common Pleas, (6) 0>urt 

of Superior Court, (10) County 
Court House 
CJlerkin Andrew J. (Clerkin & McDon- 
ald) 779 and 781 Grand av, h 
821 State 
James H., joiner, bds 249 Humphrey 
John, laborer, bds 76 Water 
John J., lawyer, h 66 Olive 
Julia Z. Miss, bookkeeper, bds 249 

Owen, h 81 T3amilton 
Owen, h 51 Bishop 
Thomas, h 249 Humphrey 


Clerkin and W. H. McDonald), 
Steves, ranges, plumbers, steam 
and hot water heaters 779 and 
781 Grand av— See p 915 




Cleveland George A., engineer, h 173 Oak 

Ida Mrs., rem to New Britain 

— see Cleaveland 
Clever Ida D. Mrs., h 166 Second av, W 

Clifford A. Barbara, widow John, h 363 

Daniel, emp N. H. Clock Co., h 33 

Ellen, widow John, h 329 Oak 

Ellen, widow Michael, bds 15 Red- 

Helen Miss, clerk 898 Chapel, bds 
131 High 

Martin, lalxxrer, h 72 Putnam 
Qift Robert, carpenter, bds 45 William 
aine Maggie, widow William, h 178 East 

Mary Miss, dressmaker, h 340 Elm 
Clinton Anson B., pianos, organs and 
musical instruments 17 Center, 
res North Haven 

Caroline A., widow Charles, h 66 
Parmelee av 

Charles, emp J. Waas, bds 66 Panne- 
lee av 

Charles, emp P. Bros. & Co., h 743 

Charles E., com. tiav., h 115 Howe 

Charles H., mechanic, bds 66 Parme- 
lee av 

Cornelia Sister, teacher Hamilton 
School, bds 267 Franklin 

Edson E., emp W. R. A. Co., h 376 

Express, J. C. Parker 318 State 

Frederick L., trav. salesman 139 Or- 
ange, res Qintonville 

Geoi^e E., emp W. H. Buckle Co., h 
Front av c Clinton, W Haven 

Hattie A. Mrs., h 239 First av, W 

Hiram I., ice peddler emp Spring 
Lake Ice Co., h 2 Front av, W 

Mary Mrs., housekeeper 62 Carlisle 

Sarah, -widow Freeman P., h 44 
Whalley av 

Walter R., machinist, bds 239 First 
av, W Haven 

William W., teamster and polic^nan, 
h Front av c Clinton av, W Ha- 

and Stony Creek Express, F. W. Tut- 
tle prop., 744 Chapel 
Clipson James J., teamster, h 478 How- 
ard av 
doat — see Kloat 

dock George A., emp W. R. A. Co., bds 
Crescent c Munson 

Gilbert L., carriagemaker, h Cres- 
cent c Munson 

Gilbert L. Jr., chief engineer N. H. 
E. Co. 610 Grand av, h 91 Car- 

Ralph 0., student, bds 78 Lake pi 

dock Wiliam M., butcher, h Crescent 

— see Klock 
Clogston Emily, widow Walter B., bak- 
ery 536 Elm, h do. 
Jedediah 0., butter and egg dealer 
30 Grand av, h 302 Lexington 
Louise A. Miss, bds 636 Elm 
Walter J., bds 302 Lexington av 
dohessy John, emp F. H. & W. R. R., h 

264 East 
donatre Wilfred N., rem to Canada 
doonan Malachy Sister, housekeeper 267 

dose ditherine T. A. Miss, bookkeeper 

165 Long Wharf, bds 86 Market 
GreoTge B., locomotive engineer, h 

166 Howard av 

George H., emp R. R. shops, h 85 

James A., emp R. R, shops, bds 85 

Joseph, conductor F. H. & W. R. R. 

Co., h 281 Lloyd 
Samuel G., locomotive engineer, nna 
194 Cedar 
dossey Joseph C, hay agent, h 216 0^ 

dosson George E., machinist, bds 276 
George V., h 276 Humphry 
Ida Mrs., h 276 Humphrey 
William H., clerk 164 Elm, bda 276 
douet Arthur B., night watchman J. 
Parker & Son Co., h 1201 Whal- 
ley av 
Homer L., smith helper, bds 19 Fair* 

mont av 
John J., carriage trimmer, h 19 Fur- 
mont av 
dough Arthur E., emp R. R. shops, nna 
272 Water 
Ella J. Mrs., bds 40 Hobart 
Jesse W., elevator porter 42 CSmrch, 
h 233 Congress av 
doughsey John, laborer, bds 677 Gnmd 
Michael, emp Belle Dock, h 677 
Grand av 
douse Jacob P., emp Yale Dining Halli 
rms 210 Edgewood av 
Jake F., steward 6 Library, ims 188 
doutte Charles C, buyer The Edward 

Mall^ Co., h 61 Sylvan av 
doiox Henry L., teamster, h 69 Ohatham 
Mary, widow Heniy A., h 112 B 
doyes diaries C, pistolmaker, h 99 Ea- 
duff Bryan, stone cutter, bds 376 Con- 
gress av 
Charles, clerk 80 Long Wharf, bdi 

376 Congress av 
Walter F., clerk 379 Congress av, h 
376 do. 




dngman Eli, shoemaker 13 George, bdB 
48 Oak 

aum Andrew, engineer steamer E. Oor- 
ning, bda do. 

dump Jkn^ widow Christian, h 92 

dune Annie R Miss, teacher Washing- 
ton School, h 230 Washington 

F)itrick J., emp R. R. shops, bds 116 

Cblumbus av 
Thomas H., mason, h 7 Edgar 
GtiuMy Jane Miss, yariety store 04 £111- 

nore, h do. 
dnte Charles, h Forest n Edgewood av 
Cljne Ann, widow Peter, h 288 Lloyd 
Bridget and Rosa Misses, h 54 Mon- 
Charles, emp 80 Long Wharf, bds 847 

Grand av 
Dennis M., conductor F. H. & W. R. 

R. CV>., bds 42 Houston 
James K, driver 43 Liberty, h 163 

James R, laborar, bds 268 Lloyd 
James P., saloon Ferry opp Fair- 
mont av, h do. 
Johii, teamster, h 47 Putnam 
John, rem to New York 
John F., bookkeeper, bds 54 Mon- 
John W., foreman electrical dept. F. 

H. ft W. R. R. Co., h 57 Ferry 
Jfichsal, motorman F. H. ft W. R. R. 

Co., h 212 Exchange 
Hinnie Miss, dressmaker, bds 42 

Patrick, rem to Bridgeport 
Fatri^, veteran policeman, h 42 

Peter R, letter carrier, h 297 Port- 
Peter T., h 58 Pierpont 
Thomas^ farmer, bds Circular av, 

Waiiam, laborer, h 84 Hallock 

^T EAJOTAH HISS, brick mfr. 
169 Oiange, res Montowese — See 
p 1011 
Janes F., grocer and meat market 86 

Ashmun, bds 10 Eaton 
Jeremiah, porter 321 State, h 65 

^Min, coachman, h 105 Wjncheeter 
J., laborer, bds 10 Eaton 
J., plumber, h 14 Eaton 
h 10 Elaton 

F., coa^'hTnan 60 York sq, h 
27 Foote 

Henry, emp P- Bros, ft Co., h 
46 6t John 

Lydia A. Ififle, nurse, bds 445 



Goakey Maggie Miss, housekeeper 15 

Foster, bds do. 
Mary C. Miss, teacher Lovdl School, 

bds 15 Foster 
Timothy J., horse collarmaker, h 108 

Coan Charles R., manager city dept. Se- 
curity Ins. Co. 37 Center, h 184 

Georae R., clerk 37 Center, h 261 

John, machinist, bds Globe Hotel 
COAH H. A. painter and paper hanger 

10 Whiting, h 2 West— See p 

Coart Joseph, cigarmaker, h 902 State 
Coates Albert T., emp W. R. A. Co., h 

253 Ivy 
Franklin, clerk 93 Congress av, bds 

29 Henry 
Frederick, bicycles, bicycle repairing 

Whalley av n bridge, h 59 Shel- 

ton av 
Geoive W., emp W. R. A. Co., h 519 

George W., laborer, bds 519 Elm 
George W. Mrs., janitress Edgemere 

Flats, h 519 Elm 
Herman, conductor N. Y., N. H. ft 

H. R. R., h 260 Pedlar 
Isabella L., widow Printis A., h 229 

Shelton av 
John D., painter, bds 60 Front 
Lafayette J., carriage painter, h 60 

Lewis D., emp W. R. A. Co., bds i^ 

Lorenzo B., emp W. R. A. Co., h 29 

Oliver, barber, h 117 Winchester av 
Stanley A., emp W. R. A. Co., bds 

229 Shelton av 
William F., painter, h 60 Front 
William L., emp W. R. A. Co., h 61 

Cobb Alpheus D., building mover and 

joiner Front av c Qifton, W Ha- 
ven, h do. 
Benjamin H., broker (8) 23 Church, 

bds 378 Howard av 
aara C. Miss, bds 128 St. John 
Frederick D., rem to Hartford 
George A., janitor Edwards Street 

School, h 78 Nash 
George S., meat market 232 Wash- 
ington av, W Haven, res Wood- 

Jane, widow Benjamin H., rem to 

Cobey James, confectionery Dayton o 

Whalley av, h do. 
John R, tinsmith, h 427 Blatchley 

Maud MisB, emp W. R. A. Co., bda 

69 Division 
Thomas F., emp P. Bros, ft Co., h 77 





Cobrensky Morris, peddler, h 4 Silver 
Cobum Alexander H., pipe bender, b 282 

Alexander W., pipe bender, bds 282 

Charles O., mfg. agent, h 94 Pearl 

Harry, clerk W. R. A. Co., h 95 Cot- 

John 0., clerk, bds 282 Exchange 

John S., apothecary 998 Chapel, h 
141 York 

Matilda W., widow John O., h 64 

Sarah, widow Benjamin T., h 26 

Sarah E., widow John W., bds 141 

WiUiam F. Mrs., h 1173 Chapel 

Winfred, clerk 90 Church, bds 282 
Cobus Theodosia Miss, laundress, h 48 

Cochran Hugh, carpenter, bds 67 Haven 

John, emp J. Gibb Smith & Co., h 317 

Nathan A., carpenter, rms 102 Eaton 

Samuel, carpenter, h 67 Haven 
Cochrane Agnes, widow Andrew, h 149 

Alice F. Mrs. boarding house Mea- 
dow c Sumner, W Haven 

— see Corcoran 
Cocks Justine S. Mrs., h 44 Garden 
Cocorullo Cutello, emp Sargent & Co., h 
191 Hamilton 

Giovanni, emp Sargent & Co., h 33 
Coden Samuel, pharmacist, bds 290 Wash- 
ington av 
Codianni Giovanni, rem to Philadelphia, 

Manuel, laborer, bds 13 Silver 

Michele, laborer, h 13 Silver 
Cody Andrew, emp L. Candee & Co., h 
266 East 

Charles, coachman 800 Whitney av, 
h Cliff 

Dennis, bartender, h 259 James 

James, confectionery, etc. 102 Ro- 
sette, h do. 

Michael, laborer, h 636 East 

—-see Coady and Cote 
Coe Ada C, widow Edgar P., clerk 767 
Chapel, h 136 Sheffield av 

Agnes J. Mrs., confectionery and dry 
goods 200 Campbell av, W Ha- 
ven, bds 202 do. 

Albert C, sec. and ass't treas. L. 
Candee & Co. 214 East, h 194 
Savin av, W Haven 

Anna L. Mrs., nurse, h 115 S Water 

Charles P., pres. The Coe & Jenks 
Co. 422 State, res Bridgeport 

Clinton E., plumber 329 Howard av. 
h 216 do. 

Dwight S., trav. salesman, bds 190 
Grand av 

Coe Edward, deputv collector Custom 

House, h 124 DeWitt 
COE EBNEST F. (Elm aty Nunay 

Co.) and landscape aj^hitoct 

Edgewood av n Oentnl a.^, \i 

103 Alden— See p 1021 
Ethel Miss, emp A. B. H. Co., bds 16 

George D., emp M. Piano Co., h 202 

Campbell av, W Haven 
George F., joiner, h 187 Da\esip«l 

George H., inspector N. H. Water 

Co., h 91 William 
COE OEOBOE N. livery stable 107 and 

109 Grand av, h 70 E Pearl-See 

p 1038 
George R., laborer, h Dixwell av n 

Arch, High wood 
Harriet Miss, housekeeper 50 Ty\Br 
H. Eliot, salesman P. Bros. & Oo., li 

479 Elm 
Irving H., clerk (418) R. R. offiee] 

Mg, res Milford 
Isaac R., rem to Middletown 
James B., h 96 Lyon 
John, emp R H. Brown & Co., h 

Circular av, Hamden 
John W., coachman 406 Whitney 

h Linden c Livingston 
Julius C. (Coe & Brown) 202 

h 82 Elm, W Haven 
Kate F., widow Andrew J., 

Layfon, electrotyper £. B. She 

Co., h Augur, Whitney ville 
Lester C., driver Adams BxpreBS 

h 273 Howard av 
Lucy M., widow William He 

housekeeper 49 Ivy 
May Miss, emp Bradley, Smith 

bds 15 Cassius 
Nelson D., clerk (134) R. R. 

bdg, h 326 Graxid av 
Prince Albert, general jobber, h 

Rollin W. (Coe & Brown) 

George, bds 82 Elm, W Bxs 
Sarah C, widow Frederick I*, h 

Sarah C. E., widow Frederick I 

115 Dwight 
Sidney, emp Y. U., h 175 Bea< 

Walter E., manager Merwin 

Co., h 96 Sherman av 
COE WAED» sec. and treas. ;SewJ 

ven Web Co., \i 333 Hui 

—See p 890 
Watson v., h 484 Orange 
Wellington E., clerk 422 Statey 

107 Olive ^ 

Wesley R., instructor Y. "C.. |j 

Hillhoiise av 
William G., h 109 Oak 
William H., real esta^te SL^t^tat V 

h do. 




Coe k Brown (J. C. Coe, W. H. BrowB 
and RoUin W. Ooe), cxirrierB, 
leather dealers and belt mfrs. 
202 and 204 George 
k Jenks Co. The, grocers 422 State 
Ooeiler Frederick, carriage trimmer, h 10 
Jennie MisB, clerk 922 Chapel, bds 

10 Cbssius 
Lizzie F. Miss, music teacher, bds 10 
Ooen Andrew, h 229 Congress av 

PMckf polisher, bds 229 Congress 
Goflaj John C, polisher emp 81 Day, bds 
6 GUbert av 
Margaret, widow Christopher, h 6 
Gilb«t av 
Ooffee Louisa, widow Jeremiah, bds 151 
Ooffey Annie Miss, dressmaker 25 Eld, h 
Bridget^ widow Michael, h 7 Green- 
Qleo Miss, housekeeper 933 State 
Jenmmhy bartender, bds 1154 State 
Johanna, widow John, bds 130 Foo- 
John, blacksmith, bds 200 James 
John, molder, bds 933 State 
John H. Jr., plumber, h 167 Grafton 
John J., emp W. k E. T. Fitch Oa, 

bds 933 State 
John J., foreman Dann Bros. & Co., 

h 193 DeWitt 
Lawrence J., mason and builder 

Aotnmn n Oumer, h do. 
Margaret, widow Jc^n J., h 100 

Washington av 
Martin, laborer, bds 266 Portsea 
Martin. deliTery clerk N. Y., N. H. 

4 H. R, R., h 145 Plymouth 
Miry A. Mim, dressmaker, h 25 Eld 
Michael, join^-, bds 7 Greenwood 
Ifiehael J., h 405 Blatchley av 
Kicholas J., trav. salesman 270 State, 

rms (8) 6 Elm 
Thomas F., cigarmaker emp 6 Ed- 
wards, bds 200 James 
Tlomas J., carriage painter, bds 318 

Thomas J., saloon 1146 State, h 1154 

WHJiam, carriage trimmer, h 935 

Andrea, stone cutter emp 
755 Whalley av, h 191 Win- 
throp av 
Bmenieo, stone cutter emp 755 
Whalley av. h 14 Auburn 
)lo, laborer, bds 60 Hill 
.tear, stone cutter, bds 191 Wln- 

tbrop av 

IfcCro, etnp ^V. R. A. Co., bds 40 

Cofrancesco Raffaele, shoemaker 145 Car- 
lisle, h 169 Cedar 

Simon, laborer, h 88 Oak 

Teresa, widow Luigi, h 191 Win- 
throp av 
Cogan — see Coogan 

Coggeshall Arthur S., paleontologist, h 
141 Henry 

Harriet, widow Sterry I., h 143 Dix- 
well av 

John J., emp W. R. A. Co., h 13 

Ijouis S., emp W. R. A. Co., bds 143 
Dixwell av 

Samuel, motorman F. H. & W. R. 
R. Co., h 279 Blatchley av 
Coggins James, rem to New Hampshire 

O. Chester, mfr. carriage tops and 
trimmings 81 Goffe, h 63 Ad- 
Ooggswell Maxwell, bartender, rms 12 

Coghlan Mary, widow George K., h 287 

— see Coughlin and Conklin 
Cogin Mary, widow William, h 56 Nash 
Cc^swell Frederick H., official stenog- 
rapher Superior Court (14) 
County Court House, h 25 Nor- 

Herbert M., clerk R L. Washburn A, 
Co., h 177 Lombard 

Leonard W., stenographer Supe- 
rior Court, h 397 Edgewood av 

Rosette Miss, bds 158 Dixwell av 
Cohane Catherine Miss, dressmaker, bds 
122 Davenport av 

Hannah, widow Timothy, h 122 Dav- 
enport av 

Johannah, widow Dennis, h 110 Put- 

John F., emp N. H. Clock Co., h 85 

Joseph H., motorman, bds 85 Haven 

Julia R. Miss, buyer Gamble-Des- 
mond Co., bds 122 Davenport av 

Lizzie C, bookke^[>er 821 Grand av, 
bds 276 Wallace 

Mary G. Miss, bookkeeper 234 State, 
bds 122 Davenport av 

Nellie Miss, music teacher, bds 122 
Davenport av 

Sylvester J., carpenter, h 85 Haven 

Timothy, tea dealer 122 Davenport 
av, bds do. 

Timothy F., physician 224 Congress 
av, rms do. 

William, emp N. H. dock Co., h 667 
Grand av 

— see Keohane 
Cohee Alonzo M., policeman, h 458 

Cohen A., rem to Philadelphia, Pa. 

Abraham, boot and shoe repairer 
112 George, h 113 Bradley 

Abraham, bds 131 Lafayette 

• 4 



Cohen Anna, widow Max, h 180 Liberty 
Charles, rem to Philadelphia, Pa. 
David, peddler, h 36 Oak 
David, peddler, h 243 Hamilton 
Fannie Mrs., emp Grace Hospital 

1418 Chapel, bds do. 
Frances Miss, ass't matron Grace 

Hospital 1418 Chapel, bds do. 
Harris, peddler, h 260 Congress av 
Henry M., peddler, bds 24 Vernon 
Herman, diy goods 165 Chapel, h do. 
I., flftlggman, h 710 Grand av 
Ida, widow Bamett, confectionery 

65 York, h da 
Isaac, rem to New York 
Isaac Mrs., h 710 Gnuid av 
Isadore, emp N. H. Clock Co., h 146 

Jacob, clerk 42 Oak, h do. 
Jacob, grocer 55 Putnam, h do. 
Jacob, junk dealer, h 24 Palmer 
John, machinist, bds Globe Hotel 
Joseph F., emp Arthur D. Osborne, h 

* 2 Lincoln 
Josephine Miss, clerk 767 Chapel, bda 

104 Park 
Louis, dry goods 599 Grand av, h 

16 Jefferson 
Louis, mason, h 131 Lafayette 
Louis N., emp 154 Elm, h 3 Rose 
Meyer, carpenter, h 316 Congress av 
Morris, dry goods 43 Oak, h da 
Morris K., boarding house 104 Park 
Nathan, carpenter, h 290 Washing- 
ton av 
Obadiah, tailor, h 5d Silver 
Ovid, clerk 30 Church, bds 90 La- 
Samud, dry goods 117 Lafayette, h 

Samuel K, jeweler emp (18) 840 

Chapel, bds 411 Howard av 
Samuel M. (Rosenstein & C6heii), r 

24 Dow, bds 37 Spruce 
Thomas, saloon 129 Courts h 220 

Congress av 
— see Coen and Cohn 
Cohn Aaron, mason, h 67 York 
Abraham Rev., h 55 White 
B., clothing 697 Grand av, h do. 
Bertha Mrs., cigar mfr. 19 Dixwell 

av, h 23^ do. 
Charles M., rem to New York 
David A., mfr. ladies' wrappers and 

waists 19 Rose, h 21 do. 
Frank, clerk, bds 812 Grand av 
Harry, mason, h 67 York 
Harry Mrs., dressmaker 67 York, h 

Hyman, ice peddler, h 136 Lafayette 
Joseph, ladies' tailor 44 Washington 

av, h 48 do. 
Joseph C, cijfarmaker emp 19 Dix- 

well av, h 23i do. 
Louis, canvasser, bds 90 Elliott 


Cohn Louis H., sec. Second R«gt Orchfls- 

tra and leader Oohn's Orcbestn 

52 Congress av and 19 Dixwell 

av, bds 23i do. 
Louis S., cigar packer emp 20 

Church, h 22 Broad 
Meyer, tailor, h 77 Washington av 
Minnie Miss, timekeeper, bds 23} 

Dixwell av 
Morris, clerk 9 Church, h 108 Geoi^ 
Moses, vamisher, h 2 West 
Moses, cigar mfr. 697 Grand av, bds 

Nathan, gents' furnishing goods 56 

Congress av, h 97 Hill 
Philip, peddler, h 114 Lafayette 
Philip, bookkeeper 53 Union, bdfl 

180 Liberty 
R. Meyer, tailor, h 81 WashingUni 

Rose Miss, dressmaker 16 Jeffenon, 

bds dot 
Samuel, clerk 713 Grand av, bds 831 

Samuel, grocer 42 Oak, h do. 
Samuel, clerk 697 Grand av, h da 
Samuel S., furniture dealer 782 

Grand av, h do. 
— see Cohen, Oidin and Kohn 
Ooit Mary Elizabeth, rem to Maasaehih 

Simon F., engineer 81 Day, h 

Cojer Charles C, teamster, bds 78^ HOI 
Grace M., widow William J., h 

Sylvan av 
Coker Fred J. (C. W. Kellogg & C6.) 

State, res East Haven 
Oolar Mary F. Miss, emp I. ITewmaii 

Sons, bds 285 Oa!k 
Rose, widow John W., h 285 Oak 
Colbeiig Charles, h 246 Atwater 
Colbert Dennis, h 111 Ashmun 

John, polisher Ideal M^. Oo., h. 

John J., joiner, h 178 Franklin 
Maiigaret G. Miss, seamstress, bds 

Mary J. Mr&, h 250 Oak: 
Thomas F., emp W. R. A. Ok, 

120 Ashmun 
Colbum Albert L., machinist and 

drilling machines, rivets 

washers 6 Wall, h 123 Bristol 
Anna M., widow Liedyard, h • 

Ezekiel G., bds Bradley av. Hi 
Harvey, emp Hygeia Ice Oo., 


Mary S., widow Ho^rard, b 312 

Mayland, slate roofer, k ^ 

Sumner N., machinist^ l>ds 117 


Susan C, widow Jos&ak M. k ' 
Church * 


Colbura Wilmer J., rem to New York 
Cblby Alston F., carriage woodworicer, h 
Edward W., rem to New Hampahire 
Emma J., widow William W., rem to 
New Hampahire 
OoidoDgb Georffe W., emp W. R. A. Co., 
Ms 72 Ivy 
Henry N., emp W. R. A. Co., bds 44 

Mary, widow Hemy, h 72 Ivy 
William J., emp W. R. A. Co., bda 
Orieziiuki Edmund, laborer, h 22 lAlay- 

OoMmJobn, porter 2 Church, h 6 Winter 
Cole Adolphus, bds 85 St John 

Ghaiies M., pnm. Cole's Electric Ex- 
press 200 Meadow, res Bridge- 
Clem J., molder, h 85 St. John 
DelpbiB J., emp 313 State, h 85 St. 

Edward, music teachor, h 72 Me- 

Edward 0., life in& agent (6) 840 

Ciiapd, h 80 Ward 
Event, eJerk, bds 05 Greene 
Fnok £., clerk R. R. office bdg, bds 

639 Howard air 
Fnnk K, brakeman, h 141 Portsea 
Fred F., ina canvaBser (21) 82 

Oiurch^ h 10 Jefferson 
George H., machinist, h 806 Grand 

Geone L., emp Adams Ex. Co., h 52 

^ Harriet D. Mrs., teacher Westville 
Sehool, h 88 Edgewood av 
Hemy, farmer, nns 100 Oak 
Howard E., stenographer (2) 48 

Cftorcfa, bda 88 Edgewood ay 
John R., emp Nat. Biscuit Co., bds 27 

D., emp 290 State, h 85 St 

rd, emp Peck & Bishop Co., h 
m Waiter 

A Mrs., clerk, bds 20 Whalley 

carpenter, h 06 Orchard 
id, emp Bradley & Smith, h 8 
Richards, W Haven 

H., foremflLn The Smedley 
Go., h 131 Water 
leetric Expreaa (New Hayen & 
H'oodmont) 200 Headow 
Charles, emp W. & E. T. Pitch 
Gdi, bds 256 Chapel 
«d a, clerk P. Bros, ft Co., h 24 

I hnckm&ker, h 69 Atwater 
reel estate, h 129 St John 
IL, dyer emp Globe Silk 
Works, h 206 Munson 

widow Joseph, h 271 Lom- 



Coleman Ellen, widow Michael, h 58 

Ellen M., widow John, h 127 Ward 
Florence M., emp 834 Chapel, bds 178 

Prank L., clerk P. Bros. 4 Co., h 110 

James, emp N. H. Clock Co., bds 214 

James^ mate steamer C. H. Northam, 

ims do. 
John, teamster, h 1467 State 
John A., truckman, bds 46 Ashmun 
John C, brakeman, bds 128 Spring 
John H., carpenter, bds 33 day 
John H., oyBtennan 117 Fron^ h 44 

John J., brass polisher, h 16 OEinal 
John W. (New West Hayen House) 

47 Thomas, W Hayen, h do. 
Joeeph, brickmaker, bds 60 Atwater 
Joseph, laborer, h 41 Eaton 
Joeeph S., emp 609 Chapel, h 16 Oliye 
Julia C. Afiss, clerk 022 Chapel, bda 

127 Ward 
Kate E. Miss, h 271 Lombard 
Lawrence, emp W. R. A. Co., h 60 

Winchester ay 
Louis, constable (11) 49 Church, h 40 

Martin E., emp Henry Hooker & Co., 

h 215 Franklin 
Mary, widow James, h 309 East 
Mary A., widow John, h 60 Win- 
chester ay 
Max, emp I. Newman ft Son, h 259 

Michael, laborer, h 46 Ashmun 
Michael F.,machini8t,bd8 46 Ashmun 
Moses E., rem to Newark, N. J. 
Oley, clerk R. R. office bdg, h 173 

Patrick, driyer 16 Norton, bds 20 

Rose, widow Richard, h 477 Prospect 
Thaddeus S., draughtsman P. Bros, ft 

Co., h 272 Ferry 
Thomas, rms 200 Wooster 
Thomas, laborer, h 33 day 
Thomas, boilermaker, h 214 Ferry 
Thomas 2d, iron worker, h 8 difton 
Thomas F., rem to Manila 
Thomas P., prompter, bds 509 East 
William H., emp 85 Front, h 156 do. 
William R., emp W. R. A. Co., bds 

477 Plrospect 
W. O., clerk (429) R R. office bdg, 

h 173 Rosette 
— see Kohlmann 
Colepaugh Caroline M. Mrs., nurse, bds 

194 Second ay, W Hayen 
Color Frederick, teamster, h 385 Wash- 
ington ay 
Coles Annie E. Miss, h 76 Eaton 

Bert, emp Standard Oil Co., bds 52 

Farren av 
Everett S., clerk 95 Greene, bds da 




Coles Frank Ellsworth, clerk (429) R. R. 
office bdg, bds 539 Howard av 
Norman P., machinist, bds 109 

William, waiter, rms 109 Oak 
— see Cole 
Ooley Francis C, chief clerk (227) R. R. 
office bdg, h 111 Howard av 
Henry E., emp N. H. Bill Posting Co., 

h37 Rose 
James E. Rev., rector All Saints' P. 

K Church, bds 137 Howard av 
Lewis W., dentist (30) 23 Church, h 
31 Eld 
Oolgan Anna E. Miss, teacher Zunder 
School, bds 118 Ashmun 
Bridget, rem to Bridgeport 
John P., bds 118 Ashmun 
Joseph M., bookkeeper 64 Court, bds 

118 Ashmun 
Kate Miss, emp 79 Sachem, bds da 
Mary, widow Matthew, bds 261 

Peter, emp N. H. Button Co., bds 

Globe Hotel 
Peter, gardener, h 118 Ashmun 
Peter B., machinist, bds Globe Hotel 
Ooligan James, brass roller, bds 23 Shef- 
field av 
Collagrasso Angelo, laborer, bds 820 Diz- 

well av 
Collard Hermon L., cabinetmaker, h 1 

Collector of Customs, John W. Mix, Poet 
Office bdg 
of Taxe6» (8) aty Hall 
College Street Hall, Y. U. (music dept) 

40 College 
CoUenburg Edward O. (H. & K Collen- 
buxg) 34 Crown, bds 9 Bishop 
Herman E. (H. & E. CoUenburg) 34 

Crown, h 9 Bishop 
H. & E. (Herman E. and Edward 0. 
C6llenburg) painters and deccH'- 
ators 34 Crown 
Oscar T., decorator, h 9 Bishop 
Coller Frederick, teamster, h 386 Wash- 

ingt<» av 
CoUett Adela J. Mrs., h 46 Summer 

Albert R, bookkeeper 379 Congress 

av, h 23 Elliott 
Daniel, peddler, rms 278 Wooster 
Edwin S. (George H. Collett & Bro.) 

147 0)urt, bds 46 Summer 
Fred, grocer 93 day, h 89 Wolcott 
George H. (George H. Collett ft Bro.) 

147 Court, Ms 46 Summer 
Geoige H. ft Bro. (George H. and Ed- 
win S. Collett), bicycle dealers 
147 C6urt 
Sidney, clerk 322 Crown, res Morris 

Stephen, clerk 92 George, bds 147 

William M., policeman, h 23 Ward 
Collier Sarah A. Mrs., Christian scientist, 
h 94 Ferry 



Collins William B., motorman, h 94 Ymj 
Colligan Charles R., clerk 866 CSiapel, bdi 
7 Gilbert 
Francis G., night janitor Town Hill, 

W Haven, bds 186 Main, da 
John, laborer, h 186 Main, W H&yeg 
Martin, carpent^-, h 166 Newhall 
— see Cooligan 
Collin Catherine Mrs., dressmaker 86 
Pearl, h do. 
Richard, painter and decorator 86 

Pearl, h do. 
Collings Emanuel, emp N. P. B. Ooi, k 

235 Exchange 
Collins Albert T., emp Sargent ft Co, k 

Woodward av 
Arthur, emp 6 Church, bds 144 Dct i 

wdl av 
Augustin L., painter, h 14 Gardeo 
Bros. (Timothy and Thomas O^tSm^ 

Jr.), coal and wood dealen 80 

Building, 693 to 705 Chapel 
Caroline, widow Thomas, nurse, hid 

301 Orchard ' 

Charles D., bartender, rms 153 
Charles K, conductor F. H. ft W. 

R. Co., h 166 Washington av 
Clara Miss, h 35 Hillhouae av 
Clarissa E., widow David C, h 

Hillhouse av 
Cornelius, emp R. R. sihope^ Y)ds 

Washington av 
David C, photographer 110 Main, 

Haven, h do. 
Dennis, brass molder, bda 351 
Dominick J., letter carrier, bda 

Edith Miss, h 36 Hillhouae av 
Edward F., rem to East Haven. 
Elizabeth A. Miss, emp Lu Cbndeij 

Co., bds 121 Haven 
Elizabeth S. Mra, variety stixa 

Garden, h do. 
Francesco, laborer, h 5 Wight 
Frank J., rem to Boston, Mass. 
Frederick, rem to Holyoke, Ma«J 
Harriet A., widow Henry C, I 

University pi * 1 

Harriet S. Miss, bds 9 Univenid 
Herbert G., patternmaker, h/ 

Fairmont av 
Hubbard, emp R. R. shopa^ nnii 

Columbus av 
James, emp Sargent & Co., 

James L,, machinist, bds 186 

ington av 
John, porter Union I>epot» 

John, tinner, h 121 R&veii 
J<An, laborer, bds 77 I\itn«un 
John C. Rev., rem to N" 

John E., student, bds 142 




Orilins John F., ins. canvaAser (21) 82 
dnirch, h 361 Eajst 
Jolm J., clerk Sargent & Co., bds 111 

Jolm L, curiage painter, bds 42 

John W., porter 360 State, h 432 

Joieph, stone cutter, h 124 Court 
JoMph A., agent N. Y. & Eastern 
News C^. Union depot, h 142 
Center, W Haven 
Jotept F^ bricklayer, h 40 Koesuth 
* Joe^hine Mias, dressmaker, h 1179 
Jvhti, widow Patrick, h 42 Vernon 
Kathxyn Miss, dressmaker, h 1170 

LuQUB D., rms 368 Oown 
Miliehi K, clerk Sargent & Co., h 

Hsigaret J. Miss, emp L. OEUddee & 

Co., bds 121 Haven 
}lMTy A., widow Charles Terry, h 76 

Msiy A., widow John, bds 14 Prout 
Uarjr A. Miss, dressmaker 42 Yei^ 

son, bds da 
May EL Miss, bds 260 Crown 
Michael, plumber, bds 206 Willow 
Fstrick, shoemaker 136 SaltonstaU 

av, h r do. 
Fktn'ck F., teft and coffee dealer, h 

272 Hamilton 
Plittrick J., laborer, bds 186 Wash- 
ington av 
I'istriek J., molder, h 86 Hamiltcm 
iVrry M., brakeman, h 237 View 
Prter, carpenter, h 104 Putnam 
Boss A., emp L. Onndee ft Co., bds 

303 East 
Burnh Miss, bds 34 St John 
Stephen, teamster, h 206 Willow 
Tbomas, emp F. Mansfield ft Son, 

h 26 Grand av 
Thomas, grocer 391 East, h 303 da 
Thomas, bds 361 East 
Thomas, coal dealer 80 Bradley, h 87 

Thomas, joiner, h 78 Lamberton 
Thomas Jr. (OoIlinB Bros.) 80 Brad- 
ley, bds 87 do. 
Thomas J., clerk N. Y., N. H. ft H. 

R. R., b 109 Foster 
flmothy (OoIliiiB Broa) 80 Bradley, 

hds 87 do. 
^Bothy J., molder, b 22 Mill River 
^THiam, emp W. R. A. Co., b 00 

Winchester av 
^BDiam, rem to Ansonia 

, emp H. Hooker ft Co., h 
276 Hamilton 

lism Jr., emp H. Hooker ft Co., 
hds 276 Hamilton 
^mism £., cleric, rms 7 Wooeter pi 


Collins William J., boilermaker, h 373 
Washington av 
—see CoUin 
C(^opy Michael, b 246 Franklin 
Colloso Antonio, laborer, h 40 Greene 
CoUum J., emp N. H .Clock Co., bds 423 
William, trav. agent, bds Aldrich 
Collyer Edwin B., fish peddler, b 603 Co- 
lumbus av 
George W., fisherman, h 22 Eimber- 

ly av, W Haven 
Joseph H., laborer, bds 17 Judson 

Maria, widow Edwin W., bds 603 

Columbus av 
William M., painter, h 206 Newhall 
000 Colyer 
Colombo Pasquale, laborer, bds r 104 

Colonial Hotel, Frederick Hopkins, 245 
Mfg. Co. The, book publishers (48) 

23 Church 
Press The, printers 371 State 
Colophite Co. The, Wm. H. Lawson prop., 
mfra enamels and lacquers 106 
Colt Adolphus, butcher, h 33 Adeline 
James R., teamster Pond Lily Co., 

rms 1435 Whalley av 
Jennie E., widow Samuel F., h 331 

Howard av 
Samuel J., confectionery 85 Frank, b 

S. Jerome, molder, bds 33 Adeline 
Colton Chauncey, canvasser, b 50 Sylvan 
Chester P., bds 6 College 
Joseph, brakeman, bds 158 Bridge 
Martin, laborer, bds 360 East 
Maude M. Miss, art instructor, b 

6 College 
Moulton A., prof. French Y. U., bds 

104 Park 
Stephen H., barber 31 St. John, bds 
360 East 
Oolucci Stefano, emp L^ Candee ft Co., b 

152 Wallace 
Columbia Towel Supply Co., Alanson 
Bennett prop., (42) 23 Churcb 
Columbian Register (weekly), 86 Crown 
Columbus John (John Columbus ft Ok) 
168 Congress av, h 50 Washing- 
ton av 
John ft Co. (John Columbus and 
Carlo Bruzza), saloon 158 Con- 
gress av 
Colwell Daniel, general sec. Knights of 
Columbus (100) 23 Church, b 
103 Ward 
Edward B., telegraph operator (116) 
R. R. office bdg, bds 103 Ward 
Elizabeth Miss, h 430 Congress av 
James, joiner, bds 00 NicoU 




Col well Jamee P., carriage painter^ h 31 
Michael, carpenter, h 90 Nicoll 
Owen joiner, h 439 Ck>ngTe8B av 
Patrick, bds 21 Uallock 
Philip, se^^er contractor and builder 

21 Gilbert, h do. 
Thomas B., porter 300 State, h 58 

Thomas H., policeman, h 139 Howard 
Oolyer Thomas B., salesman Hoyt Beel 
and Produce Co., h 12 Westfield, 
— see CoUyer 
Combes Charles, brakeman, bds 80 Port- 
Comer James J., lithographer emp N. F. 

B. & P. Co., h 469 Columbus av 
Comerford Catherine, widow James R., h 

48 Day 
Mary J. Miss, corset stitcher I. New- 
man & Sons, bds 48 Day 
Comfort Alfred, emp N. H. Clock Co., 
bds 81 Mill River 
Frank, laborer, h 188 Franklin 
Coming C. S., storekeeper 309 R. R. office 

bdg, res Boston, Mass. 
Comis Bamett, h 159 West 
Comiskey Bridget Miss, houBeke^>er 329 
Catherine Miss, h 102 Adeline 
John, seaman, bds 690 Grand av 
Mary J. Miss, emp N. H. OEuriage 

Co., h 690 Grand av 
Oliver R., painter, h 76 Olive 
William J., compositor The Price, 
Lee & Adkins Co., bds 690 Grand 
Comisky — see Cummisky 
Commercial Qub, (22) 890 Chapel 

House, John Schaefer prop., 194 to 
198 Meadow 


C. Warren editor and manager, 
70 Centers-See p 963 


ENCE BOOK ^^ ^^e Archi-. 
tects. Engineers, Contractors 
and Builders of Conn., The Rec- 
ord Pub. Co. pubs., 70 Center — 
See p 953 
Common Council Room, (20) City Hall, 
3d story 
Pleas Court, (3 and 4) Court House 
Robina Miss, bookkeeper Ritchie & 
Johnson, bds 117 Bishop 
Compane James, clerk, bds 248 James 
John, saloon 425 Grand av, bds 248 

Michael, carman, h 248 Janes 
Patrick E., bartender 425 Grand av, 
bds 248 James 
Compo Sarataro. laborer, h 45 Hudson 


F. Knapp & Co. propa, 106 

Court— See p 971 
Compt<» Earl, clerk 411 R. R. office bdg, 

bds 103 Atwater 
Walter Sw, car service agent (318) R. 

R. office bdg, h 103 Atwater 
Comstock Bessie Miss, bds 83 Grove 
Edward L., fireman, bds 22 Lamber- 

Emma A., widow W. T., h 335 Or- 
Harriet B. Miss, teacher Lorcil 

School, bds 65 York sq 
Jennie M. Miss, h 74 Olive 
John, ins. agent, bds 74 Olive 
Myron, paperhanger, bds 44 Morris 
Robert H., rem to Ivoryton 
Walter £., locomotive engineer, h 

122 Lamberton 
William J., instructor chemistry Y. 

U., h 43 Trumbull 
Oonan Mary Miss, emp L. Candee & Cow, 

bds 192 Wallace 
Conant Walter, rem to fitchburg, Mass. 
Conaty Ellen Miss, h Main c Water, W 

Mary M. Miss, bds Main c Water, W 

Patrick, machinist, h 220 Savin av, 

W Haven 
Sarah K, widow James H., h west 

end Court, W Haven 
Thomas J., blacksmith, h 109 Ham- 

Conboy Charles E., cutter 31 Center, bda 

225 Portsea 
John, tailor 31 Center, h 225 PcyctMi! 
John, emp Sargent & Co., bds 7 CoM 

Mary, widow James, h 2 Franlc j 
Patrick, bds 2 E Court, W Haren 
Thomas, emp P. Bros. & Oo., li 

Forbes av 
Thomas Mrs., dressmaker 204 

av, h do. 
Concannon Deborah Miss, st^a> 

28 Congress av, bds 19 Sishop 
Jamos, emp N. Y., N. H. & "H. IL 

Co., bds 81 Spring 
John J., com. trav., h 19 Srabop 
Mary, widow Patrick, h 81 Spria^^ 
May Miss, ass't bookkeeper 28 O^ 

gress av, bds 19 Bisliop j 

Patrick, sec. N. H. Cutlery 06w i 

Hamilton, h 19 BiaHop 
Condell Catherine Miss, teajcliery bds j 

College I 

John, bds 42 College ' 

Condoff John R, flhoemaker, bds 12 

Leonard, bds 12 Edgax- 
Nicholas S., bartender 03 O^dar k 

Edgar ' * 






OmdoS Peter, emp Strouse, Adler & Co., 
William, robber winrker, bds 12 Ed- 

OondoD Andrew J., carpenter, h 66 Prince 
Duiel, emp H. Hooker k Co., b 182 

EUen, widow Edward, b 362 Ez- 

ElkDt widow Michael, nune, h 310 

Grand ay 
James, dining rooms 487 Grand ay, 

nns da 
Jamee P., motorman F. H. & W. R. 

R. Coi, bda 129 Wallace 
Jflonie A. Miss, h 132 WaU 
Jeremiah, carpenter, bds 487 Grand 

John, boxmaker, bds 171 day 
John, emp Strouae, Adler k Oo,, bds 

423 State 
John, carriage painter, h 567 East 
J<^ shoenuiker Washington ay opp 

Wharton, W Hayen, h do. 
John D., machinist, bds Washington 

av opp Wharton, W Hayen 
John By toolmaker, h 117 Newhall 
Kate, widow John, h 711 Grand ay 
Mary, widow Michael, h 10 Clay 
Maij MioB, bds 132 Wall 
Hary MIbb, ran to Wallingford 
Mary C, widow John, h Ferry c 

Michael J., rem to New York 
Hiehard, electric light trinuner, bds 

267 Uoyd 
Bidiard, emp N. H. E. Co., bds 134 

Thomas, braas turner, bds 362 Ex- 

Thomaa, laborer, h r 214 Hamilton 
Thomas F., machinist, h 61 Niccril 
Thomas J., emp 154 Water, K Whitr 

— see OoDgdon 

Iren Joseph £., captain Steamer No. 
P, h 72 Hamilton 
Ellen M. Miss, h 100 Bradley 
Patrick, stevedore, bds 100 Bradley 
Ahbie C. Miaa, h 156 Grove 

A., widow James H., h 27 

Oitberiiie B., 'widow Hezekiah S., h 

133 Bdgewood ay 
Tnac C. MIbs, h 156 Grove 
Sohert N., printer, bds 27 Leonard 
WiQiam H., conductor N. Y., N. H. 
ft H. R. R., h 128 Spring 

William, farmer, bds Bnrr n 
Townaend a.v, Morris Gove 

Gkmillo, mfr. of bari>er8' sup- 
pliea» alio lMut>er 107 Waahing- 
ton av, h 74 Ardi 
paald, joiner, h Weataeld, Al- 

Confrey James J., mason, bds 06 Morris 
John, teamster, bds 06 Morris 
Matthew, emp T. R. Oatton, h 70 

Patrick, laborar, h 165 Ferry 
Philip, peddler, h 06 Morris 
Thomas P., teamster, bds 06 Morris 
WiUiam H., emp Union depot, bds 06 

Oongdon Albert, emp 548 Whalley av, 

bds da 
Frank E., engineer yacht Sea Bird, 

rms do. 
Jeremiah, emp N. Y., N. H. ft H. B. 

R., h 120 Ourlisle 
Josephine Mis^ nurse, bds 334 Grown 
Olive F. Mrs., h 23 Eaton 
Thomas W., laborer, h r Stevem 

Heights, W Haven 
— see Condon 
Conger Clayton E., wood worker, h 150 

Blatchley av 
Clayton K Mrs., dressmaker 150 

Blatchley av, h do. 
Geoige H., clerk (411) R. R. office 

Mg, res Bridgeport 
Lemuel F., carpenter, h 32 Chamber- 

Sarah, widow Frank, housekeeper 575 

Quinnipiac av, bds da 
Congregation Bickur Cholin B'nai Abra> 

ham. Factory n Oak 
B'nai Israel, 12 Rose 
B'nai Jacob, 103 Temple 
B'nai Scholom, 08 Olive 
Cheves Achem, Factory n G^rge 
Mishkan Israel, Orange c Audubon 
Ooniff ThcMnaa F., bricklayer, h 23 Bald- 
Gonium John J., shoemaker, bds 312 Dav- 
enport av 
Conldin Alice A., widow William A., h 

06 Carlisle 
Anna Mrs., bds 258 Davenport av 
Aiq^stus H., ship carpenter, h 38 

Farren av 
CSiaides F. R., emp W. R. A. Go., bds 

05 Carlisle 
Charles W., clerk (5) 116 C9iurch, 

bds 126 Ward 
Clarence M, R. R. freight agent (1) 

154 Water, h 60 Stanley 
Emeline, widow Richard B., bds 04 

Lake pi 
Frank S., paymaster L. Candee ft Ca, 

bds 45 Poplar 
Frederick A., barber, bds 126 Ward 
Geoige E., clerk 022 Chapel, bds 435 

John, painter, h 126 Ward 
John F., ins. canvaaser (21) 82 

Church, h 4 E Courts W Haven 
Julia, widow David, h 213 Gongrees 

Leonard H., waiter, h 25 Audabon 
Lewis F., ass't sup't The E. A. Ohat- 

fleld Ga, h 108 Boulevard 




Conklin Margaret A., widow John C, h 
45 Poplar 

Matilda S., widow John, hda 701 

Minnie T. MiM, bds 126 Ward 

WiUiam H., porter 239 State, bds 270 

William H., sec. Oarringtoii Publidi- 
ing Co., offioe 400 State, h 601 

William P., emp The £. A. Chatfield 
Co., h 03 Eimberly av 

William P., laborer, h 116 Wallace 

William W., photogiapher emp 798 
Chapel, bdB 46 Poplar 
Oonlan Agnee Miss, clerk 28 CongreeB av, 
bds 104 Bradley 

Ann, widow Peter, h 298 Wallace 

Antoninus, teacher, bds 267 Franklin 

Charlotte Miss, rms 200 Franklin 

Daniel, emp N. H. Clock Co., h 210 

Edward G., carpenter, bds 176 Frank- 

Ellen Miss, h 200 Franklin 

Frank, watchman, bds 69 Washing- 
ton ay 

Frank, lieutenant No. 5 Engine Co., 
h 105 Clay 

Frank A., polisher, bds 69 Washing- 
ton av 

Frank J., student, bds 176 Franklin 

Henry P., emp R. R. paint shop, h 
203 Greenwich av 

James A., joiner, bds 176 Franklin 

James J., mechanic, bds 69 Washing- 
ton av 

James P., shoe finisher, h 222 Hamil- 

John, rem to New York 
COHLAN JOHN^ cajpenter and builder 
176 Franklin, h do.— See p 1006 

John, polisher, bds 298 Wallace 

John C., joiner, bds 104 Bradley 

John J., mechanic, bds 222 Hamilton 

Margaret Mrs., emp L. Oandee & Co., 
h 472 Chapel 

Mary A. lifiss, fancy goods 892 State, 
bds 298 Wallace 

Patrick, molder, h 104 Bradley 

Patrick, h 66 NicoU 

Patrick, hostler emp 22 Audubon, 
xms do. 

Peter H., bds 298 Wallace 

Rose Miss, teacher Eaton School, bde 
176 Franklin 

Thomas, laborer, h 729 Grand av 

William B., clerk 333 Congress ay, b 
17 Word 
Conless Antony, teamster, bds 40 Canner 
Conley Charles R., ins. canvasser (49) 49 
Church, h 31 Henry 

Elizabeth C. Mr&, h 228 Greenwich 

Patrick, emp Sperry & Barnes, h 182 

William, rms 188 Wooeter 

Conley — see Connelly and OoonoUy 
Conlin Anna Mrs., h 15 Grove 

James, laborer, bds 26 Edgar 

Mary E. Miss, derk 783 Chs^ Ui 
75 Mechanic 

Peter J., emp 738 Grand av, h 2X1 

Rachel M., widow Thomas^ h 26 Ed- 

— see Conlan 
COHLON MABTIN. lawyer (416) 865 
Chapel, h 116 NicoU— See p 
Connecticut Adamant Plaster G6. (Wil- 
lett H. Kellogg and Marcos K 
Hemingway) , mfrs. wall plasfaex, 
adamant and calcined and laad 
plaster 8 to 14 River 

Agricultural Experiment StaJtvAt 

Bible Society, Rev. W. H. Gilbert 
sec., depository 713 Chapd 

Bottlers' Protective Association, 486 
Congress av 


Jerome Kennedy general agea^, 

(215) 42 Church— See p 937 
Business CoUege, A. J. Hani ing piis» 

dpal, (5) 839 Chapel 
Chair Ca, contractc^s and chair 

County Jail 245 Whalley av 
Churchman, Rev. J. F. Sexton, 

999 Whalley av 
Collection Cow, William K. Ellsw 

collecting agency (44) 

Commercial Travelers' Mutual 

dent Association, (10) 



H. MacPonald prea., {/^\ 
Cfhurch— See p lOlO 


T Hk:. electrical supplies (90^ 
Church— See p 894 
Freie Presse (weekly), office 71 


PEODXrCE CO. (F. Roein, 
Brownstein, M. Headei 
Stock), fruit and produce 
^49 to 53 Union — ^e p 992 

FOED, H. w. 

agent, (10) 840 


LY JOTTENAI. (weekly) 

State-fiee p 877 

Humane Society, office (206) 


coNinscTicirr iKiDxjsTiMa 


Co. pubhshers, 70 Oeiiter---a 
953 •>«—«■ 




CbBDfcticut Life Ins. Co. of Waterbury, 
New Haven Trust Co. receiyerSi 
(302) 42 Church 

IferdiantB' Association, J. S. Rowan 
manager, meorcantile agency, 
(22) 840 Chapel 

Mortgage Loan Co. (Maurice M. 
Toohey and Randali D. Hille- 
biunt)', (64) 23 Church 

Mmc Teachers' AjBsociation, 851 

coraEcncirr HxrnrAL life 


Frank W. Sweet general agents 

(308) 865 Oiapel— See p 931 
Pints Mfg. Co. (S. Gingold and F. 

Weissman), 316 Congress av 
Post Publishing Co. The, publishers 

Srenska Connecticut Posten 77 

Bepublikaner (daily and weekly), 

W. Schlein publisher, 24 Ceorge 
Boofing Co. (Robert Goodwin & Son), 
1312 Chapel 


of New Haven, 83 Church — See 
State Board of Trade, Willard C. 
Warren sec and treas. 70 Cen- 
Susday School Association, office 
(30) 49 Church 
I Tel€jgTaph Co., 120 Court 
■ Training School for Nurses,, office N. 
i H. Hospital, Cedar opp Broad 

WKnefry Daniel, bds 51 Lines 

Daniel Jr., emp N. Y., N. H. & H. 

R. R., h 61 Lines 
Dennis. laborer, h 24 Palmer 
John, emp N. Y., N. H. & H. R. R,, 
h 51 Lines 
U Bridget, widow Peter, bds 722 
Cktherine Mias, housekeeper 79 Dav- 
enport av 
Daniel B.. engineer P. Bros. & Co., h 

44 Clifton 
£Ilea T. Miss, emp I. Newman & 
Sons, bds 41 SteveuB 

A., widovr Daniel, h 44 Clif- 

h 294 Davenport av 
J., widow Elmer E., nurse, 
bd8 82Hallock 

, bds Sprin^side Home 

:, laborer, h 216 Franklin 

V blackamith, h 41 Stevens 

i, inq. 64 Hiirlburt 

Ificha^y molder Sargent & Co., 
b203 East 
Joseph, fbLgmsLn, h 43 Putnam 

Annie Miss, dressmaker 747 
Grand av. h do. 

Mi«., h 472 Chapel 

£. Ifias, dreesmaker 508 Co- 

[boB av, bda do. 

Connelly David, emp N. Y., N. H. & H. 

R. R. freight house Belle Dock, h 

62 Market 
Deimis E., emp N. H. R. M. Co^, h 

399 Grand av 
Eliza, widow Michael, h 41 Market 
Elizabeth, widow James, h 13 White 
Frank K., derk 28 Congress av, bdfl 

16 Park 
George E., plumber, bds 13 White 
Helen Miss, dressmaker 464 Howard 

av, bds do. 
Hugh, laborer, h 917 Whalley av 
Hugh F., bartender, bds 13 White 
James, bds 154 East 
James F., lather, bds 41 Market 
James F. Mrs., h 452 East 
James H., blacksmith, bds 13 White 
Jennie Miss, dressmaker, bds 747 

Grand av 
Jeremiah, dining room Tomlinson 

bridge, h 126 Blatchley av 
John, emp N. H. Gock Co., bds 86 

John, lather, bds 41 Market 
John, emp city, h 93 Greenwood 
John, laborer, bds 62 Market 
John, emp The Bigelow Co., h 246 

John C, cigarmaker, bds 195 Hamil- 
John J., emp N. H. R. M. Co., h 288 

Blatchley av 
John T., emp W. R. A. Co., bds 122 

Joseph, watchman W. R. A. Co., h 

198 Foster 
Kate A. Miss, nuiBC, bds 45 Park 
Kate T., widow Hugh, prop. Ken- 
wick House 928 Chapel, h do. 
Mary, widow James, h 183 G^flfe 
Mary, widow James, h 464 Howard 

Mary, widow William, h 87 James 
Mary Miss, bds 263 Grand av 
Michael, emp L. Candee & Co., h 114 

Michael D., emp M. F. Arms Co., h 

680 East 
Michael J., carpenter, h 44 Liberty 
Michael J., emp M. F. Arms Co., h 

84 Mechanic 
Miles G., clerk 9 Church, bds 13 

Patrick, laborer, bds 615 State 
Patrick, emp W. R. A. (3o., h 122 

Patrick, laborer, h 122 Eagle 

CONNELLY PETER F. plumber 101 

Portsea, h 105 do.— See p 916 
Richard, emp Belle Dock, bds 62 

Richard D., emp N. H. R. M. Co., bds 

87 James 
Rose Miss, dressmaker 747 Grand av, 

h do. 
Susan Mrs., h 3 Beecher court 





Connelly Thomas, tea and wood dealer, h 
213 Pine 

ThomaA, laborer, h 21 Wilson 

Thomajs, teamfiter, bds 300 East 

Thomas H., bartender, h 387 Con- 
gress ay 

Thomas J., vamiaher, h 608 Colum- 
bus ay 

William, emp N. H. R. M. Co., h 101 

William, laborer, h 62 Market 

William, smith helper, h 105 Hamil- 

William, emp Sargent & Co., h 84 

William Jr., emp N. H. R. M. Co., h 
171 Clay 

— see Connolly and Conley 
Conner Charles £., emp N. H. Carriage 
Co., h 144 Franklin 

George A., salesman C. C. Andrew & 
Cow, h 78 Howard ay 

Georoe W., Conner's New Hayen, 
Waterbury and Naugatuck Ex- 
press 68 Center and 292 State, 
res Waterbury 

Jeremiah, porter A. T. Demarest^ rme 
476 Chapel 

Martha L., widow James, h 380 

Nelson P., laborer, h 336 East 
Conner's New Hayen, Waterbury and 
Naugatuck Express (Georse W. 
Conner) 292 State and 68 &nter 
Connors Patrick, in U. S. Army 
Oonnerton Mary, widow Thomas, h 88 

William F., farm laborer, bds Burr n 
Townsend ay 
Conniff Ann Mrs., h Adeline 

James, carpenter, bds 9 Adeline 

Luke, emp 94 Temple, h 184 Frank 
Connolly Bernard, polisher emp P. Bros. 
A Ca, h 489 State 

Daniel F., emp W. R. A. Co., h 109 

James J., clerk 70 Crown, h 57 White 

John, grinder, bds 96 Hayen 

John, grocer and meats 82 James, h 
90 do. 

Kate Miss, emp 102 Hill, bds 132 

Maurice, policeman, h 1305 State 

Michael, emp N. H. R. M. Co., h 153 
Saltonstall ay 

Michael J., policeman, h 225 Blatch- 
ley ay 

Patrick, emp Sperry k Barnes, h 182 

Richard J., bds 153 Saltonstall ay 

Theresa, widow Robert, h 57 White 

Thomas C, emp N. Y., N. H. & H. R. 
R., bds 140 Bridge 

William F., emp 922 Chapel, h 132 
Connelly and Conley 

Comior Bessie Miss, stenogn4>her emp 

(48) 23 Church, bds 174 Llord 
Cornelius J., bartender, h 312 Oolam- 

bus ay 
Ella, widow Charles^ bds 104 £i- 

Ella M. Miss, cashier, bds 1397 State 
Ellen, widow Richard, h 210 Ferry 
Geoiige, laborer, h Ramsdell 
George L., pass, traffic manager (217) 

R. R. <^ce bdg, res New Yoii 

James, buffer, h 163 Putnam 
James, laborer, h 115 ScdtonstaU « 
James E., painter, decorator and par 

per hanger 270 Lloyd, h do. 
John J., joiner, h 68 Liberty 
John J., carpenter, h 103 Lambertoo 
John J., carpenter, bds 215 Franklii 
Lawrence, yegetable dealer, bds ti 

Lizzie Miss, dressmaker 63 Spring, k 

Louise T., widow John H., h 492 Etai 
Margaret, ' widow Jamee, h 216 

Mary, widow Cornelius, h 63 SpruK 
Mary, widow Patrick, h 312 Grand 

Mary Miss, clerk R. R. office bd^ 

bds 161 Columbus ay 
May Miss, housekeeper 14 Howail 

Michael, laborer, bds 312 Grand av 
Patrick F., R. R. postal clerk, h 21 

Richard, rem to Wallingfoicd 
Richard, hoseman Engine No. 7, 

St. John, rms do. 
Simon, h 37 Adeline 
Simon F., laborer, bds 37 Adeline 
Thomas, oysterman, bds 312 G 

Walter, emp 922 Chapel, bds 1) 



tractor, quarryman, p«yer 

stone mason 962 Grand J 

1439 State— See p 1030 
Walter J. Jr., clerk 33 Broad«d 

bds 492 Ebn ] 

William G., mechanic, bds i 

— see Conner and 0*CcMinor , 

Connors Bernard, rem to Soeton, MaJ 
Christopher, Bwitchxnan, h 02 6 

lisle 1 

James, laborer, h 387 filatchlej l^ 
John, emp Bigelow Co., b 739 <M 

ay J 

John, emp steamer ^Richard PM 

135 Lloyd ~ 

John J., coachman, b. 521 Elaat 
Lawrence, motonna.ii W Av S 

Co., bds 62 Cai-liale ' ' 
Martin, emp Sperry ^ BamMl 

182 Wallace mtto^ 




Connors Morris, ccmduetor N. Y., N, H. 
A fl. R. R., h 275 Lloyd 
Jficfaad, laborer, h 182 Wallace 
Patrick, hostler 167 Court, h 211 

VMxk, laborer, bds 13 Greene 
ThoDUW, blacksmitli, bds 64 Hill 
Thomas, emp Seamless Rubber Oo., 

h 315 Wallace 
Thomas F.» laborer, h 31 fiylvan av 
Timothy J., laborer, h 214 Hamil- 

Oonde John, teamster W. F. Gilbert & 
0>., bds 496 CSiapel 
Ifidiad, emp W. F. Gilbert k> Co., 
bds 436 Chapel 
OooqneBl Geoige P., teamster, h Edwards, 

Omnd llattiiias, teamster, rms 270 War 
Philip painter h 24 Ashmun 
Omiadt Albert^ emp 60 Court, h r 268 

GoDTogr Ann, widow Th<xna8, h r 182 
Caiaries, bds 17 Daggett 
Edward T., tel. operator (118) R. R. 

office bdg, bds 17 Daggett 
Geoige H., clerk R. R. office 70 Long 

Wharf, bds 17 Daggett 
Jamea^ laborer, h 16 St. John 
John, emp N. H. dock Co., h 661 

Oraad ay 
John A., clerk (309) R. R. office bdg, 

bds 17 Daggett 
John C, fireman, bds 22 Lamberton 
John J., rem to New York city 
John J., hostler 808 Elm, h 61 Gil- 
bert ay 
Joaeph M. A., printer, bds 269 Geoige 
Jos^ T., emp W. R. A. Co., bds 191 

Muy F., widow Geoige, h 269 George 
Pklariek, laborer, h 104 Haven 
Piatrick M., polisiier, bds r 182 Wal- 
Peter, clerk Adams Express Co. Un- 
ion depot, h 17 Daggett 
Thomas P., bds 51 Gilbert av 

Bridget, widow James, bds 162 
James P., motoiman F. H. ft W. R. 

B. Ok, hdB 152 Poplar 
Mutin, boilermaker, h 97 James 
liartin, laborer, bds 130 Saltonstall 

Jiaiy Miss, bds 400 East 
EHtriek, laborer, h 162 Poplar 
Itiinek P., emp F. H. & W. R. R. Co., 
bds 152 Poplar 

(Sennaro, emp L. Candee & Co., 
h 123 State 
[.loigi, emp Baxgeat ft Co., bds 43 
itian John, laborer*, h 322 Oon- 

Conatantin Theophile, carriage mfr. and 
repairer 499 Grand av, h 32 
Constantineau Charles, blacksmith Di- 
vision n railroad, h 112 Hazel 
Consumers Supply Co., A. J. Harding 
■ prop., rubber stamps, typewrit- 
ing machines, etc. (6) 839 Chapel 
Conte Antonio, laborer, h 160 Wallace 

Carmine, laborer, h 66 HiU 

David, emp L. Candee ft Go,, bds 86 

Francesco, emp L. Oondee ft Coc and 
steaniship agency 86 Wallace, h 

Giovanni, emp L. Candee ft Ca, bds 
86 Wallace 

Luigi, laborer, h 204 Wallace 

Michele, laborer, bds 6 Minor 

Sebastiano, emp L. Oandee ft Co., h 9 
Donnelly pi 

Stefano, emp Sargent ft Co., bds 160 
Contois Bartholomew, rem to Bethany 

John B., in U. S. Army 

John T., rem to Bridgeport 

Peter P., rem to Fort Niagara, N. Y. 
Contote Antonio, emp N. H. £ M. Co., h 

243 Hamilton 
Conventi Mary, widew Louis, h r 66 Ar- 
Converse Alice C, widow Charles C, h 37 

Charles R., clerk, bds 27 Shelter 

Frederick L., h 1 Whalley av 

George F., physician and sui^gecm 1 
Whalley av, h do. 

Lewis B., carriage bodymaker, h 229 
Grand av 

Paschal, h 40 Pearl 

Sarah C. Miss, bds 61 Lake pi 

William C, prop. Vermont Maple 
Sugar and Syrup Co. 97 Rosette, 
bds 37 County 
Conway Christopher, emp W. R. A. Co., 
bds 691 Grand av 

Cornelius H., druggist 309 Grand av, 
h 14 Shelter 

David F., emp N. Y., N. H. ft H. R. 
R., bds 261 Hamilton 

Edward J., h 601 Grand av 

George H., emp N. Y., N. H. ft H. R. 
R., bds 691 Grand av 

James, emp N. Y., N. H. ft H. R. R., 
bds 13 Webster 

James E., teamster, rms 8 Artisan 

James E., saloon 69 Thomas, W Ha- 
ven, h do. 

James T., clerk 434 Congress av, bds 
6 Lines 

John, emp N. Y., N. H. ft H. R. R., 
bds 261 Hamilton 

John, grocer 123 Frank, h do. 

John, emp N. Y., N. H. ft H. R. R., 
bds 13 Webster 

John C, corset cutter, h 22 Woolsey 

John H., «np W. R. A. Co., h 101 




Conway Jo8eph,cigarmaker, rms 8 Artizan 
Josephine Miss, emp Strouse, Adler 

a Co., bds 691 Grand av 
E&therine M., teacher, bds 261 Ham- 
Margaret, widow Peter, h 608 Grand 

Margaret Mrs., h 591 Grand av 
Mary, widow John, h 67 Cave 
Mary, widow William, bds 218 Wal- 
Michael, bds Springside Home 
Micha.el C, emp C. W. Blakeelee & 

Son, h 1116 Whalley av 
Peter F., saw filer, h 67 Cave 
S., stenographer (130) R. R. office 

bdg, bds 261 Hamilton 
Thomas, emp L. Candee & Co., h 261 

Thomas W., clerk 309 Grand av, h 

272 Lloyd 
William A., h 549 East 
William B., landscape gardener and 

florist and prop. West Rock 

Nurseries 211 Orange, rms do. 
William F., bds Springside Home 
William J., teamster, h 591 Grand av 
Conwell Mert, switchman, bds 59 Putnam 
Oonyard Charles F., machinist, h 35^ 

Charles F. Mrs., dressmaker 35} 

Howe, h do. 
Coogan Bridget, widow James J., h 44 

Edward R., letter carrier Station A, 

h 14 Bradley 
Henry F., printer, bds 14 Bradley 
John F., emp H. B. Ives & Co., h 799 

Grand av 
John W., emp W. R. A. Co., h 286 

Richard, janitor police bdg, h 291 

William H., saloon 769 Grand av, h 

Maple n meadows, W Haven 
Cook Albert S., prof, of English Y. U., h 

219 Bishop 
Benjamin A., civil engineer (306) R. 

R. office bdg, h 93 Elizabeth 
C. H., clerk (429) R. R. office bdg, 

bds 99 Lenox 
Charles, painter, h 35 Vernon 
Charles, rem to California 
Charles D., well driver, h State n Di- 
vision, Hamden 
Charles E., clerk 92 Church, bds 22 

Charles E., emp W. & E. T. Fitch Co., 

bds State n Division, Hamden 
Charlee N., pres. and treaa. American 

Plating Co. 552 State, h 75 dark 
Charles T., emp N. H. R. M. Co., bds 

56 Woolsey 
Charles W., painter and paper hanger 

r 91 Frank, h 91 do. 
Cornelia, widow Robert, rem to Troy, 

N. Y. 

Cook DeWitt C, sale stable 127 Meadow, 

rms do. 
Ella Miss, h 14 Prindle 
Emeline, widow Wilson, h 567 ()ain- 

nipiac av 
Emma J., widow Cephas, h 14 La- 
Emma S. Miss, rem to VtJl Bber, 

Francis, h 83 Frank 
IVancis K, carpenter, h 224 Noiton 
Frank, emp W. R. A. Co., bds 481 

Frank D., policeman, h 30 Lines 
Frank H., porter 11 Church and 

(Cook & Simmons) 275^ Wats, 

h 139 Lafayette 
Frank P., emp L. Candee & Co., h 202 

Frederick, toolmaker, h 126 Putoaa 

av, Whitneyville 
Frederick E., bds 80 Asylum 
George, bds 337 Lexington av 
George A., trav. salewnan 104 Staie^ 

h 49 Vernon 
George E., clerk 314 State, h 412 

Congress av 
George H., carpenter and builder r 89 

Frank, h 91 do. 
George L., buffer, bds 29 Foote 
George W., emp R. H. Brown, k 0^ 

h 113 Bristol 
G. Ernest, bds 31 Washin^^n av 
Hannah Miss, bds 525 Winthxcf^tf 
Harry A., blacksmith, h 795 State 
Helen, widow Frank, bds 193 Qntt 
nipiac av 1 

Henry B., agent ( 12) 167 Crown, ifli^ 

Isabella, widow George Li., li 

James, emp L. Candee & Co., bds 1 

Greene 1 

James, police sergeant Station 1, i 

80 Allium 
James D., druggist 205 Chsq>el, h Vi 

Blatchley av ' 

James Henry, clerk (318) IL R. afll 

bdg, bds 80 A^yhinx 
James J., porter emp 111 8tate» hi 

Jessie B. Miss, bookkeeper B. ] 

Brown & Co., bds 113 Bristol 
John, emp city, h 94 ^aah 
John E., prop. Metropolitan Stil 

and carriage dealer 127 andl 

Meadow, h 132 do. 
John H., bds 113 Bristol 
Lillian B. Miss, bds 22 ^Ward 
Louisa S., widow Gbarles W., h. i 

Lucy A. Miss, bds 481 Orehard 
Magnus, car inq[>ector, h Wefali 

Hamden { 

Mary E., widow Jolin W. h I 


Mary L. Miss, nurae, h. 532 Hwl 





Cock HatUieWj capmaker, h r 16 Pal- 
Nathan, capmaker, h 20 Thomas 
Ifettie C. Hire., bds 29 Foote 
Oscar W., bank watchman, h 80 

Patrick J., teamster, h 58 Hallock 
Philip, sawyer, h 41 Adeline 
Sarah, widow George, bda 97 Oedar 

Sarah Mrs., rem to Chicago 

Sarah Mis., h 390 Lenox 

Sareh £. Miss, h 29 Eaton 

Stephen, emp N. H. Liock Co., bds 

22 Ward 
Sylvia L., widow Frank, h 339 Co- 
lumbus av 
Thomas^ conductor F. H. & W. R. 

R. Co., h 144 Lloyd 
Thomas E., tinner, bdj9 19 Rose 
Waiter G., cook 40 (3iurch, h 17 

Edgewood av 
Wells C, horse dealer 127 Meadow, 

bds 219 Columbus ay 
William, painter and paperhanger 

22 Ward, h do. 
WiUiam, farm hand, h 104 Creoi^ 
William J., bank watchman, h 196 

ft Simmons (Frank H. Cook and 
William P. Simmons), reetauiv 
, ant 275^ Water 

IDboke Annie Mrs., bds 405 Temple 
I Annie E. Miss, bds 103 Bishop 

CIsjton G., sup't G. M. Griswold, h 

53 Pearl 
Clifford P., clerk 849 Chapel, bds 85 

Edward F., ins. canvasser (214) 865 

Chapel, res Wallingford 
Cdwaixi H., rem to Boston, Mass. 
Edward N., dining room 110 Crown, 

h 140 Greene 
Emily A., widow Stephen C, h 85 

Prsd, emp 936 Chapel, rms 13 Broad- 
Harry M., clerk, bds 89i Greene 
Henrietta A. Mias, bds 103 Bish- 

, op 

JcKph A., rem to Meriden 

Hiria L., widow Phineas G., bds 21 

Maiy L., bds 103 Bishop 
BeDJe S., cleric (318) R. R. office bdg, 

bds 93 Elizabeth 
Borland K., bookkeeper Merwin 

Prov. Ck>., h 163 Center, W Har 


[yUBMn O,, bda 126 Grand ay 

8., with Sargent & Co., h 
506 Georige 

Bridget Miss, dressmaker, h 48 

Arlhnr T-., emp N. Y., N. H. ft 
H. R. R., h 164 Rosette 

Cooley Charles H., clerk 108 Church, h 
506 Elm , 

G^rge R., lawyer (6) 82 Church, 

h 103 Wall 
John R., emp W. R. A. Co., h 185J 
Dixwell av 
Ooolidge Ellery C, rem to Boston, Mass. 
Mary J., widow William H., h 138 
St. John 
Cooligan Joseph, blacksmith, bds 429 
Congress av 
Patrick, h 429 Congress av 
— see Colligan 
Coolohan Andrew (Coolohan & Foran) 
126 East, h 7 Collis 
& Foran (Andrew Coolohan and 
James Foran), saloon 126 Ebst 
— see Coulihan 
Cooluksusian John, h 16 Canal 
Coombes John R., rem to Maiden, ManB. 
Coombs Davis R., clerk 186 Shelton av, h 
74 Rosette 
Ephraim D., rem to Boston, Mass. 
Frank A., emp 131 Union, bds 74 

George M., h 553 Winthrop av 
George W., rem to Massachusetts 
J. S., bds 220 Lawrence 
Mary E. Mrs., bds 111 Crown 
Ralph A., rem to New York city 
Coomes Eugene H., conductor N. Y. Div., 

h 230 Llovd 
Coon Henry C, h Austin n Hard 

— ^ee Koon 
Coonan Agnes M. Miss, stenographer 
emp (813) 42 Church, bds 108 
Cedar Hill av 
Bridget Miss, emp L. Candee & Co., 

h 158 Hamilton 
Edward J., motorman ^. H. & W. R. 

R. Co., bds 108 Cedar Hill av 
John F., carriagesmith, bds 1475 

John H., policeman, h 57 Ann 
Michael, teamster, h 108 Cedar Hill 

Richard, teamster, h 1475 State 
Richard W., conductor F. H. & W. 
R. R. Co., bds 1475 State 
Cooney Ann, widow James, bds 367 
Edgewood av 
Bridget Mrs., h 225 Hamilton 
Charles, emp New York, h 174 

Cornelius P., clerk 257 Hamilton, 

bds 225 do. 
Edward, molder, bds 448^ Chapel 
Ernest J., news agent, bds 59 Dix- 
well av 
James, bridge builder, h 7 Vine 
John T., h 136 College 
Lawrence M.. flag mfr. and dealer 
in decorating goods 107 Greene, 
bds do. 
Martin, bartender, bds 136 Frank 




Cooney Mary A., widow Lawrence M., h 

107 Greene 
Michael, policeman, h 85 MorriB 
Thomas, machinist, bds 129 Roeette 
Thomas, laborer, bds 448^ Chapel 
Thomas J., emp S. Bros. & Co., bds 

225 Hamilton 
WUliam, machinist W. R. A. Ca, h 

69 Dixwell av 
William J., student, bds 107 Greene 
William S., stenographer (427) R. R. 

office bdg, bds 69 Dixwell av 
— see Cuny 
Coons Frank, lineman S. N. K Tel. Co., h 

663 State 
Cooper Abigail, widow James F., bds 240 

Dixw^l av 
Albert, peddler, bds 41 Broad 
Albert G., com. traveler, rms 403 St. 

Allen F., h 437 Orchard 
Augusta J. Mi8s> h 88 Olive 
Charles, laborer, bds 37 OaJc 
Charles E., clerk 470 State, bds 326 

Charles H., teamster, h 278 Wooster 
Dan S., treas., D. S. Cooper Co. 470 

State, h 326 Ferry 
David, engineer, h 41 Dover 
D. S. Co. The, grocers 470 State 
Edward, emp M., W. Co., h 41 Grand 

Edward F., emp H. Hooker & Co., h 

118 Atwater 
Edward G., mason, h Dorman 
Edward M., clerk 390 State, bds 890 

Ellen B., widow Jesee, rem to Wap- 

Ernest E., emp N. H. Clock Co., h 

18 Woolsey 
Frederick K, treas. The Star Laun- 
dry Co. T 206 Dixwell av, h 100 

Frederick G., insurance agent (200) 

42 Church, h 403 St. Ronan 
Frederick R., (The D. S. Cooper Co.) 

470 State 
George B., rem to Hartford 
Goorpre W., grocer and meat market 

3 Atwater blk, h 184 St. John 
Gertrude L,, teacher Strong School, 

h 57 Pine 
Harriet J. Miss, h 88 Olive 
Harvey E., carriagemaker, h 230 Ebc- 

Hettie E. I^fiss, stenographer emp 

(401) 866 Chapel, bds 729 Dix- 
well av 
Henry S., h 1313 Chapel 
James, rem to New Britain 
Jane S., widow Russell H., h 656 

John H., seaman, h 110 Greenwich 


Cooper Martha S., widow Edwin W., bd» 

1035 Whalley av 
Martin, teamster L. C Gilbert UO, 

h 14 St. John 
Martin, watchmaker (14) 828 CSu^ 
Mary J., widow Thomas £., h 61 

Michael, molder, bds 79 Greene 
Nancy T., widow Heniy L, h 9D 

Nathan, carnagemaker, h 267 VVaah- 

ington av 
Oliver B., clerk (414) R. R. office 

bdg, bds 43 Fountain 
Theodore A., machinist, h 56 Pot- 
Thomas W., teamster M., W. Ox, 

bds 427 Grand av 
William H., tra.v. agent M. Sewaxd 

& Son Co., bds 74 Whalley ar 
William L., policeman, h 208 GieeB- 

wich av 
William W., emp N. H. Clock Ok, k 

20 Cottage 
Willis A., draughtsman (824> ^' 

Chapel, h Quinnipiac av n Bm^ 


ETY OF CONN. Arthur 
Fogg manager, (212) 865 
—See p 941 
Coopey Samuel, fireman N. T., N. H. 
H. R. R Co., h 20 Main, 
Coote Robert, emp R. R sihopB, h U 

Copeland George H., ^ippin^ el 
freight depot, h 74 Bristol 
Robert F., grocer 1208 State, h < 
Sarah, widow George Albert, ti 

Oopeley Charles H., motorman W. A^. 
R Co., h 98 Tuird av, "W Hai 
Jasper H., emp N. H. 'EL Oo., h 
Coplan Samuel, meat market 740 Gi 
av, h da 
ooe Caplan 
Coppe Joseph, waiter 964 Chapel, mm 
Coppenger William, cigarmaJcer, bdi 

Coppola Andrea, h 150 Wallace 

Angelo, emp Sargent i C3o., h t 

Angel o, emp L. Oandee & Cb., 

141 Hamilton 
Antonio, laborer, h 41 ISiH 
Francesco, laborer, h 159 \Ta]] 
Frank, grocer 181 Hamilton, h 
Gerolamo, emp L. Oandee & CbJ 

160 Wallace 
Luigi, emp L. Oandee & Ox, 

Raffaele, peddler, bds 167 Wali 
Saverio. confectioner-v and fmil 
Wallace, h 161 do. 




Copnnceeco Andrew, gtone cutter, h 191 
Winthro^ av 
Oscar, stone cutter^ bds 191 Win- 
throp KV 
Cbrbdiy Christopher, molder, bds 21 
J^mes, laborer, h 66 Hudson 
John J., teamster, bds 21 Hamilton 
Jiuj, widow John, h 21 Hamilton 
Thomas H., emp Belle Dock, h 36 
Ooibctt Annie Miss, emp L. Osndee & Ck>., 
h 129 James 
David J., rem to Syracuse, N. Y. 
Edgar P., brakeman^ bds 65 Spring 
Edwud, gard^ier, rms 12 Orange 
Geoige W., loocxnotive engineer, h 65 

Irnhd Mm, nurse, bds 233 York 
James, watchmaker and auctioneer 

65 Broadway, h 494 Elm 
Jobn J., prop. Bapid Transit Print 

781 Chapel, bds 525 East 
Kate, widow Jeremiah, h 525 East 
ICaiy 6. Mis8> bookkeeper 821 Grand 

av, bds 526 East 
lOchael J., laborer, bds 129 James 
Teneoce, sawyer, bds 272 Hamilton 
Thomas J., dental student, bds 525 


ranges, plumber and galvanized 
iron w(vker, mantels and bicy- 
cles 29 and 31 Broadway, crock- 
efy, etc. 262 and 264 Elm, h 31^ 
Broadway — See p 914 
(Mm Alberta L., teacher High School, 
^ bds 152 Whalley av 

A]genKm B. (Corbin A Konold) 811 

Chapel, bds 397 Grown 
Arthur L., student, bds 152 Whalley 

Ftank A., merchant tailor 1000 

Chapel, h 54 Dwight 
Larina A. Miss^ nurse, h 532 Howard 

Ifyron M., h 152 Whalley av 
A Kooold (Algernon B. Corbin and 
Hairy A. Konold), photographers 
811 Chapd 

Geoige W., carriage trinuner, 
bds 252 Winthrop av 
Eliaheba, ividow Robert^ bds 77 

Alice Miss, tailoress, bds 690 
Gnmd av 
Abb, widow Patrick, h 187 Franklin 
Oariotte £. Miaa, bds 141 Dwight 
widow Jchn, h 121 Asylum 
emp L. Gandee A, Co., bds 
256 Atwater 
fnak P., clerk (429) B. B. office 
bdg, bda 197 Ftanklin 

J., bulTer, bds 360 East 
, ram to Bridg^KNTt 
£., smith hdper, h 256 At- 



Corcoran James E. Jr., carriage painter, 

bds 256 Atwater 
James H., emp N. F. B. & P. Co. No. 

3, bds 261 Hamilton 
J. F. Bev., chaplain St Francis Or- 
phan Asylum, bds do. 
John, casketinaker, bds 187 Frank> 

John, vamisher, h 78 Broad 
John J., carpenter, h 98 Plymouth 
Kate Miss, corsetmaker, bds 291 

Katie Miss, corsetmaker, bds 535 

Dixwell av 
Lawrence, laborer, bds 256 Atwater 
Louis, carriage trimmer, bds 29 Cto- 

Luke, h 29 Canner 
Luke Jr., rem to Glen Falls, N. Y. 
Margaret E. Miss, clerk 84 CSiurch, 

bds 44 Lafayette 
Mary Miss, teacher ESdwards Street 

School, bds 29 Canner 

ams House 68 George, h do. — See 

p 1041 
Mary A Miss, h 44 Lafayette 
Michael, buffer, h 266 Washington 

Michael, laborer, h 281 Blatchley av 
Michael, emp Sargent & Co., h 84 

Woodward av 
Michael, joiner, h 46 Carlisle 
Minnie Miss, teacher, bds 29 Cknner 
Nicholas P., plumber 376 Congreas 

av, h 525 Columbus av 
Patrick, emp repair shops N. Y., N. 

H. & B. R., h 261 HamiltcHL 
Patrick, farmer, bds 129 Fillmore 
Patrick, h 197 Franklin 
Peter T., emp power house F. H. & 

W. B. B. Co., h 56 Chapel 
Philip J., ball player, h 535 Dixwell 

Samuel, h 7 Haven 
Th(»nas, boilermaker, bds 137 James 
Thomas, emp W. B. A. Co., bds 29 

Thomas, h r 141 Frank 
Thomas F., bartender Winchester 

Hotel, bds do. 
Thomas F., joiner, bds 44 Carlisle 
Thomas H., machinist N. Y., N. H. 

& H. B. B., h 51 Button 
Thomas J., emp N. Y., N. H. & H. R. 

R., h 30 Haven 
Thomas W. P., ball player, bds 535 

Dixwell av 
William, emp Seamless Bubber Co., 

h 245 First av, W Haven 
Cordery Daniel S., carpenter, h 270 Or^ 

Cordone Donate, laborer, bds 22 Lafay- 
Corey David, h 14 Pearl 

Hattie A. Miss, bds 393 Temple 
James H., farmer, h Dixwell av, 




Corey Sarah C, widow Charles W., h 70 

— Bee Cory 
Coria Raffaele, laborer, h 307 East 
Corlin Frank, laborer, h 5 Wight 
Corliss Eliza, widow Samuel W., h 81 

Sylvan av 
K. A. Mrs., h 113 Poplar 
Cormack Daniel, emp accounting dept. 

(414) R. R. office bdg, h 21 Ro- 
William, emp 922 Chapel, bds 21 Ro- 
Corman Solomon, tailor (41) 20 Center, 

rms 2 Silver 
Cornelius Arthur B., bds 476 Chapel 

Jacob, restaurant 474 Chapd, h 476 

Percy, bds 476 Chapel 
Wilbur, bds 476 Chapel 
Cornell Alexander, coachman 221 Church, 

rms 150 Qoffe 
Daniel D., joiner, h 824 Dixwell av 
F., emp Sargent & Co., rms 224 Or- 
F. Edward, carpenter, h 955 Grand 

Frederick K., teamster, h 52 Tyler 
Simon, corset ironer, bds 90 Lafay- 
T. L., vice pres. and sec. National 

Folding Box and Paper Co., res 

Comielo Vincenzo, emp Sargent & Co., h 

210 Hamilton 
Coming Cornelius M., accountant, h 231 

Thomas, machimst, bds 155 Meadow 
Cornish Charles, paintar, h 5 Valley 
George, jpainter, h 141 Nash 
John, painter, h Davis n Fairfield 
Philip, painter, h Davis n Whalley 

William 0., painter, rms 279 Wooa- 

Cornwall Anna E., widow Josiah, h 151 

Charles E., ass't teller Conn. Savings 

Bank, bds 43 Dwight 
Edward L., emp W. R. A. Co., h 591 

Dixwell av 
Frank S., emp P. Bros. & Co., bds 

842 State 
Isaac R., h 43 Dwight 
Jennie L. Miss, stenographer 850 

Chapel, bds 170 W«^ington av, 

W Haven 
Matthew P., rem to Paterson, N. J. 
Samuel, h 170 Washington av, W 

William E., h 842 State 
William H., emp W. R. A. Co., h 151 

William W., trav. salesman, bds 170 

Washington av, W Haven 
Comwell Frank E., clerk 215 Water, bds 

187i Columbus av 


Comwell Frank S., clerk N. H. Caock Oo, 
bds 72 Howe 
Helen M., widow Josiah G., h 136 
Corper Bany, rem to Boston, mub. 
John, cigarmaker emp 20 Churdi, h 
381 Grand av 


ord Publishing Co. pubs., (8(H) 
42 Church— See p 953 
Oorr William, emp 38 Congress av, nw 

Corradino John, shoemaker 9 difton, h 

Corrado Maria Teresa, h 47 Wallace 
Corrao Charlie, emp L. Ctodee & O)., bdi 

153 Wallace 
Corrato Pietro, emp L. Candee & Co., h 

22 Cain 
Correll Edward T., emp Yale Gas SUw% 

Co., bds 81 Audubon 
Corrigan Ann, widow Thomas^ h Spring- 
side av 
James, emp N. H. Water Co., h 89 

James J., bds 89 Temple 
John H., bds Springside av 
Patrick J., carpenter, h 415 Ooltim- 

bus av 
Thomas, engineer, bds Springside at 
— see Carrigan 
Corry Eliza, widow Peter, h 66 Manafiritt 
Mary E. Miss, h 56 Mansfield 
— see Cory and Corey 
Corsa Charles P., lockmaker, bds I 

Corsaro Giovanni, laborer, h 64 8t. J 
Corsen — see Coorssen 
Corsey Patrick, emp R. R. shops, bds 

Corso Agostino, fruit vender, h 232 
Giuseppe, fruit deal^, h r 23d 

Pasquale, fruit vender, h 232 

Pasquale, grocer 41 Unioa, b. do. 
Salvatore, fruit dealer, h 
Corson St. aair T., clerk (420) K- B- 

flce bdg, h 107 Liberty- 
Corves Dietrich, carriage bl&eksmi 
35 Linden 
Frank, druggist, bds 35 Xjind 
Corwin Bart H., engineer L«. Oand 
Co., h 92 Townsend 


Otis Elevator Co. 

Tyler Co. (612) 42 

130 St. John— See 

front cover 
Edward P., bds 130 St. JoKn 
Robert N., prof Y. U., bi 333 
Cory Alfred H., joiner, bds IGl sp 
Ebenezer, foreman boildixiip d 

Y., N. H. & H. IC iC, 








Cory Edwin F., sup't upholstery dept 07 
Onnge, h 247 Greenwich ay 
S. fnsk, eleik 922 Qiapel, bds 247 

Greenwich av 
WilbttT Q., chief draughtanaxi (123) 

R. R. oBice bdg, h 88 Cottage 
ObMDtt Antonio^ shoemaker 192 Woah- 
in^n aTy h 418 CongreeB av 
Domeniecs grocer 85 WalEioe, h do. 
Vmoenso, laborer, h 219 Wallace 
Cb^grove Edwin H., rem to Dayton, O. 
StU MiflB, h 184 Franklin 
Henry, machinist, h 234 Wallace 
Heniy W., conductor F. H. ft W. R. 

K. Co., h 206 Hamilton 
Jsmes D., emp M. F. Arms Co., h 14 

Jolm H., mechanic, bds 184 Franklin 
Kaigaiet Mrs., h 697 East 
Hsiy £. Mis8» h 194 Franklin 
Hiefaael, coachman, bds 93 Ward 
Michael, laborer, bds 636 Grand av 
Hichael K, shoe dealer 46 Church, h 

109 Davenport av 
Patrick, laborer, h 246 Hamilton 
Patrick H., clerk 46 Church, h 27 

SylraiL av 
Patrick J., engineer, h 63 Wallace 


bds 194 Franklin 

Tbiiza. Mrs., h 166 Washington av, 

W Haven 
Thomas, laborer, h 17 Rose 
William B., casket trimmer, h 194 
* Franklin 

William F., emp P. Bros. & Co., bds 
194 Franklin 
iWer Jane Mrs., h west end Highland, 
' W Haven 

Oo. The, mfrs. slot machines 
r 158 Whalley av 
o Genirdo, boot and shoe re- 
pairer 765 State, h 199 Wallace 
to Vito, laborer, h 11 Summer 

John, grocer 30 Fair, h do. 

Montore, laborer, h 12 Fair 
Leonardo G., cigar packer emp 
20 Church, rms 68 Crown 

I^Abbraccio, barber 64 Com- 
leroe, tbob do. 

Antonio, emp N. H. R. M. Co., 
h 221 Wallace 
IVank, baker, bds 169 Wallace 
lAigi, baker 157 Wallace, h 169 da 
LoaiB, h 418 Congress av 
Ann Miae» bds 62 Carlisle 

M., emp C Cowles ft Col, bds 
248 Oak 

es Sw. plumber emp 329 Howard 
av, bds 9 Maple, W Haven 

her P., teamster, bds 148 De- 
is J., boetler, bds 9 Maple, W 

:, laborer, b 462 Orchard 

Coetello James B., emp S. N. £. Tel. Co.> 

h 303 Hamilton 
John F., emp R. R. shops, h 148 De- 
Joseph F., plumber, bds 248 Oak 
Joeephine T. Miss, teacher Zunder 

School, bds 218 Cedar 
Ik Oatherine, emp W. H. Buckle Co., 

bds 9 Maple, W Haven 
Margaret M. Miss, emp W. H. Buckle 

Co., bds 9 Maple, W Haven 
Mary, widow Dennis D., h 9 Maple^, 

W Haven 
Mary, widow Michael, rem to Hart- 
Mary Miss, bds 62 Prince 
Maxy A., teacher Wooster School, 

bds 214 Franklin 
Michael, saloon 136 Union av, h 134 

Michael, molder G. F. W. Mfg. Co., h 

269 HamUton 
Morris, emp N. Y., N. H. & H. R. R., 

bds 148 Division 
Patrick, grocer and meat market 

212 Franklin, h 214 da 
Patrick v., student, bds 214 Frank- 
Sarah A., widow Michael, h 248 Oak 
Timothy, laborer, bds 643 East 
William, grocer 242 Hamilton, h do. 
William, emp 270 State, bds 196 

William B., molder, bds 277 James 
William F., steam fitter, h 118 Crown 
William J., molder, h 277 Jamee 
Oostigan Margaret, widow John R., h 82 

Mary, widow William, h 68 Greene 
Michael W., emp 116 HamUton, bds 

68 Greene 
Thomas F., smith helper, h 21 Ham- 
Coetin John, blacksmith helper, h 45 

First av, W Haven 
Coston Catherine, widow Wilson, h 160 

Dixwell av 
Cote Bmily Mrs., dressmaker, h 78 Beach 
Homer, blacksmith, h 140 Lloyd 
Raoul, smith helper, bds 140 Lloyd 
Cotter Anna, widow Edward, h 10 Wool- 

Edward M., plumber, h 117 Foster 
Frances Miss, emp L. Gandee ft Co., 

bds 33 Avon 
Hattie M. Miss, stenographer J. C. 

Hubinger Bros. Co., bds 10 

James, driver W. Hull & Son, h 33 

John, milkman, h 1346 Whalley av 
John F., horse collarmaker, bds 697 

Grand av 
Cotteral James W., carpenter, h 174 




Ootteral James W. Mrs., dressmaker and 

cutting school 174 Wooeter, h do. 

Cottie Jc^n, emp W. Schollhorn C6., bds 

162 Wooster 
Cottiero James G. (Gambardella & Gotr 
tiero) 152 £lm, bds 123 State 
Pietro, confectionery 525 State, h 
543 do. 
Cottin Max, confectionery and dry goods 

113 Putnam, h do. 
Cotton Frank A., machinist, h 29 Lam- 

Cottrell Minnie A. Mrs., housekeeper 283 

Couch Charles W., emp 290 State, h 269 
Harry W., emp W. R. A. Co., bds 324 

Dixwell av 
Irving, painter, bds 117 Greene 
Luther B., ass't teller N. H. Nat 

Bank, bds 46 Garden 
Bobert I., cashier N. H. Nat Bank, 
bds 46 Garden 
Conchy Edward, machinist, bds 86 Ade- 
Coughlan William C, motorman W. Av. 
R. R. Co., bds west end Court, 
W Haven 
William J., drug clerk 665 Grand av, 
bds 194 HamUton 
Coughlin Catherine, widow Patrick, h 
426 East 
Daniel, iron molder, h 159 Humphrey 
Johanna, widow James, h 63 Hurl- 

John, laborer, h 258 Bast 
John, broker, h 595 State 
John, teamater, bds 196 Wallace 
Mary, widow William, h 194 Hamil- 
Michael, emp Reynolds k Co., h 284 

Michael, laborer, h 266 Washington 

Michael Mrs., nurse, bds 1791 State, 

Patrick, laborer, bds 258 East 
Patrick J., blacksmith emp C W. 

Blakeslee & Sons, h 285 Oak 
Thomas, esnp L. Oandee k Co., h 250 
Coukos Alexander, manager 463 State, 

rms 465 da 
Coulombe Etieme, butcher, h 207 CSiapel 
Coulter James H., rem to New York 
William, janitor 2 Hillhouse av, h 
Counter Daniel G., fireman W. R. A. Co., 

bdfl 28 Foote 
Countryman Charles L., carpenter and 
builder 120 Lamberton, h do. 
Edwin, carpenter and builder 356 

Howard av, h do. 
Nicholas, bds 356 Howard av 
Robert E., carpenter and builder 38 
Salem, h do. 


County Clerk's Ofiice, (10) Court Hqon 
Commissioner's Office, (1) Oouit 

Court House, 171 to 175 Church 
Health Officer, (2) 116 Church 
Home for Neglected Children, SImI- 

ton av c Bassett 
JaU, 245 Whalley av 
Sheriff's Office, Qmnty Court House 
Treasurer's Office, (2) Court Home 
Courcey PSa trick, emp R. R. shops, bds 11 

Courier Building, 396 to 400 State 
Court of Common Pleas, (3 and 4) Oooit 
House 175 Church 
Room, (4 and 5) Town Hall, Main e i 
Campbell av, W Havoi 
Courtney Ann, widow John, h 14 Gob- 
grees av 
Beasie A. Miss, saleslady 922 ChapeL 

bds 14 Congress av 
Catherine, widow William, h IM 

Catherine Mrs., dressmaker 288 

Washington av, h do. 
Jeremiah, lalK>rer, h 448 OcMigress w 
John, laborer, h 288 Wacdiington sr j 
John H., saloon 119 Frank, bds \^1 
do. i 

John J., contractor W. & E. T. Fits 
Co., h 75 Frank 1 

Margaret Mrs., h 121 Goffe 1 

Michael, mechanic, h 196 Wallace J 
Nora T. Miss, corset stitcher, bds l| 

Congress av 
Patrick, laborer, h 252 Hamilton 
Patrick A., clerk, bds 14 Cbngress 
Walter, foreman N. Y., N. H. ft 
R. R., bds 146 Meadow 
Cousins John, trav. salesman, h 1 
Columbus av 
John Mrs., art needleworlc \%'l\ 
lumbus av, h do. 
Cousmarano Giovanni, grocer 256 

h do. 
Coutts David, blacksmith, h 56 

John, emp W. R. A. Co., bda 66 
Covell Frederick L. (Oarieton & 

139 Orange, h 59 Asylum 
Covelli Francesco, barber 258 *Or<A) 

do. I 

Covert Alexander H., carriage finlalM^ 
84 Greene 
Frank, emp W. R. A. Oo., h 

Henry C, polisher, h 213 1 
Henry L., polisher, bds 11 VT^ 
Isaac W., «np 87 Grdejoe, 

Cedar Hill av 
Katie Mrs., laundress OcraiitT 

bds 201 Bassett 
Nathaniel C, T>oliaher OL 

Co,, h 11 Woolsey 
RolK^rt H.. emp N. Y., N, BL lb 
R., bds 213 Exchaixg:« 
Covertti — see Oavotti 




Onrcy Clifford, rem to Norwich 

L D.y emp 71 Broadway, h 813 

Whalley av 

Cowu Anna Miss, emp L. Oandee ft Oo., 

bds 42 Nicoll 

Annie, widow William, bda 42 Nicoll 

Benjamin R., journalist, h 25 Asy- 

Fnnk L, collector N. H. Gas Light 

Ca, rma 228 Crown 
James W., painter, h 855 Grand av 
Obwaid MaHie L. Mrs., bds 125 Wail 
CbvdjBU Alfred, gardener N. H. Hospi- 
tal, bds da 
Cawee Fhmk, trav. sfdesman, h 353 

Edgvwood ay 
Coweil Abel S., bookkeeper Yale Safe and 
Iron Cow, bds 170 Wooster 
Fnnk P., emp L. Oandee & Oo., 

bds 170 Wooster 
Flpederiek A., foreman L. Oandee A. 

Gbi, h 70 Chestnut 
Henr^ A., emp 109 Park, bds 100 do. 
Henry Lu, h 133 Greene 
Ifaria L., widow Phineas S., h 170 

Maiy T., widow David, h 116 York 
William G. (Herrick ft Coweil) 39 
Artizan, h 350 Elm 
Jbra Albert H., mechanic, h 55 Hasel 
darence G., rem to Worcester, Mass. 
Ooartney L., laborer, bds 55 Hazel 
Auk K., bartender 39 Dixwell av, 

bds 55 Hazel 
PM D.. emp 424 State, h 56 Foote 
Georffe M., barber 141 Newhall, h 55 

John D., emp 7 Center, h 56 Foote 
Bcbert J., engineer, h 55 Hazel 
John, bartender, bds 16 Hamil- 

John T., boilermaker, h 175 Sal- 
tonstall av 

Arthur £., stenognupher R. R. 
office bdg, bds 148 Plymouth 

C. A CO. <^<^i^^ trimmings, 
cvriage hardware and carriage 
lamps Water c CSiestnut — See p 

A^ emp 1'^. Y., N. H. ft H. R. R., 
h 148 Plymouth 
M. Mi8B» emp N. H. dock Co., 
bds 31 Danett 
Ofih IR^y S^esk 698 Chapel, h 226 

M., widofw Josiah W., board- 
ng honae 489 State 

„ 7KEDEBICE H. ndlk deal- 
er, h 50 Judson av — See p 976 

!>k L*^, pree. C. Cowles ft Ca, 
Water c Chestnut, h 1830 Chapel 

W., city express, h 30 Dag- 

8., widow Ruel P., h 1354 


L., widow Lnman, h 1111 


Cowles Henry D., captain detectives police 

dept. Station 1, h 31 Daggett 
L. F., widow Timothy, treas. Home 

of the Friendless, P. O. box 817, 

res Ridge road, Hamden 
Louis C, sec. C. Cowles ft Oo., bds 

1364 Chapel 
Matilda, widow Martin, nurse> h 114 

Sylvan av 
Roland C, waiter, h 8 Richards, W 

William H., trav. salesman Merwin 

Prov. Co., h 39 Shelter 
— see Coles 
Cox Bernard Mrs., grocer 192 Hamilton, 

h r do. 
Bemhard, laborer, h r 192 Hamilton 
Oatherine Miss, emp 824 Chapel, bds 

r 192 Hamilton 
Daniel, grocer 137 Putnam, h do. 
Geoige, emp 80 Long Wharf, bds 46 

George F., clerk, bds 291 Portaea 
Harry W., clerk W. R. A. Co., bds 

108 Dixwell av 
James, laborer, h 111 Washington av 
James F., emp R. R. shops, bds 111 

Washington av 
James F. (James F. Cox ft Sons) 25 

Center, h 97 Ivy 
James F. ft Sons (James F. Cox), 

bicycle dealers 25 Center 
John, fireman, h 84 Wallace 
John, laborer, bds 127 Liberty 
John, prop. Surf House, Savin av n 

Savin Rock, W Haven, h do. 
John Adam, teamster Luden Sander- 
son, h 93 Elaton 
John T. (Cox ft Henze) 33 Church, h 

291 Portsea 
Mary A., emp Strouse, Adler ft Co., 

bds 51 aark 
Michael, fireman, h 47 Putnam 
Newton H. (Cox ft Ly<m) 756 Chap- 
el, h 186 Ellsworth av 
Patrick, molder, bds 264 Hamilton 
Patrick H., printer, bds 109 Nash 
Thomasy emp N. Y., N. H. ft H. R. 

R., bds 53 Elliott 
Thomas, emp Memtin Provision Co., 

bds 46 Liberty 
Thomas F., real estate (6) 82 Church, 

h 59 Oark 
Thomas H., lawyer and ass't derk 

Town Clerk's office City Hall, h 

337 Sherman av 
T. Metier, bds 186 Ellsworth av 
Walter H., buyer The Edward Mal- 

ley Co., h 93 Main, W Haven* 
William G., proofreader, h 108 Dix- 
well av 
William H., emp N. H. Gas light 

Co., h 176 Dixwell av 
William L., emp 192 Hamilton, bds r 


COX A HENZE (John T. Cox and 
Charies J. Henze), undertakers 
33 Church— See p 955 



COX ft ITOH (Newton H. Ctex and 
James K. Lyon), hardware deal- 
ers 776 Chapel--See front cover 
Coxeter A. J«, draughtsman emp F. B. 8. 
Go., bds 31 dark 

Charles (C. Coxeter & Son) 87 Or- 
ange, h 31 Clark 

C. ft Son (Charles and James M. 
Coxeter), mei chant tailor» 67 Oi> 

Edwurd, watchmaker emp 788 CSiap- 
el, h 44 Henry 

Frank, tailor, bds 88 Winchester ay 

Frederick T., rem to Hamden 

George, tailor, h 38 Winchester ay 

James M. (C. Coxeter & Son) 87 Or- 
ange, bds 31 dark 

Nellie Miss, teacher Winchester 
School, bds 38 Winchester ay 
Coxaon Julia T., widow William H., jani- 
trees Ctoxliale Street School, h 168 

Walter L., in U. S. Army 
Coyle Annie Miss, h 36 Arch 

Annie Miss, h 27 Kossuth 

Bridget, widow John, h 29 St. John 

Bridget, widow Tenence, h 188 

Charles C, waiter Tontine Hotel, h 
166 Oak 

Charles H., foreman R. C. Lowe^, also 
(T. R Nugent A Co.) 8 Kimber- 
ly av, W Haven, bds 260 W Oar- 

Charles N., buffer, bds 13 Daggett 

Charles P., cigar mfr. 433 Gr^od ay, 
bds 141 Saltonstall ay 

Charles T. (Martin & Coyle) (6) 49 
Church, h 116 Putnam 

Daniel F.« tinner, bds 141 Salton- 
stall ay 

David, plumber, bds 266 Cedar 

Edward J., plumber, bds 29 St John 

Edward J., clerk 103 Dwight, bds 
318 Goffe 

Frank J., emp W. R. A. Co., bds 260 
W Carlisle 

George R, bds 266 Cedar 

Henry P., carriage trimmer, h 180 

Hugh P., bookkeeper 78 Center, h 
388 Howard ay 

James, molder, h 141 Saltonstall ay 

James Jr., emp W. ft E. T. Fitch Co., 
bds 141 Saltonstall ay 

James J., h 768 State 

John, laborer, bds 188 Franklin 

John, cooper, h 181 Columbus ay 

John D. Rey., pastor St John's R. C. 
Church, h 79 Davenport av 

John J., carpenter, h 213 Greenwich 

John P., carpenter and builder 260 
W Carlisle, bds do. 

John T., emp 270 Congress av, bds 
43 Arch 



Coyle Joseph, emp 958 Gmnd av, bds 27 

Marcus, emp 968 Grand av, bds 21 

Maimret T., widow Tenence, h 200 

W Carlisle 
Mary F. Miss, dressmaker, bds 26S 

Michael J., engineer, h 390 Howirt 

Patrick, molder, h 43 Adeline 
Patrick, emp Seamless Rubber Ooi, 

bds 27 Kossuth 
Peter, brass molder, h 238 Hamil- 
Peter, laborer, bds 180 Frank 
Peter, mason, bds r 176 Meadow 
Philip, plumber, bds 13 Daggett 
Philip, carpenter R. R. shops, h 12 

Richard T., painter, h 37 Greenwood 
Susan, widow Nicholas, h 18 Dig* 

Terrence, machinist, h 266 Cedar 
Coyne Bridget, widow Jc^in, h 34 8t 


COYHE BROS. (J- W. and T. R 

Coyne), carpenters and buHdai 
and real estate dealers 
(Coyne Bros. Concrete Co.) 
Blatchley av and 127 
S ee p 1008 


(Coyne Bros.), concrete 

260 Blatchley av— See p lOSS 
Oeitherine £. Miss, bookkeeper 1 

Orange, bds 139 Olive 
Daniel, joiner, h 68 Fillmore 
Francis, emp N. H. Clock Ox. bds 

Frank T., machinist emp BcUdcn 

chine Co., bds 20 Day 
James, emp Greist M^. Co., bds 

James J., vamisher, h 149 PI 
James W. (Coyne Bioe.) 260 

ley av, h 230 Lombard 
John, butcher, h 23 Edyyards , 
John, carman, turfing, ffradinff, « 

83 Hallock, h do. 
John F., bds 239 Ferry 
John J., bds 26 Elliott 
Julia A. R. Miss, music teacherj 

239 Ferry 
Margaret, widow John., h. 230 
Patrick, shoemaker 1^, ^ h 

Co., h 26 Elliott 
Peter, laborer, h 182 Hr^&wery 
Thomas F. (Coyne Bros.) 250 

ley av, h 123 Chstp^ 
William, emp Saigen't Sc Ocx, 

St. John 
William J., emp N. BL CI 

rms 139 Olive 
Coyneen Annie, widow 

Daniel, clerk 460 Cotiunbnft 

106 St. John 


Goebub John, emp A. N. Farnham, h 

Dyer n Blake 
Gnbb Ouoline G., widow John TL, h 245 
Ftederkk G., engraver (7) 840 Chap- 
el, bdfi 245 Orchard 
J<^ C, photographer, bds 245 Or- 

Stephen G., photographer, bdB 245 
Otibe Jasper H., fireman, h 15 Edgar 
Cnddock Elizabeth, widow Jamee, h 27 
Davenport av 
Rancia, conductor F. H. & W. R. R. 
Co., h 188 Poplar 
Cnh Ba£hel L., widow Charles, li 113 
Whalley av 
TTilliam 0., tel. operator 154 Water, 
bda 267 Portsea 
dafts Frank M., locomotiye engineer, h 
14 George, W Haven 
SuDuei P., pres. Quinnipiac Brick 
Co., office 68 Center, rma 205 
CnasQtMles, painter, h 317 Water 
Eliza A., widow Robert^ h 14 Univer- 
sity pi 
G. £., clerk (429) R. R. office bdg, 
t bds 21 Kimberly av 

Gertmde M. Miss, teacher Zunder 

School, bds 1292 Chapel 
James R., h 14 University pi 
Jane, widow Robert, bds 16 Gilbert 

John H., car builder, h 21 Kimberley 

Joseph W., emp W. R. A. Co., bds 

252 Franklin 
ICatherine L. Mrs., rem to Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 
William A., com. trav., h 1292 Chap- 

William j., emp R. R. aliops, h 276 
Washington av, W Haven 
Eugene L., clerk 643 Chapel, bds 65 
Frank H., clerk 200 Orange, h do. 
Flank H. Mrs., matron Organized 

Charities 200 Orange, h do. 
fiiniuel F., rem to Bridgeport 

Annie Mrs., h 8 Summer pi 
Bridget widow Peter, h 212 Ro- 
ijah A., photographer (24) 818 
Chapel, h 93 Whalley av 
, foreman S. K. Page, h 181 
Cedar Hill av 
St, polisher, h 146 Xash 
\H S. Mrs., dressmaker 147 
1>aight, h do. 

9. emp freig'ht depot Long 
Wharf, ImIs 258 Hamilton 

saloon 71 Putnam, bds 71 J 

_ JOHN B. watchmaker 816 
Chapel, h 383 Whallev av— See 



Cramer Kate, emp Am. Buckle Co., bds 
222 £lm, W Haven 

Maria, widow Miles, dressmaker, h 
153 Franklin , 

Martin S., emp A. B. H. Co., h 124J 

Mary Miss, housekeeper 541 East 

Michael, emp Nat. Wire Co., h 157 

Otto, polisher, h 144 Nash 

Patrick, emp O. B. North & Co., h 
541 East 

Peter, emp Sargent & Co., bds 541 
Grampton Edward E., foreman William 
Peterson, h 208 Wooster 

George E., carpenter, h 13 Linden 

John M., mfr. shades and upholstery 
hardware 698 Chapel, h 637 Or- 

Philip J., printer, bds 89i Greene 

Samuel, rem to New York 

Simeon W., com. trav., h 514 Geoi^ 

Susan A. Mrs., bds 107 York 

Walter I., emp Hatch & Norton, bds 
167 Wooster 
Crandall Clarence L., photographer 855 
State, bds do. 

Edward E., rms 31 Summer 

Martin H., emp W. R. A. Co., h 34 
Crane Alfred D., engineer, h 66 Poplar ' 

David S., pattemmaKer, h 88 Third 
av, W Haven 

Dennis, hostler emp Grove Hotel, W 
Haven, bds do. 

Edmund W., conductor, h 180 Green- 
wich av 

Edward M., saw filer, h 3 Summer pi 

Ellen L., widow Samuel H., h 255 

George W., sec., treas. and gen, 
manager The Bowditch Furni- 
ture Co. 100 to 106 Orange, h 16 

Helen V. Miss, emp 282 York, bds 
556 Elm 

James, painter, rms 119 George 

Jane A. Mrs., bds 257 St. Ronan 

Jessie F., widow Zenas A., h 332 

Leslie P., wire chief S. N. E. Tel. 
Co., bds 59 Wall 

Lida M. Miss, bds 88 Third av, W 

Lilla E. Miss, tel. operator New 
Haven House, bds 27 Livingston 

Linus, collector N. H. Gas Light Co., 
rms 82 Wooster 

Marjraret, widow Gregory, h 317 
Washington av 

Margaret, widow Thomas, bds 97 

Marv F. Miss, emp Price, Lee A Ad- 
kins Co., bds 666 Elm 

Mary M. Mrs., bds 271 Lombard 




Cmne Rusaell, clerk L. Candee & Co., bds 
95 Union av, W Haven 
William H., clerk master mechanic's 
office N. Y., N. H. & H. R. R., h 
95 Union av, W Haven 

Cranson A. Eugene, carpenter, bds 46 

Crater Walter S., painter, h 115 S Water 

Craven Ezekid, clerk 104 Orange, h 35 
Pine, Highwood 
James S., clerk 75 Orange, bds 35 
Pine, Highwood 

Crawford A. Rebecca Mrs., h 386 Or- 
Aphia Mrs., bds 79 Elm, W Haven 

Steam Laundry 80 Center, h 029 
George— See p 966 

Elmira, widow Henry, magnetic 
treatment, h 154) Dixwell av 

Emma H. L. Mrs., h 146 Henry 

Ernest H. (H. W. Crawford & Co.) 
101 Grand av, h 65 E Peail 

Er^'in J., real estate agent 79 E3m, 
W Hav^i, h do. 

Flora Miss, dressmaker, bds 141 

Frank M. (H. W. Crawford & Oow) 
101 Grand av, h 116 E Pearl 

Harry W., clerk Second Nat Bank, 
h 62 Chambers 

Henry W. (H. W. Qrawford & Co.) 
101 Grand av, h 13 Clinton av 

H. W. & Co. (H. W., E. H. and F. 
M. Crawford), undertakers 101 
Grand av « 

Ira, farmer, h 11 Circular av, Ham- 

James, emp N. H. Gas Light Co., bds 
322 East 

James, emp W. R. A. Co., bds 45 

John C, cook, rms 119 State 

Lyman A., teamjster, h 210 River 

l^chael, emp Crystal Ice Co., h 129 

Kellie L. Miss, hair dresser 154) Dix- 
well av, bds do. 

Wesley L., milk dealer, h 990 Dix- 
well av ab Highwood 

William, painter, rms 139 State 

William, emp L, Candee & Co., h 54 
Crawshaw Charles, painter, h 27 Augur, 

Ernest, emp W. R. A. Co. and gro- 
cer Augur c Newhall, Highwood, 
bds 27 Augur, do. 

John, painter, h 624 Newhall, High- 

Walter, joiner, bds 27 Augur, High- 
Cray Benjamin B., coachman, h 71 Web- 
Creager Oscar, student, bds 69 Prospect 


Creamer Bernard C, engineer, h 
Bridget, widow Patrick, h 22 Bnd- 

Bridget, widow Patrick, h 199 Ham- 
Joseph F., trucking 29 Stereos, h 

Thomas F., foreman Sai^gent ft Oos 

h204 FYankUn 
— see Oamer 
Credo Vito, laborer, h 5 Wight 
Cree Belle Afrs., dressmaker 726 State, 
h do. 
George, emp 319 Congress av, bds 10 
Sylvan av 
Creed Alice I. Mrs., bds 27 Eaton 

Bridget, widow Michael, h Patnam 

av, Highwood . 

C. Van Rensselaer, physician 33 

Gregson, rms da 
Cortland V. R. Jr., emp 136 Shermu 

av, h 105 Judson av 

Edward P., laborer, bds 105 Judno 

av I 

Michael, molder, bds 154 East i 

Michael, bartender, bds 44 Otutrfj 

Ann \ 

Patrick, bds Springside Home 

Thomas, laborer, Ms Putnam vfd 


Creegan Ann, widow John, h 44 Frank 

Catherine Miss, h 41 Liberty 

Cormick, grocer 159 DeWitt, li ^] 

James, laborer, bds 41 Laberty 

J. Charles, emp R. R. shope, bds 

Hallock av 
John, engineer Sargent A; CSo., h 

John, boatman, bds 107 Hallock 
John, laborer, h 50 Liberty 
Margaret, widow Charles, 1l 

Hallock av 
Martin, laborer, h 1012 State 
Thomas E., engineer, m&s 25T 

Thomas G., pleasure boasts 107 Q 
lock av, bds da 
Creehan Michael, motorman. ?. H. ft 
R. R. Co., h 324 Bl&tcMey m 
Susan Miss, corset woirker, bds \ 
James \ 

Creemer — see Cramer and Oreamer 
Grego Joseph, contractor, li 221 Mall 

Crelghton John, emp 319 ^Water, 
John Jr., laborer, bds 91 Morrli 
Cremin Agnes Miss, emp "W. "R, 
bds 60 Foote 
Daniel H., brakeman, li 70 

ington av 
John W., carpenter, li 22 
Patrick J., emp M. Seward 

Co.. h 60 Foote 
Sarah A., widow M. A.,, li 129 



Cronm Timothy, ins. agent, h 49 Bishop 

-«ee Crenuns 
Oemins Duiiel, carpenter, h 393 East 
284 East 
DeoniB, emp N. H. QtdM Light Oo., h 

284 East 
Jeremiah, foreman X. H. Gras Light 

Co., h 576 Grand av 
John, laborer, bds 576 Grand ay 
Michad J., machinist, bds 393 East 
lidomas F., carpenter, bds 393 East 
Omeent Plating Oow The, mfrs. and 
platers of sheet metal and wire 
goods Mill River c State 
(Veswiek Walter Mrs., h 64 Charles 
CMa Vito, laborer, h 78 Fair 
CMdla Antonio, emp Sargent ft Co., h 
66 St. John 
fhuBcesco, emp Sargent k Ck>., bds 

66 St J(^m 
libento, laborer, h 26 Eair 
lAugi, emp Saxgent ft Co., h 41 

Mkhele, laborer, bds 89 Eair 
fiJratore, emp Sargent ft Co., h 144 
Oevere Anne £. Miss, dressmaker 46 
Elm, h da 
Kate Miss, dressmaker 46 Ehn, h 
CHbbtns Thomas J., emp 197 George, bds 

OJek— see Krich 
cuddle James J., carnage painter, h 61 

Brown, W Haven 
\ Jtmepb C, reporter Evening Leader, 
, bds 61 Brown, W Haven 

uimins — see Cretnin and Cremins 
KppoD Dtuaiei W., rms 161 York 

JBRIPPS 0E0S6E F. nle stable r 41 
George, h 532 Quinnipiac av — 
See p 1037 
kmad £mn, lithographer, h 38 Vernon 
i Nlc<^ h 103 Wallace 
oil Angelo, emp Saigent ft Go., bds 
r 13 St. John 
Bomenico, lahorer, h 9 Locust 
Matieo, emp Sargent ft Co., h 90 

fiailkeie, emp Sargent ft Co., bds 218 



idlo Antonio, emp 0. B. North ft 
OoL. hdm 6 Ooms 
Vred C, b 263 James 

Charles A., clerk 377 Congress 
ar, h 36lB Orchard 
I^ottha XL, widow David B., h 104 

»«» A., photographer, bds 11 

Efan, VC^ Haven 
fXosSse Sl, widow Hemry S., h 11 Elm, 

bWalicr EL, student, bds 104 Howe 

Patrick, boilermaker, h 112 Wol- 

Crocker Albert H., brakeman, h 40 Sec- 

Benjamin F., millwright, carpenter 
and builder 51 Fair, h 107 Greg- 

F. A., motorman, bds 40 Second 

Henry M., police sergeant, h 12 Uni- 
versi^ pi 

James A., h 75 Lombard 

John G., brakeman, bds 40 Second 

Samuel E., carpenter W. R. A. Co., h 
107 Gregory 

Sarah, widow Richard, h 114 Foote 

— see Krocher 
Crodcett Fred H., h 446 Howard av 

Louise Miss, nurse, rms 379 George 
Crofutt Wniis S., h 74 Whalley av 
Crogaa James, blacksmith, h 65 Lamber- 

James Jr., laborer, bds 65 Lamber- 

Sarah M., widow John B., h 348 Or- 

Thomas J., emp W. R. A. Co., h 67 
Winchester av 

William, h 67 Winchester av 
Croly Frankie T. Miss, stenographer emp 
(100) 23 Church, bds 249 Crown 
Cromer John A., contractor M., W. Ca, 

h 76 Mechanic 
Cromwell Isabelle Miss, rms 334 York 
Cronan Catherine Miss, dressmaker, bds 
Washington av c Noble, W Ha- 

Daniel, in U. S. Army 

Dennis, laborer, bds 161 Saltonstall 

Dennis, emp L. Candee ft Co., rms 
187 Brewery 

Elizabeth T. maa, music teacher, bds 
17 Compton 

Fred L., clerk 770 Chapel, bds 428 
Howard av 

John, polisher, h 139 Wallace 

John, machinist, h 17 Compton 

John C, clerk 6 Church, bds 17 

Patrick J., office (614) 42 Church, h 
455 Orange 


paper box mfrs. 3 Wall c State 
—See p 907 

Rosella 1. Miss, teacher Dixwell Ave- 
nue School, bds 17 Compton 

Thomas J., engineer, h 108 Green- 
wich av 
Cronin Bridget Miss, emp L. Candee ft 
Co., bds 347 East 

CSatherine Miss, dressmaker, bds 71 
Clinton av 

Frank P., bookkeeper, bds 428 How- 
ard av 

Henrietta, widow Michael, h 428 
Howard av 

James H., boilermaker, bds 161 Sal- 
tonstall av 

Jeremiah, drop forger, bds 256 




Cronin John, lockmaker Sargent & Co., 

bds 347 East 
John, laborer, h 71 Clinton av 
John R., emp Seamless Rubber Co., 

bds 428 Howard av 
Mai^ret, widow Dennis, h 161 Sal- 

tonstall ay 
Margaret Miss, h 175 Davenport av 
Mary Miss, h 176 Davenport av 
Mary A. Miss, h 347 East 
Mary L. Miss, emp Seamless Rubber 

Co., bds ^8 Howard av 
Patrick H., mason 201 Green¥nch av, 

h do. 
Patrick J., ins. canvasser (49) 49 

Church, bds 100 Wooster 
Patrick J., emp F. H. & W. R. R. Co., 

h 225 Lloyd 
Patrick J., emp Saigent & Co., h 579 

Stephen J., boUermaker, h 64 Poplar 
Thomas M., emp W. R. A. Co., bds 

428 Howard av 
Timothy C, motonnan F. H. & W. R. 

R. Co., bds 138 Ashmun 
William J., emp R. R. shops, h 18 

William J., salesman 347 State, h 

246 Franklin 
William J., clerk W. R. A. Co., bds 

428 Howard av 
— see Cronan 
Cronk J. W., rem to Princeton, N. J. 
Cronogue James H., h 36 NicoU 

John H., bartender, h 38 Nicoll 
Joseph, elevator man 922 Chapel, bds 

36 Nicoll 
Thomas M., emp W. R. A. Co., bds 

36 Nicoll 
William A., blacksmith and carriage 

repairer 1126 State, h 36 NicoU 
William A. Jr., emp 1126 State, bds 

36 Nicoll 
Oroog Goodman, meat market 31 Oak, h 

Samuel, shoemaker 27 Oak, h 26^ 

Crook Adeline Mrs., bds 224 Elm, W 

Alfred, rem to Mount Carmel 
Charles, clerk 370 State, h 43 Wil- 
Orooker Seth R., emp M. F. Arms Co., 

rms 125 Nicoll 
Crosby Burr Jr., jeweler, h 156 Howard 

Catherine M. Miss, rms 514 George 
Charles I., manager 159 Church, nns 

> Katie, widow John, h 938 Grand 
1 av 

Nancy M. Mrs., bds 150 Savin av, W 

Walter, machinist, rms 15 Grove 
t Walter S., milk dealer, h 150 Savin 
j av, W Haven 


wholesale hardwood lumber 

(804) 42 Church— See p 996 
Cross Catherine, widow Francis W., h 

448 Washington av 
Francis, student bds 448 Waahing- 

ton av 
John F., bds 456 Chapel 
John T., billiards and pool 280 Tori^ 

h 320 Elm 
Morelle F., salesman C. P. Thompaoo 

60 Orange, h 47 Sylvan av 
Walter F., buyer Gamble-Desmond 

Co., bds Hotel Westmoreland 
Wilbur L., profeaB<Nr of English T. 

U., h 430 Temple 
Croesland Alfred M., baker 158 Fazroi 

av, h 65 Quinnipiac av 
Joseph, ins. agent, h 65 Quimupiae 

Crosdey Flora G., widow William W., h 

1119 Chapel 
Frederick C, shipmaster, h 575 Qniib 

nipiac av 
Hortense D. Mrs., teacher, bds 310 

John G., shipmast^, bds 310 Ex* 

Samuel, cutler, h Valley n EmerstA 
William, pres. and treaa. Yale Sale ; 

and Iron Co. 16 and 18 Ridiazd% 

W Haven, h 197 Wooster 
Croesman William B., rem to Ansooia 
Croeson Oliver, rem to New York state 
Croteau Jerome, foreman rq»air shop 9.' 

H. & W. R. R. Cow, h 68 Feny 
Crotto Alexander, clerk 129 Goffe, h 8St| 

Dixwell av, Highwood 
Crotty Morris, saloon 161 Ashmun, h. doi^ 
Nora Miss, emp I. Newman 4 Sobm^ 

bds 60 Washington av 
Patrick H., h 64 Beach 
Thomas J., bds 161 Ashmun 
Crouder Charles H. Mrs., bds 1699 Chap^ 
Crowder James H., painter, h IIO \¥wii 

Crowe Andrew M., salesman ChatSoi 

Paper Co., h 106 Exdiange } 
Anna, widow John, h 116 oSl 
Charlotte M., widow William, b S| 

Edward, laborer, bds 216 

ton av 
John M., joiner, h 46 Olive 
William L., clerk Belle Dock 

office, h 280 Grand av 
Willis H., physician 74 WhaUey ^ 

bds do. 
Crowley Ann, widow Michad, h 34 "3?^ 
Aime E., widow William, h dO f 

John I 

Catherine B. Miss, dressmaker-^ ^ 

99 St John 
Charles M., emp W. & £. T. 

Co., bds 182 James 
Cornelius, emp N. H. R. M. Oo.^ 






Crowley Daniel J., emp R. R. shops, h 116 

Duiiel J., carriage bodymaker, h 99 

DuM P., painter, Ms 71 Edgewood 

Daniel W., emp P. Bros. & Co., bda 

99 Haven 
Wm £., widow Timothy J., bds 63 

J7oraioe V. (Tucker & Crowley) 103 

Crown, rms 101 do. 
Francis, emp W. R. A. Ca, h 133 

fnaoBy painter, bds 99 St. John 
Frank, mloon 153 Putnam, h 155 

James, emp R. R. yard, h 41 Putnam 
James, first mate steamer C. H. 

Northam, bds 182 Jamee 
James M., motorman F. H. & W. R. 

R. Co., h 107 Fillmore 
Jeremiah, brass molder emp 293 

Wooster, h 79 Day 
John, emp M. Prov. Co., bds 133 

John, polifliher, bds 330 Blake 
John, laborer, h 62 Broad 
John P., clerk 491 Chapel, bds 99 St 

Hugant It, Mias, stenographer (48) 

23 Church, bds 99 St. John 
M. Florence Miss, kindergarten 

teacher, bds 99 St. John 
Michael, hiborer, h 39 Wilson 
Fktrick, saloon 44 Putnam, h do. 
Patrick T., grocer 40 Putnam, h do. 
Thomas F., bda 182 James 
Timothy, onp N. Y., N. H. & H. R. 

R, h 130 Exchange • 

Timothy, emp W. R. A- Co., h Put- 

nam av c Newhall 

^nOiam, laborer, h 163 Putnam 
Wmiam F., clerk 882 Chapel, bds 99 

8t John 
William F., locomotive engineer, h 
212 KImberly ay 
ftnok, clerk 922 Chapel, rms 228 

James W., carriagesmith, h 65 
Third av, W Haven 
John W., city express, h 135 Ade- 
William H., bda 135 Adeline 

lianuiri C, electro plating 161 
River, rms 493 Winthrop av 
Hana, saloon 19 George, h 57 
CoogreBS av 

George W., oysterman, bds 209 
Hallock av 

Dennis, emp N. H. Clock Co., 
h 40 Jewell 

Jotham S., metal patternmaker, 
h 202 Quinnipiac av 
Taiter 8., emp R. R. office bdg, 
h 23 Dickerman 

Cms August, emp N. H. Water Co., h 13 

Armory, Whitneyville 
Cruse Bessie Aliss, student, rms 113 Gil- 
bert av 
Cruser George H., cook Aldrich House, h 

34 Winter 
Crute William A., carpenter, h 63 Asy- 
Cruttenden Charles K, h 613 Chapel 

Emily L. Miss, bds 405 Temple 

George O. (Cruttenden & Co.) 12 to 
30 W^ooster, h 1449 Chapel 

Nellie M., widow Edwin B., h 198 
Whalley av 

Samuel H., horse dealer, h 127 How- 
ard av 

Seth, produce dealer, h 459 Dixwell 

Walter B., lawyer (304) 865 Chapel, 
res East River 

Wooeter, mason, bds 459 Dixwell av 

& Co. (George O. Cruttenden, Elipna- 
let Killam and James E. Kil- 
lam, carriage mfrs. 12 to 30 

— see Crittenden 
Cruze Anna Mrs., h 598 Grand av 

August, h Whitney av n Armory, 

John, emp L. Candee & Co., bds 598 
Grand av 

Lorenzo, laborer, h Whitney av n 
Armory, Whitneyville 

Manuel, laborer, bds Whitney av n 
Armory, Whitneyville 


pres. and trees., office 1231 

Chapel and 152 Derby av — See 

p 978 

Cuddihy James, laborer, h 41 Putnam 

Cudroneo Dominico, fruit vender, bds 118 

Cuff James, coachman, bds 354 Blatch- 
ley av 
Thomas, laborer, h 354 Blatchley av 
Cugell Wolf, clerk 27 Congress av, h 55 
—see Kugel 
Cuhn Edwin, driver F. Gaiser, rms 88 

Cull John J., brakeman, bds 221 Frank- 
Matthew, emp R. R. freight house 
Belle Dock, h 221 Franklin 
Cullar — see Kullar and Colar 
CiiUen Charles E., molder, bds 979 State 
Charles H., mason, bds 98 Green- 
wich av 
Ellen Miss, nurse, bds 84 Mechanic 
Francis J., brass molder, bds 979 

George F., emp R. R. shops, bds 130 

James, laborer, h r 422 East 
James E., teamster, bds 130 Mon- 



Oullen James T., polisher, Ms 979 State 
Jeremiah, laborer, h 130 Monroe 
John, laborer, bds 84 Mechanic 
John J., teamster Cullen & Dolan, 

bds 33 Fountain 
Margaret, widow James P., h 979 

Mary A., bds 33 Fountain 
Michael, enip 20 Whitney ay, bds 

1372 State 
Michael, motorman F. H. & W. R. 

R. Co., h 1 Fountain 
Patrick, laborer, h 1372 State 
Thomas (Cullen & Dolan) 903 

Whalley av, h 33 Fountain 
Thomas, carpenter, bds 494 Chapel 

CULLEN & DOLAN (Thomas Cullen, 

John J. Cullen and Thomas M. 

Dolan), coal dealers, trucking 

and excavating, office 903 Whal- 
ley av— See p 1028 
Mary Miss, h 113 Lafayette 
Cullinan James J., saloon 797 Grand av, 

h 223 Franklin 
John, emp N. F. B. & P. Co., h 953 

Grand av 
Maria Miss, emp L. Candee & Co., 

bds 223 Franklin 
Martin, molder, bds 953 Grand av 
Thomas, laborer, bds 223 Franklin 
Timothy, emp H. H. Olds & Co., rms 

494 Chapel 
Culliton Mary, widow William, h 403 

Oullom Patrick, agent Weidemann & Co., 

h 126 St John 
OuUum George Jr., carpenter emp r 546 

State, bds 112 Dwight 
George W., carpenter emp r 546 

State, h 112 Dwight 
Kate Miss, h 121 Asylum 
Lillian Miss, clerk 640 Chapel, bds 

112 Bwight 
William, bds Aldrich House 
Cully Patrick, laborer, bds 34 George 
Culver Arthur £., mechanic, rms 1006 

Grand av 
Elmer F., nurseryman 620 Quinni- 

piac av, bds do. 
Emily, widow Samuel, h 39 Clinton 

George T., hack saw mfr. 104 Bris- 
tol, h do. 
Lester, teamster, h 995 Grand av 
Orville S., tel. operator (118) R. R, 

office bdg, h 327 (>)lumbus av 
Ralph M., joiner, h 118 Carmel 
Sarah A., widow Isaac, h Quinnipiac 

av c Barnes av 
Walter, engineer Duncan Hall, bds 

William B., printer Journal and 

Courier, h 296 Congref»8 av 
Cummings Bernard P., bartender, h 293 



Cummings Cornelius, blacksmith, h IS 

Charles, emp Seamless Rubber (>a, 

bds 117 Davenport av 
Daniel J., h 64 Bishop 
Dennis J., carpenter emp W. T. 

Smith, h 24 Scranton 
Frank T., emp Crystal Ice Ox, h 24 

George, painter and gilder, h 117 

Davenport av 
George P., roofer, h 511 Elm 
Gertrude M. Miss, manager Heffroa 

&, Co. (74) 23 Church, bds $1 

Center, W Haven 
Harmah £., widow James B., h 

Townsend av c Burr 
Henry A., machinist, bds 263 Grand 

Henry M., letter carrier, h 105 ^ui 
James Jr., engineer S. H. Bamum, b 

35 WiUiam 
James K, carpenter, h Fountain foot 

Long Hill 
James H., emp Seamless Rubber 0)^ 

h 45 Hallock j 

James W., physician (2) 4 Chnrdi, l 

h 57 Center, W Haven \ 

J. Nelson, clerk 767 CSiapd, bds 67 

Center, W Haven 
John, stone cutter, h 81 Nicoli 
John, brakeman, rms 12 Orange 
John B., carpenter, h 105 Lafayetii 
John F., emp N. Y., N. H. & B. lJ 

R., rms 50 Wooster 
John F., buyer 770 Chapel, bds 

John H., clerk 45 Church, li 83 
John J., driver Sperry & Barnes, 

127 Carlisle 
John J., polisher, h 222 ^Waahingt 


John M., stone cutter, h 80 James J 
John T., clerk 90 George, h ISlj 

Joseph, painter, bds 261 Hamill 
Mary, widow Daniel, h 65 Oarlif 
Mary, widow William, b Ml 
Mary A., widow James A., h 

Dixwell av 
Michael, laborer, bds 37 Oak 
Nicholas P., ins. collector, bds 1 

Grand av i 

Patrick, emp N. Y., N". H. A IL 

R., h 47 Carlisle 
Patrick, laborer, h 21 Htyoo. 
Patrick J., coachman, b r 64 
Sarah L., dressmaker 803 State, 
Thomas, laborer, h 80 Orome 
Thomas, laborer, h 524 £ast 
William, emp 108 Cro^vn, rms dl 
William, teamster, bds 1S14 Sll 
William E., porter 215 l^ater, h 

Grand av 
William I., janitor, h 187 €&offe 





Cummiiigs William J., emp Seamless 

Rubber Co., h 26 Bond 

Winifred, widow Thomas, h 263 

Grand av 

Cummins Angeline A. Mrs., bds 27 Eld 

John Edward, clerk 834 Chapel, Ms 

105 Congress av 
John R., h 1316 Chapel 
Mary, widow William, h 105 Con- 

gresB av 
Ssfflud, rem to Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Sophia A., widow Thomas H., h 374 
Dixwell ay 
Oae BmbbdRj market gardener, h Mid- 

dletown av c Smith 
CiouKen Maigaret, widow Thomas, h 146 
Utftin, emp W. XL A. Co., h 210 

Patrick H., emp W. R. A. Co., bds 
145 Henry 
tonii^am Anna M. Miss, dressmaker 
252 Grove, bds do. 
Bros. (John D. and Lott J. Cunning- 
ham), job printers and publish- 
ers A. O. H. Record (11) 739 
Ihight CL, joiner, h 94 Quinnipiac 

Edw^ard, rem to Beacon Falls 
Edwaid Jr., contractor, h Milford 
turnpike n Front av, AUing- 
EZizabeth, widow Thomas, h 303 

JBrnma, widow Archie, housekeeper 

Middletown av n town line 
H. H., tel. operator (116) R. R. office 

hdg, res Bridgeport 
Heniy F. Mrs., h 499 East 
James, bds Third av n Beach, W 

James J., clerk 7 Collis, bds do. 
James J., emp W. R. A. Co., bds 340 

Jimes R., oyaierman, bds 72 Green- 
wich av 
John, rem South 
John, teamster, bds 436 Chapel 
John D. (Cunningham Bros.) (11) 

739 Oiap^, h 104 Cedar 
John £., machinist, h 90 Carlisle 
John T.« pliunbeor, bds 72 Green- 
wich av 
Joseph B. (J. Cnnningham & Son) 
917 Chapel, h. 46 Hotchkias 

rOHAM J. & SON (Joseph B. 
lin^ham), awnings, tents, 
flags, etc 847 Chapel— See p 993 
widotv Robert, rem to Phila- 
delphia, Fa. 

J. iCunninf^ham Bros.) (11) 
739 Chapel, bds 104 Cedar 

M'idoTir .John, h 252 Grove 
'. widow Greorge, bds 502 Chapel 

Cunningham Mary, widow Thomas, groc- 
er 340 East^ h do. 

Matthew J., baker 206 Franklin, h 
204 do. 

Patrick J., joiner, bds 385 Blatchley 

Patrick S., printer, bds 104 Cedar 

Peter, coopear, h 29 Orchard 

Bebecca A. Miss, emp 206 Franklin, 
bds 204 do. 

Robert, painter emp R. R. shops, rms 
142 Portsea 

Robert Jr. (Acme Shoe Co.) 28 
Church, h 68 Derby av 

Simon R., teamster, bds 83 Porter 

Thomas (T. Cunningham & Co.) 24 
Summer pi, h 257 Franklin 

Thomas E., painter emp R. R. shops, 
h 111 Morris 

Thomas F., trav. salesman, bds 303 

Thomas M., painter, h 72 Greenwich 

Thomas & Co. (Thomas Cunningham 
and M. W. Leahy), cigar mira. 
24 Summer pi 

Washington, oysterman, h 190 Quin- 
nipiac av 

— see Cunneen 
Cnny Peter, meat market 152 Porteea, h 
245 Davenport av 

Remi, bricklayer, h 58 Front 
Cuomo Antonio, shoemaker 19 Law- 
rence, bds 10 Franklin 
Curley Edward, polisher, h 3 X Bank 

James, emp Sargent & Co., bds 39 

John F., polisher, h 3 N Bank 

Margaret, widow Michael, h 747 
Grand av 

Michael, emp N. Y., N. H. & H. R. 
R., rms 14 Congress av 

Michael, tailor, h 39 Main 

Sarah, widow Patrick, nurse, bds 31 
Camen Adam, emp R. R. shops, bds 321 

Adam, marble polisher, h 53 Sylvan 

Katie Miss, forelady 102 Hill, bds 53 
Sylvan av 

Michael, saloon and restaurant Pal- 
ace, W Haven, h 70 Broad 

William P., emp 102 Hill, bds 121 
Cumow Augustus, locomotive engineer, 
h 24 Qtssius 

Ellen E., widow John, h 53 Pearl 

John D., emp N. H. E. Co., h 87 
Curr Edward, machinist, h 10 Wall 

William, machinist emp 6 Elm, h 13 
Ourran Anna E. Miss, clerk (1) 154 Wa- 
ter, bds 134 Minor 

Bartholomew, laborer, h 293 Oak 

Bridget, widow James, h 29 Edwards 




Ciirran Catherine N. Miss, milliner, bds ' 
134 Minor 

Daniel, gaitiener, h 156 Poplar 

Daniel, upholsterer, rms 178 Colum- 
bus av 

Daniel T., gardener, h 8 Vine 

David, h 147 Lloyd 

Dennis, emp R. R. Co., bds 137 Wal- 

Dennis, laborer, h 271 Oak 

Dennis, emp N. Y., N. H. & H. R. R., 
h 323 Portsea 

Edward A., emp W. R. A. Co., h 
Stone c HaM 

Oeorge H., machinist, h 18 Bay View 
pi, W Haven 

George H. Jr., machinist, bds 18 Bay 
View pi, W Haven 

James F., bds 80 Broad 

James W., rem to New Jersey 

John, laborer, bds 15 Greene 

John, laborer, bds 137 Wallace 

John, saloon 36 CoUis, h 48 Woos- 

John, lineman, bds 164 Frank- 

John, laborer, h 156 Poplar 

John, grocer 80 Broad, h do. 

John, laborer, h 136 East 

John H., bam master Springside 
Home, h 3 Broadway 

John H. Mrs., dressmaker 3 Broad- 
way, h do. 

John R., emp P. Bros. & Co., h 253 

Joseph, teamster emp 239 State, h 50 

Joseph B., emp B. B. & C. Co., bds 
152 Wooster 

Mary Miss, dressmaker 307 Oak, h 

Mary A., widow Michael, h 38 Lake 

Michael, butcher Y. U. Dining Hall, 

h r 429 Congress av 
Michael, rem to Beacon Falls 
Patrick, laborer, bds 847 Grand 

Patrick, emp W. Hull & Son, bds 164 

Patrick, h 134 Minor 
Peter, emp Henry Hooker & Co., rms 

107 Olive 
Peter A., machinist R. R. shops, h 

311 Washington av 
ThomaB, emp W. Hull & Son, bds 847 

Graiid av 
William, clerk P. B. Schurman, bds 

38 Lake pi 
William, brakeman, h 201 East 
William, emp Ottenheimer Bros., h 

121 Asylum 
— see Curren 
Curren Edward J., machinist R. R. shops, 

h 75 Carlisle , 

James C, car builder, h 180 Car- 

Curren John, machinist K. H. shops, h 
311 Washington av 

William, machinist N. Y. N. H. & E. 
R. R., h 77 Putnam 

William R., policeman, h 66 Oedu 

— eee Curran 
Currie Alexander, gardoier, h 47 Town- 

Andrew, carpenter, h 64 Dickennan 

David K (Currie & Wilcox) r 1088 
Chapel, h 344 Elm 

George W., carpenter, h 60^ Atwats 

John, rem to New York 

John, laborer, h 306 Oak 

Mary E., widow Victor A., h 123 


rie and Lewis E. Wilcox), livery 

and hack stable r 1038 C^utpd- 

See p 1036 
— see Curry 
Currier Albert L., h 193 Bassett 

Albert T., draughtsman, bds 193 Bas- 

Clarence T., sup't cable dept. 8. K. E 

Tel. Co., h 148 Whalley av 
Erastus W., tinner, h 1230 State 
James T., emp W. R. A. Co., bds 611 

Newhall, Highwood 
I^eonard 6., drug clerk, bds 193 BU' 

Leonard G., emp W. R. A. Co., h 61ft 

Newhall, Highwood 
Curry Jamee, carriage painter, h 211 

HamUton ] 

l^chael, emp 80 Long Wharf, hk 

46 Carlisle 

Samuel S., rem to Boston, Maas. j 

Curtin David, bootmaker, h 250 WaUia 

Dennis J., carpenter, h 287 Port8ei| 

Jeremiah Rev., pastor St. LfLwrend 

Church, W Haven, h 84 Mai^ 

John, plumber, h 317 Waahiiigt({ 

Julia C, widow William, h 63 PrN 
Mary A. Miss, dressnuLker H^ 

Franklin, h do. 
Nora Miss, dressmaker 132 Hafl( 

ton, h do. 
Thomas F., painter, h 21 Kimbei 

Thomas F., waiter, bds 63 Prinoe 
William, emp 38 Gilbert^ bds 

Curtis Alfred J., emp N. H. CSuria^ i 

bds 120 Cedar 
Alice Mrs., rms 47 Artizan 
Allen C, clerk W. R. A. C6., 

Charles E., vice pres. City 

Chapel, bds 254 Prospect 
Charles H., emp W. fiL A. Ooi 

Putnam av, Whitneyville 
Cicero B., mfr. and dealer in dM 

sashes, blinds, etc. 118 Wimi 

ter av, h 100 Gregory 




Ciirtis Cyrus, stationar}' engineer, rms 82 
Washington av 
Davidi h 192 Sherman av 
DiTid E., bdfi 15 Chatliam 
David H., painter, h 15 Chat- 
Edward L., prof. Y. U., h 61 Trum- 

£Iiza ^Ii96, laundress, h 18 Win- 
Stta M., widow Leonard K, h 115 


Fayette S., chief engineer N. Y., N. 

H. ft H. R. R. (306) R. R. office 

bdg, h 67 York sq 

Fred L., rubber goods (3) 116 

Church, h 24 High $ 

George L., foreman N. H. Carriage 

Go., h 120 Cedar 
George W., pree. aty Bank 804 

Chapel, h 254 Prospect 
Helen M. Miss, housekeeper 242 

J. B. Mis., bds 686 Chapel 
James W., waiter, h 576 Congress 

Laura J. Miss^ teacher Day School, 

bds 120 Cedar 
Laurence, emp R. R. shops, h 120 

Levi, h 132 Front 
Lucy A. Miss, h 283 George 
Mary A., widow Isaac, .bds 71 Ad- 
Jiaiy £. Miss, h 18 Winter 
Mary W., wndow H. C, bds 216 Wil- 

Robert G., sup't Northampton Div. 

N. Y., N. H. A H. R. R. (119) R. 

R. office bdg, h 36 Lynwood 
RnaseU T., emp W. R. A. Co., bds 

114 Atwater 
Stephen £., patternmaker The Bige- 

low 06., h 114 Atwater 
Virginia H., widow T. W. T., h 364 


Agnes B. Miss, stenographer emp 
(2) 739 Chapel, bds 329 DixweU 


Alfred T., firenum, h 167 Howard 


Benjamin 8., h 176 Blake 

Charies B., trav. salesman, h 61 Al- 

bert» W Haven 
jChades K, photographer, h 107 Kim- 

bcrly av 
Charles F., grocer 954 State, h 153 

Lu, student, bds 374 Whalley 
lyton J., clerk W. R. A. Co., h 142 
Sheffi^d SLV 
rms 24 Grove 

K., ship carpenta-, h 22 Ward 
pi, W Haven 
K Mrs,, bds 109 Atwater 

Curtias Eva Miss, dressmaker, h Quinni- 

piac av n Forbes av 
FranJdin A. (Curtiss &; Pierpont) 

272 Elm, h 258 Sherman av 
Frederick J., locomotive engineer, h 

5 Ckssius 
George P., bookkeeper M. Seward & 

Son Co., h 22 Albert, W Haven 
Geoige W., clerk 97 Webster, h Put- 
nam av, Highwood 
Hannah O. Miss, bds 258 Bhermao 

Henrietta J., widow. Ira, bds 56 Peck 

av, W Havep 
James J., veterinary surgeon, h 758 

Grand av 
Joseph, cstrpenter, h 344 Howard av 
Lee (Lee Curtias Roofing Co.), h 329 

DixweU av 
Lee Roofing Co. (Lee Curtiss) 329 

DixweU av 
LiUian M. Miss, notary public 466 

State, bds 176 Blake 
Louisa P., widow Aaron L., bds 374 

Whallejr av 
Lucy £. Miss, bds 258 Sherman av 
Mary Miss, bds 83 Grove 
Norris B., clerk 880 Chapel, h 123 

Edgewood av 
Myron W. (Curtiss & Bradley) 16 

Center, h 374 ^Vhalley av 
Walter B., carpenter, bds Quinnipiac 

av opp Warwick 
Walter E., messenger (130) R. R. 

office bdg, bds 43 Arthur 
William C, patternmaker, h 377 

Quinnipiac av 
William N., switchman, h 43 Arthur 
Willis, patternmaker, bds 153 Olive 
W. Perry, bookkeeper Nat. Trades- 
mans Bank, bds 344 Howard av 
& Bradley (Myron W. Curtiss and 

Arthur S. Bradley), blank book 

mfrs., printers, etc. 16 Center 

tiss and J. N. Pierpont), plumb- 
ers, stoves, ranges, and galvan- 
ized cornices 272 to 278 Elm- 
See p 911 

— see Curtis 
(?usack Rosa Miss, domestic Duncan 
Hall, bds do. 

— see Cusick 
CHisanelli dfharles, emp 691 Chapel, h 25 

L. Mrs., confectionery and fruit 691 
Chapel, h 25 White 

Pasquale, bootblack and confectioner 
367 State, h 27 White 
Cusano Francesco, scene shifter, bds 69 

Francesco, laborer, h 50 York 

Raffaele, emp L. Oandee & Co., bds 
15 Lafayette 

Vincenzo, laborer, h 69 Hill 





Cashing fYajik, emp Sargent & Oo., bds 
63 JameB 

James, laborer, bds 285 Ea^t 

James J., postal clerk, bds 143 Chests 

Jamee W., salesman 770 Chapel, bds 
173 St John 

John, emp Sargent & Co., h 63 James 

John H., switchman, h 42 Richards, 
W Haven 

John J., ins. canvasser (49) 49 
Church, h 143 Chestnut 

Warren C, clerk, bds 173 St. John 
Cushman Michael, emp city, h 92 Hud- 
Cusick John T., emp L. & O. Co., res Ty- 
ler aty 

Matthew, teamster, bds 153 State 
Michael J., emp '43 Liberty, h 248 
Custer Martha C, widow Francis, h 31 

Custom House, over the P. O. 60 Church 
Cuticilla John, emp Sargent & Co., h 108 


Cutler Arthur, emp W. R. A. Co., h 36 


Building, 866 to 870 Chapel c Church 

Edward H., machinist, h 194 Blake 

Eleanor E. Miss, teacher High 

School, bds 284 Orange 
Evarts (Evarts Cutler & Co.) 827 
Chapel, h 284 Orange 


Cutler and Frank W. Tieman), 
art store, artists' materials, etc. 
827 Chapel — See p 956 

Frank, printer, bds 119 Washington 

Frank G., N. E. passenger agent Le- 
high Valley R. R. Co. (18) 49 
Church, bds 72 Howe 

Isaac, pressman, bds 119 Washing- 
ton av 

Jacob E. (J. E. Cutler & Bro.) 83 
Union, h 5H Washington av 

J. E. & Bro. (Jacob E. and Philip 
Cutler), wholesale fruit and 
produce 83 Union 

Jennie E. Miss, h 175 Lawrence 

Matthew, coppersmith 2 Silver pi, h 

Michael A., emp L. Candee & Co., h 
201 Franklin 

Robert G., bicycle repairer, bds 656 

Rosa, widow Jacob, h 119 Washing- 
ton av 
Catten George B. Rev., pastor Howard 
Avenue Baptist Church, h 80 
Cutter Morris, shoemaker 183 Congress 

av, h do. 
Cutting Charles T., physician 219 Whal- 
ley av, h do. 

Cutting Christina, widow Samuel P., bdi 

19 Audubon 
J. A., widow Rev. CSiarles, h %2\ 

Whitney av 
Cutts Charles H., contractor Saxgeat & 

Co., h 260 Lloyd 
Cuwry John, laborer, bds 306 Oak 
Cylke Anton, emp 96 Church, bds 91 U* 



h 55 Commerce 
Dacey Michael H., h 52 Oown 
William H., bds 52 Clrown 
Dacinelli John, stone cutter, bds 25 Oak 
D'Cunto Marcx, emp Sargent & Oo., & 

271 Hamilton 
IVAdanio Stefano, laborer, h 96 Haven 
I^Addio Vincenzo, stonecutter, h 118 

Dade Eleanor L., widow John T., h 207 
George T., conductor N. Y. Div.,\i 

165 Greenwich av 
Stephen M., bds 267 Orange 
Dadmun George W., captain steamer 
Yale, h 59 Houston 
James N., engineer, h 34 Poplar 
Dadson John T., emp S. N. R Td. Ca,{ 

h 25 Bradley 
Da Gennaro Annunziata Mrs., h. 57 
Daggett David, sec. K. H. Water Ox 
Crotra, h 58 Wall 
Edward H., rem to Mexico 
Eliza H. MiBs; h 1172 Chapel 
H. Calvin, section foreman H. Div^ 

h 240 View 
Leonard M., lawyer (White & 
gett) (602) 42 Church, bds 
Leslie F., meat market 95 

av, h 465 do. 
Mary J., widow Alfred, bds 

Mary J. Miss, bds 77 Grove 
Susan E. Miss, h 77 Grrove 
William G., physician 180 CSiurdi^ 

— see Dygert 
Dahaney Walter, laborer, li 143 Wi 
Dahl Helen Miss, emp Brailley & 
Co., bds 22 Lamberton 
John A., h 22 Lamberton 
Dahlbeck Gustave T., jeweler, h 84 

Dahlberg Neils, blacksmith , h 30 

Dahlgaard Jens M., h 1699 State 
Dahlmeyer Frank J., carver N. H. 
Co., h 32 Prout 
Frederick W., porter 221 WatcTtl 

32 Prout 
George A., clerk 970 Chapel. 

Joseph, bds 32 Prout 




DiUmeyer Wflliam, art store and gilder 
970 Chapel, h 88 Lafayette 
William Jr., clerk 970 Chapel, h 147 
CoDgreas av 
JkbJqamt August, emp M. Piano Ck>., bda 
Savin ay n Elm, W Haven 
HeDiy, blacksmith, bds r 07 James 
Ikbm Gufltav, emp M., W. Go., h 88 

Ifiddletown av 
Diiky Alfred L., carpenter, h 9 Wharton, 
W Haven 
Charles, teamster, bds 361 James 
OoraeUns, emp 6 Elm, h 190 Willow 
Emily £. Miss^ h 126 WhaUey av 
Florence L, widow Henry S., grocery 
and meat market 97 Whalley 
av, h 870 Elm 
Frank, molder, bds 361 James 
Fnnk £., orderly X. H. Hospital, 

bds da 
Harry E., emp W. R. A. Co., h 25 

Bany S^, window dresser emp 772 

Cliapel, h 232 Washington av 
ffenry, laborer, bds 298 East 
Jamea B., laborer, h 232 Poplar 
James W., emp Sargent & Co., bds 

232 Poplar 
Jeremiah C, emp Beatty Starch Co., 

bds 24 Arthur 
Katharine Miss, h 125 Whalley av 
Lillian F. Miss, bds 870 Elm 
Martin, emp R. R. freight house 

BeQe Dock, h 229 Grand av 
Maiy. widow William L., h 268 W 

KeOie H. Mrs^ nurse, h 54 Winches- 
ter av 
Patrick, emp N. Y., N. H. & H. R. 

R., h 515 East 
Thomas, carman, h 361 James 
Bsrthcdomew L., policeman, h 377 
Howard av 
lizzie A. Mn., h 305 Blatchley av 
Mary £. Miss, stenographer (4) 87 
CSiurch, ree Stony Creek 
DaDey, Daley and Daly 
l^nd R, machinist, bds 14 Salton- 
Stan av 

Andreir, emp H. Hooker & Co., 
bds 110 OUve 

Harry A., dispatdier Air Line 
Div. (124) R. R. office bdg, h 80 
CWrles A., painter, h 16 Redfleld 
Martin, bolcer, h 6 Lines 
. widow Robert, h 6 Lines 
, longshoreman, h 19 Madison 
Henry, silver plater, bds 263 Wash- 
mirton av 

J., plomber, bds 263 Washing- 
ton av 

Ami, xridow John, h 263 Wash- 
higton av 


Dales William F., plumber, bds 263 Wash- 
ington av 

— see Dallas 
Daley Anna Miss, clerk M. Mann & Bro., 
bds 237 Washington av 

Bartholomew, blacksmith, h r 109 

Catherine Mrs., bds 82 Haven 

Catherine, widow Daniel, h 17 Sum- 

Daniel, teamster, h 285 East 

Daniel, carriage trimmer, h 388 East 

Henry, emp N. F. B. & P. Co. No. 
2, bds 201 Hamilton 

Henry, emp freight depot 80 Long 
Wharf, h 393 Washington av 

James, foreman P. Bros. & Co., bds 
229 Franklin 

John, stone cutter, bds 9 Myr- 

John F., lockmaker, bds 285 East 

John H., locomotive fireman, h 76 

John P., saloon 282 Water, h 114 
Columbus av 

JuHa, widow Charles, bds 318 Wal- 

Kate Mrs., h 26 Haven 

Maria, widow Charles A., bds 148 
Davenport av 

Martin, laborer, bds 31 Gilbert 

Mary, widow John, h r 556 East 

Mary, widow Thomas, h 31 Gilbert 

Mary E., widow Henry M., h 304 

Michael, molder, h 9 Myrtle 

Michael Jr., plumber, bds 9 Myrtle 

Michael T., emp W. R. A. Co., bds 
88 Nash 

Owen J., police detective, h 242 

Patrick, emp wire mill, h 305 Ex- 

Patrick, emp N. H. R. M. Co., h 238 

Patrick, emp N. H. Steamboat Co., h 
88 Nash 

Patrick C, emp A. B. H. Co., bds 17 

Patrick F., emp M. F. Arms Co., bds 
88 Nash 

Robert D., ice dealer 313 Wallace, h 

Simon, laborer, bds 9 Myrtle 

Thomas, bds 31 Gilbert 

Thomas D., actor, h 287 Washington 

William, emp C. S. Mersick & Co., 
bds 123 State 

William H., corset ironer, h 31 Red- 

William J., emp W. R. A. Co., bds 40 

William P., captain No. 8 Engine, 
Edwards c Nash, h 1281 State 
Dailey, Daily and Daly 




Ballaher IVIary E. MisB, teacher Hamilton 

School, h 92 Bradley 
Dallas Charles A., carpenter, h 52 View 

James, h 59 Prospect 
Dalley H. A., tel. operator (116) R. R. 

office bdg, h 80 Carmel 
Dallmayer — see Dahlmeyer 
Dalquiflt John, emp N. H. Steam Saw 

MiU Ck>., h 1589 State 
Dalrymple Robert, engineer 125 Water, h 

466 Howard av 
Dalton Arthur, draughtsman R. R. office 
bdg, h 1 Thompson, W Haven 
Edward, teamster emp 290 State, h 2 

Lyon pi 
Eliza, widow Lawrence, h 140 Ck>n- 

gress av 
James, rem to Mill ord 
John, laborer, bds 487 East 
John R., lampmaker, bds 140 Con- 

gpress av 
Mary J., widow Patrick, h 48 Wil- 
Michael, emp 290 State, h 172 Frank- 
Nellie E. Miss, forewoman M. ft H. 

Shoe Co., bds 48 Wilson 
Richard, laborer, h 487 East 
William, emp 859 Grand av, bds 164 
Daly Alice I. Miss, emp R. R. office bdg, 
bds 4 Ailing 
Ambrose Cornelius, ins. canvasser 
(49) 49 Church, bds r 105 Qoffe 
Andrew G., cigarmaker, bds 200 

Andrew J., h 200 Franklin 
Bernard, emp R. R. yard, bds 4 Ai- 
Christine C. Miss, bds r 105 Goffe 
Christopher P., yard conductor N. Y., 
N. H. ft H. R. R., h 243 Congress 
Edward C, emp P. Bros. & Co., h 36 

Francis P., molder, bds 200 Frank- 
Hannah, widow Michael, h 916 State 
Henry, coal carman, h 4 Ailing 
James, h r 105 Goffe 
James, teamster, h 121 Fairmont av 
James H., painter, bds 35 Frank 
John, emp L. Candee & Co., bds 322 

John J., brakeman, h 184 Meadow 
John J., printer, h 35 Frank 
John M., mechanic, h 51 Frank 
Joseph P., emp Hugh Keenan, bds r 

105 Goffe 
Mary M. Miss, music teacher, bds r 

105 Goffe 
Matthew C, paper ruler, h 237 Pop- 
Michael J., carriage painter, bds 916 

Patrick, laborer, bds 322 East 
Thomas, boilermaker, h 99 Putnam 

Daly Thomas P., corset presser, bds 200 
William, teamster, bds 121 Faimont 

William H., toolmaker, h 200 Him- 

— see Dail^, Daily and Daley 
D'Amato Luigi, barber, h 5 Minor 
Dambacher Qiarles, shoemaker 52 Higb, 
h 54 do. 
Frank L., clerk (429) R. R. office bdg, 
bds 54 High 
Damberg Charles A., emp Sargent & Ox, 

h 31 Greene 
D'Ambrosio Biagio, emp Sai^gent k Ooi, 
bds 19 Hamilton 
Nicola, laborer, bds 20 Union 
Valentine, barber 35 Ferry, h 50 dik 
Damero Massimo, quarryman, bds S 

Damiano Giuseppe, rem to Italy 

Michaelo, rem to Italy 
Damico Vincenzo, emp Sargent & Oo^m 

256 Hamilton 

Damling William, rem to Stamford 

Dana Edward S., prof, physics Y. T^. 

119 Grove 

Henrietta, widow James D., h 

Hillhouse av 

Danahy Michael F., carriage painter 

282 Congress av, h 49 Stevens 

— see Dennehy 

D' Andrea Domenico, marble \nrorker 

Oak, h do. 

Frank, stone cutter, bds 473 Oak 

Pasquale, emp city, bds 473 Oak 

Danforth F. Virginia Miss, 8tenogra[' 

Court House, res Branfcnrd 
D'Angelo Andrea, rem to Italy 
Danhauser Annie Miss, dressmaker. 
John, clerk 450 State, h 157 W< 
John Mrs., dressmaker, h 157 W4 

Martin, cabinetmaker, h 8 !£« 
Daniell Francis G., electriciaii F. H. 

R. R. Co., rms 211 Ferxy 
Daniels Annie E., widow Frank B.» b 
Charles W., contractor "W. K. A. 

h 61 Shelton av 
Earle A., painter, h 277 Front 
Edward H., bds 12 Gregory 
Elnathan A., musician., h. 318 

Emma A. Miss, bookkeeper 104 

bds 1021 Whalley a.^ 
Frederick C, emp W. BL . 

15 Summer 
Henry A., building mo^er^ h 12 

win pi 
Joseph, h Milford turnpike n 

Lillian Miss, teacher, t>ds 12 

Luke A., bookkeeper lOQ 3^ 
bds 14 Gregory 




Daniels Mary Mrs., bds First av c Spring, 
W Hav«i 

Maiy L MiaB, teacher Skinner 
School, bdB 84 Wall 

Xat&an A., clockmaker, bds 518 

Suniid L, messenger Adams Ex. Co., 
Union depot, h 21 Redfidd 

Stephen, laborer, h 16 Dudley, High- 

nomas, molder, h 12 Gregory 

lliomas F., machinist, bds 12 Greg- 

William D., machinist Am. Needle 

Coi, h 42 Sperry 
— seeMcDaniels 
DMiiriam C. Oscar, smith helper, rms 116 

Dtalker Augusta Miss, bds 142 Wooster 
Caroline Miss, dressmaker, bds 142 

dam Miss, forewoman Strouse, Ad- 

ler k Co., bds 142 Wooster 
John, blacksmith, h 142 Wooeter 
Loniaa Ifiss, rocalist, bds 142 Woos- 
^niah Ch^, 149 Orange 
jWb ArthuT T., trav. salesman, h 222 
Cbaries M., carpenter, h 519 Ebn 
Newton A., produce dealer, h Clifton 
n Front av, W Haven 
^■n Bros. & Co. The, mfrs. carriage 

woodwork 80 and 82 Franklin 
! diaries Odell, carpenter, h 319 Sher- 
man av 
Clarence B., sec. The Dann Bros, ft 
Go. 80 and 82 Franklin, h 204 
Edwaid W., emp N. H. Clock Co., h 

fnderick M., draughtsman W. R. A. 

Co., rma 134 St. John 
Gcone E., prop. Kattan Mfg. Co. 552 

State, bds 539 Orange 
bisc, m attieas maker, h 29 Hallock 
]«ac K., h 589 Orange 
John A., pre& The Dann Bros, ft Co. 
80 and 82 Franklin, h 280 
Jckn Herbert, clerk 256 Water, bds 
134 St. John 
nl X., student, bds 539 Orange 
"" F., treaa. The Dann Bros, 
ft Co. 80 and 82 Franklin, h 105 

Id P. (The Dann Bros, ft Co.), 
h 156 Blatehl^ av 
Dominico, city express, h 540 

laborer, h 248 Wallace 
emp Lb Oindee ft Co., h 14 
p, laborer, h 248 Wallace 

molder, h 70 Adeline 

Max, 'c<«i. trav., h 21 Prince 

Darby Arthur J., emp N. H. R. M. Co., 
bds 145 Ferry 
George, engineer, h 145 Ferry 
Sarah L. Miss, dressmaker, bds 145 
Ferry * 

D'Arche Raoul W., clerk freight office 
154 Water, bds Hotel Westmore- 
Darcy John, h 54 Greenwood 
Thomas, bds 54 Greenwood 
Thomas J., carpenter, h 146 Car- 
— see Darcey and Dorsey 
Dardell Antonio, tinner, also stoves and 

ranges 292 George, h do. 
Dargan Charles A., molder, bds 14 
Hughes pi 
Daniel F., carpenter, bds 14 Hughes 

Edward J., ^ringmaker, bds 14 

Hughes pi 
John, laborer, h 14 Hughes pi 
Julia Miss, h 71 Ashmun 
Katherine T. Miss, teacher, bds 14 

Hughes pi 
Mary ^fiss, bds 640 Grand av 
Nicholas, molder, h 7 Haven 
Patrick S., emp N. Y., N. H. ft H. 

R. R., h 80 York 
Peter E., policeman, h 103 Winches- 
ter av 
Darling Moses E., silver plater, h 310 
Susan T. Mrs., h 1162 Chapel 
Darlington William, laborer, h 219 

Damey James, emp W. R. A. Co., bds 45 

Dairow Frederick L., clerk 813 Chapel, 
bds 64 Houston 
George, carpenter, h 6 Washington 

Hany G., emp 107 Grand av, bds 64 

Henry G., h 64 Houston 
Idalina Miss, h 354 Humphrey 
Mary A., widow Edwin R., h 377 

Merton R., bds 154 Center, W Haven 
S. Alice, teacher, h 211 Exchange 
Savio, hostler, h 41 Lock 
Dart Frank W., trav. salesman A. B. 

Hendryx Co., res New London 
Darton Estella Miss^ bds 146 Rock av 
Herbert B., shipping clerk P. Broa 

ft Co., bds 15 Court 
William H., manager New Haven 
Coal Co. 59 Church, h Quinni- 
piax; av opp Warwick 
Daah Jacob, peddler, h 16 Rose 
Dato Michele, peddler, h r 248 Wallace 
Dattolo Antonio, laborer, h 32 Myrtle 
Dauben Elizabeth, widow Alexander, bds 

827 State 
Dauenhauer Charles, carpenter and build- 
er 10 Richards pi, W Haven, h 




Daueot Charles, laborer, h 256 Hamil- 
Daiim August, saloon 238 Davenport av, 
h 236 do. 
William, salocm 131 Congress av, h 
133 do. 
Dauth Frederick, pressman, h 167 Second 
av, W Haven 
John, willow worker, h 137 Union 
Daven John, emp N. F. B. k P. Co., bds 
309 Congress av 
Margaret, widow John, h 309 Con- 
gress av 
Davenport Avenue School, Davenport av 
c Asylum 
Charles F., buyer The Edward Mal- 

ley Co., bds 317 George 
Congregational Church, 137 Greene 
John P., contractor, h 16 Vie^ 
Mary A. Miss, h 98 Dixwell av 
Davey George, stone cutter, bds 154 Lib- 
James, rubber worker, h 127 Wal- 
John, emp Peck Bros. &, Co., bds 127 

William, barber, bds 749 State 
— see Davie 
David Askey, grocer 24 Eaton, h do. 
Patrick, emp R. R. shops, h 131 Ort- 
Davids Micajah B., shoemaker, h 26 

Forbes av 
Davidson Charles, emp W. IL A. Co., bds 
237 Dixwell av 
Charles C, paper hanger 211 Con- 
gress av, rms do. 
George, emp W. R. A. Co., h 85 Stair 
George H., clerk 915 Whalley av, bds 

24 Forest 
James C, emp W. R. A. Co., bds 85 

Jane, widow Charles, bds 271 Lom- 
Jane A. Miss, stenographer 115 

Water, bds 37 Avon 
John H., engineer, h 24 Forest 
Nelson C, shipping clerk 302 State, 

h 147 Lamberton 
Robert, emp W. R. A. Co., h 21 

Robert H., porter 111 State, bds 22 

Robert J., lieut Engine No. 7, h 16 

Samuel, laborer, h 61 Starr 
Thomas, emp L. Candee & Co., h 180 

Thomas E., emp W. R. A. Co., bds 
237 Dixwell av 

DAVIDSON W. 0. & CO. (W. G. 

Davidson and Robert Jordan), 
shoe dealers 878 Chapel — See p 
WUliam, carpenter, h 37 Avon 



Davidson William, emp W. R. A Go^, bdi 
85 Starr 
William G., rubber worker, h 19 As* 

William G. (W. G. Davidson & Go.l 

878 Cha^, h 237 Dixwell at 
William J., bds 341 Ox>wn 
— see Davison 
Davie Andrew, carriagesmith, h 242 

George, clerk, h 68 WaiiuBgtaBL 

Thomas F., painter 18 Dsggett, k 

Davies Archibald S., emp W. R. A Qk, 

h 17 Admiral 
George W., emp W. R. A. Co.,^* 

Grace W. Mn., h 486 Prospect 
Thomas K Rev., manager cliiii^ 

and ministerial bureau, al» 

agent typewriters, office 8tt 

Chapel, h 674 State 
William R., emp L. Oandee & O^ k 

117 OUve 
Davin Thomas, emp N. H. M^. Co., h 

Davis Albert L., emp A. B. Greeirv 

bds 48 Gregory 
Albert M., emp D. M. Welch t 

W Haven, bds 92 Third av, do. 
Alsey M., foronan B. Shcminger 

h 121 Portsea 
Archie G., clerk Elm House, 

ley av, nns 10 Wall 
Arnold, clerk 165 Elm, bds 466 

ard av 
Arthur John, painter, bds 13 

Asa W., emp 856 Chap^, rms 

Benjamin R., waiter, bde 48 
Bessie I. Miss, stenographer emp 

State, bds 1036 Wballey av 
Burdette R., emp W. IL A. 

103 Shdton av J 

Caleb B., teamster, h. 21 Dofl 

Highwood j 

Caroline M. Miss, bds 336 HnmpH 
Charles, hostler, h 78 VS^ebster ] 
Charles, driver 275 Sdgerwood ] 

rms do. 
Charles H., expressman, h 284 

gress av 
Charles H., clerk 28 G6ii^pr«B8 av^ 

92 Third av, W Saven 
Charles N., carpenter, b 34 W4 
Charles O., machinist;, b 34 
Charlotte Mrs., h 170 Henry 
Charlotte D., widow Jc^m W^' 

Clarence B. (Davis & 'K.eiK 
Elm c First av, "W Ha^eaJ 

Washington av, do. 
Goal and Coke Co. (vrboleeale) 
42 Church 



Davis Oonielia M., widow dark, rms 254 
First ay, W Haven 
Jknd H., emp D. M. Welch & Son, 

W Haven, h 92 Third av, do. 
BaWd Ik, emp R. H. Brown & Co., 

bds 228 Shelton av 
DaTid IL, butcher 228 Shelton av, h 

Ebeneeer R., painter, h 74 Perkins 
Edward, barber, rms 93 Webster 
Blward, emp W. R. A. Co., bds 616 

Sdwaid, painter, bds 197 George 
Edward E, clerk 364 State, h 340 

Whitney av 
£Zia A., widow Watson, bds 436 

Ellsworth W., with J. B. Judson, h 

139 8t John 
Elsie L. Miss, confectionery 159 Shel- 
ton av, bds 161 do. 
Erwin &, patent medicines, h 48 

Fdix G., janitor 111 York, h 417 

Frank £., emp American Buckle Co., 

W Hav^, h 26 Richards, do. 
fnd M., mechanic, bds 16 Shelter 
IMerick A., rem to New York 
Oeorge, h 214 Hamilton 
Geoige, baker, h 138 Wolcott 
George, laborer, h r 273 Water 
George Mrs., rem to New York 
Geoiie R, conductor W. Av. R. R. 
Co., h Peck av c Atwater, W 
George E., janitor 82 Church, rms 

(40) do. 
George F., teamster 161 Shelton av, 

Oeorge W., h 1036 Whalley av 
Battle Mrs., h 90 Church 
Haymon, fiah peddler, h 112 Adeline 
Henij C., mason, h 144 Olive 
Isaac F., clerk 360 Congress av, h 
First av n OEunpbell av. Ailing- 
Jacob C, derk (922) Chapel, bds 

116 Hill 
JaoMs A. (William E. Davis ft 06.) 
901 Grmad av and 169 Orange, 
h 603 Orange 
iaaes H., emp Sargent ft Co., h 

Tront av, Allingtown 
[iffniMB M^ engineer, h 70 Kenrington 
teanMter, bds 192 Franklin 
emp X. S. Clock Co., bds 163 
h 21 Grove, W Haven 
clerk 662 Grand av, bds 186 
D., rem to New York 

bartender, h 136 Wolcott 
driver, bds 21 Dudley, High- 



Davis Joseph Wood, bds 34 Cassius 

Joshua H. Jr. (Davis ft Co.) 813 
Chapel, bds 336 Humphrey 

Julia A., widow Daniel, bds 9 Shel- 

Kittle Miss, emp 922 Chapel, bds 37 
Edgewood av 

Levi, gardener, h Fountain n Davis 

Lewis T., emp 424 State, h 32 Ed- 

Lida A., widow Lewis, rem to Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. 

Louise, widow Charles, h 136 Lib- 

Mamie Miss, cashier 922 Chapd, bds 
37 Edgewood av 

Maria Miss, rms 325 Munson 

Martha, widow Jeremiah, bds 211 

Martha Mrs., rem to California 

Martin L., foreman K. H. Chair Co., 
h 842 State 

Mary C, widow Edwin S., h 37 Edge- 
wood av 

Mary E. Mrs., dressmaker 65 Sylvan 
av, h do. 

Moses, trav. salesman, h 106 Wash- 
ington av 

Oliver, polisher, bds 17 Kimberly av 

Oliver I., machinist, bds 1020 Whal- 
ley av 

Patrick, driver 552 Grand av, h 186 

P. E. Mrs., grocery and meat market 
228 Shelton av, h do. 

Peter, smith helper, bds 131 Car- 

Peter, gardener, bds 329 Water 

Balph, provision dealer, h 205 Lex- 
ington av 

DAVIS BICEABD 0. flour, grain, hay, 
feed and straw 353 to 357 East 
and 15 E Grand av, h 404 Quin- 
nipiac av — See p 981 

Robert, corset ironer, bds 138 Wol- 

Samuel, grocer 49 Oak, h do. 

Sarah, widow Henry, h 30 Cottage 

Sarah A. Miss, bds 337 Crown 

Sarah M. Mrs., h 99 Webster 

Sereno D., gardener, bds Fountain n 

Solomon (Davis ft Co.) 813 Chapel, h 
836 Himiphrey 

Stella Miss, emp Greist Mfg. Co., 
bds 128 Fountain 

Susan L. Miss, teacher Carlisle 
Street School, bds 361 George 

Sylvester R., carriage painter, h 773 

DAVIS THEODOSE I. carpenter and 
builder r 41 George, h 59 Pine — 
See p 1006 

Thomas H., clerk 165 Elm, h 466 
Howard av 

Wales G., teamster, h 110 Hazel 



Davis Walter M., clerk 84 Church, h 341 

Sherman ay 
Walter R., rem to Hartford 
Walter S., dentist (11) 116 Church, 

bds 674 State 
Wilbur R., ba^^gage master, h 59 

William, motorman, bds 138 Wol- 

William, emp C. P. Snow, rms 110 

William, emp N. H. Clock Co., h 163 


William E. (William £. Davis & Co.) 
961 Grand ay, treas. The Central 
New England Brick Exchange 
Co. 169 Orange, (North Haven 
Div.), res Hamden 

E. and Jamee A. Davis), brick 
mfrs. 961 Grand av and 169 Or- 
ange—See p 1012 

William H., milk peddler, bds 265 

William H., waiter 825 Chapel, bde 
19 Hudson 

& Co. (Solomon Davis and Joshua 
H. Davis Jr.), clothiers, hatters 
and furnishers 813 and 815 

& Kendrick (Clarence B. Davis and 
C. Wendel Kendrick), groceries 
and meat market Elm c First av, 
W Haven 
Davison Alvah J., clerk 492 State, h 174 

Charles C, painter and paper hanger 
211 Congress av, rms do. 

Hiram H., emp W. R. A. Co., h 1337 

Jed R., emp W. R. A. Co., h 90 

Joseph, joiner, h York west end 
Stevens Heights, W Haven 

Mary J., widow Hiram C, h 174 

Sarah R. Miss, emp W. R. A. Co., bds 
174 Hazel 

— see Davidson 
Davy William J., laborer, bds 205 Green- 
wich av 
Dawless Frank S., carp^iter, h 214 Green- 
wich av 

Frederick W., emp R. R. shops, h 218 
Greenwich av 
Daws John S., conductor W. Av. R. R. 
Co., h 66 Brown, W Haven 

William S., dispatcher W. Av. R. R. 
Ca, h 17 New, W Haven 
Dawson Annie Miss, dressmaker 128 
Cedar, bds do. 

Charles T., clerk 259 State, bds 63 

Edward W., author and editor, bds 
399 Orange 

Elizabeth, widow Henry S., bds 142 


Dawson Henry S., tutor, bds 142 Dwight 
Howard Park, bds 399 Orange 
James B., laborer, h 128 Cedai 
Sidney H., trav. salesman, h 1^ 

Day Almira H., widow William, teacber, 

bds 270 Ferry 
Anne P. Miss, teacher, bds 10 Col- 
Arthur H. (Kimberly, Root & Day) 

133 Orange, h 306 Ywk 
Charles H., h n Lake Whitney, Whit* 

Delia Mrs., h 24 Summer pi 
Dewitt C, toolmaker, h 202 Newhall 
District Kindergart^i School, 86 De- 
EUa Miss, h 9H Greene 
Everett J., teamster emp 111 State, 

bds 91^ Greene 
Frank S., messenger Adams Ex. Go, 

bds 165 Columbus av 
F. S. Mrs., h 321 Orchard 
George E. Rev., D. D., Prof. Emeritiii 

Y. U., h 125 College 
George H., clerk 242 Hamilton, \^ 

244 do. 
Harry G., lawyer (Watrous k Bay) 

(4) 153 Church, res Seymour 
Horace, sec. Board of Educatioii 21 

Center, h 10 College 
James E., porter 239 Statet, bds 4| 

Summer J 

James E., laborer, bds 364 Dixwil| 

Jesse, stone mascm, rms 75 W 
Joseph F., porter J. D. Dewell & 

h 42 Summer 
Lewis E., emp W. R. A. Co., bds 

Lucy D., widow James, groceries 

pleasure boats, h n Lake 

ney, Whitneyville 
Marion S., widow Webst«- D., h 

Main, W Haven 
Mary Elizabeth Miss, h 956 
Mary J. Mrs., dressmaker 83 

Nellie F., widow Samuel, b 33 

Nursery (Leila), 69 Greene 
Osbom A., student, bds 310 Yod^ 
Flatrick, saloon 61 Washington 9B^ 

5 Daggett J 

Peter, emp W. R. A. Oo^ bds \ 

Grand av J 

Robert E., bds 10 College i 

School, Rosette c DeWitt ' 

Susan M. Miss, h 966 Chapel 
Thomas, emp W. R. A. O^ hd^ 

Dixwell av J 

Thomas, janitor St. John's H| 

Church, bds 283 Oak \ 

Wilbur F., prea National New! 

ven Bank 809 CSiapel, id 

York ^^ ^ 

Wilbur F. Jr., bds 310 
William B., h 23 George 





Bay William H., rem to Gheater, Mass. 
Jkmoa George W., carpenter, h 1234 

DiytOD Amanda, widow George W., h 
120 Quinnipiac av 
Charles R., oystermaii, h 252 Quin- 
nipiac av 
QiarJee R., paper box cutter, rms 6 

Sdward, oysterman, h 98 Farren av 
IVuKces C. Mrs., matron Y. W. C. A., 

568 Chapel, h do. 
Frances £. Mr&, h 214 First av, W 

Frank D., bds 214 First av, W Ha- 
Frederick C, h 707 State 
Ftederick L., clerk H. Hooker ft Co., 

bds S3 Dwight 
George C, emp H. Hooker & Co., bds 

68 Clark 
Geojjfe EL, emp N. F. B. & P. Co., h 

496 Congress ay 
Geoi|e H., sup't Henry Hooker ft 

0>., h 83 Dwight 
George W., oysterman, h 92 Farren 

HowMid B., sup't sash dept J. Gibb 

Smith ft Co., h 143 Howard ay 
I«Mc C, rem to Proyidence, R. I. 
Jmde Afias, clerk 906 Chapel, bds 262 

Quinnipiac ay 
John J., agent Adams Express Co. 
S89i Grand ay, h 265 Quinnipiac 

John J. Mrs., milliner, h 265 Quin- 
nipiac ay 
Levis J., bds 236 Lexington ay 

Lncretia H. Miss, teacher Boardman 
Manual Training High School, 
rms 26 Edgewood ay 

l^thera C. Mra., h 26 Edgewood ay 

oinith B., rem to Sayannah, Ga. 

William A., bds ^ Fairmont ay 
Anna, widow William, h 13 
Wooeter pi 

-'William, plumber, bds 13 Wooster 



Daniel W., manager Hotel Sayoy, 
14 Cburcih, bds do. 
widow Th<»nas^ h 619 Elm 
is 8., emp M. Seward ft Son 
GoL, h r 7d Dixwell ay 

£., emp Greist Mfg. Co., bds 
21 Dyor 

GEOKOE W. carpenter and 
builder 10 Pitkin, h 33 Lake pi 
3eep 1007 
A., clerk (318) R. R. office 

r, bdi 803 Columbus ay 
w, flreman, h 147 Lamberton 
X., painter 190 Washhigton 
•▼, h 308 Oolumlnis ay 
J. LEBOT* carpenter, cabinet- 
maker, etc. 85 Orange, h 63 Ste- 
▼eBft->fiee p 1008 

Dean John, rms 243 Wooster 

John M., tinner, rms 32 Garden 

Josephine Mrs., h 21 Dyer 

Mary A. Miss, dressmaker, bds Whii- 

Sarah M., widow Lewellyn, h 11 

Thomas J.,hack driver,h 14 Scranton 
William, bds Springside Home 
WilUam L., rem to Woodbridge 
William W., joiner, rms 11 Oliye 
Deane Albert, emp N. H. Ice Co., h Whit- 
Catherine Miss, dressmaker, bds 62 

Patrick (Doolittle ft Dean) 94 Mead- 
ow, h 62 Salem 
DeAngelis Antonio, emp Sargent ft Co.j 
h 2 Donnelly pi 
Antonio, emp L. C&ndee ft Co., h 414 

Beniamino, barber, bds 2 Doimelly pi 
Donato, shoemaker 184^ St. John, h 

14 Bradley pi 
Gioyanni, saloon 686 Grand ay, h 692 

Giuseppe, laborer, h 65 Hill 
Luigi, h 274 Water 
Pasquale, barber 366 Columbus ay, h 

96 Putnam 
Yincenzo, laborer, bds 422 East 
DeAngelo Angelo, laborer, bds 10 Don- 
nelly pi 
Dearborn Adelbert B., plumber, bds 172 
Annie, widow Silas B., h 172 Carlisle 
George E., oysterman, bds 172 Car- 
deArche R. S., clerk R. R. office bdg, bds 

Hotel Westmoreland 
De Baptiste George T., h 410 Orchard 1 
Harry O., cook, rms 114 Day 
Mary L., widow Isaiah J., h 410 Or* 
DeBaun James H., carriage bod3rmaker. 

h 221 Lloyd 
DeBaur Christian, cigarmaker, bds 216 

DeBello— see DiBella 
DeBerry Samuel, laborer, h 73 Webster 
DeBiase Bartolomeo, emp Sargent ft Co., 
bds r 74 Wallace 
Domenico, farmer, h 92 Oak 
Domenico, laborer, bds 22 Minor 
DeBorde Edward, emp N. H. Clock Co., h 

66 Mechanic 
DeBowes James J., salesman 216 Water, 

h 212 Kimberly ay 
DeBows James M., shoe fitter, h 83 Syl- 
yan ay 
John R., shoe fitter, h 711 Grand ay 
Michael H., h 82 Sjrlyan ay 
Debresida Tommaso, laborer, h 262 Ham- 
Debrisda Gennaro, laborer, h 14 Ifinor 
DeBussy Albert D., sec. and treaa The 
Charles W. Whittlesey Co. 281 
State, h 33 Edgewood ay 



DeBussy Arthur G., clerk 898 Chapel, bds 

297 York 
Charles R., carriagemaker, h 168 

Roger B., shirtmaker 870 Chapel, 
DeCarlo Angelo^ laborer, bds 14 Fkdmer 
Antonio, laborer, bds 14 Palmer 
Antonio, teamster, h 93 Oak 
DeOarr Theodore, bds 470 Goffe 
Deckert Otto, fireman 322 Oak, h 104 

Sylvan av 
Decrosta Alphonse, emp Sargent & Co., h 

18 Vine 
Antonio, emp W. R. A. Co., h 15 

Antonio, barber, bds 18 Vine 
Dedrick Abram N., druggist 246 Dixwell 

av, h 260 do. 
Moses, laborer, bds 33 Webster 
Dee John, emp W. R. A. Co., h 10 Easton, 

Nellie Mrs., housekeeper 101 Elliott 
Deegan Annie Miss, buyer The Edw. 

Malley Co., bds 136 Chestnut 
Daniel N., emp N. H. Clock Co., n 

173 Olive 
Elizabeth, widow Geoige, bds 173 

James, bds 183 Hamilton 
James J., gardener, bds 99 Winches- 
ter av 
John J., carriage painter, bds 136 

John S., emp N. Y., N. H. & H. R. 

R., rms 167 Meadow 
Joseph P., druggist 609 Grand av, 

bds 134 Saltonstall av 
Kate Miss, clerk 834 Chapel, bds 

328 Blatchley av 
Kittle Miss, clerk 922 Chapel, bds 

136 Chestnut 
Mary, widow Dennis, h 183 Hamil- 
Michael, laborer, h 75 Union 
Patrick J., emp Strouse, Adler & Co., 

h 61 Poplar 
Rose Miss, clerk 922 Chapel, bds 136 

Thomas J., h 136 Chestnut 
William P., painter, bds 76 Olive 
Winnie Miss, emp Strouse, Adler ft 

Co., bds 117 Greene 
Deey Fritz, baker, bds 752 Grand av 
DeFalco Beneamino, laborer, h 6 Myr- 
DeFelice Orescanzo, shoemaker 360 Port- 
sea, h 358 do. 
Louis, saloon 23 Oak, h do. 
Ludovico, mason tender, h 60 Hill 
Defendorf Allan R., rem to Middletown 
DeFeo Alphonso, emp Sargent & Co., h 

66 View 
Nicola, emp Sargent ft Co., h 181 

Raffaele. emp L. Candee ft Co., h 219 



DeFilippo Angelo, laborer, bds 9 Faetotf 

Giuseppe, fruit dealer, h 9 FmUnq 

Michele, laborer, h 9 Factory 

DeFord MAry A., widow Eli, h 114 Footi 

DeForest Andrew W., pres. DeForoet ft 

Hotchkiss Co. 116 Water, ilso 

pres. New Haven Gas Light Ooi 

80 Crown, h 361 Orange 
Charles K, clerk 297 State, h 65 

Charles M., student, bds 387 Tem^ 
Charles P., joiner Sargent ft Co., h 

185 DeWitt 
Charles S., vice pres. and sec. DeFor- 
est ft Hotchkiss Co. 116 Water, 

h 208 Humphrey 
Emily M. Miss, teacher, bds 45 At* 

Eugene, trees. DeForest ft Hotchldfls 

Co. 116 Water, h 351 Onnge 
George L., real estate (307) 863 

Chapel, res Derby 
Henry S. Mrs., h 387 Temple 
Henry W., mason, h 242 Munson 
John Albert, emp N. F. B. ft P. Om 

John P., h 45 Atwater 
John W., bds Hotel Garde 
Lee, bds 387 Temple 
Louis S., prof, of clinical medicineij 

T. U. and physician 54 WaI\,W 

Mary, widow Marcus, bds 35 Atvs^ 

Mary R. Miss, music teacher, bds 381 

Temple { 


T H K » lumber dealers 115 Wafi^ 

—See p 998 
DeFreese John blacksmith, bds 49 

DeGallo Mike, laborer, h Easton, Higl 

Raphael, laborer, h Easton, W^ 

Degnaa Bridget Mrs., bds 253 James i 
Charles, emp R, R. shops, bds ! 

Daniel F., emp N. F. B. & P. C6-, I 

8 Arch 
Elizabeth J. Miss, dressmaker 

Asylum, bds do. 
Francis, laborer, h r 182 Samiltai 
Frank, emp N. Y., N. H. A; H. B- 

bds 70 Putnam 
John, laborer, rms 14 Oramge 
Joseph M., bds 8 Arch 
Kate, widow Thomas, h 111 Ball 

stall ay 
Michael, laborer, h 14 Asyliun 
Patrick, laborer, bds 45 HIU 
Patrick, coal carman, h 8 Areb 
Patrick, laborer, h 31 Sylvan «v 
Thomas, molder, bds 
Thomas, laborer, h 14 




Degntn Thomas F., glaas bey^er, bds 14 

William, clerk W. R. A. Oo., h 11 

DeGnS leabeUa H. Mrs., housekeeper N. 

H. Hoepital, bds do. 
Degrutn Antonia, barber, bde 18 Vine 
Degnigorio — see Gregforio 
BeGiQot Hany, aaleannan 468 State, h 43 

First ay, W Haven 
Deiuner Joe^h J., cigannaker, bds 160 

Ursula OBsper, polisher, h 68 Peck 

av, W Haven 
DeHedonville Henry, emp M. F. Anns 

G6., bds 080 State 
DeBoat Peter, rem to Antwerp, Bel- 
DdM Margaret, widow Jacob, h 100 

Ddbert John R (Deibert & C6.) 71 Or- 
ange, b 37 Pleasant 
ft Go., real estate agents 71 Orange 
Bosch Louis, emp M. J. Beck Co., bds 

120 Chestnut 
-see Disch 
Mtter John, clerk 107 Broadway, rms 49 

Dejon J., Peter^ piano tuner and deputy 

sheriff (206) 866 Chapel, h 96 

Xich<^a8, emp Sargent ft Co., h 819 

Gvand av 
WendeU, emp Wm. Schollhom Co., 

rms 819 Grand av 
forio Antonio, mason, h r 237 Wal- 

Mai^guerite B. Miss, bds 179 Ez- 
Mary EL Mias, hairdresser 179 Ex- 
change, bds da 

■iek, emp N. H. R. M. Co., h 179 

Edwitfd S., dining rooms 1076 
Chapel, h do. 
lyette Alfred, conductor N. T., N. 
* H. 4b H. R. R., h 377 Howard 

Henry O., blacksmith, h 78 Goffe 
A., widow Peter, bds 73 Goffe 
lyette T Lilian M. Miss, stenogra- 
pter emp Hickok Ck>., bds 146 

to AugerviUe 
bera Vincenzo, laborer, bds 64 

xaizabeth, widow Lewis, h 
1100 State 
'Orrin, carriagemaker 912 State, h 
014 dow 
DenniB J., plAmber, h 179 Wil- 

motoraian F. H. & W. R. R. 
Ool, h 18 Summer pi 

widofVF Patrick J., saloon 336 
Water, b do. 

Delaney John, h 396 Grand av 

John, janitor, h Poplar n Lombard 
« John, laborer, h 670 Grand av 
John J., rem to New York 
Julia A. Miss, tailoress, bds 66 Arch 
Mary, widow Daniel, bds 43 White 
Matthew, buffer, bds 396 Grand av 
Michael, emp Strouse, Adler & Co., h 

60 Adeline 
Michael, joiner, h 296 Washington 

Michael, emp N. H. Clock Co., h 926 

Grand av 
Michael J., in U. S. Army 
Patrick P., real estate, h 9 Grace 
Thomas, hosenum Steamer Ko. 4, h 

170 Eafit 
Timothy L., clerk (429) R. R. office 

bdg, bds 413 Poplar 
William, emp Branford, bds 396 
Grand av 
Delano Amanda, widow Edward, bds 82T 

Delavan Eliza J., widow Marcus L., h 270 

Delay John, emp Starr Mfg. Co., bds 99 
William A., carpenter, h 66 Liberty 
Delbuco Francesco P., emp Sargent i 

Co., h 246 Wallace 
Delehant Henry A., meat peddler, h 63 
John H., rem to Anaonia 
Patrick, grocer 212 Clinton av, h da 
William, shipping clerk 111 State, h 
146 Pine 
Delehanty James, emp Woodbridge Ice 

Co., h 88 Clinton av 
Delevan George H., rem to New York 
Delevo Gaetano, laborer, h 798 Grand av 
DelFraneo Saleto, laborer, h 11 Pair 
Del Grego Angelo Mrs., h 167 Wallace 
Antonia, emp Sargent & Co., bds 12 

Francesco, mason, h Cherry Ann 
Gaetano, laborer, h 12 Minor 
Giovanni (Del Grego ft Landino) 64 

Hm, h do. 
Pasquale. emp Sargent & Co., bds 12 

S. Eugene, emp L. OEindee & Co. and 
steamship agency 167 Wallace, h 
do., and Italian interpreter, P. 
0. box 936 
& Landino (Giovanni Del Grego and 
Giovanni Landino), bottlers and 
saloon 64 Hill 
Del Giudice Vincenza Mrs., h 76 St John 
Delia Anthony, confedionery, bds 646 
Joseph, h 646 Chapel 
Rose Miss, clerk 770 Chapel, bds 646 
lyElia Yincenzo, physician and surgeon 
861 Grand av, h do. 




D'Elise Giulio, emp L. Oandee & Co., h 
167 Wallace 
Raffaele, emp Sargent & Co., h 236 
Del Fosse Eugene A., bottling works Sav- 
in av opp Oak, W Haven, h da 
Delia Camera Domenico, laborer, h 6 
Gambra Vincenzo, emp N. H. R. M. 

Co., bds 106 Haven 
Selva Andrea, emp L. Candee & Ca, 
h 141 Hajnilton 
Dellahanty Mary D. Misa, milliner 138 

Olive, ims 136 do. 
Delle Bernhardt, machinist, bds 46 Ar- 
Ernest, machinist, h 46 Arthur 
Dellea Thomas, emp W. E. Gilbert, bds 

170 Franklin 
Dellilranci Nicola, shoemaker 783 Diz- 

well av, h 769 do. 
Dellily Jennie, widow Paul, h 225 Shel- 

ton av 
Delillo Pasquale, laborer, bds 18 York 
Delmas Frank, photographer 902 Chapel, 
rms 846 Grand av 
Mathurin, carpenter, h 845 Grand av 
Mathurin Mr&, boarding house B435 

Grand av 
Raymond, physician 845 Grand av 
and 64 Franklin, h 64 Franklin 
Delmastro Frank, shoemaker 10 Chapel, 

Del Monaco Antonio, laborer, bds 23 
Gennaro, laborer, bds 36 Lafayette 

Del Monico Gennara, laborer, bds 23 

Delodge John, emp Monson & Co., bds 

Atwater c Dover 
Joseph, emp N. H. E. Co., h 200 

Delon Augusta A., widow John, h 68 Ply- 
De Long Alfred J., carpenter and builder, 

rms 32 Grove 
Laura A. Mrs., h 125 Wooster 
Robert N., cook, rms 111 Crown 
Delowery James J., emp Strouse, Adler 

k Co., h 254 Jamee 
Del Prete Salvatore, laborer, bds 19 Ham- 
Del Savio Vittorio, saloon 436 Eiist, h 

149 Wallace 
Delsole Pasquale, emp W. R A. Cb., h 

24 Bristol 
Delta Kappa Epsilon Society Hall, 261 

Psi Fraternity, 129 College c Wall 
De Lucia Desandro, emp Wallinirford, h 

1080 State 
Prank, emp L. Candee & Co., h 446 

' Giovanni, laborer, h 72 St. John 

De Lucia Vincenzo, emp Sargent ft 0^ 
bds 72 St. John 
Vincenzo, emp Sargent & Co., h 106 
Delude Luke, paperhanger, bds 102 l^ev* 

De Maio Nicola, barb^ 196 Sheiton ay, 

rms 198 do. 
De Majo Giuseppe, emp Sargent & Co., h 

18 Wallace 
Del Vecchio Fedde, emp L. Oandee k Co, 

h 23 St Jchn 
Demander John, bookbinder, bds 216 

DeMarco Innocenzo, emp L. O&ndee & 

Co., h 588 Grand av 
Demarest A. T., carriage mfr. 449 to 467 
Chapel c Hamilton 
William R,, sup't A. T. Demawst, \ 
218 Sherman av 
Demarsh Michael J., barber, bds 366 God- 

gress av 
DeMatty Angelo J., derk 42 Grand av, 
bds 36 Perkins 
Anthony, shoe store 42 Grand a^,\L 

36 Perkins 
Louis T., emp L. Oandee & Co., Us 
36 Perkins 
DeiMeo Antonio, laborer, h r 18 Pkdmer 

Philip, laborer, h 24 Boae 
DemevB Charles O., blackgmiJh, h 611 

DixweU av 
deMets Augustine J. Mias^ teacher of 

French, bds 68 Howe 
DeMiehele Nicola, barber 629 Grand ar, 
h 13 Locust 
Pasquale, emp L. Osiidee A Oo^, h 3S 


Raffaele, mason, h 86 Myrtle i 

Deming Charles L., die sinker, bds m 

Livingston I 

Charlotte C, widow Horace H., li fl 

Foote I 

Clarence, journalist, h 124 Prospect] 

Clifford H., rem to Graxiby J 

Eliza A. Miss, clerk 125 dnirefa, I 

113 Whalley av •! 

Ellen M. Miss, bds 69 Howe 

Elmer L., emp W. R. A. Oo., h 14 

Emeline, widow Moses, fa. 142 Bra4 

George, emp K. H. SL Go., h 19 

George S., gen. sec. Conn. Sondifl 
School Association (90) 4 
Church, bds 29 OoUef^ 
Jane M., widow Geoige H., fa. 49 Lh 

John N., emp W. R. A. Ox, h 1 

DEMIFO ETTCnrS P. !a.wyer <S15) i 
Church, h 368 Quinnipiajc av^ 

See p 922 
Mary S., widow Joseph I^, h ; 





Demiog Samuel C, mechanic, h 65 Foote 
Dcoune Mary A. Misa^ nune, bda 54 

Demmer Anna, widow Charles F., h 52 

Donmler Ftands A., farmer, h East n 
Inom A. Jr., emp Sargent & Ck>., 
h East n Hemingway 
DeBunling Otto, rem to North Hayen 
JkMood Theodore F., wheelmaker, h 50 

Dmore Alfred N., h 15 Clark, W Ha- 
Dempsey Annie A., widow John F., gro- 
cer 420 Blatchley av, h do. 
fVaocis J., carriagesmith, h 169 

Frank, yard clerk 154 Water, h 169 

Uaigaiet, widow John, h r 22 Mill 
BeMmo Alfonso, saloon 48 Fair, h do. 
De&Iua Antonio, emp Sargent & Co., 

bds 330 East 
B^ItiaiB Giuseppe, emp Sargent & Co., 
bds 104 Wallace 
Michele, emp Sargent & Co., bds 104 

Eaffaele, barber emp 755 State, h 
104 Wallace 
DeNardo Antonio, stone cutter, h 387 
Ofaseppe, laborer, bds 229 Washing- 
ton ay 
Mary Mrs., grocer 387 Oak, h do. 
Vinoenzo, stone cutter, h 229 Wasb- 
i ington av 

nndas John B., cigarmaker, h 842 Grand 
fe Richard E., rem to New Jersey 
Louis, grocer 9 Dow, h do. 
Gennaro^ laborer, h 403 East 
Charles, biakeman, h 117 Frank- 


Kate Mrs., h 169 Cedar 
Abbie J., widow Qeorge A., h 33 

Charles A., rem to Waterbury 
Charles C, foreman carpenter R. 

Lowe, h 36 Clinton ay 
Beetrical Bn^^eering Co. The, mfg. 
k electiiciaiis, gas and gasoline en- 
r gines 106 Park 
L CcoKge A., rabber cutter, h 31 Rich- 
Hatde M. Miss, teacher, bds 260 

Blatehley ay 
Inez Lu Miss, clerk (1) 87 Church, 

bds 131 Blatchley ay 
Julian F., electrician and manager 

Denison Slectrical Eng. Co. 106 

Park, b 87 Lake pi 
flanh Maria Miss, h 344 Temple 
Winiam A., piano tuner, h 260 

Blatelilsy ttT 

Denison — see Denniaon 

Denman William V., physical director Y. 

M. C. A., h 84 Bishop 
Dennan — see Dinnan 
Denneary Michael, emp N. H. R. M Co., 

bds 244 Chapel 
Dennehy Benjamin, h 139 Wallace 

Benjamin Jr., brass turner, bds 139 

Jeremiah, police sergeant (detect- 

iye) Station 2, h 28 Ridge 
John J., emp N. H. dock Co., bds 

139 Wallace 
Margaret, widow Dennis, emp L. 
Candee & Ca, h 213 Hamilton 
— see Danahy 
Dennis Elias M., saleeman 762 Chapel, 
bds Arlington House 
Ellen C, widow William H., h 518 

Congress ay 
Frederick L., inspector of boilers and 
machinery (401) 42 Church, h 23 
J. Edward, rem to New York 
Dennison Samuel E., mason, h Bowen, 
Samuel J., carpenter, bds Bowen, 

— see Denison 
Denny George W., trucking, h 93 Ash- 
Matilda, widow Burr C, h 79 Ken- 
Peter, blacksmith, h 44 Thorn 
Robert, roofer, bds Coye, Morris 

William H. (N. H. Felt Roofing Co.), 
Coye, Morris Coye, h do. 
Denslow Albert, h Mill Rock, Whitney- 
William, farmer, bds 76 Cherry Ann 
Wyllys L., clerk 70 Crown, rms 730 
Denamore Charles R., conductor N. Y., 
N. H. & H. R. R., h 17 Casslus 
Rufus H., baggagemaster, h 165^ 
Greenwich ay 
Dent Thomas, h 980 State 
Denton Henry H., clerk Belle Do6k 
freight office, h 487 Elm 
Henry W., h 72 Asylum 
James A., window dresser 762 Chap- 
el, h 148 Park 
James W. Rev., h 72 Aaylum 
Joseph H., slater 115 Townsend ay, 
h do. 
Denyer James, master car builder (130) 
R. R. office bdg, h 3 Lamberton 
Deo— see Deyo 
Deodeo Pasquale, emp L. Candee & Co., 

rms 130 Hamilton 
Deoppensmith John, emp C. Cowles ft 
Co., h St. Mary, Highwood 
Philip, grocer and meat market St. 
Man'' OPP Dudley, Highwood, h 




DeOrio Antonio, mason, h r 235 Wallace 

DePalma Antonio, emp L. Oeuidee & Co., 

bds 167 Wallace 

Marco, emp L. Candee A. Co., bds 167 


DePaola Vincenzo, confectionery 182 

Wallace, h do. 
Department of Charities and Correction, 
(2) City HaU 
of Fire Service, headquarters (4) 

City Hall 
of Police Service, headquarters (3, 4, 

5) City Hall 
of Public Works, (17) CSty Hall 
DePatra Frank W., rem to Southing- 
Depew Albert, barber, rms 465 State 
I>ePran8 Emeline Mrs., Christian scien- 
tist, bds 473 Elm 
Derbacher Joseph, upholsterer emp N. Y., 
N. H. & H. R. R., h 165 Rosette 
Derby Abbott, emp W. R. A. Cow, bds 80 
Fannie Mallory Mrs., artist (10) 840 

Chapel, bds 37 Lynwood 
Joseph A., bookkeeper Ideal Mfg. 

Co., rms 74 Lake pi 
Joseph Everest, wood turner, h 55 

Sarah L. Miss, h 207 Edgewood av 
Shelton and New Haven Eixprees, 
Sloan Bros, props., 292 State and 
68 Center 
Thomas S., stone worker, bds 96 Hill 
William J., clerk 65 Church, h 37 
Derickson William M., laborer, h 61 Kim- 

berly av 
Dennody John, emp N. H. R. M. Co., h 

260 James 
DeRosa Ferdinando, laborer, rms 295 Wa^ 

Derrer Antoni, emp P. P. Pflegher & Son. 
bds 3 Lyon pi 
Michael, machinist, bds 3 Lyon pi 
Xavier, emp 107 Broadway, h 41 
Derrick Alonzo, carpenter, h 273 Dixwell 
George W., conductor F. H. & W. R. 

R. Co., bds 278 Dixwell av 
Sadie J. Miss, clerk 127 Church, bds 
273 Dixwell av 
Deninger John, emp C. C. Andrew & Co., 

h 66 Walnut 
Dervin Catherine, widow Patrick, h Cher- 
ry Ann 
Mary T. Miss, emp W. R. A. Co., h 

145 Henry 
Timothy, engineer Sperry & Barnes, 
h Cherry Ann 
DeSanctis Pietro, physician 157 Olive, h 

DeSantes Dominick, bds 204 Hamilton 
Emanuel, emp N. H. E. Co., h 535 
Grand av 

DeSantes Joseph, h 204 Hamilton 
Descheen Joe^h L., emp W. R. A. Oo., h 

109 Starr 
Desiderio Francesco, laborer, h 21 Vine 
DeSimone Pietro, laborer, h r 118 Lafay- 
Raffaele, barber 6 Oak, h 100 Com- 
Desjardins Alphonso, woodw<»ker, li 1) 

Deekin Edward H., emp R. R. machiDe 
shop, bds 156 DeWitt 
George A., emp 40 George^ bds 16S 

George J., motorman F. H. & ^.IL 

R. Co., bds 9 Havoi 
James W., locomotive engineer, bdi 

156 DeWitt 
John H., freight conductor, bdi 151 

Joseph, carriagemaker, bds 107 Bam- 

Martin, porter 12 Wooster, h 107 

Martin Jr., emp N. H. dock Co., bdi 

107 Hamilton 
Bfichael, rem to South Norwalk 
Thomas, motorman F. H. & W. B. S. 

Co., h 361 Blatehley av 
Thomas^ conductor Northamptoa 

Div., h 156 DeWitt 
Thomas J., emp R. R. shops, h 511 

Columbus av 

William H., emp Sargent ft Oi).i k 

236 James 

Desmond John D., vice jHrea. The Gambb 

Desmond Co. 886 to 900 

bds Hotel Davenport 

DeSorbo Giuseppe, shoemaker 598 

av, h do. 
Despoeito Joshua, machinist, bds 66 
Dessauer Max, prof, of music (12) 71 
Chapel, h 330 York 
Troostwyk, School of Mqmc, { 
763 Chapel 
Dessaureau Jules, rem to CSieehire 
Desta Luigi, shoemaker 93 Greene, h 
DeTora Angelo, boxmakcr, bds 66 Hill 

Pasquale, bds 66 Hill 
Deutch Charies G., bookkeeper O^ 
Bank, h 41 VemoiL 
Louis, bartender 800 Qrwud av, ^ 

120 Chestnut 
Peter, emp W. R. A. Oo., h 217 Bj 
W Haven i 

Dever John K, cc^per smitli^ h. 117 Whi 
ley av ! 

Devereaux Eleanora £. A. Miaa, bda 4 
Mary A. Mrs., dentist 800 C1n| 
rms 312 Orange 
DeVergiglio Carlo, shoemaker 128 Id 

ty, bds 84^ Putaam 
DeVine Charles, emp B. Shoninger ( 
bds 252 Hamilton 
Geoige R, emp Homan & Co., bdi 




De^loe George O., locomotive engineer, h 
197 Howard av 
JiiD€6, emp 179 Ghurch, bds 1G5 De- 
James, smith helper, h 252 Hamilton 
James, hostler, h 165 DeWitt 
James J., emp R. R. shops, bds 252 

John, laborer, bds 504 Congress av 
John, studait, bds 252 Hamilton 
John, laborer, h 10 Ailing 
John F., salesman, h 107 Nash 
WilUam, sailor, rms 242 Cedar 
William, laborer, h 20 Madison 
—see Divine 
Beviney Alexander E., barber 83 Meadow, 
h 132 do. 
Joseph, carpenter, bds 132 Meadow 
DeVita Lewis, tailor 1070 Chapel, bds 
Oove, Morris Cove 
Rooco, cutter, 798 Chapel 
Berlin Bridget, widow John, h 11 Wash- 
ington av 
Dennis, horseshoer, h 250 James 
James, teamster, h 153 day 
Jchn, confectionery 209 Wallace, h 

John J., carpenter, bds 74 Mechanic 
Joeeph F., emp Seamless Rubber Co., 

bds 296 Washin^n ay 
Patrick, h 296 Washington av 
nomas, ooach painter, h 33 St. John 
Thomas, emp L. Cafidee & Co., bds 38 
6t John 
ftvm James, emp Sargent & Co., h 493 
^ East 

Thomas, emp W. R. A. Co., bds 493 
! East 

^eD Franklin W., clerk 233 State, bda 
400 Orange 
James D. (J. D. DeweU & Co.) 233 t« 
I 239 State, h 400 Orange 

. James D. Jr., lawyer (6 and 7) 157 
I Chnrch, bds 400 Oiange 

jEWEIIi J. B. A CO. (J- !>• DeweU 

and Frederick B. Street), whole- 

nle grocers and importers 233 to 

239 State— See p 985 
Lee, carriage blacksmith, h 397 East 
Patrick, hack driver, rms 546 State 
Bobert P., emp J. D. DeweU & Co., h 

17 Pearl 
6anh R. Miss, bds 532 Chapel 

Adelbert L., clerk 744 Chapel, bds 

138 Edgewood aT 
Albert, teamster, h 54 Webster 
Charles £., polisher, h 138 Edgewood 

Idward, in U. S. Navy 
^Barriet I4. Mrs., bds 62 Wooster 
Bury W., cashier (21) 82 Church, h 

435 Elm 
Baii7, bakery and confectionery 756 

State, h do. 
Irrmg M. (Yale Hygiene Co.) 125 

C^oreh, res New York 
"Salter A-, emp 3 Factory, h 9 do. 

Dewey Walter B.,emp 3 Factory ,bds 9 do. 
WiUiam A., milk peddler, h 180 

Washington av 
WiUiam C, coal and wood dealer 91 

Eaton, h 157 DizweU av 
— see Duey 
Dewhirst Edwin, mason, h 321 Exchange 
Dewick Gertrude Miss, emp N. H. Ch> 

phan Asylum 610 Ehn, bds do. 
DeWick Irving E., emp W. R. A- Co., rms 

214 iSxwell av 
DeWolf Harry, emp R. R. office bdg, bds 
67 View 
Kate M., widow Charles H., h 67 

WiUiam F., tinner, bds 1585 State 
Dewsbury Harry, emp W. R. A. Co., bds 
93 Henry 
WUliam, clerk, h 93 Henry 
Dexheimer Henry L., buffer, h 485 East 
WUUam F., bartender, h 183 DixweU 
Dexter Andrew W., h 277 Munson 

Franklin B., ass't librarian Y. U., h 
178 Prospect 
De Yarmond George P., teamster, rms 502 

Deyo Fannie, widow Anthony T., h 860 
Grand av 
S. L. F., emp N. Y., N. H. & H. R. R., 
bds Hotel Garde 
Dezik Benjamin, peddler, h 77 Washing- 
ton av 
Diamond Match Co. The, mfrs. matches 
WiUiam J., clerk Hotel Garde, bda 
Diano Domenico, laborer, bds 35 Broad 

Sipione, laborer, bds 35 Broad 
Dibble C. Elmer, with S. K Dibble, bds 
656 Orange 
Ezra B., deputy coUector Custom 

House, h 67 Whalley av 
Frances, widow Oscar C, bds 103 

Frederick B., tinner, h 15 NicoU 
Jane A., widow John A., h 182 

Grand av. 
Mary, widow Wyatt, h 36 Broad 
Myron W., printer 215 Henry, h 109 
DIBBLE SAMTTEL E. stoves, furnaces, 
etc. 639 Grand av, h 656 Orange 
—See p 915 
8. Elizabeth, widow Frederick, h 257 
DiBella Domenico, fruit stand and (D. 
DiBeUa & Son) 37 Union, h do. 
D. & Son (Domenico and James Di- 
BeUa), undertakers 37 Union 
Giuseppe D., rem to Italy 
James (D. DiBella k Son) 37 Union, 
bds do. 
DiBiase Donato, laborer, h 106 Putnam 

FiHppo, laborer, h 106 Putnam 
DiBlaso Antonio, emp L. Candee & Co., 
bds 152 Wallace 





DiCapua Francesco, emp L. Oandee & (}o.j 
h 146 Wallace 
GennarOiCiup Sargent & Co.,h 6 Oollis 
DiCSarlo Antonio, laborer, li 440 GongresB 

DiCerbo Bernardo, laborer h 389 East 
Domenico, emp Sargent & Co., h 146 
BiChello Angelo A., emp Sargent & Co., h 
93 Oak 
Antonio, rem to Italy 
Luigi, hod carrier, h 66 TTill 
Teresa Mrs., h 7 Silver 
Vincenzo, laborer, bds 56 TTill 
Dick Joseph N., ins. canvasser (49) 49 
Church, h 72 £ Pearl 
Max, rem to New York 
WiUiam, clerk 834 Chapel, h 42 Ken- 
Dickele Tobia:s W., bartender, rms r 175 

Dickelow John, clerk C. E. Longley & Co., 

bds 254 Crown 
Dickens dark, engineer, h 42 Winter 
George W., joiner, h 143 Dwight 
Diekerman Amos, ass't sup't cartridge 
dept. W. R. A. Co., h 76 Alden 
Anna Louise Miss, bds 276 Orange 
Benjamin C, emp L. Ckndee & Co., 

h 420 Chapel 
Bennett J., clerk 6 Church, res Mt. 

office 71 Broadway, h 68 Alden 
— See p 979 

Caroline I. Miss, h 32 Howe 

Charles I., grocer 74 Kimberly av 
and 99 S Water, h 99 Kimberly 

Daisy S. Miss, dressmaker 642 Chap- 
el, bds do. 

Edward A., emp N. Y., N. H. & 
H. R. R., h 224 Elm, W Haven 

Edward D., bds 137 Wall 

Elias, h east side Lake Whitney, 

Elizabeth S., teacher, bds 46 Lake pi 

Emma Miss, rms 1093 Chapel 

Enos, contractor 676 Winthrop av, h 

Enos F.. carpenter and builder 414 
Goffe, h do. 

Fletcher A., emp W. R. A. Co., h 20 

Floral Co., florists 683 Chapel 

Frederick W., conductor W. Av. R. 
R. Co., h 260 Campbell av, W 

George A., manager Diekerman Flor- 
al Co. 683 Chapel, h 642 do. 

George L. lawyer (2) 69 Church, h 
320 Temple 

George P., clerk 29 Dixwell av, bds 
24 Diekerman 

George S. Rev., h 46 Lake pi 

Diekerman Harriet N., widow Eliaha, bdB 

18 Park 
Hubert L., student, bds 75 Alden 
Isaac S., cooper h 82 W Elm 
John F., joiner, h 199 East 
John G., emp W. R. A. Co., bds 15S 

Whalley av 
Lulu Mrs., bds 4 Academy 
Marion Mias, rms 1093 Chapel 
Minnie S. Miss, h east side of LiJdb 

Whitney, Whitneyville 
Nancy S., widow Chauncey A, bdi 

244 Sherman av 
Orrin M., clerk (133) R. R. offioi 

bdg, res Mt. Oarmel 
Rasmus, mfr. corks 104 Rosette, li 

R. Charles, sec. The J. Gibb Smitii 

& Co. 136 Water, h 294 Howard 

Robert, farmer, h Circular av. Bast 

Russell W., brick mason, h 438 Shd* 

ton av 
Sherwood O., student, bds 46 Lsk» 


Silvia H., widow Elihu, bds 569 

Quinnipiac av 
T. Parsons, teller Merchants Bank, h 

24 Diekerman 
Wayland I. Mrs., bds 4 Academy 
William E.,- treas. The Morgan k 

Humiston Co. 142 and 144 Stata^ 

res North Haven 
William F., sec. New HaTen Shtiti 

Co., rms 88 Park J 

William F. Rev., pastor Church dl 

the Messiah, h 276 Onunge i 

Willis, farmer, h Burr n Townaenii 

av, Morris Cove ' 

Dickerson Edward A., horse trainer, I 

299i Orchard 
John N., emp W. R. A. Co., h ^ 

Marcia Mrs., bds 59 Goffe 
Dickert Otto, watchman 322 Oak, Yi TJ 

Sylvan av 
Dickey Humphrey, carpenter, h 131 

dar Hill av 
Dickinson Andrew S., emp Sperrr 

Barnes, h 75 Putnam * j 

Arthur, clerk frei(?ht office 154 ^ 

ter, h 92 DeWitt j 

Bessie M., widow William G-., h. id 

Sherman av 
Burton A., joiner, h 41 Bisihop 
Elizabeth, widow William B 

Gilbert, house mover, rms 20 Osbd 
Isaac P., joiner, h 1662 Wballe^^ 
Martin H., emp R. R. shop*^, "h ' 

Mary, widow William H.. Y>d« 

Thomas, molder, h 48 Pearl 


P j 


Dickinson Wallace £., emp W. R. A. Co., 
h 122 Maple 
William C. J>eF., derk (17) aty 
HaU, bdB 323 Sherman ay 
JHcklow John 8., clerk 101 Church, miB 

205 Crown 
Dieks William, barber and confectionery 
826 and 828 Dixwell av, High 
wood, h 828 do. 
Dickson Jamea, carriage painter, h 252 

DiCrostfr— see DeCroeta 
Di Donato Giuseppe, emp J. F. Molloy & 
Go., bda 61 Oak 
liichad Angelo, laborer, h 51 Oak 
Diedrifihaon Theodore, janitor Y. U., h 

288 George 
Diefdice Loigi, saloon 23 Oak, h do. 
Siehl Xieholaa, driver Adams Ex. Co., h 

76 Third 
IKeke Frances, widow Frederick, h 72 
Louise F. Miss, stenographer N. F. 
RAP. Co., bds 72 Church 
Ifattf GuBtsLve M., emp 12 Church, h 42 

liaa George, driver, h 72 Nicoll 
Iktaiin Gastave, rem to New York 
Ketrieh Oaroline, widow Fabian, bds 184 
Carrie Hias, emp S. N. E. Tel. Co., 

bds 131 Portsea 
Sdward, painter, h 54 Congrees av 
I^atz, clerk 152 Portsea, h 131 do. 
Sebafitian, chairmaker, h 37 Carmel 
Thomas, machinist, h 47 Carmel 
ptter Edward C-, fanner, bds 607 Quln- 

f fredfrick W., clerk 129 Wooster, bds 

70 Chestnut 
(John, clerk 107 Broadway, rms 49 
I Ooffe 
►John H. Otto, derk 129 Wooster, bds 

70 Chestnut 
Jofco If., fianner, h 667 Quinnipiac 

Otto, grocery and meat market 129 
and 131 Wooster, h 70 Chestnut 
'Toseph. eigarmaker, h 37 Hallock 
fBaner ft Dietz) 26 Grand av, 
h 16 Lewis 

Ouper, emp li. Oandee ft Co., rms 
48 St John 

Kate L. ^fiss, seamsteress, bds 77 

AJJeraia barber, h 40 Hill 

nni, barber, b 40 Hill 

Giovanni, shoemaker 63 Sylvan 
tv. bds 339 Grand av 

Vincenzo, emp L. Candee ft 
Co., h 16 Oiin 

Edward C, emp 78 Water, h 447 
ConjfTMw av 
Ceofjre, laborer, bds 93 Front 

m H., laborer, h 93 Front 




Di Gioia Michele, laborer, bds 76 Wal- 
Pietro, musician, bds 76 Wallace 
Di Gioja Lorenzo, laborer, h r 20 Rose 
Dignan William J., clerk W. R. A. Ca, 

h 11 Shelter 
Dikeman Emily Miss, bds 79 Wools^ 
Mary J. Miss, h 178 Brewery 
Susan A. Miss, h 178 Brewery 
Di Lello Michele, emp Sargent ft Co., h 

403 East 
Dilelli Paul, shoemaker 225 Shelton av, 

h do. 
Di Lero Catello, laborer, h r 18 Myrtle 
Di Lieto Antonio, laborer, h 56 Collis 
Francesco, barber 138 East, h 27 
Dilg Jacob M., barber, h 65 Winter 

Peter, bologna peddler, h 496 Con- 
gress av 
Dill Abbott F., oysterman, h 79 Pierpont 
Ammiel, emp W. ft E. T. Fitch Co., 

bds 385 Congress av 
August C, snapmaker, h 385 Con- 
gress av 
George H., driver 859 Grand av, h 

36 Clinton av 
Richard, snapmaker, bds 385 Con- 
gress av 
Warren L., tallyman 154 Water, h 

161 First av, W Haven 
William T. (Yeomans ft Dill) 840 
Chapel, h 405 Geoige 
Dilleber Belinda, widow George A., con- 
fectionery 11 Baldwin, h do. 
Dillenberger Peter, head waiter 151 
Church and grocer 567 State, h 
Dillion Albert G., stenographer emp W 
R. A. Co., bds 221 Dixwell ar 
Amy E. Miss, rem to Worcester, 

John C, toolmaker, h 221 Dixwell 

J. Webb, toolmaker, bds 221 Dixwell 
Dillman Charles Gottlieb, filer, h 1337 
Frederick d K., filer h 41 Brad- 
Harrv A., coach lampmaker, h 2 
Jlrst av, W Haven 
Dillon Ann M., widow Patrick, h 281 
Howard av 
Bernard C, joiner, h 42 Townsend 
Bernard J., rem to Jersey CSty, N. J. 
Bridget, widow Michael, bds 936 

Catherine, widow Edward, h 935 

Celia Miss, rem to Boston, Mass. 
Edward, sup't N. H. Water Co., of- 
fice 91 Temple, h 237 Lombard 
Edward W., rem to Colorado 
John A., printer emp Price. Lee ft 
Adkins Co., rms 176 Meadow 




BUlon John H., grocer 333 Congress av 

and (Dillon & Douglass) 28 to 

38 George, bds 281 Howard ay 

John J., janitor Skinner School, h 22 

Joseph A., foreman L. A. Huntley, h 

1 Bradley pi 
Julia Miss, housekeeper 935 State 
Julia I. Miss, bookkeeper N. H. War 

ter Co., bds 237 Lombard 
Margaret Mrs., h 182 Hamilton 
Marie R. Miss, teacher, bds 237 Lom- 
Mary Miss, dressmaker 935 State, 

bds do. 
Michael, laborer, h 24 Ann 
Michael (Dillon & O'Brien) (13) 82 

Church, h 331 Cedar 
Richard J., restaurant Union depot, 

res Hartford 
Terrence, rem to Ireland 
Thomas, carpenter, bds 805 Grand 

Thomas, molder, bds 24 Webster 
Thomas F., emp R. R. shops, bds 68 

Thomas J., hostler, rms 10 Vernon 
Timothy, laborer, h 23 Market 
Walter, mason, bds 239 Lombard 
William E., carpenter, h 36 Beach 
William P., joiner, h 36 Beach 

lon and William H. Douglass), 
wholesale butter, ^ggs, etc. 28 to 
38 George—See p 991 
& O'Brien (Michael Dillon and 
Thomas O'Brien), real estate 
and insurance (13) 82 Church 
— «ee Dillion 
Di Lorenza Raffaele, laborer, bds 172 

Di Maio Ositerina Mrs., confectionery 90 

Wallace, h do. 
Di Martino Giovaiml, emp Sargent & Co., 

bds 10 Franklin 
Di Mateo Giuseppe, farmer, bds 76 St. 
Raffaele, farmer, bds 76 St. John 
Di Meo, Antonio, watchman, h 20 Palm- 
Domenico, laborer, bds 20 Minor 
Fillippo, mason, h 24 Rose 
Giuseppe, laborer, h 47 Hill 
Jacinto, laborer, bds 47 Hill 
Martino, laborer, bds 403 East 
Vincenzo, laborer, h 403 East 
Dimock Robert H., druggist 303 Congress 

av, h 305 do. 
Di Negro Marco, emp P. Bros. & Co., h 

153 Wallace 
Dinan Edward, emp N. Y., N. H. & H. R. 
R, bds 95 James 
Kate, widow Thomas B., h 62 Mar- 
Dinechrise Pasquale, laborer, h 55 Hill 

Dinerstein Joseph, sec Tale Hat and 
Oip Mfg. Co. 823 Oiapel, bds 9 

Lewis, grocer 9 Dow, h do. 
Dingman Reuben Francis, laborer, h 703^ 

Grand av 
Dingwall Alexander, clerk, bds 26 Harri- 

Alexander C, foreman 78 Water, h 
Park av n Edgewood av 

Anna D. Miss, teacher, bds Park av 
n Edgewood av 

David R., laborer, h 344 Peck 

David R. Jr., clerk 66 Congress av, 
bds 344 Peck 

Donald D., plumber, h 69 County 

Murdock, gardener E. B. Beecher, h 
26 Harrison 

mont Butter Store, butter, 
cheese, eggs, tea and coffee 06 
and 68 Congress av, bds 71 
Washington av — See p 991 
William, engineer, h 111 Lloyd 
Dingwell James, student, h 88 Lake pi 
Dinnan James, emp Sperry &. Barnes, bds 
149 Portsea 
James F., clerk 157 Congress av, h 64 


DINNAN JOHN J. sporting goods and 
electrician 134 Orange, h 96 
Broad— See p 905 
Marv A. Miss, dressmaker, bds 196 

Davenport av 
Terrence F., meat market 157 Con- 
gress av, h 23 Vernon 
— see Dinnen and Dinan 
Dinneary — see Denneary 
Dinneen Cornelius J., horseshoer, h 267 
Edmund A., blacksmith 980 Dixwell 

av, Highwood, bds da 
James, h 980 Dixwell av, Highwood 
Mary Miss, dressmaker, hds 960 
Dixwell av, Highwood 
Dinnen Hugh, carriage trimmer, h 181 
John, emp Sargent ft Cow, bds 181 

John J., plumber, h 791 Grand av 
Terrence H., clerk 821 Grand av, h 
Poplar ab R. R. 
Dinota Francesco, bootblack, h 22 Fac- 
Francesco, laborer, h 224 Commerce 
Dinsen Nis C, engineer, h 44 Gilbert 
Dinsmore Jilson, emp N. F. B. ft P. O)., 

bds 114 Blatchley av 
Dion Frank 8., emp M. Seward ft Pon 
Co., h r 73 Dixwell av 
Paul, carpenter, rms 768 Grand av 
Dionysius Sister Mary, Convent of Our 

Lady of Mercy 260 Ferry 
Di Palmo Andrea, laborer, h 118 Hill 
Antonio, laborer, h 31 York 
Francesco, laborer, bd? 118 Hill 


Di Pilmo Lend, laborer, bds 118 Hill 
Lorenzo, laborer, bds OoUis n Frank- 
Di Phillipis Frederick, confectionery 163 

Wallace, h da 
Di PiM Salvatore, emp Sperry & Barnes, 

h 48 CoUis 
Dijnno Andrea, caniagemaker, h 58 

Dipoto Angdo, laborer, bds 27 Locust 
Domenico, laborer, h 27 Locust 
Gtorgio, saloon 382 East, h da 
Bippold Henry T., clerk 124 CSongress av, 
h 21 Stevens 
John A., policeman, h 45 Auburn 
Lonis, emp M. F. Arms Ck>., bds 32 

Louisa £., widow George J., bds 181 

Louke, widow John, h 32 Green- 
iXrita Donato, laborer, bds 32 Lafay- 
ette pi 
IXibrow James R., sec and treas. J. L. 
Diabrow Co. 97 Church, bds 248 
I Sherman av 

J. L Co., hat store 97 Church 
\ liny J., widow John L., h 248 Sher- 
[ man av 

\ Samuel B., emp W. R. A. Co., bds 4 
£ Pieffpont court 
mA Qiarlee F., emp 689 Chapel, h 263 
I Davenport av 
I Aieio Domenico, emp Sai^gent & Co., 
k h r 248 Wallace 
f Stadio Pasquale, grocer 326 East, h 

Luigi, emp Sai^gent So Co., h 33 

fteikno Michele, laborer, h 12 Myrtle 
Kieolo, rubber worker, bds 24 Mor- 
LIB Samuel A., com. trav., h 563 

Anna F. Miss, emp I. Newman & 
Sons, bds 133 Winthrop a\ 
Oiristina, widow Martin, h 133 Win- 
thivp av 

Moritz, patternmaker and store- 
fixtures 70 Hallock av, h do. 

Edward, coachman, h 284 

Joeeph, bartender, h 42 Red- 
Bert emp N. H. dock Co., bds 76 
Grand av 

Halls CBoBt and West), Y. XJ., 
97 and 105 £lm 

Carlo, shoemaker, bds 84^^ 

Mrs., h 6 Rose 
Jbidrew F., ra^neer, h Hard n 

J., laborer, rms 272 Woos- 



Dixon Arthur J., clerk N. F. B. & P. Ca, 
h 107 Ward 

Catherine E., widow James J., h 
1071 Whalley av 

Clarence, emp Union depot, h 429 
Blatchley av 

Elliott R., waiter, h 69 Goffe 

Halbert C, clerk 834 Chapel, bds 143 
Davenport av 

James A., emp Gfeist Mfg. Co., bds 
1071 Whalley av 

James F., polisher, h 132 Division 

John, accountant (134) R. R. office 
bdg, h 213 English 

John W., blacksmith 100 Grand av, 
h 48 Pine 

Mary, widow Patrick, h 137 Frank- 

Michael, saloon 5 Frank, h 25 do. 

Richard, smith helper, bds 75 Hud- 

Richard M., conductor F. H. & W. 
R. R. Co., h 183 Pine 

Robert A., laborer, h 103 MUl River 

Sidney G., buyer K Mclntyre & Co., 
h 143 Davenport av 

William J., emp W. R. A. Ca, h 243 

William J., teamster, bds 1071 Whal- 
ley av 
Dixwell Avenue Congregational Church, 
102 Dixwell av 

Avenue School, 40 Dixwell av 
Di Enzo Biagio, laborer, h 16 Union 
Dizik Benjamin, canvaeser, h 77 Wash- 
ington av 
Doane Charles E., gardener, h 129 Elm, 
W Haven 

Emily, widow Abkah P., bds 56 Wil- 

Henry E., h 91 Henry 

Joseph C, farmer, h r 343 Quinni- 
piac av 

Levi C, CTgineer, h r 343 Quinnl- 
plao av 

Sidney L., linotype operator 72 Cen- 
ter, h 6 Academy 
Dobaizinsky Fred, laborer, h Basaett n 

Maximillian, emp 488 Congress av, h 
534 da 
Dobbins Annie Mrs., dressmaker 51 Sum- 
mer, h do. 

Emmitt L., cigarmaker, h 51 Sum- 

Walter, emp M. F. Arms Co., bds 
1012 State 
Dobbs Andrew B., treas. The MonarcH 
Laundry Co. 157 Derby av, h 
499 Winthrop av 

Charles M., pres. The Monarch Laun- 
dry Co. 157 Derby av, bds 499 
Winthrop av 

Charles W., clerk Journal & Courier, 
bds 1015 Whitney av 



Dobbs Howard W., sec. The Monarch 
Laundry CJo. 157 Derby av, bdB 
499 Winthrop av 
William K., salesman P. Bros & Oo., 

bds 499 Winthrop av 
William J., emp N. H. E. CJo., h 103 
Dobelmann Adele, widow John B., h 66 

Boble S. Lewis, hackman, h 60 Daggett, 
Dobson John E., rem to Baltimore, Md. 
John J., emp Reynolds & Ck>., h 316 

Mary A., widow John, h 49 Third 
Dockendorff Lillie H., widow John A. 
ladies' hair dressing parlors 748 
Chapel, bds 750 Otange 
Docking John H., ass't manager 24 
Church, h Admiral c CheA&r pi, 
Dockray Adam, vocal teacher (19) 890 

Chapel, rms 6 Sylvan av 
Dockum Henry C, emp W. R. A. Co., 
h 248 Munson 
Maria, widow George, pastry cook 
Hotel Garde, bds do. 
Doctor William A., clerk 268 York, bds 

383 Whalley av 
Dodd Lois, widow Frederick, bds 63 

Dodge George A. W., rem to Rochester, 
N. Y. 
Louisa P. Miss, bds 77 Grove 
William S., conductor W. Av. R. R. 
Co., bds 17 New, W Haven 
Dodson Nancy 8. Miss, bds 119 Daven- 
port av 
Doebele Charles, emp 1060 Chapel, bds 
168 West 
Dorothea, widow Frederick, h 168 

Fred, bds Springside Home 
Frederick C, silver plater, h 163 Ro- 
Doeffinger Charles, joiner, h 5 Barclav 
Doeppensmith Boldis, clerk P. Bros, a 06., 
h 810 Dixwell av 
John, emp C. Cowles ft Ca, h St. 

Mary, Highwood 
Philip, grocer St. Mary, Highwood, 
h do. 
Doer Floyd, machinist, bda 114 Quiimi- 
pia]c av 
Mary Mrs., h 114 Quinnipiac av 
Myitie Miss, bds 114 Quinnipiac av 
Doerear Frank X., hostler, h 41 Lock 
Doerschuk Christopher, saloon, bottler 
and billiards 986 State, h do. 
Franz, h 590 East 
Lena M. Miss, music teacher, bds 690 

Louis F., groceries and meats 660 
Dizwefl av, h 46 Dorman 
Dohenney John, emp N. Y., N. H. & H. 

R. R., h 206 Hamilton 
Doherty Alice C. Miss, bds 130 Wall 


Doherty Annie, widow John, bds 1281 

Bridget, widow James, h 89 Sylvan 

Catherine K, widow James J., h 678 

Charles, h 164 DeWitt 
Charles F., joiner, h 329 Portsea 
• Charles H. Jr., emp N. H. dock Co., 

bds 164 DeWitt 
Daniel, emp N. H. K Co., h 69 Mar- 
Daniel, switchman, h 46 Arch 
Frank W., rem to New York city 
George M., student, bds New Haven 

George R., emp Domestic Laundry 

Co., h 113 Mill River 
Gerald, emp W. R. A. Co., h 138 Ash- 

Hugh P., teamster emp 66 Commefce, 

bds 186 Davenport av 
James, boilermaker, bds 31 Putnam 
James C, rem to Newark, N. J. 
James J. S., physician 9 Sylvan av, 

h do. 
James P., porter 166 State, h 88 Dix- 
well av 
John, emp W. R. A. Co., bds 68 

Washington av 
John, laborer, bds 30 Spring 
Lettie Miss, dressmaker 130 Wall, 

bds do. 
Margaret, widow Hugh, h 185 Dav- 
enport av 
Margaret E. Miss, clerk 834 C9iapel, 

bds 89 Sylvan av 
Margaret N., widow Michael, bds 9 

Sylvan av 
Maria, widow Thomas, h 200 James 
Mary Miss, h 376 Congress av 
Marv J., widow John, nurse, bds 17 

Michael, labors, h 30 Spring 
Michael, foreman 232 Cedar, h 386 

Bassett bey Fruit 
Michael,carpenter 123 Fillmore,h do. 
Michael C, emp R. R. shops, h 281 

Michael* J., ball player, bds 39 Pnt- 

Michael J., mechanic, bds 336 Bassett 

bey Fruit 
Patrick, policeman, h 26 Hallock 
Patrick, oysterman, bds 86 Front 
Patrick, fireman W. R. A. Co., bdi 

68 Washington av 
Peter J., mason, bds 9 Arch 
Susie A. Miss, clerk 863 Chapel^ bda 

89 Sylvan av 
Thomas, laborer, bds 33 George 
Timothy F., carpenter, h 241 Po|to 
William G., police sergeant. Precinct 

No. 2, h 48 ElUott 
— see Dougherty 
Dohrenwend Mary A. Miss, stenographer 

N. Y. Life Ins. Co., bds 296 

Howard av 


Dolin Funk, painter, bdB 304 Portaea 
Eeary J^ agent, bds 26 Franklin 
James, amp N. H. Gas Light Co., h 

117 UoTd 
Jmea F., laborer, bds 21 Valley 
John, laborer, bds 664 Bixwell av 
John, nudder, rms 460 State 
Join F., clerk Smedley Oo. 318 

State, bds Hotel Westmoreland 
John H., backman, rms 157i Con- 

Joamh, collector Smedley Ca 313 

State, b 70 £dwards 
JbamhB., emp 698 Chapel, h 69 

Fatriek, laborer, h Cayan 

Patrick T., hostler, bds Cayan 

Bobert F., bds Oa^yan 

Tbomas, waiter, rms 74 Court 

Thomas M. (Oiillen & Dolan) 903 

Wballey ay, h 24 Willard 
^nibam H., derk 70 Crown, h 26 

^^mam T., mechanic, bds 26 Frank- 
llibeare Wilson R, rem to New London 
fO^Iaaae £., milk peddler, h 664 Quin- 

Albot, dockmaker and watch re- 
pairar 27 Washington ay, rms 

Alfred H., looomotiye engineer, h 
166 Spring 
l^ank F., prop. Edgewood Kennel 

115 Blake, h da 
Geoige A., engineer, h 391 George 
Waiter B., bds 991 George 
William C, treaa Yale Sporting 
Goods Go. 1022 Chapel, h 266 
Bdgewood av 
Harry, engineer, h 48 Spring 
Facob, cigBjnnaker, h 16 CoUis 
£dward M., bntas molder, h 309 



d Andrew, emp A. N. Fkm- 
ham, h foot of Baaaett 

Laundry Co., laundry 738 
Grand ar 

Gustav, cabinetmaker, rem to 
Boston, Masa 

Albert M., treas. The D. T. 
Welch Ool, W Hayen, h 26 Union 
ay, dou 

£L, widow Korman W., h 36 
Union av, W Hayen 

H., engineer, bds 4 Union ay, 
W Hayen 

W^ motcnrmaui W. Ay. B. B. 
bds 4 Union ay, W Hayen 
B., teamster, h 4 Union ay, 

teunster, h 14 B Court, W 

kHvgh, laborer, bds 16 Gain 
^ B., eoDtiactor, bds 121 AdeiUne 
F., emp W. R. A. Ca, h 12 

Bonahoe James M., painter, h 204 Pine 
John, teamster, h 196 Foster 
John J., smith helper, bds 16 Cain 
John T., freight conductor N. T., N. 

H. & H. B. B., h 98 Adeline 
Margaret Miss, dressmaker, bds 16 

Matthew, tinner, h 196 Wallace 
Michael, smitii helper, bds 16 Cain 
Patrick S., house painter, h r 34 

Thomas, contractor, h 121 Adeline 
Thomas H., h 131 Newhall 
Donahue Andrew, carpenter, bds 4 Arch 
Annie, rem to Hartford 
Bernard, molder, bds 49 Carlisle 
Catherine, widow William, h 49 Car- 
Charles, fireman N. H. Clock Ca, bds 

604 Chapel 
Cornelius, laoorer, bds 38 Walnut 
Frank D., clerk 399 Grand ay, bds 

271 James 
James, emp L. Candee & Co., rms 106 

James, clerk 679 Grand ay, bds 677 

James, laborer, h 46 Greene 
James, engineer, h 31 Hayen 
James F., emp Henry Hooker & Ca, 

h 161 Dixwell ay 
James S., emp Palladium office, bds 

161 Dixwell ay 
James T., teamster, h 88 Bosette 
Jennie Miss, dressmaker 46 Greene^ 

h do. 
Joanna, widow Henry, rms 806 

Johanna, widow Blchard F., h 188 

John, cooper, bds 46 Greene 
John, rem to New York 
John, track repairer, bds 38 Idber^ 
Martin, joiner, bds 17 Adeline 
Mary, widow Hugh, h 427 Grand ay 
Mary, corsetmaker, bds 49 Carlisle 
Mary J. Miss, emp 17 Oak, bds 604 

Mary L. Miss, bds 32 Asylum 
Michael, engineer N. H. dock Co., 

bds 427 Grand ay 
Michael, h 604 Chapel 
Michael J., tinsmith, h 196 Wallace 
Patrick, laborer, h r 192 Hamilton 
Patrick, laborer, bds 729 Grand ay 
Sarah, widow Hugh, bds 161 Dixwell 

Terrence D., bds 216 Congress ay 
Thomas, emp Sargent ft Co., bds 831 

Grand ay 
Thomas, mason, h 4 Arch 
Thomas, molder, h 44 Carlisle 
Thomas, stone mason, h 934 State 
William, coachman C. B. Peets. h 44 

William, bicycle dealer 408 Grand ay. 
h 427 da ' 

Donahoe and Donohue 




Donald Matthefw A., carpenter, h 127 Ce- 
Robert, foreman glass dept. R. R. 
Bhops, h 10 OassLus 
Donaldson William P., clerk Hotel Bruns- 
wick, h 126 St. J<dm 
Donatio Antonio, mechanic, h 119 Hill 

Antonio, laboror, h 24 Laf ayetto 
Donato Antonio, laborer, h 24 Lafayette 
Michele, laborer, bds 24 Lafayette 
Vincenzo, laborer, bds 24 Lafayette 
Donegan Bernard, emp 17 Oak, h 376 
Congress av 
Daniel H.^ conductor W. Ay. R. R. 

Co., bds 39 Hallock av 
Edward, foreman R. R. shops, h 285 

Jamee, teamster, h Third ay n White, 

W Haven 
John, hostler, h 80 Broad 
Elate E. Miss, emp Seamless Rubber 

Co., bds 39 Sea 
Louisa, widow W. Richard, h 20 Day 
Maggie Mrs., h 10 Asylum 
Mary J. Miss, bds 39 Sea 
Paul, emp Peck Bros. & Co., bds 

Third av n White, W Haven 
Thomas F., oysterman, h 39 Sea 
Donel Qiesar, laborer, h 642 Congress 
Marshall, laborer, h 22 Davenport 
Doney Richard, emp N. Y., N. H. & H. 

R. R., bds 963 Grand av 
Donigan John, h 262 James 
Donlan Alfred, emp N. H. R. M. Co., bds 
16 Jefferson 
Ann, widow James W., h 94 Clin- 
ton av 
Charles, emp C. Cowles & Co., bds 

192 Cedar 
Edward F., painter, bds 54 Ply- 
John, emp N. H. R. M. Co., bds 16 

Michael, brakeman, rms 37 Putnam 
M. Joseph, de^atcher F. H. & W. R. 
R. Co., h 28 Bright 
Donlevy John, boss dyer r 646 State, h 

117 Davenport av 
Donlin Thomas, com. trav., rms 629 

Donlon James H., brakeman, h 54 Fly- 
Donnan James, emp L. Candee & Co., bds 
164 St. John 
John, emp L. Candee & Co., h 154 St. 

Samuel T., emp 639 Grand av, bds 
154 St John 
Donnarumma Catello, h 200 Wallace 
Ferdinand, laborer, h 9 Locust 
Francesco, emp L. Candee & Co., h 

38 Greene 
Giovanni, h 11 Locust 

Donnarumma Giuseppe, emp L. Candee 
& Ca, h 9 Locust 
Lina Miss, bds 14 Locust 
Raffaele, confectioDeiry 199 Wallace^ 
h do. 
Donnell — see Donel 

Donnelly Andrew J. Mrs., h 100 Middle- 
town av 
Andrew T. C, emp N. H. CSock Cdu, 

bds 100 Middletown av 
Arthur, teamster, bds 362 Orowa 
Charles, teamster, h 339 Water 
Edwnxd J. (P. Malloy) 42 Webster, 

h do. 
Eugene J., canvasser, h 287 Water 
Francis 2d, dockmaker, bds 100 Mid- 
dletown av 
Frank E., h 82 Cedar 
Fred W., prop. Rocky Mountain 
Medicine Co. 123 Blatchley av, h 
Geoiige, emp G. F. Warner Mi^. Ob., 

bds 16 Locust 
George F., rem to Providence, R. L 
George J., bds 145 Mansfield 
George J. Jr., emp A. B. H. Oa, h 

145 Mansfidd 
Henry J., p<^ce detective, h 16 

Hugh, laborer, h 271 Cedar 
James, emp F. H. & W. R. R. C6., 

bds 36 St. John 
James, emp National Wire Co., bds 

78 Farren av 
James, laborer, h 129 Cedar 
James, teamster G. Rockwell, h 10 

James B., ball player, bda 14 Cot- 
James C, machinist, h 123 Putnaxn 
James E., policeman, h 366 Congress 

James F., brakeman, bds 271 Oedar 
James J., emp R. R. paint shop, bdi 

98 Morris 
Jeimie Mrs., clerk 922 Chapel, bdt 

29 Gill 
John, emp W. Av. R. R. Co., bds 

Fifth, W Haven 
John, laborer, h 20 Greenwood 
John, laborer, bds 33 George 
John, laborer, h 17 Winthrop ar 
John B., emp W. R. A. Co., bds 107 

John C, &nap A. B. H. Co., h 142 

John F., conductor F. H. A W. R. R. 

Co., bds 239 Ferry 
John J., brakeman, bds 08 Addtne 
Maria, widow James, bds 122 Wmid 
Martin D., laborer, h 16 Locust 
Mary, widow Jamee, h 184 TQaet 
Mary E., widow Patridc, h 98 Mor- 
Mary E., widow Francis E., h 239 




Donnelly 2daurice D., cook, h 212 Frank- 
Michael, fanner, h r 5 Bowe 
llichael S., machinist, bdfl 17 Wln- 

throp av 
Patrick, laborer, bda 31 Putnam 
Pitrick, emp 30 Center, h 295 Wal- 
Patrick, laborer, h 5 Gregory 
Patrick, laborer, h 149 Fiitnam 
Patrick F., laborer, bds 146 Mans- 

Pitrick H., emp G. F. W. Mfg. Co., 

bds 16 Locust 
Patrick H., emp L. Candee & Oo., h 

185 Franklin 
Peter, emp M., W. Co., bds 184 £a4rt 
Sanh, widow Michael B., h 14 Oot- 

Thaddeos £.,saloon 38 Webster,h do. 
Thomas, bamessmaker, bds 518 

Thomas, in U. S. Army 
Thomas, laborer, h 625 Grand av 
Thomas £, boatman, bda 184 Etouat 
> Thomas J., sec and treas. The Smed- 
ky Go. 313 State, h 101 Middle- 
I town ay 

William F., photographer 851 Chapel, 
^^ h 391 Edgewood av 
pMT Adoli^ H., furniture 824 Grand 
I ay, h 6 Jefferson 
I Edwud H., rem to New York 
I Julia A Mrs., rem to New York 
Ufm A, clerk 818 Grand ay, bds 6 
Michad, laborer, h 51 Oak 

Giuseppe, emp Sargent & Co., 
hda 230 HamUton 
Ann E. Mtas, dressmaker 100 
Gngoty, bdB do. 
Beraapd, emp P. Bros. & Co., h 203 

3fisB, clerk 022 Chapel, bds 934 

M, plumber, bds 23 Vine 
iBor Mias, clerk 36 Church, bds 
225 Hamilton 

:, derk 399 Grand ay, bds 271 

widow Richard F., saloon 
390 Chapel, h 188 East 
" J., conductor >'. H. A W. R. R. 
C6., bds 448i Chapel 

fireman wire mill, h 667 
Oimd B.T 

F., saloon 127 James, h 133 

F., plumber, bds 743 Grand 


Jm cleric 412 State, bds 87 Nash 
li, mason, h 23 Vine 

locomotlT'e engineer, h 271 

?1, driver Merwin Proy. Co., 
bds 76 Lamberton 

Donohue Michael, boilermaker, bds 271 

Michael J., clerk 288 Dixwell ay, h 

290 da 
Patrick, polisher, bds 203 Franklin 
Patrick, teamster, h r 192 Hamilton 
Bichard, h 577 Grand ay 
Thomas, rem to Meriden 
Thomas, rem to Hartfcnrd 
William, carpenter, h 743 Grand ay 
Winifred E., widow John F., h 87 

— see Donahue and Donahoe 
Donoyan Amanda H. Mise, stenogsapher 

817 Chapel, bds 124 Howe 
Arthur L., salesman, bds 124 Howe 
Daniel, emp 405 Whitney ay 
Dayid W., machinist R. R. shops, h 

407 Chapel 
Edward, emp R. R. shops, bds 9 Fil- 

Elliott L., clerk freight office 154 

Water, h 625 Dixwell ay 
Henry, real estate, h 188 Hazel 
Jeremiah, carpent^,bds 170 Wooeter 
Jeremiah, metals and cigars, etc. 310 

Dixwell ay, h da 
Jeremiah C, grocer and saloon 123 

Day, h do. 
Jeremiah F., lawyer (Reynolds & 

Donovan) (414) 865 Chapel, h 

359 Winthrop ay 
Jeremiah 0., h 105 lyy; after Aug. 

1, 102 Stan- 
John, molder, rms 88 Wooster 
John, tallyman at Belle Dock, h 80 

John, boxmaker and barrel dealer 

209 Eajst, h 45 Greene 
John, bartender, h 1298 State 
John, fireman, h 22 E Pearl 
John,salooQ 419 Orchard,h 64 Charles 
John Jr., bartender, bds 64 Charles 
John Jr., boxmaker, bds 45 Greene 
John J., emp R. R. shops, h 36 

Mary, widow William, h 9 Fillmore 
Michael, coach painter, bds 123 Day 
Michael, molder, bds 448^ Chapel 
Michael, laborer, bds 118 Campbell 

ay, W Hayen 
Michael J., carpenter, h 170 Wooster 
Michael J., ins. canyasser (418) 865 

Chapel, bds 548 do. 
Richard, watchman, h 37 Shelter 
Richard Jr., wire drawer, bds 37 

Timothy J., dn^ forger, h 218 Weet 
Walter R., salesman Hubinger Bros., 

bds 124 Howe 
William, laborer, h 44 Walnut 
Doocey Thomas, foreman N. H. Water 

Co., h 263 Hamilton 
Doody Alice C. Miss, stenographer The 

Scranton & Co., bds 121 Mea- 




Doody Daniel J., emp R. R. shops, bds 
138 Carlisle 
Hannah, widow Thomas, h 164 Graf- 
Hannah, widow Daniel, h 817 State 
Henry J., clerk R. R. eiiopB, bds 121 

James, watchman N. H. County Jail, 

h 81 Meadow 
John C, saloon 239 Water, h 275 

Howard av 
Margaret R Miss, milliner, bds 817 

Michael, policeman, h 174 Clay 
Michael J., saloon 645 State, h 185 

Patrick F., stair builder, h 40 Mil- 
Patrick R., painter and paperhanger 

138 OBxUsle, h do. 
Sarah, widow John, h 121 Meadow 
Doohan D^miel, studenl^ bds 193 Lexing- 
ton ay 
John J., emp 32 Grand av, bds 193 

Lexington av 
John J, hamessmaker, bds 608 Grand 

Michael S., carpenter, h 67 Fair- 
mont av 
Thomas, harness mfr. 34 Girand av, h 

193 Lexington av 
— see Doughan 
Doolan Annie M., widow Michael, bds 
327 James 
David, rem to Brooklyn, N. Y. 
John, emp S. H. Bamum & Co., h 66 

Cedar Hill av 
John J., carpenter, bds 66 Cedar Hill 

Maria, widow John, bds 45 Greene 
Mary J., widow Jolm J., h 131 day 
Mary W., widow William, bds 183 

Patrick, rem to Bridgeport 
Patrick F., emp N. Y., N. H. & H. 

R. R., bds 63 Lawrence 
Richard, emp N. H. dock Co., h 282 

Thomas, laborer, h 63 Lawrence 
William, bds Springside Home 
William, emp R. R. shops, bds 304 

— see Dolan 
Dooley Ftunk M., emp W. R. A. Co., h 
637 East 
George W., pretzelmaker 10 Hine pi, 

bds 9 Bishop 
James, manager Dooley Ptetsd 
Works 10 Hine pi, bds 9 Bishop 
James, brakeman N. Y., N. H. & H. 

R. R., h 907 Grand av 
James E., emp F. H. ft W. R. R. Co., 

h 183 Lloyd 
Jeremiah, laborer, h 287 East 
John, laborer, bds 358 East 

Dooley Margaret, widow Michael, emp 70 

Grove, bds do. 
Mary, widow Patrick, prop. Dooley 

Pretzd Works 10 Hine pi, h 8 

Mary Thomas, teacher, bds 267 

Michael J., emp W. R. A. Co., bds 

181 Goffe 
Michael J., Uiborer, h 30 Gilbert 
Patrick, emp W. R. A. Co., bds 148 

Patrick, laborer, bds 358 East 
Patrick, laborer, h 368 East 
Rose Miss, h 202 Hamilton 
Samuel, plumber, bds 9 Bishop 
Thomas, pretzelmaker, bds 9 Bishop 
Dooley's Pretzel Works, James Dooley 

manager, pretzel mfrs. 10 Hine 


— see Doorley 
Doolittle Abbie J. Mrs., employm^it of- 
fice 811 Chapel, rms do. 

Amasa L., clerk 374 State, rms 131 

Bros. (Herbert £. and George R. 
Doolittle), fish and oyster mar- 
ket 93 Broadway 

Charles B., sup't toll depi. S. K. B. 
Tel. Co., res Branfoi^ 

Charles M., trav. agent, h 141 Greene 

Cornelia, widow Rufus, bds 569 Elm 

Delia E., widow Heniy, bds 78 Dix- 
well ay 

Dwight T., wheelmaker, h 91 Wash- 
ington av, W Haven 

Edgar, drop forger, h 124 Oumel 

Edgar A., h 559 Elm 

Edward A., rem to Hion, N. Y. 

Elizabeth E., widow Edson, h 47 
Richards pi, W Haven 

Ellen J., widow Orrin, h 359 Quln- 
nipiac av 

Erastus A., h 31 Whalley av 

Ernest D., carpenter, h 892 Whalley 

Ernest L.. teamster emp 118 State, 
h 68 Minor 

Ernest S., musician, h 125 Court 

Eugene, h 765 Grand av 

Florence I. Miss, stenographer, bds 
141 Greene 

Fhink M., salesman 314 State, h 141 

Frederick T., rem to New York 

Geor^ R., (DoolitUe Bros.) 98 
Broadway, h 3 Shelton av 

Harry W., lawyer (502) 42 Church, 
ree Branf ord 

Helen C. Miss, teacher Strong Scho<>I, 
bds 21 dinton av 

Herbert E. (Doolittle Bros) 93 
Broadway, h 5 Shelton av 

Hobert B., bds 106 Dwight 
James E., policeman, rms 124 Howe 




Doolittle Jennie F. Mrs., dreflamaker 78 

Dixwell av, bds do. 
Jolu A., lawyer and (J. A. Doolittle 

k Oo.) (1) 179 Church, h 367 


A. Doolittle), railway and pav- 
ing contractors (1) 179 Church 
—See p 1031 
Lerarerett H., silver plater, h 125 

Lucy A. Miss, ccuahier 109 Church, 

bds 42 Willis 
Haiy, widow William K, rem to 

MOton C. (Doolittle & Dean) 94 

Meadow, h 21 Clinton av 
Ssllie C. Miss, bds 367 Orange 
Stmnel H., iarmer, h 42 Willis 
Walter G., clerk P. O., h 971 Grand 

Warren F., cleric 290 State, bds 21 

CSinton av 
William £. Mra, rem to Middletown 
William H., oysterman, h 292 Prout 
William W., clerk 383 State, bds 905 

Grand av 
k Deaae (Milton C. Doolittle and 
Patrick Deane), tailors 94 Mea- 

John, clerk 926 Chapel, h 13 
Dixw^ av 
E^ly, widow Hugh, h 90 Niooll 

Edith MrsL, bds 66 Mechanic 
Hugh, janitor 144 Grove, h da 
John, mAchinist, bds 493 C9iapel 
John, clerk 24 Congress av, h 95 

Jolin F., policeman, h 33 Kossuth 
Mary A., widow Alexander, h 108 

Ifiehael, laborer, h 20 Alton 
IMer, bds 63 Asylum 
Rachard J., tea store 56 White, h 

Robert, in U. S. Army 
Th<Mna«, emp Conn. Concrete Co., h 

170 Franklin 
Thomas A., locomotive engineer, h 

104 Oulisle 
^nniam M., clerk N. Y., N. H. A H. 
R. K., bds 144 Grove 
Daniel, i^vooeriee, meats, etc. 579 

Grand av, h 71 William 
. Joseph, clerk 763 Gmnd av, bds 
765 da. 

clerk 579 Grand av, bds 248 

Borris, emp Sargent ft Co., h 
120 Bill 

JeremiaJi, watchman 160 Court, 
fads ei do. 
Miss, bds 382 Dixwell av 
WOliaxn, grocer 41 Charles, h 
459 Orebard 
Abbie Mrs., h 152 Exchange 

Dorman Abram, meat market 285 Cedar, 

h do. 
Arthur £*., blacksmith, h 50 Wooster 
Bennett Wilton, policeman, h 195 

Burton L., fanner, h Brook, Hamden 
Charles A., rms 13 E Grand av 
Charles A., physician 535 Howard av, 

h do. 
Charles R., with B. B. & C. Co., rms 

(3) 686 Chapel 
Chester P., farmer, h Circular av, 

Edward C, sec. and treas. The 0. A. 

Dorman Co. 673 Chapd, bds 223 

Eva E., widow Joel H., h 133 Spring 
Frank H., machinist R. R. shops, h 

Geoige, fish peddler, h 98 Green 
George E., emp W. R. A. Co., h 11 

George W., mason, bds 171 Ivy 
Harvey B., emp 506 State, h 243 

Henry L., joiner, bds 167 Portsea 
Herman W., tinner, bds 285 Cedar 
Howard B., farmer, h Gilbert av, 

Isaac, fish dealer Mill River at State, 

h 13 E Grand av 
Joel H., emp N. H. aock Co., bds 

133 Spring 
John H., caterer, bds Dix, Highwood 
Levi, h 716 Dixwell av 
Mary A., widow David C, bds 53 

Mary E Mrs., h 73 George 
M. Jane Mra, boarding house 270 

Dix^vell av 
Nellie I. Miss, bds 349 Elm 
Ne\^'ton G., sexton Grace M. E. 

Church, h 74 Rosette 
O. A., pres. The O. A. Dorman C6. 

673 Chapel, h 223 Orange 
0. A. Co. liie, bookbinders, station- 
ers, printers and lithographers 

671 and 673 Chapel 
Raymond L., joiner, h 168 Winthrop 

Sidney, farmer, h 42 CErcular av, 

William, fish dealer, h 246 Atwater 
William B., mason, h 171 Ivy 
WUliam H., oysterman, bds 152 Ex- 
William J., fish peddler, h 174 Fair- 
mont av 
Domey Pierce E., bds Springside Home 
Doroff Abraham, emp 49 (^rge, h 252 

Annie Ite, widow Solomon, h 254 

Ida, widow Joseph, h 272 Water 
James, bartender, bds 272 Water 
Max, clerk 49 George, h 254 Cedar 




I>oroff Michael, rem to Nefw York, 

Moms S., cigare, fttationery, etc. 1132 
Chapel and clothing, etc. 49 
George, h 264 Oedar 
Samuel S. (Lynch & Doroff), (402) 
42 Church, bds 264 Cedar 
I>orow Emil, rem to Meriden 
Dorrar Anton, emp M. Seward k Sons 

Co., bdB 3 Lyon pi 
Dorflch John, carpenter, h 201 Franklin 
Dorscht Lodge, 768 Chapel 
Dorsey Patrick, emp L. Oandee & Co., 
rms 460 Chapel 
Thomas, coFsei preaser, bds 64 

William J., teamster, h 698 But 
Dorso R. Mrs., grocer 486 Grand av, h do. 
Rafaelle, emp Sargent & Co., h 486 
Grand av 
Dory (jeorge W., watchman, h 230 Woos- 

Dorzo Giaccome Antonio, laborer, bds 60 
Michele, laborer, h 62 Oak 
Doe Santos M., emp N. H. £. Co., h 633 

Grand av 
Dotey Henry Mrs., h 20 Dudley, High- 
Dotten Harold C, drug clerk 871 Chapel, 

bds 66 Howe 
Doty Araminta J., widow William, h 23 
Charles Jr., emp N. H. Casket Co., 

bds 476 Chapel 
George, peddler, rms 46 Hill 
Harry A., stenopapher F. H. Coggs- 

well, bds 23 Lynwood 
Henry A., brakeman, bds 268 Bast 
James M., seaman, bds 268 East 
Mary, widow Charles, h 268 Bast 
Dougal C]3iarles H., mason, h 266 Blake 
William C, emp W. R. A. Co., h 28 
Doughan Cornelius, laborer, h r 164 Pop- 
John, molder, bds 164 Poplar 
John E., h 146 Wallace 
Thomas, laborer, bds 27 York 
Thomas F., policeman, h 22 (C) 

Thomas J., emp R. R. shops, bds 164 

William H., wine clerk Aldrich 

House, bds do. 
Winifred, widow Martin, h 164 Pop- 
Dougherty Oitherine, widow Patrick, 
rem to Mt. Oarmel 
Eliza J., widow James, h 127 Daven- 
port av 
John, ass't foreman R. R. shops, h 

401 Washington av 
John P., captain Steamer No. 1, 442 
Howard av, h 127 Davenport av 
Patrick, laborer, bds Spring n First 
av, W Haven 

Dougherty Patrick Y., rem to Mt OuaA 
William, hostler r 1038 Chapel, h 8 

William J., driver chemical engiDe 

40 Artizan, h 318 Orange 
— see Doherty 
Doughty John, gardener, h 1439 Bouk- 

Douglas Charles, rem to Pennsylvania 
Charles J., painter, h 126 BUike 
Jane S. Mm, h Edward, Hig^wood 
Joseph P. (Douglas Safe Go.) 90 

Meadow, h 109 Bailey 
Mary, widow Harval, bds 177 OBt* 
Safe Co., safe dealers 90 Meadov 
W. L. ^oe Co., William R. Hartong 

manager, shoe dealers 814 

Douglass Alfred P., emp Greist Mfg. Oo^| 

bds 131 Henry 
Benajah H., treas. The R H. Doug* 

lajw & Sons Co. 26 and 28 

h 1441 Chapel 


wholesale cigars and coofectu 

ers 26 and 28 Crown — See p 
Charles, engineer, rms 94 St Jolm 
Charles £., expreesmaji, bds yL< 

av, Morris Cove 
Eliza A., widow Chester H., h 

Main, W Haven 
Emma Miss, bds 94 St. J<4m 
Henry L., laborer, h 46 Broad 
Howard B. (Elm aty Printing 

(7) 708 Chapel, bds 275 
James A., trav. salesman, h 

Congress av 
John, cook, rms 106 Greofge 
John F., pres. and sec The B. 

Douglass & Sons Co. 26 and 

Crown, h 276 Orange 
John P., carriagemaker, h 94 

John T. H., lalxH'er, h Townaend 

Morris Cove 
John W., bds 94 St John 
Joseph, h Vale ext 
Mary, widow Archibald, emp K<{ 

Orphan Asylum, bds do^ 
Mary Ann, widow James M., 

Matthew H., elevator man City 

h 46 Putnam 
Ralph M., patternmaker, h 30 
Robert, fish market 564 

av, h Vale ert 
Samuel T. S., butler C. P. Clark,' 

Sarah A., widow Hebron T., 

Solomon J. Rev., booklet 

Crown, h 272 Orchard. 
Thomas, laborer, h Morris __ 
William, brakeman, bds 146 




Dottg^ William B., tmv. aaleeyDoaii 26 
Ot>wn, h 227 Edgewood av 
William H. (Dillcm & Douglaas) 28 
to 38 Gmge, h 388 Ontngo 
DmtM Ferdinand, barber 49 Change, h 

27 Wooater pi 
Dow Artimr C, rem to Chicago 

Diaries T., emp Sargoit & Co., h 619 

darlea W., chief opoutor S. N. £. 

TeL Co., h 512 State 
Sdith H. Mias, dressmaker 28 Sper- 

ry, h da 
Sdwin C., lawyer (7) 69 Church, 
also associate judge City Court, 
h 371 Whalley av 
Edwin Z., with W. R A. Co., h 494 

Winthrop ay 
George C, brickmaker, h State n Ed- 

mond, Hamden 
Hany B., with W. R. A. Co., bds 

365 Whalley ay 
Job A, clerk 827 Chapel, h 108 

Mary A., widow Thomaa A., h 311 

Bobert, emp W. R. A. Co., bda 311 

Boyal S., brickmaker, h WeltoD, 

Boya/ S. Jr., bds Welton, Hamden 
B. B., clerk (429) R. R. office bdg, 

bds 536 State 
nomas, emp W. R. A. Co., h 103 

Winchester ay 
Virgil M., physician and apothecary 
1 127 diapel, rms do. 

h— see Dowe 
'd Oiarlesy gardener, h 218 Hamilton 
Bemiis L., oysterman, h 292 Portsea 
[ James, emp Thomas E. McAveney, 
f bds 195 Humphrey 
1 Jane £. Miss, bds 121 Rosette 
I John J., barber, bda 195 Humphrey 
Joseplune, widow Wilbur S., h 272 

lizae Miss, emp L. Candee ft Co., 
bds 34 Walnut 

Maria, widow Patrick, h 195 Hum- 

IGchael, shoemaker, h 415 Colum- 
bus ay 

IjBchael, coachman, h 8 Sylyan ay 
8., sec. Automatic Clerk 
and Adyertiaing Co. 291 State, 
bds 819 do. 

k^riek M., emp 7ale Sale and Iron 
Gol, h 66 Main 

nomas H., barber 307 James, h 77 

liam H., laborer, bds 8 Sylyan ay 
H., carpenter and confec- 
tionery 206 IMxwell ay, h do. 
Bdwaid F., painter, bds 447 
Waahingion av 

Dowddl Geoi^e, emp Merwin Proy. Co., 
bds 447 Washington ay 

John, painter and paper hanger 447 
Washington ay, h do. 

John, engine wiper, h 4 Christopher 

William J., buffer, bds 447 Waah- 
ington ay 
Dowe Edgar S., captain tug James H. 

Hogan, h 91 Wooeter 
Dowling Annie Miss, h 562 E3ast 

Edward, emp K. F. B. & P. Co., h 20 

Edward J., emp F. H. & W. R. R. 
Co., h 11 Qay 

Elizabeth, widow Michael, bds 183 
Kimberly ay 

George, carpenter, h 82 Chestnut 

George Mrs., bds 11 Clay 

George J., compositor, bds 168 lyy 

John, ins. canyasser (418) 865 Chap- 
el, h 166 do. 

Sarah E., widow Joseph, h 168 lyy 

William, blacksmith, bds 166 Chapel 

William J., lamp lighter, h 55 Oak 
Down Ada Miss, sec. Horton Pen Co. r 
137 Temple, bds 320 Orchard 

Alfred R., clerk (429) R. R. office 
bdg, h 244 first ay, W Hayen 

Annie M. Miss, sec. N. £. Selling Co. 
r 137 T^nple, bds 320 Orchard 

Arthur H., pres. and treas. The Hor- 
ton Pen Co. r 137 Temple, h 320 
Downer Ralph T., letter carrier Station 
A, h Beacon ay 

WilUam V., emp 355 State, h 32 
Downes Arthur M., clerk R. R. shops, h 
125 Court 

Catherine C, widow George M., h 
159 Greenwood 

Catherine M, widow Edward, h 103 

Charles D., blacksmith, bds 70 Con- 
gress ay 

Charles D., prop. Yale Bicycle Stor- 
age 66 High, bds 45 Lake pi 

Charles H., emp Sai^ent & Co., bds 
178 Eaat 

Charles T. (C. T. Downes & Son) 1 
Broadway, h 45 Lake pi 

Charles W., rms 103 Howe 

C. T. & Son (Charles T. and Fred- 
erick A. Downes), grocers and 
meat market 1 Broadway 

Cynthia A. Mrs., clairyoyant 104 
Oliye, h da 

Edward, lawyer, rms 163 Howe 

Edward J., ina. canyasser, h 1179 

Eliza DeForest Miss, bds 261 Brad- 

Elizabeth Mrs., h 149 Goffe 

Elizabeth Mrs., millinery 126 Court, 
h da 




Downes £llen, widow William, bds Sucf 
House, Savin av, W Haven 

Ellen S., widow James L., h 500 Elm 

Frank J., hameesmaker, h 104 Olive 

Frederick A. (C. T. Downes & Son) 
1 Broadway, bda 45 Lake pi 

Harriet A. Aiiss, bds 225 Bishop 

Henry, foreman W. & E. T. Fitch 
Co., h 162 Exchange, 

Henry P., pres. and treaa. Star Man- 
ufacturing Co. r 158 Whalley 
av, h 323 Edgewood av 

John, engineer, h 178 East 

John I. H., artist, bds 345 Whitney 

Joseph W., compositor Price, Lee &. 
Adkins Ck>., bds 103 Howe 

Julia Miss, ass't librarian Public Li- 
brary, bds 103 Howe 

Lilly D. Miss, bds 83 Grove 

MBLTggret, widow James, bds 29 Hal- 

Margaret J. Miss, milliner The Gam- 
ble-Desmond Co., bds 169 Green- 

Mary B. Miss, dressmaker 103 Howe, 
bds da 

Mary E. Miss, rem to Bridgeport 

Matilda A. Miss, dressmaker, bds 169 

S. S. Mrs., bds 177 Lawrence 

William E., h 345 Whitney av 

— see Downs 
Downey Clarence, student, bds 789 Grand 

James, bds 487 East 

James, emp N. H. Clock Co., h 250 

John, emp N. H. Clock Co., bds 188 

John H., baker, h 31 Albert, W Ha- 

Mary, widow John, h 250 Wallace 

Michael, h 789 Grand av 

Michael, boxmaker, bds 250 Wallace 

Patrick J., emp N. H. dock Ca, h 
188 Hamilton 

Piedro, orderly N. H. Hospital, bds 
Downing Albert A., bicycle renting and 
repairer 413 Howard av, bds 32 

Caroline, widow Lewis M., h 26 

C. T., clerk (230) R. R. office bdg, 
rms 66 Howe 

John F., foreman 102 Water, h 32 

Nathaniel F., emp M. Prov. Co., h 
122 Rosette 

William, emp F. P. Pfleghar ft Son, 
h 141 Ashmun 
Downs Albert W., clerk, bds 183 Howard 

Albert Z., machinist D. M. Co., h 30 

Downs Calvin, h 71 Kenangton 

Charles E., driver 326 Dixwell av, bds 

38 W Haxel 
Charles H., sec. The Peck Broo. k 

Co., h 35 Dwight 
Charles W., sawyer emp r 775 Wbal* 

ley av, bds do. 
Clifton T., locomotive engineer, h 111^ 

Kimberly av 
Edward C, foreman ho&y dept. H. 

Hooker & Co., h 35 Eld 
Elijah, carriage trimmer, h 13S 

Elizabeth F. Miss, dressmaker 2^ 

Hallock, bds do. 
Elizabeth S., widow Zina L., h 70 

Ccmgress av 
Elizabeth W., widow Clifford H., bdft 

131 Washington av 
EUa C, h 27 Forest 
Frederick C, rem to Ansonia 
Frederick L., trav. salesman, h 303 

Howard av 
Frederick W., emp W. & K T. Fitch 

Co., h 39 Chamberlin 
Harriet E., widow Edward S., bda 39 

Hattie E. A. Miss, dressmaker 187 

Howard av, bds do. 
Herbert J., bds 98 Greene 
James E., machinist, bda 30 \^- 

James H., rms 255 Dixwell av 
James T., onp 458 State, bda 10 Ce- 
dar Hill av 
Jennie Miss, nurse, rms 532 Howard 

John E., emp Yale Safe and Iron Go., 

h 187 Howard av 
John S., joiner, rem to Long Island 
John W., h 10 Cedar Hill av 
J. Willis (Benedict, Downs & Go. (2) 

82 Church, and (Downs k Wbiir 

more) 120 Commerce, h 80 

Mark W., elevator man U. S. Custom 

House, h 650 Dixwell av 
Martha A., widow CSiarles, bds 335 

Quinnipiac av 
Minot B., inatallment gooda and 

clock r^Miirer 42 Pierpont^ b 

Nelson, emp L. Oandee k Co., h 9B 

Nelson H., rem to Yalesville 
Philo J., mechanic, h 42 Crown 
Sarah J. Mrs., h r 650 Dixwell av 
Walter E., letter carrier, rms (8) 741 

Walter L., emp L. Candee k C6., bds 

133 Henry 
Walter R., derk N. H. Savings Bank, 

h 335 Quinnipiac av 
Willard P., emp Geometric Drill Ooi, 

bds 106 Willanl 
William P., machinist D. M. Go., h 

106 Willard 





Downs and L. M. Wliitmore, 

props. New England Tricycle 06. 

120 Oommeree— ^ee p 956 
Bce Downes 
Doyle Albert F., emp N. H. Qock Co., bds 

1303 8Ute 
Ann Mrs., dresBmaker, h 118 Grown 
Bessie Miss, bds 166 Aahmun 
Delia, widow Daniel, h 73 Congress 

Dennis H., joiner, h 93 Ninth, W 

Edward, rem to Bridgeport 
Xdward, emp Strouse, Adler & Co., 

h242 James 
Eliza, widow James, h 346 Portaea 
Elizabeth B. Miss, teacher, bds 210 

Ella A. C. Miss, stenographer emp 

(3) 157 Church, bds 210 Ferry 
Hngh E., glazier, h 11 Ailing 
James^ gardener, h 21 Guden 
JameS) rem to Woodbridge 
James, carriage painter, bds 346 

James, bartender, rms 52 Liberty 
James, car cleaner, h 294 Washing- 

Um av 
James £, emp Saigoit ft Co., h 238 

Blatdiley av 
James F., bds 363 Washington av 
James J., car cleaner, h 216 Savin av, 

W Haven 
Jolm, emp W. R. A. 06., bds 45 Web- 

John, emp Morris Cove Hotel, bds 

Jcdm, ship carpenter, h 243 Franklin 
John, molder, h 399 East 
John, enip Qoinnipiac Brewing Co., h 

190 Ferry 
John A., grocer 180 Ferry, h 182 


John J., conductor, h 122 Cedar 
^ John J., emp Saigent ft Co., bds 198 

i John M., hack driver, bds 118 Crown 
I John T., pres. The J<^n T. Doyle Cow 
^ 383 Cha p^, h 299 Wallace 

iSIiE JOHH T. CO. THE> props, of 
r Bo-Kas-Ka and Welc<xn6 Starch 

\ 383 Chapel— See p 918 

JnluL H. Miss, teacher Orchard Street 
Sehool, bds 537 Howard av 

M., widow Geoige M., bds 
1303 SUte 
lake F^ polisher, h 31 Wallace 

Miss, dressmaker, rms 955 
jraad av 
Miss, emp Domestic Laundry, 
bds 100 Haven 

widow Michael, h 283 

widow James, h 209 Hamil- 
bds Adams House 

Doyle Mary E., widow Patrick, h 210 
Michael, roofer J. £. Kelley, h 459 

Congress av 
Michad, cooper, h 33 Myrtle 
Patrick, coachman, h 61 Park 
Patrick, molder, bds 170 Franklin 
Patrick, emp Conn. Concrete Co., rms 

155 Commerce 
Patrick F;, emp W. R. A. Co., h 38 

Patrick T., plumber, bds 61 Pbrk 
Richard, emp 270 Congress av, h 65 

Richard L., emp N. H. Casket 06., 

bds 210 Ferry 
Sarah E., widow John, bds 32 Foote 
Stephen, laborer, h 198 Hamilton 
Thmnas, mason helper, h 170 Frank- 
William, laborer, h 53 York 
William H., emp R. R. paint shops, 

bds 61 Park 
William H., painter, bds 53 York 
William H., emp N. H. Clock Co., 
rms 14 Elm 
Dratfen Alexander, shipping clerk N. H. 
Baking Co., bds 5 Stevens 
Robert J., carpenter, h 5 Stevens 
Drake Charles W. Rev., h 91 Greene 

Chauncey M., clerk 1130 Chapel, h 

510 Howard av 
G^rge W., Joiner, h 59 Stevens 
Howard, pamter R. R. shops^ h 212 
Edgewood av 
Drapeau A. ft Co. (Alexander Drapeau), 
watchmaker^ gold and silver 
plating, etc. 585 Chapd 
Alexander, carpenter, h 312^ Con- 
gress av 
Alexander (A« Dri^)eau ft Co.) 585 

Chapel, h do. 
Rena Miss, bds 312^ Congress av 
Diaper Joseph B., engineer 890 Chapel, 
h (28) do. 
Thomas, painter, rms 101 Crown 
Drapo Joseph, fireman N. H. Water 06., 
Whitneyville, h 19 Armoiy, do. 
Drayt<m Francis, waiter, rms 465 State 

Henry, waiter, h 54 Webster 
Drazen Abram, upholsterer 29 Oak, h 
Bamett, dry goods 38 Oak, h 36 do. 
Joseph, glazier, h 29 Oak 
Samuel, peddler, h 226 Commence 
Drecksler John, carpet weaver 237 Dav- 
enport av, h do. 
Dreher Frederick, rem to New York 
Dreisbach Charles A., patternmaker emp 
30 Audubon, bds 31 Trumbull 
Edwin, paper hanger, bds 31 Trum- 

John, cabinetmaker, h 31 Trumbull 
M. E. Miss, ass't bookkeeper Strong, 
Barnes, Hart ft Co., bds 31 Trum- 
William F., draughtsman (324) 865 
Chapel, bds 31 Trumbull 




DreisBen Alexander, emp 830 Wooster, 

Ms 884 State 
Jacob, cigarmaker, h 884 State 
Joseph, cigannaker, bds 884 State 
— aee Draien 
Dreocher Alfred, waiter 136 Temple, nns 

203 Crown 
Gustave A., emp W. R. A. Co., h 642 

Dreader Max R, teacher 34 Word, h 93 

Drew Alfred C, coach trimmer, h 14 Hial- 

Alfred J. L, bds 54 Canal 
Allen W., waiter, bds 64 Oanal 
James, coachman, h r 161 Bradley 
John S., salesman 898 Chapel, bda 

120 York 
Rose Mrs., h 64 Canal 
Drexell Geoige A., cook, h 226 State 

Josephine, widow John, h 227 State 
Drexler Charles, whitewasher, h r 106 

DriggB Isabella W. Mrs., bds 179 Waah- 

ington ay, W Haven 
DriscoU Cornelius J., blacksmith, h 111 

Cornelius T., mayor, office (7) C&ty 

Hall, lawyer (6) 163 Church, h 

10 Howe 
Dennis, laborer, h 60 Fillmore 
Ellen C, widow Comdius, h 226 

Ellen C. Mrs., h 14 Orchard 
Hannah, widow John, h 216 Wal- 
Hannah Miss, bds 216 Wallace 
John, police sergeant Station 1, h 93 

J., laborer, bds 126 Oak 
John, laborer, h 1260 Chapel 
John F., emp N. H. Clock Co., bds 

216 Wallace 
John Lu, emp 170 Temple, bds 14 

Joseph J., receiving clerk 80 Long 

Wharf, bds 93 Nash 
Patrick, emp N. Y., N. H. & H. R. 

R., bds 225 Hamilton 
Timothy W., carpenter, h 288 

Blatchley av 
Driver Alice B. Miss, stenographer emp 

(4) 153 Church, bds 18 Eld 
Ceorge, joiner, h 18 Eld 
Druehl Frederick, emp P. Bros. A; Co., 

bds 10 Clark 
William, h 10 aark 
Druen Bernard D., mfr. of carriage steps, 

whiffletree couplings, etc 71 

Hamilton, h 54 Chestnut 
Drugan Annie Miss, h 18 Broad 

Nellie Miss, rms 18 Broad 
Drum Charles, emp 60 Court, h 10 N Un- 
ion av, W Haven 
William, shipping clerk 215 Water, 

h 62 White 

Dnungoole Ann, widow Matthew, h 157 

Drummond Alexander M., ina. agmt, h 
40 Whalley av 
Hannah, widow Matthew, bda 147 

John, laborer, h 147 Frank 
Druiy Almeda S. Mra, h 191 Atwater 
Fred S., emp L. Oandee & Ocx, bds 25 

Harry B., carpenter, h 191 Atwater 
Dry James, cook Stewarts restaurant^ W 

Haveo, bds da 
Dryer Isaac, grocer 41 Eaton, h 63 do. 
Dzyfus Jacob, peddler, h 136 Lafayette 
Jacob, meat market 54 Washington 
av, h do. 
Dubald Frederick, carpenter, bds 682 

Dubbs George E., emp 48 St. John, bds 

Dube John, ^np W. R. A. Co., h 202 Ivy 
Dubinsky Abraham, rem to New Yoric 
DuBois Augustus J., prof, civil engineer- 
ing Y. U. 129 Winchester Hall, 
h 258 BFBulley 
— see De Bowes 
Ducharme Arthur, barber Oampbell av n 
Main, W Haveo, bds 231 IdUun, 
Duohelli Giuseppe, emp L. OBundee & Co., 

h 77 Anderson 
Ducross Charles £., fish boat Grand av 

bridge, h 147 Exchange 
Dudley Albert E., salesman 249 Ftanldln, 
h 62 aark 
Albert L., emp O. B. North & Co., 

bds 160 Winthrop av 
Andrew J., h 1157 Chapel 
Burton R., salesman (2) 82 Churchy 

h 60 Grove 
Ctauroline £., bds 412 Orange 
Charles, mechanical sup*t O. K 

North A Co., h 198 Grand av 
Charles, salesman, h State c Ed- 
mund, Hamden 
Charles C, milk peddler, bds 242 

Quinnipiac av 
Charles S., emp Geometric Drill OtK, 

h Austin n Blake 
Fannie D. Mr&, dressmaker, h 1157 


ance agent (13) 818 CSiapel, h 
192 Norton— See p 937 
Frederick R, clerk, bds 1157 Chapel 
George E., joiner, h 160 Winthrop ar 
DTTDLET GEOBGE E. gwits* furnish- 
ing goods and custom clothing 
799 Chapel, h 526 Ge<Mge— See 
front cover 
G. Walter, student, bds 526 Geoige 
Hester M., widow Joseph, h 139 

Howard av 
Imogene Mrs., nurse, bds 45 Sylvao 




Ihidky Levi EL, jcHiier, h 66 Parmelee av 
Lizzie W., widow 6. B., bdfl 41Si Or- 
Loois F., h 112 Wooeter 
MutbsL M. Miss, h 89 Henry 
Noah L, driver, bds 36 E«dgewood av 
Selden D., livery stable 17 E Grand 

ar, h 3 da 
W. L Mrs., h 412 Orange 
Dudley's Express (Guilford, Leette's Is- 
land and Stony Creek) 68 Oen- 
ter and 292 State 
Dnd AvLgoBUiSi brakeman, h 8 Wallace^ 
W Haven 
D. Gertnide Miss, clerk B. F. Ess, 
bds 14 Maltby pi 
Doer Denning, h 691 Whitney av 
Dsey John £., engraver, h 236 Crown 
Daft Aimie D. Miss, forelady M. Mann 
k Bros., bds 349 Whalley av 
Oaroline A., widow John, bds 349 

Whalley av 
John D., tray, salesman, h 349 Whal- 
ley av 
12obert S., temperer, h Qninnipiac av 
n Falton 
Ihiffy Bernard, cabinetmaker, rms 33 
Bridget Mrs., h 400 East 
Esther M., widow Michael, h r 215 

Francis, ship painter, bds 400 East 
Aiads J., coach lampmaker, h 82 

Washington av 
iVank K, emp N. ix. dock Co., bds 

66 Clinton av 
James, painter, bds 400 East 
James, mason, h 202 Humphrey 
James, emp N. Y., N. H. & H. R. R., 

bds 39 Liberty 
James P., rem to Southington 
John, emp L. Oandee k Ca, h 23 St. 

John, painter, bds 400 East 
John, mason helper, h 264 Hamilton 
Mary, widow William, h 70 Me- 
3latthew, brass turner, h 218 Front 
Michael, smith helper, bds 264 Ham- 
Michael J., porter, h 195 Pine 
Owen, bds Springnde Home 
Ttctriek, laborer, h 8 Summer pi 
Patrick, eii|gineer 100 Water, h 218 
IfisA, bds 157 Putnam 

&np M., W. Co., bds 266 

iam, emp L*. Oandee & Co., bds 
23 St. Jcitm. 

Jchn, blacksmith, bds 436 

Edward, locomotive engineer, h 
164 Orange 

rd X, emp 321 State, bds 126 

Dugan Henry, emp 137 Park, h 185 Goffe 
Henry A., letter carrier, bds 185 

Henry E., clerk 4 Hill, bds 235 Ferry 
John, motorman F. H. & W. R. R. 

Ca, h 39 Fillmore 
John, hackman, rms 178 Olive 
John G., machinist, h 214 Savin av, 

W Haven 
John J., emp N. H. dock Co., bds 

154 Poplar ^ 

Margaret J., widow William, bds 60 

Margaret L. Miss, teacher, bds 235 

Martin Mra, h 154 Poplar 
Mary, widow Patrick, h 137 James 
Mary K Miss, dressmaker 185 Goffe, 

bds do. 
Michael, emp W. & E. T. Bitch Co., 

bds 126 East 
Michael J., bds 102 Crown 
Owen, boilermaker, h 84 Haven 
Thomas, emp N. H. dock Co., bds 

164 Poplar 
William, emp W. Ice Co., rme 178 

William A., teamster, h 235 Ferry 
William G., clerk 85 Church, bds 235 

Duggan Edward J., bds 505 Elm 

Jeremiah J. Rev., ass't pastor St. 

Patrick's R. C. Church, bds 640 

Grand av 
Margaret G. Miss, rms 506 Elm 
Patrick, h 506 Elm 
Duhan Adam, meat market and grocer 

1134 State, h 1136 do. 
Jacob, student, bds 1136 State 
Duity George H., tel. operator N. Y., N. 

H. & H. R. R., bds Jackson 

Dujardine Gustave, h 23 Gilbert 
Duke Alfred, student, bds 170 Ivy 

Nathaniel, agent West Shore Rail- 
road (16) 49 Church, h 1403 

Dullard Bridget Miss, housekeeper r 274 

Thomas, casemaker, h r 274 Hamil- 
William, carriage bodymaker, bds r 

274 Hamilton 
Dullivan Samuel D., whitewasher, h 29 

Susie Miss, waitress, rms 43 Foote 
Dumas Charles E., coal and wood dealer 

85 William, bds 129 Franklin 
Napoleon L., musician, bds 129 

Philomene, widow S. J., h 129 

Dumond diaries E., emp F. H. & W. R. 

R. Co., h 41 Pierpont 
Dnmphy James J., bartender, rms 42 




Dumphy Thomajs, emp W. R. A. Co., h 24 

DJTS K. 0. & COy mercantile agency, 
Frank S. SloeBon manager, 811 
Chapel c Orange — See p 952 
Dunbar Garret S. (Hulse & Dunbar) 10 
Howard av, h 17 do. 

Joseph, soap peddler, h 10 Westfield, 

Nathan F., city teamster, h 100 
Duncan Eva M. Miss, bookkee|>er C. F. 
Adams Co., bds 6 Ashmun 

Frank, emp P. Bros. & Co., h 43 

George M., prof. Y. U., h 176 Ed- 

Hall, 1161 Chapel 

Henry A., rubber cutter, h 6 Ash- 

James, laborer, h 386^ Congress av 
' James, laborer, h 19 N Bank 

James F., emp 270 Congress av, bds 
385i do. 

John, teamster, rms 187 Brewery 
' John, clerk 840 Chapel, rms 164 Or- 

Minnie I., clerk 922 Chapel, bds 6 

Peter, coachman, bds 340 Columbus 

Khoda A., widow James A., bds 44 

Simeon M., h 10 Forbes av 

Susan M., widow C. W., housekeeper 
416 Orchard 

Wilbur E., steam fitter, bds 6 Ash- 
mun • 
Duncklee Frederick, emp Sargent & Co., 
h 136 Grafton 

Walter, emp Barnes Tool Co., bds 142 

William L., emp Baldwin Machine 
Works, h 138 Grafton 

William P., bds 1378 Boulevard 
Dunham Albert B., sheriff New Haven 
County, office County Court 
House 171 Church, res Seymour 

Gideon, h 96 Ellsworth av 

Henry, h 162 Wooster 

Howard J., lawyer, bds 96 EUsworth 

William H., brass turner, h 169 Lex- 
ington av 
Dunigan Margaret Mrs., h 10 Acfylum 
Dunklee — see Duncklee 
Dunlap James, contractor W. R. A. Oo., 
h 493 Dixwell av 

James J., emp N. H. E. Co., h 49 
Dixwell av 

Joseph J., janitor 840 Chapel, h 313 

Rebecca O. Mrs., h 68 Hudson 

Robert, city express, h 36 Davenport 

Robert P., policeman, h 98 Sylvan 

Dunlap Robert W., plumber, bds 35 Dav- 
• enport av 
Samuel L., horseshoer emp 39 George, 

bds 98 Sylvan av 
Thomas, hack driver, h 98 Sylvan 

ThMuaa F., }tjdUx Hubinger bdg, 

bds 98 Sylvan av 
Thomas F., bartender, bds 36 Dav«a- 

port av 
William, laborer, bds 68 Hudson 
William H., carpenter, bds 98 Sylvan 

Dunlay Charles, laborer, h 29 Main 
Charles Jr., bds 29 Main 
David, teamster, h 18 Elliott 
Dennis J., emp N. H. R. M. Co., bds 

29 Main 
John, porter, h 296 Orchard 
Dunlea John F., bartender Imperial 

Hotel, bds do. 
' Thomas J., emp 33 Broadway, bds 
, 618 State 
Dunleavey James, emp N. H. Gas Light 

Co., h 282 East 
John F., polisher, bds 14 St Jolm 
John J., emp Globe Silk Works, h 

117 Davenport av 
Patrick, laborer, h 14 St. John 
Patrick J. J., student, bds 14 St 

Thomas J., motorman F. H. & W. R. 

R. Co., bds 14 St John 
Dunn Amy P. Miss, dressmaker, bds 10 

Charles C, carpenter, h 36 Auburn 
Christopher Jt, telegraph operator 

Belle Dock freight office, bds 489 

Dennis, hostler emp 167 Long Wharf, 

h 180 Brewery 
Edward, horse trainer, bds 308 Eul 
Edward J., emp Sargent & Co., bdi 

26 Hamilton 
Ellen Miss, emp 23 Elm, bds r 274 

Francis F., emp W. R. A. Coi« bdi 

188 Hamilton 
Hemy B., teamster, bds 306 Bast 
James, laborer, bds 166 Dover 
James, emp Belle Dock R. R. yardi 

bds 483 East 
James, emp W. R. A. Co., bds 67 

James A., emp W. R. A. Oo., h 3 

James F., rem to New Toik 
James J., emp W. R. A. Oo,, h 206 


DTrmSr JAKES T. manager Hotd 

Savoy 14 Church, h do. — See p 

Jeremiah, carriage painter, h US 

MUl River 
John, rem to Ireland 
John, carpenter, h 270 Pofdar 
John, general teaming 308 Bast, k 





Dunn John, braae molder, h 25 Hamilton 

John, motonnan F. H. & W. R. B. 
Co., h 98 FlUmore 

John Mra.^ emp L. OEuidee & Ckx, h 
283 Humphrey 

John A., molder, h 30 Grace 

John £., emp W. R. A. Co., h 220 
Wawhington ay 

John £L, hackman, bda 308 East 

John Edward, milk dealer., h Middle- 
town ay n town line 

John H., barber 157 Aahmiin, h do. 

John J., teacher, bds 642 Chapel 

John J., machinist, bds 813 Whalley 

John J., emp Sargent ft Co., bda 26 

John T., emp W. R. A. Co., bda 8 

Joaeph F., hackman, bds 308 East 

Joseph H., dispatcher Berkshire IHy. 
(124) R. R. office bdg, bds Hotel 

Joseph J., student, rms 642 Chapel 

K. £. Miss, bds 80 Hill 

lizzie Miss, dressmaker 133 James, 
bds do. 

Maigmiet^ widow John, h 107 Mans- 
Maigaret, widow Peter, h 155 Doyer 

Maigajnet, widow James, h 20 Put- 

MaigBret £., widow Sylyester, h 36 

martm P., porter 216 Water, bds 608 

Mui% widow Christopher, h 483 

Kary, widow John, bds 19 Salton- 

staU ay 
JCaiy Miss, emp N. F. B. ft P. Co., 

bds r 274 Hamilton 
liaxy Miss, h 170 Franklin 
Maiy A., widow John T., h 8 Vine 
Matthew, agent Ixyory stable 684 

Chapel, rms da 
Matthew Mrs., h 116 Columbus ay 
M. CUnton, tailor 4 Qiurch, bds 80 

Mi chae l , emp N. F. B. & P. Co., bds 

43 Willuun 
Michael, emp R. R shops, bds 165 

Michael !•"., tsnith helper, bds 20 Put- 

Mlrhael F., restaurant 469 State, h 

471 do. 
iJktrick S., ooal and wood Wd>ster c 
Oanal, h 104 Canal 

J-, emp W. R. A. Co., h 14 

'Tiefecr, laxmer, h Middletown ay n 

tawjk line 
^leler J., xein to Now York 

8., patternmaker, h 74 Prince 
la, widow George, h Derby ay 
c Fore«t n town line 

Dunn Stephen, hackman 308 Eastjbds do. 

Thomas, undertaking and liyeiy sta- 
ble 650 Grand ay, h 157 Ferry 

Thomas E., laborer, bds 8 Vine 

Thomas E., emp Lewis Osterweis & 
Sons, bds 49 Union ay, W Ha- 

Thomas E., emp P. Bros. & Co., h 35 

Thomas J., police sergeant Prednct 
No. 1, h 155 Dixwell ay 

Thomas K., h 542 Chapel 

Timothy, rem to Naugatuck 

William, carriage painter, bds 182 

William, bds Springside Home 

William, painter, rms 33 Silyer 

William, teamster, bds 570 Grand 

WUliam, emp 24i Fair, h Middle- 
town ay n town line 

William C, baker, bds 43 Carlisle 

William E., saloon 153 Dixwell ay, h 

William J., emp N. H. dock Co., bds 
25 Hamilton 

—see Dun 
Dunne Cecelia V., widow William, rem 

to Middletown 
Dunnigan Chnstopher, t4w.mBt«r J. 
Coyne, bds 83 Hallock 

John, hackman, bds 80 Broad 

Lawrence, teamster, h 185 Hamil- 
Dunning Amelia, widow Reuben S., bds 
355 Crown 

Amy K, widow William S., bds 264 

Catherine, widow Rey. Edward C, h 
20 Lincoln 

Charles S., h 411 Ellsworth ay 

Harvey W., instructor Y. U., rms 
(76) W. Diyinity Hall, Y. U. 106 

Robert B., contractor N. H. dock 
Co., rms 93 Oliye 

Robert L., ins. canyasser (49) 49 
Church, h 31 Sylyan ay 
Dunphy Edward, truckman, h 183 Ham- 

Thomas H., labors, h 24 Wilson 
Dunscomb Godfrey, h 324 Prospect 
Dunaing August C., machinist, bds 31 
Union ay, W Hayen 

Augustus H., foreman M. Piano Co., 
h 426 Howard ay 

Clara A. Miss, teacher, bds 426 How- 
ard ay 

L. Augustus, piano tuner, bds 426 
Howard ay 

William A., emp M. Piano Co., h 31 
Union ay, W Hayen 

William T., fireman, h 106 Rosette 
Dunstcm James, emp W. R. A. Co., bds 

176 Ashmun 
Dupaul Bridget, widow Edward L., h 19 




Dupaul Edward L., gmith helper, h 9 

Audubon pi 
Eugene, rem to Wallingford 
Fred, blacksmith, h 88 Hamilton 
Henry, blacksmith, h 24 Edwards 
John M., emp R. R. shops, bds 19 

Dupee Cornelius J., slater, h 227 Qoffe 
Edward T., mechanic, h 818 Dixwdil 

Frank C, mechanic, h 430 Shelton 

George H. Jr., machinist, h 020 New- 
hall n Mill Rock, Highwood 
Henry Jean, emp W. R. A. Oo., h 

Newhall n Goodrich 
Dupignac Charles, painter, h 106 Winr 

Chester av 
Dupont John C, bicycle repairer 178 

George, rms 5& da 
Dupre Hector, manager Rochester Brew- 
ing Oo. 726 State, bds Hotel 

Dupuis Alex L., clerk 28 Grand av, bds 

204 Front 
Moses, wood bender H. G. Shepaxd ft 

Sons, h 36 Maple 
Dupuy Alfred, sign painter 1001 Grand 

av, h do. 
Durand Albert V., artist (7) 811 Chap- 

d, h 106 Park 
Geoiige A., painter, h 36 Eld 
Hugo, painter, h 73 Grace 
Jennie V. Miss, artist and teacher 

painting 106 Park, bds do. 
Loren, rem to Orange 
Louis v., bds 106 Park 
Ralph E., machinist, h 773 State 
Theodore G., emp W. H. Buckle C6., 

h 16 Wharton, W Haven 
Durant Anna Miss, emp Strouse, Adler & 

Co., bds 69 Goffe 
Charles H., hose driver Steamer No. 

6, h 81 Exchange 
Edgar K, sec. and treas. G. F. War- 
ner Mfg. Ca bet James and East 

opp Cedar Hill station, h 662 

Whitney av 
Fred B., bds Durant Hotel 
HeniT T., rem to Ocean Grove, N. J. 
Hotel, CSiarles K Bush prop., 128 to 

132 State 
John, emp Imperial Laundry Co., bds 

69 Goffe 
John H. G., watchmaker and jeweler 

71 Church and 42 Center, h 708 

Mary E. Miss, emp Ottenhelmer 

Broa, bds 69 Goffe 
WUliam A., bookkeeper Barnes 

Co., h 132 Lawrence 
Durante Angelo, laborer, bds 361 Beist 
Dnrazzo Totnmasina, widow Pasquale, h 

108 Franklin 
Vincenzo, laborer, h 108 Franklin 

Durdel August, brewer M. WeldemanD 
& Co., h 376 Oampbdl av, W Ha- 
Herman, blacksmith, h 69 White 
Durety George H., tel. (^>erator, bds 64 

Durfee Hall, Y. U., Elm bet College and 

Durgy Eliaa^ graining 103 Whalley av, h 
Fordyce, mining, h 118 Dwight 
Leon A., painter, h 93 Goffe 
Durham Emma B., widow P. C, h 41^ 
Henry, waiter, h 38 Broad 
Morris, jeweler, h 39 Bradley 
Myron R. (Brown & Durham) 74 
and 76 Orange, h 26 Academy 
Duringer John, emp 183 State, h 66 Wal- 
Durkee Frank, boilennaker, h 26 Saltoa- 

stall av 
Durkin Alex. F., pressman The Prie^ 
Lee ft Adkins Co., h 119 Gilbert 
Bridget, widow John, h 20 Rose 
Eliza T. Miss, emp Otteohdmer 

Bros., bds 23 Greenwood 
George E., railway mail cl^k, bd» 

^ Greenwich av 
James P., corset preseer Otteoheimer 

Bros., h 21 Greenwood 
John A., corset presser Ottenlieuner 

Bros., h 23 Greenwood 
John J., cigarmaker, h 126 Portssa 
Nellie Miss, emp T., M. ft T., bds 

237 Washington av 
Theodore J., engineer N. Y. Div., h 

248 Greenwich av 
Thomas, emp N. H. Gas light Go., h 
34 Greene 
Durlach Charles H., gilder 827 Chapel, h 
66 Beach 
Charles H. Jr., machinist, h 99 NasH 
John G., emp 38 Whitney av, bds 65 
Durley John H., fireman, h 242 Green- 
wich av 
Duming Robert, iron molder M., W. (So., 

h 447 Front 
Durrie Sarah A., widow George H., h 424 

Durso James, shoemaker 140 Ferry, h 

196 do. 
Durstein George J., barber 142 DixwcD 
av, bds 121 E Pearl 
John, barber 24 Ferry, rms 20 do. 
Lewis H., barber, bds 121 E Peari 
Sarah Mra, h 121 E Pearl 
Dushensky Charles, clerk, h 106 Lai^y- 

Dusinberre Augustus, rem to Mt. Ver- 
non, N. Y. 
Ralph E., rem to Port Jefferson^ 
L. L 




Buskaloff Dragon, emp 922 Chapel, rme 

335 George 
Dtuky Isaac, bartender 20 Oak, h 22 dow 
Datcher Ehner L., cmp L. Oandee & Co., 
h 391 Grand av 
Frederick W., maaon, bds 13 Albert, 

W Haven 
Godfrey W., patternmaker, h 333 
Q« )igy 
BUTCUJSB OSCAB W. maaon and 
builder 13 Albert, W Haven, h 
do.— See p 1017 
Baehael 8., widow Joeiah J., h 333 

William F., sexton Grand Avenue 
Ooogregational Church, h 134 
Grand av 
Dotrieuille Hamilton, cook New Haven 

Hooae, h 156 Scranton 
DnttoQ Agnee Mrs., h 34 George 

Arthur J., baggsigemaater, h 82 Mor- 
Joseph, brakeman, bds 171 Wooeter 
Luciiida J., widow Thomas A., h 17 
Grove, W Haven 
Xnml Joseph , burnisher, bds 523 Bast 
Nzbiizy Robert K, h 21 Bristol 
Mgbt OuTie, widow James M. B., h 51 
Hillhouse av 
Hall, Y. U., High south of Elm 
Jane C, widow Fhmklin, bds 56 
I Timce Church, Chapel c Dwight 

Pablic School, 116 Edgewood av 
i Royal B., emp M. F. Arms C6., h 71 
I Gottage 

Timathy Rev. D. D., h 126 College 
Winthr^ Edward, bds 126 C611^ge 
vjer Andrew F., teamster, rem to 
Andrew W., foreman M., W. Co., h 

4 Lewis 
Ann, widow Edmund, h 232 Hamil- 
[ ton 

[ Bridicet Mifls, bds 106 Wall 
Qath«>nne Miss, h 106 Wall 
i Dennis, groceries and meats 946 
I State, h 320 Wallace 

emp 799 Grand av, bds 78 

ard, painter, bds 41 Fillmore 
molder, h 70 Mill River 
Jr., emp W. R. A. Oa, bds 
70 ItGH River 
rd J., brakeman, bds 73 Per- 

bds 58 Broad 

emp 799 Grand av, bds 78 

ctnp N. H. R. M. Ca, h 97 


laborer, h 526 Congress av 
F., mason builder 64 Stevens, 

li do. 

T., tallyman freight depot 80 

t>oiig Wharf, h 36 Day 

Dwyer Johannah,widow Philip^i 85 Arch 
Johannah Miss, h 252 Hamilton 
John, patent medicines 186 Ashmun, 

saloon 184 do., h do. 
John, emp Bigelow Co., h r 180 Ham- 
John, emp N. Y., N. So H. R. R., bds 

58 Broad 
John, emp 639 Grand av, h 190 Hamr 

John, h 73 Perkins 
John A., emp 576 Quinnipiac av, h 

John F., emp L. Gandee & Co., bds r 

180 East 
John F., clerk 50 Fillmore, bds 78 

John F., emp R. R. shops, h 261 W 

John F., grocer and meat market 154 

Edgewood av, h 133 Day 
John J., emp R. R. shops, bds 58 

John L., emp M. Piano Co., h 11 B 

Court, W Haven 
John P., painter, bds 85 Arch 
John T., emp N. H. dock Co., bds 

70 Mill River 
Joseph, bds HE Court, W Haven 
Margaret, widow Michael, h 78 Fill- 
Margaret, widow Patrick, h 90 Ro- 
Martin, clerk 388 Grand av, bds 78 

Mary, widow James, nurse, bds 47 

Mary E. Miss, dreesmaker 56 l^ler, 

bds do. 
Michael, emp W. U. Tel. Co., bds 87 

Michael, emp K A. Chatfleld Co., h 

453 Congress av 
Michael, laborer, h 16 William 
Michael, laborer, h 31 Greene 
Michael J., emp Clark & Thompson^ 

h 36 Waverly 
Minnie F. Miss.' clerk Gamble-Des- 
mond Co., bds 90 Rosette 
Patrick, sailmaker, bds r 180 East 
Patrick, emp 639 Grand av. h 252 

Patrick, h 58 Broad 
Patrick, mason, h r 62 White 
Patrick, emp W. R, A. Co., h 19 Arch 
Patrick, blacksmith, h 16 William 
Patrick J., rem to Wallingford 
Patrick T., emp R. R. shops, bds 160 

Columbus av 
Patrick W., press feeder, bds 58 

Philip R., emp N. H. E. Co. 510 

Grand av, bds 78 Fillmore 
Susan G. Miss, bookkeeper 95 

Greene, bds 90 Rosette 



Dwyer Thomas, emp P. Bros. & Co., h 171 

Thomas, emp 267 Franklin, bds 54 

Thomas, laborer, bds 41 Fillmore 
Thomas J., foreman Station B, N. 

H. E. Co., h 284 Blatchley av 
William, emp H. A. Stevens, h 41 

William, laborer, bds 41 Fillmore 
William F., saloon 421 State, h 423 

William H., actor, h 43 Henry 
William H., driver Steamer No. 4, 

40 St. John, h 309 Grand av 
William J., bartender, h 36 Lines 
— see Dyer 
Dyas Benajah D., filer, h 800 Dixwell av 
Emma, widow Joseph, h 301 Orchard 
Julia B. Mrs., h 20 Willard 
Robert W., salesman 104 State, bds 

40 Lynwood 
Sara B. Miss, bookkeeper Greist Mfg. 

Co., bds 20 Willard 
Dyer Charles H., ass't driver steamer No. 

3, h 291 Orchard 
Ellen, widow Joseph, bds 255 Or- 
Ernest L., rem to New York 
Eugene A., porter 217 Water^ bds 233 

Geoiige J., waiter, ims 20 Ashmun 
John K., clerk (18) 49 Church, bds 

70 Maple 
Mary J., widow Charles B., h 120 

Millard F., with J. R. Bolton, h 47 

Willard F., rem to Chicago, HI. 
— see Dwyer 
Dygert Edna J. Miss, dressmaJcer 334 

Crown, bds do. 
Frances J., widow William, h 334 

Wellington, mason, bds 78 IVirren 

— see Daggett 
Dyke James P., engine wiper, h 25 Wil- 
Dykeman Horace B., emp J. T. Newton, 

h 178 Fountain 
Dyson Albert B., rem to Bridgeport 

EAGAN BROS. (J. J. and T. J. Eagan), 

flour and feed 273 Grand av 
Catherine A. Miss, nurse, bds dark 

c Pleasant 
Cornelius J., policeman, h 21 West 
Daniel, boilermaker, h 32 Market 
Daniel J., emp R. R. shops, bds 133 

Delia, widow John, h 27 Lock 
Edward J., buflfer N. H. dock Ca, 

bds 546 East 
Frank P., foreman H. J. Gibbs, h 59 

Gilbert T., bds 117 Hoyd 


Eagan Hannah, widow John, emp S. H. 

Munson Co., h 89 Market 
James, r&ai to New London 
James J. (Eagan Bros.) 273 (kud 

av, h 211 Ferry 
John, bds 78 Adeline 
John, policeman, bds 130 Ihnk- 

Josephine M. Miss, stenographer (15) 

aty Hall, bds 279 Feny 
Michael, h 26 Ward 
Michael, carriage painter, h 133 HSl* 

Michael C, emp N. H. Glodc Oo^ I 

117 Lloyd 
Patrick, emp N. H. Gas light Ool, i 

132 Saltonstall av 
Patrick, coal dealer 538 Grand aT.k 

546 East 
Stephen, smith hdper N. H. Ouriigei 

Co., h 15 Collis 
Timothy, saloon 129 Morris, h 2li 

Timothy J., hackman, h 78 ASt 

Timothy J. (Eagan Bros.) 273 Gful 

av, bds 279 Perry 
William, conductor F. H. A W. B. 

Co., bds 117 Uoyd 
— see E%an 
Eagen Edward F., saloon 54^ Oak, bdi 

Eager Frederick C, locomotive 

rms (40) 928 Chi^ 
James, clerk 24 Congreas av, h 

Washington av 
— «ee Eger 
Eagle Hand Laundry Co. (W. W. 

and Mrs. L. E. Lampson) 

Kimberly av, W Haven 
Hotel, George Stanford prop., 

Supply Co. The, printers 4 Wall 
E^Lgny James T., druggist 726 and 

Grand av, h 125 Blatchley av 
Eago George, fisherman, h r 77 P&e , 
Ealy John W. Co. The, mercaatile mam 

(11) 818 Chapd J 

Eames Edward B., salesman 106 OnJ 

bds 70 Howe J 

Eliza R,, widow Horace, inq. ] 

Emma J., widow Joseph K^, k^ 

First av, W Haven i 

Joseph A., h 86 Canal 
William S. (B. B. Savam & 0»1 

Factory, bds 56 F&i& 1 

Earl Leon A., machinist, h 135 State I 
Earle Arthur W., clerk W. R. A. Od 

34 Trumbull | 

Charles E., emp W. R. A. 06^4 

122 Maple 1 

Charlotte, widow James^ h 231 ] 

Frank, clerk 92 Ge(»ige, bdflJl 

Fred, emp L. Candee & Oo^ li 






Earle Frederick C. (Seymour & Barle) 

(2) 868 Chapel, h 126 Cottage 
HATIT.TZ JAMES P. m«n'8 outfitter and 
hatter 870 Chapd, h 667 Orange 
—Seep 965 
Sydney, emp W. R. A. Co., ram 122 

Wmam W., bda 143 Feny 
Euly Oitherine, widow Jamee, h 88 
Oottrt, W Haven 
Cgthmne, widow Michael, h 624 

Odia Mra, janitresg Police Station 

No. 3, h 324 Cblumbus av 
CharieB, hoetler 270 Howard av, rms 

Duiei, laborer, bds 16 Jefferson 
Suiel B., emp R. R. yard, h 97 Car- 

DBonifl F., joiner, h 116 Asylum 
Fn&dfl J., joiner, h 37 Haven 
Fkink, emp 80 Long Wharf, bds 16 

Jolm, bds 38 Court, W Haven 
John, h 134 West 
John, machinist, bds 37 Haven 
John J., bds 134 West 
Joseph M., rem to Ansonia 
Jfaiy M. Miss, dressmaker 26 Dag- 

gett, h do. 
Uatthew, laborer, h 24 Locust 
Ifiehael, tallyman N. Y., N. H. & H. 

R. R., h 55 Carlisle 
Owen, hoetler 157 Court, h 324 Col- 
umbus av 
Patrick £., waiter, bds 170 George 
Bote Waa, dressmaker, bds 26 Dag- 




i laa 

£., widow Edgar, bds 149i Col- 
nmbiis av 
Terrenoe, gardener 245 York, bds do. 
Thomas, motonnan, bds 98 Fillmore 
Xhomas, emp W. R. A. Co., rms 965 
Grand av 
t Thomas, carpenter, h 189 Franklin 
F Wimiifred MisB, dressmaker, bds 26 
1^ Dtggett 

PKtt F^federick, butler, rms 54 Foote 
iXXvinity HaU, Y. U., 97 Ebn 
¥nnk, mechanic, h 57 Walnut 
Geone K, emp P. Bros. & Co., h 22 

ismes, brass finiflher, bds 53 Fenj 
Ma A«, ladderman Hook and Lad- 
der Na 2, h 327 Cedar 

Street M. £. Church, 95 E 

Market Co., Charles S. Atzbach 
manago*, meat market Elm c 
Krrt av, W Haven 

H., engineer, h 53 Feny 
H. Jr., stoker Steamer No. 
5, h 173 Lombard 
Edward W., h 235 Lexington av 
Frederick J., civil engineer 
(314) R. R. office bdg, bds 82 
York sq 

Easterbrook Nathan Jr., pres. and treaa. 
The Humiston Preservative Cb. 
137 Park, h 82 York sq 
Robert T., bds 82 York sq 
T. C, bds 20 Warren 
Eastern Building and Loan Aaso., 291 
Chair Co. The, 28 Artlzan 
Electric Co., mfrs. volt controllers, 
office (21 6) 121 C hurch 


machinists, mfrs. elevators, bnck 
machinery, friction clutch pul- 
leys, etc. 144 Ashmun c Gr^goiy 
Soo front coFd p X 
Eastland John, studoit, bds 16 Hughes 

Eastman I. Bertha Miss (J. C. Eastman 
& Co.) Townsend av, Morris 
Cove, h do. 
James C. (J. C. Eastman A Co.) 
Townsend av, Morris Cove, b 
James C. ft Co. (J. C. and I. B. East- 
man), bakers Townsend av, Mor- 
ris Cove 
John C, office (30) 49 Church, bds 

263 Crown 
Eatherine G. Miss, h 132 College 
Lucy J. Mrs., bds 551 Howard av 
Ea^ Rubber Tire Co. The, rubber tires 

^ 129 Plaik 
Eaton Albert W., oysterman, bds 54 Sea 
Calvin G., foreman N. H. CSiair Co., 

bds 1652 Chapel 
Caroline K., widow Daniel C, h 70 

Clharles A., rms 13 E Grand av 
Charles, emp 161 Crown, bds 28 Dow 
Charles E., oystoman, h 49 S Water 
CSiarles N., oysterman, h 54 Sea 
Clarence P., machinist, h 228 Green* 

wich av 
D. Cady, h 218 Prospect 
Delia R, widow Lc^is, bds 19 At- 

Edward B., rem to Providence, R. L 
Edward H., gun assembler, h 10 

Chestnut, W Haven 
Elizabeth S. Miss, bds 70 Sachem 
Greorge F., bds 70 Sachem 
George F., conductor, h 212 Spring 
Gilb^, rem to Long Island 
Hany H., clerk 940 (Jhapel, rms 132: 

Henry, h 29 Lamberton 
John H., accountant (127) R. R. of- 
fice bdg, h 11 Wharton, W Ha- 
Myron L., clerk (411) R. R. office- 

bdg, rms 314 George 
Public School, Jefferson c St. John 
William C, oyster dredger, bds 54 

William F., machinist, h 26 Salem 
Ebel Frederick, wood turner, bds 12 War- 



EbeL Frederick, bds 243 Wooeter 

Louie B., wood tunier 128 Park, h 
12 Warren 
Eberle Alexander C, dentist 787 Chapel, 
h 361 Qeorgd 
William, lockmaJcer, h 78 Aflylum 
Eberth Frank 0., clerk 37 Oenter, bds 86 
Howard av 
Frederic J., motorman, h 149 Farren 

Henry C, emp B. Bhoninger & Ck>., h 

&2 Greenwich av 
Louise T. Miss, dressmaker, bds 222 
Greenwich ay 
Eck Charlee, emp W. R. A. Co., bds 202 
Gustav, teamster, bds 154 Lloyd 
Eckert Ann, widow Joseph M., h 89 Oar- 
Bernard H., plumber, h 30 Baldwin 
Oarl, rattan worker, h 22 Ann 
Granville D., carpenter, h Cherry 

Herman A., carpenter, bds 69 Gil- 
bert av 
John G., timekeeper R. R. shops, h 

90 Oak 
Matilda, widow Linden, h Cherry 

— see Eggert 
Eckelbloom John, wire drawer, rms Fer- 
ry opp Fairmont av 
Eckhardt John J., carpenter, h 88 Asy- 

Eckle George M., clerk 241 State, h 312 

Columbus av 
Eekler Peter, rubber worker, rms 40 

Eckstein Emil, emp Greist Mfg. Co., h 51 


Edbarg Gustave, machinist, h 12 Canner 

Eddy Charles R., cool trav., rms 514 


Egbert, carpenter, h 231 Shelton av 

John C., trav. salesman 217 Water, 

res Simsbury 
Nancy M., widow Washington, h 174 

Lexington av 
Walter C, carpenter, h 312 Lexing- 
ton av 
Willard F., teamster 215 Congress 

av, h 125 do. 
William, rem to Colchester 
Edele Alfred J., emp 24 Vine, h 23 do. 
Edelman Abraham, capmaker, h 12 

Davenport av 
Edehnuth Karl, buyer Gamble-Desmond 

Co., rms 30 Grove 
Edgar Frank E., salesman 17 Center, h 

283 Ferry 
Edgecomb Arthur E., bds 197 View 

Edward F., gen. 8up*t The F. B. 
Shuster Co., Mill River c State, 
h 197 View 
Frank G., carpenter and confection- 
ery 1308 Stat^ h do. 


Edgerley Oscar M., bookkeeper 2 Pitkn, 

h 129 Henry 
Edgerly John H., clerk 813 GhApel, bdi 

72 Rosette 
Edgewood Athletic Association, groimds 

Alden c Willard 
Pharmacy, Nathan J. Been prop., 

279 Edgewood av 
Edison Philip^ rem to New Ycri: 
Edmonds Frederick W., milk dealor, h 42 

Circular av, Hamden 
Edmondson Alfred, sec and trosa AIM 

Edmondson Co. 412 Grand st, k 

15 Shelter 
Alfred Co., plumbers, steam and gu 

fitters 412 Grand av 
Geovge, sec. and treas. The Geofg* 

Edmondson & Co. 956 Grand v, 

h 18 Bishop 


plumbers, steam and gas tiUn, 

stoves, etc. 956 Grand av— See p 

Joseph, student, bds 18 Bishop 
Joseph W., pres. The George Ed- 
mondson Co., h 173 Blatdikf 

Margaret Miss, nurse, bds 427 Ttt- 

Edson Cyrus F., botanic physician 62 AAi 

miral, h do. 
Edvall Charles T., molder, h 247 Lott 

Edwards Ada E. Miss, emp W. R A. 0^ 

bds 333 Dizwdl av 
Antoinette A., widow Alfred J. 

53 DixweU av 
Arthur L., emp M. F. Anna Oo^ 

17 Osbom 
Oaroline 8. Miss, h 57 ELm 
Charles H., emp N. H. Pipe Oo., 

227 Congress av 
Charles S., wood turner, bds 

Edgar B., locomotive eng^lneer, h 

Greenwich av 
Emerson M., emp M. F. Arms 

17 Osbom 
Emma Mrs., h Front av n 

railroad, Allingtown 
Frank, h Bonney HiD, W Havcfi 
Frank L., bookkeeper 322 Earn d 

poultry vard 218 Blake^J 

da ' j 

Frank 0., teamster, h 84^ ] 

Franklin J., machinist, h 188 HmH 

George, porter 221 Water, 


George, hostler, h 19 Eainnoiit ia| 
George E., clerk 286 State, Mi 

Trumbull j 

G^onre E., emp W. R. A. Oo^ bdta 

Dixwell av 
George H., rem to Anscmla 




Edwards Geoige S., tinner, h 168 Thomp- 
Hairy C, clerk P. O., bds 222 Norton 
Helen Mrs., laundress, h 124 Hill 
Heniy J., bookkeeper 60 Orange, h 

177 Davenport av 
Herbert W., carpenter,h 127 S Water 
laabelle M., widow GSiarleB, clairvoy- 
ant (86) 23 Church, rms (84) do. 
John D., accountant 139 Orange, h 

91 Lyon 
John F., emp G. F. W. M^. Co., bds 

196 Hamilton 
John W., painter 209 Dixwell av, h 

Louise, widow John 6., h 387 George 
Malachi R Mrs., h 196 Hamilton 
Mary, widow William, h 50 Webster 
Mary L Mrs., dressmaker 28 Ward 

pi, W Haven, h do. 
Melville IL, clerk 139 Orange, bds 91 

Mert C, rem to Pennsylvania 
Nonis G., carriage trimmer, bds 226 

y. Wallace, bds 28 Ward pi, W Ha- 
Oliver C, bds 188 Thompson 
Qrpha W., widow Alfred, rem to Der- 

Owen, emp Munson & Co., bds 196 

BicbsLrd B., emp J. T. Benham, h 105 

Samoel, teamster, h 19 Fairmont av 
Sarali M. Miss, h 57 Elm 
Street School, Edwards c Foster 
i 'William H., bookkeeper 61 Union, 

b 1376 CSiapel 
brt Bdnrard R, clerk, h 160 DeWitt 
^ Idary J., widow William T., bds 428 

^tVHUam H., coachman 310 Temple, 

fa 172 Dixwell av 
Hgr Catherine L, widow Louis N., h 

pd IBiarry, peddler, h 37 Spruce 
^oa c ph, barber 176 Crown, h 180 


, emp L. Candee & Co., h 74 

f Ckarlee, manager 914 Grand av, h 

Sii Greene 
pm:^rid^ second-hand furniture 736 
r f?rand av, h 760 do. 

3frs.v installment goods 914 
Orand av, h da 
Mi5<^^ -J- Miss, emp Saigent & Co., 
1m1<« 382 George 

A., bds 611 Grand av 
P., salesman 886 Chapel, bds 

faer 3f., upholsterer, h 36 

irriage painter emp 105 
eWmmeroe, h 20 Pearl 

Egan Daniel, laborer, h 280 Poplar 

Elizabeth, widow Patrick, h 113 

Elizabeth C. Miss, bds 611 Grand av 
Fannie, widow Dennis, h 11 Foote 
James, laborer, h 187 Wallace 
James, emp N. Y., N. H. & H. R. R., 

bds 108 Meadow 
James F., emp W. R. A. Co., h 244 

James J., blacksmith, h 125 Putnam 
John, laborer, h 245 ]?oplar 
John, emp F. D. L & B. Co., bds 187 

John B., bds 66 Addine 
John J., blacksmith, bds 54 Oak 
John J., laborer, bds 221 Commerce 
John J., emp L. Ckndee & Co., h 6^ 

Mill River 
Joseph F., horseshoer, h 141 Park 
Joseph W., groom, rms Whitnev av 

c Cliff 
Josephine, widow Thomas, bds 170 

Julia Miss, emp L Newman & Sons, 

bds 56 Arch 
Lawrence, blacksmith, h 64 Oak 
Mamie Miss, h 66 Adeline 
Margaret, widow John, h 611 Grand 

Margaret, widow John, h 109 Ha- 
Mary, widow Patrick, h 14 Shelter 
Mary, widow William, h 56 Arch 
Mary, widow William, h r 212 Ham- 
Mary E., teacher, bds 20 Pearl 
Michael, shoemaker, h 190 Franklin 
Michael Mrs., h 117 Fillmore 
Patrick, emp Hauff Bros., bds 28 

Patrick Henry, emp Sisk Bros., bds 

611 Grand av 
Patrick J., motorman, h 333 Grand 

Patrick P., polisher emp 74 Crown, 

h 101 Greenwood 
Peter, teamster, bds 245 Poplar 
Richard P., vamisher, bds 56 Arch 
Thomas, blacksmith, h 221 Com- 
Thomas, diemaker, h 285 Blatchley 

Thomas Jr., bds 221 Commerce 
Thomas F., porter 256 Water, h 36 

Thomas H., laborer, bds 221 Com- 
William F., horseshoer, bdi 163 Co- 
lumbus av 
William H. (Egan & Parris) 43 

Townsend av, h 99 do. 
William J., printer, bds 611 Grand 

Winnifred Miss, emp L Newman ft 
Sons, bds 64 Day 




£gan & Parris (William H. Egan and 
Thomas W. Parris), carriage 
painters 43 Townsend av 
— see Fffg^" 
Egel Benjamin, emp N. Y., N. H. & H. R. 

R., h 764 Grand av 
Egg Jacob, emp W. R. A. Co., h 61 Win- 
Egger Bertha Miss, dreesmaker, bds 78 
Gustave, watchmaker, rms 78 Third 
Mary, widow Peter, h 78 Third 
Eggleeton Ashell C. Rev., pastor Grace 
M. E. Church, h 230 Portsea 
Egbert H., ass't sec. New England 
Dairy Co. 169 Hazel, h 626 Dix- 
well av 
John H., liveryman, h 343 Howard 

Nina Miss, bds 480 Winthrop av 
Theodore E., bds 343 Railroad av 
Ehehalt Edward G., cook, h 7 Wooster 

Frederick, music teacher 291 Hamil- 
ton, h do. 
Henry, rms 7 Wooster pl 
Ehle Edward, emp 99 Temple, h do. 
Edward A., emp N. F. B. & P. Co., 

bds 252 Cedar 
Louis F., emp N. Y., N. H. A H. R. 

R., h 250 Ced&r 
William L., barber 2 Sylvan av, bds 
250 Cedar 
Ehlers J. Henry, carpenter, rms 289 

Ehni Robert F., rem to Worcester, Mass. 
Ehrensperger Heniy, rem to Bridgeport 
Louise, widow John L., h 32 Stevens 
Ehret Connid, emp M. F. Arms Co., h 862 

Ehrler Charles, patternmaker, h 158 Ash- 
C. William, machinist^ bds 335 Nor- 
George, driver Bigelow's BoUer 

Works, h 109 Lloyd 
George, machinist, h 335 Norton 
Lulu C. Miss, stenographer emp 
(316) 42 Caiurch, bds 336 Nor- 
Ehrlich Abraham, tailor emp 766 Grand 
av, rms 764 do. 
Max, bicycle repairer, bds 116 Wash- 
ington av 
Eiben Henry, cigarmaker, h 83 Porter 
Eich William E., emp Greist Mfg. Co., h 

63 Fountain 
Eichhom Carrie Mrs., h 1094 State 
Eidimann J. Anton, janitcnr, h 317 Or^ 
Werner S., emp W. R. A. Co., bds 
317 Orditxd 
Eimermann Harry J., rem to Waterbury 
Blrich August, emp Quinnipiac Brewing 

Co., h 47 Poplar 
EirweiBs George, variety store 37 Oak, h 

Eisele Adolph A., grocery and meat mai^ 
ket 287 Dixwell av, h 289 do. 
Adolph A. Jr., clerk 287 Dixwell av» 

h 639 do. 
Barbara, widow Anton, h 45 Koseath 
Emil, emp P. Broa & Co., h 30 St. 
Eisenbart August, rem to Bristol 

Frederick, onp W. R. A. Go., h 65 

Gustave, emp W. R. A. Co., h 605 
Eisenberg — see Isenberg 
Eisemann Louis, baker, h 11 Daggett 
Eisenschmidt Herman, baker, h 45 Areh 
Eisgruber John, tailor, h 272 Water 
Ekblad Arvid J., tailor, h 296 Congren 

Ekstrom Oarl £., painter and paper hang- 
er, h 20 Oranffe 
Elcock Albert W., clerk, bds 16 Ford 
Alexander, emp W. R. A. Co., h 16 

Alfred, contractor W. R. A. Oow, h 
166 Oak 
Eld Edward, rem to East Haven 

Elizabeth A. Miss, h 379 Temple 
Elder George, bds 508 Chapel 

Joseph A. Rev., pastor Hope Baptist 

Church, rms 551 Orange 
Robert, emp W. R. A. Co., h 229 

William J., clerk 894 State, h 52 
Eldred Townsend, bds Florence av 
Eldredge Alice M. Miss, clerk Organized 
Charities 200 Orange, rms 6 
Eldridge Albert Y., shipmaster, h 80 E 
Alfred T., fireman, h 80 E Pearl 
Meazer ll, joiner and ship carpenter, 

h 11 Eldridge 
Gardner S. Rev., pastor First Metlio- 

dist Caiurch, h 29 Wall 
Geoiige A., emp 958 Grand av, h 319 

James E., h 850 State 
John D., plumbing inspector (12) 
Police bdg, h 468 Winchester av 
Lucy, widow WUliam H., bds 113 E 

Miurtin L., rem to Manchester, N. H. 
Minnie Miss, nurse, rms 54 Park 
Nathan S., clerk (429) R. R. office 

bdg, bds 113 E Peari 
William A., bookkeeper 958 Giand 
av, h 319 Lenox 
Eliot Ely A., com. trav., h 820 Orange 
Gustavus, physician 209 Church, h 

Mary C. Mrs, ass't manager V3ari 
Co. (710) 42 Church 
Elkin William L. Dr., astronomer Y. IT. 

Observatory, h 477 Prospect 
Elkins AUce, widow William R., h 114 
Greenwich av 




EUdna Alice L Miss, bookkeeper Strong, 

Barnes, Hart & Go., bds 291 

Greenwich av 
Frank L., pilots h 18 Kimberly av 
IVederick S., emp L. Ouadee & Oa., 

bda 274 Greenwich av 
Geone W., carriage painter, h 274 

Greenwich av 
Geoige W. Jr., brakeman, bds 274 

Greenwich av 
Barry B., cl^k 99 8 Water, h 71 

Biarry S., rem to Providence, B. I. 
William H., emp N. Y., N. H. & H. 
B. R., h 291 Greenwich av 
EDu' Lodge Rooms, 890 Chapd 
EDacher Elizabeth Mr&, bds Springaide 

Ellenbeiger Hannah, widow Lorenz, h 
394 Quinnipiac av 
Hemy L., sec. MacGowan Qycle Co. 
155 Orange, bds 394 Quinnipiac 
Ellers Henry, saloon 31 Grove, W Haven, 
h Thomas, da 
Louisa, widow Henry, h 296 Port- 

EQery Patrick, bds 170 Fmnklin 

EOey Joseph, shoemaker 22 Orange, h 4 

SDgner Katherina, widow Robert^ dress- 
maker, h 1264 State 
laiigott William, h 332 Blake 
EOwt Giark M., violin teacher, h 133 Fto- 

ren av 
K J. Mias, bds 83 Grove 
Matthew, waiter, h 428 Orchard 
William H., fuel agent (321) R. R. 

oCBce bdg, h 206 Orchard 
EQiott Geoige, engineer N. H. R. M. Co., 

h 259 Grand av 
House Block, 637 Chapel 
Jotat, lawyer (2) 157 Church, h 345 

John £., derk 45 CSiurch, bds 109 

Davenport av 
Joseph, bus driver Hotel Davenport, 

bds dow 
Lewis> h 105 Sherman av 
Lewis A., bds 105 Sherman av 
Samuel K., rem to Virginia 
Thomas F., metal engraver (16) 730 

Chapel, bds 46 Houston 
—aee Eliot 
Qlis Albert Mrs., dressmaker 539 Ebn, h 

Albeit E., joiner, h 539 Elm 
Albert H., yard clerk N. Y., N. H. & 

H. R. R., h 220 Peck 
A. Noble, clerk 109 Cburch, rms 8 

Arthur T., teamster, bds 79 Hous- 
diaries A., foreman car painter, h 67 

Cbarles Y., tailor 4 CSiurch, h 214 

Main, W Haven 


Ellis Emma, widow Harmon, h 79 Hous- 

Eva B. Miss, dressmaker, bds 60 La- 

Frances E. M. Mrs., laundress, h 29 

Frank, emp Greist Mfg. Co., bds 70 

George E., emp L. T. Snow, h 40 

Henry C, molder, h 92 St. John 

John, polisher, bds r 19 Greene 

John J., emp Joseph Parker & Son 
Co., h Valley n Emerson 

Lizzie, widow Russell T., h 100 Ex- 

Mary F., widow Alfred, h 628 George 

Obed M., h 89 Ferry 

Patrick, laborer, bds 89 Carlisle 

Richard W., rem to Washington, 

D. C. 

Rose, widow George, bds 36 Day 
Thomas F., plumber, h 11 Daggett 
William A., h 4} Gbrden 
William H., coremaker, h r 19 

EUison Alfred L., buyer 834 Chapel, h 265 

Howard av 
Ells Charles H., emp W. R. A. Co., h 47 

Frederick W., carriage trimmer 130 

Park, h 264 Front 
James K, plasterer, h 83 Dickerman 
William F., emp W. R. A. Co., bds 

711 State 
EUsworth Frederick H., civil engineer 

(314) R. R. office bdg, h 532 Ehn 
lina Mrs., bds 87 Poplar 
William Henry, lawyer (44) 890 

Chapel, rms da 
Elm City Bottling Works, COiarles CiaXt 

prop., 745 Dixwell av 


brass fireplace goods and brass 
founders 80 and 82 Audubon — 
See p 883 

mjt cm cAssiAOE top 

DEESSING CO. 13 to 25 Oak 

—See p 907 
CSty Chemical Co., mfra of malli- 

mentum 133 Park 
C^ty Free Kindergarten, No. 1, Miss 

E. M. BuUard principal. Wel- 
come Hall 17i Oak 

City Free Kindergarten, No. 2, Miss 
May T. Potter principal, 155 

City Qbb Stove Co., mfrs. gas stoves 
817 Chapel 

aty Hotel, George Throm prop., 203 

City Kindeigarten Association, Wel- 
come Hall 19i Oak 

ELM CITY MFG. CO. THE* whole- 
sale crockery, fancy goods, toys, 
stationery, etc. 379 to 391 State 
—See p 972 





Lines and E. F. Ck>e props.. Edge- 
wood av bet Oentr&l av and 
Alden— See p 97^ 
City Park, Elm ab Pendleton 
City Plating Works, Mayer & 
Schneider props., electro-platers 
and polishers r 65 Orange 
City Printing Go. (H. B. Douglass), 

job printers (7) 708 CSiapd 
City Shoe Store, A. W. Webster 

prop., 78 Church 
House, John Tyler prop., 8^ Whal- 
ley av junc. Fountain 
Elmblad Annie Mrs., confectionery 616 
Winchester av, h 522 do. 
Hokan, tailor, h 622 Winchester av 
Elmendorf Josephine Miss, bookkeeper 

v698 Chapel, bds 26 Bamett 
Elmer Arthur J., conductor F. H. & W. 
R. R. Co., bds 337 Dixwell av 
Grace C. Mrs., emp 11 Center, bds 

210 Savin av, W Haven 
Harry W., driver, bds 158 Wooster 
Henry C, motorman W. Av. R. R. 
Co., h 227 Second av, W Ha- 
John C, milk dealer, h 41 Quinnipiac 
Elsey Walter, waiter 162 Crown, rms 94 

Elsly Arthur B., civil engineer, bds 328 

Howard av 
Elsmann Henry, prop. Farren Avenue 
Hotel 78 Farren av, h 54 do. 
Herman J., manager Farren Avenue 
Hotel 78 Farren av, h do. 
Eisner Gustave J., foreman cutter 
Strouse, Adler & Co., h 19 Bish- 
Elson Frank H., prop. N. H. Boiler 
Works 175 East, res Milford 
Thomas N., bds 79 Pearl 
Elton Henry W., clerk (230) R. R. office 

bdg, bds 106 York 
Elvers Fritz, cigarmaker, h 29 Hallock 
Elwell Edwin, salesman Am. Wringer 
Co., rms (4) 778 Chapel 
Frank J., carpenter and builder 130 
Main, W Haven, h do. 
Elwood — see Alyward 
Ely Adelyn M. Miss, bookkeeper (3) 840 
Chapel, bds 131 Howe 
Adrian G., salesman 849 Chapel, res 

Esther A. Miss, stenographer 152 Or- 
ange, res Branford 

ographer and teacher of short- 
hand and typewriting (421) 865 
Chapel and official court stenog- 
rapher, res Branford — See p 942 
John Blade, prof, theory and practice 
of medicine Y. U. and physician 
60 Wall, h do. 

Ely R. Belle Miss, bookkeeper 104 Stale, 
bds 131 Howe 
William E., engineer, h 91 Edgewood 

William H., lawyer (Case, % k 

Webb) (1) 48 Chuivli, b «» 


Willie, laborer, h Quinnipiac ar ab 

Fairmont av 

Elzey Rob^ dental student 139 Ona^ 

rms do. 
Emack Eliza J. Miss, bookkeeper ^ 
man Spring Water Co., bds 9 
Emanuel Baptist Church, Chapel c Day 
Emanuel&on Gustave, bakery 195 01 

h do. 
Ematriido James, shoemaker 83 l^icoU, 

Emberk H. D., machinist, rms 737 
Embler Andrew H., sec. and treaa 
em New England Tdephone 
office 118 Court, h 13 Sylvaa 
Harriet Miss, bds 13 Sylvan ar 
Howard W., salesman 135 Front, 

23 Maltby 
Marshall, ass't bookkeeper Firat N 

Bank, bds 13 Sylvan av 
Simms, emp S. N. E. Tei. Co., Y 
Howard av 
Emerson Anna M., widow Charles 
193 Howard av 
Arthur, switchman, h 61 Bu 
Hoadley I., clerk 159 Was 

av, h 58 Wilson 
John C., linotype operator, h 4 

van av 

John R., painter, h 146 Lafayei 
Shoe Co., P. J. A Moyen agents 
Emery Clarissa M., widow Ira F., 
Summer, W Havem 
Ella, widow Jacob K, h 2\% 

ley av 
Henry W., painter, h 13 
Samuel, collector X. H. Gas 

Co., h 127 Grafton 
William F., emp 930 Chapel, 


William F. Mrs., dressmaker 
Ashmun, h do. 
SCO Imrie 
Emmerich Henry A., emp N". H. 
Cow, h 47 Auburn 
Martin, carriage and wa^n 

State, h 69 Foster 
Theresa, widow Anton, b. 41 
William, carver, bds 101 

av, W Haven 
William M., emp Monax^ 
h 4 Fayette 
Emmett dub Hall, (17) 739 
Emory — see Emery 
Emperer Christopher A, 
J41 Chestnut 




Empire Credit aothing 06., Isaac W. Ap- 
plelMuim manager, clothiers 823 


office Water c East— 8ee p 995 



office, Water c East-^See p 996 


AircE coBPOBAnonr lih- 

T.Aim . Burton's Insurance 

Agency state agents, (1) 87 
Chureh--See p 934 
Ender Charles J., bds 50 Arthur 

Edmund A., clerk 109 Church, h 52 

J. C, student, bds 54 DeWitt 
HtuL H., carriagemaker, h 54 DeWitt 
Phillipina, widow Robert F., h 50 
. ftidicott Frances, widow Samuel, bds 181 

I Endlich Reuben, tailor 37 Spruce, h do. 
Eadrkss Anton, brass worker, h 286 Hal- 
lock av 
Amull, grocery and meat market 
} 303 Oak, h 301 do. 

Ferdinand, clerk 140 Diicwell av, h 

481 Oak 
John, peddler, h 202 Roeette 
L Zachariah, grocer 105 Greenwood, h 
I do. 

ktagel Augusta F., widow Oarl G., h 27 
r Pearl 

Gufltave T., clerk 85 Church, rms 

(15) 701 Chapel 
Henry, emp. 120 Crown, bds 289 
^ Robert A., paper boxmaker, h 94 

I William F., com. tray. 777 Chapel, h 
' 199 Wooster 

9ee Kngle 
er Daniel, baker, h 64 Franklin 
Daniel Mrs., dressmaker 64 Frank- 
lin, h do. 
hardt Oiristian, emp W. & E. T. 
Fitch Co., h off Whalley av n 
Geotyre H., plumber, bds Russell n 

Gostaire, hackman, bds 73 Main 
William, baker emp 18 Congreee av, 

rms 25 Prince 
William H., plumber, h Scheutzen 


ike Oarl, carpenter, h 84^ De'^tt 
Sigmond, cigarmaker and 
variety store 95 Davenport av, 
b do. 
Peter H., carpenter, rms 276 Or- 

Benjamin F., bds 347 Temple 

English Benjamin R., real estate agent 
and sec Evergreen Cemetery 
Asso. (3) 132 Orange, h 347 
Building, 837 and 839 Chapel 
Edwin H. (E. H. English & Co.) 126 

ENOLISH E. H. & CO. (Edwin H. 
English and Charlee E. P. San- 
ford), wholesale hardwood lum- 
ber 126 Water— See p 997 

Ellen M., widow Thomas, h 144 Ash- 

Hall, Court c State 

Henry F., lawyer (1) 132 Orange, h 
38 Hillhouse av 

James, piano finiaher 226 Greenwich 
av, h do. 

James, pmith helper, h 164 Franklin 

James, treas. Reynolds & Co. 321 
East, pree. and treaa New Har 
ven Electric Co. 223 George, h 
185 Church 

James A., rem to Bridgeport 

James K, real estate agent 132 Or- 
ange, h 31 Edgehill road 

James J., painter, bds 164 Franklin 

James M. (Botsford & English) 936 
Chapel, h 367 Edgewood av 

John Mrs., h 8 Academy 

John H., blacksmith, h 189 Franklin 

Joseph T., bookkeeper, bds 8 Acad- 

Lawrence, laborer, h r 241 Ferry 

Lewis H. (C. S. Mersick & Co.) 286 
to 292 State, h 121 Whitney av 

Margaret, widow Peter, h 9 Day 

Michael, laborer, bds 12 day 

Olivia H. Miss, bds 8 Academy 

Patrick, h 153 Lloyd 

Patrick J., emp Pond Lily Co., h 
Laurel c East 

Patrick J., erap N. Y., N. H. & "EL. 
R. R., bds 48 Brown, W Haven 

Richard, laborer, h 218 Franklin 

Richard M., student, bds 226 Green- 
wich av 

Thomas F., emp M. Piano Co., bds 
48 Brown, W Haven 

Thomas F., emp G. B. Bunnell, h 911 

Thomas J., polisher, h 48 Brown, W 

William, emp Sargent & Co., h 18 


carriage trimmings, coach lamps, 
etc. 70, 72 and 74 Crown — See p 
Engstrom Frederick, emp L. Oandee & 
Co., h 52 Middletown av 
Howard, machinist, bds Savin av n 

Elm, W Haven 
Oscar W., emp L. Oandee & Go., h 
146 FiUmore 



Ennever Uezekiah N., painter, h Clark 

n Stevens Heights, W Haven 
Joseph S., h 13 ClarJc, W Haven 
Joseph S. Jr., joiner, bds IS dark, 

W Haven 
Ennis Bertrand, farmer, h n Gilbert av, 

Christopher F., emp N. H. R. M. Co., 

bds 135 James 
Lizzie I. Miss, bds lu N Union av, W 

Richard, laborer, h r 228 First av, W 

Eno Charles A., clerk, h 79 Winthrop av 
Charles A. Jr., lithographer, bds 79 

Winthrop av 
C. L. Miss, clerk 375 Elm, bds 79 

Winthrop av 
Elizabeth, widow Homer, bds 79 

Winthrop av 
Emory S., sawyer, h 45 Beers 
Harry W., collector 158 Elm, bds 79 

Winthrop av 
Herbert W., emp W. R. A. Co., bd3 

476 Orchard 
Julius A., machinist W. R, A. Co., Ti 

476 Orchard 
William H., h 476 Orchard 
Enos Annie Miss, h 107 Olive 
Enquist Charles L., emp L. Oandee & Co.. 

h 298 Peck 
Enright Bessie J. Miss, h 125 Meadow 
John, emp N. H. R. M. Co., h 238 

John J., clerk, bds 106 Monroe 
John L., policeman, h 432 Chapel 
John M., emp N. H. R. M. Co., h 238 

Mary, widow Michael, h 105 Mon- 
Michael, rem to Branford 
Michael, emp N. H. Gas Light Co., 

bds 351 East 
Michael J., brass molder, h 206 

Michael J., teamster, h 304 Wallace 
Richard, clerk 251 Grand av, bds 105 

Thomas, laborer, bds 452 Chapel 
Thomas, brass molder, h 77 Monroe 
Enscoe James, rms 18 Crown 

John, emp N. Y., N. H. & H. R. R., 

h 27 Edwards 
Michael R., auctioneer and ins. agent 

(307) 865 Chapel, h 25 Edwards 
Robert, emp N. Y., N. H. & H. R. R., 

rms 70 Olive 
— Bee Ensko 
Ensign Albert M., clerk 412 State, h 156 

Julia M., widow Edwin W., h 50 

Thomas W. (T. Ekisign & Son) 246 

George, h 456 do. 
Thomas & Son, hides and skins 246 

WiUard F., h 340 George 


Ensign Wooster P., h 434 George 
Enako Robert R., plumber, bds 788 SUte 
Robert S., shoonaker and bird dflda 
760 State, h 768 do. 
TBn«fiun Andrew J. Rev., pastor Swednk 
Lutheran Church, h 148 St 3^ 
Mary Miss^ dressmaker 48 Winte 
ter av, h do. 
Enterprise Cash Meat Maiket, ¥. L 
Sohn manager, Washington v e 
Brown, W Haven 
Cycle Col, F. J. Lowenstein muttfii 
182 Meadow 


Schwaner prop., 171 G€orge-«i 
p 1036 
Enwright Dennis M., janitor The Itoi- 

bury 1076 Chapel, h 106B do. 
E^ps Algie L., laborer, h 6 Winter 
Charles, emp L. (Wdee & Oo., h 8 

Davenport av 
George T., porter 744 Chapel, h 74 

Mary Miss, rem to Florida 
Epstein A., tailor, h 74 York 
Bamett, peddler, h 24 Oak 
Joel, rem to New York 
Joseph, clerk 12 Davenport av, h 
Reuben, tailor, h 16 Rose 
Sarah Mrs., grocer 12 Davenport 
h do. 
Elpworth M. E. Church, Orange c 



S. Roberto A. Betanooart 

ager, (214) 865 Ghapel-^ee 

Erble Charles, r«n to Moatoweee 
Erbsen John, barber (2) Yale Bank 

342 State, h 269 Humphrey 
Erff William C, bottler and saloon 

Prout, h do. 
Erhardt George M., watchmaker and 

eler 29 Center, h 20 Alberi^j 

George E., onp 29 Center, bds 20: 

bert, W Haven 
Henry L., emp W. R. A. CkK, 

Albert, W Hayen 
Erich Frederick C. J., haxteaader, h 

— see EUrich 
Erickson Adolph, rem to S^nreden 
Andrew F., emp L. CSaiidee & 

482 Chapel 
Carl, rem to Sweden 
Cftrl F., tail<n-, h 261 Oedar 
Charles E., janitor 'W^come 

m Oak 

Frank, painter, bds 672 Chapd 
Frank, emp L. Caiidee & 06^, 

Grand ay 
Gustave, emp H. Hooker & CkK-| 

20 Orange 
Gustave, emp R. R. shops, h 15 







Erickson John, emp L. Candee & Oa., h 

05 Monroe 
John A., laborer, h 63 View 
John Alfred, rubber worker, h 24 

Jonas, taUor (9) 916 Chapel, h 267 

Mary, widow John, h 5 Beecher 

Mary, widow Gustave V., h r 146 St. 

Oscar, milk peddler, h 541 Quinnipiac 

Oaear R, stenographer E. 8. Wheeler 

k Co., bds 267 Cedar 
Victor, carpenter, bds Spring n First 

av, W Hayen 
Erlewein ckrl, barber 442 Congress av, h 

Ernest Constantino A., car builder, h 121 

Hans, emp L. Candee & Co., h 23 

Eniett Frederick X., waiter, rms 54 Foots 
Ernst Bernard, emp R. R. shops, h 13 

Gilbert, farmer, bds 109 Circular av, 

John, baker, h 184 Chestnut 
Martin, derk 398 Grand av, h 17 

Errico Frank, confectionery and dgar 

store 515 State, h 881 Grand av 
Etritzoe Charles, porter 104 State, rms 23 

Ertdt August, carpenter N. Y., N. H. & 

H. R. R., h 149 Rosette 
Herman, cigar mfr. 118 Adeline^, h 

Hainan C, emp H. & P. Mfg. Co., 

bds 149 Rosette 
Paul, clerk, bds St Mary, Highwood 
fiKhridi G. Adolph, h 15 Kossuth 
Eseott William J. Mrs., h 114 Lamber- 

Eddn Rachael, widow S<^omon B., bds 

316 Congress a\ 
Samuel B., derk 75 Orange, bds 316 

Congres av 
Eipert] Andrea, laborer, h 55 York 

Vincenzo, tailor, bds 55 York 
Esposito Alfonso, laborer, bds 39 Fair 
Alfcmso, emp Sajgoit & Co., h 66 

Alfcmso, emp Sargent & Co., h r 64 

Andrea, barber 309 Wooster, h 16 

Andrea, laborer, h 16 Prindle 
Andrea, laborer, h 198 Wallace 
Andrea, emp L. Candee & Co., h 157 

Antonio, laborer, h 198 Wallace 
Antonio, emp Saigent & Co., h 223 

Antonio, brickmaker, h 22 Morris 

Esposito Antonio, emp L. Candee & Co., 

h 79 Mill River 
Bonaventura, emp Sargent & Co., h 

Camilo, barbers' supplies 74 Arch, h 

Catello, laborer, h 198 Wallace 
Oatello, laborer, h 90 Wallace 


1056 Chapel, h 31 Dow— See p 

Domenico, emp Sargent & Co., h 2 

Donnelly pi 
Felice, emp L. Candee & Co., bds 50 

Ferdinando, emp L. Candee ft Co., 

bds 104 Wallace 
Fortunato, laborer, h 104 Wallace 
Francesco, laborer, h 344 East 
Gaetano, emp Sargent & Co., bds 19 

Gki«pare, grocer 74 St. John, h do. 
Gelardo, laborer, h 51 CoUis 
Joseph, emp L. Candee A Co., bds 104 

Luigi, laborer, h 11 Locust 
Michele, laborer, h 24 Fair 
Nicola, laborer, h 50 Collls 
Kicola 2d, laborer, h 243 Hamilton 
Salvatore, grocer 221 Wallace, h do. 
Simon, labwer, h 6 Minor 
Vincenzo, emp Sargent A Co. and 

steamship agency, h 221 Wallace 
Vincenzo, laborer, h 199 Wallace 
Vincenzo, laborer, h 189 Hamilton 
Vito, emp L. Candee & Co., h 81 Mill 

Esray Elizabeth R., widow Rees, h 53 

George B., emp Sperry & Barnes, bds 

53 Wolcott 

ESS BENEDICT F. manager United 
States Life Ins. Co. of New York 
(14) 840 Chapel, rms 90 Park- 
See p 930 
Mary A. Mrs., h 395 OaJk 

Esser John W., emp Whitneyville, bds 
462 Chapel 

Eeten Janette, widow David S., bds 13 

Estey Ira 0., h 12 George, W Haven 

Etchells WilUam, clerk 370 State, rms 67 

Ethridge Aida R. Mrs., bds 60 Brown, W 
N. Emerson, h west end of Elm, W 

Etzel Frank M., emp 186 Fairmont av, 
bds do. 

ETZEL MICHAEL^ "^ood turner 186 

Fairmont av, h do. — See p 995 
Euell Thomas A., barber 1066 Chapel, 

rms 102 Eaton 
Euerle Bertha, widow Charles G., h 104 
Charles, bds 139 Water 
Christina, widow George, confection- 
ery 139 Water, h do. 




Euerle William F., saloon 104 Hamilton, 

bds do. 
Euhry Edward, emp N. H. dock Co., 

rms 04 Greene 
EuBtace Edward, emp 281 State, bds 100 

Edward J., emp W. R. A. Ck>., h 84 

Michael, emp 281 State, bds 100 

William, emp W. R. A. Ck>., bda 144 

Dizweil av 
William L., contractor W. R. A. Co., 

h 40 Winchester av 
Eustice John P., brakeman, h 122 Oftr- 

Evangelical Church, 46 Dixwell av 

Lutheran Emanuel Church, Hum- 
phrey n Orange 
Lutheran Zion Church, Davenport av 

Evangelista Nicola, emp Sargent &, Co., 

h 227 Chapel 
Evans Alexander W., instructor in botr 

any Y. U. and physician, rms 2 

Hillhouse av 
Charles B., emp Seamless Rubber Co., 

h 143 Frank 
Elizabeth, widow William, bds 501 

Winthrop av 
Elizabeth A. Miss, music teacher, bds 

199 Rosette 
Evore Rev., h 1367 Chapel 
George, seaman, h 31 Asylum 
George W., private letter carrier, W 

Haven, bds 4 Richards, do. 
George W., emp W. H. Buckle Co., 

h 4 Richards, W Haven 
James A., locomotive fireman, h 71 

Richards, W Haven 
James C, emp A. B. Hendryx Co., 

h 661 Winthrop av 
John, hostler 79 Audubon, rms do. 
John H., emp N. H. dock Ca, h 577 

Grand av 
Junius P., emp 458 State, h 19 Foote 
Lewis, blacksmith, h 45 White 
Maria B., widow William A., bds 12 

Richard E., brass worker, h 29 Ad- 
Robert, rem to Hoboken, N. J. 
Susan H. Miss, rem to Torrington 
Thomas, molder, h 12 Wheeler 
William, rem to New York 
William, corset ironer Strouse, Ad- 

ler A Co., bds 172 Franklin 
Evansheck Meyer, paper stock r 22 Oak, 

h 107 Lafavette 
Evarts Alice M. Miss, h 114 Ashmun 
Burton A., emp W. R. A. Co., h 302 

Dixwdl av 
Burton A. Mrs., dressmaker 302 Dix- 
well av, h do. 
Charles T., emp N. H. Wood Yard, 

bds 36 E Grand av 

Evarts Curtis F., sec. and treas. New Har 
ven Towing C6., office Bdle 
Dock, h 95 Olive 

Elizabeth, widow Frank J., h 69 

Emerson B., sawyer, h 104 York sq 

Frank A., clerk 76 Orange, h 88 

George C, clerk 86 Church, bds 17 

George K, h 36 E Grand av 

Henry B., com. trav., h 333 Dixwell 

James M., machinist, h 148 WhaHey 

Jane M., widow William R., h 111 S 

John E., foreman P. Bros. & Oo., h 
285 James 

Joseph R., foreman 531 State, h 17 

Mary, widow Thomas B., h 114 Ash- 

Mary J. Miss, h 150 Grove 

Sabra D. Mrs., h 104 York sq 

Wilbur S., h 56 Goffe 

William, anp 531 State, bds 15 Pos- 

Willis A., mechanic, bds 302 Dixwdl 
EVENING LFATngTl (daily), 61 and 
63 Orange— See p 879 

Leader Co., publishers E>vening 
Leader 61 and 63 Orange 
Evensick Meyer, peddler, h 107 Lafay- 
Eveorard Annie, widow William, h 270 

Everett EJdward D., grocery and meat 
market 33 Dixwell av, h 7 Uni- 
versity pi 

Grace S., widow Joseph C, bds 255 
Dixwell av 

Jacob W., groceries and meats 322 
Crown, h Lighthouse Point road, 
Morris Cove 

Paul R., rem to Hartford 

Phebe, widow Henry, h Morris Gove 

Shem, clerk 85 Broadway, bds 82 
Whalley av 
EVERETT WATT, prop. Yale Bottling 
Works and mfr. mineral water 
326 Dixwell av, h 346 Sherman 
av— ^See p 1042 

William H., meat market 4 York sq^ 
h 393 Elm 

— see Everit and Everitt 
Evergreen Cemetery, Frank A. Sherman 
sup't, foot Sylvan av, Benjamin 
R. English sec., office (3) 132 Or- 
Everhardt Joseph, watchman L. CSsndee 
& Co., h r 257 James 

Louisa Miss, clerk (200) 42 Church, 
bds 18 Ward 




£verhardt WiUiam, confectioner emp 26 
Crown, h 18 Ward 
William A., clerk, bds 18 Ward 
Sveritirt llntnk A., conductor F. H. & W. 

K. K. Co., h 267 Jamee 
Eroit Edward U., sup't equipment S. N. 
iL Tel. Co. 118 Court, h Everitt 
Bone Kanedy Co., mlra. horse reme- 

dies r 633 Grand av 
fiiduurd M., h 641 Whitney av 
William L., h 8 Eld 
William L, Jr., prea Everit Horse 
Hemedy Ca r 633 Grand av, h 
bd Fountain 
SveriU William, manager Vienna Com- 
pressed Yeaet Co. 127 Meadow, 
h 3d fiichaids pi, W Haven 
ihroi Fiank, laborer, h 60 West 
John £., laborer, h 40 Silver 
John £., emp Seamless Rubber Co., 

bds 60 Weat 
Joseph, laborer, bds 62 Oaxlisle 
Xellie A. Miss, bds 60 West 
Crertz Charles W., emp P. Bros. & Co., 
bds 37 Bishop 
Paul F., clerk P. Bros, k Co., bds 37 
hiUt Horace C, carpenter, h 208 Kim- 
herly av 
May Miss, bds 80 Sixth 
I Willjam FL, locomotive engineer, h 

80 Sixth 
jpald Gustav, h 71 Ashmun 
Ml Arthur W., ass't chemist and proc- 
) tor T. U., rms (7) 1010 Chapel 

Nog Alexander D., emp N. T., N. H. & 

H. R. R., h 69 Minor 
I Oieeter W., clerk Post Office, h 666 
f George 
Isabella ^\^, widow Judson W., h 
666 George 
'■' J. P., clerk (230) R. R. office bdg, 
i bds 136 Sherman av 
niiior Co. The, mfrs. sprayers and 
t powder dusters 217 Water 
OrMtOng Co. (Joseph Weil), gents' 
iiimishings, shoes, etc. 443 State 
Building, Church c dSiapel, en- 
trances 866 Chapel and 121 

Women's Work, 147 Orange 
W. H. G., emp Sargent ft 0>., h 
Burr roeid 
J<An v., foreman 136 Water, h 117 

Cheever Public School, Iiombard 
c FSllmore 
Stephen, shoemaker 138 Lloyd, h 
203 Bast 

MARTIN, emp Merwin Prov. 
Co^ h 126 Winthrop av 
^WiUiam, nigbt lunch, h 104 Crown 
Thomas, cigarmaker, h 764 Grand 



Eabian Jacob ,wood turner, h 136 Wa- 
Eabrique Asa L., farmer, h 240 Town- 
send av 

Caroline S., widow Charles, h 20 

Charles M., lawyer and librarian 
County ^ar Library (18 and 
19) Court House, bds 20 Stan- 

Henry J., milk peddler, h 299 Lenox 
Fadden John, machinist, h 8 Allen, High- 
FAETH AUTOITE* carver and cabinet- 
maker 6 Lincoln, h 106^ Brad- 
ley—See p 1001 

Christopher, laborer, bds 52 Foote 

Joseph, laborer, bds 52 Foote 

Leonard, baker, h 214 Wallace 
' Peter, emp Sargent & Co., h 58 Me- 
Fagan Andrew F., car inspector, bds 158 

C!hristopher, engineer, h 127 Blatch- 
ley av 

Christopher Jr., brass molder, bds 
127 Bhitchley av 

Frank, in U. S. Army 

James, teamster emp N. H. R. M. 
Co., h 170 Wolcott 

John, laborer, bds 298 East 

La;wrence, foreman F. H. & W. R. R. 
Co., bds 127 Blatchley av 

Mary Miss, seamstress, bds 268 Win- 
throp av 

Patrick, laborer, h 542 Qeorge 

Terrence, laborer, h 268 Winthrop 

Thomas F., switchman, h 341 East 

William J., emp N. H. Water Co., 
bds 542 Geoige 
Fagostino Giuseppe, emp L. Candee ft 
Co., h 422 East 

Liberate, 'emp L. Candee & Co., h 
422 East 
Fahey Edward J., carpenter, h 6 Gilbert 

Emma, widow Edward, h 307 Colum- 
bus av 

John W., bds 190 Franklin 

Mary C, widow Patrick, h 537 How- 
ard av 

M. Crosby Miss, dressmaker 537 
Howard av, bds do. 

Michael J., tel. operator Tontine 
Hotel, h 172 Cedar Hill av 

Patrick, steam fitter, bds 637 How- 
ard av 

Sarah H. Miss, teacher, bds 537 How- 
ard av 

Thomas, teamster, bds Stiles 
Fahlisch Charles, emp W. R. A. Co., h 9 

Fahy Bartley, teamster, bds 178 Colum- 
bus av 




Fahy Bernard B., druggist 302 Congress 
av, Ms 343 Oedar 
Daniel, saloon 123 Newhall, bds 8 

FAHY GEOBOE H. ^^^ ^^^^ ^ 

Church, bds 343 Cedar— See p 

Henry, hostler, bds 221 Foster 
James H., conductor H. Div., h 82 

John, rem to Boston, Mass. 
John H., machinist ^<. Y., N. H. & 

H. R. R., h 114 Fillmore 
Joseph J., clerk 86 Church, bds 343 

• Margaret J., widow Michael, granite 

and marble yard Hedge n St. 

Bernard Cemetery, h 343 Cedar 
Martin, manager Mib. M. J. Fahy, 

bds 96 George 
Michael, laborer, h 28 Frank 
Michael, rem to New Jersey 
Michael Jr., engineer h 1173 Whalley 

Michael J., foreman R. R. shops, h 

117 Putnam 
Michael J., clerk 821 Grand av, h 112 

Patrick H., laborer, h 221 Foster 
Patrick H. Jr., grocer and meat mar- 
ket 169 Willow, h 130 Foster 
Patrick J., tailor 88 Church, h 125 

Congress av 
Thomas, emp N. F. B. & P. Co., h 8 

Silver pi 
Thomas, conductor N. Y., N. H. & 

H. R. R., h 30 Baldwin 
Thomas F., rem to North Haven 
Walter, clerk (414) R. R. office bdg, 

bds 114 Filmore 
— see Fay 
Fahys Block, 119 to 127 Congress av 
Failer Joseph S., carpenter, h 300 Camp- 
bell av, W Haven 
Thilo, ins. a^ent (38) 23 Church, h 

60 Campbell av, W Haven 
Fair George, porter, 922 Chapel, h 130 

Henrietta Miss, cashier 922 dfhapel, 

bds 130 Goffe 
Street Public School, 26 Fair 
Fairbanks Albert F., emp W. R. A. Co., 

bds 26 Admiral 
Asa F., messenger (114) R. R, office 

bdg, h 94 Portsea 
Catherine, widow Lyman, nurse, bds 

179 Chapel 
Cortes F., yard conductor, h 8 Olive 
Frank E., brakeman, h 94 Portsea 
Frederick R., engineer, h 10 Warren 
Freeman W., bds 179 Chapel 
Fairbrother Albert C, bds 124 Center, W 

Fairchild Charles, h Massachusetts av 
Charles M., inspector S. N. E. Tel. 

Co., h Massachusetts av 

Fairchild Charles P., carp«iter, h 36 

Townsend av 
Charlotte G. Miss, music teacher, bds 

30 Bright 
Edward L., clerk, bds 113 Olive 
Frank T., cutter Hickok Co., h 93 

Edgewood av 
Frank W., clerk 662 George, bds 666 

Frederick, telegraph opeiator W. U. 

Tel. Co. 723 Chapel, h 589 do. 
Joseph E., bookkeeper 60 Courts h 85 

Lake pi 
Leverett B., tinner 639 Grand av, h 

30 Bright 
Lillie A. ^&s., h 31 Washington av 
Louis M., boatman, bds 36 Townsend 

Lucia Miss, dressmaker, bds 666 

Mary Mrs., bds 76 Clinton av 
Sterne B., emp 81 Goffe, h 666 George 
W. Henry, manager Postal Tel. 0>. 

346 State, h 213 Crown 
William A., plumber, h 423 Blatchley 

F'airdoth Annie Mrs., h 108 Canal 

James S., teamster, bds Ramsdell 
Fairclough CSiarles, emp Pond Lily Co., 

h 72 Third av, W Haven 
Fairfield Almcm A., carpenter and builder 

213 Washington av, W Haven, 

h do. 
Charles F., emp Yale Safe and Iron 

Co., bds 121 Water 
Fair Haven Concrete Co., office 2 Oedar 

Hill av 

Davis prop., flour and feed 15 £ 
Grand av— See p 981 


WAT» Cr. M. Graves prop., 

builder steam and sail yadita^ 

oyster dredges, etc. Fairmont av 

n Quinnipiac bridge— See p 9H 
Haven & Westville Railroad Co., 

depot 270 Grand av, power 

house 468 Grand av, office 790 

Fairman Mary L., widow James, h 204 

Fairweather Matilda Miss, childrens' 

dresemaker, rms 27 Wooster {4 
Faith Frank, emp Standard Oil Co., bds 

186 Fairmont av 
Faitsch Frank R., clerk 256 Water, bds 

232 Geoige 
Martin, tailor, h 232 George 
Falan Richard, teamster, bds 177 Bievr- 

Falby John T., laborer, bds 68 Wallace 
Mary, widow William F. C, h 68 

William F. C, emp R. R. shops h 38 

Falco Michele, driver, h 115 Oak 
Falgigno Alphonso, emp Sai^ent ft Cck, 

bds 70 St. John 




FaJgigno Angelo, rem to Italy 

Pietro» emp Saigent A Co., bds 70 St. 
Pklk Henrietta, widow Mayer, bds 454 
Olaf , emp Sargent & Oo., h 252 James 
William S., emp W. E. A. Co., h 29 
Ikll— eee Faull 
Fdley Ada B. Mrs., sup't First Church 

Home 125 Wall, h do. 
PUlon Edward, «np W. R. A. Co., bds 
112 Ashmun 
Edward T., corset presser emp 102 

Hill, h 327 Cblumbus ay 
Hugh, boilermaker, h 40 Daggett 
James J., gunmaker, h 40 Congress 

Bose A., widow Matthew, h 327 Co- 
lumbus av 
Thcnnas, emp 6. F. Warner Mfg. Co., 
h 102 Hiunilton 
lUsey Frank, emp Sargent & Co., bds 
174 Clay 
James, rem to Ireland 
John, saloon 111 Chapel, h 30 Poplar 
Maigaret Miss, emp Sargent & Co., 

bds 174 aay 
Patrick, packer, h 174 Clay 
Piatrick Jr., contractor Sargent & Co., 
\ h 84 James 

feneher Charles W., emp W. R. A. Co., 

h 113 Dixwell av 
' Edwin S., artist (811) 42 Church, h 
12 Waverly 
George E., machinist, h 105 Dixwell 

George E. Jr., brakeman, bds 105 
Dixwell av 

hBufus R., sup't dept. of fire service 
(4) City Hall, h 58 Lyon 
ling Edward, emp R. R. shops, bds 
47 Putnam 
EiizAy widow Patrick, h 47 Putnam 
Henry, clerk (104) R. R. office bdg, 

h 288 Washington av 
James, teamster, h 40 Walnut , 
jBine^ £«., bartender, bds 47 Putnam 
John, molder, h 570 Grand av 
John G., baker G. M. Winalow, h 28 

Mrs., h 158 Farren av 
Miss, emp N. H* Qock Gb., bds 
311 State 
Mary, Maggie M. and Eatie Misses, 

Miehael P., boilermaker, bds 576 

Grand av 
tKiebolas, teamster, h 298 East 
, painter, h 248 James 
Milton C, clerk 290 State, rms 
18 Crown 

h 109 Chapel 
Arthur D., porter Adams Ex- 
press Co. Union depot, bds 53 

Fanslow Gus F., porter Adams Express 
Co. Union depot, h 28 Salem 
Reynolds, springmaker N. Y., N. H. 
& H. R. R., h 53 Salem 
Fapiano Giuseppe, saloon 64 Hill, h 66 do. 
Fappiani Angelo, mechanic, h 50 Oak 
Antonio, emp Sai^gent & Co., bds 81 
Faraher Austin, blacksmith, h 74 Haven 
Austin Mrs., grocer 74 Haven, h do. 
Faraone Pietro, mason, h 30 Oak 
Farina Joseph, barber 115 Court, bds 722 
Maria D. Mrs., h 6 Myrtle 
Farkas F., boarding house 14 Congress av 
Farley Andrew, h 67 Edgewood av 
Ann, widow Philip, h 11 Baldwin 
A. Rufus, emp N. H. Window Shade 

Co., bds 67 Edgewood av 
Fannie L. Miss, clerk Ottenheimer 

Bros., bds 11 Baldwin 
Henry P., bds 11 Baldwin 
John, molder, h Valley n Harrison 
John Jr., bds Valley n Harrison 
John H., oyster packer, h (3) Hem- 
ingway bdg, Quinnipiac av 
John P., emp W. R. A. Co., h 170 

John W., rem to Waterbury 
Joseph, livery stable 1097 Whalley 

av, bds Valley 
Thomas A., conductor W. Av. R. R. 

Co., bds 67 Edgewood av 
Thomas J., meat dealer, h 79 Eim- 

berly av 
William J., laborer, bds 16 Barclay 
Farmer Ellen Miss, h 69 Washington av 
Matthew W., emp N. Y., N. H. & H. 

R. R., bds 18 Hamilton 
Rose Miss, h 69 Washington av 
Susan S., h 1 Pierpont court 
Famam Ann S., widow Henry, h 43 Hill- 
house av 
Dwight, joiner, bds 377 Howard av 
George Bronson Mrs., h 37 Hillhouse 

Hall, Y. U., College south of Elm 
Henry W., prof Y. U., bds 43 Hill- 
house av 
William W., lawyer and treas. Y. U., 
office Treasury bdg, h 335 Pros- 
Famcn James C, blacksmith, h 518 Or- 
John, emp Barnes Tool Co., bds 518 
Famham Anna C. Miss, teacher, bds 358 
Quinnipiac av 

FABNHAM AKTHTTB N. contractor 

and horticulturist Crescent n 

Old Mill, h Wintergreen av c 

Farnham — See p 1031 
Bennett W., student, bds 51 Fountain 
Cora, widow Emerson H., bds 358 

Quinnipiac av 
Etta L. Miss, bookkeeper 103 

Dwight, bds 250 Whalley av 



Famhaxn Hattie J. Miss, clerk N. H. Qtus I 
Ligbt Co., Ms 250 Wlialley av 

Jane M., widow Charlea K., h 39 

John W., fireman, h 107 Blatchley av 

Leander A., chief engineer F. H. & 
W. R. R. power house, h 102 E 

Mary A. Mrs., h 260 Whalley av 

Mary L. Mrs., h 166 Congress av 

May P. Miss, bds 8 Credent 

Nathaniel £., clerk (420) R. R. office 
bdg, h 76 Woolsey 

Orilla, widow William H., h 8 Ores- 

William H., horticulturist, h 8 Ores- 

William J., clerk, bds 260 Whalley 
Famsworth Clifford, chemist New Ehig> 
land Dairy Ca, bds Augur, 

Emeet L., emp S. N. E. Tel. Co., h 
148 Whalley av 

F. Philip, rem to Washington, D. 0. 

Frederick, h 367 Orange 

Frederick B., pres. and treaa TheMc- 
Lagon Foundry Co. 100 Audu- 
^n, and treas. Eastern Machin- 
ery Co., h 367 Orange 

Harriet E., widow Jesse H., h 66 Wil- 

Horace F., painter and paper hanger, 
h 72 Brewster 

Horace W., carpenter, h 430 Shdton 
Famum Harriett, widow Perkins M., rem 

to Seymour 
Fcurovid George D., druggist 644 Chapel, 

rms do. 
Farquhar Carnegie, emp W. R. A. Co., h 
41 Gibbs 

David, plumber, h 68 Thorn 

James H., painter, h 76 Lamberton 
Farr Charles A., clockmaker, h 980 State 

Edward R., printer, bds 769 State 

Frank A., sailmaker, h 769 State 

Fred A., machinist W. R. A. Ca, bds 
18 George W Haven 

George E., rem to New York 

Joseph D., emp N. H. dock Co., h 
295 Lloyd 
Farrar Joeeph W. (Scobie & Farrar) 90 
Brewery, h 107 Blatchley av 

Saiah R, widow Ezra R., bds 69 
Farrell Ann, widow John, h r 221 Frank- 

Ann, widow James, h 203 Lamber- 

Anne L., widow James, h Orescent, 

Annie E., widow Stephen F., dress- 
maker 47 William, h do. 

Bernard, engine wiper, h 203 Lam- 


Farrell Bridget, widow Patrick, h IST 

Catherine, widow Patrick, b 230 

Charles J., laborer, bds 118 Gherfoot 
Daisy Miss, clerk 73 Church, bds 1» 

Edward, switchman, h 29 IVajik 
Elizabeth, widow John, h 118 Ghesi- 

Ellen Mrs., grocer and aaion %\ 

Carlisle, h do. 
EUen M. Mise, dressmaker 230 Gnm^ 

bds do. 
EsteUe J., widow William, M., bd» 

260 Lloyd 
Francis, saloon 391 Congress a, \ 

393 do. 
Francis, h 48 Day 
Francis J., car painter, h 139 fnA 
Frank, painter, bds 23 Burton 
f^nank F., teamster, h CresoeBti 

Frank W., stone mason, bds 24 ^ 

Frederick H., painter emp 48 

bds do. 
G^eorge W., emp P. Bros, k Co., 

118 Chestnut 
Harriett A., widow Geoige, h 

Dizwell av 
Henry, saloon 6 Wooster, h 197 
James, emp Oinal freight house, 

298 Portsea 
. James, carpenter, h 35 Putnam 
James, emp L. Candee & Oo., bds 

James, laborer, h 641 Oolumbus s 
James, painter and paperhanger 

Arch, h do. 
James, slater, rms 62 Lafayette 
James, laborer, bds OreBoent, Wi 

Jamee, stevedore, h 197 Portsea 
James A., salesman Weib^'a 

Ca, res Bridgeport 
James E., laborer, h 76 Laml 
James P., joiner, h 125 Putnam 
James P., emp P. Broa. & Oou, 

118 Chestnut 
Jessie Mrs., h 98 Howe 
JAn, night watchman K*. T., 

ft H. R. R., h 89 Oariide 
John, fireman, bds 65 Oarllide 
John, emp freight d^pot BeQe 

h 24 liberty 
John, «np W. R. A. Co., h 19 

ton av 
John F., machinist, bds 203 

John F., emp P. Bros. & C6., 

John P., collector If. H. Gms 

Co., h 230 Qrove 
John S., night wat<^iiiaxi TJ. & 

torn House, bds 47 





furell Kuron J., motonnan,nn8 94 Ferry 
lAmbert, clerk, bds 195 ForbeB ay 
Lurence S., clerk 84 WincheBter ay, 

bds 57 do. 
liuie JfiiB, h 105 Day 
Marii» indow James, h 283 Hiaznil- 

Mm A., widow J<^m, h 82 Ellioit 
Ibty, widow GbrisU^her, h 106 Ash- 

Muy A. MiBB, emp L. CSemdee ft Co., 

bds 276 Humphrey 
Hitthew, blackamith, h liui ARhTnnn 
ICktt&ew, h 28 Redfield 
Matthew, bds 188 Hamilton 
Ifichad, laborer, h 15 Foote 
AGchael, policeman, h 1298 State 
Hiehad J., carpenter, bda 105 Day 
Oven, emp B. R. freight depots h 59 

Patiick, joiner, h 81 QEurlisle 
AUnck^ emp baggage room Union 

depots h 329 Water 
FiOriek, painter, h 149 Winchester 

Pktiick, joiner, bds 137 Frank 
Richard H., carriage painter, h 583 

Boee^ widow Edward, bds 131 Put- 

\, bds 213 Howard ay 

Thomas, mechanic, bds 121 Hayen 
; Thomas, iaborer, h 188 Hamilton 

Ihomas J., smitii hdper, h 41 Day- 

^^enport ay 
^ Wmiam, kegmaker, bds 84 Pierpont 

Winiam, mechanic, bds 43 Arch 

r Alice H Mrs., grocer 150 Farren 
ay, h Warwick ay c Quinnipiac 
Amrie A., widow Frands H., h 21 
I AtwBter 

Ayeone Hotel. Hermann J. Elaman 
I prop., 78 Farren ay 

WMEN BROS. CO. THE» metal 

' spring mattrees factory 4 Artl- 
an— ^See p 906 
les A., laborer, h 21 Atwater 
es S., laborer, h 21 Atwater 
aid H., clerk 61 Orange, bds 349 

P., letter cajrrier, h 16 Court 
A., widow John, h 85 

F. Mrs., h 358 Blatchley ay 
P., molder, h 26 Gibbs 
W., derk 776 Chapel, res Eaat 

peddler, bda 21 Atwater 

C., engmeear Benedict ft Go., 

R, peddler, h "Wiarwick n Quin- 
aipiae av 

B., see. and treaa. The Far- 
Ro Brosw Co. 4 Artlzan, h 349 

Farren Samuel P., laborer, h (2) Hem- 
ingway^s Bow, Quinnipiac ay 
William £., h Warwick ay n Quin- 
nipiac ay 
William H., painter, h 163 Downing 
Willis H., pres. Farren Bros. Oow 4 
Artizan, rms 344 Lenox 
Farrey Joseph, laborer, h 86 Quinnipiac 
Thomas J., machinist, bds 193 Bas- 
Farrington Arthur, emp 6. M. Munson 
Co., h 12 West 
James, clerk 379 Congress ay, bds 48 

James J., machinist, h 346 Portsea 
Michael F., emp Seamless Rubber 

Co., h 17 Elliott 
Patrick T., h 48 Daggett 
Farror Joseph, emp 1700 State, bds do. 
Feurrow I^ambert G., emp 247 Water, bds 

195 Forbes ay 
Fairy Joseph, laborer, h 86 Quinnipiac 

Fasch Alwine Mrs., h 125 Park 

Alwine Miss, dressmaker 125 Park, 
bds do. 
Fasciano Vincenzo, barber 94 Kimberly 

ay, rms da 
Fasser Alex, dnig clerk, bds 14 Baldwin 
August, compositor T., M. & T., bds 

14 Baldwin 
Leonhardt, engineer 488 Congress ay, 
h 14 Baldwin 
Faste Frederick W., cigarmaker, h 229 

Congress ay 
Fater Israel, tailor, h 144 liberty 
Fatio Frank, barbo-, h 92 Eaton 
Faucett Milton, emp 292 State, rms 18 

Faughnan Ann, widow Stephen, h 12 Ed- 
Annie L., emp 886 Chapel, bds 12 

Catherine Miss, h 24 York 
Charles E, painter, bds 563 Colum- 
bus ay 
Delia, widow Patrick, h 258 East 
Elizabeth, widow Michael, house- 
keeper 499 Columbus ay 
John, laborer, h 213 Franklin 
Mary, widow John, h 213 Franklin 
Michael, coachman, h 102 Eaton 
Michael, buffer, bds 258 East 
Patrick, painter emp H. Hooker & 

Co., h 215 Dayenport ay 
Patrick J., tinner, h 563 Columbus 

Thomas, emp W. R. A. Co., bds 12 

Thomas H., clerk 391 Grand ay, bds 

213 Franklin 
— see Faulkner 
Faulhaber Caroline, widow GeoTge J., h 
460 Congress ay 
Charles F., bds 460 Congress ay 




Faulhaber Joseph G., bookkeeper, bdB 460 

Oongress av 
Faulkner Frank H., bartender, h 446 
Howard av 
John W., tinner, rms 313 Water 
Patrick, cool and wood dealer 907 

State, h do. 
Peter, switchman, h 178 Franklin 
— ^see Faughner 
FauU John, gardener, h 1347 Chapel 
Faust Joseph, painter, h 38 Liberty 
Fawns Marie S., widow Oharlee, h 44 

Fay Charles £., hostler, bds 20 Orange 
' George A. (Fay & Bennett) (1) 179 
Church, res Meriden 
John, brakeman, h 184 Wallace 
John, h 80 Exchange 
John C, law student (4) 116 Church, 

bds 80 Exchange 
& Bennett (George A. Fay and Wil- 
liam L. Bennett), lawyers (1) 
179 Church 
— see Fahy 
Fazio Antonio, barber, 367 State, bds 156 
Carmela, widow Alphonso, h 156 

Matteo, barber, h 156 Hamilton 
Pasquale, barber, bds 156 Hamilton 
Fozzaro Francesco, barber 484 Chapel, 

bds 143 Wooster 
Feamley Alfred, clerk 8 Grand av, h 55 

Feaaon Patrick J., porter Aldrich House, 

bds do. 
Featherly George, molder, h 605 Bast 

Margaret J. Mrs., h 605 East 
Featherstone Harriet A., widow James, h 
36 Washington av 
John, car insp^tor, bds 283 Portsea 
John, h 212 Hamilton 
Patrick, laborer, h 290 Hallock av 
Fechner August, emp P. Bros. & Co., h 
16 Lilac 
Ernest, Bussian baths 188 York, h 

Pauline, Turkish baths 188 York, 

h do. 
Rudolph, emp W. R. A. Ca, h 16 Li- 
Fechter Remedy Co., mfrs. hair growing 

preparation 744 Chapel 
Fedder John, rem to Woodmont 
Federico Benedetto, laborer, h 59 Hill 

Michael, laborer, h 21 Vine 
Federlein Reichert, shoemaker, h 497 Con- 
gress av 
Fee John F., emp 450 Columbus av, bds 
20 Redfleld 
Patrick A., emp W. R. A. Co., bds 20 
Feehan John, canvasser, bds 294 Portsea 
Feeley Jeremiah J., molder, h 170 Ply- 

Feeley John C, nickel plater, bds 22 
John J., fireman N. H. Gas Light Co., 
h 31 Greene 
Feeney Edward, laborer, h 155 Putnam 
Edward, teamster, h 182 Brewery 
Edward, emp Sargent & Co., bds 182 

Margaret Mrs., h 44 Geoiige 
Fegan cSiroline W., widow William H., 

west end of Elm, W Haven 
Fehlberg F. Albert, buttor store and 
grocer 116 Congress av, h 56 La- 
Fehm Conrad, tailor, h 120 Nash 
Feinbei^ Israel, laborer, h 215 Commerce 

Jacob, blacksmith, h 10 Palmer 
Feinstein Charles, emp I. Newman & 
Sons, bds 128 Washington av 
Heyman, clerk 218 Congress av, h 128 

Washington a\ 
Jacob, emp N. Y., N. H. & H. R. R., 

h 169 Congress av 
Louis, emp 17 Oak, h 180 Commerce 
Samuel, clerk 1008 Chapel, bds 128 

Washington av 
— see Fierstein 
Feitelberg Bernard S., shoemaker, h 23 
Jacob, painter, h 23 Hallock 
Feldman Bamet, emp 239 CcHigress av, 
bds 138 Liberty 
Charles, bookbinder, h 72 Yock 
Louis, rag dealer, h 22 Gold 
Max, furniture finisher, h 93 Daven- 
port av 
Morris, junk dealer, h 14 Palmer 
Nathan, h 105 Lafayette 
Noah, com trav., h r 22 Gold 
Samuel, rem to Boston, Mass. 
Samuel, h 40 Spruce 
Felleca Antonio, emp Belle Dock, h 38 

Fellowee F. Wayland, h 114 Whitney av 
Fellows Fred W., foreman Saxgent A Oo^ 

rms 97 Olive 
Felsburg Bertha Miss, emp L. Oandee ft 
Co., bds 260 Humphrey 
J. George, musician, h 261 Humphrey 
Louis, musician, h 338 Orange 
Wilhelmina, widow George, h 260 
Feltis Thomas F., coachman Whitney av 

n CliiT, bds do. 
Feltung Elizabeth, widow John, h 60 
Henry J., h 82 Winchester av 
Femister — see Fimister 
Fenderson David M., blacksmith, h 17 
K J. Hhunette Miss, dressmaker, h 

17 Eaton 
James E., waiter, h 28 Foote 
Louis A., waiter, bds 17 Eaton 
Maria, widow John, bds 28 Foote 
Fenix Susan Mrs., cook, h 28 Winter 
Fenn Alvena A., widow Heman W., cor- 
setmaker, h 79 Spring 




Fenn Brace, nip't Sargent & Co., h 119 
Whitney ay 
Ckt/ierine MiflB, nurse 1418 Ghapd, 

Charies, emp N. H. E. Go., h 22 Fill- 
Ii^nuik, emp N. Y., N. H. & H. R. R., 

bds 83 Olive 
flattie W., widow Alonzo, h 732 Elm 
Homer W., bds 22 Fillmore 
Jnlia A., widow Nathan, bds 76 Glin- 

toB ay 
Maiy Mra, h 28 Spruce 
Maiy, widow Lyman M., h 28 Spruce 
Xathan H., rem to Milford 
Wallace B., presw The New Haven 
Shoe Co. 842 to 846 Chapel, bda 
New Haven House 

lEHI WALLACE B. & CO. (now 

the New Haven Shoe Co.), 
wholesale and retail shoe deal- 
en 842 to 846 Chapel 
WiDJam H., emp W. R. A. Co., rms 

114 Dixwell av 
William S., salesman, rms (11) 695 
hnner Charles H., stationaiy engineer, h 
^ 99 Plymouth 

Claries H. Jr., fireman, hds 99 Ply- 
' Frank W., clerk 314 State, bds 159 
Quinnipiac av 
Lwetta R Miss, stenographer emp 
: (708) 42 Church, bds 131 Howe 

I MMtiR D. Mrs., nurse 19 Eld, bds do. 
PDeney Thomaa. emp N. H. Gaa Light 

Co., h 14 Oanner 
pnett Edward, barber, bds 567 Colum- 
I bus av 

^Bimio Giuseppe, »np Sargent & Co., 
bds 240 Wallace 
Wifliam E., sec R. R. dept Y. M. 
C. A. Cominerce n Water, h 123 
llet Ferdinand, emp N. Y., N. H. 
ib H. IL R., h 60 Stevens 

Herma n A ., machinist, h Put- 
nam av, VVIiitneyville 

A. Jr., toohnaker, h 272 

duirles A., plumber, h 175 Co- 
honbus av 

Iward 6., foreman pressman O. A. 

Dorman Co., h 209 Blatchley av 

[win H., carpenter, h 200 Blatchley 


K. H., clerk R. R. office bdg, bds 

518 State 

, widow William, bds 206 Grown 
eoal and inrood and fish market 
388 Grand av, h 238 Blatchley 

>], emp 388 Grand av, h 238 
Blatchley av 

bad H., clerk (429) R. R. office 
bdg, bds 518 State 

Fenton William T., clerk freight office 

154 Water, h 65 William 
Fenwick James A., cabinetmaker, h 69 
James W., blacksmith, h 20 Ward pi, 

W Haven 
John S., emp N. H. R. M. Co., h 30 

Mary Mrs., bds 30 Houston 
Thomas S., teamster, h 195 Poplar 
Ferdinandufl Frank, cigarmaker, h 36 
Congress av 
Frank Jr., cigar packer, bds 36 Con- 
gress av 
Louis F., clerk 12 Congress av, h 36 

Louis F., fish peddler, h 36 Congress 
FerencieniesE Sylvester, rem to New York 
Ferentine Peter, shoemaker, rms 34 Dix- 
well av 
Philip, shoemaker 34 Dixwell av, b 

Tony, rem to New York city 
Ferguson Charles M., carpenter R. R, 
shops, h 119 Firiat av, W Haven 
Emma M. Miss, bds 328 Edgewood ay 
Geoiige W., bds 328 Edgewood av 
Henry A. M., watchman, h 328 Edge- 
wood av 
Hughena Miss, nurse, rms 54 Park 

FEBOTTSON 7AHES> «gent, livery 
stable and dealer in carriages 
and harness 175 Gkorge, h 6 Syl- 
van av — See p 1037 

John, emp 175 George, bds 6 Sylvan 

Mary, laundress 267 Franklin, bds 

Mary A., widow Simon, confection- 
ery and cigars 557 Grand av, bds 

Moses C, bookkeeper 118 State, h 19 

Robert W., fireman, h 20 Wilson 

William, laborer, bds 34 Webster 

William, h 170 Franklin 

William H., steward 96 Wall, h do. 
Ferino Antonio, laborer, h 78 Broad 
Ferman — see Fearman 
Femanders Benjamin Rev., pastor Union 

A. M. E Church, h 45 Foote 
Femicola Joseph, shoemaker 23 Fillmore^ 

h do. 
Femino Francesco, grocer 84 Oak, h do. 

Giovanni A., laborer, bds 11 Fair 

Giuseppe^ mason tender, h 24 Silver 

John, laborer, bds 10 fVanklin 

Michele, bds 11 Feiir 

PasquaJe, peddler, h 1 Silver 
Ferrainolo Antonio, wagonmaker, bds 294 

Francesco, barber 292 Oak, bds 294 

Gaetano, saloon 48 Union, h do. 

Gaetano, barber, bds 294 Oak 

Mary Mrs., h 294 Oak 




Fermnte Nicola, emp city, h 260 Ham- 
Ferrara Domenico, barber, bds 208 Ham- 
Feiraro Francesco, confectionery, fruit, 
etc. 203 Washington av, rma do. 
Pasquale, emp Nat. Wire Co., bdfl 101 
Ferree Qeorgia T. Miap, clerk 125 Church, 
h 121 Lawrence 
IsabeUe G. Miss, h 121 Lawrence 
Perreebee Georgianna, widow David, h 
350 Mimson 
Leonard, barber 151 Dixwell av, bds 
350 Munson 
Ferretti Michele, laborer, h 6 Faxstory 
Ferrier William, gardener, h Bums 
Ferris Arthur H., sawyer, h 49 White, W 
Carrie W., widow G. A., h 101 Lam- 

Cleaveland, student, bds 166 Oak 
David H., emp D. W. Baldwin, h 87 

Frances W., widow William a, h 4 

Sylvan av 
Frank H., painter, h 33 English 
George H., rem to New York 
George H. Rev., pastor Oalvaiy Bap- 
tist Church, h 515 George 
George J., bookkeeper Merwin Prov. 

Co., bds 144 Grove 
Harry B., prof, of anatomy Y. U., 
and physician 150 York, h 118 

James H., adv. agent, bds 192 Daven- 
port av 
John H., carpenter and builder Third 

av c Mam, W Haven, h 69 Third 

av, do. 
John J., car builder, h 175 Cedar 
John L., ice peddler, h 313 Quinni- 

piac av 
Mana, widow Patrick, h 217 Poplar 
Mary A. Miss, teacher Wooisey 

School, bds 747 George 
Mary A. Mrs., h 192 Davenport av 
Mary E. C, widow F. J., h 166 Oak 
Bansford A., machinist, rem to New 

E. Avery, machinist, bds 69 Third av, 

W Haven 
Samuel J., conductor F. H. & W. R. 

R. Co., bds 192 Davenport av 
Sanford J., physician, bds 192 Dav- 
enport av 
Thomas, steam fitter, bds 217 Poplar 
Weston, carriage bodymaker H. Kil- 

1am Co., h 747 George 
Ferro Giovanni, laborer, bds 35 Broad 
Teodoro, laborer, h 14 Palmer 
Vincenzo, carpenter, bds 1 Donnelly 

Pemicci Domenico, shoemaker, bds 36 
Lafayette pi 
Domenico, emp L. Candee & Co., h r 
149 Hamilton 

Ferrucd Giuseppe, laborer, h 36 litif- 
ette pi 
Vincenzo, laborer, h 34 Laf&yettepl 
Femiccio Biaggio, laborer, bds 217 Foitv 
Carmine, musician, h 213 SuniMoi 
Pas^uale, laborer, h 20 Minor 
Femiggiari Ceasar, jeweler cop 7X1 
Chapel, bds 64 Orchard 
Egidio, jewelry mfr 730 CSiapd^ktl 
Ferry Charles A., civil engineer (23) S 
Church, h 24 Edgewood av 
Edwin R., bds 128 Ehn, W E&va 
Edwin S., baker, h 128 Ehn, W Hi> 

Ernest A., baggag^naster, b 8 

Margaret, widow Addison, h IQiUk* 

Nellie, widow M^iam A, k ff 

Newell S., rem to Baltimcne, Mi 
Philander, manager 

Church, bds 128 Elm, V7 
Street Church, Ferry n BaHi 

Street Public School, Ferry c 
— see Ferree 
Fertman William, cigarmaker, bdi 

Winchester av 
Fertmann Edward, emp W. R. A Co, 

32 Ivy 
Fervelle David, rms 73p Grand av 
Fesler Joseph, cabinetmaker, h 154 

mun • 

Fessenden George W., locomodTe 

gineer, h 18 Cassius 
Festa Antonio, laborer, h Easton, 
Joseph, shoemaker, bds 76 Oak 
Michael, laborer, bds 90 Oak 
Pasquale, emp Sargent & Ca, h r 

Grand av 
Tommaso, boxmaker, bds 81 Oak 
Fettig Anton,laborer,h r 1086 Whi 
Feuchtwanger Clara Miss, teacher 
Chester School, bds 83 
Ernest, h 83 Sachem 
Henrietta Miss, teacher 
School, bds 83 Sachem 
Isabella Miss, reporter Register 

Co., bds 83 Sachem 
Marion Miss, teacher, bds 83 
Feustel Ed\vard, packer, bds 219 
Michael, driver 99 Temple, k 

William J., hackman, bds 219 
Fiasconaro Giuseppe, barber, bds T9 

Blchter George, rem to Short Beadi 
Fichtl Frank A., musician and 
chestra Hyperion and 
chestra, h 42 Bishop 
Jacob, cigarmaker, h 132 Nuii ] 
Orchestra, F. A. FIchtl leader 
Fickett Charles F., joiner, h 46 Spife 

Seadi j 




IldeUty Rupture Cure Co., Jared C. 
Bradley manager, 87 Onuige 
and Ouualty Co. of New York, (16) 
23 Church 
Piebiger Frank M., music teacher 200 

Grove, bde do. 
Iledler Andrew, rem to deveiand, O. 
George, bc^ermaker, h 107 Salton- 
^U av 
Udm Eemy, cigarmaker, h 121 Salton- 
fltall ay 
Httly cigar mfr. 1162 State, li 1586 
IMd Bad D., emp L. Candee & Co., h 301 
Daniel, clerk 26 Crown, h 25 Chest- 
JBdward £., sec. and treas. The Gkon- 
ble-Besmond Co. 900 Chapel, h 
33 L3rnwood 
Fnsik K, sec. O. U. A. M. Funeral 
Aid Association of Conn. 787 
Chapel, h 236 Ferry 
Frank £. Mrs., dressmaker 236 Feny, 

h do. 
Frederick W., rem to Madison 
Oe<»ge B., sign painter, bds 71 

Washington av 
George C, Madison messenger 297 
State and 871 Chapel, res Madi- 
George H., emp N. Y., N. H. & H. R. 

R., h 71 Washington av 
Harry C, buyer (SBunble-Desmond 
Ck)., rms 32 Grove 
' Irving, clerk, rms 32 Grove 

Martha J., widow Daniel, h 25 Chest- 
^ nut 

Morel, emp W. R. A. Co., bds 184 

Samuel J., h 3 Sylvan av 
Samuel J. Mrs., boarding bouse 3 

Sylvan av 
Samuel Z., job printer and station- 
i ery 835 Grand av, h 902 State 

f William B., locomotive fireman, h 
I 257 Uoyd 

■ds Annie, -widow Samuel, h 90 Greene 
f Arthur H., clerk, bds 47 Stevens 
' Charlea, teajiister C. W. Blakeelee & 
Boina^ h 49 Judson av 
CharJes H., livery stable 266 Whalley 
av, h do. 
iward Lfc, mfr. flavoring extracts 47 
Stevenjs, b do. 
dlen A., widow Frederick T., bds 46 
tnnaJi. nadow Willis N., h 35 Car- 

immb M., widow Robert, h 112 

A., emp W. R. A. Co., h 35 

H., emp C. W. Blakeelee & 
SoDB, fa 54 Judson av 

teamster C. W. Blakeelee & 
Sods, h 47 Auburn 

Fields Maude K Miss, teacher, bds 328 
Nellie, widow Robert, emp 47 Trum- 
bull, bds do. 
Silas M., janitor T., M. & T., h 27 

Winthrop av 
William, laborer, h 96 Hazel 
William T., pres. National Trades- 
mens Bsjik 96 Orange, h 69 
Fiengo Antonio, saloon 67 Wallace, h do. 
Enrico, saloon 210 Wallace, h 79 Mill 
Fiero William J., locomotive fireman, h 

106 Putnam 

Fierstein Benjamin (Fierstein & Son) 
(606) 42 Church, bds 86 Congress 
Charles, bds 86 Congress av 
Jacob (Fierstein & Son) (606) 42 

Church, h 86 Congress av 
ft Son (Jacob and Benjamin Fier- 
stein), ins. agents (606) 42 
File CeUa, widow William T., h 1020 

Whalley av 
Fifield Albert B., principal Eaton School, 
h 442 George 
Greoige T., bookkeeper (1) 82 Church, 
bds 105 Sherman av 
Fiille Paul, blacksmith, h 96 Nicoll 
Files William, bds Springside Home 
Fillebrown Janette, widow Leonard, bds 
98 Dwight 

FULEY MYRON W. photographer 

(28) 840 Chapel, h 144 Whalley 

av — See p 956 

Walter 0., photographer (28) 840 

Chapel, bds 144 Whalley av 

Filoso Francesco, emp Sargent & Co., h 

66 Wallace 
Fhnister George A., emp Yale Gymnas- 
ium, Ms 107 Hazel 
Robert, carpenter, h 107 Hazel 
William J., drug clerk 41 Grove, bds 

107 Hazel 


CONN. Th« Record Publishing 

Co. pubs., 70 Center— See p 953 
l^nch Alice M., teacher Woolsey School, 

bds 230 Lloyd 
Anna S. Miss, h 674 State 
Carrie F. Miss, teacher Zunder 

School, bds 170 Howard av 
Charles E., painter, h Diamond n 

Charles H., seaman, bds 117 E Pearl 
Charles W., plater, h 330 Columbus 

Dennis P., postal clerk, h 674 State 
Edward B., rem to Westport 
Henry, emp L. Candee & Co., h 117 

E Pearl . 
Hiram D., painter F. H. & W. R. R. 

Co., h r 55 Lombard 
Irving, emp N. Y., N. H. & H. R. R., 

bds 20 Warren 



Finch Lowrey J., bogga^emaster N. Y., 
N. H. & H. R. R., h 230 lioyd 
Lucy F., widow G. W., h 170 How- 
ard ay 
Margaret, widow Albert, h Foun- 
Samuel, painter, h r 205 Hallock av 
Stephen L., molder, bds 16 Edgar 
William, oystennan, bds 117 £ Pearl 
William L., emp W. R. A. Co., h 414 
Winthrop av 
Finck Henry, joiner, h 161 Plymouth 
Findley Malanchton M., h 130 Court 
Fine Herman A., peddler, h 80 Arch 
Fineburg Jacob (J. Rubinski & Co.) 105 

Commerce, h 10 Palmer 
Finger Adam, baker, bds 23 WiLson 

Harry, emp L. Ciandee & Co., h 79 
Mill River 
Fingerly F. Charles, molder, h 189^ Pop- 
Finis EmeBt, tailor 135 State, h 42 Avon 

William, barber, bds 42 Avon 
Fink Hugo, emp F. B. S. Co., h 162 Naah 
Finkelstein Adam, corset cutter, h 140 

Finken Cord, patternmaker, h 139 Chest- 
Finkle A. Iy>uis, clerk 227 State, bds 211 
Egbert, car painter, h 65 Hurlburt 
George, emp R. R. machine shop, bds 

65 Hurlburt 
Ward, painter, h 117 Cedar 
Finley Garrett W., carriagesmith, h 12 
Richard, laborer, bds 54 Market 
Finmark Maurice, city laborer, h 160 

Finn David J., emp M. F. Arms Co., h 
272 Hamilton 
Jamee C, emp M. F. Aims Co., bds 

272 Hamilton 
Lawrence, switchman, h 51 Hurl- 
Luke, emp R. R. shops, bds 149 

Michael, emp R. R. shops, bds 266 
Washington av 
Finnegan Bridget, widow Edward, bds 
213 Hamilton 
Catherine H. Miss, h 391 Temple 
Charles G., emp Strouse, Adier & 

Co., bds 41 Sherman av 
Edward, rem to Hartford 
Edward J., delivery clerk 898 Chapel, 

bds 581 State 
Hugh, hostler, h 1473 State 
Hugh I., h 581 State 
Hugh J., saloon, groceries and meat 

50 Fillmore, bds 1473 State 
John H., cook 355^ State, rms 110 

Kate, widow James, h 41 Sherman 

Mary R Miss, stenographer F. H. 
Cogswell, bds 41 Sherman av 


Finnegan Patrick O., driver U. ft G. Itt 
Co., h 1210 State 
Thomas J., cook, rms 110 Olive 
William F., emp H. & P. MIg. Cb^ 
bds 493 Chapel 
Finnerty Edward J., watchmaker, b 2^ 
John, laborer, h r 258 Hamilton 
Patrick, molder, h 367 Grand «? 
Finney £2sther L. Mrs., h 42 Kemiiigta 
Finnigan Bartholomew, bds Springsilt 

Finnister — see Fimlster 
Fiondella Giovanni, h 46 Hill 
Fiore Gaxlo, shoemaker 81 Market, lik 
Raffaele, emp Sargent ft Go., h It 
Fiorentino Michele, sho^naker 24 fu, 

h do. 
Fioretti Constantino, laborer, h 13 Sflw 

Michael, laborer, h 4 Fkctoiy 
Fiorillo Alberto, emp Sargent ft Om ^ 
668 Grand av 
Giuseppe, emp X. H. Water Cos b 

118 Hill 
Giuseppe, emp Sargent ft Co.,hT\1 

Harry, grocer 169 Wallace, h da 
John, barber 165 Wallace, h 1(R 
Joseph, confectionery 537 Gnad 

h do. 

Louis, rem to Ansonia 

Michele, laborer, h 600 Grand ar 

Pasquale. laborer, h 119 Lafayette 

Fire Alarm Telegraph. (4) City HaH 

Commissioners, (4) City Hall 

Marshal, Joshua G. Gladwin, ^ 

City Hall 

Firmoi Elizabeth, widow David, k 


Firsching John H., emp N. T., N. H» 

H. R. R., bds 36 Orchard j 

First Church Home, Mrs. Ada B. fm 

8up% 125 Wall ] 

Church of Christ (Scientist), i 

Orange J 

Methodist Episcopal Church, 91 1 

c College 


CTiurch— See p 865 
National Bank Building, 42 

Church, sup't office (407) 
Presbyterian CSiureh, Elm n 
Universalist Church (Church 

Messiah), 272 Orange 
Fischeirs Block. 154 to 160 

and 99 Lafayette 
Fischer August A., cigar store 1 

h 2 Elliott 
Charles, driver NT. H. Beef 

271 Washington av 
(Carles F., gardener, h 155 
Edward H. Rev., pastor Ev. 

Zion Church, h 34 Ward 
Frederick, emp Lu Oindee & 

765 Grand av 




liKher Frederick^ barber, 286 Grand av, 
h 367 do. 
Jacobi emp N. H. Mfg. Ox, bds 160 

John, Bhoemaker, h 46 Sylvan av 
Otto^ dgarmaker, h 66 Walnut 
Beuben M., tailor, h 123 Lafayette 
-tee Fisher 
Ktthlcr Oatherine M. Mra, h 103 Ash- 
flennon, laborer 322 Oak, bds 17 

Jolm Melchor, emp W. B. A. Oo., bds 
80 Oanal 
KMhinan Samuel, boilermaker, h 04 
Zndelt peddler, h r 116 Lafayette 
Taco John, tailor, h 866 Grand av 
fish Charles J., painter, h 111 Koeette 
£Zteabeth, widow Francis W., h 124 

Ida Mrs., h 33 Spruce 
Isaac, tailor, h 162 Ashmun 
John, foreman Smedley Co., bds 27 

Joseph, cigannaker, h 43 Front 
Lewin B., student, bds 68 William 
Lenin H., j<Hner, h 68 William 
! Samuel, baker, bds 37 Spruce 
Uer Abnun L., janitor Y. U., h 166 
BixweU av 
Albert Cw, emp 114 Winchester av, 

bds 2 ElUott 
Ahah G., bookkeeper 386 State, h 

216 Winthrop av 
Augustine E., emp 116 Water, h 14 

Aurelia &, widow Samuel S., h 310 
^ Prospect 

BHdget, widow Harry, bds 30 Bald- 
I win 

Charles, laborer, h r 141 Saltonsiall 
f AT 

[ Qiaries H., agent Starin's N. H. 
I Traiua Co., office r 96 Water, h 
I 117 Maple 
f Charles H., joiner, bds 168 Putnam 

diaries W., emp N. Y., N. H. & H. 
I R. R., bds 2 Howard av 

Uward, plumber, bds 727 State 

beth C. Biiss, bds 27 Hillhouse 

W., widow QeoTf^e, h 166 York 
(Buma & ]P1sher Co.) 38 
Ooorty W Haven, h do. 
ik K., secKton Center Church, h 6 
Pbosped^ pi 

!k, emp L. Candee & Co., h 
7G5 Grand av 

P., proff. ecclesiastical history 
Y. U., h 27 HUlhouse av 

C, bartender, h 167 Meadow 
H., carpenter, h 168 Putnam 
M., student, bds 84 Lyon 
T., ci^nmnaker emp 20 
Church, b 727 State 

Fisher Herbert W., student, bds 166 York 
Herman S., millinery goods 733 

Grand av and 23 Congress av; 

also (Globe Clothing and Tail- 
oring Co.) 727 Grand av, h 736 

Heyman, peddler, h 29 Dow 
Irving, ass't prof. Y. U., h 460 Pros- 
Isaac, car inspector, h 131 Portscft, 
John W., emp 42 Pierpont, bds do. 
Joseph B., janitor Y. U., bds 26 

Julius, painter, rms 118 Crown 
Leander H., teamster, bds 131 Port- 

Margaret, widow Charles, bds 166 

Marie Miss, clerk Mendel & Freed- 

man, bds 212 Hallock av 
Mary R, widow Samuel, bds 117 

Michael J., tailor, h 398 Congress av 
Rosanna, widow Joseph, h 26 Foote 
Rose E., widow Robert, h 2 Elliott 
Samuel H., lawyer (Beach & Fisher) 

(16) 179 Church, h 239 Bradley 
William E., locomotive engineer, h 

282 Hallock av 
William H., teanwter, bds 2 Howard 

William P., adv. agent, h 166 Con- 
gress av 
& TaaTiapolsky (H. S. Msher and J. 

Tamapolsky), props. Globe 

Clothing and Tailoring Oo. 727 

Grand av 
— see Poisson 
Fisico Antonio, emp Sargent & Co., h 35 

Fisk Cornelia H., widow John L., bds 361 

Washington av 
Fred N., clerk (433) R. R. office bdg, 

h 246 First av, W Haven 
Samuel R, emp N. H. Bicycle Co., 

bds 361 Washington av 
Wilbur, emp Glendora Knitting Co., 

h 17 Dixwell av 
Willard G., emp Nat. Wire Co., bds 

78 Farren av 
Fiske Elverton, salesman Butler & Tyler, 

h 413 Temple 
Fred C, land agent (206) R. R. 

office bdg, res Clinton 
Sadie H. MiM, steno^irrapher emp 111 

State, bds 220 Blatchley av 
William R, conductor W. Av. R. R. 

Co., h 180 Savin av, W Haven 
Fitch Charles, laborer, h 237 Congress av 
Delia C. Miss, h 46 High 
Elizabeth T. Miss, h 46 High 
Emily G., widow Lewis, h 366 Or- 

Emma F. Miss, h 68 Olive 
Ernest R. telegrapher (116) R. R. 

office bdg, h 14 Howard av 





Fitch Georgia A. Miss, bds 356 Orange 
Gilbert L., agency director N. Y. Life 

Infi. Co. 769 Chapel, res Stam- 
Isabella, widow Stephen B., h 101 

Kiinberly av 
Jeannette £. Mias, h 11 Olive 
John B., {Nree. and treas. The W. & 

E. T. Fitch C6. 151 Eaat, h 191 

Joe^hine M., widow Joseph T., h 

213 Orchard 
L. A., clerk (414) R. R, office bdg, 

bds 335 George 
Lucius W., h 103 Fountain 
Lucy A., mdow Justus, bds 367 
I Whitney av 

Michael H., emp Reynolds & Co., bds 

18 Rosette 
Nathan B., clerk N. H. K Co., bds 

213 Orchard 
Ruth, widow George, h 164 Divis- 
Thaddeus B., mason, h 46 Charles 
Willard C, clerk 87 Orange, rms 668 

William L., manager Beatty Starch 

Co., bds 76 Howe 
W. & E. T. Co. The, mfrs. carriage 

springs, malleable iron castings 

and saddlery hardware 151 Eeuk 
Fitton William, engineer N. H. Chair Co., 

h 80 Audubon 
Fitzgerald Bridget M., widow John, h 

Beach opp Holmes, W Haven 
Carolyn A. Miss, stenographer geni 

ticket agent (102) R. R. office 

bdg, bds 58 Dixwell av 
Catherine, widow John, h 168 De- 
Catherine, widow John, h 309 Grand 

• Dale K., foreman press room N. H. 

Union, h 119 Davenport av 
David, laborer, h 192 Wallace 
David, bartender, h 116 Wallace 
David, horseshoer, bds 30 Stevens 
David E. (Fitzgerald & Walsh) (14) 

179 Church, bds 307 Oak 
David J., polisher, bds 26 Redfield 
Dennis M., pressman, bds 461 Wasih- 

ington av 
Dennis S., conductor W. Av. R. R. 

Co., h 69 Brown, W Haven 
Edward, emp Peck & Bishop Co., h 

86 (Congress av 
Edward, mechanic, bds 309 Grand 

Edward, grocer and meat market 309 

Oak, h 307 do. 
Edward F., emp 936 Chapel, bds 115 

Elizabeth Miss, h 1383 State 
Ellen, widow Caleb, h 496 Columbus 

Garrett J., h 108 Fillmore 

Fitzgerald George W., plumber, bds 124 

Honora, widow Edward M., h 116 

James, laborer, bds 161 day 
James, emp Crystal Ice Co., bds 34 

Davenport av 
James, emp Sperry & Amos, h 513 

James Jr., brass molder, bds 161 GLaj 
James J., ins. canvasser (49) 49 

(Church, bds 115 Asylum 
James W., tel. operator N. Y., N. H. 

& H. R. R., h 173 Roeette 
John, emp Sargent & Co., h 516 East 
John, rem to Massachusetts 
John, molder G. F. W. Mfg. Co., h 

2 Main 
John, shoemaker 109 Crown, h 26 

John, rem to Newark, N. J. 
John F., clerk 898 Chapel, bds 90 

John J., laborer, h r 192 Hamilton 
John J., sec. and treas. The John T. 

Doyle Co. 383 Chapel, h 178 Idb- 

John J. Rev., ass't pastor Qiurch 

Sacred Heart, h 74 Liberty 
John M., emp N. H. Gas Light Co., 

h 115 Wallace 
John T., steam fitter, bds 124 Bristol 
Joseph J., emp Pond Lily Co., bds 

1116 Whalley av 
Kate, widow James, h 90 Nicoll 
Kate Miss, emp L. Candee & Co., bds 

192 Wallace 
Kate J. Miss, clerk 770 Chapel, bds 

777 State 
Katherine Miss, bookke^>er 106 

Church, bds 86 Congress av 
Lizzie Miss, emp L. Candee & Cow, h 

601 Grand av 
Margaret, widow James, h 777 State 
Martha J., rem to Springfield, Mjuaa. 
Mary, widow James, h 110 Asylum 
IMary, widow John, h 1116 Whalley 

Mary Miss, h 192 Wallace 
Mary Miss, h 1383 State 
Maurice, car inspector, h 64 Liberty 
Maurice, plumber, bds 61 Eaton 
Maurice, emp W. R. A. Co., rms 77 

Maurice D., h 316 Davenport av 
Maurice M., emp Crystal Ice Co., bds 

316 Davenport a\ 
Michael, emp N. Y., N. H. & H- R. 

R., h 461 Washington av 
Michael, molder, h 102 Haven 
Michael, mason, rms 221 East , 
Michael, teamster, h 601 Grand av 
Michael C, painter R. R. dbops, bds 

131 Liberty 
Michael F., bridge carpenter R R. 

shops, h 120 Ashmun 
Michael W., plumber, bds 124 Bristol 
Nellie Miss, bds 12 Kensington 




fitfgenld Nellie Miss, housekeeper 192 
?tixkk H., tel. operator freight office 

Belle Dock, bds 309 Grand av 
Pitriek M., emp N. Y., N. H« ft H. 

R. H, h 60 Ann 
Tenenee M., blacksmith, h 124 Bris- 

Thomafl, laborer, b 61 EaU» 
Tbomaa J., clerk R R. shops, h 280 

Halloek av 
Timothy, emp W. R. A. Ck>., bds 166 


Timothj^ laborer, h 171 Saltonstall av 

William, emp L. Candee & Co., also 

fancy goods Wallace c Humph- 

Tey, h dow 

WiUiam, emp H. Ilooker & Co^ h 263 

TTilliajD, bds 40 Haven 
William Mrs., h 249 Congress av 
William Jr., bds 70 Ivy 
WUliatn A., delivery clerk 80 Long 

Wharf, bds 158 DeWitt 
Wffliam F., emp W. R. A. Co., h 70 


^ Ktegerald and Walter J. Walsh) , 
lawyers (14) 179 Church— See p 
L. »27 

np'bboD James, bds Springride Home 
I Jamee L., clerk inaster mechanics' 
I office R. R. ahopa, h 23 Redfield 
l^ibbons Minnie Miss bds 27 Shelton 


Anna H. Miss, clerk 922 Chap- 
ei bds 125 Congress av 

John, laborer, h 174 Hamilton 
Thomas, hiborer, h 110 Wallace 

Henry, polisher, bds 13 Greene 
James F., clerk, bds 13 Greme 
Bobert, m(rfder, h 13 Greene 
Bobert C, plater, h 271 Washington 

M., collector (66) 23 Church, 
bds 13 Greene 

Robert C, plater 71 Hamilton, 
nns 462 Chapel 
lAiaie, clerk 022 Chapel, bds 138 

rick Andrew, molder, bds 164 

lie K. Mlss^ clerk A. B. H. Co., 
h 36 Redfield 

laborer, h 237 Congress av 
tins, laborer, h 67 Main 
insi, bds 33 Winthrop av 
I, phunber, bds 220 West 
J., machinist, h 113 Morris 
tinner, h 343 Columbus av 
Miss, dresemaker 68 Washing- 
ton aF, h do. 
widoiv Kobert, h 2 Main 
Miaa, emp C. W. Blakeslee 
4 Sons, bds 220 West 
h856 8iMte 


livery stable 38 and 40 Gilbert, h 

34 do.— See p 1038 
James R., carpenter, bds 72 Nash 
Johanna, widow Cornelius, h 220 

John, laborer, bds 131 day 
John, emp N. Y., N. H. & H. R. R,, 

bds 25 Wallace 
John, mechanic emp Sargent ft Co., 

bds 220 West 
John, painter, h 393 Columbus av 
John, laborer, h 271 Oak 
John D., engineer, h 366 Columbus 


John F., clerk 38 Gilbert, bds 34 do. 

Joseph, laborer, bds 2 Main 

Joseph M., grocer 293 Hamilton, bds 

289 do. 
Keene, rem to Michigan 
Lawrence, emp C. W. Blakeslee ft 

Sons, bds 220 West 
Margaret Mrs., grocer 393 Columbus 

ay, h do. 
Mary, widow John, h 72 Nash 
Mary, widow John J., h 107 Putnam 
Maiy E. Miss, stenographer (32) 23 

Church, bds 36 Redfield 
Michael, laborer, h 68 Market 
Patrick, horseshoer, bds 279 Wooster 
Richard, emp P. Bros, ft Co., bds 499 

Robert, molder, bds 67 Main 
Thomasy molder, h 25 Wallace 
Thomas, coachman 35 High, bds do. 
Thomas, emp Sargent ft Co., h 63 

Thomas, watchman Belle Dock, h 

499 East 
Thomas F., bookkeeper 347 State, h 

24 Rosette 
Thomas F., h 260 Campbell av, W 

Thomaa M., emp N. Y., N. H. ft H. 

R. R., rms 89 Hill 
William, ins, agent 667 Grand av, h 

William, laborer, h 35 Ann 
Fltzsimmons Christopher, bds Spring- 
aide H(»ne 
Edward, toolmaker, h 82 Waidilng- 

ton av 

Hannah, widow Michael, rem to Now 

James, emp W. R. A. Co., rms 928 

James, emp W. R. A. Co., h 106 

Brown, W Haven 
James, tailor, h 8 Clifton 
John, brakeman, h 32 Lines 
John, teamster, h 198 Poplar 
Nellie H. Miss, bds 79 Arch 
Thomas F., saloon 166 Crown, h 26 
Sylvan av , 

FitEsimons Bernard F., saloon 129 Car- 
lisle, h 38 Spring 
Daniel, coachman, h 88 Spring 





iltzgunons Frank W., coachman, bds 704 

Whitney av 
Flacke — see Flecke 
Flagg Charles, laborer, h Middletown av 

n Banies av 
Francee I., nurse, rms 632 Howard av 
Ward Chester, toolmaker M. F. 

Arms Co., h 259 Lombard 
Flagge Frederick A., tailor, h 47 Charles 
Henry J., machinist, h 276 Daven- 
port av 
Theodore H., clerk 762 Chapel, bds 

276 Davenport av 
Flahaven Jeremiah, bookkeeper 138 

State, res Ansonia 
Flahavin Alice Miss, dressmaker, bds 106 

Daniel J., buffer, bds 641 Grand av 
Jeremiah, emp N. H. Gas Light Co., 

h 600 Grand av 
John J., plumber, bds 641 Grand av 
Margaret, widow John, h 641 Gi*and 

Flaherty Charles, farmer, bds Pond n 
* railroad, Hamden 
Dorothy, widow James, bds 31 Ver- 
Edward, clerk, bds 63 Greene 
Edward M., emp Hoggson & Pettis 

Mfg. Co., bds Stone n Blake 
James, emp Geometric Drill Co., bds 

Stone n Blake 
James, trav. salesman, h 83 William 
James, hostler, h Stone n Blake 
James 0., buffer, bds 403 Congress av 
John W., pressman, bds 403 Congress 

Joseph, emp R. R. shops, bds 139 

Matthew, woodworker, h 63 Kim- 

berly av 
Michael, car inspector, h west end 

York, W Haven 
Michael, mason, h 403 Congress av 
Rose Mrs., h 82 Wallace 
T. Edward, buyer Gamble-Desmond 

Co., h 139 York 
Thomas, blacksmith 1103 Whalley 

av, h 1168 do. 
William E., carriage trimmer 306 

Crown, h 93 Elliott 
William E., fireman, h 112 Plymouth 
Flammer Jacob, carpenter, rem to Oiunge 
Flanagan Alexander, emp city, h 16 

Alice E. Miss, teacher Hamilton 

School, bds 47 Lake pi 
Andrew A., machinist^ bds 27 Ward 
Andrew J., grocer 176 Humphrey, 

bds 47 LtJce pi 
Andrew J., tea dealer, bds 28S Ham- 
Andrew J., restaurant 178 Meadow, 

h 27 Ward 
; Ann, widow Michael, bds 212 Frank- 
lin 1 

Flanagan Anna G., stenographer, bds 591 
Giiuul av 
Bridget, widow Andrew, h 47 Lake 

Charles, teamster, h 963 Grand av 
Edward, saloon 62 Liberty, h do. 
Ellen, widow Patrick, h 46 Day 
Francis, joiner, h 26 Shelter 
Hannah Miss, emp W. R. A. C6., h 

474 Orchard 
Hannah A. Miss, h 283 Hamiltooi 
James, emp R. R. shops^ h 85 Arch 
James E., driver Merchants' Deliv- 
ery 212 West, bds 52 Ann 
James F., clerk Doolittle Bros, bds 

86 Arch 
Jeremiah, gardener, h 71 Ivy 
Joanna Miss, emp L. Oandee & Ool, 

bds 601 Grand av 
Joanna M. Miss, teacher Efeiton 

School, bds 428 Chapel 
John, hostler 177 Howard av, bds 

John, emp N. F. B. & P. Co., h 52 

John, rem to Boston Mass. 
John F., emp N. Y., N. H. & H. R. 

R., h 158 Rosette 
John H., gents' furnishing goods 25 

Congress av, h 19 Baldwin 
John J., joiner, bds 71 Ivy 
John J., bookkeeper emp 922 Chapef, 

bds 86 Arch 
John v., file cutter, h 185 Brewery 
John v., clerk, bds 52 Ann 
Julia T. Miss, teacher Hamilton 

School, bds 47 Lake pi 
Lawrence, carman W. F. Gilbert, bda 

436 Chapel 
Lawrence, laborer, bds 16 Market 
Lawrence F., tea dealer, bds 283 

Mamie Miss, retoucher, bds 5 Arch 
Margaret A., widow John J., carpet 

sewer, h 212 Franklin 
Mary Y. Miss, derk 47 Laurel, bds 

47 Lake pi 

181 Brewery, h 428 Chapel — See 

Matthew C, plumber 194 Shelton kt, 
bds 71 Ivy 

Michael P., brakeman, h 115 day 

Nicholas, emp N. H. R. M. Co., bds 
283 Chapel 

Patrick, laborer, h 237 WashingtOB 

Philip, h 65 Main 

Sarah Josephine Miss, teacher Eaton 
School, bds 47 LiJce pi 

Thomas, emp C. Oowles A Co., h 27 

Thomas, plater, h 21 White 

Thomas Edward, emp P. J. Oronaii 
Paper Box Co., bds 237 Wash- 
ington av 




FUnagan Thomas F., electrotyper, bda 85 
Thomas H., saloon 396 Grand ay, li 

135 Jani«B 
Thonus J. (Flanagan & Pender) 212 

West) bds 62 Ann 
Thomas M., tea dealer, h 283 Hamil- 
Thomas R., clerk 765 Chapel, bda 212 

William, stone cutter, bds 62 White 
TTiUuun F., clerk N. H. Paper Co., 

bds 428 Chapel 
Wmiam P., clerk 79 Long Wharf, 

bda 237 Washington ay 
& Pender (Thomas J. Flanagan and 
David Pender), props. Mer- 
chants' DeUvery 212 West 
m Flannegan and Flannigan 
JUoden Grace G. Miss, teacher 48 
Church, bds 78 Sixth 
Kate M., widow George L., h 276 Elm 
fknaegui Avacis, wood dealer 230 C6n- 
greas av, h 99 Washington ar 
JtvSl J., mechanic, h Wliitneyville 
James, emp 280 Congress av, bds 99 

Washington av 
John, onp Belle Dock, bds 125 Wol- 
( cott 

Hary, widow James, h 591 Grand ay 

Maty R, widow Edward, h 78 Nash 

\ JiGchael, emp N. H. R. M. Co., h 125 

I WiDiam £., emp W. R. A. Co., bds 

691 Grand ay 
i —see Flanagan and Flannigan 
■00617 Edward J., emp W. R. A. Oo., 
i bds 41 Dixwell ay 

Era F., widoiw Edward J., dreesmak- 
I er 42 Dixwell ay, h do. 
I John, h 63 Day 
John, braae iiH>lder emp M., W. C6., 

bds 184 Eftst 
Joeeph M., manager Scribner^s Maga- 
zine, h 42 Goffe 
Mary A., widow Patrick, h 184 Bast 
Hidiael. policeman, h 115 Wolcott 
PiBler, laborer, bds 845 Grand ay 
Ikomaa, rem to New York 
Tfanotby J., filer M. F. Arms Co., h 

47 Mtmroe 

^Wmiam M., clerk (318) R. R. office 

bdg, bdjs 116 Wolcott 
%illiain P., emp Reynolds & Ca, bds 

184 East 
hrigan Francis J., conductor, h 272 

Valentine, rem to Proyidenoe, 
R. L 

Thomas, laborer, h 49 View 
C^ shocsruaker 18 Market, h do. 
Frederick W., hamessmaker, rms 
9 Olive 
b Kdlie Mrs., bds 591 Grand ay 
pirood Martha S. Miss, teacher, bds 
7 Trumbull 

Fleetwood Rebecca Miss, teacher, bds 7 

Septimus C, auditor disbursementa 
N. Y., N. H. ft H. R. R. (414) 
R. R. office bdg, h 7 Trumbull 
Fleischer Isaac, peddler, h 52 Oak 

Joeeph, emp Conn. Fruit and Pro- 
duce Co., h r 21 Gold 
Iletschman Henry, shoe store 581 Grand 
ay, h 210 Wallace 

Israel, meat market 42 Oak, h 25} 
Fleischmann & Co., compressed yeasty of- 
fice 179 Meadow 
Fleischner Charles, druggist 940 Grand 
ay, h 920 do. 

Dayis, meat market 4 Rose, h 16 

Bsther Mrs., h r 26 Palmer 

Henry, physician 928 Grand ay, h 

Morris, clerk 42 Oak, bds 25i do. 

Samuel, meat market 42 Oak, h 19 
Fleming Alice Mra, bds 75 Broad 

Anna K Miss, clerk 834 Chapel, bds 
228 Crown 

D. M., rem to New York 

George W., restaurant 930 Chapd, h 
978 da 

James, emp M., W. Ca, bds 44 Wal- 

Jennie C, widow William, h Camp- 
bell ay c Noble, W Hayen 

John, emp W. R. A. Ca, h 88 Greg- 

John H., emp W. R. A. Co., bds 88 

Joseph, ass't pressman Eye. Leader, 
bds 44 Walnut 

Martin J., hoseman Steamer No. 4, 
h 78 Nash 

Mary Miss, dressmaker, bds 40 Wol- 

Nellie Miss, housekeeper 44 Walnut 

Patrick, patternmaker, h 40 Wol- 

Philip, liyery stable 22 Audubon and 
27 Cottage, h 19 Groye 

Robert, blacksmith, h 227 Portsea 

Thomas, joiner, bds 44 Walnut 

Thomas J., sup't Ewen Mclntyre ft 
Co. 834 Chapel, rms 208 Wooe- 
Flentje Henry F., rem to Hartford 
Flesche Charles A. Mrs., h 852 Grand ay 

Eugene, bartender 71 Union, bds 261 

Matilda Mrs., h 261 Wooster 
Fletcher Oatherine A. Mrs., h 51 Salem 

Charles A., cooper, bds 51 Salem 

Eliza, widow John, h 82 Morris 

Fred, machinist, bds 173 Howard ay 

George, manager New York Grocery 
and Meat Co. 69 Lamberton, h 
173 Howard ay 




Fletcher George F., clerk, h 169 Green- 
wich av 

Harriet Mrs., hda 303 George 

John, molder, h 92 dark 

John C, laborer, h 252 Davenport av 

John W., cooper, bds 51 Salem 

Joseph F., foreman Seamless Rubber 
Co., h 298 Washington av 

Mary Mrs., housekeeper 459 Con- 
gress av 

William, in U. S. Army 
Fleuxy George S., painter, bds 33 Kim- 
berly av 

Jessie B., widow William F., dress- 
maker, bds 310 Elm 

John S., com. trav., h 33 Kimberly 

William M., clerk Globe Hotel,bds do. 
Flight Charles £., carpenter, h 46 Cherry 

Minnie L. Miss, bds 217 Second av, 
W Haven 

Samuel A., farmer, h Wintergreen 
av, Hamden 

Sarah J., widow Samuel, h 46 Cherry 
Flinn France G., clerk 767 Chapel, bds 36 

Flint Adelbert W., groceries^ chairs and 
ladders 128 Greenwood, h 99 
Shennaa ar 

FLINT CLABENCE E. upholsterer 

and furniture 1002 Grand av, h 

268 Wooster— See p 969 
Edward L., paperhanger, h 81 Nicoll 
Harry W., receiving teller Yale Nat 

Bank, h 87 E Pparl 
Mary, widow Joseph, bds 726 Grand 

Maxim, carriagesmith emp 98 Com- 
merce, h 726 Grand av 
— see Lapierre 
Floce John, laborer, h 217 Foster 
Flodquist Henry, emp W. R. A. Co., h 

Gorham av, Highwood 
Louis, emp W. R. A. Co., h 43 Gibbs 
Floeckher Gustave, buyer The Edw. Mal- 

ley Co., h 773 Orange 
Flood Anna, widow John, h 249 Congress 

ay , I . . 

Anna L. Miss, clerk 886 diapel, bds 

90 Portsea 
Anne S. Miss, h 190 Wallace 
Christopher, h 219 Humphrey 
C. William, U. S. mail agent, h 146 

Daniel H., painter, h 123 Sylvan av 
Frank P., clerk (427) R. R. office 

bdg, bds 209 Kimberly av 
James R, emp J. Gibb Smith & Co., 

bds 219 Humphrey 
John, delivery clerk *R. R. freight 

house, bd s 320 Columbus av 
John J., clerk 762 Chapel, bds 227 

Davenport av 
John J., grocer 62 Hudson, h do. 

Flood Mary, widow Thomas, h 90 Portsea 
Michael, joiner, h 149 WaUace 
Patrick, laborer, h 536 East 
Philip, h 227 Davenport av 
Philip J., trav. salesman, h 69 Frank 
Rose Mrs., bds Savin av n Rock, W 

Thomas, cutter emp Munson & Co., 

h 108 Atwater 
Thomas P., bumisther, h 209 Kimber^ 

ly av 
William H., joiner, bds 90 Portsea 
William J. D., emp 934 Chapel, bds 

149 Wallace 
Flore Frank, laborer, h r 14 Circular av, 

Florio Carlo, laborer, h 6 Collis 

Giaccomo Antonio, laborer, h 24 Mor- 
Giovanni, emp Sargent & Co., h r 160 

Flower Delia J., widow Henry F., h 28 

Frank, clerk (429) R. R. office bdg, 

h 336 Howard av 
James H., drug clerk 226 Waahing- 

ton av, W Haven, h 16 George, 

Flow^ers Frank T., teamster, h 271 Grand 

Floyd Alexander, emp Sperry & Barnes, 

h 96 Foote 
Calvin N., emp Bigelow Co., h 68 

David, prea The David Floyd C6. 28 

and 30 Water, h 90 Wo<^sey 
David Co. The, blacksmiths and wag^ 

onmakers 28 and 30 Water 
Harvey W., molder, bds 68 Poplar 
James, laborer, rms 82 Eaton 
John, smith helper, h 13 Ailing 
John, painter, h 183 Humphrey 
Pftrtrick, blacksmith helper, h 180 

Stacy, carpenter, bds 64 Bright 
William, laborer, h 663 Congress av 
Flummerfelt Andrew F., rem to New 

Flynn Agnes F. Miss, clerk 767 ChtLpd, 

bds 36 Broad 
Alexander W., saloon 361 Congress 

av, h 19 Waverly 
Ann, widow Patricjc,*h 487 Oak 
Annie Miss, clerk 834 Chapel, bds 112 

Bemaixl, expressman 174 George, h 

Bridget, widow Charles, h 19 Wav- 
Catherine, widow Patrick, h 138 East 
Catherine E. Miss, stenographer, bds 

487 Oak 
Charles, emp S. N. R Tel. Co., h 73 

Charles F., saloon 200 Davenport av 

and 136 Asylum, h do. 
Daniel, carpenter and builder 300 
Davenport av, h do. 


ffynn Daniel F., joiner, bds 300 Daven- 
port av 
Daniel F., teamster, h 66 Mill 
Dennis, emp W. R. A. Co., h 54 Lilac 
Eliza, widow Thomas^ h 56 Mill 
iaien, widow Patrick, h 158 Chapel 
Frank, emp N. Y., N. H. & H. R. R., 

h41 Putnam 
Frank J., polisher, bds 138 East 
Frank J., barber, bds 146 Liberty 
Frank P., bds 158 Chapel 
G«(Nrge, teamster, bds 228 Hamilton 
Hany F., clerk 3iB9 Congress av, bds 

10 Waverly 
Helen £., ^^-idow James, bds 736 

State ' 
James, bartends 189 East, bds 191 

James, teamster, bds 137 Water 
James, taUor 70 Church, h 277 Ham- 
James, switchman, h 323 Water 
James A., emp W. R. A. Co., bds 108 

Jamee C, bartender, bds 146 Liberty 
James F., ins. agent 70 Church, h 177 

James H., plumber, rms 144 Meadow 
James H. J., physician 426 Howard 
av and 19 Waverly, rms 19 
^ Waverly 

James J., emp L. Candee & Co., bds 

274 Blatchley av 
James J., rem to Brooklyn, N. Y. 
James V., clerk, bds 54 Lilac 
Jofan, fiivman, bds 22 Lamberton 
J<An, emp Reynolds & Co., bds 349 

John D., conductor F. H. & W. R. R. 

Co., h 309 Grand av 
John J., policeman, h 309 Bscchange 
John J., conductor F. H. & W. R. R. 

Co.. h 255 Grand av 
Julia, widow Peter, bds 162 Carlisle 
Kieman, emp DeForest & Hotchkiss 

Co., h 137 Water 
Martin, porter 215 Water, h 199 

Martin, emp T. Attwater Barnes, h 

11 XicoU 
Martin J., driver 700 Chapel, bds 137 

JCartin J., car builder, bds 9 Nicoll 
Mary, widow William, h 274 Blatch- 
ley av 
Mary, widow Thomas, h 26 Edwards 
Mary A., widow Harry, h 94 Hill 
Mary EL Miss, dressmaker, bds 300 

Davenport av 
Michael, laborer, bds 130 SaltonstaU 

Michad, car builder, h 169 Putnam 
Midiael, laborer, bds 66 Franklin 
Michael, junk dealer, h 9 NicoU 
Ifichael F., stenogntpher R. R. sh(K>s, 
bds 9 NicoU 



Flynn Patrick, butcher, h 344 Columbus 

Patrick, h 14 Madison 
Patrick M., clerk 922 Chapel, bds 1 

Peter, bds Springside Home 
Peter H., plumber, h 26 Button 
Peter J., laborer, bds 137 Water 
Thomas, teamster, h 27 York 
Thomas, driver Sperry & Barnes, bds 

137 Water 
Thomas, emp Strouse, Adler & Co., 

h 183 Franklin 
Thomas, laborer, h 13 Webster 
Thomas (T. and M. T. Flynn) 675 

Grand av, bds 26 Edwards 
Thomas E., rem to Bridgeport 
Thomas J., forger, h 108 Gregory 
Thomas S., bds 9 NicoU 
T. & M. T., undertakers 675 Grand 

William, sub. letter carrier, bds 274 

Blatchley av 
William, rem to New London 
William E., plumber, bds 174 George 
William H., letter carrier, bda 96 

William J., bartender 361 Congress 

av, bds 19 Waverly 
Fogarty Frank J., carpenter, h 170 Green- 
wich av 
Henry P., bookkeeper, bds 96 Brad- 
FOOABTY TAMES A. carpenter and 

builder r 531 Grand av, h 264 

Blatchley av— See p 1007 
James P., porter 215 Water, h 27 

John A., stock clerk R. R. shops^ h 

dark opp depot, W Haven 
John P., carpenter, h 84^ DeWitt 
Josephine Miss, emp Strouse, Adler 

& Co., h 96 Bradley 
Magne L. Miss, dressmaker 170 

Greenwich av, h do. 
Martin, emp R. R. shops, rms 127 

Michael, molder, h 96 Bradley 
Michael T., carpenter, bds 96 Brad- 
Thomas F., bookkeeper 898 Chapel, h 

64 Derby av 
Thomas J., wire drawer, h 285 

Blatchley av 
Timothy, h 46 Day 
William T., steward Tontine Hotel, 

rms 46 Day 
Fogg Arthur E. (Arthur E. Fogg & Co.), 
manager Co-operative Savings 
Society of Conn. (212) 865 CSiap- 
el, h Main c Union, W Haven 

FOGG AETHTJK E. & CO. (Arthur E. 

Fogg and Hiram A. Gray), real 
estate agents and inveetments 
(212) 865 Chapel--See p 941 
Ezra D., pres. and treas. The Ezra D. 
Fogg Co. (2) 87 Church, h 389 
Edgewood av 



POOO EZBA D. CO. THE* wholesale 

lumber (2) 87 Ghurch— See p 

Leneus M., engineer, bda 32 Olive 
Maiy K Mrs., h 102 Park 
Foglia Mike, barber 36 DixweU ay, rms 

Foisey NeweU £., porter Adams Ex. Oa., 

Union depot, h 630 State , 
Foisie Peter, emp Peek & Bishop Oo., bds 

34 Sylvan av 
Telesphore, coal and wood 292 Grand 

av, h 44 Shelter 
Foley Abina Miss, emp 175 Meadow, bds 

612 Chapiel 
Ann Miss, h 62 View 
Archibald P., tel. operator W. U. TeL 

Co., rms 589 C^pel 
Bartholomew, joiner, h 49 Clay 
Bernard, laborer, bds 799 Grand av 
Coleman, laborer, h 76 Putnam 
David, rms 113 Ashmun 
David, laborer, h 127 Wajahington 

David Jr., emp Seamless Rubber Co., 

bds 127 Washington av 
Dennis, carriage painter, bds 117 

Winchester av 
Edward A., bds 282 Blatchley av 
Edward M., buyer Gamble-Desmond 

Co., h 173 Davenport av 
Ellen, widow Thomas, h 49 CSay 
Francis W., saloon 284 Grand av, h 

Frank, teamster, h 40 Congress av 
Frank, laborer, h 1130 State 
Frederick A., ailverplater, h 76 Beach 
Hannah F. Miss, clerk 819 Chapel, h 

James J., caniage painter, h 161 Dix- 
weU av 
James M., molder, h 62 Liberty 
James P., plumber, bds 70 Haven 
James S., emp National Biscuit Co., 

h 191 DeWitt 
James W., emp Seamless Rubber Co., 

h 86 Elliott 
Jeremiah, coachman 203 Crown, h 

612 Chapel 
John, emp N. H. Gas Light Co., h 67 

John, porter 396 State and grocer 50 

View, h do. 
John, mason, h 21 1 Davenport av 
John B., prop. Elm City Gfus Stove 

Co. 817 Chapel, rms 819 do. 
John F., joiner, bds 182 Ferry 
John H., baker, h 363 Congress av 
John J., in U. S. Army 
John J., confectionery, cigars, etc. 

365 Grand av, h 367 do. 
John L., grocer and meat market 

763 Grand av, h 765 do. 
Joseph M., plumber, bds 544 Esjst 
Kate A., millinery 819 Chapel, h do. 
^ Martin, emp N. H. Gas Light Co., h 

574 East 


Foley Mary, widow John, h 258ILiiBi^ 
Mary Miss, h 707 Grand av 
Mary Miss, h 48 Aahmun 
Mary Miss, h 117 Winchester w 
Maurice P., switchman, h 170 Fiuk 
Max, barber 148 Gecnge, h 11 Wuk- 

ington av 
Michael, laborer, h 439 OongraitT 
Michael K, emp J. CL Hubioger SMl 

Co., bds 76 Putnam 
MiffhuAl F., oysterman, h 182 Itej 
Michael J., teamater, h 248 Wuih 

ington av 
Michael J., h 39 Ann 
Idichael W., emp W. R A Cton Ui 

123 Ashmun 
NelUe F. Miss, emp 371 Blatehkf v, 

bds 49 Clay 
Nora, widow William, h 128 Ai> 

Patrick, rem to Branford 
Patrick, laborer, h 116 day 
Patrick, motorman, h 115 FQlmaR 
Patrick Mrs., h 739 Grand av 
Patrick F., teamster, h 40 Ooi 

Patrick J., emp L. Ckndee & Co, 

78 Hamilton 
Thomas, emp Baumann Rubber 

h 5 Stevens court 
Thomas, bds 1 Bradley pi 
Thomas H., baker, bds 100 
Thomas J., stenographer L 

Automatic M^. Oow, bds 

Thomas J., emp 110 Crown« bdi 

Timothy, motorman, h 36 Mi^ 
William, teamater, bds 277 

port av 
William F., emp Sargent k Oa, 

167 Ferry 
Foljambe Ella V., widow S. W., bds 

Follett Waldo F., decfcrician, bds 49 

Folnaciari Ilderigo (B. Oaasari & Oo.) 

Congress av, rma 126 da 
Fdsom WalUee L., clerk, rms 516 
Fonda Ira Edward, job printer 7 K 

av, h 189 Quinnipiftc av 

Oscar, carpenter, rms r 175 ~ 

Fontaine Benoit (Fontaine ft H 

231 Congress av, h 28 Wsri 
Ciamiel, carpenter, h 37 Ohun^ 

& Heidrich (Benoit Fontaine 

Stephen Heidricb), liquors 

Congress av 
Foos Halfdeam, dgarmaker, bds- 

Foot Laura L., widow £nos, h 58 

lev av 
Foote Adella M. Mrs., forew om aa 

Meadow, bds 682 diapei 






Foote Amelia h,, widow Charles C, h 26 
Arthur "E., bds 10 Howe 
A. & 06. (Lozelle Foote), fish mar- 
ket 363 State, also Woodmomt 
and 7 Grove, W Hayen 
QgAUm A., teacher, bds 347 Howard 

ChaileB K, sec. and treaa W. A. 
Beckley Co. 167 Water, h 263 
Howard av 
CbarieB B., court meBaeagesc (6) 
Oourt House, h 298 Leodngton 
CbaiieB F., foreman painter 16 

Crown, h 143 Exchange 
CharleB J., phyucian 26 Bibn, h da 
(Men B., office 662 State, h State, 

Edward A., bds 61 Fountain 
Cdward R., with A. Foote & Co., h 

185 Whalley av 
Edwin B., rem to New York 
Edwm F., emp N. H. dock Co., bds 

143 Exchange 
Eliza 8., widow Qeorge A., h Agri- 
col^ral Experiment Station, 
Mfworth I., bds 19 Howe 
Emily A., widow George F., bds 181 

FnaceB M. Mrs., bds 220 Orange 
ftank L., clerk 363 State, bds 74 Sea 
Fred W., h 200 Quinnipiac av 
G. Clifford, bookkeeper H. 0. Rowe 

ft Co., h 416 Lenox 
GeoKge D., electrical engineer 11 

Pftldn, b 486 Edgewood av 
Geofge Lk, watchman, h 196 Quinni- 
piac av 
Harold, emp N. F. B. & P. Go., h 117 

Barry W,, rem to Europe 
Heber M., seajnan, bds 88 Front 
Henry H., tailor (16) 818 Chapel, h 

366 Orchard 
Albert D., oysterman, bds 88 Fkxmt 
Herbert T., emp Sargent & Co., bds 

243 EbEchan^e 
^uaes H., stevrard Morris Cove Ho- 
tel, bde 18 Clifton 

B., h 306 Columbus av 
B., printer, h 263 Howard av 
lonDe (A. Foote & Co.) 363 State, 

h 74 Sea 
Lyman D., laborer, h 88 Cedar 
]trr H., widow Edward, h 113 

P., flaleBnian 97 Orange, bds 
90O Elm 

A- Mrs., h 168 York 
cashier Tradesmens National 
Bank 96 Orange, bds 38 Howe 
W., dTtLUghtPsmaji (324) 866 
Chapel, bds 201 Blatchley av 

Foote Sarah, widow Jonathan, h 216 
Wsuihington av, W Haven 

Sarah A., widow Alexander, h 347 
Howard av 

Sherman F., h 19 Howe 

Sybil B., widow Samuel W., bds 298 
Lexington av 

Wallace H., clerk First National 
Bank, res Branford 

Wallace I., letter carrier, h 304 Co- 
lumbus av 

Walter B. (W. B. Foote & Co.) (1 
and 2) 840 Chapel, h 364 Or- 

Walter S., fish and oyster market 
169 Washington av, h 106 De- 
Witt ' 

W. B. & Co. (Walter B. Foote and 
John W. Burke), stock broken 
(1 and 2) 840 Chapel 

Wealthy S., widow William, h 701 

Webster D., h 121 Lawrence 

Wilfred, office 662 State, rms 136 

William C, fireman, bds 113 Park 

William D., h 66 Alden 

William Rodney, emp S. N. E. Tel. 
Ox, bds 701 Chapel 

William T., patternmaker, bds 88 
Foppoli Joe, laborer, h 264 Groffe 
Foran Dennis, lockmaker, bds 136 Lloyd 

James, laborer, h 2 Putnam 

James (Cbolohan & Foran) 126 East, 
h 88 Franklin 

John, laborer, bds 41 Maltby pi 

Patrick M., emp N. H. Ice Co., h 41 
Maltby pi 
Forbes Alfred W., farmer, h 37 Forbes av 

Amelia, widow Frederick H., h 
Townsend av opp Burr 

David, farmer, bds Milford turnpike, 

Edgar J., emp 326 Dixwell av, h 76 

Edwin Ik, rem to Mexico 

Esther M. Mrs., boarding house 264 

Henry, emp H. Hooker & Co., h 194 
Ehn, W Haven 

Hudson B., h Townsend av n Monis 

Jane C. Mrs., bds 91 Olive 

John, foreman 78 Water, h 218 Peck 

John P., farmer, h Milford turnpike, 

Josephus, h 31 Forbee av 

Lester K., brick mason, bdd 108 Col- 

Mary A., widow Charles, bds 261 

Marv W. Mrs., bds 128 Howe 

Nathaniel D., h 27 Maltby 

Nathaniel D. Jr.« bookkeeper 98 
Meadow, h 367 Ellsworth av 




Forbes Sarah K Miss, bds 254 Crown 
Forby William, emp N. Y., N. H. & H. R. 

R. Co., bds 615 State 
Forcier W. F., emp W. R. A. Ca, bds 

283 Dixwell av 
Ford A. K & Ca, printers 730 Cbapel 
Abram M., engineer R. A. Belden 

Machine Co., bds 768 Whalley 

Alice G. Miss, teacher Whiting 

Street School, bds 768 Whalley 

Anna E. Miss, cashier 45 Church, bds 

48 Sylvan av 
Annie K Miss, nuise, h 203 Blake 
Arthur S., emp N. H. E. Co., h 554 

Avery K (A. E. Ford & Co.) 730 

Chapd, h 242 Orchard 
Bartholomew, boilennaker, h 394 

Davenport av 
Bernard, emp N. Y., N. H. & H. R. 

R., h 286 Washington av 
Building, 730 to 740 Chapel 
Caroline A., widow Charles A., h 18 

Catherine, bookkeeper 140 Dixwell 

av, bds 112 Carmel 
Catherine F. Miss, dressmaker, bds 

227 Mansfield 
Christian, granite cutter, h 30 Grace 
Clara W., widow Harvey, h 19 Court 
Daniel, gardener, h 227 Mansfield 
David, h 768 Whalley av 
Edward, saloon 258 East, h do. 
Ellsworth, with George D. Blakes- 

lee, h 60 Atwater 
Emma J., widow Ellsworth, h 519 

Dixwell av 
Frank, laborer, h 75 Carlisle 
Frank, emp 80 Long Wharf, h 61 

Fred J., clerk 49 Elm, h 9 Albert, W 

George, laborer, bds 96 George 
George H., pres. The Geoige H. Ford 

Co. 732 to 740 Chapel, h 55 


FOBD OEORGE H. CO. THE» import- 
ers, mfrs. and retail jewelers 732 
to 740 Chapel— See front col'd 

p ni 

G. A. W., h 52 Sylvan av 
Hattie S. Miss, dressmaker 362 Or- 
chard, bds dow 

FOBD HOBATIO H. prop- New Eng- 
land Economic Co. 490 Grand 
av, bds 19 Court — See p 891 

Howard G., notary public, h 860 
Dixwell av, Highwood 

James, emp H. Hooker & Co., bds 184 

James A., dining rooms 1000 Grand 
av, h 184i St. John 

James J., driver C. Cowlee A; Co., h 
48 Sylvan av 

Ford Janet, widow Meritt, h n Whitney 
Park, Whitneyville 
John, rem to New York 
John, laborer, h 112 Hamilton 
John, bricklayer, h 96 George 
John A., clerk 6 Church, bds 48 Syl- 
van av 
Joseph, brass molder, h 176 Frank- 
Julius G., clerk 154 Water, bdfl 519 

Dixwell av 
Louis M., emp Greist M^. Co., h 476 

Winthrop av 
Louisa M., widow William, h 9 Al- 
bert, W Haven 
Marian, widow William D., nns 80 

Mary £. Miss, dressmaker 476 How- 
ard av, h do. 
Mary J., widow Friend C, h 34 Val- 
Patrick, laborer, h 23 Thorn 
Robert H., ins. canvasser (21) 82 

Church, h 140 St John 
Stephen L., h 362 Orchard 
Theresa Miss, dressmaker 476 How- 
ard av, h do. 
Thomas, stone cutter, h 129 Putnam 
Walter, paper hanger, h 74 Ivv 
Walter J., emp Hyperion Theatre^ 

bds 48 Sylvan av 
W. H. Mrs., bds 26 Compton 
Wilfred, agent and sexton Westville 
cemetery, h 762 Whalley av, P. 
0. box 108, Westville 
William, emp R. R. shops, h 164 

Greenwich av 
William E., druggist 511 and 513 

State, h 16 Lynwood 
William E., junk dealer, h 29 Court 
William £. J., student, bds 16 Lyn- 
William H., conductor Hartford Div., 
h 163 Woodward av 
Fordham Charles H., rem to E2ast Haven 
Samuel, mariner, bds 96 Howard av 
Foren — see Foran 

Forestall Msltv Miaa, bds 685 Orange 
Forester Alexander, emp C. E. Cnitteor 

den, rms 323 State 
Foresters' Hall, 769 Chapel 
Forlano Raffaele, laborer, h r 382 East 
Vincenzo, laborer, bds 41 Greene 
Forman Catherine Mrs., h 90 Adeline 
Frank H., messenger Adams EbcpreM 
Co., h 196 Spring 
Fomier — see Foumier 
Forrest — see DeForest 
Forsberg Charles F., h 263 Grand av 
Victor B., engineer, h 148 Sylvan 
Forselius Charles E. L., tinner, h Second 
av, W Haven 
Leonard, tinner, h Second av, W H*- 
Forsino Giulio, emp Sargent & Co^, bdf 

237 Hamilton 
Forslund Gus> saloon 1366 State, h do. 




Foreter John, emp Sargent & Co., h 143 

Winchester av 
Max, clerk 90 George, Ms 1410 

William C, bookkeep^ 922 Chapel, 

bds Milford turnpike n Front av, 

For^Ttli Duncan, emp W. R. A. Co., h 77 

William, mason, h 58 Winter 
William H., pros, and treas. The Fond 

idly Co., Whalley av, h 82 Foun- 

F0B8YTE A KRATTS (William H. 

Forayth and Charles A. Kraus), 
carx>et cleaners Poplar c River — 
Seep 921 
Forte Pssquale, labofer, bds 2 Oak 
JViitiiiieB Athanes» florist 890 Chapel, bds 
96 Hill 
Demetrius, florist Chapel c Church, h 
39 Eleventh, W Haven 
Fosehin James, tailor, bds 48i Putnam 
Jibsdick Eugene^ carriagemaker, bds 117 
William B., emp N. F. B. & P. Co., h 

117 Poplar 
William C, emp F. H- & W. R. R. 
Co., h 252 Grand av 
Kotkett Alden J., rem to Massachusetts 
William A., pres. Foekett & Bishop 
Oo., Grand av c Railroad av, h 
' 138 Davenport av 

William A. Jr., with Foskett & 
^ 3iriiop Co., h 248 Sherman av 


I beating apparatus, plumbers, 

steam and gas flttera Grand av 

tc Railroad av— See p 909 
Halfdon, dgarmaker, bds 216 State 
for Mike, laborer, h 203 Franklin 
hpiimi Joeeph C, rem to Middletown 
mter Alice W. Miss, dressmaker, bds 
i 207 Hallock av 

[ AH jm K. Bev., pastor Olivet Baptist 
' Chxirch, Dixwell av, rms 140 

Shelton av 
L Ckuxrfine H. Miss, h 73 Elm 
Cliarles B., h 220 Howard av 
Cbmrles T., clerk 52 Atwater, bds 124 

1^ d€>. 

■yi^H CHASLES W. i^- propellers 
W far yachts, yacht machinery, etc. 
I 31 Croiim, h do.— See p 994 

fClan BL Mifis, clerk 787 Chapel, bds 
I 220 Howard av 

Cbfvet Works, C. W. Foster manager, 
oorsete 31 Crown 
L»,, motorman, h 145 Second 
W Haven 

B., motorman, h Second av, 
W Ha.ven 
A. Mis0, b 11 Howe 
nel P.9 uis. canvasser (49) 49 
Chtirch, res North Haven 
Iv S., widow Watson E., bde 98 

Foster Frances L. Mrs., manager Willcox 
& Gibbs Sewing Machine Co. 688 
Chapel, h 13 Court 

Fred A., machinist, bds 124 Atwater 

Frederick, emp 20 Church, h 229 
Congress av 

Frederick F. Mrs., h 124 Atwater 

Gains, h 32 Cottage 

Geoi^ K., clerk 744 Chapel, h 75 

George Lk, motormaii W. Av. R. R. 
Ca, h 116 Center, W Haven 

Grace I. Miss, music teacher, bds 75 

Henry W., office 70 Orange, h 220 

James, hostler Hubinger Bros. & Co., 
rms Elm City Park 

J. Leighton, machinist, bds 75 Ken- 

John H., teamster, bds 92 St. John 

John H., janitor Shelton Avenue 
School, h 248 W Ivy 

John H., engineer, bds 44 Russell 

John P. C, physician 107 College, h 
109 do. 

Leslie M., rem to New York 

Lyman, laborer, h 6 Eighth, W Ha- 

Max, bds 1410 State 

Pierrepont B., bds 667 Orange 

R. P. Mre., bds 129 Elm, W Haven 

Scott Lee, machinist, h 98 Broad- 

Wilbur A., engineer, bds 312 Lexing- 
ton av 

William A. P., rem to Noroton 

William Frederic, professor law Y. 
U., h 204 Prospect 

William H., emp R. R. shops, h Hem- 

— see Forster 
Fothergill Catherine Miss, boarding 
house 62 Wooeter 

Charles E., fireman, h 46 Wooster 

Joseph, bds 62 Wooster 

Joseph J., teamster, bds 62 Wooster 
Foulds Oliver, cook Colonial Hotel, rms 

Foumier George, carpenter, h Third av n 

Beach, W Haven 
Fowle Henry, emp L. Oeindee k Co., h 94 

Fowler Abigail N. Mre., bds 17 Wood, W 

Charles, student, bds 59 Prospect 

Charles, h 271 Munson 

Charles H., lawyer (4) Glebe bdg 116 
Church, h 205 Whalley av 

Charles M., h 144 Lafayette 

Charles R., organist St. John's (P. 
K) Church and teacher piano 
(6) 851 Chapel, bds 308 Hum- 

Charlotte Mrs., teacher, bds Whitney 
av, Whitney ville 

Clarissa, widow George G., h 627 



Fowler Dwight M., conductor N. Y., N. 

H. & H. R. R., bds 332 Temple 
Edward D., salesman 76 Orange, bds 

551 Howard av 
Elizabeth A. Miss, clerk W Haven P. 

O., bds Union av, do. 
Flora L. Miss, emp L. Oandee & Co., 

bds 114 Kimberly ay 
Floyd, emp W. R. A. Oo., bds 36 

Frank K (Fowler & Kimberly) 232 

State, h 324 Grand ay 
Frank H., maflon, h 17 Wood, W 

Frank M., carriage and wagon re- 
pairing 1460 Whalley av, h do. 
Fred H. B., violin teacher 851 Ghapel, 

bds 306 Humphrey 
Frederick A., principal F. A. Fowler's 

School of Music (6) 851 Chapel 

and choir master St. John's (P. 

E.) Church, h 308 Humphrey 
George H., carriage painter, h 119 

Ellsworth av 
George H., h 405 Temple 
George W., clerk (101) R. R. office 

bdg, h 143 Dwight 
Hanford R. (H. R. Fowler & Oo.) 179 

Crown, h 35 Lynwood 
Hannah E. Mrs., h Third av n Beach, 

W Haven 
Harriet M., widow Edwin D., h 239 

Quinnipiac av 
Harry E., teacher, bds Whitney av, 

Hiram D., fireman, h 142 Plymouth 
H. R. & Co. (Hanford R. Fowler and 

Cliarles H. Phelps), merchant 

tailors 179 Crown 
James B., trav. saleaman Sperry & 

Barnes, res East Haven 
James D. Rev., rem West 
Jeimie V. Mrs., bds 500 Chapel 
John H., wholesale limiber (4) 87 

Church, res East Haven 
John N., teamster D. T. Welch Co., 

W Haven, h 33 Union av, do. 
John S., ass't clerk Superior Court 

(10) Court House, h 27 Dwight 
Julia Lu, widow William W., nurse, 

h 34 Eld 
Julia M., widow Charles E., h 227 

Lambert H., baggagemaster, h 180 

Leonard R., h 338 Orchard 
Lewis L., locomotive engineer, h 114 

Kimberly av 
Lewis L. Jr., fireman, bds 114 Kim- 
berly av 
Mary, widow (Charles M., h 114 High 
Mary J., widow George H., h 308 

Morgan E., asis't sup't Fsu^tory No. 2 

N. F. B. & P. Co., h 266 Quinni- 
piac av 


Fowler Oscar P., music teacher, bds SOB 

Robert T.« electrician (303) B. B. 

office bdg, bds 27 Dwight 
Susan C. Miss, h 10 Sylvan ay 
Theron C, bookke^r 85 Oiuige, 

bds 230 Quinnipiac av 
William, emp W. R. A. Ox, h 201 

William H., emp W. R. A. Q)., h 8? 

William H., farmer, h 422 Dixicll 

William Harry, bds 33 Union aT, W 

William S., saJeRman A. Henlee, 

bds The ArlingtiMi 


Fowler and Frank H. Eimberij), 
wholesale crockery, pc^i ^*^ 
etc. 232 and 234 Statfr-^f 


SIC, F. A. Fowler pmunpal [vj 

851 Chapd--3ee p 967 
Fowles Harry I., carpenter 90 PopIir,i 

Fox Andrew H., gardener, nns r 827 Hi 
Anthony, emp G. F. W. Mfg. " 

bds 677 Grand av 
Arthur, emp Seabrook & Smith, 

Valley n Harnaon 
Augusta M., widow Walter W., 

Valley n HarriBoa 
Bernard, tailor, h 119 Bradley 
Bridget, widow John, h 188 

Charles J., emp W. R. A. 0(k, bto 

W Lane 
Charles J., law student (16) 

Church, bds 68 Sylvan av 
Edward, foreman lineman W. IT. 

Co., h 25 Bradley 
Edward, emp Belle Dock, bds 

Edward L., treas. Kataonal 

Bending Ca The, bds 

Famum W., clerk S- N. B. Td. 

bds 1245 Chapel 
Frank, laborer, bds 250 Greeop 

Frank, machinist, bds 212 
Frederick G., hostler, bds 17 
Frederick H., engineer, h 134 

ard av 
Frederick W., upholsterer, h 

Grand av 
George, bds Hotel Garde 

FOX OEOBOE L. rector Hq|J 
Grammar School 134 High,' 
7 C6llege— See p 815 
George S., bds 1245 Chapel 
Gustavus, rem to Germany 
Henry, h 13 Brown 




Fox Hennan, horse trainer, h 548 Whal- 
ley av 
Hinm E., looomotive engineer, h 226 

Howard av 
James, emp W. R. A. Co., h 105 Mill 

JamcB, laborer, h 416 East 
James C, brass molder, h 37 Greene 
Jane, widow Jacob L., h 3 W Lane 
John, kegmaker, h 178 Pine 
Lizzie R. Miss, bds 452 Oolumbus 

Haiia, widow Owen, bds 83 William 
Haij, widow Dennis, h 212 Frank- 
Michad F., emp R. R. shops, bds 53 

Winchester av 
Michael J., ins. canvasser, h 16 Mill 

Peter, stevedore 80 Long Wharf, h 

98 Adeline 
Peter J., emp R. R. shops, h 135 Putr 

Samuel (Glouskin ^ Fox) 1058 

Chapel, rms do. 
Samuel, rem to St. Louis, Mo. 
Simeon J., prea and treas. The Na- 
tional Pipe Bending Ck). River c 
Lloyd, h 1245 Chapel 
Thomas, emp N. H. Gras Light Co., h 
r 214 Hamilton 
i Thomas, machinist, h 177 Greenwich 
Tbomas P., motorman, bds 881 
i Grand av 

JDZ UXOTHY J. lawyer (16) Hoad- 
\ ley hdg 49 Cainrch, h 58 Sylvan 

av— See p 027 
\ WiUard H., machinist and bicycle re- 
pairer 182 Carlisle, h 343 How- 
\ ard av 
William, emp H. H. Olds & Co., bds 

276 East 
l^Iliam H., emp R. R. shops, bds 3 

West lane 
—see Fachs 
James H., sec. West Haven Water 

Co. 78 Crown, h 62 Dwight 
John 6., brakeman, h 212 Green- 
wich av 

Carrie Mrs., dressmaker 305 
Quinnipiac av, h do. 

', cigar xnfr. and dealer 12 E 
Grand av, h 305 Quinnipiac av 
Michele, laborer, h 51 Mcmroe 
Alexander, emp B. R. shops, h 20 

widow Alexander, bds 44 


Hemry, carpenter, bds 1381 Green- 
wich av 

A., gren. manager Joseph 
Pa^er & Son Co., h 12 Dwight 
Minnie, widow Herman, h 119 

Francesco Orlando, barber 124 Hamilton, 

h 670 Grand av 
Francesconi Frank, tailor, h 134 Congress 

Lorenzo, laborer, h 136 Lafayette 
Silvestro, grocer 134 Congress av, h 

Francillo Giuseppe, quarryman, bds 6 

Francis Albert D., clerk Lightbum & 

Pond Co., h 299 Orchard 
Alice Miss, bookkeeper 915 Whalley 

av, bds Blake c Valley 
Annie Mrs., cook, rms 36 Congress 

Bros. (Charles O. and Friend B. 

Francis), grocery, flour and feed 

87 Grand av 
Charles O. (Francis Bros.) 87 Grand 

av, h 89 da 
Edward, carpenter, h 118 Kimberly 

Esther Mrs., h 70 Canal 
Francis, tailor, h 39 Beers 
Friend H. (Francis Bros.) 87 Grand 

av, h 28 Clinton av 
George, laborer, h 735 Dixwell av 
H. A. W., widow Horace F., h 30 

John W., janitor Y. U., rms 169 

Mary L., widow George, h 20 Winter 
Samuel R., clerk Hotel Davenport^ 

rms 14 Vernon 
Simon, carpenter, rms 174 Wooster 
Spurgeon, emp N. Y., N. H. & H. R. 

R., h r 13 Wooster pi 
Willard R., joiner, bds 14 Vernon 
William, rem to Newark, N. J. 

FBANCIS WUUAH E. baker, cater- 
er and restaurant 825 Chapel, h 
823 do.— See p 950 
Francisco Bemice A., marine steward, 
rms 775 State 
Ferris LeRoy, electrician, h 158 Pine 
Franck Joseph, cigarmaker F. D. Grave, 

h 306 Oak 
Francke John W., clerk, h 370 Dixwell 

Franco Francesco, laborer, h 295 Water 

John, laborer, h 108 Franklin 
Francolini Biagio, physician 541 Chapel, 

bds do. 
Franey Frank J., student, bds 60 Sylvan 
Henry, bds 106 Asylum 
Mary, widow John, h 106 Asylum 
Philip K., sub. letter carrier, bds 106 
Frank Abraham (H. Frank A; Son) 28 
Dow, bds do. 
Anton, cigarmaker, h 96 Fillmore 
Catherine, widow Jacob, h 155 Put- 
George, h 583 Congress av 




Frank George, shoemaker, h 88 Cedar Hill 

Harris H. (H. Frank & Soa) 28 Dow, 

h do. 
Henry, teamster, h Middletown av n 

town line 
Henry F., truckman, bds 241 Green- 
wich av 
H. & Son (Harris and Abram 

Fk^ank), soda water mfrs. 28 

Louis E., rem to Teacas 
Louis £., elevator porter 49 Ghurch, 

bds 241 Greenwich av 
Louis P., mason, bds 241 Greenwicli 

Mary, widow Henry, h 241 Green- 
wich av 
Milius, inq. 119 Greene 
Milton W. (William Frank & Ga) 

783 Chapel, bds 101 Cottage 
Moses, watehmaker and jeweler 346 

State, bds 87 Olive 
Paul J., blacksmith 14 Elm, W Ha- 
ven, h r do. 
Peter, bds 96 Fillmore 
Unite L. (Unite L. Frank Tea Ca) 

26 Oongreas av, h 34 Sherman 

Unite L. Tea do. (Unite L. Frank), 

teas, eto. 26 Congress av 
William (William Frank & Co.) 783 

Chapel, h 101 Cottage 
William & Co. (William Shrank and 

Milton W. Frank), cloaks, suits 

and ladies' fumidiings, etc 783 

Franke Gustave, emp 161 to 166 CSiurch, 

rms 7 Wooeter pi 
Frankel Benjamin, grocer 44 Oak, h do. 
J., rem to York 
Max, shoemaker 10 George, h 124 

Washington av 
Frankenbei^ger Herman (H. Frankenber- 

ger & Co.) 366 State, h 641 

H. & Co. (H. Frankenberger and B. 

Sugenheimer) , mfrs. aprons and 

caps 366 State 
Frankenfield Solomon (E. Moses & Go.) 

843 Chapel, bds New Haven 

Frankfurt Judah, teacher Hebrew, h 27 

Rebecca, widow Harris, bds 27 Silver 
Frankish James, bds 124 Nash 
Franklin Catherine, widow John W., h 73 

Emily Mim, h 14 Gilbert av 
Frederick L., emp L. Candee & Co., 

bda 264 Peck 
Hall, Fountain n Whalley av 
Harry E., clerk 188 Long Wharf, h 

49 Howard av 
Henry D., carpenter, h 264 Peck 

Franklin Hugh H., barber, confectiooeqf 

and pool room 265 Chapel, h 115 

John, grocer and meat market 9D 

Nicoll, h 73 Naab 
Jos^h T., barber 185 Chi^ bdi 2 

Murray pi 
Lucy, widow Nathan, h 2 Silrer 
Mary H. Miss, h 2 Murray pi 
Nellie, widow Hugh, bds Hotel 

Printing Co., Luzeme Ludingtoi 

pn^., r 136 Quinnii»ae av 
Thomas, electrotyper, bds 138 Wo» 

William A., emp C. Cowles & Oo., k 

14 Gilbert av 
William E., clerk, h 4 Beechor eoot 
Franz George, h 57 Houatcm 

Margaret, widow Mathias, bds 861 

Franzer Laura Mrs., rms 20 Winter 
Alexander, gardener 30 Hudson, \ 

Forest opp WiUard 
Fraser Angus, emp R. Veitch k Son, bdi 

26 Harriscm 
John, emp Greist Mfg. Co., bds Fa^ 

est opp Willard 
Peter, blacksmith, h 327 Howard 
Thomas, machinist, bda 327 He 

— see Frazer 
Frasso Alfonso, blacksmith, h Em< 
Frattori Ettore, laborer, h 24 Lafai 
Frawley Charles, emp H. Hooker k 

29 Bishop 
John W., iron molder, h 31 

Martin M., emp N. Y,, N. H. & H. 

R., bds 22 Court 
^chael, motorman F. H. & W. B- 

Co., bds 395 Grand av 
W. Henry, clerk 320 Grand av, \i 

31 Canner 
Fray Charles, drop forger, h 34 Gibbs 
G. H., h Pine, Highwood 
— see Frey 
Frazee George, emp N. H. R, M. Ox, 1 

60 Mill 
Frazer Adolph, blacksmith b^per, I 

245 Chapel 
Cyprian, h 245 Chapel 
Joseph, blacksmith, h 245 
Simon J., boilermaker, bds 

Frazie Peter, emp Peck & Bisiu 

rms 85 St. John 
Frazier Alfranzo, clerk, h 50 Tvli 
Augustus, rem to BeErlin 
Charlotte A., widow Charlee 

240 Quinnipiac av 
David J., mechanic, h N'oble n 

bell av, W Haven 
James B., painter, bds 45 ^^^^ 
John A., painter 45 Kicoll, h 
John A. Jr., emp W. It. 

45 Nicoll 


Hut C. Mt9., bd» Hot«l Davfliiport 
iSary J. Miss, coreetnuJceT, bdt No- 
ble n Campbell av, W Havvi 
Richard, laborer, h 281 FirBt ftT, W 

Robert B., plumber, h 220 Edgewood 

WUliain E., milk dealer, h 840 Quin- 

— see Fnucr and Fraaer 
Fnaa Alexander, emp 272 Elm, bda 21 
Edgewood aT 
James, emp S. N. E. Tei. Co., Ii 21 
Edgewood av 
naar George, coachmaji 21S Prospect, h 

rtHU August D., gardeaer BOO WliaJley 
av, bde 121 Scranton 
Chnstian, emp Sargmt & Co., bds 41 

Chriatiaji, emp 322 Oak, h 121 Scian- 

Hmry, emp R. R. shops, h 49 Au- 

Rcbette Areene, Mctfon boss, li 43 But- 

■denberg John W., emp N. Y., N. H. ft 
I H. R. R., h 12 Daggett 

Uoitnu^b Edward, h 22 Market 
Idenek Albert, bds 198 Newb&ll 
Albert, c&rpenter, h 21 Goodrich, 

Bros- (Philip L., Henry J. and Ed- 
ward Q. i^vderick), groceries 
and meat market 251 and 263 
Davenport av and Derby av c 

Cliarias, confectionery 109 Flret av, 

W Haven, h do. 
Edward G. (Frederick Brae.) Derby 
av c Norton and 2S1 and 263 
Davenport av, h 9 Nortm 
norence. cook ISiS Tonple, rtUB 34 

m and 
erby av 
Tt av 


Fredericks Joeeph D., paJnter, h 106 Ue»- 

Frederiekaon Auguet, emp N. Y., N. H. ft 
H. R. R., h &e Thorn 
Elias, rem to Orange 
Frederick, hamessmaker 903 8tat«, h 
273 Hamilton 
Predin Otto, anp W. R. A. Co., h 198 
Pet«r, emp W. R. A. Co., rms 106 
Dixwell av 
Pne Edward C, clerk 726 Staift, h 9 
Edward C. Jr., emp 729 State, h r 

lose Whatley av 
J. Stanley, aaJeeman 729 StaUi, h 721 

Public library of New Haven, 129 

to 183 Church 
fVeebom Lewis, carpenter, h IT B&y 

View pi, W Haven 
Prted— see Fried 
Freedberg Samud Rev., rem to Brot^yn, 

N. y. 

Freedman Abram, com. trav., h 20 Arch 
Albert, clerk 833 Grand av, h 73 

Anna, widow Isaac, h 9 Rose 
Block, 802 to 824 Grand av 
Hennan, rem to New York 
Isidor (Mendel & Freedman) 772 

Chapel, h 104 William 
Joseph, com. trav,, h 73 Washington 

Congress av, h 106 William 
Louia, peddler, h 19 Spruce 
Mendel, bluing mfr. r 22 Gold, h do. 
Pauline Mr«., millinery 76 Wadiing- 

ton av, h do. 
Philip, peddler, h 15 Palmer 
— see Friedman 

Freeland George C, teacher, rms 25 Park 
Hairy, rem to Meridm 
— see Vreeland 

Fredey Charles, emp R. R. shops, h 53 

Freeman Augustus, laborer, rms 94 Ooffe 
Caroline Misa, rms 75 Edgewood av 
Carrie, widow Scott, h 37 Wdwter 
Charles, laborer, rms 94 Goffe 
CSiarles, barber, h 66} Putnam 
Cliarles, rem to Bridgeport 
CliTMice H., rem to K'ooklyn, N. T. 
Caevelaud, lab<»«r, bds 422 Orchard 
David S., machinist, h 72 Prince 
Edmund, boarding house 1000 

Edward, teamster, h 106 Lafayette 
Edwin H., janitor Allingtown fichoij, 
h r Mitford turnpike n Campbell 
av, Allingtown 
Emil, hosUer, h 484 Howard av 
Frederick, hostler, h 12 Oak 
George, laborer, h 48 Hudson 
George W., Isborer, h 80 Eaton 
Henry H., hoetler, h 80 Eaton 
Isaac, h 9 Rose 



IVeeman James L, h 394 Orchard 
James L., teamster, h 4 Factory 
• John R., cook, bds 37 Webster 
Joseph, photograper 120 Lafayette, h 

Levi N., laborer, bds 80 Eaton 
Mary C, widow William, h 35 West 
Majc, second-hand furniture 578 

Grand av, h 576 do. 
Moses, window dresser, bds 19 

Norman R., emp N. Y., N. H. & H. 

R. R., h 101 Liberty 
Philip, peddler, h 15 Palmer 
Polly T., widow James, h 80 Eaton 
Sarah Mrs., h r 62 Hudson 
Stella M., widow Charles, h 87 Green- 
wich av 
William H. M., clerk 125 Church, h 

143 First av, W Haven 
Freirmuth Louis, hostler, h 61 NicoII 
Freisinger Barbara, widow John, h 150 

Frelle Charles, mechanic, h 51 G^rge 
French Albert H., prop. New Haven, 

West Haven and Savin Rock Ex- 
press 68 Center, city, and 50 

Church, W Haven, h do. 
Arthur M., hat mfr. 692 Chapel, res 

Burton H., emp C. G. dark Co., rms 

r 136 State 
C. Bertram, draughtsman (324) 865 

Chapel, bds 47 Shelter 
Charles C, clerk R. R. office Belle 

Dock, h 47 Shelter 
Charles I., agent N. H. Steamboat 

Co., Belle Dock, h 250 Dixwell 

Charles W., laborer, h Wood n First 

av, W Haven 
Clara, widow John W., h 58 Trum- 

Edward A., clerk (418) R. R. office 

bdg, res Milford 
Edward F., fireman, h 109 Plymouth 
Frank G., clerk 136 Congress av, bds 

70 Washington av 
Geoige A., rem to Hartford 
George E., manager B. Dickerman 71 

Broadway, Ms 68 Alden 
Harry L., ins. canvasser (49) 49 

Church, bds 19 Court 
Hattie Mrs., h 90 S Water 
Jane Mrs., h 84 Campbell av, W Hsr 

John Robert, farmer, bds 40 Crood- 

rich, Highwood 
John W., bds N. H. Hospital 
Joseph, emp N. H. R. M. Co., h 321 

Joseph R., ins. agent, h 225 Bishop 
Louisa F. Mrs., bds 227 Columbus 

M. Adelaide, widow Edwin H., h 141 

Marietta, widow Stiles, rem to New 



French Mary G. Miss, bds 225 Bishop 
Michael J., carpenter, h 98 Coograi 

Minnie A., widow Herman E, h 15 

Robert W., policeman, h First it e 

Wood, W Haven 
Susan L., widow Truman, li 818 

Wales B., farmer, h W Proepeet n 

Walter E., carpenter, h 36 Lines 
Walter J., sexton Trinity M. IL 

Church, bds 251 Orchani 
William F., rms 94 Portsea 
William H., reporter Raster, h 11 

Thompson, W Haven 
Frenette Edwud, barber, bds 557 Cdxat 

bus av 
Frericks S. Oiristiana, widow William, k 

62 Elliott 

William C, clerk Town (Klerk's ofikD^ 

bds 62 Elliott 
Fresenius Barbara, widow Charles, h 1511 

Howard av I 

Elizabeth, widow Philip, h 489 

gress av 
Henry (P. Fresenius* Sons) 488 On 

gress av and city treajsurer, h 

Howard av 
Philip (P. Fresenius' Sons) 

Congress av, rms do. 
Philip Sons (Philip and Henry 

senius), brewery 474 to 488 

gress av 
Freudenreich Mary, widow William, 

123 George * 
Frey Daniel P., emp W. R. A. C6., h 

Edward, laborer, h 106 ObhaI 
Ernest, oysterman Tontine Hi 

bds do. 

George C, carver, h 58 Congreat 
George H., carriage trimmer, bdsJ 

Congress av 
Geoige L., baker, h 454 
Gustave, carriagesmitb, h 1345 
John H., barber, h 114 
John H. Jr., clerk XJ. L. Frank 

Co., bds 114 OongTees av 
Joseph, teamster, h 772 Grand 
Louis A., carriagesmith., h 63 
Louis A. Jr., confectionery and 

87 Broadway, bds 63 
Walter M., emp W. R, A. C6,i 

63 Goffe 
William H., molder, h 29 Foole 
V^liam J., policeman, h 391 

worth av 
—see Fry 
Freysinger Babette, widow John, 
John B., foreman Sargent & 

130 Court 
John B. Jr., draughtsm&B, h 97 
Fricchione Michele, laborer, h 50 





iticke Fred, draughtsman (425) 865 
Chapel, bdB 15 AYon 
William, foreman N. £. Mfg. Co., h 
15 Ayoq 
Fried Morris, rem to New York 

Reuben, tailor, h 78 Washington ar 
Samuel, tailor, h 98 Washington av 
Simon, shoemaker 307 Wooster, h 51 

— see Freed 
I^iedel Jacob, rem to Providence, R. I. 
Maria Miss, housekeeper 25 Lyn- 
Friederich Florence, rms 34 Prout 
fViedlender Abnun, shoemaker, h 20 Oak 
Fnedman Alb^i^ clerk 833 Grand av, h 
73 Geoiige 

FBZEDKAir H. C. & CO. Norman A. 
Tanner manager, bejikers and 
bn^ers (2 and 3) 763 Chapel- 
See p 874 
Henry, driver 022 Chapel, bds 242 
Ftiedrich Mary J., widow Louis, bds 387 

Grand av 
Friel James H., carriage partmaker, rms 
84 Greene 
Lucy Mrs., h 256 W^ooster 
ftieUsh Catharine, widow Joseph, h 13 

Fiiend Arthur J., carpenter, h 26 Daggett 
Frederick C, painter, h 146 Second 

av, W Haven 
Theodore F., chemist, h 342 Second 

av, W Haven 
Walter K, joiner, h 36 Lines 
Friendel John, machinist, h 260 Lenox 
Frier George O., painter, bds 163 Wash- 
ington av 
FHennuth — see Freiennuth 
Fries August, laborer, bds 121 Scranton 
diaries, driver 127 Congress av, h 

280 Oak 
Christian F., emp Weibers Brewery, 

h 121 Scranton 
Henry, emp R. R. shops, h 49 Au- 
Karl, baker, h 279 Oak 
William J., emp W. Schollhom Co., 
bds 157 Chapel 
FreisB George, emp Greist Mfg. Co., h 171 
Dixwell av 
John, emp Sargent &, Ca, bds 41 
^ Louise, widow Jacob, h 205 Franklin 
Frimaa Emil, emp 482 Howard av, rms 

Frink Edwin B., sup't lithograph dept 
317 Congress av, h 820 Orange 
F^bie Deidama Mrs., bds 366 Orchard 
Charles R., bds 25 Court 
Ellen T., widow John, h 25 Court 
Frances E., widow Obed T., h 88 

Frank B., cleric Nat. Tradesmens 
Bank, h 170 Grafton 


Frisbie Frank E., clerk 795 Chapel, h 85 

Frederick A., painter, h 179 Portsea 

Geocfce E., teller aty Bank, h 366 

Harriet J., widow Lewis, h 419 

Henry N., com. trav., rms 551 Or- 

Huldah E., widow Thaddeus W., tail- 
oress, h 179 Portsea 

Walter E., clerk Yale Nat Bank, bds 
366 Orchard 

WOliam M., bicycle repairer and 
dealer 87 Oiunge, h 118 Dwight 

William R., bookkeeper N. H. Casket 
Co., bds 60 Lyon 

—see Frisby 
Ftisby Augustus L., with Security Ins. 

Co., h 35 Beers 
Fritch Joseph, teamster, bds r 182 Nor- 
Frits Gottlieb C, shoemaker 12 Lines, h 

Gottlieb C, emp 488 Congress av, h 
164 West 

Gustavo G., emp 84 Church, h 28 Au- 
gur, Whitneyville 

Herman, emp 127 Church, bds 12 

John, engineer F. H. & W. R. R. Co., 
h 53 Wolcott 

William, emp M. Weidemann & Co., 
h 399 Campbell av, W Haven 
Fritzell Oscar, emp Sargent & Co., h 156 

Frizell Charles P., h 30 Garden 
Frocellius Leonard, tinner, h Second av n 

Monahan pi, W Haven 
Frodel Henry F., emp 55 Broadway, bds 

272 Wooster 
Frodey John P., machinist, h 149 Pine 
Froehlich August, tailor 142 Liberty, h 

Charles, silversmith, h 3 Pardee 

Charles G, paper cutter 219 Water, 
res Allingtown 

Engelbort C, machinist, h 270 Woos- 

George E., painter, h 100 Brown, W 

Michael, emp 81 Day, bds 50 do. 

Center and 1046 Chapel, h 28 
Kossuth — See front cover 
William, tailor, bds 100 Brown, W 

Frohmeyer Maria, widow Daniel, h 14 

FVomm Charles A., painter and paper 
hanger 439 Shelton av, h do. 

IVommer Jacob Rev., h 41 Broad 
Samuel, rem to Baltimore, Md. 

Frommilt Richard, engineer, h 12 Dag- 




Frost Amelia M., widow Herrick P., h 

612 Chapel 
Charles A., collector, bds 322 Grand 

Clarence N., printer emp 300 State, 

res Montowese 
C. Lulu Mrs., h 372 Grand av 
Daniel C, emp S. N. K Tel. Co., bds 

172 OUve 
Dwight S. M., student, bds 612 

Ellen M. Mrs., mis 13 dark 
Fred C, salesman, h 446 Howard av 
George D., emp R. R. shops, h 336 

Herbert, rem to Cheshire 
Julius H., barbers' supplies 97 Un- 
ion, h 1599 Chapel 
Lovell W., Southern N. E. agent Le- 
high Valley R. R. Co. (18) 49 

William B., emp H. Hooker &, Co., 

h 516 Elm 
William P., grocer 266 Oeorge, h 12 

William S., locomotive fireman, bds 

12 Thompson, W Haven 
Frothingham Caesara S., widow E. L. 

Jr., bds 466 Orange 
Fruch John, emp M. Seward & Son Co., 

h 20 Goodrich, Highwood 
Leopold, blacksmith, h 20 Goodrich, 

FVushour G. M., widow John, bds 514 

Pry Ellen, widow John L., h 58 Whitney 

Jane, ^idow William, h 96 Sylvan 

John H., machinist, rms 81 Greene 
Joseph, bartender, bds 533 Whalley 

Joseph A., expressman 89 Broadway, 

h do. 
Margaret, clerk 9 Dixwell av, bds 

58 Whitney av 
Mary A., widow Geoi^, h 45 County 
Phoebette, widow James, bds 41 
* Pine 

Solomon, pawnbroker 30 Church, res 

New York 
Stephen, bds 91 Wooster 
William T., shipping clerk 827 

Chapel, h 221 Dixwell av 
— see Frey 
Frye Charles H., painter, h 259 Camp- 
bell av, W Haven 
Emilv, w^idow Sheldon H., h 120 E 

Louis A., fruit, etc. 87 Broadway, h 

r 332 York 
Fryer Edward, emp C. Cowles k Co., bdi 

108 Fillmore 
Jeiremiah, emp 639 Grand av, bds 

Imperial Hotel 
John, bartender^ h 31 Elliott 

Fryer Martin, emp Sargent & Co., bd)> 108 
Patrick, h 108 Fillmore 
Fuch August, rem to New York 
Fuchs Andrew, emp Elm City Purk, m 
August, driver 162 Meadow, rms db 
August, rem to Germany 
Carl, emp W. R. A. Co., h 40 Boitn 

Emma, widow C^iarles, h 881 WM 

ley av 
Frederick, laborer, bds 881 Wluflef 

Lorenz, molder, h 475 ColumbuB w 
Fuchswantz John, upholsterer, h 421 

Washingitm av 
Fudge Joseph, glajBS cutter, h 259 Lon- 
Ray K, patternmaker, bds 259 Loa-; 
Fuhr J. Louis, gardener, h 86 Nicoll 
Fuhrmann Frederick O., rem to Grecii 
wich J 

Fulford George H., bookkeeper L. CM 

dee & Cow, h 34 CSark 
Fulham John, laborer, h 64 View 
FuUe Paul F., blacksmith, h 96 Nicdl 
Fuller Arm, widow W. B., h 90 
Austin B., physician and dentist 


Oarrie R. Miss, dressnuiker, bd& 


lington 152 Meadow — See p 
Eliza A., widow WUliam, h 349 

ard av 
Frederick D., caterer, b 93 

av J 

Harriet L. Miss, dressmaker fH Hn 

bds do. I 

Hattie M., widow Charles W., kj 

Herbert C, ass't sec. Security 

ance Co. 37 Center, bds 24 
Isaac, engineer, h 167 Lombard 
Isom, switchman, h 124 Mill 
James A., letter carrier, b 

John A., carpenter, h r 790 
Lucius B., clerk 322 Clm, b 67 
Mary E., widow Charles E., b 

n Central av 
Rachel A., widow Johiiy b 

Robert X., medical student^ 

William J. (Steele, Fuller & 

Goffe, h 40 Kenainotoii 


meats 1231 Chapel "and 

Grocery 926 Chapel, b 11 

—See p 986 
William H., clerk 926 Cfcai 

Dixwell av 
William M., clerk, h 8 Forbes' 




falton Alexander Jr., manager 23 Elm, h 
23 LiTingston 

Geoige, clerk 23 Elm, h 38 Avon 

Rob^ onp 23 Elm, h 20 Compton 

Thomas H., real estate, h 132 Colum- 
bus av 

Thomas H. Jr., bookkeeper, h 80 
Howaid av 

Willis H., trav. salesman, bds 132 
Oolumbus av 
Tnndin Oscar F., carpenter, rms r 175 

PVmdstein Valentine, cabinetmaker, h 156 

Rzok DaWd M, woodworker, h 16 Oas- 

Edwin M, car builder, bds 167 De- 

Levi, emp N. Y., N. H. & H. R. R., 
bds 167 DeWitt 

Hodolpli Rev., minister Congregation 
Bickur CSiolin, h 149 Congress 

William G., carpenter, h 167 DeWitt 
brbill David, painter, rms 730 Grand 


wtbish George H., teacher Boaxdman 
Manila] Training High School, h 
26 Dickerman 
beolo Broe. (Ralaele and Luigi), bar- 
bers 168 Hamilton 
Laigi (Faroolo Bros.) 168 Hsmilton, 

h 227 Chapel 
Rafaele (Fureolo Bros.) 168 Hamil- 
ton, bds 227 Chapel 
Annie Miss, boxmaker, bds 109 
I Meadow 

John, noaehinist, h 114 George 
Kate MiiKy dresnnaker, h 68 Howe 
Jimrgauxft, widow Patrick J., h 109 
i Meadofw 

Maria ^iise, h 68 Howe 
Thomas, laborer, h 250 Hamilton 
WiDiam, laborer, h 13 Bond 
bsBon Jobiiy joiner, rms 6 Sylvan av 
P^rali J. Mrs., dressmaker 6 Sylvan 

ar, h do. 
!■ a ec Feriguflon 
p^ Samuel, cigarmaker, bds 52 La- 

VSrilliam, hostler 177 George, h 
16 Unicm 

J^ emp 171 George, bds 16 

Frederick W., clerk (411) R. R. 
office bd^, h 362 Winthrop av 

M., widow Frank B., h 362 
'Wlntbrop av 
Annabile, tailor, bds 84^ Put^ 

f^ ccmf ectionery and grocer 495 
Cblxunbus av, h do. 

cleric 85 Oak, bds do. 

k, laborer, h r 191 Hamil- 

li dc». 

shoemaker 87 Whalley av. 

Fusco John, tailor 127 Carlisle, h 866 
Grand av 
Joseph, laborer, h 32 Hudson 
Luigi, barber 387 Orchard, h do. 
Michael, shoemaker, h r 245 Hamil- 
Xicolo, boxmaker, bds 85 Oak 
FUSCO PASQTT AT.TU money changer, 
banker and steamship ti<^et 
agent 83 Oak, h 85 do. — See p 
RaflFaele, emp N. F. B. & P. Co. No. 

3, bds 85 Oak 
Ralph, tailor 87 Whalley av, bds do. 
Fjrler Geoige H., salesman, h 200 New- 

FTIEB OEOBOE E. MBS. a«ent for 
The Century Corsets 200 New- 
hall, h do. — See p 889 

GABILICK JOHN, cooper, rms 243 

Gabriel Charles, cigarmaker, bds 136 Lib- 
David, laborer, h 45 Washington av 
Germain, bookkeeper, h 136 Liberty 
Gradd William W., emp 170 Temple, rms 

12 Bradley 
Gaetano Angelo, laborer, h 820 Dixwell 
Antonio, h 118 Hamilton 
Felico, laborer, h 232 Chapel 
Filomena, grocer 65 Hudson, h do. 
M., grocer 65 Hudson, h do. 
Michele, laborer, h 4 F^tory 
Pasquale, mechanic, h r 140 Aahmun 
Pietro, laborer, h 16 lienor 
Raffaele, grocer 135 Franklin, h do. 
Gaflfey Bridget J., widow William H., h 
266 Dixwell av 
John F., principal Gaffey's Short- 
hand School (404) 42 Church, h 
474 Elm 


John F. Gaffey principal, (404) 
IHrst National Bank bdg 42 
Church — See p 816 
Goffney Anthony, carriage painter, h 285 

Bernard, emp W. Av. R. R. Co., h 
274 Waahinffton av, W Haven 

Catherine F. Miss, h 243 Columbus 

Charles J., clerk 246 Wooster, bds 14 

Christopher C, actor, bds 243 Colum- 
bus av 

Cornelius, bds 49 White 

Eliza S. Mrs., nurse, h 142 Edgewood 

Elizabeth C. Miss, vocalist, bds 243 
" Columbus av 

Francis G., h 338 Portsea 

Isabelle M Miss, h 272 Portsea 

James, molder, rms 46 Wooster 

James, emp W. Av. R. R. Co., h Al- 
bert n Elm, W Haven 




Gaffney James, janitor Union School, h 

30 Albert, W Haven 
James, sawyer, bds 49 White 
James, switchman, h 275 Water 
James, emp 80 Long Wharf, h 32 

James J., fireman N. Y. Div., h 251 

Washington av 
John, slater N. Y., N. H. k H. R. R., 

rms 315 Wator 
John, emp Speny & Barnes, bds 32 

John R, carriage painter, h 582 

Joseph F., teamster 190 Meadow, bds 

Katharine D. Miss, stenographer emp 

(48r 23 Church, bds 12 Albert, 

W Haven 
Margaret E., widow Thomas W., h 

190 Wallace 
Mary Miss, h 485 East 
Maxy E. Miss, dressmaker, bds 243 

Ck>lumbus av 
Mary J. Miss, h 49 White 
Michael, emp W. R. A. Co., bds 151 

Michael, carpenter, bds 142 OBurlisle 
Michael, rem to Ireland 
Michael A., conductor W. Av. R. R. 

Co., bds 274 Washington av, W 

Michael W., conductor F. H. & W. R. 

R. Co., h 486 East 
Patrick, emp Sperry & Barnes, h 37i 

Thomas J., driver, bds 485 East 
Gtege Frank K, ass*t engineer Starin 

Line, bds da 
Frank M., clerk 861 Chapel, bds 197 

Columbus av 
Merritt, emp W. R. A. Co., h 31 

William H., engineer Starin Line, h 

130 Howard av 
William 0., engineer, h 177 Colum- 
bus av 
Gagel Edward, division engineer (314) R. 

R. office bdg, h 150 Center, W 

Gagenski Adam, emp A. N. Famham, h 

off Bl&ke n Jewell 
Gager Almira, widow Robert T., bds 373 

Gagliardi Alphonso, emp A. B. H. Co., 

bds 236 Wallace 
Ciro, shoemaker 50 York, h 85 Oak 
Giuseppe, emp L. Candee & Co., h 

230 Hamilton 
Michele, bds 74 Wallace 
Nicola, emp Saigent & Co., h 76 St. 

Raffaele, emp A. B. H. Co., bds 74 

Tomaso, emp W. R. A. Co., h 52 


Gagliardi Vincenzo, emp Sargent & Co., h 
r 36 Broad 
Vincenzo, emp L. Candee ft Co., bds 
74 Wallace 
Gagnon Joseph O. A., emp W. R. A. Co., 

h 241 Ivy 
Gflhan Bridget, widow John, bds 47 
James, emp Y. U. Dining Hall, h 5" 

Plerpont court 
Lawrence I., rem to Foxon 
Thomas, emp N. H. Clock 0(k, bds 
710 Grand av 
Gaida Manuele, laborer, h 440 OongreBi 

. av 
Gaiffe Charles, emp N. H. R. M. Co., h 

60 Market 
Gaines Henry F., bartender, rms 9 Olive 
Richard, coal and wood 25 Winter, 

bds 176 Goffe 
William, onp 17 Vernon, rms 29 
Gainty John, emp Sargent & Co., bds 508 

Gflir Conrad, emp 62 Franklin, h 1695 

State, Hamden 
Gairler Nathan, tailor, h 287 Cedar 


Dixwell av, h 171 do. — See p 

Frederick Jr., derk 390 State, h 42 

Shelton av 
Galard James, smith helper, h r 36 

Gralbraith E. Christina Miss, teacher 

Roger Sherman School, bds 169 

Beach, W Haven 
Flunk A., collector Starin Line, bds 

169 Beach, W Haven 
Geoige W., machinist, h 93 St. John 
Hugh, h 169 Beach, W Haven 
Lucy L., widow David S., h 178 

Blatchley av 
Margaret L l^iiBS, principal Woolsey 

School, bds 178 Blatchley av 
Miriam T. Mibs, teacher Osritsle 

Street School, bds 169 Beach, W 

Robert T., emp W. R. A. Cou, bds 109 

Beach, W Haven 
Rose F. Miss, teacher, bds 168 Beach, 

W Haven 
Gale George, emp Hartford, bds 86 Flront 
Marion G. Miss, stenographer Kshop 

Box and Paste Co., bds 86 Front 
Sarah, widow Edwin Y., h 270 Front 
Stephen B., h 371 Shelton av 
William W. (W. W. Gale & C6.) U 

Pitkin, h 20 Stanley 

GAIE W. W. & CO. (William W. Gale 
and Wilbert K Clapp), electn- 
dans 11 Pitkin-~See p 895 

Gallacher Manus, toolmaker, h 529 Dix- 
well av 

Gallagher Alice, h 51 Pearl 

Anna, widow Charles, h 188 lYank- 




^tUagher Anna Mrs., h WilliaiUB n Peok 
av, W Haven 
Bcnyund, emp M. Piano Co., h Wil- 

liamo, W Haven 
Bryan, lal)orer, h 7 Ajylum 
Bankl B., teamat^ emp D. H. dark, 

h 174 Brewery 
Edwazd F., maaon, bda 139 Union, W 

Eliza, widow Lawrence, h 140 Oon- 

gren av 
Eliz^Mth, widow Farrell H., h 51 

£Ua L. MisB^ emp L. Oandee k Co., 

bda 116 Cedar Hill av 
Faird, laborer, h 47 Putnam 
Francis, smith h^per, h 140 Car- 
Frands P., emp N. H. Clock Co., bda 

412 Blatchl^ av 
Frank, emp W. B. A. Co., bds 15 

Frank B., teamster emp 100 Water, 

h 367 Oak 
James, laborer, h 63 Main 
James^ wholeule tobacconist and 
cigar mfr. (11) 746 Chapel, h IS 
University pi 
James F., teamster 270 Congress av, 

bds 40 Orchard 
James H., letter carrier, h 58 Mans- 
James H., engineer, h 43 Lawrence 
JameB B., buyer Howe & Stetson, h 
I 18 Sdwards 

' John, emp W. B. A. Co., h 120 OEUial 

John, h 51 Pearl 
i John, gardener, h 264 Lenox 
John, emp P. Bro& & Co., bds 139 

John, emp Seamless Bubber Co., bds 
360 OongresB av 
I John, foreman O. B. North & Co., 
r bds 100 Wooster 

L John, emp 207 Congress av, rms do. 
[^4^01, laborer, h 163 Scranton 
John, emp N. H. Clock Co., h 223 
I Humphrey 

ijbhn, molder, bds 178 Willow 

painter, rms 207 Congress av 
Ourrier, lawyer and a«'t clerk 
Snperior Court (10) Court 
'HcfOBt, h 76 Cottage 

J>,, grinder, bds 264 Lenox 
P., storekeeper N. 7., N. H. ft 
S. B. B., h 208 Davenport av 
T., carriage painter, bds 7 Asy- 


peddler, bds 42 Oak 
P., policeman, h 100 Wash- 
ingrton av 

widorw Patrick, h 412 Blatch- 
r nv 

I. Miss, clerk 922 Chapel, bds 
140 Ouiide 

dressmaker, b 178 Wmow 

Gallagher Margaret, widow Edward, h 

178 Willow 
Margaret Miss, bds 4 Bishop 
Mary Miss, bdis 281 Munson 
Mary Mrs., h 638 ChapeL 
Mary Mrs., h 606 Grand av 
Mary, widow Patrick, h 23 Bradley 
Matthew, emp Sargent & Co., bds 36 

St. John 
Matthew W., bds 412 Blatchl^ av 
May Miss, stenographer L. & O. Go., 

bds 139 Union, W Haven 
May £. Miss, bds 18 Edwards 
Michael, rem to Bridgeport 
Michael, laborer, h 40 Orchard 
Michael, emp Sperry & Barnes, rms 

122 Commerce 
Michael, teamster, h 35 Sherman av 
Michael F., watchman, h 139 Union 

av, W Haven 
M. Louise Miss, music teacher, bds 

13 University pi 
Patrick H., teamster 40 Orchard, bds 

35 Sherman av 
Patrick M., watchman, h 18 Edwards 
Bichard H., janitor Strong School,. 

h 86 Perkins 
Bose K. Miss, bds 14 Gregory 
Sydney L., shipping clerk 215 Water, 

h 173 Blatchley av 
Thomas M., carman W. & E. T. Fitch 

Co., h 591 Elm 
Thomas M. Jr., music teacher, bds 

591 Elm 
William, rem to Bridgeport 
William, laborer, h 92 Fillmore 
Gallaher Edward M., draughtsman W. B. 

A. Co., h 60 Admiral 
Gallahue Minnie, clerk 922 Chapel, bds 

70 Prince 
Gallaudet Edson F., instructor T. U., 

rms (53) Vanderbilt Hall 
Gallery Julius J., clerk 15 Edwards, h 75 

Galley Balph, salesman 922 Chapel, rms 

228 Crown 
Galligan Bernard, emp B. B. shops, bds 

114 Hamilton 
Bridget Miss, domestic, bds 149 Port- 

Brid^etta A. Miss, teacher Woolsey 

School, bds 77 Chestnut 
Catherine Miss, bds 33 Lines 
Daniel, tea peddler, bds 27 Sylvan 

James, emp B. B. shops, h 61 Arch 
James E., carpenter and builder 141 

Meadow, h do. 
James R Mrs., dressmaker 141 Mea- 
dow, h do. 
James H., tinner, bds 77 Chestnut 
John, emp N. Y., N. H. & H. B. B., 

h 77 Chestnut 
John Jr., laborer, bds 77 Chestnut 
John F., gardener, h 97 Winchester 




Galligan John H., hostler, h 67 Ck>unt7 
John J., emp Seamless Rubber Co., 

bds 369 Congress ay 
John P., conductor, h 179 Greenwich 

L. D. Mrs., bds 610 Orange 
Mary, widow Michael, h 131 Ashmun 
3£ary, widow Richard, h 93 James 
Mary A. Miss, tailorese, bds 546 

Patrick, laborer, h 16 Anderson 
Patrick J., saloon 80 Wallace, h do. 
Peter, laborer, h 205 Foster 
Philip J., fireman, bds 179 Green- 
wich av 
Terrence F., emp W. R. A. Co., bdjs 

131 Ashmun 
Thomas, teamster, bds 131 Ashmun 
Thomas, teamster, bds 16 Anderson 
William, emp W. R. A. Co., rms 97 

Winchester av 
William L., emp Seamless Rubber 

Ca, bds 56 Stevens 

OALLIN BEHJAMnr. B. Kaufmaa 
manager, glazier, etc. 103 Con- 
gress av and upholsterer R. R. 
shops, h 51^ Washington av — 
Seep 1000 
Gallivan James P., h 48 Wooster 

Thomas, brakeman, bds 162 Wooster 

Galliver John, carriagesmith, h 44 Wol- 


William, emp S. K. Page, h 49 


Gallo Giuseppe, mason, h 18 Quinnipiac 

Galluzzi Michele (Ross & Galluzzi) 7 

Galpin Carrie M Miss, bds 1452 Chapd 
Lizzie C. Miss, dress^iaker 373 

Crown, bds dow 
Samuel A., pres. and treas. New Ha- 
ven Clock Co. 133 Hamilton, b 
87 Wall 
Silas, stoves, bicycles, etc. 360 State, 
h 78 Wballey av 
Galvin James K, clerk (429) R. R. office 
bdg, bds 17 Orchard 
John T. (T. Galvin ft Son) 4 Hill, b 

87 Silver 
Michael, teamster Conn. Concrete 

Co., h 18 Hudson 
Richard, emp Hygeia Ice Co., bds 

749 State 
Thomas (T. Galvin ft Son) 4 Hill, h 

17 Orchard 
T. ft Son (Thomas and John T. Gal- 
vin), wholesale produce dealers 
4 Hill 
William H., emp T. Galvin ft Son 4 
Hill, h 29 Orchard 
Gftlwey John C, livery stable 666 State, 

h 721 do. 
Gamache Urbain, motorman, h 85 St. 

Gambardella Alfonso, emp Sargent ft Oo^ 
h 33 Chestnut 
Antonio, laborer, h 199 Wallace 
Enrico, emp Sargent ft Co., h 462 

Francesco, emp 36 Union, h do. 
Francesco, grocer 234 Wallace, h dew 
Gabriele, laborer, h 141 Brewory 
Gaetano, laborer, h 201 Wallace 
Gaetano, emp 38 Union, h 36 do. 
Raffaele (Gambardella ft Cottiero) 

152 Elm, h 123 State 
ft Cottiero (Raffaele Gambarddla 
and James G. Cottiero), fruit 
152 Elm 
Gambardelli Lazzaro, emp Im Candee ft 

Co., h 10 Donnelly pi 
Gamber Christopher F., emp W. R. A. 
Co., h 53 Foote 
Fred C, emp W. R. A. Co., h 13& 
Gamble David S., pres. The Gamble-Des- 
mond Co. 898 and 900 Chapel, Ik 
1389 do. 
David S. Jr., with The Gamble-Des- 
mond Co., bds 1389 Chapd 


goods, millinery, upholsteryt 
crockery, china 886 to 90(^ 
Chapel— See p 973 
Edward, bds Springside Home 
Gamberto Maria A. Mrs., lodging house 

30 Oak 
Gambuto Salvatore Mrs., h 30 Oalt 
Gamester Harry, locomotive engineer, tt 

68 Liberty 
Gamewell Fire Alarm Telegraph Co., El- 
lis 6. Baker state agent, (7) 
745 Chapel 
Gammack Arthur J. Rev., curate Christ 

Church, bds 80 Broadway 
Gammon Joseph, teamster, h 14 EQiott 
Samuel H., steamfitter, h 134 DeWitt 
Gammons Clarence P., clerk, bds Beach 
c Grove, W Haven 
Florence M. Miss, rem to Hartford 
George F., rem to Manilla 
Millie B. Miss, rem to Hartford 
Parley B., confectionery and restau- 
rant Beach c Grove, W Haveiir 
h do. 
Gampe Frederick, cigar packer 210 State, 

bds 216 do. 
Gamsby Adelaide, widow Edward E., bdf 
■ 24 Pearl 
Adeline M. Mrs., bds 280 Norton 
Albert, mason, bds 280 Norton 
George A., clerk S. N. K Tel. Co., bd» 

37 W Elm 
Julia B., widow Herbert B., h 37 W 
Gandinetti Giuseppe, fanner, h 12 Frank- 
Gane Mattie E. Miss, teacher, rms 96 
Center, W Haven 




Gioey Fnnk P., clerk Globe Hotel, Ms 
James, emp Smedley Co., h 255 Ham- 
Michael, laborer, h 549 East 
William, emp Sargent & Co., bds 549 
Qangomne John, blacksmitb, h 179 Con- 

gresB ay 
Gaskd John, laborer, h 222 Commerce 
Ganley Benuurd, carriage painter, bda 118 
Dennis, emp X. H. Clock Co., bds 

118 Franklin 
Eenijf laboier, h 31 DavenpcHrt av 
Henry J., special delivery messenger 

P. 0., bds 31 Davenport av 
John E., cook, bds 31 Davenport av 
Joseph, emp W. R. A. Co., h 147 

Patrick J., bds 31 Davenport av 
Thomas R, clerk 86 Churcb, h 462 
Howard av 
Gannon Anthony, emp 71 Broadway, bds 
767 Whalley av 
Dennis, conductor F. H. & W. R. R. 
Co., bds 25 Haven 
i Bdward, saloon 85 Putnam, h 85§ 
i da 

Frank, painter R. R. shops, h 20 Un- 
ion av, W Haven 
I James W., mason, h 61 Adeline 
John, mason, h 767 Whalley av 
John F., emp 71 Broadway, bds 767 

Whalley av 
John J., emp Sargent & Co., h 44 
! ^ Daggett 
f Kate, widow Dennis, h 25 Haven 

Peter, laborer, bds 21 Hallock 
^ Thomas, rem to Stamford 
' Thomas, carriage painter, h 9 Asy- 
Thomas F., rem to Stamford 
William P., rem to New York 
. William P., ball player, bds 25 Ha- 

b Edwajd M. (Max Gans & Son) 722 
I Grand av and news depot 457 
I State, bds 24 Oak 
tifax (Max Gans & Son) 722 Grand 
av and grocer 26 Oak, h 24 do. 
Max t Son (Max and Edward M. 
Gans), tea, cofTee and spices 722 
Grand av 
Vofss, stationery and news dealer 
457 State, bda 24 Oak 

on, peddler, h 174 Liberty 
Ferdinand, teamster, h Ramsdell 
n ^Tialley av 
Gcoenil J. Rev., h 188 Goffe 
Curtis, decorator, h 188 Goffe 
Elizabeth A., widow Lewis, h 5 
Gampbell av, W Haven 

H., emp 6 Church, bds 14 

Ganung William A., carpenter, h William 

c East av, W Haven 
Ganz August, emp 61 Minor, h 53 Thorn 
Bertha Mrs., h 5 Redfield 
Josephine Miss, bds 598 Grand av 
Max, machinist, bds 5 Redfield 
Garbedian Margus, emp W. R. A. Ca, 

rms 138 Orange 
Garceau Fred, emp R. R. ahops, h 239^ 

Congress av 
Garczynski Jacob, emp N. H. Gas light 

Co., h 211 Poplar 
Garde James, silver plater, bds 34 Mill 
John Mrs., h 34 Mill River 
Walter S., trea& Hotel Garde Co. 46 

Meadow, bds do. 
William H., pree. Hotel Garde Co. 

42 Meadow, h do. 
William R., bds Hotel Garde 
Gku'diner Andrew J. Jr., rem to Yonkers, 
K Y. 
Charles H., paper hanger, h 318 Elm 
Edward J., steward Young Men's 

Republican Qub, h 47 Greene 
Elwocd O., rem to Madison 
Walter B., emp W. R. A. Co., h 56 

William, bds 3 Sylvan av 
Gardner Albert C, trav. salesman 46 
Meadow, h 121 Park 
Annie C. Miss, stenographer 37 Goi- 
ter, bds 121 Park 
Archibald, blacksmith, h 88 Ciarlisle 
Archibald Jr., emp N. H. Gas Light 

Co., h 446 Congress av 
Arthur, moldex, h 3 Rowe 
B. M. Mrs., nurse, bds 140 Green- 
wich av 
Charles H., painter, h 318 Elm 
Charles H., physician 11 Sylvan av, 

h do. 
Edward J., rme 32 Daggett 
Edwin R, joiner, bds 87 York 
Elizabeth Mrs., h 122 Wall 
Ellen, widow Albert, h 87 York 
Fred C, collector (34) 23 Church, 

bds 295 York 
Harry D., emp N. H. Clock Co., h 19 

James, clerk 386 State, bds 88 Car- 
James, laborer, h 40 Webster 
James K, bds 11 Sylvan av 
John, engineer, bds Morse, Highwood 
John, mip't cartridge dept. W. R. A. 

Co., h 32 College 
John P., music teacher, bds 268 

Maiy L Mrs., h 11 Sylvan av 
Philip, laborer, h 82 York 
Samuel, laborer, bds 40 Webster 
Thomaa, wig maker (9) 49 Church, 

rms do. 
William E., fireman, h 123 Green- 
wich av 




G&rdner William M., gardener, h 246 
William P., organ builder, h 268 

— see Gazxliner 
Garfield Building, 776 to 780 Chapel 

Charles L., foreman M. & H. Shoe 

Co., h 260 Cedar 
Nathaniel L. Rev., h 118 Olive 
Garfunkel Abraham Rev., groceries 67 
Union, h 73 do. 
Henry I. (Ullmau & Co.) 680 Ch&pel, 
bds 73 Union 
Gargiulo Pasquale, emp Sargent & Co., 

h 6 Collis 
Garland Annie G. K. Mrs., h 238 York 
Frank M., inventor, h 486 Elm 
WiUiam J., h 242 York 
Garlichs John, baker, h 607 East 
Garlick Clyde E., bookkeeper (411) R. R. 
office bdg, bds 37 Greenwood 
Erwin W., tinner, h 37 Greenwood 
Wilfred E., music teacher, bds 37 
Garlock Augustine T., tinner, bds 297 
Howard av 
John R., plumber 297 Howard av, 

h do. 
Louise E. Miss, music teacher, bds 

297 Howard av 
Sadie E. Miss, bookkeeper, bds 297 
Howard av 
Garmstron Eannie J., widow Frederick, 
h 4 Bishop 
John F., rem to Meriden 
Gamett Geoiige, cook, bds 81 Webster 
James, restaurant 31 Gr^fson, h do. 
Nelson, plasterer, h 33 Webster 
Gamier John, carriagemaker, h 11 Haven 
Garofalo Carmine, laborer, h 30 Oak 

Francesco, laborer, h 121 lAfayette 
Garrely William, rem to Hartford 
Gairett J. Frank, salesman Br3ran, Miner 
& Read, res Hartford 
John, emp H. H. Olds & Co., h 163 

William, oysterman, h 135 Front 
Garrison Emma Miss, bds 18 Hamilton 

Sandy, waiter, h 168 Dixwell ar 
Garrity Frank, emp L. Candee & Cow, h 
46 St. John 
John, h 157 Bdgewood av 
John E., gas inspector, h 34 Redfield 
Mary J. Miss, emp 922 Chapel, bds 

157 Edgewood av 
Michael, rem to New York 
Thomas, emp Sperry & Barnes, bds 

148 DeWitt 
— see Gerrity 
Garside James A., emp Robert Wilson, h 

307 East 
Gartland 'Rufth J., metal spinner, h 108 
Joseph J., barber 646 Grand av, h 
21 Lvon 

Gartner Charles G., machinist^ h 306 Dti- 

well av 
Garv^ Andrew, emp N. H. CMl Go, 

bds 197 Pine 
Catharine, widow Michael, h 112 Oo- 

lumbus av 
Edward, laborer, h 137 West 
Ellen, widow Th(»nas, h 683 fiufc 
Helen Miss, cashier 922 Chapel, bdi 

112 Columbus av 
Henry, bicyclemaker, h 196 Fniy 
Hugh, baker emp 16 Norton, bds 3fi) 

0:>lumbus av 
James, emp 168 Franklin, rats do. 
James, lalx>rer, h 190 Hamilton 
John, driver 898 Chapel, h 35 Wit 

John B., brass molder, h 43 EUioli 
John J., clerk W. U. TeL Ca, Mi 

43 ElUott 
Mary P., widow Peter, h 197 Pine 
Matthew J., car inspector, h IM 

Michael, emp Sperry & Barnes, h Itt 

Michael, emp W. R. A. Co., h 1^ 

Richard, emp O. B. North & Oc^ I 

117 E Pearl 

William P., bookkeepo- 922 

rms 59 Broadway 
— see McGarvey 
Garvie Helen Miss, clerk (3) G9 Chi 
bds 149 Nash 
Jane, widow Geoi^, h 149 Nasb 
Garzone Salvatore, la^rer, h 382 GUi, 


Crown, works r 347 Chapel- 

p 876 
Gash Edward, emp A. N. Famham, 

Bassett n FVuit 
Gasparro Michele Angelo, laboro*, 

118 Hill • 
Gasperino Silvestro, laborer, bds 24 

Gasser Albert, in U. S. Army 

Conrad, bartender, h 26* Chi 
Gassner David, emp Nat. Wune Co., 
78 Farren av 
William H., emp Nat. Wli« Odl, 
78 Farren av 
Gasso Joseph, lineman W. Av. R, R- 
h 107 Campbdl av, W Hai 
Gassweit Ernest, rem to Kewmrk, 
Gately Edward (Gately & Breonan) 
Meadow, res Boston, Masa 
& Brennan (Edward €ratdy 
Joseph P. Brennaji), hoix» 
ni^ings 174 Meadow 
Gates Albert L., emp N. H. Gas 
Co., h 110 Atwater 
Andrew M. Jr., fanner, h 189 

send av opp Fort Woooter 
Arthur L., bookkeeper 769 
bds 66 Kenangt-on 




0«ttf Fnnces K, widow Darius F., h 313 
FnnciB B., loeomotiTe engineer, h 

364 Davenport av 
H. B., laborer, bds 188 Goffe 
Ida, widow Bert, h 188 Shelton av 
Jacob G., emp N. Y., N. H. & H. R. 

R., b 4e0 Orchard 
J»9e, brakeman, bds 65 Oorlisle 
Jnliufl 6., emp (414) R. R. office bdg, 

h 218 Dixwell ay 
hmu W., enap C. Oowlee & Co., h 71 

Center, W Haven 
Xapoleon, bds 6 Factory 
OUrer P., h 163 Chapel 
Sarah M. Mias, bds 61 Elm, W Ha- 
Stanley, emp G. B. Bunnell, bds 163 

Waldo J., carriagemaker, h 66 Ken- 
Gaadi Mattie Miss, nurse, bds 64 Park 
Gaucher Adelard, carpepter, bds 330 
Joseph Mrs., housekeeper 515 Chapel 
hnchet James, hostler, rms 13 Grore 
James, foreman L. Candee & Co., h 

88 Willow 
Lewis S., emp L. Ctodee & Co., h 41 
Imdio Giovanni, laborer, bds 120 liber- 

Michael, emp Wallingford, h 1088 

jRetsquale, shoemaker, h 130 Hamll- 
pgell Joseph, emp H. Hooker ft Co., h 
r 896 State 

Hmnie Miss, clerk 770 Chapel, bds 
f 896 State 

Mgd Frederick, dgarmaker, bds 05 
r William 
. Jomph. hda 333 Portsea 
I Uary Mrs., h 42 Redileld 
Otto H., salesman 11 Crown, h 44 

~ en, baker, h 333 Portsea 
(hen Jr., emp 11 Artizan, bds 333 


Tolfgani^, b 27 Foote 
Andrew, oarpeniter, bds 84 Ashmim 
Joseph, emp L. Candee & Co., 
h 330 Porteea 

emp W. A R T. Fitch Co., h r 
226 Hamiltcm 

I, laboter, rms 84 Fair 
Allies* widoTv Hugh, groceries and 
meats 39 Frank, h do. 

Samuel, paper hanger, bds 62 

Stephen 1?., grocer 195 Lloyd, h 
275 Exchaii|?e 

lolomew, fancy goods 388 Con- 
gress av, h do. 
Ollrer F., barber, h 58 Aeylum 
r, tinsmith, b 105 Putnam 

Gauvin John B., confectionery 161 Har- 
riet, h do. 
Gauvreau J. P. Arthur, emp New Eng- 
land Economic Co., rms 25 Au- 
Gavagan Eugene F., teamster, bds 457 
Con^^ess av 
Maiigaret T. Miss, bds 457 Congress 
Gravagnin Julius, emp Sargent & Co., h 

172 Wolcott 
Gavan Ann Miss, bds 84 Norton 

Mary Miss, bds 273 Hamilton 
Gavegan Mary G. Miss, bds 57 Prospect 
Matthew, gen. agent Boston Pilots h 

57 Prwpect 
Thomas F., collector N. H. Gas Light 
Co., bds 57 Prospect 
Gavin James, laborer, h 153 Saltonstall 
John J., laundryman N. H. Hospital, 

bds do. 
Patrick J., steam fitter, h 90 Orchard 
Gavio Domehico, laborer, h 3 Rose 
Giovanni, laborer, h 20 Rose 
Raffaele, laborer, bds 20 Rose 
Vincenzo, laborer, h 130 Hamilton 
Gavitt Eebon H., painter, h 182 Peck 
Gawel Anthony, brass finiflher, h 142 Lib- 
Gawellek John, cooper, bds 243 Wooster 
Gay Bros. & Co., publishers 144 Rowe 
C^iarles, pres. and treaa Grav Bros. & 
Co. and prop. Am. Mfg. Co., h 
303 Ferry 
Emily A., widow William B., h 283 

Fred, see. Gay Bros. & Co., h 264 

George E., clerk, bds 283 Norton 
John, salesman (19) 49 Church, h 

361 George 
Minnie A., widow Ralph, h 108 Oui- 

William, manager Authors' Publish- 
ing Co. (19) 49 Caiurch, h 111 
William, emp G. F. W. Mfg. Co., h 
491 East 
Gayewski Adam, laborer, h Crescent n 

Old Mill 
"Gayington" The, 111 York 
Gaylord Edward S., dentist 63 Trumbull, 
h 65 do. 
Ebenezer H., h 40 Academy 
Frank H. (Butler ft Tyler) 312 State, 

bds 291 Orange 
Harry L., inq. 108 Dixwell av 
Henry G., painter^ h Oxford 
Pamel F., widow Gilbert, bds Ox- 
Gaynor Louis J., rem to Waterbusy 
Nicholas, laborer, h 137 I? rank 
Gayton Clement, clerk 813 Chapel, rms 
22 Hamilton 
William, stone mason 171 Meadow, 
h da 




Geaney James, emp Smedley Ck>., bds 255 

John F., laborer, h 65 Grant 
Gear — see G«er 

Geary Annah Miss, nursery matron New 
Haven Orphan Asylum 610 Elm, 
bds do. 

Bros. (J. Edward Geary), pianos and 
organs 150 Orange 

Charles, emp Greist Mfg. Co., bds 
821 Whalley av 

David, gardener, h 821 Whalley av 

Frederick, emp P. J. Welch, bds 1082 
Whallev av 

George, emp Munson & Co., bds 254 

George, emp Greist Mfg. Co., bds 821 
Whalley av 

James J., bridge contractor 150 Or- 
ange, h 293 Howard av 

J. Edward (Brooks & Co.) 742 Chap- 
el and (Greary Bros.) 150 Or- 
ange, bds 21 Bradley; after Oct. 
1, h 686 Whitney av 

Joseph, emp W. R. A. Co., bds 120 

Katie A. Miss, bds 254 Hamilton 

Mary, widow George, h 254 Hamil- 

Mary E. Miss, emp Moran's Laundry, 
bds 254 Hamilton 

Thomas, bartender, rms 188 Wooster 

William, poUsher, h 556 Whalley av 

William, mason, h 146 Poplar 

William, clerk 150 Orange, h 11 

William M., manager Geary Bros. 150 
Orange and clerk (100) 23 
Church, h 479 Orange 

— see Gerry 
Geaulund Gustave, coppersmith, h 256 

Gtebbie Lena £. Mrs., nurse, h Clifton n 

Thomas H., truckman, h Clifton n 

William J., rem to Branford 
Gebel Herman, machinist, h 106^ Wash- 
ington av 
Gebelein George J., carriage stitcher, h 
858 Dixwell av, Highwood 

WiUiam H., emp W. R. A. Co., h 
Morse, Highwood 
Gebert Martin, la^rer, bds 24 Lafayette 
Gebhard Frederick P., emp Sargent & Co^, 
h 234 Hamilton 

Paul, prop. Der Herrmanns-Sohn 
(65) 69 (yhureh, h 250 Davenport 
Gebhardt Alice A., widow Julius F., h 
103 West 

John E., painter, bds 31 Audubon 

William H., baggagemaster, h 162 
Geehem Thomas, emp 80 Long Wharf, 

bds 46 Liberty , 

Geelan Bernard, emp 80 Long Wharf, bds 
121 Congress av 


Geelan Ellen, widow John, h 583 (siad 

James, gate tender, h 39 Liberty 
John, laborer, h 121 Congreea av 
Michael, agent, bds 583 Gnnd &t 
Michael, laborer, bds 121 Oougni 

Patrick, emp baggage room Uni» 

depot, h 26 Cedar 
Patrick, baggage man Union dc^ 

h 327 Water 
Thomas, emp 80 Long Wharf, h 1€ 

Grand av 
Geelbroeck Peter, cigarmaker, h 33 Ud 
Geen Samuel B., bookkeeper Conn. Ghiii 

Co. 245 Whalley av, bds 2» 

Geenty John, molder, h 45 Prank 

Peter, emp 779 Grand av, h 2* 

Peter, corset ironer, h 208 Front 
William, molder, h 36 Main 
Geer Charles W., foreman painter 48 0^ 

ange, bds 19 Woolsey 
Cordelia, widow Edmund, h 19 Wo* 

sey ^ 

Eva Mrs., matron Leila Day Xunay 

69 Greene, h do. 
Frank, emp F. H. & W. R- B. (X 

bds 19 Woolsey 
Frederick E., motorman, bds 
Geeiin James H., vrire drawer, h 28 
nipiac av 
Thomas H., laborer, h 38 
Gehanne Albert G., clerk 834 Oiapd, 

31 Waverly 
Gehring George, emp M. F. Arms Oon 

79 NicoU I 

G^irke August, molder, h 22 Adeline j 
William F., laborer, h Foxon c (^ 
nipiac av 
Gehu Arthur, wheelmaker, h 78 

Geier Charles, derk 107 Broadway 

Foote J 

Frederica, widow Robert, b I 

State , I 

Geiger August, emp Kisftinger & G«|| 

rms 546 State j 

Frank M., saloon and bottler 1 

State, h 552 Winthrop av j 

Frederick J., machinist^ h. 96 Sjll 

Joseph, emp W. R. A. Oo., h 196^ 

Louis (Kissinger & Geiger) Wld 
c Hill, h 50 Foster 1 

Geissler Charles, watchman 322 Oal 


Gtelston Cbxoline, widow Hugh, bdlj 

Crown i 

Edwin, canvasser, bds 72 PrMnil ij 

James R., h 134 Chestaiut 1 

Samuel, steam fitter, h 72 Hanj 

Gem Hotel, Edgar G. Clark prxm. 






Gflmina Antonio, emp N. H. R. M. Co., h 
106 Haven 
Gennaro, laborer, Ms 6 Haven 
Salvatore, emp 141 State, h 108 

Stefano, emp N. H. R. M. Co., bda 
106 Haven 
Geme Emil A., clerk 758 Chapel, h 66 

GeDcarelli Michel, barber 215 CongresB 

av, h do. 
OeoeDa Salvatore, emp N. H. R. M. Co., 

bds 106 Haven 
Geoet Edward O., blacksmith, h 52 Wool- 

Genette CSiarles, rem to Vermont 

Peter, rem to Italy 
OeDBaro Vincenzo, confectionery and 

imit 150 Meadow, h 118 Hill 
6€im«r--«ee Jenner 

Ganett Xelson, machinist, bds 204 Dav- 
enport av 
Geonette ^Ivanus P., machinist, h Front 
av c Spring, W Haven 
William, emp N. H. Mfg. Co., bds 
Front av c Spring, W Haven 
Oenorese Felice, bicycle repairer N. H. 

Oiair Co., h 44 Orchard 
QcDsbauer August F., metal spinner, h 

36 Kossuth 
' J. August, emp C. Cowles &, Co., h 

36 Kossuth 
Sntfle Andrea, emp Sargent & Co., bds 
16 Minor 
Angelantonio, laborer, h 119 Railroad 

Angelo, baker 151 Wallace, h do. 
TerdmsLiid, rem to Bridgeport 
' Ferdinand, barber, bds 144 Wallace 

Frencesoo, laborer, h 16 Minor 
, Oinseppe, barber, h 164 Commerce 
' Maria L., widow Thomas, h 151 Ro- 
Bcberto, barber 161 Crown, bds 16 
I Minor 

Sahratore;, fruit dealer and bootblack 
i 161 Crown, h 159 do. 

I Stephan, laborer, h 26 Locust 
k Vincenzo, emp L. Candee & Co., h 
f J51 Wallace 

■Bag Edward W., com. traveler, h 75 
r Ward 

I Jhmk H.^ conductor W. Av. R. R. 
r Co. and taxidermist 7 Kimberly 

ay, W HaT-en, h do. 
Btraley, conductor W. Av. R. R. Co., 
bds 7 Kimberly av, W Haven 
Bertha, widow August, h 5 Red- 

emp R. R. shops, bds 5 Red- 
Arthur, carriage worker, h 78 Wal- 

TBIC DSHX CO. mfrs. of 
geometric boring and turning 
tools Blake e Valley— See p 901 

George Alfred, second-hand furniture 304 
Elm, h do. 
Bessie, widow John, h 57 Greene 
James F., emp Niagara Laundry Co., 

h 66 WilUam 
John H., clerk 177 Crown, bds 126 

Nicholas, laborer, h 440 Congress av 
Greraci Francesco, shoemaker 4 Whitney 

av, h 93 Oak 
Gerando M., shoemaker 434 Elm, h 44 

Gerard Catherine E. Mrs., h N Union av 
n Richards, W Haven 
Charles K, gardener Spring n first 

av, W ]£iven, h do. 
Charles Joseph, pressman, bds 392 

Christianna Miss, bds 1386 Whalley 

George, carpenter, h 3 DeWitt 
Geoige L., prop. N. H. Truss Co. 778 

Chapel, rms do. 
Henry, emp 271 Blatchley av, bds 

255 Grand av 
Herman, compositor 74 Center, bds 

13 Court 
Margaret Miss, housekeeper 392 East 
Oscar, rem to Cincinnati, 0. 
Sidney S., teamster, h 152 Dixwell 
Geraty James M., purser 'steamer C. H. 

Northam, h 48 Saltonstall av 
G^eraux — see Gerow, Jerrow and Jerome 
Gerbe Bernard, clerk 123 Shelton av, bds 

Gerber Henry G., rem to New Britain 
Gere Eliza Mrs., h 113 Franklin 
Geremia Arrigo, bicyclemaker, h 68 Ha- 
Enrico, laborer, h 12 Haven 
Ger^hty Patrick, emp R. R. shops, bds 

169 Putnam 
Gereken John, waiter 151 Church, rms 44 

Qerer Louis, shoemaker and confection- 
ery 114 Franklin, h do. 
Gerety John J., riveter, h 38 Richards, 

W Haven 
Gerhardt Lizzie Miss, rms 165 Shelton 
Paul, laborer, h 20 Canal 
Gericke Emile P., barber, h 415 Congress 
Herman, steward Samoset dub. Elm 

c Albert, W Haven, h da 
Lyda Miss, milliner, bds 415 Con- 
gress av 
Gerino Michele, emp N. H. R. M. Co., 

bds 101 Haven 
Gerken Carl G., restaurant and saloon 
778 and 780 Grand av, h 772 do. 
Ernest H., prop. Westville House 
1178 Whalley av, h da 
Gerldn James, grocer 1576 State, h do. 
Gkrky Frank, emp Sargent & Co., bds 
216 Hamilton 




Germain Alphonae, painter, h 53 Charles 
David F., machinist, bda Fountain 

c Dayifi 
Helen M. Miss, emp Mendel & Freed- 

man, bda 63 Charles 
Joseph N. Jr., emp Easton Mach. 

Co., h 652 Dixwell av 
Malvina, widow Joseph N., h Foun- 
tain c Davis 
Peter, emp Geometric Drill Co., bds 

Fountain c Davis 
German Baptist Church, George c Broad 
House, Bernard Tommers prop., 

216 State 
Lutheran Trinity Church, 82 George 
Lutheran Zion Church, Davenport 

av c Ward 
M. E. Church, 249 and 251 George 
and American School, 285 Wooeter 
Germaneee Yincenzo, emp Sargent & Co., 

h 35 Myrtle 


CO. ^^^ insurance, Philip Hugo 

manager, 69 Greorge — See p 933 

Hall, 286 Wooster 

Gemer Charles F., emp M. F. Arms 0>., 

bds 62 NicoU 

Charles G., emp M. F. Arms Co., h 52 

Matilda L., widow Geoige F., grocer 
860 State, h 862 da 
Gerrish George H., locomotive fireman, 
bds 121 Congress av 
Walter H. (R H. Sperry & Co.) 98 
Water, h 65 Perkins 
Gerschewski David, emp R. H. Brown & 
Co., h 90 Canal 
Hermon, laborer, bds 90 Canal 
Gerserter Bernard, h 16 Hose 

— see Herschetter 
Gershowitz Bamett, h 16 Rose 
Gersihutz Geoige, emp W. R. A. Ca, rma 

160 Ashmun 
Gertsch Edward, emp F. Mansfield & 

Sons, h 182 Quinnipiac av 
Gervasio Alphonso, barber 179 Congress 
av, h da 
Louis, rem to Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Gerwig George H., milk dealer, h 170 

Gesenberg Elizabeth E. Miss, emp C. 
Cowlee & Co., bds 106 Congress 
Gustav, barber, h 106 Congress av 
Geskie Joseph, emp N. H. Gas Light Co., 

h 173 Pine 
Gesler Henry, barber 4 Grand av, h 210 
Martin, emp M. F. Arms Co., res 
Noirth Haven 
Gesner Belle B. Miss, h Quinnipiac av n 
Charles H., oyster packer, bds Quin- 
nipiac av n Center 
Charles M., emp S. N. E. Tel 06., 
inq. 122 Court 

Greener Charles W., ass't engineer Aigiie 

Na 1, 442 Howard av, h 26 Ai^ 

Clarence E., rem to Springfield, Hw 
Dwight N., conductor W. Av. B. B. 

Co., h 179 Cedar 
Edward, emp W. R. A. Od., bda SI 

E. Harrison, painter, decorator ud 

paper hanger r 194 Second a?, 

W Haven, h 194 do. 
Elmer E., butter and eggs {wlxk- 

sale), h 368 Dixwell av 
Eva C. Miss, bds 26 Asylum 
George M., carpenter, h 368 Dizid 

George P., h 192 Second av, W Ha- 
George W., emp H. C. Rowe & Ott,K 

14 Warwick 
Henrietta M., widow Chariefl, ^ 

Quinnipiac av n Center 
Josephine, widow Robert, h II 

Browns pi 
Josiah, foreman carpenter J. S. Oi* 

bom, h 339 Norton 
Mary E. Mrs., canvasser, bds ill 

Richmond H. Rev., pastor 

Episcopal Church, W Haven, 

12 Church, do. 
Robert, bds 14 Browns pi 
Sylvanus, Ist Lieut. No. 6 

Division, h 42 Gibbs 
William E., rem to Ansonia 
William N., h Whitneyvffle 
Gessen William, saloon 23^ Oak, h 

Washin^gton av 
Gessner Emil A. (E. A. Gessner k 

862 Chapd, h 150 Bradley 

GESSNER E. A. 4 CO. (Emil A. 

ner and William H. Van 

druggists (Apothecariee^ 

862 Chapel and 1 Collf 

p 952 J 

Getsye William F., teamster, b 52 Hii^ 

Gettings James A., hoseman Xo. 4, li 1] 

Hamilton . I 

Getz--Bee Goetz \ 

Get23nann Geoige, emp H. Hooker ft 

h 31 Grace J 

G^ubel Henry, carpenter, bds 80 Ghofl 
Gevan — see Gavin 
Gewirz Mike, peddler, b r 750 Gfd 

av J 

Geyer Charles P., laborer, b 75 Bnm 

Frederick, carpenter, b 90 Dlx^ 

John J., engineer, b 09 Dixi 

Giambrocono Giuseppe, tailor 472 du^ 

h 90 Hamilton 
Giammattei Pasquale, grocer 00 H9 





Qiaagnuide Antonio, emp Sargent & Co., 
bds 106 Wallace 
Giiueppe, baker, h 106 Wallace 
Lnigi, rem to Italy 

Puquale, confectionery 429 Grand 
ay, h da 
QubdM igoetino, h 207 Wallace 
ABt<Hiio, fiirmer, h 242 Wallace 
Salvatoiei laborer, bda 64 Haven 
Staniedas, emp M., W. Co., bda 207 

Stelano, emp Sargent & Co., bdB 240 
Wallace « 

Okiaam Giacchino, emp McLagon Foun- 
diy Ca, h 237 Hamilton 
Paaquale, atone cutter, emp J. R. 

Maxwell, res Orange 
Baffade, laborer, h 6 Minor 
^annotti Danid, tailor, h r 59 Putnam 
fitumotte Ckrmine, grocer 130 Lafay- 
ette, h do. 
Giacomo, laborer, bda 15 Lafayette 
Gnueppe, saloon 52 Oak, h 50 da 
Gianquinto Giacomo, emp M., W. Ca, 

bds 10 Donnelly pi 
ftutt Cure Oa The, Charles H. Bromley 
manager, mfrs. patent medicine 
, 253 Orchard 

ftoh Hugh, emp Peabody Museum, h 266 
DizweU av 
Muy, widow Hugh, bds 242 Munson 
ObboDB Bros. (Peter H., Thomas J. and 
James B. Gibbons), groceries 
and meat market 824 State 
Edward J., h 31 HaUoek 
Harriet P^ widow Dr. ThcHnas, h 64 

James B. (Gibbons Bros.), 824 State, 

bds 206 Ferry 
James E., brakeman, bds 62 Oeirlide 
James J., joiner, bds 18 Alton 
> John, boot and shoe dealer 407 
[ Grand av, h da 

' Jobn F., clerk 824 State, bds 206 
i Feny 

I John J., bumieher, h 18 Alton 
[ John R., peddler, rms 288 Wallace 
I Joaie Jfre., hoasekeeper 773 Whitney 
ay, bds do. 
Maiy, widow Michael, h 31 Hallock 
Mary, widow Patrick, h 32 York 
liichael, buffer, bds 81 Hallock 
Mer, laborer, b 206 Ferry 
Feter H. (Gibbons Broa) 824 State, 
bds 206 Ferry 

emp W. R. A. Co., h 123 

ard, &np W. R. A. Co., h 83 

Sobcrt S., prop. The Gibbons 181 
Meadow, li da 
ICsB, h 139 Ashmnn 
R. £L Gibbons prop., 181 Mea- 

Tkonum J. (Gibbons Bros.) 824 
State, h 826 do. 

Gibbons Thomas P. Mra, h 64 Trumbull 
Gibba C. L., brakeman, h 110 Portsea 
George, h 166 Greenwich av 
George Jr., printer, h 108 Peck ay, 

W Haven 
Harry J., electro plating and polish- 
ing 22 Artizan, h 61 William 
Isaac, barber Ferry opp FEuren av, 

rms da 
John H., laborer, bds 25 Newhall 
J. Willard, professor Y. U., h 121 

Le Roy, rem to Pittsfield, Mass. 
Loiuse Miss, bds 166 Greenwich ar 
Prudence Miss, rms 18 Beiton 
Rachel A., widow Cornelius H., h 25 

Robert, emp W. R. A. Co., h 827 

Whitney av 
Robert L., emp W. R. A. Co., h 83 

Thomas, paper boxmaker, bds 166 

Greenwich av 
William, oysterman, bds 362 Blatch- 

ley av 
William F., contractor H. & P. Mfg. 

Co., bds 166 Greenwich av 
Gibby — see Gebbie 
Giblin William, brakeman, bds 62 Wooe- 

Gibney Bartholomew, h 139 Campbell ar, 

W Haven 
John, motorman, h 139 Campbell av, 

W Haven 
John H., scroll sawyer, h 53 Hal- 
Gibson Alexander, h 435 Columbus av 
Aleocander Jr., police sergeant St^ 

tion No. 4, h 380 Dixwell av 
Betsy A. Mrs., cook 136 Sherman av, 

bds do. 
Celestine, widow Jacob B., laundress^ 

h 39i Sperry 
George S., bds 435 Columbus av 
Isabdla Miss, dressmaker 435 Colum- 
bus av, bds da 
James J., machinist, h 82 Mansfield 
Rachel, widow David, h 167 St. 

ThoroaA, h 19 Forest 
William, emp W. R. A. Co., bds 880 

IMxwell av 
William H., teamster, h 193 Frank 
William J., emp 73 Front, h 45 Pier- 

William T., emp W. R. A. Co., h 91 

Gidaschewski Anton, carpenter, bds 41 

Washington av 
Gidney George H., dentist 797 ChapeJl, 

rms do. 
Giebner Minnie C, widow Julius, music 

teacher, bds 505 Chapel 
Gieder Charles, emp 0. B. North ft Co., 

h 86 Hamilton 




Gierding Charles £., foreman N. H. Car 
Register Co. 218 Geoige, h 118 
Third av, W Haven 

Thomaa N., machinist, h 49 Atwater 
Gies William J., rem to New York 
Giessel Theodore L., clerk 6 Congress ay, 

bds 90 Arch 
Gifford Charles, canvasser, h 44 Morris 

Edwards, h 179 Chestnut 
Gigantini Enrico, emp Sargent & C6., bds 

682 Grand av 
Giglio Giovanni, emp Sargent & Co., h 12 

Gilbane Bernard F., emp 79 Long Wharf, 

h 27 Palmer 
GlLbert Amos, h 403 Lenox 

Annie M. Miss, h 322 Geoi^ge 

C. C, widow W. L, h 90 Wall 

Charles, boilermaker, h 337 Portsea 

Charles B. (Stoddard, Gilbert ft Co.) 
215 Water, h 81 WaU 

Clifford, lawyer (2) 792 Chapel, bds 
68 Trumbull 

Edward, painter, h 41 Pine 

Edward G. W., sec. and treas. Impe- 
rial Laundry Co., Orchard c 
Goffe, bds 35 Sylvan av 

Edwin A., emp C. W. Blakeslee & 
Sods, h 48 Gilbert av 

Elias M., salesman 65 Church, h 35 
Sylvan av 

Eliza A., widow Henry W., dress- 
maker 20 Aahmun, h do. 

Eliza a, widow Eli D., h 44 Vernon 

Elizabeth, widow Henry 0., bds 33 
Clinton av 

Ellen S. Mrs., h 100 Church 

Elmore T., bds 90 Dwight 

Emily M. Mrs., h 58 Center, W Ha- 

Fannie F., widow William M., h Mil- 
ford turnpike c Gilbert, AlUng- 

Florence F., clerk 18 Congress av, 
bds Milford turnpike opp Front 
av, Allingtown 

Frances P., widow Asa, h 307 Crown 

Frederick G., clerk 814 State, bds 
166 Whalley av 

George H., trav. salesman 104 State, 
h Milford turnpike c Gilbert, Al- 

Geoi^ L., joiner, h 43 Orchard 

Georgia, widow John D., h 90 

Helen M. Miss, artist, bds 273 Bl^e 

Henrietta C, mdow Rev. Charles A., 
ass't librarian Y. U., h 22 Whal- 
ley av 

H. Mae Miss, stenographer, bds 90 

James B., engineer, h 29 Hotchkiss 

James H., carriage painter, h 97 Ce- 
dar Hill av 

Jennie Mrs., nurse, h 66 Arch 

Jesse B., farmer, h off Circular av, 
Hamden Plains 


Gilbert Joel F., with Foskett k Bisfaflp 

Co., h 413 Whalley av 
John (Gilbert k Thompeon) 91fi 

Chapel, h 166 Whalley it 
John S., baker 18 Congress st, h SH 

John S., emp Barnes Tool Go., bdi 41 

Joseph J., rem to New Jersey 
Levi Rev., pastor Trinity M. £. 

Church, h 224 Oak 
Levi C, sec. and treas. Leri C Gil< 

bert Co. 114 Chuitsh, h 1^ 


oubebt ievi c. co. im <«| 

and wood, omoes 114 Ghurch. isd 

25 Water— See back cover 
Lewis L., bakery 67 Broadway, b 60 

Lillian B. Miss, bookkeeper Imperial 

Laundry, bds 35 Sylvan av 
Lizzie B. Miss, canvasser, bds 57 S 

Mary R Miss, clerk 18 CongreM ar, 

bds 35 Sylvan av 
Mary R. S. Mrs., nurse, h 57 E Peul 
M|g. Co. The, corset mfrs. 76 Oeate 
Paul T., student^ bds 224 Oak 
Philip A., derk 379 Congress av, m 

Samuel D., physician 27 Wall, h 
Sarah, widow George, h 273 Blake 
Sarah F., widow John S., bds 

Sereno L, house painter 1 Pitkin, 

823 Caiapel 
Stanley C, emp W. R. A. Co^ h 

Cedar Hill av 
Sylvester, foreman carpenter 

Williams & Arthur Oo^ h 

Thomas S., corset designer, h 


Waldo A., engineer, h 29 Hotchkui 
Walter R., rem to New York 


wood, offices 65 Church and 

Railroad av, h 123 OoU 

front cover 
William A., bds Milf<Mrd tumpi 

Gilbert, Allingtown 
William T., salesman 106 Orangey 

390 Howard av 
W. T. Mrs., corset a^ncy 390 

ard av, h do. 


bert and Frederick B. "" 
son), grocers 918 CSiapel 

Gilbride Bernard, rem to Middletowa. 

Eliza Miss, h 50 Day 

Frank, plumber, bds 805 Whalkf 

Maria £. Miss, seamstress, bda 


Gilch Joseph, h 8 Mechanic 

Gilchrest Bruce G., trav. aalftgmaw ]| 

Sherman av 



Gilchrist Anthony, h 66 Daggett 

Bemanl, laborer, h 1083 Whalley av 

FaJDJLjf widow James, bds 40 Spring 

ThomftB W., emp 230 Congress av, 

bds 66 Daggett 

Gildij Frank J., emp National Gash 

R^gtBter Co., Ms 262 Davenport 


Joim H., emp N. F. B. & P. Co., h 262 

Davenport av 
Michael, laborer, h 25 Rose 
Ifiehael E., compositor, bds 26 Roee 
Patrick H., bds 25 Rose 
Thomas, bds 25 Rose 
Gildea Mary, widow John R., h 104 Car- 
Peter, grocer 431 Blatchley av, h 274 
Oilderdale Geoige B., teamster, rms 50 
George D., emp Sailor's Home, rms 
61 Water 
BUimleeve Albert, Jiostler, bds 61 Court 
Augusta H., widow Charles A., bds 

121 £ Pearl 
GuuieBj coachman emp 160 Court, 

bds 61 do. 
Edwin a, bds 182 Whalley av 
Lortmo R., h 182 Whalley av 
Lttdnda W. Miss, h 141 Church 
Vk Grammar School, Theo. B. Willson 
i prindpal, (18) 890 Chapel 

Mes Eliza, widow Richard, bds 76 din- 
ton ay 
' James, whitewaaher, h 6 St Mary, 
James, emp 270 Congress av, bds 304 

John, steward, rms 93 Eaton 
Julian A., rms 91 OUye 
Ortavia P., widow Daniel R., h 6 St 

Mary, Highwood 
Wmiam R, laundry 190 Washington 
av, h 24 Redfield 
John, emp Saigent & Co., h 133 
Pfttridc, driver 898 Chapel, h 577 
Grand av 

Anna M. G. Miss, bookkeeper 116 
Hamilton, bds 118 do. 
Benjamin, emp Saigent & Co., h 109 

Beniaid, teamster, h 21 Martin, W 



^fianid S., bottler 116 Hamilton, h 
118 do. 

H., emp 116 Hamilton, h 
39 Maltby pi 
FHanr, widow Peter, grocer 185 
\ Fhyiklin, h do. 

emp 66 Commerce, rms 197 
rick H., emp 116 Hamilton, h 284 

reas av 
r, emp R. R. shops, h 141 Frank 
waiter, bds Morris Cove 

Gilhuly William, laborer, bds 21 Martm, 

W Haven 
Gilker Eva A. Miss, nurse, bds 266 Crown 
Gill G. Hopkins, credit clerk The Edw. 

Malley Co., h 101 St John 
John J., emp 80 Long Wharf, h 70 

John T., bookkeeper 183 State, h 102 

Martin J., rem to Hartford 
Mary Miss, bds 36 Walnut 
Michael, emp R. R. shops, bds 70 

Michael J., teamster, h 209 Franklin 
Michael J., bds Springside Home 
Thomas H., letter carrier, h 55 El- 
Gillan Bartholomew, teamster, rms 9 

Mary Mrs., h 15 Eaton 
Gillen James, molder, h 147 Frank 

James S., clerk, h 6 Smith, W Haven 

John, h r 141 Frank 

Patrick, emp W. R. A. Co., h 132 

— see Geelan 
Gillem Edward J., emp N. H. dock Co., 

h 34 Eld 
James A., emp N. H. Clock Co., bds 

Winthrop House 
James A. Mrs., h 6 E Grand av 
Patrick (Gillem & Quinn) 2 E Grand 

av, h Morris Cove Hotel, Morris 

William C, clerk (411) R. R. office 

bdg, bds 6 E Grand av 
& Quinn (Patrick Gillem and John 

W. (Juinn) , saloon 2 E Grand av 

and Morris Cove Hotel, Morris 

Gillespie Alexander, clerk, bds 94 Crown 
James, foreman Outtenden & Co., h 

34 Center, W Haven 
Mary E. Mrs., rem to New York city 
Roy W., clerk (309) R. R. office bdg, 

res Woodmont 
Samuel, laborer, rms 166 Aahmiiw 
Thomas P., emp W. R. A. 0>., h 35 

Dixwell av 
Thomas P. Jr., salesman 314 State, h 

165 Campbell av, W Haven 
William A., bookkeeper, h 37 Brad- 
Gillett Curtis, clerk (429) R. R. office 

bdg, bds 185 Brewery 
Gillette Anna F. Miss, teacher, bds 123 

Columbus av 
Edward G., rubber bootmaker, h 998 

Grand av 
E. M., foreman mill George Ailing 

Sons Co., res Guilford 
Eliza 0., widow Edward, h 123 Co- 
lumbus av 
Frederick D., emp 183 Brewery, h 7 

Prospect, Highwood 
George B., emp N. H. dock Co., h 

12 Lincoln 



Gillette George W. F., civil engineer (18) 

aty Hall, bdB 383 WhaUey ay 
Grace Mrs., bds 140 Main, W Haven 
Irene A., widow Joeiah A., nurse, h 

100 Dwight 
Jane J. Mrs., h 908 Grand av 
J. Francifi, rem to Springfield, Mass. 
John B., h 191 Spring 
M. A., ins. canvasser (49) 49 Ohurch, 

res North Haven 
Mary A, widow Austin C, h 185 

Mary E., widow Elbert E., h 10 Lin- 
Mary H., widow John M., rms 60 

York sq 
Susan E., widow Monroe S., h 191 

Wilbur F., vice pres. George M. 

Grant Co. 133 Union, h 9 Eld 
Gillian Teresa Miss, teach^, rms 68 

Whitney av 
Gilliet Desire, cigarmaker, h 707 Grand 

Gilligan Bernard, laborer, bds 228 Ck>lum- 

bus av 
Catherine, widow^ Michael, h 107 Fill- 
Dennis, in U. S. Army 
Dominick, h 228 Columbus av 
Hannah, widow Th<»nas, h 129 La- 
Henry, emp Sargent & Co., bds 246 

James, ins. canvasser, bds 246 Poplar 
John, emp N. H. Clock Co., h 246 

John B., car inspector, h 380 Blatch- 

ley av 
John G., clerk 922 Chapd, bds 61 

John H., polic«nan, h 51 Arch 
Matthe^v, grocer 149 Portsea, h da 
Owen, hostlar, h 82 Portsea 
Peter, emp L. CSandee & Co., h 67 

Thomas F., emp N. H. Clock Co., h 

272 Poplar 
— see Galligan 
Gillin Bartlett, teamster 97 Orange, rms 

127 State 
Frank, emp R. R. shops, bds 26 

Frank P., postal clerk, bds 26 Cedar 
James, mail clerk (114) R. R. office 

bdg.. h 228 Portsea 
Patrick, ass't janitor Union depot, 

bds 26 Cedar 
— see Gillan and Gillen 
Gillis Albert, teamster, bds 251 James 
Angus, laborer, h 267 Grand av 
Robert, ship carpenter, h 14 Wheeler 
GiUoran Patrick, emp N. Y., N. H. & H. 
R. R., h 68 York 
Thomas, laborer, h 64 York 
Gilman Edward, machinist, h 291 Norton 


Gilman Harriet Miss, seam&treas N. H. 
Hospital, bds do. 
Marie E. Miss^ tel. operator, bds 515 

Walter H., saJesman Hoyt Beef and 

Produce Co., h 71 Hurlburt 
WUliam R., clerk 381 State, h 101 

— see Gilmond 
Gilmartin Bernard, laborer, h 113 Mon- 
Charles E., emp Foskett &, Bishop 

Co., bds 123 Oay 
David E., rem to Baltimore, Md. 
David J., manager Edward H. Ward- 
well Co., h 123 aay 
John, joiner, bds 123 (liay 
Michael, emp 80 Long Wharf, bds 90 

Richard H., plumber, bds 123 Oay 
Sarah E. G. MLbb, clerk 308 Grand 

av, bds 123 Clay 
S. Shrank, composite, bds 123 Clay 
Thomas, emp R. R. shops, bds 46 
Gilmond Edward, carpenter, h 168 Scran- 
Gilmore Henry, emp N. Y., N. H. Sl H. 
R. R., h 31 Wallace 
Thomas, emp Sperry & Bamee, bds 

31 Wallace 
Thomas F., lecturer, h 252 Spring 
Thomas H., car builder, h 169 Ocdum- 
bus av 
Gilroy Annie Miss, emp W. H. Buckle 
Co., bds 24 Brown, W Haven 
Bridget, widow James, h 21 Hallock 
Charles B., emp Sargent & Co., h 173 

Ellen, widow Bernard, h 24 Brown, 

W Haven 
Francis, motorman, h 248 James 
J. C. Rev., O. P., h Grove c Temple 
Margaret Miss, housekeeper 145 Put^ 

Owen, emp W. Av. R. R. Co., bds 24 

Brown, W Haven 
Patrick, lab(M-er, h 104 Haven 
Patrick, laborer, h 32 York 
Gilson American Tea Co., tea and coffee 
dealers 405 State 
Bar Goods Supply Co., glassware 

dealers 405 State 
Caroline, widow Hugh, bds 104 

John L., student, bds 77 OllTe 
John W., prop. Gilson American Tea 
and Bar Goods Supply Co. 405 
State, h 77 Olive 
Lizzie Miss, bds 77 Olive 
William, emp W. ft E. T. Pitch 0^, 
h 177 East 
Gingold Max, rag dealer, h 316 CbngreH 

Ginsbeig Fannie Miss, clerk 75 George» 
bds 73 do. 







i Ginsberg Harris, shoemaker 14 Gregson 
and clothing 16 do., and confec- 
tioneiy 75 George, h 73 da 
Harris, confectionery, etc 709 State, 

Jm^ derk 92 George, h 22 Rose 
Joeqih, dry goods 227 Congress av, 

h do. 
Kand, confectionery and fruit 701 
Grand av and shoemaker 215 
State, h 25 William 
Bik$ lire., confectionery 610 Grand 

av, h do. 
Boee, widow Morris, bds r 94 Elliott 
Saffluef, city express, h r 94 Elliott 
—see Ginzberg and Pupkewich 
Ginter Christian, shoemaker emp 1174 
Chapel, h 46 Orchard 
GqiUy, florist 97 Elliott, h do. 
John, emp W. R. A. Co., h 304 Oak 
Beinhftrd, painter emp G. Ammann, 
h 46 Orchard 
&aty Catherine Miss, h 46 Ashmun 
Daniel, laborer, bds 242 Liberty 
James P., emp N. H. dock Co., bds 

J^ Anderson 
John, h 18 Mill River 
John H., onp W. R. A. Co., bds 15 
I Mary, widow John C, h 244 Lib- 
Atrick, mason, h 15 Anderson 
Thomas L., flagman N. Y., N. H. & 

H. R. R, h 278 Cedar 
William, emp N. Y., N. H. & H. R. 
R., bds 244 Liberty 
i —see Geenty and Gainty 
fttberg Herman, clerk, h 608 Grand av 
Rieco, Gonfectioiiery 610 Grand av, h 
I 906 do. 
Mano Andrea, emp L. Candee ft Co., 

bds r 74 Wallace 
, AaUmio, &np L. Oandee & Co., h r 
[ 74 Wallace 

Gannine, boxmaker, h 117 Lafayette 
fGioranni, laborer, bds r 20 Palmer 
Pgio Xiecolo, laborer, h 440 Congress 

Nnio Antonio, laborer, bds 64 Haven 
m Christina a, midwife, h 154 Wal- 
r lace 
btoBncd John, tailor, bds 4 Bradley 

iRniii, mnaician, h 4 Bradley pi 

pi Fannie, widow Paul E, manicure 

i ind hairdreBBer 1094 Chapel, bds 

i PP Howe 

p JamcR, ^rrooer and broommaker 

( 1578 State, b do. 

patter Joeepb, machinist, h 860 

i 8Ute 

• Giovanni, laborer, h r 10 Myrtle 

k HOaire, painter, h 88 James 

pan Isaac, shoemaker and leather 

k tndings 41 Broad, h do. 

Githens Eliza J., widow Joseph M., h 65 
James, brakeman, h 129 Cedar 
Gitlitz Samuel, junk dealer, h 48 Oak 
Ginliano Antonio, laborer, h 57 Hill 
Michele, laborer, h 10 Lafayette 
Pasquale, emp Sargent & Co., bds 10 

Salvatore, mason, h 76 Whiting 
Giulietto Alfonso, emp Sargent & Co., h 
9 Cain 
Giuseppe, emp Sargent & Co., h 
Give William, emp M. F. Arms Co., h 11 

Warren pi 
Glacking James, h 28 Brown, W Haven 
Gladding Henry H., ass't engineer (18) 

City Hall, h 30 Stanley 
Glade Conrad, rem to Massachusetts 
Gladstone Alexander, tea store 45 Wash- 
ington av, h da 
Gladwin George, laborer, h 4 iVctoiy 
George H., carp^iter Fourth n Camp- 
bell av, W Haven, h do. 
Hudson E., carpenter, h Fourth n 

Campbell av, W Haven 
Joshua G., fire marshal (4) City 

Hall, h 45 Sylvan av 
Lillian A. Miss, bds 140 Exchange 
Maria 8., widow Felix, h 140 Ex- 
Nellie A. Miss, stenographer emp 80 

Church, bds 105 Howe 
S. A. Mrs., employment office (8> 

102 Orange, h 63 Garden 
Sidney A., modelmaker, h 63 Garden 
Glaessner Herman E., musician, h 823 

Glamtner Joseph V., paper box cutter, h 

50 Orchard 
Glanarock Mendel, cigarmaker, h 6 West 
Glas Frederick B., bds 7 Auburn 

Herman R., emp Max E. Kraus, h 7 
Glaser Joseph, rem to New York 
Samuel, rem to Russia 
Samuel, canvasser, h (8) 52 Oak 
Glass Bernard, confectionery 181 C6n- 
gress av, h do. 
Harry A., in U. S. Army 
Lewis, laborer, h 17 Bradley 
Peter, emp 59 Union, h 84 Ashmun 
Glaaser Herman, roolder, h 15 Walnut 
Glassgow Lavina Miss, emp Sargent ft 
Co., h 135 Franklin 
Stella Miss, emp P. Bros, ft Co., h 
135 Franklin 
Glasscm Theodore S., carpenter R. R. 

shops, h 24 Cedar 
GlaEer Hymon, shoemaker and dealer 71 
Temple, h 44 Oak 
Louis (Glazer ft Chain) 102 Temple, 

h 41 Broad 
ft Chain (Louis Glazer and Mchael 
Chain), second-hand clothing 
102 Temple 




Gleason Adelia J. Miss, dressmaker, h 
813 State 
A. H., emp 7 Center, bds 19 Sylvan 

Catherine T. Miss, dressmaker, bds 

813 State 
Daniel, cook emp 125 State, rms do. 
James, emp freight house Belle 

I>ock, bds 12G Ea;»t 
John, laborer, h 190 Hamilton 
Michael, laborer, h 50 Walnut 
Patrick, laborer, h r 39 Mill 
William, gardener, bds 153 Meadow 
Glebe Building, 116 Church c Chapel 
Gleeson Daniel, emp Strouse, Adler & Co., 
h 241 Hamilton 
James J., physician 240 Dixwell av 

and 690 State, bds do. 
Martin, laborer, h 304 Wallace 
Patrick, laborer, bds 143 Saltonstall 

William, grocer 713 State, h 690 do. 
William F., clerk 713 State, bds 690 
Gleich Philip J., wood turner, h 25 

Glendora Knitting Co., mfrs. hosiery 106 

Glenney Daniel S., salesman Lightboum 
& Pond Co., h 65 Wooster 
Stephen W., h 87 Wooster 
Glennon Annie, widow Thomas, h 213 
Edward J., clerk 152 Portsea, bds 

264 W Carlisle 
James, emp N. H. R. M. Co., h 89 

John T., laborer, bds 264 W Carlisle 
Joseph, emp N. H. R. M. Co., h 90 

Katie Miss, waitress 474 Chapel, bds 

489 do. 
Mary Miss, forelady 102 Hill, bds 264 

W Carlisle 
Mary E., widow Edward J., h 264 
W Carlisle 
Gleue William, clerk 1 Broadway, h 185 

Dixwell av 
Glezer Ezra Z., painter and paperhanger 

106 Day, h do. 
Glickstein Abe (A. Glickstein & Sons) 884 
Grand av, h 717 do. 
Abraham (A. Glickstein & Sons) 884 

Grand av, h r 889 do. 
Abraham & Sons (Abraham and Abe 
Glickstein), pianos and sewing 
machines 884 Grand av 
Harry, rem to Florida 
Max,* h 224 Commerce 
OlineB Louis J., clerk 922 Cliapel, rms 175 

Globe Clothing and Tailoring Co., Fisher 
& Tomapolsky props., tailors 727 
Grand av 
Hotel, Thomas A. McCaffrey prop., 
322 and 324 Wooster 


H. Pickett prop., printer of la- 
bels 156 Meadow— See p 944 


Pardee), Hookers bdg 578 to 

590 Statfr— See p 889 
Globensky Henry, emp N. H. Clock Oo.. 

bds 147' Franklin 
L. Charles, paperhanger and painUs 

147 Franklin, h do. 
Glouser — see Glauser 
Glouskin Elias L., watchmaker and jev- 

eler 162 Elm, h 156 do. 
Marcus L. (Glouskin & Fox) m 

Chapel, rms do. 
& Fox (Marcus L. Glouskin and 

Samuel Fox), jewelers 1058 

Glover George J., emp Merwin Prov. Oo, 

h 42 Hudson 
Jacob, janitor, h 136 Ashmun 
William, bds 138 Ward 
William J., gardener, h 7 Shepard 
Gljmn Andrew, emp 76 Sylvan av, bds 

Earle W., locomotive fireman, h 111 

Greenwich av 
Edward, carman 256 Water, b 71 

Edwin C, clerk 867 Chapel, bds 11 

First av, W Haven 
Frederick A., clock timer, b 

George T., emp W. R, A. Oo, h 

James J., laborer, h 301 Oeunpbell 

W Haven 
John, emp L. Candee & Co., h 

John, emp G. F. W. Mfg. Co., h 

John W., carriagesmith, h 109 

av, W Haven 
Mary Mrs., rem to Weat Che^i 
Mary E. Miss, tailoress, bds 225 

Matthew, emp Sargent & Co., hda] 

Matthew, emp Strouse, Adler k 

h 173 Franklin 
Maurice, emp L. Oaiidee & Co., ' 

196 James 
Patrick, emp N. F. B. & P. Oa i 

3, bds 48 Wahiut 
Patrick M., laborer, h 24 Casils 
Rosa, widow J. Willard, h 114 

av, W Haven 
Thomas, coachman 137 Elnu 

Thomas, laborer, h 48 Walnut 
Thoma.«» F., emp W. R. A. 

48 Walnut 
Gock Paul, emp W. R. A. Co.. li 

Shelton av 
Godette John, carriagesmith. Ii 33 ^ 

ley av ^ 


GvMtc Jobn Jr., carriage points', h B9 

Diitell av 
Godbrf Albert E., emp N. H. Gu Light 
Co., bds U Grove, W Havni 
Cuoline, cidDw John, bda 615 Win- 
Eli R., piMHnan, bds 662 Oiapel 
Frtderick A., b 14 Grove, Savin 

Rock, W Haven 
PttTirk, hborar, bds 14 WiUiam 
iruitun A., bds 14 GroTe, Savin 
Rock, W Haven 
Codhy Dicej-, widow Toney, bda 18 
tGodlii Rirris, rem to Springfield, Maas. 
i^o^ CiMH^ driver Engine No. 3, 160 
' Ptrk, b 136 Edgewood av 

Gmx|w C, h 235 Commerce 
GnaUv, cigarmaker emp 20 Church, 

b IB4 Seranton 
Hou;, shoem&ker, h 423 Congren 

Bfary J., hoeeman No. 9 Engine 

Hoase, h 34S Elm 
John W., rem to Boston, Mass. 
' Joaeph, clerk, b 66 Kennngtim 
\ Jowph H., tinner, bds 423 Congnsa 
I av 

Lmuu widow Henr7 J., h 33 Au- 

Louis, clerk 124 Congren av, bde 423 

|i^n; Louis Domino, atone cutter, h 

. 114 Franklin 

Wiod— Mee Goodkind 

pug* Lacian D., porter 192 Crown, Mb 

) 79 E»Um 




h 26 

., bd 

a 210 




r, h 





h 216 

» 121 Sal- 


0. B. 


h 79 


Goff Edmund, craiductor Mfrs.' R. R., h 
117 Ferry 
3oba L., caulker, h 19 Kimberly av, 

W Havoi 
Norman, rem to East Hampton 
Goffin Abraham, music teacher 104 Waah- 

ingtoa av, h do. 
Goggin Bridget, widow Patrick, b 0S 
John J., saloon 31 Greene, h 110 

Michael, driver Oystal Ice Co., h 51 

Patrick, saloon 192 St. John, h da 
William, emp L. Candee & Co., bda 

02 James 
William J., saloon 156 East, bds 44 

Goggins William, laborer, h 186 Frank- 

Gogler Ernest Adolph, etnp W. R. A. Co., 
h 241 Ivy 

Gogliettino Stefano, shoemaker 1S4 Lib- 
erty, bda 44 Hill 

Goglio Vincenzo, laborer, bds 67 York 

Goins— flee Goeings 

Gokey William, rem to Massacbusetta 

Golezynski Edmond, toundtyroan, h 22 

Gold Andrew L., watchman, h 68 Hanl- 

Marsden A., ptdiaher, h 58 HarrlBon 
Thomas B., foreman Gredst Mfg. Co., 

h 37 Alden 
Giddbaum Esther Miss, timekeeper, bds 

397 Elm 
Fred, clerk Sarg«nt ft Co., bds TO Ia- 

Herman, merchant tailor 15S Elm 

and (Goldbaum & Rapaport) 

1073 Chapel, h 397 Elm 
Jacob, emp Sargent ft Co., bds 70 

Jacob C. tailor 5} Church, h TT Lam- 
Lewis, h 70 Laiayett« 
Morris, tailor, bds 70 Lafayette 
Knkus H., rem to New York 
PinkiiB 2d. clerk Sargent ft Co., bds 

70 Lafayette 
Solomon, peddler, h 98 Olive 
ft Rapaport (Herman Goldbaum and 

Harry Rapaport), merchant tail- 

ors 1073 Chapel 
Goldbecker Joseph, barber 765 State, b 

11 Leonard 
Goldbei^ Abram, tailor, h 92 Waahington 

A. Isaac, brta 104 Asylum 

Harrv. second-hand clothing 12} 

Oak, h do. 
Harris, peddler, h r 13 Palmer 
Herman, rem to New London 
Herman, painter, h 23 Hallock 
Herman, boots and shoes 100 Cbn- 

gresB av, h do. 



Goldberg Israel, capmaker, h 36 Oak 
Jacob, glazier 396 State, h 126 Wash- 

in^oa ay 
Jacob W., tailor, h 264 Cedar 
Joseph, tailor, bds 831 Grand av 
Joseph, painter, h 698 Grand ay 
Joseph W., taUor, h 264 Cedar 
Morris H., painter, h r 147 Congress 

Paul A., clerk 490 State, h 98 Pine 
Pinkus, clerk, h 316 Congress ay 
Sarah C. Miss, h 104 Asylum 
William, painter, h r 147 Omgress 

William D., machinist R. R. shops, 

bds 104 Asylum 
Goldblatt Elizur, emp Strouse, Adler &. 

Co., bds 14 Oak 
Louis, h 14 Oak 
Moritz, tailor 764 State, h 37 

Samuel, dyer, h 36 Oak 
Wolf, peddler, h 28 Dow 
Golden Caplan J., painter and paper 

hanger 487 Columbus ay and 

grocer 489 do., h do. 
Caroline Miss, housekeeper, rms 110 

Catherine, widow Matthew J., h 26 

Edward, emp Seamless Rubber Ca, 

bds 47 White 
Hany, bootblack r 67 Church, h 10 

Henry T., plumber, bds 26 Ann 
Isora Mrs., dressmaker r 888 Grand 

ay, bds do. 
James, plumber, bds 47 White 
John C., h 266 Dayenport ay 
John J., clerk 762 Chapel, bds 26 

Margaret G. Miss, clerk 922 Chapel, 

bds 266 Dayenport ay 
Mark A., clerk (414) R. R. office bdg, 

bds 14 Warren 
Mary, widow Thomas, h 697 Grand 

Matthew J., deliyery clerk 898 Chap- 
el, bds 26 Ann 
Nathan, grocer 10 Day, h do. 
Patrick L., joiner, h 47 White 
Peter, emp R. R. shops, bds 337 Un- 
ion ay 
Rule Poultry Yards, G. H. Burkitt 

prop., 416 Ellsworth ay 
Thomas, laborer, h 273 Blatchley 

William, laborer, bds 273 Blatchley 

Goldenbaum A. C. A., smith helper, h 26 

Goldenberg Israel, capmaker, h 36 Oak 
Joseph, rem to New York 
Max, tailor 61 Orange, h 600 Colum- 
bus av 
Goldenblum Abraham, meat market 112 

Congress av, h 137 do. 


Goldenblum Adolph £., clerk 112 Goi- 
gress av, bds 137 do. 
Willuun, machinist^ bds 187 Gongm 

William H., photographer, h 166 Oik 
Goldenthal Lena, widow Mkx, bds 81 

Washington ay 
Goldes William A., labwer, bds 316 Con- 
gress ay 
Goldlether Mary Mrs., h 626 Qnadir 
Goldfield A. (Goldfield & McDemott) m 
Commerce, h do. 
Abraham T., emp 100 Commeroe, k 

ft Goldfield (A. Goldfidd and ISa^ 
McDermott), blacksmiths 10& 
Commerce , 

Goldhardt Francis J., florist, h 21 Kortk 

Goldinger Edward, driver, h 219 State 
Goldman Abraham, dry goods and no- 
tions 116 La&yette, h da 
Albert, shirt mfr. 310 OmgresB aT,li 

23 Spruce 
Harris, city express, h 128 Lafayctts 
Isaac, painter, n 128 Ashmun 
Isaac, confectionery and trait 161 

Elm and grocer 27 Arch, h do. 
Jacob, pool room 114 Lafayette, k 

Samuel J., emp 313 State, h 96 Eatot 
Goldner Israel, shirtmaker, h 36 Broad 

sec Guldener 
Goldreyer Charles, clerk 770 Chapel, bdl 
3 Gilbert 
Joseph, tinner, h 396 OoDgreea av 
S^g, emp Strouse^ Adler k Co., 

300 Cedar, 
Sussman, h 3 Gilbert 
Goldrich Ann, widow Hugh, h 170 East I 
James, buffer, bds 170 East i 

John, emp W. & E. T. Fitch Oo^ bl 
170 East I 

Goldrick Edward, buffer, h 25 Bottoa J 
Goldsborough Louisa, widow Chaziea ^ 
h 298 Goffe J 

Goldsmith Albert L., biaas molder, h ■ 
Charles, rms 22 Warren. 
Frank E., painter, h r 44 Hudaon 
Oliver C, h 413 Temple 
Goldstein Abraham, carpenter, b r < 
Abram, shoemaker 137 LAfayetl^ 

Abram, tailor, h 140 La&yeite 
Annie Mr&, pictures and piell 

frames 226 Commerce, b dow 
Bamet, hameasmaker 4 Ciak, h r i 

Congress av 
David, capmaker, h 30 I>ay 
Davis, shoemaker 129 LieJayeetll 
do. ^ 

Dora Mrs., grocer 30 D&y, h do. 
Isadore, taUor (46) 20 Oenter, 1 


Joseph, tailor 340 Oon gim g 





Goldstein Louis, picture *framer, h r 223 
Louis, grocer 79 Front, h 87 do. 
Max, dothing and dry goods 161 

Oak, h do. 
Morris, tailor, h 15 Redfield 
Xathan, joiner, h 222^ Commerce 
Samuel, tailor, h 21 Oak 
Solomon, bottle dealer r 26 Oak, h 96 
Ooldstone Horace, merchant tailor 838 
Grand ay, h 838i do. 
Max, shoemaker 9 Center and 167 
State, h do. 
Goldthwaite Helen M. WaR, h 399 Elm 
Ooldys Moses, driyer N. H. Laundry, h 

316 Congress ay 
Golia Gioyanni, barber 140 Wallace, h do. 
Philip, shoemaker 14^ EUiott, h da 
GoUhardt Francis J., florist, h 75 Wooe- 

GoDin Addph H., watchman, h 459 Con- 
gress ay 
Golob Nathan, rem to New York 
Goltbreaker— see Goldbecker 
Gombert Otto, book agent, h 38 Ann 
Oomoll Hennan, h 143 Fnmk 
Gomperts Bros. (Sol M. Gompertz), job 
printers 322 State 
Clara, widow Abraham M., h 48 

Jewdl II., linotype operator, bds 39 

Wooster pi 
Louis M., physician 39 Wooster pi, 

bds do. 
Mich ael, dgarmaker, h 39 Wooster 

HofiB, cigar mfr. and dealer 19 Broad- 
way, h 209 Whalley ay 
Sol 3C. (G<»apertz Bros.) 322 State, 
bds 39 Wooster pi 
\ooeh F. A., prof, chemistry Y. U., h 169 
^ Edwards 

bod Betsey Mrs., rms 41 Eaton 

Cayenne Miss, nurse, bds 427 Tem- 
^ pie 

EUis X, pdiceman, h 132 Howard ay 
ImI Harry, druggist 29 Dixwell ay, bds 
223 do. 
Jajnesy hack driyer, h 19 Hudson 
ixmia, rem to New York 
William H., emp W. R, A. Co., h 223 
IXjcweU ay 

1^ — see €k>ode, Goods, also Gutt 
Male Oatherine, widow Albert, h 12 
V^mrd pi, W Hayen 
. UbooIh, carpenter and builder 395 
Sdgewood ay, h do. 
JTraal: S., oysterman, bds 89 Front 
O eo reo P*^ music teacher, bds 395 

£d^erwood ay 
rIfAjjr J., widow Hubbard B., h 89 
I Front 
iWl Alfred J., brakeman, h 73 Kim* 

WberlT' *▼ 
Sfielisiel, emp Sargent ft Co., bds 
85 Greene 



Goode Robert, emp 107 Whitney ay, bds 

Thomas, stone cutter, h 83 Greene 
Thomas F., confecti(Miery and pool 

room 1140 Whalley ay, bds &. 
William H., teamster 107^ Day, h do. 
William J., foreman Sargent i Co., h 

182 Ferry 
Goodell Celia H., widow Orias S., h 98 

Cornelia M. Miss, cashier D. M. 

Welch & Son, bds Smith ay c 

Union ay, W Hayen 
Lucius L., ins. canyasser-, h 176 Sayin 

ay, W Hayen 
Martha R. Miss, h 30 Hotchkiss 
M. Ella Miss, bds 371 Crown 
Thomas D., prof. Greek Y. U., h 85 

Goodenough Albert L. Mrs., h 16 Aner 

S. Harry, emp 825 Chapel, rms 823 da 
Goodfellow James, locomotiye engineer, h 

II Rosette 

Goodhart Jacob P., lawyer (Stoddard & 
Goodhart) (17) 82 Church, h 96 
Philip, deputy sheriff (17) 82 
Church, bds 87 Oliye 
GkxxLhue Charles, emp 271 Blatchley ay, 
h 83 Woolsey 
Dayid P., blind trimmer, bds 83 

Henry L., key fitter, h 26 Cottage 
Ida J. Miss, teacher, bds 26 Cottage 
Gk)oding Joseph B., toolmaker, h 220 

Kimberly ay 
Goodkind Peter, cigarmaker, h 122 Con- 
gress ay 
Goodlow Carrie, widow James, cook, h 

III Day 

Goodman Andrew, broker (607) 42 

Church, h 11 Court 
Fannie Mrs., second-hand clothing 8} 

Oak, h do. 
Francis T., plumber 3 Clifton, W 

Hayen, bds do. 
Hattie Miss, prop. London House 301 

and 303 Wooster 
Henry J., machinist, h 35 Alden 
Jacob, clerk 8^ Oak, h do. 
John, foreman W. R. A. Co., bds 87 

Joseph, machinist, bds 390 Crown 
Julian, student, bds 11 (}ourt 
Louisa l^fra, rem to New York 
Samuel, treas. The S. Goodman Co. 

820 Chapel, h 90 William 
S. Co. The, jewelers 820 Chapel 
Simon, h 89 Washington ay 
Sophia, widow Philip, bds 90 Wil- 
Thomas R. F., joiner, h 3 Qifton, W 

Goodrich Amelia Miss, h 527 Chapel 
Charles H., carpenter, h 27 Hazel 
Charles R., rem to New Britain 
Charlotte Miss, h 527 Chapel 
Edward P., physician, h 93 Lake pi 




Goodrich Frank A., baggage master, h 38 

GOODEICH J. F. & CO. (J- F. Good- 
rich and Albert W. Adams) , car- 
riagemakers 142, 144, 146 and 
148 East"— See front col'd p XX 

John, emp 219 Water, bds 49 Woos- 

Joseph F. (J. F. Goodrich & Ckx) 
148 East, h 560 Chapel 

L. A. Ken Dell Mrs., physician 93 
Lake pi 

Louisa C, widow Miles A., h 26 

Mabel E. Miss, teacher stenography 
emp (421) 865 Chapel, res Bran- 

M. Clark, clerk (429) R. R. office 
bdg, bds 206 Crown 

Walter H., bookkeeper Standard Oil 
Co., res Ea«t Haven 

William H., sec. and treas. The Me^ 
tropolis Mfg. Co. 25 Elm, h 20 
Goodridge Daniel M., rem to Boston, 

Groods — see Good and Goode 
Goodsell Eliza, widow Evelyn P., h 272 

Evelyn P., h 42 Qinton av 

George W., clerk 279 Front, bds 9 

John D., agent, grocer and meat mar- 
ket 279 Front, h 9 Pine 

Mary, widow James H., h 332 

Mary S., widow Edward, bds 84 Dix- 
well av 

Samuel C, patternmaker, h 14 Har- 
Goodside Louis, car builder, h 105 Mor- 
Goodspeed Charles A., carpenter and 
builder 30 Crown, h 80 Down- 
Goodwin C. D. Co. The, mfrs. mechanical 
toys, etc. 79 Asylum 

Charles D., pres. The C. D. Goodwin 
Co., and foreman L. Candee & 
Co., h 79 Asylum 

Charles H. (Conn. Roofing Co.) 1312 
Chapel, h do. 

Edward, saloon 88 State, h 86 do. 

Elizabeth H., widow William A., h 
68 Minor 

Ella Mrs., h 66 Edgewood av 

Frederick A., bds 158 Columbus av 

Frederick T., tea and coffee store 344 
State, h 254^ Winthrop av 

Henry C, clerk 390 State, h 158 Co- 
lumbus av 

James D., Hook and Ladder No. 1, 
40 Artizan, h 750 State 

James F., agent, painter and paper- 
hanger, etc. r 531 Grand av, h 
102 Newhall 

Goodwin James J., h 240 Hallock av 
James N., rem to Hartford 
John £., foreman L. Oandee & 0^ 

h 201 Blatchley av 
John H., sawyer, h 263 Oiapel 
Joseph, laborer, bds 240 Halloct 

Kitty Miss, dressmaker, bds 240 Hil- 
lock av 
Mary J. Mrs., emp 91 Union, bds da 
Maude K Miss, ass't bookkeeper !£» 

W. Co., bds 2544 Winthrop at 
Ralph S. Jr., physician 1179 Ctapd, 

rms do. 
Robert (Conn. Roofing Go.) and nir. 

electric pads 1312 CSiapd, h da 
Susan Miss, rem to Irdand 
Thomas, brakeman, bds 134 Oiest^ 

W^atkins, oysterman, h r 71 Cliat«| 

W. Edward, emp N. H. Clock 

bds 63 Wallace 
W. F.. clerk (429) R. R. office bdp. 

168 Washington av, W Havem 
William, hostler, h 270 George 
William, emp 319 Con^gress av, 

481 Orchard 
William A., emp N. H. dock Co., 

63 Wallace 
William R., emp W. R. A. Co., h 

& Son (Robert and Charles H. 

win), props. Conn. Roofing 

1312 Chapel 
Goodyear Albert, farmer, h n Whil 

Park, Whitnevville 
Amelia, widow Leverett F., bds 

Whitney av 
Ernest F., emp M. F. Anns Co^ h 


GOODTEAB R A. ft SOU (Fowkrl 

and Leverett R. Goodyear). 

ers 195 First av, W Hav< 

p 983 
Fowler A. (F. A. Goodyear k 

195 First av. W Haven, h d< 
Harriet M., bds 976 Dixwell 

Harry G., emp M. F. Arms Oo-, 

19 Court 
Leverett R. (F. A. Goodyear k 

195 First av, W Haven, lil 

Richards pi, do. 
Margaret C, widow Alfred D.. 

Mile** H., bds Tontine Hotel 


C. Tuttle prop., 866 Chapel- 

p 958 
Groodzinskv Samuel, roofer, h 146 

Googins William, trav. f^lesman. b 

Gooley Andrew, joiner, h 171 Putnai 


(jMlty Jolm, emp N. Y., N. H. 4 H. R. 
fi., b 15S HamiltoD 
M117, widow Daniel, h 276 Wallace 
Miry, widow Patrick, h 93 James 
ThnDU, labors, h 1T4 Hamilton 

Cow ^bert, barber, bds 203 Foster 
Frederick, freeco painter, h 203 Fos- 
ftederiek Jr., fresco painter, bds 203 

GordoD Alexander, cook, bda 87 EatoD 
Alfred, cook, rms 63 Orange 
illfd, student, bds 94 Crown 
Angie, widow David, h 94 Foota 
Annie M. Sirs., b 94 Crown 
Charies M., rem to Branford 
Cheter W., eloirvoyant 311 Congress 

David. 'baker, bds 1S5 Hamilton 
EdwMil H., braae molder, li 27 Wat- 
Edward H. Jr., emp P. Bros. A Co., 

bds 27 Wallace 
Edward W., emp W. R. A. Co., rma 

186 Dixwell av 
Fndmck W. A., carpenter, h 29 

Hanr H., tallyman 80 Long Wharf, 

h 76 Third 
John W., earriage trimmer, h 132 

jMwph, peddler, b 74 Arch 
3(arv E., widow AleiaiideT, nurse, h 

29 Ward 
Richard B., clerk 770 Chapel, bds 27 

I rjoJa Mrs., h lOfl Day 

piTFnflo Edward II., carpenter, h 58 Gar- 

fonri Gimi, shoemaker 378 Congress av, 

rrapher 58 
throp av 
urse, h 45 


K) Chapel, 

, bds 402 

)., h Dli- 

:o.. h 070 


Gorham Gcoikc H., farmer, b Dixwell av, 

Uamden Plains 
George L., emp W. R. A. Co., bds 970 

Dixwell av. Higbwood 
George W., bailiff U. S. Court, b 248 

Henry B., U. S. aas't civil engineer, 

h 36 Center, W Haven 
Henry J., farmer, h Dixwell av, 

Hamden Plains 
Herbert B., prop. Cherry Hill Spring 

Water Co. 356 George, b 884 

Dixwell av. High wood 
Lottie Miss, teacher Wooeter School, 

bda 183 Wooster 
Lydia. M., widow George A., h 445 

Mabd M., widow Kneeland, h Bea- 
ver, Highwood 

Mary Mrs., dressmaker Second av c 
Division, W Haven, h do. 

Hary C. Miss, teacher Wooster 
School, bds 26 Peari 

Ruth Miss, teacher Webster School, 
bds 183 Wooster 

Sarah H. Mrs., dressmaker, bda 61 

Sherwood, farmer, h Creecent 
GoriB Emil F. W., tailor (47) 20 Center, 

h 16 Stevens 
Gorman Annie, widow Thomas, h 42 

Annie Miss, h 43 Lock 
Charles, rem to Bridgeport 
Daniel, foreman Conn. Clinir Co. 24S 

Whalley av, h Dixwell av 
Francis, painter, bds 180 East 
Frank P„ emp S. Bros. &. Co., bds 388 

Jamce, teamster emp 111 State, h 243 

Washington av 
James, emp W. 4 E. T. Fitch Co., h 

170 East 
James A., h 192 Davenport av 
James T.. com. tra.v., bds 129 Edge- 
Jane, widow .Tames, bds 343 Cedar 
John T. IGormaji ft Bowditth) 1071 

Whalley av, h 1065 do. 
J. T., aten<«Tapher (230) R. R, office 

bdg, res Bridgeport 
Mai^ret., widow Patrick W., h 812 

Mary, widow Joseph, h 186 East 
Mary, widow Patrick, h 388 Crown 
Patrick, laborer, h 244 Wallace 
Richard J., postal clerk, h 49 Ed- 
Thomas, laborer, bds 113 Ashmun 
Thomas, emp Evergreen cemetery, h 

141 Adeline 
Thomas F.. h 129 Bdgewood av 
A Bowdifch (John T. Gorman nnd 
Edwin C. Bowditch). grocers and 
dry goods 1071 Whalley av 
— see O'Gorman 



Gronnley Andrew J., emp Sargent & Co., 
rms 110 Olive 
Jamee, mechanic, Ms 242 Hamilton 
J. Edward, clerk 71 Broadway, bds 

144 Park 
John, screwmaker, h 66 Fillmore 
Michael, laborer, h 3 Redfield 
Rose, widow Thomas, h 242 Hamil- 
ThomajB, laborer, bds 139 Monroe 
Thomas F., carpenter, rms 138 Or- 
Thomas F., boltmaker, bds 66 Fill- 
Gom David, baker, bds 23 Hallock 
Gorris Elizabeth, widow Mitchell, h 158 

Gony Louisa, widow David, h 198 Daven- 
port av 
Gortner August, plumber, bds 223 Ros- 
Katie, widow Philip, h 223 Rosette 
Gosch Adolph C, h 101 View 

Christian, emp W. R. A. Co., h 87 

Cuno, emp Sargent & Co., bds 101 
Goshea James, emp C. A. Warren, rms 13 
John F., h 153 Bradley 
Gosler John, rem to Ansonia 
Gospel Union Chapel, Campbell av n 

Milford turnpike, Allingtown 
Gobs Albert F., barber, bds 203 Foster 
Gosselin Napoleon, rem to Canada 

Napoleon Jr., carriage bodymaker, h 
400 Front 
Gost Joseph, emp John T. Doyle Co., h 

306 Wallace 
Gostinsky Joseph, laborer, bds 22 Laflay- 

Gotfried Harris, second-hand clothing 29 

Oak, h do. 
Gotahall Thomas D., clerk 79 Long 
Wharf, rms 22 Grove 
Fred, painter, rms 22 Grove 
Gotts Frederick, tinner, bds 24 Frank 
Ootz John M., emp M., W. Co., h 90 Ce- 
dar Hill av 
Gough Charles H., foreman Sargent & 
Co., h 55 Dwight 
Christopher, emp 80 Long Wharf, h 
308 Wallace 
Gouin Xavier, carriagemaker, h 110 

Gould Alfred E., clerk 33 Broadway, h 
278 Orchard 
Ashahel K, h 20 Gilbert av 
Byron C. clerk (5) 132 Orange, h 

228 Edgewood av 
Charles W., agent branch office 
Adams Express Co. 137 Orange, 
h 252 Lawrence 
Edward D., rem to Chicago, HI. 
E. Elbert, locomotive engineer, h 174 
' Greenwich av 


Gould Homer, emp H. G. Shepard k Sou, 

h 113 Uoyd 
Jane, widow John £., h 1 DaveBport 

John, trav. salesman, h 20 Gilbst 

John C, machinist and muBidui,k 

84 Cottage 
John E., cook, h 1 Davenport w 
John H., stationery agent, h 20 Gil- 
bert av 
John H., woodworker, h 113 Uoyd 
Maurice P., adv. agent (5) 132 Or 

ange, bds 228 iSigewood av 
Nellie Miss, clerk, bds 302 Ezdiaagi 
Susie Mrs., h 302 Exchange 
W Gordon, dentist (4) 1010 Oiapd, 

h 4 University pi 
WUliam E., clerk 43 York, h 89 

William E. Mrs., dressmaker, h 39 

William H., rem to Colorado 
Goulden WiUiam K, clerk (303) B. H 

office bdg, res Stamford 
Gourley Clarence M., fireman Belle Doe^ 

h 144 Plymouth 
Montgomery M., car painter, h 91 


William L., painter, bds 93 Putnaa 
Governor's Foot Guard Armory (2d Okh 

39 Whiting 
Govets Isadore, meat market 76 Oak, I 

Gowdy Edrick, h 10 Alden 

George E., emp W. R. A. Oo., h 

W. H. &'Ca (W. Henry Gwr*5^ 

gents* furnishings 1004 Ohapd 
W. Henrv (W. H. Gowdv ft 0* 

1004 ^Chapel, h 631 1^ 
Gower Ella Miss, bds 569 Orange 
Ethel M. Miss, bds 559 Orange 
George D. Mrs., h 559 Orai^^ 
Melville M., h 55 Pe^ri 
Gowie Charles, emp W. R. A. Co., h l| 

Robert, farmer emp 293 Baasett, M 

do. J 

Robert Jr., laborer, bds 293 BasM 
William H., plumber, h 316 Din 

av J 

Grab Anton, machinist, bds 12 Oedar 1 

Henry, molder, h 12 Oedar HSl 
Joseph, machinist, bds 12 Oedar 

av i 

William, machinist, bds 12 CI 

Hill a V ^ 

Grabowski Alexander, carria^re p^ 

h 625 Grand av j 

John, carriage painter, li igg ¥m 

Grace Edward, emp Spier & 0>., bdd 

Grand av 
Emma, widow Max. K t 55 Oari 
Episcopal Church, 189 Blatchler 



Gnee Henry F., tinner, ti 169 Putnam 
1^ Ht^til, 1418 Ch^ 
f Jmm W., amp W. R. A. Co., h 64 

Sjlnn KT 
^ U E diaich, Howard ar c Port- 

Michtd : 

, motoraun. 

I 110 Fill- 

' Peter, grocer and saloon 65^ Put- 
um, h do. 

j Rkhird, tailor, li 72 Haven 

I TlmotliT, emp W. B. A. Co., bds IIS 

I Fninun 

V ITiUjiuii, mith helper, h 24 A^lum 

Bidtates' Llub, 954 Chapel 

^mij A. Grrtnide Mils, teacher Feny 

W Stnet School, bds 30 Shelter 

' Ltnid, h 209 Poplar 

Duid J., coremaker, bda 23 Peail 
EBtn, widow JancB, h 23 Pearl ' 
Fnani, onp Benedict t Co., bde 226 

Fttntit X, casket trimmer, bda C2 

Fruk, molder, h 62 UiU 

Raaait, n-idow UQchael, h 226 Ex- 

Jtnut, laborer, bds 37 WUmhi 
Junes J., driver patrol wagon Sta- 

tioii 2, bda 116 NieoU 
Juntt J., plumber, bda 444 Waali- 

in^ton av 
Jemniah, teainater, h r 26 Tine 
Jaia R, loamtotive Sreman, bd« 30 

John J., paint«r, bds 271 Oak 
Jcbn J., brakenuui, bda 377 Waah- 

ingtoo aT 
Jotai P., {dumber, bds 41 Daveoport 

John W.. waiter, h 416 Columbus aT 
Kate M», drearotaker 229 Ex- 
change, bda do. 
lawToec, BwltAhman, h 444 Waah- 

hgttm KV 
lUvToiM F., plnnaber and tinner 440 
I OooffrMS av, bds 444 Waahlng- 

f Price, 

Gra«bner Bruno, emp O. B. NorUi & Co., 

h 1673 State 
Oraewe Emil, cigannaker, b 36 Ann 
Qustavc^ cigatmaker, h 764 Oraad 

Graff Andrew J., meat and groceriea 761 

Grand av, h 61 Alden 
Louisa A. Miss, clerk 926 Chapd, bda 

S62 DizweU av 
Qraflunder Bdwai^, ahoemakei 34 Gold, 

h 46 Waabington av 
Edward J., bda 46 Wastiingtmi av 
Oiaham Benjamin W., bricklajef, l>da 4S 

Martin, W Haven 
Charles E. (Jamee Graham & Co.], 

treaa. The West Haven ISlg. Co., 

292 Wooater, h 192 Wariungton 

av, W Haven 
Charles P., steam fitter, h 208 Grove 
Edward, blacksmith, bds 44 8t John 
Edward, blacksmith, h 234 WallaCfl 
Edward, blacksmith, h r 267 James 
Edwin E., boarding stables 9S Tem- 
ple, h 17i Church 
Ella Mn., bds 79 Edwards 
Ellen R., widow William N., (aney 

goods and notions 46 Martin, W 

Haveo, h do. 
F. C. Mrs., drcMmaker, h 2S Rosette 
Francis, blacksmith R. R. shc^w, h 12 

George F., engineer F. H. ft W. H. K. 

Co, power house, h 210 Forbes 

Geoiw H., emp N. 1 

:. Co., h 306 

George 8., polisher, bds 12S9 State 
Eenty, coachman, h 117 Daj 
Henry W., h 331 Geoi^ 
Hook and Ladder Co., 236 Washing- 
ton av, W Haven 
Hugh XL, plumber, bds 093 Grand 

Isaai: H., emp W. R. A. Co., h 222 

James, elevator man Duncan Hall, 

T. U.. bds do. 
James (James Graham A Co.) 292 

Wooeter, h 137 Elm, W Haven 
aUAHAK TAKES & CO. (James and 

Charles E. Graham) .brass found- 
ers 292 and 293 Woo9tei^-8ee p 

Jamea A., emp Sarfrent ft Co., h 45 

JamH R., emp W. H. Mfg. Co., Ms 

144 Ebn. W HavMi 
John, emp Blgelow Co., h 24 Salton- 





Giuham John H., emp Sargent & Ca, h 
96 Clark 

John L., engineer, h MasaachuBettfi 

John M., majson and builder 138 
Hallock av, h do. 

John P., mechanic, bds 175 Goflfe 

Kittie Miss, clerk 770 Chapel, bds 12 

Mary E., widow George W., bds 10 

Matilda M., widow Richard, h 144 
Elm, W Haven 

Mia Miss, music teacher, bds 144 
Elm, W Haven 

Michael A., molder Sargent & Co., h 
39 Lines 

Oswald B., bookkeeper 292 Wooeter, 
bds 144 Elm, W Haven 

Richard S. Mrs., bds 462 Orchard 

Walter A., sup't F. H. & W. R. R. 
Co. 730 Chapel, bds 362 Grand 

William, emp L. Candee & Co., h 
1285 State 

William H., h 252 Poplar 

William H., emp 966 Chapel, h 775 

William N., locomotive engineer, h 
26 Rosette 

William T., locomotive engineer, h 
199 Spring 
Gralton Michael, laborer, h 251 Hamilton 
Grand Avenue Baptist Church, 245 Grand 
av c Poplar 

Avenue Congregational Church. 
Grand av bet Bright and At- 

Opera House (Charles S. Breed) 182 

Union Hotel, Mrs. M. E. Mason prop., 
91 and 93 Union 

Union Tea Co., A. L. Tiffany man- 
ager, tea and coffee 750 Chapel 
Grandy John K., emp H. B. Ives & Co., 
rms 135 Olive 

Louis B., machinist, bds 210 Green- 
wich av 
Granfield Bridget, widow William, nurse, 
h 215 West 

John, lather, h 506 Congress av 

John J., lather, h 31 Redfield 

John S., bds 312 Davenport av 

John T., emp Seamless Rubber Co., h 
215 West 

Richard, emp 157 Court, h 155 Wash- 
ington av 

Robert, hamessmaker, h 32 Gill 

Robert, emp N. H. Oock Co., h 534 
Congi-ess av 

Thomas P., letter earner, h 454 Con- 
gress av 

William E., buffer, bds 312 Daven- 
port av 

William J., emp W. R. A. Co., h 977 

Granger Edward J., decorator emp 172 , 

Meadow, rms 50 Crown I 

George H., city express, h DixwelliT | 

c Easton 
William, produce dealer, h 339 Mod- | 

son ' 

Granick Morris, tailor, h 18 Vernon 
Granlund Francis O., shoemaker, h 16 E ! 

Court, W Haven ' 

Gustav, c(^persmith, h 256 Portia 
Grann Harry, confectionery, etc. 15 Dii- j 

well av, h do. 
Granniss Alvah H., restaurant 28 GiM 

av, h 204 Front I 

Annie, widow Frederick L., h ia^! 

Shelton av 
Charles E., h Quinnipiac av ab Fod» 

CoUis B., dairy farm 191 Forbes it, j 

h do. I 

Daniel H. (D. H. Granniss k So^ 

262 Quinnipiac av, h do. 
D. H. & Son (D. H. and W. A. Gnj 
nias), oyster dealers 262 Qmitf 

piac av J 

Edward L., emp N. Biscuit Co., h ^ 

Quinnipiac av . 

Ella M., stenographer H. G. Shepifl 

& Sons, bds 203 Fairmont at J 
George E., brass molder, h 76 Tow 

send av J 

George S., h Quinnipiac av n to^ 

line ' 

Henrietta W., widow George H-»l 

262 Quinnipiac av I 

Irwin, physician 64 " Edgewood i 

rms do. 
I.evi, h 200 Front j 

Luie C, clerk 1008 Chapel, bds I 

Lyman A. (Upson & Granniss) | 

Franklin, res East Haven 
"M&ry J., widow Sherman E., fc 1 

Fairmont av 
Robert R., cutter L. OEUidee A i 

bds 76 Townsend av 
Thomas P., joiner, h 128 Day 
Thomas, h 22 Downing 
Willard A. (D. H. Grajmiss & 

423 Lenox 
Willard A. Jr., emp D. H. Gi 

& Son, bds 423 Lenox 
William, emp N. H. Clock Co. 

Blatchley av 
William B., driver steamer XaJ 

46 Exchange J 

William E, farmer and t«iun^ 

450 Quinnipiac av 
William R., machinist W. 

h 81 Henry 
William R., emp N. H. Clock 

83 Fillmore 
Willis G., clerk 180 Temple, \ 

Granoff Louis, painter, h 117 I^alaj 
Granofsky Herman, tailor, bds tM 
Granovich Jacob, grocer 49 Wasli 

av, h do. 

Ciiwlotte E. Mrs., bds 12 York, W 

Drniran K.. ass't manager New Eng- 

lind Dairy Co. 159 Hazel, bds 

Hi York 
Edmri F., h 252 Winthrop av 
Hs»rd N.. engiDeer, h Westfield n 

Gilbert, Allinfrtown 
Ednant P., clerk 74 Orange, bds 252 

Winthrop tiT 
Elizab^tfa Urs., bde 134 Union av 
En* S„ widow John T., Ms 77 Web- 


ftsuit, emp eity, h 282 James 
GtOTge M.. pres. The George M. 
Grant Co. 133 Uoion, h 73 Lyon 
in builders 133 Union — See p 

James, laborer, bds 37 Webster 
JunM, sup't fire aUrm telegraph (4) 

ntT Hall, h 84 Carmel 
.recea.derk (411) R. H. office bdg, 
h 16fl Peck 
, JchB, emp W. R. A. Co., nos 804 
Grand av 
John W., poUreman, h 118 St. John 
Kirielta L. Mies, clerk (200) 42 

Oiurcb, re« Stony Creek 
Miry Urs., h 31 Greenwood 
3£S7 J. MisB, bookkeeper 18 Chwrch, 

bds 284 BiatchW av 
Mithael J., driver Reynolds 4 &»., h 

■2S4 Blatchlev a* 
Pel«r. laborer, bds 45 Hill 
. Sobfrt T., machinist, bds 14 Harri- 

TaUare E., clerk (333) R. R. office 

bdg, bds 355 Washington av 
WiBiuo, paver F. H. ft W. R. R. Co., 
L_ h 24_D«y 

I, h 57 


I State, 

Gravel Alexander, carriage bodymaker, h 
286 Poplar 
Epbraim, carriagemaker, bds 209 

O., carriage trimmer, bds 33 George 
Gravenor Evan, erap 71 Broadway, bda 

1333 WhaJley av 
Graver Cliarlea H., printer T., M. A T., 
bds 03 Orchard 
John, foreman pressman T., M. ft T., 

h 03 Orchard 
John L.. clerk 76 Sylvan av, bd& 93 
Grares Betsey A., widow Samuel G., bds 
360 Grand av 
C. Frank, emp W. R. A. Co., bds 16 

Charles E., lawyer and treaa. Trinity _ 

College, h 101 Grove 
Edward W., emp W. R. A. Co., bda 

75 Henry 
Fannie E. Miss, bds 17T2 Chapel 
Francis S., rem to Hotyoke, Mass. 
Frank K.. bds 313 Lenox 
George D., emp N. P. B. Co., b 232 

Quinnipioe av 
George H., bda 101 Grove 
GEATES GEOEGE H. prop F"'^ Ha- 
ven Marine Railway, Fairmont 

av n Quinnipiac bridge, bds 313 

Lenox— See p 094 
George W., clerk 341 Grand av, bds 

350 do. 
Harry E., clerk 341 Grand av, bda 

350 do. 
Henry P., coachman 311 Temple, h 

M8 OsngresB av 
Nellie J. Mrs., h 324 Dixwell av 
Samuel C, bartender, h 611 Grand aT 
Walter G., bds 101 Grove 
William G., grocer and meat market 

341 Grand av, h 350 do. 
Gray A. Merwin, rem to Hartford 
Ann Miss, bds 95 Frank 
Anna Mias, dressmaker 20 Frank, bda 

- Anna L. Mrs., dressmaker, bds 1157 

Blanchard, emp steamer Richard 

Peck, h 30 Townsend &v 
Caroline L., widow Edward W., bda 

223 ■\Mialley av 
Clayton E., foreman Conn. Chair Co. 

245 Whalley av, bda 202 Norton 
Edna S., widow Joseph, h 221 Quin- 
nipiac av 
Ellen, widow Erastus R., h 173 Frank 
Frank S., clerk, h 185 Rosette 
Frederick B., emp 250 York, bds do. 
Geoi^e H. Sirs., h 315 York 
Harrison, student, bds 315 York 
Hiram A. (Arthur E F(«g ft Co.) 

(212) 865 Chapel, h 105 Daven- 

James, h 32 Davenport av 

Jennie C, widow Uiram A., h 107 





Gray John, section hand N. Y., N. H. ft 
H. R. R., bda 113 State 
John, emp 80 Long Whaif, h 46 

John H., photographer, bds 32 Day- 

enport ay 
John J., porter 256 Water, h 315 

Kate, widow Peter, h 202 Ferry 
Lewis F., a«8*t librarian Y. U., h 188 

Elm, W Haven 
Martin, emp H. Hooker & Co., bda 

81 Oliye 
Mary B., widow G. H., h 38 Mans- 
Minnie C. Miss, bds 568 Chapel 
Moses P., barber, bds 76 Eaton 
Myra, widow Janes 8., h 94 Ghuich 
Owen, laborer, bds 11 Wasningtonay 
Patrick, fireman, h 61 Water, W Ha- 
Patrick, emp W. R. A. Co., h 96 

Sarah Mrs., h 60 Webster 
Stephen P., teamster, bds 32 Dayen- 

port ay 
Walter H., railway postal clerk, bds 

122 Lamberton 
Wilbur F., carpenter, h 122 Lamber- 
William, h 27 Court 
William, drop forger, bds 186 Chapel 
William Mrs., bds Adams House 
William F., clerk, bds 167 George 
William F., emp W. R. A. Co., h 326 

William H., cabinetmaker, h 46 Greg- 
— see Grey 
Graziano Francesco laborer, bds 36 

Grear Henry, emp 164 Ehu, h 1 Lyn- 

Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Ck>., Chas. 

E. Larom manager, 386 State 
Greegan Philip, engineer, h 186 Willow 
Greeley Almond, ship steward, h 47 Rich- 
ards pi, W Haven 
Edwin S., vice pres. Yale Nat Bank 

746 Chapel, h 15 Trumbull 
Jennie E. Mlss, bds 15 Trumbull 
Thomas J., machinist, bds 214 Mun- 
Green Abraham, tailor, h (11) 63 York 
Anna, widow Jacob, h 139 Lafay- 
Arthur L., emp W. R. A. C6., bds 

68 Henry 
Charles H., teamster, rem to MUford 
Charles S., waiter, bds 73 Eaton 
Charles W., machinist, rms 286 York 
Darius, kalsominer r 97 Grand ay, h 

Edward J., machinist, h 59 Mechanic 
Edwin B., joiner, h 68 Park 

Green Edwin J., joiner, h 20 Whutfli,W 

Eliza, widow James, bds 76 OasJM. 

Fannie J. Miss, h 38 Muufield 
Frank, painter, h 331 Miuyxm 
Frank, laborer, h r 69 PatDun 
Frederick C, waiter, h 73 S&ton 
George, mason helper, bda 81 Wcte- 

Geoige B., hostler, h 5 Oesce&t 
George H., buffer, bds 186 Wutdog' 

ton av 
George J., car trimmer, h 160 Boi* 

Geoige W., laborer, bds 73 Estos 
Gervais, instructor Y. U., bds III 

Sherman ay 
Hannah K MisB» bds 265 Gree&vkk 

Hannah R., widow James, matt, \k 

46 Martin, W Haven 
Henry, mason, h 2 N. Union st, W 

Isaac, peddler, h r 118 Lafnyetfie 
James, rem to New Yoric 
James M., emp N. H. dock Ox, ij 

280 Blatchley av J 

James S., lawyer (815) 42 Chun 

bds 103 Park ] 

John, bds 30 Houstcm J 

John, brass roller, h 56 8heltonfl 
John F., smelter 458 Grand av, kl 

Joseph J., locomotiye engineer, 

230 Exchange 
Lelia Miss, rms 465 Orchard < 
Margaret, widow Patrick, h 69 ■ 

Margaret Mrs., h 2 N IJmocL ay»' 

Marion F., widow William S^ k: 

Mary Mrs., rms 90 Park 
l^chael, laborer, h 15 Palmer 
Michad A^ ina. canvasser (21) 

Cfhurch, h 294 Wallace j 

Michael J., molder, bds 240 €■ 
Morris, peddler, rms 221 Oonnfl 
Nellie, widow Randolph, bfl 

Wight J 

Patrick, emp Sperry & BameB,! 

Patrick, emp The Bigdow C6^ 

Patrick, emp N. H. Gaa lAglit 

112 CSiapel 
Patrick J., bds 112 Chap^ 
Patrick J., emp M. F. Arms 

69 Mechanic 
Reuben, emp 31 Gregson, bds 
Richard F., emp N. H. Gas 

bds Imperial Hotel j 

Robert G., butcher, bds 259 1 

ington av, W Hairen i 




Gzeen Thom&s, teamster 173 Long Whaxf, 
bd8 284 Wooster 
Tbomtf M., plumber, h 111 Portsea 
WOliam, teamster, h 240 Chapel 
Williim Jr., steamboat engineer, bds 

240 CSiapel 
William J., emp O. B. North & Co., 

bds 336 East 
William L, rem to New York 
William a, h 282 Blatchl^ av 
ioo Gfwnd 
QreoilNimQ Benjamin, emp 60 Court, bds 
401 George 
Bros. /GuataT M. and Isaac W.)> 
confectionery and ice cream 973 
Grand ay 
CSutikB, emp Strouse, Adler & Go., 

bd8 401 George 
Gutay A., d^k 60 Court, h 54 Asy- 

Gustay M. (Greenbaum Bros.) 973 
Grand av and sup't Bradley- 
Smith Co., h 6 Jefferson 
iMac W. (Greenbaum Broe.) 973 
(hand ay, bds 144 Wooeter 
, Jacob, deik D. M. Welch k Son, W 

^yen, bds 401 George 
, Max, janitor Courier bdg, h 144 
8aiah, widow Moaee, h 401 George 
JMBbog fiains, labors, h r 140 La^ 
[ fayette 
Harris, laborer, h 266 George 
Sanj, laborer, h 556 East 
Israel, tailor, h r 116 Lafayette 
Jacob, grocer and delicatessesi 84 
i GoB^refls av, h 16 Silyer 
Jacob, grocer 637 George, h do. 
Jacob, tailor, h 63 York 
Ifiehael J., designer, rma 537 George 
iVCer, taflor 52 South, h 12 Dayen- 

port ay 
Samuel, painter and paperhanger 537 

Geoige, bda do. 
Btmnd (Labofvitz A Greenberg) 322 
State, h 40 Spmce 
B. Frank, com. tray. (1) 94 
Clinivh, res Springfield, Mtusa 
n H., dectrieian, h 239 Elm, W 

widow Valorous R, h 345 

H., machine operator Eyening 
Leader, h 75 Kenmngton 

ick E., emp W. R. A. Co., bds 

A., clerk R. B. Bradley, h 184 

W., carpenter, nns 75 Ken- 

Irwte, clerk 878 Oiapel, bds 88 

y., emp N. H. Oss Light Co., h 
4 Mechanic 

, laborer, h 39 Wilson 

Greene M. Louise Miss, bds 14 University 

Yincentia Miss, teacher Hamilton 

School, bda 267 Franklin 

Greenfield Barney, rem to Brooklyn, 

N. y. 

Charles, emp N. H. Qock Co., bds 78 

Dayid, tailor, h 226 Conmierce 
Helen, widow Russell C, h 78 Wool- 

Lime Miss, milliner, bds 78 Wools^ 
Sadie Miss, bookkeeper 341 Grand 

ay, bds 78 Woolly 
Samuel, tailor, h 226 Commerce 
Greenhauss Jacob, clerk 110 Congress ay, 

rms do. 
Jacob, scrap iron and metal dealer 96 

Washington ay, h da 
Samuel, scrap iron dealer, bds 96 

Washington ay 
Greenlaw James H., seaman, h r 41 


Greenleaf Edward G., emp 57 Bradley, 
bds 111 Judson ay 

Frances S., widow Joseph, h, 33 Eld 
Greenman Nathan, bds 126 Putnam ay, 

Greenspang Samuel, gatetender H. 
Hooker & Co., rme 78 William 
Greenspun Adam (Greenspun Bros.) 30 
Washington ay, bds 395 Con- 
gress ay 

Bros. (Adam and Rubin Greenspun), 
meat market 30 Wellington ay 

Charles, foreman The Hynson Press, 
bds Imperial Hotel 

John G., lawyer (11) 49 (Thurch, h 
395 Congress ay 

Rubin (Greenspun Bros.) 30 Wash- 
ington ay, bds 895 Congress ay 

"Vniliam, corset cutter, h 128 Wash- 
ington ay 

William, bartender Tontine Hotel, h 
47 Prince 
Greenwald Herman, tailor 226 Commerce, 

h do. 
Greenway Emma, widow William, h 422 
Winchester ay 

Joseph, emp W. R. A. Co., bds 422 

Winchester ay 

William H., emp W. R A. Co., bds 
422 Winchester ay 
Greenwich Ayenue School, Greenwich ay 

c First 
Greenwood Appleton B., boots and shoes 
773 Chapel, h 51 Park 

Grace Miss, clerk, bds 85 Howe 

Henry, emp N. H. Clock Co., h 159 

John, clerk 69 Broadway, bds 64 Ad- 

Peter, blacksmith, bds 518 Chapd 

Prospect, emp H. Hooker & Co., h 18 



Greenwood Richard, cigars, etc. 189 
George, bds 963 Grand av 
Roland M., trav. Ha]eftma.n 111 State, 

h 72 Gilbert av 
Thomas, emp W. R. A. Co., h 164 

— see Boisvert 
Greer Joseph Henry, driver 154 Elm, h 
1 Lynwood 
WiUiam H., blacksmith, h 82 Ham- 
Gregan John, painter, h 134 Filmore 
Gregg George W., painter, h 181 Kim- 
berly av 
Leon, bds 181 Kimberly av 
Greggs Frank, laborer, h Cherry Ann 
Gregori Ermidio, shoemaker 87 Nash, bds 
Salvatore, shoemaker, h 87 Nash 
Gregory H. E., ass't Y. U., rms 56 North 
Sheffield Hall 
John L., ass't engineer (23) 82 

Church, bds 93 Pearl 
Joseph J., ear builder, h 76 Cedar 
Mary, widow William H., bds 123 

Mary A., widow George, h 47 Green- 
wich av 
Mary E. Miss, bds 25 High 
Gregston Edward, emp W. R. A. Co., h 

613 Elm 
Grehl Frederika, widow Anton, h 160 
Congress av 
Henry, emp Sargent & Co., h 150 
Congress av 
Greiner Charles, foreman machinist F. B. 

S. Co., h 116 Nash 
GreJst J. Milton, treas. and gen. manager 
Greist Mfg. Co., Blake, bds Wil- 
lard c McKinley 

OBEIST HFO. CO. THE* Jnfr»- sewing 
machine attachments Blake — 
See p 897 
P. Raymond, see. Greist Mfg. Co., 

Blake, h Willard c McKinley 
Walter C, cashier Greist Mfg. Co., 
Blake, rms 130 Wall 
Grenaldski Andrew, emp A. N. Famain, 

h Old Mill 
Grenfell Richard, emp N. H. dock Co., 

bds Winthrop Hotel 
Grenier Alfred D. (Morency & Grenier) 
415 Howard av, h Whitney Park 
Eli, carpenter and stair builder, h 30 

Godfrey, carpenter and builder 241 
Hailock av, h do. 
Grennan Louine L. Miss, dressmaker, bds 
383 Howard av 
Nicholas, laborer, h 204 Humphrey 
Grenon Alexander, barber, bds 9 Broad- 
Arzidae, rem to Willimantic 
Henry, barber, h 300 Elm 
Valerie, widow Augustine, h 9 Broad- 


Gress August H., clerk 129 Wooster.bsb 
3 Brown 
Philip, molder, h 3 Bro^m 
William, baker, bds 3 Brown 
Grey Charles G., pressman, h 114 Howe 
William D., locomotive fiieoua, b 
167 Kimberly av 
Gridley Edith M. l»Css, teacher Zosdff 
School, bds 78 Lake pi 
Ernest B., bicycle repairer, h 105 

Frank P., emp Mendel & Frecdniui, 

bds 1079 Chapel 
Mary T., widow A. Deloe, bds 314 
Grieb Charles, cutler and grinder 8M 
Grand av, rms do. 
Charles H., rem to Waterbuiy 
Mary D. Miss, clerk 80 Center, m 
Grieco Giacinto, barber, bds 23 FUlmoe 
Grieger Gustav, machinist, h 7 Redfuli I 
Grieser John, drop forger, h 223 OaH 
Joseph, emp W. R. A. Co., h MM 
Highwood ^ I 

Griesing Mamie Miss, emp W. R A " 

bds r 205 Hailock av 
Griest — see Greist 
Griffin Albert, mechanic, bds 76 PriiiMj 
Annie E. Miss, bookkeeper 

heimer Bros., bds 304 Portsea^ 
Charles E., bookkeeper 313 Sute^] 

367 Edgewood av 
Charles H., shipping clerk, h 


Dennis, h 304 Portsea j 

Edward J., motorman, h 44 Wok^ 
Harriet Miss, bds 84 Park j 

James, mechanic, h 76 Prince j 
Jame^ E., saloon 19 Oollis, bdu 
W^ooster ^ 

James L., cook, h 91 Oak 
James T., brass molder, h 909 % 


Jane Mrs., rem to Milford 

Jerry F., stoker steamer No. ^ % 

Henrv ] 

Johanna Miss, emp L. Oandee 4] 

bds 174 Clay 1 

John, laborer, rms 113 State j 

John P., foreman brass dept. H 

shops, h 304 Portsea J 

John S., prop. Orange St. Stage! 

livery stable 199 Oranee. £ 

do. ' 

Joseph E., hostler, h 323 State J 

Joseph H., barber New Haveci ^ 

994^ Chapel, b 33 GofiTe 
Katie J., corsetmaker, bds 904 ] 
sea I 

Luna C, widow Horace^ 

Martha, widow Harry, h 38 
Martha E. Mrs., h 118 Oami 

W Haven 
Martin, emp R. R, shops^ 
Washington av 


GrifGn Uiiy, tcidoiv Drants, bds 76 Prince 
Uiry A. Ali^, forevioiuan bindery 

T., M. t T., rms 43 Artlzan 
MuT C. Mim, uurae. bds 350 Lenos 
Michael, hoaUer, rms 323 State 
Ukhael, farmer and teamster, h 112 

Town Bend av 
Ukbael. «nip H. A. Stevens, bds 156 

Uichael F., coatractor Sa.rgent & Co., 

h 203 Kret av, W Haven 
Uicbsel H., emp Sargent & Co., bda 

112 Tornisend av 
Uicbael H., bds 304 Portses 
Michael J., bds 226 Crown 
llmta, laborer, h 69 Webster 
Patrirk, laboro-, h 1 1 Clay 
Patrick J., boilermaker, h 2 Silver 

niilip, rem to Simsburj' 
SrWerter M., bartender, bds 32 Woos- 

TI101DB8 F., clerk 229 HamUton, bds 

S09 SUte 
WillUnt, carriage painter, h S87 

Diiwell av, Highwood 
WUIiain H., waiter, h 138 Ward 

Benedict 14 Center, h 388 How- 
ard av— See p 942 
HEag C1)arlott«, widow Ebenezer, bda 
178 Wooster 
Harriet MUs, electric needle special- 
ist S4 Park, bds do. 
Jarcd. h 20 Ward 
, Josephine Miaa. h 88 Trumbull 
Maij &Ii9B, h 88 Trumbull 
Wfllis J., bookkeeper N. H. Steam 
Saw Mill Co., h 178 Wooster 
tUA Chsriee H., am't aup't W. R. A. 

0>., h 313 Wincheet«r av 
I George W.j machinist, h 84 New- 
James, emp Hygeia Ice Co., bds 10 
I Leonard 
'^' - ? Wal- 



b 6 

GEHIEY CO. TH£t ™fi«- screws, 
picture nails, pii-ture wire, screw 
eyee, saddlery and' casket hard- 
ware, etc. 424 State— See p 883 
Grille Antonio, stone cutter, h 20 Palmer 

Francesco, emp Sargent t Co., bds 83 

Giovanni, clerk, bds 83 Broad 

Giuseppe, emp Sargent 4 Co., bds 83 

Giuseppe, rem to Bridgeport 

IJberato, grocer 72 Broad, h 83 do. 

Luigi, rem to Italy 
Grimaldi Cipriano, laborer, h M Union 

Ondrea, enjp Sargent & Co., h 37 
Grimes Ann, widow John, h 32 Stevens 

Eugene J., clerk 154 Water, h 87 

Hugh E., emp Branford, bda 105 

Patrick P., iron polisher, h 187 Pine 
Thomaa F, bds Springside Home 
Grimley Barbara, widow Robert, h 263 

Edward B., clerk 28 Congress av, bdg 

187 DeWitt 
Fred A., clerk 144 Carlisle, h 187 De- 
John, h 20 Woleott 
Grindle John L., collector Palladium, bds 

18 Ij Greenwich av 
Hichard E., captain oyster steamer, 

h 181i Greenwich av 
Grinnell Edward S., bookkeeper 161 

WooBler, bds 151 do. 
Frank D., aup't I.«vi C. Gilbert Co. 

25 Water, b 151 Wooater 
Harry D., chief clerk (306) R. H. 

office bdg, h 29 Maple 
Griswold Annie, widow Midian, bds 258 

Dixwell av 
Charles A. Mrs., bda 57 Greene 
Charles S., conductor F. H. k W. R, 

E. Co., h 181 Lombard 
Darius P., h 269 Cedar 
Edward P., clerk 239 Stete, bds 108 

Elizabeth J., widow Frederick, rms 

144 Wooster 
Frank H., clerk 374 State, h 174 

Ellaworth av 
Fred J., emp 80 Center 
GarH-ood, timekeeper F. H. t W. R. 

R. Co., h 20 Forbes av 
OSISWOU) OEOBGE U. machinist 

35 Union, h 40 Fouatoin— See p 

Grace A. Miss, clerk 111 State, bds 

568 Chapel 
Henry H., clerk 221 Water, h 36 

Forbes av 
Henry B., emp F. H. A W. R. R. Co., 

h 208 Dover 
Jane A. Mrs., h 29 Clinton av 



Griswold Jennie L. Miss, teacher, bds 29 
Clinton av 
Jeese W.', rem to Glastonbury 
Lucy A., teacher, bds 29 Clinton ay 
Marshall C, rem to Bridgeport 
Mary S. Miss, teacher, Ms 29 Clin- 
ton av 
Robert E., machinist, h Florence 
WUliam G., emp N. Y., N. H. & H. 

R. R., h 10 Wheeler 
WiUiam L., joiner, h 331 Norton 
Gritzbacher Herman, emp 881 State, res 

Groark Edward, plumber, h 405 Grand 
Owen A., treas. Domestic Laundry 
Co. 738 Grand av, bds 122 Fill- 
Patrick, laborer, h 122 Fillmore 
Thomas J. (Sheahan & Groark) 285 
and 287 State, h 1235 do. 
Grodake Edward, carriagemaker, h 17 W 
Joseph A., bds 496 Dixwell av 
Michael, cigarmaker, h 495 Dixwell 

R(Hnan H., carriage bodymaker, bds 
495 DizweU av 
Grodzinski Samuel, roofer 146 Lafayette, 

h da 
Groesbeck Charles K., stenographer W. 
R. A. Co., bds 276 Dixwell av 
Harvey W., stenographer W. R. A. 

Co., bds 276 Dixwell av 
James, emp W. R. A. Co., h 276 Dix- 
wdl av 
Groff Josephine V. Miss, h 33 Eld 
Grogan Edward, emp W. R. A. Co., h 189 
Emma S., widow James, h 123 Ash- 

Michael, molder, h 67 Greene 
Morgan M., carriagesmith, h 496 Or- 
Grohe Christian, shoemaker, h 26 Spruce 
GroU C^iarles, teamster, bds 40 C^inner 
Grom Peter, emp Sargent &> Co., h 92 

Gromer August, butcher, h 123 Ge«ige 
Gronback Catherine, widow Michad, h 

69 Greenwich av 
Groning R. Charles, h 133 Dwight 
Gronoi^ky Jacob, grocer 49 Washington 

av, h do. 
Gronquist Israel P., steam fitter R. R. 

shops, bds 672 CSiapel 
Groom Bridget Mrs., emp L. Candee & 

Ca, h 681 Grand av 
Groomee Henry C, printer, h 1192 Dix- 
well av 
Mary L. Mrs., h 45 Stevens 
Groot Abby, widow William, h 43 Hous- 
M. Edith Miss, bookkeeper 127 
Church, bds 43 Houston 
Groppe Harry, tel. operator (8) 23 
Church, rms 121 Meadow 


Gros Barbara, widow George, h 178 Bo- 

Groso Arthur A. W., bds 15 Court 

Arthur A. W. Mis., bds 214 Dixwdl 

Mary K Mra, h 15 Court 
Gross Charles J., laborer, h 172 Wolcott 

Max, baker, bds 63 Greene 
Grossman Solomon, bookbinder Price, Lee 

& Adkins Co., h 40 &pruoe 
Grosso Nicolo, laborer, h 55 Mill 
GroBvenor Frank P., rem to East River 
J. Inez, widow Simeon £., h 54 
Graas Maxim St. George^ salesman 801 

Chapel, h 149^ Dixwell av 
Gcote Louis, shoemaker 352 Dixwell av, 

h 350 do. 
Grouse Jacob, emp A. N. Famham, bds 

8 Crescent 
Grove Benjamin H., car inspector, h 452 
House, Lighthouse Point 
Hubert A., florist and gardener 16 
Armory, Whitneyville, h do. 
Grover Cyrus, conductor P. H. & W. R. 
R. Co., bds 15 Court 
Henry C, switchnum, h 52 Adeline 
R. B. & Co., Pierre J. A. Moyen 
manager, shoe dealers 806 duip- 
William D., expressman, h Summer c 
Meadow, W Haven 
Groves Charles F., electrotyper, h 24 Ed- 
wards, Highwood 
Evalina, widow John R., h 96 WeT>- 

Hattie, widow John, nurse, h 252 

Shelton av 
Mary, widow John, h 270 Grand av 
William, blacksmith, bds 252 Sbd- 
ton av 
Grubb Oliver S., emp 188 Long Wharf, 

bds 168 Winthrop av 
Gruber Elizabeth, widow Anthony, h Al- 
len, Highwood 
Henry J., ball player, h 741 Bixw^ 

John, blaeksmitb, h 493 Orchard 
John, bds Allen, Highwood 
Josephine H. Mrs., h 536 East 
Gnidan Angelo, farmer, h -820 Dixwdl 

Grudzinski Joseph H., sawmaker, h 126 

Washington av 
Gruener Alfred G., clerk 13 Grand av, h 
229 Exchange 
Bros. (Edward O. and Theodore 
Gruener), merchant tailors 123 
Edward O. (Gruener Bros.) 123 Tem- 
ple, h 34 Edge Hill road 
Gufltave P., prof. German Y. U., bds 

522 Howard av 
Henry R.. library ass^t Y. U., bds 
622 Howard av 

GncHt Hippclyt* W. r«a to aweland, , 
Xithtrina Mn., h 622 Howard ay 
Theodore (Uruener Bros.) 123 Tem- 
ple, bds 622 Howard av 

Ormn— Ke Grom 

Gnnmuii Came L. Miss, bde 197 Blateb- 
ley av 
Henry C, proofreader O. A. Dormao 

Co., bds 197 Blatchley av 
litij J., widow FniDclB L., li 197 
Blalchley av 
Gnaa G«OTge, bdg IS Hine pi 
Groiye, ii 105 Orchard 
(kr^ F., foreman N. H. Clock Co., 

i, 48 Orchard 
UutJn, h 15 Eine pi 
UinDie Miag, dreHam&ker, bds 106 

tfinUni, bUckmiith, bds 16 HIdb pi 
Gnto Uartti), laborer, h 162 Aehmun 
fOadtgBo Sirto, laborer, h 138 Lafayette 
[GninnUe Watch Co., Sainiiel KororofT 
I prop., jewelry (415) 42 Church, 

I bda 101 Crown 

Wmiini .Inseph, meat market 204 Wal- 
I Uce, h 200 do. 

hknky David, peddler, h 14 Palmer 
David Ed, peddler, h r 13 Palmer 
ioaiajsilk dealer 121 Lafayette,!! do. 
jfinlatz— «ee Cabitz 

Pk]w James, emp Sargent & Co., bda 
I 152 Wooeter 

lidin Danie] J., clerk 24 Congress av, 
" bds 26 Warren 

! John. Mnp N. H. Clock Co., h 1791 
I State, Bamden 

■it kuu rt Frederick, anp 165 Campbell 
W ar. W Haven, bds do. 
Iwnrtte Geon;«' W., conductor F, H. ft 
I W. R. R. Co., h 191 Pine 

PBther Cbariea, Tern to New BritAtn 
John M. C. J., cmp L. Candee &, Co., 
— I 60 Oarliale 

le T. Mias. bookkeeper F. E. 
oka, bds 76 Audnbon 
r. Misa, roilliner 70 Andubon, 

iduniat. bda 76 Andubon 
C, dental student S17 Chap- 
l>dB 76 Audnbcm 

ifm., h 76 Andubon 
Y HENUT H. Bt<^w "^ 
nbiDfi; and bicycle dealer Q 
rch. fa Sfi5 George, after Dec. 
435 Chapel— See fnwit cover 
craco, lampmaker, h 750 
id av 
emp Sargent ft Oa, bds 750 

■rd A., aalcflman 640 Chapel, 

O I>avenport av 

m, laborer, bds 37 Albert, W 

GV'«LIELM1N0 273 

Gugliebnino CoBimo, h S Fair 

Giuseppe, fruit peddler, h 8 Fair 

Salvatore, fruit dealer, h 8 Fair 

Vinceuzo, fruit, etc. 17 Fair,- h do. 

Gugliekoo Giuseppe, emp L. Oindee ft 

Co., h 147 Wallace 
Gugliuzza Coetantjno, emp Sargent ft Co., 
h 652 Grand av 
Salvatore, rem to New Orleans, La. 
Gubike Fritz, eiiip Quinuipiac Brewing 

Co., h 47 Poplar 
Ouider Charles, molder, h 86 Hamilton 
Charles Jr., emp Sargeot ft Co., bda 
86 Hamilton 
Guida Guiseppe, shoemaker, h r 181 

Guild Orlo S., emp N. Y., N. H. ft H. R. 

B-, h 963 Grand av 
Guilfoil John B., emp Sargent ft Co., ft 
21 Goodrich, Highwood 
I^trick, delivery clerk 898 Cbapel, h 
577 Grand av 
Guilfoile— see Gilfoil 
Guilford Express (Dudley's) 392 State 
Frederick, music teacher, h 69 Un- 

iiMi av, W Haven 
Harry T., emp W. R. A. Co., bds 68 
Union av, W Haven 
Gulnan Charles H., manager C. H. Gul- 
naji Co, 844 Chapel, h 830 Stala 
GUIHAS C. H. CO. THE. wholesale 
and retail wall papers 844 Chap- 
el—See p 1024 
Edmond J„ laborer, bds 152 DeWitt 
James F., emp N. Y., N. H. ft H. B- 

R., h 44 Frank 
Jame« R., emp L. Cande© ft Co., h 

272 Lloyd 
John, carriage stiteher.h 152 DeWitt 
Kate A., dressmaker, h 140 Law- 
Thomas, section foreman B, B., b 30 

Thomas F., carriage trimmer, h 148 
Onlnivon Ann, widow Cornelius, h 66 

Cornelius, clerk, bds 56 Poplar 
John, salesman Weibel Brewing Co,, 

res Annonia 
Patrick, peddler, h 56 Poplar 
Gufnthir Anton, emp M. Piano Co., h 21 

Wadiington av 
Onion Prank W., organist 801 Chapel, h 
217 St Bonan 
Franklin G.. h 217 St Ronan 
— aee Ouyon 
Guleser Martin, teamster, h 1298 State 
Guldener Martin, delicatesten store T46 

George, h 19 Broad 
Gulliver Charles A„ clerk 219 Water, h 
18 Harrison 
Emert W.. clerk (427) R, R. ofBce 
bdg, bds 18 Harrison 
Gulnac Edward G,. tel. operator (116J 
R. R. office bdg, h 139 Howard 



Gumplowitz Edmund, clerk 733 Grand 

av, bds 735 do. 
Gimcheon James F., buyer Gamble-Des- 
mond Co., h 68 Derby av 

Margaret, widow William, h 36 Red- 

Rose Miss, emp Strouse, Adler & Co., 
rms 43 Artizan 
Gundaker George W., cigarmaker, bds 
846 State 

Oscar F., cigarmaker, bds 78 Farren 
Gunde Caroline Miss, bookkeeper 124 
Congress av, bds 17 Prince 

John (Wells & Gunde) 788 Chapel, 
h 17 Prince 
Gundelsheimer George F., tailor 968 
Chapel, h da 

George R., clerk (414) R. R. office 
bdg, bds 966 Chapel 
Gunn Ann, widow John, h 319 Wal- 

Charles N., civil engineer, bds 33 

Clarence, emp W. R. A. Co., bds 91 

Daniel D., painter, rms 113 State 

Edward J., machinist, bds 14 Whar- 
ton av, W Haven 

Ella H. Miss, music teacher, bds 206 
Blatchley av 

George M., lawyer (6) Cutler bdg 
868 Chapel, res Milford 

Harriet Miss, h 88 George 

Harriet F., widow George, h 208 
Blatchley av 

Harry, rem to Plainfield, N. J. 

Lewis W., h 380 Quinnipiac av 

Luther B., laborer, h 91 Goffe 

Martha A., widow Martin R., bds 95 
St. John 

Mary F., widow Arthur E., h 14 
Wharton, W Haven 

Newton J., contractor M., W. Co., h 

33 Gill 

Ounnarson August (Johnson ft Gunnar- 

son) Spring n First av, W Hsr 

^ ven, h Hitchcock n Front av, 


B. Alexis, emp M. Piano Co., bds 75 
Main, W Haven 

Benjamin, emp M. Piano Co., h 75 
Main. W Haven 

Charles A., emp N. H. Mfg. Co., bds 
75 Main, W Haven 

Eva C, widow Christian, h 16 Court, 
W Haven 

Hilma C. Miss, bds 75 Main, W Ha- 
Gunning Bridget Mrs., h r 104 

Catherine, widow Thomas, h 29 Asy- 

James, emp L. Candee ft Co., bds r 
104 James 

John, bds r 104 James 


Gunning Thomas, bds r 104 James 
Thomas J., laborer, h 245 Hamfltoi 


throp House 468 State, h do.- 
See p 1042 
Gunnip George, hoseman steams No. 4, 
h Poplar n railroad 
James H., emp Conn. Pipe G6., W 

Haven, bds 257 W Carlisle 
John F., emp W. ft £. T. Fitch Om 

h 7 Donnellj pi 
Patrick E., buffer, h 15 Redfield 
Gunshenan Edward, confectionery 323 
Water, h do. 
Edward Mrs., dreaamaker 323 Water, 

h do. 
Michael, saloon 48 Liberty, h do. 
Guntensperg Werner, emp 11 Cliureh, rn 

Gunther George, emp W. R. A. Co., nu 
47 Admiral 
Richard, emp R. R. shops, h 55 Lod* 
Gurley Hattie M., widow Daniel, h IS 

Gumej George N., machinist, h 39 Cot- 

Gussnian Ernest, emp W. R. A. Co., h 1(1 
Henry J., emp W. R. A. Co., bds 

William F., emp W. R. A. Co., h 
Shelton av 
Gust Hermann, shoemaker, h 58 White 
Gufltafson Aaron, eanp L. Candee & O^ 
h Poplar ab railroad 
Adolph, joiner, h 29 Richards 
Alfred, emp W. R. A. Co., h 14 Wi< 

ren pi 
Charles, emp N. H. Mfg. Co., bl 
Savin av n Elm, W Havoi 
Gustason Charles A., joiner, h Dyerj 

Gutbrod Christian, tailor 800 Chap^ 
35 Broad 
Christian F., emp 81 Day, bds K 

Fred W., emp L. Oaadee & Co^ b 

184 Lombard 
George, machinist, h 173 Cedar 1 

Jacob, machinist, h 184 X»iBbaid 
Michael, picture framee, etc. 437 
gress av, h do. 
Gutekunst Freda Mrs., h 109 Willow ^ 
Guth Frances Mrs., h 240 Geor^^ 

John, mason, h 170 Con^^reas av 
Guthrie Andrew, shoemaker 282i C 
gress av, h 107 Liberty 
Burt W., emp 21 Avon, bds do. 
David, emp A. B. H. Oow, h 111 ] 

berly av 
Esther, widow Charles 'W h 

Henry D.; emp A. B. BL Cb., 1 

Kimberly av 
James A., saloon 93 Oedar, h dl 
E. M., widow Anthony H., h 21 i 




Guthrie Michael, carpenter, h '127 Oedar 
Gntmftn John 6., carriage bodymaker, h 

489 Chapel 
Oatt Bertha Miss, bds 96 WUliam 

CharH cigarmaker, bda 06 Wil- 
Frederick, cigarmaker, bds 06 Wil- 
John, bds 96 William 
Vinie, widow Conrad, h 06 William 
GuttmBB Henry, emp N. H. Clock Co., 

bda Winthrop House 
Qutaeit Loma, emp K. R. shops, h 106 

(kj John, laborer, h 266 Gk>ff e 
Richud, teamster, h 86 Hudson 
Bdbertt emp 6 Church, rms 168 
Dixwell av 
Gayer Minnie F. Miss, bds 132 Ashmun 
Wnikm F., emp 187 St John, bds 
75 Wooeter 
€ayet John, laborer, bds 084 Dixwell av, 

Onyna n ccc Guinan 
Qiqrotte Frederick, emp N. F. B. k P. Ca, 

bds 222^ Commerce 
finyton Oatherine Miss, bds 202 Frank- 
Mury, widow Patrick, h 202 Frank- 
liratkin Arthur, conductor W. Av. R. R. 

Co., h 21 Albert, W Haven 
hrinnell Albert E., bds 82 Hazel 
Bobert W., h 184 Division 
William J., painter, b 26 Hudson 
William W., carriage trimmer, h 82 
fBtk Jo^hine Mrs., h 18 Eaton 

lAF JOSEPH, clerk, h 146 Dover 

^g Frank A., clerk 206 Meadow, h 73 

I Kensington 

\ William, emp TT. R. A. Co., b 32 

p9 A. Maria, widow Peter A., b 62 

Gilbert av 
Frank a, fflaae beiveler, h 208 Dover 
BfimMinn, bds 224 Munson 

Gustave, cabinetmaker, h 160 

carriage painter, h 82 Me- 

illiam, gardeaier, b Crescent 
Charles Li., rem to Buffalo, N. Y. 
John, artiflt^ h Cove, Morris Cove 
Augustus £., clerk 180 Tem- 
ple, h 43 Prince 
kholas, tailor (21) 730 Chapel, h 
M Prince 

Annie L. Miss, dressmaker, bds 
20 Ma J 

widow Thomas, b 375 Con- 
gress av 

painter B. R. shops, rms 44 


lond F., repcnrter Journal and 

Coarieri bds 35 Bosette 

Hackett Ella Miss, dressmaker, bds 20 

Francis J., clerk 1243 State, h do. 
Jeremiah J., tailor, bds 20 May 
John, clerk (420) R. R. office bdg, 

bds 35 Rosette 
John, laborer, bds 113 State 
John, laborer, bds 143 West 
John, laborer, bds 70 Rosette 
John, locomotive engineer, h 35 Ro- 
Malachi, bds N. H. Hospital 
Mary, widow Patrick, h 38 Putnam 
Mary, widow Thomas, h 143 West 
Mary A.,widow Bemaxd F.4i20May 
Nellie Miss, emp Charles Munson Co., 

bds 20 May 
Patrick, emp N. Y., N. H. & H. R. 

R., b 16 Gilbert 
Sarah E. Miss, draasmaker 143 West^ 

bds do. 
Susan, widow John, h 425 Temple 
Thomas, teamster, h 200 Saltonstall 

Thomas, emp P. Bros. & Ca, bda 

1021 State 
Thomas J., rms 323 State 
William, h 61 OarUsle 
William, engineer, h 70 Rosette 
William, laborer, h 48 Putnam 
William H., teacher High School, h 

121 Davenport av 
William S., buyer The Edward Mal- 

ley Co., h 317 George 
Hadden Arthur, bds 101 Goffe 

Clarence G., stereotyper The Union, 

h 101 Goffe 
James B., rem to Madison 
John, gardener, h 50 Winchester av 
Selma A. Miss, stenographer Eastern 

Mao.hinery Co., bds 75 Winches- 
ter av 
Thomas, gardener 237 Church, h 76 

Winchester av 
Thomas C, bookkeeper 156 State, 

bds 321 Orchard 
Thomas J., emp W. R. A. Co., h 782 

Dixwdl av 
William, carpenter, h 134 Spring 
Hade Lawrence, emp W. R. A. Co., h 152 

Winthrop av 
Hadley Arthur T., president Yale Univer- 
sity, h 03 Whitney av 
Frank D., foreman Barnes Tool Co., 

h 642 Chapel 
Gertrude S., widow John B., h 25 

Fairmont av 
Julia A., widow Walter S., h 18 Qif- 

Mary H. Miss, h 150 Livingston 
William, rem to Shelton 
William A., engineer, bds 18 Clifton 
Hadlock George, emp W. R. A. Co., h 37 

Lake pi 
Haeberle — see Haberle 
Haech Michael, cigarmaker, h 48 Foote 
Haeckel Charles R., foreman Rattan Mfg. 

Co., h 276 Davenport av 




Haefele Frederick, emp Julius Waae, h 

Porter c Judson av 
Haegele Joseph, molder, li 101 James 
Haeldterle John Benedict, cabinetmaker^ 

h 173 Roeette 
Haering Edwin W., bartender 666 State, 

bds 564 do. 
Haesche Burton L., press feeder, bds 140 
Edward, cabinetmaker, h 165 Dover 
F. William, painter and hardwood 

finisher 140 Bailey, h do. 
Harry, painter, h 20 Woloott 
Henry, driver 100 Orange, bds 165 

John E., emp L. Candee & Co., bds 

166 Dover 
Nora Russell Mrs., vocalist, h 749 

Whitney av 
Reinhard, emp 488 Ckmgress av, bds 

71 Prince 
Rosina, widow Henry W., variety 

store 242 Atwater, h do. 
William E., violinist (62) 890 Chap- 
el, h 749 Whitney av 
Haessig Paul, florist, h 291 Winchester 

Haley Dennis, laborer, bds 189 Frank- 
James, laborer, h 41 Hudson 
James E., bartender, bds 41 Hudson 
Joseph, rem to Granby 
Patrick, laborer, bds 189 Franklin 
Patrick E., butcher, h 46 Winter 
Hafner William, emp N. Y., N. H. & H. 

R. R., h 131 Cedar 
Hagaman Theodore, banker, h 141 Ed- 
Hagan John A., carpenter, h 83 Whalley 

Hagen Hermann, piano tuner, h 79 

Hagenow Louis C. F. W., brakeman, h 

12 Stevens 
Hagenstein Hermann, barber 282 Elm, h 
153 Goffe 
Mamie E. Miss, clerk Mendel & 

Freedman, bds 177 Meadow 
Mary E. Mrs., h 177 Meadow 
Otto F., emp R. R. shops, h 100 Por- 
Hagenunger Adolph, pressman, h 164 Co- 
lumbus av 
Charles E., clerk, bds 164 Columbus 

Frank B., compositor, bds 164 Co- 
lumbus av 
Hager — see Hoeger 

Hagerty Bridget, widow James, h 24 Lib- 
Catherine, widow Patrick, h 67 Win- 

Cornelius F., rem to Waterbury 
Cornelius J., rem to Yonkers, N. Y. 
David, iron molder, h 495 Orchard 
Elizabeth, widow James F., grocer 
i 613 East, h do. 

Hagerty James E., buffer, bds 881 Gnid 

John, blacksmith, bds 166 Bridge 
Joseph D., clerk 397 C^iapel, bds Itt 

Louis S., rms No. 9 Engine Hooft 

120 Ellsworth av 
Matthew, rem to MassachusetU 
Michael, blacksmith, h 166 Bridge 
Michael, molder, h 496 Orchard 
Michael J., blacksmith, bds 161 

Patrick, h 61 Summer 
William, mechanic, bds 166 Bridge 
William B., plumber, bds 200 Gion 
William F., emp R. R. shops, bdstt 

William G., emp W. R. A Ooi, Ui 

67 Winter 
Hagg Charles, emp O. B. North ft Ob., k 

388 Blatchley av 
Charles, molder, bds 97 Willism 
Haggans John H., waiter Aldrich Hcnati 

bds do. 
Haggerty James A., bricklayer, bds t 

John K, painter and paperhangVi 

112 Columbus av 
Philip J., car painter, h 106 
Haglin John L., rem to Orange 
Haglund Christian, gardener, h 489 

Edward, mechanic, bds 60 Fraok 
Hague Benjamin, joiner, h 66 Cluk 
Ida A. Miss, teacher Ezekiel 

School, bds 66 dark 
John E., molder, h 66 Kistol 
Leee, molder, h 63 Foote 
Hahn Anna B., widow Nathan L^ h 

Anton, emp Quinnipiac Brewtng 

h 47 Ferry 
Charlee H., sec. N. H. Barkine 

Co. and (J. Hahn & Son) 

State, h 1272 do. 
George M., painter, bds 19 Gold 
George P., engineer, h 19 Gold 
Gustave, tailor 4 Church and 

80 Newhall, h do. 
Henry, grocer, meat and fish 

1327 Chapel, h 241 Sh 
Jacob (J. Hahn k Son) 1270 

h 1272 do. 
Jacob & Son (J. and CX VL 

Home Made Pie Bakery 

Philip, carpenter, bds 24 West 
Philip H.. foreman B. Shcm' 

h 24 West 
William J., baker, bds 1272 
Haight Frederick R., student, bda 

Winthrop av 
George E., sec. Henry G. ThcM 

& Son Co. 6 Elm, h 410^ 

throp av 
Lewis S., rem to Long Tul^niil 
Mary E. Mrs., h 120 ObUege 


' Uugbt Shtnntiii R., milk peddler, h 3 
Qainiupiac a,v 
Btinati DtTid, cleric 740 Oruid sr, b 

Eilnca Edwird Wright, boatman, h No- 
bit n Savin av, W Hareii 
Edntrd W., mamtger Arcade Coffee 
Co., ima 149 CoUegt 
' Himaig J<^ locomotive engineer, bdi 

Ei; Andrew, cop L. Coodea t Oo. 
h 172 WoicoU 
Xtvisr, anp J. EL Hulniiaer, mu i 
nu) Frank, carpenter, h SG Prtnce 
nobert A., emp R. R. shc^, bda 8S 

■Ut bneit J., emp Strong, Bam«B, Hart 
r ft Od., h 24 CMlege 

finest T., stenographer (130) It. B. 
" bdg, bds George, W H^ 

k offio 

Fnnk B., h 337 Onnge 

ftedriek N., hoaeman 40 Artizan, h 

£49 Humphrey 
George, crop 162 Edgevood ar, bds 

100 Park 
Bwrietta H. Urs., h 12 Trambull 
I H«ni7 Hra., li 212 Orchard 
, H.H.Um, h 11 Olive 
' ImbeOK A., widow Lewis R., bds 337 

Isaiah L., canp 81 Day, h 100 Park 
' Ifdis W., widow Hmry H., h 134 
Nathan, shipping clerk W. H. Buc- 
kle Oo., b C George, W HaTen 
\ Pnstoo W., emp N. F. B. ft P. Oo. 

No. 2, bds 120 Dwlght 
[^ mOiam H., rem to New York 
J James 8., patt«mniaker, bda 175 

I, clerk 148 Newhall, bds ISO 


St, h 42S 

Indo- 123 


HALL 277 

Hall Albert A., bicycle dealer and repair- 
er 92 Meadow, h 365 Orchard 

AUred, clerk (420J R. H. office bdg, 
h 1335 SUte 

Alonzo B., druggiat 1225 Chapel, h 
1221 do. 

Anna A., widow Fraak, b 696 Elm 

Arthur A., drirer 149 York, h H 

Arthur K, motorman, h 61 Perkins 

Arthur P., clerk (214) R. R. office 
bdg, res Merideu 

Catherine, widow Jonathan D., bds 
76 Clinton av 

Catherine A. Miss, bds 210 St Ronan 

Oecilia M., widow Edwin E., h 17S 
Lexingt«n av 

Charles A., h la Dwight 

Charles B., agent Adams Ex. Co., N. 
Y., h 141 Dwigit 

Charlee C, conductor W. Av. R. R. 
Co., bds west end Court, W Ha- 

ney av 
CharlesK, manager 3E5) State, h St 

Cliarles Edward, paper, etc., grocera' 

and butchers' fixtures 21T Stat^ 

h 41 Pleasant 
Charles J., driver, bds 773 Whitney 

TTAT.T. CHABLES M. prop- Broadway 
Dept. Store SI and 83 Broad- 
way, h 280i Elm— See p 873 
Charles N., h 222 Ehu, W Haven 
C3)arles R., baggagemaster N. Y., H. 
H. ft H. R. R., bds Durant Ho- 
Edward C, carriagemaker, b Cberrf 

Edward C, carpenter, h 109 Asylum 

Edward E. (E K Hall ft Son) 381 
Stote, h 307 Lawrence 

Edward E. ft Son (E B. Hall), gro- 
cers 381 State 

Edwin 0. M., physician 82 Grand av, 
h do. 

Elisha E, pattemmakcT, h 38 Lyn> 

Elizabeth, widow Scudder, bda 279 

Elizabeth C. Miss, h 37 Woost«r pi 
Elizabeth M. Miss, h 102 St. JoT>n 
Elizabeth Marshall Miss, h ZS3 Or- 

Elinibeth P. Miss, h 37 Wooeter pi 
Elizabeth W., widow Levi, bds 7« 

Clinton av 
Ellen C. Mrs., teacher, bds 74 Lok« 

EIoIm, widow Horace, bds S50 Elm 
Emma M., widow Chariee, h 78 Dick- 




Hall Everett A., machinist, h 139 first 

av, W Haven 
Fayette, dentist, rms 149 Goffe 
F. £mest, clerk (2) 82 Church, h 

160 Main, W hsLvesa 
F. N., Cheshire Express 318 State 

and 68 Center, res Ghediire 
Foster A., ins. canvasser (21) 82 

Church, h 89 Third av, W Bar 

Frances P. Miss, bds 37 Wooster pi 
Francis G., rem to Danville, N. Y. 
Frank E., keeper 8. W. Ledge Light- 
house, h do. 
Frank J., printer, bds 27 State 
Frank M., emp 6 Church, h 160 

Main, W Haven 
Frank W., clerk Broadway Dept. 

Store, bds 280^ Elm 
Fred J., com. trav., bds 78 Dicker- 
Fred R., emp S. N. R Tel. Co., bds 

335 Munson 
Frederick B., engineer, h Lexington 

av n quarry 
Frederick C., emp N. F. B. & P. Co., 

h 149 Goffe 
Frederick H., carriage painter, h 88 

George, mechanic, rms 534 State 
George A., emp W. R. A. Co., h 72 

George B., clerk 918 Chapel, h 54 


HALL OEOBOE E. lawyer and patent 

solicitor (206) 121 Church, h 38 

Lynwood — See p 928 
George L., h 634 Whalley av 
George W., molder, h 15 Foster 
George W., lather, bds off Hard 
George W., salesman, h 124 Howard 

Gloson, market gardener, h 482 Dix- 

well av 
Hannah Mrs., bds 695 Elm 
Harry (H. Hall & Co.) r 440 Elm, h 

60 William 
Harry C, emp N. H. dock Co., bds 

20 Mechanic 
Harry N., veterinary surgeon 522 

Elm. bds do. 
Helena C. Miss, h 141 First av, W 

Henrietta Mrs., bds 80 Clark 
Henry A. L., lawyer (Clark, Blake, 

Hall & Peck) 152 Orange, bds 

198 Main, W Haven 
' Henry E., emp Sargent & Co., h 116 

Forbes av 
Henry F., emp 773 Whitney av, bds 

Herbert, carpenter, bds 429 Congress 


HALL H.^ & CO. (Harry Hall and Fred- 
erick Campkin), church organ 
builders r 440 Elm— See p 886 1 

Hall Isaac, oysterman, h 301 Eichiage 
James, rem to Wilmington, N. C 
James H., locomotive eDgineer, h 

128 Howard av 
James H., clerk (411) R. B. dBee 

bdg, bds 1335 State 
John, printer, rms 127 State 
John, restaurant 125 State, h 127 

John A., rem to Bridgeport 
John A., barber and cigars UI Foot^j 

h 37 Winter 
John A., lampmaker, h 85 
John L., rem to Boetcm, Msai 
John M., vice pres. N. Y., N. E 

H. R. R. (207) R. R. <^oe 

h 23 Hillhouse av 
John N., emp O. B. North & Go., 

83 Woolsey 
Joseph, painter and decocator Id 

James, h do. 
JuUa, mUliner, bds 102 St John 
Julia E., widow Theodore T., bd& 

Lexington av n quany 
Laura Miss, h 280| Ehn 
Laura A. Miss, bds 24 Foote 
Leon, clerk, bds 532 Howard vr 
L. Hardy Mrs., bds 90 Whalley at 
Lottie M. Miss, kindexgaiien 

Dwight School, bds 681 £Ib| 
Lucius W., clerk N. H. Sai 

Bank, h 81 Pearl 
Martha £. Mrs., h 303 Ooli 

Mary, widow Stephen, h 139 

Mary E. Miss, music teacher, h 

St. John 
Mary E. Mrs., manager M. £• 

Mfg. Co. 841 Chapd, h 74S 
Matthew, h 102 St. John 


mfrs. 841 Chapel — See p 
Mertland P., manager 8chi 

& Sulzberger 46 Union, h^ 

Howard av 
Nellie Mrs., nurse, h 100 Asyh 
Nellie L. Mrs., bds 108 Howe 
Nicholas, emp N. H. CSIoek Co, 

Blatchley av 
Rebecca S., widow Charles, hi 

Robert B., painter, h 231 


Robert C, molder, b 1335 Stat 
Robert C. Jr., coremaker, h 

Robert G., machinist, 1l 96 Wi 
Robert M., engraver emp (' 

Chapel, h 124 8tat« 
Samuel H., bds Burwell n 

Sarah E. Mrs., h 24 Ekton 
Sarah M., widow liVederick, 

Columbus av 



Bdl itukj N-, locomotive engineer, h 
fit Arthur 
TboBM C joiner, bda 133S State 
Titut i^ h 337 Exchange 
WilUr D, anp S. S. Adanu, h 108 


W, E, Me. Yale Sporting Goods 
a. 1022 Chapel, bd£ 117 Wall 
Wilbur B., driTcr Pond Lily Co., 

Eut Haven 
WilHim, foreman P. Bros. & Co., h 

38 LTniTood 
Williwn, anp W. R. A. Co., h 46fl 

Williim, joiner, bda 76 Pierpont 
William A., rem to Vermont 
SAU WnUAM B. furniture, car- 
pets, etc. 45S and 462 Sta.t«, "b 
£79 Humphrej— See p 969 
irillum C, car builder, h 661 Elm 
WillitDi C, carpenter, h 79 Munson 
Willis £., market gardener, bda 482 
Diivdl av 
Bdlbaun Qnma A. Miss, emp W. R. A. 
Co., ImU 124 \Miallef av 
Louis, engineer, b 124 Whalley av 
EiUbng Anna Mrs., rem to New Britain 

Stea, tailor, bds 62 S;lvan ar 
Ukher Lucas, painter, h 69 Main 
Moibevk Henry E., gardener, h Fitch 
r n old stone mill 

hBer George, emp Sargent Jt Co., rms 
r [52) 69 Church 

(lUrr Daniel, emp X. H. R. M. Co., bds 
I 116 SaltonstaU bt 

Duiel, hameMmaker, h 112 Wolcott 
' HkhAeL, hamesamaker, bda 152 

K^ttn John A., rem to Mllford 
■Kday Suaan B., widow Thomas R., h 
i 142 Howe 

f R'illiam B., h 142 Hone 
1— see Holliday 

■^ "---lea, painter, h 270 Wooster 
ainter, bda 61 Locke 
i, painter and paper hanger 
jocke, h do. 

e Jr., painter, h 159 Roaetta 
ata, carriage painter, h 839 
id av 

., letter carrier Station A, 
S39 Grand av 
ip P. Bros, ft Co., bds 639 

p I. I^ Stiles ft Son Brick 

h 322 £aat 

F.. emp P. Broa. ft Co., bdi 

conductor W. Av. R. B. Co., 

S Court, W Haven 

E., milliner 163 Orange, res 

nis, coactiman 346 Whitney 

Halliwy Dennis J., emp R. R. ehops, h 

290 Portaea 
HaUiwell Joseph, bookkeeper (2) 49 

Church, res MiUord 
HAUiOCK F.T.VTr.Tt E. manager Aetna 
Life Ins. Co. of Hartford (5) 840 
Chapel, bds 74 Whailey av^ 
See p S32 
George V!., real estate and insurance 
(-504) 42 Church, h 265 Crown 
Philip, ass't janitor, bda 80 Wefaetet 
Street School, 48 Halloclc 
Halloran Bridget, widow Stephen, h 166 
Daniel B., paper boxmaker, h 32 A^- 

Ellen Mrs., h 189 Pine 
Jamee, carman, h 32 Monroe 
Jrfin, anp N. Y., N. H. ft H. R. B., 

bds 63 Carlisle 
Mary, widow Thomas, h 148 Poplar 
Michael F., ins. canvaaBer (21) 82 

Church, bda 16 Willow 
Patritk, laborer, h 138 Fillmore 
Patrick, teamster, bds 166 Poplar 
Thcanas, teamster, bds 156 Poplar 
Thomas F., caniagemaker, b ISO 

Thomas F., emp N, H, Ice Co., h 

148 Poplar 
— Bee Holloran 

Center — See map 
Holly Danid, hamessmaker, h 112 Wol- 

John T., nns 82 Wallace 
Michael, harnessmaker, rms 7S Wa- 
HalpcT Isaac, tailor, bds 36 SUver 
larael N., collector, h 36 Silver 
Nathan, oallector 174 Meadow, h 

466 Congress av 
William, rag peddler, h 31 Silver 
Halpert Samuel, ahirt mfg. 26 Rose, h 71 

Halpio Catherine, widov John, h 26 
Quinnipiac av 

Daniel, clerk 230 Wallace, bda do. 

Harry, clerk 319 Washington, h do. 

Johanna J. Mrs., groceries 230 Wal- 
lace, h do. 

John, watchman, h 116 DeWitt 

John, corset ironer, bda 32 Monroe 

Patrick A., emp N. H. R. M. Co., h 
104 James 

Thomaa A., oysterman, bds 26 Qnln- 

Halroyd John, cabinetmaker, bds IIS 

Halsey Norrin H.. photographer, h 242 
WhalW av 

Halstead John R., dispatcher Northamp- 
ton Div. (119) R. R, office bdg, 
h 180 Howard av 



Halsted Julia M., widow Andrew C, h 65 


THEy lumber dealers and plan- 
ing and molding mill, etc. 78 to 
86 Water— See p 998 

Halt Xavier, emp Elm City Park, Ms 

Halter George, hostler 488 Congress av, 
h 22 Redfield 

Halvorsen .Lena Mrs., h r 15 Wooster 

Ham Charles G., clerk R. R. office bdg, 

h 195 Spring 
Frank, carriage washer, bds 397 

George T., emp Meriden, h 199 

Julia B. Mrs., matron Grace Hos- 
pital 1418 Chapel, bds do. 
Hamann Frederick, cigarmaker, rms 88 

Herman, emp M. Piano Co., h 29 

Hambleton Kate T. Mrs., bds Washing- 
ton av opp Wharton, W Haven 
Hamblin William F., sec. and treaa. The 

C61onial Press 371 State, h 241 

Howard av 
Hamburger George W., emp W. R. A. 

Co., h Whitneyville 
Hamer John J., emp L. Candee & Co., h 

81 Nash 
Hamemick William, coachman, bds 318 

Hamerschlog Isaac, salesman 843 Chape!, 

h 166 Oak 
Hamilton Alexander E., oyster dealer 

145 Front, h 21 Talmadge 
Ann E. Mrs., h 158 Dixwell av 
Charles E., bds 21 Talmadge 
Charles S., lawyer (3) Yale Bank 

bdg 342 State and 28 Norton, h 

28 Norton 
David M., bds N. H. Hospital 
Eliza A., widow Thomas P., h 792 

Elizabeth R., widow George S., flor- 
ist, Whitneyville, h do. 
Ellis, laborer, h 7 Dow 
Francis S., chief clerk freight office 

Belle Dock, h 29 Warren 
Francis S. Jr., clerk L. Candee & 

Co., bds 29 Warren 
George C. (Hamilton & Son) 78 Com- 
merce, h 80 Front 
George L., clerk (429) R. R. office 

bdg, bds 29 Warren 
Henry, gardener, h 74 Ivy 
Henry J., bds 240 Shelton av 
. Henry S., carpenter, h 288 Shelton 

Irving A., hoAeman steamer No. 6, 

h 154 Shelton av 
J. Alexander, with W. F. Gilbert 65 

Church, h 170 Sherman av 


Hamilton James, laborer, bds 56 Yort 
John, laborer, h 56 York 
Lorena, widow John H., h 131 WaA- 

ington av 
Hary, widow Charles, h 56 York 
Mlchaei L., teamster, bds 209 rni&.- 

Street School, 143 to 157 Himflta 
William E., baker, h 122 Comnw* 
William E. (Hamilton & Son) 78 

Commerce, h 122 Meadow 
William F., strident, bds 131 \Vidi- 

ington av 
WiUiam H. (Hamilton & Ga) 853 

Chapel, h 447 George 
WiUiam H., clerk (230) E. R. oflte 

bdg, bds 29 Warren 

EAHHTON & CO. l«^i«', wim^ai 

childrens' cloaks, suits and fin 

853 Chapel— See p 2 
& Son (George C. and William E. 

Hamilton), saloon 78 Oomoiero 
Hamlin Alfred S., rem to New Y(A 
Ann, widow Thomas A., h 17 V< 
GUbert S., clerk (230) R. K. 

bdg. h 52 Edwards 
Henry W., emp F. H. & W. B. R. 

bds 123 Wolcott 
S. Alfred, emp Pond Lily StarA 

h 819 State 
Hamm Charles M., postmaster, canii 

maker and blackBmiih Oun| 

av n Milford turnpike, 

town, h do. 
EUen M. Miss, clerk post office 

lingtown, bds Oampbdl ar 

Milford turnpike, do. 
Max F., carriagemaker Campbdl 

n Milford turnpike, Al"" 

bds do. 
Hammell Ellen, widow Edward, h 

George, painter R. R. shops, nos 

Otto, carman Benedict & Co., h 

Hammer Anton M., salesman 

Union Tea Co. and coai 

ery and lunch 161 Gampl 

W Haven, h do, 
Carl, saloon 308 Oak, h 306 da 
Jacob M., emp R. R. ahc^s, 

Jacob M., baker, bds 158 Bi 
Katherine, widow Joseph, 

Hammerman Herman, turner, h 

Grand av 
Joseph, tinner, h r 118 Ltafa^ 
Hammond Alfred L., cigar BtoK%j 

ne\^'s room 37 Croadway, 

Whalley av 
Almira Mrs., h 17 CVwinty j 
Charles, emp N. Y., X. H. 4 f 

R., rms 209 Dixwell av 
Charles, oyster dredger, h 2A n 




Hammond comelia, widow Louis, h 20 

Whalley av 
Ethel W. MisB, stenographer emp (1) 

4 Church, bda 105 College 
¥Vmnie A. T., widow Bev. Samuel M., 

bds 105 College 
Frank, foreman Greist Mfg. Co., h 

19 Willard 
Joseph W., carpenter and builder 43 

Orchard, h do. 
Leo R., manager Palladium and News 

Co. 78 Center, 
Peter, laborer, bds 170 Plymouth 
Samuel M., physician 105 College, h 

Samuel W., atair builder, h 205 



F. Waters manager, (412) 42 
Church — See opp inside back 
Victorine, widow Louis, h 20 Whal- 
ley av 
Hamre Frederick, painter, h 521 State 
Hanabd Mary Mrs., h 36 Eaton 
Hanabury Xellie Mrs., h 92 Hamilton 
Hanaford Harry S., brakeman, h 124 

Hanahoe Anthony, emp N. H. R. M. Co., 

h 64 Mill River 
Hanee Sylvanus B., bds 476 Whalley av 
Hanchett George, teamster O. W. Blakee- 
lec & Sons, bds 13 Vine 
Maria, widow Alfred, h 13 Vine 
Hanchy — see Henchey 
Hancock Charles F., clerk (429) R. R. 
office bdg, bds 517 Elm 
Horace H., rem to Southington 
John Mutual Life Ins. Co., S. W. 

Hart sup't, (21) 82 Church 
NeUie M. Mrs., h 517 Elm 
Hand Alfred, policeman, h 11 Grace 
Angeline, widow Edwin, h 179 Wil- 
Arthur L., janitor Library, Y. U., bds 

179 Willow 
Charles H. W., bds 158 York 
Theodore K., bookkeeper, h 127 
Hande Andrew^painter, h 31 Diamond 
Qiristian H., h Augur n Xewhall, 

Qeoige, painter, h 26 Augur, Whit- 

EAIBE HAHS> painter and paper 
hanger 16 Gilbert av, h Diamond 
n Ruby--See p 1026 

Handforth Edwin, agent Household Sew- 
ing Machine 685 Chapel, rms 94 

Handley Nellie, widow Martin, h 205 
— see Hanley 

Handrahan Michael, emp N. H. Gas Light 
Co., bds 351 East 

Handy Herbert L., wholesale provisions 
11 Crown, res Springfield, Mass. 

Handy John, emp Crystal Ice Co., h 117 

Judson av 
John, pressman, bds 369 Congress 

John O., manager H. L. Handy 11 

Crown, bds 44 Bishop 
Stephen H., emp 234 Cedar, h 91 

Thomas W., h 91 Hudson 
Fftniflu Annie, widow John M., bds 164 

Hankey — see Henke 

Hankinson David S., tinner, h 26 Valley 
Hanley Joseph, emp W. R. A. Co., h 162 

Martin, laborer, h 69 Clinton av 
Martin Mrs., h 21 Valley 
Michael, emp W, R. A. Co., bds 134 

Patrick, emp N. H. Clock Co., bds 

223 Hamilton 
Thomas, emp W. R. A. Co., h 133 

Congress av 
Thomas Mrs., emp 762 Chapel, h 133 

Congress av 
— see Hanly and Handley 
Hanlon Annie Miss, dressmaker 31 Wil- 
liam, bds do. 
James, h 251 Hamilton 
John, carpenter, h 56 Bishop 
John B., locomotive engineer, h 138 

Hallock av 
John S., carpenter, h 33 Summer 
John T., delivery clerk freight depot 

80 Long Wharf, bds 31 William 
Matthew, emp R. R. freight depot 

Long Wharf, h 31 William 
Peter J., burnisher, h 281 Orchard 
Rebecca Miss, nurse, bds 344 Elm 
Timothy, emp N. H. Clock Co., h 45 

Hanly John F., bookkeeper 834 Chapel, h 

239 Sherman av 
Hanna Marmtfet K., widow Rev. J. A., h 

67 Pearl 
Hannagan Thomas, shoemaker, h 391 

Grand av 
Hannahue John F., boilermaker, h 117 

Hannan Benjamin T., clerk 846 Chapel, h 

122 Cedar 
Edward T., mechanic, h 7 E Court, 

W Haven 
James A., painter 1529 State, bds 

John, concrete worker, h 448i Chapel 
Mary, widow Thomas, h 352 Oak 
Michael, laborer, h 97 Carlisle 
Thomas, carpet layer, h 43 White 
Hannibury Patrick, emp L. Candee & Co., 

h 66 Haven 
Hannon James, laborer, h 120 Carlisle 
John, emp M., W. Co., bds 907 Grand 

John, emp Barnes Tool Co., rms 41 

Peter, emp 80 Long Wharf, bds 92 





Hanover Carlton F., conductor, h 138 
Howard av 

Elias M., coach lampmaker, h 164 

Evelena M. Miss, clerk 251 Howard 
av, bds 101 do. 

George B., druggist 251 Hbward av, 
h 191 do. 

John C, bds 164 Wooster 

John W., shipping clerk Seamless 
.Rubber Co., h 12 Vernon 

Linnie B., widow Charles, h 40 Ex- 

Mabel Miss, clerk 771 Chapel, bds 40 
Hanrahan Andrew F., emp R, R. shops, 
bds 68 Ckrlisle 

Daniel, laborer, bds 136 East 

Delia, widow John H., h 68 Carlisle 

Hugh J., silver plater, bds 68 Car- 

James, motorman, bds 191 Poplar 

John, rem to Hartford 

John, policeman, bds 194 Hamilton 

John J., buffer, bds 68 Cft-rlisle 

Lawrence, teamster St. Lawrence 
cemetery, h 435 Congress av 

Michael, bartender, h 99 Clay 

Patrick, teamster, h 381 Blatchley 

Peter C, clerk 28 Congress av, bds 68 

Rodv, meat and groceries 195 Pine, 

n do. 

Hansbury Susan, widow John W., h 7 

Hanscom Nora, widow Fred, inq. 37 

Hanselpacker David, foreman D. H. 

Clark 166 Brewery, h 217 Lloyd 
Hansen Charles, emp W. R. A. Co., rms 

53 Winchester av 
Christian, emp N. H. Wire Mfg. Co., 

h 152 Lloyd 
Einer, clerk 8 Grand av, bds 123 Ex- 
Hans Peter, emp N. H. Metal Co., h 

Spring n Lion Park, W Haven 
Hans Peter, carpenter, h 329 Mun- 

Hans Peter L., painter, h 137 Foote 
Harry, emp N. H. Orphan Asylum 

610 Elm, bds do. 
Julius, painter and paper hanger, h 

Westfleld n Forest, Allingtown 
Mary, widow Fred, bds 137 Foote 
Neils, emp N. H. E. Co., h 48 Thorn 
Peter J., emp Bigelow Co., h r 48 

Theodore, painter, bds 129 First av, 

W Haven 
Theodore B., baker, bds 329 Mun- 

William P., pump mfr. 53 York, W 
Haven, h do. 

Hansman Amelia, widow Za£huiu,\\li 
August, teamster, h 172 Nicoll ^ 
Louis, laborer, bds 172 KicoD 
Mary L., emp W. R. A. Co., bdsffij 

Sylvan av 
William, brass worker, h 272 DtTO- 
port av 
Hanson Albert, conductor F. H. & W. L 
R. Co., bds 294 Blatcbkf 
August, emp W. R. A. Co., h i W' ' 

Oarl, laborer, bds 121 S Water 
Charles B., h 58 Prince 
Charles F., emp L. Oandee & Go, k ^ 
48 Ridge | 

Christine, ^idow John, bds !d^ 

Blatchley av 
Frank, stone cutter, h 282 Peek , 
George G., organ regulator, h 91 % 

Gustafa, widow Charles, h 166 Ob'i 
lumbus av ' 

Hans C, rem to Hamden J 

Hans P., cigarmaker, nns M 
Lyon j 

HeniTT S., blacksmith, h 73 Spring J 
Jennie E. Miss, artist 58 Prmoe, m 


John, rem to Woodbridge i 

Martin, emp N. H. Wire Mfg. Co,^ 

Quinnipiac av n Fairmont ir; 

Mary, widow William F., h 103 1 

Oscar, painter, h 141 Monroe 
Peter, mason, h 32 View 
Peter, mason, h Spring n OamiiM 

av, W Haven 
Thomas, carriage trimmer, h 11 

Whalley av 
Walter G., plater, h 26 Downing 
William D., clerk 644 Chapd, h ^ 

William J., carriage trimmer, k I 

S Water 
— see Hansen 
HansBon Frederick, cigarmaker, hi 

Harbert G^eorge H., f oremaa. tiirner 'Bl 
shops, h 18 Redfield J 

Harbison Louisa A., widow WiUitfl 

493 Winthrop av 
Harcke Oirl E., clerk R 8. WbecM 
Co., bds 103 Minor 
Gustav E., draughtsman, bde \ 

Ludwig W., h 103 Minor 
William L.. clerk N. H. Paper 
bds 103 Minor | 

Harday Harry S., with W. I. Hm 
bds 280 Lloyd