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Full text of "Price & Leeʹs New Haven (New Haven County, Conn.) City Directory, Including West Haven, East ..."

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f^f, -'OAi '^^'' 


Academv, from Chapel to Greene west side Wooster Square 
^ Amity, from George to Morocco above Park Place 
" Artizan, from Court to St. John between the canal and Olive 
Aahmun, north from- the corner of York and Grew 
Beach, from junction of Wallace andMiddletowBttiinpike to tiie river 
Beaver, from Goffe to Di&well 
Bradley, from Grand to State junction Third 
Brewery, from East Water to Chapel opposite Wooster Square 
Broadway, from York junction Elm to junction Dixwell and Goiia 
Brown, from East Water to Wooster below Brewery 
Bridge, from East near Collis to Tomlinson's Bridge 
Broad, from George between College and High to the Hospital 

(^anal, from Lock to Munson 

OHrliale, from Water to Howard Avenue above Putnam 
Cedar, from Lamberton to Washington 
Chapel, from York junction Sherman Avenue to the river 
CheE>nut, from Wooster junction Wells to Greene 
Cherry, from State to Olive between Fair and Chapel 
Christopher, from Columbus to Portsea above West Water 
Church, from George to Grove junction Whitney Avenue 
Clinton Place, from First to Humphreys above Orange 
College from George to Grove junction Smith Avenue 
Collis, from Franklin to East, junction Bridge 
Columbus, from Water junction Hill to Howard Avenue 
Congress Avenue, we.«t from George junction Church 
Court, from Church opposite the Green to Olive 
Crown, from Howe to Staie between Greorge and Chapel 

Davenport Avenue, from Morocco junction Dow west 
Dixwell, from junction Broadway and GofTe to Beaver 
Dow, from George above High to Morocco 
D wight Place, from Oak to Sherman Avenue 

East, from East Water to Middletown turnpike 

Elm, from York J unction Broadway te State junction Grand 

East Water, from Fleet to Bridse 

Factory, from George near College to Morocco 

Fair, from junction Fleet and State to Olive 

Fleet, from corner George and State to Cdstom Hoase Square 

First, from Whitney Avenue near Uillhouse Baiin to State 

Franklin, from East Water to Humphreys 

Forbes' Place, from East Water to Bridge below Ea^t 


George, from Dwigbt place to jiinctioii State and Fleet 

Grove, from York junction Ashmun to State 

Greene, from Olive East to the river 

Grand, from State jin.ctiou Elm to BarneRville Bridge 

Gold, from Washington to Prince above Lafayette 

Governenr*s Lnne, from Bradley to Franklin above William 

GofTe, from junction Dixwelland Broadway to Panderson 

Gregdon Alley, from Chapel opposite the Green to Leffingwell Alley 

Hamilton, from East Water to Laurel below Franklin 

High, from George to Grove above College 

Hill, from Congress Avenue junction Morocco to Water 

Hillhouse Avenue, from Grove to Sachem's Wood 

Howe Place, from junction Morocco and Oak to George 

Howe, from George junc. Howe Place to Broadway junc. Wiialley 

Howard Avenue, from Ciiy Point to Howe Place 

Hudson, from Whalte^ Avenue to Goffa 

Humphreys, from Whitney Avenue to State junction Lanrel 

Hughes' Place, from Greene opposite Wooster Square to St. John 

Lafayette, from Rose to Water junction Columbus 

Lamberton, from Cedar to West river 

Leonard, from Bradley to Summer below State 

Liberty, from the rope walk to Columbus 

Lock, from Ashmun to Smith Avenue above the burying ground 

Locust, from Fianklin to the river 

Leflingwell street, Irum Grand to William junction Bradley 

Leffingwell Alley, from Church to Temple b. Chapel and Crown 

Mariiu, from Park west betweon Samaritan and Sherman 
Meadow, from George corner Congress Avenue to Water 
Morocco, from Congress Avenue junction Hill to Howe Place 
Mun*;on, from Ashmun to Canal 
Myrtle, from Franklin to the river 

Oak, from curner Morocco and Howe Place 
Olive, from East Waier to State below Union 
Orange, from George to Humphreys above State 

Park, from George to Broadway junction Samaritan 

Park Place, from Morocco to George junction Park 

Portsea. from Water to Howard Avenue 

Proul, from Meadow to Fleet 

Priudie Alley, from Cherry lo Fair below Union 

Putnam, from Water to Washington 

Rose, from Congress Avenue corner Cedar to Morocco 

Samaritan, from West above the Almshouse to Broadway corner Park 

Salem, from Putnam lo Columbus 

Second, from Slate to William 

Sherman Avenue, from York junction Chapel west 

Silver, from foot of Hill south 



South, from York near Davenport Avenae to. Park Place, 

Spring, from Water below, the rope walk 

Sperry, from Wballey Avenue to Go€e 

Spruce, from George to Morocco between York and Park Place 

*otBte, from George junction Fleet to Neck Bridge 

St. John, from janction Grand and State to East 

Smith Avenue* from .Grove junction College north 

Summer, from State to Franklin 

Ten pi A, from Georgje to comer Whitney Avenue and Trumbull 
Trumbull, (on the map Second,) from Smith Avenue to State 
Third, from Whitney Avenue to State junction Bradley 

Union, from Water to Court between State and Olive 

Wall, from York to State between Grove and Elm 

Wallace, from Water to Middletown turnpike 

Walnut, from Franklin to the river 

Washington, from Congress Av. c . Lafayette south west to Spring 

Warren, from Water to Wooster below Olive 

Waverlv Place, from .Morocco to George below Dwight Place 

Vv ells, from East Water to Wooster junction Chesnut 

West, from Whalley Avenue round to Putnam corner Washington 

West Water, from Fleet to City Point 

Whiting, from Fleet corner George. to Hill 

Whalley Avenue* from Broadway corner Park north west 

Whitney Avenue, from Grove junction Church to Whitneyville 

William, from Olive to Franklin between Grand and State 

Wooster Place, from Chapel to Greene, below Wooster Square 

Wooster, from Olive near junction Cherry to East 

Wooster Square, bounded north by Greene, east by Wooster Place, 

south by Chapel, and west by Academy 
York, from Davenport Avenue corner South to Grove junc. Ashman 
York Square, between Broadway and Ashmun above York 

"Bf a vote of the city autbontiet, tbe name of Haneock Avenue has been diang^ 
I d to' Sute street. 



Abbott, George, confectioner, 33 Chapel 

Abbott, Hiram, h 83 Chapel 

Abbott, Larman, W. machinist, ifirst c "Whiting av h First 

n State 
Ackerley, James, helper, h 127 York 
Aggett, Thomas, gardener, Whalley ab Garden 
Ajon, Stephen, coPd tailor. Grand c Hamilton 
Allen, Amos, Washington n Howard av 
Allen, Charles, J., coach trimmer h S Hamilton 
Allen, £Iam, victualing house 46 Church 
Allen, Miss Adeline, school 45 Wallace h Hamilton 
Alley, John, E. V., painter, 23 Orange h 110 George 
Ailing, Asa R., Sherman, ab Ihvight 
Ailing, David, Congress av op the Hospital 
Ailing, Henry, blacksmith, 15 Martin h 28 Howe 
Ailing, Henry P., joiner, h 51 Wallace 
Ailing, Jonathan, carpenter, 13 Washington 
Ailing, Lewi;», 10 College 
Ailing, Russell, joiner,'h Dixwell n June Gofie 
Ailing, Thomas, 32 Bradley 
Ailing, Thomas, Jr. mason, h Brown 
Ailing, Truman, farmer c Putnam 6c Washington 
Ailing, Timothy, boarding house 31 Chapel 
Ailing, Miss Sarah, millinery, 54 Orange 
Allis, 8. W., Tontine Hotel, 83 Church c Court 
Allston, Mrs. Mary P., 24 Warren 
Alverson, Peter, car builder, Greene h 12 East 
Ames, Bezer, Goffe c Sperry 
Ames, Uri, shoemaker, h 27 Broadway 
Anderson, Charles H., shoemaker, h 129€korg« 
Anderson, Isa^c, 52 Fair 
Anderson, John A., 76 East 



Anderson, Mrs. Betsey, coPd, Anthony n Ashmun 

Andrew, Hiram, joiner, h 20 William 

Andrews, Eder B., mason li 104 State 

Andrews, Ziba, Howe b Crown and George 

Andrews, Mrs- Salome, Broad n George 

Andrus, Henry F., coach trimmer bds St John c Olive 

Angell, George, machinist, 30 State, h 30 Wooster 

Angell, Joseph, gun smith and bell hanger 30 State, h 40 

Angell, Jacob, 40 Wooster 
Anketell John, 39 Elm 

Anthony, J. G., grocer, 63 Church h Lcffingwell c Gregson 
Anthony, John H. 13 Union 
Anthony, Willis M., 10 Warren 

Apthorp, Mrs Elizabeth, boarding school, Hillhouse ar 
Arbuckle, Peter, carpet weaver, h 100 Grand 
Armstrong, John G., coach maker, h 69 George 
Armstrong) John, coach painter, 164 State 
Armstrong, L. & W. grocers, 1 Union Wharf 
Armstrong, Lorenzo, (L. 4* ^« ^-t) h 25 Fleet 
Attwater, Elnathan, E Water b Wells and Franklin 
Atwater, Charles, 61 Temple 

Atwater, Charles Jr., (B. M, S, ^ C. A, Jr.) 161 Crown 
Atwater, Elihu, builder, 58 Court c Artizan 
Atwater, George, hack driver, Ashmun ab Anthony 
Atwater, Henry, {Rice^ A,) 144 Slate 
Atwater, Ira, sash and blind manuf E Water ft Olive h 16 

Atwater, James, 1 1 W Water 

Atwater, Jeremiah, D. D. 65 College « 

Atwater, John K. ship master, 14 College 
Atwater, John E., shoemaker, h Ashmun 1st ab Lock. 
Atwater, Leonard, 16 Washington 
Atwater, Lucius, harness manuf. 15 Park, h 3 Martin 
Atwater, Thomas B., coach trimmer, h 41 Meadow 
Atwater, Richard, seaman, h W Water n Spring 
Atwater, William C, 67 Olive c St. John 
Atwater, Mrs. Jeremiah M., 163 George 
Atwater, Mrs. Joel, 13 Cherry 

91 B SCTO R Y. 11 

Atwater, Mrs. Mary, dress maker, 120 York 

A.twatei:» Mrs. Hannah, Gofie 

Atwater, Mrs, Sarah, 4J Meadow 

Atwater, Miss Harriet, milHnery, 163 George ap Orange 

Augur, Daniel, tailor, h 8 Church 

Augur, Edward, cabioet maker, h Columbus c Christopher 

Augur, George, joiner, h 7 Park 

Augur, Horace A., cabinet maker, h Columbus 

Augur, Hezekiah, sculptor, 117 Orange, bda Park House 

Augur, Isaac, seaman GofTe n Broadway 

Augur, Mrs. Esther, Dixwell n junc Goffe 

Augustus, Mrs. Mercy, York n Broadway 

Augustus, Mrs. Lydia, colM. 175 State 

Austin, Ansel, clerk, 148 Chapel h 30 Crown 

Austin, Abner, (Smith ^ A,) 76 Olive 

Austin, H., architect 4 Mitchel's Building 

Austin, John, ship master, 69 Grand 

Austin, Thaddeiis, Oak op Dwight 

Austin, Thuddeus, Jr. coach lamp maker, h 35 Howe 

Austin, Mrs. Eli B. 106 Church 

Austin, Mrs. Barah Ann 68 Olive 

Austin, Miss Sarah, 166 Crown c Orange 

Arerst, George W. blacksmith, h Lock 

Babcock, Avery C. merch't tailor, 130 Chapel h 124 Orange 
Babcock, Christopher S., shoemaker, 26 h 28 Meadow 
Babcock, Henry C, 60 Court 
Babcock, J. F., (B. 4- Wildman) h 90 Olive 
Babcock, N. L., machinist, h Summer 
Babcock, Sidney, bookseller and publisher 121 Chapel, 
printing office and bindery. Congress av. h 88Yoric 
Babcock &. Wildman, Daily Palladium, 107 Chapel 
Babcock, Mrs. John, Congress av. c George 
Babbett, Philo, clerk, 2 Broadway 
Babson, David, blockmaker, bds 23 Union 
B&bson, John B., blockmaker, h E, Water n Brown 

12 DlHECrORT.' 

Bacon, Rev. Leonard, 125 Church 

Bacon, Nathaniel A., store canal basin wharf, h 1740hape] 

Bacon, Nathaniel, 177 Chapel c Olive 

Bacon, Mrs. Albert S., 173 Chapel 

Bacon, Mrs. Mary, 35 East 

Baguelin, A. M., French dyer, 82 Stale, cottage Dizwell 

Bagley, Mrs. Elizabeth, 41 Meadow 

Baily, Albert, blacksmith, h Goffe op Sperry 

Baily, Daniel J., Gregson alley 

Baily, Ira, carman, h 90 Fleet 

Baily, James S. grocer, 75 Chapel 

Baily, William R., confectioner. 111 Chapel 

Baird, Lyman, gen. tuner, musical inst. &, music store, 18 

Chapel c High 
Baird, Stephen, clock &> musical inst. repairer, 11 Chapel 
Baggott, Thomas, seaman, 20 Prince 
Baker, Amos, inspector of customs, h 1 College 
Baker, Alexander, col'd, Franklin n Greene 
Baker, William, 1 College c York 
Bakewell, Mrs. & Misses, school, 44 Fair 

n, Rev. Abraham C, Dwight Place n Sherman ar 

n, Abraham tailor, 44i Chapel, h 88 State 

n, Charles, shoemaker, h Putnam c Salem 

n, Charles L, joiner, bds 18 Brewery 

n, George, shoemaker, h 67 Congress 

n^ Joseph B., joiner, 62 Grove 

n, Loami, 28 Putnam 

n, Merritt P., saddler, h 109 George 

n^ Micah, 8. W, c York Square 

n^ Nathan, shoemaker, h 12 Lafayette 

n, Roger S., attorney, 17 Exchange, h 115 Church 

n, Hon. Simeon, 111 Church 

n, Silas I., boot and shue manufac, 79, h 97 Crown 

n, Samuel H., blacksmith, h 47 Broadway 

n, William C, shoemaker, h 127 George 

n, William B;, {Osborn ^ B.) 155 State 

n William, E. shoemaker, h Goffe 

n, William, cooper, Dixwell, ab Webster 

Baldwin, Mrs. Aon 89 George 


Bffldwin, Mrs. Ifdr^tel boarding hotise^Wooster c Olire 

Balch, Chcsterr joiner, 37 Grand 

fiaJ), Bela, shoemaker, h Wells, 3d fr Water 

Ball, Charles, orerseer county prison Church st. 

Ball, Frederick, clothing store 38 Fleet 

Bali, John @„ draper and tailor, 40 Fleet, h 4 Umon 

Ball, Joseph, dyer, 194 State 

Ball, Stephen, 12 Union 

Ball, Miss Eunice, dressmaker, 17 State 

Banking, Henry S., R. R. House, Forbes Place 

Barber, E. L., engraving room, 30 Exchange 

Barber, John W., 30 Exchange, h 67 George 

Barnes, Amos F., (Finch ^ B.) 28 Meadow c Whiting 

Barnes, Anson, coach painter, 69 Wallace 

Barnes & Black man, builders, rear 85 Chapel 

Barnes, Daniel S., mason, h 41 Crown 

Barnes, Elias (Mitckel ^ B.) 9 Union 

Barnes, Leverett, plater Sherman ab Dwight li- Garden 

Barnes, Lester, cook Tontine, h Grove n High 

Barnes^ Linns, tallow chandler h Dwight n Martin 

Barnes, Reuben, shoemaker, Cong, c Morocco h 8 Meadow 

Barn,es, Shernoan, joiner, b LefBngwell 4tb fr Grand 

Barnes, Thaddeus, joiner 40 Grand 

Baraes, Thaddeus, 2d« turner, h 9 Union 

Barnes, WiUiam S., (B* 4* Blackmuu.) h LeffingweU 4tfa 

fr Grand 
Barnes, William, plater, 14 Fleet 
Barnes, Zerah, coach maker, h Whalley.n Broadway 
Barnes, Mrs. Mary, nurse, 18 York 
Barnes, Miss Naomi, dress maker, 41 Crown 
Barnett, Jam^s W., printer, h 29 Hill 
Barnett, Jeremiah, morroeco manu&c. 11 J Geo, h 27 York 
Barnett, Samuel, shoemaker, h 1.21 George 
Barney, Timothy, helper, Morocco op Spruce 
Barnum, Edmund B.9 plater, 7 Artizan,, h 68 Olive 
Barker, Mrs. Juliay intel. office ^ ladies depos. 126 George 
Barker, Miss Susan L'» millinery* 560rafige 
Bartis, J^bnt laborer,, Franklin n Grand 
Barth, Charles, hotel, 62 Ciiur^sb • >> 

14 DltCCTdftV. 

Bftrilio]om#w» AndreWt 12 Wallace e ColKs 
Bartholomew, Elias, carpenter, h Putnam c Liber^ 
Bartholomew, George, blacksmith, 29 Putnam 
Bartholomew, Cfeorg^e, shoemaker, h 286 State 
Bartholomew, Horace, sash and bliotf maker, h 8 Patoam 
Bartholomew, John H. currier, h 40 Broadway 
Bartholomew, Lucius J. blacksmith, h Greene n c Hamilton 
Bartholomew, Philander H., coach manufac. 24 East, h 15 

Bartholomew, Stephen, shoe manufacturer, 14 William. 
Bartholomew, Mrs. Mary, 14 Fleet 
Bartholomew, Mrs. Henrietta, St. John n East 
Bartlett, Z. Edwin, shoemaker. Congress av. c Hill 
Barrows, Sherman, A* hackdrirer. h 18 Court 
Barrows, William C, tailor, 21 Exchange 
Barry, Mrs- Catherine, 60 George 
Bassett, Alfred, Sherman ay 
Bassett, David, Sherman, av 
Bassett, Henry, cabinet maker, h 8 Hill 
Bassett, Isaac, boot and shoe store, 4 Fleet> h 64 Congress 
Bassett, John, N. c Tork Square 
Bassett, John, Samaritan, b Howe and Dwigh^t 
Bassett, Marcus, builder h 5 Brown 
Bassett, Merritt, laborer, 6? Congress 
Bassett, S. M. looking glass manuf. 38 Orange b 1 12 Crown 
Bai^iisett, WilKam E. painter, h 43 East 
Bassett, Mrs. Jane, 112 Crown - - 
Bassett, Miss An Hone tte, dressiyiaker, 162 Crown 
Bassett, Miss H. P., tailbress 120 York 
Bassett, Miss L., dressmaker, 146 State 
Bassils, Cain, helper, h Bridge 
Blftson, Thomas, bookbinder, h 151 State 
Bates, Mrs. Caroline, boarding* house, 60 OUt* - 
Beach, Abner, coach Irimmer, 146 State 
Beach, Charles, Gover»e«r^s Lane 
Beach, Clark, mason, 28 WilKamf 
Beach, John, N. H. Co. Bank h 6 Academy 
Beach, John, clerk sop. A eo. court, k 68 TttlDpla • 
Beach, Oliver, mason, 39 Rowe 

Beach, Robert K., mason 31 Martfn 

Beach, Richard G., turner and bedstead ttiannfac. 23, room 

J56 Orange 
Beach, Samuel, carpenter, h 28 Bast 
Beach, William, joiner, h Greene 2d ab Hamilton 
Beach, Mrs. Rachael 20 W. Water 
Beardsley, Mrs. Mary A., boarding house 62 George 
Beck with, George, schoo}, 35 Chapel h 10 College 
Bedell, John J. morocco dresser, 106 George 
Beebe, Mrs. Hannah, 26 Meadow c Whiting 
Beecher, Benjamin, first select man h 3 Chapel 
Beecher, Benjamin, Jr. N. H. & N. Y. Express office 40 

Orange, h 169 George 
Beecher, Baldwin, joiner, 4 W. Water 
Beecher, Darius J. joiner, h t27 York 
Beecher, Henry 6d Co*, office, basin wharf, h 138 Orange 
Beecher, John D., lamp maker and stove dealer, 89 Cbapel 

h 25 Fair 
Beecher, John E. shipmaster 91 George op College 
Beecher, John, 95 Wall 
Beecher, Joseph, grocer, 32 Broadway 
Beecher, Louis L. tinner, h W Water 
Beecher, W. Wallace, 37 Fair 
Beecher, Mrs. Laura, Webster n Dixwell 
Beers, Clement, bookbinder, h Ashmun 2fid ab Lock 
Beers, Horace, 21 College 
Beers, Nathan, 20 Elm 

Beers, Timothy P., phys.* prof obstet. Y. C. h 11 Church 
Beers, Mrs. Issac, 6 High 
Belden, J. L., 76 Crown c High 
Beman, Rev. Amos G., coPd, 7 Bradley 
Benedict, Rev. Amzi ladies' institute, 61 ColTege 
Benedict, George W., painter, h 22 Brewery 
Benedict, Harvey, painter, 11 Academy 
Benedict, Lyman, painter, Rail. Road av n ft CRiapel 
Benedict, Sherman*, painter, h 182 Chapel 
Benedict, Truman & Co, coal wood and grocers, E Water 

c Brewery, h 1 1 Brown 
Q^qedict, Mrs. BerlKey, Sr-HtH > . 

16 ]> I K C O T o a- T .• 

Benham, Elisha M. clerk 63 York 

Benhaoi, George, blacksmith, h 133 York 

Benham, G. J. grocer, 26 Church c Crown 

Benham, John H. printer, h 36 Grand 

Benham, Silas, joiner, h D wight n Martin 

Benham, Miss Clarissa, school, 200 Chapel 

Benjamin, Everard, jeweler, 98 Chapel 

Benjamin, Mrs. Susan, 7 Meadow 

Benjamin, Frederick, coPd 8 Bradley 

Benjamin, George, colM 17 Artizan 

Bennett, Joseph W. 124 Church c Wall 

Bennett, Thomas, attorney, 15 Exchange, h 124 Church 

Bennett, Mrs. Emelia, 124 Church 

Benton, George R. coach trimmer, h 133 Crown 

Bergstrom, Mrs. Elizabeth, tailoress, 25 Fleet 

Bernard, Mrs. Harriet, 56 Court c Artizan 

Berrian, Henry, coi'd scourer, 4 Cherry c Union 

Betts, Samuel, coach maker, 35 Howe 

Bid well, Frankhn, brass fourider, h 16.WiHiaFi? 

Bidwell» Henry, M. coach maker, h 165 George 

Bidweli, Hiram R. Franklin 5th fr Grand 

Bid well, Misses M. & A. dress makers, 77 Olive 

Bidweli, Mrs. Nancy, 77 Olive 

Bills, Thomas, boarding house, 6 E. Water 

Bishop, Abraham, 72 Elm fs State 

Bishop, A^bel, blacksmith, 63 Grove 

Bishop, E. Hoggins, physician, 74 olire c St^Johii 

Bishop, F. W. cabinet maker^ 145 h 143 George 

Bishop, Jeremiah, confectioner, 50 Church 

Bishop, Jeremiah A. {S» B. 4* &on,) 165 George 

Bishop, L. L. &/ S. S. coach manufr. 147 State c Grove 

Bishop, Lent L. (L. L. 4- S. S. B.) h 65 Grove 

Bishop, Samuel, S. (L. L, 4- S. 8. B) h 94 OHva 

Bishop, Samuel, Bishop's Hotel, 32 Church 

Bishop, S. & Son, paints and groceries, 51 Stata 

Bishop, Stephen, (S. B.i^Son,) h 150 State 

Bishop, Timothy, 67 Elm 

Bishqp, Thomas, 27 Meadow 

Bishop, William, joiuer, 46 Conri c Stale 


Bishop, Mrs. Abigail, 94 Olive c Chapel 
Bishop, Mrs. Julia, Bishop's Hotel 34 Church 
Bishop, Mrs. Mercy, 18 W. Water 
BJackman, Edward {Barnes 4* B*) h 57 Grand 
Bissel, Lyman painter, Gregson h 19 Cherry 
Blair, Robert, 7 Orange 

Blair, Sherman, cabinet manufr. 25 h 7 Orange 
Blake, Brothers, mannf. Westville 
Blake, Eli W. (B. B,) h 41 Elm 
Blake, Philos {B. B.) 144 Orange e First 
Blake, Reuben, cooper, HE. Water 
Blakeman, Guy, shoemaker, Ashmun n Lock 
Blakeslee, Hiram C. builder, h 199 State 
Blakeslee, I. A. paper carrier, 156 Crown c Ocange 
Blakeslee, John, 36 Howe 

Blakeslee, Riley, {Smith ^ B.) Eagle Tavern Geo. ftSute 
Blakeslee, Walter, shoemaker, 125 Crown 
Blakeslee, Willis, blacksmith, h Congress av c Hill 
Blakeslee, Mrs. Electa, 1 1 Morocco 
Blakeslee, Mrs. Mabel, 20 Crown n c Park 
Blakeslee, Mrs. Rhoda, George n York 
Blanchard 6& Hine, grocers, 79 Grand c. Franklin 
Blanchard, Elbridge G. {B. df Hine) 79 Grand 
Bliss, Seth B. 38 Church 
Bliss, George, {Sanford iSf B.) 127 Church 
Block roanuf. (O. W. Staples, N. Y.) ft Brewery 
Boardman, W. W. attorney, 72 Chapel 
Boardman, Asa, joiner, h 28 Cherry 
Boardman, Miss Laura, boarding house 110 Crown 
Bogart, John, coach maker. Hill c Congress 
Booth & Bromham, Druggists 52 State 
Booth, Horace, painter bds Franklin n Grand 
Booth, Nathaniel (B. ^ Bromham) h 8 Olive 
Booth, Fernet, painter, h Franklin n Grand 
Booth, Rufus, joiner, h 29 Crown 
Booth, Wilson, joiner, h 81 Crown 
Bostwick, Charles, saddler, h 25 High 
Bostwick, Charles, Jr., saddle, harness 4c trunk manufr. 
115h 9 Chapel 

18 D1BBCT0RY. 

Bostwick, Mrs. George, 134 George 

Bostwick, Charles, col'd, Anthony ab Ashmun 

Botsford, Treat, stone ytird 40a ^Uve h 16 Wooater 

Botaford, Ste|>hen, mason, h 53 Wallace 

Bowditch, J. B. cabinet manuf. 40 h 109 Orange 

Bowns, John, pilot, h 8 Collis 

Bowns, William H. shipmaster, h OUnion 

Bowers, Michael, miller, h 136 State 

Bowers, Mrs. Sarah, 46 Fair 

Boyd, William, carman, 24 Union 

Boyd, Mrs. Sarah, 119 George 

Boyer, David U. harness maker, Broad n Morocco 

Boyer, William, coPd laborer, Samaritan 

Bradley, Abraham, 101 State 

Bradley, Asa, {A. B. ^ Son) h 170 Crown 

Bradley, Asa, 2d, book keeper Y. C. h 90 Yo^k 

Brad]ey,^Asa & Son, grocers, 33 State 

Bradley, Anon, blacksmith, 8 Ashmun 

Bradley, Abijah {B. ^ Canfield) h 73 Wooster 

Bradley, Amos, joiner, h 35 Park 

Bradley, Amos> 2d, cabinet maker, 11 Walla ce 

Bradley, Benjamin, Jr. printer, bds, 81 St^te 

Bradley, Beriab» boot& shoe store,l 10 Chapel h 45 Union 

Bradley, 6l Canfield, grocers, 26 East c Wooster 

Bradley, Charles, 2d, butcher, h 9 Park 

Bradley, Charles, tailor, h 43 Union 

Bradley, Edward H. clerk 37 Chapel 

Bradley, Elam, blacksmith, h 189 State 

Bradley, Frances » clerk. City Bank 

Bradley, George, blacksmith, 9 Fair, h 25 Hill c Whiting 

Bradley, George F. blacksmith, 55 College h 31 Wall 

Bradley, George D. 33 Orange 

Bradley, Henry, coach maker, h William n Bradley 

Bradley, Harvey, brass founder, 16 Artizan, h 29 £^s^ 

Bradley, Isaac, coach maker, Trumbull n State 

Bradley, Justus, shoemaker, h 11 Hill 

Bradley, Justus, H. book agent h 24 CoUia 

Bradley, John, 12 Brown 

Bradley, Russell, tailor, h 25 Hill 

PlEACTOaV. 19 

Bradley* Seymoar, store dealer, 79 Chape), h 83 Orange 

Bradley, Samuel, printer, h 45 Uniun 

Bradley, William F. block maker, h 50 East 

Bradley, William F. meat market, 65 Church h 9 Park 

Bradley, William T. (A. B. 4* Son) bds 176 George 

Bradley, William, tanner, h 30 Congress av 

Bradley, Zebul, jeweler^ 62 State h 29 Wall 

Bradley, Mrs. John, 6 Wooster 

Bradley, Mrs. Mary, William n Bradley 

Bradley, Mrs. Abigail, 70 York c Sherman av 

Biadley, Mrs. Esther, 173 George 

Bradley, Mias Mary E. tailoress, 142 George 

Bradley, Misses B. &, E. 188 Chapel ^ 

Brady, Hugh, laborer, 22 Union c Fair 

Brady, Nicholas, tailor, h 20 Fleet 

Bragg, John, Grove c Temple 

Brady, Nicholas, tailor, 26 Fleet 

Brassil, Francis, laborer, ft of Chapel 

Breckenridge, John, weaver, h Wallace 3d fr St. Jobn 

Breed, David, baker, 23 Cherry 

Brenham, Edmond, laborer, h Chesnut n Wooster 

Brewster, James, Brewster Place, £. Water b Hamilton & 

Brewster, Charles, col'd 25 Park 
Brewster, Miss Laura, col'd Ashmvn c Anthony 
Brinsmade, Josiah, joinef, h 10 Fiist 
Brintnall, Caleb, 25 Temple, c Leifingwell 
Brintnall, H. W. dry goods, 112 Chapel h 23 Wooster 
Brintnall, Miss Elizabeth, 35 Fair 

Bristoll <&L Hall, boot and shoe manufajcturers, 82 Chapel 
BristoU, Joseph, shoemaker. Park b Crown and George 
Bristoll, John, coach painter, b 16 Martin 
Bristoll, Louis, 44 Elm 
Bristoll, Willis, (B. ^ Hall) h 13 Elm 
Bristoll, Mrs. Sarah, 44 Elm 
Bristoll, William B. 12 St John 

Bristoll, William B. atCorney. 9 Bradley's build, h 44 Elm 
Brocket, Luman, coach maker, h 14 CoUis 
Bromhami John, {Booth 4* B,) 9 Olive 



BTOQukjTy Henry, painier, 6 Church h 142 Geprge 

Bromley, Joseph S. tinner, h 43 Church 

Bromley, Mrs. Ruhamah> Sperry 

Bronson, Mrs. Mary, 18 Court 

Brooks &' Thatcher, boat builders, E« Water n Brown 

Brooks, Birdsey, (B. 4* Thatcher) b 11 Brewery 

Broomhead, Benjamin, iile & cutlery manuf, 113 Olive 

Brown, Andrew L., ^ E. Water 

Brown, Ailing, professor of music, 20 Hill 

Brown, Charles, 19 Union c Fair 

Brown, Charles K. grocer, 140 George h 6 Prince 

Brown, David E. dyer, h 96 East 

Brown, Daniel, harness maker, Ashmun 4th ab Lock 

Brown, Daniel 2d, builder, Prindle h 22 Cherry 

Brown, Edward, shoemaker, h Gilbert 

Brown, George H. carver, E. Water ft Brown h Columbuft 

Brown, George, {B. ^ Kirby) h 44 Grand 

Brown, Hugh, weaver, R. R. av n Grand 

Brown & Kirby, jewelers, 76 Chapel * ' 

Brown, Richard, c Gregson and Leffingwell 

Brown, Robert, chandkr, 30 Union h 24 E. Water 

Brown, Rosweli J. {Lyon ^ B,) h4U East 

Brown, Samuel, tavern, 35 and 37 Church 

Brown, William, weaver, h Greene c East 

Brown, Mrs. Anna, Perry b GofFe and Whalley 

Brown, Mrs. Catharine, 40 E. Water n ft Olive 

Brown, Mrs. Sarah, nurse, 42 Broadway 

Brown, Mrs, Sally, seamstress, 120 York 

Brown, MJss Nancy, 26 Fair 

Bf^wn, Mrs. Park, boarding house, 24 Church 

Brown, Mrs. Mercy, 85 Olive 

Brown, Mrs. Emily, Diitwell n junc GofFe 

Brown, Joseph, col'd waiter, 24 Howe 

Brown, Thomas, coPd carman. Congress c Cedar 

Brownson, Hiram, watch maker, 98 Chapel bds 85 State 

Brummit, Abel, weaver, h 101 East 

Bryan 6l Mason, merchant tailors, 43 Chapel 

Bryan, Oliver, (B. ^ Mason) 117 Crown 

Brynn, Richard, shoemaker, 1 Whiting 


Bryaiiv AJanson, blacksraitK, 8 Putnam 
Bryan, William D. dry goods, 1 Chapel h 117 Crotrn 
Buck, Anson A. tinner, h 31 Congress ar 
Buck, Henry C livery stoble, rear 32 Church h 191 State 
Buckinham, David W. {D. W. B. 4* Co) 30 Sherman ar 
Buckingham, William A. mason, h 12 William 
Buckingham, Wales W. h 12 William 
Buckingham, Mrs. Adeline, vest maker, 8 Hill 
Buckingham, Mrs. Mary, Gregson 2d fr Chapel 
Bulkley, Edward, chair manufacturer, 66 Orange h 37 Elm 
Bulford, Mrs. Hannah, 18 W. Water 
Bull, Horace W. tailor, h 16 St. John 
Bunce, Daniel P., (/. P. B. 4* Co.) 94 Olive 
Bunco, Jarvis P. (J. P. B, df Co.) 47 Grand 
Bunce, J. P. ^ Co. coach manufacturers, 43 Grand 
Bunce, William J. coach maker, h 59 Grand 
Bunnell, Jairus, shoemaker, 21 Fleet c Provt 
Bunnell, Reuben, grocer, 7 h 5 Washington 
Bunnell, Wareham, mason, h 18 Wooster 
Bunnell, Willis S. h 20 Washington 
Burgis*, Misses H. &» E. boarding house, aver 97 Chapel 
Burnett, George, livery stable, 14 h 18 Court 
Burk, Richard, blacksmith, h 3 Union Wharf 
Barns, David, weaver, 105 East 
Burns, Frederick, blacksmith, h 58 Sherman av 
Burns, Richard, 26 Fleet 
Burrill, William B. 42 Grand 

Burritt, Ransom, cash. N. H. county bank, h 5 College 
Burrilt, Wakeman, 108 York 
Bur truck, Marcus, shoemaker, h 96 York 
Burton, Rodney, merchant tailor, 49 Chapel, h 14 Sherman 
Burton, Mrs. Belinda, col'd, rear 38 Fleet 
Burwell, Beach, shoemaker, h 49 Wallace 
Burwell, Darid M. merchant talior, 11, h 13 Broadway 
Burwell, Nelson, joiner, h 15 Brown 
Burwell, David, Columbus, 
Burwell, Mrs. Electa, seamstress, 38 York 
Bush, Evart, Columbus 
Buah, Evart F» ship carpenter, h 36 Congress 



BushnelK Henry, mBchinisl, Frankiio, c Goveracar^s lane 
Botlor, George, shoemaker, h 41 CoDgresa 
But1er> Warner & Wella^ coach iBamif. 157 Crown 
Butler, David W. {B. Warner 4* Welh) 46 Fair 
Buitoja, liVilliaio, confectioner, ^ Chapel 
Byard,, Aaron, col'd, 17 Rose 

Oapweix, John S. 11 Union 

Cadwell, Mrs. Mason, 12 Fair 

€adwell, William H. shoemaker, h Howe n Wh*ll«y 

Cady, George, Assembly House, 2Q Court c Ovan^e 

Cady, Mrs. John, Putnam b Liberty and Cedar 

Cafirey, John, laborer, 13 Martin 

Caffrey, Thomas, laborer, IS. Morocco 

Calahan, John, laborer, Whalley 

Calhouiv, Seth, boarding house, 37 High 

Camp, E. P., stage office basement Tonline^ h 163 Crown 

Camp, Gilbert, broker, 51 Church, h 131 Crown 

Camp, Horace, blacksmith f 12^ George 

Camp, Mrs. Lemuel, refectory* 9 State 

Campbell, Luke, harness maker, h Hamilton n Woo&ter 

Campbell, James, maple cottage^ Trumbull, ab Whitney av 

Campbell, Moses W. coach maker h 82 George 

Canada, Joseph, coach trimmer , h 40 Sherman av 

Canada, William, 44 Sherman av c Howe 

Canada, William, Jr. coach trimmer, h 37 Crown 

Canada, Mrs. Lina, 31 State 

Candee, Leverett« (Ckindee ^ Les^r) 37 Wooster 

Oandee, Benjamin F. joiner, h Silver o Hill 

Candee, John D. printer, h 141 George 

Candee, Norris £• confectioner, 78 Cl^peL 

Candee, MiSt Almyra C. 141 George 

Cane, Mrs. Laura, col'd, 9 Elm 

Canfield, Jerome (Bradley 4* C) 244 Chapd 

Candeld, Jared H» 85 Slate 

Canfield & Spencer, wholesale grocers, 63.Siate 

Canfield, MrfluBetAey* hoarding house, 176 Geirrgs^ 

Can6eld, Judtdtti {C. ^ Sperieet) 31 Wooster 

Cannon, James, 43 Fair 

Cannon, L. G. & Son-, nierchlint tailors 25 State 

Cannon, LeGrand (L. O. C. 4- Son) 22 Fleet 

Carbury, Peter, Sherman av c Howe 

Carpenter^ Rev. Chas. W., Howe c Sherinan 

Carr, David H. constable, 69 Church, h 9 Williartl 

Carr, William, shoemaker, h 28 York 

Carrington, Calvin, mill, Wall-at the Oanal h 116 Wall 

Carrington, Dennis, {Headley 6f C) 147 Crown 

Carrington, Elies (O. ^ Morris) 43 Bradley 

Carrington John B. (Woodward Sf C.) 10 Greene 

CarringtondcMorris,8ash dL blind manuf. Wall at the Catial 

Carrington, Ruel, coach ndanuf. 28 Park 

Carrington, Mrs. Huldah, and Miss Jennett, taitoresseSfldS 

Cassady, Michael coaster, h Columbus 3d ab Water 
Chadwick, Fredrick, engineer^ h Wells 1st ab Water 
Chaffee, Hiram W. cabinet maker, h 24 Grand 
Chamberlin, Abel C. cabinet manuf. 42 Orang^ h Leffing. 
Charoberlin, Cyrus (J. ^ €. C.) 240 Chapel 
Chamberlin, J. &, C. lumber dealers. Bridge ^ 23 E. W. 
Cbamberlin,Joseph,(/4*C*0.)Chesnut b Chnpel & Greene 
Chamberlain, Mrs. Charlotte C. taiioress^ 15 Chapel 
Chandler, Noah, grocer, 78 Ofive c Grand h 17 Grand 
Chapin, Rev. Alonzo B. ed. Church Chron. h 47 Greene 
Chapin, Seth S. (Stanley ^ C.) 46 Greene 
Chapin, Mrs. Louisa, 46 Greene 
Chaplin, James, 46 College 
Chapman, Augustus, Coltimbns 1st fr Wat^r 
Chapman & Everitt, dry goods, 129 Chapel 
Chapman, J. grocer, Forbes' Place c W. Water 
Chapman^ Timothy P. (C. Sf Eteritt) bdd 51 Elm 
Chapman, Russell {Morse 6f C.) h 147 George 
Chapman r Mrs. Elizabeth @I0 Wooster 
Chase, William M; shoemaker, 109 Wooster h 23B Chttpel 
Chatfield, Chester^ painter, h 16 College 
Chatfield, Harvey, ihicksmith, bds Franklin ti Gfand 
Chatfieldy Henry, mason bds Fratiklid n Grabd 

Cfafttterton, John H. mercht. tailor, 34Fbet 

ChfttteriODt Samuel, 18 Fleet 

ChattertoD,Thoiiia8,iDercht. tail6r,94 Chapel, bda 167 Geo- 

Chatterton, Mrs. E. 167 George 

Chenery, Willard, coach trinimer, h 17 Brown 

Chester, Thomas L. Hillhouse 3d ab Trumbull N. side 

Chidsey, £. 6l J, B. boot and shoe manuf. 66 Church 

Chhlsey, John B» (E,4^.J,B,C,) Gregaon 1st fr Chapel 

Chidsey, William H. 21 Sherman av 

Chittenden, Henry \. &, Co., dry goods, 99 Chapel 

Chittenden, Miss Harriet E. Franklin c Greene 

Church, Edward P. blacksmith, h 148 State 

Church, Leonard M. 104 State 

Church, Mrs. Mary, 182 Chapel 

Cisco, Williamf coPd, Carlisle 

Cisco, Thomas, coPd, Liberty n ColumbiM 

Cisco, Mrs. Eliza, col'd, 36 Putnam 

Clark, Alpheus B. tailor, h 27 Bradley 

C^ark, Abraro, shoemaker, h 11 Chapel 

Clark, Chauncey, grocer. Court c State 

Clark, & Co. shipping mercht. 4 Union Wharf 

Clark, Dorus, book binder, h 38 Crown 

Clark, Elizur E. match manuf. 60 Sherman av 

Clark, Erastua, machinist, h 58 Olive 

Clark, Harvey, carman, Christopher n Columbos 

Clark, Joseph N. {Clark ^ Co.) h 10 Olive 

Clark, Joseph P. joiner, h 21 Bradley 

Clark, William L. miller, h 7 Church 

Clark, Major L. joiner, h 7 Church 

Clark, Massena, wholesale grocer, 4 Monaon^s Row, bda 

Hart's hotel 
Clark, Nathaniel F. 51 Olive 
Clark, Nathaniel R. judge of probate, state house, h 115 

Clark, Linus L. tailor, 144i Chapel 
Clark, Richard M. (C. 4- Co.) 192 Chapel 
Clark, R. B. mercht. tailor, 108 Chapel 
Clark, Samuel J. (Clark 4- Co.) h 12 Wooster 
Clark, Mrs. Peler» Whiting 


Ckrk, Mra. M. A. J. 49 Grove 

Clark, Misses Elizabeth & Sarah, dress makers Samaritan c 

Ckfton, Joseph H. machinist, 5 Hamilton c ColHs 
Clayton, William N. coach maker, h 12 Collis 
Cleeton, Samuel, weaver, h 57 Wallace 
Cleveland, Rev. Elisha L. 142 State 
Cleiand, James, turner, h Anthony 
Clinton, Charles C. cabinet maker, h 10. Prince 
Clinton, Jared T. blacksmith, h 23 Morocco 
Clime^ Jacob, painter, h 13 Rose 
Coan, Mrs. Eunice boarding house, 26 High 
Coatcs, Mrs.Sarah 46 Congress^ 
Coburn, Alexander, cooper, h40 Fair 
Cobnrn^ Alexander, O. cooper, 19 E. Water, h 40 Fair . 
Cobus, John, col'd, laborer, 32 Putnam 
Coe, Robert, col'd, Salem c Carlisle 
Coei Charles, col*d, boarding house, 2 £• Water. 
- Coell, Henry, col'd, 19 Rose 
Cogsill, Alanson, grocer, 44 Flee^ 
Coil, John, laborer, 13 Rose 
Coit, Charles, grocer 35 Union c Cherry 
Cole, Ja^es, W. Sperry 

Cole, Mrs. Elizabeth, N. W. c Gregson and LeiRngwell 
Coley, John H. 133 Orange 
Colburn, John, Ashmnn, 5th ab Lock 
Colburn, Miss Ann, Orphan Asylum, Oak 
Coleman, William, lal>orer, 230 Chapel 
Collins, Daniel, (D. C. ^ Son,) 6 W. Water 
Collins^ Daniel & Son, block &; pump maker 20 U. wharf 
Collins, Francis S. {C, A' Lewis) 13 Wallace 
Collinn, John, blacksmith, h Columbus c Christopher 
Collins, Lewis, iron 6c brass founder. East ft of Wooster 
Collids, Major W. shipmaster, h 16 E. Water 
Collins, Miss Harriet, select school, 166 State 
Collis, J. T. surveyor of customs, 75 Wooter c Hamilton 
Collis 6l Lawrence, coach mannf. 257 Chapel 
Collis, Solomon {C.^ Lawrence,) 75 Wooster c Hamilton 
Colt, Mrs. Mary R. school, 16 Wallace 


Come9, Mrs* Esther, 59 Coliege 

Cofastock & Bradley, Misses, Dwight Race SemUiary, 

Dwight Place, n Sherman av 
Cone, Peleg H. Trumbull Ist fr Whitney 
Conlan, Michael, 2Si Union c Fair 
Conlan, Patrick, dyer« h ft of Chapel 
Coney, Dwight, bonnet presser, 164 George e Oraage 
Connelly, Thomas, carman, h £< Water b Brown and Wells 
Conner, Patrick, carman, h 3 Union Wharf 
Conroy, Joseph, lab(»rer, h 69 Congress ar 
Conerty, Thomas, laborer, h 15 Rose 
Constant, Miss Mary, dress maker, 104 Olive 
Cook, James, medical college, Grove^c Smith av 
Cook, Charles B. painter, Greene c Hamilton 
Cook, John H. ( T. Cook 4- Co) 112 State 
Cook, John H. tailor, h 26 Grand 
Cook, Thomas, 6l Co. coach mannfactnrers 37 Orange 
Cook, Mrs. Julia E. Leffingwell n Temple 
Coolidge, William, baker, Fratiklin 3d south of Grand 
Cooley, Henry, 18 Sherman 
Cooper, Henry, hackman, h 18 Court 
Cooper, D. S., grocer, 77 State h 68 Olive 
Cooper, Elihu, livery stable. Orange n Court h 19 Conri 
Cooper, EUphalet, (C. 4* Rockwell) h 92 State 
Cooper, Edward, Whalley op Garden 
Cooper, Giles, joiner, Sherman ab Dwight 
Cooper, J. L., merchant tailor, 30 Fleet b 50 Olive 
Cooper & Rockwell, coachmakera, 33 Court 
Cooper, William, coach maker, h 252 Chapel 
Gooper, Mrs. Harriet, 42 High c Atwater 
Corcran, William, laborer, 3 Union wharf 
Cornwall, John« clerk, 150 Chapel bds 81 State 
Comwell ^Cowles, lamp makers and platers, 122 York 
Cornwell, William, (C. 4- Cowks) 21 Park 
Cosgrove, Bara^, laborer, 39 Sherman c How^ 
CSoslow, Matthew, laborer, 27 Union 
Costello, Daiuei, laborer, Chesnut c Chapel 
Coat^llo, JaiB«s» blacksmith, 13 h 53 Congrese 
Costello, Patrick, carman, h 27 Artizan 
Courton, Michael, laborer) Chesuut n Chapel 

Covert, Dennis, chasiller, 19 E. Water h Prout 

CoFert, Mrs. Hannah, 14 FJeet 

Cewes, Robert J. coPd Trumbull east of Whitney 

Cowel, Sherman, shoemaker, h 35 Crown 

Cowles, Chandler, {Cornwell <Sp C.) 1«8 York 

Cox, George H. bJaeksmith, h5 Martin 

Coyle, John, laborer, 11 Rose 

Craig, James, weaver, h R« R. av n Grand 

Craig, Alexander, weaver, h R. R. av n Grand 

Crampton, Jonathan H. (Wilcox ^ C.)h*SX^ Grand 

Crane, J. B., U. S. Army, h 51 College 

Crane, Noah H. currier, h 99 Olive 

Crane, Jesae, coach maker, h Washington n Howard 

Craney, William, U. S. Navy, h 6 First 

Crawford, Jiimes, laborer, h 18 Morocco 

Crary, Miss Jennett, dress maker, 17 State 

Creed, John W. col*d waiter, Sherman ab Howe 

Crowfut, Mrs. Betsey, 15 Howe c Samaritan 

Orosby, C. O, dentist, 110 Chapel 

Cro^jiby, Luther, prof, music, 26 Grand 

Crosley, C. W. (C. ^ Humaston) \\ 190 State ■ 

Crosley <fc Humaston, manufac. fringe, dealers in fancy 

articles, 126 Chapel 
Crosley, Thomas, coach maker, h 190 State 
Croslay, Mrs. T. corset maker, 190 State 
Croswell 6l Jewett, stationery and music; 154 Chapel 
Croswell, Frederick, (C il^Jewett) 114 Crown 
C«*oswell, Rev. Harry, D. D. 114 Crown 
Crowley, James, laborer, h 49J3roadway 
Crowley, Patrick, carman, h 13 Martin * 
Commings, Thomas, gardener, h 31 Broadway 
Cunningham, James, currier, h 18 York 
Cunningham, John, weaver, h R. R. av n Grand 
Cnrran, Michael, laborer, 22 Union c Fair 
Currier, Benjamin, grocer, 32 Fleet 
Curtiss, Charles W. 149 State c Grove 
Curtiss, Daniel, stage driver, 138 George 
Curliss, Ezra, builder, h 36 East 
Curtiss, £lisha M. coach trimmer, h 178 Stata 

98 DfRSCT«&T. 

Corliss, Jtidson, joiner, 72 Grove c State 

Curtiss, John, tailor, h 97 George 

Curtiss, Mrs. Olive, 41 East c Chapel 

Catler, Edward, blacksmith. State ab Saminer 

Cutler, E. 90 George 

Cutler, James R. shoemaker, h 47 Union 

Cutler, Mrs. Susan, 161 George 

Cutler, Miss Frances, dress maker, 47 Union 

Dade, Lanohorn, 28High 

Daggett, Alfred, (D., Hinman ^ Co.) 114 George 

Daggett, David, LL.D. prof, hiw, Y. C. h 45 Elm 

Daggett, Frederick, cabinet maker, 29 Chapel, h 1 1 Elm 

Daggett, Henry, 162 George 

Daggett, Hinman &. Co. copper plate engravers, 124 Chap. 

Daggett, John, office 7 Glebe h 162 George 

Daggett, Leonard A. school, 5 Glebe, h 77 Wall 

Daggett, William, letter carrier, 22 Sherman av c Park 

Dalby Mrs. Melissa, 19 W. Water 

Dale, John, carman, 13 E. Water 

Daniels, Mrs. Lorena, washer-woman, 179 Georg« 

Darling, Joseph, country treasurer, 45 Chapel 

Darling, Noyes, Whalley ab Garden 

Darling, Mrs. Samuel 39 State 

Darling, Thomas 55 Olive c Greer^e 

Darrow, Erastus, clerk, 4 Glebe, bds. 126 Chapel 

Darrow, Leonard F. joiner 37 Crown 

Davenport, D. W. comb, toy and variety store 85 Chapel 

Davenport, Hezekiah, Spring n W. Water 

Davidson, Abijah B. 3& Church 

Davies, Rev. Thomas F, 33 Sherman av 

Davis, Charlei? S. A. 44 George 

Davis, Cornelius, waiter, 12 Martin 

Davis, Friend E. shoemaker, h 1 19 George 

Davis, John W. seaman, h 29 Ariizan 

Davis, Ransford, teamster, Samaritan c Howe 

Davis, Joseph. H. Whaltey, 1st ab Howe 


Pa VIS, %BiiieI p. mereht. toUor, 17 Btate, h 14 St. John 

Davis, Thomas, shipmasien 29 Wooster 

Davis, William B. painter, Governeur's lane 

Davis, William, carpenler, h 171 State 

Davis, Mrs. Abiah, 98 George, c College 

Davis, Mrs. John, 72 Olive 

Davis, Mrs. Matilda, cord, 1 Washington 

Dawset, Charles, weaver, Wallace n St. John 

Dawson^ Henry S. 38 Fair 

Dawaon, William H. grocery 4l fruit store 47 State h 38 

Day, Gad, joiner, h 8 College 
Day, Rev. Horace, 8 College 
Day, Rev. Jeremiah, D. D.. president Y. C. room. 1 17 N, 

C. fa College Green 
Day, Zelotes, 126 York 
Dayton, John B. room 66 Orange 
Dayton, Rev. Smith, h 120 Orange 
Dayton, Mrs. Amelia, tailoress, over88i Clrapel 
Dean, James £. P. D wight Place 
Dean, Mrs. Sarah, confectionary, 52 Chapel 
DeForest, Mrs. Jnlia, 115 Crown 
DeForest, Mrs. Lydia, 57 College c Wall 
Ddevan, Charles, Webster n Goffe 
DeMartin, Andrew, Jr. Leffingwell alley 
Demick, Prelate, WLiting st. school, h 5 Bradley 
Demming, Mrs. Oliver, 10 Meadow 
Deaiminf « Mrs. Phebe, 65 Congress 
Denecke, Theodore, tailor, h 8 Martin 
Denison, Henry, pres. N.H. Bank, h 26 Temple 
Denrson, J. Wade, ( Ward 4* D.) b<ls Assembly House 
Denison, Mrs. Charles, 54 Temple 
Denslow, Eli, joiner, h 138 York 
Denslow, James, Goffe, be Sperry 
Denslow, Mrs. John, 22 Olive e Cherry 
Derrick, George, W. painter, h 21- York 
Devereut, Mrs. Sarah E. 117 Church c Wall 
Dewey, Elias, 52 East 
Dewey, Joseph, fisherman, h ft of Chapel 

De Wittf Garrett, Howard av c Cdlombtis 

De Witt, J. F. boarding house, High be £l«i d& Wall 

Dibble, Ezra W. joiner, h 48 Park 

Dibble, Horace B. plater, h 37 Park 

Dibble, Ransom, (I>. 4* Onthank) 09 Br otkdvf^y 

Dibble 6c, Onthank, grocers, 9 Broadway 

Dickerman, Chester, livery stable 64 b €8 Court c OUw 

Dickerman, Elisha, farmer, Whalley ab Garden 

Dickerman, Elish^ Jr. joiner h 76 York 

Dickerman, -George ^ C« cofteh maker Whalley nb Gard^A 

Dickerman, Thomas P. boot 6l shoe manufacturer 14 h 12 

Dickerman, William, 1 1 Sherman aV^ 
DickinsoHy Moses, joiner^ ^ Grand 
Dickinson, Miss Betsey, dress maker 9 William 
Dikeman, Ira, (Z>. ^ Judson) 5 Hill 
Dikeman <S& Judson, coach and saddlery hardware) ft^ 

Dikeman, Mrs. Mary, 20 Brewery 
Disbrow, John L. hat store, 78 h ov^t 76 Chapel 
Dodd, Frederick, coach maker, h Martin 
Dodd, Richard, hairdresser, 66 State h 51 Grove 
Dodd, Miss Hannah, 5 Cherry 
Dole, Silas, mason, h 48 George 
Donaghe, James, collector of customs, h 25 College 
Donally, Edward, coach painter^ h Cedar op the Hospital 
Donally, Mrs. Mahala, 1C4 George 

Doolittle, Charles B. dry g'ds^ 144 Chapel bds Park Hw«e 
Doolittle, Roswell, miller, h 13 Academy 
Doolittle, Mrs. Esther, 31 Wall 
DooliUle, Mrs. Sarah, 44 College, 
Dorman, Allen A. seaman, h 8 W. Water 
Dorman, Joel, joiner, 50 East 
Dorman, Mrs. Lyman, Goffe c Sperry 
Dott, Frederick, baker, h Dow, E. side 
Douglass, Benajah H. 43 State 

Douglass, John, machinitt and plumber, 169 h IWStatd 
Dow, Lucius K. apoth'y and drug* 44 Chapel b 73 George 
Dow, Virgil M. physician, 81 George c Brimd 
Downing, Edmond, harness maker, h 25 York 

0IIIReTOllV. Hi 

Downs^ Calvin, UacksmUh, h 44 Greene 

Downs, George> 131 George 

Downs, Henry S. cabinet raaker^ h 6 Ekn 

Downs, John W. ship master, h 21 Meadow 

Downs, Josepb, ckw maker, 41 Oraoge h 16 Cromn 

Downs, Milo, meat market, 66 Church h 45 Broadway 

Downs, Michael, paper carrier, h IQ Martin 

Downn, Mrs* Hannahf 129 George 

Downs, Mrs. Maria, 13 Fleet 

Downs, Mrs. Sarah, Goife op Speiry 

Duboise, Alexander, 23 Washington 

Duell) Caleb, shipmaster, Columbus 

Duffles, Ishmael, gardener, 130 George 

Duke, John, colM carman, h 45 H&we 

Dummer, Mrs. Abram^ 6 Greene 

Dunbar, Mrs. -Mary, 30 Broadway 

Dunn, Bdward, carman, h 3 Union wharf 

Dunning,. Lee, tailor, h 128 George 

Dunning, William B. bookbinder, h 46 York 

Dunning, Mrs. Betsey, 6 Ashmun 

Duhtze, Henry A. gian & Fck smith, 134 Chapel h 88 Grand 

Duntze, John, stone ware manofac. E. Water n Olive 

Durand &. Mygatt, dry goods, 5 Ex^change Place, Chapel 

Durand, Charlies, (D. <!^ Mygatt) bd)s 81 Church 

Durrie 6l Peck, booksellers & publishers 70 Chapel 

Durrie, John, (P. 4- Peck) h 126 Ciiurch 

Dutton, Rev. Samuel S. W. Grove Hall, Grove e Whitney 

Dutton, Miss Mary, Grove.HaJl seminary, Grove o Whitney 

Dutton, Mrs. Matthew R, Grove Hall, Grove c Wlatney 

Dwight, T. Jr. ^ Co. hardware, 143 Chapel c State 

Dwight, Timothy, (T. A Jr. <Sp €0.) 92Ch»reh 

Dwight, Timothy, Jr. (T. D. Jr^ ^ Co^) 8. R c Yoj4 Sq. 

Dwight, Dwight W. (T. D. Jr. 4 Co.) d2 Church 

Dwight, Mrs. Elizabeth, 7 Academy 

EASTiLArN, Mrs. Euniob T. 91> G«oiige» 
Eastman, Mins Caroline S. 91 George 



Eaton, James, boarding house, 145 Crown 

Easton, Mrs. Jane, Congress ab the Hospital 

Edmondson, Edward, mason, h 34 Union 

Edmondson, Robert, mason, h 34 Hughes' Place 

Edwards, Misses, boarding school, 111 Crown 

Eld, Henry, broker, 47 Church 




ott, Matthew G. 209 Chapel 

ott, William H. 44i h 175 Chapel c Olive 

s, Francis, laborer, 24 Union 

Ellis, Henry, laborer, 22 Union c Fair 

Ellis, Michael, 33 Union 

Ellis, Michael, soap boiler, 33 Union 

Ellis, Thomas, laborer 22 Union e Fair 

Ellis, William H. 37 Broadway 

Ellis, Mrs. Ruth, boarding house, 23 Broadway 

Ely; Mrs. D. H. 173 Crown 

Emerson, Mrs. C. N. 80 Wooster 

English, Charles L. (J. Ei dp C. L. JE.^ 20 E. Water - 

English, George D. wholesale grocer, 2 Broadway h 5 

English, Henry, {Kimherly 4* E,) 20 Martin c Howe 
English, J. £. &; C. L. lumber dealers, 7 E. Water 
English, James, 5 Chapel 
English, James E. (J. E. dp C. L. E.) 31 Fair 
English, John, (■£?. 4* Mix) 161 George 
Engliah <S& Mix, importers of hardware^ iron & steel, 50 

dt 61 State 
English, Mrs. Isaac, 33 Meadow 
English, Miss Sarah, dress maker, 33 Meadow 
Ensign, Thomas, (T. jE. 4- So».) 69 George 
Ensign, Thomas & Son, morocco manuf. Factory 
Evarts, Lyman, Grand, c R. Road 
Evarts, Marvin joiner, h 56 Grand, 
Evarts, Norman L. ship carpenter, 134 George 
Evarts, James, 26 William 
Evarts, Julius, 28 East 

Everitt, Isaiah^ W. {Chapman ^ E.) bds Tontine 
Eyrs, William H. Putnam c Liberty 

]>tBfiCT0RV« 3} 

^ _ 

FAiiteBti.9» j09«^a»cUy sherift wopd yard 37 Grove 

h 170 State 
Fairchild, William, shoe store 35 Orange hi 12 Wall 
Fairchild, Willi^io, G* machinist, h 115 Orange 
Fairmam, James, /clerky 80 Chapel 
)F*alkland, Bernard, laborer, h*33 Union 
Farnham, Daniel G. grocer, Glebe building, h 23 Park 
Farnham, Henry^ engineer N. H. 6&N. canal; h 163 Chapel 
Farran, Abram, 08 East 
Farren, Samuel, labocer, Franklin n Grand 
Ferreo, Joseph D. boys. school. Grove c Temple 
Farrell, Thomas, 22 Union c Fair 
Fenn, Gains, Dixwell c Webster 
Fenn, Nathan, joiner, h E. Water be Brown & Wells 
Fenn, Mrs. Mary T. 20 W. Water 
Fenner, Christopher S. medical student. Grove n High 
Fenner, C. shoemaker, h 21 Elm 
Fenner, Mrs. A. ladies ware-room 90 State 
Farrille, Pierre, cuisinicr^ & confectioner^ 33 Church 
Ferdunn, Isaac, painter, h 35 Howe 
Ferguson, Mrs* Margarett, 13 Chapel 
Ferren, Sidney, engineer, h 102 Olive op William 
Fields, Mrs. Jennett, boarding house, ? Chfipel c Yprk 
Fields, Mrs. Lucy, Oak 
Finch & Barnes, wholesale gropera, 60 State 
Finch, Lucius, R. (F. 4r Barnes.)h 16 Lafayette 
Fingan, James, 11 Rose 
Finegan, James, laborer, h 7 Fair 
File, John, plater, h 51 Grand 

Fisk, E. W. boot and shoe store, 77 Chapelbds 23 Bradley 
Fisk, Lewis, shoemaker, h 23 Bradley. 
Fisher, John W. shipmaster, 17 Wallace 
FiiOi^r, Mrs. Lydia, Leffingwell, c Gregson 
Fitch, Rev. Eleazar T. prof. Divinity, Y. C. h 23 College 
Fitch, John prest. Mechanics' Bauk, h 27 Sherman 
Fitch, John W. cashier Mechaniie«' Bank, h 27 Sherman av 
Fitch, Lewis & Co. mercht. tailor^, 146 Chapel 
Fitch, Lewis, (L. JP. 4r ^o.) 127 OraM« 
Fitch, William G. 100 York 



Fitch, William, 2d, book keeper, 1 18 Ctiapel h 37 Shennin 

Fitch, William, tailor, h 57 Grand 

Fitch, Mrs. Eliza, dressmaker, 883I Chapel 

Fitzgerald, Richard, attorney, 60 Church € Chapel 

Fitzpatrick, Thomas, laboror, 9 Lafayette 

Flagg, Henry C. attorney, 5 Mitchels' B. h. E. Water b 
Warren 6l Brewery 

Flagg, Nahum, 7 Meadow 

Flagg, William J. {Shelton <Sf Flagg) h E. Water b War- 
ren &. Brewery 

Flagg, George W. portriiit painter, 24 Phoenix B., h E. Wa- 
ter be Warren 

Flemming, John, shoemaker, h over 120 state 

Flight, James H. 20 Howe 

Flood, John, laborer, h 7 Fair 

Flood, Matthew, mason, h 15 Rose 

Flood, Thomas, coach maker, h 15 Rose 

Folliatt, Miss Susan B. dress maker, 28 Cherry 

Fontain, A. de physican, 72 State 

Foot, Isaac B. grocer, 12 Putnam 

Foot, Jii^ah B. shoemaker, h Portsea n Water 

Foot, Joel B. boot and shoe store, 67 Chnrch h 10 Putnam 

Foot, J. Jr. hat, cap, boot and shoe store, 106 Chapel h 
176 George 

Foot, Mrs. Olevia, tailoress, orer 84 Chapel 

Forbes, George W. grocer, h Franklin n Grand 

Forbes, Jehiel, shipping mercht, 28 U.Wharf h22 Wooste 

Forbes, William, 7 Hamilton, b Wooster d& Collis 

Forbes, Mrs. William J. 204 Chapel 

Ford, Stephen L. Grove, n High 

Ford, Mrs. Laura, milinery, 1^ Chapel 

Fordham, James, saddler, h 24 Elm 

Foster, E. K. attorney, 7 Street's B., h 133 Church c Grove 

Foster, George, painter9 Oak 

Foster, Pierpont B. 109 State 

Foster, Mrs. Catherine, Oak 

Foster, Mrs. Mary Ann^ 13 Academy 

Foster, Mrs* Mary, 42 Elm 

Foster, Mrs. Temperance, 198 State 

l»IRECrTORY* 36 

Fowlef, EHhu, fthoeiaaker> h 38 Congress 

Fowler, Timothy, farmer, Whitney n Grove 

Pox, Robert, file colter, h 23 William 

Franklin, William, tailor, 130 Chapel h 134 Orange 

Francis, John, seaman, 66 Wooster 

Francis, James, col'^ Gro?e n York 

Francis, Levi, painter, bds Tontine 

Frazee, Fhineas F. coach maker, h Leffingwell, c 

Frazer, George L. cord, shoemaker, Franklin n Chapel 

Freeman, Charles, col'd, Franklin b Chapel & Greene 

Freeman, John, colM, Whalley n Sperry 

Freeman, Joseph, col'd, waiter, Carlisle, e Cedar 

Freeman, Levi S. col'd. Liberty 

Freeman, Mrs. Nancy, coPd, Congress c Cedar 

French, Stiles, collegiate and commercial school, 6 Woos- 
ter, Place 

French, Truman, collegiate and commercial school, 6 
Wooster Plaee 

Frisbie, Elijah H. shoemaker, h 18 Sherman 

Frisbie, Judah, 190 Chapel 

Frisbie, Lynde, sailor, Webster n Goffe 

Frisbie, Miner R. 22 Olive 

Frisbie, Myron J. axle turner, 45 Greene 

Frisbie, WilUatm, boot manufacturer, over 63 Chapel h 
9 Sherman 

Frisbie, Mrs. Caroline, 40 College 

Fuller, William, printer, h Silver c Hill 

Fuller, Mrs. Mary, h Silver 

Fuller, Mrs. Adah, 8 Hill 

Fuller, Miss Jane, vest maker, 8 Hill 

Fuller, Miss Elizabeth, dress maker, 8 Hill 

Fuller, Miss Mercy, 9 Brown 

Fuller, Mrs. Mary, 22 Union 

Fuller, Henry, col'd, Goffe ab Webster 

Gabriel, Gsoro£, Dwight place, e George 
Gaffhey, Lawrence, laborer, 1 1 Rose 

3ft DIS BCTOllT. 

Galligher, Richard, carman, 38 Union 

GalHgan, James, laborer, Sherman, c Howe 

Galpin, John, bookbinder &; stationer, 117 Chapel, bd 81 

Galpin, Philip 8. 24 Greene [State 

Gait, John, weaver, h 58 Grand 

Gait, David, weaver, h 04 East ^ 

Gait, David, Jr. weaver, 103 East 

Gamme), Thomas, sailor, Morocco jane. Oak 

Gammel, William, mason, h Oak 

Gramsby, Mrs. Clarissa, 47 Broadway 

Gardner, George, wig &l curl manufacturer, 12 Phflsnix B. 

h over 99 Chapel 
Gardner, Mrs. &, Miss milliners d& dress makera 90 Chapel 
Gaston, Nelson H. barytes manufr. Lock, h 137 Orange 
Gaston, William, 137 Orange 
Gaylord, Nathan, miller, h 12 Elm c High 
Gaylord, Albert C. shoemaker, h 30 Crown 
Gerry, Mrs. Ann, 47 Temple c Wall 
Gibbs, Josiah W. prof, sacred literature, Y* C. rOom 158 

D. C. h 86 Crown 
Gibbs, Mrs. Eliza, milliner, 105 Olive 
Giles, Mrs. 87 York 
Gilbert, Benajah, farmer, Whaliey 
Gilbert, Elias, 102 George 

Gilbert, Elijah, Jr. bookkeeper Meeh. Bank, h 99 Chepef 
Gilbert, E. &l Son, grocers, 1 Broadway o York 
Gilbert, Ezekiel, (£. G. ^ Son) h 97 York 
Crilbert, Frederick W. coack maker, h 61 St. JohnT 
Gilbert, I. & Sons, leather dealers, 105 George 
Gilbert, John, joiner, h 60 Crown 
Gilbert, Lucius, {E. G. df San) 1 1 Park 
Gilbert, Luther, livery stable, rear h 112 George 
Gilbert, Levi, 2d, 1 16 George 
Gilbert, Levi, 14 Hill 
Gilbert, Nathan, 75 George 

Gilbert, S. 6l J. coach manufacturers, 8 Temple n George 
Gilbert, Sackett, saddler, 68 h 43 Crown 
Gilbert, Stephen, {S. S^ J. 6r.) 120 George c Temple 
Gilbert, Thomas, laborer, 33 E» Water 

I> I It E C T d R Y » 3t 

Gilbert, Mrs. Eunice F. over 15 State 

Gilbuley, Patrick, loborer, 14 Morocco 

Gelhorley, Michael, 33 Union 

Gill, George, stucco plasterer, 61 Sherman avcGill 

Gill, William G. butcher, bds 37 Church 

Gilmore, John, weaver, h 25 Martin 

Gilchrist, Michael, carman, ft Chapel^ 

Gladding, Daniel S. bandbox maker, 62 Court 

Glcason, Dennis, 64 Grand 

Glenny, Daniel S. clerk, 105 Chapel, bds 39 Union 

Good ale, Henry, 39 Congress 

Goodale, Appleton, plain maker, h 29 Fair 

Goodale, Joseph, Sherman 

Goodale, William, butcher, h Dwight n Martin 

Goodale, Miss Ann M. dressmaker, 29 Fair 

Goodhue, Martin, 8 Hughes' Place 

Goodnough, Jeremiah, lockmaker, h 144 State 

Goodrich, Rev. Chauncey A, professor of the pastoral 

charge Y. C. h 50 Temple 
Goodrich, Elizar, 50 Temple c Wall 
Goodrich, James, 64 Elm 
Goodrich, Otis^ D. physician, 19 Chapel 
Goodrich, Mrs. Catherine, 5 Cherry 
Goodsell, George, Dixwell ab Webster 
GoodseW, George W. grocer, 79 Oliver c Grand 
Goodsell, Mrs. Eunice, upholstress, 26 Cherry ' 

Goodwin, William, agent and collector, h 17 Crown 
Goodwin, William A. polisher, h 17 Crown 
Goodyear, Chester, grocer, 35 Elm c College h 168 George 
Godfrey, C. J. 82 George 
Gomer, Mrs. Belinda, Gilbert 
Gorham, Elah, livery stable, 28 Wooster 
Gorham, Eleazer, boot <&shoe siore, 35 Chapel h 4 College 
Gorham, F. P. {DaggetU Hinman ^Co.) 124 Chapel 
Gorham, George A joiner, h Wells 4th fr Water 
Gorham, George Mv. shoemaker, h 21 York 
Gorham, Hezekiah, shoemaker, h 50 York 
Gorham, Jonah, 20 Brewery ■ 
Gorham, James A. (G. d* Peck} 56 Crerwn 



Gorham, Joseph, blacksmith, h Well&4ib fr Water 

Gorham & Peck, bakery, 53 York 

Gorham, Samuel B. (Marvin 4* ^0 h Prout 

Gorham, Shubael C. drugge&t 6l apothecary, 73 Church 3 

Gorham, William, grocer, 46 Woostir h 3(5 Wooster 
Gorham, Mrs. Julia, 5 Fair 
Gould, Jacob, 140 George 
Graham, William R. cooper, 3 Fair, h 10 Prince 
Graham, Wells D* cooper* h Franklia n Grand 
Graham, Mrs. Hannah, 7 Union . 
Graham, Mrs. Harriet, Gold 
Graham^ Mrs. Lovenia, 14 Putnam 
Grant, William^ Park n Crown 
Granger, William R. printer, h 133 State 
Granger, Mrs. Gilbert, 46 Greene . * 
Granger, Mrs. Fanny, 38 State 
Graaniss^ Horace, Franklin n State 
Granville, Mrs. Comfort, col'd, 8 Elm 
•Graves, John S. (Smith 4- G.) 6 Chapel 
Graves, Samuel G. ship carpenter, h 39 East 
Graves, Mrs. Esther, miHiaery, 109 Chapel 
Gray, Barney, laborer, Lafayette 
Gray, John, lace weaver, h 236 Chapel. 
Greene, Edward JX. accountant, 145 Chapel, h 5 Academy 
Greene, John, carinftR,. 208 State 
Greeo^s^ John, 2di over 116 State 
Greene, Thomas, weaver, h 118 Grand c East 
Gre&nev Mrs> Hannah, 5 Academy 
Greene, Mrs. N. C. 15 College 
Greene, Miss Sophia, 9 College 
Greene, Richard, coPd, boot maker h 8 Academy 
Gregory, Francis H., XJ. S. Navy, h b Asl^muBi ic Dixwell 
Griffiin, Robert, shoemaker, h 29 Union 
Griffing, J« if, J. S., hardware 60 cutlery, 55 Stale 
Griffing, Jasper, (J. 4: J. S. G.). h 31 Meadow 
Griffing, J. S. (J, f /. ,S. G^ bds Park Houw 
Griffing, Robert H. carman, h, 7 Fair 
Grimes, WilliaiOr CQl'dt, Waahiog^^i n Howard 


Griswold, Levereit* 53 College 

Griswold, Samuel, {Post ^ G.) 39 GoUis n East 

Griswold, Samuel, 2d> builder, 3 h 8 First 

(ireunert, Henry, Castle Garden, 12 Meadow 

Gunn, Aaron, Putnam n Carlisle 

Gunn, Jobamah, painter, h 42 George n c Park 

Gunn, Samuel, trunk maker, b 25 York 

Gunn, Mrs. Emily, 5 Dow 

Gwinnell, Henry, blacksmith,' Garden n Wballey 

Hale, Warner E. coach manufacturer, 124 h 136 York 

Hale, Henry, coach maker, rear 124 h 136 York 

Haley, Patrick, laborer, 12 Academy 

Hall, (3hauncey, shoemaker, h 125 Crown 

Hall, Elizur, boarding house, 15 Elm 

Hall, Frederick C. (K <^ Pratt) 165 Crown 

Hall, James, blacksmith, b 27 Union 

Hall, Charles, printer, bds 81 State 

Hall, L. A. tanner, h 11 Morocco 

Hall, Benjamin L. hack driver, h 14 College 

Hall, Nathan F. {Bristoll 4- H.) h 85 Orange 

Hall, N. C. <fe Co., wholesale grocers, 46 State 

Hall. Newel C. (iV. C. H. 4- Co,) h 19 Grand 

Hall & Pratt, dry goods, 160 Chapel c State 

Hall, Mrs. Gordon, 79 York 

Hall, Mrs. Mary, 34 Fair 

Hall, Mrs. Sukey, 88 East 

Hall, Paul, col'd, 144 George 

Hall, Peter, col'd, laborer, Goifeab Webster 

Halleck, Gerard, Cedar c Lambertoa 

Hallenbeck, Nicholas S. coach maker, h 31 East 

Hamlen, B. L., printer, 50 Chapel h 41 High 

Hamlet, George, col'd, .musician, Portsea c Cedar 

Hammond, Isaac, plane manufactory 27 Orange h 26EIlm 

Hanover, Mrs..SMah,.bo£irding house, 23 Union 

Hanson, Frederick, Ced^r c Columbus 


Hanson,. William F. Hhoemaker, 18 Putnam 

Healy, Dennis, carman, h 18 Morocco 

Healey, John, 21 Union c Fair 

Healey, Thomas, laborer, Lafayette W, of Congress 

Henley, James, 20 Wooster 

Hanley, James, col'd 46 Union c Cherry 

Hardy, William F. machinist & engineer, East ft of Woos- 
ter, h Durand cottage, Hamilton 

Harrimount, William S. coach trimmer, h Franklin 4ih 
from Grand 

Harrigan, John, laborer, b Che^ut n Chapel 

Harrison, Henry E. 3 Brewery 

Harrison, Apollos W. clerk, bds 85 State 

Harrison, James 103 Olive 

Harrison^ Mrs. Ammi, dress maker. 111 Olive 

Harris, Henry, carman, W. Water n Columbus 

Harris, Samuel H. printer, Chesnut n Greene 

Harris, Miss Nancy L., dress maker, 10 Coilis 

Harris, Nathaniel, col'd, Sperry n Whalley 

Hart, Lewis F. shoemaker, h 84 State 

Hart, John, cabinet maker, h 8 Martin 

Hart, Roswell C. hotel, 7 Fleet 

Hart, Mrs. L. F. tailoress, 84 State 

Han, Mrs. Joanna, 47 Olive op Court 

Hartshorn, Joel M. shoemaker, h 49 Fair 

Haw, James, 5 Cherry 

Hawle}', Edward, laborer, 54 Elm 

Hawley, John, laborer, 234 Chapel 

Hayden, John C. sail maker. Union wharf, h 134 Geofge 

Hayes, Ezekiel, printer, h 31 Court 

Hayes, James, laborer, 134 Chapel 

Hayes, Samuel G. printer, h 233 Chapel 

Hayes, William B. shoemaker, h 31 Court 

Hayes, Mrs. Elizabeth, 31 Court 

Hayward, Nahura, joiner, h 47 Grove 

Heaton, Abram, ship, mercht. 7 Union wharf h 20 Temple 

Healey, Patrick, Chesnut c Chapel 

Heightman, Adrian C. account. 121 Chapel, bds 24ChurcK 

Hemingway, George, bds 19 Cogpt c Orange 

Hemingway, Harvey, 15 Olive 



HemiDgway, James T. joiner, fa 19 Brown 

Remingtfay, Leverett A. 24 Church 

Hcixuagway, Samuel H. shoemaker, b £. Water n Brown 

Heinpsted, John, sail maker, Union wharf h 3 Hill 

Hendrick, Joel D. shoemaker, h 29 Cherry 

Henry, Mrs. Elizabeth, col'd, washerwoman, Cedar 

Henriques, Emanuel, paper manufacturer, h 21 Temple 

Herrick, Edward C. city clerk, 13 Exch. h 70 C<illege 

Herrick, J. K. & Co. W. Rock paper wareh'se 149 Chapel 

Herrick, Mrs. Hannah, TO College n Grove 

Herrick, Miss Susan, 138 Crown 

Henrey, Mrs. PfudetiCe, 42 College 

Heyliger, Alfred, 15 Church 

Hick ox, James H. hair dresser, oyer 107 Chapel 

Hicks, George W. blacksmith, h Cedar n Washington 

Hicks, Peter, coPd, Washington n Howard 

Higby, Benjamin, teller N* H, Bank, h Dwight c Sherman 

Higby, Samuel, joiner, h 18 Washington 

Higgins, -James, brass founder, h 10 Ashmun 

Higgins, Jesse, saddler, h 56 Sherman a?. 

Higgins, John, laborer, h 49 Broadway 

Higglils, Mrs. Rose, 14 State 

Higgins, Mrs. Lois, 25 Wall 

Higgins, Miss^ Hannah M. catpet maker, 25 Wall 

Hightman, Christian, col'd, 30 East 

Hiller, Jonathan, broker, 115 Chapel h 49 College 

Hillhouse, Mrs. James A., Sachem's Wood, Hillhouse av 

Hill, Amos^ shoemaker,^ Bradley 

Hill, Chase, coach painter, h 104 Olive 

Hill, Joseph, coach painter, E. side York Square 

Hijl, Mrs. Clarbsa, boarding house, 04 Orange 

Hills, Edwin, currier, h 189 State 

Hills, Thomas^ 54 Elm 

Hills, Mrs'. Rhoda, 99 Wooster 

Hiike, Beebe, boarding house, 53 Chapel 

tlihe, Curflss, fork & hoe manuf., Wallace n St. John 

Hine, Davidf Congresli a V op the Hospital 

Hine 6l Hopkins^ grocers, 176 State June Olive 

Bine, P. B. pocket book manufac. 1^ Grand 

Hine, Simmons> {Hine 4* Hopkins) h 176 State 


Hineson, John, weaver, h 107 East 

Hinman, Charles W. agt. sue. N, H. S. Boat Comp. h 60 

Wooster ,^ 

Hinman, David C. {Daggett^ H. 4" ^o*) bds Park House 
Hinman, George, cabinet maker, h 4 Martin 
Hinman, Robinson S. attor., 7 Mitchels build, bds Tontine 
Hinman, Scovil, city sheriff & constable, h 25 Court 
Hitchcock, Benjamin R. (H, ^ Stafford) h 66 Grove 
Hitchcock, Chester, carriage wheel maker, GofTe 
Hitchcock, Edward D. coach maker h 85 George 
Hitchcock, Elihu, Whiting 
Hitchcock, Merritt, tinner, h Whalley n Bperry 
Hitchcock, Samuel J. instructor scionce and practice of 

law, Y. C, office 67 h 81 Church 
Hitchcock & Stafford, book dt fancy job print. 72 Chapel 
Hitchcock, Miss Sarah W. 55 East 
Hoadley &u Carrington, coach manuf. Franklin building 21 

Church c Crown 
Hoadley, George, (H* 4* Carrington) h 149 Crown 
Hoadley, Giles A. porter house, 42 Church 
Hoadley, John, coach trimtner, h 87 George 
Hoadley, Philemon, livery stable, 16 h 19 Court c. Orange 
Hoadley, Simeon, 156 State op Grove 
Hodge, David, sboemakep, h 59 Wallace 
Hodges, Henry E. 89 Crown 
Hodges, James, gardener,^ 22 Washington 
Holford, Andrew, gardener, h Orange c Fourth 
Hollis, Thomas C. bookbinder, h 3 Washington 
Hollister, J. C. bds 59 Elm c Orange 
Homan, George,- h 43 Howe 
Honan, John, laborer, h Wells n Water 
Hood, John, shipmaster, 25 Warren 
Hood, Roswell, merchant tailor, 20 Fleet b Brewery 
Hood, William, 19 Brewery 

Hooker, Charles, physician, professor of anatomy & phy- 
siology, Y. C. h 31 Olive 1st S. St. Pauls' Chapel 
Hooker Sl Osborn, coach manufactures, 13 Park 
Hooker, Henry, {H. ^ Osborn) h 24 Shermair 
Hooker, William G. secretary ^ treasurer Savings Bank, 
h 138 State / 





Hopkins, Henry, h 186 State 

Hopkins, Mrs. Andrew B. 37 Park 

Hopkins, Mrs. Laura, 34 Park 

Hopkins, Williano, col'd, joiner, h Carlisle n Howard 

Horsfall, Thomas, currier, h 14 Prinze c Gold 

Horton, G. H. machinist, 46 Greene 

Hotchkiss & Co. lumber merchants, 12 Union wharf 

Hotchkiss, Elias, lumber dealer 6l Albany packet office, 5 
Union wharf h 13 Meadow 

Hotchkiss, Ezra, shipping merchant, 32 Union wharf h 10 

Hotchkiss, Eze&iel, blacksmith, 10 Artizan h 25 Martin 

Hotchkiss, Fowler, blacksmith, h 25 Martin 

Hotchkiss, George, ship chandler, 29 U. wharf, rope manu- 
factory W. Water n Spring, h Columbus 

Hotchkiss, George, 2d, cooper, h Summer 

Hotchkiss, Henry, president N. H. Co. Bank, (if. ^ Co) h 
202 Chapel 


ss, Henry O. (JR. H. <^ Sons) h 154 George 

ss, Isaac T. coal merchant, 27 U. wharf h 12 Hill 

ss, Lewis, 23 Temple 

ss, Leonard S. {H. ^ Co.) bds 148 George 

ss, John G. {Pierpont 6f H-) 

ss, Luciu8,(/f. 4* Co.) 1 Academy 

ss, Lucius E. mason, h 24 Elm 

ss. Nelson, {Rich ^ H.) h 18 Brewery 

ss, R. & Sons, shipping merchants, 13 U. wharf 

ss, Russell, 45 Meadow 

ss, Russell, Jr. (H. R. ^ Sons) h 176 Chapel 

ss, Sheldon, 73 York 

ss, Stephen, h Columbus 

ss, Wooster (H. 4- Whittelsey) h 57 Court 

ss &. Whittelsey, wholesale grocers, 64 State 

ss, , feather dresser, 164 George, c Orange 

86, William S. grocer, 22 Union wharf h E Water 

n Olive 
Hotchkiss, Mrs. Harriet, 23 Fair 
Hotchkiss, Miss Harriet, principal, female deartment,Lan- 

Lancasterian school 

44 DtftBCTOftY. 

Hotchkiss, Miss Mehteablei tailoress, 85 Crown 

Hotchkiss, Miss Sarah, school, 7 Elm 

Hotchkiss, Miss Sarah P. dress maker, junc. Grand 4& Si* 

Hotchkiss, Sophia, 21 Elm 
Hossie, John, Greene n c Hamilton 
Hough Mrs. Mary, 11 College 
Howard, Sanford, hackman, h 3 Artizan 
Howard, Mrs. S. dress maker, 3 Ariizan 
Howd, Miss Margaret A. 123 George 
Howarth, Alfred, shoemaker, h 32 Union 
Howarth, Alfred, shoemaker, h 26 Union 
Howarth, John H. boot d& shoe store, 123 Chape) h 20 

Howarth, Thomas, shoemaker, h 89 George 
Howarth, T. H. boot 6c shoe store,40 Chapel h 98 George 
Howe, James E. tailor, h Morocco junc Oak 
Howell, Abram, accountant, h 13 E. Water 
- Howell, John W. grocer, 25 Park c Martin 
Howell, Thomas IHl George 
Howell, Misses Sarah 6c Elizabeth, 134 State 
Hoyle, William R. blacksmith, h 42 Greene 
Hoyt, Abijah, shipmaster, h 38 Hill 
Hoyt, Asa, builder, h 8 Lafayette 
Hoyt, Daniel S. tailor, h 20 Howe 
Hoyt, Jonathan E,, W. side York Square 
Hubbard, Abijah, chair maker, h W. Water n Putnam 
Hubbard, Benjamin W. shoemaker, b 16 Washinffton 
Hubbard, Edwin, boarding house, 16 Chapel c High 
Hubbard, Ezra S. book keeper, N. H. Bank, h 53 Grove 
Hubbard, Howard, shoemaker, h 37 Hill 
Hubbard, William M. shoemaker, h 13 Putnam 
Hubbard, Mrs. Maria, 48 York 
Hubbell, Charles P. coach maker, h 33 Broadway 
Hubbell, EKzur, silver plater, 14 Cherry h 50 Fair 
Hubbell, Levi B. cooper, h 27 Cherry 
Hubbell, Mortimer, tailor, over 2 Church, bds 99 George 
Hubbell, Sidney A. blacksmith, 126 h 99 George 
Hubbell, Warner, plater, h 32 Cherry 
Hudson, Eli, printer, h 118 George 


niRlGOTOIlY^ 45 

Bxigginn^ Edwftrd E. crockery store, 135 Ch*^! h IM 

Huggins, E. John, auction & commission merchant, IM 

Chapel c State 
Huggins, Henry, postmaster, h 20 St. John 
Huggins, James H. (X 4* /. H. H.) 127 Chapel 
Huggins, J. d& J. H. fancy dry goods, 127 Chapel 
Huggins, Francis, 20 St. John 
Huggins, Sanmel, {S. H. 4* Scin) h 110 State 
Huggins, Samuel G. (S. H. ^ ;Sofi) 1 10 State 
Huggins, Samuel & Son, wholesale grocers, 42 State 
Huggins, Mrs. Julia (X <^ J. H. H.) 127 Chapel 
Hughes, £. B. M. importer of hardware &c4iltlery» 150 

Chapel h 42 Temple 
Hughes, John G. book agent, h 36 Hill 
Hughes, Mrs. Betsey, 252 Chapel 
bull, E. dL Son, chandlers, 10 Broadway 
Hull, Elam, (JB. H. f Son) h 106 York 
Hull, George, chandler, 38 h 36 Broadway 
Hull, Isaac, tailor, h 68 George 
Hull, Joseph D. 45 Chapel 
Hull, William (E. H. 4- Son) h 104 York 
Hull, Mrs. A. E. boarding house, 45 Chapel 
Hull, Mrs. Mabel, Oak op Dwight 
Hulse, Mrs. Abigail, Washington n Howard av 
Humaston, John P. (CrosUy ^ H.) h 73 Olive 
Humaston, Sylvaniis, laborer, h 25 Meadow 
Humaston, Mrs. Polly, 73 Olive 
Hunt, Fredrick, 153 Crown op Orange 
Hunt, Josiah F. physician, 26 Olive 
Hunt, Mrs. James, 30 E. Water 
Hurd, Stiles, saddler, h 24 Congress 
Hurlbut, Austin, grocer, 40 h 38 Congress 
Husson, Apolonaire, French dyer, IS^ State c Grand 
Hyde, George W. joiner, h 12 Prince 
Hyde, Roswell, 19 Washington 



O I R £ C T O & V . 

IN0BR80I.I*, CnkRhEB A. attorney, 16 Exdmn^ h .28 

ngersoll, Ralph I. attorney, 3 MitchelPs B. h 43 Elm 
ngersoll, Mrs. Grace, 28 Temple 
ngbam, Friend W. 25 William 
ngham, William A. (Tomlinson ^ J.) 
Dgraham, Mrs. Caroline, 75 Wall 
ves, £dgar, tailor, bds Temperance House 
vesy Eli, physician, prof, theory Sl prac. medicine Y. C. 

h 49 Temple 
ves, George E. livery stable, 9 Fleet 
ves, Hoadley B. grocer, 64 Church bds Bishop's Hotel 
ires, Jason, 34 Sherman av 
ves, Levi, physician, 80 Wall 
ves, Nathan B. physician, 37 Elm 
ves, Lyman, collector, canal office, h 93 York 
ves, William, professor of music, 52 Olive c Court 
ves, Mrs. Lucia, boarding house^ 59 Chapel c Temple 
ves, Mrs. Sarah, 92 York 
ves. Miss Caroline, school, 81 York 
ves, Miss Sophia, 30 Broadway 
ves, Mrs. Laura, 87 Crown 

Jacobs, Stephen, ship carpenter, h 11 Wallace 

Jacobsy Miss Mary, 52 College 

Jackson, Josiah, coPd, 8 Elm 

Jackson, John col'd, Webster 

Jackson, Robert, col'd, carman, Artizan 

Jackson, Mrs. Tryfena, col'd, Franklin n William 

Janes, William C. coach maker, h 1 1 Warren 

Jarman, William S. Jr. dry goods, 152 Chapel fa 56 Wall 

Jarman, William S. variety store, 35 State 

Jarman» Mrs. Francis T. 19 College 

Jeffrey, Mrs. Louisa, Anthony n Ashmun 

Jenkins, Jacob col'd, Whaley n Sperry 

Jennings William, coach maker bds 242 Chapel 


Jepson, John, caller, WitKnoi n Franklin 

Jewett, Henry H. {Croswell ^J.) 3 Wooster Place 

Jewetty P. A. physician, 144 George n c Church 

Jewett, Rev. Stephen, 3 Wooster Place 

Jewett, Thomas B. (Shejffield 4* /•) bds Mrs. Bishops' 34 

Olive c Chapel • 
J<)celyn, Nathaniel, portrait painter, 1S4 Chapel h 86 York 
Jocelyn, Rev. S. S. 170 George 
Jocelyn, William, shipmaster 41 York 
Johnson, Chauncey, coach painter h 37 Congress av 
Johnson, Ebenezer, 47 Chapel 

Johnson, Enos A. whitesmith, 66 Chapel h 167 Sute 
Johnson, John K. saddler, 26 Church h 39 Crown' 
Johnson, Nathaniel y la borer, 12 George 
Johnson, R. SL merchant tailor, 51 Chapel h 77 York 
Johnson, ShernMin, 32 Congress 
Johnson, William, president City Bank, h N. £. e York 

Johnson, Miss Betsey, millinery, 60 Orange 
Johnson, Miss Olive, nurse, 112 George 
Johnson, Mrs. Elizabeth, Dixwell n junc Gojflfe 
Johnson, Mrs* Susanah, Congress pp Ibe Hospital . 
Johnson, Henry, col'd, Webster n Asbmun 
Johnson, James, col'd, carman, upper end State 
Johnson, William, eol*d, Trumbull be State A William 
Johnson^ Mrs. Elizabeth, coPd, 6 Bradley 
Johnson, Mrs. Rachael col'd, S^ite ab Bradley 
Johnson, Mrs. Margaret, col'd, 8 Rose 
Jones, Frederick, 15 Crown 

Jones, George W. shipsmith, A of Brewery h 40 E. Water 
Jones, Heth Pv Temperance House 17 Church c Crown, 
Jones, William H. 34 E. Water 

Jones, William, keeper Tomlinson's bridge, h 34 Collis 
Jones, William S. shipmaster, Putnam c Water 
Jones, Mrs. Cynthia, dress maker, 125 Chapel 
Jones, Mrs. Hannah, 236 Chapel 
Jonea, Miss Julia, 48 George 
Jones, Misa Harriet, Dixwell junc Gofie 
Jones, Amos, col'd Goffe op Sperry 

Jones, Isaac, cord, FfanlUfi n Chapel 

Jones, Thomas col'd^ Whalley c Sperry 

Judd, Mrs. Martha, 3 Chapel 

Judd, Mrs. Sarah, nurse, 35 Church 

Jodsont Charles A. 12 Elm c High 

Judson, Curtiss, Pavilion hotel, E. Water c WaHace 

Jadson^ Isaac, clerk at Rich & Hotehkiss*, h 22 Brown 

Judson, Lewis B. {Dikeman 4f J.) 9 Orange 

Judson y Thomas, Garden n daraaritan 

Kain, J. H. physician, 16 Chapel c High 

Kain, James, Sailors' Home tarernr2 Union wharf 

Kay, John, cutler r h Orange c Fourth 

Kay, Mrs. EHza, 54 High 

Keith, Jason, boarding house, 12 Grand 

"Keese, Mrs. Mary Ann, 50 Elm 

Kellum, Benjamin S. butcher, h 93 George 

Kelsey, Alsop, mason, h 49 Broadway 

&.elsey, Henry y plater, h 1 1 Martin 

Kemptouy David, morocco dresser, h Gold 

Kennedy, John, joiner 22 Howe 

Kennedy, Roger, shoemaker, 74 Grand e Leffingweli 

Kent, Mrs. Mary, boarding hmw©, 27 Chapel 

Keys, Francis, laborer, h 23 York 

Kidston, Andrew L. wholesale grocer, 49 State h 9 Orange 

Kilborn, Aaron, machinist, Trumbull c Clinton Place 

Kilborn, Misses Elizabeth M. &, Phinetta dress makers, 

Kilborn, Aaron R. machinist, h Trumbull n Clinton Place 
Kilborn, Peter C. moulder, h Trumbull 
Kimball, Mrs. Ellen, 55 East 

Kimberly, David, inspector of customs, h 46 Meadow 
Kimberly, Dennis, attorney, 18 Exchange bdd Tonitne 
Kimberly 6c English, coach munuf. Sherman ab Dwight 
Kimberly, Harvey L. (X. 4* tlngUsh) h 16 Sherman av 
Kimberly, Miss Elizabeth, tailoress, 96 George 


King, George, {Parsons 4* K^) h 66 Odlege 
KiBg, JameB, gardener, Garden n Martin 
Kingsley, Augustus, 28 Park 

Ktngsley, James L. Prof. Lat. Ian. 6c, lit. Y. C. h 65 Tem- 
ple c Grove 
Kinney, Franklin, joiner, h Columbus n Water 
Kinney, John G. shoemaker, h Howe c Sherman 
Kinney, Reuben, pedlar, h Washington n Howard 
Kirby, John B. {Brown ^ K.) h 46 Meadow 
Kirk wood, James, harness maker, h 28 Fleet 
Kirtland, G. Jr. & Co., auct. &> commis. 31 Church 
Kirtland, Mrs. Lucy, 123 George 
Kirtland, Mrs. Martha, 123 George 
Klein, Mrs. Lester, 65 York 
Knevals & Hull, merchant tailors, 37 Chapel 
Knevals, Jesse, constable, h 19 Crown 
Knevals, Sherman W. (£. Sp Hull) 15 Sherman ar 
Knight, Jonathan, phys. prof, princ. &. prac. surg. Y. C. 

h 90 Church 
Knowland, Thomas, 7 Fair 
Knowland, William, laborer, Chesnut n Chapel 

Laiohnoux, Armand, prof, French lang. 13 Church 
Laehy, J oh n,^ laborer, h Wells 
Laehy, Thomas, laborer, h Wells , 
Laden, James, laborer, Sherman av c Howe 
Lane, Ebenezer, joiner, h 33 East 
Landcraft, Mrs. Hannah, nurse, 57 Wallace 
Langdon, Jesse R. joiner, h 24 Willii^m 
Langdon, Samuel, 93 Chapel 
Langdon, Mrs. Nancy, millinery, 93 Chapel 
Lanson, Laban, cold, clothing store, 42 Fleet hS Bradley 
Lanson, Isaac, coPd, Greene, b East &l Rail Road 
Lanson, Mrs. Dorcas, cold, Carlisle n Liberty 
Larkin, Elihu, joiQer, h Dwightn Martin 


M D11tB<3T0KT* 

Lathrop, Luke, coVd, vaiter, h 50 College 

Larey, Daniel, laborer, York n Grove 

Lay, Theodore, (flT. A. Chittenden ^ Co.) bdg Park House 

Itaw, Rev. Joseph, 108 George 

Law, Prentiss R. broker, 15 Exchange 

Law, William A. 22 College 

Law, Mrs. Anna, 22 College 

Law, Mrs. Esther, 51 Elm 

Lawton, Stephen, iron founder, h 64 College 

Lawrence, Mn«« Hannah, tailoress 13 E. Water 

Leavenworth, Isaac, 109 Crown 

Lees, George W. 

Lees, Thomas K. bookkeeper, 148 Chapel 

Lees, Miss Harriet, 56 Elm 

Lees, Mrs. Lucia, 11 Brewery 

Leffingvvell, Mrs. William, 80 Church 

LeForge, James H. blacksmith, h 41 Broadway 

LeForge, Mrs. Marthn, 41 Broadway 

Lego, Mrs. William, 8 Meadow 

Leishman, Archibald, weaver, Govemeur's lane 

Leek, Mrs. Charles, Putnam n Salem 

Leonard, Stephen R. printer, 68 Orange 

Leonard, Isaac, coPd, porter, h 7 Rose 

Leland, machinist, h 89 Grand 

Leman, L. clothing store, 48 Church 

Leman, Charles, clothing store, 2S Fleet 

Lester, Timothy, {Candee ^ L.) inspector of customs, W. 

Water, c Fleet 
Lewis, Abram B. bds Tontine 
Lewis, Alanson, cooper, 27 E. Water, h 27 Cherry 
Lewis, John, commis. mer., 4 Union wharf, h 29 Meadow 
Lewis, Jared, {Collins <^ L.)h Trumbull n Clinton Place 
Lewis, William, 156 Slate op Grove 
Lewis, William, Jr. {Nicholson 4" L.) 156 State 
Lewis, Alfred, col'd, 27 Putnam 
Lewis, Mrs. Harriet, 24 Wall 
Lewis, Mrs. Julia A. 90 Crown 
Lewis, Miss Mary Ann, millinery, 21 Court c Orange 
Lincoln, Henry A. mftchinist, h 24 Grand 

Lindergreen, James, coach trimmer, h 14 Elm c High 

Lines, A. & F. grocers, 124 State c Grand 

Lines 6l Smith, cabinet manuf. 43 Orano^ 

Lines, Augustus, (A. ^ F, L.) h 80 Olive 

Lines, Charles B. (L. <J» Smith) h Trumbull b Orange & 

Lines, Frederick, {A. ^ F. L.) h 80 Olire 
Lines, George, guilder, h 165 George 
Lines, Leverett, blacksmith, h 250 Chapel 
Lines, Mrs. Amarilla, 16 Martin 
Lines, Mrs. Henry, 127 George 
Lines, Mrs. Sarah, 6 Martin 
Lines, Mrs. Sally, 46 Park 
Lines, Miss Frances, boarding house, 80 Church 
Lippencott, Joel, shoemaker, over 120 State 
Linn, Patrick, 1-2 Academy 

Linsley, Rev. Ami, school, 10 Glebe h 62 College 
Linsley, Hezekiah, cabinet maker, h 29 Union 
Linsley, Herman, Grand n Rail Road 
Linsley, William, (Thompson ^ L.) Forbes' Place 
Littlefield, Benjamin, col'd, waiter, h 59 Grove 
Little, William, col'd, waiter, Liberty n Columbus 
Lisbon, Robert, laborer, h Chesnut n Chapel 
Livingston, George, col'd, Franklin n Chapel 
Lord, Bela,' tinner, h 7 Lafayette 
Lord, Henry, bookbinder, h 7 Lafayette 
Lord, Mrs. Mary W. 193 Chapel 
Lonnargin, James, joiner, h Water n Columbus 
Love, George, blacksmith, h 97 George c Factory 
Love, William, blacksmith, h 13 Bradley 
Lovell, John E., princ. Lancas. school, h 11 William 
Lovett, Mrs. Harriet, 54 Chapel 
Loveland, Asa, 4 Martin 
Lowe, Henry, 7 Brown 

Luca, Alexander, col'd shoe store, 6 Court h. Liberty 
Luca, Frederick, St. John n East. 
Lucas, Ashley G. 72 Olive 
Lucey, John, rope maker, h Water c Port^ea 
Lum, Cyrus H. iimbrella & comb maker, 113 Chapel 
Lum, Joseph A. architect, Phoenix Building 


Lum, Clark, hotel, Broadway c Samaritan 

Lyman, Mrs. Sarah, 85 George 

Lynde, Edward J. tailor, h 39 Olive 

Lyndc, Mrs. Mary, 52 York c Crown 

Lyon, Asahel L. (L. 4f Brown) h 42 -East c Chapel 

Lyon <S& Brown, builders. East c Chapel 

Lyon, Willard, grave digger, rear, 64 College 

Lyon, Miss Elizabeth, 124 Church n c Wall 

Lyons, John, laborer, Greene c East 

Mack, John, B, 8 Collis 

Mack, James, rope maker, h Water n Columbus 

Mack, Mrs. Sarah, 94 State 

Macumber, Allen, 41 Congress av 

Macumber, Merritt, morrocco dresser, h 41 Congress 

Macumber, Miss Sarah, milliner, Gregson c Leffingwell 

Macumber, Miss Mehetable, dress maker, Leffingwell c 

Magie, John B. blacksmith, h W. Water 
Mahon, Timothy, laborer, h ft Chapel 
Main, Mrs. Elias, Franklin, 4th fr Grand 
Malone, Thomas, laborer, 9 E. Water 
Maltby, A. H. bookseller, 4 Glebe h 136 Chapel 
Maltby, George, tailor, 2 Church 
Mansfield, Chester, junc Goffe & Whalley 
Mansfield, Giles, hat store, 86 Chapel h 163 State 
Mansfield, Glover, dairyman. Smith av n Grove 
Mansfield, Henry, {IV. L. (^ H. M.) h 23 Meadow 
Hansfield, Horace, bookbinder, 134 York 
Mansfield, William, seedman, 15 Meadow 
Mansfield, W. L. & H. tinners, 2 Fleet op Geotge 
Mansfield, William L. (W. L.dpH. M.) h 13 Hill 
Mansfield, Miss Cornelia, dress maker, 14 Collis 
Mansfield, Miss Lucy, 109 George 
^Manvel, Miss Lorena, millinery, 57 Orange 
Maples, Lc3muel shoemaker, h Academy c Greene 
Maples, Zacheus, shoemaker, h 35 Grand 
Marble, Edwin, dry goods, 142 Chapel 

Marble, Simeon, 31 Orange 

Man*, Thomas, h ft Chapel 

Marshal], Mrs. Mary, 111 Orange ' 

Martin, Michael, painter, h 90 Grand 

Martin, Stephen, h 31 Congress ar 

Martin, Owen, Franklin n Grand 

Martin, Mrs. Isabella I. 10^ York 

Marvin, George, (M. 4* Gorham) bds Tontine 

Marvin 6l Gorham, mercant tailors, 123 Chapel 

Mason, Andrew L. (S, M, ^ Son) h 35 Congress 

Mason, James M. {Bryan dp M.^ h 12^ Crown 

Mason, George, porter hoose, 54 Church 

Mason, S. & Son, morocco manufacturers, 15 Congress 

Mason, Samuel (S, M. 4" Son) h Morocco c York 

Mason, Mrs. R. J. 47 College 

Matthews, Thomas, 41 Grand 

Matthews, 'William, coPd^hair dresser, 6 Fleet h 9 Bradley 

Maud, David, wearer, h Wallace be Greene 6l St. John 

Maxwell, William, sailor, h 33 E. Water 

McCrackans 6l Merriman, dry goods,! 14 Chapel c Orange 

McCrackan, William, {McC. ^ Merriman) h 93 State 

McCrackan, William, Jr. {McC. 6f Merriman) h 93 Stale 

McCormic, Tiiomas^ laborer, 22 State 

McBride, Mrs. Eleanor, 135 George c Meadow 

McLean, Charles, plater, h Samaritan, n Broadway 

McGill, Charles, weaver, h Wallace -N. of St. John 

McGill, Frank, laborer, 14 State 

McGrath, James, laborer. Wells 1st fr Water 

McGrath, John, laborer, h 68 Grand 

McGuire David, shoemaker, h34 Broadway 

McGuire, Peter, laborer, Leffingwell r Grand 

Mc(^agon, John, iron founder, hill Orange 

McMahon, Constantine, 242 Chapel 

McMahan, John, laborer, Whalley n Sperry 

McNiel, William &. Son, coopers, 21 E. Water 

McNiel, William, {W. McN. * Son) \\ 7 Olive 

McNiel, William, Jr. eooper, 3 Fair h 3 Brewery 

McNiel, Mrs. Abigail, 133 York 

McNutty, Robert, laborer, rear of 20 Rose 

54 » tK-frcTTO E T. 

Meaeher» James, gardener, Hamihon t Collie 

Mead, William, botanic physician, 142 George n Church 

Mead, Mrs. Jane C, Gilbert 

Meeley, John, umbrella maker, 10 Fleet 

Meags,Miss Abigail F. Mount Pleasant school 

Mercer, Lewis, coPd, gardener, Carlisle 

Merrick, Thomas, 33 E. Water 

Merrick, Mrs. Mary C. young ladies school, 108 Crown 

Merrick, Miss Maria, 46 York 

Merrill, Asa B. coach maker, h 56 Wooster 

Merrill, Daniel, 18 Broadway 

Merritt, Henry D. coach painter, h 189 Staie 

Merriman, Harry, 64 College 

Merriman, John, \McCrackans 6f M,)h. 100 State 

Merriman, Marcus Jr. window spring manuf.. Wall, at the 

Canal h 141 Orange 
Merriman, Mrs. Clarissa, 19 Elm 
Merwin, Charles W. tailor, h 89 Crown 
Merwin, Edwin, joiner, h 1 Meadow 
Merwin, F. &Co. shipping merchants, 7 Union wharf 
Merwin, Frederick, (F. M. ^ Co.) h Whiting 
Merwin, Ira, joiner, h 202 State c Trumbull 
Merwin, Richard T. joiner, h 45 Bradley 
Merwin, Rev. Samuel, 39 Broadway, 
Merwin, Smith, merchant tailor, 104 Chapel h 36 Court 
Meshurel, William R. painter, h St. John c Olive 
Miles, Samuel, merchant tailor, 116 Chapel, inspector of 

customs, h 16 Union 
Miller, Andrew, h 104 Wooster 
Miller, Charles, painter and grainer, h 152 State 
Miller, Joshua, tinner, h 83 George 
Miller, Orrin coach maker, h 173 George 
Miller, Philander, coach maker, 5 h 36 Fair 
Miller, Phineas T. State Hospital physician 
Miller, William, blacksmith, 8'Artizan, h 15 Hoges' Place 
Miller, Mrs. Ann, 23 Court 
Mill e r^ Miftfl Fran cea,^ boarding hou^e 76 York 
Miller, Miss M. A. select school, 23 Court 
Mills, Asa, tailor, h 10 Academy 


Mills, Isaac, 3d Eim 

Mills, Robert F. leather dresser, h over 62 Chapel 

Mills, William tailor, h 16 Academy 

Minor, A. Water c Putnam 

Mitchell, Edward A« 8 Mitchell's B. h 57 Olive c Greene 

Mitchell, Eadward, 129 York 

Mitchell, David, nevirs office 60 Church 

Mitchell, James W.Bt. John n Wallace 

Mitchell, John L.IO Wooster 

Mitchell, John, blacksmith,h SCollis 

Mitchell &, Barnes, ornamental painters, over 130 Chapel 

Mitchell, John L. {M. Sf^ Barnes) 25 Grand 

Mitchell, Edward, cord,Carlisle 

Mix, Allen, saddle &l harness maker, h 19 Fleet c Frout 

Mix, Caleb, office, 75 Chapel, h 20 College 

Mix, David, chandler, h 33 Elm 

Mix, Eli, Hill n Congress 

Mix, Eli, 2d, inspector of customs, h 148 George 

Mix, Elias C. tailor, h Fortsea n Water 

Mix, Elihu, 20 Elm 

Mix, Joseph, 20 W. Water 

Mix, Henry, wholesale grocer, 27 State, h 56 Olive 

Mix, Horace, Silver 3d fr Hill 

Mix, Isaac, 47 Olive op Court 

Mix, James T. (English ^ M,)hZ Fair 

Mix, John, shoemaker, h Congress op the Hospital 

Mix, Silas, attorney, i 1 Exchange 

Mix, Thomas, 36 CoUis 

Mix, William, 24 Olive, c Cherry 

Mix, Mrs. Anna, 174 George 

Mix, Mrs. Sarah, 171 State 

Mix, Mrs. Thankful, 14 Martin 

Monson, Alfred S. physician, 6 Elm 

Monson, .£neas, 4 Eln) 

MonsoRf'^Charles, (Smith dp M.) h 4 Elm 

Munson, Joseph, Monson bead of Aahmun 

Monson, Elihu, h 60 York 

Munson, Owen A. grocer, Bridge c East h 7 East 

Monson, Henry, 66 York 

Monson, William E. coach maker, h. 66 York 

$6 DI&BCTO&Y. 

Monson, Miss Clarinda, 70 York c Sktrman 

Munson, Alfred P. coach trimmer, h Franklin n Grand 

Munson, Ami, 44 Broadway 

Munson, Amos, blacksmith, h 34 Wall 

Munson, Basil, 6 Martin, 

Munson, Charles, shoemaker, h Putnam n Liberty 

Munson, Charles, mason^ 27Marocco, 

Munson, George P. engineer, h 3 Putnam 

Munson, Edgar, 37 Grand 

Munson, John, Webster, n Gofie 

Munson, Jabez, 116 Church 

Munson, William G. dentist, 26 Wall 

Mooney, James, E. Water b Brown & Wells 

Mooney, Lawrence, E. Water b Brown & WeJte 

Mooney, Morgan, carman, E, Water n Wells 

Moore, Daniel H. physician, 87 State c Court 

Morehead, Robert H. blacksmith, h 34 Broadway 

Morehead, WilHam, blacksmith, h Bridge 

Morehouse, Burr B. shoemaker, h 191 Chapel 

Morehouse, Charles, plane maker, h 15 Brown 

Morehouse, Lewis P. ( Yemmans Sf M») h 15 Grand c Olive, 

Morel, Louis F* dentist, 26 Orange 

Morel], Samuel B. cabinet maker, h 30 Hill 

Morgan, Edward A. printer, bds 21 Morocco 

Morgan, George H. tailor, h 4 Church 

Morris, Charles, shoemaker, h George c York 

Morris Charles, saddler, h 27 Church, Franklin Building 

Morris, Eli, weaver, h Wallace 1st N. of St. John 

Morris, Owen IL (JMT. <Sf Hanson) 

Morris & Hanson, harness makers, 27 Church, Franklin B. 

Morris, William, (Carrington 6p M.) 213 State 

Morris, William, shoemaker, h 23 Wells 

Morse & Chapman, leather dealers, 113 George 

Morse, Gardner, collector of taxes, 75 Chapel h Morocco 

ab Park 
Morse, Jonathan, coach maker, h 122 George 
Morse, Sidney S. (iff, 6f Chapman) h 84 George 
Morton, Hora'ce J. {M. <^ Page) h 12 Warren 
Morton & Page, coach manufacturers, 17 Brewery 
Moseley, William 4 Wooster 

BJIlBCTOftV. £} 

Moses, Newton, joiner, b 33 Howe 

Moses, Richard, thread & needle store, 60 State 

Moulthrop, Charles B. laborer, h R. Road arn ft Cbapel 

Moulthrop, Lambert, joiner, h 49 East 

Moulthrop, Major, teacher of -drawing, &^., 38 Court 

Moulthrop, Sidney, modeler d[. portrait painter, 10 Crown 

Moulthrop, William, shipmaster, 28 Olive 

MouHen, Mrs. Sally, Grove c Temple 

Mulford, Hervey, 73 State 

MuHen, Barnard, laborer, h 59 Congress 

Mullen, Michael, laborer, h 27 Union 

Mullen, Hugh, carman, 24 Union 

Munger, George N., musical inst. makei) 20 Chapel h 37 

Mondy, Benajah, blacksmith, h 25 Wallace 
Murdoek, Rev. James, 110 Crown 
Murphy, John^ shoe store, 29 State h William a Franklin 
Murphy, Patrick, chiseler, h State n Summer 
Murphy, Partrick, laborer, h 44 Union 
Murray, William, cabinet maker, h 118 Orange 
Mugford, Edward, florist, Ashmun 
Myers, £. wholesale druggist, 6 Exch. h Wallace c ColUs 
Myers, John A., grocer, 19 Orange c Crown 
Myers, William, carman, h 5 Orange 
Myers, William H. shoemaker, h H Lafayette 
Mygatt; George, (Durand ^ M») bds 53 Chapel 

Nash, Burr, blacksmith, ft Bridge h 28 Ct>]lis 
Nettleton, Charles A* joiner, h 10 William 
Newcomh, Algernon S. coach trimmer, h 5 Wallace 
Newell, James W. coach lace &. fringe manuC, 51 ClMKob 

Newell, Rowe B. coach maker, h Samaritan ab Perk- 
Newhali, Joshua, joiner, h ft of Olive 
Newman, Morris, Whitney av n the canal 
Newton^ D* L*, h 17 Howe 



Newton, L. Mm grocer, Grove e Whitney h 19' WilHani 
Nicholson & Lewis, wholesale grocers, 44 State c Cherry- 
Nicholson, Jonathan, (iV. 4* Lewis) h 22 Greene 
Nicholson, James, coPd, barber, Ohve n State h 175 State 
Nichols, Charles, shipmaster, 6 Putnam 
Nichols, Rev. Joseph H., 59 Chapel c Temple 
Nichols, Stephen, joiner, h Morocco n Spruce 
Nichols, Miss Jane, school. Rose 
Nicoll, Charles, 66 Elm 

Norrie, Mrs. Lucy, E. Water b Olive & Warren 
North, John, Whitney av N. side 
North, Erasmus D., physician, inst. elocution, Y. C. h 61 

George c York 
Northrop, David G. blacksmith, h 8 Hughes* Place 
Northrop, F. W. clerk, 4 Glebe, bds 45 Chapel 
Northrop, Harman, blacksmith, Broad n Morocco 
Northrop, Lewis A. hair dresser, 39 Chapel bds 64 Orange 
Northrop, Rodolphus £. carver, £. Water ft Brewery h 

rear 55 Elm 
Northrop, Miss Mary, dress maker, 8 Hughes' Place 
Norton, Harvey, blacksmith, h Grove c Temple 
Norton, Russell, Franklin n St. John 
Nott, Riley, grocer, 68 Chapel c Church h 41 Olive 
Noyes» B. 6l Co., booksellers, 46 Chapel 
Noyes, Benjamin, (B. N. ^ Co,) bds 31 Chapel ■ 
Noyes, Samuel, Apothecaries^ Hall, 97 Chapel 
Noyes, William, {B. N. dp Co.) bd^ 47 Chapel 
Noyes, Mrs. Rebecca, 15 Chapel 
Nuble, Miss Sarah, dress maker, 125 Crown 

Oaks, Charles H. wholesale grocer, 1 State h 154 George 
Oaks, Mrs. Henry, 154 George 
Ogden, Misses, 162 Crown 

OloMilMd, Hawley, princ. Hopkins gram, school, High s 
Wall, h Waverly Piaiie 


Olmsted, Denison» prof. nai. philos. & astron. Y. 0« h 6 

Olimted, Frank, 5 High 
Olmsted, George, [N. O. 4- Son) 37 Olive 
Olmsted, N. & Son, jewelers, 128 Chapel 
Olmsted, Nathaniel, (N. O. <^ Son) 37 Olive 
Olmsted, Mrs. Esther, 174 George 
Oliver, James, shoemaker, h Washington n Howard 
Olds, Homer, helper, h 52 East 
O'NeiJ, Charles, jeweler, 90 Chapel h 1 Washginton 
O'Neil, Daniel, laborer, 9 E. Water 
O'Neil, Joseph, laborer, 9 E. Water 
Orvis, Charles, victualing house, 10 E. Water 
Osborn d& Baldwin, print. &, pub. Columb. Register, 117 

Osborn, Charles H. builder, 13 St. John ' 

Osborn, Curtis L. joiner, h 41 Bradley 
Osborn^ Eli, merchant tailor, 45 h 43 State 
Osborn, John, rope maker, h 30 Putnam 
Osborn, Mi not A. (O. 4* Baldvnn) h 84 Olive 
Osborn, I. J. (Hooker 4* ^0 — Park 
Osborn, R. H. attorney, 75 Chapel, bd& 34 Olive c Chapel 
Osborn, Samuel, col'd, 27 Putnam 
Osborn, Miss Esther A. 6 College 
Osborn, Miss Nancy, 83 George c Broad 
Osborn, Mrs. Phebe, 14 Fleet 
Osbon, Peter, coPd, clothes scourer, Carlisle 
Oviatt, George E. shoemaker, h 153 George 
Oviatt, Alexander, shoemaker, b Congress op the Hospital 
Ovf en, Danieli shipmaster, 84 Wooster 

Page, Augustus, painter, 26 Collis, 
Page, William L. 15 Bradley c Leonard 
Painter, Sidney, 10 Phoenix Building 
Palmer, Francis R. 13 Academy 
Palmer, Joel, ship carpenter, h 36 East 

Paltnef, John, sfcoem&kcr^ bds 67 Congrew 

Palmer, Robert, 54 East i 

Palmer, Mrs. Hannah, tailoress, 168 Grown | 

Packer, Eldridge, {Rathhun Sp P,)\\ 175 George ' 

Park, Robert col'd, waiter, h \% Martin \ 

Parker, Arthur, painter, 30 Church, h 119 George 

Parkep, Charles, painter, h 29 East 

Parker, Fredrick S. (J. K. Herrick ^ Co.) h 170 Cbspel 

Parker, Joseph, (J. K. Herrick 4* Co.) h 48 Olive 

Parker, J. C. auctioneer, 40 h 28 Church 

Parker, James, livery stable, 127 h 129 Crown 

Parker, Lester, C. shoemaker, h 129 Crown 

Parker, Mrs. Paulina, dress maker, 5 Martiii 

Parker, Misses S. dc M. millinory, 170 Chapel 

Parker, Mrs , dress maker, over 84 Chapel 

Pardee, Bradley, coach maker, bds 23 Union 

Pafrdee, John A. jotner, h Dow n Morocco 

Pardee, Laban, eoach lace, manuf., 98 h 100 Wooster 

Pardee, James, shoemaker, bds Franklin n Grand - 

Pardee, Leonard, city bathing house, 27 dt 29 Orange 

Pardee, Silas, joiner h 18 Lafayette 

Pardee, Stephen D. cash, city Bank, h Warveply Pkee 

Pardee, Mrs., , tailoress, i&8 George 

Pardee, Mrs. Abigail, 16 Broadway , 

Parmelee, Henry, 23 Morocco 

Parmelee, Jeremiah O. Garden, n Samaritan 

Parmelee, John A. tailor, 29 Morocco 

Parmelee, William, grocer, 35 York c <^orge 

Parmelee, Mrs, Rachael, 21 Morocco 

ParroU, Adonijah T. cooper £. Waier ft Olive h Columbus 

Parsons Amos^ cooper, h 33 Hill 

Parsons d& King, paints oil, glass &, hardware, 02 Chapel 

Parsons, Rufus, (P. 4* ^^^g) ^ 7 Chapel 

Patten, J. Madison, book & fancy job printer, 68 Orange 

Pasha, William, col'd, waiter, h 69 Grove 

Paulsgraft, George B. shoemaker, Samariian e Howe 

Pease, Obediah, 60 Wooster 

Peckt Dennis H. hotel;, Congress air 

Peckt Eiishft, U. S. Navy, h 48 Fair 

Peck, Fredrick, joinrei*, b High 2(1 fr Wall 

Peck, George, {Gorham ^ P.) h 54 Crown c York 

Peck, Henry, (Durrie ^ P.) h 142 Orange c First 

Peck, Henry E. 103 Crown 

Peck, Jesse, printer, h W Olive 

Peck, Jesse, coach manof. Artizan, h 39 Fair 

Peck, John, builder, Hamilton, h Greene be St. John 

Peck, Leonard, painter, bds Franklin n Grand 

Peck, Nathan, 1 Meadc^w 

Peck, Nathan, Jr. shipping roercht., 5 Monion'fl Row, bds 

9 College 
Peck, Nathan^ 3d, tailor, h 36 Crown 
Peck, Sanvuel, grocer, 2 State h Whiting 
Peck, Sebra, joiner, h Goffe n Broadway 
Peck) William, livery stable, rear 65 Chapel h C^egsoft c 

Peck, William, joiner, h 15 E. Water 
Peck, Wyllys, 5 Meadow 
Peck, Mrs. Clarissa, 93 George 
Peck, Mrs. Ehenezer, 159 Chapel 
peck, Mrs. Maria, boarding house, 146 George 
Peck, Miss Mary Ann school, 1 1 Orange 
Peck, Miss Nancy, 156 George 
Peckbam, Charles W. Washington, jnnc. Howard 
Peekham, John, {Tkom'psQn 4* -^O ^ ^^ Morocco 
Peckham, Philemon, cooper, 149 George h35 Morocco 
Peekham, William, joiner, h 11 Morocco 
Pendleton, Edmond, saihnaker, bds 134 George 
Pendleton, Slanton, livery stable, rear h 12 Court 
Pendleton, Miss Caroline, dress maker, 52 Orange 
Penfield, William B., E. Water be Olive & Warren 
Percival, James G., M. D. 123 Chapel 
Perkins, Edwin, mason, h 4 York 
Perkins, Isaac, mason^h 130 State 
Perkins, Moses, coach manuf. Artizan h 160iive 
Perkins, Mrs. Susanna, 6 Martin 
Perkins, Mrs. Sarah, Mr dressmaker 9 Union 
Peroo, Mrs. John, 21 Olive 
Perry, George, mason, Dow, E. tide 



m l>IftBCTOEY. 

Perry, O. H. physician, 34 Congresa 

Fetch, Robert* Webster, n Afthmun 

Peters, Willmm T. Htilhouse nv o Grove 

Peterson, Charles, paints, oils 6lc, 105 Chapel h 39 Union 

Peterson, Peter, seaman, h 5 Brown 

Phelps, Erastus R* mason, 5 Lafayette 

Phelps, George, shoemaker, h 3 Martin 

Phelps, Henry, mason, h 11 Washington 

Phelps, Mrs. Mary, 11 Washington 

Phile, John, plater, h 51 Grand 

Phipps, Miss Grace Ann, 34 Meadow 

Phoebus, John H. teacher of music, h 171 George 

Pierpont, Ashael, (P. 4* Hotchkiss) h Cbesnut 1st South 

of Greene 
Pierpont & Hotchkiss, lock &r latch raanufadturers, 45 

Pierpont, Elias, h 81 Olive e Grand 
Pierpont, Mrs. Lewis, 15 Chapel 
Pierson, John, rear 29 East^ 
Pilcber, Henry, organ builder, 18 State 
Pitcher, Mrs. H^enry, Webster n Goffid 
Piatt, Joseph R. butcher, Sherman ay 
Piatt, Mrs. Abigail, 123 Crown c Temple 
Plumb, ChftiAas, shoemaker, h Garden, n Martin 
Plumb Isaac, vegetable, fruit dc confectionary ,43 ChiNrek 
Pond,^ Mra. Sarah, Whailey op Garden 
Porter, Amasa, 19 Temple c Crown 
Porter, A mesa G. attorney 19 Temple c Crown 
Porter, Henry R physician, 162 State 
Porter, iiesiekiali T. joiner, hyi William 
Portlock, Giserge, cesich maker, bds 18 State 
Post & Griswold, ship yard, E. Water, op Forbes' Place 
Post, Joel K. (P. 4- Griswold) h 39 Collis n East 
Post, Peter W. grocer, 16 h 14 Putnam 
Potter, Edwin IX Ml George 
Potter, Elias, grocer, 184r State 
Potter, H. Jv. gn>«eyifls flew d& grain, 10 Sfiite h 160 

Patter, William, victualing hodse« 6 E« Water 
Poiter Timothy, varmsk mwant State op Summer 

xriRSctokT. tt 

Potter, Mrs. Amelia, rear 6f 5M East 

Potter, Miss Eliza, dress milker, relif 29 East 

PoUer,Mrs. Sarah, washer woman, 19 York 

Powell, James, engineer, h Collisu Franklin 

Po.well,Lemiiel,stove (lealer,55 Church h 19Martin c Howe 

Powell, Mrs. Eunice 97 State 

Powers, Thomas H. carman, R, R. aV d Grand 

Powers, Mrs. Rodock, 9 Elm 

Pratt, George, harness maker, h Broad n Morocco 

Pratt, WilJiam, (Hall 4' P.) bds 173 Crown 

Prentiss, Miss Mary fi. dressmaker, 130 State 

Prescott 6l Co., dealers in lumber and wood, 11 U wharf 

Prescott, Benjamin M. {P. Sf Co.) h Whiting 

Prescott, Enos A. (P. ^ Co.) h Whiting 

Prescott, Enos A. Jr., (P. 4* Co.) h Water n Futnara 

Prescott, U. (P. 4* Co.) bds Tontine 

Prescott, Roger S. Orange c Trumbull 

Prescott, James M. 19 Chapel 

Prescott, Mrs. James, 19 Chapel 

Prescott, xMrs. Alida, 18 W. Water 

Price, Mrs. Betsey A. col'd, teacher public school, h 

Whalley c Garden 
Prichard, Richard, joiner, h21 Washington 
Prichard, Mrs. Mary, Hillhouse 2d fr Trumbull E. Mde 
Prince, Abram, col'd, 14 Bradley 
Prince, Curtiss, shoemaker, Dow E. side 
Prince, Thomas, coi'd, 16 Bradley 
Prince, Mrs. P. col'd, 8 Elm 
Prime, J. coPd, Franklin n Chapel 
Prindle, Elijah, Columbus 
Prindle, Mrs. Eliza, 46 George 
Prindle, Mrs. Elizabeth, 40 College c Elm 
Prior, Isaac N. ( Wilcox ^ P.) bds Tontine 
Prout, Roger, Whalley 
Punderson, Ejisha, Whalley 
Punderson, Miles, Whalley 
Ponderson, Samuel, physician, 82 York 
Punderson, James, leather dealer, 63 h 64 Chapei 
Purcell, John C. lamp^maker, h Broad n Morocco 
Purdy, John, sailor, h 3 Union wharf 


QuiNLiN, Epward, ft of Chapel 
Quinlip, Daniel, grocer 39 Eaet c Chapel 

Rain, Rev. John, 28 Wall 

Ralph, Henry, dyer, h ll4Htate 

Rarasdell, Mrs. Catherine, 12 Fair 

Ramsdell, Miss Mary, tailoress, 12 Fair 

Rarasdell, Mrs. Kneeknd, Whalley n Sperry 

Randall, Joh», shoemaker, bank of canal n Coort 

Ransom, Eleazar, grocer, 81 h 83 Grand c Franklin 

Ransom, Sheldon, shoemaker, h 31 Church 

Rathbun, John S. hearse driver, h 11 Cherry 

Rathbun & Packer, fishmarket, Fleet c Whiting 

Raymond, Philemon H. livery stable, rear h 101 Woosler 

Razer, Henry, leather dresser, h 9 Morocco 

Reddy, Mrs/Sarah, rear of 50 East 

Read, Edward S. painter h 4 Church 

Read, Ezra C. Whitney av 

Read, Greorge F. H. 31 Broadway 

Read, T. D. <fc W. S. dry goods 6l groceries, 16 Broadway 

Read, Theodore D. (T. D. <^ W. S. R.) h 17 Broadway 

Read, William S. (T. D. ^ W. 8, K.) bds 31 Broadway 

Read, Mrs. Henry A. 96 York 

Reib, Josiah, 15 Warren 

Reed, George, Bridge st. 

Reed, James, 38 CoTlis n East 

Reed, Miss Hannah, school, 123 State 

Reese, James M. hair dresser, Quinnipiac, h 188 State 

Reynolds, Francis, grocer, 44 Union c Cherry 

Reynolds, John M. coach n[)anufac. Summer, h 209 State 

Reynolds, James, grocer, 18 h 20 Rose 

Reynolds, James, grocer, 4 E. Water 

Reynolds, Patrick, laborer, h 30 York 

Reynolds, William A. exchange broker, 125 Chapel h 16S 

Reynolds, William A. cabinetmaker, h 24 Collis 

Reyilbl<ifl, Mrs. Chtirlotte, Anthony n Ashmiin 

Rhajf, Ferrens, laborer, h 18 Morocco 

Rice d& Atwater, dry goods, 131 Chapel 

Rice, George, (JR. ^ Atwater) h 23 Stale 

Rice, John S. attorney, 8 MitchelPs B; bdstS3 State 

Rice, Joel, letter carrier, h 86 State 

Rice, Mrs. Joseph us, 8 perry c Gofie 

Rice, Mrs. Ellen P. S3 State 

Rice, Miss Clarra, taitoress, 92 State 

Rich 6l Hotchkiss, lumber dealers and sash 6i blind manuf. 

E. Water n Brewery 
Rich, George B. [R. ^ Hotckkiss) h 24 E. Water 
Rich, Mrs. Angelina, 29 Wooster 
Richf Mrs. Betsey, 36 Court 
Richards, John L. T. Joiner, h Prindle 
Richards, Timothy, 1^1 George 
Richardson, John, 5 Park 
Riday, George, tobacconist, 44 Wooster 
Riggs, Joseph, 51 Grand 

Riggs, Lyman, grocer, 120 State, h First n State 
Riggs, Daniel L. blacksmith, h 7 Hamilton 
Riley, Bennett, carman, h York, c South 
Riley, Daniel, carman, h 38 Union 
Riley, Edward, 11 Fair 
Riley, Michael, laborer, 9 Rose 
Riley, John, carman, h 9 Rose 
Riley, Sherman S. bds42Chnrch 
Ritter, David, rftzor strop manuf. 9 Grand 
Ritter, John, marble manuf. 10 h 14 Griind 
Roberts, Charles, bronze manuf., Congress h 151 George 
Roberts, Charles, coach maker, h 42 Grand 
Roberts, Jacob, coPd, Ashmun, c Anthony 
Robertson, John B. 14 Wooster Place c Greene 
Robiertson, James T. marble cutter, h 29 Artiean 
Robinson, Charles, attorney, Chapel c State, h 189 Chapel 
Robinson, Edwin, mason, h 30 William 
Robinson, William E. ro(fm 23 Exchange 
Rockwell, Almon, (Cooper ^ R.) 25Coarl 
Roe, WilJiafn, 52 itest 
Rood, Noriiifta» hack driver, h 93 Geor^ 


Root, George, baker, h junc Dixwell aQci Goth 

Root, Joel, 167 Crown 

Root, Mifis Charlotte, dress maker, 17 State 

Roselle, David, col'd, waiter, h 57 Congress 

Rothschild, L. clothing store, 44 Church 

Rowland, E.S. groceries & wood, 147 Chapel, h 17 Cherry 

Rowland, George, city mill. Union b 16 Fleet 

Rowland, Samuel, 1 14 Church 

Ruckoldt, Charles« college bakery, 45 High 

Russell, Calvin, grocer, 61 Church, h Wells 2d fr Water 

Russell, Lauren, carman, h 12 Ashmun 

Russell, Lemuel, plater, h 5 Elm 

Russell, Rodney, saddler, h 138 State 

Russell, William H., M. D. boys school, E.' Water c 

Rutledge, Mrs. Augusta, 113 Crown 
Rue, Hosea, col*d, Samaritan 
Ryan, John, harness maker 25 York 
Ryan, Patrick, W. Water, ft of Hill 
Ryan, William, laborer, 27 Meadow 
Ryker, Edgar, 20 Cherry 

Sarin, Daniel, saHor, junc. Morocco d& Oak 

Sackett, Butler, farmer, h 18 Grand 

Sackett, Miss Ann Eliza, dress maker, 18 Grand 

Sage, Edwin, daguerro type room, 124 Chapel 

Sage, Mrs. S, M. dress maker, 8 Church 

Salisbury, Mrs. Abby, 119 Church c Wall 

Sanders, Jacob) coPd, laborer, Artizan 

Sanderson, Chandler, painter &, paper hanger, h 7 Park 

Sanderson, Henry H. paper hanger, h Gotfe junc Dixwell 

Sanderson, Sofoman, 42 Church 

Sanford, Abram, (E. Sf A. S.) 9 W. Water 

Sanford &. Bliss, dry goods, 140 Chapel 

Sanford, Eliho, 2 W. Water 

Sanford, Blihu, Jr. ( JS. 4* A. S.) h Front 

Sanford, O. Ellswjoi'tb, h 34 Ctaitrii 



Sanford, E. & A. wholesale grocers, 1 Monson's Row 

Sanford, George, 36 Fleet 

Sanford, Hervey, 56 Temple 

Sanford, John C. 40 Temple 

Sanford, N. (S, <^ Strong) 19 Cherry 

Sanford, Lockwood* engraver, 30 Exchange 

Sanford d^ Strong, huilders, E. Water ft Olive 

Sanford* Stephen, butcher, 50 George 

Sanford, William E. (S. d^ Bliss) 22 Warren 

Sanford, Mrs. Anthony P. 1 Elm c York 

Sanford, Charles, col'd, h 24 Howe 

Sanger, David B. grocer,. Park c Sherman 

Sanger, Mrs. Elizabeth, 151 George 

Sanger, Mrs. Grace, 134 George 

Saunders, Philip, groceries, wood &, willow ware, 103 

Chapel c Orange h 97 Wall 
Saunders, Miss Sarah, 24 High 

Scarritt; John, town clerk. State House, h 56 Orange 
Soott, Michael, laborer, Chesnut n Chapel 
Scott^ Charles S^. tailor, h 58 Crown 
Scott, Miss Amelia, millinery, 95 Chapel 
S( ott, Miss Fannv, 133 Crown 
Scott, Ezekiel T.' col'd, 18 Crown 
Scott, Henry, col'd, 50 College 
Scranton, David, machinist, h Trumbull c Whitney 
Scranton, William, laborer, h 23 York 
Seagrave, George N. apothecary, 158 Chapel h 173Crowti 
Sears, Joseph, shoemaker, Franklin 2nd fr Grand 
Sears, Joshua C. painter, h 61 St. John 
Sebron, Mrs. Eliza, coPd, *Crown n York 
Seqley, Mrs. Rhoda Ann, 100 Grand 
Seeley, Miss E. M. ladies' boarding school, 155 Chapel 
Sehien, Davids 82 Crown 

Seymour, O. H., Church 

Shanley, Thomas, laborer, h 22 State 
Sharp, George W. mason, h Uoffe 
Sharp, Henry> mason, h Dixwell 
Shaw, Mrs. Peter A., Franklin 1st fr Water 
Shaler* Mrs. Lucy Ann, 113 Crown 

^ oiRBcraiiT. 

Sheffield, Joseph E. 46 Elm 

Sheffield 6l Jewett, shipping merohanle, 21 Unioi:i wharf 

Sheffield, William, {S. f Jewett) h Waverly Pkce 

Sheffield, William T. ship master, h Waverly Place 

Shefirey, Patrick, plasterer, h State n Summer 

Sheldon, Charles, Sperry c Goffe " 

Sheldon, Job, (S. 4- Porter) h 18 Grand 

Sheldon, Ephraim, cabinet maker, h 136 State 

Sheldon dt Porter, machine 6l bolt manuf. Wall at the f anal 

Shelden, Roswell B. Governegr's lane n FrankHa 

Shelly, Erwin, joiner, h Cedar n Columbus 

Shelly, Henry, pedJar, Water n Putnam 

Shelly Lewis E. coach maker, h 15 Wallace 

Shelton. Charles T. {S. ^ Flagg) h 15 Olive 

Shelton, C. R. merchant tailor, 75 Church h 18 Fleet 

Shelton & Flagg, attorneys, 22 Exchange 

Shelton, Mrs. Mary P. 65 Elm c Orange 

Shenehon, Michael, carman, 43 Howe 

Sheridan, Patrick, Governeur's lane 4th fr Bradley 

i^hepard, Charles B. hair dresser, 68 Church h 160 Crown 

Shepard, Charles U., Canal 

Shepherd, Forrest, geologist, Cedar HiTl 

Shepherd, Leverett,'clerk, 118 Chapel h 11 First 

Shepherd, Mrs. John, 103 plive c William 

Shepherd, Mrs. Sarah, 22 Martin c Howe 

Sherman, Anthony H. joiner, h Putnam n Liberty 

German, Benjamin M. & C. Atwater, Jr., importers of 

hardware & cutlery, 148 Chapel 
Sherman, Benjamin M. (B. M. S.Sf c\ A, Jf,) h' 46 Temple 
Sherman, George, 27 Fair 
Sherman, Levi, boot maker, h 180 State 
Sherman, Roger, shipping merchant, 14 Union wharf, h 

23 Chapel 
Sherman, Ti.addeus, 20 High 
Sherman, Mrs. Abigail, 130 York 
Sherman, Miss Abigail, 32 Cherry 
Shields, John, lat)orer, Chesnut n Chapel 
Shipman, Charles K. 59 Elm 
Shipoian, Wilham H. (Thomson^ S.) h 69 Elm 


Shiloh, William, barber, h 57 Congress 
Short, Samuel, joiner, h Park b Crown & George 
Shumway, George, grocer, 34 h 36 Church 
Silliroan, Benjamin, prof, chemistry, Sue* Y. C. h Hill- 
house c Trumbull 
Siltiman, Benjamin, Jr., assist, prof, chemistry, dLc, Y. C. 

h Hillhouse 2dfr Trumbull W. side 
Silliman, Elisba L. coach maker, h 151 Crown 
Silliman, Josephus, coPd, waiter, Salem n Putnam 
Simpson, Sandy, carman, Franklin n Chapel 
Simpson, William, gunsmith, h 12 Bradley 
Simson, Henry, apothecary &» accountant, h over 30 State 
Skeels, Orris, joiner, h 29 Bradley 

Skidmore, Philo H. (N. C. Hall ^ Co.) 165 Crown * 

Skinner, Aaron N. boarding school^ Hillhouse 4th fr 

Trumbull W. side 
Skinner, John, 17 High 
Skinner, William, printer, bds 24 Church 
Sliney, John, laborer, Chesnut n Chapel 
Sliney, Richard, laborer, 128 Chapel 
Smith, Allen A. (Z>. Smith 4* Co*) bds Park House 
Smith, Amos, Jr. boys school, Washington h Howard ar 
Smith, Amos, grocer, 2 Monson's Row, h 16 W. Water 
Smith, Anson, shoemaker, 1 Fleet, h 14 Academy 
Smith, Augustus, (S. 6p Blakeslee) Eagle Tavern 
Smith & Austin, grocers, 48 Elm c Church 
Smith, Benjamin, leather dealer, 133 Chapel h 8 Greene 
Smith d& Blakeslee, Eagle Tavern, George op State 
Smith, Christopher, stone yd, E. Water n Brown h ft Brown 
Smith, Charles B. 9 Brown 
Smith, D. d& Co. druggests, 1 Glebe, B. Chapel 
Sjnith, David, mason, h R. R. av n Grand 
Smith, Edward, tailor, h Samaritan n D wight 
Smith, ISliphalet, gardener, h 160 State 
Smith, Enoch L. stone cutter, E. Water n Brown 
Smith, Francis, 27 Union 
Smith, Francis R. shoemaker, h 42 Howe 
Smith, Frederick, coach maker, h 8 Church 
Smith, George F. iron founder, h junc Dizwell & 6off« 



Smith, George A. coach trimmer, h 18 Btadlejr 

Smith, Greorge W, mason, Broad n George 

Smith &. Graves, dry goods, 4 Exehange Place, Chapel 

Smith, Harris, dry goods 6l groceries, 2 Elm c York h 17 

Smith, Henry A. grocer, 20 h 18 Broadway 
Smith, Howard, cabinet maker, 32 College h 83 G«orge c 

Smith, Hubbard M. coach painter, h 60 Grand 
Smith, Horatio D. saddler, h 48 Park 
Smith, Rev. James, York c South 
Smith, Julius, 23 Wallace 

Smith, James, blacksmith, h 15 Bradley c Leomnrd 
Smith, James, livery stable, Crown h 153 George 
SmitlH John H. h 52 Elm 
Smith, John R. joiner, St. John n East 
Smith, Joseph, ( S. <Sjf Austin) 126 State 
Smith, Joseph A. shoemaker, 7 Grand 
Smith, Kelly, ship carpenter, h 48 Greene 
Smith, Leonard, Ashmun be Lock 
Smith, Martin, meat market, c Fleet i& Whiting h 177 

Smith 6c Monsoa, iron founders. First c Whitney 
Smith, Michael, laborer, h 20 State 
Smith, Nathan, hardware &, cutlery, 118 Chapel h 19 

Smith, Nathan M. grocer, 26 h 33 Wooster 
Smith, Nathaniel {S, 4* Townsend) h 87 Orange 
Smith, Oliver, keeper alms house, Samaritan 
Smith, Orris, shoemaker, Whalley n op Garden 
Smith, Peter A. prof, music 42 Oltvc 
Smith, Peter, waiter, h 176 State 
Smith, Philo, lock tender. Canal st 
Smith, Riley, cabinet maker, h 114 State 
Smith, RMwelU over 84 Chapel 
Smith, Sherman, (S. 4" Graves) h 8 Chapel 
>Smith, Samuel M. {Lines 4* S,) h Greene n Hamillon 
Smith & Townsend, grocers, 120 Chapel 
Smith» Tbottian L« joiner, h 5 Dow 

;directory» Tl 

Smith, Wa]«8, boot &; shoe store, 9 Church c Crown h 33 

Smith, William, (T. Towner 4- Co.) h 30 Wooster 
Smith, William J. Temperance Sailor's Home, 37 Union 

c Cherry 
Smith, William J. h 130 York 
Smith, William, M. 162 Chapel 
Smithy William M. shoemaker, h 42 Howe 
Smith, Mrs. Dr. Nathan, 61 Wall 
Smith, Mrs. Hon. Nathan 52 Elm 
Smith, Mrs. Patty, 158 George 
Smith, Mrs. Henrietta, 135 George c Meadow 
Smith, Mrs. Phebe, cap &. stockmaker, over 84 Chapel 
Smith, Mrs. Laban, 7 Wooster 
Smith, Mrs. Permela, mantua maker, 15S George 
Smith, Mrs. Sarah R. bank of the canal be Court 
Smithy Misses Sarah 6l Catherine, tailoresses, 128 George 
Smith, Miss Lois, toiloress, 44 Wooster 
Smith, Miss Lucretia, dress maker, 73 Orange 

Smith, Misses , cap and stock makers, over 84 Chapel 

Smith, Miss Elizabeth, tailoress, 126 York 

Smith, Warner, col'd, cook. Cedar c Portsea 

Smythe, Charles, U. S. recruiting sergeant, 10 E. Water h 

32 Fleet 
Somers, Mrs. Benjamin L. 21 Court c Orange 

Soul, , 13 Warren 

Southington, Edmond, 105 East 

Southington, Thomas» ship carpenter, St. John n East 

Spaulding, Mrs. Elizabeth, 134 State 

Sperry, Abel, builder, h 199 State 

Sperry, Chauncey, butcher, 20 Crown 

Sperry, Edwin, joiner, Samaritan n Garden 

Sperry, Harvey, h W. Water n Portsea 

Sperry, Hosmer, joiner, 29 William 

Sperry, Isaac J. botanic physician, 57 Elm 

Sperry, Miles, waiter, h Ashmun ab Lock 

Sperry, Mrs. Amanda M. seamstress, 28 Howe 

Sperry, Mrs. Amelia, 125 Crown 

Sperry, Mrs. Bennett W. 53 Elm 

Sperry, Mrs. Martha, 50 George 


Spencer, Benjamin, plane maker, 27 h 25 Brewery 

Spencer, Daniel, {Canfield ^ S.) bds Quinniptac 

Sprague, Selden, botanic physician, 33 Orange 

Springsteen, Saroue}, cord. Cedar c Portsea 

Sprout, Josiah, Steam Boat hote],East c Collis 

Squires, Martin, shoemaker, h 56 Wooster 

Squires, Mrs. Elizabeth, 15 Brown 

Stafford, Thomas J. {Hitchcock Sp S.) 9 Hughes' Place 

Stafford, George, shoemaker, h 37 Hill 

Stanley & Chapin, printers 6c publishers of Church Chron. 

131 Chapel 
Stanley, William H. (S. Sp Chapin) h Prindle 
Stanley, Misses E. J. &, S. millinery, 52 Orange 
Stanley, Bias, col'd, rear 52 College 
Staples, Seth P. attorney, 91 Church 
Starks, William, 26 William 
Starr, Robert H. machinist h 115 Orange 
Starr, William, keeper, county prison. Church 
Stearns, Ebenezer S. mason, 19 Martin c Howe 
Steele, Ralph B. stove dealer, 3 State h 14 Greene 
Stebbins, William, agent S. S. depository, 71 State 
Stevens, George, porter house, 54 Church 
Stevens, Henry, Sherman n Dwight 
Stevens, Joseph, pilot, h 22 Putnam 
Stevens, Stiles, blacksmith, h Wells 2d fr Water 
Stevens, jVfrs. Hannah, 12 Warren 
Stevens, Mrs. Julia, seamstress, 131 George 
Stevens, Mrs. Maria, seamstress, 129 York 
Stevens, Mrs. Nancy, Trumbull 1st fr Whitney 
Stevens, Miss Sarah, Sperry b Goffe & Whalley 
Stevenson, John, Jr. lock maker, Franklin 5th fr Grand 
Stewart, James, coPd, 17 Rose 
Stillman, Joseph, chair factory. Wall n the canal h 105 

Stillman, George P. merchant tailor, 23 Church h 204 

Stillman, Mrs. Lucretia, 17 W. Water 
Stillson, David^ shoemaker, h Cedar op the Hospital 
St. John, Samuel, 47 Elm c Church 


Stoddard, Jonathan, attorney, 9 Exchange Place 
Stone, Abner H. plater, h 28 Cherry- 
Stone, Amos P. blacksmith, h 12 Hughes' Place 
Stone, S. Bartlett, steam boat captain, 78 Wooster c 

Stone, Benjamin W.mercht. tail or, 72 Chapel h 20 Sherman 
Stone, Richard, grocer, 74 h 72 York c Sherman 
Stone, Sidney M. architect, 7 Phoenix B. h 22 .College 
Stone, Joel, steam boat captain, 67 Wooster 
Stone, John J. dentist, 168 Crown 
Storer, Alexander, grocer, Wooster c Olive 
Storer, Eliphalet G. printer, h 210 State 
Storer, Peter, lieut. rev. cutter, h Silver n Hill 
Storer, William, 55 Wallace 
Storer, William, Jr. book Sl fancy job printer, 9 Glebe B. 

h 55 Wallace 
Storer, Miss Julia W. select school, 210 State 
Storer, Miss Mary S. millinery, 210 State 
Stoughton, Jacob, col'd, Franklin n William 
Stow, Harvey, cabinet manuf. 39 Orange h 105 Crown 
Stow, Stephen, shoemaker, h 148 State 
Stow, William, tailor, h 14 Union 
Stow, Miss Susan, dress maker, 21 Court c Orange 
Street, Augustus R. 58 Chapel c Temple 
Street, Titus, 58 Chapel c Temple 
Strickland, Royal N. shoestore, 100 Chapel h 3 Park 
Strong, Elisha T. joiner, h 191 Chapel 
Str(Nig, Thomas, 8 Ashmun 
Sturges, Peter, weaver h 3 Fleet 
Sturges, David, shoemaker, 70 York c Sherman av. 
Summons, Mrs. Maria, Washington n Howard 
Siitton,^ Mrs. Terressa, 17 High 
Sweeney, John, 12 Fleet 

Sweetman, Christopher, gkras cutter, h Admim c AntkMrf 
Swift, Anson L. joiner, h 71 Congress mr 



Taintor, JonathaiI', school, Carlisle c Salem 

Tain tori Miss Eunitia, Gregson 2d from Chapel 

Tallmadge, Alson L. 139 State 

Tallmadgei Mrs. Rebecca, h 137 Crown 

Tallmadge, Miss Mary 1 15 George 

Taylor, John, coach painter, h 213 State. 

Taylor, George, shoemaker, 2 York c South 

Taylor, Ichabod, Park House, 61 Chapel, op the Green 

Taylor, Rev. Nathaniel W., prof theol. Y. C. h 48 Temple 

Taylor, Robert H. accountant, 61 Chapel 

Taylor, Mrs. Grace, boarding house, 15 State 

Taylor, Mrs. Maria, tailoress, 41 Church 

Teasdale, Rev. Thomas C. 23 Grand . Jl 

Terry, Alfred, attorney, 1 Street's Building h Hamilton e "^ 

St. John 
Terrill, Andrew, blacksmith, 9 h 13 Temple 
Terrill, Philo, grocer, Congress c Hill 
Terrill, Mrs. Anna, 179 George 
Temple, Abram, horse shoer, 124 h 95 George 
Thomas, Amos, coach manuf. Whalley 
Thomas, George P. tailor, 171 George 
Thomas, James, printer, h 18 Washington 
Thomas, Lucius A. physician, 6 State 
Thomas, John, Whalley av 
Thomas, Nathan, (N. T. d* Son) h 31 State 
Thomas, N. dt Son, merchant tailors, 31 State 
Thomas, Riley, joiner, h 171 State 
Thomas, Sidney A. boys school 1 Wooster h 11 Collis 
Thomas, Mrs. Ann L. 16 Cherry 
Thomas, Mrs. Sarah, Whalley n Sperry 
Thomas, Miss Mary, 25 Fleet 

Thompson, Abraham, A. (T. Sp Peckham) h 33 Morocco 
Thompson, Abraham, carpet maker, 25 Morocco 
Thompson, Benjamin, Whalley av 
Thompson, Charles, builder, 52 Crown 
Thompson, Horace, joiner, h 87 Olive 
Thompson, Henry, joiner, h High 1st fr Wall 
Thompson, Isaac, joiner, Water n Putnam 
Thompson, John £. auction V, 31 Church h Court c State 


Thompson, John, weaTer, h 107 East 
Thompson, Judah S. 62 State 
Thompson, Rev. Joseph P. 26 Warren 
Thompson, J. P. coach painter, h 27 Church 
Thompson, Minot T. shoemaker, h 129 Crown 
Thompson, Nathan, lace weaver, h 238 Chapel 
Thompson, Nathaniel F. lumber dealer, ft Fleet h E. Wa- 
ter c Warren 
Thompson 6c Peckham, merchant tailors, 06 Chapel 
Thompson, Richard, Gilbert n Cedar 
Thompson, Stephen, Goffe n Sperry 
Thompson, Sylvester, grocer, 78 h 90 State 
Thompson, Sylvester, barber, 9 East 
Thompson, William J. mason, 27 Morocco 
Thompson, William, Franklin b Chapel dt Greene 
Thompson, Stephen, grocer, ft of bridgCi bds CoUis e 

Thompson, Anthony, col'd, Carlisle 
Thompson, Samuel, coPd, Putnam n Salem 
Thompson, Henry, col'd, Liberty n Columbus 
Thompson, Mrs. B. boarding house, 85 State 
Thompson, Mrs. Elizabeth, seamstress, 65 George 
Thompson, Mrs. Joseph, boarding house, 78 Church 
Thompson, Mrs. Sarah, 178 George 
Thompson, Miss Sarah, cold, 54 Elm 
Thompson, Miss Ellen, col'd, 177 State 
Thomson, E. N. (T. 4- Shipman) h 82 Wooster 
Thomson, Isaac, architect 6c builder, h Broad n George 
Thomson, & Shipman, grocers, 137 Chapel 
Thorp, Cyrus E. joiner, h 29 Bradley 
Thorp, William D. cabinet maker, h 26 Collis 
Thurston, Samuel, col'd, barber, 40 State 
Tiffany, Dennis, 23 Martin 
Tillman, John, col'd, Webster 
Timmons, Archemond, 134 Crown ' 
Tisdale, Mrs. Eunice, boarding house, 81 State 
Tolbat, Peter, tailor, 10 Fleet 

Tolles, Samuel, merch. tailor, 53 Orange bds Assembly H. 
ToUes, William F. grocer, 100 George c College h Factory 
Tomlinson, David, 78 State 

76 BiaXCTORY. 

Tomlinson &, Ingham, grocers, 7 State 

Tomlinson, Peter C, Quinnipiac hotel, 66 Church c Conrt 

Tomlinson, James, Bishop's hotel, h 134 Crown 

Tomlinson, Lucius, (T. 4* Ingham) h 64 St. John 

Toole, Mrs. Roeanna, school, 26 Union 

Tooker, Gideon, Broad n George 

Totten, John A. physician, 23 W. Water c Meadow 

Totten, Mrs. Gilbert, 23 W. Water c Meadow 

Touhay, Patrick, laborer, Franklin n Greene 

Town, Ithiel, Hillhouse n Grove 

Towner, T. 6l Co. shipping merchants, 145 Chapel 

Towner, Theron, (T. T. i!^ Co.) h 185 Chapel 

Townsend, Amos, Jr., cash. N. H. Bank, h 73 Wooster 

Townsend, Isaac H. attor. 139 Chapel h 12 High c Crown 

Townsend, James, hair dresser, 34 Fleet h 53 Fair 

Townsend, John, tailor, h 66 George 

Townsend, Rev. Henry, 33 Meadow 

Townsend, Lucius B. tailor, h 63 Grand 

Townsend, Lewis, machinist* h Governeur's lane 

Townsend, Robert, \Smtik ^ T.) bds 81 State 

Townsend, Thomas, 93 York 

Townsend, William, grocer, 96 State c Court h 21 Grand 

Townsend, William, 2d, joiner, h 33 Fair 

Townsend, Mrs. Anna, 17 College 

Townsend, Miss Ann, 152 Crown 

Townsend, Miss Frances, seamstress, 36 Elm 

Townsend, Richard, col'd, laborer, b 38 Fleet 

Treadway, George, (T. 4- Blinn) h 22 High 

Tread way & Blinn, saddle & harness makers, 65 Chapel 

Treadway, Lyman, tin ware&r stoves, 57 State 

Treat, Atwater, builder, h 28 Elm 

Treat, Nehemiah, 14 Ashmun* 

Ti-eat Mrs. Mary, 25 Court 

Trowbridge, Amos, merchant tailor, 8 Fleet h 40 Meadow 

Trowbridge, Amos H. 11 W. Water 

Trowbridge^ Daniel, wboJesale grocer, 3 Monson'a Row 

h Prince 
Ttorwbridge, Eli, shoemaker, h 44 York 
Trowbridge, Ezekiel H« (H. T., S(ms ^ DwigU) b 1% 

W. Water 


Trowbridge, George, Portsea n Water 
Trowbridge, H., Sons & Dwight, ship. mer. 16 U. wharf 
Trowbridge, Henry, {H. T., Sons 4* Dwight) h 42 Meadow 
Trowbridge, Henry, Jr. (H. T., Sons ^ Dwight) h 21 W. 

Trowbridge, Isaac, 46 Meadow 
Trowbridge, John, tailor, Portsea n Water 
Trowbridge, Richard, 14 Fleet 
Trowbridge, Roswell, ship master, h 43 Meadow 
Trowbridge, Stephen, agent N. H. packet comp. 30 Union 

wharf h 34 State 
Trowbridge, Thomas R. (H. T., Sons ^ Dwight) h 15 

W. Water 
Trowbridge, Winston J. h 42 Meadow 
Trowbridge, Mrs. Lois, 38 Meadow 
Trowbridge, Misses Susan &u Harriet, 52 Meadow 
Trowbridge, Miss Lydia, 16 Meadow 
Trumbull, John, historical painter, at prof. SilHman's 
Tryon, Miss Emily E. school, 52 Court 
Tucker, Demas P. confectioner, 91 Chapel 
Tucker, John, baker, 36 h 34 Grand 

Tucker, painter, Dixwell ab Webster 

Tucker, William, miller, h 33 Orange 

Tucker, Mrs. Hannah, dress maker, 33 Orange 

Turner, Elijah, R. R. av n Grand 

Turner, Francois, prof. French Ian. Y. C. bds 80 Church 

Turner, Mrs. Selina, tailoress, 101 Crown 

Turner, John, col'd, GofFe op Sperry 

Tufts, Matthias R. joiner, h 9 Washington 

Tufts, Samuel, h 9 Washington 

Tully, William, physician, h 56 York 

Tuttle, Abiud, livery stable, 40h 38 College 

Tuttle, Alonzo, joiner, 13 Bradley 

Tuttle, Augustus F. cabinetmaker, h42 Congress 

Tuttle, Albert G. 65 George 

Tuttle, George, printer, h Columbus 

Tuttle, Henry, 39 Crown 

Tuttle, Henry P. coach maker, h Summer 

Tuttle, Isaac, blacksmith, h 15 Howe 

Tuttle, Julius, farmer, 54 College 

■78 J) I B E.CT,aKY. 

Tuttle, Jonathan M. P., Scimraer 

Tuttle, Nathaniel F. hat, cap, boot & shoe store, 7 Ex- 
change, Ws 84 Church 

Tuttle, Moses, farmer, Washington n Howard 

Tuttle, William, grocer, George c Whiting h Washington 

Tuttle, Mrs. Ezra, 14 Washington 

Tuttle, Mrs. Julia, 4 Academy 

Tuttle, Mrs. Mary, 32 Howe 

Tuttle, Mrs. Hannah, 22 Sherman 

Tuttle, Miss Mary, school,. 2 Church c George 

Tuttle, Miss Julia, tailoress, 25 Fleet 

Twining, Mrs. Almyra, 30 Elm 

Tyler, Augustus, boot & shoe maker, ft of Bridge h 29 

Tyler, Julius, blacksmith, 5 Fair h 19 Union 

Tyler, Morris, boot & shoe store, 74 Chapel h 77 George 

Tyler, Misses S. 6l M. dress makers, 56 Orange 

Tyler, Miss Martha, tailoress, 87 Olive 

Tyrrel, Nehemiah, 63 Court 

Tyrrel, Solomon, mason, h 63 Court 

Uhlhorn, Charles L. 37 Meadow 

Uhlhorn, William, 37 Meadow 

Uhlhorn, Mrs. Harriet, 37 Meadow 

Ulman, Jonas, clothing store, 5 Grand 

Umberfield, John D. joiner, h Howe be George & Crown 

Umberfield, Mrs. Sidney, 178 State 

Upson, Henry, 56 Elm 

Vaughn, Charxgs M. 7 Union 
Vandervere, Rev. Daniel, col'd, 8 Elm 
Vandy«e, David, col'd, Gilbert n Cedar 
Yandyne, Lewis, coPd, Liberty n Columbus 

BtftfiCTOHY. 79 

Vandyke, J. F. coPd, Samaritan 

Vandyke, Simon, coPd, Samaritan 

Veader, James M. coach painter, Hamilton n St. John 

Vibbert, William E. hat store, 69 Chapel h 64 Grove 

Vining, John W. joiner, h 104 George 

Voglesang, Peter, col'd, grocer, 43 Oliye 

Wads WORTH, H. &, S. W. wholesale grocers, 68 Jtate c 

Wadsworth, Henry, (jff. 4* S. W. W.) h 3 Academy 
Wadsworth, Samuel, stock do exchange broker, 119 

Chapel h 3 Academy 
Wadsworth, Samuel (//. 4- S. W. W,) h 3 Academy 
Wakelee, Charles H. cooper, E. Water ft Olive h W. 

Water c Columbus 
Wakelee, William A. constable, 196 State 
Wakelee, Mrs. J. C. stock maker, 49 Orange n Chapel 
Wakelee, Stiles, shoemaker, h 49 Orange 
Wakeman, Levi H. tailor, h Howe be Crown & George 
Walker, Alfred, 1 1 College 
Walker, George & Co., stove dealers, 134 Chapel 
Walker, George, (G. W, ^ Co.) h 20 State 
Walker, Lucius, Spring n Water 
Walker, William, sailor, Goffe n Sperry 
Walker, William, col'd, Webster 
Wallace, Thomas, Howe n Whalley 
Wallace, Mrs Susan M. 16 Cherry 
Walter, Mrs. Anna, Water n Carlisle 
Walton, John, Davenport av n York 
Ward, Enoch, hackman, h 34 Elm c College 
Ward 6c Denison, tobacconists, 25 East op Wooster 
Ward, George, 14 Union 
Ward, Henry, 63 York 

Ward, Henry B. (W» ^ Denison) bds Qninnipiac 
Ward, James, cutler, Governeur's lane 
Ward, James B. pedlar, WiHiam c Franklin 
Ward, Owen, laborer, 44 Union c Cherry 


Ward, William, joiner, bds 23 William 

Ward, Z. H. tailor, 5 Street's B. Chapel c State h 26 

Ward, Mrs. William, fish market, 11 State 
Ward', Mrs. Edward, seamstress 45 Church 
Ward, Mrs. Samuel, E. Water c Wells 
Ward, Mrs. Delilah, nurse, 41 Church 
Ward, Robert, col'd, Carlisle 

Warner, AlpheuaP. (Butler, W. ^ Wells) h 29 Fair 
Warner, Benjamin, Dixwell ab Webster 
Warner, James, seaman, 43 Congress av 
Warner, John, tinnef, h Cedar op the Hospital 
Warner, Robert, blacksmith, h 100 Olive 
Warner, Wyllys, treasurer Y. C. h Waverly Place 
Warner, Mrs. Charlotte, 8 State 
Warner, Miss E. H. school, 7 Chapel 
Warren, Rev. C. J. Franklin, 2d fr Water 
Warren, Henry, shoemaker, 26 Howe 
Warrener, Henry, painter & paperer, h 22 Church 
Waters, Mrs. Mary A. 98 York 
Waters, Miss Betsey Ann, dress maker, 162 Crown 
Waterbury, Sylvester E. coach maker, h 23 Wallace 
Watrous, Roswell, painter, h Grand c East 
Washington, James, col'd Gofie ab Webster 
Way, Sherman H. 22 Olive 

Way, Wm. coach spring manuf. 22 Artizan h TOCongreas 
Way, William H. school, 46 Wallace bds 70 Congress 
Way, Jefierson L. col'd, shoemaker, 2h3 Grove 
Weaver, Thomas J. M. 29 Putnam 
Webb, Washington, groceries &.- wood 56 State h 41 

Webster, Benjamin, shoemaker, h 25 Fleet 
Webster, Noah, LL.D. 58 Temple c Grove 
Webster, William G. 12 First 
Webster, Wait, shoemaker, 28 Grand 
Webster, Samuel, 21 Washington 
Webster, Thomas, col'd, 61 Congress 
Webster, Mrs. Eliza, 2 York 
Weeks, James, shoemaker, h 26 York 



Wteaden, Mrs. Mabel, boarding house, 14 Elm cHigh 

Wells, Chauncey, builder, 13 Artizan, h 56 St-. John 

Wells, Henry, {Butler, Warner 4- TF.) h 28 Pair 

Wells, William, joiner, 5 Bradley 

Wells, Mrs. Betsey, 99 Olive 

Wells, Mrs. Wealthy, 5 Cherry 

Wellman William W. painter h 11 Academy 

Werner, Theodore W. ast. U. S. coast surveyor, h 22 

Westcott, Mrs. Mary A. 74 State 
Weston, Almyra, col'd, Ashmun ab 4"t^ony 
Weymouth, Mrs. Mary, millinery, 58 Orange 
Wharton, Charles, baker, 52 Church 
Wheat, Jerome B. dentist, 55 Chapel 
Wheeler, Andrew J. grocer, 182 h 180 George 
Wheeler, James, joiner, h 19 Park 
Wheeler, Newton, justice of peace, 182 h 180 George 
Wheeler, Newton, 2d, blacksmith, Whalley n op Garden 
Wheeler, Stephen, grocer, 66 h 64 Wooster 
Whelpley, Mrs. Abigail P., E. side Hillhouse 1st fr Trum. 
Whitcomb, Wesley, period, agent, bds Temperance House 
Whitcomb, Mrs. Dolly, tailoress, 3 Washington 
White, Aaron, ship master, 7 College 
White, Cyrus, harness maker, h Samaritan n Garden 
White, Henry, attorney, 124 Chapel h 32 Orange 
White, John, sailor. Whiting 
White, Mrs. Dyer, 34 Orange 
White, Mrs. Mary, nurse, 122 George 
White, Mrs. Lina, 61 George c York 
White, Henry, col'd, Whalley c Sperry 
White, William, col'd, Whalley c Sperry • 
Whiting, Alburtns D., Trumbull IstbeWhitney 
Whiting, George I. St. John n East 
Whiting &L Mix, boot <fe shoe store, 41 Church 
Whiting, Nathan, Trumbull, 1st be Whitney, E. side 
Whiting, Nathan C, Trumbull 1st be Whitney, E. side 
Whiting, William S. carman, h 130 York 
Whiting, Miss Maria, dress maker, 158 George 
Whiting, Mrs. Obedience, Garden n Samaritan 


Whiting, Mrs. Adeline, coPd, Academy 

Whitmore, William, builder, h S4 Wooster 

Whitmore, Mrs. Jane, dress maker, 14 Fair 

Whitney, Henry, Whitney av 

Whitney, Mrs. Eli, 60 Elm c Orange 

Whittelsey, Charles B. {Hotchkiss ^ W.) 5 Fleet 

Whittelsey, Henry N. crock. ^ china store, 63 State h 54 

Whittelsey, Mrs. Ann, 18 College 
Whittlesey, Charles B. 158 Chapel h 59 College 
Whittlesey, Mrs. Fhebe, 59 College 
Whittlesey, Miss Mary L. school, Grove c Hillhouse 
Wiggins, James, machinist, h Bridge 
Wilcox, Alvan, silver worker, Arlizan h Whitney av ^ 

fr Trumbull 
Wilcox, Augustus C{W.df Crampton) h 36 Meadow 
Wilcox, & Crampton, dry goods, 92Chi;pel 
Willcox 6l Prior, iron 6l brass founders Whitney av at the 

Willcox, Cyprian, (PT. <$• Prior) h 134 Orange 
Willcox, Norris, sheriff, 1 Mitchell's B. h Whitney av n 

Willcox, Mrs. Susan, 8 Putnam 
Willcox, James, col'd, Putnum n Carlisle 
Willcoxson, David, silver plater, 17 Park h 19 Sherman av 
Wildman, Cornelius, (Babcock ^ W,) h 36 Cherry 
Wildman, Mrs. Laura, tailoress, 136 State 
Willard, Stephen, shoemaker, h 50 Park 
Williams, Austin, 87 Crown 
Williams, Cyrus, 63 George 

Williams, Jason F. copper plate printer, h 200 Chapel 
Williams, James A. joiner, h 198 State 
Williams, James M. shoemaker, h 19 York 
Williams, John, ship master, h 1 1 Morocco 
Williams, Garry W. laborer, h Putnapi n Cedar 
Williams, Peter, waiter Tontine, h 55 Elm 
Williams, John, coPd, cobler, Franklin n Chapel 
Williams, John, coPd, carman, 39 Putnam 
Williams, Joseph, col'd, Webster 
Williamdi Luke, col'd, Goffe 


Williams, Thomas, col'd, laborer, Cedar 

Williamson, James, brass founder, h 200 Chapel 

Willoughby, Alvan L. painter, h 10 Putnam 

Willoughby, Augustus, carman, Davenport n York 

Willooghby, Charles C. joiner, h 16 William 

Wilson, Alexander, blacksmith, h E. Water n Brown 

Wilson, Offin G. periodical depot, 117 Chapel, h 65 Grove 

Wilson, Robert, weaver, 101 East 

Wilson, Mrs. Christiana, nnrse, 125 Crown 

Wilson, Mrs. Sarah, col'd, school, 52 York 

Winchell, Hezekiah, shoemaker, 23 Martin 

Winship, James, builder, h 157 State 

Winthrop, Mrs. Francis B. 13 Wooster c Warren 

Wise, Miss Sally, tailoress, 22 Church 

Wisewell, James M. coach painter, 233 Chapel 

Wolcott, Samuel I. joiner, h 8 W. Water 

Wolcott, Jeremiah, painter, 29 bds 64 Orange 

WoUhrabe, Mrs. Betsev, 44 Wooster 

Wood, Alexander, book binder, bds 64 Orange 

Wood, Joseph, attorney, 14 Phoenix B. h 8 George 

Wood, Richard, Dixwell n junc. GofPe 

Woodford, Orace O. brass founder. Wall at the canal, h 

131 State 
Woodin, Noah, laborer. Grand n Barnesville bridge 
Wooding, Calvin, 5 Cherry c Union 
Wooding, Henry H. confectioner, 16 h 13 Fleet 
Wooding, Zina, joiner, h 52 George 
Woodruff, Abijah H. chair painter, 66 Orange h 56 High 
Woodruff, John, joiner, h Whalley be Sperry 
Woodruff,' Samuel, tailor, h 10 Martin 
Woods, Hugh, helper, h Morocco, op Spruce 
Woods, Patrick, carman. Wells 1st from Water 
Woods, James, helper, h 27 Union 
Woodward & Carrington, printers & publishers Daily 

Herald, 115 Chapel- 
Woodward, Thomas G,{W.^ Carrington) hds Tontine 
Woodward, Truman, manufr. 7 Artizan h 215 Chapel 
Woodward, Mrs. Caroline & daughters, millinery 27 



Woodworth, Mrs. Mary S. boarding house, 43 Chapel 
Wookey, Theodore D. prof. Greek, Y. C. h 128 Chureh 
Woolsey, Mrs. Catherine, Church c Grove 
Worstead, William T. boarding house 8 E. Water 
Wright, David, grocer, 24 Union wharf h 37 Putnam 
Wright, Mrs. Joseph, boarding house, 33 College n Chapel 
Wylie, G. W. grocer, Fleet c Water bds 36 Fleet 

Yale, Washington, dry goods, 80 Chapel h 9 Church 

Yale, Garry, shoemaker, h 35 Grand 

Yale, Merritt A. painter, h 41 York 

Yemmans, Samuel, Goffe n Sperry 

Yemmans, Joseph, (y.4* Morehouse) h 112 Crown 

Yemmans 6l Morehouse, ornamental painters 363 Orange 

York, Jeremiah C. grocer 40 Fleet 

York, Miss Julia, school, 55 York c George 

Yants, Daniel, 54 East 

Young, L. H. exchange broker 1 Street's B. h 112 Church 



Auditior's Office, City—U Union Wharf 
Almshouse — Samaritan, above Hudson 
BanTcy New Haven — Orange c Chapel 
" Mechanics^ — 15 State 
*« City — S Exchange Place, Chapel 
•« CoMTify— 58 State 
" Savings — 50 Orange 
Bridge^ Barnsville — Grand 

** Neck — Middletown Turnpike 
" Tomlinson' s — foot of Bridge st 
^* Wesi—^. York Turnpike 
Building, Barney^s — 51 Church . 
* « BradZey's— 139 Chapel 

Exchange — N. E. c Chapel and Church 
Franklin — N. E. c Church and Grown 
Glehe — ^S. E. c Chapel and Church 
MitchelVs—^ Cliapel 
PkcBnix — 104 Chapel 
Streets— 146 Chapel c State 
St. JoAn'5— Chapel c Union 
Collector's Office, City and Town Taxes — over 75 Chapel 

*• Customs — Fleet c Water 

College Edifices— extend from Chapel to Elm, on Colleg^e 
** Divinity — c College and Elm 
** Medical — c Grove and Smith Avenue 
Clerk'*s Office^ Town — basement State House 
" aty — 13 Exchange Place 

*^ County and Superior C9wri~«^baMai«Bt 

State House 



Exchange ISaloon — Chapel c Church, 3d story 
Oeneral Stage Office — basement Tontine, Church c Court 
General State tiospital — Cedar, near Congress Ar. 
Hailf Barney* s — 51 Church 

** City — basement State House 

" Masonic — 11 Orange b Crown *ind Georj^e 

Saunders* — 51 Orange c Chapel 
" Odd Fellows — Union c Chapel 
HoteU Assembly House — ^Geo. Cady, 20 Court c Orange 
•* Bishop's — 6amuel Bishop, 32 Church 
*' Broadway — ^Clark Xom, Broadway c Safnaritan 
" Har^*— Roswell C. Hart, 7 Fleet 
** Eagle Hif>^e/*^Smith ^ Blakeslee, junction Fleet 

and George 
*' Farmers* Exchange — Dennis H. Peek, Congress 

Av. c Washington 
" Park Hawse-— I. Taylor, 61 Chapel op. the Green 
" Pamlion — Curtiss Judson, Brewster Place, E. Wa* 

ter c Wallace 
" Quinnipiac — Peter C. Torolinson, Church c Court 
" Rail Road House — H. S. Banning, Forbes Place 
•' Temperance House — H. P. Jones, 17 Church c 

Crown * 

*« Tontine— B. W. Allis, Church c Court 
Iksv&ANCE Agencies : 

Hartford— T. Dwight, jr. & Co. 141 Chapel c State 
JEtna^U. White, 124 Chapel 
N. Y. Manhattan — S. Wads worth, 119 Chapel 
Protection — Wm. A. Reynolds, 125 Chapel 
N. Y, Howard— Cdileb Mix, over 75 Chapel 
Boston National — Chas. Robinson, Chapel c State 
N* Y. North American — Charles Robinson 
N, Y. Hudson — Charles Robinson 
Middlesex Mutual — G. Morse, over 75 Chapel 
Cnenango County Mutual — J, Curtiss, 72 Grove 
Jaih County — Cbas. Ball, keeper, Chttrch op. the Green 
Linonian Hall — over 37 Chapel 
lakcary^ Botanic Society — 57 £1 na 

** Circulating'^roBweU 6l Jevieiti 154 Chapel 

R KC A P IT U t AT 10 K. ST 

Library^ Young Men^s Institute— hi Orange t Chapel 
Mayor's Office — 13 Exchange Plajce 
Newspapers and Periodicals : 
Chronicle of the Church — weekly, 131 Chapel 
Columbian Register — iri-weekly, 117 Chapel 
Connecticut Herald — weekly, 115 Chapel 
Daily Herald — 115 Chapel 
Daily Palladium — 107 Chapel 
Evening Palladium — tri-weekly, 107 Chapel 
Farmers^ Gazette and Horticultural Repository-^ 

weekly, .9 Glebe Building 
New Haven Palladium — weekly, 107 Chapel 
Silliman*s American Journal of Science and Arts 
Yale Literary Magazine-^monthlyi 46 Chapel 
News Office-^jy. Mitchell, 60 Church 
Packet Ojice, New York — Stephen Trowbridge, agent, 30 

Union Wharf 
*' Boston — Prescott & Co., 11 Union Wharf 

*' Hartford — Prcscott <fc Co. " 

" Albany — Freacolt dt Co. " 

" Albany — E. Hotchkiss, 5 Union Wharf 

Periodical Depot-^O, G. Wilson, 1 17 Chapel 
Rail Road Office — Bridge Street 
Rendezvous, U, S, Recruits — 10 E. Water 
Sachem^s Wood — head of Hillhouse b. Smith and Whitaey 

Staters Attorney — R. I. In^ersoll, Elm c Temple 
Street Commissioner's Office — Phcenix Building, Chftpel 
Sunday School Depository^ — 71 State 
Surveyor of Customs — Custom House 
Treasurer, City — A. Townsend, Jr., N. H. Bai^k 
*' County — ^Joseph Darling, 45 Chapel 

Union School House — 11 Orange 

Union White Lead Company^ N, F. — Caleb Mix, Agents 
office 75 Chapel 



Trinity Church — corner of Temple and Chapel sis^ 
— Rev, Harry Croswell, Rector.-^Rev. Joseph H, 
Nichols, Rev. William F. Morgan, Assistant^* 

St. Paul's Chapel — corner of Chapel and Olive sts. 
<— ^The service in this Chapel is aheruately, by the Rector 
and Assistants of Trinity Church. 

First Ecclesiastical Society, (congregational.) 
— Center C^i/rc^.— Rev. Leonard Bacon, Pastor. 

United Society, (congregational,)— iVbr/A Chtsrch. 
— Rev. S. W. S. Dulton, Pastor. 

Third Congregational SociETY-r-Co«r^ Street, — 
Rev. Elisha L. Cleaveland, Pa^/or. 

Chapel Street Congregational Socibi-y. — corner 
of Chapel and Union sts^ — ^Rev. Joseph P. Thompson, 

Church Street Congregational Society- — Church 
street, near^ Creorge* , Pastor, 

Howe St. Congregational Society. — Rev. Abraham 
C. Baldwin, Pastor, 

First Baptist Church — Chapel street, near Olive, — 
Rev. T. C. Teasdale, Pastor, 

Second Baptist Church — Orange street, — 

, Pastor, 

Methodist Episcopal Church — Public Green, cor. 
of College and Elm streets. — Rev Joseph Law, Pastor. 

Second Methodist Episcopal Chuech— OZtVe street^ 
opposite Court, — Rev. Walter W. Brewer, Pasior. 

Primitive Methodist Church — York street, head of 
Grove street — Rev. J. Raine, Pastor, 

Christ's Church, (Catholic) — Corner of Davenport: 
tivenue and York street, — Rev. James Smith, Priest. 

Union Congregational Society, (colored) — Tem- 
ple street. — Amos 6. Beman, Pastor. 

Bethel Church, (colored) — Whalley Avenue. 

Wesleyan Methodist Epis. Zion Church, (colorbd) 
— Broad street. — Rev* D. Vandeveer, Pastor. 




Aldermen and Judges-^ AARON N. SKINNER, ELIHU AT- 


MAN, Jr. 

Common CounciZ— Boriah Bradley, Thomas Ensign, Wyllys Peck 
Morris Tyler, Augustas Lines, James Winship, Jonas 6. Bowditch> 
Charles Robinson, Leverett Shepherd, Jonathan Nicholson, Levi Gih 
bert, (Hill st.) Abraham A. Thompson, John W. Fitch, Henry Hook-- 
er, William E. Vibbert, Charles Thompson, Alexander O. Coburn, 
John H, Chatteiton, Charles A. Neitleion, Samuel Griswold, 2d. 

CUy Clerk— Edward C. Herrick. 

City Treasurer — Amos Townsend, Jr. 

Collector of CUy Taxes — Gardner Morse. 

City Auditor— Enoa A. Prescott. 

City Sheriffs — Scovill Hinman, Joseph Fairchild. 

Street C<n»iiii«none/— Isaac Thompson. 


Selectmen — Benjamin Beecher, Nahum Hayward, Elam Hull, Jer- 
emiah Barnett, Philip S. Galpin, Enos Sperry, John Peck. 

Town Clerk — John Scarrilt. 

Toum Treasurer — Amos Townsend, Jr. 

Collector of Town Tax — Gardner Morse. 

Collector of State Tax — Gardner Morse. 

Grand Jurors— Eleazer K. Foster, Charles J. Allen, George Morse, 
John S. Rice, Treat Bottsford, George F. Smith. 

Constables— Scow i\\ Hmman, Jesse Knevals, Gardner Morse, 
Chauncey Barnes, Wm. A. Wakely, David H. Carr, Amos B. 

Pound Keepers — Henry Read, Joseph Riggs, Leverett Lines, Isaac 
Dickerman, Peter W. Post, Lucius Maliby, Stephen Dickerman. 

Fence Viewers — Scovill Hinman, Joseph Fairchild, Jesse Knevals 

Sealer of IVHght^ and Measures— Henry Mansfield. 

Guagers and Inspectors — Augustus Lines, George Rowland, Ste- 
phen Wheeler. 

Surveyors of Highways — Benjamin Beecher. Nahum Hayward, Elam 
Hull, Jeremiah Barnett, Philip S. Galpin, Enos Sperry John Peck, 
Clement Groodell. 

Patkers — Neas Sperry, Silas Ford, Wm. Hull, Wm. Goodell. 

Haywards — Peter W. Post, James Cook, Charles Delavan, John 
Monson, Henry Goodell. 

fpr* Annual City Meeting 1st Monday in Jane. 



CHAUNCET L. CLEVELVNO Governor, ^1,100 Mluy. 

WM. S. HOLLK.BARD. Lieutenant Cwemm', 300 " 

NOAH A. PHELPS, Secrrtary, 84 »* and feet. 

REUBEN BOO I'M, Trrantrer^ 1,000 " 

GIDEON WELLS, Contretler, 1,000 ** 


Supreme Court of Errors. — Return day, Tuesday following the 4th Tiwaday in Ji 
Superior Court.— founh Tuiidav in Janaary, and kd Tuesday in Oetober. 
Tat/irfy fM/ft.^Tiiird Tuesday m March, founh Tuesday in June, and fourth 
Tuesday in November. 

Supreme Court of Error*.— First Tuesday in July. 

Superior Court —hMt I'uesday in January, and the fourth Tuesday in September' 
County revrf.— Fourth Tuesday in March, second Tuesday in August, and M-emd 
Tuesday in November. 


Suprenw Court of Error*.— Third Tuesday in July, alternately at New LondoB and 

Superior rotirt.>«Thiri Tuesday in March, at Norwich, and second Tuesday in 
beptember in Neu London. 

County Court — St coitd Tuesday in February, alternately at New London and Nor> 
wieh, second Tuesday in November at Norwich, and second Tuckday in June, at 
New London. 


Stdnreme Court of Error*.— Fourth Tuesday in June, at Flairfield and Danbsry ahet^ 

Superior Cet^rf.— Fourth Tuesday of September at Danbury, and second Tuesday 
•f February at Fairfield. 

County Court.—Ai Danbury, second Tuesday in August, and last Tuesday in De- 
cember at Fairfield. 

Supreme Courf^ Error*.- Fourth Tuesday in Jul v. 

Sk^riorTot/rt.- Fourth Tuesday in January, and first Tuesday in Oetober. 
County Court- First Tuesday in March, second 'i'uesday in August, and seciuid 
Tuesday in December. 

Supreme Court of Error*.— Third Tuesday in June. 

Superior Court.- Thini I'uesday in Ft bruary. and Third Tuesday (n August. 
County roi/rt.-Sectii.d Tuesday in April, second Tuesday in October, and seeood 
Tuesday in December. 

Sutreme Court tf Errors.— Second Tuesday in July, alternately at Middletown and 

•Slu>rriorrourf.— Fourth Tuesday in February at Middlatown, first Tuesday la 
September at Haddam. 

County Court— On the Tuesday followinpr the first Mmiday in April, at Haddam, 
and on the third 1 uesday in October at Middletown. 

^ipreme Court of Error*.— Tuesday following the fmirth Tuesday in July. 
Superior Cot/rf.— I'hinl Tuesday in April, and third Tuesday in October. 
County Toi/rf.— Founh Tuesday in March, Iburth Tuesday in August, and f^rt% 
Tuesday in December. 



Office corner of Chapel and Union strpets. 

Oiien for deliverr of Letters from half.pan 7 o'clock. A. M. till 7 o'clock P. M^ 
ill the winter— and from 7 A. M. till half-p .it 7 P. M in the summer 

X.£rT£JB5'.— On a sini^le letter, composid or4«ue pitrce of paper, 

not exeeediiif? 30 miles, •• • - 6 cents. 

OYtr 30, and not exceeding^ 83 roilei, • : 10 

Over 80 and nxM exceedinji; ISO iniles, - - 12 142 

Over 150. aiid not excetrdirg 40D miles, - - 18 34 
Over 400 miltv, . . . - • 25 

IfEITSPJPEItS^Voremeh Newspaper not carried out of the Siaie in which it ii 
published, or if carried out of the State, but not over iJO miles, one cent ; over 100 
mies, two cents. 

MAGAZISES AND PAMrHLETS-Jf Periodieal, not exeeixling 100 railed on* 
and a half cents a sheet; over 100 miles, two and a half eent«. PampMeU, if not 
periodical, not exceeding 100 milrs, foui cents a sheet ; over lOO miles, 6 cents a sheet 



Z. DAY, Chief Engineer, 

Henry Hotchkiss, Levi Gilbert, 2J, Philip S. Galpin, 
Leverett Griswold, AssistdTit Engineers. 

Charles L. English, Secretary. 

John W. Fitch, Treasurer, 

Henry Beecher, John W. Collins, Judson Curtiss, Eli- 
sha Dickerman, jr. Charles L. English, Elisha L. Silliroan, 
Alfred Daggett, Henry Hooker, Abraham A. Thompson, 
R. S. Hinman, Leonard Pardee, John P. English, Na- 
thaniel Booth, Jas. E. English, John W. Fitch, Amos 
Bradley, Charles Thompson, Wardens, 


On Fire Engines^ Hose^ Ladders, ^c* — Leverett Gris- 
wold, Henry Hotchkiss. 

On Engine Houses, — Henry Hooker, Z. Day. 

On Public Wells^ Pumps, and Reservoirs, — John W, 
Collins, Elisha Dickerman, jr Levi Gilbert, 2d. 

On Fire Places, Chimneys, Stoves, ^c, — E. L. Silli- 
man, Elisha Dickerman, jr. John W. Collins, Leverett 
Griswold, A. A. Thompson. 

To Report all Breaches of the Statute and By-Laws of 
the C%.— Charles L. English, Alfred Daggett. 




Andrew L. Mason, Foreman } j^^»^^ r'««.«^-«., at^ i 
Thomas L. Smith, Second \ ^^^*^^ Company, No. 1. 

A. Thomas, Foreman if n • •^ tit « 

Jas. LeForge, Second \ ^""S^ne Company, No. 2. 

John H. Chatterton, Foreman 

George W. Jones, Second 

Marvin Evarts, Foreman 

Willard L. Sears, Second 

Leverett Shepherd, Foreman ? r^ . ^ x? c 

Silas Benham. Second I ^"^"'"^ Company, No. b. 

J. T. Hemingway, Foreman 
Koswell J. Brown, Second 
Jas. A. Gorham, Foreman 
A. Hawley, Second 

Engine Company, No. 3. 
Engine Company, No. 4. 

Engine Company, No. 6. 

Engine Company, No. 7. 

Chas. A. Nettleton, Foreman ) rr r^ xr i 

Joshua C. Sears, -Second \ ""''' (Company, No. 1. 

Hose Company, No. 2. 

S. S. Morse, Foreman 

Joseph Downs, Second 

Philo S. Skidmore, Foreman ) tt i p t jj r^ -kt % 

Asa L. Lyon. Second \ "°°^ if Ladder Co., No. 1 . 

John Kennedy, Foreman 
George W. Smith, Second 

Hook ^Ladder Co., No. 2. 


Yale College. Fonnded 1700. Commencement, 3d 
Wednesday in August. Vacations, from Commencement, 
six weeks ; in January, two weeks ; in May, four weeks. 

Hopkins* Grammar School — Founded by Edward 
Hopkins, Esq. Benjamin Silliman, James L. Kingsley, 
Samuel J. Hitchcock, Chauncey A. Goodrich, Roger S. 
Baldwin, Henry White and Wyllys Warner, Committee. 
Hawley Oimstead, A. M., Preceptor. Wyllys Warner, 
Secretary and Treasurer. 

Collegiate and Commercial School at Wooster 
Place. — Conducted by Messrs. Stiles and Truman French, 
established 1834. 

Ci'ASfncAL AK» Family BoARDnra-ScHoaxFeu Boss. 
Established in 1835r A. N. Skinner-, Hillhouse Aveove. 

Classical Boarixno School for Boys. — William H. 
RusselK M. D., East Water c Hamilton. 

Select Family Boarding Schoo9L for Boys. — ^Leon^ 
ard A. Daggett, 5 Glebe Building. 

Practical School for Boys.-^S. A. Thomasi Olbre e 

BoARZuiNG ANP Day School FOR BoYs.— Edwa.rd I4, 
ifart, WhitneyA venue nTrumbuli 

Lancasterian School for Boys. — John E. Lovell^ 
Instructor ; Henry B. Harrison, Assistant, 

Elementary School for Males of all Ages. — 
(j^eori^e Beckwith? 33 Chapel. 

Boys School. — Rev. Ami Lin8ley,J0'Xjlebe. ' 


MALEs. — Prelate Demick> Instructor^ 


YoiTNG Ladies^ Institute — 61 College «treel.> — Con^ 
ducted by Rev. Arozi Benedict. ^ 

Misses Edwards^ Boardcng Sohim^l. — 111 Crown. — 
Commenced IS34. Conducted by Misses Mftry E., Sarah 
M. and CaroHne A. Edwards. 

Dwioht Place Seminary for Young Ladies. Dwight 
place c Sherman Avenue. Commenced itt \Wli Con- 
ducted by Misses R. Comstock and Mary A. Bradley. 

Mrs. MERRic^^s Young Ladieis^ jKbminary — 108 
Crown.-— Commenced In 1836. Conducted by Miss N. E- 

Grov^ Hall Sbm<nary— Grove c Whitney Avenue— 
Conducted by Miss Dutton. 

Mkss E. M. Seeley*s Young Ladces^ Boarding 
0c«ooL.— ^165 Chapel, first door below the Post Office. 

Mrs. ApTHDRf'^s Young Ladiss' Bbmucahv. — Hill- 
bouse Avenue. 

itfiss HARR<fiTCk)4xiN^8 Select S^oof..-— 166 Statje«, 

fi ' ttOCf BTISik 

M188 HotcHKiss* Y01TNO Labiss' Sohooii.-^T Elnu 
Miss Bunnsi^l's Youiro Ladies* School. — State. 
Lancasterian School for Girls, — ;Mi«s Harriet 
Hotchkiss, Instructress. Miss Sarah B. Harrison, Assist* 


Founded in 1826. 

John B> Robertson, President. Jas. P. Babcock, Vice 
Presi^ntf E. C. Herrick, Record, Sec, R» S. Hinman, 
Correspond. Sec. Francis Bradley, Trects, Lucius A. 
Thomas, John S.^Griffing, David C. Hinmafi^ P. A. Jewett, 

Terms. — For all persons under 18 years of a^e, $2 00 
per annttoi. Between 18 and 21, 3 00. Over 21, 4 Ofk 



Incorporated, May^ 1834. 
William Jenolngs, President.— ^William Gi Janes^ Vice* 
PresidenL — Gardner Morse, Seoretarp.^-^AUred Daggett, 

Standing Committee. 
Wyllya Peck, George R> Benton, Abraham A. Thomp* 
son, Thomas Horsefali, John W. Collins, Joel B. Fooie. 


Thomas S. Williamti . President.* — Chester Buckley^ 
Samuel Cannon, J. A. Rockwelli Clark Bissell, John 
Boyd, Elisha Stearns, John Payne, Richard Rand, Yice 
Presidents. — ^A. M. Collins, Chas. B. Lines, Melvin Cope^^ 
land, Leonard Bacon, Directors, — Cfaai^lea J. Warren, 8ec-^ 
retary. — Francis Parsons, Tre<uurer. 


John E. Lo?ell, President. — Abel Bishop, Amos Towr« 
•end, Jun., Vice Presidents. — ^Thomas Tabefi Resording 



Secretarp.^-^U. N- Whittclsey, Cor» Secr^ttxry, — Georga 
Rice, Treasurer. — ^C. S. Babcock, Hezekiah Gorham, 
John H. Cook, Jr^ James A. Gorham, Samuel Woodruff, 
Howard Smith, Robert Blair, J. Goodnough, N. H. Hoyl, 



Incorporated} May^ 1833. 
Mrs. James Kingsley, President* — Mi^s CoUis, Treas- 
wrer. — ^Miss Harriet Foster, Secretary. — Mrs. Charles 
At water, Mrs. Smith Dayton, Mrs. Laban Smith, Mrs. 
T. C. Teasdaloi Mrs. Hoichkiss, Mrs. John Beach, Mrs. 
Jamei Brewster, Mrs. Prof.. Olmsted, Mrs. Cyras Wil* 
Hams, Mrs. Edwin D. Potter, Managers. 


Mrs. Joel Root, FresOenU — Mrs. Simeon Marble, Sec* 
retary and Treasurer, 


Mrs. F. T. Jarman, President.— ^tu. S. W. Allis, Sec- 
retary arid. Treasurer. 


Mrs. Prof. Woolsey, President. — ^Mrs. Aaron N. Skin- 
ner^ Secretary. — ^Mrs. Mary Pritchard, TVeasurer. 


Miss Ann Twining, Miss Mary Shipman, Miss Mary 
Met^vin, Managers. 


^ Mrs. Benjamin Beecher, 1st Directress. — Mrs. E. S. 
Hubbard, 2d Directress. — Miss Jane Hanghton, Secreta- 
ry and Treasurer. 


Mrs. Jeremiah Day, President.-^Mra. Benjamiti SilH- 
man, Vice President — Miss JQetsey Whittelsey, Secretary 
tlijl Treasurer* 

9i 80Cri£TIBS. 


Wflfiam YT. Boardraan, President. Jonathan Knight, Vice Prasf- 
ifent Amos Toinmsend Jr^ Treasurer. E. Huggint Biqhop, Sscr^- 
tuy* Williao* W. BoardiiMin, Timothy P. Beers, V. M. Dow, Pni- 
dential Coromittie. J. Skinner, Agent, to receive sabscrtptions. T. 
F» Beers, Elias Qilbert, J. Skinner, Samuel Pundersoni John Beach, 
Visitors. E. Tves, J. Knight, V. M. Dow, Charles Hooker, E. Hog- 
gins Bishop, J. H> Katow Physieians and Surgeonsr 


Founded, May. 1832. 

President, Eli Ives. Council, B. SilUman, Charles Hooker, J. 
Knight, Charles XT. Shepard. Secretary and Treasurer, B. SiOimanv 
Jr.'LibrarianrE^ C. Herrielc 


Clerk, Augustus Lines. Treasurer, Giles Msnsfield. Society'c 
Commtltoe, John Dnrrie, Philip Saunders, Robinson S. Ilinman. 
AwliUNrs, Edward C. Herriek, Stephen D. Pardee. Visiting Com- 
mittee, Alonzo B. Chapin, WilUam Storer, Jr.^ D. W. Buckinham* 
R. H. Osborn, E. C. Herrick, Lewis Hmchktrs, Rodney Burton, Mar^ 
ens Merriman, Jr., Ailing Brown. First Sehoof District, Augustus 
linety Clerk and Collector. Giles Mansfield, "^reasureK. First Dis- 
trict Committee. W. B. Baldwin, A. Lines, G. Mor^e. Wadbington 
District, Bela Lord, Clerk. Bela Lord, Abraham A. Thompson, Ao- 
gostns Willoiighhy, Committee. Woosier District, Ahijah Bradley, 
Oleik and Treas. Chas» J. Aller , Abijah Bradley, R. J. Brown, Cora- 


Founded, May, 1818. 

Pre8tdent,'6ehi'amin SilKman, M. D. Vice Presidents, Joel Tuttle* 
Jared Bassett.^ Charles H. Pond, J. D. Wooster. Treasurer, A. S* 
Mooson, M. D. Rec. Sec^ Henry Whitney^ Assistant Rec. Sec. 
George Sherman. Cor. Sec^ Alfred Blackman. Assistant Cor. Sec. 
R. S. Hinnan. Chairman Exec. Committee, Charles Robinson. 
Seedman, George Sherman. 

Founded, May. IS'S^ 

President, Eli Ives, M. D. Vice Presidents, Alfred S. Monson, M* 
D., Charles Robison, Es<]. Trees, and Bec.^ W. T. Peteis, M. D* 
Cor. Sec. Benjamin Silliman. Jr. 


80CI£TIX8- 91 


EsUblisbed, April, 1839. 

President, Rodney Burton. Vice President* EliasCaroy. Treasur- 
er, J. 6. Foote. Reo. Sec.. E. Q. Storer. Cor. Sec., Abner Anstin. 
Librarian, Dr. Seldea Sprague. Aaaistant Librariaii, Joseph^ I>. 

Isaac Gojodsell, Chairman. E. Hoggins Bishop, Clerk* Taaae 
Qoodsell, Nathan B. Ives, Chas. Hooker, Henry Bronson, W. Woodh 
ruiT, Fellows. Eli Ives, Jonathan Knicht, Charles Hooker, Committee 
of Public ition. V. M. Dow, Henry Bronson^ — — Canfi0ld» Commit- 
tee ou Credentials. 


President, Benjamin Silliraan. Vice President, James Mnrdock*. 
Recording Secretary, E. C. Herrick. Corresponding Socretariea, 
Jna. Knight, Chas. Hooker, Theodore D. Woolsey. Treasufer, 
Wylly* Warner. 


President, William Caldwell. Vice President, John (Greene. Scq- 
retary, James Hayea. Treasurer, Michael Cogaa. 


Prdaident, William Storer, Jun, Vice President, EHas Cnrey. ^ 
Treasurer, Joseph G. Anthony. Se'iretary, Edward H. Bradlo}-, - 
Standing Committee, Lee Dunning. Charles B. Lines, Christopkir 
Sweetman, Richard Bums, Elihu Myers, John Alley. 


Mrs. President Dwigbt, President. Mrs. James Li Kingsley, See* 
and Treia. 

Auxiliary to the Washington Temperance Society. 

Miss E. M. Seely, Ist Directress, Mrs. Jodge Hitchcock, M Df> 
vectress. Mrs. Lewis Hotefakiss, Tieamrer.' &|b* Dr^ Taylcf ^ Re > 
eerding Secretary. 


RsouLATioNSk^ — Hours of business from 10 A. M. to 3 P^ 
M.—- Discount days, Tuesday and Friday. — Ofieiing; 
days, Monday 4ind Thursday. 

Officers chosen in July annuBlly. 


Ineoiporat^d^ 1792— Capital stoek, $364,00a 
Henry Denison, President^-Xmos Towtisend, jT.\r 
Cashier, — llenry Denison^ Timothy Bishop, Henry Trow- 
bridge, Augustus R. Street, Roger S. Baldwin, Isaac H. 
Townsend, Samuel Huggins, Zebul Bradley, J* P. Whit- 
telsey, Directors. 

mechanics' 9ANK . 

Incorporated, May, 1824— Capital stock, #5QO,000 
John Fitch, PresidenU John W. Fitch, Cashier.— 
John Fitch, J. N. Clatk, Nathan Pe^^, Jun., Levi Gil- 
bert, 3d« H. White, Russell Hatciikiss^ Elihu Sanfoird, 
Simeon Marble, N. F. Thompson, Directors, 


Incorpofaled, May, 1831— Capital Stock, $500,000 
William Johnson , President. Stepen D. Pardee, Cashier. 
— Hervey Sanfordv Charles Atwater, Samuel St. John, 
Oliver Bryan, Zelotes Day,. David Daggett, Sherman Smitlv 
William Johnson, H. W« Edwards, Dir^ectors. 


Incorporated, May, 1834— Capital stock, $500,000. 

Henry Hotchftiss, President, Ransom Burritt, Cdshier, 
— Henry Hotchkiss, Sieplimi' Bish^p^ Lewis Hotchkis^^ 
Smith Tuttle, Elam Hull, Levereit €rri8wold» Isaac Leav- 
en wdrth, Malthew G.£(Hott, Na^a^iel BaeoE^ Directors'. 


H 41 t RauT** 99 


Chartered in May, 1838. 

Simeon Baldwin, President^ Ro|[er Sherman, James 
Brewster, Leveritt Griswold, Russell Hotcbkiss, Yiee 
Presidents*-^Siephen D. Pardee, Wooster Hotcbkiss, 
Marcus Merriman, Jun. Henry Peck, John W. Fitchc 
Henry .Hoftchkiss, Amos Townsend, Jr. Elihu Atwater, 
John Durrie, Henry White, Trustees, — William G. Hook- 
er, Secretary and Treasurer.-^Henry Hotchkiss, Marcus 
Merriman, Jr. John W. Fitch, Auditors, — Wooster Hotch- 
kiss, Henry White, Amos Townsend, Jr. Stephen D. Par- 
dee, Eiihu Atwater, Loaning Committee. 


, Office* Basement Tontine corner of Church 4" Court 

Nbw York Mail Stage^ leaves daily at i past 8, A. M. 
or on arrival uf Northern Mail, via the R. Road. Passing; 
through Mil ford, Stratford, Bridgport, Fairfield, Southport, 
Westport, Norwalk, Darien, Stamford, Greenwich, Saw- 
Pitts, Rye<, M^mmaroneck, New-Rochelle, East Chester, 
West-Farms and Harlaem, to New York ; returning leaves 
New York from No 21 Bowery, at 7 A. M. and arriving in 
New Haven about 9 P. M. 

Litchfield & Canaan Mail Stage^ leaves New Haven 
on the arrival of the Boat from New York, on Mondays,, 
Wednesdays, & Fridays. Passing through Derby, Hum- 
phreysville, Naugatuck, Waierbury and Watertown, and 
arriving in Litchfield about 10 P. M. Returning, leaves 
Litchfield at 7 A. M., and arriving in New Haven at 4 
P. M. 

Waterbury, Mail Stage, leaves New Haven on Tiles- 
days, Thursdays, and Saturdays, on arrival of the Boat 
from New York, passing through Westville, Bethany^ 
Straitsville, Naugatuck, and arrives at Waterbury about 6 

Farhinqton Matt Stage, leaves New Haven on arrival 
of the Boat from New York, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and 

100 8TA0B BOVTES. 

Satutdays, passing through Haoiden, Cheihire, Southing- 
ton, and Plainfield, and arriving in Farmington, about T 
P. M. 

Hartford Mail Stage leaves Neir Haven at 9 A. M. 
daily, (Sundays excepted) passing through Fair Haven, 
Northford, Durham, Middletown, Rocky Hill and Wcth- 
ersfield, and arriving at Hartford about 6 P. M. 

Edward P. Camp, Proprietor^ 

Clinton & Guilford, leaves Camp's office, Tontine^ 
on the arrival of the N. Y. Boat, on Monday, Wednesdayt 
and Friday, for Guilford; on Tuesday, Thursday, and 
Saturday, for Clinton. 


From Bishop* s HoteL 

Bridgeport, Union Line, daily, at 8 o'clock, through 
Milford, and Stratford, to meet the Bridgport Boat to New 
York, and Housatonic Rail Road. 

Guilford, daily on the arrival of the New York Boat» 
through East Haven and Branford. 

- Derby sl Birmingham, daily, on the arrival of the New 
York Boat. 

Danbury, Wednesday and Saturday, at 7 o'clock, pass« 
ing through Derby, Monroe, and Newtovi^n. 

J. ToMLiNsoN, Agent. 

Bristoll's Line, to Milford, from Bishop's Hotel, three 
^mes a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. 

fprom Eagle Hotel 
Watertown, from Eagle Hotel, on Tuesday and Satur- 
day, at 63 o'clock, through Westville, Naugatuck^ ao4 

Plymouth Hollow, Tuesday and Friday, at6i o'clock^ 
through Westville, Humphreysville and Waterbury. 

Randall A. Wabker, Proprietor. 

Plymouth, Wednesday and Saturday^ at 6| o'clockr 
through Hamden, Cheshire Southington, Plainville, Brir 
tot and Terry ville. Lott Fenit, Proprietor- 


Chister^ Saturday, 6i Q^clock, through North Braih- 
furd, North , Guilford, North Madison, Kiilingworth and 
Deep River. 

New London, leaves Park house, Monday, Wednesday^ 
and Friday, through East Haven, Branford, Guilford, 
Madison, Kiilingworth, Westbrook, and Saybroolc. 

Alvan Wilcox, Proprietor, 

From Quinnipiac Hotel, 

Fair Haven Omnibus^ at 9, 11 A. M. ; 1, S, 5, 7, 
Km. daily, (Sunday excepted.) 


Annual Communion at New Haven 2nd Wednesday ii^ 


Aner Bradley, G, M, Henry Peck, Deputy G. M. Hor- 
ace Goodwin 2d, Senior O. WT Avery C. Babcock, Jun, 
G. W. Benj. Beecher, 6r. Treas, Eliphalet G. Storer, 
G. Sec. Milchel S. Mitchell, Senior G. D. William E, 
Sanford, Jt^nior G, D. Benoni A. Shepherd, G. M. John 
Moore, G. C George Sliumway, Gf. S. Wm. M. Pem- 
berton, William D. Eaton, G. Stewards, John Belcher G# 


Established August, 1750. 
Avery C. Babcock, W. M. William E. Sanford, S. W. 
G. Shumway, J, W. Richard Dodd, Treas. E. G. 
Storer, Sec, F. Croswell, S. Dea. Lee Dunning, J, Dea. 
Isaac Tuttle, Tyler. 


William H. Jr.nes, H, P. Eliphalet G. Storer, K, 
Thos. G. Woodward, S,^ Richard Dodd, Treas. Noah 
Chandler, Sec, Wm. E. Sanford, C. Host, Wm. Siorer, 
Jun., P. Sojourner. Geo. Shumway, R, A. Kapt, Ralph 
Warren, Fred. Daggett, Fred. Croswell, Masters Veils^ 
Itaac Tattle, Tyler. 



Nahnm Flagg, T. L G. M. Eliphalet G. Storer, D. G^ 
M. Marcus Bassett P. Conductor. George Shumway, 
C Guards. Wm. H. Ellis, O. Steward. Samuel Bishopp, 
Treas, Fred. Croswell, Recorder. Isaac Tuttle, Tyleri 


E. G. Storer, G. Commander. Wm. H. Ellis, General- 
issimo. A. H. Woodruff, Capt. General. Nabum Flagg, 
Prelate. William E. Sauford, S. Warden. Fred. Cros- 
well, J. Warden. Richard Dodd, Treas. Benj. Beecher.^ 
/. Recorder. G. Sbumway, Warden. Nahum Hayward» 
Standard Bearer. Ralph Warren, Sword Bearer. Wil- 
lard Lyon, Frederick Daggett, Josiah Brimsmade, Guarck. 
Isaac Tuttle, Sentinel 








PINE English and Common Letter and Writing Paper ; 
Satin Note Paper, white and assorted colors ; Sealing Wax 
of the best quality and of all colors; Transparent, Ara- 
besque and Red Wafers ; Black Sand ; Wood and Jappan« 
ned Sand Boxes ; Pounce and Pounce Boxes ; Wafer 
Cups; Maynard Hsb Noyes' celebrated Ink, in bottles of all 
sizes ; Arnold's Writing Fluid ; Motto Seals ; Letter 
Stamps; Ivory and Bone Paper Cutters; Gillespie's Pa- 
teat Portable Quill Pens ; Sieel Pens, a great variety ; 
Silver Pencils ; Enameled Visiting Cards. 

Di awing: Materials. 

Newman's and Boston's fine wati*r Colors; FhikSancers; What' 
man's Drawing Paper, Bristol Boards ; -Cohen's Lead Penciis; Black 
and White Crayons; Red Lead Pencils; Sable ^nd Camel's Hair 
Pencils ; Porcelain Paiot Slabs and Pallets ; India Inic ; Patent India 
Rubber; Stumps; Drawing Books. 


Rodgers* Pen, Pocket and Desk Knives ; Wade Sl Botcber^s cal0- 
braCed Razors— warranted good. 


An extensive assortment of Songs, Daetts, Marches, Waltzes and ' 
Rondos, arranged for tbe Piano ; Music PAper ; Tuning Hammers 
•nd Forks ; 




Imported by the advertisers* direct from one of the most celebrated 
manufacturers in Europe — all of which will be sold on tbe most favo^ 
able terms. 



C;<^taining about 3000 volumes; U> wbicb new publicatioaf nfn ^dd9d 
m» fast at they appear. 

104 iKK-VA^l.- A B« K R'TIiSKft. 


JVo. 43 (eabt bide) Oi*aiige Sfcect. 


Cabinet Fnmlliire, Chairs, Slc* 


CtTSHIO.^S, inddll aniclea in the Upholster)' line. 

lUtdj made COFFINS, oriill eizFsalwiijs on Land. 

|3*Wt ibaU Uj to gJTeaarcuitoaMn eMire utufteKM. 



No* 40 Orant^e Street— west Side^ 

Maj be round the IsrgeM and moat faahionable uBOitioeiil ever ofTered 
in this city; coinpriunga •plemlid variely of Hose-wood and Mahogany 
SOFAS I Pier, Wotk lad 6entre TfiBLES. 

Also, a lueo anoitmoiiLofPlain and U«l«l EUBNITURE. 


106 AVJgVkh ASVSftTiSER. 




No* 42 (west side) Orangre Street, 

(First door sootii of Chapel Street) 
May be found a General Assortment of 


Of new and different patterns ; 

Bureaus, Tables, Bedsteads, Ottomau^s 

and Footstools, 

Of almost all patterns and prices ; 

Of many ditferent patterns and prices, varying from 75 cents to 97tOU. 


Feathers, Beds, MCatresseSi 6l^. 

of the first order, both as respects tone and qnality, always on hand, 
m* All orders promptly attended to. 


23 Orang^e st. (Between Chapel 4* Crot^^n sts.) 

Where may be fonnd Adams' Patent Swell-Beam Bed* 
steads ; Mahogany, Plain, and Curl Maple Bedsteads ; 
together with Bedsteads of every description. 





Ifeno Haven^ June 1842« 


At 39 Orange Street. 

The subscriber manvfactures and keeps constantly onhand 

every Deseriptioii of 

CABINET FURNITURE, QHAIRS, &c. at reasonable 
rates. Call and see, 

|I3* Repairing done at short notice. 

B. B. mThUGHE S, 

Smyottet of 




Is regularly recemn^ snpplies of HARDWARE of his own Im-. 
portation, embracinff most of the articles wanted in this market. His 
assortment is very full, and is offered to purchasers at the lowest prices 
for cash or on approved credit. 



SUBSCRIPTIONS leeeived for all works poUiahed in this eonntrv, and many •€ 
time vablished in Karopte. Works deliv«?rat FREE OF POSTAGE AND CAR^ 
RIAGE to Substribert in the city of New Haven and towns in the Tietnity, and lbr> 
wacdad by mail to all parts of the United States, Canadas, and Europe. 

Mr. WUion^s arrangements are so extensive that ha can fnroish Works from Mij 
part of Europe, at very short noticei Mr. W. is a||;ent for over One Hundred Ameri- 
can and Thirty European Feriodicals. His correspondence is probably the most exten- 
sive of any establishment in this eonntry^the most valuable of the Monthly and- 
^nartfrly Manfazines are to be found on his table. He^ flatten himself that within a 
year, his agency will be the most extensive of any in the wor/^— as- he it now maldnt- 
arnuiKemeuu for the leei ipc of German Reviews,— Austrian, Swiss, Itafian and Span- 
ish works, in addition to his larspe corraspondenee for English, Frendi, Irish and 
Seoteh works. The saving to the inhahiunu of New Haven and vieinity, vitbin the . 
b^C lix iQonths,by this C^ee^l^ b^n lislng ^300, in posuget. 





(^tinder .Stores* Cooking Stoma for W^ooa 

and CoaL 

Copper, Tin, and Sheet Iron ware. 


THE subBcriberB offer Tor sole at the old stand of Nathaniel Lyon, wid 
recently occupied by Haatineg & Smitb, B larije iseOTtment of OLM- 
STED'S PATKNT 8TOVG»<, which itill maiunin their inperority 
over evBiy other Stove for Pulors Chambepi, Halls, and Nurseries. 

TheyaUo manafactnre every Tiriaty orCylinderacd Box Btov«s, of 
Sheet Iron. 

dl*o. CurtiB, patent Iron bedsteads ; and deiden in BiouM Hontd- 
iag, English oroamenta, Malleable Callings. 

COOKING STOVES, orall the approved kinds, incinding aome 
neiv paderni fbr nood and coal, — imoDi which are tjniith's Patent 
FANCY STOVE AND OVEN, uniting beauty, Konomy and eS- 
riency, in a luperior degree. 


Engliah and Rnraia Iron STOVES PIPB) Coal Hodii Stova* iv 
bricJisd nadput in perfect order, at alow rate. CitcidarBrirhSi. TriiD- 
■uiaga, tar sals by the quantity. 

OffotUe Iki Btrald QfiK, 



yo.S9 Chapel St. 
Keep alvay^ on hanfl h varietf of all kinds of Cokch 
■nd Carriaire LAMPS, and are conetanlly manuiactunng to 
order. Uly* All otdera from the eountry will be ezecutrd 
with neatness and despatch, and on the moat favorable 







H AI.I, 




A great variety of 


Russia and American Pipe — Zino — Brilannis, Copper, Tin 

and Japanned Ware, on the most reasonable lertna. 
113^ J<rtloilkS done at short noftee, mii in DU ieat 




Kespectfully inform the public and iheir friends that ibey 
eontinne to carry on their buHJne as of SQiB-SJq (S^lRa 
SyASHIBH''E^ll3 (SS ©HliilUB PainliDg, in all ita 
various branches, al iheir old stand 36^ Orange Bt. (aouth 
of Chapel.) P3°I4. B. Furniture and Chairs of everyde- 
scripiion, old and new, varnished, painted, and polished 
in the best possible manner. Alan all Iliads of Oil Oilding 
done with neatness. 


House, Sign, aad Oruamentid Painters, 

Alh 9 OMtM:£lSOJV ,gJCM^V, 



I SIGN 01 

AHB e T e r y 

^viamaM DE- 


Respectrullv announce to their friends and the public, 
that they have taken rooms in the Marble Blookt 
Chapel st.^ where they will execute in first style all 

siirls of 

Sign ^ Fancy Painting, Military Standards, Transpa- 
rencies, ^c. ^c. 

All those who may favor them with their patronage may 
be HSKUred of strict punctuality to all orders, with the as* 
surance of good vrork and most reasonable prices. 

{Cj'TrHiisparenl window shades of all descriptions pain- 



All orders will be promptly attended to, and executed in > 

» . M. STONE, OrcMtect, 

Clivei Deftigne, and siiperintenfhi ihe erection of Building 
Q^e in Pkainix Buildings. 






Silver Table, Tea, Deaseri, Salt and Mustard Spooaa, Sugar Tongs, 
Butter Knives, Soup Ladies, &c. of our own manufacture — silver 
warranted as pure as coin. Also Silver Plated and German SUver 
Table and Tea Spoons 

Ivory Balance Handle Knives and Forks, Bone and Horn, low pric- 
ed do., Rogers, Wostenholm^s and Crookes, Fine Pen and Pocket 
Knives, Scissors of all kinds, Elliot's, Rogers and Wade & Butcben 
celebrated Razors. 

Gold and Silver Spectacles, manufactured at wholesale and reUul,— 
abo Steel and Plated. Microscopes, Ctuizzing, Opera and Spy Gluses 
—new glasses fitted to old frames, and no pains spared to suit the 
inost difficult 


JW^ches^ Clocks, Aeeordions, Kwie B«ie«, and 

tfl kinds of Jewelry neatly REPAIRED, at short notice, and Wil^ 
tanted to give satisfaction or the money refunded. 

Colfege and SMsietf Badgea made to otdw •« diert BOtiot* 

Manufacturers of Gold and Silver Spectacles^ Spoons ^c 

Ibeef ettmtatitlyfor mIc, a good attortraent of OoM and Silver Daplex, Lever, Le- 
slie and Vertieal Watches ; Gold Guard and Fob ChaiDs of diB^rent pattemt ; Gold 

and Plated Guard keys and Seals ; Breast Pins, Finger Kings, Gold and Plated ^ 

Loekeu, Minhitare Settings, Gold and Silver Pencils, Silver and Steel Top Thin- il 

blet. Card Caset, ^k Purses, Gilt and Steel Parse Rings. Gold, Gilt and Jett Snaps, ; 

Muiic Boxes, Aeeovdions vith single and doable keys, MaUiematical Jnstnunoita, \ 

Thennometers, Poeket Books and Coral Necklaces, Steel Cliains; Keys and Tweezeia. \ 
Fanev Boxes, iSiir, Cloth and Tooth Brushes, Dressing Combs, Perfhmery, Fancy 

Goods, &e. i 

Plated Britannia and Japanned Ware. « 

Elegant Revolving Castors, Cake Baskets, Candle Sticks, Snuffers 
and Trays, Britannia Teafand Coffee Pots, Lamps, Tea Trays, &c. 


of erery desctiplion, wholeHale and relailj 
No. IS Phcenlx Bulldlngr, {up stairs.) 

Oheap, CftA Tailorte? SstabUikBimt, 

No. 5 Street's Building — Srf story, 
(cor of Stale and Chapel sis.) 
UeeUemeD's Clotbing of every description made up at 
sttert notice, in the beet manner and most faahionable slyle. 
Giolhing manufactured at UnseBtablishment, is ivarranted 
to give entire SBtiBfaclion- Gfintleinen who wish to prac- 
tice economy in the preaeni bard limes, can not do better 
than call on the Hnb^criber, where they can have a first rale 

M*6e for - - - $5,00 Coat? cut for • - 50 Cts. 
PutslooRB, - • \,2& Panta, - - • • 1^ eta. 

Ve«« 1,85 Vests, - - - - 18 cts. 

Short Jaeketa, - - 26 cts. 
flT* ParticDin atlanfimi paM to«utliBg (or otken to make np. 
Tba laKM N«w York, Londoa and Para faihiDH recsived moulbl; ■ 



No. 7 Exchange Place. 

The inburfter hu on hand a large ud ixtemivr ajsMtawitf at 
Hate, Caps, BootB and Shoes, 

and is constantly manufacturing, of every deBCnption, 
which he will sell, at wholesale or retail, as cheap as »t 
any.i.nikremblishmentin^thHc. g. ^ F. TUTTLE. 



Executed in a Buperior style, at the ahortoat notice, and 
on the most reasonable terms— for cash. No. 68 Oron^'e 


Saddle, Harness, Trunk, and Valise Manufacturer, 

No, 115 Chapel sty New Havens Ct. 

Haa for sale — Coach, Gig, Wagon and Cart Harness ; 
with plated, brass, a&d japanned trimmings. Saddles, Bri> 
dies, Martingals, Halters, Collars, Circingles, and Girths. 
Patent Folio, Hard Leatlier and Common Trunks, Yalisea, 
Ladies' Hat Cases, Carpet Bars, Fire Buckets, Whips, 
Bitts, Stirrups, and Buffalo Robes. 

iJCt* Repairing done at short notice. Old Harness, Sad- 
dles and Trunks taken in exchange for new'. 

Botanic Practice of Medicine. 


Would call the attention of his friends, and the public 
generally, to his establishment. No. 33 Orang^e St*^ 

founded and maintained strictly on Thomsonian principles; 
and would respectfully give notice that he continues the 
Practice of Medicine in every variety and form of dis- 

Dr. S. keeps constantly on hand and for sale all kinds 
of BOTANIC MEDICINES, prepared by himself, and 
wnvranted to be of the best quality, and as. cheap as can be 
found at any place in the city. 

Courses of Medicine administered at the shortest notice. 

Teeth extracted for % cents ; claldren 12 1-2. 


New Havcn^ June 1842« 


O.I «. « .^ - ,r r ^ 11 ■ ' - I - -■ »«""««.»»■ ~- 

Streets and Aveaues, - - - - 3 — 5 

List of Name«, - - - - - 9—® 

Recapitulation, ^^ — 9^ 

Churches, -..--- 87 

City Officers, ..... 89 

Town »• . - n . - - 89 

Courts in Connecticut, - - - - 90 

Post Office, ...--- 91 

Fire Department, - • • - - 91—92 

Literary Institutions, ,- - - - 9^—93 

Ladies Seminaries, . - - - 93 — ^94 

Societies, - - - - - - 94—97 

Banks, - ^ 

Stage Routes, ..... 99—101 

Masonic Notices, - - - - - 101—102 

Advertisements, 103>— 115 

-" i II > I . 1 1 r r I ■ • ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ .■■■■■■ . ■» ■■■ p^ 


N. S. E. W. for the several points of the compass— n. 
near— b. between — ^li. house — fr. from — c* comer — Av. 
avenue — op. opposite— ^b. above — ^be^ below — junc. junc- 
tion— Y. C. Yale College. 

The names of streets are given without the superfluous 
repetition of the word street.