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logical. Seminar 








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^limitm CD^mtanft? EeDiD'n 





O F T H E 


B Y 


I N 

Greek and Englijh ; 


Various Readings from all the Manufcnpt^ 

t>ublifli'd by WILLIAM WHIS TO N, M. A 

Apoc. xr 19. 


Printed tor rbe Author ; and are to be Sold by the Book 
fellers of London and Vl^efimirificr. MDCCXI. 

T O T H E 

Moft Excellent Majefty 

A N°N E, 

(jr eat -"Britain^ France, and Ireland, 

Vidorious CONQUEROR of the Grand 
Oppreflbrj The Great SUPPORTER 
of the Proreftant Religion 5 and, The 
Shining ORNAMENT of the Church 
of England I, 

This CatljOltCfe ^Otttint , and thefe 
CONSTITUTIONS of the Holy JpoJiUs, 
the Unerring Rule of that Chnftian Faith, 
whereof Her Majefty is the Glorious 
DEFENDER, are moft Humbly De- 
dicated by 

Her Majefty s Moft Obedient 


Dutiful SuhjeB and Servant^ 

The £2)7 rO!^ 



cf the Fir ft Book of the Apoftolical Conftitutions^ 

ft. r-fE&? vrnovillfu^ Chap. I. /concerning Covetouf- 

j8'. nseiw y-n *v^Cex' II That we ought not to return 
^Hv, M du.JvA^«Jt T* ft^/iicSif- Injuries, nor revenge our felves on 
T*. him that does us wrong. 

y'. rigeZ )(^>X6>c7:<rf/S, ;^ m. Concerning the Adornment 
<? hf^H^v A^^fitt^' of our felves, and the Sin which a- 

rifes from thence. 
cT'. "077 i J^ '5fe«se>f 6- IV. That we ought not to be over 
^ Tif^ y^)ijS( C'^vlas, «>^a^ curious about 111- Livers, but to be 
tJ oU«^ hyv 5<2^*t"''- intent upon our own proper Employ- 

I. UoU ^ypgLPM ^tChU V. What Books of Scripture we 
cffeT civet')4vco(nteiv. ^ ought to read. 

r ns6£ T« cLTiiyiStzu mv yx. That we ought to abftain from 
'mv ^Uo^v /2/CAi»^. all the Books of chofe ihat are out of 

the Church. 
^'. UieJL yjuJcum ?tf/^'AM«. Vll. Concerning a naughty Wo- 
w. n-at vsTOTzt-yw^ y^ijyo/' VIII. Concerning the Subjection 
xo; ©ej\ <*v«r£55 ^ i^ihdivSpii of a Wife to her Husband, and than 
iif (mipe^vG-- (he muft be loving and modeft. 

6'. Uiei 'fS^iww cv»^^t^ IX. That a Woman muft noC 
yjuJeu\(^ otveT^W ^ bath with Men. 

I Uiei t^')iu.'i ^ •>'^« X- Concerning a contentious an4 
wTe)M 7^«<;ta$. brawling Woman. 

A3 CON- 


cf the Second Book* t^ S^uripy (ii^Ah. 

Chap. I. 'TPHat a BiQiop muft be 
A well inftruded, and 
cxperienc'd in the Word. 

II. What ought to be the Cha- 
racf^ets of a Bilhop, and of the reft 
qi the Clergy. 

Ilf. In what things a Bifliop is to 
be exninincd before he isordairi*d» 

IV. That charitable Diftributions 
are not to be made to every Widow. 
But that fometimes a married Wife is 
to be prefcr'd : and that no Diftribu- 
tions are to be made to any one who 
is given to Gluttony, Drunkennefs, 
and LJIenefs- 

V. That a BiHiop mnft be no Ac- 
ceprer of Perfons in Judgment : that 
he mnft be gende in his Converlation, 
and temperate in his Diet. 

VL That a Bifhop muft not be gi- 
ven to filrhy Lucre, nor be a Surety 
nor an Advocate. 

VII. ought to be the Cha- 
racter of ,a Candi late for B.iptifm. 

VIII. Concerning a Perfon talfely 
accus'd. or another con-^icled. 

IX. That a Bifhop ought not to 
receive Bribes. 

X. That a Bilhop, who by wrong 
Judgment 1 pares an Offender, is him- 
fe'.j guil7. 

XI. How a Bifhop ought to judge 
Offenders. ' 

X!I. Dodrinal. Flow a BiOiop 
ought to behave bimfelf to the Peni- 

r'. Uici -ni fJL^ u) ^ I' 


t ( «77 S^VkO^©- dKCi'' 

id ''Otjw; ^n*r l-^ffno- 

^^Sm M-mvQh'rrt, i^ on 
"On >iMi\ii^a.hKys nyLCd 

ti. U7/« ^MrlSf^rtpi- 
it'' Uie2 inTapGioi, )^ th 


9?^»iw^sAJi, J)a. TO ?£) cwnv 


. O77 X^ ^/jU"!/ fltU« 

^fitj«, «/y>cwv vvvvmv, ^ TV 

K. '^OTnas x?» Ti^ «p^* 

ffiv i7n<rK07nii- 

Kci. "Ot/ yjvAw©- fMi'O' 

kC ''O7? jtt«)A vm^^hiy- 

0A ^ W/K<^i7Xt^; ^%^'^<^% 

XII L That we onghr to beware 
how we make Tryal of any finful 

XIV. Concerning thofe who af- 
firm that Penitents are not to be re- 
ceiv'd into the Church. A righte* 
ous Perfon, altho* he converfe with 
a Sinner, will not perilh with him. 
That no Perfon is punifh'd for ano- 
ther ; but every one muft give an 
account of himfelf. That we muft 
alTift thofe who are weak in the 
Faith : and that a Bifhop muft not be 
govern'd by any turbulent Perfon a- 
mong the Laity. 

XV. That a Bifhop muft neither 
overlook Offences, nor be rafh in pu- 
nifhing them. 

XVI. Of Penance. The mannef- 
of it, and Rules about it. 

XVII. That a Bifhop muft be un- 
blameable, and a Pattern for thof^ 
who are under his Charge. 

XVIIL That a Bifhop muft take 
care that his People do not Sin ; con- 
fidering that he is fet for a Watch- 
man among them. 

XIX. That a Shepherd who is 
carelefs of his Sheep will be condcm'd; 
and that a Sheep which will nor be 
led by the Shepherd, is to be pu- 
nifh'd ♦ 

XX. How the Governed are to o* 
bey the Bifhops who are fet over 

XXI. That *tis a dangeraus Thing 
to judge without hearing both Sides, 
or CO determin of Punifhment againit 
a Perlon before he is convidted, 

XXI I. That David^ the Nincvita^ 
E^^kiai^ and his Son Manafes are 


eminent Examples of Repentance. 
The Prayer of MauaJJes King of 

XXIII. jimon may be an Exam- 
ple to fuch as Sin with an high hand. 

XXIV. That Chrifl Jefus our I,ord 
came to fave Sinners by Repentance. 

XXV. Of Firft fruits and Tyths ; 
and after what manner the Billiop 
ishimfejf to partake of ihem, or to 
diftribute them to others. 

XXVI. Accord IP g to what Pat- 
terns and Dignity every Order of 

the Cierey is appointed bv God. 

XXVil. That 'tis a horrible 
Thing for a Man to rhruft hirafelf 
into any faceruotal OfHce ; as did 
Corah, and his Company, Saul and 

XXVlll. <3f an Entertainment; 
and after what manner each diftindi 
Order of theCierpy, is to be treated 
by thofe who invite them to it. 

>X1X. What is the Dignity of a 
Bifhop, and of a Deacon. 

XXX. After what manner the 
Laity, are to be obedient to the Dea- 

XXX'I. That the Deacon m.uftnot 
do any thing without the Bilhop. 

XXXII. That the Deacon muft not 
make any Diftributions without the 
conlent of the Bifhop, becaufe that 
vvdli turn to the reproach of the 

XXXIII. After what manner the 
Biftiops arc to be honour'd, and to 
be reverencM as our fpiritual Parents. 

XXXIV. That B (hops are to be 
prcfer'd before Rulers and Kings. 

75 )5 ''«T« q*o; UdLydmf. 

A«f aa<r:u Sid uATViVoio,. 

Cdv^v ^ ctvralp, h iji^ti 

ol K'©3H7ai COS 2»»A, 

, fit T-' « '>-' ~ » 

K' ' Oynai yj^\] tv\j Kcti- 



KeL Or I (ui) yji} T J)eLKO' 

pov c^^C yvcofjL!juu n iTntTKO" 

A? ^ T» i-maKOTH Uto T^r 


AH "Otz X^« 7^ ifjutf-nl 
/Met "Oymi t/W ©c^^'g^ia 

•T* iWTttVOXVTtt, ;^ OOTi)« c/)ct 
T^I/lJ&tu <s^( dutPTzlvOVTV.fy 

fjLc^' *<-'u xpn r SittKovov 

tTHK^^i^H^ TO Gd^Q- r i'^<T' 

y^^ei^Avoii, AVTiKQycu ^ A*' 

fJLT* "077 « X?" "^ '"^^^ 
%n fJikli ti| fiUUTWt' 77^flt J(5fc- 


f^C- ''Ow X?« ^ Mt^p^ 

XXXV. That both the Law and 

the Gofpcl prelcribe Offerings, 

XXXVI. The recital of the Ten 
Comma-idments ; and after what 
man-icrthey do here prefcribe to us. 

XXKVIL Concerning Accufers 
and faiie Acculers, and how a Judge 
is not ra(hly either to believe them, 
or disbelieve them ; but after an 
accurate Examination. 

XXXVIII. That Sinners are priJ 
vately to be reprov'd, and the Peni- 
tent to be receiv'd, according to the 
Conftitution of our Lord. 

XXXIX. Examples of Repen- 
tance, ♦ 

XL. That we are not to be im- 
placable to fuch who have once or 
twice offended. 

XLI. After what manner a Peni- 
tent is to be treated, as alfo Offen- 
ders ! and when they are to be cut 
off from the Church. 

XLIL That a Judge muft not be 

a Refpeder of Perfons. 

XLIII. After whar manner falfc 
Accufers are ro be punifli'd. 

XLIV. That the Deacon is to 
eafe the Burthen of the Biihops, and 
to order the fmaller Matters himfelf. 

XLV. That Contentions and 
Quarrels are unbecoming Chriftians, 

XLVI. Thar Believers ought not 
to go to law before Unbelievets. 
Nor 'ought any Unbeliever to be 
cali'd for a Witnefs againft BeHevers. 

XLVII. That the Judicatures of 

Chrlftians onght to be held on the 
fecond Day of the Week. 

XLVIII. That the fame Punifli- 
ment is not to be inflidted for every 
Offence ; but d ffcrent Puniihmcnts 
for different Offenders. 

XLIX. What are to be the Cha- 
fa(5ter5 of Accufers and Witnefles. 
' L. That former Offences do fome- 
times render after-Accufations credi- 

LT. A gain ft judging without hear- 
ing both Sides. 

LI I. The Caution obferv'd at Hea- 
then Tribunals before the condemna- 
tion' of Criminals, affords Chriftians 
a good Example. 

LIII. That Chriftians ought not 
to be Contentious one with another. 

LIV. That the Billiops muft by 
their Deacon, put the People in mind 
f)f the Obligation they are under to 
live peaceably together. 

LV. An Enumeration of the feve- 
ral Inftances of divine Providence, 
and how in every Age from the Be- 
ginning of the World, God has in- 
vited all Men to Repentance. 
, LVI, That 'tis the Will of God 
that Men fhould be of one Mind, 
in matters of Religion, in accord 
with the heavenly Powers. 

LVil. An Exacft Defcription of 
a Church, and the Clergy ; and 
what Things in particular, every 
one is to do in the (olemn Affemblies 
of the Clergy and Laity for religi- 
gious Worfl]ip. 

LVIIJ. Of commendatory Tetters 
in favour of Strangers, Lay-perfons, 
Clergy men, and Biflwps. And that 
thole who cQme into the Church Af- 

tJLn On f/.ti x'ip Wttj^ 

Cff^i TO J):tf0^v n rtOTt£7«- 

V. 0-n fcfp^^fH W(L Ki Ik 

x/jI/xatO- M ^ i^CO^V ft' 

vy' "077 (Jt^ x^^ ,^^1' *^' 
Vt^'. "On %f« 7KU i-m^KQ' 

o0iui Hi (jui-mvaiajif WTcif. 
vr'. ''Ov ^hy\(jM e{«, . 

^ iam^.i ooTiscfktiJV 'it) tsfe4 
*I»JVJay fjuirn^Q- ffuuSpoiJuvi 

|at "077 «;)/ 0JT70I/ <r^Kei' 
«ofei TlfcTfoi' tihtfii. )^ ol 

^0IOTI ^^\Qt. CI Q 'SfeJ 

fembliec, arc to be received without 
regard to their Quality. 

LIX. That every Chriftian ought 
to frequent the Church diligently 
borh Morning and Evening. 

LX. The vain Zeal which the 
Heathens and Jews l^ew in frequent- 
ing their Temples and Synagogues is 
a proper Example and Motive, to ex- 
cite Chriftians to frequent the 

LXI. That we muft not prefer the 
Affairs of this Life, to thof'e which 
concern the Worfhip of Gc d. 

LXII. That Chriftians muft ab- 
ftain ftom all the impious Pradices 
of the Heathens. 

LXIII. That no Chriftian that 
will not work muft eat. As Peter 
and the reft of the Apoftles were 
Fifhermen.Buc Paul and Aquiia Tent- 
makers ; Jade the Son of James an 
Husband- man. 

K E $ A A A I A 

«>• t ft p p » 

1» T^Ta bibA/tf. 


of the Third Book 

sfiii TV u^WTjfoV. 

Chap. I.'TpHat we muft avoid the 
and IL A choice of ^ younger 
Widows, becaufe of Sufpicion. 

III. What Charader the VVidows 
ought to be of, and how they ought 
to be fupported by the Bilhop. 

ly. That we ought to be charita- 
ble to all forts of Perfons in Want. 

V. That the Widows are to be 
very careful of their Converfarion. 

VI. That Women ought not to 
"" ' ■ ?each 

teach, becaufe 'tis unfcemly; and 
what Women follow'd our Lord. 

VII. What are the Charaders of 
Widows falfely fo called. 

Vin. That the Widows ought not 
to accept of Alms from the Unwor- 
thy, no more than the Biihop, or any 
other of thq Faithful. 

IX. That Women ought not to 
Baptize; becaufe it is impious, and 
contrary to the Dodtrine of Chrift. 

X. That one of the Laity ought 
not to do any Office of the Priefthood, 
he ought neither to Baptize, nor Offer, 
nor Lay on Hands, nor give the Blel- 

XI. That none but a Bifiiop and 
Presbyter, none even of the inferior 
Ranks of the Clergy are permitted to 
do the Offices of the Pricfts, that Or- 
dination belongs wholly to the Biihop, 
and to no body el(e. 

XII. The Rejection all uncharita- 
ble Adiions- 

XI IL How the Widows are to 
pray for thole that fuppiy their Ne- 

XIV. That She who has been kind 
to th^ Poor ought not to make a Stir, 
and tell abroad her Name ; according 
to the Conftirution of the Lord. 

XV. That it does nor become us 
to revile our Neighbours, becaufe 
Curling is contrary to Chriftianity. 

XVI Concerning the facred Initi- 
ation of Holy Baptifm. 

XVII. What is the meaning of Bap- 
tilm into Chrift : and on what ac- 
count every thing is there faid or done. 

XVIIL Of what Character he 
ought to be who is initiated. fti/M,uV©". 

micu ymcuKJki timvi^ tm xjw - 

0*. ^On i xfw yiweuH^f 
I. O7J K xpw ^tf/Jtoj/ 7rr/«y 

IdL Oft 7^\jJJ l-mffHO'TH 8 

ly ^Oyntf J)h c^jJj'^^fi' 

A.-I ' rv ' ^ 

r KJLieiii tJieL-mtiv 

li. "Oil d'utpimi 7» hotJh- 
•n r hi ctUTzJ 'ii^<^v hiyiTiu, 

/♦\ Ojl^ 

It'. ^'Ot? vsro letup n eA/o 
VZ3V fit'o;' M.C'iCcuoy 3^. 

XIX. What are the Charaaers of 
a Deacon, 

XX. That a Bilhop ought to be or- 
dained by Three, or by Two Bilhops ; 
but not by One. For that would be 


1^ TE^JULfrti 



0. v-l 'mv t^esvoHv r op* 

wejLAmv yjtii'i^v cvpei^^O' 
^oeieu,icog AVeoat tdi»7d/ » fW - 

6'. ''Oti $^»i ^s^TfiTn^m 

Chap. I.T TOW the BiOiop ought 
and II. X JL to provide for the 0£» 

III. Who ought to be fupported, 
according to the Lord's Conftitution. 

IV. Of the Love of Money. 

V. With what Fear Men ought to 
partake of the Lord's Oblations. 

VI. Whofe Oblations are to be re- 
ceived, and whole not to be receiv'd. 

VII. That the Oblations of the un- 
worthy, while ihey are fuch, do not 
only not propitiate God, but on the 
contrary, provoke him to indignation. 

VIII. That 'cis better to afford 
tho' it be inconfiderable and few Con- 
tributions, to the Widows from our 
own Labours, than thofe which are 
many and large, received from the 
Ungodly. For 'tis better to peri(h by 
Famine, than to receive an Oblation 
from the Ungodly. 

IX. That the People ought to be 
exhorted by the Prieft to do good to 
the Needy, as fays Solorfton the Wife. 

X. A Conftirution, that if any one 
cf the ungodly by force will caft 

. " Money 

Money to the Priefts, they fpend it 
in Wood and Coals, but not in Food. 

XI. Ot Parents and Children. 

XII. Of Servants and Maftcrs. 

XIII. In what Things we ought 
to be fubjed: to the Kulers of this 

XIV. Of Virgins, 

eauOi toZtvl, ceM« ^ti «f J)- 


cf the Fifth Book. 

Chap. I. T^ Hat it is reafonablc for 
\. the Faithful to fupply 

the Wants of thofe who are afHiOtd 
for the fake of Chrift by the Unbe- 
lievers ; according to the Conftitmion 
of the Lord. 

II. That we are to avoid Conver- 
farion with falfe Brethren, when 
tliey continue in their Naughtinefs. 

III. That we ought to afford an 
helping Hand to fuch as are fpoil'd 
for the fake of Chrift ; akho we (hould 
incur Danger ourlelves. 

IV. That 'tis an horrible and de- 
ftrud:ive thing to deny Chrift, 

V. That we ought to imitate Chrift 
in Suffering, and with Zeal to follow 
his Patience. 

VI. That a Believer ought neither 
railily to run into Danger, through 
Security ; nor to be over-timourous, 
through Pufillanimity, But*tofly a- 
way for Fear ; ycr that if he docs fall 
into the Enemy's Hand, to ftrive ear- 

K E $ A A A I A 

y O77 Tzii J)a. "i^ex^v 
COT? \san>tja \\w 

r' ''OtJ ;)(?»' ^ 7779CV /M*71 

^ <nt tpohtKB' ^ o^^^a. 
i *H:^K« rgJ^n'S^f, 077 

TV /uu J"©-. 

/^ ''077-^* n^^Ki (}Ji>M' 

AJWJ' X^ TOT? T»7Wj; |;(^'5>| 
IT. 'A7Ittei9tMf!77$ o^^w- 

neftly, upon account of the Crown 
that is laid up for him. 

VIL Several Demonftrations con- 
cerning the Refurredlion, concerning 
the Sibyllj and what the Stoickj lay 
concerning the Bird call'd rhe L-'hccnix, 

VIII. Concerning James the Br©- 
ther of the Lord, and Stephen the firft 

IX. Concerning falfe Martyrs. 

X. A moral Admonition, that we 
are to abftain from vain Talking, ob- 
fcene Talking, Jefting, Drunkennefs, 
Lafcivioufnefs and Luxury. 

XL An Admonition, inftuding 
Men to avoid the abominable Sin of 

XII. That'we ought not to ling an 
heathen or an obfcene Song : nor to 
fw/earby an Idol ; becaufe lis an im- 
pious Thing, and contrary to the 
Knowledge of God. 

XIII. A Catalogue of the Feafts of 
the Lord which are to be kept, and 
when each of them ought to be ob- 

XIV. Concerning the Padion of 
our Lord ; and what was done on each 
day ol his Sufferings. And concerning 
Judas: and ih^t Judas was not prelenc 
when the Lord deliver'd the Myfteries 
to his Difciples. 

XV. Of the Great Week; and on 
what account they enjoyn us to faft 
on Wedmfdiiy and. Friday, 

XVI. An Enumeration of the Pro- 
pherical Predidions which declare 
Chrift; whofe Completion though the 
Jews fa w, yet out of the evil Temper 
of their Mind they did not believe 
he was the Chrift of God, and con- 

demn'd the Lord of Glory to the 

XVII. How the Paflbver onght to 
be celebrated. 

XVIII. A Conftitution concerning 
the great Paflbver-Wcek. 

XIX. Concerning the Watching 
all the Night of the Great Sabbath, 
and concerning the day of the Relui- 

XX A Prophcrick Predidion con* 
cerning Chrift Jefus. 

''^ Xeir« rk 'Itt^». 


cf the Sixth Book 

K E ^ AAA I A 

Chap. I. "\T 7 H O they were that 
VV ventured to make 
Schifms, and did not efcape Panilh- 

II. That *tis not lawful to rife up 
cither againft the Kingly or the 
Prieftly Office. 

III. Concerning the Vertue of 
JAofcs, and the incredulity of the 
Jevpi/h Nation, and what wonderful 
"Works God did among them. 

IV. That he makes Schifm nor 
who feperates himlelf from the 
Wicked, but who departs from the 

V. Upon what account. Ifrael 
falfely fo named is rejec5ted by God, 

demonftrated from the prophetick 

VI. That even among the Jews, 
ihere atofe the Dodfrine of feveral 
Herefies, hateful to God. 

yil. Whence the Herefies fprang, 

1 7VKfXM:nu>7ii, » e/>4- 

y. rife/ ^ ^mcneff ift- 
i Tir©- ytejiv dmC^m^ 

et/»' 7707 *7r]'jjJeu ^htiotL^ dt'- 

TTPcftt^,'^ 7tf> ;;^pfc 7t;\J Tttf i^tf^. 
tcWTUJf j^ ©Iff 5 dhh^djv c/>- 

li "O77 '^TS dvACct'TllZ^V 

Iu» cu'HffMi'jrtitdy^- 

and who was the Ring leader of 
their Impiety. 

VIII. Who were the SuccefTors of 
Simons Impiety, and what Herefies 
they lee up. 

IX. How Shnon defii ing to fly by 
fome magical Arts, fell down head- 
long from on high, at the Prayers of 
Peter, and brake his Peer, and Hands, 
and Ancle- Bones. 

X. How the Herefies differ from 
each other, and from the Truth. 

XI. An Expofition of the Preach, 
ing of t lie Apoftles. 

XII. For thofe that confefs Chrift, 
but are delirous to Jr.dsize. 

XII J. .That we mud feparate from 

XIV. Who were the Preachers of 
the Catholick Doctrine, and which 
are the Commandments given by 

XV. Thar we ought nor to rcbap- 
tize ; nor ro receive that Baptfm 
which IS given by the Wicked : which 
is not Baptifm, but a Pollution. 

XVI. Concerning Books with 
falfe Infcriptions. 

XVII. Concerning Clergy-mens 
Precepts about Marriage. 

XVill. An Exhortation com- 
manding to avoid the Communion of 
the impious Hereticks, 

XIX. For thofe that fpeak evil of 
the Law. 

XX. Which is the Law of Na- 
ture, «and which is that afterwards 
introduc'd, and v^hy ic was intro- 
ducd ? 

3kXL That we who beh'eve in 
Chrid are under Grace, and not nu- 
( a ) . der 

dtr the Servitude of that additional 

XXII. That the Law for Sacrifi- 
ces is additional ; which Chrift.when 
he came, took away, 

XXilL How Ciirift became a 
Fulfiller of the Law ; and what 
pares of it he put a Period to, or 
changed, or transferred. 

XXIV. That It pleafed the Lord, 
that the Law of Righreoalnels ihould 
be dcmonitrated by the Romans. 

XXV. How God on account of 
their Impiety towards Chrift, made 
the Jews Captives, and placed them 
under Tribute. 

XXVI. That we ought to avoid 
the Hereticks, as the Corrupters of 

XXVI r. Of fome Jewilli and 
Gentile Obfervances. 

XXViJL Of the Love of Boys, 
Adultery.and Fornica:ion. 

XXIX. How Wives ought to be 
fubjedV to their own Husbands ; and 
Husbands ought to love their own 

XXX. That 'tis the Cuftom of 
Jews and Gentiles to obferve natural 
Purgations, and to abominate the 
Remains of the Dead ; but that ail 
this is contrary to Chriilianity. 


)t9' "oTTUi X" '^^ '><'• 
a', '*U7i UQ- 'UMok n 


cf the Seventh Book. 

K E $ A A A I A 

Chap. L np Hat there are two d" f^VVi ,^9oIhiH(n, (ma 

X Ways; the one na- vJJ "^ (coTn, ti ipvatKti, 

tural, of life • and tho other intro- ^ 5^'* T¥ 3it/ctVtf, » g^«<7a- 

ire ilyhnei^' 


r'. TlieJi oiuvorKOTUKni i 

f|), 01 ■;} 70 «?ca fwVoP TTOfi- 

ty "Ovmi Sh <s^9^^^%' 

^ TdTj OmTBU^ 7i^ XA'eCB? 

diic'd afterwards of death ; and that 
the forme r is from God, and the Jat- 
ter of Error, from the Snares of the 

II. Moral Exhortations of the 
Lord's Conftitutions agreeing wich 
the ancient Prohibitions of the divine 
Laws. The Prohibition of Anger, 
Spite, Corruption, Adultery nnd 
every forbidden A(flion. 

III. The Prohibition of conjuring, 
murderof Infants, Ferjuryand Falfe- 

IV. The Prohibition of Evil fpeak- 
ing, and Paflion, of deceitful Con- 
du6t, or idle Words, Lies, Cover • 
ouinefs, and Hypocriiy. 

V. The Prohibition of Malignity, 
Acceptation of Perfcns, Wrath, Ma- 
lice and Envy. 

VL Concerning Augury snd In- 

VII. The Prohibition of murmu» 
ring Infoience, Pride and Arrogance. 

VIIL Concerning Long-fufFcring, 
Simplicity, Meeknefs and Patience, 

IX. That 'tis our Duty to efteera 
our Chriftian Teachers, above ouc 
Parents : The former being the 
means of our well being, th.e other 
only of cur Being, 

X. That we ought not to divide 
our felves from the Sajnts ; but IQ 
make peace between thofe that quar- 
rel, to judge Righceoufly, and no? 
to accept Perfons, 

XI. Concerning him that is doubi^ 
minded and defponding. 

Xn. Concerning coing Gocd. 

XlII Kov/ Maiters ought to be- 
have themfelves to iheir Servanrs ; 
and how Servants ought to be f^b^ 

XLVI. Who were they that the 
Holy Apoftles Tent and ondain'd ? 
XLVII. A Morning- Prayer. 
XLVIII. An Evening- Prayer. 
XLIX. A Prayer at Dinner. 


cf the Eighth Book. 

Chap. I. /^N whofe Account, the 
V>/ Powers of Miracles 
are perform'd. 

II. Concerning unwonhy Biftiops 
and Presbyters. 

HI. That to make Conftitutions 
about the Divine Offices to be per- 
form'd in the Churches, is of great 

IV. Concerning Ordinations. 

V. The Form of Prayer for the 
Ordination of a Biftiop. 

VI. The Divine Liturgy, wherein 
is the Bidding Prayer for the Cate- 

Vil. For the Energumens. 

VIII. For the Baptized. 

IX. The Im position of Hands and 
Prayer for the Penitents. 

X. The Bidding Payer for the 

XI. The Form of Prayer for the 

XlJ. The Conftitution of Jamesy 
the Brother of 'JcLtiy the Son of ;^^- 

XIII. The Bidding Prayer for the 
Faithful, after the divine Oblation. 

XIV. The Bidding Prayer after 
the Participation. 

K E <> A A A lA 

y* "Ojni J>*7accr?e&5 tw* 

"A^^cy u%TeLyoiA. 

ty'. n^c(rpeiffioi( ^ r^ 

il ^E'^txvim f^ nv tu- 

Cuii^m «/>a7tt$/< 'I««yvK ix 

K. 'E577jayt(775 COT '^e}"^' 

xi AiCCeuH t5 c/TnxAn^ii'- 
ten T» eumt x^vonf 'we* 

XV. The Form of Prayer after 
the Participation. 

XVI. Concerning the Ordination 
of Presbyters, the Conftitution of 
John who was beloved by the 

XVII. Concerning the Ordination 
of Deacons, the Conftitution of 


XVIII. The Form of Prayer for 

the Ordination of a Deacon. 

XIX. Concerning the Deaconels, 
the Conftitution of B.irtholomem. 

XX. The Form of Prayer for the 
Ordination of a Deaconefs. 

XXI. Concerning the Sub dea- 
cons, the Conftitution of Thomas. 

XXII. Concerning the Readers, 
the Conftitution of Matthew. 

XXI II. Concerning the Confef- 
fors, the Conftitution of James the 
Son of Alphceus. 

XXIV. The fame A poftles Con- 
ftitution, concerning Virgins. 

XXV. The Conftitution of Leh- 
h.tus, who was furnam'd Thadd^tuSy 
concerning Widows. 

XXVI. The fame Apoftle concer- 
ning the Exorcift. ^ 

XXVil. Simonihe Can (taaite, con- 
cerning the Number neceflary for 
the Ordination of a Bifhop, 

XXVIII. The fame Apoftles Ca- 
nons, concerning Bilhops, Priefts 
Deacons, and the reft of the Clergy. 

XXIX. Concerning the Eulogy of 
Water and Oil, the Conftitution of 

XXX. The fame Apoftles Confti- 
tution concetning Firft- Fruits and 

XXXI. The fame Apoftles Con- 
ftitutions, concerning the remaining 
Oblations. ^ XXXii. 

XXXIL Various Canons of Paul 
the Apoftle.concernifjg thofcthat offer 
themlclves re be baptized, whom we 
are to receive, and whom to rejedt. 

XXXIII. Upon which Days Ser- 
vants are not to work. 

XXXIV. At what Hours, and 
why we are to pray. 

XXXV. The Conftitution of 
^amcs the Brother of Chrift, concer- 
ning Evening-Prayer. 

XXXVI. The Bidding Prayer for 
the Evening. 

XXXVII. The Thankfgiving for 
the Evening. 

XXXVIII. The Thankfgiving for 
the Morning, 

XXXIX. The Impofition of Hands 
for the Morning. 

XL, The Form of Prayer for the 
Firft -fruits, 

XLI. The Bidding - Prayer for 
thofe departed. 

XLIl. How and when we ought 
to celebrate the Memorials of the 
Faithful departed • and that we 
ought then to give fomewhat out of 
their Goods to the Poor. 

XLIII. That Memorials or Man- 
dates, do not at ail profit the wicked 
who are dead. 

XLIV. Concerning Drunkards. 

XLV. Concerning the receiving 
fuch as are perfecuted for Chnfts 

XLVI. That Every one ought to 
remain in that Rank wherein he is 
plac'd ; but not fnatch fuch Offices to 
him (elf, which are not intrufted 
with him. 

XLVII. The Ecclefiaftical Ca- 

a9'. x«£^.Wrt o?9eij'»i. 

^ 7Wf T^ XJDtfJ(MbiV7Tl^V TTjgzStf 

uy* "Oti T^i AffiCnf -tit 


'^^^ A I A T A r A I 

TriN AririN AnosTOAnN 

TOT PaMAiaN EnisKonoT TE 



Hid Kouimv. 


O F T H E 



B I S H O P and CITIZEN of R O M £; 

%\yt Cati)olicfe SDdctrine* 

V Pag 



Sect. I. 

Concerning^ the Laity. 

HE Apoftles and 
Elders to All thofc 
who from among 
the Gentiles have 
ywj/ m\<^&au.aiv ^eii' liy belicv'd in the Lord Jefus 
weAov 'IrnZv X^^v, Chrift ; Grace and Peace from 

i Im, V. 



Almighty God, through our '^aez-i vfjuv ^ ^plx/ln ^ 

Lord Jefus Chrift, be multi- 5* '^'jiDJce^-rop®. 0gS 

ply'd uiuo you in the Ac- 2^.^ TweA^rtf/S^'U- 

knovvledgment of him. o-ii Xg/^-a TrAw^iyyGeijj 

lfa.v. 7,2. The Catholick Church is ©ga (pvT&aci j(^>- 
the Plantation of God, and ^^im z/nKhvcnoL, <£ cju,- 
his beloved Vineyard ; con- 'TreAoop Suu^ c^/cAg^citJ?, 
raining thofe who have be- of ^Tnc^^'^Ti^ en lUj 
licved vsx his unerring Divine dirhoLvri ^^.ooiScixv uuu- 
Religion ; who are the Heirs tS, ol tIm cu^mhov ^p' 
by Faith of his everlafting Tri^joi 2/^ ^g^cas /Set- 
Kingdom; who are Partakers oiAJi^ iujii, ol -^Itox- 
of his Divine Influence, and fj^v ajyii eiAvtcpoTis ^ [xe- 
of the Communication of the Tii(n)pi?oiyiy TrvdjfjLoc- 
*%Pag. Holy Spirit; who are arm'd l@.j^*^<i>7rAiapievotS^ 
2.00- and inwardly ftrengthen'd [iyiai, ^ otfgp>//cr|u'^Jo« 
with his Fear, through Jefus; r^iv (^cSov i^jiSy pcu/Tt- 
who enjoy the beneftt of the cjjuccJ©. ifA^')^i 7§ it 
fprmkling of the precious and yuiy ?^ djoo'd ouujlocI®^ 
innocent Blood of Chri(l ; »i« X^^^-S, o\ ^jnippt]' 
who have free Liberty to call cncw aAnfcTis w m{u- 
AlmightyGod,Father; being 'TO><£^7ue;t ©goV, 'm- 
Fellovv-heirs and Joint-Parta- ts^^ -^heivy oufjcAj)- 
kers of his beloved Son : ^vofjigi ^ (njufjii^m' 
Hearken to this Holy Do- ^i t? ^yoiTnifj^^ ^TWLf- 
(Srinc, you who enjoy his Sijsa/jrQ- ccKiazt<n SiSk- 
Promifes, as being dclivcr'd oKxAid^ UeJ^v o\ ^te- 
by the Command of your Sa- ')^vSpot ^m er^ufytAloA 
viour, and agreeable to his ttxnQ ox 'c^c^^7//t>ta7®, 
glorious Words. Take care, t? ot-^ttj^©., ^ofj{g<^ip^v" 

the Holy Apoftles. 

^iipS{)^ois(p^ofja^saju ye Children of God, to 

T«. ^u?ioiosjsSB 01 SeS do all things in obedience 

Uo\ ocTH^TZL as Jotc- to God; and in all things 

'>{qIuj GeZ *z:y^oj2iv' ^ plea(e Chriil, who is our 

yiveSs ccpsgvi 01/ men, God. For if any Man fol- 

^ X^/q-cp' izJ'GeM 71- lows Unrighceoufnefs, and 

|A^, 'E^ ysipks ^0' does thoie things that are 

^Acw f.x/iTuSiooy.yi (£ m Contrary to the vVill ofGod^ 

c/i'^lioL r^co ^Xrtu^aTL fuch an one will be efteem'd 

•7S0g»'TDiy, to'srcj^'ro by God as the Difobedient 

jLfpV fe-Qi/©. t£ <Seco Heathen. 

'Kirt')^^ «jr Wcnys Abftain therefore from cap. i. 

m^iovi^ioLi ^ dS\yu all unlawful Deftres and in- 

oLi' '^ y^ h TtS vdfJLcp jullice : For it is written iii 

yiye^TrJof' OvK S^- the Law, Thou (hah not co- ^^^^' xx* 

^\jm^ii{my.ujS>^^ vet thy M'igPjhott/s Wife, nor 

Th'^cnov cry^ c^ ttdV a- his fidd, nor his Man-Ser* 

y^vcjujik, Fl^Ti;^'mj- var^t, nor his MaidServant^ 

Jbca/jTa ItiiIw -77154^(5^- nor his Ox, nor his Afs^ nor 

o-mvauuT^, fc-ii ^\ /Sbj' any thing that is thj Meigh^ 

owjtS, ii%^ vTiD^i^yiov hour's: For all coveting of 

c6iJt?, vTi ccra t5 'utAm thefe things is from the Evil 

mov o-a '^V oTi 7\ myO^ One. For he that covers his 

TtTwy S^^/xcct (k t5 Neighbour's Wife, or his 

/TTDvi^pSoTrap^ 'OyJ Man-Servant, or his Maid- 

g^>^^(7sc^ 'T^ol ju/joi- Servant, is already in his 

^^^ ri^V-miJ^, J 7^ Mind an Adulterer, and a 

7rat(Wo-'/jv?j/ t5 ^Xncnov^ Thief; and if he doe^ not 

y\^^ y:^ Q^voidp (Jigi^i repenc is condemn'd by our 

^ 7iAg'Jfu5 ^i/. lipim Lord Jefus Chrift : Through 

?tye/c». V. 

B % 



whom Glory be' to God for pj^Tzx^yvoJy ^mx^/'^-iac 

ever. ^wf;/. For He fays in the tS tujc^''^ ^i^ ^^^ 

GofpcL recapitulating, and Xe^r^i '' ^^ « ^ '^^^<^ 

confirming, and fulfiUnig the -to; Bgw "asT»iJ oamvcu;. 

Ten Commandments of the 'rf^i^. Aiy^^^ Iv tw 

Law, It IS VvYttten in the Law, AtacU^JctJ , d^layAf^oL' 

Thoufnalt not commit Adtiltc- Xau^iyS^/^ ^ 9^e^i^y -^ 

n : But 1 fay unto 'jou ; That 7rk))^p t^u, oe^t^^yiv r^ 

is, I faid in the Law, by vof/.d' olchrunofxcfiyo' 

Mcfcs ; But now I lay un- ye9-^^> « f-'^^X'^^^ ^' 

to you my belf , whosoever yD ^ Agyy o/uu:/* tbtf^i' 

(]hill look on his Neigh' ev tco vofjic*) ^ Moo(jiooi 

lours Wife, to lufl after lya l>\^hy)(^' vuL '^ o 

Her, hath committed Adul- cti^ius vjjuv Afytj, Haj 

tery vrith her already in his o^iifJL^/A'i^eiiTiuLyjjj' 

Heart. Such an one is a^'^ tS TrAnoiov 's^s S 

condemn'd of Adultery who ^,^t//>t/r(7ctf a'JT^^, rih 

Covets his Neighbours Wife eu^i^^Afaiv ojutvv h t>i 

in his Mind. But He that ^jx^ia ocCtS' ?t@^ Ik- 

Covets an Ox or an ACs, ^^, /j^i^^ >[af'hioi^^ 

does not he defign to fleal 6 ^rS^^cstfr. O' 5 r 

them ? to apply them to (^'^vrirovcv^^fjAczc^, 

his own Ufe, and to lead g^ 'Qi W y.hi-yl^fj, yj 

them away? Or again, He iSicTroiiQiJ^ v^oi-roc- 

that covets a Field, and ;^>'«r ctu^i^j/cft^5 

continues in fuch a Difpo- Tiorrivcc-y^v^Aivr^' 

fition, does not he wicked- Jvf^cn^ (c b^^^rcM rji 

ly contrive how to remove rnjiaS^ ^^0^, ^mvv)T 

the Land-marks, and focom- ^<^'g7Uf, o^rws opoy?.v» 

pel the Pofleflor to part <priasLf ccyayy^ai) r '^^v- 

with foniewhat for nothing? tco tS f^yn^^vQi ^hrv^^^ 

I ^ V. ! f . V. 3 dccit. V. 

the Holy Apollles. 

w.^^ ^ oc^oy c^5 a- 

V. S* 

For as the Prophet feme- 
where fpeaks. Wo to t/joJe^Ci 
jvho join hou[e to houfc, and 
Uj fidd t$ field , tha:t they 
may deprive their Neighbour 
of fomevfhnt which was his. 
Wherefore he fays, Mufl 
JDU alone inhabit the Earth ? 
Syi yi €i; m ojttx. ^^j^a For the fe things have been heard 
mS xa.6 gtiJ 7a. Koj in the Ears of the Lord ofHofts. 
^cc;^« 'Em-is^^^' And elfewhcre, Curfed be he Deur, 

who removcth his Neighbours ^^"^^^^ ^'^ 
Land-marks : and all the People 
Ihall fay Am^n. Wherefore, 
Mofes fays. Thou (halt not re- 
move thj Neighbours Lmd- 
marks, which thy Fathers h^ive 
^TEfg; ay" Aix ^iSto" fet. Upon this Account there* 
Zv (po&oi^ ^vccrni, 8\' fore, Terrors, Deach, Tribu- 
y^<p^e/'^_ J '^TZL^)(aj , nals and Condemnations foU 
^^ ^ t3" 0?S rj^^Ts lowfuch as thcfe from God. 
'(piii^is l7za*<pA«9S^7 • But astothofc whoareobedi- 
rro?; 5 hTrny^oii Se^ ent to God, there is one Law 
^p,^^mis ii? vcfj.^ of God, fimple, true, living, 
.©5? '^ dn^Zi\(lAr\^,;, which is this, Do not that to a'^ 
^w^', ?T'®- cfjycnxip;^* mother which thou hatefi anotheri6, 

f!)ouid do to thee. Thou wouldft * 
not that any one (liould look 
upon thy Wife with an evil 
ywo^yJi cd Tivd euL- Delign to corrupt her; Do 
^A^Vx^g 'icf.y.w' &is 5^^- noc thou therefore look upon 

*rtS "TrKmoiQv cu/ri ^ epS 
nm^ Aocoi, ^ f^oiTD 
Afo cp'iicn Mcocns, Ou 


GUI '^jfSzi^ , av oc?\Cfj 

« TmirO^^' W /38/(J T>) 

Tob. ir. 

'ncrcucti.V. .V;3.V ^>*4'q;']p, >;;/c/7c. V. •^dec.h V. .^7av;« V^. 




thy Neighbours Wife with (pn%^p ojj^i^ im^\ <^ 

a wicked sncention. Thou t"^ ^ Trkf^axov o-« yiw- 

wouldft not that thy Garment c^ya >^>t^n5w5 aT^r/- 

ftould betaken away, do not cr>i5. Oi^ /3bA({ um % 

thou therefore take away ano- if^^ov afSvou, f^jS'^ 

thers. Thou wouldft not be (tu ttj t5 l^pn jipvis. 

beaten, repioachd. affronted; Ou rSv^ea ^TT^vjyrvojj ^ 

Do not thou theretbre ierve Tioi^pn^vai , vS^^)- 

any other in the Hke Manner, ya/, yy^S't gu ^Acf) §m!I- 

n. But if any one curfe thee, A;^a y^'Tue^TOj 02 

do thou blels him : For it ic$ ; m) &7(^yf\^v hu* 

is W'ricten in the Book of w. ofc ^Ve^t'^fou 01/ 

Kum ^timbers y He that hlefftth thee tji (^iS?^.Cfi r d^^i^v* 

XX I V. 9.// Uflfcd, and he that curfeth 'O (^^^^^ (t? (^'>^^- 

//;^f ;j cnrpd. In the fame iwf' '^ y^'^e^i^^ 02, 

manner it is written in the 5t€*<«T/i£^Tx^ 'Op^icci 

Luke vi.Go(pcl, EUfs them that curfe <^ cv tlS ^oc^feXiCfj ^- 

25. ^r^/^. Bei*^g injur'd, do not y^^a^ Y.v/^^yei^ tJs 

avenge yourfelves, but bear y^Tae^ju^jtfs t>V(5C5' a^- 

it with Patience s for the y.v[j^joi iJ^Aiip^nL^'matni^ 

Prov. XX. Scripture (peaks thus, iS^j^ ;^<?/^ X\^' wjju«Va7? * 071 

^^' /^^'«, 1 nill avenge my [elf on Xty\ h yes^(^ri. Mt) «- 

;»y Emmj for what Injuries he Trris^ "^^y^ui ^ ^x^^^'^ 

has offered me ; hut acejifiifce oi jm :Ji5w*?(7gr. Xm' -vkro- 

under thcr??', that the Lord ma'^j fji&uov, n'cc 02 ^ okSVm]- 

right thee, and I ring Vcnge- gyi" 6 yuj^iQ*, & oy.^-M- 

ance upon him nho has injur d av emx.yj.yri ^ dhxZv 

thee. For fo fays he again ii ct?- Kct^yi '7raA<j^ot/ 

Matt. V. i^il-^tGo^^Q.], Love your Enc tzS diJxrJ'eAiaj p^iy^, 'A- 

Tvics; do good to them that yL'Trxii T'is \y^p\i i>- 

the Holy Apoftles.' 

pS^' yf^Xooi mniiiT?: Tsl^i hate you ; And fray for them 

IMdZoiv tfj{^s, ^ 'C7^- nhich defpitefully ufe you, and 

gSj')^(^ -^^ T e-ziYifex- fsrjccutc jou; and ye jhall he 

^ovTwv vfj^^s ^ Sico7(^V' the Children of your Father 

rnav^ ^eai<^tjoi n[^irai- T^hlch is in Heaven \ for he 

gs Jju^ ? ca; T^ii y'e^- md'eth his Sun to jhine on the 

voTs, on r v/jov wjt5 Evil and on the Good, and rain* 

(lvoLik}k\ 'On TTDvrjpiii 6 efh on the ju/} andUnjuft, Let 

dyx^lis^ ^ ^ps^'^.h' US therefore, Beloved, attend 

5(9y«,s ^ acJWb^. n^' tothefeCommandmentSjthac 

oi:)(CC[j5^j Iv (iya.m'Tr^\ ? \ve may be found to be the 

ofTDAciJj Su^TOj?, W- Children of Light by doing 

Tg-z-rct (pwTTis dUpgrSw/z.^j them. 

Sect. II. 

13 Acci^gTB iv oi (f^S- IIJ E A R therefore with 

"■-^ Xoi ^ tfol 5"©g», ^^ one another, ye Ser- 

Xv\)fA«5. O' //^j dvTip vants and Sons of God. Let 

^^xr^s'r I'jjutI ' yujud\- the Husband not be infolenc 

^ ^i<pxl' {j/fi -x^epw^xx,- nor arrogant towards his 

vos^ ^S'iol^^^Mv^^^' Wife; but compaffionate, 

c^cT^xyyv'^, ^jjuim- bountiful, willing to pleafe 

Sh!©., T^lS'ia. yiwcfjiyu his own Wife alone, and 

'^jmgvov' /3a;\9|w^©. a- treat her honourably and o- 

pBtTum', ^ laZiiiv 5(^^- bligingly , endeavouring to be 

y^dij^v c4''Ti,(jigds^(miiShi^uv agreeable to Her. 

Mri >f^?^iM7n^cfA^j- Do not adorn thy felf in* 

©- ds S oc^(^^vciui in ' fuch a manner as may 

kp<t ^ iTiPsty " 'Ox entice another Woman to 

' -Jw^f, V. I abfuac V. ' al. ItoJ^v. Hc^'i^v. V. 

B 4 thee. 


thee. For if thou art over- QL Eii^ qS ivxy^^ 

come by her, and finncft ^m -Jsr' «>ut5?;, cifSfp- 

with her, eternal Death will ttto-jis «5 «/jt>iv, .&a;a.- 

overtake thee from God; 1@J <g^ SeZ I'n^ASae- 

and thou wilt be punifli'd toJ ot: oSciii'i©* Iv cli<^- 

with ftnfible and bitter Tor- c^ m-K^^ tP^^C^Iw^V* 

ments : Or if thou dofl: Hot Em fjy^ ^liam Ig (jZ- 

perpetrate fuch a wicked o-©., ^/\' -^oiQiijS^©* 

Adt^ butfhakeft her off, and ^jiw^ oipvmYi ^duuTvy", 

rcfufeft her, in this cafe thou ?^ tStd >7^pW$, «' ^ m^ 

arc not wholly innocent, even ^Tnimo-vis", ^jrof o^^ 

tho' thou art not guilty of 'S ^??\.oo^i(jia.^ a-a 'tio.- 

the Crime it felf, upon ac- yt^^Ccztj yuvaHv^ as g 

count of thy bare adorning b^jvfj^jDL\o-ii' IWj?c^x^ 

thy felf, fo that a Woman ^ r ihTu -rnGtai^ S^ 

, was enfnared to dedre thee. ^ opi^ecos p^i^li^vaji 

For thou art the caufe that the 6^ (mi X^* ^x ^"^^ 

Woman was (o arfedcd, snd cuk©. w^/?;^.-, ^ S 

by her lufting aft r thee was fjj^ ^s^atcTrocreiAcii a? rf 

guilty of Adultery with thee ; r^' ^ •7TH'm;>f(fc!;|4'J>j* «' 

yet arc thou not fo guilty, be- yi av ein^^m^roa ijjirh>' 

caufe thou didft not (end to ^^j) cwui-miSiHi 5 do- 

her,who was enfnar'd by thee; t? lowjTii/ ^^K^y\^(r'A -v^ 

nor didft thou defire her. -/jvei«5'©gS5'«7rDj/7>X^, 

Sincetherefore thou didlt not Qy A(P<;^6taTf5, (^ h)c ^- 

*;^f;^ deliver up thy felf to her, ^^jAai^, VHi':^D;t«- 

thou ihaic find Mercy with y» n^a(5/4'Jw a^^ \ a- 

Erod XX. ^'^^ ^^^^ ^'^y ^^^' Whohatb ;(5ti£^5 o/oycJ/iT^fgcoa, I- 

14, rV faid. Thou jlult not commit ^Tt^-nyr^ r ^/aVo/^/j, 5^ 

Adultery, and, Thon jl:alt J^ot ^u^ai^.^-^, Qi^mt ^ (is 

covet. For if fuch a Wo- .S^oj^gii ^^^yJ^^^T^o ^ 

' a1. cLOTd ^ y. ^ a}. €rriV«f pro inla^i l^" I^UJ V. ' *^- 

the Holy Apoftles^ 

cKeivn pJJ/jTDi T? ^pS'i^p man upon fight of thee, or 

€T^v[jLcclcSyu cijj^pfa unleafonable meeting with 

veodTtpn \^xp')Qvm an thee,was fmitten m her mind, 

^ z6jfaMw7r/o-/4'^'», S)7e and fent to thee ; but thou, 

ke^^vauL 0-9, hox@^ as a religious Perfon, didft 

(^^cryLYt (TV y cKeivns refufe her, if die was wound- 

c^T^oofJiJli^, ooicij7}os ed in her Heart by thy 

(wrk cr\{g.vShLKn '^jo- Beauty, and Youth, and 

|L<^j©-, '% 5' iaui ■kAti- Adorning, and fell in love 

^vofjL@J', Acq o\^r\' with thee, thou wilt be found 

^U. KJUQ/n § Ggtf 0- guilty of her Tranfgreffions; 

rnos fj^AiSiv avi 2/^ ri- as having been the Occafion 

T» ^y^v sTj^^^w. OJ of Scandal to her; and flialtMatth; 

yi ccv^^ooTTvis 02 ^p'^ inherit a Wo. Wherefore pray ^^"*- ^7- 

dpiaiceiv «$ ccfj{^oUxy' thou to the Lord God, that 

K^Vloi ©rf €^6 oaiQ- no Mifchief may befal thee 

iTTTa. ^ooTis 77, (& Va- upon this account : For thou 

'n-ajja2(fi> 'f a'lcovla dp- art nor to pleafe Men, fo as 

'p^Sixj To -im 'f (pt>- to commit Si a ; but God, fo 

oic^^ Qoi S^fj!^ov OH. as to attain Holinefs of Life, 

©eZ '^.>\®- ^7] 'u^'^a^' and be Partaker of everlaft- 

^•^^tMoicTK^g, ^^olIcc- ing Reft. That Beauty which 

'mivo(f)^vcai ^M'reAcx.tTov God and Nature has beftow'd 

cwJtd tJ^? ocv^coTnis, on thee do not farther beau- 

v'Tw r 'Tisi;:^* <^ 'f ^ tifiQ; but modeftly diminifli 

jM^5 fji-n /sT^T^grwf, ic before Men. Thus, do not 

f{9A;\9v 5 C"^^^'^''^*'*' '^'^ou permit the Hair of thy 

^ ^J^jLL^v ajlry\v n-cc Head to grow too long, buc 

|u,ri "■ ■iig.'TU'icTivi^op^rd" rather cut it (liort ; left by 

(78 ^ ia-a/j'KlGv ny^^Z?\®^ a nice combing thy Hair, and 

r y^(paA7ii', ?j y^Tct/uug- wearing it long, and anoint- 

|Ltue/o"MV'« ^. f77ix,>%- ing thy (elf, thou draw upon 

' > . , ■ ■ _ ■ ^ ., _ : 



thy felf fuch enfhar'd, or en 
fnaring Women. Neither do 
thou wear over-fine Garments 
to (educe any ; neither do 
thou, with an evil Subtilty, 
afFedi ovcr-hne Stockings, or 
Shooes for thy Feet, but only 
fuch as fiiit the Meafures of 
Decency and Ufefulnefs. Nei- 
ther do thou put a Gold-Ring 
upon thy Fingers ; for all 
thefe Ornaments are the Signs 
of Lafcivioufnefs 5 which if 
thou be folicitous about, in 
' an indecent manner, thou wile 
not a6l as becomes a good 
Man : For it is not lawful for 
a Man, who is a Believer, and 
belongs to God, to permit 
the Flair of his Flead to grow 
long, and to bufh it up to- 
gether, nor to fuffcr it to 
fpread abroad, nor to puffic 
up, nor by nice Combing and 
Flatting to make it curl and 
fliine ; fince that is contrary 
to the Law, which lays thus, 
in its Additional Precepts, 
htv'iKyjK.'Jou (hall not make to your 
^x*i. 5. fi^'^'^ ^^^l'^ ^^d romd Rajure.\ 
Nor may Men deftroy the 

lop QfpcvSivUu TbTi Jocjc- 
7a/j Tcc 'm v\cL z T aj.QjLcrfj.Z 

SVX. i^eq^l (70L Tfg- 

^cri^hv m\peiv' «J ? jCo 
oyH^Tnieiy, n 2^^aci- 

JoTcieiv ajjTTw' l-Tr^i^rnp 

' vmpfi'i.^fi. V. ! > Quom. V. ^ hmx^u4t V, 


the Holy Apoftles. 

vofjil(^j' j^\ 'OJ 'TTDfnjgTs Hair of their Beards, and un-'*** ^^s- 
v^Tp uicrol/jjy ii<^l dvoc" naturally change the Form of "°^' 
^vqJlS'xs. Xph Q hS's a Man. For the Law (ays, 
';fl/je.ii ^i^ S^cpbeip^lvy 27' fh.ill not marr your B cards, ^^^'i^- 
6 r fjipp<pLuu ? ^Spco' For God has made this dQ^l'^'^^.' 
TTn fs^ (pvaiv e^cc?^,cl- cent for Women, but has de- 
cj?iv> OvK '^miJ{pJhL' termined that tis unfuitable 
poocTSTi ydp, %y](Tiv o vo for Men. But if thou do 
^s©-5 T«5 Tmytivoii J- thefe things to pleafe Men, 
p^y. TaiTj ^ yjvauL' in Contradiction to the Law, 
^\v ^TTfS'TTii • xtiQls thou wilt be abominable with 
lmiy\a^ ®2qs' dvS't^ai God, who created thee after 
5 d^oipfjigqvv eSis(^oo(7i. his own Image. If there- 
at) 5 TcwJ-ra ^icot^ S^ fore thon wilt be accepta- 
dpicTTceiow, ov^pkiyS^jos ble to God, abftain from 
TstT vofjLCtiy ^hKvyt^i all thofe things which he 
^r\(Ty} fu^^ ©g(w ^ hates; and do none of thofe 
KTiaztvH oi Tcccl'^^voc I- things that are unpleafing to 
owT?. 'Eacu Sv %iAYis him. 
Ge^ dpidTieif, am^'n 
fTntvToov wv jLuasi auoTOSf 

Sect. Ilf. 

f\'r^2(ry) aSi.'^rri. T^ H O U flialt not be as iv, 

^^ /A^j©:'' & IfJL^- -*• a Wanderer and Gad- 

cia-TByj/ ?^ aAif^V-^j©- cj/ der Abroad, rambling abouc 

?pu<<9iw/"ax.ow^g7rD7r- the Streets, withoi^c juil 

Im' r xa^t^tfi ^wV'TStfj'' Caule, to Ipy out iuch as live 

Xv»a tS Tg;;^!')! ^^ (£ wickedly. But by minding 

Tz^effcf) o-if <CT^ck^)v, thy own Trade and Employ- 



inent, endeavour to do what ^ W @iaj(pi;\cf. ^ol- 

is acceptable to God. And ^-nni ^oi^iv ^ ^ m 

keeping in mind the Oracles S X^^^S Ao^x ^vcc 

of Chrill, medicate in the [JufJivricrytsiA^©^ S^ripe- 

lofi. r. fame continuaLy. For fo the jcaJj /U/^AeTcc- Ae^cJ^ 

Deut. VI. Scripriire fay^ to thee, T/jorf riy^fv avh oU ovr:^ 

(halt ^r^editate in his Larv Day vofj^cp ajjiv fx^Aerria^ii 

and Nizht ; when thou walkcfi i/>tge^5 ^ j'l/>ctd5, t^^ 

in the Field, ^nd nhen thou fit' Trai^iv ca> d-^cc-^ cv o'/- 

tefi in thine Houfe, and vphen ^oj xa.^|u^j©-, (^ >^/- 

thcu hefl down, and when thou ^^o^^j®-, (£ S^avt<^' 

rif'fi up, that thcu n?ajft have ju^©-' /Vx avvm iv^^ 

Underfianding in all things, oiv, ' h>h ch ^ ^ac7i©4 

Nay, altho' thou beeft rich, ^izjccp^i^^peiavTi^i'tis 

and fodoft not want a Trade oj^j $ ''^ n^ifec^ 

*** P^g. for thy Maintenance, be not <j^ g|;^;r^, f>ci pg/^Soi 71- 

''^*^' one that gads about, and vd^^jyrM ^axca^o'zi%(7r7x- 

walks abroad at random. But tiiT©-"- '^M' eiit 's^^ 

either go to fome that are lie- ^fXV "^^^ ttisd?? 75 & 

h'ev.ers, and of the fame Re- cfji^Sb'^or. , <wfJiCcc?^.cav 

ligion, and confer and di(- ia ^wo7ro/a o^(7c,aiA(J 

courfe with them about the ^i-rfji^rn^' 

lively Grades of God : E/ q ju>?, xo.^- 

^ V. Ol it thou ftayefl: at home, ^'y^^^ hSbv ^-la- 

read the I'coks of the Law, yivooa-ioe r ronLVy m; 

of the Kings, with the Pro- ^ac7jA^'«^, t«$ -a^^^^ipri- 

phets» fing the Hymns of ^;' -la'^Ag . tvj ^'^vy?. 

David, and perufe diligently Aot^iS" Snip^n Ib^fjui- 

the Gofpel, which is the Aws S (^Uaf^A/or S tiS- 

CompJerion of the other. nwv avfJLTT^ve^i^* 

* di^J-ifOTTu'v); V. 


the Holy Apoftles.^ 

^£p i^viKau (^iS- Abflain from all the Hea- vr* 

Xieov 'TTxyrnav aW;j/« then Books. For what haft 

T/ yi^ Qoi ^ ^Mo thou to do with fuch foreign 
'Teiois ?\.oy)is, 7} vdf^is, Difcourfes, orLavvs, or falfe 
71 '>\'6i>Sb:sf]op(pri'TztiSj CO Prophets, which fubvert the 
<rw 5^ ^c^Tfs^i *? Faith of theUnftable? For 

'7r!^o)s Tw Ip^cpf^i ; what Defecft dofl: thou find 

U yxf Qoi (2 Ae'zu-<^ oi/ in the Law of God, that thou 

'T^" vof/^oj 5" Gg3, ira fliouldeft have Recourfe to 

I'sr' c;<«ya to ^ gOj'o- thoie Hcathenifli Fables? For 

fAvja, cpf^r.avis ; «7b -^ if thou haft a mind to read 

«95e/>'^ <S4;\€is^sp^* Hiftory, thou haft the Book» 

i^/e^s ms fBccciAei^s* of the Kings: If Books of 

«7E (TDipigiyJ, (t TToiYik' Wifdom ot Poetry, thou haft 

5C9^> ?;^ T^s -c^^rig^, thofe of the Prophett>^ off oh, 

T '^cy^, T mix^LfMOL' and the Proverbs ; in which 

q-l/jj, ou oTs miL(TY\i TToiri' thou wilt find greater depth of 

cicos^ (TD(pi(^€ix; 'TTKei^ Sagacity than in all the Hea- 

ovcL dy^iyoibp (^Jficreis, then Poets, and Sophifters, be- 

i/t 7we/ii ^ fj^vv 0-0' caufe thefe are the Words of 

(fi Sty (pjcrfcw €i!7iv. the Lord, the only Wife God. 

€iTi diTf^U-itZv opiyYi^ If thou defireft fomething to 

ty^i Tils ^aA^'^s- arg fing, thou haft the Pfalms ; 

dp^Morpvicts; 'i^i r if the Origin of things, thou 

^vioiv ""^"^ftT? vofJLifJiqiv haft Gcnejis ; if Laws and Sta- ^** Pag. 

^ 's^fyAii^i/, T h' tutes, thou haft the glorious ^'^' 

Sb^Qvyuj^a ^ Gev vo- Law of the Lord God. Do 

figv. Udi rr:t)v Zv r Xv\ o- thou therefore utterly abftain 

^f^v (t ^QoAiyJv from all ftrange and Diabo- 

^X^pSs cLfii^M. UhLuj lical Books. Nay, when thou 



readeft the Law, think not 
thy felf bound to obferve the 
/\dditional Precepts, though 
not all of them, yet Ibme of 
them. Read thofe barely 
for the (ake of Hiftory, in 
order to the Knowledge of 
them, and to glorify God 
than he has delivered thee 
from luch «great and ib ma- 
ny Bonds. Propofe to thy 
ieif to dillinguilh what Rules 
were from the Law of Na- 
ture, and what were added 
afterwards, or were iuch Ad- 
ditional Rules as were intro- 
duc'd and given to the //- 
raelites after the making of 
the Calt. For the Law con- 
tains ^ thofe Precepts which 
were fpokenby the \ ord God 
before the people fell into Ido- 
latry, and made a Calf like 
the Egyptian Apis, that is, the 
Ten Commandments. But 
as to thofe bonds which were 
farther laid upon them after 
they had fmn d, do not thou 
draw them upon thy felf: 
For our Saviour carne for no 
other Reafon but that He 

dll^if ft (£ f^T] "TltLvTXjOV, 

ivVla U.v(f)v, T *? cM;T8- 

€is o yivcf)ay,eiy Qe, ^ 
Sb^aC^eiv T Gsor, tic 

q)ua-iy^5y ^ T/ 5i ' '? 
&^7ffoojiOi)Sj ire TE OP 
nrYi epnf^co td/s jug^'TTviv- 
ccloi Sht^vlct fTreiC'XxIcc. 
Xsl oju,©- yap egi, tIioc 

^Ifrijouf "(c juig^TuiTiijcLj 
T 'TWCp'Aiyu'Ti^ioii A'mv, 
nriflegiv'' ti (J^)(9o;\p>©-* 

tTc'Tl^ iluyjOL, (TV Qe- 

yb oiuTTp r}f{gov ii St stb- 

^V U, vA'STPfT] IVOL ^ pt/- 

^c7Dx.e<ju^'j))5 cpyris, ^ 

tDi. V, t defunt* v. f defuot. r. 

the Holy Apoftles. 
•? S^jTpesl><ji&)s ^ 2^1' mighc deliver thofe than 
ciLiK^m % npxita-^ 7\ fM' were obnoxious thereto from 
#7aGi). Aioi ^ 'T§'& that Wrath which was re- 
*s^(7KOihipS^J^y\^^9l' ferved for them; that he 
A?Q^ AdCiF ^ 'sr^s might fulfil the Law and the 
Ijji" ^vms 01 yfsonm- Prophets; and that he mighc 
•75? ^ -rre^opka-ijS^^jot , abrogate or change thofe fe- 
ytayii ^ccTTSLvQj vfi^s. concary Bonds, which were 
^u Sv cu>Gcyvli r vofj^v (uperaddcd Co the reft of the 
oiiix(pajvo> ov^Tzx^ W (^'af- Law. h or therefore d oes He 
yb?\.iaj ^ 'Vj7s ^?^(p>?- call to us, and fay. Come un- Matt, xi^ 
'TtjLi?,d^jcLyiv(aoY.2^fmi? to me all je that labour a/jd^^' 
^a(72A^»ff, cTTws &sSivajf are heavy laden, and I will give 
1^15, oTTiQi S'i)icfioi g- you Re/l, When therefore thou 
rjlfjov^ /3aOTA«s ^ 7\V' haft read the Law, which 
Iri^^ii vzro 0g3, ^ is agreeable to the Gofpel, 
71 I'TjjQifyiXicL *? aAooviH and to the ProphecSj read 
^Mvis a/j^Ts S)if/,€ive aifo the books of the Kings ^ 
'SjOLi^ ajj^' 0(701 . 5 /3a- that thou mayft thereby learn 
triKeii e^ewopvdicnxv^iw whichof the Kings wererigh- 
©gS, cv am)9x.(Tlou aju- tcous, and how they were 
^v cwu^fj(^fs ol-TTzu/^gu' profper d by God ; and how 
nv tjT ? ©gS Si)i^Lo- the Promile of Eternal Life 
Tt^o-'ict, ^ -f cwjtS ^&))ij continued with them from 
l^fy]^i(r^s. ainrl aicc' him. iiut thoie Kings which 
'STOiiaiitii dctividp >(p^- Went a whoring from God 
Giv K^ine^Q^jJ^Joi, miV' did foon perifli m their Apo- 
;^*;^iro?r ^xyivcJ(rKU}v, ftacy by the righteous Judg- A Pag* 
'TniAt) T>r 'jETiV^l «/j|w- nient of God, and were de« ^'^-^• 
r&^ls, c>^<T0(vpc5^^^6n- priv'd of his Life, inheriting, 
G-Yi Xe/<rw, ? £77y/^^ ^ inftead of Reft, Eternal Pu- 




nifliment. VVhereforcbyread- f/iA©- ^y^^vas^Ui' 
ing chefe Books thou wilt be ^wctn^v 5 ov ff d- 
mightily Itrengthen d in the yfo., ^ Aso-ac^ ^w- 
Faich, and edi^y'd in Chnft, ?\Q\^y^, ;^f^cr>i/3a^- 
whofe Body and Member vLcod^S^eica/Lvcc jjJi)^ 
thou art. Moreover, when S 'b^nS^eiycvtuja^ Qe (§j- 
thou walked abroad m f^ 04/ oc^rify,cp 'h<Tuyccc» 
Publick, and haft a mind Au-^'l yvpcu^lv, ?i ^^a- 
to bath, make ufe of that a-ccc^ ^ed/j y;^ ctp^^y- 
Bath which is appropria- aTf^3/i)S'^'7iv,7] (w 'moo- 
ted to Men, left by difco- yiSd)^>y ri TrocyS^jayis 
vering thy Body in an un- ^ QoubT:S ^ mis Sias 
feemly manner to Women, iSuoLKc^Tm ^tjuiiaj,'i[g.s.' 
or by feeing a Sight not feem- ^v?{^oj\i Zv rnloiaZnnu^ 
ly for Men, either thou beeft iVa jt^tri ?[g.^--}s f^^x^^ 
enfnar'd, or thou enfnareft Tji IcouiS 4^^?' 
and inciceft to thy felf thofe 
Women who eafily yield to 
fuch temptations. Take care 
therefore, and avoid fuch 
things, left thou admit a 
Snare upon thy own Soul. 
^^^' For let us learn what the Maflw/u^j ')%, ca/ tiT* 
SacredWord fays in the Book C^^^^V '^^ ^^>"1 ° ^" 
of Wifdom, My Son, keep mj y®- ?\^y©<' 'Tih (pti* 
Wcrdst and hide m^ Com^ ?^o<Tg If^^s P[gyyi, tbw 
marjdmcnts with thee : Say unto ^H9^^ c^td^^s scpil-vj/^y 
Wijdom, Thou art my Sifler, 'o^ Qioujnr^S ETttov 
and make Under flanding fami- r Qo<fl^ Qy^v aftA- 
Uar irith thee : that Jhe may cplxi) eipajf, tIuu 5 (fcpvn* 
keep thee from the (I range and cnv yvoyQ/Lfj^gv t^ttoIai- 

defunc. v. 

the Holy Apofiles. 

c^ (^gcwjTzJ*, 'ivcc ere 7«- wicked Woman, in cafe fuch an 
fyiia-ri ^ yjvcu^i ^Mo- one accofl th^e with f(veet words, 
oficui, <^ 'mvyie^iy loiv For from the Windovo of her 
Qe ^[g'ypis m7s ^^s Houfe (he looks into the Street, 
^^j/ ef^CccA'/jTzij 'Atto to fee if jhe can efpj (om^ joung 
^ ^^'cT©- o'Uv ifjj' Tklan among the foo/ijh Children; 
Tws eis ms 'TrXctTiictA without Underflanding^ walk- 
*{x^yjin^v(ioL^ ov oiv 'iS'yi in^ in the Mar ket-f lace, in the. 
r dqi^vcav tstwcop ye- Meeting of the Street near her 
^/jiW ov^^ (pfievoov «2ia- Uottfe, and talking in the dusk of 
£5tTop<A/cf4'joi' OP dt)p' the Evenings or in the Silence 
pS,,c/p iioShisoiTtofv o/j- and Darknefs of the Ni^ht, A 
ITS, (£ >^Xvvrruj ov <r>^- Woman meets him in the Appea'- 
*ni lauuee^ycti, Lul^ oiv ranee of an Harlot y who ftcaU 
' \ ^^X^°^ rD^cTg^yri (^ ave>ay the Hearts of young Per^^ 
^>o(pw^5* i\ ^ *j/tu'7i fons. She rambles about, and 
Qwu^a^ 6mjW ^S'i^ t' is d/jfclute : Her Feet abide not 
%^(T<x 'mpviif^Vj 7i fmiii in her Houfe, Sometimes Jhe 
viodv i^i^ct^ ^0.p^i:tA, is without, fcmet/mes in the 
^S'Se^p^n Si Igiv (^ Streets, andliethin wait at eve-- 
ciffzolQ*^ OP o'Ucf) 5 ^X ^y Corner, Then Jhe catches 
yi<7v^^ii(Tiv 01 ^Sis cw' him, and kifjes him, and with 
oris, x^vov yif Uvcc an impudent Face fays unto him^ 
%^(D peiA,Ce7Wji xd^vov J I have Peace»Offerings withme, 
cv mhoutiicLii <^>^ -m- this Day do I pay my F'ows, 
a-dp yvviav ^c^g.cjyiitj". Therejore came I forth to meet 
ft'T»^;\5tfo|wS/j>f g(p/- thee, earnejllj 1 have de fired 
>^7\(jiv cwjToy, dpoA^ii 3 thy Face, and 1 havt found 
'S)^m'7rciu*co^aU'7Tiv(W thee; I have decked my Bed 
Ts^. Qua- ice apl/jjixi ^ith Coverings, with Tapeflry 
fJi^i e^, miiA^v amSi' from Egypt have I adorn d it. 

I fi. V, ^dceft, V. 


I have prfttmd my Bed mth ii»fJLi las ^'^as /it«' g- 

Saffron, and my Houfe with yg>^ t8t« s^aJi^v ds 

Cinnamon. Come let us take Qujuxvuno-lv cr», 7^65(96 

cur fill of Love until the Morn- S tov ^sf^Qjinv^ ^j9WJ(9i 

ing ; come let us folace our 02' y.€i^Qusri^njLT{^7iw 

felves with Love, &c. To 5eAm;j/ |x»,c&|x(p!7a7iyi^ 

which he adds. With much ^^coan ^'ii dw Alyjir* 

Dijcourfe (he f educed him, with la* ^lippaf^^c ^ -ngiTltju 

Snares from her Lipsfh3 forced /x» xep^co, r q oTh^p ju,» 

him. He goes after her like a 'A4vvacfj{^fjLa} 'gAfi? ^ km- 

Prov. v.a.y/iT)' Bird' And again. Do not p^iQ}^ (^iXm eoos op- 
hearken to a wicked Woman; Bp, S^S^ & iyyujXi'^ 
for though the Lips of an Har- rS-wjii^j e^^n (£ m s^iii' 
lot are like Drops from an oU 1S^(pfp<l, 'A'T^'Tr^ot- 
Honefcofnh, which for a while vAoi 5 cmJtd;' wDMf ©V*- 
is fmooth in thy Throat, yet xla,, /2ep;^« ie To/i 
afterwards thou wilt find her ^ ;^«A?a)p l^ooK^Xeu 
more hitter than Gall, and Iharp' avnrov' q eTiYiyi$?'^9^<^v 
er than a?)j two-edged Sword, cwJt^T MTs-(pea3Tts. Kajf 
ti 1. 26. And again, But get away^uick- mL>\.iv hiy^' Mv cf^a^- 
ly, and tarry not ; fix not thine ^ (p^tiAii ywuauLKi' fJiiM 
Eyes upon her. For [be has '^ ■^gai^^'^ ^eiAioov 

^ *ly^' thrown down many Wounded, ^^^ yuvcM^s -Tiifvyjsy ^ 

yea innumerdlimtdtitudes have c*gp$ yc.i^v h.t^tv€€ 

been pin hj her. If not, fays (jdv (fdpu^yL, S<^^v \jS^ 

^i ii,6t he, yet thou wilt repent at the rm rmyc^ep^ ;^a5?$ 
lafi:, when thy Fle(h and thy i^^-hmu^ (£ ^f^vyjjjiS^Qp 
Body are confumcd, and wilt fj{^'A?^v ti^^ies'-^ Si- 
fay, Now have I hated Inflru- ^^v Kau m6,Xiv, 'AA- 
ilien^ and my Heart has a^joid- Acc «'TO7i>}^G^ ^ ^" /^« 
ed the Reproofs of the Righ- ey^oviavis, fj^/^H *Qii- 

» dccft. V, 

the Holy Apoftles. 

cflf(TY\s Gdv Gfjmg. -©£^5 teom > I have not hearkened. 

aifibJ). rioMa^^'Tiffit/ to the Voice of my hflrucfor, 

Qaaac y^^^i^h'/\'M, ^ nor inclined mine Ear to my 

d^joL^bfjLijTjji eidiv^ %s Teacher. 1 have almofl been 

mc<p6v6\j)Ofv. Et Q fjL7]y in all Evil. But we will 

^^jjo-J ',^>A«m)ui€/ w8>7V)i ' make no more QuocacionSj 

Itt' e^oL'Tu^v a-iiy Iwii^ aad if we have omitted any, 

£v y^rtu,fj^iQoo(ji Qcp-K^s be fo prudent as co ieJedJthe 

czou^-rii Q^^ epei<,7m>s moft valuable out of the Ho- 

^IMoriQi mx.iS'eidp ^1* ly Scriptures, and confirm 

^iyX^^ ^<Ji)6ct!ft>/'l|e5c your felves vvith them, re- 

T^ivev r\ y,oLpS\Gi fjL'8 '-) (^ j^<9^ing all things tha^ are 

7)K\iQv (fmra 'SjcuSdiov evil, that lo vou may be 

lis fjie, ^ h^arycovTVi found Holy with God in eter- 

fjtg, » '7nx,pi&cc>?iQv S nal Life. 

TretpeycT&vciifj^/j mi fjap^vj^oA' ^ ei Ilvql Tra pvKOLijSp , of 

ocnvi ^pe^VJif vfJ{si>* ov ^<w? amoovio) tcl^ 0g^. 
S E C T. IV. 

'XJ A? yvm -uro f ET the Wife be obedient viti; 

" enuo^^(o frzJ "^ e- ^' to her own proper Huf 

«/jT?i$ ^Jcf^^- cTi y^(paAri band, becaufer^f Hush and is » Cor.xL 

i yujuouTtss ax-np u the Head of the Wife. But^' 

'^FAjI* ^ ctv'jyo> ff Chnft is the Head of that 

^THipAjouS^jii OP d<^&) S\' Husband who walks in 

7iouo(njut)s, ^cpa^ri Igiv the Way of Righteoufneft ; 

o X^tgii; ^ Xe<r« and the H ad of Chri/t 

vye(pxA'i] ^ >^os i^ 'zs-oc* is God, even his Father^ 

G % There- 


Therefore, O Wife, nexcaf- "jrp ojjtS- MemZv ^ 
ter the Almighty, our God ^cwrnK^r^^es^ ^op t)' 
and Father, the Lord of the fj^vy ?$ <moLnkesf"i ^ 15 
prefent World, and of the over^-^^ '^^ ij^>^ov- 
World to come, the Maker l^^GdZyQ^Ttu^ovj^oL' 
of every thing that breaths, arjs te 'Tn'oSs (^ (S^uucc- 
and of every I ower ; and af- fjuic^i ^fM^p')pu. 4 r Ti- 
ter his beloved Son our Lord ycLinf^Jotf o/JtS tjovy r 
Jefus Chrift, through whom yweA^v y\fj^v 'Ut^v r 
Glory be to God, do thou yLe/f^Vy^^iZ" y\Sh^cc 
fear thy Husband, and reve- '^'T:^<^ico'\(fQQy]^rl(TH 
rence him, pleafing him alone, r o^cTe^, Z ywuaif' :^ 
rendring thy felf acceptable ovTQ^m^iy ^a/j^fj(^vcfi 
to him in the feverai Affairs dpiax^yQiy cw^W-vlsray- 
of Life ; that ft) on thy ac- x^G^ ^<^p^T©^^ ^^ ^ 
count thy Husband may be Sy^^t^tpv/W cwjtS, /W 
called bleiled, according to % '^Qo\ ^y,x^^f 
the Wifdom oi Solomon, which dv7]p ^ '? QQ(picui 'f 
Proverbs thus fpcaks ? Who can find a Xsyians 2^ ^oP^f^v 
^^^'' ^'^yvirtffOfts Wom^n) For fuch a 7©- ^h. Twucukcc, 
cm is mofe precious than coft-ly ^^eicw tIs /i/^7?(7^ 5 ii- 
S tones. The Heart of her Muf- juiLMTeQ^ Si egip Ai&cov 
hand doth fafcly trtifl in her^ fo ^ro^vnAcoy ri loicwjir)' 
that f]je [l)all have no need cf ^parei lir (wta 97 
Spoil: for [he does good to her %ap}ioL ? ^S'cps ^^ 
fjusland all the Dap of her ^s' ^ fiuiajjim o-yvu^icov 
Life. She huyeth Wool and Flax, <?»% ^i^pvai' c^'spy^ y> 
ar^d vrorketh profitable things tJ ^S"^ dya^ )(JJ 
jrith her Hands, She is like the irdvrrw r /3/o^* ^{Mipu^ 
Merchants Ships, (he hringcth Qi\^'j7\" ie^ov ?^ Xivov, 
her Food from far. She rifeth eTminaiy ^^tjqu ? ^p- 

' ^. V, I deeit. Y. I olJtof.v. ^ /ai/feuof/ftK*. ?. 

the Holy Apoftles. 

criv wunoi 


^ '^dhotViV ^^ 

M5ft'&. ^'^ o'ixiw, ^ 
eoyt, r ^^TrauiGUS' 

TTpJocny ^<TO Q ycocp- 

(wrm, npeias TSi zcwrifis 

(^^'^oyctA' ^ eyAiO-ctJ.Q 
077 xcc^^v S gpyx^^g-^, 

Auvy©^ ojJTios qKyiv r 

.A, 3 / rj > " "7 . 

f%» ..» > "^ Iv. ' 

%«65^5 ^^'^^^ °»^' 

TYii-j OK jSuocry ^ rrop' 
I deeft, V. I l^Jf. V. 

a/fo while it is yet Night, and 
givtth Meat to her Houjhold^ 
and Food to her Maidms, She 
confidereih a Field, and hujcth 
it ; vrith the Fruit of her 
Hands (he flantcth a finejard* 
She girdcth her Loins with 
Strength, andfiren^theneth her 
Arms, She tjfieth that it is 
g4)od to Uhour; her Canile z^' 
eth not out all the whole Night, 
Shefiretcheth out her Arms for 
ufeful Work, and Ltjeth her 
Hands to the Spindle, She 
ofcn:th htr hands to the Needy, 
yea fhe reacheth forth her hands 
to the Foot. Her Hushand 
takes no care of the Affairs of 
his Houfc, for all that are with 
her are cloathed with doislle 
Garments. She maketh Coats 
for her Hushand, Cloathings of 
Silk and Fttrple. Her Huf 
hand is eminent in the Gates, 
when he fitteth with the Elders 
of the Land, She waketh fine'^i,* "^Jig, 
Linnen, and fdlcth it to the ^°^- 
Phenicians, and Girdles to the 
Canaan ices. She is cloath'd 
with Glory and Beauty, and jhe 
rejoices in th^ lafl Days, She 




ofeneih her mouth with Wifdom (pup^s c/vSitui^m' tj^*- 
and Di[cretion^ and puts her f Ag'^(§^ 5 yivsTouj ov 
Words in ordir. The ways of ^?\^u o d Tip o/jt^i?, 
her HouP:fold are jlrili ; fhe t^-jI-^ccx. otv ytJt^TXj cv 
eateth not the Bread of Idk' (jjuoeS'^i.ct) jX^ ^ irpiG'* 
mfi. ^he trill open her Mouth ^vri^v 'twv 'y^oi'iiiiy,iv' 
mth Wifdom and Caution, and ^twv"' aivSbvoA gTo/wcg, 
upon her Tongue are the Laws ^ oiTrlSh^n Tois ^oivi^t, 
cf Mercy Her Children arife ti^^cafj^c^irx^ 5 "^^^ ^*' 
up, and praife her for her y^ouois' S^j^d^i & ^^ 
Riches, and her Husband joins Trpi^midp cviSijtTCLTi, ^ 
in her Praifcs. Many Daugh- S(p^p^ ov if\\Ji^ii e- 
ters have obtain d Wealth, and n^Ttm' (^fj^acLVTiis S" in- 
done worthily, iut thou fur^ toi^e cm-pS's (^ ^so^o^- 
paffefl and excelleft th:m all ^^rTicos, (fe m^iv i^l* 
May lying Flatteries, and the ^^q t/i" yKo^ojy) au- 
vain Beauty of a Wife he far rj-'^i' 5 g^yva q J^/t^- 
from thee. For a Religious Scuf o'lyvoov ccvrris ai^nxt 
Wife is hltffcd. Let her pratfe ^ cvLvn^ g^k l^ayt 
the Fear of the Lord: Give her ^ g" g^^ct (turv\icivQi^\ 
cf the Fruits of her Lips, and (^o(pws ^ owotj^i^ Sr^tr- 
let her Hmhand be praifed in jj^l ^ 3 gAg>i"o<7Mjy»s " 
the Gates. And 2ig^'m, A vir- 'Q^ ^ yX^licxsni cvjt^^* 
tuous Wife is a Crown to her dv^^a^ 7^ tskvoc aJ- 
. Hftshand. And again, Many ttis , % ^Trkvim^^mk 
Wives hi'ive built an Houje, 'i^eaip ccvtvv, ^ o c6- 
You have learn'd what great Irip oluttIs eirivBaev aJ - 
Commendations a prudent rlui. rioMo* jvytTi- 
and loving Wife receives from pes ^ c^rM^j'-n) irx^^ 
the Lord God. if thou de- ^dv, 7roMai' e7Z70i7?Wi/ 
fired to be one of the Faith- S^mxixiv' Qu q -Jz^^- 

' 7%i yvii ^ ' dtfunt. V. ^ awtuj. t. ^ deeft. V. 

the Holy ApoftlesI 

TceiczLf ^ ^^riep^s TTcL' fill, and to pleafe the Lord, 
c^ -^h^^i 'dpi<7Keiou O Wife, do not fuperadd Or- 
(^ fjLctTOAov vJ^Th®^ nanicnrs to thy Beauty, ia 
yujuoAytSif^y^W^'O'^'' ^^^^^ ^^ pleafe other Men: 
yvuui) ^ A^(7i&r\i ^?[g Neither aifed to wear fine 
yeiTwi, ?"^o^ '^eJ-^ Broidering, Garments, or 
awTTi o/'i'ftTw. AoTg Shooes, to entice thofe who 
ctuVf ^>ci xc^w- ;^« are aliur'd by fiich things. 
Agwt'ayT?)^, ^cuV^^w For although thou doft not 
Iv mifhcui olvvf ctv thefe wicked things with de- 
rm. KoIttccXiv. Tuuu^ fign of finning thy fe!f, hue 
e^S^aoc 9erdp-^ TzS only for the fake of Orna- 
ctP>e^ a^T^?, Kcil TTol' menc and Beauty, yet wile 
hiv- "^ no??.aj" yjvoj. thou not fo efcape future 
■ifAi cl)y^Siyy^(T^ oTkov. Punilhment ; as having com- 
Mef^ci^y^ccTij o7ro7cc if pelld another to look fo hard 
^(MfJLLct ywA uikif^v yj at thee as to luft after thee, 
(p'iP^v^Q. ^^fjiSo^H and as not having taken care 
'^ yujfj^ ? 0g». £* both to avoid Sin thy felf, 
'zu-ir/i ^ clpe^T) Tifje^cp and the affording Scandal to 
jSyA^l ^vaji, S, yvuicq, (ol^ Others. But if thou yield thy 
%cx,??,a)7ri^^'^^^clps felf up, and commit the 
cKeiv Qe "iyAoreAOLs iv Crime, thou art both guilty 
S^^ai ^jfi^i Tw! -? of thy own Sin, and the caule 
\rwii(ifXip\)^-fi^l\j^irKi\' of the Ruin of the others 
/^to/?i ^^^7(x, ?i Soul alfo Beades, .when 
<sm)^-r.(jeii fjiifji^ (po^ft'S ^hou haft committed Lewd- 
i^ g vTToiyi^ Qe ris nefs with one Man and be- 
«5 TO <nictv^ TTcty ginneft to defpair chou wile 
^jof^j'af. Kct) ^i « again turn away from rhy 
Qv Giii,f^^ d^apm Duty . and follow others, and 

C 4 grow 


grow pad: feeling ; as fays vetv <r*?5t Troieis to 

Prof. the facred Word, When a (jlvo-yi, ^ 5 ^ ^j'om 

*^'*'* ^'tricked Man comes into the Kec>?^a)7ri^e^, «Jh 2- 

cl:pth of Evil, he becomes a riwi 6K(pdj^y\ r S'i-mv 

Scorner^ and then Difgrace and as rzi ^X^^ orct'Ttc, ot- 

Reproach come upon him. For vcxSytcLaoLfTcc g'TT^vg^jJ- 

fuch a Woman afterward be* vouj Qoi Tivd, &ii 2> ^^- 

ing wounded; enfnares with- 5^/t^51a^ti (^y, ?^ fjcr) l<xv- 

ouc Rellraint the Souls of 'dw (pv?ict^<xG-a. 'Ql ii 

the Fooliili. Let us learn fj^rm Qe 'i^Trso-elv a- 

therefore how the Sacred /i^pT/ct, fjufm julLuj I- 

Word plainly defirribes and Tepas ok^^Xoj El 

condemns fuch Women, fay- o acfj^c/^pTYia-ai ovSZacc 

« I ^ ing, I htited a Woman who is Icwlm. 5^ CJ) e7r?infjifM' 

27. a hnare and Net to the Heart Atiodus. -ita.yceivM Uo^i^ 

of Men, trorfe than Death 5 'f -^^x^^ ('^y' einmu a- 

hcr Hands are Fetters, And fJi^piicroiooi l(p I;'), w- 

Prov. XI. in anoiher Paflage, As a Jeirel curep '^yvZau. ^oiimL^j 

^^' of Gold in a Srrinc^s Snout, fo l(p' ire^is onT^^-nGV) 

is Beauty in a rricked Woman, ircihiy cc^y)Ayr)y,ijcc ' 

xiT. 4. inAnd again, As a Worm in ^cc^e^vicnv ^^oi?[^- 

LXX. Woodj fo Aoes a wicked Wo- ys. "O^ ^'a9>7 ccosSk 

wan deflrcj her Husband. And «5 /9x6©- tcol-kmv^ xagi- 

XX 1. 9, 19. again. It is better to dtvell in (p^vel' l-argf^^gTo/ q 

the Corner of the Hotife-top auW dUfJcicc <t cvetShs, 

thnu VPith a contentious and 'H ^ <Tx>ioiv^m ;\p<W a- 

an anny Wcmr/i, You there- q:&iS&i TiT^wf^ow TroLy- 

fore who arc Chriftian Wo /<^U(} \|ju;^v olcp^rcov. 

men, do not imitate iuch as MaGw/^J »y % mius-ivi* 

thefe. But thou who defignefl: av^ ^5 6£/^i^^<^^ '^ 

to be faithful to thine own ^i®, ^7©-, foicntwv' 

Hubbat^d, take care to pleafc 'BjuLiaYiara v^ r ^%- 

him alone. And when thcu laior C*^^' r yjvouxa, 

> . r/c5 

the Holy Apoftles. 

Tiles If' ^^p^fi^ ^ cct' art in the Streets, cover thy 

yLuun ;^% x.ufS'icu;, Sitr- Head ; for by fuch a Co-^ *^* Pag, 

fjs'i xHfe£0LVT%. Kai vering thou wilt avoid being ^"^9* 

or ccMois* "Xl(7Ce7gp ovca- view'd of idle Perfons. Do 

^ov xpvo-^v oj/ pLvi not paint thy Face, which is 

vos, S^ntj ytuuouKi xa- God's Workmanfliip ; for 

^(f^vi H^y^@4. Kow there is no part of thee which 

'TiuiXiv' "Ciarsj^p ov §J- wants Ornament, inafmuch 

Xcfi <7»twAw|, bTws omK- as all things which God has 

Kvmv ^S'e^ yjvT) 5^91- made are very good. Buc 

^-TOLos. KaJ mAfy* the lafcivious additional a- 

'Kp'^o^v ot^Sp ' W doming of what is alrea- 

^v'ioa'' wcm^j^, ri fX^^ dy good is an Affront to 

:^tMioMJtP« 7^6)00 cyVfc5 ^ the Bounty of the Work- 

P^:^W- Mrj 'Sv fjA' man. Look downward when 

/itafcas Tttf; TTjo/ug^ >u- thou walked abroad, veiling 

vcayigLi, i5|Li«5 cq Xe^e^- thy fclf ES bccomes Women. 

crxelj' cwJiztT fJigvco' Of 5 ^ ^aT«ou5 aKiiryo^ r yje(pccf 
i'TBi'rrsp fTTxvlcc Sou. iTmlnrnv Seos, ^'7\g. Aiov* da^Xyini 

TJee/ig^G ^ r <M/ Avoid aifo that diforder- ix. 
^x^ig^veio) /^' apJ^iyy ly Practice of bathing in 

! if T^*; fqt. V. 



the fame Place with Men aTO.JCTTjj' yi9p>^jtwxZ- 

For many are the Necs of m -TroM-a yi to <^>t7u<* 

the Evil One. And lee not a ^ '?rw«/y. 'hyS^^yj' 

Cnriftian Woman bach with vqv yvuj-n ^.gn im Abg- 

an Hermaphrodice : For if ^, YA '^ r^S^y^^Mir^ 

flie is ro veil her Face and Tsjof S n^Qpmv, r 

conceal it with Modclly from *7r' ^^(^i^t^^ bp^m 

ftrangc Men, how can (he l-^v iJ^^^^Z^-^i^l^froL, 

bear to enter naked into the c7^$ r^^v)^ fj^ d^S'e^v 

Bath together with Men? But i ^^c/^Jm ch's Ahgr «- 

if the Bath be appropriated o^A^^^to^ ; Tujuouyc^9 

to Women, jet her bath or- 5 c;7©- Boc;^vei^, ^- 

derly, modeaiy, and mode- topc^^/^' oacTv^liieA^- 

rately. But let her not bath ^«f;t^a,5 A^^c^. Mi 

without Occafion, nor much. ^z^^xjuTPe^v 5 aSjij^ 

/p.g. nor often, nor in the middle V ^^^Suj V-^^^^ 

2,0. of the Day, nor, if poiiible, ^.ay, tjT ^/ui€j^a, Xvi' « 

every Day; and let the tenth S^iwxJv, ^y,k n^.^* 

Hour of the Day be the fet /ui^.^r. "nejc &' C<>« 

time for fuch fcafonable 6a- g^w ^^.j^i^ « 'f >^.iepA«. 

thing For 'tis convenient ctioa S^y^Tr^' ef « ;^j> oi 

that thou who art a Chriftian ^^w. Se4,, ex ^t^s (£ 

Woman (liouldft ever con- r^vrrv'nr^Aui(p^A' 

flantly avoid uieleCs Recrc- ^v ^ef^yt^ (f<^yiif. 
ation, efpecially when it is 
in the Eye of the World. 

X. But as to a Spirit of Con- Tc ^ ap^;)^^i' (ta ^<r 

tcntion, be fure to curb it as ^y'^, h^Xi^ ^ (S 

to all Men. bur principally ^i ^ ai.^^ cm ^'^ 

as to thme Husband; left, '^-^v.m^x^d^^^dcL' 


the Holy Apoftles. 

ha (r6 ^7\p e^v 9 if he be an Unbeliever, or a» 

^oi<7n^y", ri s\iviyj)s^ yoti Heathen, he may have an oc- 

J^ Qe (Txcw'J^A/cS-as cafion of Scandal, or of blaf- 

^^GTpv[^ricryi ©tfor, 3(91} pheming God, and thou be 

Qj ? «cti 'i(?ivepyofJiQ* Partaker of a Wo from God. 

Spt^rs *:x%l S.iCf} Ova} For, fays he, ^Vo to him hyl{^xll^. 

yip (py,ai, ^l » S ovo" whom my Nctmc is hla[ph!me4 

fj(ci,f^it ^?^aTpi)fA.eiTouj cv among the Gentiles ; and left if 

^?j l^vzaiv, « 5 -Tngrj thy Husband beaChriftian, 

\:aroifi^{ tra aVi/), a he be forced from his Knovv- 

voi^y^^'n(J^n::^. m eiShos ledge of the Scriptures to 

mUs y^(pois. ei'rriiv S fa]^ that which is written in 

pS/<9i g ^^fe^/xju^'oi/ 01^ the Book of Wijdom, It is Pfov^xxi. 

T>r c7D(p/a. Kj>ac^JJ?J/ i<f/^fr ^^ ^rrc// in the I'fiUet''^ *^* 

oiMei)^ c/i/ epri^cpj i] jj^ ntfs, than with a contentious 

yiwouy{^s yAcaoso!)S Hi ^ and (^n angry Wonhin, You 

f{$c^iV^?. Ai %v yj' Wives thereiore demonftrate 

v(3jyuii, ^ ^ ojjKs ^ your Piecy by your Mode- 

7r^ao'niT©-r r&P0(7^g^av fty and Meekneis, in order 

c4fS'ei'iwv^e,eis S^^p^- to their Convcrfion and hn- 

(plw ^ -zD^pTf oTTMi/ tt/- provemcnt in th:.^ Faith to all 

^&>5, ?^ ^Ts d^TDs 'm- without the Church, whe- 

mvy ^Ti yvjotA^tVy ein ther they be Wcmen or Men. 

^S'^ai. Kouj ft ^ And fmce we have warn'd 

ohiyjov r»^T7i(7i^755 s- you, and inftru5ed you brief- 

m)iiS'Aj(Tct\jSp Jc(5i?5 a- ]y, whom we do efteem our 

ftA(pcti ^ -^t/^ctii^gs '^ Sifters, Daughters, and Mem- 

jxi\r} iifjl^v m Qc(^^^ bers, as being wife your 

ojjiwioiy\gi^pn'Vii 5" (iiM lelvcs, pcrfevere all your H vcs 

SyJ^o/xwaTj* ck'^iiTftTE in an uublameable Courfe of 

^^ui^T^ ytvoo7K£iv, Lite. Seek co know fuch 



kinds of Learning whereby cT? m SiujriaiSe r^ i^ 

you may arrive at the King- x-c^e^'y yif^v Ifylff^f Ccc- 

dom of our Lord, and m/\.€iCbAfafi^s, :^ ^a- 

pleafe him, and foReft for 'Tmua-i:^ &s th; cuwrcw 

ever and ever. Amen. ^ odoimv. 'Afx^y. 


the Holy Apoftles. 




Sect. V. 
Of !BiJhops^ freshytersy and Deacons. 

r:Slpoixtq^, ^ (^ 

U T concerning B^ 
^^r (hops, we have 
heard from our 
Lord that a Pa- 
ftor, who is to beordain'da 
Biftiop for the Churches in 
every Parifll, muft be un- 
blameable^ unreprovabh,free 
from all kinds of Wickednefs 
common among Men, not 
under Fifty Years of Age ; 
for fuch an one is in good 
part paft Youthful Diibrders, 
and the Slanders of the Hea- 
then, as well as the Re- 
proaches which are fome- 

.'«7Wf.v. 'f.I'mn IJon. 



times caft upon many Per- og^s ^ikvZf ^{AfSh.' 

fons by feme Falfe Brethren, SiA(poop «$ TroMy!; ^- 

vvho do not confider the (piCPlJ^^!^^(^>if^i^* 

Word of God in the Gofpel, « ytvcfjc/Kovrjitiv pS^pt 

Matth.xii Whofoevcr fpeaketh an idle word ©gS g cf tsJ" ^Uaf^- 

^ ' Pmll give an Account thereof A/y ^ ''0$ aV ^ ;»^. 

/^ //^^ Z.(7r^ in the Day of Xr\ay\" p3/L(9i dpy-v^ ^- 

f. 37. Judgment. And again, ^j/?/:;; J^jrf ^^7%/ cvJtS Pl^^jr 

IVords thou (lult he jujHfied^ nzSwjQ/.MOvr\ijjepa.y^^- 

and ^■'j thy rrords thou [hult he 0200^. Koj tpxAlv' 'E}c 

condemned. Lee him there- rp^ ^ytiy (n h^axco- 

fore be well inftrudled and fincji, ^ on t ?[^youv an 

skilful in the Word ; and of xxTzn^Koc^ricryi. "Egw 

competent Age. But if in a «r ' ^TmiMjiJ/ii©- 

Imall Parifli one advanc d in ^ 3^ g^Tc/p©- ? -P\9>8, 

Years is not to be found, let xMy^v tiT jSaix/co. 

fome younger Perfon, who El q ± oy r^oi-ua. 

has a good Report among (junpS. toS^;^fc'<r/i rju^^ 

his Neighbours, and is e- <z^^gS)?^^5 tcJ ^aVtw 

flecm'd by them worthy of fJir^^oKnivLf fMgfj^^flu- 

the Office of a Biftiop ; who pyjfj/evd^ ^ -im r Qw 

has carry'd himfelf from his j/oV'ror awW, coj cc^i(^ 

Youth with Mceknefs and '{^.iCKO'mSy 2/^ ^ vei- 

Regularity, like a much el- W©-, ov 'zrpa.vmlc ^ 

der Perfon ; after Examinati- iJ'Trt^/a -^.^es^s ^^ 

on, and a general good Re- Twvfj^Q^ Sb^ru^^^s , 

\*V3g, port, be Ordain'd in Peace, e 'vizro tw!' ^ ri^i^rrwv" 

-M. For -^S'^/^w^^ at twelve Years fj^^p^p^Tztj, '^^'^KccGt- 

3 ^'l^'il- of Age was King of //r^.''/, and ^.S-w oj^ t^'p/oiV Kc^ 

4K-ng. y^y/^^ at Eight Years of Age q§ 2o;\pA(^r (fty&xag- 



V. 7. 

the Holy Apoftles. 

1[tS$ 5* 'Itre^vK eSoLoi' reign'd righteoufly, and iniChron. 

?iAiore, & locncvi ov Si^ like manner 'Joalh povern'd ^^^^^ '• 

' " ^ ' ^}^ rt 1 . %[/ r 4 King. 

xcjuoavvri oxtzw g'Tajj/ e- the Feople at >even Yearsofxi,$,4. 

^oLoiAdtai^v' o'Jigtojs Q Age : Wherefore although the 

^ 'Ift'C6f I'Sa c'nyj' ?|)|g Perfon be young, let him be 

tS ;\gtS. "fl?g « ?9 meek, gentle, and quiet. For 

i>i^, ^/Loi TTpa®- li the Lord Go J favs by Efalas, Ifa. txfu 

^?')S'^'y <^«i\p« 75 % Up n uhom Xifll I look hut tip^'^' 

TiGh^©^' etc Xiyl ^ on htm nho is humble and quht^ 

tid 'Hca/y 7U)a^@^ o a?7d always *y;mbl'''s at my words ^ 

©go'j' EtI Tivce, 'fk' In like manner it is in the 

^Ag-vU, '^m' ri ^^ t Goipci alio, Bleffed are the », 

rnuTTcivov ^ 7](w^ov Mcek,for they (hail fnhertt the 

^^iij^vm f^if T^sPtP Earth. Let bini alfo be mer- 

yi<s 2f^'7r^i ; ofAgioa ciful ; for it IS faid, BI:([cd 

<£ ctr TLs) (^afyAi<w 5- ^r^ the Merciful, fo^ they /hall 

fm Majcag^eoi %\ irfcb ohtain Mercy, htt him alfo 

ftgf oil ai/'Tol -nX^^va be one of a good Contcience, 

jM,7!j«i72 r QAjy Esw ^ ^ ' purif a frcm all Evil, and 

(^ lXir)f^v\6lc 'Tnixiv \^ickedneis, and Unrighte- 

ei^wTo^ 'Mcf>igl.e^oioie ouioefs. For 'tis faid again, 

XsrifjLoves^o-na/j'foieAeT)' Bljf-darethr Fure in Heart y v. g, 

fijioupTOj ^ F/rg^w ^ ^ /?r /^^^^ /i??^/? /^^ God* 

x^cM (^ 'TDt'W^a^ J^ oLhmcui yj(xct%^(riJ^j(^' on ttccMy 

(Beov c'\\o>'n3Uf. 

"E^ Zv ^ rw^fltA/©*, Let him therefore be fb ir, 

(nk}(pe^v, 7is(^i@^, <^' ber, prudent, decent, firm, 

^flric, cim^x®^^ f^^ ftable, not ^iven to Wine, 

7roi^tv@4^ f/LT] 'Ti^riK- no Striker, but Gentle; not 


a Brawler, not Covetous ; ^ot tws, Xvi' 'QxeiyAi, «- 
a Novice, left being fuffed up ^x®^ (^'pi^pyj^Jf'^' 
jrith FridCy he fall into Con- /otn ygo^JT©-, /ra ^w 
demnAtion, and the Snare ef 'Tv(pot>h\s, €isiceAHcf.ef^-^ 

Luc, -xu. the Devil. for every one 7rgV>i, ^ '^ rnn^y^" t^ 

**• that exalteth himfelf fhall he <^^tA«' olcTnx.i a v 

ahafed. Such an one a Bi- -^^mv ec^jj^rvvmiu. e!.6i>.% 
fhop ought to be, who has o-gTn^. ToiStdi'^ J<:^£^tct/ 
been the Husband of one re'mT/.oTrovjfjueisctlfS^^ 
I Tim. ^Vife^ who alfo has herfelf had yi'^^niJ^'-iov ywouTips ^^- 

S* i- no other Husband ; ruling voyxfjiv., xaAws oS / t^/d 
n?/'^/ /'ij own ijoufe. In this oiVy ^T^eswTcc*. O^/- 
manner let Examination be /nw yi (ft))aH^<^gcS-« o- 
made when he is to receive tot' J/J w ;^«e^^r/<^ 
Ordination, and to be plac'd ^fjt^&civm %ol^<^.iwi 
in his biflioprick, whether he cj/t^tltt^ 'f I'thc^xo- 
be grave, faithful, decent; m-ris, & 'h C^fJLVQSy m- 
whether he hath a grave and gzSs, ^ y^^i®*' & yj- 
faithful Wife, or has former- vajix<t Qefjc^vlw ^ -nr/ 
ly had fuch a one; whether ^vv e;^i. i i^nx^y' « 
he hath educated his Coun* 7?>c^a 3'goo'gCa>> o^'a- 
dren pioufly. and has brought ^k-XoA & ov va^saia, 

tph. vl. 4. them up in the Nurture and Ad^ ya/e/'^ ^ttolMcsos ^s^-n • 
monition cf the Z.^?/*^ ; whether jcl^^' & o\ xaf o<9cor 
his Domcfticks do fear and auVS <^';\9L4^fefA^.of (£ 
reverence him, and are all ov'7^iiTi\&iJoi a^^<^v J- 
obedient to him ; for if rhoie Trr^yctot ^b^ti^iimv au- 
who are irrmediately about W « yi 0/ x^ cztpacc 
him for worldly Concerns 'ii\oL aurS, 0|^i au- 
are feditious and difobedient, w g^^Tia^HCTi ^<£ ' aT«- 

how will others, not of his Sa^, Ws ol c|w 'f 

>- - , 1 ' - 

■ defunt. V. I Tu V. 

the Holy ApoftlesJ 

o^TclstA cxJtS 'i^Qi *^ji* Family, when they are under 
fj^joi auTtJ v'Tronxyn- his Management, become o- 

bedient to him > 

Let Examination alfo be 
made whether hebc unblame- 
able as to the Concerns of 
this Life. For it is written. 


^e r u/i?kov^ €is le^ Search Jil/p-ently for all ths , . 
awul/jj '^^^x^S^^^^- ^^^^^^ ^f ^^^^ iv.ho ts to be or- j^^ ^^, 
"^^ .'Txc«f;^7iw vv ^ daind for the Prkflhood. On *^* Pag, 
aopyiT©-* t^lc Xiy^ ri which account let him al(b 215- 
G^/a* 'Opyr^ ^ (p^vl be void of Anger; for WiG 
fx\ii kmy^vdiv, "E.J-&) dom fays. Anger deftrojs evm Provr. xr, 
''^^(j:uiiL^X^@^,(l&oiyajj- the Prudent, Let him alfo, i- ^^x. 
c©-, ccyoi'm^UxJs' ok be merciful, of a generous 
AgjKJ Ttv^©-' 'Ev .T8- and loving Temper. For our 
TM yvoia-ovux^ ttcLvtis, Lord ftys. By this jhall all^^^'^^^^* 
clc' ifjig) fjf^^Toj 1^, Men know that ye are mj Difci* 
lav dyi^-TTObTi XVi>?A«5, fks if ye love one another. 
"Egry (^ tiU/xemJ^T©-, Let him be alfo ready to give, 
(fi?^X/'p^y (pi?[ci^evQSy a Lover of the Widow and 
v7iY)peTixos, d\j2J[gLxovQi, tlic Sttangcr, ready to ferve, 
^u(niv?^^.,^^e7rout^vuu' and minifter, and attend. 
7@*, ft(fti; r ^Moy Refolute in his Duty ; and 

let him know w^ho is the 

moft worthy of his Affift- 


For if there be a Widow, iVo 

who is able to fupport her- 
TTxpKeiv 2v tlS ^io) m felt, and another Woman who 
;^fw^£xa, It?2^ 5 a is not a Widow, but is needy 

I y^ X^^ Its VTTCip- 


tS^ni, V. 



by reafon of Sicknefs, or x^es^^ ^J^' fy^rs J- 

the bringing up many Chil- 'Trdp^ ^' voaov, ^ 

dren, or Infirmity of her oix^oT^ocp/cu', J S^i aV* 

Hands, let him ftrctch out ^^paMt x^e^^y^Q^roci- 

his Hand in Charity, rather irw ^>Kov c^Tuvoimo nf 

to this latter. But if any %«e^. Ei Si ^ Us" «# 

one be in Want by Glutto- ^^nxfayii, ri fxijvTue, 

ny, Drunkennefs, or Idleneft, ri dfyi cv I^Ts /3/<wti- 

hedoes not deferveanyAfli- ^?« fiAiCgTOf, Gtm egir 

(lance, or to be efteem*d a af /©- '(^xyeJ^oAy sti 

Member of the Church of /uZwJ oK^tXncnaA ©g3. 

God : For the Scripture, Aiy^ yi 5 ^<x(p?i 'c^i 

(peaking of fuch Perfons, ts^tok (pda-xvOi, cU, 

rrov. xix. lays, The Slothful hideth his ^A^v-\cti o-^n^ir ^ei^ 

^^' Hand in his Eojom, and is not cwirS-vkro r jc^Attoi^, h 
able to bring it to his Mouth Sujutio^tolj ccTr^vsficeiv 

teclef. again, And dgzin, The Slug' aZ'tlw di^gou^ oLt^. 

i». 3- gar d folds up his Hands, and Kct) mtLXiv 'O ctfyi 
eats his o)vn Fleflh For every *c^i;\ff,Sev ms x^^^ 

Vror, Drunkard and Whoremonger car?, ^ t(pccyi ms cisip' 
pall come to Poverty, and eve- -i^ ojjt?. Uas q3 
rj drovcfje Perfon [lull he cloa* ^^a©^^ <£ ^Tropvoy^^^ 
thed with Tatters and Rags, tt©-, '3w;^dlI(7T/, (£oi'- 
And in another Paflage, If S^niztj ^ ^eppay^ia " 
Lxx! thou give thine Ejcs to Drink" ^iif '^cotuh}" m> -xjo-voj' 
ing and Cups, then flmlt after- ^/j^. Kae cr oi^Xan* 
wards walk more mkedthan the 'Ear 3 en lac (^loi^^i 
Houfc'top: For certainly Idle- ^ to ^Tro-rii^oi ^S-i tJ^ 
nefs is the Mother of Famine. o(pS^A,ufc5 ay , v^ppr 

^©j ysc^'d, 'D.S aA>7.-Sw; ^S /xnTT)^ + e^u" :: dpyix 5" AifjiS, 

? ' ' — MM * 

: Zhv* V. ^ SHyfAyiAha.. V. ' dceft. v. ' deeft. V. 

SXlll. 2] 

V. X\. 

the Holy Apoftles; 

^E^ii a ^ «''n^"w'?r®. A Bifhop muft be no A(> Tj 

Ifcfl>gP^'7roA)j'5f®i, fjuii^ ceprer of Perfons ; he muft 

vii^iaiov c/v^smpSi^^ t\ not fear any, nor bafely flat- 

5(P-^3c^»y <xf^S7rpo' ter a rich'Man, neither over- 

f?)(pv, pm 'TgVjyarc 'tidc- look nor domineer over a 

epg^tfr, ^ j(^iaJU/^a- poor Man. For, lays God 

^<jW. Otj An4>f oS, to Mofes, Thou jhdt not acceftUvit.xitl 

^ (pnaiv" Geos mSMoi- the P erf on of the Rich, nor pjalt ' 5« ,.. 

rft, 's^^cTUfTnv '7t^v(ri», thou fity a poor Man in his ' 

^ nnvrt'Tr^ 6iJ» ihti^ais Caufe : For the Judgment is 

owiL^ai. "^^ ^ '^' theLord'si, And again, ThouD^vitiir* 

e«& i y^eA^s Ko) -m /J.t/^ »^//^ exaa Ju(iice follow '^^** ^®- 

?ji>' £^i^^m ^ti^ets^ that which is ri^ht. Lee a 

^xcMoi'. ^ T^tpjT >^ Bifhop be frugal, and con- 

^Tcef" Avojii^^h ?^ au- tented with a little in his 

TOjJxwff wrtfj^Tw ^6 Meat and Drink, that he may 

c'777<7xo'cr©-"> ij/a ^Jl/rn- be over in a fober Frame, 

©jT " vn^ffy «&^$2» j^a- and difpos'd to inftrudiand 

#&FT«r T8J aVouJ^uT&j. admonifli the Ignorant ; and 

"Ejw ^ jtw! cftt^©.,^ let him not be coftjy in his 

ofuywuSf, /M.71 rcWgt®*, Diet, a Pamperer of himfelf, 

/u^ vf wgis^paT/©-. "E^tw given to Pleafure, or fond of 

f ^^^i^^^®*) 1^' Delicacies. Let him be pa- 

npo^u)Ji&t ov T yy^%- tient and gentle in his Ad- 

eficus, ^m?\.vSiSkK^s\ monitions, well inflruded 

fjAKi^v^ '^^ GTTvShi' himfelf, meditating in, and*** P^^ 

^oovov^ ywe^<^yi^7il3i' diligentlyltudying the Lords ^^^* 

€?[gis, mXvs ly ^cifvoi Books, and reading them 

cpi.x<7iv, Ivcc mi ^oL" frequently, that fo Tie may 

<pcis 'QiiJjeXoSs €pfAluu^Y\, be able carefully to interpret 

©^5d/^;$ rruTi oi^(?){- the Scriptures, expounding 

' reelt. V. * al. t?o^« )^ mrof ' al. Qa S ^ffKOT* ^ al, 

P 3 the 



the Goipel in correfplcxndence ^^^ificfj^&^^xT- 
with thfe Propliets, and with ryi,\iQv-^tpi;^v-60ai\'^[ o- 
the Law ; and let the Expof |xo;&;s T&Jr^^Ji^^ 9or 
fitions from the Law and ^Gi^obo^^.a' .6^'vofji\i<^ 
the Prophets correfpond to lAfry^vhyMeppi/ni'^cu. Ai- 
the Gofpel. For the Lord y; y> o^k^jp,^^ -Ivirir 
Jefus fays, Search the Scrips ^^o^v^.-t^ ^mX ^acpaV* 
tures, for i hey are thofe- vrbich Uc^-ciu^-Miv:- cu y^' 
teflifyofme. And again, /^?f avpSscti iifei l/xS; Koi 
Moles rrrqte cf me. But a- "mAiv* O^^ y) «|u,3 
bove all,.: i^c him carefully Mooctj* .ly^-^.. Tl^ 
diflingiiifli b-tween the ori- ^vncwp q 5^9oA(jI)5 c^- 
ginalLaw, and the Additio- ';>a6a5 ij^yg^jb-o);; j/o/li^j' ^ 
nal PreceprSj and fticw which Mjiie^aiv ^i^v^ ^ 
are the Laws for Believers, S'ei'wuoov U 'i^ vofjL©^ 
and which the Bonds for the 'mgwv* ^ ti S^a-fj^^ d- 
Unbehevers, left any iliould ^swvj /Va ^ ks \sbjo' 
fall under thofe Bonds. Be ^mayiwi ^ca-f^l^i. 'Em- 
careful therefore, O Bifliop, |LugA»«i'?'-\o>'y^Vjto- 
to ftudy. the Word, that thou rrejvoc. f ^cc(pv Qqc 
may ft be able to explain eve- 'mv^nx, k^ hi^iv ^^ipfji/n' 
ry thing exactly, and that rolaV"; <l <m/ 'tidAAjT 
thou mayft copioufly nou- ^(J^^frc^yiTiw^ i^gfiis 
ri(h thy Peojple with much 5^ ^9w7i^>i5'T;^^oVj«r 
Do6trine, and en!ip,ht;€n them ,<pco^ojjJv^ vofji'd. ^or 
with the Light of the Law. t/Ql'tf y5, (pw^V 0gof> 
.For God fays, Enlighten 'jour etwroTs q^Ms yv^oioo^y 
/elves with the Light of Know- (os Ik ^i^jfi* 
Ledge ^ whUe we have. jet Op 
fort unit J. 

I deed, V. 'i,^fj^nC<r»f v, 'fuv^iff. v. 


f^^Hblj^ Apoftles/ ' 
^E^6d ^ J 'Ql(T^o7n)i Lee not a Bifhop be given 
fxh oj^xe^^p^^y ^ K56- to filthy Lucre, eCpeciaily 
AiW ^. ¥: g^Twy , before the Gentiles, rather 
/^Acc^of^u©^ K^^^of', lufJenng than offering Inja* 
n .^;^^m\ fjwi mK'co- ries, not covetous, nor rapa- 
j/iK.7>i?, .fjJr ^yrrtx.-^^ fj^ cious; .no Purloiner, no Ad-- 
^5«p'/jir5, ^ (p.t:>^7i^i' m'irer of the Rich, nor Hater 
£71®-, fjw lu(Td:7^Mx(^* Qf the Poor ; noEYii-lpcaker, 
y^) Y^T(ju?^?\g'^.i id^^\^\j- nor FalfcrWitnefs ; not. given 
Shi^^Tu^;, f^^ .^^yi^y to. Anger, no j3ra\vler, . not 
fjy/i (pt?[gu!^,X©-.^^Tciis cntar.gted with the Affairs of 
? (iln 'vxp^tfj^'nious this Life; not ^ a Surety for 
(jiy^'Tr?^gJV:^^;ftri gf-^ any one, nor. aa Accufer in 
y/^'P^oi icvQi,y h^qovn- Suitsabout Money ; not am- 
yt^sv . J^^is /;^^-i?.wi;s.- bjtious, not double- minded, 
7»C9iK, i^r/qt'L?^fx®'^ not double-tongued ; not 
iu.r!,,^% ?>> .c^;^, fjuh Sr ready, to hearken to Caluni- 
y?tai(XF@-[,.i:f^ri:)'t^s- ny. or,/Evil fpeaking ; not a 
S^^^QAi/;' w;^^.m}>^5p: DiiTembler, not addided to 
Xiccv :- (^i?vn%o&^^ :fy-'r] the Heathen Fefiivals, not 
-^x.e^Th.fJLvmisecp- given to vain Deceits, not 
Tois r i^vm i^oe<^- eager after worldly .Things, 
f4-.©.-,a;'mtrai> ''y^vcui' nor a Lover of Money : For 
M Z'M^^ * ^-^^^ ^^^ "^^ ^^^^^^^ arejoppofice to 
i?n^jij^nrrinsiu 1^^^'^ <i?^' God, and pleafing to Dac- 
:t^Qyj^i\Qlx '^^ mons. Let the Bifhop ear- 
^ rmxaL'ur^"^'y;^^ ? neftiygivealUhcfe^ ^-recepts 
©iiS 'vW4;^ji ^^-^r^oA; in charge to. the Laity alio, 
li^vm (pi?^ TaoTTo perluading them to imitate 
^ -TTc^T^ p • ^(7x.o7r©^ his Gonverfanon. For. {aysL^.vifix?; 
&. ^iV V">^QK c^€$- He, I)/^ ye make theC/jIldrenV^ 

:- r- i^^ y tt*^ ' j i ^ .. ■ r.g fg^''— 

gj^Wtf/^. Y. 

P 3 



* ' cf Ifracl ftotts, Let him be gouyju^©* ca^f^A^ 

prudent, humble, apt to ad- AfTw , opiyuf at/Vij 

moniili with the Inftrudtions fMyjnmi yive^ S «- 

of the Lord, vvell-difpos^d, <wtS T£p'5r«. Eu;\9t- 

one who has renounc d all Ceii yoip (pynTij ^TromQi^ 

the wicked Projeds of this t«s ijas 'Jo-e^^'A. "Esi^ 

World, and all Heathenifti ^ <7D(po5, ^mTnivdcp^ry 

Lufts. Let him be orderly, v^'BisTYilci^i ov mii yw 

fliarp in obferving the Wick- Q^xiisf-^s iramS^Giom. ^, 

ed, and taking heed of them, P^yvc^fj^^y^ '^n'm^y- 

but yet a Friend to all ; juft, f4u©- mn Ttn cv ^ 

difcerning, and whatfoever /3/'<j5> cropjie^^s ^iikM;- 

Qualitics are commendable /l^^ictj, (S •zs-aQtu gGyi>($fc?5 

smong Men, let the Bifliop '6hjv}Jiicuii, "E^w <^- 

poflefs them in him(elf. For *c^^x\Qi\ o^os «>£^c 

if the Paftor be unblameable S yviyaj tvs (favKvs^ 

as to any Wicked refs, he will ^(^y (pt«;\^'(XjBc^ aV au- 

corapel his Difciples, and by Twf, ^/a©- q «Sy ^ij- 

his very Converfation prefs /rwr, ^J^ijc^ct®-, xg/cn- 

them to become worthy Imi- ^jps", ^ oW ^;\g&' ov; 

tators of his own Adlions. ^^(a^nns ^^r, 5 J- 

As the Prophet fomewhere ':iTcip^{\ SuJtt* 6 'On" 

Mof.iv,9-^yS. •^'^^ /> vriU he, As is okott©* ev iojuT^S v^K" 

tije Prieft fo is the People ; For rn^co' olc ^vSTriXmr^ 

our Lord and Mafter Jqdis 7©- ccS^kUs «r -zrur- 

Chrift, the Son of God, be- iJ.Iw^^lnlS'l^i aviSfj^ff.* 

gan firft to Do, and then to ^y.i ^af^ui^ ^ 

Teach, as Luke fomewhere *? <V'areP9>f« ccvt3 

AlH-. i. I. fays, Which Jejus hegan to do -ogpT/Ji-vlat^Bc/ 1^ i J^/wjf 

■^f-^- ^' 4^^ /^ r^/ir^. Wherefore he cwJtS mni))fj{^riwv fju/uuyj^ 

^ i. p^ ftys, IVhofoever fljj/l do ard /jtis a§/«$ ."^^^ ^w^- 

*'7-' :;. , . ... .. .. _.J 

.' 4ut7c/sT':tfj.v. al. iCtFO^X^^* "<^iig.i0KCJi7JMi'r» ^alccrutrum vacat. 


the Holy Apoftles! 

¥af COS ^iy^ t« ^ t tead, he Jhall he tailed gmt 
€&£p(p^^7t^$^ Kcu %^ in the Kingdom of God. For 
^C^Gftis igp^5, 2aw ^ you Bifliops are to be Guides 
3 ;\^o«. ^^Ktfj y>" and Watchmen to the Peo- 
wj^©* f\fji^v ^ ^Sbi' pie, as you your (elves have 
crxtfcA©^ 'lyjuis ^X^jl^s Chtift for your Guide and 
o ijos ? 0cS Tip^oLrm Watchman. Do you there- 
TT^Toj' -TTDiftr, 5^ niiTi fotc bccomc good Guides 
^Sbm^ar * w$ 7r« Ai- and Watchmen to the People 
5^0 Ay>C5t$' '^Clv Tiptoe- of God. For the Lord fajs 
in b 'hdis miiieiv ^ B\- by Ezekiel, fpeaking to eve- 
J^jxft/'. Aio 9WJIV* ry one of you, Son of Man, Ezek. 
^^Os cA,' ai' 'TTDiwii ^ (5^- /^^^i/^ ^/t/f;^ thee for a Watch* ^^V^^\ 
d^§>i, «T©- /xejAs ^)j- man to the Houfe fiflCtztl, and * ' 
^JSTOf OP Tf /Sac^Aeia thou Jhalt hear the Word from 
§* ©gy. 2^7ra$ 7> «- Wjf Mouth, and fhalt ohferve, 
vof S'S v^s Tief Aaw 4;?i ^/J^/r declare it from me. 
Tw ^oxoVy^, on % When I fill «^^^ ^^^ Wicked 
lijji&i cKOTiiv gp^Ti r /^i?« A^/^ /«r^/^ <^/V, if thou 
Xg/tgij/. Ka) tjxes %v do(l not [peak to vrarn the wick- 
yiviSi (T^^i dycL<^\ ed from his wickednefs, that 
^?^SS3bZ* okXi' wicked Man Jhall die in his 
y{ wje/-®^ 2y^ ^ 'I^- I^i^^^^h ^^^ ^^^ Blood nill I 
^gjMTiA 'Cf^s e)^<^v V' require at thim Hand, But if 
fjl^v (pacTjtwr. 'T^^ <V>- ^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^ wicked from his 
:^o)7r», G-'i^^y Si^K^ way, that he n/ay turnfrgmit, 
a T&T oi')c6J 'lo-e^TiA, (^ and he does not turn from it, 
aiyti'cT''} ok ^,u^<tIs <x« he [hnll die in his Iniquity,^ 
?^v\ ^ <5^9y'^t«^ andthou haft delivered thy SouL 
(^2/^^fychSi(w^vmp In the fame manner^ if thew^^.^c, 
tfxZ' ov W >.^yiiv iJJt Sword of War he approaching, 
m>"<' ' — ' ' 

I im- ^'- ' ^^^^ ^ ^' ^ '"'"^ ^ ^'^*' ^' ^ ^^^^^^* V. 

P 4 4^^ 


find the Feople jet a Watchman n:^ hp'jA^cf^.^ipjtrcfi. a- 
fo TVdtch, and he fie. thi.fame nro'^v^^^:^ <^^ l>^^ 
aff roach,- and does not . fore- ^XwW tS <^cr«Ast/a- 
irarn them,^ and the Snord come vojjiqv ok 'f d^voiiMu^ajj- 
and, takC; dfie ' ofHhcm, he ,is iS, ■ 0, "oiofA,^ cdSv-Q* 
taken away in h/s M^itpy ; au xf- moj^lcf. c/jjt^ 
hut his Blood jhnll 'he required ."^^oA'slrD^ '2 S cq- 
at pjc iVatchmanfjfldhd, he- 'j^ eu)T^ycK'^ ^^s 
caufe hr. didnothtdw the.Tyum' ird' cAity]ni(m' ou 5 i^^V^ 
■feVy But'if he blew rhyTrtm' 2j!0>T^ihYi^ /tzS ^/j'y,ij 
-pet, and'he'vrho heard it vcould am 'f o^'i a/^^r^ am' 
fiot take Warning, and the q'ps'^.'ot'ur' twrriij & 
Srrord come and take him dvrajy /W/i'^rpg'-^Ji, av^i c/t/ 
his Blood fhdil he upon him, ^'ri' d/jofjitci c/^j'tS ^- 
hecaufe he heard the Trumpet, fj^mizij,^ -^ av r -vlo- 
'^and\todk not warning. But he ^Izn'o-d epjvj^o. 'naa^U" 
■ iiihi) 'took warning h^s ^delivered <hl}s^\p" f^x^^ /ttdAI- 
' his Soul, and the Watchm^^T^, [iM^bp li ^ip')^\i^vf\y^ ^ 
hccafife he gave warning, {l)all gvari'o '?ig:,oi o-y^'iiV&s 
fur elf live. The. Sword here ©^(p«>^jc/Jiv, ?^'' iij^ii/ 
is the' Judgmenc ; the Trum- cjuJiry ' €Pj^vS^jIa)j y"fXr] 
pec is the Holy Go(peI ; the ' ^^pynvva/i] ^ ?J,4-i!t 
' Watchman is rhe Bifliop, Avho -vIju^^^,, 'kI-^^ 4-*^ jf 
is fet in the Church, who is apO'^'T/^a'oT?;^ gM77(p9^ 
ohhged by his Preach ng ro S q oj/^'ck ^^5 nS 
teftify and vehemently to a-^o'Txr'd .ik^rrivdrainnxf j 
forewarn concerning * that ck Gxf}c ioriL^ve ^ V/T 
Judgment. If ye 'do. fibc ae- Q.ATnrfl' i^v 3 (^w^'^ 
clare.and teflify" thisr to the Tp^e.aT/r>i,^^.w(pL'%&'- 
People, the Sins 6f thofc §>jm/oa?c^c-a5, (^ ?a9vi 
whjD are ignorant, of ; it will i fS>p^v^9 <^ ^^Cvt 

"TSTv.'^T^r v: '" ^^^-^-^ 

.jiVw»..^\ w^ :,A^nS be fouad upon you. Wherc- 
€y ctPTor gjct/ o/c (ys>t fore do. you warn and re^ 
h^M^'^'^ 0.%'^^ t prove the- Uninftruded vvidi 
vA^rmi, 5 ^i^;^- JBojdnefs, teacU che Ignorant, 
^(^\^j©-, r 'i^')(^y .p,U' confirm thoic that under- 
i^ ifpvjx^,^ ^ d o-jco- (land, bring back thofe that 
^s oUm>jJ^^,,^m goadray. if we repeat the 
^vaeTo^. Md^ctAc^^iJ^'j vefy fame things on the fame 
^1/37 xe/i^s'- ..cdA- Occafions, Brethren, we ihall 
"Tny^^o", 3 Uc^p not do apifs,; For by fre- 
.<^'ar^A/o:^" G-yco'Tri^ J,, quent Hearing 'tis to be 
o ?i^-i7i9x.'Sv]s tI; (k- hoped chat fome will be 
yhjicrla. '^a]cor^@.^Qy ^m^ aflianxd, and at Ipafl: 
^eix.iipuo^vnr:^^l^p- do fon e good AdJion, and 
'n>^(%://^,^^5^cfei- avoid fome wicked one. For, 
.^^-W^' '^ >^e/^<5^^- fays God. by the Prophet, 
^Ed^jj,r)2/^!'yi'i?^riTi^:^ TejUfie. thofeytfmgs to them;J<'rKm. 
^xf^f;jvfiiSB W'^oJ,. prhMpsthif will hear thjFoke* 
A' ^mi^ '^H^f^^f '^^ Attd again, .. // fcrhaps tky Ezek. r r, 
^ay^oivnitiy ^j'^^^'^o^^^^ rrlll fje/i^,,.i^ ■ per hkps they ttHI ^^^^' 
Aio'Tlj^cc<^pe(^p}/^'y^s ftdm^^ fays tO * 

^of d^iSdio-io.^ ^puS-V' the People, If karmg thou Exod.xr, 
leiTi,, ^ lAiy^^^ /^^' irilt hear th. l^ord Gady and ^^' 
'7rapp»c-'/ct5,' T5^$ay/o»j/- do that which is good and 
^ (5\ Jbco-j^f 7E, T« '£?n- right in his Ejeu And a- 
,^U^\Ki" ^e^^^T^Y ri> gain, Jiear, (p Ifrael; ' ./y^^ Deut.W.4. 
miTj^^'iip^jys 'fmq-fe' Lord our God- is one.. L}rd. ^^ ^'^'^' - 
/(p^7i.\ ^■'^'i'[ aJiw c5%j And our Lord is often re-^^' 
rPpSuv'T^y Xgf)pym, a- corded in theGofpel to.havc 
S^A(po\, \iy oLug.pTn(jO* faid, H.e that hath Ears .//?Matt. xi. 
. ft^^. tx. y!) Ti^TToA- .6f^?r /^^ htm hear. And wife 

" " - ■ ■• ^' ^ Solomon 


^sioy. I, ^.Solomon fays. My Son, hear ^Ktf etKiay ^if^s mpets 

the Inftrufficn of thy Father, Sb(7:am^vlgus Tcav a- 

arfd rejeB not the Lat¥s of thy rm^m 'PlSn^^iv ^min' 

Mother^ And indeed to this <7af, ^ ^"TmvTie^r *mt' 

Day Men have not heard ; es^nvaatduf' Aiy^ y> 

for while they fcem to have i^ 'sy^(priTy a Sm' 

heard, they have not heard A/a^^TJ/xjaJic^sSMj- 

aright, as appears by their rra, lavs aLyc^dnvTw^ n 

having left the One and On- •? (pmrn. Kct} -mAii^* 

ly True God, and their being 'fiai) a^^ (tx.i<nbcnv, l^ 

drawn into deftrudive and a^s^ IvS^ji. Kctj o Mwo5« 

dangerous Herefics, concern- fnai^?^^' ^E^d^'^ 

ing which we fliail fpeak a- oxeo-JiJ yjje)-^ tS 0^5, 

gain afterwards. i^ ^iria-ris g a>a?»>' ^ 

"TTzoavi i3t(TfjLVi jULtir^i at, Kglc fJjiy^C^ cvfjji^v who i)Ctf- 

21 s Sect. Vi. 

yir, TJEIoved, be it known to T^l^ux^v ^ t^ vfjuv 

•*-^ you, that thofc who are ccyoi'7n)m\, ok ot 

baptized into the Death of IBctTHiSivtis fJs r .^- 

our Lord Chrift, arc obliged fcc^v t? ^u/g/y 'I»a5, 

to go on no longer in Sin Grnc^-Ti o(p€iAii(nv dfji^p" 

For as thofe who are dead '^vf<v of iDiyi^t. 'fl^ 

cannot work Wicked nefs a- yi oi '^jzLvovns cwg-? 

* defum. V- ! o». v I jj. v 

the Holy Apoftles.^ 

iftpy^rmi "sy^s otiH^p- ny longer ; fo thofc who 

TJtV; 'yssToip^'ncnVi i^nt are dead with Chrift cannot 

5§ 01 ciwcLTw^vcvns pradice Wicked nefs. Wccan- 

•iLtf Xe/T^ iVe^xTor not therefore believe, Bre- 

t9^s dfisifridp. oii* thren, that any one who has 

mtr^ofjS^Zvy dSihcfo)^ received the Waftiing of 

y^\iQ:\Si^ov kvcc g »? Life will venture to ad the 

l(tm Tiarepi'? lk<z:y^' open Wickednefles of Tranf- 

cssiiv m 'j^^ uvo(ji^v qc- greflors. Now he who fins 

P2?iyifjiet^r»» *0 Si a- after his Baptifm, unlefs he 

(jLoprnaa^ ju^ S ^x^uG-' repent and forfake his Sins. 

fjLoc, «T@* «V H^ i^* ftiail be condemn d to Hell* 

fizbyyco, (S TmvoYiTUj t5 Fire. 

El ^' TiJ •vkzTo ai'TriiOiv But if any one be malici- ^™' 

avycofd/j'iv^ 2ji^ S/xw oufly profecuted by theHea- 

9tiU atj'nTi oiufOLo^^" then, becaufe he will not 

^/V«K, ytvcoaMTO) Sic flill go along with ihem to 

fJLttvJ^^®* i rniiST©4 the fame Excefs of Riot, let 

'shroip^ *©g^, jt^tSftis him know that fuch an one 

^ }we^@^ C4^ ^ (ijcLf' is blefled of God, according 

ytAto} Afj^' Ma)(96£/o/ as out Lord (ays in the 

ifB o'^v cvei^icmxnv t- Gofpel, Bleffed are je t^^^^ yi^ 

iSsy 7t Si(l>^eoffiy, 7) €i' Men [hall reproach'yoff, orper- 

^7110(71 3(9^6' vyi^v mf fecute you, or fay all manner 

mvnesfv p'^f^cc, 4<^(5>)- of Evil againfl jou falfy for 

IjSpoif epev4v IpiH ^- my fake. Rejoice and he ex- 

fsrsj 6 €cyx>?Lt£Se, o!c ceeding glad, for your Re* 

p fjuSos ijj^v rm^viCAf ward is great in Heaven, If 

£ic/5 ^e^tyo?*". e; %v therefore any one be flan- 

^ - " . ■ . ,. ' ^ _ I ■ ■■■■ ■ ■ !■■■ I M il l '■ I ■■! ■■ — 



Jered and folfely acciis'd, Uc C:^a^vfjL)^ST.Iyi/^ 
(uch an one is blefled ; lor -\^j.ccUy . fjLartJi^©^ 
the Scripture fays, A Man o od/St©-. ^Aty\.yl>h. 
that is a Reprohate is not try- ^.aipvi* 'Apvp-^SinUfipSy 
^^^^' cd hy God. But if anyone cc'?reze^v©- 'n>^ 0^* 
be convided, as having doiie ^l i'i tis lAtf^jin:^:}^* 
a wicked Adion, (uch ail ^cts i-i d-pofj^v, o /roiS- 
one not only hurts him(elf, t©- « ^l^vov i(m<mv l- 
but ©ccafions the whole Bo- Q^-^^v, Kvjct^^Act- 
dy of the Church and its (r:p)ifjLi^ t!^<^7^^il(ri 
Dodrine to be blafphemed; xoivc^ '§■ 6K}i?imaL^ (s^- 
SL:> if we Chriflians did not /utaTi, ^ t*^ ^iJ^ej-Ka- 
pradice thofe things that we ^lco, o^s |x>}.>7rpi«i'«iwi» 
declare to be good and ho- c4>Spcc^ A Myil^^- ^^«/ 
neft^ and we our felves x^?^y '^oveikSrrqif^.'^ 
fiiall be reproached by the ^:^ iifjtieis'izuoi^/wj- 
'^ztt. Lord, That, 7 hey fay and do^ e/ty/PT| A^><y€»'cj^j5 
uii. 5. not. Wherefore, the Biflipp 'ir^i'^m^r/0^vn;''^rc^ii^^^ 
muft boldly r- je<a, fuch a5 %Mi .sMt^\\^ v<i^X^^- 
thefe upon fuii Convidi- fiwffv: 's?.%i^/T:^5^ 
on; unlefsthey change their -zE^appw^iccs ^'^^t-k^qst-o;. 
Course of Lif^. ^ ij)t\ jMraSd'h^M^"^ 

j5^^ For the Bifliop mufl not . Op '^ .fjidyov-ctp^- 

only himfelf give no Otence, xTy.6:'irov :0ivcu^\^7\ ji-h 

but mull be no Refpeder p^ SaxoTrov^ '^A(i (^ 2: 

Perfons ; in Meeknefs in- ':^r^Q}7roAn'T?ov^ipxp.^* 

ftruding thofe that oflcnd, gbrtili Qcepi'iCo^7^T«« 

But if he himfelf has not ufj^cf^TavovJccs.., t/ 3 

«\ good Confcience, and is a ^t^avTo^sU 4^cuaj4^>i' 
a Refpeder of Perfons ; 7©. voittpr^jv, e-^Qi* 
fox the fake oi filthy lu- ,..7tiQ?A'Sni fytvcySfi'^^/, 

ere, and receiving of Bribes,. 2^ jiyx od^ei^pSn 

the Holy ApoftlesJ 

f^es^kyi-^lccv ^ (pBi^TTij and fpares the open Offender, 
j« ^Qfii<t}s cci/,cf^<rijvl@^j and permits him to continue 
eac^ Irrii cKH^ininou in the Church, he difregards 

y^jeiv ccvrmvj <s%ty,i- the Voice of God and of 

cn^ r r^iccs ^ wjej.(x;' ouf Lord, which fays, Thou^^^^^-^''^' 

-mi q^mr^i ^ ^" AeyioTis* Jljait exactly execute right Jugd- ^^* '* *^' 

A/aeaiwi ^ito^ea g cT/- mmt :Thoti jhalt not accept Per- 

9f^tov. O J AwUji t«?^'- yi;?j in Judgment : H^^?// /J^^/^ not Ex xx t 1 1. 

c^Toj/gi/ xeicTt/. OiJ juftijie the^Wicked. Thou (halt '^'^^^' 

cTijccM^jT/s; T aosfS^- not receive Gifts again(l anj^-'^^ 

Ou:\ T^Ti'^.Yi Siopj^ 'Qi one 5 Life ; for Gifts do Hind 

'^^ Tci '^ ^co^ OK' the Eyes of the Wtfe, and per ^ 

mj(pKo7 o(p^?^liS 6- vert the Words of the Rigljie- 

^(ovy ^ Av^dvsTVij pn- ous. And elfewhere he faya, 

f^x<nu S'Lxalooy. Kct) Take array from among your "^^^ 

h cc??^ois frjoip' 'Efop- [elves that wicked Pcrfon. xvl!'i<^,' 

^etTiTirovn^ve^vfj^y And Solomon (ays in his^^''-7. 

avi^v. Koj Xo?[g' Froverhs, Cafi cut a pejlilent Prov, Kydu 

Mpv Ag'^ iv Tcc^ifjiious' Fellojp from the Congregation, ^^* 

-Ex/SxAg ?[gi^u_^v ^mui%* and Strife will go out along, 

^fia, ^ cujue^eA(^a^TDLj T^ith him* 

'O Sk fjch 's^oiy^iv But he who does not con* *» 

Tv(siH, ccKe/r^as (peioi^ fider thefe things, will, con- 

'Qnm^ l<fei?\g^L T/^r trary to Juftice, (pare him 

e/k^r c^i o 'I^ctliX 'f^ who defervesPuniihment. As 

V 'Ayxy, (^ o 'Ha« Saul fpar'd ^gag, and Eli his , Kfng.xir: 

^ mis iJio7i "^ ix, eiSi^n Sons, who knew not the Lord. cap. u, 

T yiu^ov, ^"O Ti a- Such an one profanes his 

T®. " e^eCrAoocre ^ r ownDignicy,and thacChurch 

Qijca^ cL^t^/j, <^ r tS of God which is in his Pa- 

t ^^efk. V, : mm ^'far. v. ^ h, f, ^ w. v, 5 5 n^Tif-v. 



tifli. Such an one is efteem d G)g5 c/K^iKvKnip r kJ? 
unjuft before God and good ^ 'T^oi-^dp uCnS' «- 
Men, as affording Occafion S^iy.^ Zv Zr^^ ^ GeS, 
of Scandal to many of the & ocnots ^Q^mots, tas 
newly Baptiz'd, and to the cu t^©- o-xcaJ^Aa ttoA- 
Catechumens ; as alfo to the ?^i ^ veo(p(i>Ti(^ots\ <& 
Youth of both Sexes, to ^i^.^^ayS^jois'^dyS^os, 
Mzttmii^^'^^^ a PF(? belongs, and 4 In q vms >^ lioAs tj 
^^7/ Milftone ahcut his Neck, and ^^^ikIo., ov S »aj ^- 
Drorvning, on account of his fj(^J<j, '^ oH)(p« jxJa®. 
Guilt. For oblerving what iv n:Z r^'^-nKcti, ^ 
a Perfon their Governour is, (ivji)s, h S ^S^ik©^ 
through his Wickednefs and liWp;^. Aioi yJ r '? 
Negled of Juftice they will dyce/cnocs i^o^lcw^Ki- 
grow Sceptical, and, indul- 7rov^<;T miv<nv Gau- 
ging the fame Difeafe, will niv" ap^^pJcc, Iv Jctu- 
be compell d to perifli with oo?? ^^xe^r^corTo^, <£ 
him. As was the Cafe of the yj-AmiyS^joi tSi aitTTn yo- 
? King. People joining with Jcroham ; a&;, ciwoLToKi^ ao- 
Numb, and thole which were in the tw aVafjc^c^OTr^, ^t^s 
ivi. Confpiracy with Corah. But tw 'UepSodfji » ;j|^of, 
if the Offender fees that the (fe t<w Kop? 0? mwct^* 
Bifliop and Deacons are in- jji^ox ecvr^. El 5 /?a^ 
nocentand unblameable,and xai djuictf^^v r 'Qk- 
the Flock pure, he will ei- o-xottoi' (^ t^j ^f^-^vM^ 
ther not venture to defpife ct8«'»5 efxATi/xicT©.. (i 
their Authority, and to en- g nrolyiviQv ^"^e)^ 
ter into the Church of God imp'^v^ 'm^'^v fi, ^ 
ac all, as one fmitten by his rnAfJi^Ti ^ ^^.nrztcpepvi- 
own Con(cience ; or if he crsc^'', ^s onYXricnipBti 
values nothing, and ventures «crgA^7r, m\-no<jr>\jSpoi 

' ' ' ' ■ III l^iW— — I I 

* m^Ci^is. V. I aunr. V. I dceft. r. 

the Holy Apoftlesi 

^ ^ cujue{H(ji atTa' ^ to enter in, either he will 
* " '^' «^^ Sy»c7a- be convidted immediately, 
f4o(5^ eJcT^AGor, ^ ri " as J Uzza at the Ark, when ^^'og- 
'K^;^Pjua lAgr;^.d>i- he touch'd it to fupport it;'^'* 
<rg2), cis'O^ai Sh' *? and as Achan when he ftolejof. ni. 
^{^(wtS ot^xf^^j©-, apf the accurfed thing, and as 
IcTe^tVo/, & aj5"A;;j5tf^ Gehad when he coveted the j^l^g ^^ 
23t'T5ix?io'sr>rTB ^flt- Money of Naaman ; and (6 
<5gju,a7©-, ^ aJf Fig^ft will be immediately punilli- 
'^h^ws? Uee/jJ^^7i' ed ; or elfe he will be ad- 
fjicccav, (S "^ r^ojjTi^ monifli'd by the Paftor, and 
'TilJi^pn^ai'njui^ % yeSi- drawn to Repentance. For 
Tsjui^j©^ \m i» mni' when he looks round the 
f4^©^ , « i fx^TttVoica/ whole Church, one by one, 
's^ct^^reTvji. i^^Ag- and can fpy no Blcmifh, nei- 
'^{jSp^^^Th^^vcL^ ther in the Bifliop, nor in 
^ ov^S^v\ (j^fjiQv ^Q/L(f the People who are under 
YMv, »7f «>^ S5io->tp- his Care, he will be put to 
vrtf), eiB fi ef^ ^ utt Confufion, and prick'd at 
<xju(^v TiTo.yiJ^^ Xaco^ the Heart, and in a peace- 
wi^wj^\iy fj^ alS'Zi (fe able manner will go his way, 
rnnT^m SbLKpvo^y 6|gAA'- with Shame, and many Tears, 
oiTojf €ipl/jjixMSi{^TDLV€' and the Flock will remain 
^vyijS^Q., ^ /4^« M' pure. He will ap^ly himfelf 
Kg^Jne/^fj^ov S m^lfjf.- to God with Tears, and will 
yiov. «?^cr}cAc«>u(r^ ii repent of his Sins, and have 
W ©fw, ^ fi^TOLvoTOji Hope. Nay, the whole Flock 
ifp' oTs TiimeLp'Tip' ^ g|^ at the Sight of his Tears, 
IA'thJ^, <£ g TTil^vtov will be inflruded, becaufe a 
i'-^f 95ga.(jjui^oi' cxfl- Sinner avoids Deftrudtion by 
ytf TO J^x^t;c6, j/eSs- Repencance, 

' : Tflv ta/r#<J^»TJ77K.V." >^ V. 5 ji^eit. v. .•♦ «. V.; 



XI.' iUpon this account there- Aicc t?td Zv Hii- 

fore, O Bifliop, endeavour €rH,om a^i}Shi'(;e i^^!^* 

to be pure in thy Attions, e^^ ^^^«f 'td/$ f^^/s, 

and to adorn thy Place ^nd ^w^s/^wr r o^oTjxr (jy 

Dignity, which i§ that of one ?^ r af/^/;, ^V ©?» 

fultaining the Charafler of -tuttqv l<)^v cp^ ^/j'^jpo)- 

^*Pag. God among Men, as being ^is, V ^utwv ""^"^ 

-lo- fet over all Men, over Priefts, ap;^f ^^ cV^6£^T:yy, /g- 

Kings, Rulers, Fathers, Chil- fsmv, (2cccnAsaiv, ap- 

dren, Maftcrs: and in gene- ^vtz^jv, /TWiTi^u, yciir, 

ral over all thole who are SiSha-y^/^oov^ ^ ^/jnmov 

fubjed: tothee: aiKlio fit in ofjiv-n^^fi'mns^v. Kctjf 

the Church when thou fpeak- arrte>$ ou okyX-D'cia, ^0.- 

eft a^ having Authority to -^^y, r P^^j/ '7n)i»- 

judge Offenders. For ro you, ij^j@^, cox l^yaicw tyuv 

Mitt. O Biftiops, is it faid, What- x^vav rl^s rifxaprry^ 

ifiij.iS.y^^^^^ yg jl^ll ijy^j ^^ Earth ^* clc vfjuiv ws 'Gn- 

fball he hound in Heaven', and yf^Tnn cip'ATojj O idp 

w/jatfoever ye (lull loofe on ^ Sei(nm t^' ^ yr}s> i- 

Earth (hall he loofed in Hea* qcqk^^\j3^!i(jv cv'^-mS if- 

VCn» ^VCfi . '^ 60LV ?.V(DnZ 

^11^ Do thou therefore, OBi- K^vslv c^lmdTco'm 

fllOp, judge with Authority jj^' e^ycncx,s, cai ^ o " 

like God, yet receive the Geoi, Xv\a Ta$ juie'ra.- 

Peniccnt. For God is a God roHr^^f '^^n^o-^^fji^^ci' 

of Mercy. Rebuke thofe y»". ^'O yS eec?, Bgc's 

that fin ; admcnidi thofe that b^v eAhi. 'E-ar/^woj? 

are not converted; exhort r^oTf afjiapmyyoi, rw- 

thofe that flaiid to pcrle- ^ti t« jiii '^crp^ 

t f. c/^>'cr«7f . : Titi «^ro7j. V. I deeft, V. t tfO'^^y^* V. * deeft.V. 

th Holy Apoftles, 

fov'S^, fct^^^i TVi vere in their Goodnefs ; re- 

f 5w^ If^ljS^'eiv tnTs 9iff.' ceive the Penitent : For the 

^?5, T^ fjt/ifi^o^i^ Lord God has promis'd with 

^ay^a-Six^"' ^^ ytoeA^i an Oath to afford Remiffion 

o QsQs jj^ opTc^ gTrof- to the Penitent for what 

y^ip^^acpeaivtui^^eiv things they have done amifs. 

ws p^T^oicnv, e<p oJs For He fays by Ezekiel^ 

7iltj{c/LprnV' Ag^ qS 2^ Speak unto them. As / Uve^ Ezek, 

tS 'Ig^g)tf7?A ErFDv ^aith the Lord, I would not the ^^^^-^^^ 

<D£p^ ctuTa^, ^&) €^, Death of a Sinner, hut that the 

Kiyi^ ^ ^ ^Sh}yaji Tw^oi', Wicked tfvn from his evil rvay 

€i 'Sr^riQ) T ^I'OLTnv and live. Turn 'je therefore 

»rS oljj^pfnoAS "^M'^rt^ from yo»r evil ways, for -rrhj 

cv laJ ^9-p«^fct/ T oiae- wiil ye die, Honfe c^/'lfrael? 

€S (k 'f ocf 5 a JtS 'f 'TTD- Here the Word affords Hope 

ywe^S ^ ^^' 'Ecn^r to Sinners, that if they will 

e^(pw7? ^ V^ T^^o- repent they fliall have Hope 

i&v vfj(^v '^ THiVYi^y^ of Salvation, left othervvife 

^ Ivx Tt "^aTTtdyricKeTUj" out of Defpair they yield 

oJ}c@^'^a-^r)?\. ; (m^tcoj- themfelves up to rheir Tranf- 

^^ ^y@J' ^sAm- greffions ; but that having 

iks gWwo? riis rifjLctpTy)' Hope of Salvation they may 

Ks'S^j ^'T^ ^^ fjt^'n^ori- be converted, and may ad- 

Q}jiv, eA^iSkQ)'7r)^aA drefs to God with Tears, on 

€§»<7z iJunTTDTi ws ctTTwA- account of thcit Sins, and 

yriy(^s ^ajjr^i okS'^oi 9 may repent from their Hearts, 

ix^vofuxis^ai^ e')^vles and fo appeafe his Difplea- 

€A*7nSuQ)lyie^coib''7hcpx- furc towards them ; fo {hall vPag- 

f ivies c>^(r}cAcw)o-A)OT they .receive a Pardon from 221. 

deeft. V. 'deeft.V. ^ ATn^F^Kin. V, 

E Him, 



Him, as from a merciful Fa- ' Se^ 'zjfei rp^ dfjiap^ 

thcr. "Tim oLv^Vf i(cf!f^ An- 

\}/)r7af ♦Trap aurS 'S^ 

Yet ic is very neceflary Ths f^i 'toi dpocfjuxp^ 

that thofe who are yetinno- nriTy5,rniiTiiSiMveiv^n, 

cent Ihould continue fo, and ?^ fjui^et^ ^yj^v i m^l* 

not make an Experiment c^sfi?iS ctfJi^pUo^^om^js 

what Sin is, that they may ^ &'oi/Taf oSUovsy Ati- 

not have Occafion for Trou- 'ms, & ytkajj^fji^iv dfi- 

ble, Sorrow, and thofe La- c^wi. T/ yi orJbt$ <^- 

mentations, which are in or- ^^m dfJigipTta^fA , » 

der to Forgivenefs. For how ttfjJe^s ^-nmi cAf roiS^ 

doll: thou know, O Man, ^fiico^ ha. ^ /meTccfo)}- 

when thou finneft, whether crrir:, oii*^A©^ ^ g|o- 

thou flialt live any Number Sbs (j\i (k i5 (ila '\hroip' 

of Days in this prefent State, ;g{, >$ ^ a^fJi^prlcL -n^ 

that thou may ft have time ^^rrd^^-nfM^^joicchic 

ro repent ? For the time of i^' m Aeyi <^ tS 

thy Departure out of this AccSlS". 'Ei/ 5 W aJ^a^ 

World is uncertain; and if tIs i^oiJ(s?^yi^c2Tzu ant; 

thoudycft in S\n^ there will A« fr e^i/j^v iiva^ op 

remain no Repentance for dyi^Ts' hx ^dj Au- 

thee; as God ia>s by Ddvid^ 7m^ r ^oSiv" cal&vIw 5151- 

In the Grave who will confefs 7\.od^jr^. Aio ^^k^i- 

to thee ? It behoves us there- r« S^^©- ^7©-'^^. 

fore to be ready in the do- ^o?[p}jj6vl@^ tS (^o<pS 

ing of our Duty^ that fo we Myouv Qol"' 'ETTj/.t^^g 

may await our PafliJgc into ^j r e^ocAi' to ipyx, 

anorlier" World without Sor- a^ij ^ -^ €>^(7K(^oi^^ 

the Holy Apoftles^ 

fftf 7- (lye)v\ %0L M-ri row. Wherefore alfo the fa- 

^Kei\y\ TifjLip Ti ^ cred Word fpeaks to thee 

^^ha>v (Sotsrgp ^ ? 'TBTg by the Wife SoLomon, Prepare Pror.xxr^ 

QAf TctT ^'af^AiV '^" ^^V Works again[i thj Extt,^1* 

i5ivois <^ fjLoo^dp e'TTB' and 'provide all before-hand in 

'heim S ^ ^ diia^S^ccs the Field, left Tome of the 

fAcaoj/, ^?^ ^^Cnca- Things neceflary to diyjour- 

ouj\ mi p^fji'7nx6bLs ^ ney be wanting ; as the Oil 

t^oyuojcTJoLs^' ocTnSAri^ii of Piety was deficient in the 

oAi rS vvfULCpMu®-' Aicc Fivefoolijh Firgins^ mention'd Matc.xxn 

n^'-va oc-MvSiuj®-* f^« in the Gofpel, when they, 

mso (peiSh^(Q^ 't f on account of their having 

odtS ^w5i5, ^ ijS^jmu extinguiih'd their Lamps of 

^ccfj(Jp7Y!i<^ oTzroos ^ Divine Knowledge, were iliuc 

ms 's^yeyivifcts wV out of the Briderhamber, 

avT^ S\y^io(7wbxs ctv WhereforeJie who values the 

mS ci/juTYip-na-rt. 2t^ Itf Security of hisSooI will take 

«iw xeAvs, cJ? @SM care to be out of Danger, by 

S^K^^coy, T? ^ wj- keeping free from Sin, that 

pjn, <pm\v, 7] y,^Jis. fo he may preferve the Ad« 

TleglfTDv «r aV g|y- vantage of his former good 

triai r epo^v >(c'Ta^- Works to himCelf. Do thou 

y^^g. iitt'^ fj^^ eAhs therefore lojud^je as execu- 

6 otK'npfxi (& 'zpif^o-Ari- ting Judgment for Gcd. For, 

v}»€&)«, oixau, VTH^vii' as the Scripture fays, The D^ut. i 

|ji5}(j©-aJTStf(^&>7r^'j^, Jiid(^mcnt is the Lord's. In the i7» 

e ft6Tct>iTo TSrepTrt^, firft place therefore condemn 

»^ 'sj^i jjLBn^KiQidij yo»' the guilty Perfon with Autho- 

pr\(r^' fjLerrbufJL^Aoi^ov rity ; afterwards try to bring 

Qgii(pojv ^!>^(r^^y,fji€ him home With Mercy and 

fjLVYiiJ^i^ tS 7uje/n ei Companion, and Readinefs 

^i- ■ ■ '■■ ■ « 

1 al. d*MiUi. t defunr. v. 

E ^ 'CO 



to receive him, promifing ctd^T®-,^ on ^e^ >«- 

him Salvation ifhe will change vsTouf cv «e^^a; ^^ 

hiscourfeofLife, and become hi aH9tp'7wA<w ^g7»* 

a Penitent, and when he does voXvtl. 
repent, and has fubmitted to 
his Chaftifement, receive him : remembring that out 

Lord has faid, There is Joy in Heaven over one Sinner 
that refenteth. 

XIV. But if thou refufefl: to re- 'B^ r f^^T^fjovvlct 

ceive him that repents, thou f^v 'cr^crSi^vi, /f^^i" 

expofeft him to thofe who /\p/5 otvrnv ty^Sb'TXiv •ro.- 

lie in wait to deftroy, forget- pe^s. t^>^^^yS^Q- S 

ting what David fays. Deli- AaCiS'. ?^iyil@.' M» 

P^- ^^^^^^' rrj^y ^ot my Soul, which con- n!%i:,S'^no7s^t}^ois'^' 

*^* ?ig. fijfes to thee, unto deflrojing x^^^^'^^^t^^y^^^'^J 

^^- Bcafis. Wherefore Jeremiah, Qoi, A/a 'mepfni^^ 

when he is exhorting Men to ^s fjLe<-r^oi^p 6 'hfs- 

Repentance, fays thus. Shall jj^Ui Kiyi' M/i o cTiTr- 

Jcr \'i\\.\.not hi th-it falicth arife ? Or Im g^k ccvi^tvlj; it o 

he that turneth array, cannot *^q'pi(^(*)v g^ 6^<pp8' 

he return^ Wherefore have mi (p<j ; t/, otl ^ a'Tig^'^g-, 

People gone hack hy a {hamelefs -^.v" o?\g.oi (j,^ ^iwq^po' 

Backflidi?2g ? and they are har- Q^lw ccvaiSriy & )(9i*njc- 

II I. 21. ^^y^ f^ ilj.jy purp'^fe. Turn, es^Tv^cn^ ov tJ! gt;^- 

je bachfliding Childro^ ond I oupfoi <x.vtS}v 5 'H'th- 

vrill heal your Back jl/dings. Kc' q-^ip^^n vol cctptp}}ip' 

ccivc therefore him that re- tij, ^ ^^^ '^dcvp^ Toi 

penes without any doubting. ciwrej^y^H^avf^v, At- 

Be not hindred by (uch un- |ct/ tv r fjn^fjovvmt, 

merciful Men who fay, that y.i) S)'pz(^ccv oAcos^ fjA)Si 

' dvi7^.p) V. 

the Holy Apoftles. 

f^efJi'mSi^oiJ^j^ vzOT we mwfl: not be defiled with 

•3^ <lvY\lKiZiMy>v'mv, fuch as thofe, nor fo much as 

fjL7\ S'eiv TDis'&is * avfji' fpeak CO them : For fuch Ad- 

fjig?ivuusSdij" , tM7% ?^Yh vice is from Men that are 

^pivmciv' ^ oLOTztj' ^ cJ unacquainted with God and 

QvfjiSvAloudyi/oimt}V€i' his Providence, as from un- 

otGsov^r olvtS "sy^' reafonable Judges and un- 

yoi^, oi?^ytiv 5 xgA- merciful Bruces. ThefeMeu 

n£v^ ^eJ^oDyccfx&Aix, are ignorant that we ought 

^Twv* « Q^ yivalxmnaiuy to avoid Society with Of- 

cTi ^n <pv;)J,oj2c^^ « fenders, not inDifcourfe, but 

^ ci/ '^P^yco'' Ti^iveavl^ in Adions: For, The Right C" ^^^^^ 

«&g^5 T»s ajMrtfTz^oj^^j otifnefs of the Righteous [hall hexvin. 20. 

X^a r o*' Ip7/(w. Ai- upo^ him ; 4;?^, 7l6^ Wicked* 

>i^io(Tvui>y) yi <5^j^» eTr' nefs of the Wicked fhall be tifon 

av^v gg^, ^ clvofjLicc him. And again, /f ^ Land xi». 15. 

ayoy« g7r' oL^jr^v iguj. finneth agai)7Ji me by treffaf- 

Kctf miKiv Ft? loiv a- jf;?^ grievoujlj, and I fir etch 

fJiSfTYi jj^t t5 d^'mm^ out mj hand upon it, and break 

dS\'mij{g.^ ^ oKTivco ¥ the St^ff of Bread upon it, 

X^es^ y-v ^T^' aJTrir, and fend Famine upon it, and 

^ QwuT^^t^ ^Itt"' au7 7i5 defiroy Man and Beafi therein : 

^e/^yfA^ c(,j>Tif, ^ e^cc Though thefethreeMeny ^OTih, 

*To^Aw fts avT7]y Ai^f , Job, and D^nicl, were in the 

^ g§o%G/]^<7w oL^rns mid(l of it, they (lull onlyfave 

av^^Tmv ^ xTrf;/©** their onrn Souls by their Righ- 

y.qtv iaiv ^ ol" rt^^^dv teoufnefs, faith the Lord God. 

S^es cv fj^a-Ci) olvttIs, The Scripture moH clearly 

Nw?, oc) 'Iwg, ^ Act ihews, that a righteous Maji 

vi^h. ^ Sit?:' ovt^ ^- that converfes with a wick- 

^^loawori oivnrQy ozututi ed Man, does not peridi with 

■ d^a. V. t deeft. V. : dccft. V. 

B 3 him 


him. For in the prefent to^ -vj^ajis (PtJoay , 
World the Righteous and Kiy^'hS}^vix\wjQji(^\ 
the Wicked are n7ingled to- Sa^g^To. (S^S^Awh^ ^ i 
gether in the common Af- ^afri, oZc QuMouif ^- 
fairs of Life, but not in ho- xow©- a^x^ y C"*'^" 
ly Communion ; and in this Tc^AuTct^^gl auTrS. ov 
the Friends and Favourites of y> ixtf )tP^^<5^ tst^w (^ 
God are guilty of no Sin. h\y^ioi (^ ac)j)(pt aA- 
For they do but imitate their XriP^ga C,mjctyi?\g.^ovTuj[ 
Father vphich is in Heaven^ ytS^voovia. (6iy^, « jtc (^ 
who maketh his Stm to rife oazoTTiI©^* (^ tStd \i^ 
€7$ the Righteous and Unrigh- oiy^ctpmryaiv oi rSro^i- 
tecus ; and fendeth his Rain on A«s' luwD^nu yi^ &ai 
the Evil and on the Good; and t5 -TraT^Pi af-rat' ^ oi' 
the righteous Man undergoes or^is ^es^rois^ m r ^A/or 
no Peril on this Accounu For aurS a^otTFMovT©- g*;?? 
thofe who conquer, and thole S^y,dJ\ii (^ a!du«;, ;(§(][ 
who are conquered are in (ips^vT©^ a^T? r t)g- 
ihe fame Place of running : W ^ 7ro:^Jp«s, (^ aTa- 
But only thofe who have Gsj. Ko} aJ^gf Hivbtw 
bravely undergone the Race ^ai o S\yconQ^ i^ Ta- 
are where the Garland is be- tu ov y^ tcJ) quS'LO) & 
flow'd, And, No one is yiKAiTo^, ^ vi'iutj\}^Qi &,- 
crovpned, unlefs he flrivc law- aiVj oj' ^ W 9s(poivqt 
fully. For every one fliall fj^gvoi gi ^voucoi xycavi- 
give account of himfelf, and cTa/ji^jo/. yj^eis q ^ipowS-' 
God will not dellroy the Titf/e^^nvofjiifjioos d^- 
Righteous with the Wicked ; xio-ri. eKctc^@. '^ ^z^ 
fpr with him 'tis a conftant tcwiS e^o/j{^?^yii(7^Taj, 
Hulc, That Innocence is ne- 3^ y />tri QmuccTroAea-ri 
ycr puniflied. For neither Qeoi "r" ^iy,ouoy /X^ 

c^Tcw^. V. * deefio V 

the Holy Apoftles." 

i oS ^' (Xt^/jcB, i'm'imp did He drown Ifoahi nor burn 

*5ia/ caJTZtf S dvcti^p up ic^ nor deftroy Rahab 

mtinur ccUfJi^fTiiny^ Stb for Company. And if you 

yi r N«g xo-TEjcAffT^v, defire to know how this mat- 

im T AcoT jcaTFpAg- ter was among us, Judas was 

|gy, »Ti r 'Paag ou- One of US, and took the Hke 

vccTriMae* « ^ (^i^sS^ part of the Miniftry which 

yt/moj 6 TO ly :S/<^/ We bad ; and Simon the Ma- 

^ofd^jcL, Iscfttff C^V gician received the Seal of the 

7)iJlv ftij/, g;\^€g>'T kAS- Lord; yet both the one and 

epi/ '^ y^7(^v'iccSf ov ^ the other proving wicked, the 

7ifjL€ii, ^ ^ifj^v ^ former hang'dhimfelfs and the 

7/©- r c4f wuez-Cf) af^' latter as he flew in the Air, 

yiSbu' 'i^' 6)(cf,7ipQ4 cxjj- in a manner unnatural, was 

ToSv aVacr«;^^i5 (pa«- dafli'd againft the Earth. 

;i9$, ^ ^a7r>i>'5a.'TO", Molreover, Noah and his Sons 

p'o^ <fv(nv I'^a'ju^©*, with him were in the Ark; 

"^ QuvST^eJiSv. ?^ oj' T^ But Ham, who alone was 

5M^ft)Taf, N&>e<Soit/oi wicked, receiv'd Punifhmenc 

aJiS \:ar7ip')^v' ^Mcc in his Son, But if Fathers 

'TTovyj^s Xocfji <^j?g- are not puniihed for their 

^€\s fj(gv©., eis T v;V Children, nor Children for 

iSi^acJo IciJi^ef-^- ^ E« their Fathers, it is thence 

5" ^ &" 'mT5p6$ vjz|> clear that neither will Wives 

cja/(J^y«it^fypTa^,»Tg be punilli'd for their Huf- 

t/oi '>i^ 'miie^?/, cTS- bands, nor Servants for their 

;\9v, ^ oS; " «Tt ^ y>t/jttj* Matters, nor one Relation for 

-Mi \z^oLv^icv, 'i^Qi- another, nor oiie Friend for 

w^Twt -v^ ^(TSTT? TiJji'.aTi another, nor the Righteous 

Qv^yiv^i \s^ Qvfyi' for the Wicked. But every 

j/6jf/ 5^7? q)i?^i v^ (p/- one will be requir'd an ac- 

:deeft.V. ^JiXalo.v. 'cyt^Vv. '^cTJo. \r. Jjeeft.V. ^deeft.v. Vf ^. 

E 4 count 


€Ouric of his own Doing. For ?im, tSi? S'iy^m \55^' 
neither was Punifhment in- ahKcov' Xv^' gxa<j-©f 
Aided on Ncah fov the World; 'ss^ iS oiyc&m lpy\t r 
nor was Lot deftroyd by y\^ova7mLTr>(^ria^M/\iT^- 
Fire for the Sodofnites ; nor yi ]Nl&)g vs^ t5 ?t5^/x» 

V P^g. was i?.i6/^^ (lain for the In- ^"^ J^iV^ji/ ftiTg-iTi^'^Gn, 
^*^' habitants of Jericho ; nor //- sts Awt 'v^ ^o^yi^v 
rael for the Egjftians, For g7ru^7roA»jfiw, «75'PaaC, 
not the dwelling together, \^ lg^;:^»pTE/<Mv J- 
buc the Agreement in their u^ocy^, tTi ^ o 'lo-e^^i/.' 
Sentiments alone could con- vc:^ Alyj^ltav. « ^ 
demn the Righteous with the iS (tufo/^ojois xaiax^g^V*! 
Wicked. We ought not there- Tas <5^)cat85 (^Jr miioi- 
fore to hearken to fuch Per- J^/)(p/«, Xv^' :S 'f «)4/a>- 
Ions who call for Death, and fJ^mi ofji^voKx: i ^tj vv 
hate Mankind, and love* Ac- '^rmiirj^ifj^^^xmn,^'. 
cufations ; and, under fair fjxar^^eiTrois.^cpiXey 
Pretences, bring Men to TcK-^fJigcn, & /aJ^' ®£p(pa- 
Death. For one Man fliall aeos ^3px^7roio7s ^&^- 

ProY.T.ii.tiot die for another, but Eve- o^^avK "Etf^©^ ^ qS" 
ry one is held with the Chains \^ li^pM t^ ^am^^^- 

lU'Un II. of his orvn Siyjs. And^ Behold tw[ HMoL Qetesi-^i i^ 
the Marf, and his Work is he- ecwiS ccfj{giplca>v Ikcc- 
fore h^s Face. Now we ought 9-©- aTpl\r^aui\ Kctf i>a 
to affift thofo who arc with ai/G^^Tr©-, <& S Ipyv 
us, and are in Danger, and c?/jt5 'c:^f;) ^c^aicnrH 
fall, and, as far as lies in our aiJiS Aaf ^ ^jt>^$ /8q»i- 
Power, to reduce them to ^Z<v ^li"^ QiwZcn^yuLV' 
Sobriety by our Exhortations, ^^^«<7z, ^ o^olT^o- 
and fo fave thern from Death, jm^jo/f, ^ o(7d;/ oiov tt? 

the Holy Apoftles. 

■nrJi fsi^ivicrl t5 i^yii For, The Whole have no AT^^^afMatcixii^ 

vytoi^civ avrnvi, ^ jtvs- of the Phyfician, hut the Sick, 

^c/K^oaxirif.Ov '^(^fei^ Since, 'Tis not pleafing in /^^x?iii.i4. 

yi l^vaiv 01 i^i)oj>Ts$ Sight of your Father that one 

laifi, 2vVi' o\ KocxHs of thefe little ones flwuld perijh* 

i^vTis \ ^ 'Eths/cTti " For we ought not to efta- 

ffffx. ^ ^hniJ^ l|x- blifti the Will of hard-hearted 

ixf^SBv^Trcc^os/ivoc. Mcn, buc the Will of the 

Wawtw/ &i^ fu-nf^v'^ . God and Father of the Uni- 

Oi^r^ o-xA)iepx«f- verfe, which is revealed to 

S^ioov dv^oSv ^ixr\(nv ?- US by Jefus Chrift our Lord, 

cra>v x9^y 'SMoL'^ tS to whom be Glory for ever. 

figocT^ TTccTfos rPlSoAoov Amen. 

WJ^\t r]U,Svy CO T\ S^^CL 

» \ ' > -^ " 5 « f r 

Sect. VII. 

/^'T(Ji •yi S'Ikoaov "pOR 'tis not equitable 

^j^^ y^(paAr!i/ o.v<m> ai, ■*- that thou, O Bifliop, who 

<£^a-zo'7re,yj3a'z&^(7g. art the Head, fliouldft fub- 

X^v'^nTigihoAx,!) 9x>(nca' mit to the Tail, that is to 

Si oiv^e^TTca. «5 ii^p^ fome fcditious Perfon among 

flvntiheiOLv, XWoi 0ga> the Laity, to the Deftrudion 

l^vci). cie^av yxp 69 of another, but to God alone. 

Xf\ 'PiS vTiYt'^ojv, a fj^ For 'tis thy Privilege to go- 

<^ VTT cLV'TLov ^f^^^' vettt cHofc uttdcr thee, but 

^75 yi tjos ccp^ ^ccf^s not to be governed by them. 

^ r^ ^ea^cos, P[gy)p, For neither does a Son, who 


isSubjedtby theCourfeofGe- vre cTsA©* tS y/j^J^H 

neration. govern his Father ^ cuitdJ', j^ r *? e^acncm^ 

nor a Servant, tvho isfubjed: i'^rr /^(^/t^TTjs <h J^tTKocAif, 

by Law, govern his Mafler; ^Tt q-es^Uco'ms /3a<7x- 

nor does a Scholar govern his ?\.ia)s^ »is ^ Aoa)^^ S^- 

Teacher, nor a Soldier his ox.o^». *o^ yi ? /xw 

King, nor any of the Laity Shyceip T'if m^ynnd^ov 

his Bilhop. For, that there is §t^ oLS'lnsis, Tf 5 ;\9- 

no Reafon to fuppofe fuch ya 8i$bu^-^ uufi^fj^XuAiZ- 

as converfe with the Wicked, <^ J Tfstrm&iv r 'dfj^^p- 

in order to their Inftrudion T/a«, o 'Ig^e>MviA ox- 

in the Word, to be defiled y^i'^oDv r fPjS ^kov^cov 

by, or Partaker of their Sins, 'is^voiMf A«^. T/ i- 

Ezekiel, as it were on pur- ^«5 Ag^^is a/Jwi nr 

pofe preventing the Sufjpici- e^CoXlw l^virw 'On 

ons of ill-difpos'd Perfons, yi\i 'ia^ix' ol ^Tntii^ 

Xxek.xviii fays thus, iVky do you /peak ^iil(foiy)v ofji'^oD^^y ^ 

-?^^* this Proverh concerning the ol oSivTn <P^ rtywcfyv r\-' 

Land cf Ifrael? The Fathers fj^^S'iagi^jt 5 C^ eyi, 

have eaten (our Grapes, and AgpxJ 'ASb^vcLi >t/j^©-, 

the Children s Teeth are fet on « ^ lie " ig^j cAf vjJlv 

Edge} As I live, faith the My)}jS^lr} y\ v^^QoXr^ 

Lord God, ye fhall not hence- ctu'in T<y 'la^r^h* olc 

forth have Occajion to ufe this rr^TUj ct\ '^x^ ^1^^ 

proverh in Ifrael. For allSonls eiaiv. ov Top^mv ri -^^^ 

are mine ; in like manner as iS'^retT^c, y'a^s :5\|aj;^tj 

the Soul of the Father, fo alfo ? t/S efJLv^iiv' i ^^^^ 

the Soul of the Son is mine : i\ dy^pTzLwatt ouuri) ^*- 

The Saul that (inneth it fhall '7n)3at'«7a^- ^ av 

die. But the Alanvpho is righ' ^oo'sj@-, os t^ajf S^l- 

teous, and does Judgment and 9(9:/©-, 'mim ^^fj^gu 

' ' -- 
I ^7c^v. V. I decft. V. ' ^^\, 

the Holy Apoftles. 
g h^AcuQaiwlaS (g I^S« Juflice Cand lb the Prophet 
^£h7dyi)v ms ^[gi'^s reckons up the reft of the 
dpemsy '^c^es^y^^e- Virtues, and then adds for 
TTx/ Ag^/ 'O TDi2/©. a Conclufion, 5//f>5' a^ one is 
^iK0-t©^ '^<^?7d^ C^f juft) he (hall furelj live, faith 
^vaiTOjy Ag;^ 'AJL^" the Lord God. And if he he^ 
soSe^®.' ?^ lay 9Si^j;77V>j ^^/ a Son vrho is a Rohher, a 
ifov ^W^^^^:^'oy^ Sheddey of Bloody and walks not 
cw^, Gv^TjT oScti tS /« /^^ vpay of his righteous 
m^oi cwJtS 5^ ^j(^'« /^^/^^r ; (and when the Pro- 
aw empAj^' (^ ^ l^ja- phec had added what fol- 
yi.ycov" m l^r^i^ |^'f(| lows, he adds in the Con- 
rnUi iiXAtntu^ioii' Zwf clufion,) He (Imll certainly 
S^^ritTHTOf' -mW ia« ;?^r live ; he has done all this 
d^oijlccs '^mi e7riijf}0f, Wickednefs, he (hall fiirely die, 
^zjLvoLTCt) "^THi^jxviiTwf his Blood (hall he upon him, Tet 
8^ ca/^ clotS iir (wiiv they will ask thee, Whi > Does 
f^f & ^ epeiTUj"' ^olc" not the Son hear the Iniquity 
6B% e?^Sev 6 t^cs r of the Father, or his Righte* 
dSix,i^ 5* 'mrep^ '/» cufnefs, having exercifed Righ- 
7^ ^^AoavvYiv cojtS, teoufnefs himjelf > And thou 
^•^locnjnv % i?ie@4 (halt fay unto them, The Soul 
mTTvinxMs ; ^ Ipeis (W- that ftnneth it flull die. The 
TTj??' 7\ %}^>^ y\ ccfj{^p' Son /ball not hear the Iniquity 
mvaait cwrn am^^S- of the Father, and the Father 
TUjj, 1/05 » ^-n-^TcxX ocSi' jhall not hear the Iniquity of the 
aueuf *7iaT^s, '^ mouly^p Son, The Rightcoufnefs of the 
« A)i4^Tou iS'i'iuciv hjZ' Righteous p)all he upon him : 
^i^^AoauAjii Siycaiii i-jr andtheWukedncfsofthevpick' 
eWTiv tgzu, Ka) jj^r td (hall he upon him. And a 
oXiyju (pvoiv" 'Elf ^^ little after he fays, M^hen the 

' ifdyiV' V, I f. ipeiTi. I deeft. "f* 




Righteous turneth arvay from '^jcrpt-\^(XA^ ^^^^^H ^^ 
fjis Rightcoufnejsy and commit' ^ S'ly^ouLOuvYii ctorS, ^ 
teth Iniqaiquitj, ail his Right e- mi-i)oi dS'iyA^y^ ^^^ 
eu(nc(s, by reafon of dl his l^'ick- ai S'Lyccuoavvof c^jjt^''^-^^ 
ednefs which he hjs committed, mauA w dvojxim ajJ- 
(hall not he mentioned to him : i5, as emrnoiv « f^^ 
In his Iniquit'j vrhich he hath ujify\^o^c7iv^ ov rji d^\- 
committed, and in his Sin -Aa. c«;t«, v r^iSt^^^, 
vrhich he hath finned, /« thtm ^ otf^rn df^flccL «/>• 
Jhallhe die. And a little af- ^, ^^a^^ti^ ^ o/J- 
tcr he ^dds, When the Wicked tjT ^TTs^araTBif. Kcq 
turneth array from his Wicked- ^' oXiyju 27niy\. Ev 
ednefs nhich he hath committed, rnS ^-ro^f ^^4^ ivo^^Tf 
snd doth Judgment and Juflice, am 't dfofx^ ojjtZ ^5 
te hath freferved his Soul ; linhia^, -^ <7n>i7icp( xg>i- 
he hath turned ait ay from all ^ ^ S'l^^g.ioawM/J, «- 
his Ungodlimfs vrhich he hath t©. r ^j^mj cwjt? 
ione, he fhall (urely live, he S^u;>^fg, :c^ oLTrer^^-^v 
{haUnctdie; and afterwards, ^-75 ^n^xiiov r^ oLa^' 
J vpill jud^re every one of jott Ceicav c/jJtS 63v e7roh(7Sy 
according to his vrajs, Houfe ^m Zj)(7t<Tyui, ^ gw 
fif Ifraei, f^ith the Lord God, '^^vS^nx.i. Kcti I^S?' 

V Fag. Obferve, you who are our */ 'O^'n^TiKycc fi- 

beloved Sons, how merciful, ^i* vyoL-nvju^'Jx^^i d^- 

yet righteous, the Lord our coj^^afxvos fX^ S^xoug- 

God is ; how gracious and aujAi -ajjpj.^^ ©gcji- 

kind to Men ; and yet mod /L»^r, dyu,^; -^ (pf;\9ty- 


• dcfunt. ▼. ^dcefi. V. 


the Holy Apoftles. 

fi^TD-©-, 5^ arSwwr cjwc certainly He will >jQt ac^uh^^^' 1-3^ 
aSftjoiffrf T hop^v^ ^ tie Guilty ; one that admits 
V S^<7-pg(poj!7a «^OT? of the returning Sinner, and 
f^'J©- 5(5^ ^ojoTTDiuv^ revives him, leaving no room 
fjih n^rmMTiwp ^TxyTHiP for Sufpicion to fuch as would 
vzroyo/a$ 1^/$ cc-mnvo^i be favage in judging, and 
fiy?[g\^Qii ae/veiv, ^ Utterly rejecfl Offenders, and 
nriMov '^c^pi(fs^ tU not vouchfafe them fo much 
di/^ocpmvov'^.f^ ^ jxh as any Exhortations which 
y^ivmeLv ajjToTs P[ciycvv might bring them to Repen- 
fs>^'ii^ij'nyuov i^i fjji tance. In Contradidion to 
rt^^oicu^ ovoLyxyiiv Jl/» fuch, God, by Ijaiah, fays 
ioL\^o)v oTs OK r^^ou- to the Biiliops, Comfort ye^ 
^piiiooy Gees 2f^ H comfort je my 'People, ye Frie/is: 
(gL'ti/ Aeyj -ogp? T85 e- fpeak comfortably /^Jerufalem. 
^TnoKOTras' VlctQjL^Kii' It therefore behoves you^ 
•n, is^)(9iAaT?T ;^0F upon hearing thofe Words 
f/.\i Upeis, ?^^7iQc7i e>- of his, to encourage thofe 
? ^pS\dp lefiiQi?^rif^. who have offended, and lead 
Xpri Spvf^sccvT? av.8- them to Repentance, and af- 
•i'^, ^ -cj^JC^tAay tvs ford them Hope, and not 
if^pir^^^, '^ " f!^s vainly to fuppofe that you 
fjuc^^oLcw r^pcpfj^aivy ^ ihall be Partakers of their Of- 
^ji\'7nShL5 rrui&iv, ^ fj^h fences on account of fuch 
\:unvG&iv, c^i ^•<pnw;yi" your Lovc to them. Re- 
yivoySfjui r?^ ^rifAfj^ ceive the Penitent with Ala- 
Awn^Tj^Tzyj/ ajjrri7s hev^v crity, and rejoice over them, 
'? 6is ajjTisoiyciTniS. cccT' and with Mercy and Bowels 
M^'w' D T^^ ^gW/jo^i/- of Compaffion judge the Sin- 
5^ 'u^G-^'^S^y ^- nets. For if a Perlon was 
eppTgs ejr' c/jj-nis, fj[^^ w^alking by the Side of a 

' d:lunt. V. ' MifmiKii. V. 



fence, as two, three, five or S olf^pimfjiccy IQSb^'^ 
{even Weeks, (o fet him at S'oa J\jo, J Tp«$, % 

*** Pag. liberty, and fpeakfuch things 'ttbi/ti, y\ '*'^'^ hirm, 2-. 
^^^' to him as are fit to be faid r^os ocuTiv '^huQp, €tl> 
in way of Reproof, Inftrudli* 'Truif auW oW a/)t(9^<{ 
on and Exhortation to a Sin- fifjiccpnm^i^ ^s v^^i^dp 
nor for his Reformation ; that ^S^^tioj-ovIgc Si^TtTK^v 
Co he may continue private- ?^ ^s^iveiv^ othos /x«V>? 
ly in his Humility, and pray 'jrap icwT^S fm^Tnivo" 
to God to be merciful to (^^vm, ^ ifeoji^j©* ^ 

pr* cxxix. \x\m, faying, If thou, Lordy ©g« mj^^i^y ccJth ^<^^g- 

^' (houldeft mark Iniquities ^ vU\ ^ ' Kiyeif ^^olv 

Lord, who Jhould ftand^ For dpojjMXA ^^x^^'nprja'Yi, sto- 
rrith the£ there is Propitiu" £/g, jt^I^g ti? 'ixsogim" 
tion. Of this fore of De- <iaf ; ott 'u^y. C,q\ o 
claration is that which is l^^trfjigi 'Qt. Toivivv 
faid in the Book of Gcnefis yxp n \iurifJL<fcdv^ & S 

^1 XX ^ ^^ C^^'^5 ^^^« ^^7^ finned, he otf tjT ^^gor/ «p>?f4'J»»' 
g'«i^f ; that is, Do not go on tzJ* KaiV* "Hfj^^pns 5 
in Sin. For that a Sinner W^^op ' tste^ jxn 
ought to be afliam'd for his -©^^i??. "Oti ^ r 
own Sin, that Oracle of God if^xf^j^p'^ SS 'vic^ 
dehver'd to yi^(?/^; concerning ? oixem ^7r^»^iJieArifj(,cc- 
Miriam is a fufiicient Proof, 7©* cv<^^JUli^c^^, U^ov 3 
when he pray'd that (he ?[gyiov W Mmo?? \5c§» 
might be forgiven. For, fays MagytcM e</3WjuVo^» ^V. 
God to him, Jf her Father x,cc7\Pinai(pebrivcLjctCTYl^, 
had [fit in her Face fhould (Ik (prxn ^ avTzS o 0si' 
not he afham'd? Let her he Jlmt E/ Trairp auTr; 'Sfu'w/ 
^/^^ (?/^ /Af Cdmf feven Dau, (yui'nfua-ep «% S 'ZD^dTw- 
4;^^ afterwards let her come in ^71):' auTS>, «)c ' cM'g- 

iWM«»'*J»V. : f, M'>«j', I ar» V. 

TejcTm 5 

the Holy Apoftles.^ 

i^es^m ; liATm^r)iiAe^s again. We therefore ought 

ucfo^^i^jo efw *? rm,' to do fo with Offenders 

fif^SoA^s^ % f^} g^^JTco when they profefs their Re- 

eia2Xd!ia%'jw( uvrr^joi Zv pentance, namely to feparate 

^ rijS^ Sioy ^ ^Toieip^ them, lome determinate time 

T'ds g(p' cti^pT^ccis Ag- according to the Proportion 

y)prnxs f//s<n^Q&iv, cc(pQ': of their Offence ; and after- 

eA^eiV^^vouca^afj^jov w^ards, like Fathers to Chil- 

5tp tLu d^ct?^^^ tS dren, receive them again up- 

a/^ofiv^®!, kTTigiTzx* on their Repentance. 

Sect. VIII. 

"|h r 6 ^ *^^o7ros cw' "DO T if the Bifhop him- xvii* 

lu^ ov ^zsf^(T'i^^- felf be an Offender, how 

f<^7x xfzzrdp^^ 7ms €Ti g- will he be able any longer to 

'7ji^iAr%L on^-niYiTOLJi d' profecucetheOfl^ence of ano- 

S'lwmJ, lci'@-, ri o^Ti- ther ? Or how will he be able 

f^azii kvi^ 2y^ -st^^^ctw- to reprove another ? Either 

^mAn-^id^j ' 'i) S^ Sbo' he, or his Deacons, if by 

^>\.v-\^i^" ,r] avrrLs^r] ot accepting of Pcrfons, or re- 

^^K9voL, ii^' \ccirdp' ceiving of Bribes, they have 

^vTii (Xjawuei^^vii ^ ©•» not all a clear Conlcience? 

Tc^ •/> <*f 5t?^^ ^'^V^ f ^^ when the Ruler asks, and 

^ oce/Tvs ?^fjiSclv'/i^ the Judge receives, judgmenr, 

(t a ^s^dy^TOj €is nil" is not brought to Perfection ; 

A®. K^dis, l\Qivmo\ J but when both are Companions 

> " ' ■ ' " " ■ '■■^■gaw»wwiPwwi»iwiwwi jj ii j,|li,M i l iii !j iB 

* deefl* V. I m^tv* y. 



doing Jtsftice to the Widovps, ^f « 'Cf^ai^vm, 5 
thofe who are under the Bi SbvncDvm^ o\ \ss3o r I* 
(hop will not be able to fup- cneTxoTrDt^ cruvsmf^x^v 
port and vindicate him : For iief 'f^o-ytsTrcp' iftvai yi 
they will fay to him what is ai>WS cv W <^ar«}/e- 
Luk.Ti4i. written in the Gofpel, Why >^lcoy6^oLf^iJ^jon T/ 
hehcldefl thou the Mote that is ^Xifnii g 5C5^p(p©- ^ 
/;^ f^y Brother s E'^e, hut confi* cv ntS o(pJzL?^f^o^ 5* 
dere/l not the Beam that is in dS^?i<pv s^, r o Sb^ 
thine own Eye ? Let the Bifllop ^v r cp ^ iS'ioj o(p- 
therefore, wich his Deacons, BaAfAa! « ^^ooft^^ 
dread to hear any luch thing; ^v;\g,Cei^O') Iv 6 '^'- 
that is, let him give no oc- ctxo'zs-©^, cwj tdTs <^. 
cafion for it. For an Of- Tiivois olCtS, dxicwi p5J- 
fender, when he fees any o- ^ l^ TotSiiii'' Tyngr, 
ther doing as bad as himfelf, ixi\ <h(5^Tw aipop^xZwi. o 
will be encouraged to do ^ oifxoipmvoou Inmiv 
the very fame things ; and x'Jji -nva c^io- aJTcJ 
riren the wicked One, taking S^^vmx,, ol-^fsShfj/n^a^- 
Occafion from a fingle In- to^ e'j S to a Jto '7n}i« v* 
fiance, works in others, which «to o mjvri^i S"! ivos 
God forbid ; and by that ct(popixlw ^Scoy, &'$ 
means the Flock will be de- eripys ovepyei* o fjM 
fttoy'd. For the greater num- '^jQin^\ ^ »^$ 2^- 
ber of Offenders there are, (^^(pmcmwinco'TniiJiviov' 
the greater is the Mifchief rrkGiivm yl> cvmtiv rpfS 
that is done by them : For dfj-ccpT^ovrtzov, ^e<(av 
6rin which palTes without Cor- cgw/ ^ ^ J"^' ctvmov 'On- 
redion grows worle and r^AiifjS^^'n^n.icc* ccfj^ocp- 
worfe, and (preads to ochcrs ; ncc ^ ^clviAeyyc^s " , 

Gal. r. Q. fi"C^' ^ '^^^^^ Leavtn infccis x&e^v i<xoTrii yyirwj, <& 

^ ■ ' ■ ■ ■ - ■■ .1 

the Holy Apoftles^ 

ets ' aM&$" ^ii<] <^- /^f jr^^/^ Lumf^ ; and one 

j'OjXTii' ?i^fj(.^^C cW Thief fpreads the Wicked- 

^ ^t^V^ M^)ce^' ^-^TAn- nefs over a whole Nation, 

e^f^ <()v^i.\^©-' Sb' and Dead Flies [foils the whole^acl'x'.il 

?[gt\ ^ «$ liki^ni €is Fot of (rveet Oi^nment ; and, 

o?[gv l^v@-^ *Tit uZa(^ When a Kin^ hearkens to un'- Prov.xxix.; 

'^emyji.yi, '^ (jli^ch Ga- righteous Counfel, all the Ser* ^^' 

ySi;5tf (m.7rpi^ai tnidjoc vants under him are wicked^ 

oidp iS'ua-L{^@^ eAajjUj So one (cabbed Sheep, if nor 

<^ ^cx-aiKim '\hraycioU' feparaced from thofe that are 

7©- ?{if)pv oiS\^^v, TTSLV' whole, infeds the reft with 

*ns 01 VTT auw vTi^ps- the fame Diftemper ; and a 

TOLj ^^z^vofji^i' S'Tw % Man infedled with rhe Plague 

^sf^Scc'Tvv '^es^hiop is to be avoided by all Men ; 

fjucn^TxSiStoffiv iTiopii ^ and a mad Dog is dangerous 

yoc7«, jw.ri y^)QjL^h ^ CO every one that he touches. 

vyieiva>v t&^g'ctTwv <& If therefore we negledl to ft- 

cLv:^oo7r©4 Pigtjuigoojrjov parace the Tranrgreiibr from 

mii>Xoti (pu?^y.TouQ^ , the Church of God, we ihall 

^ "ivuatir Ai>aj>] du^ebeii make the Lord's Houfe a Den Matt. ^ 

thytlvS^juu®^ rrtx.vT\j Z of Thieves, For tis the Bi-^"^'' ^^' 

cV civ ^ttcpG^-^''^. e^K fliopsDutynoctobefilent ia 

Zv & ^ocv^MTnv cD^. the Cafe of Offenders, but to 

fofji^v fjLTi ^ UitKYicnoii ^ rebuke them, to exhort them, 

0g5 ^2/(7ryjw5io, 'TTDiTj- to beat them down, to arBid; 

cm\jSp T oivLov yjjQjL'^i them with fadings, that fo 

QjT-n?\g.iQv hy)<^v, SZ he may ftrike a pious Dread 

oS 7 ^^ " 'jS^ a^7ct into the reft : For, as He 

vivrmvf^)^ ,^aiu>7rdi', fays. Make ye the Children cf ter.xv^i. 

Xvi' ixifx^v, v^' Hrael pious For the Bilhiop*%^P»S. 

^ * 


F z mult 


muft be one who difcourages 6g7F/V, ^^sjomi^civ, ^ 

Sin by his Exhortations, and ^^v r/^^ioAs. o-tzw^ ^ 

fets a Pattern of Righteouf- W5 lijepis Sp^^Saccv 

nefs, and proclaims thole l|X7rriw/].Ed;\^Cft5;^ 

good things which are pre- ^ q»i(7iv' mvLTiQiTi rvs 

par d by God, and declares tf«5 'Ice^tiA. Xp>i ^ 

that Wrath which will come tsV l^oio'my ^ 'j^ 

at the Day of Judgment, left oifAfpUcov yuaXviioj ^ 

he contemn and negled the t? va^^toiois yvst^. 

Plantation of God ; and, on ^ 'f ^\tgAocw/jy)9 <75^- 

account of his Carclefnefs, 'ttdj/, ?^ t^ ^td/^o-- 

hear that which is (aid in \j^lm -visro ©^S a'TafiaK 

IXx!^**^^/^^' ^h ^^ave ye held your -^rpux^, ^ *? fjji?^A(iy}s 

Peace at Imfietjy and have opyHiiivTri' xeJ^oiS^f^ 

reaped the Fruit thereof^, yAi?^* o^rzys ^uri >(9i- 

Sect. IX. 

, Xviir. T ET the Bifliop therefore TQAVoiwv Zv '^(f^vlc 

^^ extend his Concern to ^^^nuo^o-)^^', 

all forts of People ; to thofe ^ r ^or ^/>(^7>i7(iTrst;y,/Va 

who have not offended, that fMivcooiv d^au(^pTwnty 

they may continue innocent; ^ ^^ dj^rpxvovnzav, 

to thole who have offended, n'cc fjuenmuvococTj. "^ A«^" 

that they may repent. For yi o yuje/Q^ '^'^s u- 

to you does the Lord fpeak ^s", 'O^^ f^ii j^- 

Mat.xviii. tl"'^"'* ^^^^ ^^^d that je offend Icup^vrnvT^ tvos rp^ 

10. riot nvr of t^i^ff Itttlf nnrs. 'Tis fjjOLoa^ T^^nov ^Km" 

— — ^ — fii 

/ ^' ' * \'~ * ® ^Tn^YAmi 9SJVT/(^iJ«. V. ' H7l\Y. V .■* iy iVct-fyi' 

UQii. V. ,' »;t¥y. V. 

the Holy Apoftles^ 

rroTs iJjcm^voZcnv oicfeaiv your Duty alfo to give Re- 

^L^vcLi ^pr\* diji^ '^ miffion to the Penitent. For 

l^el'TrBi'v Uvcc^vTrKnfji- as (bon as ever one who has 

l^Kno^i^.ouv fvYiJict S'loc- offended fays, in the i»ince- 

iweAM amviceJive^ td againfl the Lord, tire Holy^^' 

oiyov nrji^iAs: hoj tw- Spirit anlw^rs. The Lord al- 

£/-©^ a.(p)?xJ Qoi rlw fo hath jorgiven thj Sin, be of 

dfJ^Ucw'n ^pai.ii juuii good cheer, thou fhalt not die^ 

^^r5wp)i$". Fpwg^^g Be fcnfible therefore, O Bi- 

Zv^S) ^^TTiGy^TTB^^ d^ict)' ihop, of the Dignity of thy 

fjfj. at, on di S ^iafji&v FJace, that as thou haft kc- 

c^Xii^Qw iLuu- l^MTidp, ceiv'd the Power of Binding. 

Sroy (c: 5 AJ«r. g§«- fo haft thou alfo that of 

ma,v Zv '''y^yp 5" ?\v€iu, Loofing, Having therefore '^^ 

yi^oieA^e a^cw^v, ti^ the Power of Loofing, exert 

(i^iUis'ii^inicncv'T^o^ thy feif, and behave thy felf 

h TO) iBicp clvsLspe(pity in this World as becomes thy 

ciShos oTi ^Ti^eiovoL ^ cLv Place, as knowing that thou 

^i' oi'rwLi^^(7ri r ?\g haft a great Account to give. 

y>v, ^ yoip ^7)ji. rnxpi' For to vchom, as the Scrip- j;^,,j^ xi 2. 

'^vl^ 'ttdAi), 'c%/cxjd ture fays, Men have intru[ted^Z. 

m^v (i^\Td7i ^irzif much, of htm the) will re^ 

ccv-r^ 'Ayait^j^TwI©- ijuire th^.more* For no one 

fi ^% dv^pcoTTMV b/elff Man is free from Sin, ex- 

^ctf^^ ^ ^oyS^rd S^i cepring him that was made 

!M,t^5 ocv^ouTry' e-TT^l Man for us ; fince it is wric- 

yi^-jL'Ti^aj Ou>«$3j^- ten, No Man is pure from ^^y.^^^^-^ 

^x^i ^TD ptJTry, «c/l* Filthinejs, no not though he be LX^. 

civ 5 wiac rifjuie^" fi but cne Day old. Upon which 

^0)71 atJT«. Aid TDcT- account the Lives and Con- 

l 0-«. & deeH jreliq. V. ^ deeft. V. ^^^j a/xig^.j. V. 

p 3 verfations 


vcrfations of the ancient ho- id ^ ^ ^sy^y^.^n" 

Jy Men and Patriarchs are }jS\>ja}v ^i^ioov t? (S 

dclctib'd ; noc that we roay 'KOL^t^ai^^v ol ^lot & 

reproach them Irom our read- ou oLvxcpjcpciiJi dvey^ 

ing, but that we our {elves (pyicTJp v^ 'iva oKeivm 

may ^cpenc, and have Hope 6i'eid\<^(oy^ d'ctyivoi' 

that we alio (hall obtain i- or- ckovtis, X^^' ha, rtfjielg 

givenefs. For their Blemiflies ju^tboiowji/^ (c (^CsAtti- 

are to us both Security and ^s ^uy^jje^, w^ dpi- 

Admonition,becau(e we hence o-gws tAi^o\J^oi m y> 

learn, when we have offend- c^ewc^v '^vm rifM^iej^ 

ed, that if we repent, we d(np<x.K^oL ^ ^^Ivs- 

fliall have Pardon. For it is ms, tic i ifjieis a/JS^- 

written. Who canhoafl that he t^ot^t^j gcti/ /u^to/votj- 

hAs a clean Hearth avd nho aio\j^.^ mjTn/pciJfjilw s^o- 

dare affirm ihst he is J)ure fj^y iirei ^yi^ocSau' 

from Sin? No Man therefore T/V j(^,Li;^nerg7it^ dryvluij 

is without S;n. Do thou i^v niw ^pS'lcw'^ n 

therefore labour to the ut- Ti« ^drctppfiaido-eTDui ^i^^ 

moft of thy Power to be ^CP^ Svou am dfxfp- 

unblameable: and be foh'ci- tIoa ; Ou>«? Zv dvct- 

tous of all the Parts of thy ^^W©.. Qi> Iv )tj} 

Flock, left any one be fcan- ^ujoctyxv, cr-acf^^g dve- 

daliz'd on thy account, and ^mlKYi^®^ eivcuf ^^t^ 

thereby perifh. For the Lay- ^urnwv fJLesAy^vcc, fjuri 

man is felicitous only for i^ ai m cKxySecAi- 

himfclf, but thou for all, as ^a^ '^^t^a^jtuj. o ^ 

having a greater Burden, and A<ij'iii "^^ ^c^jjtZ ^r» 

carrying a heavier Load. For fju^e^fjcyd, Qu j ^sfei 
?!!.'^"^?*. '^ ^^ written. And the Lord [aid mdvi:m\ ' cos " ^rrkeiov 

" un:oMoiksXhettand A^tonlljall - 'i<^)v l^dp©J\ ^ ;($q 


I deeil, V. : Zv, V. /g^'^cj '/v^y V. ? jteft. V„ 

xrm. i» 

the Holy Apoftles.' 

fiH^ov (Sctg^^Mv (pop- hear the Sins of the Prieflhood. 

^^Vr. V'^^^^ W' Since therefore thou art to 

Koj eLTTB JoJe*©-^^ give an Account of alJ, take 

M(^uff!iv (\ & 'AdfWK care of all. Preferve thofe 

?^n\|«cdF ' di^rlccs '? that are found, admonifli 

Ues^iiiccs. ^ 'Q.i -Kfei thofe that fin; and when 

^Tt^eiovctiv Zv^ ^;\PQ/3- thou haft afflidled theoi with 

P^©-, ^ miLvTm Fafting, give them Eafe by 

(fepvk^s. j^Twf^jL- Remiifion; and when with 

yi^s, (jvvT-np\' Ta? 5 Tears the Offender begs Re- 

J^TTiJciTOs, vv^Tii, admiflion, Receive him, and 

^ gi&u,v cv tjT y)??E/a, let the whole Church pray 

oj/ Tf dpiai iXci<ppu- for him ; and when by Im- 

vov^ ^ -cj^cTxp^u'cTi^- pofition of thy Hand thou 

gt eiaSix'<iy 'rni(mi <? haft admitted him, give bim 

oKnKr^aicci \sk^ aJr? leave to abide afterwards in 

koi^ns.^^ ^€i^^' the Flock. But for the Drow- 

TTiW auTuy, Ix ?^i' fie, and xhe Carclefs, do thou 

m^v mcu %* oj' ^ endeavour to convert and ♦,* pag, 

vroijxv^icf, T« 5 vzjvw- confirm, and warn, and cure " -^7- 

&eis ^ r^eifj$^j^s 'On- them, as fenfible how great 

5pg(pg, v^zrasTfe^^g, Trot a Reward thou flialc have 

e^yicf.K^, r^ept'ETgug, ?- for doing fo, and how great 

m<^\S^^ fi?\.ix.ov fMa- Danger thou wilt incur if 

^v e^€4i '^mu ^'QiTi' thou beeft negligent therein. 

Awj/ , wazrgp vv ^ x/V- For Ezekkl fpeaks thus to 

S'wuov ectp ^dfjieAvay,s" thofe Overfeers, who take 

TBTooj/. Ae;)^ y> cj^^^s no care of the People, fF(?p 

T«5 ajugA»^5^ 5^ AaS //;^/^ the Shepherds of I(rael,xxxiv. 

^OTto7r«5 -'ig^gvioiA * /^r //'(Tjf /^4T^^ fed theynf elves ;*,^<^« 

OJct) ii3?5 'irQi\xlc7i t5 /^^ Shepherds feed not the 

' 'T^i- V. I T^m. V. ^ rt>^« J. V . 

F 4 ^ Sheep 


clcathed ^''ith p^gnvov 'lifUurh, « rn» 

...<-, )f y?.zy the Stror^_^, 'S^Qccnrxt ^TrotfJiotA''', aiv 

1' .'Y rot feed the Sheep. The o\ ^vj^'is^, iv^' goou- 

ii 'eak havt ye not firength md, rri^"S yi?[g. ^'n^islsy 

n>'*ther have ye healed that (^ to g^a ^t^Cci?^.e' 

ryhi'h rras Jick, neither have cS-g, ^ i<^v^v crj)a<^gTg, 

ye hound up that which was nrai ^Sf^^oclcc « 'TnnfjLca' 

broken, neither have ye Irought jgi?" S c^^o^^Asju^joi; 

again that which was driven g^ cj/i^uWip, ^^' B^ 

aifajy niiiher have ye fought appgDj*"^ Idcr^^e, (& 

^^*rt r//?i6"/J jras loft ; Z'«^ 7??/7A g iTi/wy^i'Tecy^M^joy « 5(9^- 

F(7rf^ and Infult have ye ruled T^S^jcTrti?, S g|aJo-/j^^Joi/ 

ci^^f f/^^r^f? 5 <a^/3f /^^y were feat' ^ y ^(^TP'TrBrgTig-i^TB'', 6 

/fr(?<j/, hecauf th^re was no g a/^roAo)-^? ^ g^ji- 

Shepherd ; and they became i:Yicmr/ 3^ cv y.^T^ l- 

Meat to all the Beafls of the cra/^J^'gt'rg ctj'J'to /jiJ? 

Torefl. And agaiii^ The Shcp- ^^-wau^yy^ ^ Stecmi- 

herds did not jearch for 7ny ^^gd^ ^^^ g fjf/)^ ^voj 

Sheep ; and the Shepherds fed TrD/fijoa, <£ l^^jov^.o eii 

ihetrf elves, hut they fed not my -^ri^^^'j^ Wc/z tuk. 

Sheep. Anda Jittle afrcr, ^^- .3>i£/of> 5" + jyi.|ocS'. 

hold I am rgainfi the Shepherds, KaJ ™%f* Kcti p^ 

/r;;^ / 5r/7/ rr/j////*^ rt;)- «^/^.^''/> J^^^T^iyjiTT^ 0? 'Tro/p^Jgs 

^^ f^f/> hands y oyid caufe thc?n g, in^^ctTu, jmy' ^ 

tofeafe from feeding my' Sheep, Imijj^Avov ol ^iiJ^'.ss 

neither fhall the Shrpherds feed ecwr^s, Ta '^ ^^oJol 

themfelves any more ; and I ^if-^siy, iTrolfJi^ivov. Kai 

Trill deliver my Sheep cut of ^ hK\yv' 'Ul iyca 

their Hands, and they jhdl ij^g t^- ^u^yju^, "(fe 

not he AHeat for them. AvA (>;(^>j7v(c^ iy^ gi 4^'- 

ci. V. : dteft. V. I ii^ e^Tfi4«t7S. V. v^fS. V, 

the Holy Apoftks. 

Sa.Tn. fj.\i OK x^^i ojj' he alfo adds, fpeaking to 

wy, (^ jf^TccTTcMiiTOtaJ- the People, Behold I will 

T85 §* ^7n)i(^iv€iv TO judgc hetwecn Shecf and Shccf, 

'ZDg^^aTBo/t^y, (^yiDc and between Rams and Rams. 

fjJ^iiiTiv iU 01 "TTDiff^ei I- Seemed it a [mall thing unto 

cwr^s.^l^vanafj^LlccTT^ jou to have eaten up the good 

S(x.m ^» OK x^tP^ ^^^ Paflure, and to have troden 

n^v^& Gxnt ejDV7ixjcxAjli/7s down with your Feet the Re-* 

€is 5(9tTOS£^A(9j. ^ Kctt " Ijdue of jour Paflure , and 

e^(pef<l'^ ^D^i T ^01/ that the Sheep have eaten 

Tiiyav' 'Wy gyy ?c£/i/(2 what was trodcn down with 

dvGc fjuiavv 'SD^SacTii &f your Feet > And a little after 

TT^&oLnniv 5 (^ ycez-ov He adds. And ye (hall knom 

ruf^s Y.Q/.QV, iM\ (JA^QV that I am the Lord, and 

^ lu) ' vfMv, ck r vo' you the Sheep of my Pafture 

fMjy r ^cf.A^v oy^ju^^g, are my Men, faith the Lord 

(^ T» y^^TZiu/\gi-TZL "t God, 

S E C T. X. 

' A Ks(j7E 0/ S7J:!axo- TTEAR, O ye Bifliops, 

'TTLi, ^ oLxicra.'n •*--*• and hear, O ye of 

ql Aou)(pi, "^ oo.i" (fnaiv the Laity, how God fpeaks, 

©?o*' K^/j/w x£/oV / will judge between Ram 

<s^i -A^LGVy ^ 'lu^^cL- and ^Ram, and between Sheep, 

<ir)v ^s^'j *!^^aLr^v' ^ and Sheep, And He fays 

•p;^.' T^^'7n)i|!4^a5Ag></' to the Shepherds, Te jhall 

/iT-n*. V. !deeft.V. ^ ^I. 7. 



he judged for your Un:kil' xe^^o^Sv hsyjev »? a- 
fulnefs , and for dcftrojing 'rr^i^ca tw^^v o^ ^ i 
the Sheep. That is, I will ds" mi 'sy^Qoimx,^- 
judge between one i3i{hop 9>e^5" T'sii^v, ^- 
and another and between okotidv o^i 'Qitr^^mxiv 
one Lay Perfon and ano- xe/v<S, >$ ?^(xJi'>i^v ^n^s 
ther, and between one Ruler ?^oui^v. ^ap^i'l^'ixy^i 
and another : (For thefe ap^^rico. ?^yi^ y> 
Sheep and thefe Rams are m ^c^Sarnxf^ 6 o« 
not irrational , bnt ratio- x^/ol ^tdi, ^' s4>6 «- 
nal Creatures ;) left at any ?^y// 7ra f/AjTDTi «t>i 
time a Lay Perfon fliould o Actc)(p^, qti ijdo ^^ 
fay, I am a Sheep, and not SaiDr «/m,) d^ « 'mifjiAiv, 
a Shepherd, and I am not ^ <^ atS^va ;\p^i/ s^i^tS 
concern'd for my (elf; let ' miTroiyi^^y^M' ottoi- 
the Shepherd look to that; /w^i/ c\|«Taf, (S coJiis 
for he alone will be requir'd ^'j/©i «c33re=';^6)iinj'Kiy 
to give an account for me r -^ efjLv S'iyunv'. at- 
For as that Sheep that will cojep yi W ^?^aj 'ujoi- 
not follow its good Shep- \j^i 3» fj(^ oi-ii^\v^Zv 
herd is cxpos'd to the Wolves Trep^xirjv, xi'icou ?)c- 
to its Deftrudion ; fo that jt^TOf ^'5 <5^9.5d^V, 
which follows a bad Shep- S-tw tsJ 7roy>?pto xoi- 
herd is alfo expos'd to un- [j^n^d-^oX^i^Zv, ttps- 
avoidable Death, fince his ^')]?^v l^ r ^volt^v. 
Shepherd will devour him. 011 ){g.miL^dy^ e/^J- 
Wherefore Care muft be had nri. Sfg (pA/^tiiop oL^td 
to avoid deftrudivc Shep- r^ f>^gwji Tro/juii- 
hcrds. vcav. 

XX. As to a good Shepherd, Toy jwJJclTDf 'Trr/jwJJua 
Jet the Lay Perfon honour r ajaioj' Aca'jC^s 

! 5>»V^ V. ! decft. v. ? jiD.S^f/ct;, V. 

the Holy Apoftles. 

(cjK^cTw, ccyoimi^no. 90- him, love him, reverence 
^BiS^jj ^ <W5 fweAoV) him as his Lord, as his Ma- 

" a>s Siowo^', cat dj)" fter, as the High-Priefl: of 
^epsoc G)g3, ois hSbi- God, as a Teacher of Piety. 
cnix?[gv (^ovSeictA. 6 yJ For he that hcareth him hear- 
ouutS ocKim, X^q-v eth Chrift, and he that re- 
clyc^, ^ cwriiv d&B- jedeth him rejedcth Chrift : 
n^v, X^/giu cL^T&i, And he who does not receive 
:i^ r ys.^<^v f/Ai S^» Chrift does not receive his 
;^/4^©*, a ^Td'TUj r God and Father : For fays 
cwtS Geov ^ TTccTf^* He, He that hesreth jou Z>^<ir-Luk.x.i<5. 
-'O v^ji^v yb, (piiffiv^, ol' eth mCy and he that rejecfeth 
xieov^ gjLta ajtsij, & c you reje^eth me, and he that 
vfj^^s d'^^'Tzov gjot? otGg* rejeBeth me reje5ieth him that 
fjiT, ^ IfAg oi&v^Vy fent me. In like manner lee 
d^^rS T >m>^i?\^vmL the Bifliop lovc the Laity as 
|uig. 'Ofjigloos 6 g^'- his Children, foftering and 
cKO'zor©^ 00s liycvcc rhs cherifliing them With affedio- 
^.oMXB^c^Ta'TntTw.^QaA- nate Diligence; as Eggs in 
rrz/jv ^ ^pyocv" Tv!' ajTH' order to the Hatching of 
<r>r 'f dywms, W5 &^a, young Ones ; or as young 
€ii ^z^TTDiYiaiv voo^icjv, Oocs, taking them in his 
7i ds vooslac, dhi^Xi" Arms, to the rearing them 
^ojn^©. €is't^7ruiy}(nv into Birds ; admonirtiing all 
opvi,^v' ^^ v\iS^- Men, reproving all who ftand 
rTU)v. TWicn^ls .-^'TJ^Y.K- in need of Reproof; repro- 
Uqjiv '^koiJ^ois %"^ ving that is, but not ftriking; *^*Pag, 
'fk'Trkioz^jov^ XMos fj/ln beating them down to make -^s. 
ri^.-no^jyvy 'iuDO'Tni^oov ds them ailiam'd, but not over- 
CA/i^^'mvy Xviol ^jk throwing them ; warning 
^i arctTppTTvi' ' *«^- xhcm in order to their Con- 

I dcefto V. 



vcrfion, chiding them in or- ^v ea'GncrtP^^y^' 
der to their Reformation, and U^h^v en S^op^nvj^^ 
better Courle of Life : Watch- (^^ifTriTzxj TOj^eicLi' ^ iV- 
ing th^^ Stroii^, that is, hcep- ;^eP^ iv;>^ojy}V9 Tid- 
ing hun firm in the Faith who ngi^ S eS'e^'i'ov r^ ^^ 
is already ftrong ; feeding dcrfycchh ^e^i^, r ;\^ou 
the l^eople pe iceably. Streng-- ^i^lwiytZs cmf^ivccv' 5 
themng the Weak, that is, con ovo<^?\in^jov cvl^umu, 
firming with Exhortation that t^tisij S 'Tj^ipj^i^oy^Jor 
which l> Cempted./i/:W/>^ r-:'*-?? ou TiT vv^aict g^ppo- 
which is tick, that is, curing by ctokw.* ud acpptogtatZ icn' 
Inftru<3ioi) char which is weak fiA^iS- ^art'^y o ro- 
in the ^auh thro', Doubtful- Coiu) c^ '? -mi^ojs cv 
iiefs of Minu. Binding up that hyo'.oicxy, S^ »? S\^t 
jrhtcr: is broken, thar is, bind- a^oLrioa. ^^ir^m • 
ing up by comfortable Ad- S cwu'nT^iJLi^jQv 7[cf.- 
monitions that which is gone mxtSiopim, Tynb^ S 
aflray, or wounded, bruisd, TrtTTi^.^yifj^pQy, tiStpG- 
X5i broken by their Sinb, and ^j^uo-juXJor, '^'3 3(9^- 
put out of the way ; caih:g / c^ diZpTlaus 
it of its Offences, and gi- ^'s^jAeicu' o>S, ^ ^- 
viiig Hope'; by this means ^iwo)^" 2^: ^^',iKi)' 
reftoreand reduce it into the Zck^j Vyc^o-^cti;- E^o 
f lock, ' Br if2g again that ir hi ch (pfLuooov a^ rsf^^^y)- 
is dr:ven ar.ay^ that iS, do not fJi^Toov^^S.iK^Tnv^^o^v 
permit that which is in its Stw pMfjgL?^hv c- r-^ 
Sins, cind is caft oar by way cuKAno-toi '^7D'^ic/.^^<r^, 
of Puniflimcnt, to continue l^va-^^ 6v n-r 'Tjvifj.- 
excluded ; but receiving it, y«. To i^c^^afMuov ^- 
and bringing it back, rcftore s?^(^e, Tai?^, S cp d- 
it to the tlock, that is, to /jJ{:>Tictii ^ot^oor <S 

i deci'^t V. - isj/iy^dltif. v. ' yV. V, 


the Holy Apoftles^ 

'«5 'E^Tifjy/iOiv ostSe- the People ©f the undefilcd 
CKy)[MvQv fj/a Im e^oo Church. Seek far that whwh 
2^/ui€Ve<j/, XVictTrepo"- isJojl, that is, do not fuffer 
^/xC^oV->yj®- ^ 'Gn- that which defponds of its 
qi(pciou ^j(9i6/9a cv Salvation^ by reafon of the 
T>r ^ifJivYt^ TUTi^y, cv Multitude of its Offences, 
mS ?^o) 4 ccfj^^'JL^ OK' utterly to pcrifti. Do thou 
yhmoA'S 5 ><7uActi?^i fearch for that which is grown 
c/fi^7]7iiy nr^Ti^j S vzOT fleepy, drowfie, and flu^giih, 
^7i9»f ^s^'T^MfJi^ri^y and that which is unmindful 
IowtS aVgA'57/(7D^ 'f of its own Life, through the 
C<^^'Tre/ccs , ^m \cL(j'Ai Depth ofits Sleep, and which 
tfAsws ^mXs^' g is at a great Diftance from 
^ '77tm?5 --[ij^BMi its own Flock, fo as to be 
' -vlw^jorV ?^ yco^* in danger of falling among 
A/'aj ^Bvfmov -^o- the Wolves, and being de- 
[w^jor, (£ ^' /2^g©4 vour'd by them. Bring it 
vmv^ r? Ict'jTS ^wriff back by Admonition exhort 
'^£^?^^\^^ov^ &fj{^K' it to be watchful, and infi- 
eJ^p ^ga-ri^^u ^f i' nuate Hope, not permitting 
Slices ^IfJLvns, cos % it to fay that which was 
AO360/5 ^zSk^'TTfcrSv ^ €is laid by fome, 0/^r Impieties Ezek. 
l^^eiJ^i^'^ C'^ a>a^r7T(j, arcupnus, and we fine ^ir^ ^^*"^' '^* 
?^ yy.^TBSv fii^cCpe, ^ //^ f^^w ; /'^tj' fhall we then 
vr\(^eiv 'ro^v^A<j, ^ //^^ ? As far as pofTible thete- 
IA'ttJ^ -v^W/f g, fm fore let the Bifhop ma^e the 
(7u%;e^i/ ctJT<w AgJiiy Offence his own, and (ay 
g vsro 'nrojp" «j?})/Lig- to the Sinner, Do thou but 
vov, Ik TO doiSi^fi^cc return, and 1 will undertake 
7if.i^v i(p' rifJlv, %r)jJL^i to fuffer Death for thee, as 
c/y cjfjj^Ts Tti^fjuif^cc, ^ our Lord fuffer'd Death for 

: deeit. V. : /Sogrt. V. i deelt v, 



tne, and for all Men. For, -^tws ^/jcjcjutg^; EioTor 
}Q\i,\Ai.The good Shepherd lays down -n »*', i^o'TruLeiStij o 
his Life for the Sheep -^ hut '^ok^tt©* "t^ ^nfJifJi^- 
he that is an Hireling, and not y^y\\Kg*, % Ag^iw ^ 
the Shepherd, vphofe own the i)^oL^iyiyi^Ti , oti Qxt 
Sheep are not, feeth the Wolf fj{gvQv '^^nqii-^v, x.dy^ 
coming, chat is the Devil, and t vs5> ja ^voLinvd,- 
he leavcth the Sheep t and fleeth, voiS'i^ofj^, cos 6 iuj^@4 
and the Vi/'olf (eit>a upon them, r -vk^ l^ota (^ 'r^^im. 
We mufl: know therefore thar 'O croi^j 7) ^3^?^^ 
God is very merciful to thofc r -i^^xP^) ocii^ rSnaip 
who offend, and hath pro- vsr?/> 't^^ 'zjes^^drctiv' 
mifed Repentance with an 5 fju^iJlii ^ vk m 
Oath. But he who has of- 'mifjil/X^ « ix. ic^i iti 
fended, and is unacquainteJ 'crep^'ccTtt 1^, Svcopei 
With this Promi(e of God t ?\vx,ov ep;;^ju%ior, 
concerning Repentance, and Warsq^i^ r 2^Co?\gv", 
does not underltand his Long- ^ a(piW gi 7rep^cti», 
fuffering and Forbearance ; & (p^')'<jy ^ AtV®- 
and bciides, is ignorant of ctpm^cj a/Jgt. EiVg- 
the Holy Scriptures, which vajj Sv ^e^mcj, o/c5* 
proclaims Repentance, and f^oLp'n]y{^Tiy (^'sa-^y- 
has never learned them, pe- ^4;®- dv ©gds, j^6to 
rifties through his Folly, iut op^a fjis'^voi^ i^my* 
do thou, like a compalfio- y6i?\g,^. 5 df/Loipr-n* 
nate Shepherd, and a dili- ccc^ (£ r I^jjol^ .xAidp 
gent Feeder of the Hock, ii? 0g« r 'zife/ iu«^'- 
i'earch out, and keep an ac- voicxv dyi/oMv, ^ lu 
Matt.x^iii count of thy Flock. Seek fjia'ic^:^j.(j{gp <& di^e^i- 
'°' that which is wanting, as jt^-^^r vuwr^ iulti iy^- 
the Lord God our gracious ^fjiyjd^., iU, y. ^ ids 

: defunt. V, 


the Holy Apoftles^ 

dyUs yes^q/as ms g^o- Father has {enc his own Son, 

tIw w/i^vo^iaoLi a 5^- the good Shepherd and Savi- 

vdfTKm, aiE jitri ^g- our, our Mailer Jefus, and has 

fjLoc^x4ci ic>^ CM ^ a- commanded him to leave f^^Luk.xv.4. 

*7n>?WTjxj. C^ ^0 c^s (pi- Nir;etf nine uf on the Mountains, 

^<9opy©^ ^ttoi^aIw 0^ and to go in fearch after that 

cjs (nniS'aiQ4 vo^jlAjs which was loft, and when he 

aVa^i7T^, ^ d^hf^vv had found it, to take it upon 

mxtifA,vY\v' 2> X&iTHiv <k- his Shoulders, and to carry it 

^TiT^, cii nue/.Q* into the Flock, rejoicing that 

Ggc$ dyiL^i TTarr.p ti- he had found that ixhich was 

fjjov, >^<^i?i^i r i^jj' loft. In like manner be obe- 

t3 tfOK TTDifjt^vcc xcc- dient, O Bifhop, and do 

?[gv (S C^TTif^ T ^- thou feek that which was 

Sbi(7Ka?i^v ifji^v 'hch, loft, guide that which wan- 

g'Tni^fg-J^sauTstTgotcTa^^ ders out of the right Way, 

opvevYiyiovlccvvecc "" 'On bring back that which is gone 

Toi o|3w, >^ TopA^^vcuf aftray : For thou haft Autho- 

'iOn r ^ri'irijiy 5" 'ttb- rity to bring them back, and 

«?T^ctv>;|uV»' ^ <^ep'^i» to deliver thofe that are broken 

oi^i 'On tJs Io/jtS w- hearted, ly Remijfion. For by 

IKMiy '^ (pipeiu ^cv iy\ thee does our Saviour (ay to 

orolfjivrC, ^i^vm^ 'f^ him who is difcouraged un- 

T>r ^piui tS ^Aw- der the ^enfe of his Sins, 

/IpT©^. Siws Zv 'y^n- Thy Sins are forgiven ^/'^^ ; Luk- fv ja 

xo©- yiv^ ^ -O^y ^ '^h P^^^^ ^^^^ fived thee ;'^^i'tA)ii. 

eTTicKO'Te, c/K^vTzop S Go in Peace. But this Peace ^^'"•^•^'^ 

^<7DAct);\^5, ^tAj^vc^v and Haven of Tranquility is 

S '7re7i%ou>viJ^jov, 'fk- the Church of Chrift, into 

q-pe(pcov g ot^fe-grir g|«- whith GO thou, when thou 

cica^ y^ evft^ liner p^' haft loofed them from »"heir 




Sins, reftore them, as being (p'C^i'f ^ a^^M^i/ t?- 

now, found and Linblameable, Gesi^vajmivhs cv acpgorf* 

of good Hope, diligent, Ja- ^^g. <w o C^irp A«;^ 

bonoiis in good Works. As 'n^j m^i^ei\}\^co ov a- 

a skilful and companionate fjictfriaus' 'A(fsmizii(n 

Phyfician, heal all fuch as cm ccfxafriaj. 'H tt/- 

wander in the Wajs of Sin; c^n aMo^o-MyJcre' rrr:>f^^ 

Mat.ix.i2.for, The J that are whole h^ve ds eipluihjj EipLfjn q 

no need of a Phyfician, hut ^^?^ifi,r\v" ysb?.Yjvoi'^v 

Luk. xix. they that are fick. For the ji 3' ^ X^t^S ' oKvX-n' 

•*°« Son of Man came to fave and cncc cIg hu hvcav t»5 

to feek that rrhich nas tofl, rjfjLctf'TTnyfc'S^ ^tojc^cB/s^ 

Since thou art therefore vyt&i ^ dfjio^ix^s, ^Va- 

a Phyfician of the Lord's 'mStLs, a^a^ivs, Ip- 

Church, provide Remedies jpTrtvys cv i^r^ dyau^ 

fuitable to every Patient's ^7s sfyis- ws e^TRf- 

Cafe. Cure them, heal them p©- ^ <wfJi7roc^s la,' 

by all means poUible ; re- T^i wr^^j ^ /&>" tv$ 

ftore them found to the ov "^ d^^prla." jre* 

Church. Feed the Flock, cr^^wju^y?. O J ^ ^«- 

Ezek. ^^^ ^^^^ Info I e nee and Con^ ouu €<;^vaiv ol lo^u ovth 

xyjkiv, ^* tempt ^ as lording it over them, ia^py, XVi' ol ^[^ytoos 

but as a gentle Shepherd, e;;^i"n?/HAc5ryyiot^of 

Matt. XX. J^'^^^^^^^f ^^^ Lambs into thy 2 VytGpwTra iT^iacq (^ ^^* 

a 5. Bofom, and gently leading thofe Trica; '■nTrsTt^d/jrjfjt/ivov. 

nfOTTCt) (^e^'wdVs, vyioc^e, owns ^jTCxarSi^a T>r g;(>cA»^«/* 

TTOlfJiCUve S TTQlfJiVlQV, fj^T] CA> X^J^T^ fJ^^ € fJiTTOUy (XV , OOi 

5 fi C Ta 

the Holy Apo(\lQsl 

Sect. XL 

n^cav 'TTignov' fjiocp'TV' 
7r©4 >j ijuBfj^^pTupyifJt/c' 

■RE gentle, gracious; mild, ^^ 

vvichout Guiie, without: 
FaJihQod, riot rigid, not in- 
folent, nor fevere, riot arro- 
ga ■£, not unmerciful, nor puf- 
fed' up, nor a Man"^pleaier, 
nor tifncrous, not. cfouble- 
minded, not one that in- 
iute over the People rhac 
a»e under thee not one that 
conceals the-^ Divine Laws, 
and rhe Fromifc^ to Repen- 
tance, not haity in rhrufting 
out> andrexpelhng, bur Ilea* 
dy. Nor one that delights 
in Severity, not heady. Do 
n' t admit lels Evidence to 
convid an) one than that of 
three VVitnefTes and thofe 
of known and eftabh'fh'd Re- 
putation Enquire whether 
they do not accufe out of 
Ill-wili, of Envy : for there 
are many that dehght int 
Mifchief, forward io Dif- 
courie, flanderous. Haters of 
the Brethren, making it their 
Bufinefs to (carter the Sheep 

I deefti V. ^ deeft. 7. > sccV. v. 



C O N S T I T U T I O N S o/ 

of Chrift; whofe Affirmation osdp t^mf, luaaS^K- 
if thou admitted without (foi , Ipyf U^^S^o^ 
nice fcanning tlie fame, thou cKopTn^eiv m X^^^S 
wilt difperfe thy Flock, and Trd^&^lcc, m « ^la- 
bccray it to be devour'd by e^cf^c;^^ ^iXca tss 
Wolves, that is by Demons ;i9>«s dyte/'^iwi, 2^- 
and wicked Men, or rather a^pSi (n S ^f/^viovf 
not Men, but wild Beads :^ ef^^ihcaii AtijtP^s «« 
in the Shape of Men, by the ^m€^^ , TarfV* 
Heathen, by the Jews, and ^aiij^ai , ^ -TTDi/ijeP'^ 
by the impious Hereticks. ^b^mn', fj^^Xov d 
For thofe dedroying Wolves am, ^^esl^mnsj XMoc 
foon addrefs themfelves to a- ^e^^on ^^^iroeiS'mv, 
ny one that is cad out of V^vi^s^iy ^ 'bcTcuw^ 
the Church; and edeem him 6 olpgiTifti'Tr&is d^iou' 
as a Lamb delivered for them W y5 ckf AwSg^Ti '? 
to devour, reckoning hi. De oK-x^i^crioA, <^^i Vep- 
druition their own Gain, ff'srt^i^^ifaiv *' 0/ Au- 
For he that is their fd" pA^vsi ^ xv-^iy ^ m 
thsr^ the Devils is a Mur^ oipvot. Qo^v '^yZvTwi', 
dcrer. He alfo who is yJ^cT©- 'iS\ov 7]yi[jdpQi 
feparated unjuftly by thy r aaeiv^ ocTnoAeiuv. ^ 
want of Care in Judging, y/> 6 Ti^nov 'ttdl^p 2J!^- 
will be overwhclm'd with Qo\@4 (^JS^p^'ttdxtt)!'©* 
Sorrow, and be difconfolate, '^'. % 2J^ >? Q^s 
and fo will either wander ccKe^aiccs, ctj'iyta^s d- 
among the Heathen, or be (^Qe,>-^iii,^oi^viucL(n}' 
intangled in Herefies, and (o y%^%\i, ^ oAi5;?\{l>;^n- 
vvill be altogether edranged ci^. \m cBi/m r^-ro'TiAa* 
from the Church, and from vn^crtixv^^ \ ds oupeai^ 
Hope in God, and will be en- ovfjirTDS'i^Tia?^, ^ mV- 

' ©Cf(rW^»^/K. V. ' «j. V, "^ MTV mitiyjvLi. v. 

the Holy Apoftles, 

hxSi ^ o9Ci(kv\(riccs ^ tangled inWickednefs,whfere- 

*f eis Geov eATtS"©. by thou wilt be guilty of his 

drTOiMo'rQjtwbriare'mjj ^ Perdition: For it is not fair 

Qvfji'Toh^ficreroLi V23D to be too hafty in calling 

ola-eS^ccsy ^ ff.mvi crii out an Offender, but flow 

•f (kflVa tlTixoheiois i- in receiving him when he 

yo^$. » y> (^ly^iiv i* returns; to be forward in 

giv: eTbi^gv f^ €ipai <k- cutting off, but unmerciful 

€aM«r r ri^p'viyi^iTty when he is fjrrowful, and 

oyotfnepv i> .'^^Q^^x^v ought to be healed- For of 

&s S tsf^G-Si^^iLf T fuch as thefe (peaks the Di- 

(^c^pi(povmi ^ og^- vine Scripture, Their Feet ruriVrorlr$, 

X'^tpv ft €ii S >c7o- to I^i (chief, they are ha fly to Ifa. lix. f* 

^^eiv^ (V^wAeii 5' «j S (hed Blood; D^flrucfion ^;?^,Pulxxx/J 

^ (jtA-vSi/To* <a^* 'zj^i Mifery are in their trays, and]; .^ 
^ VP ' \'i' .7 r-D 1 [f Rom. Mf, 

y^ ^rfj TDisToov Ag^ rf //?^ way of reace have they not i^, 

^&cL ^cc(^ri* Oi 'TTcS^i known, the Fear of God is not 

tiuLi^v eti j(^7ti^ T/)?- before their Eyes, Now, the 

%ao-r Tct^^i'o/ ftVi Tb way ©f Peace is cur Savi- 

XMx^^v ^f^' C"^" ^^^^ Jeius Chrift, who has 

nsAi^fA^ ^ 'm.^iouTno- taught US, faying. Forgive, M^ir.-Kii^ 

£/a, ov^ oSb7s u/jTooy^ and ye fhall he forgiven; ^m%^"^-vi3S 

it qS^ eftjuu7)i ^ g- /r;?^ it fhall he given to yon, 

y;(ti<j^ GVH. I<r' ?o- That is, GiveFemiffion of 

€©- ©gK oLirhbpin. r?^ Sins, and your Offences fhall 

o(p^Afjl^i' ocvTo^v. *0- be forgiven you. As alfo. 

Sis 3 dpLuurti l^v o-w He inilrudled us by his Pray- 

lip r\fj(^v 'ImvsoX^' er to lay unto God, Forgive Mj^rYtn^ 

J5zt?, oi ^ IS'iShL^ev ti- us cur Debts, as rre forgive our 

fj(^i Xiyoov' "Acpm, ^ Debtors, if therefore you do 

ciq^e^r/TeTWf vfJlv S"!- not forgive Offenders, how 

SbTi, & M-naisTcuf ^"^ can you exped the Remii*^ ^ 

viMv THji^i, S'iShu fion of your pw^ii Sins ? Do "-^^^If* 

G 2 not 


not* you rather 'bind your a(pmv a^pfiSyl ^ 
felves fader, by pretending dcfs^minuji ufJlv ici 
in your Prayers to forgive, -©^'^ai/^^t'mh- ^iH9i 
when you really do not for- Sfy r '^x^^ ^H^* gToti- 
give ? Will you not be con- ^jcre T^iy^v 'srep^-- a* 
fronted with your ownwords, 0gcV. "A(pesifjA.v tw 
when you fay you forgi ve,and oi^eiMfJiq.'nu r\^v, <as 
^do not forgive? For know ye, ^ 7}fj/s7s d(plefj^j rm^ 
that he who cafls out one who ocp^T^i^rats rj^^v 'E<?fi 
has not behav'd himfelf wick- Zp ^ri oc(^7]ts. rni's7)fj{gLp- 
edly, or who will not receive it-^tTty mi^ J|u«?$ A?!- 
himthatreturnsJsaMurther- '^.^e r ^ oLm<nv '^ 
erofhisBrocher,andfliedshis ct/Ji^pkcap vpi^jv; l^'^ 
Blood, as Caifi did that of his ''riiv^riov Icuurk ^ha- 
Cen.iv. 10 Brother Alel; and his Blood fJLJjsfn, ?iy)v^i' cl(p iS- 
eries to God, and will be re- y«^, >^ fjii) ^ ci(pievTss'; 
quir'd. For a righteous Man a mS ec^jj^v s^fJi^hi 
unjuftly flain by any one, oi^ctv/cft)6ri<7g^g, Aiyv- 
will be in Reft with God for ^5 dfihou, ^ /xtj a- 
ever. The fame is the Cafe (pihi:isr yn'oocmeTt'^y^" 
of him who without Caufe is on t jat; ctS^r^ncn^ac 
feparatcd by his Biiliop. He c^^^t^Awr, rj r-^^-yg- 
vvho has caft him out as a (pavmx, ft-ii 'ld-^g-^^- 
peftilent Fellow, when he was |wJ^j®*, ^ tpopSs §\^'- 
innoccnt, is more furious than ^Acp? cmjVS' JQt, a($t/ 
. a Murderer, Such an one cS/^^?: ^^^i «^> K«J:k 
has no regard to die Mercy "A^fA tS dSih(p^-\ 
of God, nor is mindful of ^ S aifj(cp cvjtS (^awu 
his Goodncfsto thofethat are Treps ©sdz/ G;f^wTJiGn- 
penitent ; nor keeping in his cnr^j* Sl^^i®. f^^ ..a- 
£} c t he Examples of th ofe, Sl->tMs (pov<l<Sv]s -ism 

the Holy ApoftlesJ 

<n>(^, 'zj)^ Ge^ 6i> whp having been once great 

dvcc^TTLva^ €^ &s r Offenders, receiv'd Forgive^ 

cuMvcc' (oou^vfnos & o nefs upoii their Repentance. 

^ f^milcas" d(foQ^^&s Upon which account he who , 

'ixsm "S jS^GKOTry* c ft cafts off' an innocent Perfon 

cKScc?\,Mif COS ?\gi/mgv r is more cruel than he that 

^cxlUov , Tny.^Tip^ murders the Body. In hke 

(fQvi(t)i q ^iBT@-, (?!?% manner, he who does not 

dtfoe^v €ii S ^ ©cS receive the Penitent fcatters 

eAeQ*,lS^lf4,v7i/j^v(^.cai/ the FJock of Chrift, being 

cmJt« r '^ nuTs jjisjcc' , really againft him. For as 

VQva-iy d'yaMcf^auiilfjj'^ki^d God IS juft m judging of 

;^gt/x^ctVaj/(ntp7ry5 T^ Sinners, fb is He merciful 

TofST^)/' 7'di OK cT^rlfias in receiving them when they 

ts^T^oofjJkrnov ou fjis- return. For David, the Man 

nzjbVQia:, &hti(po^ caps' after God's own Heart, in 

CIV* ^(ge tS'to t^fJLci- his Hymns afcribes both /i/fr- 

15^©* Qcofi^riKv (po- cj and Judgment to Him. 

. Sect. XII, 

Trep c(pr^aA|M,wi/ -*- Bifhop, to have before 
^X^^ ^ TO ^ «t^w- thine Eyes the Examples of 
^"KS^'y % ij^-mi^i thofe that have gone before, 

G 3 and 


and to apply them skilfully cviW^ ^;^^^ ttcp^ F«f- 

to the Cafes of thofe who r^va-ictv ^ ^TTL^taiv n 

want Words of Severity or rnL^K/^rtJiTtiv S^cijSp^p 

of ConfolaMon Befides, 'tis ?igy»v. ik ^ cv Tca 

realonable that in thy Ad- y.^veivC,ej^ S'I^lov" 'TIS 

miniftrarion of Juftice thou ? Bga ggaxoAwn^of 

ihouldeft follow the Will of ^o^h-n^j^k, ^ I egos 

God ; and as God deals with ^^^i t'^s dfj^g^p^ntrov 

Sinners, and with thofe who ^, ^t)" i^7nc^ps<po!^ocs^ 

^ return, that thou (houlded 'Tnt^^nmoji n^ 02 

adl accordingly in thy Judg- x^vetv. rt r^ v^\ ^ t 

ing. Now, did not God by Aa^zJ^ oAi^ykt^'^ c- 

Natl^an reproach Dav/d for j/^J^iW^S^NaGaK, 

hisOfiFence? Andyetasfoon -^ ^Trivnrx, fxgnrjivo&v, 

as he faid he repented, he ^'Avi ^ ? ^cu^oira 

deJiver'd him from Death, ^ Av^fSjoLf , Asy/^p"' 

iKing.xii faying, Be of gocd cheer, thu ©dpai «/u7)^ear«$; 

fiialt m die. So alfo when 'lu^vav /xrj ^^Xr^a^jrm, 

Jon. i. 17. God had caused Joriah to be ^iveijmn mpv^af, a- 

^^'^- fwallow'd up by the Sea and m^ ^;\^o^^ ^ mr^s 

the Whale, upon his Refu- ^t^^mTroSj/cu ^oiia^, 

fal to preach to the Nine- S^ciijJ^jm -^^ytoihiaj'. 

vitcs ; when yet he pray'd ^V^V)^ ^ <^-^ <f>e^^ 

to Him out of the Belly of ¥ ^^Zoi cwJtS". 'E^g- 

the Whale, he retrieved his xiar ir^i ixlyv tu- 

Lifc from Corruption. And (^eo^fvm, , ^^oi^ov 

when Hezckiah had been fJ^ J^xj^Jwr, d(f'^yt^ 5" 

puffed up for a while, yet efxAyiua/®. : aV^o-aTg 

as (oon as he pray'd with 5, dS ^(tzotto^ ^reps 

Lamentation, he remitted to ^laZ'^ (^(^ihiusv 

his Offence. But. O ye Bi- -iwiS^e.yfJLa, yc'^cL^aji 

the Holy Apoftles* 

^ OP T>r* nrntpTTi fPgS fliops, hearken to an In- 

^ao-/Af<ftJj/, ^ ov rijf ftancc ufeful upon this Oc- 

SdfTtpal fPfS 'OTte^Aft- cafion. For it is written 

m>iJ^ojv, ' Tf -T^ :5- thus in the Fourth Book •> 

^se^¥\ «aw«* ^Ketf a- of Kings, and the Second 

m^viv *E^ex^icLs' ^ Book of Chronicles, And He- 2 King: 

KoLcnxAta^v 0" tjosa/j- 7ekiah died, and Manafleh ^^^ ''^^• 

w yicLvoLo^ra' irmv ^' his Son reigned. He was \^\\^^* 

S^HSf, ov tS> (Sct(nX^€iv twelve Tears old when he he" xxxiiL 

cwJw, ^ TrevTYiKovJoc. gan to reign, and he reigned 

^Tivii%7r\lScLcnxAjciv fifty and five Tears in Jeru- 

ov 'hpitQ.?iiifA,' <S ovo' falem, and his Mother's Name 

fjLcc TiT f/^re)' cLVTii was Hephzibah. And he did 

'E'44ScL' ^ iTrolna^ S Evil in the Sight of the Lord \ 

f^TUfn^v ovuiTiov wj' he did not abflain from the 

g^«, »)c d'TTB^e^ ^^70 Abominations of the Heathen, 

f?^ ^S^Xvyyi^'Twv rPlS whom the Lord deflroyed from 

l^vSv €t3v i^oD^Gpdja^ the Face of the Children of 

'^^^ v^e/^@* ^ ^^^" Iftael. And Manailes re* *^* p^g 

cwTry ijm la^iX (& turnd, and built the High ^l^* 

I'niq-pS'^. Moivccasris, (t Places rvhich Hezekiah his 

qixoSifj/no^ Ta (i'^?\^i Father had overthrown ; and 

a )(9.w'mc7gy 'E^gxicM hc reared Pillars for Baal, 

o" mtLT(\p cwJt«* (^ \^a^ and fct up an Altar for Baal, 

51?;^? T>i" BactA, 5($4 and made Groves, as did Ahab 

ctiigrio2 yjaiQLi^^Qv tjT King of Ifrael. And he made 

BaaA * S eTTvivaiv Altars in the Honfe of the 

ci'Ami, iigL^oos eiroincrgp Lord, of which the Lord fpake 

'A^cc€ (^ctojXi^i 'la- to David, and to b'olomon 

ep^nA' 0^ eTToUa^ ^y- his Son, faying. Therein will 

ciccgtiQjLcc 5 cv 0IV&; :i/j' I put my Name. And Ma- 

G ^ naffeh 


naHish^ /^f-»/> Altars] an4 h) g/«. oj' (p einn zujqjl^^ 
thtm j'rvad B&alv and^ji^id^ ^re^s. Aa^lJ^,: o^ Tre^s 
^y Name jh all continue fpr XoP^jw^wra t i)cp clutS, 
ti'^r. And he built Altars M'yoDv^ ctl c^ auT<3 
fo the Ho-(i of .JFicaven in ti/js dvia-u) ^' ovofj^ ft». (^ 
/jr(7 Coigns of the f/onfe if g^o-g MlV/a"c^J>1s ^aict" 
the Lord ; ^a^ he made ,, hts (^qjlcl ^ of ujj-mi 1^ 
Children pafs through the Fi/e SiiA^JOi Tf BaaA. ^ 
in a place named G^bdinzi'-i a^d etrrev' iqut li civqiu{^ 
he conjulted Enchanters^ and ^^ els t (uooycc x^ aJ" 
ijt'^^/f jr/V/> Wizards and fa- otoSbtmoi "^a-ict^^oc 
Tniliar Spirits, and vpith Con" ov 9 ^aiv ecu Aw^g o'i-tc^ 
jurers, and Ohferver^ of times, •m/eJ-^t ttT <^^Tia, n^ 
and with Terapbim ; ^f^d he ^p^vh' ^ at™ J^^w- 
jinned exceedingly in the Eyes ^^ to t^jw/ci a^T? 
/?y the Lord to provoke him ^ xi>e^ oi^ Tt^ctva^" 
to Anger '^ and he jet a.Mol- cj/ ovofjiodc' ^ (k^w- 
ten and a Graven Image, the Shovi^ern), ^ f^o^f-ca- 
Jmage of his Grove, which he y,<S6e^* (£ iiroi^a^v If- 
madr, in the Hoafe of the yLc^Qimuu^'di , ^ g- 
^or^, wherein the Lord had m^oi^la , kj yi/coq^ocsp 
chofen to^put his Name in Je- ^ >^^(pe-iv' ?^ i^n^ 
rutalem the Holy City for ^ve ^ t5 -sroiSjz^" a^ 
€^'eT, 4;^^ /;rf^ faidf I mil no ttovh^v ov ocp^A- 
more remove my Foot from fj^u iwe/'<<^ t« '^op- 
ihe Land cf Ifrael, jvhich I ylauj avrriv' j^ gGwv^ 
jgAVe to their Fathers : Only rj^ ' ')^v^v'' ^ S 
// they vpHI olfcrve to do ac* yhvirlov n^ aAc-ys r 
cording to all that I have ^inivcc, Uj e^oha^v o^f 
commanded them, and accord- ©Ixw tuj^v, qa^ S> ?§g- 
ing to all the Precepts that Ai^cciv •^ej-©-''^^ 

the Holy Apoftles^ 

g ovoy,cc aC^S (k« my Servant Mofts cemmand" 

cv'Up^(T<tXr\^ '^f.,^' ^^ ^^'^- And thej hearkened 

jia,^7ni\\ eii r cu^vcl] not. And Manaileh Reduced 

^ €i^v y tx^^riarco them to do more evil he-^ 

V ^Sbb^fA,if QcA^'aoj fore the Lord than did the 

^cTD ^ yt\i 5* '1<7^7)A^ Nations whim the Lord cafi 

lui iSh)i^ 11)?$ '7jctT£^'- out from the Face of the 

my ocvnuv ^7]v get* Children cf liirael. And 

(pv?^^»)v7uj K^ ^uTa the I ord [pake concerning 

oo-oc op^'ni>ig.f//nv ecu- Manafleh , and concerning 

rjjilsj )tp ^arhf ovrm* his People, ly th: Hand of 

TJjjj, ku opBTiip^riTi hts Servants the Prophets , 

^^^?^i ^8 M6;o^;. (S [^P'f^^, Becaufe ManaUeh /^ing 

ix, rjTcaa-J^. % It?^- of Judah has. done all thefs. 

vAG^v ccv^vs MocvoC' Tricked Ahmtnations , in a 

oyy^s^ TTOiyiauj g 'ttd- higher degree than the Amo- 

vne^v hcJiiTLQv Tuuez-^y rite did vchich was he fore him, 

j'vk^ iw k^vY) a, e^yipe and hath made Judah to fin 

Ttue/-®^ ^ "tt^cyctiini with his Idols ; Thus faith 

rplS i^fSu Ict^tA. ^ the Lord God of lirael, Be^ 

e^Ame 7uj£^@^ 'fit hold, I bring Evils upon Je- 

fAoLvcLo^y) , ^ 1£^ r rui'alcm and Judah, that who- 

?\r^Qv ocvtS, ev x&iq). fotver hcareth of them^, both 

S'^Xoov clvtS rp^J TT^- his Ears Jhall tingle. And 

(piD^Vy /Jyouv (Jyu.3-' Sv I will flretch over Jerufalem 

Gdcc iTToime Mat'ot- the Line of Saaiaria, and the 

QJY15 ^oLCTLhioi 'Hioi, v iummet of the Houfe of A- 

oa ^^X'o^ii.x^ y» iro' hab ; and I will hlot out Je- 

v'i)CS^ itturr^, ^^-^ray- ruaicm as a Tahle-hook is 

nzjDv oiv siroiYtdev o A- hlotved otit by wiping it. And 

fjigp^(^7os sfX7r^p<^?v ojj' I will turn it up fide down, 

rrS, % s^Tifxafn r la- and I will give up the Plem* 

^v h TD?5 «ci^;\9« cwi- nmt of mj Lnheritance, and 



i^^ill deliver them into the i5, itwJfe Ag^ ^^o& 
hands of their Enemies, and o Sios 'lo-e^yiA' iVa 

they (hall become a Prey and \yu <pg£^ h^^'k^ 'fUn 'Ig- 
a Spoil to nil their Enemies : pycrccXrf/.j ^ 'Jstftty, w^b 
Bee ante of all the Evils which mLvrxa olkbovI©^ cwm, 
they have done in mine Eyes^ ^^c^ a^tpcTse^ '"» 
and have provoked me to An- S>itf, ovjtS, (t c/Ktivo^ 
ger from the Day that I '^ 'Igpao-aAiijx ^ jj^i' 
brought their Fathers out of *tfov ^xfj^g^peiocs, ^^ t* 
the Land of Egypt, even un* ^^Ligv o'lyca'Ar^oi^^:^ 
til this Day, Moreover, Ma- dm^Xei^ r 'lepacra,' 
riaileh P^ed innocent Blood ve- hr^fji ^bdy^ a-TjccAftipg- 
ry much, till he had filled Je- Ticf S rrrv^iov ol^aAet* 
ru^^lcm from one End to ano- (pofxipov (t j^^tortcpg-xf^ 
thcr ; kefide his Sins vrhere^ * 'f)n ^g^gcottov' coI- 
vrith he made Judah to (in, ta, ?$ "^i^aoij^ to 
in doing Evil in the Sight of \:mK€ifjLiJ{g. 'f 'H^n^vo' 
the Lord, And the Lord jmxs fjm, ?^ to^J^o-gi 
Ir ought upon him the Cap' ojjtvs &s ^eie^i e^- 
tains of the Hofl of the King bj>oov aurSiv^ % Ictovtuji 
of Aflyria, and the) caught ^i ^ t^vofjLr.r ic^ ^ S^l 
ManaiTch in Bends, and they dp'Tntylw " ^o-i TnTs 
hound him in Fetters of Brafs, h;^bcpis o/Jtwi/, dp^* 
and brought him to Babylon, m oaoc iTrvliKr^ Tnvn" 
and he was hound and (hackled ^ of Q(f^Kfj{^7s fjLn^ 
vrith Iron all over in the (fc tijt^ r^Sfpopyt^ovris 
Houfe of the Vrifon ; and ^, ei<p' ?$ r^fj^f^s If)?- 
Bread made of Bran was gi' ycLy>v Ta; mzLr^^i oju- 
ven unto him fcantily, andhy to^p oxytis Alyj'Tlifii, ^ 
Weight, andWater mixed irith ecos i iy^Q^s TcwTns. 
Vinegar hit a little, and by ^ t^ cuf^ d^oy g' 

' ■ ■ — — ^ — 

' dm «je><r*w* V. t cftseewj/W ^ V. • dceit. V. 

th Holy Apofties. 

|g*^6 MavoLOjris -sroXi meafure, fo much as would keep 

mpiS"^^ eecs « ^t^jj- him alive ; and he was in 

«7g" r !g/)8flraAJjM. qi'j^ Straits and (ore Affliciion-^ 

'^ ^fJiSf'Ti' ^ttkIw ^<7o and when he was violently af- 

^ dfjicc(>'Ti£v ocvtS odv fiicled, he hef ought the Face of 

E^vfjiccp'nr'is^iyTroiit the Lord his God, and hum* 

(Tzxf S 7rovi/)^v iv o(f)^A« hied himjelf greatly he fore the 

fJI^Ts wjez-y- ^ ^'ja^ Jto- Face of the Lord God of his 

£/t@- Itt' aon^v tus a^- Fathers, And he frayed unto 

j^orirts 'f S^ujuoLfj/gcoi 5" the Lord, faying, Lord, 

fiot(nX€o)9 'Ao-«/>, ^ >(9t- Alm^hty God of oar Fathers, 

*n?\.oiSovfo T Mocvaojiiy Abraham, Ifaac and Jacob, 

cv ^^cfjuoTs. (^ gcr>?<7r^ and of theJr righteous Seedy 

cw^p ov Trials 25* A- who hafi made Heaven and 

^li^^inyarpvctv^veii Earth, with all the Ornament 

BocSuAooi'oc ^ Luj hS^' thereof, who ha(l hound the Sea 

juV©* ^ ^izbo^aih]^' hy the Word of thy Command- 

juV©* '^y^^ oA©. ov oi ment, who haft Jhut up the *** P'gr 

y,cp <pu;\^x5^, % g(fe' Deep, and (ealed it hj thy ter^ '^'" 

Shlo m)i:Z bit 'mrv^^v rihle and glorious Name, whom 

apl@^ ov ^^fJLO) /3e^- all Men fear, and tremhle he-- 

^lis^ ^ vShop Qvy 0^^ fore thy Power ; for the Ma-- 

oKiyv cv fJt^hpca, ditre jeftj of thy Glory cannot he 

t^v ct Jiiar, ^ ^ (Twe- horn, and thine angry threats 

')^\Sp©^ ^ QS\jv(io\^©* ning towards Sinners is infuf" 

mpoS'e^. ^ (cs (iLouojs port ah le : But thy merciful 

cGAiCw, I^TiTWdT^'BTrep- Promife is unmeafurahU and 

cct)'mQv wje/'^ S* 0g3 unfearchahle ; for thou art the 

cvjtS , ^ irj^mivd^ moll high Lord, of gnat Com- 

uTpiS'eP' ^ «^o-w7r« paf/jon, Long-fuffcrin^, very 



merciful, and repentcft of the wj^Jt^ ^ 0g3 rP^S Trtc,^ 

Evils of Men, Thou, Lord, ^^v cmJtS, <£ 'iz^w*. 

according to thy great Good" ^ccrn's^i yi^e/ov^ Ag'^ 

mfs, hafi promifed Repentance, ycav' Kv^e 'm}/j^y,es^'^ 

dnd Forgiveness to them that tl^, p ©go? 't^j^' vraTE". 

hav^ finned again ft thee; and ^vif^vy 5^ 'y\€e^a^>j 

cf thine infinite Mercy hall ^ 'Io-ocoIk, % 'la^c*)^,, 

appointed Repentance unto Sin* ^ ? amp^l^^f^jjiiiv- 

Tters that they mav he favcd, ? ot^^g^iv. o ttolyicix^ r 

Thou therefore, Lord, that, if^ptvoy .>^ ¥ ^v cvm 

art the God of the Juft, hafl ^iz^tI tu} yrsajjuco ci/JTStir, 

not appointed Repenta/ice to the o inS'yi^Jws r ^?\g.ojcL9 

Jufl, as to Abraham and to! P^gycp /tS nf^^y 

Kaac, and Jacobs irhich have fAcf.^^ ay, ^ o ' jtAaozctf 

not finned againfl thee; but r olQuo^v^ '^" (Ppes^': 

thou haft appointed Repentance yia-ocij^(^ twrtv tco 

unto me that am a Sinner ;, (pq^spcii i^ ovS^^cp ovo"' 

for I have finned above the. k^ct/, an oy 'TnJpnsb 

Nu?nber ,cf the Sands of the, (p^oj^, ^ "^^f^i ^^ 

Sea. My Tranfgrefiiotis, O. 'sy^o-ooTra -f S'mucifjuec^s 

Lord, are multiflyd, m) Tranf- an, en ci^x^Q^ ii fju^- 

grejjions are 'multiplied, and / ycLP^irpi'TnLa,'? Sh^)i>a\i, 

am not worthy to behold and ^ ^u7d^@^ri opyii'? 

fee the height of Heaven, for 'Qk cc^jlcc^ojAvs ocTret" 

the Multitude of mine Ini* aSs C^m, dfjuiifnfrvv ii 

ijffity. I am bowed dovpn with (^ cu^^^i-^^/agoi/ -Tri g- 

many Iron Bands, that I can- Ae©- '? Irnji^ycAioLs av, 

net lift up m) Head, neither otl Qu « tuj^"^ <^'- 

have any Rcleafc ; for I have cnr^^^x'^®'' ' HSt'^d'.' 

provoked thy IVrath^ and done Juf^^ym^AuiXe'^y '^'' 

.^ t3k eilv. V. ' defunt. V. ! deeft. V. 

tht Holy Apoftles/ 

p^*^VQ^v^ ? 5t9C7ticcz$ EvH before thee: 1 did not 
f^ ^^e^irm, on Qu thy Will, neither kept I thy 
O'Giosj^ xj} tIw xP^' Commandments : i have fet 
gim.rrw 'f aycL^ooc-uju'iii up Ahomirrations, and have mul" 
Qv. eTiYjJ^yeiAo) fj^^iw t if lied Offences. Now there- 
rofoLs ^'oitpsaiy rn7s fi* fore I lew the I) nee of mine 
fjiccfTWipaiy ^T(W7rAii* f^eart, he fefchin^ thee cf Grace ; '< 

3'(J; r:?^-: aix.Tipyi^v Q^ I have finned, OLord, I have 
03Q/.UWS jMmJ^Qiav «».- (inned, and I acknovrledge mine 
fjc/Lp^na^s eti Qoono^^ Iniquities^ Therefore I humhly 
a>v-: Qv Zv yjU^e o Qeos hefeech thee forgive me, 
r^ c^xcMwv, ffv% eJsB Lord, forgive me, and deftroy 
IjLpmvoL^ 8\ytcLioi^, Tco mo not with mine Iniquities* 
'A^ep'Hx.u, ^ 'laocoL^y Be not angry with me for 
i^ ^ia.x&)S) iB?5 YX ^"^^^5 ^ r.eferving Evil for 
TffjLccpimisoi C^'* Xvi' me; neither condemn me into 
c0y fjLinAfjoidp iTsr ^fj^l the lower Part of the Earth. 
nr.^ ccfAOLp'Twhcf)^ ^6Ti For thou art the God, even 
Vf^otf^rpiv, '\k^ d^^fJiBv the God of them that repent, 
^^'jt^tf bzx.X(iosy\i. ' i and in mc thoti wilt (l:evr all 
■yTj^v^vd^ oj dvofMctj thy Goodnefs ; for thou wilt 
fjL9, ' xtje^tg'', I'zal-A^- fave me that am unworthy, ac*i 
y^ aj, d^qfMdUi fj^y, :% cording to thy great Mercy» 
. cfw 8Tt eijM a|i©- fit- Therefore I will praife thee 
'nviG-ctj '% icTftj/ 'TO ^^ for ever all the Days of my ^^^ p 
i'-v]^©. 'S »e^j/S, ^cTO Life; for all the Powers of 233. 
'jzrA)i6«5 T^ dS'iicmv the Heavens do praife thee, and 
■ fArV, 3(^<i%)(^/u.'^o|ui^©- thine is the Glory for ever and 
iroTkcti h^apu^ m^f^s. ever. Amen, ^nd the Lard 
^071 r^Qopyic-oc Tcy heard his foice, and had 

• Ccm^ 


CompaJJion ufonhim; andthere "^vu&v (m, ^^ irovy^^r 
appeared d Flame of Fire a- c^coiiov er« iTro-ndzcy 
hetit him, and all the Iron grm^ (i^^vyfj.cLrnu, >^ 
Shackles andClui'/is which were ttAh^i/vccs ^c^^icro^^ia" 
about him fell off; and the fA,aJ^, ^ viuj ichivra 
Lord healed Manafleh from yvu j^pcT/as f^^^ &o- 
lis AffliBion, and brought him \j^j^ *? id^ erS ^p»- 
luk to Jerufalem unto his ^JTwI^-'^jxapowc^t, >cu^ 
J{ingdom\ 4;?^ Manafleh knew e^e, yiiAg^f'm^, \q^ w 
that the Lord he is God alone- ^ppjoLi k« iyo yivoi* 
And he wo r /hipped the Lord crx,co ^ Xvi " ^mttSil;^ 
God alone, with all his Heart, S^iy^os <?«* ^si fjigt^ 
and with all his Soul, all the •iuuQji.ey glvh jugi. >§ fA,n 
Days of his Life, and h'S was Qf^voc^TroAiayn fji^e t»?5 
efleemed righteous ; and he took dpojjjLam fjLH^ fjt/t^S^e eii 
away the tlrange Gods, and the t (AmcL /jL^vivsii inpn- 
G raven Image out of the Houfe o-wj ^-^-i^ fjLoi, fjt/^H 
of the Lord, and all the Al- y^niiuS'iii^ayis fxs 6v tuTs 
Tdrs which he had built in the ^'Twrnitu "? yris ctl 
Houfe of the Lord, and all the <ru Scqsj 0go5 ^/w,^- 
Altars in Jerufalem, ani. he id^o^Tm^ i(^ Itt i- 
caft them out of the City. fjig\ S'^^ea ^ r dyx^co' 
And he repaired the Altar of the cvvlw cy. on dvai^iov 
Lord, and facrifced thereon oVTrfciTzwTT/s^ ?{p liTToAw 
Peace-Offerings and Thank-Of ixeis cm (c aii^fo-o) cs 
ferings. And he fpake to Ju- 2/^m^jiaiy cv mQiH ? 
dah to ferve the Lord God of ijj^^n f ^wrii jxy, 
Ifrael. And he Jlept in Peace on a-e vjuivei it^o-ol 5 
with his Fathers, and Amon Siu)ctuu9 r?^ h^^^v^v,^ 
his Son reigned in his (lead, tfi '^v ri Sh^oc, &S tbj 
And he did Evil in the Sight cu'wra^. a^icJ. KctJ e- 

* decft. V. ' mtVjtr. V. ' ;a. v. 

the Holy Apoftles^ 

w>i)c«<7? *? (pmns cwtS of the Lord, according to alt 

KveA®*, ^ dKreipna^p things that Manalleh his Fa- 

avTOp' ^ gQ^gfo'sfet ther had done in the former 

tuiq^v (p^^ mv^i ^ part of his Reign, And he pro* 

iniwi/iarccv ^jt^tto to voked the Lord his God to Anger. 

fiyvea MccvcccyjTis , on wj^(^ av^s ^ Oeos jLigv®*' (& 

a a*)(p£yb/w^j«r c/i^ ^ o'Uco wue)-v"y ^ 4 crrJuT* rot ^macgi' 

S'vA^eiv xv^ca laJ* ©g J 'Io-£pt>7A. (^ l^^ifjuii^ cj/ eiplajy^ 
jtA^ ^ TTOLTi^v ccviS ^ e&cLoiXAia^y 'Afj^^v o ijci atJ- 

t5 Ctl/T GtV'TOtf 5^ eTTOlYja^ <TO 'ZcTOrW^pl' C^W'THOI' Xf^'fcf, 

xj: ?ii^7«. ccra SToincfi Matvccosris o Trccryip ocu'ttjcT e;^ 

Sect. XIIL 

TJTKot^VaTf, T«Wa 'XT'E have heard, our Be- 

-■- TTo^id ifji^v , -*• loved Children, how the 

oTTcas y.Vfjf.@* @ils Lord God for a while pu- 

^ ei<^J)?^ii 's^crc^a- nifii'd him that was addided 

^opTcc, ^ 'GT0>h^s a- to Idols, and had flain ma- 

l Hi ^^iwi' V. I dceft. V. - 7^/. V. 



ny innocent Perfons ; and &«»$■ 9ov(^j:^<xy/3e^- 

yet that He received him ;^«> TLi^^nazifd^j©^ ^ 

when he repented, and for- y^elcLyyovicL isf^(r^?\^'^ 

gave him his Offences, and /S^to, ^ a^^s cc^ti^ 

record him to his Kngdom. Ta TrKvf^f/^eArit^Tet, ^ 

For He not only forgives 'gTrg^-j^g-^:' aJ'IiI'^l^ 

the Penitent, but reinllates r ^ctcnAet^.l i^vov-^ 

them in their former Dig- oi<^L'n(Ji Ws /^gd^joS^Tj^/, 

nity. '^MoL:^eiir nsf^Ti^V 

There is no Sin more grie- IVla'^cov €iSt»:?^?^' 

vous than Idolatry ; for 'tis ^aots s4>c i^v cLya^- 

an Impiety againttGod: and nix ft$ ©gcr^ yxlp '^ 

yet, even this Sin has been Sio^^^eicC Xvi Qjuje;^ 

forgiven, upon fincere Re- i aJr^ ^^. '^^w^^ias 

pentance. But if any cne f/.&<T^oioci Qn^/^x^P^' 

fin in direct Oppofition, Sud to^. eav cfg /cs oh Trct- 

on purpofe to try whether ^Tcc^ec»)s dfjiccpTcivyi , 

God will punifli the Wicked Tr^e^C^v r ©gcr/ wj 

or not, I'uch an one ihall fj.7{ e-a-e^i^vfct Tnn ttq- 

have no Remiflion, although r^i^is, 6 ^olZt®- ■oi(pe' 

^* Pag. he fay with himfclf, M js .aiv i^' '^^'^ eg<|, ,x<xy 

^34- well, and I wilL rralk accord Xiyy> *>fp sc/juru^ ooid 

ing to the Converfaticn of mj fj^i ^^ohd oU wop(^' 

evil Heart, Such an one c-ofj^ ev tjT aiocq-^' 

was Amony the Son of Ma- q^yi -? va^S'lcti ixv irs 

m([ek For the Scripture fays, Troy^e^? ttxht©. >aj? 

And Amon reafon'd an evil Us €^{(p ^ ''"^^v" 

Reafoning cj'TranfgreJfion, and o t5 Maj^aoorS tfoj. 

[aid. My Father from his Child- (pna-t y) ^ ^oc.<pYi. Kcu 

./bood iras a great TranJgre(jor^ rhf:fs?[gyicrccT:o ""' Api^v 

,'^^5-4.8^. V. : b3rj. V, al ti'j. J,\A«^, V. 'ii\J.»u V. 

the Holy Apoftles.' 

^yiajjiol' c3^Sa!7?&jj and refented in his old Age \ 

^"i^v. ^ amy* i 'TTOL and now I will walk as my 

'li^ fjiii &K ygoTyjT®* Soul lufleth, and afterwards I 

*my\ai r^hjjofjjt\(j2, ^ will return unto the Lord. And 

c/if yrpa, fM^nyi^oi' '^ he did Evil in the Sight of the 

ytu) eyi) 'Trucdiavfjicxjf j(ct- Lord ahove ail that were before 

Sa *^JvfAei r\ -vfw^TT him. And the Lord God locn 

fjLify ^ lisT^pp ^cpg-v}^ deflroy d him •utterly from his 

*isf^i -mu^ov, oci ^in-oirT good Land. And his Servants 

c2 S Tmv/]^'^ cA'como'v confpired againfi him and flcTP 

Ti/je/Hy ^^ ^ -^u^" him in his own Houfe, and 

lis ^^oja^yJas I^tat^o-' he reigned two Tears only. 

^^G^u ojj^v ^Q/L®^ Geos cv §1^ OK -^ ySs '? olyct^^tli 

riep^p^T? yi/oi Actt' Take heed therefore, ye xxi\ 

jtpi, yA'ki ?| vfJt^v T of the Laity, left any one of 

?^yi(j]juov tS ^ 'A^k" you fix the realoning of A» 

'^ '^pS'idp ah^if^gn- mon in his Heart, and be 

e«J/i ', <S fgzx/ ^ cuMTi' fuddenly cut off, and periih. 

/^^5 " ^-ToMt^jw^©-* 0- In the fame manner, let the 

f^/W o ersriCTKo-uT^ Bifliop take all the care he 

^ (wvnmpein:wy y^.^- Si/- can that thofe which are yec 

vccTUjy rpiVifjt^rifj^pTn. innocent may notfallintoSin: 

^^Ttti ^xpigifjTiri^s fjiei- And let him heal and receive 

waji' ^ TTjus am (ty(g,p* thofe vvhich turn from theit 

fitcav 'Qnq^icpov^ r^- Sins. But if he is pitilefs, 

^jiL7r^(t)v S^^iSnj' laLv and Will not receive the re- 

H tenting 


penting Sinner, he will fin z) y fJf'ny^oi'^m ^ril 
againft the Lord his God, Aeiis £v i/Jia t^^trH^n* 
pretending to be more juft to^, dt^pTnai^ en >cw- 
than God's 5Ju{lice, and not etoi^ t 0goV aJ^tT, ^- 
receiving him whom He ha> ^{^im i^wmxiv vzt^ t^ 
received, through Chrift ; <k«i/» ^Ti^oGiivljj^ ^ 
for whofe fake he (ent his ^ ^Gy^a^ig^^S^poiJ^os 
Son upon Earch^to Men, as ov 'G>i^ars<^i^a,<To 2/^ 
a Man, for whole fake God Xe/^S, S^l oV aTrg- 
was pleas'd that he who ^/Ag r tfop ^jiri '^ 
was the Maker of Man and yjs rm^ ^^e^mu «$ 
Woman, Ihould be born of cLv^pc*i'mvj S'l qp ^S^- 
a Woman ; for whofe fake mo-ev 6k '^wjaiyfs^ ay- 
He did not fpare him from lii/ r^n^yivaui^ r ^miy\- 
the Crofs, from Death and ilw dpS^i (£ yjvcu* 
Burial ; but permitted him >(p5, » o^^ez-v \m^ (^em^- 
to die, who by Nature could ySp©^ ^ c^aupoS (& Fa- 
llot fuffer ; his beloved Son, toLtv ^ rmfp%^ ci/jus- 
God the Word ; the Angel ^p»a-e 'to.S-^v t T>r 
of his great Council ; that (pvarl oLtol^t], t i/^V ^ 
he might deliver thofe from dycx.Tn^^v, r ©gcr ?^ 
Death who were obnoxious y)Vy r 'f pj^yiKr^s <xw- 
to Death. Him do thole lucT /2t^A>?^ ct]'yc?^v^ o- 
provoke to Anger who do m^s novi '^/t^f^uty* 
not receive the Penitent. ^r^xT^wpo'^j^TOf^S'".^- 
For he was not afhamcd of raxy ^ tul^tdv *f^op* 
me, MattherVi who had been yiZ^ismv o\ fjiii ^zy^crh* 
formerly a Publican ; and ^t^oi ^ys ix<<^oZf' 
admitted of Vrtcr^ when he ^' «t©- ^S MarGctTor 
had thro' fear dcny'd him iiMyTi?^on>Luuov^Tzx,'^'n^' 
three rimes,'but had appea^'d ^^v, gvx> g7ra/^£a»6)i, 

* s-rtVfto, jg ^vxTii), ^ 7Uf^\ V. : declt. V. f TiIy^K. V. t Ta V". 

the Holy Apoftles.' 

HS^ Uei-^u dpvmotiwB* him by Repentance, and had 

vov^ avrnv 2/^ H®^ wept bicceriy ; nav, he jtiade 

TejLTov 5 :^ ^ him a Shepherd to his owa 

^oic4.s i^iAsoaaafjjivov Lambs. Moreover he ordain'd 

^'Sf^ayOioiVmvlct, <m f'WjOurFellow-x^Lpoitlc.tobe 

5ce^5, '©^o->i>(^-n), j^ of a Periecutor an Apollie.and 

'TToif^V* '7^ i^im ap declar d him a chofen Veflel, 

v^v ■^'r%7r\Gi, ^ riau- even when he had heap'd ma- 

?^v '^ r (jjvcL'Tmq^T^v ny Mifchiefs upon us before, 

^\^V: 'm?Aoi "S '^' and had blafphem'd his (acred 

"TiPfiv eis i^^s bTj^^reA- Name. He (ays alio to ano- 

'^^ijS/jop j(9L)(^, Kj Q>7^ ther, a Woman that was a 

G^ot^y\ad^cii €i' S cvof^ Sinner, Thy Sin^^ vrhich arc ma* 

3 aytov, '^^7\Qv d^ri nj^.ire forgiv n^for thou lev dfl luJ^ /, « 

<5^&i)tTtf <s>j^g;^ae<VT<3, much: Ard when the Elders 

oxou©- atJw c^/(-^}^$ had fee another Woman, which 

e?/j(Xcr«'|a5* <£aM>i!ctJ had finneJ, befo c him, ar'd 

ecf£fjimt)ha) ^ujcukI /g- had left the Sentence to him, 

y}' 'AcpecovTou a^ cq and werc gone Oiit, our Lord, 

dflfpTicq ouj rmy^ouj oti the Searcher oi the Hearts, 

7\yaim(jzf^ TToAu Ixge^r enquiring of her whether 

Si nice T^f^pn/ixiijuv 2^- the Elders had condemned 

oT^ ol rsrpid^v'n^L her, and being anfwer'd , 

ifjLtsy^Qf^v '^^"olvtS, ^ No, he faid unto her. Go joh. viu; 

€7r dimJ' Gg'juJyoof r thy vray therefore ^ for nei-^\- 

xe^o-ii/, l^TiAjov '"^ ther do I condemn thee. This t^^,'^* 

>(9t^^ioy/w^ff >cc;e^©. Jefus, O ye BiQiops, our sa- 

'7n;'5of4'J©- ctuTTis, « viour, our King, '^nd our 

^TiK,^vcLv ccLjTv 01 God, ougHc to bc fet be- 

TrpsaSuTs^i, Kjenriam fore you as your Pattern, 

oTi 8, 2(^n "G^s oLV- and him you ought to imi- 

Triv "TTTccyoZv, «JS tate, in being meek, cjuier, 

iy(a C^ y^<iu^-KQ/.v(a. compaffionate^mcrciful.pcatfe- 

H ^ able. 

C O N S T I T U T I O N S -o/ 

able, without PaflTion, apt to Toi)*5?y r QeoT7ie^,^ACi^ 

teach, and diligent to con- Aect, ^ ^^ov fif^v V>j- 

vert, willing to receive and aowu, w ^'cTxoTror, cmo- 

to comfort ; no Strikers, not ttcv ^ i^^iv S'ei, itjlt« 

foon angry, not injurious, '^^fjnyy/ii^s&vajj 7rpaSs\ 

not arrogant, nor (upercili- :5aT>;^/a5,<iV7r^aP^y55g- 

ous, not Wine-bi^:bers, not ?^er/u{gvai,eij)Luurisvs.^<i' 

Drunkards, not vainly ex- opy^iasy ^SkxlcK^vg , 

penfive, not Lovers of Deli- 'fi:rp^'^^K9^^^ aa^yc- 

cacies, not extravagant, u- /cjcpt^r 7rae^>cA>?^j(^i)^, 

fing the Gifts of God not [Jcn mXvy:'^, joc« opyi- 

as another's, but as their A«5 /M.ri v^^<p-cs\ /^cri a- 

own, as good Stewards ap- ^i^i^^oyccs, fjir^ wee^Tr- 

poinied over them, as thofe Uy{^vs, jult] olvo^Avfxs, 

who vviUbe required by God ^r: fju^^vo^s, fA7\ €iy.cuo^ 

to give an Account of the ^^n^^as, ^jlt] nfv(pyj'^s, 

fame Let the bifliop efteem (jlti 'rtjAfJ^^uas, jar cos 

fuch Food and Raiment (uf- cc??io^ois ]^' cos t- 

ficient as fuics Neceffity and J'ion ^7s t5 GeoS S^c- 

Decency. Let him not make ^ao-z ji^&jju^'jb^, (*>s a- 

ufe of the Lord's Goods as yxjjjvi oUovofJivs ^.^s- 

another's, but moderately : <5-wm$, (^s /u^moj/^ 

I , For the Labctirer is worthy of onramTiii^ i*?Spj 5' ©go cT 

his Reward. Let him not be r ?^v ccvmipxy} l^^e- 

luxurious in Diet or fond of moT^fL/j^^cciJiCpiaa'* 

idle Furniture, but content- ^V o ^'otcott©-, t- 

ed with io much alone as is tyI ^p^it ^ tS csfjivo' 

necellary for his Suftenancc. t^^U <;:^arixovmL' uri 

' 10?$ KJUC/tctxoTs COS ctA- 

ipydmns ? jxi^hi tuurS '^. Mr) ^ o-ttcL'ttjuK©^", fjA t^j^ttb- 

the Holy ApoUles^ 

Sect. X'V. 



ov^Xluj Sso'SrP^ 

Aw5 oittovofJieiTU)^ op- 
■"^impyfJi^pois^ COS i*}cov 

/ "^ I ..\;i ~ 


ccv]^ fJi^'.'Oi^ -KoivmZv- 

T ET himufethofeTemfis ^^V. 
^^ and Firft-fruits, which 
are -given according ro the 
Command of God, as a 
Man of God ; as alfo, lee 
him difpenfe in a right man- 
ner the Free-will Offerings, 
which are brought in on ac- 
count of the Poor, the Or- 
phans, the Widows, the Af- 
flid:ed, and Strangers in Di- 
ftrefs, as having that God 
for the Examiner of his Ac- 
counts, who has committed 
the Difpofition to him. Di- 
(tribute to all thofe in want 
with Righteoufnefs ; and 
your felves ufe the things 
which belong ro the Lord, 
but do not abufe them ; eat^ 
ing of them, but not eat- 
ing them all up by your 
ftlves ; communicate with 
thofe that are in want, and 
thereby (hew your I'elves un- before God. For 
if you lliail confume them 
by your felvcs, you will be 

1 7{i\yiiV> f' ' <fici/iuov7ii- V. t dccit. V. 

H 3 



, p reproach'dby God, who fays ')pvJ@^ (^s «>ti^5 a'-^rXn- 

* \-ij^' to fuch unfatiable People, q-m ^ fj^vot^dyvi, %'*' 

Exek. who alone devour a'l, Te eut To yx?\^y^Ti^i€Ti ^ 

xxxir. 3. up the Milk, and clodth 'jour to) i^a t^^aMecds. 

fehes Pf'tth the Wool : And Kctj ci' oi^Xois' Mri oi- 

Ifa. V. 8. in another PalTage, Mufl you Twa^e'n fj^gvoif^ *? y!^s^ 

alone live upon the Earth ? Aio ^ ca; t<x) vcfjLCo 

Upon which account you fj^q-emiLycTaj * VP*' " 

are corirnanded in the Law, 'AjaTiyiorfs r ^no-'iov 

UvXt.xh Thou [halt love thy Nigh' cur Qh di rrecwUv Koi 

*^- as thy f If. Now we fay thefe ^ lat^Ta" Ag^f^, S;^' 

things, not as if you might xVajw^rj ^€'rx>^}JL&(ivn' 

not partake of the Fruits of -n u^r i^ Troywv yi- 

your Labours ; for 'tis writ- '^et^au y^p OJ (pifjioi- 

jj^ ten, 7T?^« /^^/r not muzzle the a{i (^Zv aKoi^l^ X^\ 

XXV. 4. Mcuth f>f the Ox vrhkh tread- Ivcc (jnfJi^^niJ^^m jJ^ 

eth cut the Corn; but that you ^x.ouoarwuYn. ov ^o^mv 

fliould do it with Mode- ^lv'of6is Ip>a^cf4u©«» 

ration and Righteoufnefs sv t>i ahct) "^ oiwrtji^os'. 

As therefore the Ox that la- l^l^y^, '^a' hi^n^v 

bouts in the Threlhing-floor ytccn^l^ Srco 4 uf^Ss 

without a Muzzle, eats in- efysL^ofj^joi eis rahoj, 

deed, but does not eat all TfeTggii' ^s r o;t^>?- 

up : So do you who lab 'Ur o-Zok ? Gsi^S, 6k '? 

in the Threfhing-floor, that cyKyXncrion ^l^iW • oV 

is in the Church of God, eat T^^rn^v (£ o\ Adi'iTXj oi 

of the Church; which was ^.eiTyfypwJTfs t^ ctk)?^? 

alfo the Cafe of the Levites^ ? f^rue/a rila Iw 

\yho fervid in theTaberna- ruird^ »? ixyXyidUi 

cle of the TeOimony, which xJJ ^tu^to: ^c^o-gTi q 

was in ail things a Type of ^ ' ^ ok r5cfc//.aT©* 

fdefanc. v. Vm^of jaj ;^ c-k. t* r^AwcS^ ou/jHr [Ji^7vzi.i CKmb on. v. 

the Holy ApoftlesI 

IJioLf^ie/'OV, •? cxxA)j- the Church ; nay farther, its 

cr'ixi 91 oKVivT) 'zzr^w- very Name imply 'd, that that 

e/c^gTo. evTcwSo. y'Sv Tabernacle was fore-appoint- 

3^ A<^?nx/ Ty wtwfM ed for a Tefiimonj of the 

'sr^cre^^^ouTiSy ox 't^'' Church. Here therefore the 

«5 ^r "is^o-ipo^/ iS Levins alfo, who attended 

©gocT J^/<ft?|w^&)i/ -vrc:© upon the Tabernacle, par- 

^a^S; tS ;^S Jy^ptfi', took of thofe things that 

9^ aycM^g^Twr , :(5t) were offered to God by all 

a'^;^wi', ^ J^gjcaiwp, the People, namely Gifts, 

6 Jvcriuv, ^ 'Cf^uzpo' Offerings, and Firft-fruits, 

^y, jM,gTF?;^i/ a)c<wAt/. and Tythes, and Sacrifices, 

'Tw^, ^ cw/td) ", (^ :>-y and Oblations, without Di- 

vduiy^i ouuiU'^vy ^ i^o\ fturbance, they and their 

^ ^ytTipei oLU'Twv* Wives, and their Sons, and 

eTxrei^ ^ q" lii Ipyv their Daughters: fince their 

cvJtcJk ^3 ^eiTypyix Employment was the Mi- 

»? (mrjvrii, 2/^ TtfTo niflration to the Tabernacle, 

yXYi^Sbaicw yrs gvk tHereforc they had not any 

l^Sov Iv Ttj/i i|o?5 'lo- Lot or Inheritance in the 

ec r\K 071 ctj eioTpop^l Land among the Children 

TV ;\^3, 7i?iyi^Sh(ricc of //r^f/, becaufe the Ob- 

5' A(^J ^ 'KK'n^vofjLioc lations of the People were 

tSs (pv?S]s cci>Tar. ^J the Lot of Levi, and the 

fjieis h G--fJi€^v, Z e- Inheritance of their Tribe. 

TrioKomi, egi t^ ;>^S You therefore, O Bifliops, 

vjuLMv Upeis, A&fiTwij are to your People Prieds 

0/ K^T\fpyZvTii T^T le and Levis es, miniPiring to 

pa. (TTcyi'.Yi, TM ccyiau the Holy Tabernacle, rhe 

Kac-%AiK^ 6iiKhmi(^M Holy Catholick Church; who 

^peq-MTis ^^ Buo-ix^' (land at the Akar of rhe 

! V^iiy* V. ' K wofc;f c«/Vo; < A^^ct. v. ' yt^. v. "> Xj w 

H 4 Lord 


-Lord ]your . od, and oner ^w ^ yjj^y" tS 0g« 
to hm) rcafonable and un i^wf <c G^^pQcr^rTis 
bloody .Sacrifices through clvtu}' 'tws y\gyiy^s o^ 
Jelus, the great High: ricii. cuioAi^i^xTiii Jvaicti ^ 
You are to the Laity Pro ' naiJ ^ i? fj^ey^Ait dp- 
phets Rulers Governours.and ^isj^icos vyMi tt>?5 h 
Kings; i:heMed^aco^ be*, ween J/txii ?vcu.ytQic, l^ 'g^- 
Goa ana his faithful Peo- ^Srof, ctp^&iTiS, :($«) 
pie, who receive and declare ^^tjw^o/, >^ ^ctG-iAeii^ 
his Word, well acquainted oi fx^aiTu^ 0c« (^ t^ 
with the Scriptures , ye are ^mr^v avT^y oi cTb^^as 
the Voice of God, amd WIl- t? ^q/» ^ ainy^ATS- 
pefles pf his Will, who bear fe>, oiyifo!^(^'^ loa- 
the Sins of all, and intercede (^w;/, -^ ^ (phifyi' ^ 
for all; whom, as you have Q-ev ^ fj,oipiy^ii rjS 
heard, the Word feverely «S^/.vi/>La7@- Gjjri' ot 
threatens, if you hide the 'm^^Tzwi' ms dfJiccpTia^ 
Key of Knowledge from Men, /3a5a^oi^T5$,(c -cfei -mV* 
who are liable to Perdition, ^iwv '^?ir,y)Vjj^joi' cTs, 
if you do not declare his do; 'WiQci^y 'ifji^i>/.^£s 
Will to the People that are o >^y©^ aV^AtJ, 1.^ 
under you; who fliall have >tf ij4«'ig l§ ofr^fi^^Trwr t^ 
a certain Reward from God, w r^&ia^cjc jfA^J^' ofs 
and unfpeakablc Honour and y.lvS'uv©. o Ag6(^©.,gi/i 
Glory, if you duly minifter fm ^^yiiXmi -n fee- 
to the Floly Tabernacle. For KvtjJLct olvt^ ^vcp' y- 
asyour'si» the Burden, fo ^ji^q ?^co' oU *s^ 
you receive, as your Fruir, 0g« fjuo^ai oc-^di^ns (£ 
the Supply of Food and o- xAg©^ ouie)cdit)yn^coviv 
ther NecclTaries. For you Sh^y], xctXoos Ketiap' 

imitate Chrift the Lord ; and yt^cu^ai t>i <73C)jrJ» tjT 

— ■ • - 

,'■■'■,"• < < • 

the Holy Apoftles. 

dyla., (OS ^ g /2ap©- as he bare the Sins of us all 
v^Ti^v^ Smo % TOJ upon the Tree, ac his Cruci- 
^"<priCM r^ Tcpz^v, fixion, the Innocent for thofe 
^^ ^i a'MoA j^ac^s J- who deferv'd Punifliment ; (6 
f/,c^i ^^mZSi. (AAfjy^^ al(b you ought to make the 
To^^a^ ^crs Xg^sDcf t5 Sins of the People your 
^jeJ-^' % ^ 6)5 o/Jtos " own For concerning our Sa- 
574uT&)v VJ^y ^? a^4)- viour, it is faid in Ifakh, JFJe^^ ^^ 
t/cw ^/^l/jjsficiv 'On 10 ^^/?ri ^//r 5w, and is af- 
^i'?[gv, 9^v^S:U a- flicledforus. And again, //<? w.i^. 
^^©. \^ r?^^ici?^j bare the Sins of many, and was 
cicos cc^ta}y. S'm % ^- delivered for our Offences. As 
f(^5 ^ ;^S to; a>3f> therefore you are Patterns for 
t/c« €|<(5^0Tn)i«cd^ ^)7. others, lo have you Chrifl: 
cipjjTitf yi 'sfei tS Q;??;- for your Pattern. As there- 
p©* cy H§'/ct. 017 S fore he is foncern'd for all, 
T®. TO? dfj.apTiw; 71' lo be you for the Laity un- 
fj^v (pep^^ ^ 'sfei ^- der you. For do not thou 
f^v oSh/joLTUj* Kctj 'm- imagine that the Office of 
Ar;'' Auttjs a^apr/a^ a Billiop is an eafie or hp'hc 
wi??ioov ^Luuefyj? ^ S^ Burthen. As therefore you 
TO^- dpofjLictA ajj-Tuo" m:cL- bear the Weight, (o have you 
piSi^^ "D,cnrep Zv a Right to partake of the 
ii^&i (moTTDi 8^, 'dJM Fruirsbcfore others, and to 
^ '^ " oKQ^THiv i'^Ti r to tho[e that are in 
ys.^^/ ^<tis Zu .QfjJToi want, as being to give an ac- 
rs^Toov y^y, ?T&) ^ count to Him, who without 
vfLeiSTa)yb(p' vfJi^s ?^,cu' Bya(s will examine your Ac- 
ytSv, uii ' vofjii^e" oti counts. For thofe who attend 
Aj^ph 7) h^'p^v (pop- uponthe Church ought to be 
^ifp 'Qiv 7\ 'QncTTi^Tr-Q. maintain'd by the Church, as 

»! iiCf V. rejig, male tooauVfi'^. : deeH. V. ? vofJ^iTi. V, 



being Priefts, Levites. Prefi- xf^Sy oosS (^dpf^ (pi- 

V P«g. dents and Minifters of God: fgT?, Sias <fe ^"^ 'jS^ 

^^ * As it is written in the Bcok H^pTmv tt^tvs {jatw 

of Numbers concerning the Pi^fJiCalyav, ^^loiii^o- 

Numb. Priefts, J^d the Lord [aid un- fxipois fj/^^mSiShyajy oos 

to Aaron Jhou, ar^dthy Sor^s, P[gy/v vfi^ovTis nr:S cc 

and the Houje of thy Family 'iz^^ylswi vt^s jui^A- 

Jhall hear the Iniquities of the P[gplc XojiT^Giv. <r« 

Holy thifigs of jour Priefthood, ^ Is^i tjT o^vKmloj 

Beheld I have given unto you 'Uf^frsS^^ovms, c/a *? 

the' Charge of the Firfi- fruits : ox-nXyjaicts «^if g(p?c^, 

f. 8; &c. From all that are fan5ii!ied to oin lepeis , AAii'^cs , 

me hj the Children of Ifrael ; *Gy^tS^Mi , XeiT'upy'si 

I have ^iven them for a Re- ©ga* >(9iGws cv jS/^Acw 

rvard to thee, and to thy Sons fPfS oc^^fjijuv ^f^izr- 

after thee, ly an Ordinance for tzxjj 'ztfe* ^ Upicav Kcu 

ever^ This /hall he 'jours out S^ -njuf^J^ 'w^i 'Aa- 

nf the holy things, out of the ^v Q^, ^ o' yoi en, 

Ohlationi, and cut of the Gifts, ^ o oIjc©- oitin^oii era 

and out of all the Sacrifices, A^i*^^ tw^" aL/macpTixs 

and out of every Trefpafs- rfifj ctycov^ 'f ig^^Tp/cw 

Offering, and Sin-ijjfcrings, and Cf^v. ISbv S^^^^^ vfJlv 

all that they render unto me r ^f^T-np-ncnv ^oc^- 

cut of all thtir holy things, t^j am 'Trj^-nuv rr^ 

they fiall helong to thee, and 7]ytoca}jS^jCfJv u^i id^ 

v,iiy(^ thy Sons,' Jn the SanBu- /twi^ t^i2^»' 'lo-^^riA, Qo\ 

ary fhall they eat them. And S'ii^}HS^cLunii€ls yiejts^ 

a little after, Jll the Firfl- ^ tt3?5 yois a-d jX^ Q' 

fruits of the Oil, and of the vofjufji^v aidviov, (^ Tr«- 

Wine, and of the Wheat, all rm lipujf ijMv ^ niov 

which thty [JmU give unto the ijyiccajjuhoou , c^ ^u 

Lord, to thee have I given y^^p^Tztj^'mv, (S ^-ro 

the Holy Apoftles. 

f^lf S)i^v, ^ wni them ; and all that is firS; 

' '^Twj'" 'mv ^aiwyy ripe, to ihee hdve I given />, 

Xj ^ •ma>?5 ^7fKv\fJL[iJt and every devoted thing. £- 

AftO/?, <fe "^ ccfjiccp very Firfl-horn of Man and of 

Iccov' ^o<7a.'^hSicco-i Beafi, clean and unclean, and 

fj(gi am "ir^rm tojv of Sacrifice, with the Breafl, 

dyioop^ Qo\ eguf ^ ToTi and the right shoulder, all 

iHo7i cni c/v ^ dyicp thefe appertain to the Priefls, 

^(poiyh^" oivm. Ko^ and to the reft of thoje he- 

jjjeT oAiyx' riagc d^ longing to them, even to the 

0&*)M lAcM» % o'iva (S Levites. 

Sect. XV. 

^' AK«'gTs''TOOTOS TTEARthis, you of the 

^ -^ t;>pr>'o;Aoa)co), ^ ^^Laky alfo, the Eled 

oKXex^ QAiyCKA(ncL 'rt Church of God. For the 

©g3. ^^o;\5to?-©e^'- People were formerly called 

-n^v egS ;^05 ^ 19- 77^^ Ftople of God, and, ^^Exod.xiV 

V©. dyo^ i^vop^l^^' Holy^anon Yoa therefore 5, 6. ., 

^uf.«, Sv 1^ ay/* are the Holy and bacred "^^;^- '^"^ 

rfi^t'^iU^U^'AaioL Church of God, en' olid /«.petii-.9» 

^7e>£cr/xf/V« ^^ ^ 7/:^^^;^, ^ Z^^^'^Z Prtellhood, 

es^r'c^, l6ccai.eiov lees^' an hlj ^tton, a peculiar 

rrlyi^, ?0y©- ijiovj P-^/>/^ a Bride adorn d for the 

Me^iTT^^uff^^^^ if«.V. V. Ideea. V. ^c^myk^r V.v. 



Lord God, a great Church, :\gics «$ ^t^^TrotrKny I 
a faich^Lii ' huich. Hear ar- vvt^ivf y^'mafJiAvii 
tentivelv now what was laid yjj^ctj ^ Sea), dx>fAji- 
formerly : Oblations and (net tj^yxAijy ^ c/kkXiH' 
Ty^bes belong to Chrift our cncc' crr/f, a! tk^t^^v 
High-Prielt, and to thote e^i^s^i , vwu ovgjtI^h* 
who minnler to him Tenth.^ axowpgAtcrTzx., (^ d^j(5t- 
of Salvation are the ftrlt tx^, d^^a) ij dp- 
Letter of the Name of Je- ^fpa Xg/^-^w <& fruTs 
fus Hear, O thou holy KetTupyvajv orjuTai*. o^- 
Cathoiick Church, who hall y^p Q^T^eA^ ccj>^ 
efcap^d the Ten Plagues, ovofA^©* Two?. aVas 
and haft received the Ten Is^ ^^oKiytin o«)cAn- 
Commandmenrs, and baft oiol, r\ r Se'J.7rXY}y>p 
learned the Law, and haft on'irBrrd'jyijst^ (t t? s'e- 
kept the Faith, and haft be yj>^\gy)v «AM(pi/a, ^ r 
lieved injefus, and arc nam'd vo^u^^ fj/^K.g:^)ct^cc-, ^ 
afrer his Name, and arc e- ^ r IwjSv rr^'Tnc^j- 
ftabliili'd, and Ihineft in the xijx, ^ (t td' 
Coniummation of his Glory. tS l7u>vof^^o}j$^jii . <fe 
Thofe whi h were then the ^ ry TiXetoor^ ^ Sb- 
Sacrifices, now are Prayers g«5 aJra e^<£/.!'iJ^4 
and Inrercsfuons.and Thankl- ^ ^?\^iLir\i'ml'\ aj tdt* 
givings. Thofe which were ^yjict^, yw2 <^;w;a;, d 
then ^-"^irft- fruits. and Tythes, S'daii-i «;^ i^^e^^-Za/* 
and OvFcrioc^s, and Gifts, at totf cc'^-yoa, xal 
now are Oblations, which S'eyJ.-mji^ (c dpau^efji^' 
are prefcnted by !".o y Bi- izl^ >^ Stopjt vuZ lOf^a-' 
(hops to th" Lord God, thro' (po^\. cu\ 2^> 'twv o- 
Jefus Chrift, who \r)9 died cnw' .^otcTZi^K Trepcr- 

♦ deeit, V. 

the Holy Apoftles.^ 

^eejfiJ^^oji %v^cp W for them For tliefe are 

0f(w 2^7>?(nX^<r», your HiglvPriefts, as the 

§" -v^' cLu^v amj:/^' Presbyters are your Priefts, 

v6vi@^. cIthi yxp eioiv and your prelenc Deacons 

v\^(^v 01 oip')^€peii' 01 inflead of your Levltes ; as * 

^lefSsvi/.^y^olis-pea-' are alio your Readers, your 

6t>7?e^r (^ ol AA^'iTzjt^ Singers, your Porters, your 

vfjioov, ol vwj ^f^-itovoiy Deaconefles, your Widows, 

^ ol ^cLyivdix,ov^s V- your Virgi s, and your Or- 

fjLTvf ^ 01 oidb'i, '^ ol phans : i3ut he who is a- 

mvXo^eii, Of 2^4^ovoi bove all thefe is the High- 

vijlSv, (t cd x^^^y ^ Prieft 

<tj <?3^^Voi, 0^ 01 op- 

'^^ 'O ^E^TnOTcoTT©-, The Bifliop ; he is the Mi- xxvf^ 

St©- ?^y^ 2/^ycov@^, nifter of the Word, the Keep *»* ^^S- 

^ yucooicos" 01/?^^^^ lj(/8' er of Knowledge, the Me- ^^^' 

mTYii ©gy ^ vfjLMv cv diacor between God and you 

fTa,7s 'Zihopi av-riy ;>^- in the feveral Parts of your 

^eioAS St©- ^^okx- Divine Worftiip. He is the 

A©4 dCasSeiaji' ?t©. Teacher of Piety : and, next 

fj^^ Seov ^TitLTvp vfJLol^v, aftct God, he is your Father, 

<r/iiJbcT©- (& ^Tivo^^' who has begotten you again 

7©- ^0L'^vr\mA ifj{^i to the Adoption of Sons by 

€iiijjo^(nouv* ol'T@^ap' Water and the Spirit. He 

"^iv ^ f\yij\&ij©. vfj.0Qv. is your Ruler and Gover- 

oS^T©. vfjLoov (^oLoihi^i nour ; He is your King and 

'^ SujuoL<p]i oli©^ V' and Potentate; He is, nexc 

fjiZv ^^i©- Ggcj fj<^ after God, your Earthly God, 

GgoV, oi o9«A(J '^ <^' who has a Right to be ho- 



ftour'd by you. For con- u/^^^ ^M* ^Acwftj*' 

cerning Him, and (uch as 'sfet yi ixn/ry xow iwi' 

He ic is that God pronounces, aim^r^v av'iwv o ©goc 

KaUxxii./ have faidye are Gods, andje eAg^* 'E^ «Ta. figol 

z/;-^ all Children of the Mofl egs, ^^ ijoi v-^^iq^H ^-^MiHigh. And, Tejhall not [peak ^s' ham'' Qcli v 7[^' 

^ ' evil of the Gods, For let the xoAoywcTrJs. 'O ^ y> " 

Bifliop prefide over you as ^o-xott©- -o^jt^'Ss- 

one honour'd with the Au- l^i^ vfjioov, c^s ©gS 

thori»-y of God, which he is o^^la. t^tt^^IwV©-? ? 

to exercife over the Clergy, %^rei 5" x/^/jy, jc^m 

and by which he is to go- S" ;\^3 -^utdj ctp;:^. o 

vern all the People. But let ^ ^'xor®- iuuto; 'tbc- 

the Deacon minifter to him ^^ztSw. ^ cos o X^(^ 

as Chrifl does to his Fa rraJ 'mTei", ^ A«Ttf- 

ther, and let him ferve him pf&trno c«/Jtw, 6if mmv 

unblameably in all things, dfj^ifjiTr^ms tls o X^- 

as Chrift does nothing of 90? ^V IctwT^ mi£v 

himfelf, but does always ovS'iv, m dp^gx, ^nn&i 

thofe things that pleafe his mS ^n^'ttA ^y'-rcT^' ' 5 

Father. Let alio the Dea- ^ '' c^'zoj^©- «$ ttJ^i* 

conefs be honour'd by you 5 ay« /7n<^^(^7©- ts- 

in the Place of the Holy Uu,t^ vfjuv , a/^^s^ 

Ghoft, and not do or fay a^X ? S^^ph izre^r- 

any thing without the Dea- 7i^7^, ft (p.^^f^jw^w «« 

con ; as neither does the vcT? .©^KA>?T©^. a6(p* 

Comforter fay or do any thing Ic^/jtS -n ;^>« ri ^lel, 

of hirrlelf, but gives Glory ^Md Sb^,cci^<o- r X^/c- 

to Chrift by waiting for his ^v ^fj^'^ g Ueiv^ 

Pleafure. And as we can ^Awt^^ ;(ai a$ cix, 

not bebevc on C hrift with egiv ^^ r X^/^Sy 'Tn- 

•*— ' _ _ I 

the Holy Apoftles. 

r<^<?a/ civAf *? ^ mAj' out the Teaching of the 
f(9t7®4 SiSkoKocAias , Spirit, fo let not any Wo- 
Stws aV<^ *? ^Ttivv man addrefs herfelf to the 
^MiS'ef^ict m^mrni) yj- Deacon or Bifhop without 
rh W ^g.'^vcf), 7} ^ the Deaconefs. Let the 
l£^<7K0'Tijcfj. oi 7i Trpgor- Presbyters be efteem'd by 
fuTEept «^ -TT^TTcj/ i|W,£j/ you to teprefcnt us the Apo- 
nwv '^<^Xm viMv i/g- ftles, and kt them be the 
vofJiiSwjd^.S\Shi7Koc?^oi Teachers of Divine Know- 
sq^Mgr^ c^oyi/oxaiccs' i' ledge; fince our Lord, when 
'Trex^ ^ 6 xvQ^©4 V' he fent us, faid, Go ye, and^^^}:. 
^i ^jgMwi/ iXeyh* make Difcifles of all Nations,^^^^^^' ^^' 
Uop^divns fJi^^rS haftizin^ them in the Name 
cttTP T^TUt Tcc gB-^j?, of the Father, and of the Son^ 
^ct^i^ovns ccvn:ivs ea and of the Holy Ghofl : teach" 
S ovo}j{^ T» nntr^? ^ ing them to ohferve all thly^gs 
tS (fi y,cuj ? ccyla htvAj' whatfoever I have commanded 
K9t/©*' <^<^<7Jcop7i$ (w- you. Let the Widows and 
miiJs TWj^eiV m^v^itu 0(736 Orphans be efteemd as re- 
oiitTiiXoi^bjj \JiijLv K'l prelenting the Altar of Burnt- 
ti X'ij^^ K^ of>(^(^o\ offering : and let the V'ir- 
^ &i mjmv § ^cncc^r gins be honour d as repre- 
e/« Ag/o^c&a;<7TryiJ|ot?j/. Tenting the Al ar of Incenfe, 
€w 75 ^bivoi eis mtrrtLv aud the Incenle it feif. 

%"*" Qs %v gU Iw As therefore it was not xxvit. 

l^cv X>^G^ri, [JLT) cvTct lavvful for one of another ** P^s- 

Aiji'rljj^ rm^<nvi\y^ Tribe, that was not a L^- ^"^^^ 

-n, 71 iT^a^h^^v e'.i vite, to offer any thing, or 

g ^oictgYi^Qv ctvA/ Tfe? to. approach the Altar with- 

hpBcos^ biTt) xcu Cfjieii out the Prieft ; fo alfo do 

^ 1(aSv. V. I deiunc. V. yOU 


you do nothing without the ^ i <j!> t5 ' SSro-^^'izrw 7^- 

Bifliop : For if any one docs S'ri ^7roiii*n. eiSiUsav^ 

any thing without the Hi- tS 'b^ay^Tra thkI ^9 

fliop, he docs it ro no pur- <?<; p^ir*' 7n)i« av^' i 

pofc. For it will not be yi ^uLrm^ ^i fpyr Ao- 

eileenVd as of ai^y avail to jti^ra^^.oog-^'boXciGi^A 

him. For as S^u/l when he civdlj t§ SatcbrA «>^- 

had orter'd without Samuel, o-trsTx^s, Tijct^atr, cZc 

I King* was told, It vr'ill not iiz'jif fx€L{cf.mtico7ZiLi Qot' airw 

xin. 13- y^^ f/j..^ . {o every Perlbii xaj 'm? Aoujc?^ ^'<^ 5" 

among the Laity, doing any igj:«anDc^'nAwi' /c, f<$6- 

thing without the Frieft. la- tchcc ^Tniei xai oh u- 

bours in vain. And as Uz" ^/a? fictjiX6^j<i, Gxn^ 

ziah the King, who was not oov U^^j^ tk T^tJr Jepfcof 

xxn.*^""* ^ Pried, and yet would ex- ^7iA6)VfAg7re;ei67i2y^ 

crcilc the Functions of the rm,^vofj^'i^^ vtw xdj 

Pricfts, was (mitten with Le- rrxi AoA^ti^ s^ aicju.w- 

profie for his TranfgreHion, pn^ t-^ y^'m9eP" 

lo every Lay-Peribn Ihall not i>;c&^©t*y. xct| Ts^y clJ- 

bc unpunilhed who dcfpiics t5 Jc^^Ks^-ras igj^edor, 

God, an J is lo mad as to af xa, t^o) Ti/itZa) ap-mc^t^ 

front his Pricils, and unjuft- tcwizS^ ju.71 juuy.v: (91^^05 

]y to Ihatch that Honour to X^/gT?p. o> y;:^' iotoTcr 

himicif; not imitatingChrifl, ^cfbfao-fc ^^Svcu oip' 

ticb.r, ^>f^f^(^ gi(^^'ffy ^ ^0^ l^tnl:'lf to h ^ep^ijs , X^'\x i;?®^^,- 

wa^e Art hj^h-rri^fl h but fji&ivsy axwra/ tS tto,- 

waited till he heard from t^s. "^^o-g x</'e^©-, 

pp^j^Q-^ his Father, /i6f Lcrd fivare, xoj » fxcircju^Arj^o-g- 

and vrill not ref^rJ, Thou art rooi Qv if^<^? eJj ^ 

tf Friefi for ivcr afttr the cua)ja)(J'r TO^/yMeA- 

-- — I — __^ — ^^^ — g — ^ , — __^^ 


?* *" " c 


fftTOf, ycauTnt '? A^Ll' 
^tprTSi;!/ aU'iors ctatA- 



>k ^ 


5^ pa^iT©- ^?^g,^Q/L(ja'^ 

Holy Apoftles.^ 

Order of Melchifcdek. If 
therefore Chrifl did not glo- 
rific himfelf vvithouc God the 
Father, bow dare any Man 
thruft hi.nfelf incd the Prieft- 
hood, who has not rcceiv'd 
that Dignity from his .Supe- 
rior ? And do fuch things 
which us lawful only for 
the Pricfts to do ? Were nor 
the Followers of Corah, even Nuin.xtl 
tho' they were of the 1 tibc 
oi Levi, confum'd with Fire, 
becauie they roic up againll 
Mofes and Aaron, and medled 
with fuch things as cid not 
belong to them? And D> 
thiui and AhirAm went down 
quick into FIcll ; and the**' 
Rod that budded put a flop - 
to the Mauncfs of the Mul- 
titude, and demonllrared who 
was the High-i riell ordamd 
by God. You ought there- 
fore, Brethren, to bring your 
Sacrifices and your Oblations 
to the Bilhop, as to your 
High Pried, either by your 
felvcs, or by the Deacons, 
and do you bring not thofe 
only, but alfo your Firll- 
fruits, and your Tvthes, and 
j^our Free-will Offerings to 
I Him. 


■4 t 


Him. For He knows who (dym* cwJ^nsyJ ^ yivca* 

^ they are that are ill ArHidion, cnc^ tovs 6AiSofiV«*i 

and gives to every one as j^ l^dq-co i'iStacn -cjg^s 

is convenient, that fo one S ccp[^C,ov, oTms fjih 

may not receive Alms twice ^ «M$ ri 7i^ei<^yus rif 

or oftner the fame Day, or mjtiJ y\[dpa,, ?i Tf cwJ- 

the fame Week, while ano- Tf g^(Jbf<^ ;\^|x- 

ther has nothing at all. For CaV>t, g-n^©. 5 «^^ 

'tis reafonable rather to fup- oAw$ S'iyig.iov yxp 1^ 

ply the Wants of thofe who |t<9iMo»/'TDii 6A<^o|u^Jo/fi 

really arc in Diftrefs, than h^t dhri^iow ImLp" 

of chofe who only appear to y.&v,y) <nTs vojm^oijS^qls 

be fo. I eAi'gg^. 

Sect. XVI. 

XXViif. JP ^^y determine to invite ' I 'OTsels iyx^Vyri- 

Luk xiv. elder Women to an En- "*" mi Sb^lw^ oos o 

13" tertainiricnc of Love, or a Jt^^t©- wVo/^a«, tt^^ 

Feall, as our Saviour calls cupi^jj^/jois * ^Xeiv 

it. Jet them niol« frequently TrpecrSnii^Sy Iw 'Qk- 

fend to fuch an one, whom ^j^tk/ qI ^J^-h^vqi^Ki" 

the Deacons know to be in SojU/VZo;, vjjt^ 'Tfka- 

Diftrcfs. But let what is the "sav-is 'Tj^jw.'TTg-Taai^. «- 

PaQor s Due, I mean the (foe/^iSw q o</ rf J)>- 

Firft-fruits, be fet apart in ^^n^^miiJ^i^ l^i' 

the Feall for him, even tho' fjj.oy\ Asyv S r? a- 

he be not at the Entertain- '^^Sf* ^^ i^p^ ^4^ 

ment, as being your Prieft, fjui\ oS^J tjT Sh^-f, &i 

and in Honour of that God n(jJ/jj ©gS t5 r ^ge^* 

who has entrufted him with thom cwraj l^'^^&^fr^" 

'm ■■ ■ I ■ II I 11 I ■ I ■ ■ I ' ill 

• axzui. V.v. I Mf. v^ 'n \'7r^ni'»y.iv^ti, v. t dcclt.V. » 'iS/uor. V. 


the Holy Apoftles] 

/r©-. o(mv ^ in^TV^ th^ Priefthood. Buc as much 

Trpgo-Suxicftyj' S^iShTWj , as isgiven to every oneof the 

S'lTt^hp SiSbc^ mTs elder ^^omen, let double (b 

2f^^ivois &s y^es^s much be given to the Dca- 

Xe<r«« 'w''^ 6 Trpgcr- cons, in Honour of Chrift. 

Cvre^is oui ocy ^f/.v<xiai Let al(b a double Portion be 

^ T *? c^Jbto-y^A/otfi fet apart for the Presbyters, 

?\gyv^8\lws^i'i^\'7r^ as for fuch who labour a- 

^ aL-TD/'s clipo^^^sSw ri bout the Word and Dodrine, 

/ttp/'ept fts ^£^^ T^ tS upon the account of the A- 

x/^g/tf ^cTp^Awj/, ^ oyy" poftles of our Lord, whofe 

^rrTii7n)v'^(pv\ciojii(^vy Hacc they fuftain, as the 

€cs QvfjiCitPigt tS ^ Councellors of the Bifliop, 

cDt^-cry, ^ *? d^tieAw^ncw and theCrown of the Church. 

gi(p^@^' €i(n y6 cwui- For they are the Sanhediim 

S'e/'Ov ^ /3«A7i r? (k- and Senate of the Church. 

%hv\cricL5, « 5 ^ dvoLy- If there be a Reader there, 

i^w^rs f^i, ^{jL^ocrhca let him receive a nngle For- 

(^ aUTT35 fJigipgLV fjil^p tion, in Honour of the Pro- 

&i UfjJw rP^^ <A^(pi7- phets, and let the Singer and 

*rwv coatLV'Tztjs ?^ lictA the Forter have as much. Let 

rnoS^os, ^ mv>^a}^i, I- the Laity therefore pay pro- 

'^[^q'oi 'iv d^ia)[j(gLlc 01 per Honours in their Prefents, 

?\.ouiy^\ r 's;j^(7YiyLiii7dfj and utmoft Marks of Relped: 

mixlui vsfjihaij^ ou to each diftindt Order. But lee 

rn7i Sbfj^ai^ '^ Tf ^(J) r 'em not o ♦ all occafions crou- 

jS/ov ovT^irvi, fj/fi pa- ble their Governours, but lee 

^<w5 '^^^^ ovo^TieiTCi' them fi^nifie their Dcfires by #^* P^^ 

crr^ TiJ ap^tfcj X^Act thofewhominifter tohim that 242. 

^(96 T^ vzzrnfg'T^r' a is, by cheDeacons.with vvhom 

^iihovTwimiiJi^ivkrmtj^y they may be more free. For 

!deefl. V. ^0/. V. ' euiTwr V. 

I a neither 


neither may we addrefs our tutesi <^ o^ c^- 

felves to Almighty God, but '^v.ct)v^ 'op^s, «$ *7fkh)^ 

only by Chrift. In the fame 'ml>i^r)(naQSTAj(7^. ts^ 

manner therefore let the Laity y> 'V w^joK^ToeA 

make known all their De- S^cf f^c^A^eiv '^y^ 

fires to the Bifliop by the g^V) a^ c^gt tS Xe*- 

Deacon, and accordingly lee q-Z. Stojs ^ ol Aau^) 

them ad as he fliall dired ttocvtoc oQ, ^qv^vtwi^ 

them. For there was no holy c5gt ^^ ^xoV« 90c- 

thing offered or done in the vt^ mJ ^cdcoV^ 

Temple formerly without the ^TroL&iTooiT^, ^ irco y^ 

Mai. ii.7- Priefl: : For the ^^iejl^s Lips S SbK^v ckfirw ^ts- 

Jhali keep KnowicdgCy and the) Aei^n^Qiv, ©rzli yi Trep- 

(hall feek the Lavp at his Mouth, ti^v 09 1^ Ufoo dyL" 

as the Prophet (bmewherc cco-fjiccn ^o^cncpipero 

fays, For he is the Meffenger % iylv^To olv&j ? ig- 

of the Lord Almighty. 'p JFor pgw$ XeiAw ;>§ Ufiaii 

if the Vv orfliippers of De- <pv?^g^^eiixf yi/ooaiv^ (^ 

nions in their hateful, abo- vo^Qy oji^r^mrxniTiv qh, S* 

minable, and impure Perfor- ^y^g^©^ aJry, (p^^o-/ 

manccs till this very Day ^ int' ^s^tp-nrm' ^^oti 

imitate the facred Rules; af'yeA©- j^yeiymj/To- 

('tis a wide Comparifon in- ^esf'to^i tgw", £/y5 

deed, and there is a vaft ^ oi '7^ Shufj^ym Sb' 

DiClance between their Abo- e^7r<^7r^ cv rpTs. jj^w 

minations, and God's facred urx^U xj ^S^^vocroTe 

Worfliip ; however) in their 3^ d^^^prois oj^^jd- 

ludicrous Worfliip they nei- x^^^^'^^ ^^"^^^^X^A 

ther offer nor do anything ^S}sC^ m aytet fjn- 

without their pretended f^hv^' <t fJi^y^e^y fjo^ 

Pricrts : But efleem him as ^ avf^e^cT^m S SS'e^ 

: d^jeft. V. I o^yyiQ-, V. v. 

the Holy ApoftlesI 

Tiuyf^ y4^)pj(^ TMv the very Mouth of their Idols 

tLylm" TTklui ov roTs of Stone, waiting to fee what 

€fA,rm.lyt^oiv avraiv. Commands he will lay npoti 

£ydf T§ fj^Ajefscos evAv them. And whatfocver he 

'E^aTpspyaiv, ei^ 'On- commands them, that they 

9¥A«£7zt/, X^agT?L(56 ro- d/, and wirhoat him they 

li.i^^(n nwv Xi^v r do nothing; and they ho- 

fMiepfoc^ <:^fjSpovTfs nk nour him their pretended 

og^s^.^cj mxiieiv ctvToTs, Priefl", and eCleem his Name 

^ "Triv^Tu, a a.v 'og^^os- as venerable in honour of 

^ri (tlTo7i, oKeivcc 'Qt lifelefs Scrmes, and in order 

isASji, (^ dpAf auT» to the Worfliip of wicked 

'TTvi'^uiv v^S^t;, ?^ Tifjioj Spirits- If thefe Heathens? 

aiv cLurnv r fjiTiepicc^ ^ therefore, who give Glory 

o^tHov clvtS riy^v^ g to lying Vanities, and place, &i TifjJjM T^v their Hope upon nothing that 

(i\u^v ^oiyaivy ^ eis is firm, cndeavour to imitate 

?i^^ei^ im mnvToeM^v the facred Rules, how much 

rrrvAtijJfTm, « Zv (k«- more reafonable is it that 

vol fi^-micc % ^ Sie- you, who have a mod cer- 

-{A/a-ff^oc" ^^cc(^ov^s, tain Faith, and undoubted 

0^ e-TT ^Ssv\ (ie^ocicfi e- Hope, and who expert glo- 

'^vTii r exvToov lA'arr* rious, and eternal, and ne- 

Ji, 'i^'nMjya-i fjufjiei- ver- failing? Promifes, fhould 

SoLf m oiyioL' Tritruj honour God in thofc fet o- 

S'l^iop vij^i ryi (pet- ver you, and efteemyour Bi- 

vo^juTYw rrngiv ^ oi\At' fliopto be the Mouth of God ? 

tvSb^ov ^ alm'Lov" (^ d^cc^taTOv I'TTDLTyiXi^ ociikS^* 
I «4«v^mW v. I defunc. v. 

I 3 For 


S^XIX. For if Aaron, becaufe he 
dcclar'd co Ph^traoh the Words 
of God from Mofes, is call d 
a Prophet ; and Mofcs him- 
(elf is caird a God to Pha- 
raohj on account of his 1^ 
ing at once a King and ' a 
High-Prieft, as God fays to 
Exrd. him, / have made thee a God 
^"•i- to Pharaoh, and A^wn tl.y 
Brother Jhjll he thy Prophet ; 
why do not ye alfo elleem 
the Mediators of the Word 
to be Prophets, and reverence 
them as Gods :' 

yxx. For now the Deacon is te 
* "^ P^g- you Aaron, and the Biiliop 
Mofes. If therefore yJi^/a was 
callvd a God by the Lord, 
let the fciRiop be honour'd 
among you as a God, and 
the Deacon as his Prophet. 
For as Chrift does nothing 
without his Father, To nei- 
ther does the Deacon do any 
thing without his biihop: 
And as the Son without his 
father is nothing, fo is the 
Deacon nothing without his 


^ dp'^Spt^S. COS (pn(7iv 
Seos ^xr^i cLV^nv* 
©koV TPf&?i3($t Qe TtS 
^ae^&), (^ 'AoL^v 

CpTiTHS' ^(^ Zt fJLT\ ^ U- 

yofJiiar}Ti, (C ws 0g«fi 

0gO5", (& VfJilV S^O*- 

,, 1 o» c CI 

3(p7r« (^ COOZfTVp tJjos ^At 
4^ CTOtT^S G^Xi eglJ', y^ 

jBifliop; and as the Son is nui^^^^itov©* cLvAt 

I defunt. V' i C^lv, V. ; ;^ 'A*e*V ^at^mm. v. 



the Holy Apoftles." 

*iS ^cD^ptsTfe' ^ ojcTTTgp fubjedl to bis Father, ft) is 

'vkro^gwf'i^oj'^TaofljSTw every Deacon fubjed^ to his 

^ mCs ^l^ycQvoi ima- Biftiop ; and as the Son is 

^^Tsrea' 6 olicrmp o tjoi the Meflengcr and Prophet 

txSyc?^^ 'fit ^ '^i^cpin'ns of the Father, ft) is the Dea- 

§" mrx^T^s, Stcos ^ con the Meflenger and Pro- 

U^)cou@^ afyA©- & phet of his Bifhop. Wherefore, 

c^p)?W If^t tS ^0-- let all things that he is to do 

^7ry. ^0 ^ -^ij^ m with any one be made known 

^oTiAgf^^a, w' cvj- totheBiihop, and be finally 

tS «5 /m/O', efji(p3pr] TxJ order'd by him. 

^(DtpTTfit; ytviSw, ^ & 

Sect. XVII. 

TV/f HcT^j/ 5 '^^^'Tzy g T ET him not do any thing 

^^^ Qwiio^^v eivAf nS ^ atall vvichout his BiQiop, 

^o-}^7r», ^cTs Ttvi nor give any thing wichouc 

SiSbTco TL oivA/ ^ cTtei- his Confent. For if he gives 

j'« yi^dfjiAji sdp yi cos to any one as to a Perfon in 

^Ki^ofj^a Uvos ;\g^8£^ Diftrefs, without the Bifliop's 

i5 l^o-^Tni hS'co Uvij Knowledge, he gives it fo 

«? KoiSbe/^ ? S^cr- that it muft tend to the Re- 

j^TTtf J^ffrf, ^ 2^^aA- proach of the Bilhop, and he 

7\.\ o/jw ft>5 ccfjjeh^vJcc accufeshimas carelefs of the 

rr^v fiAiC'ojui^wr ^ Diftrcfled. But he that cafts 

(^<7'ico'7rDv ri ?^yco ri Reproach on his Bifhop, ei- 

epycf) ^y.oXoyZv^ Geoj ther by Word or Deed, op- 

'ro^cro"Tcc/(J, (y^ ctxs- pofes God, not hearkening 

ca^ au'TS «^Vt©-- to what he fays, Tfjou fhaitE^iodiixv. 

Ggif « ^KoAQ^Tfar/fT. ;?^^ /^r4^ £^'// of tk Gods^ *^' 

■ igr. V. i deeft. V. 

I 4 foi 


For he did not make th^t Ov yi n^ xl&oov ri 
Law concerning Ueicies of JJawv '(^r-^TD^^iajL^d^ 
Wood and of Scone, which tmv c^o fjCfbh^fi^Avx,- 
arc ahominable, becaufe they tmv ' ovrcav" ^ r 
are faileiy calldGods; but ^^jSb)pufjii^,cl^oi^u^ 
concerninp: the Prieils and tmu Uotcav ^ twV 
the judges, to whom (jod x^itojv.o.s XjeiTnv^oTi 
PfaUxxxi. alfo {aid, Te are Gods, and '^oi e^^ /j^ ^o) v-^'l* 
^' Children of the Mo ft High. ^-y. 
Xxxir If therefore, O Deacon, Ei %v yivc^dKCi^^ & 
thou knoweft any one to be 2/!^y.ove , SAiScfA^oV 
in Diftrefs, puctheBiftiop in mvcc^ \im{WYi(m^ r I- 
rnind o^ him, and fo give to ^q-y.o'irovy Sto) S'iSii* 
him ; but do nothing in a ^ioc ^ti ?^^es^ict)s cJf 
rlandeftinc way, fo as may AotShe/civ auiS ti Qj- 
tend to his Reproach, .left TgA(}, iV«x jt/tii j^irt^i^ 
thou raife a Murmur againft •^^^otaoi/ l^apiis j^ar' cv J- 
him. for the Murmur will 7y' « ^ >(9^t' cL^ o rjpP 
not be againft him, but a- r'ucrfji^s ytv-riGimfy d^koi 
gainft the Lord God : And v^ wj^v t? Ogoi>, ^^ 
the Deacon, with the reft, dytytkikfo^/^Kov©.^ 
will hear what j^aron and ol Aoi-Trel, tJ; 'Aa£pSi> 
Miriam heard, when they (^ Maeia 5(9:Ta/'^.A9i- 
Viumb. (pake againft Mofes, How is crains Mooaioos ri^cycitv* 
'^'^' ^' jt that ye were not afraid to riws (^ Icfo^-n^Ti }(9i- 
(peak againfc m'i Servant Mo- '7Tx;^A'>7£rK^ Kp MwoS 
fes? And again, Mcfcs fays t5 ^'.es^-ujovrmi fj^y ; 
to thofe who rofc up againft Kc«/ ToiA/y ctoTis Mw- 
K^ofL liim, lour Mio?:''/urin^ ts net cii (i'?:oj rol&t7ncrul•cl^' 
^^'^ ?- againfl- us,hut agrtiijjl the Lord (j^cnv aJj^' Ou y) 
cur God, For if He that calls j(^3*' ^/^wy o r^fyvT- 

i deeft,V. 

the Holy Apoftles, 

figs S'^/' ??tv, Xv\oi one of the Laity Raka, orMat.r.ii: 
vi^ x/^e/tf iS ©gS >?- Pool, fliall not be unpunifli'd, 

fj^u, E/ y5 AoMJcpj' as doing Injury to the Name 

&pti^i pacY^v 71 ^epvy of Chriit, how dare nny Man 
(^ u.Tif^pyirQ^y'-.cas^ (peak againft his Bifliop, by 

y^e^W S tS ^r« whom the Lord gave thcHo- 

ovof/,GCy ri \* ' oivTii ly Spirit among you upon *^* Pag 

^T ^(TKOTry «W>? ; the laying on of his Hands, M4- 

cJ^i' ^ S a;j^o;/ *7iv6C*/<p(, by whom ye have learned 

^e^@^ ^ op" xjiMv IJ)y the facred DofSrines, and 

vAv c^T'^x^tP^<j-i^y have known God, ana have 

cTr « ayioL S^y/u^i^rrob, believ'd inChrirt, by whom 

^fj^^){g.Ti^ (^ ©goV ye were known of God, by 

iyvcti)[^<n, % €is X^A^ whom ye were iealed with 

^u Tre^c^&.'^m, SfS the Oil of Giadnefs, and the 

iryy'M^vTs 'ioD Ge^, S^i Ointment ot Underftanding, 

^ ^c^e^T'/^iE 2^'V by whom ye were declar'd 

d'ya,?hicLq2(f)i ^ (MJpcp to be the Children of Light, 

cuuuioBoosy S'l ^ tjQi fiar by whom the Lord in your 

^5 «V^gJ^a%c^>iTF, .(^t^ Uiuminacion tel'ified by the 

^£jL©^ci^'nS(p(solc(jf/,c^ Impoucion of the Bifliop's 

vfJi^v Tf 5^ ^cr)(^7r« Hands, and font; out his la- 

r^eiepGgQ'/co fjcap^rvt^v-, cied Voice upoa every one 

l(p' Bi{0.qt)v vfA^v r lees^y of you , ■ laying, T/jon art ??;y ^^A i^. 7^' 

s^iTiivB (pcovluj, hiyouu" Soffy this Day have I he'^otten 

T\oi fj^'<i « C^' ko^ <^' fhee. By thy 3i(hop, O Man, 

fjjg^v ry<r^y)n^ a^- A^* God adopts thee for his Child. 

tS '^cTxoVa (n Geos Acknowledge, O Son, that 

tfO'miieiTajfa^yCCv^pM'rre' Right Hand whioli was a 

O^w'e^^g v), r k^i^ Mother to thee. Love him 

r fj/n'^it^ <nj, r^PT^ 't who, after God, is become 

I dseft. V. t deed. y. > ?r«<7}i]«^ v. ' deeft. V, 


a Father to thee, and honour fJl^ Seov ^o/m^jov a^ 
him, cTTXT?^, ^ 5^ " aeS[t 

2 '^ f 

XXXIII. For if the Divine Oracle E/ y> 'cfei 'j^^ >^ 

fays concerning our Paren s, u:ip>[^ yvtm ^ucl S 

Exod.xx. according to thb Fielh, /:r^^- ^ S^«i|t" ?^yov^ Tl^Ji^ 

11* notir thy Father and thj Mother, r 'Tiztii^ jy <^ r fju/f 

that it fnay be rrell with thee, ik^ c7«, <Va. gS (^or 

x»i. 17. And, //^ /^4^ 'curfeth his Fa- 'f^'mrxj^* Kct) 'O Jt^i^tP- 

/^^r or his Mother, let him die P^yojy rrt'n^ v /jjyt^ 

the Death; how much more <n^ ^voLto) n;iKAf' 

ihould the Word exhort you mL'Tw 'maMfj^^ov'^ 

to honour your Spiritual Pa- r?^ mvAjyi^in-iiZv i)p- 

ifents, and to love them as lim vfjilv 6 ?^y©^'7nx,' 

your Benefadors and Ambaf- ^mai kfjidv avThs, 

tadors with God, who have ^^pynp, tisSepyt^, 

regenerated you by Water, ?^ Trpe&^^ttii tt^s 

and endued you with the ©eoV, lis S^l tiJ^7i@* 

Fulnefs of the Holy Spirit, vfj^i cLva''^r)<T^l9^ , 

who have fed you with the tJ^ W dyico irvd^jiJ^U 

Word as with Milk, who •jrXwe^Tar^, T«f tiS 

have nourilh'd you with Do- 7\gyctiyju?^ycT^<fin(m.v' 

<Srine, who have confirm'd gc^, t^s cv Tf ^Shi- 

you by their Admonitions, tr^Kiai. acvcc^ps-^jj^ys 

who have imparted to you t»5 cm/ t va^ealous gn- 

the faving Body and preci- ez-^au/^, t^s t5 azon' 

pus Blood of Chrift, who q/b azofj{^(^ ^ ? m- 

have loofed you from your ^/« aAfj(^@- a^/oJjai/- 

Sins, who have made you rrti '^ vf^i', T»f *PIS 

Partakers of the holy and dfJ^Tim Ailji^TctJ, ^ 

facred Eucharift, who have 'f ccyUs xy Ue^s ^^')(^' 

f ' ■ ' ■ ■ -^ 

I deeit. V. ! deeft. V. : S^jck. V. 4 dccft. V, 

the Holy Apoftles. 

e«^/a$ i^eni^ys mvni' admitted you to be Partakers 

inl^^r ^ '^ l^yi- and Fellow- Heirs of the Pro- 

T^Ui ? SeZ 9t^ivu)v'^s rnife of God ; reverence thefe, 

^ (wfyiKY\ ^■' and honour them with all 

l^h^s vfigis ; t8t»5 S- fcinds of Honour ; for they 

^SiyS^oL kfjs^'n 'ttj^^ have obtain d from God tbj^ 

froiW mi^ii'^Zrni 'yli Power of Life and Death, iV 

rsxy. ©&<w ^mi % ^. their judging of Sinners, and 

yocTtf g|yji(Jyu «ATi(pa' condemning them to the 

mv OP ^ ^y[^^eiv t«.' Death of Eternal Fire, as al- 

tS/^ori^CpS^, ^ jc^ia^- fo of loofing returning Sin- 

3{9&^«rr «5 ^yoLrnv mt- ners from their Sins, and of 

ej>s alcovlv, ^ Xvciv a- reftoring, them to a new 

fxfpnm rvs g'7n<j-pg(poi'-' Vj^ife. ^''* ' 

TiTui ip^vrms V- Accountthefe worthy to be XXXIV, 

l^y ' % p>cc(7iA^s Tiyel' efteem'd your Rulers and 

ScK^" vofA.i^i'nj j^ ^0" your Kings, and bring them 

fA,k coi ^aaiK^m ir^- Tribute, as to Kings. For by 

cT^g^gTg* l§ v^v yi you they and their Families 

tt/>Tw W ?^ T-yf o-«iyo/- ought to be maintained, as 

X&5 (w^v '7fg(pgc&a/ Samuel made Conftitutions 

^^77. di ^ctf/^wK he- for the People concerning a r King: 

m^cLTQ 'cy^i T p^ov King, in the Firfl: Book of ^ii- 

'n%i t8 (ixfTiAiojs, ov Kings, and Mofesdxd focon- 

n^TT^TYiT (^ccoiXeimf cerning Priefts in Leviticus: 

59 MoDOYfs ^z^ fPlS le So do we alfo make Confti- 

pecavy ^ cv nxi AAilU- tutions for you concerning 

y.^", Stw ^ 7\fji^<i vfjuv Bifliops. For if there the 

1^ iP(S lma7(.Q7iwv Multitude diilributed the in- 

^Taoj-c/ute^. « ^ ferior Services in Proportion 

^i-miw i-n--| • 



to fo great a King, ought dK«';t^S!6©^ TwAo^aTtt 

not therefore the Bifliop much (^aaiKim S^otP^^yas to* 

?**P^g. more now to receive of you %*i5^prc7iaf l^^jTw, -tto- 

^^^' thofe things which are deter- ceo fj{^?^op ii^i ^ vwi 

min'd by God for the Sufte- o gTr/o-jcoTr©* ^iJL&d- 

. nance of himfelf, and of the veiy o(feiK^ ^ vfj^^^ 

• ifeft of the Clergy belonging to d^ 5 0g^ o/J- 

to him; but if we may add TJw^(rf4''>^,7repfc$^- 

Ibmewhat farther, let the Bi- r^(pl/j) auurd ts ^ ^ 

iliop receive more than the trtw duLmf v.'hy\e/'^v 5 

other received of old : For he « ^ J^« j^^tj n i^epa- 

only managed the Affairs of ^rtvaui ^ 7\Qyoo. ^&oif 

the Soldiery, beirjg iniriijft- 'StA ■^la^fJikd/je'^j rt 

ed with War and l^ace {am6ze^v@. g -mAoior' o 

the Prefervation of Mens Bo- jul y> spxkconyj: /mgvac 

dies; but the other is in- (J'iei'7r&, 'sroAe^r 4 ^'- 

trufted with the txercife of f>!wLuj JyuaMrf^V©* 

the Prieftly Office in relation ^ ets" (pv^^mp Qo^fj^- 

to God, in order to preferve aryf, o ^ r Wj 0goj/ ig- 

both Body and Soul from e^a-mluj, Qa)iu{^:^'^u- 

Dangers By how giuch ^Iw'TtztpairifjSip^^ytiV' 

therefore the Soul is more J'wuoov.carcfjfjnlvvv'^O' 

valuable than the Body, x^ C^W®* x/)aT7a?r, 

fo much the Prieflly Of- Tno-iTO) he^o-vuuii f^cc- 

ficc is beyond the Kingly. aiA^,ocs' S^o-fAAfi '^ ^J' 

For it binds and loofes thofe tti ?c/ Aty<f rys -n^e^'as 

that are worthy of Punifh- ?? o^gWwf a^/»5. ^or 

mentorofRemiffion. Where- e7rlo-y.07niv r^pry^iy o- 

fore you ought to love the ^«AgTs a?5 TOTge^, (po- 

Biihop as your Father, and CaSzcf ois (^aaixU, fc- 

fear him as your King, and fjLctv cJ> -^j^jlov. 


I deeft. y. 

the Holy Apoftles^ 

if(ff,pmiii uf/.oSv ^ ^ Ip- honour him as your Lord^ 

you nP^ x^^^ ufj.^v £ii bringing to him your Fruits 

S/\gyi^p vf/.m 7r^fT(fe- and the Works of your Hands, 

^vTiicwTiji.^s cc'rnxji' for a IMefling upon you, gi- 

^i vf^o^v, <S mis Si->{J,' ving to him your Firft-fruits 

^ ufjLcoi/, ocj m dcpcu" and yoUr Tythes, and your 

pefjl^nu vfjLoiv^ (c ia Oblations, and your Gifts, 

i&^ Cfj.ctiv S\Shv'ni as to the Prieft of God ; the 

ea/7af wj igf « ©g«, a- Firft-fruits of your Wheat, 

'^X^ Ot«> o^'»'«» ^- and Wine, and Oil^ and Au- 

Acw'y, omti^i, ^ipkois' , tumnal Fruits, and Wool, 

s^ mJuTwy Zv Tvu^x©* and all things which the Lord 

c Sios i^^pnyei v- God gives thee ; and thy Of- 

juiiv^ ^ f ^ Qot' ^ Trepc* fcring ihall be accepted as a 

<po^ (TV c^gxTT) «5 oV- Savor of a fweet Smell to the 

fd.7\v S(f)S'iais xve/^ TJcf Lord thy God ; and the Lord 

Qe^ enj, ^ ^?[gynaTl will blefs the Works of thy 

yjje^@^ i» f/)>a/ 'j^ Hand?, and will multiply the 

X^e^y «^' >^ ';t^«<^l'i« good things of the Land. For ?rof,:a, 

m oiyxBri 'f yr,s o-»* 4 Blefing is upon the Hedd of^^^ 

inni'mf &h oyicc es jt€- /;/;» that giveth. 

Sect. XVIII. 

VPt) 5 t^j^s yivco- "^OW you ought to know XXXV. 

"^ cDcftr, oTt « ^ -^ that a Itho' the Lord has 

fppJo-ct'TO i5/Lc^5 %/)e^©- deliver'd you from the Ad- 

•f cTaAcJctf ;)? g'TT^iCTax,- ditional Bonds, and has 

nwv Si<7jji(^p, ^ l^-nyu' brought you out of them to 

fyiv oyioii &S ocvgl-^v^iv.. your Refrelhmeflt, and does 

i-.i I ■ I ^ i' . .. i - i I M I I II H I II '- 



not permit you to facrifice liMiytilc edcrsus vij^s 6yW 
irrational Creatures for Sin- a;i9>a ^^0. c;%i a^- 
Offerings,' and Purifications, Uojvy ^ v^^e/^n^^, ^ 
and Scape Goats, and conti- ^mjXTrouwt', d. An- 
nual Wafhings, and Sprink- t^v cvuu2*)^vj % 'cfefp- 
lings, yet has he no where p^'n,e/ct>p' » S'-nTv ?$ 
freed you from thofe Obla-* ^ &c^o^v vfj{^i IhAt- 
tions which you owe to the ^e^a^v, Sv c^ftAgig 
Priefts, nor from doing good if?s lep^aiy ^ ozwi^ «V 
to the Poor, For the Lord tss koijSfiys dj^nnm. 
fays to you in the Goipel, Ag^ y> 6 tu^a©- ^fj^i^ 

jyj^.y^j fZ/^/^yi your Righteoufnefs 4- ou ^ iutxSyiKixf)- 'Ecti 
hound more than that of the fx-h 'e%((xj^Vji vfjiSy n 
Scribes and P hart fees y ye jhall Sii^iocmuyi ^etov to^' 
If no means mter into the ^ccfji^^m & q^olqjl* 
Kingdom of Heaven, Now Qilm, i /xri eiaiK^r& 
herein will your Righteoul- «% r (^xcnAeidp Twr 
nefs exceed theirs, if you i^avSy Ov<Tzai%y ^eo' 
take greater Care of the vaai jS ^^locwijn t5- 
Priefts, the Orphans, and the jxw^, ov W 7i\iov u- 
VVidows : As it is written, i^i ir^voibp rrviiiSdii 

Pralcxi9 ^^ l^^ffj Scattered abroad,, he twk hpfoov^ ^ riv op- 
hath given to the Poor, his (fdpm^ ^ rZv xy)^v, 
Righteoufnejs rewaineth for e^ ^ ^ ^twv S^o\^!icav"* 

Prov. xir. ver. And again, By /4i?j of m yi-^oL^jiajf "B.<TKop* 

^7* Right eouf nefs and Faith Ini rna^v, gcftt;)t* rtoii ^^ 

quities are f urged. And a- ywcii^ , ^ ^Di^iociwn 
xi. 25. gain, ^i/^r^f bountiful Soul is iutni\jS^\ ^ ds" Tsfctiw- 
blejfed. So therefore (halt vas. Krt)WA(y' Eastj- 
thou do as the Lord has fj^cvuuoui ^ irmcnv ^. 
appointed, a«id (halt give to ^^i^^vTwi dflf^ricuf^ 

Mefant. V. ' W V. 

the Holy Apoflles: 

Ka^ mLhiv' 'y^x\ <^^ to the Pried what things are 

Aorj7f4!>j^ "^G^ ^^^. due to him, the Firft-fruics 

OuTwj Zy r^iioii (ji, of thy Floor, and of thy 

di Jijie/©- ^"^ S^Ltl0.^ Wine-pre(s, and Sin-offerings, *•* Pag. 

IccTo' ici Siai^ TO) Up& as to the Mediator between ^^^* 

m o(p&?^jjAvcc cujToj d' God and (uch as Hand in 

^X^ aAwi/o5 :^ A>J- need of Purgation and For- 

j/5(^ '5%ic3t^«f/c&>V, ds givenels. For 'tis thy Duty 

^gOTTJi ©gS ^ owy J^o- to give, and his to admini- 

l/^my^^cipaicas:^ -m- fter, as being the Admini* 

^iTt(js<as, o-g ix yi J'tSi' ftrator and Difpofer of Eccle- 

voLf TT^ari'ici^.ol'Ksvoueiv fiaftical Afl^airs. Yet Ihalc 

i^ c/n.€ivov,a72 oUovof^v thou not call thy Bifhop to 

^ S^ioimri^v riv 6%}^^- Account, nor watch his Ad- 

ffiocgirt^v TTfuffig^'nov. » miniftration, how he does 

fj^ ^01 ?^yic^(^aii era it, when, or to whom, or 

n-'i^cKOTrvv, ovj'e /TitL' where, or whether he do it 

esx-'J^p^oi^r oUovof^i^ well or ill, or indifferently ; 

amS, 'TTzoi ?3i7iAa, rj for he has one who will call 

miE, S Ti(nv, r) muS, y\ him to an Account, the Lord 

« ^?\isy 11 9«/jAw5, God, who put this Admini- 

6 kovTcas. i^ ^ ;\9' ftration into his Hands, and 

yi^v 'AA)^Qv T ©gcjV r thought him worthy of the 

ir^ae^cTi^"^ eii ms Priefthood of (o great Dig- 

X^esf'i tumii r oitcovo- nity. 

S E G T. XIX. 

J^Po o(p^A^r g;^ TTAVE before thine Eyes xxxvh 

T tS ©gocT^c^ojr, •*■•*• the Fear of God, and 

^■nTf f^e[y.v7}i/^@4T always remember the Ten 



Commandments of God. To S'e^^ ^ GeoJ^MylooTk 
love the One and Only Lord dytTrav vjoq/.qv t ©goi' 
God with all thy Strength. hlvoL ^ ^'poy e| oA'/?i 
to give no heed' to Idok, or 'if /j^u©*'- y.i\ t|^o-a- 
any other Bei-gS) as being v^x^^ eiff^yAoxs, T\no\v 
lifelefs Gods, or irracional knk^n, m ^oi^ a^).J- 
Beings, or Daemons. Confi- j:^/5 % ai?lyi^^ % (Pow- 
der the manifold Workman- ^o(7ir. ylvooo-ice hj^^t- 
Ihip of God, which receiv'd npyl^ SeoS i^*po- 
its Beginning through Chrift. ^p^ <^fX^ :\g.^'i(Tbp, 
Thou flialt obferve the Sab- c^ Xg/^-S, ^ G^^- 
bath, on account of him who CaTi^s i^ r Trtt/W- 
ceaftd from his Work of ju^jot^ jui^ ^ <7n)i&v, y 
Creation, but ceafed not Trajjc^ifj^'jop q tS ^s^- 
from his Work of Providence : loSv, QiSSoiUayJv iim- 
'Tis a Refl for Meditation Agivis j'o^j', y ;^f<59Ji' 
of the Law, not for Idlenefs dpyi^. mSiaav fjcje- 
of the Hands. Rejed: every ^v Im^fJiiciuif ctmuozij' 
unlawful Lull, every thing 'mcraj/ AJ|u^y ^ 'On 
deftrudive to Men, and all ^^(p^e^ts cJ/jSg^'^Twv, 
Anger. Honour thy Parents, mtLcbp i^yh, yvSi 
as the Authors of thy Being, ^ly^^ d; odrl^s ^A- 
Love thy Neighbour as thy c^eau dyLiroL r '^t^w- 
felf. Communicate the Ne- mov cm ds o^coutlV. xox- 
ceflaries of Life to the Needy. v<i)i\ fil\s <n)7s S^ofj^jois, 
Avoid fvvearing falfly, and lmopy,l^ ^ rrohvojx" 
fwearing often, and in vain, x/cu' yi^nmnov 9^"^, « 
for thou Ihak not be held ^ af5rya)^V/7. ^ri 09- 
guiltleft. Do not appear be- hta c??^ ^?5 Up^cn 
fore the Priefts empty, and -^voiy (t m ix^vaid cm 
offer thy Free-will Offerings ovS^Aexi^oov^cnpepe' 

the Holy Apoflles: 

% ^ Xe/r^S a-^Tchn- continually. Moreover, dd 
cicci fj.T\ '^hliry^ op- not leave the Church of 
i^eKm eii oj^tIa/:, k»^ Chrift, but go thither in the 
^T^JTDj ipyy, (£ ^Ktv Morriing before all thy work, 
Icxjji jLi eis a/jrlw d- arid again meet there in the 
'TT^'TiLjj^e^r^v ©g<w Everting, to return Thanks 
'v^ Sy Qoi T ^c^lu) to God that He has preferv'd 
^y^:^eAgu],epy^vi.ou* thy Life. Be diligent, and 
S^As^^Sy x,07nx, 's^- conftant, and laborious m 
c^ej>€ ■iujQ^.Cij m ly^iaicc thy Cahing. Offer to the 
(m. Tlf^y!), (pY^cn, r Lord thy Free-will Offerings ; 
^^ov kmi (^v ^-Kcdtov for. {iys He, Honour the Lord Prov.iii.^^ 
mivcov, ^ ei" €isr xof with the Fruit of thy homjl 
^aj^aj' ^ y cTiu/cectt/ /3obA- Labotirs, If thou art not a- 
?^eiy , xav y^oivcav^ " ble to call any thing confi- 
mTi ^hois tv, 7) ^0, derableinto the Carban, yet 
71 iiiv'n Mir^* ^G-cjj' at leafl: beftow upon the 
ez-^'c QcuoT^ r ^e^viov Strangers one or two, or five 
^vTOv, cVaTE (/fs, fcTE Mites. Lay up to thy fclf^^^^^-^U 
^i'Sct^ Kuyi^vouuiTx). HcAvenly Treafure, which net'- '■^* 
<S 'miSiv vTTi', fjiTi 3c^' ther the Moth nor Thieves can 
pajf T b^cTKOTriv o^ ?j r dcfiroj : And in doing this, 
Qp>^ajLi^v' IcV^y) K,e«" do not judge thy Biffiop, or 
pris T d,k?i(povj 5ce«- any of thy Neighbours a- 
fjTii l)^Jy, fjA^S^vos Qe mong the Laity ; for if thou 
fsy^^eigAou^jS^a ' id'« judge thy Brother, thou bc- 
^ lep^aiv e^T£^7i>» comeft a Judge, without be- 
^e/v^v fjigvois- oTi&pri' ing conftituted fuch by any 
rmjj cw^Ti' YieJ-yig^ Si* body ; for the Priefts are or.' 
9f^iov^^^ yce/voLTi' Kcj ly intrufted with the Power *\ ^^i^ 
rm,hiv' r/rgcds Te^fTTg- of Judging. For to them it ^'^^* 

I deellfl V. ' % J^'m^st: ^dhKcifV) Kotveivei. al- V 

K is 


Deut.i. is faid, Judge righteous 'Judg- ^/ro^ Shyufj^i^i ^ *Tiuv 

^^; ment \ and again, Approve ^ 'yi' t^'^TtT^^af 

^^cY^y\\oyour f elves to he exa6i Mone)^ ^h^Uov^eipynvuf^'is 

dceit. changers. For to you this is g^w 5" d^oiiJ^fl^^y ? 

not intruded. For, on the ^iwc^tgixS, '^^J^cTKaAx- 

contrary, ic is faid to thofe xS ' ^^oip^acn' Mh 

who are not of the Dignity Ttez-nii, <^ b joi^ xa*- 

of Magiftrates or Miniiters, ^02^. 
Luk.v1.37 y^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^ p^^ll ^^^ y^ 


Sect. XX, 

XXXVII. -OUT 'tis the Duty of the nTO'N^Jrn,* I^V- 
"^ Bifliop to judge rightly. -*- x-ottoj/ cr« xe^- 

J h. vii. As it is written, Judge righ' y«y dpBfio^, j^^rSws ^'- 

*^' teous Judgment ; and elfe- '^ctnAouf Tlw ^-i^low vvhere, Whj dojemt even of xe/cnvxe/pSTi-KwccA- 

your fclves judge nhat is right > ?{g.^ Ti q ^ a.(p 

Be ye therefore as skilful IcfjuTwi' tJ xe/Ve^n *B ^Ti- 

Dealcrs in Money : For as 'n^iov h TheS^ Zv as 

thefe rejed bad Money, but dpyucpvofJi^i i'^crri^' 

take to themfelves what is res. v^,^mp ^ «TDt 

current ; in the Came man- la (faZ?^ /PgS vofjua-' 

ner 'cis the r ifliop's Duty to /ti^cTzw^ amx^wai^ tco 

re a'n the Unbiameablc, but q Sbyti^ oUei^vTzmf^ 

either to heal, or, if they be (w<nv S^h ^epVoy ^ ^ 

pall Cure, to cafl off thofe '^(Ty,o7rDv ^i, m jtt 

that are blame- worthy, fo as a^wp(^ h^t^x^^^ "^ 

not to be hafly in cutting q 'tku^p^q. % ,^e^- 

off, nor to believe all Accu- ir^jeiv^ rj d\^iaL^e vo- 

*' " " 11 ■ I ii w — ^— ^ m I— — w 1 

• cT*. V. I defunt. V. 7. 

tie Holy Apoftles^ 

mvm imppi'^civ ?$ fations ; for it fometimes Iiap- 

/xn rrot^ioDs 7tp'5f«y, /imi- pens that (bme, either thro* 

<rg ois H 'TroTi mqr^^y* Paflion, or Envy, do infift on 

efj^'pe! yip mvois ^ a falle Accufacion againft a 

^(^ C5i;\9^ Ti (p^^ojr Brother, as (Hid the two £1- 

scgfcTO T/r©- doBAipoS ders in the Cafe of Sufanm Dan.xm. 

o^fj}(7acS$ '4''^sr5; )(9t7>i- in Bab-jlon, and the >^fT/?//4;^Geoxxxix 

^^bp 60S 01 S)jo TrpecT' Woman in the Cafe of 7<?- 

^wTFep' ^^ *? SwoT^vwJ feph Do thou therefore, as 

C4f BaCwAwrr, ^ J a Man of God. not rafhly; 

hiyj^LOL Ri W^ 'lo)- receive fuch Accufations, left 

<n}(p. (^ti aj/ W5 ©gocT thou take away the Inno- 

^B^^-sr©^ TO Tu/coiTw cent, and flay the Righte- 

jLtri 'Ui^'-^&ptas fs?^h' ous; For he that will receive 

j^3. /Va, jitTi aVgAais r (uch Accufations is the Au- 

cljoo:iv Kj '^x.Tmini r thor of Anger rather than of 

S\>ig.iov, c ^ iDicwTtt Peace. But where there i3 

^s^ii';)(sSz^QehcovyCf>' Anger, there the Lord is 

yvi 'TTctirp 'Qri h3>^ov vj not For that Anger, which 

etpiuurji omy 5 ^PT^f is the Friend of Satan, I mean 

oK« ^^A©^ siyi^igiv that which is excited unjull- 

7i r^opyn'-^' :^ccTctvoi Iv by the means of Falfe- 

vcrx/);^«cra (p/Aw, Ai'yco Brethren, never fuffers Una- 

^, r\ 'B?^' g S'i^^iov nimicy to be m the Church. 

x{vyf4«»i ^ i^^'^- ^^herefore, when you know 

^^?\(^(tiv iiSiTTTiTs d- fuch Perfonb to be foohfh, 

(piyi(n ^i^ ofJiCfi'oi^ quarrelfome, paiTionare, and 

ov r-n c/K'iikmla. o^v fuch as dciighc in Mifchief, 

tmyvcf.av.ovTii tIs to/s- do not give Credit to them, 

TKs d(p^vcci, iQjL9x.iy but obferve fuch as they are, 

.^^wAwTOs", ^;^oMfg^- when you hear any thing 

I 74. V. : T». V. I deeft. v. ^ ^'h^i^i^yj>>^vi V. v. 


from them againft their Bro ^xk/', i^t) miq'ioiT^ 

ther; for Murder is nothing cw^'toZs" X^a j^^j^oTf- 

in their Eyes, and rhey call f«cds Tes "JiiaTttj, a- 

a Man down in (iich a way yJoviii Tt ^' ow'Tai^ 

as one w^ould not fufpedl. ^ e*crgA(pS' oti g^Av 

Do thou therefore confider ov o(p^.A^^?j crjJowV 

diligently the Accufer, wife- 90^©.' ?^ « 'nj s;^''vrs75- 

ly obferving his Converfa- vooi.^rnxQci^hiiGiv dp* 

tion, what, and of what fort J e^t. C^ h ix^^cre^ 

it is ; and in cafe thou findeft itS ^cf.nyiypn<^vky ov 

fcim a Man of Veracity, do Q(piGUfsf^nyi^vrd/Jcc^ 

according to the Dodrine of 57309^0) oujtS^ Us ^ 0- 

j^^j^ our Lord, and taking him mDioc ^J'^v^' ^ « 

x?]ii. 15. who is accufed, rebuke him, ^Q;fis auurriv aAwG(A'op- 

that he may repent, when no i», kJ^' t^ 5^ :u;e«» 

body is by. But if he be ^Sbi^Iw ^yktuv^ ^ 

not perfwaded, take with i^^vov mtes^p^Qm r 

thee one or two more, and Ti^.^mypn^v'^ , eAg>- 

Ib fliew him his Fault, and for coJii^, ottw? juwttxJ^ 

admoniftihim with Mildnefs voj, ^/^S'evci Qoi GVfJi- 

Pror. x;v. and Inftru(9:ion : For Wifdcm ^iy]©-' ei 5 « mi^ 

n* 'ppillrefiupn an Heart that is <S-^'>t, ^^ow^j©, «Mi7i- 

^^^^, ^«^ /> ;/£?/ under ft 00 d in />©.,J Tg>iT©-,?Tdus c«J* 

^^^ //(f^rf ^/ //'^ Foolijk TiJ'-izmS'ei^Gv li '^t^/;^- 

6?v t?^ TrfaoTMTi ?^ 'TntiS^eia,' cri cv ^^fS'tob oiyiAvi 

XXXVIII ^f therefore he be per- ^^* 'E^ li^ mi^^ 

» » Pa fwaded by the Mouth of you fe'Si 5W^^©- 'PlS^re/^v 

*248*^* Three, 'tis well. But if any vfj^^v, sJ dpi^i* « c^' 

Aiatt.xviii.onc hardens himfclf, Tell it kt vKhy^fwii^y ft-are 

the Holy Apoftles." 

•ry QKytKm!^' iai ^ o^ to the Chn^h : But if he neg- 

^ *? oxytK-AtT ioLi tD^ lecis to hear the Church, let 

waYij tt^co Qoi t^s him he to thee as an Heathen 

e8j/i)^5 ^ tiKmm" ^ Man and a Puhlican ; and re- 

imyjtlc ciWTci/ o3i X^^si- ceive him no longer into the 

^Qf n^^y.Hx'^ ^ 'T? .Church as a .Chriflian, but 

c/KvKr\(TicL^ X^' W5 g9 rejed him as an Heathen. 

vi'i^v nx^nS €i 5 (ii- But if he be willing to re- 

;\9f'ro |uigW/jofli/,'c>£po- pent, receive him. For the 

?i^fjiSoivii' G^ y^ r Church does not receive an 

i^viy^v, ii ^ ^^.oovlw Heathen or a Publican to 

&s Tcoivoiividp ^ 'cc^- Communion, before they 

^B^TOjj t\ c/z^xhyicnx' y cvery one repent of their for- 

'TreAvi) {JA'myucli ' €>(^- mer Wickcdnefles. For our 

qni" oiU'Tiovc/ii^'s^' Lord Jefus, the Chrift of 

fj^^v (i(rc&'r)iJ(^nwv' mi God, has appointed Place 

^ fji/g'T»/ji€;\pp^JOii TO- for the Acceptance of Mgn 

*7tJiv ixj^n^oicii coejLcrsv upon their Repentance. 

Koi 7> ?:>^w Mar- For T, Mattherr, one of xxXIX. 

SccTi©-, as'j^J^J'g-/^ thofe Twelve which fpcak 

'T^j' ov n:}h T? Si^' to you in this Dodrine, am 

c7x«A/V '?^?Jv'rwv V an ApoRle, having my (elf 

jjjiv, &iJi\ ^<ro?i'^y ^ been formerly a Publican, but 

vjiii; wv 'nXcirAi jt^j now have obrain'd Mercy 

'sr^ntP^, vm Hd through bcHcving, and have 

tS 'UTiT^eiv ^Ag)if/3yjo5, repented of my former Pra- 

fx^TiTyifooyJs ti r s^^p- diccs, and havc been vouch- 

^'e^'^ 7repi|swy, KS^ ^' fafed the Honour to be an 

^(a^f^j©-^^^^^©-^- Apoftle, and Preacher of the 

^ ~ r 

K 3 Word. 


Word. And Zacch£us, whom vojj ^ xipu^ i5 ^igyy, 
the Lord received upon his <S Za5c;j;^ca©j, oj/oSuJ- 
Repentance and Prayers to ^Q^ ^s^a^>^^^i^ ov 
him, was alfo himfelf in the fjuti^oia, cTgMn^rTa cmJ- 
fame manner a Publican at i5^, o^/o^s ^ cu)iis te- 
firll. And befides, even the Awjjjs g 'ar^Ties^v u- 
Soldiers and Mukicude of Tr^ij^p^y, tJ^ ^ >^ spa- 
Publicans, who came to hear fceuTrtj ^ t^Aw^w^ o^- 
the Word of the Lord about A©- fs^odA^vus laf 
Repentance, heard this from z/je/a-jta^^rfeiim^ir^o/cM 
the Prophet Jofm, after he /^q/<w, oiytiacn nxf^ ? 

tukjii. 1 3. h3.d baptiz'd the-n. Do no- 'sr^ipmit 'loodvva /l«lJ? 
thj?7g more than thiit rchich is S ^oL^irrij^g: Mm^v 
(ippoifiud jctL In Hke man- ^Tt^iov cd^ S 2/^71' 
ner. Life is not refus'd to mx^y^JS^joy uy ?»/ /TroiaT?. 
the Heathen, if they repent, 'O^j^Iws ^ ^ itj^s gflyr- 
and caft away their UnbeHef. xo?5 g^ a'Tzigr^a)^ 5 
Efteem therefore every one ^wn, g(^ ju/e^gowiT^^- 
that is convicSed of any 755, r aV/giav d/rof aA- 
M^icked Adtion, and has not Awotj/. cJs tfAw^Zc/j «i^ 
repented, as a Publican, or an ?» g6j//)t^^ ^;tf ^ ^'^' ^(9^" 
Heathen. But if he after- jc&I 'ipycf) eAef^SivTztfy 
ward repents, and turns from ^ jm,7) fjie'Tcc;)/fj'ft'(7)copTa. 
his Error, then as we receive l^ q v^^u fjus^ori 
them into the Church indeed 6 ^iin^ifyi' 6k 'f ^cc- 
to hear the Word, but do not rws' cJs ^ t^s eS-yxjce^ 
receive them to Communion, ottd'^u ^SsAt^^ |ui«5l- 
untjl they have received the i/o«r, m G;^;fA7;o-i(^ 
SealofBaptifiii, and are made '5)^o-J^g;^fx€,^c6, oTiwi 

f^*.P3g. ccmpieac Chrillians ; fo do §" %^ ?igyu d^cioojivj « 

2^9. we alfo permit fuch as thefe fAfj -jcoivm^vij^ ctijrws, 

to enter, only to hear, until ^ f^i^ C J^s 'S" r a^pej^^ 

the Holy Apoftles^ 

yiAc ^€6vns TtXata- they fliew the Fruit of Re- 

^Tiv' Srcf) ^ rpoii rnis penrance, that by hearing the 

'^'^ f^^Xe^'^ ^ ji^TO- Word, they may not utterly 

voices y^p'Ttiv iTTiS'ei' and irrecoverably perifh. But 

^eaaiv gTi^f^'^M^ «- let them not be admitted to 

<^p^^, o'^Tws ? ;\97tf Communion in Prayer : And 

ctjcaoi/Tsfi^^rjTHAgfiDsop- let them depart after the 

S'lw amA(i)vr!Xj* ftJj scoi- reading of the Law, and the 

vcoveirrwT^ ov Tf Prophets, and the Gofpcl, 

ixf^ddjxh ^' ^I^P- that by fuch Departure they 

^SucijT^ jX^ ^ dvd maybe made better in their 

y/cocnv tS voii/.y ^ <P^ Courfe of Life, by endca- 

<!^(pYi^v (^ tS ^ccf- vouring to meet every Day 

7gAi», oTTOfs 5^ tS about the Publick AfTem- 

i^ihcu ' (3gATiwr3a)jz" blies, and to be frequent in 

^ eiv(x,q)o(plw ? /3/'w. Prayer, that they alio may 

curaSbi^opTis "t^ toj be at length admitted, and 

ciuKt^eii d'^Toiv oarj that thofe who behold them 

juipof, ^ T-f S'einai ^o may be affedcd, and be 

^^civ^ o^rzys (& at^TTjl more fecur'd by fearing to 

Suju^jSxnv ^(tS's^^vcu, fall into the fame Condtion., 

Ov p^j TTfi ^ /3J^g- But yet do not thou, O xL. 

Aii^ii T -cfe^eiiBfrovTrt hi Bifliop, prefently abhor any 

(S S^jjipcp (rpxXij(g!Uy Perfon, who has fallen into 

o) I'TTioKO'Tre^ G^ jtctfAu- one or two Offences, nor flialt 

(ttJj oiun^v t5 yuje^^' thou excludc him from the 

xS A5>^- Gv^ -x^oiinri; Word of the Lord, nor rc- 

j^4 jed 


]ct^ him frpm common Con 2^imf\s av^v gf w'cjrfs' 

ver. anion, iince nqicher did gx^Trep (fcA o tvu^Q* 

the i-ord refufe ro eac with r%!p>iT«To //J.' r^ tb- 

Tab^icans and dinners ; and Aot)i'ouy e^i€iy ^ rPfS 

when he was accufed by the a/^apiwAwj^, ' ^ •vkro 

Fbarifies. on lIiis Apcounc, ri^' ^ae^Wwj/ g>>(^- 

MaLku.He faid.jj Ti j that arc rrell A&/ji^©' '^si rajt^, g- 

A^T^cf no heed of the / h)ficiany M^^ Ou ^pactf e;:^«- 

hiu they I hat are ftck. Do yqu <7iv ot i^tiopiifj loL^TfoS, 

therefore converfe and dw 11 XVi' oi TLcfuZi l^v/ns* 

with rhoie who arc fepa- To7i Ip S^l dy^rlccs 

raied from you for their dpo^^&im r^p vfj^^v^ 

S|ns, and take care of them, ?^ q^jui/joLgpscpec^ ^ 

comforting them, and con- cwuajiJ?\il^eSs , eTriy.e' 

firming them, and iaying to A^fJi^oi, cj^zccASj/tfs, 

{Xi.iaxv.3. them. Be (Irer^gihencd, je ivcak -^^^l^ovTii , Xiyv 

Handi, and fceole K/Iccs, For ra ai^'i^iV ^l^uatLn 

vye ought to comfort thpfe ^HQiioLveiijS^jcu., ^ q^- 

thac mourn, and affbiid En- ^a^ «)^AgAi;|uiVct • 

couragement to the Faint- riae^^xxAaj/ -^S ;:^^i 

hearted, left by immode- t^s 'tttj^'SS^^, ^7P?j o- 

rate Sorrow they degcne- My^^v^^ai^sr^^vjj.lcw 

r^te into Diftradion, fines &xocisu oTrrvi fJi-n tjT 

Prov.xiv. -^^ ^^-'^^ ^^ faint'hcarted Is dfji^it^a. ^ Xu-m^s c^s 

?9. Lxx exceedingly djfira^ed. dip^aujuUfj ^pmc^aiv" 

I h. V. 


the Holy Appftles. 

Sect. XXL 

T^rfe' Ui lurigpcc(peis RUT if any one returns, XLly 

•^ f^s<n^oiccs xccfTriv ^^ and fhews forth the Fruit 

'^hS'ei^Ytnmuiy iT}Tf (^ ft j of Repentance, then do you 

*Df^(y&j*^(Ujj ^crSi^ccSs receive him to Prayer, as 

aunny' cos r tiov r ^- the loft Son, the Prodigal, who ^^^*^» 

Tito^Toiy T cccTWTcr, T had confumed his Father s Suh' 

fj^^ %* 'TTipym fJL&d)' fiance nith Harlots, vpho fed"**^*^^^ 

a^iw r "TTxT^Kl^f a- Smne, and desired to he fed 

tncuty r y)ipii$ /Sockov' with Husks, and could not oh^ 

mx,, <£ 'M^riotv IfA.- tain it. This Son, when he 

•^rXwc&wra^S^.floj'^MiiiTcc/, repented, and returned to his 

^ l/Ai mjy^vovnn^f /mg- Father, and (aid, / have Jin-- 

^TDLy/ov^mt,, ^ rtuKiv ned again ft Heaven, and ht» 

^o[m^*iw «>eps T fore thee, and am no more wor* 

•TTccri^jn , (& ftw-77** thj to he called th'^ Son ; the 

*H^7ov €^i T ies^vov Father, full of AfTedion to 

^ crft)'7noVC«, ^s^Kt' his Child, received him with 

fe &Ia\ oi^iQ^ )(^.Aac^ Mufick, and reftor'd him 

tfos Qa' fX^ fAvai^v o his eld Rohe^ and Ring, and 
^t:]S7ix4^@-.7rcc7vpw^' Shooes, and ^/c-b? /^^ /k^^ei 

<7?;^'fg'TO. ^ r op- C^^, and made merry with his 

XauLccv^Alw.^rStix.' Friends. Do thou, therc- 

'Tvh.iQv, ^ TO -v^zro^'- fore, O Biiliop, ad in the 

K9^^ :^W^8j, cT^a^a^ ftme manner : And as thou 

TH r airdirriv f^^^v received an Heathen, after 

i]U(p^ive'^ fX^ rPfd (pi- thou haft inftruded and bap- 

^,o)v> vmos Zv ^ Qv tiz'd him, To do thou let 

^/(j,<S^(75co'7re 'Xvi'" all join in Prayers for this 

f — - — . ' - V" , ' .-■ ^ - -- ' . * 

' Man, 


Man, and reftore him by caamp t* l^vi-^v xia&b9 
Impofjtion of Hands to his €i<TSi^y\ /^* r M*- 
ancienc Place among the okccAi^, Stw ^ rvrmv 
Flock, as one purify d by Re- ^ei^d^inazos , ws av 
pcntance ; and chat Impofi- /uueir^o^a yje^^JzupiG-jjA- 
lion of Hands fliall be to vov^ 'tt^twv -^sc^ cwj- 
him inftcad of^Bapcifm. tor tS *z&e^o-(^;^p3y->^»'? <*- 
by the laying on of our «7n»(5tTa9«a^5 av'jiu &s 
Hands the Holy Ghofl; was r apyat^ ami vo/jlIw' 
given to Believers. And in (fe t<^ oumS ^t\ ' tS 
caic fome one of thoibjEre- A^fj^!(^ ' i v^e^&g- 
thren, who had (tood im- sioc.' <t ^ ^^ ^' 
moveable, accu(e thee, be- ^j^^js t^' Wtt^^j^ 
caulc thou art reconcild to x^^v l^SbTn nrv^t^^ 
him, fay to him, Thou art dytov to/$ '7nc^(^^ai. 
always with me, and aU that I xoiv Us fpp! fjir] 0200,- 
have is thine. It was meet ?\.Aj\jS^(av augAcpwy ^ao • 
to make merry and he glad, tS" i'me^yi^Mayii Qoif 
for this thy Brother was dead, on ^h ^TnMacyni cw- 
^nd is alive again ; he was lofi, nrcS, ft Tg w^f ocvTiv* 
/fnd is 'found. For that God Xo '^nf^TOTi /xeT e(jLoS 
does rot only receive the «, ^ ^ fota ^hjtw* 
Penitent, but reftores them Q^ 'Q^^' (^j^^^^vbrivca 
to their former Dignity, ho- .5 '^^ ^ ^privou, otl 
Xy^ David is a (ufficient Wit- a(5^A(pof era 5t©- i/g;t- 
nefs ; who after his Sin in ^i Luj, <^ ccv^^rjc;?^ ^ 
the Matter of l^riah, pray'd ^ttdAwAw^, j^ <^pi^. 
to Qod, and faid, Reflore un-. "On yi « fjipvov 'cy^cr* 
to me the Joy of thy Sdvation, S's^toi Ssoi t»$ ^w-g- 
and uphold me with thy free t^^ovi'^, Xvioi ^ «« 
spirit, Andagain, Turn thy r o^^t^ rrv d^ldv d- 

jff u . . LB III! ■ I I III \ mmmmmdimammmmmmmtmt n 

i?.^<Jim\^.\, :de:lt. V. 

the Holy Apollles. 

miKit^igfi(7ivJy,ctvosf^p Face from my Sins, and hlct 
Tui a^^©- Aafi/J^, os out all mine Offences, Create 
fj^ r €is T OuQjLdp a- in me a clean Hearty God^ 
/i^/cai;, yiiJ;)^'5? W 0gw and renew a right Spirit in 
y^iyav" 'A^<f ©. iJi^i m) inward Tarts, Ca[l me not 
r dyt,7\lcL(7iv ? (^w- area) from thj Prcfence, and 
'T^e/-^ C^ , ^ 'TTv^- take not thy holy Spirit from 
^i fiyiiji^vixaj g7j£/.- me. Do thou therefore, as 
^oV f^g" Ka^ Wa/^. a compaffionate Phyfician, 
'k^^z-ifiv g ^G^a-oj' heal ail that fin, making 
m)u Qa ^ '7^"' a/j3f)- ufe of faving Methods of 
mm fjLn, 3^ wtuDus ms Cure ; not only cutting and 
dvofjLioLifjiMl^clKci'^v, fearing, or ufing Corrofives, 
xocpS^idp xaGae5ti' ^U but binding up, and putting 
cDv ov e/j^\ Sees, }(^ in Tents, and ufing gentle 
m^i(jfjf^ d^^k ef'jccJvKwy hea]ingMedicines,and fprink- 
ou TuTs kfii^Tjiis fJLv fJL7\ ling comfortablc Words, if 
^ppi'^j.>]5 ^6 ^ t5 it be an hollow Wound, or 
e>^(r(i7r\i Qy, ^ S great Galli, nounfli it with 
mv&JiJ^ (jt li ouyiQv a fuitablc Plaifter, that it 
\i}i b^rnLvnK-^i dir IfJiZ. may bc fill'd up, and bc- 
Kcf) Qj Zv e^i avfJLTTct' come even with the rcfl: of 
^hs IxTfOi, Ths 7\f0^' the whole Flefli. If it be foul, 
w^picoff ^5:5 >Sre$l' cleanfeit withcorrofivePow- 
TT^g, ^wjui^'j©- Qcoiy) der, that is, with the Words 
e/oii ^s ^ov^iacv d' of Reproof. If it have proud 
yy>a?i, fj^h fjigvov ikjji- Flefli, eat it down with a 
v(^v, ri ^aJ^m. i\ |/ie^'a fliarp Plaifter, the Threats of 
^t^(7^g£^i/, *^AoL '^ judgment. If it fpreads far- 
'fkkqjiQ^v, ^ (js'tSov. ^ ther/fear ic, and cut off the 
^i^i yhvyo^cc (pccpfj^^ putrid Flcflij mortifying him 
xct ' I'sr^AcoTiy^, Hsk ^^*"h Fallings. But if after 



all that thou haft done, thou x,xl^&pi')^v ^yns tto.- 
perceiveft that from the Feet ^7(?ivky,o7s,edv':jKQ7- 
to the Head there is no room ?[gv yi S restvi^. ^1- 
tor a Fomentation, or Oil, or ^^lou atJari ticTa" I/^- 
Bandage, but that the Malady ^TrKde^pca, 'ivoc yefA.ia-'^ 
♦^♦Pag. fpreads and prevents all Cure, S-sv, '^^'*' 'laov W ap- 
^5^- as a Gangrene, which corrupts Ti^ ^^-nAg^Ji IJ/j^ 
the incire Member ; then, pum^6J», Idrs -^cct^- 
with a great deal of Confide- ^v ^YieJ^cp r^ric^i ^' 
rarion, and the Advice of o* yculTmifji^kKa}' Idv';^ 
therskilful Phyficians, cut off 'vkr^eP^^*' ^^Jitt^ ^6^- 
theputrify^d Member,that the fAct ^o}\ve),a) e^ofj{^* 
whole Body of the Church be M(wv ctvixi, aiireiX-iJ 
^ not corrupted. Be not there- %QJ^areodi xdv vof/Jh yi» 
fore ready and hafty to cut off, vyi7w\, xcfjuryf^ccavp ctt/- 
nor do thou eafily have Re- li, ^ r C-ni-eS^vcc Ijc- 
courfeto theSaw, withitsma- ico^v, ^Qe^ayj; vne^^-- 
ny Teeth : But firft ufe a Lan- cut. Idv 5 ottt'TDo mrurt" 
cer to lav open the Wound, o-vi?, ^ yv^^^ ct; "^ 
that the inward Caufe whence mS^v gwj Jt^f aAS^ yV 
thePain is deri v'd being drawn l^ m?^yi^^ e'TrAnvauf^ 
out, may keep the Body free ^'t? 2P\§.iqv, Ite jcaia- 
from *^ain Bui if thou feefl: Si(7jxv?\^'^' ImKTm'e* 
any one paft Repentance, and tk^ ^ ro/xri (S c?)f,^^l^- 
he is become inlenfible, then ^dvi^ <m>a^i 'iccoivy ds 
cut off the Incurable from fi yoLf^cuvcc -mi jj^?^^ 
the Church with Sorrow and Qvir^Qc' n^n iJ[^ ^mX- 
P^y^^^ Lamentation. For, Takeout ?^S;c7)ti'vf5a)5 (S Ci^M.f«- 
^'^Ji-T. j-y^y^ among "jour [elves that xitti ^ Itc^^ io^t^v 
tpf'av.-^i.rvicked Perfon. And, Te [hall efjuni^v, aiiiytQ->\av S 
make thd Childreri cf Ilrael to ^a^'mv }JikK©*livoL \l)^ 

i— . I .11 .1 - — — p— ■»— H^— ;^»— 9— — ■ M il II III i| 

the Holy Apoftles.' 

g ^v '^^(p^p7 ^. fear. And again, Uof^ /haltDtvui^i^ 
fi^d ^ t>7i^mcc^» ^ fA,T) not accept the Perfons of tk UfiuiU 
laS'lcasZv'iSi^X^' tiich in Judgment. And/ 5- 
/)©- €ii or! '^yi^eip. Thou fhalt not fity a poor Man ^*.9!'- 
l/.YiS'e ^ rn^^icai 'Gn r^v in his Caufe : for the Judgment ^^^**' ^• 
f/^v^oShvTZb ireJ-fivcc op* is the Lords. 

•? oKH?iyjaixi ^j^^^Sfg. 'E^ctp^T^ ^ ^liv 'Truj'jje^Sj' g| J^/ 
aiJ'Twi/. Ko^* Ey;)^^^"^ 'TrofTicTgTi la^ tjhi 'lo-e^tTjA. Koc 

Se.ct. XXII. 

'Jh AV -{jjSr^s S ^ RUT if theflanderous Ac- ^^^^ 

^•KccTinye)^ '? c$^. -^-^ cufation be falfe, and you 

CoaSj, (fe J/^a^ 01 TToi' that are the Paftors, with 

{)^ks Qyv jiAi ^g.'As- the Deacons, admit of that 

voii, '&'\^$©^di a- Falfliood for Truth, either 

7\.-n^eicLv r:^H^ijSBy ri by Acceptance of Perfons, or 

^y <&£pow'7rDAj?'^j./cV), receiving of Bribes, as wil- 

% 2^ S)^^v e^a^^cc' ling to do that which will 

yiiv^ fi»P[g}j^oi S ccpg. be pleafing to the Devil ; 

^u ^S^SoA^TrviSy, and Co you thruft out him 

^ Tor y^cL^ypijj^ov ^y that is accufed, but is clear 

vjra^^^rTa ^^ ' '^ ^7/- of the Crime, you iliall give 

5eA>7f(^7©- irkQT^Qv^ an Account in the Day of the 

.' Qi^vi^ V, I Tfry 7?9y^;y. V. V, ! ;^ v. -^ decflp V. 

tord . 


Exod.xxiii Lord. For ic is written, The (^TmcmSB^i i/H.viKmcii] 

7>8. Innocent and the Righteous ^igyvhif^^^^ovr-^ ir 

Deut.xxvii ffjo^ jhalt not Jlaj. Thou [halt fMpci x/v^'»* oti yt" 

x?i 19 ^^^ ^^^^ ^^fi^ ^^ f^^^^ ^^^ ')j^oL^cijf' 'AbcSop ^j 

Soul : F(fr Gifts blind the Siy^^iov she "^KUvSi' 

Eyes of the Wife, and defiro^ 5 A>!4^ ^es^y ^mmif 

the iVords of the Righteous ^oj '^^Iw tw ^ S&q^ 

I'a.r.jj. And again, They that jufiifie cy)iTu(pAo7 o(p^zc:\fjih9 

the Wicked for Gifts, and take cDtpcHifj (S TivfjicuveToj 

away the Right eoufnefs of the ^-nij^g^fmt'^ ^iy^g^lm'' Ko) 

Righteous from him. Take rwi?nv* 0« S^^iovui" 

care therefore left by any tbs r cIo^Cji hevjeu c5)y- 

means ye become Acceptors ^v, ^ 3 ^y^iov tS 

of Perfons, and thereby fall 6\ytaAit ou^vns. ^ Ugp* 

under this Voice of the cts^ts Sj', fjctiTnoi c^jo^- 

Lord. Be careful therefore Q>7n;AS^ct^ ^^jdfj^oi v- 

not to condemn any Per m)'7rea7i*n t>j (pojprt tS 

fons unjuftly, and fo to af- ^o/eA'd tccvty". (pvxd- 

V.20. fift the Wicked. ¥or. Wo to cci^J^ Zv S y^^ntKeA* 

him that calls Evil Good, and v&iv Uvacs aJ^/jca-^, o^ 

Good Evil, hitter fweet, and cujunypt^iv 1^?^ ^mvn' 

frreet hitter ; that pits Light ^7s, Ovaij 7S '^ t^ AC- 

for Darkncfs, and Darknefs for y>vTi' ^ omvy^^v ^?^Vf 

Light. For if you condemn ^ S ^s^?[^y ^nie}>v^ S 

others unjuftly , you pafs m)tepv yKvAJu, ^ g 

Sentence againft your lelves yxv-nju Tr/jce^v, ' tzJ 

Matt.vili.For the Lord fays, W/th what k-^vTi' S (p J? ctjcot©*, Judgment ye judge, ye (hall he (t S otcot©- (pcy>-. '£^ 

judged; and as you condemn, ^ gTyy? ctS^ixMi ^^r 

you [ball he condemned It frtayt^vm^^ xaS-' lew 

therefore ye judge without owj/ "^(^oulv^S^' otl 

' cTfe V. * Ji')(ef,tA. V. V. 3 Oefi-r r hrc loco ; poft 9»^ autem in fe- 

the Holy Apoftles." 

Tiiy^ 5a5^©- £ yceA- Refpedt of Perfons, yc V^ill 

fj^k x^vsn, 5C£/6ji- difcover that Accuftr, who 

aiSvy ^ M y^.T0L8%^(i- bears l^aliC'Witncfsagainft his 

^j^Tf 5 ^tctS'i'^^y]- Neighbour, and will prove 

c^^i. El Sv OL^UT^' him to be a Sycophant, a 

owTnP^i'T^ooi xe^ygiB. e fpiceful Ferfon, and a Mur- 

^sTiyucocn^ T Kccm'p- dcrer, caufing Perplexity by 

pvimx, Kp § -Tj^jjoiov accufmg the Man as if he 

cm/tS ^ fJig.pTuprc:^'^" were wicked, inconftanc in 

4<^cr5i, <^ 'fMSei^ois his Words, contradidinghim- 

ojj^v Q^jytscpoivinv, fsoc felf in what he affirms, and 

tmccvov^ (poiioc^ a»e^- entangled With the Words of 

ocroiTw W5 xa^tpj/ ocvti his own Mouth. For his 

^yiccis, cc<pxrTDv OP IT.?? oWH Lips are a dangerous 

?iyii, loLxjTti cA^Tiov Snare to him. Whcin, when 

^l(p'' oli(^^ly^, (S thou halt convidted him of 

dXioiioiSpov pifji^cnvi' (peaking falfely, thou (halt 

(Tiy 90^5^7©-' 'mQ/isyS judp,e icverely, and flialt de- 

auW i^ves^ e(pip)^, livcr him to the fiery Sword, 

m i'^ p^aAw o\' /uC^' and rhon (liak do to him as 

Tfe5 gAgf^^^s '? 4<^^ "^^ wickedly prcpofed to do 

?igyUs xcJ^v&s k^r^d- to hi*^ Brother. For, as much j^^^^ ^^j^ 

^5, >t^ iTt \j(g.yat.i^cL ? as in him lay. he flew his 19. 

'Twtps *s>^S):^air '<^ Brother, by foreftalling the 

mximaii olvtiS, cv r^p Ears of the Judge. Now, it 

mDV I'mPYip^'Jv^ ^miri' is written, that He that fhed Gtnh.C. 

cvuf ^ mkf\(nQv ' Q(n)v deth P/Ians Blood, for thjt his 

'^ "• iAaihnaiv' W at/- ovrn Blood (hall he fhed. And, ^^^^ ^^^^ 

TiS, e(fov<i/a^ r dS^K- Thou JImIp take anaj that 13. 

! fcAfTwpifity. V. I Iv.V. I deefl. V. v. al. tb. 




imocent Blcodi vf^ich rvasfhed (pop, ^zyg^Actf oij' 'tec a^- 
*♦* ^^"' without Catdfe from thee. tco ^ zg/iS. '^^^ ^* 

y^'Ttiajf Q-, cTi 6'/.' 

^, t^apiiiS cufj.oL 3 cLvcuUov "^im (th, S ok'^^v liff^irv. 

Thou (hale therefore caft Tloivcrii Zv auorSr cc- 

him out of the Congrcgaci- fm(JwuoiyDyf, ws f o- 

dn as a Murderer of his via, dkAi^^, iTreirrw 

Brother Some time after- ^oVa <5^a5^^T©., ioLv 

wards, if he fays that he K^yYi fjAravoGiv, ^Sca- 

repents, mortifie him with Q.tb avf^v rticr^^^' fi 

Faftings, and afterwards ye fX^ ravTo, x^^'^' 

fliall lay your fiands upon Tir^ouvTn olvthv nr^rr' 

him, and receive him ; But Ja^ap^, darpcc^iLQiiJ^Joi 

ftill fccuring him, that he fj^j^ni avnj)v fji-n Uvd, 

does not difturb any body a ^cc^^yt ^Kiv, « ^ 

fecond time. But if, when ^ Wai/' ei^AOcoi^, o- 

hc is admitted again, he be fj^glojs ^aia^eij'ii ^ttdlvo' 

alike troublefome, and will fPivQ- 'tS mxes^ojety^ 

not ceafc to difturb and to -^ zctray^pTD/^taj/ r 

quarrel with his Brother, fpy- aJ^gA^ov, ok (pihovft' 

ing faults out of a contend' xeica ' ^jw^tts " 6^7n- 

ous Spirit, caft him out as a J<^>ji/, ckfaA^Ts at- 

pernicious Perfon, that he td;/ oos ^w^-i ^''^ /"-^ 

may not lay wafte the Church r c^inK-^mctv Xvixoul-- 

of God. For fuch an one is vm-nuj ? ©e3. 6 tilZ' 

the Raifer of Difturfcances in t©- ^ Ta^^p^ai rocx- 

Citics : For he, though he gvcn ^ 'TdAecnv", «t©» 

be within, does not become yi xa-ViVw ?, /LtJi Trps- 

the Church, but is a fuper- 'ttwv rlji cKY^^rjaia,, ^^' 

I dceft. V. ' ^//J/. T. I 9fi^i V. 

the Holy Apoftles; 

oishs S f^mi©4 fTjT' fluous and vain Member^J- 

^j'(},cCT/A6J;/, oW'Sj cafting a Blot, as far as in 

i^i oj^'TzS.^^^QZf^^ him Jies, dn the Body of 

Xe<r2. « w -Tifg^ q5^ Chrift. For if fbch MJn as 

dvJ^^Tnov^^vi^lJ^joip^ as are born with fuperflfuous 

^z^ojd ^! cuf^Tcav Members of their Body,- 

^^Ajj'S7£pc7ji^T>if4Jar-;^- which bang to them, as Fin- 

oyrns, oiQv ^ cfbtxirJAyj/ gers, or Excreicencesof Flefli,: 

Try^mipitxiil^^^ ^t^: cut them away from them- 

jt^-SycriK d(p* hjj^v felves on account of their In- 

TcvjTa 2f^ r ccTTjii' decency, whcrt-hy the' Un-^ 

TTGidp, >$»%ia c^o-- feemli efs vaniihes, and the 

yiviTWj cLrpsTTGicc, '^ Man recovers his r*iacl3ftil' 

;^SoV7©. 5^ dv^^nv good Shape by the m^ansof^ 

^^y iS *n;:j/r/Ty t (pu- the Chirurgeon ; how muchj 

ciyclm ^y^qxldp' ^crca more ought you, the P^ftors 

P{^>^ov vfjias ol TiDLuS^je^ of the Cyhurch, (for the 

'B ox-aA'/icnccSy vr:^^i- Church is a perfcdl: F^ody; 

oYii mk)i^@A ctpTia <S and found Members ; of fuctt 

fj/gXeov vyieivi^vK 'On as beHeve in God. in the Featf 

©53V cnT^oviTfiv cv of the Lord, and in Lot^e)'ta 

(po^Cf) yjj^a oci dyauT-A^ do the like, when there is 

oTUiv ^^^ tv fjiiK®^ found in it a fupcrfiuous 

n^ojQv^ ^vnes^ (pep Member, with wicked De-"^ 

vvp, ^ 'Tstf ?[r}i7rij (m- figns, and rendring the reft 

y^lc ctTTpimi^ ey.' of the Body unfeemly, and 

^mi^v, :^ ^aiJ[^!^QV(JWJ' diflurbing it with Sedition 

rn 'soiai ^ (^XV ^ ^^' ^"^ W^r, and Evil-fpcakjng; 

mxjP\g,hioi, ^i')^v Of]- caufing Fears, Dillurbances,* 

ToS ' (po^as'y TT^^yf^' Blocs, ' Evil- fpcaking, Acctt^ 

^, fjf^fjLas^ ^mi;\^- fations, Diforders, and do- 

^— ^^' I ■ I III ■ I ■!■ ' ' ■ ■■■!■■ ' — 

; deeft. Y, I ^ m^ V. ! w- V . ■■ 45>.j, V. 


ing the like Works of the A<««, e^vcAwf^^tia, a- 

Devil, as if he were ordaiti'd j(9jfa^aia$, (£ ^ ^ti- 

by the Devil to caft a Re- cwira iS 2[^Qoh\t c/w 

proach on the Church by e^yif^h^^cc (ynnym. cJ- 

Calumnies, and mighty Dil- c%v vA^€i^<ibvin\^@^ 

orders, and Strife, and X^X" vcro t5 ^a^oA\t oku- 

vifion Such an one there ^ax'C^eiv r 6K^>i(ni\f3 

fore, when he is a fecond 2^ R^crp^fj^Sv t^c^i 

time cafl out of the Church, 'm?/.iii ay^^m-^aiai (£ 

is juftly cut ofFintirely from ^e^^©- 5^ tJi^^oia^, 

the Congregationof the Lord, * «t©- S' f^jif^ov I^ca 

And nov^ ihe Church will be r? c*.)cA»(7Ta$ ^/r)%\sy 

more beautiful than it was a^/W oi'tibtiua'^ 'f tS 

before, when it had a fu- >t/>€^» cwuoLyj^yfii ngj^ 

pcrfluous, and, to ir felf, a di(- f^Mov nw VAyi^apiniuji 

agreeable Member.^ here^ore ii yuue^y c/i^KhrKnx, ^ 

henceforv\ ara it will be free S tt^tui', Jt? S 'cfetr- 

from blame and Feproach, ^v d^fxTvir; 4 IctoriT 

ana become clear of fuch dvolxeioi /w,gA©-, ^0 

wicked, deceitful, abufive, a^5' 'tti ao%L(7^>i<//)j- 

unmerciful, rra:rerous Per- ^s'l^ ^ cc(7Ktj^a^igvsy 

1 Tim.iif.lonS : of fuch aS ^VQ Haters mrjvr^v ccrro^ayiTcmf 

^•4- (,J thofe th^t ^re q^ood. Lovers StXim^ P^iSh^Vy oivn- 

ef Plea furCy Adcd^QTS of V^m- im^v, iiT^S>'TW'., fw 

glory, Deceivers and Pre- Qy{^?^o)v , (piK^Sivcav , 

tenders toVViidom, of fuch ^loSh^cov, d-rtLirXSv, 

as make it their Bufinefs to St>h(^roi^v, epyu .Ss- 

fcacter, or rather utterly to }jS^ja)v2^cfaAT€if€iv.,fj{^\' 

d'lneTle the Lambs ot the \ov 5 i^cmopwi^civ 

Lord. m th TUj^if cLfvicc, 


the Holy Apoftlesi 
Skct. XXIII. 


y^ ujOio-i^^, T^O thou therefore, O ^iV 

^ ^ a^C^ a^ 7^ J-^ (hop, together with thy 

V57o^(7«^5cA??p^, o^>. fubordinare Clergv. endea- 

^f^^i^ T /\9^,. rp a'- vour rightly to oivide the 

Piw^iccr^ 071 ?,iyl jo;. Word of Truth, for the 

e*©!'; tdp ^ccytoL Lord fays, /f jou rralk c^ofs- Uv. xxvU 

^xf^scdt /^^ f^^'\ grahJd to we, / njll walk'''^' 

xa>w o^$ u^i ^^ crcfs'graindto you. And elfe- 

:^/cu$ cTD|.<5iG^^ Krt^ where, Wtth the hJch /^^« Pfai ^yH 

aMa;^j; Mem ccri« ^iltr.^eholj^andwiththePer'^S. * 

oV;a>.d>(r/i^ ^ (^ ^' a. /.^ .^^;^ thou vrilt he perfdt, 

i3w^ a6w©. €(7>) , ^ and vpith t'^ e Fr mar dthoH vrilt 

M/' $7>g^A« c5^cp?-|ft5. ^f froward Walk therefore 

i><r/wj «.. %" '7n)p<^g. holiJy, that you may rather^ 

cDs, \vcc f^M.ov g m/f « appear worthy of 1 raife from **! ^'^^ 

^ >C9'-Ta^/&>S TE ' \^^ 5* the Lord than of Complaint '^^* 

3M^e««> « /:^<M'^«5 W from the Adverfary, 

'Ofigpep^u yy orrii Be ye of one Mind, O XLIV, 

«>ec« ^riAviy £K?>n' ye Bilhops, one wirh ano- 

cnj^yrti, ^plwdi/e-n fMtr ther, and be at Peare w th 

AVljiAwi*, QvfA,7ruS-Hs, one another ; ympathize 

(pi^(x,6^^.(pot\ fX^^ cU' with one another ; Jove the 

e^Scixs ^mificfiivs^n '' Brethren, and feed the Peo- 

^ >.g.ov, oy^ip^rcas Si- pie with (are; with one 

ihcoKovTis T»j v(p' J^^,- Confent teach thofc that are 

c/^y/w/^Fftv, 5^ S eoJ- under you to be of the (ame 

' t , . , 

L ^ Sea- 


Sentiments, and to be of the ^'cfei '^ cwrrZvJb- 

fame Opinions about the fame |a^«j/, o^twj f^ri^? oy 

iCcr. iu Matters, That there maj he vfAAv^^lcy^ctTccy liii g 

V"* . no Schijms amo/Jg jof^; that ye ey creof^^^''€vrtv^\jfA,cc., 

Eph. If. 4. ^^^ ^^ ^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^ ^^^ <5.^^.. y^.y^picaf/Voi^T^ cw^iy 

;7;, pcrfecily joind together in vqI, ^ Tf cwVai ^fii- 
//>^ lame Mindy and in the fame fjLi/\, -^ r wj^cvmv ""8?- 
Jud'iment, according to the <nv'. <^ ^xct ^ • 
Appointment of the Lord. S^y^^v®- tzS fyko-^Trcf 
And lee the Deacon refer all cv!oi(pepeiiOf m o X^^- 
things to the Biftiop, as Chrift 9^$ latF -Tza'^ei' Xvi' oc7» 
does to his Father. But let ^<yfe" StuuocTXj, ^Jvvs^tio 
him order (uch things a.^ he SiiajuT^y^^Seijy^sf^^ 
is able by himfelf, receiving i^o-^th r i^^cnctv, <^^ 
Power from the Bifhop, as 6 ^joie^©*" 'o^' '^ 
the Lord did from his Father 'stcct^s ^ S h^fjuu^' 
the l^owcr of Creation and y?j''y S 'zs-^vo&v m 
of Providence. But the cO/ ^ -v^o^)^^^'' S3i- 
weighty Matters let the Bi- a^T@^ x^ygTw. -^tA^im 
fliop judge : But let the Dea- fgw 2^*^vQ* t5 J- 
con be the Billiop's Ear. and mKnui'ma cl^iprij 3^ 09- 
Eye, and Mourh, and Heart, .&a?i/H9S^ ^ijlol,v^^- 
and SouK that the Biftiop <5^a 7?, ?^ "^^^^i, iyct 
may not be diftrawted with fjLr\l to mMafjxeAfJ^^ 
many Cares, but with fuch ywj/o?^V>(^7r©u, ^c» 
only as are more confide- /h^W ^^ >u/e/«^'n<f^* <»• 
rablc : As y.^/A/^ did appoint coup :^ 'JwSojp tscT 
for i^/c/i, and his Counfel Mojva^'i ^em^ocTo^ ^ 
was rcceiv'd. d^nSe^^ cvJtS i «ru/^- 

Sec t. 

th Holy Apofllesi; 
Sect. XXIV. 

jr A:\3tf iJ^p Zv^'^ 'T^I S therefore a brave £;?' XLV 
*^ ^ X^^cwu ii'- -^ comium for a Chriftian 

I Cor. VI. 

TrnfuoVi "Sf^i iMiHvec to have no Conteft with a- J, ^i 
€^ay 7res^ffA,ccrcc.* « q ny one : But if by any Ma- 
ex, fcy©- ovspf)^xs ^ nagement or Temptation a 
Trei^oj/.oS 'Qic-vfxQ^ Conteft arifes with any one, 
Uvi Trep^fixcc, cdTuShc' Jet him endeavour that ic 
^giw ^\ve<^ j^jjfii^ may be compos'd, though 
x<xV ^g»j (i?^Slajoulc, thereby he be oWiged to 
^fMiep'^feSw^Qixe^'tri' lofe fomewhat ; and let it 
£jiov Ibviy^v* SJVia ^ilud not come before an Heathen 
fjLT) p die^Ss y^oaput' Tribunal. Nay indeed, you 
3C85 cip^v'S^ ^ r?^ are not to permit that the 
vfjLiT^^p S'l^^civ. ^ Rulers of this World fliould 
^ (W'-mv 2/^So?\.@^ pafs Sentence againft our 
^ '^Ty\S£{' nuis S'i^is People: For by them the 
i5©g3, ^oj/ftJ"©*^!- Devil contrives Mifchicf to 
rztytip^f (ii f/Jkl')Qvn:uv the Servants of God, and 
7]fjLS>v tvoL Qo(pov T Sit' occafions a Reproach to be 
vdijSpov fjLera^v ^^' caft upon US, as though we 
C^ffwi oi ^iv^iov, 7] had not one wife Man that is 
^5 d^vcnT^yioA ^^Ku- ahle to judge between his Bre- 
ca\. thren, or to decide their 

%* Mts^v yiv'jidvX Let not the Hrathen there- xLvr. 

^TO(7T^jTO^'9j/»'Ta»;'G>e^5 fore know of your DiiTe-**" P-^i 

d7^T]Kvi lifjl^v 2!^>f0' renccs among one another, ^^'^' 

e^if fjL-nn >(5fcS-' IcwTzwr nor do you receive Unbe- 

L 3 licYcrs 


lievers as Wunellcs againft ^ «$" tSfpiyeJ-ctv C5^- 
3 our le vcb. nor be jjdged <r%c^ t^j ctTr^^i^ij 
by them ; nor o ve them any /watb ^t^-vi^ f'^r au- 
thing on account of Tri- tw/ fx,>JiT o<^e<MTi^k 
Ma(^x^i^ bute orFear; but, Rrnd r to Tsii^is Q^$caoTi><}ayii 
;^i- Caviar //;: things that are ^ (foQov' ^?ioi kmSbi% 

C^elarV, 4^^ unto God the to Kcaf^-j^ig^Kaicrag/j 
/)&,v/^/ that are Gods^ as Tri- (^ ito t5 0^^5 W Ggol' 
buie, Taxes, or Foil Money ; oTov q:o^v^ 5 tcI/Sjttjv^ 
,»;;. as our Lord by giving a J) J'iJe^^/Lipr, w.- ?$ 
a4»e>.^ Piece of Money was ficed 7w^\^ 7]p(^v <^vs r <px,'' 
from Difiuibance. Choole tS^^ ct'ZE7wMa^7rf^J- 
thcrefore rather to fuHer ^ra^y oufi itv ^^».qv 
Harm, and to endeavour af- ^^^i^^ 4 ^ tA^i 
ter thoie thmgs thac nrake apLuLlw csrhSht'C^eiu , h 
for Peace, not only among ^rop «&gp$ tw? ai^A.- 
the Brcthrc), but alio amon^^ (pvs, "^Aai ^ -o^'s tJc 
the Unbelievers. For by aTr/cj-y, ,/2;^fft$ yi^S^ 
fuffcring I o(s in the Affairs ^layUxMv '^Ti\'^t!>^6 
of this Life thou wilt be 0kcp « ^wvuwGriaw aii 
furc not to fuffcr in the Con- ^o^Cr]i xc^oip*^,, ^ 
cern^ of Fi^ty, and wilt live iiaJ cv^ylw'X^<;z>S'' 
religioufly, and according to ^wV. ^ q ooj^Acpol &t 
the ^-ommand of Chrirt. ^iut X^jjAys lyy^^^ /^'» 
if brethren have Law-Suits '^oi^.^ auiiSTr vo&v 
one with another, which c(peiAeT2 01 Tr^yjyim 
God forbid, you wIjo are the ^01, on 0/ ^iSiD« 
Rulers ought thence to learn (^ dSiXcfiav ^ ov ycu- 
that fuch as ihcfe do not ^w" ip^^v 'Qi^nxZaiv^ 
do the Work of tl.e Lord, Xvia fj^>\ov i^^^l 
but rithcr ot publick Ene- ^Mfjilw.. (£ Hi f^u 

de Holy Apoflles.^ 

'etT-TOi^ ^peBia^mi n mies; and one of the Par- 

'TTiQ^ <£in€iiLr\i, (i(onxi ties will be found co be mild, 

^iYAfov. eTip(^ ciri' gentle, and the Child of 

fjiep(^,oLi^S>ii, 'Tiheo' Light ; but the other unmer- 

piytTtis' 6 iv ^T<tyi' ciful, infolent, and covetous. 

VMQyiDyS^^ '6^7hiifj{^ He therefore who is con- 

Sw, 0.(^0) e/t^iSoj si' demn'd, let him be punifhd, 

xlw *? iM7ttSeh<flcLi let him be (eparated, let him 

TiyjWTw' ftTT* jLWTotuxe- undergo the Punifliment of 

?\9\j5fi^ 7r^(rPicf,uiSaL' his Ha red to his Brother. 

viSw* ^ Srco Qi^^vi' Afterward, when he repents, 

^cjw^jox. (Qnxv(pi(rfi(np let him be received, and (o 

Vfjiiu m y.e/rlneji.oL ;^ when they have learned Pru- 

^ ^ (7i>r^j>av Tti eii dence, they will eafe your 

'iSMr\K\iicih'^y](jLaToi » Judicatures. Tis alio a Du- 

THfixg/t'oiSc^r ^<xTy^ ty to fo'-g've each other's 

I;^p5^ &i iocvTis ^' Trefpafles ; not the Duty of 

^W5 'iw^'% ol7re(pir thofe that judge, bnt ofthofe 

yaiT? ffJi^ rit'i^y e^ri' that have Quarrels. As the 

<ra/il(^ aJw Uoodyus Lord determined when [ Pe- 

dfifpiiai &ii 'efJii a- ter at.k'd him, How oft /lull 

S^Aipis fjLM. ^ a^jrVfit) my B) other fin aq^ain(l wf,^^"'-^'* 

'abW'n ga)5 g'SccjciJ ; and I forgive him > Till Seven 

& «7i^v7©-* Ou /g timfs> Hcvcpiyd, I fay r^^otun- 

ya Qoi. tojs l^aVf^ to the. Until Sevsn times, but 

'^^^ toii l&Somysvl^' until Seventy times S^ven. For 

xt$ STTTOD OtlT(w$ yi fo would our Lord have us 

figAtJ xtiet®. aAviGe^:^ to be truly his Difciples, and 

iivau olutS fjicc^Tz^i ^ never to have any thing a- 

fMiSh Ix^v kJ? A^cTe- gainll: any body ; as for In- 

fQi cTTyTTOTF, oLQv ofytiv ftancc. Anger without mea- 

L 4 ftfe. 


fore, Paffion vvichour Mercy, ccfJiSTfov, % S-y^j' dp-fi^ 

CovetQu(nefs without ]u- fj^^^v^ 5i If^Jvf/^lccv a- 

ftice, Hatred without Re- Siy^^v, ^ /x/o-©* oLa-mv 

conciliation. Draw, by your dbv. ts^ h opyi^oiJ^Jiii 

liiiltuclion, thofe who are tTL/jx^iSa^gisaf^iAiW, 

angry to Friendfhip ; and t'^s l^f^^lpov'^ &i o- 

tho(e who are at Variance ij^gvoicw' oti ?\.i')4 xv- 

toi\grccment. For the Lord e^t©.' Moc^i^e/^L oi 

■y\ p, lays. Bluffed are the PeacC' eifluio'Troio), en cvj<ni 

makers ; for they (hall he cd' x\q\ ©gS yCK'A^d^^vm^, 

led the Children of God, 

Sect. XXV. 

S^Lvii. T '^"^ y^^^ Judicatures be ' I ^A^Si)[^9ve/^^f^v 

■*-' held on the (econd Day -"^ jiviSw S^jrepcxj 

of the Week, that if any Con- (Jf ^ arwi/, oTmi eolr 

troverfie arife about your ccvit^^ylcc T-f'^fda^ 

Sentence^ having an Interval ^iJL(iv ^^IfJnTWf^ eoos <m,S' 

rill the Sabbath, you may be 6c6t« g^i/T?? dS'^icw, 

able to fet the Controverfie Ajp^^vi^n &^vaj( r <Vi- 

right, and to reduce thofe Ti?[gyldp, ^ ciphjjiXtffOLi 

to Peace who have the Con- en t y,ue^cx.ycw rk 

tefts one with another againfl: ^/^fpe^ijS^ns «^$ aA- 

the Lord's Day. Let alfo AriAas. (\}i/.<i^igootr^ 

the Deacons and Presbyters 3 tJ ^^^e/cjj % qI 

be prefcnt at your Judica- ^ytsivoi^ ^ ol irpia- 

tures, to judge without Ac- ^wT^e^: , d-m^azQTn' 

ceptancc of Ferfons, as Men ATi'Jfwf jce/tVom?, as 

of God, withRightcoufnefs, ©gS<^G£$jOT/, /j,y (h- 

Whcn therefore both the TcauLOGiwm. <i^^i(ijo\iA- 

p«utxlx. ^^^^^*^s are come, according vm Iv %)lcl^^v <?iS 

Vf, as the La\y fays, thofe that ir^mTnov, xoc<^w: ^ 

6 ycfji,©^ 

the Holy Apoftles.^ 

9 vo^©^ Xiy^, gianvrnj have the Controverfie (hall 
fKd'^eP^ ^ f^^^V "^ ftand feverally in the mid- 
sce^THfi^Vj offf ^1/ 5 die of the Court ; and 
^T/;\P7/x* ^ ccTcia:^^ wheti you have heard them, 
Tssccir^v^oG-icos^svgf' give your Votes holily, cn- 
xa76 ms -^YiCf^s, (ttt^^ -deavouring to make them 
^^ov72s ctvTvs (piAas both Friends before the Sen- 
dfjifoTipys TTTjirlciq.TreJ^v tence of the Bifliop, that Judg- 
am(paca^ot)s 'f S' '^^cao- ment againft the Offender 
'mViOTnosfAe^iA^L'Qn may not go abroad into * 
yys Ke^^i ^ ? ocj^in' the World : knowing that 
irc^T©-' xarSoTi ^ 6u hQ has in the Court the 
TseT ^y^ccgve^o) C^V'I'W- Chrift of God, as confci- 
9oy 1^ ^ ctwigo^'? ous of, and confirming his 
^/W r Xe^gr):/ t5 Judgment. i3ut if any Per- 
©g». « J^g Uves "^^^ c^ fons are accused by any one, *^* Pag 
^?i^0TpnfJLiaui'i5 fJLnxcc' and their Fame fuffers, as if ^5^ 
7i(W5 oeMie/f ov TLv^cp they did not walk uprightly 
lAgT;^xj"TO V579 Tij/i^, in the Lord : In like manner 
vfjigi^^s dxiju^Tis skcc you fhall hear both Parties, 
nie^v ^ TTQpGcamoVi S the Accufer and Accufed ; but 
7s xccTrjyp^vrQ^y s^ noc with Prejudice, nor with 
tS KccTyif^pvi/^Vj aA» hearkening to one Party on- 
?i^ fjLrj TT^Xri-^^, ji/crj 5 ly, but with Righteou fnefs, 
fj^gvofji^e^^, ^oi ywj' as paffing a Sentence con- 
^Kcuo(Tuvijs f ws vj^ cerningeternal Life, or Death. 
^ooris cdcavlnYi JsLvdra For, fays God, /j^e Ihall frO'-QcutWu 
SiSbv725 "^(pctcnv* Ai- fecute that which is right ju/l- 2c. 
3CCWW5 ysip, <pi)(7iv o ly. For he that is juftly pu- 
0go?, S^ic^^<\ S ^UauQv, nifli'd and feparated by you, 
*0 ^ Sivcoum Tijji^jpn' is rejeded from Eternal Life 
^U >^ cl(poej^^eis o8^' and Glory ; he becomes 
vii^v, d^miii ^ctji (^ djflionourabls among holy 



Men, and one condemn'd of Sb^yii>iriSA^Qiy(y>v€, 
God. <c '^ J/iB'^ioTOis oaioii 

XLViiI. Do not pafs the fame Sen- 
tence for every Sin, but one 
fuiiable to each Crime, di- 
fiinguiiliing all the ieveral 
fores of Offences with much 
Prudence, the great from the rPfS 7r\y)f^uue>^vHd^y f 
little. Treat a wicked Adi- to Tg ajjuiy^e^ ^ 5i 
on after one manner, and a fjLfya.?\g., ^ <£ " aMw5 
wicked Word ater another, gp-jy, ^ ^y^ ^ 'jnihiv 
a bare Intention ftiil other- «7i£^., '<^" ir^^ai'.cai^ 
wile, ^o alio in the cafe J ?^LShe/L0Li^ y\ vstdAjj- 
of a Contumely or Sufpici -^o),- "^ 2y^:pc£^> ^(fe" 
on : And lome thou (halt t^s iw5yj -^Qa/^eiS fji^ 
cuib by Threatfiin^s alone, j/cus aTre^Xcc'is. t»$ ^ 
fome thou ("halt punifli with vrevn'Tztv^jpyiyioui.dA^ 
Fines to the ♦ cor, iome tl)ou A»5 5 vn^iMs giCcaaiis, 
fhalc monifie with Fallings, 
and others thou ihalt feparate 
according ro the Greatneis 
of their Teveral Crimes For 
the Law did not allot the 
fame I un'flimer.t to every 
Offence, but had a different 
Regard to a Sin againfl: 
God, againft the Pried, a- 
gninfl. the Temple, orai^ainlt 
the Sacrifice, from a .^-in a 
gainft the Kii>g, or Ruler, 

att/pTruai(oN r oLvrnv 

6 ' e ' \ 1 e ^ 

i decll. V. 'j^.v» 5 deert. v. "♦ ;^ v. « dseft. v. 

the Holy Apoftles; 
^fjjBVj ri oi'mw^ 71 ft$ or a Soldier, or a Fellow- 
xTTif/.x, ft 6?$ a%^v, Subjed: and fo were the Of- 
&^\iv fT^fi/AccftJ^coi fences different which were 
g «5^vJs ^mf'^Si, againll a Servant, a Poflef- 
a?^(a>mi^i(fiS^^^ ^ fion, or a Bruit Creature. 
TO axy^'ws ln^i' 5^ And again, Sins were diffe- 
•TO?$ ^ ^araiiy rj ^ rcntly rated according as they 
^cw>pS. J ^J^Aifi^;!/, were againfl Parents and 
lui ^vif^idp, % f^' Kinfmen, and thofe diffe- 
^^1' '^r. ^ '^ °^'* rcntly which were done on 
'^^^v oUjS'es^tjiv. ffCTc pur^ofe, fi om thofe that hap- 
h ^ yfA.^s tJ^ <$^4'o pen'd involuntarily. Accord- 
ed" cif^p-nj^^v ^^ ingly the Punifhments were 
fopismiS^e^ TO5 7I different ; as Death, either 
H^e/<x.s, /Va fAtiki d- byCrucifixionor by Stoning; 
^K^oc cjS^g^.TTEffStTjt yu tines, Scourgings, or the fuf- 
vmri r Geov ^6 ctya^ fering the fame Mifchiefs 
vciy,T(iaiu. ?5 ^ J|/u a- they had done to others. 
S'Uv x^oiws ^aimji Wherefore do you alfb al- 
':^^^e,^T(WTY\5 j^ T lot different Penalties tod if- 
^ Ggp A>i>|«^g 1X10-' ferent Offences, led any In- 
.Si:r* <w ^ y.e^KS^'n juflice (hould happen, and 
aceAi^gTi, >c^,3)i^ca-g. provoke God to Indignation, 

For of what unjuft Judgment 
foever you are the Inftruments, of the fame you p^^^^ ^U 
(ball receive the Reward from God. For with what 
Judgment ye jud<^e ye (ball he jtidged- 

Kar3i(r4t>7s5 Zv 'f)n When therefore you are XLIX. 
S Tc^rlfi^ov, rh!pQvnz»iv fet down at your Tribunal, 
l^Ti^v rP^ 'o^o-oi- and the Parties are boih of 
rmuvy » ^ gpyjw^j * them prefent, (for we will 
^A(p»>y, f^^'« ? «^- not call cliem Brethren until 
ffif di/fJpZw>?^-^'fw they receive each other iq 



Peace) examine diligently 
concerning thofe who ap- 
pear before you, and firft 
concerning the Accuier, whe- 
ther this be the firft Perfon 
he has accufed, or vvherher 
he has advanced Accufations 
againfl fome others before, 
and whether this Contefl: 
and Accufation of theirs does 
not arile from fome Quarrel, 
and what fort ot Converfa- 
tion the Accufcr is of. Yec 
though he be of a good 
Confcicnce, do nor give Cre- 
dittohim alone^ for that is 
contrary to the Law. But lee 
him have others to join in 
his Tcftimony, and thole of 
the (ame courle of Life. As 
Drut.xix. the Law fays, At the Mouth 
'^' cf tno or three \Vitnc(fcs every 

thpjg (hall be eftdlifled. But 
why did wc (ay, that the 
Convcrfacion of theWitnedes 
was to be enquired after, of 
what fort it is ? Becaufe it 
frequently happens that two 
and more rellific for Mif- 
chief, and witli joint Confent 
Djn. xiif. prefer a Lye; as did the two 

^ fJiJi OK fJLifJLyl/SCiOe 0M>- 

oviix.(p6oi'i}S ^Sf^^yajf , 
TTpeaSuiipiii y^ 

^ ^ " 

' CTy . V. ' Z. V. \ dceft. V. ^ dx:ell. V. ' 77;. v. ' deeft. V-. 


the Holy Apoftles. 

Xco(rJj/ji)sop'BcLCv?\.mty Elders againft Sufama in Ba- 
9^ ris 7^«s f^ ts^vo' h)lon, and the Sons of Tranf- ^ l^ing- 
IJ{ff>v ^ T» Na^afio} greflors againft Nabo% in Sa-^^^' 
6u Xccf^peia., ^ 3 «^4m, and the Multitude of Matt. 
^57j3®. ri^ 'I^cf^iwv the Jews againft our Lord at ^'^^^' 
jj! tS jM;e*« <^ 'I?/3«^ Jerufalem, and againft iS/f- Ad. »i, 
mXy]fjLj (^ ^^ SiKpoi- />^f;^, his firft Martyr. Let^^"* 
y» T? 'zzr£^Ti»^j5TL>p©- the Witnefles therefore be 
txjjT?. Ig^^ijd^ Iv 01 f^p-- meek, free from Anger, full 
Tvpes 7r^&!sy ol6py^' of Equity, kind, prudent, 
TDt, l^ei-aiis, dyxim- continent, free from Wick- 
lcv^\i (s)(p^ves, gfjcept- ednefs, faithful, religious : 
lii'sy ccTrivneph 'Tngrjj, For the Teftimony of {uch 
S^oaiSSii' rij qS rP^S Perfons is firm on account 
rmd'Twv f/tof /jiye^tot 0^ of their Character, and true 
c^ tS nr^TTu cwJrnwj/ on account of their Conver- 
^eSoucc, ^ ^ '? ^oc' fation. But as to thofe of 
£^^(^7)^ auiHv a^A«6ri5 a different Character, do noc 
vsrajs;^^ ' '^ W^ Y^ receive their Teftimony, 
'niifjwv fjin, nxf^Si^-- altho' they leem to agree to- 
^g ^ r fAOffTvei^'^ gether in their Evidence a 
y.av "^^"^ ovfJi(pmeiv Sb* gainft the Accufed. For 'tis*** ^^g, 
K4i(7ip 'f^ r-f ^^fnufjiap" ordain d in the Law, 7^^^//Exod/ 
rpjQjLa . nsf^aiirmxTu^ fhalt not he with a Multitudey^^i^iii.- 
>y^ ov ^ yojLtw' Ov-it for Wickednefs, Thou [l)a/t not 
ia-vi /u(J? rnvTAoov 'Qk receive a vain Report. Thm 
^^y-iaiy. h id^ j^g^ij a- fhalt not corjent nith a Mul^ 
'i^hjj fJi^^Tuicw. » ouf- titude to pervert Judgment. 
5(^<m6r;(7)i jj^ ^TTkn'^^i Vou ought alfo particularly 
onK'hivcui S S'tn^tov, 'Ey to know him that is accufed, 
fjiipi '6^ r xe,ivQiJ$^joi^ what he is in his courfe of 
^ ' III ■ ■ ■ ■ I 1^1 . 



Life, and in bis Converfa- ^Sivm oq.&iAe'n oTmoi 
tion, whether he have a good 'f^i Tf iS /i/w owuvih^cfs 
Report as to his Life, whe- <t ^ae^^cpi. ci fjia- 
ther he has been unblame- fjiapTupi)[j>^j©- r fikov^ 
able, whether he has been « cu'gfx^JiT©-, « oVio- 
zealous in Holinefs, whether nY*wu ei^wAw)wi$, el ^ (pi- 
he be a Lover of the Wi- ^*)^^©*'\ ^ (^i^h- 
dows, a Lover of theStran- »/©-, 4 (^i;\9'S?&j;y$, >$ 
gers, a Lover of the Poor, 9i^'(^^A(p^, el f^r ax- 
and a Lover of the Brethren ; ^^y^p<^r)i^,^^ /m^ti jS^^- 
whether he be not given to nrm -^ ^ji^fA^^^^g^l' 
filthy Lucre; whether he be .^4'', ^ au'fe^v^ (£ fjiri 
not an extravagant Perfon, ajwr©., i /Dt^^i/o-©- ^ 
or a Spendthrift; whether he 7i oLpy(pccy@-, « Jd- 
be (ober, and free from Luxu- ccr^f^Q^, ^ ^^m- 
ry, or a Drunkard, or a <5^t©*. 
Glutton; whether he becom- 
paflionate and charitable. 
L. For if he has been before E/ yi oZt^S «»^o- 
addidted to wicked Works, ^ttix^^ Ipyou' (paZ?^^ 
the Accufations which are i'5), gk /ui€p:^$ aAw^J/s 
ROW brought againft him will aV ^g, j^ ou im>^ S^. 
ihence in Ibmc meafure ap- (f€^ijjfv^ '^ au^" y^* 
pear to be true, unlefs Ju- my^e/^, « /u^ av ad- 
ftice do plainly plead for <nf^SSiy^iov ty^awjct'- 
him. For it may be that ^w^cH^o./'?%;pft ;)S 
though he had formerly been avrnv r^fjLctp'n.'M cu ju^i 
an Offender, yet that he ^t^, t8t« j ? efxATj- 
may not be guilty of this fj^^ d^ov way- 
Crime, of which he is ac- ^iu^o axg/gas'Tjfei 
cufed. Wherefore be exactly aa! T^iau^. rr^fofm, 

! dcell. V. = ^ 7reAi/iir«A#](^-. V. f delunc. v. ^ deei.v. 

the Holy Apoftles, 

tixnpctXe^i ^ jSeSowas cautious about fuch Circum^ 
miiei^e aa)> "^(paia^s llances, and fo render your 
%^ t5 eAt^^^ivi:^. % Sentences, when pronouncd 
Icvo fj^ T d<poe^oJJLov againft the Offender convid- 
avfyt^^f/lM carf, ^ ed, fafe, and firm. And if 
*B>^a'^o'V '^ '^cryf^' after his Separation h: begs 
TT^, (£ y\fjLOiprK\)fJivauL 0- Pardon, and falls down be- 
f(9Ap>^"» <z>^^crJg§aiS-g fore the l^idiop, and acknow- 
au nV. /ut>i7» 5 ^ aiv)tP\ ledges his Fault, receive him : 
<f»aVirraT</t/.wp»TT)v fcft Bur neither do you (uiler a 
(r^Ti, ict |U7i (c 6'nepi' f^ilTe Accu crtogounpuiiirti'd, 
mra,y{^^M^ lii'^^^cc 3?^" that he may not calumniate 
(70'.jw,jio-)i,^gT5epf' '-nia" anorher who lives well or 
vrePTff^^ 'TO t^^ia encourage fome other 1 erfon 
auW Je^jztj /xr?7? to do like hi '. Nor, to be 
juZwi' T iAifx^ivTTiu a- Cure, do ye iiiffer a Perfon 
j/i!fe^9oy, o^^sun^l- convided to go oiT clear, 
75P@. Tt^r^ aL"TO/V <M'- lell: another be enfnar'd in 
jL/gtS -an y> tuap^i the lame Crimes. For nei- 
ii^TCMP oiTifjjf}QY^TJ^. I' ther lliall a WitneCs of Mif- 
t^' tf6' Ti^n^jiiJiAXm chie'sbeunpunifh*u,norftiall 
SiTt^i h/iHgi t>e that offends be without 

E'/'7n)f4'J 2t< ^Tcis" We raid before, that Judg- ^i. 
xei^s « J/K^-forMP"©- ment ou^,hc to be given upon 
Ijjipli TOftc&of, Jcti 0^ hearmg only one of the I'ar- 
r^ evoi n^'Trio'jr^i ay.^' ties : l^orif you hear one of 
<7>i7s, jocri ':?3^3yT©- tS them when the oiheris not 
gT^py tjyfiS'2 >^?^yA' there,and To cannot make his 
gj4<J« "^^ ^ ^^^^" Defence to the Accuiaiioti 
ei^p^jov\^y.h^)o^,-jra>' brought a.^ainO: him, and 

• dceft. V. » ;9 V. v. ! dceil. V. -^ ^. v^. 



raflily give your Votes for m^'-rS^i efgvefjcjjTF 4^^- 

Condemnation, you will be 901/ ;(^itt)ce^cr?&>?, ho- 

found guilty of that Man's ^L'^dpaipeaicoi.^avf/.' 

Deftrudtion, and Partaker ^STf wtu/ tiS (jyKo(pciv^ 

with the falfe Accufcr before t>i, cd^ Q)ico Aipe^ 

God, the juft Judge. For, oi^ey^^^^K^ico xe^- 

Prov.xxvi As he that holdeth the Tail cf tjT- Cli '^ xe^TWi^ 

^7- 4 £)^^, fo ishethatfrcfidcsat yjij)x,y 'a,ujuos, vtccs a 

unju ft Judgment. But if ye c^gjwsaMo'Tieiasxet- 

become Imitators of the El- ^t^w^. 'B^fo jjj.}j/An^j 

ders in Buhjlon^ who when •)S{o'>;^g '7^^ of> Bafu- 

they had born Wit nets a- Awfi Trpgo-SuTE^^j^, 0/- 

gainft Sujunna, unjuftly con- Uves^Tocf^cfpTup-^fj^m 

demn'd her to Death, you m -f ^coarf^i^yis dS'lytooi 

will become obnoxious to ^^nS'l-iLaLa^j ctv^h^^ 

their Judgment and Con- ^vocloy, ho^i ^ ck' 

demnation. For the Lord, e^yoov x^/^ws (^ xaTa- 

by Danidy delivered Sufanna S'l-mi ^'^j^g. oti r 

from the Hand of the Un- ji^j ^ccm^v^ wj^os 

godly, but condemn'd to the 2^ S" Aavivh eppvc^- 

Firc thofe Elders who were to cr. ^ei^s «^yo- 

guilty of her Blood ; and re- fj^vy Tas 3 c^d^vs 5 

proacbcs you by him, faying, ojIij^©^ auiTii ^pear- 

Are ye fo foolijh, je Children Cvripas ^ qa^ "" ^TruQji xac 

Dan xiii. of Ifrael? Without Examina* ^S'lxcca^v' vij^^i 5 S^i 

4^- tiorJ, and nithotit knowing the aij'rS m'&^y\a^ Xiy^v* 

Truth, ye have condemned a Outws/^j^ioi yoi "lo*- 

D aught n of Ifrael. Return a- e^TiA ; ^4% dpoL-neJ-ydp- 

gain to the Place of Judgment ; iij, crjfi S Q.(fh ^- 

/t'r //rr/'f /^/t';? have born Falfe- y/ovn^ xaTF^'rccr? ^j- 

wnncfs againfl her, >aTS£,a 'lo-^^TiA aycc- 

<^pf'^Tl Zv €iS 3^ X£^« 


deeft. V. ;> t C T. 

the Holy Apoftles] 

Sect: XXVI. 

-^'Edau^i-Q ^ yrtL /^Onfider even the Ju- uii 

Ti^ay.iH^-yi'ixctgi' ^^ dicacures of this World, 

e/a, av Tn l^acria o- by whofe Power we fee Mur- 

-e^/4o a;^/4uy5MpoF«^, derers, Adulterers, Wizzards, 

/{^/;^k,9a/)^a9tir'Ti7^- Robbers of Sepulchres, and 

€a;ff;^«s A>i5^j. j^TOs Thieves, brought to Tryal; 

-dvcLxeyt-H^ auTWv ^ and thofe that prefuie when 

&0VT15 o\ 7]yi^oi \bsjo they have received their A*c- 

^ 7rtP<^yvro)v, Ag- cufations from thofe thac 

yvtri ^ Kctxipyoi^^ ci brought them, asktheMale- 

nzLvrcc SriOi e^; xcJ- fac3:or whether thofe things 

oceivy C^r)caTa6g|u^j8, befo? And tho' he does not 

6w Msojs fm ^ xo- deny the Crimes, they do not 

;^<7if oLVTiv o^cTre^Try- prefently fend him out to 

cnv, ^^x *7rK^Q(jiv i\- Punifhment, but for feveral 

fA,i^u mniZy'^ iuuT^r Days they make Enquiry a- 

l^i'Tzx.aiv fjiAsTu aiffjLSif bout him, with a full Coun- 

A/« 5roM«, ?^ ^a^TFg- cil, and with the Veilinter- 

ntxq?Ao^7©- lagW \ Tf* pos'd : And he that is to pafs 

T^^roihv o^v^ 4'?" the final Decree and Suffrage 

(pov ^vdTk fjLB?Ao»v of Deathfagainft him, Hfts up 

vK(^epeiv 3caT ahiS j his! Hands to the Sun, and 

fl&sps T riAioy i-rs-d^s fblemtily affirms that he is 

TO5 ^6<e^5, >i^/ innocent of the Blood of the 

TLPSTOf *6il®. vcrJtP- Man : Though they be Hea- 

;^ay tS ot7^ajf®< w thens, and know not -the 

^ Deity, 


Deity, nor the Vengeance av^^ir^, xalfnt ovth 

which will fall upon Men fcSrtxol, :^ v ytvcoo-tcoy^ 

from God, on accounc of rsi SeoTnTct, ri r &s 

thole that are unjullly con- avVis ^ SsvcifjLvpcw 

demn'd, they avoid fuch un- -vJc^ t^j' ^anlc^^ xa- 

juft Judgments. T<xx£^6fpiR;j', ^ ^-rof <^- 

Llir. But you who know who T^tTj 5 ^/ti'fi'Jcrjtor- 

our God is, and what are his res rii o Geis rifjjiv , 

Judgments, how can you bear ^ cttoTcl to xe/K9^Ta& 

to pais an unjuft fudgment, ami, -Tms av xaT J- 

fince your Sentence will be ^ipa^ Siujrai^s iirt 

immediately known to God ? ^(f acTii/ J yj/ca, '? xg>e- 

And if you have judged oeoos ufjLoov tz^xP^fJicc 

rightcoufly, you will be ytvwa-n&ijS^iis ©gw ; ^ 

deem'd worthy of the Re- « fi^xaieosoKe/vccTey 

compences of Righteoufneft, ^aaioDv du^i^Siv xoc- 

both now and hereafter ; 7a'^iCf)^ai^s -^ moo ^ 

but ifunrighteoufly, you will en au^s'dj ccS^iKcoi, 

partake of the like. We 'ttzImv ^^ ojuiglooy T(^- 

thcrcfore advifc you, Bre- ijSs ^(jl^s fjSl^hv, a- 

thren, rather to dcferve Com- ^A^oJ, (ny^fvAdtof^o 

mendation from God than i^V^r, i^?^ov l-m/j/wy 

Rebukes : For the Commen- d^ivc^ c^^ ©$f i 

dation of God is Eternal -^oyojv oti ©e« tmt- 

Life to Men, as is his Re- y©- ^oov cctmi@. aV- 

bukc Everlafting Death. Be 6£^Vo/j, w^tst^p "• ^ o 

>e therefore righteous judges, 4©^©- ^vdl©. dU 

Peace-makers, and without Si@.. Sid ylvs^s cT/- 

iMatr.M2 Anger. For, f7c that is an- xcuol x^atv^ eJpi/xj. 

the Holy Apoftles.^ 

iroi6)t dopyfiToi, 'O grj without a Caufe is ohmxl' ] 
opyt^o\jS^j®- y^ 'nSoc' ousio the Judgment. But if it 
S^?,(fco ojjti eixri, ho- happens that by any one's 
X®-^<^^V^6J^^' ^'^ Contrivance you are angry 
^ (S avfjc^-n g| opep- at any body. Let not the Sun^^hXf.iC 
yctxs tcvcs opyi^hoj t5- go down upon jour Wrath. For, 
)j^i y^nmi Tir©-, c %- hys David, Be angry and fin^^^^-'^''*'^' 
^i@^ fjin '^Siii^na ^ not i That is, be foon recon^ 
Vf opy-^ " vpf^v. 'Op- cird, left your Wrath con- 
yiC^2<^ -yi, (^-nt^v 6 Aa- tinue fo long, that it turn to 
€!J^, ^ [JL^) df^^m^sTB' a fettled Hatred, and work 
T»Tgs7, ^nu^^s 2y^A- Sin. For the Souls of thofe %°\^^ 
j\^(^<St, OTTW^ fJiyi ^ ^- thai hear a fettled Hatred are 
''THfJigv^ '^^'^ opyi i/Afn- to Death, fays Solomon, But ** Pag- 
'm^y.iOL ^^jr\Tw^, '^ a- our Lord and Saviour Jefus ^^ 
y:f^UdiJclmp^orQ.'^y' Chrift fays in the Gofpels, ^3^,^.23^ 
X<^ '^ \Avr)(7iyJ^Mojv €is If thou bring thy Gift to the 2^. 
■^vcLrnv, (pmv Xo- Altar, and there rememhreft 
P^^p- M^ ^o-/cci that thy Brother hath ought 
^@- f)iJifp % (jz^rf>f> 'U' againfl thee, leave there thy 
V^ff Xe^gi7j CM' (^af^- Gift before the Altar, and ga 
XloLi' '£cV> ''^^(^^pV^ ^h ^*V ' fi^fi ^^ reconciled tQ 
S JSepy (TA'tln^ ^iTict- th) Brother, and then come and 
^ej^ov, ^ on^ fjLVii^ris offer thy Gift. Now the Gift 
on 6 a&Afpos 0^ h;^ Ti is every one's Euchariftical 
^ oS, a^gs Ijca ffi (Jfi- Prayer and Thankfgiving. If 
^v ^ cm" Ifji's^^iv T« therefore thou haft any thing 
^ujzct^e^y, % o'mT^, againft thy Brother, or he has 
TrpfiSTorS^^AayyjA'Td' anything againft thee, wqu 
'tt^A^p^ ay, % id'tb eA- ther will thy Prayers be 

yi % heard. 


heard, nor will thy Thankf- ^<^v ^i^arpepe to (f^e/j' 

givings be accepted, by rea- crd- AS!^v ^i 'fyv €)^^ 

(onof that hidden Anger. But i en^r^i ^cy^o-A^x^ ^ 

*tis your Duty, Brethren, to <5U;|^e/gix g^ %v t^rn^ 

pray continually. Yet becaufe k k^ iS clS^A(p^ cm, 

God hears not thofe which v ccvtt^s i^^ U ^ oS, 

are at Enmity with their Bre- en ou ^oj^frAf^cu (n 

thren by unjufl: Quarrels, e €i(7:tx,'d^v7DV7iij. 'in oi 

yen tho' they fhould pray three <5U;^e*^«/ cth 'c^a-St*- 

times an Hour, 'tis our Duty ^^TidDPTHj^ 2/^* r -^ro^ 

to compofe all our Enmity x.£iyS^lw l^ykv' ^n % 

and Littlenefs of Soul, that m/jjex^i ^t^crdj^e^ 

we may be able to pray with i^k^'s, oiS^6X<poi' ^m' 

a pure and unpolluted Beart. ersseiS'r] rP^S C4f opyxTs d* 

For the Lord commanded u^ Siyccos e^^esf-nov^izov a- 

to love even our Enemies, ^?i<po7i o 0gos ^ I- 

and by no means to hate 'mixi^, ^ i^ 'rets, 'f 

our Friends. And the Law- o!>es^i 'z^G-^j^(*)vTaj , 

Lf7if. XIX. giver fays, Thou (bah not hate ^w Q^Xvciv ^a^ 

17. thy Brother in thy Mind, Thou s^^^tr ^ imx^-^v^I- 

(halt certainly refrove thy Bro' cu/^ 'ivcc SiuioojjaQx 'sj^- 

ther, and not incur Sin on his c^^^ ^Bztf^ tiT 

Dent. Account, Thou jlmlt not hate ^^.pS^'io^ ^ ccpv^cfj ^ 

xiiii. 7. an Egyptian, for thou wall a ri^i yb ^ ^X^?^^^ ^ '"^^ 

Sojourner rvith him. Thou ^®4 dycLTrau ^sy^oi' 

jhalt not hate an lduma:an, "^^ey, ^^xi 5 % t« 

for he is thy Brother* And y/Ays \ucnv (& yo- 

»iVf •• - David {ixys, Jf I have repay cd ^nJ^Tiif (^tj^ti/ OO fAi- 

^' thofe that requited me EviL oiia^s 7n^7» olr^c^ivy; 

Wherefore, it thou wilt be a y iJuoTuii r oiSih(fov ja 

Chriflian, follow the Law t/i" 2/^voia^ ca' eAs- 

5,i,ll!.C.of the Lord. Loofe every yflai'lhiyPea r d^T^- 

Band of ^ickcdncfs : fot the y?V cry^ ^ i Ari4^<^*' 


the Holy ApoftlesJ 

t^^v df^rl^: I fM Lord has given thee Autho- 

cif^i hiyMiov , on ricy to remit thofe Sins to 

mtii^iK®-riSzL<^(W' thy Brother which he has 

m^'kii^maii'lS'^if/.dAovy committed againft thee, as 

oZt oc.$i?^.(pos Qa ^'. far as Seventy times Seven, »^att.x?iiL 

Ka) AolQ'iS' xi^' that is, Four Hundred and^^* 

E/ ^'izxTBcftyjj^i rn7i Ninety times. How oft there- 

^<m'mM'S(7i jj^t j(5t- fore haft thou remitted to 

JC^'. ''u^Svv « Xe/51' thy Brother, that thou art un- 

^ctf o5ta«$ elvoLfy e^cL- willing to do it now > when 

Ti^Ai^j Tii tS 'A/je/'^ thou alfo haft heard Jere^ 

vof^o)' AJg -^uTcc* a«/- if^iah faying. Do not any of2.3ch, tIIL 

Siujjuov d^TLioLS, ^ joH impute the Wickednefs of^l- 

(^o) ^ wj^®* i his Neighbour in jour Hearts, 

|yc7^ s^{(g ccfpisvoj cc' But thou remembreft Inju- 

f/.ccpU<xs'T:SclS^A(^cjj ms ries, and keepeft Enmity, and 

&is oi';^oy^>jocseojslS' comeft into Judgment, and 

Sb/AMx^ovToiyus I-uttt* , art fufpicious of his Anger, 

ThTi^jTiresty^ooistsov" and thy Prayer is hindred. 

eviy^ovTZb' mvczL'^s Zu Nay, if thou haft remitted 

77^ ol(pr]){^s mS cc^xcpai to thy Brother Four Hundred 

o-«, ^'Ivcc jxT) ^2Xr\(T'^i" and Ninety times, do thou 

ctJTatf cl:pi€vaA & vvub'o ftill multiply thy Ads of 

^ rroi aV&W§' lf/0- Genclenefs more to do good 

|t£/tf 7\iyv\^j on l>^- for thy own fake ; altho* he 

<r©- r y^3c/^ ? ^)i- does not do fo, yet how- 

ciop ccvtS />cti ?^Qyl^e^ ever do thou endeavour tq 

S^ cv miTi iigipS'ians v- forgive thy Brother for God's 

fjfjiv. SJ ':^ fjivvcn:i0.' fake,. Tknthcu mayefi he'the j^Uitt^. 

x«5, ?^ "^^ (TUJUTY\p&is'' iX' ^^^ ^f ^h ^^^^^^^ nhich is in 

^ZS^v^ ^ ^ 'Ke/^v Heaven ; and when thou 

M } prayed 


prayeft mayfl: be heard, as a ipxVt ^ F-^^^^ ^^.9^f¥'% 
Friend of God. ^^ i c^o-^^j^l o-« Ijtf- 

UV. Wherefore,OBilliop,when Afoi 'tStio, oi S^^ 

you are to go to Prayer, after onornni, f/Ji^^GP^roov tf.^ 

the Leflbns, and the Pfalmo- fj^v en «^o-(5l;^Zc/J cJ- 

dy, and the InftrucSion out ^jrau, fX^^ r dvoi- 

ofthe Scriptures, let the Dea- y^cfjcnv, ^ r -^Xf^oj- 

con ftand nigh you, and with 6iipy ^ r S3i r -y^^- 

a loud Voice fay. Let none (pccTs hSkcKcc^xId/j, 

have any Quarrplwith ano- <^}iov@- eq-oos 'Tj^mov 

ther ; Let none come in Hy- v(/^v, fj^ J-vJ/^Atij (p&)- 

f**Pag. pocrifie ; that if there be any '^nj *^"^ ^.g^Tw' i^wTif 

* Controyerfie found among y^m tij©-' /w/^tis ov 

any of you, they may be -^x^^o^. /Va g(?// ^1*- 

affeded in Confcience, and pgfi/T ev txqiv ^ti?^- 

iTiay pray to God, and be yUy amjei^oi xftf- 

reconcird to their Brethren. S^vt^s^ ^wGw^ 5' ©a?, 

For if upon coming into <^ ^??ia'}ojji <mi i- 

any one's Hoqfe we are to ^A9o?5. « y5 T^f ov 

hke Sons of Peace beftowing -c^' tt^wtwv Sei hefeiv 

Peace oh thofe who arc wor- Elplwn tJ oYxoj riroj' 

iD.ivii.19 thy, as it is written, Ti them cos wv> &piiiyis af^vlfJj 

aX^'.lf^^^^ ^^^ ^'^^^> a^^d them that -^^^ojj^jvi-ivTsct^ioiiy 

»9. ' -7— —;z ' ' '' 


the Holy Apoftles. 

^^^s *)^yes^^o(A^ "iTj/i ar-e far off, whom the Lord 

l^yji ocj ws fjf^Ke^v, knows to he his, ^>iuch more 

%i iy/ca wjQ/.@- or^ is it incumbent on thofe that 

ojb^' ^ rrvAv " f^Mop enter into the Church of 

T«f Of o}i'i(Kr}(7ia. ©eS God before all things to pray 

^o^p^l/^ifi ;^fh t&e^' for the Peace of God : But 

'TH^'Tujy ^ etzTi^^t^zt/ r if he prays for it upon o- 

? &SV e^plwnv". « q thers, much rnore let him* 

d>\ois TCLu^v eyr^*^' fclf be within the (ame, as 

TO/, "^ mnKv '' fj{p.^ov a Child of Light ; for he 

a/j^savTtiscA^Tvixzj-ctp' that has it not within him- 

^'ow, (as Tix,pov (pcorros. felf is not fit to beftow it 

^ fJLr] s^v ojbiru ov upon Others. Wherefore, be- 

idu^^ 6r^ egiv cL^io- fore all things, 'tis our Duty 

'7n<r©-. ai??\,ois aiTvu to be at Peace in our own 

^eJ^^eSzif. S/g tDj^ Minds ; for he that does not 

*^fnt)v p^pri &i IctoToV find any Di/brder in himfclf, 

^p-nv^ftv atj^jiv, o ^ will not quarrel with ano- 

fULt] og^c foooTuV <px.(7icc' thcr, but will be peaceable, 

^«yy, i</\! ccv <!f^s ccA" friendly, gathering the Lord s 

?igv 2^L{a^^yf(Ji7Zif J People, and a Fellow-workec 

^ Xv\' €ja/" eipU/jiy^^s, with him, in order to the in- 

(pi?^i^ , c-wudyctiv TK creafing the Number of thofe 

? )uve««, (fe Qvouepyji that fliall be faved in Una- 

ojjtS ^ jiyrojj^©^ " nimity. For thofe who con- 

<st(ipi S *7i^sovoi7zxj\ &JJ' trive Enmities, and Strifes, 

Tatf T85 (^w^of4'j«5 &v and Contefls, and Law-Suits, 

cfjigvola.. olr^'QnvoZv are wicked, and Aliens from 

TEs ^x^^^ ^ p^ycLi, God., 

M 4 ^S.QT. 


Sect. XXVII. 

Vf' T^O R God, being a God of 'C\ Tclp 0go«, Geii 
*^ Mercy from |the Begin- m gAe»$, a-ar' ap- 

ning, called every Generati- %ri5 l)(5&5>?y ^6^ ^ 
on to Repentance by righte- fMmf^fjoicw j($tA« <5^ 
oLis Men and Prophets. He rPfS Siy^lcav^r^c;^' 
inftruded thofe before the (pwTwy. ^ t^^ jbt -c^ 
Flood by ^W, and Sew^ and tS :(^<Ta)c?i,f <7jt>c.y,^ §* 
,S^//& ; alfo by £;?^/, and by 'A^gA ?^ 2^^, ?^ X^9, 
£#2^r;^ that was tranflaced : st/o Erw?, ^ ? /n^rnx- 
Thofe at the Flood byN^^^: ^^vf®* "Ej/^;:^ lauxf^- 
The Inhabitants of -5^^^w by viC^e rla q 64^ n^ h^- 
bofpitabie Lc*; thofe after the fTztK^vcpuZ, c^S^Nojg. 
F'ood hy Mdchifedeh^ and the tss ck Xp^/^i; ^^2" 
Patciarchs, and J^^i the Be- (piP^^gr^ Awx* t»«^^ 
loved of God ; the Egjftians ^ ^n^^cXva-^gv ,; ^, 
by Mops', the Jfraclites by MgA^^rjF^jCjC^ 't^'^'ttop-- 
liim, and Jo(hua, and C^/t'^, 'Te/ap;;^y, ^ §' r&Fo* 
and Fhinas, and the reft. (p/Afes'loiS* tJs cm' AiV 
Thofe after the Law by An- -j^cSoj, 2^ Mojc^o?;* 
gels and Prophets, and the Ty> 'ic^e^)?A/5^,«^^p|•J^>- 
fame by hiv own Incarnation t?, ?^ 'i^jij?, % XaA^f , 
of the Virgin; thofe a. little (£ 4>xr6^5, (S o^ ;\pr 
before his Bodily Appearance ^ttouv' tIh ju^^i vo/^r ^ 
by 7^''^'''^5 l^^is Fore-runner, and S^i ccfycAoov (S ogp(p>j- 
the'fame .bv the fame Perfon tz^i'' t^s aJiij ^^ 'f 
after C hrifl's Birth, faying, iS^ias cf^G^mofoos't 

!»!ar. i. 15.^'?^^' Ks f^^ ^^^^ /{ifJgdom of ^ <k -^^rVa ^^ofj^jtjs. 

': .: H'Aven IS at h.^nd, Thofe t«5 ^c:^ ijuk^^ '? ^a- 


C i 


the Holy Apoftles. 

S'ei^sios ajiy <? g;,:^- after his rafiion by us, the 

'kKrii <^ W;/p« iy Twelve Ap6illes,and /'W the 

tsf^9^eP!^\t' Tafi <A^<3^y • Chofen Veflel. We therefore 

Tas, ^ ? aiJra,^ ^ who have been vouchiafd 

fxem r^ '^'g^i/ auT« the Favour of being the Wic- 

^ Xiyav'^' Mgor^oftTB' nelles of his Appearance, to- 

7)^yi^ y>j5 ^oLoiXeiCL^ gether with y^^^i the Bro- 

fp^ ^e^vSu/j^i fj^rm, ther of our Lord, and the 

g WG®- auT?, $i )i- other Seventy two Difciples', 

^v rP^^S^e^i^^ ^ 7^ and his Seven Deacons, have 

^ oxAo^^(7xdU«5n<3tU' heard from the Mouth oF 

>.tf. w/^«$ Sj; 0/ y^TO- our Lord Jefus Chrift, and 

^LMrSivTEs Sva^ K5«'f'7v by exaca Knowledge declare 

fss^ ^ ^aaiocs ccvtS, What is the Will ofGed, that Ro^,. 

ciwjcL-^QcpTx^n^^-iUf good, md accept dlUy and p'.r- 

eJ-if a>gA(pw,^ siiepii fcB Will, which is made 

iSSbf^Kovloc S)jo /<9l6)?- known to us by Jefus ; that 

•Tcc"?, (^ \* rre/i Ittto none fliould pcrifh, but that *#* PagJ 

S^a-^vois avruiSt^oTigi all Men, with one Accord, ^^°* ' 

jH9uf©i T? :t/^eia ^^j/ fliould believe in him, and 

'i«o-SX^cj-B ^xyWfA^, fend unanimoufly Praife to 

WccKe^Sc^s €<<^7fs?vi' Him, and thereby live for 

^ju^, t/'^S ^A«jL(5t ever. 

(T^ni atW, W.VOV ciy.(fCf}yQV clvcc'TrefJi'^vTii ccinn^, 'QkcTti- 
cnv cdcavicos* 

TfeTT) ydp V^v IS{' for this is that which our LVL 

^^iv 7)f^s 'A/j^Q* Lord taught us when we 

Tr^G-Aj^^l/^Jni htyiiv pray to lay to his Father, 


Matt.Yi. Th') will he done, as in Hea* tw cnscTei auT?* Vevii' 

^°' ven, fo upon Earth- That as ^ma S ^S^Aj?^ <rv, 

the Heavenly Natures of the o)i cv'^^vi) ^ 'On ^ 

incorporeal Powers do all yr$'* 077zy« «$ ot^gTra- 

glorify God with one Con- eJ^vioi (ptiorf? o^ aW 

fenc, fb alfo upon Earth ali f^^Twr Siivolijuic^v m^ 

Men with one Mouth and cdlj" Sb^oc^yai r ©201/ 

one Purpofemay glorifie the ovf/cpatwc, Stco ^ IttJ 

Only, the One, and the True f yii? 'Tn^'ns 01 ar6£p:>- 

God, by Chrift, his only ^i cv lv\ <;i^Ti ^ 

Begotten. 'Tis therefore his fj.iS. ^cc^ai h'^oiC^o^Ji 

Will that Men fhould praife r fj\gvov ©goV, \ Ivol 

him with Unanimity, and a- (^ aA>?r^7j/op, ^ tS 

dore him with one Confent. fj^vo'^jSs Xe/r«- '^- 

For this is his Will in Chrift, A?7H5t Zp clCts 'f^iv cw- 

that thofe who arc fav'd by ve^v oLv<iTiv o/j^(p^voos, 

him may be many ; but that ^ ^9 7r^G-y.wueiy atirrai^ 

you do not occafion any Lofs Qvfj.(poova)s\ ^to 58 

or Diminution to him, nor avrz^y '^ ^Kyi^^ cv 

10 the Church, or lefTen the X^/er^, mn»Ai «ra^ 

Number by one Soul of Man, ^rif C^^g/^Jhs 01/ atJ- 

as d^ftroy'd by you, which W, X^Ua /itvi (^jj/a/^v 

might have been fav'd by Re- cLhiiv, /jaiSs +I;^7to- 

pentancc; and which therefore vSv" tJ^as ¥ dx36^7j(;icti;, 

perifnes not onh^ by its own ft Q;^M«r^ r ^£^18/^(9^ 

Sin, but alfo by yofr 1 rca- S\cc jLua? -^j'x^s ^b^ 

chery befides, whereby you vn^^f vi^^Jiv ^/!>aApe■&lU 

fulfil that which is written, cm, vtis i\SujjoL^ (J- 

Matt.^^ii. f^e that gathereth not vrithme, ^yivou Sid fjAr,:fpQUs'cc- 

3°- fiiUtrretb. Such an one is a 'TrwXt^ ^ » /^pj/sj/ l| 

Difperfcr of the Sheep, an ISicti opyi\s, ^m' ^5>j 

— ' ' - — • , , 

the Holy ApoftlesJ 

'^ l^ vfj/iTie^s g^i^tf- AdverCary, anEnemyofGod, 
a5i5* ^ i'TTkii^o^'n 2> a Deftroyer of thofe Lambs, 
yc'^cLfA\jS^ov, O fAj) whole Shephqrd was the 
fw^ayyp/x€T'gjxS,OTiop- Lord, andvve were the Col- 
7r/^(]. Toiar©- ^ ^^y led^ors out of various Na- 
^•P'TH^iif , ^^jo^Ccciwy tions and Tongues, by much 
dvTiS'iK©^^ ©gS 1;^- Pains and Danger, and per- 
6e^?, 'r^ ccpviojy ^fio- petual Labour, by ^ atch" 
f<^i\ Zv 'HAjQ/.Qi mi' ings, by Fadings by Lyings 
^aIxa/ -Czj-rtp^e. ^^^rifjLeii On the Ground, by ' eriec - 
(mjac'yti')pi " OK <^(ps- tions, by Stripes, by Impri 
^v l^pm 5^ yhoiojm^ fonmencs , that we might 
Qv 'TDMaI^;^6<w, ^ mv- do the Will of God, and 
SuJjco^ (^ jtpTTw h\lwi' fill the Feaft- Chamber with 
3t«, ^ d^vrnviocii, ccV Guefts to fit down at his 
n-ious,^lJL(ifviaASj Sioof' Table, that is the Holy and 
ft^r^, ^jjja/i, ^uAflt" Catholick Church with joy- 
^is, 'ivct ^ 2> fST;i77,i<^ fuland chofen People, fing- 
^ Sed iTuirimlpTts", ing Hymns and Praifes to 
^ve^azvij^j r ^n^yiKi- God that has called them by 
vov" r?fS oivocioiiff^jcoy^ US to Life- And you, as 
naii^ r lee^v i^^- much as in you lies, have 
Ximir cKythy\(7icw, (j!>- difpers'd them. Do you ai- 
<fes^ivo\j3^jm, ^^ yXy]' fo of the Laity be at Peace 
miv, ^ oi'}a7hi(^\j5fjm, with one another, endeavour- 
vfjiviv^v ^ (5^|a^of- ing, like wife Men, to in- 
rrwv r Jc^fcAgcrr^To. ecu- creafe the Church, and to 
Tis S^l 7\^v eis ^oor^Vi turn back, and tame, and 
e^oV. vfji^s oQv^Ss^' reftore thofe which feem wild. 
vijl7v ^SfTjcof-THjaTE. ^ For this is the greateft Rc- 
vfji^s 5 ol ?iaA^\, &- ward b y his ^^romife from 



J«r.Kr. 1 9. God, // thi'U fetch out the Wor- plw6[fnTi c>£^$ X^77A6f , 
thy and Precious from the Un- ccja^^ovTH t^s (f^wf 
worthy, thou fkdt he as my fj^i r in-itAm^p aJj^iip^ 

Mouth, ^ TO V0fM^O\jSp(t a- 

Lvn Buc be thou, O Bifliop, Su ^ g^^tpTr©., 

» holy, unbiameable,no Striker, ^W'a>fa?,atc^/>to5, /txTi 

not loon angry, not cruel ; -^r^rixw, jlcti opyiK<^, 

but a Builder-up, a Conver- ijlj^ oc-mvii- ^X oIko^- 

ter, apt to teach, forbearing ^^^ 'f^cpoCfSs, ^ ^- 

of Evil, of a gentle Mind, ^iclc^s ^ dve^l-ic^xos, 

meek, long fuffcring, ready ^ i^Tni^vf/.©.", 7rp£o^, 

to exhort, ready to comforr, fj^^y^cP^^©-, ^^m- 

as a Man of God. U-^,^ ^^tXyiTiyts^ c^s 

s E c T. xxviir. 

WHEN thou called: ^'QTctv 3 ^aSep/'Cr^ 

^^ an AlTembly of the r f GgS <k5cA)i- 

Church, as one that is the mb^y (Oi av TujSsfvrnns 

Commander of a great Ship, f^os f^ylArjc, fjjtl' ^. 

appoint the Affcmb!ies to be giim^'-^cnsyyiAiije^iS- 

made with all poffible Skill, t^ ms (rnuiS'ifs/ ^m.- 

charging the Deacons, as es^fyi>?^ajv Ws 2^^^- 

Mariners, to prepare Places vono^aj^fei voLt^ji, t^^ 

for the Brethren, as for P.if- llp-srw^ crTaoorm' ttT^cc'- 

-^ - ■ ■ - - ; - ' - 


the Holy Apoftles. 

hX(po7s, >c5r.3oG'77i?p SSi- (engerSjWich all due Care and 

^ci-mii,f/^^(itii\^ Decency. And firft Ice the*/ P^fr- 

?^^Ae;'ct5 (£ cif^vonnfi' Building be long, with its '^'* 

\Qi. ^ fiA^T^v ^ oTkos Head to the Ea(t, with its 

$5w 'QifMfTcns, K^y a- Veftrieson both Sides at the 

fotTOv^l^s ij'7^a//,f^/j©., Eaft End, and fo 'twill be like 

«| l^Ti^v r^ iju^v a Ship. In the Middle let 

TO ^ ^7m.<^(flt^^' ^«^? the Biihop's Throne be pJac'd; 

ipcti^Kluii oq-ti eoiyje and on each Side of him lee 

vy^l. 'a&Sw Q /Ago-©.- the Presbytery fit down; and 

5" Rt<7:(^7rj^ ^^p®*' let the Deacons {land n<:ar at 

tuSfp iy[^Ti^ 3 oLi^T^ hand, in ciofe and fmaU girt 

^^tj^Sw li TTficrStj Garments; for they are like 

tie^ov, % 01 Q^TLQVQi the Mariners and Managers 

'7i;vi^9xSwjT^jj, Aj^X^i of the Ship : With regard to 

^ 'f 'TT^wftoj'®." Ic&wT©-* thefe, let the Laity fit on the 

ioingiai yi pcwmx^is ./^ Other Side, with all Quiec- 

10/;^;^^^. 's^yola. ncis and good Order. And 

TSTav ^'s'S In^v fJLS' let the Women fit by them- 

f©. oi Acwjco) jc^'Ss- felves, they alfo keeping Si- 

Z^iSwcr^ jA^ ^Gvii y\- lence. In the middle, let the 

<nj')^cLi & ^<m^icci' :^ Reader (land upon fomehigii 

ctt yMjotjiyjfS lu^p/a- Place ; let him read the Books 

fj(^ja>ff ^ cwTOLf 3(^6 g^g- of Mofes^ of y^/Z/^^ the Son of • 

«&wji^, jioj'Tnij' a^^vcTa^. N///?, of the Judges, and. of "^ 

fjiio-Q. <K dpaytfci' the Kings, and of the Chro' 

9)i if v-^nAv Uvos I- rjicks, and thofe written after 

5w«, ^ccytvoocmi^Tco m the Return from the Capti- 

M4>(7?<ws k 'Iwo-S 5^ \* vity ;* and befides thefe, cbe%* Pag. 

^Najjri'',rni'^'K^'7Qt)v Bobks of J^^ and of Self. 26-- 

^ '7^^ l^cLGi^fiaivy m mon, and of the Sixteen Pro. 

.' ^;^i'. V. ' .Ti. Y. ' y^ii JTff^rHj. v. ^ ^l^wi. Edit. Tuiria-. 



pbets. But when there has rP^'' ^a^AeimySl^cov ^ 

been two LclTons feverally to r? I^JcTtt* tx^s 

read, let fome other Perfon TaToi*^ totS'Iw?^^ tS 

fi ng the Hymns of David, :io?[^(Ji^v@<j ^ to t^ 

and Jet the People join at the lyc'K^.iS^y,cc ^a^^^nn^v. 

Conclulions of the Verfes. ova Sbo q ^o^iS^c^v d- 

Afterwards let our Acfi be roiyi^ctiajjiin^v , gTpe/^ 

read, and the Epiftles of ^ 4«/, -m r^i ^ Act€lJ^ -J^cA- 

our Fellow-worker, which he ^i^jwvfjivvs, % ;\^oc 

fent to the Churches under to d-a^c^l^oc -ecro- 

the Condud of the Holy ifaPAgTw. /wj' tSto c^ 

Spirit; and afterwards let ir^^ea ou^ ifjiii^faui d- 

a Deacon or a Presbyter read voiyiv(a(h(,tSw<i^ (^ 1- 

the Gofpels, both thofe which 'th^oAoJ IIcvjAw S' aU- 

1 M^itthevp and f^^;^ have de- ^f/ 7/S ^/-cJr, a$HWr«- 

liver d to you, and thofe Ag ? (k-zcAwcriau ,^^6' 

which the Fellow workers of '^vipfiyt^cnv'Siylamv^' 

Paul received and lefc to fj[^©.' & fX^^ tcoIto 

you, Luke and Mark. And 2/^kqv@^ rj TrpsaSu- 

whiie the Gofpel is read, let ^p@^ avxytvu^cTnerrwli 

all the Presbyters and Dea- Afccfj^Aioc a lyco MoT- 

cons, and al' the People ^?05, (S ' W^m^ ryS^g- 

fland up in great Silence ; i^n^^ySp vfji7y, ^ d of 

for it is wniten, Be filerjt cwuipyi flovJAy ^t^h^ 

and hear, Ifrael And a- hrKpcTi^ ^^T6X€^'^lctv v- 

r^i. gain. But d-. thou ftand there juuv A^^s ^ MoifKOi. 

%*?ag, and hear. In the ncxc Place, *^* ^ om^ aVa^rw- 

Jet the Presbyters, one by cmcfj^jop } S <^a^<)i' 

one, net all together, exhort ^lov, ^tbs oi Trpect- 

the People, and the Bilhop ^VT^ePh % o^' ^'xo- 

in the laft place, as being voi, ^ 'ttcHs o ^og 5^. 

the Commander. Let the y^e^rwT^ ij^ '77PMS^ ^- 

Portcrs ftand at the Entries tju^^ia^' ryc^oL^xt^ylp^ 

I ufhy^m. Edit. Turrian. Stwm, 


the Holy Apoftles. 

Xioomx^f ^ aKye 'IcT' of the Men, aild obferve 

e?t>iA. Ka) rm.Kiv' 2u them. Let the Ueaconefles 

r^Mjiif^L, ^ diciGH), alfo (land at thofe of rhe 

Kat gf5j>' <s?^)(9jA^'7w- Women, like Ship-men. Foroeuf. 

<7c^ 01 7rpecr€u7^^i r the famcDefcription and Pat-*''"' ^^^^* 

;>[giOv. jcaGgJsaJ'T^p, tern was both in the Taber- 

ivV\ot ^71 ' oi'^^jTii' <& nacle of the Teftimony, and 

*jiA<^'Ttt?©^ '^QTwi^ in the Temple of God. But 

'^(tkottQ^, 05 loivA wj^ if any one be found fitting 

^sfiVT\Ty]. gvyiTwa^ 5 out of his Place, let him be 

01 |w^ '7rv\oo^\ ds §15 rcbuk'd by the Deacon, as 

«(70(f j^j rPlS ^S'^v (pu- a Manager of the Fore-Ship, 

?^ojvvTis ctvms, ca q and be remov'd into the 

S\ccx,ovoL eii ms rP^ Place proper for him : For 

yujuoA-nMv, S'lyjnr vaju^ the Church is not only like a 

T^gyav. ^ yl> % ou iri Ship, but alfo like a Sheep- 

cTTojrf 5* fj^Tve/-^ fold : For as the Shepherds 

cvjTof o3j)/7)coAeS-(j^;|^ place all the Bruit Creatures 

yQ. (£ ' TDTTD?, ^ ^ cy diftincSly, I mean Goats and 

W ;/aaj ^ Bei". ci H Sheep, according to their 

Tii <Af gOf <c!>^ ^TTvv Kind and Age ; and dill eve- 

ii^-^t,c}j^@^f 'Qn'Tt^;)' ry one runs together, like to 

cvTSc^j \cm •? ^oL-AsvM, his like ; fo is it to be in the 

di ' TT^p^i', <S W$ T Church. Let the young Per- 

xoL^ycovT^ atW ori- fons fit by themfelves, if 

nuiv |Lt€^^c^. \i figvoy there be a Place for them ; 

yi ywi, iJMa ^ \j{^V' if not, let them (land up- 

j^^jioj/xo/cyTaf :S c^'/{A>i« right. But thofe that are 

•ICC. cJs yi 01 ^TTDifjS^ei already flricken in Years, 

vA0L<^v ^ci?ig'ya)Vj cu- let them fit in Order. For 

'ywvj (pwfcl, ^ 's^^oi- the Children which (land. 


let their Fathers and Mothers nrov,'^ Qvfyiveietv ^ 5- 

take them to them. Let the A/)wav i^w^ti, ^ exa^ov 

younger Women alfb fit by cuj^v'Souslov'^coofj^iai 

themfelves, if there be a Place cwun^i^" Stco ^ ov t^T 

for them ; but if there be onx^noia., oi ft leom- 

not, lee them (land behind cp^'t^^^^^^'^t^^^*' 

the Women. Let thofe Wo- e^ I frlmi^ ei q ^/.h, 

men which are married, and ^yje'mo-cu^ 6f^o\ o\ ^ 

have Children, be plac'd by ^ri f\ rih) ^x^^e- 

themfelves: But let the Vir- dny^-ni / y.oL.'h^f^' 

gins, and the Widows, and o-<Vj c^ Ta|^ ^d ^ 

the elder Women, ftand imi^.oL I^t» 'c^o-* 

or fit before all the reftj >\g,u&dpi^(cattv aj]rrZf 

and let the Deacon be the oi cTixii^gj, ^ yw^iyg^' 

Difpofer of the Places, that oj j ^^gwTFfavt 'mAtr /- 

»* P'g- every one of thofe that comes cT/ct, %^ IcJ/J ? tdtt©*, 

^ '^' in may go to his proper « ^ fj^yh, o^^ev ^PfS 

Place, and may not fit at yuju:uy,cov i<px.^ooa:tv' oj 

the Entrance, in hke man- q tj^T)? ycyxfJLyjKVfctf, ^ 

ncr, let the Deacon overfee ^ T^Tomp^Zuzcj'', iS'la, 

the People, that no body i<^^a:(rxv cu '^^hot 

may whi(per,nor ilumber,nor 5 ^'^X^?^ ^ xpeo-Cw- 

laugh, nor nod : For all ought k6'^s, Trpc^TDuj '^azov r?j- 

in the Church to ftand wile- vJiT<»i(Tdp Wa.%^«:&(w- 

ly, and foberly, and attcn- cav- 'sc^ca'^ icov^^ov 

tively, having their Attention cyg^yowi/ d J^/axor®-, 

fix'd upon the Word of tl>e /V g>ca^©. loovcia^p- 

Lord. After this, let all ;^f^jA'v e^ r /'«r»o»' o^* 

ri{e up with one Confent, -rnv opfJLoi, & ^tj «>^ 

and 1< oking towards the Eaft, g "• iyTep/TDr xao^r^ijj/- 

after the Catechumens and TXf d^j./a)s o S'lxxoioi 

the Holy Apoftles" 

^erjcoWrft) T ?^Qv, Penitents are gone out, pray 

tTTzos fjLTiUs 4^>£/<riT, toGoQ Eaftward, whc afcend'^^^^^^'^% 

% vvtpsL^T), y) yi?\g,(TVi, r\ ed up to the Heaven ef Hed- ^^' 

v^a-r). ^7) '^ ov oK> vens to the Eafl. Remem- 

3cA»OTcc '^in^'diQvitii, ^ bring alfo the ancient Sicua- 

yn(pctAea3s, ^ e^riy;^^ tion of Paradife in the F.atl, 

rnvs tc^dvoA, oKTtm* from vvhcnce the firO: Man, 

fjS^'^Luu €^rlcc r oiy.oluj vvhen hc had yielded to the 

¥^ r &' -Ajje)-^ P[^yv. Perfwafion of theJ Serpent, 

^ [j^^ tSto Qvix(poovcos and dilobey'd the Command 

dm^lJTis e^^cc<^y'n> , of God, was exjDeU'd. As 

oo l-s/ ^vcx.To>^i ^Tcct' to the Deacons, after thci 

<T^fjori^ns\ fj!^^ r 'tobp Prayer is oVer, let feme of 

^•n^^^lj^joop ^rrfjui therh attend upon the Ob'a- 

rr^jo^vTcov s^oShv, 'Ojop- tion of the Eucharill, mi- 

cA/^&^^ooarav W ©gj, niftting to the Lord's Body. 

TO? '^SeSrj'ipTi S% "J- Let others of them watch the 

ves^vop tS ye^rw hJ? Multitude, and keep thcni 

^cclo:^i,'Czur)iLuiJiviicrytS' filcnt. Btit let that Deacon, 

ijS^jQi^ '? aipxaiAcc<;vQ who is at the High-Pricft's 

i^h V y{^ dict^Aas Hand, fay to the People, 

CD^J'ftj^, o^P w^ L^t no one have any ^harrel 

'f(§K^b^7rtid'^Tr.crzvs again fl another: Ld no one 

¥ c/if^xluj, o(pecos Qvfji' com in Hypocrific, Then Ice 

CttAic6 mi^&i, aW the Men give the Men, and 

ex-n^A. Qt ^cLy.ovCi the Women give the VVo- 

jot T>r TT^c/Tpofa^ 'f ^' let no one do it with De- 

^e^r^oLs %o?[g.^ho)' ceit, as "fud^s bctray'd tlie 

o-^, vcr>?pgT8^.oi TBtf Lord with a Kits After this, 

^ -aupj.'^ azicfj^A fjj^ let the De.^-on prriv for rhe 

*— .-— — -..«i..,i««.«-»«--— «^ ^— ^ 

I^ ^ wholcf 


whole Church, for the whole (poS\f, ol q tws o^Xyi 
World, and the feveral Parts ^ocuKO'TreiroDooLv, (t i5- 
of it, and the Fruits of it : ovx^dp aurnh g^x'TiDi- 
for the Priefts and the Ru- eiowji^. Ag^^ro) 5 ^ 
leis, for the High-Prieft and ^^.g^s mS ^ dp^ep&i'^ 
the King, and the Peace of S'loix.ovi^ iiS ?^c^, ^nA 

> #Pafl of the Univerfe. After this, tis ycocrailcvQs' fjL,yi <m 

i65. let the High-Prieft pray for ov •vScrojceij^/. ftoro & 

Peace upon the People, and acTsj^x^i^wo-cM' ci>\v)XMi 

blefs them in the(e Words, o\ ^S^fss, (S '^yiaous 

Numb. tI. ^/^^ Lord hlefs thee, and keep cd yjvaH'Mi, *^ S of 

2-4- thee\ the Lord make his Face vjueJ^ca (pihnjjf^* SJViai 
to fhine upon thee, and give |X)( t<$ ShKita, m la- 
thee Peace. Let the Biftipp iha t iweAov (piK-nu^gU 
pray for the People, and fay, /^gJiwy^. ^ /uifcTO tSt* 

Pfal.xx▼ii.^^4'l;^ /^y Peofle, Lord, and *©^o-<^j:^g^w o J^/ajco- 

I Pet.i!i9 ^^<?« /^^i'/? obtain d with the amcTjj, ^ ^tc^tdj tS 

ii- 9- precious Blood of thy Chri/}, y^ujjuH, ^ twV ov autmS 

and hiift called a Royal Priefl- jjue^p, j^ c/at^o^My' u- 

hood, and an holy Nation, ^o rcav Ispietip^ (^ tSj^ 

After this let the Sacrifice olp^vtwv' -yh:^ ? dp" 

follow, the People ftanding, ^epiojs, ^ t? /3a<7x- 

and praying fiiently ; and Ae^f, ^ ^ 3ca.SDA»«- 

when the Oblation has been privns, ^ fj^m i5to o 

made, let every Rank by it dp^sp^i iTrdf^yS/j©^ 

felf partake of the Lord's ^ ?^a^ &pmvy <^';i9- 

Body, and precious Blood, yilrco n^Tov' m 7[gj^ 

in order, ard approach with Mao^$ c^gTFi;i^To ig- 

Reverence and holy Fear, as pi^aiv ^?\9yilv r ^of 

to the Body of their King. Ti^n^'is'^rif^aiv' EJ- 

L«t the Women approach ?\s^yi)aicf ^ Tuu^jto^^ <& 

jiW-. ~.^.-..,-.-.^,-.,., — ^ , 

the Holy Apoftles^ 

f6V?«f <^* S^(p«v«ti with cbeir Heads covered; 

^e/o* S' -n^^TrDf ofj- as IS becoming he Order of 

•rtJ g'Tr; (7F, ' ^ cTft^w (Tct VVomen: But et the Door 

^p-nvnv. ' "}i^ujA^x^<^ ^e watched, left any Un- 

Jy d g^Wo7r(^, <i believer, or one not yetini- 

^g^ia/' ^cd(TQvr \ci.6v ttaced, come in. 

/g^Tdt/M^, ^ ^f*'©' ^T^'^^* ^^'^^ ^ ITtSTGt p^VS- 

Sw ii ^aioL. I^r©. -Jn^J-ns tS ;^ot.3 , ^ ©gpcTi^- 
#gTW J^.-Tj TO^i. y^t' g'^^W l5 x/ygiaxS C*^^^'©- ^ 

V ^-iSirru^ ^01- If stiy Bf othef , Man or ^^, 

xloLi oiSiA(pos rialfe (fri Woman, come in from ano- \^^^ 

l^A^, Qv^aiv ^- ther Panlh bringing Recom- 

y,ofju^of^oiy 2f^ytsvo9 mendatory Letters, let the 

'^x,e/LvsTco ^ >^t' Deacon be the Judge of that 

iwrhs, d/jcciceJivuv « AfFair,enquiring whether they 

^qo\,^6x^^r)(nccgiyis)i be of the FaithfuU and of 

ft ^^ c^,pia?ds eiji the Church? Whether they 

jjjSfJis^vo-[/>^or ^ TO' be not defiled by Herefie ? 

T^ip « tim^J'p®- , ft And befides. Whether thci 

j^jiept' 4 2tw y/is TO Party be a marry'd Woman, 

y^T c3wt^ ooseioivoc' or a Widows And when hsi 

Ar)6w$ Tr/grjl (6 oa{9')/i^«- is iat i<^ficd in thefe Quefii-^ 


orts, that they are really of fjigves (^ tuTs 'njueA^'ipTs^ 

the Faichful, and of the fame drmyi^iw g>casT>v «s r 

Sentiments in the things of w^ayiy^ovrm* oh^ iil- 

thc Lord, let him condudt croj/' « 5 <fc Trpio-Si/Ti' 

every one to the Place pro- f ©* ^ '^ojc/as iTrf A- 

per for him: And if a Prel- >f, 'are;)(708;ygcD]w vzai 

bytei* comes from another t^ TrpeaCuTi^v ' >tpt* 

Parilli, let him be receiv'd to vmiyiii'' « 5 ^^x.ovosy 

Communion by the Presby- 'vkzTo 't^^ S'lctytsroov' « 

ters ; if a Deacon, by the 5 ^Wot©-, awu ^tzS 

Deacons ; if a Billiop, let him t^.ayii^cf) ^S^^iSw^ 

fit with the Bifliop, and be *? cfjJw a^fs/n^j©- w' 

allowd the lame Honour cmJtS t/^Ss* <^ l£pt;'nJ- 

with himfelf ; and thou, O oii ouj^riv, Z IttIcko'tts^ 

Bifhop, flialt defire him to 7refio-?^?^(7Uj rr:^ ?{^qi 

fpeak to the People Words ?igyys J^^J^xtdcss' n 

of Inftrudion : For the Ex- '^ ^ ^svojv mu.^ 

hortation and Admonition 7cAj)ot$ >9 yt<^(7/a, ^ <jU- 

of Strangers is very accepta '7:ae>^'dgzT©-">^ od(j^y\Xi» 

ble, and exceeding profira- fjicvmi^ cr^oS'ej^' OJ- 

ble. For, as the Scripture Jei^ y) Tr^t^TjW, 9^- 

luk.iv.24{ays, No Prophet is accepted cnv, hyLn;i<i ou ^yf i(S'ia, 

Joh.X44-y;5j hzs own CcufJtrjm Thou ^TntTeJ^J'i. 'ETrt^eyleii 

flialt alfo permit him to of- <f[' ccv^^ r <^;^e/- 

fer the Eucharift : But if out grar Spo7axj' ecd q cTi 

of Reverence to thee, and as <^;\g!S6ia,v, ojs C°f^^» 

a wife Man, to prcierve the r rifJLiiv Qoi ^^y ^n 

Honour belonging to thee, '^Ako-ji ^evef^^ KoSf 

he will not offer, at icaft ds r ?^cv <^P[gyi^ cuJ' 

fhou Ihalt C0m;cl him to nr^y mnvaadbt y^TObvocy- 

pive the Blclii' g to the Peo- y^a^s: « 5 6y TCfi >i^' 

I al. K9tv<^viK&s r> I decfl, V. 

the Holy Apoftles.' 

•5s^g<Sj, hseps Tis I- pie. But if after the Congrc- 
'7reA>/ i^^niAcoy ^ h' gation is fat down, any other 
Sb^@* ov TsS^tCfJx ri |g- Perfon comes upon you of 
vQ^, '^x.'^ ri Ifj^e/©** good Falhion and Character *^* Pag.< 
Qv gTTiWoTT©- TTCP' iti thc World, whether he be ^^^' 
c^^aSp r "^ 0gS a Stranger, or one of your 
^y)v^ 71 ocKiooy nS own Country ; neither do 
^Moj'T©^, ri §" dvcc' thou, O Bi(hop, if thou arc 
yivoooKovi®*, /u,7i •arep- fpeaking the Word of God, 
aoo7n)An7?>a)v ^g.rnx,xi' or hearing him that fings, 
iTYii r hcc}[pvictv tS or reads, accept Perfbns fo 
;\p>tf , 7ra ^locm^Yt far as to leave the Miniftry 
at^TjTrepg^e/ai^jXvia of the Word, that thou mayfi: 
f4'Jg mv^^Q*, fjLi] S'lX' appoint an upper Place for 
its'T^oov crw T ;\p^r, y) him; but continue quiet, not 
^r ol-icol/jj' ol QclS^\(po\ interrupting thy Difcourfe, 
<^ iztiv S'locytivm rmu' nor thy Attention ; but lec 
^^^<)0^m.v cLv^v & the Brethren receive him by 
TD7r@- wc l^v, the Deacons ; and if there 
^idnov©. T iJ{^>hov be not a Place, let the Dea- 
j'gw'T^eP^ g-ys/'e^t^, /;ij' con by fpeaking, but not in 
?\gy\ij XVicc fjij) fjLiT Anger, raife the Junior, and 
ipypi^ I'iteivov Jt^c^aa- plgice the Stranger there. And 
TO)' ^ly^iov 3 tSto 5^ 'tis but reafonable that on^ 
cl<p IccutS t ' (pi?{ci^' that loves the Brethren (hould 
SiA(fov TuiSjTt/' g:£p 3 ^^ ^^ ^^ '^^^ ^^'^ Accord: 
flvecvAi''}, eyil^i ctuTijy Buc if he refufe, lec him raife 
aVocfjcar^^ , o'UTia-oo him \ip by Force, and 
^jTwj' <j-Scrov, hcc 'Trai' fet him behind all ; that 
S'kf^'^oi ^ ol ;\pi'7rol the " reft may be taught to 
d?^L'7it^^')(^p€ivlQiiov- give place to chofe that are 

<■■■■'■ " ' ' i ^ a in I I I II I ! iw»— I ■ III ! > iw^ii V,i, iii I 1 

I ihh^h n. V. 

N 3 mQ^9 


inorc honourable : Nay, if Umgniepis. « 5 'Jfojp^g?, 
a poor Man, or one of a rjo&^^ris, rj |gj;@. g-TreA* 
mean Family, or a Stranger ^i, Trft^o-Sum ^ yg©o 
comes upon you, whether he tm" ^Aijc^a. (& Tjptt©* 
be old or young aad there ii^ wotp^gf, ^ TeiBifi 
be no Place the Deacon fhaii li-Tv mLnafl \^ oAns ♦? 
find a Place for even thcfe, xctpS'tcLi av-rS o S'loL* 
and that with all his Heart y.ovQ^' hcc /xtj t^s 
That inftead of accepting J^S^^^j/ atirS ^SJuwiof 
Perfons before Men. his Mi- i 7r^(rco7ri?\.Yi'\ldi, iiVlct 
niftration towards God may «c»f,p*' 0gop :« S'lct-icovioL 
be well' pleading. The very <^apgcDc. ' S c/l' auTr! " 
fame x\\m^ let the Deaconefs <7roieiToo ^ r? (^/a)co^©•, 
do to chofe Women, whether l^ui-rtp^ijSp^iywutU'' 
poor or rich, that come un- ^i n^(fi^ii iliw ^a- 
tochem. diMs. 

Sect. XXIX. 

lyHEN thou inftrudeft ^iSbLovLm 'i, & IttI- 

^^ the People, O Biflicp, (moTre, xixAte ^ 

command and exhort them 'i^otj/tj 'raJ* %<w, «$t? 

to come conftantly to Church &K%Kvi(na.v ovS^e^e^i" 

Morning and Evening every i^e^v oj^Gpy (^ lauf^i 

Day, and by no means to lyj.^i V^e^^ ^ i^^ 

forfake it on any Account, ^AetTWcdzv 3 riuJo-^lpK, 

fcut to siflemble together con- Xv^cc cwuif^^ eTiij- 

tinually ; neither to diminilh ygjc^f. (& ^ti r ok- 

the Church by withdrawing ^cAw^^ xo/^Stfj' law- 

themfelves, and caufing the oij/ iJ^swpJi/Ta, ^ tD^* 

Body of ChriH to be with fjuiAi^ ^mi^v to co^fji^ 

^ 7^ cA' rtuVf Editp Turrian. 

the Holy Apoftles, 

? Xe«^6r. i y5 /ij{guov out its Member. For 'tis noc 

fi^iepecaveppe^Ti.'^Moi only fpoken concerning the 

5$ g?C9t9'©*^i^' ?^cuMp Priefts, but let every one of 

ijfec scwtS ocKvsrc»y the Laity hearken to it, as 

?igyi^o^j@4 on epjj- concerning himfelf ; confider- 

'TUj -era!) t5 yjue^^' ^ 'O ing that it is faid by the 

/xri ftSvjxfT' l/>cy, jcax' Lord, He that is fJot vpith^^^^-^^^' 

fjLtS ¥^1, %o iA.7\ mwi- me is againft me, and he that^"^' 

yav ^g7' I/LCH, oKopTTi^ gathereth not nith me fcatter^ 

^<J. Mr} Zv ea/jThi eth abroad. Do not you there- 

/t^gAw oVS^ TB X£/<r5 fore fcatter your felves a- 

oxoj>x/(^g7F, /oti mwoL broad, who are the Mem- 

^^I'C.oySpoi. X^<^v bers of Chrift. by not affem- 

v^(fctAUu ' l^vTis", ^^ bling together fmce you have 

^ g'Ttaf^yaAiat' auT^ Chrift your Head, according 

cwuivrm. (£ "" TLoivmZv to his Promife, prefent^ andYv»;;; 7<^ 

#7ro TTjXiy /u.n ajxgA«7F communicating to you : be 

IcwTwv, yitrJ^g d/TO9s- not carelefs of your felves, 

f ftTB T C^TTiepc. Tfi^y neither deprive your Saviour 

oUeicov pjcKu^v, (jj^S^i of his own Members, neither 

S'lccipetTi ^C^H^ ex,V' divide his Body, nordifperfe 

tS, /Lwjcf? oKopTTi^en his Members, neither prefer 

oti jx^Aw au7§, fjLJi^e the Occafions of this Life to 

^e^Kg/ti/gig tS <5^/tt ;\9 the Word of God ; but aflem- 

yn g$ /SfwZtK^s rlf?^'^* We your felves together every 

^M' sy^Tm ^fjii^s au' Day Morning and Evening, 

yaGep/^gc^g i'^Gjjtf & fingiog Pfalms, and praying in 

Ic-TTge^f, 4a;vio;''ni ^ the Lord's theMorn- 

^^(j-cii')^ljS/joi cv *^ ning (aying the Sixty fecond ^ . 

'n>?5 •iuje/.oLy,Qii' oj30ptf F/rf/w, and in the Evening the * ^^gf 

j^ KiyvTii -^Xfjigv t Hundred and fortieth ; buc 



principally on the Sabbath- ^C, lOT^g^s ^ 5- ^^v 

Day, and on the Day of our i^Ak^x. 5 ov T>r rifjiepa;. 

Lords Re/urrecHon, which i? Ql^^ccth, ^ ov t^ 

is the Lord's Day, meet more 5' tluc/-^ dvoc<^infj(.Cij, 

diligently, fending Praife to rf y^v^ocKr, con^SbLiO' 

God that made thellniverfe rt^^ a'^uTai?, wlvqv 

by Jelus, and lent him to us, d^cc'mfJLorDvTis ^m^' 08^ 

and condefcended to let him tiJ ^ttulvcolvti ^o o;^ 

fuficr, and raifed hini from d'loi 'h?o-«, (^ ccv-av 

the Dead. Othcrwife what ' ^i iiJj^i " l^oumq^ei" 

Apology will he make to ^^vn, ^C,uf^)pin70LvJt 

God, who does not aflen-'.blc 'ttol'^Tv, :^ ok vey,(>^v> 

on that Day to hear the fa- civoL^acx,vi:i,i'7n\ U^^m' 

ying Vv^ord concerning the P^yia^'^ ^nS Oeo) 6 ^ri 

pefurredion : On which wc a-iwep^yS^jQ^ qa^ ^^H 

praychrice, fianding, in Me- rJi Vg/3<x ccy,ieivi Q)^ 

mory of him who arofe in lyi^a ^z^'? axoL^^a^ois 

three Days, in which is per ?{gy\t ^ oi> S <£ r^s^- 

form'd the Reading of the ^i e^in tQinAZfjS^, 

Propliets, the Preaching of fJLvifjjni :^e^v tS ^id 

the Gofpel, the Oblacion of nptooi^ oivx<^v\^ i\jju&'- 

the Sacrifice, the Gift of the ^v' ca >1 ir^^^Yt^v a- 

hpl}^ Food. ' voLyifOocnij (^ ^Jaf^^A/tt 

'mpuytioi^ ^ ^oiai a- 

And how can he be other Uwi ^ « 'TrDAf^ou©, 

than an Ad verfary to God, Gg? J /«%( m ^j^'OTca/- 

who takes Pains about tempo- e^ fi iv>'^ ^ ' jut^fl' " 

rary Things N ghc and Day, ifjie^u ajraSbu^oov. toSv 

but takes no care of things '-^ ou^mvlmv ocfjuxoov'-^ (& 

: defunro V. = uecil, V, 

the Holy Apoftles. 

;\y'7^wr j^ & TT^crycai' Eternal ? Who rakes care of 

fu ^(p5i5, i^i^^i ' fxe^TDU" Wafliings and Temporary 

•sTDisju^©*, T^v cteJ Food every Day, buc does 

ts^fjtgvcfiu Ghb ^sps' not take care of thofe that 

tpdfjS^'^ ; TT^s <A' ix' endure for ever. How can 

^ vwu if el TM ^lijcf) q fuch an One even now avoid 

7WQ/i@^' eSiy,ot^o}^Yi mi hearing that Word of the 

i^vTj wgp ^' vf/.is', a> Lord ? The Gentiles are jufii' Ezek, xvL 

fjojef >^ r IgpcraArifc ^fif^ ^/^r^ r^^;^ ^^// ; as he 5^- 

cvciS'it^dtv eAs'^' 'ES'i- {ays by way of Reproach 

sccu$i^ ^oShf^ C7t afi. to Jerufalem, Sodom is juftifyd 

El }S TO, g6|/)? e§ vm^a rather than thou. For if the 

(^utZv kol^' 7]f/..€^v Gentiles every Day, when 

SpctgivTZL^ nfs^ £3i they arife from Sleep, run 

rm €iS):a?\§., tS %,- to their Idols to worfliip 

fi^^m avTvi<, ^ <4?|^ them, and before all their 

^Tc$ €py^ ^ mons Work and all their Labours, 

^g^|g&>5 TT^Tuv etv' do firftofall pray to them; 

fn)7s ir^(T^^vTWjy & and in their Feafts and in 

i^ nuAi eopiznTif ^ op their Solemnities do not keep 

nzui ii^^nyvfsaiy ccv' away, but attend upon chem ; 

miv s^ ' dcpugep'^aiv" , and not only thofe upon the 

'^ol ^oAoi^aaiv, i^ P'^ce, but thofe living far 

ol "^ TD'THJco) ^vov, ccA- diftant do the fame ; and in 

;^ 5^ 01 mvp'^co^vv oU their publick Shews all come 

3c»t'7i5* ^ ov ^7i &eoL together, as into a Syna- 

^Li oLUT<Sv (fii OP CU4J0C' goguc Ih f hc fame manner 

^yii OT^uTis Qujuep' thofe which are vainly called 

^vmj' */ ofjigicos ^ Jews, when they have work'd %* ?9^^ 

01 fJi^ivfv Xeyij^^oL^h- Six' Days, on the Seventh ^^^* 

^ioij 3caS' g| ii/^e^s Day Reft, and come together 

Ir^^C^i V. !>;t^-*?. V, f tt7rerfgtf|7jfr. V, ^ jf^i'V ^* 



into their Synagogue, never ipyiuHms^ T>r IfcJ^jxjj 
leaving nor negleding ei- ^/x?pa (rtwloLoiv «$ r 
ther Reft from Labour, br QuMOiyayiiv avrwy, 9- 
adembiing together; while ^ttdtf. rc^^cplovns ri 
yet they are depriv'd of the 'c^^jxg/SvTifi, In *? 
Efficacy of the Word in their dpyiocs avTm, %n rf 
Unbelief; nay, and of the QuMctyayis avT^p* ot 
Force of that Name Judah, r? J'vuuoifjAoos iS ^yii 
by which they call themlelves; op rrf octt/^ ctineov 
for Judah is interpreted Co^' vAVCfi^vm, ir^creTi ^r\ 
feffion; but thefedo not con ^ ' « oVo'kp^©. lc&jTy« 
fefs to God, (having unjulUy x(xA«<7iy 'leJ^. 'laJ^s 
occafiond the Suffering on y> e^ofj{g?[gy^cns Ip^ji/j- 
the Crofs,) fo as to be lavM v^eTztf^ I'm ^ ^icnv 
on their Repentance. If there- e§oMP^o>8jt4^ot ©gw , 
fore thofe who are not fa ed S ^ ^^y^^' §" Xg^g-a 
frequently aflemble together <s^vo}j(^i mTnir^yiiTisy 
for fuch Purpofes as do not 7i/a ^ (^ " }uirtzjuyvovTts 
profit em, what Apology wilt Qco^oomv. « %v o\ f^i 
thou make to the Lord God, (^w^ojw^jo/jCi/oTs yjc oi- 
who forfakefl: his Church? (ptKZv^ ^ 'm'iwoi'C^vji^ , 
not imitating (b much as the Qu tI olp ^-^}^o->i 
Heathen, bur by fuch thy 7we/co nnS ©coj, 'j 
Abfence groweft flothful, or oxKAjj^Tias iuni ^<toA«- 
turneft Apoftate, or adeft m)fMvi^ ; 3^ fji^S^e m 
Wickednefs ? To whom the €%vv fMfjiiijS^j©^^ ^Mol 
Pecffevi-Lord fays by Jeremiah, Te S^ 5* amo^.&'Trg^ pat- 
aetiir. ij^^g ^0f i.f,pf ^y Ordinances ; ^fjLOov, 7\ "^^izav^ '01 
%Z'k,v.j^^Jy )e have not walked accord- y^^Tmim^ oTi Xty^ o 
^vi.47. ing to the Ordinances of the jcog/©- ^V^ ST %ps^ 
Heathen, and joh have in a jxIm* Td 8i'ng.i(i)fj{g^ 

I fi- V. ! OTtS^-. V. 5 ^JLYi'V' 1 O^nT^i dm)f](jo<n9. f. 


the Holy Apoftles. 

^ jtt« 6^9 l(pv^^otTe^ a manner exceeded them. And 

^' i^'A^V' ei^>C9itft>- again, Ifrael has juftified hls}^^' "»• r*; 

jL(9rf« «3^ JS'j'ftly g-TTD- Scul more than treacherous 

f^^n, r^' ohiy^v (£ Jud^h. And afterwards, fTi//"' ii- «°^ 

\^b<xMg7f c«jT8f, Kctj /^^ Gentiles change their Gods 

fmKiv:- 'Ehx,cueioas ^ which are not Gods ? Where 

^v^lu^ aJiDci' 'lo-ept^A jore pafs over to the JJles of 

^ ' ^ " oLcuu^T^ Chittim, andhehold, and fend 

'letfet. Kcw l|3i^* E; i^<?Kedar, and ohferve diligent* 

'^d^ovToj i^vT) 0ga« ly whether fuch things have 

euuraivj (^ W/ s4)c eJoi ^^^» ^^;;^, For thofe Nations 

^01* ^ ^otl" ^gASgii /?4i^^ /^i'^ changed their Ordi- 

^ aV y^Vtt^ XskeifjL, ^ nances : But, fayshe, my Peo- 

\%72y ^ els K>j(ft)ip ^- f /^ ^^J changed its Glory for 

q'GiT^ti, i^ ^ vo'naztTi that which vrill not prof t How 

(npoS^e^'y & yiiy>ve ii><- therefore will any one make 

cmJtcg- oTt oKmcc }jS^ his Apology, who has de- 

«3c olfjLeiCitJi ^ Icw-Twj^ fpifed or abfenced himfelf 

vQfM[j(g: 5 -^05 loitf, from the Church of God > 

^oiv it/rS, If ris 6W 0t)(f2Xlf\^(Ji7Wi* ^ Ticks' %v a^^yi- 

E? cTg Tf$ r 5" lpQ/« But if any one alledge the lx^; 

S* tS'ia ^(pai(nv 'f)n<fi' Pretence of his own Work, 

£^v, o7\.iyi}^ei,*fs^<^aL- and fo is a Defpifer, cffering^i2XfXf.\^ 

ci^cyS^®4 ^sf^(foi(Tis ou Pretences for his Sins, let fuch 

d^Tiaui* yive»)aiLi<m o an one know that the Trades 

ouiST©-, ws -Of rix^ajf of the Faithful are Works 

fp^ mK-Zv liipyLci ^-^ by the By ; but the Worfliig 

mv ^ipyv 7\ S^oai- of God is their great Work. 

i Jf' V,! x) •^^^•^%« ^1 l7f>. y. ! decft. V. V, ^ ndhn. v. * T«' vt 



Follow therefore yourTrades, Ccict, mistv li^xs v^ 
as by the By, for your Main- /j^^v wi cv ^f^ipyca 
tenance, but make the Wor- Trtt^Ts, en 2^^(pii 
ihip of God your main Bu- vfjim* tpyco q r ^o- 
llnefs, as alfoour Lord faid, <?&S'«fitv a(7K«7i' &$ ^ o 
Tth vi. 17 Labour not for the Meat rrhich vJjq/.©* cAg-)^* '£/?• 
ferflhes, hut for that which yx'QeSis /x-ti r (^eS^nv r 
endureth unto everlafling Life* '^T^vyS^lw, X^-x r 
r. 29. And again, This is the Work j^'jyar^ «^ <^&>i/> ouw- 
^/' G^^, that ye believe on him viotf. Kolj mziALv' TS- 
nhom he hath [ent, Endea- /to Si '^ S Ifyv ? 
vour therefore never to leave ©gS, iVa 7rze<^7>7TB «5 
the Church of God : But if ov dmk^^Xiv c;(«j/©^. 
any one overlooks it, and 27r«(f^^gTB %v fjM^^mik 
goes cither into a polluted r c^xAw^'a^^GgSy^- 
Templc of the Heathens, or TK.AiWl'. ft&TfSTO/J- 

into a Synagogue of the 'jevcs, tIuu vsrge/cJbi, eli fjuct- 

or Hereticks, what Apology eiv q eQvoov eiaeh^t, 

will luch an make in ^ «$ a/w;a^>>ii^ 'ly- 

the Day of Judgment, who cfbc/wr, J cu^pikytav, 6 

has forfaken the Oracles of aoi^T©- t/ ^-^ywcy?- 

the living God, and the to) W ©go! ot* ^/xgpo. 

living and quickening Ora- xe/o^ws 5 y\iytcL ©ea 

cies, luch as are able to deli- ^wj/t©- ^'m.XiTrzoY , 

ver from Eternal Punifhment, ^wi/tcc ^ ^wo'7nj<»;"7a* 

^ * Pag. ^^"^d ^"*^^ g^"^ ^"^^ ^'^ Houfe Kj ^^^ SUjjoi\j3^j(X. pu- 

iio, of Daemons, or into a Sy- aac^$ ?(p;^c7?&;f ajwr/a* 

nagogue of the Murderers of ^ TTD^ditdf-U ds o^-^v 

Chrili, or the Congregation Shuuigvoov, X ^eis!^ vwucf 

of tne Wicked ? Not hear- yi)yfiv ^ic;nx.nlivc>^v, n 

kening unco him that fays, cxy.A>;jJa.i/ '7n>yrif(^jofjui- 

the Holy Apoftles. 

T^ yon^<w a^T? fJLfXi' 

?i^icL ^ Avi^wv, a^a. 

^eC'/i^^ flt-Tre^Ag^, >^ 
1 ' ' _^ " • ^ * 

I. I- 

/ ^*:/x'f hated the Congregation pfai. ^sr, 
of the Wicked, and I vrill not 5. 4- 
^;^fer with the Ungodly. I 
iave not fat with the Affemhlj 
of Vanity, neither will I Jit with 
the Ungodly, And again, 
BlelJed is the Man that h.uh 
not walked in the Counfel of 
Ungodly, nor flood in th:' way 
of Sinners, and hath not [at 
in the Seat of the Scornful : 
But his Delight is in the Law 
of the Lord, and in his Larv 
will he meditate Day and Nl^ht. 
But thou, forfaking the ga- 
thering together of the Faith- 
ful, the Church of God, and 
his Laws, haft refpecft to 
thofe Dens of Thieves, calling 
thofe things holy which he 
has called profane ; and ma- 
king fuch things unclean 
which he has fandified. 
And not only only fo, but 
thou already runneft after 
the Pomps of the Gentiles, 
and hafteneft to their Thea- 
tre?, being defirous to be 
reckoned one of thofe that 
enter into them, and to par- 
take of unfeemly, not to lay 

:: ix^^tm V. 



abominablcWords; not hear- t^^ ^reiV>t> '(^Jvf^rr 
kening to Jeremiah^ who (pm en t^ €iccjop(^jo'' 
Jer.xT.17.fays, Lord, I have not fat \^m c^ei ^y^lwa^f 
in their ^jfemblies, for they are x^ ^ i^smt^elv a)teP<*- 
Scorners\ but I rras afraid, be- i^<n)v d^pBTrwy, ha^ 
caufe of thy Hand; nor to ^ti Ag^;jm^ uvon^v* 
Job, who {'peaks in like man- /lit) dy^^au^ S '\epef/.fi^ 
jobxKxis-ner, If I have gone at any X€y>vl&*' Ku^^g «» 
time Tvith the Scornful : For I o/KoL^doL ^ ca> cwus- 
(hall be weighed in a juft Bal- S^e/cJ' avrZu ^ttzli^ov 
lance. But why wslt thou be /rajp, X^' ^p^ChfAo 
a Partaker of the Heathen O- ami ^s^awTxra x^^^ 
racles, which are nothing but Q^' % iS 'US (fdary^v- 
dead Men, declaring by the t®- o^ ofj^ict El 
Infpiration of the Devil, dead- & ^' yi^iat^v ifn- 
ly Things, and fuch as tend fS^v ttlts, ^i<^fJtAjv' yJ 
to fubvert the Faith, and to ou ^vy$ S'lu^ico, Ti 
draw thofe that attend to 5 I^^^V jw^-ra^ely ^ 
them to Polytheifm ? Do you '£??iyjpi^v ?^ylm^ cv 
therefore who attend to the ftwv vex^p ai^^moi^ 
Laws of God cfteem thofe gg IShmoloLs Sfy,&oKM 
Laws more honourable than '^(pdp^vrwv ^ peK^P' 
the Necellities of this Life, nr ici, ^ Tric^ecos olro^- 
and pay a greater Refped to n^inf^iv^g*^ 5^ ^of^i ma- 
them, and run together to 7\.v^iaiv ccTja^^itt Ty^ 
Vic! Aft. ^be Church of the Lord, which ^x^a^i^v^^cciiuiis ; 
XX. 28. he has fur chafed with the Blood vfjieis Zv o^oAai^oPns 
Col. i. ' 5. fff Chrjfly the Beloved, the mTi t« GeS vofj^tiy jc^cJ 
Firft^horn of every Creatwe, rP^ fiioonycSv ^««v 
For this Church is the Daugh- tbtvs iyiiSg tijuu&;tf- 
ter of the Higheft, which has p^i' ^ ^ttK^qpol rmltJ 

the Holy Apoftles. 

UfJig^Tis avrnis, cwj been in Travel of you by 

*2^g;^7f «5 r C(Xx,A»- the Word of Grace, ' and has 

tn'x.v tS 7uj^\t ' Ijuit form dChri (I in jou ; oi^hom 

nj^eTniTiaocIo tzS ow- you are made tartakers, and 

f^Ti T« Xqjic^S, t« thereby become hs holy and 

i\yLTrA\SiJH , T» '57^- chofen Members, »pr hnving Eph.y.if* 

•TO'TOxf/ WtTWJ 7CTi(726t)S' Sfot OY Wrinkle^ or any fuch 

auTt\ ^ ^vyoi^p '^ t5 thing ; ^«f 4J ^^/;:Jf /joly and 

iI^iV^ 9 »i d^hvAdcLuof. unfpotted in the Faith, ye art 

vfji^s 2/^ tS Xoya *? comfleat in him , after the /• 

;^e/T©-,^ IL/'Sf(pca(rcco-oo mage of God that cf eated you* 

CV 'Tnt^^ TETEAftWlL/^JOf |^i O^ CtUTzS, }{^T €iy{^VOL tS 3CT4- 

^vhoco^Ss Zv rrS Take heed therefore not 

IaM Qvo^oT^cit^^v ru!i5 to join your felves m your LXIf. 

a'TToMyju^oiff, '^ av' Wordiip with thole that pc* 

vctyooyi} e^v^v, ds a- rifli, which is the Aflembly 

Wonv ^ cLTrnXa^. a- of the Gentiles, to your De- 

ftjx/ct 7> yi^ivmioL Ge^ ceit and Deftrudion. For 

c?e>s 2l^So?^v. ;8 there is no Fellowfhip be- 

' cvpoc^efiL^of^ev@4 j^y tween God and the Devil? 

•3^ ^ a^SoAH (pep- For he that affembles himfelf 

vQuMTm. eiil^.ayr^v with thofe that favour the 

>^oyt^ria^izij, ^ g aai Things of the Devil, will 

y,Xr\^voiJLYiai ' (p^ycii be efteem'd one of them, and 

S^T^ ^'^ d'urpewTi ^ will inherit a Wo Avoid 

^eocf^Tcov' Toi ^ecc alfo indecent Spedacles, I 

ae^ (fiifjii, ?9 TO5 'Ea- mean the Theatres and the 

y^ljuji7(^i cTDjX'mj, i" Pomps of the Heathens, their 


Enchantments, Obfervations 'm.oi^gficAYiSbtcts^ (aJ^- 
of Omens, South-fayings, 'nicts^^^a^ajA.vs^olco- 
Purgations, Divinations, Ob- viojjiliSy ofpi^oKCTriccs,, 
fervations of Birds, their Ne- vey.voyj^u'niccsj f^cpco* 
cromancics, and Invocations vruis on ^';^a'JfoM. 
Numb. For it is written. There is Ov yoip 'Qr^v ot(»)viajA>oi 
xxiii. 23. ^^ Divi)7ation in Jacob, nor ov^lat'^oiQ^vVe yj^julco 
South- flying in KraeL And of 'fcre^?'^. Kou era A<i»' 
' King, again, Divination is Iniquitj, Olcoviapu'x diSf^TioL ^'. 
LXX^^* ^ elfewhere, Te [ball not Koi oi>A(t^i Gujco/w 
I cfii -^l:!^, l^^ South'Jayers, and follow Ob' vi&Ss^ ^ y,XyiSh<7i ocj 
^^* „. fervers of Omens, nor Divi- /jj^nlous ^ efyaqyifMj- 
^^ut.xviii.^^^^^ ^^^ Dealers with Fawi' ^is^tc irmy.o^Mo^'n, 
liar Spirits. Te (hall not pre* (pxp/j^y^s « 'z^'TroiTT' 
fcrve alive lYizzards, Where- cmi Avo ^zc^ipei ^ 
fore Jeremiah exhorts, Csiying, o'UpefjLias.^eycav. Koc^ 
Jer. X. 2. l4''alK ye not according to the m tos oS'-fH n^ e^vZt^ 
*** Pag. IVays of the Heathen, and be ^71 ^p^JeSs* 3^ "^J^ 
^^ ^ ' not afraid of the Signs of Flea" "^ rwr cnyLeiOiy ? yg^- 
ven. So that 'ti^ the Duty vS uh (poSSSs. ' A/o- 
of a Believer co avoid the mp" xP^ ^ "^'^^ 9*^'* 
AfTemblies of the Ungodly, yiiv Ta« QiwoS^s tmv 
of the Heathen, and of the aa^^wr'KMTjJwj'.?^'!^- 
Jem, and of the reft of the Shuiwp^ ^ Twy >.oi7mv 
Hereticks, left by uniting our aSpgicKcor* Iva fjiii mS 
felves to 'em, we bring Snares C^^o-^C^r av^Ts , 
upon our own Souls; that '^rrtyiShi' Pi^SojfjSi^^ 
vve may not by joining in iocuralv -^v^etis' ottws 
their Feafts, which are cele- /xti o-tu/otm^^ipof^jo* r 
braced in Honour of Da:- eopnrai^s avim cuti* 
mons, be Partakers vvich them res 'f^ UfjL^ twv Ski- 

' ^si V. ' xnAiVa?. r. 

the Holy Apoffles, 

]jS'mv ^T^XvPT^jLj, ^t- in their Impiety. You area!- 

v(f)vi)(m)\dp oLVTots (^ *? (b to avoid their publick 

dctQ&oLi. (fAfTCTuTof Q Meetings, and thofe Sports, 

cctToov ^ ^ ' d) ctarn- which are celebrated in them, 

yjpeis, & Toi oi/ au For a Believer ought not to' 

rfa^Ti ^TgAs^^'jot 'TiztU go to any of thofc publick 

yvtot wi^p ^ ou TToi' Meetings, unlefs to purchafe 

yyiyjpi w xP^ 'i^f (XA- a Slave, and fave a Soiil ; and 

A«^ ^'ttkHqv t? o-ca- at the fame time to buy fuch 

fj^Tiii^'Tr^oLi^. ^''-^v^ Other things as (bit their Ne- 

^lut ^t^mrno-ctt^y <£ ceffities. Abftain therefore 

g'^e^ IcvccCiJvcovrKTa^ from all Idolatrous Porhp and 

tSv trg^f Qvc7z(7jv aj3- State, all their publick Meet- 

fjig^op'Twu. diri^Ss Zu irigs, Compotacions, Duels, 

'TfwW *? Twr €i^d)7^(f3v and all Shews belonging te/ 

fTDfjiT'vs , (p^'^a-iocs , Dsenions. 

Sect. XXX. 

fiois fpy>is vf/,oopcyo?i^' 

T ET the young Perfbns of LXil^ 
^ the Church endeavour 
to minifter diligently in all 
Neceflaries; mind your Bufi- 
riefs with all becoming Seri- 
oufnefs, that (b you may 




always have fufficient to fup- ^sii, i-jwi^cv 'ttolvt) jS 
port your fclves, and thofa xpovcf)Vf/,SvJlnir^^Sy- 
that arc needy, and not bur- ^s -^ icwwi^ td?5 ^m- 
d^n the Church of God: voiJ^^jou^'Sf^sS f^h'tTk- 
For we our (elves, befides Sxp^v r ? ^eoS on- 
our Attention to the Word of y^Mcnctv, % ^^^ri/jceis^ 
the Gpfpel, do not negled ^o?{g^f^ov'ns^?{gycjj^\ 
our inferior Employments : (^Jafy&A^, cf^>s ^ t5v\ 
For fome of U3 are Fiiliermen, I'mpyicSp vx. alf^ahiiijS^y 
lomeTent-makerSjfome Huf- ol ^ ycip &aiv e| if^c^v 
*** Pag. band men, that fo we may dhieis, \'^ ol^Qcncyivo' 
-7- never be idle. So fays Sole- ^lol, ol 5 yis epyaLraij^ 
Prov.vj. f;20'/} fomewhcrc, G& to the 's^s S fjiAiS^ivroTiTif^s 
IXX^' ^^^' ^^^^^ .S%^4r^, confider dpyhs eivou, Kky\ Siini ^ 
her Wa)s diligently, and he- o.'^ohof^^v' "iSi ©i^^ 
co^n vrifer than (Jjc, For (he r (j^pf^^Ti^, w oWw/jg, 
having neither Field, Ov^rjeer^ ^ ^yiAcotdv iS)k}v tas o- 
nor Ruler, prepareth her Food S'iiGjni/^] *p^i oTieiv^ 
in the Summer , and lajeth up a QofioiTip©^^ ox«p^ y> 
(Treat Store in the Harvefi* yboopyiv jult) -yssrctp^p- 
Or elf: go the Bee, and learn T©-, gvzAi r (V^afy^^o;/- 
hovc laborious fl)e is, and her <v^ ^^yoiv, ohk \zod J^g- 
iVork how valuable it is, rrhfe cr^iiw olr, ^TDi^t^^g^ 
Labours both Kings and mean ^^ms r ^(pi>i. xoA- 
AJen make uje of for their xlw tb Iv ^ i^jw^^iiS 
Health, £he is deftrahle and ^oi^iuj^ rtfiv ' 'co^Be- 
o^lorious, though [he be weak civ "' ri irop^^Ti 's^i 
in Strength, yet by honouring irv fjiiKiosnv, (S f(^6g 
iVifdom fl)e is improvd, &C. eai ipyu^Tn^s ^, tIuj t? ep' 
How long ivilt thou lie on thy yxcnnLv a^fJLvLuj cli I^jlttq- 

7!^^:l.7V.^ilt. V. 


xn. ri. 

the Holy itpoffles^" 

pil^jrx{.%i,^kiji^PHi^cc Bed, SbggArdi' ^nen vciii 
c^Gii ^ i^j£grcc^,.^?g^fi thou awake out of thj SUeV-^ 
oytiav ixJi^c^^e^vT^^' Thou Jleepft awhile, tho^ liefi 

m^ivT) H ^ ?^^'^- down a irhile, thou flumberefl 

Sh'^^"' ~SMjji{>"Z(^.nr^ a vcUle, thou folde(l thj Hmds 

paif^jn ttS^vts, ^ r^.<ro' on thy Breaft to Jlap a jrhile : 

^icw T^//.»az^(7x fSfTO^-n ti>en P<^e.rtj com^s on thet 

X%n[^.^,^ :¥j^l^i^%<ii^ liH:.m eml tm^Mcr,^.and 

mjij, oyjui^,^ H^TOJtf Wfi^t'jis '.a Jwift R^cer, - ■^. Eut: 

czq} cTiT? ^/sl^iWa g- if jko.u\ httfi. , dlligmt, thf 

yip^-no-Vi'^oKiyv /S^vcr Harvcfl /hall come as a Fcun" 

roTs, d^iyv Q 7i&.^cujy tain, and Want /hall fly from 

f^iKt^y 6 vv<px>^m, o- thee as an evil Rr4n.igate, 

?iiyjr Q Q^jccfyfarAi^Yi And agairr, He that wa- 

'^^ai^^" ftTK. 'TT.xe^- nagcth his Own Land /ball 

yivercL^ Qoi ufCT'Tre^ ^c^- he filled with Bread: And 

5^? oShi'mp^^ T) 'TTBvix, elfevvhcre he fays. The Shth- EcdeC 

-^7) hS'eicc 0)0- mp a- ful h(is folded his orrn Handf^''''^' 

yx^i ^CPH^^^' ^^ together, and has eaten his 

cio'iw^ ^ff, 7\^i ojiamp on if Fl:(b, And after v\'afdSj^*"'°^-^^*^*^ 

^>7i clfj.y)rjii oM, ^ The Sluggard hides his Hand;'"'^* 

i €P<^eicc oocTTrep ^yfs^ he vrill not he ahle to hring it 

^pvpccTHx^wn/Js^^^oi'^oL^ to his M^iith, And again, ^^^^^^- ^' 

m^Kiif* 'O epyob^cjjS^joi By Slothfulnejs of the Hands^ ' 

¥ IcvjtS yfiv, 'TJ^nSv) a Floor nill he brought low. 

o^Touf ciprnov, Kai o^ Labour therefore continual- 

a>^Qfs (pyiaiv 'O c6f')}ii ly ; for the Blot of the Sloth* 

i<%cg^f g ms x^^^ f^^ ^^ ^^^ ^^ ^^ healed. But * T^^- 

«5MjtS , 5^ i(fctyc ToLi if any one does not irork, let 

Qip^s ojjtS. Kcti I- not fuch an one eat among 

\ al. e-^/riJf ©-, ! d<r^ft. v. a1. y^^x-^^- ' defunr- v. 

O % vof4 

111. la. 


you. For the Lord our ^5?$' Kpu^ioTwm^i^ 

God hates the Slothful : x'^^ mji?, 5 <5lty^- 

For llo one of thafe who a^xj d^Trever-iceiv &s 2 

are dedicated to God, ought g^/^^c cwJiS. Kow 'mAf/ 

to be idle. A« dpyicw x^^^ '^^' 

fjicSfji@*f ft <^g Tis fjLT] ipyd^eiwj, «T®- *iaS^' y^^y y-ri g<r- 
iSigiw. dpyiii y> juufff? ^ o JoJ^©* o 0SO5 ^/^£v ccpyj 

I f>i ■• ^ II 1^ 


the Holy Apoftles. 

B I B A I O N T P I T O N. 



Sect. XXXL 
Concerning Widows. 

H'e^tj jj ^* 

~ tio cut 

y. 9. 

psoivlk 5^^f«a^, ydiA.yi" 

Hoofe your Widows Chap. i. 
;^^f «;?^^r Sixtj Tears ^^^^'"^^^ 
o/^^f, thatififomc 
meafure the Sufpi- 
cion of a fecond Marriage 
may be prevented by theic 
Age. But if j?ou admit one 
younger into the Order of 
Widows, and ftie cannot bear 
her Widowhood in herYouth, 
and marries, flie will procure 
indecent Refledlions on the 
Glory of the Order of the 
Widows, and (hall give an 
Account to God ; not be- 
caufe fhe marry 'd a lecond 



c o N s.T I rx\ T I O J^,S 0/ 

time ; but becaufc flie has oyuur^cp^, X^i^l' on 3r 

and "frot kept her Fronfife, e(pv?^^e, ^^TOLqmvia,^' 

becaufc flie did not come Q.o^ ^ }^e^^'^' 'Sidle 

and keep 'her Pforhife with fj(^WIgi^<:^4'(f3S2 GgS 

Faith and the Fear of God; ^ S'A^ <f^^^<^ ^ 

Wherefore fuch a Pmn1ife> l^f^A/W'. <^^Ti/5^ri 

ou^hc not to b? rallily made, 'e^t^'to^ "" ^tl^^^^" T 

but with great]^ Jfauripn.^ ; g|m%A/ai/, ^Moo fX^^ 

jEcdef. For£r for h^t^iat . ta dcnpa.?^cg^'.x.p£i»:rov ^ 

pjy- But if any "'^^ounger v £^u^ & fJLT) ^J^3- 

WoiTsan, who has liv d but voj' « <5^ tis vec^iies?^ 

a while wich Ii£r;fiiisl)aiid^ cxi^yi^ovov Qap ^nS 

and has lofi him by Deacli, ^S'eA ^mimoidoL, -^ 

BJiTrt.reoiaiivs by herfcif/ haHng t^Ai^Iw,, ri <// a>of- 

• the Qifp.^,i^idowhpod, flie //.?? rif^ ereefts, % 

will be cjfpund;icp feebldled, MnW eiwrns, S'ai^v 

andra-.te lij^e the ^Jidowof > e^^io-oC^iapeiccs, fjict^" 

w^l^-^ jWJ?&i9i:>the '.Jioly Pro-.^To-o; ^jT.oi^. 2affi'(pt. 
ri.Ei-ig. phet of ,Qpd /!"%/; lpdge„d, ' ^^^^^ Xichw^/a ^^>c6, 
?7^'-5>- Such an on^ may alio, be 'so^s IxL o a.'yi@* ' ^ 
luk,if.36-eompared to Amajiie,U,wg/j: G6^" ^w^<pnTV( 'HaIo/c 

^/'Afer,' Ti^^/V^ depA^ted_not ^o^fyiu>^r^Gi'^'' Avv-^ r^ 
from jhe Ttrnfle^] li{t_, c-Qnti- , ^^^^ *ai/&iA ' tJT 
med-mSuiflicatiom^and Pr4y' OK (puKn^'Aayip^ viGVH, 
^^^. t^^gk ^^d Gaf^^who- was cl(pl^% ^ hfv^vv^ccp 
Fvur(core .fi^ars oil, arid hd (t jxe^ m^^v ?*^o-- 

th Holy Apoftles/ 

f^VG-a ? S^ria^at, ^ .9 livd vrith an Hushand Se- 

«5gp(r^ 55x^5, Za-oLfi I- ven Tears from her Firgini^ 

nSDv oyh^j-hTHSvmt ^ te ty, irho glorify d the Coming 

cjoi^v ', C^riacta-et q julS' of Chrift, and gave Thrnks 

mi b^^^-ii OK 'f o3^- to the Lordy and [pake con- 

4^tyicci ayrn^ f<nn Ittto, cerning him to ail thofc who 

"^ ^ 'Ty,v 5 X^«^a Sb' look' d for Redemption in ffrael, 

^ot47cc<Tcc <?tfyii(noiv av Such a Widow will have a 

^^/^^-^T^r^ro nrc^vjueJ^Ci), good Report, and will be 

^ g^cA^ 'c^ auTy honour'd, having both Glo- 

'mo-t rro/tf ^ ^s^troh' ry with Men upon Eatth, 

^a-i" Av^cdciv ci/ 'l<r- and eternal Praile with God 

eftrfA. y\ 'wtajuTu fj^- in Heaven. 

A I Q viojnpojf ^71- Bur let not the younger H. 

pai. dz r^^y^v \j>y^ y^y) Widou's be placed in the 

c^<Tv.o^io%}<T^y f/Jmrni Order of Widows, left un- 

'Sf^(pdarl nS iJUY\ S'mix- der Pretence of Inability to 

^'^y^^ytes^tiiv^ aV contain in the Flower ot \^^^' 

f/j)s, 'On Sd)'n^ycii^l^ their Age, they come to a " 

cAGyjzt^, £p 7re9^fiL{ fecond Marriage, and be- 

"^^0)1^3 Qijcypftcdry- come fubjed: to Imputation. 

c^j Q & ^or)^i^(rd^. But let them be alTifted and 

'ivoL fjLT] c^(pacr^ tS fupported, that (o they may 

A«Tg(?&$, ^ Mitres'' r^oc, under Pretence of bc- 

yxfjLiccv eAfiSflWf 9 ^v ing de(erted, come ro a fe- 

Tre^y^lc cc^pe'sj<^ iv cond Marriage, and fo be 

^/B^oodh ^ Tfern) yj ininared in an unfccmJy 

»———»——.— II I >l . I l l I ——————— .————i^— —;g 

4 ^ Impul' 


Imputation. For you ought «J^gra/ otpftAsTE, ori 

CO know this, that once mar- fj^voyLiJLia. yS^ ^p yo- 

rying according to the Law, fjigv yivo\jy^vi^ S'lu^io:^, 

ib righteous, as being accord- fii$ ^p y{^ yi^oi^jJw ©ea 

ing to the Will of God ; wap^^aaa ^\yxfJii<!L 

but iccond Marriages, after ^ jLieTO i'Tm^frycXi^ , 

the Promife, are wicked ; not ix^^vofjic/v, t? ^ ^p 

en account of the Marriage cwucl(p^.c(v, ^M% 2/^ 

it fclf, but becaufe of the g -^(tsB-* n^yaiJLi(x> 

Falfiiood. Third Marriages ^, <ly.e^ckoLi (7ijjx«av* 

are Indications of Inconti- 2> </L' -v^ 7^ t^yoj- 

»jpn,cy : But fuch Marriages //,/««/, ^sy^(pavi)i Trop- 

as are beyond the Third are y«c6, ^ ctcrFA^^ia <^a/Lt- 

nianifefl: Fornication, and un- <piSoh©-. 6 y> ®eos 

queftionableUncleainefs.For fjnav ryjujcHn^ ivl ^' 

God in the Creation gave one cTet J^f'cftyy^y Iv tm i)j- 

.<ien.ii.24. Woman to one Man: for, Z^^r^?)^ fjLinpyioL' ''Ejdvtuj ^ 

in-ojjjall he one Fie(h. But to the 01 Ajo «5 adp)(0. fJ^Uv. 

younger Women, let a fe- Ng&)7^ef^/$ jLtem Tip 

cond Marriage beallow'd af- T^Tr^ra'nAc^Tiir ovf- 

| the DeaUi of their firft y.e<)^pric^w& oM>it^s, 

Husband, left diey fall into ;Va ^ €<<; 3te<W t? 

the Condemnation of the 2J^QoKh l/xTicacn, ^ 

Devil, ^nd many Snares, and 'm^/J^j -TiD^Aas, ;($« 

foolifli Lufts, which are hurt- (S^^^jlIocs drovrys, ^ 

ful to5ouls, and which bring f^^nfji/as ^i^j^i'/X cu- 

upon thein Puni/hment ra- Zci^gs ^;\^av ts^^e- 

ther than Reft. ya^ KS^Mo^' J a^g^Tij/. 
PL ^^^ ^^^^ true Widows arc V A;^aA>j^ir«) 

*276. ' ^'^^^^ which have had only x^.e^' «^^ «^ m^' 

one Husband, having a good S^^l imp^aa:^, i^w 

Report among the gcncrahcy ^ef^^jxt x^ '^j^aoVo)!! 

for good Works. Widows h hy^n dyy^^'U, ^n- 

the Holy Apoftles. 

foA ntS ovfc, Qifefi^esj indeed, fober, chaftc, faithful^ 

iyi/cui^ *mq^ou, ^creSeis^ pious, who have brought up 

i:i7wo'^(prio-AadLf Ti^Acos^ their Children well, and have 

5$ ^evoShx^^^^^ ^' ^J^tertaind Strangers unblame- 

fAefy^'Ufajs' m (£ ipri- ably, vvhicb are to be (upport- 

^^fjiColve^XP^^^^^^ ^^' ^s devoted to God. 

<Vjax«|t/^jfijr.^\a^wi>u Befides, do thou, OBifliop, 

^ ipfS TTSpri^nuv, Z'Gn^ be mindful of the Needy, 

oxoTTg, fjiviifji$vii/ey ?^ both reaching out thy hclp- 

cuumTs ^ei^ opiyc/jy g- ing Hand, and making Pro- 

^uTi^vQjKts, ^ t!>^voidp vifion for them, as the Ste- 

oujn[^v 7roLiid^j@4^ wj Ward of God, diftributing 

©ga (jl^voi/.@4, ^}{ff,l- feafonably the Oblations to 

eps i)[^c^Ci} S^vi^vl^ every one of them, to the 

'Gf^GTpo^^ X^e^is 0^ Widows, the Orphans, the 

o^(f^ois ^ <S oi<i^^- Friendlefs, and thofe try'd 

y^" " <^ " ^1^ h 6a/- with Afflidion. 

Vi yj, ei kvsi fjL-n For what if {bme are neither iv» 

&cn %5ip6a ^ 31 ^es>'' 'j Widows nor Widowers, but 

^oTi^ioLs rj xpri^ii(7i (land in need of AiTiftance, 

i^ *ujividp, 7) ^ vo- either through Poverty, or 

(TDK, 7i 2f^ TEJw/og?- fome Difeafe, or the Main- 

(pidp ; ^Txs erg cTeJ tenance of a great Number 

ecpopoLv, :^ 'TT^'T^v g- of Children ? ' Tis thy Duty 

7ri|Wr€A«c^. 01 ^ ml to overfee all People, and to 

Siy(g.*mj SiShvns, g^v, take care of them all. For 

cu]^^t^i(tii (wm cTi- they that give Gifts do not 

Sbocai T xV^^h «^^ of f.h^j^ o^^^ head give them 

QvuueiOTpgpyaiv <t'7j^S)ij to the Widows, but barely 

iy,i(na. ciunvi ovof^^ov bring them in, calling them 

I defum.. V, I deeft, V ' ckfnnr. v. 


Free-will Cfferin'rs, that fo 'tis* ottws Qv 6 iQi<d^ 
thou that knowcft thofe f^©- '^^^ ^hiSo^jS^ast 
thar are in AfPidion, dyceA^Qos mdyx^s ol- 
jTiayefr, as a good Ste- Ttp^cy-©. wee^^rjs aJ- 
ward, give them their Por- •ro/Vc^ 'rS J^K^T©*. o 
non of the Gift. For God y> Bees yivcaoKJ r S^- 
knows the Giver, though <f^'>(iia, Tcoiv. oi^vl@t 
thou diftributeft it to thoie cuItS, -vkrooi tuT^ J^o- 
in '^Vanc vv/hen he is abfent: ijS^jou f/,eeJ^^Yi7uj' ?$ w 
i\nd he has the Reward of p3yj i^ r '? Ai-ajoii'as 
Well-doing, but thou the f^iSvi', Qv 5 t *? i^- 
Bleifednels of a confcionable <7«/;«(JriT« oiT^^voixicii 
Difpenfacion of it. But do ■HB-^ez-^iJsv - ^^^ya 6 
thou tell them who was the cfju^ms, <£ nri; \ o ^Shi- 
Giver, that they, may pray for xo)^, iVa ^ g| Jrcf^^c- 
bim by Name : For tis our 7©- vc^ tu/ii ^s^c-^' 
Duty to do Good to all ^^r^^. ^py)<^ 'z«rof«F 
Men, not fondly preferring ^/j(§^ ^he^Tras ^ p.i 
one or another, whoever (piy[g^e^^^^^ tS^v, 
they be. For the Lord fays, os. ks '" /i ", ^ oneivoy. 
tuhviio Give to every one that asketh o yL wj£/.oi q/viai* Ui/j- 
of thee : "Tis evident that 'tis t) Tt^ otlr^vn. a J^/^fa" 
meant of every one that is ir\?^v '-^ cas ^ x?'^^^^ti 
really in want, whether he ^^ aATio^t^, zaF (pi- 
be Friend or Foe, whether A©- >i xctV s;> Oe^^, xa^ 
he be a Kinfman or a Stran- Q^yi^yr.^ ^^^^ ^o- 
ger, whether he be finglc 'ze*©-, >cc£V a^^^ 
or married. For in all the xav yiytyy^M^s \sz3rscp' 
Scriprure the Lord, gives us ^y\. ca> «mV>i y> yes^- 
Exhortations about the Nee- (pf o •iw^^'^ ^P^ 
dv, faying, firft by Jfaiah, ^miin^jv c^gLtyci^ As- 

■~Ms7v. V. ^Ueeft. V. 



the Holy Apoftles. 

>^, 5^, fjSjfl 'Hoti'k' Deal thy Bread to the Hun'\h^rX\,T. 

Aifitfijjv'^g '^eivoDVTi ^ gry^ and bring the Poor, irhich 

a^niv (r6' (S n^cc^vz d- have no Covering, into thine, 

giyiis &c:iyccyi &s ^ oT" Houfe : If thou fee fi the Naked, 

o{^v ffH' l^o'iS'y)^yjfJi'' do thou cover him ; and thoit 

vQv, 'E%/^aAg' (^ ^oii (halt not overlook thofe which 

r^ oiTteioop 5 ccjepfj^gL' are of thine orvn Family and 

*Tis oM i*^ 'vi5}^o4'f» ^ Seed. And then by Daniel 

2f^ ^ Amii7)h Xiy\ mS he fays CO the I orentace, 

iujudc^-'} Aio, l^ccat' Wherefore, King, let w^^f DatuV. 24! 

A<^, i /3tf A»f jtt« c&pg- Connfel pleafe thee, and purge 

Qltco Qo[, 0^ mis dufp- thy Sins by A^s of Mercy, and 

UoLi 0^ OP eAsyiiu{gavpou& thine Iniquities by Bowels of 

Aure^jo^, (fe mi dSi- Qompaffion to the Needy. And 

3c/'a5 cr6 cAf oi7C7ipfJiff7s he fays by Solomon, By Acis 

TrevnTCtip' ^ 2/^ ^o?ig- of Mercy and of Faith Fni- 

fjuovo^q}yiJip' 'EAg)»^- quities are purged. And he- 

m,v(Mi % TTigBoiv hmv^.- lays again by David, Blejfed ^^^'- ^^' ^ 

^leP^TOLf df^Tiouf % is he that has Regard to the 

t^? '^^Aa&'iS^^' Poor and Needy, the Lord fball*^*?ag. 

?uv Aeyl' Mcoc^t'e/®' deliver him in the evil Day, 2.77. 

QvvMv M' 'Sloo^v, And again, He hath difpcrfed cxi. 9* 

% irhYimx: ov Tif^epa. abroad, he hath given to the 

mvy^fo: pvo^TOLjiwiip'o Needy, his Righteoufnefs re- 

5uJe/e©-' ^ WAfy, 'Eo-- maineth for ever* And Solo" 

Tispmo^v, ?(})i;)6e-nj?5 'W- mon fays, He that hath Mer- p^^^^ ^,^ 

ymv. -n «5Vj(^iocrJv« cui- cy on the Poor lendeth to the x-, 

*iS ^\ ii<; T ttjwi/a- (^ Lord ; according to his Gift 

o ^o?^^v (^y\(kv 'O it fijall he repaid him again. 

IXeiv ^c^^v ' yweJ^co", And afterwards. He that flop- xxf. 13. 

h,verj -^ 5 r:i cft^;^ feth his E^.r, that he may 

I he:, V. 




mt hear him that is in Want, ajuiSj ^^rtbrnSb^a?^ 

he alfo [hall call himfelf, and wjrtS' ^ l§5i$' **Oi (pe^t- 

ihne Jh/iU hs none to hear cvj^J §. wtbc^ cw/tS |xn 

him. ^att^tfuuj 5 S)boij3/jv, >^ 

Sect. XXXU. 

T ET every Widow be meek, 'V^^F^'^ mcrcL 

^ quiet, gentle, rincere,frec X"^^ 7re^eioL,riau' 

from Anger, not talkative, x'^j ^-^cowi?, a'ypi- 

noc clamorous, not hally of )c©^, Giofyr!t&- , |M.rj 

Speech, not given to Evil- '7n3Ay;^^A©-, /xti x-estu- 

fpeaking, not captious, not ^jwj-©., |u,7i 'Of^yKca- 

double-tongued, not a Bufie- oj-©-, /xri ^fnL?[g.?\Qc^ 

Body, if ilie fee or hear f/Jh AgiiS??^©-, jui ^- 

any thing that is not right, ojdPIpo/©- , fji^ (fiT^g-w^ 

let her be as or^e that does eAyn^^- ^Xinr^ta^ re 

not fee, and as one that ckoKiov r\ ^ ^' cc)tiya-cc 

does not hear; and let the yipoySpov, 'l^-w ooi /u,A 

Widow mind nothing but to gAg7r»(ra", ^ djs (/A 

pray for r hole that give, and dx^i^o-cx. '\^ccp^'Tw' (S 

for the whole Church ; and fjy/}Hv tiy^v rr^ ^ipa, 

when llie is asked any thing /ut^Ag^Bt;, « m S 'c^- 

by any one, let her not ea- oiij^s^ "^^ *t^ Si- 

fiiy anfwer, excepting Que- Sivnztjv & \^ oAwj ^ 

ftions concerning the Faith, c<Ky^>icrlQCi . eire^T^- 

and Righteoufneis, and Hope f4.j>? Jg tx vctd t^^©., 

in God, remitting thole that f/ji {i^a^lm -^-nt^vg^ 

ilefirc to be inftrudled in the c^j, rjixluj gacc ^zz^J 

: deefl. V. !dcett.y, 

the Holy Apofiles. 

'^i^m, ^ $iit^iocrujuy]i, Dodrines of Godlinefs to the 
s^ r? «5 ©gor Iatt/J^©-' Governours. Let her only 
^^yBM»(7ac. ™5 fiyv anlvver lo as may tend to 
f^jofs T« n^';\9j/g^ yi^' the Stibverfiotl of the Error' 
^^7(^ m ':? <^(7iQ&as of Polytheifm, and let hei^ 
^ynsf''^' f^9vcc ^- demonftrate the Aflertion 
xej^riSuo <m -r^ ctpo.- concerning the Monarchy of 
t^7nism)?iv^h^ocvv^, God But of the remain- 
'^S'ei-Mfv^crct T ijfe* ing Dodrines, let her not 
fjigvctp^lcti GeS ?\ff)pv anfwer any thing raflily, left 
'z^^O f?^ i^Tii *af^7ri' by faying any thing unlcar- 
ial$ Tx (AAn '^my.ejLviSwt nedly, fhe fhould make the 
cmoi f^ Ti oifj{^^i Word to be biafphemed. 
(pi^y^ccfj^y) (i?^<rfr\- For the Lord has taught us 
jLc/ctf c?ifP(re/4^ 'rKf;\9- that the Word is h'ke iiGrainMiitx\&- 
ycd. 'i^^KKio '^ mvccTTSOJi of Muftard-feed, which is of^'- 
ioiyuivaLf r ?^yv o wj a fiery Nature, which if any 
e/-@-iSbyf^Tia2. rrZ^o onc ufes Unskilfully, he will 
€/l' 'Q^t ^^TTvepv^ Z find it bitter. For in the 
l(?^' Tii i^ci^i xptcm Myftical Points we ought not 
fTxjjfmyccpv iWTTi^p^nai' to be rafh, but cautious: 
*^7i -jS <M> rnTs fA,v^y,o7s For the Lord exhorts us fAy- 
fjui ti^S'oTnv eivoLiy^^' ing, Ca/i not jour Pearls be* rii.6, 
dcTpaXik' *G^ivei'^7]' fore Smpe, Je[i the) tramfh 
fjuv o TuiQjL^ 'hkyi)v them vrith their Feet, ar)d turn 
M^ (^oc?^erB tvs i^y^- again and rtnt jou. For Un- 
e^tTCM hfji^v ffA^s^c^v believers, when they hear 
fPfS^l^v, f/A^^TTDTi >t95- the Dodrine concerning 
fTzx/7rTtTvi(7Jk)0-iy (/jjTVi 01/ Utrift not explain'd as n 
fTois 'm(7iv ctCiH^v, i(aji ought to be, but defeftive- 
q}it<;.sv'ni pTi^oijiv vfj^^i. Jy, and efpecially that con- 
Axi<r^'ni y) Gi oLtti' cerning his Incarnation, or 
^i r i^X5<9'y ;\9- his Paffion, they wilf rather 



rejed it with Scorn, and yv, Jt &e9vnai4, V^*j 

laugh ac it as falfc, than ivi^^s^', ^ n^Aifx ^-. 

praife God for ic And fo "^ ovazof^'TMa^wi, n 

the aged Women will be ? 'mBw ccur^y fjiv^m- 

guilcy of Ralhnefs, and of e^c^TEs ^AXao-ouji 

^ cauHng Blafpheiny, and will /^>Aor ois ^^^S), 7]Sb,' 

inherit a Wo : For, fays he, ^cca^^n, ^ hox^ "-h 

Ifa. lii. 5. IVo to him hy whom my Name 50/ 'f ^ 'ziy^7reTBiet& i 

is hlaffhemcd among the Gen* irpea&vTn ^ /? ,^?ict' 

tiles » (npijfjiiccs, (^ S act! >cA»- 

VI. We do not permit our OuV S^i't^ g'sr^^^^j Sy 

iCorxJ^ ^<^^^^ /(? /^4^/> //^ the Church, ywucu-^^ S\Shi<n^^¥ oy 

34. but only to pray, and hear oK-^i^aicL, X^^a ^j^y 

thofe that teach : For our ^g>^(j(^')^c% (& rp^ (5\- 

Maftcr and Lord, Jefus Chrift cbLOKccAcov iirx'/.i€iv, (^ 

himfelf, when he Cent us y^ cw<iiio hShLdif^?^,^ 

the Twelve to make Difci- i^^v ^ z/Je/t©* 'J^jo-Ss 

pies of the People, and of "• it^^s t« JJw^x^ rriijc," 

the Nations, did no where -{ca fjicn^r^axfr ^or 

fend out Women to preach, ^ t* 'e6rw, q^vvs^^j^^is S- 

although he did not want Sbifj^S e'^oi'Trec^My is 

inch : For there were with g ywpvyfj^, ^Ith ctSx- 

us the Mother of our Lord "^^^v* QwjIw yi i- 

and his Sifters ; alio Mary fjLip Sxg fc^ir^ tS ju/- 

Magdalen, and ^^r^ the Mo- e*^, ^^cu oiS^?^(po(A "^^^ 

* 2-9^' ^^^''- ^^ J^^^^^f ^^d Martha coutucT' gTijMa6/<ctw 

2nd Mary, the Sifters of I.4- MafJ^Aw^r ^ Mae/a. 

zarus Sdlcme, and certain ^ 'la%A>LB ^ Mo^p^c^ 

* defum* V. * >^oi7f^v, V. ! dceH:. ^^ "^ ><»g. V. ^ 9 ::<;rj5r^ v- 

the Holy Apoftles. 

M^el^ oM (x,kX(pajj Aa* others. For bad it been ne-*** Pag. 

^oipa. *^* 2aAai////j, (£ cefiary for Women to teach, '"^* 

i'lppctj Tij g5, eiybbZoi- he himfelf had firfl: com- 

vexS^^lov ywuoA^l ^^' manded thefe alfo to inilrud: 

Gx€iu^ cwI^To? ocv OKS' the Pcopk With us. tor 

A^j? ^p^T©^ ocj Tujj' if the I lead of the Wife h xi. 3. 

»Ta;5 (^oi. ^jc*/!' >c9fT>i the Man, 'tis not reafonbible 

X'^9 T ;^fltcV a ;^S VA' that the reft of the Body 

ifoLArt yjicuTi^i ccvrip^ flipuld govern the Head Let 

vK 65n S'l^iQv S Ac?/- the Widow therefore own her 

mxiv Qoofji^ i x^f^oL?i7]i. felf to be the ^Itar of God, 

^^clp^Giv . ty/Go^c^eTw and let her fit in her Houfe, 

^vn^e^y oTt ^jicc- and not enter into the 

^/ig/toV '^ ©g5, ^ ^' Houfes of the faithful, un- 

^i^ OP rr! oiKicL <tv- der any Pretence, to receive 

ffis. fjiAifji/imlcvoi TT^' anything: For the Altar of 

(pdasoos Of/ 9 r 'm<ro)v God never runs about, buc 

otKious '^ ^ ^i^' is fix'd in one Place, Lee 

Cccyem . eiinzrDp<^oij^v ' therefore the Virgin and the 

GiffzAgjap'TOTi 5>>jia??i- Widow .be fuch as do not 

e/Lpv t5 0€3 "s^pipA, run about, or gad to the 

iXvi' or Ipi aT)7r^/iiy'^2)« Houfes of thofe who are 

wccp;^7w hv'^>io^' Alien from the Faith. For 

^yQ* }^ it X^es^ H^i fi^ch as thefe are Gadders 

c«%frfi;^«(7a, r) psfJi^Q and impudent ; they do not 

,0iinK^^ ms ^.'^o- make their Feet to reft in 

'T^o)i,oi>Ja,s/oTL' psfjL' one Place, becaufe they are 

Col ^" d^ouS^&5, % «| not Widows, but Purfes, rea- 

oD/o/JTo/, «p^'J(Tl;;^5x^y(7I dy to receive, Triflers, Evil- 

rfUrjjis^i ^ I,,; r^jrcfjy fpeakers,Counfellors of Strifc, 

2/^ S fjbif ')^t9-h ^^- without Shame, impudent, 

*■ ■ ■■ . I ^ —— — n il I— W^— — ^ I I ■ <ii '-* 

t defunt. V. 



who being (uch, are not wor- ?^ mesi^i cmJtos uWf- 

thy of him that called them; ;j/«^gWf^85 6;«S;\9ifc- 

Forthey do not come to the faVar, cpAuapas, -^^^ 

common Station of tlie Con- rrttp^Ays. [^^mjfJiSQ' 

gregaci dn on the Lord's Day, Ai^$, dvouS'eis, dvcm- 

as thofe that are watchful : j^tuiraf* oa^vu ouzct?- 

Buc either they flumber, or lOf t;Wf;^yc7a/, «3c a- 

trifle, or allure Men, or beg, gio^ tS ii^h^<n^n©* 

or enfnare others, bringing rrvf^vymv « yi 6^' S 

them to the Evil One ; not x,oivov *? Qvyocyvyi? 

fuffering them to be watch- civet 'Tntvfjisf^ ^ iv T>r 

ful in the Lord ; but caking x/je«ax.f' ' y{^^^mvy^ 

care that they go out as vain w$ ol e^r^y^TESj ^^M 

as they came in, becau(e they S w^i^ifcnp , ft (p^voc 

do not hear the Word of ^cnv ^ ^ y^g^qioir^H' 

the Lord either taught or civ", J o/tSoif , ^ 

read. For of fuch as the(e It^^^^ c/j;^/L(9rAcwT/^^ 

.vi, 9. the Prophet 7/4/4/; fays, F^ear- aiv^ ^sf^(^)pv^s n^mrs- 

im ye (hall hear, and fl^all not vyi^S)^ vk ioovTis cujTVi 

under ft and ; and feewg ye Jhall vincpm' cv 7we/Cf>, ^-^^ 

fee, and not -perceive-, for the c^^tntAfctC.ov'T^s nroii- 

Heart of this People is waxen r^s uuirys e^iivou oToi 

rp^ ^nuiTuxtr ^ 'Haouoii o o^^iStvs A^^* 'Ax.o>r olicicfiTty 

^ ^^* In the (ame manner there- ToV cwrsiu vy ^^''^^ 
fgre the Ears of the Hearts & ^ nzii'^tiv x^^ 
of fuch Widows as thefe are cxAeic^;^! wti*'? Jt^p- 

: dci'unt- V. I dcfunc. V, ^ ;^ iH^ asny Pii§^(Vf J!?v»<7PiK. v. 

the Holy ApoftlesI 

J^/<*5, &s 8 fd^ y$r.o&r- ftop'd, that thcy will not fit 

^o^jWs hSbp C4> ^6' within in their Cottages to 

yxii(Xjj'Ti!>i":sj^(T?\^>.&v fpeak to the Lord but will 

Tti y.vej.^, Xvia'z;^^- run about with the Defigni 

nf^x^u^y Off f^poia. of getting, and by their foolilh 

<mipio]^y, ^ T '^Afa- Prarling fulnl the Defires 

eAOjp, TO ? ^TiKCi'. of the Adverfary. Such Vfi-- 

[jS^ov ifh^rvfATifj^Tx cows therefore are not af- 

7re^<}^'{piccVTDui?>v fix'd to the Altar ofChrift: 

^pcfA^ir^iiiplm'vxjflcp For there are fome Widows 

juTiccgYiptCf) T? Xe^ra, which efteem Gam their Bu- 

&ai ^ IvLoiA x^P^ finefs ; and fince they ask 

ipyxoiccv riy^fjS^jcii ix) vvithout Shame, and receive 

^e^VH9^* ^ ^§ ^'^ ^' without being fatisfied, ren- 

vau^wiiTnoi a^Tvai y^ der the generality more back- 

d'Tt^vc^oji ?(g.f/,Socv^(nv^ Ward in Giving : For when 

yihi 0^ o-iWii^^pas rh they ought to be content 

en>}?ik 'TTQp; S ^Sivat with their Subfiftance from 

^i^Tigvarlp' hiov ^ «/]- the Church, as having mo- 

ozis dpicaSzif wi ok- derate Defifes; on the con- 

^rjciocgiKoTi: ^^ fxe- trary, they run from one 

^reAOTTfi^jL yyoi}:^>^ 6n of their Neighbour's Houfea 

rP{Sev^pTioDVy ^f^i:%<- to another, and difturb them, 

&fex^aaui," rlis t ^ ^ij- heaping Up to themfelves 

cnm'' o7x,iii ^{^mvuiv^ Plenty of Money, and lend 

i^mei^v xp^l^^"^^ ^' ^^ bitter Ufury ; and are 

ou(j7zxji'^'^azop^jycraA'\ only fbllicitous about Mam- 

<& ^ TTix^Ts tLKois mon: vvhofeBigistheir God| 

i'dp&t^ifoi, '^ fj^gva ? who prefer Eacmg and Drink* 

lJ{gifjifjl^voiq)^vrt(^v(7iy' iiig before all Vercue, faying, ,, , 

^v 6 ©€0$, g /BaMaV- Let us eat and drink, for to ,c™*xi^ 
^ al tpKoiAexZv. * ^mTiiX^^^* ^* W'^e^X."^*'* V. '. force '?r\v(n^My. V, 3^- 


Morrovp rve die ; who efteem Uov^ cu g (fccy&v ^ S 
of theie things as if they ^me^pj^xT^xe^vnin^oyii 
were durable, and not pe- dpern^, ^^eyaacw ^a- 
lilhing Things. For (lie that j^ijSft ^^ tt/w/^j, au- 
ufes herfelf to nothing but e/-^y yJ '^^vvtmoi^' oj 
talking of Money, vvorihips oJs IstStco toZ^thx,^ eAo- 
Mammon inftead ot God; ynjT^^, & a;:^'&'«9^'- 
that is, is a Servant to Gain, yynm, * ^ y> rcTKWJci^f* 
but cannot be pleafing to ^ ^i^" ^S xF^f^J^^^' 
God, nor refign d to his yc7v^ ^t\ S 0gS ;\st- 
Worihip: not being able to of^i latf (^m-i^vc^^ 
intercede with him on ac Turigi J^«A<^'<j TctT >«ip- 
count that her Mind and Dil ^ t&J ^ ®^^ Sccpegns^ 
pofition runs after Money : moA l t^murtTOj, ei^ ^ox,W here the Treajureisythcre rmTi PiccTpeiOAs amS v- 
^*' will the Heart he Alfo. Forfhe ^-^coos. Qijuuf')^^ '^ Sh* 

is thinking in her Mind whi- vct\^*jyi Iv^^veiv cwj- 
ther Ihe may go to receive, ^, 'Gn S dpyu^T^o- 
or that a certain VPoman her yuv r v'iv ^ r 21^- 
Friend has forgot her, and ^mv ^ I^'^ctol'* I'wei* 
flie has fomewhat to (ay to Trgp cV^ o ^g-(xaj^s, 
her She that thinks of (uch oKci <£ « ^pS'loL coj- 
things as theie will no longer its' Iv vc^ -^ !^A(X/a- 
atteiid to her Prayers, but to 6a>'<|, ttw '7nj]5<5L6ii A)?^- 
r^*P3g that Thought which offers it ^^7©- :^a/<»', ^ ^2ti 
*28i. felft fo that though fomc- 5 Jai/ot ri (p/Aw cfjUTJjj 
times (he would pny for any *^* t^Ae Am^, ^ ;t(i- 
body, flic will not be heard, yv tIvol tclot>> Tep- 
becaufe (he does not oFiCr c^vify(.ei¥ o(peiA'j* :5 o 
her Petition to the Lord but ri^iaZ^ KoyiZ^o^jSpyi , 
with a divided Mind : But (s^aztl tjT ttqpuAjx^ 

1--S- " « ! HI ■ I I II I I < 

^ deeft. V. = g;;(^f V. 

the Holy Apoftles: 

mepoi^^^ ctMa T>r 1/^- Ihe that will attend to God, 
m^iavilvvQicx, ^ ko^v Will fit Within and mind the 
mn'n ^^^io-n} ^Gr^ga^- Thmgs of the Lord, Day 
^cx.<^ v^ kf^y Gw and Night, offering her fin- 
ft(7ajc«c^W7i«/* ii '^l^ cere Petition with a Mouth 
oA)?f i(^pS\cc5 -2*^(7^8- ready to utter the fame 
f (} r J^g>7i7zi/ Twe^Cfj. aA- without ceafing. As there- 
Act fA,eiJu^e^(TjjS^Svi <^- fore Judith, mofl famous for 
ro/cc. t\ 5 Ggo^ /2tfAo- her Wifdom, and of a good 
[J^h '7r^(T^i')(^iv9 >tGr- Report for her Modefty, 
^\j^y)hShv, (pe^riJaw frayed to God Night and D^^'Jadich t£ 
^ wjQ/.^i vvK^s ^ /'^^ Urael. So aifo the Widow, ''"• 
ifj^^s dy^^m^cwc^aj who IS like to her will 
so,^k Sinoiv -c^c^g offer her Inrereeffion, with- 
pMarL &XiKQ/.vr], (Ha^ji out ceafing for the Church 
Zv 0^ ti (TD(poorrtlnii\ ' « to God ; and he will hear 
eTriB, flfj^TvpyiJ^n 'On her, becaufe her Mind \% 
Q;<p^(rujuyi, vvy,w ^ fix'd on this thing alone, and 
ifAtpcii iS'&rm §' 0pS is not difpos'd to be either 
V5)^ 5" 'lo-e^riA* Jtws infaciable, or covetous, or 
Zv % i\ om^ia avrrf expenfive ; when her Eye is 
j^£^ hnnv^iv aLn^TcL- pure, and her Hearing ciean^ 
'Tm.ugov '\ss^ '? c^t^Aw- and her Hands undefil'd, and 
aiom fDgp (To'iai Geo); ^ her Feet quiet, and her Mouth 
daaytiafTvui aorSi, <^ prepar'd for neither Glucto- 
2> r 2f^voi3p etvrris ny nor Trifling, but fpeak* 
«))g^s fjigrcfj T2TCf) Tip- iHg thc things that are nt, 
TJic^, ^ fjc/iiTB tt^'s a- and partaking of only fuch 
^n^cLv^ fj(i>n c>^5 I- things as are neceilary for 
m^^idp nrnAuSbuTm." her Maintenance : So being 
vov onxeiSuf' 012 09- grave, and giving: no Diftur- 
•^BtAfi^j outjiris ci^vosy bance, flie will be pleafing 

P z to 


to God, and as loon a flie <£ y\ 0*^9^ ^^^e^, ^ 

asks any thing, the Gift will ca Jtf^fgf djj^gAuu'ni^ 

prevent her; as He fays, .:t^ ol ^Sli ^ 7i(iv^i'\ ^ 

li^.M\.9While thou art [peaking I vptll ^ 9o/<9^ sig *s^i 

fay, Behold I am here* Lee ?\.oufj'^jiccv, sxg c^c 

fuch an one alfo be free (pAuag^cu' 'i^if^vy cIa^ 

from the Love of Money, ^a ;»^9tA5v f^ mx, Si- 

free from Arrogance, not gi- ovtm, , fj^Ta^i^y^Sdvov 

ven to filthy Lucre, not in- ^ wi/ 's^aiiVA 2f^ f^* 

fatiable, not gluttonous ; but lUfj r ori^^^iCTiv. Stco 

continent, meek, gi ing no o^fxvr) (^ d'^es^x^ ^' 

bodydifturbance, pious, mo mp^ho-cc , ^dpe^r®^ 

deft, fitting at home, fmg- i^ Totf OeaJ- ^ df^ 

ing, and praying, and read- ^ -jurlio-cLi'bt avrnv riy 

ing, and watching, and faft- ^c^cp^ai uviyiv vi Si- 

ing ; fpeaking to God con- cis' "Et* yip cr^, <p/?cr), 

tinually in Songs and Hymns %, ASiT©- f/)w, /cTs W* 

And let her take Wool, and /d^/x/. ToiajjTn 'c)Zaoc, 

rather affift otheis than her- v^^a^jp^fTw aftAapyj- 

. felf want from them ; being ^©-, airyf©-, j^r) m- 

mindful of that Widow who ^^yt^p^Sy ^ d'Trkn- 

is honour'd with the Lord's <rQ^-, /u^ti Ai;:^^©- aM.* 

Teftimony, who coming into lyy^^nvi, ^paScc, a- 

the Temple, cafl into theTrea- y,es^x^ ' ^';\^^w , 

y^ry /n-^ Mites, which make a cu5>i^y, ^^rfj^ij oy 

a Farthing. And Chrift our tjT o?x/a aJir;, 'iaK^ 

Lord and Mailer, and Search- A^o-a. 4&if^o-<^^|uiV'J > 

or of Hearts, faw her, and tJ/Ja^vcdo-x^cra a;^u« 

Mar. xii. faid, ^(fr/7)i / /jjr «;^f^ y^», '7r»'tf<7a,i//J9-<^y(7a, 0g(W 

ilu^-;,^^'^^ ^^^^ ^idovp hath caff ^Toii '7rep(JDfJnAZoa, 

z;:^/^ r^tf ireajury more than wcTcut (c vf/.vois* e^cc, 

the Holy Apoftksr 

ifE iKKecfjcSdvycrct, Itb- they all: For all they have call 

^li /i^^Moi/ 'i^^pn' in of their Abundance , hut this 

yit^m^ 71'^p ajn-n ti- Woman of her Penurj hath cafl 

y©* SifSw' fjiifjivri(niO' in all the Living that jhe had. 

ii^p^oyvcfjgvi X^giis, 6 wj^^ y\^v <^ ^SbLOKx^^s, 
eimv' 'AjuZoy Xsyo OjOt/V, on ocvrn r] 'xj)ejt "TJ^eiov ^Trd/i- 
fnov iSocAev €is ^ ycc^otpvAd'neioy' cri oi -jh^tis ox ? 

Sect. XXXIII. 

2)E/>tva$ yr ^« Sivouf TPHE Widovvs therefore 
TOs ^5^fi, 'TreiQo- ought to be grave, obe- 

fjt^a? Tois S^cTKo-TTD/ff dienc to their Biftiops, and 
(& rmi Trpea-Sv^^is ^ their Presbyters, and their 
rjTj?? c^^pot!;, BTifdutj Deacons, and befidcs thefe to 
^ ? c^Jtirar;, i^Aa the Deaconeflfes, with Piety, 
Ci^ljS^JcLS, otfrr^eTToi/^jcvi, Reverence, and Fear ; not u* 
foCufj^cci, /xri H^^' furping Authority, nor de- 
\iaiaXJi(mA, fj^rm ^ firing to do any thing be- 
r ^rrz^ytv m rmiGiv yond the Conftitution, with- 
«&5A«72t^, J"/;^ y/(liijiy\i out the Confent of the Dea- 
^ S/^'^v^.oiQv'S ^i con; as fappofe the going 
kvcc"- (i^K:%i>avus"^ to any one to eat or drink 
^ (pccytTv ^^ oLu^ & with him, or to receive any 
milv. %?\g.&eivn^m.' thing from any body; but 
^ Tiy©-. eJ [Jir\ we' if wicho ut Diredjon flic does 

'delunt.V. "lt^l^9«y. v. dTnh^^c^i- V. 

p 5 ^"y 


any one of thefe things, Ice P^A^eo-a w)iriG-yi iv ti 

her be punirti'd with tafling, ^ T^'mv", ^n/t<^c93y 

or elfe Jet her be fepara- ^wT'^ct, % atpo^t^gc^, 

ted on account of her Ra(h ws Tr^TreTns. 
VII f. For how iocs fuch an one T/ ^ ^'^aTDtf, o- 

kncw of what Charadler the ^Tmcc m If^ ^ ^s 

Perfon is from whom (he re- Aa/w,S'a^<J, ri ox mTtt- 

ceives ? Or from what lore tzvis 2^\gvL0Li ^ 'jra-e^- 

of Miniftration he fuppU.s ^cc>k\' ^ ^?^W 5 td- 

her with Food ; whetlier it m^v l| apTra^j, n 

does not arife from Rapin, It^ - i Twci i y^^Kvis i^ 

cr fome o:her ill Cour(e of yfjyrr-^ <s^'fhgv,\j^Yl* 

Life ; while the Widow does 7\ ^zp' o'^ '^ ^^°^ 

not remember, that if (he h^<^^ riToov Shotri ^0- 

receives in a way unworthy ^vQcZ.. Sr^}j9p7i «- 

of God, flie muft give an vapjoo 0g«* Itj ^ ol 

Account for every one or lepeis rrotccvivi U^jicca-- 

thefe things. For neither wiil /uipv H^oymi tots, otov 

the Priefts at any time re- apTnuf^^, v Tripws, yi- 

ceive a Free-will Offering yp^^ouylp' Oux'^- 

from fuch an one; as fup- JvfJiriTis ^-ra ? ' ^v 

pofe iirom a rapacious Per- aiov (S' Ov Tr^avlais 

Ion, or from a Whore. For iJuiSwy^^ ^pvns TweAO) 

Fj?od. XX. ^^ ^^ written, Thou fhalt not ^ 0gcJ. « cf « a^ i^'- 

17. ' ' covet thofe that are thy Neigh- ;^,d$ *J^ r?^ lufsTwi', 

^lij^^S ^^^'''•^•' -^"^^ Thou (halt not bte |U^y 'C^ a(pct)e«(7- 

>«'*' 1^£. ^y^^^ ^^^ ^^^^^ 4 ^^ Harlot p^l^r ^^ ytvec^9i^ 

'282. /^ /^^ Lord God. From fuch (5^^ «/ ;tf»f^ g-TD/^i 7re;)$ 

as thefe no Offerings ought ti^irajtoZw; ^^ c^tetoA- 

1:0 be accepted, nor indeed \j5^j(^v avmui -im r^ 


the Holy Apofllesi 

9cf€ir!omu, ^ K^ ^ from thofe that are feparated 

i^mx^^iv ? ihoKo^H from the Church. Let the 

fmieirnDtj^ , m (Bec^ Widows alfo be ready to o- 

vTTccx^ovya-M' o y> am bey the Commands given 

fniira 'Ortppifry, ii ^- them by their Superiors, and 

Gtujxyiyy S^%iJ^(^ , let them do according to the 

?9 \k!^ r^Tn TT^adf' Appointment of the Bilhop, 

^l^^y if^iJ^etv rj^Ti being obedient to him as to 

oi^Ko7s TT^oApaij^ff, i^ God : For he that receives 

f^7) fdixoyrrus fj/d'^jj^' from fuch an one who is 

AwSrcei TD-n, -KOLvmet Worthy of Blame, or from 

Ti^Tft; tjT ir^crAf^, ^ one excommunicated, and 

h.bTrei Xe^s^y r tU prays for him, while he pur- 

dSUm "^^ei^cfj^jov, poles to go on n a wicked 

& ol}coSh[x€i avr'es!^ Courfe, and while he is not 

^ dvct^la (Jbjgws, ^ willing at any time to repent, 

avf^f4g?^miBTaj tti^ii , holds Communion with him 

f^ri a f /W auTss eii in Prayer, and grieves Chrift, 

y^rri^poLdp gABfti/, 6^^ who rejeds the Unrighteous, 

'TT^a^XaZo-aji^ (S S^y)- and conhrms them by means 

^Tiviu tS ©gotf. of the unworthy Gift, and 

is defiled with them, not 
fufFering them to come to Repentance, fo as to 
fall down before God with Lamentation, and pray 
to Him. 

Sect. XXXIV. 

jQ Ee^ ^ t5 yvuuaui' ]^0 W as to VVomens Bap- 
^i^€ii^i^€iv,yifo>)' -*-^ tizing, we let you 
e/CoM^J ^pi/, oTi Tttv know, that there is no fmall 
S'uu^'d jM-it^i tt3- Peril to thofe that under- 
^ '^X'^^^^cm, ^li y take it. Therefore we do not 

P 4 advife 


advife you to it; for 'tis Cu^fw AdUoji^'y fc'^)^*-^ 

dangerous, or rather wicked, Kh r^, yi^yxov 5 -sra- 

and impious : For if the e$i'V0fj{9v (£ dae^is. « 

iCor.xI.3. Man be thi Head of the Wo- ^ jw(paP^i ywuca^^ 

w^dfi^, and he be originally or- oLv^p^ «t©* ^ '7rep;\fi- 

dain'd for the ttiefthood, e/^iii^ en he^fjvvrw, 

it is nor juft to abrogate g l\'s{^iov, d^T^ya^ r 

the Oraer of the Creation, h^i^vpyl^, ^ ^aio,- 

and leaving the Principal to Xi^rnvm. r dp^^^ ^' 

come to the excream Part of g e^x^v ihd^p miJ{^. 

the Body. For the Won^an ymy) yS ctS/^^c dvS'epi, 

is the Body of the Man, U^(k^e9^slv, y^<s^- 

taken from his Side, and xaM^joi/ c>x«j/&;, J§ iTrgjj 

iubjed to him, from whom x^ SinpL^ «'$ wct^Slov 

file was feparaced for the Pro- ^ijeji?- Z^v^s y^' ay, 

crearion of Thildren. For, <p>7^, - ^/jeA^ixji dp<;^ 

5en.Iiu6.f:?ys Be, He fhall rule over y^p ryjpca->(^i occvvp, e- 

tke For the principal Part ^areih <t vjt(fctXy\. « ^ 

of the Woman is the Man, ^ r^7i Trep^ccCyai ^^ 

as being her Head : But if Sd<7Keiv cci^mn gw I- 

in the ioregoing ConlHtu ^enfi'^\Sfj, 'tt^^ le- 

tiom we have not permitced ^jLii'Cacn rncv'vxio 'u>y. 

them to teach, how will any (pvjiv Us C^%^pW ; 

one allow them, contra' y to t«to -^ V '? '^' ^^' 

Nature, to perform the Ou xlwoov ^^pJimt®- S 

fice of a Prieft i For this is ayviyif^, ^lA^cn^ Sg- 

onc of the Ignorant Praclices i^l; Uf>^oci ')^.i^wv^,v, 

«5f the Gentile Atheifm, to XVi' « -f Xe/9-?2^. 

ordain ^^"omen Fncas to the ^^8^^. « 5 (c ^'^-v^ 

Female Deirics; not one of yJjjaxyiZv (la^.i^i^ ^ 

rb^ Conftitadons of Chrilt. c^ius dv (^ 6 ^e^@4 

» » Pa a 

I deeH". v. ^' !fcje/ Ki7(i\Yi j^. v% 

the Holy Apoftles.^ 

4ssD 't iSiccs fjiMQi h For if Hapcifm were to be 

•fa-^/^gTr), ^ i^' wJ adminillred by Women, cer- 

^loDoivpv^ 7] K) rtfji^s ^^- tainly our Lord would have 

^Mojj/ 'Qii S l^ccTifi' been bapcix'd by his own 

^€iv, Ctwc(,^q'€iA€v<x^v Mother, and not by John; 

7)fMv ^ yjvcuii^s 'Qri or when he lent us ro bap- 

nrhcf)' tuM ^ 'dShfiM, cize, he would have Tent a- 

»75 'uT^airrtL^iVj aTg long with US Women alfb 

ef^ai^'CfJs •^g'ftr'v^y, ft- for this pu''pofe. but now 

J^s ^ r oLKoAn^ioLv *? he has no where, either by 

(pijaeco^, (c r S-Trpsir'^d/j Confticution, or by Writing, 

S 7reptf(o«9r/(^r (OS ^ dchver'dtousanyfuch thing; 

*f (pir-.ajs ; ^y^fj^tifpysy as knowing the Order of 

<S 'f S^m^BM voi^' Nature, and the Decency of 

6«'7>if. theAdion ; as being the Crea- 
tor of Nature, and the Legi- 
jQacor of the Conftitution. 

'Am' KTg 7^a\%oti Neither do we permit the x. 

^Tpg^/4'J "Toim Ti Laity to perform any of the 

•3^ Ues^Tiimv spycov. Offices belonging to the 

KiTov Bucn^, r» /Sct'Sfio- Priefthood : As for Inl^ance, 

f^y v\ *)^ieP^^^^j '^ neither the Sacrifice, nor Bap- 

^Aoyi^ fjLixe^v 7\ tifm, nor the laying on of 

\M'yaXluu> Ov^ lav Hands, northe Bleffing, whe- 

T'SiyxpUs Act,a^aKJ r thcr the (mailer or f he greater: 

^lud/ju, dyxd :(^A8 For, No ene takcth this Ho'^i^^^v.^ 

f4y©. vara ? 8ca A/a nour to himfelf, hat he that is 

yip 'f l'uji<^(n(ai ^ called of God, For fuch fa- 

^et^v tS g'ZD-io-Jtpzzpfcf cred Oifices are conferr'd by 

S'lSb^^ Ti TBicMjTw a|/x' the Laying on the Hands of 

Q 5 jxri ef^i^^sls the Bifliop. But a Perfon to 

'rccimvj ^/l' oLp'Twicrous whom filch an OSiCQ is not 

a\>Tfiy eoi/jT&tf, r Tif&w- committed, buthefeizesup- 

' • ■■ ■ ■ ^ ^^ on 


on it for himfelf, he (hall etap tS 'O^/ct xm^- 

iChr.x3ivi.tindergo the Punifliment of ^to^. 

ici. Nay farther, we do not 'Am' «tb odZj ^ccrois 

permit to the reft of the jcAw^jcoi's Brm^im>\^ 

Clergy to Baptize: As for (BccTTTi^au' ofov ^cc- 

Inftance, neither to Readers, yi^d^is, i -^xAnn^is, S 

nor Singers, nor Porters, nor 7tvMo^7s , v vcrwp?- 

Minifters, but to the Bifhops la/s* ^ S /^^Ws ezs-/- 

and Presbyters alone, yet fo G-^mis, k^ -sTpea-Cvii- 

that the Deacons are to mi ^n , e^umpsryjj^cor 

nifter to them therein. But avnmTs ^ 2l^^v(t)v 

thofe who venture upon it o\ ^ TnAfJi^vm t8to, 

fliall undergo the Punifli- o^' Ko^nru>y -^igmji 

ment of the Companions of r S'rmv. «3c g'zo-fT/jg- 

N«m. xf i. C*^^'^/^. IVe do not permit 7ron4u o Trpea-SuTi^is 

Presbyters to ordain Deacons, ^icpt^vm ^^yi^ws, i 

or DeaconclTes, or Readers, i^ytsvla^s, Yidvayi/oti' 

or Minifters, or Singers, or ^s, 5 V'mpi^nx^s, v co' 

Porters, but only Bifhops: S^is. S TTr^Awpy^, ^a 

For this is the Ecclefiaftical ^io« lulk irrKr-if^^if. 

Order and Harmony. a27>i >ap ??t to^/s (k- 

' ' Sect. XXXV. 

|iir. "VrOW as concerning En- pjFe/lo^p^j/y/i^TiAj/, 

^^ vy, or Padion, orEvil- ri )(^TO<>^Afa5, 

fpeaking,or Strife, or the Love ri ee/S^@^j ^ (p/;\9rf<. 

of Concencion, we have faid xix^, ^^yeip^^xj vjmv, 

already to you, that thcfe are Ik raS^ X^g\dpo7^ 

the Holy Apoftles.' 

^vUo'Te/flt* ^ f^^i^ alien from a Chriftian, and 

^ 5;)?(> ' gTTftifTj 5 ^ chiefly in the Cafe of 
cvspyQO}r ^'f(?A®^'7n)' Widows. But becaufe the 
Titi^TT©. ?9 TTomA©- Devil, who works in Men, 
V7r%f^y^ iii TOs ftrj is in liis Condud: cunning, 
jy}^^5 g^^At7r<^(j, (W5 and full of various De- 
ii^ TivTifisrSMv^epiof vices, he goes to thofe that 
y> xiy\i(nv lv0j\ ')$ij>cUy are not truly Widows, as 
'"* '^ :^^P«a5 af lo. formerly to Cij/;? ; ( for fome 
Trae^ry&A^^ y ttoxb- fay they are Widows, but do 
mv^ ds »>' 6 Kouiv m not perform the fnjundions 
dS^K(pi^ Sii[0.icefj(^oL. agreeable to the Widowhood ; 
dfvoiai 78 Qos » Soj^o/^ as neither did Cai/t difcharge 
•f r)^Deiocs €is(3oc(n?€iMf the Duties due to a Brother : 
avms ^cwi^i, ^' ^ ^^^ t'^^^Y <^o J^^c confider 
d?iyi^S7rl^sy^3^'^'o' how ns not the Name of 
aioL tpyx!'* W S'B Tii S Widowhood that will bring 
jw^ ovo[^ 'f ^peiccs them to the Kingdom of 
viKiy\7Tfu m Q S civ God, but true ^aith and 
myt&p>^^^ iiriinXei iiri- holy Works) But if any 
fn\S'6\j(j{^TaL, r\ ft ^- one poflefl'es the Name of 
p&ac oivnms^ P[gy{^ri(7e' Widowhood, but does the 
TOf, l^cti^&u^ji Q 'f /Sot- Works of the Adverfary, her 
ojAeiccs. oAcavia^KoXdcrl Widowhood wi4 not be im- 
nx^Sh^afTTtf. ax Joju^ puced : But (he will be thruft 
yip Uvas *)^^i ^nXo- out of the Kingdom, and 
ttJ^tss^ (p^vec^s 2^' delivered to eternal Punifli- 
€oA«s, jBoL(7Kouvi<osus 9 meut. For we hear that 
fTi^v dvia^ai:' cm <) (ome Widows are jealous, 
nrnecvTOLf , Jx eloi t2 envious Calumniators and 
X^gp'-i\ ^ •? (k«V» envious at the Quiet of 



Others. Such VVidows as St^o-H^^leL^ fJi^GriT^af 

theie are not the Difciples S^ov y) avms c^Msi- 

of Chrift, nor of his Do- cr^s cuu^v avf^cs^s 

<9rine: For it becomes them, vzro T/^©-, ^ p^^Qvctts 

when one of their ^-ellow- ^ ccpy6e/cc"j rj ^fW, 

Widows is cloath'd by any S rnifjic^ ri -ismo^cnvj 

one, or receives Money, or S^gaoajm^jafir aygA(pWi 

Meat, or Drink, or Shooes, ccvtoov evia-^^vycca^j , 

at the Sight of the Refreih- eiTrsiv' 
nient of their Sifter to fay. 

Thou art blefled, O God, EvP\gy^T^s « o Geic 

who haft refreih d my Fel- o aicc-^^^oLS r C^f^.- 

low-Widow. Blefs, OLord, e^r. dUAoQAjtro^^uie^g^ 

and glorifie him that has be- ^ St>^cL(mv rj^ytovn- 

ftovv'd diefe things upon her; odjuia auT>r, <^ S Ip- 

and let his good Work a- ^v av^ dvct^mou iif 

fcenJ in Truth CO thee; and aAwSWa Treps (^e' '^" 

remember him for good in ' fJivi^mvi auT? «5 a- 

the Day of his Vifitation. yxJovovrfjLipqLiTrKTxo^ 

And as for my Billiop, who 7^5 '^ ocJtS'. ^ r ^- 

has fo well perform'd his crx»W jw,« r Jc^iAws 

Duty to thee, and has or- ^ (^0/ ^ein^pynTt^^nxtf 

der'd fuch a feafonable Alms ^ " (^c&!|ctv7tt. <^)cca- 

ro be beftow'd on my Fellow- ^v eAeyiimgavvI/jj yufj^- 

Vvidovv, who was naked, do vf 3o->? tj? Qv^ynpcfj jjlh 

thou encreafe his Glory, and i^A^., vr^^e^ns aiJ- 

give him a Crown of Rejoi- W ""^ S6^av^ ^ Sh:aYis 

cing in the Day of the Re- ccvtzS " '^■pdpov jcctu- 

yelacion of thy Vifitacion. ^aeo^s ov. rifjiepau a/m* 

In the fame manner, let the x.aAu\^&)5 g'Tnajto/zjrSs 

Widow, whohisreceiv J the Ot.^f^icc^x^y^^^C'^ 


l*^yjtiQVy, ' dfcft. V. 3 pi7^i77.F. "> ff'S. V. I d^func. v. t defunr.v. 

the Holy Apoftles: 

^ej^ Ti gAg©., Gv^' Alms join with the other 
's^crAt^Sw'Ti^ ^iShvU in- praying for him. 

'H ^ip'nroi" i^^TDiv' But if any Woman has ^^^^ 

ca, ^Kfv-^ccrrco S o/- been good, let her, as a pru- 

ocHop oj/o^, c^5 C^^'i* dent Ferfon, conceal her own 

fAr\ Qcchm^yaa, It/.- Name, not founding a Trum- 

'n^Siv ccvrits' Ivcc fyi- pet before her, that her Alms 

yj?3 r]i?ievfjigcriuiyj7r^s may be wich God in Secret, 

^ Gsov OP KpvT^o)' }(9t- as the Lord fays. Thou jthen 

^dji qtifiaiv c jm;^/©.* 071 thoti docft thine Alms, let not 3» 4. 

tF6 5 '^'Sj'T®. eAew th) Left Hand know what thy 

f^crwjlw, W^ yifd^m Right Hand doth, that thine sf^« p^j 

5 d^9c^ (Td, ri 'TTviei Alms may he in Jecret. And i86. 

fi ^^id Qif, o'Tmi '^l" let the Widow pray for him 

cTA r\ \Kzyip^(TWjy\ ov W that gave her the Alms, who- • 

y.pv^^. Kcf) ri ^^ foever he be, as being the 

Teficr^^Sw -yh^^ rj^ holy Altar of Ghrift ; and 

J^g(5^>(^T©-, 0$ Ti5 -^Tt/' the Fat be r who feeth in fe- 

aV Yi, olytov ^jaia^' cret, will render to him that 

^oy ^ Xgyt^'S" vjjot^- did Good openly. But thofe 

^^acc' ^ ciaTrp o Widows which will not live 

(BAiTTwv c^'TzSy,pu'7il<2, according to the Command 

>c7oc5^jTf W <£" rTnaZvii of God, arc folicitous and 

cv *rJ (favipu). 'Am' inquifitive what Deaconefs it 

ca fAT) 7(^T oprn^lw is that gives the Charity? and 

©g» ^luj r^?^ifauj x^' what Widows receive it? And 

fa^,(pepi'Ti^iicn'^^Av- when fhe has learn'd thofe 

w^^7v\ ris rt 21^' things, Ihe murmurs at the 

'KQvn<m.}^!ir\ (fe TiVgs cm Deaconefs who diftributed 

?ig.Cy(rxf' ^ f^gL^^aoc, the Charity, faying, Doft not 

' ■ II I II ■ 

« deeft. V, i deeft. V. I eiM, r. ^fthomv^lp. V. 



thou fee that I am in more eTrif^ifjiCpeTziiTf S^iol^^ 

Diftrefi and Want of thy vi)a-aiJierYi,?^iynaocGrrK 

Charity? Why therefore haft Uyn oti lya Qoi fj^A.- 

thou preferred her before me ? ?vov^^' ^eivl/jj Qm^q- 

She fays thefe things foohfh- f/V^ ; ''on " Zv Tr^ert- 

ly, not underdanding that fMjczLtoK&vLuuefjLS-^TcW' 

this does not depend on the loi^Ki'y^oi(f)^v\ruroip' 

Will of Man, but the Ap xva-a. 5 vovozi on sho 

pointment of God. For if dib^Tra tSto r^pArj/^^^ 

ihe is herfelf a Witnefs that y6y)vev,'^oiGey7r^' 

flie was nearer, and upon En- ^yfj^sf^ « ^S f^^pel 

quiry was in greater Want, avim on ItyjTi^ J- 

and more naked than the o- TrSpp^, (^ ov ^fk^iovt 

ther, (lie ought to under- ovS-eia. l^jjizx^g'TO, j^^i 

Hand who it is that made fj^^^^ov ctvir yufjLvr] n 

this Conftitucion, and to hold oKcivfi, o(f€^A<} voeiv t 

her Peace, anc not to murmur S'Loc^TDutdijS^jov^ ^ a-m* 

at the Deaconefs who diflri- my^croco-oL, ^ fjLTi fjjgfA," 

buted the Charity, but to en- 4'^f4yw r cT/aJcp^ncTo,- 

ter into her own Houfe, and or^ eJ<7?A6»(7a «$ oS"- 

ro caft herfelf proftrate on tipp gat^rS;. <£ ^ Trep- 

her Face to make Suppiica o-oottov eojjrrp (SacMo-cc^ 

tion to God, that her Sin ly^JJauj t Qsov a(fg- 

may be forgiven her. For brii^cu avTYi g 'ttXwjx- 

God commanded the Dea- //.fA>j^^. o ^©^os o<'g- 

conefs, who brought the ifiPig^To tjT ^ 'Tnniari 

Charity, not to proclaim the ijlt) T^yu^^iiv r (A/- 

fame, and this Widow mur- 'miiip' t) q l^g^cpg- 

nnir'd, becaufc flie did not id on iult] oTcnpu^ev 'cw» 

publiih her Name, that fo nrrii" g crct/^, 'ivcc ^ 

flie might know it, and run av^ f^^iaoL cTe^/LtJ? 

the Holy Apoflles. 

&s g >^QSv, ' ^ " » to receive ; nay, did not on- 

IJi^vov lfjLSf^(p€^y ^ot ly murmur, but alio curs'd 

yiy Kj )(^'nȣ^'ro avrjf her, forgetting him that faid, 

^-^>M^'w 5* ft'TTDi'- JF/e that hle(feth thee is hleffed, Gen.xxvii. 

T©- 'O <^;\9><i;i' Qt and he that curjcth thee is'^' 

^jhoyA-mj, ^ ^Ttu' curfed. But the Lurd fays, 

^fj^ds Qe ioe>{cf.i7<es^' When je enter into an Houfe^^^- ^^' 

To^. Aiy^ ''^ YMe/^oi* fay, Peace he to this Houfe ;Um.%.i^ 

"Omffj &aip<^Si as or and if the Son of Peace he 

7i$v^, ?ieyiTk' eipUun ^nS there, your Peace (hall reft up- 

oly,cp TsT^w* Q, Idp l^i on it : But if it he not wor- 

oTiS ijas eiflwijs^ i a- th)f, your Peace jlnill return 

pluuii Vfji^v e'TH^oc'^nxV' to ycu, 
c^nxj Sis- oLViiv esup q 

El »r Y} elpbm 'Qn t'ii If therefore Peace returns Xv. 
Trifxt^oLV&s aoTTjy I-zd*' Upon thoie thac lent it, nay, 
c^aV«5, ^Kiv 'Qncpi%\ Upon thole ihat before had 
'f^ TBi Tr^Y)>{ff,f^iv\is actually given, it, becaufe it 
cLvrrw, <^ 5) fj.T] At' did not find Perfons fit to 
p€iv ol^iys avTYis 'ttoAl! receive it, much rather will 
l^>?^Qv r) jcpi^ie^ bm a Curie return upon the 
cp^W &s 7oe(paAlw tS Head of him that unjuflly 
asTiWc avrity (k^a- fcnt it, becaufe he to whom 
nj/xj'T©-, W5 ff3% a^/w it was fent was not worthy to 
oi/T©4 ^^aj/ avrh receive it : For all thole who 
cueivv -c^s ov^.p Ifa- abijfe Others without a Caufe 
•TTiB^aAw. mS.i '^ i^^m\» curle themfelves, as Solomon 
p[giShe^v/eMJTDv cc^^^ fays, ^s Birds and Sparrow sVioj.wyl 
f($tc3a (pYiaiv Xo^- flj away, fo the Curfe caufe- ^* 

; deeft. V. ' w©-. V. 



lefs (hall not come upon anj fj{pv' "^ Clasrep opv^i 

cm. And again he fays, ^^vtwj ^ «rf«?ci, S- 

1r. i9. Thofe that bring Re f roaches nrws cc^ fis^f^icc eh'^ 

are exceeding foobjh. But as eTreXi^aiTTij e^^ g^i^L 

the Bee, a Creature as to its Kaj miMv ' Aeyi' ' Ol 

Strength feeble, if fhe flings 5 ox(pe^vT^s ?^iSbeJ^dus^ 

any one, lofes her Sting, and oc(p^ve<pz^i &cnp "n- 

becomes a Drone : In the cnxj^p ^ o " ri fjiiAiojjx, 

fame manner you al(b, what* 6p af SwjdfjL^ aurSc 

foever Injuftice you do to ocSvvT]s%(rot,, imvTt^Ti' 

others, will bring it upon ^>i kpol, S ^vrepv a- 

Pfal.vii. i6 your felves. He hath graven /JitSaM^ , ^ yiveroj ^7- 

ar?J digged a Pit^ and he (hall ^ t auiii' [^ttov (£ 

fall into the fame Ditch that v^LCii o e^ omirni ciSi' 

Vtoif x^v'i he has made. And again, y^^v ^ di" eiipasy •i-wTa 

*7» fje that dig^eth a Pit for his da JctuTyi ovzpyiiai^. 

Neighbour jhall fall into it. Adx-'^v qS oljpj^e, j($4 

Wherefore he that avoids a dvicTKOL-i^.v "^ auw', '^ 

Curfe, let him not curie a- If^^anTujj eis (^o^^9 

j^jjj^ j^nother; For» What thou ha ov cipyaiait^ KaJ^W- 

teft Jhould be done to thee, do Xiv"' O opvocroov (^e- 

not thou to another • Wherefore S-epv ^ "^ mfificnov av' 

admoni/h the Wiaovvs that t5 ', €/x'7rga??7Uf as au- 

are feeble-minded, ftrengthen w- Otx^Sj/ o (p^yvv 

thofe of them that arc weak, ^mes^v-l^^v |u:7i>(^- 

and praife fjch of them as Tae^t^w. o'^fj.ioi'aQ), 

walk in Holinefs. Let them ^g:^,«& a^a^^crj ^i-n- 

rather blefs, and not calum- cii^hovtf^^'nTTf msd" 

»^,f pa- niate. Let them make Peace, TrftflSs, %"^63T;T^ffaTg7B 

*a87. and not flir up Contention. ? ^vou^vLu-nm^ cd^- 

Lot not therefore either a ^Xetrt ms o^iyi^v^ 

fi — — H— — i— II I I 

'ucii.v. ' dceft,V. 5 ioW, ♦deeft.V. ^ « WAou'^^y.f. "^ dcfunt, V. 

!dceft.V. - - - - 


the Holy Apoftles." 

5{/v^, i^y^TTDiei'n ms Bifliop, or a Presbyter, of a 

cci^riazu/ewxivei'nTDis Deacoa, or any one die 

ov oaionmTi o^Sj^ayj;^ ij- of the Sacerdotal Catalogue, 

?^ye.irjxt)(7^ ^».ov, 0^ defile his Tongue with Ca- 

ftri ;^i(fb/)«ice;i7?Vj* «p^" himny, left he inherit a Curfe 

vo7n>^nxt)(r^, % fjcn 'ttq*' iriftead of a Bleiling ; and 

?ie/.iqvefji7n)iei'iTuc7tv.f/.7i- let it alfb be the i3ifliop's 

15 Iv 'QiimiO'fi®^-, (xriTi Bufinefs and Care, that no 

7rfecrSvTip@-^tA.ri7i<^ Lay-Perfon utter any Curfe : 

7i9v^y jw^^'TJ aM©* ks For he ought to take care 

OK § \i^nisLhoy\i n^ of the Clergy, of the Vir- 

ige^r/xS Asi^e/-'^ r gins, of the Widows, of the 

yXS^osriv UisTKwjknut), 'ivoL Laity ; for which Reafon, O 

/xri ccj-Ti 6^Acyic(,i ^ig," Bifliop, do thou Ordain thy 

Toie^v '^Yi^vofxiKT^f Fellow-workers, the Labou- 

%^j) 5 cc3-a^ ^ 'QnfjLi* rers for Life and for Righce- 

KeioL ^ 'GnoKOTTox^ o- ouihefs, fuch Deacons as are 

*7noi jjyiiSi Acju}(^s koc^ttx,- pleafin;^ to God, fuch whom 

•e^tr <k(fgp|?' T%« -TT^J- thou proveft to be worthy 

Iccv yi atW ug??ieiv among all the Feopie, and 

o(peiA<j, ^^ yiAvQA^i^, f^ich as fliall be ready for 

's%io^35'?&)p. Tj%i <^- the Ncceffities of their Mi- 

e^v, ^i^^cuy-m^ ^(jc niftration. Ordain alfo a 

•tSto, S 'Qnasio'TT^, T«5 Dcaconefs who is faithful 

ciMjspyZs (Tn r? ^(ovis ^ and holy, for the Miniftra- 

*f ^KouocruMi ipyx^i^ tions towards Women* For 

^ccy(sivi ^oipgc^^s Seoj fometifTies he cannot fend a 

^ep%«6*C^i "i'soK^^'i- Deacon, who is a Man, to 

IDS tS ;^« (JbK/,t{^(^ft5 the Women, on account of 

eivou d^i'di, & as <toc5 Unbclievers.Thou Ihalt tbere- 

*? ^)tor/a? ^eiots dlj- fore fend a Woman, a Dea- 

cxy'ATas. w^PZ^^^ coneft, on account of the i- 

Q. rnagi- 


Ittiaginanonsof the Bad. For 5 ^ ^^^kovqv" 'urtghv 
we itand in need of a Wo- -^ dyldp eis rreis iPjjS 
man, a DeaconcCs, for ma- yvuicux^v -^fsfzckaa. 
ny Occafions; and firft in the '^ y! ^ o^tL^twv " h 2t- 
Baptii'm of Women, the Dea- kffiv o/jc/W civS'es^ $ioi- 
con fliall anoint their Fore- xovov yvuuou^lv « ^ ^• 
head with the holy Oil, voltujJ' ^Trifj^^n ^ t^s 
and after him the Deaconefs ccTriq^ys' ^jbA^s v¥ 
fhall anoint them: For there 'yyroMxo. ^ 2J^Kovoy\ 
is no NecelTity that the Wo- ^ mi r (pcwAaoy hcc- 
men fliould be feen by the voices^ ^ •)§ tJs 'tidA^s 
Men ; but only m the Laying xF^^^ yiuuQiA-)i};s^ii^o^ 
on of Hands the Bilhop Ihall ij^^Siay^va.^ Tr^Tovpi 
anoint her Head, as the cvtz^ (pcon^e^ yuyoHm 
Priclts and Kings were for- xoc^, o^/^kovQ*^^^ 
merly anointed, not becaufe ^ jS" fj^vov o fJiSTwrnnf 
thofe which are now Bap- avrcovnrS dyicoh^l^, 
tiz'd areordain'd Priefts. but 5^jw.g7' oLfj^riv i S^yf^voi 
»^* Pag. as being Chriftians, or A aAe^-^cj au-ms ^"^^^"^ 
i^^- nointed, from Chrift the A- oivcc['Mi'^iywuolA->cccsv» 
1 Pet. ii.9. nointed, A Royal Pricfthood, ^ mS^v ^caicTrfi^et^* 
1 fim. III. ^^^^i ^^^ j^^i^ Mat ion, the Chu ch ^a fjx^vov cv ta p^«- 
cf God, the Pillar and Ground ^^aiauy r •M(pct>Ji\v 
of the^ Marriage'Chamher, who ctvTrn xd'H ° ^^»- 
fcrmerly were not a People, ?:©- ov '^mv ol /g- 
but now are beloved and peii <t ol (^amh^i g 
cholcn, upon whom is cal- Txy^m^vi'x^J-ovToi'y 
led his new Name, as /- cti ^ ol vjm (^cc^i^q^ 
faiah the Prophet witnciTes, \j^joi. UpSi x^^^- 
Ifa.Ixii.i.|:^ying^ And thn j]hdl call tie k^vto^, X^' ' ojV' ^ 

* OTl. /. 


the Holy Apoftles.' 

^X^iq^^ K^giccvoW- fecple hy his neiv Name, which 

^ai(Ji7^€iQv U^T^fJi^^ the Lord [hall name for them, 

^ g6ps§^- cLjiov^ t%yXvi' 

a ?^os, ^WD 5 ^ y\ yx'TDfli^-^oL y^ c^A?ztt</ '' '^ oh erre- 

S y^CHAVOV, Q 7Uj£/.@^ QVOf^^ avTjv\ 

So Zv, Z b?r,GK0'7rs^ Thou therefore, O Bishop, XVI/ 

cneivco nr:^ rtirco ^/cnj'ff sccording CO that Type, {bale 

^ y^(poLKlw -P^ Qac^TT' anoint the Head of thofe 

rn^Q}jS^jojv, etre ocuS^Mv that are to be baptiz'd, whe- 

&TB ywuouxoiv. tJ ai- thet they be Men or V\o 

ytcf) eAcv^oj^ €ii TU'W'T.v men, wirh the holy Oil, for 

? mvt^jfjLOLTiycS ^x^i a Type of the Spiritual Bap- 

o/xxT.®-' gTTffrra J Q^ tifm. Afrer that, eitljerthoii, 

'6^(tkqt@^, ri VZ30 O Biihop^ Or a Presbyter 

Qh wpeaCiiip'^ r Is that is under the e. fliall ia 

^v eTr'oLVT'ji^ &'7mv^ the folemn Form Name over 

€*7rovQy{i(Taus iir i-aXyicn^ them, the Father, and Son, 

'Tja^V ^ L/B ?^ cx,yL^ and Holy Spirit, and fliall 

mvd^itfjf^ccl©- , (^cfT^ioi^ Dip them in the Water; and 

&UT85 ov tJ vSbiTt. ^ let a Deacon receive the Man, 

T ^ xvS^x -v^d^^i^c^ry and a Deaconcfs th.e Wc- 

2f^}copQ-' T'. Q yu' man ; that To the Collation 

valix,cci ''2/^x.oy(<^'^ o- of chJs inviolable Seal may 

•577^5 crffJivo7rpe-7ms 3j be done \vi"h a becoming 

fjji roiSbcni '^ ccG^^Jcj-a Decency. And r^fccr that lee 

c^ej^yiS^Q. *pfy\rcn. % the Bifliop anoint thofe that 

Q a. ar5 


are baptized witl> Oinc- j^ tZto o g7r/(75«c7r©* 

This BapciiiD therefore is "Egi to/Vz>m> S jS: 
given into the Death ofje (^a^iujjucL^ enT^va- 
(us r T^c Water isinftead of mv ? 'iwcre ^Sifj^jov* 
the Burial, and the Oil in- S ^ i''c!V;p, ^t\ fwutfvi* 
{lead of the Koly Ghoft ; the ^ S g;5\^/0F. aric /TJViA!- 
Seal inftead of the Crols: /u.a7©. a^iV ^ (tt^d^^- 
The Oinment is the Confir yU, airi i5 ^^u/jS* g 
marion of the Confcfiion : /xciepv, /2s4'cwajc^$ >?■ c- 
The Mention of the Father fj\cfP[gyicts' t5' 'm'^'f; n 
as of the Author and Sender ; juiny^^j, cJsoJTiK ^ ^- 
the joint Mention of the Ho- ^/ gw< t2 7r//^t^a7©4 
ly Ghoft, as of the Wirnefs: rt avfji'TPXPs^xv-^ih ws 
The Defcenc into the Wa- fj^oip^jp®-' h xccmSb- 
ter, the Dying together with ens. 'S" avvccTro^vm'j 
.Chrift : The Alcent out of iocvccSbcTis^^S" c^jjctvoc- 
the Water, the Rifing again ^icu ortTTip o IttI cti^j- 
with Him. The Father is the rrzyi/ e^os Xe/^i^soyn^- 
God over all ; Chrift is the vo'^j7\s Gbos^ g dyo^Tm-^ 
Only-begotten God, the Be- *&> ^i^os\ o <? S^c^m vjo- 

loved Son, the Lord of Glo- e/.oC'^^mviZii,aiayiov, 

ry ; the Holy Ghoft is the J ^yLhr,^®. S \^ 

Comforter, who is fent by Xg/rS 'm^^\&i^Qv^ ^ 

Chrift, and taught by Him, t^Vcy.e^i/y tJ^JkcT^tcju^oy, 

and proclaims Flim. ^ h/a^vov mpv-flov. 
XVIIl But let him that is to be 'O j (^ccSilcyS^>j©^^ 

Baptized be free from ail Ini- -vWap^^^w XvIc't^©. 

quity ; one that has left off a^g^aas ^my.vtvip" 

to work Sin, the Friend of ^7©- <sy^i d^^prlca^^ 

the Holy Apoftles] 

(fiK©^ ©gS , Ij^Gep^ God, the Enemy of the De- 

J^aSoAy, 7(?i'iieppof/,@4 vil, the Heir of God the 

^ 0gS " nzL^i , Qv^ Father, the Fellow-Heir of 

Tthiieppof^Q* 5 ^3 his Son, one that has re- 

cvjV?, "^n^TDiyfj^j®- nounc'd Satan, and the Pa:- 

T&TSa^ua ^ TDK Jk/- mons, and Satan's Deceits; 

/^P(7i (^ msiTs diitL'wuis chafte, pure, holy, beloved 

iujiZ^ ciyi^os, j(9t<Scce^5, of God, the Son of God, 

oaiQ*, <^vo(pl?^.7)s, 1^05 praying as a Son to his Fa^ 

5" ©gS* ^ojo^ardf^fjjg' ther, and faying, as from 

y®., w; ifos 'mTe^, ?$ the common Congregation 

>iiyoov (li ^ >^f^S ? of the Faithful, thus, ^'^^Matt.v?' 

¥ 'Tnsw;/ cujjoL^^lqj^ct, - Father which art in He a' 9, ^c^ ' 

7©. S'TOs* UccTip ii^u ven. Hallowed be thj Name^ 

o C4f 'ims ii^vo7s, ocytot,' Thy Kingdom corns ; Thj 

t^>7'7w S oro/o^pi «rrf' gA- Will he done on Earth , 

r9TTw )i ^cccnXeicc crd. as it is in Heaven ; Givs. 

*;^jn^'Tw S cS^Aw^t^ jy, «^ /^/i D//y ^«r Daily Bread ; 

otJr (M' y^vcp (^ ^ *? And forgive us our Dehts, as 

^i' T cL^Tov ifj^v r we forgive our D eh tors ; And 

t^ijiov Sis 7i(ji7v cTifxe* lead us not into Temptation ^ 

i^v ^ olq)es 7]fji7v tU hut deliver us from the Evil 

6(p€i?\.rif^cc ifji^v , W5 One : For thine is the King" 

(^ rijj.eii d(pteij^j '^^^ ^^^> ^^^ ^^^ Pojper, and tho. 

o(p€iXe'ntLs Tjfjjjp' ^ /XT] Glory for ever. Amen. 

ej^ojjjCVy Ar/iix, ^Vcouj VfJ^s ^^^k> Tb ^Tovrjpit olc oH bg%v tk 

deefl. V, 

Q^ 3 Sect. 


Sect. XXXVf. 

K X. r ET the Deacons be in 
^-^ all things unlpocted, as 
the Bifliop himfeH is to be, 
only more adive ; in Num- 
ber accorJing to the Large 
ne(s of the Church, that they 
may minilier to the Infirm, 
a> Workmen that are not 
alham'd ; and let trie Dea- 
coneft be dihgcnt in taking 
care of the Wo »^en ; but 
both of them ready to car 
ly Meflages^to travel about, 
to minilter, and to ferve ; 
as fpake I fa} ah concerning 
jfa jiii. the Lord, faying, 71? juliijie 
1 1. i-XX. the PJ'/JotcDiis, Tvho f:rvc5 md" 
r?y faithful^. Let every one 
therefore know his proper 
Place, sind difcharge it dili- 
gently with one Confent, 
with one Mind, as know- 
ing the Reward of their Mi- 
nilUarion : But let them not 
be adiam'd to minilier to 
thofc that are in Want : As 
?vf;f.xx. ^'^'C« <^^t Lord Jffifi Chrifl 
^^. Cdr/fe 7iot to he mini l} red un- 

f/TWfejHy. V, * cTl- V. 

yWJl\ TO>' yUJUMi(^S COJH' 

ycAi^, Q/iihi]iJLicuv y V' 
Trvipe^nctr, (^8Aeaj»* cos 

.1.3/ I 

cixicti eAsyb- (pcccKcotf' 
dtsAduovHTX/ '7rD?Ao?s/E- 

JJ^'lOiS cos (£ 7W^Q4 

the Holy Apoftles. 

ifj^y *Uns X^9D5 to, hut to miniflcr, and to 
©wc ri\^ S'lcLKovm^' give his Life a Ran[om for 
vof^ Xvia Sietx,ovri(jDLit man'j. So therefore ought 
^ (TSrcu r •i^'xP^ ^' ^hey ahb to do, and not ro 
T» hvTfov oLVTi 'ttdA- fouple it, if they fliould be 
7\oiv. vroos '^u (t a/jTiis obliged to lay down their 
<r« 'TToi^v xciV (S'iri Life for a Brother- For the 
^ '\\K>^luj^\k^'' oc^A Lord and our Saviour Jefus 
9» amr^^j fjih ^ Si' Chrifl: did not fcruple to 
tpxuzoaiv''' GT^ ^ >ui- Lt^ dovrn his Life, a^ Him-J-'h. x.15, 
£/©- <£ czori^p fifji^p felf fays, for his F/iends.'^'^''^^* 
'hciis X^^s iS'i^a^ If therefore the Lord of 
r -^x^ ^-^ "^ ^^' Heaven and Earth under- 
let/", cJ> aviii s(pyj, V went all his Sufferings for 
'Tiip ^ (fiKcov ojutS^ €i us, how then do you make 
Zv yjjeA@^ 'iS ises^vy a Difficulty to minifter to 
^ ^ yis */ ^m iuch as are in Want? who^^p 
'^ifjLfive S^i ri^i^s, TrSi ought to imitate Him, who ^a^o. 
ap vfjL&s Siccxovricrcq Underwent Servitude, and 
rrus S^ofjS^jois c^Sbici' Want, and Stripes, and the 
GYiTi' fJuiiM\TTtj o(^ei?^v^ Ctofs for US. Wc ought there- 
Tii&inHivciuL, ? '^ J^B- fore alfo to ferve the Brc- 
?\,ei^, 4 ^ hi^€i^'\ ^ thren, m Imitation of Chrift. 
^w>a<, ^ g7x.v^v Si For, fays Fie, He , that will ^^^^^.^^^ 
fi^s 'innfJLeivccvT^ ^ he great /i^nong 'jou^ let him i6. 
^%v 'K^r^^Ji^i S'yh.i^^v he jour Minifier ; and he 
TOs a(JgA(po?5, m Xg^c- that mil he firft among jou, 
^5 p.iw//jm5. 'O ^ let him he jour Servant. For 
?iwv yi, (^y^cnvj cv v- fo did He really, and not 
IMv Svcu idyjui , f j!y in Word only, fulfil the Pre- 

0^4 ^ dicSion 


If.liii. ir.didioii of, Serving tn^nj vfj^v 2J[^ov@4* ^ o 

r » -• Uit(?fully. For, IVhen h<' kid ^xm ov vluv ety^ 

Uken a lojvely hs girddd hrm- Tn^ri^^, esoovf^v d a- 

felf; afienrard he puts Water Xi^h*' Outo) yi) (c «/j- 

ifito a Bafon^ andy tas we were n^a i^yoj 'rn7j%'\^>wx^^ 

fitting at Meat, he came and 6S S'vXd^jeiv nuM-oTs, >^ 

vpafned the Feet of us all, and h ?\^ya). ;^^Qc^v y) Kiv 

vriffd th.m mth the TowcL ^ov, S^C^c^attT^' ei^z^ 

By doing this he demon- ' /3aM(j ' ucftyj? eis r 

itrated to us his Kindiiefs, vL-Sri^' & r.^m qL* 

and Brotherly Affe-Jftion, ihac va.-Ke-i\^^y^v I'mx^c^v^ 

fo we alto might do the ^/jtw^ ^ 7]^v " evi-^ 

fame to one another. If t»5 'ttdJ^s, ^ tsJ Agi»* 

therefore our Lord and Ma* tIc^ ^|»'K5^^S' tStd j 

iler fo humbled Himfelf, cGT.'^ay, uTr^d^aWugy rt- 

liow can you, the Labour- fjuf 3 •? <pL?^k?\.cpioLs 

crs of the Truth, and Ad- oiyL<imlc-»^ti , hc(^ ^ i^ 

niifiiitrators of Piety, be ]«,«> ei^ ^riXss ajj^ri 

afham'd to do the fame to rroic^fjS^j. €< Ivo^uj^oi 

iuch of the Brethren as are :5^j', '^ o c)KJ>tc:cz;\p?, 

weak and innrm ? Minifter «t&?5 enm^m^iiooa^v lc«>- 

therefore with a kind Mind, <tiv vr^i di/ ufjAis I- 

hot murmuring, nor muti- <7^.^lQ;^WJ^^reS^ tSto 

nying : For ye do noc do ^roiTiJcq ^n'i'i cchvoiTuis 

it on the account of Man, ^ ds^-iji r^^ a^;^:- 

but on the account of God ; ^i)V,, lfyj.7uj\ cvt^.s a- 

and fliail receive from Him Xyi^Us. (S 't /Jog- 

the Reward of your Mini- diom ^^^ztouj; g^o- 

flry ill the Day of yout Vi- 7iyipsTi7<n h^u dyxmU,- 

ficacioh. ' 'Lis your Duty, ■nZa^ ' fjii) 'fTr^y^^yv^ov 

' Hk^v.Vo ^deeilV, ^:.'u V. 


the Holy Apoftles.' 

'fxis, fj//]Si S^oLgx^cnd^oy who iare Deacons, to vifit 

7?5' H')S 2^ ^^^MTTDu all thofe that ftand in need 

m)iei'n, "^AcL 2/^, r or Vifitation. And tell your 

Geiv' % r fjjL^ov f Bifliop of all thofe that are 

S'Lct-icoviois f?^^ c/KBivii inAfflidion: For you ought 

^^Aii-^c^ ou yif^ipa, to be like his Soul and i^en- 

'^(TKo^s vfjLMv' r^Yi facion, adrive and attentive 

Sv vfJi^s tJ?> S'Lcc'ifiv9s in all things to him, as to 

'fmcry^'^ec^ T^iJTasTk your Bifliop, and Father, and 

Siofj^'^s '^oyjB^cosy ?^ Mafter. 

'EirlcrxoTrov Q o£p- We command that a Bi- 

gTi(xn)}j^j ^ei^rT^v&c2z<^ fhop be ordain'd by three ^^» 

VS70 'Te/coi/ l'7770-)(p7rwi/' Biiliops, ot at kaft by two; 

r> S yuju h^'rlovi -uzto but 'tis not Jawful that he 

Si)o' fjLT] €^&ivcu vsro be fee over you by one ; 

ivoi ^ vjMv" Qfc'r^gacB^. for the Teftimony of two 

7i ^ 'i^^ ^0 ^ *r^Zv or three Witnefles is more 

^Tut/Lct (^eQauoTzey" fitni and fccure. But a 

5^ ocj7pQL?iris. TrpecrSiI- Presbyter and a Deacon are 

'^epy 6 ^ ^/s^ocovou to be ordain'd by one Bi- 

vnji hos iTncryiQiTH , fhop, and the rell of the 

^ ^r^ Koi7rzov''H?i7)e/-' Cletgy. Nor muft cither a 

kZjv'- iJiiT^Z)'^" Trpicy- Presbyter or a Deacon or- 

^vTi^v \*/x7iTj^'. dainfrom the Laity into the^*^Pagj 

y.ovov'i ^€i^rj^v&v Ik Clergy: But the Presbyter i9«. 

a- I ■ ■ I . I — I -^ 

' defuat. V. I deeft. v. : acsjlTtti )^ liv Awcr^f KKti^v. v. 
jdeeft. V, 



is only to Teach, to OfFer, ^'i>tMv xA>?e^K»5, a'A- 

to Baptize, to Blefs the Peo- >^ f^vov @ p, Trpstr- 

pie, and the Deacon is to €ti'7?^v Sidhiax^eiv, oc- 

minifter to the Bifliop, and ya^gp^j/, (BccTlXi^eiv, ^'- 

to the Presbyters, that is, to ^yuv r >^qv t ^ 

do the Office of a miniftring ^J^y.ovov ^i^vimfiiu^ 

Deacon, but not to meddle 't^ \m(T-*ts'Troj ?^ rm^ 

With the other Offices. irpgo-^UTFe^j/s' T^TBgr, 

r ~ . ' f ^ \ ♦ 



TllQji. 'Op<pi/j(ev. 





Sect. XXXVIf. 
Concerning Orphans. 

?[^v fjLy ivcc Tis T^ a.- 

HEN any Chri- 
ftian becomes an 
Orphan, whether 
or a Maid, it is good thac 
fome one of the Brethren, 
who is without a Child, 
ihould take the young Man, 
and efteem him in the Place 
of a Son : and he that has a 
Son about the fame Age, 
and that is marriageable, 
ihould marry the Maid tp 
him ; for they which do fo, 
perform a great VVork, and 
become Fcithers to the Or- 
' ^ phanS;, 


pbans, and ihall receive the ^avTis, ^ ^ix^ ^ yjjl 

Reward of this Charity from £/'« " tS 0g« A■^'^\Jov^l^ 

the Lord God : But if any r fjn^ov '? SiccKoviocs 

one that walks in the way TajuTr^s. « Si ns y^ 

of Man-pleafing is rich, and ^^^o)f0pi(Tzeicc)> i^- 

therefore is ailiam'd of Or- ttoctmv, eTrou^twonxi, 

phans. the Father of Orphans, 7i^i<7i@^ wV, <nii op- 

and fudge of Widows will (p^loA fjL?An' rr5 fjS\/j 

make Provifion for the Or- op(p^y 's^yoicw ^qlti' 

phans. But himfelf Ihall aniixj o Tccr^p ^S op- 

have fuch an Heir as will (pcciMv^ ^ Tce/Trs r^ 

fpend what he has fpar'd : ^e^y' cyJW ^ I^Trg- 

and it (hail happen to him cra'3 Tp^kt©., cs tic 

deeft. according as . it is faid, a>oV? J^t^u??^ r (p«- 

l^/74f //^%j /^^ Holy Feo' S^^' ^^^j^a^Tzt, "- 1^' " 

fie have not eaten, thofe (hall ajj^J g e?p/?f4'jor* a 

fa, 1.7- ^^^ Aflyrians eat. As al- g^ gfcx^i^ a^o/, tc^j- 

fo. Ifaiah lays, T<7«r iL<^;?^ /jo* (pocyu'^ 'AocsxjqaoC 

Strangers devour it in your ^a,^u)i ^ 'Ha-cuois Ag- 

Trefence* yj' TZc/j ;:^2;£i^ J^v 

:(9iTE^/yc72;/ ajjTriv. 

n* Do you therefore, O Bi- 'Tjocas tj/, Z Iwr 

ftiops, ibe foUicitous about o-xoTrof , ^jjgejLjjLvmoLi^ 

their Maintenance, being in ^^ n^" ^w^ 'f aVao^o- 

norhing wanting to them ; ^Ss cwJ^ajy, yw^J^y eA- 

€xhibiting to the Orphans y^Giirov^i avrn7s' To7i 

the Care of Parents, to the j^ op{pcaoT^ ^ ^piyjv 

VVidows the Care of Huf- ^s" m yvim, ^ ■^ 

bands; to thofe of fuitable '^ep-n <ni dp^^v 

Age, Marriage ; to the Arti- roU d^cij^^iois tU yd- 


t deed, V. : deeH. V. > cleefl. V. ^ deeft. V. 


the Holy ApoftlesJ 

jtxsj, m^iTYiipyv, d' ficer. Work; to the Unable, 

S'e^vS eAsQ^y ^h'ois Commiferation ; to the Srraii- 

9By©^, 'Treivooji ^j,ij{9v, gers an Houfe ; to the Hun- 

S'l'^oioi TTOTxV, yjf^' gry Food ; to the Thirlly 

yo7s hSbf^ y vQd^cn Drink; to the Naked Cloa- 

^^,'(fv?^'iil^mti9(^o-n' thing; to the Sick Vifitati- 

^idp'. -t^s ThToii on ; to the Prifoners Affiit- 

fTrheicov vjmv e^o) ,(p£py- ance. Befides thefe, have a 

tU 'nfei r c^^ op(f^ioL, greater Care of the Orphans, 

oTTzvi ojoTQis fj^i\^iv cAf that ttothing may be wanting 

cTgf Tf fi ^^vcp, to them ; and chat as to the 

f^s^e/-^ ^ gA6>i eis M- Maiden, till Ihe arrives at 

£S^v yLf^'dj (^ (kJSjTi the Age of Marriage, and 

oLu^TiV cl^^h(pM' 'V 5 y^ gi^^ her in Marriage to 

'TTcuS'i ^fi^yiav, c^s a Brother: to the young Man 

g '^ Ti'^hjj c/ai^^^v, AlTiftance, that he may learn 

<^ S'lccnfecpe^ c/a 'f Ittl' a Trade, and may be main- 

^P7)yiccs 'i-v ci^j k- tain'd by the Advantage a- 

\i^i r 'n<)^Luu -it^-Top' rifing from it; that fo when 

.S&io-y?, S Tl/jj!n^v<nxt he is dexterous in the Ma- 

JkJ«mf (^ 'TO '? T?^j/jj$ nagementof it, he maythere- 

epyxXeicc scjLfj^^^^oL' by be enabled to buy hini- 

^'', 7IWS fjA^vATt (3ct' felf the Tools of his Trade, 

foiJi ^ Tij/a '7^^ ad^A- that fo he may no longer 

^wp, ^u7n.%Q/,Tov eis burden any of the Brethren, 

av^v dylinw , X^' or their fmcere Love to him, 

IcrjuTBtf eTTL^pnyZ ^ y) but may fupport himfelf : for 

ctAwcSas fJis^^ef^^ e- certainly he is a happy jMan 

fir, 0? {J/i <^ta/a/4'j©- who is able to fupport him- 

(Boy)^€iy ec/jj^J, tx^ Ga/- felf, and does not take up the 

Svi 'TUTTov op^ami^, ^h'n Place of the Orphan, the 

75 - ^ xr^'^Gi^' Stranger, and th" Widow ; 



Since even the Lord faid, 'E'ttbI ^^ 6 TcueA©^ 

The Giver was happier than i^^ez-ov etTnv eTvoj r 

the Receiver ; for it is again SiShv'^, ri'mp r ?^f^' 

faid by Him, Wo to thcfethat ^acvovizjiJ' ^ yb eip-moj^ 

V Pag. fjave and Receive in Hypo- '^^^ ^rr^tAiv ^isr' c^Jra 

^^' crifiey or who are ahk to fup- »aJ to?$ I'^^cnv, ^ cv 

port ther^ftlvesy yet vptll re- ^^x,eA(ji ^fj.^oivvJiv^ 

ceive of others : For both of J Siujx\jSiJOii (^on^eiv 

th^m fhall give an Account to icwrnhj (t ^fJiSccpav 

the Lord God in the Day of r^' Inept^ fiif?[g}j$^oir 

Jud^m nt. But an Orphan, i.^TfpQ, ^ ^cToi^u^ 

who, byreafbn of his Youth, ?^yv Tuje/oi nr:J ©g&> 

or he that by the Feebienefs op r^fjiipa. xq/o^us. 6 

of old -^ge or the Incidence of ^yJJi' ^jAixi^ Qp(fcc' 

aDl(eaie,ortheBringing-upof vIoa, v ^re^^ d^viaw^ 

many Children, receives x41mS: ^ vocrd ii^^a^Maiy, % 

fuch an one Ihail not only t5-^wi' ^TrvAv^otplav 

not be blam'd, but fliall be ^.ix^dvu^v^ o tolZt^ 

commended: For he llall ii fji^vvv ^ fxef-^.^^anTuj, 

be efteem'd an Altar to God, >ivia (S s'Tpxm^oTr'mj' 

•and be honour'd by God, ^aiap^.^ov y^Tifi'Ge^ 

becaufe of his zealous and ^ hi?{^yt(7^@J' voro 

con ft ant Prayers for thofe ? GsS mfM^Sc^l)' oco- 

that give to him s not re ^i^ojs yk^ '^ S\Sbp'TZfjp 

ceiving idly, but to the ut- c^jW (^i[wsxa>i ^s^- 

termoft of his rower recom- cdi^ij^^' cht dp- 

pencing what is given him yis ^fjiCavocv '^oi 

by his Prayer. Such an one '^ ^ Sia^bJi auT?. oan 

therefore fliall be blellcd by ^/lajjui, r jjh^ov S^t- 

God in Eternal Life. But he Sis 2^ '? -sN^^criyp^rf* 

that Huh and Receives in o TSifeT©* Sv (yu T>r 

the Holy Apoftles. 

tdccvito ^«>i vzsi 0g5 Hypocrifie, or through Idle- 
f^\t^^<^a^rp^, ^ nefs, inftead of Working and 
l^^ii/, % ov '^Ke}(H afiifling others, he ftiali be 
?ig!,f^SoiroJv, rj /* dp- obtioxious CO Punilhment be- 
yi^i °^'*"^'^^ ^py^U' fore God, becaufe he has 
l^jou (ioYi&Sv 5^ e^rippis* (hatch d away the Morfel of 
J'l'Mjp o(pKr](ji $ 0gcw, the Needy. 

O yip i^v ctpyu' For he that has Money, IV, 

ecot, 5^ ^71 fj^rnxS'iS'is and does not beftow it upon 

€Ti^is, fj.ri'Ti fAo ccv others, nor ufe it himfelf, is 

rjvs ^^^yS/j@-,Ji7rov o- like the Serpent, which they 

ipecac ^ vA}0\.y]^yjiv , cv fay (leeps over the Trea- 

(fcLoiv CV Toii ^a-cLv- (iires ; and of him is chat 

ep/5 ^QH/Sav'^ oc) g^ Scripture true, which fays, 

^ g'zs-' auTzS dAyjdris fi He has gathered Riches, ofi'^^- ^^• 

;^'X(^ri, 7\ (paVjcyo-a. rrf/^ch he fhdll f)ot tn(te ; and lxx. 

'Xuxj-nyx.yi ^Sr^v If they will be of no life tot'iovx:4, 

h « ^u^T^TOf* ^ eh^v him when he perilhes juu* 

ecumS^ opr/\©^, ^TTcA- ly. For, fays he. Riches 

^vfj^jcf} /c%i' <? f^tms. vrill not pofit in the Day cf 

OJjc (Ife/^-nai y), p) Wrath. For fiich an one has 

^Vj '\ia-ctp;)fj''RL cv rt- not believed in God , but 

f/,ip^ opyiig, 'O ^ in his own Gold ; efleeming 

rni^T©., y $" 0^w TTg that his God, and truftin^ 

TTic^djiuvj X^a & I- therein. Such an one is a 

cyjT»^pt>OT6tj, PeouT^' Diflembler of the Truth, an 

TO :^>8/^j©., (^ g^' Accepter of Perfons, un- 

•wJW Trg'TTD/jryj. -v^!)- fiiithful, chcating, fearful, 

^e^TYs ccAn^eiccso'l^iS' unmanly, light, of no Va- 

"— ^ in n ■■ 



lue, a Complainer, ever in t©-, «^<7zy7n)AJ7'^)j<rJ 

Pain, his own Enemy, and a'7n<r©-> ^e^v, ^ei?^<;; 

no body's Friend. Such an arJ^^Tp©*, x»(p©-, ^'- 

one's Money fhall periih, ')^?^^ij f^i^4w^f©-> 

and a Man that is a Stranger ' l^cTtu;©. ", Io/jtS 

fliall confume it, eiher by Ix^^^^^tsBtvoi (pi?\gi. 

Theft while he is alive, or iStw ^ ;^p>i^^7flc c- 

by inheritance when he is A^TOf* <^ aVrij? ^gV©* 

gotten [hall he vomited uf. vi^i?[g\jS^j®-. r\ .SctvoV- 

y. We exhort therefore the UoLes^iv^^iJS^lv 'wuis 

Widows and Orphans to p^^Tie^rsj^ o])(p(^/jo?$, /jij) 

partake of thofe things that ^tds (fot\i ^ ^avs 

are beftow'd upon them with (^?^Ce!as (jje^m^iuL' 

all Fear, and all pious Re- Sdve^v ^' aCrms ^pyi- 

verence, and to return Thanks yvfj^^cov, & Aj'^e^LgsTv 

to God, who gives Food to 0raJ, S* S'iS)l)vk roTs- 

the Needy, and to hft up TreivSm nfoflw, ^ lir 

their Eyes to Him. For, «yjW t^s o^SrxA/xis 

* e^f, or who fhall drink without mv, vjutjop (pdycTuj, i 

Ffalcxliv. ^^-^ ;i /^?r //^ cfeneth his tU 'ujieTOLi^ 'i^^^gau- 

//and, andflleth every living tS ; AuTDf y^ dvoiy^ r 

/^/;7f n7V/^ his Kindnefs : 6i- x^^ a Jt5, % ef^m- 

vlng Wheat to the young Men, ^(Z mS,v Itaov iuSb^ 

f ^^Vxk- ^^^ ^^^^ ^^ ^^^^ Maidens, and xlcci Qnov ndplcr^ois^ 

Vfal. cni. 0/7 /ir the Joy of the Living, ^ otvov r^Sivus, h^ 

i4» i5« Graffs for the Cattfl, and (^rrn i^iov en i^dPodwJjuj 

! dceit, v. 

the Holy Apoftles^ 

^ ^(tipfnov* ^fnv nn7s Herh for the Service of Menl 

TCTTveffi, & x'^^-^ "^V F^^Pfor the nild Beafis, Seeds 

^yAfto, ^ ctv^^TTzov, for the Bhds, md fuitahle 

-ic'peoc rml's dr^ois^cTSjip- Food for all Creatures, Where- 

H9^tro Tu/i opvioLs, )(^ fore the Lord fays, ConfidcrUiXi vi 

^cn r "ixf^d^o^f ^- the Fowls of tJeaven, thAt ^^^ 

(flai» ^ Sio (pilot 0^ ojtcJ- they few not, neither do they 

ei®-"* KxTTxjHpJflg'" ^^^p, fior gather into Barns^ 

ia "Tmiivdi ^i5 ye^rS", and your Father feedeth them. 

tn S cnreip^cnv^ ^ 6^ ^re not ye much better thm 

i^^^aoiv"^ ^ cicyot- they > Be not therefore folici'^ 

yyjiu &s ojTiv^^i' <& at ous, faying y What jh all we 

o 'TTccTTip v(j[^v ^g(p«J eat ? or what fl)all we drtnk > 

cLVToi' ii^' vjui^s iKpA- For your Father knoweth that 

P^v 2f^(p€pi7E ccv'Twv 5 ye have need of alt thefe things. 

fj(,y] Iv i^eAiJivnGYi'n, As^ Since ye therefore enjoy fuch 

y>viii' TL (poL'^oy^j, S a Providential Care from him, 

t/ «;no,u/^j^ oT6^ yi o and are Partakers of the 

-OTCT/ip vfjijov, oTi p^pi- good Things that are de- 

^67? TbTwi/ a^/jTzwr. riv'd from him, you oughe 

To(7^v^s Zv •?• •^' <xJ- to return Praife to him that 

iS 's^voloci >i7ti?{gLv- receives the Orphan and the 

ovTis. ^ ^ '^' ocvtS Widow, to Almighty God, 

[jtJimx^^lJiCocvoi'ns *^* through his Beloved Son Je-%*P3gt 

ccya^boHfycavovolvsCTreiu:,- fus Chrifl our Lord ; thro' ^^^* 

Trap o'(p«Ag'n $ op(p(x,' whom Glory be to God in 

VQv ^ ')(yies^v covaj^jui^ Spirit and Truth for ever. 

CdvQvlc •7r4u'Ti>3ceptTT?(2/e Amen, 




VL 'W^^^^ ^he Bifticp ought to Y'P^ o ^ i^.cKom'p 

•^^ know whofe Oblations '^^ ^Sivau ^Ivoov cVWA({ 

he o'ighc to receive, and S'i^^ i^c^pmifoe/fts , 

whofe he ought not: For he <& ^Ivcar gvk o':^eiK&. 

is to avoid corrupt Dealers, <fu?^y,fmAoi yi couiJ 

and not receive their Gifts, 'cr^s ^aiv o^^tiy.^^l a 

Fed xxTi- For 4 corrupt Dealer [hall net ^y^ictJ^^iTo^ yi y^- 

29 hejuftifjed from Sin. For of ^X©^ ^ c%i" ajLSJ>- 

them it was that IfAtah' re- Tias* 11%/ aJrwy yt^ 

ICi.i. 22. proach'd 7/r4^/, and (aid. Thy 'jra ^ 'H(7a/a?, QpaSi- 

corrupt Dealers mtpgh IVine ^wi/ t 'lo-e^iiA, l/.g- 

nith Water. He is alfo to ^^y Ol ^^ir^T^l tn 

DeuJxxiii.svoid Fornicators, for, Thou fjila-yycn r oivov uSbLu* 

i8. jh^lt not ojfcr the Hire ef an ^4>5c^?oi <^! av^ 6 

Hjrlot to the Lord. He is ^pvoC Ot/ ^g^qll" 

alio to avoid Ex^crtio :crs, orf.- >S $* -/jye/V F-'^' 

and thefe that covet other ^jji^ ^piTu' 6 ap- 

Mens Goods, and Ad ulterers ; -sa^^s, ^ t^ oL??\.o^oof 

for the Sacrifices of fuch as g^.^uw^m/, (^ m9'^I* 

thefe are abominable with iik?\u-icmxj{ yb a^ ^i^rwf 

God. Alfb thole that op- j^ci^ 'S)^' 0gf .X^a >5 

prefs the Widow, and over- q\ oK^AiSovTn ^<ej^f, 

bear the Orphan, and fill & o^^cwcp i^^^^SiaiX' 

PrKons with the Innocent, q'6{;oyles,^mi(fv>^^s 

and abule their own Ser- ^npvvT^s dvouTioiv, ft 

vants wickedly, I mean with ^ rjus iojjT^v otxe* 

Stripes, and Hunger, and rmis 7rDiy)^i ^e^yS^^jot, 

hard Service, nay, deftroy 'Ti^^yoAs (fijfjil & Xi{jlu^ 


the Holy Apoftles.^ 

d il»y,o^nXlai^ V ^ whole Cities : Do then, O 
mi?\€ii o^j Kvfi.aAVQ" Bifhop, avoid f'lch as thefe, 
\BiJQi^ (p6[ntJajiQif^aT^ and their OQious Obiati- 
Qoi, a> '^7k(7K07n, % m ois xhou flialc alfo rtiufc 
liiwy 'tx^a^popjti /juj- Rogues, and luch Pleaders 
ca^.^/. ^x^nmary, ^ ^ that pfead on the Side of inju- 
p^^hvpyys, (£ p77TD^5 (lice, and <dol-maKers, and 
uJ'iKi^ ciwctyjon^o' Thieves, and unjuft Pabli- 
f4yv5, ^ eiSh)/ ooTro.hs, cans, and thofe that deceive 
?$ Ti/ii^&A, (c 7?Afiyvc65 by falfeBallances and deceiir 
d^U^i, '^ ^'v^jtpsgrtj, ful Meafures, and a Soldier 
5^ (5>)%/A€Tj^i- ^ <j-2^a- who is a falfe Accufer, and 
IcoiTLu njis'^cLvHuj pLi) not concent with his ^''ages, 
apjc'^u^oi/ rn)?5 c-J^v/. bur does Violence to the 
cis, X^kI* T'is Tre '/i^ Needy, a Murderer, a Cuc- 
Q^cni'jyrm, (popicc 7^ ihr-vac, and an unjufl: Judge, 
^ ^/Mou, ^ ^lyj-^v a Subverter of Caufes, him 
mtL^^ouQV . TT^aSn^ that lies i'n wait for Men, 
ow^ o-pagpTTgat, aiSe^tJ- a Worker of abominable 
^y ^^»;\pi/ *>^a- Wickednefs, a Drunkard, a 
e^!' ?o>x'ni;/^ fjj^anv , Blaiphemcr, a Sodomite, an 
/3/^7^» ^j/ , KiVotdfci', Ulurer, and everv one that 
ooJtpr t(fGi/ j^ -^uTo, is wirked, and ocpo(es tiie 
ovkv^v -TTDVYitPv % T>?" Will of God For the Scrip- 
y^J^V ? Sei 2/^'jicf,' ture lays, that all fuch as 
%(j^oy QTL Kiy\ i thefe are abominable w:t!i 
^ oa» ^^A\jtLi\ii eufduf God : bor thole that receive 
'z^^ 0s^ ^S^ Tvg from luch Perfons, and there- 
mi^T'^i o\ yi .>^ T^ by fupport tijC Widows and 
TQiiirrwv hb^i^ijQi, y^ the Orphans, (hall be obnoxi- 
ofhovTii ^-gii % If ous to the Judgment feat of 
fcJyoas, '^^rcsh^Jvo^ t&T God. As Jdonias the Pro- 
x^TTi^'^ iSQcS^tj- phet in the Book of K':^'^s^ 

R 2, when 


when he difobey'd God, and trovm^. coarstp % 'AAi- 

5 King, both CAt Bread md drank viocs 6 6u ^ /3ajiA«cM5 

xih. Water in the place which the fs^cpAnns , 'o^scBCTaf 

the Lord had forbid hirrf, be- 0g«, (^ (pa>ai/ apixjif 

*** ^'g'caufe of the Wickednefs of V ^ ?^^^ i)% 0,;$" 

Jeroboam, was ^^i» ^j 4 Lion, livrc^i |j a'7re?''7rBi/ atJ- 

For the Bread which is di TctFo x^g/c©., ^¥5* 

ilributed to the Widows from "ie^^oxf^doiQeid/jf ^u- 

Labour is better, tho' it be ^ AgojTf©- €cvouipe<Svis. 

(liort and Httle, than that y) d^c 5^7r» 2^^- 

from Injuftice and falfe Ac- rsixV®- apT©. ^e^^s 

cufation, though it be much ^ ?$ opf^ol^', S'/xcm©^ 

and fine For the Scripture fj{^?^ov^ ocaiv i (^es^O(y^ 

^ral.xxxvi (ays. Better is a little to the (^ ohiy©^^ % g| aVt- 

*^' Righteous, than much Riches of kIols ^ <w'i$(p^rlccs, 

the Sinners, Now although Kavii'mhvi^^'s^mw^' 

ft Widow, who eats and is fjS^jd^'', Xsyl ';^ ri ^oc- 

fiird from the Wicked, pray ^rf' Kj?«<xrDi' o^^lyv T&f 

for them, Ihe fliall not be <^/)($t/V, \^'77^aaTya- 

heard : For GoJ, who knows f^^nohZv ttAou. E« 

the Heart, with Judgment 5 (£ g§ do-iCojif (pafSati, 

has declared concerning the ^es^y % IfXTrKr^^iiaTi^ 

Jcr. XV. I. Unrighteous, faying, 7f Mo- *g^g^^2tw{ x^?' aJ- 

fes and Samuel ft and before ^Vy erne &<m.Y.M(^m^' 

my face in their Behalf, I oTioi[gip^icyi/Cf)s^s€>eos 

vrill not hear them. And, j/^ tc^g^oos ccTrecpivocJ^ 

^il 16. p raj thou not for this . People, ^tSq}. aa^^Mv , hiykjr' 

and do not ask Mercy for them, '£ap ef Mc^^Ai. ^ Zot- 

and do not intercede roiih me jumiiA'c^^'s^QjTntfJiV 

for them, for I ivill not hear thee, -C^^ av^v^ she «W- 

* i- V. ^ ucluiiC. V. J dff'e/f. V, O9 

the Holy Apoftles^ 

VOtJ^tZwi jjXVLoi And not thefe only, but vii. 
^ ol ov oLf^ricus '^0' thofe that are in Sin, andVP^^g. 
jmJJuor ^ (Jiji fJienmSviv- have not repented, will not *^ ' 
-ns, » ^i/or ffJx. floa- only not be heard when they 
3t«<&njDi'Taf *c^(j&j')^' pray, but will provoke God 
^oiy Xvi*^ T ©goj' to Anger, as putting him in 
fk^Q^umaiv , <bsK>\Li' mind of their own Wicked- 
/ucP7i(73cor7i5 auTo;"? lew- nefs. Avoid therefore fuch 
nS)v [JiQx^^^^* 'cfeii Miniftrations, as you would 
^^ Iv mi Toicxjinrous the Price of a Dog, and the 
S^y^gvUs, m h>,aS{j{gs Hire of an Harlot ; for both 
xiM;J5, ^ l^-'i^m ^?' ^f ^'^^^^ ^^^ forbidden by 
yjjs- iKc^Tse^t ^ To7i the Laws. For neither did 4 King, 
yo/^is a7hi:)if(^->Taf. eis £//jft^ receive the Prefencs 
^ 'EAfrjj^c?©- Tt^ '5?^ which were brought by Ha- ^.Kmg. 
tS 'A^ctrjA 5tp]w.icag^7a. z^.-/, nor Ahi]^h thofe from 
ISi^xTo, 'iTi\^^')^oLs m Jeroboam; but if the Pro- 
cD^ 5' l?eP^otx>. « phets of God did not ad- 
Qot 'tS e^^ -K^cp^TO^ mit of Prefeiits from the 
TO '^ r?^^" do-,Q£v ii Ungodly, it is reafonable, O 
7rep(ri\K^v^ ^^via., ^^' Bilhops, that neither lliould 
\^iov fJL^T2 ui4^^ Se- you. Nay, when Simon theAa.vm, 
mrryfs^i. ':^oi ^ X/- Magician offer'd Money to 
(jl^v i4y®^ im n^ me Peter and John, and rry'd 
^ca ^ 'Ic^dvvA xp^' ^^ obtain the invaluable 
fj^m ^sr^a^vefxxi^v, I- Grace by Purchafe, we did 
'mie^^ wfjjw r ax/, not admit it, but bound him 
fji^rnv -^e^' 7J\^^'^' with everlaQing Maledidi- 
e^TTgf y)^ Trep Wp^y^^^ ons, becaufe he thought to 
apcils dlfioy/ots cL^^^v poflefs theGifcof God, not 
e^o^oe^x' St( :? (J)y- by a pious Mind towards 
oi^p ' ? -©eS, «V ^J- God, but by the Price of 
vola. Tn ^^ e^Qy, Money: Avoid therefor luch 
'^ ' ^ R 3 Obla- 


Oblations to God's Alrar as ^Ad^yifJiJ^^'Tzi^v^oPctX' 

are not from a good Confci- ^yf ' cvofMO^ ^ jctw - 

iCiAiv.i^. cnce.^' or, i^y she, At Jt a if7 from t&ct^'. (poijytn Zv las 

all In ju ft ice, and thou jhalt ShoJiWdi^Tus en S .Su- 

not fear, and Trembling [hall oiagveJ^op tS 0c« «- 

/?^/" r^;'/J(? ;;/V^ /A^^. a^o^i, dni^'y;^, (p)j- 

gp^« Qoi. 

,^ yiii. But if ye fay, that tliofe V ^ '^^' '^' ^^^ 

** ^^^' who give Alms are fuch as yunn, on oi S'lSivTis 

thefe> and if we do not re- ms eMri'j^.o-twxs, ^tt?/ 

. ceive from them, whence e<.7z, xaV jx^i Aa^of/^^ 

{hall we adminiftcr to the r^' ajjiwv^ th^^v of 

Widows ? And whence ihall ^pcu -y^zr'/ipBTyi.^oDvTuj 

the Poor among the People ^ ^ iixooy'^ j^ ol op* 

be maintain'd? Ye fliall hear S^&s t« ;^« ^ S'lcc 

from us, that therefore have rpjifpScnv" ; d-i^^va?^ 

ye received the Gift of the ^' :5//.wi/, oVi ^ tS- 

Levites, the Oblations of to l;^'^gTg <^.H9i A(5Li- 

your People, that ye might ^v^ tLm y^p^(poeAxv 

have enough for your felves, iS ov vfMv ;>^« , /W 

and for thole that are in I'^jcjite ^ s-mjtoTs (& 

Want; and that ye might ro7s S^o^jS^qis, ^ fjt,h 

not be fo ftraicen'd as to ^cv" s^roeca cwus^- 

receive from the Wicked. f^Jo^, '^^^i ^tov.iSv 

But if the Churches be fo ?^fj,^dvy)Ti, « -^ Srmi 

ftraitcn'd, 'tis better to pe- ^^"^aiv oI c^^tcAw^cm, 

rifli, than to receive any AL»^TEA^c^9flapi/jct/, 

thing from the Enemies of 5i ^' f;:^e£^;/ 5^ ©g5 



the Holy Apoftles* 

^^S&v fc, l(p' v€fi ^ God, to the Reproach and 

^?i^Yi fjPfS ccvtS (pi?iO)K Abpfe of his Friends: For 

'^ ^ r rpiiiTuv ^ of fuch as thefc the Prophet 

«>£j?f>?7n^Ag^ "EKcmov fpeaks, Let not the Oil ^/4 PfaUxl^ 

aju^iwA? yiAi Xiir^i- Sinmr moiflen my Head. Do 

fTw r %i(foiXlw fjL\i, ye therefore examine fuch 

AojMM^jo/ »;/. q/zVpc^ Perfons, and receive from 

rp^' ToiiTwVf ^ 'T^l^ fuch as walkholily, and fup- 

ft ^ Imoii ^TO- ply the Afflided. But re- 

^oxxLim T^lJi^cLvi-n,^ ceive not from thofc that 

To?s '^Xi^Q^Qii ^pji- are excommunicated, until 

^IV 'u^y. Q '^(TujjcL* they are thought worthy to 

yeiyyy ^ A(x,fjiScive^, become the Members of the 

TTfi/V oiv '? oKnkmcti Church. But if a Gift be 

eivoui fJLihyi y^^^io)^S)' wanting, inform the Bre- 

uiv. €i 5 o^n^iTTvi S^' thren, and make a Col- 

[ji^, 's^mjSyirKi 'ZQii ledion from them, and 

a(J^A(po?5, ^ \% ai^wv thence minifter to the Or- 

Q^j-^oytv ojD/jjoa/^'-'©-, phans and Widows in Righ* 

<r#a7^i/<J To?s op^ctvoTs teoufnefs. 

^ 9 ^^is 01/ S'ly^AQ- 


Sect. XXXIX. 


A E'^ d $ -v^ o-g CAY unto the People uii- ix. 

AaaJ.<x(^ So^acJj/ ^ der thee what Solomon 

oQ(p'!i' Tlfj^r KJU(^ov the Wife fays. Honour thejproy.uU 

'>^ aiy S'Digiiecv ^voov' Lord out of thy juft Lahonrs,9y^<^*. 

(£ ccTntpX^ fltuTsJ ^-70 and py thj fir(l Fruits to him 

cwv v^^Tmv S'Di^LoaV' cut of thy Fruits cf Righte- 

vy\i /ra '7njw.<jj^ct7ai TO oufnefs, that thy Giirners may 

fmiMeid 0% ^ng-iJ{3vni heflle^l vrith Fulricfs of H'h^at, 

R 4 and 


)Lnd thy Preffes may hurfl out <77t»' oiVw ^ a* xlwol 
VFtth Wine, Therefore main- a^ c/KSAv^caaip, 'Ex. 
tain and cloach thofe tliac ? <^i^in h ^tth t m- 
;are in Wane from the righ- swr, <r^i:^iTi ?^ df/.(pih- 
teous Labour of the Faith- wn tIh ugspsf^wys* ^ 
ful : And I'uch Sums of Mo- ^ g§ u.v'tS^v, <»5 fsfopei- 
ney as are colleded from />n>c9:f^, aGep'^of^J* 
them, in the manner afore- x^-niJig^cc S'tocmcjsTif 
laid, appoint it to be laid S'lcc^vowuns «« ts^ cl- 
out in the Redemption of y^^triJi'^i r?{S dyicay* 
the Saints, the Deliverance puop^oi S'ix^sy cd^fj^g;,- 
of Slaves, and of Captives, Awxas, kajxivi^ Im' 
and of Friioners, and of /?ga^o|w^'y«, Tixoi/Taso^ 
thofe that have been abuled y^rrctSlyvDi ^ S ovo' 
by Tyrants, and condemned f<9^ § Xe/t^-yvizro iii- 
to Single Combat and Death es^wm «$ (Jsvoq^*)^ 
but are efcap'd. For the (^ Snivourov. A«yJ ^ ^ 
ifxiv. u. Scripture (ays, Deliver thofe ^cccpv. 'Pvituj cly^y^^vs 
that are led to Death, and re- m^'volIqv, ^o^-jrez-^t 
deem thofe that are read) to Y.Tiivo\d^^\ii* fjih (pao-^i. 
y7rf/>, do not fpare, 
X. But if at any time you 'Edv S'e miif ^oifw^ 
be forced unwillingly to re- ^^»tzli, 'z:^tiv@^^€' 
ceive Money from any un- ^cc^oiyocnvoLycovTis dp- 
godly Perion, lay it out in yjej-ov^ ^.s fuAa ^ dv 
Wood and Coals, that fo nci des^)ui^ cwii J^^)f- 
ther the Widow nor the Or- gcTs* W fjun KolCZoul 
f ** Pag. phan may receive any of it, ^ *^* ^e^* ff ojjtS ti, 
^^ • or be forc'd to buy with it % o op^awoi, ^f^o^f^^n 
either Meat or Drink, which mT(roc<^ repfplw Si ^^ 
'tis unfit to do. For 'tis rea- fj{^ t^ S 's^uriKou* 
fpnable that fuch Gifts of S-i^iov-^'^ <s>§^d(ji' 
iliQ Ungodly fliould be Fuel S(ap niiw^y mv^i «• 

the Holy Apoftles. 

IXi^QVTWv" CwJto. iStO 

for the Fire, and not Food 
for the Pious And this Me- 
thod is plainly appointed by levjt. x\^, 
the Law, when it calls a Sa- <^. 
crifice kept too long a Thing 
not fit to be eaten, and com^ 
mands it to be confumed 
with Fire : For fuch Obla- 
tions are not evil in their 
Nature, but on account of 
the Mind of thole that bring 
them. And this we Ordain, 
that we may not rejed thofe 
that come to us, as know- 
ing that the common Con- 
vcrlation of the Pious has 
often been very profitable 
to the Ungodly, but Pcli- 
gious Communion with them 
is alone hurtful. And Co 
much. Beloved, Ihall (ufEce 
to have fpokcn to you in 
order to your Security. 

Sect. XL. 

f^l f4j T0( •m'npg?, VE Fathers, educate ywr Xf, 

^^^ 'miJ^gTETOTijci/a ■*' Children in the Lord, 

vfjiSv QAf wue/-^, Q/nTpi' bringing them up in the 

(povTEs cw'Tii ou <7nxiS'&ta, Nurture and Admonition of 

^ pn^ojou ^QjLii, '^ the Lord , and teach them 

t c^(r?g^V7jvy. V. '^ ytyno"^ v. I a^ J^y IvaiCcHy, v. 



fuch Trades as are agree- S'tShLtryAii cti/m Mut- 
able and fuicable to the ^^»5 ^ apM$^»ca^ ^ 
Word, lell they by fuch Op- ?^ycp 'n^cts, "ivol fiM 
portunity become excrava- ^^ djii^iej^xsspnvtcl'' 
gant, and continue without ar^mx,^ ^ ctvg7nT/^x 
Punifhment from their Pa- -v^ f^ yvicav jw^eV^- 
rents, and fo get Relaxation to,, ^^ ooo^a dvioioos 
before their Time, and go ^^irm , ei(fy}vtoi7v<7i 
aftiay from that which is ^ o^^aS. ^ /uci <^Aa- 
good. Wherefore be not a> SaSw avroTs 'fkTt^-h- 
fraid to reprove them, and ojeiv , Qcc(p^vll^ov7is 
to ceach them Wifdom with cwm fj^^ Ifji^-^^loa^ 
Severity: For your Corredi- I ^ ^jTOJC7?r«Tf cwl^ 
ens will not kill them, but ^ro.rMioi/'nf, ^moi/ 3 
rather preferve them- As (matT^ auTzL' ^^^i 
Solomon fays fomewhere in ^n^ l IrO^Qucov Iv t!! 
Prov.xxix the Book of IVifdow, Chajlen Qtvia, (pm' UouSi^js r)oy 

^Ih 18 ^^^ '^^^' ^^^ ^^ ^^'^ rcfrefh ' Qy \ ^ aVaW^ 02' 

xxm.'i4. ^^'^5 fo "r^iit thot* have good Sto) -jS tgxf Qoi (XjeA" 

Hope of h'm. Thou verily ^?. Qv fi ^ pxSS'co 

fl)alr [mite him xrhh the Rod, rm.'^^Rs avTiy, tt q 

and p,:ialt deliver his Soul from \[,u;^iyj hjfd poV>i ex 

xiii. 24- Deatk And again, fays the ^^aVy )\aJi^>Av Xt' 

fame Solcmon thus, //f ^^^? 5^ J cm/tl^ ^ «aw/ ''O5 

7^.tr^r^ />/V Rod, hatcth his (p&S^nii ^ IojutQ l^otx^ 

jscduf. 6'(7;?; and afterwards, Beat r^^^xs, fjua^ r ecuji^ 

his Sides rvhilft he u an In- t/oV. Kcfj ^l^^'/'KAa- 

^»r, /^y? Z;^ U harden d, and cuv gic 'ti^sI^s o/j'tS, 

^//i% //^ff. He therefore c^s 1^ rTiVi©.* ^^ttoti 

that negleds to admonilh ckAvpuu^U di^Gi^- 

and inflrudl his own Son, cy) (^ol. 'O; (feiS^eixx^ 

XXX. 21. 

I dcsft, V. * deel}. \^. > ^'^^^j, ^^g^ ^^^ f ne;;. v. 

the Holy Apoftles.^ 

crei T \'Siov TTcwJbc. g;c- 

ton (S TTLfai? VJOTTW/JC- 

IJJe'AciCCv T^Ti. ^^wcnpy 

hates his own Child. Do 
you therefore teach your 
Children the Word of the 
Lord. Bring them under 
with cutting Stripes, and 
make them (ubjedi from their 
Infancy, teaching them the 
Holy Scriptures, which are 
Chriftian and Divine, and de- 
hvering to them every fa- 
cred Writing, not giving them^^ „, 
fuch Lihertj, that they get the 
Maftery, and ad againit your 
Opinion, not permitting them 
to club together for a Treat 
with their Equals. For fo 
they will be turn'd to difor- 
derly Courfes, and will fall 
into Fornication ; and if this 
i appen by the CarelefTnefs of 
their Parents, thofe that begat 
them will be guilty of their 
Souls. For if the offending 
Children gee into the Com- 
pany of debauch'd Perfons, 
by the Negligence of thofc 
that begat them, they will 
not be punidi'd alone by 
themfelves : But their Parents 
alio will be condemned oa 
their account : For this caufe 

* " " ' ' ' " I » I I ■ I. m il I — »— a 

i deiunc. v. ^ ^y^c^y y. 



endeavour at the time when Qvmi, X^a ^ '^ 

chey are of an Age fit for av^uv ol yveii ocu'twv 

Marriaee, to join them in xe^^<ruv7Uj. 2f^ i«- 

Wedlock, and fettle them ro csynSk^eTs ojpa. ysi- 

together, left in the Heat |x» ^dly/t/ijoj ^ mv 

and Fervor of their Age their vcL}h.cioj€iv auTx, hcc 

Courfe of Life become di(* ^ *? fiMxlocs ov r^ 

folute, and you be requir'd ax/xiT ^ ^eW, s^ '* 

to give an account by the 'TTD^Ji/o-^p-zsrct ^'^?>r, ^ 

Lord God in the Day of J/x^s diraMin^cric^ r 

Judgment. ^^^'^ ^'^^ *if^^P9 '^ ^6A' 

^U. But as to Servants, what Use} o oij^ptw^' t/ 

*»* '^ag. can we (ay more, than that av iimntJ^yj'oirXeiov.yjoU 

'^^" the Servant bring a good ^ o S'^h©^ i'jvoicty a- 

SeeEph. Will to his Mailer, wkh the (rpi^i^^^i' ^^ham- 

1 VeL ii Fear of God, although he be 'kwy ^^\^ ?c?« ®s?, 

JS» impious and wicked; but 3caVac^C-/iJ, v.^v rn:xivii\'' 

yet not to yield any Com- ^^ •vk7ap^>i • GvxgTi 

pliance as to his Worfliip. jui^' iLf (^ ofj^voi^ ^ 

And let the Mafler love his i/uJ ^yjoKeiocv. (k o cfg- 

Servant, although he be his (tttoths dy^irdrcfi r oi- 

Superior. Let him confider vatIuu' k^v S^'^o/?©- 

wherein they are equal, even >!, S Tctoi/ jt^j^gTO), ^ S 

iCoi.iv. he is a Man: And, He y^,5o"av92^x@.tJ7ra.p- 

^^tiTm, that hits a believing Mafler, let ;^. 03 '7n?ir gp^jr cTg- 

^^^' him love him, both as his cuwrlw, Qoo^ok^>Us aju- 

Mafter, and as cf the fame W ':? x^e/»a5, oly^Tivi' 

Faith, and a a Father ; but tw, ^ co; S'ecrTro-duj, ^ 

flill with the Prefervation of wso^/r/grji^, ?^ (Li ttcl- 

his Authority as his Maftcr ; T^e^ |w,ri ft)5 otpS^K- 

■I I ■■ i| ———1 n il ■ . ■ I I I 

the Holy Apoftles.^ 

/t{9<f «>©4, ^M^ (is q)i' 

(pOVf ^^1(36 TliJU T "ZtTi' 






?[gv, Geos Sii^^cx,- 

Not as an E)e Scrvanty hut /^/ 6, 
a Lover of his Mafier^ as know- Col.1ii.22, 
ing that God vrill recompence 
to him for his Suhjecfion. la 
like manner, let a Matter, 
who has a believing Ser- 
vant, love him as a Son, or 
as a Brother, on account of 
theirCommunion in the Faith; 
but (l*ill prefcrving the Diffe- 
rence of a Servant. 

Be ye fubjed to all Royal xrrr- 
Power and Dominion inj?^^'^*^^- 
things are pleafing to God, Tit. ii r. 
as to the Minifters of God, f^oiTi xiji. 
and the Punifliers of the 
Wicked. Render all the Fear 
that is due to them, all Of- 
ferings, all Cuftoms, all Ho- 
nour, Gifts and Taxes. For 
this is God's Command, that 
you owe nothing to any 
one, but the Pledge of Love, 
which God has commanded 
by Chrift. 

1. 4. 7. 

xiii 8. 

Concerning Virgmity we x^Y: 
have received no Command- ^j- ^ 
ment; but we leave it to 
the Power of thole that are 
willing, as a Vow : exhort- 

t f»^i. V. 



ing them fo far h\ this Mat- ' ^ Zv" (wrmi tct^i" 

ter, that they donot promife ySj/T^s, ^ ^t^;:^^^^^ 

any thing ralhly ; fince 6"^/^- Ti g'm%/;\9L(^' g'ws/-\t{y,^mon fays, /r /V to^^r not to ^f o '2,q?^i^v (pyjaiv' 

vow, than to vow and not fay, ^hyx^v iti /lctj (^^a^. 

Let fuch a Firgin therefore r\ ^£^oi,^^ fjcn ^• 

iCor. Ill he holy in Body and Soul, as S'Zvajj- 'H r^^v(^ Zv 

^^' the Temple of Gody as the aiTTj g^w a^/'o. ozofj^^U 

Houfe of Chrift, as the Ha- ?^ "^x^^ ^* ^°^°^ ®^^' 

bitatioa of the Holy 'Spirit, o^s oTx@- X^/eS, w« 

For flie that vows ought to m'Sf^Q* ^dylvi" ^* 

do fuch Works as are fuit- ^psiyjoyiov, <r« ^ tt 

able to her Vow ; and to l7Pxfy^i?^iJ^jlw, a^iac 

Ihew that her Vow is real, ^ '? " l<7nx.^y«xioLi Ipyx, 

and made on account of lei- ^^^^ojo\B^jIw^ <r«- 

fure for Piety, not to caft a 'iwxjoiv ic «7rctT'}^^.f<5E^ 

Reproach on Marriage. Let ojjrrt^i/QiiVgiv dxri^i, 

her not be a Gadder abroad, ^2j^ ^oxIw^o^Qe.aui, 

nor one that rambles about h Kp ^QqkIw yifjL^i 

unfeafonably ; not double- ^o\J>phjj, gjw ^ jw^ii 

minded ; but grave, conti- ^ pwa^ois' ^/j^V ^xcm- 

nent, fober, pure, avoiding e^'^'^'^©-. i^^ '^^J- 

the Converfatioii of many, vwjot©.* ^<x (7?Acr/i, 

and efpecially of thofe that IfK^TrsyOucp^v^oU'vhj 

' arc of ill Reputation. ((fSyum, ms 7^ otoA- 

! f^avoy- V. * deeft. V. I deeft. v. ^ ^/Aoxo^^®-. v. 



*** Pag. 


G T. XLI. 

Concerning the Martyrs. 

•r 6<5 T ©gey a^Tmi' <c 

^* J >: ; F snyChriftian, on 
f ^ I M account of the 
^ ^ Name of Chrift, 
'^ and Love and 

Faith towards God be con- 
deiTin'd by the Ungodly to 
the Games, to the Beads, 
or to the Mines, do not ye 
overlook him ; but fend to. 
him from your Labour and 
your very 5weat for his Su- 
flenance, and for a Reward 
to the Soldiers, that he may 
be eafed and be taken care 

* <r»Aoy. V. I lav. V. ' vm^^vT^v, v, ly^c^jQ- Edit. Al. '^ 2 
Uv. V. 

W^AV* V, 



of, that, as far as lies in nca^v 'Ivoc l^fpwu^'^ 
your Power, your bleded &hlnfMh&icci'Tv^Yi''iv* 
Brother may not be afBid:- oQv 2> g(p' vfJiTy , /u.ti 
ed : For he that is condemn'^ ^/^iSrjrxj 6 /t^j^^e^©- 
ior the Name of the Lord du^?v(posvfjiajvno yl)2f^ 
God is an holy Martyr, a S ovofj{^ wjeAv § 0g« 
Brother of the Lord, the n^Tt/iSi^^^QfjS^j®*, «- 
Son of the Higheft, a Re '?©- H^frui a.^^©^, a- 
cepcacle of the Holy Spi- (JgA(pc5 tS * x/^g/a", :^05 
rit, by whom every one of 'tS v-^^It^, Sb'^i^ov §* 
the Faithful has received ^ o^^i«" '7ir<^|LtpLT©-, S^i 
the Illumination of the Glo- ? (^ r (pcona-f^v /^ Si' 
ry of the Holy Gofpel , §w5 5^ dyia (^'af^A/j* 
by being vouchfaf'd the in- ^ e^Cei^ " ^K9^<r@* ^ 
corruptible Crown, and the ^K^vivTiSi^gifnu^iai' 
Teftiniony of Chrift's Suffe- hyivcu ? "^ a^SaipTa"^* 
rings, and the Fellowfliip of (pccvn, o^ 'f f^^^cti 
his Blood, to be made con- *?^ irct^iJ^^'Tm aJT?, 
formable to the Death of ^ t? "iiqivmioLi ^ anfJLoc- 
Chrift, and the Adoption of t©. ax/rS, (nj[j^fj{^p(poo' 
Children. For this Caufe do Sjii^cu izt) ^volrcfj t« 
you all ye of the Faithful, by X^^rS «$ tjoSrcnip. 
your Biftiop, minifter to the t8t» Zy eve^v oi'Tr^jTis 
Saints of your Subllance, and ol 'zzrigu/, 2^ t» ^- 
of your Labour : But if any cy^w^ ^ixm. c/k r J- 
onehasnotjethimfaftaDay, r^^vroju vfj^oov ^ ok 
and fet apart that, and or- §* lis'^^ 2{^^vf\(m>Ti 
der it for the Saints. But if td/s dylois. & ^ gw 
any one has Superfluities, let g;^ tk, vncr^cmA "S 
him minifter more to hem 'f r^fjA^^s, ^ ju^^W, 
according to the Proportion tSto ckTafaTa; 10"? 

«* " — — ^— ^M.1 111 II ^ — — — .— ^ 

! Xe/r«. V. ! deeft. V. ' i\*'^o/^. V. t deeft. V. 

the Holy Apoftles^ 

dytois. & Si Ics cvmi- of his Ability. But if he 
e/.\i(n&.hmp^,it^&iQv can pofTibly fell all his Live- 
Tt Kp' eiv(t?\gyiav r? S\J' lihood, and redeem chem out 
voii^(as cwJtS 2l^yi9vei' of Prifon, he will be bleffcd, 
TO) atWs. «i3 j$o^o^ aind a Friend of Chrift. For 
IE 'f^v a^wTO T /3/oj^ if he that gives his Goods 
lc«;75^(J^lu^©.pi>j26- to the Poor be perfect, fup- 
tj^ oLUT'ss OK ? hojjLto' pofiDg his Knowledgc of 
n:^e/'», H^n^e/^^ ^^3 Divine Things, much more 
5$ (p/A©- f Xe«r^ « ^s he fo that does ic on ac- 
^ornx, vmp^yrpx'Tjfoi)' cotmt of thc Mattyrs. Fof 
^?5 J^yf, 'nA«©-, ' ^' fuch an one is vvorrhy of 
^ ^'^ <^iW y£' God, and will fulfil h-. Will, 
civ"* 'TToM^ ^?^QP by fupplying thofe who have 
\^ f^^7ve^v. of^rni^' confefsd him before Nations 
T©-, af/©. ©gS JWj3 • and Kings, and the Children 
few, -T^jje^o^ TD ^Atj- of Ifrael ; concerning whom 
f<^ rt/yrS, ^pr\yi]fTSus e- our Lord declar'd, laying, 
3c«Vof5, o'/icvg^ ai'T^v VVhcfoever JhaU confefs me he- .. 

^yi3>^yf^(T^ovo37nov\^' fort Men, him vriil I alfo con- ^1/ ' 
vm, ^ ^0L(nXt(»3v, ifSv fefs before my Father. And if 
*n 'lo-eptTiA. 'T^ OOP thee be fuch as to be attelt- 
7uj^^(plA/jccTo M ed to by Chrift before his 
^v' '^Us ai oiJ{g?igy/(TYt Father, you ought not to be 
ov IfJigi tfjiixr^Svv ^ alham'd to go to them in the 
elv^e^Tzoy, ofjfff^yfozo Prifons. For if you do this, 
xclyuf Q/v outjTtS sfji^s^- it will be eftcem'd to you 
Siv ? TTOLTtPi f^v\ for a Teftimony, bcaufe 
Kcti €i rniyrrol ^aiv, m the real Trial was to chem 
^ \im Xe/i«r« ^ 'tS aTeftimony.andyourReadi- 
TTags auT«5 f^Tupet' ncfs will be fo to you, as be- 

S ing 


ing Partakers of their Com- ^, ijA&i sin^ o9«AeTg 

bat; for the Lord (peaks l'ujcu(^umj^vaA, drntvoA 

fomewhere to luch as thefe, c^$ auVis ou mis cfv 

Mattxxv. faying, Lome ye Blcffed of my ?^yy^^i i-Zto y> Troiyj- 

34>v^^» father, inherit the Kingdom m^fuwv vf^m fjictpTu- 

frefard for jcu from the Fcuri' ^/ov J^v P^gyi^riafTuji* 

dation of th^ World, For I on cTtenois ft TretCS^ S 

jras an hungry ^ and 'jc gave fjiuf^^op \&ip^2v, u- 

meMeat; Irras thirftj, and je fxiv 5 tri^s!', «>tfP- 

gave me Drink ; / nas a Stran- ^t//w, a, cJ; ^ivoovols '? 

ger, and ye took me in ; naked^ a6A77(7>w$ av^nov* Ag^ 

and ye cloathed me ; I rra Jicky yip ttj^ o yuj^©^ o^? 

and ye vijited me ; I was in t^s iT>/gT«5, (fdcmoov' 

Frifon, and ye came unto we, A^ti ol (^hoynijS^JoL "S 

Then Jhall the Righteous an- ttoct^s /xw, ^n^ro- 

fvper, and fajy Lord, nhen jav fj^^aars tIaju inivifj^o- 

vpe thee an hungred, and fed \j^\lw vfxiv (ixcnx&^j 

thee ? or ihirfty, and gave ^ j^p^TaCoAJis >^07^«. 

thee Drink > When farp we thee Weivxtrct yi. <S gJiyjc^c- 

nakcdy and cloathed thee? or *rg fjioi (pccybiv' lS'i'\^' 

fick, and vijited thee? When gc, & eTn)!^^^! fj^' ^i* 

farv we thee a Stranger, and y@^ inyjjjtjy ^ ciwnyi^ 

took thee in ? or in Prifcn, and yn^ ^* yjfJLvcs^ h^ 

came unto thee ? And he will rrS^^QdhiTi /xg* d^s- 

anfvrer and fay unto them, In f- m ^ r)fjdw' y k l-mc-yJ- 

much as ye have done it unto on" ^,^t ^' cAf (pvp^yc-^ 

cf the leafi of thefe my Brethren, ^iJmj, ^ riA^n -zj^'s 

ye have done it unto me. ^g. m-n '^y.^^^aav' 

And thefe fhall go away into rjn^ ^ auW" oi S'l-i^^ioi^ 

Life Everlaping, Then (hall Ag^i/Tss' :t/^e^g, 'ttc'tb 

he* (ay un'o fh ?n on his L'ft c^ ^iSb\j5^) TreivZvTo, ^ 

fmmmmmm^mmmmm i i iii.i i i ■ i—^— —————— ^—g—^ 

I liwi. V. I deeit. v. > deeit« v^. 

the Holy Apoftles. 

^ ^l^pi^fj^. V] Si' Hand, Depart f^om me, je 
•4'ttJ'^'T^, (£ sTTOTiO-cc- CurfeJ, into EvcrUftin'r Fire, 
f^u ; ' oTOTg Se 02 /'• J>repared for the Devil and his 
c5>p^'j " yjiLvcv^ ^ rrg- Angels, for I iras huvfgr^^ 
^c^cLxg[^j, % cccd^vri, aj^d ye ^ave me no Alcat ; I ivas 
^eTTSo-yje-^jn/B^^'- ^TTO' thirfly, and je gave me no 
^ H (n \^\)%<j ^tvQVy Drink ; / was a Strang ?r, and 
Xj Qwj'i)yxy\Sp 7\ C4^ ye took me not in ; nak d, and 
<pJ^;>^x>i\ i, T^A'^t/f^'-' y^ cloathed me not ; fick, and 
<^< (TB 5 ^ ^xe/C- in Prifon, and ye vifited mz 
f&Eis €y3« cLUTQii* l(p' not. Then fJ)ail thq alfo an- 
ctv eTTOLmoL'n hi t& firer and fay, Whm fjw we 
&ot}v iP^ oLS^A(^ojp fjL\i r thee hungry, or thirfj, or a, 
iXcc^iipMv^ e/j^i liroin Stranger, or naked, or fick, or 
QcTS' (£ o&TTgAc^Jo-or^ ^^ Pr/fon, and did not mini* 
^TQi €is ^oolw ouoovlcjv. Jlcr unto thee > Then jhall hs 
^ TDTg epei ^ rnTi g| anfrer and fay unto them, 
AjoiivVfjfcov' "TTvpt^sSB oItt' Verily I jay unto you, Inaf" 
sfjiZ^ 01 '^^ X^^th^- much as ye have not dene it^. ^ P ^ 
\J^oi, GsS'TTi/p S atw- unto one of the leafi of thefe, ^goi. " 
viou nv riTLifJiaapiivov^ neither have ye done it unto 
^QoXci) ^ Til 6 dyryt' me. And thefe [Ihdl ^o ^- 
Aois'ccvtS' e'Zffetyaacc way unto ^ Ever Ijifiing Pitnijh* 
y^f ^ (75% €S^)^7i fjigi ment. 

(pccyeiV, IS'l'^tToi, <& ix. 

sTniTiaocii \x/e' ^^v@^ ri^jjj ^ ^ cwuv^ycLf^^ri fji€, yjviros^ 

<C y i^gSctAgTE /ote* oi(^v))i^ (S cv (p^ ^i^x-'j', (^ ahc lire- 

£/g, 'TTDTg (7g €iSb\J^J TT&iaVTUj, Y) h'^'Mv'^, 7) ^SpOV n 

yjfJLVov, rj ocSsvT), 71 cv (p'J?^g.yfn ^ » S\Y\y.ovr\Qi\jS^p Qoi ; 
•TT3T6 ^CTO)t£/U7)JgTa^ 5^ oLvroTs, T'Ayjov' d^jduj Kiy/) v^v^ 
i(p C(roi' i^K eTroincrcLie evi t^tcov t eP\g.^igT»v^ c?wb g/--'^* 

*defunt V. !derum. v« Mefum omnia, v. S 2 BuC 


IV But if any one who calls E/ H Us dS^7\.(fo9 
himfelf a Brother is feduced hiytiv eojuTiv «ra/, ct- 
by the Evil One, and adJs 'TntTa^&i \scsi ^ 'Troy^pJ 
Wicked nefs, and is convid- jfjt)(p7n)i>iV3i, (^ iMy 
ed and condemn'd to Death, ^^^^eIs ^axg^Sf ^- 
as an Adulterer, or a Mur- vdrca as ^^9^;^?^ 5i (po- 
derer, depart from him, that ^(^js, 5tf^6/C^'^ ^''^' 
ye may be fccure, and (WT^^voLTiTi^ ai(w?^i\ 
none of you may be fu- ^ fM) m vfjim 00s Tipi- 
fpeded a-^ a Partner in fuch vmoi^ (juxns -isjD'Tjfdf 
an abominable Pradice ; and S'>r,(&>c5t'TO-p^^/?2/3'^- 
thatno evil Report may be (rpYfj.i^j 00$ 'th^tuv 
fpread abroad, as if all Chri- X^gi^oiv ^i^vTcof 
ftians took a Pleafurc in un- 'f^ to7s e^vofj^is ?p- 
lawful Adions- Wherefore yis. ^0 fj^x^p cctxt 
keep far from them. But do cwrcSv^jpei'n. 'toTsjj^j 
you afTift with all Diligence ^i 2/^ Xe/.<^v ^t 
thofe that for the fake of Impadp fs>y. r acjg- 
Chrift areabufed bytheUn- ^Sov Qvyn>i€io\}^Qii en 
godly, and fliut up in Pri fvp^mv, % o^^'s .Sw- 
Ibn, or who are given over vanrov oK^Sb\j^ms , S 
to Death, or Bonds, or Ba- «^s ^(?7xc6, j^ g^o^'af, 
nifliment, in order to deli- Wo-ii gt-bJ^j? ^oyi^t^, 
ver your Fellow-Members '^fA.eAyi ifJiHv pofj^ot 
from wicked Hands. And ok x^^v d^ajxuiv, ^ 
if any one who accompanies \bp ns oujtu^s avy^ei-' 
with them is caught, and f4^©. ^ Ct^Mjj^SiT" , 
falls into Misfortunes, he is (S cux/W 'urocrgo-or, 
• blefled, becaufe he is Par- fj{^K^e^°^ <^y o'ti ^i- 
taker with the Martyr, and vmcs ^pr^p©. l^S' 
is one that imitates the Suffe- id, (^ (jufjunits t^'tS 

the Holy Apoftles* 

X£/<r5 'TTx^^.f^rm. ^ rings of Chrift : For we our 

^ 6 ifjL&s yh^ Xe«r« felves al(b, when we ofcen- 

'TTDMajus v8ro Kcux(ppL times received Stripes from 

5^ 'AAg§<^'jy» ?^"Arva Caiaphas, and Alexander, and 

*:7^»>a$ p^QovTis^ ^r AnrjaSj went out rejoicing that ^^ j^ ^ 

€Pj/7i5 l^'iYi^d^y oTi >(9t wf w^r^ counted irorthy to fuf- v, 40, 41 

iyi§tfti^|u^ vis^ t5 (7w- fer [uch things for our Savi- 

rfiip@* rifjioip TDicvjTtt our^ Do you alfo rejoice ^.^^' '-"^« 

-mB^y. ^ J/>ta5 ;i^/- when ye fuffcr fuch things/***^** ^ 

ps'n Toivrra, 'Tizl^ornr for ye (hall be blefled ia 

OTI fj(^^e^oi fjAa^^e that Day. 

Koi Tas ^wjcoju^Jes Receive alfo thofe that arc ill 

^ 5^ r TTigiv, Kj rri^ perfecuted on account of the 

Xiv CK ^Asios (^SJyv- Faith, and whoj?7 from City^^tt.i^.ii 

^, ^ r oj'/tpAW 5" to City on account of the 

>M/e^8, 'G^(T?^fA,Co!>' Lord's Commandment ; and 

ve^$ aJryf, ct^'n^^fji' affift them as Martyrs, re- 

SacvciJ^/jot aCioiv, ^ joicing that ye are made 

^!>^cr&e^lJ^joi aj'Tfcs, Partakers of their Perfecu- 

c^s ^fTves^i'^iepp'ni tion, as knowing that they 

cTi y,oivcovo\ cujTMv tS are efteem'd blefled by Chrift: 

S'looyfj.'S ryi'^tje^e^ y- For himfelf fays, Btcjfed arer.xt. n: 

v(tiC7iQims auras 'isso iS ye when Men /hall reproach you, 

:w;£^'»/Lie,(^j(^g/p^*(p))- and perJecHte you, and f^j all 

02 yi CO) IDS' MoL-i^^ol manner of Evil ^g^irtfl you 

6^ Q'dfj oveiS'lcmaip J- f^lf-lj for my fake. Rejoice 

[j^Sy :^ ^w|ojc7z, ^ ei' and be exceeding glad, he* 

'THuoi 7r£v mipn^v ^prtfji^ caufe your Rerrard is great in 

y^6' vfjim, -{AtSiijSfoL Heavc.n ; for fo perfecuted they 

hs)o(v 2u^S. '^^ipeit they the Prophets which were 

(S dyxT^ioi^e, oTi before lis. And again, //jo!i,xr.2«H 

IJAd^i ^i^v mhvi oy they h^ive perfecuted mc^ they 

^ \ T^il^ 


X. 17. 

V. i^ 



^rjll ,.lfo p3 rfcHt you; and 
afcTvvards, If thzy j^erftatte 
you jn thfs City, fl e yc to 
^ mother For in the H^orld je 
h ve Trihuhtio^iy for they jhall 
deliver you into th^ Syna- 
gogues ^ and ye [ImU he 
I r ought before Rulers, and 
Ki (^j, 1o^ my fake, and for a 
T'ftimony to thrm. And, He 
that erjdurtth unto* the End, 
the fame fhdl he faved. For 
he that is perfecuted for 
th'" fake of the Faich, and 
bears v\icnefs to ChiiO, and 
endures the fame, is truly a 
Man of God. 

Bat he that denies him- 
felf to be a Chriflian, rhac 
he may noc be hated of Men 
and lo ioves his own Life 
more than he does the Lord, 
in whofe Hand hi^ Breath is, 
the liinie is wretched and 
rniferable, as being uetefta- 
ble and abonnnable, who 
defires to be the Friend of 

XUfj . on cv TzS y{r)qj^cp 

oiia^'ji y> Vjuccs els ov- 
voLycfjyojS, ^ ^ iyifJi^' 

oicore evenly ejjiv, en 

fJ.CtpTV^OV al"TD/S. ^ 

cujTo Qa> yeiQ/. CJJtd 
(pi A©- p. cciu£ci}7n>jv 'S^" 

the Holy Apoftles.' 

^TiW ftj/ca, e^^Qp? 3 Men, but is the Enemy of 

§"0gS' fjjte)-^ >^^^v God, having no longer his 

GTsTtsTf pje'Tti 7^ a- Pordon with the Saints, but 

yim. ^Md fj^ -iP^y^ with thofe that are accurfed : 

<7Yi^}j^a)v' ^ ccvrl /2a- chufing inftead of the King- 

cjA&ccs Jjp{gyiifj^6i)v , dom of the BlefTed that e- 

fm^(m^ S,'7rvfS caoi ternal Fire which is prepared 

viovy S i'TLiiJ^cfjS^jov for the De il and his An- 

Tstf ^^oAcc; (£ T^Tsoif' g Is ; not being any lo'-ger 

r^^ois amS' ^x "^ hated by Men. but rejeded 

jVO^y^Tzyi/ 877 f/.ia{pji' by God, and caft out from 

J'©- X^' %kro T? ©g« his Prefence. For of fuch 

cc^7wo-,u^J@-, >^ ^-TO 5" an one our Lord declared, 

•c^cfm'Ts ojjtQ ckSb- faying, Whofoever Jhall /Jeny'^^^tt'x.u 

CAwmV®- ^^'^r^ me before Man, and Jhd i^^^^'^^^-^ 

TV oi'rn(^-i\vcLn:n 6 yjj(^oi, a(})Amd of my Name^ I aljo 

MyjjV' Ogjs olpvric^Tzti nill de^y, and he ajhamd of 

fx/s If/.'fD^op^ev -7^ dv him before m) Father which 

fig^Tzyr, ' 3^ e^TTti^iW' is in Heaven, And again, 

6>i" S oVo^a ^y , op- He fpeaks thus to us our 

vnaro^^ ccv^v xdyay fclves, his Difciples, He thjt^^^^^^-^fi 

^ ^ l^TizLK^wj^aop^ " loveth Father or Mother more 

^[/.^^^iv iS 'Ti^LT^i than me is not ncrthj of 

l^'d ^ c/v ^^vo7s. Kcd me : And he that Icvcth Son 

'm,/.iv Aeyl IpTi u^^,' or Daughter more than me is 

avLis cfjuT^j ifMv (jwj- not worthy of me ; and he that 

rrSs, St COS' 'O (fi?,ajy taketh not his Crofs, and folr 

^TKcnriest' ^ /Lmt^e^ "v^ lorveth after me, is not worthy 

Ijjii 6^ e57 /oca d^i©^ cf me. He that findeth his 

^ q;iiKS>v vjov % Bvyou- Life ^ jhall lofe it ; and he that 

7?^^ \^ gjutg (si}^ ic^i lojeth his Life for my fake 

t >^ V. 

defunt. V. ^ defunt« v. 



Sifl 36. (fjdU find it. For vphdt is a (jlh a§/©-.*?^ ^ oi % 
Man profited if he fhall gain ?^ijlQqlv\ r tpxv^v atJ- 
ihe vrhok ^Vorld, and loje his t5, ^ ccx,oA\i^& ott'icw 
cwn Soul? or what /hall a ^jlm^ y'x sc^ifjm ol^i@J'. 
A/nn give in Exchange for his S^v r "^x^ ^^^ 

?• -^- Sotil? And afterwards, Fear ^croAgiTif avTr]v' (t 
r^ot them that kill the Body, '^xiaous r -^x^-^ ^^' 
lut are not able to kill the rrS Ivivav Ijw,S, i^^y\Q\ 
Soul \ lut rather fear him uottiv, tI '^o(feA&7:xj 
who is able to deftroj both Soul ^^^t@^^ l^ r ^(t- 
and Bod) in Hell, fj{gv oMv ^pS^iavi, ^ 

K9^> ^ '^X^ M-^ SiufccjjS^cov imKTeivcxA' (poSri^i^ 

Sect. XLII. 

¥> p^^^y ^^'^ therefore who r|A"2 %p ijj^^vojp 

^ leajrns any Art, when <n^!juu Tiia,/3At- 

he fees his Mafter by his ^thov t S^ShiaaoLAQp ao- 

Dihgcnc: and Skill perfecS- ^tS, ^ '^ c^epyilccs ^ ^ 

ing his Art, does himfelf ear- IfjiTniez-ca " dr^Ti^ov 

nelUy endeavour to make la r <nx!^luj ojjtQ, k^ 

^hat he takes in hand Hke aJios ^ ^^jAo?" ofjigiov 

to it. If he is not able, "^xv^" ^''Tnnrio^Szii" 'ttI 

he is not perfected in his eyx^e^^^^' '^^ ^ f^^ 

Work. We therefore who i\i%^o-ri, aV Igi TgTg- 

Jiave ^ Mafter, our Lord Je- X&ooijS^Q^ cv Tstf tpy<^. 

'- dee{^. V. I defurit. v. ' ^TfHtDi^i* V. "♦ dceftg v. ^5?r)/naa^ V. 


the Holy Apoftles. 

a$ fifjL^i Zv, l^vlei S^t' fus Chrift, why do we not 
.iihioKxAov r Tw^ov fi- follow his Do(9nne ? Since 
fjLoou 'hovv r X^sT?!', he renounced Repofe, PJea- 
S^Ti fcf {Aj^ijj^^ r fure,Glory, Riches, Pride, the 
iu/T^ S\Sbi^lw ^ on Power of Revenge, his Mo- 
<k«y©- ^ d^m^ccro ther and Brethren, nay, and 
dvioi, 'Tftxpf, «K§>i, moreover his own Life, on 
^rK2Tc^\ mj(fcfj , Suud- account of his Piety towards 
^(j ccf/.uuTixyl', f/yi)^j his Father, and his Love to 
p^ oiS^A(po7s, 7ih ^ us the Race of Mankind : 
Tf oiKeia. ^cef 2/^ and fuffer'd not only Perfe- 
*r v^s r ^mT^e^ %' cation and Stripes, Reproach 
oiSeiM^", 0^ r eis ifj^^s and Mockery, but alfb Cru" 
(fiA^^e^Tri^' vmfJLei' cifixion, that he might (ave 
p<ti « f^vov ^ S^iooyfj^v the Penitent, both Jews and 
^ '■' H^q-tyoL9, oveiS'LCT'- Gentiles, If therefore He, 
fj\gv % l/^'«rct*^^j/, X^\' for our ^^k^'^y renounced his 
7)h\^r ^s S ^ |ti. Repofe, was not afham'd of 
Aov" "^"s^omj^iv'jOTTws the Crols, and did notefteem 
'LaSttiiis ^ "E^ilwxi fA€- Death inglorious, why do not 
cc^ottVc^^ Qo->i. eihv we imitate his Sufferings, 
aitmris Si rifi^s otin'ni and renounce on his Account 
IctTo ccW'ZEraJa^, fjih even our own Life, with that 
sTrcu^vuw^U 9^v^v , Patience which he gives us ? 
/w,7i olSh^iuzu T ^^i For he did all for our {akes» 
yocTQp , Ta©^ evevjev but We do it for our own 
^ rif^els " » fjLifjiifM!^ fakes : For He does not (land 
6«;t5 Tci <7id^., & >m' ^n need of us, but we (land 
mjuo^i/je"^ vc^ iujii Kj in need of his Mercy. He 
tuJT»r T>r ^iy>r ^//.6^t/, only requires the Sincerity 
^iSivT©*. cwT? ifjuv r and Readinefs of our Faith, 

I -ijsramit T. I defunt. v. I ^vi^v. V« ^ <sVacf r«a?j>. v. MeeH.v- 



Jobxxxv.yas the Scripture fsys. If thou vsro^fZu); 6k&v^ j^ 

heeH ^^ighteous, irhat docfl thou 'y> S^l rjfAocs\ r,jjL&s ^ 

give to him ? Or, What tviU S^l |c«jt»5 » yb y^ii^\ 

he receive At thj Hand ? Thy ijj.ouv ccv^s, rifjieis q 5* 

Wickedne(s is to a Man like l' iys ocvtS^, ^»'0I' D 

thy [elf, and thy Right eoufncjs g '? irig^ooi fifji^v 

to a Son of Mdn, yi/vaiov ^^7jt« <fc 

^ cw^iipB'TDV '. ooi (pn- 

VI. Let us therefore renounce '^^^ 'Am>^^co}jjij:x, 

?#*Pag. Qyj. Parents, and Kinfmen, Zv -^ y)V(^<7i, (t Quy^ 

and Friends, and Wite, and •)S^jgc7, j^^t) ^l^ois, ^ 

Children, and PoflZ^ffions, yjvca^\\ ^^ TSTu^oiSy 

and all the Enjoyments of ifjii xivfj^^ciy ^(^ C^f^' 

Life, wlien any of thefe things ^tt^^tl ^tzS (^Ic^y o^j 9 

become an Impediment to 71 Ti'iLuv yccoAVfj{^ 's^i 

Piety. For we ought to i^aiZeiOLv- <f « ^ tt^- 

pray that we may not en- cSj^^^ ft TfjLois hcc. 

ter into Tcmpt'tion; but if /w.ri ftcT^Afi^fx^j &s vrei- 

We be called to Martyrdom, e^au^v. l^ 5 'Ahn^i)- 

V'irh Conftancy to confef- p^j e-V [Jiocp■we^ov. ^X^ 

his ptecious Name; and if c4/^;v&?5 ' oucAo^-ynv^ 

on this account w^e be pu- nfjuov QVQfj{^' h^a i^ 

nillid. let us rejoice, as ha- T8T«;^'e/i'xo;^^^&)fjJ5'j 

(lening to Immortality. When yxi^fx^v uii'^va.- 

we are prefecuted, let us not (tiolv ^(nrAthvTi^' S'lco* 

think it ilrange ; let us not ^fjuevoi fxr^ ^en^dfj/B^^. 

love the prefent World, nor ^ fjii^ ccya.-nYifrc^fjjip r 

the Holy Apoftles.' 

vuucuS^vft.yj^^l iris irau- the Praifes u hich come from 

e^ dv^^-Tnjv e7rcxAvv9^ Men, tior the G!or} a id 

^cwig r «r^' ctp^vTcoy Honour of Ruli rs, accord- 

' Sh^ccv '^ "kfJjM ^' ing as lome ot the Je j \^ on- 

^wep ^ Tiyes 7^ derd at t' e mighcy Works^ 

'jyJk/W, ^ut^^ovns of our I ord, yc d'd not 

1? x/j^ffmscyfepyci'oA, bchcve on him, fot tear of 

fcV ^'^(Ti^op 6)5 ai;W, the Hi^h-Pricllsand the reft 

<^oC&; W G^5 Tfesop of the R.u!ers Fir th,j loved r-^ » - 

;^6/)eJ< ;($tf T'<is P^OiTras /^^ Fr4//^ <?/ Men mere than ' "^^ 

r7^"aV;^i/T&'y H^TTvi- thcPra/fe of God tut now 

CT^ y) r c5V|a^ 7^ by confeding a good Con 

^]^^u>7ni)v f^>^ov 71 mp feffion, we not only lave our 

?^ Sb^cLv iS 0?B O" felves, but we confirm thole 

fj^Xoy/ijd^Tts Q r ^ who are newly illuminated, 

T^.Ixjj Gf^i^Aoyiav b pigvov and ftrengthen rhe Faith of 

Ic«;t»5 C^^^f^^^ ^* the Catechumens. But if 

^ T'ii »'fe-o(pwT!9'»5 /2g- we remit any part of our 

^cuhfjf; (^ T?s K^-'^z^ Confeihon, and deny Godli- 

fj^vas ^<;v7roim»^ix. ei ncfs by the Faintnefs of our 

''^y[c(.yj(ra.ijjivT. i ouo' Perfwafion, and the Fear of 

y^oyla^ f^ccpmaa.f/,evoL a very Ihort Punilhment, we 

y^l/jj dijiTiSacuf t^gc y/co not only deprive our (elves 

f/.'rii •^i^vvo'Tin'ra. ^cfj (fo^ of cvcrlafling Glory, but wc 

Cop fdp^';)^j'^<ms iritj^- fliall alfo become the Cauies 

e/^oLi , a ij{C)vov Ic/jot«3- of the Perdition of others; 

"^g^pZuL^v '^ wooviv^' and fliall fuffer double Pu- 

|>i5 Xu' Tj^n y^ It?- niflimenc, as affording Sufpi- 

^ii cwTioi QLTTzoX&iois ciou, by our Denial, that 

^^w(7D/^g^, ^^ ' ^L' that Truth whch we glo- 

m^Qiiesi'V " -i^io-ofjisy ry'd in fo much before is an 

I defunt. V. ! i'mKMmcSf v. 



erroneous Dodrin^. Where* r ^ t/<7i/, aV 'imyiav 

fore neither let us be ra(h ^SbT^Tea" ^ 'f aya- 

and hafty to thruft our rria^cas^ 'Ti^aiv/is cT/Ji,- 

felves into Dangers, for the ^Zc/i «vrt/7:^'nroTg Jp' 

Maf.xxvi. Lord fays, Pray that je fall ifJL^v Sb^a^^ojj^jlw a- 

**'• »^/ i>^/(? Temptation ; /^^ 5'/'/>/f An6«(V/. cT/o ^wrg Tep- 

indeed is willing, hut the Flefh x^^i ojfjiev '^ pi-^o- 

is weak : Nor let us, when kIiSUjuoi' A?}^ y> o ;t<;- 

we do fall into Dangers, be e/t©. nepo"^:;^^g,iu.Ti 

fearful or afliam'd of our ^ Ifjcuremy' eisTrei^a-- 

Profelfion. For if a Perfon, ^V* ^ ft wguH^^ Trep- 

by the Denial of his own Jvfj^v, ^ ^ ^fl «^'^^- 

Hope, which is Jefus, the m* /x>j(5^g f/Iw e^Tre- 

Son of God, (hould be de- copJes, • S'eiXict jc^tTOf 

liver'd from a Temporary ^wuodfjL^v r ofjLo>^yixv' 

Death, and the next Day « y5 ccpvnQifJLevos Ui' 

fliould fall dangeroufly ftck r ecvj^S e^^'wlSk, os 

upon his Bed, with a Diftcm- '£hv %<ni o ? ©gy i/Js, 

per in his Bowels, his Sto- ^T7)Ai;6f 2" 7re;?<7>coMptf 

mach, or his Head, or any jr^vairn, cw^ov cK t^ 

of the incurable Difeafes, as yXlv^i loaco <c%>('3trg(7?7 

a Confumption, or Gangrene, o|t;TOTii, t^^l^iccs, rj 90- 

or Loofcnefs, or iliack Pal- /^^^j^y, J K€(px?,ris, n 

(ion, or Oropfie, or Cholick, T/r, 'mfi(J rPfSdvLct'Tt.jy^ 

and has a fudden Caraftro- oriyl^oos, ri yauyye^lvmj 

phe, and departs this Life ; is % ^cro^ao^w?, r /Agy, i^ 

not he depriv'd of the things vSi^'d, % ;(pA«, 'm;:^^- 

prefent, and lofes thofe eter- av Troiriumuji r i^msu- 

nal ? Or rather he is within tr^^^Luj^ ^ 5 ^luj w^- 

the Verge of eternal Puni/h- |gA>(, b;:^] (I o^ cf/^ 

Matt.viii.nient, and goes into outer TcuIGa l^^-n^^ ^ ^^^ 

1 2 

the Holy Apoftles- 

edcovrj) V cxiri'Scait^ , Darknefs, where is Weeping 

/<^Moy 5 ^ d'iS'h'i^' and Gnajhing cf Teeth. Buc 

>^aioii QAfw ^'^.<p^y he who is vouchfaf'd the 

rTDpA/drU m S (r)(pT©- Honour of Martyrdom, let 

S e^ctiTi^v,? Tt^iavQ' him rejoice with Joy in the 

f^i ?^ (^pvyf^i r 0- Lord, as obtaining thereby 

Sivrmv; o ^ af/oj-S^is fo great a Crown, and de- 

f£fpTue/^y x'^?^'^ ^ parting out of this Life by 

cv Tt/je^^ ')(Ct^v, m his Confeffion. Nay, tho* 

•7>iA/;c8Ta^Ti/5^>' ^- he be but a Catechumen, 

([)oiv\f» ^ cTi ofjig?^,oyicti let him depart without 1 rou- 

*?re/8f4^©. r i^oShv S tie ; for his Suffering for 

/3/tf. xav ra-nm^ifjiAv©^ Chrifl: will be to him a more 

S, (xAoTT©- aWiVw . S genuine Baptifnf, becauiehe 

qB WS©- S \^Xg/. does really die with Chrifl:, 

9-3, Igzu avT^yt/yicncL^ but the rell only in a Figure. 

*n^v (^x'T^iajjioL^oTi ccv' Let him therefore rejoice in 

l[^i JLc Tpeipa cuj^jcLiTQ^' the Imication of his Mafter, 

vlr\(7v.\ ^ JM/e/Vj ®'' Since is it thus ordain'd, il^/Luk.vi46 

;\9i'7n)), T^TTw. ;:|^oMfe- ^f^^y one he perfect, as his 

Tw syv fjufjiiyS/j©- r Mdftcr is. Now his and our 

AJk'otaAoj/- iTTftcTT) (^ Mafter Jefus the Lord, was 

^^^fSTTC/JCTo^' K(X7»/> fmitten for our fake, she un- 

k<T\jS^@4 €5^ ms, m derwent Reproaches and Re- 

^JbcOTtaA©. cM/r5' vilings with Long-fuffering. 

^ S\S^eni(x.A@^ ^ tujrjQ He was fpit upon, he was 

(^ " SjM.wt/ *h<ns c yjy fmirten on the Face, he was 

e/t©. Ji w< ^^-TrX^T^, buffered ; and when he had 

(iAoLjTpYifjiUi" -y^ifjiive been fcourged, he was nail'd 

^ cvdhajM^s fj[ayc^^' to the Crofs ; He had Vine- 

^,s, ofS'TifvSyi, QALo>^* gar and Gall to drink, and 

m . ■ ■ I M i l I — — >i— ■— i ; II n 

:aeiunt. V. I dcfunt. v: ' ' / 



When He had fulfilled all 9/cdy;, eppot-TriSyj, ^y 

things that were written, p^ /-^' S f^g^^x^^^ 

rie laid to his God and Fa- -©^po^Aco^w, o|@- ;(5ti 

Luk.xxiii. ther, I^to thy Hands I com- ^aI/jj Ittdtic^' ' -n- 

^* mend my Spirit. Wherefore Aeic^actA 't^tol rytypoLfji' 

let him that defires to be ju^'a, l/m ^ Qec^ ^ 

his Difciple earneftly follow 'm.^r^' EL x^^i cm 

his Conflids: Let him imi- *c:^U^fJLi 3 mv^y^^ 

rate his Patience : knowing jjoi. Al6 ^ <i';^|Lt/g- 

that although he be burned y©. qx«i» fj(^^Ty\s «- 

in the Fire by Men, he will vox, ^rjAarw t«5 omi 

Dan.iii. fuffer nothing, like the Three dyavoLi, jMjjLei^ r u- 

Children ; or if he does fuf *mi49vUu\ yivcaa-yte/jv ok 

fer any thing, he fhall re- xotv 01/ mve)- '^sto av- 

ceive a Reward from the B^^twi^ xa>i, ^i^hirei'- 

Lord, believing in the One ^^ ^^^' o^e<$ 'm?(Jfe5, 

and the Only True God and %^ <t -mB/i t/, \jj.^v 

Father, through Jefus Chrift, -c?^' wje/^s Ati'-^to^' 

the great High-Prieft, and mx^ij<^v nnS Wi % i^Qvca 

Redeemer of our Souls, and ccAw^y^j^GgaJc^TTaTei, 

Bewarder of our Sufferings, ^/(^i IwaS Xe^cr«^ tS 

To whom be Gloiy for ever. \MyLxM oLpx^^pioos, (t 

^men» Alit^^tS '^'djj^v^o^ 

•'30^5?^ V Sect. XLllI. 

Vil. pO R the Almighty God ' A Tto y^ ^'/l^^^ g>- 

■*" himfelf will raife us up ^^ P« '^wrojce^c- 

thro* our Lord Jefus Chrift, to^jj ©gc$, ^ tS >tv- 

^11 I I N ■ I II I I < 

the Holy Apoftles^ 

^n 7\fx,£9 'It^jS X^- according to his rnfalliWe 

^3, xj) T g'Tratf^A/ai/ Promife. and grant us a Re^ 

aJT? r a4<^jf >;• 3(5t/ furredion with all thofe thac 

ccvocgvG^ rifjLOisaw "Tiua-i have flept from the Begin- 

Tziis cctt' a^oijy®^ tcol^h- ning of the V\ orld ; and we 

Sicri, rnLQThSy ottdTqi (liali then be fuch as we now 

^ccf)^fjS/j ov T>r vuu are in our prefent Form, 

fjippipv, f/y/^S'h iMfi'TT^f without any Defed", or Cor*- 

iyov'^y ^y^r <fj^ep-v"' ruption. For we ihall rife 

eireiinp oi(p^p^L clvol- incorruptible, whether we 

gY}(7if/,€,^., xccV Tg ^ die at Sea, or are fcatter'd 

OP rrmhoi')^ TihAnmco' on the Earth, or are torn to 

f^/j, xaV ov yy) 2^- Pieces by wild Beafts and 

<737a£^fji^j, Koiv \bm 9«- Birds, he will raife us by 

'^o)v % cpveoov ^^i72srso- his own Power : For the 

Q^DOfjiBv, dvag-^jrl if^s wholc World is held toge- 

T>)' Ic/^jtS JiM;a|x<j* on ther by the Hand of God. 

o ni£s 7^0- [jlQ^ 't^V "^ Now He fays, Jn Hn'ir ^/Luk.xxi 

Gg» avuu'i')(i-iw^ x^^* V^^ Head (ball not ferjjh ^^* 

Ge^§ 0> (p>7^y, cr^ *? Wherefore he exhorts us, 

Yji(^x7\r\i vf/,Sv « ij.y\ oL- faying. In jour Patience fof" ^' '9» 

•TToAwmf. A/oizj^/m, fcfs ye your Souls. But as con- 

^g^p* 'Ej'TjT'v^^^rii' cerning the Refurredion of 

vfjLoov xnrriaaSB la? \{u" the Dead, and the Recom- 

^i vfjim. Ueeji '? pence of Reward for the 

f^ veKP^p oivcc<px,(7ioos, Martyrs, Gabriel fpeaks to 

^ '? ^ M^pTv^v fJLL' Daniel, And many of them that Dan. xal 

^^rn^hcfioii A^.yl Pa- Jleep fl)all arife out of the Dufl ^' ^' 

€£/7)A ^AoLvinK Krt) cf the Earth, feme to everlafi- 

m^?>io\ r x/f xo/w/Tjit^jwr, ing Life, and fome to Shame and 

OK 'yJf ^JN/T©- dvfJL- everlafling Contempt, And they 



that under [I and fhall (hine as g^v^ 0/ ^ «« i^oilw 

the Sun, and as the Firma- cuaivtov, 01 q in cw- 

ment, and as the Stdrs^ There- ^wulw (£ oveiSicrfJigy 

fore the mod holy Gahriel cu^oovlov. ^ c\ cuuiiv' 

foretold that the Saints fhould ^ns i/iiKoii/.-\>\i(nv ds 

fhine like the Stars: For his >iA/©^, ^ 60s ' S gs- 

Sacred Name did witnefs to />ea>/^", 5^ ol et^j)es. 

them that they might un- 'Cls (pct)gr^s rTnhwjoK' 

dcrftand the Truth. Nor is ^i^f/^-^av rrla dyi^s 

a Refurredion only declar'd Tr^eimiv 6 ^rc^a^©^ 

for the Martyrs, but for all Faf g/iriA* ojjrnjTs yi S 

Men, Righteous and Unrigh- cuuuievon mv d^ribei^j 

tcous, Godly and Ungodly, ^ ItZpTupYio^ ^ S U^v 

that every one may receive a^^ovofj^g^ ^ i^^ov ^ 

according to his Defert: For, TnTs tj{^pTU(nv l-TivifyA- 

£ccicr. xii. ^^^, ftys the Scripture, will 7Ttj^vdvdgjx.(nv, Xvi« 

i4« hring every Work into Judg- ^ 'mjiy dvb^^yTnuy Si' 

went, vrith every fecret thing, xodcis 7? ^ dS^ixoifj 

vrhether it he good, ornhether Ajo^^icn (S SbosjfSecnv* 

it be evil. This Refurredti- n'a ey^^rQ* m «^$ 

on was not believ'd by the d^lav Tio->i^ "A^^ 

Jews, when of old they faid, yxp, q)mtf,o Siosar^iuL' 

'•*"^;. Our Bo'ncs are nithered, and ^inxv 3 'Tminu^ eis xej- 

II &c. ^^ ^^^ gone. To whom cnv c^ ^tt^t) Trupsoj^' 

God anfwer*d and faid, Be^ /u^V) ^*'' ^V?^^» '(^^ 

/>^/^ / ^/'^;? )^//r Graves, i^ nnvm^^ TauTYiv 

^;7^ Tfill Iring you out of '^ miw dvdgttaiv /M.71 tti- 

/)5^w, 4;?^ / rrill fut mj Sfi- c^idovTH 'iaShLioi , 10 

r/> into ycu, and ye fhall 7raL>^iof Ixiyv' *Ey\t^ 

live, and ye Jl)all know that I y&yjve to. 05a ^Sjota?, 

the Lord have fpoken it, and 2/^'7n<fctjp7ii{^fjS/j4 OTs 

! lAiizfdTVi 7s 95f e<yfc<tT®-. V. ^ of^/^oyinm V. ! ^*Cy v. 

the Holy Apoftlesi 

0gc< '^KCA^U e(pii' will do it. And he fays by 

'l^llyio dvoiytiiviT^- jfaiuh. The Dead llall /'(/:",! fa. xxri. 

ipas h^uiy^ ^ ccyoi^co u' And thcje that are in the Graves i9» 

Kiif i'^ aurooy' (^ ' Jiy- //W/ ^^ r^//^^ //^ And thofe 

aca g mvijfjj, jum ov' that r([i in the E^rth (hall 

^\^^Vy'^ZJ\oi<^y^yv^- rejoice, for the Derf which 

cs^ OTL eye!) 7uj^i@,' is from thee Jhdl he healinir 

?ie?^Av^, jcf ^Lr.GM. to th:m* There arc indeed 

iCcM %l^ 'Hc;k/« Q^Yickv' many and various things (aid 

^Avct^iavvTXj ol ygjcep), concerning rhe Rciiirredion, 

?^ iyip^aovTZLj ol ou and concerning the Conci- 

'TnTs (A^vny^eiois, ^ ^* nuance of the Righceous in 

(pp^v^aov'^ Qi^xTw^cL- Glory, and concerning th^ 

^ovTii" c/v i:r7 yi]'- ok Punifliment of the Wicked, 

iS <repcr©.5i 11-^' tmia- their Fall, Rejedion, Con- 

ixx ccvTc7s egj i7oA- demnacion, 6hame, Eternal Hi ixri, 

?\.ci^Zv ^ 6771^ Tz^i Fire, and endlefs Worm. Now ^J* 

•f ciiccgiaiooi eip^naii,^ that, if it had pleas'd him 

ix%/ ♦? T^' ^y{g.l(^v cv that all Men lliould be im- 

Si^r) S^fj^vns, ^ <^ mortal, it was in his Power, 

^ ^ affcScHif kij{^- he fliew'd m the Examples of 

^'otf, nro-dzwi, ^Tocpo- Enoch and Ellas, while he did 

9>i5, -^n^Sim'^^ dSb' not fuffer them to have any 

^icts, mvep^ cuojvi&y (S Experience of Death ; or if ic 

cKoo?^nx(^ cL^X<^^ir\Tv. had pleas'd him in every Ge- 

(c oTi ft 6b9Ag^ W/ neracion to raifc chofe that 

5c^ ajfif^d-zzreff c^ro* co- died, that this alfo he was 

^roLVoiTMi^ r.Su^cc^^ g- able to do, he hath made 

^ei^e T 'Evot)^ Jtj T 'H- manifefl both by himfeif and 

Ai'ar, fMj toLTiius ^id- by others : As when he i/-„^ 

Ttf We^it' AaCaij/. « .raised the ^'idow's Son byxm. "*' 

t^' ■ ■ I I II M 1 1 I ■ I I II 

; dceit. V. 

T - Elij^bi 


4King.ii.^//^«^A and the Shummhe's o ^ ^ *':^s^ rls re- 
Son by Eliflja. But we are ^>^^mv^ d^vic^S^v t)- 
perfwaded that Death is not cS^Ag, <& cTi Ic/jot5 ^ 
a Retribution of Puniflimenc S^l ir^^v ' tSto cTS- 
becaufe even the Saints have Tio*' l^mi'^a^'' t ja i/cy 
undergone it ; nay, even the 'f s^d^s «^* 'Ha/« 
Lord of the Saints, Jefus aVasTjija^, (£ t 'f ^w- 
Chrift, the Life of them that fJiavikS®. ^ 'EAi- 
believe, and the Refurredi- ossLiy TraBbf^i^ <rg 
on of the Dead. Upon this /u,ri fju^ov rifj^^^a^ «- 
account therefore, according vaj t ^va^v, J| wj^ 
to the ancient Pradtice, for "^^"^cr^jToy ?^a;}^o/ vsr^- 
thofe who hve in the great ^(j^, ^ % av-ai o r^ 
City, after the Combats he dyio^vyuJe/'^'haii o 
brings a t)ifIblution for a X^/fT)^, tj ^cov rP^ tti- 
while, that when he raifes $wj/ ?^ -n dydc^cns ^ 
up every one, he may either v£>.^u. 2f^ t«to vt^ 
rejedt him, or crown him. ^nc^s oos' ^''' cv jxeycx,- 
For He that made the Body P[g7ri?\.i'7n}^jT(iioi/^'jois, 
of Ada/-^^ out of the Earth, k^ Ti^> «;6a«5 g^^' 
uill raife up the Bodies of ^tzr^^ cXlyv nrv ^(^,- 
the reft, and that of the firft Xva-iv, oLvc^^-tw;^ t- 
Man after their DifToIuticn, v^qnv ' ':>^vj^pulY\ 5i 
to pay what is owing to the 5if9(^&.V>). o^'^S^'-AJ^'jt^ 
rational Nature of Man; we S QHuccok yts "^ mti-h- 
mean the Continuance in cva'\ ^ ^ toj^p p^giir^r 
Being thro' all Ages. He <£ iS TrcpTra jui^^ ^- 
therefore who brings on Au^r S <7a/xa dpa^Ti, 
the Diflblution, will himfelf ^ -zz^s g ;^8w^?c&$ tS- 
procure the I^efurredrion. td t^ P^gy^a^ ru>v aV- 

- . — ~ !■--*■ 



the Holy Apoftles.' 

6^'™p (fw^, A^Vf^ And he chat faid, Tk LcrdQ,^ -^ 
^S ^ata>,i^eiv. o^W- took Duft from the Ground, ' ' ^ 
vtw ^v pi^Avcnp Im- and formed Mm, and hr eat bed 
y^v, cLtl^j ^ nmv aVa- /^r^? his h^ce the Breath of 
9y.aiv 'TTDtftTOf' % «- Life, and Man became a li^ 
'n^y, oTi- ?;fep^g jo^e^o^ ving Soul, He added after 
X^v •^ rf ^. (^ I- the Difobedience, Earth thou iii ,9^ 
-7r^o^(7g T a^'B^^TTDy, 5^ /?r^ ^W u'^to Earth Jhalt thou 
cy^ecpvuYjcrev^ «, g -zj,^ r.;^^;.;, . tj^^ (^^^^ promis'd 
o^^v twn^ mvoluj^ccTis, US a Refurrection afterwards. 
5^I^Wo a^Ge^e.^.^ For, fays He, All that are Joh,r,^s. 
€is •^j^l.jj' ^^^^' c? in the Graves (I?all hear the 
^ fX^^ n^v dvmi^criccv Voice of the Son cf God, and 
iirjiTmr r?'«, ^^ e^ ihe'^ that hear fiull live. Be- 
yiv (i^K^Wr avjiiis fides thefe Arguments, we 
H^ ^snri i.(^ Tc/J^TO beheve there is to be a Re- 
I'TD^Tyeip^ro ^ fif/,Tv 'TTv lurredtion alfo from the Re- 
dvd^mv'. 'Axiaovp lurredion of our Lord. For 
^S^ (^ym, rr^Tii Gi oy it is he chat rais'd Lazarus, 
^7s ^v>if/,^.ois^ (pmris when he had been in the Grave xr. 
S' V'S ^ <H)gS- ^ 01 four Days, andjairuss Daugh- War. v. 
a5c8cd;j7s5 ^Tio-oj'^.ITe^s ter, and the Widow's Son. ^itLuk v" 
Oji'inii 7r/e<^W w is he that raifed bimfelfby " ' ^^^ 
dvci^mv ylve^^, jcdj wc the Command of the Father, 
^ ^7c/jeJ-i^<^^c(.<^a-ecc;. in the Space of Three Bays, 
ctvrns yip Igiv 0* 3CCU who is the PJedge of our 
AcL^cc^v ^oc^cnx^ 71' Rcfurredion. For, fays He, 
'res^rif^e^v, xct) 7^1/ . /am the Rtfnrrtciion, and the joKxli^;^ 
^yxriQft 'laeJpy, ;caj Life. Now, He that brought^ 
J JcV ^ ^a^s, xrt) Jonas in the Space of Three r .- 
ic^jjnnv 'zzrepga^f^oct t5 Days, ahve and unhurt, out 
Tragj 2/^ .reA^u yjfxe- of the Belly of the Whale, 
^v, dve^loLs, appat* and the Three, Children out Oa-. in. 

T z of *'i'*i''* J 


of the Furnace of Bahylon, &m '? cuiccgxaeoos fif^p' 

and Daniel out oi the Mouth ^ 'Ejco ^, (p-mv^ eifxi 

of the Lions, does not wane :S ^d^cm )cfltt y\ ^wii". 

Power to raife us up alfo. 'O r 'i(^i\a.v *^ ^t^S^v 

But if the Gentiles laugh y\\j.i^v Zj^vrtx, -koj. d- 

Qt us, and disbelieve our rm^'^i ila-yxyjov c/k *? 

Scriptures, lee at leaft their •noi'^iai tS" x>it«?, xaj 

own Prophetefs Sjbilla o- n^vi n^eli ^rnxASha on v^- 

blige them to believe, who ^Ivm BxSuXcoylccs, xa| 
fays thus to them in exprefs r Acti/iiA ok s^ftoT©- 
Words: ?^eovToov' she "^pvoi 

J'vuuoifJisCfJS ^ xcq ifJids 
aveyetpajf ^ q ^X(i/ct(^hcnv pTArives, d'mq'^wii ? r^fj.eni' 

One. Si- ^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^S^ M^ ^^ "A>?C^ cTTir'^Un'^r^' 
byl L. ir. rcduc'd to Dufl and Ajhes ; 7a iife^ crjmSitvsvu 

^;?i /^^^ Immortal God, who Ka) 'Tziip 5(p/jM,/Vii ©gos 

kindled the Fire, (l)all have d(pSl®-y oamsp «• 

quenched it, vvi'^v, 

God Jhall form thcfe Bones, 'Orix it, umu^ilw ecu- 

and that AJhes into a Man aii ©go$ Ijjlw^Klv 

ag^i^, -^ ^S'pm 

And (hall place mortal Men a- ^Mo/xpajVv), <p;(Ty) ^ /2^- 

gain, as they were before. T-dS 'm'A/y a> m^s 

'And then (ball he the Judg- Koi i^'tj cT^, xe/t'oj; ?- 
ment^ wherein God vrill do ^, g(p' J[ <f^i}(^'c^ 

jV^'^^ ©go; aiJi^^; 

-• ■ , ' 

; ^efuur. V. ^ ita. v. & Turriari. rctte. non 'ASu\x*, cum Cocdcr. 
»3j»7itK. V. 4 jj^^'yij-j Ed, al. icae. hie. v, * ^o^^dnt. v. 

the Holy Apoftles* 

E^voov ifJi'-mXi ^ ^^(T' And judge the World again: 

fjigv''. oani </[' vsto But for fo manj Men as have 

AjocvSiYicnu been wicked, 

"l^ixfp^v ^yj^TTji, Tyj And Sinners, they Jhall again 

c/l' ah toA/ ^ yucc» he covered under the Earth : 

^Oo^i <f( Sa^Ciitcn^ But fo many as have heen pious *^* p^^i 
*7m>XLP ^-nonfT ovi p)alllive again inthcfVorld: 307. 

flvd^jfji^ 0g3 SivT^^ When God puts his Spirit into 
C^ooLfjB' a/j{^ ^ ^- thc?n$ andgivesthofe at once 
£j^v cLVTuTs that are godly both Life and 


"^va^^ioi^ ^TE^pTLrT Then (ImU all fee them' 
^ui-^vTw^ IctuTys. ftlvcs* 

Ei mivuiJJ^ aJtJj Q a- If therefore this Prophecefs 
pci^(7ivcij^?^oy6?^^7!w confefles the Refurredion, 
mtPiiP^jeaicw G^Tc dp' and dees not deny the Re- 
vStdlj, i^^xe/v^Q 1^5 ftoration of all things, and 
i^ceC^s ^ h" rp^ddi* diftinguiflies the Godly from 
€m, (^mv ccesiL TiTs the Ungodly, 'cis in vain for 
ifjLe7ieptscl'7n<r'S^'^* j(ccj them to deny our Dodrine. 
mi (pcLcn ^ ^ eiSiyjiu S ei' Nay indeed they (ay, they 
'A^yveiv" ^dva<^(nv, fjih can flievv a Reremblance of 
mic^d^jov^s oTs cturm\ the Refurredion, while they 
^^lyZvTOLj^ (pctcn yi op- do not thcmfelves believe the 
veov Ic fjigvo-j^h VWj>- Things they declare : For they 
%eiv-, m\v(hxv -faVa- fay, that there is a Bird fingie 
sa^ws 4^1'^v r ^^ in its Kind which aLFords a 

** «f fCOvQ-. V. * y» kmVi^KV'^i- V. ' ami v. -> Kiyot(,v» 

5 CQ* 


copious Demondracion of the S'ei'^iv q xiyvaiv cc^w 

RefurrecSion, which they fay ^»' vTraip^eiv, ^ fj^^vou 

is without a Mate, and the ou hjiMnpyia.' (polviy^ 

only one in the Creaci* o tZto tsf^cu.yf&jM- 

on; they ^all it a Phosnix, (n,v' ^ q\" -Z^ l^^'iai-^ 

and relate, that every Five •^^j/Ta^dTzo. Itm ^p;^c^ 

Hundred Years it comes in- «$ Kiyj^ov 'f^ r Ag- 

to Egypt, to that which is y)yS^ovr\^'.^(^oo^Vj(pe' 

called the Altar of the Sun, ^vmju ^rifi©- y^j/rcc- 

and brings with it a great /<^Vt^, T^ojioa ts (^ 

Quantity of Cinnamon, and |l^;\pC(xA(7^^/^tf* (^ ^j^ 

Caliia, and Ballam-Wood, ^ -ny^o^'s " aya'^Aa^, cJs 

and {landing towards the cw^ttj/ ^acTi, W ^A/(W 

Eail, ajt chey (ay, and pray- ^ny^frAt^di/^ov , aJiii- 

ing to the Sun, of its own |L(56'TO5 (fMx%^vaA, ^ 

Accord is burnt, and becomes ^i^ y^^iv' c^t q *f 

Duft : but that a Worm a- Q^Tro^ois cKcoAn^ a- 

riles again out of thofe AflieSj vct(fvy{vaj, ^ tStu^ <^j>' 

'^nd that when the lame is fJi^i"^ip^nx, fJipftpMbrivout 

warm'd it is form'd into a &s ccpk'^jri (polvLi^, ^ 

new-born Phcenix ; and when 't^Iwou -^c^i^ovj I'sr' 

it is able to fly, it goes to 'A^^Sl^ V^^c^"» 

Aralia, which is beyond the Wp 'f^ Trg^^m^^ t5 

iig-y/f/^;? Countries. If there- Alyj^AioiycZ "" vofjii' « 

fore, as even themfclves fay, id/Vw//, di ^ ojj^i (pa- 

a Refurredion is exhibited en, ^ tS ccP^y^ op- 

by the means of an irrational rg« S'eiTwvTrq ri dvoiqiz* 

Bird, wherefore do they vain- cis, rifjf^Trw'^r.fjiiTi^ 

]y difparage our Accounts > e^ Q^^dyhaaiv, o^j 

When we profefs, that he o^;^;>a;/jt^j, oV/ o c^- 

who by his PoVver brings m'ju^ S jotn ov en ^ «- 

' ■ ' ' " ■ ' ' III i M. jM«MW|^ 

the Holy Apoftles.' 

vof icD^yx^/, «T©- that into Being which was 

i^v^ tSto ^ fX^^ t not in Being before, the 

^?\.v(7iv &s clvBy6p(7iv fame is able co reftore this 

■fix^griaai ; ^fet ^ S^- Body, and ^aife it up again 

mv ilub *7fkYiep^Qe^<^v, after its Diflblution. For on 

^ Hd^y<^^'> ^ S'lcoy- account of this full AfTurance 

fjL^is, ^ ^vdras v^ro- of Hope, we undergo Stripes, 

IjS^ofj^y ew^ /otccTwr and Perlecutions,andDeatbs» 

rni rrni(j£rm» 7[^,7iSi^oL' Otherwife we Ihould to no 

fjuij^i f^^ Ti^mv e^v purpofe undergo fuch things 

185 tIuu mkfiep^oeji.ciLv if we had not a full Affii- 

Ziv -m^M-Mi em.fyb?^o- ranceofthefePromifeSjWhere- 

fjjt^ Zvaf, Z(T7i^p Zv of we profefs our felvcs to 

l'7re/<S-7)jwV M^yo-f «' be the Preachers. As there- 

mi)vri, oTi C4f dp^y} i- therefore we believe Mofes, 

mvinfjiv ©gc$ ^ 8^5^- when he fays. In the Bcglri'Gm. f. i, 

FoV, ^ryfiv' ^ ytvd' ning God made the Heaven 

CTtop.^'j oTt Ix ^^^^ a'/7d the Earth ; ^nd \YQ know 

Iw QA>^y\i^ 2^a /Sa- that he did not want Mat- 

A^'cnf fjsv-^, u ^-0^(7?- ter, but by his Will alone 

rniy^ XQjL^i"y Igjjmu brought thofe things into 

^ ^r}yx')'b' ?iiy>}jSp Being, which Chrift was com- 

%* J^ri ves^vov, ylw, manded to, make ; we mean 

^?\^&ja.V' ^ (p^s, vh-iC' the Heaven, the Earth, the*^«pjg; 

rnb, y)lJi^e^v'\ (p^r'^' Sea, the Light, the Night, 5o8. 

^i, ciqicc,, TTSTeivd, the Day, the Luminaries, 

vmm, TiTe^TroJ^, If- the Stars, the Fowls, the 

TT^TO, (pi>^, lio^xs' Fifhes, the four footed Beafts, 

•r ocv^v "^TJTov, <£ 'Tizfv the creeping Things^ the 

gc^ dvctgiiTi :^Ki\fj{cik, Plants, and the Herbs ; fo 

vujj2^yilaii fji7\ ^i\/Ji'- alfo will He raife all Men 

— ^ — \ — ; : — — -~— — < 

i sjfig^'jttK. V . : «3iA«crir. V. -! def nt V. 

T 4 . ■ up 


up by his Will, as not want- [©-*'? yi auT?? ^vu^d- 

ing any AdiPiance. For 'lis yjicla 'Qiv sf^y, g ^»- 

rhe Work of the fame Power funvpyfaw yi^apuovy y^ 

to create the World, and to o vex^la ai^r^j^; (t 

raife the Dead. And then Idre '^ /xi ov^nu r ar- 

He made Man, who was not (^^^rrov 6k 2^(pc^i^ 

a Man before, of different i'minoir^ ^ u,v'^^7mv\ 

Parts; giving to him a Soul S^'e^^xmSr ^yJwU W 

made out of nothing. But y.hovT®^' ium ^ tzus 

now he will reftore the Bo- Sjats -{o^ii tco J^- 

6ks, which have been dif- Xv&syrru,Qoo[j.oi<mam' 

folv'd, to the Souls that are Tlai. ^^i^'ovyxp^iv 

Ml in Being: For the Ri- ^ ^a.^^?, ^r^i ^ fj^h 

fing again belongs to things -y^ecp^prn^v. o Iv tw 

laid down, not to things TrepSTO/ ozdiufa^nt, U fjih 

which have no Being. He oyr^wv ^lykt^, % i^ 

therefore that made the Ori- ajJ^r^v ^Pe^ hf^ap- 

ginal Matter out of nothing, yicrcc^''' ?'t©. >$ Ti> ^. 

and out of it form'd various vov^ ^oottoi^tzi^ dijai- 

Bodies, the fame will alfoa- giia^' o -^ ov t>i" xo:- 

gain revive and raife up thofe xlc^ r ^v^epTmvU fjn- 

that ^are dead. For he that y^pi cr^pfj{0^@. M9p- 

form'd Man in the Womb cpSy & yl^^^y eimS 

out of a little Seed, and <r^ Sc^/ c^'^j,|t>c/t^5^i/- 

created in him a Soul which ' (t oh" cuj^ris Try cpvai 

was not in Being before, and, tzJ ^'f^^^u/a* U^p t? 

as himfelf fomewhere fpeaks fjie r7j^a(7^' Qe op koi- 

Jcr.:. 5. io Jeremiah, Before I form d hlcL, 'Gr.^^^ <tb' % 

thee in the H'omh 1 knew thee ; ^^a;^? 'Eyc^ vjjeAo^, 

Zach. xii. and elfcwhcre, / am the Lord ^pe^2y ies^vovy <t ^* 

I. vrho eftallilVd the Heaven, and y.ehic^v yl/jj, % ttXcL^ 

^, , 

I dceli V. = t\Sii. V. I j^-^ui V. 

the Holy Apoftles^ 

cai' ^ ^oi(fn^ cTt ye,' 

^ 1 >. ' 2 ' 

«»^> r ©gey H «^ 

^ ^ >^ i'<i'1i^Z5 fj.e cvel" 

/4/V f^^ Fonndatiens of the 
Earth, and formsd th: Spirit 
cf Man in him. He will alfo 
raife up all Men, as being 
his Workmanfhip ; as al(o 
the Divine Scripture teili- 
fies that God faid to Chrift, 
his only Begotten, Let usQmu 
make Man after our Image f^^'^'^'^' 
and after cur Likenefs, And 
Godmade Man ; after the Ima^e 
of God made he him ; Male and 
female made he them* And 
the moft Divine and Patient 
Job, of whom the Scripture 
fays, that it is written, that 
He was to rife again with thofe ^" ^"® 
nhor?i the Lord raifes up: The'Lxx! 
fame fpeaks to God thus, 
Hajinot thou milked me like 
Milk J and cruddled me like 
Cheeje ? Thou h^ft cloathcd me 
jrith Skin and Fle(h, and ha/i 
fenced me vcith Bones and Si' 
neves. Thou hajl granted me 
Life and Favour, and th) Vi- 
fttaticn hath prejerved my Spi" 
rit. Having thfe things 
within me, I know that thou 3°^ 
canjt do all things, and that 
nothing is impoffible with thee. 

X. 10. 



I Tf^lhih V. ! 3 V. I hvi^Tv^i. V. 



Wherefore alfo our Saviour oU ^utoi Siwoitm^-^ a- 

and Mafter Jefus Chrift fays, S)jvcc<j^ H Qot eiiAv. W;^f is mpofihle mth ' Ar/ (p>,^/' ^ (S J tS^s- 

• • Men is fojfthU with God And W/)©- (nary^p ^ ^Shi- 

Pfal T^y'i^'^^^^' ^'^^ Beloved of God, (txxA©- 'h(^i o Xg^- 

-7/. cxYiii^^yg^ Xhine Hands have made ^s, ok S ^z^ cxi/6£^- 

^e, and fafhiomd me And ^u cL^joltov J'vuuoc 

cii. 14. sgain, T';^^^ knoweft my Frame ; iriysj^ TCef ©g<w ". Ag- 

aad afterward, Thou hjfifa- yi^o^o S^ocpikr^i Aa- 

cxxxviii.5'^^^'^^^ ^^' '^^'^ ^'^^^ ^^^^^ /S/'cT^* A/;:^^/)g5j« IWn- 

///iW ///?(?;^ me, Th-i Know^ a^ ^k^ % e7t^ct(m.v fjm. 

ledge of th^e is declared to he ^rniiXir l,u eyvooi 3 

too vronderful for m" ; it is ^dujjuoL iifj^v <t l^ra' 

very great, I cannot attain tm- ^vItAolOl^ fjis, ^l^- 

"' i6- to it. Thine Eyes did fee my ^s iw^ efjih r x^e^^ni' 

Stihfiance, being yet ijnVerfeci; IQ'jjjfjLoc^^ riyy^cns(n 

and all Men [haL be written i^ljxZ cnes^T^ioih, v 

in thy Book, Nay, and /- ^i ^jw.t/^ -z^'; aJw. 

Ifa Ixir.s ^^^^^ ^^^^ ^" ^^^^ J'rayer to + ^ cl^.t^p')cl<^v fjcn 

* 'Him, iVe are the day, and l^^v 01 o(pr^.Afjioi a^,:^ 

thou art the Framer of us. If ^^ 3 ^i^Xlov ca ^' 

therefore Man be his Work^ ^^ ^e^^cpw^j'TO^. 'Am* 

manfliip, made by Chrift, <^ 'Uca-'ias ?,iy^ -rep- 

by him moft certainly will c^')^\j^@. clutiS^ oti 

he after he is dead be i^ji^s -TmaPS 4 C^ '^ 

raifed again, with Intention Coigns ijx^y. E/ ^1- 

either of being crown'd for vmu cuui? ^fjuipynfjicc 

his good Adions, or pu- ai/e^7r©-,2yy Xg^- 

nifli'd for his Tranfgreflions. c^S '^oySip©^, ^wiws 

But if He, being the Legi- Su ^ jr^vm, S^'i omt^ 

ilator, judges with Righte- ipx<pi(7iTwi 'f)n ^ a 

! deeft. V. f dcfunt. v. f 7? eta. v. t ^h «^^'^ V. 


the Holy Apoftles]; 

' ^f6W P/i wsTtcf. oufiiefs; as He punifiies the 

rnpQcofAccmv, ri t^^?^* Wicked, (6 does he do Good 

^hau ^ T&?$ •zztAjj/a- to, and faves the Faithful. 

^sX7]ji.cL(nv. &. 3 h- And thofe Saints, who for 

^oAQcuji'^ 5«^e/H> (^i fo- his fake have been flain by 

f/.o^Tr]s' co(Tsjdp^p:\^^^ Men, fo?ne of them hs jr/7/Dan.xii.^ 

^liscca^Seis, wiws (jUgp- w^^i^^ /ii^^r as the Stdrs, and 

ycrtwv C^C^ '^^^ '^^" ^^^^ ^^^e*/-^ bright as the Lu^ 

^ysy ^ T«> cf i a/jTi/;/ minaries ; as Gabriel (aid Co 

w' ccv^e^Twu u^oc<;^- Darnel, All we of the Faith- 

^^ dyim' T&rs jwi w's ful therefore, who are the 

aVe^t (pcuS^pujucop, T^ds Difciples of Chrift, beheve 

5 wf 9cy57!e^5 ;^//.- his Promifqs. For he that 

TTfvMcov' }[^^s o Fa- has promiftd it cannot lye : 

fe^>iA Taf Accvi7]?\. I- as fays the blefled Prophet < 

Tieyb, fMoc^7z^'^p'K^'' David, ^The Lord is faith ful pf^icKliri 

^S 'Trd^res \tc3roip^viii in all his Words, and holj in 13- 

0/ C779D/ '7nr<^o/4« «wj- ^11 his Works. For he that 

m r' s'TPxJ'yiAiousr a- fram'd for himftlf a Body 

4^^5 y5 c g-OTtf^/ Aa- out of a Virgin, the fame is 

f^gr©.* Agy{ Q f/,oLyJ>' is alfo the Former of other 

e/©* «>£p(f7i7>i5 "" Act' Men. And he that rais'd 

€1J^", oTt TTig^; ;co<2/o5 himfelffrom the Dead, will 

ov mS^di ws ?^is cw- alfo raiCe again all that are 

•tS, ^ <fe oiTz©. ov ^0-f laid down. He who raifes 

^?s Ipyii ojyrS". 'O Wheat out of the Ground 

yJ OK c^f^pH IojutS) with many Stalks from one 

ng.nn,(Tyt&joicmus Qoofjiccj Grain ; He who makes the 

^Tif u 5^ r^ iy^.cov dp- Tree that is cut down I'end 

de^TTuv ^fju2^; '^ • ^ forth frefli Branches ; He that 

^l(wrny ^ot^cfiu OK f^ made .Karons dry Rod put^^i^.xrii. 

.' s^^ct^Qwycu. ^. ! d«ell. V. I deiuQ?. V. -^ 0. V; 



forth Buds, the fame will ;^5x£^i/, auTc$(^^«iT*5 

M<itt.ix.t, r^if^ us up in Glory; He Ti$ jcft^^jw^ ^oi<^ri(j^. 

^^' chat raifed him up that had o t'tw^v e| hvt >^9c- 

Mar.iiu,the Palfic whole, and healed x» '7iDAti;^&i' ox yrnoi* 

- him that had the vyithered ngrXv, oS oxKO'Tnv ^v-^ 

Hand ; He that fuppiy'd a cTepv as * jixSh.fJLvov" *'- 

defefdve Part to him that rarSccM^yj/, o r Aa£$Jif 

was born blind from Clay pd^Shv^ ^nes^marJ^G^- 

and Spittle, the fame will cpiic^^'^f /3^^^j/. .;u!- 

joh. Jx. I, raife us up: He that fatif- '6^ (J :S/^ci;5 Ij^peJ 61/ 

«^^- fied Five Thoufand Men with Sllyi r Trae^Ai^TiTt^jj/ 

jMatt. xiy. Five Loaves and Two ^^iflies, awov olveyct^i, ?^ r fi- 

'/• and caufed a Remainder of Ines^yLy^jU/jU^vrai^Th 

Twelve Baskets, and out of ^«e^ icluhi^^j®^, ^ 

Joh.ii 3. Water made Wine, and fcnt S /^ft'^n;;/ fJiipS* ov n-J 

a Piece of Money out of a oz ^^vstS"? 72>^p&; c;t ^^^s 

Matt. xTii.Fifn's Mouth by me Fetcr ^ cniAb ^cTg^ J aJ- 

'^' to thofe that demanded Tri- tcs j^ ^a<96j o^j/g^t^ft' 

bute, the fame will raife the 6k W^t? ap'iztiv <£ <J\;o 

Dead. For We teftifie all i^^oov ^vrra^mo^iXi- 

thcfc things concerning him, as 'i^sf^cixs ^ <c^oj6\j' 

and the Prophets teftifie the c^ Soj^'i>i^ yco(piviis, <& 

other. We who have eaten 1^ v^Q^ oTrou ^. 

and drunk with him, and orcTTDfyfcraf, o^c^gviJix- 

have been Spectators of his 7©- tV^-J©. grcTwe^ J^i 

wonderful Works, and of e^S Uerpn n-oTs dnzti' 

his Life, and of his Con- n^(7i mvavv ^c7or«^«'«* 

verfation, and of his Words, «t©- ?^ t^s pgjtj^as c^*- 

and of his Sufferings, and of rg^p«. 'hxotcc ^S a- 

his Death, and of his Relur- mJuTtc ^jt/.6?s /c%/ ccJtS 

region from the Dead, and. fj^Tupyjj^j' oac/l'aA- 

! o^.(hiJLVOf, v. ; ^Hf^tt iVctjr ^ ft//*i^rtf V. 


the Holy ApoftleSe 

^ ot G^cpriizq. if^as who converfed with liimAaij; 

Of Quf^(fxyv^s vxrnS Forty Days lifter his Re- " ' 

^ {jj^^nn^vTii j^Bga- furredion, and who receiy'd 

ir^ ^o\SijQi r^ at;- a Command from him /^Matsxviii 

m Tp^aWw^ ^ ^ 'Q^^i'i peach the G off el to all the World, ' ^' 

^ 'f mAiTilas, ^ rp^^ and to make Difciples of all Na- 

^^yyju, %r^^^i^' ttons, and to baptize them itro 

rm)v, ^ ? ^.voirii^ & his Death,byrhe Aiuhoricy of 

•f <k ve^ce^v ccutQ a- the God of the Univerfe, who 

ya^j?wf ^ cwjccvcc- is his Fachcf; and by theTc- 

irej^(^iP72i auW lif^i' ftimony of the Spirit, who isi 

e$«5 Tsoj-ae^jtc^TTX; //J^' his Comfotter ; we teach yon 

^ ty€p(7iv ocvT^' ?^;^- all thefe things which he 

CovTiioprr^Al^) c0p au' appointed in by his CWy?/- 

n? mpv^cu S Aixf^- tutions, before He Tr>as re- acI. i. ^ 

?iiov €is oAcp TTf^oju^sv, celvcd up in our Sight into 

^ li^^mvcwi • -TT^jTco Heaven^ to Him that fcnc 

.^ \^vY\^ ^ (ix'Tj^ujuj €is Him. And if you wil! beheve 

T aJrS SaraToi/, ^ you fliall be happy, but if 

ccv<SivTia. ^ ©gy 0^' you will not believe, we 

ohm, OS '^p cLv^ Tree- fliall be found innocent, and 

TTif, ^ jifp^'Tve/a. m'^- clear from your Incredulity. 

y^T®^, OS ^ 'zz?^- 

T S<7D<r^A(Vi1C0 CCVW. ^ gctp' jot '7ncp'<^^TF, (^^^^6^01 

V^^ 9 "^f^rve^p Now concerning the Mar- vnt 
Ag^^ty?;/, oW-oi' tyrs, we fay CO you that they 
WcTJiT^^f wiTi^^'u^?;; ate to bc had in all Ho- 
ly^ (| ^' ;S/XtF, V '"• nour with you, as we ho '^** J'2* 



jiour the blefled James the tI^tolj o f^'i^e^©' 

Bifliop, and the Holy Ste- 'l(x?we»fo$,og'7no-)t9'7n)f,^o 

fid-;?, our Fellow-Servant. For oiytos r\jj.S,v (riw^^^yfsvoi 

thefe are reckon'd blefled by ^licpocvos. yTot yxp ^ai 

God, and are honour'd by ^ \scm%i^ ^sjjiay^e/-^- 

holy Men, who were pure \d^oiy (^ \xor) ockfuv aV* 

from all Tranfgreffions, im- <^£$3»"nJc/^)?//^ox,)(9i^- 

moveable when tempted to ^i^cjyjsTrAw^/^gAeJcM* 

Sin, or per (waded from good ^ octps'tHol" ^so^s a- 

Works, without Difpute de- ^x/ar, dfj^sy^q^i ^ 

(ctxing Encomiums. Of whom ^hoov,ocvev^oia<^L7r^s 

-pfal. cxy. alfo David fpeaks, Frecious l^yuiiJiia.* 'nfei Siv ^ o 

^^' in the Sight of the Lord is Aol^IS" %Keye* Tijjuoi 

the Death of his Holj Ones. ovdpTiov 7ufQ/in o <&a- 

Prov. X. 7. And Solomon fays. The Memo- yoT©* t^ ocnu)v avrZ' 

rj of the Jnjl is with Enco- 5^ ^oXofj^m' Mvi^p^n 

miumV. Of whom alfb ^iy{^i\i f^sl' ITxcfifjii^* 

Ifa.lvii. i.the Prophet fpeaks, Righte- *c^ Sv & ^nr^(prnr\s 

*" ' cus Men are taken away. iXi'f/r "AvS'pei ^l^ 

IX. Thefe things we have faid Ta^^ o^r ^ 
concerning thofe that in dx-r^^iav vc^ Xe>ir5 
Truth have been Martyrs for f^apn;vfr)cr^Jv'rMv^ ap-n- 
Chrift, bur not concerning iTXjy .^' « ^sei t^ 
fatfe Martyrs, concerning -{(^jStfLoc.pTv^u , cfei 
whom the Oracie fpeaks, mvS p^gyiov (pvcnp* "0' 
Vroy,}i,^7,J'/Js Mame of the Wicked is vo/Jicc j da^Sdov aQev 
■ xiv. 5. extinguilhd. For, A faithful wj Mapiry^ 78 tti- 
Witnefs will not Ije, but An un» <^s » 4^^^^^' 0K>(9i/(J 
jujl Witnefs inflames Lyes, For ^ -{^Sn fJLocpTus acTf- 
he that departs this Life ^ x©-. 'O ^S o*' fj.xp- 

the Holy Apoftles. 

*TDe/V '^?A6«y ci-^A/' in his Teftimony, wichouc 

S^s \5c;^ ^ ctAn-^T/af, Lying, for the fake of the 

«T©- ccAr}(}ivos fjLap- Truth, the fame is a faich- 

^wi d^iG^icp-i^ ov oii ful Martyr, worthy to be 

cujunytivimro Tsef P^gyuj beh'ev'd in fuch things where- 

*? (^aeSeiocs 2/^ 5" oU in he ftrove for the Word of 

K«y cM/^cc7©*. Piety, by his own Blood. 

Sect. XLIV. 

Y\Aes^ivilJ^j 5 ^f*''^v '^^OW we exhort you, X. 

a J^Pi (poi ^ crtuicTy -^^ Brethren and Fellow- 

?[giy (p(Ajyeiv Tzis jj^ol- Servants, to avoid vain Talk 

rnxLoPigyiccs, ^ ^ ms and obicene Diicourles, and 

cd^^hoyias", ^ ms Jcftings, Drunkennefs, La- 

^TepfTT^A/a? , f^ejui fcivioufnefs, Luxury, un- 

?\.ccyv^oLSy ^pvj^cis, ^ bounded Paflions, with foolifli 

rrois ocfjiSTpvi ^ opyig''^ Difcourfes. Since we do noc 

Qvp'TtxtTs fjioDep^oyiaii' permit you fo much as on 

oTi GhSiop m^iTs •avez-cc' the Lord's-Uays, which are 

j^?? r)fjA^ii,T <iJ(^^' Days of Joy, to fpeak or 

criu/wj/, 'QnTpem^jS^j V" acit any thing unfeemly : For 

fx'iv cLoifj^'ov nri % f^S^f- the Scripture fomewhere fays, 

ye(^, r) Tr^Tleiv' As- Serve the Lord with Fear, and PfaUi. i u 

3^ ydp TTH 71 y^(fy\' rejoice u^to him with 7 rem" 

A\iK^rnxTi "iiJ "icv^Cf) lllng. Even your very Re- 

QA> (poSojj ^ ciycL>?\.i^- joicings therefore ought to 

Ss aLTsef ov T^fJicp. be doue with Fear and Trem* 

Kctt mii dy^T^idai^i Zv bling: For a Chriftian who 

J^J^r, fX^^ (pcSn 0^ TCP' 15 faithful ought neither to 

/u,'rf yive^ ^7]. yccp repeat an Heathen Hymn, 

l defunt. V. I al. jffwcj. 

. nor 


nor an obfcene Song. Be- ^i Xg^siavos 6 -^igoi 

caufe he will be obliged gt^ c^SIw e^vixlw o- 

by that Hymn to make q)&?.^ Aiyav^ sTt da- 

mencion of the idolatrous iJLocmvpvi^v* liretmjy^' 

Names of D.xmons, and in- ^n'j^Tof a^W, ^ <?- 

Head of the Holy Spirit, clSri; , eiS)loKoov' 

the Wicked One will enter p^v^etv cvofjf^m^ Sou- 

into him. M9^*^'> ^cs^ ^^^^ ^^ «^- 

C7^ C^ afTLJ O 'WO' 

XL You are alfo forbidden 'A7r&p>nuj o ksh& 

to iwear by them, or to cyn'vc-ip cv av^7i^ naif 

utter their abominable Names S 2/^ grifxct!(^ a Jt J/ 

through your Mouth, and ^is^ipepeiv m ^kXu-ic* 

ro worfhip them, or fear rrci ovof/.ccn:zi, t) *u^' 

them as Gods; for they are av.wjeiv a,\)'Viii, vcpo^et"' 

not Gods, but either wicked Sixj aJT«$ oos (Beir ^ 

Da:mons, or the ridiculous yL^ elai ^q\, X^' ?> 

Contrivances of Men : For ^Trvvyjep'^ Sctifj^^ves , n 

fomewhere God fays con- fj^i^'MiiA'^a tpja,, Ai- 

Jcr. V. 7. cerning the Ifraelites, The'^ y^ yxp tth Geos 'cfex 

have forfaken ms, and from t^ 'ia^r.'hnm' E^- 

ly them that arc no Gods. And vs-TihiTriv ^f, xal i/^- 

Zach.xiil afterwards, I rcill take airay wov iv Toii g-Jx. iai 

** the Names of your Idols out of ^o7s' xol ^ g^5i; ". 'E- 

tbeir Mouth ; and elfewhere, fa£^ to ovo^lol^ *^ 

Dfut. They have provoked me to Jea* e'MAoov ck §' ^y,ccl@^ 

xxxu. 21. ^^^^y^ j^j^/y them that are no ocC^p' xctf '^Mcc^Z* 

God^ ; they have provoked me ^v-ii] ri^e^v^cocr^^ jxe 

to Anger irith their Idols, And ijr a ^eo7i^ ri^poi^y- 

^■i— — — — i^— — — — — r— — ■^— — i— W— w^ll— — I ■ 

' ♦etfT^, V. : fmhtv. V, 

the Holy ApoftksJ 

teV fjue If wi ^^^ts in all things that are for- 

wJtoc. Kal h.miaaii 5 '""dden by the Lord God. 

%"*'OT ^roj/ ^ tc%i Nordochei.egiflacorsgive Xff. 

^'J^Awi/ a':7t.f^'pdt/fv(7i^, US only Prohibitions concern- **y**' 

!^W ^ 'z^ '^oogv' ing Idols, but alfb warn us 

^,/, yo/^^TiVTEi cTcc- concemlng the Luminaries ; 

^ivZai^ fjt^.Ti cfjLi-veiv not to iwear by ibem, nor 

rrcouTo*, |t/^TB ^{gi^dXisiu CO ferve them For He fays, 

cw^7i. (petal >ap Mr] Left v hsn thcu fee ft the Smiy iv. ig, 

IS^v T y\hiov h tLujos- and the Moon, an^ the Stars, 

Xhj'Auj 6 T8J af3f^$, //'^^ jhoitldeli he (educed to 

<rrK^y\^\i ^^^^^^(Ty.wu'n- rrorjh'p them. And elfe- 

o-TjfauTo^s* (^ ^ct;i^S' where, D^ ;;^.^ ;ff learn f^fer.x. ij 

Kairo TO^ o>i5 t"^' ?6' )>^/z//^ after the Ways of the 

ro^v fjiV fjJ^^viTi'\^ Heathen, and he not afrxid of 

'^<P^o7}fj(,€im? IpaiZ the Signs of Heaven. For the 

|uri95Sacds. ToL^ a- Stars and the Lumina-ries 

(^px^oi(pco^oe?^r.(pccu^ were given to Men to minQ 

(nv^%e&^7ro-s^yM^^)c&is upon them, bur noi for 

<;:rf^(r/,wu}ic7iv iSi^^a^^' Worihip, 2Atho th^ Ifr: Jit cSy 

&K}oVl(7P^rA7TWi'j^X' ^y the Perverfenefs of their 

^P^ia. g'zc-y -ccrop^j^- Tcm^QV, 'irorjljpp'd the Oca- 

TLui^'v dpTi ? ^Tic^y iure infteaJ of the Creator, ^i\d 

rdur 'ktIjip' t ^ ^>]- became injurious to their 

fjLiiipy>u /^.^J^e^T-J/jT^s, Maker, and ad .^ircd the 

r y,Ti(7iv TT/.c^Qv 71 Crcature more than was fir. 

<f-« ^.uH$iWy.T55- ;c4 And fomerimb they made E^.xxxif.^ 

'THiis ju: Mp^o-TTOiSr.TFi;, a Calf, as in the Wilder- 

dsiv ep-^fJLco 'mii-:^r nefs ; fomecimes they wor- Num.xxr. 

BseATeycuji' 'c^^cKvvh fliip^ed Badpr, another j-^^^.^^ 

*n; iMoT? or B::caA time ^^^/, and Thamiiz and' 

^ ^ e:t^f>c«;, ?^ T^ ^/?4rf<f of'^i-^^^ n and Pg •' N E^ek. viil 

._^___^^_____ , I, - - I. - 1 I ^^^j^ Mi I' J .^ 


Moloch and Chamos ; another ^iSt^viav 'Agx^Tviv, ^ 

time the Sun ; as it is writ- "mAfv r MoP^;^, -^ 

^King.xi.ten in £z^i^/V/, nay, and be- ^a/^?/^ aMoTi r 

5- fides, Brute-Creatures, as a- t^Alov^ cah *u^ tJ 'Ig- 

mong the Egypria?7s ^pis, and ^g/ti/iA ' ^;^a«Scu* ^^-/j 

Fzek. viii.the /^iVWf/^;^ (7(7^?, and Gods o ^ cc?\^yx ^wx, w^ 

*^- of Silver and Gold, as in ^' A/'j^-Jf/'ofs r "A- 

y//iu'.?. On account of all ^v, % r Msv^aiov 

which things he threaten'd reJ'yy' % ©^i^ ap' 

them, and laid by the Pro- yup'^i ^ rB^'^^> ^« ^ 

.y.iy. pher, /f it a fmall thi}7g to 'IvSula^' cT/aTrepaOT^^ 

the Houje ^/Judah /^ do thefe mx, direthZv ccutuTs e- 

Ahomimtions, vphich they have Pis^^^tS 'v^i^-nTv: 

done ? For they hdve filled the M/j }jj.yc^v tSto tw ol* 

Ltindwith tfjeir Wicktdnt[s,to y^to 'IgcJ^, tS oTD.'ay 

frovdke me to Ar/gcr : And he- ^hX'iy\j^'w^ mJ/Tuj , 

hoUi they an as thcfe that mock, a iTmini^^ qtl tirhT)- 

And I Will aci nith Anger, od^j r yLuH aVojx/a^, §" 

mine Eye fhall not fpare^ nci' fT^opylmj jw.g 5 <^ /Vi 

ther nill J have, Mercy, and (/jj^mi aaiv as julvxtv^' 

th:y fuall cry in mine Ears ^orT^s. -^ lyl rrnn-nara 

VPJth a great Voice, and I vcill jj^ ^ujxZ, a (f&tj^TWj 

■not hearken unto them. Con- o^p^Kucj^ fj^a, vJ\! 

fider, i3eIoved, how many a n>ci eAgnQ/ % iuy^cd- 

_ things the Lord declares a- ^oitdlj cv lo'/i o^criv ^a 

gainil Idolaters, and the (poovTi' ^jjtyLTvA^ j^ t^^t 

Wcrfliippcrs of the Sun and fiWx.scrD^^aiJ'Ti^t'. 'O- 

Moon. Wherefore 'tis the e^T?, ci'^x-TrwTcl ooa 

Duty of a Man of God, as Kp ^^ di^T^T^i^uiVy 

he is a Chriflian, not to -^ <^ (r^Coy^Mv vAiov 

fwear by the Sun, or by the ^ c^'hhjjhjj kmQ^^ 

Moon, or by the Stars, not d vJJe^(^. ^10 p^rj t- 

by the Heaven, nor by the ? 0gy dp^e^mv, ccs 

Earth, nor by any of the Xetgr^^^c;-, /.^TiTs rjA/cy 

V » ^ r-- ^ . ^^ ■- 

the Holy Apoftles. 

fxit/loA, i/,rn$ a^Xlvj!uf, Elements, whether fmall or 

great. For if our Mafter 
charged us not to fvvear by 
the true God, that our ^H^ord Aiitr.v.3:^ 
might be firmer than au^"*'^'^*' 
Oaih. nor by Heaven it felf, 
^rifyiihev 7if>Sv, f/A for that is a Piece of Hea- 
cf/,vveiv^ oTTMs ?igf@^ then Wickedneis, nor by Je^ 
Tff^v/sjis^np©^ h T« rufalem, nor by the Sandii- 
opTc^, ^wT? fjl.yj T « ary of God, nor the Altar, 
esf-vov ocviiv, 'EmZc4» nor the Gift, nor the Gild- 
^v '^ 'm S'vojeCv,L{^, ing of the Altar, nor one's 
fjAin fJw 'le9fi(mX^f^, own Head ; lor this Cuftom 

is a Piece of Judaick Cor- 
ruption ; and on that ac- 
count was forbidden : And 
if He exhorts the Faithful, 
that their l^ea be Ten,' and 
their' N^y Nay; and fays, 
that rrfjat is ??'ijre than >hefe 
oSval, vcd,(t S «\ «\ is of the Evil One: How 
rmi 'THSTjii ^e^yja,^ ^ m\xc\) .more blameable are 
^ ^i^TLou ^iosDP t5 thofe who appeal to Deities 
cTUf'wp'd etvou A':;)f ttd fallcly (o caileJ, as the Ob- 
c(^ fJi^?XGu ^^tajd^Koi 01 jeds of an Oath? and who 
fni ■{(^S'iivvfj^g:, w> cf- glorifie imaginary BemgS, in- 

llead of thofe that are real 
whom God, for their Per- 

oijo^v^ inn; "6 voc'd ^u 

S\6 ^ cx.'Trr>yipi\J7w\ ^T/)" 

vopJ.(^f:\j3pcL ccrlc'PfScl- 

AwSojy db§a^oj/TE?, ys verfenefs, deliver d over toKoiii.liZi 

6 G3(js2^ fj^^^neJ^ocy Fool/flwefs, to dQ thofe t hi r^^s 

^io'ooyjiv eis olCyy'uciv, 'that are 77-ot i:cnvenient. 

■ t^Tii^h. y, V i ' Sec t- 


S E C T. XLV. 
^nr, TJRethren, obfcrve the Fe- * *'J^AXi^j>a.i-?}S 
312. ftivalDays: ^ eop^v (fu?^- 

3 /V / A. <-' t » 

CTI (pay/OS t/JUI' gJW /c/>W«- 

ottTn \\^.^^ IwQWjpioid- 
pclS^^iv vijuiv 'f otK^cvi 

/ Pag, The Fafl cf ie;?^ is 'to be '^^^'JfJlvy "-(pv^y,- 
316. obferv'd by you as comain liccri vi^cfeicc? ^osztes^ 
ing a Merronal of our Lord s Jtpr'?^, ujif-nfjuLuu m^i- 
Converfation and Legiila- ^^acTst i? ^ iuj^Jta 'tto- 
ture. I'^ut lee this Solemnity Ai'n/a> ti j^ ^o^^- 
be obferv'd before the Faft of cncts' ^^itijAeic^w q rt vw- 
the Pr.ffover^ beginning from Te^ct «u<n)^;?^ 'f j^)?(^«- 
the Second Day of the Week, as TSv-nc^a, ajo;^f4'J>J 
and ending ac the Day o^' ^ am So^jTie^^i^Trkvip^' 
the Preparation. After which /4'^'>^9 ^'^ czo^cidjl^' 
Solemnities,breakingoffyour ju«G a> ^croi'^Je^OT^Tij, 
Faft, begin the Holy Week ap^ciJk '? dytcti'S m- 
of the Paffover, fafling in o^l^ShjjJ^y^, v>it^^' 
the fame all of you with ovm a^rtw 't^th /j^^ 
Fear and Trembbng, pray- (pJ^y ^ g'f/y^'s^jo^jcr^^- 
ing in them fot thofe that ^y^oiop ctvrmTs *v^ 
arc about to penfli. , -j^ ^AAiyju^uwr. 
XIV. For they began to hold a "Wj^Ic^jid -jS r y^! 
Council againft the Lord on i? ^o/e/y (^y?ilw ^lei* 

the Holy ApoffclesT 

cSsc^ S^jiipct QlCSoctosv, the Second Day of the Wcek^ 
l^hjjiir^Tif^ii'^^'E^ji)' in the fird: Month, which is 
rSi5^5' (£ T>?" Te«T-^) §' Xanthicush and the Delibe- 
(Jf^ary rffpheivev :S ration continued on the Third 
CTcs'^is- ttT Tire^'ch Day of the Week ; but on 
^ die/oT^'j "T^y 9xvf>M the Fourth Day they decer- 
aveK^v cyji^r. yj ii- min'd to takeaway his Life 
ihii yi^h t5id, c^^A- by Crucifixion. And Judas 
aS S2^^<re^?«^'&'Tg knovv-ing this, who for a 
^ % -vW Jjj^^ ^^^ long time had been pervert- 
Co At? (6Ky)^eis <pL?{^p' ed, buc was then fmicten by 
<j.t;^'c6 xctc'TO/ TOAct^ 2 the Devil himfelfvvith the 
y?\Cf)(K7D^jlu{^p l^YAXH- Love of Money, akho' heJo^iX^ii.^. 
£/o-|w^'@-> ^ 'nXi'^m had been long entruited with 
TO T^ •T^j'^'Tat', ff^ the Purfe, and ufed to fteal 
d'T^Qxi^ VS70 §" wj' what was iet apart for the 
eitf <^ ^cf.xpp^jjxf.:^. Needy, yet was he not cad 
XV\c6 (^ THJTF '■ jw^?cS-/o- off by the Lord, thro.ugh 
\j5^j(*3v" r^yjiv cwj quuTzS^ mucb Long fuffcring ; nay, 
/3»;i9a^©- ^ cyj^j/ Q;« and when we were once 
(pesf'i<7ccj, <S ^ :Sk^5 'Tiai- feafting with him, being wil- 
J^'crzt/" 1^ c^^^p^fij^i' ling borh to reduce him ?'to 
cfjT?, Ag;)^' 'AuZoa, his Duty, and inftrudt us m 
d^Jw Xijcf) viMv. on his own Foreknowledge, He 
ej g§ v^v ^^Sboai f^^d, Ferilj^ Ferilj, I [ay un^-'^^ y\l] 
ju-g' ^ l-^c^'d 7^,(jJ)v Ag- /<? j/(;f/, /A/tf ^^^ of ycu n/il he- 
r^j/T©-' lAnnlyjo; ^ tray yai ; and ever) '-o^ie of us 
tS -.t/7e^'» (TzflD-TOj/T'Su, fijing, Is it I ? And the Lord 
^lov^9x.i ?yca.^i cyar^- being filent, i, who vvas one 
Si^g:., Qi^-^fj^'j^B- "Ti^^ov of the Twelve, and more 
^' oLT^odv vzj' ctitTS, .beloved by him than the reft, 
"^ ^jvg9Qvi^.ud\i/^, (w- arofe tip from lying m his 


Bofom, and befoughc him to luV ' l^Ti^oy d^7p rls 
tefl who it fliouid be that ay aw o ^^S^v a/j^ 
iliould betray Him : Yet nei- to/ (c y^'^^^ws \^^ ei- 
ther then did our gracious p'/)yocv<wn^SovoM^occ^ 
Lord declare his Name, but y^^os yjj^Q-' "^Aci Sb» 

\*?2g. gave two Signs of the Betray- cyjfxeiicc § -z^opJ^Ta \* 

5^7. er; one by faying, //(? f/?^^ <^//'- c^J'-i^v^i'* g:- ^^. ^^j^' O 

^^//; nith p^e in ihz Difh : A £y.£^a7rTcf4o©- /x^t e- 

Second, To whom I jh.ill give jjl'^ cv tsj ^l>^A/w' 

Z/;^ 6"^/^ n^/^^'/^ 7 have dipped it : cAjti^v J g oj lyt) /3a- 

Nay, altho' he himfelffaid, '^i "& -\o)ijj.ov f^J^ozu- 

Mijicr^ is it 1> The Lord -^r^iv.clY.M'd'hkyvlQi 

did not fay, Yes, but, Thou Mtiti ey:^ ^e^^'/paS- 

hajl f^id. A- d being willing &l h (^ e^<7nv 6 wj' 

to '^ffnght hini in the Mac- e^©-, oti val^ cLtk^ oU. 

ter. He laid, IVo to that ill^n or) cS^s; ^ (^o^Tijzq aj]* 

hy whom the Son of Man is Toy 6^ tbtco (i\iK^^\s, 

he t rayed ; Good rrere it for him (pyicav Ovainzfj dv^e^Troj 

Matt.xvvi ^^fj^ /^^^j never heen horn. Who iMvct) Si » o i^a ? av- 

Tphen he h:id heard that went ^^tth n^^SlShrwi' ^ig." 

his way, and [aid to the Priefls, ?^v Iw cuj^zS ei Grno I- 
TVhat will ye j^ive we, and I ^jvr\^ ^ ^" Tai/'Tco 

will deliver him nnto jou ? dTcicdUi^ oc7n?)Qcap ci^rrd 

And they har^ain^d with him r^^i li^^cnv' T/ .5^- 

for Thirty Pieces of Silver ; Aeii /u^t SSvoa, ^ lyeo 

and the Scripture was fulfilled, vjjj.v cfju^v ic^^^^S):c7zo 5 

xxvii 5. jjphich faid, And they took the ol''^tr:a^}J^J^'T:i r^/d- 

Thirty Pieces of Silver, the y^v^ dpyj^cc' Xj e- 

Price of him that was va- n^^r,^^ yi ye^(fr\ :S 

Ittcd, whom they ' of the Chi I' XkyMuit ' Kca \>\^^qv 

dren of Ifracl did value, and mi <:^<iyi^vnutoipyj^oc. 

•^ ■—■"■^"—^■—■MilBBIMWIllliiWIMWii™— ■■■■■■•■■■ 

I deeft, V. : deeft* Y. I d^funr, V. 


the Holy Apoftles! 

•r ^i/L/j T? TiTr^wiim^'g, gave them for the Houfe of 

cv i^fjLWdj^rn ^ ijSv the Potter, And oi the Fifth 

'lo-pariA, ^ iStjo^v a/J- Day of the Week, when we 

iDfc ftsr ^ oi-4sv"? M had eaten the Paflover with 

fx^soos'' ^ T-f "TrBjuLTT- him, and when 7//i/ti had 

%, (pccyvn? ^' ccvrrtS dipped his Hand into the 

ni 'TTzc^, f^oi-^vT©^ Difli, and received the Sop, 

cf f^'jy ^{u) x^poc 6<s TO and was gone out by Night, 

rrp'j^Xiov, '^ ^0^)0101^ the Lord (aid to us, The Hourj^h xvl 

TictSdvTos, & e^eAf%v- is come that ye (Ihill he differs* d,'^- ^.. 

Tos vuxTD?, ifMv etTitv d^d (ball leave mi alone , and 31." 

c wj^'^* E'A^iAy^j' every one vehemently afErm- 

5 (w^, iVcttTjcofncd^Ts, ing, that chey would noc 

^ \\ui. iJiQvov dqpiii (S forfake him, I F^f^r adding 

|j(9ie« ^'ic^o/CQ}^'d this Promife, That I vpouid 

fjfji) ?r>^'TcoA«'4<z^ cuj^Vy even die vrith Him, He faid, 

eyiZ ng^a evT^f'^Mo- VcrHj I fay unto thee. Before ^^k.^i^ll 

pjyia ^ cwjot^^vSv, the Cock crovps thou (halt thrice ^^^ 

^TTiVy A'^jj AfyijQiy deny 'that thou knoweSt me. 

irej^v aAgjcroe^ 9w^3- And when he had deliver'd 

(TOf, ^e/'iiiiyiov'r\(T'AiJt.'A to US the Reprefcntative My^ 

e^'ftrct/ \}je, riae^cTHs fteries of his precious Body 

'^^[Hv'^^vliTu^m. (jju- and Blood, Jud^s not being 

5^e*^ ? /cjuia &K^7©- prefent with us, He went our j:>IiX7iii'.r 

^ d^rS " ^/^ tti,Le$rf©-, to the Mount of Olives, near 

TaJ^ ^ ^Ix^e^'vT®. the Brook Qedron, where 

;S/>u^ I^^A'^y fts li there was a Garden ; and 

op©^ r IAcu<wi/, '^a.yj^ov we Were with Him, and/.m^M3t.xx?i. 

5* ;^M5tppj< r )oy^w^ ^^ //v?^;^, according to the 3^- 

©Try Zt/j K^-zzr©.* o/^ri- Cuftom ; And being fepa- 

f4'j 3 (S %a^, ^ t/|xr7]'-, rated from us, he pray'd eir- 

y 4 ; neaiy 


ineftly to his Father, faying, (Jf^o kJ? 'tq g6©-' ^ 

Luk xxii. Father J remove this Cup avoay ya^/^^i ^(^v^ ' 'trAv 

M^ xxviA'^^ ^^ ' ^^^ ^"^^ ^^ WW/, c^a^u;^'Tu ^nS \^^, 

4^.43. bnt thine he done: And when Af^oT' llaT?/?, 'zrap'i'gr- 

he had ci'>ne this chrice, while ax ?/xa td 'fdttJ^oi'* 

we out of Defpondency of *n%Ijutj fjJfi'^ IfJtsv oSt/jic^ 

mind were fallen afleep, He ^^gcc^, c6Mc6 iii era/. 

came and faid. The Hour is ^ tStu "Troiriczn^ t^^v^ 

come, and the Son of Man is y\fj(pv a/ni '? <ijv}Mcui en 

betray d into the Hands of vttvov ^oi^c(niv'Tmv ^ 

SinntrS' And beheld Judas, lArSo)!' A^><i* 'HyyivAV 

and mth him a tehltitude of t] we^, (c l/^s 5" dv 

pn^odlj Men, to whom he ^p^ttm ^Trae^^SbTu^ ets 

fliews the Signal by which %aept« duis/if^noP^ccv* (t 

he was to betray him, ade iSbvTiShcs, ^fj^t'cw- 

ceittul Kifs; but they, when t?&;:^A@-, ' d^^cov '' 

they had received the Sig- ^cr.fJieiov's^^SbcnciA ajl'^ 

nal agreed on, took hold of Tuii '^ S'axvvcn/' ^ Sh- 

the Lord, and having bound ?\.iov (ptKwf^f 01 q 

him, they led h?m to the ^^di^uoi Ji cvutj^ui^, 

Houfc of C/i/Jp/w, the High- oK^TY^arf^ r -ajue^ov' 

Prieft, wherein were ailem- ^ Sio-tMoy ^ 'm>iy)(JZL\jS^j« 

bled many, not the People, oi\ ^yxyv en r ol-^^^fij 

but a great Roue, not -an holy KcLjcc<pcc ^ dp^epiajs* 

Council, but an AHembly of C4' } -mXvs (jvfx^jcep'm- 

the Wicked, ijnd Council of id, t Aaos, cfcVo;^Aoj, 

the Ungodly, who did ma- tJ^ irpia^vTi^ov U^v^, 

3iy things againft him, and aMa cJJU'Je^^v Tuxpcc- 

left no kind of Injury un- vof^v <£ (^\i7^A)TY^Qv 

try'd, fpittiiig upon him, ca- d(jiQ.^v' 01 x^ ^T^d. 

vjlling at him, beating him, ^ m^iy)Cqip^'^oi" y^ 

! fV,'"d V. -'mK^^i ■* d^eit, v.Uvs tb v. ''^a,Coyniv, '7Jihitn<myn(-^^ 


the Holy Apoftles. 

tS, cTDtr «J^©- vSpeoos fmiting him on the Face, revi- 

i^^m^fsAi'Trvv, if/Mvov ling him, tempting him, feck- 

ms, yjepTufJi^viiSy nruTu- ing vain Divination,inftead of 

lovTiiy ' pcc^i^ovT^i, " true Prophecies from him cal- 

^KoiShfdVTii'i'xeipx'C^QV' ling him a Deceiver, a Blaf- 

tb;, iJ^vni^A ^ i^w rS'i' • phemcr, a Tranfgredbr of Mo* 

155 ai//c 'Zi't^(pw'2elct5' ii^ fes^ a Deftroyer of theTem- 

^pa^'fiAolo-(fi^;j{gv,Mco^ pie, a Taker away of Sacrifi- 

cioDs tc^Scc^rlw^ UpZ CCS, an Enemy to the RomrnSy 

y^.^(Z(p£mv,^vc^Oiyclvon' an Adverfary to Cdfir. And 

pgiTij/ 'Pw|t>(^'/;j/ '7ro>i^-t- thefe Reproaches did thefe 

ovi Kotoztp©. ov^llov Bulls and Dogs, in their Mad- Pfal. xxiii 

'>^'i^?\^uA)ni yj^'Tvu neD, call upon him, till'3- i7. 

[i^^^uop^p-^iioL^osllJL' it was very early ii\ the 

*7rx^ivr\7^Tii okrrJ, ol Morning, and then they lead 

mxv^ii.olycwLiei d^' him away to Annas, who 

^^(7ivajj<iiiv'TposJhvvaiv, was Father-in- Law to Cau- 

oi IxZ nnv'Sr^i S' Ka^d' fhas, and when they had 

(pet* xixV.« Tct o^ix done .the like things to him 

S'esi'^vTiSy cD^c-jc^i?^' there, ic being the Day of 

&W T^/app^iZc r 9 0} the Preparation, they deli- 

[j^yiv '7m,psdh)(^'. cwiiv ver d him to Pilate the /?<?- 

rifAaT^ yc-.TY.r^^vuu'ns 9nan Governour, accufnig him 

ttJTrS^TrDMa (^' ^ocfiioc, of ma.^y and great thmgs, 

wi^ ^oi// '/c^3:' ^ aTT^Ag none of which they could 

y^cu' " 1^ ^oTi oLf^)\f prove. Whereupon the Go- 

^(T^oio^voQ^i, IM"^ vernour, as out of Patience 

Cv'j^fM^ odliSp -^^T with tnem, faid, J ji^id no^^^^-^^'^^'^- 

fjig.PTLf'^', S\jQ -{.^jleii brough: two falfe Wirnefles, 3S. 

f dy:>..y)"ni ' -V^ -j/TD ■ "^' •• '' hv ^nrli TeOimo- 

■ .••* . ',\0: ■:^Mi. 'ii")t ^/. v. ^ ",My^- ^ uccii ^^i V. ;* a.^miC. V. 

*'' ' nies 


nies have deftroy'd him: cnjy{^<p^T€ip r yjuej^ov' 

But they being found to olav^JLCpctiyMy q aZ^v 

difagrce, and (b their Te- SpeS^v<iwv, m Xj^^di- 

ftimony not confpiring toge- omv dvriyv td wes^y 

*** P'g. ^^^^"^^ ^'^^y alrer d the Accu- /L^pt, Kkyv^m 05t©. 

*^i8. * fation to that of Treafon, lojjr^v '^^'^ Ae'}^ ^aat' 

Luk.xiiii.fayjpg^ This Fellow fap, that kU&voa^ >^ (pc^jw? Koi- 

he is d Kin^, and forVih to Ql^ h\Shvaji. vjc,)'hxj\, 6 

give Trihute to Cisfar ; and yivovTwi cfjurrtl jc^tt^^- 

themlelves became Accufers, ep^j % f^frvpes, & 

and Wicneffes, and judges, ^cg/To), ^^'^^(pocaioos 


V. ZI. 

znd Authors of the Sen- 
tence, faying, C run fie him^ 


crucifiehim; that it mtghr be t/y^w' "ivcx. ^TrKv^e^^ o, 

ful^lled which is written by ti yty^aL^am" 'sfei tt/jrS 

the Prophets concerning him, c^ to?5 «2^^9>i^Tq^ 2u- 

VklwVi.l/njufi lfltne(fcs were gathered v^x^^-^ ^'^' ^i^ W" 

'^' together againft me, and In- rjype^ oi6\'iipi, ^ g^|^(5U- 

y»///f^ /ri:i to it fclf And ^r^ ^ a"e'>^(x Icu^t'/T: 

3t5ci. 17. again, /J/^/^y Dogs compaffed ^ ^.Aiv n^e/r^xAw- 

»?c? about, the Afftrf-.bly of the g'- iJJi yjjv^i ^}Xo), 

Wicked laid Siege cfgainfl me : mjjaytiyt ^mvnp^opji' 

itv. xii.'S, And chewhere, Mj 'inheri- vm ^.'^v \fjc ^ ^ 

tance became to me as a Lyon e^i^is' 'E^9/ji'TXi7)^?i;i' 

in 4 Wood, and has [ent forth ^pofAcc |xtf Ifj/i m 

her Voice againji me. Pilate xk(jov cv S\pvfjLco , e- 

rhereforc, difgracing his Au- Sh^yjpv W ifjA r cpw 

thority by his PufiUanitnity, yii "■ hjjTf^i," 'O %y Ui- 

convinces himfelf of Wicked- Aar©- dvbp^^Qj -^^ 

nefs, by regarding; the Mul- To/^xya^ r ap;y^, ck- 

tirude more than this juft tt^j gc/x-'gy i^^Ah^H 

the Holy Apoftles! 

^ ji^yuoLs'', ^Gfdp? ^~ Perfon, and bearing Witnefs 
;($«» <Toi ttAttc^j? r^pcc- to him that he was innocent, 
7r(^a%^, ^ f^pTue^v yet as guilty delivering him 
[jSpMmS (asoLvowncfj, cis up to the Punifhment of the 
wkov 3 n^^o'i^^'nv Cro(s ; although the Romap,^ 
*7ntpctMhs 9zvpaj, 7(c^ had made Laws, that no 
rjxit 'Pca^^xv vcjj.'di- Ti- Man unconvided fliould be 
,SvfjS/jMy", fjyY.Uva. ccv€' put to Death. But the Exe- 
^sAsyyc^v-^vricKeiy' ai cutioners tcok the Lord of 
fMOL 'j rm.pcL>.cx,&Qy^i Glory, and nail'd him to 
•r *? cK^wj^t/Je^oi/, |£/'?va; the Crofs, crucifying him in- 
<c^uriK<f3j^' g3CT« |u3yJ deed at the Sixth Hour, buc 
<yp(X ^cwji£^(5:i/ TBS a/jw, having received the Sentence 
Te)-T"^ ^?^ ^ ^^ni(pcc- of his Condemnation at the 
<^v ^^xjA'joi r ^l ^^' Third Hour, After this the 
i§. i'wei'^ eS)xT(^v cw- gave to himVinegarto drink, 
mf)cl@^meiv f^ p^Aris, mingled with Gall. Then 
^Tzi, TzH Ifj^r^oL ajj^ they divided his Garments 
5 TtAipo) " &\s\x^^Qf.vrn, by Lot. Then they cruci* 
Imi'wuiiJQ^g.'iL^py^il' fied two Malefadors with 
'^^au.v cwj a/jTU)^ g§ him, on each Side one, that 
l)f^Tsp9 /u'i^fcs. 'ivoL^TTkA' it might be fulfilled which 
^^ ^ ycy^ocfJi\j'S'pQv. vvas written, They gave ,rne^[^\,]yi^f\ii 
"'^S^x^v eis l[g (^^f^ GaU to eat, and vchen I vpas^^'^9- 
fjLH ^aLuOj ^ eis iLuu thh'fty they gave me VJne^ar 
S^-id.v fjLH^ eTTVT.adv fj^ eo drink. And again, TT'^^xxi, 19, 
o|i@-* ?^'77aA/i^ Aig/u^- divided my Garment a?fSong 
e/(r<iA"Tti m l^Tici |w.« thcmfelvcs, and ufon my Fe- 
e(WTv7s^ :($t) '67^ r ItJioi' fiure have they cafl Lots. And 
mdfji^v jj.MlQoi?^^ -nhj)' in anoiher Place, And Iwasi^AXnliil 
^v' (^ OP cc??ioir 'Kcajcckond^rith the Tranfgrejfors, 

I deed, v. ' ^mwy r ' dtcl. V. ' . 



Then there was Darkncfs tJ^ ccvdfjf^v \?^yL^hjj 

for Three Hours, from the "iiTrftTa \^%r^ rpeis 

Sixth to the Ninth, and a oipctA cthot©., \ >> tjc- 

gain light in the Evening: itis gw^ofairs* xoJ'm- 

Znch. xi/. As it is written, /; flail not Kiv (f<^s ^^ ^^^xtw. 

^' he Da) no^ Night, and at the 7ia^a)iyiypcc^ai ^ Hcxa 

Evening there llall be Light, i^ ^^I^P^\ % i ^^^\ ^ 

Luk^Txiii. All which things, when thofc ^^ la^^ctv i^ (pSis. 

^^' *" Malcfadlori^ (aw that were '■''A'Tnp ann^rrGu b^cccrl^ 

crucified with him, the one p^uoi ol (wr^e^S^vTis 

of them reproach'd him, as vufnS y;^r/.\ipy)i, o py^j 

though he was weak, and <lu'7^i/ieAa(r(pn^«, w- 

unab'e to deliver himlelf ; hut <m.v^ S\ olc^ve^^ ^ J^- 

the other rebuked the !g- ydiS^jov Icrjuiztf 6'm^cJ- 

norance of his Fellow, and veiv' o '^ tsto; ju^ja^^ 

turning to the Lord, as being void\i^ e^Tiu^, ^s jj 

eniigh[ned by him, and ac r yU'e^ov c^pct^r^eis «5 

knowledging Vvho he was av qx^k^ea -vkr' (it/rS, 

that fufler'd, he pray'd that ^ yy6i ii 'm i mx.c^v, 

he would Remember him in oif/'y ^.vi^tAu iwri '^i- 

his Kingdom hereafter : He co^ (i/ t» (^oLdXe^a. eii 

then prefently granted him, to jX^ ' mv^' o cPC 

the Forgivencfs of his for^ i!6^i ocfjivr.gibp chjrrS ^ 

mer^jins, and brought him ^c^^ycyvorritjv ^^ad' 

into l^aradife to enjoy the /^/j®. ^i •'c^cJ'ftacj; 

Mydical good Things ; who ao7fy:Lr^, ^hroAct'jmTau 

alio cry^d out abour the ¥/.uy5^>t^^x>^9o5^r'oV' 

Ninth Hour, and faid to (c ^Sza r ivoirLu oop,^j 

Mat.xxvi.his Father, My God, my God, dvcc^o^mA eir.^ ^TTx- 

4^? jrhy haft thou forf^ken me > And r^^ Gee um, Gd ,A>ttf, 

= deeft'totmn v'^ "'"'^* ** '"^ '^'^'' ^ ""'^^ ^^ *"''"' ">"'S"- '^• 

the Holy Apoftles,^ 

tvoc U fx/s ify(^TiAi7rsi h a little afterward, PV^efi /;<? Luk.xxui. 

^ IJjcT oKiyv TL^^oA had CY'jd with a loud Foke,'^'^' 

(po)v^ fjugyiXri' Uccn^ Father, forgive them, for the^ 

«(pgj oivrixiii, « yi o'lSbicn know not what they do, and 

. "Ti" miLiiai' ^ i'urayct, had added, Into thy Hands v. 45. 

yav' €ii x^pcis omttcc^ / commit my Spirit, He 

foili^fM IT) TrnCf^ ^H, j^ave up the Ghofi, and was 

d^-zh-yAia^p' (^ 3c6'5fg bury'd before Sun-Sec in a 

fTXj "^^^ ^Ai» ^G^oii OP new Sepulchre, l^ut when 

fxviifjL€iCfj y^vcjj. '^(poo- the firft Day of the Week 

Gic^(7r,i Q^ fjAccsQcSScc- dawn'd, He arofe from the 

rizt)v, dvcciui OK ve^ipoov Dead, and fulfilled thofc 

e7rhi^(7iv ck&vcc a '2f things which before his Pa(^ 

flj^ 2 '^jctfiy^ ifjAp o£p- (ion he foretold to us, fay- 

iAsyb, (pccoKsov^ clc Set ing, The Son of Man »^///? ALtr. xH. 

nr vjov ? o^vG^aiTTtf "mi- continue in the Heart of the^"^' 

Sjof c^_ r^ K^f^"^^ 't ytii Earth Three Days and Three 

fifGis TiiJjifaA Kou. ^&ii Nights. And when He was 

yvycfTUj?. xcu dvccg^s OK rilen from the Dead, He^^^^^^'^ 

vsyLpMv, fs^o)lYi {m^J (foL- appeared firft to Mxry Mag- 

j/gpaTOf Mcc^cL tJi dalen, and Mary the Mother •|'^^;^^'^* 

lAoLy^xLujYi.'^y[oie/.cL of James, then to CUcpds \nLuk,\^\v. 

^/ "S '\cc7ta>^ii Si'mj the way, and after that to 'S- 

KAgoTzraci^oVw* (^/J^^' US his Dilciples, who had^/^^'* 

tSto »)iuu>' •to'/j it^r^M- fled ?wa; for iear of the 

rroAS ojjT^' "^^^(pi^y^ai Jerrs^ buc privately were very "^'^^^S- 

^^ '^^ ^ ^p^'^oi/ r '!«• inquifitivc about Him. Buc ^*'* 

Jicro)' , Ac69j3a/505 Q /cfec- thefe things are alto written 

epyaZ^c\jS^oig oti ng^T in theGoipel. 



Sect. XLVI. 

XV. "LJE therefore charged us J~JApT^ftAgy Zv hjZv 

*^ himielf to fall thefe mj^t^s v))Jjeiv' g| 

Six Days, on account of the T,^poL<i '^^'^u ^^ r 

Impiety and Tranfgreffion of r 'inMcoy ^jc^^a^j 

the Jevrs, commanding us ^ <c^y,voiMcw, -jrev^-eiv 

withal to bewail over them, auiln 6 oSip^^ *u>^' 

and lament for their Perdi- j'^A<^c7ajw^j©- 'On Tn 

tion. For even he himfelf d^Trz^jxeio. a/jr^v' -^ y!i 

Luk. xix. Tr^/^f Ci>^r ^Z>^?w, kecaufc they ijjnroi aonjiTs iTTB^KpU' 

^'^* knew not the time of their (tbv, oiyvorianffir -^^p 

Vifitaiion. But he command- 't ^o-^^pTni? Suu'twv, ti- 

ed us to fad on the Fourth Te$tJ^ q ?^ *u!>^ck^lu} 

and Sixth Day of the Week, *zx*^9cirra,^tv vifJlv vn- 

the former on account of his c^<^eiv* r iu^j 2J[^ tt 

being betray d, and the lat- ^zx^Sbai^, r'o d/^rri 

ter on account of his PaP WG©.' amvY\^vcn^ '-^ 

fion. But he appointed us ^u^^ai'T^^^ -t-a IQ^fjiy) 

to break our Fafl on the Se- Yifj^pay aAezTCj^©- yw- 

venth Day ac the Cock- ,^vivuT©-. auu^' q vn- 

crowing, but to fall on the ^vcdlj'Isi Q^^cltiv' ^x 

Sabbath-day : Not that the SU S'ei % crLQ^cl^qv 

Sabbath-day is a Day of vv,q-^€iv^ ^ t^^^ttm- 

Fading, being the Pvcft from mv " h^wiviiyct^ -ykrolp- 

the Creation, but becaufc p^:>^ aM.' oU ay.elvo 

wc ought to fad on this one ^^'ror^^/prj rw^^^^' ^ 

Sabbath only, while on this ^vpu^pyZ cv dtmf 'in 

Day the Creator was under -v^ y!\vfivr^ ovcm- 

the Earth. For on their very t^7 •)§ cIutwV nryj lop- 

■ ■ ■ " ■' I ■ I I H I , 1 II ) !■ ■»■ 

* Hg.rdTra.VTJi V. ! deelt. V. 

the Holy ApoftlesI 

T>r ii^^c^v r %we/.ov, Feaft-Day they apprehended 
oTivoi 7i\))^^-A c/KBivo thc Lorcj , that that Oracle 
TO (paoKai' Acytov'^'E' might be fulfilled which (ays, 
^evTo y. (TiifA^ScL a/jT^v They pUced their Signs in the PfaMxxlU. 
^(yifuio-Cfj '{' eooTTs a/.- middle of their Feafl^ andi"^^^ 
nztjy XjiiKiyycooztv^ZXei knew thtm not, le ought 
Zv inv^eiv \^zu^ hj^^v therefore to bewail over them, 
oU J/\»5ot'T©* ^ jc/ve/y becaufe when the Lord came 
GTSTfc 'Qi,c^dj(jcw &xnzS, they did not believe on Flim, 
&.y^ ^^ oLivideidhi^Q but rejeited his Dodrine/*'^ P^g' 
tIoj ^^GKcc?^.i^j kfM^ judging rhemfelves unworthy 
cL\oL^i\isy^Q/.vdpTni lojj- of ^alvacion. You therefore 
Ti?5 awTYi^xs. vf^e.s Zv are happy, who once were 
kAip^ti^oi 01 TDi^ y not a People, but are now 
Aao$ rwyJ^ g^i©- a:;4- an holy Nation,de!iver'd from 
or, pK^g;/ cW ';79iaV«? the Deceit of Idols, from ^g- 
ft'J^Afioi/, '^ oLyvoloAy norancc, from Irnpiety; who 
^To Siioj^QeiOA. ol (s^ once had not ohtain'd.Mcr- 
7]Xeny$^Qi. vuZ jj Ias'a- cy, hut now have obtain'd 
^vrn S^ r warpZci Mercy, through your hearty 
*? :'^pS\aA vjufjii' vijuu S Cbcdieiice : For to you, the 
woiy^ 7] 'TTuAii 'f ^&)S,' Converted Gentiles, is open'd 
To7s g§ eQywv oi "I'^ni the Gate of Life, who for- 
'7TDTE f^ y\yct7r^(j^Qi, merly were not beloved, but 
vwLi'^7r2(;Lh:)\jS^iOL,?^c^ are no IV beloved; a People 
£j>' ft 5 ^cs^^nLDoiv ©gy ordain'd for the Poileflion of 
'HTW/T/iw^j©-, W i»s Gou, to i]"»ew forth his Ver- 
dps-nlsijjTil^ctfyo^eiu tues, conerning whom our 
i^e)^ Zv eiTTSv '^^ ozuTYpi' Saviour (aid, / vras found fifrr r 
V.vps^v To7i €fj^ fj(JnZy\' them that (ought me not ; I vcas 
ri^(7iv. lfJi(^av7\i e^jd' made manifefl to them that 
IaI'jj 'Tmi ifj^ fj//\2^ecfi' asVd not after me) 1 faid. Be- 

I defunc. V. (nf/fict V, v. ' yjjetQ'. V. , 



hold me, to a Nation which ^oiv' eiircC iS'i «^a<, 
did not call uVon mj Ncime. m^i^v^^ o? sw wtatAg* 
For when they did not feek c^p to vvq!^-'^, ^ 
after him, then were they ^)?7ii(7i//J7j$yitloTDr/'^ 
fought for by him, and you n" irrs^iiTii^^Ti itcl^ 
who have beHeved ia him, tuui?, (f'vy-^Ss' ^mq^^- 
have hearken d to his Call, Qlv^s eh ajjizy^ -vWw- 
and have left the Madnefs of Kicrccn ttT -><A>io-<j amS, 
Polytheifm, and have fled y^TctAa-dccyus r 'Tru- 
ro the true Monarchy, to Ati-S^o^ {-{c/.vi^, ^ tjT 
Almighty God, thro' Chrifl; dAv^ei fj^vacf^^.ccTrpQo-' 
Jefus, and are become the tp^^^isf, Ha; 'uj^n^-if 
Completion of the Number j^aTo^t Geo;/' ^y Ijjo-S 
of the Saved ; Ten Thousand X^xc^S. '7rkt]^i^ §* 

'Dm. vii. time.^ Ten Thoufand^ and Thoti' ct^^^jjJi r (nfj<!!^o\^<f)v 

finds of Thousands ; as it is ^ocju^uci" Mi^^^cw /xc/* 

written in Z)^Tv^, AThcujand ^due^.^ ^ ^\icu ^?^icc' 

Vhlxcy. /hall fall he fide i thee, and Ten hi w; cy tJ AccS\S^ 

Thoufand at thy ^ Right Hand, tyi^cc'^.cx* '^UeaetTttjjOx. 

And again, The Chariots cf T?>cA/Ta> jy ;:^Aix$, (& 

Ixvili. 1 8. G^d are hj Tens of Thousands, (juu^di c/n d^^ici^p cm* 

and Thoufands of the Frcfpe- & iniXiv' To oipj^cf, i5 

reus: but unto unbelieving ©s-y fxoe^oijTAajiQv ^ 

Ifracl He fays, ^i// the Day ^^Xioi^s 6\^^viv^jv~" , 

lx». 2. iong have I fir etched out mine Ile^j ^ t Icr^^^^iA. w 

Hands to a difohedi:nt and oLrni^vKt'y^. 'Oxluu r 

gain- faying People, rrhich go ijj/i^v ^5 x^^^ f^^ 

in a nay that is not good, hut i^emnxacx. '^^i AaoV 

after their own Sins , a People aTreibhvroc, >^ dvv.Ki- 

frovoking me before my Face, y)vr<x,, ^7i '7n>pAf0jjA' 

roii cp oScfj if >C9^A>?, 

ffCTi V. V. id.ell. V. ' 98 7my7^Ke^.Tzai ^i'^ V. ^ delunt v. KE- 

the Holy Apoftles; 

BAg'TTt'Ti 'TrSi r^poi' See how the People pro- xvi. 
^tjuuev d?[giosr Jt^g/oy,. voked the Lord by not be- 

|M,7i'7nr^W a yTttT* Sid Jieving in him ; therefore he 

A?}^' Tloc^^tjuuocv S fays, Tljey provoked the HoiylC^.hiil 

;^% rnvd^fj^cf. S ayiov^ Spirit, and he was turned ^o]^-^ 

(fe l^2^(pjj av^Ts as ^^ f^w Enmiy, For Blind- "021. 

g;:^6ei*y. 'Af Ag-^ifX y> ncls is caft upon then], by 

ofj^i i{0,7i^dy} 9^^ rcalbn of the Wickednefi of 

^^voi^p cwTzov, OTL their Mind, becaufe when 

tihinnvTii r Iyigmv iix, they faw Jefus, they did noc 

'^c^diiojf cwmv eirca r beiieve him to be the Chrift 

X^9o?"rS 0gS, T -c?^ of God, who was before 

'^T^piwv ^ odoopooy e^cw- all Ages begotten of him, his 

TS^r^-^^r-rro". Lfot'^qp- Only begotten ^on, God the 

yo^^j], ?[lyv ©goj/, oV Word, whqm they did not 

«)c ^ e'TTgr^wiTi^" J^/ a own through their Unbelief, 

cnq^iccv^ &TE o^ '3^'' neither on account of his 

CA'2pleiU)v tiujrS. &Tg /oZo) mighty Works, nor yet oa 

2/^ 7^' 'z^ (J/jtS yi' account of the Prophecies 

fcs^-fjLlj^jcev Of ^9/i7g;a>z/. which wcre written concern- 

oTi y!> oKn^.-^py^jv' ing him. For that he waste 

ciTUj, aviyivoooKov to' be born of a Virgin, they 

'Jcj^a ^I'^jS^^y©- o{/>a- read this i^'rophecy^ Bihold\kn^,^^, 

c^e/- ATJ-vj^To^. ^ Tifff- a Virgin f]?dl he voiih CV.Z/i, Matt.i. a^- 

Tixf tjcr, ^ ^{^?yi(r6(Ji S ^/^^ /i^tf Zr/;?^ forth a Sen, 

ovofJig^ o/jtS YLufJis-' ^^d ^^^^y fl^'^^^ ^^^^ his Nur/^e 

yawA' ok 'tuxiS^^ov l- Emanuel Fcr to us n\U/\x 6*- 

ytv\y]^ ^ ifjuv'\ VjU^ Child is horn, to us a So?i 

f J^^ji rjxiv^ % 7] ap' is giverij whcf: Govtrrimtnt 

^r) ^ tS oj/Ay acrr^, >^ is Upon his Shculdcrs, and 

•H^Kei^ S ovQ^ ijjtd, his Ndme ts calUd the An- 

I deel\. V. & McJyo}'/ v. l^y'vam-v V, -> deefl* V. v. . 

X . gel 


frl of his great Cotwcil, the fxeyccA-ns (ByhrisocfyiP^s, 
W or) J erf til Cctwfcllor, the Migh^ ^^vfj^y. ^s QufjiS y 7. o s , 
tv God, the Potentate, the Sro^ ^ ^^X^^^"' ^^^" 
Frirce cf Peace, the Father of oixt^^j ctf^v opiums, 
the future Age; now that be- croirp tS /xj;^orT©*, 
caule of their exceeding great alcav©-."OTL q 2y^ y^' 
Wickqdnefs, they would not xi^ 'C^Sd/^^ycn^p a- 
beheve in him the Lord, ^TrBi^o-ycnv ccunrtS, hiy^' 
liii i; fliews in thefe Words, Who ^live/(^''\^k'^q-djo^ 
hath helieved our Report ? and tji" dy^y] ; ^ o /3e$t- 
to whom hath the Arm of the ^looy -iujQ/i^ Tin oLTn- 
Lord been revealed^ And af- hp^Au'^S-j; 3Kccjl^31i»•'A- 
^J^^^ terward, Hearhgyejhallhear, y^i^ ccyc^arn^ & i y-k 
And (Jjall '/?ot underftand, and ovv'^ti' (£ (^AeTruvm 
feeing ye P)a// fee, and fljall not jSAlvfeiF, -^ h fjih 'i^Ti' 
ferceive : for the Heart ef I'm^^^'^y^ y^ « y^pSice, 
this People is waxed grofs. T5%.5T&Ta. A/o 7?^^ 
Wherefore Knowledge was ^n oLir ojjr^v r\ yxi^msj 
taken from them, becauie ot/ ioovti^ r^^Shv, ^ 
feeing they over-!ook'd, 2nd azatro/jTss aV. Ji'xacn^j' 
hearing they heard nor. But ^>?p3, rms l^l^^Sv, 
to you, the Converted of the iSi^n ^ {Bccai?.€icc oU 
Gentiles, is the Kingdom /xri yvdoKOi^T^s ©gcr, 
given, becaufe you, who ^f^rj^yj^^vy^t^hsTrt- 
knew not God, have behev'd t^Ii jayn^ Ir^wT? crxJ^iy, 
G^lh. o,hy Pic^ch'mg, :ind have knorrn (j^>xov ^ i^vc^o%)^ 
Him, or rather are known of ^' ayjrS 2f^ ^ho-'^ §' 
Him through Jefus, the Sa- cm>Ti>j>ik, (t Ay/T^wrS 
viour and Redeemer of thofe ¥ eAiffi^ov'-mjv Ix cuJ» 
that hope in Him, For ye w. fMrnSdins '^"^-m 
are tranfiated trom your >? isfpiipcti '^ fj^rouo- 

the Holy Apoftles.^ 

m>vit'' mwn^eias, ^ ^^S former vain and tedious Con- 

a\i^<)^n'eiiot,hm ^iri^ verfation and have contemn d 

cJ^j/iBS, (c 7^ ^ QA> o-'jfpei the lifelefi* IdoJs, and defpiG^d 

StLif^voiv ^(^'nx.fef'f'^" the Daemons which are in dark- 

02irTE>, ^L^a-S'es^-iASVTii ncfs, and have run to the ^7ue]^M. i 9. 

7| t:/ (fc^Ti ^' cc/\»^i Light, and by it have know}^ xvii. 3. 

iS)^ (& ^«y^ji/7?5 cTi the One and only True God .r/id 

ajjiS r evcc (t /^vov cl- Fitther, and (b are own'd co be 

/v'A^ivoy^cQv ^ ^cc'A' Heirs of his Kingdom. For 

ejty xAii^vo/j^i ^ c/jj' fince ye have les^ haptizd^omyh-^, 

tS /SatcTiAaa^ dus(fcc' into the Lord's Death, and into 

vvn. ^oL^L^fvTii " yi" his Relurredlion, as mrv horn i Pet ii 2. 

«$ r tS wue/-^ ^icc^ Bdes, ye ought ro be wholly 

rnv, (t ^ es'' r oti^a^a- free from all finful Adions. 

CIV o/jtS, 6^5 dfU^'^ri For ye arc not jour orvn, l^tiCov^n. 

ftpe(f7) dvev^fyrilcc ^zi^i his that hought _pu "wiih his ^^• 

fTuZa-oiy oLij^pTLCivoifei own Blcod : For ccncerning 

AgTs &vaji„ h yxp lys the former Ifrael the Lord 

IxtiT^!/, )^Acl ri% cify>- {peaks thus, on account of , 

es^(Tccvi©o y/<^5 W fc-* their Unbelief, The Ki:7;r Jem Matt, ^^i^- 

avT^ a]Pi^U T^i ^S ef God fhdl he taken from ihr/^fAi' 

'S -sniTg 'lo^^^A, e<'7rBK a^d given to a Nation Irin^- 

xi^e'/©'' ^ ^ ^'^^' ^^Z forth the Fruits thereof; 

c^i^ ciVTOJv, ck dp- that is to fay, that having 

briaiTzii dirl aujnx^v r\ given the. Kingdom to yout 

(icLJiKeicL aS 0g3, '/J\ who Were orjce far eft ranged 

^^^cTiTi^ l^v\ TTiL^vlc from him, he expects the 

tIh y^pirlii cLiTTi' "^ on- Fruits of your Gratitude and 

?^Sr\ '\ cTi vfjuy, ^us Probity. For ye are thofe 

mvT7 ^Zcnv" ci^t,evco that wcrc once fenc into 

ij^oii auT« f^ytpjicvy the Vincynrd, and did not -m i5- 

. X 2 . -■ obey 


obey, but thefe they that J^y^ r ^ctaiK&cwy o)iSi- 

did obey ; but you have re- ^tuj t»5 t ^jyvo.\u^' 

pented of youi Denial, and aujuns t^^piris* vf/^eii 

you work therein now. But yL^ l^ oi mmi ^-rofo.- 

they being uneafie on ac- y^^vn^&nr djJL'TrBKonoLii 

count of their own Cove- (^ ////l 'j5r<x;c«o-<?/jTB5' 

r 34. nants, have not only left c/aeivoi '^, q\ V2r^x«- 

the Vineyard uncultivated, o-ctTfgs' oiAd ifj^ai ij^ 

but have alfo killed the iJUB^izifjjBX7i^vlei(^.Tf 

Stewards of the Lord of the aWAo^a , epyi^eah 

Vineyard ; one with Stones, ca> ismm^ viw, o\'^ J^5^- 

another with the Sword ; e^/roi'ns 2^ ? eo/JTsJi/ 

one they faw'd afiinder, ano- cvijj^%oiM, v jui^vovcciip- , 

ther they flew in the Holy yaL<^v ^TiAei4a,v r 

Heb.xi.37 Place, let)reen the Tcmfk and oLfji'mXoovcc, <l?\oi ^ 

the j^ltar ; nay at lall: they tks S^TepVys 5" Tuje/a 

Matt.xxiii £,-4y? the Heir himself out of ^ dfJiinTehoov©^ cc'TreK- 

^5- the Pincjard, and Jlew him, Imdp' qv pSp A/^rj, 

And by them he was re- cV5f/(p«' 0^ r \j^j e- 

xxi. 4^ jeded as an unprofitable irej^c-ctv, t ^ Iv^v o/if 

Stone, but by you was re- ^^ lepcfj oli^eiAov iMtiu^- 

ceived as the Corner-Stone. fu iS ja3 o^ ^^ ^ai" 

Wherefore he fays conceki- a^^^^ u^^v 5 (S «/j- 

Ffal. xvii. ^"8 you, A Pcofle vrhom I it- Toy jcAwe^'^W^ '^?^ 

45. knciv not have [ervcd me; and ^ olfjiTreAoovQ^ cxSoc- 

at the Hearing of the Ear ?ioples d^-ycJapccv* 5^ 

fjave they ohejd me. Trap ^ oo-n^is ' w; Ai- 

* 6©^ OL^ei\^ ccTreS^ri'' 

vu{coff' Axes, ov she 'iyyojv, e^iPiJuoi ^joi^ ^ ets ocy^^lw ft>- 
' tUv iKei^osi* V. ! delunc. V. 


the Holy Apoftles^ 

Sect. XLVII. 

^Er^;/ v^s, cc' 'TpiS therefore your Duty, ^xv. 

(J^Aipoi , Ta5 -*• Brethren, who are re- *J^^^ 

Tw tS X^^-S ii/^cw deemed by the precious Blood 

e§r')p^o-fj^jii^ (Mu^lcy of Chrift, to obferve the 

ndi Tifji^^s tS W^ Days of the Paflbver exad:- 

ccK^Sm ^iSid^ fj^^ ly vvich all Care, after tha 

mdoYis '^fjjsAeicts, fX^^ Vernal i^quinox, left ye be 

T^Tiviv iaviJt/ie^vLui* 0- obliged to keep the Memo- 

-TTos yJi d\s T§ oi^c/jjiS rial of the one PalTion twice 

ivQs 'Trrt^fjfJJ®. v^veixv in a Year. Keep it once on- 

rroiSSsy aMa a^za^ tS Jy in a Year for him that 

sTyj t3 a-mf ^-tdJo.- died but once. 


t ' 'T^eis fMi 4/n(pi^yi' Do not you your fdves com- 

Isy cl^\(x.mtS7eQm.v pute, but keep it when your 

01 dS^Xfo] vfji^v oi OK Brethren of the Circumcifioii 

'TT^e/^lJM, f/JcT auu' do fo ; keep it together with 

them, and if they err in their 

y^iimvi^p (pepsle fxecroc^ 

Computation, be not you 

concern'd. Keep your Nights 
of Watching in the middle 
of the Days of Unleavened 
Bread. And when the Jews 
are feaftint^, do you faft, 
(ioTwi/ '^v9«T?, oJc ov and wail over them, becauCe 
Tf yifjJepct 1? lopirs TDi^ on the Day of their Feafl: 
Xe^9o;/ e<px.v^a^. ^ they crucified Chrift. And 
omJ^jouuTvi 'mv^Tiloi w^hile they are lamenting, 
aX^v'^ iG^ovlis ' ov and eating Unieavened Bread 
TTi-KQ^aiv CfJLels cv(a- in.Bitternels do you feaft. 




t [[M>?)«i- 

t Haec plane genuini e;: Eplphaniano codice hue traiiftuiimu'j, 


€n!)fJU€^OV T(^1T)/]V •? ?X- 

w o^KhMvii^ ^ CTTws fm 
vm yn'ou^Ji^s, dypoicb 

j Haec plane fpurla interpretatlone haud dignati fumiisr 

' deeft V, ^ deeft v. ^ deeft v. ^ dcfunt v. • in marg. V. fed eadcni 



the Holy Apoftles- 

'EN ? Tijjueesiis ^v Do you therefore faft on xviiu 
•tS W^ vy)<r<^eJe , the Days of the Paflbver, 
c&p;^l4^oi ^ cr<^7?;^5 beginning from the fecond 
jM^i 'f cEJ^iii^^-'^^, ^ Day of the Week until the 
c-iJiSCalrn^ ' e^riij^e^s't Preparation, and the Sabbath, 
IJig-'Cfj p^^o^fjS/joi apT<w 0^ Six Days: making ufe of on- 
a'A) >9 Aa^^vow. 55 'jjD- ly Bread, and Salt, and 
rnS u^lc* o'lva q ^ Herbs, and Water for your 
^toov a'Tii^c^ ov Tcou- Drink : But do you abftain 
rmuii 7)^es^i ^f ^01 on thefe Days from Wine 
'TrevByf, a>A'y^ lojjiyi.-. and Flelh, for they are Days 
^ M^'j nxL rc:^(mAjhuj of Lamentation, and not of 
% >re Q:^QoL'TXiv Jao- Fcafting Do ye who are 
^'Aepv vr>r^(ralc^ oL able faft the Day of the Pre- 
SiwoiiMS ^crc<^ -niaj}- paration, and the Sabbath- 
mj 'fj^S^pos ycvoij^joi day intirely, tailing nothing 
IJ^X^^ a^Agjc^eP?^' ^ilJ ^^^^ Cock-crowingof the 
y/'a^ryjcioV « J^Tisa- Night; but if any one is 
^rccTft §5 J^Ja cujusi' not able to join them both 
'^av'-oiJL^",(pv?^o^cdzj together, at Jeaft let him 
xav TO dilSCcc'Viv' ?^i'yi obfcrve the Sabbath-day ; 
jip 7ra yjjQjL®. ^ Soi the Lord fays fomewhere, 
hjjfi a^drsKar 'Omjuv fpeaking of Himfelf, lVhcnhUit.\^. 
aV^fBS ^ir' ^v the Bridm'ocm fl.ill ^^/^^^'^^'j^^^Xkio. 
vvtji(p!®^ v))cr^(TA<nv c^^ nvrny from than, in thole Dajs i^^^y,-^',^ 
cxWa<5 ^lijAesiii. 'Ev [haiLtb2yf4' I^ thefe Days 
TcoJTit/s ?r 7)9%-^ dv therefore He was taken from 
i^t/ -v^TrJ ? Vj(Ja;yti- the Jers, falfely fo named., 
^^,1/ 'ly^x'j^, (S 9-^- and faftend to theCrofs^and ^.^^ ^^ 
^w ©^c:i?m>. :g /^ W-4J nurr,hrcuLimong theTranj- <-^'^^'^- 

'"'""' ' p^^— ^ ■' " ^ 
MerantV. : deeft V. , . 

X 4 ' Vvliere- 


XIX. Wherefore wc exhort you *^* Aio 'wctpauvZy^ 
^* ^'ag- to fafl on thofc Days, as we 39 ^luv vTiq-dljetv mtv^'^i^ 

^'^' alfo failed till the Evening, c^s ^ ^iJLeis ouv<r^ooL' 
when he was taken away f^'j cv TZfjccvoLhv(p^fiyaji 
from us : But on the reft of ^jjrcvolcp'r.i/Jiv, f^x^^ 
the Days, before tbe Day of i:uTepjts'- c^ ^ r Aoi- 
the Prepsi'-ation, let every Trais 9 ^s^ ^f 'to^- 
one eat at the Ninih Hour, axdi^s, ca%^-a aipoi, S 
or 2t the Evening, or as every iazu^pa 'i^^c^Q- eSieTu, 
one is able. But from tlie ^ ?i OTnoi uv ra ^juoj^- 
Even of the Fifth Day, till td*' ^ W ^ o-a^/SaxAj" 
Cock-Crowing, break your fti;^e^5 oLAe^cTv^fprnl' 
Fall when 'tis Day-break of oa ^ ttolq^t^vov^u , 
the firft Day of the Week, '^^mvr^git^et^ QtfwtTKs- 
uhich is the LordVDay. (t;?; o-af fcc-Twy, ?7- 
From the Even till Cock- (c? igi vjj^oiia\, ^ 
crowing keep awake, and ia^Ti^c, Icoi dXiyCls^- 
afTemble together in the cpmLa^ dy^vrrvAvlei, ^ 
Church, watch and pray, and ^1 to ku^o op t>) d%- 
intreac God ; reading, when xAfjoia cu/yaGepi^cjuig- 
you fit up all Night, the yoi, ^pw^fj^rg, -c?^- 
La\y, the Prophets, and the o'(fjp^'Jpoi ^ S^ofjS^'jot 
Pfalms until Cock-crowing, tS e^y cm' ttT 2^^- 
and baptizing your Cate- TViCIepdJaitj^v^oipayi' 
chumens, and reading the vc^cncovlis rrov vLp^v, 
Gufpel with 1- car and Trem- Ty$ izr^tTrTiiaf, ai^ ^x- 
bling, and fpcaking to the ?^if, \^Axe^^ aAgjc- 
People fuch things as tend nr^nivm z^^u^f, ?^ 
ro their Salvation, put an (^cc'^l(7^/jles vfji^v tw 
End to your Sorrow, and be y^.Tj-^y/u^i^s ^ avoLy 
fccch God that I[ra:l may rovTg? ^ro <^aJ'^A:oj' (m^ 
'^" ■ ■ I ■ — . I ,1, I 

the Holy Apoftles; 

(poScp '^ T^f^cti, ^ beconverted,andthat:Hewill 
*n^<7?ig.K7](jdp\ii W allow them Place of Repen- 
Aa£ TO 'u^^i QjTr)eA' tance, and the Remiffion of 
av, irJjQCL^ T« w- their Impiety : For the Judge, 
G»>- t^Vi'^* % i^riS'^JTg who was a Stranger, Tr^/^W^^tt.xxfii 
tS ©g«, ^(j-e^^Zocot his Hands t and Jaid, 1 am ^^' ^^* 
TOP ^ic-^thf ^ ?[g,' innocent of the Blood of this 
&e,v oAjTop TOTTDv /uufefa- jufl Pcrfon : See ye to it. But h^- x^f- , 
yo/cM, ^ 'f da^&^wi i'- ifrael cry d. out, His Blood he '^* ' ^ ' 
(peaiv. 6U fjS/j d}?io on us, ar.d on our Children'^ 
(pt;A©^ xe^iij, ri'^- And whsn Pilate faid, Shall 
id^^@^^iX^^^^'^^^* ^ cruel fie jGur King > They 

crfd out. We have no King • 
hut Caefar ; Crucific him, cru" 
cifie him ; for every one that '''#♦ ^2^^ 
waketh himfelf a King, fpe/tketb 3*4- 
againfi Co^far. And, If thou 
^ "On ^ Ti-icvoL yi(^y' let this MarJ go, thou art not 
^ nL?[^T6 €i7rivT@^' CcE'farV Friend. And Pilate 
lov^cLoiXixvfji^vc^au* the GovernoLir and Herod 
^(m ; oLuTol gTTgSoW. the King commanded Him 
OJjc ^;^|i4^ (BccjiAeocci ^to be crucified, and that O- 
jw^ KcttWept. ' c^^jj^- racle was fulfill'd, which 
i^i', 9^v^(Tuy oAjTov, (ays, J^r//y ^j/zV /^^^ Gentiles ^^^^'^^'i- 
ms y!) Q m)io!)v ecfjuTcy r^i.^e, and the People imagim 
pctcTiAiccj ecvUXsy^ ^ vain Things : The Kings of 
Kctto-ai^. (^ Idp T^^u the Earth jet thewfelves, and 
^-roAuGriif, ^ ^ (pl^Qs the Rulers were gathered to- 
»i5 Kctco-ap©.. Kctt Hz get her againfi the Lord, and 
^t(B- iyf,ij(^v ^ 'li' againji his Chriji. And, They lCi.xlf.i<^ 
^h^ (^ccaiA^s 'CKS-. cajl arvaj . the Beloved, as a 

I j^ zs/hiVimCh^y-V' 


CONSTlTllTroNS of 

'dead MuHy nho is ahomm^'^^le, T^Aia^v amw qujj^^- 

And (ince He was crucify "d vaf ^ ^t^^Ztwi to (pi- 

on the Day of the Prepa- gkov Xoytov' "ho^ U J-^ 

racion, and rofe again ac <ppvcx,^cw SO^-i;, j^ ;^ol 

Break of Day on the Lord's ifjceAlmQiv ^evoi; 'm.- 

Day, rhe Scripture was ful- psgna^ ol fiocjiXeii »? 

Pfallxxxi^Ued, which faith, ^n/^, yi;] ^ o; ctpp^gvus 

^' Gody judj^e the Earthy for thou cujA^^a-dp 'On ^ ojj" 

[lult have an Inheritance in ^\ y^ ^ yjjei^, ^ y^ 

all the Nations, And again, §' Ke/T^ ijoiS (^ cc- 

xl 6. / frill arife, faith the Lord, ^Tnppi^lccv r cHycLiiyiiiiu, 

I will fut him in Safety, I o^;v€Kpov eSShhvyi^i^Jov. 

will wax hold through him. Km cjjii c;vjj^^vl@4 

xi.ii. And, But thou. Lord, have Tvt ^zoi^cKiAjif , & a- 

/klercy upon me, and r^ife nie yx9z!^,(B- ^^w^/c^yW 

,up again, and I (lull rr quite -iw^jLOLVJA^^ e^d^^ ^ 

them. For this rcafon do ^^oc^cfn v ^iynaoL, 'A- 

you alfo, now the Lord is rct^ o 0^0$^ k^vov r 

rifen, oiler your Sacrifice, yHn^ cU au n^^rzuv^neP' 

concerning which h ; made vof^v^,areis ov ^ai mii 

a Confuturion by us, (av- I^v^ji. (S thLalv. 'Aya- 

19. trance of me; and thcncefor- ^/)jzifj^ op Q^'rue/^t 

ward leave off your Failing, 'Tizx.ppjmoiQfj^ ov ouurzS, 

and rejoice, and keep a \q- ^ ^v j yij^eAe eAhiaiv 

flival, becaufc Jcfiis Chrifl, fjiSy (S dvoc^avv jm^ % 

the Pledge of our Refurreciti- ccvTu^-nSoidia auTois, 

on, is riten from the Dead. Aid ^ToZy^ufjtJiSQc* 

And let this be an everlall- vx^v\@- tS wje/-^, 

ing Ordinance till the Con- z:^a2yeyi[^'n tIm Jv 

iummation of the World, ai^ vf^y, 'sfei 5V J- 

until the Lord come. For fju.v ^n'lm^ail^ h\ :S- 

10 jews the Lord is dill /xwr, 7\iyj)v' TSitj mrn- 

the Holy ApoftlesI 

i<T5 eiS llw IfJiUO dvocf/.' 

Qi (S eopm^ovTiSf oU 

eyiyipTztj ok veyc^v ^ 
aarro v^v egw vojuufJigv 

CUCOylOV icoi '? CUJUTiA^' 

^J^'l)^<p0^dp; oil 71 ftff 

muiXiv lopiYi miucc auj- 
T'Si TUTTuvs r r]h<^y, <t 

dead ; but to Chriftians He 
is rifen ; to the former, by 
their Unbelief; to the laicer^ 
by their full AfTurance of 
faith For the Hope in him 
is Immortal and Eternal Life. 
After Eight Days, let there 
be another Feaft obftrv'd 
v^ith Honour, the Eighth 
Day it ftlf, on which he 
gave me, Thomas ^ who was^^^-''^-^?' 
hard of Belief, full Afliirance, 
by ihewing me the I rim of 
the Ed'tls, and the Wound 
made m his Side by the Spear. 
And again from the firfl 
Lord s- day count Forty Days, 
from the Lord's Day till the 
Filch Day of the Week, and 
celebrate the Feift of the 
Afcenfionof the Lord, where- 
on He finifli'd all his Dif- 
penfation, and Conftitution, 
and returned to chat God and 
Father that (ent Him, and 
fat c'own at the Right-hand 
of Power, and remains there, 
until his Enemies are put 
under his Feet ; who alfo 
will come at the Confum- 
mation of the World with 

1 4x^i ^' ' *Vo^* '^• 



Power and great Glory to 'niu^'mlns , ^ eopmcztTi ^' 

JLic'ge the Quick and the tUJ eopTluu'? oivaAri-^^ ^ 

Dead, and to recompence w$ t3 xv^y, y^9' Iw 

to every one according to ^Ti^yi^Qa 'Tiztc^v pij^pio- 

' his Works : And then (hall f^^/o ^ Q^.nmL^iv, a- 

ih^y Jee the beloved Son of fY\h^ kx^^s t cl/tdt-g- 

Z ch. xiJ. God, 7r^{?;;!^ thej percd^ and P^gLi^^rrc cwtii/ <Beov % 

^^' when they know him, they 'TT^Ti^jt, >c9^r5:c7a5 ck 

Jh. xix. fiiall mouy^ for themfehcs, ih^iaip >? Sbpccixeccs, (t 

i7' Tribe ty Tribe, and their Wives ^i^\jS^m eu)s ouv 7^6 w- 

apart, mv 01 ^^^^\ oujTy "icm 

mr)??i7)s, x^vca ^£v'Tzx*i <t ve^t^y.i^ '^ '^^TTDS'Syctf ^H^-cp-co v^ 

91/ Art '^ (pvAivf ^^ oAyvuuajyjii cfjj^v X^Ti^av. 

XX. For even now, on the Koj yi (fe yw2 fev^^TTi 

Tenth Day of the Month, t5 /otZw;o^ TofTnouLH 

Gorffims, when they aflem- gwj%^^i'Q6\J^ol , t^s 

ble together, they read the ^mys 'lepejiu^ dvayi^ 

Lamentations o? Jeremiah, in vtoGv^vaiv^ opoTi&pi^Twf 

Lament, \\rhich it is faid. The Spirit UpSfjt^ ^rz^^sj^awTra 

before cur Face, Chrift the tj/jliSv Xg/tgi? sw^e/©- 

Lord was take72 in their De- (wve?>.Y}(p^i) ov r ^4(5t(p- 

ftruciionsy and Baruch, in r%£^?<r o/jtw^. >^ r 

Bar.iii.jl whom it is Written, This Bapi;^, cv ^ ryiy^TT- 

***Paa. ^'^ ^«r G^i, no ether (hall Ioli' '^^'^ Out@^o Sees 

325. ^^ efleernd vrith him. He yifjLoov, y ^^.oytSyjT^Tztj 

found cut every way of Know- ^ stsj?®- ©^5 aZ'Thv' e- 

t lo?7rt^C7?. V. I dcfunr. V. 

the Holy Apoftlesi 

^Jupe^o-^ cSiv '^^ le<^ge, and (hewed it to Jacob 

5»i^^, ^ ^ iH^ev" ctJ- /;/V Son, and Ifrael his Bdc- 

'tLu 'I(Xxa/S W" 'zr^^^-^i qj^d, Jftervrards He was feen 

ami, ^ 'icr^TiA tzJ >i- upon Earth, and ccjjverfed 

yxm\^co^ \zT ^^^' n>ith Men. And when they 

^^TyTD ^'f^^« w(p- read them they lament and 

^, 6 rms dv&e^mis bewail, as themfelve> (up- 

cwuccie^ccifij.KcLio^mv pofe, that Defoiation which 

dvctyvZai, yJirfovTOj ^ happen'd by Nebuchadnezzar ; 

^pLuZcnv, m f4j s/JtcI but, as the Truth fliews, they 

vof/,J^ii(7i, r ipr)f/.lcw r unwillingly make a Prelude 

'icso 'NccSa^SlvoQp yi- to that Lamentation, which 

fo\jd^Lj^ eci '•^7\ciXr\' will overtake them : But 

^ag;y(j ^z^o/^a-TTDi- after Ten Days from the 

^vmjiytp^es 1^ fM'Mov Afcenfion, which from the 

T©- Mji'vs )(9taw;\gr jt^- fjrft Lord*s Day is the Fifti- 

CccveiVTnv^tis. ^' ^ <5g- eth Day, do ye keep a great 

jC5t :S/x«e^$ <? dvaAii-^. Feflival : For on that Day, 

a)Sj TiUi^ "^ -? 'we^Tf.s at the Third Hour, the Lord 

y,ve/.cx,ms7reviY\'>[$^^'}i' Jefus fen i on us the Gift of 

viTTXj^ lopTYj f^syxAT) V' the Holy Ghoft, and we were 

f^7v e^ ov ^jjjy) y5, filled with his Energy, and 

c2paTetT>i (i^<^Kiv eis vve {pake vrith new Tongues, as ^« jj 

r^iA^i z/j'e^©- 'l>;o^$ r that Spirit did fuggcjt to us ; * "*^ 

S)»p2(iv ri^iyiH tivAj' and we preached iDoth to 

Ko/©., ^^ l7t^-l^^)\^j Jevps and Gen tilts. That He 

ai^rS r oi/gp>«a$, ^ is the Chrift of God, who 

y?\oio^^<i ^^VMS cAot- is determined hj him to he the x.4% 

A>7Va/x^j, yafiwi d^ft- Judge cf ^ick and Dead. To 

ro vcT>7;^^(J Of ^iot'iV <S Him did Mojcs bear Witnefs, 

cy.Mpu|a/i4u'[{iJ^c6io/>Tg and laid, The Lcrd received'^^^-^^^- 

, 24. 


Tlrt from th^ Lcrd^ and rain* ^ ^uvenvy du^v etvcq 

ed it do^rn. Him 'did Jacob r X^^v tS Gea, r 

xxxii. 30. fee as a Man, and laid, / de/o-fj^jjou ivr' dviS 

have '[ecn Gud Face io Face, y.^j.^dw . ^ ^mTwv ^ 

* and my Soul is f refer ved. Him v^yc^rj^ t«tw Mojovj^ 

did Ahraham entertain, and ijiapTufoou iXt^^u ''£' 

x?iii 2j. acknowledge to htth^ Judge, 7\.oL^t wi^f.©.^^ fu^^ 

^^* and his Lord Him did IVlofes kv^v, ^ s^pe^e. tb- 

Ex. iii. 2. fee in the Bufli ; concerning .^w eiS^y 'iccaooQ as aV- 

Himdid he fpeak in Dcutro- b^Truvj -^ l^ev* 'ETShv 

l>Q\i\.yii\\\nomj, A ProfhePwill th^ Lord i&o;' os^Qpttdi/ *s:^i 

*^* your God raije ft'p unto you out vct^Qj'ttdp , (t fcTwB-n 

cf your Brethren like unto me. fjia fi "vf/j^. TctT-TDy, 

; Him /hall je hear in all things 'ASes^dfjL^evoSb'^im^y 

vrhatfoever he Jhall fay unto you, ■itojt.nluL dfj^Kcy^ y^ I- 

And it flail le, that every Soul c/^ut« 'hju^ov, t'^hzv 

that will not hear that Fro- Mcoajis 'Or, ^ /3jtT» ts- 

fhet jhall he dcfiroy d from a- i^cc'mj' 'zjfei Taxy cv 

mong his People, Him did A<^7\e^vofJiico gAg^. 

Jofhua, the Son of Nun, fee, U^cphiyiv vfJiTv dva,^(r\ 

Jof. V. M.^^ the Captain of the L'^^rd s y,v^jL@.- Geo^ 6:i ^ d- 

Hofl, in Armour, for their S^h^p'^v vfji£v w> ?;x€* 

Aflidance againfl: Jericho ; to a^rS ccKiicrsa^vyj^^v' 

whom he fell down, and '^ oaoc dv AaAro-vi 

worfliippd, as a Servant does ^sr^i HH^>* «&«/ 0, ^rrl 

to his Mailer, Him Su;miel ex -Aj;^ >?t>4 dv fjiAd^ 

1 King, knew, as the Anointed of jcto-wTy c>^f)iTa o^cc^'* 

^"'5' C^i, and thence named the yy, g^oAoSpc^rSvij^-nx^c;^ 

PricRs and the Kings the t" Aa-J aur^s. TS'tuj' 

Anointed. Him D^^'/^ knew, eiScv^Uni aw Ncvj?! 

and fung an Hymn concern- c^es^^dp^l/jj- ^ Su/jd- 

• Ill I.II W llllll> H I»i ,M ,. I . ^ 

the Holy Apofties. 

y.€a)s)cveAV ^^M^io-. ing him, A Sc/ig conccrnin^n.l^vi^, 

l^'iov , (Wfx[j.ct^v els the Beloved; and adds in his 

^ie^X^' ^ ^ -^i^v Perfon, and fays. Gird thy 

^STi^crex.mj^cr^i'y c^s <^l' Sr>;ord uVon thy TIno-h, thow 

A®- ^oujotLuj, Tyrci/ wha art mlght>i in thy Bcaut'i 

^ct^hTiA eJJ^s^ Xe/giv and Renown; Go on, and pro. 

®g?, T^i UpSs '^ jhs /per, and reign, for the fake 

/3a(7iAai,^ X^t^y. dvo- of Truth, and Meeknefs, and 

^^e. t'^tu^ ei'Jk's Aa- Bight eoufnels, and thy Right 

^}^'^ '^^f^^"^^ '^ ^^? ^^^'^^ ^^^l g^'^de thee after a 

clvrS ccSm', X^yxv' vccndertul manner. Thy Darts 

'>Q^ J'TT^j^TyaV^niTy. are \\urpened, thou that art 

^'Qi(pepojv e-^^oTo mighty; the People [hall fall 

*7Tvv civi^ , ^(pcttTusv' under thee in the Hecrt of 

Hge^'^wtTOf rpofxcpaj^ap the Kings Enemies, Wherefore 
(Ti't'hi nr yA:^v (ja,. God, thy God, hath anointed. 

SU/jx<n, Tn co^iormTi thee with the Oil of Gludncfs ' 

(Tdy ^ TzS }i^^?i6i (m, ^ ahove thy Fellons, Concern- 

hreivov^ '^ >t9^T<^oJ^S, ing Him aifo A^rike SoUmon,. 

^ (^cL(n?,6ie, ivevjiv d as in his Perion, The Lo^d Pror. vhi 

y^yi'^eioA (^ Tre^oTTiT©- created me the Beginning cf^^""^^' 

59 S\y^oaijp7js (& o>/jy>i his Ways,' for his Works : Be" 

cTrf (7B B-a/jf^s^XsYi k^Loi fore the World he founded me, 

mi.'TixtlSs^.y} o^yiTi^rofj^ucc in the Beginning before he 

SiwoL72 KaQ\\ made the Earth, before the 

ere TreavvTDLf cv y^.pS'ia, Fountains of Waters came, he^ r 

TMve^^^yTt^acnAictis^ fore the Mountains were ftflen' 

^ 2^ Ty^ro i^ioi ae ed, he begat me before all the 

I Ssos, o Gsos CM e?i^i' Hills. And again, Wifdom 

V (lyx»^ioL(j2(ai r;^ built hcrfelf an Houfc. Con- 
■i? iJ^e(sx^i 0-6. Hep} cerning him alfb 7/i//i'^ faid, 


Ifa. XI. J. ^ Branch /Ihtll come cut of olvrS & 6 XoXofjiocy g- 

the Root cfjcffe, and a Flower M'^ w? dx TD;^Q;aT« 

f})all ffrif'^g out of his Root, cloxy Kh^@* ex,Ti<ji 

And, There (hall he a Root fxs °^fX^^ °^^*' ^^"^^ ^^ 

cf Jcffc, and He that is to spysi dvrZ' ^s^ tZolj^- 

rife to reign over the G^^n^ v®* edrfj^eAicoa^ p,g, ov 

tiles, in Him fhall the Gen- olp^Yi, 'O^ ^ r y^v 

tiles tru/l. And 2,achariah Tnnnjvji^ ^^ ^ ^ ^^^' 

'^^^Tays, Behold thy King cometh S-^r "to? 'myii tSv 

unto thee, jufl, and having vShi^T^tjv, o£p '-r opn I- 

Salvation, meek, and riding ^^c^voj^, -c^ 5 '^^" 

upn an Afs, and ufon a Colt r^jv ^owuSJv, ^vS, fj.e, 

Dan. vii. ^'^^ ^^^^ ^f ^^ ^f^' ^^^ ^ ciaAtv' 'H gk^ix co- 

13. Daniel defcribeS as the Son xoS^f^.ro^v Iojjt-^ oTy,Qv» 

of Man coming to the Father, n?£/i ccutS -^ 'H d-ai'cw 

and receiving all Judgment iM^f 't.^e?\.<^(ji7Uj 

and Honour from him; and pccSS®^ ok '? p/^>i5 

"•^4- as the Stone cut cut of the 'Uos^ly ^ a;^-©- ck 

Mountain without Hands^ and ^ p/^i?^ dvctSi<ji'mj* ^ 

, lecoming a great Mountain, ?^ J p/^a ?^ ':gc\ja,?, 

and filling the whole Earth, -^ avi9x.y^@^. af- 

dafhing to Pieces the many X^p IGj/wf, It' axntS 

Governments of the fmaller Is-rw Ixwm. Za^^^- 

Countries, and the Paly- ^oa Si ^'iSi a Qxai^ 

theifm of Gods ; but preach- ySs jy h*)^T^, ^^ksm®* 

ing* the One God, and or- ^ (m^<op, oiuriii ^ ^p^^ 

darning the Monarchy of the ©.", ^ ^Cgf wtw^s t^ 

Remans, Concerning Him qvqv. ^ 'ttZaov i)>V 

alfo did Jeremiah prophefie, vzro^u^'y. tJtoj/ Ao&- 

Lam?m. faying, The Spirit before his vlvAujv a^fej^wTry Ag}<| 

Face, Chri/l the Lord, was ta- "^^vou", ep^fj^jov ^;^; 


IT. 2C. 

the Holy Apoftles.^ 

J , / ' TV ' 


Ira ©go;/, >^ ;^e/^TO- 
QA) To7s sQveai. Kctj 

ftOb^V TUTOV eiVCU A-^-- 

i/&7^3 (Becv. twToP 

ken in their Snares: Of vphor» 
vre faid,^ Vnder his Shadow ws 
jhall live among the Gentiles, 
Ez^ekicl alfo, and the fol- 
lowing Prophets affirm every 
where that He is the Chrift, 
the Lord, the King^ the Judge, 
the Law-giver, the Angel of 
the Father, the only Begot- 
ten God. Him therefore do 
we al(b preach to you, and 
declare him to be God the 
Word, who miniftred to his */ P^g* 
God and Father for the Crea- ^-^• 
tion of the Univerfe. By 
believing in Him you fliall 
live, but by disbelieving 
you fliall be puniOied. Eor,joj^iii,35 
He that is difobedient to the 
Son Jhall ?jot fee Life, hut the 
Wrath of God ahideth on him. 
Therefore afrer you have 
kept the Feftival of Pcnie^ 
coff, keep one Week more 
Feftival, and after chat fad, 
for 'tis reafonable ro rejoice 
for the Gift of God, and to 
fait after that Relaxation : 
For both Mofs and Elias 
fafted Forty Days ; and Da- 
fjicl for Three Weeks of Days Pv 


d-Jii^v. V. 



^^^^f' did mt eat defn able Bread, and vf^Tvj % (SiaSyhKit^^- 

' into his Mouth \ and Bleded 'mf^1^\S^^ov -nS ©g^ 

Hannah, when (he ask'd for afTw (fe ttcc'ts* ft« ^ 

1 Khg.i Samuely isiid, I have not drunk o^p"' oAwi/ h\iM\ipytoiv. 

1J. p^/;?^, ;?rr ftron^ Drink ; 4;?^ tsto; '7ncf-<^lioi/Ti5 'Qna^- 

I pur out m) Soul before the <^, dTnT^vres q ^ (^ '' 

Lord ; and the Ninivites, 7co?\g.^r\(isS^* 'O yi 

Jen. iii. ^ when they p-fi^d three Days d^et^Hv ^ ijjuj^ &^ 

and Three Nights, efcaped the o\|«Taf tIw ^ooLj, X>^^,' 

Execution of VA^rath And )j o/jq^ tZ ©sa p^jcj 

E(^h-'v.\6 £fl her, ^nd Mordecai, 2nd Jfi' W avw- Msto £:/ 

m6'! ^///; by Falling efcaped the S eopmaoLj vt^s M 

InfurredJion of the Ungodly ^evTr\x,o^v, eopmcrocje 

■ Holofernes and Haman, And \Kiaiv IS^f^^, > -^ 

FCdlcnil. David fays, ^J Rnecs are fjisr cr.eivlw vy)c^ij- 

•*4- Tveak through faping, and mj o-o-rg (jllolV S{)[^iov ^ 

faileth for [vrant ofl OjL Do ^ (5y9£^r.d!irca S^ tjT 

you therefore faft, and ask ck 0£» S'copea!, ^ vn- 

your Petitions of God. We c^Sumij fj(^ tIw olvecnv. 

enjoin you to fad every >^ 7) ^ Moooris ^ 'H- 

Fouith Day of the Week, A/as c^7jV</i>ai^ tsco^- 

and every Day of the Pre- '^Kovizt, rfM^s- -^cjj^ 

paration, and ibc Surplufage ziartrjA Tp«5 l^eft?/^- 

of your Faft bellow upon ^i if^^^v aprov 1- 

•^♦"^^ag. the Needy ; every Sabbath- m^fjuo^v g^ V g- 

'^''^' day excepting one, and eve- q)ctyc, ^ xfUs (& ot- 

ry Lord's-day hold your fo- pQ. ^.^ ^'c^A^-gi' e/s S 

lemn Aflembhes, and rejoice ; 51?^^ ^Jtb ^ r, jj.^z- 

for he will be guilty of Sin, ^icf-e^cc "Awoc- a^Ty/^j;; 

who fafts on the Lord's- r Xa/y.yriA, Ag>^- O;- 

: deeii V. 

tie Holy ApoftlesI 

vov (S ijAJv(tij{^ 5 m- day, being the Day of the 

5^19^? ^ c;t;;^fi? t^ -vJaj Relurrcwlion, or during the 

^Iw c^cJiTTiov Kv^n' 0^ Time oi Pentecoft^ or in gene- 

'NivdJi'mii rvr^Trf^TiS ral, who is (ad on a Feftival- 

fifeisifjuies'^s ^ ^eii vvk- clay to the Lord. For on them 

^, «? of>i>« '3^ 'TB?- We ought to rejoice, and 

e^i/ cc'Trecpt;^^* ^ "E not to mourn. 

^ 'ItfJ'riO, tW -j^ (^(r^CctJv err^oigKtajy vviq-^u^'ni din'' 
(pv'y>v'OP[g(pej)vi( (£ 'AtAc^^* <^ Act^Jj^ '^^* Ta npr'aia 

or ^v^ocKrw vn^vcjv. r]jj^^9-v diixg^ncoi^a^^ r( r-TT^v 
^ Uioy. Edit. Turr. .^ dceft. 





Sect. XLVlIL 
Concerning Schifms* 

I. ^^^i^ 3 O V E all things, 
O Biftiop, avoid 
rcus, and moft A- 
thciilicalHerefies, efchewing 
cheni as Fire that burns thole 
that come near to it. Avoid 
aJfoSchifms : For 'tis neither 
lawful to turn one's Mind 
towards wicked Herefies, nor 
to feparate from thofe of the 
fame Sentiment, out of Am- 
bition. For fome who ven- 
tur'd to fet up fuch Pradices 
of old did not efcape Puniih- 
ment. For Datban and Abi- 

<i^itJHT\iU V. V. 

rr W' ^^^^^^j 

ittJ d&ivccs 

mr^i" captors, (fjjf^v 


(pAe^ypv T^s ouurrtS ct^jj- 
<z^ 5 dv oai'd i adpig^i 


the Holy Apoftles^ 

^i^v Tv^Bi yX^r]a4^' ram, who {^t up in Oppofi- Num.xW. 

mi fm^€ipnajx\y h hi' lion to Mcfes, werefwallow'd 

9«^r T ai^we;^. A«. up into the Earth. But Co- 

^v yJ ^ 'A€&e^y rah, and thofe Two Hun^ 

dvThGf^cTzcTniL ^ofj^oj dted and Fifty who with him 

Mw(7i7,^*nm^(n^^ as rais'd a Sedition againft: Aa- 

yfv'J^ofejj j^ 01 ^gT rorf, were confum'd by Fire. 

cwr? ^n^enoi ^vni Miriam alfo who reproach'd 

j^rgc, ^ T&i' 'Act^v " Mofes, was caft: out ot the 

^?ai7iac7ay7E?, 'ttl/cp^ Camp for SQ\tn Days ; For 

^^vtiXcaj^ ryiy>v(L<7i. flic faid, that Mo^Q^ had taken xil i. 

M^e^'a 5 ^oV«cr7g:c;a ^;^ Ethiopian ?<?^//'^. Nay, in 

Mwo-)7, l|ft) '? -jj8^g^- the Cafe of ^;r/?m^ and t/^-^(.{^, 

€o;>)n5 aTTB^ATiG)) l^a js:/^^, the latter of which xm. 

7)}iA^i eMyc y5, om was King of Judah, but 

yujcu^ig^ Mwt/o-Ss A/- Venturing to ufurp the Pried- 

.^o^a^cw h^Seu. OJ hood, and defiring to offer 

jiiZwi 5, ^a ^ 'A^dt- Incenle, which ir was not 

gytot? (& '0(^/as, «T©4 lawful for him to do, was 

Iw ^oLoix^i ? 'laJ^, hindred by^js^^m^theFIigh- 

s^^TouirA^TicTsc^ 'f ig£^' Prieft, and the Fourfcore 

fu/Jwj, ?^ r%(Mcirnxjfi^' Prieils; and when he would 

Ay?^%l5 3 ^}JLicLfjf^^ not obey, he found the Lepro- 

« tsf^o-TiTigv ajj^J, ytoj' fic to ariCc in his Forehead, 

Ayoju^©4 vziTo 'A^o.- and he haftend to go our, 

g/a 5" dp^ipictiif^ nP^ becauie the Lord had re- 

oySbinyi^vnuu hpscov, ^ proved him. 

oTg riAey^ev cwriiv 6 ywQ/,(^. 

'defunt-V. : al. rJj fe^^ioyo^iVtcu add. 

Y 3 Ut 


II. Let us therefore. Beloved, U^paiyccyS^j Zv, a- 

confider whac loic of Glory [^a-TniTo?, t/ g ^g©* 

that of the Seditious is, and fp^ ' ^ctOTctc^u'ro/', ^ 

what their Condemnation: 'TBow.Tri ^^TufacTzf cw>- 

For if he that riles up a- mov ei y^ o ^oLcnKHjciv 

gainfl: Kings is worthy of ^ g-Tre-j/^/ei/'^J©-' 5 ^- 

Puniflimenc, even tho' he be ;\^(7?&>i; a'lz©., xclv l/o; 

a Son. or a Friend ; how much |), xaV cp/A©-' 'Trceroj 

more he that rifes up againfl: ^?aov Up^Jcnv 1'^- 

the Priefts ? For by how much y wju^j©/ 5 cVw ^ ig- 

the Priedhood is more noble ^cwijn (^cc(7ih^oci olfjLei' 

than the Royal Power, as voov, ^ -^^z^i Ix^crx, 

having its Concern about the r d^vot^ t^crdrai & /3(*- 

Soul, fo much has he a pv^i^v t^ r 'n^e^'- 

greater Punifliment who ven- ay, 6 rm,vT^ r^^^fAri- 

tures to oppofe the Prieft- azt^ ^ civrwfxfj^7i7v'\ ri- 

hood, than he who ventures <7np'^on" kcccnX^a.' 7{^ 

to oppcfe the Royal Power, mi^^h dU^pv 

although neither of them ^©-. v-n ^ 'A^eojzv- 

goes unpunirti'd. For neither XcofJi^'Af^eSkSbLutfji^' 

a Kin g. did Ab[alom nor Ahdadan e- vctv dTiuMpnrot. eiA 

IT'^"" fcape without Punifiiment ; Kopi ^ Acc^v' ol f^ 

Main.xvj.nor C^;'j6 and Dathan. The $ ActCtS' 'u^i /3aaz- 

former role againll: David, x^a^, ol '^^Uuiva^i: 

and ftrove concerning the ^irs^micav i^vhv 

Kingdom; the latter againfl: onv ctV^M&i/jiJiuo/. ^(94 

Mofes, concerning Pie-emi- oKOi'i{^?[iry^wu^ fi 'A- 

nence; and they both fpake Ceoszt^cofx, AaSiS^ r 

Evil, Ahfalom of his Father ^^^^ w^ d^-^v x^/- 

/:>4X'/V, asofanunjudjudae, 7^, x^^ojv •'Itcp'W* 


the Holy Apoftles. 

01 >^yii (\ }{^7[g\j ^ faying to every one, IfhjiYihg. 

'^yf.^ 6^ i^v a a^feCTo- Words are goody hut there Js^^-^- 

f^'J©- C», '^ S'l-i^ici' no one that will hear thee^ and ** ^^^* 

mu Qe. Tis fjLB onnia^ do thee Jufiice. Who. will make 

ap^vmtL 5 'O ^ 'A^- me a Ruler ? But Ahdadan. 

^oiSbip.GiKlgi fj^ijCpTjoi, I have no fart in David, nor xt. u 

fjLep@^ OP Aoc^lS", Gv6i any Inheritance in the Son of 

it?ivepj^ Office cv uaj'ls' Jefle. Tis plain that he 

ojcu, S'7i?[gv 60S dvctliQ' could HOC endure to be un- 

'safiwj' cip')^^^ vsro z^ct- der David's Government, of 

C'lS^f '5%< « ei'mv whom God {pake, / have Acfl:. xiii. 

Ggoj, OT/ <^e^j^ AaSjcT /i>//W David the Son ^/^ Jefl'e,^^' 

T ? 'hoj-cMj ctj/cT^^tp ^ Man after mj Heart , who 

'T if^pS^id/j fjiit, OS TToiri' will do all m-j Commands. But 

o\ 'Tnfftv'PXf §0 ^Xr^y^ff,' Dathan and Ahiram, and the 

§p /x«. 'O 3 AarSoii' ^ Followers of C^r^^ faid to 

^A^Gi^v ^ oiKopeiTXf McfeSy Is it a [mall thing that ^^^^^^^^ 

y^eyivns ^ Meoau". Mi thou haft brought us out ofi^. 

iAJK^v on ccvTiyxyis :5- the Land of Egypt? cut of a 

fj(^i OK yii Alyj'^y, ok Land flovring with Milk and 

yHi piii(jY)s fjiiXi '^ yd' Honey ? And why ha(l thou 

%.; ^TivU i'^i-i^-^s put out cur Eyts } And wilt 

T«f o(p^Aju,y5 7)}jL(iv \ thou rule over us ? And they 

^ C^ ^pX^^^f^^^ ^ ^ ^^^/'frfi together againfl him 

^.cLujf^Qiv iir ouufjiv a great Congregation^ and the 

cr^iiKY\criot.v }jji'.yojXlw' ^ Fello^rers of Cor^ih Jaid, Has x:i.2. 

olKop^TOLj' Mr]Mcc(jei God jpoken alone to Mofes > 

7\iP^X'6YAfJ3vcf)Q<Bioi; Wh) is it that he has given 

tl on S 'Acc^v (SVcT^x^ the High-Prieflhood to Aaron 

r cip^€^(7wtjlw fjigvou '-) alone ? Is not all the Congre- xvi. 3. 

v^i '^^ S cwjoiyojyfl gation of the Lord holy ? And 

: deeft. V. 

Y 4 why 


vph) is Aaron dlone poffef/d x^e^'« dyl^ ; ^ rl oti 

ef tk Priefthcod? And be- 'Aae^iy/ge^tT^l^j^Vo; ; 

fore this one laid, Who made KaJ -c^ Teiajy 4m©4 

:.ii. 14.^^^^ 4 -^5f/^r ^^?^ a JuJge o- Us iAsy^' TU cd jj^c- 

III. And thej^ rais'd a Sedition Ka^ i'Trdjfje^aav Mw- 

againft i^(?/f.c, the Servant of ai7^ ^ 0g« ,&e^- 

God, the Meekcft of all Men^ m>iU\ $ ^ 7^^ 

and faithful, and affronted 'Tr^omjaj, % tti^^, 

fo great a Man with the '(^olr/V^tTay ^ TTiAijcS- 

higheft Ingratitude; him who w ^rJ^^pc 01 a;:^g/c- 

was their Law-giver, and s^mTur r yoyLy^-^^w, 

Guardian, and High-Prieft, ^ 9i;Act)C9i, r a>;^ig. 

and King, the Adminiftraror pU ^ BoloiKU, t jxii- 

of Divine Things, one that griv ^ ^h^l '^ (^, 

iliew'd, as a Creator, the hiM^pyv ms t5 ^- 

mighty Works of the Crea^ jxi^pyZ '^^S'ei^c^iA'joy 

tor, the meekea Man, fre'eft ivepytlas' ^ Trp^oW 

from Arrogance, and full of r^u, r iru^^r^r^v* ^ 

Fortitude, and moft benign H^pT^eA^r, ^ 9/;^^- 

in his Temper, one who had ^c^ir^r^<mv ^ ^a- 

dehver'd them from many K^v yav^j^p ajur^ei d- 

Dangers, and freed them m^yxd^oLv^, % ^. 

from feveral Deaths by his tp^'e^. ^.ra-rw^ cJ/jxij 

Hohnefs, who had done fo \uud^ov, ^-^ ^ \ajj^ 

many Signs and Wonders tS ooiot^U:'' > ^o^.^ 

from Gcd before the Peo- rjw ^^ 0.3 cj^^a ^ 

pie, and had pcrformy glo- t^^^^ S>^J :;-g7rDz„. 

nous and wonderful Works '^t^' \ ^ \v^^ol ^ 

for their Benefit ; who had ^vp^^'ip^ ^, ^ep^ 

' deeft tctuni. V. 

the Holy Apoftles. 

^<^ocp iuTwv T^-nAg- brought the Ten Plagues up- 

ni<m»* ^ r I'UT At^uTT' on the Egyptians, who had 

n:i^;S^yJ.'7rkr\y)viri7rkn- divided the Red-Sea, and had Ex.vii,(jfff, 

£^j(pW, T r Ipv^e^v feparated the Waters as a 

^;^oj^y ^/ipwJtiTO/, Wall on this Side and on that 

'^ oo?7i7^@^ muSbi^ Side, and hzd led the' People 

h^€v ^ h^ev 2^<^' through them, as through a 

o-ccv'^, ^ W5 S^i ipvfJLH dryWilderncfs, and had drown-y^^j, .5'. 

f jjpas ttjV ?\g.ov a.yAo^ ed Pharaoh and ^^5 E^yp- 

^TtL.o^ l^vbio-^oL^cL' tians, and all that were 

poLoo '^ T»f Alyj^L'Hi^ in Company with them , 

^^ mdfiToLi tIs o3^' aj(j' and had made the Fountain xvii. 6* 

n:(f)v fxer Suj'tSl^v' tup yj^i^^f for them with Wood, 

yKv}[^vdp\cc 'myluj ajj- and had brought Water out 

^i ^ §i>Ab', (£ c;c ^Z' r//^ 6'f^/;y Rick for them 

'Trerpa? ctKCP'rufJi^ ullj- when they were thirfly, and 

Tiis zs^ccyoiyvJoc ijSu^p had given them Manna cut of 

Biyc^ai riTiv g| lipai's Heaven, and had diftrihutcd 

fjLccvvoStnrl^aoc.viccajj'TvTsj Flcfh to the7n cut of the Air, 

it e^ dspQ- ^ y,peco?(g and had afforded them a Pil- xiff. n: 

yio-oLvld'y^v (pj?[gv mv- lar of Fire in the Night to 

^s cv vux,T\€ii(poi)lc(r' enlighten and condu6i them, 

fjigv ^ o^,yiocv ^^')2' snd a Pillar of a Cloud to 

\jdpov ouurmSj 5^- <pjy[gy [liadow them in the Day, by 

v6(ps^^s€ii caioia iJ{C)v rt' reafbn of the violent Heac 

f^ipoLi %l^ Tx^v e^riAiy of the Sun, and had exhi-xKxi, <:^i: 

<P^yM9v'^v voucv Oe^ bited to ih:m the Larp of 

OK gvfj{^l@^ (£ %«e^> God, engraven from the 

'-^ ^^cc(priiStv C4^ ^oL^\ Mouth, and Hand, and Wri- 

?\.ibiicxAs yy^y^o?^,}JiijS^jov ting of God, in Tables of 

*ci>^<^oyS^jov auTuli^Ti' Stone the pcrfecS Number 

^ defunt. V. ' ;c5e<y/6']>'icnxi'7tt v. al* 



^'' of Ten Commandments : To Afly dejAjxH ^yj.?^yf 

Tvhom God [pake Face to Face, co o Gees ovcam©* (m^w- 

as if a Man [pake to his Friend, 'mice ofjilh^^ coa^i m 

Of whom he faid. And there p^gtASjztf 'ZJ^>g««^Ta 9/- 

arofe not a Prophet like unto ?^v' 'wfei « eiire^^' Koj 

KHim.xiv. j\^jo(es, Againrt: him arofe the g^ clxt^ 's^^cprnr^i c^s 

'°' Followers of Corah, and the Mooans. Tircfj Iv^i- 

Reubenites, and threw Stones gvaccv 01 Kope^TOj ^ ol 

at Mojes, who pray'd and ^'Pv^lwliuj, ^ Xi&i^s 

xvi. 15, faid, Accept not thou their KocMov y(^ S Moiio^^s 

Offering: And the Glory of ^c:^crAi')^\d^M ny) ^^- 

God appeard, and fent fome r^t/r©*' Mw «^^>i^ «'« 

down to Hell, and burnt r ^okctv cuj'-mv ^ 09- 

up others with Fire ; and fo S-^Taa :5 (ft?§a. 2 ©gy, 

as to thofe Ringleaders of t^s ^ «5 7/5ir v^TZt^gf- 

thisSchifmaticalDeceit,vvhich v^?, t^s ^ 'Tru^/i H^ts- 

iiv. 5. faid, Let us make our f elves (pAe^g* ^ ^tw t-^s ap- 

a Leader, the Earth open'd ^rj-yy;'? •^rXaVwsS' ^/o-- 

its Mouth, and fwallow'd /<c^T©-,Ag^i^£' Awfx^j 

them up, and their Tents, apy/iyv tc^jj^Ts Iwoi- 

and what apperrain'd to them, ^ev ri yii S gvL{^ ^jj-rrisy 

and they went down quick ^ ^.Timiev yjurls, h^ 

into Hell : But he deftroy'd gis (ml/jjdi cwJtwV, j($ti 

the Followers of Corah with r "^^Tr.tTudil/ji oxnwv,^ 

Jire. -<9LT?iAc5ci' fis ctcTy XJ^v 


the Holy Apoftlcs. 

Sect. XLIX, 

'pi Zv ro7s 2ji^ (pi' 
<7n)0-oj fJf^'^ov ToTs cd- 

voiccv r) r o)/]fjjM^yiccv ; 

fJLlT^ ap^CLVTBi ^3-/- 
^v^ ToTs ;\g:,o7i' OjmgiooS 
^ 01 ?^'i-ito\. To7i T>r 
yi/oifjLTi 5" Gg« oj'cci'T/a 
Sbyvi^Ticrxci ^jcn ttXh" 
cnoi(^eT€f fJiyiS'e xoivoovol 
*? aa^Seixs acvroSv yl' 

IF therefore God inflided , i^- 
Puniihment immediately '^^i/* 
on thofe that made a Schifm 
on account of their Ambition, 
how. much rather will he 
do it upon thofe who are the 
Leaders of impious Hercfies ? 
Will not he inflict feverer 
Punifhment on thofe that 
blafpheme his Providence, or 
his Creation ? But do you. 
Brethren, who are inftruded 
out of the Scripture, take 
care not to make Divifions in 
Opinion, nor Divifions in 
Unity. For thofe who fet 
up unlawful Opinions are 
Marks of Perdition to the 
People, hi like manner do 
rot you of the Laity come 
near to fuch as advance Do- 
drines contrary to the Mind 
of God 5 nor be you Par- 
takers of their Impiety. For, 
fays God, Separate your f^lves^^rti, xri 
from the midft of thefe Men.^i^ 
left you ferilh together vptth 
them. And again, Depart iCor.vl 

- 17. 

'defunc. v , ^ aCivv. V 



from the midft of them, and ^ ol^' ^gj^rr^Xiv* 'E|«A- 

feparate your fclves, fays the S^gTg 6k fJii(j\i a^Tmy 

Lord, and touch not the un- dtpo^Surey Kiy\ yjj* 

clean thinly and I will re* e<©-, ^^ ol^^ra 

ceiveyou. fj.yi (^'Se^Sy Tcayca^G-- 

V. For thofe are moft cer ^djx.m^'ut yoip ^giv 

tainly to be avoided who t^idxyfym ol ^?^(T^r\. 

bJalpheme God. The great- ^SVtfs ©gor. q\ fi ^ 

eft pare of the Ungodly in- ^^<^i <P(S da^^Zv ct- 

deed are ignorant of God ; yoi^ t^aai Gey' «td< 

but chefe Men, as Fighters 5 i^^jjvoiccv di ^o^- 

againft God, are poflefs'd ^i vo^cnv. dx yi 'f 

with a wilful evil Difpofi- y^c/,%ia/5 o^ alpe<n(o^v 

tion, as with a Dsfeafe. for l^i^A^ f^^vajjucc 'Gn 

from the Wickednefsof thefe W^y r '^v, ic, (pj,. 

Jer. xxiif. Hercticks Pollution is gone aiv 'UpefJi'ias c^<pi»- 

'5- eut upon all the Earth, as fays ^,. ^^?A>f^iW y^'i 

the Prophet Jeremiah. For cujjoL'y,^f}^i i m^vyj^e 

the wicked Synagogue is no^ -vk^^g/y §^ 0^5, :^ 

caft oflf by the Lord God, g^ o'U^ ^Ppcp^-^T©. 

and his Houfe is rejeded ^' ^^2, ^(i(is ^^ 

by him, as he fomewhere (pj,^/ 'Er>i^<m,Ai?[^i^ 

xii. 7. ipeaks, / have forfiken mine \ oi^s)v fj-a, ' a^JiK^.'' 

Houfe, I have left wine Inhe- '^ yCK-,)tpvo^[oiv //.«' ^ 

ritance. And again, fays WAr/HcT^ias- 'Arric^ 

Ifa. 7. ^, //^j^^i, / W7/// /?.^/.i:7 my ^ c6>7reAwra /xy, ^(c^ 

Vineyard, and it full not he « ^^^ r/yy/jGiT, yJ^Vy ^^i 

jf^r/^/;^^ /;?^r %^f fi, ^;?i Thorns cmcc^-^' ^ ' ^a^c^^Trc^ 

ffjall fpring up upon it, as up- ^, ^jjr^y ^, «', ^^^^^ 

on a Defrt; and 1 mil com^ dy^y^' ^ mt7i ve(pL 

the Holy Apaftksi 

^u o^tfASil/^ 5" fx.7] mmd the Clouds that they 

^ps^(u €^.s cwrziv vs{pv' rain 710 Rain upon it. He 

ii>ig^m^?ii7rzcv Zv liv has therefore left his People 

?{g^ovy ds cytLutw ov as a Tent in a Vineyard, and 

ccf^rreh^vi, & ds 07n>j' as a Garner in a Fi^ or Olive^ 

^(fu?^v^Qv OV xw'm?\^- yardy and as a lejieged City. 

nrcfj, ^ COS m'Aiy ^- He has taken away from 

?^iopKVf/.ivLjj^<zS^shcov them the Holy Spirit, and 

^ ^'^'" <^J^^v ^ S the Prcphetick Rain, and 

md^jf^ g aytov, & T has replenifti'd his Church 

Kzj^i^yjk'-^vven^Vjl^n- with Spiritual Grace, osthe 

Sf>ci r cu/r2 cKTthma.v River of Egypt /;; the timeSicEccht, 

^nvdff^Tixris ;:^e^Q-y of Firfi' fruits; and has ad-^xir. 25- 

CCS ^nu^fj^v Aifyj^^i <yi/ vanced the fame as an Houfe 

y.fMg^tsvecoy, ^^'-xizj-e- upon an Hill, or as an high 

^V'^ja^v ojln^v <^s qT' Mountain ; as a Mountain fr ml- 

7[gv eTsr'opus, ti ocsocps ful for Milk and Fatnefs,whQte' 

's^sp(peph, ocsofQ-'Ti- in it has pleafed God to ^^^//. pfai. kvii 

tTv^jjS^'JGv^ ^ c^s ^iov' For the Lord will inhabit 16. 

cv ^ i^Sb'mu^v ($eos therein to the End. And he 

^^^iTceip c^ cw^\ ^ ^ fays in Jeremiah, Our San-jer^ xvi?, 

y> 7w^(^ ^ToiUKy)- 6iuary is an exiilted Throne J^. 

v^(j\ &'.i TgA©*'', ^ cv of Glory : And He fays in 

S Ig^f^icc Ag^^l* '©ei?- Ifaiah, And it [hall come to\{^,xi.z, 

i/@-(yb|)7.'J\{^;(4'J©'.a- pals in the laft Days that the 

yictqjioLifj(^)v X) oj/'H- Mountain of the Lord fhall he 

couoL ?\.f'yl' Kou" e<^ ov glorious, and the Hcufc of the 

*TiLii ea^.mxis if^i^is Lord fhall he upon the Top of 

ef/,(pcjLvk S opQ. TujQji^, the Mountains, and fhall he ad" 

^ oly,(^ t5 0gy Jt' vanced above the Hills. Since 

cL-A^oiv T opg&ji/, 4 l-vIcj;- thcrefore he has forfaken his 

I deell. V. I y-^aiT-.v V. 'defuiic. v- "L deiunc. v. 



People, he has alfb left his ^o^twj Jme^cVw t S^- 

• Temple defolate, and rent vm. 'Ette/ Iv ^ ^ 

the Veil of the Temple, and ?^ov i^^i^ikhiTn^ ^ t* 

took from tliem the Holy volqv oi(friMv ^Yifj^gv^ 

Mattxxiii Spirit. For. fays He, fi^/'^W ^im^^)i^<nLmirm,a}ju(x. 

32* jour IJoufe is left unto )ou ^ §" j/a»", <S ?\Q.Q.m 

defolate ; and he has beftow'd (I'm aZ^mv S mv^y{^ S 

upon you, the Converted of oiyov' 'icTa y>, ^jj^r, 

the Gentiles, Spiritual Grace, dfievx^ vfjiTu o oJx@* 

Joel ii. 28. as He fays by Joel, And it u^r lp«|oi©-' ^ ^ cTa^ 

P^all come to fafs after thefe l<p vfji^i " tb^ g§ 16- 

t kings, faith God, that I will va)if r mvA^iJ^cf.k'itlw 

pour out of my Spirit upon all ^e/v, m A«}^ ^^^ 

flefh, and your Sons (hall pre- 'looriA' Kcq ?^; fX^ 

fhejie, and your Daughters (hall a7xu*7Ta, Ag;)^ Geos, 5^ 

fee FifionSy and jour old Men oK^od an^ ? ^nv^fj^^^s 

(hall dream Dreams. For God /oc» 0^ 'ttw (tt^^ G^pK^^ ^ 

has taken away ail the Power fsy^(()YiTd\j(rA7iv ol xjjo] 

and Efficacy of his Word, v^j^^v ^ w^ ^ja.'npes 

and fuch like Vifitarions from vfj^^v o^cp(s c^lovTOLft 

that People, and has trani- ?^ ol ^peaSvi^^i J- 

ferr'd ic ro you, the Convert- fxojv ovvmvia ovumvict* 

ed of the Gentiles : For on cS-)7<7Dr7af* -mo^fj yi J\5- 

this account the Devil him- vai\uv ?\^y\i ^ cv^p- 

felf is very angry at the yetcx^v, (^ r to^ccvS^ I- 

Holy Church of God ; he 'mayic'inw d^o^i 

is removed to you, and has ©ecs ok 5 ^S. eJ^ 

railed againft you Adver- vu^srliih^t^vcove^i^, 

•* P2g. fities, Seditions, 2nd Re- '^'^'^ 2^. ^. tSto ^>?Aw- 

^^^* proaches, Schifms, and He- c^ ^ ^^0?,©. r 

refies. For he had before a^^/^ t5 BsS c^-zc^wj; 

L defunt. V. ; £775//4eF. V. 


the Holy Apoftles. 

(nxv, fMTign €if vi^s, fubdued that People to 

eTnyiies^s J/^?j/ 6a/4'(J5, himfelf, by their flaying 

^ojyf^lis, cc)[0.<izi^^(naA, of Chrift. But you who have 

^P\g.<jTpr^lMa.s , %i(j}Ji^' left his Vanities he tempts 

rrzL. alpiois. c/yMvov 'y) indifferent Ways, as he did 

r ?^Qv ^ '^ X^"^"^^ the blefled^i^K- For indeedjoo^C^^c 

*TovLocs eii ea/j^v '\j:z3-ii- he oppofed that great High- 

yoLycTo' vi^s''j'^j9xv'' Prieft Jofhua the Son of Jofe- Zachiii.r. 

5^ wuT^ ^ f^TaLOTin^s, dck, and he oftentimes fought ^uk. xxiL 

a}A0Tih\o)i mii^^i, tO flft US, that OUr Faith 2'!ch..iii. 

o)i & r u^yJ>e^ov W^. might fail. But our Lord 2, ^<?. 

(^ y) 'ryj \jjeyxXcp dp- and Matter having brought 

;:^gf« 'I>]o-S & tS 'Iw him toTryal faid unto him, 

oiSiK ^ (^TEJCftvTQ* (^ «■ 77?^ Z.^r^ rehuke thee , 

f^i oTDMct/tis i^Yi^iozt- Devil, and the Lord, vrho 

rro ^ g|(;Jbt£^Sfou", ^ 0- hath chojen Jerufalem, rehuke 

*7rwi oKhi-Gjit] 7\ ^gii ri- thee : Is not this f luck' d out 

fjLQ^v"' ^\' rf/.STfp©^ of the Fire as a Brand? And 

zJe^©- ^ S\SbiaxccP\gsy who faid then to thofe that 

cv SWyi y[]^j? a/j- flood by the High-Priett, 

^v, gAg^ ain^' 'E- Take air ay his ra^rged Gar" 

*7nU[j.ri7Uj yu'jQj.©^ QM (si merits from him, and ad'-ed, 

%1^^q7.'c^ ^ 'QnlL\jjr\' Behold I hiive takni thine Ini' 

ozLj yju^@^ ov- (7Di, tjuities array from thee; He v:i\l 

cTi^e^djjS/j©^ r 'Up^- iky now as he faid formerly 

cTaAT^//. g4x. iJy tStd of us.when vvc wcreaflembled 

g^gc7S726o-|u^oi', wi Jbo- together, I have prayed that^^^''^^^^' 

y\g<: ; Kcti a^;/ td'ti your Faith maj not fail. ^ ' 

€'rrgi'7ra)V* IJ^y cccpinpy^^^^ nrzr.i ocvofjiicts Qn ^ir^ era ' 'hri^ 
epei ^ vvuUf oo; 3^ '7nx,?^gLi (rujur)D^iaiJ^Mv niJieopy eAe^^/j 

■ I 11 — ■— I I I ■ 

* ^^,<Jt' di. * fflifKif^Xi, V. :^ uciUiiU V. S E <^ 1 . 


Sect. L. 

VI. pOR even the Jerri(hN^- "TT^Pk? p:%v^ i '!«. 

■*• tion had wicked iHere- -^ 6k't^i ox^@^ ^' 

fies: For of them were the peo^s ^y,lccs, ^ '^k^ 

Sadducees, who do not confefs ^ctcTcTyjC^^To: l^ ojjri^v^ 

the Refurredion of the Dead ; o\ ^\ oy^QT^Qy^v^^ ygjc- 

and the Pharifees, who afcribe ^v dvci^air (^ <^a- 

the Fradice of Sinnets to e«g:/ot, ol ^^ri i^gin 

Fortune and Fate ; and the ^J^ju^jJ^ ^T^e^fofns 

Bafmotheanst who deny Pro- r t^^ a/^Tccrov-Tav 

vidence, and fay, that the Tre^^iv' (t Baujjiai^eoi, 

World is made by fponca- ol ^voi^ oipvhyS^ci, 

neous Motion, and take a- g| aju^jj^fi^Tn q (poe^$ 

way the Immortality of the ?ieyvTis mcvrm^o-wus' 

Soul ; and the Flefr.eroh^,ft}fls, c,^voui, ^ ']^:;3^ r a- 

wbo every Day, unlefs they ^vccm<xv ^Tii'^ov 

wafli, do not eat; nay, and 71$* ^'H^^Qol^k^, 

unlefs they clcanfe their Beds, o7wg5 5(9:6' hjgry ri- 

and Tables, or Platters, and yj^v, i^ ^/i i^a-:?;'- 

Cups, and Seats, do not make ^jzc^rm/,^ s^lvaiv dA* 

ufe of any of them. And Aa(^ -m? ^A/Vaii (S t^s 

thofe who are newly rilen /^j'txj^^^'TDf ;cept.T«d^5 

amongft us, the Ebionites, (£ rmi^rte^cx. ^^iff^^la^ 

who will have the Son of ^Ta Idp fjLy\ ^^e^- 

God to be a meet Man, be- ojv SJ^ti, yJ^gp) ;:^ftJj/7rt^* 

gotten by human Pleafure, ^ ol l(p' rifxcoy puJu (pec- 

and the Conjunction of Jo- vivin 'EticovctAoi, '^y 

Jeph and Mary, There are i/jV ? GiS -^iPi^v civ 

ahb thofe that feparare them- ^^m.v eivax /Sy^i^jo/, 

felves from all thefe, and e^7,S^.v'ii;dvJepsyj<wu^- 

obferve the Laws of rhcir 7&,owi 'iwcnip (^Ma- 

the Holy Apofiles.^ 

^cti rtiJw r^vS^vTii Fathers, and thefe are the 
0? 5 T3mav ^^v lew- ^f^s. Thele therefore arofe 

cg't^xx ©uAct^vn^, And now the Evil One, who is 

r»c :?; 



Eoja?o:. lat)- wife to do MifchieF, and*»*pag. 

*T^ j^ Sir cr ^'•©e^'np^ as for Goodnefs, knows no 3J4' 

;^(5^. ^ j/Mi'o'7rD;/>;ePS Tuch thing, has overcome 

fome among u.>, and has 
wrought by them Berelles 
and Schifms. 

Now the Original of the vit. 
new Herefies began thus; 
Srrws.i'lfjLaivdTilc^-^-n The Devil entred into one 
TitUv Srrw >i^?ivp>^Jni ^^ii^on, of a Village called- 

Gitth^y a Samaritan, by Pro- 
fefEona Magician, and made 
him rhe Minifter of his wick- 

<^ripk<rkjuoLrj-^riJ3X' ^^ ^^^^8"* f^^^'l^e^^ P/;.i» ACr. viii. 

^e^.y^c^^y^ilmimx' Hf. our Fellow-Apollie by 

rn,. r^vr^cc 3 <l>;A/7r^s the Gift of the Lord, and the 

J o-w/jxTT^W©' ^i^^^. Energy of his Spirit per- 

T>r T§ ',uje^^ Siuij '<s^ f^^"^'^ ^'^^ Miracles of Hca!- 

t^"^ ?^,li^@<^^ ing in Samaria, infomuch 

moyilct ^jxmei^ ' U- that the Samaritans wgre af- 

|L^W'6'7:3'nA(|t^2x feded, and embrac'd the 

y^ap^a.. di yS^clttKol- Faith of the God of the 

r)VTa? Ta. ^a,^P«^ Univerie, and of the Lord 

fj^ ^/gijr lA^iV 5^ ?^ Jefus, and • were bapriz d in- 

deefr. V. 



to his Name; nay, and that oAw;- 0g5, ^ t5 Ttue/^ 

Simon \vmih\f, when he (aw Im^.K^f^^^^iG^c'^ ^^ 

the Signs atid Wonders which t^ hvoi^ cmQ, vSij j 

were done without any Ma- <c ofjii ? Xi/^^^•©. cr/]- 

gick Ceremonies f e 1 into f/.eicc ya) nr^^cc ^cc- 

Admiration, and belhvcd.And Qi\j^j'sciv6\j f^^yLveicc^ 

was hciptiz^d, and continued mvos y/iUx,r)i 'OmKi- 

in Failing and Prayer, we ij3^jcc, ^ ^i '^^f^^ 

heard of the Grace of God, ytoLTccmoDi'T©^^ xca th- 

vvhich was among the Sa- c^dujT^pTQ., xccj /2a«7- 

5fP3„ maritanshy Fhilif, and came Zcc^;p^'T©.,x,ai%"^t^>£p- 

*333- down to them, and enlarging cjcol^w^vt©^ tjT »-/i« 

much upon the Word ot Do- ^lou xai t/T t«7^(7</i/- 

d'lrine, we Jaid our Hands ;^/)"' ai-A^Tn iijcSs 

upon all that were baptiz'd, iri/ ^i^e^y § 0k»" t>ii/ 

and we conferred upon them x^nrxp^ccaccv^ccf^pey- 

the Participation of the Spi- ai 2^^ ^LAiTTTry, r^e- 

rir. But when Simon faw ^J^uiJ^ t^i ocvr-ds^ 

that the Spirit was given to xaj 'ttcAiJ (mfjLQcc>,\d' 

Believers by the Impofition p^Loi ts^ y'^yoy 't ^- 

of our Hands, he tcok Mo- cl^<j;taA/a5, ^ai ^Ti 

ney, and olTer'd it to us, ^e^ocT^iiafylon hlhU- 

¥ 1$. faying, Give mc alfo the Qh"ns ms x^^^' ^^' 

Ferrer, that on nhcm Jo ever I ;^?5 t«j' §" ^y'6^j[j{^Q4 

' alfo /hall lay wy Fland, he \Mi\i<kxv \^Y6\jji'^.* 

ma) receive the Holy Ghojl ; IS^iv 3 XIujdv lie 2/^ 

being defirous that as the ^ o^^e^ro^i ? x.^^i^ 

Devil depriv*d Adam by his rifjiiiv (S IS'ctzijS mvivfjo:*. 

Tafling of the Tree, of that ^7s m^u'dcn, sf^Ccov 

^^ Immortality, which was pro- ^rtuccfcc ^zi^-^o-i'veyy^v 

mifcd him, fo alfo that Si- r.f/iv, Kkyj^v- A^^t^ xd- 

mo:-: might intice us by the ^1 ttw l^'dciioLv rati- 

receiving of Money, and tUu, ncc %dy^ a> Av 

^ 'fh-k^^ 

the Holy Apoftles^ 

^6« tIu. x^^ -^i^' might thereby cut us offfrom 

CdvYi TTv^jj^di ayiov' the Gift of God, that fo by 

/2tf;i^/4>©- cos r 'A J^> Exchange we might pare with 

7->) ytvai t5 fuA«, ^ to him for Money the in- 

oc'ccT iTocfyihictv d" eftimable Gift of the Spirit. 

%,tcc(ncx.i27e^'^(jiv\?ncA But as we Were all troubled 

^ ^Tifjias Tf ^m rP^ at this Offer, I Peter, with a 

Pf^7ifj{^Tccp ' c5?Afa5, fix'd Attention on that mali- 

r? i^o-gws tS 0gS ^ TTg- cious Serpeat which was in 

£/t^a4ca. '^'O'jTTy? ctVri- him, faid to Simony Let thy 

jtaTctMa§af;^joi ^70- i^^^^)' ^<? ^itb thee to Perdi- 

^fj^ejzx. OLfJTxS x^y\Y3*- tion, hecAtife thou haft thought 

rrm Trf ctT/'/x^jTop S' to furchafe the Gift of God 

'7ri^kffJLccloiSh)pectv.'7n^j- with Mone). Thou haft no 

rrm Q Y^fjiSsv 'Gn tsto) fart in this Matter, nor Lot 

Tae^^^figVrw^ aW/- in this Faith-, for thy Heart 

auj; lyl> Uir^i e'j r is not right in the Sight of^ 

Iv (wnS Mv.l^r^v ocpiv, God. Repent therefore of this 

ei^v V 2/>je)H • To th'j Wickednefs, and fray to 

a^ryj^'ov (T^ amy (^o\ the Lcrd.if ferhafs thelhought 

^■n eis oiTT^X^bp. cTL of thine Heart may he forgi^ 

rir.v Sb)^w ^ <BiZ h'i- ven thee. For [perceive thcu 

fjLic^ ^ ^^m^v art in the Gall of Biitcrncfs^ 

^r^iX (?^. ggi Qoi fJiS' and the Bond of Iniquity. But 

e}i ov % P\^yco TSTw, then 6'/?;^^;? was terrified, and 

Gh^ xA?)>(^(^Tf x/- faid, / intreat you pray yt to 

<r<j TctuV.!' r^'^y^i^^cL the Lord fer me, that none 

(7y^ \^vJi^iciiiA'(^- of thofe things which ye have 

rmov ^ esS. • iJjirj^poy\' Jpoken come upon me. 

T, 20. 

y. 24 

Z i BUT 


cwjhujJjQv dh)cioLS ^T(f)pot) ai op<nu. A>Ko[,fUiTi jS, o 2/'- 

Sect. LI. 

VIII. TJUT when we went forth 'tJN/W q ^frfArSo- 

"^ among the -Gentiles to "^ ■*■ p^j oj/ td?j ?6- 

preach the Word of Life, then leai w/}j)uosjbiv ^ r ?^y7 

the Devil wrought in the ^ ^wS?;, mm ov-n^yfiav 

: People to fend after us falfe o <^SoX(^&imuv ^qu 

Apodles to the corrupting >>mc^eiAaj 07ri(m rifjic^v 

of the Word, and they fent 4<^J^77T3gT3Ay5 els (^e- 

forth one Cleohius, and join'd ^-nXoyaiv ? -^>tf . ^ 

him with Simon, and thefe *z&^g^a%vaT> Kmq^iov 

became Difciples to one Do- mivx^ (^ ^i^<^^ccv $ 

fitheus, whom they de'pifing, ^Ifj^^n'r Stdz j fjix^- 

put him down from the Tioyoiv Aom^iaj kv\, 

Principality. Afterwards al- ov'^"^" r^^jSh^.ijui'nTS^'' 

fo others were the Authors i?$ e^cJo^t^To ir ; a/j;:^??;. 

of abiiird DodJrines, Cerin- eiBc (£ i^^i lii^v tccc- 

ihus^ and Marcus, and A/^- T>?jD^aj/ ojcmiTzziov Shy- 

mnder,' and Eajilides, and ^twv^ ^r\Q^v%®., ^ 

j^^* Fag. Satttrnilns. Of thefe fome Maj^x©-, ''^'' ^ Mgi^- 

33<^. own the Dodrine of many (V'cJy©^, ^ Eacr^Ae^s, 

Gods ; fome only of Three (^ ^ XaTDj^y?A©.". rroJ- 

but contrary to each other, ^rwr 0/ jS ^?\^i :>gi,', 

\Aichout Beginning, and ever, ol 5, ^^^ c^'x^t/W, 

i « j 7»V >coVfwy. V. *deeft. V. I al ^T^TtVa©-. 

the Holy Apoftles. 

f^vocpX^h ^^ (Tujudv^ with one another, and fome 

iiwjti'is, 01 Q ac'Tiiipvs of an infinite Number of 

<S ccyt/oit^iis crb|a^«(7iv them, and thole unknown 

^ 01 ft TDv ydfJi^p aGg- ones alfb. And (bme rejedt 

iScnv^ iic &v(u ? ©gtf Marriage, and their Dodrine 

ijiyv Shli^ov'Tei' ctMoi is. That it is not the Ap- 

<rg rivoL <^ (^^^<n>u pointment of God ; and o- 

^^e?\.ve>jDV7Uj' ^ 01 q" thers abhor fome kinds of 

avouK^lw^ cn-m^pyd^iiCTjyy Food : Some are impudent 

oToi 01 vuL '\AiS)idvvyigi in Uncleannefs, fuch as thofe 

^"^ N/JcpJ^iro^ ojuV- who are falfely call'd Nico-^^'^. Pag. 

mi ^IfJi^v IfJigi Yl€rt^(a Uitans : And Simon meeting 357* 

•Tre^Tov c/p KcLjoztpeia* me Peter firfl: at defarea Stra'- 

tjT ^Tept'TWj'©-, li/>D& tonis, ( where the faithful 

Kop^^riAt©- m<^i 'Qi- Cornclwf^ a Gentile, beUeved 

<^i^(ra, «3y IGf /?(^5, g^* on the Lord Jefus by me^ 

tdV ^ ;a;£/oj^ " '[v\(r^v^ endeayour'd to pervert the 

tTi g(W.y, (Twwnj^v fj^i Word of God : there being 

€7rei^TD2/^g]iSfe<v^u With me the Holy Children, 

?[g^v ? ©ga, GvfJL'Tnx.' Zaccheus, who was once a 

e^uroov fj(gi rP^S U^v Pubh'can, and Barmhas, and 

T5jcrft)j/, TjGL-if.'^a.i'd tS iV/V(?f/?^, and ^^>7«i/^, who were 

^TDTB isAwra, (^ Ba/)- Brethren, and Clement the 

ya'f cc, s^ NijwiTa :($() Bifliop and Citizen of Rcmc^ 

'h-^Ajj?^ <Lk7\.(^m^'h'h' who was the Difciplc of 

fi^jT©^ t5 'Pc^fJLaioou F4«/, our Fellow- Apoftle, and 

S77i<7>cp'J5-« IB ^ 'TSTDA/Tf^, Fcllow- Hcl pcr in the Gofpel. 

'^ juaS'WT^figvT©." 5 ^ I thrice ■ difeourfed before 

n*t;A<w Wo-^u/a-rcgijAw thcni With him concerning 

}]fj[^v ^ cvuus^ycij ov Si the TV^iT Prophet, and con- ■ 

^Uaf^^A/o;* ^' (^ " Te/C- cerningthe /^/^^^irc^yof God, 

U i i ■ —————I II ■ II. .1 ■■ 

Z 3 ' and 


Pleafure. Now a Lover of (piX-nShvov r cfi?\^^iov 
God ought not to be a Lo- vTizif^i^v, 
ver of Pleafure. 

V Sect. LIX. 

LXIX. V'E Wives be dibjedl to ' A 5 yiwcuvM 'ic^rr^ 
•*- your own Husbands, and ^ ojs^ to?-; ^iS'ion" 

have them in Eueem, and b^S'^ai^ ^ 7^^ ^i^ric, 

ferve them with Fear and ofjilni^Ti, ^ (^oQai & 

Love, as holy 6'^r^^ honour d ct^TrwJ'BAgJgTg cvJirjrs* 

Ahrdham, For Ihe could not oji y\ dyU ^d^oi nr 

endure co call him by his 'Af^^a^a Irlfj^^, gb^ 

Name; but called him Lord, l| ovoiJ^^^cwrT^vi^- 

\^ V'Ti ihe faid, My Lord is j^'jyo-ct y^.Keiv^ 'SMoL 

In like manner, ye tw^ov av^y ct^o-x- 

Husbands, love your own ^pgJyo-a, o^ W A^'- 

VViveS 2S your own Mem- ynv' 'O 5 ^^/"^ /^^» 

bers, as Partners in Life, 7rp2aQuTY\i. 'O^/wi 

and Fellow-helpers for the ^ oi ^jvo^^r- ^oym 'tzIs - 

Procreation of Children. For hjjiwu ywusa^s, c^s 

..:- V. fays He, Rejoice nith the 'iSfy fjJAiu co; ^^ivmli^ . 

c^^c. lyjfg ^f ffjy Xcutb. Let her /S/y, (t C^^vepy-^s 'c^i 

Conv-erfation be to thee a> a 'f^fkaiv rfri3.idhiv- ^wu^ij- 

loving Hindf and a pleajant 9e/xn'tf ^^ (p}ic\, p^ 

Foal \ let her alone guide th'.e, *)!/jjoui)fQs ^ 6% recm- . 

a^d he with thee at all .times : tos c^i' Iac<.(C@s, ' o-?^" 

ccefl. p^^ jj' fjjQ^ y^.^p ^y^f^y ^^y (piXiccs, 7a 7ra>A^Qo^9 

enc-'mfr,[s'd with her Friend- *\^eJ-'^^v oijjiK&inu) Qc 

fljip, thou wilt he happy in her i ^ iS'icLriyiiSTio <r«, ^ 

Society, Love them there- Qvii^ am ov ^tt^^jtI 

lore as your own Members, xcupoi' C4f yipj-iT tc^jj^ 

t diet. V. •^. V. ^deeit. V, 

the Holy Apoftles.^ 

mis (piXta. Qvi/.<c^ipe' as your very Bodies ; for 

ep'f4^®-j 'TToMogi; €o-y\, fo it is Written, 7)^^ Lord has Mai ii 14; 

^Ayju^Ti Zvccvms, o)s teftified hetvreen thee^ and be- *5i i^. 

oly.sicc f/,e?i7if cos u^i- tween the Wife of thy Tenth : 

"^esf- &K^'x^- yin^ccTT' And [he ns thy Partner, and 

"Tztj yip Sto)' Kuei©, another has not made her : And 

SiSf^intfPSLTo dpoc ^' [he is the Pu*mains cf thy 

cov cy ^ dvci jLLio-op spirit. And, Take heed to 

^yupax^i vedm^s a^, your Spirit, and do not forfake 

^ oiUTn Tfsivoovos c-y, '^ the Wife of thi Tenth, An Huf- 

«jc aM©- sTHiime-, % band therefore and a Wif", 

s^zroA^M-^^wt rjrvev^j^^i when they company toge- 

cry- ot} <fv?^^cx.Ss ^ tqJ ther in lawful Marriage, 

enviVjj^cc^ vf^v' ^ yj- and rife from one another, 

vciAy^ peo'Trnis o-» /utri may pray without any Ob- 

IfyJ^oLXi-urm . 'Arrip Zv tervacions ; and without Waih* 

^ yjvr,^'^ vojj.'l(/.oj" yi- ing a*.e clean. But whofo- 

f^o) mjvep^ljSjfjoi , >t. dir ever corrupts and defiles a- 

yMrihoov g<^/e^f,4'jo: , nother Man's Wife, or is de- 

dt^^nnnfrirnios ^ss^cdj- filed with an Harlot '-, when 

^eo%)n^' ^ fjjY] ' A»(9s- he arifes up from her, tho* 

[J^^oi\ y^Jzi^i eiQiv, he fliculd wafh himfelf in 

liJ\^ dp*^MoT£).dpyj' the entire Oce^n, and all 

vS}/^ -vkro^Sft^^^ ;.ua- the Rivers, cannot be clean. 

Mn To^'irpllcd? Zv Do' not therefore keep a- XKJf. 

nvj ti'vof^cc (t '^ (pvG-i^-, ny fuch Obfervances about 

fo^ii^ovTis f/.oXiu>e^Si legal and raiurui Purgati- 


ons, as thinking you are de- gjWSjv* fj/^H 'Qi^yJe^ts 

filed by them. Neither do 'hok'iTt'^s dfo^afx'^s^ 

you ieek after Jerrifh Sepa- ri avve^r) ^cc^iatj^oL^ 

rations, or perpetual Wafli- % i[^%^crij.h 'On ^l^\ 

ings, or Purifications upon ygjcja^. a^o^Tup^i'Tws 5 

the Touch of a dead Body. cuxtoL^e^iC^i^ c/v mii 

But without (uch Obfer va- ^/^//yir^Gis, tIw amf- 

tions ademble in the Dor- vc^cnv r U^v l^iS^im 

mitories, reading the Floly ^TnniiJ^joi, ^ 4^Moj7g5 

Books, and finging for the v^^5l r^ y^)^i^^,i4'^'wi' 

Martyrs which are fallen a- f^^^v^ ^ ^vtwv ^ 

deep, and for all the Saints dw' cu^mQ. dyiajv, <t 

from the Beginning of the t dhlhcfm J^i/ ^^ 

World, and for your Bre- cv •iuje/-Cf)v^'ii^iijy^\j3^jo)v 

thren that are afleep in the (^ r d^TiTUTniv § Scccn- 

Lord, and offer the accepra- Aft« 0^^9:7©- ^ Xe/r« 

ble Eucharift, the Reprefen- S^ycrlw^^^gid^jTep- 
ration of the Royal Body of o-^gj^gii, h te icc?5 dx- 

Chrift,both in your Churches, TcXnolous ofji^v, ^ ov Isi^i 

and in the Dormitories ; ^i(j/n'Ty]^oii' ^ ov -m^s 

and in the Funerals of the i^oSba ^ vjfy^Lfjyn^jA' 

*>* P'^g- Departed accompany them vcav, %*4^'^^^'^^ '^^^' 

^ ^' with Singing, if they were mijj.m'n oS^ila, \bp ^ai 

PfaLcxT. faithful inChrift. For, Trc" mi^icAf yjje/-^' Tumqs 

'5- cicus in the Sight cf the Lord yi cvcarlov wjc/^ 

is the Death vf his Saints, ^u,val@^ Jr J^wr ijj- 

cxi7. 7. And again, ?ny Scul, re- tS* x^ ^mlKif 'Eiri^ 

turn unto thy Re/?, for the ^e-yljou fi -^xn fjm &st 

Lord hath dene thee Good : dveizTcvcnv an, on )te>- 

Pro?.x.7. And elfewhere. The Alcwory e/Q-^'^pyi'Tnci cre' <£ 

cf the Ju[l is vrith Enco- cv dM.oii' MvniJ/n Sl- 


the Holy Apoftles.^ 

$(^icau fji^T efytcofjiicov miums : And, The Souls cfNitdMlH 

^* Ai-^LCfiv -^xo] ov ihe Righteous are in the Hands 

XGie)- ©s«. O/ yk^ vf God, For thofe thac have 

€)g(iJ '7r6'7nr^'<p''Ti5, li/j believed in God, akhough 

39 iipifjyn^ooaiv, 5^. d(7iu they are aileep, are not dead. 

vsK^i* Ag}^ yi oza- For our Saviour fays to the 

nrhp ms 'XoLSS'^'n^loLi' Sadducees^ But concerning the Ex. iii. 6, 

VliQji 5 'f dvoc^a^oos ^ Refurre6fion of the Dead, have Luk. xx. 

pBx^if (5B7t a\'gr^cu7i S je not read that which is writ"^ 

^^jiL^\^pov^ 071 f5^ ten, I am the God of Abra- 

©gos 'A^eP^a//., iS ham, and the God oflizak^and 

Geds'l(macx., ^ 6 Seos the God of J^coh? God therefore 

'/a)6<jtio ; G^To 2Tiy '^v is not the God of the Dead, hiit 

©^05, ©go? i'gx^v,aA- of the Living ; /^r all live to 

?^ ^oiv^Tibv' ^'n> yi JFJim Wherefore of thofe 

xiirtrS ^£aiv. Ovk^v t that live with God, even 

fix^ 0gw ^(ivTwv GiA their very Reliques are noi: 

Tto Afl^ai^a oilcfj^, ^ without Honour. For even 

y!?^ 'EA/oo-ow©-o Tr^p- £/iyZ?/? the Prophet, after he4K'n^* 

q>r]T)M fXFJ 3 TLoiijySyivauf was fallen afleep, raifed up^^****** 

ot^TuV, vi^L^v riycips a dead Man, who was flain 

'7n(fovAi\x}pov •vrzzTo 7r«- by the Pyrates of Sjria. For 

e^-TO'i/ ^v^oi?, €-fcfjj(jd his Body touch'd the Bones 

yi S Qi|^ot o/jtS t 'EAi- of Elijha, and he arofe and 

«^^/y o^Mv^ (£ ctvoi^i reviv'd. Now this would noc 

i^naiv' s^ ctv 3 ^ys^i- have happened unlefs the Bo- 

ri tSto, €i fjiT] Iw S dy of £//yV7^ were holy* 

aziii^ 'ExL^sn^i^ oiyiov. And chaft y^/e'jt?/j embraced gcri 1. il 

^'lct)or}(p c ozk;(pe^v, m^- Jacob after he was dead 

£jLS7rKiy(ATo ^ '\Ginoo& upon his Bed, And MofesEy.xi'.i^ 

fj^ g ^^ai'ftV, ovm and 7^/J«^ the Son of Nun '''^ '^''' 

^' *? 7fAzV«5 (^ Mwcr^is carry d away the Reliques 

^^hmi tS Nai/S i- of Jofcph, and did noc e- 

Dd 3 ikem 


fteem it a Defilement. Whence mi(^f^vTo m hei'^vcc 

you alfo, O Bilhop, and the "I&jjiy, fjigXvajJiCfv^'^ 

reft, who without fuch Ob- iyiiJS^joi i5to. q^v^ 

fervancvS touch the Depart- vf^ea, (2* ^(tkottdi, ^ 

ed, ought not to think your o\ ?[gim\^ acD^irifii- 

fe-vcs defiled; Nor abhor iw? a-^cf^ooi 7^ Hfx(;i- 

the Rehques of fuch Per- /w^ju^wj', p,ri voijli(^t^ 

fons, but avoid fuch Ob- fJuc^vH^, /j^z/iS's ^i^Au- 

fervances, for they are foohfli. ojgc^ nmi t^to^v X&r 

And adorn your felves with i|.ai/a.* 'cfe^iVaf^'joi las 

H oh nets and Chadity, that rniojj'^i c^iyipYiG-eiSy 

ye may become Partakers of ju^^es^s'do^'^KOGju^ei'n 

Immortahty, and Partners of ^ cuurk " ov dyixajju^^, 

theKingdomofGod,andniay -^ Qj^^p^V* ^'TrwifjA- 

receive the Promfe of God, rn^i 't djzLvctoiccs ^ 

and may reft for ever, thro' 5corrwpol 'f ^oi(7iX€i(x.i 

Jefus Chrift our Saviour. tS B^S ')^v«^, <& t? 

6'TCcJq/cA/^/J '^ v»g» 

To Him therefore, who is T^ br ^^Waju^jV »- 

able to open the Ears of your voltcu tcowto, t ^(^tp- 

Hcarts, to the Receiving the Sicou vij^^v «* S^)t^7a- 

Oracles of God adoiiniftrcd cT^'^c^^" '^ (5^/;zo:/«f^.V^ 

to you, both by the Gofpel, ^ es'^ :\gya^ ^/^'t?? 

and by the Dc^yh7e of ]q ii^^fjiXli^.^^i SiSk- 

fus Chrift of Nazareth, who o-y^AioA'haiX^i^S? 

was crucify 'd under Pontius Na(^4)^/«, ♦? ^v^^^- 

/V/4/^ and ficrody and died, ^ivT^^'fS^YlQVTl^Ui^ 

and rofe again from the ;^Td,(& 'H^^o^i^^,^ ;cor- 

— ■■ . . - 

^ T». V. * UviU' V. .^ tfjuVtf. V. :' eiVj^';^^ V. 

the Holy Apoftles.' 

fjjMil©^^ ^^cL<pil^{^ Dead, and will come again 
OK ysK^v, ^ WA/r at the End of the World wicii 
ep^-fj^jn ^Qn cuxtitXeio. Power and great Glory, and 
tS 'a\m®^ fj^ Sibils % Will raife the Dead, and puc 
SujudfJiectis 'tjtmS?, 3(5u an End to this World, and di- 
TliifivsyLp'^ioiveytitPV' ftribute to every one ae- 
T©-, 1^ "iiiujj.^ 5 '^^ cording to his Delerts : To 
A@. e^THXjr^vT^y i^- Him that has given us hinn- 
<^cfj Q m t!^s oi^idp felf for an Earned of the 
SimviiJi^vl©^' V ^^^ Refurrection, w^ho was taken 
rifjiTv ctppxSoovoc ^ ct- up into the Heavens by the 
ragao-ga>5 lojjmliv* ^ Power of his God and Fa^ 
&i h^vU clvoLX'A(fUvlc ther, in our Sight, who eac 
^ 'i SUfjdfjjic^i tS and drank with him for 
©g» ^ crareps omQ^W Forty Days after He arofe 
o-^mp TjfjLeiizs^is, ttj's from the Dead ; who is lac 
QvfjL(fxy^(7iv irniS ^ down on the Right Hand of 
XjJljt.mZ(jiv 'On Yiflse^s the Throne of the Maj> 
^ossLCS^^tofiac fj^^' g a- fty of Almighty God upon 
I'oc^vcu, ojuTT^v 6% vex,' the Cherubim ; to whom 
e^v' ^ ^'^t<Srevk c/K \Z Was faid, Sit thou tf;^^ pfalxix.i. 
^^iMv tS Gepj'y 'f |w^- ?»y /?/>^^ //^W, untfl I make 
y^KMawjm §' '^u'TO /^/^^ Enemies thy Foot[lool : 
^e/^P®. ©g« a^T Whom the moft'biefled Ste- 
Xep^Cifji' nj^ oiy.i<jd^lc' fhen faw [landing at the 
Kcl^^ok''^^' k^L^vfJLv, Right Hand of Power, and n*^^«^. 
I«5 <V! Joo Taj g:>^373&^ cry'douc, and faid, •^"^^'-''^ 'Acini. <r5 
C» vsTO'TTD^ior T^ ^' fee ihe Fhavais cfemd^andiU 
h'm o-«' Qv i<STal.QiTo Son of Man ftandhig at the 
J^Tip^©^ fj^xcce/ou' Right Hand of God, as the 
gr©. l<^m cx^ic^iv High-Prieft of ail the ra- 
'f SU/jocpM$, X) dvoL- tional Orders -.Thro'Jgh Him 
eo7i(;^^;a77s^-'Icfy()e6j- WorQiip and Majeily, and 

D d 4 ^ Glory 


Glory be given to Almigh- £^ ri^ ye^r« aVg^^jLti- 
ty God, both now and tor vms, (^ t t/oj^J ^ dp^eP' 
evermore. Amen' t»' c^^^iwj' gfw<ra.T» 


the Holy Apoftles. 

Lib. VII. 



Sect. LX. 

Concerning the Chri/lian Conyerfatmij and the 
Eucharijl^ and the Initiation into Chriji. 

OS foiJio<B^' 

TOSWS i(7 

cShv *? ^ci}y)s, ^ r oS'cv 

H E Lawgiver /^(?- Chap. I. 
fes faid to the If- 
'raelhes. Behold /Dcut.xix. 
have fct before jour ^5- 
F.-?r^ the way of Life, and 
the way of Death ; and ad- 
ded, Qhoofe Life, that thoH ^^ »9. 
maYfi live. Elijah the Pro- 
phet alfo faid to the Peo 
pie, Uorv long will you halt 3 King. 
with both your Legs ; If the *'^^^* ^'' 
Lord be God, follow him. The 
Lord Jefus alfo faid juft'y. 

* W o-^v TVi^ C^n^ '^* 



Matt. vi. t^o one can ferve tiro M^/I'ers; (poiip^is 9 lyvvous J- 

^4' for either he rrill h^it^ the one, fj^v ; &i ^eos 1^ jtvgyt- 

and love the other ; or elfe he ©-, Trvpdiiec^^ C'inm cbu- 

. rtill hold to the one^ and t5. eiy^^Twi IXiyh ^ o 

defftfe the other. We alfo 'iwe^@^ 'IwffSs' OJ(J^ei5 

following our Mailer Chrifl, ^oltwj Sitai y.ue/-ois 

I TJtn. ir. ^^^ /J /^^ Saviour of all ^yAdiJeiv' J ^S t gW 

*'^' i^/^'A?, efpccidlly of thofe that yucyfoi, ^TiTioj^vdyL- 

helieve, are obliged to fay ttm^' ?] ho9 dv^^i^eTOLf, 

that there are Two Ways, ^ t3 Ir-Jps^ ^(^o'TOfpepv'T/ 

the one of Life, the other o^- dvoi^v^m ^ r.f^e<Sy 

of Dearh ; which have no iWp^jo/ 'tlJ' ^iJ^cTxaAw 

Compariioii one with ano- X^/t^oj, U Igi (miip 

ther ; for they are ver}^ ^jo.vrmv dv'^pooTmv^ 

different, or rather entirely ^Ai^ ^g^ju, ^a/^J, 

feparate ; and the way of &■$ dho oShi aai, jjIoc '? 

Life is that of Nature, but ^wj??, (c/^ai5,^-yo^^ 

that of Death was after- t». yk/ou^o q avyxCA" 

wards introduc'd ; iz not mv i^i^cnv -g^s ejjj^Tui' 

being according to the Mind rjmXv yi ^^ ^^(fo^pv, 

of God, but from the Snares ^"^ov 3 "ndvTm va^* 

of the Adverlary. e>^cr|xVca TTyP^ y^' -^ 

jj The firft Way therefore Ue^Ty\Zv <Tvf'^v\ w 

is that of Life, and is this, oaii r <C,m>' ^ l^v coj- 

which the Law alfo docs in, Ixfj ^ o vofj.(^ 2/^' 

^'-'••"'.•5. appoint, 7o Itve the Lord y,^iv^' dy^wa.v "mlje/ov 

^"■''^' God nith all thy Mind, and ^0fcr f? oAw^'f ^ ($W. 

^ammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmamm.mmmmmmmmmmmimm'mmmmmmmmmmmmm i n 

the Holy Apoftles.' 

Lib. VII. 

a§ r 'Ti^voiov cos Icwrer- 
;($y, liar c ^ rSrA«5 

iwp eTiyipSctCovnzov u- 
'^^^f-i eoLv (prAaii tvs 

7r/7A ^/// f/?) Soul, who is the 
One and Gnlj God, hefides 
whom there is no other ; and 
th^ Neighbour as thy [elf: and^^'^^'^"^^' 
rrhjtfocver thou vpouldsji /^^/'Tob.iV i6 
pjould he done to thee, that 
do not thou to another. Blefs Matt. v. 44. 
them thcit cnrfeyoui pray for ^^^'^^^-^^^ 
them that defpitefullj ufe yon. ^ *'"^ " 
Love jour Enemies ; for what 
Thanks is it if ye love thofe 
that lev: jon ? for even the 
G envies do the jame : But do 
je love thofe that hate joii, 
and ye [hall have no Enemy : 
For, fays He, Thou fbalt not^^^^- , 
hate any Man, no not an *- 
Egyptian, nor an Edomire. 
For they are all the VVork- 
manihip of God. ilvoid noc 
the Pcrions, but the Senti- 
n^ents of the Wicked. Ab- 1 Petji. 
fiain from Flcjhly and World-^ ' ..^^^ 
ly I ujls If any one ^/i^(?^ Matt.r.55? 
thee a Stroke on thy Right 
Cheeky turn to him the other 
aljo. Not that Revenge is 
evil,' but that Patience is 
more honourable. For Da- 
vid lays. If I hdve madeFCalm.s, 

fc/ defuat. V^./ Jits', igji/ o^gy uu(mi aT^c^ » mlfa^i V. 
^iK^yMy. V. i deiunc V, 

deefl. V. 



Retur>i$ to thtm repaid A/t/y' h (fi^Km vam *? 

Matt. ▼. P^e Evil. If ariy one compel cofj.vvni, ^Md Tifjucoii' 

¥' 40- t/jee to go a Mile, go frith es^i *? oive^i){0.KiciA' xi- 

him tirain. And, He that ^yJoAaS'/cT' El dv 

*4i* Vzg.'Trill [tie thee at the Law, md <nu^SyjC){g.n:riiiclvTCL'jn* 

3^3- take array thy Coat^ let him Si^Zai pigi yg.y[^* 'Eai^ 

have thy Cloak alfo, Andj af^apX^vi *j^* 0^ 17$ /wi^ 

from him that ti\keth thy ?\iov iv^ viDcyi fj/sT au- 

Goods require them not a- t? Aio. (£ W ^T^gvnri 

Xxikn.'^o.gain. Give to him that ask' Qi x^/c^yivo*, ^ r ;y 

eth thee, and from him that ^voi (ta ^Cciv, oi(pes 

vrould horrerv of thee do not ojuti^ (t ^ li^Uop' ^ 

fU^Cid.^.fhut thy Hand, For, The ^' niiai^v^^ m cd^ 

righteous Man is pitiful, and f^iDoi'TnLiTei.^ ti^cut^v 

lendeih. For your Father U. ^, 8\S\^'' >^ ^ tS 

would have you give to all, ^■?^v]^ SbLv&an^ 

Matt.v.45 jYho himfelf maketh his Sun fu}^ n, /im) ^ amq'^'' 

to rife on the Evif and on (pea" ^^-^cheio-As r ^«* 

the Good, and fendtth his Rain ^' 8\-^.@^ y) 

en the Jufly and on the Un- o/xT«p(] (£ ^?^^' '^rat" 

j///?. 'Tis therefore reafona- ai yi 34?,^ S\Shchi mw 

ble to give to all out of irp, r y]>^iQv ojjtS 

thine own Labours: For, diccTi'Mcov 'Qn nnivn^\i 

Pror/mp.j^yg he, Honour the Lord ^ a>a6«f. ^^ ^'^'-^v 

^c, * ^«^ of thy ri,^hteous Lahours ; aju^? I3pe')^v 'Q\ St^^ys 

but (0 that the Saints be (£ d^xa;. mS.cnv %v ^-'.o. preferred. Thou (})alt not -^ov $\^va* i^ olx^&ioju 

kill; that is thou flialt not ^yc^u' T/V^^, cpncn^ 

defiroy a Man like thy felf; ^ 7u>e/ov ^ktoQUv $^}(^- 

for thou difiolveit what was ^v Triyojv 'tA^ltfj/ziiiov 

U'cll made: Not as if all Qrii^ciyiys. Ou (povd^j- 

i defunt. V. t deed. V. 

the Holy Apoftles: Lib. VH 

CGH* ^re^Vj l 9^- Killing were wicked, but 
pSi r ofj^Lov (Toi oiv^e^' only that of the Innocent ; 
^TTDv' 2^aJ«? yl> T» but the Killing which is 
^Xoos yivofjS^Joc' a% cai jufl; is refcrv'd to the Magi- 
mnvls'^ (pova 9c«;A« ^f- it rates alone. Thcu fl^lt not 
^vovf©-, XVla ^ra commit Adultery : For tho4 
aSc6<3T»«, tS</1,' cM't^iKa divideft one Fleih into two. 
apo^»<7z 1491/0/5 oi'^cc'^a- • //?^6')f 7"rr^ /?jj// ^^ one Flefh : Gcn.ii.24f 
ju^u'y* Ov ^i^dvaeii' For the Husband and Wife 
^ipeti ^ ^ IM(M cip^ are one in Nature, in Con- 
eys S)jo' sdDVTDUf y), (pw- fenr, in Union, in Difpo- 
mv, ol Sio eis Qcp>i^ p- fition, and the Condud of 
dp* tv ydp &i(nv dvvp ^ Life. But they they fepa- 
y.ujr) TYi (puai , t^J rated in Sex, and Num- 
avfjimvoiau, t? Ir&ij^, ber. Thou [bait not corrupt I-er?f. ^ 
VS 2^'^(ji/ TzS ^icfj, Bop; for this Wicked nsfs is '''^^^•^°- 
^ T^TTOJ* y^^e/0"- contrary to Nature, and a- 
l^u'of^g «jz TT/T^/i/i^tZc, rofe from Sodom, which was 
K^^nSdp/.'^lJi^ «"7rK/- therefore intirely confum'd G^« xix, 
^(p>pw<7ft?. ^K?^' 9^'- with Fire Cent from God. 
C7IV q8 tt! »(^kP'' ^'^ ^^" -^^^ A^^ ^^ ^^^ ^^ accurfed : ^^^^^ 
S^fj^v (puh^ rikiTweps And all the People fhall /ly, deeft. 
^y}?{^r^ io^j/(x?\.&)it<5c. So he it. Thou [halt not Gom^ 
«^r^j/6K'^>C9^'Ta^T©^ mit Fornication. For, fays 
jjo t^/St©-* ^ ef« 77»« He, 77;^rf ^all not he a. For- i^xiii- n* 
6 Ptg.os' yivoiT2. « "TiDp- nicator among the Children 
yiio-fts' Ou>c tg^; ')S, ^/Ifrael. Thou (halt not fieaL 
q)y)(ny ^pv^oiv cv vo?5 For '^r/&4;?, when he had 1^^« ^^^ 
'Jo-e^TiA. OJ >£A«4^5' ftolen in //r.t(f/ at Jericho, 
""hy^^ W 'yCKk-\ai <zv was (toned to Death; and 
fTtS'lo-es^Tihc^^'leeAoS^, (jhazi, who dole, and told 

:7«vv. i^ v.. 


4 King. V. a Lyc, inherited the Leprofie A/>/5 (^Xn^eis t« ^L^ 

Joh. xii.6. of Naaman ; and Judas, who '\lo-e^nA^' ^ r/g^«, 

^^^^: ftole the Poor's Money, be- jfAsif-as ^ 4^^V'^'J®'> 

Ac5t. i. 'j8 ^rsy'd the Lord of Glory to c^7i);ep^0AMj^ ^SNgg- 

the 5^ir^, and repented, and f^v r A?w^i^. <£ 'Is- 

hanged himfelf, and burfl: J^?, ^tAg'^wt' ^ i^jp/ 

afunder in the midft, and all 'Tnvri'T:^}^, t yjj^op ^ 

his Bowels gufli'd out. And Sb^m ^THx^psShoyjev lyJ^xi- 

Anan'uts and Sapphira his Wife, cis, (t jo^TTx/xeAJiS-^ff a- 

who ftole their own Goods, 'Tiviy^a^f -ij l?[g.'m(^ 

y and tempted the Spirit of fjiicr©*, ^ g^g;^r3>j 'mr* 

the Lord were immediate- ^ ^ cro-Aar^o. tt</r5. 

]y, at the Sentence of ^ 'Arar/a<, ^ Xct'co-- 

Fffd-r our Fellow -ApoQle, 9^^^ Ji tstj^ 7^m;7j, 

flruck dead. YKi-^\ctvni Toi 'I^gl^ ^ 

III. Thou ihalt not ufe Ma- Oi u^^yi^a^i- ^ (foLp* 

gicL Thou fhalt not ufe ^'.y.<l(jaii' (fa^jt^xys 

Fx xxii. Witchcraft. For He fays, Te ydp^ pmv, y ^e^Crw- 

18. /?V?// /7t?? Aj^""^ ^ Witch to (Ten' Ov (pOvAjT^^i TiTt' 

live. Thou flialt not flay vov (r6 ca> (p^pa, v,^ 

♦^5fP3„ thy Child by caufing Abor- 11& r^^^r^^^v ^-jjc-nra^' 

364. tion, nor kill that w4iich is "^^ ^v ydp 'ri e^et^- 

}{xi.^^ begotten. For, Eve>y thir?g vicriA'jov, -^x^ ^^' 

i-XX. fij^,f /^ fl)aped, and has re- Ccv is^^ ©iJ, cpovAf- 

ceived a Soul fro7n God^ if it ^v-, oitSwjn^a^Tzjii^ a- 

he fl.iirj, (J^all he avenged, as ^v^i clva.}'^s<^v, Oi>yc 

being unjulllf de(lro{d. thou 'bm^\jJt,(r\^ r:iL ^6 <7TKy[' 

fhalt not covet the Things that aiov cr^, oisv r yvju-Jl^g^^ 

hclcng to thy Neighhctir, as y> r '^'J)t. J r /S^i^, rj 

his Wife, or his Servant, or r dy^v, C'vx, brno^- 

the Holy Apoftles. Lib.VlI. 

yf'oji' Ipje^ ydp,^ fiA his Ox, or his FieLl Thou 
cf^cz^^oXa)s' et'of^^- p^dt not forfvpcar thy felf. For 
^, Ka.v <^opYAcrm' ok it is faid, Thou fJ? alt not ftrear m .. 
e^^vB.%avr^ rjp^, 6 o>. at all ; buc if that cannot be ' '^^ 
n.i)r oy cJ/;tiJ: Ovj^v- avoided, thou llialt fvvcar 
Shf^pr^^-i^jis 071 mj- truly, For every cm thatPCdhii 
y^oqjdpT^v^nm.TTcL' [wears hj Him /hall be com-'^- 
CP^t^i •$• mih^^w rmndcl Thou flalt not hear 
^■^^'^- meWitnefs. For, He that p,^,^^-^^ 

falfslj accufes the Needy fro- 3i. 

vokes to Anger Him that 

made him, 
^Ovy^-,toP[gyir,aii im Thou fhalt not fpeak IV. 
a,y^7ra.ylp,f>m '^g.^ Evil: For, fays He, Love 
otoAoySv\^ 'i,cc fjjfl J- not to fpeak Evil, left thou 
§a/:Gii$' fc;J^ ijjify)aiv^.'m^' heefi taken away Nor ftalt 
cii' cSh] ^pw^^)ai'^^ thou be mindful of loju-r- 
-^v, ^^^^vcL^v.O^j-^ ries; For the Ways ef thofe^'^' 
ea-Yt^yuc^fA'^.^ ^SiSiy that re77iemher Injuries are 
Afi^oT©.- Trayti^ yip unto Death. Thou ilialt not 
i^e^ aVcTee TO 'iS\cc be double-minded nor dou- 
;^ftAjj' ^c^ di'Tip yAo). ble tongued : For, A Man's - 
OJ3.J V^ « v^aTTtjOLu;,^^- 0Tr?3 Lips are a flrono- Snare to ^^' ^' 
Tjx^ ^ '^ ;>^j. Ou jc g him ; And, A talkative Per- PU 
cujo Ao>©. (7^ y^vj'r fon fiall not he profpered upon ''''''^■^^ it 
ifeA^Trat'^i yip Xiyy Earth. Thy Words fliall 
ap-^S Jbtij^TE Aor^j'' Ou not .be vain: For ye fiall^^'^"'^'^^' 
jeva^^^ amX^, ^ylp, give Account of every idleUntA. 

(pn^ ,'mifeT'.'?;^ Word. Thou ftalt not telP'- 
A^r^^^.a^©. OJ,c Lyes: For, fays He, Thou^ v 7 
so-v -^.eoF^Vw, '^^ fialt dftroy alhhofe that /peak '" ' 

.' >S''^.KvyHif, V . I deed, V, 


loju- Pvdvm. 


Ljes^ Thou fliak not be c&pxa|. &«/ ylp^ <pmv, 

covetous, nor rapacious: o 'Ti^eoveK^v'dv Tr^n* 

Hdb. ii. 9. For, fays He, Wo to him (koy 'TrXsove^icuf i\g,iLlw 

that is covetous towards his 

Neighbour, with an evil Cove- 


y Thou flialt not be an Hy- Otiyceart vzmx.e/'^r.ff 

T. , * pocrice, left thy Portion he n'CLfjui)rTiiiiep@^(r<ifj.eT 

51. rrtth them, Thou Ihalt not cfjj^rwv^ifis.OvicicrYiy^' 

be ill-natur'd, nor proud. For, jcori-^wsjbi^wgf "90*05' 

i Pet. ▼.3. God refifieth the Frond. Thou ^sl^^-epijifaiiois yxpo Qsoi 

Jhalt not accept Perfons in ailcloic^Tzjij, Ou Aji^'J 

Judgment -j for the Judgment 'Sf^crtoimv ^ ov y.^crety 

r) (I is the Lord's, Thou jhalt not ok ? yujeJ'^fi y^e/-(7is.Otj 

Ltvit.xiy. hate any Man; thou (J)alt fure- y^m(p{i ^rniv^ avfi^^- 

^7- ly reprove thy Brother, and rrop* 'E?.eyfJici)e?Ay^eii 

not become guilty on his Ac' •Txi'cJJgA(po'yi7y,(^ « Ati^'i 

count: And, R-:^prove a nife ^^jjl^vccfJi^pT^^.^'e" 

Prov IX.8. ^^^^ ^^^ y ^ill Iq^s thee, Kiy')(€ avipov (£ oLyxirYt 

Efchevv all Evil, and all <pI a?. ^eZyc "^ '^Jjjjs 

that is like it. For, fays ^,x.v,^ ^ rndfjlU ofji^l* 

and Trembling (I)all not come civ, ^^ oiS\yj^, & i^* 
nigh thee* Be not foon an- ftoslty^n ei^^iftlai:/. Mr; ^j^'- 
gry, nor fpicefui, nor paflio-^' 
natc, nor furious, nor daring, ro$, fj/^^ (^wAwm, ^^- 
left thou undergo the Fate i^ fj(^viy^9,fjyrM^pctmji' 
of Cainj and of Stiul, and f///i ^TWL^y^.ild ? Ka.V, & 
of Joab ; for the firft of 'ttx T«Sa'^A,?^7a5"Iw- 
Q^ V. thefc flew his Brother ^/y/, oi^cTiU\j^aimyLTeivi 
becau(e /^^f/ was found to J^v dS^eXcfov ^jjtS rov 

Lib.VlI. f^e Holy Apoftles. 

f gA, !^ S "^n^' be preferr'J before him with 

mv c«iTDj^ (^^^{ynyciLf'TWL' God, and becaufe AheH Sa- 

e^©g<>~, (^^>S'7rep crifice was prefer r'd ; the fe- 

X5*6>]ra*" r ,3i/(5?a^i^ ccJ. cond perfecuted Holy David, ^ ^^"-^v.. 

tS* 0$ 5 r ocTfo;^ Aot- who had (lain Gcliab the * 

f /cT gcT/wxg, viyfnozLvJac Fhilifline, being envious np- 

^T ToAict^ ^ r'^ar- On the Praifes of the Wo- 

£i(UQv, "^ ^jjAftSc^,^ 'On men who danced ; the third 

n-A rP^ '^pptif're/Sv flew two Generals of Ar-iKmg. 

evq^Yifjiia.* OS Q t'^s S\jo mies, /^.hner of Ifrael, and"-3i. 

i^^a^p^s ccveiAe^ r Amafa of Judah, 
'AQ^vv7\p T § Icr£5tr]A, 

Mm t/zi^ oioovoay{^- Be noc a Divinet; for that Vf. 

TT©.' oTi Q^Yiyei cD^op's leads to Idolatry : For, fhys 

cl(}^'^;\^Tpa(?/j. O/w Siimuel, Divination is Sin .-iKing.x^. 

vKjy^cc Q, (pncnv ^ct- And, Tkere /hall h r:o ^^''^^*' Jj^umb 

fx-wA ctiJfpTiccT^ xl* mttion in Jacob, nnr South- x\m,i^. 

OCyc Igxi oioovic-f^i cv f^V'fig in Ilrael. Thou fliak 

'Ja'/tcfcS. G^ fyJ/.-T^ioL not ufe Enchantments, or 

ci/ 'lupp.7\K Ovx, eayi Purgations for thy Child. 

I'uracftyj/, ^ V CD%^;(^- Thou f]ia!c not be a Souch- 

%i^v T ijsV (^8 J (riyer, nor a Diviner by great 

•K?i7iSbv lets' tF^^i Qiut'i' or htcle Biids. Nor Ihalt 

i^ncr'A (sh^opv^oaiioirr]' thou learn wicked Arcs ; 

cis' (shh fj^&r(7fi ^ /ura^ for all thefe things has the C>f"f-s'^iu 

Btj'^Io, mvvn^.'.'^u Lrjvv forbidden. Be not one [^g;,[°^"jjj^ 

oTx '}S oi'wyLVTOi '^ vo- that wiflies for Evil, for thou 25. 3 1. 

ju©-at!'uj«'7Tig. M^ ^/jy wilt be led into intolerable 

^.^it/,7}TT^s n^y^v^ 0- Sins* . Thou (lialr noc fpenk 

^' 'H^a^A^ Bhsut V. ^^ Ti> detft. V. 2^\i4i al. ^ deed. V. ' 4, V. ' ^- 

E f • ofe» 


obfcenely, nor .u(e wanton h)ySr\cry} ^ en dfJiS' 
Glances, nor be a Drunkard, ^retocv a^uapTrit^iwi'.: 
For from iuch Caufes arife Ov^eari cu^e^;\97/©-*' 
Whoredoms and Adulteries. ^ ■^L']^o(p^hf/.@^- tf- 
I'c not a Lovet of Money, J^ /xg^o-©-* c/k y5 
Matf? vi leil thou fcrve Mummcn , tbt<w^ ^Trvpyeiot (^ /^:- 
^'^^ injhad cf Go J. Be not ;:^^«^ qz/Voj/tii/. Mri 7/- 
vain-glcrious, nor haughty, ya (pL:\^p<yjpQ* ' iVot 
nor high-minded. For from /t>ti ctrVl ©»» (f aAet/Vys 
2II thele Things Arrogance tlJ' fj(g.mcf)va., Ut] yl- 
docs fpring. RemCTiber Him j/j; y^j/cc5^§j^, jutwJ'^iLAe- 
Pf.cyxx-i vvhc laid. Lord, my Heart is 'nccpQ^, ^.wJ^g i^-vj^^lp- 
?ict hiUightj^nor mine Ejes lofty ; <p^v' ok yap tstsuk 
J have not e^ercisd my felf in ccTrdpTLov d?^r^(^(iVlcuyl' 
great Miitterfy nor in Things ioi.Tujf' uvv^iiTL t5 &• 
too high for me : But I nas ttdvt©^ ' Kv^e v^' 
humble. t^w-^/i t] iici.pSia ]U-y' 

VII. Be not a Murmurer, re- Mii ylvv y^'yjcr^' 

membring the Punidiment iJiv^^eis ^ rifj^^xs r]s 

. which thole underwent who '\^ep^,aa.v ol y^^m^yy 

murmur'd againft Mo[es* Be fy^aoLvm Mwc^'ws- Mn 

not (elf-wiird, be not ma- gcra at^-^^s, /t^/jcTg 'tto- 

hcious, be not hard hearted, viiep^z^*>v, fj.'^S'i ctxajj- 

be not pafnonate, be not ^ia.p6i@-y [AnSe >• 

mean-fpiritcd ; for all thefe fjj^h^, fA.y)Se fxiHtZP* 

Tilings lead to . Blafphemy. -J^x'^' ^/^'"^ y^P 

Nnmb. p^,^-j. j^^ meek , as were ^m'j/nx/ o5r/« -o^^ 

I'icrAYA.i/^l^'ps and David, fuicc (^^^o^r^f^Uv* i'^S-f 3 


Lib.VII. the Holy Apoffles: 

^^@4 (Ss Mc^'ixfrjs ^ the Meek (hall inhsrit ^^^Matt.v.41 
AolCiS' Ittbi oi^'Tr^eii Earth. 

YivM fJi^occp^M-®*" Be flow to Wrath ; for Vlif, 

o yelp TDitfTiS?-, oroAvs fpr fuch an one /'/ very pru^ P ov, xir, 

ov (p^vvai' e^&irep dent, fince He that is h^fly'^^' 

oA/5P%(w%05 /j^ue^i a(p- of Spirit is a very FooL 

^v. Tlva eXir\fj[^y* Be merciful ; {ox, Ble([ed arc^^^^'^'i^ 

fi^^s^e^ot ydp 01 eMri' the Merciful, for thej /hall oh- 

fj^vsi, ori ccvrml eXs>i' tain Mercy. Be fincere, quiet, 

^oDVTOjj. '£(73 a)(9^- good, tremhilng at the IVor d^^^^^^'-^'^ 

X©-, r\(wx^ . dy^^g^ of 6cd, Thou flialt HOC ex* 

nr^^fji^v T«$ ?^yvs tS alt thy (elf, as did the! 

©g3. Ou^ ii^c$)(reii Pharifee : For, Every one mk. xviif,' 

c^ojjToy, 00s ^cc^^ that exalteth himfelf [Ijall be '4. 

Ql7@^* o'tt TOf J^w;^ ahafed I And, That which is^^-^ 

i(/juroy fm^ireivod'^ncre- cf high Efteem vrith Man is 

TLy* ^' S v^>^v & Ahomination with God, Thou 

^^(^TDis, ^S'ihvyfjiOL fiialc not entertain Confi- 

*u^ Tti Gsoj. Ou d^- dence in thy Sonl : For, A Prov vnjj 

aeis T>r '^XV ^^ S^" confident M^n finill fill into *7- LXX, 

cr©.* 77 ^e^totii (V^V Mijchief Thou flialt not go 

Ifjim^mTuji ft> 3ca7j^. along with the Foohili, but 

Ou cvfj^Trvpevp"^ fX!^ with the Wife and Righ- 

ctipe/j'wj/, XV\a /jij^ (70- teous : For, He that walketh xiif, 16; 

^wj/ ?^(h)ccu5t;j/* ^omjfJL' with wife Aien pnali he wife ; 

mxjpAfoijd^©^ yap (w Ittt he that walketh with the 

(po7s, avipos ?^i' o Q Fooli(b (1^41 he k^:onrn. Re- 

cv/jLTivp^dl^j©- a(pep- ceive the Afflidions that fall 

ci, yi/a)^7i(^TUj"' Tec Upon thee with an everjf 

wjfjitaiyQvm Qi ^Qrj, Mind, and the Chances q£ 

i defunt. V. 


of Life without over- much evjj^jojs ^s';^«, >9 ms 
Sorrow, knowing that a ^v^9x.7iis aAu^rzyj- «- 
Rewaid (hall be given to d^^ ot^ JUitMf C3^' 0g3 

Jobx'ii. thee by God, as was given Qoi Sh^yiamiL}, ws tt/ 

Luk. xvi. ^Q y^^ gj^j ^Q J^azarus. looS ^ ^ Aa^dpct), 

IX. Thou (halt honour him Tov ?^?^wurizi Qot 

that {peaks to thee the r ?^y)v tS ^gS (Tbga- 

Word of God, and be mind- aen' fjLVTt^riayi q cujrd 

ful of him Day and Night 5^^s & wycTos' Ic 

j^^P^ and thou flialt reverence him, /oc^iV^s *^^* ^ aJrcy, 
366. not as the Author of thy «;^' ces ^^gc^^os cticor^ 
Birth, but as one that is ^' &)s S eS Svcui Qot 
Riade the Occafion of thy •z&gp^gjoy^^vcjw^jov oxs 
Weil-being. For where the ydp « ^cfe^' ©gS ^^Jcc- 
Dodtrine concerning God is, ckccXi'oc, c/Kei Bt'^s 
there God is prefenr. Thou ^pegiv, cK^nTiiareii ^' 
fiialt every Day leek the ^,jMe^v S i^crzfjTni^ 
Face of the Saints, that thou r?^^ dylc^jv, iV g'^aya- 
mayeft acquiefce in their 'raJn to?$ ?^yii ail^ 
Words. Tm. 

X. Thou flialt not make Qv 'TiDiricreis ^lujj.ct," 

Schifms among the Saints ; it* o^$ TtJs dyi^i* 
but be mindful of the Fol- ^jlvy^o^gh t^ KooftTair. 

Num.xTi. lowers of Or^^. Thou flialt «pZw;gt;o-«5 /t<p:;v5|L4-''t^>, 
make Peace betvv^een thofe w^ M&>an5, ^ QwuccMoL' 
that are at Variance, as ccrar '' ^^'5 (p/A/^u 5ce/- 

tx.Mi:^, Mofcs did, when he per- yei^ (^x/a/w5* Tb ydp 

• fwaded them to be Friends 'a/jca'ci « x^ais. Ou 

Thou fl^ialt judge righte- Ayi-v|.>i -z^Qj^rov lAiy 

Lcaf.i.iy^OUlly : For, 7^^ Juc'pncnt ^cu t?n ^o>^^dfjL(tTiy 


Lib.VIL the Holy Apoftles; 

€os 'Ha/o:s '^ 'Mt^ias r h the Lord's. Thou fha!c 
'A-^dQ^ '^ 'ngcJ^jui- not accept Perfons, when 
?igp^o AiBioi^ 2gJa- reproved for Sins; but 

x/ai/, j^ Na.^y tAo. do as Elijah and y^/- 
^liT, ^ 'IwaVrj;^ T 'H- /T/i/^^ did to ^^4^ ; and 3 King. 
^^hjj. Ebcdmclech the Ethiofim''^''^:'^^ .. 

to Zedcchiah, and ^^^^^i'^^iK^Pxii. 

to David, and y^?/;;^ to Hc-'^^iCw^r. 

My) 7/iVy J'/^f.t;;^®, Be noc of a doubtful Mind 
cj^ «>e^<^t;^>r o-tf, « I- in thy Prayer, whether it xr/ 
^, yj «* Ag;^' ^S J (hall be granted or no. For 
Tuj^®^ s,'j^\ YliTfcp ^ the Lord (aid to me Peter 
r ^ActW/jj* ^ 'OA:- Upon the Sea, r^^p^^ ^/^ ///• v#, ^ • ' 
^TTisie", ci's T£ gcT/g^t- tie Faith, nherefore did(l thou .^^'^ 
(Tvj; \ Mvi ^/ua -cc^? ^ doubt? Be not thou, ready /^Eccluf.iyj 
S -^^^^eJi/ cr.Tjirwi' r (Iretch cut thj Hand to rc-^i^- 
%eiPjii, t^i 5 S cTa. <rf/V^, z?;?^/ f^ i^uut it when then ^ 

roj. av^?\ctip. l]:otdJ:'fi give, 

'E^ l^^Bi^,, 21^ ^^ If thou haft, by the XII. 
X^e^u era Sb;, ivoc ep- Work of thy Hands, g?ve, 
yocG-n €is xi^^nv d that thou niayeft labour for 
iJfprioov o-y' 'hAeny-o- the Redemption of thy Sins : 
oiwsus y) ^ 'wi<r'^Gw For, By a!?7^s a^^d Acts ^/Prov. x^." 
'^<7TDy^^zx,t^vTUjj ci/jj^' Faith Sins are f urged aivaj.-l- 
T/'ca. OJ (^?acr6i5 J^fc* Thou (lialt not grudge to ^''^'^' 
vcu, m^co'^yM (ssA cTf- give to the Poor, nor when 
S'ds, ^lyjdc-ii yi'coo-^ thou haft giver* (lialt thou 
yj t/s 'fgtv 6 S" fj-i^oS murmur. For thou llialt know 
^^rra^TTDShTiii* eM'S^v who will repay thee thy 

Ee 3 Re- 


m- 17' Rcw/ard : For, 'fays He, He yi, (pm, ^co^p^ vjr 

that hath Meruj on the poor ^.cp SbLv&i^<l' >(J} q 2» 

Mun lendeth to the Lord, ac- Sifjioc amiy Sroos ^^- 

cording to his Gift fo fhall it ^^^-na^Tuui ^jtmS. OJ)c 

he repaid him again. Thou ^re^^P'i'^? oj^^o/uw- 

flialc not turn away from fov. 'Oi (p^'oo-cj yoip, 

him that is needy. For, cpnai, '^ Zm ojjtS /xn 

^xi. 13. fays he. Be that ftoppeth his eic^M^mj ' S Sioi^- 

Fays, that he may not hear v^'\ ^ oLVTOi 'f)n\[g.'^i* 

the Cry of the Need]/, himfelf ostoj, ^ «)c i^ «- 

alfo [Ihill call, and there (lull ctt^iojv tujt^* xoivcoyrc 

he none to hear him. Thou cea els ^uto., S dkx- 

Ihalt communicate in all (fZ o-y, k g^ Ip^s Y- 

things to thy Brother, and S^ ^vajf' '^sm yip v 

fnak not fay [thy Goods] ju€to;ij?4/5 ^^ 0g3 

are thine own. For the com- crrij^r/ d^^^p^Trois r^s- 

mon Participation of the cmdholc^^u g^ oip^^ r 

Necefiaries of Life is ap- ^&^()i ami^u^tr^, 

pointed to all Men by God. ?, ^^-li >?• ^jarep? <7a' 

Ihou fliak not take off X^;ia ^7orgoW©-'(y^- 

thine Hand from phy Son, JVc|«5 aJris ^- (pi&Q^; 

or fiOm thy Daughter, but ? ©gS' YlcaS^je, ^, 

Ihalt teach them the Fear 9^^', '^ yiv o-y Stco 

of God from their Youth. .S l^ C^i ^A'thj. 

jux. ,8. ¥or, C^'sHq, Corre^ thy Son^ ^ -1 . 

fo (liall he afford thee good 
^nr. Thou flialt not command OJ^c ^^toI^s H- 

thy Man-Scrvant, or rhy Ao; cr^ i, Trou^icKTi, nv7c 

Maid-Servant, who truft in 'On ^ oZr^^v edv -Trgl 

the fame God, with a fu- ox^^^r , ou mxe}^ 

LikVir; fh Holy Apoftles: 

"4^%^*' H-"^ "^"^ ^^°^' rious Soul, left they groati 

^ooaiv 'Qri (td/, (& Izou^ againil thee, and Wrath be 

<rox op^rj <c3^'0fe-S. 59 upon thee from God. And 

t5/^«5 oi cTSAor -vrcTOTBo- ye Servants he juh]cB to 'joHrv.^\\y\. 5. 

ywTE #TO?j vjuQJ^oii J- Maflers, as to the Reprefen- 

l^^;', wj aiy^r? ©??, oi' tatives of God with Acten- 

^ 's-^Q^"^(]^oQci},(li tion and Fear, as to the v* 7' 

^ yjj^c^i ^ G^H ctV- i^r^, 4;^i not to Mm. 

^ y Mm-jeis jr^Q^v^ Thou flialt hate all Hy-^^^// 

'iisjiy.^aip' p^^poldp pocrifie, and whatfbever is *367. 

« e^g^oi' x/.'e^V) '^'''' pleafmg to the Lord, that 

(Tsiu » ^7) eyy^rrxXl- fhalt th"ii do ; By no means 

'uu'p Q4"rnP^^ "AjjeJ-^' <py forfake the Commands of the 

?\g.^eii 5' a Sph^^'ei Lord: But thou ilialt obfeve 

<!?3^' hjiiy fjiriTi 's^^p-^ what things thou haft receiv'd 

sifi«5 gTr'auTD??, ^>!te from him, neither adding to 

d(poup^v oi'w cLvrrwv. them, nor taking away from 

Ov tj^o^y\(Teii 78 njiii them : For thou [halt riot Prov. 

^y)LS o'jtS, IvoL fj.ri §- add unto his iVords, lefl ^^^* 

y^iy^y} (7?, ^ 4^^^^* ^^ convict thee^ and thou he- 

^^-A, ''i^^jQfJio?^yi(TYi yur comefl a Ljar. Thou finale 

£yew T5tf ©?&) cry 'ni a- confefs thy Sins unto the 

fjJ^Tr\L{^x cry' '^ ^k Lord thy God; and thou 

ik ^!^^m&s W aJ- fhalt not add unto them, 

lu"^* n'o, ^ Qoi 7;^'/?. that it may be well with 

mxjf «j^ TUf^Cfj $ Seoj thee from the Lord thy 

Q»^ 09 y /SsAgTOf T God, who willeth not the 

^voL<nv ? a^T6t;A3, Death of a Sinner, Ifit his 

Xv^ot r [JJirnvQioLv. Repentance, 

Toi/ 'TOTB^^ o-w (S Thou ihalt be obfervant '^^^ 

nr ;u^T5^ r^e;t'CEr<^j^f, to thy Father and Mother 


as the Caufcs of thy being 


born, that chou mayefl: live 
long on the Earth, which 
the Lord tliy God giveth 
thee. Do not: overlook thy 
Bsrcchrcn, or thy Kinsfolk : 
For, Thcu I hit It not overlook 
thofj }7carljrcLittd to th^e* 

Thou flialc fear the King, 
knowing that his Appoint 
inenc is of the Lord. His 
Rulers thou flialt honour, 
as the Miniflers of God ; 
for they are the Revengers 
of all Unrigh-xcuinefs. To 
whom pay Taxes, Tribute, 
snd every Oblacion wich a 
willing Mind. 

Thou lh:>It not proceed 
to thy Prayer in the Day of 
thy Wicked neis, before thou 
hail laid afidc thy Birtcrnels. 
"1 his is die Way of Life ; in 
which may ye be found, 
through Jeius Chrift our 

cos CUT las Qoi ^ia^ct);, 
hoc ^») f^'it^^^Hoi 
cm r y^if ri -mu^i^ 
6 SiOi <i'6 S iStjccrk (Ji, 

av}y!/J&s on fJiT] 'vk^g- 
a/ ' •' ■> ' 

^Iqv (^(xcn?\scc (po?7j8n- 

S'l'iclas ' oh ^-ToTioaTS 
71' A©^ (p'^v (c* 'm- 

*U9^ (J &j %!^ o'if C-f w jLti- 

av Kiayis r Tny-^i^ an. 
CL-^Tii tgivr] Qocs r (^ooTii 


Lib.yil. the Holy Apoftks." 

C T. 


H 4:^^0X2' 6am- 
|W^J»' ov cubT^ yi oiy 

^ 7(Cf.7tOOV (£ f^Awv ^ 
f^ ft > r /. 

cTf &):^ (pQVQiy fj^i^elaji, 

Jvfjiica. fu^ivQfj^iy zAo- 

f^yicij , (papiLigi-iceiou , 

dp'TiuLyWi, '^'AjSbf^mj' . 

*7T^o'iapS'taA , o)}A©.' 9 
i;^j>/?/\99^CT/u;>7 , a Act' 

jnj T the Way of Death XViiL 
'^^ IS known by its wicked 
Pradices ; for therein is the 
Ignorance of God, and the 
Introdudion of many Evils, 
and Diforders, and Diftur- 
bances; whereby come Mur- 
ders, Adulteries, Fornicati- 
ons, Perjuries, unlawful Lufts, 
Thefts, Idoiatries, Magick 
Arts, Witchcrafts, Rapines, 
Falfe-WitneiTes, Hypocrifies, ^ 
Double-hearcednefs, Deceit, 
Pride, Malice, hifolence, Co- 
vecoufners,Obfcene Talk,yea- 
loufie. Confidence, Haughti- • 
neis. Arrogance, Impudence, 
Perfecution of the Good, En- 
mity to Truth, Love of Lyes, 
Ignorance of Righteoufnefs. 
for they who do (uch things 
do not adhere to Goodnels, ' 
or to righteous Judgment; 
they w^acch not for Good, 
but for Evil : From whom 
Meekncfs and Patience are 
far off, who love vaiti 
Things, nurfuing afcer Re, 

' (dii'cv. V, v« * dciuut. V. ' AVVTiDtni^ ai. 



ward, having no Pity on rSir, Xvi' eJ? S ^TTDvn^v' 

the Poor, not labouring for a.v f^Tces^v ir^iny^i (S 

him that is in Mifery, nor vcro^^rji'^Ta/a a^a- 

knowing him that made them. Tmv^c ^(ti^^vinavnxL' 

Murderers of Infants, De- 'tidiS^^^^'x gAeSi/Tgs -S^t;- 

firoyers of the Workman- *)QvMrmiv\iv*ni'QnT{^^'^ 

fliip of God, that turn a- rmvaij^Jcfj, y ytvaioKov-' 

way from the Needy, adding us r rrvirKr^'m, avr^^;, 

Affli(9ion to the Afflidled, (pov^s <iiy,voov, (pjopeis 

the Flatterers of the Rich, ^ti^cltjjjOlI©- ©gy, a- 

the Defpifers of the Poor, 7njqiS(pdiJ^Joi ofS^ofjta' 

Full of Sin. May you, Chil- vov , ^ ^nmtnnv^p'ni 

dren, be delivered from all S'AiCofx^jo/', 'TrkaaiMy 

f** Pag, tliefc. *;<.* fs^KhrjTOiy m^vJi" 

XTX. ^^^ ^'^^^ ^^ ^"^ feduee "Ce$t f^tn'm OS 'ttKcl' 

thee from Piety : For, fays vna^ ^cro 'f <i'(7??e<'af* 

Dcat.v 3i He, r^^w maifi not turn afide Ovk okk^ivyis ;)S, (p^j- 

/r^zw /> to the Right Hand, av, dTsr avrrii vi^ioi 

cr to the Left ; that thou S ^ ^civvfj(^\ "ivct av- 

maye/} have Under (I an ding in j-?j cv ^aiv oU l^ 

all that then doeft. For if izre^'ocrJif' t' ^'l^ ^^ti'^ 

thou docft not turn out of c^t^ttyh -^ ^ Jo)" ^ <^- 

the right Way, thou wilt ^^xi oh^ Sho^^m\<:, 

not be wicked. 

5^X. Now concerning the feve- Hgei a (^e^tjJ'Tuov 

ral Sorts of Food, the Lord A?j^ (^oi o xjo^Q*' 


! defunt. V. * ocaif^e^^'. V. ' deell, V. ' detft. V. 

Lib,yiL the Holy Apollles: 

Td dycL^ 'f QA)? (px- fays to thee, Te (hall eat^^3A.^<^: 

^cOf' ^ Yluvxp^ccse- the good Thwgs of ihz Earth: 

iio^y(ai?^'^vcL^?[f)y)u Aud, All forts cf Fleflj l])all^^^''^^'h 

^ [) qj,fxcc oTi^Bii b 'yb ye eat, as the p-reen Flerh ; 

TO &(jfp^i/^cc €ii S ^- but. Thou [halt pour out the 

fxoL y,oivoi r ccv^^- Bloods For, Not thofe tht^Ts^^^^-^^- 

*mv'^,co'Tclc'7i'7n)pAfo- that ^go imo the Mouth, hutMiU*xr, 

IjS^cc,* Xkya ol^ IBAoc thofe that come out of it defile^'* 

mpYif^^ioj, y[^^Tu?^Kicil^ aMan'lmc2Ln B!a(*phemies,2i^'^* ^*^' 

^ ftTi TuiZrj^iv' ev 3) Evil-fpeaking, and if there 

(pocyf r fM^s^^v 'l y^^i be any other thing of the 

f/^ hytcuQ(7wljy)Q ' 071 like Nature: Bnt, Do thou'Z.ich.ix* 

iik K^^y, ti/Try, ^ «- eat the Fat of the Land vpith^^* 

Ic dyx^v, ofjii' airos Rightcoujnefs : For, If there , 

vi^ioKQii, ^ ohQ. <^(i)' he any thing pleafant, it is decft. 

^^^(^v r^<^vois, tU His ; andlf there he an) thing 

y> (pa^TTtf, y\ tU Trie- good, it is His, Wheat for 

^, r0p2^ (V/ri ; ^ rict- the young Men, and Wine to 

^ivei Se Qoi (^ o cm- chear the Maids. For, Who^^^^*^^- 

([oi "Eo-S'^i, X^^yoov' fiall eat, or who Cnall drink^^'^^^' 

Uof^^eS^, ^ cpdyiTi rrithotit Him ? Wife Ezra 

?jmojA.0L!cc, ^ ttUti does alfo admonifli thee, 

yXv'n^cjA.ccfoi , & fjf.7; and fay, 60 your tray, and eat ^.f}^^^" 

TKurniSd', the Fat, and Drink ihe Sweety ** 

and he not forrovcful 
'AtttS '^^'fJcJk^;^^' But do ye abftain from xxr. 

^j^v (^i^yiTi" 'Qnii- Things offered to Idols ;'q^°'''^^ 

^^ 5S S^if^voov %\i(7i for they offer them in Ho- 

rntvfm,' l(p' vCffl ^- nour of Demons, that is, 

-^^cTt) ? f^puGeS, c- to the-Difhonour of the One 

fToji f^y^ '^ivYiSd 7(^ii>oo' God, that ye may not be 

3'cJ ^oAf^vc^y. come Partners w ch Demons, 


Sect. LXIL 


NO W concerning Bap 
tifm, O Biftiop, c 


Presbyter, we have already 
given Diredion, and we now 
fay, That thou flialc (o bap- 
tize as the Lord command- 
Matt, ed us, faying, Ge ye and teach 
sxviiii?.^// Nathns, Baptizing them 
in the Name cf the Father y 
^ dnd of the Son, arid of the 
Hoh Ghof: {te^chh^g them 
to ohferve all things whatfo- 
ever I have commanded 'jou ) 
Of the Father who 5ent, 
of Chrift who Came, of the 
Comforter who Teftified : 
But thou fnalt before-hand 
Anoint the Perfon with the 
holy Oil, and afterward Bap- 
tize him with the Water, and 
in tl'e Conclufion flialt Seal 
him with the Ointment. That 
the Anointing with Oil may 
be the Participation of the 
Holy Spirit ; and the Water 
the Symbol of the Death of 
Chrifl:; and the Ointment the 
Seal of the Cover-ants. Hut 

Te? CLV-f^S TlVJpeiV '7rd^7px> 
QOTt Oi/iTll ?^fjLjJ V{JL U' ' 

3 IJUU^v OTp^gi.y]s rPlS 




Lib.Vn. the Holy Apoftlesi 

Pi^iov V, f^ri'n (xoeP^* if there be neither Oil nor 
cstpxa ' iJSby, ^ GTjf^'j Ointment, Water is fuffici- 
XeJ^(nv^ ^ '^^ (^es^' ent both for the Anointing, 
yiShu, ^ -s^i c^MP-^- and for the Seal, and for 
ylcxv ? ^.StscvjVt®*, the Confeffion of him that 
7]^i cmfccTTv^pr.cTKoviQs, is dyiiig togcthcf [withChrift] 
cD£^ 5 '^ ^cL^KJjMdloi But before Baptiiin, let him 
'*'^'*' rwr«^(726TTy /BaTT- that is to be baptized faft : *** J^^ 
^^cjU'Jyjos (cyJ o>a;e>to5 For even the Lord, when 
fsr^TDj' jGa':Jfic:S^l5 V2Z70 He vvas firfl; baptiz'd by 
'ioooiyvy^ % en r \or]' John, and abode in the Wii- M^tt liiV 
fj^v oLvXi^eis fjjcTiiT^^a, dernefs, did afterward fafl:^^^* 
ovriq^Ata^ ^osiyue^y^vloL Forty Days and Forty Nights. 
7\f/,se^i ^ Tioszce^ocov'^ But He was baptiz'd, and 
vvxTixi ' iSoi'^Jcd}] Q then failed, nor having him- 
^ cAfYic^oifcTev' i}t oiiiii felf any need of Cleanfmg, 
^iwou7rw(Tecos^ r] vTjc^&oLi or of Fading, or of Purga- 
Xpeixvt'^jv^T) x,ct-^p' tion, who was by Nature 
cr^oos, t>t" (pv(rl ace- pure and holy; but thac he 
^e^'5 (c iy.©-, ^m' might bear Teflimony ta his 
iVo. ^ 'Icoccvvn cl?.i' Fore-runner JtJ.^^;, and afford 
^iccv 'c:^ojjLocp'Tupm'A. an Example to us. Where- 
^ 7]fxiv -C^^^^afxy^v fore our Lord w*as not bap- 
nz%l^>)TUj, i-nvv ft tiz'd into his own Paifion, or 
:w>£/©-, ix Qii IcwjT? Death, or Refurredion ; for 
'TOtG©- IS^'SicRtTo^ ?} none of thofe things had 
^vccmsv, w didgcccnv' then happen'd ; but for ano- 
ii^TTO) y> iSlvT'dTOiv s' ther purpofe. Wherefore He 
yiy^v<\' ^M* as S^ni:iO' by his own Authority faded 
^iv Iriz^v. ^ 6 dir after his Baptifm, as being 
i^\i(r'as fj(^^ SSd^T^iaucc the Lord oi John, But he 

' " — — ^>— J B f l J I jl HMIR I WlUHUI| I IIMl il M W>lPW1P«^»— OS'— WJ » IIMIll I I H 



tvho is to be initiated into v))c^^ei, m ^v^^ 

his Death ought firft to faft, 'Icooivva' o q &s r wiri 

and then to be baptiz'd. .SwrccToy (tuy^/^'J©^ > 

For it is not reafbnable that *i!f^'n^v ©(p^A^j v^- 

he who has been bury'd ^Zoixi^ ^ ^tb ^ (ixw- 

with Chrift, and is rifen a Ticrac^'. « yi SUouov 

gain with Him fliould ap- t awunmi(pevicc & (wvct- 

pear dejeded at his very ra^i/ico, '^jSJj' a^Tluj 

Relurredion^ For Man is r clroi<^<nv Kamfpeii''' 

HOC Lord of our Saviour's « <)S xu^a®- ^ cvl^eP' 

Confticution, fince one is 7r®s -? ^Tct§£a;s f ? 

the Mafter, and the other Q)Tvf@.' eTr&i^p o jS 

the Servant. SeamTT)?, o 5 -vlcrnjco©.. 

But let not your Fads be Al q wr^ou vu^^v 

with the Hypocrites ; for ^j.^ '^fwc4> jj^ ^P^-im- 

they faft on the fecond and 7ce^'rwv' j wrsoW ^3 

fifth Days of the Week, ^lipou (JS'^ccTctr, ^ 

But do you either faft the 'mfjL'i^f vfjL^^ q ri gi,- 

encire five Days, or on the mivTz v'>ic^eii(m.TB ^ifjui- 

fourth Day of the Week, ^s , tj T^re^Jk ^ 

and on the Day of the Pre- r::f^(mAilw' ck t^T j^ 

piration, bccaufe on the ^t^S'l ri >.e/ais i- 

Fourth Day the Condemna- §5?A.^y i '^ t5 xv- 

tion went out againft the ^y , 'liJ^ ^rifJianTiv 

Lord, yW.f^ then promifing e^m,J'yii?[^}jS^lii ^ c^- 

to betray Him for Money: Shoiccv'r'^'u%c(m^lui, 

And you muft faft on the oUl^^v oxv^(^c4f 

Day of the Preparation, be- a Jxf 'mfl©. S cj^ gro/'- 

caufe on that Day the Lord pS, -v^ Hovrin 17/;^^'- 

(uft'cr'd the Death of the i^y. g g.^^arn„/ /^j 

Crofs, under Pontius Pilate, mi^r Kv^x-iclwlo^ 

Lib. VII. the Holy Apoftles: 

TO^gT/ on g ^, hi' But keep ;the Sabbath, and 
fjuvfylacs '£}iv 'imfj.vYi' the Lord s Day Feftival ; be^ 
^^a, \y\" Oy ^vct<d' caufe the former is the Me- 
cictis. h 5 jt^Vo;/ colQ" morial of the Creation, and 
€oLrinv vfMp fv?^x7iov the Jatter of the Refurrecli- 
of oAw Tstf oric/juTsif, g on. But there is one only 
¥ T? 3CL>e^'» TstfSi^, 0- Sahhath to be obferv'd by 
•Trep ywrstiai' 'c?£p(7Ji- youinthe whole Year, which 
Toev^ aVi' fc';^' lo/jia- is that of our Lord's Bu^. 
^€iv' OP o(TCf) ^ ^- rial, on which Men ought 
f^iypyi \wo ylw iL^f- to keep a Faft, but not a 
;^'i/(j, i^yo^Ti^v S Feftival. For inafinuch as 
'c^c aJrS 'TreVfl©-, •? the Creator was then under 
^ r ^i)fAiypyiocv ^- the Earth, the Sorrow for 
^s' ok d))fj(,iiipy); Him is more forcible than 
iP^ IcwtS hf^ivpyv^i^" the Joy for the Creation : 
<m)v (fvcr<\ 71 ^ d^U for the Creator is more ho- 
^nf^idnfO^'r nourable by Nature, and 

Dignity than his own ^Crea- 
"Omfyj 'rt^a2\jr^ Now, Whence fray, he not XXrv. 
tf&?, fjiT] yiveS^ cos oi ye as the Hypocrites ; butas the ^^i^^'^g-^ 
vs75)te^7Ki' ^M' cos Lord has appointed us in *37o. 
7cv^@-^ifji7v<y^'$eiJccJ^' the Gofpel, lo pray ye, Oarr,^^(^c. 
ythlcfj cT/gTalocTO, ^Tst; Father iihich art in Heaven \ 
«&^o'gy^c&s • Uoiup Hallovped he thj ISlame ; Thy 
7\f^(*3v, 6v TZiTs ies^" Kingdom come ; Thy Will he 
yo7s, ccy(a^n'Tzt)S ovq" done as in Heaven, fo on 
^ Qa' eA^'Tw ri (3cc' Earth ; Give us this Day our 
OTA«a(^«* ^y7,di)Tw g Daily Bread:, And forgive iis 
ii^v/u{^ Qn, ooi ov «- onr Debts, as we forg ve our 

-- -- I I r- - r i-n— nn "' i ' i ■ i -L-.ii . -W 

Dd'tcrs ; 


Debtors ; And leai us not in, e.^v^, ^ ^' *? yr^* 

to Temptation, hut deliver us r cipn^^v 7]fAoiv t ^g*. 

from Evil: For thine is the crtv cJi> ftf^v aviJAepv' 

Kingdom for ever* Amen. ^ a(pg5 %\mv ^ o(pft" 

Pray thus thrice in a Day, 7\i}^(xlou r\\^v^ w; 5^ 

preparing your ftlves before- r^ot^s oiq^Uy^j <rD/5 c- 

hand, that ye may be worthy f ^At'Ta/s :5|t<^i' • ^ 

/ of the Adoption of the Fa- [jlt) elasv^f-jtris tijlloHs «$ 

ther ; left when you call Him rr^ies^afjigv, ^Md pbctcj 

Father unworthily, you be if^s ^ qrS m)VYipS' 

reproached by Him, af? Jfrael ck oi '^v i\ ^ocaiXeioc^ 

once his Firft-horn Son was ^s t« oagovccs. dfjl/jl, 

Mai. i. 6. told, If I he a Father, where T^i '? y](jLi^i Stoj 

is my Glory? And if I he a 'z^^JO^(7^l>'^c^:F, 'ST^f^^K^- 

Lcrd, where is my Fear > For oTiA/dl^ovTii IolvtIh a- 

ihe Glory of Fathers is ^i-ds ^ t^oS^crion tS 

the Holinefs of their Chil- 'Trarep^, net fA dpct- 

dren ; and the Honour of ^Icas vfj^^v avixv rrx." 

Matters is the Fear of their rr,^gL xaAsj-mr,^ oVft- 

Servancs; as the contrary is S^i^rm vsr' cjjth* 

Diflionour and Confufion : ds -^ 'ice^triA otdti 

Ila. In. 5-fQr^ fays He, Throify^h jcu .^^^to'/.©^ i^cs rix.v 

mj Name is hUfphemed umong av' oii a ^ttdltvp eiyLi 

theGentileSn IjooirZ 'Qiv t) Sb^cx, jji-s ; 

dSh'^icL ^ ^ocp^ioc. A/ J,t(^i yi^ ' (p)j^ ", 3 cyo^ 

'■ I mmf^mmtm^mmmmmmmm m i ■ aiai ii ii ■ ii ■ ■■■■■ i n i n i-i 

t deed V. 

Lib.Vin the Holy ApoftlesI 

TivBc^ H^TOTF Be ye always thankful, as xxv 
A;^e«5Tj(, «ff ^95) j§ faithful and honeft Servants, 
Sy^a>fj^ves S'^Aor 'Tre- and concerning the Eucha- 
e/i ^ '? ^j^e^r^cLs rifticalThanfgiving fay thus, 
STrw 7\.iy>v^i' ^0^6^' We thank Thee, Our Father, 
^5^^ 6^7 ^J^f ^/^«^ for that Life which thou 
y^i!^mi^ilyi;ui^a^^ haft made known to us by 
TifMv cSgt "haZ 5^ mi* JcfusthySon, by whom thou 
Siiff3 ^S'l «^ to™V- madeft all things, andtakeft 
rm€7n)ln(m^,^To\Mv care of the whole World; 
^voeii ' ov (S a- whom thou haft fent to be- 
'7ri^€i?{g^s S3t (TzoTri' come Man for our Salvation ; 
e^V '^f Tif^iip^ J^/js-^ whom thou haft permitted 
^ ^^e^mv oV ;(5M to Suffer, and to Die; whom 
o^g^^^wc^ 'm6^^' ?^ thou haft raifed up. and 
amjoLveiv.^ OV ^ dvcL- been pleafed to glorifie, and 
^Idto^ ^SiiK/ficru? Sb^cc- haft fet Him down on thy 
(TOf^ 5^ cyacc^a^ <k (5^- Right Hand : By whom thou 
^lav Qy' J"! "S ^ einif' haft promifed us the Re- 
#yg/Aw if/iy r diugzciv furredion of the Dead. Do 
•1^ veTceS^v, C^ Siamm thou, O Lord Almighty, 
^T^Tcei^tTuf Sri ajM' Everlafting God, fb gather 
fis' wWpZc/JT«To<^g- together thy Church from 
cHopTHfTiJ^'^Qv, ^ mj' the Ends of the Earth into 
vcc^f^y h^kTQ Gis ap- thy Kingdom, as this [Corn] 
T@., b-Tw aiwdyLyi was once fcatter'd, and is 
t^« tZoo Iv.YKmioLv ^/o now become one Loaf. We 
'^S'wBQ^Tcav 'f ;>^^«f alfo, Our Father, thank thee 
rrlw ' P>cLmKeixv. Iti for the Prccious Blood of 

*^V^r^^i ^'^^ \' ^^^^^ Chrift, which was fhcd 
f^vy -^ tS Ti/^/tf cw- for us, and for his Precious 

F f , . Body, 


Body, whereof we celebrate f^i'^ 'hoi X^/r^ 5* 

this Reprefencation, as him- cx^j^j^^svt©-^ \h^ ifj^m' 

1 Cor. xi. felf appointed us, fo [he^v ^ t5 Ti/x/a azii^Q^' « 

^^' forth his De^th. For through ?^ ^tituhzjl cauia. 

Him Glory is to be given co Q:te;>^«|u^, cmJtS 2^- 

Thee for Ever. Amen, Let <ra»^a^'ja :SyLcrr )(9:'Tar- 

no one eat of thefe things ^}>\.€iv t o^rS cSam- 

that is not initiated; but Q/v' S'l itmi yxp odi ^ 

thofe only who have been v J^|a, eis tus oJmvols. 

boptized into the Death of aju^o'. fm^^i o «o^^- 

the Lord. But if any one nw l^ ccvtwu, <P^ d- 

that is not initiated conceal (jiuy\^n/)V X^^a iJi^voi 

himfelf, and partake of the ol [^eScc^io-iJ^QL en r 

r i^. fame. He eats eterfJjlDam^4- ^xv^a ^pccroif^ « 

ticn; becaufe, being not of S'iUsdf.ujiiTQ^y.pv^l^i 

the Faith of Chrift, he has icwTov fJi^.Tzx^^i^SYi^K^- 

partaken of fuch things as k^c- clIooviov ^a^To/. 

it is not lawful fcr him to ck fji-n iV*? qs X^<^v 

partake of, to his own Pu- ttIt^msj }jje<n:^^iv wV 

nifliment. But if any one a ^fJLHy «> Ufjf^Q/cw 

is a Partaker through Igno- icwiQ. a Ssla y^ a,y 

ranee, inilrud him quickly, voiav ij£tcu?^^Soi^ ^S- 

and initiate him, that he lui^ to^^o;' 5T3/;:^«iyWy- 

may not go out and defpife ns fjufnaaTi^ o^/n^js //.w 

you. ^^^nx(f^v)iTrii e^eA^oi, 

After the Participation give %^ Mgia jrLuu fjui* 

Thanks in this manner : Wc laAjj^tj/, ?tw5 ^^^e^* 

thank thee, O God and Fa- e^^'"' «^;^6/r^f4''^'' 

thcr of Je(us our Saviour, for avi, o Geos ^ '7rDiTr)p 

thy Holy Name, which thou 'I/jctStS azoTYip©- ifjj^v 

haft made to inhabit among 'C^ t5 ccyl^ ovoyi^. 

US; and that Knowledge, t^j ^.t^", Z-^iiaKhjuca, 

I dccit. 

Lib.ViL the Holy Apoftles: 

dj« ci' rifuv' ^ \5ze^' *? Faith, Love, and Immortali- 

yt/oixTscos, >^ 7r/Ws 6 ty, which thou haft giveti 

dyd'Tmh ^ oi'^v^aiccs' US thro' thy Son Jefus. Thou, 

?^iSh>^5rif^Sv2^'l7i'^ O Almighty Lord, the God 

d^ tS -^TDtiiJ^fr <7U' Qv of the Univeffe, haft created 

eTgcTCTOTw. 'Tnfyi'wyced'Top, the World, and the Things 

©505 '7^'oAwj/, M)c- that are therein by Him; 

Uozci" T yfS(7jjiov, ^ §0 and haft planted a Law in 

&if (wnS^ o^i ojuTd' ^ our Souls, and before-hand 

vofj^vy^iB(pvTtvcyj^"cv" didft prepare Things for the 

^is '4^;^'"^ f^(^y^ ^ Convenience of Men O God 

./la 's^> fMTaAn^du of olir holy and blamelefs 

3 ^G^Ai'T^i'TrKJUA ' (?/j- Fathers, Abraham and /jG//^ 

fie^'-TTO/^. 6 B^oira^'' ct- and y^r^J, thy faithful Set- 

yioiv ^ dfjji^'^.aji^ -'czDi' vants ; Thou, O God, who 

Tie^v TifjLoovy 'A^e^atc, art Powerful, Faichful and 

^ 'laaay., ^ 'laj^^g*, True, and without Deceit in 

fp{S mcriv ^Jih.m G-a. thyPromifes; who didQ fend 

S'ujtjoLfnis ©505, 'm- Upon Earth Jefus thy Chrift 

sii ^ ctAw^^cf, ^ ct- to converfe with Men, as a 

^dfS'Ts cv ? 67nx,fy6' Man, when he was God the 

A/cu$" ^cTor^-^i^^ ^' Word, arid Man, to take a- 

yhi'lna^u rX^i^vcis, Way Error by the Roots : 

ip^^mii ctwavxq-^' Do Thou even now, thro' 

(pi-oca W5 clvQ ^^Tov ^ Him, be mindful of this thy 

©gci/ or"Toc';>Jr^i' ^ <?^'- Holy Church, which thou 

Gg^oTTDi/, <^ r 'Trkivli/J haft purchafed with the pre- 

'infjopp'^i^ov otVgAay. owJ- cious Blood of thy Chrift, 

'(pi (t rtw Si oAni junii and deliver it from alt Evil, 

^k ^ oiyixi o-y c/K' and perfed: it in thy Love 

xAjjOTa? 'nx.t/TMS, luti and thy Truth, and gather 

'z^gTTDiJTTzy TiS Tiimicfj us ail together into chv K«ng- 

F f 2 ^ dom 


doni which thou haft pre- cajn^ii tS X^tij-w o-a' 

pared, Let this thy King- ^ pauj clvtIuj ath) ^' 

iCor.xvi. Jom come: HofanriA to the lis '7n)r))pS* <^ TgAeiw- 

M^ff vvi Son of David. Bleffed be he Qv aviriv cv tiT ajaT'/i 

9 /^4f Cometh tn we rsame of {jt, (t t/i aKn^ict^ oh* 

Mar. xi. ^^^ £^;.^. God the Lord who (£ C^^^a^^e -H.^ ^- 

was nianifefted to us in the /t^s «$ tZow (^Zw /Sa^- 

Flefli. If any one be holy, A«ctv, &a) Tirnlfj^csus* 

let him draw near ; but if ^ at^TTi " ^^^e^ya^rc. 

any one be not fuch, let him wu^vd m^ vjco AaS/J^. 

become fuch by Repentance. <^';\pywfj'.V©- c lp;^|u^- 

Permit alfo to your Presby- y©- d^. orotic y^^- 

tcrs to give Thanks. £/»' ©goj xu£/t©- o 

Ciki ccyi^^ 'zy^a^p^s^' « cTs tis «)c e^"^, ytv^<^ 

X>^VI . Concerning the Ointment U^e)- '6 "^ M^f® ^- 

give Thanks in this manner : aws £^e/-r'^'^'ri' <^- 

We give thee Thanks, O ^£/r«iw^J Co'« '^^ 

God, the Creator of the hjuu^tpf^ ^PfJ oAcf)Vy ^ 

whole World, both for the -v^ ^ (^'wJ^/as 5^ <xc- 

Fragrancy of the Ointment, fv' & \^ tS ocjuid' 

and for the Immortality t« cwwy©*, ? l^/roJe^- 

which thou haft made known cws ifjLiv 2^ 'hoi tS 

to us by thy Son Jefus : rnx^iSii ay. oti o-« ^r 

For thine is the Glory, and ri Si^oc, -^ ri S^ujuocijusy 

the Power, for ever. Amer^, a's t^s alcoves, dfj^ljj, 

Whofoevcr comes to you, "Oi eoiv i^ddv htw> 

and gives Thanks in this i^^^e/r?? ^s^arSi^ou^ 

manner, receive him, as a av^v 00s X^q-Z fj^- 

' ' , ■ I I ■ n .11 I ■■ ! iia w fci 


Uh.yn. the Holy ApoftlesJ 
^nr^p'^ Ictp' 5 c2M2i/> Difciple of Chrift. But if * 
^^A^ ^P^^Vf '^? 'le preach another Dodlrine 
Im xjiKiv ^k&iayjiv o different from that which 
Xe«fDJ cT/ i^K, j^ Chrift by us has delivered to 
'TOtsTw ^« C^>:\fi'^:" you, fuch an one you muft 
^^e^r^v' Ji^eKi O^ "oc permit to give Thanks; 
OTDiaT©"' rG.goV^ ^'- for (uch an one rather af- 
m^ (5^^a^(j. ^ ^ frontsGod,than glorifies Him. 

nas^ o«/);^'4j©. But vvhofoever comes toxxVir 
'^sjfi^f, ShKif^cr- you Jet him be firfl: examin'd, 
veis.'JTco S^^Siij' QujiiS' and then received; for ye* 
iTiv pS I^TF, ^ ,r«^a* have Underftanding, and are 
cSs ' ;)^w,/ca^' Si^i^, ri able to know the Right 
^e/-^e^v, %S^yce/'Vca Hand from the Left, and to 
4^i^^(ftt(7jiaAas (T/Jk- diftinguiili falfe Teachers 
cKclXm. iK^vm \^ from true Teachers. Buc 
TDf rrc^ S'i^cn^?iaj, qk when a Teacher comes to 
-^X^s IQn^^Y^ynQf.'n you, fupply him with what 
itt c^wTO' T^p ^Af' he wants with aJI Rcadincfs. 
Sb^iSkcnicihcf) cfi;j?7E j^o And even when a fa!fe Teach- 
m "^ ^< yj^^^i^ « ^r comes, you (hall give him 
'^S'i^e^i ^ auT^ r for his Neceffity, but fliall not 
n^dvlw- 'in i^lw avjA.- receive his Error. Nor indeed 
<5^<7(^|/;fB-g 6t/y7s/, iVa. may ye pray together with 
y-h avj^^fMCLv^Ym oxiTiS, him, Jefl: ye be polluted as 
'Tmi ts^(pr]TYiS clm^' well as he. Every true Pro- 
vos, % ^lS^ckxX©^, If phet or Teacher that comes 
:^^v©* 's^e vjj.9i9, to you is Worthy of his Main^ Mat!, x. 
a.^iQ<i'Qi *? T^^Jff, c^i tenayice, as being a Labourer ^''^ 
epy^ims ?[s^y^ ^n^io- in the Word of Righteouf- 
^^>i^' ncfs, 

F f 3 All 



•XXIX. All the Firil: Fruits of the V Tliu^ drfl^^ 
^J^ag- Wine-Prefs, the Threjhing- ^jv/i^mavAlw^^ccAo)- 
Floor, the Oxen, and the vi^^^oo^vT^ ^ *sf^Qoi' 
Sheep fiiall thou give to the oiwv, ^aea r^^s /gp<5C- 
Friefls , that thy Store- aiv. "ivol sv?^yS^aiv a\ 
houfes and Garners, and the "^j^yi'^ji rpfj rru^f^ieicou 
Produds of thy Land may Qa, <S la oK(pc^oc '? 
be blelTed, and thou mayft ^5 (^«, ^ <pi^^^'^s(n^ 
be (Irengthen'd with Corn tm >^ o'ip(^ ^ lAoiw, ^ 
and Wine, and Oil, and the aJ^wSf to p,^y[j^KiaL 
Herds of thy Cattel, and ^^ f^ooov (r6, ^ m 
Flocks of thy Sheep may be ^i^jlvicc fPlS ^cy^Sd 
increafed. Thou fhalt give <n)v cy. 'moi^ ^v^.- 
the Tenth of thy Increafe tIw Shojus ^ op(p(tvcp 
to the Orphan, and to the ^ rf x^?^^ ^ ^^0& 
Widow, and to the Poor, ^ Tc^vj^oyiXbToj' -m- 
and to Jthe Stranger. All ai^^ cl^^xp,a)v^ep' 
. the Firft-Fruics of thy hot yJSv. ' ^^s^fjiln" oiVy, 
Bread, of rhy Barrels of 5 eAoij^, ri f^Arf©., n 
Wine, or Oil ; or Honey, or dyc^S'pvoov, ^'pvXrls, 
Nuts, or Grapes, or the 1^ ^t^' aMwy r a^^- 
Firft-Fruits of other things ^Iw S^ms tuTs Upiu- 
ftiak thou give to the Priefts, mv' dpyu^M 5 ^ ^ '' 
but thofe of Silver, .and of ifj^^ajj^^ , ^ -mrT^j 
Garments, and of all fort of y^T^fj^r®^, S* op(par^ 
Pofleffions, to the Orphan, 0. ^V X^F^- 
and to the Widow. 
XXX. On the Day of the Re- Tw dvcKpicn/j^v tS 
furedion of the Lord, that 3a/e/» ^i^^^y, ¥ tu." 
is the Lord s Day, afTemble (^ocmp (pccfj^j, C^ip- 
your felves together, with- ^<Srecc^?i^^co5, gJ- 

..-.:^^ . .■■■- . ■ ..... .,...,.. ...- . . . . ■ ^ 

t Ki^^^uoy, V. ' « V, 

Lib. VII. the Holy Apoftles; 

OgcL^q^hVT^s TtSGeuj^ ^ out fail, giving Thanks to 

e^ofj^^yiy^oi e(p' gTs God, and praifing Him for 

€vyifyiTi\aiyviJ(^soGsos thofe Mercies God has be- 

^ Xe^crv, pvcdfjue- ftow'd upon you, through 

y©- dy^olcLs, irXoivYis, Chrifti and has deliver'd you 

S'iajjum' oTHos oifjugfjLTr' from Fgnorance, Error, and 

7®. S r\ ^uaicc vfj^v, <& Bondage, that your Sacri- 

evocvccfopQ- ©gf, ^ fice may be unfpotted, and 

ei'TTovU 'ufeJ •? oU^iJui- acceptable to God, who has 

vLy.^i ctviS cKythnaiocs, faid concerning his Univer- 

PTi ov 'TiavTl Tuiffcp fal Church, 7^ every Place Uzli,ii 

fjLoi ixf^oive^^riaiTa^ Jhall Incenfe and\a pure Sa^^^^' 

^jjilctf^, 0^ ^if<Acc :(0.' crifice he cffered unto me*, 

^e^' ok (BxcnMtJs for I am a great King, [ait h 

fjLeycL.s lyo eifJit^ Kiy{ the Lord Almighty, and my 

•^e/-®^ irdpTox^'nop^ Name is jvondcrful amon^ the 

^ S ovQfj(c/!,liLii^vfj^- Heathen, 

nep;:^«e/Va^g S'i Do you firft Ordain Billiops XXXL 

'fkay^j^TTHi d^lvi t« tuj- Worthy of the Lord, and Pref^ 

eJiHy % ^peGT^vTipus^ byters and Deacons, pious 

^ ^<p:'yj, cip(^po$ Men, righteous, meek, free 

^ evoi^as '\ ^i^ivs , from the Love of Money, Lo- 

Tres^&i, ct(piPigipry!fpiiSy vcts of Truth, approvcd, ho^ 

q}i?{g.Ar}(}eis,SiSbyci[jiiX€r^ ly, noc Accepters of Perfons, 

l/9^Jvsj oaiys, ci'Sf^ozo' who are able to teach the 

^?^Tr7fJiis , (Tu/jaf^jyff Word of Piety, 2ind right- i rixi/il 

S'lShiorx.eip r ?^p 't ly dividing ih(t Dodrines of '5- 

guoH^eaj, op^TofjiSv' the Lord. And do ye ho- 

^ c^ <ws t5 xv^t'j nour fuch as your Fathers, 

^yfjiXTiv, vfji^i ^ Tif as your Lords, as yoJr De- 

al <^yA*C^f. V. 

F f 4 ^ n^fadtors. 


hcfadtors, as the Caufes of f^^TiTSTasaJsTraTiept^, 

your Well-being;. Reprove oosKu^yi,etis<^epyiTas, 

ye one another, not in An- o^s t3 eZ ^vajj a\rm. I- 

ger, but in Mildnefs, with Agr;^7E 5 ^'i'SAys, /xn 

Kindnefs and ' Peace. Ob ov opyf, ^' op fJLoc- 

ferve all things that are xe;>?u^/a, //J'p^rjs^'nj- 

commanded you by the rna (S ^plw>js. mtLvrtw to 

. Lord. Be watchful for your ^t9'^'^y\^^ ^\^^ "^^ 

*^^' Life: Let your Loins be -^nl §" jci^e/y <pyAa|aTs. 

Mar. xiii, girded about, and )our Lights ^>i^P«7e 'v^ '^ C^**^ 

3^« burnings and ye like unto Men ^ J^/'. ''E$w<r;4' ^ 

TT^^ wait for their Lord, when ocnpves vfjiZy 'cfe^g^wa- 

He vpill come, at Even, or in jui^jca, 0^ ol yJi^vob 

the Morning^ cr at Cock- y^idy5fior 3^ ufji&s o- 

crowing, or at Midnight, For fj{^ioi ^^^twh it^g* 

At what Hour they think not h*)Q\S^pQ\i t •iJje/.Qv 

the Lord will come ; and if icw^v^ mln 7i|(j, I- 

they of en to Him, hleffed are omo^i % ra^^'i, ^ d' 

thofe Servants, becaufe they Ki-icn:^^(^mioLs y\ yA* 

were found vcaiching. For He Gi/uvct/V |j ^ cSpa § 

wiU, gird himfelf^ and will Tr^oShy.alcny, eMvae'^ 

make them to fit down to Meat^ J vJjqjl®^' & \lp oulthS 

and will come forth, and ferve ccpoi^c^ai fy^xy^e^^i 01 

them. Watch therefore and S^tP^gi U^vol, otl ev- 

pray, that ye do not" fleep pi^(j^yqy)y>pZviii on 

unto Death. For your for- ^^ti<wc7g7af, <& ^'a- 

iTJCr good Deeds will not pro 'nAlvei c^mtIs, :^ ^^ ^nu." 

fit you, if at the lad part of f>eKJt!ov 2^^vl)(pi kfj- 

your Life you go aflray from W$". v^^^ Zu, -^ 

the true Faith. v^r^oiv^Ss fxr) vz^ri/w- 

— , 1 ■-■■ . ... _^ 

t deefl. Y. ■ H V. ^ dciuac. V. '£y 

Lib. VII. the Holy Apoftle?: 

'Ev y> ? l^cl'T^ts For in the laft Days falfe xXXii. 

rifjii^is 'Trkn^iw^rjGDv^ Prophets fhall be mulciply'd, 

01 -^dlSbzif^fTiTXj, ^ and fuch as corrupt the 

01 (pjupets i5 Pigya' ^ Word, and the Sheep fliall 

c^^cfiauvrmji to. og/- be changed into Wolves^ and 

f ctTzx. «$ At»5c«^, (^ 51 Love into Hatred ; for thro' 

clyoim ds fjiTa-^' 'TT^n- the abounding of Iniquity 

^vS^ms'^'^ocvofjLictAj the Love of many fliall wax 

\fuy«/7H7a^ ri dyiir/} r cold. For Men ftiall hate, 

m>Moor. iMortmai'^clA' and perfecute, and betray 

^riA'di 01 ^iJ^e^Tniy ^ one another. And then fhall 

Sioi^aci, ^ <i!^S)jo(rdcn. oppear the Deceiver of the"^** ^f^- 

& lint (pcxvTiaiTUj V World, the Enemy of the ^^^' 

7tsap.o'nT?J.v©^j rrXs Truth, the Prince of Lyes, ^'^^-^^•»*'' 

aA7?^/a5 g;^6e^5, Q? whom the Lord Jefus fhallUi.^l 4. 

-{dS'iii TT^gzim^' oy deftroy with the Spirit of ^/jMat.xxir. 

Tvu^Q^ ^'l>?o-»$" <?/je- Mouth I vrho takes array the 

A« S* mv^yi^k ? 90 Wicked vrith his Lips : And 

^r^s ojjtS, o2^%«- ^any fhall be offended at him. 

Tiicov dvou^u cccTS^Yi' ' But they that endure to the 

^ mn>Ko\ cKdpSbiXi^^ End, the fame fhall he faved. 

ooviwilir'dAmf' ' o\ And then (halt appear the 

vsTtj^aj/J/jTEf '«« TgAo?, Sign of the Son of Man in 

?m ozo^^auvTzxjf'. % <n- Heaven : ^nd afterwards fliall i ThefT. 

m Q^b(.Wiw^'''& GTiiJx-iov be the Voice of a Trumpet i^- '^. 

5" 1^3" t5 c?i^9£^''ZD-« Iv by the Arch-AngeU and in 

-4 le^vui' ft^ (pc^vr\ that Interval fliall be the 

QiA'mfy®^ 2c^ S^l dp' Revival of thofe that were 

3^r^A« • ^ yji^^h afleep ; and then fliall the 

avocCic^(nsrp^^^iu.rr Lord \come, and all his 

f^rjw?- <^ rrin V^\ 6 Saints with Him, with a 

' greac 


great ConcufTion ^above the 
CloudSj with the Angels of 

Matt.xvi. his Power, in the Throne of 

^7- his Kingdom, to condemn 
[che Devil ] the Deceiver of 
the World, and to render to 
every one according to his 

XXV. 4<5. Deeds. Then (lull the Wicked 
go away into ever I a (ling Pu-- 
nijhmentj hut the Righteous 
jhall go into Life Eternal, to 

r Cor lip inherit thofe things which 
Eje hath not feen, mr Ear 
heard, nor have entred into 
the Heart of Man, fuch things 
as God hath prepared for them 
that love Mim ; and they fhall 
rejoice in the Kingdom of 
God, w^hich is \ti Chrift Je- 
lus. Since we are vouch- 
fafed fuch great Bleflings 
from Him, let us become his 
Supplicants, and call upon 
Him by continual Prayer, 
and fay. 

xxxin. Our Eternal Saviour, the 
King of Gods, who alone 
art Almighty, and the Lord, 

JoJg/t^o, ^ m^TSff Of 
CLy.01 fJfSl CWJT«, cv 

ve(peXooVf fxSI' aT^Awp 
Slujccfju^cos auum , 2^ 

ouooviov y[r)7^(nv* oi q 
^iy[g.iQi mip^crov'^ eii 
(^ooluj atloovioVy yJhv^' 
pofJLuvns oK&vcc a of" 

^7j, d y]'TXiifj(^cnv 0go£ 
'ytpr\TQV7Ujf OK TYi /3a-- 

vuutS ly^-nxjy ^)(5tA»- 
{jSjfjoL ojuTTjv 2/^ uvuue" 

Aioorie (^TTp yi/L{^Vf 

OOy /^pv©- '^JTDJt^- 

w ti^^i\<is.V. 


Lib.Vir. the Holy Apoftles. 

Tcop % juJe/©-' c0go5 the God of all Beings, and 
'^Ctwj' '7^ oVtwi/, (S the God of our holy and 
Beos fP^ dyiMu ^ cl' blamelefs Fathers, and of 
fxiij.^oiv rralie^v rif^Mu^ thofc before us ; the God of 
' ^J r^' <^if^m Abraham, 2inAoiIjaac, and 
Btos^ 'A^pifliA^, ^^ of Jacob; who art merciful 
'I(7aajc, % 'Uk^S 6 and companionate, long- 
eAerifi^j/^ % olytTipi^jv, fuffering, and abundant m 
o f^y-eJf^jf-©^ ^ 'TTo Mercy ; to whom every 
7\,viAe^,(} ^oit yj^^ Heart is naked, and by whom 
yocf^h "■ /SAgjreTrc^ " every Heart is feen/and to 
^pS'icc, ^ ^/j xpb" whom every fecrec Thought 
q)iov ot'^i/yifif^ '^ii^' is revealed: To Thee do ^ 
?\.v'z^eTTXj'^sai$Qa}(7i thc Souls of the Rightcous 
'^X^ ^K^^^Y 2^ & cry aloud, upon Thee do 
'TTBml^.aiv Ixirl^i o- the Hopes of the Godly 
mo3v* 'Pp dfj,e^7rlMy truft ; thou Father of the 
'TtzLTT^py orppfj^'Mu' BJamelefs, thou Hearer of 
W©s. 'Qiy^Ayf^cov a-e the Supplication of thofe that 
€Wri-i9^, ^ % cica)7izd' Call Upon Thee with Upright- 
[x^^jcLi 'fh<pi>\^j@. ov' neis, and who knoweft the 
W^«5- 5^/)« r^^ f^i- Supplications that are not 
^i a^rj^j'xmv^ ^^e^' utter'd; For thy Providence 
Trlvcoy" ti Qi ^voix, reaches as far as the inmoft 
?^ ^ mjvciHa^c^slp^- Parts of Mankind ; and by 
ia.i I>c5^r«^ r yyoif^dui, thy Knowledge thou fearch- 
^^ ^^ ^^i 3cA/f<9c 'ns eft the Thoughts of every 
cix,bi/^y}s g 2/0, i^p' one, and in every Region 
tF&j')^i ^ ?i^y,}v ccvcL' of the whole Earth the Iti' 
^iy.'miii\ QoL jvf^U- cenfe of Prayer and Suppii- 
fj^gL. r "^ep^Tzt odooycc^, cation is fent up to Thee. 

I deeft, V. ' tp^yim. V. ^ decft. V. 

■• ' •■' "• ■ ' Q • 


Generations of Generations. O iS'to jj^i cvQf/,ct ^'^/' 

thou gteac Protedor of the cdc^vicj, ^ uvi^f^(Tuuov 

Poderity of Abraham, thou ';^jeai.s 'y^em. 'T^p- 

arc iilelTed for ever ; //-a;^ ^^a^^'A^epta^, 


XXXIV.. Thou art Bleffed, O Lord, -^/EvAoy^^n^^ «, xJ- 
V ^'ag. ti^e King of Ages, who by e/s (ictoiXiSr cdmc^^v' 
^'^^' Chrift haft made the whole o 2/^ Xe/r^ tdltio^ 
World, and by Him in the twI oAa, (t (S^t mjtS 
Beginning didft reduce into ov ap^-^ y.QuijJ\ayA to. 
Orcer the diforder'd Parts, ajt^'mo-jcg^aga' o ^^a- 
Who dividedefl: the Waters ^^e^W' tiJ^Ta i^j 
from the Warcrs by a Firma aLe;r^f efiy/x^aTi, (£ mrl- 
. mcnt, and 'didft put into f^a ^^xij^pv Tb^roi,- f/a- 
ihem a Spirit of Life ; who CaA&iy* o ^^ZoJ Ij^e^* 
didll fix the Earth,and ftretch c^^, ^^ i^^^viv oKiir 
out the Heaven, and didft vas, -^ r ^W«^ '^^i' 
difpofe every Creature by an xha-f^'Tzov ccKeA^r) ^^d-^ 
accurate Conftitution.- For rm^ivTcoapJc^, ari ji 
by thy Power, OLord, the ^ S^af^', Seo-^mx,, 
World is beautify'd, the Hea- y^af^f^ "^^(pcfA'^fJinf 
ven is fix'd as an Arch over v^pos ij c^s v^-HP^e^ 
us, and is rendrcd illuftrious. 'm-myfJ^syQ^ , vyP^.oi'i- 
vvith Stars for our Comfort cuj acpois, hr^v ira.^ 
in the Darkriefs : The Light es^j^vOw tS a^yi' 
alfo and the Sun \verc begot- <pMs 5 ^J\iQ. ^s r;- 
ten for Days, and the Pro- fxepccs ^ ^/ y^pTiwv yj- 
dudion of Fruit ; and the vds yi':^f!vi\v7ai ' ^ ere- 
Moon for the Change of ?^.-nvn q as xcue^r ^- 

>deeft.V. ' " 

Lib.VlI. the Holy Apoftles. 

7rw, oiv^aQ. ^ fjLei\i- Seafbns, by its Increafc and 

/LcfV>7' % vv^ oonof^^iJoj Diminutions ; and one .was 

p^ 7)(Xe^ ^ TT^oTiy}' called Night, and the other 

fgt'gTo", ^/)ga)/Aa 5 ^ Day, And the Firmament 

^- fxiaov 1%/ " oiSiJo^j)v was exhibited in the midft 

iS'eiiivvTo. ^ei^ocsmj- of the Abyfs, and thou com- 

vx^^invcu TO vS'oi'^, mandedft the Waters to* be 

:a o(p^mcar^vedv* cuj' gathered together, and the 

nrriv ^ ^^ccos^v Tiwi dry Land to appear. But as 

civ ris cK(f)^a^iv '•) vj- for the Sca it felf, who can 

ki\p')(eTuj\ f4'J ^ TTg- pofTibly delcribe it > Which 

Aa-Vafi ^ fJLcavoijS^U" ' comes With Fury from the 

'TTOLKLvS'^li.ei Q, ^TD Ocean, yet runs back again, 

4a/>cju.y, Ti) 'Gf^gz'^ln being flopp'd by the 6and 

3wtjAi;o|uV« • ''■ «^5 " at thy Command ; for thou 

yi, oi' auuT'^ cujwi^Sin- hall: faid, Therely fl)dl herl^'^ ... , 

<n^rui «>tjTii5 TO -ifiiJ^' Waves he hroken. Thou haft 

itt' ^aioi5 ^ fJiix^Ts (^ alfo made it capable of (iip- 

fjiiy:i?[gis, ^' ^ ttAoIois porting little and great Crea- 

rm^LihH* oh^jAi gTTDiTi- turcs, and made it naviga- 

m^, ^ eiT l^^>^Gaavii:o ble for Ships. Then did 

yw, 'TT^ij^Loii civ&^oi the Earth become green, and 

jt9tTO.>e^(pcf4o'w , '^ w^as planted with all forts of 

TD/jciA/a SivS'Pjjv c^- Flowers, and the Variety of 

(fo^v* ^7rxfJi(paeis Tg feveral Trees;* and the ihi- 

^ (pu)^p€s'\riTa)v nrSn ning Luminaries, the Nou- 

yo) , cc^3^SctTov (7Z0- rifliers of thole Plants, pre- 

^o^TF^r JV)A/;^i/, :^y^T fcrvc their unchangeable 

Gi^u ^a^LaoMcriBS 'f Courfc, and in nothing de- 

cS>"Te;>^7?s* ^V oTm part from thy Command. 



""^ But where thou biddefl: them aV )ttfA(Ai(7>i?, <Tai/V/i a- 

there do they rife and (ec, ti^ai ^ ShMcnv^ «% un- 

for Signs of the Seafons, \^^cl x^i^v (S oj/wj- 

and of the Years, making ^Vy dfAouCoijS^oi r t? 

a conftant Return of the dp^e^irujv '\^y)p€cnocv» 

Work of Men. Afterwards sTrcirnx, 2J!^(p6^v (^coMy 

the'Kmds of the feveral 3c$t7S(7}C(^a^g7o')S}uw,;:^p- 

• Animals were created, thofe (^/<wr, ovvS'e^v, de^' 

belonging to the Land, to 'jro^vy ocfjitpiSioov* ^ *? 

the Water, to the Air, and (fUs Tepvolccs h tvif^- 

both to Air and Water; and vQ^ Q(fioc tIw v^dK- 

the artificial Wifdom of thy K-n?^v sTi^^r^ tt^vqiSp 

Providence does flill impart J^;pa7af* wcrTrgf y><^'v 

to every one a fuitable Pro (poo^ ^-n gx^ r\iivn(7^ 

vidence. For as he was not ^sj^^a^arj Stwj oii^ 

unable to produce different ^^g^(po^v <!^voicw g- 

Kinds, fo neither has he dit- 5C5*T« "ttdiyiju^ '^'tw 

dain'd to exercife a diffe- ynyoipnai, ^ rgA©* *? 

rent Providence toward^ eve- hfj^^mpylas, 3 hoyt^^v 

ry one. And at the Conclu- ^wo^ ryisajjuo'mXniw^ 

fion of the Creation thou ga- tjT o-f cratp/cx ^izx^a- 

veft Diredion to thy Wifdom, |u^j©-, jt^tTEo-jtdliA^r, 

and formcdft a reafonable eiTnlov* YloiYioiaiJ^j ^' 

Creature, as the Citizen of Gc^ttoj/ 3caT*«?(^va/^ 

Gen. i.2^. [!-,(» World, faying, Let us Ti^^'ofji/icoffivf^fjAii^v" 

make Man after our Image ^ ^c-fJLv ^si^f^ov cuJQv a- 

ar^d after our Likenefs ; and yacTa^ctg'c^ ^ x Ticvra!- 

haft exhibited him as the ^v ^(^i^eicov.Tr^iLuv", 

Ornament of the World, and Q}tj{dmt)v ^'UT?\cicrcci 

formed him a Body out of d/jnS (7zofj{^^x,cux(7y,Aici'' 

the Four Elements, thofe (7:xa S"' dmrnf^ "4^%^ cy.' 

I {]fji.m^v, ^ Ja-Q* o^o««w. V. ! derunt,V. 


Lib. VII. the Holy ApoftlesI 

§*" fjLv, QVT©^, oiSyKTiv primary Bodies, but liadfl: 
Jl' ajjTzS nnvriv.^Kov prepared a Soul ouc of no^ 
^e^^A^'©'y ^ v'^^ ^ thing, and beftovvedfl: upon 
lyii '^^'^rii I/jjIo^v rnxAi him his Five Senfes, and didfl: 
dl^Y\(Tg(7iv ^ 'Qn<^(Tots. & fee over his Senfations a 
'(^'mcrt Timis, S'k^nm- Mirtd, as the Condudior of 
*wj Kv^e, n-U eizzc^iojs the Soul. And, befides all 
'^ijyija^TUj 'v€(7)ajp cf/L* thefe things^ O Lord God, 
S^T^n^v <^o^p, ct- who can worthily declare 
'i^^7rr]s htXccfjL'^v , the Motion of the rainy 
^^vTMv riztrrzuyv^ «5 Clouds, the Alining of the 
nfO(^ris ^ ^oL?hy)XM 35- Lightning, the Noile of the 
pr]ylcw' , ^ ^cda-iv ois- Thunder, in order to the 
e^if rrdfjoLpfJi^viQv, «nt- Supply of proper Food, and 
^jf.^i(T^cL ^ T cL\^^* the mod agreeable Tenipe- 
TTor, g/xjt>c/^?^ ^w>i5^^'- racure of the Air. But when 
fmcLi' ffj>6 Bii 3 'TT^' Man was difobedient, thou 
75Ag> oi(fcvi>Lux^^ '^Moi didfl: deprive him of the 
xd>^'^ ^e^^ o^LyvyfSL' Life which fliould have been 
fjLLdct?^ opytCf)eii TraXif' his Reward ; yet didfl; thou 
^wjiai/ (kxAecTOi, ^0- not defl:roy him for ever, 
€pi'" ^vccTn eAva^s, but laidft him to deep for a 
"^ 0" ^ooo'TTdioi rPfS vs- timc, attd thou didii by Oath 
y,^v S^ 'hai Xe/te^i call him to a Reiurredion, 
•f eA7ri^@4 ril^oov, and loofedfl: the Bond of 

Death 5 O tliou Reviver of 

the Dead, thro' Jelus Chrift, 

who is our Hope. 

VleyoL^ « , itJe^g Thus art thou, O Lord XXXV* 

m^plsnce^Top^ ^ u^ Almighty, and ^reac is thy 

5^A» ^ i^ui ^, (^ 'f Power, and of thy Under- 

G g llanding^ 


(landing there is no Num- m/jue<J^coi oda GVKegiveL" 
ber. Our Creator and Sa- e^^-f^i* xTiVa, Qi»lr\p, 
viour, rich in bCiiefits, Long- -wA-ncne ^ ov" ;:^e^<7i, 
%*Pag. (uffering, and the BeHower iJ^y^^^fJA^ "^^J" i(^ 
^^^' of Mercy, who doft noc eAi'as ')Qfy)ye o f^in ^a- 
take away thy Salvation from (fic^(ioy " q^ Qiv tcLct' 
thy Creatures ; for thou arc f^recv ¥ Q)*TneAxv' (pu- 
good by Nature, and fpareft ai yi dyxf^os w^p- 
::5inners, and inviteft them to ^i* (p&S'vi ^ ct^^- 
Repentance ; for Admonition 'T^iuoV'TaK, chija^oi^ 
is the Effed of thy Bowels ir^a^K'iy^oi ' oix- 
of Compaffion ; for how UpfJt^v yip cm fi v^- 
ftiould we abide if we were Ggivi^s ^ais -jS ay ^ J- 
requir'd to come to Judg- ci7repiij^\ lire.yijS^'l^J 
menc immediately, when ai- TroMT&f/^jo/ xei^j^. o- 
ter fo much Long fuffering, 'tztSt? fji^yc^^fj^iiJ^joi, 
we hardly get clear of our ^^Ali dvavdUijS^ 'f a- 
mifcrable Condition. The cds^^as 5 (tv S jte^T©- 
Heavens declare thy Domi- clvv!'ycih%v 01 vtpvoit 
nion, and the Earth fliakes € y? x^^-Jouroiw^Jw, r 
with Ea ihquakeSi and hang- da^clAeiocv h' c^io? 
ing upon nothing, declares ^ 3Cj3fe-/<$tfjiV))". rSco;^^:.©-- 
thy unlhaken Sccdfaftnefs. Q. TUjfis^ivoijS^Jii, ^ uut' 
The Sea raging with Waves, ^Jiccv iSoaycitait ^oooov a- 
and feeding a Flock of Ten fyiKYitf, TreTiihjTOj olfx,- 
thouiand Creatures, is bound- /xw, r QU^j (^ihrxjiv 
cd with Sand, as Handing in m(pe^^v(x,' ^ 'r^iyrzjus 
awe at tliy Command, ^nd diocy^^-^^ (io£y' '£le 
compels ail Men to cry out. IfJU'yLXwj^ m epycu 
Ffj! ciii. l/ojv grc^t are thy Works, jy, n/jQ/.e* ^5^ ip 
^4- Lfril! In Wi\dom hiifl thou avzU imiricu^" iirM- 

Lib. VII. the Holy Apoftles: 

£^.3ji ri y!i *m -icrlaedi made them all : The Earth is 

(m.KcLj^Tes^'TisdfycAoou full of thy Creation. And 

9Ag^^^©-,^ '72v^'itca- the bright Hoft of Angels, 

nrccvQiQ^, Aeyvaiv' &s and the Intelled'ual Spirits 

oiyi@^ W ^ ^eAfJigva* " fay to Palmonty There is hut D^n. viE 

^ Xioc,iQ)\\/^ay(t^cL\j^ one Holy Beings and the Ho- ^^* 

TD^s pgpeS]^ 'TQ?s g^ccTT ly Seraphim, together with 

\^hyii^ (TQi lUo'Qnvi" the Six winged Cherubim, 

yj.Qv uiS'hjj '^?^?[gvJac, who fing to Thee their Tri- 

ctTifnTrjis (poovcui (^oo^cnv* umphal Song, cry out with 

"AytQ,, ajioi, ayiQs never-ceafing Voices, Holy.Ka, vl-^i 

iw^@^XccCcia^^* TrK-n- Holy,Ho{j, LcrdGodof Hofls, 

pyjs 6 ii^vos ii Yi yH ^ Heaven and Earth are full of 

S^^Tfs 0^' (^ TO ene^ ^ thy Glory; and the other Mul- 

fmf^0,'TZiJV Ti^ri.d'/ij'' af' titudcs of the O'ders, An- 

y6?igL\clp^ffyi;\gifi^' gels. Arch- Angels, Thrones, 

voL,7i/j^G'TY['ni, ^px^} Dominions, Principalities, Au- 

l|a^a*, SlL/jdf^eis, ^- thoricics and Powers, cry a» 

€ooovTa, Xiy^ioiv' Bo loud,^t\di':3Ly,BlejfedtpetheGlorj^^'^'^''^^l 

?[gy/i}jS^n 37 ^^cc ywe/ a ^f ^he Lord out of his Place, But * 

C4i ^'(^TTn <ioTtf. 'lor Ijraely thy Church on Earth, 

eptriA 3, 7) 'f^'yiios om taken out of the Gentiles, 

c/KTcKficncc^ ri l§ eB-vm, emulating the Heavenly Povv- 

rroAsxccT vesf-vop S'wjoi cts Night and Day, with a 

fjieaivoliJu?Aei}jj^j)i^yvK' full Heart and a willing 

T\^7\jx'-.pcty ov •ii^pS'Laj Soul, fings, 7 he Chariot* of ^^^^hni 

irXipi^ ^ -^v^-A ^X'i- God is ten thcufindfcldy thou-'' 

cr>i, '4c6M(J* To oif\j(^ fitnds of than thut rejoice : 

? 0e« (juuti^o'UTXoi(7iQv, 'the Lord is an-ion^ them in 

^Xidks (^^viivrnv , Sina, /> the ho(y PUce. The 

>we^©- ov oju^Ts, ov Heaven knows him who fix d 

1 ?«A(A»yl V. ' dseft. V. 

G g t it 


Ta, cos Ki^jvju&ov" ^ 

o;i7rA>70o-(J ^c;'^ ags^Vj 
S^eiTwvcop' ^ooac r •^'i/- 


:o (pi?[ridhop(^ iyV oik- 
At<5, r^p^c^iavi S Sliocc' 

it as a Cube of Stone, in the 
Form of an Arch, upon no- 
thing, who united the Land 
a-.d Water to one 'another, 
and fcatter'd the Vital Air 
all abroad, and conjoin'd Fire 
therewith for Warmth, and 
the Comfort againft Dark- 
nefs. The Choir of Stars 
ftrikes us with Admiration, 
declaring Him that num- 
bers them, and fliewing Him 
that names them ; the Ani- 
mals declare Him that puts 
Life unto them; the Trees 
fliew Him that makes them 
grow; all which Creatures 
being made by thy Word, 
(hew forth the Greatnefs of 
thy Power. Wherefore eve- 
ry Man ought to fend up 
an Hymn from his very Soul 
to Thee, through Chrift, in 
the Name of all the reft, 
fince He has Power over 
them all by thy Appoint- 
ment. For thou art kind in 
thy Benefits, and beneficent 
in thy Bowels of Compaf- 
fion ; who alone art Al- 
mighty ; for when thou 

7tV. V. ' (i7dy7e»V' V. 


Lib.VlI. the H0I7 Apoftles." 

xe^T®. ^ (p?{gyx, 3ca- willeft, to be able is prefent 
7a^y;^(j, (^ Asoj^^ 9:- with Thee ; for thy eternal 
^/, >^ x)f7i?^ 3t9c,Ta- Power both quenches Flame, 
7r^iv<\, ^ vQo^vTccs g- and flops the Mouths of 
rj^ipj, ^ <S'vujxf/,e<if^e Lions, and tames Whales, 
'ptcfT^eTT^ • (^ ^-eptTiV and raifes up the Sick, and 
l^fl^y, ^ %.oVrx£/G overrules the Power of all 
fj^ipS/jov, ov TzS -yhu-e- Things, and overturns the 
f)}(pdpi^s^y7i^jcc<r&iv' Hod of Enemies, and cafts 
yuffj. ay &i ou y^poj, down a People nu^bred in 
a g3i y!)s,:':0 o*' >cv their Arrogance. Thou arc 
Aaoj^, o ov ^ 'T^eptTy- He who art in Heaven, He 
fi^ivois'j -v^zro r/jAiS^vos. who arc on Earth, He who 
N.^^a!tT8f/V#-'\* iTi art in the Sea, He who arc 
'^:f^^^M(Jiwy\$ QM^ in finite things, thy Self un- 
^r^'^^5. f/,r]'^fff/.e' confind by any thing. For 
<zi^u'^ T^-hj.S'ia-^Tm- of thy Majefty there is no 
Iccy S ^es^TT^vrroi (TA ^ Boundary ; for 'tis not ours, 
?\<^yLQv^ (pcc<7}iopl(^* Koj O Lord, but the Oracle of 
y^^fV^^ K0-p<^'^^ C^, thy Servant, who faid, ^'^^oeutir 
^ ok o 7w^@^ 0go5 thu jhalt knon> in thine Heart 39. 
cy^Seoscpiipctva) avoo, that the- Lord thy God he is 
^ 'On TM^ yis )C9&Tw, -^ God, in Tliaven ahove^ and on 
Gf^'s^y 2Ti ttALu' a/j- Earth hens at h, and there is 
Ty. Oiiliiyaif'^QeQi none other he fides Thee: For 
irxLJj o-« fji^vit" oiyt®^ there is no God befides Thee 
»V ic^i TuXlw (\ , alone, there is none holy 
'jwe/.©4 ©605 ^yyco' befides Thee, the Lord, the 
c-Boitf, ©gos iyicov^ cL God of Knowledge, the God 
^©- xi'nk^ ^^ ct- of the Saints, holy above all 
y'i'di' o\ 'Y^TsyiOirT^jSsiloi, holy Beings; for they are 

. ^Pj.iti^ui. V. iTn^^i^Qr. V. 5 i;^ ci^nV^;. V. 

G g 3 fanfli- 


fandtified by thy Hands: vcw iris ^et^s o-a a-^ 

Thou art glorious, and high- aip. evSb^@^ ^ •vkrg*'' 

ly exalted, invifible by Na- pv-^^iy^®^, aopoiT@4 

cure, and unfearchable in' nr-^ (fvc^^ dve^LyjioLt^oi 

thy Judgments; whofe Life xeJ^ficf^mv* 'S dvevSik n 

is withouc Want, whofe Du- ^wri, infeT^®^ ^ <?/5gA* 

ration can never fail, whofe ?i€4'UTkfi2^f^v7],cl-^r^ 

Operation is without Toil, ^.a7@4 n c/i/ipycict, a- 

whofe Grcatnefs is unlimit- 't^;^ct-«rif©.w ^ jt^cgyjt,- 

ed, whofe Excellency is per- A^oW, oihvoL@*r\ gu* 

petual, whofe Habitation is 'zs-peTreisc, cttD^pWo^i 

inaccelFible, whofe DwcUing xoLtoioctcc^ clfjLe^d*> 

is unchangeable, whofeKnow- <^Aj1os r^ x^jtrrcto-jcKrw-' 

ledge is without Beginning, ens ^'ap^5 ri yuooais, 

whofe Truth is immutable, c6vccM.QiQOT05y] oLAn^cOi: 

whofe Work is wi r hout Af- S ipy>Vy 

fiflant , whofe Dominion can- aipe7n^v?^<^jTQp g x^jt- 

not be taken away, whofe to?, oc^cf^^os ri ^o- 

Monarchy is without Sue- j/ap;v;/a-, d'Tiheurn'msn 

cefTion, uhofe Kingdom is (^ccoj^eix, dy^prctyd^i 

without end, whole Strength vi<;r)s -n /W,-, iroXvoi' 

is irrciidible, whofe Army e/.S/^^$ m ^crpctTioi. Qij 

is very numerous : For thou yb ei o Q<^ixs vrctrrjp^ 

'■; the Father of Wifclom, ohipn^ipyUs'? ^ jju^- 

r^-earor of the Ccearion, oith Tcrigijs, %* cJs cJ- 

.. lediai.or, as the Caule. tiqs* o i:^voicci p^oYiys, 

lit Beilo';^er of Prov/dence, o vofjf^v Shrr>p, o cpS^eixi 

le Giver of Laws, the Sup- tAt^^;, 6 t^^ da-e- 

^ lev of Want, the Puniflier Sc^v ny^^^s^ kj fPfS 

\ rhe Wicked, and the Re- S'ty^Jwv'' fJn^^oSi- 

.ardcr of the Righteous; vis'' o^ Xe^r^ Geos 

Lib.VII, the Holy Apoftles. 

S mcunT^p, 3^ rPlS &s the God and Father of Chrifl:, 
G/jjiv evaeSo'jultnwv tuj and the Lord of thofe that 
QjL©^ ? ctfta4<^e'®- are pious towards Him, whole 
TieTTocy^Aioi, ciSh)^S)b'' Promife is infallible, whofc 
wjT©- rj xeA(ns, dfjue- Judgment without Bribes, 
TBfcTnr©* ^ j/v&S^M), i whofe Sentiments are immu- 
'm.tjcr®*^^^^^^'^''''' table, whofe Piety is inccf- 
^©- fi di'^^^QjLgTcc. Si « fanr, whofe Thanklgiving is 
OTf ^ ^ S l'm|<@^ everlafiirjg, through whom 
o^CTMu//;^« o^eiAeittj Adoration is worthily due 
cl^ mans >^ymi 6 to Thee from every rational 
a^iwfujHWf. and holy Nature 

Kt>e«s mztP'Tv^eP'^ O Lord Almighty, thou xxxvi 
'np, o^o-fjigv ex^UcDLS ^ haft Created the World by 
Xe«r3, ^ ci&^oL-niV Chrift, and hait appointed 
cSg/cosw &5 fjivri^j T8- the Sabbath in memory there- 
T« oTz ov ojjTiS v^'rr of, becaufe that on that Day 
'm.\iQ.i ^ T g;;^r, thou haft made us reft from 
«5 ^Ki^rU/j T ctS^ yo- our Works, for the Medita- 
ji^r. ?$ lopias Siel^^M^ tion upon thy Lsws. Thou 
«<? (iU^ep'^^-'TJ/u^- haft alfb appointed Feftivals 
^v -^^Vy CTTzui €is for the Rejoicing of our 
^vy\yJjjj ep'^^jjjt^. '? Souls, that We might come 
v37D(r2 KTi^&arji <7D(p/- into the Remembrance of that 
put' «> Si rifJi^t '^ecnv Wifdom which was created j,^,^^ ^j,^ 
\sc!ri^r2^yuMou'»t^i' by Thee ; HowHe fubmitted 21. lxX 
I'Tretparj) r:^ ^Ico, dvcc- to bc made of a Woman on 
^xvi)fi lca»TDJ' Of Tctf our account ; He appeared in 
jScfSiio-^Ti, wff ©jo; Life, and demonftrated Him- 
e^ (£ ai'O^^-ar©* (pa- felf in his Baptifm ; how He 

yeii' eTO(,<^ Si r^jj^^s alj that appe&t'd is both God 

Gg 4 . and 


and Man, He fuffer'd for us (7u>^cr)(?^, ^aW^z^f, 

by chy Permiflion, and died ; kj aV^y/r Qo) scepsV^* 

and rofe again by thy Power ; ^' j^* nrUl^. dyccgzemjui^p 

which account we To* iopirv . ^r^^^nyj^'^ovnt 


lemnly aflemble to celebrate t^T njue/^o^Ki^, ^^^^ 

the Feaft of the Refurrection |l4> ^ $ ; j'/xnVi'Jc w^ 

on the Lord's Day, and re- r ^voc^v^ (poori(^vlt 

joice on account of Him who q ^ooI/j^' ?^ ol(f^'paixv' 

*'" conquer'd Death, and S^l ojutS '^ 'ny^mryai- 




j/j; ecW' 

lias brought Life and Im- y» 

mortality to Light: For by eis >^lv c^« 



'Trig, 5c/ eppvaw on j^go- 

Him thou haft brought home 

the Gentiles to thy Self for 

a pecuhar People, the true 

Jfrael, beloved of God, and 

feeing God : For thou, O 

Lord, broughteft our Fathers 

out of the Land of Egypt, 

and didft deliver them out 

of the Iron Furnace, from 

Clay and Brick-making, and ^x^s^co & rPfS w axj 

didft redeem them out of rnv.^ &" ^. Sizc?^cr' 

the Hands of Fharaoh, and otj? ua 2/^ |>?e^5 (jm 

of thofe under him, and didft 

lead them through the Sea, 

as through dry Land, and 

didft bear their Manners in 

the Wildernefs, and bellow 

on them all forts of good yioiv'.Q^ (pMP^<^3rJ'^- 

things; Thou didft give r&^vnxj, ^ ;\^«e^ Jc^Vaf- 

thcm the L^w or Decalogue, e^tpgVTx- (^SS'aT^^a;^ 

;il. V. f fcrte Jii((f.ho}{oif. V. 


I,ib.yil. ^ the Holy Apoftles: 

ofgraAw « 'G^tpoioiv which was protiounc'd by 

apyixs. S'lS'ii, Xvi a- thy Voice, and Written witfi 

(fopi^Iw (^creSeiocs, ^s thy Hand : Thou didft en- 

yi/ooaip mis m S'ujjql^ join the Obfervation of the 

jixews, «s vmXvoiv ^^' Sabbath, not affording theni 

Tiioovy m ov UpZ 7{^^eip' an Occafion of Idlenefs, but 

fas *T^&QXcf}, ^ShL' an Opportunity of Piety, for 

cjc^a/ccj ;^^r, €^'$ ot- their Knowledge of thy Ppw- 

^M/af<50 IQSbi^g^Shs' er, and the Prohibition of 

^ T^To KSbiJ{J.s f^lxy Evils; haying limited theni 

^ eSShiJ{^S^s liTTWy ^ as within aa holy Circuic 

fjiL/i e^Sbf/,©^, (^ o'^f- for the fake of Dodlrine, 

twdi eSSbf^Q^' >^ T8T« for the rejoicing upon the 

^^^niuvcix,v7cKijaii\^Io- Seventh Period. On thiSLerlr.yxIil 

C>?Acw©./o ??7>'gT©-" account was there appoint-^ ^^''' 

meviy]^sgivy en a(pg^i/' ed one Week, "'and Seven 

o^Tzys fj(AiSifJLiatv 2<)^)bi Weeks, aind the Seventii 

*sf(lp(fctGiy 01 aj/G^/TXi Month, and the Seventh 

iy/oiap cTXTi-dac^. Ttf- Year, and the Revolution of 

r-^^^v rr^ Qi^^oL^v rhefe, th6' Jubilee, which is 

i'UTe^B-^l^v cLfyetv^oTnvs the Fiftieth Year for Remif- 

fjAiS2P\^y)v ^ ^s" OP op' fion, that Men might have 

yri' ex iS ^fjij^os aju no occafion to pretend Igiio- 

^ c^g'irjx/ ^gA»7o->i iv ranee. On this account |fe 

TjT rtfAfpoL ^ QcSSci' permitted Men every Sab- 

TU)v. ozL&GoiTQv yip ??t bath Co reft, that io no OHe 

k^Uttc/jj^s ^(/.ivpyictA^ might be willing to fend one 

^hetojoii yj(7jj^y, vofji^;v Word out of his Mouth in 

^■iiYiajs^ cwi/©. eis Seov Anger on the Day of 'the 

^u';^e^.r©' "^ S;' cu' Sabbath : For the Sabbath 

^^mis gJ^i'pW'TO. iv is the ceafing of the Crea- 

i r^dLV<f.YJJi^hr\mi. V. \ defunt. V. I deeft, V. ^ 



tion, the Completion of the d'Tr^prmv 5 wj^qlyM 

World, the Enquiry after og^V^^yo-ct • cwTtr r 

Laws, and the grateful Praife }j/i<nmv. r *sf^vov\fiuo^ 

to God for the 'leffings he r vo'j^^iiwv^ rivoL^" 

has beftow'd upon Men : jgwi curic,?/, r ^sreP'n^ 

All which the Lord's Day to^i/ ^^m ktIg^qos, r 

excels, and fliews the Me- Geov ?[g^v, % arG^- 

diator Himfelf, the Provi- -ttdj/, t- c^ Mae/ct? 5^- 

der, the Law giver, the Caufe vy\^vfmj ^j^vov cT/;^ ai- 

ofthe Relurreciion, theFirft- «re^$, r -TTDA/Ti^cTttja^- 

born of the whole Creation, vqv oai^^i, r gxjje^^v 

God the Word, and Man, /ro?^ IIoj/T/y D:;^t^, 

uhp was born of Hhrj a« ^ ^^roiia., :^ aV^- 

lone, without a Man, wbo qoLvmy, c/k veitP^v '^' 

conversd holily, who was <r«>t^u»c7a. m wjeAoc- 

crucified under Pontius Pi^ jcrj .©^v^A(^g7a|, Q\ 

late, and died, and rofe a- ^kowoTtL.. r -v^ ^.- 

gain from the Dead : So that mvv d^'y^e/-^^ Tr^axpi' 

the Lord's Day commands peiv^ cwm yi ^ ^ 'im 

us to offer unto Thee, O QS" ^[^^^e^^o-ct ^• 

Lord, Thankfgiving for all. ^f, hla '^^ fAiyi^®^ 

For this is the Grace afforded ^^wi^ <^ej)ycoicc.v c^a- 

by Thee, which on account Au>|«y- 
of its Greatnefs, has obfcur'd 
all other Blcflings. 

•xxxvu. Thou who baft fulfilled V'O -nis l^afyi- 

^*377.*^ thy Promifes made by the A/a? tos ^^-t^J'-st^. 

Prophets, and haft had Mer- (p^Tziov 'Ti^-ne^a-cts, ^ g- 

cy on Sioft, and Compaffion Xevo-ca r '^Lc^yv ; ^ oly.- 

on Jcrufalcm, by exalting the rapria'asr^kpiio-aATifji, 

Throne of D.ivlil, thy Ser- W r ^-epyov AaSliT 5" 

? defunt. V. 

Lib.Vn. the Holy Apoftles. 

'TTouSis a^ dvv^Ztmj^ ov vaiic in thc midfl of her, by 
jw,fV<w cuj-TTii, 1-^ ^){ueai the Birth of Chrift, who was 
T« Xe^rS, ^ ^ czu-gp- born of his S^td according 
f<^7©- ojjfd S "ii^ Qp' to the Flefii, of a Virgin a- 
»(9i «)^^v'/i9gi'T©- dx ^^'- lone ; Do thou now, O Lord 
vyii ' rhfiy^vy, a/j{^s ^ God, acccpc the Prayers 
vtw, H<7monra, o 0gc5, which proceed from the Lips 
'C^o-k^au "■ rmi " ^ of thy People, which are 
^ciKim k-nai^ ? ?^^ of the Gentiles, which call 
Qa ? g§ e^vMVj T ^^ upon thee in Truth, as 
o^^^yfjS/iMv Qe ou ocXn- thou didft accept of the 
fiefct, i(9t,fSw5 'sr^creii^oj Gifts of the Righteous in 
m S&P^ r ^y.atA(av cAf their Generations. In the 
9 9^gcMf ouuToov^^ASeK firft place thou didft refpedl 
ev TT^nmisr Jvoi^IttS' the Sacrifice of ^4^^'/, andccaiv, 
5fe$ >$ ^z^crg^gfw, N<wg accept it, as thou didft ac- 
i^ehf^rrQ^'? -mScotS^ cept of the Sacrifice of Noah nil 
'AC^ajx /j(j;' g gfsA- when he went out of the 
^€<v ^ OK yiii XaA- Ark ; of Ahrnham, when he xil 
^Mm, 'IczuccK cAf ^ went out of the Land of thc 
^pi<tTi ? opyt^y Icg^y^S Chal^£a/7s ; of Ifiac at the xxu. 
ou ^B^GAgg^", Mooaicos Well of the Oath; of Jacob^ xxxr. 
ci^ T>r ip7ifJL(p, 'Aoc^^v in [Bethel 5 of /?^^/"^^ in the Exodxii. 
aia /t>tfcrny r ^<Lv*TXiiv ^ Defart ; of Aaron between Num.xfr 
¥ ^ Te^vicirmv", 'ha'i the Dead and the Living ; 
♦iS Ncoun c;t ToLXyL^ o( Jo/hua ihe Son of A^^;; in JoC^. 
^isy TBu^m ^ '^ Tre- (j/7^4/ ; of 6Ueo?7 at the Rock, jujg. vf^ 
T^? (^ 1^'' '7ni)cct)y ts*^ and the Fleeces, before his viii. 
*? a/j9^T/a.5, 'Mci,^Cf)2 '2j Sin; of Manoah and his 
^ owjtS '),urcM>(^; o?/ $' Wife in the Field of Samp- 
fjTcS'icp^ l,a,fjL-\m ov § [on, in his Xhirft, before 

■ ., ' ,... .... . ■ ' - * ' ; ■ 

! fiff. V, : deea. V. :^^7i>. V. 1 forte Bn8sa.. V. ^jihtyJir^i^^ V. 


siiii. the Tranfgreffion ; of Ji'pha, S'l-^i, c?^ '? /xA>j/^/Ag- 

in the War, before his raili A^a?» 'Ia(p^s ov ^ 

Kf. xvi. Vow 5 of Barak and Dek- mi?\.efjia) ^^y^ nrti dx^- 

hora in the Days of S/fera; TylTrafyA/a?, Bae^'jc 

'iKmr;.yuQ{ Samuel in M^ppha ; of 5^ Agg^ce^s 6^ 'jS 

i Chi.xx'. D^^/W in the Threftiing floor %(m.e^ , 2ajw,«y?A ov 

nllfu ^^Ornah i\\q Jehufite; oi So- Mcco^^^, Aafili^ 6u 

xviii. /^»^^A2 in Gihcon, and m 7<?- c^Aw 'O^vc? oS '[g^a-. 

A^m'\\>K^'I^hP^l oi EliJA^h in Mount Qcia , Xo^jxa)p@. ou 

a Chron. Carmel; ' of £/i|/M at the bar- TocScccov y^ cv 'lepaaoc- 

TkI i?. ^^" Fountain ;,. of J^ehojaphat Atj^, 'Ha/x gj/ t^ op^ 

XX. xix. in M'sit ; of Hczekiah in his $* Kccpfj(M?\.i<f, 'EAicr- 

Si<jkpers, and concerning 6"^- gc/«, ?^ t ccTivia^s -tivj- 

itChTon._nac^enb I oi Manaffsh in the 5^5, 'la)o-cc<peiT ly ^m- 

^^^''^- L^d of the Qhddtans, after A6,ct(w, 'E^ex/ct Ij/ ctp- 

"xxxv.- hi3 Ti^aafg^e(lion;ofyi?//4^in psio. 5^ Qi t5 ^ 2g- 

Ezr^viii. .fha^i'^ oi Ezra at the Re- rct^feijx", MJ/>a(>j-vr 

P^^^^j j^.y turn ; . of Daniel in the Den gj/ ^f XaAJ^/wy /^{j;' 

Jon, ii. oi h{oi\^;. o^ Jonah in the r 'ZorhnfJLfjJA&tSp, 'loo" 

Whale's Bf lly ; of the Three cix h $-fcLocroi'\ 'Ecr: 

Dau. iii. Children in the Fiery Fur- S'^h t/T e'zudp-'S'cf}, 

J Kiog j nace ; ■ of //j^;^^ in the Ta- AxvrhA (v S" Aajoco; 

V bernacle before the Ark; of rr^/ AesViw^, 'lm'£ h 

Ezr.iii. //c^^^^^i/>A at , the Rebuilding Tiif >^iA/(X 5^ xTixiy?, t^ 

of th^ Walls ; of Zerobahel ; rt^m TraiStov Iv TJi ^•' 

1 Maccab.of iMafaiihids and his Sons in />t/j-(j5) ^ 5 ' ^mj^i'^ P^wrti 

»', ^^- their Zeal ; of Jahel in Blef- gv tjT cTxZby^i' l^fii'Tnor *? 

^*^ ring3.' Now alio do thou 7MCwTS,Ng?/x/aQi tjT 

receive the Prayers of thy ai/g^ipa^ 'j^'' 75/^1/ 39 

people, which are offered to ''^" Zo^Soi&eA,M(£l- 

f I ■ I I 1 n tw^mmmmmm ■ . , >~ ■ i iin 

iaivttymv.N. !£ *Kjnta "'-deeft. V.. .-^ deefl. V, 

Lib.VlI. the Holy Apoftles: 

fm^iGc (£ rm T^tSv oj/jtS Thee with Knowledge, thro' 
iv TBef ^i'Aco 0-g. 'faCriA Ghrift, in the Spirit. 

EJ;^e/T?f4^Voi'7rg- We give Thee Thanks for 

^ ^Tcbv, S'iojiQrru, all things, O Lord Almigh-^^^^^^^ 

7rai/Toxe^T&^j3" oTitJjc ty, that thouhaft not taken 

ly^Tihim^s m eAh away thy Mercies and thy 

iTb' ^ 'j'ds QiKTifuii cii CompalTions from us; buc 

cc(p' 7]y.S)v oi??ici 7[a,^' lyj,' in every fucceeding Genera- 

gvv "^exv -2 ycvexvQ)' tion thou dofl: lave, and 

^(|s, pu'ji, dvn^i^fx^CccvYi, dehver, and alSft, and pro- 

caem^^ii, ccvTiXccQhi -jlB ted : For thou didft affift in 

iv Tifxii^is 'Evoos ^ the Days of E^os znd Enoch; 

'Evco^/evif/.s^Ls\ia) in the Days of Jklofes and 

cri ^ 'ha-ii, Iv ri^efois Jofhua ; in the Days of the 

Ta>^ xe^TtoK, Iv y]fjJ' Judges '^mih^D^iysofS^Lmuel^ 

fciii ^ocfjiyr]A ^ 'Ha/cc and of Elijah, and of the Pro- 

^ ^^v TT^cpn^v, iv ri' phets ; in the Days of Ar- 

fAiC^is Ax€\<^ ^ T^v vid, and of the Kings ; in 

^aaiAsoov , ov viyj- the Days of E/lhcr and Mor' 

^is "ti^7]p ^ Maj3- (f/ecai ; in the Days of Ju^ 

Sh^aiv , o^ rifjLiCP-is dith ; in the Days of Jud.iS 

'iadTaO, cv 7]fjLi^ii' ii- M/jccaheus and his Brethren ; 

Sk Mccxxoc^caa & ^v and in our Days haft thou 

aikX(p^v hjii. ^ ov affilled US by thygreat High- 

^?s r,fjii^ii ^fjidov 3p' Pried: Jefus Chrill thy Son: 

i?7^^C« r(C{^i/ o^ tS For he has delivered us from 

fjLeydAit Qa" dp^speoo; the Sword, and hath freed 

'ha-y Xe^tea t5 ttcw- US from Famine, and fuf- 

Sbs rr^' ^] ciii fj^aycq r:1in'd nf. has ^deliver'd us 



*Pag. from Sicknefs, has preferv'd e^s y> eppva-ocroj "^^* 
^ * us from an evil Tongue. ^ ok Ai^y llei-^'ro 
For all which things do we ^^^4^?, Q/avQaaloL- 
give Thee Thanks through o-aro, ck yhd^o^i m^- 
Chrifl:, who haft given us vr^^i ecKeiroco^, ^^ 
an Articulate Voice to con "Tnivfmv coi hd X^eS 
fefs withal, and added to <^';^e/7'B|l^. o <S (foo- 
it a iuitable Tongue, as v^-'-f' epap^^v els g|o- 
an Inftrumenc to moduhte fj{9^y^^v Slop^cztyS^os* 
withal, and a proper Tafte, ^ yAo^^jsLv (^dpr^t^v, 
and a fuicable Touch, and a ^'r/z^jv ^^^ m op- 
Sight for Contemplation, and yx^vov vzroOa';. ^ ^u- 
the hearing of Sounds, and cnv 'urcpojpo^v, <fe a- 
the fmelling of Vapors, and <p^^' k^^tdcMw^j/, :^ 
Hands for Work, and Feet oe^aiv ^cc^, ^ ^ a- 
for Walking; and all thcfe yts^' (p^v'^^",^ 'ccrppyt- 
Members doft thou form oiy aTf(^V, <^ %«e^5 
from a little Drop in the eisepyjv^^^^s'^-Tr^s^ 
Womb ; and after the For- oShi^m^^^ ^ ^utbo 
Illation doft thou beftow Wia ex (jax^^s sa- 
oh it an Immortal Soul, and ')iv@^ ^ S^^arlaj" 
produceft it into the Light, cv y.ri^cx,y (S •4aj;^Zm>^ 
as a rationalCreature. Thou dSnivoLTov jJ^) tuju fj^,-^* 
haft inftrudcd Man by thy (fcacnv ^e/^y^* % tt^x^ 
Laws, improv'd him by thy ycis gh (poos, S?[gyi'i(}}v 
Statutes, and w^hen thou t,(^ov, t d/jb^irvv, to- 
bringeft on a Diffolution fJigts^ e^mociSbWoA, S'l- 
for a while, thou haft pto- '^icif^mv ^aiSfwucti' 
mifed a RefurrecSion. Where ^e^i Ixlyv eTniyoov 
fore what Life is fufficient > S'ldhvaiv^ r dyd^mv 
What Length of Ages will Im^yiih^. mu@-^ tui- 

l defunt. V. led exuiit in marg. f ti^ V« I J)t^irKd9<ii>$* V. 

Lib.VII. the Holy Apoftks: 

yx^f^ (^"j^f'AAis ^losl be long enough for Men to 

a\mwv Q ^?J>c©- 'TTotToy be thankful ^ To do ic wor- 

Sj^^-aJioidv^^Tniiivreii thily 'tis impoflible, but to 

<^';^e*p<xi/ ; ri g f^J do it according to our Abi- 

TT^i cc^i^ ccS'tu'otrnv, lity is juft and right; for 

S 5 Kp S'tMociMy (^a^. thou haft delivered us from 

Ippt/o-w qS uaeSeioA mi- the Impiety of Polytheifm, 

?\.v^m, ^ ;^e*95JciiB' and from the Herefie of the 

vm ojpia-eoji e^^Ac^, Murderers of Chrift; thou 

'7re'7r>,ctv7ii^7is dyyotccs haft deliver'd us from Error 

iiXdj&s^^aairX^svv and Ignorance 3 thou haft 

€is ccTri^i^ou; ei al^^- (ent Chrift among Men, as 

Tpyi ctis ^^^iTTDVf 0go{^ a Man, being the Only Be- 

Ivfn^u fj^vo';^^' r 'zo^'- gotten God ; thou haft made 

TihvTov opcpyuo-oA rifAAv' the Comforter to inhabit a- 

aff^iAas ejigvcrccij r mong US ; thou haft (et An- 

S'toiCo^ioy v\o,^vvciA- ^ gels over US; thou haft put 

op^ emlmcc?^ ^^joijA' the Devil to Shame ; thou 

y«5 (pv?J.ojsis ' ^coLu^ haft brought us into Being 

^^gT^^-S :)(opyiyiTs g?- when we were not 5 thou 

iflw* f/.B'^oLocv FTiyif- takeft care of us when made ; 

0yciAca. '\ko^ airdv'mv thou mcafureft out Life to 

Qoi 7\ Si^a ^ g o-g^ar, US ; thou affordeft US Food ; 

* S^id l»o-« Xe/r«'', thou haft promifed Repen- 

fuI\,'^^clGi'\^€isi:U tance. Glory and Worfliip 

cMO/ras. cc/uZui. tbc^tw* be to Thee for all thele 

yi^M^Tt ^ci^K(p<ji' ^ things, through Jef US Chrift, 

eiv\ xti^©- /oceS' vfjj^y now and ever, and thro' 

^' yriiy <£ cvTY' (^xai- all Ages, /imcn Medicate 

T^eia. tS ttcct^s aJr?, on thefe things, Brethren, 

qS ^ cwrrip amq-er and the Lord be with you 



upon Earth, and in the King'* "^v^^'l ^ ^ai^^ <^« 

doni of his Father, who cmJtS ixAt^v^a^©^ 

Rom. fiii. both fent Him, and has de- c/h. 'f J^yAeJa? <? 9>£^^ 

*^* liver d us hy Him from the '^s r lh.Af^Q}ccv 'f 

Bondage of Corruption into His '^^Vh ^ ^(f)Luj l^aY" 

glorious Liherty ; and has pro- *}^^ij^j^ yi's S^i cwJtS 

JTjifed Life to thofe who ^t^ctclgiv en iQvnwv 

through Him have believ'd itv &Awj/ 0goV. 
the God of the whole World. 

Sect. LXIIL 

"i^OW after what manner "r\U(A^fiZvo(p^Xyn 
-*- ^ thofe ought to live that ^^ IJj^ ol ^ Xe^- 

are Initiated into Chrift, and qhv fj^s^j^'^pS^ooi, ^ olas 

what Thank fgivings they (^^e^'^cts^xrsfJL'ur^v 

"ought to fend up to God W 0e<^ J^/a Xg^rS, 

through Chrift, has been faid «pw7u/ ^fe'- '^^ 7rep>^' 

m the foregoing Directions : €ov^v' S'iy^iov 5,,ixw<^g 

But tisreafonable not to leave rk cc/Mjrnas ^touM- 

even thofe who are not yet ir^v oiQon^iT^s. 
Initiated without Afliftance. 
XXXIX. He therefore who is to 'O fj^^T^oov noUwj 

be Catechiz'd in the Word ^^r^^^^ r ?^<y^v t 

of Piety, let him be inftrudt- t^Uo-ggeias, tfcuS^sc^ 

ed before his Baptifm in the ^cp ^ ^onr^oyuoiT^ 

Knowledge of the Dnbegot- ?? ^ oS dr^ifjvnr^ 

ten God, in theUnderftand- ^i^iv, r '^ ij^ m- 

ing of his only Begotten Son, yo^»( e7r/y wcTir, r 

in the aiTurcd Acknovvledg- 'cfei tS dyiv rnvAji^- 

ment of the Holy Ghoft. ros '7rkv^(poe/civ» Lf^v- 

Let him learn the OrJcr of %4i(ohj^i^^yiasS'iA'' 

the feveral Parts of the Crca- (poj>\i Ta^iv, Trep^olccs 

tion, the Series of Provi- ^f;w9 ro^'3^^^^^^'*- 

Lib.VlI. the Holy Apoftles; 

cTf^/oTne^a • TTcuSdii' dence, the different Dirpen- 
Sw 2^Ti ^ojj.©, yi- (ations of thy Laws : Let 
^ve, ^ <r/ y^cp.o^rm' him be itiftrudled why the 
A/ths o d^^^ir®^ ^- World was made, and why 
7¥5Jj. ^j/fi'fiocTxg'T^ r Man was appointed to be a 
I«^t3 yujij', o/at 115 Citizen therein ; let him al- 
varap;^* ^ouSbiiSw fo know his own Nature, of 
cTzzus Osos Tk ^TTDvyi' what fort it is; let him be 
f^s eni^ic^aiv vShiTi ^ taught how God punifhed 
mve}, T'ds S^i dylas eSi- the Wicked with Water, and 
facjg >l^^' i^^griv yi' did glorifie the Saints in eve- 
vBolv' Kiyt} cTi r Xgfl, ry Generation, I mean Seth^ 
^ 'Ei/w5, r '^vd^x^ T and Enos, and Enoch, and 
Nwg, r 'ASeji^dfJL ^ iNr<?/i^, and Abraham, and his 
tJj d^/c^j/as «/7t5, t Pofterity, and Mdchifedeck, 
MiA^odS'eTCy p^t'Ico^, and Job, and y?f^ytv, and J^- 
^ T Mw«7?a, 'ijjo-Sy TH, /hua, and C^/e^, and Phimas 
<t XaA?S, :^ <^/i'g?5 r the Pried, and thofe that 
ie^ix^ (^ T-is )f$r>' l>C^ Were holy in every Genera* 
^v 'f^Jidv c(k\ii. oTTws lion ; and how God flill took 
*n ^G^vQ^fj^j®^ g4x- care of, and did not rejedl 
ci^c^CS^fn ^ 6" Sees Mankind, but called them 
S Twv dv^^Tirov yivQ.. from their Error and Vanity 
'^Wd ^ Ti^dviis ^ to the Acknowledgment of 
f^'^iGTTiJQ^ €isfmyi'Co- the Truth at various Seafons, 
oivdAtj'&viocs cr.d?i^y!J) reducing them from Bon- 
^(popys >ig.ipvs, ^ ^ dage and Impiety unto Li* 
S^sXeicti ^ dfT^^eioLs ^5 berty and Piery, from In- 
\?^JjSv^olv '^ ^aiQeioiv juftice TO Righteoufnefs, from 
^ l7iu.vdyj)v\ ^To a'^- Death Eternal to Everlafting 
•icloL^&iSvii^ioauvhuj^am Life. Let him that offers 

H h him* 


himfelf to Baptifm learn tliefe ^vdrii aumln en ^mp 
and the like things in his a/chor. rwiJuTot. ^ m 
Catechizing ; and let him tstd/s cl^Ay^ fj{ff,v^ 
who l?ys his Hands upon ^-^vinw out^ ^n^xn- 
him adore God, the Lord cr^, o ^ix^aidv* ^co^^ 
of the vvh#le World, and oKiuueiTea ^ o ^«ep^- 
thank Him for his Creation, nHov coJtov, (^ 0goi/ r 
for his lending Chrift, his ^oamv S^om)rt.v, Sj- 
V^P^g- only begotten Son, that He '^e^'^v^ "^5f* '^ tS 
' ' might lave Man, by bloc- ^dajjuoH®^' oT^'^m' 
ting out his Tranfgrellions, 'Tre/Jt-vf? @ vjov cjjii nr- 
and that He might remit y^vo^^i X^^v, 7ra 
Ungodlinels, and Sins, and cmari r dv^e^ynp/e^oc 
might fnrifie him from all ?i6i'\\a^ ms dvojuLias' ^ 
iCm/ili Filthhcjs of Flc[h and Sfi it^ 'ipoc oifpi^ 'vii oi<ri^eiCLi 
and fandifie Man according ^ ^5 d/^TUi. (t y[^- 
to the good Pleafure of his >.e^(7>i ^^h^o Trdpr©. ps' 
Kindnels, that he might in- Auct/xS ou^-^i ?9 mdo^ 
fpire him with the Know- f(cA7©-, dyida-A 5 (§ 
ledge of his Will, and en- ai/Oci^Tup x^T c5L"Jb)c/c?/; 
lighten the Eyes of Jiis Heart 'f;jL^>]gz>-ni7o5 «tc/rQ ' , "^ (tu- 
to coniidcr of his wonder- rgrio-vi ' 3 " S o^^ajj^cc 
ful Works, and make known ^//t5, >&; (pwTio-/? t^j 
to him the Judgments of o(p^XfJiys -? y^p^las 
Rigbrcoufnefs, that fo he at/r^ at 5t9tTDtj'owOTr o^ 
migiir haie every way of jzcvfj^^aiwv ijjj^- yt^oj- 
Iniquiry, and wa'k in the ^ari cujtiJ m k^Jl/:^' 
Way of Truth, that he might m^ 'f Sixouomjjuvii, ottus 
be thought worthy of the dp- juncTiayi mij^} IStv 
Laver of Regeneration, to d^xyt'ioLi ^p^ijyiTUj 
the Adoption of Sons, which r o<^bi"f aA>;3-«a>- eii 

Lib.VIL the Holy Apoftles: 

S^KccIac^i^^rivcij aZ<iiv is in Chrifl, that hemg fUnt' Rom.tI.|. 

T« A&'T^S 'f 'OTtAif^- ^^ together in the Likemfs of 

VBfrlcLS, ft 5 vjoS^cnxv r /Ai? Df/??^ ^/^ Chrift, in hopes 

c^ Xg^^-oi* hoL avfi.-^ of a glorious Communicaci- 

9i;t©- ^Jj^of^J©- T>r on, he may be morcify'd to 

ofMLQirk ' §" ^rctW Sin, and may live to God, 

tS Xe^r?, g-ur' gA- a^ to his Mind, and Word, 

TTih ^ cMi^'f tf 5(p/v&>- and Deed, and may be num- 

tIccs, i/gxe^9f ft Tf* ber'd together in the Book 

ccfjfpria., ^^ari ';j n^ of the Living: And after 

Deal y.ccm n vSp ^ this Thanklgivjng, let him 

P[gr^i' ^ TT^hv* % cv infttud him in the Doctrines 

TsT /3/o Aw T^ ^QdivTwv concerning our Lord's tncar- 

^ cwjoiQjt.^fj.-Sri" (t 1^ nation, and in thoie con- 

r <^;^e/«(r^^v^ mx^oTtiv^ cerning his Pallion, and Re«* 

^znTcuMfczlTO) ojlrslv TO futtcdion from the Dead^j 

'n%i -f "S vjje/-'^ oi'bp' and AfTumption. 


Ket} oTi^ ^ S" -zt^jf^'s And v^'htn it tcmains that XL. 

cLJ'Ti!;\p/'7ruf S /3a'5fi^S- the Catechumen is to be 

vfl^ 3caT)i^^l$'^, ,^r- baptiz'd, let him fcarn what 

^ygTDe; Tci 'cfei 'f ^ • concerns the Renunciation 

/m^Ss ? 2/^^oAii, >£) of the Devil, and the joining 

^ 's^i 'f aw^m^yrii 5' himfelf with Cbrift : For 'tis 

X^ipS. cf« ^ otoIttjV ficthatHe fnojild firil abflain 

'zzr^^TDi/ JL^ "^^eibzLj from things corttrarv, and 

rP^ c4^dpTio)v' 0^ TDTg then be admitted to the My- 

ovw "^'jf;^ Twif fjuu^' fteries ; he mud before-hand 

! ileeft, V. ' f^yc^t^^fMi^mcu V. ' dftft. V. ^ ? V. 

H h 2. puii* 


purifle hi? Heart from all e/'wr, ^ix^Kcc^cies^vloc 

Wickednefs of Dilipoficion, IcvjtS r KapS'iav <zrot- 

from all Spot and Wrinkle, cru ' xoc^v^eicts", ccjl- 

and then partake of the Ay tb 6 pvUS^Q^ x} 

Ifoly things : For as the ivte ^v aylm fM<nx' 

skilfulleft Husbandman does ^:^^<v* ds yi yicop- 

firft Purge his Ground of ys o(.^ci-Q-6Kxcc^ip^ 

the Thorns which are grown r ap^e^v ixj^ty^v t^v 

up therein, and does then ^ '<sz^^(pjj^a^v ov ojjti^ 

fow his Wheat, fo ought axayrSwy, ^ titi o-Trei- 

you alfo !to take away all pi t ^nvepv * S't^ <^« 

Impiety from them, and then (£ '^m^s og^T^eP^' 'mtrc^ 

to fow the Seeds of Piety ccGiSeictv e^eP[^i^ cltt 

in them, and vouch(afe them ojjtuiv , rnn ¥ <^(tS' 

Mstt. Baptifm: For even our Lord ^«^ cvjax>?5 ifKccmu- 

xxviii. 19. cjici in this manner exhoit Ccl??i?c^, ?^ §' /Sa-ca-- 

us, faying, firft Jkfake Difci- rlajjuccT®*^ d^iMcoj. ^ 

flcs of all NathfJSy and then 0^ ^ ;£>t;e«©- ^ t'',tt$^i' " 

he adds this, ^;?^ Baptize ^'t^s ^j^^v r^r]V2(nv^ «- 

ihcm into the tiame of the Fa- 'zmv' fxcc^Tiuazcn ^ irtP' 

tber, and of the Son^ and of Ti^pv" -^to. nmL i^vn* 

the Holy 6hc/}. Let there- >^ l^re CTniyt^, tq. ^ 

fore the Candidate for Bap- ^a'^/craTi couTas «« £ c- 

ti(m declare thus in his Re- vofAcc ? ^a!'^s ^ n:? vZ 

nunciation, 5^ ? dyln mvAffJiaT(^. 

ll^OjUl^'j©- Oy T^ ^-To- 
la i>JI tut. 

XLI. T renounce Satan and his 'A'm'^ajvfj^SJcc' 
Works, and his Pomps, and Tr^/jcT, 00 <jvTg tpyu oZ- 
his Worfliips, and his Aq- t?, ?^ t- 'Tro/w.-mrs cuJ- 

\ )(^KQ, c^Ui. V, ' al. vpfv\ioi*\f. ' flLoVij V. •> »j{>c»k. V. ^ deeft '^• 

LikVn. the Holy Apoflles.' 

A ^* 

TZXi* ?^ C<5 T JU/£;<Q;''I>J- 
CgOOi, T -Zl^ CJUMi/OOy 

•nAr^oj'Ta d^ii^votyv (^ 
c^ '? dyiocs -'^jS^.-Jsiy 

gels, and his Inventions, and ***.^*2 
all things that are under him. ^ °* 
And after his Renunciation, 
lee him in his Confociation 
fay. And I aflbciate my felf to 
Chrift, and Believe, and am 
Bapriz'd into One Unbegot- 
ten Being* the Only True 
God, Ahiiighty, the Father 
of Chrift, the Creator and 
Maker of all Things, from 
whom are all things; and 
into the Lord Jefus Chrift, 
his Only-begotten Son, the 
Firft-born of the whole 
Creation, who before the 
Ages was begotten by. the 
good Pleafure of the Fa- 
ther, by whom ail things 
were made, both thole in 
Fleaven, and thofe on Earth, 
vifible and invifible, who in 
the laft Days defcended from 
Heaven, and took Flefli, and 
was born of the hoiy Virgin 
Mary^ and did converfe holi- 
]y, according to the Laws 
of his God and Father, and 
was crucify'd under Pontius 
Pilate, and died for us, and 
rofe again from the Deid af- 

tf KTi^fTA, V. al. ' TCOy. V. 

Hh 3 



ter hi Paflion the Third Day, ^(^ rh vofx^a ? ©ga ^ 

^nd alcended into the Hea- 'tizlt^s ciot?, 59 gzw- 

vens, and fitcech at the Right £^9;VTa ?^ IIcj/T/a 

Hand of the Father, and a- Ui?\^Tiij & ^^ibzx.vQv 

g^ui is to come at the End to, -v^ t^ij^f, ^ ^a.^ 

of the World with Glory ^rTo, ok v^k^v fj(^ S 

to jud^^ethe Quick and the ^m.^elv t/T T(2/t>)7i/ji6- 

Dead< of who(e Kingdom f<x, ^ dveX^vTo. en 

there iwzli be no End. And Tis «e^yif, >^ xo-rSro-- 

I am bapMz'd into the Holy r&E?Ta. cf/ i^^/a t5 cjrt- 

Ghoft, tb^ic is the Comforter, Tep«. ^G^i 'mAtr Ip;;^- 

vvhowroughc ilia' ! the Saints i^^^joj' ^fk' (jjmtiK&cl 

from the Beginning of the tS cttcyj/(^ /j^J' c5^§>j$ 

World, but was afterwards jce^Vo^ ^a^^'S^ 6 yg;c- 

fent to the ApofUes by py^. Z^ (ioLai?\.€ioLs 4x. 

the Father, according to t^ t^A®.. /2a^i^o- 

the Promife of our Saviour |l/^ ^ «« S mv^fj^cx, S 

a')d Lord, Jcfus ChrilT: ; and a^yov, ryji^i r 1^/- 

afccr the Apoftes', to all TcXii^nv^^ cpepyiarr^ov 

thole that believe in the Ho- ^a^p ^?$ ctV ojwy©- 

ly *• athoiick Church. Into dy'iois, vgi^v q-^soc- 

theRefurredtion of the f lelh, Aei/ ' hs^ ^I's '^m'^Pigii' 

and iiito the RemitEon of -^"^ t5 wctr^; ^ 

Sim, and into the Kingdom r e-wxfycAi^? c^yiS' 

of Heaven, and into the Life ^©- i,t(^y (^ tluca^ '!«- 

of the World to come ; and o-S Xe^^B ?($« //J' tJ< 

after thisVovv,he comes in or- ^W'^«« 5 '^(ti iDr^ 

der to the Anointing with Oil. cnr^^yj.r, o^ rf aV^'9C' 

Tict, fit cztpyi^; ,ctvcc^(nv, H^ m clz))jiv ocfJcfj^Uo^i', ^ &5 
t iiecfl, V. al, add. «^i7/. ^ ^ MP?9.v/K?.Ti F^. 

Lib.VII. the Holy Apoftks. 

E.;;^^^!;^} 6 -«■ Now this is blefTed by the Xui- 
no c=^' 5* apx'tr'<^' High-Prieft for the RemiG 
^j ima.v c^fZ^km. % fion of Sins, and the firft 
'©g^^-Twerx-iio' t8 Preparation for Baptifm. For 
f»^,V=.7(^ ^^>t?- He calls thus upon theUn- 
> Z-r^u oS 2t6.' ^ * »^' gotten God, the Father of 
*v«T«. ©sor, ^ ^- Chrift, the King of all feh- 
7i^ T» Xe/r«. ^ fible and intelligible Natures, 
R<fa,>vx, ■TO<r" «^r that He would fandifie the 
T?> (^ ::))T?f5 (pii«4.s. Oil in the Name of the Lord 
i'rcc a^aV« -f ?A«o, S Jefus, and impart to it bpi- 
^„'A(^icTSvW«W~, ritual Grace, and efficacious 
=i,%V. a^ie-.^^H*- Strength, the Remiflion of 
:;,xW' ^ft/^«m. <?.' Sins, and the hrft Prepara- 
epynnM, i^^^ ^ tion for the Confertion of 
^Si'U^ % ■^^■-- Baptifm. that fo the Candi- 
es.<n.^.luj o^^W-' ^ate for Baptifm. when he 
/3a5,wm, »r. ^ is anointed, may be freed 
yg,cfA,jo. kmx^hvtw from, all Ungodlinefs, and 
'^^, loi^^a., , 1- may become worthy of Ini- 
&o, oX«.i^ -? ut;'<«<"« tiation.according totheCom- 
JaT U'T.Klm' ? A'^.o- mand of the Only Begot- 
^«% ten. 

Er^ ^PSifTo, «'. S After this He comes to xutl. 
£^p ^iy^. ^ H^ the Water and blefTes and 
n ^ Si^'rn^'dw @eop glorifies the Lord God Al- 
1%'r.^eP^Toe^, r mighty, the Father pt the 
-^.^e^ ri .s^o'^l^ Only Begotten God and 
' ©e«, ^vce'r^'. ° '^^ Prieft returns Thanks. 
Uo^^ ok cl^ir.>y-v That He has lent his Son 
da.%^^^^.^ a-t/V to become M?n on our Ac 


4^iiK. V". 

H h 4 



count, that He might fave o^jtQ ^i fif^s, 'Ivcc fi- 

us : 1 hat He has permitted -mj czocrf oU laie^e'TTt 

that he flioul4 in all Things 'f ov^/j%ep7rri(7^(05^ t»- 

become obedient to the Laws ^ri-^ov ku^v ^^gccrc <^ 

of tjiaf^ncarnacion, to preach ivaidi, mj^v^cu 1^^^" 

the Kingdom of Heaven, the Ael^V^ v^v<Sv, a(peaiv 

RemifTion of Sins, and the cIi^timp, vey^^v dvoL* 

Rcfurredion of the Dead. q(x.aiv. IQn rirnis 's^' 

Moreover, He adores the cKvuuei cujtov t ijctvo* 

Only-Begotten God Himfelf, ^ri Geov /u^T anwy 

after his Father, and for Him, (^ S^l suurrir ^sU^e/cj-cuv 

giving Him Thanks that He cot&T, W' t^^<^gfa(&s 

undertook to d\Q for all tujiiiv rPlJ -vJc^ 'ndv'T^v 

Men by the Croft, the Type Srziva.ri^v ^ iS ^wupi, 

of which he has appointed % Tumv ISho^ji g /3a7r- 

to be the Baptifm of Rege- ^.07x0. '? 'm^af^g^'aj. 

neration. He glorities him <5'b§o^^<J rj^ ok cv ^ 

alfo for that God, who is ovo'j^g.k'S Y^^jLc^Z^^eoi 

the Lord of the whole <r^ oxm yJje/®-, ov 

♦♦"^ P-g- World, in the Name of dyloj \* m^d^jfj^i y>c 

^^'' Chrift, and by his Holy Spi- aTrepprjeg ^^ arGg^- 

rit, has not call off' Man- rnov ^^' ^a cS^- 

kind, but hasfuited his Pro- (fo^u xou^Ti ^^90* 

vidence to the Diftcrence of ^«f ^ts^voia^i I'mi-no^- 

Seafons; ac flrll: giving to to' ^ ^^'"A^df/J um}' 

Adam himfelf Paradifefor an -t^ cv ^^Seia(^, tt^- 

Habitarion of Pleafurcand af- <jvv ft. <7f ucpr.i ?^ycp r 

terwards giving a Command 'cc^^e^oTiv oiyjnTT^ov 

o;i account ot Pr'>videncr, <fi?.', g7r«--/Tco 'G^roias 

and cading out the Ollcnder P^gyo) ovr^Xiw ^r,i- 

jullly, but through his Good- Q^pS^j^* ccfAfpQv^jzL-^, 

m . 1 ' 11 • I I I 

Lib.VII. the Holy Apoftles, 

Si)i^iocrujoYi g|wW, a- nefs not utterly calling him 
yL^3vn\Ti Q f^Ti ^pp/- off, but inftrudling his Pofte- 
'4^$ «5 S -myTgA??, ricy in fucceeding Ages after 
iivia 5^ T^s g| ^ <JjutS/' various Manners^^ on whofc 
^ ^Sb^ <^?o^ account in the Conclufion of 

the World he has fent his 
Son to become iMan for 
Man's fake, and to undergo 
all humane Paffions without 
Sin. Him therefore let the 
Prieft even now call upon 
cTg^ac^ ^je*^ a//3^T/ow. in Baptifm, and let him (ay, 
'^ vujj CD^- Look down from Heaven, 
and fandifie this Water, and 
give it Grace and Power, 
that fo he that is to be bap- 
tiz'd, according to the Com- 
mand of thy Chrift, may be 
;^£/i/ <c; SlujccfjLtv, 0)^ crucify'd with Him, and may 
^ 0cc<^^op^jov, K^T die with Him, and maybe 
cA>rn^>hjj tS Xe^T-y bury'd with Him, and may 
C^i^kwrid (jugui^^r^vcxj^^ rife with Him to the Adop- 
6 (j\)vaL7ix»'^viiv, y^ tion vvhich is in Him, that 
cujuTa,(p7!vou^ '^ cvjjcc- he may be dead to Sin, and 

VwQ to Rightcoufnefs ; and 
after this, when he has hap^ 
tizd him in the Naf?jc of the 
Father, and of the Son, and 
^ fj^ tS^tt,, '/3x7r7r of the Hol-j Gho(l, he fliall 
(Px^ cu/Tor OP T^' ovo- anoint him with Ointment, 
fj^k T? 'TT^^i ^ w and fliill add as follows: 

^ fSccTrJiojjiccTi, ?^ Ae- 

' ' ' s 

nestv'^, ^ 




fi m'cu jut T>r a/^br/cc, 


!_ 0MJUV. V. ' TS- V, 


O Lord God, who art Kt>e^g o ©go?, o 'a- 
Without uene^arion, and 
without a Superior, the Lord 
of the whoU World, who haft 
IcatcereJ the fweet Odour 
of* the Knowledge of the 
Gofpel among all Nations, 
do thou grant at this time 
that this Oinrment may be 
efficacious upon him that is 
baptizd, that fo the fweec 
Odour of thyChrift may 
coi rinue upon him firm and 
fix'd, and chat now he has 
died with Him, he may a- 
riie, and live with Him. Let 
him fay thefe and the like 
things ; for this is the t ffica 
^y of the laying on of Hands 
on every one; for unlefs thnc 
be fuch a Keciral made by a 
pious Prieft over every one of -^/J^Tiq ^ cd^ tS ^W 
thefe, the Candidate for Bap- ^li lipsecs nxiccVTYi ks, 
tilm does only dcfccnd in- dsvd\)p fjigicv^J ccS al- 
to the Water, as do the J'ws, rcj o f6z^.^oijS^j@., o^s 
and he only puts off the ' 'lyjoUoi, >^ x-t^t/^- 
Filth of the Body, not the to^ ^Vo^ t pu'Trnp tS 
Filth of the vSouL After cziiJ^J©^, u rpuTmv '? 
this let him (land up, and '^^'^<. /j7J t^to, e^s 
pray that Prayer which the ^./;o-dI;^^ tt^^IJ;^' 
Lord taught us. ' ButofNe- Ujis^lSk^e riucis i TiA^- 

& vujD Tyro S '.u.^u 

TCf). €){^c^ii ^ i\ 


ctvryj' edp yj /lcti m «- 

ctyM7Q- al. K^. V. tl V 


V ib. VII. t}?e Holy Apaftles. 

£^@. (VjaJV/wj 5 ^ a- cefTicy he who is rifen again 

rcc<pzv-rzb S e^ siuvcLi ^ ought to {land up and pray, 

*sf^a6\j')^:^, 2/^ 5' bccaufe he that is raifcd up 

^ g^iePf4*Joj' op^oi^ ilaiids upright. Let hini 

civca* ^ ccuiiti %v av therefore who has been dead 

vcc.'TiD^vm Tstf Xq/l- vviih Chrift, and is raifed 

^i> ^ fnw2ytp^v\i^ 5^- up with Him, (land up. 

xgW -c^j^pcrc^;^'^ 5 ^^c J^t him pray towards 

^dvcc^hxs- %^% the Eaft: For this alfo is 

hSto ye^oL^cu cv t^T Written in the Second Book 

Si^jT^poL rp^ rtx^Keim^' of i\iQ Chronicles, that after 

\j^j(f}v>, oTi fj^^ g awu' the Temple of the Lord was 

TiKe^vca r vccov tS finifli'd by King Solomon, in 

vjuth^ \sm T« p^oLoi' the very Fcaft of Dedication 

Agw5 SoAo^r©^, QAf the Priefts and the Levites, 

ctxiTiS $ \^\{^m(j}xZ o\ and the Singers, flood up 

ig/Da$, ^ 0/ A(^/'Tit^, v^ towards the Eaft, praifing 

o\ '\aih^cp^\, ^' 'iujiK- and thanking God withCym- 

^(tKifiv ^ •4<xA'7>iy3/wi' bals and Pfalceries, and fty- 

dic^-hiLeiQ^ xJJ c?/jctTo- ing, ?rAi[e the Lord, for /^^iChron. 

?{g.s^ cxAvSvTis, ^ g§o- /V good, for his AJcrcy endu»y,iu 

fjs^yiy^'^oij :cj ^irpy. dureth for ever* 

CTl CCycL^Sy OTI &S T 

Deptr^^^gc^zy ^ 'nxil^- But let him pray thus a& XLV, 

'ra* /j(^' r ^^e^Tge^i/ ter the foregoing Prayer, and 

^^7]v-i?\.g'youv* c 0^05 0- fay, O God Almighty, the 

'7nffjroy,^drni)pyormtTr}p Father of thy Chrifl, thy 

TyXetr^G^, 'tS jL'^- Only-begotten Son, give rac 

yofy^ys ij« Qny Sb; fJiQi a Body undefiled , a Heart 

: h\m¥. V. 



xifhQSof -^Jra, ^quila and Mi- TiW' Atovtjcn^ '^ cv 

cetas. Of the Church of 'A^fivaAs 't ';^ cv ^oi- 

j^gin^e, Crifpiis. Thefe are viyc-t) T^/TroAscys 'Mot- 

the Bifhops who are entrufted ^^vAi'"' t o cv $py- 

by us with the Pariflhes in yl^ AaoJ^ix«a$ "Ap- 

the Lord ; whofe Do6trine ^^tt'so-©.* 'sioAooszucou 

keep ye always in mind, and q ^i^vfj^pv' "^e^'ica q 

»**Pag. obfei^ve our Words: And >? -.x^ V*" Mx):^cfby/ai^ 

3S5. may the Lord be with you 'Ov'n(nj/.oi ^lArif^vos' 

now, and to endlels Ages, KprKmr^s ^fy^Fcx.- 

as Himfelf faid to us when ?^ticcv c/nycTujcncov. *A- 

He was about to be taken zoAas 3 ^^ l^ix,riTm r 

up to his own God and Fa- y^ 'Aaiccp r^j^oi-aioov' 

Mitt ther : For fays He, Lo I am K^cos-os q 'f y(!^ Ai- 

x%vi\l lo, jfjffj jQf^ all the Dap, until yvccv oKTi^'Aoicci aiuf 

th2 End of the World. Amen. ^0?" J9' ^/>tJr ij^Tri" 

l.\x]^,iii^fj[jrrlj^jj:^ and uf on Earth Pe^cc, 0ga5, (i ^ ^5 «• 

Good'Tvill among Men. We j^^j/?, gi^ aVG^Trois A'- 

pra-fc Thee, we fmg Hymns ShKioc, ouivb^'i at, vfji- 

ro Thcc, we blefs Thee, we vyy^j Qs , 6[>\oyZij3p 

g'orifie Thcc, we wordiip re, "^ Sb^ohoySfj^j ^, 

Thee bv thv j^rcar High- ■o^o-j^urtju^' G-e,^oi §* 

■ " ■ ■ ■ — — ^ 

■ fMsidm V. ! deeft.V. > decsft. V. ^ d^:^a&iftui4iJin. V. 

Lib.Vn. the Holy Apoftles. 

ijsyoi?i^ d^^epiays' os r Prieft ; Thee, who art the 
)p7a. Oeovj d'^vnivv s- True God, who art the One 
'cc^oiwjopairov (Jigvov.Sid Unbegottetf, the only Inaccef- 
r fj,syd?ilw <rv Sh^ccv' fible Being ; for thy greac 
>tue/g l^xoiKeSeiffve^' Glory, O Lord, and Heaven- 
viBy 0gg Wrgf 'TO^y'TO' Jy King, O God the Father 
xe^rnp 'xvf^eoSecs Almighty, OLordGod, the 
'THtTvp T»Xe/<r&!, ^ Father of Chrift, thelmma- 
dfji^fjLii oifjLi^S^ OS eup(J culatc Lamb, who taketh a- 
^ ocixfprUv tS ^(Tfjiv' way the Sin of the World, 
oj^V(Jfc|rt^ r ^hoiv receive our Prayer, thou that 
TifjLOdp* 6}ig.^ii[/^'jos 1^ fitted upon the Cherubim: 
'j^' Xepa^lfjL- oTi Qv For thou only art holy, 
IJigvoi dyios' Qv ^voi thou only art the Lord Je- 
^i}Qjioi 'Iwo-ys, Xe/s^y fus, the Chrift of the God 
TB 0g» <^tj^i ^jmYii of all created Nature, and 
<pi;(7«&)j, rZ l2oc<7i?\,scoi our King, by whom Glory, 
TifjLoov' S^l § Qoi ^ItL, Honour and Woifliip be to 
^jotTi, -^ ciSoLs\ Thee. 

Aive^Te ^ks xtJ- Te Children, fraijc the Lord t^iy^"^^' 
^Qv* oAveiTi S oyo.K^ praife the Name of the , Lord. ^^^^^^ 
Ku^a. Aiy«/4'J cr$, We praife Thee, we fing 
U|0t»'«/4u 0-?, dUAo-j/J/u^j Hymns to Thee, we bleis 
c-«, 2/,^ r fJL€yciKljj Thee for thy great Glory, 
c-yc^b^ct;'* "iLv^ii f^oLoi' O Lord, our Kuig, the Fa- 
A^(f, 'araT?!j3'r»Xe«- ther of Chrift, the Imma- 
^S, Ttf ccfjLccfjLv djjLvS^ cuhtc Lamb, wlio taketh a- 
05 oAf] r dfSfpTiav tS way the Sin of the World. 
700-fJiy' Q\ TTpBTT^ hfJL Praife becomes Thee, F?ymns 


C O N S T I.TUT I ON$ o/ Lib. VII. 

become Thee, Glory becomes voi" coi S'o^cl vrpiir^ 

Thee, the God and Father, ^ n^S^c^^^" ttolt^' 

thro' the Son, in the nioft ^ ^ tS vb, €v mv^i\g.^ 

Holy Spirit, for ever and U nnf ^dpcLylal\ &S 

Luk.1i.29. eygf^ ^rnen. Now, Lord, ila almoLif?^ almwv, 

Intefl thou thy Servant dtfart d\fLJ., Ktui "^hveis 

in Feace, according to th^j r S'v?[!)v c-y JeaTn/^f 

Word, for mine Eyes have feen Kp S '^'^(^jtm, h «- 

thy Salvation, vphieh thou haft ^lwr\' err etShv ot otp- 

frefared before the Face of all ^.^fj{gi f/^n'^ccaTYi^ov 

People, a Lighfifor the Reve- o-y, TirnifAcccoL^ ^ip 

lation to the Gentiles, and the ^s^azoTror 'Tn^Tcav *^ 

Glory of thy People Ifrael. ;\5£.<:oj/, 9^5 &s ^c70K9^- 

XLiX. Thou art blefled, OLord, EJao^^s « xue<a, 
who nouriftieft nie from my nfi(fo)v fy^s 6k veoin- 
Youth, who giveft Food to itj/x«, c S'iSiisT^(plaj 
all Flelli. Fill our Hearts rnilct) col^kI ^Ji^o-qv 
with Joy and Gladnefs , ;^e^5 % (^(pe^criuu'/)^ 
that having always what is tols 7i^pS'iusiifjLa)y-'ivcc 
fufficient for us, we may ^jtot? Traorc^ cujmp' 
abound to every good Work, :c«ay e^-v7is 's%^o- 
in Chrifl: Jefus our Lord, oitcoi/^j elt tt^/j ep^^v 
ihro' whom Glory, EJonour, a^x^f, iv X^^-w Inl- 
and Power be to Thee for trZ ^tu! t^julmv* 
ever. Amen. "^ <^i" 'SaoiSb^oc, rifjiji^ 

t deeft. V, = 7^ tJhw, ;9T^ dyW -fdJf^Tt V. ^ fts9'. V. 


Lib. VIII. t^e Holy Apoftles: 

^B I B A I O N O r A O O N. 

*** Pag. 
3 7- 



Sec t. LXV. 

Concerning Gifts ^ and OrdinaMons^ and, the 
Ecclejiajiical Canons. 

Q^TTt^S 31- 

^0,5 &i '^ryi/Qoaiy t3 

I ESUS CHRIST, chapj, 
our God and Sa- 
viour, deliver'd to 
us the great My- 
flery of Godlinefs, and cal- 
led both JcTTs and GentiL^s to 
the Acknowledgment oEthe 
One and Only True God, 
liis Father, as Himfcif fome- 
where fays, when He was 
giving Thanks for the Salva- 

I i rion' 


tion of thole that had be- y^^^cos (wnrU ^ tjixif" ipn- 
Job. xvij. lieved, I have mamfcfied thy cnv dll^^c^Sy f^ tif 

^'* ^* Name to Men, I have Jin'tjh d azcmr^jta, fp^ rme^At<m,v' 
the Work thou gavefi me, and iwr, iipcu^s^Q. tn S 
faid concerning us to his Fa- ot/of^ ttj^s (J/jS^tjdh, S 

▼• 11.15. ther, Holy tdther, although epyv g(fty)(^5 /xor , 
the World has not known thee, inheicadct. ^ t^ ^- 
jet have I knovpn thee ; andthefe fjj^v ?iiyiVT^ rrzS 'rot- 
have known thee. With good t^, Wti^ oiye, « j^ 
reafon did he fay to all of 5^o-/x©- ag Gm lyDto, 
us together, when „ we were ^I'Jr^'C^ ^'F^^> .^ 
pcrfeded concerning thofe «W C^ '^ry^o^ar^J' «)(^- 
Gifts which were given from tws, cos cJ/J TmAfiw- 

JVfar. xvi. hini by the Spirit ; Nojv ju^'wi/ ^^i^taii/, (pw^ -m- 

^^* the[e Signs [hall foUow them that cnv awa, 1^ t^ c^ 

^zi/^ believed in rnj Name, cxni 2j^ t» mv<}!^i^' 
they (Iiall cajl out Devils, they To^ ^^^jm ')<i,q/.<jjjuoo' 
(holl [peak with new Tongues, twu • XyjixeloL ^ td?? 
thi^y jhall take up Serpents; and 'Tn^vmcnp, rravmL^m,' 
if they drink any deadly things it e^j^Afcflna^* cm/ $'cVo- 
ftj// ^]? ?7d; wr/?;?i' Z«rf them ; /w^lt/ //.» S'MimgvioL ex- 
/^^y /Z~j// Ary /^.^/V Hands on CctAvcrL* yhdo^zcts xcu- 
ihe Sick, and they JImII reco- vctis ?[^?\yi(r67iv, o(f;eis 
'vcr, Thefe Gifts were firft dpycri' xap JyLvdotpirjv 
beflow'd on us the Apoftles, m iric^oiv, v ixv ^jjtvs 
when we wxre about to l^>J^-]'i' ^ dppoocrys 
preach the Gofpcl to every ^ei^as ^b^Haym, ^c/uj 
Creaturc,and afterwards were }($fr?\w« g§»^. Tircap 
of Neccfiity afforded to thofe 'PfS '^eJ^o-H^rcov t^* 
who had by our means be- ti^p'^ ft ^/u.'iV >!))f&svToop 
lieved ; not for the Ad van- rpi7icif^<r^XQii.fAi>hMcn^ 

deed. V. 

Lib.VIir. the Holy Apoftles: 

^ctfi^Aiop Ti^afyiM&v tage ot thofe who perform 
'Tma-ii tSj jct/jt/' g-nrftTcc them, but for the Convidiott 
5 To?5 Si ifJimTTKr^' ofthe Unbelievers, that thoft 
(Tcccnv oLvayi{^iCf}s ^pyi" whom the Word did not per- 
ftff^WVjc «$ r o^'' c^- fwade, the Power of Signs 
epyiTwv oo^Sh&ocv, ocm' might put to Shame t For 
€i>r ^d'wiswumjficcc'mr' Signs are not for us who 
4^(7iv, ^ Ivcc" Si G^ g- beheve, but for the Unbe- 
^cioiu %V©*) "^^^ He vers, both for the Jerrs 
n-vs 7i rP(S (mfjLeioov Sb- and Gentiles, For neither is 
c-(f)7fmifli SuAJXfJiii' ml it any Profit to us to caft 
y) cYffxe^cc « rn7s mqmi out Daemons, but to thofi 
r.fxTv, Xviot rpi^i cLttl' who are fo cleanfed by the 
^is, 'USauLMv TF ^ Power of the Lord ; as the 
'E^aZu;:^;/* 8TE y)g cTcu' Lord himfelf fomewhere in" 
fjigva.5 GiiSoL?^eiv if/^irs ftruds US, and (hews, fay- 
^v KifSQ^y ^>Moc, Toov ing, Rejoyce ye not hecaufe the L«k. t.t^ 
c^ipycia, tujca^ xaGcti- Spirits are fu'je^ unto you ; 
^[jd^joov • -it^Jooi (juj{ls hitt r e Joyce ^ hecaufe your Sjm^s 
nrid nrcxxS^o^v y]fj.oii o are written inHcai'etu Since 
'iw^@* S'eixrvcTi Asyy^v' the former is done by his 
f/^ii ')^ipi'Ti QTi 'Tcc'Tryc^- Power, but this by our goo 1 
/L(^7c6 vfji7v \Wax8a£7»', Difpoficion and Diligence, 
^Gt ^axpeTi on <nl yet ('tis manifeft) by his M^-^ 
vvofjioilcc vfAoov^f^i^cciT' fiftance. 'Tis not therefore 
*mj iv TiS 4^avu)' I' neceflary that every one 
TTftcTri g fu ojuT^ Sujuoi- of the Faithful fliould cafh 
f/4 ylviTXj, S Q ^g- out D:rmons, or raiie the 
Ti/?a £voia. (^ csriiS^, Dcad, Or fpeak with Ton- 
S'^Aov oTi /2o»Gaw35uoiff gues; but fuch an one only 
w'owtS. (shi eTT^/ixy who is vouchiaf'd this Gifc, 

li X for 


for feme Caufe which may be TotsZp ^tco 'iris^v tTcw- 
Ad vantage to the Salvation of ^yas cAiQci}keiv, ri vg- 
the Unbelievers, who are of- jt^Js dpur^v, ?» «)/A6S- 
ten put to Shame, not with oszx^n ?[g,Keiv' Xviot r 
the Demonftration of the a^ic^^v^ ^ez-^fj^cc* 
Vvord, but by the Power of 7©- ^'^ wt ojr/a jx^w- 
the Signs ; that is, luch as (Afjiri, «« oz^to^clv tmv 
are worthy of Salvation : dirlcr^^-^ c!\>o-w7ryf^ajj^ 
For all the Ungodly are not /TroMajcts « Wf i^ 
afTeded by Wonders; and ?\^y,}V ^J^a^<j, X^ot 
hereof God himfelf is a t/T T<Sy aY,f^&i(*3v c^ep* 
Witnefs, as when He fays in ycla!'., d^lcovovrm acn' 
Ifa. xx^iii-the Law, PF/7^ otl/er' Tongues ore^aJ* ^Ay^ Tr^rei 
^^;; :v tr/V/ / /^f^^' to this People, ©J a^T^Sfts'vsjo t^ ^w- 
21. ar.d vctth other Lips^ and jet ^tc^v cvrps^viix^ >^ 

ivill they Ij r^o means believe* t3tk f^pTvs ^to5 o 
Dtutxviii For neither did the Egypt i- Seos, oos o^ hiyyi C4f 
ans believe in God, when rr^ vif/.co 'On c/u i'n- 
Mofts had done fo many ^yX(*io<s^ii AaArio-w^" 
Signs and Wonders ; nor did ?^(i t3t&>, >^ cAf x^' 
ihc Multitude of the Jev(s pyiaiv Ire^is, ^lf^r\ 
believe in Chrift, as they 7ri:r<^\jao}mv> Ovti yl 
believ'd Mofes, who yet had ol A'lyj'T^toL ^q-^W^t^ 
F. .vii. healed every Sicknels and /jj ©ecjj, ^ Mwuo-icw;" 
^^''' every Difeafe among them ; ^ruo-ijjjTaj Qiif^Sct -^^ 
nor WCTQ the former fliam'd Ts^s^Tct 'TreTroniKi''^®* ' 
by the Rod which was turned yxg ^ Tj^yi^tj ^ '^»- 
inco a living Serpent, nor S^c^y mS &>$ ^ M&>i)- 
by the Hand which was cf^i " X^ic^aj, *7ra^^p 
made white with Leprofic, voaov ^ 'Twiav^p Ks^^' 
nor by the River N/le turn'd kIccv iv (iuW^s -^e^- 


Lib. VIII. the Holy Apoftles; 

TT^^djuTi- ^ 8T5 V into Blood ; nor the latter***^^?^ 
cxfli/«5 eSu(7zo7rr)a^ paC by the Blind who recover'd ^ 
<r©. l/>t%|Aj;t«^'^'-!)7 ' «5 their Sight, nor by the Lame M att.Ni 5 
o??i>', ^ ;\^^f A<^5cca- who walk'd, nor by the 
voyS^i^, % N^A©. a\' Dead who were raifed- The.^.'^^"^ 
/txctTgf^o©.* Sts T^rys one was refifted by Jann?s 
<n>(pAol dvcL^KiTTuvn^^ and Jamhres, the^ other by 
?$ o^;\pl ^TTTx^TSms, ^^;?^J and Caiaphas, Thus 
<S i/gxep! ' oivi^ijjS^oi'' Signs do not ftiamc all in- 
^ <n^^ ^ dv^lcr^To to Belief, but only rhofe of 
'Iccvvr^s & "■ McLfJiSpk"' agoodDifpofition; forwhofe 
rnSy'Avvoii yj Koacl' fake alfo it is thac God is 
(pxr Stws « ^^9 pleaded, as a wife Steward of 
^7W7r«'Ki^//^aa,aA- a Family, to appoint Mira- 
p^ fji^v^i tU Syi^c^i^' cles to be wrought, not by 
^as, WK 6 :)^e/^ <^' the Power of Men, bat by 
^z« 0605 ^TiA«^ his own Will. Now we 
SwAfj^eii, W5 G^os 0/ fay thefe things, that thofe 
7[^vk}jL^. « T>r -7^ <V^- vvho have received fuch Gifts 
^^7n»v\xi^'i,'^i^A^ ^V n^ay not exalt themfelves a- 

Ijjj^ P>v?M' '^^^™ g^^^^ ^'^^'^^^ ^^''^'^ '^^^'^ 

cTg ^J-^f^'j, ^ S /t>t7» not receiv'd them. Such 

l-m/pg^Ss T'i> AaSaV^ Gifts, we mean, as are for 

^oJay.iloL'u^ici^,-^ the working of M racl s : 

r?^ fjLT) T^afJvTf^v ^ For otherwife, there is no 

e^(T[Ji^m Ag^f^y^ Man who has beheved in 

^ 2/^ ^^S' G^ifJLeic^r God through Chrift, that has 

lirei G^ l<;iv Iv^epiroi "^t received fome Spiritual 

rmq-A^^ c^ Xe/eS Gift: For this very thing, 

«'$ \ ©goy, U ^ ^A)j- having been delivered from 

(pg :^s/o-.t^ ^4y,H5tJc- the Impiety of Polytheifm, 

^ • ■ '"* 


and having believ'd in God ^v' aurri te yi S tx- 

the Father, through Chrifl", TnxT^ayivauf rnnKv^ia 

this is a Gift of God ; and dat^eicts, ^ 'm^uai^ 

the having caft off the Veil ©goJ 'mx^yc ^ X^- 

of Judaifm, and having be- 9-y, '^e/^^xx '£g\ ©gy- 

lieved thoc by the good Plea- td 11 "^'f^i^^aji S '!«* 

fure of God, his Onlv-be- J^aij^p^ y^^vf/^ii^cf,^ ;($4 

gotten Son, who was before ^m^vjivj on i^^ytia* 

a!! Ages, was in the lall: time 0gS «>£^' ol&Srwi' /^^ 

born of a Virgin, wichout po^^vs, c/i/ vgip(^ %ca* 

the Corrpany of a Man, and pSj ok ^^-sp^ yt'^^- 

that He convers'd as a Man, tic^ t^ln^ ofxi Alecs ai- 

yer without Sin, and fulfilfd S'^s' ^ ore eTroAiTdli- 

all chat Righteoufnefs which caTo ds dp^^^os HvAj 

is of the Law 5 and that, by dfxf^TioiSi*n^Y\^(mjs^' 

the Permiffion of God, He, adpSiK^Loavuulw tIw'S 

who was God the Word, yojw,«* <& ofc ai/>;;^p>i- 

endur'd the Crofs, and de o{ 0gy gzwd>v \^e' 

fpiied the Shame ; and that ixavev, oj^wu^ii ^^nb- 

Be died, and was buried, (f^vrjmA 0go5 ?[gf^* 

and rofe within Three Days; 0^ on dm^vs, <c !• 

and that after his Refurredi- <mi(pij, ^ dvi^, 5^' 

on, having continued Forty fi^oov ifj^ee^v, ^ jX^ 

Days with his Apofiles, and r dvacpxaiv Tto^aeJ'' 

compleated his whole Con- Ti^v^m ifj^i^^i /5?^jm,«- 

llitutions, He was taken up pea m7i aTn^^Xois, ?^ 

in their Sight to his God *^n^o^ 'wdo^t jt^* 

and Father who fent Him ; Taf^j/ dviX-hi^^ e'w" 

he who has believed thefe oyl^eaiv auurZv 'sr^s (g 

things, not at Random and "^^l^vJcc ^jj^vQeor 

irrationally, but with Judg ^ ttccts^'o tolvtzx^ 

nient iind iuii Aflurance, has 'Tn^-^l'W. i<x aerial?, 

tccciv'd ihe Gift of^God, So ^^ d;\^^s, JvVi« ^e^^ 

Lib.Vnr. the Holy Apoftles. 

^/.qjjLoc €iAit<pSv ojiQsa' 
aoaavTODS Q <t Trxcnis 
cLfpea-eoos aVaMa^/f. 


P[(/yiV an f ices f rj n^/w 

yjv SiSbcxU^v-) r\ die- 
CUV €vvo/mgv. >^ ^ (C 

?iJ^/« C^(p>7T» 'Act- 

^V. 4>M ciT6 « NcfJJI 

r Cor. 

alfo has be who is deh'ver'd 
from every Herefie. Let noc 
therefore any one that works 
Signs and Wonders judge 
anyone of t4ie Faithful, who 
is not vouchfafed the fame: 
For the Gifts of God which 
are beftow'd by Him, thro' 
Chrift, are various; and one 
Man receives one Gift, and 
another another ; for per- 
haps one has the Word of 
Wifdom, another the Word x\. 8* 
of Knowledge ; another, dif- 
cerning of Spirits; another. 
Foreknowledge of things to 
come; another, the Word of 
Teaching ; another, Long- 
fuffering ; another, Conti- 
nence according to the Law : 
For even AJoJes, the Man of 
God, when he wrought 
Signs in Egypt, did not exalc 
himfelf againft his Equals 5 
and when he was called a 
God, he did not arrogantly ^ 
defpife his own Prophet Aa^ 
ron ; nor did Jcllwa the Son r^ 
of l^un, who was the Leader 
of the People after him, 
though m the War with the 
Jdupcs he had made the 

vii. I. 



I King, 
xu. 18. 


riyrio-ciTO (^ fl^o(piA31 

J JLc, olp^epSs, 6 Q, /3a- 

J(T^r)A , ccyiMv , twi/ 
EctaA, fJ{gv^ 'HAicts 

6f/ a/JTT3??, (£ 7gTtf 
\7 , . > 3/ ' r 1 ' ^\ ^ 

AM 87i riA/as T p/- 

Sun (land ftill ovcr-againft 
Gikon, and the Moon over- 
againft the Valley of Aja- 
Ion, becaufe the Day was 
not long enough for their 
Vidory, infulc owetPh neas, 
or Caleb: Nor did Samuel, 
who had done fo many fur- 
prizinj.j things, difrcgard Da- 
vid, the Beloved of God; 
yet they were boch Pro- 
phets^ and the one was 
High Prieft, and the other 
,was King. And when there 
were only Seven Thoufand 
holy Men in Ifrael, who had 

Rom xi 4 "^^ bow'd die |<nee to Baal, 
Elijah alone among them, 
and his Difciple Elilha, were 
Workers of Miracles : Yet 
neither did Elijah defpife^^/>,^ thc Sceward, who 
fear'd God, but wrought 
no Signs, nor did /i/z/J^ 
defpife his ,ovvn Difciple, 
when he trembled at the 
Enemie . Moreover, neither 

was twice deliver d from the 

• Mouths of tliC Lions, nor the 

Three Children, v/ho were 

y^vofj^v 'AQSiy e^s/Mjyc' 
G-iifJLeicc' yii EA/c\ja'o$ 
'TT^peiSip, ^i^oi y> 8Tg 

deeri. V. 


Lib.VlIl. the Holy Apoftles: 

,^€ii MjTi^v OK sif^oc deliver'd from the Furnace of 

7©.- Mov^mv, 87B 0/ Fire, defpiie the reft' of their 

ofeis -M-cuS^s OK Fellow Ifraelites: For they 

•TTuepj, cl^nS'ivojar^ t'vs knew that they had not e- 

^iTras fP^S ojxQ(^vAm, fcaped thefe terrible Mife- 

^ttiWto )S oil « Tf ties by their own Might, 

oi)c«V ^^^M "^e/-^' ^^^ ^y ^^h^ Power of God 

'^ov^ rpps ^eivo^v ccA- did they both work Mira- 

^ T»r tS 0g« /^^y/j ?^ cles, and were deUver'd from 

^ arifjieioc. ImTihavf <t Miieries. Wherefore let none 

^ ^^^Sh^ee^y oi'mX' of you exait himfelf agamfl: */ p^g. 

:?\^niovmj Gi}iiv fj/fiS'eii his Brother, though he be 3^^" 

vfjf^v IwauifiSw >(J! t5 a Prophet, or though he be 

a^A(py, xaV 'S7e^(f>]W a Worker of Miracles: For 

I J y.a.v ^vfJi^Tomuoi. if it happens that there be no 

e ry^ dh^ f^y^^lc Iva^ longer an Unbeliever, all the 

ir^ a.rm<^v,<i^ily\?\gi Power of Signs will thence- 

W lea/ 7rao-6t onfjieioov forwards be fiipecfluous : For 

ovsfy&oc. Sfiy> eivauf to be pious is from any 

ev^iG, (k -f § TLv©^ onO'S good Difpofition ; but 

euvoicts' S 5 ^ujoia- to work Wonders, is from 

i^omieiv, ck -f § ovep- the Power or Him that works 

y^pT@^S)jovoiiJLeoos' Sj/^ ^hem by us ; the firft of 

g yi 'w^rov ifjius an- which refpeds our fclves, 

T8S op^, S 5 J^goTFe^i/ but the fecond refpeds God 

(^^Qv ^ (>rg^>SyTa, cT/ chat works them, foi; the 

a;^ c^ft^l^'/d^T/o/?. Reafons which we have al- 

g4x-bp /x)tte ^acnxixji ready iiiention'd. Wherefore 

d^yfigj/aTfit) T«s 'vlsr' o/i- neither let a King defpife his 

tdV 9-e^TJ7>85' /tAviTg Officers that are under him, 

ap')^i^i r'^s umytj^s. HOC the RuIcrs thofe who 



are fubjed:. For where there jw^ti o^'tov ^ ^tZv dp^* 

are none to be ruled over, jw^jfiur, ii%<t7o/ ol a^ 

Rulers are fuperfluous : and '^^vlii^ /utwoV«7Be»r^e^- 

wherc there are no Officers, ^ylvy y ^f^T^To^ ^cloi* 

the Kingdom will not ftand. A«a. Xvi* /^cT? S^- 

Moreover, let not a Bifliop chott©- llra^^^^w xj? 

be exalted againft his Dea- twv 2y^?(prwy, 5j ^ 

cons and Fresbyters, nor ^peaSv^^if' /lmitb ^iLud 

the Presbyters asjainfl: the ol TrpeaCv'n^i ^ tS 

People: For the Subfiftance ^igiS* c^ ^jtAw^ 5<xf 

of the Congregation depends l^v rt <nj<?x(rii ? uwuct^ 

on each other ; for the Bi- ^^oi(T\j^©*, ^ ol tb yi 

Ihops and the Presbyters are '^okottvi', j^ ol Trpgo-- 

the Priefts with relation to Cvat^i, ^nvoav daip le- 

the People ; and the Laity p«5 ^ ol Aai>t^i, ti- 

are the Laity with relation v^v ^<n ha'iy^l' <S S 

to the Clergy* And to be a ju?/j ^vcxj} ^e^^ocfor , 

Chriftian is in our own Pow- 2(p rfAjv ' g ^ ><to- 

cr, but, to be an Apoftle, or a <^?^v, % QiVj^pmy, % 

a Bifnop, or in any other aMo fc, Jk €(p* ^jw,?>', 

fuch Office, is not in our X^\' ^ W ^(JbVfc 

own Power, but at the Dif 0ga! to ^^e^VjOLaice/. 

pofal of God, who bellows rrtLVTzju^ Zv ""-'On td^tS* 

the Gifts And thus much tx^v" &piSw t^ tJs 
concerning thofe who are d^ic^^v^ ^^^e/ajJ^ci' 

vouchfafed Gifts and Dig- ^ioji/ % cc^iwiJi^inuv. 

! tn 3*»j hn^mQ-. V, '. deed. V; 

Lib. VIII. the Holy Apoftles: 

'£>6«ro 5 c^e^'^T- Add in the next place, ii. 

l^j ^ ?\^ycf), oTi 875 That neither is every one 

Tras 'c^f^f^nTivm, o- that prophefics holy, nor 

(n(^' iiTs ^oii S'ccL' every one that calls cut 

lJiovxil?\g.wDy^v^ ccyi@-» Devils reh'gious ; for even 

% ^ '^ Qot,?igiclf/. ? Baabm the Son of Beor, the^"^« ^*'« 

Bsc^po fj{^vks ^sc^ecp-n- Prophet, did prophefie, tho'*^^^^^' . 

*nu(7iv^ S\jo^Sr)<, oiv^ ocj he was himfclf wicked ; as 

Kaix(pa«, -^ditShovu- alfo did Cw'^^j, ^h- falsely J j^jjj^j 

//,©. dp^epsvi' rrrvA' nam'd High-Prieft. Nay, the 

^ (t ^'£oA®- Devil foretels many things, 

^TgpAg}^. ^ Qi df/.(p and the Damons about him; 

ujij(iv Sbiifj^vBs, JC9W 5 and yet for all that there is 

c>^ n^To f^J '^v not a Spark of Piety in them; 

ciCri^7i sva^Cetcts asjiv for they are opprefs'd with 

.^>1|5• dyvQicij yoip eiai Ignorance, by reafbn of their 

*jsemea-ij^>ioi S'l Ik^oiov voluntary Wicked nefs. It's 

|xop^.^)ie^ay. ^iriAov Zv manifeft therefore that the 

ok olcLofSeis, xa^v 9r£p- Ungodly, although they pro- 

(pmiijcociv, « i{gL?iv'7?,^oi phefie, do not by their Pro- 

^. i Tr^fnreioii r phecying cover their own 

hjjTwv ciaeSei^' g^A Impiety ; nor will thofe who 

oiS'ctifj^rccs IxofjvQV'ns, caft out Daemons be (andli- 

OK 4 TiTa)v •isjrj'^jpri' fied by the Demons being 

treooi oaiot)^ri(rovTwi' a A- made fubjecft to them ; for 

A^iAfesyiaVa'TO^' >t9:- they Only mock one ano" 

^Trep 01 nmisTcuS\cts ther, as they do who play 

^Aa!7;^ ivsii^ 6^«r«- childifli Tricks for Mirth, 

%vvij^or ?^ Tss Trep- and deftroy thofe who give 

Qivi^v'^ ccvTo7s, d' heedtothem; for neither is 

*7TOMi;yjii/ ' 'ire §^ /3x- a wicked King any longer a 

ciheui dl'cxjgf ri? , It/ King, but a Tyrant, nor is 

^acr/Aeus v Traj^^, c^A- ^ Bifliop opprcf^d with Tgno-» 


^ thefe elated againfl: their Hu(- jX^ to/jWs , 'OAcJ^' 

bands, but preferv'd their % 'iaS'r,^, r\ fi ISh 

own Meafures. Wherefore 'iw^w, y\ 'z) 'fm Aol' 

if amon^ you alfb there be pern' ^ rt joojtwj? q tS 

a Man, or a Woman, and xi>£/« Tjo-^ecprmvai. (^ 

fuch an one obtains any ^v)' EAiaoL^er r\ avf';fl/jr.s 

Gift, let him be humble that oLUjris, >^\Ayya* (^ g^ 

God may be pleafed with ifJLtSv cu ^lAiTrini ^- 

Ifa.Ixri.i. him For, lays He, Upo^ yxrfpes' Xm' gvk I* 

jT/i^w rr/// / look^ but upon him 7rr\p^.ffo(.v Kp t^ aV- 

/^-j^ is hum' U and quiet, and S'^v auTzij, ^M g(^ti- 

tremhles at my Words. Xct^ip tk o/jceix /xg- 

Ttdv cLVr\p rii y, )ioiu ywjr, '^ 't^XV ^rnicwms mvQs 

Sect. LXVI. 

III. il/E have now finiihed the ['T'A^ j^t %v ^^r^u^ 

" Firft Part of this UiG -*- ? ;t9>« efgfi^ 

courfe concerning Gifcs,\v hat- jw-e^, 'c%i t«*/ :^6^- 

ever they be wnich God has qji^oLioov^laroLwepo €>eos 

beflow'duponMen,accordini^ y^^' iS'Uu f3»Awa-/v 

to hiS own Wili; and how '^pe^ev ^^^oi; 6 

He rebuked the Ways of 7ru;s ^oov -{^Sn S^- 

thole who Cither attempted ^eipm'^rwv xiyav , li 

to (peak Lyes, or were ccMotg/'w crvt^jxarr ^tt- 

moved by the Spirit of the rfap.^o);' , riXiy^e ^ 

Adverfary ; and that God t^-^qv j^ ok onvn- 

I devP.. v. 

Lib.VIIL f^^ Holy Apoftles. 

^7s TToTAd^ii ' aVg- often takes away his Grace, 

^ez-^ccro' o^Biosisf^i both as to Prophecy, and 

•n 'sy^cpYiTiixv <& Tse^ the Performance of Wonders, 

m^miidp, vwj\ 5 ^^ from the Wicked. But now 

5 xopu(pcaoTOToj/ 'f our Difcourfe haftens as to i 
cKttXnaicL^x.'ii Q^^ the principal Part, that is, - 
^arsctis ?\^y(^ rii^s the Conftitution of Ecclefi- 
iTret'y/' oTnys <£ irtu- aftical Affairs, that fo when 

tIw i35)' ti^^p fxcc^v ye have learn'd this Con- 

'nsr^r<t^iv;oiTccx' ftitution from us, ye who 

fSivTii Si Tif^d'v yi^oofjLYi arc Ordain d Biihops by us, 

Xe«r»i7n(7}CQ7ro< ,^0- at the Command of Chrift, 

Ta -^^f nz%:Sh:^ei^ may perform all things ac- 

c^i\fuvcAf7oKoLi rjToiri cording to the Commands 

C&9* eiShTii on rif^Zv deliver d you, knowing that 

ax,ya)Vi Xe^<r» ajcacj^ he that heareth us hearer h mk.x.i^. 

o 6 Xe/r« aJiswv tQ Chrift, and he that heareth 

@ev ^o/m' ^ TTOLTCPi Chrift heareth his God and 

a>c»(j cjj fi S^^cc €is nrhs Father, to. whom be Glory 

dj^^vots^ ccfAlw. for ever. Amen. 

"Af^ff^ ^ivwu JW/3' Wherefore we the Twelve ^^^ 

^vTii rf^eis ol SixocSbo Apoftles of the Lord, who 

§ Tcv^a a/Tw^DKoi ma" are now together, give you 

6 ms ^eioLs 7]f/,e^v Iv- in charge thofe Divine Con- 
liA-i^^g^sc. c^Ta^fiff ftitutions concerning everv 
*t§Z^ irbpiii oyoiXviaicf Ecclefiaftical Form ; there 
gijta TuTT^y Gvjxnmtpv' being prefent with us Patd 
Tm r\fx7v <^ tS *? d%- the Chofen Veflel, our Fel- 
?igyr]s ok^hs Ilcf^Att §" low Apofile, and James the 
QujuscTTD^Ay Tif^m^ (^ Bifliop, and the reft of the 
'locKOiSa tS 'Q\(T}f^7nf, Presbyters, and the Seven 

■ " — -» ■ . 1 1 1 ■ ■■* '■• ' ' * "■< ■ ■ " 

: d^mxt'nnTi. V. ' 4ecft. V. 



Deacons. In the firft place ^ o^ ?igi7rwv Trpea-Cw 
therefore fl Peter fay. That r^e^v, ^ rm l^d 2^- 
a Bifhop to be Ordain*d >^6t>r. it^t®^ §^ g>w 
is to be, as we have al- yw^f IlgTjs©-,] l7r/<T>(p- 
ready ail of us appointed, ^rniv ^etepromSz^ eos 
unblameable in all things, a cv toTs TTQpAocC^cny 
feled: Per/bn, chofen by the acf^cc ^Tr^viis S'lS'Tzt^oi- 
whole People, who when he fxs^^y cv mmv «- 
is named and approved, let fj^^jji^ov, ^ de/T^vtw' 
the People aflembie, with •vJsro ^vtds t5 ;j^« 
the Presbytery and Bifliops 6%KsXey\j3^ov § o- 
that are prefent, on the Lord's roi:<9tc^EPT©«. >$ apt- 
Day, and let them give their oi^t®^^ cwjeA^m o 
Confent : And let the Prin- ?^os oifjicc nxE Trpeor' 
cipal of the Bifliops ask the ^v^eiaj ^ m7s o9S«- 
Presbytery and People, whe- o-iv hlrtcrTiimis^ c/v ^- 
therthis be the Perfon whom jxipa. wjti^o^'^'^ , ^ mtv* 
they defire for their Ruler? &j^oy.GiTOi' o ^ *Gf^' 
and if they give their Con- -^l^t©* 'P^S P[gi7Twv 
**^*S. fent, let him ask farther whe- "^^^ I^/totw Trpta-^ 
^^^' ther he has a good Tefli- Cvree/^i^ ^ r ^o»', 
mony from all Men, as to « cuuros '^y, ov al^ 
his Worthineft for Co great nSvirti ^i dp^vJco j^ 
and glorious an Authority > '£hvAjoiLvTaiv , xep^Tg- 
Whethcr all things relating 7r6e*»'n»Ta) « jt^^Try- 
to his Piety towards God ^e,J) -im) w^fT^v ol^ios 
be right > Whether Juftice eivou <? jxeyxAni ^ tow>- 
to wards Men has been ob- W (£ 7\g.yLi^e^i ^7«- 
ferv'd by him? Whether the lAdvioL^^ « ^ xj^ r «5 
Affairs of his Family have 0goj/ immS ^'^o«ay 
been well order'd by him? )(p'.'7ft)p6«2, « ra^ep^ 
Whether he has been un- ^^^vy^^ S^lygAct "th?- 
blameable in the Cour[e of (ru'-^xTxf, « T<ai ?{J^* r 

I declt. V. I dceft. V. ' t» 9s* V. »u»y 

Lib. VIII. the Holy Apoftles; 

o^>.Qv cujtS >(9tAw5 cJ>^- his Lile? And if all the M- 

fembly together do according 
to Truth, and not accord- 
ing to Picjuciice witnelsrhac 
he is fuch an one, kr them 
the third time, as before God 
the Judge, and Chrifr, the 
HoIyGiioft being alfb prefenr, 
as well as all the Holy and 
Miniftring Spirits, ask again. 

^lop ocveTTiAri'Tp^Ms, '^ 

Xrt'^V fLDpTUOiiOJ^TrjOV 

,1^7©-, j^ 'THSivm^v <?^^ Whether he be truly worthy Mitt.xviii 

of this Minidry, 

that to in^'^' 
the MoH'h vf two ortfjreeWit^. 
ri'ffes every Word md'^ he- efiA"' 
Sl.'fJ^'d ; and if they agree 
the third tirri'e tSai he is 
worthy, let them all be de-' 
manded their V.te, and when 
they all give it willingly, 
let him be heard ; and Si- 
lence being made, let one 
of the pri?icipal Bi'hops, to- 
gether with two others, (land 
near to the Altar, the rcli of 
the Bifhoos and Presbyters 

A&iTiipyias ohoTTT^oov 
//. a ' ^ mjLu V S'^f/^/j cap 
^iQv eiiOA, dirowniS^/j' 

ax.vsSzjcrccv ' xj atoj' 

jii^ Xj S\mv iTippu^Tr^^)" praying iiientiy, and rhe Dca- 

ciQv ? Jvoix<r^^^ g5^>, cons holding the Holy GoP- 

T^ ?\gi'TS)v 'fha-ii^Tnov pels open upon the Head of 

^ 7rpgo-S'uTF£pjy GT/wTrf him that is to be Ordain'd, 

'c>^adj<^'ijS^^oov, r Q and fay to God thus ; 

Kk- O 


V. O thou the Great Being, 'O wV, J^jctztoto, x^- 

O Lord God Almighty, who e*g, o ©gi?, J ^utd- 

alone art Unbcgotten, and xe^TBDf, o ^V©- a- 

ruled over by none ; who al- o^i'j!T@-, (^ dQcLGiMv- 

ways art, and waft before 7©-- 6 a « «V, ^ og^ 

the World ; who ftandeft in r caaira;i/ vcraf ^^^v* o 

need of nothing, and art ^utI at'gj'jj^r;^, >^ nrx- 

above all Caufe and Begin- m cutIols >^ ^eoicos 

ning; who only art True, xpeijlm' o^Vo^aAw- 

who only art Wife; who a- r^^vos, o /u^gv^ otx^U' 

lone art the moftHigh; who c m f^i@^ JnI/<j-©-^ o 

art by Nature Invirible;whofe T-n (fvajcco^Q. "Sri 

Knowledge is without Begin- ^wctjj avccp^@. o ^- 

ning; who only art Good, p©^ ccyx^;y ^ dcnj-)- 

and beyond Compare ; who x^/I®-, o ^ ^-m* a- 

knoweft all Things before S):^^ tt^u '^^s'T^m aJ- 

they are ; who art acquaint- tojv 6 r y.pwSlcov yvd' 

ed with the moft fecret gns ' o ol'uj^g-it®^ • o 

Things ; who art Inacceffible, dSecrmlos' 6 Gsos (& 

and without a Superior ; the ri^Tvp ? jn^vcr^j^s t53 

God and Father of thy Only- ^a, S ©c3 ^ Qc!^r,^s 

begotten Son, of our God rtf^^p* o ^^tit^j:^,' r 
and Saviour ; the Creator of oA&?r Sl cunS o id^* 

the whole World by Him ; vqhty.s , o -m^ey^div ' o 

whofe Providence provides ^Tnx.Trf tc^v or^ipfjLoov, 
for, and takes the Care of -^ ©6&$ 'mcrws /s)^- 

sCcT.? ^11 5 the Father of Mercies, and •nK^^a^oa' o c</ J-vj^Aor^ 

God of all ConjoUtion ; who j^^Tforxwr, ^ iri Ta- 

f fai cxii 5 dwelleft in the Higiiefl: P3ea- 'rireivciii^o^v. o-^JoJ^-^j 

vens, and yet lookell: down o^^i 6K-d?irjcriccs, 2J!^ -f 

on things below; Thou, who c^cjapjcv* r^^bcrlai t« 

Lib. VII F. the Holy Apoftles: 

^e^rS C^' "^ f^P' die! ft appoint the Rules of 
*iT/e^ 'Hi)' 'u%c^riTCfj, the Church, by the Coming 
2/^ iP^ Qiiv ^^Awj/, of rhy Chrift in the Flefli; of 
<£ rifx,(^v r p^tA-^i a} which the Holy Ghoft is 
^e^Twv 'fkcr'>^7rzov ' the Witnefs, by thy Aro- 
wpoeJ-(m^ ^ ap;v^>?5 ftles, and by us the Biiliops, 
i^peis ei fhqcccAav AaS who by thy Grace are here 
ory, "ACeA ov 'u>^'- prefent; who haft fore-or- 
rroK, ^710, ^ 'Efoi?, (^ dain a Priefts from the Be- 
'■E^^^;^>^ ^<^^' ^ MsA- ginning for the Government 
^crgS'U, <t 'Iw? G ccvcc' of thy People ; Abel in the 
(Te'focfi 'A^dP^a/^j^ Taf firft place, 6*0^//^ and £;;^j, 
;\pi^8; 'mTg/xp^f (n>j/ and Enoch and Ni?,iy^, and 
TD/5 '7n9T3?5 o-y ^^ Mdchifedeck and J^^; who 
ir^aiv M(*ibm ^ 'Ace* didfl appoint Abraham, and 
e$ir, (c 'EA?a(^a,cfly (^ the reft of the Patriarchs, 
<^ivm ^ c/oJ'Talj' with thy faithful Servants 
^sf^X^^^\^^®^ a/)^ Mofcsy and /^^r^;?, and Elea* 
^r>^^ ^ /g^€<5 oi' T>i ^.4r, and P^ineas \ who didfl > 

uyJuj-^ ? fjfp^w^ii choofe from amonp them Ru- 
(g \* ^oLfj,^riA ckAg lets and Priefts m the Taber- */ P^g^ 
lay^j^. e$ ig^gx >9 nacle of thyTeftimony. who 392- 
•s>jf^(p>f'^' ^ W a- didftchoo(e6';i/;?«^/foraPriefl: 
ytaiaf^Ti Qa oiAeiUp- and a Prophet ; who did ft 
y^Tov fjLT) ey)*Jjx?j7ntv- not leave rhy San(9uary with- 
<^'i>;x.>]W CM' oh r,ps- out Minifters; who didft de- 
riaco ^^-TL^Lujoji. aJ- light in thofe whom thou 
T05 (^ y^«> ix/cG-mia. "S chofeft to be glorify 'd in ; 
^e^r^ C^9 ^' '^/^^"^ ^o thou, by us, pour down 
^;^g r SujuxfMv ? the influence of thy free Spi- 
7)yifjLQviytZ 0-y /Tivdllc;^- rit, through the ^^edia^"orl 

K k z of 


of thy Chrift, which is com- 7©-, I'mp ^kov&tuj 

mitted to thy beloved Son TieF n^TrKju^Jw G^ '^**' 

Jefus Chrift ; which he be- S'l'ino-i ^e^r^, o^p 

flowed according to thy Will eSht-pAciiTo yvct^ivts (jt 

on the holy Apoltles of thee, WsaTz/o/f ^suAoiso-tf 

the eternal God ; Grant by ? aj.mi\i ©ga, St^ ou 

thy Name, O God, who $6vlf^Ti Qy ^i^pho^ 

fcarcheft the Hearts, that this yvaj<px. ,^h, 'Qn t Sm-- 

thy Servant, whom thou haft ?\!^v Qn ixr^, cV c^g- 

chofen to be a Bifliop, may Ag|w eU 'f^r^ayi^wov , 

feed thy holy Flock, and dif ^TTDij^aiveiv r oiyixv o-tf 

cherge the Oflice of an High- ^ttvI^jlvI/jj, ^ dp^ees^- 

Prieit to thee, and minifter r^eiv Qoi, dfjiSfjc'Sccs 

to thee unblameably, Njghc ^ietrvpyyvloi. vukw ^ 

and Day; that he may ap- Tiy^hys, ^ ^i?i^<T'i^' 

peafe thee, and gather to- ijS^jcv an S 'Oj^V&)'7n?^, 

gether the Number of thofe '^cujuccytyuv r a^/S- 

that (hall be faved, and may /^^f r Qj^opS^jajv, h^ 

offer to thee the Gifts of thy ct^j^«j?ai' Q^oi toJ^- 

holy Church : Grant to him, e^ 'f dylccsQvcK-iOiTi- 

O Lord Almighty, through oias- ^i oulttJ' S'fmimij 

thy Chrift, the Fellowlliip of Wy^roxe^Tcp, ^^V 

the Holy Spirit, that fo he Xe/^-y Qa, r [x^tm- 

may have Power to ren:it cnccv ^ dyla Trv^\j^' 

Sins according to thy Com- 7©-* o!^ \*)^fiv iJ^^aictv 

mand ; to give forth Lots oc(pievoif dfJ^Tlccs v^ r 

according to thy Command; c/v^y^bli ca , ^iSbvoj 

to loofc every Bond, ac- xArfpas k^ S ^s^^g^.y 

cording to the Power which fj{J c-y, ?\.vm q 'Tidrfm, 

ihou gaveft the Apoflles; o-mS'eorfj^v ^^ r c^«- 

ihac he may pleafe thee in cnxv Luu l^)^i lu?!? a- 

Lib. VIII. the Holy Apoftles. 

^TTvgvXoii* ^xpeq-e^v H Meeknefi, and a ppre Heart, 

Qoi cv Tzr^oiriTj, & with a ftedfaft, unblameable, 

H^^f^a ii^.pS'Uy d' and unreproveable Mind ; to 

nfi'7?.(ai, dfA^i^'Soos, d- offer to Thcc a pure and 

j'gfxATi'Tiy^ ^sr^dTfi^V' unbloody Sacrifice, which, 

m Qoi v^JrjLe^v HSM ^' by thy Cbrift, thou haft ap- 

voAf^xmv ^jaiocij Iw pointed as the Myftery of 

^ Xe<ra ' <5^g^^w" the New Covenant ; for a 

S fMj^-ne^ov *? :[cf.ivrii fweet Savour, through thy 

<5^6w5, &ii QG^duj holy Child Jefus Chrift, our 

i^^y^T/W, ^If^. 5^ ayl'd God and Saviour : through 

rroc/cJ^'^ cry 'jwtjS Xg/9-» whom Glory, Honour and 

5' ©g» ^ c^TJTp®. :5 Worfnip be to Thee, in the 

l^v' ^ J'/»"(^ot (5)i§a, Holy Spirit, now and al- 

IcfAY] ^ cr^Sccs, OP dyoj w^ys, and for all i^ges. And 

nvSi^U, rwu, % dei, when he has pray'd for thefe 

^ ^s TiisouSias r oucfi' things, let the reft of the 

voov- ^ ^ ^ijTco Itt*^- Friefts add, Ame^t; and to- 

^oii^jM^ 01 /\pi«7rof le gcther with them all the Peo- 

peii ^Ag^-m'^fA a- pie. And after the Prayer, 

(xLo' ^ aiw ajjn:^u a- let one of the Bjfliops ele- 

TKf ?:^os. (t fJ^ r vace the Sacrifice upon the 

's>^(ji^'Xp^j\ &s n^e Hands of him th^t is Or- 

^mo-y^^nvv c^atpsfs'T^r dain'd, and early in the 

Jvsixv siit'i t ^eip^v^ Morning let him be plac'd in 

^a^QTwyj-SivrQ*. -^ his Throne, in a Place fet 

Tri' eca^v c4^Q^vi^f(Bzo apart for him, among the 

eJs T durJ ^^(^s^vioc reiT: of the Bifliops, they all 

rri'TiDv *G>^ r AoiTTwv giving him the Kifs in the 

'f^.a^^TTzov, Tidv'Twv hjj' Lord. • And after the Read- 

TXiV cpi^yj(7:ivnzi}v S ov ing of the Law and the 

Kkj . Fro- 


Prophets, and our Epiftles, >f/>e/'w i^iK-ni^i. ^ f^ 
and Adls, and the Gofpels, r dvctyvcpcnv ^ vcuv ^^ 
lee him that is. Ordain'd fa- r '^^(piiTMp^ra.vT^ 'On- 
lute the Church, faying, the ^hc^v -ri^v p^ ^ ir^- 
Grace of our Lord Jejus thrifi, '^iojv ^ tc^v dljafyi'Aiwr^ 
the Love of God and the Fa aai^r^caSw o ^ei^^vn^ 
thcr and thi FeilGtrfhrp 0/ 6sl$r dx^^j^ar Agfw;/. 
the Holy Ghojl be withjou all; in ;^e*i ? \we/^ t^fj^m 
and !ec them all anfwer, 'Iro-S Xe^ry ^a^a-'^S' 
And wvh thySpI/if ; and after 0^^?^ '^7^^,^ ^ jcp/yw- 
thefe Words lee him Ipeak vloc'^ dyiam'-i^f^©^, 
to the People the Words of fj^^'jnipJmvf^Mv'^'Tr^' 
Exhortation,and when he has 7g5 am^e/^i^jjarctv* (£ 
endqd his Word of Dodrine, /^* tS '7rv(^/<pt7o> o-« ?^ 

dShh(pos niTpyj]at,vct' 

ail Handing up, let the fzvroDp ccTruvTMy S^oi- 

Deacon afcend upon fome ^v^, e(()' v-^yjAZriVos 

high Seat, and proclaim. Let ocve^'Moiy.y^/ifVTlhaj f^rt 

none of the Hearers, let none Us r acyc^o)iJ^ja}v. fj.n 

of the Unbelievers (lay, and /cs T^vaV/swr. ^ fimj- 

Silence being made, let him ^^^^ ^.ofj^jruAifiTM. 

fay, %"" Ev'^oic^ 01 )(9t- 

Ye Catechumens pray, and 'm^^jjS^oi. ^ 'm; 11$ ol 

let ail the Faithful pray for mgi?) ^ Q^poiccv v- 

them in their Mind, faying, ^'C^auTcov.7refi<^^^' 

Lord have mercy upon them. eOwaar, xiy)V7is vl^z 

i\nd \qx the Deaco n bid Pray- eAeyjovv. S'lctyipvetTw 5 

fcib.VIir. the Holy Apoftles: 

^ '\ki^ ctvrrLov, ^iyav' , ers for them, faying, Let us 

•v^ '^^^ •i{g.ny\'x!^\^l(fiv all pray unto God for the 

m^vni " Toy ©goV 'zra- Catechumens, that He that 

^^•A^Ktm]^ , /W is good, He that is the Lo- 

a>xSi»'r, (pLAccp&e^7iT.s , vcr of Mankind, will mer- 

(^fj^joos eia-ctK^o-yt ^5^ cifully hear their Pray ers and 

kna^m auurooy ^ Tw;f their SuppHcations, and fb 

cD^;fA>f^«^ '^'fx^o-' accept their Petitions, as to 

Sh^diJ^®e oLuTWF r /• affift them, and give them 

yoeo-lacv ^k:^Sn'mj Sut) thofe Defires of their Hearts 

Twj', ^ J^oj aJ<TO?5 m which are for their Advan- 

cdjiiJi^oL Tciv y[g.phoiv tage, and reveal to them the 

iuuTMv 's^i g (rvfx(fi' Gofpel of his Chrift, give 

epv,'^\{g,?\.u-\'YiOLV'ms them Illumination and Un- 

g d^oL^r^Kiov t X^AT^ derftanding, inftrudt them in 

auVS, (pooTicTYi aJris (^ the Knowledge of God, teach 

cauiTifi'A^^aj.^Sijd'^ah'' them his Commands and his 

7-«$ r '^oT/jwOTav, ^- Ordinances, implant in them 

<J^'§)7 a Jt^^ y. 'cj^qaS his holy and faving Fear, open 

[\^oL ccvtQ i^ m Si the Ears of their Hearts, that 

yi^ioiii^cc , kf^i^cccpv' they may exercife themlelves 

wo-ri or auWs r a^/- in his Law Day and Night ^ 

j/cV ayVS <fe c7ze;T>!,e/ov (Irengthen them in Piety ,unite 

(pc'^or, ^l^vol^y) T(i Z' them to, and number them 

^oi r^v){^P^Lc^u av'T^v with his holy Flock ; vouch- 

-c^eps g CM/ TztT ;'C|xw fafe them the Laver of Re- 

cttTS ii^ccylvBcbzij' ri- generation, and the Garment 

/t/j£Pts (^ j'o>c-rtV, /3g- of Incorrupcion, which is the 

goMWG-*) 5 aLTy^cj/TiT true Life, and deliver them 

^aiS^oiy ho}(TYi ^ ly- from all Ungodlinefs, and 

tj^fa^Bjttrio-'/? auTvis S* give no place to the Adver- 

M ^. " I ■ ■ ■ " * « mmmmmmmi ■ ■■ i— p—i— ■ mu m 

' de un:. * h^nv^i. V. 

K k 4 fary 

aCcr.vii 1 
vi. 1 6' 


fary agamft therr\,2.nd Cle^r^fe 
thorn t rem all Fihhtnejs ofFle(lj 
and Spirit, and divell in them, 
and mlk in thcr^, by his 
CbriCl. ; Bl fs tlnir^ Goings-out, 
and their Comings-in, and or- 
der . their Affairs for their 
Good. Lee us ftill earneftly 
put up our Supplications for 
them, that rhey may obtain 
the Focgivene^s of their 
TranfgreiiioriS by their Ad- 
niiliion,aud (0 may be thought 
worthy of the holy Myite- 
ries, and of conllant Com- 
munion with the Samts. Rife 
up, ye Otechumens, beg 
for your felves the Peace of 
God, through his Chiift, a 
peaceable Day, and free from 
6in, and the Hkc for the 
whole time of your Life, and 
your Chriftian Ends of ic; a 
companionate and merciful 
God; and the Forgivenefs of 
your Tranfgreliions. Dedi- 
Cite your felves to the only 
UnbegottcnGod, through his 
Chrilt. Bow down your 
Heads, and receive the Blel- 
fmg But at the naming of 

^VLpOlOCS^ '? OP Tit'? >'^ 
'3T*(7/?J OLGe^eiOLi, '^ fJLT] 

71 ov avthTs :tj efXTrS' 
<5P"d a'JT^ , SjKoyhCYi 


oiyicov fjuuqvQjLWV, ocj '? 

! ^h.\\ 


Lib.VlII. the Holy Apoftles. 

rrnv Ki mtivTctr ^^vQv? every one by the Deacon, 

2w7??L/xa;y, ^i^ioivaiu' as we faid before, let the 

/awj"77XTgAw, 1M'a)v ^ People (ay, Lord have mercy 

(fU/u-VS T 0goy , aipg^i' upon him, , and let the Chil- 

*;T^/^iotiw,gAwJ.(ptTwi/, layj cireri fay it firft. And as they 

T'is W /t^j^cw d'fijvraoo have bowed down their 

0g<a !^ t5 Xg^cpS Heads, let the Bidiop who 

atJiS 'R%4^r3s. xA/- i> newly Ordain'd,ble(s them 

raT5, (£ <^'ao7/«^. with this Biclfing ; O God 

I9' tv.cLC['a) 5 TST^yv w;^ i^lmighty, Unbegotten and 

c .2f^-itQv^ ^^oTp'j)' Inacceffible who only art the 

r«, 6)5 ^^eizrojn^, Ag- True God, the God and 

^Tw ;^os xJe^g Farher of thy Chrift, thy 

Ia^Wop* (t 'ct^ mtLv Only begotten Son; the God 

rrji'^ Tix* iroA^icc, %ki- of the C omforter; and Lord 

vovrm 5 avTcSif mjis of the whole World ; who 

yA(pot?icci,(^Aoyci'TZfj ajj' by Chrifl didll appoint thy 

T'dio ^&<^Tovii^is e Difciples to he Teachers for 

'TTioKoiros SAoyiotp tdi- thcTeaching of Piety, do thou 

aiiSh' 6 Sios 6 'Tnffi'TTi' now alio look down upon 

xes^^rwp^ 6 d'^vy^oi, ^ thy Serv^nts, who are cate- 

atD^oTf©., 6 ^qV©s. ct- chiz'd in the Gofpel of thy 

AwrSiros 0go5, d ©go? ^ Chrift, and give them a new 

fTTOLTi^p t5 X(^9-y Qa Hearty and renew a right Svi' 

? /j^vc^ai tf» o-tf, rit in their in^card Parts ,th2Lt^U\Xiz, 

^ ©go?" T^cj^jcA^jTy, they may both know and 

^ T&'j/ Awi/ 5t>c/£r©-' d do thy Will with full pur- 

^cj. Xe/.cr'^ SiSkG-Koi' pofe of Heart, and with a 

A»5 Ti?s ^<a6»Tas ^,- willing Soul. Vouehfafe them 

53ic7z/.< 's^s fjjt^ijjiv '? an hojy Admiiiion, and unite 

<^(Ti€&oci^ av<ivs <t vtw them to tliy holy Church, 



and make them Partakers of trnS^ iwl t« cr&A«5ja, 

thy holy My (Icries, through tU KccTr>xi<iJ^iis S ev' 

Chriit, who is our Hope, af^^xo^ ra Xg/(j-a j«' 

^ ^ p and who died for them ; by ^ Shs ccCto'i's y^apS^Uv 

*3Q4.^^ whom Glory and Worfliip -^cuv-rw^ ^ '^^* rrvevtj^^ 

be given to Thee in the Holy eu'^k el'^ccivK/iv ov to/s 

Spirit for ever, Amen, And l^y^r^^n gl^^^v, isy^<=, 

after this, let the Deacon S «>gV«/ % nnum S 

fay, Go ou^ ye Cattchumcns in ^Ky)ij{^ era, ov xcxp- 

Peace ; and after they are J /cc '7j^y)p^ ^ '4^;>:f 6^ 

gone out, let him fay. Ye hiaY kcctzx^^icotdv ecu- 

Energumensafflided vvichun- rlis ^ oiyiccs ^jivriaicos^ 

clean Spirits, pray, and let ^ evojfrov ccvT'ds rri 

us all earneftiy pray for them, iyia. Qh oK'n?ima, ^ 

that God, the Lover of Man jj^to^vs Wwctoi^ twi/ 

kind, will by Chrift rebuke ^eim {.loTne^cov, <^ 

the unclean and wicked Spi- ' Xe/e^> '^ gAiiricr©* 

ri:s, and deliver his Suppli- ^/xw', 5' \^ au'iwp 

cants from the Dominion of amjtcvS^Q^' S^l « Qoi 

the Adverfary. He that re cJogo. ^ g creScts otf 

W^"jJ- biik'd the Legion of Demons, dylcfj mveufJiaAi, &s t»€ 

and tlie Prince ef Wicked- wmctu dfjibjj, 6 ^jm- 

ncfs, the Devil, may He even to t^to 6 c^jcov®^ 

now rebuke thefe Apollates Myhco' 7r^^?\%en ol 

from Piety, and deliver his Kccrn^iiJ^Joi.ov elpLuuvi. 

own VVorkmanfiiip from his 3^ ;^' g ^gA^^ftf aJ- 

Power, and c^eanie thole tvs, T^.eycTw' so^ccSv 

Creatures which he has made oi ovspyip^joi ^zn 

with great Wifdom. Let us mvdit^^nuv axaScc/)- 

flill pray earneftly for them ; twv. oa^nvcai mivTn 

i>avethem, O God, andraife '^ ctv^rajv (J^mGwjilV 

' m^ V. 


Lib.VIIF. the Holy Apoftles. 
017WS (pi?^v^^7r(^ them up by thy Power. Bow 
^eosy 2/^ X^crv'Qn- down your Heads, ye Ener- 
IcfAYio-yi'li^^s cc)coc.^prr^ii gumens, and receive the 
<S ^jnvij^Ts mvevf^cn^ iileffings and let the Bifliop 
^ pWro/ T'is gcmtS ^ U add this Prayer, and fay, 

^(XAf^vm,^ ^ S* ci^*)^',iclKCfi ^CoAo;, ^'H/.cttVj? ctu- 
ins <fc ytcu TT3/5 '^^rrzLii 'f evaiSact/;, ^ pvorjimj la I- 

iJ^»6a)'|u^j*«7wjDi' (^ ctvaipicrov at>Ti> o GgGj, ov r^i' S'ujuccfAd 
cry. KAiVotTg 0/ ct5/>7/&ji4'jof, ^ gi>'Ao^?cdf . ^ d Itt/- 

'O'Sj/ f^ep^ J^ftozw, Thou, who haft bound the vir. 

^ mvTct TO <7}cgi>>? a J- flrong Man, and fpoifd all '^^^c- »"• 

tS Sictpmasu 6 (fas that Was in his Houfe, who ^uk 

rifAiv U^i^aiccv eTrccvco haft ^ivcn US Power over 

oipscay ^ cF'iLoc'TrKfiv ^OL' Serpents and Scorpions to 

Ta;/, ?^ gTrl 'woLorf^ r tread upon them, and upon 

^vuuccfjiiv 5' g;:^6f» or all the Power of the Enemy; 

ctpB^^'TDJcwoi^ o(^iv , who haft deliver'd the Ser- 

^a^c^Tfw ^z>y,S'''ii n- pent, that Murderer of Men, 

lAAv, cJs 573y9icy 'sjcw- bound to us ; as a Sparrow 

t^loii' ov 'n^wcL (peJ-T- to Children, whom all things 

7(J icj rpifji^, ^iiT) ^e^- dread, and tremble before the[xx!'^* 

crzt;'ou^ S'mjoLfjisoos an 6 Face of thy Powcr ; who haft 

p^as au^v cos aVe^- caft him down as Lightening 

'srZw) c^ »e5t^««\>AJ, from Heaven to Earth ; noc^'^*^'^*^^* 



with a Fall from a Place, v ixiTny.^ pvyf^^oLTiyCcA' 
but from .Honour to Diflio- Aa ^-ro /c/xS$ ^g ctn- 
nour. on account of his vo- fjilctv, cT/ i^cia-iov aJ- 
luntary evil Difpofition, ir^ff/^ iS }{^'^voiop' Z^^" 
V(^lcv.9, Look dries the Akjffes^ and ^hijjifjLcc ^^e^iv^ a- 
, .. Threatnin'^ melts the Motin* ftJoo-y», ^ ^5 d'm^i7\.y\ 
/4/»i'5, ^;?<« vphoje I ruth remains t>7-x.(J ojaw, ^ >? aXri'Jeicc 
V(.jicn.$.for ever; whom the Infants \j%^ els r odSvoc' oif 
praife, and fucking Bahes hlcfsy aj,vei nu vi'mcc, ^ <^J- 
^ '''^' Ti-hom Angels fing Hjmns to Xoyei ^iw. c^XctCpyriuj, 
pf.cxvi. a.^^*^ ^dore ; iiho lookefl upon op if/A'Sai ^ TiT^cniVuu ti- 
the Earthj and makefl it trcm- oiv cL^yc?[gi' d ^f Ag- 
*"i-3 lie \^yho touchcfi the Mountains, ^mov On r yljj, '^ 
and thcjfn-ioke ; who threatnefl m-ioov avTr]v TpefJieiV 
^^"* ^' the Sea J and drjcft it up, and 6 d^rro\j^p'^ ^' tpicov , 
ciii 3*. makejl all its Rivers as De- ^ va.mvi^ovnwj d a- 
frt, and the C loans are the 7rBiX(^v ^?^dLojhuj^ ^ 
'^Av'iA'l' Dufi cf his Feet ; who vralk^fl ^n^otroov auVrir, ?($tf 
upon the Sea as upon the firm Wr^^ t^s 'TrvrafJi^i 
LXX' ^' <^^^^'^^ ' f^iQ^^ O'^^y begotten ^ a>JTy/' ^epw^^l^f S 
God, the Son of the Great ve(piAajij xsviop'Tris ^^ 
Father, rebuke thefe vv'cked m^Si)v' d ^i^ixji'Toov' I- 
Spirits, and deliver the Works ttI ^?\.oio^^j co> g^' 
of thy Hands from the Pow- ectL(^.ys* fj^vojl/jiDs Gg?, 
er of the adverfe Spirit : For y/eyLx^ ^Tntr^ps w «- 
to Thee is due Glor}', Ho- ^itIiaykwv to7^ mvrj' 
nour, and VVorfliip, and by ^Ts m'&fJiy.a-i, -^ pv<jzij 
Thee to thy Father, in the ^ epya ^" x^^^ C^ 
Holy Spirit, for ever. Amen. 6k '? t5 XvioTe/» 
And let the Deacon lay. Go <njv^!J.^@^ opepyitas' 
out ye Encrgumens. Andaf- otl Qoi ^^ocy UfJL7\ <£ 

Iji.v, !dceft. V. 

Lib.VIlI. the Holy Apoftles. 

ciSacc, ^ 2/^ d^ TzS ter them, let him cry aloud, 

o-w /TxctTe^, oj' dy'iM Ye that are to be iliuminaced 

vrv^^cLTi^ eii ris c^m pray : Let all us the Faith- 

vccs' cc^. % c ^- fui eaineilly pray for them, 

xQvos Ag^TW ^ Trep^A- that the Lord will vouchfafe, 

r^Ti" oi crgf 9/i;/4'Jot' <S that being initiated into the 

fteT' g/7t2^, -©j^j^iwv^- Death of Chritl, they may 

rroo' <5CgacdH 0/ (pwn- rife with him, and become 

^oy^jof. dx7Bi/w> 0/ TT/- Partakers of his Kingdom, 

90I 'mi/'H^ \5c^ ctuVw;/ and may be admitted to the 

rs>^^-i{ciM(n^lJS^j, ^TTwi Communion of his Myfte- 

jwie^©- vj^cc^^may) ries ; unite them to, num- 

iujT^i f^LuYi^vTo.i €ii T bet thcm among thofe that 

^ Xe^r» ^vccTov are faved in his holy 

cwuocvcic^Yiicui a/j7zS^ ^ Church : Save them, and 

P-^Z^^ «)^7gcdsc^ '^ ^ct- raife them up by thy Grace : 

mK&iCLi C/-OT?, ?^ 3cof- And being (ealed to God 

vm'si '7^ /uLo^iie/'^y through his Chrift. let them 

oi/T^, h'ooari '^ avy bow down their Heads, and 

y^T£xAg§}) iuurii jJ^ receive this Bleffing from tr.e 

'3^ (ro)^o(j^'^oiv^ ov T>i" Billiop. 
dyiOj ojjT^ d^-/cA?j:72a. 

.«. '^ 

*^"^0'c?;^«tc7w;'t^c^ Thou who hafl: former- vitl. 

^P^ dyicjv (Td c^(p)i* ly faid by thy Prophets to***^^^' 

'miv 'TvTs^fj$^jois A»- thofe, that be initiated, WafI? ifa. i. 16. 

citcd^' J . xGc^^\ yi' yc, hecbme clean ; and haft ap- 

viSs' % 2^ tS Xe/c pointed Spiritual Regenerati- 



on by Chrid, do thou no'.v 
alio look down upon thefe 
that are baptiz'd. and blefs 
them, and fancSlifie them, 
and prepare them that they 
may become worthy of thy 
Spiritual Gift, and of the true 
Adopuonjofthyfpiritual My- 
fterics, of being gathered to- 
gether with thofe that are 
laved through Chrifl our Sa- 
viour ; by whom Glory, Ho- 
nour, and Worfliip be to 
Thee, in the Holy Ghoft, 
forever. Amen, And let the 
Deacon fay, Go out ye that 
are preparing for Illumina- 
tion. And after that let him 
proclaim. Ye Penitents pray; 
let us all earneflly pray for 
our Bicthren in the State of 
Penance ; that God, the Lo- 
. ver of Companion, will fliew 
them the Way of Repentance, 
and accept their Return and 
Bom. xvi. their ConfelTion, and Iruife 
SAtan tender their Feet [udden- 
/y, and redeem them from 
the Snare of the Devil, and 
the Ill-ufage of the Drcmons, 
and free them from every 


fTIvAjfJI^lfKluJ OCVCC-^PiJ' 
aiV OLVTHS (c IWU €7tlS^ 

ocyiccaov, ^ o^c7K<^'a<- 
aov ct^'iMi ^ASzxyf '? 
TTi Af fj^yik Krii Q'd S)kJ' 

'QrKTwuoLyooyis , 2^ 

VCCS. OCfJiLuj. (t Af^T^J 
2J^KQV©^' TT^eAGg- 

- ' / 

TGiVOlOL, C^dmOOS C3Ttf- 

H^Aeacf^fJ^j' OTTZi'S o (pi'. 

I jjuwy. V . 


Lib.VIIL the Holy ApoHles. 

C'^reJ-'^^n r :Zctn^j<xv unlawful Word, and every 

VC7!? 1^5 TnjJa? av'mv abfurd Pradtice and wicked 

ov m^i^ '^ ^ AyT£^V Thought ; forgive them all 

TOf auT& ^W -f TT* their Offences, both volunta- 

yi^Q. t5 (Jiiap'Atf '^ ry and involunrary, and hlotcolil .j, 

'^ I7nij5«a5 T^'J^/^c^p cut that Hand-writ ing which '^^ 

rcaj/, >^ <^iA)?Ta^ (xJtS.- /V ^^^/w/? r/^-;;^, and Write }, 

^ ^'Hif cc^-sjyJry them in the Book of Life: 

;\p>», (^ 'mVwf d-ciir^ ^cUecVjfe them from all Filthi-'^^^^^ ■ 

ye^l'gw^, (^ 'TiDi'^O^ir ;^(?/} ^/ F/f/^ 4;?^ Sfirit, and''"* '' 

^r°'^^ ^''^^^"'^'^ ^ reftore and unite them to his 

ixuTo?? 'T^r'Ttt ^TO 'm- hp!y Flock : For, He knowcth 

es^'TtfM^f/.ccJaccLVTcav^T&i.' our Frame; for. Who can glory troy, xyi.^ 

Ti eyJaicc^ Toicty^iaicc, that he has a clean Hearts 

(t ^cL?.eii,Yi S )(^T And n-ho can hcldly fty, that 

ctvTZdv ^ yei^y^acpQv , he is pure from Sin > For we 

^ i^y^ci-]^rwi ccutIh otf are all among the Blame- 

/8/^A^ ^ca^fs- Kcc^ccp'ri vvcrchy. Let us dill pray 

Q cciiT'di aTTD rr^-Tzs fjs" for them more carneftly ; for 

KvqjJd Qcp^i & TTvd^' there /is Joy in Heaven over tv.j. 

fxcclQ^, & eioia-Yi CLV' on^ Sinner that refentetb,xh2it 

T'6i ^7ro>($t'Tac>?cTzx^ eis being converted from every 

r d'yioiv ^JtS W- evil Work, they may be 

fj^vluj ok avw yvM' join'd to all good Practice :^ 

(7K<{ TTj ^da-jxct rjw^. That God , the Lover of 

Ztl t/s -iL^yia?^ «- Mankind, wiJl fuddenly ac- 

yvhjj ly^^v ytcL^^icLv ', cept their Petitions, will 

7) Tii'Tntppyj^ncca^TDLj ytcL' refiore to them the 'Joy of his^C^yi^A. 

i^aePi e(^al ami djSfp- Salvation, and flrengthen them 

TLcci ; -TjaVr?? yoip ecr- with his free Spirit, that they 

yS^j cv 'QnTi^uiois, en may not beany moreihaken, 

'\^civrot}v oKTeve^^v. but be admitted to the Com- 

&w6w/4j* & ;^o(.^^i' munion of his moft holy 
/ , Things, 


Things ; and become Parta- vstuj ca> lejf-v^ t^ evi 
kers of his Divine Myfieries ; a^TwAco fjiem^o^vU 
that appearing worthy of his c-Tndi'^Tes^^^^'fs^ Trav 
Adoption, they may obtain epyiv d^^LTov^ ttcp- 
Eternal Life. Let us all fiill QiK6iU)(}(oc7i ttxc-yi tt^- 
earneftly fay on their Ac- ^^ aysibri'hccotpihccv- 
counz, Lod have Mcrcj upon bc^irQ^ ©co$ » rd^^oe 
them. Save i hew, God, and ^fj^jolg Tr^o-^'c^ccu.eyos 
raife them up ty thy M^rcy olvtoov toc; ^iirais, d* 
Rife up, and bow your Heads 7ro)ca7a<r"0'>i ' aJro?? 
roGoddiro'his Chrift,an J re ocya??^lctc7iv ^rd aruT^' 
ccivethcBIeflings Lee the Bi- e^'y, ^ irvd^ltjiXTi ^^-e- 
Ihop then add this Prayer; imgviy,^ ^gveJ^^v' cto^s, 

nv^'cn r cdcfivL'd ^w/75. cti cxTgrws irbpTi'i \s^ ccvTOJif 
etrj^jj^j, yju^B Ih^mtJov- (jzuovp OL'J'r^i d ©go>, ^OJi olvcl^- 

IX. Almighty Eternal God, U^pr^yc^c^s^ ^te 

Lord of the whole V\'orid, alcone, Jsctstdto; 't^/ 

the Creator and Governour oAcoy, xt/,-^ i(c^ Trpw 

of all Things, who haft ex- mx^n ^ ttclvto^v 6 r 

\* P^g hibitcd Man as the Orna- ^sjl^i^itov ^^* ^^crfXH 

396. ment of the World, thro' >tio"M9^ avoilei^oii Sid 

Chrift, and didft give him XeA<r^,^vcfjLovSiisau- 

a Law both naturally im W '^fji(^vTov ^y^ctir' 

planted and written, that <nv. id^? S 'CIjj du- 

Lib.VIIF. the Holy Apoftles; 

Toy of'o^o-^f, W5 ;i9- he might Jive according to 
yi-itsv' 0^ dfSfp^vTi u Law, as a rational Creature ; 
ffni^y.hjj ^\i *sf^i \jji' and when he had finned, 
T^oidp ^ aajj^S dyc^' thou gaveft him thy Good- 
r^TTiTtt sTTiS^ 'Qtl Tiis ncft 33 a Pledge, in ordep 
y^)(?iiyj7u.sQoioLCx^l^ ^^ his Repentance. Look 
-^X^^ ^ ^f^^Q-' ^tc down upon thefe Perfons, 
t? /SsAtj (^ r^raitj' S* who have bonded the Neck 
ecffffi^^d, ^Mccrij^' o^ their Soul and Pody to 
mvoiccv, &gB "^cps^ tnce : for thou defirefl not Ezetxflli 
ccirnv ^ '? o^Z ojutS the Death of a Sinner, but his ^ ^^^"^' 
•? ^viie^s, ^ ZJw. d Repentance, that he turn from 
'Nivdf'iTciv 'Gr^d^^oi' hts wicked Way ^ and live. ThoM 
p^©- r fA^^voi^p' 6 who didft accept the Repen- 
,&v?icoy m^Tcci a;/G^'- tance of the Ninevites, j,-; 
isTltitTwGW, ^«f^*- Tr///^y? /^;ir 4// Men f^€ faved, ^Xim\\.\ 
yi^MJiv dxYi^eicci Ia- and Come 1 9 the Ac'knoirled^^- 
SvTv' c @ j^ov c^jopo- ;»^;;^ of the Truth j who didft 
i^§a/4'-»©-, T )(9^Ta;- accept of that Son who had 
(pctyvrwu T ^iQv iuu conju^/ied his Subfiance in rio- Luk. xr.; 
T» dazoTouSf 'Ti^ffj^'i^'i's tous Living, with the Bowels 
cs^Aa^;^^'o/5, c^ r jw« of a Father, on account of 
Ttlpoicw' oLvrrlis ^ vuZ his Repcntancc ; Do thou 
^xfi^aS'e^cLi f?^ livgrMv now accept of the Repen* 
c\i r f/.ii^yuoi(jiv' cti tance of thy Supplicants, for ' 
s^ t^v oi ax a/^Tn- there is no Man that has not 
<7?Taj Qou Idp y) a- finned; for, ffthou, Lord, ^ King; 
pofAiccs ts^ii\priaYi. jwJ- markeH Iniquities, Lord, '"* ^^* 
e/g, ju/e^g, Tis -izoD- who Jhall fiand? For with Thee 
q^ia^TOf; on c;:^ arvl there is Propitiation : And do 
I Aa(7^$ t^' ^ ^- thou reftore them to thy ho- 
'^{^y.^mv ijjTlii TiT a- ly Church, into their for- 
^icc Qa onyiKmcx,^ ov mer Dignity and Honour, 
, LI through 


through Chrifl: our God and 
Saviour, by whom Glory 
and Adoracion be to Thcc, 
in the Hc'y Ghoft, for ever. 
Amen. Then let the Deacon 
(ay, Depart ye Penicencs; 
and Ice him add. Let none 
of thofe who ought not to 
come draw near. All we of 
the Faithful, let us bend our 
Knee ; let us all intreat God, 
through his Chrift ; let us 
earneftly bcfcech God, thro' 
his Chrift. 

X. let us pray for the Peace 

nnd happy Sertlcment of the 
World, and of the holy 
Chuiches ; that the God of 
the v.h'jle World may af- 
ford us his evcrlafling Peace, 
and luch as may not be t:i- 
kcn away from us; that he 
may pielervc us in a full 
Profccution of flich Vertue 
as is according to Godhnefi. 
Let us pray for the holy 
Carh:>!ick and Apoftolick 

'Yd y^i>$ Xj ccOTJip©^ 

r&FTCt). GOVl <77gi?/» >cA/- 

9'« cctfT^' mavT^i OWL)' 

t?^ oAcop (decs cc't S'lotr 
5Cf oci'oc<paApen:jiV r scvj* 

»? cLyicti xoL^XitL^i (& 

3^ V. * dccil. V. 

Lib.VIir. the Holy Apodks. 

^ am meJ^rm ecas Church, which is fpread from 

^€edTm kii^Mij5p* 0- one End of the Earth to the o- 

'PTzus o ^ ^pj©. ao^i- ther ; that God would preierve 

crov ccMy ^ axAu- and l^eep it uiifliaken, and free 

^)>)vi^v Six(pu?^^Yi, :o from the Waves of this Life 

2^jyfpri(rrt l^Jps}^^ ^^" ^^^i"' ^hc End of the World, as 

*nA^a> tS (LKmoi , founded upon a Rock; and for 

Tgo9^^gA/wf4Ji^ pi the holy Parifh m this Place, 

tZw^ '3rgre^i/. ^ vs^ r:i^5r the Lord of the whole' 

^ ip^^e ccyicLs ttcl- "^^orld may vouchfafe us,wicb- 

epi'^icci^S''ey)^oi}x^pQ7rwi out Failure, to follow after his 

^/agiaVw Ji,ua> 6 r?^ Heavenly Hope, and without 

oAm yMQA<^i^^vS)jTMi ccafing to pay him the Debt 

T^ Ittv^viov ofjrd Ia- of our Prayer, Let us pray 

ttIS'cc^ ^m:hw)c«i/, ^ for every Epiicopacy which 

u.2^?,ei^ov wmS rUs is under^ the whole Heaven, 

^BTKJicos '^S'lSivcu r of thofe that rightly divide 

o<peiAUfj. vzz^ rrzlc-yji the Word of thy Truth. 

2^o-/(p7rJi5 T? V5270 T «- And let us pray for our Bi- 

e5t»'oV '^ opJoTof^^v (hop y^^ifi", and his Paddies. 

'Twv r ?[gyv '^ Q/n a'- Let US pray for our BiQiop 

Xvi^&iCLi S'e-n^iii^y <& Clement, and his Pariihes : 

'^ ^lina'^7r^T]fji(ov hQt us proy for our Bifllop 

'IccytaSv, '^ ^S ^ot' Euodius, and his PariOies : 

vAcov at^rS crg>?9w/4'/ Let US pray for our Bi.'liop ' 

'^ t5 '^(j-ii^Tr^ tifjj^ Anriianus, and his Pariihes ; 

KAji^t^®*5 ?^ t5^ 'TTBo- that the companionate God 

epr)t<wi/tf/jrS ob%cyf4'J* may grant them to continue 

'^k^'S 'f^o-if^uTM r,i^ m his holy Churches in 

EvoS'lv , (t 'Tpf 'mrf.- HesAYi, Honour, and Lon^- 

^'lyuoiv iujii S'iv^oo' Life, and afford them an ho- 

f^J*'*^ iS ^"^.o-j^j^y nourable old Age, in God- 

7) !tA.Mv 'Avviav'S, PC r^ Hnefs and Rig hceoufne[s. An^ 

^ ueiuac lu Jiuicionifur aiiis. . Ll 1 Ict 


let us pray for our Presby- ^oi-aamv a^n? i'irj^o)' 

ters, that the Lord may de- p^p'' othou o o/xt/p- 

livcr them from every un- fj^v (Beoi '>a^uymxjj euj- 

leafonable and wicked h^Xi- t&u t dyicus ccviS 

on, and afford tfiem a PreG Q/y.Y.Xmaxi (Tziivs , ov- 

byterate in Health and Ho- UfjLus, f^x^pufj/epi^ov' 

nour. Lee us pray for all ^^' o^ rif^iov ccvrnTs ^ 

the Deacons and Minifters, yt>es^s <;^^ij7ztjj ov 

that the Lord may grant "^^ i^ak^^a. x^ /r- 

them an unblameable Mi- xa<oCTuI>i' ?^ vs^' ^ 

niftration. Let us pray for TrpecrSvTie^'v 7\f^ZvS^n' 

the Readers, Singers, Vir- SS^\^j ' oirwi 6 vjj* 

gins, Widow? and Orphans: e^©^ piioT/TOf aCii^i 

Let us pray for thole that ^ mLviis aiL-zu-y ^ 

are in Marriage and in Child- mnvmoZ Tres^yiJ^^©^ ^ 

bearing; that the Lord may (t Qcaov ?^ hky^Qv 

have mercy upon them all. S irfeaSvii^ov ouw 

Let us pray for ihe Eu- rnTs ^j:^!^oi' ysa^m- 

nuchs, who walk holily. Let am '? oy ^eJ^T'? ^^' 

us pray for thofe in a State ycovlcci ^ vr^-wpgo/as 

of Continence and Piety. Let cT^a^Owju^j. c'ujwso xu- 

us pray for thole that bear e^©- dfjuifj^TrJov r <^- 

Fruit in the holy Church, v^vIolv cuunnis ciae^^* 

and give Alms to the Needy, leu. ^^^ep avccy/oo^y^ 

And let us , pray for thofe -^^Atc^;/, m^^p^vm ^ 

who offer Sacrifices and Obla- r^^m^n ?^ cp(pxvajy ^ 

tions to the Lord our God ; ^^g/jGooju^j* "v^^p r cv 
that God, the Fountain of av^vyioui ^ ti^vo^' 

all Goodnels, may recom- r/cts J'ewBco^j* o7nk;so 

pence them with his Heaven- wle^®* ^tJc ^ mtiv^Li 

M« Gifts, and give /^^wi» //'/V outb-; gAgno->i' vsrf/> 

^^' World an Hundredfold, and in (^UnJ^^i/ odTiojj 'tdj:><5W 

//^^ IVarld to t:ome Life ever p^jwv <rt«9w/'^' -^}p 

Lib.VIlr. the Holy Apoftles: 

T^oj/ Ifxeptit/ct, 3^<^j. /^y?/>^ : and beftow upom 

?^ccS&a, J^gjjfiw^^'j* u- them for their Temporal 

mp ¥ y^pm(poj3ivToi}y Things, tbofe that are £cer- 

cv Tr dyia c^jcA>7<7ia, nal ; for Earthly Things thofe 

6 'TTDi^vTcov n^Ts ni2v7\(7i that are Heavenly- Let us 

TO! e^Sijfj^mjvccs S'SYi- pray for our Brethren newly 

fiwjur^j* 6 wkp r Wi enlighten'd ; that the Lord 

Voices ^ TOJ a^TTt^P^ff may ftrengthen and confirm 

'7r^(T(^spov'Twv Twe/Cf) fhem. Let us pray for cur 

Toj Ge^ r}fjL(Sv Ssn^oo- Brethren exercis'd withSick- 

p^y OTHtii 'Tpx.voiyob' nefs, that the Lord may de- 

6o5©go5^/A«/4w7a)aj/- liver them from every Sick- 

auo5?^g'z«rye^r/o/5"aJ nefs; and every Diieafe, and 

nSibofscus, ^ J^a^ccu' reftore them (ound into his 

^ws ou TO) 'mtpovTi Ikcc' holy Church. Let us pray 

TorTttTrAaiTioya,, ?^ cv fot thofe that travel by VVa- 

To; yAyf^ovn (^ojLuu cu- ter, or by Land. Let us 

caviQVy (h ^e^o-majj aJ- pray for thofe that are ia 

^s civic T Trepo-H^i^c^p the Mines, in Banifliments, 

Ttt cjdoiyioc,aLviinP^'"f^' in Prifons, and in Bonds, 

yctoi>v 5J g-TTDL/^ria* for the Name of the Lord. 

vcr?j> rP^ veorpojlcTCffv Let US pray for thole that 

dS'eA(pm ifji^v cTewrSw- are afflided with bitter 6er- 

fj^j • oTTMs 6 ^^©* vitude. Let us pray lor ^ 

^ <pje/^yi " ctvTovi & our Enemies, and thofe that 

/Bg^ouwVw' v7r\prP(ocv hat^ US. Let* us pray for 

clp^^(f)g{ou l^em^^ofj^jojy thofe that perfecute us for 

oiS'eA(pcovrifjf^vSen^ the Name or the Lord, that 

l/^y GTToos ;yj^®. the Lord may pacify theit 

ptio-^To^ ctv^us W- Anger, and fcatter their Wrath 

(j-ns voTd iigjj ma-yie agamfl; us. Let us pray for 

I ifV^yUti V. V»je/(rf V. 

Ll^ thofi 


thofe that arc without, and y^?.Qi'AAcc5, ^ Qjvs ^- 

arc vvandred out of the way: ^'{^^^o-a rindyia. clvtS 

that the Lord may convert cxjcAJJ^TiO.* \sc^ TrAeoj- 

them. Let us be mindful of ^twv <c oAi'TrDpavTwy 

the Infants of the Church 5 S'en^iJ^^y i'TiijyTcovcv 

that the Lord may pcrfed /LieiaMofs , :^ e|oe^cM;, 

them in his Fear, and bring ^ (^v?^cc^0js , it S'ia-- 

them to a compleac Age. fj{g7i ov^rwv, Sioi^ opo- 

Let us pray one for ano- fj{^ ^ wjeJ-v, S^e^Joo^/^* 

thcr; that t':e Lord may keep 'yl-zi^ t cv, S'a* 

us and pre crvc us by his Aaa ^^clotcvuijS^'^oov 

Grace to the End, and de- Sey}^fJLSv''\l:c^l^^poov 

liver us from the Evil One> & fjuavv^Tzov yifj{si>i S'en' 

and from all the Scandals of ^'^ev ^^ ^'' ^w- 

thofe that work Iniquity, and Tf^vTm ^yi^s , S'ld to 

prefcrvc us unto his Hea- oVo^^i S ^ez-^y Sen^ 

venly Kingdom. Let us pray joojjS^y oTmi 7ujeA@* 

for every Chrifiian Soul. tt^uJI^cls (§f ^vfjigv ouj^ 

Save us, and raife us up, owr <5^(73cgJ^o->i r 3(916' 

O God, by thy Mercy. Let ^uj;v o^ylw ^'vsr?p r 

us rife up, and let us pray 'i^&) oyrnop ^ rT^Tj^avyj' 

carne'ftly, and dedicate our f4o'<wi/ i^^Gw/^J* oW&j? 

felves and one another to the 6 wjqjl^ cuut'^s o^gpe- 

Living God, through his -^yi' ^ v)\mm ^ ok- 

Chrifl. And let the High- ^ncnoLS fjLVi},u^v<^(ra)' 

Prieft add this Prayer, and pi^' OTzy? i yjj^Aos 7?- 

! 7?.V. 'JY«9^^.V'V.5c/)4tpV« V. 


Lib.Vin. the Holy Apoflles. 

Jp^^ojw^jwj/ r dvofjuccp, >$ aacrvi eh r (BxcnX&ccv ct/yr? ? 
(£ dvoi^GQV i^5 ©go$ TSef 6Ag(} cr«. l^/g^/xg^' cTg/J- 

Ku'e^g ^uToze^^TTj/), O Lord Almighty, the mod xi 
tl^j^, oo?'J4^V^>C9^' ttigh, who dwelled onHigh, 
rn?/x«>r, ayg o«^ dyoii the Holy One, that refteft 
dpoL^THwo^vB, ^ccp'}^, among the Saints, without 
^Vapp^" ^ X£/g-5 Beginning, the Only Pocen- 
x-^pvff^ yi^ooaioo> Sk tate, who haft given to us 
^;^?;/ es Q:^&)i7ir <? o?j by Chrift the Preaching of 
Sb^^is^ ^ rjS iyifj^'iis Knowledge, to the Acknow- 
C«, Zl^^ie^f^v V'^i/ ledgment of thy Glory, and 
^i ii^Toihyi^u' o^uii; of thy Name, which He has 
^ vu^ e'TnS'e S^i iifiZ made known to us, for our 
'^^.^rj^ljxvmGM^^' Comprehenfion. Do thou 
^ K'ore^mji ouuTi '^(7)5$ now alfo look down, through 
dry^olccs , ^ 'TTuPves^s him, upon this thy Flock, 
7re$t^gw5' ^ ^« 9^^<?^ ^"^ deliver it from all Igno* 
90^1.^0^' o-g, <£ ccV7r')i ranee, and wicked Pradice, 
aytTrai' ct?, j^ ^/A^c^ and grant that we may fear> 
am ^T^iTM (5>;:«5(7y- Theeinearneft,and loveThee 
<sl>ri5 «/J7^?5 o^«, ^ with AfFedion, and have a 
lAgw^ ^g7n;)co©.cM/r due Reverence of thy Glo- 
c>epa?u:^?5 J^T^i^^ ^ ry. Be gracious and merciful 
<puAaSor«xjT^5atpgar- to them, and hearken to 
7«5, C6»7r7.., atgf them when they pray unto 
^s^Ati'tvs iVct (S^r lyoi thee, and keep them, that 

^ L 1 4 ' they 


they may be unmoveable, QjH^i ^^'^x\* ^i 

unblameable, and unreprove- t^^Jiis o^TXoj/ rjpi^TiJ^ 

able, that they maybe holy t? ti ^'^li^nov. Xvi' 

in Body and Spirit, not ha- not Zaiv ocpk^^t, ^ |lcj7- 

ving Spot or Wrinkle, or ar^y <r«$ cv om-ilU 1 7(^/<oQds 

fuch thing ; but that they %oiTt?.y\i a^pj^y^ Sbvoili, 

may be Compleac, and none aoj^^mAw'iSg . rp^Z 

of them may be defecSive or ^pk?.riSi^p i5 ^S Q^ 

impcrfcft. O our Support, TbTtf, ^ oV c^nyes^occs 

our powerful God. who doft T&f Tifjilea t« X^9'3 

not accept Perfons, be rhou en aif^dli. wry^z-rr.s^ 

the AflUler of this thy Peo- ^Vj^^gi, mf^fjiia?^ (pv- 

pie, which thou haft re- Aa§, ^T^Q^ f-pufjuo- 

dccm'd with the precious TctTDfj^e^tf^^j, "acr^a- 

Blood of thy Chrift ; be A«cc''* on 6n ^ ds 

thou their Protedtor, Aider, x^-iCP^ vS'en^ 

rrovider,and Guardian their ^xtw^ gzi^ yip igi 

ftrong Wall of Defence, their Geoi caayj^p a-v he^©*' 

Bulwark and Security. For, ozl ca^ Q\ ri -i^fjLovi] 

}oh,\.i9' Nonr can fnatch cut of thy r^fxajv. dyloccrov cm- 

Hand : For there is no o- t^s c^ t J dhn^loj 

ther God like Thee; for on cm , on o ^y@^ 

fifi. 17. Thee is our Feliance. San- (to> a?i>i9«ct '^i/. oi- 

cfifie them hj thy Truth ; for c^^a'e/.^, oLTwue^?^- 

thy Word is Truih^ Thou yi<r^^ (^vczcj avris ^' 

who doft nothing for Favour, cf^s roan 5^ 'mo-ws fjccc- 

Thou whom none can dc; Axz/as, ^uiij /zd^tt- 

ceive, deliver them from T&j^qTf©-, ^mVj?* gTm- 

every Sicknefs, and every fficts ^ (^ " ^^-^a-mT^i?, 

*'*/>'^* Difeafe, and every Offence, ^td (po'^« ^;^&P?, am 

every Injury <ind Deceit, /rcw /SiAys ^ofx^j^ifji^a^^s. 

t Iv i^ixk^co ^ yM^iiiStiv. V. V. ! cLO-<putioLU ^ . "* detft. V. 

J X 


Lib.VIII. the Holy Apoflles. 

o/ri Tres^yuctloi c^ o-/(p- fear of the Enemj, from f^^^^Ctxiif, il 

T^ c^'^p^of^^/jy' (^ D^rr ^^.?r fljeth in the D.y^^'^'^' 

Ks^:L^ioi(mv o/Jt^; nrfs from the Mifchief that walk^ 

cumin (^ms,'? ovX^ eth about in Darknefs '^ and 

^o) 'Tztf ij^ (jry ^ ^j^ovo' voucHlafe them that Ever- 

^j^. S ©gw 5^ G:- lading Life which is m 

tS^a V^^' <^'' ^ C'^' Chrift, thy Only-begortem 

Si^a^K^ok&oii^ CA' lyi(^ Son, our God and Saviour, 

mv^ui^i, vvuj, % ciei, r^'irough whom Glory and 

?^ €ii rii ojwms ^ Woriliip be to Thee, in the 

almm. (l\duj. ^ [S^ Holy Spirit, now and always, 

iStt? Ag^i-Try o ^.)co- and for ever, and ever, ^«^^;/. 

j/©>' isf(jGy<a\>jcv' ii^ '^nd after this let the Dea- 

a£7s;z«,^g^&; di'oxo^j CO a fay. Let US attend. And 

¥ G;(;fA>?i7iay, o^ Ag^- let the Bifliop faluce the 

'Tw' :^ Wpi/;)? i§ ©g« Church,, and fay ^ r>&^ Peace 

fX^^ 7nY>T0i)v vjjfjov. % of God he wilh you all: And 

^^s '^Ke/voL^ca ^ let the People anfwer, And 

l^^ t5 7rri)K5^TO C^. 7r/7^ ^^y Spirit \ And let the 

5^ 2/^.x,ov@^ elTidnw De^con (ay to all, Salupe ye 

rmcnv* oicwiuu.-^€ ctK- one another with the Hoi) Kifs, 

>J\X'di cv (fiArifj[^7i a- And let the Clergy falute the 

^cp ^ da^uzt^i^ojcn^ Eifliop, the Men of the Lai- 

01 t5 K^.ripy r 'Qioko^ ty falute the Men, the Wo- 

^TTvvy 01 Acw}(p{ oipS'pes men the Women : and let 

nrisAouiychs.cdytuuoiiyjss the. Children^ Hand at the 

^ mli ytJuuoul)igis» tottou- Reading- Desk : And let ano- 

<rla 3 gr^rrwoT^ 'w^'s ther Deacon ftand by them, 

mS^r\y^'n. ^ ^icovoi that they may not be diP 

tt/j'n}?^ Itf/)©- 2cr» €(pg- orderly ; and let other Dea- 

^^, oTTMSfjihcLrrDix.^ cons Walk about, and watch 

&i. ^ aM.ot 2^7covoL the Men and Women, that 

n;^z^'7iznii7wa^,<t (tko- no Tumult may be made, 

/ and 


and that no one nod, or 'TnlrcaT^j rys ctv^pccs 

whifper, or (lumber; and let o^ l^iyiwaSytctSj oirm 

the Deacons (land at the fjLr\ :^pvSos ^ mi" r^n- 

Doors of the Men, and the TUf, % fJi-n rts v^o-yi, v 

Sub-Deacons at thofe of the '^t^veJ^o■'^^i tiw^^yi, gI 

Women, that no one go out, q 2/^y,ovoi Ig^^cair^ 

nor a Door be opened, al- &sms o^' a^Se^v 3&- 

though it be for one of the e^s, ^ ol 'icsDSicc'ii$voi 

Faithful, at the Time of the «$ ms ^ ywjcuyuiv* 

Oblation. But let one of oTrcas fJLvris ^gA>/ , 

the Sub- Deacon'^ bring Wa- fjivTi dvoix^'^ i ^es^, 

ter to wafli the Hands of xctV Tn^i Tii }i Kp r 

the Priefls, which is a Tt'omepv ^ dveKpo^s. 

Symbol of the Purity of as ^ '^^ol%ov(^ 8\' 

thofe Souls that are de- Siirca -^^n^dv x^^^ 

voted to God. ,p,?f UfiCm^ avix^QoXov 

aVj/«TSZg^gJ^ctt», /VJ] 

Then fliall the Deacon imme- i^.^s o 2{^%ov(^ Ki- 

diatelyfay. Let none of the yyj jjL-n ns rp^^ ^^m- 

Catechumens, let none of x'^\j^'^^^' 1^^ '^^^ '^^ 

the Hearers, let none of the d^^oofjihcov.iJiri-ncTMv 

Uiib-lievers, let none of the dirl^v. fxti Us rpfS lit^ 

Heterodox (lay here. You ^Sh^ooy. ol r Tre^iTw 

who have pray'd the fore- ^'^^Zci <5l;^|uigi'0i Tre^^'A- 

f^oing Prayer depart. Let ^7?. la Trouf^U ir^. 

the Mothers receive their c-^^fjiCdveSs cu lULyjii- 

ChilJren; let no one have p;. fj^ri Us^mTivos' 

Lib.VIIL the Holy Apoftles. 

f^n ki iv -vrnjoxetcn/. any thing againft any one; 

op.%1 ^s -iwez-ov ^/L^' let no one come in Hypo- 

(po'^'y (£ Te^'^y ic^Tu crifie ; let us ftand upright 

oi\M.iv *ur^cTpip€iv. Mv before the Lord with Fear 

y^uofMvcov ol 2^xovoi and Trembling, to offer. 

'zzxep^^^^TWiT^ti to) JS- When this is done, let the 

£^ T^ 'Qr.a%oircAi ^i^ Deacons bring the Gifts to 

g ^(ncx.<^Q/.Qv' ^ q\ the Bifliop at the Altar : and 
Trpgo-^t^'nepzoxeTg^/wj; ,^et the Presbyters (land on 

' cuJtS'' ^ ^ (*«j/y- his Right-Hand, and on his 

^f^v gf)yJcTOi(T^^ (is aj/ Left, as Difeiples ftand be- 

f{Sf.^TU) *7^e^7fs Si- fore their Mafter: But lec 

^oTidAo). Jb'o 5 ^' Two of the Deacons, on 

zoj/ot ^ I)t9^7i£^i/ rj^ each Side of the Altar, hold 

f/,ee^v ^ §* Bvaiccgue^a a Fan, made up of thin Mem- 

H^Ti^'ma-^ ^ vf/,s- branes, or of the Feathers of 

vm MT^m li'7nSicc,r\ the Peacock, or of fine Cloth, 

'3g£^r Tawy©., 7j 0^ and let them filently drive 

vv\s^ <& 7]^ifxx kmin away the fmall Animals that 

/3«T&Jo-4/u TO /x:i3C£^ fly about, that they may not 

^ \^ct\Spm K,(im, come near to the Cups. Let 

V OTTWJ ^v {m ^f^x; *^he High-Prieft therefore, to- ^^^ Pag^ 

ez-i^^mitt^' dii TO 5CU- gether with the Priefts, pray ^399? 

-TreMa. (^gaf^J©- Si' by himfelf;and let him puton^ 

jt^tS-' lcw;pj/ dp')^ep^s, his fliining Garment,and ftand 

af(5t Turs Up^aiy ^ at*the Alcar,'and make the^'ire^v f^Sm /^g- Sign of the Crofs upon his 

mvSii, (^ 93^5 'Sf^i T&f Forehead with his Hand be- 

J[j!7ioigv]^cp^ g '^anQv fore all the People, and fay, 

5^ g^«;paxj; tSju^tcJtt^ 7i^ Grace of Almightj God, 

Til' ;:t;«C'^ "fnnyjcxfL^vQ^ and the Love of ^ oar TLord 



Jefus Chrlfi, and the FcUorrfhip ' el; '", e-mTW* 
cf the Holj Ghofl he vrith you v ^e^i tS ^luxe^- 
all. And lee all with one luf©. Se^, ^ ^ ^^a- 
Voice fay, /^nd vrith thy Spi' -jn/) 5" •njue)-^ rifj^v 'hn 
fit. The High Pried, Lift up X^a^Z,^ ^ xomwU 5* 
your Mind, All the People, dyt\t mv^i^©^ eV^ 
We lift it tip unto the Lord'-^ /^' '7r^nxi)v C^v* K^ 
the High Pried, Let us give ^/J7?$ avf/.(pma)s Ag^- 
Thanks to the Lord: All the n-oocrav' cti ^ /aJ^' t» 
People, It is meet and right m/d^JiActiis om. ^ o ap- 
fo to do. Then let the High- x^^p^i' ^co r v^p. (fe 
Pried fay, It is very meet ^/jtjs* g^^jw^r n^s a* 
and right before all things xv£/,ov. o^ 6 dp^ep^ji' 
to fing an Hymn to Thee, caj'^^^^ow^jjcv ^ xu- 
who art the True God, who e/'^" ^ 'mdv^i a^iov 
art before all Beings 5 From % ^i^iov. ^gj\ 6 dp» 
whom the whole Family in Hea- xep<^s ftVaTw' a^Lov 
ven and Earth is named ; who wj dKrfySa ^ S'l^iouy 
only art Unbegotten, and c>^ ttolvtwv dwu^veiv 
without Beginning, and with- 02 (§ cVtwj oVt^ 0gor, 
outa.RuIer, and without a r -c^gp ^^ ^r^rc^v ov 
Mader ; who dandcd in need ^a, ^ ? iroiaa. irefreAoi 
of nothing; who art the Be- ov ye^cr^ -^ 'Qi y^^ 0- 
ftower of every thing that vo^glQcTwi ^ mov a- 
is good s who art beyond all ^jvyituv, xcij ivap'^^v, 
Caufe and Generation ; who <t ccQocaixAfTov ,' ^ 
art alway and immutably the dSi(mr)Tov^ r dvevS'en. 
fame ; from whom all things (^ Trccvrjis dyxby ^pn^ 
came into Being, as from y)v, r <2?aV>;5 c«T/a$ 
their proper Original: For (£ o^^gj?^^ 3cpe;T7ora, 
thou art Eternal Knowledge, (§ W^uti x^' ^cJ^yTzc 

! defunt. V. 


Lib.VIII. the Holy Apofties. 

^ cautivTOiJi 'i^vToc everlafting Sight, Urbegot- 

c/^ » Ta'zrai'Ta, JC5^Got- ten hearing, untaught WiC- 

rrep ex. ^nvoi oi(p€7n^ccf, dom, the Firft by Nature, 

^'^S apct/^TfAS-fci/. cru and the Meafure of Being, 

^ « :5 diixpx^y^' 3nd beyond all Number: 

CIS, 71 a!iSi@* cep^ois, 5 Who did ft bring all Things 

d^v^@^ d^T). ri oi- out ot Nodiins; into Being, 

S'iShLKlosQcpicL' QTTfcd- by thy Only -begotten Son, 

TosT^ qfV(7:l.7(^'vcfjios" b»'<' didft beget him before 

T^ eivajj, v^ xpeirlooy all Ages by thy Will, thy 

^ttJs ccqa^iul^. ^'too Power, and thy Goodnefs, 

^dvTct c/a ^ fxT] orf' Without any Inftrument, the 

1Q*&s g etvou 'K>^>cc- Only Begotten Son, God the 

ywj' 2/^' § fj^vo'^Sf Word, the Living Wifdom, 

o\i t/«* duurtip j3 tj^ the Firft'born of every Cr ^4- Col. 1.15. 

^jTcLv^ntiv cd(iv(f}v ^•vn' ture, the Angel of thy great ^^^ ' 

czns RnKiai, :(^ Sbvcc- €oun[el, and thy HiglvPrieft, 

/x^, Tcoui dyx^TYik^ d- but the King and Lord of eve- 

/ocg(7i7?!/'T&^$, ij^y fj{gyo' ry^lntelledual and Scnfible 

oSo^, '^Dpi' 0goj/, Qo Nature, who was before all 

^i^p ^00(7^, sr^'&TD- things, by whom were all 

y.ov iroLuyjC, y^rlavcos, af- Things. For Thou, O Eter- 

^Aoi/ *? fjueyoiA'iis /3a- nal God, did make all things 

A}75 ay, olp^epscc a^v, by Him, and through Him 

l^ccaiAecc ^ xoi ^cc^e^ov it is that thou vouchfafeft thy 

TTcca-yis votjtHs xaui cxASij^ fuitable Providence over the 

mis (pva^oos. r 'cj^ iroLv whole World : ?or by the very 

T&)y, ^\ % m TToiyrijaif fame that thou beftowedft 

Qv ')S, <^e oddvie, S^l Being, didft thou alfo beftow 

cmjtS to TTocvmiu Vb- Weil-being: The God and 
'Tjvliiy^i, x,a!j J^/ cwJtS Father of thy Only-begotten 

•^V®-. V. N. V. 

Son ; 


rrob oAcc cuhon, &i m 

Son; who by Him didft 

make, before all things, the 

Cherubim and the Seraphim, 

the ^Eons and Hods, the 

Powers and Authorities, the 

Principalities and Thrones, 

the Arch- Angels and Angels ; 

and after all thefe didft, hj 

Him, make this vifible World, 

and all things that are there 

in : For Thou art He who 

*/ P^g- didft frame the Heaven as 

^^^^.- an Arch, and ftretch it out 

4 "t^d.xn. l^^^ the Coverinr of a tent, 

59- and didft found the Earth 

>*iai.ciii.2.ypQj^ nothing by thy meet 

Wiil; who didft fix the Fir- 
mament, and prepare the 
Night and the Day; who 
didft bring the Light out of 
thy Treafures, and on its De- 
parture didft bring on Dark- 
nefs, for the reft of the li- 
ving Creatures that move 
up and down in the World ; 
who didft appoint the Sun 
in Heaven to rule over the 
Day, and the Moon to rule 
over the Night ; and didft 
infcribein Heaven the Choir 
of Stars to piaifc thy Glo- 

Sh)piazo» Gsos xctf rm," 
Trip T« fj[Qvo^Zi ijZ 

T03V TTLiricrDUS Toi Xgpy- 

OUMVOCS 12 7C0U ^^Icds^ 

puij ^ dp'^fyihiis TF 
aim Si crjJry r f otj'o- 
cry ^o « r a^vov cos 

I ^ ~ // 3 ' ( . 

^A^i eTHiyxyoov S 



Lib. VIII. the Holy Apoftles. 
riAiov Tcc^ccs^^s ^clpr^s rious Majefty ; who didil 
•f fl^es^^, j^ ie^v^, make the Water lor Drink, 
3ca) r G^.KUilw «$ ocp- and for Cleanfing ; the Air 
^ ^ vxj-iLrt^i^ ^^ ^ ^- in which we live, for Re- 
tpv r^^ d^^v iv ^e^. fpiration, and the affbrd- 
v^ ^^^yed-^s 5 &$ ing of Sounds, by the means 
ci^vov 'f m /xgjaAo- of the Tongue which ftrikes 
^pi'^sicvi' rrnii7](7tLsu- the Air, and the Hearing 
Shp 'Gf^i ^^7iv <& 0(56- which co-operates therewith, 
^p(7iv^ cci^ ^wTiTtpj' 16 as to perceive Speech 
'Tsyps iaxTvohjj ^ >^ (fw- when its receiv'd by ic, and 
\^iamShaiv^%f^yXo!)T falls Upon it; who madell 
mi *nJiYi'T^j(jr\i t aV^^, Fire for our Confolation in 
Km (x,^otwmuispYiii^Iw Darknefs, for the Supply of 
•vlcr' cvJT«, cJ$ l-zrot/ftv OUT Want, and that we might 
i^<7^e')^\^'i!w^ r -zz^- be warm'd and enlightcn'd 
czzri%c7aj/ acVf ;\^' by it ; *wbo didfl: leparate 
?iiccv* 6 'TTviricrai mlp the great Sea from the Land, 
'Gt^i a^rys icc^/uo' and didft render the former 
3-/^5 ^5 ovS'eicci cl' Navigable, and the latter 
fcc^xe^air, ^ S ^p- fit for- Walking ; and didft 
/H9t/Vg^ ^as (^ (pwr/- replenifii the former with 
Kf^ w' o/JtS" or jLt€- (mall and great: living Crea- 
yjuhlw ^>i^o^zLv ^- tures, and filledfl: the latter 
e^W 'f Q/W5, (^^ r ju^j with the fame, both Tame 
3^oLS'ei^9Ls ^cotIuj, r and Wild; didft furniili it wirh 
':^<m(n^ci(nfj{^v ^mixt^y Various Plants^ and crown 
^ T^a) /Lc ^wofj/^i-/cei^?$ it with Herbs, and bcau- 
?^ IMyciP[gis 'Tt^Swucci^ tifie it With Flovvers, and en- 
tIw fff/-ecp^s (c: 'aTr rich it with Seeds ; who didft 
^(XTCK ':t^«£^(7k^, (fu- ordain the great Deep, and 
* ■ ' ~^ 


f obxxxvjiion every fide madefl a migh- ws it ^(fo^is g^-^h 
jcr. ?. ty Cavity for it, which con- ^ [^omvcui <^(fdp<l^a7M, 
tains Seas of fait Waters xca dp^ai y^y^ui^oLSy^ 
heap*d together , yet didft % cojepf^d ^rXviicroLf' o 
thou every way bound them ctut-wctsc/^'-'©^ qlSuojdv, 
with the fmallefl: Sand; who & //.gyx ^ jcSt©^ ca>T>r 
fomctimcs doft raife it to ^zSki^^(, cl?ifjLv^v vSbl- 
the Height of Mountains by ^ojv oicrupdiii^jct nn- 
the Winds, and fometimes Aayyj , 'cfe^tfe^'^afi ^ 
doft (mooth it into a Plain ; ijjTlw ^Kax^ ccfjLfjLii 
fometimes doft enrage it Ag'^oTotins' d mv^fj^" 
with a Tempeft, and fome- ct 'ttdt? ^t cuunrv xopw 
times doft ftill k with a fwy «% opgwj' |M,f;^6©*, 
Calm ; that it may be eafic mii o gpmvvoov gjjtUm 
to Seafaring Men in th*eir * en " mS^lov^ oced 
Voyages; who didft encom. 'tdt? jo^ oKfj^c/^lvcav ^«- 
pafs this World, which was jw^j, 'ttdtfq -ut^vvcov 
made by Thee, throXhrift, yLXl/jJv (oivcwaim^ii 
with Rivers, and water ic 'n^c^riipaiv ^koXov «- 
with Currents, and moiften yo/ 'c?j^« ^Tropeiccv o'tid- 
it with Springs that never mx^fjcii's ^^(^csls @ 
fail, and didft bind it round "vkOT oS i^ Xe/<^« 
with Mountains, for the im- '^ojjuivov ti^ojjlov, ;^ 
moveable and fecure Con- x^f<^?P'^^^ '^it^va-as, 
fiftence of the Earth; for ^ ^yui deuvolois fjn- 
thou haft replenifti'd thy ^Vaso/>gci 5 'r^o^/f- 
World, and adorn'd it with fas en tS'es^v a^SfjA 
fweet-fmeUing and with heal- Q/?sac;^aAg?a7ni^. lin- 
ing Herbs, with many and ^acts'yclpaiir^ojjiov, 
various Living Creatures, (S ^iytsajj^nadi m<nv 
ftrong and weak, for Food (^o^icas ^oo-ju^gn jc^ij 

» t 

tih.Vm. the Holy Apodki. 

icco-tf^QLs, ^aioii^??^o7i and for Labour, Tame and 

^ c^(poepi5, dhKlfjjLi Wild, with the Noifes of 

y,<i>. cl^cvi<rc^i< y e<h) creeping Th-ngs, the Sounds 

S^u^Li ^^ovefy)T<,7il.d of various forts of flying 

epis (£ dk^&^uis* Ip- Creatures, With the Circuits 

vm^v cue/yf^'i^Sy '^'^ of the Years, the Numbers 

v^v ^LxiAa^v -n^iaf of Months and Days, the 

yus'cKicfjjT^y -a/jx^^giij Order of tbe Scafons, rhe 

^i)v ^ W'hjf^ d^b- C^-uirfcs of the rainy Clouds, 

f^Ts, "^TT^vizL^eai' rS' for the Produdion of the 

(pcov Qf/,Qej><Tlyi/j)v ^ Fruits, and the Support of 

«re?^r>, eii v^pTmv Wwing Creatures. Thou haft 

yidi^ ^ C^'^'' ^^^', alfo appointed the Station of 

^^(j^v dvif^jv 2^- the VVinds, which blow when 

^nvecvmt)V OTB ^ctTjygzi^' Commanded b} Thee, and the 

^2(71 /cj^ (TV, n^ (p.u Multitude of thellants and 

T&j^'^ iP{S /2oTuvodv S Herbs: And thou hafl noc 

'^.jJG©-. '^yfj^vGy(^ only created the World ic 

yJ)7jj.oy U)iuiipyr>(7Z(^ , felf, but haft alfb made Man 

X^a (£ r yjajjiOTiTiAl' for a CitiZen of the World, 

*tIw ^^^ttov ov cfjjt^ exhibiting him as the Or- 

iyrdinazf.i^ Tfjmj.^. yjajxov nament of the World : Fof 

oAtT^v " dvctS'eic^cci* thou didft (ay ro thy Wit 

ci'Tizcs y> Tvi on 7D(fiff.' dom. Let us ntake Man ac q^^i ^^ 

T[oir]7w\j3^ij tiv'^^inrxiv Corning to our Image, and ac^ 

vJX eiyfjrcc r,jM7i^Vf cording to our ^Ltkenefs^ and 

iij ^a^' 0!ji0iCf)aiv" ^ let thffH have Dominion over 

dp')(ri^tw(T^ ^S U/'^CfJv the Filh of the Sea, and over 

*? J:L?^(xjy]i, & 'Tvf'Tr.- the Fo^^ls of the Hcai^en. 

n€iv(^v'i' vo^v'i Aio VVherefore alfo thou haft 

iiu fr^^TDiii)f{xs aOTT;' M m"de him of nn immortal 



M m Soul, 


Soul and of a Body liable '^jx^s cl^voctv p^ ctr- 
to Dinblution ; the former a^7©- (7xgJ^r«* 'f i^) 
out of nothing, the latter out ex 5' /x^ oVt®., ? 5 
of the Four Elements ; and ex ^ *no^p^v sd:- 
hafl: given him as to his ^fiwp* ^ cTgJ^j/^-s du- 
Soul rational Knowledge, the tJ, kJ} Jlc t£co ■4w;:^Zc;y, 
Dilcerning o\ Piety and Im- tlui ?[gyiytlw Q^yvoi* 
piety, and the Obfervati- cnr, ou^f«cw :5^ aa^ 
on of Right and Wrong; gacw cj^jce/toji, J^xcwa 
and as to his Body, thou ^ ctV/jty ^u^^^r^npinaiv' 
hall granted him Five Senfes, 'iig.m j SitSj^ T^Wr- 
and progreflive Motion : For laBAei^ g^e/tc^k; ca^^- 
thou,0 God Almighty, didft, mv,^ tIw {j^IccScctixIw 
by thy Chrift, plant a Pa- %/r«^y. av y), -Stg 'mv- 
Gen.^fn. ^adife in Eden, it\ the Eaft, 'Tii3ce^'njp,V%y ^e>t* 
*4oi!^ adorn'd with all Plants fit ^S *s^^ei(mv ov 'E, 
for Food, and didft intro- }\fJL ^^ dvct^xdi Ifu- 
duce him into it, as into a tiuctcw, inxvT)iwv Zu- 
rich Banquet; and when thou 'TOJ^ eS^S'tijJ^^ KO^M^y 
madefl; him, thou gaveft :^ ov iiimf.o^s dv ca sg^cx, 
him a Law implanted with 'TJvMTsAelj&oyiycLyciaju' 
in him, that lb he might w* y.a.y ^nS thu&v vS- 
have at home and within fj^v J^«J\^)<^j cw/ttJ' f|tt- 
himfelf the Seeds of Divine (puTav, oiroos o'l^'S-.v ^ 
Knowledge:. And when thou c^* Icw^^^^i^cojep 
liadft brought him into the /^pjo.'f ^o^j^wo-la/c. «- 
Paradife of Pleafure, thou myxyc^v '^ di r '^ ^u- 
allowxdfl him the Privilege (pSs 's^S'aTup, 'jrt^iojp 
of enjoying all things, only p: di'i)^^ ijmS ^ ^^h- 
forbidding the tailing of al^ ^s f^emAn^iVt 
one Tree, in hopes of greater IfOs q ^^« r yiuaiv d- 
Bleffings; that m cafe he 7r«'mf^,6V' Iaot'^ x^^T- 
Mould keep that Command, liiwy, 'iyoL l^^ i^v/.d^^ 

LiLVIfl. th Holy Apoftles: 
vU^ oj/tdAZw), lAi^hv he might receive the Reward 
laoTCff ¥ d^vcLG-i^ of ir, which was •mmorta- 
H^f^iorjTcf^^' drx€hv7T^^^ lily; buc whcti he negleded 
^" '? c^^Aj?^, ^ that Command, and tailed 
ycvorty^jov " ccTiv.rp- of the Foi bidden Fruit, by 
pAifjSpn )C5t^'2Z7S, a-m T)i the Sedu(3ion of the Ser- 
otpecos^avfxCi^Alayj' pent, and the Counfel of 
fcuyt^s, t5 ft t%tJ«'. his Wife, thou didfl juftly 
cry ^i^Accs €^o)(ToLi u/j' caft him out of Paradife; yet 
Tivy dyi^T^U ^&s g of thy Goodnefs thou didft 
^/;TgAk a^TOMy^'jov not overlook him, nor fuf- 
S;^' -vJc^^J^g/ GTSf^Zoo" fer him to perilh utterly; 
hf^ify^Lf^'^ A^Uy^ for he was thy Creature: 
Jvmm^ccia//T^rxTl^' But thou didfl: fubjed: the 
cnpy H^o}'ig.i ofjTiS 01' whole Creation to him, and 
y.^ois IS'e^n ^ nrivois didft grant him Liberty to 
'Treej^ftj^ IctoTst)^ r 5?- procure himfelf Food by his 
(f)lw\ ai ^m^vfTw (^w- own Sweat and Labours, 
7@w j^ al^o?,©.^ ^ 77^. whiift thou didfl caufe all 
'Tiztii'OvJ©.' '^^vQ) Q the FrAiits of the Earth to 
^f^i cAiy^v avTzp KOI' fpring up, to grow, and to 
f/,i(jaAj opxwas'^Air ripen : But when thou hadft 
yct€(ri^ QAidXidcv.' 0- laid him afleep for a while, 
^v ^j/Q5Ttf KhdOAy thou didfl: with an Oath call 
^wZ«; c^ arct^G-gws^ g- him to a Reft oration again, 
7n7r^/Aw. ^ y tSto didfl: loofe fhe Bond of 
^^^o^> ^^ ^ '^^^ ^ Death, and promife him Life 
auT? as -^.Se©. ^ a. after the Refurrcflion : And 
yaecS^oi/" ;:^:^5, ,Ta$ not this Only, but when 
g^^^(?/>'mf (^of gj'cfcc- thou hadfl: encreafed his Po- 
coA^ rm Q '>^<pk.v^^ fterity to an innumerable 

•— ' " *' . M l C 

M m i . Mulci- 



Multitude, thofe that con- cvl^iKoLdai <xi ts ft 
tinucd with Thcc thou didll 'AC?/, ooi oVla og^<7- 
glorific, and thofe who did Si^ay^j©^ r ^jaidp, 
apoflatizc from Thee thou S 5 aJaAtpojcTBiy Kaij/ 
didll punifh: And while thou '^c^e^c^ei^ S ibjopv, 
didll accept of the Sacrifice of 6^5 CTa^/y^ x. 'c^i Ta- 
Gen. if. ^J;^/^ as of an Holy Perfon, r^n r XtiG, ^ t'Eiiw^ 

thou didft rejcdt the Gift of 7re;7c;?Aa^«. <C r 'Erwv 

G/>, the Murderer of his pAm^iTi^i^i. Qv-^et 
Brother, as of an abhorred o h]ijj.^^yi rPfS i^/j^e^- 
Wretch : And befides thefe, 'Trajv, ^ t (^^ris ^jpiiys, 
E^ciuf. thou didft accept of Seth, and (^ ^ crS^ccs 'tt^'/ic^i^^-^ 
xiix 19. £/jos, and didfl tranHate ^ ^iP^io louoov Sbrvp, ^ 
Gen. IV. £yicch : For thou art the i^J' ^f/ctTirij^TSf?' aj]- 
Creator of Men, and the n^^dijJAcBzLTnjSir^i^'^ -P^S 
Giver of Life, and the Sup 'v>^^QaAvivro)v ajJrvs 
pHcr of Want, and the Gi- ^xSlkQ^. 6 (g lULsytv 
ver of Laws, and the Re- vJ^oL-ithvc-fjigvi^TmLytyi^v 
warder of thofe that ob- i§ 5(oVw i^ S -^r?,?!- 
ferve them, and the Avenger 6@- 'ryS da-eQyxi^Toov, 
of thole that tranigiefs them: (^ r ^ly^iov 'Nms po- 
who' didft bring the great c^'ju^j©. g',4 tS >i£lct' 
vi. &.'Wi. Flood upon the World, by xAucr^S or ^.dpyccxi 
rcafon of the Multitude of cuv tx.^ 'i^-^X'^^^ ^^' 
I J^et. lii. the Ungodly, and didft de- A©- j^c -t^^' -^r-f^x^- 
liver righteous A^^.//; from yi^-rLov, apxP^^ d ^^ 
that Flood by an Ark, with i}/eA?^v^v 'QnyivubuLj. 
Eight Souls, the End of the 6 S cfo^feJ" ':'n>p -.{p 
foregoing Generations, and i XoSyfjljjm 'Trg^iaTro- 
the Beginning of thofe that Aews dt^-^.i^ % yr\v 
were to corner who didft K^f^mc^'o^v ei^- a^fjjjjj 
Jsindle a fearful Fire againft rS^^^j©. -^ i^axiai 
the Five Cities of ^cdp??7, rj^^' y^^iKivrnov ou ctZ- 


L ikyilL the Holy Apoftles. 

T/' ^ , * ^f^' ^^''^ ^"^ ^^# ^^'■^ '^ Z^^^'^A^ ^^^^Gen xiV. 
occcp'7iz^(j-a.9 S ef/,7rpijG-' imo a [alt Lake for the ^/V/'- ^ x 5. 
//-y. o-t'^ « © 'A- ^^^^f/j ^/ z;^:;;^ that dwelt there ^^^^' ^^^ 
^es^Y^pvacciJ.yos'uy^' in, but didft fiiatch holy Lt^r^"^' 
^njc-/7f aVgCaa?, ;($y ouc of the Conflagration: 
y^-^i&^vofjciv t5 3^V/x&f Thou arc He who didfl: de- 
K^'-TagTio-*^, (^ kiJL<foL' liver Abraham from the Iiil- ^^n. xii, 
viaa^iauTt^ ^ Xg/^iii' picjy of his Forefathers, and ^'^' 
C«- T MfA;^<7?J'ix dTdlt appaiac him to be the 
(^PX^^picL -f^ ?^^^^oLs Heirof the World, and didd 
'0£;»;^«e^cra/4'j©a 'o" difcover to hini thy Chrift, 
T 'TTD Alt/ a J/ n^e^w- who did ft aforehand ordaiii 
m Qn 7wb viyj^itI/jj'^ Mdchijedich an High Pried 
dp')^yj.x\i ccpecas ^jol- for thy Wcrfliip; who didfl: 
J>aJ^5' d T 'I-accjc I- render thy parienc Servant 
iRkYr^KlcLi vot/ 7niri(7d' Job, the Conqueror of thac 
fA^j®«* d ^ '^IolkmS Serpent, who is the Patron 
*7w.Ti^S'cah^,i^7PjLiS^y, of VVickedncfs ; who niadeft 
% TB5 I^^c/jJtS fts TrXn- Ifaac dje Son of the Promifc, 
6©- ;:^ga$, (c" ftVct;^- and ^^^/; the Father of 
yAj' e<i A\yj^ov cv Twelve Sons, and didft en- 
iiSbf^y^xovmxj rnTi -^o creaie his Follcrity to a 
X^iAi. Q^ y^^e^?, ^ 'Iw Multitude, and bring him 
<77i(p «:^' vc^fT^a^g^' aA- into Ezspt with Seventy Five-^Ai. v'^v 
p^ /x^c^^i/ -^ c5^ Ql Souls: Thou, O Lord,didft ^7- LXX. 

(rr<j^^ciiXfy>9lSh])[a.iccu' noi \)VCv\oGk ^ Jo fcph , but 

Tx^i S '^/f Aiy^iS'iMv granted (1 him, os a Pv.cward 

'^^fA:^^- C^' >t/Je/?, 'E- of his Challity for th} lake, 

Qe^iiii \-cnn tKiyj^t'jov x\\c Government over the £- 

y^lcL-TTovMi^'^jViu^^e^i^ ^yptJAns : Thou, O Lord.r. , 

c>g>, .A^ Ta> -zzyjo^s It? aiGil: not overlook the //.-[.Sic. 

.' deefr. V. ] jiv V. 

Mm 5 . i^reirs 


Irervs when they were af- Ttnees>^s ojWHv l^- 

flicked by the Egjp'ians, on yiT^Jas' Xvi' eppvaa), 

account of the iVomi(e5 made xoXacrxi Aiyjmlivs . 

unto their Fathers; but thou 'r^cp^vi^vlojv q ^ 

didft deliver them, and pur cm%^twv t (pv^T^v 

nifh the Egyptians. And vo/Ji^v, ^ r ktijiv, m- 

when Men had corrupted t^ 'ft cwrniu^Tov vojjh' 

the Law of Nature, and had Qlvtc^v, ^tI ^ tj^^qv 

fometimes efleem'd the Crea- ». cTa Icimcrtiv-mv, ^ 

tion the Effedl of Chance, ^oi W 0gw 'T^'^^mV- 

and fometimes honour'd it r^v cvjjml^vTccvy ^ 

more than they ought, and ^ccaoa ^Tfkxy^^' aA- 

equaird it to the God of 'a^ cvlxS'^^cts r ayiov 

thcUniverfe; thou didft not a^ ^es^m^o(, MwJ- 

however fuffer them to go (tIm. S^l cvJt? «^5 

afcray, but didft raife up thy ^o-n^ei^ ^ ((.uaixi r 

l^-^IyServant/?/;/^i,andby him ye^ir^v vou^v JiJ^y- 

LXx'.'" ^i^ft ^ive the written Law, 5^^, ^ xi/j >ct/oti/ g- 

for tiic AiTiaance of the Jafaj ozji/ Ipy^v Zvca, 

Law of Nature, a# didft ¥ o 'ttoAu^oi' ^dvLuj 

fhcw- that the Creation was i^ca^jLaoa* r 'Aae^;^ 

thy Work, and didd baniQi y^ t^; 'd\ cu^^ U^li^ 

away the Error of Foly- ^cf /c/>cf IJ^gao-a? • 

theifm: Thpu didll adorn 'Eb^^/y/a^/g.g^ |. 

^^/^;^ and his Poiierity with ^ipXaazs, 'Qigpi^^.v'^ 

the Priefthood, and didft W^co' t^^ Alyj^i^i 

puniih ihe//;ir.-rrj when they ^iv[^7i\-nycfj lit^^pm^^' 

fmncd, and rcc:ive them a- ^Acto^ir ^gAa)V, 'lo-- 

gain when they returned to e^/^A/ra? c^,gf /^ao-ar 

Thee: Thou d)6^ punifli AiV'J^/y^^^'^iw.^arg:^: 

the Egyftjam with a Judg- v^^fu;:^/«. ' ciTniM^ 

5ee Tf4 

' l^i\A7&,i V. ' ■ 

Lib.VIIL the Holy Apoftles; 

c-tt/'' fJAcw ^x^v J- menc or Ten Plagues, and 

Sh}plyAuKocvccs^ 671712' didil divide the Sea, and 

Te^5 cly,^^fji\t vS'asp bring the Ifraelites through 

dve^oci c^ Keptry S it, and drown and deftroy 

^vvcx. vcrxs, '^(p!w c^ the Egyptians, who purfued 

a%'/5©^ o/?Ti;;^iw^^7Te^y * after them : Thou didfl: fwee- 

^Aov 7ruep> tLuj pvidcc ten the bitter Water with 

c^4 (foijiaf^v, % ^' Wood : Thou did ft bring 

y\.Qv vepxyii if^ee^v Water out of the Rock of 

cD^.' a-iuoccrfj^v «9ccA- Stone : Thou did ft rain 

TT^s. r 'UaZv eres^rn- Manna from Heaven aiid 

y)y ^^ccS'ei^xs, gTrToi Quails, as Meat out of the 

Wp^ X^avaicav Sh olv- Air : Thou didft afford them 

^ KocbiiAes, 'lopShivLuj a Pillar of Fire by Night to 

A^ppw^as, T'Js 'TTDTct' give them Light, .and a Pil- 

|x«? 'HSicc ^>ie^i'a5, lar of a Cloud by Dav to 

TiLxn^oLTiy^i^cLi' civdif overfliadovv them from the 

p(A\yx.^y)fj{^Tm ^ z^^'^ '^^^^ * Thou diuft declare 

<^9£^7riVj7< . x^ cc' Jolhua to be the General of jor iiu 

'mWwj/ Qoi Yi cJ)}|a, the Army, and didft GVQT-io,s<c. 

'^/^(^€owv'Tu^'7iz&i^>^^- throw the Seven Nations of V ^^^2- 

rrop. C^ 'G^arKwu'cicnv Cavaafj by him : Thou didft 

ctpcte«.3-^of repticcttaf- divide Jord.w^ and dry uppfai.kxlii 

r€A(ovydp'^f'')ik(^v,^efi'' ^^'^ Rivers of Etkim ; Thou '^^ ^. 

yojv, Tuie/'OTrncov, dp- didft overthrow VValls with-^°*^'' 

fV<5/, V^nTicou, SU/joi' out tnftruments', ortheRand 

f^ojv^ q)XTim ouco' of Man For all thefc things 

yla)v ^ yiep^eijji, ^4 Glory be Thee, O Lord Al^ 

TO l^x^i^uyi, Xeep^-- mighty. Thee do the innu- 

(p)^, TOM ju: Sb(7\ ycx' mcrable Hofts of Angels, 

ff^-K,ctK^^.QvrirL T'esTri Arch-Angcls, Thrones, Do- 

Mm 4 jnimons 


minions, Principalities, Au- J^s, ? 3 ^'-f^ "^^ '^'^^ 
ihoncies, and Powers, thine (foi?^ois, t '^ ^a-i r^^'Vi, 
Ifa. vi. i. evcrlafting Afmies,adore. The ij^^^oc, ^ AiyjVTau, 
Cherubim, ana the Six-vving'd ^iXic/M^iAiciaiv 'up- 
Seiaphim, with twain cover- ^fy^/.w/, yj {jjj^om 
ing their Feet, with twain ^ouy^.a^i' af'^Mwt^, ct- 
their Heads, and with twain xoTaTraw-wf ^ daiyA" 
flying, fay, together with tw$ (^ooia-ous'^ ^i 6 
Dan. yii. Thoufand thouGinds of Arch- KoL'-'ioiy,x ar^rui' ct- 
^^' Angels, and Ten Thoufand yi©^, a-^^i©-, oiyi@* 
times Ten Thoufa d of An- •^je^'.Q* ^ccSccoo^' Trkri' 
gels, inceflancly, and with p>i5 6 'd^vU -^ ri yH't 
conflant and loud Voices, Sh^^ii (^in^, ou;\97y?TDS 
and let all the People fay ens T-k- ajfcaiaA apLj. 
it with them, /A'/y, //^/y, ^ aj:p//fj9<^j$ l£5j> Ag- 
Tfn. vi. ?. //^/y, Lord of Hcfis^ Hcd" yhco' a'^dQ^ yb et o)^ 
Jiom.i 25 ^,,^ ^^^ Earth are full of his ccAn^is, ^ jr^ccyt©^^ 
Glcfj : Be thou hlcffed for v'^q^(^ '^ ^sc^pv^'ii' 
ever. Amen, And afterwards \^^>J@^ es tJ? cjwias. 
let the [-Jigh^Prieft fay, For a^©- ^ -^ pjvoyt" 
thou . art truly Holy, and v-n^ C« i^'^^'y' ^ xve/oi ?i- 
Moft Holy, the Higheil and /4^J' xct) Bios '1j)c7^$ 
mod highly exalted for ever. Xe^b-T^?* 05 «? WrT^^ 
Holy alio is thy Only-be-* -^-^ipenKJcifjievG^iQoi^ 
gotten Son . our Lord Xnd Seoj aJra koI ttcct^, 
God, Jefus Chrid, who in a^ TeSyifJU'dpylccr^^- 
all things miniftred to his cpo^j^v , xctj 'is>^voi^p 
God and Father, both in thy jcag^M-.j^oz', y 'c^iS- 
various Creation, and thy Jg S '>V©- ^r^J' (?^Ce<^- 
luitable Providence, and has -jrwr ^WAiIjit^Jor, aA.- 
not pyerlook'd loft Mankind: Aa^^^' (^voikIv rcu^op^ 

' Jceft. v. 


Lib.VIU. the Holy-Apoftles, 

jj^ vofj-^iy,hjj<:x>^lveaiv. But afccr che Law of Na* 

I^V '^^9^/'"^'^^ i'Afy- cure, after the fcxhorcarions 

^•i^g^ '^ <mi rp^^ dfyi' in riie pofitive Law, afcer 

Aw;/ fii9t(riocsyn!y^.(p- the Prophetical Reproofs, and 

Gae^'mt'i/ cLuJ Wo^^fstT the Govcrnmenc of the An* 

^ T (j^ivai-iisv vof/,Qv, (t gels, when Men had per- 

f f^vnf//Yjs d^cbaMcr- Verted both the politive Law^ 

TMP r ycccJac'uhvcriJsiv, and that of Nature, and had 

r oKTwe^aiv, TO?)(9tT' r^Ji out of their Mind the 

Airyj<^icoy ^nyiij^i Memory of che Flood, the 

K^ ncLAaipiPMi> oTpX' Burningofi^^i?.'^, the Plagues 

yx^Sy ^ f/,e?\.?igv<Twv o- of the E^jptians, and the 

(jov ci^Tzo ^<toMl»c3zc/ Slaughters of the Inhabirants 

<7n^pio)v, d^Sbmcjiv a^- of Palcfline, and being juft 

ruii yi^c^lA'^QiiQhij^ivp* ready to perilli univerfally 

rj^; dp^ocfjTTii, dp^^TTui after an unparalleird man- 

»)^fc^5 ovon^^nnni-iuTD ner, Fie was p'eas'd by thy 

yoiAM?, d dp^epSs IB' Good Will to become Man, 

pe^ov, omti^jl iD^^^a:,' who was Man's Creator ; to 

rmv, 3^ ^dl^jic-al^ as be under the Laws, who 

T laurS 0soi/ '^ 'TTo.- was the Legillator ; to be 

^i^,(t ^J'^^a-fj.oj^' a Sacrifice, who was ati 

7'iMafg, J6 ^ ^)c«- High Pried ; to be a Sheep, 

juV"5 ^Vy^4 T^^ -jr^wTct^ who wasxhe Shepherd ; and 

y)A<<fy'v^:^j?. ^^vc^^yos Hc appcafcd Thee, his God' 

c% ^^TPK, 9^G/4'^(^ aad Father, ^and reconciled 

ovf^fti? o0gos>^r^, Thee to the World, and 

iyxTD^'V-i uo^.o 'zc^' freed all Men from the 

o^TDX.®*' 'mo- w5 5ct/- Wrath to come, and was 

<7?««, 5^^ w 'Jify i(;^ made of a Virgin, and was 

Ty \W a/jrr2 -z^^jp^i- in Flelh, bemgGod the Wofi^, 

'r^TiVscf cr^jipy^nicti C7i the Beloved Son, the Firfl:- 

^yK^T^ ^c&4;j^, (| (3orn of the whole Creation, 
: and 


. and was, according to the 'A? ^a^, (puAjJ^IaeTcc' 

Prophecies which were fore- -<j ykyv^v cAf /t^^TTf^t. 

told concerning Him by him- r^^^v^ o i^TarAaa-- 

(elf, of the Seed of David ozov ^^non t^a ^jvta- 

and Abraham, of the Tribe p^iy?, k^ ivaapx^^ o 

of Judah: And He was made a^ra^jt©., o ^';:^eP''^5 

in the Womb of a Virgin, '^v^'S^Uci^ ^cP^oi yi- 

who form'd all Mankind that 'f^jv^v^uf "TiDAinvau.fjje' 

are born ino the World : r©* oV/W, ^ TrouiMaztg 

He took FJelh, who was cv^iajj^^^s. 'mtn/yj yo- 

without Flefh : He who was gdv ^ 'mo-ctf ijlol>^- 

l)egotten before Time, was ycl^p ^ ^^^thov a- 

born in Time: He convers'd m^7\ci<nL6, cnfAeioc m ^ 

holily, and taught according Tf^ptin. cv ^ ?^ 

to the Law: He drove away m^nio^' ^pris ^ tto- 

every Sicknefs, and every Dif- t5 ^ ti-on/y fj^lx^- 

eafe from Men, and wrought iSoou, 6 rpif^v T^lnxi 

S'\gx\s and Wonders among t^^ ;:^j577^oi/^29^"*> ^ 

the People, and He was Par- i^ji'mTrKiv mv Z,(^qv ou- 

takcr of Mear, and Drink, Shictccs' Iffavi^a^ Q^ 

and Sleep, who nouriflics all SovQfj{^*n7i dyvo^mv 

that (land \x\ need of Food, rt/m r ayyoi^ ifu- 

fhlcxr, ^Y\d fills every living Creature yiSAiOi , r cuff^o«6tv 

with his Goodnefs : He mani^ ^g^a)7n>£pt)^, S 'StAw- 

/^y?^^ his Name to thofe that fj{^ Qv g^An^^T?, 3 

/-^^^TT Him not: He drave a- Ij:;^!/ o £j)y>(^5 auT&T 

,U'ay Ignorance, He reviv'd l7EA«wjg • (£ muZ^ 

Piety, and falfilled thy Will; ^v'^^g.^mf^ccToa, ;^p- 

He finiflVd the Work which (t\v dvoy^^v j^aTa^^/g- 

thou gavefl: Him to do : and c^ls [e^'ioov ^ oip')^2piu)v 

when He had fet all thefe -{^St^vvpicfiv , & Aa3 

things right, He was feized ^s^vofjiv , fsf^haias 

by jche Hands of the Ungod- ^ r )[^yciocv vootj^o^u- 


Lib.VIIl. the Holy Apoftles." 

^ */C^9e<ff x£/tTrf . >^ 

«/jt2* <S ocvsc^n c/}i vex.- 
^i c/v ^\cL'r^'^i Ton 

yjil^vr}\jSfjQi bv wj/ <Si 

]y, of the High-Prierts and 
i^rieds, falfe'y io called, and 
of the Dilobedienc People, 
by the Betraying of Him 
who was poflcls'd wuh Wick- 
* dnefs as W'idi a confi&h'd 
Difcafc: Ke (iiffer'd many 
things from them, and ea- 
dixied all fores of Ignominy, 
by thy Pcrmifiion: He was 
delivered to Pilate the Go- 
vernour, and He that was 
he Ju Jge was judged, and 
He that was the Saviour 
was condemned ; He that 
was impallible was nailed 
to the Crofs, and He who 
was by Nature immortal 
died, and He that is the 
Giver of Life was buried, 
that He might loofe thofe 
for whofe lake He came, 
from Suffering and Death, 
and might break the Bonds 
of the Devil, and deliver 
Mankind fram his Deceit. 
He arofe from the Dead 
the Third Day, and vvheqi 
He had continued with his 
Difciples Forty Days, He was 
taken up into the Heavens, 

I im^av cwJ)a,7ti4''^i- V* 



and is (ac down on the mx^iv oujiS -ztA)?/? yp-V- 

Righc-Hand of Thee, who (lu i ybvwicTi r^fpeS!- 

arc his God and Fachcr. B - ohro^ P^ct^ojv a^ror ? 

ing mindful therefore of ocyicus ^ dijc^uiois aw 

thofe things chat He endur'd t^ '^pcri, % <?/JaCAg- 

for our lakes, We give Thee -4^5 's^ii Qi r ^eov 

Thanks, O God Aimighry, tLory <t 'ttdlts^, ^g\ 

not in fuch a manner as vJ^duv.^y iihjy^ 'J^/'ii fj{^' 

we ought, but as we are ^/Tro/r?, eiTTwv' tSto 

able, and fulfil his Confti- 3 fj^vc^-n^ov 't v^ivrn 

iCor. xi turion: For in the fafne N'/^ht 2/^(iriKiis' hccQen d^ 

that He iras hetrafcd. He took cu/rS, (^ccyc-n* tStd Igr 

Bread in his holy and un- S (mjuioi fj.a, S ^^ 

defiled Haiias, and looking on)?\(iv ^c)U'7ifzl^S^Jov cU 

up to Thee, his God and cL(pe(7iv ufJfp'TiMi'. acrcv^- 

Matt.xxvi Facher, He brake it, and gave rn>;5 x^ S rm-rri^ov yi^' 

^\^^^]' l^hi's is the Mjftery of the <t dytacaccs^ '^^'^ iiri- 

''403. Nerv Covenant; Take of it, Stov^v o/jTur, Xiyav' 

and eat: This is my Body tt/st? ci^ ocC^ mvm* 

which is broken for man"^ fr tStt! Tg\ g aj^^ fj^v, 

the Remiffion of Sins, In like S '^^ ^Tn^xcav ok'^wuc'- 

manner alio, He took the yd^jov en cc^e(r.v oLjSjp- 

Cup, and mixed \t of Wine koov' 't^ iv TDiei'n ei? r 

and Water, and fanftified it, euJjJ d^afjLvimv. otrl- 

and deliver'd it to them, -/.{>' y^ i^ e^inn ^ 

faying, Dr/;:k ye all of this, ol^tov i^tov, & Tfium 

for this is my Blood which is g ^ttott^ov tStd, r 

jled for many, for the Remif ^iccrov r ?^j/ >f afaf- 

/jen of Sins: Do this in Re- ybXiTi^ ^"Xt^^ ^^' '^^" 

' mcmharice of Me : For as ^j fj.efjuw^jot rnivtu/ 

often as y: eat this Breads dnd ^ ^^vi iujri, ksH 

drink this Ct/p, ye do jhen- fon/j ^ !^,rxTv , ^ iri 


Lib. VIII. the Holy Apodles. 

^c^jex-e^v' cLva.^x.'T.ays, my Death until I com'c. Be- 

% -? ftj He^fis^ \^l{ji- ing mindful therefore of his 

J«. ^ Tfj^eMiaiH c/jJ- Paliion, and Ueach, and Re- 

^SJjTee^s '7:/^y(rix^, furredion from the Dead, and 

^ Mf l^*^ '" Z-^' ^^1^^ Return into the Heavens, 

^^^i" KQ).va^ and his future fccond Ap- 

^w^Taf % nnp^^s^ ^ pearing, wherein he is to 

tLTTL^Zva^ fK9-r^ >(^ come with Glory and Power 

7d ?p><x <W, ^^- ^> judge the Quick and the 

tPpi^PljS^j Qoi $ (ioiGi- Dead, and to recompence 

^r ^ ^^^' "^ Z ^^-^'^ ^^ every one according to 

rr£ ^j^Va^ii', T ccpTor his Works, we Offer to Thee, 

T^TOj', j^ S 'TTDTJie/oj/ our Kmg and our God, 

'TdTo, oo^e/eSrig^Gi according to his Conlli- 

J/ ctuTS, e(p' oii tution, this Bread and this 

i-ii'^L:^a-cLs ^i^ois eg^vou Cup; giving Thce Thanks 

c^'WTTicV 0-a, ^ Ig^a- through Him, that thou haft 

TiiJav (7Df, (^ tt^li'yf^^ thought US worthy to fland 

^, oTTOis (kjy^cli Km- before Thce, and to facri- 

^?J^yfs Qi Tct 's^- fice to Thce ; and we be- 

xely^jcc '^co^ tuZtou feech Thee that thou vvilt 

.cKc^TiTuv (I'd, oi; ocV^'gi^- mercifully look down upon 

Eik 0gc5, ^ o\jS\)'Kr\uns thefe Gifts which are here let 

i'uT a,vTo7; €ii -rijJjjj bciore Thee, O ihou God 

5" Xe«T'^ o-K, (^ 3ca,^ who flandefl: in need of none 

'7a7rg/^4*('^ S cco^cV ay of, our Offerings : And do 

mv(AtiJ^ 'Qn r Jvcild^ thou accept them to the 

rm^uTnw, r {jJ>j>'Tv^ T Honour of thy Chrift, and 

'm.^^f^TMv ^ yjj^^s fend down thine Holy Spi- 

T/;a3, cWwi "^mf^bjj'A r rit, the Witnefs of the Lord 

a^TTjv T^Tov C«<K5t 5' Jefus's Sufferings, that He 

: defimt. V. : defunc. V. 



may fliew this Bread to be X^^t-S ^, ^ g ctott?- 

the Body of thy Chrift, and e^oi^ rfSro oujuiaL t5 

the Cup to be the Blood of Xe/r» a^, 'ivol oi /u.g- 

thy Chrift, that thofe who TaAafci^Tis ij/ri^ /Sc* 

are Partakers thereof may Coucof^oiai '3>^5 cvai- 

be flrengchened for Piety, Seidp, dtpiJiMe df/fp^ 

may obtain the RemifTion of nrr\^ciTc;iv 'tv*)^ji7i, t3 

their .Sins, may be delivered J^C'oAv (£ i ijrxdvYii 

from the Devil and his De- aJT§ ^^v^oiai, ttv^' 

ceit, maybe filled with the fj{^©^ dyla TrXve^Q^^- 

Holy Ghoft, may be made cnv, d^ioi ? X^^rS tm 

worthy of thy Chrift, and ^curTo/, ^o^'^s almi\i 

may obtain Eternal Life up- tt^^jiti, a^ 7cccIoi>\cc' 

on thy Rcconciliatio:] to them, ^'t©- aJiu^s, ^fouj^ex. 

O Lord Almighty. We far- cr^uToxep^'rcp. Iti J^J- 

ther pray unto Thee, O ^e'^ ay, xue/?g, ^ 

Lord, for thy Holy Church v^' *? aV/as (ji cx- 

fpread from one End of the yXntrloLS ^ cm TE-eeJ^- 

World to another, which tc^v boos ^^J^tc^v, Uj 

thou haft purchafed with the 'K^cgTiD/rVw tlJ ^i^kk^ 

precious Blood of thy Chrift ; w.[j{g.^i ^ XgirS C^, 

that thou wilt preferve it ctwj ocutw 2^<pv?{^* 

unfhaken, and free from Di- ^^is olobk^w ^ axAu(fty- 

fturbance until the End of ngDv' a^e/- '? cujuti- 

the World ; For every Epif- /«a5 tS cutwri:^ (& 

copate who rightly divides -v^ '^raW 'i^a-^TrTts 

the Word of Truth. We far- <? i^^^royAmr ?^Uv 

ther pray to Thee for me, 'f aAw^-tix$. Itz'tdI^- 

who am nothing, who of- zaAHjuJiu' a-g 59 -vs^ 'f 

fer to Thee: For the whole l/M^iis t5 'w^^i^vrms 

Presbytery, for the Deacons, Qoi ehhvlasy (£ \^ 

and all the Clergy, that thou ot^wots tS TrpeaSvT^-. 

wik make them wife, and c^v, v^ '^^ ^-i^vm 

Lil^A^lL the Holy Apcftles; 

^ ^Ttjs 5" nXripy, net replenifli them with the Ho 

'mv^f Qo<p!(Tas TryJj' Jy Spirit. We farther pray 

HilQ^dylvTrAy^^aiii. tO Thee, O Lord, for t/je 

fU -o^^aAS^J o-g, <?'/>^, ar^d all in Author if^^ 

3w^'e/S' v^ S' /3a<7i- for the whole Army; that 

Asjos,^ ^ rp^ ov \^9- they may be peaceable to- 

;^V, ^ ^^i S Te^^O' war^s us, that fo leading the 

'jrUa, iVflt ^pbjjAjMv whole time of our Life in 

fTUj m ^iifxai, 0' Quietnefs and Unanimity, 

*;msov iau^la&ofAO' we may glorifie Thee, thro' 

j/o/cj. :^^m$ T -m Ja JerusChrift,vvhoi$ourHope. 

^^vov 'f ^cuvs i}/^^, We farther Offer to Thee 

cJ^^a^ft?^' o-g^%i '-tw- alfo for all thofe Holy Per- 

ci Xe^eS 'f gAWc/©- fons who have pleafed Thee 

Jfx^. l/c ^Q^i^' from the Beginning of the 

'{f^'i C,oi^^nnxvm»iv World, Patriarchs, Prophets, 

'j^ aV ojwp©. oua^g. Righreous Men, Apoftles, 

^^(T^i^v Qoi dylc^v, Martyrs, Confeflbrs, Bifhops, 

'Tra^t^ccp^v, «^(pw- Presbyters, Deacons, Sub^ 

tjSj/, S\kclIc^vj "^Tm^- deacons, Readers, Singers, 

Awr, j^Tue^v, c/xo- Virgins, Widows, and Lay- 

PigynTc^v, 'Qna^sirm^ Perlons,wirh all whofe Names 

•5j-j3ga^L»Ti£^jr, cTfaxc- thou knoweft. We farther 

vuv, -iujoSxcL-icovcav a- Offer to Thee for I his People, 

vcLyuui^Vj '^K^v , that thou wilt render them 

r^^ivm, ^e^Vy Aoj- to jche Praife .of thy Chrift, 

nouv , <£ mrivrc^y cav a Royal Frkflhood, and an ho- j p^ j; ^, 

a^TDj 6^$a:(7ccf itt oro- ly Nation ; For thofe that are 

Ai^tTx. g/c 'f^oTps^' in Virginity and Purity ; for 

p^J Qci^^ 'Jzj^ T8 ;^» the Widows of the Church; 

TSTK , /Vet aradT^gys f r thofe in honourable Mar- 

duTDP els S7IU.IP0V T?. riage and Child-bearing ; for 

>^e^rS C^ (i<^<rih€iop the Infants of thy People ; 



that thou wile not permit 
any of us to become Gifi- 
4ir^y<. We farther befecch 
Thee alfo for this City, and 
its Inhabitants ; for thofe that 
are fick ; for thofe in bitter 
Servitude ; for thofe in, Ba- 
nilbments ; for thofe in Pri- 
lon ; for thofe that travel by 
Water or by Land ; that thou, 
the Helper and A (lifter of 
all Men, wilt be their Sup- 
porter. U'e farther alfo be- 
feech Thee for thofe that 
hate us and perfecure us for 
thy Name s lake ; for thofe 
that are without, and wan- 
der out of the Way, that 
thou wik convert them to 
Goodnefs, and pacific their 
Anger. We farther alfo be- 
feech Thee for the Catechu- 
mens of the Church, and for 
thole that are vexed by the 
Adverfary, and for our Bre- 
thren the Penitents, that thou 
wilt perfed: the firfl in the 
Faith, that thou wilt deliver 
the fecond from the Energy 
of the Evil One, and that 
thou wilt accept the Repen- 

yiov' '\k^ rPfS cp rsfp- 
Srpia, (t oiyve^a.j v^ 

VLOilS, V^ T-/)^ r^lU-iWP 
? ?^'^ 0-V, OTTWi (J^t)' 

*7n)Lin(7y\f. ex/ cJ^i^i^j o^ 
iyi< ^ '^ opoLy,yyTOt)Vy 

rrwV (io))^S i{CjU CCVTl- 

Xri'Tro^p. iU <Z!>^v,cL^ 

AJjU^J 02 yj VTTip ^/^ 

oop^ c«, vir^p '77J 
f^oo ovTCtT xcq 'rrt'XATXai' 

avT?S €i ayxtJTji'-, xrt| 

^ &rjc^l> OLUTUiV TT^U- 
VAi. ill -CD^XaAi^lLO^'J 

ere xctJ LiTrgp rr^ JCtXTjj- 

' TTliiTCSV- V 


Lib.VIII. the Holy Apoftles: 

X^iA^^v '? oTinkmioLs, tance of the lad, and for«* 

^ 'ic^ r?iS x'^^^^' g^ve both tbem and us our 

\j^oiv •vkro ? '^Mo'te/My Offences. We farther Offer to 

5^ "v^ 1^'' ov fxiJoLpoiou Thee alfo for the good Tem- 

oiS^X(pojvfijj^'o7rzt^9Tvi peracure of the '\ir, and 

Jic Ti^ieida-ris cv tyi tt/- the Fertihty of the Fruits, 

^ii ^^'^'^ys Q iis^Bz/.' that fo partaking perpetually ***^^S*' 

e/ia-^s OK *? ovepyiias of the good things derived ^ ^' 

riS ^vvipv, ^ 5 '^ '^^^ Thee, we may praife 

]j/cmvQiip <i^ak^y\ , Thee without ceafing, rrho Pfal.cxxxf 

^ (wf*)^pmY\s^ auTD/V ghefi Food to all Flifh. We ^5* 

^ iifjiiv '^nx^^ojfjiccJoc farther befecch Thee alfo for 

7iij($f* en i>g^cr^iep- thofe who are abfent on a 

pV C°« % ''^ ^ ^ j^ft Caufe ; that thou wilt 

, ^.e^o-ioci T^ olffi^ j^ >? keep us all in Pi^ty, and ga- 

i^foe/ccs *PIJ y.a,p7mv ther US together in rhe King- 

oTTZfji 0Lve>?iei7mi fjiefx' dom of thy Chrift, the God 

T^oijjL^aLvovTis T 'o^ of all fenfible and inLelligenc 

av oiyx.^a)v^ atywju^i crs Nature, our King ; that thou 

aciaufws, T ^SivTju wouldft keep us immove- 

^(plw mav uripyj, iTi able, unblameable, and un- 

cj)^>($frA«fjt^' <TB (t t» reproveable : For to Thee 

'TTgp ^ S'l (£j\oyv cd- belongs all Glory, and 

t/<V> rt'WT&jj/* OTTOS c6- Worfliip, and Thank(giving, , 

';rdfj^ 7]fjioii 2/^TVfYi' Honour and Adoration , 

(TK^ ov T>r (^j?Seta.^ the^ Father, with the Son, m 

i^cwjccyoiyyii ov TYi' the Holy Ghoft, both now 

(^(x,(TiA€ia. §" X£^(j-» and always, and for ever- 

Qn, 5" 0gS 'mo-jjj ad' lading, and endlefs Ages 

c&»t5ij <£ voriTris (pvoioos, for ever. And let all the 

S* l3<xfTiAscai ij/JfS, a People fay , Jmcri. And 

ofi^vs, dfjiifjL'ujhi, a- let the Bifliop fay, The Peace 

vif}(hTiT9i' oTtG-Qim^ of God he mth jou alL And 
: ' Nn , kr 


let all the People fay 4 Ql Sb^cc, o-iSas, otj ou- 
jind vr^th thy Sftrit. And ^^^itx., T<|u,r), >^ tt^- 
let the Deacon proclaim a- cKUA)y\<ni, W 

gain, -nrare^, :c$M * [[^]] 

XUI. Let us dill farther befeech ''E'ir/ 5^ Itz (^g^Sw- 

God through his Chrift, and ij^t^&s^^^^ X^- 

lec us befeech him on ac- ^-S o^/tS, \Jk^ t^ J^^ 

count of the Gift which is tS 'ixr^o-xojuii^Q®^ 

offered to the Lord God, yuje/iu n-wGe^y 'gttcos 

that the Good God will ac- dycL>3vs Seos Trcpo-^i- 

cept it, through the Media- ^viTa^ ctyix), 2^ ^ fj^e- 

tion of his Chrift, upon his mi^lcti tS XeA^Z ctC- 

Heavenly Altar, for a fvveet- tS «$ S Wve^viov cuu- 

fmelling Savour. Let us T^.^cnagr^ov^ ^^ cV- 

pray for this Church and ixLuj oi^oSUs. 'v^ 'f 

People: Let us pray for eve- oK-iOiyiaixs a«,uW ?^ ? 

ry Epifcopate, every Presby- A<x?Ji:r?8wf4<J,vzD^m- 

tery, all the Deacons and mjs 'fk<mo^c^ ^Tntvris- 

Miniflers in Chnfl, for the TrpeaCvTveJ-^, decani ^ 

whole Congregation, That ck Xe/r^ ^xojfai 

the Lord will keep and pre- o^'-x^noealois", 'Ti^p^s 

rTiin.ii.i itrvethemall. Let us/?My/i?r 5" 'TrXn^yiJ}®. -? ok> 

Kings, and thofe in Authority, TtXr^nxs cTgwAwjui^j- 0- 

that they may be peaceable ^m^ 6 yw^A(^ rwclv^ 

" II I I I II m il II ,1 M l——— 

'Jin^aiJ^.V. rdeeft.y. 

Lib VIIK the Holy Apoftles: 

.i^iTipw^ (^ ^^V' towards us, that fa ire nj^y 

T^oL^ri^ '\k^ l^tt-^Aiccp have and lead a quiet and 

^ *?^cv \<s^o;^vr J'gw- f aceahle Life in all Godlinefs 

6i»/4<J. /Vat ^^^bju^jccv* and Honefly Let us be mind- 

'tuj m 'Txj^i y\yKl'^ 0- ful of the Hcly Martyrs, 

'ma>i •r]pefj^y '^ 7\m)'^iov that we may be thought 

/3/ov g;^i'TFtf, S'ldyo)' worthy to be Tartakers of 

fj^ G% iroiaYi c\)(T^.Q&ct their Trial. Let us pray for 

^ G-sfjivcTnk^ ^'' d' thofe that are departed in 

ylooif ixfpnu^v f/.v'/)i^Q' the Faith. Let us pray for 

v^difi^jS^y oTToos xoivoD" the good Temperature of the 

vol '^e(^ '? t5t9A37J3Wi Air, and the perfect Matu- 

wuTcov it^a^ict)^}j^j, rity of the Fruits. Let us 

v'Tiip 1^ C4^ TTicri'dvcc' pray for thofe that are new- 

mwo^jjS^yjov S^hGoo^jS^'j* ]y [nlightened, that they 

v'TTBp f ouKe^o-ias ^f m^Ly be ftrengthened in the 

de^tf ^ TiAeoTpo^-^ccs *f aith, and all may be mu- 

fPlS ^pTrHv Ja«Gwp^. tually comforted by one a- 

v^p ^ j/go(p&>T/Vwv nothcf, Raife us up, O 

(J^wS-oi^fj^J • QTmi (ie God, by thy Grace: Lee 

^ouLco^iicnv op t/T 7rir<j US ft and up, and Dedicate 

TToiyns, ^VTT ci>?iot)y 'zrot- our felves to God, through 

£;PtJt9tAgc^&;<7V. cLvci' hisXhrift. And let the hi' 

^aav ifjLois 6 ©go$ oi/ fhop fay, O God, who arc 

T>r ;^fie/Ti a\i' dvcL' Great, and whofe Name is 

^v'ni «cMjT85 TiS Se^ Great, who art Great in 

S^ 5 Xe/trS ami Counfel, and Mighty in 

n^^oifji/i^, ^ 'Qk' Works, the God and Father 

C7H0X©* Ag^Tft) • of ih) holy Child Jefus, out 

0805 iJLiyxi ^ fcg- Saviour ; Look down upon 

yxAcavvfj.!^., o jx?>ctf US, and upon this thy FJock, 

N n X which 


which thou haft chofen by T>r/3«A>;, ^ Ke^mno^ 
Him to the Glory of thy to?^ l^ytu^ o ©go^ ^ 
Name ; and fandifie our Bo- mzLTh^ t5 dyl^ mauL' 
dy aaa Soul, and grant us (5^ C« ''»?o•«,'75o■ft)TS- 
LCar. the Favour to be made fure f®- jiju^^ ?^^Ag\toM 
ni. I. from all Filthimfs of Flefh and eip'fifJLocs,^ 'QH g 'TD/jut- 
Spiritj and may obtain the r/oV o-w t^tj, o cTi cbu- 
good Things laid up for us, t« ci^gAffo) «5 <5^^ar 
and do not account any of tS oVo^aiif o-y ?^ a- 
us unworthy ; but be thou yidcTLs rijj^ ' S aZfj^' 
, our Comforter, Helper, and >$ r -vl^^^i/J ^^cc^ico- 
Protefior, through thy Chrift, cov np^^p^s ^oju^'afi 
with whom Glory, Honour, am Tr^Tis y^oKvayZ 
Prai{e,Doxology,andThankP Qpyf^i ^ 7ry<^/^T©-, 
giving be to Thee in the Ho- ^xeiv ^ 'z^ycaijd' 
ly Ghoft for ever. Amen, vm dyoL^jSop^ 5^ |u,w- 
And after that all have faid, Sivccy^fjJ^ dvoi^iovxe^' 
Arr^en, let the Deacon fay, vy)i,*^cl^o<i^i t]^ 
Let us attend. And let the ^^y, cV'''7iA?!'S&)p, we- 
Bifiiop fpeak thus to the e^coui^s^ ^ ? X^/- 
Peopie, //^/y things for holy q-Z ere /xeS-' % aoi Sir 
Pcifons ; and let the People |a, TifjiiD, <Zv©-, Sb- 
anfwer, There is One that is ^oAoylcc^ 00 
Holj, there is One Lord, One :^e/«e'a, 'o»" ^ [[(^]] 
Je[us Chri(l, hlejjed for ever, ^ccylajTrv^' 
to the Glory of God the Fa* fJi^lcf en t2S c^Svas, 
lokii 14. ther. Amen. Glory to God in dfjilw* <& jJ^ S 7rar§t^ 
^""^^ the HigheH, and on Earth Peace, eiireiv, dijilw* o ^aJ^' 
Good will among Men. Ho- zcovosheyhoy'^G^^ca'' 
fi7ind to the Son of David ! \JSp, <S ^wioTrojc^- 
Blfjfcd he he thsit comcth in cTpCf)V7}crclT(o § ^w S' 

Lib.VIir. the H0I7 Apoftles. 

Tco*^Tu dycc^iiocyioii' the Name of the Lord, be- 

^0 %j,05J'zzra^«gTft)'e5 ing the Lord God who ap- 

(lyios.e'S x^e^©-, ^ €is" pcir'd to us, Hofama in the 

'IwffSi; Xe^fDj, «5 cJ^^a^ Highefl ! And after that let 

©gS TTccT^i, ouhoyo' the Bi/Tiop partake, then the 

rcxii eis rii alooras. a- Presbycers, arid Deacons, and 

fjilw, ^^oc G4^ v-^Icp-ois Sub-deacon5> and the Read^ 

©&c5, (t 'Qk 7S5 epZayw, ers, and the Singers, and the 

ov ai^^ffHTQii ouShycioL. Afceticks ; and then of the 

'£lcr<xvvcc TstF i^M AcL' Women, the Deaconefles, and 

ClcT- ouho^yDySp'^ the Virgins, and the Wi- 

^fA?^-^©- ^ ovoy^g.m dows ; then the Children, 

xt/e<t< ^ios H^e*©-, j^ and then all the People in 

e7Ti(pccvn if^l'v' 'QaoLV- Order, vptth Reverence and god' 

vd ou TD/s v-<^igvis. ^ /^/v^r, without Tumult. And 

V mJ' tSto fjt^Tcc' let the Biftiopgive theOb'a- "-^"P^g' 

XoLfjiCavtTa) 'Qf[OT/(.Q' tion, faying, The Bod) of ^°'* 

•zzr©- Itt&^cc 01 Trpea- Chri[i^ and kt him that re- 

€t>Tvep , ^ ol S^Kovor, ceiveth fay. Amen. And lee 

(S \zmoiccx,ovot, <^ Of the Deacon take the Cup, 

oLvay/iiczti 4 oi' -sf/aA- and when he gives it, let 

TO/, & 01 cltTKYiruf, 6 him fay, The Blood of Qhrlfl^ 

cv 9 yuvcu^ivai J^/a- the Cup of Life ^ and let him , 

5^r/oj3ct ^ ca ^^ivoi, that drinketh fay, ^wf//. And 

^ ^ U^^^P^* ^"^^ '^ l^C tJ^^ Thirty Third Plalm be 

'jrcaS'LOL, & TTDTg TTas faid, while all the reft are 

o Aaoj v(j; m^iv, fX^ partaking ; and when all, 

aUS'yi^ ouAct€eiccsy^df both Men and Women, have 

^fvQv^ ^ fi '^.(TKo- partaken, let the Deacons 

^©. S'l^rco r 's^' carry what remains into the 

mpo^v, Kiyjjv ai^yij, Veltry ; and when the Singer 

<; ■ ' ■' ■ ' - IM III».. UM I .-..I .1 » III. J I I I ! . ■ Il.lll I ■ 

I deell, V. 

fs n 3 has 


has done, lee the Deacon Xe/e^ ^^^' kp^fMvoi 

Now we have received M27rt;\^€3i'7i5 S'tj- 
the precious Body and the /^/» <r^uS^'^^ JC^ t5 
precious Bleed of Chrift, let T/jLt/tt^K^^^-iSXe^- 
us give Thanks to Him who r^* <>i>:^6<T'i7?i.M5iu $ 
has thought us worthy to nia^g/WTo^Tf V^a^M^ 
partiike of thefe his hoiy r[tu?\^^eiv 4^ dyntiv 
Myftcries ; and let us be hsri !Mj^e)-^v .^ <a^- 
feech Him that it may not Kb^Ag75s'f4'>, ^rie^xei* 
be to us for Condemnation, p^. ^ e> cmi^^bp 
but for .balvarion, to the i^\My ^f-^, «V oJfg- 
Advantage of Soul and 5o» Ae^^SM '^^x^^ ^ G'H56'' 
(dy, to the PrtTervacion of 7©-, ^5 <^v?^yi.bjj ou* 
Piety, to. the Remiffion of (n^eic(.i^£iioi,(^i(nf(li^' 
Sins, and* to the Life of the ^niv, &S ^mUo 5" jotsA- 
Wotld to come. Let us a- /^pt^oi atwj@^. l-ya^ 
rife, and by the Grace of fM'^^'.oi' ^qatiX^.c^-^ 
Chiift let us dedicate our i^jJTiis ' izj* 0^^" TaJ' 
felves to God, to the Only- /m^vcky ci'^p^Tct; Ge^^^ 
iinbegotten God, and to his t&J Xe/r^ oLut^ /c?^- 
Chrift. And let the Biihop B&)/x^3%. :(^ 6 o^oko- 
give Thanks : tt©- ouo^g^eftW 

v^rjVjf ■.=■-.,■■ 

I defunc. V, 

Lib. VIII. the Holy Apoftles: 

A^cTzn^io- 0«M O Lord God Almighty, xv. 

«4;tT.xe5'Top, TTctTT-p thc Fatlicr of thy Chrift thy . 

IV Xe/r« C**' "^ '^' '''s^ed 5on, who heareft thofe 

Xoynn 7rcuS\^, -rjU^ whacall upon Thee with Up- 

(KeT ^5cT«To5 g^K5i- rightnefs, who alfo knoweO: 

Aaf^-joop- o-g liriijco®-, the Supplications of thofe 

o (& T^' QooT&jj-'rai' who are fiicnt ; We thank 

jQ,55i(4o©"Ta.s oi'Tju- Thee that thou has thought us 

|«5- ^j^te/r^i^s" <«"' worthy to partake of thy ho- 

oTi H^Tn^ioxrxi i(j.Zi ly Myflerics, which thou haft 

fjLt'm.Ka.Sav'^clyitav beftowed upon us, for the 

o-« tM^ne)-'»v. a •TO,- entire Confirmation of thofe 

pl^a iSjocr.'. «£ ^«ep- things we have rightly known, 

ffioe^xr ^KS^^^s l^" for the Prefervation of Piety, 

j-«<7«,Vj'av, es (p!/Aa- for the RemiOion of our Of- 

Kbh ■^ ^aiS^s, eii fences; for the Name of 

i^g^. ^»ftjt^s AUKS'- thy Chrift is called upon us, 

rrm- oT( S o.ojua « and we are josn'd to Thee. 

Xe'rS C« ^"-^'^O O thou that haft feparated 

Wmis.xctiC"'*^- "S from the Communion of 

o-..K««VSa. jt?" the Ungodly, Unite us with 

eiw ^,-^ca^ -? TSpf^^Vg thofe that are confecrated to 

SZv xo,,*>.ias, ?.«oG. Thee in Holinefs, confirm 

«V* /.5-' -r^^ n.^ea,^«- us in the Truth by the Al- 

i'co. <r«<. fie^So. ^. fiftance of thy Holy Spirit; 

»a.^T>r»AM6««,Ty Reveal to us what things 

a5a^.,'« '-w^'/^ccT©. I- we are ignorant of. Supply 

rmmnM' "^ '^y^'^' what things we are defefrtive 

«5vj« V >J'"''''^'^ V. i"' confirm us in what things* 

Ini ' ^«^,^*" ogp- we already know, preferve 

^.xxA^g^ao., ^?r- the Prieils hlamelefs in thy 

1a«^S^mV. -^^^ ^.^^. 


Worfhip, keep the Kings in vcaay^ct xes^^vov. t^s 
Pearc, and the Rulers in le^eis d^oof/^^si ^ S'lcc- 
RighLeoufnefs, the Air in a (pvAa^ov" cv rri' Act- 
good Temperature, the Fruits of ela. o-t<* t8« /2ao-/Ae(« 
in FertiHty, the World in an S'locripuQv or dplwrif 
All-powerful Providence ; pa- t«s cij^^vJoci ouS'ixauo' 
cifie the warring Nations, <wvyi, t?s dips^i 6p c5l»- 
convert thofe that are gone Jce^co-Za, rk Ttoipirhs 
aftr^y, fancSifie thy People, ov ou<po^cty r yfsajj.ov 
keep thofe that are in Vir ov ^ 'urcu^ocA^^" 's^g^- 
giniry prefer ve thofe in the toiou. m e2rpn ^ to- 
Faith that are in Marriage, Ag/ucfjca Tre^'Opov' to 
ftrengthen thofe that are in ^^ccvnjjS^ct. ^spg- 
Purity, bring the Infants to ^ov' r ?^qv ch dyloc^ 
compleat Age, confirm the avv* th$ c/tt r^^^vic^ 
newly admitted, inftrudi the sT/aT^ipwcroi/'Tys wc^'- 
Catechumens, and ^end^^r jjlc^ S'i»(pu?^^ov C4/ irr 
them worthy of AJmifiion, «r^" t^s ov dyv&a ov 
and gather us all together ^vdfjLcoaoy' tbo vi'ZiTiee, 
into thy Kingdom of Hea- dS'j>wjo/ tus peoTeA^f 
ven, by Jefus Chrift our ^e^ aiwc-ov t^ o, j*^- 
Lord, with whom Glory, Ho* m^^^K •zzrcttj^^crov, ^ 
Hour, and Worihip be to ^ ij^uy]ai(fis aj^i^^s dvi- 
Thee, in the Holy Ghoft, S'ei^ov ^ ttccv^ ^- 
for ever. ^me^. And let fjidi 'b^cmudyoLye &s 
the Deacon fay. Bow down r ^ i^vSiv I2etai* 
to God through his Chrift, ?^€izvy c4'Xe«r<?'-fw^ 
and receive the Bleffing. And ^ wuei^cp 7]y3^ • fjLs^\ 
let the Bifliop add this Pray- « Qi Si^a^ 
er, and fay, O God Almigh- kfjch ^ (rsiom, ' 
ty, the True God, to whom 'h," <Tt^dylc^ 


Lib.Vin. the Holy.Apoftles. 

rnvi^jf^ccJiy &6 T«$ ctjco nothing can be compar'd, who 

VOLS. cct-Jjjj. ^ Sicc^ art every where, and prefenc 

xopQ^ Aeyhco' $ 0g£ in all things, and arc in no- 

S^ ? Xe/<r5 ^^ thing as one of the Things 

xA/rare, (^ ouAo^r- themfelves, vvho art not 

^, ^ G 'Q:aK07rQ- 1- bounded by Place, nor grown 

rocrij^sSwy xiym' o old by Time, who art not 

Bcoi TTovTO'ice^TMpy terminated by Ages, nor de- 

<? ah'ii^ivos 3^ davhe/' ceived by Words, who arc 

7©*, nrlpf^yy coV, % not fubjedt to Generation, 

TD?5 TT^ai ^ojV x^ 6v and wanted no Guardian, 

ehS)in o^i ovovTi VTrccp- w4io art above all Corrupti- 

fj^v, liTTzs /^7i ^f- on, free from all Change, 

e^(po^©., ^epvois and invariable by Nature, 

f/.ri 7raAca8f4«J®-,o cww- who inhabit efl Li^ht inaccef- , Tim. ^i 

ci ^ri 'T^e^^Tg^'Ji'j©., (ihle, who art by Nature in- »^. 

;\9;3LP^« /^^ ©^pi^;^®*, vifible, and yet art known 

o 9)j^g(7^ ^ri '\i?zro>cei/Ag- to all reafonable Natures, 

v©-y ^up^-aya ^rj who feek Thee with a good 

^oju^f@v, J (pGoe^s a- Mind, and art comprehend- 

ywTgj?©., TepTrSs a- ed by tho(e that (eek after 

vs7rih>cf(^, 6 (pv(pi ol' Thee with a good Mind ; the 

vct>koic^'^, o (poos oU God of Ifrael, thy People 

•a^v at2>£pW©r, o t^T which truly Tee, and which 

(fiai ao'e^T©., yt/ca^ have believed in Chrifl:. Be 

^ TDcVous T /t^gT 9u- gracious to me, and hear me, 

yo/as ox^>»T»aa/5 (^g for thy Name's fake, and biefs 

^yi){^7s (pva-ea-ip , o thofe that bow down their 

Hcf,'^:^f^^oLvofj^^ u- Necks unto Thee, and grant 

'TTo ^'' ov cAjyoU Qi them the Petitions of their 

^nTivTo^p (TB' 0go$ Hearts, which are for their 

'lo-e^t^A, S oiAV'^m^ Good, and do not reject 

c^yl@^y T? &s Xe,^^y any one of them from thy 



Kingdom: But fandify,guarcl, 'TnWJixi^^©* ?^^ o-«* 

cover, and affift them ; de- o(}\f^jy\i ^^o>V@- ^'^- 

liver them from the Adver- 3c&(7di/ ^» i^ S opok^^ 

fary, and every Enemy ; keep o-y, ?^ ou;\9y>j(TOi' t«j 

P(a!.cxx.B their HoufcS, and guard thar cmi yjeK?iiyJifTzis TiSff Ic/ju- 

ComingS'in and their Goings^ ^v cuu^tvccs, ^ (J^s 

f«/. For to Thee belongs cujth^s to edrl^u^Qc r?fS 

the Glory, Praife, Majefty, y^^p^^p Suu^v m 'Qi 

Worfliip, and Adoration, and avi^p^vn, ?^ jxwJ^&Vx 

to thy Son Jefus, thy Chrift, &ju^v '^SAn^vmLri- 

our Lord, and God, and arts ok 'f IBxcnP^.eiocs an' 

King, ?> the Holy Ghoft, iiMa ayictaov hjiliSy 

now and always, for ever cppipnoDv, entg-aratror, <^'- 

and ever. ^w^«. And the fc;\^fS, pcTx^ ? aA* 

Deacon (hall fay, D^/^^r? in Plpre/ty, TrcViS^ ^%6f 5' 

F^^/r^. Thefe Conftitutions tJs ont«5 cwjt&'i/ (pi^;^* 

concerning this Myftical Wor- for, las e'(73<f ys a/j-Twv 

Ihip, we the Apoftles do Or- ^ to? ^oJ^«j (pfipnQv* 

dain for you the Bifiiops, or/ G' ^^t^-, o"^©-? M^" 

Priefts and Deacons. yi^^girpeweict, c^Ccts, 

mS dyio) TTvAipi^if viw ^ dei ^ &ii tIh ctjcovccs 

xvi. Concerning the Ordinati- n?ei j p^f/eP'^o- 

on of Presbyters ; vUs TrpeaSvii^v^ [[eyca 

Lib.Virl the Holy Apoftles. 

ripeGSuTi^v ^€i^rTU' VV hen thou Ordained a Pret 
ywj/ 00 'fmcKOTpe, r bycer, O Bifhop, lay thy 
X^ej^ ^ r xe<^cc?iris Hand upon his Head, in 
^t/S-cj oujI^s, S TT^gcr- the Prefence qf the f'resby- 
CvTie/y'^scri^^sQoi, ters and Deacons, and pray, 
0^ rPlSS'iccy^^jjooy' '^ cv- faying, O Lord Almighty, 

our God, who haft created 
all things by Chrift, and doft 
in like manner take care of 
the whole World* by Him; 
(£ <li amS rP^ o^ojv for He who had Power to 
'!:^vQcov i(0,iw?^.yiAoos, make different Creatures, has, 

alio Power to take care of 
them, according to their dif- #^* Pag. 
ferent Natures ; on which ac- 4^7* 
count, O God, thou takefl; 
care of Immortal Beings by 

jic a^voLr^v (pLfAaxf bare Prefervation, but of thofe 

that are Mortal by Succeffion, 
of the Soul, by the Provi- 
fion of Laws, of the Body 
by the Supply of its Wants. 
Do thou therefore now alio 
look down upon thy holy 
dyicuu Qa o7fic?i-/icn^.^ Church, and encrca(e tha 
cub^y)Qv 0juTy]v,, ^ ^ri- fame, and multiply chofe that 

prefide in it, and grant ihem 
Power, that they may labour 
fjLiv o^^S KO'TTioLv obu- both in Word and VVork for 
nriii ;\p^^ ^ gp^cej €ii the Edification of thy People. 

Do thou now alfo look down 
upon this thy Servant, who 
is put into the Presbytery 


GuJUOV T^S Oi' CWT"/] 

OiTCOdbUlUi TS^ <^w c^. 

■ rv) / rv ij^ 


by the Vote and Determina- 4''9^ ^ y^e^(ji tS ;cA>7- 

tion of the whole Clergy : pn ^td? «j •srpgo-^u- 

And do thou repleniih him Ti^ov 'OnSb^S^vTisu, ^ 

with the Spirit of Grace, Ijul^yjQv aurnv 'ttvX'k^s 

and Coiinfel, to afTift and go ;^e/c7©«- ^ cvfJi^vAixs^ 

vern thy People with a pure tS (^Tf;>gt,/xgaVgcd^ 6 

Heart, in the fame manner yvuSepuav r ^cv Qh 

as thou didil look down up- 6^ n^^.fo. ^pS'ia/ 

Fx.xnii. ^" ^^Y chofen People, and oV Te^^i^ ^^<J^« ^'^ 

«c«xiv,& didft command Mofcs to %,oi/ cx;\9^5i^ o-», <^ 

xxrrl choofe Elders, whom thou Tr^cti^^oLi Mc^JUayiaX- 

didft fill widi thy 6pirit. Do /?«c^ Trpeo-Svrepas, ts 

thou alfo now, O Lord, eTi^naix^ 'mv^y^Q^. yj 

grant this, and preferve in vwo, 7u>e/-ej *u?^.(^m^ 

us the Spirit of thy Grace, ^eP^ii'TreiTn^p cvrifjiTp 

that this Peifon being filled g irv^jfj^cfs *? ')^eJ^^i 

with the Gifts of Healing, (7t*' oTmoi TrXr^^en c^- 

and the Word of Teaching, epynfj^drMv lciU-^m',% 

may in Meeknefs inftruct ?[gy\i (^J«,xt/3c'«, cv 

thy People, and fincerely ir^M^ -jrauSA}^ o-y 

ferve Thee with a pure Mind r ;\^oy, 3^ J&a4^ G^ 

and a willing Soul, and may ftAfjce^y&^f jo#^^.C7ap«> 

fully difcharge the iioly Mi- ^olvol^^ ^ Y^;^'' '^•" 

niftrations for thy People, AfcV)i. % mj \^ tS? 

through thy Chrifl:, with ;\^h lepypyUs afxMfJL^s 

whom Glory, Honour and d^f-rAy, c^ t5 Xe^t- 

Worfhip be to Thee, in the <r^ crj* /xg3-' 

Holy Ghoft, for ever. Aj^jc/j. % am Si^ct. ^ [[^]] 

€iS Tiii oddoyas, dfitw. 

Lib.VHl. the Holy Apoftles. 

Uee/ ^€^eP'Tci'/af Concerning the Ordinati- XViL 

S'loLii^yc^v^lllyca ^lAi^- on of Deacons ; 

^^y,Qvov Ttst-mgilo-fts, Thou flialt Ordain a Dea- 

cS g^cTxoTTg, ^o.%i5 con, O Bifliop, by laying 

mmf Tzii x^^^f '^" ^^^Y Hands upon him in the 

pec^aTis (Toi 'TH^w S Prefence of the whole Pref- 

'scrpeo-CvTieJ^ft,^ r S'lct- bytery, and of the Dea- 

Tl^vcav, ^ imv^ciySpQ* cons, and ftialt pray, and 

lp« i" fay ; 

'Or&ECj, ttJ/jtt,- O God Alttiighty, the XViii. 

xe^Toyp, 6 ccAwrS^ros True and Faithful God, who 

^ oi'^XS'TiSy ttA^- art rich unto all that call 

*7wp «5 -diims T»5 g*?n- Upon Thee in Truth, who 

xaAsjut^a? (7g cv aAw^ art fearful in Counfels, and 

Gact, (poSecps ov j2»- wife in Underflanding, who 

^7i, Q(foi S'lccvoio^, art powerful and great, hear 

o Tce^^m^ici ^ fjieyoii' our Prayer, O Lord, and let 

€i(m.Kh(Toy7repcr(^X^^^' thine Ears receive our Sup- 

|/^, juie^g, y^ opoj' plication, 2L)^d caufe the Light 

U<mj[ S'haiv ijjJfS'y (S of thy Countenance to jhine 

'£^(foLvov S 'Gf^GooTTLv ^ufou thls thj Servd^t, who 

Q^ 'On T SZt^v C« is to be Ordain'd for Thee 

'ToVfe, ^ •nrep%«et^o- to the Office of a Deacon ; 

}j5povcroL€isS'LOLy^vLccv^ and replenifli him with thy 

5^ TrKnaop iurroj/ '7rr<^- Holy Spirit, and with Power, 

^[^7©- ' »;)//»", ^ S\j' as thou didft replenifti Ste- & 

fol,jjji(f)s J oji lirMo^ fhen, who was thy Martyr, 8c rii. 

^ii(^cwov T /HstpTue^ and Follower of the vSune- 

^ fjiifjAjiriv ^ TraSw- rings of thy Chrift. Do thou 

fj^^Twv tS Xe/trS cry, render him worthy to dif- 

I deeft. V. 



charge acceptably the Mini- ^ k^^I^^iooctov ouj^v 

ftration of a Deacon, fteadi- (kixpiczus ?ieiTiifyMp' 

ly, unbiameably, and with- mx r ey^eiQ^^aai^ 

out Reproof, that thereby he cu/nJ S'tay,ovica' drpiir' 

may attain an higher De- loos, dy.efjL'T^.aH, dtey 

gree, through the Mediation ^cAtJtws, fjieiCpvoi cJ^toy- 

of thy Oniy-begotten Son, Svcu (Sa^fJiy, S^ *? 

with whom Glory, Ho- fj/ganrloLs tS j^ovo^j^s 

nouT, and Worfliip be to Qi^ij^' fjn^' ^Qn^^u, 

Thee, tn the Holy Spirit, for 'nju.ri (t crjSacs, 

ever. Amcrf» 'Iv'^mS alyioj ^[[^]] 

I ^^X; Concerning a Deaconefs : rTee^ ^ Siol'^v'kt- 

cv]S , [[ Bap>;\9K9i?©4 

O Bifliop, thou flialt lay thy ctkotts, 'Qr,hi\(ni<i cwrrl 

Hands upon her in the Pre- ms x^^^f f^eq^ui^s 

fence of the Presbytery, and 5 w^eaSvT^eJ^v ^ o^gf 

of the Deacons, and Dca- S-ioiv^pcfv^ (fe '^ <fia,- 

conefTes, and (halt fay, y^c/vio^oiv, (S IpSs. 

XX. O Eternal God, the Father V 'O ^^U J cuw- 

*»*Jg^2- of our Lord Jefus Chrift, y/©-, o nm.rr\p^ S tw 

the Creator of Man, and of e>»« *fp^J '^^^^ ^6«* 

Woman, who didft replenilh r»> o ^S^^s ^yiwM- 

P y with the Spirit Miriam, and ;(^? ^f^ivpys, o ttAw- Dehhorah, and -^«;?^, and W^/- g^Ws ^ mv^^Q* " 

Lukii.^6.^^y^. vvho didft not dildain Ma^tai^ <& AeSoppcty, 

xxl"^. »^1^^^ ^^'^y Only- begotten ^on ^ "Ay^'<V^, p^ ^OaJ^v, 

Ihould be born of a Wo- o ^ri aTa|/ft>;73t^ @ 

man, who alfo in the Ta- /^vo^^ii c7« ifo»' ^^yjjfijt- 

TVdJfMTl, V. 


Lm.VIIL the Holy Apcftles; 

you ox yuvcuy^i^ o ^ cr bemacle of the Teftimony^ 
Tf ukLuj^ t? f^fpTueAn and in the Temple, didft 
^ o^ $* yao; Trepx^' Ordain Women to be Keep- 
et(Jjc4'J©- TO5 (pj3v/3a5 ers of thy holy Gates ; Do 
'7^^ oiyioov (Tn myKc^v' thou now alio look down 
cvJixJi % VIM t^GTih ^ upon this thy Servant, who 
T S'vhtw tn *rliAJu^, r is to be Ordain d to the 
!rep;:^«€/^ojw^Za; «5 Oiffice of a Deaconefs, and 
SiccytQvid/j, ^ Sis cwTVi grant her thy Holy Spirit, 
mv^yi^ oiyov, <S j(0t- and cleanfe her from all Fil^iCou 
JoLQjLdov oLfjm'^Trcty' thinefs of Fle[h and Sfirh^^^^-^' 
TQs u^^hvcjjiS (mpyt^ ^ that flie may worthily dif- 
7rp^iJ^^@^^ 'B^s S charge the Work which is 
* Imi^iws" 'QiTiA&v commitced to her, to thy 
cairi/ S ef^&eA^'iv Glory, and the Prai(e of 
cwJtm epyv, eli Si'^ctv thy Chrift, with whom Glo- 
ojfi ,?^ eirojivov ^Y^ez-T^ ^y and Adoration be to Thee, 
cy* jxg^-' § Qi S^^cc ^ /;; the Holy Spirit for ever. 
rsT^tmujuffis , Amerf> 

J[[^]] 'c# ' ^clylcf) 
ThS ouoovccs. ocfJilw, 

Uee} -izjoSiccTLO' Concerning the Sub-dea- xxL 

voov, [[eycio Soofxais S^icc^ COnS : 

oKOTmis]] 'isjDhciy^ovov When thou doft Ordain a 
^ci^Tuvaiv, Z 'Qn(7K0' Sub-deacon, OBiiliop, thou 
'TTg, 'Qn^ofii ctt' cu>W flialt lay thy Hands upon 
rraii x^^^y % h^^' ^^^y ^^^ f^y> O Lord God, 
^iawDTo, <3t2j v^vv ^ the Creator of Heaven and 
^i ^fjiiifpysj ^ Wk- Earth, and of all things that 



are therein, who alfo in the 

&Th ^'^'" ^^'^"'*'3c'^ of ^he Teftimony 
jx, "d'dit appoint Overfeers and 
Kcrpers of thy holy Ve/Iels. 
Do thou now look down up- 
on thi5 thy Servant, who is 
to be ordain'd a Sub^deacon ; 
and grant him the Holy 
Spirit, that he may worthi- 
ly handle the Veffels of thy 
Miniftry, and do thy Will 
always, through thy Chrift, 
with whom Glory, Honour 
and Worfliip be to Thee, in 
the Holy Spirit, for ever. 

XXII. Concerning Readers. 



Ordain a Reader by laying 
thy Hands upon him, and 
pray unto God, and fay, 
O Eternal God, who art 
plenteou?m Mercy and Com- 


(^d^cLi iP^ dyloov <PH 
Tos <^ vuii b^SPiS-^ov 

S eTm^loos icpeiyrfeSuf 

<M Syces. cljj(.tw. 

[[Ilg^ ^ dvccyi^et)" 

CAiTOf, S^-^lfJ OUUTtf^ 

o ttdAuc CM' eA^'<j xoi 

X^eSm'ViVT^. V. '|2fWK,V. 


LiKVIir. ,the Holy Aportles: 

xdajubv mj^aiv <^ ^ padions, who haft made ma* 

cvipy^lJ^jcav (pGw€^* nifeft the Confticution of 

rnnmaws^ xa* r ag^S the World by thy Operati* 

IJigv ^ oKhetnSv (T'rs ons therein, and keepeft thg 

hct<fvhoi'f\o}v. cwTcs Number of thine Elect: Do 

jtcL| pm Im^e 'On ^ ^ thou alfo now look down 

^Z?^v aur" ey^eteA' Upon thy Servant, vflio is to 

^ofj^ov y*i dyiocs a\$ be entrulled to read to thy 

^oc(pois dpayivmcTK^v People, and give him thy 

^ v^w <r6, Kod S'oi Holy Spirit, the Prophetick 

ewjW 'wv^^ iyiQv, Spirit. Thou who cidlt m- 

vrv^y^ 'wep<pvTiyc6v, ftrucS EJdras thy Servant, to N^e hem» 

o (n)(pi(7D[^ ^'Ea^ccv (§ read thy Laws to the Peo-^"** 

rS^e^TTOi'm <7» 'Q7 S pie, do thou now alfo at 

dvccyivci!ia7C€tv t'^s vifjiffs our Prayers inftrudJ: thy Ser- 

ctf'TtS j^gLOJca KCLivtw vant, and grant that he may 

>R)^)f^A^|ui^©- ii(p 71- without Blame perfed the 

fjLOJPy mia-ov r ^^?^v Work committed to him. and 

c-v^ y,ou<^osaju'nJ/ep thereby be declared worthy 

yp" dya'^yvcogDv S'lcc of an higher Degree, thro* 

vicnf^^cL $ Ifye^e^^h Chrift, With whom Glory and 

eaW, oi^Lov dvoL^ei*^ Worfhip be to Thee, In the 

e>?t/cu )x«<^ov©- RcL^' Holy Ghoft. forever. ^7«<f;/. 

^^ [[)ca)]] ciSoLS, 's»' Ti^ dyica TTvdjfActTi, eli tw cmw* 

o/^9%>^•i>15 » «:^«eP'^' A ConfelTbr is riot Ordain'd : 
I. Q § f Of 


For he is fo by Choice and yaTo^' ^w^mjs y> t5to 
Patience, and is worthy of xq -is^f^ovm* rtfAXs jj 
great Honour, as having iMyoiA^s JW^/©-, wc 
confefs'd the Name of God, ofj^hoyvaz^^^ g ovof^ 
and of his Chrift before Na- n?Se^, >caJiSXe<r5 
dons and Kings. But if turrQ cvcu^or e^p£i^ 
there be Occafion, he is to tloa ^^oLoiXkcav, Idv p 
be ordain d either a Biftiop, ;^p«* mjiS ? «« 2^- 
Prieft, or Deacon. But if o-jtoTror, i xpeo-St/Ti- 
any one of the Confeffors ep^,^^ ^f^tcovow ;^«- 
who is not ordain d fnatches e^FftTOf. « <r« ti« c^o- 
to himlelf any fuch Digni- ?^yf\'T'7\i,iM\ ^ei^^nvn' 
ty, upon account ot his Con- ^etsy dfmdcrvi^^ i(W7t^ 
fcffion, let the fame Perfon d^ioj^cLm auiaTor.^ws 
be depriv'd and rejeded .* <ria r ^ugp^gylav^ ^id? 
for he is not in luch an ^^ip^^^, xoa am- 
Office,, fince he has deny'd faMic^. » jap ^y* 
the Conftitution of Chrift, Wei'mpripvmajfrXe^-' 
iTim.v.£.and is ncP'fe than an hfi- <ri Sidm^iv xaliriv 
del. dwlcr^ Xf^v. 

A Vir- r^^V@* « ^^fte^TB- 

gin is not Ordain'd ; for we venwi' t^mtyrjy ^ wj^ 

h^iz'C no fuch Command from ^y ei)^ 'f^!^^' 5^<w- 

l^.^'^'^"* the Lord ; for this is a State y^n^ yxp '^S eTra^Agv^ 

of voluntary Tryal, not for Gm ^ S^iaSoAin tS 

the Reproach of Marriage, y^'/xw , X^' 2^ j^oA? f 

but on account of leifure cvtT^Saa;. 
for Piety. 

tib-VlIL the Holy ApoftlesC 

mxMTjji/^* ]] ;:^^we;c « A Widow iS hot Ordain'd ; 
;^«ePTo>'a'Ta^» Xvi' fi yet if Ihe has loft her Hu(- 
Jui die ^ttomS amSccAg band a great while, and has 
(§ ^S'esf^y ^ (7a<^eppoo9 lived foberly and unblame- 
^ cc^cf,myi^uf^$ spiatj ably, and has taken extraor- ♦** P^g. 
<^ '7^ otaeiooy ae^$% dinary Care of her Family,, /!° . 
% e-Tre^gAj?.^. &)5 Jtf- as 7//^//^, and Anm, chole . .^y^,^^/ 
<r]6, j^^'Arj^o., cu(7g/^- Women of great Reputation, i-"^ "• 
pofiamjf ii^oirrix^ajiSw hi her be chofen into the^^* 
«5 S <^e/t)c^»', « Order of Widows : But if 
peoori dTXTsCahe ^ flie has lately loit her Yoke - 
cf^^vtpv, fA7] •Tnr^^f- fellow, let her not be be- 
Swy X^c6 xd'v^ v€i' liev'd, but let her Youth be 
rtnsTt^vfSwi m y^'m,' judged of by thecime : Fot 
^ I3-' 0TB '^" aryfT^pa the Affedions do fometimes 
«w6e^7rB/«, ^ « ' //,ri grow aged with Men, if 
•^ x.p€ir!oy@^ *^KivZ they be not reftrained by ^ 
,' ^fy>lM^\ bettet: Biidle. 

iw"-]] emp^giisii ^€i'^ An Ejcofci ft IS fid t Ofdaih*d: 
ePTJ^flTOf. cvrolcci ^ For 'tis a Tryal of voluntary 
Ixvo-iw S WGaoj/, (^ Goodnefs, and of the Grace 
^e^f@-0ev2/^XeA- of God, through Chrift, by 
eS, Vh(poiTYiji g' a the Afliftance of the Holy 
ylv mv^f^©-' -jS spirit 2 For he v^^ho has re- 
p\^^m ^p;-o}L^ U' ceived the Gift of Healing 
fipirwr, cT/ ^JC9^Ay is declared by Revelation 

O © ar ffOflfi 



from God. But if there be %f.6w; \zji ©gS aVaJ^«- 

Occafion for him. he muft tu^vtoj, (pdpee^s 'im 

be ordain d a Bifliop, era Wen ^ o,; (WT^e^- 

Deacon* t©-. tai 5 XP^^ ^' 

Let a Bilhop be Ordain d by okott^ ]] ^xcr^Tr^ 
Three or Two Biihops : but v?ro ^v v JVo ?^- 
if any one be Ordain'd by o-yij^-Trwy ^€i^rnvei(Bw' 
oneBifl^.op, let him be de- icvv <^e ^s -icoo svos ^a- 
priv d, both himfelf, and he ^rj^vM '^na}ii<^yf,y^' 
that ordain'd him. But if ^ipaSi!o, ^ c«,<ii?, ^ d 
there be a Neceffity that he ^«epT.v/iW ^mv' i^ 
have only one to Ordain ^ dvdyxii n^^hden 
him, becaufe more BiOiops ^^ l.os ^ ^ipp'^py)^^' 
cannot come together, as in y^, 2^ S ^i Sbvct^ 
tin^^e of Perfecution, or for ^^ovctc c^r^Jc^ 
luch like Caufes, let him Sio^yfjL^ oVt®., it dh- 
bring the Suffrage of Per- a«. o^/ct^T.. ^.ViW, 
million from more Bifliops. ^^,ajj.ct n^fju^iSw -? 

XXVIXT. Concerning the Canons. [['O cuuii^, ^ J^. 

A Bifliop blefTes, but does vcov.]] f^^y^^@. cJu- 
not receive the BlelUng. He p^p^?, ^ ^Aoy,7^^ 

Lib. VIII. fk Holy Apoftles: 
xetep^m, ^.i&(9v&, lays on Hands, Ordains, Of- 
•B^j^pi , <^7isy'Hi fers. Receives the Blcffing 
«s^ 'QiTyfi-Ttwv ;^iJ>.' from Biftiops, but by no 
€xvi, ^ Trpeo-^u- means from Presbyters. A 
7^£5tf^ 4ihiiJL£i- IttIc-m- BiQiop deprives any Clergy- 
*©- K5t^'P« -^-^ ™a" who deferves Depri- 
yXyiejtyfsi' ' ^k'ov" ovTO vation, excepting a BiQiop ; 
y^^if eoscof , V'^^' ^""^ °f himfelf he has not.,*P;^ 
g;it(r<s7r«M9''©-y>«V Power to do that. A Pref- 4i«. 
oToitt. ^ xf gffSu'nf®. byter Bleffes, but does not 
<^P^yi7, S87C. ouAo5«?. receive the Bleffing; yet does 
7a(- <iU%^/as tT^'i^TO^ he receive the Bleffing front 
«%i ao-Kj7r«,^ 'wix- theBilhop, or a Fellovv-Pref- 
TTpiaCuripa , wraoTws byter. In like manner does 
l7r.=r/4,.^ avfMTrpeaSv- he give it to a Fellow-Pref- 
•Wps;' ;»^ao'^w>' xei- byter. He lays on Hands, 
epw«, « ^S«if.j, but does not Ordain; he does 
«po£*C"i D "^^ '^^«* "°'^ deprive, yet does he 
€n^Txs, il^ Zaiv J- feparate thole that are un- 
rv^i^^uxjoi T« T„ic«^T>, der him. if they be liable to 
itftwe;^.%'ico»©-8« fuch a Punilliment. A Dea- 
ii7\syih * i'i^'Tiy ^- con does not biefs, does not 
}^yl<w , >^i^Uv\ 5 give the Bleffing, but receives 
*^^\wia-^^^^Trfic- it from the BiQiop and Prel- 
€.Tip«- a ^^fl/'C-i' « bvter; he does not baptize, 
•BW^^i"!, ? ''f-^'- he 'ioes not offer, but when 
cMTH «^«rs>KcV7os a Bilhop or Presbyter has 
% ? TTfe^euTifii, ««• offer'd, he dittributes to the 
nis ImS'lSiixn W XctSi, People ; not as a Pneft, but 
vv' «5 hp^:, ^' ^* as one that minifters to the 
^-<P>'8f^©' h^^^- Prist's- fi"": '"5 "°^ *^^""^ 


: deeft.V. '^K. V. ^ -ff4£^^ V. 

Oo 3 ^^^ 

eON S T I T UT I O N S o/ Lib.YlU. 

for any one of the other ^pfj ^ ci?xcap yChneA- 

Clergy to do the Work of a wiv S 5^ i^xoVa Ip^i/ 

Deacon A Deaconefs does 'TnxiJcTaf g^vI c^oV, cTio-- 

not biefs, nor perform any '^ivio^a^ swt iijXoyS' 

thing belonging to the Of- X^* (^ tl chu <rnn^Jiv 

fice of l^resbyters or Dea- q: TrpeaSuTf^t^ r\ ot 

rons, but only is to keep 2^kovqi , eizrCTsA^ , 

the Doors, and to minift r X^\* vj §* (puXoL-rleiif 

to the Presbyters in the m$ ^li-ys, ^ If^u-m* 

Baptizing of Women, on ac- peT^l^ ^7i 'UTpeaCu* 

count of Decency. A Dea- r^^is oy Tcef /3a'^/^g^ 

con fcparates a Sub-Deacon, Tcif yvuuauKocs, ^ ^ 

a Reader, a Singer, and a (^wps^i^ 2^kovQ4 dm 

Deaconefs, if there be any (pocJ^Zi 'i^^ioixovov , 

occafion, in the Abfence of ^oLyi/(^<^v , -^xArlw^ 

a Presbyter, 'Tis not law- S'icckgvloszlv, e^ yi U 

ful for a Sub- Deacon to fe- 'wi^rov fAri ^a^vfQ* 

parace either one of the ^^pecrQuTipa, \zmSio^' 

Cler^v or Laity, nor for a ^oVco g^k e^er^v ofo- 

Reader, nor for a Singer, c^^jstf, »Tg fjilw dtcty 

nor lor a Deaconefs, for r«tW, tJii ^oJatjiv, st^ 

they are the Minillers to ^ «rjax.orioartf", « xA»- 

theDisacons, ^xovy » Kolikov' u- 

iDipfTUj yoLf €i<7i cT/a- 

Let the Bilhop bleCs the Wa- cT/agtcxroiL/^ ]] (i';\p^/. 

ler, or phe Oil : But if }ie *»» 1'Traii^TnsSvShjp, 

be not there, let the Pref- « SSJ-^/oj/* I^q fjih 

hyter blefs it, the Deacon 'jTctpfi.^^'^T^iiwoTrf^cr- 

ftanding by : But if the Bi- CvispQ^y ^gswx©-?* 

Lib. VIII. the Holy Apoftlcs. 

SioLKopy. ImLv q o I- fliop be prefenc, let the PreP- 

ma-y^THis ^^fj 'me*- bycer and Deacon (land by, 

9x>St(} Trpea-^vupQ^-^ and let him lay thus .: 

o ^xov@^' hsysivj 5 O Lord of Hofts, the Gpd of 

Stojs TUi^eXccCaM, Powers, the Creator of the 

Geos ^ Su/joij^ic^v, Waters, and the Supplier of 

TcTigx. ^^ JJbtTwr, <S Oil, who art compallionate, 

^pvyc tS lAoMtf, o/;c' and a Lover of Mankind, 

Tipfjigv ^ ipiXoiv^^nT2y v/ho haft given Wter for 

,of»^5^ l^p^s^sTri' Drink, and for Clean/ing, 

oiv }^ '^^.pairj ^ t and Oil to give Man 4 ^/i^^r^ Pr^'- ciii. 

?\gi.LQTSi>^gLpujuou7r^ ful and joj fid Countenance* T>,Q ^"^^ 

Qimv eis oLya,>Ki<x,y^ thou now alfo fandifie this 

diw^crujoyis' cwiris ?^ Water, and this Oil, through 

vuL S'Loi X^tg-y \oiyl(t- thy Chrift, in the Name of 

GLv g votop rr^ro (c S him or her that has ofrer'd 

eAcaoj/. It ovo^k §" them, and grant them a Povv- 

'n^o-'<ppc/7i^7©- , r er to reftore Health, to drive 

't ^s^G-^fjuoiicmi' ^ away Difeafes, to banifh Dx- 

(Jbs Siwxfjuv vyiiacs mons, and to difperfe all 

Ij^Lmi^lcytlvj , vicrrjov Snarcs, through Chrift, our 

ot^^^>cZa) , cTctt^ Hope, with whom Glory, 

v^v ({^oyaMjTiy^Luf, rriDL- Honour, and Worfliip be to 
cYis em^n^.r)s Sic^Kn^ Thee, in the Holy Ghoft, 

y,lw^ (S'loi Xe^r3, '? fot ever. Amen. 

mv^jj^lc^ ei jMi odoovas. dfjilw. 

O o 4 Let 


Let all Firft-fruits be brought sU ^cf^opqao^^rTrdar^ a- 

to the Bifliop, and to the ^^^jj Hf^a-risf^i^^^ 

Presbyters, and to the Dea- t^ l-ma-iLc^ctij ^ ws 

cons, for their Maintenance ; TrpitT&rjTi^ii , <£ lurs 

but let all the Tythe be ^ctKOvou.i^ihoiT^lm 

for the Maintenance of the iv^v ^T^^kycdnUu 

reft of the Clergy, and ^cy^cpp^peSziLf, aV Jifa- 

of the Virgins, and Wi- TCPfpl^r ?[gi7rwv TtXri^ 

dows, and of thofe under ^^cmv ^ r 'Sp^voov^ 

?** Pag- the Trial of Poverty. For '^^ ^r^^v, ^^ 

*^** the Firft Fruits belong to the C4f mvlct ^gitt^o/ut«- 

Priefts, and to thofe Deacons vm, a/ ^S dSpx'^ ^ 

that minifter to them. i?pgwv «o-l, ^ r aJ- 


Thofe Eulogies which remain cA/aaoii c^ tdis au^?i 
at the Myfteries, let the •>[p7i S:\gyiccs, -4^ yi^co- 
beacons diftribute them a- ^jlIa/j tS ema-^o^n r]-^ 
mong the Clergy, according Trpia^wn^v 01 J^/a* 
to the Mind of the Bifliop, y^voi S'lccvifjt.eTODa^ ttS 
or the Presbyters: To a Bi- ^Ari^o;* t^ emcxoTxrco 
fliop Four Parrs, to a Presby- /tx^^)? reo^xesf^ 'wp^o''^ 
ter Three Parts, to a Dea- Qwripo) jmsprj T£jix, Six- 
con Two Parts, and ro the ytovcfj fjiipyi S)jo' ^7i q 
reft of the SubrDcacons, or aMo/?, 'imhaxcvois , 
Readers, or Singers, or Dea- r] cLiayi/oop:tiSj J -^A-* 

t deefl. V, ^ ' ' ' ' 

Ub.Vlt^. the Holy Apoftles. 

/Ttttf, r) S'lccvjsvio^rzLts , concffes, ofse Part : For this 

fjLep(^ Iv. tSto ^ j(56 is good and acceptable ia 

?^v ?^ cLTri^KTov ovco' the bighc of God, that eve- 

rmoy tS 0^2, g;(a93v ry One be honour'd accord- 

If-m^ Kp 'T (ic/ry a ing to his Dignity ; for the 

^LOiv' y\ 'y> oKyJKy]C7ioL ix, Clmrch is the School, not 

a'Tu§/W,X^i^ i^'m^ia* of Confufion, but of good 

^ ^^piai[^?ieiQv. Order. 

Sect. LXVII. 

[ jT-aV no^A©., [T Aifo Paul, the leattxxxir,^ 

•^^^ -^ ar7ni<;vhm I' ^ of the /\poftles, do 

Aa;:^r©-j TOiJg ^i<^ make the following Con- 

rwLojDfJiou v^juv <ni7i I fticutions for you the Bi- 

'7no-;to'7n)t^, & TrpeaSu fliops, and Presbyters, and 

Ti^ts, *:?%< jt^Lpo'yiijj/,] Deacons, concerning Canons.] 

01 vre^TMs 'G^a-iovTis Thofe that firft come to the 

"TtS lAAjq-Yte/ca 1? dXtG^' Myftcrv of GodIinefs,let thcm 

Q&oii, S'loL ^ Slol- be brought to the Bifliop, 

ii^vcav ir^doLyti^^ or to the Presbyters, by the 

W eTria-iiToi, t). Ws Deacons, and let them be 

'ujpeaSiiTi^is' ^ -m? examined as to the Caufes 

cdrifti c^g^^?tS-<i><rc^, wherefore they come to the 

^ ^S^^ tA>^<7iiA^j/ S* Word of the Lord : And let 

Tuje^ctK^ ?[sycfj oi<n thofe thac bring them exa(3:' 

oi^jopcrtvsy^uTTs juSStw- ly enquire about their Cha- 

p€i'nt)(rdfj ojurnTs, dytpj.- raifl^ci, and give them their 

€w ji^Tgf TT* ^[g.'T iu- Tedmiuny. Let their Man- 

T«> c/^^-TTx^gtS-wgi^ 5 ^^^^ ^i*^ fh^ir ^-^f^ be en- 

ouTiiii/ ?^ o/ re;? nji, (£ quir a into, and whether they 

& (6i@., (c « JyAoi ft- be Servants or Free-men : 

my y\ iASdr^i^ ^ $^ Aim if any one be a Servant, 



let him be ask'd who is his ^Tn^rS <^2a©->i, f£^-Ta- 
Waller? If he be Servant to c^<w o 7w^@- tuurS^ « 
one of the Faithful, let his [xffi^pe! ounrS' ioLv ^ 
Mafter be ask'd if he can />i?i '^Soc>^.€^c»> eeoi 
give him a good Chara- <j/i icwTXiP a^iov liri" 
&ict. Jf he cannot, let him S'&^vi S* h^omoTyi' « 
be rejeded until he (hew j^ fifi:>Tupei ouutiJ', tt^ctt 
himfelf to be vvorchy to S^^s^o)". « j ^ i^viytv 
his Mafter r But if he does S qUstyis, tS'i^o-ici^ca 
give him a good Chara Ajccpe<^7v W kcRTJOTvi, 
d'er, let Kim be admitted. Ipx /xi (i?\^a^YifJir\'^ o 
But if he be Servant to an ;^r©-. & jx Iv lyi 
Heathen, let him be taught ywDcuTtx, % fi yuA 
to pieafe his Matter, that ^S^e^. SiSh.(Tyje^co(n^ 
the f' ord he not hla[fhemd. ap)c«^ sojUTnTi, « cfl* 
If then he have a Wife, or ayxfj^ol eim, ^u^j^rs- 
a Woman hath an Husband, mua^j fjcy^ ^mpydlsif, 
let them be taught to be ^Mqc ya^fj^^v vofjLCfj. « 
contenc with each gcher ; but <f\! i Shaawryu owt5 iri' 
if theybeunmarry'd,letthem stj?6jV, % « J^s oti tb^- 
learn not to commit Forni- vAl^-, « S^ifbonv ommS 
,cation, but to encer into law- ytwouKcc, ri T>r yiwou- 
iul Marriage: But if his Ma- xl ^^pjl, oicpoe^'Q- 
fter be one of the Faithful, ^u.eoip Hlci^ai^^igvct, 
and knows that he is guilty I^m SxShicryLf^ca pi r 
of Fornicatiofi, and yet does Sai^et^, /ucri o^f^o-^V 
pot giv^e him a Wife, or to p^^w o «? x^olvcovI^ 
the Woman an Husband, let tt^/V dv >^3Txe«^f ' 
Jiim be leparated : But if « ^ <&z3&raT - vaivWi- 
any one harh a Dsrmon, let yi^ ^s^ak^i^M- kr 
him indeed be taught Piety, Us TmpyoSocrm- ?) ^tpx^' 

Lib.Vin. the Holy Apoftles, 

mlcda; tS fj^<^Q7rAjeiv , buc not received into Com- -, 

% ^^SaMycdw. ^ripvY) munion before he be cleans'd ; 

cf^jiva-oCf 7j 'TTDUftTa* yet if Death be near,, let him ^ 

^w, 71 ^?aMfc3-«. be recei'/d. if an7 one be ^ 

e(fbt)^7D/of ^ay^aiftiv, r\ a Maintainer of Harlocs, let 

mzw^dt^ y\ ^Jro^aMg- him either leave off to p-o- 

^&>. r 'On o-KwvS? l^ ftitute Women, orclfelet him 

mi'Gf^a2iy\oivT)p,'r\yujjy], be rejected. If a Whore come, 

7\ IwioxQ*. ?> fj^vofj^' let her leave off Whore- 

^9, ri '^yf.^ ^hoS'cP' dom, oreKe let her be rejedt- ^ ^ 

fjL@^, 71 ^nS'sixTrigvi, 71 ed. If a Maker of Idols come, '^j^^^' 

'O\vfjLiiTi70s, 7) pg^V' let him either leave ofF his 

Atj^, ri xi^te^fis, S Aw- Employment, or let him be 

CAsv^f rj d ¥ oprj^nv rejeded. If one belonging 

eTiS'iyi4^vi^P@^,7i>i^'nyi- to the Theatre eome, whe^ 

;\pi* 7)wsu/QL^(aar^jn chcr it be Man or Woman, 

^^rof aMg^ft)o-(V'. re^ or Charioteer, or Dueller, or 

Uoir^i zy^jidv, ^Sbi- Racer, or Player of i^rizes, 

cToeiBw fjiT) ccS't^Sv, /X71 Or Olympick Gamefter, or 

mjKO(p3^j'Ti7if ^ d^-ice^^ one that plays on the Pipe, 

^ Tms ^^[d^ois 64^ on the Lute, or on the 

viQii • ' xft^f^i^j:^, Harp at thofe Games, or a 

-og^cJ^g^fdry' <J/JTiA«- Dancing Maiter, or an Huck- 

yov 5, am€cL?\eSm' (ler eicher let them have ofF 

appw'TO'TrDiij, xlvou^os, their Employments, or let 

l3^?, H^yoiy Ittjloi' them be rejeded. If a Sol- 

iJ^f, a5po;\<?^5, /w4; dier come, let him be taught 

'n«, .^«/)g'5r^<i^f, Afit)'- to do no hjuflice, to aceitfe LukJii i^ 

^aifjLIJ(JJcc ^mvy ^rre" tent vrith his all 'tted Stipend^ 
^^J^i^v , o'covigv',^ if he fubmit to thofe Rules, 

*" ■ ■ m i n i 1 .1 j i .jl i .. jj. ii ...U i -iin^ i j 1 1 . J.^-.^ i i j .. III . i j i I I jw^.j i Mni i j i I , 

^'^ Pag 


kc him be received ; but if 
he rcfufe them, let him be 
rejeded. He that is guilty of 
Sins not to be named, a Sodo- 
mite, an Effeminate Perfon, 
a Magician, an Enchanter, an 
Aftrologer, a Diviner, an Ufer 
of MagickVerfes, a Juggler, 
aMountebank,one that makes 
Amulets, a Charmer, a Sooth- 
fay er, a Fortune-teller, an Ob- 
ferver of ialmiftry, he that 
when he meets you obferves 
Defeds in the Eyes, or Feet 
of the Birds, or Cats, or 
Noifes,or Symboh'cal Sounds, 
let tbefe be proved for fome 
time, for this (ort of Wick- 
ednefs is hard to be wafli'd 
away ; and if they leave off 
thofe Pradtices, let them be 
receiv'd, but if they will not 
agree to that, let them be 
rcjeded. Let a Concubine, 
who is Servant to an Unbelie- 
ver, and confines herlcH to 
her Mader alone be receiv'd ; 
but if (lie be incontinent with 
others, let her be rejeded. 
It one of the Faithful 
hath a Concubine, if flic be 

Ns 0/ Lib.virr. 

7] TTvdtov, 7j opvtt^jzav, n 
yauAav , n STrKpoovn- 

vCf)dhKijuiciL^e^Oi)(rd/j. Sb ■ 

(^o-of' mu.>\a.yJ\ nvoi 
QLTTLq'ii «r«A», c/aeivco 

vOfxcp yoLfi.ei'Tw* & J) 

0-3C«77Xf, 71 TU/VyrytOiS, 7i 

! O'^iUy. V. 


Lfe.VlII. the Holy Apoftles. 

t-BT'^fePl^lou, % j-yo- a Bond-Servant, let him leave 

mp' n -TT^g-c&B, 7, a- off that way> and marry in 

m>Sa.Mi^. ^isMo).' ^ i^g^i nianner : If fte be 

j^-TTip^?^ , <7e/« eTD jj free Woman, let him mar- , 

,j'^l.'f\^ V"'^ The does not, let him be 

f^ 1^ a Tre^THSfc; rejeded. He that follows 

tsf^ak-xe^^ bV. «^ thcGeutileCunoms.orJevvilh 

^ep^©-, ^^ Te?. Fables, either let him reform, 

-ar®- xe,.gTO, hSii,^ or let hj^ be reje(3e^ If any 

ffxw, « ^ Wjs »,, one follows the Sports of the 
^Atx«p©- « Asr". Theatre, their Huntings, or 
^TTeP^y^^^os. <ri- Horl'e-Races, or Combats. 
^ffx^To.- tcro^To, ^ either jet hj,^ jeavg t^ehi 
«^^^ ^^cf^xTo/ 0e«. off^ „j let hi^ i,e rejeded. 
fTOS7r,sT»«^,^, £*=«£. He who is to be catechiz'd. 
wa^^rns^ c^ uw«. let him be catechiz'd Three 
®ep -ra ./»ji)^ wTiA* Years: But if any one be 
CO,, rn|ctf4.vo.^ «^. diligent, and has a good 
cAj-^^^- e, ^t ^t vVill to his Bnfinefs. let him 
^^y^^ir^aiipni^, be admitted ; for 'tis not the 
^,^«^Tc» ? ep Length of Time, but the 
>« ^^P^y? ^«- CourfeofLifethatisjudg'd. 
ee^as.^o^^^g^!,ym- He that teaches, alrhough 
s»i,iB/Jo.xe'TO»dl//x«rc.j he be one of the Laity, yet 
©e?<;s:^TO(rcV>' H^'^c.t if he be .skilful in the Word' 
I °^ "T',' ^epAae«^ and grave in his Manners, let 
^n^^c.j^J^ fc^¥ him teach: For, Thy Jhallf,h.rU, 
^9.A«.. ,<r,J^4«4.. ^e «fl taught cfGod. Every ^ 
one of the Faithful, whether Man or Woman, when 
he rifes from Sleep, before they go to Work, when 
they have waflie d themfelves, let them pray : But 



?f any Cacechetick Tnftrudion be held, let the Faith- 
ful Perfon prefer the Word of Piety before his 
Epr. vi. Work. Let the fa'tiiful Perfon, whether Man or 
C :. ir. Woman, treat Servants kindly, as we have Or- 
l>hiiem. jai„y jjj jhe foregoing Books, and have taughc 
in our Epiftles. 

Sect. LXVIEI. 

XXXIir T p^ter and Paul do make '"CTCt HclSa©-, ^ 

-■• the following Conflitun'- -^ lyu) FlfTpoj, J^za- 

ons. Let the Servants work nnxojofJLe^. epyai^iiBzo^ 

Five Days; but on the Sab- c^p ol S'vAot ^vn ^- 

bath-Day and the LordV ^jiies^s. Qd^Qarov '^ ^ 

Day let them have leifure to wjt^'^y.'Uu ^Aa^grw- 

go to Church for the Do- (tolv hv anyi^cna,, 2}^ 

drine of Piety. We have r cTtcTacr^^^tA/cw *? <^- 

faid that the Sabbath is on ctQ&oa. S ft '^ QS- 

account of the Creation, and Sccrov eiTTvfjSft cTn- 

rhe Lord's-Day of the Re- funapyiots ?^yv fx€<v. 

furredtion Let Servants reft r q x,ve^oiy.lw, dva,- 

from their Work all the Great ciir^oa r fjiiy/l^.l/jj sS ^ 

Week, and that w^hich fol Sbf^^ ^a-ccp, ^ ^ 

lows it; for the one in Me- ixat iuuw dpyiifTwa-xu 

^\,Y^^' mory of the PafTion, and ol S^ZP[gf V <^'t' ^ t^ 

the other of the Refurredion^ waS-as '^V, ri ^ aiya- 

and there i'^ need they fliould gajgw?, ^;^^^ <fi(ftt- 

be inftru(9:ed who ir is that o->c9tA/a«, rU o *?!»- 

fuffer'd, and rofe again, and ^aiv & dva^s, ri rU 

who it is permitted Him to 6 (wy')fffr\(jujs, % ^ ^cc- 

fuffer, and raifed Him again, vetpicnyjs, r dvaixn^if 

Let them have Reft from apythiatr^ , 2^ g 

Lib.VIII. tfce Holy Apoftles. 

-jre'ept -? ^ Xffiqiv 01' their Work on the Afcen- 

yi^vofJiloLi. r oT^vTTiJco- fion, becaufe it was the Con- 

g9v olpy^l^azcf, 2f^ T? clufion of the Difpenfation 

fi^iiai^ tS dyly mv^ by Chrift- Let them reft at 

^7©^ r $h)pY\^7G0Lv Pentecofl, becaufe of the Co- 

rn7i^i<;i6(ja(nv^iXe/-' ™ng ^f the Holy Spirit, 

^v. [[r ^^i^xi(»iv which was given to thofe 

loprndpyci^doiv^i'ioL that believed inChrift, 

TiMTov 'pfxg^y J^(ft;c^^$ a;'- 

VC7DJ^«|avT©- TD^S '77%- 

mu' otts T)fJiie^s '7^ 
5>jT55^Aft)r c3t/37«iT&?o-a.y* 



XXXIV. OiTer up your Prayers in 
the Morning, at the Third 
Hour, the Sixth, the. Ninth, 
the Evening, [and at Cock- 
crowing] In the Morning re- 
turning Thanks that the Lord 
has fent you Light, that He 
has brought you paft the 
Night, and brought on the 
Day. At the Third Hour, 
becaufe at that Hour the 
Lord received the Sentence 
of Condemnation from Fa 
late^ At the Sixth, becaufe 
at that Hour He was Cru- 
cify d At the Ninth, be 
caufe ail things were in Com- 
motion at the Crucifixion of 
the Lord, as trembling at 
the bold Attempt of the 
wicked JervSy and not bear- 
ing the Injury offer'd to their 
Lord. In the Evening gi- 
ving Thanks that He has 
given you the Night to reft 

NS^/ Uh.VV.l. 

EJ^$ &^TpA«7? Op- 

yxyiiv r 7]fjLk^a.v. t^'* 
cuuTin Mzgr) Ili?.xrif 0- 
g OTJ ov cwJt>i f^cty- 

{piTA r ToXfJLCCV 'T^ 

'4.««f Tvj®-. V. * «ft«f nL 


Lib.VIir. the Holy Apoftles: 

<*>^v QAjoifyiXl^i^ rltjo from the daily Labours. [Ac 

^T^pMcndp 'f TffAses^s. €ii Cock-Ci owing, becaufe that 

ipyacnav *iPfS tS (p&) Hour does bring the good 

Tosepyctiv.] ^ifxh^U/jx- Nevvs cf the Coming oiof 

niy oi^ oTi-KXYicriat. i:y^'ii' the Day, for the Operati- 

row <^ Tws ccTiiq-yi , ons proper for the -Light ] 

319lt' oiKov Qmua^Peis, But if it be not poflible to 

w ^Sro-'/tpTg /;a ^ti go to the Church, on ac- 

^cf^pr^-mj cAj<rcQii\s eis count of the Unbehevers, 

oKytKr)7idp da^Qoov' v^ thou, O Billiop, (halt aflem- 

"SfTT©- yi (^ <?yoGe^ ble them in an Houfe, thac 
mnv aj/fct^^, X^' d ^- a godly Man may not en- 
S^^tfTT)* T liimv. lip ^ ter into an Aflembly of the 
dcTe&eii KaTi^n (§J Ungodly. For 'tis not the 
'Sf'Tnjp, (^Aiyt^i®- Qoi Place thac fandifies the Man, 
fV^, c^ S /2g/3wA:J- but the Man the Place. And 
Szcf 'v^' clu'7^'' w> y) if the Ungodly poiTefs the 

01 07101 lepeii a^a^tf- P. ace, do thou avoid ir, be- 
ciyj Stojs oi c4^ctycTs caule it is profan d by them. 
fjuouvscnv. « fJiriTe cv For as Holy Priefts landifie 
o7kco\ fJLrm ci'dxjeAw- a Place, fo do the Profane 
cnoL Qwuct^^iSr^.ouSb' oncs defile it. If it be i^oc 
va'S^ e^i^crS^ ^' I- polTible to aflemble either 
iwn^ ^^MgTa; , clvcl' in the Church, or in an 
yivbioKircfyy Ojf^o-^t;;^- Houfe, let every one by 
c^a', y\ ^ cLtJ(^ Sio, 7\ himfelf fing, and read, and 
c^eJs* 07r« yip ^ el ax' pray, or 1 WO or Three to- 

<A>3 % nf&ii cuju»yjj^ot gether. For, Where trro or Matf.xviii 

C4^ S QvofJi^Ti fjLH^ c/K&i three are gathered together in tc. 

ei\jn ov cw^^ . »?y Name, there am I in the 

'Tn^i, fj^ jf^.ir^y/.'Ji'jy mrdl} c^ th"m. Let nor one 


* (LiJLtt,. V. ' rtV ^ffiv, ^mv Q Kvejioi V. 

i? p of 


of the Faithful pray with a ^^'te yS^' o\gv ^rep- 

Carechumen, no not in the oiv^^om' tJ ^S S^Iv^lov 

Houfe: Tor it is not rea- r ^/u/g^u^w.^W fJ}^ 'Td 

fonablc that he who is ad- diMj-nT^ (wu/j^qAwos^' 

muted ihouid be polluted oi^t^C/is -/^' oufsUy.'^, 

with qne not admitted. Lee fjinn >(^T oncoj' (tu/x,- 

not one of the Godly pray ^c^^cr^.v^^^ t/^ ^ 

with an Herecick» no not in ^^lvovicc (pwr) ^s 

i Cor. vi.the Houfe. For, H'^hat Felloiv- ayfs-r©^ ; ^.^^ Si ^^e" 

H. pifh.vh Lght with Darknefs > SZ>^l C^x(pdi,7is, J 

A Chriilian Servant, whether a(pmc^(rccy , J ^^70- 

Man or Woman, that are ^o^T^ia^Td^, 
joined together, eicher let them 
leave it off, or let them be 

» * Pa2. 

416.'' V Sect. LXIX 


|7^?^-/,theBrctherofChri(l, 17"A^ '1*)^^^%,^ 

•* according to the Flcfh, -^-^ a'cfgA^pos jS: -^ 

but his Servant as die Only- ctk^^c^. tS Xe/-e« ^y- 

.begotten God, and one ap- a©^ ^ w; 0gS ^^,0- 

pointed Biiliop of J yujuUm r,^/,^s/^<7K,7r& '^^-y^' 

by the Lord himfclf, and ^^rj tS >ae'« ^ 'i^ 

the Apoftles do Ordain thus : ^:^<^^.ctiy 'U^QXvy,^.v 

W]:en it is Evening, thou, O ^^^vePiD^jj^ri^ , to^Ss 

Bifliop, flialc afemble the (^njxi' sa^^s r^jo- 

Chu/-ch.; and afccr the Re- i^iVA^, cuuci'^^laeniU 

peution of the Pfalm at the cr^^^aacv, Z h^oKo- 

hghting up the Lights, the ^, ^ ;^r» g p^G^fm r ' 

Deacon fliall bid Prayers for Uihv^nov ici?^fJi^u ,> 

j.he Catechumens, the Lner- 'c^a:pc,ov^ai o 2/^^o- ' 

gumens, the Iliuminaced, and yQ^x^ r^,^' •^^x'^'- 

Lib. VIII. the Holy Apoftles: 

juJ^'&jK, ^ ')^iua^ofjji- the Periitenrs, as we lisva 

?'&;r, j^ r(p&}T^^oMV^'/, formerly faid. But after ch-3 

^ T^ cv ju/ifai^o/a, Dilmiilioa of thefe, the Dca- 

oJfi .c^vssa^M^j /-;:;;' 3 con fliail fay, So many as 

g ^.AuGmxc clori.' , are of the Faithful, let us 

2/^.y,oi@- ip^ ' oaoi pray to the Lord : and after 

TTigr?/, ^iY\ko>\j^>j § x/.- the Bidding Prayer, which is 

^'« (^ /uj' 5 tjy^P(7^'-* formerly let down, he ihall 

>55i7af cLuTui' ^rx. '? TT^- lay : 

:^&;gi/ ^ olvoigvTnv Save u^, O God, ^nd raiie xxxVI# 

i^$o Bg sr^§ Xe^ us up by thy hrift: -Lee us 

(j-S (7«. ctjccg^^t-ns 6t|- fland u,\ and beg' for the 

Ttj'^-wfx^.^ Tw gAn? t5 Mercies of the Lord, and his 

7(jueA^,i. TVS oix.TifM-y> Compaflions. for the Angel 

cun^ y ^ afQ/ft^i' r of I c2ce, for What Things 

&j '^ e^plxjuYis, nm. '<«<• are- good and profitable,' iot 

Aia<^'TO, cvfjiipi^vnzb. a Chriftian Departure out of 

Xe/e^ar:^; Ta TgA)?, r this Life, an Evening and a 

f<miz;'-v^ r vukI^ « Night of Peace, and free from 

flx/jL^Uij, ^ arccL^oTrt Sin ; and fet us be[^ that the 

fTuf, & TH^TGL r *y^vov whole C6ur(e of our Life may" 

'^? ^ojSs ijJuyS ct>iarrcl' be unhlameabie Let. us de- 

yi;QO(^v <tjT^(7Zio[j^^.. 1^ dicacc out felvcs and one 

cfjuT-Hs ^ XvstJArs i-J another to the Living God^ 

{6^rZc eg<w, 2j/^ ' Xe* through his Chrifi, and lee 

irS" ci/^T5'^'c%:6<i'4'/' the B-.fhop add this Prayer^ 

^ 6 f^.a-KoT©^ W&j and {ay. 


^xXVIl O God, who arc without '0(x,vctp^(^^Qsci" 

Beginning, and wiihouc End, & di^K^'m^©-, o^P^ 

the Maker of the whole oA&)v 'Tixiyixiis I^^ X^- 

World by C hrift, and the r« ^ KvS^fJi^-v, ^ -zc^ 

Provider for it; but before ^ m^^nrav" turri ^ &ioi 

all His God and Father, the %*mx^rp, o ^ Trv^y^' 

Lord of the Spirit, and the 7©- ^ •njue/^, ^ '^ 

King of inceUigible and fen- yo))iP]^S i^ oji^/'.^J (^cc- 

fible Beings ; who haft made oiAdis, 6 <7rzirK7a,4 Tifjii- 

the Day for the Works of e^»' c>£p'« spyou (poJTis, 

Light, and the Night for the ^ vvx"^ «? dvcLmzwaiv 

Refrcflimcnt of our Infirmity. ^ d^.v^a.^ ryJfJ' Q» 

Pfal Ixxiii. For, The Day is thhe, the yx^ 'Q\v i^fjit^a, ^ Gn 

16. Night alfo is thine, thou haft t^y 7\ w'^. (jiyig-TYi^^ 

frefared the Li^hty and the tictco <pjuu^v ^ vAiov' 

6un, Do thou now, O Lord, ojjixi ^ wm SicurD'TTx,, 

ihou Lover of Mankind, and (p/Aoi^G^^Trg ?^ ^ ^;a- 

Founrain of all Good, mer- ycc^, c^f^>w? ^sf^a-- 

cifully accept of this our ll^ou r easieeA^Iw cJu- 

EveningThankfgiving^Thou ^e/-Ti^ rijjJff tclu- 

who hafl brought us thro' tiv. 6 <^yxyoov i\fj{^i 

the Length of the Day, and 5' /x5?)c©- -f ij^^es^^^ % 

haft brought us to the I egin- dycLyoiv 'fm ^ls ap;^> 

nings of the Night, prclerve 'f ivxuxi, qvXct^ov ^- 

us by thy Chrift, alford us jt^s 2J[gi 7? X^/T^ a^* 

a peaceable Evening, and a c^plujixlut c^'^^y r 

Night free ficm Siiiy and 7,(7:ut:cs^v, ^ tIuj vv^ol 

vouchfafc us Everlafting L ifc, drocfjJpTyjTuv, ^ j(5tfa.- 

by thy Chrift, thro' whom •^Icoavv jik^s -f ct-&)ri« 

Glory, Honour and Wcfa.ip ^^S^, ^^ XeT'^' 

he to Thee, in ihc Holy o^. yi^QiSh^ct, -rifxi) 

I deeft. V. ' defunt, V. ' i)\ V. ' oa<^9hJbf, V. ! w V. 

Lib.Vin- the Holy Apoftles: 

^ cjScci, ^ cv" dylcp Spirit, for ever. Amen. And 

mf6\jt^li^ iii Ttf5 a/&) Jec the Deacon fay, Bow 

vctz. diAo, ^ d 2/^ down for the layingon of 

Kov^ Myhuj* jcA/- Hands ; and let the Biiliop 

yxn Tf ;^:eP^cric&. fay, O God of our Fathers, 

icf 6 'Qi:D(g7r\^ Xtyi- and Lord of Mercy, who 

ow* ^\^ 'rnuTt^v^ ^ didft form Man of thy VVif- 

>«ie«g t5 gA^'yj, T-A dom a rational Creature, and 

Qn'picL iTA n^acffK^oiczcs beloved of God more than 

d^^^TTov g y\9y^^v the Other Beings upon this 

^aiop, g S^o(pL^.k <:PpS Earth, and didft give him 

'^ 7^^» ^ «^^^ c3w/7af Authority to rule over the 

opfS 'On i *)^vGi ap' Creatures upon the Earth, 

^e<vt^n^Tctpj<77:i^ytya)~ and cidft ordain, by thy 

^j o-f aip^i^ (E le- Will: Rulers and Prielts, the 

fas, Ti> %* i^^^^ former for the Security of^ ^p , 

ccGTpccXacuf 4 <^a;?;, THi Life, the latter for a regular %i7?' 

ci «7£;5 AcLTf^ocv h' Worfliip : Do thou now alfo 

■vof/.Qv' a/ms^ vuLIttl* look down, O Lord x^lmigh- 

y^f^<f^k, ^UJ^^ ^m.v- ty, and caufe thy Face to 

Tuy-^Topy ^ 'Qn(^'CLVQv ihine upon thy People, who 

S ^s^azoTiTiv (r6 'f^ r bow down the Neck of their 

?\Gf.Qv oM, THj K^fi-^V' Heart, and ble(s th m bv 

^ Mj'^^evoc, -^p^ioLscuj- Chrift ; through whom thou 

*T^J\ ^ ou?^y^7uv ajj' haft enlightened us with the 

Ta> Sy^. Xe/e«^ ^'^ « Light of Knowledge, and 

l^^c^kfjuA r\fjia,i (^oi-i ry^oj- halt revealed thy Self to us ; 

c^Mi, -ic^ oi'myJ^Xv'^i 7] with whom worthy Adora* 

f/.'iv QiVTov- jUL^"SC,oL& tion is due from every ra- 

ri lizL^ioso(p^?\.e1) 's^' tional and holy Nacure to 

cmtJuuvcTii 'cc^ -msTj; /[gfi- Thee, h the Spirit, who is 

• rt/V? V. 

P P J the 


the Comforcer for ever. Amen.' ylra ^ayia<^\\}(r(Oii^'\J' 
And iec the Dc^ican (ay, 



Depart in Pace, in like man- 

f^Tf (Jf eip!/jJY\. eoj^U' 

tier in rhe Morning, afcer the 
RepericiOii of the Morning 
Piaini, and his AJmillion of 

the Catechumens, the Ener- ,^5 co'b'pii^'o 2j^xoro?, 
gumeris, the Candidates ^or /jC^' g p.'^W t o>6e^- 
Baptifm- and the Penitents, voi>, % hinXZjwi omtzv 
and alter the udial bidding t«? •JT^'7v;>>-y/4-«^ ^ ::tf'' 
of Prayers, that we may hot i\a.'C^ciS^jli . y^ ficc^it^o- 
again repeat the fame things, ^Hi\ ^ t«5 or ^ttx,- 
let the Deacon add after the 
Words, Save us, O God, and 
raite us up by thy Grace, 
Let us beg of the Lord his 
Mercies and his Compaf- 
fions, that this Morning and 
this Day may be with Fe;*ce. 
andvvithouc Sin, as a!fo ali 
the time of our SojolJrning; 
that He will grant us his 
Angei of Peace, a Chriftian 
Departure out of this Life; 
and that: God will be mer- 
ciful and gracious. Let u ^ 
d'edicace ourd^lvcs, and one afyiP^v' (§ ?'^*'f «- 
another, to the Living God, plains, xt'^^v(i to 
through his Only-bcgotten. t?Aw, l>^€m %^pS^^ 
And Ice the Bifliop add this t Biiv' IcwtU ^ aA- 
Prayer; and (ay ; awA«.' ^ ^o^vn Oe^ 

civy ivcc fJir\ ^JitcAiv Ai" 

Ik rf")A^iTi Qh ct/- 
m 'Ah j/jtS % Tyj ol-ic 

rrov ^ ¥ 7ifj(.^^v etpl/jji."' 
ytfjJj 6 i^jxL{^pTyirou, 

Lib. VIII. the 

Of 7]fJ.lV 0gO5 'cD^T^X 

(^ anA(^'n5T©^' o S 

eT/'ctt ^jx?!' i^ Xe/cr« 

> \ » <%. ^ 

Holy Apoftles.' 

O God, the God of Spi- xxxviii 
rics, and of all FIe!h; who 
art beyond Compare, and 
ftandeft in need of nothing ; 
who haft given rhe Sun to 
have Rule ovei the Day, and 
rhe Moon and the Stars to 
have Rule over the Night; 
Do thou now alio look dowa 
upon us with gracious Eyes, 
and receive our Morning 
Thankfgivings, and have 
mercy upon us: For we have 
not Jpread out our Hands unto pfal. x*iu. 
a (irang^ God ; for there is *^- ' 
nor among us any new God, 
but thou the Eternal God, 
who art without Fnd, who 
hafl: given us our Being thro' 
Chrift, and given us our 
Well-being through Him- Do 
thou vouchfafe us alfb, thro' 
HimjEcernalLife; with whotn 
Glory, and Honout,and Wor- 
fliip be to Thee, in the Holy 
Spirit, for ever Am^n,^ And 
lee the Deacon fay, Bow. down 
for the laying en of Rands, 
And let the Biihop add this 
Prayer, faying ; 

O God, who art Faithful xxxfX. 
and True, who hji tnerq onl-'^'-^^"^* 
I' p ^ t he u finds 


thoufands, and ten thoufands of Ae©* en ^Kid^i (^ 

them that love thee; the Lo- ^oce/aci'as toTs dycL- 

ver of the Humble, and the ^ttwo^ Qsy 6 (piA©- la- 

Proteclor of th: Needy, of Trenoov , ^ m^vhrn 

whom ail things (land in Trcp^rrjs.. a-^rc^Tao^ 

need ; for all things are fub- ^^cu \[g.^i<piyjiv, on 

jc{5l to Thee; Look down up m> Qvfj.7nf^ji:zjt, J^yAot 

on this thy People, who bow ay' 'iin^e 'fm r >^ov 

down their Heads to Thee, <r6 tS'tdi', t^^ j^^xAij^p- 

and blefs them with Spiritual §^ Qoi ^nxi lojua^ )6€- 

^pple cf an Fje, preferve aoras ou^ojicu^ rnvSj* 

them in Piery and Rightc- ^r/jciJ, %i>^%QvtUi}' 

ouinefs, and vouchfafe them rla ojs yjplw o(pyzi.^fJLVi 

Ecernal Life in Chrift Je- ^/^T^pnaov clut'^s ov 

fus, thy Beloved 5on, with cuoi^eta. j^ Siy^iocwuri, 

whom Glory, Honour, and ^ y^mx^iojaov dcTy^ 

Worfliip be to Thee, in the t? ctloovib ^ooris, op X<^. 

Holy Spirit, now, and al t^ *jt>;cry, W^i^^Tzvif**- 

W'ajs, and for ever and ever r^ Q^ <miSi y^' S 

^mn. And let the Deacon G^ ' ^^'^"^ 

fay, Depart in Peace, And -nfJLr, ^ o^- °t[<Sj] 

when the Firrt-fruits are of- ^a> ^^'tsJ* 

fered,the lllhopgivesThanks a^iV '7rv6\j!J{^in, vwu, ^ 

in this manner ; aa, ^ ^s i^la a>Svcci 'PfS 

Obcoycov, afjJjM. ^ o bid" 


We give Thanks to Thee, EJ^£/^?/4o Qoi^ 
OLord Almighcy, the Crea jco^/a 'Tn^roK^i-op ^ 

Lib. VIII. the Holy Apoftles. 

hifjLivpyg T^ o\cdp ^ tor of the whole World, and 

^sf^uon^, ^ ? fjiovo- its Preferver, thro thy Only* 

'^jZs Qa 'm/(5^$ 'him begotten Son Jefus Chrift 

Xe/r« t5 KJuCAnif^yy our Lord, for the Firft-ftuits 

IttI r Tr^a-evi^-Svia-cui which are offer'd to Thee, 

Qot oLTDip^Ts; ^x '^^^ ^^^ ^" ^^^'^ ^ manner as we 

o(peiAojjS^jy Xm' \^ 0- ought, but as we are able, v Pag. 

cov SujtjoLfJLiSnx. 'tU'^ For what Man is there that 4iS. 

ai/fl^^Trwr eizt^ioos ou- can Worthily give theeThanks 

^e^iTioza Qoi ^wux^, for thole things thou haft 

\^ Sv k^ycas kfj' given them to partake of> 

mi els fji/iT^Av-^iv ; 6 The God of Abraham, and 

©go; "h&^oifJL^ Kj 1- of Ifaac, and of Jacob, and 

craaz (S 'IctJwi^, % -t^j of all the Saints ; who madeft 

riwv ^ dyicov' om^' all things fruitful by thy Word, 

rnx, TiMcr^o^y](ju^ S'ioi and didfl: command the Earth 

'j^^y^Qity (t YjiXiC' to bring forth various Fruits 

(mj; T-A y-ij^ nip'i^^Tnii for our Rejoicing and our 

Gxcptjof 5(9ip7r«> Gii CL>- Food; who haft oiven to the 

(p^awihusj <& 2p(p^ ^ duller and more flieepilh fore 

IMTiej^v oS'U^^svca- of Creatures Juices; Herbs 

^2<^(ipLi ^ /3A):^&- to them that feed on Herbs; 

CT ;^aAor, TTLwf ct<)pi5 and to fome Fieili, to others 

X^9^' >$ TB?; ju xp?a, Seeds; but to us Corn, as 

rrors 5 CT-«f/-<^7c6, yfjiiv advantageous and proper 

^ m-Tov ^ ^s ^(pZcci Food 5and mmy other things, 

*arfQ7i^o^v iCj y^tTixA- fomc for our Neceffities,fome 

AnAo/', <£ ^T^e^ cf/a* for our FJealth, and fome for 

(Toe^, Tii jw^ ^J>i^^ %p3- our Pleafure. On all thefeac- 

cjv^ TO 5 're^> u>^^^> counts therefore art thou wor- 

to5 Treis -rgp-^'^- ^'777 thy of exalted Hymns of 

' ray zso<^f^esv ^ >i5P7ttM«A&i' t^^^h*'. V. 



Traife for thy Beneficence by Taio/? Hv ctTraen ^ vcrg- 

Chrift, through whom Glory, fufjivyjl®.'' -^alp^n^'?' 

Honour, and AVorlhip be to &ii 'Tn^TcLi ouepryio-icx.^. 

Thee, in the Holy Spirit, for S'ld Xe/r» ^ Sl" S 

ever Ame?7, Concerning thofe Qot cJo^a, nnur, 5^ ai- 

that are at Reft in Chrift .- f a^, ' ov'' dyio) mAj* 

Afccf thcbidding Prayer, that A^^ic, ^'s t^^ o^wra? a- 

V^'e may nor repeat it again, ^Jjjj, Wi ^ a^J'c^ X^- 

the Deacon lliall add as fol- c^m dpoLirocvrpxyjivodv , 

Let US pray for our Brethren 'T^p ^jcc'm.^jGoL' 
that arc at RcftinChrift, that p.^jW c^ XcAr^ ol^ 
God, the Lover of Mankind, ^A^^covr^fjiMy S'en^ocijS/j, 
who has receiv'd his Soul, may ovtw? (pihaiS^7rQ4 
forgive him every Sin, vo- Gsoef iiT^crSe^ccfjuS' 
luntary and inyohmrary ; and vos ijivi r -^uyJjMi^'Tm.' 
may . be merciful and gra* pa'cTji'' o/jtsJ ^^jI (^^dp 
cioiis to him; and give l-D^lycscnov.'^dytijiov^ 
him his Lot in the Land of (^ TAecy; ji oufjt^m ;)^.c- 
the Pious, that are fent into ju^j®., v^.'Wi^^^Yi ds 
the Bofom of Abrahdm, and ^^r <^j?C«i^, ay«- 
I(^di\ and J.icob, with all f;.V^;/ e^ ^j^ATrr/'A- 
thofe that have pleafed Him, ^^pLoLpL (^ Icrccccjc i^ 
and done his Will from the '[ayto)^ fj^ 'Tiztvrwv <^ 
Beginning of the WorlJ ; aV* oewr®- ^^uccpepi- 
whenccail Sorrow, Grief and mLvTcov, >i^j\ ^TnnriaT^jj- 
La?ricj. ration are banifiVd. n^v S ^^Anfjji^ axni' 
Let us arifc, !ct us Dedicate %v'^. drn^ppL, oSujjij, 
■I 1 1 - — " I ' I II I ————— .1. , ^ ^ 

Lib.VlIl. the Holy Apoftles. 

otj Av'TDi '^ mctyjj{gi.^ our felvcs, and one another, 
iyei^usyx^ BxifT'di ^ to the Eccrnil God, through 

that Word which was in the 
Beginning. And let theBi' 
(liop fay, O thou who art 
by Natiirc fmmorral, and 
hal no End of thy Being; 
aXtv^/©-, oS>' « ^^ from whom every Creature, 
dBv^vccTov'^ '^I'^v ji- vyhether 'mmorta! or Mortal, 
<)pv6v' c^ AoyL'i^v^ooou IS deriv'd ; who didd make 
r ^i6e^^>//(@ xoqXo* Man a rational Creature, the 
^Xrrlw, ^pYjTiv ^ <yi/ Citizen of this World, i;i 
y^^m&Kdif' ^miriTcx^, his Confliturion mortal, and" 
^^arcdyKo-Zctv ?'7ra,r^/gr- didft add the. Promife of a 
AaV^jos' T 'E>&;:t: ^ Pvefurredion ; who didft not 
r 'irXi:^/j %vccTii 'TtTr fufFcr iE';?.'^^ and Eius to talle 
e^r //,7i kW Aa?«;' of Deaih ;. 7h Goal cf Abra- Matt.xxii. 
Gros 'A^e^af/., ^ o ham, if.^i? (j^?^ i?/' ffaac, and^'^^ 
0505 ' 'fc-aax, (^ the God cf Jacob, 7r,^j> art the 
GiOi'' 'Iaj<<:t"b,, ^w^''(W5' G^i c/ thrm/not as of Dexd^ 
v€}cSv^ "^M' o^s ^jxfv hnt as of Living Perforis '^ -^or 
^Tttjv &iqs"'ei' QTi ir^j^" thz ^o'Js.of all Mtn live tt^/V/^ WifdiiLi. 
TwV ea \|/j;:^tt[ es^ (J; Th:e^ antt^'tVe' Sftrhs of the 
^&>j7,t& ''*3^i;«^iiji^;W RJ7jotccits are in thj Hmd^ 
1^ fm'i(il3{c^% ou t':^ voh'ich no Torment can touch \ . 
')(^^e/ C^ ^^^v, ' My i for they are all fandiified un- 
ftn a^^Ta^ 'f^oL^poi' dzx thy Hand. Do thou, 
^j-'Hi ^S ^ y^.ycLdi^'/'^ioi now ailb look upon this thy 

Servant, who:7i thou haft fe- 
lc.!^ed and receiv'd into ano- 

thcr Scare, and forgive him 

■ t e-.H. t'j.7Si(r-JjTi^. V. * et\5»<rrt/tV. V. ' dc^un^V. * «y. V. * 



if voluntarily or irtvolunta- €^gAg|a>, ^ -k^o^t^- 
rily he has finned ; and af- ^« en Iti^v A')i|iy, o^ 
ford him merciful Angels, Qvf<^fiiavp twT^ eJ U 
and place him in the Bo(bm iitoov Ja^cwi/ c^Ji^p^fn, 
of the Patriarchs, and Pro- ?^ o-f^Ayf ^\J^jeii ^mr 
phcts and Apoftles, and of ^^a-ov a/jrzS, ^^to.- 
all thofe that have pleafed ^rxxj^ov ajj^tvv 6f iztfj^pA- 
Thce from the Beginning of tto; •PfJ' 'm're«ctp;^jf, >^ 
the World, where there is fp^ ir^cfn^, % '^ 
no Grief, Sorrow, nor La- ^Ircg^Act^p, ^ *^Tm r 
mentation ; but the peace- aV all^vU Qoi (^ccpt- 
able Region of the Godly, gnml^TCfjp, oim sq% hi 
and the undifturbed Land hv-m^oS'iw'jf <t ^vccy 
of the Upright, and of thofe />(p$, XVix ')(f^s <^^- 
thac therein fee the Glory C«»' ay»^gro<, >^ ^^U- 
of thy Chrift; by whom ^elc^v " Quju^nfifS/^yi , 
Glory, Honour, and Wor- o^ r iu ojj^-a l^viwf 
fhip, Thankfgiving and Ado- tIw Sb^xv ? X^^cc^b 
ration be to Thee, in the Q^ SI'S QoiS'd^cct'Ti' 
Holy Spiric for ever. Jme», fjiri,^ ai^as,d[^^^pjLg{x^ 
And let the Deacon fay, Bow wcpo'y.uju.iTi^f c^ dyiuj 
down, and receive the Blef- ^.•Ju(^lc, en ths a^co- 
fmg. And lee the Biftiop give voa. uyilaL ^ o Siai- 
Thanks for them, faying as ^toyof Ag^gra', xAlvaTv^ 
Pfalxxvii. follows, Lord, Save thy Peo' (£ ^'?{.oyt'ia^-B ^ o 1- 
vle, and hlefs thine Inhtrttance^ cnaxo'rros <^'^^«7-ftTa> 
which thou haft purchafed ^k^ cw^S, ^isjov ^vix- 
with the precious Blood of Se Qjaoy, vJjeMy (© 
thy Chrift. Feed them un- ;^oV (^«, (£ ^?\^y^(jQv 
der thy Right-Hand, and co- ¥ TcXyi^vofxi^ (\ , 
ver them under thy Wings, Zw3 'cJe<g7n)(7icr&) tsJ* -n- 


Lib.VIII. the Holy Apoftles. 

C\ :r'/fr .71 couife, J hep the Fai,h m. 

•^ " ^'^""', V"-.'^. mutably, unblameably, and 

;u7r'''""l7I. unreproveably, through our 

^',^yT:TiZ our Lord Jei-us Chrirt. thy'.*?;^- 

rr', *J Tt beloved Son;withvvhomGlo. '^ 

J^ep^^ . •"^•^, ; ; to Thee, /•» the Holy Spirit. 

'E'm-r.xic^O -^-^ ^« the Third Day Of the 

^i^ v.KJ.P'-l^^"' <^ D^P^«^^ be ce cbrared with XLli, 

A,,7., ^ a-r- Pf'^i'^s, and Lef^ons and 

«.,'■<& ^.^:i5*^^ Prayers, on account of 

5 a/-?; r "2^(« Te^^V «• who aro e wichm the Space 

Ji; Iy79;,.^- ^ of Three Days; and let the 

r.a^, «■.- -v^Z-.^.. Ninth Day be celebrated m 

^ o%*oVT«r, <t ^^ Rc.T.embrance of the Lmng, 

.ae^.o,-« e^ r^- FcrttethDay according to the 

>c«I. Tu'^.' NW/dJ ancient J-'atcern; for fo did 

^ Sx... Aac. ?^;v^.- the People iament^«A;-< ; and 

2^. ^ <J..*tV<«. v^ the Anniverfa.y Day laMe-V^-;^ 

a,.«a5^^. ^j^^aV^^ moryofhim. And let Alms 

^ .sj; w^f:^.^:^. be given to the Poor oue of 

^^i,«^-.,«.«.«f*- bisOoods, for a Nkmonal 

V,-nv ^^. O'' '""•■■ 

■ nhidw.. V. ' «fvV«/. V. I defunt. V, ♦ rewtxtsa al. 



XLin. Thefe things \vc fay con- '^^'^Tcwtolo 'z^ou- 

•**'*^^8' cerning the Pious; for as a?^£v^/\iyijS^j. 'r:%iy> 

^*°* to the Ungodly, if thou dj^CcSi', Idv tx ^ j^o-- 

givefl: all the World to the jw.» cTw? ^vnoiv, G^y 

JPoor, thou wilt not be- ovruis ojj-t^v. ^yb^TiB- 

nefic Him at all : For c^ovn '^x'^CP^ ^^ ^ 

to whom the Deiry was ^eiov, <SriAoy qti o^ jm- 

an Enemy while he was a- mx^^x-p-n- iyxo'Pgivoi' 

live, 'tis, certain it will be ^\y,ioL<70p'^jTTf ^ix.caos 

fo alfo when he is departed ; •}S d "^'^<(^, -^ S^- 

for there is no Dnrighteouf^ xaAoo-wjxs i^-yd-Tryia?' i(^' 

Pfal X. 8. rJ^'!^ ^'i^^ Him: For, The iS'3 qliB^^tt©-, ^ S 

X^'^'^ is righteous y and has lov*d ^y>.v cu/rS. 

liiAnWii'RightPouJ^rfs And, Behold 

the Man ar^d his U ork, 

XUV, Now when you are invi- 'Ey ^ r fJiyeixi^ ojj' 

ted to their Memorials, do ^^P/j yig^?yiy^/Joi ^fj(}^ vu^ 

you featl with good Order, Ta^ixi egixS? ^ (poSa 

and the Fear of God, as dif- GVy, ms Sb\d\j^poi ^ 

pofed to intcede for thofe Trpfo-b^^j/ vu^ r jog- 

that are departed : For i^ncQ m^^x'-'riz^r TrpecrSvTE^i 

you are the Presbyters ?tnd *^ ^^jcoroi Xe/rw 

Deacons of Chriii, ) on ou- he wxppipt/TfS. vn':pe^v o- 

always to be Ibber, both a- (^tUeiv -^uti^'tj '^<nr^s 

mong your (elves, and a- sjjjt^s ^ tv^s Irioa^^ 

mon^ others, that (b you 'nccSubuYicSrs rus d^Tzx^x.- 

may be able to warn th^ U-i tS. ^^ ra>'HTai/- /.ga<^ 

f«/y. Now the vScnprurefays, o '^ :)'£5i'i>7 Ol Ji^- 

Pfov 15X3JJ 7^^ J Men in Fow^r ar^' p.ijjio- rdpxj ^f^leti eiaiv ' 

* ' nate : But let them not dnnk oTvqv '3' ^?i ^ivi-rwr^^p. 

Wine, left iy drinhnr th'y /t«, ,w.7i Tr/oriE; t^Act- 

Li'b.VIlL the Holy Apoftles; 

^(vvTVLj'? (n^(pUs, % op- forget W^fdom, and are mt 
'Sni%^veii i IJL7) ^uji(^v^ able to jud[^e arighr. Wherc- 
Tof. Ouy,Zv k q\ Trpea-' forc both che Presbyters and 
^1)1^^1,% ol2/^KOvoi, the Deacons are chofe of 
^'0ccjy T ^jTiiKeJ'* Auchoiicy in the Church next 
TT-e^) ^ r iyGumy^jOi^ to God Almighty, ^ad his 
ij^S tjcv S\woi^j V' Beloved Son. Wc fay this, 
mipX'^Gi '^ oKKhy^cnoci' not they are not to dri .k 
tSto Jg (pa|^/j,aV'^'^ ^^ ^^'» oiherwife it would ^ 

fj,7\ Tivoociv' aMooi- y.^'i be to the Reproach of vvhst 
,^ t^'\'£<riv y£ e/-crcc^, Z ii' God has made for Chearful- 
•7rD^efe~r)?/,Jf4u9^-«'* ^'* ^^^S' but, that they be not 
{^^.diwbjj' SiVla ijo, diforder'd with Wine.^ For 
pri Ajivdicn^ « r^ ^- the Scripture does not (ay, 
*mv h yes^^y\. f^'^ "i^i- Do not drink Wine, but whac 
-^fir oiV'OF,Xvia Ti' 9J7 fays \0 Drink notyyine to 
mv ; IV]i 7r;^f ou/op e:> i>/i;^^^.^;2/7£'/r;and agaiii,7'/i'^r;?/ ^ro^^^^ 
^i3>ij^'^^«zra;AiJ'"^^JtSAi' //'^^^.? »■' in'tjje IlarJ of the ^^^l' 
Bzq <^u-Qvrraji CA' y^U' Drunkard. , Nor do we fay Hph. i^. ^ 
.^xj^utj^, JZto 5 -^ this- only to thole of the ^»«^-«-^^* 
^■^^^ %hr,p<^ fj^ Clergy, but alfo to every ' 
iov <^cti^), Xv\^ ^ Lay-C hrilliasl, upon whom 
^fzi^j^p<TiiXa^-H:^y.PjL the Name of our Lord Je- 
^.oLvZ, ?9? ^QiJiixAw- fe Chiift IS called: For to 
m\ S oj^of^ta 5' yuue^'^ to them alfo it is (aid, fF/;^ xxiili^. 
•;/^;j'l>;a-SXeir5' <^ hathmj who hthporn^r^ 
oMT^l;, ySjipwTT^ TiV^ Who hMk'^'^rieaJmls ? H h^? 
iJoi ; ^ivi BipvS®. ; Z'^'/' 5^V^>^ ' ^^^ ^^'^^^^ ^'^^ 
THf oi^S^^cu & A^^^cM ; £'^ L-'^yf^^ ha,th ^Vcunds rrith- 
TiV©- ' 'Ti^A/J'roi" oJ ctftcauf/ Do not tktje things 
o>^/|xo;'; TiVrm^v- hhr^7 to thof^ that ia^ry lon^ 



dt the Wine, and that go to 're/t}jLfj{£lo(. ^^ycivins ; 

feek where D r ink irig' Meetings vri^ey^^vi^ov^nov cv 

are* oucf)^ (^ '^ ^^cx.okq"' 

yivovTwi 5 

XlV. Peceive ye thofe that are Th (hw^t^M^jy^ ^ 

perfecuted on account of the ^^q^iv^ ^ ttImv ok m- 

Matr.x.isFaich, ^nd vs/ho fly ff' m City Moos (pdlyt^ , ^- S 

to City, as mindful of the jLt€^r>?^ ^i' Pigyouv tS 

Words of the Lord : For, jae/», ij>^o-%,i^t^arg- 

xxvl4 . knowing that though theSfi^ <^. 'fhg^iJ^oi yi, on 

rit be wdlin'T^ the Flc(b is weak, S iu mv6^\\g, ^^^Jv^j^v^ 

the; fly away, and prefer ii q Qlj)^ aS^iris, ^m- 

the Spoihng of their Goods, Mcs^ay^vai^^rdp^Tm,' 

that they may preierve the ylw r^ -C-cj-ap^vfrwv 

Name of Chrift in them- ' 'G>^iivTw\\ 'ivoc oiye- 

(elves without denying it ^ccfvymv ov ecfju^7s S 

Supply them therefore with cvo^ t5 X^^-S J'toc- 

what they want, and thereby ^priuzoaiv. 'fk-it^pGiTi %v 

fulfil the Commandment of coutd'/s it* roj^^^ p^pei- 

the Lord. clv^ cvtqxI^j •hju^ccx.Uo 

Sect. LXX. 

XLVI. ^^fOW this we All in com- ' J^KSvo q ^ivrl^ 

, -*-^ mon do charge you, •'^ Wri^s frx^^y* 

that every one remain in that yi»^oijS^j sKctgDy ^ l^x- 

Rank which is appointed him, y^jeiv -Wf r| tjT Sh^&iaYi 

and do not tranl^refs his pro- o^/T&f, (t fAT] v^^ot- 

Bounds; foi^ they are not veiv ri^ opys vyLpei^ 


Lib.VlIL the Holy Apoftles. 

mv 7\fA.i^^i, ^a tS ours, but God's. For fays 
0g3. 'O ijxl^'^^ ipYi' ihQ Lord, He that heareth you,^''^^ 
CIV yuijQjL^ ccx,iioov, heareth me \ and he that hear^ 'o,Whl^ 
l^a» aixi\ ^ \}jjd d- eth me, heareth htm that jmt 20. 
v,im^ a5C3(| t5 ^r«'- me. And, He that d^(p}f2th 
^^VTtis ^g' ^ vfj^i you, d'fpffeth me ; and he th<tp 
dSvr^ ifji^i dynr& ' dfpijtth me, dcfpifeth him that 
3 IjMioi^e^, d^TGi fent me. For if thofe things 
(§ >^:r^ACLvnisb fjLS, that are without Life do ob- 
E! y) TBi d-^'^ 9^3- ferve good Order, as the 
ju^a , tIll ouTOi^i^ Night, the Day, the Sun, 
aTTLcm^^' oTqv yu§, ri- the Moon, the Scars, the 
fjL*es^y ri\L@^, o^Alwn, Elements, the Seafons, tlie 
oireji'^ go(^^«a, g?m). Months, the Weeks,the Jays, 
^juoe$, g^(^o,H9^^'% ^f^^ and the Hours, and are fub- 
e^f, w'e^r 0^ i^rshdji (ervientto the Ufes appoint- 
r^^cfJu^^^a-Yf ^peioiy cJ them, according ro that 
^ S apvu^jou' o^Qv which is faid. Thou hafl (et?U\cm.% 
i^a, »'73J)sAixV5^■T^xf * them a Bowd vchich thy (hall 
3^ WAri/, ix?^ 'f ^26- notpafs. And again concern- 
?ioio^i' e^i'iluj GuuT^ ing the Sea. I have fer Bounds ^chxK^vA 
og/to,, ii%/c6«5 ^ %A«- theretoy and have encompajs'd 10. 
;S-e^, ?i TTvAocs, eiiizx. it with Bars and Gates, and 
^ auTJ?, fjL€^^ T^Tn / faid to it, Hitherto [halt 
lxAi(rx>9 % ix ^^^^'" ^^^"^ comc^ and thou [halt go 
<T'A. ^7Cf) iiJ{^?\ovujUies no farther: How much more 
eh^v o>«Ag7B ' ToA- ought ye not to venture ro 
fj.a>v' ^u^y.iveivTutJi'irf remove thofe things which 
5^* fyuuifjiy)v Ggy <^' we, according to God's WUl, 
7)}jL(av oQjt.^^v'Twv ; Xm' have determined for you t But 
eTftcTrj myififyv 01 becaufe many think this a 
, „ I 

Q^ q f mall 



fmall matter, and venture to 'ttdMoI ^ tSto yiyi- 

confound the Orders, and to ot^tq etvajf, c-vj'^eiy 

remove the Ordination which o 't^> Ta^ea <c liuj 

bel-v^ngs to them (ever 'Uy, c(p' g>(9i<r« x^^'^*'^^ 

(hatching to themfelves Dig- €^y,iv&iv nmT^fjJocnv , 

nities which were never gi- v(fctp'-/n>.^ovTii 2c/juws 

venthem, and allowing them €i'^LMf.>J^a,y. jxi) SiSii- 

felves to bellow that Autho- p^oc, (ci '6'^Tpim)V'ns 

rity, in a Tyrannical manner, ecwrmi^rup^vi^Dtois afj,v 

which they have not them- i^y^cnv cl^v(nccv SiSivou, 

lelves. and thereby provoke (^ 2^ tSto ^opyt- 

God to Anger: (as did the ^vci fi ©goV, ^auj^f 

Nism.xvi. Followers of Corah and King ol Kop^iixj, ^ o /3a<7z- 

■Ciiron. Uzziah, who having no Au- ?^(ij;'0^ioci, r^cJ^ldp 

thonty, ufurped the High- ^.^rju^joi apcif ©g« 

Priefthood, without Com- Tf dp^ee^awiiYi, ^ yi" 

niiilion from God ; and the vo}j^jol , ol p, mue)- 

former were burnt with Fire, ^AgjcT^r, o ^ yjp tS 

and the latter was (Iruck /a^TWTr^ Agc>^;, cra- 

with a Leprofie in his Fore- ^^lu^ai 5 ' 'Ke/<^v 

head) and provoke Chriaje- '' 'ImZv" r ^m^oL- 

fus to Anger, who has made \jSpov, Kvw^ai q <^ 5^ 

this Conftirucion ; and alfo mv^yi^ g a.yiov. dwj- 

grieve the fJoly Spirit, and opyZn^i i^jjji liui /j^- 

make void hi^^ Teftimony : ^^^ocv ' eirj^js, ^ 

Therefore foreknowing the '^ Impr^iJ^^ov'^lvS'iujop 

Danger that hangs over thole Tois lol ^icwrm, tt^tt 

who do fuch rhings, and the l^cn 't&^«JVjw^'jo/, <^ 

Neglect about the Sacrifi- t^cJ ^s mi Calces ^ 

C£S and Euchariftical Offices ^':^e^ri^^ oiiAiXeidp , 

which will ari(e from their be» en §1^9' 2v f^T) ^pii 

:^7iv. V. I deeH? V. ! fe^^77?^V. V, 

Lib.VlII. the 

TTcuSicct/ riyi^iJ^JOoy rfut 

cm Xg/e^ T (^xoiXsoos 
y\f^v, dvctyitbjj i<^o- 

A7i cr>] o^j;? i-juj^'i (pi- 

viyy^Tcav^ ^rQ^LuLi-i^. 
/uc j:^j3r) vzro 'rjj ap;|^5 

Knffccv T>i Keimpyic^ 


Holy Apoftles. 

ingimpioufly offered by thofd 
who ought noc to offer 
them; who think the Honour 
of the High- Pried hood, which 
is an Imitation of the great 
. High-Prieil Jefus Chnft our 
King, to be a Matter of 
Sport ; We have found it ne- 
ceffary to give you Warning 
in this Matter alto: For Tome 
are already turned afide af- 
ter their own V&niry. AVe 
fay, that P/lofes, the Servant 
of God, (to whom God /pake ^ "g^ 
Face to Face, as i( a Man Ex.xxKiii 
[fake to. his Friend; to whom 'i- i/* 
He (aid, / kt^ow thee ahcve 
all Men ; to whom He fpakc 
diredily, and not by.obrcurc 
Methods, or Dreams or .An- 
gels, or Riddles) this Ferfon 
when he made Conflitutions 
and Divine Laws, dftinguifn- 
ed what Things were to be 
performed by the Hfgh-Prieils, 
what by the Priefts, and 
what by the Leviics; diilri- 
buting ito every one his pro- 
per arid fuitabic Oflice in the 
Divine Service. And thole 
things which are allotted for 

!3\ V. l^iy^Km.^X^ 




the High-Prieflstodo, tliofe ^ a^^ jic yis ap^e' 
might not be meddled with f^'cn TreP'^TctJcro 'Qt- 
by the Priefts ; and what i^Aftj/ ri-nif Ths U- 
things were allotted to the pizs^ ^^fjurnv Iwt^" 
Pried s, the Levites might oinvcu dmp q toTs iV 
npt meddle with ; but every pcff^v ct^/cgr?, Tyio/s ot 
one obferved thofe Miniftra- ?^JjT^ « 'mcp^sa-ccv ' 
tions which were written "^M^iy^^^^i 'acr-Trej? W- 
dovvn and appointed for them. peiK-nieidoLv -ixjv^pioian 
And if any one would meddle 'cfeej^fe^jw^luS/ja:?, Icpw- 
beyond the Tradition, Death 'hou-rlov" a J'gT/$'me$^ 
was his Punifliment. And ^ ^G^Sia^c^i ir^aik- 
Siiu''% Example does (hew \<aj ICaAe'ro, ^volJQ* 
this mofl: plainly, who think- IwS 'f)mifJiiov, t»to 
ing he might offer Sacrifice ^ n^hiscc S'isS'ei^e ^ ^ 
iKing. without the Prophet and y{^ r 2a«A ttH^' 
xiii. High-Prieft Samuel, drew up- Gi^rroA vevofjuytaii S"!^ 

on himfelf a Sin and a Cuffe ? 7r^(p>JT» ?^ aj3;^g- 
witbout Remedy. Nor did picoi ^cc^jlvva, ejsjzc 
even his having anointed him o?y en scwriiv dj^Tioiv 
King difcourage the Prophet. ^ y^m^p dyctm^ 
But God iliew'd the fame by ^Mtov' % (s^ S -mx- 
a more vifible EfFed: in the e««^ w cciJtS eis /3c6- 
iChrcn Cafe of UzzUh, when He, <7iA^a , iSiianomcye ^ 
without delay, exacted the 'wepf'iTwr. ■" c^g^^- 
Puniflimentdue to tliisTrani- ^pa ^ tvT 'sr^^'^cj \* 
grefiion, and he that madly S\U&^^v d 0gc$ ^ oi^" 
coveted after the High-Prieft- rms 'i(^r C^/ai/, sv3# 
hood was rejedted from his c^'^ imXiojxm -mi' 'Qn 
Kingdom aUo. As to thofe t/T fo^vofjilcteicc^Tes^' 
things r'lat have happen'd |a|u^©. J^/W?* ;c9t/ o 

' &,i V. : f ci'*f;^€5fc2St. V. ^ diefl. V. ^f. f^«^Aif^/l/^, 

Lib.VIII. the Holy Apoftlcs. 

i (ij>';^e&na-vufyis KOLrroL' amongfl: us, you your felves 

lj(J^eiiy ^ '^ ^(taiAetas are HOC ignorant of them : For 

^MoTeA©^ j(0tT/fn. Tcl ye know undoubtedly that 

Q e(p TifjL^v 'iG-Ms Gho thofe that are by usnam'dBi- 

dyi^oeiTi. <Vf yl> "TPxv (hops,and Presbyters,and Dea- 

rmi K^a-^w^i <5^' rj- cons were made byPrayer,and 

f/.My ovofJi^^evnzLs, o^ by the layingon of Hands ; 

'wpsa-QvTffvgj ^ S^ and that by the Difference of 

oi^pus, Sxf ^ Z^^^ their Names, is fliewed- the 

iln^eai^^ '^V ^^9^' Dirference of their Emp)oy- 

pa. f?^ Qvof^T^v 'h^" ments. For not everyone 

'^ ^(fo^v 'Twv TT^T- that will is Ordain'd, as 

^ginm S'ci^uovlcLs. » the Cafe was in that fpurious 

58 /3y;\pw^©. «5>3J)' i- and counterfeit Priefthood of 

f4/V eTt^ripa r ;t«e^, the Calves under Jeroboam ;^K[ng, 

Sojsjdp £^ '? -KiQHx^ but he only who is called of^i"»33. 

Q^' ^l^Xim, K^ ? God. For if there were no 

'U^QodfA, ^G^ioatofA,' Rule or Diftindion of Or- 

fj^/jTis Ue^crwuiji, ^M' ders, it would fuffice ro 

d j(9lA«m>V©- -v^ ? perform all the Offices un- 

0gtf. « ft ^ jM,i figo-- der one Name. But being 

f^s Tis Iw, ^ TOi^ectiy taught by the Lord the Se- 

^(poe^y ripTc^ av <r/ ries of Things, we diflribu- 

ivo9 ovdfj^Q* rcc o;\^ ted the Fundions of the 

7f At<^. ^' •vJzro T? High-Priefthood ro the Bi- 

yjjel^y S'lJ'ocx^vTfs a- fhops, thofe of the Pried- 

xoAaS/ap •zsre^f^Tw^, hood to the Presbyters, and 

»ro/if ft ^o-Jtp'To/j TQs the Miniftration under them 

•f dp^ee^awuiis ovBi- both to the Deacons ; that the 

^(9[.f4'->, TuriJ TTjDgo-f y- Divine Worfliip might be 

Ti^is Td '? Up^a-wjns, performed \n Purity. Fcr 

10^5 5 ^^"nsvQii rcc "^ *t!S not lawful for a Den- 
'!_ deeit. V, 



con to Offer the Sacrifice, or c^e^'^ ccfA.(poTfpys Sioc- 

to Baptize, or to give either ns^ica' /V 2 y^^^s 

the greater or the lefler Blef- rd '? ^pno-xeiccs lOrm- 

fing : Nor may a Presbyter A«f4'^a. Sre yi S^^ 

perform Ordination^ for 'tis "^isvcfj i^^urpipeiv ^aiocy 

not agreeable to Holineft to ^sfMrov^ tj iGot-jJfi^a', ri 

have this Order perverted. Athoyidp (jli^cs^p ri p^- 

I Cor.xi^'. For, Gd is not the God of yL/duj '7n>ieiSz<^ . bts 

33* Confufion, that the Subordi- TrpeaSuT.^v, ^et^TQ^ 

dace Perfbns Ihould tyraii- vixi b^nA^v' J y) o- 

nically aimme to the;ri(elvcs aiov^ dve<res^<p^ r 

the Fundions belonging to tx^lu' » ydp t^v 6 

their Superiors, forming a ©ro> cl}i^cc9xo2cc>, luce, 

new Scheme of Laws to their ol \5^.QsSiiyJj7es t^tZv 

own Mifchief, not knowing ycf^iTisfVc^v Tutsi^vvLyiMi 

Aft.ix- 5- that ^Tis lurd for them to kick o^eTi^i(!^o)vTDLj , vofjio^ 

againft ihe Pricks ; for fuch as '^eoictv y.cuvlw dvcL- 

tnefe do not fight againll: m\a-i\ov7iS 'Qi xaxoJ 

us, or againft the Biihops, but ^J eccv^^\ dyuoSi'ns 

againft the Univerfal Bifhop, c^n aY,hn^v oivni^s g 

and the High-Prieft of the ir^i xeyr^ ?^j.->tr[' 

Father , Jeiiis Chrift our ^eiv. « yi r.fjiois, ii r^s 

Lord. High'PrieLls, Priefts ty^a-ytSTTHs 'TruMf/.i-oiv 

Exxxviii. ^nd Levites were Oidaind ol nmv^i, Xvia ^ 

&XXIX. by MofeSy the moft Oelo/ed ^vtcov 'bmay.o-7n)v, % 

of God. By our Saviour t3 ns^T^i oip'}4i^iaL 

were we Apoflles, Thirteen Xe/gij^ 'IwtjSj/. (^ 5cy- 

in Number, Ordain'd ; and e/or V^»'' '^^ Mw 

by the Apoflles I James and <7Ha)5 /i ♦)S S' ;3'gorfi- 

I Clement, and orhers with Aggaxj^ ap^gj?«$ j^^^tb- 

us were Ordain'd, that we f^^^^axv, % Up^s ?C$4 

may not make the Cata- AoU-nxj' -viwri ^ t5 -jw- 

Lib.Vin. the Holy Apoftles. 

tS^©- ifjicav vifJLe^s, ol logue of all thofe Btfliops 

S^H0.Tpsii '^qr'ohor J> aver again. And in com- 

"THi Q '^'^'^Am lydo mon Presbyters, and Dea- 

'ioi)ca}€@^, ^ eyoo 8lAw'- cons, and Sub-deacons, and 

fj.^i, ^ (wyyifjLiv In^c Readers were ordain*d by 

IvoL ^7] ^Tzx5 nztixiv all of us. The Greac High- 

^cc?\.eycoy^y '^iv'A q Prieft therefore, who is fo 

v'm7n}pTa)v7]y.idv'7rpi(i' by Nature, is Chrift the 

^uTiPpi^ '^ 2^)(^voiy <t Only-begotcen ; not having 

''^hacy[pvoL, ^ olvcc- fnatch'd that Honour to him- 

yyco^. cjr^T©- to/- felf, but having been ap- 

rwuTYi (pujxl ccp^ep6^s pointed fuch by the Father; 

fj3vo-^y]s Xg^gri;, i^ who being made Man for ouc 

IcvjT^tf r Ti^uZoy ap^- fake, and oiTering the Spi* 

craus, X^a CD^ tS era- ritual Sacrifice to his God 

S?5 ii^^m^^eis' OS ^jQ- and Father, before his Suf- 

|u^®* olv^epTT©* fiTi fering, gave it us alone in 

7]fj(^i, ^ r mv^fJi^TL^ charge to do this ; although 

xW &v<7ictv 'tzr^arpi^v there were others with us, 

S'^gcd o^/tS % *7p^' who had believed in him, 

-Tsi, '^ 5" 'm'fiyf, 7\' But he that believes is not 

IJi^v Sieiui^ctTo fj^vQis prefently appointed a ^riefl:. 

^TQ ^Tjmieiy' 7(0j\ TDi or obtains the Dignity of the 

ov^rwv avv ri[x7v 9^ Its High Priefthood. But after 

epy n^^ eis iuw 'tt^tti- his Afcenfion, we offered ac- 

^^c^j^pTut;*'' ^V yWf- cording to his Confdtution, 

Toos ^ 6 /Tn^-^LW, rih tliG ptire and unbloody Sa- 

K^. ief6[fs 5^TgV>?5 ?i crifice ; and ordained Bilhops, 

dp^ees^lcycT^s aJ^Us s- and Presbyters, and Deacons, 

•^Ptf- .mJ' 6 '^^^'^^ Seven in Number. One of Ad. W.a^ 

?^y)4iv ojutS, r}!Jieis i^r wliich was Stephen, that blef- '"• 



fed Martyr, who was not e^vey^^viis.ji^rUS'ioc' 

inferiour to us, as to his itt^ir aoTy, ^^arj^gt- 

pious Difpofition of Mind ^es^v ^ <t ' ccvoai^K' 

towards God ; who fhew'd ^v, ^i^e^eiSA^^h^^oc 

fo great Piety towards God, '^oKowys^^TrpsaQw 

by his Faith and Love to- ^fus^ ^ %{^y{S)vvil7r^ 

wards our Lord [efus Chriil, Ta r dez-bf^v^ ci)v en 

as to give his Life for him, /'i '^rsfpdp®^ o ^^- 

and was ftoncd to Death by e^®- fj^i^^i. st^ ^- 

rhe Jews, the Murderers of AefTniju^©- i\f3^ '^^ 

the Lord. Yet dill this fo r -ct^s 0goV &qic^. 

great and good a Man, who os J^oirov r ^oaiS&cw 

was fervent in Spirit, who Tf -sr/V^J iusS'ei^ccro, 

faw Chrift on the Right- ^ i^i eJs r m^e^ov tj- 

Hand of God, and the Gates fjjiv Iw XeA<^v a- 

of Heaven opened, does no yiirlw, c^s -^1^ ctur^ 

where appear to have exerci- J^S?a^ 3C9w r 4u;t^i-'-> , 

fed Functions which did not *a^s^' wj^oktovmv 

appertain to his Office of a 'JacTcawt/ A/>;« /SA)j- 

Deacon, nor to have of- 6^?. Xvi' Hfj-m 6 «Ti.i«- 

fer'd the Sacrifices, nor to tQ. k^ inAr/caT©. a- 

have laid Hands upon any, v^f>,o ^^^^KS^ri^scov, 

but kept his Order of a o r Xg/^J" o^^»' «^ ^- 

Deacon unto the End. For |<wf ? ©g«, i(c^ rdi 

fo it became him, who was ie^viccsmjXas dvecfjy 

, ^ p a Martyr for Chrift, to pre- f^a^. a^/^-w (pcuvtiz^ 

\zl ' icrve good Order. But if fome td?5 joti aVnVycTi \^ tJ 

vii, &b'. do blame Philif our Dea- <^>tp''/cc ^wcTaf^©-, 

con, and ^/^4W4J our faithful '^ ^y^aj' arfrgT/HA-y, w 

Brother, that the one did x^^f^ 'fk^ea tivi^ 

baptize the Eunuch, and the o-MaS <5^xot'/a$ Taf. 

I dceft. V. 

Lib. Vlir. tU Hoiy Apoftles. 

/j(^ (pvXd^oLi f^ix^A Other me Paul, thefe Men dd 

TiPihs' Sr<» >S eTzrpem not underftand what we fay i 

T^ ? Xe^r^ fj^dfTvej^y For we have affirm'd only 

¥ Sm^iav T^tml^m* that no one fnatches the Sa- 

eJ Q ^ixiirmv T* 2^'- cerdotal Dignity to himfelf 

%ovov 7\fj(ff>vy ^'KvoLvi- faut cithct receives it from 

cw T- mi<^v dhhtfov ci' God, as Melchifedcch and y^^, 

fctoj/Toi T<rg5, 2ti jS: or from the High Prieft, as 

^ ouvB^gr ICd^iaiVi o Aaron from ^W^/^i- Where-* 

fjttgna?Aov' aj/roS- fore Philif and Ananias did 

ci;^ aJiDi AsViwJJu i- notconftitute themrelves,but 

/Ltef^ el'TojuJJu ^ oT« Were appointed by Chrift, 

i«y gcw;7^ Tif afTirt^cj the High-Prieft of that God, 

g Ue^Tiy^v ^V^M-^* to whom no Being is to ba 

aV ft nx^ 'tS Gga compar'd. 

days* «)ca> K^ 4>/Af7r7r®- HS^'Avavltti vx scWTd'; tcp^- 


* Q^«J K A N d- 

Ijb. VIII. 


AT tan A n o s T o A fi N. 



Of the fame 

EUtffXMlrti '(Sara Wfw- 

tmTuJ^JjTtt^ n 09VHS, « f»«t 

^ T<? ^9V77, ctaIo? vim 5af- 

M^ i^bv ^ tf^oftyk^ 71 

ET a Bilhop be ordaiad byXLVI|:. 
f two or three Bifliops, 

A Presbyter by one Bilhop, as alfo a 
Deacon, and the reft of the Clergy. 

If any Bilhop or Presbyter, other- 
wife than our Lord has ordain'd con- 
cerning the Sacrifice , offer other 
things at the Altar of God, as Honey^ 
Milk, or ftrong Beer inftead of Wine, 
any NecelTaries, or Birds, or Ani- 
mals, or Pulfe, otherwife than i? 
ordain'd, let him be depriv'd ; ex- 
cepting Grains of new Corn, or Ears 
of Wheat, or Bunches of Grapes, ia 
their Seafon. 

Fot 'tis not lawful to offer any 
Thing befides rhefe at the Altar ; 
[and Oil fpr the Holy Lamp, and 
Incenfe in the Time of the Oblation.] 

But let all other Fruits be fent to 
the Houfe of the Bifliop, as firft 

Cl^ —=.-.- , r, . pi-uics 









Fruits to him, and to the Presbyters ; 
but not to the Altar. Now *tis plain 
that the Bifbop and Presbyters, are 
to divide ihem to the Deacons, and 
tcthe reft of the Clergy. 

Let not a Bilhop, a Prieil, or a 
Deacon, caft off his own Wife, un- 
der prerence of Piefey ; but if he 
does caft her off, let him be fuf- 
pended. If he go on in it let him 
be depriv'd. 

Let not a Bifliop, a Prieft, or Dea- 
con und-nake the Cares of this 
World ; but if he do, let him be 

if any Bifliop or Presbyter, or 
Deacon Ihall celebrate the Holy-day 
of the Paffover, before the Vernal 
Equinox, with the Jews, let him be 

If any Bilhop, or Presbyter, or 
Deacon, or any one of the Catalogue 
of the Priefthood, when the Obla- 
tion is over,, does not communicate, 
let him give his reafon ; and if it be 
juft, let him be forgiven, but if 
he does not do it, let him be 
fufpended, as becoming the Caufe of 
Damaf»e to the People, and accafio^ 
ning a Sufpicion againft him that 
offer'd, as of one that did not rightly 

All thofe of the Faithful that en- 
ter into the holy Church of God, and 
hear the lacred Scriptures, but do 
not ftay during Prayer, and the ho- 
ly Communion, muft be fufpended ; 
ascauling Diforder in the Church. 

If any one, even in the Houfe 
prays with a Perfon excommunicate, 
let him alfo be fufpended, 

1^ T9i( ?^9*m)l( tXtieticolf. 
f®", H cOetx/Ji®- ^ icWTi 

El m ^TMvQ-, n -of «r- 

Ta/id^oi, ^ auTTOM MTrBtTV' xi 
6«r ^Koyoi », ffvfveifuts 7wf", 

ei^i^t f^f CU7I©- ChtlCtis yt- 
rQ- eii ym CytSi aj/hnywv- 


Lib. Vllf. the Holy Apoftles: 

dynhdrov i,j liipef. tzoAw J^iX' 

veo i^ dTTOivimim inKimcLv 
•srAworai/ dvAyyJ,i^»'mt' [[« 

ItMl'T?? •jITao^'©- CUT7<t ?, « T»70 

ClA^oiuSfin etvT^v TTOt^nu, as 
^KeioV Ti xi?e/bf J^WJAlUvh flttt- 
!^ TD/f lx«(J5 A.05/^ 7?^f dtj?- 

KiV9f, fiokaxnyjf.TtiKoyii'^ 

^ TlttVTlXaf f/STttSttj" eOfltT- 

yv6ifjdw 7H i<^t» c/TncKoVrf, 

TVy^^JiOTV, 77*p' »J)£i' Jf^JI- 

C^tiffw d^yajify JVJh^ <a/V»« 

If any Clergyman prays with one 
depriv'd, as with a Clergyman, Let 
himfelf alio be depriv'd. 

If any Clergyman, or Layman, 
who is fufpended, or ought not to be 
receiv*d, goes away, and is receiv*d, 
in another City, without Commen- 
datory Letters, let both thofe who 
receiv'd him, and he that was receiv'd 
be fufpended. But if he be already 
fufpended, let his Sufpenfion be 
lengthned, as lying to, and deceiving 
the Church of God. 

A Birtiop ought not to leave his 
own Parilh and leap to another, al- 
tho' the multitude Ihould compel him. 

If any Presbyter, or Deacon, or 
any one of the Catalogue of the 
Clergy leaves his own Parifh, and 
goes to another, and intireJy remo- 
ving himfelf continues in that other 
Parilh, without the confent of his 
own Bilhop, him we command no 
longer to go on in his Almiftry ; ef- 
pecially in Cafe his Bifhop calls upon 
him to return, and he does not obey ; 
but continues in his difordcr. How- 
ever, let him communicate there as 
a Lay-man. 

But if the Bifliop, with whom he 
is, undervalues the Deprivation de- 
creed againftthenn, and receives them 
as Clergy-men, let him be fufpended, 
as a Teacher of Diforder, 






He who has been twice married 
after his Baptifm, or has had a Con- 
bine, cannot be made a Bifiiop, or 
Presbyter or Deacon, or indeed any 
one of the facerdotal Catalogue. 










He who has married a divorc'd 
Woman, or an Harlot, or a Servant, 
or one belonging to rhe Theatre, can- 
not be either a Bifhop, Prieft, or Dea- 
con, or indeed any one of the iacer- 
dotal Caialogue. 

He who has married two Sifters, 
br his Brorhers or Sifters Daughter, 
cannot be a Clergy-Man. 

Let a Clergy- man who becomes a 
Surety be depriv'd. 

An Eunuch, if he be fuch by the 
Injury of Men, or his Xefticles v/ere 
taken away in the Perfecution, or he 
was born fuch, and yet is worthy of 
Epifcopacy,let him be made a Bilhop. 
He who has difabled himfelf, let 
him not be made a Clergy-man ; For 
he is a Self- Murderer, and an Ene- 
■ my to the Creation of God. 

i f any one who is of the Clergy 
oifables himfelf, let him be depriv'd ; 
For he is a Murderer of himfelf. 

A Lay man who difables himfelf, 
let him be feparated 

for he lays a Snare for his own 

A Bifhop, or Presbyter, or Deacon, 
who is taken in Fornication, or Per- 
jury, or Stealing, let him be de- 
prived i [but not fufpended ; for the 
Scripture fays, Tboufnalt not avenge 
mice for the fame Crime b) ^ffiitiion] 

In like manner alfo as ro the reft 

of the Clergy, 

*0 J\j07 ydueii avyLirKa.* 

TVLt ttvatx ^mtncoTQ-, *) vr^iO"- 

(p<ivn.4 yet? Is7j'» ;|9 iF.tS Oi» 
M77? t>rtiKfif »jf itwnv 

W ^ofyjcLi H )cX07rM ecAsf, 
h^SiVMO^i J^U ^ 75 «U;70 C* 

^aI4« J 

'iiOTtvTWf ;^cimW ami* 


Lib. Vrif. th Holy Apoftles: 

Taiv tii x,\iie^v •mt^iK^v' Of thole who come into the CIer-XXVlI» 

gy unmarried, we permit only the 
Readers and Singers, if they have a 
Mind, to marry afterward. 

We command that a Bifhop, orXXVlII; 
Presbyter, or Deacon, who ittikes 
the faithful that offend, or the un- 
believers who do wickedly, and 
thinks to terrify them by luch Means, 
be depriv'd; for our Lord has no 
where taught us fiich Things. On 
the contrary, IVhen himfeif xvasjlrick;^ i. Pet. til 
en, he did not ftrike again; when hei^ 
was revitd he ? eviled not again j when 
hefuffer'^d, he threatned not. 

If any Bifhop, of Presbyter, or XXIX. 
Deacon, who is depriv'd juftly for 
manifeft Crimes, does venture to 
meddle whh that miniftration which 
was once intruded to him, let the 
fame Perfon be entirely cut off from 
the Church, 

ttiKitTztvutf. iy J)tC -7^' TOt- 
cAtffe roimdjuaiov 0^ cjwtb; 

3tW?6^\ J^KpJvi C77T lyKhYI- 

sipflt'vtet^ <^ 7JD71J \'^:^a.' 

^iOYli ojJTO)\€inv?ytas ^to^ 
^e}i (JmidLydyv}, j^^na^t]' 

If any Bifliop obtains that Dignity 
by Money, or even a Presbyter or 
Deacon let him, and he that ordain'd 
him be depriv'd ; and let him be in- 
tirely cut off from communion ; as 
Simon Magus was by [mej Peter, 



If any Biihop makes ufe of the Ru- 
lers of this World , and by their 
means obtains to be a Bifhop of a 
a Church, lee him be depriv'd, and 
fufpended, and all that communicate 
with him. 

If any Presbyter dd pi fes his own XXXilo 
Bilhop, and affembles feparately,and 
fixes another Altar, when he has no- 
thing to condemn in his Bilhop, either 
as to Piety, or Righteoufnefs, Jcc 
him be depriv'd, as an ambitious Per- 
JR. a fon • 


ion ; for he is a Tyrant ; and the 
relt of the Clergy, whoever join 
themrelves to him. And let the 
Laity be fufpended. But let thefe 
things be done after one, and a fe- 
cond, or even a third Admonition 
from the Bilhop. 

XXXIII. If ^"y Pi'^sbyter, or Deacon, be 
put under Su(pen(ion by his Bifhop, 
'tis not lawful for any other to receive 
him, but him only who put him un- 
der Sufpenfion 3 unlefs it happens 
that he who put him under Sufpen- 
fion dye. 

XXXIV. Do not ye receive any Stranger 
'whether Bifhop, or Presbyter, or 

Deacon, vvirhout Commendatory 
Letters : and when fuch are ofFer'd, 
let them be examined -, and if they 
be Preachers of Piety, let them be 
receiv'd : but if not, lupply their 
Wants, but do not receive them to 
Communion : For many Things are 
done by Surprife. 

XXXV. T^^ Bifhops of every Country 
ought to know who is the Chief a- 
inong them, and to efteem him as 
their Head, and not to do any great 
Tiling without his Confent: but eve- 
ry one to manage only the Affairs 
that belong to his own Parifh, and 
the Places (ubjcd: to it. But let him 
nor do any Thing without the Con- 
fent of all ; for 'tis by this means 
there will be Unanimity, and God 
will be glorified, by Chrift, in the 
Hoi V Spirit. 
XXXVI A'Bin-.op muft not venture to Or- 
(lain our of his own Bounds , for 
Cities or Countries that are not fub- 
je(5t to him. But if he be convided 

0/ '^ KtiivjH ApoexC^^mif. 
w idi leliiw rk i7nffx,owv me,- 

T©- auT^v, H UM av v^ 
cvyx-veitu n>^d/Tvi(7ii dpa- 
ei(Ta4 djjtiv cfnitnco-'n'Q' ■ 
MtiJ^ivei ^ E,ivav cmyxo' 

FAiteeii^SaTflif ;^ \di¥ fj^ u^at 

*^^ '^^ /^^'-^^ tfjuTiTj '^. 
^fH-j/jVcWT??, «f vuaivcovidv 

3^ J!9 X? 7wi%f7nx.yhjj jivi- 
eiSivoji ^ri t of ou/td7{ t-^S- 

Xetrtf , Of ToS (sV^ '^v <^'f.<* • 

J« <T^ icwfi o^ay X^^Ttyieii 
f<V«i ii^ WKti$ i] "X^e^^i-^ 

Lib. VIII. 

'jnf TToKHf onfiveii h rd( •)^' 

Act? r l^x«ei'^7««' CU/7W, 
yvdulw, et^^^fc '^51^ r T« 

fS^yfjiArav ^ax.0^©- I- 
i^HVeu 3 cu/7^ <r®€T5eiCg<W 


T^i yt^ Igiv 7n7ns-<ii/j3jQ- 

the Holy Apoftles. 

of having done fo, without the Con- 
fent of luch as governed thoie Cides 
or Coantriesjethimbe deprived, both 
he, and thofe whom he has ordain d. 

If any Bilhop that is ordain'd, does xxxvir. 
not undertake his Office, nor take 
care of the People committed to him, 
lee him be fulpsnded, until! he do 
undertake it : and in the like man- 
ner a Presbyter and a Deacon. But 
if he goes, and is not received ; not 
becaul'e of the want of his own Con- 
fent,. but becaufe of the ill Temper 
of the People, let him continue Biih- 
op ; But let the Clergy of that City 
be fufpended : becaule they have 
not taught that difobedient People 

Let a Synod of Bilhops be held xxKVi:r. 
twice in ihe Year ; and leu them ask 
one another the Dodlrines of Piety : 
and let them determine the Ecclefiaiti- 
cal Difputes that happeu Once in 
the Fourth Week of Pentecoft ; and 
again on the twelfth of the Month 

Let the Bilhop have the Care of XXXIK 
Ecclefiaftical Revenues, and admi- 
nifter them as in the Prefence of God. 
But 'tis not lawful for him to appro- 
priate any part of them to himfelf, 
or to give the Things of God to his 
own Kindred : But if they be poor 
Jet him fupport them as Poor • But 
let him not, under fuch Pretences, a- 
lienate the Revenues of the Church. 

Let not the Presbyters and Dea- XL,' 
cons do any Thing without the Con- 
fenr of the Billiop ; for it is he who 
is entrufted v/ith the People of the 
Lord, and will be required to give 
an Account of their Soul?. Let the 
^ 3 V^^' 



pro per .Goods of the Bifliop, if he has 
any, and ihoie belonging to the Lord, 
be openly diftingiii[h*d ; that he m^y 
have Power when he dies, to leave 
his own Goods as he pleafes, and 
to whom he pleafes ; that under pre- 
tence of the Eccleiiaftical Revenues, 
the Bifhops ow;i may not come (hort, 
who iomciimes has a Wife,and Chil- 
dren, or Kinsfolk, or Servants, For 
this is jult before God and Men, 
that neither the Church fuffer any 
Lofs by the not knowing which 
Revenues are the Bilhops own ; nor 
his Kindred, under pretence of the 
Church be undone, or his Relations 
fail into Law Suits, and fo his 
Death be lyable to Reproach. 

We command that the Bifliop have 
Power over the Goods of the Church ; 
for if he be intruded with the pre- 
cious Souls of Men, much more 
ought he tc give Directions about 
Goods, that th.y all be diftnbuted to 
thofe in want, according to bis Au- 
thority, by the Presbyters and Dea- 
cons, and be us'd for their Support, 
"with the Fear of God, and with all 
Reverence ; He is alfo to partake of 
thole Things he wants, if he does 
want them, for his nccefTary Occafi- 
ons, and thofe of the Brethren who 
live with him, that they may not by 
any Means be in Straits : for the 
Law of God appointed, that thofe 
who waited at the Akar, fhould be 
maintain'd by theAltar : Since not fo 
much as a Soldier does at any time 
bear Arms againft the Enemes at 
his own Charges, 

^.gj J(^7«\«.v|,tfi, J^ uuii ®^- 

VHi, H cixi-rw?. J^ix^ov y^ 

Ttva. \smifjS^Hy ttypoi^ ^P rk 
cmcnc'ows fStt^yyjtL'Kav^ T»J 
ajjT^ ffVyyiVH^ zg^'Paic^ 'f frK.- 

m^^uA-ni. i^OTT^HK T«f cu/rS 

aidi fSTt^yuATtiHt H yl> 7tt$ 

M^jy a>^ )^ f cum gf tf- 

(A^ pic* ©eV, )Cf miaiii «if/A«- 
liieiOi' iM-mKcLfj.Cxvdi' ^ 

eiiTUi oLVity){gjiaiou/TQ'}^eiaSj 
^ r ^^ivtifj^ay ctcTgAipai/, 

0{ X? MlJii'ei TfOTTHV cWT^i 
l/9Ep«<5l. j^ f of/©- 7b 0t^ 

end^ei* 7fg^«^' \7n\m2 »• 
<ti T^-neoTYi Tmii ieTie/f 0- 


Lib. Vlir. the Holy Apoflles. 




A Bifliop, or Presbyter, or Deaconj 
who indulges himielf in Dice, or 
Drinking ; either Jet him leave off 
thofe Pradices, or Jet him be dc- 

If a Sub deacon, a Reader, or a 
Singer does the like, either let him 
leave off, or let him be fufpended : 
and fo for one of the Laity. 

ABifhop, or Presbyter, or Dea- XLIV.' 
con who requires Ufury of thofe 
he lend? to, either let him leave oflF 
lodo fo, or let him be depriv'd. 
, , ^ ABilhop, or Presbyter, or Dea- 

f&, h J^AMv:^, (UfiTiKotf con, who only prays with Herecicks 

rrJlfff^f'i^'!!^*.^'.^' ^^^ ^'''^ ^- fufpended; but it he 

alio permit them to perform any 
Part of the Office of a Clergy-man, 
let him be depriv'd. 

We command that a Bifhcp, or 
Presbyter, or Deacon, who receives 
the Baprilm, oi the Sacrifice of He- 
reticks be depriv'a : For what /Jgr ce- 
ment is there between Chri(i and Belial ? 
or what Part hath a Believer with an 

If a BiHiop, or Presbyter, rcbap- XLVIL 
tizeshim who has had true Baptifm ; 
or does no: baptize him who is pol- 
luted by the ungodly, let him be de- 
priv'd, as ridiculing the Crofs and 
the Death of Chtift" and not diftin- 
guifliing between real Priefts and 
counterfeit ones. 

It a Layman divorces his own XLVIIf. 
Wife, and takes another, or onedi- 
vorc'd by another, let him be fuf- 

If any Bifhop or Presbyter, docs XLIX. 

not Baptize; according to the Lords 

Conititution, into the Father, the 

Spn, an4 the Holy Giioit, but into 

K4 ihiee 

'£ 777 TAOTPiV, n TfSiJ^t/Tff- 

Et 77? Aat/KOj r icujm 

bl 77$l5J7J%0'T©-. h <V^PA7' 


2 Cor, 


three Beings without beginning, or 
into three .Sons, or three Comforters 
let him be deprived. 

If any Bilhop, or Presbyter, does 
not perform the three Immerdons of 
the one AdmiiHon, but one Immer- 
sion which is given into the Death of 
Chrift, let him be depriv'd ; for the 
Lord did not fay Bapti:{e into my 
Death, But, Qo ye and make Difcifles 
of all Nations, bafti:{ing them into the 
Name of the Father , and of the Son, 
^ndof the Holy-Ghoft, Do thou there- 
fore, O Bifhops, baptize thrice into 
One Father, and Son, and Holy- 
Ghoft, according to the Will of 
Chrilt, and our Conftitution by the 

LI. If any Bilhop, or Presbyter, or 

Deacon, or indeed any one of the 
facerdocal Caralogue, abitains from 
Fkfh, and Wine, not for his own 
Exercife, but out of hatred of the 

Gen. 1,31 Things, forgetting that All things 
were very good, and that God made 

V,z6. Man ma'e and female, and blalphe 
moufly abufes the Creation, either 
let him reform , or let him be 
deprivM ; and be caft out of the 
Church : and the fame for one of 

LiL ^^^ ^^^^y* 

If any Bilhop, or Presbyter, does 
rot receive him that returns from his 
Sin, but rejecfts him, let him be de- 
priv'd : becaufe he grieves Chrift, 
Luk.xv,7 who fays, There is Joy in Heaven over 
one Sinner that H^penteth, 

Lll^? If any Bifhop, or Presbyter, or 
Deacon, does not on Feftival-days 

"JoV |t>t« ^AT77'^T6* «^^«^ 
tWT^i eii 7B oyOi/M Tb w*- 

(fia.T&'. vfJLHi ^v. ^ cmitr^O' 

^ T MfxSTe^jsif oy 7rydtV**7l 

El" m ^JkotQ', h ^€^- 

Co'TSf©-, H cOflt)CO|/©-, Yi 0- 

^l6fcl/, }^ on oippiv ^ dHhv 
fit Mot C^aj^lDiuSv J)ctCA>^i 


cQa 077 KvTTei T XetjuV, eiZ 


Lib. VIII. the Holy Apoftles, 

^iag^Q? 6c37<aj>, flt^oetf ta-9«* 

A.AK, ;^ /JAM 'TTVjJ^^eoV OJJT^i 

C:/7?f(^, 77yoj r iaM6«t«y 
ya 7a^ tfiovm, dpoeiC^fr^^' 

El*' 775 7tt ^'^•^^'ye^-^* 

r a^^wv /2/Cai*, «? cfcVj*, 

1/" 77$ K^lh^eJLA '^fiVU 
15 *VyM$ WKOf «'^JPP<^A«^ 

partake of Flefli, or Wine, let him t>e . ^ 

depriv'd ; as having a feared Confci- ^ Aiii^«iv*, 
ence, and becoming a Caufe ofScan-^'* 
dal to many. 

If any one of the Clergy be ta- LIV- 
ken eating in a Tavern, let him be 
fufpended, excepting when he is 
forced to bait at an Inn, upon the 
Road. , ^ ^ LV. _ 

If any one of the Clergy abulesEx.xxii, 
his Biihop unjuftly, let him be de- 28. 
priv*d : For fays the Scripture, Thou 
jhah not fpeak^ Evil of the Ruler of 
thy People, 

If any one of the Clergy abufes LVi: 
a Presbyter or a Deacon, let him be 

If any one of the Clergy mocks LVIL 
ara Deaf or Blind-man, or at one 
lame of his Feet, let him be fufpen- 
ded : and the like for the Laity. 

A Biihop or Presbyter, who takes 
no Care of the Clergy or People, 
and does not inftrudt them in Piety, 
let him be feparated ; and if he con- 
tinues in his Negligence, let him be 

If any Biihop, or Presbyter, when 
any one of the Clergy is in want, 
does not fupply his NeceiTity, let him 
be fufpended ; and if he continues 
in it, let him be depriv'd ^ as having 
killed his Brother. 

If any one publickly reads in the 
Church the fpurious Books of the 
Ungodly, as if they were Holy, to 
the DeftrucStion of the People, and 
of the Clergy, let him be depriv'd. 

If there be an Accufation againft 
a Chriftian for Fornication, or Adul- 
tery, or any other forbidden Adion , 










and be be convidted, let him not be 
promoted into the Clergy. 
LXII. Tf any one of the Clergy for fear 
of Men,as of a Jew,or a GentiIe,or an 
Herecick, fhalJ deny the Name of 
Chrift, let him be fufpended : but if 
he deny the Name of a Clergy- man, 
let him be deprived ; but when he 
repents, lee hmi be receiv'd as one 
of the Laity. 
SLXIII If any Bifhop, or Presbyter, or 
Deacon, or indeed any one of the 
facerdotal Catalogue eats Flelh with 
the Blood of its Life, or that which 
is torn by Beafts, or which died of 
it felf, ler him be deprived : For 
this the Law it felf has forbidden : 
but if he be one of the Laity, let 
him be fufpended^ 

If any one of the Clergy be fojmd 
to faft on the Lord's-day, or on the 
Sabbath-day, excepdng one only, 
let him be depriv'd ; but if he be 
one of the Laity, Jet him be luf- 

If any one either of the Clergy 
or Laity, enters into a Synagogue of 
of the Jews or Hereticks to pray, 
let him be depriv*d, and fufpended. 

If any of the Clergy ftrikes one 
in a Quarrel, and kills him by that 
one Stroak, let him be depriv'd, on 
account of his Rafhnefs : But if he 
be one of the Laity, let him be fuf- 
LXVn. I^any one has ofFer'd Violence to 
" a Virgin not becrorh'd, and keeps 

her, Jet him be fufpended : But 'tis 
not lawful for him to take another to 
Wife, but he muft retain her whom 
Jie has chofen, ahho' flie be poor. 



Tttit N /OtV 70 ovofxa, T« 
^' (jLi'TtLvoyi'mi 3, tii \a,'i' 

77;tK. ^a^-M K{^a4 c¥ duyiAn 
'i^jy^i ciirnf w 5>feei'^«y7Br, 

75 5^ jg fO/u,©- etTeiTniV, 
WJetetKilV wtwg^t!/,?} licmQCdL- 

773J/, 'TTKIw T» ivOi (M>V>i, V»' 

daiK^i «V ffy^ tf-yi'^lw *Iif- 

7IVA Kfiioui, K^^^ n ivoi 

Lib. VIII. the Holy Apoftles. 

If any EiO-iOp, or Presbyter, or LXVIIL 
Deacon, receives a lecond Ordinati- 
en from any one, let him be deprived, 
and he who ordain'd him ; unJefs he* 
can (hew that his former Ordination 
was from the Hefcticks : For chofe 
that are either baptiz'd or ordain'd 
by fuch as thefe, can be neither 
Chriftiansnor Clergy- men. 


Tttf, 5) yeiSpjovn^vTzLi, 'tin 

ete^rHcW erufjuLVKtiv iUmS't- 
X®- jtXweeJti^, Fur, 

^^ Tti ^l^cLvU *iheur>V 
« eii (TwjcLyuyluu * itcf^av, yI 

If any Bi(hop, or Presbyter, or LXI)C.' 
Deacon, or Reader, or Singer, does 
not faft the Fail of Forty Days, or 
the Fourth Day of the Week, and 
the Day of the Preparation, let him 
be depriv'd ; except he be hindred 
by weaknefs of Body : But if he be 
one of the Laity, let him be fufpen- 

If any Bilhop, or any other of the LXX, 
Clergy fafts with the Jews, or keep 
the Feftivals with them, or accepts 
of the Prefents from their Feftivals, 
as unleavened Bread, or fome luch 
Thing, let him be depriv'd : but if 
he be one of the Laity, lee him be 

if any Chriftian carries Oil into an LXXI. 
Heathen Temple, or into a Syna- 
gogue of the JewSjOr lights up [.amps 
m their Feftivals, let him he fufpen- 

If any one either of the Clergy or L^-^H* 
Laity, takes away from the Ho- 
ly Church an Honey-comb, or Oil, _ 
lee him be fufpended; and let him*"^^*^'*^ 
add the fifth pare, to that which he 

A Veffel of Silver, or Gold, orLXXIU* 
Linnen, which is fanClrify'd, let no 
one appropriate it to his own life : 
for 'tis unjuft : but if any one be 
c lueht, let him be punifli'd with Sal- 
pcnfion, ' if • 


LXXI V. If a Bifhop be accused of any Crime 
by credible and faithful Perfons, 'tis 
neceflary that he be cited by the 
Bifhops; and if he comes, and makes 
his Apology, and yet is convidled 
lec his Puniihment be determined : 
but if, when he is cited, he does 
not obey, let him be cited a fecond 
Time, by two Bifhops fent to him ; 
but if even then he defpifes them, and 
will not come, let the Synod pafs 
what Sentence they pleafe againft 
him ; that he may not appear to 
gain Advantage by avoiding their 

LXXV. Do not ye receive an Heretick in 
a Teftimony againft a Bifhop ; nor a 
Chriftian if he be fingle : for the Law 

Deut.xix fays, In the mouth of two or three 

i 5. H^ttnejjesy every H^ord /hall he eftA- 


LXXVI. A Biftop muft not gratify his Bro- 
ther, or his Son, or any other Kinf- 
man with the Epifcopal Dignity, or 
ordain whom he pieafes ; for 'tis not 
iuft to make Heirs to Epircopacy,and 
to gratify human Afredtions in Divine 
Matters ; for we muft not put the 
Church of God under the Laws of 
Inheritance ; But if any one (hall do 
fo, let his Ordination be invalid ; 
and let him be punifli'd with Sufpen- 

T YYVIT ^^ ^"y ^"® ^ maimed in an Eye, 
or lame of his Leg, but is worthy of 
the Epifcopal Dignity, let him be 
made a Bifhop : for tis not a Blemilh 
of the Body that can defile him, but 
the Pollution of the Soul. 


^ nvi "vism a^ioTTT^v ^ 

ewTtv dvetynsfJ^dv vm ^ 
lynffKomiV. k$v fj^iTtnLvii' 

X^vtQ- curnt, ae/^ft^ to 
i-miitjuov' idv ^ yj,\ijtJf)Q- 
fj.ri vzsrAjcioB/, y^AH«3w }^ 

^^a^fcvTWf tr^i ajjiiv' t- 
;){«<SiE, fit ^^fli^ fjih ^foif ^vet 

/UOV6V' ©MOT ^ vofiQ-' ^ 
^av ca^n'crsTtfi way pau* 


'Edv m dvttTm^Q « r 

lip^h^V, H TO G-Ki^Q- TTi' 
0Z„ xa^Q- OJJTOV UtCUVi, «M* 



^^^ Holy Apoftles. 

But if he be deaf and blind, let hirp 
not be mada a Biihop ; not as being a 
defiled Perfon, but that the Eccle- 
fiaftical Affairs may not be hindred. 

If any one hath a Daemon, let LXXIX. 

him not be made one of the Clergy : 
Tvli 'mgoli (fwj<dj^^. j(i3*- Nay let him not pray with the fairh- 
tiffSnt '^, <a^(rSi^^i |^ ful : but when he is cleanfed, let 

him be receiv'd ; and, if he be wor- 

e«F « « 

5/©-, W"'^^- 

7*, i^^ATTlt^V-nt t]' 

/x^ wa i^ •3-«W ^eiV T«7« 
J^ahdiHVf xj* liuu }a>§tAKh 

JWDJ/ 3^ tivATfCwtuj TV 7T/»T0jf 

a^/®- ©fltrwH eitUTiji ^i 

thy, let him be ordain*d, 

Tis not right to ordain him Bifliop LXXX* 
prefently, who is jufl come in from 
the Gentiles, and baptizd ; or from 
a wicked Converfation : for 'tis un- 
juft that he who has not yet afforded 
any Trial of himfelf Ihould be a 
Teacher of others ; unlefs it any 
where happens by divine Grace. 

We have faid that a Bifhop ought 
not to let himfelf into publick Admi- 
niftrations, but to attend on all Op. 
portunities upon the necelfary Affairs 
of the Church. Either therefore 
let him agree not to do fo, or let 
him be deprived. For, No one can 
ferve two Mafters, according to the 
Lords Admonition. :. . ^ 

We do not permit Servants to be 
ordain'd into the Clergy, without 
their Matters Confent 5 , for this 
would grieve thofe that own'd 
them. For fuch a Pradice would 
occafion the Subverfion of Families. 
But if at any time a Servant appears 
worthy to be ordain'd into an high- 
office, fuch as our Onefimus appear'd 
to be, and if his Matter allows of it, 
and gives him his Freedom, and dif- 
mifses him from their Houfe, let him 
be ordain'd. 

Let a Bi(hop, or Presbyter, or Dea- lxxktil 
con, who goes to the Army, and 

deli res 

Can. iv, 


Mat. vi.] 




defires ro retain both the Roman Go- 
vernment, and the facerdotai Admi- 
j^^^^jjjjjniftrar.on, be deprived : For, The 
^j' ThitjjTs of C^fdr belcvg to Cafar, and 
the ihhigs of God to God, 

Lxxxiv. Whofoever (hall abufe theKmg or 
the Go^ ernour iinjuftly, let him luf- 
fer Pbnilhment : and if he be a CJer- 
gy-man, let him be deprivM : but if 
he be a Lay- man, let him be fuf- 
pended. - 

Lxxxv Let the following Books be 

efteem'd venerable and Holy by yon, 
both of the Clergy snd Laity. Of 
the Old Covenant, rhe Five Books 
ot Mofes, Gene/is, Exodus, Leviticus^ 
'lumbers and Deuteronomy, One of 
Jo/hua the Son of Nun, One of the 
Judges, One of ^uth, Four of the 
Kjngs, Two of the Chrome ?s, 1 vvo 
of Efra, One of Efther. [One 
of Judith] Three of the M^cca- 
hees. One of Joh, One Hnndied 
and Fifty Pfalms, Three Books of 
Solomcn, Proverbs, Ecclcjlajies, and 
the Song of Songs, Sixteen Prophets. 
And befides thel'e take care that your 
young Perlons learn the "Wifdom of 
the very learned Sirach, But our 
Sacred Books, that is thofe of the 
New Covenant, are thefe, The Four 
Golpels of Mathcw. Mark^, Luke, and 
John: The Fourteen Epiifles of Paul : 
Two Epiftlcs of peter: Three of John: 
One of James: One ofjudc: Two 
Epilties of Clement : And the Confti- 
tutions dedicated to you the Bifhops, 
by me Clement, in Eight Books : 
uhich *tis not fit to publilh before all, 
b^Cuufe of the iVyft^^ries contained 
in them : and the Ads of us the Apo- '' 

XM<r/r, i{3.d-cu^H^ta Tit jS 
7« ©*», TXe! 06(5). - 

Trivia, '^jttTiix^^J'Q-, K<i>t'- 

eA/o "Ejj-J)?*, J)j9' 'E^nif 'iv' 
['.'B=fb-i9, iV' J ULcLKKetCaucov , 
texct '\ceCj %v' »\.aKijm h^- 

3,70UT€S7 '^ Jt5Um c/>fle3f»»KVJf, 

<jCctJ>«A/flt Tfiojag^, MatT3ca«, 
MflCf;CK AK>(^,'IWFi'»' riau- 

IliTftf C/TTfyOhaJt <P00 'IwtfV- 

the Holy Apofllesi 

Lib. VIII. 

TfljuTtt Q 1^ y^vovm ^hct- Let chefe Canonical Rules be efta- 
TftTttvSty wV '^f* "^''' • ^^^^*'^ ^y "5 ^^^ y^"» ^ y^ Bifhops; 
c/thV^ottp/* //h? •:)' «,«wVo^- and if you continue to obierve them, 
z»3v>(9«, ;9«- ye ihall be faved, and fhall have 
Peace : but if you be difobedienr, 
you (hall be punilh'd, and have ever- 
lafting War one with another, and 
^ ([ff^(nK\i(7v.v undergo a Penalty fuitable to your 

Now God who aloneis Unbe- 
gotten, and the Maker of the 
whole World, unite you all thro* 
his Peace, in the Holy-Spirit ; per- 
fect you unto every good Work, 
Immoveable, Unblameable , and 
Unreproveable ; and vouchfafe to 
you Eternal Life, v^ith us, through 
the Mediation of his beloved Son, 
Jefus Chrift, our God and Saviour ; 
with whom Glory be to Thee, the 
God over all, and the Father, in the 
Holy-Spirir, the Comforter, now,an 
always.and tor ever and ever. Ame 

0£o? 0, (jLov^ ay- 
^'>'V1T©"i ^ ro>^a>v Tram' 

m^^i cunv *I«fl-» ^P;5-¥, 78 
» 11 tTo^flt 'tfi/rSi, tJIt^^ ^j^- 

•7WV 0SW, 

The End of the Conftitutions of 

TU©- J>^7«.«> 9= ^j^i'^i' The End ot the L^onltitutions or 
:wn>^ym 'hi K^Ha«I'^©-. ^g.• Holy Apoftles by Clement, which are 
^hxKni J)Jk7K<nhtcti. the Catholick Dodnne. 

F I If I S. 

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