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Full text of "Prime : the descendants of James Prime, who was at Milford, Conn., in 1644, with some names in allied families"

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The Descendants 
of James Prime 



Presented to Princeton Theological Seminary 

By the Hev. Wendell Prime, D.t>. 

To be Kept Always as a Separate Collection. 




James Prime, 





YONKER8, N. Y.: 




The family name " Prime" is without doubt of Flemish 
origin, and at different times has been spelled interchang- 
ably Priem, Prime, Pry me, de la Prjme. From the year 1179 
to the year 1680 there were sixteen of the name who were 
chief magistrates of the city of Ypres, in Flanders. After 
the persecution of the Walloons in the Low Countries by 
the Duke of Alva, the name appears frequently in Eng- 
land among the Flemish refugees at London, at Norwich 
and in Yorkshire and in other country districts of 
England. In the registers of the Church Austin Friars in 
London, also in the registers of the Walloon 
Church at Norw^ich, England, wdll be found 
the same person entered in different places under the 
names Priem, Prime and Pryme. It is difficult, at this 
length of time, to trace the connection of the American 
family with the English family of that name, owing to the 
lack of care to preserve the record, whence came those 
who fled to America ; but the effort may yet succeed. 

The pages which follow, have been prepared and 
printed for private circulation, and the copies printed 
are limited in number. It is not known that any at- 
tempt has before been made to cover the same ground. 
The first attempt of such a kind must necessarily contain 
many errors and show many omissions. No one branch 
of a family, even in a family so few in the aggregate, can 
ever know without error, all that is necessary to make such a 
w^ork accurate and full. The compiler of these pages, has, 
by communicating as far as he could with all persons likely 

to know, endeavored to make the miitter correct as far as 
it goes. There are dates of births, marriages, deaths, names 
of children which ought to be added ; also the residences 
of all whose residence can be lea.raed. It will be esteemed 
a favor, if any person, under whose eyes these pages fall, 
will kindly send, (without any delay), to the conipiier, 
information in that line, to be used in any su^^sequent 
printing of the work ; also informr.tion of any errors in 
the work as it now appears. No doubt many such errors 
will appear. My correspondence in the securing infor- 
mation for this work, has shown a m(:>st remarkable lack 
of appreciation of the value of accuracy. I have letters 
from the same persons in which the same name is spelled 
at least in two ways, and different dates of birth, death 
and marriage given liy the same writer as of the same 
person. In such cases the nec:3ss?iry choice by me may 
have been of the wrong date or oi the wrong spelling. 

The Prime family formerly of B-owley, Mass., descend- 
ants of Mark Prime, are supp<.>sed to be of the same fam- 
ily as these, the descendants of James Prime. Mark 
Prime and James Prime, believed to have been brothers, 
both came to America together or nearly together, and 
each consorted with the same kind of people — emigrants 
w^ho apparently came from Yorkshire, Enghmd, and there 
is reason to think that another member of the same fam- 
ily settled in North Carolina about the same time. The 
members of the family descended from Mark Prime v/e 
know all about. Any iuf formation tending to confirm the 
behef stated, as to the North Carolina settler, and infor- 
mation of any living representatives of that family, v/ill be 
gratefully received by the v/riter of these pages. 

The name "Prime" appears here and there in other lines ^ 
which most diligent effort fails to trnce, and if such be- 
long to the family of James or Mark, Vmit fact has not yet 
been made to appear. It is possible that the name so 
used by such, is not in its original form. 

The sniiiU immber of persons of the name " Prime," in 
the ei^hfc geiieratioDS whose uames appear on 
these pages, is remarkable, when we regard 
the much greater niimb€>r in almost every 
American family of a.s long residence in this country. 
It may be, and probablj^ is, a fact, that there are persons 
whose n^mes should appear, whom it has not been possible 
to j&nd. The writer at times heard of the name, at different 
periods in the past, as the name of persons residing 
in the northern part of New York State, also in 
Iowa, also in Oregon, who may be entitled to a place in 
this recurd, but he has not been able by inquiries and 
letters to materialize thein. Any ini'oimation of any 
such persons, he will be glad to receive. 

Blanks and spaces are necessarily- left in the record on 
these pages where no information has been obtained of a 
date, or a place, or a name. To those who can fill these 
blanks, the book will be- made more satisfactory, and the 
compiler will be glad to have the information which will 
make every part of the record conjplete and perfect. 

Such a book as this, often becomes of larger inter est, 
when collateral family connections are added. It is hope d 
that a few such additions in the way of foot notes and 
appendices will not be without interest. 

YoNKEES, December, 1894. R. E. P. 


Tlio ID©sco3:ac3.a-ia.ts of J' ZF'i-ino.o. 

a. James Prime, born in England, was in New Haven 
1638 ; was at Milford, Com)., 1644 ; on the map of Mil- 
ford (Wcpowang) dated 1646, James Prime appears as a 
lot owner ; he was made freeman 1669 ; he died 1685 ; 
his wife survived him. He left a considerable estate in 
personal property as well as in lands, but no will has 
been found. A record appears in the Probate Court of 
New Haven Count}^, of an inventory of his personal prop- 
erty. He left children, one record says three sous 
and five daughters, but the names of three children only 
can be found. 

a. James 2d. born 

K Sarah, wife of Thomas Prior. 

c. Rebecca, wife of Walter Smith. 


a.a, James Prime, 2d., born. He 

possibly removed to New Milford, Conn., or at least was a 
large land owner there in 1702. He ma}^ have actually lived 
at New Milford or at Washington, Conn., as tradition in the 
family says. If he resided there at any time he had re- 
turned, and was made freeman at Milford, Conn., 171B. 
He died July 18, 1736, being then as is said of the age 
of 103 years, which, if true, would make 1633 the year of 
his birth, and would possibly mean that he was born in 
England, as the first record of his fatlier in 
America is 1638. His will is dated September 23, 1732, 
and was probated September 6, 1736, at Milford. His 


wife Sarah died at Milford, August 20, 1721; cliurch 
records show that she was admitted to the church at Mil- 
ford January 30, 1694 They had ten children. 

a. James Prime, 3d 

h. Martha, wife of Prindle. 

c. Ehzabeth. 

d Joseph Prime, baptised February 7, 1696 ; 

e. Ebenezer Prime, born July 21, 1700 ; 

f. Sarah, wife of Plumb. 

g. Bebecca, wife of (^lark. 
h. Mary, wife of Ford. 

i. Deborah, said to have married Adine Strong. 
j. Plannah. 


a.a.a. James Prime, 3d., born probably at Milford, 
Conn.; he purchased the rights of his father at New Mil- 
ford, and removed to New MiKord as early as 1716 or 
earlier ; he was deacon in the church at New Milford in 
1725 ; died ; he married Anna 

and had five children. 
a, William Prime. 
h. Martha, wife of Gideon Noble, born 1719. 

c. James Prime, born March 15, 1720. 

d. Hannah, born June 11, 1723. 

e. Mabel, born April 23, 1725. 

a.a.d. Joseph Prime, born ; baptised Feb- 

ruary 7, 1696; he settled at Soathbury, Conn.; died 
1757 ; he married Sarah Eoot, January 8, 1728, and they 
had five children. 

a. Desire, wife of Azariah Root. 

h. Sarah, wife of Ichabod Tuttle. 

c. . Betty. 

d. Joseph Prime, born October 13, 1736. 

e. Benjamin Prime, born August 19, 1739. 

a.a.e. Ebenezor Prime, born July 21, 1700 ; baptised 
July 28, 1700 ; lie wiis two years in Yale College with 
Jonathan Edwards, and graduated from Yale College 1718; 
he was licensed to preacli the gospel in 1719 ; preached 
his first sermon at Huntington, L. I.^ June 21, 1719 ; he 
served as assistant minister to Rev. EUphalet Jones for 
four years, and was tijen ordained and installed pastor of 
the churcli at Huntington, L. L, June 5, 1723; he was 
pastor of the church at Huntington, Long Island, New 
York, from 1723 to 1779 ; lie was a student and a scholar, 
and collected a remaikable library for his times, rich in 
tlje classics and in theology ; he was a revolutionary pat- 
riot of the most pronounced type, and so well known that 
v;hen the British troops came to Huntington and en- 
camped in the .^Taveyr.rd, his grave was desecrated as of a 
well ascertained and much hated rebel; he with other 
ministers organized tiie Presbytery of Suffolk, April 18, 
1747, and was its first Moderator; he died October 2, 
1779, and was buried in the old graveyard at Huntington, 
L. I., where his grave is nov/ seen ; he 
married October 2, lTl?j, Margaret Sylvester, 
who died September 2G, 1726, and tliey 
had two children, Ebenezer and Margaret ; he married 
November 12, 1730, Experience Youngs, and they had 
three children, Mary, Sarah and Benjamin Youngs, and 
she died January 1, 1734 ; he married M;U'ch 11, 1751, 
Hannah Carll, (widow) and they had two children, Ebe- 
nezer and Experience, and she died February 9, 1776. 

a. Ebenezer Prime, born July 11, 1724, died Octo- 
ber 20, 1742. 

h, Margaret, wife of Rev. James Brown. 

c. !,lary, wife of Israel Yv^ood. 

d. S?xrah, born SepI ember 15, 1732, died December 

12, 1732. 

e. Benjamin Youngs Prime, born December 20, 1733. 
/. Ebenezer, born July, 1751, died 

g Experience, wife of Peck. 


a.a.a.a. William Prime, born died 

married October 31, 1739, Sarah, daughter of Henry 
Garlick, and had five children. 

a. James Prime, born August 25, 1740. 

h. Elizabeth, born January 6, 1742. 

c. Amos Prime, born October 30, 1744. 

d. Sarah, wife of Josiah Smith, jr., bom December 

3, 1749. 

e. Asa Piime, born July 15, 1753. 

a.a.d.d. Joseph Prime, born October 13, 1736, bap- 
tised October 17, 1736; lived at New Milford or Wash- 
ington, Conn., and moved thence to Lanesborough, Mass., 
and later to Canada, (ms. sketch of Prime family) ; he 
died March 17, 1811, and he was buried at New Haven 
Mills, Vt.; he married October 30, 1764, Hannah 
King, who died October 11, 1821, and was buried at New 
Haven Mills, Vermont ; they had nine children. 

a. Grant Prime, born February 12, 1766. 

b. Sarah, born December, 1767. 

c. Moses Prime, born June 13, 1770. 

d. Joseph Prime. 

e. Benjamin Prime. 
/. John Prime. 

g. Lamson Prime, born September 23, 1783. 
. h. Andalusia, born July 23, 1786. 
I Laura, born July 23, 1 786. 

a.a.d.e. Benjamin Prime, born August 19, 1739 ; he 
was a graduate of Yale in 1761 ; he was first a minister of 
the gospel, then became a business man ; then again re- 
turned to preaching and became the minister of the 
Church at Deer Park, Orange County, N. Y.; he died at 


Deer Park, June 11, 1823 ; he married Mary Jackson, 
who was born May 18, 1754, and who died about 1814; 
they had nine children. 

a. Ann Marshal, born October 17, 1772. 

b. Ebenezcir Youngs Prime, born December 7, 1781, 

at Salisbury, Conn.; died 1842; is said to 
have married a Miss Shaw. 

c. Isaac Miller Prime, born July 13, 1783, at Srdis- 

bury. Conn., and died about 1803; married 

Mary FuUerton ; they had two children, both 

of whom died very young. 
cl. James Hector Prime, born July 13, 1785. 
e. Alma Den Prime, born January, 1787, and died 

in youth. 
/. Benjamin Erastus Prime, born April 29, 1789, 

in Vermont ; went to Buenos Ayres, South 

g, Samuel Jackson Prime, born September 13, 1791. 
.h. Maria Althea, wife of Palmer ; no;* record 

of date of birth ; died 1870 ; left one child, 

Mrs. A. E. J. King, of Greenup, Greenup 

Co., Ky. 
^. John Aretus Prime, born November 25, 1827, 

and removed to Mexico ; married 

said to have lost his wife and all his children ; 

nothing further is known. 

a.a.e.e. Benjamin Youngs Prime, born December 20, 
1733, at Huntington, L. I.; baptised December 20, 1733; 
he entered the College of New Jersey, (Princeton 
College,) and graduated therefrom in September* 
1751 ; he had for classmate and friend. Gen- 
eral Nathaniel Scudder, afterward of Eevolutionary 
fame ; he was tutor in Princeton College in 1756 ; 
in 1760 he received the honorary degree of A. M. from 
Yale College ; on June 16, 1762, he sailed for England; 


on the voyage the ship \Tas a*;tackod by n French priva- 
teer and he vvas badly wounded ; he spent some time in 
Edinburgh and London in medical shi-lies, and then en- 
tered Leyden University in Holland, from •.vhich ho re- 
ceived the medical doctor's decree July 7, 1764; he trav- 
eled to Moscow, in Russia, and rt^fcurned to New York ; 
he commenced the pr letice of medicine in New York City, 
and afterward for his undisguised patriotic Bentiments 
both written and spoken, vvas compelled to leave that 
city; he had the name of being one of the " Sons of Lib- 
erty," and of having participa.ted in tlie destruclion of the 
statue of George III; he went from New York to Hunt- 
ington, L. I., and practiced medicine there; he was a pro- 
nounced Revolutionary patriot, and wrote many songs of 
freedom during and before the war of the Revolution ; 
he was a poet, a 'vriter, and cme of tlie best classical 
scholars of his time ; he spoke five modern 
languages and used the Latin and Greek with great facility ; 
he painted his ov/n portrait now in possession of the family; 
he died October 3i, 1791; he married December 18> 
1774, Mary Wheelright, widow of Rev. Tames Greaton ; 
she was a descendant in the fifth generfition from Rev. 
John Wheelright *, of early Massachusetts history ; she 
was born July 10, 1744, died March 7, 1835. Benjamin 
Youngs Prime and his wife Mary V/heelright are both 
buried in the old burying ground at Huntington, L. I. 
They had five children. 

a. Ebenezer Prime, born October 7, 1775. 

b. Liberty, born at Wethersfield, Conn., October 13, 

1777, and died May 20, 1855 ; married Ithiei 
Wetnjore, and they had six children, Ebenezer 
Walter, Julia Ann, Maria, Erastus, Egbert, 
Cornelia Submit. 

c. Ann ^Vlieelnght, born at New Haven, Godu., 
January 10 , 1780, died September 18, 1813. 

* For Wheelright allied liaa see Appendix A. 


d. ISlvLTj Wood, born at Kew Haven, Conn., Sep- 

teml'>or 11, 1782, and she married Abel Ketch- 
am, Febrnary 25, 1835, and they had three 
children, Edward Woodhnil, Hannah Amelia, 
Ebenezer Prime. 

e. Nathaniel Sciidder Prime, born April 21, 1785. 


a.a.a.a.e. Asa Prime, born July 15, 1753, died April 
6, 1817 ; married Jime 25, 1777, Phoebe Eesigii<s who 
was l)orn April 30, 1754, and died February 9, 1815, and 
they }iad foi*r children. 

' a. Wilham Prime, born Jure 7, 1773. 

b. Phoebe, wife of Abel Canfield, born May 4, 1780. 

They had four children, William, Alauson M., 
Ralph E. and Eeb^cca. 

c. Jane, \\ife of Hamuel Tread well, born November 


d. Asa Prime, born November 16, 179]. 

CLC.d.d.a. Grant Prime, l>orn February 12, 17G6, at 
Woodbury, Conn., died at P)ristol Flats, Vt., Ay)ril 17, 
18(7 1 ; married Janunry 5, 1792, Electa, daughter of 
Capt. Giles Dov/d, who v/as born 1769, and died l>ecem- 
ber 15, 1849. They liad eight children 

a. Alma, wife of John Dunshee, born October 15, 

1792, died September 29, 1850. They had 
nine children, Albert, RoUin, Alma, John, 
Franklin, Harriet, Daniel Parmalee, Darwin 
and Louisa. 

b. Sally P., wife of James Dart, born September 18, 

1794, died 1887. They had two children, 
Franklin and Celestia. 
c Jolm Grant Prime^ born September 19, 1796 ; 
manied Ehza Dunshee; had no children; 
died 1873. 


d. Oce:in Bacon Prime, born November 30, 1799. 

e. Electa, wife of Kiley Sprague, bora May 18, 

1802 ; died 1846 They had seven children, 
Henry M., Amy M., Ford W., Wealthea E., 
Alson, Kiley T^aud Alfred T. 

/. Amy, born Jmie 23, 1803 died 1826. 

g. Henry Hamilton Prime, born March 27. 1809. 

h. A daughter born January 5, 1812, died same day. 

a.a.d,d.c. Moses Prime, born June 13, 1770, died 
July 31, 1853 ; married May 1, 1792, Mary Chilson, who 
was born March 31, 1775, and died March 12, 1863, 
and they had eleven children. 

a. Horace Prime, born February 16, 1793, died 

January 14, 1881. 

b. Nathaniel Prime, born March 21, 1795, died 

September 22, 1853. 

c. Laura, born March 29, 1797; died, 

d. Noble E. Prime, born July 12, 1799 ; died 

e. Thomas Merrill Prime, born August 28, 1800. 
/. Emily Mary, born April 26, 1804, died Sep- 
tember 16. 1876. 

g. Benjamin N. Prime, born June 27, 1806 ; died. 

h. Cyrus C. Prime, bora September 11, 1808 

i. George W Prime, born May 1, 1811. 

j\ Ehas Parker Prime, born June 19, 1813. 

k. Angeline, born July 12, 1817. 

o.a.d.e.d. James Hector Prime, born July 13, 1785 ; 
at Salisbury, Conn.; died Februaiy 25, 1863 ; married 
November 14, 1814, JuHa, daughter of William Mullock, 
of Deer Park, N. Y., and she was born January 13, 1794, 
and died May 16, 1873, and they had ten children. 

a. Charles Mortimer Prime, born December 15, 

1815, died November 6, 1817. 

b. Clarissa Ann, born August 25, 1817, died Octo- 


ber 31, 1873. 

c. Louisa Maria, wife of Alexander M. Borlanrl, 

born July 7, 1819 ; resides at Hankins, N. 
Y.; their children were LesUe L., and James 

d. James Wickham Prime, born May 5, 1821. 

e. Emily Frances, wife of Coe Blizzard, born Octo- 

ber 6, 1823, died February 27, 1863. They 

had three children , Gertrude and 

/. JuHa Mullock, born December 13, 1825, died 

November 25, 1842. 
g. John Milton Prime, born November 5, 1827. 
h. Mary Ehzabeth, born January 16, 1829, died 

an infiint. 
i. Nancy Amanda, born November 16, 1832, died 

an infant. 
j. Virginia, wife of Stephen Penney, born February 

17, 1835, died February 18, 1883. 

a.a.d.e.g. Samuel Jackson Prime, born September 13, 
1791, at Salisbury, Conn.; died February 6, 1852; mar- 
ried February 15, 1821, Julia Seely, who was born Octo- 
ber 16, 1796, and died March 1829, and they had two 

a. A child who died in infancy. 

b. Sarah M., wife of Hawley Corwin, of Fmitland, 

Iowa ; born 1822. Their children are Juha, 
Alice, George H., Carohne, and four others 
who died. 

a.a.e.e.a Ebeuezer Prime, born at Huntington, L. I., 
October 7, 1775, died F^^bruary 20, 1842 ; he married 
January 1, 1805, Experience Conklin, who was born Oc- 
tober 3, 1784, died August 6, 1860. They had twelve 


a. Matilda, bora December 14, 1805, died January 
18, 1813. 

h. Marviefcta, born November 27, 1807, died Janu- 
ary 20, 1808. 

c. Edward Young Prime, born December 12, 1808- 

d. Ezra Conklin Prime, born December 20, 1810. 

e. Henry Eutgers Prime, born March 18, 1813. 

f. William Cowper Prime, born Ja-nuarj^ 23, 1815> 

died January 22, 1824. 

g. Ann Wheelright, born January 11, 1817; mar- 

ried Wilson Beardsley March 28, 184S, and 
died December 5, 1893. They had three chil- 
dren, Margaret Brown, Emily, W^alter Avery. 

h. Claudius Buchanaan Prime, born February 11, 

i. Mary Wheehi'^hfc, born November 9, 1821, and 
died October 7, 1893. She married James 
Cole, April 11, 1850, and they had four chil- 
dren, Edward Prime, Harlem Page, George 
Washington, and another son. 

j. Sarah Conklin, bom August 5, 1823 ; resides at 
Huntington, L. I. 

k. Margaret Brown, born May 22, 1825, died June 

I. Nathaniel Scudder, bom August 19, 1828. 

a.a.e.e.e. Nathaniel Scudder Prime, born at Hunting- 
ton, L. I., April 21, 1785 ; his father died when he was 
only six years old, yet he was not deprived of a liberal 
education, and was prepared for and entered Princeton 
College in 1801, and graduated September 26th, 1804 ; 
October 1, 1804, commenced a theological course 
under Kev. William Schenck at Huntington, L. I., and 
also October 7, 1804, became Superintendent or Principal 
of the academy at tliat place ; he was licensed to preach 
the gospel by the Presbytery of Long Island at Hunting- 


ton, L. I., October 10,1805; he spent some time at 
home missiona,ry work, and was ordained October 24, 
1809 ; he preached by direction of Presbytery for a 
loi>g time at Sag Ha.rbor ; for two years at Smithtown and 
Fresh Pond, L. I.; for ten months at Milton Centre, 
Saratoga Co., N. Y.; he became July 14, 1813, pastor of 
the Pi-esbyterian Chm^ch at Cambridge, N. Y., called the 
" Old White Meeting Honse," and there remained mi til 
about 1830 ; he was Principal of the Washington Acad- 
emy at Cambridge, and afterward of Mt. Pleasant Acad- 
emy at Sing Sing ; for some time preaching in the Pres- 
byterian Ciiurch at that place ; he removed to Newburgh, 
Orange (bunty, November 4, 1835 ; to Williamsburgh in 
1843 ; on April 11, 1846, began preaching on a tem- 
porary engagement in Newark, N. J.; on May 16, 1847, 
went to Balston Spa, wdiere he remained until December 
3, 1849 ; the early months of 1850 he preached at Batter- 
milk Falls ; for about nix months from November, 1850, 
he preached at Scotchtown, Orange County, and then re- 
moved to Williamsburgh, L. I. He was Trustee of Mid- 
dlebury CoUege, 1822-26, and Trustee of Williams Col- 
lege 1826-31 ; received the degree of S. T. D. from 
Princeton College in 1848 ; he was an educator, a preacher, 
a voluminous writer, and one of the best classical scholars 
of his time ; he was an accomplished Latin and Greek 
scholar, so much so that he enjoyed the reading aloud of 
liatin and Greeli authors, by other members of his family. 
He was a positive character, and determined, fearless, un- 
compromising and tireless, in all matters which he deemed 
questions of right.. He died at Mamaroneck, Westchester 
Co., N. Y., March 27, 1856. He married July 5, 1808, 
Julia Ann Jermain *, daughter of Major John Jermain, 
of Sag Harbor ; she was born January 31, 1789, and she 
died at White Plains, Westchester Co., N. Y., August 24, 

* For Jermain, Joi\lan, Pierson and Howell allied lines, 
see Appendices B, C, and D. 


1874. Nathaniel Scudder Prime and Julia Ann Jermain, 
his wife, are both buried in the cemetery of The Ever- 
greens, Brooklyn, N. Y. They had seven children. 

a. Maria Margaretta, wife of A. P. Cummings, born 
August 14 1809. Their child is Corneha 
Josephine, wife of James L. Truslow, and they 
have two children, Frederick and Alice. 
h. Alanson Jermain Prime, born March 12, 1811. 

c. Samuel Irenasus Prime, born November 14, 1812. 

d. Edward Dorr GrifSn Prime, born November 2, 

1814 ; graduated from Union College in 1832 ; 
taught three years in Mt. Pleasant Academy at 
Sing Sing, N. Y.. as assistant to his father ; he 
commenced the study of medicine while teach- 
ing, but in the autumn of 1835 decided to study 
for the gospel ministry, and entered Princeton 
Theological Seminary and graduated there- 
from in the Class of 1838, and was hcensed to 
preach the gospel by the Presbytery of North 
Kiver, and was called to become assistant to Rev. 
Methuselah Baldwin, pastor of the Presbyterian 
Church at Scotchtown, Orange County, N. Y,, 
and was ordained and became collegiate pastor 
June 12, 1839, and became sole pastor in 
1847. September 26, 1839, he married Maria 
Darhngton Wilson of Princeton, N. J. In 
November, 1850, went to New Orleans and 
preached six months in that city. Mrs. Prime 
died May 13, 1851 and was buried in the 
cemetery of The Evergreens, at Brooklyn, 
N. Y. In 1853 he became connected 
as editor with the New York Observer. 
He spent the winter of 1854-55 in Rome, 
Italy, as Chaplain at the American Embassy. 
Returned home in 1855. In 1857 received de- 
gree of D. D. from Jefferson College. June 



14, 1860, ho nicirried Abbie Davis Goodell, 
daughter of Eev. Wm. Goodell, D. D., of Con- 
stantinople. In 1869 and 70 made vdth his 
wife a journey around the world, visiting all 
missionary stations on the route. He was a 
constant writer, and the author of several 
books of travel, history and biography. He died 
April 17, 1891, and was buried in the ceme- 
tery of The Evergreens at Brooklyn, N. Y. 
His wife survived him but a few days, and 
died April 21, 1891, and she was also buried 
in the cemetery of The Evergreens. 

e. Cornelia, born Kovember 29, 1816 ; married Rev. 
P. E. Stevenson. Their children were Julia 
Johnson, James, Archibald Alexander, Pres- 
ton, Eugene, Mary Margaret ta and Edvrard 

/ Gerritt "Wendell Prime, born July 13, 1819, died 
August 12, 1837, while a student of Union 
College. Is buried in the cemetery of The 
Evergreens, at Brooklyn , K. Y. 

g. Wilham Cowper Prime, born October 31, 1825. 
Entered Princeton College in 1840, and grad- 
uated 1843 ; studied law and was admitted to 
practice in 1846, and practiced law in New 
York City until 1861, when he became an 
owner and editor-in-chief of the New York 
Journal of Commerce^ and continued such 
editor until 1869, and an owner until 1893. 
He married Mary H. TrumbnU, daugh- 
ter of Hon. Gurdon Trumbull, ZJay 1, 1851. 
He traveled with his wife in Europe and the 
East in 1855-56, and again in 1869-70. 
Mrs. Prime died April 3, 1872. In 1875 
Princeton College conferred upon him the de- 
gree of L. L. D. He is Professor of the His- 


toiy of Art; in that college. Ke has been a 
ierge contributor to the literature of his coun- 
try, and is a recognized authority in several 
depai'tments of science and art. Like his 
father, and his grandfather, he is an accomp- 
lished classical scholar, and in his early Hfe 
the Latin and Greek authors were as familiar 
to him as those authors were to them. He 
resides at New York City. 

Jnlia Ann Jermain, wife of Nathaniel Scudder Prime, had a 
brother Sylvanus Pierson Jermain (see Appendix B) who mar- 
ried Catharine Barclay of Albany, and they had two children, 
James Barclay Jermain and John Pierson Jermain. Their mother 
died in their early childhood, and the two children were re- 
ceived into the family of Prime and reared and educated 
with his sons and as sons in the household. John P. Jermain 
died March 10, 1335, at the age of 23 years. The elder brother, 
James B. Jermain, still snrvives. 

James Barclay Jermain was born August 13, 1809, and 
married November 17, 18^2, Catharine Ann Rice of Cambridge, 
N. Y., who died April 21, 1878. They had live children : 1, 
Catharine, b. June 22, 1844, wife of William H. McCiure of 
Albany, and they had Julia Prime, ArchibrJd Jermain ; 2, Ann 
Rico, b. August 26, 1846, d. June 18, 1875, was wife of Rev. 
Frederick B . Salvage, and they bad, Catharine ; 3, Maria Cum- 
ings, b. September 25, 1848 ; 4, Julia Prime, b. November 10, 
1850, wife of R(^bert McCartee ; 5, Barolav, b. July 12, 1853, 
married June 7, 1882, Catharine S. Thayer, d. July 7, 1882. 


a,a.a,a.e.a. WiUiam Prime, born June 7, 1778, died 
; married Anna Canfield ; had two chil- 

a. Almon Prime, bom ; died young, 

b. Phoebe, wife of Benjamin Downs. 

a.a.a.a.e.d. Asa Prime, born November 16, 1791 ; died 
; married Alice Treadwell. 
and had three children. 

a. Cordelia, bom 

b. Koyal Prime, born 


Almoii Prime, born 

Ocean Bacon Prime, born November 30, 
1799, died March 11, 1835; married 1825, Lydia Gager, 
and they bad five cbildren. 

a. Ossian Grant Prime, born Febmaiy 14, 1828. 
K Amy, -^ife of Amos N. Hulbert, born DecemlTor 
17, 182G, reside? at Eugene City, Oregon, and 
they have had three cbildren, Yf allace, Charles, 

c. David Washington Prime, born April 6, 1829. 

d. Helen MfiiT, wife of George W. Earlo, born De- 

cember 15, 1830, reaidesTatVMaq uokette, Iowa, 
and they have had fonr child len, George El- 
mer, Virginia, Elorenco, and Lena. 
€. Oliver Bacon Prime, born August 20, 1 832. 

a,aA.fl.a.(j. Henry IlaHtilton Prime, born March 27, 
1809; married January 16, 1883, Wealthy Eliza Hassel- 
tme, and had nine children. 

a. Eion Galusba Prime, bora October 16, 1833. 
h. Albina Amelia, bom August 20, 1835; married 
Loyal S. W^arner, and they reside at East 
Plymouth, Obio, and have three children, 
Wilbur, NeUy, Jessie. 
c. Hem-y Levi Prime, born October 27, 1837 ; died 
in U. S. Army at Y>^hite House, Virginia, 
June 21, 1862 ; unmarried. 
d James Dart Prime, born November 1, 1840, 
died October 28, 1847. 

e. Alfred Sidney Prime, May 28, 1847 ; is unmarried. 

f. Martha Alma, bom October 21, 1849; married 

Lucius T. E.ock^ell, and they reside at Ashta- 
bula, Ohio, and have four childi'en, Carrie. 
Mary, Wealthy, Jessie. 

g. Wealthy Electa, born December 21, 1851 ; mar- 


ried Meclad P.u'tch ; they re- 

side at North Ferrisburgh, Yt., and hava three 
children, Nelly, Arthur and Wealthy. 

h. Seraph Celestia, born February 14, 1854 ; is un- 

L Weldon ilasseltino Pri^ne, bom January 19, 1859. Thomas Merrill Prime, born Au^just 28, 
1800, died January 28, 1844 ; married about 1825, Eliza- 
beth Clement, and they had six children. 

a. Edward Prime, born October 18, 1824, di^d Jan- 
uary 24, 1870. 
h. Noble Prime, born 1826, died 1856. 

c. Horace Prime, born 1831, died in childhood. 

d. Elizabeth, born 1833, died in childhood. 

e. Thomas MerriU Prime, born February 27, 1836. 
/. Horace Prime, born 1^'3B, died in childhood. 

a.a.d.e.d.d. James Wickham Prime, born May 5, 1821, 
married resides at Minden, Kearney 

Co., Nebraska, and has had five children. 

a. George H. Prime, born about 1862 ; is a lawyer ; 

is married ; has no children. 
h. Alma Dea, born about 1870. 

c. James Prime, born about 1870. 

d. Mary, born about 1874 ; married Bond. 

e. Benjamin Prime, born 1879: 

a.a.d.e.d.g. John Milton Prime, born November 5, 
1827, died June 1, 1879 ; married January 27, 1857, 
Mary E., daughter of David B. Luckey, who was 
born September 4, 1830, and died April 27, 1872, and 
they had seven children. 

a. David L. Prime, born April 3, 1858, resides at 

Middletown, N. T.; married M. Adelaide 

Marvin, September 8, 1887 ; she is a descend- 

ent of Matthew Marvin, one of the original 


proprietors of Hartford, Conn. 
h. Coe P. Prime, born February 20, 1860, died 
March 16, 1879. 

c. Julia M., wife of Charles C. Brower, born April 

19, 1862, married July 20, 1887. They reside 
at Los Angeles, Cal.; their children are Clar- 
ence Prime, Homer Hastings, Minnie. 

d. Kate L., wife of John G. Runyon, born August 

10, 1864, married December 15, 1887. They 
reside at Middletown, N. Y., and have one 
child, Frances Bailey. 

e. Rose L., born June 25, 1866 ; married June 25, 

1889, Samuel J. Emley, and resides at Tren- 
ton, N. J. 

f. Charles C. Prime, born April 23, 1869, resides at 

Middletown, N. Y. 

g. Charlotte M., born February 1, 1872 ; married 

May 25, 1893, Frederick Eppelshiemer, and 
they reside in Brooklyn, N. Y., and have one 
child, Mildred Prime. 

a.a.e.e.a.c. Edward Young Prime, born December 12, 
1808 ; married March 8, 1836, Emma Cotrel ; he died 
January 15, 1869 ; she died April 14, 1886 ; they had 
eight children. 

a. Emma Matilda, born January 11, 1837 ; married 
June 4, 1862, Rev. Franklin Noble; resides 
at Brooklyn, N. 1^, and have had seven chil- 
dren, Mary, Isabella Pleasants, Kate Pauhna, 
Henry Prime, (an infant) Alice Mason, 
h. Edward Payson Prime, born December 29, 1838, 

died October 14, 1862. 
c. Wilham Cowper Prime, born October 14, 1840, 
married May 14, 1879, Josephine Potter, and 
resides at Huntington, L. I. 


d. Heiirj Clay Prime, born Ma,rch 11, 1843, died 

August 9, 1862. 

e. Theodore Frelinghnysen Prime, born Janiia,rj 19, 

18^5, died July 27, 1846. 

/. Ebenezer Scudder Prime, bom January 16, 1847. 

g. Kate Evelyn, born September 10, 1852, mar- 
ried June 1, 1881, Endolph Sammis ; resides 
at Huntington, L. I., and they have had four 
children, Thomas Cotrel, Amy Prime, May 
Noble, Eva Prime. 

h, Nathaniel Scudder Prime, bom October 23, 
1855, married June 28, 1387, Etta Sammis, 
and resides at Brooklyn, N. Y. 

a a.ce.a.d. Ezi-a Conkhn Prime, born December 20, 
1810 ; he resides at Huntington, L. I. He married July 
25, 1858, Martha Smith; she died November 4, 1872, 
and they had four children. 

a. Theodore Smith Prime, born June 9, 1859. 
h. William Lloyd Garrison Prime, born September 
15, 1861, resides at Huntington, L. I. 

c. Clarence Prime, bom December 23, 1833, died 

July 1, 1835. 

d. Ernestine Kose, born October 3, 1865 ; married 

Abner Beatty, January 18, 1893, and they re- 
side at New York City. 

a.a.e.e.a.e. Henry Kutgers Prime, born March 16, 
1813 ; married December 3, 1851, Letitia Hamilton, and 
he died December 27, 1886 ; she died October 15, 1870 ; 
they had two children. 

a. Charlotte Park, born January 23, 1853 ; resides 

at Huntington, L. I. 

b. Ebenezer W. Prime, born September 3, 1855, 

died August 13, 1878. 

a.a.e.e.a.h. Claudius Buchannan Prime, bom February 


11, 1B19; DiaiTieclMaiy Cotrel ; he died July 3, 1878; 
they had nine childreu. 

a. Emma Cotrel, born March 24, 1841, married 
NoYember 29, 1877, George W. Lush, and 
they reside at Brooklyn, N. Y. 

h. Sarah Louise, born October 15, 1843, married 
September 13, 1877, Horace R Chatfield, and 
they reside at Eidgewood, N. J., and they 
have had three children, Frank, Herbert Fos- 
dick, Eaymond Eogers. 

c. Thomas Addison Prime, born May 1, 1845, died 

October 18, 1846. 

d. Arthur Monteith Prime, born December 23, 


e. Alice, bom July 10, 1850, died July 20, 1851. 

/. Juliette Smith, born July 17, 1853, and resides 

at Eidgewood, N. J. 
g. An infant daughter, born October 25, 1855; died 

October 25, 1855. 
li, Morton "Ward Beecher Prime, born October 17, 

i. Eobert Anderson Prime, born August 10, 1860. 

a,a.e.e.a.L Nathaniel Scudder Prime, bom August 19, 
1828, married October 5, 1852, Mary E. Piatt ; they re- 
side at Huntington, L. L; they have had six children. 

a. Morton Prime, bom July 4, 1853, died January 

18, 1858. 
h. Ida Wood, bom November 25, 1855, and is a 
missionary and resides at Constantinople, 

c. Eva, born November 19, 1858, married Novem- 

ber 21, 1883, Ebenezer S. Prime. 

d, Mary Eolph, born February 25, 1861, married 

April 24, 1888, Jacob W. Fowler, and they 
reside at Brooklyn, N. T:,;and have two chil- 


dren, Allen Prime and Charles Kowland. 

e. Frank Noble Prime, born October 2, 1864. 

f. Gilbert Prime, born November 28, 1866, and re- 

sides at Brooklyn, N. Y. 

a.a.e.e.e.h. Alanson Jermain Prime, born March 12, 
1811, died April 3, 1864. Entered Williams CoUe<:^e in 
1826, and graduated in 1829. Continued study of sciences 
at Troy Rensselaer (now Polytechnic) Institute. Studied 
medicine at Cambridge, N. Y., and at Sing Sing, N. Y., 
and in New York City, and received his medical license in 
1832; he received his degree of M. D. from Col- 
lege of Physicians and Surojeons, and practiced 
medicine at Sing Sing, at Schenectady, at Grand 
Haven, Michigan, at Plattekill, N. Y., and at White 
Plains, N. Y., to which last place he removed in 
1848 and practiced his profession there until April 3, 
1864, the date of his death. He was buried in the church 
yard of the Presbyterian Church at White Plains, N. Y. 
He was a scholar, a man of science, a poet, and a man 
of letters. For a time he edited and published a maga- 
zine of science. He married September 1, 1836, Euth 
Havens Higbie *, who was born May 23, 1819 ; they 
had six children. 

a. A child who died in infancy. 

b. Ralph Earl Prime, born March 29, 1840. 

c. Mary, born October 11, 1841. 

d. Kate, born March 30, 1843. 

e. Margaretta, ^^ife of Henry C. Bissell, born Octo- 

ber 8, 1849. Their children are Henry and 
/. Alanson Jermain Prime, born September 13, 1852, 

a.a.e.e.e.c. Samuel Irenaeus Prime, born November 4, 

*,ror Higbie and Havens and Earl allied lines see Appen- 
dices E, F and G. 


1812. In October, 1826, he entered Williams College 
with his older brother, and graduated with him in 1829. 
He taught three years at Cambridge, N. Y., and at Sing 
Sing, N. Y., and then entered Princeton Theological Sem- 
inary. He was Hcensed to preach the gospel in 1833 by 
the Presbytery of Bedford. He married October 15, 1833. 
Elizabeth Thornton Kemeys, who was born 1812, and she 
died August 9, 1834 ; she was buried at Sing Sing, N. Y. 
They had one child, S. Thornton Kemeys. In 1836 
he was ordained and installed as Pastor of the Presby- 
terian Church at Balston Spa. He was Pastor of the 
Presbyterian Church at Matteawn,n, N. Y, 1837. In 
1840 he became one of the editors and later a proprietor 
of the New York Observer. In 1853 he went to Europe 
and the East, and again to Europe in 18G6-7, and again 
in 1876-7. He received the degi-ee of D. D. from Hamp- 
den Sidney College. He was a preacher of great popu- 
larity, a prolific writer, and the author of many J' books. 
He married a second time August 17, 1835, Eloisa Lemet 
Williams, who was born September 25, 1812. He died 
July 18, 1885, and was buried in Woodla^Mi Cemetery, 
N. Y. City. His wife survived him, and died* February 
14, 1894. They had five children. 

a. Samuel Thornton Kemeys Prime, bom July 31, 

1834. (Son of first wife.) 

b. An infant, died an infant. 

c. (George) Wendell Prime, born August 3, 1837. 

d. Mary Elizabeth, wife of Eev. Charles A. Stoddard, 

D. D., born November 16, 1839 ; married No- 
vember 16, 1859 ; they reside at New York 
City, and they have had six children, 
Charles Prime LesHe, Ethel, wife of Fred- 
erick J. Parsons, Irene, wife of William 
M. V. Hofi'man, Samuel Johnson, Julia Jer- 
main, Mary (Marion.) 
€. Edward Irenaeus Prime, bom January 3, 1847, 


died October 29, 1857. 
/. Louisa, (Lily) born January 30, 1853. 


a.a.d.d.a.d.c. David Washington Prime, born April 6, 
1829, resides at Brandon, Vt.; married January 5, 1859, 
Vii'ginia Rossiter, and they had foar children. 

a. Arthur Eossiter Prime, born January 25, 1860, 

died September 4, 1860. 
h. Carroll Rossiter Prime, born August 24, 1861; 
married August 5, 1889, Lena Paul, and re- 
sides at Brandon, Vt. 

c. David Stuart Prime, born March 12, 1870, died 

October 12, 1876. 

d. Irving Prime, bom July 25, 1872, died Septem- 

ber 8, 1873. 


Oliver Bacon 


born August 


1832; married 


Frances Chase; 

they reside at Marinette, 

Wisconsin, and they have 


six children . 

a. Belle. 

h, Deha. 

c. Lena. 

d. Mina. 

e. Orton. 

/: Scott. 

a.a.d.d.a.g.a. Elon Galusha Prime, M. D., born Octo- 
ber 16, 1833 ; married Hannah^^Scarborough, 
1877, and they have one child. 
a. Daisy Christine, born 

a.a.d.d.a.g.i. Weldon Hasseltine Prime, born January 
19, 1859 ; married Lulu Dean ; resides at 

Bristol Flats, Vt, and they have had two children. 



a. Kenry Hariey Prime, born June 28, 1888. 
h. Merrill Clyde Prime, born May 15, 1893. 

aM.d.d.c.e.a. Edward Prime, born October 18, 1824, 
died January 24, 1870 ; mamed November 30, 1854, Har- 
riet K. Sleeper, and they had two children. 

a. George E. Prime, born October 25, 1857. 
h. Arthur M. Prime, born September 24, 1860. 

a.a.d.d.c.e.h. Noble Prime, born 1826, d. 

married Sa^ah Harvell, and they had 
three children. 

a. Frances, born , manied George 

H. Dorr in 1879. 
h. Ella, 
c. Morrevell. 

aM.d.d.c.e.e. Thomas Merrill Prime, M. D., bom Feb- 
ruary 27, 1836 ; married October 9, 1856, Amity Paige. 
They reside at Knowlton, Quebec, Canada, and they have 
had six children. 

a. William Eeid Prime, M. D., born October 17, 

h. Merrill Foster Prime, M. D., bom September 
26, 1859. 

c. Amity Elizabeth, bom July 30, 1862 ; died Aug- 

ust 15, 1864. 

d. Mary Maud, born June 18, 1865, died Septem- 

ber 26, 1866. 

e. Julia Adele, born November 8, 1868, married 

May 1890, Joseph Irving; they reside at 
Everitt, Wash., and they have two children, 
Joseph Foster, Winifred. 
./. Winifred Amity Maud, bom Febmary 10, 1870 ; 
resides at Knowlton, Quebec. 

a.a.e.e,ax.f. Ebenezer Scudder Prime, bom January 


16, 1847 ; married November 21, 1883. Eva, daughter of 
Nathaniel Scudder Prime ; thej reside at Huntington, 
L. I., and they have one child. 

a. Edward Prime, born September 4, 1884. 

a.a.e.e.a.d.a. Theodore Smith Prime, born June 9, 
1859, married June 15, 1882, Hannah R. Sammis; they 
reside at Huntington, L. I., and they have one child. 
a, Hubert W. Prime, born November 1, 1886. Arthur Monteith Prime, born December 
23, 1847, married November 2, 1871, Ruby Jane Fish, 
and reside at Brooklyn, N. Y., and they have four 

a. Ahce T., bora November 29, 1873. 

h. Mary Louise, bom November 21, 1876. 

c. Claudius Bertram Prime, born October 7. 1878. 

d. Frank Prime, born November 11, 1881. 

a.a.e.e.a.h.h. Morton Ward Beecher Prime, born Octo- 
ber 17, 1857, married August 30, 1886, Emma Roe, and 
they have one child. 

a. A daughter, bom February 29, 1888. 

a.a.e.e,a.h.i. Robert Anderson Prime, born August 10, 
1860 ; married September 16, 1893, Augusta Smith ; they 
reside at Ridge wood, N. J., and have one child. 
»' a. Claudius Prime, born July, 1894. 

a.a.e.e.a.l.e. Frank Noble ^ Prime, born October 2, 
1864, married April 22, 1891, to Margaret F. Beatty ; 
they reside at Pittsburgh, Pa.; and they have had two 

a. Mary Ehzabeth, bom May 14, 1892. 

b. Margaret, born April 12, 1893, died May 2, 1894. 

a.a.p.e.e.b.b. Ralph Earl Prime, bom March 29, 1840, 
admitted to practice law, May 1861 ; spent 1861, 1862, 


and part of 1863 as a soldier in the army of the U. S., 
for suppression of the EebelHon, enlisting as a private 
soldier and afterwards holding commissions successively, 
of Second Lieutenant, First Lieutenant, Captain and 
Lieutenant Colonel, and was nominated by President 
Lincoln a Brigadier General; after his return from the 
war he settled at Yonkers, N. Y., where he has con- 
tinued practicing his profession, and where he now resides; 
traveled in Europe in 1884, again in 1888, again in 1892 ; 
also visiting the Orient in 1888. He married August 9, 
1866, Annie Eichards-Wolcott *; she was born February 
6, 184.1. She is the daughter of Jacob Eichards, M. D., 
granddaughter and foster-daughter of Eev. Calvin Wol- 
cott. They have had eight children. 

a. Kate, born June 24, 1867. 

h. Ealph Earl Prime, born July 9. 1868. Gradu- 
ated from Princeton College 1888, A. M. 
1890 ; is a lawyer and resides at Yonkers* 
N. Y. 

c. William Cowper Prime, born October 21, 1870. 

Graduated from Princeton College 1890 ; A. M. 
1892; is a lawyer and resides at Yonkers, 
N. Y. 

d. Gardner Wolcott Prime, born March 18, 1872, 

died July 20, 1890; buried at the cemetery of 
The Evergreens at Brooklyn, N. Y. 

e. Euth Havens, born June 1, 1874. 

f. Julia Anna, born October 28, 1876. 

g. Arabella Duncan, (Pansy) born January 29, 1879. 
h, Edward Dorr GrijfiSn Prime, born August 9, 1881, 

died November 19, 1893 ; buried at the ceme- 
tery of The Evergi-eens at Brooklyn, N. Y. 

a.a.e.e.e.h.f. Alanson Jermain Prime, born September 

* For Richards, Wolcott, Gardner, Upton, and Putnam, al- 
lied lines, see Appendices H, I, J, K and L. 


13, 1852, admitted to practice law December, 1872 ; lie 
resides at Yookers, N. Y.; he married June 17, 1875, 
Irene F. Packard, and they have one child. 
a. Edith, born August 10, 1876. 

a.a.e.e.e.c.a. Samuel Thornton Kemeys Prime, born 
July 31, 1834, married Mary Kemeys ; 

she died ; he resides at Dwight, III; 

they have had children, names and number unknown. 

a.a.e.e.e.c.c. (George) Wendell Prime ^, born at Mat- 
teawan, N. Y., August 3, 1837 ; graduated from Colum- 
bia College 1856 ; studied theoL hz,j in Union Theological 
Seminar)^, Prince Edward Co., Va., 1856-7, and in Prince- 
ton Theological 'Seminary 1859 ; tutor at Dungen^ss, 
Gouchland Co., Ya., 1857 ; hcensed to preach the gospel 
by second Presbyteiy of New York in 1 860. Ord;uned 
by Presbytery of Michigan, October 23, 1861 ; installed 
pastor of Westminster Presbyterian Church, Detroit, 
Mich., October, 1861, and was such pastor 1861-67 ; he 
was pastor of Union Presbyterian Church Newburgh, N. 
Y., 1869-75 ; became one of the editors of N. Y. Observer 
1875, and still is such ; he received the degree of D. D. 
from Union College, N. Y., 1880 ; he traveled in Europe 
in 1859, in 1860, in 1866, in 1870, in 1879, in 1882, and 
to the Orient 1860 ; he resides at Yonkers, N. Y.; he mar- 
ried June 9, 1869, Helen M. Lefferts, and she died July 
27, 1893 ; they had two children. 

a. Mary Eloise, born December 27, 1870, died De- 
cember 27, 1870. 

* Rev. Wendell Prime, D. D., is a direct descendant, from 
the well known Auneke Jans. By her first husband Rudolf 
•Jans, she had Catharine, who married Johannes Van Brouf^h, 
and they had Catharine, who married Hendrick Van Rensselaer, 
and they had Helen, who married Jacob Wendell, and they had 
Henry, who married Mary Lansing, and they had Jacob Henry, 
who married Sarah Trotter, and they had Margaret, who mar- 
ried Moses Williams, and they had^Eloisa, who married Sam- 
uel Irenaeus Prime, and they had Rev. Wendell Prime. 


b. Mabel, born June 11, 1873, died August 
6 , 1873. 


a.a.d.d.c.e.a.a. George E. Prime, born October 
25, 1857, married June 7, 1882, Minnie E. Mills, 
and they have had one child. 

a, Alice E., born December 31, 1885, died 
March 14, 1886. 

a.a.d.d.c.e.a.b. Arthur M. Prime, born Sep- 
tember 24, 1860, married November 30, 1887, 
Anna M. Perry, and they have one child. 
a. Carrie M., born February 7, 1889. 

a.a.d.d.c.e.e.a. William Reid Prime, M. D., 
born October 17, 1857, married September 11, 
1879, Mary Hatch Greene, and resides at Bur- 
lington, Vt. They have had three children. 

a. Mary Frances, born June 30, 1880. 

b. William Isaac Prime, born May 27, 1883. 

c. Benjamin Thomas Prime, born November 

24, 1888, died November 24, 1888. 

a.a.d.d.c.e.e.b. Merrill Foster Prime, M. D., 
born September 26, 1859, married May 25, 1882, 
Cora Shaw, and resides at Barton, Vt. They 
have had two children. 

a. Lucile, born March 18, 1886. 

b. Hazel Winifred, born March 14, 1888. 


a.a.e.e.e.b.b^b. Ralph Earl Prime, Jr., born July 
9, 1868, at Yonkers, N. Y., graduated from 


Princeton University, 1888. A. M., 1890. Ad- 
mitted to practice law February, 1891. Travelled 
with his father to Europe and Egypt, Palestine 
and the Orient generally in 1888. Resides at 
Yonkers, N. Y., where he practices law. He 
married September 24, 1895, Jessie, daughter 
of William L. Heermance, of Yonkers, N. Y. She 
was born October 4, 1872, at Yonkers, N. Y. 
They have children. 

a. Ralph Earl, Third, born September 25, 

1896, at Yonkers, N. Y. 

b. William Heermance, born May 24, 1898, 

at Yonkers, N. Y. 

c. Edward Gardner, born November 12, 

1901, at Yonkers, N. Y. 

a.a.e.e,e,b.b.c. William Cowper Prime, Second, 
born October 21, 1870, at Yonkers, N. Y., Grad- 
uated from Princeton University 1 890 . Biological 
Fellow, 1891. A. M., 1892. Admitted to practice 
law February, 1893. Travelled with his father 
in Europe in 1892. Resides at Yonkers, N. Y. 
Practices law in New York City. He married 
September 6, 1900, Charlotte, daughter of 
Benjamin Lovell, of East Weymouth, Mass. She 
was born November 6, 1868, at East Weymouth, 
They have children. 

a. Miriam Trumbull, born July 24, 1901, at 

Yonkers, N. Y. 

b. Benjamin Lovell, born October 30, 1902, 

at Yonkers, N. Y. 

c. Nathaniel, born May 25, 1904, at Yon- 

kers, N. Y. 




The Wheelwright line— (the name la spelled as often without 
as with the "w"). 1. John Wheelwright, yeoman, of Mumby, 
Lincolnshire, England, born prob. 1540, (his will proved 1612). 
2. Robert Wheelwright, yeoman, of Salesby, Lincolnshire, 
England, b will proved 1612. 3. Rev. John Wheel- 

wright, born at Salesby, England, in 1592 or 4, 
educated at Sidney College University of Cambridge, where 
he received B. A in 1614, and A. M. about 1618, and 
where he was friend and fellow student of Oliver 
Cromwell ; was Vicar of BilsbyApl. 5, 1623, succeeding his father- 
in-law Rev. Thomas Storre, whose daughter, Mary Storre, he 
married November 8, 1621 ; she was sister to Rev. Augustine 
Storre, who married Susannah Hutchinson, the daughter of 
Rev. Edward Hutchinson and the sister of Rev. Wm. H. Hutch- 
inson, who was husband of Ann Hutchinson, who became cele- 
brated in early Massachusetts history. Ann Hutchinson was 
daughter of Rev. Francis Marbury of Alford, Lincolnshire, 
England, and her mother was Bridget Dryden, cousin of the 
p03t Drvden. Rev. John Wheelwright and his wife Mary 
Storre had four children, John b. 1622, Thomas b. 1624, Wil- 
liam b. 1627, Susannah b. 1628, Katharine b. 1630. His wife 
Marie Storre died in England in 1630. He married Mary Hut- 
chinson, daughter of Rev. Edward Hutchinson, in 1631, and 
they emigrated to America, arriving in Boston May 26, 1636 ; 
he was the preacher at Wollaston (Quincy) 1636 ; he was 
banished 1638 from Plymouth Colony, as was also Ann 
Hutchinson. He founded the church and the settlement at 
Exeter, N. H., in 1638 ; he removed to Wells, Me,. 1642, to 
Hampton in 1647 ; went to England in 1658 and was entertained 
by his old friend Oliver Cromwell ; returned to America at the 
restoration and settled at Salisbury, where he died in 1679, 
aged 85 years. By his marriage with Mary Hutchinson he had 
six children. Mary b. 1632, Col. and Hon. Samuel b 1635, 
Hannah b. ab. 1638, Rebecca, b. after 1638, Eliza- 
beth b , Sarah b . 4. Col. and Hon. Sam- 
uel Wheelwright of Wells, Me., b. 1635. d. May 13, 
1700 ; he m. Mary Houchin Green, they had four 
children. Col. and Hon. John b. 1664, Joseph b , Mary 
b Hannah b . 5. Col. and Hon. John Wheelwright 
of Wells, Me.,b. 1664, died August 13, 1745. He m. January 
28. 1689, Mary Snell of Dover, they had eleven children ; Hon. 
Johnb. 1689,'Capt. Samuel b. 1692, Hannah b. 1694. Esther b. 
1696, (captured by Indians in 1702, and never returned), 

Lieut. Jeremiah b. 1697, Elizabeth b , Mary b. 

1702, Nathaniel b. 1704, Sarah b. 1706, Job b. 
1708, Lydia b. 1710. 6. Hon. John Wheelwright of Bos- 
ton, Mass., b. Dec. 10, 1689, d. October 5. 1760. He 
married first October 20, 1715, Mary Allen, granddaughter of 
Rev. John Allen, and she died January 12, 1716, and they had 
one child, Jeremiah, b , d. 1784. He married second 

time Elizabeth Greene, November 20, 1718, and she 
died June 11, 1739, and they had two children, John 
jr. b. October 18, 1719, Nathaniel b. ab. October 29, 
1721. He married third time October 14, 1741, Eliza- 
beth Weeks, and she died February 23, 1748, and they 
had one child, Joseph, b. 1744. 7. John Wheelwright jr of 
Boston, Mass., b. October 18, 1719. died September 29, 1745. 
He m. July 4, 1741, Elizabeth Goffe, and she died 1749, and 
thev had three children, Elizabeth, b. 1742, (died an infant) 
John, b. 1743, (died an infant) Marv, b. June 29, 1744, d. 
March 7, 1835. 8. Mary Wheelwright b. June 29, 1744, m. 
Rev. James Greaton, Oct. 1, 1761, and they had two children, 
John Wheelwright and James. Rev. James Greaton died and 
the widow Mary Wheelwright married December 18, 1774, 
Benjamin Youngs Prime (p. 10.) 


The Jordan line, whence came Jermain — The original name 
was Jordan, and the family called by that name is said to have 
lived in Westchester County, New York, and with the excep- 
tion of the first John Jermain emigrated in the Revo- 
lutionary period to New Brunswick, Canada, where their de- 
scendants now live and have held high social, official and trust 
stations, and within twenty 3*ears past the most intimate social 
relations has been resumed between the American and Canadian 
cotemporary generations of the families. 1, John Jordan 
whom one tradition says came from Scotland, another that he 
came from Holland, b 
had five children, John 
James b , Gilbert b 

Jordan b. at White Plains, 
at Sag Harbor, February 17, 1819; ' m. August 27 

1781, Margaret Pierson, and they had eight children, Mary b. 

1782, wife of Daniel Latham, d.' 1811 ; Sylvanus P. b. Jan. 31, 
1784, d. April 20, 1869, (p. 18), Rebecca b. 1787, wife of 
Alden Spooner. d. 1824 ; Julia Ann, b. 1789, wife of Nathaniel 
Scudder Prime, d. 1874 ; (p. 15) ; Alansou b. 1791, d. 1885 ; 
Caroline b. 1794, wife of Rev. Stephen Porter, d. 1877 ; John 
b. 1796, d. 1881 ; George Washington b. 1798, d. 1879 ; xMar- 
garet b. 1804, wife of Joseph Slocum. 



The Pierson line. 1. Henry Pierson came from England 
and was at Lynn, Mass., and came thence in 1640 to Southamp- 

















May 20, 


, d. 

ton, Suffolk Couuty, N. Y. He was clerk of Eastern District 
of Lonp: Island, East Riding of New York, from 1669 to 
1680. He died Nov. 5, 1681. He married Mary Cooper of 

Lynn. They had five children, Jolin b , Daniel b , 

Joseph b , Henry b. 1652, Benjamin b . Theo- 

dore b, 1658, Barah b. 1660. 2. Lieut. Col. Henry Pierson b. 
1652, d. November 4, 1701 ; was an officer of the Colonial 
troops, holding a commission as Lieut. Col. from the 
Earl of Bellomont, Captain General and Governor of the Pro- 
vince of New York; he m Susannah Howell, and they 
had five children, John b. 1685, d. 1705 ; David b. 1688, 
Theophilus b. 1690, d. 1742 ; Abraham b. 1693, Josiah b. 1695, 
d.l776. 3. Josiah Pierson b. 1695, d. 1776 ; was married 4 
times, Martha, the last wife d. 1776. He had 17 children, 
Silas b . John b , Matthew b. 1725. d. 1798 ; Syl- 
vanus b. 1725, d. 1785 ; Paul b , Timothy b. 1781, Josiah 
b Martha b , b , Benjamin b , 
Susannah b , John b , Jeremiah b , Henry 
b , also three little children. 4. Sylvanus Pierson b. 
March 2, 1725, d. August 23, 1795 ; m. llebecca Lupton of 
Boston, Mass , and thev had four children, Sarah b , 
Margaret b. March 19, 1764, d. March 30, 1833, wife of John 
Jermain, (Jordan) and mother of Julia Ann Jerraain, wife of 
Nathaniel Scudder Prime, [p. 15] ; Hebecca b , Martha b 



The Howell line. William Howell of Widon, Buckingham- 
shire, England, owned the Manor of Westbury. in Marsh 
Gibbon, in 1536, b , d. 1557 ; he married, first, Maud, and 

they had two sons, John the elder and John the younger, both 
of whom died without issue, and second, Annie Hampton,- and 
they had one child, Henry b ; he also had children 

Jacob, Rachel, Isabel, Jane,' Cecil, Agnes, Anne, Joan e,t; Alice. 
2. Henry Howell b , d. July, 1625 ; he married 

and they had Edwurd'b. 1584. 3. Edward How- 
ell b. 1584, d . He sold the family possessions in Eng- 
land, came in 1639 to Boston, Mass., and there was made a 
freeman in 1639-40 ; then went to Lynn, and thence to Long 
Island. He married first Frances and they had six children, 
Henrv b. 1618, d. 1619; Margaret b. 1622, John b. 1624, Ed- 
ward b. 1626, Margery b. 1628, Richard b. 1629 ; he married 
second, Eleanor, and'they had two cliildren, Arthur b. 1632, 
Edmund b . 4. Major John Howell b. November 1624, 
d. November 3, 1696 ; married Susannah , b. ab. 1628, d. 
1711, and they had eleven children. John b. 1648, Edward b. 
1649, Matthew b. 1651, Abraham b. 1653, Ephraim b. 1655, 
Susannah b. July 15, 1658, the wife of Lieut. Col. Henry Pier- 
son, the father of Josiah Pierson and grandfatlier of Sylvanus 
Pierson, and great grandfather of Margaret Pierson, mother of 
Julia Ann Jerraain, wafe of Nathaniel ScMidder Prime, (p. 15) ; 
Hannah b. 1660, Theophilus b. 1662, Nathaniel b. 1664, Pru- 
dence b. 1666, Abagail b. 1670. 



The Higbie line. 1. John Higbie of Middletown. Conn., 
b , d. 1682 ; m Eachel , and thej had Edward 

b . 2. Edward Higbie, b , d , was in Middle- 

town Conn., in 1674. and thence went to Jamaica, L. I., in 
1677 ; he married Ljdia , and they had Nathaniel b , 

Samuel b , William b , Patience b , Sarah b Lydia b 
3. Samuel Higbie of Jamaica. L. I., b , d. 1752; he m 

, and they had five children. Samuel b , 

John b , Stephen b , Deborah b , and one the 

wife of Woodruff. 4. John Higbie of Jamaica, b , 

d. 1760; he married Sarah , and they had eight children, 

Samuel b , Henry b . Stephen'^b , John b 

Daniel b , Hej^sibah b , Elizabeth b , Sarah b 

. 5. Samuel Higbie of Jamaica, b . d. 1756 ; he 

married , Jean , and they had seven children, Samuel 

b , Joseph b , Aaron b. 1749, Nehemiah b , 

(a son unnamed), Phoebe b , Deborah b . 6. Aaron 

Higbie of Babylon, L. I., b. October 19, 1749. d. May 25, 1827 , 
he married, first, Margaret Hearth, b. 1750, d. 1783," and they 
had five children ; Daniel b , Jane b , Sarah b 

Mary b , Charity b ; he married, second Euth 

Havens, and they had one child, Benjamin b. 1785 ; he married 
third , but there were no other children. 7. Ben- 

jamin Higbie of Babylon and of Troy, N. Y., b. April 1, 1785, 
d. at Troy, April 25, 1818 ; he was Capt. and Major in the war 
of 1812 ; he married Mary Ann Earl, who was b. August 30, 
1786, and d. February 22,'l866, [see Appendix G], and they had 
two children, Mary b. , Ruth Havens boru May 23, 1818. 

wife of Alanson J. Prime, (p. 24.) 



The Havens line. 1. William Havens b , came from 

Wales or Western England to Rhode Island, and is mentioned 
as one of the early settlers in Rhode Island, d. 1683 ; married 
Dionis, they had thirteen children. John b , d. 

1687, Sarah b . wife of Tyler ; Thomas b 

Robert b , d. 1712, George b , d. 1702, Mary b 

wife of Cook, Ruth b wife of Card, Diaona b 

, Elizabeth b , William b , Martha b , 

Rebecca b , Margaret b . 2. George Havens of 

Jamestown, R. I., and of Shelter Island, N. Y., b , d. 

1792 ; m. 1674 Eleanor Thurston, daughter of Edward and 
Elizabeth Mott Thurston, b. 1655, d. 1724, and they had 
chihlren. George b , Jonathan b. 1682, d. ab. 1748, 

William b , d. ab 1740, John b , Content b , w. 

of Paige ; Patience b , w, of Loper ; Desire b 

/L/A/ ^^ 


, w. of Gardiner ; Abagail b . His widow mar- 

ried Terry, and they had one daughter. Ruth Terry, b 

. 3. George Havens, who is described in his deeds and 
in his will as of Kingstou, R, I., of Shelter Island, of "R'isher'a 
Island, and of Westerly, R. I., b , d. ab. 1738 ; his will is 

dated 1726 ; m , Mary , and they had children, 

Edward b , George b , William b , Thurston 

b , Ebenezer b , John b , Eleanor b w. 

of bavitt, Abagail b , w. of Fish, Hannah b 

, Mary b , Ruth b , (this last Ruth or a Ruth 

in the next generation became wife of Aaron Higbie,) (Appen- 
dix E. ) 



The Earl line. 1. Ralph Earl, b. 1606, d. 1678 ; came from 
England to Rhode Island, he commanded a company of horse 
in the King Philip's war. He m. Joan Savage, b ', d. 1680, 
and they had four children, Ralph b , Mary b , w. of 

Wm. Cory, Martha b , w, of Wm. Wood, Sarah b 

w. of Thos. Cornell. 2. Ralph Earl, of Dartmouth, R. I., 
b , d. 1716 ; m. 1659, Dorcas, daughter of Francis and 

Lydia Sprague, aud tliey had four children, John b , 

Ralph b " , William b , Joseph b . 3. Wil- 

liam Earl b . d. January 15, 1715 ; m. first, Mary Walker, 

and had three children, Mary b. 1655, William b , Ralph 

b. 1660, second. Prudence , and they had Thomas b 

Caleb b , John b , Prudence b . 4 Ralph 

Earl b. 1680, d. at Leicester, Mass., 1757 ; m. Mary Carr, 
widow of John Hicks and daughter of Robert Carr of Newport, 
R L, and they had eleven children. William b. 1690, John b. 
1692, Mary b. 1693, Elizabeth b. 1696, Sarah b. 1698, Martha 
b. 1700, Patience b. 1702, Ralph b. 1701, Robert, b. 1706, 
Mercy b. 1708, Benjamin b. 1711. 5. William Earl b. No- 
vember 12, 1690, d. 1769 ; m. Anna Howard and they had 
seven children. William b. 1714, Elizabeth b. 1716, Mary b. 
1719, David b. 1721, Judith b. 1723, R Jph b. 1726, John b. 
1729. 6. Ralph Earl b. November 13, 1726, at Leicester, 
Mass., d. ab. 1808; he was a patriot and served as cap'rain in 
the patriot army in the Revolution, and had the distinction of 
having offered to him at the same time a commission as captain 
in each army, and chose the patriot commission ; m. first, 
Phebe, daughter of John and Rebecca Whittemore, 
and they had four children, Ralph b. 1751, ('lark b. 
1753, ArteniHS b. 1754, James b. 1761, and second, 
Mrs. Naomi Kinneeutt of Providence, and thev had Dexter b. 
1776. 7. Ralph Eari b. May 11, 1757, d. August 16, 1801, 
he was an artist of distinction, a pupil of Sir Benjamin West, 
and painted the first picture of Niagara Falls ever painted, and 
which still exists in England, also painted many portraits of 
the nobility and some of the Royal Family of England, also 

1788. He married Mary Jackson and they bad at least ten 
children named Elizabeth, Miriam, John, Mary, Jonathan, 
Solomon, Samuel, Hannah, Priscilla and Elijah. 5. Elijah 
Walcott but whose name came to be spelled Wolcott was born 
about 1764. He married Mary Blake August 27, 1780. He 
died in 1848, they had children, Calvin, b. 1787, d 1861, Asen- 
ath b 1788, Luther b 1791, Polly b 1795, Willard b 1796, Weal- 
thy b 1798, Hannah b 1801, Delilah b 1803, Willard second, b 
1808, Elijah b 1811. 6. Rev. Calvin Wolcott, b April 27, 1787, 
d January 21, 1861, m. Sept. 11, 1811, Sarah Gardner, daupfhter 
of Samuel Gardner and Sarah Upton his wife, and tliey had 
Elizabeth G. b 1812, Augustus C. b 1814, Sally A. b 1817! Sam- 
uel G. b 1820. Henrietta B. b 1823, Asa G. b 1825, George T. 
b 1827. 7 Elizabeth G. b December 30, 1812, d 1846, and she 
was the wife of Jacob Richards, M. D., and the mother of An- 
nie Richards-Wolcott, wife of Ralph E. Prime, (p. 29 and see 
Appendix H.) 

The Gardner line. 1. Thomas Gardner came from Scotland 
to Cape Ann, Mass., in 1623, then to Salem ; d December 29, 
1674, m first, Margaret Fryer, and they had eight children, 
Thomas b , George b ab. 1620, John b , Sam n el b , 
Richard b . Sarah b , wife of L. Balch ; Ruth b , 
wife of Grafton, Miriam b , w. of Hall, married sec- 
ond, Damaris Shattuck. 2. George Gardner of Salem, b ab. 
1620, d. August 20, 1679, m first Hannah Shattuck, and second 
Elizabeth, widow of Rev. Samuel Stone ; there were born to 
them five children, Samuel b 1648, Bethia b , Hillabell b 

, Ebenezer b , George b . 3. Samuel Gardner of 
Salem, bap. May 14, 1648, d 1723, m. first, April 24, 1673, 
Elizabeth Brown, widow of Joseph Grafton, and second, De- 
cember 3, 1680, Susannah Baxter, widow of Stephen Daniel, 
and of this last marriage was one child, John, b 1681. 4. John 
Gardner of Salem, b April 14, 16^1, d ab. 1722, m January 11, 
1704, Elizabeth Weld, and their child was Daniel, b 1709. 5. 
Daniel Gardner of Daavers. Mass., bah. December 25, 1709, d 
1759, m December 23, 1734, Anna, daughter of Thomas and 
Elizabeth Whipple Putnam, and they had ten children, Samuel 
b 1736, John b , Daniel b , George b , Benjamin b 

, Ebenezer b , Anna b , Ruth b , Lydia b , 
Elizabeth b .6. Samuel Gardner of Dan vers, b May 4, 
1736, d September 1818, m June 9, 1774, Sarah daughter of 
William Upton, jr. and they had six children, Samuel b 
John b , Asa b , George b , Betsy b , Sarah, wife 
of Calvin Wolcott, mother of Elizabeth Gardner Wolcott, (Ap- 
pendix I) and grandmother of Annie Richards-Wolcott, wife of 
Ralph E. Prime, (p. 29.) 



The Upton line. 1. John Upton b , d , came to 

America before 1650, where he married Eleanor Stuart, (said to 
be a descendant ot royal line of Stuarts of Scotland,) and they 

bad thirteen children. John b. 1651, William b. 1653, d. 
1663, Mary b. 1655, d. 1663, Eleanor b. 1658, d. 1663, James 
b. 1660, d , William b. 1663, Samuel b. 1664, Ann b. 

d , Isabel b. 1666, d. 1689, Ezekiel b. 1668, d. , Jo 

seph b. 1670, d , Frances b. 1671, d. 1694, Mary b. 

d. . 2. William Upton b. Salem, June 10, 1663, d. 

m. Mav 27, 1701, Mary Maber, and they had ten children, 
William b. 1703, Mary b. 1705, d. , James b. 1708, d. 

Panlb. 1710, d , Francis b. 1712, d , Edward b 

1714, d , Richard b. 1716, d , Dorcas b. 1718, d 

, Timothy b. 1718, d , Caleb b. 1722, d . 3. 

William Upton "of Reading, Mass., b. 1703, m. first, 1727, Lydia 
Barnap, and they had nine children, William b. 1727-30, Dan- 
iel b. 1731, d. 1759, James b , d , Lydia b. 1735, d 

, Mary b. 1737, d. , Jacob b. , d. , Jabez 

b. , d.' , Marvb. 1741, d. , Tabitha b. 1745, d 

. 4. William Upton of N. Parish of Reading, b. 1721, 
d. 1790 ; he was as a soldier present and participated in the 
battle of Lexington ; he m. first, 1750, widow Sarah Herrick, 
and they had one child, Sarah, b. 1755, and she became 
wife of Samuel Gardner, (Appendix J) and became the great 
grandmother of Annie Richarda-Wolcott, wife of Ralph E. 
Prime, (p. 29, and Appendix H) ; second, Hannah Stanley ; 
third, Mehitable. 



The Putnam line. 1. John Putnam b. , d. 1662. He 

came from Aston, Abbots, Buckinghamshire, England, and 
was at Salem, Mass., 1634, m, Priscilla Gould, and they had 
four children, Thomas b. ab. 1618, d. , Nathaniel b. ab. 

1621, d. , John b. ab. 1630, d. , EJizabeth b. 

d. . 2. Lieut. Thomas Putnam, b. ab. 1618, d. 

m. October 17, 1643, Ann Stockton, daughter of Edward Holy- 
oke, of Proyidence, and they had nine children. Thomas b. 
1652, d. 1699, Ann b. , d. , Sarah b. , d. 

Mary b. , d. , Edward b. , d. , Deliyerance 

b. , d. , Elizabeth b. , d. , Joseph b. 1669, 

d. 1725, he m. Elizabeth Porter, and their son was General 
Israel Putnam ; Prudence b. , d. . 3. Sergeant 

Thomas Putnam b. January 12, 1652, d. May 24, 1699, m. 

aad had one child, Thomas b. 1681, d 
1757. 4. Thomas Putnam b. February 9, 1681, d. 1757, m. April 
10, 1705, Elizabeth Whipple, daughter of Joseph Whipple, and 
they had Anna b. May 6, 1716, d. , m. December 23, 1734, 

Daniel Gardner, and became the mother of Samuel Gardner, 
the great grandfather of Annie Richards- Wolcott, wife ot Ralph 
E. Prime, (p. 29 and Appendix H.) 



Alanson Jermain, 16 24 24 

Albina, Amelia, 19 
Alfred Sidney, 19 
Alice 23 
Alice E. 31 
Alice T. 28 
Alma 11 
Alma Dea, 9 20 
Almon 18 19 
Amity Elizabeth 27 
Amos, 8 
Amy, 12 19 
Andalusia. 8 
Angeline, 12 
Anna, 6 
Ann Marshall, 9 

" Wheelwright, 10 14 
Arabella Duncan, 29 
Arthur M., 27, 31 

Monteith, 23 28 
" Rossiter, 26 
Asa, 8 11 11 18 
Belle, 26 
Benjamin, 6 8 8 20 

" Erastus, 9 
N., 12 
Thomas, 31 
ioungs, 7 910 
Betty, 6 
Carrie M., 31 
Carroll Kossiter, 26 
Charles C, 21 

" Mortimer, 12 
Charlotte M., 21 

Park, 22 
Clarence, 22 
Clarissa Ann, 12 
Claudius, 28 

" Bertram. 28 

" Buchannan, 14 22 
Coe P., 21 
CordeUa, 18 
Cornelia, 17 
Cyrus C, 12 
Daisy Christine. 26 
David L., 20 
'• Stuart, 26 
" Washington, 19 26 
Deborah, 6 
Delia, 26 
Desire, 6 
Ebenezer, 6 7 7 7 10 13 

" Scudder, 22 27 
" W., 22 
" Youngs, 9 
Edith, 30 
Edward, 20 27 28 

" Dorr Griffin, 16 
" Irenfeus, 25 
" Payson, 21 
" Young, 14 21 
Ella, 27 
Electa, 12 
Elias Parker, 12 
Elizabeth, 6 8 20 
Elon Galusha, 19 26 
Emily Frances, 13 

" ' Mary, 12 
Emma Cotrel, 23 
" Matilda, 21 
Ernestine Rose, 22 
Eva, 23, 28 
Experience, 8 
Ezra Conklin, 14 22 
Frances, 17 
Frank, 28 

" Noble, 24 28 
Gardner Wolcott, 29 
Gilbert, 24 
George E., 27 31 
" H., 20 
" W., 12 
" Wendell, 25 30 
Gerrett Wendell, 17 
Grant, 8 11 
Hannah, 6 6 
Hazel Winifred, 31 
Helen Marr, 19 
Henry Clay, 22 
" Hariev, 27 
" Hamilton, 12 19 
•' Levi. 19 
" Rutgers, 14 22 
Horace, 12 20 20 
Hubert W., 28 
Ida Wood, 23 
Irving, 26 
Isaac Miller, 9 
James, 5 5 5 6 6 6 8 20 
" Dart, 19 
" Hector, 9 12 
" Wickham, 13 20 
Jane, 11 
John, 8 

'' Aretus, 9 



" Grant, 11 11 

" Milton, 13 '20 
Joseph, .6 6 6 8'8 
Julia Adele, 27 

" Anna, 29 

" M., 21 

" Mullock, 13 
JuUette Smith, 23 
Kate, 24 29 

" Evelvn,22 

" L., 21 
Lamson, 8 
Laura, 8 12 
Lena, 26 
Liberty, 10 
Lily, 2o 
Louiza, 26 

" Maria, 13 
Lucile, 31 
Lvdia, 34 Apx. A 
Mabel, 6 31 
Margaret, 7 28 

" Brown, 14 
Margaretta, 24 
Maria Althea, 9 

" Margaretta, 16 
Marrietta, 14 
Martha. 6 6 

" Alma, 19 
Mary, 6 7 20 24 

" Ehzabeth, 13 25 28 

" Eloise, 30 

" Frances, 31 

" Louise, 28 

" Maud, 27 

" Rolph, 23 

'• Wheelwright, 14 

" Wood, 11 
Matilda, 14 
Merrill Clyde, 26 27 
" Foster, 27 31 
Mina, 26 
Morton, 23 

" Ward Beecher, 23 28 
Morrevell, 27 
Moses, 8 12 
Nancy Amanda, 13 
Nathaniel, 12 

Scudder, 11 14 14 
14 16 18 22 23 
Noble, 20 27 
Noble K.. 12 20 
Ocean Bacon, 12 19 


Oliver Bacon, 19 26 
Orton, 26 
Ossian Grant, 19 
Pansy, 29 
PhcBbe, 11 18 
Ralph Earl, 24 28 29 
Rebecca, 5 6 
Rose L., 21 
Royal, 18 

Robert Anderson, 23 28 
Ruth Havens, 29 
Sally P. 11 

Samuel Irenaeus. 16 24 c 
" Jackson, 9 13 

Thornton Kem-:Wealthy Electa, 19 

eys, 25 30 
Sarah, 6 6 6 7 8 8 
" Conldin, 14 
" Louise, 23 
'' M., 13 
Scott, 26 
Seraph Celestia, 20 

i Weldon Hasseltine, 20 26' 
jWendell . 17 25 30 30 
iWilliam, 6 8 11 18 

Cowper, 14 17 21 29 

Isaac, 31 

Llovd Garrison, 22 

Reicl, 27 31 

iTheodore Frelinghuy-iWinifred Amtty Maud, 

sen, 22 j 27 

" Smith, 22 28 i 

Thomas Addison, 23 ! 

" Merrill, 12 20 20 27 i 

Virginia, 13 j 


Bald-win, Rev. Methusa- 
leh; 16 

Barclay, Catharine, 18 

Beatty, Abner, 22, Mar- 
garet F., 28 

Beardsley, Margaret 
Brown, 14, Emilv, 14, 
Walter Avery, 14*, Wil- 
son, 14 

Bissoll, Helen, 24, Hen- 
ry, 24, Henry C. 24 

Blizzard, Coe. 13, Ger- 
trude, 13, Josie, 13 

Borland, Alex. M. 13, 
James Prime, 13, Les- 
lie L. 18, Louisa Maria, 

Bond, 20 

Brown, Rev. James, 7 

Brower, Charles C. 21, 
Clarence Prime, 21, 
Homer Hastings, 21, 
Minnie, 21 

Canfleld, Abel, 11, Alan- 
son M. 11, Anna, 18, 
Kalph E. 11, Rebecca, 
11, William, 11 

Carll, Hannah, 7 

Cha°e, Frances, 26 

Chatfield, Frank, 23, 
Herbert Fosdick, 23, 
Horace F. 23, Raymond 
Rogers, 23 

Chilson, Mary, 12 

Clark, 6 

Clement, Elizabeth, 20 

Cole, Edward Prime, 14, 
George Washington, 
14, Harlem Page, 14, 
James, 14 

Conklin, Experience, 13 

Corwiu. Alice, 13, Caro- 
line, 13, George H. 13, 
Hawley, 13, Julia, 13 

Cotrel, Emma, 21, Mary, 

Cromwell, Oliver, 33, 
Apx. A 

Cumings, A. P. 16, 
Cornelia Josephine, 16 

Dart, Celestia, 11, Frank- 
lin, 11, James, 11 

Dean, Lulu. 26 

Dowd, Electa, 11, Giles, 

Downs, Benjamin, 18 
Dry den, Bridget, 33, the 

poet, 33 
Dunshee, Albert, 11, Al- 
ma, 11, Daniel Parma- 
lee, 11, Darwin, 11, Eli- 
za, 11, Franklin, 11, 
Harriet, 11, John, 11, 
11, Louisa, 11, Rollin, 
Earl Line, 37, Apx. G 
Earl, Florence, 19, Geo. 
W. 19, George Elmer, 
19, Lena, 19, Virginia, 
Edwards, Jonathan, 7 
P3mley, Samuel J. 21 
Eppeisheiraer, Freder-i 
ick, 21, Mildred Prime,! 
Fish, Ruby Jane, 28 
Ford, 6 

Fowler, Allen Prime, 24,1 
Charles Rowland, 24,' 
Jacob W. 23 
Fullerton, Mary, 9 
Garlick, Henrv, 8, barah, 

Gager, Lydia, 19 
Gardner Line, 40, Apx. J 
Goodell, Abbie Davis, 17, 

Rev. Wm. D. D. 17 
Greaton, Rev. James. 10 
34, John Wheelwright, 
34, James, 34, Apx. A 
Greene, Mary Hatch, 31 
Hamilton, Letitia, 22 
HarvelJ, Sarah, 27 
Hasseltine, Wealthy 

Eliza, 19 
Havens Line, 36, Apx. F 
Higbie Line, 36 Apx. E 
Higbie, Ruth Havens, 24 
Hoflman, Wm. M. V. 25 
Howell Line, 35, Apx. D 
Hulbert, Amos N. 19, 
Charles, 19, Nellv, 19, 
Wallace, 19 
Hutchinson, Ann. 33, 
Mary, 33, Susannah, 33 
Rev. Wm. H. 33, Apx A 
Irvinj^, Joseph, 27, Jo- 
seph Foster, 27, Wini- 
fred, 27 
Jackson, Mary, 9 

Jans, Anneke, 30, Ru- 
dolph, 30, Catharine, 

Jermain Line, 34, Apx.B 

Jermain, Ann R. 18,Bar- 
clav, 18, Catharine, 18, 
James B. 18, 18, 18, 
John P. 18, 18, Julia P. 
18, 18,Julia Ann, 15, 16 
18, Maria C. 18, Syl- 
vanug P. 18, John, 15 

Jones, Rev. Eliphalet, 7 

Jordan Line, 34, Apx. B 

Jordan,John, 15, 34 Apx. 

Kemeys, Elizabeth 
Thornton, 25, Mary, 30 

Ketcham, Abel, 11, Ebe- 
nezer Prime, 11, Ed- 
ward Woodhnll, 11, 
Hannah Amelia, 11 

King, A.E.J. 9,Hannah8 

Lansing, Jacob Henry, 
SO, Mary, 30 

Lefferts. Helen M. 30 

Luckev, David B, 20, 
Mary E. 20 

Lush, George W. 23 

Marburv, Rev. Francis, 
33, Apx. A 

Marvin, M. Adelaide, 20, 
Matthew, 20 

McCartee, Robert, 18 

McClure, Archibald J. 
18, Julia P. 18, Wm. 
H. 18 

Mills, Minnie E. 31 

Mullock, JuHa, 12, Wil- 
liam, 12 

Noble, Alice Mason, 21, 
Franklin, 21, 21, Gid- 
eon, 6, Henry Prime, 
21, Isabella Pleasants, 
21, Kate Paulina, 21, 
Marv, 21 

Packard, Irene F. 30 

Paige, Amity, 27 

Palmer, 9 

Parsons, Frederick J. 25 

Partch, Arthur, 20. Me- 
dad, 20, Nelly, 20, 
Wealthv, 20 

Paul, Lena, 26 

Peck, 8 

Penney, Stephen, 13 


Perry, Anna M. 31 
Pierson Line, 3i, Apx. C 
Piatt, Mary E. 23 
Plumb, 6 

Potter Josephine, 21 
Prindle 6 

Prior, Thomas, 5 
Putnam Line, 41 Apx.L 
Resigue, Phcebe, 11 
Rice, Catharine A. 18 
Richards Line, 38 Apx. H 
Richards, Annie, 29, Ja-i 

cob,- 29 j 

RockwelljCarrie, 19, Jes-I 

sie, 19, Lucius T. 19,1 

Mary, 19, Wealthy, 19] 
Roe Emma, 28 ' j 

Root,Azariah, 6, Sarah, ! 

Rossiter, Virginia, 26 
Ruuyon, Frances Bailey, 

21, John G. 21 
Sammis, Amy Prime, 22, 

Etta, 22, Eva, 22, Han- 
nah R. 28, :Jay Noble, 

22, Rudolph, 22, Thos. 
Cotrel, 22 

Savage, Catharine, 18, 

Rev. Frederick B. 18 
Scarborough, Hannah, 26 
Scheuek, Rev. Wm. li- 
Scudder, Gen. Nathan- 
iel, 9 
Seely, Julia, 13 
Shaw, Miss, 9, Cora, 31 

Sylvester, Margaret, 7 

Sleeper, Harriet E. 27 

Smith, Augusta, 28, Jo- 
siah, Jr. 8. Martha, 22, 
Walter, 5 

Sprague, Alfred T. 12, 
Alson, 12, Amy M. 12, 
Ford W. 12, Henry M. 
12, Riley, 12, Riley T. 
Welthea E. 12 

Stevenson, Archibald Al- 
exander, 17, Edward 
Jrenaeus, 17,^' Eugene, 
17, James, 17, Julia 
Johnson, 17, Mary 
Margaretta, 17. Rev. 
Paul Eugene, 17, Pres- 
ton, 17 

Stoddard, Rev. Chas. A. 
25, Charles Prime Les- 
lie, 25, Ethel, 25, Irene, 
25, Julia Jermain, 25, 
Mary (Marion), 25, 
Samuel Johnson, 25 

Storre, Rev. Augustine, 
33, Mary, 33, Rev. Tho- 
mas, "33,' Apx. A 

Strong, Adine, 6 

Thayer, Catharine S. 18 


Trotter. Sarah, 30, Mar- 
garet, 30 

Trumbull, Hon. Gurdon, 
17, Mary Hammond, 17 

Trublow, Alice, 16, Fred. 

erick, 16, James L. 16 

Tuttle, Ichabod, 6 

Upton Line, 40, Apx. K 

Van Brough, Catharine, 
30, Johannes, 30 

Van Rensselaer, Hen- 
drick, 30, Helen, 30 

Warner, Jessie, 19,LovaI 
S.''^19, Nelly, 19, Wil- 
bur, 19 

Wendell, Henry, 30, Ja- 
cob, 30, Jacob Henry, 

Wetraore, Cornelia Sub- 
mit, 10, Ebeuezer Wal- 
ter, 10, Egbert, 10, 
Erastus, 10, Ithiel, 10, 
Julia Ann 10, Maria, 

Wheelwright Line, 33, 
Apx. A 

Wheelwright, Rev. John, 
10, 33, Mary, 10, 10, 34, 
Apx. A 

Williams, Eloisa Lemet, 
25, 30, Moses, 30 

Wilson, Maria Darling- 
ton, 16 

WolcottLine, 38 Apx. I 

Wolcott, Annie Rich- 
ards, 29, 40, Rev. Cal- 
vin, 29, 39, 40, Apx. J 

Wood, Israel, 7 

Youngs, Expei'ience, 7