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Primitive New Teftament. 


The Four GOSPELS, 

With the 



PAR Till. 


VII. Catholick EPISTLES. 






? *" 


Printed for the AUTHOR, and Sold by the Bookfellers 
of London and mjtminfter. M.DCC.XLV. 




With the 


According to the Greek Part of the MS. 
of Beza, now probably above 1600 Years old, 
in the publick Library of the Univerfity of 
Cambridge : Collated by Patrick Young ; 
A. B. UJher ; and at lead twice by Dr. Mills ; 
befides a ftill later Collation. 

The Imperfeftions of which Copy are here fup- 
plied from the vulgar Latin. 

Tranflated into Englijh, 2nd publifhed 

The modern Diftinftions of Chapters, and Ver- 
fes, and Sentences, and Words, are retained, 
though not in the MS. 

Afterwards^ Let our Acts be read : and the Epiftks 
of Paul, our fellow -worker, which he fent to the Churches 
under the Conduit of the Holy Sprit. And afterwards, 
Let a Deacon, or a Prejlyter read the Gofpcls -, both 
thofe which I Matthew and John have delivered to you - 9 
and thofe which the fellow- w.orkers of Paul received and 
left to you, Luke, and Mark, Conftit. Apoft. II. 57. 

The Gofpel according to Matthew 

the foa 
fen of Abraham. 

I. r | 1 H E book of the gene 
ration of Jefus (Thrift, 
of David, the 
i Abraham be 
gat Ifaac, and Ifaac begat Jacob, 
and Jacob begat Judas and his breth 
ren, 3 And Judas begac Phares 
and Zara of Thamar, and Phares 
begat Efrom, and Efrom begat 
Aram, 4 And Aram begat Ami- 
nadab, and Aminadab begat Na- 
aflon, and Naaflbn begat Salmon 
$ And Salmon begat Booz of Ra- 
chab, and Eooz begat Obed of 
Ruth, and Obed begat Jefle, 6 
And Jefle begat David the king, 
and David the king begat Solomon 
of her that had been the wife of 
Urias : 7 And Solomon begat Ro- 
boam, and Roboam begat Abia, 
and Abia begat Afa, 8 And Afa 
begat Jofaphat, and Jofaphat begat 
Joram, and Joram begat Ahazias, 
and Ahazias begat Joas, and Joas 
begat Amaaias, and Amazias begat 
Ozias, 9 And Ozias begac Joatha m, 
and Joatham begat Achaz , and 
Achaz begac Ezekias, 10 And Eze- 
kias begac Manages, and Manafles, 
begat Amon, and Amon begac Jo- 
fias, ii And Jofias begat Joakim, 
and Joakim begat Jechonias and 
his brethren, at the captivity of 
Babylon : iz. And after the capti 
vity of Babylon, Jechonias begac 
Salathiel, and Salathiel begat Zo- 
robabel, ij And Zorobabel begac 
Abiud, and Abiud begac Eliakim, 
and Eliakim begat Azor, 14 And 
Azor begac Sadoc, and Sadoc be 
gat Achim, and Achim begac Eliud, 
15 And Eliud begat Eleazar, and 
Eleazar begac Matchan, and Mac 
than begat Jacob, 16 And Jacob 
begat Joieph to whom the Virgin 
Mary was efpoufed, and bare Jefm 
Chrift. 17 So all the generations 
from Abraham to David were four 
teen generations : and from Davic 
until the captivity of Babylon 

from the captivity of Babylon un^ 
to Chrift, mere fourteen generati 
ons. 18 Now the generation of 
Chrift was on this wife, When as 
Mary was efpoufed to Jofeph, be- 
iore they camq together, (be wa 
"ound with Child of the Holy 
Ghoft. 19 Then Jofeph her Huf- 
aand being a righteous Man, and 
not willing to make her a publick 
example, was minded to put her 
away privily. 20 But while he 
thought on thefe things, behold 
the angel of the Lord appeared 
unto him in a dream, faying, Joftph 
hou fon of David, fear not to 
take unto thee Mary thy wife ; for 
that which is conceived in her is 
of the Holy Ghoft : zi And (he 
(hall bring forth a fon, and thou 
(hale call his name Jefus : for he 
fhall fave his people from their fins. 

Now all this was done, thac ic 
might be fulfilled which was fpoken 
of the Lord by Efaias the prophet, 
faying, 23 Behold a virgin fnall be 
with child, and (hall bring forth, 
a fon, and thou (hale call his name 
Emmanuelj which being interpre 
ted, is, God with us. 24 Thea 
Jofeph being raifed from deep, did. 
as the angel oi the Lord had bid 
den him, and took unco him his 
wife : And knew her noc till ihe 
had brought forch her firft-bora 
fon ; and he called his name Jefus. 

II. Now when Jefus was bora 
in Bethlehem of Judea, in the days 
of Herod the king, behold, :here 
came wife-men from the eaft to Je- 
rufaletn, 2 Saying, Where is he 
that is born King of the Jews ? for 
we have feen his ftar in the call, 
and are come to worfhip him. 3 
When Herod the king had heard 
;V, he was troubled, and Jerufalcm 
with him. 4 And when he had 
gathered all the chief priefts and 
fcribes of the people together, he 
demanded where Chrift (hould be 

re fcventeen generation* :. 



5 And they Caid unto him, 

According to MatttievV. 

in JDcinicncm 01 juaca : ior inus 
ic is written by the prophet ; 6 And 

ing wroin, ana icnc lorcn, ana uevr 
all the children that were in Beth 

thou Bethlehem of the land oi 

lehem, and in all the coafts there 

Juda, art thou the lead among the 

of, from two years old and under, 

princes of Juda? for out ot thee 

according to the time which he had 

(hall come a Governor that (hall 

diligently enquired ot the wife- 

rule my People ifrael. 7 Then 

men. 17 Then was fulfilled that 

Herod, when he had privily called 

which was fpoken of the Lord by 

the wife-men, enquired of them 

Jeremy the prophet, faying, 18 

diligently what time the ftar ap 

In Rama there was a voice heard, 

peared. 8 And he fent them to 

lamentation, and weeping, and 

Eeihlehem, and faid unto them, 

great mourning, Rachel lament 

Go, and fearch diligently for 

ing her children, and would not 

the young child : And when 

be comforted, becaufe they are 

ye (Via 11 have found bim> bring me 

not. 19 But when Herod was 

word again, that I may come and 

dead, behold, an angel of the Lord 

worfhip him alfo. $ When they 

appeareth in a dream to Jofeph in 

had heard the king, they departed, 

Egypt, 20 Saying, Arife, and take 

and lo, the (tar which they faw in 

the young child and his mother, and 

the eaft, went before them, till it 

go into the Land of Ifrael : for 

came and flood over the young 

they are dead who fought the young 

child. 10 When they faw the 

childs life. 2 1 And he arofe, and 

ftar, they rcjoyced with exceeding 

took the young child and his mo 

great joy. ti And when they 

ther, and came in:o the Land of 

were come into the houfe, they faw 

Ifrael. 22 But when he heard 

ihe child with Mary his mother, 

that Archelaus did reign in Judea, 

and fell down and worfhtypedhim : 

in the room of his father Herod, he 

and when they had opened their 

was afraid to depart : But being 

treafures, they prefented unto him 

warned of Cod in a dream, he 

gifts ; gold, and frankincenfe, and 

turned afide into the parts of Gali 

fnyrrh. 12 And being warned of 

lee . 23 And he came and dwelt in 

Cod in a dream, that they fhould 

a City called Nazareth, thac ic 

not return to Herod, they departed 
into their own Country another 

might be fulfilled 
which was fpoken t Read, by the 

way. 13 And when they were 

tbythe P ro>he> KomlTir 

departed, bihold the angel of the 

He (hall be called Jffift^ 

Lord appeared to Jofeph in a 

a Nazarene. 

dream, faying, Arifc, and take the 

III. In thofc days cime John 

young child, and his mother, and 
flee into Egypt, and be thou there 

the Baptift, preaching in the wilder- 
nefi of Judea, 2 And faying, Re 

until I tell thee : tor Herod will 

pent ye ; for the kingdom of hea 

leek the young child to deftroy him. 

ven is at hand. $ For this is he 

4 When he arofe, he took the 

that was fpoken ot by the prophet 

young child and his mother by 

Efaias, faying, The voice of one 

night, and departed into Egypt : 

crying in the wildernefs, Prepare ye 

1 5 And was there until the death 

the way of the Lord, make his 

*f Herod : that it might be fulfilled 

paths ftraighc. 4 And the fame 

which was fpoken ot the Lord by 

John had his raiment of camels hair, 

the prophet, faying, Out of Egypt 

and a leathern girdle about his 

have I called my fon. 16 Then 

loyns; and his meat vtfas locufts, 

Herod, when he fato that he wars 

and wild honey, $ Then wenc 

docked 6f sire wtfe^ftgftj vvafs jjjrcccdf 


eut to him jerufalem and all Juda, 
and all the region about Jordan, 
6 And were baptized of him in Jor 
dan, confedtng their (ins. 7 But 
when he Taw many of the Pharifeei 
and Sadducees come to his baptifm, 
he faid unto them, Q generation of 
vipers, who hath warned you to 
flee from the wrath to come ? 8 
Bring forth therefore fruit meet for 
repentance 9 And think not to fay 

According to Matthew^ 

within your felves, We 
ham to our father : for I fay unto 
you, that God is able of thefe (tones 
to raife up children unto Abraham. 
10 Now alfo the ax is laid to the 
root of the trees : therefore every 
tree that bringeth not forth good 
fruit is hewn down, and caft int< 
the fire. 1 1 I indeed baptize you 
in wa er unto repentance ; but he 
that cometh after me, is mightier 
than I, whofe (hoes I am not wor 
thy to carry : he will baptize you 
with the Holy Ghott, and fire, u 
Whofe fan is in his hand, and he 
will throughly purge his floor, and 
gather his wheat into his garner : 
but he will burn up the chaff with 
unquenched fire. 13 Then cometh 
Jefus from Galilee to Jordan unto 
John, to be baptized of him. 14 
But John forbad him, faying, I 
have need to be baptized of thee, 
and thou conieft to me. i\ And 
Jefus anfwering, faid unto him, 
Suffer iV now : for thus it becometh 
us to fulfil all righteoufneO. Then 
he fuffered him. 16 And Jefus 
when he was baptized, went up 
ftraightway out of the water : and 
lo, the heavens were opened unto 
him, and he faw the Spirit of Goo* 
defending out ot heaven like a 
dove, and coming upon him. 17 
And lo, a voice from heaven, fay- 
ing unto him, Thou art my be 
loved Son, in whom, I aro, ( wejl 

IV. Then was Jefus led ujof the 
fpiric into che wildernefr, to be 

tempted of the devil, z And whejj 
he had fatted forty days and forty 
nights, he was afterwards an hun- 
gred. 3 And the tempter came 
to him, and faid unto him, If thou 
t?e che Son of God, command that 
thefe fione* be made bread. 4 But 
Jefus anfwercd and fa(d> It is writ- 
ten, Man (hall not live by bread 
alone, but by every word of God. 
5 Then the devil tafceth him up in* 
to the holy city, and fetteth him on 
pinnacle of the temple, 6 And 
faith unto him ; If thou be toe 
Son of God, caA thy felf down . 
for it is written, he ihall give his 
angels charge Concerning thee, and 
upon their hanols they (hall hold 
thee up, left at any time thou da(h 
thy foot again(i a (lone. 7 Jefus 
faid unto him, It is written again, 
Thou (halt not tempjt the Lord thy 
God. 8 Again, the devil took 
him up into an exceeding high 
mountain, and (hewed him all the 
kingdoms of the world, and the 
glory of them : 9 And faid unto 
him* All there things will I give 
thee, if thou wilt tall down and 
worfhip me. 10 Then faid Jefus. 
unto him, Get thee behind me, Sa 
tan ; for it is written, Thou (hale 
worfkip the Lord thy God, and 
him only thou (halt ferve. u 
Then the devil leaveth him, and 
beholdangels came andminiftred un 
to him. ii Now when he had heard 
that John was delivered up, he de 
parted into Galilee. 13, And lea 
ving Nazareth, he came and dwelt 
in Capharnaum, which is upon the 
fea coaft, in the borders of Zabu- 
lon ind Nephthalim : 1,4, That ic 
might be fulfilled which wasfpoken, 
by v 

the prophet, faying, 
land of Sabulon ,, and 


Nephthalim, the. way of the fea. 
beyond Jordin, Galilee of the, 
Gentiles : 16 The people who fat- 
in darkncft, faw great light: To 
them who. fie in the region and 

According to Matthew: 

fhadow of death, light is fprung 
up. 17 For from that time Jefus 
began to preach, and to fay, 
Repent, for the kingdom ot hea 
ven is at hand. 18. And He parting 
by the fea of Galilee, faw two 
brethren, Simon, called Peter, and 
Andrew his brother, cafting a net 
into the fea : for they were fifhers. 
19 And he faith unto them, Follow 
me, and I will make you to be 
come fifhers of men. 2,1 And go- 
ing on from thence, he faw other 
two brethren, Janes the fon of Ze- 
bedce, and John his brother, in a 
{hip with Zebedee their father, 
mending their nets : and he called 
them. 2,2. And they immediately 
left their fhip and their father, and 
followed him. 2,3 And Jefus went 
about all Galilee, teaching in their 
Synagogues, and preaching thegof- 
pel ot the kingdom, and healing all 
manner of ficknefs, and all manner 
of difeafe among the people 
his fame went throughout all Sy 
ria : and they brought unto him all 
lick people that were ill of divers 
lifeafes, and torments, and thofe 
who were poflefled with daemons, 
and thofe who were lunatick, and 
thofe who had the palfie ; and he 
healed them all. 15 And there 
followed him great multitudes of 
people, from Galilee, and Deca- 

polis, and Jerufalem, and 
and beyond Jordan 


V. And feeing 

the multitudes, 

he went up into a mountain : and 
uhen he was fet, hisdifciples came 
unto him. z And he opened hi 
mouth, and taught them, faying, 

3 Ble(fed are the poor in fpiric : 
lor theirs is the kingdom of heaven. 

4 Bleffed are the meek : for they 
{hall inherit the earth. 5 Blefied 
are they that mourn : for they (hall 
be comforted. 6 Bleffed are they 
who do hunger and thirft after 
nghteoufnef* : for they (hall be 
filled, 7 Jilclfcd are the merciful : 

for they (hall obtain mercy." & 
BlefTed are the pure in heart : for 
they (hall fee God. 9 Elcfled are 
the peace-makers : for they (hall be 
called the children of God. 10 
Blefled are they who are perfecuted 
for righteoufnefs fake : for theirs 
fhall be the kingdom of heaven. 
1 1 Blefled are ye when men (hall 
perfecute and revile you , and 
fhall fay all manner of evil againft 
you for my fake, iz Rejoyce, and 
be exceeding glad : for great // 
your reward in heaven : for fo per- 
fecuted they the prophets who were 
before you. 1 3 Ye" are the fait of 
the earth : but if the falc have bit 
its favour, wherewith fhall it be 
falted ? it is good for nothing, but 
to be caft out, and to be trodcn un 
der foot of men. 14 Ye are the light 
of the world. A city that is fee 
on a hill cannot be hid. 15 Nei- 
their do they light a candle, and 
put it under a bufhel : but on a 
candleftick, and it giveth light un 
to all that are in chehoufe. 16 Lee 
your light fo fhine before men, that 
they may fee your good works, and 

glorifie your 
the heavens. 

Father who is in 
17 Think not that I 

am come to deftroy the law or the 
prophets : I am not come to de- 
flroy, but to perfect them. 1 8 For 
verily I fay unto you, Till heaven 
and earth pafs, one jot or one tit 
tle fhall in no wife pafs from the 
law, till all be done. 19 Whofo- 
ever therefore fhall break one of 
thefe leaft commandments, and 
fhall teach men fo, he fhall be call 
ed the leaft in the kingdom of hea 
ven : 2,0 For I fay unto you, Thac 
except your righteoufnefs ft all ex 
ceed that of the Scribes and Phari- 
fees, ye fhall by no means enter in- 
to the kingdom of heaven, zi 
Ye have heard, that it was faid to 
them of old time, Thou fhalt noc 
kill : and whofoever fhall kill, 
(hall be Jyable to the judgment, 
zi But 

According to Matthew. 

But I fay unto you, that who 

foever is angry 

with his brother 

without a caufe, (hall be lyable to 
the judgment : and whofoever (hall 
fay to his brother, Raca, (hall be 
lyable to the fanhedrim: but who 
foever (hall fay, Thou fool, (hall 
be lyable to gehenna of fire. 2,3 
Therefore, it thou (halt bring thy 
gift to the altar, and there {halt 
remember that thy brother hath 
ought againft thee ; 24 Leave there 
thy gift before the altar, and go 
thy way, firft be reconciled to 
thy brother, and then thou (hale 
come and offer thy gift. 25 Agree 
with thine adverfary quickly,wbilfl 
thou arc in the way with him: left 
at any time the adverfary deliver 
thee to the judge, and the judge 
deliver thee to the officer, and 
thou be caft into prifon. 2-6 Veri 
ly, I fay unto thec, Thou (hale by 
no means come out thence, till 
thou (halt have paid the uttermoft 
farthing. 27 Ye have heard that 
it hath been faid, Thou (halt not 
commit adultery. 28 But I fay un 
to you, that whofoever looketh on 
a woman to luft after her, hath 
committed adultery with her al 
ready in his hearr. 29 And if thy 
right eye caufe the to offend, pluck 
it our, and caft if from thee : for 
it is profitable for thee that one of 
thy members (hould perifh, and 
not that thy whole body (hould go 
away into Gehenna. 3 1 It harh 
been faid, Whoever (hall puraway 
his wife, let him give her a bill of 
divorce. 32 But I fay unto you, 
that whofoever (hall put away his 
wife, faving for the caufe of forni 
cation, caufeth her to commit adul 
tery. 33 A^ain, ye have heard 
that it hath been faid to them of 
old time, Thou (halt not forfwear 
thy felf, but (hall perform unto rhe 
Lord thine Oaths. 34 But I fay 
unto you, Swear not at all ; nei 
ther by heaven, (or ic is Gods 

throne : 3 5 Nor by the earth, for 
it is his footftool : neither by Jeru- 
falem, for ic is the ciry of the great 
King. 3 6 Neither (hale thou fwear 
by thy head, becaufe thou cantt noc 
make one hair white or black. 37 
Bur let your cprnmunicarion be Yes, 
yes ; No, no ; for whatfoever it 
more than thefe, cometh of the 
evil one. 38 Ye have heard that 
it hath been (aid, An eye for an 
eye, a tooth for a tooth. 39 But 
I fay unto you, that ye refitt noc 
a wicked man : but whofoever will 
fame thee on thy cheek, turn to 
him the other alfo. 40 To him that 
will fue thee at the law, and take 
away thy coac, thou (halt let him 
have thy cloke alfo. 41 And who 
foever compels thee to go a mile, 
go with him two more. 41 Give to 
him that asketh thee, and from him 
that would borrow, thou (halt not 
turn away. 43 Ye have heard that 
it hath been faid, Thou (halt love 
thy neighbour, and hate thine ene 
my : 44 But I fay unto you, Love 
your enemies, blefs them that curfe 
you, do good to them that hate 
you, and pray for them that defpite- 
fully ufe and perfecute you : 45 
That ye may be children of your 
Father who is in the heavens ; for 
he makcth his fun to rife on the evil 
and on the good, and fendeth rain 
on the juft and on the unjuft. 46 
For if ye (hall love them who love 
you, wha<- reward will ye have ? 
do not even the publicans the fame ? 
47 And if ye falute your brethren, what do you that ?e extraor 
dinary ; do nor even the heathens 
fo ? 48 Ye (hall therefore be per- 
feft, even as your Father who is in 
the heavens is perfect. 

VI. Take heed that ye do not 
your rigrneoufnefs before men, to 
be feen of them : otherwife ye have 
no reward of your Father in the 
heavens. 2 Therefore, when rhou 
(hale do alms, thou (hale n^r found 
a trumpet 

According to Matthew, 

a Crumpet before thee, as the bv 
pocrne* do, in rhe lynagogues and 
in <he flrcets, that they may be 
glorified of men. Verily I fay 
umo you, they have their reward. 
3 But when thou doit aims, let 
not thy left hand know what thy 
right hand doth: 4 That thine 
alms may be in fecrer ; and thy fa 
ther who ietrh in fecret. himfelf 
ihall reward thee. 5 And when 
thou lhalt pray, thou fhalc not be 
as the hypocrites : for they love to 
fiand, and to pray in the fyna 
ggues, and in the corners of the 
lireets, chat thev may be feen of 
men. Verily I fay unto you, they 
have their revard. 6 But thou, 
when thou fhalt pray, enter into 
thy clofer, and when thou haft Ihut 
thy door, pray to thy Father in fe- 
cret, and thy Father who Teeth in 
fecret, ihall reward thee. 7 But 
when ye pray, ye fhall not ufe vain 
repetitions, as the heathen do : for 
they think that they fhall be heard 
for their much fpeaking. 8 Be not 
ye therefore like unto them : for 
your Father knoweth what things 
ye have need of 5 before ye open 
your mouth. 9 Afrer this manner 
therefore pray ye ; Our Father who 
sirt in the heavens, Hallowed be 
thy name. loThy kingdom come. 
Thy will be done as in heaven, fo 
on earth. 1 1 Give us this day the 
bread neceffary ior our fufte^ance. 
12 And forgive us our debts, as we 
forgive our debters. 13 And lead 
us not into temptation, but deliver 
us from the evil one. 14 For, if 
ye fhall forgive men their trefpafles, 
your heavenly Father will alfo for- 

I ve you. i $ But if ye fhall not 
rgive men, neither will your Fa 
ther forgive you your trefpafies. i$ 
Moreover , when ye fa ft , be 
not as the hypocrites, of a fad 
countenance: for they disfigure their 
faces, tha: thev may appear unto 
men to faft. Verily I fay 

they have their reward. 17 But 
thou, when thou falkft, anoint 
thine head, and walh thv face. i$ 
That thou appear not unto men to 
faft, bur unto thy Father who is ia 
fecret ; and thy Father who feeth 
in fecret, (hall reward thee. 19 
You fhall not lay up for your felveS 
rreafures upon earth, where moch 
and ruft doth corrupt, and where 
thieves break through and (leal. 
20 But lay up for yonrfelves trea- 
fures in heaven, where neither moth 
nor ruft dorh corrupt, and where 
thieves do not break through nor 
fieal. 21 For where your treafure 
s, there will your heart be alfo. 
22 The light of the body is the eye; 
if therefore thine eye be fingle, 
thy whole body fhall be full of 
light. 1.3 But if thine eye be evil, 
thy whole body fljall be full of 
darknefs. If therefore the light 
that is in thee be darknefs, how 
great zf that darknefs . 24 No one 
can ferve two maflers : for either 
he will hate the one, and love the 
other ; or elfe he will hold to the 
one, and defpife the other. Ye 
cannot ferve God and mammon; 
1$ Therefore I fay unto you, Be- 
not follicitous for your life, whac 
ye fhall eat ; nor yet for your bo 
dy, what ye {hall put on : Is not 
the life more than meat, and 
he body than raiment ? 26 Behold 
the fowls of heaven. for they fow 
nor, nether do they reap, nor ga- 
her into barns; yet your heavenly 
Father tecdeth them. Are ye nA 
much better than they ? 17. Which 
of. you by being follicitous can add 
one cubit unto hisftature ? 28 And 
why are ye follicitous for raiment 
Confider the lilies of rhe field how 
hey grow ; they toil not, neither 
do they fpin. 29 And yet I fay 
unto you, that even Solomon in all 
lis glory, was not arayed like one 
fthefe. 30 Wherefore if God fo 
the grafs of t^e field which 

to day is, and to morrow is caft in 
to the oven, fhaU be noc much more. 
do fo to you, O ye of littie taich ? 
i Therefore ye fhall not be folli 
titous, faying, What fhall we eat ? 
or what (hall we drink \ or where 
withal (hall we be clothed ? 31 
For, after all thefe things do the 
Gentiles feek; for your Father know- 
cth that ye have need of all thefe 
things. 33 But feek ye firft the 
kingdom ot God, and his righte- 
oufnefs, and all thefe things (hall 
be added unto you. 34 Ye (hall 
not therefore be follicitous for the 
morrow : for the morrow will be 
follicitous about things for it felf : 

According to Matthewi 

jfufficient for 

the day is the evil 

VII. Judge not, that ye be not 

judged, i For 
ment ye judge, 

with what judg 
(hall be judged : 

and with what meafure ye mete, t 
faall be me&fured to you again. 3 
And why beholdeft thou the mote 
that it in thy brotheri eye, bur per 
ceiveft not the beam tha: is in thine 
own eye ? 4 Or how wilt thou fay 
to thy brocher, Let me pull the 
inote out of thine eye ; and beholH 
a beam is in thine own eye \ 5 
Thou hypocrite, firft caft out the 
beam out of thine own eye ; and 
then (halt thou fee clearly tocafl cur 
the mote out of thy brothers eye. 
6 Give not that which is holy unt 
the dogs, neither call ye your peurU 
before fwine, leaift they at any time 
trample them under their feet, and 
ttirn again and rent you. 7 Ask 
and it (hall be given you : feek, and 
ye (hall find : knock, and it fhall 
be opened unro you. 8 For every 
one that askerh, receiveth : and he 
that feeketh, firiderh : and ro him 
that knocketh, ihall be opened. 9 
Or what man is there of you, whom 
if his fn iTiall ask bread, will he 
give him a [tone? id And it he 
(hall n-k a filh, w:ll he give bin a 
fefpenc I 1 1 If ye then bsihg evil, 

know how to give good gifts linta 
your children, how much more (hall 
your Father who is in heaven give 
good things to them that ask him ? 
i >. Therefore all things whatfoever 
ye would that men fhould do to 
you, do ye c^en fo to them : for 
this is the law and the prophet*. 
1 3 Enter ye in at the ftrait gate ; 
for wide is the gate, and broad is 
the way that leadeth to deftruftion, 
and many there be who go in 
thereat : 14 Becaufe ftrait is the 
gate, and narrow the way which 
leadech unto life, and few there be 
that find it. 15 Beware of falfe 
prophets, who come to you in (beeps 
clothing, but inwardly they are ra 
vening wolves. 1 6 Ye (hall know 
them by their fruits: Do men ga 
ther a grape of thorm, or figs of 
thiftles? 17 Even fo every good 
cree bringeth forth good fruits : 
but a corrupt tree bringeth forth 
evil fruics. 19 Every tree that 
bringeth not forth good fruir, is 
hewn down and caft into the fire. 
2,0 Wherefore by their truits ye (hall 
know tricm. n Not every one 
that faith unto me, Lord, Lord, 
hall enter into the kingdom of 

he heavens : but he that doerh 
he will of my father who is in rhe 
icaven?, he (hall enter into the 
Icingdom of the heavens, zi Many 

ill fay to rne in that day, Lord* 
i-ord, have we not propnefied iri 
fiy name? and in thy name have 
caft out daemons ? and in thy name 
-ione many wonderful works? 25 
\nd then will I profefs unto them, 
[ nevei knew you depart from me 
ill ye that work iniquity. 24 There* 
"ore, vvhofoever heareth thefe fajr- 
ngs of mine, and doth them, he 
(hall be likened unto a wife maa 
<vho built his houfe upon a rock : 
15 And cheraiwdefcendecf, and the 
loods c<n} e, and ih e winds blew, 
and beat upon the houfc ? and ic 
r ell noc, for ic was founded upon 
a* rock. 

According to Matthew; 

a rock. 2,6 And every one that and (hall fie down with Abraham, 

heareth theft* fayings of mine, and 
doeth them not, (hall be likened 
unto a foolifti man who built his 
houfe upon the fand : 17 And the 
rain descended, and the floods carae, 
and the winds blew, and beat upon 
that houfe : and it fell, and great 
was the fall of ir. 28 And it came 
to pafs when Jefus had ended thefe 
faying, the multitude were aftonifh- 
ed at his dodtrine. 2,9 For ne taught 
them as one having authority, and 
not as the fcribesand pharifees. 

VIII. When he was come down 
from the mountain, great multitudes 
followed him. 2, And behold, there 
came a leper and worfhipped him, 
faying, Lord, if thou wilt, thou 
canft make me clean. 3 And Jefus 
put forth bit hand and touched 
him, faying, I will : Be thou clean. 
And immediately his leprofie was 
cleanfed. 4 And Jefus faith unto 
him, See thou tell no one, but go 
away, fhew thy (elf to the prieft, 
and offer the gift that Mofes com- 
manded, <or a teftimony unto them. 
5 And when he was entered into 
Capharnaum, there came unto him 
a centurion, befeeching, 6 And 
faying, Lord, my fervant lieth at 
home grievoufly tormented with the 
palfy. 7 And Jefus faith unto him, 
I will come and heal him. 8 The 
centurion anfwered and faid, Lord, 
I am not worthy that thou (houldit 
ccme under my roof: bur fay the 
word only, and my fervant will be 
healed. 9 For I am a man under au 
thority, having foldiers under me : 

and fay to this 

Go, and he 

goeth : and to another, Come, and 
he cometh : and to my fervant, Do 
this, and he doeth it. 10 When 
Jefus heard V, he marvelled, and 
faid to them that followed, Verily 
I fay unto you, I have not found fo 
great faith, no not in Ifrael. 1 1 
And I fay unto you, that many 

and Ifaac, and Jacob in the king 
dom of the heavens. 11 But the 
children of the kingdom fnall be 
caft out into outer darknefs : there 
(hall be weeping and gnaihing of 
teeth. 13 And Jefus faid unto the 
centurion, Go away, and as thou 
haft believed, fo be it done unta 
thec. And his icrvant was healed 
from that hour. 14 And when Je 
fus was come into Peters houfe, he 
faw his wifes mother laid, and fick 
of a fever. 1 5 And he touched 
her hand, and the fever left her ; 
and ftse arofe and miniftred unto 
them. 1 6 And when the even was 
come, they brought unto him ma 
ny that were poffefled with da:- 
mons : and he caft out the fpirits 
with a word} and healed all that 
were fie k : 17 That it might be 
fulfilled which was fpoken by Efaias 
the prophet, faying, Himfelf took 
our infirmities, and bare our fick- 
nefles. 18 Now when Jefus faw 
great multitudes about him,hegave 
commandment to depart unto the 
other fide. 1 9 And a certain fcribe 
came, and faid unto him, Matter, 
I will follow thee whitherfoever 
thoa goeft. 20 And Jefus faith un 
to him, The foxes have holes, and 
the birds of the air nefls ^ but the 
Son of man hath not where to lay 
bis head. 2.1 And another of his 
difciples faid unto him, Lord, fuffer 
me to go and bury my father. 22, 
But Jefus faid unto him, Follow 
me, and let the dead bury their 
dead. 23 And when he was entered 
into a fhip, his difciples tollovved 
him. 14 And behold there arofe 
a great tempeft in thefea, infomuch 
that the (hip was covered with 
waves : but he was afleep. i$ And 
his difciples came to him, faying, 
Lord, lave us : we perifh. ^6 And 
he faith unto them, Why arc ye 
feaiful, Oyeof little faiih ? Then. 

H come fiorn the eaf\ and wtlt, he arofe and rebuked the wind? and 


fea, and there was a great calm. 
i7 Buc the men marvelled, fay- 
ing, What manner of man is this, 
that even the winds and the fea o- 
bey him 2 z8 And when he was 
come to the orher fide into the 
country of the Gerafens, there met 
him two polkiftd with daemons, 
coming out of the tombs, exceed 
ing fierce, fo that no man might 
pa fs by that way. zp And behold, 
they cryod our, faying, What have 
we todowi h thee, Jefus thou Son 
of God ? art thou come hirher to 
torment us before (he time ? 36 
And there was a little way oft from 
them an herd of many fwine feeding. 
31 So the dsemons befoughc him, 
faying, It thou caft us out, fend 
us away into the herd of fwine. 
32, And he faid unto them, Go. 
And when they were come out, 
they went into the fwine : and be- 
hold, the whole herd ran violently 
down a fteep place inco the fea, 
and perifhed in the waters. 33 And 
the keepers fled, and went away 
unro the city, and told all things; and 
all that was befallen to the poflelfed 
of the daemons. 34 And behold 
the whole city came out to meet 
Jefu.-, and when rhey faw him, they 
befought him that he would depart 
ou: nr their coafts. 

IX. And he entered into a (hip, 
and palled over, and came into hi* 
own city, i And behold they 
brought to him one who had the 
palfie, lying on a couch, and Jeiu- 
(eeing their faith, faid unto him who 
had the palfie, Son, be of good 
sheer, thy fins be forgiven thee. 3 
behold certain of the fcribet> 

tnd among themlelves, This man 
lafphemeth. 4 And Jefus know 
ing their thoughts, faid unto them, 
"yVherefore think ye evil in , you; 
$earts ? $ For whether is eafier to 
fay, Thy fin* be forgiveh thee.? or 
;o fay, Arife and walk? 6" Bu 
t hic Vi raay know tha? tht Son of 

According to Matthew. 

man hath power on earth to for- 
give fins, then fairh he to him who 
had ;he palfie, Arife, and take up 
thy couch, and go unco thine houfe, 
7 And he aroife, and departed to 
hishoufe. 8 But when rite multi 
tude faw rV, they were affrighted, 
and glorified God, who had given 
fuch power unto men. p And as 
Jefus went from rhence, he faw a 
man named Matthew, fitting at the 
receipt of cuftom : and ne frith. 
unto him, , Follow me. .And he 
arofe, and followed him. i-o And 
it came to pafs, as Jefus fac at meat 
in the houfe, behold, many publi 
cans and finneracame and fat do,wti 
with him and his difciple*. 1 1 Buc 
when the Pharisees faw it, they faid 
unto his difciples, vVhy eateth your 
mailer with publicans and fiahers f 
it But when he heard /f, he faid 
unto them, .They that be whole 
need not a phyfician, but they thae 
are fick. 1 5 But go ye and learn 
what tha,t i-, I will have mercy ? 
and not facrifice : for I am not corrfi 
to call the righteous, buc finneri. 
14 Then came to him the difciples 
of John, faying, Why do we and 
the Pharifees fad often ; but rhy 
difciples faft not ? 15 And Jtfus 
faid unto them, Can the c ildren 
of the bridegroom fair, as long as 
the bridegroom is with them ? buc 
the days will come when tne bride 
groom fhall be taken from th em^ 
and then they (hall faft ,in thofe 
days. 1 6 ^o man putteth a piece 
of new cloth unto an old g.irtneut ; 
for that which is put in to fill it up 5 
takerh from the garment, an,4 the 
f ent is.madc worfe. 17 Neither do 
men put new wine into old booties : 
elfe the nevv winebreaketh the bot- 
les, and the wine periOieth : buc 
they put, new, wine in*o new bot 
tles, :ancj both afre preferved. r? l 

While he fpake thefe r$ing5 
them, behold, there came a certain 

ruler and 


him, s 

According to Matthew. 

that hour. 
catre into 

13 And 
the rulers 

preaching the gofpel of the king 
dom, and healing every ficknefs, 
and every difeafe. 36 But when 
helaw the multitudes, hchadcom- 
paflion on them, becaufe they faint- 
d, and were fcattered abroad, as 
tbeep having no fhepherd. 37 
Then faith he to his diiciples, The 
harmed truly is plenteous, but the 
laborers few. 38 Pray ye there- 
fore the Lord of the harvtfi, that 
he will fend forth labourers into 
his harvcft. 

X. And when he had called unto 
him his twelve difciples, he gave 
them power over unclean Ipiritf, to 
caft them out, and to heal all man 
ner of ficknefs, and all manner of 
difeafe. z Now the names of the 
twelve apoftles are thefe ; The firft, 
Simon, who is called Peter, and 
Andrew his brother. James the fen 
of Zebedee, and John his brother, 
3 Philip, and Bartholomew, Tho 
mas, and Matthew the publican, 
James the fen of Alpheus, and Leb- 
beus, 4 And Simon the Canaanire, 
and Judas Scarioth, who allb be- 
trayed him. 5 Thefe twelve Jefus 
fent forth, and commanded them, 
and faid, Go nor into the way of 
the Gentiles, and into a city of 
ye that I am able to do this ? They ISimarirans enter ve not. 6 But ga 
faid unto him, Yes, Lord. zp gather to the l-fi fteep of the houfe 
Then touched he their eyes, and of IfraeU 7 Ardasyego, preach, 
faid, According ro your faith, be i faying, Repent, tor the kingdom 
it unto you. 50 And their eyes of heaven is at hand. 8 Heal the 
were opened, and Jefus firahly fick, cleanfe the lepers, laife the 
charged them, faying, See that no dead, caft out daemons : freely )e 

That my daughter is now dead : but 
come and lay thy hand upon her, 
and the (hall live. 19 And Jefus 
arofe, and followed him, and n>s 
difciples. ao And behold, a wo 
Hian who had a bloody flux twelve 
years, came behind him, and touch 
ed the hem of his garment, n For 
fhe faid within herfelf, If I may 
but touch his garment, I fhall be 
cured. 21 But he turned him a 
hour; and flood Ail) ; and when be 
faw her, he (aid, Daughter, be of 
good comfort ; thy faith hath cured 
thee. And the woman wa& cured trom 
when Jefus 
houfe, and 
faw the minftrels and the people 
making a noife, 24 He laid unto 
them, Give place, for thedamfel is 
not dead, but fleepeih. And they 
laughed at him. 25 But when the 
people were put forth, he came and 
tcok her by the hand, and the damftl 
arofe. z6 And his fame went abroad 
inro all that land. 27 And when Je 
fus departed i hence, two blind men 
followed, crying, and fa) ing, Thou 
fon ot David have mercy on us. 18 
A^d he c^meth inro the houfe, and 
the two blind men came to him : 
and Jefus faith unto them, Believe 

one know it 31 But they, when 
they were departed, fpread abroad 

his fame in 
As they went 

all that country, 
out , behold 


brought to him a dumb man polTeff- 
ed with a daemon, 33 And when 
the daemon was caft out, the dumb 
k fpake : and the multitudes marvel 
led, faying, Ic was never fo feen 
in Ifrael. 35 And Jefus weat a- 
bout all the cities and villages, 
teaching in their fynagogucs, and 

have received, freely give. 9 Pro 
vide neither gold, nor filver, nor 
brafs in your purfes : 10 Nor bag 
for your journey, neither rwo coats, 
ne : ther fhoes, nor a flaff: for the 
workman iu worthy of his meat. 
1 1 And into whatfoever city or 
town ye (ball enter into it, en 
quire who in it is worthy, and 
there abide till ye go thence, iz 
And when ye come into an houfe, 
(aluic itj faying, Peace be to this 

According to Matthew. 

not be made known. 27 What 
I tell you in darknefs, fpeak ye in 
the lighc : and wha; ye hear in the 
ear. preach ye upon the houfc tops. 
28 And fear not them who kill 
the body, but are not able to kill 
(befoul : but rather fear him who 
i able to deftroy bo<h foul and 
body in Gehenna. 29 Do they not 
fell two fparrows for a farthing ? 
and one of them (hall not fall on 
the ground without your Father. 
30 Bur the very hairs of jour head 
are all numbred. 31 Fear ye not 
therefore, ye are of more value 
than many fparrows. 32 Whofo- 
ever therefore Uiail confefs nit be 
fore men, him will I alfo confefs 
before my Father who is in the 
heavens. 33 But wLofoever ftiall 
deny me befo/e men, him will I 
alfo deny before my Father who is 
in the heavens. 34 Think not 
that 1 come to fend peace on earth : 

I came not to fend 



houfe. 13 If the Houfe be wor 
thy, your peace ihall be upon it : 
but it it be not worthy, ler your 
peace return to you. 14 And who- 
foever fhall not receive you, nor 
hear your words : when ye depart 
ou: of the city, fhake off the duft 
ot your feet. 1 $ Verily I fay un 
to you, It fhall be more tolerable 
for the land of Sodom and Go 
morrah, in the day of judgment, 
than for that city. 16 Behold, I 
fend you forth as fheep in the midft 
of wolves : be ye therefore wife as 
ferpents, and harmlefs as doves. 17 
Beware of men, for they will de 
liver you up to the fanhedrim, and 
they will fcourge you in their /fyna- 
gogues. 1 8 And ye fhall ftand be 
fore governors for my fake, for a 
teftimony to them, and the Gen 
tiles. 19 But when they deliver 
you up, take no thought how or 
what ye fhall fpeak : 20 For it is 
not ye that fpeak, but the Spirit of 
the Father who fpeakerh in you. 

21 And the brother fhall deliver 
up the brother to death, and the 
father the child : and the children 
Ihall rife up againft their parents, 
and caufe them to be put to death. 

22 And ye (hall be hated ot all 
for my names fake : but he that en- 
dureth to the end, fhall be faved, 

23 But when they (hall perfecute 
you in this city, flee ye unro ano 
ther : and >f they peifecuie you in 
the other, flee ye unto another : 
Verily I fay unto you, ye fhali not 
finifli the cities of Ifrael till the Son 
of man come. 24 The difciple is 
not above the matter, nor the fer- 
vant above the lord. 25 Ic is e- 
nough for the difciple that he be as 
the mafter, and the fervan: as his 
lord : if they fhall call the mafter 
of the Houfe Beelzebub, how much 

more them of his houihold * 26! ly I fay un r o you, his reward ihall 
Fear them not therefore: for there, nor be loft, 

is nothing covered, that ihall not XI. And it came to pafs, when 
be revealed ; and hid, that frail Jefus had made an end ot com* 

B * raanding 

fword. 35 For I came to fet a fori 
ac variance againft his father, and 
a daughter againtt her mother, and 
a daughter in law againft her mo 
ther in law. 36 And a mans foes 
fhall be thofe of his own houfhold. 

37 He that loveth father or mother 
more than me, is nnc worthy of me : 

3 8 And he that takerh not his crofs, 
and tolloweth after me, is not wor 
thy of me. 39 He that findeth hfe 
lite fhall lofe it : but he that loteth 
his life for my fake, fhall find ir. 
40 He that rectiveth you, receiveth 
me ; arid he that receiveth me, re 
ceiveth him that fent me. 

that receiveth a prophet 
name of a prophet, fhall receive a 
prophets reward. 42 And whofoe- 
ver fhall give to drink to one of the 
leaft of thefe, a cup ot cold wa 
ter, in the name of a difciple, veri- 

41 He 
in the 

According to Matthew 

manning his twelve difciples, he and ye have not lamented. 

departed chence to teach and to 

? reach in their cities, i Now when 
ohn had heard in the prifon the 

John came neither eating nor drink 
ing, and they fay, He hath a dae 
mon. 19 The Son of man came 

works of Jefus, he fen: two of! eating and drinking, and they 
his difciples, 5 A rid fa id unto him, I fay, Behold, a man gluttonous 
Art ihou he that fbould come, or and a wine-bibber, a friend of 
da we look for another? 4 But ( publicans and tinners: and wif- 
Jcius anfwered and faid un:o rhem, dom is juftified of her children. 
Co ad ihew John again thofe! 20 Then began he to upbraid the, 
things which ye do hear and fee-: cities wherein anoft of his mighty 
^ The blind receive tneir tight, the {works were done, becaufe they re- 
lepers a re cleanted, and the deaf pented nor, 21 Wp unto thee, 
hear, and the dead are raifed up, Chorazin, wo unto chee, Bechfai- 

and the poor have the gofpel 
preached to them. 6 And blefled 
is he whofbever (ha 11 hoc be (can- 
ar me." 7 And as c hey de 
parted, Jefus began to fay unto the 
piultitudes concerning John, What 
went ye our inro the wiJdernefs to 
fee \ A reed fhaken wirh the wind ? 
S But what went ye out to fee? A 
man clothed in foft raimen r ? be 
hold, they (hat wear foft tktking* 
are in kings houfes. 9 But what 
went ye out to fee e . A prophet ? 
yea, I fay unto you, and more 
than a prophet. 10 This is he of 
whom it is Written, Behofd, I fe.nd 
my mefTenger before thy face, who 

da : for if the mighty works which 
were done in you, had been done; 
in Tyre and Sidon, they would 
have repen r ed long ago, fitting in 
fackclothand allies, zz Moreover 
I fay unto you, Ic ihall be more 
rolerable for Tyre and Sidon at the 
day of judgment, than for you, 23 
And thou, Capharnaum, dial: thou 
be exalted unro heaven, or (halt 
thou defcend into Hades ? for it the 
mighty works which have been done 
in ihce, had been done in Sodom, 
i r would have remained unto this 
day. 24 Moreover I fay unto you, 
that it (hall be more tolerable for 
the land of Sodom, in the day oif 

(hall prepare thy way before thee. I judgment, than for you. 25 Ac 

II Verily I fay unto you, among 
them that are born of women, ihere 

that time Jefus anfwered and faid, 
I thank tnee, O Father, Lord ot 

hath nor rifen a Drearer than heaven and earth, becau(e thou haft 

John f he Baprift : bu: be that is leaft 
in the kingdom ot heaven, is great 
er t un he la And from the days 
of ] M hn the Baptilt, unri) now, the 
kingdom of heaven fuf&re r .h vio 
Jeocf, and the v olent rake it by 
force 13 For all he prophets, 
and the law propheficd un r il Jh 
14 And if ye will receive/;* this 
u El as *ho was ro come. ij He 
that r-ath earj. let him hear. 16 
Bur u hereunto ftaH I iiken rhis 

genera ton 

? 1- i, liki 


fir ing in the ma-ker, who calling 
unro -heir ellow-, 17 S y, We 
hdvt piped unto you, and yc have 
noc danced; we have mourned; 

hid thefe things from the wife and 
prudent, and haft revealed them un 
ro babesi 26 Even fo s Father, for 
fo it feemed good in thy fight. 27 
All things are delivered unto me 
of my Father : and no one know- 
erh the Son but the Father : neither 
knoweth any one the Father, fave 
the Son, and he to whomfoever the 
Son will reveal kirn. 28 Come 
unto me all that labour, and you 
who are heavy laden, and I will 
ijive you reft 2 9 Take my yoke up> 
you, and learn ot me, for I am 
meek and lowly in heart : and ye 
1hall find reft un:o your fouls. 30 
For my yoke is eafie> and my bur 
den is light. XII. At 

According to Matthew. 

XII. At that time Jefus went on 
ehe labbach-day through the corn, 
and his difciples were an buogred, 
and began to pluck the ears of corn, 
and to eat. z But when the Phari- 
fees faw them, they faid uoto him, 

lowed him, and he healed them. 
16 But he charged ail whom he 
healed that they fhould not make 
him known : [7 Tru: it might be 
fulfilled which wasfpoken by fcfaias 
the prophet, faying. 18 Behold, 

Behold, thy difciples do hit which my fervanc whom I have cho r cn, 

is not lawful to do upon U.e labba h. my beloved, in whom nay foul is 

3 But he faid unco them, Ha^e ye well pleafed : I will put my fp<rit 

no: read whac David did when he upon him, and he (hall ftiew judg- 

was hungry, and they thac were 
with him, 4 How he enrered 
into rhe houfe of Goo, and did eac 
thefhew-bread^wrrch was not law- 
ful for him to eac, nei her for them 
who were with him, but only for 
the prietls? 5 Or have ye noi 
read in the law, how that on the 
fabbachs the priefU in the temple 
profane the fabbach, and are blame- 
lefs ? 6 For I fay unto you, that 
here is one greater than the temple. 

ment to the Gentiles. 19 He (ball 
not ftrive, nor cry, neither M:all 
any man hear his voice in the ft 
10 A bruifed reed (hall he not 
and fmoking flax (ball he noc 
quench, till he fend forrh judgment 
unto viftory. 21 And in h > name 
(hall the Gentiles rrult. 22 Then 
was brought unto him one oofTcffed 
with a dcemon, [blind and] dumb 
and he healed him, infomuch hat 
the blind and dumb both and 

/ Bat if ye had known what thi6,faw. 13 And all the peop e were 
mcar:eth, I will have mercy and amazed, and faid, !* not this ^he 
noc facrifice, ye would not have fon of David ? 24 But when the 
condemned the guiltlefs. 8 For Pharifees heard /V, itiey faid, This 
the Son of man is Lord of the fab. i man doth not caii out dx~non- buc 
bach, p And when he was de- by Beelzebub, the prince of the 
parted thence, he went into their demons. i<> And he feeing r ^eif 
f^nagogue. 10 And behold, there ! thoughts, faid unto them, every 
was a man there who had his hand kingdom divided againft it felf is 
withered: and thsy asked him, brought to defolation ; and every 
faying, Is it lawful to heal on the citv or houfe divided againu ic felf, 
fabbachs? that they might accufe I will no- be efiabliftied, 26 But if 
him. ii. Buc he faid unto them, i Satan alfo caft out Satan, he is di- 
Wha: man is there among you, thac | vided againd himfelf; how (hall 
flull have one fheep, and it (hall | then mV kingdom be eihblifhed ? 
(all into a pit on the fabbach, does 27 Buc ii I by Beelzebub caft ouc 
he not lay hold on it, and life if demons, by whom do your children, 
out ? 12 How much then is a man caft them out ? therefore they iliill 
beccer than a (beep ? wherefore ic is, be your judges. 18 But if I caft 
lawful co do well on the fabbaths. |ouc dcemons by the Spirit of God, 
1 3 Then faid he to the man, Stretch then the kingdom of God is come 
forth thine hand : and he flretched unto you. 29 Or elfe, how can 
if forth; and ic was reftored whole, one enter into a (trong mans houifCi 
like the other. 14 Then the Pha- and fpoil his goods, except he firft 
rifees went out, and held a coun- bind the ftrongman ? and then he 
cil againft him, how they might de- will fpo : l his houfe, 30 He that is 
flroy him. 15 Buc when Jefus noc with me, is againft me: and 
knew ;V, he withdrew himfelf from he that gathered noc with me, fcac- 
ihencc - and great multitudes fl- ter:h abroad. 31 Wherefore I 


According to Matthew. 

&y unto you, all fin and blafphemy 
fiiall be fo-givtn unto men ; bur 
the blafphemy of the Spirit fhal! 
not be forgiven unto men. 32. 
And whofoever ftiall fpeak a word 
ag.Mi(t the Son of man , i 
(hall be forgiven him : but who 
foever (hall fpeak againft the Holy 
Gholt, it ihall not be forgiven him, 
neither in this age, neither in that 
to come. 33 Eicher make the tree 
good, and us fruit good; or make 
the tree corrupt, and its fruit cor 
rupt ; for the tree is known by the 
fruit. 34 O generations of vipers, 
how can ye, being evilj fpeak good 

part of the earth to hear the wifdom 
ot Solomon, and behold, a greater 
than Solomon is here, 43 When 
the unclean fpiiii is gone out of 
a man, he walkcth through dry 
places, feeking reft, and findeth 
none. 44 Then he faith, i will 
re r urn into my houlc from whence I 
came out ; an^l when he is come, 
he findeth his houfe empty ; fwepc 
alfo, and garnifhed. 45 Then go- 
eth he, and taketh with himfelf 
feven other fpints more wicked 
Chan himfelf, and they enrer in 
and dwell there : and his laft flare 
is worfe than the firft. Even fo 

things? for out ot the abundance .fhall it be alfo unto this wicked 
of the heart the mouth fpeaketh gencrarion. 46 But while he talk- 
good things. 35 A good man out Jed to the people, behold his mother 
of the good treasure, bringcth forth ;3nd his brethren flood without, feek- 

good things: and an evil man 
out of the evil treafure, bringeth 
forth evil rhings. 36 But I fay un 
to you, Thac every idle word that 
men do fpeak, they (hall give ac 
count thereof in the day of judg 
ment. 37 For by thy words thou 
ihalt be juftified, or by thy words 
thou (halt be condemned. 58 Then 
certain of the Scribes and of the 
Pharifees anfwered him, faying, Ma- 
fter, we would fee a lign from thee, 
39 But be anfwered and faid to 
them, An evil and adulrerous ge 
neration feeketh after a lign, and 
there fhall no lign be given to 
it, but the fign of the prophet, 
Jonas. 40 For as Jonas was three 
days and three nights in the whales 
belly : fofhall the Son of man al 
fo be three days and three nights 
in the heart of theearch. 41 The 
men of Nineveh (hall rife in judg 
ment wirh this generation, and 
fhall condemn it, becaufe they re 
pented at the preaching of Jmas, 
and behold, a greater than Jonas is 
here. 41 The queen of the fourh 
fhall rife up in judgment with this 
generation, and ihali condemn it ; 

ing to fpeak with him. 47 Then 
Oi e faid unto him, Behold thy mo 
ther and thy biethien have flood 
without, Teeking to fpeak with 
thee. 48 But he anfwered and faid 
unto h : m that told him, Who is 
my mother ? or who are my brerh. 
ren ? 49 And he ftrerched forth 
his hand towards his difciples, and 
faid, Behold my mother and my 
brethren. <;o For whofoever does 
the will of my Father who is in the 
heavens, the fame is my brother, 
and filler, and mother. 

XIII. Now on the fame day 
went Jefus out, and fat by the fea. 
i And great multitudes was ga 
thered together unto frm, fo thac 
he went into a (hip, and fat, and 
the whole multitude ftaod on the 
fhore. 3 Andhefpake many things 
unto them in parables, faying, Be 
hold, a fower went forth to fow. 
4 And when he fowed, fome fell 
by the way-fide, and the fowls came 
and devoured them up. 5 But 
fome fell upon rocky places, where 
they had not much earth : and 
forthwith they fptung up , be 
caufe fhey had no depth of earth : 

lor fhe came from the uuermoft 6 And when the fun 

was up, 

According: to Matthew. 

they were fcorched, and becaufe 
they had no icoc, they withered a- 
way. 7 And fome fell among 
thorns : and the thorns fprung up 
and ctioktd them. S But other fell 
into good ground, and brought 
forth liuir, !ome an hundred, fome 
fix y, fome thirty. 9 Who hath 
cars to hear kt him hear, 10 And 
the difciples came, and faid unto 
him, Why fpeakeft thou unto them 
in parables ? 1 1 He anlwered and 
faid unto them, Becaufe it is given 
unto you co know the myfteries oi 
the kingdom of heaven, buc to 
them it is not given 12 For who- 
foever hath, to him (hall be given, 
and he (hall have more abundance : 
but whofoever hath not , from 
him (hall be taken away, even 
that he hach. 13 Therefore fpake 
he to them in parables : that feeing, 
they might not fee : and hearing, 
they might not hear, neither mind 
it, left they fhall be converted. 14 
And then fhall be fulfilled the pro- 
phecy of Efaias, which faith, Go 
and tell this People, by hearing ye 
(hall hear, and fhall not under- 
ftand : and feeing ye fhall fee, and 
(hall not perceive. 15 For this 
peoples hearc is waxed grofs, and 
their ears are dull of hearing, and 
their eyes they have clofed ; left at 
any time they ihould fee with their 
eyes, and hear with their ears, and 
fhould mind it with their heart, 
and (houlii be converted, and I 
ftiould heal them. 16 Bur bleifed 
are your eyes, for they fee ; and 
your ear. , for they hear. 17 For 
verily I fay unto you, thai: many 
prophets and righteous men have 
defired to fee thofe things ye 
fee, and were not able to fee them, 
and to hear chofe 



hear, and have not heard them. 18 
Hear ye therefore the parable of the 
fower. 19 When any one heareth 
the word of the kingdom, and 
ic nor, th?n conteth che 

wicked one, and catcheth away that 
which was (own in their heart : 

his is he which received feed by the 

vay-h de. 20 But he that received 
the feed in the rocky Places, the 
tame is he that heareth the word, 
and prefently with joy receivethit; 
1 1 Yet hath he not root in him- 
fclf, but dureth for a while : for 
A hen tribulation or perfecurion a- 
rifeth becaufe of the word, prefent 
ly he h offended, 22 He aifo that 
received feed among the thorns, if 
he that heareth the word : and the 
care of the age, and the 
nefsof riches choke [he word, and 
it becometh unfruitful. 13 But he 
chat received feed into the good 
ground, is he that heareth the woid, 
and mindeth it, then he beareth 
fruit, and bringerh forth, fome aa 
hundred, fome lixty, fome thirty. 
2$ Another parable he put forch 
unto them, faying, The kingdom 
of the heavens is likened unto a man 
who fowed good feed in his own 
field : 25 But while men flept, hit 
enemy came and Towed cares among 
the wheat, and went his way. 26 
But when the blade was fprung up, 
and brought forth fruit, * then ap 
peared the tares. 17 So the fer- 
vancs of that houfroider carne and 
faid unto him, Sir 5 didii not thou 
fow good teed in thy field ? from 
whence then hath it tares ? 28 Ke 
faid unto them, A man that h an 
enemy hath done this. The fer- 
vants fay unco him, Wilt thou that 
we go and gather them up $ 29 He 
faith, unio them No : leii while ye 
gather up the tares, ye root up alfo 
the wheat with them. 30 Let both 
grow together unril the harveU : 
and iu the time of harvett I will 
uy to the reapers, Cither ye toge- 

her fii(i the tare?, and bind them 
in bundles to burn them ; but pa* 

her the wheat inro my barn. 31 


parable fpake he un:o 
tn, Tr.e i::;ido5 of the 

According to Matthew. 

tain man hath found, he hidetli, 
and for joy thereof goeth and fel- 
ieth all (hat he hath, and buyeih 
chat field. 45 Again, the kingdom 
of the heavens is like unto a mer- 
chanr-man, feeing goodly pearls; 

46 But when he had found one 
pearl of great price, he went, and 

old what he had, and bought it. 

47 Again, the kingdom ot the 
heavens is like unto a net that was 
caft inro the fea, and gathered of 
every kind. 48 Which when is 
was full, they drew it to the fhore, 
and fat down, and gathered th 
heft into veffels, but caft the bad 
away. 49 So {hall it be at the end 
of the age : the angels {hall come 
forth, and fever the wicked from 
among the juft; 50 And ihall caft 

fceavens is like to a grain of muf. 
tard-fted, which a man rook and 
fowed in his field. 32, Which in 
deed is the leaft of all feeds : but 
when it U grown, it is grearer than 
herbs, and becomerh a tree : fo 
that the birds o( heaven come and 
lodge in the branches thereof. 3? 
Another pznbltjpakt he unto them, 
The kingdom of the heavens is like 
unto leaven, which a woman rook 
and hid in three fea ns of inea 1, till the 
whole was leavened. 34 All thefe 
things fpake Jefus unto the multi- 
tuck in parables, and without a pa. 
rable fpake he not unto them : 3 5 
That it might be fulfilled which was 
fpoken by the prophet, fayiag, I 
will open my mouth in parables, I 
will utter things which have been 

kept fecret from the foundation of them into the furnace of fire : there 
the world. 36 Then he fent the! (hall bewailing and gnaihing of 
multitude away, and went into the ! teeth. 5 1 Have ye*mderftood all 
houfe : and his difciples came unto j thefe things ? They fay unto him, 
him, faying, Declare unto us the j Yes, Lord. 52, He fai:h unto thtm, 
parable of the tares 0f the field. 37 Therefore every fcribe who is in- 
He anfwered and faid, He thatjfiruded in the kingdom of the 
foweth the good feed is the fon of heavens, is like unto a man that is 
tnan i 38 The field is the world : an houflholder, who bringeth forth 
the good feed are the children of lout ci his treafure things new and 
the kingdom : but the tares are the old. 5 3 And it came to pafs, than 
children of the wicked one: 39 when Jefus had finifhed thefe para- 
Tbe enemy that fowed them, is the , bles, he departed thence. 54 And 
devil : the harveftis the end of the .when he was come into his own 
age ; and the reapers are the angels, country, he taught them in their 
40 As therefore the tares are gather- fynagogue, infomuch that they were 
fcd and burnt in the fire; fo (hall altonifned, and faid, Whence hath 
it be in the end of this age; 41 this man all this wifdorn, and thefe 
The fon of man ftiail fend forth j mighty works ? 55 Is no: this the 
his angel*, and they fhall gather out \ carpenters fon: is not his mother 
of his kingdom all things that caufe (called Mary? and his brethren, 
offence?*, and them who do iniquity; I James, and John, and Simon, and 

And {hall ca(t them into a fur 
nace of fire : there fhall be waiiing 
and gnafhing of teeth. 43 Then 
ihall the righteous fhine as the fun, 
in the kingdom ot their father. 
Who ha-h ears to hear, let him 
hear. 44 The kingdom of the 
heavens is like unco treafure hid in 
a field : thg whi^h when a cer 

Judas? <? 6 And his fitters, areihey 
not all with ua ? whence then hath 
this man all thefe things? 57 And 
they were fcandalied ac him. But 
Jefus faid unto them, A prophet is 
is not without honour, fave in kit 
own count ry 3 and in his own houfe. 
58 And he did not many might v 
W0jkuhere 3 bccaufe eft heir unbelief, 

XIV. Now at that time Htrod 
the tetrarch heard of the fame ot 
Jefus. 2, And faid unco his lervants, 
Is not this John the Baptift, whom 
I beheaded ? he is rifen from the 
dead> and therefore mighty works 
do plainly (hew forth them/elves 
in him. 3 For Herod had laid 
hold on John, and bound him in 
prUon for Herodias fake, his bro 
thers wife. 4 For John faid unto 
him, Ic is not lawful for thee to 
have her. $ And when he would 
have put him to death, he feared 
the multitude , becaufe they 
counted him as a prophet. 6 
Buc when Herods birth-day was 
kept, [ the daughter of] Herodiaa 
danced before them, and pleafed 
Herod. 7 Whereupon he prcmifed 
with an oath, to give her whatfo. 
ever (he would ask. 8 And (he, 
being before inltruded of her mo> 
rher, faid, Give me here John Bap. 
tifts Head. 9 And the king being 
fon y, for the oaths : yet lor the 
oaths fake, and for them which 
fit with him at meat, he command 
ed it to be given her. i o And he 
fent aud beheaded John in the pri- 
fon. ii And his head was brought 
in a charger, and given to the dam 
fel : and {he brought it to her mo 
ther* iz And his difciples came, 
and took up his dead body, and 
buiied i:, and went and told Je 
fus. 13 But when Jefus heard 
*Y, he departed thence by fhip in. 
to a defect place, apart : and when 
the people had heard it, they fol 
lowed him on foot out of the cicies. 
24 And he went forth, and fa-,v a 
great multitude, and wds moved 
with compaffion for them, and he 
healed their fick. 15 And when 
it was evening his difciples came to 
him, faying, This is a deferc place, 
and the hour is how pad \ fend the 
multitudes away, that they may go 
hro the villages, and buy them- 
felvcs victuals. 16 But he faid un 
to ihem, They n$d not depart j 

According to Matthew. 

^ive ye them to eat. 17 And they 
ay unto him, We have here but 
ive loaves, and two fifhe*. 18 Buc 
be faid, Bring them to me. /0 
And hte commanded the multitude t6 
fit down on the grafs, and he took 
the five loaves, and the two fifties, 
and looking up to heaven, he bief- 
fed, and brake, and gave the loaves 
to the difciples, and the difciples tn 
the Multitudes, so And they all 
did car, and were filled : and they 
took up of trie fragments that re* 
mained, twelve baskets full, zi 
And they that had eaten were abcuc 
five thoufand men, befide worneii 
and children, iz And ftrai^hcway 
he conftrained the difciples to gee 
into a fhip, and to go before unto 
the other fide, while fent the mul 
titudes away. 23 And when he 
had fent the multitudes away, he 
went up into a mountain apart to 
pray ; and when the evening was 
come, he was there alone. 2,4 But 
the fhip was in the midft of the fea, 
tolled with waves : for the wind 
was cbntrary. 2,5 And in thefounft 
warch ot the night, he went unto 
them walking on the fea. 26 feuc 
when the difciples faw him walk- 
ing on the fea, they were troubled* 
faying, That it is an apparition ; 
and they cried out for fear. 27 Buc 
fuaightway he fpake unto them, fay- 
ing, Be of good courage.; Ic is 1$ 
be not afraid. z3 And Pcrer an- 
fwered him and faid, Lord, if it be 
thou, bid me come unto thee on 
the waters. 29 And he faid, Come, 
And when Veter was come down 
ouc of the fhip, he walked on rhe 
waters to come to Jefus. 30 Buc 
when he faw the wind boifitous, he 
wa.s atraid : and beginning to fink$ 
he cried, faying, Lord, fave rrfii. 
51 And immediately ]efas liretched 
torrh kit hand* and caugh: hirri{ 
and faid unto him, O thou of littifc 
faith, wherefore didft thoh doubt \ 
51 And when they were gotten up 

According to Matthew, 

into the Ibip, the wind ceafed. 3 3 
Then they that were in the {hip, 
came and worfhipped him, faying, 
Of a truth thou art the Son of 
God. 34 And when they were 
gone over, they came into the land 
of Gennefaret. 35 And when the 
men of that place had knowledge 
of him, they fent ou: into all that 
country round abou:, and brought 

which my heavenly Father hath nOt 
planted, (hall be rooted up. 14 
Let thefe that are blind alone : 
they be blind leaders. And if the 
blind lead the blind, both (ball fall 
into che ditch. 
Peter and faid 

1 5 Then anfwercd 
umo him, Declare 

unto us this parable. 16 And he 
faid, Are ye alfo yec without under- 
ftanding? 17 Do not yeunderfland 

unto him all thai were ill; 36 And! that whatfoever entreth in at the 

befought him, that they might only 
touch the hem ot his garment : 
and as many as touched were made 

XV. Then came to him the feribes 
and Pharifees, from Jerufalem, fay- 
ing, a Why do thy difciples tranf- 

mouth, goeth into the belly, and is 
caltout into the draught ? iSBuc 
thofe things which proceed out of 
the mouth, come forth from the 
heart, and they defile the man. 19 
For out of the heart proceed evil 
thoughts, murders, adulteries, forni- 

grefs the tradition of che elders ?f cations, thefts, falfe witneffes, blaf. 
for they wa(h not their hands when phemy. 2,0 Thefe are the things 
they ac bread. 3 But he anfwer- which defile a man : but to eat with 
ed and laid, Why do you alfo unwafhen hands dcfileth not a man. 
trsnfgrefs the commandment of God 11 Then Jefus departed thence, 
by your tradition? 4 For God and went away into the parts of 
laid, Honour thy father and mo-| Tyre and Sidon. zz And behold 5 a 
ther : and, He that curfeth iather woman of Canaan came out of the 
or mother, lee him die the death, fame coaft^ and cried after him, 
<\ But ye fay, Whofoever fhall fay faying, Have mercy on me, O 
ro father or mo. her , If is a Lorri, thou Son of David ; my 
gift by whatfoever thou mightcft daughter is grievoufly vexed with a 
be profited by me, 6 He fhall not daemon. 23 But he anfwered her 
relieve his father or mother. Thus not a word. And his difciples came 
frave yc made the word of God of and befought him, faying, Send her 
none effect by your tradition. 7 Ye away, for fhecrieth behind us. 24 
hypocrites, well did Efaia* prophe- But heanfwered asd faid, lam non 

e ot you, faying, 8 Thi> people 
honouieth me with their lips : but 
their heart is far from me. 9 But 
in vain do they worfhip me, teach 
ing doctrines commandments ot 
men. 10 And he called the mul 
titude, and faid unto them, Hear 

and mind, 
goe h 

ii Noc all thar which 
into the mouth defileth a 
man : buc that which comer h out 
of rhe mouth, this dtfilech a man. 
ji Then came his diiciplcs> and 
faid unco him, knoweft chou that 
the Pharifees were fcandalized aiter 
they heard this faying? 13 But ho 
anlwcuJ and laid, Every plant 

fent, but unto thefe lott fheep of 
thehoufeof Ifrael. 25 Then came 
(he and worfhipped him, faying, 
Lord, help me. 2,6 But he an- 
faered and faid, It is not lawful to 
cake the childrens bread, and to caft 
it to dogs. 27 And (he faid, Yes, 
Lord : yet the dogs eat of the 
crumbs which fall from their mailers 
cable. z8 Then he anfwered and 
faid umo her, Woman, great is thy 
taith : belt unto thee even as thou 
wilt* And her daugrrer was made 
whole from that very hour. A 9 
And Jcfus depared from thence, 
and came nigh unto the (ea of Ga- 


According to Matthew. 

J/Jee, and went up incoa mountain, 
and fat down there. 30 And great 
multitudes came un:o him, having 
with them thofe that were lame, 
blind, [dumb] maimed, and many o- 
thers, and calt them down at his fee:, 
andhehealedthem:3i Infomuchthat 
the multitudes wondered when they 
law the dumbcofpeak, the maimed 
to be whole, and the lame to walk, 
and the blind to fee : and they glo 
rified the God of Ifrael. 32, Then 

ye not the figns of the times ? 4 
A wicked generation feeketh after 
a fign, and there (hall no fign be 
given unto ir, but the fign of Jonas. 
And he left them, and departed. 5 
And when the difciples were come 
to the other fide, they had forgot 
ten to take loaves. 6 Then Jefus 
faid unio them, Take heed and be 
ware of the leaven of the Pharifees, 
and of the Sadducees. 7 Then they 
reafoned among themfelves, faying, 

Jefus called his difciples unto him, \ It is becaufe we have taken no 
and faid, I have companion on this ( loaves. 8 When Jefus perceived ;V, 
multitude, becaufe it;, is now three! he faid, O ye ot little faith, why 
day& and they continue with me, and; reafon ye among your felves, be 
have not any thing to eat : and I Icaufe ye have no bread ? 9 Do ye 
will not fend them away fatting, jnoc yet underhand, neither remem- 
left they fainc in the way. 33 And ber when there were five loaves of 
his difciples fay unto him, Whence (the five thoufand, and how many 
then fhould we have fo many loaves. ! baskets ye took up? 10 Neither 
in the wilde rnefs, as to fill fo great 

a multitude? 34 And Jefus faith 
unto them. How many loaves have 
ye ? and they faid uto him, Seven, 
and a few little fifties. 3$ And 
when he had charged the multitude 
to fit down on the ground, 36 He 
took the feven loaves, and the fifties, 
and gave thanks, and brake, and 

the feven loaves ot the four thou- 
fand, and how many baskets ye took 
up? ii How, do ye not underftand, 
thac I fpake it not concerning 
bread ? Beware of the leaven of the 
Pharifees, and of the Sadducees. 
n Then underfiood they that he 
bade them not beware of the leaven, 
but of the doclrinc ot the Pharifees, 

gave to the difciplcs, and the difci- and of the Sadducees. 13 When 

pies to the multitude. 37 And 
they did all eat, and were filled : 
and they took up of thefragments 
that were left, feven baskets full. 38 
And they thac did eat, were four 
thoufand men, befides women and 
cnildien. 39 And when he had 
fent away the multitude, he took 
fra p, and came into the coafts of 

XVI. The Pharifees alfo with the 
Sadducees came, and tempting, de- 
fired him that he would ftew them 
a fign from heaven, z But he an- 
fwered and faid. When it is even 
ing, ye fay, Fair weather : for the 
sky is red. 3 And in the morning 
Foul weather today : tor the heaven 
is red and lowering. Ye can dif- 
chi face of heaven, but cm 

C a 

lefus came into the parts of Cefarea 
J hilippi, he asked the difciples, 
"ay ing, Whom do men fay that I 
am ; the Son of man ? i4And they 
aid, John the Baptifl, fome Elias, 
and others Jeremias, or one of the 
prophets. i$ He faith unto them, 
But whom fay ye that I am ? 16 
And Simon anfwered and faid 
unto him : Thou art the Chrift, the 
Son ot the living God. \j But 
Jefus anfwered and faid, Bleffed art; 
thou Simon Bar-jona: for flefh and 
blood haih not revealed it unto 
thec, but my father who is in the 
heavens. 18 And I fay alfo unto 
thee, that thou art Peter, [a Rock] 
and upon this Rock will I build 
my church ; and the gates of Hades 
(hall not prevail againft it, 19 I 

According to Matthewj 

will give unto thee the keys of the; him. 4 Then anfwered Peter, an4 
kingdom of the heavens : and j faid unto Jefus, Lord, ic is good 
whatfoever thou (halt bind on earth, for us to be here : if thou wilt, let 
{hall be bound in the heavens : and us make here three tabernablee; 
whatfoever thou (halt loofe on one for thee, and one for Mofcs 
earth, fhall be loofed in the hea- and one for Eliai- $ While he 
vens. 20 Then charged he the dif-! yet fpake, behold a bright cloud 
ciples than they fhould tell no one over-fhadowed them : a>n-d behoid, 
that he was Chrift Jefus. zi From; a voice out of the cloud, faying, 
that time forth began Jefus to (hew j This is my beloved Son, in whom 
unco his difciples, that he rrroft go] I am well pleafed ; hear ye him. 6 
unto Jerufalem, and fufter many But when the difcipie* heard tt t 
things o{ the elders, and chief prieftst they fell on their lace, and were 
and fcribes, and be killed, and at- fore afraid. 7 And Jefus carr.e and 
ter three days arife again, zz Then touched them, and <aid 3 A rife, and 
Peter took him and began to rebuke j be not afraid. 8 And wh e-n they 

him, and to fay, Be it far tram thee, 
Lord : this fhall not be unto thee. 
25 En: he turned, andfaid unto Pe 
ter, Get thee behind me t Satan, 
thou arc an Ofience unto me : for 
thou favoured not the things ot God, 
bur ot men- 2,4 Then faid Jefus un 
to his difciplei, If any one will 
some after me, le: him deny him- 
felf, and take up his crofs and fol 
low me. -i<; For whofoever will 
fave his life, fhall lofe it ; and who 
tfbcver will lt>fe his life for my fake, 
Shall find ir. n6 For what is a man 
profi id, if he ftial! gain the whole 
jvorki, and lafe his own foul ? or 
what fhall a man give in exchange 
for his foul ? 2,7 For the Son of 
yuan will come in the glory of his 
Father, with his holy angels ; and 
then he fhall reward every one ac 
cording to his practice. 2,8 Verily I 
lay tmio you, There be foroe of 
thofe that (rand here* -who fhall net 
tafte of death, till they fee the Son 
of man coming in his kingdom. 

XVII. And ir came to pals after 
fix days, Jefus taketh Peter, James, 
and John his brother, aud bringeth 

had lift up rheir eye:, thty faw no 
one fave Jefus only. 9 And as they 
came down from the mountain, Je 
fus charged them, faying, Tell ihe 
vi(ion to i-o man, until che Son of 
man be ratted from the dead. 10, 
And his difciples a^ked him,, faying, 
Why then fay the fcribes, that Elias 
muft firft come? u And he an- 
fwered and faid unto them, Elias 
truly fhall come, and fhall 
retoore all things : 11 But I fay 
you, that Elias is come already, 
and they knew him net, but have 
done unto him whatfoever they 
lilted. 13 Then the difciples un- 
dcrftood that he fpake unto themoi 
John the Baptifi : Likewife fhall al- 
(o the Son of man fuffer of them. 
^4 And when he was come to the 
multitude, there came to him a man, 
kneeling down before him, and fay 
ing, r$ w Lord, have mercy on my 
fon, for he is lunatick, and fore 
vexed : for fometimes he falleth in 
to the fire, and often into the water. 

1 6 And I brought him to thy difci 
ples, and they could not cure him,. 

17 Then Jefus anfwered and faid, 

them up into a very high mountain. O faiihlefs and perverfe generation, 
z Being transfigured before them ; how long fhall I be with you? how 
H> face did (hine as the fun, and! long fnall I fuffer you? bring him 
hi* raiment was white as fnow. 3 ; hither tome. 18 And Jefus rebuked 
And behold there appeared unto the dcemon, and he departed out of 
them Mofes and Elias talking with him ; and the child was cured from 


According to Matthew. 

that very hour. 19 Then came the 
cjifciples to Jefus apart, and faid, 
Why could not we caft him out ? 

ble himfelf as chis little child, the 
fame is greareft in the Kingdom ot 
the heavens. 5 And whofo faall rc- 

10 And he faith unto ttern, Becaufe Iceivconefuchlittlechildinmyname,, 
of your unbelief : for verily I fay j receiveth me, 6 But whofo ftiall 
unto you, If ye fhall have faith as afford fcandal to one of thefe little 
a grain of muftard-feed, ye (hall ones who believe in me, it were 
fay unto this mountain, Remove better for him thatamiUione were 
hence to yonder place, and it fhaii hanged about his neck, and he were 
remove; and nothing fhall be im- drowned in the depth ot the fea. 
poiTible umo you. 2.1 But this kind 7 Wo unto the world becaufe oi 
goeth not out, but by prayer and.fcandals : for it muft needs be thac 
lafting. 2,2, And while they abode i fcandals come : but wo to the man 
in. Galilee, Jefus faid unto them, by whom the fcandal cometh. 8 
The Son of man fhall be betrayed ( Wherefore if thy hand or thy foo;: 
into the hands of men : 13 And ; afford fcandal to thee, cut it off, and 
they ihall kill him, and afcer three call it from thee : it is good for thee 
days he {hall be raifed : and they j to enter into life halt or maimed, 
were exceeding forry. ^^ And, rather than having two hands, or 
when they were come to Capharna- ! two feet, to be caft into eternal 
urn, they that received the half fire. 9 And in like mannerit thine 
Ihekels came to Peter, and faid un-feye afford fcandal to thee, pluck it 
to him, Do:h no: your mafter pay our, and caft it from thee : it is 
the half fhekels. z<$ He faith, Yes. good for thee to enter into life with 
And when he was come into the oneeye, rather than having two eyes 
noufe, Jefus prevented him, faying, to be caft into Gehenna. 10 Sed 
What thinkeft thou, Simon? of that ye defpife not one of thefe lit- 
whom do the kings of the earth tie ones that believe on me ; for I 
take cuftom or tribute? of their lay unto you, that their angels in 
own children, or of ftrangers? i6 the heavens do always behold the 
He faith unto him, Ot ftrangers. , face of my Father who is in the 
Jefus faith unto him, Then are the! heavens, n For the Son of man 
children free. 17 But left we fhould is come to fave that which was loft, 
give them, go chou to the ii But how think ye? if a man 
fea, and caft an hook, and take up | have an hundred Sheep, and one 
the fifh thac firft cometh up : and ! of them be gone aftray, doth he 
when thou haft opened his mouth, not leave the ninety and nine, and 
thou foalc find there a fhekel : that goeth into the mountains, and feck- 
take, and give unto them for me eh that which is gone aftray? 15 

And if fo be that he find ir, verily 
I fay unto you, he rejoyceth more 
for -that, than for the ninety and 

and rhee. 

XVIII. At the fame hour came 
thedifciples to Jefus. faying, Who 
then is the grea r eft in the kingdom 
of the heavens ? z And Jefus call 
ed one little child unto him, and 
fet him in the midft oi them, 3 And 
faid, Verily I fay unto you, Ex 
cept ye be converted, and become 
as little children, ye fhall not enter 
into the Kingdom of the heavens. 
4 Whofoever therefore (hall hum- 

nine which went not aftray. 
Even fo it is not the will of our 
Father who is in the heavens, that 
one of thefe lictle ones fhould pe- 
rifh. 15 But if thy brother fhall 
fin againft thee, go, tell him his 
fault between thee and him alone : 
if he (hall hear thee, thou haft 
gained thy brother. 16 But if he 


According to Matthew," 

ill not Hear, take wirh thec one or f and befought him, faying, Have pa- 


two more, that in the mouth of two 
or three every word may be efhb- 
liftied. 17 And if he (hall refufe 
to hear them , tell it unto the 
church: but if he refufe to hear 
the church, let him be unto thee 
asan heathen man, and as a publican. 
1 8 Verily I fay unto >ou, Whatfo- 
ever ye (hall bind on earth, (hall 
be bound in the heavens : and what- 
foever ye (hall loofe on earth, (hall 
be loofed in the heavens. 19 A- 
gain I fay unto you, that if two of 
you fhal! agree on earth as touch- 
ing any rhing that they (hall ask, 
ic (hall be done for them of my Fa 
ther who is in the heavens. 20 
There are not two or three gather 
ed together in my name, bur I am 
in the midfi of them. 21 Then 
came Peter to him, and faid, Lord, 
how often (hall my brother fin a- 


him, I fay not unto thee, Until feven 
times : bur, until feventy times fe 
ven. 23 Therefore the kingdom 
of heaven is likened un:o a certain 
king, who would take account of 
hisfervams. 24 And when he nad 
begun to reckon, one was brought 
unto him who owed him ten thou 
fand talents, 25 But forafmuch as 
he had not to pay, the lord com 
manded him to be fold, and his 
wife and children, and all that he 
had, and payment to be made. 26 
But that fervanc fell down, and 
worfhipped him, faying, Have pa- 
tience with me, and I will pay all. 
2,7 Then the lord of that fervanc 
was moved wi h companion, and 
loofed him, and forgave him the 

gainft me, and I forgive him ? 
feven times ? 22 Jefus faid i 



But the fame fervant 
and found one of his 

fellow-fervants, who owed him an 
hundred denarii, and he laid hands 

: b 

ay thee. 
ut went 

tience with me, and I will 
30 And he would not 
and caft htm into prifon, till he 
(hould pay the debt. 31 When 
therefore his fellow -fervants faw 
what was done, they were very 
forry, and came and told untotheir 
lord all that was done. 3 1 Then 
his lord, after that he had called 
him, faid, O thou wicked fervant, 
I forgave thee all chat debr, becaufe 
thou eieliredlt me : 33 Shouldfi not 
thou alfo therefore have hadcompaf- 
fion on thy fellow-lei vant, even as I 
had companion on thee? 3 4 And his 
Lord was wrorh, and delivered him 
to the tormenters, till he fhould pay 
that which was due. 35 So like- 
wife (hall my heavenly Father do 
alfo unto you, if ye from your hearts 
forgive not every one his brother. 

XIX. And it came to paft, that 
when Jefus had fp: ken ihefe words, 
he departed from Galilee, and came 
into the coafts of Judea, beyond 
Jordan : 2 And great multitudes 
followed him, and he healed them 
there. 3 The Phartfees alfo came 
un:o him, temp in{> him, and fay 
unto him, Is it lawful for a man to 
put away his wife for every fault ? 
4 And he anfwered and faid, Have 
ye not read, that he which made 
them at the beginning, made them 
male and female? 5 And faid, For 
this caufe {hall a man leave father 
and mother, and (hall cleave to his 
wife : and rhey two (hall be one 
flcfh. 6 Wherefore they are no 
more two, but one flefh. What 
therefore God harh^byned together 
into one, let not maw put afunder. 

7 They fay unto him, Why did 
Mofes then command to give a bill 
of divorce, and to put her away ? 

8 And he faith unto them, Mofes, 
becaufe of the hardnefs of your 

on him, and took him by the throat, ! hearts, differed you to put away 
faying, Pay that thou oweO. 29 j your wives : but from the beginning 
And his feUow-fervani (ell down Jit was not fo,. 9 But I lay unto 


According to Matthew. 

you, Whofoever (hall put away his 
wife, except for the caufe of forni 
cation, and (hall marry another, 
committeth adultery. 10 His dif 
ciples fay unto him. If the cafe of 
the man be fo with his wife, it is 
not good to marry. 1 1 But he faid 
unto them, All men cannot receive 
this faying, fave they to whom it is 

i For there are eunuchs, 

which were fo born from their mo 
thers womb: and there are eunuchs 
which were made eunuchs of men : 

poor, and thou (halt have treafure 
in the heavens ; and come follow 
me. 11 When the yoang man heard 
that faying, he went away forrow- 
ful : for he had great polfeffions. 
2,3 Then faid Jefus to his difciples, 
Verily I fay unto you, that a rich 
man (hall hardly enter into the 
kingdom of the heavens. 2,4 And 
again I fay unto you, It is eafier 
tor a camel to go through the eye of 
a needle, than for a rich man to en 
ter into the kingdom of God. 2,5 

and there are eunuchs which have But when the difciples heard zY, 
made themfelves eunuchs tor the! they were exceedingly amazed, and 
kingdom of heavens fake. He that afraid,faying,Whothencanbefaved ? 

is able to receive /f, let him receive 
it. 15 Then were brought un 
to him little children, that he fliould 
put his hands on them, and pray : 
and the difciples rebuked rhem. 14 
But Jefus faid unto them, Suffer lit 
tle children, and forbid them not 

2.6 But Jefus beheld them, and faid 
unto them, With men this is impof- 
fible, but with God all things all 
poflible. 17 Then anfw,ied Peter, 
and faid unto him, Behold, we have 
forfaken all, and followed thee; 
what (hall we have therefore \ 28 

to come unto me: for of fuch is; And Jefus faid unto him, Verily I 
the kingdom ot the heavens. 15 Kay unto you, that ye which have 

indi followed me : 

And he laid hand* on them, and 
departed thence. 16 And behold, 

one came and faid unto 
| Read him, f Mafter, what good 
(hall I do that I 

may have eternal life ? 

jy And he faid unto him, 
Why t Why doft thou a*k me 

In the regeneration* 
when the Son of man (hall fit in the 
throne of his glory, ye alfo (hill 
your felvcs fit upon twelve thrones, 
judging the twelve tribes of ItVae!, 
9 And every one that hath forfa- 
ken houfes, or brethren, or fitters, 
[or father,] or mother, [or wife,] or 

about a good ihing ? there children, or lands for my names 
thou me j one :n at is good ! but I fake, (hall receive an hundred-fold, 
" tufJV. i* thou wilt enter into I and (hall inherit eternal life. 30 
life, keep the command- But many firft (hall be lafl; and 
the lattfirft. 

XX. For the kingdom of the hea 
vens is like unto a man that is an 
houfholder, who went cut early in 
the morning to hire labourers into 
his vineyard, z And when he had a- 
greed with the labourers for a dena 
rius a day. he fcnc them into his 

There is 

goed.hut rnents. 
one5Gcd. to him, 

1 8 He laith un- 

Which ? 


(halt do no murder, Thou (halt 
not commit* adultery , Thou 
fhah not (leal; Thou fhalt not bear 
false witnefs-, 19 Honour farher and 
mother: and, Thou (halt love thy 
neighbour as thyfelf. ic The young 
man faith unto him. All thde thing*- 
have I kept from n.y youth up : 
what lack I yet ? 2 f JefiiafaJd un 
to h!m, If chou wih be petftir, go 


And he went out a. 

bout the third hour, and found o- 
ctiers {landing idle in the market- 
:>lace. 4 And faid unto them, Go 
alfo into the vineyard, and what- 

fell that thou hall, and gKe 10 thcj ocver is rijjht, I will give you 

According to Matthew. 

And they went away. 5 But 


he went out about the fixth 

and ninth hour, and did like wife, 
6 And about the eleventh he went; 
oat, and found others (landing, and 
faith unto them, Why have yeftood 
here ail the day idle ? 7 They fay 
wnto him, Becaufe no one hith 
hired us. He faith unco them, Go je 
alfo into my vineyard. 8 And when 
even was come, the lord of the 
vineyard faith unto his fteward, Call 
the labourers, and give them their 
hire, beginning from the laft unto 
the fir (I 9 When therefore they 
came that mere hired about the e 
leventh hour, they received every 
one a denarius. 10 And when the 
firft came, they fuppofed that they 
{hould have received more, butthey 
alfo received every one a denarius. 
1 1 And when they had received /?, 
they murmured againft the matter ot 
the houfe, 12 Saying, Tha: thefe 
laft have wrought but one hour, and 
thou haft made them equal unto us, 
tvho have born the burden and heat 
tof the day. 13 But he anfwered 
one of them, and faici, Friend, I 
do ihec no wrong : didft not thou 
agree with me for a denarius ? 14 
*Take what is thine, and go a- 
way : I will give unro this laft, e 
ven as unto thee. 15 Is it not law 
iul ior me to do what I will with 
mine own ? is thine eye evil becaufe 
1 am good \ 16 So the laft iriall 
be firtl, and the firft laft : for the 
called are many, but the chofen are 
few. 17 And Jefus going up to 
Jerufalem, rook the twelve apart 
in the way, and faid unco them, 
1 8 Behold, we go up :o Jerufa 
lem ; and the Son of man will be 
betrayed unto the chief priefls, and 
unto the fcribes, and they will con 
demn h;m to death, 19 And will 
deliver him to the Gentiles ro mock, 
and to fcourge, and to crucifle : 
and the third day he will rife a- 
ain 20 Then came to bim tht 

mother of Zebedee s children, with 
her fons worfhipping him, and de- 
linng a certain thing of him. 21 
And he faid unto her, What wile 
thou ? She faith unto him, Give 
order that thefe my two fons may 
(it, the one on thy right hand, and 
the other on the left in thy king- 
dom. 22 But Jefus anfwered and 
faid, Ye know not what ye ask. 
Are ye able to drink of the cup 
that I (hall drink of? They fay, We 
are able. 23 Jefus faith unto them. 
Ye (hall drink indeed of my cup : 
bat to fit on my right hand, and 
my left, is not mine to give, but 
to thofe for whom it is prepared ot 
my Father. 24 And when the ten 
heard tt y they had indignation a- 
gainft the two brethren. 25 But 
Jefus called them unto him, and 
laid unto them, Ye know that the 
piinces of the Gentiles exercife do 
minion over them, and they that are 
great exercife authority upon 
ihem. 26 It is not fo among youi 
but whofoever will be great a- 
mongyou, fballbeyour minifter. 27 
And whofoever will be chief a- 
mong you, (hall be your fcrvant, 
zS Even as the Son of man came 
not to be minifbed unto, buc to 
minifter, and to give his life a 
ranfom for many. But do you feck 
to increafc from a little, and to be 
diminifhed from what is greater.. 
However, when you are come and 
are defired to fup, do not you lie 
in the moft eminent places, left 
more honourable than thou come, 
and he that invited thee to fupper 
come upon thee and fay to thec, 
Go down ftill lower ; and thou be 
put to confulion. Buc if thou fie-- 
teft in a lower place, and one in 
ferior to thee eome.s he that in- 
viced thee will fay to thee, Go and 

IK higher, 

For this will be ro 
29 And as they de 

parted from Jericho, great muli 

fallowed him. 

o And behold, 


According to Matthew. 

two blind men fitting by the way- 
fide heard that Jefus patted by, and 
cried out, faying, Have mercy on 
us, O Lord, thou fon of David. 3 1 
And the multitude rebuked them, 
that they might hold their peace : 
but they cried the more, faying, 
Have mercy on us, O Lord, thou 
fon of David. 3 i And Jefus flood, 
and called them, and faid, What 
will ye that I do unto you ? 33 
They fay unro him, Lord, that 
our eyes may be opened. 34 So 
Jefus had companion on them, and 
touched their eyes : and immediate- 
ly they received their light, and 
followed him. 

XXI. And when they drew nigh 
unto Jerufalem, and were come to 
Bethphage, unto the mount of 
Olives, then fent Jefus two difci- 
ples, 2, Saying unto them, Go in 
to the village over againft you, 
and tiraightway ye (hall find an 
afstied, and a colt with her; loofe 
them, and bring them unto me. 3 
And if any man fay unto you, 
What do ye ? ye (hall fay* The 
Lord hath need of them; and 
ftraighway he will fend them. 4 
This was done, that it might be 
fulfilled which was fpoken by the 
5 Tell ye the 


of Sion, 

Behold, thy 

king cometh umo thee, meek, fit 
ting upon an afs, and a colt the 
fole of an afs. 6 And the difciples 
went, and did as Jefus commanded 
them. 7 And brought thQ af, and 
the colt, and put on him clothes, 

and he fac 


him. 8 And a 

very great mulritude fpread their 
garmenrs in the way ; others cue 
down branches from the trees, and 
ftrawed them in the way. 9 And 
the multitudes that went before 
him, and that followed, cried, fay 
ing, Hofanna to the fon of David : 
biefled is he that cometh In the name 
of the Lord, Holanna in thehigheft. 
*0 And when he wai come into Je 

rufalem, all the city was moved, 
faying, Who is this ? 1 1 And ma 
ny faid, This is Jefus, the prophec 
of Nazareth, of Galilee, it And 
Jefus went into the temple of God* 
and caft out all them that fold and 
bought in the templej and over 
threw the tables of the money* 
changers, and the feats of them that 
fold doves. 13 And faid unto 
them, It is Written, My houfe {hall 
be called the houfe of prayer, but 
ye have made ic a den of thieves* 
1 4 And the blind and the lame came 
to him in the temple, and he healed 
them. 1 5 And when the chiet priefts 
and fcribesfawthe wonderful things 
that he did, and the children crying 
in the temple, and faying, Hofan 
na to the fon of David ; they had 
indignation, 16 And faid unto him, 
Heareft thou what thefe fay ? And 
Jefus faith unto them, Yes ; have 
ye never read, Got of the mouths 
of babes and fucklings thou haft per 
fected praife ? 1 7 And he left them, 
and went out of the city into Beth 
any, and he lodged there. 18 Now 
in the morning as he pailed by into 
the city, he hungred. 19 And 
when he faw one fig-tree in the way* 
he came to it, and found nothing 
thereon, but leaves only, and faid 
unto ir, Let no fruit grow on thee 
henceforward for ever* And pre- 
fently the fig-tree withered away. 
10 And when the difciples faw !t i 
they marvelled, faying, How foon is 
the fig tree withered away ? z i Jtfus 
anfweied and faid unto them, Ye* 
rily I fay unto you, If ye have 
faith and doubt not, ye fhall not 
only do this to the fig-tree, but it 
ye fhall fay alfo unto this mountain, 
Be thou removed, and be thou caft 
into the fea ; it fhall be done* i& 
And all things whatfoever ye fhall 
abk in prayer* believing, ye fhall 
receive. 3 And When he was 
come into temple, the chief priefis 
and the elders of the pedple came 
D unto 

According to Matthew^ 

unto him as he was teaching., and might receive the fruits of it. 
faid, By whan authority dolt thou And the husbandmen took his fer- 

thefe things? and who gave thce 
this authority ? 14 And Jefus an- 
ftvered and laid unto them, I alfo 
will ask you one word, which if 
yc tell me, I in iikewife will tell 
you by what authority I do thefe 
things. 25 The bapcifm of John, 
whence was it ? from heaven, or 
ot men? and they reafoned with 
themfelves, faying, If we fhall 
Jay, From heaven ; he will fay un 
to us, Why did ye not believe him? 
2,6 But it we (hall fay, Of men ; 
we fear the people \ for all hold 
John as a prophet. 2,7 And they 
anfwered Jefus, and faid, We know 
not. And he faid unto them, Nei 
ther tell I you by what authority I 
do thofe things. 18 But what think 
you? A man had two fons, and he 
came to the fi ft, and faid, Son, go 
work to day in the vineyard. 29 
He anfwered and faid, I will not : 
but afterward he repented and went 
into the vineyard. 30 But he came 
10 the other, and faid likewife. 
And he anfwered and faid, I go, 
$r; and went not. 31 Whether 
ct them two did the will of his fa- 
TI, iff r Theyfay,Thefirft.Je- 
7 he Lift. Gi, fusfaUi unto them, 

vants, and beat one, and killed a- 
nother, and itoned another. 36 
Again therefore, he fent other fer- 
vantSj more than thefirft: and they 
did unto them likewife. 37 But 
laft ot all, he fent unto them his 
fon, faying, They will reverence 
my fon. 38 But when the husband 
men faw the fon, they faid among 
themfelves;. This is the heir, come, 
let us kill him, and let us feize on 
his inheritance. 39 And they 
caught him, and flew him, and eaft 
him out ot the vineyard : 40 When 
the Lord therefore of the vineyard 
(hall come, what will he do unto 
thofe husbandmen ? 41 They fay 
unto him, He will miferable deftroy 
thofe wicked men, and will le: otic 
the vineyard to other Husbandmen,, 
who fhall render him the fruits in 
their feafons. 4:, Jefus fai h unto 
them, Did ye never read in the 
fcriptures, The (lone which the 
builders rejected, he is become the 
head of the corner ? this head is 
the Lord s doing, and is marvel 
lous in our eyes. 43 Therefore fay 
I unto you, The kingdom of God 
(hall be taken from you, and given 
to a nation bringing forth the fruits 
Verily I fay umo you, that the DUD-J thereof. 45 And when the chief 
licans and harlots go into the king- jprietis and Pharifees had heard his 
dom of God before you. 32 For parables, they perceived that he 
John came unro you in the way of fpake of them, 46 But when they 
*igh:toufnefs, and ye believed him j fough: to lay hold on him, they 

not : but the publicans and the har 
lot* believed him. And ye when 
ye had feen it, repented not after 
ward, that ye might believe him. 
9-3 Hear another parable : There 
vas an houiholder who planted a 

feared the multitudes, bccaufe they 
took him- for a prophet. 

XXII. And Jefus anfwered and 
fpake unto them again in parables, 
and faid, 2 The kingdom of hea 
ven is like unto a certain king, who 

vineyard, and hedged it round a- made a marriage feaft for his fon, 3 
tour, and digged a wine prefs in And fent forth his fcrvams, tocail 
ft, and built a tower, and let it them that were invited to the mar* 
out to husbandmen, and wqnt a- 1 liagc feaft : and they would noc 
way .34 And when the tune ot the! come. 4 Again, he fent forth o- 
fcuitii drew near, he fent his fer- Ither fervanta, faying, tell them who- 
vants to the huibsndraen, tj}K vhsy [ars iavittd, BejwWl hJTV prepared 


According to Matthew.* 

my dinner : ray oxen and fadings brought unto him a denarius. to 
are killed, and all things are ready : Jdus faith unto them, Whofe vs this 
come unto the marriage feaft. 5 image and fuperfcription^ 2,1 They 

But they made light of if, and 
went their ways, fome to their 
field, and others to their merchan- 
.dife : 6 And the remnant took his 
fervams,and Created them injuriouf- 
ly, ana 1 (lew them. 7 When the 
king heard it-, he was wroth : and 
he Tent forth his army, and deftroy- 
ed chofe murderers, and burnt up 
their city. 8 Then, faith he to his 
fervancs, the marriage feaft is ready, 
but they who were invited were 
noc worthy. 9 Go ye theietorein 
to the high-ways, and as many as 
ye (hall find, bid to the marriage 
feaft. loSo his Servants went out 
into the high- ways, and gathered 
together all thofe that they found, 
both bad and good : and the mar 
riage feaft wasfurnilhed with guefts. 
1 1 And when the king came to 
fee the guefts, he faw there a man 
who had not on a wedding-gar 
ment: iz And he faith unto him, 
Friend, how earned thou hither, 
not having a wedding-garment? 
And he was fpeeehlefs. 13 Then 
faid the king to his fervams, Take 
him by his hands and feet, and caft 
him into outer darknefs: there (hall 
be weeping and gnaihing of teeth. 
14 For the called are many, but 

the chofen are few. 
the Pharifees, and 

Then went 
took counfel 

how they might entangle him in 
talk. 1 6 And they fent out unto 
him their difciples, with the Hero 
dians, faying, Matter, we know 
that thou art true, and teacheftthe 
way of God in truth> neither careli 
thou tor any man : for thou regard- 
eft no: the perfon of men. 17 
What thinkeft thou? Is it lawful 
to give tribute unto Cefar, or not ? 
1 8 But Jelus perceived their wick- 
ednefs, and faid, Why tempt ye 

me, ye hypocrites? 
the tribute T money, 

19 Shew me 
AncJ they 

fay unto him, Cefars. Then faith 
he unto them; Render unto Cefar, 
the things which are Cefars : and, 
unto God, the things which are 
Gods, 2,2, When they heard /V, 
they marvelled, and left him, and 
went their way. 2,3 The fame day 
came to him the Sadducees, which 
fay there is no refurre&ion, and 
asked him, 2,4 Saying, Mafter, Mo- 
fes faid, If a man die, having no 
children, that his brother (hall mar 
ry his wife, and (hall raite up feed 
unto his brother. 2.5 There were 
with us feven brethren, and the 
fiift when he had married a wife, 
deceafed, and having no ieed, left 
his wife to his brother, 16 Like- 
wife thefeco/id, and the third, un 
to the feven. 2,7 And laft of all 
the woman died alfo. 19 There 
fore in the refurreclion, whofe wife 
(hall (he be of the feven ? for they 
all had her. 19 Jefus anfwered and 
faid unto them, Ye do err, not 
knowing the fcriptures, nor the 
power of God. 30 For in the re- 
furredion they neither marry > nor 
are given in marriage; but are as 
the angels in heaven. 31 But as 
touching the refurredion of the dead, 
have ye not read that which was 
fpoken unto you by God, faying, 
32, I am the God ot Abraham, and 
che God of Ifaac, and the God of 
Jacob ? He is not the God of the 
dead, but of the living. 33 And 
when the multitudes heard iV, they 
were aOonifhed at hisdo&rine. 34 
But when the Phaniees had heard 
that he had put the Sadducecs to 
filence, they were gathered to him, 
55 Then one ot them, a lawyer, 
asked aqueftion, tempting him, and 
Dying, 36 Mafter, which is the 
great commandment in the law? 
37 Jefus faith unto him, Thou (halt 
love the Lord chy God with all thy 

D a 


According to Matthew. 

heart, and with all thy foul, and 
with all thy mind. 38 This is the 
firft and great commandment. 39 
And the fecond if like unto this, 
Thou (halt love thy neighbour as 
thy felf. 40 On thefe two com. 
mandmenrs hang all the law and 
the prophets. 41 While the Pha 
rifees were gathered together, Je- 
fus asked them, AL Saying, What 
think ye of Chnli * whofe fon is 
he ? They fay unto him, Of David, 
43 He faith unto them, How then 
doth David in fpirit call him Lord, 
faying, 44 The LORD faid unto my 
Lord, Sit thou on my right hand, 
till I put thine enemies beneath thy 
feet. 45 If David then in the fpi. 
rit, call him Lord, how is he his 
fon ? 46 And no one was able to 
anfwer him a word, neither durft 
any man from that hour ask him 
any more queftions. 

XXIII. Then fpake Jefus to the 
multitudes, and to his difciplcs, z 
Saying, The fcribes and Pharifees 
fit in Mofes feat. 3 All therefore 
whatfoever they fay to you, obferve 
and do; but do nor ye after their 
works : for they (ay, and do not. 
4 For they bind heavy burdens, anc 
grievous to be born, and lay on 
raens (houlders, but they thernfelve 
will not move them with theii 
finger. $ But all their works they 
do, for to be feen of men : Foi 
they make broad their phylacteries 
and enlarge their borders. 6 Anc 
love theuppermoft rooms at feafls 
and the chief feats in the fynago 
gues, 7 And greetings in the mar 
kets, and to be called of men Rab 
hi, Rabbi. 8 But be not ye called 
Rabbi 5 for one is your mafter, and 
11 ye are brethren. 9 And *ou 
(hall noe call any ane your father 
upon the earth ; for one is your 
Father who is in the heaven*. 10 
Neither be ye called mafters; for 
one is your Mailer Chrift. n He 
that isgreateft among you, (hall be 

your fervant. iz, And whofoever 
(hall exalt himfelf, (hall be abated ; 
and he that (hall humble himfelf, 
(hall be exalted. 1 3 But wo un 
to you, fcribes and Pharifees, hypo 
crites, becaufe ye (hut up the king 
dom of the heavens before men ; 
for ye neither go in yourfelves, 
neither fuffer ye them that arc en 
tering to enter, i ^ Wo unto you, 
fcibes and Pharifees, hypocrites ; 
for ye compafs fca and land, thac 
ye may make one profelyce, and 
when he is made, ye make him 
two-fold more the child of Gehen 
na than your fclves. 1 6 Wo unto 
you, yc blind guides, who fay, 
Whofoever (hall fwear by the 
temple, it is norhing ; but whofo 
ever (hall fwear by the gold of the 
temple, he is a delxer. 17 Ye 
fools and blind : for whether is 
greater, the gold or the temple 
that hath fanclified the gold ? i & 
And whofoever (hall fwear by the 

altar, it is 


but wholoe- 

ver fweareth by rhc gilt that is up* 
on it, he is a debter. 19 Ye fools 
and blind: for whether /> greater, 
the gift, or the altar thatfanftifieth. 
the gift : zo Whofo therefore (hall 
(wear by the altar, fweareth by ir, 
and by all things thereon. 11 
And whofo Hull havefworn by the 
temple, fwearc .h by ir, and by 
him that hath dwelt therein. 2,1 
And he that (hall have fworn by 
ieaven y fweareth by the throne of 
God, and by him that fitteth there 
on, z 3 Wo unto you fcribes and 
Pharifees, hypocrites ; for ye pay 
tithe of mint, and anife, and cum 
min, and haveomiited the weightier 
matters of the law, judgment, mer 
cy, and faith : rhefe ought ye to 
i.wc done, and not to leave the 
other undone. ^4 Ye blind guides, 
who drain at a gnat, and fwallow 
camel. 25 Wo unto you fcribes 
and Pharifeej, hypocrites; for yc 
make clean the of the cup 


According to Matthew. 

and of the platter, but within they That ye (hall not fee me hence- 
are fall of extortion and cxcefs. 2.6 forth, till ye {hall fay, Bleifed is he 
Thou blind Pharifee, cleanfe firft that cometh in the name of God. 
tha: within the cup, that the out- j XXIV. And Jefus went out, and 
fide of it may be clean alfo. 27 departed from the temple, and his 
Wo unto you, fcribes and Phari- difciplescame to bint, to (hew him 
fees, hypocrites; for ye are like un-j the buildings of the temple. 2. 
to winced iepukhres. The fepul- And he anfwered and faid unto 
chre appears beautiful outward, but i them, See ye all thefe things? ve- 
is within full ot dead mens bones, rily I fay unto you, that there (hall 
and of all uncleannefs. 2,8 Even not be left heic (lone upon (lone, 

that (hall not be utterly thrown 
down. 3 And as he Tat upon the 
mount of Olives, thcdifciples came 
unto him privately, faying, Tell 
w, when (hall thefe things be* 
and what the fign of thy coming, 
and of the end ot the age ? 4 And 
Jefus anfwered and faid unto them, 
Take heed that no man may deceive 
you. $ For many (hall come in 
my name, faying, I am the Chrifl * 
and deceive many. 6 And ye (hall 
hear of wars, and rumours of wars : 
fee that ye be not troubled : for if 
muft come to pafs, but the end is 
not yet. 7 For nacion fhall rife 
againtt nation, and kingdom againft 
kingdom : and there (hall be fa- 
famines and earthquakes in divers 
places. 8 All thefe are the begin 
ning of forrows, 9 Then (hall 
they deliver you to be afflicted, and 
(hall kill you; and ye (hall be 

you may come all the righteous hated of all nations (or my names 

fake. 10 And then (hall many be 
offended, and (hall betray one ano 
ther, and (hall hate one anorhcr. 

fo ye alfo outwardly appear righte 
ous unto men, but within ye are 
full of hypocrilie and iniquity. 19 
Wo unto you, fcribes and Phari- 
fees, hypocrites ; becaufe ye build 
the tombs of the prophets, and gar- 
nifh the fepulchresof the righteous, 
^o And fay, If we had been in the 
days of our fathers, we would not 
have been partakers with them in 
the blood of the prophets. 31 
Wherefore ye be witnefles unto your 
fclves, that ye are the children of 
them who have killed the prophet?, 
3 * Ye have alfo filled up the mea- 
fure of your fathers. 3 3 Ye feN 
pcnts, yegeneracton of vipers, how 
can ye efcape the judgment of Ge* 
henna ? 34 Therefore behold, I 
will fend prophets, and wife men, 
and fcribes ; and fane of them ye 
will kill and crucifie, and persecute 
fiom city to city : 35 That upon 

blood (bed upon the land, from the 
blood of righteous Abel, unto the 
blood of Z-icharias, Ton of Bara- 
chias, whom ye have (lain between 
the temple and the altar. 36 Ve 
rily I fay unto you, all thefe things 
(hall come upon this generation. 
37 O Jerufalem, Jerufalem, thou 
that killed the prophets, and i.ionefl 
them who are fent unto thee, how 
often would I have gathered thy 
children together, even as a hen ga- 
thereth her chickem under her 
wings, and ye would not | 38 Be- 
hold, your houfe is left unto you 
dcfolate. 30 For I lay nmo, 

ri And many talfe prophets (hall 
rife, and frail deceive many. i% 
And becaufe iniquity (hall abound, 
rhelove of many will wax cold. 13 
But be that (hall have endured un 
to the end, the fame fhall be faved. 
14 And this gofpel of the kingdom 
(hall be preached to all the world, 
fora witnefs unto all nations, and 
hen (hall the end come. 1 5 When 
ye therefore (hall fee the abomina 
tion of defolation, fpoken of by 
Panicl the prophet, (land in the 

According to Matthew. 

holy place, whofo readeth, let him 
mind ir. 16 Then let thole in 
Judea, flee uutb the mountains. 17 
But let him who is on the houfe-top, 
not come_down to take any thing 

with a trumpet, of a great found and 
they (hall gather togerher his elect 
from thefour winds, from one end 
of the heavens to the other. And 
when thcfe things begin to come to 

out of the houfe; 18 Neither let ; pafs, Look up, and lite up your 
him who is in the field return back heads for your redemption draweth 
to take his garment. 19 And wo j nigh. 31 Now learn a parable of 
unto them that are with child, and j the fig-tree : When its branch is yet 
to them that give fuck in thofe days. | render, and putteth forth leave?, ye 
20 But pray ye that your flight be j know that Cummer// nigh: 33 So 
not in ths winter, neither on the 
fabbath-day : 21 For then ftiall 
be great tribulation, Cuch as was 

not fince the beginning ofthe world 
to this time, nor may they ever be 
again. 21 And except thofe days 
fhould be Ihortned, there fhall no 
flefh elcape : but for the clefts Cake 
thofe days (hall be fhortned. 2,3 
Then if any man (hall fay umo you, 
Lo, here is the Chrift, or there ; ye 
(hall not believe it. 24 For there 
willberaiCed falfe Chritts, and falCe 
prophets, and will (hew great figns 
and wonders, inComuch that if poC 
ffble the very elec"l (hould be de 
ceived. 25 Behold, I have told 
you before. 26 Wherefore, ifthey 
fhall Cay unto you, Behold, he is in the flood came, 
the deferr, go not forth: behold, away; Co Cnall 
ke is in the Cecret chambers, believe Son of man be. 
it nor. 27 For as the ligh:ning 
cometh out of ;he caft, and fhineth 
unto the weft ; Co fhall the coming 
of the Son oC man be. 28 Where- one 

Coever thecarcafe is, there will the 
eagles alCo be gathered together. 29 
Immediately alter the tribulation of 
thoCedays, (hall the fun bedarkned, 
and the moon (hall not give its 
light, and the furs fhall fall froru 
heaven, and the powers of the hea 
vens (hail be (hiken. 30 And then 
ihall appear the fign of the Son of 

who is in the heaven?,ard .he-n 
(hall all the tribes of the land 
.mourn, and they (hall Cee the Son 
of maji coming upon the clouds of 
heaven, with great power and glory . 
31 And he (hall Cend his angels 

likewiCe ye, when ye fhall Cee all 
thele things, know that it is near, 

at the doors, 
to you, that 

34 Verily I Cay un- 
this generation fhali 

notpaCs, till all theCe things be ful 
filled. 35 Heaven and earth fhall 
pafs away, but my words lhall not 
paCs away. 36 But oC that day and 
hour knoweth no one, no, not the 
Angels oC the heavens, neither the 
Son, but the-Father only. 37 For 
as the daysof Noe were, Co fhall alCo 
the coming of the Son oCbe. 3 8 For 
as they were in thoCc days before the 
flood, eating and drinking, both 
marrying and giving in marriagej 
until the day whenNoe entered into 
the ark. 39 And knew not until 
the flood came, and took them all 
the coming oC the 
40 Then fhall two 
be in the field, the one is tsken, 
and the other left. 41 Two wo 
men {ball be grinding at the mill, ths 

taken, and the other leCr. 
Two fhall be upon one bed ; the 
one fhall be taken, and the other 
leCc : Watch therefore, for ye kndw 
not what day the Lord cometh. 43 
But know this, that if the 
mafter of the houfe had known in 
what watch the thief would come, 
he would have watched, and would 
not have fuffered his houfe to be 

broken up. 
alfo ready 

44 Therefore be ye 
for in fuci an hour as 

you think no:, the Son of man 
cometh, 45 For who is a faithful 
and wife Cervan^, whom the Lord 
hatb made ruler over 

According to Matthew. 

to give them meat in feafon ? 46 
Bleffed is that fervant, whom his 
Lord when he cometh, (hall find fo 
doing. 47 Verily I fay unto you, 
that he (hall fet him over all hi* 
goods. 48 But and if that evil fer 
vant (hall fay in his heart, My Lord 

hour. 14 As a man travelling a 
broad, called his own fervams and 
delivered unto them his goods. 15 
And unto one he gave five talents, 
to another two, and to anorherone, 
to every one according to his a- 
bility, and ftraightway took his 

delayeth to come. 49 And (hall Journey. 16 Then he that had re- 
begin tofmite his fellow fervanrs, I ceived the five talents, went and 
and (hall cat and drink with the j traded with them and gained other 
drunken. 50 The Lord of that j five talents. 17 And likewife he 
fervant (hall come in a day when, that had received the two talents, 
he lookech not for him, and in an! he alfo gained other two. 18 Buc 

And he that had received one, digged 

hour that he knoweth not. 
fhall cut him in funder, and ap 
point his portion with the hypo 
crites : there (hall be weeping and 
gna(hingof teeth. 

XXV. Then (hall the kingdom 
of the heavens be likened unto ten 
virgins, who took their own lamps, 
and went forth to meet the bride 
groom and bride, z. And five of 
them were foolifh and five wife. 3. 
They that were foolifli took their 
lamps, and took no oyl with them 
in their vcfiels. 4 But the wife 
took oyl with their lamp*. $ 
But while the bridegroom tarried, 
they allflumbered andflept. 6 And 
at midnight there wai a cry made 
Behold, the bridegroom ! goyeou: 

to meet him. 
virgins arofe, 

7 Then all 
and trimmed 


lamps. 8 And the foolifli faid un. 
to the wife, Give us of your oyl, 
for our lamps are gone out. 9 But 
the wife anfwered, faying, Noc fo. 
left there be not enough for us and 
you: Go ye rather to them thacfeli, 
and buy tor your felvcs. 10 And 
while they went to buy, the bride 
groom carhe, and they thac were 
ready, went in wichhim to the mar 
riage feaft, and the door was fhut. 
Jf I Airerwaids earne alfo the other 
Virgins, faying, Lord, Lord, open 
to u ( . ii B T he anfwered and 
ftid, Verily I fay unto you, I know 
you not. 13 Warch therefore, fcr 
je know ntichcr iLc ch i.or cu 

in the earth and hid his lords money; 
19 Alter a long time, the lord ot" 
thofe fervams cometh, a nd reckoneth 
with them. 20 And fo he that had 
received five talents, came and 
brought other five talents, faying* 
Lord, thou delivered^ unto me five 
talents : behold, I have gained be- 
(ides them five talents more. 21 
His lord faid unto him, Well done, 
thou good and faithtul fervant ; be- 
caufe thou haft been faithful overs 
few things, I will fet thee over many 
things : enter thou into the joy of 
thy Lord, 22 He alfo that had re 
ceived two talents, ca-T.e and faid, 
Lord, thou delivered unto me two 
talents : behold, 1 have gained two 
other talents. 23 His lord faid un 
to him, Well done, good and faith* 
ful fervant ; thou haft been faith 
ful over a lew things, I will fet 
thee over many things ; enter thou 
into the joy of thy lord. 14 Then 
he who had received theonecalentj 
came and faid, Lord, I knew that 
thou aic an hard man, reaping 
where thou haft not fown, and 
gathering from whence thou ha(t 
not (Irafwed : 25 And I was afraid, 
and wen: and hid thy talent in the 1 
earth . lo, there thou haft thy talent, 
16 Hi lord anfwered and faid un- 
:o him, Thou wicked and (loathful 
servant, rhou knewtit that I reap 1 
-vheie 1 lowed no., and ga-rer 
where 1 havener (Iravuti: 2-7 Tnotr 

oughteft therefore to have put m 
money to the exchangers, and the 
ar my coming I (houidhave rccciv 
cd mine own with ufury. z8 Tak 
therefore the talent irom him, an 
give it unto him who hath the fiv 
talents* 19 For unto him that hat 
(hall be given, and he (hall have a 
bundance : but of him that bat 
not {hall betaken away, even tha 
which he hath. 30 And cafl y 
forth the unprofitable fervant int 
outer darknefs: there (hall b 
weeping and gnafhing of teeth 
3 1. When the Son of man (hall com 
in his glory, and all the angel 
with him, then (ball he lit upon 
the throne ot his glory. 31 Am 
before him fhall be gathered all na 
tions ; and he fhall feparate them 
one from another, as a fhepherd di 
videth his fheep from the goats : 33 
And he (hall fet the fhtcp on his 
right hand, but the goats on the 
left. 3 4 Then (hall the king fay 
unto them on hij right hand, Come, 
ye bleded of my Father, inheric 
the kingdom prepared for you from 
the foundation of the World. 3$ 
For I was an hungred, and ye gave 
me meat t I was thirfty, and ye 
gave me drink : I was a ftranger, 
and ye took me in : 5 6 Naked* and 
ye clothed me ; I was lick, and ye 
vifued me : I was in priibn, and >c 
came unto me. 37 Then fhall the 
righteous anfwer him , faying, 
Lord, when faw we thee an 
hungred, and fed thee ? or 
thirfty, and gave thee drink? 38 
When faw we thee a ftranger, and 

According to Matthew* 

and naked, and 
39 Or when faw 

took thee n 
clothed tkee ? 

we thee tick, or in piifon, and 
tame unto thee? 40 And the King 
iball anfwer, and fay unto them, 
Vrily I fay unto you, In as much 
as ye have done it unto one of the 
Kaft of thefe my brethren, ye have 
dons it unto me. 42, Then (hall 
he fay alto unco them on the lef: 

hand) Depart from me, ye curfed, 
into eternal fire, which my Father 
hath prepared for the devil and hit 
angels. 41 For I was an hungred, 
and ye gave me no meat : 1 was 
thirlly, and ye gave no drink: 43 
I was a ftranger, and ye took me 
not in: naked, and ye clothed me 
not : tick, and in prifon, and ye 
vifited me not. 44 Then (hall they 
anfwer, faying, Lord, When faw 
we thee an hungred, or athirft, or 
a ftranger, or naked, or tick, or in 
nifon, and did not minifier unto 
hee . 45 Then (hall he anfwer 
hem, faying, Verily I fay unto 
ou, In as much as ye have not 
done it to one ot the leaft of thefe, 
e have not done it 10 me. 46 And 
hefe (hall go away into eternal pu- 
n fhment : but the righteous into 
ternal life. 

XXVI. And it came to pafs, 
when Jcfus had finifted all thefe 
ayings, he faid unto the difciplej. 
Ye know that after two days ii 
he paflbver, and the Son of man 
betrayed to be crucified. 3 
hen alfembled together the chief 
riefts, and the elders of the peo- 
le, unto the palace of the high 
licit, who was called Caiphas. 4 
nd confulted that they might take 
efus by deceit, and kill him. <? 
ut they faid, Not on the feaft, left 
icre he an uprore among the peo- 
e. 6 Now when Jefus was in 
cthany, in the houfe of Simon 
ie leper, 7 There came unto him 
woman having an alabailer-box of 
:ry precious ointmentj and pour- 
! it on his head, as he fat. 8 But 
when the difciplcs faw /f, they had 
indignation, faying, To what pur- 
pofe is this wafte ? 9 For it mighc 
have been fold for much, and given 
to the poor. 10 When Jefus un* 
derftood /:, he faid unto them, Why 
trouble ye the woman ? for (he 
hath wrote a good work upon me* 
u For ye have the poor always 

According to Matthew. 

wuh you, but me ye have not 
always. 12 For Ihe hath 
poured this ointmenconmy body, 
and ftie did it for my burial; 1 3 Ve 
rily I fay into you, Wherefoever 
this gofpel (hall be preached in the 
whole world, (hall alfo this, that 
this woman hath done, be told 
for a memorial of her. 14 Then 
one of the twelve, called Judas 
Scarioth, went unto the chief priefh, 

15 And Taid unto them, What 
will ye give me, and I will deliver 
him unto you? And they covenanted 
with him for thirty pieces of Silver. 

1 6 And from that time he fought 
opportunity to betray him unto them. 

17 Nowthefirft dy of unleaven 
ed bread, the difciples came to 
Jefus faying, Where wilt thou that 
we {ball prepare for thee to eat the 
paffover? 18 And he faid, Go into 
the city to fuch a one, and fay un 
to him, The matter faith, My time 
is at hand ; I will keep the paffb- 
ver at thy houfe with my difciplee. 
19 And the difciples did as Jefus 
had ordered them, and they made 
ready the paflbver. 2,0. Now 
when the even was come, he fat 
down with the twelve, 2,1. And 
as they did eat, he faid, Verily 1 
fay unto you, that one of you wil 
betray me. 2 a And they were ex 
ceeding forrowful, and began every 
one of them to fay, Lord, is it I " 

2.3 And he anfwered and faid 
He that dippeth his hand with mein 
the dSfh, the fame will betray me 

2.4 Therefore the Son of man 
goeth as it is written of him : bu 
wo unto that man by whom th 
Son of man is betrayed : it hac 
be*rn good on this account for tha 
man it he had not been born. 

15 Then Judas, who bmaye 
him, anfwered, and faid, MaOer 
if it I ? He faid unto him, Tho 
hafi faid. 2.6 And as they wer 
ea/ing, Jefus took bread, arid ble 

ifciples, and faid, Take, eat 5 
his my body. 27 And he tdok 
e cup, and gave thanks, and 
ave it 10 them, faying, Drink ye 
11 of it : 28 For this is my 
lood of the new covenant, which 
fbed for many for the remil- 
on of fins. 29 But I fay un- 
you, that I will not drin& 
enceforth of this fruit of the vine, 
ntil that day when I drink it new 
tith you in my -fathers Kingdom, 
o And when they hadfung an 
ymn, they went out into the 
mount of Olives. 31 Then faith 
efus unto them, All ye will beScan- 
alized becaufe of me this night : 
or it is written, I will (mice the 
icpherd, and the fhcep of the 
ock will be fcattered abroad. 31 
tat after I am rifen a gain, I will 
o before you into Galilee. 3 3 Pe- 
er aniwered and faid unto him, 
hough all men {hall be fcanda- 
zed becaufe of thee, I will never 
e fcandalized. 34 Jefus faid unto 
im, Verily I fay unto thee, thac 
lis night before the cock crow, thou 
wilt deny me thrice. 35 Peter 
aid unto him, Though I fhould 
ie with thee, yec will t in n 
wife deny thee. Likewise alfo faid 
11 the difciples. 36 Then coroetra 
efus with them unto a place call 
ed Gethfamanei and faith unto bis 
difciples, Sit ye here, while I go* 
and pray yonder. 37 And he took 
with him Peter, and the two fons 
of Zebedee, and began to be for 
rowful, and very heavy. 38 Theft 
faith he unto them, My foul is ex 
ceeding forrowful even unto* 
death : carry ye here and warch 
with me. 39 And he came a lit 
tle further^, and fell on his face$ 
and prayed, faying, O my Father^ 
if it be roffible, let this cup paf$ 
from me ; neverthelefs, ro: as I 
will, but as thou 91 It. 40 And he 
comerh unto his difciple. , and 
fttd, *nd brake; and gave to tl:e[fi-de,h thn afkepj and faith 

Peter, Could ye not thus watch 
with me one hour ? 41 Watch 
and pray, that ye enter not into 

According to Matthew. 

aid Jcfus to the multitudes, Arfe 
r c come as againft a thief with 
"words and ftaves to rake me ? I 

temptation . the fpirit indeed it 
willing, but the fleih is weak- 
41 He went away again the fecond 
time, and prayed, laying, O my 
Father, if this cup rr.ay not pafs a- 
way, except I drink it, thy will 
be done, 4$ and when he came 
again he found them aiieep: tor 
their eyes were heavy. 44 And 
he left them, and went away again, 
and prayed, faying the fame words. 
45 Then cometh he to his difciples, 
and faiih unto them,Sleep on now, 
and take your reft ; behold, the 
hour is at hand, and the Son of 
man is betrayed into the hands of 
finncrs, 46 Rife, let Uo be going : 
behold, he is at band that doth 
.betray me. 47. But while he yet 
fpake, lo, Judas one of the twelve 
came, and with him a great mul 
titude withfwords and iUvesfrom 
the chief priefts and eiders of the 
people. 48 Now he that betrayed 
him, gave them a fign, faying, 
\Vhomfoever I fhall kite, that ftme 
is he, .hold him faft* 49 Anc 
forthwith he came to Jefus, and 
laid, Hail matter ; and kiiTed him. 
^0 And Jefus faid unto him, 
Friend, wherefore art thoo come ? 
Then came they and laid hands on 
Jefus and took him. 5 1 And be 
hold one of them who were with 
Jefus, ftretched out his hand, and 
drew his fword, and flruck a fer- 
vant of the high priefts, and fmote 
.off his ear. 52 Then faid Jdug 
unto him, Put up again thy fword 
jnto its place : for all they that 
take the fword, fhall periftj with 
ihe fword. 53 Or thinkelt thou 
ihat I cannot now pray to my Fa- 
jther, and he IbaH prefemly give 
jne more than twelve legions of 
angels? 54 Eu: how then fhall 
tf he fcripturcs be fulfilled, t-hat thus 
it muft be i 3 < In jhat u.we hour 

at daily with you teaching in the 
temple, and ye laid no hold 
on me. $6 But all this hath been 
done, that the fcriptures of the 
prophets might be fulfilled. Then 
all the difciples forfook him, and 
fled. 57 And they that had laid 
hold on Jefue, led him away to 
Caiphas the high prieft, where 
the icribcs and the elders were af- 
ferabkd. <$8 But Peter followed 
him afar ofi, unto the hign prieils 
palace, and went in, and fat with 
the fervants to fee the end* 59 
Now the chief priefts, and all the 
council, fought talfe witnefs againft 

to put 

him to death. 60 

But found it not :yea, and when it 
many falfe witneiles came they 
found it not. At the laft came two 
ialfe witneiles 61 And faid 
we have heard this man fay, I am 
able to deftroy the temple of God j 
and to build it in three days. <5z 
And the high prieft arofe, and faid 
unto him, Anfwereft thou nothing ? 
what do thefe witnefs again ft thee < 
63 But Jefus held his peace. The 
high prieft therefore anfwered and 
faid wnto him, I adjure the by the 
living God, that thou tell us, whe 
ther thou be the Chrift, the Son of 
God. 64 Jefus faith unto him, 
Thou haft faid i moreover I fay 
unto you, that hereafter fhall yc 
fee the Son of man fitting on the 
right hand of power, and coming 
in the clouds of heaven. 65 Then 
i he high prieft rent his clothes* 
faying, He hath fpoken blafphemy ; 
what further need have we of wit- 
nefies ? behold, now ye have heard 
hib blafphemy. t>6 What think ye ? 
They all anfwered and faid, He is 
guilty of death. 67 Then did they 
fpit in his face, and buffet him ; and 
others fmote him with the palms 
of tbfir hands* $8 Saying, Pro- 

According to Matthew. 

pheiie unto us, thou Chrift, who 
is he thac fmote thee ? 69 Now 
Peter fac without in the palace . 
and a damfel came unco him, fay 
ing, Thou alfo wart with Jefus of 
Galilee. 70 But he denied before 
them all faying, I know not nor 
underftand what thou fayft. 71 
And when he was gone ouc into 
the porch, another maid faw him, 
and faid unco them chat were there, 
This man was with Jefus of Na 
zareth, 7* And again he denied 
with an oath faying I do not know 
the man. 73 And a little afcer 
came unto him they thac flood by, 
and faid to Peter, Surely thou art 
one of them, for thy fpeech re- 
ferables t heir s. ^ Then began 
he to curfe and to tVear, I know 
not the man. And immediately 
the cock crew. 7$ And Peter re- 
membred the word of Jefus, who 
faid, Before the cock crow, thou 
wilt deny me thrice. And he went 
out, and wept bicterly. 

XXVII. And when the morning 
was come, ail the chief priefts and 
elders of the people made a coun 
cil againft Jefus to put him to 
death, z And when they had 
bound him, they led him away, 
and delivered him to Pontius Pilau- 
the governor. 3 Then Judas who 
had betrayed him, when he faw 
that he was condemned, repented 
himfelf, and brought again the 
thirty pieces of filver to the chief 
priefts and elders ; 4 Saying, I 
have finned, in thac I have betrayed 
righteous blood. And they faid, 
What // that to us? fee thou to 
that. 5 And he ca.ft down the pieces 
of filver in the temple, and de 
parted, and went and hanged him 
felf. 6 And the chief priefts took 
the pieces of filver and faid, Ic is 
not lawful to put them into the 
treafury, becaufe it is the price oi 


7 And they took counfel 

potters ?, to 

bury (hangers in; 8 Wherefore 
that field was called, Echelde- 
mach thac is The field of blood un 
to this day. z Then was fullfU 
ed that which was fpoken by Jere 
my the prophet, faying, And they 
cook the thirty pieces of filver, the 
price of him thac was valued, whom 
they of the children of Ifrael did 
value ; 10 And gave them foe 
the potters field, as the Lord ap- 
pointed me. 11 And Jefus (lood 
before the governor ; and the go 
vernor asked him, faying, Art thou 
the King of the Jews ? and Jefus 
faid unto him, Thou fayft. it And 
when he was accufed of the chief 
priefts and elders, he anfwered no 
thing, 13 Then laich Pilate unto 
him, Heareft thou not how many 
things they witneis againft thee ? 
14 And he anfwered him not one 
word, infomuch that the governor 
marvelled greatly. 15; Now at the 
feaft the governor was wont to re- 
leafc unco the People one prifoner, 
whom they would. 16 And they 
had then a noted prifoner, called 
Barabbas. 17 But when they were 
gathered togather. Pilate faid un 
co them, Whom will ye that I FQ- 
leafe unto you ? Barabbas, or Jefus, 
who is called Chrift ? 1 8 For he 
knew that for envy they had de 
livered him. 19 When he was fac 
down on the Judgment-feat, hi$ 
wife fentunto him, faying, Have 
chou nothing to do with that righte 
ous one, for I have fuffered many 
hings this day in a dream, becaufe 
of him. 10 But the chief priefts 
and elders perfwaded the multitude 
chat theyfiiould ask Barabbas, and 
deftroy Jefus. zi The governor 
anfwered and faid unto them. 
Which of the two will ye chat I re- 
eafe unto you ? They faid, Ba 
rabbas. zz Pilate faith unco then* 
What (hall we do, then with 
Jefus, who w called Chrift? They 
fay 3 Let liim be crucified. 

According to Matthew. 

there two thieves crucified wich 
him : one on the right hand, and 
another on the left. 39 And 
they that palled by, reviled him, 
wagging their head , 40 And fay 
ing, wo . Thou thac deftioycli the 
che temple, and buildeti it in three 
days, fave thy felf if thou be the 
Son of God, and come down from 
che crofs. 41 Likewife alfo the 
Scribes and Pharifees, mocking him, 
aid, 41 He faved othert, him- 
fdf he cannoc fa,ve : lee him now 
comedown from the crofs and we 
will believe him. 45 Ifhettufied 
God let him deliver him 


if he will have him: for 
I am the Son of God. 


the governor faid, What evil 
then hath he done ! But they cried 
out the more, faying, Let him be 
crucified. 2-4 When Pilate raw 
that he could prevail nothing, but 
that rather a tumult was made, he 
took water, and wafhed his hands 
before the multitude, faying, I am 
innocent of the blood of this man, 
you fhall fee (9 it. 15 Then 
anlweredall the people, and faid, 
His blood h on us, and on our 
children. 16 Then releafed he 
Earabbas unto them: and when he 
had fcourged Jefus he delivered him 
to them thac they might crucifie 
him. 2,7 Then the foldiers of the 
governor took Jefus into the com 
mon hal], and gathered unto him 
the whole band. 2,8 And they 
flripped him of his clothes, and 
put on him a purple garment and 
3 fcarlet robe. 2,9 And when they 
Jiad platted a crown of thorns, 
they put if on his head, and a reed 
in his right hand : and they bow. 
ed the knee before him, and mock 
ed him, faying, Hail, king of the 
Jew*. 30 And they fpit upon him, 
and took (he reed, and (mote him 
on the head. 3 1 And when they had 

mocked him, chcy took the robe off (took a fpunge, and filled it witij 
from him, and put his own raiment j vinegar, and put if on a reed, an< 
pn him, and led him away to era- gave him to drink. 49 The reft 
cifie him. 32,. And as they came faid, Let him alone, let us fee 
our, they found 3 man of Gyrene, I whether Elias will come and 
Simon by name coming to meet him: lave him. 50 Jefui when he had 
him they compelled to take his crofs. cried again with a loud voice, 

The thieves alfo who were crucified 
with him, cait the fame in his teeth. 
43 Now from the fixth hour 
there was darknefs overall the land 
unto the ninth hour. 46 And a- 
bout the ninth hour Jefus cried with 
a loud voice, faying //, //, 
Zaphtbar.i ? that is to fay, My God, 
my God why haft thoij forfaken me ; 
47 Some of them that flood there, 
when they heard that, faid, 
man callerh for Elias. 48 
ftraightway one of them ran, and 


And when they were come un. 
ro the plac.e Golgotha, that is to 
fay, the place of afcull, 34 They 
gave him vinegar to drink, mingled 
with gall : and when he had tailed 
he would not drink. 35 and they 
crucified him,, and parted his gar- 
rnents, cafting a lotr 36 And fit 
ting down, they watched hiiji 
there: 37 And fet up over his 
head his accufa-Jon written, THIS 
THE JEWS, 31 Then were 


yielded! up the ghoft. 51 And be- 
hold,the vail of the temple was rent 
in two from the top to the bottom, 
and the earth did quake, and the. 
rocks were rent. 52, And the 
graves were opened, and many 
bodies of faints which fl,epc were 
raifed, 53 And came oat of the 
graves after his refurredion, and 
went into the holy city, and ap 
peared unto many. 54 Now when 
the centurion, and they thac wer$ 
with him, wa,ichrng^ Jefus, faw thq 

According to Matthew. 

parthqnake, and chofe things that tor an angel of the Lord defcend 

were done, they feared greatly 
faying, Truly thii was the Son of 
God. 55 And many women were 
there beholding afar off which fol- 
lowe.fl Jefus froooGalilee; miniftring 
unto him. 56 Among whom was 
Mary Magdalene, and Mary the 
mother of Jamss and of Jofeph, anc 
the mother ofZebedee s children. 
57 W.len the even was come, there 
came a rich man of Arimathea, 

ed from heaven, and came and rol 
led away the (tone, and fac upon ic. 
His countenance was like light- 
and his raiment white as 
4 And for fear of him the 


ning , 

named Jofeph, who 
was Jefus difciple : 
to Pilate, and begged the body of 
Jefus : then Pilate commanded the 
body to be delivered. 59 And 
when Jofeph had taken the body, 
he wrapped it in a clean linen 
cloth, 60 And laid it in his own 
new tomb, which he had hewn OIK 
in the rock : and he rolled agrea 
ftone to the door of the fepulchre 
and departed. 61 And there wa 
Mary Magdalene, and the othe 
Mary, fitting over againft the fe 
pulchre. 62, Now the next da 
that followed the day of the prepa 
ration, the chief priefts and Phari 
fees came together unto Pilate, 6 
Saying, Sir, we remember tha 
fhat deceiver faid, while he was ye 
alive, tha: after three days I wi] 
rife. 64 Command therefore cha 
the fepulchre be made fure until 
the third day, left his difciples con 
<jnd fteal hi.n away, and fay unto 
the people, He is rifen from the 
cjead : fo the Jaft error fhall be 
worfe than the firft. 65 Pilacefaid 
unto them, Ye have a watch, go 
your way make it fure as 
know horn to do. 66 So 

keepers did (hake, and became as 
dead. 5 And the angel anfwered 
and faid unto the women, Fcarnoc 
ye : for I know that ye feek Je(us f 
who was crucified. 6 He is noc 
here : for he is rifen, as he faid : 


went and made the fepulchre fure, 
(paling the (tone, with a watch. 

XXVIII. In the end of the fab 
bath, as it began to dawn towards 
t|ie firft day of the week, camp Mary 
Magdalene, and the other Mary, 
to fee the fepulchre. i And be- 
there was a great eartho^uaH? ; 

alfo himfelf corne fee the place where the Lord 
58 He went lay. 7 And go quickly and tell 
his difciples that he is rifen ; and 
behold, he goeth before you into 
Galilee, there lhall ye fee hm ; I 
have told you. 8 And they de 
parted quickly from the fepulchre, 
with fear and great joy, and did run 
o bring his difciples word. 9 And 
betiold, Jefus met them, faying HaiL 
And :hey came, and held him. by 
che feet, and worfhipped him. 10 
Then faid Jefus unto them. Be noc 
afraid : go cell my brethren thac 
they go intoGalilee, and there (hall 
ye lee me. 1 1 Now when they 
were going, behold, fome of the 
watch came inco the city, and re 
lated unco the chief prieftsall the 
things that were done, iz And 
when they were afembled with the 
elders, and had taken counfel, they 
gave large money unto the foldiers. 
13 Saying, Say ye, His difciples 
came by nighr, and ftole him a way 
while we flept. 14 And if this be 
icard by the governor, we will per- 
fwade him, and fecure you. 15 So 
hey took che pieces of Silver, and 
did as they were taught : and this 
faying is cornmonly reported among 
he Jews until this day. 16 Then 
he eleven difciples went away in- 
o Galilee, unto a mountain where 
efus had appointed them. 17 And 
when they faw him, they worfhip. 
>ed : but fome doubted. 18 And 
efus came, and fpake unto them, 
, AH povyer is given unto 


According to Matthew; 

e in heaven and on earth. $ 19 
Go ye now and make difciples 
of all nations, baptizing them unto 
the name ot the Father, and of the 
Son, and of the Holy Ghoft : 10 

Teaching them toobferveall things 
whatfoever I have commanded you : 
and lo, 1 am with you alway, even 
unto the end of the age. 

Gofpel according to Matthew is finijhed. 
<fhe Gofpel according to John &/*. 

The Gofpel according to JOHN. 


IN the beginning was the Word, 
and the Word was with God, 
and the Word was God. z The 
fame was in the beginning withGod. 
3 All things were made by hir> ; 
and withou: him was not anything 
made that was made. 4 And in 
him was life.and the life is the light 
of men. ^ And the lighc appear- 
eth in darknefs, and the darknefs 
comprehended it not. 6 There 
was a man fent from God, his name 
was John. 7 He came for a witnefsj 
to bear wicnefs of the light, that all 
through him might believe. S He 
was not the light, but was to bear 
witnefsof the lighc. 9 He was the 
true light, which lighteth every man 
that comer.h into the world. 10 He 
was in che world, and the world 
was made by him, and the world 
knew him not. 1 1 He came unto 
his own, and his own received him 
not. I- As many as received him, 
to them gave he power to become 
the fons of God ; co them thac be 
lieve on his name : 1 3 They were 
born, not of blood, nor of the will 
of the flefh, nor of the will of man, 
but of God. 14 And the Word 
was made fiefh, and pitched his 
tabernacle among; u^and we beheld 
his glory, the glory as of the only 
begotten of the Father, full of grace 
and troth. i$ John barswitnefs 
of hirn, and cried, This was he of 
whom I fpafce to you. He that cometh 
after me, was made before me s. 

for he was preferred to me. 16, 
For of his fulnefs have all we 
received and grace for grace. 17 Foy 
the law was given by Mofes, buc 
;race and truth by Jefus Chrift. 18 
Mo one hath feen God at any time ; 
he only begotten Son, who is in 
he bofom of the Father, he hath 
declared him. 19 And this is the 
record of John, when the Jews 
fent priefts and Levites from Jeru- 
falem to him to ask him, Who arc 
thou ? 2,0 And he contdfed, and de 
nied not ; but confeffed, I am not 
the Chrift. z i And they asked him, 
What then ? Art thou Elias ? And 
he faith, I am not. Art thou the 
prophet ? And he anfwered, No. ii 
Then faid they unto him, Who arc 
thou ? that we may give an anfwer 
to them that fent us : what fayft 
thou of thy felf? 15 He faid I 
am the voice of one crying in the 
wildernefs, Make ftraight the way 
of the Lord, as faid the prophet 
Efaias. 14 And they who were 
Tent, were of the Pharifee?. z$ 
Arid they asked him, and faid un 
to htm, Why baptizeft thou then, 
if thou be not the Chrift, norElias* 
neither the prophet ? 16 John 
anfwered them, faying, I baptize 
with water : but there ftandethone 
among yoUjwhom ye know not ; 2.7 

He it is, who coming after me, was. 
made before me, whofe fhoes latchec 
I am not worthy to unloofe. 
18 Thefe things weiedone ia 

According to John. 

Bcthaba ra .* Bethl ft be - 
yond Jor 
dan, where John was baptizing. 
19 The next day John feeth Jefus 
coming unto him- and faith, Behold 
the Lamb of God, who taketh a 
way the fin of the world. 30 This 
is he ot whom I faid, After me 
cometh a man, who is made be 
fore me : for he was be- 

Andl knew him 
he fnould be made 

fore me. 3 1 
not : but that 
manifeit to Ifrael, therefore am 
I come baptizing in water. 3 z And 
John bare record, faying, I faw the 
Spirit defending from heaven like 
a dove, and it abode upon him. 
3 3 And I knew him not : but he 
that fent me to baptize in water 
he faid unto me, Upon whom fo- 
ever thou (halt fee the Spirit de 
fending and remaining on him, the 
fame is he who baptizeth in the 
HolyGhoft. 34 And lfaw,and bare 
record that this is the Son of God. 
35 Again, the next day, John 
itood, and two of his difciplcs : 36 
And looking upon Jefus as he walk 
ed, he faith, Behold the Lamb of 
God. 3 7 And the two difciples heard 
him fpeak, and they followed Jefus. 
38 Then Jefus turned, and faw 
them following, and faith unto 
them, What feek ye? They faid 
unto him, Rabbi, which is to fay, 
being interpreted, Mafter, where 
dwelleftthou* 39 He faith unto 

Cephas, which is interpreted a 

Rock. 43 Theday following, He 
would go forth into Galilee, and 
findcih Philip ; and Jefus faith un 
to him, Follow me. 44 Now Phi- 
lip was of Bethfaida, the city of 
Andrew and Peter. 4$ Philip 
findeth Nathanael, and laith unto 
him, We have found him of whom 
Mofes did write in the law, and the 
prophets, Jefus ot Nazareth, the 
fon ot Jofeph. 46 And Nathanaci 
faid unto him, can any good 
thing be from Nazareth ? Philip 
faith unto him, come and fee. 47 
Jefus (aw Nathanael coming to him, 
and faith of him, Behold an Ifrae- 
lite indeed, in whom is no guile. 

48 Nathanael faith unto him, 
Whence knoweft thou me ? Jefus 
anfwered and faid unto him, Before 
that Philip called thee, when thou 
waft under the fig-tree, I faw thee. 

49 Nathanael anfwered and faith 
unto him, Rabbi, thou art the Sort 
of God, thou art the King of Ifrael, 
^o Jefus anfwered and faid un. 
to him, Becaufe I faid unto thee, I 
faw thee under the fig.tree, believed 
thou I thou wilt fee a greater thing 
than theft; 5 1 And he faith unto 
him, Verily verily I fay unto you, 
Ye {hall fee heaven opened, and the 
angels of God afcending and de- 
fcending upon the Son of man. 

II. And the third day there wasa. 
marriage inCana of Galilee ; and 

them, Come and fee. Tisey came (the mother of Jefus was there, i And 

and faw where he dwelt, and abode 

with him that day : 
bout the tenth hour. 

for it was a- 
40 Now one 

of the two which heard John, and 
followed him, was Andrew^ Simon 
Peters brother. 41 He firft findeth 
his own brother Simon, and faith 
unto him, We have found the Me- 
fias, which is, being interpreted, 
theChrift. 41 And he brought him 
to Jefus. And when Jefus beheid 
l>irn, he faid, Thou art Simon the 
tea of Jonas ; thowlhali be called tainingiwtf or 

both Jefus was called, and his dif- 
ciples, to the marriage. 3 And 
when wine was wanting the mother 
of Jefus faith unto him, They have 
no wine. 4 And Jefus faith unto 
her, Woman, whar is that to me and 
thee ? mine hour is not yet corns, 
5 His mother faith unto the fervants t 
Whufoevcr he faith uato you, da 
it. 6 And thcie were fet there lix^ 
(tone water pots, afcei the manner 
uf the purifying nf the Jews, coa- 


According to John; 

7 Jefus faith unto them, Fill the rear it up in three days ? n Eiit 
water-pots with water. And they he fpake of the temple ofhisbody. 
filled them up to the biim. 8 And 
Jefus laith unto them, Draw ou 
now and bear unto the Reward o 
the feafi. And they bear #. 9 
When the fteward of the feaft had 
rafted the water that was made 
wine, and knew not whence it was, 
but the fervants who drew the wa 
ter knew, the fteward of the fcaf 
called the bridegroom, 10 Anc 
faith unto him, Every man at the 
beginning doth fet forth good wine ; 
and when they have well drunk, 
then that which is worfe ; But thou 
had kept the good wine until ROW. 
ii This Beginning of tigns did 
Jefus in Cana of Galilee, and ma 
nifefied his glory ; and his difciples 
believed on him. n After this, 
he went down to Capharnaum, he, 
and hit motherland his brethren, and 
his difciples, and they continued 
there not many days. 13 And 
thejews paflbver was nigh, and Jefus 
went up td Jerufalem, 14 And 
found in the temple thofe that fold 
oxen, and fheep, and dove*, and 
the changers of money, fitting: 
i$ And when he had made, as 
it were a fcourge of fmall cords, he 
drove them ail out of the temple, 
and the (beep and the oxen ; and 
poured out the changers money, and 
over-threw the tables ; 16 And 
{aid unto thern that fold dove\ c ,Take 
thefe things hence ; And make not 
my Fathers houfe an houfe of mer 
chandize. 17 And his difcip!es> 
remembred that it was written, 
The zeal of thine houfe hath eaten 
toe Up. i# Then anfwered the 
Jews, and faid unto him, What 
Jigh (lieweft thou unro MS, that 
tnou doft thefe thing* ? 19 Jefus 
nfwered and faid unto them, De- 
ilrby this temple,dnd in three days I 
fc-ill raife it up. io Then faid the 
-Jews, Forty and fix years has this 
tittle been built, and wilt thou 

2.2, When therefore he was rifen 
from the dead, his difciples remem 
bred that he had faid this : and 
they believed the fcripture,andthe 
word which Jefus had faid. 25 
Now when he was in Jerufalem ac 
the paflover, in thefeafi, many be 
lieved on his name, when they law 
the figns which he did. 14 But 
Jefus did not commit himfelf unto 
them, becaufe he knew all, 2,5 
And needed not that any fhould 
reftifie of man : for he knew What 
was in man. 

III. Now there was a man of 
hePharifees, his name was Nico- 
demus, a ruler of the Jews : 2. He 
came to Jefus by night, and faid 
unto him, Rabbi, we know that 
thou art a teacher come from God i 
: or no one can do thefe miracles that 
thou doft,exceptGod were with him. 
Jefus anfwered and faid unco him, 
Vefily verily I fay untothee,Except 

any one be 
ic cannot fee 
he Kingdom 

born, from above 
born again, Vulg 

of God. 4 Nicodemus faith unto 
him,How can a man be born when 
he is old ? can he enter the fecond 
ime into his mothers womb, and 
be born ? 5 Jefus anfwered, Ve- 
ly verily 1 fay unto thee, Except 
a man be born of water and 0/the 
3oly Spirit, he cannot enter into 
he Kingdom of God. 6 That 
Which is born of the fleft), ib flelh : 
ind that which is born of the Spi- 
ir; ii fpirir. 7 Marvel not that 
faid unto thee, Ye muft be 

wind blcv/eth wheie it lifieth, 
id thou heareft the found thereof* 
out canlt not tell whence it comer h, 
r whit-hef it poech : fo is every 
ne that is bom ct the Spiru. 9 
sHcodemus anfwered and faid unto 
vsn, Kow can thvfc things be $ 

According to John; 

!o Jefus anfwered and faid unto him 
Art chou a mafte/ of Ifrae), anc 
knowctt not thefe things ? n Verily 
verily I fay untothee, We fpeak that 
we do know, and teitifie that we 
havefecn ; and ye receive not our 
teitimony. 12 If I have told you 
earthly thing?, and ye believe nor, 
how fhall ye believe if I (hall tell 
you heavenly things? 13 And no 
one hath alcended up to heaven, but 
he that came down fro.n heaven, 
the Son of man who is in heaven. 
14 And as Mofes lifted up the fer- 
pent in the wildernefs, even fo mud 
the Son of man be lifted up : 15 
Tha: every one who beiieveth in 
him, fhould not periifi, but have 
eternal life. 16 For God hath fo 
loved the world, that he hath given 
his only begotten Son, that every 
one who beiieveth on him, fhould 
not perifh, buc have eternal life, 
17 For God fent not his Son unto 
the world to judge the world ; but 
that the world through him might 
be faved. 1 8 He that beiieveth on 
him {hall not be Judged : but he 
that beiieveth not, is judged already, 
bccaufe he hath not -believed on 
the name of the only begotten Son 
of God. 19 And this is the judge- 
ment, that light is come inio the 

caft into prifon. 


men loved darknefs 
light, because their 

world, and 
father than 

deeds were evil. 20 For every one 
that doth evil things hateth the 
light, nekher cometh to the light, 
kit his deeds ihould be reproved by 
the light, zi But he "that doth 
truth, cometh to the light, that rm 
deeds may be made manifcft, that 
they are wrought in God. 22 Af 
ter thefe things came Jefus and hU 
difciples into the land of Judea, and 
i here he tarried with them, and 
baptised. ^3 And John alfo was 
baptizing in Enon, near to Salim ; 
becaufe there was rr.uch water 
litre: and they came, and v?ere 
d, 14 For John waf not yit 

arofe a queflion between feme 
Johns diiciples and the Jew*, abouc 
purifying. 26 And they came un 
to John, and faid unto him , 
Rabbi, he that was with thee 
beyond Jordan, to whom thou 
>areft witnefs, behold, Hebap- 
izeth, and all come to him. 27 
[ohn anfwered and faid, A man 
can receive nothing, except it be 
pven him from heaven, 28 Ye 
four felves bear me witnefs, thac 
faid, I atb not the Chriit. but thac 
arn tent before him. 29 He thac 
iath the bride, is the bridegroom : 
ut the friend of the bridegroom, 
who ftandeth and heareth him, re- 
oyceth greatly becaufe of the 
ridegrooms voice : this my joy 
hereforeis fulfilled. 30 He muftin- 
reafe, but I fnuft be diminiiheci, 3 1 
32 But he that cometh from above, 
is above all : he that is of the earth, 
is of the earth, and fpeaketh of the 
earth. He that cometh from heaven, 
teftifyeth, what he har,h feea 
and heaid, and no one receiveth 
histeftimony. 33 He that hath re 
ceived his teftiiTiony, hath fet ccf 
his feal, that God is true. 34 For 
he whom God hath fent, fpeaketh 
the words of God : for God giveth 
him not the Spirit by meafure. $$ 
The Father loveth the Son, and 
hath given all things into his hand. 
36 That he who beiieveth on the 
Son, may have eternal life : Btii 
he that beiieveth not the Son, fhall 
not fee life ; but the wrath of God 
abideth on him. 

IV. When therefore the lord 
Jefus knew how the Pharifees h ad 
heard that Jefus roade and baptized 
i)oi e difciples >than John, 2, 
Though Jefus hirnfelf baptized not, 
but the difciples 3 He left ths 
land of Judea, and departed agziri 
into Galilee. 4 And he miift needs 
go thiough Samaria, $ He cornechi 
t fieri to i t\\% tl Saraferfitfj vi-bilS 

According to John 

if called Sychar, near to the parcel place where men ought to 

of ground that Jacob gave to his 
fon Jofeph. 6 Now Jacobs well wa> 
there/ Jefus therefore being weari 
ed with the journey, fat thus on 
the well : and it was the fixch 
hour. 7 There comet h a woman 
of Samaria to draw water ; Jefus 
faith unto her, Give me jto drink. 
8 FW his difciples were gone 
unto the city to buy provilions. 9 
Then faith the woman of Samaria 
unto hfa)) How K ic that thou being 

a Jew, 

drink of me, a wo 

man oi Samaria ? ro Jefus anfwer 
ed* andYaid unto her, If thou knewed 
the gift of God, and who he is tha 
faith to thee, Give me to drink , 
thou would have asked him, and he 
would have given thee living wa 
ter. 1 1 The woman faith unto 
him, Sir, thou haft no bucket and 
the well is deep ; Whence hall 
thou that living water ? iz Art 
thou greater than our father Jacob, 
*ho gave us the well, and drank 
thereof himfelf, and his children. 
and cattle ? 15 Jefus anfwered 
end faid unto her, Whofoever 
(drinkcth of this water will third 
again; 14 But whofoever fhall 
drink of the water that I fhall give 
5*!m, will never third : bit the 
water that I Iball give him, will 
be in him a fountain of water 
fpringing up into eternal life. 15 
The woman faiih unto him, Sir, 
ive me this water, that I rriay no 
thij-fl, nepfesf-come hither to draw 
56 Jg-fuj faith unto her, Go, cal 
fhy husband, and come hither. 17 
The woman anfwered and faid, ] 
jr(ave no husband. Jefus faid unto 
her, Thou had well faid, thou haf 
jnohuiband: 1 8 For thou halt had 
$ve husbands, and he whom thou 
piow had is not thy husband : in 
fhat faid ft thou truly. 19 The wo 
$nan faith unto him, Sir, I perceive 
jhac thou art a prophet. 10 Our 
fathers worfhippsd in rbis mountain, 

zi Jefus fai h unto her, Woman, 
believe me, the hour comerh when 
ye ihall neither in thii mountain, 
nor yet at Jerufalcm worfhip the 
Father, 2i 
not what : 

Ye worfnip ye know 
we know whac we 

vorftiipjior falvation is ol the Jew*. 
a 3 But the hour cometh, and now 
when the true vvorlhippersihall 
worfhip the Father in fpirit and in 
ruth : for the Father feekerh fuch 
o V7orfhip him. 2^4 God is a 
Spirit, and they tha t worfhip hinr, 
mud worfhip in fpirit and in truth. 
z? The woman faith unto him, 
know that Mefiras comerh 
Who it called Chrid ; when he 
fhall come, he will tell us all 
things. i6 Jefus faith unto her, I 
tha; fpeak unto thee, am he. 2.7 
And Upon this came his difciples, 
and marvelled that he talked wirh 
the woman : yet no one faid to 
him, What feekeft thou ? or, Why 
talked thou -with her ? 18 The 
vfroman then lelther waier por,and 
went aWay into theci:y, and fairli 
to the men, 29 Come, fee a man 
who told me all things that ever 
[ did: is not he the Lhrid ? 30 
And they went ou of the city, 
and came unto him. 5 1 In the 
mean while his difciples prayed him, 
faying, Matter, eac- 31 But he 
faid unto them, I have meat to eac 
that ye know not of. 33 There 
fore faid the difciplcs among thern- 
felves, Hath any man, brought him 
ought to eat ? 34 Jefus faith unto 
them, My food h that I may do the 
will of him that fent me, and finifh 
his Work, jf Say not ye, There 
are four month*, and fhsn cometri 
harved ? behold, I fay unto you* 
Life up your eyes 5 and look on the 
fields; for they are already white to 
harved. $6 He that reapet 
wages, and ga hsreth fruit unto 
ife eternal f that both he that 
and he that reapcth, may 


&*$ isj Jtp*$Jtaj i^th(repvce toother. 3-7 And herein. 


According to 

is that /ay ing true, One fowcth, 
and another reapeth. 38 I Tent 
you to reap: Ye beHowed no la- 


began to amend : and theyfai4 .un 
to him, Yeiierday ac the feven-h 
hour the (ever left him. 53 So 

Dour: other men laboured, and yejchc father knew that it to At ac the 
are entred into their labours. 39 fame hour, in the which Jcfus fiid 
Andmany of:he Samaritans of that junto him, Thy fon livech ;and him- 
ciry believed on him, for the word! felf believed, and his whole houfe, 
of rhc woman which teftified, He! 14 This again is the fecond miracle 
told me ail that ever I did. 40 So|jefus did when be was come 

when the Samaritans were come 
unco him, they befoughc him that 
he would abide with them ; and 
he abode there two days, 41 And 

out of Judea into Galilee. 

V. After this there wa& a fcaft 
of the Jews, and Jefus went up to 
Jerufalem. i Now there is at 

rrany more believed becaufe of hb I Jerufalem by the fheep market a 
own word : 42, And faid unto the poo!, which is called in the Hebrew 
We do not now believe fae tongue Belzetha , having five 

catife of thy testimony ; for we 
have heard him our felves, and 
know that this is indeed the Chrift. 
the Saviour of the world. 43 Bur 
after iwodayshe departed thence, 
into Galilee: 44 For Jefus himfelt 
teftified, that a prophet hith no 
honour in his own country. 45 
Then when he was come into Ga 
lilee, the Galileans received him, 
having feen all the things thac he 
did at Jerufalem at the feaft : for 
they alfo went unto the feaft. 46 
So he came again intoCaua ofGa 
lilee, where he made the water 
wine. But there was a certain no 
ble man, whole fon was fick at 
Caphanaum. 47 When he heard 
that Jefus was come out of Judea 
into Galilee, he went unto hiui, and 
befought him that he would come 
down, and heal his fon : for he 
was ac the point of death. 48 
Therefore faid Jefus unto him, Ex 
cept ye fee (igns and wonders 
ye will not believe. 49 The no 
ble man faith unto him, Sir, come 
down ere the child die. $o Jefus 
faith unto him, Go , thy fon 
liveth. And the man believed the 
word that Jcfus had fpokcn unto 

him; and he went. 

And as he 

was now going down, his fervants 
met him, and told him. faying, that 

clojtters. 3 In thefe lay a multi 
tude of impotent talk, blind, hale, 
withered; paralyticks waiting for 
die moving of the water. 5 But a 
man was there, who hacj lived 
thirty and eight years in his infir 
mity. 6 When Jefus fiw him lie, 
and knew that he had been now * 
long cime fo, he faith to him, Wilt 
chou be made whole ? 7 The im 
potent man faith to him, Sir, I have 
not a rnan, when the wa<er is trou 
bled to put me into the pool ; but 
while I am coming, anoint-- Hep- 
pet h down before me. 8 Jefus 
(aith unto him, Rife,and take up rhy 
couch and walk. 9 And the man thac 
was made whole, rofe up, and took 
up his couch and walked : and on 
that day was the fabbath. And the 
Jews faid unto him that was cured, 
Ic is the fabbath -day ; it is not law 
ful for thee to take up thy couch. 
n He anfwered them, He thap 
made me whole, the fame faid unto 
me, Take up thy couch and walk. 
ii They asked him : What man is 
he who faid unto thee, Take up 
thy couch and walk ? 13 He thac 
was infirm knew not who ic was; 
for Jefus had conveyed hjmfett a- 
way, a multitude being in ths 
place* 14 Afterward Jefus findeto 
him in the temple, and faid unto 

Thf fon liveth, <* Then enquir-|him, Behold, , tjjoq , art made whole; 
ftj b$ of cbfm ffcf R si> when he 

F-a fin 

jL*n no more, left * worfe thing 
come unco thee. 15 The man 
therefore departed, and told the 
Jews that ic was Jefus who had 

According to John. 

which ail that 


(hall hear his voice. 

in the graves 
2.9 And (hall 

come forth ; they that have done 
good, unto the refurreclion at life; 

made him whole. 16 And there- and they thac do evil, unto the re- 
iore did the Jews perfecute Jefus, iturreftion of condem nation. 30 I 
frecaufe he had done thefe things on ! can of mine one felt do nothing : as I 
the fabbath. 17 But Jefus anlwer- j hear, I judge: and rny jndgtnenc 
pd them, My father worketh hithtr- is ju(i ; becaufe I feek no: mine own 
to, and 1 work. xS The Jews will, but the will of him thac fenc 
therefore the more fought to kill me. 31 If I bear witneis of my 
him, becaufe he not only had bro- felf, my \yicnefs is not true. 51 
Jcen the fabbath, but faid alfo that j There is another that beareth wit- 
God was his Father, making him- nefs of me, and ye kno.v that hit 
felf equal with God. 19 Then tedimony which he witr.efleth of 
anfwered Jefus and (aid unto them J me, is true. $3 Ye fenc unto John, 
Verily verily, I fay unto you, The and he bare witnefs unto she truth. 
Son of man cannot do any thing 34 But I receive not te(timony fiom 
of bimfelf, but whathe feeth the Fa- j men : buc thefe things I fay, thac 
ther do : for what things foever he ! ye might be laved. 35 He was a 
(hall do, thefe alfo doth the Son : burning and fhining light ; and ye 
likewise. zo For the Father lovethj were vvillingfora fealbn co rejoycc 
the Son, and fheweth him all things in his light. 36 Bur 

that himfelf doth : and he fheweth 
him greater works than thde, ihar 
ye may marvel, zi For as the 
Father raifech up the dead, and 
quicknerh them : even fo the Son 
qufcknerh whom he will, zz For 
the Father judgeth no man; 
buc hath given all judgment unto 
the Son : zj That all fhould 
honour the Son, even as they honour 
thp Father. He that honoured 
not the Son, neither honoureth he 
the Father who hath Tent him. 24 
Verily verily I fay unto you. He 
thai: heareth my word, and bc- 

greater tetiimonythan 

lieverh on him that fenc me, hath come to me 
e-emal life, and (hall not come in 
to judgement ; but is paflfed from 
dea:h unto life. z$ Verily verily I 
fay unto you, Th,ac the hour comerh 
and now is, when the dead Hull 
hear the voice of the Son of God : 
and they chac hear lhall live. z6 
For as the living Father hath life 

I have a 
i? of John : 

tor the works which the Father hath 
given me to finiih the fame works 
that I do, bear wltnefs of me, that 
my Father hath fern me. 37 And 
;he Father who ha:h fent me, he 
himfelf beareth w^nefs of me^ Ye 
have neither heard his voice, nor 
:ecn hi* ftiape. 38 And ye have 
noc his word abiding in you : tqr 
whom he hath fent, him ye believe 
nor. 39 Search the fcriptures, tor 
in them ye think ye have eternal 
life, and they are they vvh ch cefti- 
fie of rne. 40 A,nd ye will no.c 
ye might have 
life ecernal. 41 I receive noc 

honour from rr/f sn. 42 But I know 
you t that ye hftve not the lave of 
God in you. 43 I am come in my 
Father* n;ime, and ye receive me 
not : if another (hall come in his own, 
name, him ye will receive. 44 
How can ye believe, who receive 

in himfelf; fq hath hegiven to the honour one of another, and feek 

Son tq have life in himfelf: z? not the honour thac is from God 

And hath given him authority tq only \ 4$Do not think thac I will 

execute judgement, becaufe he is accufe you to the Father : there is 

the San of man. z8 Marvel not that accufeth you, Mofes, in whom 

ac this : for the hoar caaieth in ye haye tiufled. 46 For had ye 

1 i i * 


According to John. 

believed Mofes, ye would alfo have 
believed me : for he wrote of me. 46 
But if ye believe not his wr 
how&all ye believe my wor 

VI. After thefe things Jefub 
w>nt over the fea ot Galilee, unto 

the parts 

of Tiberias. 


great multitude followed him, t>e- 
caufe they fiw the miracles 
he did on them that were difeafcd. 
3 Jefus therefore went aw*y into 
a mountain, and there he far W -th 
his difciples. 4 And the paffover, 
a fealt ot chejcws, was nigh. 5 
When Jefus then lift up his eyes, 
a great company come 
he faith alfo unto 
Pniiip, Whence fhali w- buy bread 
that thefe may eat ? 6 And this 
he faid to prove him : for he himfelf 
knew what he would do. 7 Phi 
lip anfwered him, So mwch bread 
as two hundred denarii will buy 
is not fufficient for tnem, that every 

and fiw 

unto him , 

One may rake a 
of his difciples, 

little. 8 One of 
Andrew, Simon 

Peters brother, faith unco him, 9 
There is a lad here, who hath five 
barley-loves, and two fmall fifties: 
but what arc they among fo many ? 
jo Jefus faid therefore, Make the 
men fit down. Now there was much 
grafs in the place. So the men fat 

world. 15 When Jefus therefore 
perceived that the/ were about to 
come and take him by force,to make 
him a king, he departed again into 
a mountai hirmel alone, and 
there prayed 16 And when even 
wa co ne, ni ddcples went down 
unto the fea. 17 And entred into 
a ih p, and went to ths other fide 
ot the fea to Caphan.uoi,and dark- 
nefs hid already o;ercaken them, 
and Jefu was not come to them. 
1 8 Euc the fea 


wind blowi 
had rowed 

was rougii, a 
ig. 19. So when. 
about five and 

twenty, or thirty furlongs, they 
fee Jefus walking on the fea, and 
drawing nigh unto the (hip : and 
(hey weie afraid, zo But he fait ri 
unto them, It is I, be not afraid. 
ii They would therefore receive 
him into the fhip, and immediate 
ly the (hip was at tne land whicher 
they went. 12, The day following, 
when the multitude who ftood on 
the other fide ot the fea, faw that 
here was no other boat there, 
ave one whereinto Jefus s own dif- 
cipies were entred, and that Jefus 
went not with his difciples into the 

boa!, but that his 
gone away alone: 

difciples were 
zi Howbeic 

other boats came from Tiberia,s, 

down, in number about five shou-j nigh unto the place where they did 
fand .1 r Jefus therefore took the eat bread. 14 W;jen the multi- 

ve loaves, and when he had given 
thanks he diflributed to them that 
were fet down ; and likewif* of the 

[tide therefore faw that Jefus was 
not there, neither his difcipies,they 
took boats for themfelves,and came 

fifties alfo, as much as they would, to Caphanaum, feeking for Jefu. 
ii When they were filled, he faid 15 And when they had found him 
unto his difciples, Gather up the on the other fide of the fea, they 
fragments that remain, that no- faid unro him, Rabbi, when cameft 
thing thereof may be !oft. 13 But ,th3u hither ? z6 Jefus anfwered them 
they gathered them together, and ! and faid, Verily verily I fay unto 
filled twelve baskets with the frag. | you, Ye feek me; not becaufe ye 
mentsof the five barley-loavesjwhich faw the figns and wonders, but be- 
remained over and above, unto them : caufe ye did eat of the loaves, and 

that had earen. 14 Then thofe 
men, when rhey had feen the mira- 
<ple that heqid, faid, This is that 
prophec chat (hbuld come into the 

were filled. 2,7 Labour not for 
the meat which periftieth, but for 
that meat which endureth unto e- 
ternal life y which the Son of man 

umo you : for him hath God 
the Father fealcd. 28 Then faid 
they unto him, What fhall we 
work that we aiay do the works ot 
God ? 2,9 Jefus anfwered and laid 
unto them, This is the work of God, 
that ye may believe on him whom 
he hath fent. 30 They faid there- 
tore unto him, What (ign foewert 

According to John. 

we know ? how is it then that hs 
faich, chac I came down from 
heaven? 43 Jefus therefore anfwer 
ed and faid unto them, Murmur noc 
among youc felves. 44 No one 
can come to me, except the Father 
who hath lent me, draw him : and 
I will raife him up at the Jaii day. 
45 It is written in the prophets, 

ihouthen, that we may fee, and be-! And they fhajl be all taught of 
lieve thee ? whatthou dolt work ? God. Every one thac heareth, and 
31 Our fathers did eat manna in hath learned ot the Father, comech 
the defert ; as it is written, He gave unto me. 46 Not thac any one hath 
i hem bread from heaven to eat. 31 feen the Father, fave he who is of 
Jefus therefore faid unco them, Ve- God, he hath feen God. 47 Veri- 
rily verily I fay unto you, Mofes ly verily I fay unto you, He thac 
gave you noc thac bread from UUieveth on me hath eternal life. 48 
heaven ; but ray Father givech you j I am the bread of life. 49 Your 
rhe true bread from heaven. 33 fathers did eat bread and manna in 
For the bread ot God is he who t the wildernefs, and are dead. 50 
eometh down from heaven, and! This is the bread which cometh 
giveth life unto the world. 34; down from heaven, that if a man 
Then faid they unto him, Lord, i eat thereof, he fhall not die. 51! 
evermore give us this bread. 35 am the living bread which came 

Jefus therefore faid unto them, I 
am the bread of life : he thac cometh 
to me, fhall not hunger ac all ; 
and he that believcth on me, fhall 
not tiurft at all. 36 But I faid un 
to you, that ye a]fo have feen me, 
and believe not. 37 All thac the 
Father giveth me, will come to me; 
and him that cometh to me, I will 
in no wife caft away. 38 For I 
came down from heaven, not to do 
mine own will, but the will of the 
father that font me. 59 And this 
is the will of him that fent me, thac 
of all which he hath given me, I 
fhould lofe nothing, but that J fhould 
ratfe it up again at the lad day. 40 
For this is the will of my Father 
that fent me, thac every one who 
feeth the Son, and believeth on him, 
rnay have eternal life ; and I will 
raife him up at the hft day. 41 
But the Jews murmured ac him, be- 
caufe he faid, I am the biead which 
came down from heaven- 41 And 
they faid, Is not this Jefus the fon 

of Jofept}, wfeofe f^foer $nd 

down from heaven; if therefore 
any one fhall eat of this bread, he 
fhall live for ever : The bread thac 
1 will give, israyflefh, for the life 
of the world. 52, The Jews there 
fore ftrove amontt themfelves, fay 
ing, How can he give us hi flefh to 
eac ? 53 Jefus therefore faid unto 
them, Verily verily I fay uqto you, 
Except ye take the flefh of the Son 
of rrjan, and drink his blood, ye 
have no life in you. 54 Whofo 
eateth his fle(h, and drinketh hi$ 
bjood, hath eternal life, and I will 
raiie him up a: the laft day. 55 For 
my flefh is meat indeed. <;6 He 
thac eateth my flefh, and drinketh 
my blood, dwelleth jn me, and I 
in him. As the father is in me, fq I 
am in the father ; Verily, verily I 
ay qnto you unlefs ye take the 
Dody of the Son ot Man as the 
3read of We, ye have noc life 
n him. 57 As the living Father 
iat}i fent me, and I live by the^ Fa- 
her : fo he rhac taketh me, even 

he ihal} (iye by me. $3 This is 

th3t bread which came down from 
heaven : not as your fathers did eat 
manna, and are dead : he thateateth 
this bread, (hall live for ever. 
59 Thefe things faid he in the fyna- 
gogue, as he taught in Caphanaum 
ou the Sabbath. 60 Many therefore 
ot his difciples, when they had hearc 
it,- faid, This is an hard faying, wh 
can hear it? 61 When Jefus knew 
that his difciples murmured at i 
among themfelves, he faid un;( 
them, Doth this fcandalize you 
<Sa If therefore ye fhall fee the Son 
ot man afcend up where he was be 
fore ? 63 Ir is the fpirit tha 
quickneth, the flefh profketh no 
thing: the words that I have fpoken 
unto you, are fpirit, are life. 6* 
But there are fome of you that be 
lieve not. For Jefus knew from 
the beginning, who they were tha 
believed nor, and who would be 
tray him. 65 And he faid, There 
tore faid I unto you, that no one 
can come unto me, except it were 
given unto him of the Father. 66 
From this time many of his difciples 
wen: back, and walked no more 
with him. 67 But Jefus faid to the 
twelve, Will ye alto go away ? 68 
EtttSimcn Peter faid, Lord, to whom 
fhall we go ? thou haft the words 
of eternal life. 69 And we have 
believed, and have known thee, 
that thou art the Holy One of God. 
70 Jefus anfwered, faying, Have 
not I chofen you twelve and one 
of you is a devil ? 71 He fpake 
of Judas Scarioih the final Simon: 
lor he was to becriy him, being 
one of the twelve. 

VII. After chefs things, Jefus 
walked in Galilee: for he would 
not walk in Judea, bccaufe the Jews 
fiughc to kill him. 2, 

According to John. 



Now the 

59 was at 

5 His bretheren therefore 
ftid tmto him^ Depart hence, and 


alfo may fee the works that thou, 
doft. 4 For no one doch any 
thing in ftcrer, and he himfelf 
feeketh to have ic known openly : 
If thou do tbefe things, {hew thy 
felt to the world. 5 For neither 
did his brethren believe in hiou 
6 Jefus faith unto them, My time 
is not yet come : but your time is 
always ready. 7 The world can 
not hate you , but me it hateth, be- 
caufe I teftifie of it, that the works 
thereof are evil. S Go ye up unto 
the fuaft : I go not up unto this 
feaft, for my time is not yet full 
come. 9 When he had faid thcfe 
words, he himfelf abode in Galitee, 
10 But when nil brethren were 
gone up, then went he alfo up un 
to the feaft, noc openly, but in 
fecret. 1 1 Then the Jews fought 
him at the feaft, and faid, Where 
iahe? 12 And there was a mur 
muring among the multitude con 
cerning him : Some faid, He i a 
good man : others faid, No ; buc 
ne decei vet h the people. 13 How- 
beic, no one fpake openly of him, 
for tear of the Jews. 14 Now a- 
bout the mid ft of the feaft, Jefus 
went up into the temple, and taught: 
15 The Jews therefore marvelled, 
faying* How knoweth tbii man let- 
ers, having not learned them. 16" 
Jefus anfwered them, and faid, My 
doctrine is not mine, buc his that 
"cncme. 17 If any one will d& 
his will, be (hall know of the do 
ft rine, whether it be of God, or 
I fpeak of my feif. 18 He that 
peaketh of himfelf, feeketh hi* 
own giory : bat he that feekech his 
lory that fent him, he is true, and 
unrighteoufnefs is not in htor. 19 
Did not Mofes give you the law 
nd nans of you keepeth the law 3 
fVhy do ye fee k to kill me?- a 
The multitude anfwered and faid, 
Thou haft a daemon : who feeketh- 

o kill thceS zi Jefus anfwered 
ihat thy d fciph-iiind faid, I have done one work, 

According to John. 

and ye si 1 marvel at it, iz Mo- 
fesgave unto you circumcifion : not 
becaufe it is of Mofcf, but of the 
fathers : and ye on the fabbath cir- 
cumcife a man. 2.3. If therefore a 
man on the fabba:h receive circum- 
cifion, that the law of Mofesfhould 
not be broken ; how are ye angry 
at me, becauie I nave perfectly 
cured a man on the fabbath ? 14 
Judge not according to appearance. 
but judge rigtreous judgment. 15 
Some therefore o< them of Jerufalem, 
faid, Is not this he whom they feek 
10 kill? 2.6 But lo, he fpeaketh 
openly, and they fay nothing unto 
him ; do the rulers know indeed 
that this is the Chrift ? 2.7 But 
we know him whence he is : but 
when Chrift fhall come, no one 
knoweth whence he is. iS Jefus 
therefore cryed as he taught, in 
the Temple faying, Ye both know 
me, and ye know whence I am : 
and I am not come of my felf, bur 
he that fenc me is true, whom ye 
know not. zg But I know him, 
for lam from him, and he hath fent 
me. 30 Then they fought to take 
him : but no man laid hand on 
hiojj becaufe his hour was not yet 
come. 31 And many of the mul 
titude believed on him, and faid, 
Chrift when he cometh, will he 
do more miracles than this man 
hath done ? ^2. But the Pharifees 
heard that the multitude murmured 
concerning him : and the Pharifees 
and the chief priefts fent officers to 
take him. 33 Jefus therefore faid, 
Yet a little while I am with you, 
and I go unto him that fent me. 34 
Ye (hall feek me, and {hail not 
find me : and where I am, ye can 
not come. 35 The Jews therefore 
faid among themfelves. \Vhrher will 
he go, that we fr;a!i not find him? 
will he go unto the diperfion of 
theGteeks, and teach the Greeks? 
36 What faying is this that he 

not find ine : and where I am, ye 
cannot come? 37 In rhe lafi day, 
that great day of the feaft, Jefut 
flood, and cried, faying, If any 
one third, let him come and drink. 
3 8 He thac believeth on me, as the 
icripture hath faid, out of his belly 
fnall flow rivers of living water. 

39 But thisfpake he of the Spirit, 
which they thai believe on him, 
(hould receive : for the Holy Ghoft 
was not yer come upon them, becaufe 
that Jefus w3s not yet glorified; 

40 Some of the multitude there 
fore when they heard his word, 
faid, this is truly the prophet. 41 
Others faid. He is the Chrift, Some 
Taid, does the Chrift come out of 
Galilee ? 42, Does not the Icrip 
ture fay, that the Chrift corocth of 
the feed of David, and out of the 
town of Bethlehem, where David 
wa ? 43 So there was a divifion 
among the multitude because ofhiffl. 
44 And fome of them would have 
taken him; but no one laid hands 
on him. 45 TLcn came the offi 
cers to the chief priefts and Phari- 
fees ; and they faid unto them, Why 
have ye not brought him ? 46 But 
the officers anfwered, Never man 
fpake as this man. 47 The Phari- 
fees anfwered them, Are ye alfo de 
ceived ? 48 Does any one of the 

ulers or of the Pharifees believe on 
bim ? 49 But this multitude who 
knoweth not the law, are curfed. 
50 Nicodemus faith unto them, be 
ing one of them ; he that came to 
Jelus by night, at the firfl. 51 
Doih our law judge a man before 
it will hear him. and know what he 
hath done? 51 They anfwered 
and faid unto him, Art thou alfo of 
Galilee ? Behold the fcriptures : 
for cm of Galilee hath arifen no 
prophet. 55 And every one wenc 
unto hii rwn houfe. 

VIII. Now Jefus wen: timo rhe 
mount of Olives : a. And in the 

iud, Ye fliali feck me, and ihali! morning he ccmcth Pgain into the 

According to John. 

tiemple, and all the people came t 
him. 3 And the fcnbes and Pha 
rifees brought a woman taken in 
fin, and when they had let her in 
the mid-fi. 4 The prieils fay unto 
him, tempting him, that they migh 
have to accufe him, Mafler thi 
was taken in adultery, in the 
very act. $ Buc Mofes in the law 
commanded, to ftone fuch women, 
But what fayft rliou now ? 6 Eu: 
Jefus looped down and with hit 
ringer wrote on the ground. 7 So 
Wien they continued asking, he life 
up himfelf and faid unto them, He 
without fin 

that ii without fin among you, let 
him fiift caft a ftone at her. 8 
And again he ftooped down, and 
wi h h> finger wrote on the ground. 
9 Buc every one of the Jews went 
out, beginning at the eideH, till 
all were gone out : and Jefus was 
left alone, the woman being in the 
m idlt. 10 When Jefus had life up 
him felf, be faid to the woman, 
Where are thofe men ? hath no 
one condemned thee ? n And 
(he faid to him. No one Lord. Bui 
he faid unto her, Neither do I con 
demn thee ; go aWay, and 
from this time lin no moie. IA 
Jtfus therefore fpake again unto 
them, faying, I am the light of the 
world: he that followeth me, (hall 
not walk in darknefs, but ihall 
have the light of life, i* The 
1 harifees therefore faid unco him, 
Thou beareft record of thy felf ; 
thy record is noc true. 14 Jefus 
artfwered and faid unto them, 
Though I bear record of my felf, 
Rsjf record is true : for I know 
whence I came, and whither I go ; 
bat ye cannot tell whence I come^ 
or wr.iiher I go. 15 Ye judge 
af er the fiefh, I judge no one. 16 
And yet if I judge, my judgfnen.- 
is true : for lam not alone, but 1 
aftd he thac fent tfte. 17 It is alfo 
written in your Jaw, rhJt th etdti. 
&tfn 6f cwd ft.$n is ciue. >8 I 

am one that bear witnefs of myfelf, 
and ;he Father that fent me,bearetft 
wicnefs of me. 19 Therefore faid 
they unto him, Where is thy Fa 
ther ? Jefus anfwered and faid un 
to them, Ye neither know me, nor 
my Father : if ye had known me, 
ye fhould have known my Father 
alfo. 20 Thefe words he fpake 
n the treafury, as he taught in che 
empJe : and no one feiied on him^ 
or his hour was not yet corrie. it 
Then faid he again unto them, I go. 
way and ye fbail feek me, and ft.a ,1 
die in your fins : whither I go ye 
annotcome. 2,2, The Jews there- 
ore faid, Wall he kill himfelf ? be- 
aufe he faith, Whither I go ye 
annotcome. 23 And he faid un- 
o them, Ye are trom beneath, But 

am from above : ye are of this 
woild, I am not ot this world. 14 

faid therefore unto you, that > 
oall die in your Sins : tor if ye be- 
ieve not me that I am be, ye fhaii 
ie in your fins. 25 They there- 
ore faid unto him, Who art thou $ 
efus therefore faid unto them, Even 
e that I faid unto you from the 
eginning. 2.6 I have many things 
o fay, and to judge of you : buc 
e that fent me is true ; and I fp*ak 
o the world thofe things which I 
card of him. 27 They uwcicr- 
ood riot that he faid God was his 
at her. 28 Jefus faid unto them 
^ain, When ye (hali have lift up 
ie Son of man, then fhall ye know 
hat I am he ; and I do nothing of 
felf; but as the Father hath 
aught me, I fpeakthcfc things 29 

nd he that fent me, is wi;h me* 
-ie hach not left rr.e alone : for I 
o always thofe things that p^eafe 
im. 30 As. he fpaKe thefe woii, : 
lauy believed on him. 51 Jtfus 
"u-iefore faid to thofe Jews" wh i 
te^eved on hirfl. If ye wilt 
d.uinue in my word, ye ?trc fny 

ifcip)e indeed ; 32 And y (hall 
;now ;hft tra .h ar.d (0 ;;&;h fluff 

According to John. 

make you free. 33 They anfwer- 

jvell, thii r.hnu art a Samaritan, and 

cd him, and laid. We be Abrahams 

iafi a dxmon ? 49 Jefus aniwered, I 

feed, and were never in bondage 

nave noc a daemon \ buc I honour my 

to any one ; how fayft thou, Ye 

Fhihcr, and ye dilTionour me. jo 

ihall be made free? 34 Jefua 

But I feck not mine own glory : 

anfwered ihcm, Verily vcnly I fay 

t here is one that fceketh and judg- 

unto you, Whotoever commit teth 

eth. 5 1 Verily verily I fay unto 

fin, is a (ervanc. 3$ A> d he (er- 

you, wti -foeverobfervech my faying^ 

vant abideth not in the houfe ioi 

tie ibail never fee death. 51 Trie 

ever ; but the Son abideth ever. 

Jcwa rherefoie faid unto him, Now 

36 If the Son therefore (hall make 

we have known thac thou haft a 

you free, ye (hall be tree indeed. 37 

dcemon. Abraham is dead, and the 

I know tna ye are Abiahdm- ked ; 

prophets ; and thou fayii, If a man 

but ye feck to kill me, becaufe my 

obferve my faying, he fhall never 

word harh no place in you. 38 

cafte ot death. 53 Art thou greater 

\VhatthingsI havefeen wichmy Fa 

Cfian Abraham, who is dead ? and 

ther,Thofe I t peak ; and what things 

che prophets are dead : whom makett 

ye have feen with your father, thole 

hou thy felf ? 54 Jefus anfwered. 

ye do. 39 They anfwered and faid 

If I (hall honour mv lelf, my honour 

unto him, Abraham is our father 

is nothing : it ib my Facher that 

Jefus rhetefore laid unco them, It 

nonoureth me, of whom ye fay, 

ye were Abraham* children, ye 

that he is your God: 55 Yet ye 

would do the works of Abraham. 

have not known him; buc I knovv 

40 Bu: now ye feek-to kill me, a 

him : and If I (hould fay, I know 

man that hath told you the truth. 

him nor, I (hail be a liar like unto 

.which he hath heard of God :this 

you : but I know him, and obferve 

ciid not Abraham- 41 Bui ve do 

his faying. 56 Your father Abra 

the deeds of your father. Then faid 

ham rejoyced to fee my day : and 

they to hira, We were not born ot 

hefaw/V, and was glad. 57 The 

fornication; we have one Father, 

Jews therefore faid to him, Thou 

God, 41 Jefus therefore faid 

art not ye" fifty years old, and hait 

unto them, If God were your la 

chou feen Abraham ? 58 Jems there 

ther, ye would love me : for I 

fore faid un f o them, Verily verily I 

proceeded forth, and came from 

fay unto you, Before Abraham I 

Gou ; for I carne not of my fel f 

am. 59 Then took they up fiones 

bite he fent me : 43 Why do je 

tocaft at him : but Jefus hid him* 

31 ot underfhud my fpeecft ? becaufe 

felf and ucnt out of the temple, 

yecannoc hear tuy word. 44 Ye 

ami fo pa (Ted by. 

.ueof your father the devil, and the 

IX. And as he pafled by, hefaw 

ufls of your fachcr ye will do : he 

a man who was blind from his birth, 

TVJS a murderer of men from the 

fitting. & And the difciples asked 

beginning, and abode not in the 

him, Mailer, who did fin, this man, 

<ruch, becaufe there >s no truch in 

or his parents, that he was born 

him. VVheii hefpeaketh a lie, he 

blind ? 3 Jefus anfwered, Neither 

fpeake h of his o*vn : for he is a 

hath this man finned, nor his pa- 

liar, and the father of it 45 Be- 

reflrs : but that the works of God 

caufe I tell r >e uuth, ye believe ii 

[hould be made manifefl in him. q 

flot 47 He that is of God, hear- 

1 mult work the works cf him thac 

th Gods Words : ye there ore hear 

fent me, while it is day : the night 

them nor, 48 The Jew?, a nfwercd 

c^meth when no one can work. 

and fa 54 unco himj Say wu not 

f Ai long ii I am io tbe world, A 

pool of Siloam (which is interpreted 
Sent.) He went his way therefore^ 
and wafhed, and came feeing. 8 
The neighbours therefore, and they 
who before had feea him, that he 
was a beggar, faid, Is not this he 
that (at and begged ? 9 Some faid, 
This is he j others, He is like him : 
He-faid himfelf, I am he. 10 There 
fore laid they unto him. How then 
xvere thine eyes opened ? 1 1 He 
anfwered, A man that is called Jefus, 
made clay, and anointed mine eyes, 
and faid unto me, Go to Siloam. 
and wafh ; I went therefore and 
waftied, and come feeing, n Then 
faid they unto him, Where is he ? 
He faid co them, I know nor. 1 3 
And they bring him that aforetime 
was blind ;o the Pharifees. 14 And 
it was the fabbath when Jefus .Tiade 
the clay, and opened his eye?. 15 
Again therefore the Pharifees alfo 
asked him how he tyad received hi* 
fight. But He faid unto them, He 
put clay upon mine eyes, and I 
waftied, and do fee. 16 There 
fore faid fome of the Pharifees, 
This man is no: of God, bccaufe 
he obterverh not the fabbath. But 
others faid, How can a man that is 
a tinner do fiach figns ? And there 
was a divifion among them. 17 
They faid therefore unto the blind 
man, What fayft thou of him, that 
he hath opened thine eyes ? But 
He faid, He is a prophet. 18 The 
Jews did not believe concerning 
him, until they called the parents 
of him that had icceived his fighr. 
19 And they asked them, faying, 
Is this your fon, who ye fay was 
|jorn blind ? how therefore doth he 
now fee ? 20 His parents anfwered 
t|iem and faid, We know that this 
n, ancitha,: he was bora blind* 

Thefe tvords fpake his 
becaufe they feared the 

According to John. 

am the light of the world. 6 When % i But by thac means he now feeth, 
he had thus fpokcn, he fpat on the we know no: ; or who hath open- 
ground,and made clay ot the fpittle, ;ed his eyes, we know not; he is 
and he anointed his eyes with the of age, a.-k him, he (hall fpeak for 
c.lay. 7 And faid, Go, wafh in the himfelf. 


Jews: for the Jews had agreed al 
ready, that if any one ihould con- 
fefs that he was (Thrift, he ihould 
he put out of the fynagogue. 2| 
Therefore faid hi* parents, He is of 
age, ask him. 2,4 They called 
again him thac was blind, a iecond 
time, and faid unto him, Give God 
the praife : we know that this man 
is a (jnner. z$ He anfwered there 
fore, Whether he be a (inner I know 
not : one thing I know, that 
whereas I had been blind, now I 
fee. 26 They faid therefore co 
him, What did he to thee ? and 
how opened he thine eyes? 17 But 
he faid, I have told you already, 
and ye did not hear ; wherefore 
would ye hear it again ? will ye alfo 
be his difcples ? 18 Butthey reviled 
him, and faid Thou arc his difciple ; 
We are Mofes difciples. 2.9 We 
know thac God hath fpokcn unto 
Mofcs, and that God heareth noe 
(inners. As for this man, we know 
not: whence he is. 50 The man 
anfwered and faid, Why, herein is 
a marvellous thing, thac ye know 
not whence he is, and he hath open 
ed mine eyes. 3 1 We know thac 
God hearech not iinners ; but if any 
one be a worfhipper of God, and 
doth his will, him he hearech. 
3:, From the beginning it hath 
not been heard that any one 
opened the eyes of one thac 
born blind. 


If this roan were 
not of God he could do nothing. 
34 They anfwered him, and faid, 
Thou waft altogether born in im$ 
and doft thou teach us S And they 
caft him out. 3 $ And Jefus heard thac 
they had caft him out i and he found 
him and faid, Doft thou believe 
on the Son of man I ; 6 He anfwered, 

-And who is he, Lord, that I might 
Relieve on him? 37 Jefus anfwered, 
Thou haft both feen him, and ic is he 
that talketh withthee. 38 Bathe 
faid, Lord, I believe. And he 
worfhipped him. 39 And Jdus 
faid, For judgment I am come into 
this world : that they who fee not, 
plight fee ; and that they who fee, 
might be made blind. 40 But 
fome of the Pharifees who were 
with him heard, and faid tmtohirn, 
Are we blind alfo ? 41 Jefus there- 

According to John. 

lore faid unro them, 
blind, ye (hould have no 

If ye 
10 fin : 


mow ye fay, We fee ; therefore 
your fins remain. 

X. Verily verily I fay unro you, 
He that entereth not by the door 
into the (heepfold, but climbeth up 
fome other way, he is a thief and a 
robber, z But he that enterethin 
by the door, is the (hepherd, of the 
(heep. 3 To him the porrer open- 
erh ; and the (heep hear his voice : 

whofe own the {heep are nor, fcctb 
the wolf coming, and leaveth the 
iheep, and fleeth ; and the wolf 
feizerh and fcattereth the (heen, 13 
Becaule he is an hireling, and car- 
eth nor tor the {heep. 14 I am the 
good (hepherd, and know mine, 
and mine know me. 15 As he 
Father knoweth me, even i o know 
I rhe Father; anjd I give my life 
for the (beep. 16 But o-hci iheep 
I have, which are nor of trm fold : 
them ajfo I muft bring, and. they 
will hear my voice; and they will be 
one fold, one (hepherd. 17 There- 
tore doch my Father love rue, be- 
caufe I lay down my life, chat I 
may take it again. 18 Nomanrakerh 
it from me : I have power co lay ic 
down, and I have power to cake 
ic again. This commandment have 
I received of the Father. 19 There 
was a divilion therefore again among 
the Jews for thefe fay ings. 2.0 
Many of them therefote faid, He 

and he calleth his own (heep by! hath a dcemon, and is mad; w\y 
name, and leadeth them our. 4 hear ye him? 2, r Others faid, 
And vyhen he putteth forth all his Thefe are not the words of a dxmo- 
own, he goerh before them, and the niack, Can a e eemon open the eyes 
iheep follow him : for they know his of the blind ? zz And it was ac 
voice. 5 And a (trangerwill they ( Jaufalem the fead of "he dedica- 
iiot follow; bvit will flee from him : tion ; It was rainy wea:her. 23 
i or they know not rhe voice of And Jefus walked, in the temple in 
grangers 6 This parable fpake Solomons clotfters. 24 The Jews 
Jefus unto them : but they under- therefore came about him, and (aid 
itood noc whac things they were unto him, How long doft thou make 
jvhch he fpake un r o them. 7 Jefus jus to doub: ? If thou be the (Thrift, 
therefore laid unro them again. VeJtell us plainly, 25 Jtfus anfwered, verily I fay unco you, I am (he I rold you, and ye believed noc ; 
door of the iheep. 8 Thqfe that i t^e works rhac I do in my Fathers 
fimq, before me, are thieves and name, they bear wicnefs of me 2,6 
robbers , but the Ihcep did noc hear ! Bur ye believe not ; becaufe ye are 
them, 9 I aifl the cjor : by me not of rny fheep, as I faid unto you. 

if any f^an fhal! en-er in, he (hall 27 My (heep hear my voice, and 
be lived, and (hall go in, and go I know them, and they follow me. 



10 The 

And I give unto them erernal 

i> f cometh not, bur for to (leal, life, and t^ey (hall never perifh, 
and to kiii, ancj to defiroy. But I neither (hall any one pluck them one 
an:) come that the" might have life, of my hand. 2.9 My Fa?her who 
ir I am rhe good (hepherd : the gave thny me, is greater than all: 
good ftiephe-d eivc:h his life for , and none i< able to pluck them ouc 

bird ng, 

iz But 

dt.d COC 

he that is an 
iis (hepherd, 

of my Fathers hand, 
he Father aie one. 31 

I and 


According to 

Jews took up ftones to ftone him. 
22, Jefus anfwered i hem, Many good 
works have I (hewed you from the 
Father ; for which of thofe works 
do ye ftone me ? 5 3 The Jews 
anfwered him, For a good work we 
done thee noc ; but for blafphemy ; 
and becaufe that being a man thou 
makeft thy felf God. 34 Jefus 
anfwered them and laid, !> ic not 
wiitten in your law, that I faid, 
Ye are gods? 3$ If he called 
them gods ? unro whom the word 
of God came, and the fcripture 
cannot he broken : 36 Say ye ot 
him, whom the Father har h fan&i 
ficd, and fent intoche world, that 
Thou blafphemeft ; becaufe I faid, 
I am the Son ot God? 37 If I 
donor the works of my Father, be 
lieve me not. 38 But if I do, 
though ye will noc believe me, be 
lieve the works: that ye may know 
and believe that the Father is in me, 
and I in the Father. 39 And they 
fought to take him : but he efcap- 
ed out ot their hand, 40 And 
went away again beyond Jordan, 
into the place where John was ac 


that he wa* fick, Jefus abode two 
days fiill in the fame place where he 
was. 7 Then after that he faich to 
his difciples, Lee us go into Judea 
again. 8 His difciples fay unto him, 
Rabbi! the Jews even now {ought 
o ftone thee ; and goeft thou thi 
ther again ? 9 Jenus anfwered, 
Hath not the day twelve hours? 
If any ene walk in the day, he 
ftumblcth not, becaufe he feech the 
light of this world. 10 But if 
any one walk in the night, he ftum- 
blech, becaufe there is no light in 
him. n Thefe things faid he: 
and after that, he faich unto them, 
Lazarus our friend fleepeth ; but I 
go to awajce him. iz The dif 
ciples therefore faid to him, Lord, 
if he fieep, he will recover. 13 
Howbeic Jefus fpake of his death : 
but they thought thac he had 
fpokenof taking reft in deep. 14 
Then faid Jefus unro them plainly, 
Lazarus our friend is dead. 15 
And I am glad for your fakes, thac 
I was not there that ye may believe: 
Buc let us go unto him. 16 Tho 
mas , therefore, who is called 

baptizing, and there he abode ; Didymus, (aid unto his fellow dif- 
41 And many came unto him, and; ciples, Let us alfo go, that we may 
faid, thc John did no miracle : die with him. 17 Jefus therefore 
buc all things that John fpake of ! came to Bechany, and found ihac 
him were true. 41 And many be- he had been in the grave four days. 

lieved him there. 

XL Now a certamman was n"ck, 
Lszarus of Bethany, the town of 
Mary and her filler Martha, a It 
was Mary who anointed the Lord 
with ointment, and wiped bit feet 
with her hair, whofe brother La- 
xarus alfo was fTck. 3 Therefore his 

1 8 Now Bethany was nigh unto 
Jerufalcm; fiheen furlongs off. 19 
But many of Jcrufalerj came to 
Ma rtha and Mary, to comfort them 
concerning their brother. 10 Mar 
tha, therefore when (he heard thac 
Jefus was coming, met him : buc 
Mary fac in the houfe. zi Mar- 

fillers fent unto Jefus, ftying ; Lord, tha therefore faid unto Jefus, Lord, 
behold, he whom rhou loveft, is jit thou hadft been here, my bro- 
fick. 4 When Jefus heard fta/,!rher had not died, zz But even 
he faid, His ficknefs is noc unto now I know, that whatfoever thou 

death, but for the glory of God, 
that the Son of God might be glori 
fied thereby. 5 Now Jefus loved 
Marsha, and her fifter, and Lazaru. 

wile ask of God, God will give it 
thee. 2,3 Jefus faith unto her, 
Thy brother (hall rife again. 2,4 
Martha fai huntohim,! know that 

When he ha4 heard therefore I he ftwll rife again in the refur 

According to John; 


recVion, at the laft day. 25 Jefub 
faid unto her, I am the refurredion, 
he lite : he thar believech on 
though he were dead, yet 
ihallkehvt; 16 And whofoever 
liveih, and belii-veth on me, {hall 
never die* Believeft thou this ? 
2,7 She faith Yes, Lord : I have 
believed that thou arc the Qirift 
the ion otGod who {hould come 
into the world iS And when 
ihe had To faid, fhc went aw&y, 
arid c^ied Mary her filler filently, 
faying, that The matter is come, 
and called for thee. 2,9 When 
{he tieatd, file arofe quickly, and 
COOKS unco him. 30 Bur Jefus 
was not come into the village, but 
was in that place where Martha 
met him. 31 The Jews therefore 
which were with her in the houfe, 
and comforted her, when they faw 
Mary that ffye rofc up hattily, and 
went out, followed her, fuppofing 
that ihe went to the grave, to weep 
there. 32, When therefore Mary 
was come wfcre Jefus was, and faw 
the fell down at his fcec, fay 
ing, Lord, it" thou had ft been here, 
my brother had nor died. 33 
When Jefus therefore faw her 
weeping, and the Jews who accom- 
panyed her weeping } he was troubled 
in fpirir, as one in a pailion. 34 
And faid, where have you laid him ? 
They fay unto him, Lord come and 
fee. 3$ And Jefus wept. 36 
The Jews, therefore faid, Behold 
how he loved iiiin. 37 But fome 
pi them faid, Could not this man, 
who opened the eyes of the blind, 
have caufcd that even this man 
ihould not have died? 28 Jcfus 
therefore again, as in a paiTion 
within himfelf comcth to the grave. 
Now it was a cave, and a ftone lay 
upon it. 39 Jefus faid, Take yea- 
way the (tone. Martha, the fitter of 
him hat was dead, faith unto him, 
Lord, by this time he (tinketh : He 

Jefus faith unto her. Said I not un 
to thee, that if thou wouldtt be- 
lieve, thou ihouldft fee the glory 
of God ? 41 They therefore took 
away tne (tone, and Jelu 3 lift up his 
eyes, and (aid, Father, I thank 
heeihat thou haft heard me. 4* I 
cnew that ihou heareft me always : 
but becaufe of the people who 
(tand by, I laid iV, that they may 
xlieve chac thou haft fent me. 43 
And when he had fpoken this, he 
cried with a loud voice, Lazarus, 
come forth. 44 And he that was 
dead come forth prefently, bound 
hand and foot with gcave-clothes : 
and h - face was bound about with 
a napkin. Jefus faith unto them, 
Loofe him, and let him go. 45 
Many therefore of the Jews who 
came to Mary, and had fcen what 
Jefus did, believed on hira. 46 
But fome of them went to the 
Pharifecs, and told rhtin what Jef 
us had done. 47 Then the chief 
priefts therefore and the Pharifees 
gathered a council together, and 
laid, What do we ? This man doth 
fuch mitacles. 48 And if we Ice 
him thus alone, all men will be 
lieve on him ; and the Romans 
will corne and take away our place 
and nation. 40 But one of them, 
Caiphas, being the high prieft thac 
fame year, faid unto them, Ye know 
nothing at all, 50 Nor confider 
that it is expedient for you, tbac 
one man fhould die for the people, 
and that the whole nation periih 
not. $ i But this fpske he no: of 
himfelf : but being the high prieft 
that year, he prophefied that Jefus 
was to die for that nation: ^i 
And no: for that nation only, bus 
that alfo he {hould gather together 
in or.c, the children of God thac 
were Icattered abroad. 53 From 
that day therefore they took coun- 
fel together that they might puc 
him to death. ^4 Jefus therefore 

thsre four da ; yg, 40 walked no more openly among rhs 

According to John. 

Jews ; but went unto the country 
Saraphurein, near to the wilder- 
nefs, into a city called Ephrairo, 
and there continued with the dif- 
ciples. 5<; Now the Jews paflover 
was nigh at hand : and many went 
out ot the country therefore up co 
Jerusalem, before the paflfover, to 
puriflechemfelves. 56 Tbey fought 
therefore tor Jefus alfo, and Ipake 
among themselves, as they flood in 
the temple, What think ye, that he 
will not come to the feati ? 57 
Now the chief prieds and the Pha- 
jifees had given commandment, 
tba: if any man knew where he 
were, he fhould declare it t chat 
they might feize him. 

XII. Jefus, therefore fix days 
faefor the paijbver, came toEethany, 

where Lazarus was who had been were written of him, and they had 
dead, whom Jefus raifed from the done thefe things unto tsiro. 17 
dead, 2 And they made him a fup- ; The multitude therefore ?hic were 
per, and Martha ferved: but La-! with him bear record that he called 
zarui was one of them that fat a: Lazarus out of his grave, and raif- 
the table with him. 3 Then Mary cd him from the dead. iS Foi 1 
takes a pound of ointment, of this caufe the multitude alfo met 
fj)ikenard,vcfy coiliy, and anointed him, for that they heard that hs 
the feet of Jefus, and wiped his had done this fign. 19 ThePhari- 
feet with her hair : and the houfe fees therefore faid among cheat- 
was filled with the odour of the felves, Perceive ye how ye prevail 
ointmenr. 4 One of his difciples j nothing ? behold, the whole world 
therefore Judas Scarioth who was is gone after him. 20 But there 
to betray him, faith, 5. Why t were certain Greeks aifo among 

cauie that by rcafon of him many 
of the Jews went away, and believ 
ed on Jefus. 12 On ens next day 
many of the multitude tbac were 
come to the featt, when they heard 
that Jefus was coming to Jerulalero^ 
13 Took branches of pa!n trees, 
and went forth to meet him. and 
cried aloud, faying , Hofanna, 
bleffed be he that cometh in the 
name of the Lord, the King of 
Ifrael. 1 4 But Jc >s when he had 
found a young a..., fat thereon; 
as it is written. 15 Fear nor, 
daughter of Sion : behold thy 
King cometh, fitting on aa a9e? 
colt. 1 6 Thefe things his ds fcl- 
ples minded not a: chefirfl: But 
when Jefus was glorified, then 
they remembered that thefe diiogs; 

was not this ointment fold for 
three hundred denarii, and given 
10 the poor ? 6 But he faid this, 
not rhat he cared for the poor ; 
but becaufe he was a thief, and 
having the bag, he bare what was 
pur therein. 7 Jefus therefore faid, 
Let her alone ; that (he may keep 
it for [he day of my burial. 9 BUT 
many therefore of the multitude of 
the Jews heard that he was there : 
and they came, nor for Jefus fake 
only, but that they might fee La- 
xuui alfo, whom he had raised 
from the 10 Bu-. the chief 
priefts confined, that tfiey rnigh . 
ftel Lazar vs aifo :o de*tri ; 1 1 B- 

them, that came up to wor(h;p an 
thefeaft: zi They came there- 
fore to Philip, who wts of Beth- 
faida of Galilee, and asked him^ 
faying, Sir, we would iee Jeius. 
21 Philip Cometh and ceileth 
Andrew : Again Andrew and Phi 
lip tell Jefus. 23 An4 Jefus an - 
fwered them, faying, The hourif 
corns, that ?he Son ot man %;aid! 
be glorified. 24 Verilv verily f 
fiy unco you, Except a gfi?n oi 
vY^ear filling into the ground d.c, 
it abidcth alone : bat if ir d;e, ic 

^e-h firth rn . ch fruir. 
lovech his liJi, fha 
he that kateth hi* 

25 He 

According to John. 

world, (hall keep it unto life eter- been revealed? 39 Therefore they 
rui. 2,6 If any ferve me, let could not believe, becaufe Efaiatf 

faid, 40 He hath blinded them, 
(hat they Ihould not fee with their 
eyes, nor underftand with then 

him follow me, and wherefover 
I am, there fhall alio my fervant 
be; if any man fuve me, him 
will the Fathei honour. 2,7 Now 
is my foul troubled ; and what 
{hall I fay? Father, fave me from 
this hour \ but for this, caufe came 
I untotnishour. 18 Father, glorifie 
rhy narr-e with the g^ory which 1 1 chief rulers alto, many believed oh 

heart, and be converted, and I 
ihould heal them. 41 But thefe 
things faid Efaias, when he faw 
the glory of God there, and fpake 
of him. 41 Nevertheless among the 

had with thee befoie the world 
was. And a voice came from hea 
ven faying, I have boih glorified 
*>, and will glorifie it again, 

him ; buc b^caufe of the Phaiifees 
they did not confefs him> led they 
fnould be put out of the fynagogue. 
43 For they loved the pratfe of 

The multitude therefore that flood men more rhan the praife of God. 
heard it, and faid that it was ihunde? : 44 jtfus therefore ciied and faid> 
others faid, that An Angelipake ro He that believethon me, believeih 
him. 39 Jefus anfwered, and faid,! not on me, but on him that fenc 
Tnis voice came, not becaufe ot me, | me. 45 He that feet h me, feeth 
but for your fakes, 31 Now is the jhifn that fent me. 46 I am come 
judgment of the world : now (hall la light into the world, that whofo- 
the prince of this world becaftout. :ever believeth on me, fhculd not 
32. And I, if I be lined up from abide indarknefs. 47 And if any 
the eauh, will draw a!l things un- .:one hear my words, and keep them 
tome. 33 Buc he faid this {jgni-inot, I judge him not : for I came 
ling what death he ftiould die. ; not that I might judge the world, 
34 The multitude anfwered him, bur that I might fave the world. 
\Ve have heard ou: of the law, ; 48 He that rejefteth me, aud re- 
that Chiifl ab : deth for ever : and ceiveth noc my words, hath one 
how fayeft thou, that The Son of that judgeth him: the word that 
man mult be lift up ? Who is there- i I have fpoken, the fame fhall judge 
fore this Son of man ? 35 Jefus him in the lati day. 49 For I 
thesefore faid unto them, Yet a have not fpoken of my felf ; but 
litde while is the lighc among you : the Father who fent me, he gave 
walk therefore while ye have the rrea commandment, what I ihould 
light, led dajknefs come upon you : fay, and what I fliould fpeak. $d 
for he that walketh in darknefs And I know that his command- 
kuoweth not whither he goeth. ment is life eternal: what there- 
36 While ye have the l : gbt, be- fore I fpeak, even as the Father* 
lievein the lighr, that ye may be faid unto me, fo 1 fpcak. 
the children of light. Thefe things | XIlI. Now before the feaft of 
Ipake Jefus, and departed, and did the paffover, when Jefus knew that 
hide himfdf from them. 37 But his hour was come, that he fhouM 
though he had done fo many mira- . depart out of this world unto the 
fcki before them, they believed not Father, having loved his OA-n 
<bn hiui : 38 That the faying. of which were in the world, he lovcdf 
fa ; aa the prcphec m?ght be fui- 1 them ui\to the end. i And fup- 
filcd, vihich he fpake, Lord, who per being ended, the dev^l having 
hath believed our repo;t? andro now pti; *;ito the heart of Judas 
svumhsui il.e aim of the LordlScarioih U.e Soil of Simch rhat he 

According to 


fhoulfl betray him. 3 He know- his heel againft me. 19 Now I tell 

ing that the Father had given him 
all things into hit hands, and that 
he was come from God, and that 
he went to God. 4 He rifeth 
from fupper, and laid a fide his gar- 
ments, and took a towel, and gird 
ed himfelf. $ After thar, he taketh 
and poureth water into a balon, 
and began to wafh his difciples feet, 
and to wipe them wi h the towel 
wherewith he was girded. 6 He 
cometh therefore 10 Simon Peter. 
He faith unto him, Lord, doft thou 
wafh my feet ? 7 Jefus anfwered 
and faid unto him, What I do thou 
knoweft not yet , but thou {halt 
know hereafter. 8 Peter faith un 
to him, Lord, Thou fhalt never 
wafh my feet. Jefus anfwered, If 
1 fhall not wafh thee, thou haft 
no part with me. 9 Peter faith 
unto him. Lord, not the feec only, 
but alfo the hands and the head, 
io Jefus faith to him, he that is 
wafhed, needcth not to have his 
head wafhed, but his feet only, 
for he his clean all over> and ye are 
clean, but not all. 11 For Jefus 
knew who ftiould betray him. 12 
S > after he had walhed their feet, 
and had taken his garments, and 
was fet down again, he faid unto 
them, Know ye what I have done 
to you ? 13 Ye call me Mafier, 
and Lord : and ye fay well ; for 
I am. 14 If I then^oar Lord and 
Mafier, have wafhed your feet, 
how much more (hould ye do it : 1 5 
For I have given you an example, jit was night, 31 When therefore 

you before it come, that when it is 
come to pafs, ye may believe thac 
I am he. 20 Verily, verily I 
fay unto you, He that receiveth 
whomfoever I fend, receiveth me . 
and he that receiveth me, receiveth 
him that fent me. 21 When Jefus 
had thus (aid, he was troubled hi 
fpirir, and teftified> and faid, Ve- 
ily verily I fay unto you, that one 
ot you will betray me. 22 The 
difciples therefore looking one on 
another , doubted of wnom he 
fpake. 23 Now there was lean 
ing on Jefus bofom, one of his di 
fciples whom alfo Jefus loved. 24 
Simon Peter therefore beckned to 
him, to ask who he ftiould be of 
whom he fpake. 2^ He then lying 
on Jefus breaftj faith unto hin>, 
Lord, who is he ? 26 Jefus 
anfwereth him, and faith, He i: ia 
to whorofoever I fhall give a fop, 
when I have dipped it. And when 
he had dipped the fop, he gave it 
to Judas Scario;h the fin of Simon. 
27 And Satan entred into him. 
And Jefus faith unro him, Whac 
thou doft, do quickly. aS Bu: ho 
one at the table knew why he 
fpake this unto him. 29 For fonri 
thought, becaufe Judas bad the bag, 
that Jefus had faid unto him, 6ujr 
thofe things we have need of a- 
gainft the feaft : or that he (hould 
give fornething to the poor. 30 
He therefore having received the 
fop, went immediately out ; and 

that ye ihculd ^o as I have done 
to you. 1 6 Verily, verily I fay 
unto you, The fervant is not great 
er than his Lord, neither he that 
is fenr, greater rhan he that /cm 
him. 17 If ye know thefe things- 
nappy are ye if ye do them. 18 

I fpeak hot of you all ; I know 
whom I have cnofen : bu: ihac he 
fcriprur e ruA y be fulnilt dj Ht ih^r 
sj tech vr hd wl .Ji hie, ^aibnfi-.wit 

he was gone out, Jefus faid ? Nowr 
is the Son of man glorified, and 
God is glorified in him : 52 God 
ihall allb glorifie him in hirr}- 
(e;f, and (bail ftraightwiy glorif^ 
him. 3 3 Little children, yet a ! 
little while I am with you. Ye ftiall 
r tek me : and as I faid unco the 

cws, that Whither I go. ye cah"- 
roc come ; fo now i fay unto yotr. 
u ; ?4 A new toman"dftAt 

According to John 

unto you, That ye love one an- 
other ; as I have loved you, that 
ye alfo love one another. 3 5 For 
by this Hull all know that ye are 
my difciples, if ye have love one to 
another. 36 Simon Peter faid unto 
him, Lord, whither goeft thou ? 
Jefus faid to him, Whither I go, 
thou cantt not follow me now ; but 
thou fhalc follow afterwards. 37 
He faith unto him, Lord, why can 
not I follow thee now * I will lay 
down my life for thy fake. 38 
Jefus anfwered, Wile thou lay 
down thy life for my fake ? Verily 
verily I fay unto thee, that The 



1 8 I will 

cock (hall not crow, till thou hail 
denied me thrice. 

XIV. And he faid to his difci- 
plcs, Let not your heart be trou 
bled : Believe in God, believe alfo 
in me. a In my Fathers houfe 
are many manfions, But if not I 
would have told you ; for I go to 
prepare a place for you. 3 And 
if I (hall go to prepare a place for 
youj I come again, and will re 
ceive you unto my felf, that where 
I am, ye may be alfo. 4 And 
whither I go, ye know, and the 
ftvay ye know. 5 Thomas who was 
called Didymuti, faith unto him, 
Lord, we know not whither thou 
goeft, and how do we know the 
way ? 6 Jefus faith unto him, I 
am the way, and the truth, and the 
Hfe : no man comech unto the Fa 
ther, but by me, 7 If ye had 
known me, ye would have known 
my Father alfo ; and from hence 
forth ye know him, and have feen 
him. 8 Philip faith unto him, Lord, 
dew us the Father, and it futficeth 
us. 9 Jefus faith unro him, Have 
I been fo long time with you ; and 
yet haft t hou not known me, Phi 
lip i he that hath feen me, fcath teen 
the Father ; and how fayft thou, 
Shev? us the Father ? 10 Believeft 
thou not that I am in the Father, 

Path?* iq t? l ? th wolds fw prhQfen; 

that I have fpokenjunto you, I fpake 
not of my felf : but the Father, thac 
abideth in me, he doth his works. 
1 1 Believe me that I am in the 
Father, and the Father in me : pr 
elfe believe for the very works fake, 
ii Verily verily I fay unto you, 
He that believech on me, the works 
that I do, (hall he do alfo, and 
greater than thefe (hall he do j be- 
caufe I go unto the Father. 1 3 
And whatsoever ye (hall ask in my 
name, that will I do, that the Fa 
ther may be glorified in the Son. 
14 If ye (hall ask any thing in my 
name, I will do it. 15 If ye 
love me, keep may commandments. 
1 6 And I will ask the Father, and 
he will give you another Comfor 
ter, thac he may abide with you 
forever; 17 The Spirit of tru h 3 
whom the world cannot receive, 
becaufe it feeth him nor, neither 
knoweth him : but ye know biiu, 
(or he abideth with you, and is in 

not leave you 
come to you. 19 
Yet a little while, and the world 
feeth me no more : but ye fee me : 
becaufe I live, ye (hall live alfo. 
20 In that day ye (hall knew., 
that I am in my Father, and you 
in me, and I in you. zi He that 
hath my commandments f and keep- 
eth them, he it is that loveth me : 
and he that lovetb oie (hall b 
loved of my Father : and I will 
love him, and will manifeft my felf 
to him. ii Judas faith unto him, 
nofr Scarioth, Lord, how is it thac 
thou wilt fnanifeft thy felf unto u, 
and noc unto ch* world ? 15 Jefws 
anfwered and fajd unto him, It any 
one love me, he will keep my 
words : and my Father will love 
him, and I will come unto him, 
and make my abode with him. 14 
He that foveth ma not, will rrbe 
keep my ftyings : and the word 
which you hear, is not mine, but 
T-uefe things 


I have fpoken unto you, being 
prefent with you. z6 But the 
Comforter, the Holy Ghoft, whom 
my Father will fend in my name, 
he will teach you all things, and 
bring all things to your remem 
brance, whatfoever I ftiall fay un 
to you. 17 Peace I leave with 
you, my peace I give unto you : 
not as the world giveth, give I un 
to you. Let not your heart be 
troubled, neither let it be afraid. 
2,5 Ye have heard chat I faid unto 
you, I go away, and come unto 
you. If ye loved me, ye would 
rejoyce, becaufe I go unto the Fa 
ther : for the Father is greater than 
I. 2,9 And now I have told you 
before it come to pafs, that when 
it (hall come to pafs, ye might be 
lieve me. 30 Hereafter I will 
not talk many things to you : for 
the prince of the world cometh, 
and hath nothing to find in me. 3 1 
But that the world may know that 
I love the Father ; and as he com 
manded me, even fo I do. Arife, 
lee us go hence. 

XV. I am the true vine, and 
my Father is the husbandman, z 
Every branch in me that beareth 
not fruit, he taketh it away : and 
every one that beareth fruit, he 
will purge it, that it may bear more 
fruit. 4 As the branch cannot 
bear fruit of i: felf, except it abide 
in the vine : fo neither can ye, ex 
cept ye abide in me. $ For I am 
the vine, ye are the branches : He 
that abideth in me, and I in him, 
he bringeth forth much fruit : for 
without me ye cannot do any 
thing. 6 If any one abide not in 
me, he is caft forth as a branch, 
and is withered ; and they gather 
it, and caft /; into the fire, and it is 
burned. 7 But if ye abide in me, 
and my words abide in you, ask 
whatfoever ye will, and it (hall 
be done. & Herein is my Father 
glorified, chat ye bear much fruit, 

to Johnj 

fo be ye my difdples f ~ 9 As the 
Father hath loved me, fo have i 
loved you : abide ye in my love. 
10 If ye (hall keep my command 
ments, ye ftiall abide in my love : 
even as I alfo have kept my Fathers 
commandments, and abide in his 
love. 1 1 But thefe things have I 
fpoken unto you, that my joy in 
you might remain, and your joy 
might be full. 12, This is my 
commandment, That ye love one 
another, as I have loved you. 1 3 
Greater love hath no one than this, 
that he lay dbwn his life for his 
friend*. 14 For ye are my friends, 
if ye (hall do what I command 
you. 15 Henceforth I call you 
not fervams ; for the fervent 
knoweth not what his lord doth ; 
but I have called you friends ; for 
all things that I have heard of my 
Father, I have made known unto 
you. 1 6 Ye have not chofen me, 
but I have chofen you, and ap 
pointed you, that you (hould go 
and bring forth much fruit, and 
your fruit (hould remain : thac 
whatfoever ye (hall ask of the Fa 
ther in my name, he may give it you. 
17 Thefe things I command you, 
Love one another. 18 If the 
world hate you, ye know that ic 
hated me firft, 19 If ye were of 
the world, the world would love 
its own : Becaufe ye were not of 
the world, but I have chofen you 
out of the world, therefore the 
world hatethyou. ZQ Remember 
the words that I faid unto you, my 
fervanc is not greater than his Lord. 
If they have perfecuted me, they 
will alfo perfecute you : if they 
have obferved my faying, they wilt 
obferve yours alfo. 2,1 But thefe 
things will they do unto you foe 
my names fake, becaufe they know 
not him that fent me. 2,2. If I had 
not come, and fpoken unto them, 
they had noc had fin : but now 
they have no clqkefor their fin?. 

According to 

2,3 Hethathateth me, hatech my 
Father alfo. 2,4 If I had not dpne 

among them the works which no 
oneelfe had done, they had not 
had fin : but now have they both 
feen me, and hated me and my Fa 
ther, if But chac the word might 
be fulfilled that is written in their 
law, that They hated me without 
acaufe. 2.6 But \vhen the Comfort 
er (ball come, whom I will fend 
unto you from my Father, the Spi 
rit of truth, who proceedeth from 
my Father, he will teftifie of me. 
17 And bear ye witnefs, becaufe 
ye have been with me from the be 

XVI. Thefe things have J Jpoken 
that ye fhould not be offended, 2, 
They fliall pu: you out of the fy- 
nagogues : But the time cometh, 
thac whofoever killeth you, will 
think that he dorh God fervice. 5 
And thefe things will they do unco 
you, beeaufe they have not known 
the Father, nor me. 4 Thefe 
things have J told you, that when 
the hour (hall come, ye may re- 
raember them that I told you. And 
thefe things I faid not unto you 
from the beginning, becaufe I was 
with you. 3 But: now I go to 
him that fent me, and none of you 
asketh me, Whither goeft thou \ 
6 But becaufe I have faid thefe 
things urjtQ you, forrow hath filled 
your heart. 7 But J rell you the 
truth ; It is expedient for you that 
I go away : for if I go not away, 
the Comforter will not come unto 
you ; buc if J depart, J will fend 
him unto you. 8 And when he 
is come, he will convic^ the world 
of fin, and of righteoufnefs^ and 
of judgement : 9 Of fin indeed, 
jbecaufe they believe not on me 

ip And of rightcoufnefs, becaufe 
J- goto the Father, and ye fee me 
no more ; 1 1 And of judgment, 
becaufe the prince of this world is 
judged, ii I have yec many 


hings to fay unto you, but ye can 
not bear them now. 13 When, 

ie, the Spirit of truth fhall come ? 
will guide you in all tru;h ; for 
he {hall not fpeak of himfdf ; bu.c 
whacfoever he fhall hear, he will 
peak : and he will tell you things 

come. 14 He will glorifie me : 
or he fhall receive of mine and 

will ihew it unto you. 15 All 
hings that the Father hath, 
are mine : therefore faid I, thac 
ie taketh of mine, and {hall 
ell it unto you. 16 A little while 
and ye (hall fee me no longer : and 
again, a little while, and ye lhall 
lee me. Becaufe I go to the father. 
17 Some of his difcipks therefore 
faid among themfelves, What is 
this that he laith unto us, A little 
while and ye (hall fee me no 
longer : and again, a little while 
and ye fliall fee me : and, Btcaufe 

1 go to the Fathtr? J$ What ii 
this? A little vyhilc ? we cannpc 
tell what he faith. 19 Jefus knew 
that they were defirous to ask hirn 
about this Mat er, and fiid unto 
them, Do ye enquire among your 
felves about what I faid, A littlq 
while and ye fhall not fee me : an4 
again, a little while and ye fliall 
fee me ? 10 V erily verily I fay 
unto you, that ye fhall weep an4 
lament ; The world frail rejoyce ; 
Ye fliall be fonowlul, but your 
forrow fh all be turned into joy. 
ai A woman when ftie is in tra 
vail, hath forrow, becaufe her day 
is come : but afloon as fhe has 
brought forth the child, flie re- 
membrcth no more the forrow, fpr 
joy chac a man is born into the 
world. 2,2 And ye now there 
fore f]iall have forrow ; but I will 
fee you again, and your heart will 
rejoice, and your joy no one taketh. 
from you. 23 And jn that day 
ye fhail ask me nothing : Verily 
verily I fay unto you, It ye fhall 
ssk the Father any thing in my 


According to John. 

name, he will give it you. 24 the work which thou gaveft me to 

Hitherto have ye asked nothing in 

do. 5 And now, O Facher, glo 

my name : ask, and ye fhall re 

rifie thou me with thine own felf, 

ceive, chat your joy may be full. 

with the glory which I had from 

25 Thefe things have I fpoken un 

thee before the world was. 6 I 

to you in proyerbs,The hour cometh 

have manifeft thy name unto the 

wu.en I lhall no more fpeak unco 

men whom thou gaveft me out of 

you in proverbs, but I fhall tell 

the world : ihine they were, and 

you plainly of the Father. 2.6 In 

thou haft given them me ; and 

that day ye (hall ask in my name : 

they have kept thy word. 7 Now 

and I fay not unco you, that I will 

they have known that all things 

ask my Facher concerning you : 

whatfoever thou haft given me, are 

27 For the Facher himfelf lovech 

from thee. 8 For I have given un 

you, becaufe ye have loved me, and 

co them thy words which thou haft 

hive believed chac I came out from 

given me : and they have received 

the Father. 2-8 I came forth from 

them truly, becaufe ! came ouc from 

the Facher, and am come unco 

thee ; and they have believed thac 

the world : again, I leave the 

chou didft fend me. 9 I ask for 

world, and goto the Father. 29 

fhem : I ask not for the world ; 

His difciples fay unco him, lo, 

but for them whom thou haft given 

now thou fpeakeft plainly, and 

me, for they are thine. 10 And 

fpeakeft no proverb. 30 Now we 

all mine are thine, and thine are 

know that thou knoweft all things, 

mine, and chou haft glorified me in 

and needeft not that any onefhould 

them. 1 1 And I am no longer in 

ask chee : by this we believe that 

this world, but chefe are in the 

thou earned forh from God. 5 i 

world, and I come to thee. I 

He anfwered :hem, Do ye now be 

am no longer in the world, and 

lieve ? 31 Behold the hour com 

I am in the world: Holy Fa 

eth, yea, is come, thatyefhall be 

cher, keep them in thy name. 12, 

fcactered, every one to his own, 

What thou gaveft me, ihic they 

and fhall leave me alone : and yet 

they may be one as we are. While 

I am not alone, becaufe the Fa 

I was with them, I kept them in 

ther is with me. 33 Thefe things 

thy name. Thofe that thou gavel* 

I have (poken unto you, that in 

me I have kept : And none of 

me ye may have peace In the 

them is loft, buc the fan of perdi 

world ye have tribulation : buc 

tion : that the fcripture might be 

be ot good cheer, I have overcome 

fulfilled- i s And now come I to 

the world. 

thee, and thefe things I fpeak in 

XVII. Thefe words fpakejefus; 

this world, thac they migric have 

and life up his eyes to heaven, 

my joy fulfilled in themfelves. 14 

andfaid, Father, the hour is come; 

But I have given them thy word ; 

glorifie thy Son, that thy Son may 

and the world haccth them, be 

glorifie chee. z As thou haft given 

caufe they are not of this world. 

him power overall flefh, that every , 15 I ask not that thou fhouldft 

one whom thou haft given him take them out of the world, buc 

may have eternal life. 3 And this tha: thou fhouldft keep them from 

is life eternal, that they may know the evil one. 16 They are not of 

thee the only true God, and Jefus the world, even as I am not of the 

Chrift whom thou haft fent into world. 17 San&ifie them in the 

this world. 4 I have glorified thee | truth: thy word is truth. 18 As 

on the earth ? And I have finished thou haft fent me unto this world, 

* even fo have I alfo fent them unto 


According to John; 

this world. 19 And for their fakes I am he. And Judas alfo who be* 
I fan&ifie my felf, that :hey alfo.trayed him, flood with them. 6 
may befanctified in the truth. 20 When therefore he had faid unto 
And I ask not for thefe alone, but j them, I am he, they went away 
for thofe alfo who believe on me Backward, and fell to the ground, 
through their word, n That 7 Again therefore he asked them 
they all may be as thou, Father, faying, Whom feek ye ? but they 
art in me, and I in thee ; that they faid agaia, Jefus of Nazareth. 8 
alfo may be in us : that the world Jefus anfwered them, I have told 
may believe that thou haft fent me. you that I am be. If therefore ye 
2.2, And thee in me, the glory which feek me, ler thefe go away. 9 
thou gaveft me, I have given them : j That the faying might be fulfilled 
that they may be one, even as we are which he fpake, that whom thoq 
one. 23 And I in thee, and Thou in gaveft me, of them I have loit 

none. 10 Simon Peter therefore 
having a fword, drew if, and 

me, that they may be made per 

fect into one, that the world may 
know that thou haft fent me, and 
I have loved them, as thou haft 
loved me. 24 Father, I will that 
what thou haft given me, they may 
be with me where I am , that they 
may behold the glory which thou 
haft given me , for thou lovedft me 
before the foundation of the world. 
2,5 O righteous Father, this world 
hath not known thee ; but I have 
known thee, and thefe have known 
that thou haft fent me. 26 And I 
have made known unto them thy 
and will make it known : 

that the love wherewith thou haft 
loved me, may be in them, and I 
in them. 

XVIII. When Jefus had fpoken 
thefe words, he went forth with 
his difciples over the brook Cedron, 
where was a garden, into the which 
he entred, and his difciples. z And 
Judas alfo who betrayed him, knew 
the place : for Jefus often reforted 
thither with his difciples. z Judas 
therefore having received a band 
and officers from the chief priefls 
and from the Pharifees, cometh 
thither with lanterns, and torches, 
and weapons. 4 But Jefus know 
ing all things that were coming 
upon him, went, and faith 
unto them, Whom feek ye? 5 
They anfwered him and faid, Jefus 
pf $azare;h, He faith umo them, 

fmote the high priefts fervant, and 
cut off his righc ear. That fervancs 
natie was Malchus. 1 1 Jefus there 
fore faid unto Peter, Put up the 
fwOrd in;o the fheath : the cup 
which the Father hath given me, 
fhall I not drink it ? n The band 
therefore and the caprain, and of 
ficers of the Jews took Jefus, and 
bound him, 13 And led him to 
Annas firft for he was father in law 
to Caiphas, who was the high prieft 
chat fame year. 14 Now Caiphas 
was he alfo who gave counfel to the 
Jews, that it was expedient that 
one man (hould perifh for the peo 


And Simon Peter follow 

ed Jefus, and the other difciple. But 
thac difciple was known unto the 
high prieft, and went in with Jefus 
into the palace of the. high prieft. 
1 6 But Peter flood at the door with 
out. Then went out that other dif 
ciple who was known unto the 
high prieft, and fpake unto her thac 
kept the door, and brought in Pe 
ter. 17 The damfel therefore thac 
kep: the door faith unto Peter, Art 
not thou alfo one of this mans dif 
ciples? He faith, lam not. i$ 
And the fervants and officers ftoo4 
thirty wUo had made a fire of coals, 
for it was cold, and they warmed 
themfelves ; But Peter ftood ,.*vith 
them, arid warmed himfelf. 1 9 


Accordin to 

The high priefuherefore askedjefus 
about his difciples, and about his 
do&rine. 20 Jefus anfwered him, 
1 fpake openly to the world ; I al 
ways taught in the fynagogue, and 
in the temple, whither the Jews 
always reforr, and in fecret have I 
faid nothing, zi Why askeft thou 
me ? ask the hearers what I have 
faid unto them : behold, they know 
what I faid. 12, And when he 
had fpoken thefe :hings, one of the 
officers who ftood by, (truck Jefus, 
faying ^ Anfwereft thou the high 
prieft fo * 2,3 Jefus anfwered him, 
If I have fpoken evil, bear wit- 
nefsof the evil : but if well, why 
fmiteft thou me ? 14 And Annas 
fent him bound unto Caiphas the 
high prieft. 15 But Simon Peter 
was ftanding and warming himfelf: 
They faid therefore unto him, Art 
no: thou alfoone of his difciples ? 
He denied it, and faid, I am not. 
z6 One of the fervants of the high 
prieft, being his kinfman whofe ear 
Peter cut off faith, JDid not I fee 
thee in the garden with him ? 17 
Peter therefore again denied, and 
immediately the cock crew. iS 
They led therefore Jefus from Cai 
phas, unto the hall of judgment; 
and it wag early, and they them- 
felves went not into the judgment- 
hall, left they ihould be defiled : 
but might cat the paiTover. ip Pi 
late therefore went out unto them, 
and faid, What accufaticrt bring 
you againft this man ? 30 They 
anfwered and faid unto him, If he 
were not a malefa&or, we would 
not have delivered him up unto 
thee. 3 1 Pilate therefore faid un 
to them, Take ye him and judge 
hic according to your law. The 
Jews therefore faid unto him^ It is 
not lawful for us to put any ont 
to dcar.h : 52, That the faying ct 
Jefus might be fulfilled, which he 
(pake, nullifying, what death he 
die, 35 Pilate ihcrefoie, 

entered into the judgment- hall a. 
gain, and called Jefus, and faid 
unto him, Art thou the king of the 
Jews ? 34 And Jefus anfwered, 
Sayft chou this thing of thy felf, 
or did others tell it thee of me ? 3 $ 
Pilate anfwered, Am I a Jew ? 
Tfeine own nation, and the chief 
priefts have delivered thee unto 
me: What haft thou done? 36 
Jefus anfwered, My kingdom is 
not of this world : it my kingdom 
were of this world, then would 
my fervants fight, that I fhould 
not I be deli^rtd to the Jews: 
but now my kingdom is not from 
hence. 37. Pilate therefore faid 
unto him, Art thou therefore a 
king ? Jefiis anfwered, Thou faytt 
rhac I am a king. For this was I 
born, and for this came I into the 
world, that I (hould bear witnefs 
unto the truth. Every one that is 
of the tfftth, heareth my voice. 3 8 
Pilate faith unto him, What is 
truth ? And when he had faid this, 
he went out again unto the Jews, 
and frith unto them, I find in him 
no fault at all. 3$ But ye have a 
cuftom, that I (hould releafe, un 
to you one ac the palfover : will 
ye therefore thac I releafe unto 
you the king of the Jews ? 40 
Again therefore they cried out, 
faying, Not this man, but Barab- 
bag. NQW Barabbas was a rob 

XIX. Then Pilate therefore 
took Jefuf, and fcourged kirn, z 
And the foldiers platted a crown 
of thorns, and put it on his head, 
and they put un him a purple robe. 

And faid, Hail king ot the 
Jews : and they (truck him. 4 
Mate went forth again, and faith 
unto them, Behold, I bring him 
brth to you, that ye may know thac 
I find no (ault in him. 5 Jefus 
cherefore came forth, wearing the 
crown of thorns, and the purple 
robe. And (16 faith wnto them. 

According to 

JBehold, the man. 6 When the 
chief priefts therefore and the offi 
cers faw him, they cried out fay 
ing, Crucifie, crucifie him. Pilate 
faith unto them, Take ye him, and 
crucifie him: for I find ho fault 
in him. 7 The Jews anfwered 
him, We have a law, and accord 
ing to law he ought to die, becaufe 
he hath made himfelf ihe Son of 
God. 8 When Pilate therefore 
heard that faying, he was the more 
afraid ; 9 And they went again 
into the judgment-hall, and he 
faith unto Jefus>, Whence art thou ? 


But Jefus gave 
Pilate therefore 

no anfwer. 10 
faith unto him, 

Speakeftthou not unto me ? know- 
eft thou not that I have power to 
crucifie thee, and have power to 
releaie thee ? 1 1 Jefus anfwered 
him, Thou haft no power at alla- 
gainft me, except it were given 
thee from above : therefore he 
that delivered me unto thee hath 
the greater fin. 12 From thence 
forth Pilate fought to releafe him : 
but the Jews cried out faying, If 
thou fhalt let this man go, thou art 
no: Cefars friend : For whofoever 
maketh himfelf a king, fpeaketh 
againft Cefar, 13 When Pilate 
therefore heard thefe words, he 
brought Jefus forth, and fat down 
upon the judgment- feat, irva place 
that is called the Pavement, in the 
Hebrew, Gabbatha. 14 And it 
was the preparation of the paflover, 
but about the third hour : and he 
faith unto the Jews, Behold, your 
king. 15 But they cried out A- 
way with kim> away with kint, 

ctucifie him, 
them, Shall I 

Pilate faith unto 
crucifie your king 

called the place of a foil!, which 
is called in the Hebrew, Golgo 
tha: 1 8 Where they crucified 
him, and two others with him, on 
either fide one, but Jefus in the 
midft. 19 And Pilate wrote a 
title and put on the crofs, And 
the writing was, JESUS OF 
THE JEWS. 20 This title 
therefore read many of the Jews : 
for the place where Jefus was cru 
cified was nigh to the city ; and it 
was written in Hebrew, in Greek, 
in Latin, zi The chief priefts of 
the Jews faid therefore to Pilate, 
Write not, The king of the Jews ; 
but that he faid, I am king of the 
Jews. 22 Pilate anfwered, Whac 

I have written, 
23 The foldiers 

I have written* 
therefore, when 

The chief priefls anfwered, We 
have no king but Cefar. 16 Then 
therefore he delivered him unto 
them to be crucified. But they 
therefore took Jefus and led him 

i 7 


he bearing 
in:o #ha?c 


they had crucified Jefus, took his 
garments and made four parts, to 
every foldier a part, and alfo the 
coat : now the coat was without 
feam, woven from the top through 
out. 24 But they faid among 
themfelves, Let us not rent it, buc 
caft lots for ir, whofe ft i?> that 
the fcripture might be fulfilled, 
which faith, They parted my gar 
ments among them, and for my 
vefture they did caft a lor. Thefe 
things therefore the foldiers did. 
2,5 Now there flood by the crofs 
of Jefus, his mother, and his mo 
thers fifter, Mary the daughter of 
Cleophas. and Mery Magdalene. 
26 When Jefus therefore (aw Eis 
mother, and the difciple fianding 
by, whom he loved, he faith unto 
his mother, Woman, behold, thy 
fon. 17 Then faith he to trie 
difciple, Behold, rfiy mother. And 
from that hour that difciple took 
her unto his own home. 28 Af 
ter this, Jefus knowing that aH 
things were already acconiplifh- 
ed, that the fcripture might be ful 
filled, faith, I thirft. zp There 
wai therefore fv a 1 vefief full of 

According to Johru 

vinegar : and they filled a fpunge 
with vinegar, and put ic upon 
hyilbpj and puc ic to his mouth. 
30 When Jefus therefore had re- 
ceived the vinegar, he faid, It i; 
finiihed : and he bowed his head, 
and gave up the ghoft. 31 The 
Jews therefore, becaufe ic war the 
preparation, thac the bodies (hould 
not remain upon the crois on 
the fabbath, becaufe ic was the pre 
paration, for that was the great 
Sabbath day, befoughc Pilate chat 
their legs might be broken, and they 
might be taken away, 31. The 
loldiers therefore came and brake 
the legs of the firft, and of the o- 
thcr who was crucified with him. 
3 3 But when they came to Je(ui,and 
law thac he was dead already, they 
brake noc his legs. 34 Euc one of 
the foldiers with a fpear pierced his 
fide, and forthwith came there ouc 
blood and water. 35 And he that 
faw it) bear record, and his record is 

true : and f he 
Read we know 
<*/xxi. 2,4. 

believe, 36. 

knoweth thac he 
faith true, that 
ye alfo might 

For thefe things were 
done, that the fcripture (hould be 
fulfilled, Ye fhail noc break a bone 
of him. 37 And again another 
fcripture faith, They (hall look on 
him whom they pierced. 38 But 
after thefe things, Jofeph of Ari- 
mathes, being a difciple of Jefus, 
bur fecretly for fear of the Jews, 
bcfought Pilate that he rnighr take 
away the body ol Jefus : and Pi 
late gave him leave : And he came 
and took the body of Jefus. 39 
But there came alfo Nicodemm, 
who ac the fir ft came to Jefus by 
night, and brought a mix-use ct 
myrrh, and aloes, about an hundred 
lit ICE 40 They therefoie took 
the body of Jefus, and wound it in 
linen clothes, with the fpices, a: 
the maHner of the Jew* is to bury. 
4r Now in the place where he 
wjt crucifivdj sheie was a garden J 

and in the garden a new fepulchre? 
wherein was never man yet laid> 
41 There laid they Jefus therefore, 
becaufe of the Jews preparation, 
for rhe fepulchre was nigh. 

XX. Now the firft day of the 
week cometh Mary Magdalene 
early, while it was yet dark, unto 
the fepulchrej and feeth the (lone 
taken away from the fcpuichre. 
2. She runneth therefore and com 
eth to Simon Peter, and to the 
other difciple whom Jefus loved, 
and faith unto them, They have 
taken away the Lord ouc of the 
fepulcher, and we know not where 
they have laid him. 3 Pecer there 
fore went forth, and thac other ait 
ciple, and came to the fepulchre. 

4 Now they ran both together : 
and the other difciple out-ran Pe 
ter, and came firit co the ftpulchrc? 

5 And &* Hooping down, law cnc 
linen clothes lying , yet went he noc 
in. 6 Simon Peter therefoie caire 
alfo following him, and went into 
the fepulchre, and teeth the linea 
clothes lying, 7 And cne napkin 
that was about his head, noc lying 
with the linen clothes, buc wrap- 
ped together in one place by ic felr. 
8 Then went in therefore that o- 
ther difciple who came firtt te> the 
(epulchre, and he faw and believed 
not. 9. For as yet they knew noc 
the fcripture, that he mult ri. r e a- 
gain from the dead. 10 the di- 
idples therefore went away aga ; n 
unto their own homes. 1 1 Bite 
Mary flood without at thefepulcbrr, 
weeping : As therefore fhe wept, fhe 
Hooped down unto the fepulchre, 
ii And feeih two angels, the one 
at the head, and the other at the 
reef, where the body of Jefus ksd 

a>n : 13 And they fay unco her, < 

Woman, why Weepcft them ? 

whom ktkelt thou ? Shcfairh unto 

htm, Efcaufe they have taken a- 

vay my Lord, and I know noc 

vhere they have laid him. 14 


According to John; 

When (he had thus faid, (he turn- put my hands into his Side, and put 
ed her felf back, and faw Jefus my finger into the print of the 
ftanding, and knew not that it is nails, 1 will not believe. 26 And 
Jefui. 15 Jefus faith unto her, I after eight days, agam the difciples 

Woman, why wee pelt thou $ whom 
feekeft thou * (he fuppofing him to 
be the gardener, faith unco him, 
Sir, if ihou had taken him away, 
tell me where thou halt laid him, 
and I will take him away, 16 
]cfus faith unto her, Mary. But 
She turned her felf, and faith unco 
him, Rabboni, which is to fay, 
Lord, Mailer. 17 Jefus faith unto 
her, Touch me noc : for I have 

were within, and Thomas with 
them : Then came Jefus,, the doors 
being ll:ur, and Bood in the midfl, 
and faid, Peace be unto you. 17 
Then faith he to Thomas, Reach 
hither thy finger, and behold my 
hands ; and reach hither thy hand, 
and put unto my (ide; and be noc 
faithlcfs, buc believing. 28 Tho 
mas anfwered and faid unto him, 
My Loidj and my God. 19 Jcfus 

not yet afcended to the Father -.\ faith unto him, Becaufe thou halt 

Go therefore to the brethren, and 
fay unto them, I afcend unto my 
Father and your Father, and my 
God and your God. 18 Mary 
Magdalene cometh and telleth his 
ciikiples, thac (he had feen the 
Lord, and declared to them what 
he had faid to her. 19 The fame 
tiay therefore at evening, being the 
rirft day of the week, and when 
she doors were (hut, where the di 
fciples were for fear of the Jews, 
came Jelus and flood in the midfi, 
and faith unto them, Pescc be unco 
you. 2.0 And when he hid fo 
faid, he (hewed bit hands and his 
Hide to them. His diiciples there 
fore were glad when they faw the 
lord. 2i He therefore faid to 

feen me, ihou halt believed : bleffed 
are they that have not ken, and 
have believed. 30 Moreover many 
other figns did Jefus in the prefence 
of his difciples, which are noc writ 
ten in this book. 3 1 But thefe 
are written, that ye might believe 
that Jefus Chrift is the Son of God, 
and that believing ye might have 
eternal lite in his name. 

XXI. After thele things, He 
(hewed himfelf again to his difci- 
ples at the fea of Tiberias ; Bu: 
thus (hewed he hiwfeif: a There 
were together Sinoon Peter, and 
Thomas called Didymus, ad Na- 
thanael, who was of (ana in Gali 
lee, and the fons of Zebcdee, and 
two other of his difciples. 3 Si- 

t!>em again, Peace be unto you : tr.on Peter faith im.o thefe, I go 
as the Father hath fent me, evenja fifhing. They fay unto him, We 
fa lend I you 11 Wnen he faid 

this, he breathed on them, and faith 
unto them, Receive ye the Holy 
Choft. 43 Wbofe foever fins ye 
/kail remit, they are remitted unto 
them : whofe foever ye (ball retain, 
they a f e retained. 24 Bui Tho- 
ma*, one of trie twelve, called 
Didymus, was not with them when 
Je fu* came. 15 The other diici 
ples therefore faid unto him, thai 
We have iecn the Lord. But he 
faid unto them, Except I (hall fee 

alfo go with thce. They went 
forth, and entered into a (hip : 
and that night they caugh: nothing. 
4 But when the morning was now 
come, Jelus flood on the (bore s 
However the difciples knew noc 
rhat it is Jefus. 5 Jefus therefore 
faith unto them, Chiidsen, have ye 
any food ? They anfwered him, 
No. 6 But he faid unto them, 
Cat! the net on the right fide of 
the (hip. and ye (hall find. And 
they caft, and now they were not 

.is; hi? hands the print of the nails, able to draw ii for the multitude 


According to John, 

of fifties- 7 Therefore that difci- 
ple whom Jefus loved, laith un:o 
Peter, I is your Lord. When Si 
mon Peter therefore heard that it is 
the Lord, he girc his upper gar 
ment about him, for he was naked, 
and leaped into the fea. 8 But 
the other difciples came in a little 
fhip, for they were not far from 
land, but as it were two hundred 
cubits, dragging the net with fifties. 
9 When therefore they were come 
to land, they faw a fire of coals lying 
there, and fil h laid thereon, and 
bread. 10 Jefus faith unto them. 
Bring of the fifties which ye have 
now caught. 1 1 Simon Peter wen: 
up, and drew the net to land, full 
of great fifties, an hundred and 
fif r y and three : and altho there 
were fo many, yet was not the net 
broken. 12, Jefus faith unto them, 
Come, dine. But none of the di- 
fciples durft ask him, Who art 
thou ? knowing that it is the Lord. 
13 Jefus cometh and taketh bread, 
and giving thanks he gave ft to 
them, and fifh likewife. 14 This is 
now the third time that Jefus ihewed 
himfelf to his difciples, fince he 
was rifen from the dead. 1 5 When 
therefore they had dined, Jefus 
faid :o Simon Peter, Simon fun of 
John, loveft thou me more than 

Jefus faith unto 
Yes L rd 

thefe ? * efus faith unto him, 


knoweftthat I love 
thee. Jefus faich unto him, Feed 
my fheep. 16 the Lord faun. to 
him the fecond time, Simon fan ol 
John, lovclt thou me ? He faich 
unto him, Yes, Lord; thou knoweft 
that I love thee. He fairh unto 
him.) Feed my (heep. 17 He faith 
Unto him the third time, Simon 

Jon of John, loveft thou me? Pe 
ter was grieved, becau(e he faid un 
to him the third rime, Loveft thou 
me ? He faith unto him, Lord, thou 
knowett all men ; thou knowelt 
that I love thee. He faith unta 
him, Feed my fheep. 18 Verily ve 
rily I fay unto thee, When thou 
waft young, thou girdedft thy felf 
and walkedft whither thou would- 
eft: but when thou (halt be okf, 
thou (halt Uretch forth thy hands, 
and others (hall gird thee, and 
carry thee away whither thou 
wouldft nor. 19 But thefe things 
fpake he, Signifying by what death 
he fhould glorifie God. And when 
he had fpoken thefe things, he faith 
unto him, Follow me. 20 Hue 
Peter turning about, feeth the di- 
fciple whom Jefus loved, follow 
ing ; whoalfo leaned on his breaft 
at fupper, and faid unto him, Lord, 
who is he that betrayeth thee { 
11 Jefus faith unto him, If I will 
chac he remain thus until I come, 
what is that to thee * Follow 
thou roe. 13 This faying therefore 
went out unto the brethren, and 
they fuppofed that that difciple 
Ihould not die. And Jefus faid not* 
than Thou (halt not die : but If I 
will that he tarry till I 
// that to thee ? 24 This is the 
difciple who teftirieth of thefe 
things, and wrote thefe things : 
and we know that his teftimony is 
true, z^ But there are alfo many 
other things which Chrift Jefus did, 
rhe which if they fhould be writ 
ten every one, I fuppofe that even 
the world it felf could not contain 
the books that fhould be written. 

fbe Go/pel according to John is finijhed : 
$be Go/pel according to LUKE begins, 



According to 


The Gofpel according to LUKE, 


I Orafmuch as many have taken 
in hand to fet forth in order 
a declaration of thofe things of 
which we have the fulleft evidence. 
* Even as they delivered them un 
to us, who from the beginning 
were eye witnefles, and flniniftefs 
ef the v/ord : 3 Ic feemed good 
to me alfo, haying had perfeft un- 
derOanding of ail things from the 
very firft, to write umo thee in or- 
der, molt excellent Theophilus, 
4 That thou might ft know the 
Certainty of thofe things wherein 
thou haft been cacechifed. 
$ HpHERE was in the days of 
1 Herod the king of Judea, 
a certain prieft name Z-acbarias, of 
the courfe of Abia : and his wife 
was of the daughters of Aaron, 
and her name was Elifaberh. 6 
Now they were both righteous 
before God, walking in all th- com- 
mandmenrs, and orriinancts of che 
lord, blamelcfs. 7 And they 
had no child, becaufe Eliiabeih 1 
was barren ; and boih were 
advanced in their days. 8 Now 
it came to pafs, that while he exe 
cuted the prietts office before God 
in the order of his courfe, 9 Ac 
cording to the cuftom ol the pridli 
office, his lot was to burn incenfe 
\ybcn he went inro the temple o! 
God. 10 And the whole multi 
tude of the people were praying 
withnut, a; the hour of incenfe. 
i! B^r there appeared unto him 
an angel of the Lord, landing on 
the right fide of the altar of in- 
cenfe n And when Zacharias 
i~4iy hlm y he was troubled, and 

fear fell vpon him. 1 3 And the 
angel faid unto him, Fear nor Za- 
charias : for thy prayer is heard ; 
and thy wife Elifabeth fhall bear 
a fon, and thou (halt call his name 
John. 14 And thou (halt have 
joy and gladnefs, and many (hall 
rejoyce ac his birth. 16 For he 
(hall be great in the fight of the 
Lord, and fhall drink neither 
wine nor tirong drink ; and he fhall 
be filled wich the Holy Ghof t, e- 
ven from his mothers womb. 16 
And many of the children ot Ifrael 
fhall he turn to the Lord their God. 
17 And he fhall go before him in 
the fpirit and power of Elias, to 
turn the hearts of the fathers to 
the children, and the difobedienc 
co the wifdom of the juft, to make 
ready a people prepared for the 
Lord, i 8 And Zacharias faid un 
to the angel, Whereby fhall I 
know this? for I am an old man, 
and my wife advanced in her day*. 
19 And the angel anfwering faid 
unto him, \ am Gabriel that (land 
in rVe prefence of God : and am 
fent to fpeak unto thee, and to fhew 
thee thefe glad tjdings. zo And 
behold, thou thai; be filenr, and 
not able to fpeak, until the day 
hac thefe things Ihall be perform 
ed, becaufe thou believedft not my 
words, which fhall be fulfilled in 
their feafon. 21 And the people 
waited for Zachariag, and marvel 
led that he tarried fo long in the 
temple, zz And when he came 
out, he could not fpeak unto them : 
and they perceived that he had 
ft en a vifion in the temple : for he 
beckned unto them, and remained 


According to Luke. 

fpeethlefs 23 And ic came to 38 And Mary fald, Behold the 

paf>, chic ailbon a s the days cf his 

fervant of the Lord, be ic unto me 

rainitlration wereaccomplifhsd, he 

according to thy word. And the 

then departed to his own houfe. angel departed from her. 39 And 

2,4 And afcer thefe days his wife Mary arofe in chofe days, and 

EUfabcth conceived, and hid her wenc into the hill country with 

felt five months, faying, a$ That hatie, intoa city of Juda, 40 And 

thus hath the Lord done to me in entered into the houfe of Zacharias, 

the days wherein he looked on me, and falured Elifabct. 41 And i: 

to take away my reproach among came to pals, thac when Elifabec 

men. z6 And in the fixth month, heard the falutation of Mary, and 

the angel Gabriel was fent from Elifabet s babe leaped in her 

God, unco a ciry of Galilee, whofe 

womb; and Elifabe: was filled 

name was NUzaret, zy Toa vir 

with the Holy Ghoft. 42. And 

gin efpoufed to a man whofe name 

(he cried out with a loud voice, and 

wa$ Jofeph, of the houfe of David ; 

faid, Bleired* ? thou among wo 

and the virgins name mas Mary. 

men, and blelfed // rhe frutc ot 

18 And the angel came in unto 

thy womb. 43 And whence iV 

her, and faid, Hail thou that arc 

this to me, that the mother of my 

highly favoured, the Lord is with 

Lord (hould come ro me 1 44 For 

thee; blefied art thou among 

lo, when the voice of thy ialuta- 

women. 19 And ihe was troubled 

tion came to mine ears, the babe 

at the faying, and confidered in 

leaned in my wombforjoy. 45 And 

her fe!f what fort of falutation this 

blelfed is (he that hath believed: 

fiiould be. 30 And the angel 

for there (hall be a performance of 

faid unto her, Fear nor, Mary : for 

thofe things which were told her 

thou hail found favour with God. 

from the Lord. 46 And Mary 

31 And behold, thou fhalt con- 

faid, My foul doth magnifie the 

ceive in thy worr. bj and bring forth 

Lord, 47 And my fpirit hath rc- 

a fon, and [hah call his name Jefu 3 , 

joyced in God my Sviour. 4$ 

31 He (hall be great, and dial 1 be 

For the Lord hath regarded rhe low 

called the Son of the HigheR ; and 

eftate of hii fervant , for behold, 

the Lord God (hall give unto him 

from henceforth all generations 

the throne of David his father. 33 

ilia 11 call me bleffed. 49 For 

And he fhall reign over the houfe 

God that is mighty hath done to 

of Jacob for ever, and of his king 

me great things, and holy // his 

dom there fhall be no end. 34 

name. 50 And his mercy // on 

And Mary faid unto the angel, 

them that fear him, from generation 

How (ha! this be, feeing I know 

co generation. 5 i He hach fhew- 

not a man ? 35 And the angel 

ed {treng h with his arm, he 

anfwered and (aid unto her. The 

hath fcattered the proud in the 

Holy Ghoft (hall come upon thee, 

imagination of heir hearrs. $- 

and the power of the Higheft fhall 

He hath put down the mi^hcy 

cverfludow thee : therefore alfo 

from their feats, and exalted 

that holy rhing which (hall 

them of low degree. 53 He hath 

be born of thee, ihall bs called 

filled the hungry with good things, 

the Son of Go.-!. -6 And behold, 

and the rich he hath fent away 

thy couLin Elifabech, ihe hath alfo empty. 54 He hath holpen his 

Conceived a fon in her old age : 

fervant Ifrael, to remember his 

and this is her fixth month who 

mercy, 5$ As he /pake to our fa 

was called barren. 37 For with 

thers, to Abraham, and to his feed 

Gad no:Mng flull be impofilble, for ever. 56 And Mary abode 


According to Luke. 

with her three months, and return- holy prophets, who have beenfince 

ed to her own houfe. 57 Now the world bagan ; 71 Salvation 

Elifabets full time came, that fhe from the hand of our enemies, and 

frould be delivered ; and fhe of all that hate us. 72- To per- 

brought forth a fon. 58 And her form the mercy to our fathers, to 

neighbours and her kinstolks heard remember his holy covenant : 75 

bow the Lord had magnifyed his The oarh which he fware to our 

mercy to her ; and they rejoyced father Abraham, 74 To grant 

with her. $9 And it came to pafs, unto us, that we being delivered 

tha: on the eight day they came to out of the hands of our enemies, 

ciicuujcite the child ; and they , might ferve him without fear, 75 

called him, after the name of his, In holinefs and righteoufnefs be- 

father, Zachariai. 60 And his | fore him, all our days. 76 Bu: 

mother anfwered and faid, No, 

but his name {hall be called 

John. 61 And they faid unto her, 

That there is none of thy kindred 

that is called by this name. 61 

And they made figns to his father, 

what he would have him called. 63 

And he atked for a writing-table, 

and wrote, His name is John. And 

his tongue was loofed : And they 

marvelled all. 64 And his mouth 

was opened, and he fpake, praifing 

God. 65 And great fear came on 

all that dwelt round about him ; 

and all thefc faying* were publick- 

ly talked of abroad throughout all 

the hill-country of Judea. 66 And 

all they that heard it laid it up in 

their hearts, faying, What then 

fhall this child be ? For the hand 

child, ftialt be called the 
prophet of the Higheli : for chou 
(halt go before the face of the Lord, 
to prepare hb ways ; 77 To give 
knowledge of lalvation unto his 
people, in the remiiTion of their 
(in s . 78 Through the bowels of the 
mercy of our God ; whereby the 
day-fpring from on high hach vi- 
(ited us, 79 To enlighren them 
that fit in darknefs, and in the 
fhsdow of death, to guide our feet 
into the way of peace. 80 Now 
the child grew, and waxed ftrong 
in fpirit, and was in the deferts 
till the day of his {hewing into 

II. Now it came to pafs in thofe 
days, that there went out a decree 
frooi Cefar Auguftus, that all the 

of the Lord WAS aHo with him. | world fhould be enrolled. % 
67 And his father Zacharias was. t This firft enrolment was made 

when Cyrenius was president of 
Syria, 3 And all went to 
be enrolled, ever)? one into his 
countrey. 4 And Jofeph alfo went 
up from Galilee, our of the city 
of Nazareth, into the land of Juda, 
unto the city of David, which is 
called Bethlehem : $ To be en 

filled with the Holy Ghoft, and 
prophefied, 68 Blefled be the 
Lord, the God of Ifrael, for he 
hath vitlted and redeemed his* 
people, 69 And hath raifed an 
horn of ialvarion for us, in the 
houfe of David his fervant ; 70 
A* h,e fpake by the mourh of his 

$ Read the text tbu;, from the knswn kiftwy in Jofephus 
Tmullian This riift enrolment was made when Saturninu! , 
when Cyrsniyb was prefiden: of Syria, 

According to Luke. 

And the fbepherds returned, glori- 
ying and praifing God f n all the 
things chat they had heard andfeen, 
as it was told unto them, it And 
when eight days were accomplifhed 
which were ior the circumciling of 
the child, his name was named 
JESUS, which was fo called of 
the angel before he was conceived 
in his mothers womb. 2,2. And 
when the days of the purification 
it felf, according to the law of 
Mofes, were accompliihed, they 
brought him to Jerufalem to prefenc 

rolled witb Mary who was efpouled 
to him ; being great with child -, 
becaufe he was of the houfe and 
family of David. But when they 
were come thither the days were 
accompliihed that (he fhould be 
- delivered. 7 And (he brought forth 
her firlt-born fon, and wrapped him 
in fwadling clothes, and laid him 
in a manger, becaufe there was no 
room for them in the inn. 8 But 
there were in this country fhep- 
herds abiding in the field, keeping 
the night vvarches over their flocks. 

9 And Jo, the angel of the Lord ikim to the Lord, 2,3 As it is writ- 
came upot* them, and a glory (hone ! ten in the law of the Lord, that 
round about them ; and they were Every male which opcneth the 
fore afraid. 10 And the angel womb fhall be called holy to the 
faid unto them, Fear not : for be- Lord, zq And to offer afacrifice, 
hold, I bring you good tiding^ of according to what is faid in the law 
great joy, and it fhall be to all |0f the Lord, A pair of turtle-doves* 
people, n For unto you is born or two young pigeons. 15 And 
this day, in the city of David, a there was a man in Jerufalem, whofe 
Saviour, who his Chrift the Lord. name v>a$ Symeon > and this man 
ii And lee this be a fign unto vas jutt and devout, expeding the 
y>u ; Ye ihall find the babe wrap- confolation of Ifrael : and the Ho 
ped in fwadling clorhes, in a . ly Ghott was upon him. z6 And 
manger. 13 And fuddenly there jic was revealed unto him by the 
was with the angel a multitude of; Holy Ghoft, that he fhould not fee 
the hott of Heaven, praifing God, dearh before heftiould fee the Lords 
and faying, 14 Glory to God in Chrift. 17 And he came in the 
thehighelt, and on earth peace, a- fpirit unto the temple: and when the 
mong men of good will. 15 And ! parents brought in the child Jefus, 
it came to pals, as the angel wen: that they might do concerning 
away from them into heaven, the! him, after the cuftom of the law, 
men who were fhepherds faid one Us Then he rook him up in his 
to another* Let us now go even un- arms,and blefled God, and faid, 2.9 
to Bethlehem, and fie this thing Lord, now let:eft thouthy fervanc 

which is come to pafs, which the 
Lord hath made known unto uj. 
16 And they came with hafte, and 
found Mary and Jofeph ; and the 
babe lying in a manger. 17 And 
when they had feen him, they made 
known abroad the faying whicb wa^ 
fold cbtm concerning the child. iS 
And all they tha: heard, wondred 
at thofe things which were cold 
ihcm by the (hepherds. 19 Bur 
Mary key all thcfe thing:, anr 
pondered in her ^;r. : 21 > 

depart in peace, according to thy 
word. 30 For mine eyes have 
feen thy falvation : 31 Which 
chou haft prepared before the face 
of all people: 31 A light for a 
revelation to the Gentiles and 
the glory of thy people IfraeL 
33 And his father and mother 
ntarvelied at thofe things which 
vere fpokcn ot h:m. 34 And 
bleflid trum, and faid un- 
Mary his motr er j Bt-ho!d t ih?9 
is fct for the tall and for the 

nang again of many in Ifrael ; 
-ud Tor a fign which Oiall be con- 
sradi&ed. 35 But a fword (hall 
pierce through chy own foul alfo ; 
that the reafonings of many hearts 
may be revealed. 36 And Anna a 
prophetefs, the dughcer of Phanuel, 
ofthe tribe of Afer; was advanced 
in many days, having ; lived with an 
husband feven yeare from her vir 
ginity : 37 And (he was a widow 
ot eighty and four years old : who 
departed not trom the temple, 
ferving with failings and prayers! 

According to Luke. 

ftanding and anfwer?. 48 And 
when they (aw him, they were a- 
mazed : and his mother faid unto 
him, Sbn why haft thou done thus 
to us * behold, thy father and I 
have fought thce Borrowing, and 
troubled. 49 Jcfus faid un 
co them, How is it that ye fought 
me ? knew ye not that I muft be 
in my Fathers houfe ? 50 But 
they undei flood not the faying 
which he (pake unto them. 51, 
And he went down wirh them, 
to Nazareth, and was fubjeft unto 

night and day. 38 And coming in i them : And his mother kept all 

the fame hour (he gave thank* un- 
10 God, and fpake of him to all 
them that expected redemption in 

Jerufalem. 39 And when they (and wirh men 

thcfe fay ings in her heart. 52, 
And Jefus increafed in wifdom,and 
future, and in favour with God, 

had peiformcd all things accord 
ing to the law of the Lord, they 
returned unto Galilee, unto their 
own city Nazareth : as it was 
fpoktn by the prophet, He (ball 

be called a Nazaiene, 40 Andltetrarch of Iturea, and of t- e re- 
t .e child grew, and waxed ftrong, gion of Trachonitis, and Lyfanias 
filled with wifdom : and the grace! the tetrarch of Abilene, i Un- 
of God was in him. 41 But hisjder the high prieft Annas; and 
parents alfo went :o Jerufalem jCaiphas ; the word of God was 

III. Now in the fifteenth year of 
of the reign of Tiberius Cefar, 
Pontius Pilate being procurator of 
Judea,and Herod being tetrarch of 
Galilee. and his brother Philip 

every year at the feaft of the paf- 
fover. 41 And when he was 
twelve years old, his parents went 
up, having him with them, after 

unto John, the fon of Zacharias in 
the wildernefs. 3 And he came in 
to all the country about Jordan, 
preaching t he baptifm of repentance, 

the cuftom ot the feaft of unleavened } for the i cmiiTion of (ins ; 4 As it is 
bread: 45 And when they had : written In the book of the words 
ftnifoed the day?, as they returned, ; of Eiaias the prophet, The voice 
ibe child ]efus tarried behind in,of one ciying in the wilderncfs, 
Jerufakra ; and his parents knew , Prepare ye the way ot the Lord, 

it not. 44 And fuppofing him 
19 have been in the company, they 
went a. day* journey ; and fought 
him among their kinsfolk and ac- 
quainrance* 4$ And when they 
found kim not, they returned to 
Jciufjleni, fcekinghim. 46 And 
it came :o pafs, that after thiee 
J,:y* ihey found him in the temule, 
ficeing in the midit of the doctor, 
foeafing them, an-d akin* them 
ji. ;i lions, 47 And all that heard 
$>iOi were alinij"hed at his under- 

make your paths ftraight. ^ Every 
valley (hall be filled, and every 
mountain and hill (hall be brought 
ow; and the crooked fhall be made 
Uiaight, and the rough ways fhall 
be rnadcfmoo:h i 6 And all ficlh 
(hall fee the falvation of the Lord. 
7 But he faid to the muhuude.thac 
came forth to be baptized be! ore 
him, ye brood of viper*, who hath 
ihcwed you to flee from the wrath 
f o come ? 8 Bring forth there- 
tore ffuic worthy of lepc.-rance, 


According to Luke, : 

and begin not to fay within your 
fclves. We have Abraham for cur 
father ; for I fay unto you, that 

Chrift, 1 6 He knowing their 
thoughts faid, I baptize you unto 
repentance in water; but he that 

God io able of thefe flones to raife 

cometh is mightier than I, the 

children unto Abraham. 9 But 

latchet of his fhoe I am not 

the ax is already laid untothe<root 

worthy to unloofe : he (hall bap. 

of the trees : every tree therefore 

tize you in the Holy Ghoft, and 

which bringeth not forth good 

fire. 1 7 VVhofe fan is in his hand, 

fruits, is hewn down, and cafl 
into the fire, io And the mul- 
titudes asked him, faying, What 

and he will throughly purge the 
floor, and will indeed gather the 
wheat into the garner ; but the 

therefore (hall we do, that we may 

chaff he will burn with fire un* 

be faved ? if He anfwereth and 

quenched. 18 Many other things 

faith unto them, He that hath two 

indeed therefore in his admonition 

coats, let him impart to him that 

preached he alfo unto the people. 

hach none ; and he that hath mear, 

i<P But Herod thetetrarch, being 

lee him do likewife. ii But the 

reproved by him for Herodias his 

publicans came in like manner to 

brothers wife, and for all the evils 

be baptized, and faid unto him, 

which Herod had done, 20 Ad 

Mafter, what (hall we do, that we 

ded alfo this above all, that he 

may be faved ? 13 But he faid 

fhut up John in prifon. z i Now 

unto them, Exaft no more than 
what is appointed you to exaft. 

it came to pafs when all the people 
were baptized, and when Jefus alfo 

14 And the foldiers alfo demand 

was baptized, and praying, the 

ed faying, What (hall we do that 

heaven was opened : zi And rhe 

we may be faved ? But he faid 

Holy Ghoft defcended in a bodily 

unto them, Do violence to no man, 
neither accufe falfly, and be concent 

appearance likeadoveunto him, and 
a voice came from heaven, Thou arc 

- with your allowances. 15 And 
as the people were in expectation, 

my Son, This day have I begotten 
thce. z? But Jefus was ab-uc 

and all mufed in their hearts of 

thirty years of age, when he be 

John, whether he were not the 

gan, He was fuppofed tobethefon 

Of Jofeph, 

[From IrenaeUf,] 

Of Jacob, 

Of M*ry. 

Of Macthan, 

Of Heli. 

Of Eieazar, 

Of Melcht. 

Of Eliud, 

Of Janna. 

Of Jachin, 

Of Jofoh. 

Of Sadoc, 

Of Mattatkieis* 

Of Azor. 

Of Jmor. 


Of Nattm. 

Of Abiud, 

Of Efli. 

Of Zorobabcl, 

Of Naggi. 

Of Sal-athiel, 

Of Mmth. 

Of Jechonias, 

Of Joakim, 

Of Semei. 

[Of Eliakim] 

Of Jofok. 

Of Jofias, 

Of Juaas. 

Of Amos, 

Of Joanna*. 

OF Manaffej, 
Of Ezckias, 

Of Rbefo. 

Of Ac has Of Salathtel. 

01 J^tfaart, of Ner,\ 

Of Ozhs, 

Of AjdcLi. 

<-* Au.fias, 

O/ xW/y; 

Of Ochosias, 
Of Joram, 
Of Jofaphad, 
Of Afaph, 
Of Abiud, 
Of Roboam, 
Of Solomon, 
Of David. 
Of Jefifai, 
Of Obed, 
Of Boos. 
Of Salmon, 
Of Naaffon, 
Of Aminadabj 
Of Aram, 
Of Afrom, 
Of Phares, 
Of Judas, 
Of Jacob. 
Of Ifaac. 
Of Abraam. 
Of Thara. 
Of Nachcr. 
Of Serac. 
Of Ragau. 
Of Phakc. 
Of fiber. 
Of Sala. 
Of ArphaxaJ, 
Of Sem. 
Of Noe. 
Of Lamec. 
Of Maihufaia. 
Of Ainoch. 
Of Jaied. 
Of Maleleel, 
Of Cain an, 
Of Ainos, 
Of Serb. 
Of Adam. 
Of God, 

According to Luke-, 

IV. And jefus being full of the 
Holy Ghoft, returned from Jordan, 
and was led by the ipim into the 
wildernefs, a l^cirg fcrty day? 


Of Er. 
Of Jofet. 
Of Eliezer. 
Of Jon m. 
Of Matthaf. 
Of Levi. 
Of Symeon. 
Of Judas. 
Of JoCtph. 
Of Jonan. 
Of Eliakint. 
Of Meiea. 
Of Mainan. 
Of Mattatha. 
Of Nathan. 
Of David. 
Of Jefai. 
Of Obed. 
Of Booz. 
Of Salmon: 

f r 


Of Efrom. 
Of P hares. 

Of Judas. 
Of Jacob. 

Of Ifaac. 

Of Jbraatn. 

Of Thara. 
Of Nachor. 
Of Sarueh. 
Of Ragau. 
Of Phalec; 
Of Eber. 
Of Sal a. 

f . 
Of Sent. 

Of Me; 

Of Lamesh. 

Of Mathufal*. 

Of Enoch. 

Of Jflred. 

Of MaldeeL 

Of Cainan. 

Of Enos. 

Of Seth. 

Of Adam. Eve. 

Of Got. 

tempted of Satan ; and in thofe 
days he did eat nothing : and when 
they were ended, he hungred. $ 
But the devil fatd unto him, If t 

According to Luke^ 

Chou be the Son of God, fpeak, I preach the gofpel to the _ poor. 
that thefe (ioncs may be made j to preach deliverance to the cap- 
loaves. 4 And Jefus anfwering, tives, and recovering cf fight to 
faid, Ic is written, Man fhall the blind, to fet ac liberty them that: 
not live by bread aione, buc by are bruifed, 19 To preach the 
every word of God. 5 And He acceptable year of the Lord. 2,0 
taking him up into a very high And having clofed the book, he 
mountain, file wed unco him all gave ft again to the minifter, and 
the kingdoms of the world in a mo- j fat down : and the eyes of all that: 
ment of time. 6 And the devil j were in the fynagogue were taiined 
faid unto him, I will give thee all! on him. zi But he began to fay 
this power and the elorv of them ; j unto them, that This day ihisfcrip- 

/" * 1 * /* 1 *"* 1 I * 

for that is delivered unto me, and 
to whomfoever I will, I give it. 
7 If thou therefore wile worfhip 
before me, all (hall be thine. 8 And 
Jefus anfvvered and faid unto him, 
It is written, Thou (halt worfhip 
the Lord thy God, and him only 
(halt thou fcrve. 9 And he brought 
him to Jerufalem, and fet him on 
a pinnacle of the temple, and faid 
unto him, If thou be the Son of 
God, caft thy lelf down from 
hence. 10 For it is written, that 
He (hall charge his angels con 
cerning thee, to keep thee. n 
And that in their hands they (hall 
bear thee up, left at any time thou 
dafh thy foot againfta (lone, 
And Jefus anfwering, faid unto him, 
that it is written, Thou lhalt not 
ternpt the Lord thy God. 13 And 
when the devil had ended all the 
temptation, he departed from him 
for a time. 14 And Jefus returned 
in the power of the fpiric unto 
Galilee : and a fame went out of 
him through all the region round 
about. 15 And he taught in the 
Synagogues, being glorified of all. 
16 But he came to Nazareth, 
where he had been brought up : and 
As the cu (torn was, he wenc into 
the fynagogue on the fabbath day, 
and flood up co read. 17 And the 
prophet Efaias was delivered unto 
him ; and when he had opened /V, 

ture is fulfilled in your ears. 22, 
And all bare him witneCs, and 
wondred ac the words of grace 
which proceeded out of his mouth. 
And they faid, Is not this Jofeph s 
fon ? 23 And he faid unto them, 
Ye will furely fay unto me this 
proverb, Phyfician, heal thy felf : 
whatfoever we have heard done in 
Capharnaum do alfo here in thy 
country. 24 And he faid, Verily, 
verily I fay unto you, that No 
prophet is accepred in his own 
country. 2$ I tell you of a truth, 
many widows were in Ifrael in the 
days of Elias, when the heaven was 
(hue up for three years and (is 
months, when great famine was 
throughout ail the land : 26 Buc 
unto none of them was Elias lent, 
fave unto Sarepta of Sidonia, unto 
a widow woman. 27 And many 
lepers were in Ifrael in the time of 
Elifeus the prophet : and none of 
them was cleanfed, faving Naaman 3 
the Syrian, 28 But all they in the 
fynagogue, when they had heard 
thefe things, were filled with wrath, 
29 And rofe up, and thrutt him ouc 
of the city, and led him unto the 
brow of the hill whereon their city 
was built, that they might catt him 
down headlong. 30 But he 
parting through the midft of them a 
wenc away : 31 And came down 
to Caphamaum a city near the/ea, 
in the borders ot Zabulon and 

he found the place where it was 
written, 18 The fpirit of rhe Nephthaliro, and taught them on 
Lord is upon me, becaufe he the fahbaths, 32 And they were 
anointed me ; I am fern to aftoniihed c his doftrine : for his 
K word 


word was with power. 3 3 But in 
the fynagogue there was a man who 
had an unclean dcemon, and cried 
out with a loud voice, 34 Saying, 
What have we to do with thee, 
thou Jefus of Nazareth ? arc thou 
come to deftroy us here ? I know 
thee who thou art ; the holy One 
of God. 3$ And Jefus rebuked 
him, faying, Hold thy peace, and 
come out of him. And when the 
daemon had thrown him in the 
midft and cried out, he came ouc 
of him, and did him no hurt. 36 
And they were all greatly amazed, 
and fpake among chemfelves, fay 
ing, What a word is this ? tor 
xvith authority and power he com- 
mandeth the unclean fpirits, and 
they come ou:. 37 And the 
Tumor concerning him, went out 
into every place of the country 
round about. 38 And he arofe 
ouc of the fynagogue, and came 
into Simon and Andrews houfe : 
and Simons wifes mother was taken 
with a great fever ; and they be- 
fouohihim for her. 39 And he 
flood over her, and rebuked the 
fever, and it left her immediately, 
in fo much that fce arofe and mi- 
niffred unto them. 40 Now when 
the fun was fet, all they that had 
any fick with divers difeafes, 
brought them unto him r and he 
lairl bis hands on every one, and 
healed them. 41 But daemons alfo 
came out of many, crying out, 
and faying, Thou art the Son of 
God. And he rebuking them, fuf- 
fercd them not to fpeak : for they 
knew rhac he wasChrift. 41 And 
when ic was day, he departed and 
went into a deferc place : and the 
people fought him, and came unto 
him, and flayed him, rhac he fhould 
noc depart from them. 43 But 
he faid unto them, that I muftj 
preach the kingdom of God in other! 
cities alfo : for therefore ami fcnt. 
44 And he preached in the lyna. 
g^ues of Galilee. 

to Luke; 

V. And it came to paf : , that a 
the people preffed upon him tohear 
the word of God, he was (landing 
by the lake of Gennefaret, a And 
faw twofhips (landing by the lake; 
but the rKhcrmen were gone out of 
them, and wafhed their ners. 3 
And he encred into one fhip which 
was Simons, and prayed him that 
he would thurft out a very little 
from che land : and he fat down and 
taught the multitude in the fhip. 
4 But when he had lef; fpeaking, 
he faid unio Simon, Lanch out into 
che deep, and let down your nets 
for a draught. < But Simon an- 
ftvering laid unto him, Matter, 
we have toiled all the nighr, and 
have taken nothing: ncvenhelefs 
a: thy word I will notdifobey. 6 
And when they had prefently let 
down their nets, they enclofed a 
great multitude of ; info- 
much that their nets brake. 7 And 
they beckned unto their partners, 
in the other fhip, that they fhould 
come and help them. And they 
came, and filled both the (hips, fo 
that they alrnoft funk. 8 But when 
Simon faw /f, he fell down to his 
feet faying, I beieech thee Deparc 
from me, for I am a finful man, O 
Lord. 9 For he was adonifhed, 
at the draught of the which 
they had taken : 10 But his par 
tners were James and John the fons 
of Zebedee. But he faid unto them, 
come and be not fifhers of fifh, 
for 1 will make you Hfticrs of men. 
1 1 But when they had heard this 
they left all upon the land, and 
followed him. n And it came to 
pafs, when he was in ORC of the 
cities, behold, a leprous man : who 
feeing Jefus, fell on hit face, fay 
ing, Lord, if thou wilt, thou 
canft make me clean. 13 But he 
put forth flit hand, and touched 
him, faying, I will Be thou clean. 
And immediately he was cleanfed. 
14 And he charged him to tell no 
one J but go away, and fhevv thy 

According to Luke. 

felt to the prieft, and offer for thy 
cleaning, according as Mofes. 
commanded, that it may be a teiti- 
mony unto you. Bun he went our 
and began to proclaim and ipread 
the fame of the matter ; in fo much 
that he could not openly enter in 
to the city ; buc he was without in 
defert places; and they came toge 
ther unto him. And he came again 
to Capharnaum. i<> Eat To much 
the more went there a tame abroad 
of him : and great multitudes came 
together :o hear, and to be healed 
of iheir infirmities. 16 And he 
withdrew himfelf into the defert 
places and prayed. 17 And it 
came to pat s on one ot the days, 
as he was reaching, the Pharifees 
and teachers of the law caroetogc- 
t ier, now they were come toge 
ther out of every village of 
Galilee,andjudea, to be healed. 18 
And behold, men brought in a bed 
a man who was a paralyuck : and 
they fought to bring him in, and 
to lay klm before him. 19 And 
when they did not find what way 
they might bring him in, becaufe 
of the multitude, they went upnn 
the houfe-top, and taking away the 
tiles where he wag, they let down 
rhe couch, with the paralytick, 
into the midft before Jefus. 20 
And when Jefus faw their faith, he 
faith unto the paralytick, Man, thy 
fins are forgiven. z i And the 
(cribesand the Pharifees began to 
reafon, faying in their hearts, what 
does this man I peak, blafphemie 

O o unto thine houfe. 2,<j And im 
mediately he rofe up before them, 
and took up hia bed, and departed 
co his houfe, glorifying God. z6 
And they were filled with dread, 
. We have Teen ilrange things 

to day. 2.7 And coming again 
:he fea, he taught the muidcuda 
chat followed him ; and parting by 
he faw Levi, the fon of Alphsus, 
at the receit ot" cudorn : and he faith 
unto him, Follow me. 2,8 And 

he left 

all, roie up, 

and followed 

him. 19 And Ltvi made him a 
great treat in his own houfe : and 
there was a great company ot pub 
licans, and of others that fa: down, 
30 And the Pharifees and icribes 
murmured to hi* difciples, faying, 
Why do ye eat and drink with 
publicans and (inner?. 31 But Jefus 
anfwering, faid unto them. They 
chat are well need not aphyhdan: 
but they that are lick. 31 1 came 
not to call the righteous, but (inncrs 
to repentance. 3 5 But they faid 
unto him, Why do the difciples of 
John fa ft otren, and make prayer?, 
and the di r ciples of the Pharifees , 
but thy difciples do none of thefe 
things. 34 But Jefus faid unto 
them, Can the children ot the bride- 
chamber fait, fo long as they have 
che bridegroom with rluva ? 35 
But the days will come, when 
the bridegroom (hall be rakcti a- 
way from them, then {hall they faff, 
in chofe days. 36 But he fpake alfo 
a parable unto them, No man 
renteth a piece from a new gar- 

GOCs {.Ills Uldll I JCdIVj Uici I pii.iiiiwa .11 <- 

Who can forgive fins but God a-|ment and putteth it upon an old 
lone? zz But Jefus knowing! one : if other wile, then both th< 
their reafoninss, he anfwered and! new will make a rent, and tne piece 

^ *--rT, f . _ * - f , - **.!. **(* rlinA fT t*M ! I 

faith unto them, Why reafon 
wicked things in your heart^ ? 

that was taken out of the new, will 

w.LK.cutu.,1^.,. v ^ .- . . - 3 noc agree with the old. 37 And 
Whether is eaiier to fav, Thy fins no one puctech new wine into old 
are forgiven, or to fay, R.ife itld bottles; elfe the new wine will 

t i .. .11 ~\~~ ~U U^M-lf>c anrl hfi inil ed. 

walk ? ZA But that ye may know 
that the Son of man hath power 
uponearrbto forgive fins, he faith 
unto the paralytick I fay unto thee, 
Arife, and cake up thy couch, and 

burft the old bottles, and be ipil.ed, 
and che bottles will per.lh. 38 
But they put new wine into new 
botcfes 5 and they are 

VI, And ft came to pafs on the 

According to LukeJ 

fiHUabbath alter the fecond day of he went one into a mountain to 


that he went through 

the corn-fields : But his difciples 
began to pluck the ears ot corn, 
and did ear, rubo;,)g with thsir 
hands. z But: certain of the 
Phanfees faid unto him, fee what 
thy difciples do on the fabbath 
which is not lawful. 3 Bu: Jefu 
anfwering faid unto them, Have 
ye never read this, what David did, 
when himfeif was an hungred, anc 
thofe with him : 4 How he went 
imo the houle of God, and did 
eat the {hew- bread, and gave alfo 
10 thesj that were with him, which 
is not lawfifl to eat but for the 
priefts alone ? 5 On the fame 
day teeing one working on the fab- 
bath, he faid unto him, Man, If 
thou knoweti what thou doeft, 
thou arc blefied : Bue if thou doft 
not know thou art curfed, and art 
a tranfgrcHor of the law, 6 And 
when he entered again into the 
fynagogue on the fabbath, there 
man who had a withered 

it came to pafs in thofe days, thai 

-xv as a 

7 The fcribes and Phari- 

ices warched him, whether he 
would hea!,that they might find 
to accufe him. 8 But he knowing 
their thoughts, faitn to the man 

and lUnd in the midlr. And 
he arofe, and (bad up. 9 But 
J-jfus fa id unto them, I ask you, Is 
it iawiui on the fabbath to do 

pray, and continued all night in 
an Oratory of God^ 13 And 
when it was day, he called unto 
him his difciples : and of them he 
chofe twelve, whom alfo he called 
Apoftles ; 14 Firft Simon whom 
he alfo named Perer, and Andrew 
his brother, and James, arid John 
his brother ; whom he alfo named 
Boanerges, which is fons of Thun 
der : And Philip, and Bartholo 
mew, 15 And Matthew, and Tho 
mas, who was alfo called Didymus ^ 
and James the fin of Alpheus, and 
Simon called Zelotes, 16 And 
Judas the fin of James, and Judas 
Scarioth, who alfo was the traitor. 
17 And he came down with them 
and flood in a plain place, and the 
company of his difciples, and a 
great multitude of people out of 
all Judea and other cities, and 
rom che fea coaft of Tyre and Si- 
don, who came to hear him, and 
to be healed of their difeafes ; 18 
And they that were vexed with 
unclean fpirits were healed. 19 
And the whole multitude foughc 
:o touch him : for there went vir- 
ue out of him, and healed all. zo 
And he again lifted up his eyes upon 

which had the withered hand, Rife the difciples, and faid, BlciTed are 

ye pmr : for yours i the king 

dom of God. a, i Blefled aye yo 
that hunger now : for ye (hall be 
filled, ii Blefled are ye when 

good, or to do evil ? to fave life, i men ihall hate you, and when they 
or 10 detlroy ft* But they held | flu 11 feparate you, and (hall re- 
their peace. 10 And looking round iproachjfoa, and caft out your name 
aboir. upon them all, in anger, he I as evil, for the Son of mans fake, 
faith unto the man, Stretch forth 13 Rejoyce ye in that day, and 
Shy hand. And he Breeched it forth ;j leap for joy ; becaufe your reward 
and his hand was reftored whole;// great in heaven : In the lil$e" 
asthe other alfo. And he faid unto manner did r -heir fathers unto the 
them, that the fon of man is Lord i prophets, 2,4 But wo unco you 
alfo of rhe fabbarh. 1 1 And they that are rich: for ye have received 
were filled with madnefs ; and your confolation. z^ Wo unto 
reafoned one with anoche -, how you that are full: for ye fhall 
tl^ey rriigh,;: dsftroy hiip, ia An^; burger. Wo uaco you chat laugh 

n6w for ye (hall mourn and weep, 
z6 Wo unto you when all men 
fhall fpeak well to you : In like 
manner did their fathers to the 
falfe prophets. 17 But I fay un 
to you which hear, Love your ene- 

According to Luke. 

matter : but every one that it 
perfeft fhall be as his mafter. 41 
And why beholdeft thou the mote 
that is in thy brothers eye, but 
perceived not the beam that is in 
thine eye ? 42, Either how canft 

to you wiu^ **vwij *-vw%* jvvt j 

mies, do good to them that hate thou fay to thy brother, Lee me 
you : 28 Blefs them than curfe pull out the mote that is in thine 
you, pray for them which defpite- 1 eye ; and behold a beam is in 
fully ufe you. 19 And unto him j thine eye ? Thou hypocrite, caft 
that fmiteth thee on the one cheek, lout firit the beam out of thine 
offer alfo to him the other: and eye, and then ftialt thou fee clear- 
from him that taketh away thyjly to pull out the more out: of thy 
cloke, toibid noc thy coat alfo.| brothers eye. 45 A good tree 
Give to every one that asketh .bringeth not forth corrupt fruits: 

i /" t ^i-..*. ^-.1-^.u - *.U*%.. J^t-U * /*rtniT ft rr/^A fr*t*?n<T 

thee ; and of him that taketh a 
way thy goods, require them not 
aoain. 31 And as ye would thac 
men (hould do to you 3 do ye alfo 
to them. 32, For if ye love them 
who love you, what thank have 
ye? for finners alfo do this. 33 
And if ye do good to them who 
do good to you, what thank have 
ye ? for finners alfo do the fame. 
34 And if ye lend to them of 
whom ye hope to receive, what 
thank have ye ? for finners alfo lend 
co finners, :o receive again. 35 
JBut love ye your enemies, and do 
good; and lend, defponding no 
thing : and your reward fhall be 
great, and ye ihall be the children 
of the Higheft: for he is kind un 
to the unthankful, and the evil. 
36 Be ye merciful, as your Fa 
ther alfo is merciful. 37 Judge 
not, that ye may noc be judged : 
condemn not, that yc may not be 
condemned : forgive, and yclhall 
be forgiven : 38 Give, and it fhall 
be given unto you ; good meafure, 
prellcd down, fhaken together, 
running over, fhall they give in 
to your bofom. For with what 
measure ye meafure fhall be mea- 
furcd to you again- 39 Bur he 
fpake a parable unto them, Can 
the blind lead the blind ; fhall 
they not both fall into the ditch ? 
40 The difciple is nor above the 

neither doth a corrupt tree bring 
forth good fruits* 44 Every tree 
is known by its own fruit : for of 
thorns figs are not gathered, nor 
of a bramble gather they grape?. 
4$ A good man out of the good 
treafure of his heart, bringeth forth 
good f An evil bringeth forth 
evil : for out of the abundance of 
the heart his mouth fpeaketh, 4$ 
And why fay ye to me Lord, Lord, 
and do not the things which I 
fay ? 47 Whofoever" cometh to 
me, and heareth my fayings, and 
doth them, I will fhew you to 
whom he is like : 48 He is like a 
man who built an houfe, and digged 
deep, and laid the foundation upon 
a rock : but when the flood arofe> 
the dream beat vehemently upon 
that houfe, and could not fhake 
it : for it was founded upon a rock. 
49 But he that heareth and doth 
not, is like a man that without a 
foundation built an houfe upon the 
ground, againtt which the ftreaoi 
did beat vehemently, and it fell* 
and the iuin oi ;nac houfe was 

VII. And it came to pafs when 
he had ended fpeaking thefe words, 
he came unto Capharnaum. i And 
a certain centurions fervanc, who 
was honored by him, was fick and 
ready to die. 3 But when he 
heard of JeCus, he fenc the elder? 


According to Luke. 

of the Jews, asking him that he jrifen up among us; and, That God 
would come and heal his fervant. i hath viiiced his people. 17 And 
4 And when they came, they be- ; this tumor of him went forth in 
fought him earneilly, fay ing, That JuJea.and in all the region round 
he was worthy for whom he fhould about. 18 Among whom alfo, it 
do this. <; For he loveih our nation, came unto John the Baptift. 19 
and hath built us a fynagogue. 6 Who alfo calling unto him two of 
But Jefus went with them- And his difciples, faith, Go and fay unto 
when he was now not far from the him, Arc ihou he that fhould come, 
houfe, the centurion fent friends or look we for another ? 20 And 
to him, faying unto him, Lord, when the men were come unto 
trouble not thy felt, for 1 am not him, they faid, John the Baptift 
worthy that thcu fhouldft enter bath fent us unto thee, faying Arc 
under roy roof. 7 But fay in a thou he rhat fhould come, crlook 
word, and my fervant fhall be heal- we for another * 2 i And in that 
ed. 8 For I alfo am a man fee un- fame hour he cured many of infir- 
der authority, having under me Cities and plagues, and of evil 
foldier*, arid I fay unto one, Go, faints, and he mace the blind ro 
and he gotth : and to another, fee. 22 Then Jefus anfwering, 
Come, and be cometh : and to my faid unto them, Go and tell John 
fervant, Do this, and he doth it. what things your eyes have feen, 
9 When Jefu-. heard thefe things, and your ears have heard; that the 

he marvelJed, and turned him a. blind 
bout, and faid unto the people 
that followed, veriiy I fay unto 

you, I have never found fo great 
faith inlfiael. 10 And the fervaim 
that were few, returning to the 
houfe, found him recovered that 
had beew lick, n And the day 
after, he went into a city called 
Nais ; ad his difciples went with 
him, and sgreat multitude, iz 
But it came to pafs when he was 

come nigh to the gate of the city, 

there was one dead carried out, the 

only fon of his mother, and fhe 

was a widow : and much people 

of the city followed along with 

fcer. 13 And when Jefus faw her, A prophet ? Yes, I lay unto you 

he had companion on her, andjand more than a prophet, For 

faid unto her, Weep net. 14 And there was no greater prophet of 

were born of women 
the Baptill 27 This 

fee, the lame walk, the 
are cleanicd, and the deaf 
hear, the dead arc raifed, the poor 
have the gofpel preached to them: 
z 3 And blerTed is he whofoever 
fhall not be fcandalized at me. 24 
And when the meilengers ol John 
were departed, he began to fpeak 
unto the multitudes concerning 
fohn, What went ye out into the 
wildernefs to fee ? A reed fhaken 
with rhe wind ? 2 < But what 

atu uiuu jjcr, vYetpnct. 14 Anq 

he came and touched the bier, but 
the bearers itcod fiill , and he faid, 

Young man, Young man, I fay un 
to thee. Ailfe. 15 And he that 
was dead, fat up and began to 

fpeak : and 
mother. i(, 
them all 
fa v ing 

he gave him o hii 
And a fear fe^ .d on 



-vent ye out to fee ? A man cloth- 
din fofc raiment? Behold, they 
who are glorioufly apparelled, and 
ive delicately, are in kings courts. 
.6 But what went ye out to fee ? 
A prophet ? Yes, I 

thofe that 
than John 

is he otwhora it is written, Behold, . 
I fend my meflenger before thy 
lace, who fhall prepare thy way. 
28 But I fay unto you. He that 
ii leaft in the k ngdom of God, is 
greater than he. 29 And all the 

Tut a great piophet haih ! people chat heard chis, and the 


According to Luke. 

publicans juftified God, being bap- [43 Simon anfwered and (aid, t 

- I F f T * \ * /-, 

died with the baptifm of John. 30 
But thfe Fharifees and lawyers re- 
jetted the counfel God, being not 
31 Whereamo 
the men of thi; 

baptized of him, 
then (hall I likeo 

generation ? and to what are they 
like ? 32 They are like unto 
Children fitting in the market, and 
calling to one another, faying, 
We have piped, and ye have not 
danced : we have mourned to you, 
and ye have not wept- 33 For 
John the Baptiil canie neither eat 
ing, nor drinking ; and ye fay. 
He hath a daemon. 34 The Son 
of man is come eating and drink 
ing ; and ye fay, Behold, a glut 
tonous man, and a wine bibber, a 
friend of publicans and tinners. 35 
But wifdom is jullified of her chil 
dren. 36 But one of the Phari- 
fees asked him, that he would eat 
with him. And he went into the 
Pharifee s houfe and fat down ; 37 
And behold, a woman in the dry, 
a (inner, when fte knew that he 
was fat down in thePharifec s hnufe, 

fuppofe that he to whom he forgavfi 
moft. And he fa id unto him 
Thou haft rightly judged. 44 And 
he turned to the woman, and (aid 
unto Simon, Seefi thou this wo 
man $ I entred into thine hoiife, 
and thou gaveft me no water for m 
feet : but /he hath wafhed my feec 
with tears, and wiped them with her 


me no 

45 Thou 
but this woman, fince the 



an alabafter box of oirit- 

menr, 38 And ftood behind him, 
at his feec weeping, and wafhed 
his feet with tears, and wiped 
them with the hair* of her head, and 
killed hisfeet,and zno intedthem with 
the ointment. 39 Now when the 
Pharifee who had bidden, him, faw 
/, he fpake within h imfelf, faying, 
This rfian, if he were a prophet, 
would have knov^n who, and what 
manner of woman this it that 
toucheth him : for fhe is a finner. 
40 And Jifus anfwering, faid un 
to him. Simon. I have ibmewhat 
to fay unto thee. And he faid, 
Mafier, fay on. 4 ! But he faid, 

time I came in, hath not ceafed to* 
kifs my feet. 46 Mine head with 
oyl thou didft noc anoint : bue 
this woman hath anointed it with 
ointment. 47 Wherefore I fay 
unto thee, Many things are for 
given her. 48 But he faid unto 
icr, All thy lins are forgiven. 49 
And they that fat down with him^ 
began to fay within themfelvef, 
Who is this thatforgiveth finsalfo? 

$o And he faid to the woman, 
woman, Thy faith hath laved 
thee ; go in peace. 

VIII. And it came to pafs af 
terward, that he went throughout 
every city and village, preaching^ 
and (hewing the glad tidings of 
the kingdom of God . and the 
twelve rpsre with him j t Andcer- 
tain women who had been healed 
of evil fpiritsand infirmities, Mar 
called Magdalencjouc ot whom had 
gone feven daemons, 3 And Joanna^ 
the wife of Chuza, Herods fie ward* 
and Sufanna, and man J others^ 
who alfo minHtred unto them of 
their fubftance. 4 And When a 
jreat multitude were come together,- 
and of thofe that wen: to him to 
the cirj-j he fpake this parable to 1 
hem. 5 A fower went out to fow? 
feed : and as he fowedyfome fetl by 

There wa s a certain creditor, who the way fide, and it was troderu 
had two debters: the one owed down, and rhe fowls devoured te 
five hundred denarii, and the other .6 And other fell upon a rock, and 
fif-y. 42 When tkty had nothing when it was fprun g up, ft witherec 1 ^ 
to psry, hf forgave bo h. Which of iSV/ay, bccaufe it lacked rnoifture; 
tfrerefbr- wiJIbvc^Vinoft.? ? And fbm? felling, mfdft o 


According to Luke. 

thorns, and the thorns fprang up 
with ic, and choked it, 8 And o- 
ther fell on honelt and good giound, 
and fprang up, and bare Iruh an 
And when he faid 
he cried, He that 
hear, lee him hsar. 

thefe things, 
hath ears to 

9 And his difciples a>ked him, 
What may this parable ? 10 And 
he faid, Unco you ic is given to 
know the mydenes of the kingdom 
of God : buc co other* in parables be ; 
that feemg they may noc fee, and 
hearing they may not undeiiiand. 
ii Now the parable is this ; The 
feed is the word of God. 12, Thole 
by the way-fide, arc they that fol 
low : [then] cometh the deul, 
and caketh the word out of their 
heart*, left they fbould believe and 
be faved. 13 They on the rock, 
when they hear, receive he word 
with joy ; thefe have no root, who 
for a while believe, and in time oi 
temptation fall away. 14 And 
that which fell among thorns, aie 
they, who when they have heaid, 
go forth, and are chicked with caree, 
liche?, and oleafurcs of life, and 



15 Buc 

lhat on the good ground, are they, 
who in a good heart, having heard 
the word of God, keep it, and 
bring torth fruit wirh patience. 
26 Now No one whfn he hatr 
lighted a candle, cnvtreth it with 
a veifel,or putteih it under abed 
but fet:crh it on a candleftick 
that they who enter in may fee the 
lighr. 17 For nothing is fee ret 
thae {hall not be manileft : nei 
ther any thing hid, bur that i.ftial 
kt known, and become manifelt 
io Take heed therefore how ye 
hear : for whofoever "hath, to him 

foa!l be 


and whofoevei 

iiultitudc io But i: was told hia> 7 
that Thy mother and :hy Brethren 
Hand without, iceking thee 5 

And he anfwered and faid un:o 
tfeem, My mo 1 . her and my brethren 
areihefe which hear the word of 
God, and doit. 2,1 But it came 
to pate on one of the days that he 
went up into a fhip with his difci- 
p es : and he faid unto them, Let 
us ^o over unto the other fide of 
the lake. And they lanched forth. 


as they failed, he fell 
and there came down a 

grea: (lorm of wind on ihe lake, and 
they were filled vith wa:er, and 
were in jeopardy. 24 And they 
came to him, and awoke him, fay 
ing, Lord, Lord, we perifh. Then 
he rofe, and rebuked the wind, and 
the waves of water : and they 
ceafed, and there was a calm. 15 
And he faid unto them, Where is 
your fakh ? And they being afraid, 
wondred, faying one ;o another, 
What a man is this ? for he com- 
mandetheven the winds and water, 
and they obey him. 26 But they 
arrived at the counrry of the Cera- 
fens which is over againft Galilee. 
zy And they went forth to 
land. And a man met him out of 
the city, Who had demons a long 
time, and ware no clothes, neither 
abode in an houfe, but in the tombs, 
zS When he faw Jefus, he cryed 
outj and with a loud voice faid} 
What have I to do with thee, 
Thou Son ct the molt high ? I be- 
feech thee torment me not. 19 
For, he fpake to the unclean 
fpirir, Come out of the man. For 
many times it had caught him : for 
he was kept bound with chains, 
and fc tt-ri : and he brake the 
band, , for he was driven of the 

hath not, Jiom him ftiall be taken i rkernon into the wilderncfs. 30 
ven that which he fcemeth to| And Jefus a:ked him, faying, Wha: 
have. 19 Now there, c.ime to is thy name? And he faid my 
him his mother and ni brethren, rame i^Legion : for rl ere were many 
and cowld not come at him for the demons 7 .i And T^ey bcfoisghc 

According to Luke. 

him that he would not command one was able to cure, 44 Came* 
rhem to o ouc into the sbys. 32. and touched his garment : and im- 
And there was there an herd of mediately her bloody flux lianched. 

fwine feeding on the mountain ; 
JBut They befoughc him that they 
might enter into the fwine : And 
he fuffered them. 33 Then went 
the dasmons out of the man, and 
entred into the fwine: but the 
herd ran violently down a fteep 
place into the lake, and were 
choked. 34 When they that fed 
them faw what was done, they fled, 
and told it in the city, and in the 
country. 35 But when they went 
out ol the city and faw what was 
done ; and came to Jefus, and found 
the dcemoniack, fitting at the feet 
of Jefus, in his right mind and 
clothed ; they were afraid. 
For They which faw iV, to d them 
by whac means he that was pottered 
of the daemons, was healed. 37 
But they all, the country of Gcrafens 
alfo asked Jefus to depart from 
them ; for they were taken with 
great fear : But he went into 
JlVp, and returned back again. 
Now the man out ot whom the 
(jccmons were departed, befough 
him that he might be with him 
biu he fent him away, faying, 39 
Go to thine own houfe, flawing 
how great things God harh done 
unto thee. And he went away, 
and publifhed in the city } how 
great things Jefus had done unto 
him. 40 And it came to 
that when Jefus was returned, the 
multitude received him : for they 
were all waiting for him. 41 And 

a man named Jairus, and he 
a ruler of the fynagogue came : 
and fell down at Jefus feer, and be- 
fought him to come to his houfe : 
41 For he had an only begotten 
daughter, twelve years of age, 
dying. And it came to pafs as he 
went, the multitudes thronged him. 
43 And a woman who had a 
Bloody flux twelve years, whom no 

45 But Jefus knowing that virtue 
had gone out of him, asked Who 
touched me? But when all denyed, 
Peter and thofe that were with him 
ftid, Mailer, the multitudes throng 
hee and prefs thee, and rhou fayfi, 
who hath couched me ? 46 But he 
aid,fome one hath touched me : for 
I perceive that virtue is gone out 
of me. 47 And when che womaa 
faw tha; (he was not conceald, fhe 
came trembling, and falling down, 
fhc declared before all the people, 
for what caufe fhe had touched 
him, and that fhe was healed im 
mediately. 48 But he faid unto 
her, Daughter ; Thy faith hata 
healed thee, go in peace. 49 While 
he wa yet fpcaking there came 
certain from [ ( .o] the ruler of 
the fynagogue faying to him, Thy 
daughter is dead; trouble not the 
Matter any farther. 50 When 
Jefus heard that word, he anfvver- 
cd, faying, Fear not : believe only, 
and fhe fhall recover. 51 And 
when he came into the houfe, he 
fuffered no one to go in, fave Peter, 
and John, and James, and the fa 
ther and the mother of thedamfel. 
52, And all wepr, and bewailed 
her : but he faid, Weep ye not 9 
For fhe is not dead, but fleepeth. 
53 And they laughed at him, know 
ing that fhe was dead. 54 But he 
took her by the hand, and called* 
faying, Damfel arife. 55 And her 
fpirit came again, and (he arofe 
(traightway : and he commanded 

to give her meat. 




56 And when 
it, they were 

adonifhed : but he charged them 
thac they fhould tell no one whac 
was done. 

IX. Then having called the 
twelve togecher, he gave them 
power and autbori:y over every 

dcemon, and 

to cure difeafes. s- 
i Ani 

According to Luke. 

i. . And he Cent them to preach the 

And they die 

kingdom of God, and to heal the 

the five loav 

jfick. 3 And he faid unto them, 

and lookint 

Take nothing for your journey, 

prayed, and 

neither a flaff, nor bag, neither 

>ave to th< 

bread, neither money ; neither 

the multituc 

have two coats apiece. 4 And 

eat, and wer 

whatfoever houfe ye enter into, 

was taken o 

there abide, and thence depart. 5 

left, twelve 

And whofoever will not receive 

came to pa 

you, when ye go out of that city, 

his difciples 

fhake off the dud of your feer for 

lie asked tht 

a teilimony againft them. 6 And 

the mulcitud 

departing from the cities they came 

And they 

preaching rbe gofpel, and healing 

rhe Ea prill : 

(every where. 7 Now Herod the 

He faid unt< 

tetrarch having heard what was done 

ye that I ; 

he was perplexed, becaufe it wa^ 

laid, TheC 

faid of fome, that John was rifen 

he (traitly c 

from the dead : 8 And ot forr.e, 

manded tht 

that lias had appeared : and of 

thing, 22, 

others, that one of the old pro 

of man mi 

phets was rifen again. 9 And 

and be reject 

Herod faid, John have I beheaded : 

chief priefts 

but who is chis of whom I hear 

ilain, and r 

thefe things $ And he defired to 

days. 2.3 t 

fee him. 10 And the apoilles, 

[i any man 

when they were returned, told him 

let him den 

all that they had done- And he 

me. 14 F< 

ooiv them, and went afide private 

his foul, (ha 

ly to a village called Bethfaida. 

ever will lo 

x 16 And he took 
and the two fifties, 
up to heaven, he 

es. 17 And they did 
2 all filled : and there 
broken meat chat was 
baskets. 18 And ic 
to paG as ihey were alonp, 
him : and 
Whom do 

, ., v 1 am ? 19 

anfwering, faid, John 

but (ome Elias. 20 
o i hem, But whom fay 
am \ Pe er anfwering, 
TheChrift ot God. n But 
^d them, andcom- 
to tell no one this 
22- Saying, That the Son 
j(l futicr many things, 
:ed of the eKicri, and 
, and fcribes and be 
rife again after three 
And he faid to them all, 
will come after rne, 
deny himfelf, and follow 
whofoever will fave 
lofe it : but whofo 
ever will lofe his life for my fake, 
jj And the muhirude. when they j the Came (hall fave it. 1$ For 
kne-.v >jf, followed him ; and he re-j what will it advantage a man to 
ceivcd them, and fpake unto them j gain the whole world, and lofe 
pf thekingdorn of God ; and heal- j ninifeli ? z6 For wholoever Hiall 
cd all them thai; had need ofheai-jbe afhamed of me, of him (hajl 
ing. 12, But when the day bcg>injthe Son ot man be afhamed, when 
o decline, then came the twelve, he fhall come in his own glory, 
and faid unto hitu, difmifs the mul- 1 and in his Fathers, and of the holy 
jitude, that they may go into the | angels. 2.7 But I tell you That 
towns and fields round abou r , and truly, there be fome of thofe who 
Jodge; for we are here, in a defertjHand here who ihall not ac all 
place. 13 But he faid unto them, talte of death, till they fee the Son 
Give ye them to eat. And they ot man coming in his glory. 2,8 
iid, "vVe have no more bur five j And it came to pafs, about eight 
loaves and two fifties , excep weldays after thefe fayings, he cook 
ftiouid go and buy food vor all j Peter, and James, and John, and 
this people. 14 For they were a- ; went up imo a mountain to pray. 
V 54 five rhouftnd men. But he|29 And it came to pafs as fte 
faid to hisdifciplqs, M^e thepa fie j prayed, ihp fafnion of his countf- 
dswy by fifties in a company, ^5 ^ance was ake red, and his raiment 

According to Luke. 

pts white and glittering. 30 And 
behold two men talked wuh him, 
who were Mofes and Elia.s 31 
Who appeared in glory : Bui rh,ey 
fpake of his deceafe which he was 
to accomplifr at Jerufalem. 32. But 
1 eter, and they that were wich 
him, were heavy with deep : and 
when they were awajce, they faw 
l)is glory, and the cwo men that 
ftood with him. 33 And it came 
to pafs, as they were feparated from 
him, Peter (aid to Jefus, Matter, 
it is good for us to be here ; wilt 
thou that I make three tabernacles 
here, one for thee, and one for 
Mofes, and one (or Elias 2 not 
knowing what things he ("aid. 34 
And vvnile he thus /pake, there 
came a cloud, and overfhadowed 
them : hue they feared as :hey en- 
tred in,to the cloud. $1 And there 
came a voice out of the cloud, 
faying, This is my beloved Son, 
in whom I am well pleafed : hear 
him. 36 And when the voice 
was pall, He was found alone : 
But they kept it clofe, and told 
r)o man in thofe days thofe things 
which they had feen. 37 And it 
came to pafs on the next day, wher: 
he was come down from the moun 
tain, a great multitude came toge- 
tljer to him. 38 And behold, a 
man of the muliitue cried out, fay. 

;s into your ears : for 
Ion of man is to bedeliver- 

che unclean fpirit, and it lefc him, 
nd he delivered him to his father. 
43 And they were all amazed at 
the mighty power of God. But 
while they wondred every one ac 
all things which Jefus did, he faid 
unco his difciples, 44 Put ye thefe 
fay in 

ed into the hands of men. 45 Buc 
chey underttood not this faying, 
and it wai hidden from them, that 
chcy perceived it not : and they 
feared to ak him of that faying. 
46 [Then there arofe a- reafoning 
of them ihouid 
be greacelt. 47 And Jefus feeing 
che realbning of jheir heart, took 
a child, and fet him by him, 48 
And faid, Whoioever {hall receive 
this child in my name, receivcth 
[me, and whofoever (hall receive 
me, receivech] him :hac fent me : 
for he that it leaft among you all, 
the fame fhajl be great. 49 And 
John anfwered and faid, Mafier, 
we faw one cafting out demons in 
chy name ; and we forbad him, 
becaufe he followech not with us. 
50 Buc Jefus faid, Forbid him 
not : for he that is not againftyou 
is for you. 51 And ic came to 
pafs, when the days were fulfilled 

that he fhould be received 


he ftcdfatily fet his face to go 

ing, Matter, I befeech thee look ro Jerufalem, 51 And fenc mef- 
upon my fon, for he is mine only Yengers before his face : and they 
child. 39 And lo, a fpirit taketh Iwenc, and entred into a village 
him, and he fuddcnly crieth out, of the Samaritans to make ready 
and ic ceareth him with foaming, for him. 53 And they did not 
and bruiting him, hardly departed receive him, becaufe his face was 
from him. 40 And I befoughc going to Jerufalem. 54 And when 
thy difciples to fee hirq free, and his difciples James and Joiin faw 
they could not. 41 And Jefus f.^V, they faid, Lord, wile thou 
anfwering, faid, O fait alefs and that we command fire to come 
perverfe generation, how long down from heaven, and conlume 
(hall I be with you, an<d fufler ( them, even as Elias did ? 5$ But 
you? Bring thy fon hicher. 42, he turned, and rebuked then, and 
And as he was yec a coming, the 1 faid, Ye know noc what manner 
threw him down, and dif-lof fpirit ye are of. $6 And they 
rgd him.: and Jefus rebuked went to ano.cfc village, 57 ; And 

it came to paf* that ai they went in 
the way, one faid unto him, I 
will follow ihee whitherfoever 
thou goeft. 58 And Jefus faid 
unto him, Foxes have holes, and 
birds of the heaven nefls, but the 
Son of man hath not where to 
lay bis head. 59 And he faid unto 
another. Follow me : But he faid, 
Suffer me firft to go away, and bury 
my father. 60 But he faid unto 
him, Let the dead bury their j 

According to Luke. 

to you 10 But unto whatfocver 
city ye fhall enter, and they receive 
you noc 3 go ou: into the fireets of 
it, and fay, n Even the very 
duft of your feet which cleaveth to 
our feet we do wipe off againft you. 
But know this, that the kingdom 
of God is come nigh you. iz Buc 
[ fay unco you, thac it lliall be more 
:oleiab!efor S^dom in the kingdom 

of God than for that cicy. 
Wo unto thee, Chorazin, 


dead ; but go thou and preach the! Bethfaida : for if the mighty works 
kingdom of God. 61 And ano- had been done in Tyre and Sidon, 
ther alfo faid, Lord, I will follow which have been done in you, they 
thee : but let me firft bid them fare- had long ago repented, fitting in 
well who are a: home at my houfe. fackcloth and afhes. 14 But it 
62, But Jefus faid unto him, Nojfhall be more tolerable for Tyre 
man looking back, and putting his and Sidon, than for you. 15 And 
hand to the plough, is fie for the thou, Capharnaum, {halt thou be 

exalted to heaven ? or fhalt thou 

kingdom of God. 

X. But he appointed 


feventy two alfo, and fent them 
by two and two before his face in 
to every place, and city, whither 
he was to come. 2, Buc he faid 
unto them, The harvelt is great, 
but the labourers are few : pray 
ye the Lord of the harveft, that he 
would fend forth labourers into his 

bedeprefled to hades. 16 He thac 
heareth you, heareth me : But he 
that heaiethnie, heareth him thac 
fent me. 17 And the feventy two 
returned with joy, fayinp, Lord, 
even the demons are fubject unto 
us through thy name, i 8 But he 
faid unto them, I beheld Satan at 
lightning fall from heaven. 19 

harveft. 3 Go away : behold I j Behold, I give unco you power to 
tend you forth as lambs in the | tread on (erpents, and fcorpions, 
midttof wolves. 4 Carry neither land over all the power of theene- 
purfe, nor bag, nor (hoes: and my; and nothing fhall hurt you. 
falute no one by the way. 5 And ,2,0 But in thi rcjoyce not, that 

, your peace fhall 
7 But in the fame 

into whatfoever houfe ye (hall en 
ter,M fay. Peace be to this houfe. 
6 And if indeed the fon of peace 
be there, your peace (hall reft upon 
h:m, but it nor 
return to you 
houfe remain, eating and drinking 
fuch things as they give : for the 
labourer // worthy of his hire. 
Go not from houfe to houfe. 8 
Into whatfoever city ye (hall en 
ter, and they fhall receive you, eat 
fuch things as are fet before you. 
9 And heal thofe that are fick 
therein, and fay unto them, The 

of God is come nhh n? 

the daemons are fubject unto you : 
but rejoyie, becaufe your names 
are written in heaven. 2,1 But in 
that hour he rejoyced in the Holy 
Spirit, and faid, I thank thee, O 
father, Lord of heaven and earth, 
that thou haft hidden thefe things 
from the wife and prudent, and 
had revealed them unto babes : e- 
ven fo Father, for fo was thy good 
pleafure. zz All things are de 
livered to me of the Father : and 
and no one knoweth who the Son 
is, but the Father ; and who the 
Father is, but the Son, and he to 
whom the Son will reveal him, 
*; But 

According to Luke. 

13 Buc he turned him unto the 
difciples, and faid unto them, 
Blelled are the eyes which fee 
whac ye fee, and che ears that 
bear things thac ye hear. 24 For 
I fay unto you, thac many pro 
phets have defired to fee thofc 
things which ye fee, and havener 
feen them ; and to hear thole things 
which ye hear, and have not. heard 
them. 25 But a certain lawyer 
flood up, and tempicd him, faying, 
Whac (hall I do to inherit eternal 
life ? 26 He faid unto him, What 
is written in che law ? how readeft 
thou* 27 And he anfwering, faid, 
Thcu (hale love the Lord thy God 
with thy whole heart, and with 
thy whole foul, and with thy 
whole drength ; and thy .neigh 
hour as thy iclf. 28 And he faid 
unto him, Thou had anfwerec 
right : this do, and thou (hale live 
29 But he willing; to juttifiehim 
felr, faid unto Jcfus, And who i< 
nr>y neighbour ; 30 And Jefub 
anfaering, faid, A certain man 
went down from Jerufalera to Je 
richo, and fell among thieves, who 
both {tripped him of his raiment, 
and wounded him. and departed, 
leaving him halt-dead. 3 1 And 
there came a certain pried, who 
was going down that way ; and 
when he faw him, he pafled by on 
the other fide. 32 And likewife 
a Levre, when he was at the place, 
feeing him, pafled by on the other 
fide. 33 Buc a certain Sama 
ritan a he journeyed^ came to him : 
and when he faw him, he had com- 
paflion : 34 And wenc to him, 
and bound up his wounds, pouring 
in oyl and wine, and fee him on 
his own bead, and brought &V0 to 
an inn, and cook care of him. 3 5 
And on the morrow he took out 
two denarii, and gave to the hod, 
and faid, Take care of him ; and 
whatfoever thou (halt fpend more, 

I recurn, I will repay if. have 

36 Which therefore feerm to thee 
co have been neighbour unto him 
chat fell among the thieves? 37 
And he faid, He chat (hewed mercy 
on him. Buc Jefus faid unto him, 
Go, and do thou likewife. 38 
Now it came to pafs, thac he en- 
tred into a certain village : and a 
certain woman named Martha, re. 
ceived him into her houfe. 39 And 
(he had a fider called Mary, who 
fac ac the Lords feet, and heard the 
word. 40 But Martha was cum- 
bred about much ferving, and came 
co him, and faid, Lord, dofi thou 
not care that my fider hath left me 
to ferve alone ? fpeak to her there- 
tore that foe may help me. 41 And 
Jefus anfwered, awd faid unco her, 
Marrha, Martha, thou art follicit- 
ous: 42 But one thing is need 
ful. Mary hath chofen the good 
part, which (hall not be taken a- 
way from her. 

XI. And it came to pafs, that 
he was praying in a certain place ; 
and as he ceafed, one of hU difci 
ples faid unto him, Lord, teach us 
co pray, as John alfo caught his 
difciples. 2 Buc he faid unto 
them, When ye pray do not ufe vain 
repetitions as the red do, for fome 
ink they (hall be heard for their 
much fpeaking.Eut when ye pray fay, 
Our Father who art in the heavens, 
Hallowed be thy name. Thy king 
dom come upon us. Thy will be 
done, as in heaven, fo on earth.- 
Give us this day the bread 
ncceflary co our fudenance. 4 
And forgive us our debts ; for we 
alfo forgive our dcbrers. And 
ead us noc into temptation, buc 
Icliver u? from the evil otie. 5 
Lnd he faid, Which of you (hall 
avc a friend, and (hall go unto 
inn ac mid- night, and fay unco 
him, Friend, lend me three loaves. 
6 For a friend in his journey is 
come from the field to me, and I 
[ to fct before him 
7 But 

7 Bat he from within lhal 
anfwer and Dy, Trouble me not : 
the door is already fiiur, and my 
children are vnth me in bed; 1 
cannot rife and give thee* 8 I (ay 
unto you, He will not rife and give 
him, becaufe be is his friend : yet 
becaufe of his importunity, he will 
rife and give bim whatfover fee 
needech. 9 And 1 fay unto you, 
Ask, and it (hall be given you ; 
feck, and ye (hall find : knock, 
and ic (hail be opened unto you. 
10 For every one that askerh, re 
ceiveth : and he that feeketh, find- 
eth : and to him that knocketh, is 
opened. 1 1 What fon (hall a<-k 
bread of any ot you that is a fa- 
ther, and he will give him a 
ftone ? or if he alfo ask a fifh, will 
he for a fifh give him a (erpent ? 
$2 Buc if he (hall ask an egg 
alfo, will he give him a fcorpion. 

13 If ye therefore being evil, know 
to give good gifts unto your 
children : how much more (hall 
the Father from the heaven give a 
good gifc to them that ask him ? 

14 Eiuc when he had fa id thefe 
things, a dumb dsemoniack was 
trough: to him : And when he had 
cad him out, all men did marvel. 
i$ And fome of them faid, He 
cafteth out daemons thiough Beel 
zebub, the chief of the demons.. 
But he anfwercd and faid. How 
can Satan caft out Saran ? 16 
And or.hers tempting kim t faid ; 

According to Luke. 

Give us a figh irom Heaven. 
But he knowing their 



Aid unco them, livery kingdom 
divided againft it fe!f, is made de- 
{elate: and a houfe againft a houfc, 
will tall. tS If Satan alfo be 
divided againft himfelf, he will nor 
{rand: bccauie ye fay chat! catt ou: 
dzmons by Beelzebub. 19 But 
if I by Beelzebub caft ouc the 
tlseTion*, by whom do your fonb 
it them out ? therefore fhall they 
be your judges. 10 But if I by 

the finger of God caft outdaemonsi 
then the kingdom of God is come 
upon you. 21 When a flrong 
man aimed keeperh his palace, his 
goods are in peace, zz Buc if a 
ttronger (hall come, he taketh all 
his armour wherein he trufied, and 
divideth hisfpoils. 23 He that is 
not With me, is againii me: and 
he that gathereth not With me, 
icactcreih. 14 But when the un 
clean fpirit is gone out of a man, he 
walketh through the waters [dry 
placed} feekingieft: and not find 
ings, he faith, I will return unco 
my houfe whence I came out. 25 
And when he cometh, he findeth 
it iwepc ^w^garniflied. z6 Then 
he goeth, and taketh feven other? 
pints more wicked than himfelf, 
and they enter in, and dwell : and 
the lad itate of chat man becomes 
worfe than the firl). 17 And it 
came to pafs as he was fpeaking 
hefe things, a certain woman of 
the company lift up her voice, arcf 
aid unto him, BleHed it the womb 
hat bafe thec, and che paps which 
hou haft fucked. 28 Etichefafd; 
Yea, rather blefled are they indeed 
hat hear the word of God and 
keep it. 29 And when the anil- 
itudes were gathered thick toge- 
her, he began co lay, This gene- 
a: ion is an evil generation : they 
^ a fign, and a fign (hall not 
be given it, excepting che figo of 
[onas; 30 For as Jonas was a 
Tgn unto the Ninevitei, fo (hall 
alfo cheSon of man be to this gene- 
ation. And as Jonas was in the 
belly of che whale three da ys and 
three nigh"$, fo (hall alto the fon 
of man be in the earth. 51 The 
queen of the fouth (hall rife up 
with the men of this generation, 
and fhall condemn them ; for fhc 
came from the utmoft parts ot the 
earth, to he<ir the wifdom of Solo 
mon ; and behold, a greater thin 

// here.- 

no on 

According to Luke. 

*rhen he hath lighted a candle, 
putterh it in a fecrec place, neither 
under a bufhel ; buc on a candle- 
flick, that they which come in may 
fee the light. 34 The light of 
thy body is the eye : When thine 
eye is fingle, thy whole body alfo 
it light i but when it is evil, thy 
body alfo ii dark. 35 If therefore the 
light that is in thee be darknef*, 
how great is that darknefs I 37 
And a certain Pbarifee asked him 
that he would dine with him : and 
he went in and fat down. 3 8 And He 
began to debate with himfelf, and 
to fay, Why he had not fir ft wa<h- 
ed before dinner \ 39 But the 
Lord fai4 vjnto him, Now do ye 
Pharifees Hypocrites make clean 
the oudide of the cup and the plac- 
tei: but your infide is full of ra 
vening and wickednefc. 40 1fe 
fools, did not he that made that 
which is without, make that which 
is within alfo ? 41 Buc ra 
ther give alrts of fuch things as 
you have ! and behold, all things 
fhall be clean unto you. 42, Buc 
wo unto you, Pharifees t for ye 
tithe taint and rue, and every herb, 
and pafs over judgment, and the 
love of God. 43 Wo unto you, 
O ye Pharifees : for ye love the 
uppermoft feats in the fynagoguei, 
and greetings in the markets : and 
Che higheft places at feafti. 44 
\Vo unto you, O ye fcribes and 
Pharifees ; (or ye are graves which 
appear not, and the men that walk 
over tbtm, know it not. 45 But 
one of the lawyers, anfwered and 
faid unto him, Mafler, thws faying, 
thou repr6fcheft us alfo. 46 And 
he fa ; d, Wo unto you alfo, law 
yers . for ye burden men with bur 
dens grievous to be born, and ye 
your fclvcs touch them not with 
one of your fingers. 47 Wo un 
to you ; for ye build the fepulchres 
of the prophers, and your fathers 
killed them, 48 Bear ye rhere- 

the deeds of your fathers : for they 
indeed killed them, but ye build 
[their fepulchres. Q 49 There 
fore I fend them prophet) and 
apoflles, and fame of them they 
will flay and perfecute : 50 Thac 
the blood of all the prophets* 
which hath been fhed from the 
foundation of (he world, unto chit 
generation may be required ; 5 1 
From the blood of Abel unto tfce 
blood of Zachariasj the Son of Ba. 
rachias whom they flew be 
tween the altar and the tern, 
pie : verily I fay imto you, 
it (hall be required of this genera 
tion, 52 Wo unto you lawyer* : 
for ye hav$ hidden the key ot 
knowledge : and ye entred not In 
your felves, and them that were 
entring in, ye hindred. 53 And 
as be (aid thefe things unto them, 
before all the people, the Pharifeet 
and lawyers began to urge him 
vehemently, and to confer with 
him about many things : 54 Seek 
ing to obtain fome occafion againft 
that they mrght have where 
with to accufc him. 

Xll. But as many people en- 
compalfed him round about, info- 
much that they crouded one upon 
another, he began to fay unto tfte 
difciples, Fir (I of all beware ye of 
the leaven of the Pharifees, which 
i jhyporcifie. i For there is 
nothing covered, that they (hall 
not bemademanifePtj neither hid, 
hat fhall not be known. 3 There- 
ore whatfoever ye have fpoken in 
dar knefgjfhall be heard in the light : 
and that which yc have fpoken 
n the ear in clolets, fiiall be pro 
claimed upon the houfe-tops. 4 
And I fay unto you, my friends, 
Be not afraid of them that kill the 
buc aic nor able to kill the 
foul, and have not any more 
that they can do* 5 But I will 
forewarn you whom you fha ll 
fc.u : Him who, afrer he hath kill- 

tort ttuntjfs that \e do no: allow Jed, hath pouer ro coft iivo gchen- 

)3 .- yea, I fay unto ycu ; Ftar h ; m. 

According to Luke. 

6 Are not five fparrows fold for 
two farthings, and not one of them 
is forgotten before God? 7 Bu 
even the very hairs of your head arc 
all numbred. Fear not therefore 
for ye are of more value than 

fparrows. 8 Alfo F fay unto you 
that, Whofoever (hall confefs m 
before men, him (hall the Son o 
man alfo confefs before the angel 
of God. 9 But he that denieth 
Hie before men, {hall be denied be 
fore the angels of God. 10 And 
whofoever fhall fpcak a word a 
gainfhheSon of man, ic fhall be 
(Forgiven him : but againft the Holy 
<ho(t, it lhail not be forgiven him 
neither in this age, nor in that to 
come. 1 1> And when they bring 
you unto the fynagogues, and ma 
gjftrares, and powers, be not fol 
Jicitous before hand how ye fhal 
anfwer, or what yc fhall fay : 12 
For the Holy Ghoit (hall teach you 
in the fame hour what ye ought 10 
fay, 1 3 And one of the company 
faid unto him, Mailer, fpeak to 
my brother, that he divide the in 
heritance wirh me. 14 And he 
faid unto him, Man, who made me 
a judge over you ? 1 5 And he 
faid unto them. Take heed, andbe- 
tvare of all fort of covetoufnefs ; 
for life confiileth not in the abun 
dance of the things which a man 
poifefleth. 16 And he ipake a 

unto them, faying, The 
of a certain rich man 

brought forth plenrifully. 17 And 
he thought within himfelf, faying, 
What fhall I do, becaufe I have no 
room where to beftow my fruits ? 
1 8 And he faid, This will I do: 
1 .vili pull down my barn?, and 
make chtm greater ; and there 
will I collect nil my fruirs. 19 And 
3 will fay to my foul, Soul, thou 
haft much goods: Be merry. 2,0 
But God faid unto him, Thou 
?ool, this night rhy foul fhall be 
recjrred of rhcc : then whofe fhall 

for jour life* 
neither to: the 

difciples, Therefore I fay untoyou> 
Be not follicitous 
what ye it ail eat : 
body, what yefhall put on, z 3 For 
the life is more than meat, and the 
body than raiment. 14 Confukr 
the fovvlaof heaven : for they nei 
ther fow, nor reap : which neither 
have ftorehoufe nor barn ; and 
God feedcth them : Are ye noc bet 
ter than the fowls i 2,5 And 
which of you can add to his Ma 
ture a cubit ? i6 And why arc )e 
follicitous for the rcfi ? 17 Con- 
(ider the lilies : They neither fpin r 
nor weave: and yet I fay un o 
you, that neither wasSolomon in all 
his glory, arayed like one of thefe. 
18 If then God fo clothe the grati 
of the field, which is to day, and 
to raorrow is caft into the oven r 
how much more you, O ye of lit 
tle faith ? 2,9 And feek not ye 
what ye (hall ear, or what ye fhall 
drink, neither be ye of doubrfuT 
mind. 30 For all thefe things do 
che nations of the world feek after: 
For your Father knoweth that ye 
have need of thefe things. 31 
But rather feek ye the kingdom of 
God, and all thefe things fhall be 

little flock 

you. 31 Fear not 3 
for it is your Fathers 

rholb things be which thou haft pro 
vidtd 5 i" And h| faid unto hi 

pleafure to give you the king 
dom/ 33 Sell that ye have, and 
alms: provide your felves 

which wax not old, a treafure 
n the heavens, that faileth nor, 
where no thief approacheth, nei 
ther moth corrupteth. 34 For 
where your treafure is, there will 
your heart be alfo. 35 Lee your 
oyn be girded about, and lights 
burning; 36 And ye your felvej 
ike unto men that wait for their 
..ord, when he will return from 
he wedding, that when hecometh 
nd knockech, they may open un- 
o him immediately. 37 BlefTed 
rs thofe fervants, whom the Lord 
when he comet h fhall find watch-; 

_ : verily I fay unto you, thac 
hit* he fhall gird faimfelf, and make 


According to Luke. 

-them fit down to meat, and will make peace on earth ? I tel! you, 
come forth and ferve them. 38 No; but rather divifion. 52, For 
And if hefhall come in the evening | from henceforth chere (hall be five 
watch, and find them fo, And if jin one houfe divided, three againtt 

he come in the fecond or thir 
vattb they arc bleiled. 39 An 
this know, that if the good man 
of the houfe had known what hou 
the thief would come, he wouh 
have watched. 40 But be ye ready 
for the Son of man cometh at an 
hour when ye think not. 41 Anc 
Peter faid unto him, Lord, fpeak 
eft thou this parable unto us ? 4; 
And the Lord faid, Who then i 
that wife and good fteward, whom 
kit lord (hall make ruler over hi 
houflaold, to give them their por 
tion of meic in due fcafon? 43 
Bleffed it thac fervanc, when hih 
lord when he cometh, (hall fine 
him fo doing. 44 Verily I fay 
unto you, that he will make him 
jruler over all that he hath. 45 But 
and if that fervant fay in his heart, 
My lord delayeth his coming ; and 
ftiall begin to beat the men-fervanti, 
and maidens, both earing, and 
drinking, and being drunken : 46 
His lord will come in a day when 
he looketh nor for fcini, and a: an 
hour when he is not aware, and 
will cut him in fundcr, and will 
appoint him his portion with the 
.unbelievers. 47 And that fervanc 
who knew his lords will, but did 
not according to his will, (hall be 
beaten with many flrtyts. 48 But 
he thac knew not, and did commit 
things worthy of fuipes, (hall be 
beaten with few. To whom much is 
given they will require the more 
from him : and to whom they have 
committed much, of him they will 
require the more. 49 I am come 
to fend fire on the earch, and what 
will I, if it be already kindled * 
50 But I have a baptifra to be 
baptized with, and how am I 

(trained till it be accomplifhed 1 
< i Suppofe ye chat I am some to 

two, and two againft three. 5$ 
The father (hall be divided againil 
the fon, and the fon againlt his 
father the mother againft the 
daughter, and the daughter againli 
the mother; the mother in law a~ 
gain ft the daughter in law, and 
the daughter in law againft the mo 
ther in law. 54 And he faid alfo 
to the people, When ye fee a <loud 
rife out of the weft, ftraightway 
ye fay, There cometh a (hower ; 
and fo it is. 55 And when yt fee 
the foiuh-wind blow, ye fay, that 
there will be heat ; and it corneth 
to pafs. 56 Ye hypocrites, ye can 
indeed difcern the tace of the sky, 
and of the earth : but how is it, 
thac ye do not difcern thw time I 
57 And vby do ye not even of 
pour felves judge what is right. 58 
When thou ar; with thine adver- 
ary before a Magiftrate, in the 
way, give diligence thac thou 
mayft be delivered from him ; left 
he condemn thee with the judge, 
and the judge deliver thee to the 
officer, and the officer (hall caft 
:hce into prifon. 59 I tell thee, 
hou (halt not depart thence, till 
hou haft paid che laftinite. 

XIII. There were prefenc at 
hat feafon, fome thac told him of 
he Galileans, whofe blood Pilate 
lad mingled with their fa^rifices, 
And Jefus anfwering, faid unto 
hem, Suppofe ye thac thefe Gali- 
cans, were tinners above all Galf- 
eans, becaufe they fuffered thefe 
hing I 3 I tell you, No . butt 
xcepc ye (hall repent, ye (halJ all 
kewife perifh. 4 Or thofe eigh- 
een, upon whom the tower ia 
iloam fell, and flew them : think 
e thac they were debters above all 
men that dwell in Jerufalem ? $ 
And I tell you, No : but except ye 
repent, ve Ua,ll all likswife perifh. 
Ma 4 He 

Ajxordipg to Luke; 

He /pake alfo this parable : one of muftard feed, which a man took. 

~ .1 ~ f 1 " . i" l _ i 

had a figtree planted in his vine 
yard, and he came and fought fruit 
there from, and found none. 7 
And he faid unto the drefler of his 
vineyard, behold, thefe three years, 
It is now that I come fjeeking fruit 
on this figtree, and find none: 
JBring the Ax ; cue it down, why 
umbreth it the ground ? S And 
he anfwering, faid unto him, Lord, 
let it alone yet this year, till I fhall 
.dig about it, and caft a veiTel of 
clung ttpon it. 9 Parhaps ic may 
bear frui: ; and it not, afcer trjat 
thou fhalt cut it down. I o And 
he was teaching in one of the fy- 
nagogues on the fabbath. 1 1 And 
behold, there was a woman who 
fyad an infirmity of fpiric eighreen 
years, and was bowed together, 
and could not at all likupffrf*ff> 
nz And when Jefus <sw her, he 
laid unto ? Woman, thou art 
loofcd from thine infirmity. 13 
And he laid hands on her : and 
immediately {he was made ftraighr, 
and glorified God. 14 But the 
ruler of rhe fynagogue anfwered 
with indignation, becaufc that 
Jefus had healed on the fabbath, 
and faid untp the multitude, There 
are fix days in which they ought to 
work : in them therefore cope aqd 
be healed, and not on the fabbath- 
day. 15 But the Lord ]efus an 
fwered him, and faid, Thou hy 
pocrite ; d.othnot each one of you 
on the fabbath loofe his ox and afs 
from the flail, an4 lead him away 
to watering I 16 And ought not 
this woman, being a daughter of 
Abraham, whom Satan harh bound, 
lo eighteen years, be loofed fioro 
this bond on the fabbath-day ? 17 
And his adverfaries were afhamed : 
and all the multiudc rejoyccd for 
all the glorious things they h?d 
feen done by him. 18 And he 
/aid, unto what is the kingdom of 

Godlike ? and whereunto fhall ifflull do cures to day, and to mor- 
jef ^B-ble it i 15? Jt is like agrajn 

and call into his garden, and ic 
grew, and became a tree, : and the 
fowls of the air lodged under the 
branches ot it. zo Whereunto is 
Che fdn^dom of God like ? 
and to what fhall I compare it ? 
i It is like leaven, which a wo 
man took and hie) in three Seahs of 
meal, till the whole was leavened. 
2,2, And he went through the cities 
and countreys, teaching and jour 
neying to Jerufakm. i$ Then faid 
one unto him, Lord, are thofe tha: 
arc faved few : But he faid unto 
them, 14 Strive to enter in a: 
the ftjrait door : for many, I fay 
unto you, will feck to enter in^ 
and fhall not find it. 2,5 When 
once the ruafler of the houfe fhall be 
come in, and fhut the door, and ye 
begin to (land without, and to 
knock, faying, Lord, Lord, open 
unto us ; and he fhall anfwer and 
fay unto you, I j^now you noc 
whence you are : J& Then fha}][ 
ye begin to lay, Lord, we have eat 
and drunk in thy prefeRce, and 
thou haft taught in pur Ureets. 17 
And he fhall fay, J tell you, I 
never knew you; ctepa rc f r P m me > 
all ye workers of iniquity. 28 
There fbajl be weeping andgnafb- 
ing of teeth, when ye fhall fee A- 
biaham, and Ifaac, and Jacob, and 
all the prophets in the kingdom of 
God, and you thruft out. 29 And 
they fhall come from the cafi, and 
the weft, and the north, and the 
fouth, and fjiall fit down in thp 
kingdom ot God. 30 And be 
hold, there are laft who fhall be 
firft, and there are firft who fhall 
be laft. 3 1 The fame hour there 
fame certain of the Pharisees, to, 
him, faying, Get tjiee put, and de 
part hence : for Herod fcekech to 

kill thec. 3; 

he faid untp 

them, Go ye and tell that fox, Be 
hold, I caft out demons, and I 

According to Luke. 

row, and the third day 1 (hall be 
$ j Neverthelds, I mud 
.walk today, and co morrow, and 
ihc day following : for ic can no 1 : 
be thac a prophet perifti ouc o: 
Jerufaicm. 34 Jerufalem, Jerula 
1cm, which killed che piophets, 
and Uoneil them thac are fenc unto 
ir, how often would I have ga 
thered chy children together, as a 
hzn her brood under her wings, 
and ye would not? 35 Behold, 
your houfe is left unto you defolace ; 
But I fay unto you, Ye ihall by no 
means fee me, un:il the tirae 
,come when yc (hall fay, Blelfed 
fs he that cotneth ia the name of 
the Lord. 

XIV. And ic came to pafs, as 
,he cncred into the houfe of one ot 
the chief Pijaiifees to eat bread on 
the fabbath, that they watched 
him. 2 And behold, there was a 
jiian before him whohad the droplie. 
3 And Jefua anfwering, fpake un 
to the lawyers -and Pharifee*, Is if 
lawful to neal on the fabbath, or 

higher : And then (halt t-hou hav 
relpect;n the prefcnce of them thac 
(1: ac meat with thce. 1 1 Fox .who- 
. bever exalceth hiuifclf, fluil be 
abated $ and he ihac humbleth him- 
felf, (hall be exalted. ii Then 
faid he alfo to him that invited 
him, When thou makeft a dinner 
or a fuppcr, call not thy friends, 
nor thy brethren, nor neighbours, 
nor the richj lelt they alio invite 
hee again, and a recompence be 

made thce. 

But when thou 

not < 4 And they held their 
peace. And he took and healed 
him, and let klm go : 5 And faid 
unto them, Which of you (hall 
have a iheep or an ox fallen into a 
pir on the fabbath-day and vvil 
not (traightway pull him out ? 6 
But they did not give him anfwer 
to thefe things. 7 But he fpake 
alfo a parable to tnofc who were 
bidden, when he marked hew they 
chofe out the chief feats, faying un 
to them, 8 When thou (hall be 
inviced to a wedding, fit not down 
in the higheft feat, left one more 
honourable than thou corne ; 9 
And he that invited thee and him, 
jCdme and fay to thee, Give this 
pnan place ; and thou with fhame 
fake the loweft place. 10 But 
when thou (hall be invited fit down 
in the lowed place ; that when he 
^hac inviterh rhee fhali come, he 
PY fa/ tm;o tt?;e, Friend, go up 

makeit a feaft, invite the poor, the 
maimed, the lame, the blind : 14 
And them fhalc be blelled ; for they 
cannot reconvenes thee : for thou 
(halt be recompenced at the refur- 
re&ion of the julr. 15 And when 
one of them thac fat with him, 
icard thefe things, he faid unco him, 
BlelTed is he that ihall eat bread 
in the kingdom of God. 61 Then 
faid he 3 A certain man madeagrcac 
fupper, and invited many : 17 
And fenc his fervan: at che hour of 
("upper to fay to them that were in 
vited, to come, for all things were 
now ready. 18 And they all with 
one confcnf began to make excufe. 
The firii faid; I have bought a 
field, and I muft needs go and fee 
it: wherefore! cannot come. 19 
And another (aid, I have bough: 
five yoke of oxen, and I go :o 
prove them : Wherefore I cannot 
come. 2.0 And another faid, I 
have married a wtfe : wherefore I 
cannot come, 2,1 So the fervanc 
came, and ihewed hiilord all chcfe 
hings. And the matter of the 
houfe being angry, faid to his fer- 
van:,Go out quickly iato the ftrecti 
and lanes of the city, and bring 
hither the poor, and the maimed, 
and the lame, and the blind. ia And 
hefervanc faid, whac thou haft com 
manded is done, and yet there is 
room. 13 And the lord faid un- 
o his fervanc, Go our into the high 
ways arjd hedges, aod cqrupel them 


to tome in, that my houfe may be 
filled. 14 For I fay unto you, 
that no: one of the men who 
were invited, (hall taite of my 
Cupper. 15 And there wenc mul 
titudes with him : and he turned, 
and laid unto them, 16 It any man 
comes to me, and hates noc his 
father, and his mother, and wife, 
and children, and brethren, and 
fitters, yea, and his own life alfo, 
he cannot be my difciple. z/ And 
he that doth noc bear his crofs, and 
come after rne, cannot be ray di. 
fciple. 2,8 But which of you in 
tending, to build a tower, fitteth 
not down firft, and counteth the 
<oft, whether he have to finifti it ? 
19 Left perhaps after he hath laid 
the foundation, but is noc able to 
build and finifh xY, all that behold 
iY, begin to mock him, and to fay, 
30 This man began to build, and 
was not able to finifb. 31 Or 
what king going to make war a- 
gainft another king, doth not 
prefently fit down and con- 
tulteth firft whether he be able with 
ten thoufand to meet him that 
cometh againft him with twenty 
thoufand? 31 Or if not, while the 
other is yet a great way off, he 
fendeth an ambaffage, and defireth 
conditions of peace. 33 Like- 
wife, alfo whofoever he be of you, 
that forfaketh not all that he hach, 
he cannot be my difciple. 34 
Salt it good : but if the fait have 
alfo loft its favour, where with (ha 11 
it be fcafoned ? 35 It is neither 
fie for the land, nor yet for the 
dunghil ; and they caft it our. He 
that hath ears to hear, let him 

XV. Then drew near unto him 
all the publicans and finnefs to 
hear him. 2, And both the Phari- 
fees and fcribes murmured, fay 
ing thar, This man receiveth (in 
ner^, and eateth with them. 3 
And he {pake this parable unco 

to Luke." 

them, 4 What man of you (hall 
have an hundred (beep, if he lofe 
one of them, doth not he leave the 
ninety and nine in the wildernefs, 
and goeth away and feeketh that 
which is loft, until he find it ? $ 
And when he hath found j r, he 
layeth it on his fhouidcrs, re. 
joycing. 6 But when he comerh 
home, he calleth together bit 
friends and neighbours, faying un 
to them, Rejoyce with me, for I 
have found my (heep which was 
loft. 7 But I fay unto you, that 
likewifejoy lain heaven over one 
finner that repentech, more than 
over ninety and nine juft pet Tons, 
who need no repentance. 8 Either 
what woman having ten drachma;, 
if (he (hall lofe one, doth not (he 
light a candle, and fweep the houfe, 
and feek diligently till (he (hall find 
it ? 9 And when {he hath found 
it y (he calleth her friends and neigh 
bours together, faying, Rejoyce 
with me, tor I have found the 
drachma which I had loft. 10 
Liftewife I (ay unto you, There 
(hall be joy in the prefence of the 
angels of God, over one finner 
that repenteth. 1 1 And he faid, 
A certain man hadtwofons: 12. 
And the younger of them faid to 
bit father, Father, give me the 
portion of fubftance that fallethto 
me. And he divided unto them 
bit living. 13 And not many 
iays after, the younger fon ga 
thered all together, and took his 
journey into a far country, and 
there wafted his fubftance with rio 
tous living. 14 And when he had 
fpent all, there arofe a great fa 
mine in that land; and he began 
to be in want. 15 And he went 
and joyned himfelt to a citizen of 
that country ; and he fent him into 
the fields to feed fwine 16 And 
he would fain have fatisfied himfelf 
with the husks that the fwine did 
car ; and no one give unto him, 
17 And 

According to 

17 And when he came to himfdf, harlots, when he came them haft 
he Taid, How many hired fervams killed the fatted calf. 31 And he 
of my fathers have bread more faid unto him, Thou arc ever wich 
than enough, and I here periih- me, and all that I have is thine: 
with hunger ! 18 I will arife and 32. It was meet that we fhould 
go to my father^ and will fay un- make merry, and be glad : lor 
to him, Father, I have finned a- this thy brother was dead, and ii 
gainft heaven, and before thee, alive again ; was loft, and is 
19 I am no longer worthy to be found. 

called thy fon ; make me as one of XVI. And he faid alfo unto the 
thy hired fervants. 20 And he difciples, There was a certain rich 
arofe, and came to his father. But man who had a fteward ; and the 
while he was yet a great way ofl, fame was accufed unto him that he 
bis father faw him, and had com- had wafled his goods. 2 And he 
paflion, and ran, and fell on his called ktm t and faid unto him, 
neck, and kifled him. 21 And How is it that I hear this of thee 1 
the fon faid unto him, Father, I give an account of thy fteward- 
have finned againft heaven and ihip: for thou may ft be no longer 
before thee, lam no longer worthy Reward. 3 But the fteward laid 
to be called thy fon : Make me within himielf, What (hall I do ? 
as one of thy hired fervants. 21 for my lord taketh from me the 
But the father faid to his fervants, ftewardfhip : I cannot dig ; to beg 
Bring forth quickly the beft robe, I am afhamed. 4 I know whac 

and put it on him, and put a ring 
on hi* hand, and (hoes on his feer. 
23 And bring the fatted calf, and 
kill if : and let us eat and bemer- 

ry: 24 For this my fon was dead, 
and is alive 
and is now found. 
gan to be merry 

again ; he n*r loft, 
And they be- 
15 Now hi 

elder fon was in the field : But as 
he came and drew *nigh to the 
noufe, he heard mufickarfd dancing. 
a6 Anel he called one of the fer 
vants, and asked what could 
this be? 27 And he faid, Thy 
brother is come ; and thy father 
hath killed the fatted calf for him, 
becaufe he hath received him found. 
28 And he was angry, and would 
nor go in : But his father came out, 
and began to intreat him. 29 And 
he anfwering, faid to his father, Lo, 
thefe many years do I ferve thee, 
neither tranf^retfed I at any time 
thy commandment, and yet thou 
at no time gaveft me a kid, out of 
the goats, that I might dine wich 
my friends : 30 But for thy fon 
who hath devoured all he had wi;h 

I will do ; that when I (hall be 
put from the ftewardfhip, they may 
receive me into their houfes. 5 So 
he called every one of his lords 
debters unto him, and faid unto 
the firft, how much oweft thou un 
to my lord \ 6 And he faid, An* 
hundred baths of oyl. But he faid 
unto him, take thy bills 3 and write, 
fifty. 7 Then faid he to another, 
And how much oweft thou? And 
he faid, An hundred cores of wheat. 
And he faid unto him, Take thy 
bill, and write fourfcore. 8 And 
the lord commended the unjuft 
fteward becaufe he had done pru 
dently, wherefore I fay unto you, 
the children of this age are in their 
generation more prudent than the 
children of light. 9 And I fay unto 
you, Make to your felves friends of 
the mammon of unrighteoufnefs i 
that when it fails, they may receive 
you into cverlafting tabernacles. IO 
He that his faithful in the leaft, it 
faithful alfo in much : and he that 
is un/uil in a little, is unjuft alfo in 
much, u If therefore je have not 

According to Luke; 

been faithfal in the unrighteou* 
mammon , who will commie to 
}our trult the true? ii And it 
^ye nave noc been faithful in that 
which is a nothers, who ihall give 
you that which is your own? 13 
No fervant can fcrve two mafters : 
for either he will hate the one, and 
love the other ; or he will hold to 
the one, and defpife the other. Ye 
cannot ferve God and mammon. 
14 And the Pharifees al fo being 
covetous, heard this, and they 
derided him. i$ And he faid un 
to them, Ye are they who juftifie 
your felves before men; but Godi 


hearts : for that 

amongfl men, it a- 

which is 

bomination in the light of God. 
46 The law and the prophets pro 
phecyed until John: from thence 
the kingdom of God is preached, 
and every one forceth unto ir. 17 
And ii is eafier for heaven arrd 
earth to pafg, than one tittle of the 
law co fail. 18 Whofoever put 
tech away his wife, and marriech 
another, comrrutterh adultery 
and he that marricth her that is 
put away from her husband, com- 
mitteth aduhery, 19 But he fpake 
alfo another parable: There was 
a rich man, who was clothed in 
purple and fine linen, and fared 
iumptuoufly every day. 10 But 
A certain beggar named Lazarus, 
u 3> laid at his gate full of ulcers. 
ir And defiring robe fed with 
the crumbs which fell from the rich 
mans table : moreover, the dogs 
came and licked his ulcers. 21 
And ic came to pafs that the beg 
gar died, and was carried by the 
angels into Abrahams bofom ; the 
rich man alfo died, and wasburied. 
13 And in hades he life up his 
eyes, being in torments, and feeth 
Abraham afar off, ana Lazaru* 
retting in his bofom. 14 And he 
ciitcicarnef-iJy and faid, Father A- 
nave mt-rey on me, and 
Liza u tha c he may dip the 
hi s r":nu in wra:er and cool 

my tongue ; for I am tormented iof 
this flame. 15 But Abraham faid f 
Son, remember that thou in thy 
life-time receivedflthy good things, 
and hkcwifc Lazarus evil things r 
but now he is here comforted, and 
thou art pained. *6 And befidci 
all this, bet ween us and you there 
is a great gulf fixed : fo that they 
who would pafs to you. cannot ; 
neither can they pafr hirlier, from 
thence. 17 But he faid> I pray 
t,hee therefore, Father Abraham, 
that thou wouldft fend him to my 
laheishoufe: 28 For I have five 
brethren ; that Be may teftifie un 
to them, led they alfo come into 
this place of corment. 19 But 
Abraham faid unto him, they have 
Mofes and the prophets; let them 
hear them. 30 And he faid, No 9 
Father Abtaham : bat ifoncwenC 
unto them from the dead, they will 
repent. 3 1 But he faid unto him, 
If they hear not Mofes and the 
prophets, neither will they be per- 
fwaded, though one rif* from the 
dead, and go away to them. 

XVII. Then faid be unto hij 
difeiples, It ii impoiTible but that 
fcandals will come : bat wo 
him, through whom they come** 
i But it were better for him, thac 
a rmlitone had been banged about 
his neck, and he had been caO into 
the fea, than that he fhould fcan- 
dalize one of thefe little onci. j 
Take heed to yourfelvei: If thy 
brother frail trefpafs againfi thec, 
rebuke him , and if he (ball re- 
pent, forgive him; 4 And if he 
fhall (in againft thee feven times 
in a day, and feven times turn 
to thee faying, I re<* 
penc ; forgive him. 5 And the 
ipoitles faid unto the Lord, In- 
creafc our taith. 6 But he faid un- 
o them, ii ve had faith a> a grain 
of mudard-feed, ye might hsvefaftf 
into rhis mountain, remove hence 
o yonder place, and i: fhould have 
and unlO ihi? camine- 


According to Luke^ 

tree, be thou planted in the fea ; 
and it fhould obey you. 7 Bun 
which of you having a fervanc 
plowing, or feeding, when he is 
come from the field, will he fay 
presently unto him. Go and fie 
down ? 8 But he will fty unto 
him, Make ready wherewith I may 
fup, and gird thy felf, and ferve 
me,till I have eaten and drunken ; 
find afterward eat and drink? 9 
Doth he thank the fervanc becaule 
he hath done what he was bidden ? 
I fuppofe not. 1 6 So likewife 
ye, when ye fhall have done whatfo- 
ever I fay, fay ye, We are unpro 
fitable fervants i we have done 

for behold, the kingdom of Godi 
is within you. zz He faid there-* 
fore unto the difciples, The days 
wiil come when ye (hall defire one 
of thefe days of ihe S6n of iiiahjj 
and ye fliall not fee it. 3 And, 
they wiil fay to you See here, br a 
fee there : you fhail not go out, 
nor follow thein. 14 For as the 
lightning that lightneth out of the 
one fart under heaven, fhiheth 3 
fo fhull alfo the Son of man be in 
his day. 25 But he muft firft fuf- 
fer many things, and be rejeded of 
this generation. 26 And as it was 
in the days of Noe, To (hall it be 
alfo in the days of the Son of man* 

what we ought to do. 1 1 And | *7 They did eat, they drank, 
it came to pafs, as he went to they married, they were given iri 

Jetufalem, that he palled through 
the midft of Samaria and Galilee. 

marriage, until the day that Noe 
emred into the ark : and the flood 

12, And as he entreu into a certain i came, and deftroyed them all. z$ 
Village where there were ten men ! Likewife alfo as it was in the days 
that were lepers, they flood afar I of Lor* ttyey eat, they drank, they 
off : 13 And they cryed with a bought, they fbld, they planted., 
loud voice, and faid, Jefus M after, | they builded : *9 On the famfi 
have mercy onus. 14 And when Iday that Lot went out of Sodom, it 
he faw them, he faid unto them., ! rained fire and brimftone from hea- 
Be ye healed : Go fhew your felves i ven, and deftroyed them all. 30 
unto the priefts And it came to j Even thus fhail it be in the day o 
pafs that as they went, they were i the Son of man, when he {hall be 


And one of them 

when he faw that he wasdeanfed, 
turned back, and with a loud voice 

revealed. 31 In that day, he 
who fliall be upon the houfe-top,; 
and his goods in the houfe, let him 

glorified God. 16 And fell down not come down to talrc them a 

on his face at his feet : and he was 

* Samaritan. 17 And Jcfus an- 
fwering faid to them, Were theie 
not ten cleanfed ? where ATS the 
nine? 18 None of them is found that 
will return to give glory to God, 
fa ye this flrangcr. 19 And he 
faid unto him, A rife, go [hy way, 
Por thy faith.ha th made thee whole. 
*o And when he was asked by 
the Pharifees, when the kingdom 
of God fhould come ; he anfwer- 

them and faid, The kingdom ol 
Cqhlfcrh not with obfeivation 

* i Nevb-er fhall they fay, Lo here, 


way : and he who, is in the field, 
let him likewife not return baik a 
3z Remember Loths wife, 35 
VVhofoever fhall fave his life, fhall 
lofe it : and whofoever (hall lofe 
his life, fhall preferve it. 34 I tell 
you, in that night there will b 
two men upon one bed 5 "he one 
will betaken, and the other wilji 
be Itft. 35 I wo women will be 
grinding together ; the one wiU 
betaken, and he other left. 56 
Two men will be in the field ; the 
one will H- taken, ar-d the other. 
tft. 37 And r t ey anfwered andf 
hi ftr<f 

According to Luke. 

unto them,. Where the body is, : fhould touch them : but when kfr 
thither will the eagles be gathered difcipies liw/r, they rebuked them, 
together, *^ ^ ut 3 e ^ u5 tailed them un-:o 

XVIII. He fpake alfo a parable j him, faying, Suffer the little chil- 
unto them, that men ought always! dren to come unto me, and forbid 
to pray, and not to faint ; 1 1 them not : for of fuch is the king- 

There was in a certain city a cer 
tain judge, who feared not God, 
neither regarded man. 3 And 
there was a widow in that city, and 

(he came unto him, faying, Avenge therein. 18 
me of mineadverfary. 4 And he 
would not for a certain rime : but 
afterward he came iohimfclf, and 
faith, Though I tear not God, and 

resard noe man, 
this widow eaufe h 

Yet becaufe 
me trouble, I 

will o away and avenge her, kit 
by her continual coming fhe weary 
me. 6 And the Lord faid, Hear 
what the unjuB judge faith. 7 
And (hall not God avenge his own 
eleft, while they cry day and night 
unto him, and he compaiuonates 
them? S I tell you, He will avenge 
them fpcedily. Neverthelefs, when 
the Son oi man comet h, (hall he 

dom of God. 17 For Verily X 
fay unto you, Whofoever (hall noc 
receive the kingdom of God as a 
little child, (hall in no wife enter 
a certain ruler 
Matter, what 

asked him, Good 
fhalll do to inherit eternal life? 
19 But he faid unto him, Why 
called tbou me good ? none //good 
fave one, God. 20 Thou know- 
ell the commandments : But he faid 
which I And Jefus faid This 
Thou lhalt not commit adultery, 
thou (Laic not kill, thou (halt not 
fleal, thon (halt not bear falfe wit- 
nefs, Honour thy lather and mo 
ther. ii But he faid, All thefe 
have I kept from my youth. 2, z Now 
when Jefus heard him^he faid unto 
him, Yet lacked thou one thing : 
fell aft that thou haft, and diftri- 

tnc ovm u* iii" > - - _ . 

find ia uh on the earth ? 9 And he bute unto the poor, and thou lhalt 
unto certain who trufted in have treafure in the heavens: and 


therofelvefi that they were righteous, 
and defpifed other men : 10 Two 
went up to the temple to 


come, follow me. 13 And when 
he heard this, he was very forrow- 
ful : for he was very rich. 2,4 
n7av- oneaPharifee, and one a And when Jefus fa w^ that he was 

* . t. rot - iii c~ n ji~J ..of t for / fnl . HP faJH_ Hnw harfi. 


The Fharifee flood 

by himfetf and prayed thus, God, I 
thank thee, that I am not as other 
men *re, extortioners, unjuft, a. 
giulterers, or even as this publican, 
ii I faft twice in the week, I give 
lithe* of oil that I poffef. 15 And 
.the publican Handing afar off, 
would not lift up fo much as his 
es unto heaven, but imore his 
God be mercitul to 
__ I tell you, this 

snan went down juft med rather than 
that Pharifee : tor every one that 
sxaheth himfelf (hall be abafed ; 
and he that humbleth himfeH; ftull 


bteaft, faying, 
ice a finner. 14 

very forrowful, he faid, How hard 
ly fhall they that have riches entr 
into the kingdom of God ! 1$ 
For it is ealier for a camel to pals 
through a needles eye, than for * 
rich man 10 enter into the kingdom 
of God. 16 And they that heard it, 
laid, Who then can befaved ? ^^ 
And he faid, The things which 
are impofTible with men, are poiTi, 
ble with God: *8 And Peter faid r 
Lo, we have Icfc what wag our own, 
and followed thee. 19 And her 
faid iuo them, Verily I lay umo 
you, there is n*> one that hath left 
tioqfes, or parents, o-r brethren or 

fee waited, 
tt him 

is They btoughtun-| fitters or wife, or children inthiitina*- 
;;ic fihiidren, fb he for tUfi kingdo of Gi?ds fake. 3* 

< \ t3r*f 

According to Luke. 

<Who fhall nor. receive fevenfokl 
more in this prefent time, and in 
rhe age to come, eternal life. 3 1 
Then he cook unro him the 
twelve, and faid unto them, Be 
hold, we go up to Jcrufalem, and 
all things chac are written by the 
prophets concerning the Son of 
man will be accomplished. $2, 
For he will be delivered unto the 
Gentiles, and be mocked, and fpit 
on. 33 And they will fcourge 
*kim t and put him to death : and 
the third day he will rife again. 

34 And they underfiood none of 
thefe things : But the faying was 
hidden from them, neither knew 
they the things which were fpoken, 

35 And it came to pafs, that as he 
was come nigh unto Jericho, a cer 
tain blind man fat by the way-fide 
bagging, 36 And hearing the 
multitude palling by, he askec 
what it tould mean. 37 And they 
told him, that Jefus of Nazareth 
pafle:hby. 38 But he cried, fay 
ing, Jefus, thou Son of David 
have mercy on me. 39 And they 
who went before , reb.ukec 
him, that he (hould hold his peace 
bu: he cried the more, Thou Son 
of David, have mercy on me. 40 
And Jefus Hood, and commandec 
him to be brought : and when he 
was come near, he asked him, 4} 
What wilt thou that I fhall do un 
to thee ? But he faid, Lord, tha 
I .may receive my figh*. 4~ Anc 
he anfwered him, Receive th 
light : thy faith hath faved thee 
43 And immediately he receive 
his fight, and followed him, glori 
fying God : and all the people 
when they faw /f, gave glory t 

XIX. And He entred into Jer 
cbo and patted through ir. a An 
behold, a man named Zaccheus 
He was the chiet publican. He wa 
rkh. 3 And he fought to lee Je 
us who be was, an$ coujd not to 

he multitude, becaufe he was He; 
e of ftature. 4 And he ran be- x 
re, and climbed up into a fyco- 
nore-tree to fee him ; for he was 
o pafs by that way. 5 And ic 
ame to pafs that as he palled by, 
e faw him, and faid unto him, 
accheus, make haflc, and come 
own j (or to day I rnuft abide ac 
hy houfe. 6 And he made hafte, 
nd came down, and received him 
ejoicing. 7 And when they faw 
t, they all murmured. That -he 
was gone to be guelt with a man 
hat is a (inner. 8 And Zaccheus 
iood, and faid unto the Lord, Be 
hold, Lord, the half of my goods 
; give to the poor : and if I have 
aken any thing from any man by 
alfe accufation, I reftore four-fold, 
9 But Jefus faid unto him, thac 
This day is falvation in this houfe, 
brfomuch as he alfo is the fon of 
Abraham: 10 For the Son of man 
s come to feek and fave that which 
s lott. 1 1 And as they heard 
hefe things, he added, and fpake 
a parable, becaufe he was nigh to 
ferufalem, and becaufe it feemed 
chac the kingdom of God would 
"mmediately appear. ii But he 
!aid, A certain noble man went ia*> 
to a far country, to receive a king 
dom, and return. 13 And he 
called his ten fervants, and deli 
vered them ten pounds, and faid 
unto them, Trade till I come. 14 
But the citizens hated kirn, and 
fent a meffage after him, faying* 
We will noc have this man to 
reign over u. I $ And it came to 
pafs, that as he returned, having 
received the kingdom, he com 
manded his fervants - to be called* 
to whom he had given the money, 
that he might know what every 
man had gained by trading 
Now the firft came faying. 
thy pound hath gained ten pounds 
17 And he faid unto him, Well 



done, shou good fervent : bec*u(e 

According to Luke." 

thou haft been faithful in a very lit 
tle, have thou authority over ten 
cities. 1 8 Another came and faid, 
Lord> thy pound hath made five 
pounds. 19 And he laid likewife 
to him, Be thou alfo over five 
cities, jo And another came fay 
ing. Lord, behold, thy pound, 
which I have kept laid up in an 
handkerchief. n For I feared 
phee 3 For thou art an auftere man ; 
thou takeft up that thou laidft not 
down, and reaped that thou didft 
notfow. zz But he faid unto him, 
Out of thine own mouth will I 
judge,thee, thou wicked fervant. 
Thou kneweft that I was an auftere 
man ; I take up that I laid not 
(down, and I reap that I did not 
fow : 2,3 Wherefore then gaveft 
not thou my money into the bank, 
that at my coming I might have re 
quired mine own with ufury ? 2,4 
But he faid unto them that flood 
by Take it from him and 
carry it to him that hath ten 
pounds. z6 For I fay unto you, 
That unto every one which hath, 
is added ! and from him that hath 

3?, And they that were fent, wenp 
away. 34 They anfwered, thac 
The Lord had need of him. 3 5 
And they brought the cole to Je us : 
and caft their garments upon him, 
they fetJefusflpOH him, 36 
as they went, they ipread 


their clothes. 57 And when they 
were come nigh, even now at the 
defcent of tne mount of Oiive?^ 
the whole multitude of thedifciples 
began to rejyoceand praife God, for 
all the tnings thac they had feen 
done. 38 Saying, Bleiled be he 
that cometh in the name of the 
Lord : Bleiled be the King. Peace 
in heaven, and glory in the higheft. 

39 But feme of the Pharisees from 
among the multitude, faid unto 
him, Matter, rebuke thy eiifciples. 

40 Buc he anfwered and faid untp 
them, I fay unto you, that if thefe 
ihould hold their peace, the Hones 
would cry out. 41 And when he 
was come near, he beheld the city, 
and wept over it, 42, Saying, If 
thou alfo hadft known in this day, 
what things concern thy peace I 
but now they are hid from thine 
eyes. 43 For the days will come 
upon thee, that thine enemies will 
caft a trench, and compafs thee 
round, and keep thee in on every 

not, even that he hath fhall be 

taken away from him. 2,7 But 

thofe mine enemies which would 

not that I fhould reign over them, 

bring hither, and flay them before 

jme. And caft ye the unprofitable 

fervant unto the outer darknefs, 

ghere {hall be weeping and gnafh. 

ing of teeth, z-8 And when he had thou kneweft not the time of thy 

thus fpoken, he went, afcending vifitation. 4$ But he came into 

to Jerufalem. 2,9 And it came 

to pafs when he was come nigh ro 

Bethphage and Bethany, at the 

mount called the mount of Olives, 

he fcnt two of his difciples, 30 

Saying, go ye into the village over 

againli^flB; and entring ye fhalj but ye 

find a colt, whereon never man thieves. 

had fat ; and loofing him, bring ^ 

kirn hither. 31 And if any man jpriefts, anil the" faibcs, and the 

ask "you/ thus Anil ye fay, Be- ! chief of the people fought. to de. 

caufe the Lord bach need of him Jftroy him, 4$ And found nbe 

We, 44 And will level thee even 
with the ground, and thy children; 
and they will not leave ftone up. 
on (tone in this whole city, becaufe 
thou kneweft not the time of thy 
vifitation. 4^ But he came into 
the temple, and began to caft out 
them that fold therein, and them 
thac bought, and overthrew the 
tables of the money changers. 46 
Saying unto them, Jr is writtea, 
My houfe is the houfe of prayer : 
have made ic a den of 
47 And he was teaching 
dayly in the temple. But the chit 

According tp Luke, 

what tfeey might dp to him; for (the vineyard, and killed htm. 
all che people were attentive to What therefor? (hall the Lord of 
hear him. . the vineyard do* 16 He fhali 

XX. But it came to pafs. that come and deiiroy the husbandmen, 
on one ot the days, as he taught and (hall give the vineyard to o- 
the people in trje temple, and thers. Buc when they heard /*, 
preached the gofpel, t^e chief j they faid, may K not be fo. 17 
prieiis and the fcribes came upon! And he looked upon ihenij and 

him, wich the elders, i And 
faid unto him, Tell us, By what 
authority doit thou thefe things 
and who is he that gave thee this 
authority ? 3 And he anfwered 
and faid unto them, I will alfo ask 
you one thing ; in which Anfwer 
me: q The baptifm of John, was 
it from heaven, or of men ? 5 
And they reafoned with themfelves, 
frying, If we (ball fay. From hea- 
ven j lie will fay, Why then be 
lieved ye him not ? 6 And if we 
fay, Of men ; all the people will 
ilone us -, for they be peifwadcd 
that John rjas been a prophet. 7 
And tney anfwered, that they could 
no: tcii whence . 8 And Jefus 
laid unto them, Neither tell I you 
by what authority I do thefe things, 
p And he faid, A man planted a 
vineyard, and let it to husband 
men : But he himfelf went into a 
far country for a long time. 10 
Now at rhe feafon, he fen: a fer- 
vant to the husbandmen, that they 
fhould give him ot che fruit of the 
vineyard : ^ut they beat him, and 
feni him away empty. 1 1 And He 
fent another fervant ;and^hey bea: 
him alfo, and treated ktm ihame- 
futly, and fent him away empty. 
12. And He feat -a third; They 
wounded hirn alfo, and caft him 
out. 13 But the Lord of the vine 
yard, faid, What (ball I do ? I 
will fend my beloved fon : it may 
be they will reverence him. 14 
But when they faw him, they rea- 
ioned <?ne with another, faying, 
This is she heir : come lee us kill 
?iim, that the inheritance may be 
JJyrs, i j Sp t|iejr call him out of 

faid, What i this then tha: is writ 
ten, The ftone which the builders 
re/ected ? the fame is become the 
head of the corner? 18 Whofo- 
ever fhali iall uppn that (tone, fhali 
be broken : but on whomsoever 
itfhali fall, it will grind him. 19 
And the chief prieftsand the fcribes 
the fame hour fought to lay hands 
on him ; But ihey feared the peo 
ple : for they perceived that he had 
fpoken this parable againft chem. 
10 And going ayay they fenc 
forth fpies, which ftiould feiga 
themfelves to bejuU men, that they 
might take hold of his words that 
fothey might deliver him unto the 
governor. zi And they asked 
him, laying, Ma(ler, we know thac 
thou fayfi and teacheft rightly^ nei 
thcr accepted thou the perfon of 
anyone; buc teacheft the way of 
God in truth, zz Is it lawful fof 
us to give tribure unco Cefar, or 
no? 15 Buc he perceived their 
wickednefs, and faid unto them, 
Why tempt ye me ? zq Shew 
me a piece of money ; Whofe 
image and fuperfcription hath it ? 
They anfwered and faid, Cefars 
5 And he faid unto them, Ren 
der unto Cefar the things which be 
Cefars, and unto God the thing! 
which be Gods. z6 But they 
could not take hold of his word 
Before the people : and they mar 
velled at his anfwer, and held their 
peace. 2.7 Then came to him cer- 
ain of the Sadducees who fay there 
s no refurre&ion, and asked him^ 
18 Saying, Maiter, Mofes wrote 
unto us, If any mans brother die 
wichouc children^ haying a wife, 



that his brother (hould take his 
wife, and raife up feed unto his 
brother. 2,9 There were feven 
brethren with us : and the firft 
took a wife, and died without 
a child left. 30 And che fecond ; 
31 And the third; and in like 
manner the feven. And they left no 
child, and died. 31 At lafi the 
woman alfo died. 3 3 Therefore 
in the refurrection, whofe wife of 
them (hall (he be ? for feven had 
her to wife. 34 And He faid un 
to them, The children of this 
world are begotten and beget, 
marry and are given in marriage : 
35 But they who fhall be accounted 
worthy to obtain that world, and 
the refurrection from the dead, nei 
ther marry, nor are given in mar 
riage. 36 Neither fhall they die 
any more ; for they are equal un-o 
che angels with God, being the 
children of the refurreclion. 37 
Now that the dead ate raifed, 
Mofes (hewed at the bufh, when 
he calleth the Lord the God of A- 
br aham, and the God of Ifaac. 
and the God of Jacob. 38 He is 
not a God of the dead, but of the 
living : for all live unco him. 39 
Then certain of the fcribes anfwer- 
ing faid, Maflcr, thou hart well 
fad. 40 And after that, they 
duift not ask him any queftion at 
all. 41 And he faid unto them, 
How fay they that Chrift i the fon 
of David? 41 And David him- 
felf faith in the book of pfalms, 
The LORD faith unto my Lord, 
Sit thou on my tight hand, 43 
Till I put thine enemies beneath 
thy feet, 44 David calleth him 
Lord, how is he his fon ? 4$ And 
in the audience of all the people, 
he faid unto the difciples, 46 Be 
ware of the fcribes, who defire to 
walk in long robes, and love 
greetings in the markets, and the 
bigheft feats in che fynagogues, and 
the chief feats ac feafts ; 47 

to Luke. 

vouring-widows houfes, for a ihew 
making long prayers : the lame 
ihall receive greater judgement. 

XXI. And he looked up, and 
faw the rich men catting their gifci 
into the creafury. 2, And he faw 
aifo a certain poor widow, cafting 
in two mires, which are a farthing, 
3 And he faid, Verily I fay unto 
you, that this poor widow hath 
caft in more than they all, 4 For 
all thefe have of their abundance 
caft in unto the offerings of God : 
bu: fheof her penury hath caft in all 
the living that (he had. 5 And 
as fome fpake of the temple, how 
it was adorned with goodly (tones, 
and gifts, he faid, 6 Ye fee thefe 
things ; the days will come, in the 
which there {hall not be left ftone 
upon ftone in the wall here, that 
fnall not be thrown down. 7 And 
:he difciples asked him, faying, 
Mafler, When will thefe things^ 
be ? and what will be the fign of 
:hy coming ? 8 Bu: he faiJ, See 
:hat ye be not deceived : for many 
will come in my name, faying. I am 
He, and the time draweth near r 
go ye not after them. 9 But when 
ye (hall hear of wait and diftur- 
aances, be not afraid ; for thefe 
things muft firft come to pafs, but 
che end is not quickly. 10 For 
Nation will rile againft nation, and 
.Jngdom againtt kingdom : IE 
And great earthquakes will be in 
divers places, and famine , and 
peftilences, and fearful fighcs, and 
great ligns will be from heaven, 
ii But before all thefe things 
they will lay their hands on you, 
and perfecutc you, delivering you 
up to the fynagogues, and to pri- 
fons, being brought before kings 
and rulerslfor my names fake. 1 3 
And ic (hall tarn to you for a 
reftimony. 14 Settle it therefore 
in your hearts, not to meditate be 
fore hand, what ye (hall anfwer. 
15 For I will give you a mouth, 


According to Luke 

and wifdotn, which all your adver- 
fariesfhall not be able coiefift. 16 
And ye will be betrayed both by 
parents, and brethren, and kinf- 
folks, and friends ; and fame of 
you will they caufe 10 be put 
to death. 17 And ye will be hated 
of all for my names fake. 18 But 
an hair of your head (hall not 
perifh. 19 In your patience pof- 
fef* ye your fouls. 20 And when 
ye (hall fee Jerufalem compared 
with armies, then ye will know 
thac the defohtion thereof is nigh. 
2.1 Then lee them who are in 
Judea, flee to the mountains j and 
let them who are in the midft of 
it, [not] depart out ; and let not 
them that are in the countries, en 
ter thereinto. 22 For chefe be 
Che days of vengence, that all things 
which are written may be fulfill 
ed. 23 Wo unto them that are 
with child, and to them that give 
fuck in thofe days: for there will 
be great ditirefs in the land, and 
wrath in thispeople. 24 And they 
fljailfallby the edge of thefword ; 
and (hall be led away captive unto 
all nations ; and Jerufalem (hall 
be troden down of thg Gentiles; 
unril the times of the Gentiles be 
fulfilled. 25 And there (hall be 
gns in the fun, and in the moon, 
and in the flars ; and upon the 
earth diftrefs of nations, and per 
plexity, the Tea and the waves ro- 
ring : 2,6 Mens hearts failing 
5<hem for fear, and for expectation 
of thofe things which are coming 
tin the earth : for the powers which 
are in heaven (hall be (haken. 27 
And then (hall they fee the Son of 
Bian coming in a cloud, with great 
power and glory. z8 And when 
thefe things are coming to pafs, 
l hen look up, and lilt upjwtr heads 
for your redemption draweth nigh, 
19 And he fpake to them a para 
ble, Behold the fig.cree, and all 
&e tree* ; 30 When they now 

Ihoot forth, ye fee their fruit, and 
know that fummer is already nigh 
at hand. 31 Solikewifeye, wfieti 
ye (hall fee thefe things, know ye 
thac the kingdom of God is nigh. 
32, Verily I fay unto you, thac 
This generation ftiall by no means, 
pafs away, till all thefe things be 
done. 33 Heaven and earth (hall 
pafs away : but my words (hall not 
pafs away. 34 Take heed to your 
felves, left at any time your hearts 
be over-charged with furfeiting, 
and drunkennefs, and cares of this 
life, and that day come upon you 
unwares. 3 $ For as a fnare (hall ic 
come on them that dwell on the 
face of the whole-land. 36 Bun 
Watch ye and pray always, thac ye 
may be accounted worthy to efcape 
all thefe things that (hall come to 
pafs, and ye (hall fland before the 
Son of man. 37 And in the day. 
time he was teaching in the temple, 
and lay at night in the mount 
thac is called the mount of Olives, 
38 And all the people came early 
in the morning to him in the tem 
ple, for to hear him. 

XXII. Now the feaft of unlea- 
vened bread drew nigh, which is 
called the paflbver. 2 And the 
chief priefts and fcribes foughc how 
they might deftroy him ; But they 
feared the people. 3 And Satan en 
tered into Judas (irnamed Scariocjij 
being of the number of the twelve- 
4 And he went his way, and com 
muned with the chief priefis, how 
he might betray him. 5 And they 
were glad, and covenanted to give 
him money. 6 And he promifed, 
and fought opportunity to betray him 
in the abfence of the multitude. 7 
Now the day of the paiTover came, 
when rhe paffbver mutt be killed. 
8 And he fcnt Peter and John 3 
faying, Go and prepare us the 
paflovcr, thac we may eac. 9 And 
they faid unto him, Where wile 
thou that we prepare it for thee ? 
10 And 

According td Luke. 

16 And he faid, Behold, when, that if grearefi among you ilet bin? 5 be 
ye cncer into the city, a man ftiail; as the leatt ; and the fervant more 
nieet you, bearing a pitcher of wa- 1 than he who fitteth down, z-j For 
ter ; follow him into the houfe I am come in the midft of you, not as 
tvhere he entreth in. n And ye he who fit eth down, but as he that 
(hail (ay unto the matter of the.ferveth. 2,8 And you are increaf- 
houfe, The Mailer faith, Where , ed in my miniltration, as he that 
is the gueft-chamber, where I ihall jfefverh j who have continued with 
cat the pafibver with rny difciples * \ me in my temptations 29 And I 

12 He ihail fhew you an upper j appointed unto you a kingdom, as 
room furnifued : there make ready. the Father hath appointed unto 

13 And they went and found as me: 30 That ye may eat and 
he had faid unto them : and ; drink at my table in th kingdom, 
they made ready the patfbver. inland fit on twelve thrones, judging 

And when the hour was come, he 
fac down, and the apoftles with 
him. 15 And he faid unto them, 
defire I have de(ired to eat 
this, paffover with you before I fuf- 
fr. 16 For I fay unto you, that 
1 will not eat thereof, until h be 
eaten new in the kingdom of God. 
17 And he took the ciip s and gave 
thanks, and faid, Take ye this, and 
divide it among your felves. 18 
I fay unro you, I will not from 
this time drink of the fruir of the 
vine, until the kingdom of God 
foal! come. 19 And he took bread, 
and gave thanks, and brake /r } and 
gave unto them, faying, Thi s is 
*ny body which is given for you; 
this do in remembrance of me. zo 

the twelve tiibei of Ifrael. 31 
And the Lord faid, Simon, Simon, 
behold, Satan hath defired you, 
thai he may fift^0 as wheat : 3 2, 
But I have prayed for thee, that thy 
faith fail not ; But when thou art 
converted, convert alfo thy bre 
thren. 3 3 And he faid unto him, 
Lo rd, I am ready to go with thee 
both to prifon, and to death. 54 
And be faid, I fay to thee, Peter, 
the cock fhaH not crow to day,un- 
till thou fliah thrice deny that thou 
krioweftme. 3$ And he faid un 
to them, When I fent you without 
purfe, and bag, and ihoes, lacked 
ye any thing j And they faid, No 
thing. 36 And he faid, But now 
he that hath a ba (hall take 

tms do :n remembrance of me. zo he that natn a bag inall take ;?, 
JLiketvife alfo the cup alter fupper, and likewife a purfe : and he that 
faying, This cup // the new tefta- hath not a fwore, fhall fell his gar 

ment in my blood, which is ftied 
tor/aa. a i But behold, the hand 
of him that betrayeth me // on the 
table, zz For the Son of man 
indeed goeth as it was determined : 
but wo unto him by whom he is 
betrayed. 25 And they began to 
enquire aifebng themfelves, who it 
^vas that was to do this, 24 And 
there vvas alfo aftrife among them, 
who Should be the g remit. 15 
But he faid un:o them, The king? 
Of the Gentiles lord it over them , 
and they that c^crcife authority 
over (hem , afe called benefactor*. 
i-6 But eiij /V no: tk f o :" but hf 

ment, and buy one. 37 For I fay, 
that this which is written, muft be 
accompliftied in me, And he was 
reckoned among the tranfgreffors r 
For Thefe things that concern me 
have an end. 38 And they faid, 
Lord, behold, here are two fwords,. 
And he faid unto them, Ic is 
enough. 39 And he came out, 
and wenr, as he was wont, to the 
mount of Olives; and the difciples 
aifo followed him. 40 And when 
he was ar the place, he faid urit 
them, Pray, that ye enter not into 
captation, 41 But he was with- 

throw, and 
prayed, 4:, 

According to Luke. 

kneeled down, and 
Saying, Father, Let 

not my will, but thine be done If 
thou be willing remove this cup 
from me. 43 And there appeared 
an angel unto him from heaven, 
ftrengthning him. 44 And being 
in an agony$ he prayed very ear- 
neftly : and his fweat was as it were 
great drops of blood falling down 
to the ground. 45 And when he 
arofe up from prayer, and was 
come to his difciples, he found them 
lleeping for forrow, 46 And faid 
unto them, Sleep ye ? rife and 
pray, left ye enter into temptation. 
47 And while he yet fpake, be 
hold, a great multitude, and he 
that was called Judas Scarioth, one 
of the twelve, went before them, 
and drew near unto Jefus, and killed 
him. For he had given them this 
fign, whomfoever I ftiall kifs that 

is he. 48 But Jefus faid unto him, 
Judas, betrayeft thou rhe Son ot 
man with a kifs? 49 When they 
Which were about him, faw what 
was done ; they faid unco the Lord, 
Shall we fmlte with the fword ? 
50 And one of them fmote the fer- 
vant ot rhe high prieft, and cut 
off his right ear. 51 And he an- 
fwereci and faid. Suffer ye thus tar, 
And he Oreched out his hand, and 
touched his ear, and his ear was re- 
ftored. 52 Then he faid unto the 
fhief prietts and captains of the 
people, and the elders who were 
come co him, Are ye come out as 
againft a thief, with fwords and 
flaves ? 53 When I was dayly with 
you in the temple, ye ftretched not 
out hands againit me : but this is 
your hour, and the power of dark- 
nefs. 54 Then took they him, 
nd led kim^ into the high priefts 
houi e. And Perer followed him 
afar oft. ^ And When they had 
kindled a fire in the mid It of the 
court and were fet round ic ; and 
Pfeter warming htimfslf v?hb ihenr, $6 

A certain maid beheld him as hg 
fat by the fire, and earneflly looked 
upon him, and faid, This man was 
alfo with him. 5 7 And he denied, 
faying, I know him not. 58 And 
a little while after another faw 
him, and faid the fame^ Thou art 
alfo ot them : And he faid, Man* 
I am not. 59 And about the 
fpace ot one hour after, another 
confidently affirmed, Of a truth I 
fay, this man alfo was with him ; 
for he is a Galilean. 60 And Peter 
faid, Man, I know not what thou 
fayft. And immediately while he 
fpake, the cock crew. 61 
But the Lord Jefus turned, and 
ooked upon Peter ; and he re- 
membred the word of the Lord* 
how he had faid unto him, Before 
he cock crow,thou(halt thrice deny 
that thou knoweft me. 6z, And 
he went ouc 3 and wept bitterly, 
63 But the men that held him, 
mocked him. 64 And when they 
had blind-folded his face, they 
(truck him, and faid, Prophefie, 
who is it that fmote thee ? 65 
And blafpheming they fpake many 
other things againft him. 66 And 
as foon as it was day, the el 
ders of the people, and the chief 
priefts and the fcribes were allembled 
together, and led him awa^ unto 
their council, 67 Saying, Arc 
thou the Chrift ? But he faid untd 
them, If I tell you, you will noc 
believe. 68 And if I alfo a>k^H, 
you will not anfwer me, nor lee 
me go. 69 Now from this time 
fhali the Son of man fit on the 
right hand of the power of God. 
70 But they all faid, Art thou the 
Son of God? And he faid unto 
them. Ye fay that I am. 71 Ard 
they faid, What need have we of 
witnefles ? for we our fe!<fes have 
heard of his own mouth. 

XXIII. And they arofe, ind 
led him unto Pilate. 2. And they 
beg:in ro accufc him, faying j We 

According to Luke. 

have found this man perverting our releafe untous Barabbas : 18 Who 

nation, and forbidding to give tri 
bute to Cehr, but faying, that he 
himfelf isChrift, the king. 3 Anc 
Pilace asked him, faying, Art tnou 
the king of the Jews? and he an. 
fwered him faying, Thou fayft it 

4 Pilate faid to the chief priell: 
and to the multitudei, I find no 
faulc in this man. 5 And they 
were the more fierce, faying, He 
fiirreth up the people, teaching 
throughout all the land, beginning 
from Galilee to this place. 6 Now 
when Pilate heard ct Galilee, he 
asked whether the man were a Ga 
lilean. 7 And knowing that he 
belonged unto Herods jurifdidion, 
he fenc him to Herod, who himfel! 
was alfo at Jerufalem in thofe days 

5 And when Herod faw Jefus, he 
was exceeding glad : for he was 
defirous to fee him ot a long time, 
becaufe he had heard of him ; and 
he hoped to have feen fome miracle 
done by him. 9 And he queition- 
ed with him in many words ; but 
he anfwered him nothing. 10 And 
the chief priefts and fcribes ftood, 
and vehemently accufed him. 1 1 
And Herod wiih his foldiers fet 
him at nought, and mocked him, 
and arayed him in a (hining robe, 
and fenc him back to Pilate, iz 
But. the farr;e day Pilate and Herod 
who had been at enmity, were 
made friends. 13 Eu: Pilare when 

he had called together the chief 
DrieOs, and the rulers, and all the 
people, 14 Said unto them, Ye 
have brought this man unto me, as 
one that perverterh the people : 
But I having examined him before 
you, have found no faulc in him. 
1 5 No, nor yet Herod : for I fenc 
you to him, and nothing worthy of 
ideath is done unto him. 16 I 
will therefore chaftife .him, and re 
icafe him. 1 7 And they cried ouc 
all at once, faying, Away with. 

thii man, Away with this manhandling the malcfaftors together: one 


for a certain fcdition made in ths 
city and for murder was caft into 
prifon. 19 Now of neceflity he 
muft releafe one unto them at the 
fealt. 20 But Pilate willing 
to releafe Jefus, fpake again to 
them, 21 But they ciied in an- 
fwcr Crucifie, erucifie. 22, And 
he faid unto them the third time, 
What evil then hath he done ? I 
find no caufe of death in him : Buc 
I will chalHfe him, and let 
23 And they were indant with 
loud voices, requiringthac he might: 
be crucified : and the voices of 
them, and of the chief priefts pre 
vailed. 24 And Pilate gave fen- 
tence that what they required 
fliould be done. 25 And he ie- 
leafed him that for murder was caft 
into prifon, whom they haddedted ; 
but he delivered Jefus to their will. 
2,6 But as they led him a way, they 
laid hold on one Simon a Cyre- 
iian, coming ouc of the country, 
and on him they laid the crofs, 
hat he mighc bear it after Jefus. 
27 And there followed him a com- 
:>any of people, and women who 
5ewailed and lamented him. 28 
But Jefus turning unto :hem, faid, 
Daughters oi Jerufalem weep not 
"or me, nor lament : but weep 
or your felves, and your children; 
29 For the days will come, in the 
which they (hall fay, Blelfed are 
he barren, and the wombs that ne- 
7tr bare, and the paps which ne- 
er gave nourifhment. 30 Then 
hall they begin to fay tothemoun- 
ains, Fall on us ; and to the hills, 
over us. 5 1 For if they do thefe 
hings in the green tree, what {hall 
e done in the dry ? 32 And 
here were alfo two other male- 
taclors led with him to be put to 
death. ?$ And when they were 
come to the place which is called 
the Scull, thcie they crucified him, 

According to Luke. : 

on the right hand, and the other Galilee, flood afar off to behold 
on the left. 34 But they parted: thefe thing?. 50 And behold one 
his raiment, and caft a loc. 35 j named Jofeph, being a counfellofi 
And the people flood beholding j a good man, and a iuft : < i He 

*> -*. 1 I f I S> \ 

But they derided him, and they 
faid to him, Thou haft faved o- 

had not confented 
and deed of them 

to the counfel 
he was of An 

thers ; fave thy felf, if :hou beeflimathea, a city of the Jew, who 
Chrift, the Son of God : If thou) waited for the kingdom of God. 
beeft the chofen, 36 And the 51 He went .unto Pilate, and aik- 

foldiers alfo mocked him, coming 
to him ; and they brought him vi 
negar, 3 7 And faying, Hail king 
of the Jews , and puting a crown of 
thorns on him. 38 And a fuper 
fcription alfo was written over him 
in letters of Greek, Latin, Hebrew, 
THE JEWS. 39 And one of 
the Malefactors blafphemed him : 
40 But the other anfwering, re 
buked him, faying. Doft noc thou 
fear God ? for we are under the fame 
judgement ? 41 And we indeed 
juttly ; for we receive the due re 
ward of wha: we have done : but 
this man hath done no wicked 
thing. 42. And turning to the 
Lord, he faid to h : m, Remember 
me in the day of thy coming. 43 
But Jefus anfwered and faid unto 
him, that rebuked the other, Be of 
good courage, Today (halt thou be 
with me in paradife, 44 And it was 
the fixch hour, and there wadark- 
nefs over all the earth until the 

ed the body of Jefus. 5 3 And 
he took down, and wrapped the 
body of Jefus in linen, and laid 
him in a fepulchre thac was hewn 
in flone, wherein never man before 
was laid : 54 And when he had 
laid him, he puc to the fepulchre 
a flone which twenty men could 
hardly roll. 5 5 And i: was the day 
before the fabbath, And two women 
followed, who came from Galilee 
together, and beheld his fepulchre, 
56 And they returned, and pre 
pared fpices and ointments j and> 
rifled the fabbath-day. 

XXIV. But upon the firft day 

ninth hour. 45 
had cried with a 

And when Jefus 
loud voice, he 

faid, Father, into thy hands I .com- 
ciic my fplrit : And having faid 
thus, "he gave up the ghofl. 46 
But the fun was darkned, and the 
vail of the temple was rent. 47 
And the centurion cryed out, and 
glorified God, faying, Certainly this 
was a righteous man. 48 And all 
the multitude that came together to 
the fight, having beheld the things 
which were done,fmote their breafis, 
and their foreheads, and returned. 

49 And all his acquaintance, and 

ibe women chjit followed him 

of the week, very early in the 
morning, they came unto the fe 
pulchre, bringing what they had 
prepared, and certain with them. 
i But they reafoned among them- 
elves who now (hall roll away the 
}one ? But They found the Gone 
rolled away from the fepulchre. 5 
And they entred in, and found noc 
the body. 4 And it came to pafs> 
as they were perplexed abou^ it ; be 
hold two men flood by them in a 
fhining garment. $ And thiy 
were afraid, and bowed down tktir 
faces to the earth ; Buc they faid 
unto them, Why feek ye him thac 
is alive among rhe dead ? 6 Re 
member how many things he fpake 
unto you when he wa yet in Ga 
lilee, 7 That the Son of man 
muft be delivered into the hands 
of men, and be crucified, and the 
third day rife again. 8 And they 
remembred his words, 9 And re*.; 
turned, and told all thefe 


unt9 the eleven, and all the reft^j 
P * *9 M af E 

TO Mary Magdalene, and Joanna, 
and Mary f he mother oi James, and 
other women with them, told thefe 
things unto the apottles. n And 
thefe words Teemed to them as an 
idle tale, and they believed them 
nor. 1 3 But there were two of 
them who went that fame day to a 
village whofe name was Oulam- 
maus, which was from Jerufalem 
chreefcore furlongs. 14 And they 
calked together of all thefe things 
which had happened. 15 And it 
came to pafs, thar while they com 
muned, and enquired, Jefus drew 
near, and went with them. 16 
their eyes were holden, that 

According to Lukej 

heart as to all that the prophets 
have fpoken ! 26 Thac Chrift 
ought to have fuflered thefe thing;,, 
and to have entred into his glory ? 
z? And he began from Mofes, and 
all the prophers, to expound unto 
them in the Scriptures, the things 
concerning himfelf. 28 And they 
drew nigh unto the village, whither 
they went : and he made as though 
he would have pone further. 29 
But they constrained him, faying, 
Abide with u> ; for it is towards 
evening, and the day far fpent ; 
and he went in ro tarry with them. 
30 And it car^e to pafs as he iat at 
mea: he took bread, and bletTed, 

they (hould not know him. 17 \ and gave to them. 3c And when 
And he faid unco them, What man- | they had received the bread irom 
ncr of communications ore thefe i him, their eyes were opened, and 
that ye have among your felves, they knew him, and he vaniihed 
walking fad? ?8 And one of out of their light. 32 But they 
them, whofe name was Cleopas, j faid among chemfelves, wag not our 
Snfwering faid unto him, An chou! heart hidden within us, 3b he talk d 
only a ftranger Jn Jerufalem, not j with us by the way, as he opened 
knowing the things which arexome | to us the fcriptures ? 33 And 
to pafs in ic in thefe day : ? 19 jthey rofe up the fame hour forrow- 
uc he faid unto him; What things ? ;ful, and returned to Jerufalem; 
The things concerning Jefus of j and found the eleven gathered to- 
Nazareth, who was a piophet gether, and them that were with 
mighty in deed and word, before them. 34 Who faid, The Lord is 
God and all the people : zo How rifen indeed, and hath appeared 
lfe chief prielts and our rulers de-i unto Simon. 35 And they told 
livered this man unto the judge- 1 what [hings were done in the way, 
ment of death, and have crucified ; and that he was known of them in 
him. ji But we trufled that it; breaking of bread. 36 And as 
was He who was:o redeem Ifrael ; they thus fpake, he himfelf flood 
an4 with all thefe things to day isjinthe midft of the difciples. 37 
the third day fince thefe things! But they were terrifyed and affright- 
2,2, Yea, and certain ed, ancj fuppofed that they had 

were done 

women al(o made us aftonilhed, 
who were early ac the fepulchre: 
2,3 And when they found not his 
body, they came, faying, that they 
had feen a vifion of angels, who 
faid that he was alive. 14 And 
certain of them who were with us, 
went to the fepulchre, and found 
5s the women faid ; but him we 
have not feen. 25 But he faid 
OIHQ tjigm, p fopls, and (low of 

feen a fpirit. 38 But he faid un- 
to them, Why are ye troubled, and 
why do thoughrs arife in your 
hearts? 39 Behold my hands and 
my feet, that it is I ray felf : handle 
me and fee, for a fpirit hath not 
bones and fiefh as ye fee me have. 
4? And while they yet believed 
not for joy, and wondered, hefaid 3 
Have ye here any meat ? 42- An<3 
they gave him a piece of a broiled 


fifth 45 And he took *V, and did 
eat before them. 44 And he faid 
unco them, Thefe were my words 
which I (pake unco you while I 
was yet with you, thac all things 
muft be fulfilled which were writ 
ten in the law of Mofes, and the 
Prophecs, and the Pfalms concer 
ning me. 45 Then opened he their 
mind, thac they might underfland 
the fcripturcs. 46 And faid unco 
them, Thus it i written, chat 
Chrift fhould fuffer, and rile the 
third day, 47 And that repen 
tance and rcmiilinn of (ins fhould 

According to Luke, 

be preached in his name, as far as 
all nations j beginning at Jerufa- 
lem. 48 And ye are alfo wknedei 
of rhefe things. 49 And behold 
I fend the promife upon you ; buc 
carry ye in the ciry until ye be en 
dued with power from on high. 50 
And he led them out co Bethany, 
and he life up his hands, and blefled 
chem. $ i And ic came to pafs 
while he bletfed them, he was 
parted from them. 51 And chey 
returned to Jerufalem wich greac 
joy. 53 And were continually ia 
the temple praifing God. 

fbe G off el according to LUKE is Jrni/hed. 

The Gofpel according to MARK begins. 


TH E beginning of the gofpel 
of Jefus Chrill the Son of 
God, 2, As it is written in Efaias 
the prophet, Behold, I fend my 
mefcnger before thy face, who 
(hall prepare thy way. 3 The 
voice ot one crying in the wilder- 
nefs, Prepare ye the ways of our 
God, make his path* ftraight. 4 
John did baptize in the wildernefs , 
and preach the bsptifm of repen 
tance, for the remiifion of (ins. 5 
And there wenc out. unto him all 
the country of Judea, and ail they 
of Jerufalem, and were baptized 
of him in the river Jordan, con- 
fefling their fins. 6 And John 
was clothed wich camels hair : and 
he did eat locufts and wild hony : 
?. 8 And he faid unto them, I in 
deed baptize you wich water ; but 
there cometh one after me who is 
mightier than I, the latche: of 
whofe fhoes I am nor worthy to un- 
loole, and he baptize you wich the 
Holy Ghoft. 9 And ic came to 
pafs in thofe days, that Jefus esroe 

from Nazareth of Galilee, and fual! 
baptize of John in Jordan. 10 
And coming up from tke vva:er-> 
he faw the heavens opened, and 
the Spirit like a dove defending 
upon him. n And there was a 
voice from the heavens, Thou art 
my beloved Son, In Thee I am 
well pleafed. ii And immediately 
che Holy Spirit driveth him one un 
co the wildernefs. 13 And lie 
was in the wildernefa forty days 3 
and was tempted of Satan, and 
was with the wild beafts, and the 
angels miniftred unto him. 14 
Now after that John was delivered 
up, Jefus came into Galilee, preach 
ing the gofpel of the kingdom of 
God, 1 5 Saying, The times are 
fulfilled, and the kingdom of God 
is ac hand : repent ye, and believe 
in the gofpel. 16 Now as he patted 
by the fea of Galilee, he faw Si 
mon, and Andrew his brother, 
cafting nets into the fca : for they 
were fifhers. 17 And Jefus faid 
unto them, Come after me, and I 
will make you become fifhers of 
rnen. 18 Arjd graightway the/ 


forfook all, and followed him. 19 
And when he had gone a little fur 
ther, he faw James the fan of Ze 
bedee, and John his brother, who 
alfo were in the (hip mending their 
nets, 20 And Araightway he call 
ed them : and they left their father 
Zebedee in the (hip, with the hired 
fervants, and followed him. ii 
And they went into Capharnaum, 
and ftraightway on the fabbath he 
entered into the fynagogue, and 
taught them. 22, And they were 
aftonifhed at his dodtrine : for he 
taught them as one that had autho 
rity, and not as the fcribes. 23 
And there was in the fynagogue a 
roan with an unclean fpirit, and he 
cried out, 24 Saying, What have 
we to do with ihee, thou Jefu of 
Nazareth ? arc thou come to deftroy 
us ? I know thee vvho thou arc, 
the holy one of God. 25 And 
h,e rebuked him, faying, Hold thy 
peace, and go out of the man thou 
unclean Spirit. z6 And the un 
clean Spirit went out, When he 
had torn him, and cryed with a 
loud voice, he went out of him, 

27 And they were all amazed, in 
fomuch that they queftioned among 
themfelves, faying, What dodhine 
is that, ? Or, what new power 
is this thathecommandeth even the 
unclean fpirits, and they obey him. 

28 And immediately his fame 
went forth unto all the region 
round about Galilee, 29 And when 
he was come out of the fynagogue, 
he came into the houfe of Simon, 
and Andrew ; with James and 
John. 30 But Simons wifes mo 
ther lay fick of a fever, and pre- 
fently they tell him of her. 3 1 
And he came to her and took her 
by the hand, and lift her up i and 
immediately the fever left her, and 
file miniilred unto them. 31 And 
at even, when the fun was fet, 
they brough: unto him all tha: were 
ijl with 4iverfe cUfeafgs^ and them 

to Mark. 

that were poffeffed with demons. 
33 And the whole ciry was ga 
thered together ac his door. 34 
And he healed them, thofe 
that had daemons he caft them ouc 
of them, and differed them not to 
fpeak; becaufe they knew him ; 
and he healed many that were ill of 
diverfe difeafes, and caftout many 
daemons. 35 And in the morning 
a great while before diy, he wenc 
ouc, and departed into a folitary 
place, and there prayed. 36 
Then Simon, and they that were 
with him, followed after him. 37 
And when they had found him, 
chey faid unto him, All men feek 
thee. 38 And he faid unto them, 
Let us go into the next villages, 
and into the cities, that I may preach 
here alfo : for therefore came I 
forth. 39 And he preached in 
their fynagogiies throughout all Ga- 
ilec, and caft out demons. 40 
And there came a leper to him, 
befeeching him, and faying, If 
hou wilt, thou canft make me 
clean. 41 And being angry he 
>ut forth his hand, and touched 
him, and faith unto him, I will, be 
hou clean, 42 And immediately 
he leprofie departed from him, 
ind he was cleanfed. 43 And he 
charged him in anger, and forth 
with caft him out, 44 And faith 
unto him, See thou tell it not to 
any man : but go away, (hew thy 
felf to iheprieit, and offer for thy 
cleaning thofe things which Mofes 
commanded, for ateftimony unto 
them. 45 But he went out, and 
began to publHh and to blaze a- 
broad the matter J infomuch thac 
he could no more openly enter in 
to the city, but was without it} 
defert places : and they came to 
him from every quarter, 

II. And entering again into Ca 
pharnaum, after fame days, it was 
heard that he was in the haufe. i, 
Arid ftraightway m^ny were ga 

According to Mark. 

thered together, infomuch that 
there was no longer room to re 
ceive them, no not fo much as a 
bouc the door : and he preached 
the word unto them. 5 And they 
came unto him, bringing a Paraly- 
tick who was carried of four. 4 
And when they could not come 
nigh for the multitude, they un 
covered the roof where Jefus was : 
and when they had broken if up, 
they let down the couch upon 
which the fick of the palfie was ly 
ing. 5 When Jefus faw their 
faith, he faid unto the Paralytick, 
Son,fty (ins be forgiven thee, 6 But 
there were certain of the fcribes 
fitting there, and reafoning in their 
hearts, faying, 7 Why doth this 
man thus fpeak ? he blafphemes, 
who can forgive (ins but God ? 8 
And when Jefus perceived in his 
fpirit, that they fo reafoned with 
in themfelves, he faid unto them. 
Why reafon ye thefe things in 
your hearts ? 9 Whether is it 
cafier faid to the paralytick, Arife, 
and take up thy couch and walk, 
or to fay thy Sins be for given 
rhee? 10 But that ye may know 
that the Sen of man hath power 
on earth to for give fins, he faith to 
the paralytick, n I fay unto thee 
Arife, take up thy couch, and go 
unto thine houfe. 12 And imme 
diately he got up,took up the couch, 
and went out before them all, info- 
much that they were all amazed, 
and glorified God, and faid, We 

never faw it on this fafoion. 13 
And he went out by the fea-fide,and| 
all the multirude reforted unto him, 
and he taught them. 14 And as 
he pafled by. he faw f James the 

publicans and finners fat together 
with Jefus and his difciples : for 
there were many, who alfo fol 
lowed him- 1 6 And the fcribes 
and Pharifees faw him eating with 
publicans and finners ; and they 
faid unto his difciples, How is ic 
that he eateth with publicans and 
finners ? 17 When Jefus heard 
if, he faith, They that are well, 
have no need of the phyfician, but 
they that are ill : I came not to 
call the righteous, but finners. 18 
And the difciples of John, and the 
Pharifees ufed to s faft ; and they 
come, and fay unto him, Why do 
r he difciples ot John and of the 
Pbarifees faft, but thy difciples faft 
not ? 19 And he faid unto them, 
Can the children of the bride- 
chamber faft, while the bridegroom 
is wkh them ? 2,0 But the days 
will come, when the bridegroom 
(hall be taken away from them, and 
hen fhall they faft on that day. 
a i No one alfo feweth a piece of 
new cloth on an old garment: 
elfe the new piece that filled it up, 
taketh away 
and the rent 

f read 


of A1 P heus 
ac the 

cultorn, and faid un 

to him, Follow me. And he arofe 
and followed him. 15 And it 
came to pafs. that as Jefus was fit 
ting ac meat in hii houfc, many 

from the old, 
is made worfe. 
12. And no one putteth new wine 
into old bottles, elfe the wine doth 
burft the bottles, and the wine is 
fpilled, and the bottles will be 
polled. 2,3 And it came to pafs 
again, that he went through the 
corn-fields on the fabbath, and hit 
difciples began as they went, to 
pluck the ears of corn. 14 Buc 
the Pharifees faid. Behold, why do 
thy difciples on the fabbath, that 
which is not lawful ? 2.5 And he 
anfwering faid unto them, Have ye 
never read what David did, 
when he had need, and was an 
hungred, he, and they that were 
wich him ? 2,6 He went unto the 
houfe of God, and did eat the 
(hew-bread, which is not lawfui 
:o ear, but for the prielts, he gave 
alto co thecn which wcte with him? 

is Lord alfo of the fab- 

of man 

III. And he entred again into 
the fynagogue, and there was a 
man there who had a withered 
hand, z And they watched him, 
whether ne would heal him on the 
fabbach, that they mi^ht accufe 
him. 3 And he faith unto the 
roan who had the withered hand, 
Stand in the midft. 4 And he 
faich unto them, Is it lawful to do 
good on the fabbathj or to do evil? 
tofavelife, or to kill? but they 
held their peace.. 5 And when 
he had looked round about on 
them with anger, being grieved for 
the deadnefs of rheir hearts, he 
faith unto the man, Stretch forth 
thine hand. And he ftretched it 
out: and his hand was reftored 
prefendy. 6 And the Pharifees 
went out, and took counfel with 
theHerodians againft him, how they 
might deflroy him, 7 Eut Jefus 
withdrew himfclf with his difciples 
to the fea : and a great multitude 
from Galilee followed him, and 
Judea, 8 And Jerufalem, and from 
Idumea 5 and thofethat were beyond 
Jordan, and they about Tyre, and 
they about Sidon, a great multi- 
tude 3 when they had heard what 
things he did, came unto him. 9 
And he fpake to his difciples, that 
a frnall (hip fhould wait on hinu be- 
caufe of the multitude, left they 
fhould throng him. 10 For he 
had healed many, infomuch that 
they prefled upon him for to touch 
him, as many as had firokes, and 
unclean Spirits. 1 1 When there 
fore they faw him, they fell down 
before him, and cried, facing, 
Thou art the Son of God. ii 

According to Mark. 

1,8 But I fay unto you, The Son came unto him. 14 And he or 
dained that they (hould be twelve, 
that they fhould be with him, and 
that he might fend them forth to 
preach the Gofpel. 15 And he 
gave them power to heal difeafes 3 
and to caft out daemons. 16 And 
Simon he firnamed Peter. 17 And 
James the fon of Zebedee, and John 
the brother of James and he firna 
med them Boanerges, which is, 
the fons of thunder 18 And 
Andrew, and Philip, and Bartho 
lomew, and Matthew, and Tho 
mas, and James the fan of Alpheus, 
and Lebbaus, and Simon the Ca 
naanite, 19 And Judas Scarioth, 
who alfo betrayed him : and they 
went into an houfe. 20 And the 
multitude cometh together again, 
fo that they could not fo much as 
eat bread. 21 And when the 
fcribes and the reft that were about 
him, heard, they went out to lay 
hold on him : for they faid. He is 
befide himfelf. 22 And the fcribes 
who came down from Jerufalem, 
faid, He hath Beelzebub, and by 
the prince of the daemons cafteth he 
out daemons, 23 And the Lord 
Jefus calling them unto him, faid 
in parables, How can Satan caft 
out Satan? 24 And if a kingdom 
be divided againft it felf, that 
kingdom cannot be eftp.blifhed. 
25 And if an houfe be divided a* 
gainit it felf, that houfe cannot be 
efhblifhed. 26 And If Satan caft 
out Satan, he is divided, againft 
himfelf and his kingdom cannot 
be efhblifhed, but hath an end. 17 
No one can enter into a ftrong 
mans houle, and fpoil kit goods, 
except he will firfi bind the ftrong 
man, and then he will plunder his 
houfe. 28 Verily I fay unto you, 
chat All (ins fhall be forgiven un 
co the fons of men, and blafphemies 
wherewith foever they fhall blaf- 
pherne; 29 But ^hofcevcr fhall 
blafpberne the Holy Ghofl hath noc 

And he earneftly charged them, 
that they (hould not make him 
known. 13 And hegoeth up in 
to a mountain, and calleth unto 
him whom he would J and the 

According to Mark. 

" * 

forgivenefs, but fhall be guilty of 
eternal fin. 30 Becaufe they faid, 
He hath an unclean fpirit. 31 And 
he cometh into the houfe, and his 
mother, and his brethren fianding 
without, Tent unto him, calling him. 
31 And he fat by the multitude : 
and they lay unto him, Behold, 
thy mother, and thy brethren, 
and thy filters without,feek thee. 5 3 ] 
And he anfwered them, faying, 
Who is my mother, or brethren ? 

34 And he looked on thofe that 
were round ahouc him, and faid, 
Eehold, my mother and brethren. 

35 For whofoever fhall do the 
will of God, the fame is my bro 
ther, and fifter, and mother. 

IV. And he began again to teach 
by the fea-fide: and theie was gather 
ed unto him mueb people, 10 that 
he enrred into a fhip, and fat ^ be 
yond the fea, and the whole multi. 
tude was f be 
yond the fea. z 

t readbv Andhetau g hcthem 
7 many things in pa 

rables, and faid unto them in his 
doctrine, 3 Hearken, behold, there 
went out afower r 4 And it came 
to pafs as he fowed, fome fell by 
the way-fide, and the fowls of the 
air came and devoured it. 5 And 
others fell on ftony grounds, and 
becaufe they had not much earth, 
immediately they fprang up becaufe 
they had no depth of earth. 6 
And when the fun was up, they were 
fcorched, and becaufe they had no 
root, they withered away. 7 Ana 
others fell among thorns, and the 
thorns grew up, and choked them, 
and it yielded no fruit. 8 And o 
thers fell on good ground, and did 
yield fruir, that fprang up and in- 
creafcci, and brought forth fome 
thirty, and fome fixty, and fome 
an hundred. 9 And he faid, He 
that hath ear* to hear, let him 
lear, and he that hath uncierftand- 
ing let Urn .underfUnd. 10 

when he was alone, hw difciples, 
asked of him what the parable was. 
ii And he fays unto them, Unto 
you ic is given to know the myfiery 
of the kingdom of God : but unto 
them that are without, all things 
are faid in parables : iz That 
feeing they may fee, and not per 
ceive, and hearing they may hear, 
and not mind ; left a: any time: 
they ihould be converted, and I 
fhould forgive their fins. 13 And 
he faid unco them, Know ye noc 
his parable ? and how then will 
you know ail parables ? 14 The 
bwer foweth the word. 15 And 
thefe are they by the way- fide, in 
which the word is fown ; but when 
they have heard, Satan cometh im 
mediately, and taketh away the 
word that was fown in their hearts, 
1 6 And thefo are they which are 
fown on ftony ground, who when 
they fhall hear the word, receive 
i: with gladnefs : 17 And have 
no root in themfelves, and fo en 
dure but for a time : after wud 
when affliction and perfection 
arifeth for the words fake, imme 
diately they will be fcandaiized. 
1 8 And others are they which are 
fown among thorns: fuch as have 
heard the word, 19 And the cares 
of life, and the deceits of the 
world, entering in, choke che 
word, and they become unfruitful. 
ao And thefe are they which are 
fown on good ground, fuch as hear 
the word, and receive /f, and 
bring forth fruit, fonie thirty, fome 
fixty, and fome an hundred, z r 
And he faid unto them, Is a candle 
lighted co be put under a buihcl, 
or under a bed ? and not to be 
fct on a candleftick ? ^a Foe 
there is nothing hid which {hall 
not be manifciied : neither was any 
thing kept fecrec, buc thar ic ihould 
come abroad. z$ If any man 
have ears to hear, let him hear. ^ q 
And he faid unto them, T^ke heed 
P wbac 

According to 


what you heaf : wicfi whac mea- 
it fhall be meafured 
For iie that hath, to 

Cure ye mete, 
to you 

him (hall be added : and he that 
hath not, from him, {hall be taKen 
even that which he hath. z6 And 
he faid, So is the kingdom of God, 
as a man, that flaould cafl feed up 
on the ground, 2,7 And ftiould 
fieep, and rife night and day, and 
the feed ftiould fpring and grow 
up, he knoweth not how. 18 
For the earth bringech forth fruit 
of it felf, firft the blade, then the 
car, after that is the full corn in the 
ear. 2,9 But when the fruit is 
alfo brought forth, immediately he 
putteth in the tickle, becauie the 

m \ .* I 

ed the wind, and thefea, and faid 

Peace, and be 

and the wind 

ceafed, and there was a great calm. 
40 And he faid unto them, Why 
are ye fearful ? have ye not yec 
faith ? 41 And they feared a great 
fear, and laid one to another, 
Who then is this, that even the 
winds and the fea obey him ? 

V. And they came unto the 
other tide, into the country of the 
Gerafens. 2, And when they were 
come out of the fhip, immediately 
there met him out.ot the tombs, a 
man with an unclean fpirir, 3 
Who had bit dwelling among the 
tombs, and no one could any longer 
bind him, no not with chains : 4 

harvelt is come. 30 And he faid, j Becaufe that he had been often 
Whereunto fhall we liken the king- j bound with fetters and chains with 
dom of God ; or with what com- j which they bound him; and he had 
parifon (hall we compare it ? 31; plucked them afunder, and the fet- 
j rVlikea grain ofmufhrd, which i ters had been broken in pieces : 
when it isfown in the earth, is lefSj neither could any one tame him. 
ihan all the feeds that be upon the j 5 And night and day, he was in 
earch. 32, It becometh greater | the tombs, and in the mountains, 
than all herbs, and fhooteth out: crying, and cutting himfelf with 
great branches, fo that the fowls of j flones. 6 But when he faw Jeujs 

heaven may lodge under the! afar off, he ran and worfhiped 
fhadow of ir. 33 And vvirh many him, 7 And cried with a loud 
fuch parables f pake he the word as | voice, and faid, What have I to 
they weie able to hear/f. 34 But do wi<h thec, Jefus, tnou Son of 
wuhou-. a parable fpakc he not un- the moft hghGod ? I adjure thee 
to them: and when they were i by God, that thou torment me 
alone, he expounded them to his I not. 8 For Jefus faid unto him, 
difciples. 3; And the fame day | Come out of the man, thou un- 
when the even was come, he faith clean fpirit. 9 And he asked him, 

unto them, Let us pafs over unto 
the other fide. 36 And when 
they fenc away the multitude, they 
take him alfo even as he was in the 
ihip, and there were alfo with him 
other ihSps. . 37 And there arofe 
a great dorm of wind, and the 
waves beat into the (hip, fo that 
the (hip was now full. 38 And 
lie was in the hinder pare of 
the Ihip, afleep on a pillow : and 
they awaking him, fay unto him, 
frUfter, careft thou not that we 

What is thy name ? And heanfwer- 
cd, My name is Legion : for we 
are many. 10 And befought him 
much, that he would not fend them 
away out of the country. 11 Now 
there was there nigh unto the 
mountian, an herd of fwine feed 
ing, iz And the daemons befoughc 
him, faying, Send us into the 
fwine, that we may go away unto 
them. 13 And forthwith the Lord 
Jefuj fent them into the fwine. And 
the unclean fpirits went our, and 

39 And arifag he rebvik cmred JIUQ the fwinc, and the herd 



ran violently down a fieep place 
into she Tea, about two thoufand, 
and were choked in the fea. 14 
And thev chac fed them fled, andj 
told it unco the city, and unto the 
country. And they went out to 
fee what it was that was done. 1 5 
And they come to Jefus, and fee 
him fitting, and clothed, and in 
his right mind, and they were 
afraid. 16 But they that fa w iV, 
told them how it happened to the 
dcemoniack himfelf, and alfo con 
cerning the Twine. 17 And they 
prayed him to depart out of their 
coatts. 1 8 And when he came 
into the fhip, the dcemoniack be 
gan to pray him that he might be 
with him. 19 And Jefus fuffered 
him nor, and fai:h unto him, Go 
home to thy friends, and tell them 
how many things God hath done 
for thee, and becaufe he hath had 
companion on thee. 2.0 And he 
departed, and began to publifh in 
Decapolis, how many things Jefus 
had done for him : and ail men did 
marvel. 2,1 And when Jefus was 
patted over again unto the other 
fide, a great multitude gathered 
unto him again, nigh unto the fea. 
2,2, And there cometh a certain 
ruler of the fynagogue, and fell at 
hisfeec, 23 Eefeeching him, and 
faying, My little daughter lieth at 
the point of death, Come and 
touch her with thy hands that (he 
may be healed, and ilie (hall live. 
2,4 And he went with him, and 
agreac multitude followed him, and 
thronged him. 2$ And a certain 
woman who had an 5(Tue of 
blood twelve years, 26 Who had 
fuftered many things of many phy- 
ficians, and had fpent all that (he 
had, and was nothing betrered, 
but rather worfe, 27 When (he 
had heard of Jefu?, came in the 
multitude behind, and touched hii 
garment. 28 Saying within her 
fclfj If I pay but touch his gar- 

g to Mark. 

mcnr, T (hall be well. 29 And 
ftraightway the fountain of her 
blood was dried up : and file feh 
in her body that (he was healed 
of that ftrokc. 30 And Jefus 
immediately knowing in himfelf, 
that virtue had gone out of him, 
and turning him about in the mul 
titude, he faid, Who touched my 
clothes \ 31 But his difciples fay 
unto him, Thou feeft the multitude 
thronging chee, and fayft thou, 
Who touched me? 32 And he 
looked round abou: to fee her thae 
had done this thing. 33 But the 
woman fearing and trembling, on 
account of what (he had done 
fccretly 3 came and fell down before 
him, and told him all the truth. 
34 But Jefus faid unto her, Daugh 
ter, thy faith hath made thee 
whole; go in peace, and be whole 
of thy ftroke. 35 While he yec 
fpake, there came from the ruler of 
the Synagogue certain who faid 
to him, Thy daughter is dead, why 
troubled thou the Matter any far 
ther ? 36 When Jefus heard this 
word, he faith unto the ruler of the 
fynagogue, Be not afraid, only be 
lieve. 37 And fuffered no one 
to follow him, fave Peter, and 
James, and John his brother. 38 
And they come to the houfe of the 
ruler of the fynagogue, and faw 
the tumult, of them that wept and 
wailed greatly. 39 And when he 
was come in, he faith unto them, 
Why make ye this ado, and why 
weep ye ? the little child is noc 
dead, but fleepeth. 40 But they 
laughed at him ; but when he had 
himfelf put the multitude out, he 
caketh the father and the mother of 
the little child, and theie chat were 
wi:h him, and entered in where 
the little child was. 41 And he 
cook the little child by the hand 
and faid unto her, Thabita curni, 
which L c , being interpreted, Damfe , 
I fay unto the arife. 42- And 

According to Mark, 

firalghtway the darnfel arofe, and 
walked about ; Now fhe was 
twelve years of age, and they were 
all aflonifned with a gteataironifh- 
rr.ent. 43 And he charged them, 
that no one (hould know this: 
and faid that there fhould be given 
her to eat. 

VI. And 
thence, and 

pare thence, (hakeoS the duft of 
your feet, for a teltimony againft 
them. 12, And they wenc our, 
and preached tha: tney fhould re- 
penr. 13 And they caft out many 
dsemons, and anointing with oyl 
many that were fick, healed them. 
14 And king Herod heard, for his 

he went dcnvn from! name was fpread abroad, and they 
came into his own faid, That John the Baptift was 

country, and his difciples follow rifen from the dead, and there- 

fore mighty works are done by him. 

him. z And when 
was come, he began 
the fynagogue: and 

the fabbath 
to teach in 

many when 

they had heard, were altonifhed at 
his doctrine, faying, From whence 

Buc Others faid,That he is Ellas. 
And others raid, That he is one of 
the prophets. 16 But when Herod 
heard, he faid, Ic is he whom I 

hath this man thefe things ? and beheaded, He is rifen from the 
wha: wifdom is this which is dead. 17 For Herod himfeif had 
given unto him, that even fuca jfent forth and laid hold upon John, 
powers are wrought by his hands? |and bound him, and cad him into 
3 Is not this the carpenter, the fon jprifon, for Herod:as fake, his bro- 

of Mary, and the brother ot James, 
and Jofes, and of Judas and Si- 
? and are ROC his fitters here 

win us? And they were fcanda- 
lized at him 4 And Jcfus faid 
un;o them, that A prophet is not 
wi:hout honour,butin fmown coun 
try, and among his own kin, and 
in his own houl e. 5 And he could 
there do no mighty woik, fave 
that he laid his hands upon a few 
fick folk, and healed them. <5 
And he marvelled becaufe of their 
unbelief. And he went round a- 
bouc the villages, teaching. 7 And 
when he had called unco him the 
twelve difciples, he fent them forth 
by two and two, giving them 
power over unclean fpirits, 8 
And commanded them char they 
take norhirg for tkfir jour 

ney, fave a ftaff only : neither a 
bag jid, nor money in their 
p fe : 9 Be i hod v\ uh fandals : 
and not to put on two coats. 10 
And he faid unto them, Iwto what 
pi ace foever ye enter, [here abide 
t:!i ye depart from that place. 1 1 
And wuofoever (hall not receive 
you, nor hear you, when ye de 

ther Philips wife: for he had mar 
ried her. 18 For John had faid 
unto Herod, It is not lawful for 
thee to have thy brothers wife. 19 
Therefore Herodias watched him, 
and would have killed him, and 
could nor. 10 For Herod feared 
John, knowing thac he was a juft 
and holy man, and obferved him, 
and when he heard him, he did ma 
ny things, and heard him gladly z i 
But when a convenient day was 
come, Herod on his birth day made 
a fupper to his lords, caprains of 
thoufands, and chief men of Galilee: 
2,1 But when the daughter of the 
faid Herodias came in, and danced, 
and plea fed Herod, and them that 
fa: with him, the king faid unto 
the damfel, If thou Ask of me any 
thing, whatfoever thou wiir, I will 
give it thee. z$ And he fware 
unto her firongly, Whatfoever 
thou (bait aik of me, I will give 
it thee, even unto the half of my 
kingdom. 24 And file went forth, 
and faid unto her mother, What 
(hall I ask ? And fhe faid, The 
head of John the Baptift. 15 Ancl 
(he came in unto che king, and faid, 

According to Mark, 

I will that thou give me here in a to him, Five loaves, and two fifties. 

39 And Jefus commanded them to 
make all fie down by companies 

difti the head of John the Baptift. 
z6 The king when he heard was 
exceeding lorry, yet For his oaths 
fake, and for their fakes who ftt 
with h;m,he would not retufe her. a? 
Buc immediately hefenc an execu 
tioner, and commanded his head to 
be brought : and he went and be 
headed him in the prifon, 28 And 
brought the head in a difh, and 
gave it to the damfel : and the 
damfel gave it to her mother. 29 
But when his difciples heard oft ty 
they came and took up his corps, 
and laid it in a tomb. 30 And the 
apoftles gathered themfelves roge- 
ther unto Jefus, and told him all 
things , whac they had done, 
ana what they had taught. 31 
And Jefus faid unto them, Let us 
go into a defert place, and do you 
reft a while : for there were many 
eoroipg and going, and they had 
ho leifure fo much as to eac. 32, 
And they getting up into a ftiip 
departed into a defert place private 
ly. 33 And they faw them de 
parting, and many knew bim t and 
ran a foot thiiher out of all the cicies, 
and came thither. 34 And Jefus 
when he came out, and faw a 
great multitude, was moved with 
companion toward them, becaufc 
.they were as fheep not having a 
fhepherd : and he began to teach 
them many things. 35 But after 

upon the 

;rafs. 40 And 

they fat down inranJcs by hundreds, 
and by fifties. 41 And when he 
had taken the five loaves and the 
two fifties, he looked up to heaven, 
and bleffed, and brake the five 
loaves, and gave to his difciples to 
fet before them j and the cwofifhes 
divided he among them all. 42, 
And they did all ear, and were 
filled. 43 And they took up 
twelve baskets full of the fragments, 
and of the fifties. 44 And they thac 
did ear, were five thoufand men. 
45 And firaightway he arofe and 
constrained his difciples to get into 
the (hip, and to go to the other 
fide before him, unto Bethfaida, 
But he fcnt away the people. 46 
And when he had fent them away, 
he departed into a mountain to 
pray. 47 And when even was 
come, the (hip was already in the 
midft of the fea, and he alone on 
the land. 48 And when he faw 
them toiling in rowing; for the 
wind was contrary to them about 
the fourth watch of the night, 
Jefus cometh unto them, walking 
upon the fca, and would havepaf- 
(cd by them. 49 But when they 
faw him walking upon the fea, they 
fuppofed it had been an apparition, 

and they all cr ed out, 50 And 
many hours, h : s difciples Carre and | were terrifyed, And he talked 

faid umo hirn, This is a defert 
place, and now the time is far 

with shew, and faying, Be of good 
cheer, it is I, be not afraid. 5 1 

paffed : 36 Send them away, that And he went up unto them into 
they may go into the country hard the (hip, and the wind ceafed : and 
by, and into the villages, that thef they weie fore amazed in them- 
may buy themfelves fomewhac to felve 8 , and wondred. ^2, Forihey 
eat. 37 And Jefus anfwering, faid minded not the loaves, for their 
unto them, Give ye them to eat. I heart was blinded. 53 And when 
They fay untohim,Shall we goand they had paifed over from thence, 
buy bread wi:h twohundred denarii, they came into the land of Genne- 
and give them to eat ? 38 And far, 54 And when they were 
Jefus faith unco them ? How many corqe out of the fhip, ftraightway 
Jpa ea of bread have ye! go, fee. they knew him, 55 And ran 
And when they Icnew, they fay un- 


According to Mark: 

through that whole region round a- fes faid Honour thy father and mo- 
bout, and began to carry in couches ther: and, Whofo curfeth father 
there all that were ill, For they or mother, let him die the death, 
carryed them about wherefoever n But ye fay, Ir a man (hall fay 
they heard Jefus was 36 And to his father, or mother, It is Cor- 

ban, that is, a gift, by tvhanfoever 

whitherfoever he emred, into vil 
lages, or into cities, or into the 
country, they laid the fik in the 
fireets, and befought him that they 
might touch if it were buc the 
border of his garment : and as 
many as touched him were 

VII. And there came together 
unto him the Pharifees, and certain 
of the fcribes, which came from 
Jerufalem. z And when they 
knewfbmeof his difciples did eac 
the loaves with common, that is to 
fay with unwaihen hands, they 
condemned them. 3 For the Pha 
rifees, and all the Jews, except 
they waih hands often, eac noc 
bread, holding the tradition of 
the elders. 4 And when they 
come from the market, except they 
wa(b they eat noc. And many o- 
tner things there be, which they 
have received to obferve; the wafii- 
ing ot cups and pots, brafen veflels, 
and of beds. 5 And the Phari- 
ices and fcribes a s ked him, Why 
walk noc rhy difciples according to 
the tradition of the elders, buc eat 
bread with common hands ? 6 He 
anfwered and faid unto them, Well 
hatti Efaias prophelied of you hy- 

chou mightft be profited by me; 
Ye fufter him not to do ought for 
his father or mother : 13 Making 
the word of God of none effect 
through your foolilh tradition, 
which ye have- delivered : and 
many fch like things do ye. 14 
And when he had called the mul- . 
titude again unto him, he faid un 
to them, Hear me every one of you + 
andmindr$ There is nothing from 
without a maii thatemringinco him 
can defile him : but the things which 
come ouc of a man, thofc are they 
tnac defile the man. 16 If any 
man have ears to hear, let him 
hear. 17 And when he was en- 
tred into the houfe from the multi 
tude, his difciples asked him con 
cerning the parable. 18 And 
he faith unto them, Are ye fo with 
out undemanding alfo .^Doye noc 
perceive, that whatfoever thing 
from without entreth into the man, 
it cannot defile him ? 19 Becaufe 
ic entreth noc into the heart, buc 
nto the belly, and goeth ouc into 
the draught, and purgerh all meats ? 
zo And they faid, who cometh 
out: of the man, thole things defile 
the man. 2.1 For from within, 

pocntes ; And he faid, This peo- ouc of the heart of man proceed e- 
ple loveth me with thsir lip?, butlvil reafonings, fornications, thefts, 
their heart hath departed far from adulteries, murder, aa Coverouf- 
me. 7 But in vain do they wor-|nefs, deceit, vvickednefs , hfcivi- 
Chip me, teaching doSrines, the oufnefs, an evil eye, blafphemie--, 
commandments of men : 8 As the pride, foolifhnefs : 2-3 All cheie 
wafhing of pots and cups: and! wicked things come from within, 
many other things ye do that- are and defile the man. 24 And from 
like them; leaving the command thence he arofe, and went into the 
of God, ye hold the tradition of borders of Tyre, and encred into 
men. 9 And he faid unio them, an houfe. and would have no one 
Well do ye reject the command- know it \ and he could not be hid. 
menc of God, that ye may confirm z$ But a certain^ woman as 
your own tradition \ jo For Mo : ,foon as ihe heard of him, whofe 



young daughter had an unclean j 
ipirit, and came and fell at nib feet :, 
26 The woman was a Greek, a: 
Phenician by nation, and ihe asked j 
him that he would caft forth the 
daemon out of her daughter. 2,7 
And he faith unto her, Let the, 

- children firft be filled : for it isj 
not meet to take the childrens 
bread, and to caft it unto the dogs. 
28 And fhe anfwered and faid un 
to him, res, Lord.: yet the dogs 
under the table eat of the chil 
drens crumbs. ^9 And he faid 
unto her, For this faying, go thy 
way, che daemon is gone out of thy 
daughter. 30 And when fhe was 
gone away to her houfe, fhe found 
her daughter laid upon the bed, and 
the dxmon gone our. 31 And a- 
gain departing from the coafls of 
Tyre, he came by Sidon, unto the 
fea of Galilee, through the midft of 
the coaiis of Decapolis 32* And 
they bring unto him one that way 
deaf, and he had an impediment in 
hisfpeech: and they befeech him 
to put his hand upon him. 33 
And he took him afide from the 
multitude, and he fpit, and put 
his fingers into his ears, and touch 
ed his tongue. 34 And looking 
up to heaven, he Oghed, and faith 
unto him, Ephphetha, that is, Be 
opened. 3$ And his ears were 
opened, and the firing of his tongue 
was loofed, and he fpake plain. 

36 And he charged them chat they 
fhould tell no body any thing : but 
what he charged them, fo much 
the more did thefe people publifliir. 

37 And were beyond meafure 

- aftonifhed, faying, lie hath done 
all things well : he maketh both 
the deal to hear, and the dumb to 

VIII. In thofe days the multi- 

- tude being again great, arid they 
haying nothing to eat, tie called 
the difciples unco him, and laiih 

i I b|Ye, c 

to Mark; 

on this multitude , becaufe they 
have now been here three days, and 
have nothing to eat : 3 And I 
would not fend them away fading 
to their own houfes, left they fainc 
by the way : becaufe that fome of 
them came from far. 4 And his 
difciples anfwered him, Whence 
can one fathfie thefe men with 
bread in the wildernefs ? 5 And 
he asked them, How many loaves 
have ye ? And they faid, Seven. 6 
And he commands the multitude 
to fie down on the ground : and he 
took the feven loaves, and gave 
thank?, and brake, and gave to his 
difciples to diflribute them : and 
they did diftribute them to the mul 
titude. 7 And they had a few 
fmall fifties: and when he had 
given thanks he faid, and com 
manded to fet thofe to be diftribur- 
ed. 8 And they did eat, and 
were filled : and they took up of 
the furplu? of the fragments feven 
baskets. 9 And they that had 
eaten were about four ihoufandj 
and he fenc them away. 10 And 
he himfelf entrcd into a (hip wick 
his difciples, and came into the 
parts of Magedan. n And the 
Pharifees came forth, and began to 
queftion with him, feeking of him 
a fign from heaven, tempting him. 
12, And he fighed deeply in fpirit, 
and faith, Why doth this genera- 
tion feek after a (ign ? verily I fay 
unto you, There ihall no fign be 
given to this generation. 13 And 
he left them, and encring into the 
ihip again, departed to the other 
fide. 14 Now the difciples had 
forgotten to take bread, they had 
in ihefnip with them only one loaf, 
15 And he charged them, faying, 
Beware ot the leaven of the Phari 
fees, and the leaven of Herod. 16 
And they reafoned among them- 
fdvesj it is bccaufe they had .no 
loaves 17 And when jefus knew 
if 9 be faiih unto ihem, Why rea- 


fon ye in your hearts, becaufe ye 
hive no loaves cf bread? perceive 
ye not yet, neither mind your heart 
is blinded? 18 Having eyes, fee 
ye DOC ? and having ears, hear ye 

According to Mark. 

not ? neither do 


remember ? 

killed, and after three days rife a- 
gain. 32, And he fpake that fay 
ing publickly. And Peter took him^ 
and began to rebuke him. 3 3 Buc 
when he had turned abour, and 
looked on his difciples, he rebuked 
Peter, faying. Get thee behind me, 
Satan for thou perceiveft not the 
things that be of God, but the 
things that be of men. 34 And 
when he had called the multitude 
unto him, with his difciples, he faid> 
Whofoever will follow me, lee 
him deny himfelf, and take up his 
crofs, and follow me. 35 For 
whofoever will fave his life, (hall 
lofe ic ; but Whofoever (hall lofe 
ic for the gofpels fake, the fame 

(hall Cave ic. 
ic profic 

a man 

xp When I brake the five loaves 

among five thoufand, how many 

baskets of fragments took ye up ? 

They fay unto him , Twelve. 

10 And when the (even among 

four thoufandj how may baskets 

full of fragment* took ye up ? and 

they faid, Seven, n And he faith 

unto them, How is ic that ye do 

not yet mind ? 22- And they 

come to Bethany, and they bring 

a biindman unto him, and befought 

him to touch him. 23 And he 

took the blind mans hand, and led 

him out of the village, and when 

he had fpit on his eyes, and put 

hij hand? upon him, he askech him. 

If thou feeil oughr. 24 And he 

looketh up, and faith, I fee men as 

trees walking. 25 After thai, he 

put hands again upon his eye, and 

he began to look up : and he was 

reflored, fo as to fee ail things 

clearly. 2.6 And he fent him a- 

vay to his houfe ; and he faid unto 

him, Go unro thine houfe, and 

tell ic not to any one in the village 

17 And Jefus wenc out, and his 

d /dples, unto Cefarea Philippi : 

and by the way he asked his difci 

pies, faying, Whom do men fay 

that I am ? 28 And they anfwer-Uim, Peter, and James, and John, 

d, him faying, John the Baptiii : and leadeth them up into an high 

but orherSj Elias--, and others, A J mountain a part by themfelvcs: and 

One of the prophets. 29 And he! he was transfigured before them. 

himfell atked rhem, Eut whom fay <; And his raiments became ihining, 

36 For what ftiail 
if he (hall gain the 
whole world, and lofe his own 
fouH 37 For what fhall a man 
give in exchange for his foul ? 38 
But Whofoever (hall jje afliamed 
of me, and of my words, in this 
adulterous and finful generation, 
of him alfo (hail the Son of man 

alhamed, when he (hall come 
in the glory ot his Fa:her, with the 
holy angels. 

IX. And he faid unto them, 
rily I (ay unto you, that there be 
bmeof them that Hand here with 
me, who (hall not tafie of death, 
till they (hall fee the kingdom of 
God come with power, z And 
after fix days, Jcfus taketh with 

ye that I am? And Peter anfvver- 
C handfahh unto him, Thou ait 
he charged 
tell no one 
he bean to 

the Chrift. 30 And 
them that they fhould 
about him. 1 And 

Cea;h rhem, thac the Son of man 
niuli fuftcr many thing*, and be re 
jected ot :he elde-rs, and of the 
prfcfls and (crib^, and b<; 

exceeding white as (now ; fuch as 
no one upon earth can fo white 
them. 4 And Elias appeared unto 
them vvirh Mofes *. and talk 
ed with Jefus. 5 And Peter an- 
fwered and faid to Jefus, Matter, i: 
is good for us to be here : and 
wil: thou that I make three taber 
nacles one tor thee, and one for 

According to Mark. 

Mofes, and one for Elias? 6 For lieving generation, how long (hall 
he knew not what he fhould fay, ; I be with you? how long (hall 1 

(or they were fore afraid. 7 And 

there was a cloud over(hadowed 

them : and a voice came out of 

the cloud, faying, This is my be- 

loved Son : hear him. 8 And 

prefently when they hsd looked 

round about, they faw no one any 

more, fave Jefus only with them. 

feltfes. 9 And as they came down 

from the mountain, he charged 

them thac they (hould cell no one 

what things they had feen, till the 

Son of a/an were rifen from the 

dead, ic Buc they kept thac fay 
ing with themfelves, cjiieliioning 

one with another what it was when 

he (hould rife from the dead ? 1 1 

And they asked him, faymg, Why 

fjy the fcribes, lias muit firfl: 

come? ii And he anfwered and 

faid to them. If Elias comethfirit, 

he will refiore all things; and how 

it is written of the Son of man, 

that he niuft fuffer many things, chaige thee, Come out of him, and 

and be fee at noughr. 15 I lay enter no more into him. z6 And you, that Elas is come, and it cried, and rent him fore, and 

came out ot him ; and he was as 
dead, infomuch that many faid, He 
is dead, i 7 But Jefus took hold ot 
his hand, and lifted him up, and 
he arofe. 18 And when he was 
come into the houfe, his difciples 
asked him privately, Why could 
not we caft ic out ? 29 And he 

greatly amazed, and rejoycing, faid unto them, This kind can 

faluccd h : m. 16 And he asked come forth by nothing, but by 

them, What queftion ye among prayer and fading. 30 And they 

yourfelves? 17 And one of the departed thence 3 and pa fled through. 

multitude anfwered him ; Matter, Galilee; an.l he would not thac 

1 have brought unto thee my fon, any man fhould know;V. 31 for 

who hath a dumb Spirit : 18 And he taught his difciples, and laid 

fuffer you ? bring him unto me. 

10 And they bioughc him: and 
when he faw him , the fpiric 
difturbed him, and he fell on the 
ground , and wallowed foming. 

11 And he a^ked his fa;her, Hovtf 
long is it ago Iince this came thtd 
him ? And he faid, from a Child. 
11 And ofr.-timesic cafteth him in 
to the fire, and into the waters to 
deHroy him ; but if thou caaft do 
any thing, O Lord, have compaf- 
lion on us, and help us. 3 Jefus 
faid unto him, If thou canft be 
lieve, all things are poifible to 
him thatbelieveth. 14 And (Iraight- 
way the father of the child cries 
our, and fays with tears, I believe ; 
help thou mine unbelief. 15 And 
when Jefus faw that the people 
came running together, he rebuked 
the foul fplrit, faying unto him, 
Thou dumb and deaf fpirir, I 

they have done unto him whatfo- 
ever they would, as. it is written 
of him. 14 And when he came 
to his difciples, he faw a great 
multitude with them, and the 
fciibes cjuePuoning wich them. 15 
And firaitway all the multitude, 
when they beheld Jefus, were 

wherefoever he take-h him, he 
dafheth him againft the ground ; 
and he fortieth, and gnaOieth his 
teeth, andwithercth away : and I 
fiid to thy difciples, that they 
fh HI Id c5it h;rn our, and they could 
hoc call him out. 19 And h6 an- 
Iwued; tfftil faith j O unbe. 


un io them, The Son of man is 
delivered inro the hands of men, 
and they (hall kill him, and after 
three days he fhall rife again. 5* 
Buc they undcrflood not that fay- 
ingj and were afraid to ask him*- 
55 And f hey came to Capharhaum,- 
and being in ih hou!$, he a^kcd 


them, What was it that ye difputed 
by the way? 34 But they held their 
peace: for they had difputed a- 
mong themfeives, who jb;uld be 
the gteateft. 35 Then he fat 
down, and called t kern ; 36 And 
he took a child, and fee him in the 
midft of them : and when he had 
taken him in his arms, he faid unto 
them, 37 Whofoever (hall receive 
fuch child in my name, receive; h 
me : and whofoever (hall receive 
me, receiveth not me, but him that 
fent me. 38 John anfwered him 
and faid, Mafter, we faw one catt 
ing out dxmons in thy name, wlo 
followeth not with us ; and we 
forbad him. 39 But he anfwered 
and faid, Do not ye forbid him : 
for there is no one who (hall do a 
miracle in my name, that can loon 
fpeak evil of me. 40 For he that 
is not againft us, is on our parr, 
41 For whofoever (hall give you a 
cup of water to drink in my name 
becaufe ye art Chrifts, verily I fay 
unto you, that he (ball not lofe 
his reward. 42, And whofoever 
(hall offend one cf tbtfe little ones 
that have faith, it is better for him. 
that a milftone were hanged upon 
his neck, and he were call into the 
fea. 43 And if thy hand fcanda- 
lize thee, cut it off; it is better 
for thee to enter into life maimed, 
than having two hands, to be caft 
into gehenna, where is che un 
quenchable fire. 44 Where their 
worm dieth not, and the fire is not 
quenched. 45 And if thy foot 
fcandalize thee, cut it off : it is bet 
ter for three to enrer halt into e 
ternal life, than having two feer, 
to be caft into gehenna, into 
the fire that never (hall be 
quenched : 46 Where their worm 

According to Mark. 

dieth nor, 

and the fire is not 
47 And //"thine eye 

/cjndaiize thee, pluck it cur : 
better, for thee to cnrer into the 
kingdom ol Cod \vuh one eu: ; 

than having two eyes to go away 
into gehenna ; 48 Where their 
worm dieth not, and the fire is not 
quenched. 49 For every facrifice 
hill be faked with fait, 50 Salt 
is good : but if the fait (hall have 
oil its faltncfs, wherewith (hall ic 
ae feafoned ? Have fai: in your 
elves, and be at peace one with 

X. And he arofe from thence, 
and cometh into the coalls of Judea 
Beyond Jordan : and the multitude 
came together unto him again; as 
they were wont ; and he taught 
them again, i And [he Pharifees 
asked him, Is it lawful for a man 
to put away his wife ? tempting 
him. 3 And he anfwered and faid 
unto them, What did Mofes com 
mand you ? 4 And they faid, 
Mofes fu fife red to give, to write a 
bill of divoice, and to put her a- 
way. 5. And Jefus anfwered and 
faidj For the hardnefs of your hearr, 
Mofes wrore this precept. 6 But 
from the beginning, Cod made 
male and female. 7 And he faid, 
For this caufe (hall a man leave his 
father and mother, and cleave to 
his wife: 8 And they two (hall 
be one fle(h : fo then they are no 
longer two, but one flefh. 9 What 
God hath joined, let not man put 
afunder. 10 And in the houfe his 
difciples asked him again of the 
fame word, n And he faith unto 
them, Whofoever (hall put away 
his wife, and marry another, com- 
mitieth adultery againfi her. 12, 
And it a woman (hall depart from 
her husband, and marry another, 
fhe committh adultery. 13 And 
they brought young children to 
him that he fhould touch them ; 
and bis difciples rebuked thofe tbac 
brought them. 14 But when Jefus 
*aw it, he was much difpleafed, 
md faid unto them, Suffer very 
lii tic children to come unto roe, 

and forbid them not 

for of fuch 


isthe kingdom of God. 15 Veri 
]y I fay unto you, Whofoever (hall 
not receive the kingdom of God 
as a lircle child, he (hall not enter 
thereinto. 16 And he called them 
to him, and put his hands upon 
therr, and blciTed them. 17 And 
when he was gone forth inco the 
way, there came one running, and 
kneeled to him, and asked him, 
faying, Good Matter, what (hall I 
do that I may inherit eternal life ? 
1 8 And Jefu: faid unto him, Why 
calleft thou me good ? there is none 
good, but one, that it God. 19 
Thou knoweft the command 
ments, Do not commit adultery, 
Do not commit fornication, Do 
not (teal, Do not bear falfe wit- 
nefs, Defraud nor, Honour father 
and mother, 20 And he anfvvered 
and faid unto him, Mailer, all 
thefe have I obferved from my 
youth. 21 Then Jefus beholding 
him, loved him, and faid unto 
him, One thing thou lackeft : go 
away, fell what thou haft, and 
give to the poor , and thou (halt 
have treafure in heaven ; and 
come, follow me. 22 And he was 
fad at the faying, and went away 
grieved : for he had much wealth. 

23 And Jefus looked round about, 
and faith unto the difciples, How 
hardly (hall they that have riches 
en er into the kingdom of God ! 

24 A camel may fooner go through 
the eye of a needle, than a rich 
man enter inro the kingdom of 
God. 2,5 And his difciples were 
aftonifhed at his words. But Jefus 
anfwercth again, and faith unto 
them, Childien, hnw hard is it for 
them that truft in riches, to enter 
into the kingdom of God 1 26 
And they were aftonifhed out ol 
mcafure, faying among themfelves, 
Who then can be faved ? 27 And 
Jeffs looking upon them, faith 
With men it is imoofTible, but no- 
with God. 28 And Peter began 

to Mark. 

to fay unto him, Lo, we have lefc 
all and have followed thee. 29 And 
Jefus anfwered, Verily I fay unto 
you, there is no one that hath lefc 
houfe, or brethren, oV fifters, or 
father, or mother, or wife, or 
children, or lands for my fake, or 
for the fake of the gofpel, 30 
But he (hall receive an hundred 
fold in this time : But he that hath 
left houfe, and lifters, and brethren, 
and mother, and children, and 
lands, with perfecution ; in the 
world to come, (hall receive eter- 
nallife. 31 Bur many firft, (hall 

,be laft: and the laft, full. 32 
And they were in the way go 
ing up to Jerufalem : and Jefus 
went with them ; and they were 
amazed. And he took again the 
twelve, and began to fay what 
things (hould happen unto him, 
33 Behold, we go up to Jerufa 
lem, and the Son of man (hall 
be delivered unto the chief priefis, 
and unto the fcribes: and they 
(hall condemn him to death, and 
(hall deliver him to the gen 
tiles ; 34 And they (hall mock 

him, and (hall fpit upon him, and 
after three days he (hall rife again. 
35 And James and John the fons 
ot Zebedee come unto him, and 
fay unto him, Mafier, we would 
that thou (houldft do for us what- 
foever we (hall ask thee. ?6 But 
he faith unto them, What is it 
that I fhould do for you! 37 
And they faid unto him, Grant un 
to us that we may fit, the one on 
thy right hand, and the other on 
the left hand, in thy glory, 38 
But Jefus anfwered and faid unto 
them, Ye know not what ye ask : 
can ye drink of the cup that I 
drink of; or be baptized with 
the baptifm that I am baptized with; 
39 Ard they faid, We can. And 
Jcfus faid unto them, Ye (hall in 
deed drink of the cup that I 
drink of j and wiih the baptifm 
Q 2 that 

According to Mark. 

that I am baptized withal, (hall, 
ye be baptized : 40 But to fit on 
my right rjand or left hand, is not 
mine to give> but to them for 
whom ic is prepared. 41 When 
the other ten heard iV, they began 
to be rrjuch dilpleafed with James 
and John. 41 And Jefus called 
them to him, and faith unto them, 
Ye know that they who are ac 
counted to rule over the Gentiles, 
exercife Lordfhip over them alfo 
and their great ones exeicife autho 
rity upon them. 45 But fo it is 
not among you : buc whofbever 
will be gieit among you, fhall 

Jerufalem, and unto Bethany, as 
the mount of Olives, he fendeth 
forth two ot his difcipics, 2, And 
faid unto them, Go away into the 
village over againft you , and 
as foon as ye be entred, ye fnall 
find a colt ued, whereon never 
man fat ; loofe, and bring him. 

3 And if any one fay unco you, 
Why do you loofe the colt ? fay ye, 
that the Lord hath need of him ; 
and (traightway he fends him aoa : n, 

4 And they went away and found 
the colt tied by the door without, 
in a place wheie two ways met ; 
and they loofe him. 5 And foroe 

your minifter . 44 And whofo-iof them that flood there, faid unco 
ever of you will be the chief, fhall rhem, Whit do ye looting the colt * 
be your fervant. 45 For even the| 6 And they faid, even as Jdiib had 
on of man came noc to be mini- faid to them : and they let them go. 
fired unto, bur to minifter, and ; 7 And they brought the cole to 
to give his Hie a ranforn for many, i Jefus, and they call his garments 
46 And hecornerh to Jericho : and jon him ; and he fac upon hirn. $ 

And many fpread their Barmen s 
n the way ; and orhers cur down 

as he went out thence wirh his 
fi fclpies i and a orea: multi ude, 

blind Bartimeui, the fon of Timeu?, benches oft the :rees, and ftrawed 
At begging by the way- tide. 47 in the way. 9 And they that 
A Tii vhen he hcaid that it wa> Jefus j went along, and they that follow 
ed Nasjrsrh, he began to crv our, ;ed, oied, faying, Bldfed be he 
jtid fay, Jcfus, thou Son of Da-|that cometh in the name of the 
vi,i t have mercy on me. 4$ And i Lord : 10 And bleifed &e she 
many threarened him that he fhould j kingdom of our father David, that 
hold hi peace : but he cried che conieth : Hofaana in the h ghett. 

more a g r ^ a - deal, Thou fon of 
David have mercv on me 49 And 
Jefus troo.i ftill, and b : d him be 
: and they fay to the blind 
man, Be of good comfort, rife ; 
he cillerh thee. 50 And he ca(i 
away nib gument, leaped up, and 
jUrne to him. <T And Jclus an- 
f* e:ed and laid unto h m, Whar 
wilr thoi 1 . that I fhould do unto 
th:e ? The blind man faid unto 
him, O Lord, Rabbi, that I might 
receive my l^g -.r. 51 And Jefus 
fold unto him, Go away ; thy faith 
ha h made thee who!e. And im- 
nied aiely he received his fight, and 
(followed hirn in the way. 

1 1 And he entered into Jerufalem, 
and inro the temple; And when 
he had looked round about upon 
all things, and now the hour of 
evening was come, he went out un 
to Bethany with the twelve difci- 
ples, ii And on the morrow as 
they came fiom Bethany, he was 
hungry. 15 And feeing a fig-tree 
from far, having leaves, he came, 
to fee if there were any thing 
thereon, and he found nothing buc 
leaves ; for the time of figs was 
not yet. 14 Jefus anfwered and 
faid unto it, No man eat fruit of 
rhee hereafter ior ever. And his 
disciples heard. 15 And they entred 

XI. And when he caaoi nigh IQ imp Jerufajemj and when 

According to Mark. 

the temple he began to cafi 
on: thence thofe thac lold and 
bought in the temple, and the ta 
bles of the money-changers, and 
the Tea cs of them that fold doves; 
i6And would not fufter that any 
onelhould carry a vedel through the 

temple. 17 And he taught, fay 
ing unto them, Ic is written, My 
houfe (hall be called of all nations 
the houfe of prayer : but ye have 
made it a den of thieves. 18 And the 
fcribes and chief piiells heard, and 
foughc how they might destroy him ; 
for they feared him, bccaufe all the 
multitude was attonifhed at his doc 
trine. 19 And when even was 
come, he went out of theciry. 10! 
And in the morning, a* they pafled 

yjby, thsy faw the fig-tree dried up 
"from the roors. 21 And Peter call- 

f jng to remembrance, faith unto 
him, Matter, behold, the fig-tree 

Avhich thou curfedft, is withered a- j about it, and digged the wine- far, 
way. 21 And Jefus anfwering faith ! and built a tower, and lee it cut 
unto them, If yc had the faith of 1 to husbandmen, and went inro a 
God, 23 Verily I fay unto you, far country, 2 And ac the feafon 
Whofoever (hall fay unto this he fent to the husbandmen a 
mountain, Be thou removed, and fervant, that they might give him 
be :hou caft into the fea, and (hall of the fiuic of the vineyard, 
not doubt in his heart, but what 

my to do thefe things ? 2.9 And 
Jefus anfwered and faid unto them, 
I will alfo ask you one word, an- 
fwer me, and I will tell you by 
what au-hority I do thefe things; 
30 The baptifm of John, was ic 
from the heavens, or of men? an- 
fwer me, 31 And they reafoned 
with themfclvesj faying, Whac 
(ball we fay \ If we (hall fay, From 
heaven, he will fay to us, Why 
then did ye not believe him ? 31 
If we (hall fay, Of men, we fear 
the people : for all men knew John, 
that he was a prophet indeed. 35 
And they anfwered and faid unto 
Jefus, We know not. Bur Jefus 
anfwering faith unto him, [theroj 
Neither do I fay to you by ^hac 
authority I do thefe things. 

XII. And he began to fpcak un 
to them by parables. A man plant 
ed a vineyard, and fet an hedge 

he faith fhall come to pafs, he fhall 
have whatfoever he faith. 24 
Therefore I fay unto you, What 
things ye defire when ye pray, bc- 
"licve that ye (hall receive r&fro, and 
ye fball have them 25 And when 
ye fland, praying, forgive, if ye 
have ought againfi any : and your 
Father alfo, who is in heaven will 
forgive you your trefpailes. 26 
But if ye do not forgive, neither 
will your Father who is in heaven, 
forgive your trefpafles. 27 And he 
Cometh again to Jerufalem; and 

3 And they caught A/w, and beac 
him, and fent him away empty to 
him. 4 And again he fent unto 
them another (ervant ; and they 
beheaded him, and expofed him to 
contempt, $ And he fentanorher 
fervant ; and him they killed : 
and many others, bearing fome, 
but killing others. 6 Having yec 
therefore one fon, the well-belo 
ved, he fent him alfo laft of ail, 
faying, They will reverence my 
fon. 7 But the husbandmen faid 
amongft themfelves. This is the 
heir ; come, let us kill him, and 

as he was walking in the temple,! the inheritance (hall be ours. 8 
there come to him trie chief priefts, | And they rook, and killed him, 
and the fcribes, and elders of thelandcafi him out of the vineyard, 
people, 28 And fay unto him, Bv ! 9 Whac will therefore the Lord of 
tyhat aurhority doft thou thefe | the vineyard do $ he will come and 
Jhings ? Who gave chee this awtho- Uedroy the tiusbandmen* 3nd will 


According to Mark. 

give the vineyard unto others. 10 
And have ye not read this fcripture? 
The ftone which the builders re- 
jetted is become the head of the 
corner. 1 1 This was from the 
Lord, and is marvellous in our 
eyes, iz And they fought to lay 
hold on him, but feared the multi 
tude, for they knew that he had 
fpokcn the parable againft them : 
and fhey iefc him, and went away. 
13 And they fend certain of the 
Pharifees, and of the Herodian?, to 
entangle him in hi: woids. 14 
And che Pharifees asked him, Ma- 
fier, ve know that thou art true, 
and carett for no man : for thou 
regarded not the perfon of men, 
but reached the way of God in 
truth : Tell us, Is it lawful to give 
capitation money to Cefar, or not ? 
15 Buc Jefus feeing their hypocri- 
fie, (aid unto them, Why tempt yc 
me? bring me a denarius that I 
may fee >V. 16 And they broughr 
it i and he faith unro them,Whofe 
is Chi* image and fuperfcription ? 
and they faid unto him, Cefars. 
17 Bar Jefus anfwering faid, Ren 
der *o Cefar the things that are Ce 
far*, and to God the things that 
are Gods. And they marvelled at 
him. 1 8 Then come unto him the 
Saddticeee, who fay there is no 
refurre&ion ; and they asked him, 
faying. 19 Mailer, Mofcs wrote 
unto us, 
and huh 

If a mans bro her die, 
and leave no 
brother (hall 

a wife, 
that his 

take his wife, and raife up feed un 

to his brother, 
therefore feven 

2,0 There were 
b:e:hren among 

you: and the firft took a wife, 
and died, and iefc no feed, zi 
And rhefecond took her, and died, 
neither left he anv feed: 2,1 And 
an like manner the feven had her, 
laO of all the 
2,2 In the re- 

aod left no feed : 
woman died alfo. 

furre&ion therefore, when they {hall 
rife, wbofe wife (halt Ihe be of 

them ? for the feven had her to 
wife. 14 But Jefus anfwering, 
faid unto them, Do ye noc there 
fore err, becaufe ye know not the 
fcriptures, neither know ye the 
power of God ? 2,5 For when they 
fhall rife from the dead, they nei 
ther marry, nor are given in mar- 
riage : but are as the angels who 
are in the heavens. 26 And as 
touching the dead, that they rife : 
have ye not read in the book of 
Mofes, how in the bufh God fpake 
unto him, faying, I *m the God 
of Abraham, and the God of Ifaac, 
and the God of Jacob ? 17 He is 
not the God of the dead, but of 
the living : ye therefore do greatly 
err. 2,8 And one of the fcribescame, 
and having heard them reafoning 
together, and feeing that he had 
anfwered them well, asked him, 
faying, Mafter, Which is the firft 
commandment ? 29 But Jefus an- 
wered him, and faid, The firft of 
all is, Hear, Ifrael, The Lord our 
God is one Lord i 30 And thou {bait 
ove the Lord thy God with all thy 
hear, and with all thy foul, and 
with all thy Orengfhirhis is the firft 
cimmancment. 31 Buc thefecond 
is like to this. Thou (halt love>hy 
neighbour as thy (elf : there is none 
other commandment greater than- 
thefe. $z And the fcribe faid unto 
him, Well, Mafter, rhou haft faid 
ihe rruth : for there is one God, and 
rhere is none but he. 53 And to 
love him with all thy heart, and 
with all tky power, and with all 
thy foul, and to love thy neighbour 
as thy felf. is more than whole 
burnt-offerings and facrifices. 34 
And when Jefus faw that he an 
fwered difcreetly, he faid unto 
him, Thou art not far from ?he 
kingdom of God. And no man 
durft ask him any queftion. 3^ 
And Jefus anfwered, while he 
tauoht in the temple, How fay the 
fcribes that Cbrift is the fon of Da- 



According to Mark. 

jvid? 3 6 David himfelt fays, by 
jthe Holy Ghoft, The Lord ("aid 
to my Lord, Sic thou on ray right 
hand, till I (hall put rhine enemies 
I beneath thy feer. 37 David him- 
I felf calleth him Lord ; and whence 
II is he his fon ? And the multitude 
t<was great, and heard him gladly. 
ii 38 But hefaid unto them as he was 
j teaching, Beware of the fciibe?, 
land publicans, who delight to 
I go in long clothing, and to be fa- 
! lured in the markets. 39 And 
it the chief feats in the fynagogues, 
i| and the uppermoft feats ac feaiis : 
40 They devour widows houfes, 
j and on the pretence of orphans 
i| make long prayers : thefe fhall re- 
, ceive far gieater judgement* 41 
I And Jefus fat overagainft the trea- 
i| fury, and beheld how the muhi- 
ttfde call in much. 41 But there 
j came one widow, and (he threw 
in two mires, which are a farthing. 
4? And Jefus called unto him his 
difciples, and faid unto them, Ve- 
rlv I fay unto you, that this poor 
widow hath cafi more in than all 
they who have call into the trea 
fury. 44 For all thefe did caft in 
of their abundance : but (he o 1 
her want did caft in all that (he 

d, all her living. 
XIII. And as he 

went out o 

one of his difciples 
him , Mafter , fee 

the temple, 
faith unto 
whac ilone, and what build 
ings of the temple are thefe. ; 
And Jefus anfwering faid unro 
them, See you chefe great building 
Verily I fay unto you, that there 
(hall not be lett one ftone upon a 
nother here, that (hall not be 
thrown down ; and in three day 
another (hall be raifed wichou 
hands. 3 And as he fat upon the 
noun: ot Olives, over againft the 

hings (hall be fulfilled ? 5 And 
fefus anfwering, began to fay un 
to them, Take heed left any ooe 
deceive you. 6 For many ihail 
come in my name, faying, I am 
he: and (hall deceive many. 7 
And when yc fhall hear of wars, 
and rumours of wars, be ye noc 
difturbed : for that muft needs be j 
but the end jball noc be yet. 8 Foe 
nation (hall rife againft nation, and 
kingdom againft kingdom ; and 
there (hall be earthquakes in diitefs 
places, and taminc> : thefe arc cbc 
beginning of forrows. 9 After 
ward they (hall deliver you your 
felves up to councils ; and in the 
fynagogues ye (hall be beaten, and 
ye (hall be fee before rulers and 
kings for my fake, for a teftimony 
to them. 10 And the gofpel omli 
firft be preached unto all nation** 
r i And when they (hall lead, and 
deliver you up, take no thmighc 
beforehand what ye (hall fpeak; 
but whatfoever (hall be given 
you in that Hour , that fpeak 
ye : for ic is not ye that fpeak, 
but the Holy Ghoft. 12, And che 
brother fhali betray the brother to 
death, and the father the fon ; 
and children (hall rife up agatnft 
parents, and (hall put tbsm to 
death. 13 And ye fball be hated 
of all for my name : but he thac 
endures unto the end, the (aoce 
(hall be faved. 14 But when ye 
(hall fee the abomination of defo* 
lation, (landing where ic ought nor, 
let him thac readerh, caind whac 
he readeth, then lee them chat be 
m Judea, flee to the mountains: 

1 5 And let him that is on the 
lou/e-top, not go down into the 
houfe, neiiher enter therein, to 
cake any th ; ni out of his houfe. 

16 And let him that is in the field, 

temple, Peter, and Jjmes, and John, nor turn back to take up his gar 
and Andrew A-kcd him by hinv eifJ ueir. 17 Wo ro rh-.m that are 
4 Tel! us when thefe things fh-.ll be:Kvich child, and to them that give 
and whac the f?gn when ail thetcl uck ai tbo. c days. i3 And pray- 


According to Mark. 

y that [thefe things] be not in the 
the winter. 19 For thofe days fhall 
be afflictions, (uch as have not 
been from the beginning of the 
creation which God created unto 
this lime, and may this not be a- 
gain. *o And except that the 
Lord had fnortned thofe days, lor 
his cleft* fake* no flefh fhould be 
>ived : but for the elects fake, 
whom he hath chofen, he hath 
fhortned the days. 2,1 And then, 
it any one (hall fay, Lo, here 
Chrift, or lo, there : believe it not. 
zi For falfe prophets fhall arife 3 
and fnall makefigns and wonders. 
to (educe, it it were pofiible, the 
eleft. 2,3 But take ye heed : be 
hold, I have foretold you all things. 
2,4 But in thofe days, after that 
tribulation, the fun (hall be dark- 
ned, and the moon fhall nor give 

man taking a far journey, tvholefe 
his houfe, and gave authority to his 
fervams, and to every man his 
work, and commanded the porter 
to watch. 35 Watch ye therefore, 
for ye know not wnen the mailer 
of the houfc cometh ; ac even, or 
at midnight, or ac the cock-crow 
ing, or in the morning 5 36 Left 
coming out fuddenly, he find you 
deeping. 37 And what I fay unto 
you is, Wa .ch. 

XIV. After two days was the 
paffover : and the chief priefis, and 
the feribes fought how they might 
take him, and pat him to deach. 
a But they faid, Left theie be on 
the feaft an uprore of the people. 
3 And Jefus being in Bethany, in 
the houfe of Simon the leper, as 
he fat at meat, there came a woman 
having an alabafter box of oint- 

her light : 2.5 And the furs of hea- rnent ; and fhe brake the alabader- 

box, and poured it on his head. 4 
But his difeiplcs had indignation 
within themfelves, and faid, Why 
was this wade of the ointment ? 
5 This ointment might have been 
fold for more than three hundred 
denarii, and have been given to 
the poor. And they murmured ae 
her. 6 And Jefus faid unto them, 
Let her alone, why trouble ye her \ 
fhe hath wrought a good work in 
me. 7 For ye have the poor with 
you always, and whensoever ye 
will ye may do them good : but 
me ye have not always. 8 She 
hath done what fhe could : (he is 
come atorehand to anoint my body 

doors. 30 Veiily I fay unto youjjto the burying. 9 But verily I 
that this generation (hall not pa fs, I fay unto you, Whetefoever the 

ven (hall be falling, and the pow 
ers of the heavens fhall be fhaken. 
26 And then (hall they fee the Son 
of man coming upon the cloud*; 
with great power and glory. 27 
And then fhall he fend the angel , 
and (hall gather together the eled 
from the tour winds, fiom the ut- 
termofl parts of the earth, to the 
uctermoft parts of heaven. 18 
Now learn a parable of the fig-rree: 
When her branch is yet render, 
and putteth forth leaves of itfelf, 
ye know that fumn;er is already 
near : 2,9 So ye likewife, when ye 
fhall fee all thefe things come to 
pafs, know thar it is nigh, at the 

till all ihcfe things be done. 31 
Heaven and earth (hall pafs away : 
but my word* (hall not pafs away. 
32, But of that day or hour 
kuoweth no one, no not the angels 
tvho are in, heaven, neither the 
8on, but fhe Father. 33 Take ye 
heed heretore, vvarch i for ye know 

gofpel (hall be preached through 
out the whole world, what (heaifo 
hath done fhall be fpoken of, for 
a memorial of her. 10 And Judas 
Scarioth, one of the twelve, went 
unto the chief piiefh, to betray 
him. 1 1 And they were glad, and 
promifed to give him money. 

/ t? ^ 

when the time *>. 34 As a trie fought how he migh: cor.vcnieiv- 

According to Mark; 

1> betray him: iz And the firft And when they had fung an 

day of unleavened bread, when 
they killed the paflover, the difci 
ples fay unto him. Where wile thou 
that we go and prepare for thee, 
thac thou mayeft eat the paflover ? 
13 And he fendeth forth two of his 
difciples, faying, Go ye into the 
city, and a man bearing a pitcher 
of water fhall meet you : follow 
him. 14 And wherefoever he fhall 
go in, fay ye to the matter of the 
houfe, The mafler faith, Where is 
my gueft chamber, where I fhall 
eat the paflover with my difciples ? 
i$ And he will fhew you a large 
upper room furnifhed and prepared: 
and there make ready for us. 16 
And his difciples went forth, and 
came into the ciry, and did as he 
had faid unto them and they 
made ready the paflbver. 17 But 
in the evening he cometh with the 
twelve, j 8 And as they fat and 
did eat, Jcfus faith, Verily I fay 
unto you, one of you who eateth 

* * / "* * 

with me, will betray me. 19 And 
they began to be forrowful, and 
to fay unto him one by one,* Is it 
I ; and another, Is ic \ ? ZQ And 
he faith unto them, Jt /V one of 
the twelve, that dippeth with me 
inthedifh. zi The Son of man 
indeed is betrayed, as it is written 
6f him; but wo to thac man by 
whom he is betrayed : good were 
ir for that man if he had not been 
born, zz And as they did eat, he 
took bread, and blefled, and brake, 
and gave to them, and faid, Take 
//: this is my body. ^3 And he 
took the cup, and when he had 
given thanks, he gave ic to them : 
and they all drank of it. 24 And 
fie faid unto thcrrr, This is my 
blood of the covenant, which is 
fhed for many, z^ Verily J fay 
unto you 3 I will not dr-nk any 
tnore of the fruit of the vine, un 
til that day when I fhall drink it 
in i& kingdom 1 of God 1 . *6 

they went out into the mount of 
Olives. 17 Then Jefus faith unto 
them, All ye (hall be offended : 
for it is written, I will fmite the 
Ihepherd, and the ftieep fhall be 
fcattered. zS But after lam rifen^ 
I will go before you unto Galilee. 
19 But Peter faith unto him, If 
all fhall he offended, yet */// noc 
I be offended. 30 And Jefas faith 
unto him, Verily I fay unto thee, 
that this night, before the cock 
crow thou wile deny me thrice. 
31 But he faid, If I ftould die 
with thee, I will not deny thee in 
~ny wife. Like wife faid they all. 
i And they came to a place which 
was named Gethfemanei : and he 
faith to them, Sit ye here, while J 
fhall pray. 33 And he taketh 
with him Peter, and James, and 
John, and began to be fore amazed, 
and to be very heavy, 34 Theri 

faith he unco them, My foul is ex 
ceeding forrowful unto death : tar 
ry ye here, and watch. 35 And 

he proceeded a little, and fell on 
his face, and prayed, thac if ic 
were poilible this, hour might pafs 
from him. 36 And he faid, Abba a 
Father, All things are poflible unco 
thee, cake away this cup from me : 
nevertheless, not what I will, buc 
what thou wile, 37 And he co- 
meth, and finde h :hem fleepingj 
and faith unto Peter, Simon, deep- 
eHf thou ? could nocye watch one 
hour? 38 Watch ye and pray., 
that ye enrer not into temptation: 
the fpirit truly # willing, but the 
fiefh if weak. 
went away 

39 And again he 
prayed. 40 And 

when b$ came, he found /hem a- 
lleep, for their eyes were heavy : 
neither knew they what to anfwer 
him. 4:1 And he comerrx thfc third 
time, and faith unto rherri, Sleep 
on, and take your reft : the end is 
very near, the hour is come; be. 
hold, the Son of main is betrayed 

According to Mark. 

into t|;e hands of finners. 41 days I will raife up another niid^ 
R,ife up, let us go: lo^hethatbe- without hands. 59 But neither fo 
trayeth me is ac hand. 43 And j did their teftimony agree. 60 AncJ 
while he yet fpake, cometh Judas I the high prieft ftood up in the 

!* -, f , * j ! in \ \\trf~ 

Scarioth, one of the twelve, and 
with him a great multitude with 
fwords and ftavcs, from the chief 
priefts, and the fcribes, and the el 
ders, 44 And he th,at betrayed 
him, ha^l given a fign, faying, 
XVhomfoever I (hall kifs, is he, 
lay hold of him, and lead It I M a- 
way fafely. 4$ And he came 
to him, and faith, Rabbi, and 
kitted him. 46 And they laid their 
hands en hitn y and felled him. 47 
And one of them drew a f^vord, 
and fmote a fervant of the high 
prieft, and cut off his ear. 48 And 
he faid unto them, Are ye come 
out aojinlt a thief, with fwords and 
fiaves, to take me? 49 f was 
daily with you in the temple, 
reaching , and ye feized me 
not : but that the fcriptures mav 
be fulfilled. 50 And they all for- 
iqok him and fled. $ r But a cer 
tain young man followed them, 
having a linen c oih caft about his 
naked borly ; and they laid hold on 
him. 52, And he left the linen 
clorh, and fled from them naked. 
$3 And they led Jefus away to the 
and all the chiel 

midft, and asked Jefus, fayingj 
Anfwereft thou nothing ? what is 
it which thefe witnef* againfttheeS 
61 But he held hi? peace, and an- 
fwered nothing. The high prieft 
faid unto him, Art thou the Chrift, 
the Son of the Bleffed 62. Buc 
Jefuj anfwered and faith to him, I 
arn : and ye fhall fee the Son of 
man fitting on the right hand of 
power, wich the clouds of heaven. 
63 But the high prieft rent his 
clothes, and faiih, What need have 
we any farther of witneiles ? 64 
Ye have heard his blafphemy : whac 
think yc 2 And they all condemned 
him to be guihy of death. 6$ And 
fome began to fpit on his face, and 
they buffeted him, and faid unto him, 
Prophefie : and they flruck him 
with the palms of their hands. 6$ 
And as Peter was in the palace, 
there cometh to him one of the 
maids of rhe high prieft. 67 And 
feeing Peter y/arming himfelf, (he 
looked upon hjm, and (aid, Thou 
waft with Jefus of Nazareth. 68 Buc 
he denied, faying, I neither know 
nor underftand what tfeoufayft. He 
went out into the porch ; and the 

cock crew. 69 And the maid fee- 


priefts, and the elders, and the 

Scribes came together to h : rn. 54Jing him again, he denyed again, 

And Peter fallowed him afar off, and ffce bigan to fay to them that 

even info the pahce of the high ftood by, This is o%e of them. 70 

prieft i and he fat with the fervarts, And a little after, they that ftood 

varming himfelt at the fire. $$|by faid again. Surely thou ar: 

And f he chief pricds sndthe whole 
council fought f">r w tntfs againfi 
Jefus that they might puc him to 
d23th ; and found nnne. $0 For 
many bjre fa^fe wit^cfs and fpake 
a :sin(l him, bur their teftirnony did 
nit agree. $7 And others arofe, 
and hue falfc witnefs againft him, 

fy^ne, 58 
will dcftroy 

heard him fay, I 
temple rhn is 

hai ijs, an^i within three 

of them ? for thou art a Galilean. 
71 But he began to curfe, and to 
fay, I know not the man of whom 
ye fpeak, 71 And prefencly the^ 
cocjs: crew the fccond time. And 
Peter called to mind the word tha: 
Jefus faid. AnH when he though: 
:hereon, he began to weep. 

XV. And ftraightway in the 
morning the chief priefts held a con- 
flotation with the elders ^nd ffribef^ 

a^d the whole council, and bound 
Jsfus, and led him away into the 
hall, and delivered him to Pilate. 
L And Pilate asked hiro. Arc thou 
ticking of the Jews? And he an- 
fwering faith unto him, Thou fayft 
it. 3 And the chief priefts accufed 
him of many things. 4 And Pilate 

According to Mark; 

him again, faying, Anfwer- 
eft thou nothing ? behold how ma 
ny things they accufe thee of. 5 
iBjUt Jefus yet anfwered nothing ; 
fo chat Pilate marvelled. {5 Now 
at that feaft he releafed unto them 
one prifoner whomsoever they re- 
quiied. 7 And there was one named 
Barabbas, who lay bound with them 
that had made an infurreclion, who 
had committed murder in the in 
furreftiou. 8 And the whole mul 
titude got up, and began to dcfire 
hicn to do as he had ever done un 
to them. 9 But Pilate anfwered 
and faith to chem, Will ye that I 
rcjcafe the king of the Jews ? 10 
For he knew that the chief priefh 
had delivered him for envy, n 
But the chief priefls perfuaded 
thp mulcitude that he fhould rather 
releafe Barabbas pntp them. 12 
And Pila;e anfwered, and faid un 
to them, What will ye then that 
I (hall do unto the king of the 
Jews ? 1 3 And they cried out 
again, faying, Crucifie him. 
Then Pilate faiij unto them, What 
evil hath he then done * And they 
cried ou: exceedingly, Crucifie 
h : m. 15 And Pilate releafed Ea 
rabbas unco them, but he fcourged 
him, and delivered Jefus to be cru 
cified, j 6 And the foldiers led 
him away into the hall, which is 
the Prerorium. ; and they call the 
whole band. 17 And they put 
hii on purple, and platted a crown 
of thorns, and put it upon bim 
1 8 And began to falute him, Hail, 
king of the jews. 19 And they 
fmoce his head with a reed, and 
(pit upon him, 20 And when they 

iad taken off the purple from him, 
hey put his own clothes on him, 
and led him out to crucifie him. 
2 1 And they compel one Simon a Cy- 
enjan, who was palling by, coming 
out of the country, the father of 
Alexander and Rufus, to bear his 
crofs. 22 And they led him unto 
he place Golgotha, which is, be- 
ng interpreted, the place of & 
(cull. 23 And they gave him to 
drink, wine mingled with myrrh; 
and he received it not. 24 And 
when they had crucified him, they 
parted his garments, andti(\. a loc 
upon them, what wiry one fhould 
take. 25 And it was the third hour, 
and they guarded him. 26 But the 
fuperfcrprion of his accufation was 
written over, THIS IS THE 
17 And with him were crucified 
two thieves ; the one on his right 
hand, and the other on the left. 
29 And they that paffed by, blaf- 
phemed him, wagging their head?, 
and faying, Ah, thou that deftroy- 
eft the temple, and buildeft it in 
three days] 30 Save thy felf, and 
come down from the crofs. 31 
But the chief priefts mocking, faid 
among themfelves with thefcribej, 
He favecj others, hirn/elf he cannot 
fave. 3 2 Let Chrifi the king of 
Ifrael defcend now frorn the crofs, 
that we may fee and believe him. 
And they that were crucified with 
him, reproached him. 33 And 
when the fixth hour was come, 
chere was darknefs over the whole 
earch, until the ninth hour. 34 
And at the ninth hour Jefus called 
with a loud voice, /*/, Eki, L*m* 
Zaphtbani ? which is, being inter 
preted, MfGod, my 
Go4, v>hj Ijqjl thou * [* reproach - 
forfaksnrne? 35 ed roe. 

And fome of 
them that flood by, when they 
heard it, faid, This man calleth 
lii*s. 56 And one ran and filled 

According to Mark. 

d/punge with vinegar, and puc it 
on a reed, and gave him to drink, 
laying. Lee alone rlet us fee whe 
ther EHas will come to take him 
down. 37 And Jefus cried with a 
loud voice, and gave up the ghofi. 
38 And the vail of the temple was 
rent into two parts, from the top to 
the bottom, 39* And when the 
centurion who (food there over a- 
gaiaft him, faw that he fo cried our, 
and gave up the ghoft, he faid, 
Truly this man was the Son of God, 
40 There were women looking 
from afar : among whom was Ma 
ry Magdalene, and Mary the mo- 
ther of James the lefs, and of Jofes, 
and Salome ; 41 Who alfo when 
he was in Galilee, followed him : 
and many other women who came 
np with him unto Jerufalem. 42, 
Aod now when the even was come, 
Ibccaufe it was the preparation, that 
is,, the day before the fabbath. 43 

che fepulchre ? for it was 

grpat. 4 And they come and find 

the (tone rolled away. ^ And en- 

cring into the fepulchre; they faw 

a young man fitting on the right 

fide, clothed in a long white gar- 

ment; and they were affrighted. 

6 And the Angel feith unto them, 

Be not affrighted : ye feck Jefus 

of Nazareth, who was crucified : 

lie is rifen, he is not here : behold 

lis place where they laid him. 7 

But go and tell his difciples and 

eter, that lo I go before you into 

alilee : there (hall ye fee me, as 

faid unto you. 8 And they went 

>ut, and fled from the fepulchre ; 

or fear and an extafy feized upon 

them, and they were amazed : 

they faid nothing to any one 5 for 

chey were afraid. 

whe " he was rifen 
early, the firft day of 
the week, he made himfelf known 

|ofeph of Arimathea, an honoura- jfirit to Mary Magdalene, out of 
ble counfellor, who alfo expected ! whom he had cafi feVen demons, 
fhi kingdom of God, came, and 10 She went and told them thac 
went boldly unto Pilate, and craved had been with him, as they mourn- 
She bpdy of Jefus. 44 And Pilate Jed and wept. 1 1 And they heard 
marvelled if he were already dead: chat he was alive, and had been- 
and calling unto him the centurion, fee n of her, and they did not be- 
&e asked him whether he -were al- 1 lieve him. it, And after, he 
ready dead. 45 And when he j appeared in another form unto twcr 
knew h cf the centurion, he gave ot them, as they walked, and 
the body to Jofeph. 46 Now Jo- went into the country. 13 And 
fcph had bought fine linen, and he | they went away and told it unto 
took him, and wrapped him in the j the reft, neither believed they them. 
Hnen, and laid him in a fepulchre 14 BUE afterward he appeared un- 
which was hewn our of a rock, | to the eleven, as they fat at meat, 
and roiled a tione unto the door of .and upbraided them with their un- 
:he. fepukhre, and departed, ^/jbelier, and hardnefs ot heart, be- 

And Mary Magdalene, and Maiy 
the mother of James, beheld the 
lace where he was laid , 

X-VI. And they went and bought 
fweecfpicesi thac they roigtu anoint 
him, 2, And early in the morning, 
:he firit day cf p the week, "they 
same utito the fepukhre, at the 
rifing of the fun. 3 And they faid 
among rhemfelve?, Who (hall roll 
ths ftons from 

caufe they believed not them who 
had feen him after he was rifen. 
i$ And he faid unto them, Go ye 
into the worldj and preach tht 
gofpel to every creature. 16 For 
he thac belicveih and is bapnzedj 
(hall be faved ; but he that be- 
iieveth not, fball be (Condemned. 
17 And thefe figns fhall follow 
them tb*t b Jieve $ In my nam? 

fliall they caft out daemons : they 
mall fpeak with new tongues. 18 
And they fhall take up ferpents 
in their hands, and if they drink 
any deadly thing it Ihall not at 
all hurt them ; they fhall lay 
hands on the fick, and they (hall 
recover. 19 So then after the 

The Ads of the Apoftles. 

Lord had fpoken unto them, he 
was received up into heaven, and 
fat on the right hafld of God. 
20 And they went forth and 
preached every where, the Lord 
working with them, and con 
firming the word with figns fol 
lowing. Amen. 

The A C T S of the Apoftles. 


TH E former Treatife have 
I made, O Theophilus, 
ot all that Jefus began both to 
do and teach. 2 Until the day 
in which he was taken up, after 
that he through the holy Ghoil, 
had given commandment to 
preach the Goipel unto the 
apoftles, whom he had chofen. 3 
To whom allo he fhewed him- 
felf alive after his pafiion, by 
many infallible proofs, being 
feen of them forty days, and 
Ipeaking of the things pertaining 
to the kingdom of God : 4 
And being afiembled together 
with them , commanded them 
that they mould not depart from 
Jerufalem, but wait for the pro- 
mife of the Father, which, faith 
he, ye have heard by my mouth. 
5 For John truly baptized with 
water ; but ye fhall be bap 
tized with the Holy Ghoit, 
which ye fhall receive not many 
days hence. 6 When they 
therefore were come together, 
they asked of him faying, Lord, 
doft thou at this time reitore 
again the kingdom to lirael ? 
7 And he faid unto them, It is 
not for you to know the times or 
feafons, which the Father hath 
put in his own power. 8 But 
ye fhall receive power after that 
the Holy Ghoft is come upon 
you : arid ye fhall be my wit-. 

neffes both in Jerusalem, and in 
ail Judea, and in Samaria, and 
unto the uttermoft part of the 
earth. 9 And when he had 
fpoken thefe things, a cloud re 
ceived him, and he was taken 
out of their fight. 10 And 
while they looked fledfaiily to 
ward heaven, as he was going, 
behold, two men itocd by them 
in white apparel ; 1 1 And they 
faid, Ye men of Galilee, why 
ftand ye gazing? This fame 
Jefus who is taken up from you 
.into heaven, fhall fo come, in 
like manner as ye have feeri 
him go into heaven. 1 2 Then 
returned they unto Jerufalem, 
from the mount called the 
mount of Olives, which is near 
to Jerufalem, a fabbath-day s 
journey cfF. 1 3 And when they 
were come in, they went up 
into the upper room, where 
abode both Peter, John, and 
James, and Andrew, Philip, 
and Thomas, Bartholomew, and 
Matthew, James the fen of Al- 
pheus, Simon Zelotes, and Ju 
das the Son of James. 14 Thefe 
all continued with one accord in 
prayer, with the women, and 
children, and Mary the mother 
of Jefus, and his brethren. 15 
But in thofe days Peter flood up 
in the midft of the difciples, 
and faid, for the multitude of 
the names together were about 
S an 

The Afts of 

an hundred and twenty. 16 
Men, brethren, this fcripture 
muil needs be fulfilled, which 
the Holy Ghoft by the mouth of 
David fpake before concerning 
Judas, who was guide to them 
that took Jefus, 17 For he 
was numbered among us, and 
who obtained the lot of this mini- 
ftry. 1 8 Now this man pur- 
chafed a field with the reward 
of his iniquity ; and falling 
headlong, he burft afunder in 
the x midit, and all his bowels 
gufhed out 1 9 Which alfo was 
known unto all the dwellers at 
Jerufalem ; infomuchas that field 
is called in their tongue, Acel- 
damach, that is to fay, The field 
of blood* 20 For it is written 
in the book of pfalms, Let his 
habitation be defolate, and let 
no one dwell therein : and his 
ofHce let another take. 21 
Wherefore of thefe men who 
have companied with us, all the 
time that the Lord Jefus Chrift 
went in and out among us. 22 
Beginning from the baptifm of 
John, until the day that he was 
taken up from us, muft one of 
thefe be appointed to be a wit- 
neis with us of his refurrection. 

23 And they fet up two, Jofeph 
called Barnabas, who was fir- 
named Juftus, and Matthia?. 

24 And they prayed, and laid, 
Thou, Lord, who knoweft the 
hearts of all men, fhew which 
one thou haft chofen out of theie 
two, 25 That he may take the 
place of this miniltry and apoftle- 
ihip, from which Judas fell, that 
he might go to his own place, 
26 And they gave their lots j 
and the lot fell upon Matthias, 
and he was admitted into the 
number of the twelve apoftles, 

1L And it came to pafs in 
thofe days, that the day of Pen* 
iecaft was fully come, and they 

the Apoftles. 

were all in one place. 2 
And lo fuddenly there came a 
found from heaven, as of a rufh- 
ing mighty wind, and it filled 
all the houfe where they were 
fitting. 3 And there appeared 
unto them cloven tongues, like 
as of fire, and they lat upon 
each of them : 4 And they 
were all filled with the Holy 
Ghoft, and began to fpeak with 
other tongues, as the Spirit gave 
them utterance. 5 Now there 
were dwelling at Jerufalem, 
Jews* devout men, out of every 
nation under heaven. 6 And 
when this was noifed abroad, 
the multitude came together, and 
were confounded, and they heard 
every one fpeak in their o<wn 
languages. 7 And they were 
amazed and marvelled, faying 
one to another, Behold, are not 
all thefe who fpeak, Galileans ? 
8 And how hear we every man 
in our tongue, wherein we were 
born ? 9 Parthians, and Medes* 
and Elamites, and the dwellers 
in Mefopotamia, in Judea, and 
Cappadocia, in Pontus, and 
Afia, 10 Phrygia and Pamphy- 
lia, in Egypt alfo, and in the 
parts of Libya, about Gyrene, 
and ftrangers of Rome, Jews 
and profelytes, 1 1 Cretes, and 
Arabians ; we do hear them 
fpeak in our tongues the won 
derful works of God. i 2 And 
they were all amazed, and were 
in doubt one among another 
what had happened, and faying, 
What meaneth this ? 1 3 Others 
mocked, faying, Thefe are full 
of new wine. 14 Then Peter 
Handing up with the ten Apoftles, 
firft lift up his voice, and faid 
unto them thus, Ye men of 
Judea, and all ye that dwell at 
Jerafalem, be this known unto 
you, and hearken to my words ; 
15 For thefe are not drunken, 

The Ads of 

ss ye fuppofe, feeing it is but 

the chird hour of the day. ^6 

But this is that which was fpoken 

by the prophet. 17 It ftiail 

come to pafs in the laft days, 

iaith the Lord, I will pour out 

of my Spirit upon all flefh : and 

their fons and their daughters 

fhall prophefy, and the young 

men mall fee vifions, and the 

old men fhall dream dreams : 

1 8 And on my fervants, and on 

my handmaidens I will pour out 

of my Spirit: 19 And I will 

ihew wonders in heaven above, 

and figns in the earth beneath ; 

20 The fan mall be turned into 

darknefs, and the moon into 

blood, before that great day of 

the Lord come. 2 1 And it mail 

come to pafs, whofoever fhall 

call on the name of the Lord, 

fhall be faved. 22 Ye men of 

Ifrael, hear thefe words ; Jefus 

of Nazareth, a man approved of 

God among you, by miracles 

and wonders and figns, all which 

God did by him in the midft of 

you, as ye your felves know : 

23 Him, being given you by the 
determinate counfel and fore 
knowledge of God, ye have 
taken, and by a wicked hand 
have faftned to a crofs,and ilain : 

24 Whom God hath raifed up, 
having looted thepains of Hades : 
becauie it was not poffible that 
he fliould be holden of it. 25 
For David fpeaketh concerning 
him, I forefaw my Lord always 
before my face, for he is on my 
right hand, that I mould not 
be moved. 26 Therefore did 
my heart rejoice, and my tongue 
was glad : moreover alfo, my 
flem mall reft in bope, 27 That 
thou wilt not leave my foul in 
Hades, neither wilt thou deliver 
thine holy One to fee corruption. 
28 Thou halt made known to 
me the ways of life j thou lhalt 

the Apoftles. 

fill me with joy with thy coun 
tenance. 29 Men, brethren, le 
me freely fpeak unto you of the 
patriarch David, that he is both 
dead and buried, and his fepul- 
chre is with us until this day : 
30 Therefore being a prophet, 
and knowing that God had 
fvvorn with an oath to him, that 
of the fruit of his ^ 

f heart, according to ijj,^** 
the flefh, he would 
raife up Chrift, and to place him 
on his throne. 31 He fore- 
feeing this before, fpake of the 
refurreftion of Chrift, that he 
was not left in Hades, neither 
his flefh did fee corruption. 32 
This Jefus therefore hath Gc4 
raifed up, whereof we all are 
witneffes. 33 Therefore being 
by the right hand of God ex 
alted, and having received of the 
Father the promife of the Holy 
Ghoft, he hath poured out upon 
you this, which ye now both 
fee and hear. 34 For David 
is not afcended into the heavens ; 
but he faid himfelf, The Lo RD 
faith unto my Lord, Sit thou on 
my right hand, 35 Until I 
make thy foes the footftool of 
thy feet. 36 Therefore let all 
the houfe of Ifrael know affured- 
ly, that God hath made that 
Jefus whom ye have crucified, 
both Lord and Chrift. 37 Then 
all they that were come together 
and had heard, were pricked in 
their heart, and fome of them 
faid to Peter, and to the a.pcdles, 
Men, brethren, fhew us what we 
fhall do? 38 But Peter faith 
unto them, Repent, and be bap 
tized every one of you, in the 
name of the Lord Jefus Chrift, 
for the remiffion of fins, and ye 
fhall receive the gift of the Holy 
Ghoft. 39 For the promife is 
ours, and to our children, and 
to all that are afar off, as many 
S 2 ~s 

as the Lord our God {hall call 
40 AnJ whh many other words 
did he teltify and exhort them, 
faying, Save your felves from 
thjs untoward generation. 41 
Then they that believed his 
word, were baptized ; and the 
fame day there were added about 
three thousand fouls. 42 Anc 
they ^ continued ftedfaftly in the 
apoft es doclrine at Je.uialem, 
and communion, and in break 
ing of bread, and in prayers. 

43 And fear was upon every 
foul : and many wonders and 
figns were done by the apoftles. 

44 And all that believed were 
together, and had all things 
cm mon. 45 And as many as 
had pofleflions of goods, fold 
them, and parted them to all as 
every one had need. 46 And 
they all continued in the temple, 
and from houfe to houfe, and 
breaking bread, partook of meat 
with gladnefs and fmglenefs of 
heart. 47 Praifing God, and 
having favour with all the world. 
And the Lord added to the 
church daily fuch as mould be 
faved . 

III. Now Peter and John 
went up ia thofe days into the 
temple, at the evening ninth 
hour of prayer. 2 And Jo a 
certain man lame from his mo 
ther s womb was carried, whom 
they laid daily at the gate of the 
temple which is calied Beauti iil, 
to ask alms of them that emred 
into the temple, 3 He fixing 
his eyes on tb.m and feeing Pe 
ter and John about to go into 
the temple, asked an alms of 
them. 4 But Peter looking up 
on him, with John, faid, Fix 
thine eyes on us. 5 And he 
fixed his eyes on them, expecl- 
ing to receive fomething of them. 
6 Then Peter faid, Silver and 
gold have I none ; but what I 

The Ads of the Apoftles; 

have give I thee : In the name 
of Jeius Chrift of Nazareth, 
Walk. 7 And he took him by 
the right hand, and railed him 
up, and immediately he itood 
up, and his leet and ankle bones 
received itrength. 8 And he 
leaping up, flood, and walked, 
rejoicing, and entered with them 
into the temple, praifing God. 

9 And all the people law him 
walking about and praiiing God. 

10 And they knew him, that it 
was he who fat for alms at the 
Beautiful gate of the temple : 
and they were filled with won 
der and amazement at that 
which had happened unto him. 

1 1 And as Peter and John went 
out, he went out together with 
them, taking hold of them. But 
thofe that were amazed flood in 
the c oifter called Solomon s, iz 
But Peter anfwered and faid unto 
them, Ye men of Ifrael, why 
marvel ye at this ? or why look 
yefo earneftlyon us, as though by 
our own power or piety we had 
done this? 13 The God of 
Abraham, and the God of Ifaac, 
and the God of Jacob, the God 
of our fathers hath glorified his 
Son Jefus Chrilt, whom ye de 
livered up to Judgment, and de 
nied him in the prefence of Pi 
late, when he was determined 
and willing to let him go. 14 
But ye opprefTed the holy one, 
and the juft, and defired a mur 
derer to be granted unto you, 

15 And killed the prince of life, 
whom God raifed from the 
dead ; whereof we are witnefles. 

1 6 And through the faith of his 
name, hath his name ftrengthen- 
ed this man, whom ye fee, and 
know that the faith which is by 
lim, hath given him this perfect 
bundhefs in the prefence of you 

all. 17 And now men and Bre- 
hren, know ye, that you indeed 

The Ads of the Apoftles. 

through ignorance did a wicked 
thing, as alfo your idlers. 18 
But what God before had fhewed 
by the mouth of all the prophets, 
that his Chritl ihould fuffer, he 
hath fo fulfilled. 19 Repent ye 
therefore and be converted, that 
your fins may be blotted out, 
when the times of refreftiing mall 
come upon you, from the face of 
the Lord. 20 And he mail 
fend Jefus Chrift, who was be 
fore ordained for you. 21 Whom 
the heaven muft receive, until 
the times of reftitution of all 
things, which God hath fpoken 
by the mouth of his holy pro 
phets. 22 Moies truly faid unto 
our fathers, A prophet mall the 
Lord our God raife up unto you, 
of our brethren, like unto me ; 
him mall ye hear in all things 
whatfoever he (hall fay unto you. 
23 And it mall come to pafs, 
every foul which will not hear 
that prophet, mall be deftroyed 
-from among the people. 24 All 
the prophets alfo from Samuel, 
and thofe that follow after, as 
many as have fpoken, have like- 
wife fpoken of thefe days. 25 
Ye are the children of the pro 
phets, and of the covenant 
which God made with our fa 
thers, faying unto Abraham, 
And in thy feed mail all the fa 
milies of the earth be blefled. 
26 Unto you firft, God having 
raifed up his Son, fent him forth 
to blefs you, in turning away 
every one from your iniquities. 

IV. And as they (pake thefe 
words unto the people, the 
priefts, and the Sadducees came. 

2 Being grieved that they taught 
the people, and preached Jefus 
in the refurrediion of the dead. 

3 And they laid hands on them, 
and put them in hold unto the 
next day : for it was now even 
ing. 4 But many of them 

which heard the word, believed ; 
and the number of the men was 
about five thoufand. 5 And it 
came to pafs on the morrow, 
that their rulers, and elders, and 
fcribes, 6 And Annas the high 
prieit, and Gaiphas, and Jona 
than, and Alexander, and as 
many as were of the kindred of 
the high prieit, were gathered 
together at Jerufalem. 7 And 
when they had fet them in the 
midft, they asked, By what 
power, or by what name have 
ye done this ? 8 Then Peter, 
filled with the Holy Ghoft, faid 
unto them, Ye rulers of the peo 
ple, and elders of Ifrael, 9 If 
we this day be examined by you 
of the good deed done to the 
impotent man, by what means 
he is made whole ; i o Be it 
known unto you all, and to all 
the people of Ifrael, that by the 
name of Jefus Chrift of Naza 
reth, whom ye crucified, whom 
God raifed from the dead, even 
by him doth this man rtand here 
before you whole. 1 1 This is the 
(tone which was fet at nought of 
you builders, which is become 
the head of the corner. iz 
Neither is there falvation in any 
other: for there is none other 
name under heaven given to 
men whereby we muft be faved. 
13 Now when they faw the 
boldnefs of Peter and John, and 
perceived that they were unlearn 
ed men, they marvelled, but they 
took knowledge of them, that 
they had been with Jefus. 14 
And beho ! ding the man who 
had been healed (landing with 
them, they could neither do nor 
fay any thing againft //. 15 
When they had commanded 
them to be carried away out of 
the council, they conferred a- 
mong themfelves. 16 Saying, 
What mall we do to thefe men ? 


The Ads of 

for that indeed a notable mira 
cle hath been done by them is 
more manifeft to all them that 
dwell in Jerufalem, and we can- 
wot deny it. 17 But that it 
fpread no further among the 
people, we will therefore threaten 
them, that they fpeak hence 
forth to no man in this name. 
1 8 And they called them, and 
commanded them not to fpeak at 
all, nor teach in the name of 
Jeius. 19 But Peter anfwering 
with John, faid unto them, Whe 
ther it be right in the fight of 
God, to hearken unto you more 
than unto God, Judge ye. 20 
For we cannot but fpeak the 
things which we have feen and 
heard 21 So when they had 
further threatned them, they jet 
them go, not finding a caufe 
why they might pumfh them, 
becaufe of the people: for all 
men g orified God fbr.that which 
was done. 22 For the man was 
above forty years old , on whom 
the miracle of healing was mew 
ed. 23 But the Apoftles being 
let go, they went to their own 
company, and reported all that 
the chief prieits and elders had 
faid unto them. 24 And when 
they heard that, and acknow 
ledged the power of Gcd, they 
lift up their voice to Gcd with 
one accord, and laid, Lord, 
thou art God who haft made 
jheaven, and earth, and the fea,and 
all things that in them are: 25 
"Who by the Holy Spirit, by the 
mouth of thy fervant David halt 
faid, Why did the heathen rage, 
and the people imagine vain 
things ? 26 The kings of the 
earth flood up, and the rulers 
were gathered together againft 
the Lord, and againft his Chrift. 
27 For of a truth in this city 
again it thy holy Son Jefus, whom 
thou haft anointed, both Herod, 

the Apoftles. 

and Pontius Pilate, with the 
Gentiles, and the people of If, 
rael were gathered together, 28 
To do whatfoever thy hand and 
thy counfel determined before to 
be done. 29 And now, Lord, 
behold their threatnjngs : and 
grant unto thy fervants, that 
with all boldnefs they may fpeak 
thy word, 30 By ftretching 
forth thine hand to heal ; and 
that ligns and wonders may be 
done by the name of thy holy 
Son Jelus. 31 And when they 
had prayed, the place was 
maken where they were afTem- 
bled together; and they were all 
filled with the Holy Ghoft, and 
they {pake the word of God 
with boldness to every one that 
would believe. 32 And the 
multitude of them that believed, 
\vere of one heart, and of one 
foul : neither was there any 
difference among them: nei-f 
ther faid any that ought of 
the things which h,e poiTcfTed, 
was his own, but they had 
all things common. 33 And 
with great power gave the 
apoftles witnefs of the refur-r 
redlion of the Lord Jefus Chrift : 
and great grace was upon them 
all. 34 And no one among 
them wanted : for as many as 
were pofTeflbrs of lands or houfes ; 
fold them, and brought the 
pr ces of the things that were 
fold, 35 And laid them down 
at the apoftles feet : and distribu 
tion was made unto every one 
according as he had need. 36 
And Jofeph, who by the a- 
poftles was firnamed Barnabas 
(which is, being interpreted, 
The fon of confolation) of the 
Country of Cyprus, a Levite. 
37 Having land, fold //, and 
brought the money, and laid it 
at the apoftles feet. 

V, But 

.The Afts of the Apoftlcs. 

V. But a certain man namect 
Ananias, with Sapphira his wife, 
fold a poiTeiuon, 2 And kept 
back part of the price, the wife 
ftlfo being privy ; and brought a 
certain part, and laid it at the 
apoitles feet. 3 But Peter {aid 
unto Ananias, Why hath Satan 
filled thine heart to lie to the 
Holy Ghoft, and for thee to keep 
back part of the price of the 
land ? 4 While it remained, 
was it not thine own ? and after 
it was fold, was it not in thine 
own power ? why haft thou con 
ceived to do this wicked thing 
in thine heart ? thou haft not 
lied unto men, but unto God. 
5 And when Ananias heard theie 
words, he fell down immediate 
ly and gave up the ghoft : and 
great fear came on all them that 
heard //, 6 And the young men 
arofe, wound him up, and carried 
him our, and buried him. 7 And 
k was about the fpace of three 
hours after, when his wife, not 
knowing what was done, came 
in. 8 But Peter faid unto her, 
I will afk thee then, whether ye 
fold the land for fo much ? And 
Hie faid, Yes, for fo much. 9 
Then Peter Jaid unto her, How 
is it that ye have agreed together, 
to tempt the Spirit of the Lord ? 
behold, the feet of them who 
have buried thy hufband are at 
the door, and mall carry thee 
out. 10 And me fell down 
ttraightway at his feet, and yield 
ed up the ghoft : and the young 
men came in and found her dead, 
and carrying her forth, when 
me was made ready, buried her 
by her hufband. 1 1 And great 
fear came upon the whole church, 
and upon as many as heard thefe 
things. 12 And by the hands of 
the apoftles were many figns and 
wonders wrought among the peo 
ple ; and they were all with one 

accord m the lemple, in Solo 
mon s cloilier. 13 And of the 
reft durit no one join hinileii to 
them : but the people magnified 
them. 14 And believers wer 
the more added t the Lord, 
multitudes both of men and wo 
men. 15 Infomuch that they 
brought forth their fick into the 
ttreets, and laid them on beds and 
couches, that when Peter came, 
the fhadow paffing by, might 
overfhadovv {erne of them : for 
they were freed from every infir 
mity which every one had. 16 
There came alfo a multitude out 
of the cities together round about 
unto Jerufa!em, bringing the jick, 
and them who were vexed with 
unclean fpirits : who were all 
healed. 17 Then the high prieft 
rofe up, and all they that were 
with him, which is the feel; of 
the Sadducees, and were filled 
with indignation, 18 And laid 
hands on the apoftles, and put 
them in the common prifon. 19 
Then by night the angel of the 
Lord opened the prifon-doors, 
and brought them forth, and faid, 
20 Go, ft and, and fpeak in the 
temple, all the words of this 
life. 21 And when they heard 
that, they entered into the tem 
ple early, and taught. But the 
high priert arofe in the morning, 
and they that were with him, 
and called the council together, 
and all the fenate of the children 
of Krael, and fent to the prifon 
to have them brought. 22 But 
when the officers came, and had 
opened the prifon, and found 
them not within, they returned, 
and told, 23 Saying, The pri* 
fon found we mut with all fafety, 
and the keepers {landing at the 
doors : but when we had opened, 
we found no one within. 24 
Now when the captain o f the 

temple, and the chief 


The Afts of the Apoftles. 

heard thefe fay ings, tliey doubt 
ed of them whereunto it would 
grow. 2 5 Then came one and 
told them, Behold, the men 
whom ye put into prifon, are 
Handing in the temple, and teach 
ing the people. 26 Then went 
the captain with the officers, and 
brought them with violence : 
fearing the people, lett they mould 
have been (toned. 27 And when 
they had brought them, they fet 
them in the council : and the 
Prieil alked them, 28 Saying, 
Did not we ftraitly command 
you, that you mould not teach in 
this name ? Behold, ye have 
filled Jerufalem with your do- 
dtrine, and will bring that man s 
blood upon us. 29 Then Peter 
and the apojiles answered and faid, 
We ought to obey God rather 
than men. 30 But Peter faid 
unto them, The God of our 
fathers raifed up Jefus, whom 
ye flew, and hanged on a tree. 
31 Him hath God exalted in 
glory, a Prince and a Saviour, 
to give repentance to Ifrael, and 
forgivenefs of fins in him. 32 
And we are his witnefles of thefe 
things ; and alfo the Holy Ghoft, 
whom God hath given to them 
that obey him. 33 When they 
heard that, they were cut, and 
took counfel to flay them. 34 
Then flood there up one of the 
council, a Pharifee, named Ga 
maliel, a do&or of law, had in 
reputation among all the people, 
and commanded to put the apo- 
ftles forth a little while. 35 And 
faid unto the rulers, and the mem 
bers of the council, Ye men of 
Ifrael, take heed to your felves, 
what ye are about to dx> as to 
thefe men. 36 For before thefe 
days rofe up Theudas, boailing 
himfelf to be a great man, and to 
whom a number of men, about 
four hundred, joined thsmfelves : 

who came to nought of himfelf, 
and all, as many as obeyed him, 
were fcattered, and brought to 
nought. 37 After him r&fe up 
Judas of Galilee, in the days of 
the taxing, and drew away much 
people after him : he alfo perifh- 
ed, and as many as ebeyed him, 
were difperfed. 38 And now, 
Brethren, I fay unto you, Re 
frain from thefe men, and let 
them alone, without defiling your 
hands : for if this couniel, or 
this work be of men, it will 
come to nought : 39 But if it 
be of God, ye will not be able 
to overthrow them ; neither you, 
nor kings, nor tyrants. Abitain 
therefore from thefe men ; left 
haply ye be found to be fighters 
againft God. 40 And to him 
they fubmitted : and when they 
had called the apoftles, and bea 
ten them, they commanded that 
they fhauld not fpeak in the 
name of Jefus, and let them go. 
41. The apoflles therefore de 
parted from the prefence of the 
council, rejoicing that thev were 
counted worthy to fuffer fhame 
for his name. 42 And daily in 
the temple, and in every houfe, 
they ceafed not to teach and 
preach the Lord Jelus Chrifr. 

VK And in thefe days when 
the dilciples were multiplied, 
there was a murmuring cf the 
Heleniils againft the Hebrews, 
becaufe their widows were neg 
lected in the daily miniftration, 
in the miniftration of the He 
brews. 2 Then the twelve call 
ed the multitude of the difciples 
unto them, and faid unto them, 
It is not reafon that we mould 
leave the word of God, and ferve 
tables. 3 What is it therefore, 
brethren ? Look ye out from a- 
mong your felves feven men, at- 
teited to be full of the Spirit, and 
vviidoro, whom we may appoint 

The Afts of 

over this bufmefs. 4 But we 
will give our felves continually 
to prayer, and to the miniftry 
of the word. 5 And this fay 
ing pleafed the whole multitude 
of the difciples ; and they chofe 
Stephen, a man full of faith, 
and of the Holy Ghoft, and 
Philip, and Prochorus, and Ni- 
canor, and Timon, and Parme- 
nas, .and Nicolas a profelyte of 
Antioch. 6 Thefe were let alfo 
before the apoftles : who when 
they had prayed, laid their 
hands on them. 7 And the 
word of the Lord increafed ; 
and the number of the difciples 
multiplied in Jerufalem greatly; 
and a great company of the 
priefts were obedient to the 
faith. 8 And Stephen full of 
grace and power, did great won 
ders and miracles by the name 
of the Lord Jefus Chrift, 9 
Then there aroie certain of the 
fynagogue, which is called of 
the Libertines, and Cyrenians, 
and Alexandrians, and of them 
of Cilicia, difputing with Ste 
phen. loWho could not refift the 
wifdom that was in him, and the 
Holy Spirit by which he fpake, 
becaufe they were reproved by 
him with all boldnefs ; not being 
therefore able to oppofe the 
truth, ii They fuborned men 
who faid, We have heard him 
fpeak blafpherniesagainft Mofes, 
and God. I 2 And they ftirred 
up the people, and the elders, 
,and the fcribes, and came upon 
him, and caught him, and 
brought him to the council, 13 
And fet up falfe witnefles againft 
him, who faid, This Man 
ceafeth not to fpeak words againll 
the holy place, and the law. 1 4 
For we have heard him fay, that 
this Jefus of Nazareth will de- 
ftroy this place, and will change 
the cuiloms which Mo&s delive- 

the Apoftles. 

red us. i 5 And all that fat uj 
the council, looked i.edfaitly on 
him, and law his face, as if it 
had been the face of an angel 
itanding in the midit of them. 

VII. Then faid the high 
prieft, to Stephen, Is then this 
thino- fo ? 2 And he faid, Men, 
brethren, and fathers hear, The 
God of glory appeared unto our 
father Abraam, when he was 
in Mefopotamia, before he dwelt 
in Charan, 3 And faid unto 
him, Get thee ut of thy coun 
try, and thy kindred, and come 
into the land which I (hall fhevv 
thee. 4 Then Abraam came 
out of the land of the Chaldeans, 
and dwelt in Charan : and he 
was there ; and when his father 
was dead, he removed him into 
this land wherein ye alfo do now 
dwell; and our fathers who 
were before us. 5 And he gave 
him no inheritance in it, no not 
to fet his foot on : But he pro- 
mifed that he would give it to 
him for a poflfeffion, and to his 
feed after him, when he had no 
child. 6 And God pake thus 
to him, that hia feed mould fo- 
journ in a ftrange land, and that 
they mould bring them into bon 
dage, and entreat them evil four 
hundred years. 7 And the na 
tion to whom they mall b? in 
bondage, will I judge, faid 
God : and after that (hall they 
come forth, and ferve me in this 
place. 8 And he gave him the 
covenant of circumc.fion : and 
fo he begat Ifaac, and circum- 
cifed him the eighth day : and 
Ifaac Jacob, and Jacob the 
twelve patriarchs. 9 And the 
patriarchs moved with envy, fold 
Jofeph into Egypt : but God was 
with him, 10 And delivered 
him out of all his afflictions, and 
gave him favour and wifdom in 
the fight of Pharaoh king of 


The Ads of 

_ , and he made him go 
vernor over Egypt, and all his 
houfe. 1 1 Now there came a 
famine over all the land of E- 
gypt and Chanaan, and great 
affliction ; and our fathers found 
no fuftenance. 1 2 When there 
fore Jacob heard that there were 
provifions in Egypt, he fent out 
our fathers the firrt time. 1 3 And 
at the fecond Jofeph was made 
known to his brethren ; and Jo- 
feph s kindred was made known 
unto Pharaoh. 14 Then fent 
Jofeph, and called his father 
Jacob to him, and all his kin 
dred, feventy five : 1 5 f And 
Jacob went down into Egypt, 
and died, both he and our fa 
thers, 1 6 And were carried 
over into Sycnem, and laid in 
the fepulchre that Abraam 
bought for a fum of money of 
the fons of Emrnor of Sychem. 
17 But when the time of the 
promife drew nigh, which God 
had promifed to Abraam, the 
people grew and multiplied in 
Egypt, 1 8 Till another king 
arofe, which did not remember 
Joleph. 19 The fame dealt alfo 
deceitfully with our kindred, 
and evil-entreated our fathers, fo 
that they caft out their young 
children, to the end they might 
not live. 20 In which time 
Mofes was born, and was fair to 
God, and nourished up in his 
fathers hou f three months : 21 
And when he was caft out, Pha 
raoh ; daughter took him up, and 
no u rimed him for her foi;. 22 
And Mofes was educated in ail 

the Apoftles. 

the wifdom of the Egyptians, 
and was mighty in his words and 
in deeds. 23 And when he was 
full forty years old, it came into 
his heart to vifit his brethren the 
children of Ifrael. 24 And 
feeing one of them fuffer wrong 
by one of that country, he de 
fended him, and avenged him 
that was opprefied, and fmote 
the Egyptian, and hid him in 
the fand. 25 For he fuppofed 
his brethren would havs under- 
ftood, how that God by his 
hand would deliver them ; but 
they underftood not. 26 And 
the next day he (hewed himfelf 
unto them as they fought, and 
faw them injured, and would 
ha<ve made peace between them, 
faying, what do ye, Men and 
brethren ; why do ye injure one 
another ? 27 But he that in 
jured his neighbour, thruft him 
away, faying, Who made thee 
a ruler and a judge over us ? 

28 Wilt thou kill me as thou 
didft the Egyptian yefterday ? 

29 And Moies fled at this fay 
ing, and was a Granger in the 
land of Madian, where he begat 
two fons. 30 And afterwards 
when his forty years were ex 
pired, there appeared to him in 
the wildernefs of mount Sina, an 
angel of the Lord, in a flame 
of fire of a bulh. 31 When 
Mofes faw it, he wondered at 
the fight: and as he drew near 
to behold, the Lord fpake unto 
him, faying, 32 I am the God 
of thy fathers, the God of A- 
braam, and the God of Ifaac, 


f Read the text thus, from the Old Teftament Hiflory. Jojh, xxiv. 
32. Te/j. Sym, , 8. Tejl. Benj. . 12. Jacob died, He and our fa- 
thers : .^nd th --y were laid in the fepulchre which Abraam bought 
for a fum of money, of Ephron, the fon of Zohar, that lived at Mam,- 
re ; and were tranflated to the fepulchre which Jacob bought, for 
a fum of money, of Emmor, that lived at Sychem, 

The A<3s of 

and the God of Jacob. Then 
Mofes trembled, and durft not 
behold. 33 And there came a 
voice to him, Put off thy fhoes 
froai thy feet: for the place on 
which thou (landed is holy 
ground. 34 For I have feen 
alfo, I have feen the affliction 
of the people who is in Egypt, 
and I have heard their groaning, 
and am come down to deliver 
them. And now come, I will 
fend thee imo Egypt. 35 This 
Mofes whom they refuted, fay 
ing, Who made thee a ruler and 
a j idge over us ? the fame did 
God fend both a ruler and a de 
liverer, with the hand of an 
angel who appeared to him in 
the bum. 36 He brought them 
out, having done wonders and 
figns in the land of Egypt, and 
in the Red fea, and in the vvil- 
dernefs forty years. 37 This u 
that Mofes who faid unto the 
children of Ifraul, A prophet 
mall God raife up unto you of 
your brethren, like unto me. 
38 This is he that was in the 
church in the wildernefs, with 
the angel who fpake to him in 
the mount Sina, and with our 
fathers : who received the lively 
oracles to give unto us. 39 Be- 
caufe our fathers would not obey, 
but rejected him, and in their 
hearts turned back again into 
Egypt, 40 Saying unto Aaron, 
Make us gods to go before us : 
for this Mofes, who brought us out 
of the land of Egypt, we know 
not what is become of him. 

41 And they made a calf in 
thofe days, and offered facrirke 
unto the idol, and rejoiced in 
the works of their own hands. 

42 Then God turned, and gave 
them up to worfhip the holt of 
heaven ; as it is written in the 
book of the prophets, O ye houie 
et Ifrael, have ye offered to me 

the Apoftlcs. 

flain bealis, and facrifices, by the 
fpace of forty years in the wil 
dernefs? 43 Yea, ye took up 
the tabernacle of Moloch, and 
the ftar of the god Rempham, 
figures which ye made, to wor- 
fliip them : and I will carry you 
away into the Parts of Baby on. 
44 Your fathers had the taber 
nacle of witnefs in the wildernefs, 
as he had appointed, fpeaking 
unto Mofes, that he mould make 
it according to the f amion that 
he had feen. 45 Which alfo 
our fathers that came after, 
brought in with Joihua into the 
poffdlion of the Gentiles, whorn^ 
God drave out before the face of 
your fathers, unto the days of 
David. 46 Who found favour 
before God, and deiired to find 
a tabernacle for the houfe of 
Jacob. 47 But Solomon built 
him an houie. 48 Howbeit 
the moil High dwelleth not in 
places made with hands ; as 
faith the prophet, 49 Heaven 
is my throne, and earth my 
footflool: what houfe will ye 
build me ? faith the Lord : or of 
what kind is the place of my 
reli ? 50 Hath not my hand 
made all thefe things ? 51 Ye 
l\ iff necked, and uncircumcifed 
in hearts and ears, ye do always 
refift the Holy Ghoft : as did 
alfo your fathers, fo do ye. 52 
Which of the prophets have not 
they perfecuted? and they have 
{lain thofe who mewed before of 
the coming of the juil one, of 
whom ye have been now the 
betrayers and murderers : 5 3 
Who have received the law by 
the difpofition of angels, and 
have not kept it. 54 When 
they had heard him, they were 
cut to the hearts, and they 
gnafhed their teeth at him. 55 
But Stephen being full of the 
Holy Ghoft, looked up ftedfaitly 
T 2 

The Afts of 

heaven, and faw the glory 
of God, and Jefus the Lord 
landing on the right hand of 
God, 56 And faid, Behold, I 
fee the heavens opened, and the 
Son of man {landing on the 
right hand of God. 57 Then 
they cried out with a loud voice, 
and flopped their ears, and ran 
upon him with one accord, 58 
And caft him out of the city, and 
iloned him : and the witneffes 
laid down their clothes at a cer 
tain young mans feet, called 
Saul. 59 And they ftoned Ste 
phen, invocating and faying, 
Lord Jefus, receive my fpirit. 
6c And he kneeled down, and 
cried with a loud voice, faying, 
Lord, lay not this fin to their 
charge. And when he had faid 
this, he fell afleep. And Saul 
was confenting unto his death. 

VII I. And at that time there 
was a great perfecution and af- 
jfli$ion upon the church which ! 
was at Jerufalem ; and they were 
all fcattered abroad throughout 
the regions of Judea and Sama 
ria, except the apoftles, who 
tarried at Jerufalem. 2 And 
devout men carried Stephen, and 
made great lamentation over him. 
3 And Saul made havock of the 
church, entring into every houfe, 
and haling men and women, 
committed them to prifon. 4 
Therefore they that were fcat 
tered abroad, went about preach 
ing the word. 5 And Philip 
tame to the city of Samaria, 
and preached Chrift unto them. 
6 But when all the multitudes 
with one accord gave heed unto 
thoie things which Philip fpake, 
hearing, and feeing the figns 
which he did. 7 Unclean ipi- 
rits, crying with loud voice, 
came out of many that were 
poffefTed : and many taken with 
palfies, and that were lame, were 

the Apoftle s. 

healed. 8 And there was gret 
joy in that city. 9 But there 
was a certain man whole name 
was Simon, before in that city, 
who ufed magick, and diftratt- 
ed the nation of Samaria, giving 
out that himfelf was fome great 
one. 1 6 To whom they all 
gave heed from the leaft to the 
greateil, faying, This man is 
that power of God, which is 
called The Great. 1 1 And to 
him they gave heed, becaule 
that of long time he had diftvad- 
ed them with magical arts, iz 
But when they believed Philip, 
preaching the things concerning 
the kingdom of God, and the 
name of Jefus Chrift, they were 
baptized both men and women. 
1 3 Then Simon himfelf alfo be 
lieved : and when he was bap 
tized, ht alfo continued with 
Philip, and beholding the mira 
cles and figns which were done 
he was diftrafted. 14 Now 
when the apoftles who were at 
Jerjafalem, heard that Samaria 
had received the word of God, 
they fent unto them Peter and 
John. 15 Who When they 
were come down, prayed for 
them that they might receive the 
Holy Ghoft. 1 6 For as yet he 
was fallen upon none of them : 
only they were baptized in the 
name of the Lord Jefus Chrift. 
1 7 Tlien laid they hands on 
them, and they iv^ived the 
Holy Ghoft. 1 8 And when 
Simon faw that through laying 
on of the apoftles hands, the 
Holy Ghoft was given, he offered 
them money. 19 Befeeching 
him, and faying, Give me al(o this 
power, that on whomfoever I 
alfo lay hands, he may receive 
the Holy Ghoft. 20 But Peter 
faid unto him, The money go 
to perdition with thee, becaufe 
thou halt thought that the free gift 


The Ads of 

of God may he purchated with 
ttiohey. 21 Thou halt neither 
part nor lot in this matter : thy 
heart is not right before God. 
22 Repent therefore of this thy 
wickednefs, and pray the Lord, 
if perhaps the thought of thine 
heart may be forgiven thee. 23 
For I fee that thouart in the gall 
of bitternefs, and the bond of 
iniquity. 24 Then anfvvered 
Simon and faid unto them, I 
befeech you, Pray ye to God 
for me, that none of thefe evil 
things which ye have fpoken to 
me come upon me : who did not 
leave off to weep greatly. 25 
They therefore, when they had 
teftified and fpoken the word of 
the Lord, returned to Jerufalem : 
But they preached the gofpel in 
many villages of the Samaritans. 
26 And the angel of the Lord 
Ipake unto Philip, faying, Arife 
and go toward the fouth, unto 
the way that goeth down from 
Jerufalem unto Gaza, which is 
defer t. 27 And he arofe and 
went : and behold, a man of 
Ethiopia, an eunuch of great 
authority under Candace, a cer 
tain queen of the Ethiopians, 
who was her treafurer, and had 
come to Jerufalem to worlhip, 
28 Was returning and fitting 
in a chariot reading Eiaias the 
prophet. 29 Then the fpirit 
faid unto Philip, Go near, and 
join thy felf to this chariot. 30 
And Philip ran thither to him, 
and heard him read the prophet 
Efaias, and faid, Underftandeft 
thou what thou read e ft ? 31 
And he faid, How can I, ex 
cept fome one mould guide me ? 
and he defired Philip that he 
would come up, and iit with 
him. 32 The place of the 
fcripture which he read, was 
this, He was led as a fheep to 
the flaughter, and like a lamb 
dumb before his ftiearer, io 

the Apoftles. 

opened he not his mouth : 33 
In bis humiliation his judgmenc 
was taken away : and who ihali 
declare his generation ? for his 
life is taken from the earth. 34 
And the eunuch anfvvered Philip, 
and faid, I pray thee, of whom 
fpeaketh the prophet this ? of 
himfelf, or of ibme other. 35 
Then Philip opened his mouth 
and began at the fame fcripture 
and preached unto him Jefus. 
36 And as they went on the 
way, they came unto a certain 
water ; and the Eunuch faid, See 
water, what doth forbid me to 
be baptized? 37 And Philip 
faid, If thou believeit with all 
thine heart, thou may It. And he 
anfweredand faid, I believe that 
Jeius Chrift is the Son of God. 
38 And he commanded the cha 
riot to Hand : and they wenc 
down both into the water, both 
Philip and the eunuch ; and he 
baptized him. 39 And when 
they were come up out of the 
water, the Spirit of the Lord 
caught away Philip, that the 
eunuch favv him no more : and 
he went on his way rejoicing. 
40 But Philip was found at Azo- 
tus : and pafiing through, he 
preached in all the cities till he 
came to Cefarea. 

IX. And Saul yet breathing 
out threatnings and flaughter 
againit the difciples of the Lord, 
went unto the high prieft, z 
And defired of him letters to 
Damafcus to the fynagogues, 
that if he mould find any of this 
way, whether they were men or 
women, he might bring them 
bound unto Jerufalem. 3 And as 
he journeyed he came near Da- 
maicus : and fuddenly theie Ihone 
round about him a light from 
heaven. 4 And he fell to the 
earth, and heard a voice faying 
unto him, Saul, Saul, why per- 

The Acfts of 

fecuteft thou me ? 5 Who iaid, 
Who art thou, Lord ? And he 
faid, 1 am Jefus whom thou perie- 
cuteft : // is hard for thee to kick 
againit the goads. 6 And he 
trembling and aftonifhed, faid, 
Lord, what wilt thou have me 
to do ? And the Lord faid unto 
him, Arife and go into the city, 
and it mall be told thee there 
what thou muft do. 7 And the 
men who journeyed with him 
itood fpeechlefs, hearing a voice, 
but feeing no man : 8 And 
Saui arofe from the earth ; and 
when his eyes were opened, he 
favv nothing, but they led him 
by the hand, and brought him 
to Damafcus. 9 And he was 
three days without fight, and 
neither did eat nor drink. 10 
And there was a cercain difciple 
at Damafcus, named Ananias ; 
and to him iaid the Lord in a 
vifion, Ananias. And he faid, 
Behold, I am here. Lord. II 
And the Lord faid unto him, 
Arife, and go into ihe ilieet, 
which is called Straight, and 
enquire in the houfe of Judas, 
for one whofe name is Saul, of 
Tarfus : for behold he prayeth. 
12 And he hath feen a man 
named Ananias, coming in, and 
putting bis hands on him, that 
he might receive his fight, i 3 
Then Ananias anfwered, Lord, 
I have heard by many of this 
man, how much evil he hath 
done to thy faints at Jerufalem : 
74 And here he hath Authority 
from the chief piiefts, to bind 
all that call on thy name. 1 5 
But the Lord faid unto him, 
Go: for he is a chofen veflel 
unto me, to bear my name be 
fore the Gentiles, and kings, 
and the children of Ifrael. i 6 For 
J will mew him how great things 
he muft fuffer for my name s 
fake. 17 And Ananias went 

the Apoftles. 

a way, and entered into the hoafe ; 
and putting his hands on him, 
faid, Brother Saul, the Lord 
hath fent me, Jeius that ap 
peared unto thee in the way as 
thou earned, that thou mighteft 
receive thy figh:, and be filled 
with the Holy Ghoft. 18 And 
there fell from his eyes as it had 
been fcales ; and he received 
fight forthwith, and arofe, and 
was baptized. 19 /ind when he 
had received meat he was 
llrengthened. Then was lie 
certain days with the diiciples 
who were at Damafcus. 20 
And ftraightway he preached Jefus 
in the fynagogues, that he is the 
Son of God. 21 But all that 
heard him were am;; zed, and 
faid, Is not this he tha. made 
havock of them who called on 
this name in Jerufalem, and 
came hither for th&t intent, that 
he might bung them bound 
unto the chief pneits ? 22 But 
Saul increafcd the more in 
Itrength,and confounded tne Jews 
who dwelt at Damafcus, proving 
that this is the Chriii. 23 And 
after many days were fulfilled, 
the Jews took counfei to kill 
him : 24 But their laying await 
was known of Saul : and they 
watched the gates aifo day and 
night to kill him. 25 Then the 
difciples took him by night, and 
let him down by the wall in a 
basket. 26 And when he was 
come to Jerufalem, he afTayed to 
join himfelf to the difciples : but 
they were all afraid of him, and 
believed not that he was a difci 
pie. 27 But Barnabas took 
him, and brought him to the 
apoftles, and declared unto them, 
how he had feen the Lord in 
the way, and that he had fpoken 
to him, and how he had preach 
ed boldly at Damafcus in the 
name of Jefus. 28 And he was 

The Ads of the Apoftles. 

j with them coming in, and going 
! out in J er ufalem . 29 And he 
fpake boldlv in the name of the 
| L >rd Jefus, and difputed againit 
; th i.ielienifts : but they went 
; ab< ut to flay him. 30 When 
I th-. 1 brethren knew it, they 
I b. ought him down to Cefarea, 
i and lent htm forth to Tarfus. 
31 Then had the church reft 
thr.iuvhout all Judea, and Ga- 
lil \ and Samaria, and was 
.edifieci, and walking in the fear 
of the Lord, and in the com 
fort of the Holy Ghoft, was 
, multiplied. 32 And it ca: e to 
paf>, as Pecer paiTed throughout 
* all quarters, he came down alfo 
to the faints who dwelt at 
Lydda. 33 And there he found 
a certain man named Eneas, 
who had Iain upon his bed eight 
years, and was fick of the pal- 
fy, 34 And Peter faicl unto 
him, Eneas, The Lord Jelus 
Chriil maketh thee whole : arife 
and make thy bed. And he 
arofe immediately. 35 And all 
that dwelt at Lydda, and Saron, 
faw him, and turned to the 
Lord. 36 Now there was at 
Joppa a certain difciple named 
Tabitha, who by interpretation 
is called Dorcas [a Doe] this 
woman was full of good works, 
and alms deeds which me did. 
37 And it came to pafs in thofe 
days, that me was fick, and 
died : whom when they had 
wafhed, they laid in an upper 
room. 38 And forafmuch as 
Lydda was nigh to Joppa, and 
the difciples had heard that Peter 
was there, they fent unto him 
two men, deuring bint, Do not 
thou delay to come to us. 39 
Then Peter arofe, and went with 
them. When he was come, 
they brought him into the upper 
room, and all the widows flood 
round about him weeping, and 

fhewing the coats and garments 
which Dorcas made while me 
was with them. 40 But Peter 
put them all forth, and kneeled 
down and prayed, and turning 
to the body, faid, Tabitha, arile. 
And fhe opened her eyes : and 
when fhe faw Peter, fhe fat up. 
41 And he gave her his hand, 
and life her up ; and when he 
had called the faints and widows, 
prefented her alive. 42 And it 
was known throughout alljoppa ; 
and many believed in the Lord. 
43 And it came to pafs, that he 
tarried many days in Joppa with 
one Simon a tanner. 

X, There was a certain man 
in Cefarea, named Cornelius, a 
centurion of the band called the 
Italian, 2 Devout, and fearing 
God with all his houfe, giv 
ing many alms to the people, 
and praying to God alway. 3 
He faw in a vifion evidently, a- 
bout the ninth hour of the day, 
an angel of God coming in to 
him, and faying unto him, Cor 
nelius. 4 And ftedfaftly look 
ing on him, and being much af 
frighted, he faid. What is it, 
Lord ? And he faid unto him, 
Thy prayers and thine alms are 
come up for a memorial before 
God. 5 And now fend men to 
Joppa, and call for one Simon, 
whofe fir name is Peter : 6 He 
lodgeth with one Simon a tanner, 
whofe houfe is by the fea : he 
mail tell thee what thou oughteil 
to do. 7 And when the angel 
who fpake unto him, was depart 
ed, he called two of his Jiouf- 
hold-fervants, and a devout fol- 
dier of them that waited on him 
continually : 8 And when he 
had declared all things unto them, 
he fent them to Joppa. 9 On 
the morrow as they went on their 
journey, and drew nigh unto the 
city, Peter went up to the upper 

The Ads of the Apoftles, 

z&om to pray, about the fixth 
hour. 10 And he became very 
hungry, and would have eaten : 
but while they made ready, he 
fell into a trance, 1 1 And faw 
heaven opened, and a certain vef 
fel descending unto him, as it 
had been a great fheet, knit at 
the four corners, and let down 
from heaven to the earth : i 2 
Wherein were all manner of four- 
footed beafts, and creeping things 
of the earth, and fowls of the 
air. 13 And there came a voice 
to him, Rife, Peter ; kill and 
fat. 14 But Peter faid, By no 
means, Lord ; for I have never 
eaten any thing that is common 
or unclean. 15 And the voice 
fpake unto him again the fecond 
time, What God hath cleanfed, 
make not thou common. 16 
This was done thrice : and the 
veflel was received up again into 
heaven. 17 Now when Peter 
was come to himfelf, he doubted 
what this vifion which he had 
feen fhould mean ; And behold 
the men who were fent from Cor 
nelius, had aiked far Simon s 
houfe, and itood before the gate, 
18 And called, and afked whe 
ther Simon who was firnamed 
Peter, lodged there. 19 While 
Peter thought on the vifion, the 
fpirit faid unto him, Behold, men 
feek thee. 20 But arife and get 
thee down, and go with them, 
doubting nothing ; for I have 
lent them. 21 Then Peter went 
down to the men ; and faid, Be 
hold, I am he whom ye feek : 
What would ye have ? or What 
is the caufe wherefore ye are 
come ? 22 They faid unto him, 
One Cornelius a Centurion, a juit 
man, and one that feareth God, 
and of good report among all 
the nation of the Jews, was 
warned from God by an holy 
angel, to fend for thee to his 

houfe, and to hear words of thee." 1 

23 Then Peter brought them in, 
and lodged them, and on the 
morrow he role up and went out 
wi;h them, and certain brethren 
from Joppa accompanied him. 

24 But on the morrow after he 
entered into Cefarea : and Cor 
nelius was waiting for them, and 
had called together his kinfmen 
and ftaid for his near friends. 

25 But as Peter drew nigh to 
Cefarea, one of the fervants ran 
before, and told that he was 
come. But Cornelius leaped up, 
and met him : and falling at his 
feet, wormipped him. 26 But 
Peter raifed him up, faying, What 
doeft thou ? I alfo am a man as 
thou art. 27 And as he talked 
with him, he both went in, and 
found many come together. 28 
And he faid unto them, Ye well 
know that it is an unlawful thing 
for a man that is a Jew, to join 
himferf, or come to a man of 
another nation r but God hath 
mewed me^ that I Ihould call no 
man common or unclean. 29 
Therefore came I without gain- 
faying, as foon as I was fent for 
by you : I afk therefore for what 
intent ye have fent for me. 30 
And Cornelius faid, Four days 
ago I was failing until this hour : 
At the ninth hour I was both 
praying in my houfe, and behold, 
a man flood before me in bright 
clothing, 3 i And (aid, Corne 
lius, thy prayer is heard, and 
thine alms are had in remem 
brance before God. 32 Send 
therefore to Joppa, and call hi 
ther Simon whofe firname is Pe 
ter ; he lodges in the houfe of 
Simon a tanner, by the fea $ 
who when he cometh, mall fpeak 
unto thee. 33 Immediately there 
fore I fent to thee, befeeching 
thee to come to us. But thou 
haft well done that thou art come 


The A&s of the Apoftles. 

quickly. Now lo we are ail 
here prefent before thee, defiring 
to hear from thee the things that 
are commanded thee of God. 
34 But Peter opened his mouth, 
and faid, Of a truth I perceive 
that God is no refpedter of pei- 
fons : 35 But .in every nation, 
he that leareth him, and work- 
eth rigateoufnefs, is accepted with 
him. 36 For the word which 
God fent unto the children of 
Jfrael, preaching peace by Jefus 
Chrift ; he is Lord of all. 37 
That you know, which was 
throughout all Judea, and began 
from Galilee, after the baptifm 
which John preached ; 38 Jefus 
of Nazareth ; whom God an 
ointed with the Holy Ghoft, and 
with power : He went about do- 
Ing good, and healing all that 
were brought into i ubjeclion by 
the devil : for God was with 
him. 39 And we are his wit- 
neffes of all things which he did 
both in the land of the Jews, and 
in Jerusalem ; and they flew him, 
and hanged him on a tree : 40 
Him God raifed up the third 
day, and granted him to be made 
manifeft : 41 Not to all the 
people, but to witnefles, chofen 
before of God, to us, who did 
eat and drink and converfe with 
him after he arofe from the dead 
forty days. 42 And he. com 
manded us to preach unto the 
people, and to teftify that it is 
he who was ordained of God 
the judge of quick and dead. 
43 To him witnefs all the pro 
phets, that through his name 
whofoever believeth in him, fhall 
receive remiffion of fins. 44 
While Peter yet fpake thefe words, 
the Holy Ghoft fell on all them 
who heard the word. 45 And 
they of the circumcifion who be 
lieved, were aftonimed, as many 
as came with Peter, becaufe that 

on the Gentiles alfo was poured 
out the free gift of the Holy 
Gholh 46 For they heard them 
fpeaking with other tongues, and 
magnifying God But Peter faid, 
47 Can any one forbid water, 
that thefe mould not be baptized, 
who have received theHoly Ghoft, 
as well as we ? 48 Then he 
commanded them to be baptized, 
in the name of the Lord Jefus 
Chrift. Then prayed they him 
to tarry with them certain days. 

XI. But it was heard by the 
Apoftles and brethren in Judea, 
that the Gentiles had aifo receiv 
ed the word of God. 2 Now 
Peter had a defire for a long time 
to go to Jerufalem. And when, 
he had fpoken to the brethren, 
and confirmed them, he fpakc 
largely, and taught them through 
the countries : who alfo came to 
them, and declared to them the 
grace of God. But thofe bre 
thren who were of the circum 
cifion contended with him, 3 
Saying, Thou wentert in to men 
uncircumcifed, and didft eat with 
them. 4 But Peter beginning, 
expounded it in order unto them, 
faying, 5 I was in the city of 
Joppa, praying ; and in a trance 
I faw a vifion, A certain veffel 
defcended, as it had been a great 
fheet, let down f om heaven by 
four corners j and it came even 
to me. 6 Upon the which when 
I ftedfaitly looked, I confidered, 
and faw four-footed beafts of the 
earth, and wild beaft?, and creep 
ing things, and fowls of the air. 
7 And I heard a voice faying 
unto me, A rife, Peter ; kill and 
eat. 8 But I faid, By no means, 
Lord : for what is common or 
unclean hath not at any time en 
tered into my mouth. 9 But 
a voice came to me from heaven, 
What God hath cleanfed, make 
not thou common. 10 And this 

U was 

The Aas of the Apoftles, 

was done three times : and all 
were drawn up again in.o heaven. 

11 And behold, immediately 
there were three men already 
come unto the houfe where 1 
was, fent from Cefarea unto me. 

12 And the fpirit faid to me, 
go with them. Thefe fix bre 
thren accompanied me, and we 
entered into the man s houfe : 

13 But he mewed us how he had 
feen an angel in his houfe, who 
flood and faid unto him, Send to 
Joppa,and call for Simon, whofe 
firname is Peter : 1 4 Who mail 
fpeak unto th-e words, whereby 
thou malt be faved, and all thy 
houfe. 15 And as 1 began to 
fpeak to them, the Holy Ghoft 
fell on them, as alfo on us at 
the beginning. 16 And I re- 
mem bred the word of the Lord, 
how he faid, John indeed bapti 
zed wiih water ; but ye mail be 
bapt zed with the Holy Ghoft. 
17 Forafmuch then as he gave 
them the like free gift as unto us, 
who believed on the Lord Jefus 
Chi ill, what was I that I could 
fo far withftand God, as not to 
give thofe who have believed on 

him -f the Holy Spirit ? 

i$sf. * w , hen the x he ^ 

x. 47,48. l " eie things, they held 
their peace, and glo 
rified God, faying, 1 hen hath 
God alfo to the Gentiles granted 
Repentance unto life. 19 Now 
they who were fcattered abroad 
upon :he perfection that arofe 
from Stephen, travelled as far as 
Phenice, and Cyprus, and An- 
tioch, preaching the word to 
none but unto the Jews only. 
20" And fome of them were 
men of Cyprus and Cyrene, 
who when they were come to 
Antioch, fpake unto the Helle- 
nifts preaching the Lord Jefus 
Chriit. 2 1 But the hand of 
the Lord was with them : and a 

great number believed, antt 
turned unto the Lord. 22 But 
the report of thefe things came 
unto the ears of the church 
which was in Jerufalem : and 
they fent forth Barnabas, that 
he mould go as far as An 
tioch, 23 Who when he came 
alfo and had leen the grace of 
God, rejoiced, and exhorted all, 
that with purpofe of heart they 
would continue with the Lord. 
24 For he was a good man, 
and full of the Holy Ghoft, and 
of faith : and a great multitude 
was added unto the Lord. 25 
But hearing that Saul was at 
Tarfus, he departed, feeking 
for him. 26 And when he had 
found him, he befonght him to 
come to Antioch : who when they 
were come, affembled in the 
Church a whole Year, and 
taught a great multitude. And 
there it was that the difciples in 
Antioch were firft called Chri- 
ilians. 27 And in thefe days 
came prophets from Jerufalem 
unto Antioch. But there was 
g;eat rejoicing. 28 And as we 
converfed together, one of them 
named Agabus, fpake, fignifying 
by the fpirit, that there mould be 
a great famine throughout all the 
world : which alfo came to pafs 
under Claudius. 29 Sut the 
difciples, every man according 
to their ability, determined to 
fend relief unto the brethren who 
dwelt in Judea. 30 Which alfo 
they did, and fent it to the 
elders by the hand of Barnabas 
and Saul. 

XI f. Now at that time He 
rod the king laid his hands to 
afilid certain of the church in 
Judea. 2 And he killed Jaines 
the brother of John with the 
fword. 3 Butbecaufe he faw this 
attempt of his upon the faithful 
pleated the Jew*, he proceeded 

The Ads of the Apoftles, 

farther, to take Peter alfo : Then 
were the days of unleavened 
bread. 4 When he had appre 
hended this man, he put him 
into prifon, and delivered him to 
four quaternions of foldiers to 
keep, intending af er the PaiTo- 
ver to bring him forth to the 
people. 5 Peter therefore was 
kept in .prifon; but great prayer 
was made with fervency of the 
church unto God for him, 6 
And when Herod would have 
brought him forth, the fame 
night Peter was fleeping between 
two foldiers, bound with two 
chains ; But the keepers before 
the door kept the prifon. 7 And 
behold, an angel of the Lord 
came upon Peter, and a light 
fhined in the prifon-houfe, and 
he fmote Peter on the fide, and 
raifed him up, faying, Arife up 
quickly. And his chains fell off 
from his hands. 8 But the angel 
faid unto him, Gird thy felf, 
and bind on thy fandals : and fo 
he did. And he faith unto him, 
Caft thy garment about thee, 
and follow me. 9 And he went 
out and followed, and knew not 
that it was true which was done 
by the angel : for he thought he 
faw a vifion. 10 When they 
were paft the fir ft and the fecond 
ward, they came unto the iron 
gate that leadeth unto the city ; 
which opened to them of its own 
accord : and they went out, and 
defcended the feven iteps, and 
paffed on through one ftreet ; and 
forthwith the angel departed 
from him. 1 1 And when Peter 
was come to himfelf, he faid, 
Now I know that the Lord hath 
furely fent his angel, and hath 
delivered me out of the hand of 
Herod, and from all the expecta 
tion of the people of the Jews. 
1 2 And when he had confidered, 
he came to the houfe of Mary 

the mother of John, whofe fir- 
name was Mark, where many 
were gathered together, praying. 
13 And as Peter him elf knock 
ed at the door of the gate, a 
damfel came to hearken, named 
Rhoda. 14 And knowing Pe 
ter s voice, fne opened not the 
gate for gladnefs, and ran in, 
and told how Peter flood before 
the gate, 15 And they faid unto 
her, thou art mad. But (he 
itrongly affirmed that it was even 
fo. Theft they faid to her, Per 
haps, it is his angel. 16 But 
he continued knocking: and 
opening and feeing him, they 
were aftonifhed. 17 But he 
beckoning jmto them with the 
hand to hold their peace, he 
came in, and declared unto them 
how the Lord had brought him 
out of the prifon. And he faid, 
Go, mew thefe things unto 
James, and to the brethren. And 
he departed and went into ano 
ther place. 1 8 Now affoon as 
it was day, there was a ftir a- 
mong the foldiers, what was be 
come of Peter. 19 And when 
Herod had fought for him, and 
found him not, he examined the 
keepers, and commanded that 
they mould be {lain. And he went 
down from Judea to Cefarea, and 
there abode. 20 For he was 
highly difpleafed with them of 
Tyre and Sidon : but the people 
of both cities came with one 
accord to the King, and having 
made Blaftus his chamberlain 
their friend, they defired peace ; 
becaufe their countries were nou- 
riftied by the king s. 21 And 
upon a fet day, Herod arayed in 
royal apparel, fat upon his 
throne, and made an oration 
unto them. 22 When he was 
reconciled to thofe of Tyre, The 
people gave a ftiout, faying, 
the voices are of a god, and not 
U z of 

The A<3s of the Apoftles. 

of a man! 23 And immediate 
ly an angel of the Lord fmote 
him, becaufe he g,\v2 not God 
the glory : and coming down 
from his feat while he was alive 
he was eaten of worms, and 
in this manner gave up the 
ghoft. 24 But the word of God 

rew and multiplied. 25 And 
arnabas and Saul departed from 
Jerusalem, when they had ful 
filled the miniftry, /Wtook with 
them John whofe iirname was 

XIII. Now there were in the 
the church that was at Antioch, 
prophets and teachers; among 
whom was Barnabas, and Simeon 
that wa called Niger, and Lu 
cius of Cyrene, and Manaen, 
who had been brought up with 
Herod alfo the tetrarch, and 
Saul. 2 As-they minillred to 
the Lord, and fafted, the Holy 
Ghoil faid, Separate me Barna 
bas and Saul, for the work 
whereunto I have called them. 

3 And when they had all failed 
and prayed, and laid their hand" 
on them, they fent them away 

4 But they being fent forth by 
the Holy Ghoft, came down 
unto Seleucia ; from thence they 
failed to Cyprus. 5 But when 
they were at Salamis, they 
preached the word of the Lord 
in the fynagogues of the Jews : 
and they had alfo John min ; flring 
to them. 6 And when they had 
gone through the whole ifle unto 
Paphos, they found a certain 
forcerer, a falfe prophet, a Jew, 
called by the name of Barjefus : 
7 Who was with the proconlul, 
Sergius Paulus, a prudent man ; 
who called together Barnabas and 
Saul, and defired to hear the 
word of God. 8 But Hetoimas 
the forcerer, for fo is his name 
by interpretation,whh{lood them, 
feeking to turn away the procon- 

ful from the faith, becaufe he 
very willingly heard them. 9 
Then Saul who allo is Paul 
filled with the Holy Ghoft, look- 
ed earneftly at him, 10 And 
faid, O full of all fubtilty and 
all knavery, thou ion of the 
devii, ihou enemy of all righte- 
oufnefs, wilt thou not ceafe to 
pervert the ways of the Lord 
witch are rigru ? 1 1 And now 
behold, the hand of the Lord 
jhall be upon thee, and thou (halt 
be blind, not feeing tne fmi .or a 
feaftn. And immediately there 
fell on him a mill and a dark- 
nefs ; and he went about ieeking 
fome to lead him by the hand. 
I 2 But when the proconful iaw 
what was done, he wondrPil,and 
believed God, being alien ; (bed 
at the doclrine of the Lord. 13 
Now when Paul and his compa 
ny loofed from Paphos, they 
came to Perga of P.imphylia : 
and John departed from tnem, 
and returned to Jerufalem.i 4 But 
when they had departed from 
Perga, they came to Antioch in 
Pifidia, and went into the fyna- 
gogue on the fabbath-day, and 
fat down. 15 And after the 
reading of the law and the pro 
phets, the rulers of the fyna- 
gogue fent unto them, faying, 
Ye men and brethren, if ye have 
any word of wifdom, for exhor 
tation to the people, fay on. 16 
Then Paul flood up, and beck- 
ning with the hand, fa.d, Men 
of Ifrael, and ye that fear God, 
hearken. 1 7 The God of this 
people of Ifrael chofe our fathers, 
and exalted the people when they 
fojourned in the land of Egypt, 
^and with an high arm brought 
he them out of it. 1 8 And the 
time of forty years he nourifhed 
them, as does a nurfe her child, 
in the wildernefs. 19 And 
when he had deftroyed feven 

The Ads of 

nations in the land of Chanaan, 
he divided the land of :he 
ilrangers by lor. 20 And he 
gave judges, until four hundred 
and fifty years, until Samuel the 
prophet. 21 And afterwards 
they asked a king : and God 
gave unto them Saul the fon of 
Cis, a man of the tribe of Ben 
jamin, forty years; 22 And 
when he had removed him, he 
raifed up unto them David to 
be their king : to whom alib 
he retfified and faid, I have 
found David the Ion of Jefle, a 
man after mine own heart, who 
will do all that I will. 23 God 
therefore from his feed hath, 
according to bis promiie, raifed 
unto Ifrael a Saviour, Jefus : 
24 When John had firft preach 
ed before h>s coming, the bap- 
tifm of repentance to all the 
people of ifrael 25 And as 
John fulfilled his courfe, he faid, 
Whom think ye that I am ? I 
am not be. But behold, there 
cometh one after me, whofe 
ihoes of bis feet I am not worthy 
to loofe. 26 Men, Brethren, 
children of the family of Abra 
ham, and whofoever among us 
fearech God, to us is the word 
of this falvation fent forth. 27 
For they that dwell at Jerufalem, 
and her rulers, becaufe they 
Jcnew him not, nor yet the 
fcriptures of the prophets which 
are read every fabbath, even 
they have fulfilled them in con 
demning him. 28 And finding no 
caufe of death in him, when they 
had judged him they delivered 
him to Pilate that he might be* 
flain. 29 And when they had 
fulfilled all that was written of 
him, they defired Pilate to cru 
cify him, and when they had 
obtained that, and had taken 
him down from the tree,they laid 
him in a fepuichre. 30 Whom 
God raifed. 31 He was ieen 

the Apoftles. 

many days of them who came 
up widi him from Galilee to Je 
rufalem, who are till now his 
wimefTes unto the people. 32 
And we declare unto you glad 
tidings, the promife which was 
made unto our fathers. 33 For 
thus hath God fulfilled the fame 
unto us their children, in that he 
hath raifed up Je(us Chrift again ; 
as it is alfo written in the firlt 
pfalm, Thou art my Son, this 
day have I begotten thee. Ask 
of me, and I vv:ll give thee the 
heathen for iftmc inheritance,and 
the utmoft parts of the earth for 
thy poffefiion. 34 And that he 
raifed him up from the dead, no 
more to return to corruption, he 
faid thus, I will give you the 
fure mercies of David. 35 He 
faith alfo in another pfalm, Thou 
wilt not fuffer thine holy One to 
fee corruption. 36 For David 
after he had ferved his own ge 
neration by the will of God, fell 
afleep, and was laid unto his 
fathers, and faw corruption : 
37 But he whom God raifed 
again, faw no corruption. 38 
Be it known un:o you therefore, 
Men, Brethren, that through 
this man is preached unto you 
the forgivenefs of fins. 39 By 
him therefore every one that 
believes is juftified before God, 
from all things by repen 
tance, from which we could not 
be juilified by the law of Mofes. 
40 Beware therefore* left that 
come, which is fpoken of in the 
prophets. 41 Behold, ye de- 
fpifers, both wonder, and perifh : 
for I work a work in your days, 
which you will in no wife be 
lieve, though any one declare it 
unto you : and they held their 
peace. 42 And when they were 
gone out of the fynagogue, they 
befought that thefe words might 
be preached to them the next 

fabbath. 43 
congregation was 

broken up, 

many of the Jews, and religious 
profelytes followed Paul and Bar 
nabas, who fpeaking to them, 
perfuaded them to continue in 
the grace of God. But it came 
to pais that the word of God 
went through all the city, 
44 A^.d the next fabbath-day 
came almoft the whole city, 
together to hear Paul ; and when 
he had fpoken a great deal about 
the Lord, 45 And when the Jews 
faw the multitude, they were 
filled with envy, and contra- 
didled thofe words which were 
fpoken by Paul, contradicting 
and biafpheming. 46 But Paul 
.and Barnabas waxed bold, and 
faid unto them, The word of 
God was to be firil fpoken to 
you : but feeing ye put it from 
you, and judge your feives un 
worthy of eternal life, lo, we 
turn to the Gentiles. 47 For lo 
hath the Lord commanded us, 
Behold 1 have fet thee to be a 
light to the Gentiles, that thou 
fhouldeft bs for falvation unto the 
ends of the earth. 48 And 
when the Gentiles heard this, 
they were glad, and received the 
word of God : and as many as 
were ordained to eternal life, 
believed. 49 And the word of 
the Lord was publifhed through 
out all the region. 50 But the 
Jews iiirred up the devout honou 
rable women, and the chief men 
of the city, and raifed affliction 
and perfccution againft Paul and 
Barnabas, and expelled them out 
of their coaits. 51 But they 
fliook off the duft of their feet 
againft them, and came unto 
Iconium. 52 And the difciples 
were filled with joy, and with 
the Holy Ghoft. 

XIV. And it came to pafs in 
Iconium, that he entred* unto 
them, into the fynagogue of the 

The Afls of the Apoftles. 

Now when the Jews, and fo fpake, that a great 
multitude both of the Jews, and, 
alfo of the Greeks, believed, 

z But the heads of the Jews 
and the rulers of the fynagogue 
brought on a perfecution againft 
the righteous, and made the 
minds of the Gentiles evil affeded 
againft the brethren : but the 
Lord gave them peace quickly. 
3 Long time therefore abode 
they fpeaking boldly in the 
Lord, who gave teftimony unto 
the word of his grace, and 
granted figns and wonders to be 
done by their hands. 4 But the 
multitude of the city was di 
vided : and fome held with the 
Jews, and others with the apo- 
ftles. 5 And when there was an 
affault made both of the Gen 
tiles, and of the Jews, with 
their rulers, to ufe them defpite- 
fully, and to ftone them, 6 They 
were ware of it, and fled unto 
Lyftra and Derbe, cities of Ly- 
caonia, and unto the whole re 
gion that lieth round about : 7 
And there they were preaching 
the gofpel. And the whole mul 
titude was moved at the doftrine. 
But Paul and Barnabas abode at 
Lyftra. 8 And there fat a cer 
tain man, impotent in his feet, 
from his mother s womb, who 
never had walked. 9 The fame 
heard Paul fpeak ; being in fear : 
who ftedfaftly beholding him, 
and perceiving that he had faith 
to be healed, 10 Said with a 
loud voice, I fay to thee, in the 
name of the Lord Jefus Chrift, 
Stand up right on thy feet. And 
he prefently [immediately] leap 
ed and walked, n And when 
the multitude faw what Paul had 
done, they lift up their voices, 
faying in the fpeech of Lycaonia, 
The gods are come down to us 
in the likenefs of men. 12 Now 
they called Barnabas, Jupiter; 

The Ads of the Apoftles, 

find Paul, Mercury, becaufe he 
was the chief fpeaker. 1 3 But 
the prieftsof Jupiter who were 
before the city, brought oxen 
and garlands unto the gates, and 
would have done facrifice with 
the multitude. 14 When Bar 
nabas and Paul heard it, they 
rent their clothes, and ran out 
to the multitude, crying, 15 And 
fpeaking, Sirs, why do ye thefe 
things ? we are men of like paf- 
fions with you, and preach God 
unto you, that ye mould turn 
from thefe vanities unto the living 
God, who made the heaven, and 
the earth, and the fea, and all 
things that are therein : 1 6 Who 
in the patt generations fufftrred 
all nations to walk in their own 
ways. 17 Nevertheiels he left 
not himfelf without witnefs, in 
that he did good, and gave you 
rain from heaven, and fruitful 
feafons, filling your hearts with 
food and gladnef?. 18 And 
faying thefe things they fcarce 
reitrained the multitude from fa- 
crincing to them : 1 9 But while 
they Hayed and taughr, there 
came upon them certain Jews 
from Antioch and Iconiura, who 
ftirred up the people, and having 
iloned Paul, drew him out of the 
city,fuppoling he had been dead. 
20 But as the difciples flood round 
about him, he role up, and came 
into the city of Lyftra : and the 
next day he departed with Bar 
nabas to Derbe. 21 But when 
they preached the gofpel to thofe 
in the city, and had taught ma 
ny, they returned again to Lyftra^ 
and to Iconium and Antioch, 
22 Confirming the fouls of the 
difciples, and exhorting them to 
continue in the faith, and that 
we muft through much tribula 
tion come into the kingdom of 
God. 23 And when they had 
ordained them elders in every 

church, and had prayed with 
failing, they commended them 
to the Lord, on whom they be 
lieved. 24 But after they had 
patted throughout Pifidia, they 
came to Pamphylia. 25 And 
when they had preached the 
word in Perga, they went down 
into Attalia, and preached the 
Gofpd to them. 26 And 
thence failed to Antioch, from 
whence they had been recom 
mended to the grace of God, 
for the work which they fulfilled. 
27 And when they were come 
and had gathered the church 
together, they rehear fed all that 
God had done to them, with 
their fouls, and that he had 
opened the door of faith unto the 
Gentiles. 28 And they abode 
no fmall time with the difciples. 
XV. And certain men who 
came down from Judea, taught 
the brethren, Except ye be cir- 
cumciied, and walk after the 
manner of Mofes, ye cannot be 
faved. 2 But when Paul and 
Barnabas had no fmall diflenfion 
and difputation with them, Paul 
faid that they mould abide fo as 
they had believed, and iuid it 
with great alTurance. But thofe 
that came from jerufalem charg 
ed them, Paul and Barnabas and 
certain others, to go up to the 
Apoflles and Elders to Jeruialem 
that a determination might be 
made by them concerning this 
quell ion. 3 They then being 
brought on their way by the 
church, they palled through, both 
Phenice and Samaria, declaring 
the converfion of the Gentiles : 
and they caufed great joy unto 
all the brethren. 4 And when 
they were come to Jeruialem, 
they were received honourably of 
the church, and of the apolUes 
and of the elders, and they de 
clared all things that God had 

The Ads of the Apoftles, 

done with them. 5 Bat thole 
that had charged them to go up 
to the elders role up,faying, That 
certain of the left of the Fhari 
fees which believed, (aid, They 
ought to circumcile them, and to 
command them <o keep the law 
of Moles. 6 And the apoitles 
and elders came together to con- 
fider of this matter. 7 And 
when there had been much dii- 
puting, Peter role up by the 
ipirit, and faid unto them, Men, 
Brethren, ye know how that of 
ancient Days, God made choice 
among us, that the Gentiles by 
my mouth Ihould hear the word 
of the gofpel, and believe. 8 
But God, who knoweth the 
hearts, bare them witnefr, giving 
unto them the Holy Ghoft, 
even as unto us : 9 And put no 
difference between us and them, 
having purified their hearts by 
faith. 10 Now therefore why 
tempt ye God, to put a yoke 
upon the neck of the difciples, 
which neither our fathers nor we 
have been able to bear ? 1 1 
But we believe that through 
the grace of the Lord Jelus 
Chriit, we mall be faved even 
as they. 12 But the Elders 
agreed to what Peter had 
faid, and held their peace: and 
heard Barnabas and Paul, decla 
ring what figns and wonders 
God had wrought among the 
Gentiles by them. 13 And 
after they had held their peace, 
James arofe up and faid, Men, 
Brethren, hearken to me. 14 
Symeon hath declared how God 
at the nrft hath vifited the Gen 
tiles, to take out of them a peo 
ple for his name. 15 And to 
this will agree the words of the 
prophets, as it is written, 16 
After thefe things I will return, 
and will build again the taber 
nacle of David, which is fallen 

down : and I will build again, 
the ruins" thereof, and I will 
erecl: it again. 17 That the re- 
fid ue of men might feek out 
God, and all the Gentiles, upon 
whom my name is called, faith 
the Lord, who will do thefe 
things. 1 8 Known unto the 
Lord is his work from the begin 
ning of the world. 19 Where 
fore my fentence is, that we 
trouble not them who from a- 
mong the Gentiles are turned to 
God; 20 But that we fend 
unto them, that they abftain 
from pollutions of idols, and 
fornication, and blood. And 
what things they would not have < 
done to themfelves, do not ysl 
to others : 2 1 For Mofes of 
old hath in every city them that 
preach him, being read in the 
fynagogues every fabbath. 22 
Then pleafed it the apoliles and 
elders with the whole church, toi 
fend chofen men of their own 
company to Antioch, with Paul j 
and Barnabas ; Judas named Ba- 
rabbas, and Silas, leading men 
among the brethren: 23 And 
wrote a letter containing what 
follows. The apoftles,and elders, 
and brethren, fend greeting 
unto the brethren of the Gen 
tiles in Antioch, and Syria, and 
Cilicia. 24 Forafmuch as we 
have heard, that certain which 
went out from us have troubled 
you with words, difturbing your 
fouls ; to whom we gave no 
commandment: 25 It feemed 
good unto us, being afiembled 
with one accord, to fend outV 
chofen men unto you, with your 1 
beloved Barnabas and Paul ; 26 
Men that have hazarded their 
lives to every temptation, for the 
name of our Lord Jefus Chrift. 
27 We have fent therefore Judas 
and Silas, who mail allb tell 
the fame things by word. 
28 For 

The Afts of the Apofiles. 

28 For it feemed good to the 
Holy Ghoft, and to us, to lay 
upon you no other burden than 
thefe necefTary things ; 29 Tha 
ye abftain from meats offered to 
idols, and from blood, and from 
fornication : And what things 
ye would not have done to your 
(elves, not to do to another : from 
which if ye keep your felves ye 
mall do well, as moved by the 
Holy Spirit. Fare ye well. 30 
So when they were difmifTed, 
they came in a few days down to 
Antioch: and when they had 
gathered the multitude together, 
they delivered the epiftle. 31 
When they had read it they 
rejoiced for the confolation. 32 
And Judas and Silas being pro 
phets alfo them felves, full of the 
Holy Spirit: comforted the bre- 
thren with many words, and 
confirmed them. 33 And after 
they had tarried a Jpace, they 
were diimiHed in peace from the 
brethren unto thofe that fent 
them. 34 But it pleafed Silas 
to abide with them. But Judas 
alone went. 35 Now Paul and 
Barnabas continued in Antioch, 
teaching and preaching the word 
of the Lord, with many others 
alfo. 36 And iome days after 
Paul faid unto Barnabas, Let us 
return and vifit the brethren in 
every city among wham we have 
preached the word of the Lord, 
and fee how they do. 37 But 
Barnabas had a mind to take 
with them John, whofe lirname 
was Mark, 38 But Paul was 
not willing, faying, he would 
not take him with them, who 
departed from them from Pain- 
phylia, and went not with them 
to the work for which they were 
fent. 39 But the contention 
was fo (harp, that they departed 
afunder one from the other : 
Then Barnabas took Mark, and 

failed to Cyprus. 40 And Paul 
took Silas, and departed, being 
recommended by the brethren 
unto the grace of the Lord. 41 
And he went through Syria and 
Cilicia, confirming the churches, 
and delivering the commands of 
the elders. 

XVI. But when he had pafled 
ever thefe nations he came to 
Dei be and Lyltra: and behold 
a certain difciple was there, 
named Timothy, the fon of a 
woman who was a Jewefs, and 
believed ; but his father a Greek : 
2 Who was attefted to by ^the 
brethren that were at Lylira and 
Iccnium. 3 Him would Paul 
have to go forth with him ; and 
took and circumcifed him, be- 
cauie of the Jews who were in 
thofe places : for they knew all 
that his father was a Greek. 4 
And as they went through the 
cities, they preached and deliver 
ed to them the Lord Jefus Chrift 
.vith all boldnefs ; and withal 
delivered the commands of the 
apotlles and elders who were at 
Jerufalem. 5 And fo were the 
churches eftablimed, and in- 
creafed in number daily. 6 
And they paiTed through Phry- 
ia, and the region of Galatia, 
and were forbidden of the Holy 
Ghoft to fpeak die word of God 
to any in Afia. 7 But when 
they were in Myfia, they delired 
to go to Bithynia : but the Spirit 
of Jefus fuffered them not. 8 
And they pafling through My- 
ia came to Tioas. 9 And one 
ike a man of Macedonia ap- 
reared to Pnul in a vifion in the 
hc, Handing over againil 
iim, and prayed, faying, C;me 
over into Macedonia, and heJj* . 
us. 10 When therefore he was 
rifen he declared to us the vifion, 
and we underfiocd that the Lcrd 
lad called us tc.p&;&cji the gofpel 
X unto 

The Ads of 

unto thofe that were in Macedo 
nia, n Now on the morrow, 
loofing from Troas, we came 
with a ftraight coujfe to Samo- 
thracia, and the next day to 
Neapolis; 12 And from thence 
to Philippi, which is the head of 
Macedonia, a colony : and we 
were in that city abiding certain 
days. 13 But on the fabbath- 
day we went out of the gate by 
the river, where there appeared 
to be an houfe of prayer : and 
we fat down and fpake unto the 
women who came along with 
us. 14 And a certain woman 
named Lydia, a feller of purple, 
of the city of Thyatira, who 
worfhipped God, heard us : 
whofe heart the Lord opened, 
that me attended unto the things 
which were fpoken by Paul. 

15 And when fhe was baptized, 
and all her houfhold, me be- 
fought ///, faying, If ye have 
judged me to be faithful to God, 
come into my houfe and abide 
there. And fhe conftrained us. 

1 6 And it came to pafs, as we 
went to the houfe of prayer, a 
certain damfel, pofiefled with a 
fpirit of divination, met us, 
which brought her matters much 
gain by thus foothfaying : 1 7 
She followed Paul, and us, and 
Cried, faying. Thefe-are the fer- 
vants of the moft high Gcd, 
who preach unto y&u the way 
of falvation. 18 And this did 
fhe many days. But Paul turned 
to the fpirit, and being grieved 
laid, I command thee in the 
name of Jefus Chriil to come out 
of her. And he came out im 
mediately. 19 But when the 
matters of the fervant woman 
iaw that they were deprived of 
the gains which they had by her, 
they caught Paul and Silas, and 
artvr them into the court, unto 
she rulers, 20 And brought 

the Apoftles. 

them to the Captains, faying, 
Thefe men being Jews, do ex 
ceedingly trouble our city, 21 
And teach cuftoms which are 
not lawful for us to receive, nei 
ther to do, being Romans. 22 
And a great multitude rofe up 
together againlt them, crying 
out. Then the captains rent off 
their clothes, and commanded to 
beat them. 23 And when they 
had laid many firipes upon them, 
they caft them into priibn, charg 
ing the jay lor to have them kept 
lafely. 24 Who receiving iuch 
a charge, thruft them into the 
inner prifon, and made their feet 
fall in the flocks. 25 And at 
the middle of the night Paul 
and Silas prayed, and fang 
praifes unto God : and the prifo- 
ners heard them. 26 And fud* 
denly there was a great earth 
quake, fo that the foundations of 
the prifon were fhaken : But im 
mediately all the doors opened, 
and every one s bands were loof- 
ed. 27 And the keeper of the 
prifon awaking out of his fleep, 
and feeing the prifon- doors open, 
he drew out his fword, and 
would have killed himfelf, fup* 
pofing that the prifoners had been 
fled. 28 But Paul cried with a 
loud voice, faying, Do thy felf 
no harm ; for we are all here. 
29 Then he called for a light, 
and leaped in,. and trembling, 
fell down at the feet of Paul and 
Silas; 30 And brought them, 
out, and fecuring the rett, he 
faid, Sirs, .what rnuil I do to be 
faved ? 31 And they faid, Be 
lieve on the Lord Jefus Chrift, 
and thou malt be faved, and thy 
houfe. 32 And they fpake unto 
him the word of the Lord, with 
all that were in his houfe. 33 
And he took them the fame hour 
of the night, and warned their 
(tripes; and was baptized, he 


The Ads of the Apoftles. 

anci all his, ftraightway. 34 And 
when he had moreover brought 
them into his houfe, and fet 
meat before them, he rejoiced, 
believing in God with all his 
houfe. 35 And when it was 
day, the captains came together 
into the court, and remembring 
the earthquake that had happen 
ed, they were afraid, and they 
fent the fergeants, who faid, Let 
thofe men go, whom thou re- 
ceivedft yefterday. 36 And the 
keeper of the prifon came in and 
tolS thefe words to Paul, The 
magittrates have fent to let you 
go : now therefore depart, and 
go. 37 But Paul faid unto them, 
They have beaten us openly, 
who are guiklefs, and uncon- 
demned, and are Romans, and 
they have caft us into prifon ; 
and now do they thruit us out 
privily ? nay verily ; but let 
them come themfelves and fetch 
us out. 38 And the fergeants 
told thefe words unto the cap 
tains : But when they heard that 
they were Romans, they were 
afraid, 39 And when they were 
come with many of their friends 
to the prifon, they befought them 
to go out, faying, We were un 
acquainted with your affairs, that 
you arejuftmen. And leading 
them out, they befought them, 
faying, Depart from this city, 
left they again make an infur- 
reclion upon you, and grow bit 
ter againft you. 40 But they 
went out of the prifon, and came 
to Lydia ; and when they had 
feen the brethren, they declared 
to them how many things the 
Lord had done to them : and 
when they had exhorted them, 
they went out. 

XVII. Now when they had 
paffed through Arophipolis, they 
came to Apolionia, and thence to 
TheiTalonica ; where was a fyna- 

gogue of the Jews. 2 And Paul, 
as his manner was, went in unto 
hem, and three fabbaths reafoned 
>vith them out of the fcriptures, 
Opening and alledging, that 
Chriil mutt needs have fuffercd, 
and rifen again from the dead ; 
and that this Jefus whom I preach 
unto you is Chrift. 4 And fome 
of them believed, and confortcd 
with Paul and Silas on account of 
their doctrine : and of the devout 
Greeks a great multitude, and 
the chief women not a few. 5 
But the Jews who believed not, 
moved with envy, gathered to- 
gether wicked fellows of the ba 
ler fort, and getting the multi 
tude together, they fet the city 
on an uprore, and aflaulted the 
houfe of Jafon, and fought to 
bring them out to the people. 6 
And when they found them not, 
they drew Jafon, and certain 
brethren, unto the rulers of the 
city, crying and faying, Thefe 
that have fubverted the world, 
are come hither alfo ; 7 Whom 
Jafon hath received : and thefe 
all do contrary to the decrees of 
Cefar, faying, That there is an 
other king, Jefus. 8 And they 
troubled the multitude, and the 
rulers of the city, when they 
heard thefe things. 9 And when 
they had taken Security of Jafon. 
and of the others, they diimifled 
them. 10 And the brethren im 
mediately fent away Paul and Si 
las by night to Berea : who corn 
ing, went away umo the fyna- 
gogue of the Jews. 1 1 Thele 
were more generous than thofe 
in Theflalonica, in that they 
received the word with all readi- 
nefs of mind, and fearched the 
fcriptures daily, whether thofe 
things were fo. 12 Therefore 
fome of them believed : bat iome 
did not believe : alfo of the He- 
Jjjnift women, and of thofe that 
X 2 were 

were honourable, and many men 
and women believed. 13 But 
when the Jews of Theflalonica 
knew tiiat the word of God wa> 
preached, and believed, at Berea, 
they came thither alfo, and did 
not leave off ftirring up and di- 
fturbing the multitude there. 14 
And then im mediately the bre 
thren fent out Paul, to go away 
to the fea : but both Silas and 
Timothy abode there, i 5 And 
they that conducted Paul, brought 
bim to Athens : But he pafled by 
Thefialy : for he was forbidden 
to preach the word to them ; anc 
receiving a commandment from 
Paul unto Silas and Timothy to 
come to him with fpeed, they 
departed. 16 Now while Paul 
waited for them at Athens, his 
fpirit was provoked in him, when 
he fa\v the city wholly given to 
the worfhip of idols. 17 There 
fore difputed he in the fynagogue 
with the Jews, and with the de 
vout perfons, and with thofe in 
the market every day, with fuch 
as met with him. 18 But cer 
tain alfo of the philofophers of 
the Epicureans, and of the Sto- 
icks, encountered him : andlome 
faid, What will this babler fay ? 
but others, He feemeth to be a 
fetter forth of ihange daemons. 
19 But after certain days they 
brought him unto Areopagus, 
queftioning him, and faying, May 
we any of us know what this 
new doclrine, which thou decla 
red, is ? 20 For thcij bringeft 
certain ftrange words to our ears : 
we would know therefore what 
thefe things mean. 21 For ail 
the Athenians and Grangers which 
were with them, fpent their time 
in nothing elfe ? but either to teli 
or to hear fome new thing. 22 
Then Paul flood in the nndir. of 
the Areopagus, and faid, Ye 
men of Athens, I perceive that - 

The Ads of the Apoftles. 

in all things ye are too fuperfti- 
tious. 23 For as 1 palled by, 
and beheld your devotions, i 
found an altar with this infcrip- 


What therefore ye ignorantly 
worihip, him declare I unto you. 
24 God that made the world, 
and all things therein, being 
Lord of heaven and earth, dwelt- 
eth not in temples made with 
hands : 25 Neither is worihip^ 
ped with mens hands, as though 
he was in need, for he giveth to 
all life, and breath, and all things ; 
26 And he made of one blood, 
every nation of man, to dwel] 
on all the face of the earth, and 
hath determined the times ap 
pointed, according to the bound 
of their habitation : 27 Efpe- 
daily that they ftiould feek what 
the deity is, if haply they might 
feel after it, or find it, though it 
be not far from every one o^ us : 

28 For in it we live, and move, 
and are ; every day ; as certain 
alfo of your own poets have laid j 
For- we are alfo his offspring. 

29 Forafmuch then as we are 
the offspring of God, we ought 
not to think that the Doty is 
like either to gold, or filver, or 
ftone, or to what is graven by 
ait, or man s device. 30 And 
the times of this ignorance God 
overlooked ; but now com m and - 
eth all men every where to re 
pent : 31 As he hath appointed 
a day to judge the world in righ- 
teouthefs, by the man Jelus, 
whom he hath ordained ; to give 
aflurance unto all men, in that 
he harh raifed him from the dead. 
32 And when they heard of the 
refurrcclion of the dead, fome 
mocked : and others faid, We 
will hear thee again alfo of this 
matter. 33 And fo Paul de- 

>arted from among them. 24 But 
crca^n men cave untj him, and 
believed : 

The Ads of the Apoftles. 

believed : among the which *wa$ 
Dionyiius a certain Areopagite, of 
good quality ; and others with 

XVIII. But he departed from 
Athens, and came to Corinth ; 
2 And found a certain Jew na 
med Aquila, born in Pontus, 
lately come from Italy, and his 
wife Prifcilla, becaufe that Clau 
dius had commanded all Jews to 
depart from Rome, who alfo 
dwelt in Achaia, and Paul came 
unto him. 3 And becaofe he 
was of the fame craft, he abode 
with them, and wrought. 4 
But entering into the fynagogue 
every fabbath, he reafoned ; and 
propofing the name of the Lord 
I Jefus, he perfuaded not only the 
Jews, but the Greeks alfo. 5 
And when Silas and Timothy 
were come from Macedonia, Paul 
was preffed by the word, and 
teftified to the Jews, that Jefus 
was the Lord. 6 But when there 
had been much difcourfe, and the 
fcriptures had been interpreted, 
and when they oppofed them- 
felves, and biafphemed, Paul 
{hook his raiment, and faid unto 
them** Your blood be upon your 
1 head ; I am clean : I go to the 
| Gentiles. 7 And he departed 
! from Aquila, and entered into a 
I certain man s houfe named Juftus, 
j one that worfliipped God, whofe 
\ houfe joined hard to the fyna- 
| gogue. 8 And Crifpus the chief 
i ruler of the fynagogue, believed 
i on the Lord with all his houfe : 
i and many of the Corinthians 
; hearing, believed, and werebap- 
I tized ; believing on God, through 
i the name of our Lord Jefus 
i Chrift. 9 And the Lord fpake 
i to Paul in the night by a vifion, 
i Be not afraid, but fpeak, and 
hold not thy peace : i o For I 
am with thee, and no man mail 
; fet on tbee, to hurt thee : for I 

have much people in this city. 
1 1 And he continued in Corinth 
a year and fix mon.hs, teaching 
them the word of God. 12 
But when Gallic was proconjut 
of Achaia, the Jews combined 
unanimoufly agamit Paul, and 
talking together among them- 
felves concerning Paul, and lay 
ing hands upon him, they brought 
him to the judgment- ieat, 13 
Crying out agamll him and fay 
ing, The fellow perfuadeth men 
to wormip God contrary to the 
law. 1 4 And when Paul was now 
about to open his mouth, Gallio 
faid unto the Jews, If it were a 
matter of injuitice or grofs wick- 
ednefs, O ye men and Jews, I 
fhould with realbn bear with you : 
1 5 Bat if ye have queftions of a 
word, and names, and of your 
law, look ye ; I will be no judge 
of fuch matters. 16 And he 
drave them from the judgment- 
feat. 17 Then all the Greeks 
took Soithenes, the chief ruler of 
the fynagogue, and beat him be 
fore the judgment-feat. 18 And 
Paul tarried yet a good while, 
and then took his leave of the 
brethren, and failed thence into 
Syria, and with him Prifcilla 
and Aquila : having (horn bis 
head in Cenchrea : for he had a 
vow. 1 9 But when he was come 
to Ephefus, and left them there, 
on the next fabbath he himfelf 
entered into the fynagogue, and 
reafoned with the Jew^ 20 And 
when they defired him to tarry 
longer time with them, he con- 
fented not : 21 Bidding them 
farewel, and faying, I muft by- 
all means keep this fealt-day 
that is coming, at Jerufalem. 
I will return unto you, if God 
will, and he failed from E- 
phefus. 22 And when he had 
landed at Cefarea, and gone up 
and faluted the church, he went 

The Ads of 

down to Antioch. 23 And after 
he had fpent fome time, he de 
parted, and went over all the 
country of Galatia and Phrygia 
in order, and ftrengtlming all the 
difciples. 24 And a certain Jew 
jiamed Apollos, born at Alexan 
dria, an eloquent man, mighty 
in the fcripture?, came, to Epha- 
fus. 25 Who was inflru&ed in 
his own country in the word of 
the Lord ; and being fervent in 
the fpirit, he fpake and taught 
diligently the things of Jefus, 
knowing only the baptilm of 
John. 26 He began to fpeak 
boldly in the fynagogue. Whom 
when Aquila and Prifcllla had 
heard, they took him unto them, 
and expounded unto him this way 
more perfeaiy. 27 But certain 
Corinthians who lived at Ephs- 
fus, and heard him, defired him 
to pafs over with them to their 
native country ; but when he 
had given his confent, the Ephe- 
fians wrote to the difciples at 
Corinth, that they mould receive 
the man : who when he fojourned 
in Achaia helped them much in 
the churches through grace. 28 
For he mightily convinced the 
Jews, and that publickly dif* 
courfing, and mewing by the 
fcripfures, that Jefus is the Chriit. 
XIX. But when Paul was de- 
firous, according to his own will, 
to go to Jerufalem, the fpirit 
faid to him that he ihould return 
into Ada : but having patted 
through the upper parts he comes 
to Ephefus : and finding certain 
difcipies, 2 He faid unto them, 
Have ye received the Holy 
Ghoft Vince ye believed B And 
they faid, We have not fo much 
as heard whether any do receive 
the Holy Ghoft. 3 But he faid 
unto them, Unto what then 
were ye baptized ? And they 
{aid, Unto Johns ba.pufm. 4 

the Apoftles. 

Then faid Paul, John baptized 
with the baptifm of repentance, 
faying unto the people, That 
they mould believe on him who 
mould come after him, that is, 
on Chrift. 5 When they heard 
this, they were baptized unto the 
name of the Lord Jefus Chrift, 
for the remiffion of fins. 6 And 
when Paul had laid his hands 
upon them, the Holy Ghoft 
prefently fell on them ; and they 
fpake with tongues, and prophe- 
fied. 7 And ail the men were 
about twelve. 8 But Paul en-< 
tered into the fynagogue with 
great power, and fpake boldly 
for the fpace of three months, 
difputing and perfuading what 
concerned the kingdom of God. 
9 Bat then divers of them were 
hardned, and believed not, and 
fpake evil of the way before the 
multitude of the Gentiles. Then 
Paul departed from them, and 
feparated the difciples, difputing 
daily in the fchool of one Ty-* 
ranus, from the fifth hour to the 
tenth. 10 And this was for two 
years ; And all they which dwell 
in Afia, heard the words of the 
Lord, both Jews and Greeks, 
i r But God wrought no fmall 
miracles by the hands of Paul : 
12 So that from his body were 
carried unto the fick, handker 
chiefs or aprons alfo, and the 
difeafes departed from them, and 
the evil fpirits went out. 11 
Then certain of the vagabond 
Jews, exorcifls, took upon them 
to call over them who had evil 
fpirits, the name of the Lord 
Jefus, faying, I adjure you by 
Jefus whom Paul preacheth. 14 
Among whom were alfo the 
Ions of Sceva a Priefl, who would 
do the fame, having the cuftom 
to exorcife fuch perfons. And 
when they hajl entred in to the 
J>Knicjniack,they began to call p? 

The Afts of the Apoftles. 

tkat name, faying, We charge 
thse by Jefus whom Paul 
preacheth, to go out. i 5 But 
the evil fpirit anfwered and faid 
to them, Jefus I know, and 
1 Paul I know, but who are ye ? 
1 6 And the man in whom the 
i evil fpirit was, leapt on them, 
i overcame them, and prevailed 
\ againft them both ; fo that they 
I fled out of that houfe naked and 
wounded. 17 And this was 
known to all the Jews and Greeks 
dwelling at Ephefus; and rear 
fell on them all, and the name 
of the Lord Jefus was magnified. 
1 8 But many that believed came, 
and confeffed, and told their 
deeds. 19 Many alfo of them 
who ufed curious arts, brought 
their books alfo together, and 
burned them before all : and 
they counted the price of them, 
and found it fifty thoufand pieces 
of filver. 20 So mightily grew 
the word of God, and prevailed, 
and the faith of God increafed 
and multiplied. 21 Then Paul 
purpofed in the fpirit, to pafs 
through Macedonia and Achaia, 
and to go to Jerufalem, faying, 
After I have been there, I mult 
alfo fee Rome. 22 And he fent 
into Macedonia two of them that 
nniitred U iio him, Timothy 
and to Eraftus ; and he himiejf 
flayed in Afia a little feafon. 23 
And the fame time there was no 
fmall ftir about that way. 24 
For there was a certain man na 
med Demetrius, a filverfmith, 
which made filver (brines for 
Diana, who brought no fmall 
gain unto the craftlmen. 25 He 
having called them together, with 
the workmen of like occupation, 
faid unto them, Men and fellow 
craftftnen, ye know that by this 
art we have our livelyhood. 26 
Ye both hear and fee, that not 
alone as far as Ephefus, but al- ; 

molt throughout all Afia alfo, 
thisPauhhen perfuaded and turned 
away a great multitude, faying, 
that theie are no gods who are 
made with hands : 27 So that 
not only this part of our trade is in 
danger to be under reproach, but 
alfo that the temple of the great 
goddefs Diana mould be let at 
nought, and dellroyed, whom 
all Afia, and the world wbrftiip- 
peth. 28 And when they heard 
thefe things they were full of 
wrath, and running into the road, 
they cryed oat, laying, Great // 
Dnna of the Epheiians. 29 
And the whole city was filled 
with confufion : and having 
caught Gaius and Ariftarchus, 
men of Macedonia, Paul s com 
panions in travel, they rulhed 
with one accord into the theatre. 
30 And when Paul would have 
entered in unto the people, the 
difciples hindered him. 31 And 
certain of the Afiarchs, who 
were his friends, fent unto him, 
and befought him that he would 
not adventure himfelf into the 
theatre. 32 Some therefore 
cried one thing, and feme ano 
ther : for the aflembly was con- 
fufed ; and the greater part 
knew not wherefore they were 
come together. 33 And they 
drew Alexander out of the mul 
titude, the Jews putting him 
forward. Alexander therefore 
beckned with the hand, and 
woa d have made his defence un 
to the people. 34. But when 
they knew that he was a Jew, 
with one voice of them all about 
the fpace of two hour?, they 
cried our, Great is Diana of the 
Ephefians, 3 5 And when thetovvn- 
clerk had appeafed the multitude 
he {aid, Ye men of Ephefus, what 
man is there that knoweth noc 
bow that our city is a keeper of 
the temple of the great Diana, 

The Ads of the Apoftles, 

and of that v/hich fell down 
from Jupiter ? 36 Seeing then 
that thefe things cannot be de 
nied, ye ought to be quiet, and 
to do nothing raihly. 37 For 
ye have brought hither theie 
men, who are neither robbers oi 
temples, nor yet blafphemers of 
our goddefs. 38 Wherefore if 
this Demetrius and the craftfmen 
who are with him have a mat 
ter agaiaft them, the courts are 
held, and there are pleaders, let 
them be accufers of one another. 
39 But if ye enquire any thing 
concerning other matters^ it fhall 
be determined by the law of the 
affembly. 40 For we are in 
danger to b; accufed this day for 
an uprore, there being no caufe 
whereby we may give an account 
of this concourfe. 41 And 
when he had thus fpoken, he 
difmiffed the affembly. 

XX. And after the tumult 
was ceafed, Paul called unto him 
the dilciples, and exhorted them 
in many words, ,and took his 
leave of them, and departed for 
Macedonia. 2 And when he 
had gone over all thofe parts, 
and had given them much ex 
hortation he came into Greece. 
3 And abode three months: 
and when the Jews laid wait for 
him, he was defirous to fail into 
Syria, but the Spirit faid to him 
that he mould return through 
Macedonia. 4 And when he 
was about to go forth, Sopater 
cf Berea ; and of the Theiralo- 
nians, Ariltarchus and Secundus, 
and Gaius; Of Dei be, Timo 
thy ; and of the Ephefians Euty- 
chus and Trophimus accompa~ 
ried him as far as Afia. 5 But 
thefe going before, tarried for 
him ac Troas. 6 And we failed 
away from Philippi, after the 
days of unleavened bread, and 
came unto them to Troas, in 
five days, wherein we abode fe- 

ven days. 7 But upon the fifft 
day of the week, when we tha 
diiciples came together to break 
bread, Paul preached unto them, 
ready to depart on the morrow, 
and continued his fpeech until, 
midnight. 8 And there were 
many lamps in the upper cham 
ber where we were gathered to 
gether. 9 And there fat in the 
window a certain young man^ 
named Eutychus, being fallen 
into a deep fleep : and as Paulj 
was long preaching, he funk 
down with fleep, and fell down 
from the third loft, and was.,. 
taken up dead. 10 And Paul] 
went down, and fell on him, and 
embraced him, and faid, Be not 
troubled, for his life is in him. 
1 1 And when he being come up : { 
again, and having broken bread, 1 
and eaten, and talked a long \ 
while, even till break of day, fo \ 
he departed, 1 2 And when > 
they had faluted him, they 
brought the young man alive, I 
and they were not a little com- 3 
forted. 13 And we went down 
to the (hip, and failed unto Affos, 
thence intending to take in Paul, 
for fo had he appointed, as being 
himfelf to go afoot. 14 And 
when he met us at AlFos, we | 
took him in, and came to Mity- 
lene. i 5 A nd we failed thence, 
and came the next day ever a- 
gainit Chios ; and the next day * 
we anived at Samos, and tarri- } 
ed at Trogyllia ; and the next 
day we came to Miletus. 16 
For Paul had determined to fail 
by Ephefus, left fomewhat mould 
detain him in Afia : for he hailed 
to be at Jerusalem againft the I 
day of Pentecoft. 17 And 
from Miletus he fent to Ephefu?, 
"or the elders of the church. 18 
And as they were with him, he 
aid unto them, Ye know, B.e- 
thren, from the firft day that I.I 

The Ads of the Apoftles; 

51 Therefore watch, and re* 

fcarhe into Afia, after what man 
ner I was always with you for 
three years, or even more. 1 9 
Serving the Lord with all hu 
mility of mind, and with tears, 
and temptations which befel me 
by the lying in wait of the Jews : 
20 How I kept back nothing that 
was profitable, bu< have mewed 
you, and have taught from houle 
to houfepublickly, 21 Teftifying 
both to the Jews, and alio to the 
Greeks, repentance toward God, 
and the faith which is by our Lord 
Jefus Chrift. 22 And now, be- 
iioid, I go bound in the ipirit unto 
Jerusalem* not knowing the 
things that mall befai me there : 
23 Save that the Holy Ghoit vvit- 
neffeth to me in every city, faying, 
that bonds and afflictions abide 
meat Jerufalem. 24 Bat this I do 
Hot value, neither count I my life 
dear unto my felf, fo that 1 may 
finifh my courfe, and the minifhy 
of the word, which word I have 
received of the Lord Jefus, to 
teitify to Jews and Gentiles the 
gofpel of the grace of God. 25 
And now, benold, I know that 
ye all, among whom I have gone 
preaching the kingdom of Jefus, 
mall fee my face no more. 26 
Wherefore I call you to witnefs 
this day, that I am pure from 
the blood of all of you; 27 
For I have not fhunned to de 
clare unto you all the counfel of 
God. 28 Take hted unto your 
felves, and to all the flock, over 
the wh tch the Holy Ghoil hath 
made you overieers, to feed the 
church of the Lord, which he 
hath purchaied with his own 
blood. 29 I know that after 
my departing, grievous wolves 
v/ill enter in among you, not 
fparing the flock t 30 Alfo of 
your own felves will men ariie, 
fpeaking perverfe things, to turn 
away the difciples after them 

member that for three years 
night and day I ceafed not ; to 
warn every one of you with 
tears. 32 And now, 1 com 
mend you to the Lord, and to 
the word of his grace, which is 
able to build you up, and to 
give you an inheritance among 
all them who are fanaified. 33 
I have coveted the filver, and 
gold, or apparel of none of 
you. 34 You your felves know, 
that my hands have miniftred 
unto my neceffities, and to all 
them that were with me. 35 1 
have {hewed you every thing, 
that fo labouring ye ought to 
fupport the weak; and to re* 
member the words of the Lord 
Jefus, that he faid, It is more 
blefled to give than to receive. 
36 And when he had thus 
fpoken, he kneeled down, and 
prayed with them all. 37 And 
they all wept fore, and fell on 
Paul s neck, and killed him, 
38 Sorrowing mod of all for 
the word which he fpake, that 
they mould fee his face no more. 
And they accompanied him unto 
the (hip. 

XXI. And it came to pafs, 
that after we were parted from 
them, and had lanched, we 
came with a ftraight courfe unto 
Coos, and the day following un 
to Rhodes, and from thence 
unto Patara, and Myra. 2 
And finding a mip failing over 
unto Phenicia, we went aboard, 
and fet forth. 3 Now when we 
had difcovered Cyprus, leaving 
it on the left hand, we failed into 
Syria, and came down to Tyre : 
for there the mip was to unlade 
her burden. 4 And finding dif 
ciples, we tarried with them 
feven days : who faid to Paul by 
the Spirit, that he mould not go 
up to Jerufalem. 5 And when 
y we 

The Afls of 

we had accomplifhed thofe days, 
we departed, and the next day 
we went out and walked our 
way, and they all brought us on 
our journey, with wives and 
children, till <we were out of the 
city : and we kneeled down on 
the fliore, and prayed. 6 And 
when we had taken our leave 
one of another, they returned 
home again* 7 And when we 
had finifhed our courfe from 
Tyre, we went down to Ptole- 
mais, and faluted the brethren, 
and abode with them one day. 
8 And the next day we departed, 
and came unto Cefarea ; and we 
entered into the houfe of Philip 
the evarrgelift, who was of the 
feven, and abode with him. 9 
And he had four daughters, vir 
gins, who did prophefy. 10 
And as we tarried many days, 
there came down from Judea a 
certain prophtt, named Agabus. 
ii And when he was come unto 
us, he took Paul s girdle, and 
bound his own feet and hands, 
and faid, Thus faith the Holy 
Gholt, So (hall the Jews in Je 
rufalem bind the man that 
ownerh this girdle, and mall de 
liver him into the hands of the 
Gentiles. 1 2 And when we 
heard thefe things, we and they 
of that place, befought Paul not 
to go up to Jerufalern. 13 Then 
Paul faid unto us, What mean 
ye to weep, and to difturb mine 
heart ? for I am not only wil 
ling to be bound, but alfo am 
ready to die at Jerufalem for the 
name of the Lord Jefus Chrift. 
14 And when he would not be 
perfuaded, we ceafed, faying 
one to another, The will of God 
be done. 1 5 And after certain 
days, we took our leaves, and 
went up to Jerufalem. 16 But 
there went with us alfo certain of 
the difciples of Cefarea. But thefe 

the Apoftles. 

brought us to an old difciple. And 
when we were come to a cer 
tain village, we were with one 
Nafon of Cyprus an old difciple, 
with whom we mould lodge. 
And going out thence, 1 7 We 
came to Jerufalem, But the bre 
thren received us gladly. 18 
And the day following Paul 
went in with us unto James ; and 
all the elders were with him. 19 
And when he had faluted them, 
he declared particularly how 
God had wrought among the 
Gentiles by his miniftry. 20 
And when they heard it, they 
glorified the Lord, faying, Thou 
feeft, brother, how many ten-* 
thoufands in Judea there are who 
have believed, and they are all 
zealots of the law. 21 And 
they are informed of thee, that 
thou teachelt the Jews who are 
among the Gentiles, to forfake 
Moles, not to citcumcife their 
children, neither to walk after 
the cuitoms. 22 What is it 
therefore ? the multitude mult 
needs come together : for they 
will hear that thou art come. 
23 Do therefore this that we 
fay to thee : we have four men 
which have a vow on them ; 24 
Them take, and be purified thy 
felf with them, and be at 
charges with them, that they 
may fhave their heads : and all 
will know that thofe things 
whereof they were informed 
concerning thee, are nothing, but 
thou thy felf alfo walkeil order 
ly, and keepeft the law. 25 
As touching the Gentiles which 
have believed, they have nothing 
to fay to thee, for we have written 
and determined, that they ob- 
ferve no fuch thing, fave enly, 
that they keep themfelves from 
what is offered to idols, and 
from blood, and from fotnica- 
urn. 26 Then Paul took the 

The Afls of the Apoftles. 

men, and the next day purify 
ing himfelf with them, entered 
into the temple, to fignify the 
days in which the purification 
would be accomplifhed, that an 
offering might be offered for 
every one of them. 27 But 
when the feventh day was ful 
filled, the Jews who were of 
Afia, came, when they faw him 
in the temple, ^Wflirred up the 
whole multitude and laid hands 
on him, 28 Crying out, Men 
of Ifrael, help : this is the 
man that teacheth all every 
where againit the people, and 
the law, and this place : and 
hath brought Greeks alfo into 
the temple, and hath polluted 
this holy place. 29 For they 
had feen before with him in the 
city, Trophimus an Ephefian, 
whom -j* we fuppofed 

that Paul had brou S ht 
into the temple, 30 And 

the whole city was moved, and 
there was a concourfe of the 
people ; and they feiz d upon 
Paul, and drew him out of the 
temple: and forthwith the doors 
were mut. 31 But as they 
fought to kill him, tidings came 
unto the chief captain of the 
band, that all Jerufalem was in 
an uprore. 32 Who immedi 
ately took foldiers, and centu 
rions, and ran down upon them : 
and when they faw the chief 
captain, and the foldiers, they 
left beating of Paul. 33 Then 
the chief captain came near and 
took him, and commanded him 
to be bound with two chains ; 
and demanded, who he was, 
and what he had done. 34 And 
fome cried one thing, fome 
another among the multitude: 
and when he could not know 
the certainty for the tumult, he 
commanded him to be carried 
into the cattle. 35 And whsn 

he was upon the ftair^, fo it was 
that Paul was born of the fol 
diers, for the violence of the 
multitude. 36 For the multi 
tude followed after, crying out, 
that he mould be {lain. 37 And 
as he was to be led into the 
caftle, he anfwered and faid un 
to the chief captain, May I 
fpeak unto thee ? Who faid, 
Canft thou fpeak Greek \ 38 
Art not thou that Egyptian 
which before thefe days madeft 
an uprore, and leddeft out into 
the wildernefs four tlioufand men 
that were murderers ? 39 But 
Paul faid, I am a man who am 
a Jew, but born at Tarfus ; and 

1 befeech thee, fuffer me to 
fpeak unto the people. 40 And 
when the chief captain had 
given him licence, Paul Hood 
on the Hairs, and beckned with 
the hand unto them : and when. 
there was made a great filence, 
he fpake unto them in the |3e- 
brew tongue, faying, 

XXII. Men, brethren, an4 
fathers, hear ye the defence 
which I make now unto you. 

2 And when they heard that 
he fpake in the Hebrew tongue 
they were filent ; and he faith, 

3 I am a man who am a Jew, 
born in Tarfus, of Cilicia, but 
brought up in this city, at the 
feet of Gamaliel, taught accord 
ing to the perfect manner of the 
law of the fathers, being zea 
lous towards God, as ye all are 
this day. 4 And I perfecute4 
this way unto death, binding 
and delivering unto prifon both. 
men and women. 5 As alfo 
the high prieft will bear me 
witnefs, and all the Presbytery ; 
from whom I received letters 
unto the brethren, and went 
to Damafcus, to bring theni 
who were there bound unto 
Jerufalem, that Chey might be 
Y 3 puniihed. 

The A&s of 

punifhed. 6 As I was come nigh 
unto Damafcus, about noon, fud- 
denly there (hone from heaven a 
great light round about me. 7 
And 1 fell unto the ground, and 
heard a voice faying unto me, 
Saa), Saul, why perfecuteft thou 
me ? 8 And I anfwered, Who 
art thou, Lord ? But he (aid un 
to me, I am Jefus of Nazareth 
whom thou periecutelh 9 And 
they that were with me law in 
deed the light, and were afraid ; 
but they heard not the voice of 
him that fpake unto me. 10 
And I {aid. What mail I do, 
Lord ? And he faid unto me, 
Arife, and go to Damafcus, and 
there it (hall be told thee of all 
things which are appointed thee 
to do. 1 1 And when I could 
net fee for the glory of that light, 
being led, by the hand of them 
that were with me, I came to 
Damafcus 12 And one Ana 
nia ., a man according to the 
law, having a good report of ail 
the Jews who dwelt there, 13 
Came unto me, and flood, and 
faid unto ro?, Brother Saul, re 
ceive thy fighr. And the fame 
hour I looked up upon him, i 4 
And he faid to me, The God of 
our faniuers hath choien thee, that 
thou moulded know his will, and 
fee that jutt one, and ftiouldeft 
hear the voice of his mouth. i 
For thou malt be his witnefs un 
to all men, of what thou halt 
feen and heard. 16 And now 
why tarrieil thou ? arife, and be 
baptized, and warn away thy 
fins, calling on his name. 17 
And it came to pafs, that when 
I was come again to Jerufalem, 
even while I prayed in the tem 
ple, I was in a trance ; 1 8 And 
favv him faying unto me, Make 
hatte and get thee quickly out of 
Jerufalem : for they will not re 
ceive thy teftimony concerning me. 

the Apoftles. 

19 And I faid, Lord, they 
that 1 imprifoned, and beat in the 
fynagogues them that believed 
on thee. 20 And when the blood 
of thy martyr Stephen was fhed, 
I was ilanding by, and confent- 
ing, and kept the raiment of 
them that flew him. 21 And he 
faid unto me, Depart : for J 
fend thee far unto the Gentiles. 
22 And they hearkened as far as 
this word, and lift up their voice, 
and faid, Take away fuch an 
one from the earth : f r it is not 
fit he mould live. 23 And as 
they cried out, and call off their 
cloaths, and threw dufi to hea 
ven, ?4 "he chief captain com 
manded him to be brought into 
the cnflle, and that he mould 
be examined by ilripes ; that he 
might know wherefore they cried 
-16 again!! him. 25 And as they 
bound him with thongs, he faid 
unto the centurion that flood by, 
Is it lawful for you to fcourge a 
man that is a Roman, and un- 
co",demned ? 26 When the cen 
turion heard this, that he called 
jiimfelf a Roman, he went to 
the chief captain, and told him, 
faying, Take heed what thou art 
doing ; for this man is a Roman. 

27 Then the chief captain came, 
and afked him, Tell me, Art 
thou a Roman ? He faid, I am. 

28 And the chief captain an 
fwered and faid to him, I know 
with what fum I obtained this 
freedom : And Paul faid, But I 
was free-born. 29 Then they 
departed from him who mould 
have examined him : and the 
chief captain alfo was afraid, af 
ter he knew that he was a citi 
zen of Rome^ and becaufe he 
had bound him. 30 On the 
morrow, being willing to know 
the certainty of what he was ac- 
cufed by the Jews, he loofed 
him, and commanded the chief 

The Adts of the Apoftles. 

priefts, and all the council to 
ome together, and brought 
Paul down, and fet him betore 

XXIII. And Paul earneftly be 
holding the council, faid, Men, 
brethren, I have lived in all good 
confcience before Gcd, until this 
day. 2 And the high prieil A- 
nanias commanded them that 
flood by him, to fmite him on 
the mouth. 3 Then faid Paul 
unto him, God (hall fmite thee, 
jhou whited wall : for fitteil thou 
and judgeft me after the law, and 
(Commanded me to be fmitten 
contrary to the law ? 4 And 
they that flood by, faid, Revileft 
thou God s high prieil ? 5 Now 
Paul faid, 1 knewnoc, brethren, 
that he was the high prieft : For 
jt is written, Thou malt not 
jpeak evil of the ruler of thy 
people. 6 But when Paul per 
ceived that the one part were 
Sadducees, and the other Phari 
fees, he cried out in the council, 
Men, brethren, I am a Pharifee, 
the fon of the Pharifees : of the 
hope and refurre&ion of the dead, 
I am called in quetlion. 7 And 
when he had fo faid, there arofe 
a diffenfion between the Pharifees 
and the Sadducees : and the mul 
titude was difiblved. 8 For the 
Sadducees fay that there is no 
refurreclion, neither angel, nor 
fpirit ; but the Pharifees confefs 
both. 9 And there arofe a great 
cry : and fome of the Pharifees 
arofe, and itrove, faying, We 
find no evil in this man : What 
if a fpirit or an angel hath fpo- 
ken to him ? 10 And when 
there arofe a great diflenfion, the 
chief captain fearing leil Paul 
iliould have been pulled in pieces 
of them, commanded the foldiers 
to go down, and take him by 
force from among them, and to 
lead him away into the caille. 

1 1 And the night following, the 
Lord ilood by him, and faid, Be 
of good cheer, Pan! : for as thpu 
halt teilified of m-j in Jerusalem, 
<o mull thou bear witnefs ailo at 
Rome. 12 And when it was 
day, certain of the Jews banded 
together, and bound themielves 
under an anathema, faying, that 
they would neither eat nor drink 
till they had killed Paul. 13 
And they were more than forty 
who had made this confederacy v 
14 And they came to the chief 
priefts and elders, and faid, We 
have bound our felves under a 
great anathema, that we will eat 
nothing until we have {lain Paul. 
ii,- Now therefore ye with the 
council, fignify to the chief cap 
tain, that he bring him down 
unto you, as though ye would 
enquire fomething more perfectly 
concerning him : and we, or 
ever he come near, are ready to 
kill him. 16 And when Paul s 
filler s fon heard of their lying 
in wait, he went and entered in 
to the caille, and told Paul. 17 
Then Paul called one of the 
centurions unto him, and faid, 
Bring this young man unto the 
chief captain : for he hath a cer 
tain thing to tell him. 18 So 
he took him, and brought him 
to, the chief captain, and faid, 
Paul the prifoner prayed me to 
bring this young man unto thee, 
who hath fomething to fay unto 
thee. 19 Then the chief capr 
tain took him by the hand, and 
went afide privately, and afked 
him, What is that thou hail to 
tell me ? 20 And he faid, The 
Jews have agreed to defire thee, 
that thou vvouldefl bring down 
Paul tomorrow into the council, 
as though they would enquire 
fomewhat of him more perfectly. 
21 But do not thou yield unto 
them : for there lie in wait for 

The Ads of the Apoftles, 

him of them more than forty men, 
who have bound themfelves wiJi 
an anathema, that they will nei 
ther eat nor drink till they have 
killed him : and now are they 
ready, looking fora promife from 
thee. 22 So, the chief captain let 
the young man depart, and charg. 
ed him, Tell no man, that thou 
haft mewed thefe things to me. 
23 And he called unto him two 
centurions, faying. Make ready 
two hundred foldiers to go to 
Cefarea, and horfemcn three-, 
fcore and ten, and fpearmen two 
hundred, at the third hour of 
the night. 24 And provide 
beafts, that they may (et Paul 
on, and bring him fafe unto Fe 
lix the governor. For he was 
afraid lell the Jews mould feize 
on him, and kill him ; and he 
ihould afterward bear the re 
proach, as if he would have ta 
ken money. 25 And he wrote 
a letter, containing what fol- 
lowf, 26 Claudius Lyiias, un 
to the moll excellent governor 
Felix, greeting. 27 This man 
was taken of the Jews, and 
Ihould have been killed of them ; 
then came I with an army, and 
refcued him, having underftood 
that he was a Roman. 28 And 
when I would have known the 
caufe wherefore they accafed him, 
I brought him forth into their 
council : 29 Whom I perceived 
to be acculed of queftions of 
their law, but to have nothing 
laid to his charge worthy of 
death or of bonds. 30 And when 
it was told me, how that the 
Jews laid wait for the man, I 
lent ilriaghtway to thee, and gave 
commandment to his accufers al- 
fo, to fay before thee what they 
had againft him. Farewel. 31 
Then the foldiers, as it was 
commanded them, took Paul and 

brought him by night to Antipa- 
tris. 32 On the morrow they 
left the hor. emen to go with him, 
and returned to the cattle. 33 
Who when they came to Cefarea, 
and delivered the epiitle to the 
governor, prelented Paul alfo be 
fore him. - 34 And when he had 
read it, he afked of what pro 
vince he was. And when he un- 
derilood that he was of Cilicia ; 
35 I will hear thee, faid he, 
when thine accufers are come. 
And he commanded him to be 
kept in Herod s judgment-hall. 

XXIV, And after five day?, 
Ananias the high prieft, defcend- 
ed with certain elders, and 
certain orator Tertullus, who in 
formed the governor againft Paul. 

2 And when he was called forth, 
Tertullus began to accufe him, 
faying, Seeing that by thee we 
enjoy great quietnefs, and that 
many worthy deeds are done un 
to this nation by thy providence, 

3 We accept it always, and in 
all places, moft noble Felix, with 
all thankfulnefs. 4 Notwith- 
Handing, that I be not further 
tedious unto thee, I pray thee 
that thou wouldeft hear us of thy 
clemency a few words. 5 We 
have found this man a peltilent 
fellow, and a mover of feditions 
among all the Jews throughout 
the world, and a ringleader of 
the feel of the.Nazarenes : 6 
Who alfo hath gone about to 
profane the temple : whom we 
took and would have judged ac 
cording to our law. 7 But the 
chief captain Lyfias came upon 
us, and with great violence took 
him away out of our hands, 8 
Commanding his accufers to come 
unto thee: by examining of whom, 
thy felf may ft take knowledge 
of all thefe things, whereof we 
accufe him. 9 And the Jews 


The Ads of 

| alfo afTented, faying, that thefe 
things were fo. 10 Then Paul, 
after that the governor had beck- 
ned unto him to fpeak, anfwered, 
Forairnuch as I know that thou 
haft been of many years a judge 
unto this nation, I do cheerfully 
anfwer for my felf : 1 1 B;caufe 
that thou mayii underitand, that 
there are yet but twelve days 
^ fince I went up to Jerufalem ior 
) to worfhip. i 2 And they nei- 
| ther found me in the temple di- 
fpming with any man, neither 
I raifing up the people, neither in 
the fynagogues, nor in the city : 
13 Neither can they prove to 
thee the things whereof they 
now accufe me* 1 4 But this I 
confefs unto thee, that after the 
way which they call an herefy, 
fo wormip I my Father, and my 
God ; believing all things which 
are written in the law and the 
prophets : 15 And have hope 
to -.yards God, which they them- 
felves alfo allow, that there mall 
be a refurreflion, both of the 
juft and unjuft. 16 And herein 
do I exerciie my felf to have al 
ways a confcience void of offence 
toward God, and toward men. 1 7 
i Now after many years, I came 
to bring alms to my nation, of- 
jferings, and vows. 18 Where 
upon certain Jews from Afia 
found me purified in the temple, 
! neither wi. h multitude, nor with 
i tumult, 19 Who ought to have 
been here before thee, and ob- 
ijecl, if they had ought againft 
| me. 20 Or elie let thefe fame 
jfay, if they have found any evil 
-doing in me, while I flood before 
the council, 21 Except it be 
(for this one voice, that I cried 
Iftanding amorg them, Touching 
Ithe relurre&ion of the dead, I 
|am called in queilion by you this 
day. 22 And Felix having 

the Apoftles. 

mere perfect knowledge of the 
way, he deferred them, and faid, 
When Lyfias the chief captain, 
(hall come down, I will hear 
you. 23 And he commanded a 
centurion to keep him, and to 
let him have liberty, and that he 
mould forbid none of his ac 
quaintance to minifter to him. 

24 And after certain days, when 
Felix came with his wife Dru- 
filla, who was a Jewefs, he fent 
for Paul, and heard him con 
cerning the faith in Chrift Jefus. 

25 And as he reafoned of righ- 
teoufnef?, temperance, and judg 
ment to come, Felix trembled, 
and anfwered, Go thy way for 
this time ; when I have a con 
venient feafbn, I will call for 
thee. 26 He hoped alfo that 
money mould have been given 
him of Paul ; wherefore he fent 
for him the oftner, and commu 
ned with him. 27 But after 
two years, Porcins Feftus came 
in the room of Felix, and Felix 
willing to fliew the Jews a plea- 
fure, left Paul bound. 

XXV. Now when Fsftus was 
come into the province, after 
three days he afcended from 
Cefarea to Jerufalem; 2 Then 
the high priefts and the chief of 
the Jews informed him againft 
Paul, and befought him, 3 
And defired favour againft him 
that he would fend for him to 
Jerufalem, laying wait in the 
way to kill him. 4 But Feftus 
anfwered, that Paul mould be 
kept at Ofarea, and that he 
himfelf wouM depart fhortly. 
5 Let them therefore, faid he, 
who among you are able, go 
down with me, and accufe this 
man, if there be any crime in 
him. 6 And when he had 
tarried among them not more 
than eight of ten days, he went 

The Afts of the ApoftlesV 

down unto Cefarea, and tjie 
next day fitting in the judgment- 
ieat, commanded Paul to be 
brought. 7 And when he was 
come, the jews which came 
down from Jerufalem, flood 
round abouc him, and laid ma 
ny and grievous complaints 
againft Paul, which they could 
not prove ; 8 While Paul an- 
fwered for himfelf, Neither 
againtt the law of the Jews, 
neither againl,! the temple, nor 
yet again It Cefar, have I of 
fended any thing at all. 9 But 
Feitus, willing to do the Jews a 
pleafure, anfwered Paul, and 
laid, Wilt thou go up to Jeru 
falem, and there be judged of 
thefe things before me? IQ 
Then laid Paul, I itand at 
Cefars judgment-feat, where I 
ought to be judged : to the 
Jews have I done no wrong, as 
thou very well knoweit. 1 1 
For if I be an offender, or have 
commi.ted any thing worthy of 
death, I refufe not to die: but 
if there be none of thefe things 
whereof thefe accufe me, no 
man may deliver me unto them. 
I appeal wnto Cefar. 1 2 Then 
Feitus when he had conferred 
with the council, anfwered, Hail 
ihou appealed unto Cefar ? unto 
Cefar (halt thou go. 13 And 
after certain days, king Agrippa 
and Bernice came unto Cefarea 
to faiute Feftus. 14 And when 
they had been there many days, 
Fell us declared Paul s caufe unto 
the king, faying, 1 here is a 
certain man left in bonds by 
Felix : i 5 About whom, when 
I was at Jerufalem, the chief 
prieils and the elders of the 
Jews informed ine t defiring 
condemnation againil him. 16 
To whom I anfwqred, . It is not 
the manner of the Romans 

to deliver any man to die, bf- 
fore that he who is acculed, have 
the accufers face to face, and 
have licence to anfwer for him 
felf concerning the crimes laid 
againtt him. 17 Therefore 
when they were come hither, 
Without any delay on the mor 
row L fat on the judgment ieat, 
and I commanded the man to be 
brought forth. 18 Againit 
whom when the accufers itood 
up, they brought no wicked 
accufation of fuch things as I 
fuppofed : 19 But had certain 
queltions agamll him of their 
own fuperitition, and of one 
Jefus who was dead, whom Paul 
affirmed to be alive. 20 And 
becaufe I doubted of fuch man 
ner of queftions, I asked him 
whether he would go to Jerufa 
lem, and there be judged of 
thefe matters. 21 But when 
Paul had appealed to be re 
fer ved unto the hearing of Au- 
guflus, I commanded him to be 
kept till 1 might fend him to 
Cefar. 22 Then Agrippa faid 
unto Felluf, I would alfo hear 
the man my felf. To morrow, 
faid he, thou malt hear him< 
23 And on the morrow when 
Agrippa was come, and Ber^ 
nice, with great pomp, and was 
entered into the place of hearing,- 
with the chief captains, and 
principal men of the city, at 
Feitus commandment Paul was 
brought forth. 24 And Feftus 
faid, King Agrippa, and all 
men who are here prefent with 
us # ye fee this man, about 
whom all the multitude of the 
Jews have dealt with me at Je 
rufalem, defiringj and crying 
that he ought not to live any 
longer. 25 But when I found 
th:;t he had committed nothing 
worthy of death, and that he 

The Ads of 

jhimfelf hath appealed to Au- 
guftus. I have determined to 
fend him. 26 Of whom I have 
t no certain thing to write unto 
[my lord. Wherefore I have 
ibrought him forth before you, 
iand fpecially before thee, O 
iking Agrippa, that after ex 
amination had, I may have 
ifomewhat that I may write. 
(27 For it feemeth to me unrea- 
Ifonable to fend a prifoner, and 
toot withal to fignify the crimes 
lagainft him. 

XXVI. Then Agrippa faid 
lunto Paul, thou art permitted to 
ifpeak for thy felf. Then Paul 
ftretched forth the hand, and 
ianfwered for himfelf, 2 I think 
jmy felf happy, king Agrippa, 
jbecaufe I mall anfwer for my 
felf this day before thee, touch 
ing all the things whereof I am 
accufed of the Jews. 3 Eipe- 
icially, becaufe I know thee to 
be expert in all cuftoms and 

Jueftions which are among the 
ews : wherefore I befeech thee 
to hear me patiently. 4 My 
manner of life from my youth, 
which was at the firft among 
mine own nation at Jerufalem, 
] iknow all the Jews, 5 Which 
|knew me from the beginning, 
5 jif they would teftify that after 
. ithe mod ftraiteft feet of our reli- 
i gion, I lived a Pharifee. 6 And 
Inow I ftand, and am judged for 
i ithe hope of the promife made of 
s JGod unto our fathers : 7 Unto 
i "which our twelve tribes ferving 
s (day and night, hope to come : 
for which hopes fake, king A- 
jgrippa, I am accufed of the Jews. 
: : |8 Why mould it be thought 
iiia - thing incredible with you, 
Ithat God mould raife the dead ? 
; <J9 I verily thought with my felf, 
l |that I ought to do md.ny things 
! contrary to the name of Jefus of 

the Apoftles. 

Nazareth. 10 Which thing I 
alio dicl in Jerufalem : and ma 
ny of the faints did 1 ihut up in 
prifon, having received authority 
from the chief priefts ; and when 
they were put to death I gave 
my voice againft them. 1 1 And 
I punifhed them oft in every 
fynagogue, and compelled them 
to blafpheme ; and being exceed 
ingly mad againft them, I per- 
fecuted them even unto itrange 
cities. 12 Whereupon, as I 
went to Damafcus, with autho 
rity and commiffion from the 
chief prieils; 13 At midday, 
O king, I faw in the way a 
light from heaven, above the 
brightnefs of the fun, mining 
round about me, and them who 
journeyed with me. 1 4 And 
when we were all fallen to the 
earth, I heard a voice fpeaking 
unto me, in the Hebrew tongue, 
Saul, Saul, why perfecutett thou 
me ? // is hard for thee to kick 
againft the goads. 15 And I 
faid, Who art thou, Lord ? And 
the Lord faid, I am Jefus whom 
thou perfecuteft. 16 But rife, 
and itand upon thy feet : for I 
have appeared unto thee for this 
purpofe, to make thee a miniiter 
and a witnefs both of theie things 
which thou haft feen, and of 
thofe things in the which I will 
appear unto thee ; 1 7 Deli 
vering thee from the people, and 
the Gentiles, unto whom now I 
fend thee, 18 To open their 
eyes, and to turn tbtm from dark- 
nefs to light, andynw; the power 
of Satan unto God, that they 
may receive forgivenefs of fins, 
and inheritance among them 
who are fanclified by faith that 
is in me. 19 Whereupon, O 
king Agrippa, I was not dilobe- 
dient unto the heavenly vifion : 
20 But ihswed firft unto them of 
Z Da- 

The Ads of the Apoftles. 

Damafcus, and at Jerufalem, and 
throughout all the coatfs of 
Judea, and to the Gentiles, 
that they fhould repent, and turn 
to God, and do works meet for 
repentance. 21 For this caufe 
the Jews caught me in the tem 
ple, and went about to kill me, 
22 Having therefore obtained 
help of God, I continue unto 
this day, witneffing both to 
fmall and great ; faying none o- 
ther things than thofe which the 
prophets and Mofes did fay 
ihould come : 23 That Chriit 
mould fuffer, that he fhould be 
the firft that mould rife from the 
dead, and mould mew light un 
to the people, and to the Gen 
tiles. 24 And as he thus fpake, 
and made his apology for him- 
ielf, Feilus faid with a loud 
voice, Paul, thou art befide thy 
felf : much learning doth make 
thee mad. 25 But Paul faid, I 
am not mad, moil noble Feftus ; 
but fpeak forth the words of 
truth and foberr.efs. 26 For the 
king knoweth of thefe thing?, 
before whom alfo I fpeak freely : 
for I am perfuaded that none of 
thefe things are hidden from 
him : Nor was this thing done 
in a corner. 27 K ng Agrippa, 
believeit thou the prophets ? I 
know that thou believed. 28 
Then Agrippa faid uno Paul, 
Almoft thou perfuadeft me to be 
a Chriftian. 29 And PaulyW<?, 
I would to God, that not only 
thou, but alfo all that hear me 
this day, were both almoft, and 
altogether fuch as 1 am, except 
thefe bonds. 30 And the king 
rofe up, and the governor, and 
Bernice, and they that fate with 
them. 31 And when they were 
gone nfide, they talked between 
themfelves, faying, This man 
doth nothing; worthy of death, 

or of bonds. 32 Then faid A- 
grippa unto Feilus, This man 
might have been let at liberty, 
if he had not appealed unto 

XXVIt. And when it was de 
termined that he mould fail into 
Italy, they delivered Paul an4 
certain other priloners, unto one 
named Julius, a centurion of 
Auguitus band. 2 And entering; 
into a Ihip of Adramyitium^ 
we lanehed, meaning to fail to 
the places of Afia, one Ariftar- 
chus a Macedonian cf Thefla- 
lonica, being with us. 3 Bat 
the next day we touched at 
Sidon. And Julius courteoufly 
entreated Paul, and gave him 
liberty to go unto his friends, te 
refrcfh him (elf. 4 And when 
we had lanehed from thence, we, 
failed under Cyprus, becaufc; 
the winds were contrary. 5 And 
when we had failed over the feti 
of Cilicia and Pamphylia, wf 
came to Lyftra of Lycia. JR\ 
And there the centurion found a 
Ihip of Alexandria failing into 
Italy ; and he put us therein, j 
And when we had failed flowly 
many days, and fcarce wer 
come over againit Cnidus, th 
wind not fuffering us, we failed 
under Crete, over againft SaK 
mone : 8 And hardly paffing 
//, came unto a place which is 
called the fair havens, nigh 
whereunto was the city Tha? 
Jaffa, 9 Now when much time 
was fpent, and when failing was 
now dangerous, becaufe the fafl> 
was now already pail, Paul com? 
forted them, 10 And faid 
unto them, Sirs, I perceive that 
this voyage will be with hurt 
and much damage, not only ol | 
the lading and fhip, but alfooij 
our lives. u Neverthelefs, j 
the centurion, believed the mallei d 

The Arts of 

and Pilot of the {hip, more than 
thofe chings which were fpoken 
by Paul. 12 And becaufe the 
haven was not commodious to 
winter in, the more part advifed 
to depart thence, if by any 
means they might attain to Phe- 
nice, to winter ; which is an 
haven of Crete, and lieth toward 
the fouth-weft, and north-welt. 

13 And when the fouth-wind 
blew foftly, fuppofing that they 
had obtained their purpofe, loof- 
ing they {ailed clofe by Crete. 

1 4 But not long after there arofe 
againft it a tempeftuous wind, 
called The North-eaft wind. 

15 And when the {hip was 
caught, and could not bear up 
into the wind, we let her drive 

1 6 And running under a certain 
ifland which is called Cauda, 
we had much work to come by 
the boat : 1 7 Which when 
they had taken up, they ufed 
helps, undergirding the Ihip ; 
and fearing left they {hould fall 
into the quick fands, fl ruck fail, 
and fo were driven. 18 And 
we being exceedingly toiled with 
a tempefl, the next day they 
lightned the mip; 19 And the 
third day they caft out with their 
own hands the tackling of the 
ihip. 20 And when neither fun 
nor liars in many days appear 
ed, and no fmall tempeft Jay on 
*j, all hope that we ihould be 
faved, was then taken away. 
21 And after long abftinence, 
Paul flood forth in the mid ft of 
them, and faid, Sirs, ye {hould 
have hearkened unto me, and 
not have loofed from Crete, and 
to have gained this harm and 
lofs. 22 And now -I exhort 
you to be of good cheer : for 
there mall be no lofs of life a- 
mong you, but of the {hip. 23 
For there flood by me this night, 

the Apoftles. 

the angel of God, whofe I am, 
and whom I ferve, 24 Saying, 
Fear not, Paul ; thou muft be 
brought before Cefar : and lo, 
God hath given thee all them 
that fail with thee. 25 Where 
fore, firs, be of good cheer : for 
I believe God, that it {hall be 
even as it was told me. 26 
Howbeit, we muft be caft upon 
a certain Ifland. 27 But when 
the fourteenth night was come, 
as we were driven up and down 
in Adria about midnight, the 
fliipmen deemed that they drew 
near to fome country : 28 And 
founded, and found it twenty 
fathoms: and when they had 
gone a little further, found it 
fifteen fathoms. 29 But fearing 
left we mould have fallen upon 
rocks, they call four anchors out 
of the ftern, and wimed for the 
day. 30 ^nd as the {hipmen 
were about to flee out of the 
fliip, when they had let down 
the boat into the fea, under co 
lour as though they would have 
caft anchors out of the forefhip, 
31 Paul faid to the centurion, 
and to the foldiers, Except thefe 
abide in the {hip, ye cannot be 
faved. 32 Then the foidiers 
cut off the ropes of the boat, 
and let her fall off. 33 And 
while the day was coming on, 
Paul befought them all to take 
meat, faying, ye have waited 
this fourteenth day, and conti 
nued fading, having taken no 
thing. 34 Wherefore I pray 
you take meat ; for this is for 
your health: for there {hall rot 
an hair pcrifli from the head of 
any of you. 35 And when he 
had thus fpoken, he took bread, 
and gave thanks to God in pre- 
fence of them all, and when he 
had broken / /, he began to ear. 
36 Then were they all of good 
Z 2 cheer, 

The Ads of 

cheer, and they alfo took meat. 
37 And we were in all in the 
fhip, two hundred three fcore and 
fixteen fouls. 38 And when 
they had eaten enough, they 
lightned the fhip, and cafl out 
the wheat into the fea. 39 And 
when it was day, they knew not 
the land : but they difcovered a 
certain creek with a fhore, into 
the which they were minded, if 
it were poffible, to thruft in the 
m : p. 40 And when they had 
taken up the anchors, they com 
mitted tbemf elves unto the fea, 
and loofed the rudder-bands, and 
hoifed up the main-fail to the 
wind, and made toward more. 
41 And falling into a place 
where two feas met, they ran 
the fhip aground ; and the fore 
part Ituck fafl, and remained 
unmoveable, but the hinder part 
was broken with the violence of 
the fea. 42 And the ibldiers 
counfel was to kill the pri Toners, 
Jell any of them mould fwim 
our, and efcape. 43 But the 
centurion, willing to fave Paul, 
kept them from their purpofe, 
and commanded that they who 
could fwim, mould call tbttnftfoes 
firft into the fea, and get to land : 
44 And tne reft, fome on boards, 
and fome on pieces of the {hip : 
and fo it came to pafs that they 
efcaped all fafe to land. 

XX VI II. And when we were 
efcaped, then we knew that the 
ifland was called MeHra. 2 And 
the barbarous people mewed us 
no little kindncfs : for they kin 
dled a fire, and refreihed us eve 
ry one, becaafe of the prefent 
rain, and becaufe of the cold. 
3 And when Paul had gathered 
a certain bundle of fticks, and 
laid them on the fire, there came 
a viper out of the heat, and 
faitncd on his hand. 4 And 
when the barbarians faw the ve- 

the Apoftles. 

nomous beall hang on his hand, 
they faid among themfelves, No 
doubt this man is a murderer, 
whom though he hath efcaped 
the fea, yet vengeance fuffereth 
not to live. 5 And he fhook off 
the beaft into the fire, and felt 
no harm. 6 Howbeit, they 
looked when he mould have 
fwollen, or fallen down dead 
fuddenly : but after they had 
looked a great while, and faw 
no harm come to him, they 
changed their minds, and faid 
that he was a god. 7 In the 
fame quarters were pofleflions of 
the chief man of the ifland, whofe 
name was Publius, who received 
us, and lodged us three days 
couneoufly. 8 And it came to 
pafs, that the father of Publius 
lay fick of a fever, and of a 
bloody flux : to whom Paul en 
tered in, and prayed, and laid 
his hands on him, and healed 
him. 9 So when this was done, 
all others alfo who had difeafes 
in the ifland, came, and were 
healed : 10 Who alfo honoured 
us with many honours, and when 
we departed, they laded us with 
fuch things as were neceflary. 1 1 
And after three monthis, we de 
parted in a (hip of Alexandria, 
which had wintered in the ifle, 
whofe fign was Caftor and Pol 
lux. 1 2 And landing at Syra- 
cule, we tarried three days. 1 3 
And from thence we fetched a 
com pafs, and came to Rhegium : 
and after one day the fouth wind 
blew, and we came the next day 
to Puteoli : 14 Where we 
found brethren, and were defired 
to tarry with them feven days : 
and fo we went toward Rome. 
1 5 And from thence when the 
brethren heard of it, they came 
to meet us as far as Appii forum, 
and the Tres Tabernse, whom 
when Paul faw, he thanked God, 

The Ads of the Apoftles. 

and took courage. 16 And 
when we came to Rome, Paul 
was fuffered to dwell by him- 
felf, with a foldier that kept 
him. 17 And it came to pate, 
that after three days, he called 
the chief of the Jews together. 
And when they were come toge 
ther, he faid unto them, Men, 
brethren, though I have com 
mitted nothing againft the people 
or culloms of our fathers, yet 
was I delivered prifoner from Je- 
rufalem into the hands of the 
Romans. 18 Who when they 
had examined me, would have 
let me go, becaufe there was no 
csufe ot death in me. 1.9 But 
when the Jews fpake againft //, 
I was conf trained to appeal unto 
Cefar ; not that I had ought to 
accufe my nation of. 20 For 
this caufe therefore have I called 
for you, to fee and to fpeak with 
you : becaufe that for the hope of 
Ifrael I am bound with this 
chain. 21 But they faid unto 
"him, We neither received letters 
out of Judea concerning thee, 
neither any of the brethren that 
came, mewed or fpake any harm 
of thee. 2 2 But we defire to 
hear of thee what thou thinl jft : 
for as concerning this feel, we 
know that every where it is fpo- 
ke againft. 23 And when they 
had appointed him a day, there 
came many to him unto his lodg 
ing ; to whom he expounded 
teftifying the kingdom of God, 

and perfuading them concerning 
Jefus, out of the law of Mofes, 
and out of the prophets, from 
morning till evening. 24 And 
fome believed the things which 
were fpoken, but fome believed 
not. 25 And when they agreed 
not among themfelves, they de 
parted, after that Paul had fpo 
ken one word, Well fpake the 
Holy Ghoft by Efaias the Pro 
phet, unto our fathers, 26Saying, 
Go unto this people, and fay unto 
them, Hearing, ye (hall hear, and 
mall not underitand ; and feeing 
ye (hall fee, and not perceive. 
27 For the heart of this people 
is waxed grofs, and their ears 
are dull of hearing, and their 
eyes have they clofed ; left they 
fhould fee with their eyes, and 
hear with their ears, and under- 
ftand with their heat t, and mould 
be converted, and I fhould heal 
them. 28 Be it known there 
fore unto you, that this falvation 
of God is fent unto the Gentiles, 
and that they will hear it. 29 
And when he had faid thefe 
things, the Jews departed, and 
had much reafonirg among them- 
felves. 30 But Paul dwelt two 
whole years in his own hired 
houfe, and received all that came 
in unto him, 3 1 Preaching the 
kingdom of God, and teaching 
thofe things which concern the 
Lord Jefus Chriit, with all con 
fidence, no man forbidding hiny 

Wanting in the Greek Part of Beza* 

Two Leaves from Matt. I. i. 20. 
Eight Leaves from Matt. V. 20. _ IX. 2. 

XXVII. i __ 12. 

I. 16. -- III. 26. 

VIII. 29 __ X. 14. 

XXI. 2. - 10. 

XXII. 10. -- 20. 
from v. 29, to the End of the 
Book : 6 Chapters. 

Wanting in the Clermont Copy. 

Rom. I. i. - 7. 
i Cor. XIV. 12. -- 22. 
Heb. XIII. 21. - 25. 

Wanting in the Alexandrian Copy. 

I. i. -- XXV. 6. 
VI. 50. . - VIII. 52. 
2 Cor. IV. 13. - - XII. 2. 

Wanting in the Vatican Copy. 

IX. 14. to the End of the 
Book : With the entire Epiftles 
to Timothy, Titus , and Philemon, 
as alfo the whole Slpocalypfe. 

w. w. 


O F 


T O T H E 









According to the Greek of the Ckrmont Manufcript, 
now probably between 1400 and 1500 Years old, 
in the King of France s Library at Paris : Accord 
ing to the Collation in Dr. Mills s New feftament: 
the Latin of which Copy is Part of the Old It dick 
Verfion, made early in the Second Century. 

Publifhed by Mr. WHISTON. 

The modern Diftin&ions of CHAPTERS, and VERSES, 
and SENTENCES, and WORDS, are here alfo retain 
ed, tho they be not in the Manufcript. 

The Epiftle of PAUL the Apoffie to the 


PAUL a fervant of Jefus 
Chrift, the called apo- 
itle, feparated unto the 
goipelofGod, 2 Which 
he had promifed afore by his pro 
phets, in the holy fcriptures 3 
Concerning his Son Jefus Chrift 
our Lord, who was made to him 
of the feed of David, according 
to the flefh, 4 And fore ordain 
ed the Son of God with power, 
according to the fpirit of holi- 
nefs, by the refurredion from the 
dead : 5 By whom we have re 
ceived grace and apoftlefhip for 
obedience to the faith among all 
nations for his name : 6 Among 
whom are ye alfo the called of 
Jefus Chrift. 7 To all that be 
in Rome, beloved of God, the 
called faints : Grace to you, and 
peace from God our Father, and 
the Lord Jefus Chrill. 8 Firft, 

I thank my God through Jefus 
Chrift for you all, that your faith 
is fpoken of throughout the whole 
world. 9 For God is my wit- 
nefs, whom I ferve with my fpi 
rit in the gofpel of his Son, that 
without ceafmg, I make mention 
of you always in my prayers, 
10 Making requeft if by any 
means now at length I might 
have a profperous journey by the 
will of God to come unto you. 

I 1 For I long to fee you, that I 
may impart unto you fome fpiri- 
tual gift, to the end you may be 
eftablimed ; 12 That is, that I 
may be comforted together with 
you, by the mutual faith both of 
you and me. 13 Now I fuppofe 

that you are not ignorant, bre 
thren, that oftentimes 1 purpofed 
to come unto you, but was hin 
dered hitherto, that I might have 
fome fruit among you alio, even 
as among other Gentiles. 14 I 
am debter both to the Greeks, 
and to the barbarians, both to 
the wife, and to the unwife. 1 5 
So, as much as in me is, I am 
ready to preach the Gofpel among 
you that are at Rome alfo. i6For 
I am not afliamed of the Gofpel : 
for it is the Power of God unto 
falvation, to every one that be- 
lieveth ; to the Jew fir ft, and al 
fo to the Greek. 17 For there 
in is the righteoufnefs of God re 
vealed from faith to faith : as it 
is written, The juft fhall live by 
faith. 1 8 For the wrath of God 
is revealed from heaven againit 
all ungodlinefs, and unrighteouf- 
neis of thofe men, who hold the 
truth in unrighteoufnefs. 19 Be- 
caufe that which may be known 
of God, is manifeft in them ; for 
God hath mewed it to them. 20 
For the invifible things of him 
from the creation of the world 
are clearly feen, being underftood 
by the things that are made, his 
eternal power and Godhead ; fo 
that they are without excufe : 21 
Becaufe that when they knew 
God, they glorified him not as 
God, neither were thankful ; but 
became vain in their imagina 
tions, and their foolifti heart was 
darkned. 22 Profefling them- 
felves to be wife, they became 
fools : 23 And changed the glo 
ry of the uncorruptible God, in 
to an image made like to cor- 
A 2 ruptible 


ruptible man> and to birds, and 
four footed beafls, and creeping 
things. 2 4WhereforeGod alfogave 
them up to uncleannefs, through 
the luits of their own hearts, to 
diftionour their own bodies be 
tween themfelves : 25 Who 
changed the truth <jf God into a 
3ie, and worshipped and ferved 
the creature more than the Crea 
tor, who is blefled for ever. A- 
men. 26 For this caufe God 
gave them up unto vile affections : 
For even their women changed 
the natural ufe into that which 
is againft nature and ufe : 27 
.And like wife alfo the men, leav 
ing the natural ufe of the women, 
burned in their luft one toward 
another ; men with men working 
that which is unfeemly, and re 
ceiving in themfelves that re- 
compence of their error which 
was meet. 28 And even as they 
did not like to retain God in their 
knowledge, God gave them over 
to a reprobate mind, to do thofe 
things which are not convenient : 
29 Being filled with all unrigh- 
teoufrefs, rnalicicufnefs, fornica 
tion, covetoufnefs ; full of envy, 
murder, debate, deceit, maligni 
ty ; Whifperers, 30 Evil fpeak- 
ers, haters of God, defpiteful, 
proud, boafters, inventers of evil 
things, difobedient to parents, 
3 1 Without understanding, cove 
nant-breakers, without natural 
affection, unmerciful : 32 Who 
knowing the judgment of God, 
that they which commit fuch 
things are worthy of death, they 
r.ot only do the fame, but con- 
fent to them that do them. 

II. Therefore thou art inexcu- 
fable, O man, whofoever thou 
art that judgeft : for wherein thou 
judgeft another, thou condemned 
thy felf i for thou that judged, 
dceft the fame things. 2 But we 
are fare that the judgment of 

God is according to truth, againft 
them who commit fuch things. 
3 And thinkeft thou this, O man, 
that judgeft them who do fuch 
things, and doft the fame, that 
thou malt efcape the judgment of 
God ? 4 Or defpifeft thou the 
riches of his goodnefs, and for 
bearance, and long-furFering, not 
knowing that the goodnefs of 
God leadeth thee to repentance ? 
5 But after thy hardnefs and im 
penitent heart, treafureft up unto 
thy felf wrath againft the day of 
wrath, and revelation of the righ 
teous judgment of God ; 6 Who 
will render to every man accord 
ing to his deeds : 7 To them 
who by patient continuance in 
well-doing, feek for glory, and 
honour, and immortality ; eter 
nal life : 8 But unto them that 
are contentious, and do not obey 
the truth, but obey unrighteouf- 
nefs ; wrath and indignation ; 
9 Tribulation and anguifh upon 
every foul of man that doth evil, 
of the Jew firft, and alfo of the 
Gentile. 10 Glory, honour, and 
peace, to every man that work- 
eth good, to the Jew firft, and 
alfo to the Gentile. 1 1 For 
there is no refpect of perfons with 
God. 12 For as many as have 
finned without law, mall alfo pe- 
rilh without law : and as many 
as have finned in the law, (hall 
be judged by the law, 13 For 
not the hearers of the law #r*juft 
before God, but the doers of the 
law mail be juftitied. 14 For 
when the Gentiles who have not 
the law, do by nature the things 
contained in the law, thefe ha 
ving not the law, are a law unto 
themfelves : 1 5 Which (hew the 
work of he law written in their 
hearts, their confcience alfo bear 
ing witnefs, and thoughts the 
mean while accufing, or elfe ex- 
cufmg one another, 16 In the 


day when God mall judge the 
fecrets of men by Jefus Chrift, 
according to my gofpel. 17 But 
if thou art called a Jew, and 
refteil in the law, and makeft thy 
boaft of God ; u And know- 
*eft his will* and approved the 
things that are more excellent, 
being inftrucled out of the law, 
19 And art confident that thou 
thy felf art a guide of the blind, 
a light of them who are in dark- 
nefs, 20 An inftruclor of the 
foolifh, a teacher of babes, who 
hail the form of knowledge, and 
of the truth in the law. 21 
Thou therefore who teacheft ano 
ther, teacheft thou not thy felf ? 
thou that preacheft a man mould 
not fteal, dolt thou fteal ? 22 
Thou that fayft a man mould not 
commit adultery, doft thou com 
mit adultery ? thou that abhor 
red idols, doft thou commit fa- 
crilege ? 23 Thou that makeft 
thy boaft of the law, through 
breaking the law difhonoureft thou 
God ? 24 For the name of God 
is blafphemed among the Gen 
tiles, through you, as it is writ 
ten. 25 For circumcifion verrly 
profiteth, if thou keep the law : 
but if thou be a breaker of the 
law, thy circumcifion is made 
uncircumcifion. 26 Therefore, 
if the uncircumcifion keep the 
righteoufnefs of the law, mail 
not his uncircumcifion be counted 
for circumcifion ? 27 And mail 
not uncircumcifion which is by 
nature, if it fulfil the law, judge 
thee, who by the letter and cir- 
Cumcifion doft tranfgrefs the law ? 
28 For he is not a Jew, who is 
one outwardly ; neither circumci 
fion, which is outward in the 
fle(h : 29 But he is a Je\v. who 
is one inwardly ; and circumcifion 
is of the heart, in the fpirit, not 
in the letter, whofe praiie is not 
of men but of God. 

III. What advantage then hath, 
the Jew ? or what profit of cir 
cumcifion ? 2 Much every way : 
chiefly, becaufe that unto them 
were committed the oracles of 
God. 3 For what if lome did 
not believe ? (hall their unbelief 
make the faith of God without 
effeft ? 4 God forbid : yea, let 
God be true, but every man a 
liar ; as it is written, That thou 
mighteft be juftified in thy fay- 
ings, and mighteft overcome 
when thou art judged. 5 But 
if our unrighteoufnefs commend 
the righteoufnefs of God, what 
fhall we fay ? Is God unrigh 
teous who taketh vengeance ? I 
fpeak as a man, 6 God for 
bid : for then how fhall God 
judge the world ? 7 For if the 
truth of God hath more abound 
ed through my lie unto his glory ; 
why yet am I alfo judged as a 
finner ? 8 And not, as we be 
flanderoufly reported, and as fome 
affirm that we fay, Let us do 
evil, that good may come ? whofe 
damnation is juli. 9 What then 
have we before them that is ex- 
traordinary ? Nothing at all : for 
we have before proved both Jews 
and Gentiles, that they are all 
under fin ; 10 As it is written, 
there is none righteous, not one : 
1 1 There is none that underftand- 
eth, there is none that feeketh after 
God. 12 They are all gone out 
of the way, they are together be 
come unprofitable, there is none 
that doeth good, no not one. 1 3 
Their throat is an open fepulchre 5 
with their tongues they have ufed 
deceit ; the poiion of afps is under 
their lips : ^Whofe mouth is full 
of curfmg and bitternefs. 15 
Their feet are fwifc to fhed blood. 
1 6 Deftruclion and mifery are in 
their ways : 17 And the way of 
peace have they not known. 1 8 
There is no fear of God before 


their eyes. 19 Now we kno.v 
that what things foever the law 
faith, it faith to them who are 
under the law : that every mouth 
may be flopped, and all the world 
may become guilty before God. 

20 Therefore by the deeds of 
the law, there mail no flelh 
be juitifkd in his fight : for by 
the law is the knowledge of fin. 

21 But now the rig.Jttoufnefs of 
God without the law is mani- 
feiled, being witnefled by the law 
and the prophets ; 22 Even the 
jighteoufnefs of God by faith oi 
Jei-is Chrift unto all, and upon all 
them that believe; for there is no 
difference : 23 For all have fin 
ned j and come fhort of the glory 
of God ; 24 Being juftified ireely 
by his grace, through the rt- 
demption that is in Jefus Chriil : 
25 Whom God hath fet forth a 
propitiation, through faith in his 
blood, to declare his righteouf- 
nefs for the remiffion of fins that 
were formerly through the for 
bearance of God ; 26 To declare 
at this time his righteoufnefs: that 
he might be juft, and the juftifier 
of him who believeth in Jefus 
Chrift. 27 Where zVboafting then? 
It is excluded. By what law? of 
works ? No : but of the law of 
faith. 28 For we conclude, that 
a man is juftified by faith without 
the deeds of the law. 29 // be 
the God of the Jews only ? and 
not of the Gentiles ? Yes, of the 
Gentiles alfo : 30 Seeing // is one 
God, who mall juftify the cir- 
cumcifion by faith, and uncircum- 
cifion through faith. 31 Do we 
then make void the law through 
faith ? God forbid: yer, weefta- 
blifti the law. 

IV. What fliall we fay then 
that Abraham our father found 
according to the flelh ? 2 For if 
Abraham were juflified by works, 
he hath to glory, buc riot before 

God. 3 For what faith the Scrip 
ture ? Abraham be ieved God, 
and it was counted unto him 
for righceoufnefs, 4 Now to hum 
that workerh, is the reward not 
icckoned of grace, but of debt. 
5 Bur to him that workeih not, 
but believeth on him that juili- 
fieth the ungodiy, his fauii is 
counted for righteoufnels. 6 Even 
as David alfo defcnbeth the blef- 
fedneis of the man unto whom 
God imputeth righteoufnefs with 
out works. 7 Buffed are tttey 
whole iniquities are furgiven, and 
whofe fins are covered. 8 Blef- , 
fed is the man to wnom th? Lord .jj 
will not impute fin 9 Is chis I 
bleffednefs thea upon the circum- 
cifion only, or upon the circum- 
cifion alfo ? For we fay thar faith 
was reckned to Abraham for 
lighteoufnefs. 10 How was it 
then reckned ? when he was in 
circumcifion, or in uncircumci- 
fion ? not in circumcifion, but in 
uncircumcifion. n And he re 
ceived the iign of circumcifion, a 
feal of the righteoufnefs of the 
faith which be bad being uncir- 
cumcifed : that he might be the 
father of all them that believe, 
though they be not circumcifed ; 
that righteoufnefs might be im 
puted unto them alfo : 12 And 
the father of circumc fion to them 
who are not o the circumcifion 
only, but alfo walk in the iteps 
of that faith of our father Abra 
ham. 13 For the promife that 
he mould be the heir of the world, 
was not to Abraham, or to his 
feed through the law, but through 
the righteoufnefs of faith. 14 For 
if they which are of the law be 
heirs, faith is made void, and the 
promife made of none effecl:. 15 
Becaufe the law worketh wrath : 
for where no law is, there is no 
tranfgreflion. 16 Therefore it is 
of the faith of Jefus, by grace ; 


to the end that the promife miguc 
be Cure to all the feed, not to that 
only which is of the law, but co 
that alfo which is of the faith of 
Abraham, who is the father of us 
all, 17 As it is written, I have 
made thee a father of many na 
tions before him whom he belie 
ved, God, who quickneth the 
dead, and calleth thole things 
which be not as though they were: 
1 8 Who againfl hope believed in 
hope, that he might become the 
Father of many nauons ; accord 
ing to that which was fpcken, So 
ihall thy feed be. 19 And being 
not weak in the faith, he confi- 
dered not his own body now dead, 
when he was about an hundred 
years old, neither yet the dead- 
nefs of Sara s Womb. 20 He 
daggered not at the promife of 
God through unbelief ; but was 
itrong in faith, giving glory to 
God: 21 And being fully per- 
fuaded, ihat what he had pro- 
mifed he was able alfo to perform. 
22 Therefore it was imputed to 
him for rigriteoufnefs. 23 Now 
it was not written for his fake 
alone, that it was imputed to him 
for righteoufnefs. 24 But for us 
alfo to whom it fhall be imputed, 
if we believe on him that railed 
up Jeius our Lord from the dead, 
25 Who was delivered for our 
offences, and was raifed again for 
our juftification. 

V. Therefore being juftified by 
faith, we have peace with God, 
through our Lord Jefus Chrift. 
2 By whom alfo we have accefs 
into this grace wherein we ftand , 
and rejoice in hope of the glory 
of God. 3 And not only this, 
but we glory in tribulations alfo, 
knowing that tribulation worketh 
patience ; 4 And patience, expe 
rience ; and experience, hope : 
5 And hope maketh not afhamed, 
becaufe the love of God is ftied 

abroad in our hearts, by the Ho 
ly G holt. 6 For when we were 
yet without Strength, in due time 
Chrift died for the ungodly. 7 
For fcarcely for a .righteous mam 
will one die: yet psradventure 
for a good man fome would even 
dare to die. 8 But God eom- 
raendeth his love towards us, in 
that while we were yet finners, 
Chrift died for us. 9 Much more 
then being now juilified by his 
blood, we fhall be faved from 
wrath through him. 10 For if 
when we were enemies, we were 
reconciled to God by the death 
of his Son : much more being re 
conciled, we mall be faved by his 
life. 1 1 And not only this, but 
we alfo joy in God, through our 
Lord Jefus Chrift, by whom we 
have already received the atone 
ment. 1 2 Wherefore, as by one 
man fin entred in the world, and 
death by fin ; and fo it pafled up 
on all men, for that all have fin 
ned. 13 For until the law, fin 
was in the world : but fin is not 
imputed when there is no law. 
14 Neverthelefs, death reigned 
from Adam, to Mofes, even over 
them that had not finned after the 
fimilitude of Adam s tranfgreflion, 
who is the figure of him that was 
to come : i 5 But not as the of 
fence, fo alfo is the free gift. For 
if through the offence of one, the 
many be dead ; much more the 
grace of God, and the gift by 
grace, by one man, Jefus Chrift, 
hath abounded unto many. 16 
And not as // <was by one fin, fi 
is the gift : for the judgment was 
by one to condemnation : but the 
free gift is of many offences unto 
juftification of life. 17 For if by 
one offence, death reigned by one ; 
much more they which receive 
abundance of grace, and of the 
gift of righteoufnefs, fhall reign 
in life by one Jefus Chrift. 18 


Therefore as by one offence it 
came upon all men to condemna 
tion : even fo by one righteoufnefs 
it came upon all men unto juftifi- 
cation of life. 1 9 For as by one 
man s difobedience many were 
made iinners : fo by the obedience 
of one man, {frail many be made 
righteous. 20 Moreover, the law 
entered, that the offence might 
abound : But where fin abounded, 
grace did much more abound : 
21 That as fin hath reigned un 
to death, even fo might grace 
reign through righteoufnefs unto 
eternal life, by Jefus Chrift our 

VI. What mall we fay then ? 
Shall we continue in iin, that 

frace may abound ? 2 God for- 
id : how mall we that are dead 
to fin, live any longer therein ? 
3 Know ye not, that fo ma 
ny of us as were baptized into 
fefus Chrift, were baptized unto 
his death ? 4 Therefore we are 
buried with him by Baptifm un 
to death : that like as Chrift was 
raifed up from the dead by the 
glory of the Father, even fo we 
alfo mould walk in newnefs of 
life. 5 For if we have been 
plan ed together in the likenefs of 
his death : we mail alfo be of his 
refurreftion : 6 Knowing this, 
that our old man is crucified with 
hint) that the body of fin might 
be deftroyed, that henceforth we 
fhould not ferve fin. 7 For he 
that is dead, is juftified from fin. 
8 Now if we be dead with Chrift, 
we believe that we mall alfo live 
with Chrift : 9 Knowing that 
Chrift being raifed from the dead, 
dieth no more ; death hath no 
more dominion over him. 10 For 
in that he died, he died unto fin 
once : bat in that he liveth, he 
liveth unto God. 1 1 Likewife 
reckon ye alfo yourfelves dead 
indeed unto fin j but alive unto 

God through Jefus Chrift. 1 2 Let 
not fin therefore reign in your 
mortal body, that ye mould obey 
it. 13 Neither yield ye your 
members inftruments of unrighte* 
oufnefs unto fin : but yield your 
felves unto God, as thoie that are 
alive from the dead ; and your 
members inftruments of righte- 
ouinefs unto God. 14 For fin 
mail not have dominion over you: 
for ye are not under the law, but 
under grace. 1 5 What then ? 
fhall we fin, becaufe we are not 
under the law, but under grace \ 
God forbid. 16 Or know ye 
not, that to whom ye yield yowr 
felves fervants to obey, his fer- 
vants ye are to whom ye obey ; 
whether of fin unto death, or of 
obedience unto righteoufnefs? if 
But God be thanked, that ye 
were the fervants of fin ; but ye 
hnve obeyed from the heart that 
form of doctrine to which ye were 
delivered. 1 8 Being then made 
free from fin, ye became the fer 
vants of righteoufnefs. 19 I fpeak 
after the manner of men, becaufe 
of the infirmity of your flefh : for 
as ye have yielded your members 
fervants to uncleannefs and to ini 
quity, unto iniquity ; even fo now 
yield your members fervants to 
righteoufnefs, unto holinefs. 20 
For when ye were the fervants of 
fin, ye were free from righteoufr 
nefs. 21 What fruit had ye then 
in thofe things, whereof ye are 
now afhamed ? for truly the end 
of thofe things is death. 22 But 
now being made free from fin, 
and become fervants to God, ye 
have your fruit unto holinefs, and 
the end everlafting life. 23 For 
the wages of fin is death : but the 
gift of God is eternal life, through 
Jefus Chrift .our Lord. 

VII. Know ye not, brethren, 

for I fpeak to them that know 

the law how that the law hath 



dominion over man, as long as 
he liveth? 2 For the woman who 
hath an hufband, is bound by the 
law to the hufband fo long as he 
liveth : but if the hufband be 
dead, fhe is loofed from the law 
of the hufband. 3 So then, if 
while the hufband liveth, fhe be 
married to another man, fhe mail 
be called an adulterels : but if her 
hufband be dead, fhe is free from 
that law j fo that Ihe is no adul- 
terefs, though fhe be married to 
another man. 4 Wherefore, my 
brethren, ye are alfo become dead 
to the law by the body of Chrift ; 
that ye fhould be married to ano 
ther, to him who is raifed from 
the dead, that we Ihould bring 
forth fruit unto God, 5 For 
when we were in the flefh, the 
motions of fins which were by the 
law, did work in our members to 
bring forth fruit unto death. 6 But 
now we are delivered from the 
law of death, wherein we were 
held ; that we mould ferve in 
newnefs of the Spirit, and not 
oldnefs of the letter. 7 What 
{hall we fay then I Is the law 
fin? God forbid. Nay, I had 
not known fin, but by the law : 
for I had not known luft, except 
the law had faid, Thou (halt not 
covet. 8 But fin taking occafion 
by the commandment, wrought 
in me ,all manner of concupif- 
cence. For without tae law fin is 
dead. 9 For I was alive with 
out the law once : but when the 
commandment came, fin revived, 
and I died. 10 And the com 
mandment which was to life, I 
found fo be unto death. 1 1 For 
fin taking occafion by the com 
mandment, deceived me, and by 
it ilew me. \z Wherefore the 
law is holy ; and the command 
ment holy, and juft, and good. 
1 3 Was then that which is good, 
made death untome? Byno means, 

But fin that it might appear 
fin, working d^ath in me by that 
which is good ; that fin by the 
commandment might become ex 
ceeding fmful. 14 For we know 
that the law is fpiritual : but I 
am carnal, fold under fin. 15 For 
that which I do, I allow not : 
for what I would, that do I not ; 
but what I hate i do. 16 If then 
I do that which I would not, I 
confent unto the law, that it is 
good. 17 Now then, it is no 
more I that do it, but fin that 
dwelleth in me. 1 8 For I know, 
that in me, that is, in my flefh 
dwelleth no good thing : for to 
will is prefent with me, but to 
perform that which is good, I 
find not. 1 9 For the good that 
I would, I do not : but the evil 
which I would not, that I do. 
20 Now if I do that I would not, 
it is no more I that do it, buc fin 
that dwelleth in me. 21 I find 
then a law, that when I would 
do good, evil is prefent with me. 
22 For I delight in the law of 
God, after the inward man. 23 
But I fee another law in my mem 
bers, warring againil the law of 
my mind, and bringing me into 
captivity in the law of fin, which 
is in my members. 240 wretch 
ed man that I am, who mail de 
liver me from the body of this 
death? 25 The grace of God, 
through Jefus Chriit our Lord. So 
then, with the mind 1 my felf 
ferve the law of God ; but with 
< the flefh the law of fin. 

VIIL There is therefore no 
condemnation to them who are 
in Chrift Jefus. 2. For the Jaw of 
the Spirit of life, in Chrift Jefus, 
hath made me free from the lavv 
of fin and death. 3 What the law 
could not do, in that it was weak 
through the flefh, God fending his 
own Son, in the likeneis of fmful 
flefh, and for fin condemned fin 




in the flefh : 4 That the righteoui 
nefs of" the law might be fulfilled 
in ir, who walk not after the flefh, 
but after the Spirit. 5 For they 
that are after the flefh, do mind 
the things of the fl.-fh: but they that 
are after the Spirit the things of^ 
the Spirit. 6 For to be carnally 
minded, is death ; bu: to be fpi- 
ritually minded, is life and peace: 
7 Becaufe the carnal mind is en 
mity againft God : for it is not 
fubjeft to the law of God, neither 
indeed can be. 8 So then they 
that are in the flelh, cannot pleale 
God. 9 But ye are not in the 
flefh, but in the Spirit, if fo be 
that the Spirit of God dwell in 
you. Now if any man have not 
the Spirit of Chriit, he is none of 
his. 10 And if Chriil be in you, 
the body is dead, becaufe of fin ; 
but the Spirit is life, becaufe of 
righteoufnefs. 1 1 But if the Spi 
rit of him that raifed up Jelus 
i rom the dead, dwell in you ; he 
that raifed up Chrift Jeius from 
the dead, fliall alfo quicken your 
mortal bodies, by his Spirit that 
dwelleth in you. 12 Therefore, 
brethren, we are debters, not to 
the flefh, to live after the flefh. 
13 For if ye live after the flefh, 
ye mail die : but if ye through 
the Spirit do mortify the deeds of 
the flefh, ye fliall live. 14 For 
as many a-e led by the Spirit of 
.God, they are the Sons of God. 
1 5 For ye have not received the 
fpirit of bondage again to fear ; 
but ye have received the Spirit of 
adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, 
Father. 1 6 Wherefore the Spirit 
it felf beareth witnefs with our 
fpirit, that we are the children of 
God. 17 And if children, then 
fellow heirs ; heirs of God, and 
fellow heirs with Chrift : if fo be 
that we fuf&r with bim\ that we 
may be alfo glorified together. 
1 8 For I reckon, that the iuffer- 

ings of this prefent time, are not 
comparable to the glory which 
fliall be revealed in us. 19 For the 
earner! expectation of the credture 
vvaiteth for the manifellation of 
the Sons of Gcd. 20 For the 
creature was made fubjeel to va 
nity, not willingly ; but byreafon 
of him who hath fubjefted it in 
hope: 21 Becaufe the creature 
it ielf alfo fliall be delivered from 
the bondage of corruption, unto 
the glorious liberty of the chil 
dren of God. 22 For we know 
that the whole creation groaneth, 
and travaileth in pain together 
until now : 23 And not only 
they, but we our felves alfo, who 
have the firft- fruits of the Spirit, 
even we our felves groan with 
them in our felves, waking for the 
adoption, the redemption of our 
body. 24 For we are laved by 
hope : But hope that is feen, is 
not hope : for what a man feeth, 
why doth he yet hope for? 25 
But if we hope for that we fee 
not, we do with patience wait Tor 
it. 26 Likewife the fpirit alfo 
helpeth oyr infirmity : for we 
know not what we mould pray 
lor as we ought : but the Spirit 
itfelf maketh interceffion, with 
groanings which cannot be ut 
tered. 27 And he that fearcheth 
the hearts, knoweth what is the 
the mind of the Spirit, becaufe 
he maketh interceffion for the 
faints according to God. 28 
And we know that all things 
work together for good, to them 
that love God, to them who are 
called according to bis purpofe^ 
29 For whom he did foreknow, 
he alfo did predeitinate to be con 
formed to the image of his Son, 
that he migh.t be the firit-born 
among many brethren. 30 More 
over, whom he did predeflinate, 
them he alfo called : and whom 
he called, them, he alfo juilified : 


and whom he juflified, them he 
alfo glorified. 31 What ftall 
we then lay to thefe things ? if 
God be for as, who is againtt us? 
32. He that did, not lo much 
as fpare his own Son, but deli 
vered him up for us all, how 
(hall he not with him alfo freely 
give us all things? 33 Who 
fhall lay any thing to the charge 
of God s eledl ? // it God that 
juftifieth : 34 Who is he that 
condemneth ? // is Chriil that 
died, yea rather that is rifen a- 
gain; who is even at the right 
hand of God, who. alfo maketh 
imerceffion for us. 35 Who (hall 
feparate us from the love of 
Chriit ? tribulation, or diftrefs, 
perfection, or famine, or naked - 
nefs, or peril, or fvvord ? 36 As 
it is written, For thy fake we 
are killed all the day long; we 
are accounted as fheep for the 
flaughter. 37 Nay, in all thefe 
things we are more than conque 
rors on account of him that loved 
us. 38 For I am perfuaded, 
that neither death, nor life, nor 
angel, nor authority, nor princi 
pality, nor power, nor things 
prefent, nor things to come, 39 
Nor height, nor depth, nor any 
creature, mall be able to feparate 
us from the love of God which 
is in Chriil jefus our Lord. 

IX. I fay the truth in Chrift 
Jefus, I lie not, my confcience 
alfo bearing me wknefs in the 
Holy Ghoft, 2 That I have great 
heavinefs and continual forrow in 
my heart. 3 For I could wifh 
that myfelf were an anathema 
from Chrift, for my brethen and 
kinfmen who are according to the 
Bern : 4 Who are Ifraelites ; to 
whom is the adoption, and the 

glory, and the covenant, and the 
g.ving of the law, and the fer* 
vice of God, and the piomife ; 
5 Whofe are the fathers, and 
of whom as concerning the flefh 
is Chrili,* who is over ail, God 
bletfed for ever. Amen. 6 Not 
as though the word of God hath 
taken none effect. For all that 
are of Ifrad, are not Ifrael 
ites. 7 Neither becaufe they 
are the ieed of Abraham, are they 
all children-, bu., In Ifaac fhaU 
thy ieed be ca!!-d. 8 That )% 
They who are the children of 
the fiefh, thefe are not the chil 
dren of God: but the children 
of the promife are counted for 
the feed. 9 For this is the word 
of promife, At this time will I 
come, and Sara mall have a Son. 

10 And net only this, but when 
Rebecca alfo had conceived at 
one conception by our lather Ifaac, 

1 1 For the children being not yet 
born, neither having done any 
good or evil, that the purpofe of 
God according to election might 
ftand, not of works, but of him 
that calleth. 1 2 It was faid unto 
her, The elder mall ferve the 
younger. 13 As it is written, 
Jacob have I loved, but Efau 
have I hated. 1 4 What (hall we 
fay then ? Is there unrighteoufnefs 
with God ? By no means. 15 
For he faith to Moles, I will 
have mercy on whom 1 will have 
mercy, and I will have compaf- 
fion on whom I will have com- 
paffion. 16 So then it is not of 
him that willeth, nor of him that 
runneth, but of God that meweth 
mercy. 17 For the fcripture 
faith unto Pharaoh, Even for this 
fame purpofe have I raifed thee 
up, that 1 might mew my power 

* Read this at the Applet do in -their Cwftiiutions, One Lord Jefus Crriil, bleffed 
for ever, to the Glory of God the Father. ^Amen. viii. 13- n 


in thee, and that my name might 
be declared throughout all the 
earth. 18 Therefore hath he 
mercy on whom he will, and 
whom he will, he haidneth. 19 
Thou will fay then unto me, 
Why doth he therefore find fault ? 
For who hath refilled his will ? 
20 O man, who art thou that 
replied againft God ? (hall the 
thing formed fay to him that for 
med //, Why haft thou formed 
me thus ? 2 1 Hath not the pot 
ter power over the clay, of the 
fame lump to make one vefTel 
unto honour, and another unto 
difhonour ? 2 z What if God, 
willing to fliew bis wrath, and to 
make rm power known, endured 
wirh much long-furlerir.g the vef- 
fels of wrath fitted to deduction : 

23 And that he might make 
known the riches of his glory on 
the veffeis of mercy, wnich he 
had a iorc prepared unro glory ? 

24 Even us whom he hath cal 
led, not of the Jews only, but 
alfo of the Gentiles. 25 As he 
faith aifo in Ofee, I will call 
them my people, which were not 
my people; and her, beloved, who 
Wiv not beloved. 26 And it (hall 
come to paf5,.in the place where 
it was faid unto them, Ye are not 
my people; there fhall they he 
trilled, the children of the living 
God. 27 Efaiasaliocrieth con 
cerning Ifrael, Though the num 
ber of the children of Ifrael be 
as the fand of the fea, a remnant 
(hall be faved. 28 For he will 
finifh the word, and cut it fhort : 
which word the Lord will make 
upon the earth. 29 And as Efaias 
faid before, Except the Lord of 
Hofts had left us afeed,wehad been 
as Sodom, and been made like un 
to Gomorrha. 30 What fhall we 
fay then ? That the Gentiles who 
follow not after righteoufnefs,have 
attained to righteoufnefs, even the 

righteoufnefs which is of faith : 
3 1 But Ifrael, which followed af 
ter the taw, hath not attained to 
the law of righteoufnefs. 32 
Wherefore ? Becaufe it was not 
by faith, but as it were by the 
works of the law : They (tumbled 
at that tumbling ftone ; 33 As 
it is written, Behold I lay in Sion 
a Humbling ilone, and rock of 
fcandal, and he that believeth on 
him, fhall not be amamed. 

X. Brethren, my heart s de- 
fire and prayer to God for Ifrael 
is, that they might be faved. 2 
For I bear them record, that 
they have a Zeal of God, but 
not according to knowledge. 3 
For they being ignorant of God s 
righteoufnefs, and going about to 
eftablifh their own, have not fub- 
mitied themfelves unto the righ 
teoufnefs of God. 4 For Chrift 
is the end of the law for righte 
oufnefs to every one that be 
lieveth. 5 For Mofes defcribeth 
the righteoufnefs which is of the 
law, That the man who doth zV, 
fhall live by //. 6 But the righ 
teoufnefs which is of faith fpeak- 
eth on this wife, Say not, Who 
fhall afcend into heaven ? that is 
to bring Chrift down, 7 Or, 
Who fhall defcend in{o the a- 
byfs ? that is to bring up Chrift 
again from the dead. 8 But 
what faith the fcripture : The 
word is nigh thee, in thy mouth, 
and in thy heart : that is the 
word of faith which we preach, 
9 That if thou fhalt confefs with 
thy mouth the Lord Jefus, and 
fhalt believe in thine heart, that 
God hath raifed him from the 
dead, thou fhalt be faved. 10 
For with the heart man believeth 
unto righteoufnefs, and with the 
mouth confeffion is made unto 
falvation. 1 1 For the fcripture 
faith, Whofoever believeth on 
him, fhall by no means be a- 


fliamed v 1 2 For there is no diffe 
rence between the Jew and the 
Greek : for the iame Lord over 
all, is^ich unto all that call upon 
him. 13 For whofoever lhall 
call upon -".he name of the Lord, 
mall be faved. 14 How then 
fhall they call on him in 
whom they have not believed? 
and how lhall they believe in him 
of whom they have not heard ? 
and how {hall they hear without 
a preacher ? i 5 And how mall 
they preach, except they be fent ? 
as it is written, How beautiful 
are the feet of them that preach 
the gofpel of peace, and bring 
glad jidings of good things ! 16 
But they have not all obeyed the 
gofpel. For Elaias faith, Lord, 
who hath believed our report ? 
17 So then, faith is by hearing, 
.and hearing by the Word. 18 
But I fay, Have they not heard ? 
Yes verily, their found went into 
all the earth, and their words 
unto the ends of the world. 19 
* ^ut I fay, hath not Ifrael known ? 
ft, Mofes faith, I will pro- 
/oke you to jealoufy by no peo 
ple, by a foolifh nation I will an 
ger you. 20 But Efaias faith, 
I was found in them that fought 
me not ; I was made mani- 
feft unto them that asked not 
after me. 21 But to Ifrael he 
faith, All the day long I have 
ftretched forth my hands unto a 
difobedient and gainfaying people. 
XI. I fay then, Hath God 
caft away his people whom he 
foreknew ? By no means. For 
I alfo am an Ifraelite, of the feed 
of Abraham, of the tribe of Ben 
jamin. 2 God hath not caft a- 
way his people whom he fore 
knew. Know ye not what the 
fcripture faith of Elias ? how he 
maketh interceflion to God a- 

fainft Ifrael, 3 Lord, they have 
illed thy prophets, and digged 
down thine altars ; and I am left 

alone, and they feek my life. 4 
But what faith the anfwer of God 
unto him ? I have referved to 
my felf feven choufand men, 
who have not bowed the knee to 
Baal. 5 Even fo then at this 
prefent time alfo there is a rem 
nant according to the election of 
grace. 6 And if by grace, then 
is if no more of works : other, 
wife grace is no more grace. 7 
What then ? Ifrael hath not ob 
tained that which he feeketh for ; 
but the election hath obtained it, 
and the reil were blinded : 8 
According as it is written, God 
hath given them the fpirit of 
{lumber, eyes that they ftiould 
not fee, and ears that they mould 
not hear, unto this day. 9 And 
David faith, Let their table be 
made a fnare, and a trap, and a 
Humbling- block, and a recom- 
pence unto them. 10 Let their 
eyes be darkned, that they may 
not fee, and bow down their 
back alway. i 1 I fay then, 
Have they {tumbled thai they 
mould fall ? By no means ; but 
thro their fall, falvation is unto 
the Gentiles, to provoke them, 
to jealoufy. 1 2 Now if the fall 
of them be the riches of the 
world, and the dirmnifhing of 
them the riches of the Gentiles : 
how much more their fulnefs ? 
1 3 For I fpeak to you Gentiles, 
inafmuch as I am an apoftle of 
the Gentiles, I magnify mine 
office : 1 4 If by any means I 
may provoke to emulation my^ 
flefh, and might fave fome of 
them. 15 For if the cafting a- 
way of them be the reconciling 
of the world ; what/W/ the re- 
. ceiving be, but life from the dead ? 

1 6 For if the firft fruit be holy, 
the lump is fo alfo : and if the 
root be holy, fo are the branches. 

17 And if fome of the branches 
be broken off, and thou being a 
wild olive tree, wert graffed in 


amongft them, and with them 
partakeft of the fatnefs of th 
olive-tree ; 18 Boaft not a 
gainil the branches : but if tho 
boait, thou beareft riot the root 
but the root thee. 1 9 Thou \vi! 
fay then, The branches wer 
broken off, that I might b 
graffed in. 20 Well ; becauf 
of unbelief they were broken off 
and thou ftandeii by faith. Be 
not high minded, but fear. 21 
For if God fpared not the natu 
ral branches, leit he alfo fpare 
not thee. 22 Behold therefore 
the goodnefs and feverity of God 
on them which fell, feverity , 
but towards thee, goodnefs, i 
thou continue in his goodnefs : o 
therwife thou alfo (halt be cu 
off, 23 And they alfo, if they a- 
bide not Hill in unbelief, mall be 
grafted in : Tor God is able to 
graff them in again. 24. For ij 
thou ivert cut out of the olive- 
tree which is wild by nature, and 
wert graffcd contrary to nature in 
to a good olive-tree ; how much 
more mall thefe which be the na 
tural, be grafted into theirown o- 
live-tree? 25For I would not, bre 
thren, that ye mould be ignorant 
of this myitery (left ye mould be 
vvik in your own conceits) that 
blindnefs in part is hapned to 
Ifrael, until the fulnefs of the 
Gentiles be come in. 26 And 
fo all Ifrael mail be faved : as it 
is w itten, There ihall come out 
of Sion the deliverer, and mail 
turn away ungodlinefs from Ja 
cob. 27 For this is my conve- 
nant unto them, when I mall 
take away their fins. 28 As 
corre ning the gofoel, they are 
enemies for your fake : but as 
touching the election, beloved for 
the fathers fake?. 29 For the 
gifts and calling of God are 
without repentance. 30 For as 
ve in times part have not believed 
God, yet have now obtained 

mercy thro their unbelief: 31 
Even fo have thefe alfo now not 
believed, that thro the mercy 
beftowed on you they alfo may 
now obtain mercy. 32 For God 
hath concluded all things in un 
belief, that he may have mercy 
upon all. 330 the depth of the 
riches both of the wifdom and 
knowledge of God ! how un- 
fearchable his judgments, and his 
ways pad rinding out ! 34 For 
who hath known the mind of the 
Lord, or who hath been his 
counfeller ? 35 Or who hath 
firfl given to him, and it mail be 
recompenfed unto him again? 36 
For of him, and through him, 
and to him, are all things : to 
whom be glory for ever Amen. 

XII. I befeech you therefore, 
brethren, by the mercies of God, 
that ye prefent your bodies a liv 
ing facrifice, holy, acceptable 
unto God, your reafonable fer- 
vice. 2 And be not conformed 
to this world : but be ye tranf- 
formed by the renewing of the 
mind, that ye may prove what 
is that good, and acceptable, and 
perfect will of God. 3 For I 
lay, through the grace given un 
to me, to every man that is a- 
mong you, not to think more 
highly than he oaght to think ; 
but to think foberly, according 
as God hath dealt to every man 
the meafure of faith. 4 For as 
we have many members in one 
body, and all members have not 
the fame office : 5 So we being 
many, are one body in Chrift, 
and every one members one of 
another. 6 Having then gifts, 
differing according to the grace 
that is given to us, whether pro- 
mecy, according to the analogy 
of the faith. 7 Or miniftry, on 
miniilring ; or he that teacheth, 
on teaching ; 8 He that ex- 
lorteth on exhortation : he that 
iveth, with fimplicity ; he that 


ruleth, with diligence ; he that 
iheweth mercy,wuh cheerfulneis. 
9 Let love be without diflimula- 
tiori. Abhor that which is evil, 
cleave to that which is good. 10 
Be kindly affeclioned one to ano 
ther ; with brotherly love ; in 
honour preferring one another. 

1 1 Not flothful in bufinefs: fer 
vent in fpirit; ferving thefeafon. 

1 2 Rejoycing in hope ; patient 
in tribulation ; continuing inftant 
in prayer: 13 Diftributing to 
the memorials of the faints ; 
given to hofpitality. 14 Blefs 
them who perfecutc ycu : blefs, 
and curfe not. i 5 Rejoice with 
them that do rejoice, and weep 
with them that weep. 16 Be 
of the fame rnind one towards 
another. Mind not high things, 
but condefcend to men of low 
eftate Be not wife in your own 
conceits, 17 Recompenfe to no 
man evil for evil. Provide things 
honeft in the fight of all men. 
1 8 If it be poffible, as much as 
lieth in you, live peaceably with 
all men. 19 Dearly beloved, a- 
venge not your felves, but rather 
give place unto wrath : for it is 
written, Vengeance mine, I 
will repay, faith the Lord. 20 
If thine enemy hunger, feed him ; 
and if he thirft, give him drink : 
for in fb doing thou {halt heap 
coals of fire on his head. 21 Be 
not overcome of evil, bur over 
come evil with good. 

XIII. Be fubjedunto all fouls 
that are in authority. For there 
is no power but of God : thofe 
that be, are ordained of God. 
2 Whofoever therefore refiftech 
the power, refifteth the ordinance 
of God : and they that refift, 
ihall receive to themfelves judg 
ment. 3 For rulers are not a 
terror to a good work, but to an 
evil one. Wilt thou then not be 
afraid of the power ? do that 

which is good, and thou fhalt 
have praife of the fame : 4 For 
he is the minilter of God to thee 
for good. But if thou do that 
which is evil, be afraid ; for he 
beareth not the fword in vain : 
for he is the minifter of God, a 
revenger upon him that doth evil. 
5 Wherefore, be ye fubjecl, not 
only for wrath, but alfo for con- 
fcience fake. 6 For, for this 
caufe pay you tribute alfo : for 
they are God s minifters, attend 
ing continually upon this very 
thing. 7 Render to all their 
dues : tribute to whom tribute, 
cuilom to whom cuilom, fear to 
whom fear, honour to whom ho 
nour. 8 Owe no man any thing, 
but to love one another : for he 
that loveth another^ hath fulfilled 
the law. 9 For this, Thou fhalt 
not commit adultery, Thou male 
not kill, Thou fhalt not fteal, 
Thou fhalt not covet; and if 
there be any other command 
ment, it is briefly comprehended 
in this faying, namely, Thou 
fhalt love thy neighbour as thy 
felf. 10 Love worketh no ill to 
his neighbour : And love is the 
fulfilling of the law. u And 
that, knowing the time, that 
row it is high time to awake out 
of fieep : for now is our falvation 
nearer than when we believed. 
1 2 The night is far fpent, the 
day is at hand : let us therefore 
call away the works of darknefs, 
but let us put on the armour of 
light. 1 3 Let us walk honeftly 
as in the day j not in rioting and 
drunkennefs, not in chambering 
and wantonnefs, not in ftrife and 
envying. 1 4 But put ye on the 
Lord Jefus Chrift, and make not 
proviiion for the flefli, unto its 

XIV. Him that is weak in the 
faith receive you, not to the judg 
ing of his reafonings. z For one 
belie veth 


belie veth that he may eat all 
things : Let another who is weak, 
eat herbs. 3 Let not him that 
eateth, defpiie him that eateth 
not ; let not him that eateth not, 
judge him that eateth : for God 
hath received him; 4 Who art 
thou that judgeft another man s 
fervant ? to his own mailer he 
ilandeth or falleth : Yea, he ftiall 
be holden up : for God is able 
to make him Hand. 5 One man 
efteemeth one day above anocher : 
another efteemeth every day. 
Let every man be fully perfuaded 
in his own mind. 6 He thatre- 
gardeth the day, regardeth // un 
to the Lord : And he that eateth, 
eateth to the Lord, for he giveth 
God thanks ; and he that eateth 
not, to the Lord he eateth not, 
and giveth God thanks. 7 For 
none of us liveth to himfelf, and 
no man dieth to himfelf. 8 For 
whether we live, we live unto 
the Lord ; and whether we die, 
we die unto the Lord : whether 
we live therefore or die, we are 
the Lord s. 9 For to this end 
Chrift both lived, and died, and 
rofe again, that he might be Lord 
both of the dead and living, i o 
But why doft thou judge thy 
brother in not eating ; or why 
doft thou fet at nought thy bro 
ther ? for we mall all ftand be 
fore the judgment-feat of God. 
II For it is written, I live, 
faith the Lord, every knee mail 
bow to me, and every tongue 
lhall confefs to God. i 2 So eve 
ry one of us mail render an ac 
count of himfelf to God. 13 
Let us not therefore judge one 
another any more : but judge this 
rather, that no man put a ftum- 
bling-block, or an occafion to 
fall in the brother s way. 14 I 
know, and am perfuaded by the 
Lord Jefus, that nothing is un 
clean of it felf : but to him that 

efieemeth any thing to be un 
clean, to him it is unclean, ir 
For if thy brother be grieved 
with meat, now walkeil thou not 
charitably. Defiroy not him 
with thy meat, for whom Chrift 
died. 1 6 Let not then our good 
be evii fpoken of. 1 7 For the 
kingdom of God is not meat and 
drink, but righteoufnefs, and 
peace, and joy in the Holy Ghoft. 
1 8 For he that in the!*? things 
lerveth Chrift, is acceptable to 
God, and approved of men. 19 
Let us therefore follow after the 
things which make for peace, and" 
obferve the things wherewith one 
may edify another. 20 For 
meat deftroy nor the work of 
God. All things indeed are pure j 
but it is evil lor that man who 
eateth with offence. 21 It is 
good neither to eat flem, nor to 
drink wine, nor that where 
by thy brother ftumbleth, or is 
fcandalized, or is made weak. 22 
Haft thou faith ? have it to thy 
felf before God. Happy is he 
that condemneth not himfeif in 
that thing which he alloweth. 
23 And he that doubteth, is con 
demned if he eat, becaufe it is 
not of faith : for whatfoever is 
not of faith, is fin. 

XV We then that are ftrong, 
ought to bear the infirmities of 
the weak, and not to pleafe our 
felves. 2 Let every one of us 
pleafe his neighbour for good to . 
edification. 3 For even Chrift 
pleafed not himfelf ; but as it is 
written, The reproaches of them 
that reproached thee fell on me. 
4Forwhatfcever things were writ 
ten, were written for our learn 
ing j that we through patience 
and comfort of the fcriptures 
might have hope. 5 Now the 
God of patience and consolation, 
grant you to be unanimous one 
towards another, according to 


Chrift Jefus : 6 That ye may 
with one mind and one mouth 
glorify Ged, even the Father of 
our Lord Jefus Chrift. 7 Where 
fore receive ye one another, as 
Chrift alib received you to the 
glory of God. 8 For I fay, 
that Jefus Chrift was a minifter 
of the circumcifion for the truth 
of God, to confirm the promifes 
unto the fathers : 9 And that 
the Gentiles might glorify God 
for bis mercy ; as it is written, 
For this caufe I will confefs to 
thee among the Gentiles, and fing 
unto thy name. 10 And again 
he faith, Rejoice, ye Gentiles, 
with his people. 1 1 And again 
he faith, Praife the Lord, all ye 
Gentiles, and laud him, all ye 
people. 12 And again Efaias 
faith, There mail be a root of 
JefTe, and he that fhall rife to 
reign over the Gentiles ; in him 
mall the Gentiles truft. 13 Now 
the God of hope fill you with 
all joy and peace ; that ye may 
abound in hope through the pow 
er of the Holy Ghoft. 14 And 
J my felf alfo am perfuaded of 
you, my brethren, that ye are 
full of goodnefs, and filled with 
all knowledge, able to admonifh 
one another. 15 Neverthelefs, 
brethren, I have written the more 
boldly unto you, in fome fort, as 
putting you in mind, becaufe of 
the grace that is given to me of 
God, 1 6 That I mould be the 
minifter of Jefus Chrift to the 
Gentiles, miniftring the Gofpel 
of God ; that the offering up of 
the Gentiles might be acceptable, 
being fanctified by the Holy Ghoft. 

17 I have therefore whereof I 
may glory through Jefus Chrift. 

18 For I will not dare to fay 
any of thofe things, which Chrift 
hath not wrought by me, to make 
the Gentiles obedient, by word 
and deed, 19 Through his migh 

ty figns and wonders, by the 
power of the Holy Spirit ; fo 
that from Jerufalem unto lilyri- 
cum and round about, I have 
fully preached the goipel of Chrift. 

20 Yea, fo have 1 flnved to 
preach the gofpei where Chrift 
was not named, left I mould build 
upon another man s foundation : 

2 1 But as it is written, To whom 
he was not fpoken of, they mall 
fee : and they that have not heard, 
fhall underftand. 22 For which 
caufe alfo I have been much hin- 
dred from coming to you. 23 
But now having no more place in 
thefe parts, and having a great 

; defire thefe many years to come 
- unto you ; 24 Whenfoever there 
fore I take my journey i : -co Spain, 
I truft to fee you in my journey, 
and to be brought on my way 
thitherward by you, if firil I be 
fome what filled with you. 25 
But now I go unto Jerusalem, to 
minifter unto the faints. 26 For 
it hath pleafed them of Macedo 
nia and Achaia, to make a cer 
tain contribution for the poor 
faints who are at Jerufalem. 27 
And their debters they are. For 
if the Gentles have been made 
partakers of their fpiritual things, 
their duty is alfo to minifter unto 
them in carnal things. 28 When 
therefore I have performed this, 
and have fealed to them this fruit, 
I will come by you into Spain. 
29 And I know tha: when I come 
unto you, I fhall come in the 
full affurance of the bleflmg of 
Chrift. 30 Now I befeech you, 
brethren, for the Lord Jefus 
Chrift s fake, and for the love of 
the Spirit, that ya ftrive together 
with me in your prayers to God 
for me ; 31 And I may be de 
livered from them that do not be 
lieve in Judea ; and that my pre- 
fent for Jerufalem, may be ac 
cepted of the faints ; 32 That 
C I may 


I may come unto you with joy 
by the will of Chrift Jefus, and 
may with you be refreshed. 33 
Now the God of peace be with 
you all. Amen. 

XVI. I commend unto you 
Phebe our filter, who is a dca- 
conefs of the church which is at 
Cenchrea : 2 That ye receive 
her in the Lord, as becomesih 
faints, and that ye aflill her in 
whatfoever bufmefs Ihe hath need 
of you : for flie hath been a fuc- 
courer of my felf, and of many 
affo. 3 Greet Prilca and Aquila 
my helpers in Chrirt Jefus, and 
the church that is in their houfe. 
4 Whd have for my life laid 
down their own necks : unto 
vvncm riot only I give thanks, 
but alfo all the churches of the 
Gentiles. 5 Salute my welbe- 
loved Epenetus, who is the firft 
fruits of Afia in Chrift. 6 Greet 
Mary, who bellowed much la 
bour among you. 7 Salute An- 
dronicus and Junias my kinfmen, 
and my fellow-prifoners, who are 
of note among the apoftles, who 
were in Chrift Jefus before me. 
8 Greet Amplias my beloved in 
the Lord. 9 Salute Urbane our 
helper in the Lord, and Stachys 
my beloved. 10 Salute Apelles 
approved in Chriit. Salute them 
who are of Ariftobulus bo-^Jhold. 
i i Salute Herodion my kinlman. 
Greet them that be of the bouf- 
hold of Narciflus, who are in the 
Lord. 1 2 Salute Tryphena and 
Tryphofa, who labour in the 
Lord. Salute the beloved Perfis, 
who laboured much in the Lord. 

13 Salute Rufus chofen in the 
Lord, and his mother and mine. 

14 Salute Afyncritus,, Phlegon, 
Hermes, Patrobae, Herrnas, and 
the brethren who are with them. 

15 Salute Philologus, and Julia, 

Nereus, and his fifter, and O- 
lympas, and all the faints who 
are with them. 16 Salute one 
another with an holy kifs. 1 7 
Now I befeech you, brethren, 
mark diligently them who caufe 
divifions and fcandals, faying or 
doing things contrary to the do 
ctrine which ye have learned ; 
and avoid them. 18 For they 
that are fuch, ferve not our Lord 
Jefus Chrift, but their own belly ; 
and by good words, deceive the 
hearts of the fimple. 19 For 
your obedience is come abroad 
unto all men. I am glad there 
fore on your behalf : and I 
would have you wife unto that 
which is good, and fimple con 
cerning evil. 20 And the God 
of peace (hall bruife Satan under 
your feet Ihortly. 21 Timotheus 
my work- fellow, and Lucius and 
Jafon and Sofipater my kinfmen, 
and the churches of Chrift, fa- 
lute you. 22 I Tertius, who 
wrote the epiftle, falute you in 
the Lord. 23 Gaius mine hoft, 
and of the whole church, falu- 
teth you. Eraftus the chamber 
lain of the city faluteth you, and 
Quartus a brother. 24The grace 
of our Lord Jefus Chrift be with 
you all. Amen. 25 Now to 
him that is of power to ftablifh 
you according to my gofpel, and 
the preaching of Jefus Chrift, ac 
cording to the revelation of the 
myftery, which was kept fecret 
fmce the world began, 26 But 
now is made manifeft, by the 
fcriptures of the prophets, accord 
ing to the commandment of the 
everlafting God, made known to 
all nations for the obedience of 
faith. 27 To God only wife, be 
glory through Jefus Chrift for 
ever and ever, Amen. 


The Firft Epiftle of PAUL the Apoftle, to 

CHAP. I. ; 

PA U L an apoftle of Jefus 
Chrift, through the will of 
ooa, and Softhenes a brother, 

2 Unto the church of God 
which is at Corinth, to them that 
are fanclified in Chrift Jefus, called 
faints, with all that in every place 
call upon the name of Jefus Chrift 
our Lord, bpth theirs and ours. 

3 Grace be unto you, and peace 
from God our Father, and the 
Lord Jefus Chrift. 4 1 thank my 
God always on your behalf, for 
the grace of God which is given 
you by Jefus Chrift ; 5 That 
in every thing ye are enriched by 
him, in all utterance, and all 
knowledge : 6 Even as the Te- 
flimony of Chrift was confirmed 
in you. 7 So that ye come be 
hind in no gift ; waiting for the 
coming of our Lord Jefus Chrift : 

8 Who (hall allo confirm you 
unto the end, blamelefs, at the 
coming of our Lord Jefus Chrift. 

9 God is faithful, from whom ye 
were all called unto the fellow- 
fliip of his Son Jefus Chrift our 
Lord. 10 Now I befeech you, 
brethren, by the name of our 
Lord Jefus Chrift, that ye 
all fpeak the fame thing, and 
there be no divisions among 
you ; but ye be perfectly joined 
together in the fame mind, and 
in the fame judgment. 1 1 For 
it hath been declared unto me of 
you, my brethren, by thofe of 
Chloe, that there are contentious 
among you. 1 2 Now this I fay, 
that every one of you faith, I am 
of Paul, and I of Apollos, and I 
of Cephas, and I of Chrift. 1 3 Is 
Chrift divided ? was Paul cruci 
fied for you ? or were ye baptized 
unto the name of Paul ? 14 I 
t>ank God, that I baptized none 

of you, but Ccifpus and Gaius: 
1 5 Left any {hould lay, I bap* 
tized unco mine own name. 16 
And I baptized alfo the Houf- 
hold of Stephanas : befides, 1 
know not whether I baptized any 
other. 17 For Chrift fent me 
not to baptize, to but preach 
the gofpel: not with wifdom of 
words, left the crofs of Chrift 
mould be of none effect. 1 8 For 
the preaching of the crofs is to 
them that penfh, foolimnefs: but 
unto us who are fayed, it is the 
power of God. 49 It is written, 
I will defiroy the wifdom of the 
wife, and will bring to nothing the 
underftanding of the prudent. 20 
Where is the wife ? where the 
fcribe ? where the difputer of this 
world ? hath not God mad* 
foolifh the wifdom of the world ? 
21 For after that, in the wifdom 
of God, the world by wildorn 
knew not God, it pleafed Go4 
by the foolimnefs of the preach 
ing to fave them that believe. 22 
For the Jews require figns, and 
the Greeks feek after wifdom : 23 
But we preach Chrift crucified, 
unto the Jews a {tumbling block, 
and unto the Gentiles foolimnefs ; 
24 , But unto them who are 
called both Jews and Greeks, 
Chrift, the power of God, and 
the wifdom of God. 25 Be- 
caufe the foolimnefs of God is 
wifer than men ; and the weak- 
nefs of God is ftronger than men. 
26 Therefore ye fee your calling, 
brethren, how that not many 
wife Men after the flefti, not ma 
ny mighty, not. many noble are 
cbofen. 27 But God hath chofen 
the foolifti things of the world, to 
confound the wife ; and God hath 
chofen the weak things of the 
world to confound the things 
C 2 which 

I. Corinthians. 

which arc mighty ; 28 >nd 
bale things of the world, and 
things which are defpiied, hatn 
God choien, to bring to nought 
things thai are : 29 That no 
flefh mould glory in the pretence 
of God. 30 But of him are ye 
in Chrift Jefus, who of God is 
made unto us wifdom, and righ- 
teoutnefs, and fanclification, and 
redemption ; 31 That, accord 
ing as it is written, He thai glo- 
jrieth, let him glory in the Lord. 
II. And I, brethren, when I 
came to you, came no; with ex 
cellency of (peech, or of wifdom, 
declaring unto you the teftimony 
of God. 2 For I determined 
not to know any thing among 
you, lave Jtius Chrift, and him 
crucified. 3 And I was with you 
in weaknefc, und in fear, and in 
much I: :mblmg. 4 And my 
fpeech, ana my preaching was 
not with enticing words of wif 
dom, but in the revelation of the 
Spirit, and of power : 5 That 
your faith mould not ftand in the 
wifdom of men, but in the pow 
er of God. 6 Howbeit we (peak 
wifdom in perteft things : yei 
not the wifdom of this world, 
nor of the princes of this world, 
that come to nought 7 But we 
ipeak the wifdom of God in a 
myltery, even chat which is hid 
den, which God ordained before 
,ihe world unto our glory. 8 
Which none of the princes of 
this world knew : for had they 
known "it, they would not have 
crucified the Lord of glory. 9 
But as it is written, Eye hath not 
feen, nor ear heard, neither have 
entered into the heart of man, 
the things which God hath pre 
pared for them that love him. 
IO But God hath revealed them 
unto us by his Spirit : for the 
Spirit fearcheth all things, yea, 
the deep things of God, 1 1 For 

what man hath known the things 
of a man, fave the ipirit of man 
which is in him ? even fo the 
things of God no one hath known, 
but the Spirit of God. 12 Now 
we have received, not the fpirit 
of this world, but the Spirit which 
is of God ; that we might know 
the things that are freely given to 
us of God. 13 Which things 
alfo we fpeak, not in the words 
which man s wifdom teacheth, 
but which the Holy Ghoft teach 
eth ; comparing fpiritual things 
withfpiritual. 14 But the natu 
ral man receiveth not the things 
of the Spirit of God : for they 
are foolifhuefs unto him ; neither 
can he know them, becaufe they 
are fpiritually difcerned. 1 5 But 
he that is fpiritual, judgeth all 
things, yet he himfelf is judged 
of no man. 16 For who hath 
known the mind of the Lord, 
that he may inftruft him ? But 
we have the mind of Chrift. 

III. And I, brethren, could 
not fpeak unto you as unto fpiri- 
ual, but as unto carnal, as unto 
babes in Chrift. 2 I have fed 
you with milk, and not with 
meat : for hitherto ye were not 
able ; neither yet now are ye 
able. 3 For ye are yet carnal : 
for whereas there is among you 
envying, and ftrife, and divifions, 
are ye not carnal, and walk a* 
men ? 4 For while one faith, I 
am of Paul, and another, I ant 
of A polios, are ye not carnal, 
men ? 5 Who then is Apollos, 
and who w Paul ? Minifters by 
whom ye believed ; even as tjie 
Lord gave to every man. 6 I 
have planted, Apollos watered : 
but God gave the increafe. 7 So 
then, neither is he that planteth 
any thing, neither he that water- 
eth : but God that giveth the in 
creafe. 8 Now he that planteth, 
and he that watereth, are one : 
ari 4 

I. Corinthians. 

and every man fliall receive his 
own reward, according to his own 
labour. 9 For \ve are labourers 
together with God : ye are God s 
hufbandry, God s building. 10 
According to the grace of God 
which is given unto me, as a wife 
mailer builder, I laid the foun 
dation; another buildeth thereon. 
Bat let eve^y ma n take heed how 
he buildeth thereon. 1 1 For 
other foundation can no one lay, 
than that is laid, which is Jefus 
Chrift. i 2 Now if any man build 
upon this foundation, gold, filver, 
precious ftones ; wood, hay, ftuh- 
ole ; 13 He that doeth this work 
(hall be made manifeft. For the 
day (hall declare it, becaufe it 
fliall be revealed by fire ; and the 
fire (hall try every man s work, 
of what fort it is. 14 If any 
man s work abide which he hath 
built thereupon, he (hall receive 
a reward 15 If any man s work 
(hall be burnt, he {hall fufFer lofs : 
but he himfelf mall be faved ; 
yet fo, as through a fire. 16 
Know ye not that ye are the 
temple of God, and the Spirit of 
God dwelleth in you ? 17 If 
any man defile the temple of God, 
him mail God deftroy : for the 
temple of God is holy, which ye 
are. 18 Let no man deceive 
himfelf with vain words. If any 
man among you feemeth to be 
wife in this world, let him become 
a fool, that he may be wife. 19 
For the wifdom of this world is 
foolifhnefs with God : for it is 
written, He taketh the wife in 
their own craftinefs. 20 And 
again, The Lord knoweth the 
thoughts of the wife, that they 
are vain. 21 Therefore let no 
man glory in men : for all things 
are yours : 22 Whether Paul, 
or A polios, or Cephas, or the 
world, or life, or death, or things 
prefenf, or things to come; all 

are yours ; 23 And ye Chrift s ; 
and Chrift God s. 

IV. Let a man fo account of 
us, as of the minifters of Chrift, 
and ftewards of the mylteries of 
God. 2 Moreover it is required 
in itewards, that a man be found 
faithful. 3 But with me it is a 
very fmall thing, that I mould be 
judged of you, or of man s judg 
ment : yea, I judge not mine 
own felf. 4 For I know nothing 
by my felf, yet am I not hereby 
juftified : but he that judgeth me 
is the Lord. 5 Therefore judge 
nothing before the time, until 
the Lord come ; who both will 
bring to light the hidden things 
of darknefs, and will make ma- 
nifelt the counfels of the hearts : 
and then mall every one have 
praife of God. 6 And thefe 
things, brethren, I have in a fi 
gure transferred to my felf, and 
Apollos, for your fakes : that ye 
might learn in us not to think 
above that which is writ 
ten, that * one of you J** 
be puffed up for one a- one . 
gainft another. 7 For 
who maketh thee to differ ? and 
what haft thou that thou didft not 
receive ? now if thou didft re 
ceive it, why doft thou glory as 
if thou hadft not received it ? 8 
Now ye are full, now ye are 
rich, ye have reigned as kings 
without us : and 1 would that ye 
did reign, that we alfo might 
reign with you. 9 For I think 
that God hath fet forth us the a- 
poftles laft, as it were appointed 
to death. For we are made a 
fpeclacle unto the world, and to 
angels, and to men. i o We are 
fools for Chrift s fake, but ye are 
wife in Chrift : we weak, but ye 
ftrong : ye honourable, but we 
defpifed. 11 Even unto thispre- 
fent hour, we both hunger, and 
thirft, and arc naked, and are 

I. Corinthians. 

buffeted, and have no certain 
dwelling-place ; i 2 And labour, 
working with our own hands : 
being reviled, we blefs : being 
perfecuted, we fuffer it : 1 3 Be 
ing defamed, we intreat : we are 
made as the filth of the world, 
the off-fcouring of all things unto 
this day. 14 I write not thefe 
things to fhame vou, but as my 
beloved fons I warn you. 1 5 
For though you have ten thou- 
fand intruders in Chriit, yet not 
many fathers : for in Chrift Jefus 
I have begotten you through the 
gofpel. 16 Wherefore I befeech 
you be ye followers of me. 1 7 
For this caufe have I fent unto 
you Timothy, who is> my belov 
ed fon, and faithful in the Lord, 
who (hall bring you into remem 
brance of my ways which be in 
Chrift Jefus, as I teac 1 ,; everywhere 
in every church. 1 8 Now fome 
are puffed up, as though I would 
not come to you. 19 Bat I will 
come to you fhortly, if the Lord 
will, and will know, not the 
fpeech of them who are puffed 
up, but the power. 20 For the 
kingdom of God is not in word, 
but in power. 2 1 What will ye ? 
iliall I come unto you with a rod, 
or in love, and the fpirit of 
meeknefs ? 

V. It is reported commonly, 
fornication is among you, and 
fuch fornication as is not even 
among the Gentiles, that one 
ihould have his father s wi r e. 2 
And ye are puffed up, and have 
not rather mourned, that he who 
hath done this deed, might be 
taken from among you 3 For 
I verily being abfent in body, but 
prefent in fpirit, have judged al 
ready, as though I were prelent, 
him that hath fo done this deed ; 
4 In the name of our Lord Jefus, 
when ye are gathered together, 
and my fpirit, with the power of 

our Lord Jefus, 5 To deliver 
fuch an one unto Satan, for the 
deflru&ion of the flefh ; that the 
fpirit may be faved in the day of 
the Lord Jefus Chrift. 6 Your 
glorying is not good : Know ye 
not that a little leaven corrupted! 
the whole lump ? 7 Purge out 
the old leaven, that ye may be a 
new lump, as ye are unleavened. 
For even Chritl our paffover was 
facrificed for us. 8 Therefore 
let us keep the feaft, not with the 
old leaven, neither with the lea 
ven of malice and wickednefs ; 
but with the unleavened bread of 
fincerity and truth. 9 I wrote 
unto you in an epiille, not to ac 
company with fornicators. 10 
Not altogether with the fornica 
tors of this world, or with the 
covetous, or extortioners, or with 
idolaters ; for then muft ye needs 
go out of the world. 1 1 But now 
i have written unto you, not to 
keep company, if any man that 
is called a brother be a fornicator, 
or covetous, or an idolater, or a 
railer, or a drunkard, or an ex 
tortioner, with fuch an one, no 
not to eat. 1 2 For what have I 
to do to judge them aifo that are 
without ? do not ye judge them 
that are within ? 1 3 But them 
that are without, God judgeth. 
Therefore put away from among 
your felves that wicked perfon. 

VI. Dare any of you, having 
a matter agamit another, go to 
law before the unjuft, and not 
before rhe faints ? 2 Or do ye 
not know that the faints fhall 
judge the world ? and if the 
world mail be judged by you, 
are ye unworthy to judge the 
fmalleft matters ? 3 Know ye 
not that we mall judge angels ? 
how much more things that per 
tain to this life ? 4 If then ye 
have judicatures of things per 
taining to this life, fet them to 

I. Corinthians. 

judge who are leaft efteemed in 
the church. 5 I fpeak to your 
{hame. Is it ib, that there is 
not a wife man amongft you, 
that (hall be able to judge be 
tween his brethren ? 6 But bro 
ther goeth to law with brother, 
and that with unbelievers 7 
Now there is utterly a fault 
among you, becaufe ye go to 
law one with another : why do 
ye not rather take wrong ? why 
do ye not rather fuffer your felves 
to oe defrauded ? 8 Nay, you 
do wrong and defraud, and that 
brethren. 9 Know ye not thac 
the unrighteous mall not inherit 
the kingdom of God ? Be not 
deceived : neither fornicators, nor 
idolaters, nor adulterers, nor ef 
feminate, nor abufers of them- 
felves with mankind, 10 Nor 
thieves, nor covetous, nor drunk 
ards, nor revilers, nor extor 
tioners, (hall inherit the kingdom 
of God. ii And fuch were 
fome of you : but ye have been 
warned, but ye have been fancli- 
fied, but ye have been juftified in 
the name of the Lord Jefus 
Chrift, and by the Spirit of our 
God. 12 All things are lawful 
unto me, but all things are not 
expedient : all things are lawful 
for me, but I will not be brought 
under the power of any. 13 
Meats for the belly, and the 
belly for meats: but God .mall 
deftroy both it and them. New 
the body is not for fornication, 
but for the Lord ; and the Lord 
for the body. 1 4 And God hath 
both raifed up the Lord, and 
will alfo raife up us by his own 
power. 15 Know ye not, that 
your bodies are the members of 
Chrift ? mail I then take the 
members of Chrifi, and make 
them the members of an harlot ? 
By no means. 16 Know ye 
not that he that is joined to an 

harlot, is one body ? for two, 
faith he, (hall be one flefh. 1 7 
But he that is joined unto the 
Lord, is one fpirit. 18 Flee for* 
nication. Every fin that a man 
doch, is without the body : but 
he that committeth fornication, 
linneth againir. his own body. 
19 What, know ye not that 
your body is the temple of the 
Holy Ghoft in you, which ye 
have of Cod, and ye arc not 
your own ? 20 For ye are 
bought with a price : therefore 
glorify God in your body. 

VII. Now concerning the 
things wherefore ye wrote unto 
me : It is good for a man not 
to touch a woman, 2 Never- 
thelefs, to avoid fornication, let 
every man have his own wife, 
and let every woman have an 
hufoand peculiar to her. 3 Lee 
the hufband render unto the wife 
what is Sue : and likewife alfo 
the wife unto the hufband. 4 
The wife hath not power of her 
own body, but the hufband : and 
likewife alfo the hufband hath 
not power of his own body, but 
the wife. 5 Defraud you not 
one the other, except with con- 
fent for a time, that ye may 
give your felves to prayer ; and 
come together again, that Satan 
tempt you not for your inconti- 
nency. 6 But I fpeak this by 
permiflion, not by command 
ment. 7 But I would that all 
men were even as I my felf : 
but every man hath his proper 
gift of God, one after this man 
ner, and another after that. 8 
I fay therefore to the unmarried 
and widows, It is good for them 
if they abide even as I. 9 But 
if they cannot contain, let them 
marry : for it is better to mar 
ry than to burn. 10 And un 
to the married I command, not I, 
but the Lord, Let not the wife 

I. Corinthians. 

depart from the hulband : n 
But and if me depart, let her 
remain unmarried, or be recon 
ciled to the hufband : and let 
not the hufband put away the 
wife. 1 2 Bat to the reft ipeak 
I, not the Lord, If any bro 
ther hath a wife that believeth 
not, and me be pkaied to dwell 
with him, let him not put her 
away. 13 And the woman who 
hath an hufband that believeth 
not, and if he be plealed to 
dwell with her, let her net leave 
her hufband. 14 For the unbe 
lieving hufband hath been fan&i- 
fied by the believing wife, and 
the unbelieving wife hath been 
fan&ified by the brother : elfe 
were your children unclean ; but 
DOW are they holy. 1 5 But if 
the unbelieving depart, let him 
depart. A brother or a filter is 
not under bondage in fuch cafes: 
but God hath called us to peace. 
16 For what knoweft thou, O 
wife, whether thou malt fave the 
hufband ? or how knoweft thou, 
O man, whether thou malt fave 
the wife or not? 17 As the 
Lord hatfe diftributed to every 
man, as God hath called every 
one, fo let him walk : and fo 
teach I in all churches. 1 8 Is any 
man called being circumcifed ? 
let him not become uncircum- 
cifed : is any called in uncircum- 
cifion ? let him not become cir 
cumcifed. 19 Circumcifion is 
nothing, and uncircumcifion is 
nothing, but the keeping of the 
commandments of God, 20 Let 
every man abide in the fame 
calling wherein he was called. 
21 Art thou called a fervant ? 
care not for it ; but if thou mayft 
be made free, ufe // rather. 22 
For he that is called in the 
Lord, a fervant, is the Lord s 
free- man : likewife alfo he that 
is called free, is Chr ill s fervant, 

23 Are ye bought with a price? 
be not ye the fervants of men. 

24 Brethren, let every man 
wherein he is called, therein 
abide with God. 25 Now con 
cerning virgins, I have no com 
mandment of the Lord : yet I 
give my judgment as one that 
hath ob\amed mercy of the Lord 
to be faithful. 26 I fuppofe 
therefore that this is good for the 
prefent diftrefs, that it is good 
for a man fo to be. 27 Art 
thou bound unto a wife ? feek 
not to be loofed. Art thou loofed 
from a wife ? feek not a wife. 
28 But and if thou takeft a 
wife, thou haft not finned ; and 
if a virgin marry, me hath not 
finned : neverthelefs, fuch mall 
have trouble in the flefh ; but I 
fpare you. 29 But this I fay, 
brethren, the time is ihort. It 
remaineth that both they that 
have wives, be as though they 
had none ; 30 And they that 
weep, as though they wept not ; 
and they that rejoice, as though 
they rejoiced not ; and they that 
buy, as though they poffefTed 
not j 31 And they that ufe \ 
this world, as not abufmg it : 
for the fafhion of this world paf- 
feth away. 22 But I would 
have you without carefulnefs. 
He that is unmarried, careth for 
the things that belong to the 
Lord, how he may pleafe the 
Lord: 33 But he that is mar 
ried, careth for the things that 
are of the world, how he may 
pleafe the wife. 34 And there 
is a difference alfo between a 
wife and a virgin : The unmar 
ried woman careth for the things 
of the Lord, that me may be 
holy, both in body and in fpy-it : 
but me that is married, careth for 
the thirgs of the world, how fhe 
may pleale the hufband. 35 
And this I fpeak fpr your own 


I. Corinthians. 

profit, not that I may caft a 
fnare upon you ; but for that 
which is comely, and that you 
may attend upon the Lord with 
out ditfra&ion. 36 But if any 
man think that he behaveth him- 
felf uncomely towards his virgin, 
if (he pafs the rlower of her age, 
and need fo requite, let him do 
what he will, he fmneth not: 
let him marry. 37 Neverthe- 
lefs, he that tfandeth fled fait in 
his heart, having no neceffity, 
but hath power over his own will, 
and hath fo decreed in his heart, 
that he will keep his virgin, doth 
well. 38 So then, he that giv- 
eth his virgin in marriage, doth 
well : and he that giveth her not 
in marriage, doth better. 39 
The wife is bound as long as her 
hufband liveth : but if her huf- 
band be dead, me is at liberty 
to be married to whom me will ; 
only in the Lord. 40 But me is 
happier if me fo abide, after my 
judgment : and I think alfo that 
I have the fpirit of God. 

VIII. Now as touching things 
offered unto idols, we know that 
we airhave knowledge. Know 
ledge puffeth up, but charity edi- 
fieth. 2 And if any man think 
that he knovveth any thing, he 
knoweth nothing yet as he ought 
toknow. 3 But if any man love 
God, the fame is known of him. 
4 But as concerning the eating 
of thofe things that are offered 
in facrifice unto idols, we know 
that an idol is nothing in the 
world, and that there is none 
other God but one. 5 For 
though there be that are called 
gods, and lords, whether in hea 
ven or in earth, as there be gods 
many, and lords many. 6 But 
to us is one God, the Father, 
of whom are all things, and we 
in him; and one Lord Jems Chrift, 
V-y whom are all things, and we 

by him. 7 Howbeit there is not 
in every man that knowledge : 
for iorne with confcience of the 
idol unto this hour, eat it as a 
thing offered unco an idol ; and 
their conlcience being weak, is 
defiled. 8 But meat commend- 
eth us not to God : for neither 
if we eat, are we the better ; 
neither if we eat not, are we ihe 
worfe 9. But take heed left by 
any means this liberty of yours 
become a ftumbling block to 
them that are weak. 10 For 
if any man fee thee who haft 
knowledge fit at meat in the 
idols temple, (hall not the con 
fcience of him who is weak be 
emboldened to eat thofe things 
which are offered to idols ? 1 1 
And through thy knowledge 
(hall the weak brother perifh, for 
whom Chriit died ? 1 2 But when 
ye fin fo againft the brethren, 
and wound their weak conference, 
ye fin againft Chrift. 13 Where- 
lore, if meat makejmy brother to 
offend, I will eat no rlefh while 
the world flandeth, left I make 
my brother to offend. 

IX. Am I not an apoftle ? 
am I not free ? have I not feea 
Jefus Chrift our Lord ? are not 
you my work in the Lord ? 2, 
If I be not an apoftle unto 
others, yet doubdefs I am to 
you : for the feal of mine apo- 
ftlefhip are ye. 3 Mine arifvver. 
to them that do examine me, is 
this, 4 Have we not power to 
eat and to drink ? 5 Have we 
not power to lead about a filler, 
a wife, as well as other apoitles, 
and the brethren of the Lord, 
and Cephas ? 6 Or I only and 
Barnabas, have not we power to 
forbear working ? 7 Who gceth 
a warfare any time at his own 
charges ? who plantcth a vine 
yard, and eateth and drinketh 
not the fruit thereof? or who 
D feedeUi 

I. Corinthians, 

feecfeih a flock, and eateth not 
of its milk ? 8 Say I thefe 
things as a man ? or faith not the 
law the fame alfo ? 9 For it is 
written, Thau (halt not muzzle 
the mouth of the ox that treadeth 
out the corn. Doth God take 
care for oxen ? 10 Or faith he 
it altogether for our lakes ? for 
our fakes, no doubt, it is writ 
ten : that he that ploweth fhould 
plow in hope j and that he that 
threiheth in hope, mould be pai- 
taker of his hope, u If we 
have fown unto you fpiritual 
thing?, is it a great thing if we 
fhall reap your carnal things ? 
12 If others be partakers of 
power over you, are not we ra 
ther ? Neverthelefs, we have not 
ufed this power ; but fuffer all 
things, left we mould hinder the 
gofpel of Chrift. 13 Do ye 
not know that they which mini- 
fier about holy things, live of 
the things of the temple? and they 
who wait at the altar, are par 
takers with the altar ? 1 4 Even 
fo hath the Lord ordained, that 
they who preach the gofpel, 
fhould live of the gofpel. 15 But 
1 have ufed none of thefe things. 
Neither have I written thefe things, 
that it fhould be fo done unto me : 
for it were better forme to die, than 
that any man mould make my 
glorying void. 1 6 For if I mould 
preach the gofpel, I have no 
thanks for it : for neceffity is 
laid upon me ; For, wo is un 
to me, if I preach not the gofpel. 
1 7 For if I do this thing wil 
lingly, I have a reward : but if 
againft my will, a dilpenfation is 
committed unto me. 18 What 
is my reward then ? verily that 
^vhen I preach the gofpel, I may 
make the gofpel without charge, 
that I abufe not my power in the 
gofpel. 19 For though I be 
free from all men, yet have I 

made my felf iervant unto all, 
that I might gain the more. 
zo And unto the Jews, I be 
came as a Jew, that I might 
gain the Jews ; to them that are 
under the law, as not being my 
felf under the law, that I might 
gain them that are under the 
law ; 2 1 To them that are with 
out law, as without law, (being 
not without law to God, but un 
der the law to ChnU) that I 
mighi gain them that are without 
law. 22 To the weak became 
I weak, that I might gairv che 
weak : I am made all things to 
all men, that I might by all 
means fave all men. 23 And I 
do all things for the gofpels fake, 
that I might be partaker thereof 
with you. 24 Know ye not that 
they who run in a race, run all, 
but one receiveth the prize ? So 
run that ye may obtain. 25 
And every one that itriveth for 
the maftery, is temperate in all 
things : Now, they do it to ob 
tain a corruptible crown, but we 
an incorruptible. 26 I therefore 
fo run, not as uncertainly : fo 
fight I, not as one that beateth 
the air : 27 But I keep under 
my bcdy, and bring it into fub- 
jeftion : left that by any means 
when I have preached to others, 
I my felf mould be a caftaway. 
X. For, I would not have you 
ignorant, brethren, that all our 
fathers were under the cloud, and 
all paired through the fea ; 2 
And were all baptized unto 
Mofes in the cloud, and in the 
fea ; 3 And did all eat the 
fame fpiritual meat ; 4 And did 
ail drink the fame fpiritual drink:; 
For they drank of that fpiritual 
Rock that foliowed them : and 
that Rock was Chrift. 5 But 
with many of them God was not 
well pleafed : for they were over 
thrown in the wildernefs. 6 

I. Corinthians. 

Now thefe things were our exam 
ples, to the intent we mould not 
Juit after evil thing, as they alfo 
lufted 7 Neither be ye idola 
ters, as were alfo fome of them ; 
as it is written, The people fat 
down to eat and drink, and rofe 
up to play. 8 Neither let us 
commit fornication, as fome of 
them committed, and fell * three 
and twenty thoufand. 9 Neither 
Jet us tempt Chriit, as fome 
of them alfo tempted, and were 
defhoyed of ferpents. 10 Nei 
ther murmur ye, as fome of them 
murmured, and were deih-oyed 
of the deilroyer. n Now 
all thefe things happened un 
to them foreniamples : and they 
are written for our admonition, up 
on whom the ends ofche world are 
come. Wherefore let him that 
thinketh he flandeth, take heed 
left he fall. 1 3 There hath no 
temptation taken you, but fuch 
as is common to man : but God 
is faithful, who will not leave 
you to be tempted above that 
ye are able ; but will with the 
temptation alfo make a way to 
efcape, that ye may be able to 
bear it. \ 4 Wherefore, my dearly 
beloved, flee from idolatry. 15 
I fpeak to you as to wife men : 
judge ye what I fay. 16 The 
cup of bkfling which we blefs, 
is it not the communion of 
the blood of Chriil ? The bread 
which we break, is it not the 
communion of the body of the 
Lord ? 1 7 For we being many 
are one bread, and one body : 
for we all are partakers of one 
bread, and of one cup. 18 
Behold Ifrael after the flem : 
are not they which eat of the 
facrifices, partakers of the altar ? 
19 What fay I then ? that what 

is offered in facrifice to the idol 
is any thing, or that the idol is 
any thing ? 20 But, the things 
which they facrifice, they facri 
fice to demons, and not to God : 
I wouM not that ye mould have 
fellowfhip with daemons. 21 
Ye cannot drink the cup of the 
Lord, and the cup of daemons : 
ye cannot be partakers of the 
Lord s table, and of the table of 
daemon?. 22 Do we provoke 
the Lord to jealoufy ? are we 
ftronger than he ? 23 All things 
are lawful, but all things are not 
expedient: all things are lawful, 
but all things edify not. 24 
Let no man feek his own : but 
another s advantage. 25 What- 
foever is fold in the fhambles, 
that eat, afking no queftion for 
confcience fake. 26 For the 
earth is the Lord s, and the ful- 
nefs thereof. 27 If any of them 
that believe nor, bid you to a 
fupper, and ye be difpofed to go ; 
whatfoever is fet before you, eat, 
afking no queftion for confcience 
fake. 28 But if any man fay 
unto you, This is offered in fa 
crifice unto idols, eat not, for 
his fake that (hewed it, and for 
confcience fake. 29 Confcience 
1 fay, not thine own, but of the 
others : for why is my liberty 
judged of another man s con 
fcience ? 30 If 1 by grace be a 
partaker, why am I evilfpokenof 
for that for which I give thanks ? 
3 1 Whether therefore ye eat or 
drink, or whatfcever ye do, do 
all to the glory of God. 32 
Give none offence, neither to the 
Jews, nor to the Gentiles, nor to 
the church of God : 33 Even as 
I pleafe all men in all things, not 
feeking mine own profit, bur that 
of many, that they may b<- >ved. 

* Read four and twenty tboufand, from Xumb. xxv. 9. and luuie Greek 

D 2 XL Be, 

I. Corinthians. 

XI. Be ye followers of me, 
even as 1 alfo am of Chrift. 
2 Now I praife you, brethren, 
that you remember me in all 
things, and keep my traditions, 
as 1 delivered them to you. 3 
But I would have you know, 
that the head of every man is 
Chrift ; and the head of the wo 
man, is the man ; and the head 
of Chrift, if God. 4 Every 
man praying or prophefying, 
having his head covered, dif- 
honoureth his head. 5 But 
every w jman that prayeth or 
prophefieth with the head unco 
vered, difhonoureth her head : 
for that is even all one as if (he 
were (haven. 6 For if the wo 
man be not covered, let her alfo 
be (horn : bu,t if it be a fhame 
for a woman to be (horn or (ha 
ven, let her be covered. 7 For 
a man indeed ought not to cover 
the head, forafmuch as he is the 
image and glory of God : but 
the woman is the glory of the 
man. 8 For the man is not of 
the woman : bur. the woman of 
the man. 9 Neither was the 
man created for the woman : but 
the woman for the man. 10 
For this caufe ought the woman 
to have power on the head, be 
cause of the angels. 1 1 Ne- 
verthelefs, neither is the woman 
without the man, neither the 
man without the woman in the 
Lord. 12 For as the woman 
is of the man, even fo is the 
man alfo by the woman but all 
things of God. 13 Judge your 
own felves : is it comely that a 
woman p r ay unto God unco 
vered ? 14 Doth not even na 
ture it felf teach you, that if a 
man have long hair, it is a fhame 
unto him ? i 5 But if a woman 
have lorjg hair, it is a glory to 
her: for her hair is given for a 
covering. 16 But if any man 

feem to be contentious, we have 
BO fuch cuftom, neither the 
churches of God. 17 Now in 
this that I declare, I praife you 
net, that you come together not 
for the better, but for the worfe, 
1 8 For rirtt of all, when ye 
come together in the church, I 
hear that there be divifions 
among you ; and 1 partly be 
lieve it. 19 For there mull be 
alfo herefies, that they alfo which 
are approved, may be made ma- 
nifeft among you. 20 When ye 
come together therefore into one 
place, it Is not ftill to eat the 
Lord s fupper. 2 1 For in eating 
every one taketh before other, 
his own fupper ; and one is 
hungry, and another is drunken. 

22 What, have ye not houfes to 
eat and to drink in? or defpife 
ye the church of God, and 
fiiame them that have not ? What 
{hail I lay to you .? mall 1 praife 
you in this? I praife you not. 

23 For I have received of the 
Lord, that which alfo 1 deli" 
vered unto you, That the Lord 
Jefus, the night in which he was 
betrayed, took bread. 24 And 
when he had given thanks, he 
brake //, and faid, This is my 
body, which is broken for you : 
this do in remembrance of me. 
25 After the fame manner alfo 
the cup, when he had fupped, 
faying, This cup is the new 
covenant in my blood : this do 
ye, as oft as ye drink if t in re 
membrance of me. 26 For as 
often as ye eat this bread, an4 
drink the cup, ye do (hew the 
Lord s death till he come. 27 
Wherefore, whofoever fhall eat 
the bread, and drink the cup of 
the Lord unworthily, (hall be 
guilty of the body and blood of 
the Lord. 28 But let a man 
examine himfelf, and fo let him 
eac of the bread, and drink of 


I. Corinthians. 

the cup. 29 For he that eateth 
and drinketh unworthily, eateth 
and drinketh judgment to him- 
jfelf, not difcerning the Lord s 
fcody. 30 For this caufe many 
inweak and fickly among you, 
and many fleep. 31 But if we 
svould judge our felves, we mould 
not be judged. 32 But when we 
are judged we are chaflned of 
the Lord, that we mould not be 
^condemned with the world. 33 
Wherefore, my brethren, when 
ye come together to eat, tarry 
one for another. 3 4 And if any 
man hunger, let him eat at home ; 
that ye corns not together unto 
judgment. And the reft will 1 
fet in order when I come. 

XII. Now concerning fpiritual 
gifts, brethren, I would not have 
you ignorant. 2 Ye know that 
when ye were Gentiles, carried 
away unto thefe dumb idols, even 
as ye were led. 3 Wherefore I 
give you to underftand, that no 
one, by the Spirit of God, cal- 
Jeth Jefus accurfed ; and no 
one can fay that Jefus is the 
.Lord, but by the Holy Ghoit. 
4 Now there are diverfities of 
gifts, but the fame Spirit. 5 
.And there are differences of ad- 
miniftrations, but the fame Lord. 
6 And there are diverfities of 
pperations, but the farne God, 
who worketh all in all. 7 But 
the manifestation of the Spirit, 
is given to every man to profit 
withal. 8 For to one is given 
by the Spirit, the word of wif- 
dom ; to another the word of 
knowledge by the fame Spirit ; 
9 To another faith by the fame 
Spirit : to another the gifts of 
healing by the fame Spirit ; 10 
To another the working of mi- 
jacles ; to another prophecy ; to 
another difcerning of fpirits ; to 
another the interpretation of 
tongues ; to another, kinds of 

tongues ; 1 1 But all thefe work 
eth that one and the felf-fame 
Spirit, dividing to every man ie- 
verally as he will. 12 For as 
the body is one, and hath many 
members, and all the members 
out of one body, being many, 
are one body : io al!o Chriil, 
1 3 For by one Spirit are we all 
baptized into one body, whether 
Jews or Gentiles, whether bond 
or free ; and have been all made 
to drink into one Spirit. 14. 
For the body is not one member, 
but many, i 5 If the foot mail 
fay, Becaufe I am not the hand, 
I am not of the body ; is it 
therefore not of the body ? 16 
And if the ear ihall fay, Be 
caufe I am not the eye, I am 
not of the body ; is it therefore 
not of the body ? 1 7 If the 
whole body were an eye, where 
ivere the hearing ? if the whole 
were hearing, where were the 
fmelling ? 18 But now hath 
God fee the members every one 
of them in the body, as it hath 
pleafed him. 19 And if they 
were all one member, where 
*were the body ? 20 But now 
are they many members, yet but 
one body. 21 And the eye can 
not fay unto the hand, I have no 
need of thee : nor again, the 
head to the feet, I have no need 
of you. 22 Nay, much more 
thofe members of the body, which 
feem to be more feeble, a r e ne~ 
ceflary. 23 And thofe members 
of the body, which we think to 
be lefs honourable, upon thefe we 
beftow more abundant honour, 
and our uncomely parts have 
more abundant comelinefs. 24. 
For our comely parts have no 
need of honour, but God hath 
tempered the body together, hav 
ing given more abundant honour 
to that which lacked : 25 That 
there mould be no fchifms in the 

I. Corinthians. 

body ; but that the members 
ftiould have the fame care one for 
aiiother. 26 And whether one 
member fuffcr, all the members 
fuffe - with it : or one member be 
honoured, all the members re- 
jeice with it. 27 Now ye arc 
the body of Chrift, and members 
in particular. 28 And God hath 
fet tome in the church, tiril apo- 
ftles, iecondarily prophets, but 
thirdly r.eachers, miracles, then 
then gifts 01 healings, helps, go 
vernment, divtrfities of tongues. 
29 At nil apoilles ? are ail pro 
phets \ an all teachers ? are all 
\vorkers of miracles ? 30 Have 
all the gifts of healing ? do all 
fpt-uk with tongues ? do ail inter 
pret ? 31 But covet earniiiy 
the belt gifts : And yet (hew 1 
vin o you a more excellent way. 

Xi ll. Though I ipeak with 
the tongues of men and of angels, 
and have not charity, 1 am as 
found ing brafs, or a tinkling cym 
bal. 2 And though 1 have pro 
phecy, and underiiand allmytfe- 
ries, and all knowledge ; and 
though I have all faith, fo that I 
could remove mountains, and 
have no charity, I am nothing. 
3 And though I bellow all my 
goods to feed the poor, and 
though I give my body to be 
burned, and have rot charity, it 
profitx-th me nothing. 4 Charity 
fuftereth long, and is kind ; cha 
rity envieth not ; charity vaunt- 
eth not it felf, is not puffed up, 
5 Doth not behave it ielf un- 
feemly, feeketh not her own, is 
not eafily provoked, thinketh no 
vil, 6 Rejoiceth not in iniquity, 
but rejoiceth in the truth : 7 Co- 
veteth all things, believeth all 
things, hopeth all things, endu- 
reth all things. 8 Charity never 
faileth : but whether prophecies, 
they mall fail ; whether tongues, 
they fhall ceafe ; whether know 

ledge, it (hall vaniih away. 9 
For we know in part, and we 
prcpiiefy in part. 10 But when 
that which is perfect is come, that 
which is in part (hall be done 
away. 1 1 Truly when I was an 
infant, I (pake as an infant, I 
underitood as an infant, I reafon- 
ed as an infant : When I became 
a man, I put away rhe things of 
an infant, 12 Now we fee 
through a glafs darkly ; but then 
face to face : now 1 know in part ; 
but then (hail I know even as al- 
fo I am known. 13 And now 
abideth faith, nope, charity, thefe 
three ; but the greatell of thefe 
is charity. 

XIV. Follow afer charity, and 
defire fpiritual gifts, but rather 
that ye may prophefy. 2 For he 
that fpeaketh with tongues, fpeak- 
eth not unto men, bir. unto God: 
for no man undcritandeth him ; 
howbeit in the (pint he fpeaketh 
myfteries. 3 But he that prophe* 
fieth, fpeaketh unto men to edi 
fication, and exhortation, and 
| comfert 4 He tha: fpeaketh with 
I tongues, edifieth himfelf : but he 
that prophedeth, edifieth the 
church. 5 1 would that ye all 
fpake with tongues, but rather to 
prophefy : for greater is he that 
propnefieth, than he that fpeak 
eth with tongues, except he in 
terpret, that the church may re- 
ceivc edifying. 6 Now brethren, 
if 1 come unro you fpeaking with 
tongues, what ma)l I profit you, 
except I fhall fpeak to you either 
by revelation, or by knowledge, 
or by prophesying, or by doc 
trine ? 7 And even things with* 
out life giving found, whether 
pipe or harp, except they give a 
distinction in the iounds, how 
fhall it be known what is piped 
or harped ? 8 For if the trum 
pet give an uncertain found, who 
ihall prepare himfelf to the bat- 

L Corinthians. 

tie ? 9 So like wife you, except 
ye utter by the tcngue agreeable 
words, how fhalj ic be known 
wha. is fooken ? for ye {hall ipeak 
unto uie air. 10 ; - are, it 
may be, kinds of voicci, in the 
world, and none without ngnifi 
cation, ii i herefbre ii 1 know 
not the meaning or the voice, I 
fhall be unto him that ipeaketh, a 
barbarian ; and he that fpeakech 
a barbarian unto me. 12 FA en 
To ye, forHimuch as ye are zea 
lous of fpiritaal gifts, ieek that 
ye may excel to the edifying of 
the church. 13 And there tore 
.Jet him that fpeaketh in a tongue 
pray fo that he do interpret. 1 4 
( .For if I pray in a tongue, my 
ipirit prayeth, but my under- 
itanding is unfruitful. 15 What 
is it then ? I will pray with the 
ipirit, and I will pray with a 
meaning alfo : I will ilng with 
the fpirit, and I will fir\g with 
a meaning allb. 16 Elfe when 
thou fhalt blefs in the fpi- 
rit, how fhall he that occupieth 
the room o f the unlearned, iay 
Amen at thy giving of thanks, 
Teeing he underilandeth npt what 
thou fay ft ? 17 For thou verily 
giveft thanks well, but the other 
is not edified. 18 I thank my 
God, I fpeak with a tongue more 
than you all; 19 Yet in rhe 
church I had rather fpeak five 
words by my mind, that I may 
teach others alfo, than ten thou- 
fand words in a tongue. 20 Bre 
thren, be not little children in 
underltanding : howbcit, in ma 
lice be ye infants : bat in under- 
flanding be perfect. 21 In the 
law it is written, With other 
tongues, and other lip 7 , will I 
ipeajk unto this people : and yet 
for all that, will they not hear 
Hie, faith the Lord. 22 Where 
fore tongues are for a fign, not 
to them that believe, but to them 

that ouliive not : but prcphefiesj 
noi or tnem t^.at believe not, but 
ior them that believe. 23 Ii 
therefore the whole church be 
come together into one place, and 
all Ipeak with tongu: s, and there 
com .: iii rh k- that are uniea;ncd, 
or unbelievers, will they not jay 
that ye are mad ? 24 But if all 
prophefy, and there come in one 
that believeth not, or unlearned, 
he is convinced of all, he is judg 
ed of all : 25 And thus are the 
fecrets of his heart made mani- 
felt ; and falling down on bis 
face, he will worfhip God, and 
report that God is in you of a 
truth. 26 How is it then, bre 
thren ? when ye come together, 
every one of you hath a dodlrine, 
hath a pfahu, hath a revelation, 
hath a tongue, hath an interpre 
tation. Let all things be done to 
edifying. 27 If any man fpeak 
in a tongue, By two, or at the 
mod b\ three, and that by courie ; 
and let one interpret, 28 But if 
there be no interpreter, let him 
keep file-.ce in the church ; let 
him fpafck to himfelf, and to God. 
29 Let the prophets fpeak two or 
three, and let the others ask que- 
iiions. 30 If it be revealed to 
! another that fitteth by, let the 
1 firft hold his peace. 3 i For ye 
may all prophefy one by one, 
that all may learn, and ail may 
be comforted. 32 And the fpi 
rit of the prophets is iubjedt to 
the prophets. 33 For God is 
j not of confjfion, but of peace, 
as in all churches of the faints 
34 What ? came the word of 
God out from you ? or came it 
unto you only ? 35 If any man 
think himfelf to be a prophet, or 
fpiritual, let him acknowledge 
that the things that I write unto 
you, are of the Lord. 36 Bac 
if any man be ignorant, let him 
be ignorant. 37 Wherefore, bre- 

I. Corinthians. 

thren, covet to prophefy, and 
forbid not to fpeak with tongues. 
38 But let all things be done de 
cently, and according to the con- 
ititution. 39 Let your women 
keep filence in the churches : for 
it is not permitted unto them to 
fpeak ; but to be under obedience, 
as allb faith the law. 40 And 
if they will learn any thing, let 
them afk their hufbands at home : 
for it is a ihame for women to 
fpeak in the church. 

XV. Moreover, brethren, I 
declare unto you the gofpei which 
I preached unto you, which alfo 
you have received, and wherein 
ye tfand ; 2 By which alfo ye 
are faved. Ye ought to keep in 
memory what I preached unto 
you, unlefs ye have believed in 
vain. 3 For I delivered unto you 
firtt of all, that which I alfo re 
ceived, how that Chriii died for 
our fins, according to the fcrip- 
tures : 4 And that he was bu 
ried, and that he rofe again the 
third day, according to the fcrip- 
tures : 5 And that he was ieen 
of Cephas, arid after thofe things 
of the eleven. 6 Afterward he 
was feen of above five hundred bre 
thren at once : of whom, the 
greater part remain unto this pre- 
fent, but fome are fallen aileep. 

7 After that he was feen of 
James ; then of all the apoftles. 

8 And lalt of all, he was feen of 
me alfo, as of one born out of 
due time. 9 For I am the lead 
of the apoftles, that am not meet 
to be called an apoftle, becaufe I 
perfecuted the church of God. 
10 But by the grace of God, I 
am what I am : and his grace 
upon me has not been poor, but 
I laboured more abundantly than 
all : yet not I, but the grace of 
God with me. 1 1 But whether 
I or they, fo we preach, and fo 
ye believed. 1 2 Now if Chritt 

be preached that he is rifen from 
the dead, how fay fome among 
you, that there is no refurre&ion 
of the dead ? 1 3 But if there be 
no refurreclion of the dead, then 
is Chrift not rifen : 1 4 Then it 
our preaching vain, your faith is 
alfo v?in. i 5 Yea, we are found 
falfe witnefies of God ; becaufe 
we have teftified of God, that 
he raifed up Chrift : whom he 
railed not up. 16 For if the 
dead rife not, then is not Chrift 
raifed : 17 And if Chrift be not 
railed, your faith is vain ; ye are 
yet in your fins. 1 8 Then they 
alfo who are fallen afleep in 
Chrift, are perifhed. If in this 
life only we have hope in Chrift, 
we are of all men moil miferable. 
20 But now is Chrift rifen from 
the dead, the firft-fruits of them 
that are fallen afleep. 21 For 
fince by man was death, by man 
is alfo the refurre&ion of the 
dead. 22 For as in Adam all 
die, even fo in Chrift mall all be 
made alive. 23 But every man 
in his own order : Chrift the firft- 
fruits, afterward they that are 
Chrift s, at his coming. 24 Then 
is the end, when he {hall have 
delivered up the kingdom to God, 
even the Father ; when he mail 
have put down all rule, and all au 
thority, and power. 25 For he 
muft reign, till he hath put all 
enemies under his feet. 26 For 
he hath put all things under 
his feet. But when he faith all 
things are put under him, it it 
manifeft that he is excepted 
who did put all things under 
him. 27 The laft enemy that mail 
be dellroyed, is death. 28 And 
when all things (hall be fubdued 
unto him, thenihall the Son him- 
felf be fubjeft unto him that put 
all things under him, that Gd 
may be all in alL 29 Elfe what 
ftiall they do who are baptized 


I. Corinthians. 

for them, if the dead rile not at 
all ? why are they then baptized 
for the dead ? 30 And why 
Hand we in jeopardy every hour ? 
31 I protelt by your rejoicing 
which I have in Chriit, I die 
daily. 3 2 If after the manner of 
men, I have fought with beafts at 
Ephefus, what advantageth it me, 
if the dead rile not ? Jet us eat 
and drink, for to morrow we 
die. 33 Be not deceived : Evil 
communications corrupt good 
manners. 34 Awake to rigiue 
oufnefs, and fin not ; for iorne 
have not the knowledge of God : 
I fpeak this to your fhame. 35 
But fome one will fay, How are 
the dead railed up ? and with 
what body do they come ? 36 
Thou fool, that which thou 
foweft is not quickned except it 
die firit. 37 And that which 
thou foweft, thou fowefl not that 
body that fliall be, but bare 
grain, it may chance of wheat, 
or fome other. 38 But God 
giveth it a body as it hath pleated 
him, and to every feed its own 
body. 39 All flefh // not the 
fame flefh : one of a man, an 
other of a bealt, another flefh of 
birds, and another of fifties. 40 
Ikere are alfo celeftial bodies, 
and bodies terreflrial : but the 
glory of the celeilial is one, and 
of the terreftrial another. 41 
^here is one glory of the fun, 
and another glory of the moon, 
and another glory of the flars ; 
for ftar differeth from ftar in 
glory. 42 So alfo is the refur- 
redion of the dead. It is fovvn 
in corruption, it is railed in in- 
corruption : 43 It is fown in 
difhonour, it is raifed in glory : 
It is fown in weaknefs, it is 
raifed in power : 44 It is fown 
a natural body, it is raifed a fpi- 
ritual body. There is a natural 
body, and there is a fpiritual 

body. 45; And fo it is writ 
ten, The firit man Adam was 
made a living foul, thelaft Adam 
a quickning ipiric. 46 Howbeir, 
that was not firft which is fpi 
ritual, buc that which is natural ; 
and afterward that which is fpi- 
ri ual. 47 The firft man is of 
the earta, earthy : the fecond 
man is from heaven. 48 As // 
the earthy, fuch are they alfo 
that are earthy ; and as is the 
heavenly, fudi are they alfo that 
are heavenly. 49 And as we 
have borne the image of the 
earthy, let us alfo bear the image 
of the heavenly. 50 For this I 
fay, Brethren, that flefh and 
blood cannot inherit ihe kingdom 
of God ; neither (hall corruption 
inherit incorruption. 51 Behold, 
I (hew you a my fiery ; We (hall 
all arifs again, but we mall not 
all be changed, 52 In a mo 
ment, in the twinkling of an 
eye, at the lall trump, (for the 
tHiimpet mall found) and the 
dead lhall arife incorruptible, and 
we mail be changed. 53 For 
this corruptible mufl put on in 
corruption, and this mortal put 
on immortality. 54 So when 
this corruptible mall have put on 
incorruption, and this mortal mail 
have pat on immortality, then 
mall be brought to pafs the fay 
ing that is written, Death is 
(wallowed up in victory. 55 
O death, where is thy fting ? 
O death, where is thy victory ? 
56 The fling of death- // fin ; 
and the flrength of fin is the 
law. 57 But thanks be to God 
who hath given us the viftory, 
through our Lord Jefus Chrift. 
58 Therefore, my beloved bre 
thren, be ye fledfail, unmove- 
able, always abounding in the 
work of the Lord, forafmuch as 
ye know that your labour is not 
in vain in the Lord. 
JE XVI. Now 

I. Corinthians. 

XVI; Now concerning the 
collection for the faints, as 1 have 
given order to the churches of 
Galatia, even fo do ye. 2 
Upon the fir (I day of the week, 
Jet every one of you lay by him 
in ftore, as he hath been prof- 
pered, that "ihere be no gather 
ings when I come. 3 And when 
I come, whomfoever you ihall 
approve, them will I fend with 
my epiftles to bring your liberality 
unto Jerufalem. 4 And if it be 
meet that I go alfo, they fhall 
go with me. 5 Now I will 
come unto you when I fhall pafs 
through Macedonia : for I do 
pafs through Macedonia. 6 And 
it may be that I fhall abide, 
that if I fhall alfo winter with 
you, ye may bring me on my 
journey, whitherfoever I go. 7 
For I will not fee you now by the 
way, but I truft to tarry a while 
with you, if the Lord permit. 
8 But I will tarry at Ephefus 
until Pentecoft. 9 For a great 
door and effectual is opened unto 
me, and many adverfaries. 10 
Now if Timothy come, fee that 
he may be with you without 
fear : for he worketh the work 
of the Lord, as I alfo Jo. 1 1 
Let no man therefore defpife 
him : but conduct him forth in 
peace, that he may come unto 
me : for I look for him with the< 
brethren. 1 2 As touching our 
brother Apollo*, I declare unto 

you that I greatly defired him to 
come unto you, with the bre 
thren : but his will was not at all 
to come at this time ; but he will 
come \vhen he fhall have conveni 
ent time. 1 3 Watch ye, Hand faft 
in the faith, quit you like men, 
be ftrong 14 Let all your things 
be done with charity . 1 5 I be- 
feech you, brethren, ye know 
the houfe of Stephanas, and For- 
tunatus, who are the firft-fruits of 
Achaia, and that they have ad 
dicted themfelves to the miniftry 
of the faints. 16 That ye fub- 
mit your felves unto fuch, and 
to every one that helpeth with /, 
and laboureth. 17 I am glad 
of the coming of Stephanas, and 
Fortunatus, and Achaicus: for 
that which was lacking on your 
part, they have fupplied. 18 
For they have refrefhed both my 
fpirit and yours : therefore ac 
knowledge ye them that are fuch. 
19 The churches of Afia falutc 
you. Aquila and Prifcilla falute 
you much in the Lord, with the 
church that is in their houfe, 
with whom alfo I fojourn. 20 All 
the brethren greet you. Greet 
ye one another with an holy kifs. 
21 The falutation of Paul with 
mine own hand. 22 If any man 
love not the Lord Jefus Chriit, let 
himbeanathema,Maran-atha. 23 
1 he grace of our Lord Jefus Chritt 
be with you. 24 My love be with 
you all in Chriit Jefus, Amen. 


The Second Epiftle of PAUL the Apoftle, to 


PA U L an apoftle of Jefus 
Chriit, by the will of God, 
and Timothy a brother, unto the 
church of God which is at Co 
rinth, with all the faints which 
are in all Achaia : 2 Grace be to 
you, and peace from God our 
Father, and the Lord Jefus Chrift. 
3 Bleiled be God, even the 
Father of our Lord Jefus Chrift, 
the Father of mercies, and the 
God of all comfort ; 4 Who 
comforteth us in all our tribula 
tion, that we may be able to 
comfort them who are in any 
trouble, by the comfort where 
with we our fclves alfo are com 
forted of God. 5 For as the 
fuffering of Chriit abounds, in 
us, fo our confolation alfo a- 
boundeth by Chriit. 6 And 
whether we be afHicled, // is for 
your confolation and falvation, 
which is effectual in the enduring 
of the fame fufferings which we 
alfo fuffer : and our hope is fted- 
faft on your account : or whether 
we be comforted, // is for your 
confolation and falvation : 7 
Knowing that as you are par 
takers of the fufferings, fo alfo 
of the confolation. 8 For we 
would not, brethren, have you 
ignorant of our trouble which 
came in Afia, that we were prei- 
fed out of meafure, above ftrength, 
infomuch that we defpaired even 
of life : 9 But we had the fen- 
Ijence of death in our felves, that 
we mould not truft in our felves, 
but in God, whoraifeth the dead. 
10 Who delivered us from fo 
great a death ; in whom we truft 
that he will yet deliver us : n 
You alib helping toge;her by 

prayer for us, that for the gift 
upon us by the means of many 
perfons, thanks may be given 
by many on your behalf. 12 
For our rejoicing is this, the te- 
ftimony of our confcience, that 
in fimplicity and godly fincerity, 
not with flefhly wifdom, but by 
the grace of God, we have had 
our converfation in the world, 
and more abundantly to you- 
wards. 1 3 For we write none 
other things unto you, than what 
you read or acknowledge, and 
I truft you mall acknowledge to 
the end. 14 As alfo you have 
acknowledged us in part, that we 
are your rejoicing, even as ye 
alfo are ours in the day of the 
Lord Jefus drift. 15 And in 
this confidence I was minded to 
come unto you before, that you 
might have a fecond benefit: 
1 6 And to pafs by you into Ma 
cedonia, and to come again out 
of Macedonia unto you, and of 
you to be brought on my way 
toward Judea. 1 7 When I there 
fore was thus minded, did I ufe 
lightnefs ? or the things that I 
purpofe, do I purpofe according 
ro the flefti ? that with me there 
mould be yes, yes, and, no, no. 

1 8 But God is true, our word 
toward you, was not yes and no. 

19 For the Son of God Jefus 
Chrift, who was preached among 
you by us, by me, and Silvanus, 
and Timotheus, was not yes 
and no, but in him was yes. 

20 For all the promifes of God 
in him are yes, and in him 
amen, unto the glory of God by 
us. 2 1 Now he who confirmeth 
us with you, in Chrift, and hath 
anointed us, ; ; God : 22 Who 

E 2 hatH 

II. Corinthians. 

hath alfo fealed us, and given the 
earneft of the Spirit ,in our 
hearts. 23 Moreover, I call God 
for a record upon my foul, that 
to fpare you I came not as yet 
unto Corinth. 24 Not lor that 
we have dominion over your 
faith, but are helpers of your 
joy : fcr by faith ye ftand. 

II, And I determined this 
with my felf, that I would not 
come again to you in heavinefs. 

2 For if I make you forry, who 
is he then that maksth me glad, 
but he who is made forry by me ? 

3 And I wrote this fame thing 
Unto yeu, leh when 1 came 1 
iliould have forrow upon forrow 
from them of whom I ought to 
rejoice ; having confidence in you 
all, that my joy is that of you 
all. 4 For out of much af- 
fliftion and anguifh of heart, I 
wrote unto you with many tears ; 
not that you fhould be grieved, 
but that ye might know the 
love which I have more abun 
dantly unto you 5 But if any 
have caufed grief, he hath not 
grieved rne, but in part : that I 
may not overcharge you all. 6 
Sufficient to fuch a man is this 
punifhment, which was of the 
many. 7 So that contrariwife, ye 
ought rather to forgive and comfort, 
lelt perhaps fuch an one mould be 
fwallowed up with overmuch for 
row. 8 Wherefore I bcfeech 
you, that ye would confirm your 
Jove towards him. 9 For to this 
end alfo did i write, that I 
might know the proof of you, 
whether ye be obedient in all 
things. 10 To whom ye forgive 
any thing, I do it alfo : for if I 
forgave any th ng, it was for 
your fakes, in the perfon of 
Chriit ; 1 1 Left Satan mould get 
an advantage of us : for we are 
not ignorant of his devices. 12 
Furthermore when I came to 

Troas by the gofpel of Chrift, 
and a. door was opened unto me 
or the Lord, 13 I had no reft 
in my fpirit, beeaufe 1 found not 
Titus my brother : but taking 
my leave of them, I came from 
thence into Macedonia. 14 Now 
thanks be unto God, who always 
caufeth us to triumph in Chrilt, 
and maketh manifeft the favour 
of his knowledge by us in every 
place. 1 5 For we are unto God 
a fweet favour of Chriit, in them 
that ate faved, and in them that 
perifh, 1 6 To the one the fa. 
vour of death unto deaih ; and 
to the other, the favour of life 
unto life : and who is fufficient 
for thefe things ? 1 7 For w 
are not as the reft, who corrupt 
the word of God : but as of fin- 
cerity, but as of God, in 
the fight of God fpeak we in 

III. Do we begin again to 
commend our {elves ? or need 
we, as fome, commendatory epi- 
Itles to you, or commendatory 
ones from you ? 2 Ye are our 
epiitle written in our hearts, 
known and read of all men. 3 
Ye are manifeftly declared to be 
the epiitle of Chrift, minittred 
by us, written not with ink, but 
with the Spirit of the living God ; 
not in tables of ftone, but in 
flemly tables of the heart : 4 
And fuch truft have we through 
Chriit to God-ward : 5 Not 
that we are fufficient of our felves 
to think any thing as of our 
felves : but our fufficiency is of 
God. 6 Who alfo hath made 
us able minilters of the new cove 
nant, not of the letter, but of 
the fpirit : for the letter killeth, 
but the fpirit giveth life. 7 But 
if the miniftration of death writ 
ten and ingraven in itoneF, was 
glorious, fo that the children of 
Ifrael could not ItedfaflJy behold 


II. Corinthians, 

the face of Mofes, for the glory 
of his countenance, which was 
to be done away ; 8 How fhall 
not the ininiftration of the fpirit 
be rather glorious ? 9 For if 
the miniftration of condemnation 
be glory, much more doth the 
jminiftration of rjghteoufnefs ex 
ceed in glory. 10 For even that 
which was made glorious, had 
no glory in this refpedt, in com- 
panfon of the glory that excel 
led, ii For if that which is 
done away was glorious, mach 
more that which remaineth is 
glorious. 12 Seeing then that 
we have fuch hope, we ufe great 
plainnefsof fpeech. 13 And not 
as Moies put a vail over his face, 
that the children of Ifrael could 
not ftedfaitly look to the end of 
that which is abolilhed. 14 But 
their minds 4 were blinded : for 
until this day remaineth the lame 
vail untaken away, in the read 
ing of the old teftament ; which 
is done away in Chrift. 15 But 
even unto this day, when Mofes 
is read, the vail is upon their 
hearr. 16 Nevertheleis whn it 
jhall turn to the Lord, the vail 
lhall be taken away. 17 Now 
the Lord is the Spirit, and where 
the Spirit of the Lord is, is li 
berty. 1 8 But we all with open 
face, beholding as in a glafs the 
glory of the Lord, are changed 
into the (ame image, from glory 
to glory, as by the Spirit of the 

IV. Therefore feeing we have 
this miniftry, as we have received 
mercy we faint not : 2 But have 
renounced the hidden things of 
dilhonefty, not walking in crafti- 
nefs, nor handling the word of 
God deceitfully, but by mani- 
feftation of the truth, commend 
ing our felves to every man s 
confcience in the fight of God. 
3 But if our gofpel be hid, it is 

h;d to them that are loft: 4 
In whom /the god of this world 
hath blinded the minds of them 
wr o believe not, left the light of 
the g ; orious gofpel of Chrilt, 
who is the image of God, fhould 
fhine.^ 5 For we preach not our 
felves, but Chrift Jtfus the Lord ; 
and our {elves your lervants for 
Jefus fake. 6 For God com 
manded the light to mine out of 
darknefs, and hath mined in oar 
hearts, to illuminate the know 
ledge of his glory, in the perfon 
of Jefus Chr;ft. 7 But we have 
this treafure in earthen velTels, 
that the excellency of the power 
may be of God, and not of us. 
8 We are troubled on every 
fide, yet not diftrelfed ; per 
plexed, but not in defpair ; 9 
Ferfecuted, but not forfaken ; 
call down, but not deftroyed ; 
10 Always bearing about in the 
body, the dying of the Lord 
Jefus, that the life alfo of Jefus 
Chrift might be made manifeft in 
our body. 1 1 For we which 
live, are always delivered unto 
death for Jefus fake, that the life 
alfo of Jefus Chrift might be 
made manifeft in our mortal 
flefh. 12 So death worketh in 
us, but life in you. 13 We 
having the fame fpirit of faith, 
according as it is written, I be 
lieved, and therefore have I 
fpoken ; we alfo. believe, and 
therefore fpeak ; 1 4 Knowing, 
that he who raifed up the Lord 
Jefus, mail raife up us alfo with 
Jefus, and fhall prefent us with 
you. i 5 For all things are for 
your fakes, that the abun 
dant grace, might, through 
the thankfgiving of many, re 
dound to the glory of God. 16 
For which caufe we faint not, 
but though our outward man 
per fh, yet our inward man is 
renewed day by day. 17 For our 

II. Corinthians. 

light and fhort affliction, which 
is but for a moment, worketh 
for us a far more exceeding eter 
nal weight of glory ; 1 8 While 
we look not at the things which 
are feen, but at the things which 
are not feen : for the things 
which are feen, are temporal ; 
but the things which are not feen, 

V. For we know, that if our 
earthly houie of this tabernacle 
were diffolved, that we have a 
building of God, an houfe not 
made with hands, eternal in the 
heavens. 2 For in this we grone 
earneiily, defining to be clothed 
upon \v ; th our houfe which is 
from heaven : 3 If fo be that 
being unclothed, we fhall not be 
found naked. 4 For .we that 
are in this tabernacle do grone, 
being burdened : inafmuch as 
we would not be unclothed, but 
clothed upon, that mortality may 
be fwallowed up of life. 5 Now 
he that worketh us for the felf- 
fame thing, // God, who hath 

tiven unto us the earned of the 
pirit. 6 Therefore we are al- 
\vays confident, knowing that 
tvhilft we are at home m the 
body, we are abfent from God. 
7 For we walk by faith, not by 
fight. 8 We are confident, and 
willing rather to be abfent from 
the body, and to be prefent with 
God. 9 Wherefore we labour, 
that whether prefent or abfent we 
inay be accepted of him. 10 
For we muft all appear before 
the judgment- feat of Chrifl, that 
every one may receive the things 
done by his body, what he hath 
done, whether good or bad. 

1 1 Knowing therefore the terror 
of the Lord, we perfuade men ; 
but we are made manifeft unto 
God, and I truft alfo, are made 
manifeft in your confciences. 

12 For we commend not our 

feives again unto you, but give 
you occafion to glory on our be 
half, that you may have Tome- 
what for them which glory in 
appearance, and not in heart. 
i 3 For whether we be befides our 
ielves, it is for God : or whether 
we be fober, it is for your caufe. 
14 For the love of Chrift con- 
ftraineth us, becaufe we thus 
judge, that if one died for all, 
then were all dead : 1 5 And 
he died for all, that they who 
live, mould not henceforth live 
unto themfelves, but unto him 
who died for them, and rofe 
again. 1 6 Wherefore henceforth 
know we no man after the fi fh : 
though we have known Chrift 
after the flem, yet now henceforth 
know we him no more after the 
fiefh. 17 Therefore if any man 
be in Chrift, be is a new crea 
ture : old things are paft away, 
behoid they are become new, 
1 8 And all things are of God, 
who hath reconciled us to him- 
felf by Chrift, and hath given 
to us the minirlry of reconcilia 
tion ; 19 To wit, that God 
was in Chrift, reconciling the 
world unto himfelf, not imputing 
their trefpaffes unto them ; and 
hath committed unto us the word 
of the gofpel of reconciliation. 
20 Now then we are ambaffa- 
dors for Chrift, as though God 
did befeech by us : we pray in 
ChrilTs ftead, be ye reconciled 
unto God. 21 He hath made 
him fin for us, who knew no 
fin ; that we might be made the 
righteoufnefs of God in him. 

VI. We fellow- workers ex 
horting you, P.eceive not the 
grace of God in vain : 2 For 
he faith, I have heard thee in 
a time accepted, and in a day of 
falvation have I fuccoured thee : 
behold, now is the accepted time; 
behold, now the day of falva 

II. Corinthians. 

tion. 1 3 Giving no offence in 
any thing, that our miniftry be 
not blamed : 4 But in all things 
approving our felves as the mini- 
fteis of God, in much patience, 
in afflictions, in neceftities, in di- 
itreiles, 5 In ftripes, in impri- 
ibnments, in tumults, in labours, 
in watchings, in fallings, 6 In 
purity, in knowledge, in long- 
fuffering, in kindnefs, in the 
Holy Ghoft, in love unfeigned, 
7 In the word of truth, in the 
power of God, in the armour of 
righteoufnefs, on the right hand, 
and on the left, 8 By honour 
and difhonour, by evil report and 
good report : as deceivers, and 
true ; 9 As unknown, and well 
known ; as dying, and behold, 
we live; as chaltned, and not 
killed ; 10 As forrowful, yet 
alway rejoicing; as poor, yet 
making many rich ; as having 
nothing, andpoflefling all things. 
1 1 O ye Corinthians, our mouth 
is open unto you, our heart is 
enlarged. 1 2 Ye are not ftrait- 
ned in us, but ye are flraitned in 
your own bowels, i 3 Now for 
a recompence in the fame, I 
fpeak as unto children, be ye 
alfo enlarged. 14 Be ye not un 
equally yoked together with un 
believers : for what fellowfhip hath 
righteoufnefs with unrighteoufnefs? 
or what communion hath light 
with darknefs ? 1 5 And what 
concord hath Chriit with Belial 
or what part hath he that believeth, 
with an inn" del? 16 And what 
agreement hath the temple o: 
God with idols ? for we are the 
temple of the living God; forGoc 
faith, I will dwell in them, anc 
walk in them ; and I will be their 
God, and they (hall be my peo 
ple. 17 Wherefore come ou 
from among them, and be ye fe 
parate, faith the Lord, anc 
touch not the uucleaa thing 

and I will receive you, 18 And 
will be a Father unto you, and 
ye ihall be my fons and daugh- 
;ers, faith the Lord Almighty. 

Vll. Having therefore thefe 
promifes, dearly beloved, let us 
cleanfe our felves fiom all fihhi- 
nefs of flefh and fpirit, perfect 
ing holinefs in the tear of God. 

2 Receive us : we have wronged 
no man, we have corrupted no 
man, we have defrauded no man. 

3 I fpeak not this to condemn 
you : for I have faid before, that 
you are in our hearts to die and 
live with you. 4 Great is my 
boldnefs of fpeech toward you, 
great is my glorying of you : 
1 am filled with comfort, I am 
exceeding joyful in our mani 
fold tribulation. 5 For when we 
were come into Macedonia, our 
flefh had no reft, but we were 
troubled on every fide ; without 
fightings, within fears. 6 Never- 
thelefs, God that comforteth thofe 
that are cad down, comforted us 
by the coming of Titus : 7 And 
not by his coming only, but by 
the confolation wherewith he was 
comforted in you, when he told 
us your carneft defire, your 
mourning, your fervent mind 
toward me; fo that I rejoiced 
the more. 8 For though I made 
you lorry with my epiltle, I do 
not repenr, though I did repent : 
for I perceive that the fame epi- 
ille made you forry, though but - 
for a feafon. 9 1 rejoice, not 
that ye were made forry, but 
that ye forrowcd to repentance : 
for ye were made forry after a 
godly manner, that ye mignt re 
ceive damage by us in nothing, 
10 For godly forrow worketh 
repentance ro falvation not to be 
repented of: but the forrow of 
the world worketh death. 1 1 
For behold, this felf-fame thing 
that ye forrowed after a godly 


II. Corinthians. 

fort, what carefulnefs it \\roug 
in you, yea, clearing of you 
felves, yea, indignation, yea, fear, 
yea, vehement delire, yea, zeal, 
yea, revenge ! in all things ye 
have approved your felves ;o be 
clear in this matter. 1 2 Where 
fore though i wrote unto you, It 
was not lor his caufe that had 
done the wrong, nor for his 
caufe that iuffered wrong, but 
that our care for you in the 
fight of God might appear unto 
you. 13 Therefore we were 
comforted. In our comfort we 
exceedingly the more joyed for 
the joy of Titus, becaule his fpi- 
rit was refremed by you all. 14 
For if I have boaited any thing 
to him of you, I am not 
afhamed ; but as we fpake all 
things to you in truth, even fo 
our boafling unto Titus is found 
a truth. 1 5 And his inward af- 
fedlion is more abundant toward 
you, whilft he remembereth the 
obedience of you all, how with 
fear and trembling you received 
him. 1 6 I rejoice therefore that 
I have confidence in you in all 

VIII. Moreover, brethren, we 
make known to you the grace of 
God beftowed on the churches of 
Macedonia : 2 How that in a 
great trial of afflidion, the abun 
dance of their joy, and their 
deep poverty abounded unto the 
riches of their liberality. 3 For 
to their power I bear record, yea, 
and beyond their power tbeyivere 
willing of themfelves, 4 Pray 
ing us with much intreaty, that 
ive would accept the giff, and the 
iellowfnip of the miniflring to 
the faints. 5 And this, not as 
we hoped ; but firil gave their 
own felves to the Lord, and unto 
Us by the will of God. 6 Info 
much .that we have defired Titus, 
that as he had begun, fo he i 

would alfo finim in you the fame 
grace alfo. 7 Therefore as ye 
abound in every thing, in faith, 
in utterance, and knowledge, and 
in all diligence, and in your love 
to us ; that ye abound in this 
grace alto. 8 I fpeak not by 
commandment, but on account of 
the forwardness of others, and to 
prove the fmcerity of your love. 
9For ye know the grace of our 
Lord Jefus Chrift, that though he 
was rich, yet for your fakes he 
became poor, that ye through his 
poverty might be rich. 10 And 
herein I give advice : for this is 
expedient for you, who have be 
gun before, not only to do, but 
alfo to be forward a year ago. 
ii Now therefore perform the 
doing of it ; that as there was a 
readinefs to will, fo there may be 
a performance alfo out of that 
which you have. 12 For if 
there be firft a willing mind, it is 
accepted according to that a man 
hath, not according to that he 
hath not. 1 3 For not that other 
men be eafed , and you burdened : 
14 But by an equality, that now 
at this time your abundance may 
be for their want, that their abun 
dance alfo may be for your want, 
that there may be equality, 15 
As it is written, He that had 
much, had nothing over ; and 
he that had little, had no lack. 
1 6 But thanks be to God, who 
put the fame earned care into 
:he heart of Titus for you. 17 
For indeed he accepted the ex- 
lortation, but being more for 
ward, of his own accord he went 
unto you. 18 And wehavefent 
with him the brother, whofe 
3rai r e is in the gofpel, throughout 
ill the churches: 19 And not 
hatov\y, but he was alfb chofen, 
of the churches to travel with us 
with this grace which is admini- 
tred by us to the glory of the 

II. Corinthians, 

Lord, and of your ready mind. 

20 Avoiding this, that no man 
fhould blame us in this abun 
dance which is adminiitred by us : 

21 For providing to do honeit 
things, not only in the fight of 
the Lord, but alfo in the fight of 
men. 22 And we have fent 
with them our brother, whom 
we have oftentimes proved dili 
gent in many things, but now 
much more diligent, upon the 
greac confidence towards us. 23 
Whether for Titus, be is my 
partner, and fellow-helper con- 
cerning you : or for our bre 
thren, they are the meflengers of 
the churches, the glory of Chriii. 
24 Shewing thereby to them, 
and before the churches, the proof 
of your love, and of our boati- 
ing on your behalf. 

IX. For as touching the mini- 
ftring to the faints, it is fuper- 
fluous for me to write to you. 
2 For I know the forwardnefs of 
your mind, for which J boaft of 
you <o them of Macedonia, that 
Achaia was ready a year ago ; 
and your zeal hath provoked very 
many. 3 Yet have we fent the 
brethren, left our boafting of you 
fhou d be in vain in this behalf ; 
that, as 1 faid, ye may be ready : 
4 Leit haply if they of Macedo 
nia come with me, and find you 
unprepared, and we, that we fay 
not, you, fhould be afhamed in 
this fame confidence. 5 There 
fore I have thought it neceflary 
to exhort the brethren, that they 
would go before unto you, and 
make up beforehand your bounty, 
which had been promifed before, 
that the fame might be ready, as 
bounty, and not as covetoufnefs. 
6 But thus, He who foweth fpa- 
ringly, (hall reap alfo iparingly : 
and he who foweth bountifully, 
fhall reap bountifully. 7 Every 
man according as he purpofeth in 

his heart ; not grudgingly, or of 
neceffity : for God loveth a cheer 
ful giver. 8 And God is able 
to make all grace abound to 
wards you ; that ye always hav 
ing all fufikiency in all things, 
may abound to every good work : 
9 As it is written, He hath dif- 
perfed abroad ; he hath given to 
the poor: his rigrueoufnefs re- 
maineth for ever. 10 Now he 
that miniitreth feed to the fewer, 
will both minider bread for your 
food, and will multiply ycur feed 
fown, and will increafe the 
fruits of your righteoufnefs. 1 1 
Being enriched in every thipg 
to all bountifulnefs, whica 
caufeth through us thankfgiving 
to God. i 2 For the adminiftra- 
tion of this fervice, not only fup- 
plieth the want of the faints, but 
is abundant alfo by many 
givings unto God ; i 3 Whiles 
by the experiment of this mini- 
ftration, they glorify God for 
your profeffed fubjeclion unto 
the gofpel of Chriit, and for 
your liberal diftr.bution unto 
them, and unto all men. 14 
And by their prayer for you, 
which long after you for the ex 
ceeding grace of God in you. 
15 Thanks be unto God for his 
unfpeakable gift. 

X Now 1 Paul my felf be- 
feech you, by the me :knefs and 
gentlenefs of Chrift, who in pre- 
lence am bafe among you, but 
being abfent am bold toward you. 
2 But 1 befeech you, that I may 
not be bold when I am prefenr, 
with that confidence wherewith I 
think to be bold againft fomc 
who think of us, as if we walked 
according to the flefh. 3 For 
though we walk in the flefh, we 
do not war after the flelh : 4 For 
the weapons of our warfare are 
not carnal, but mighty through 
God to the pulling down of 
F ftrong 

II. Corinthians. 

ftrong holds. 5 Cafiing down ima 
ginations, and every high thing 
that exalteth it felf againft the 
knowledge of God, and capti 
vating every thought, and bring 
ing it unto the obedience of 
Chrift : 6 And having in rea- 

dinefs to revenge alljorfedience, 
when your obedience is fulfilled. 

7 Do ye look on things afcer 
the outward appearance ? if any 
man truft to himfelf, that he is 
Chrift s fervant, let him of him 
felf think this again, that as he 
is Chrift s, even fo are we Chrift s 

8 For though I ihould boait lome- 
what more of our authority , which 
Gcd hath given for edification, 
and not for your deftru&ion, I 
fhould not be amamed : 9 That 
we may not ieem to terrify you 
by epiftles. 10 For the epiilles 
(fays l>e) are weighty and power 
ful, but bodily prefence weak, 
and fpeech contemptible. 1 1 
Let fuch an one think this, that 
fach as we are in word by let 
ters, when we are abfenr, fuch 
will we be alfo in deed, when we 
are prefent. 12 For we dare 
not make our felves of the num 
ber, or compare our felves with 
thofe that commend themfelves : 
but they are meafuring them- 
jfelves by themfelves, and com 
paring themfelves amongft them 
felves. 1 3 But we .will not boaft 
of things without cun meafure, 
but according to the measure of 
the rule which God hath- diftri- 
buted to us, a meafura to reach 
even unto you. 14 For we 
ilretch not our felves too far, as 
though we reached not unto you ; 
for we are come as far as to you 
alfo, in the gofpel of Chrift : 1 5 
Not boalting of things without the 
meafure of other mens labours ; 
but having hope, when your 
faith is increafed, that we mall 
be enlarged by you according to 

our rule abundantly, 16 To 
preach the gofpel in the places 
beyond you, not to boait in an 
al htr man s line, of thing.-; made 
ready to our hand. 17 But he 
that glorieth, let him g ory in 
the Lord. 18 For not he that 
cjmmcndeth himfelf is approved, 
but whom the Lord commeRdeth. 
XI. Would to God you could 
bear with me in a little piece of 
folly ; and indeed bear with me. 
2 For I am jealous over you 
with godly jealoufy : for I have 
efpouled you to one hufband, 
that I may prefent you a cnafte 
virgin to Ciirift 3 But 1 fear 
It-ii by any means, as the ferpent 
beguiled Eve through hisfubtilty, 
your minds mould be corrupted 
from the iimplicity and purity 
that is in Chrift. 4 For if he 
that corneth, preacherh another 
Jefus whom we have not preached, 
or ye receive another fp:rit, which 
ye have not received, or another 
gofpel which ye have not ac 
cepted, you would fairly fuffer 
him. 5 For 1 fuppofe I have 
not been among you a whit be 
hind the very chief apollies. 6 
Bat though I be rude in fpeech, 
yet not in knowledge ; but we 
have been throughly made mani- 
feft among you in all things. 7 
Have I committed an offence in 
abafing my felf that you might 
be exalted, becaufe I have preach 
ed to you the gofpel of God free 
ly r 81 robbed other churches, 
taking wages, to do you fervice. 
9 And when I was prefent with 
you and wanted, I was charge 
able to no man : for that which 
was lacking to me, the brethren 
who came from Macedoni.1 , fup- 
plied : and in all things I have 
kept my felf from being burden- 
iom unto you, and will keep my 
felf. 10 Ps the truth of Chrift 
is in me, no man {hall Sop me 


II, Corinthians. 

of this boafting jn the regions of 
Achaia. 1 1 Wherefore ? becauie 
J love you not ? God knoweth. 
12 But what 1 do, that 1 will 
do, that I may cut off occaiion 
from them which defire occaiion, 
that wherein they glory, they 
may be found even as \ve. 1 3 
For fuch are falfe apollles, de 
ceitful workers, transforming 
themielves into the apoftles of 
Chrilt. 1 4 And no marvel ; for 
Satan himfelf is transformed into 
an angel of light. 15 It is no 
great tiling if his ministers aifo 
be transformed as the miniilers 
of righteoufnefs ; whofe end iha l 
be according to their works. 1 6 
I fay again, Let no man think 
me a fool ; if dtherwife, yet as 
a fool receive me, that I may 
boall my felf a little. 17 That 
which J fpeak, ). fpeak it not 
after the Lord, but as it were 
foolifhly in this confidence of 
boailing. 18 Seeing that ma 
ny glory after the flefh, I will 
glory alfo. 19 For ye ifufier 
fools gladly, feeing ye are wife. 
20 For ye fuffer it, if a man 
bring you into bonds ge, ir a 
man devour you, if a man take 
of you, if a man exalt himid;, if 
a man fmite you on the face. 2 1 

1 fpeak as concerning reproach, 
as though we had been weak hi 
this part : howbeit, whereinfo- 
ever any is bold, I fpeak fooliih- 
ly, I am bold alib. 22 Are 
they Hebrews ? fo am \ : are 
they Ifraelues ? fo am I : are 
they the feed of Abraham ? fo 
am I : 23 Are they minifters 
of Chrift ? I fpeak as a fool, I 
am more: in labours more abun 
dant, in prifons more frequent, in 
flripes above meafure, in deaths 
oft. 24 Of the Jews five times 
received I forty Jlripes fave one. 

2 5 1 hrice was I beaten with 

.rods, once was I ftoned, thrice I 
fuffered (hip wreck ; a night and 
a day 1 have been in the deep : 
26 in journeyings often, in perils 
of waters, in penis of robbers, in 
perils by countrymen, in perils 
by the heathen, in perils in the 
city,* in perils in the wildernefs, 
in perils in the fea, in perils 
among falfe brethren ; 27 
In wearineis and painmlnefs, 
in watchings often, in hunger 
and thirit, in raftings often, in 
cold andnakednefs. . 28 Befides 
the things that are without, , that 
which I cpnfider of daily, thefol- 
licitude for all the churches. 29 
Who is weak, and I am not 
weak ? who is offended, and I 
burn not ? 30 If I rrmft needs 
glory, I will glory of the things 
which concern mine infirmities. 
31 The God of Ifrad, and the 
Father of our Lord Jefus Chrilr, 
who is blefTed for evermore, 
knoweth that I lie not. 32 In 
Damafcus the governor under 
Aretas the king, kept the city 
of the Damafcened with a ga>ri- 
fon, to apprehend me : 33 
And through a .window in a 
bafket was I let down by the 
wall, and efcaped his hands. 

XII. It is noc expedient doubt- 
lefs to glory : I will come to vi- 
ilons and revelations of the Lord. 
2 I knew a man in Chrift fourteen 
years ago, whether in the body, 
I cannot tell ; or whether oat of 
the body, I cannot tell : God 
knoweth : fuch an one caught 
up to the third heaven. 3 And 
I knew fuch a man, whether in 
the body, or out of the body, I 
cannot tell : God knoweth : 4 
How that he was caught up into 
paradife, and heard unfpeakable 
words, which it is not lawful for 
a man to utter. 5 Of fuch an 
one will I glory : yet cf my felf 

F 2 1 will 

II. Corinthiafts. 

I will not glory, but in mine in 
firmities. 6 For though I would 
defire to glory, 1 ftiall not be a 
fool ; for I will fay the truth : 
but I forbear, left any man mould 
think of me above that which 
he feeth me to be, or that he hear- 
eth of me. 7 And left I mould 
be exalted above meafure through 
the abundance of the revelations, 
there was given to me a thorn in 
the flefh, a meflenger of Satan 
to buffet me. 8 For this thing I 
bcfought the Lord thrice, that it 
might depart from me. 9 And 
he faid unto me, My grace is 
fufficient for thee : for ftrength is 
made perfect in weaknefs. Moft 
gladly therefore will I rather glo 
ry in my infirmities, that the 
power of Chrift may reft upon me. 
i oTherefore I take pleafure in in 
firmities, in reproaches, in necefll- 
ties, in perfections, in diftreffes 
for Chrift s fake : for when I am 
weak, then am I ftrong. 1 1 
1 am become a fool ; ye have 
compelled me : for I ought to 
have been com mended of you: for 
in nothing am I behind the very 
chief apoltles, though I be no 
thing. 1 2 Truly the figns of an 
apoftle were wrought among you 
in all patience, in figns, and 
wonders, and mighty deeds. 13 
For what is it wherein ye were 
inferior to other churches, ex 
cept that I my felf was not bur- 
denfom to you ? forgive me this 
wrong. 14 B-hold, this third 
t;me 1 am ready to come to you ; 
and I will not be burdenfom to 
you ; for I feek not yours, but 
you : for the children ought not 
to lay up for the parents, , but the 
parents for the children, i 5 And 
1 will very gladly fpend and be 
(pent for you: the more abun 
dantly I love you. the lefs 1 am 
beloved. 16 But b; it fo, I did 

not burden you : neverthelefs, be 
ing crafty, I caught you with 
guile, 1 7 Did 1 make a gain of 
you by any of them whom I fent 
unto you ? 1 8 I defired Titus, 
and with him I fent a brother : 
did Titus make a gain of you ? 
walked we not in the fame fpi- 
rit ? not in the fame fteps ? 1 9 
Again, think you that we excuic 
our felves unto you ? we fpeak 
before God in Chrift : but all 
things, dearly beloved, are for 
your edifying. 20 For I fear 
left when I come I (hall not find 
you fuch as I would, and I mail 
be found unto you (uch as ye 
would not : left there be debates, 
envyings, wraths, ftrifes, back- 
bitings, whifperings, fwellings, 
tumults : 21 Left when J come 
again unto you, my God will 
humble me, and that I {hall be 
wail many who had finned before, 
and have not repented of the un- 
cleannefs, and fornication, and 
lafcivioufnefs which they have 

XIII. This // the third time 

1 am coming to you : In the 
mouth of two or three witnefles 
(hall every word be eftablifhed. 

2 For I told you before, and 
foretell as being prefent the fe- 
cond time, and being abfent now 
to them who heretofore have 
finned, and to z\\ other, that if 
I corns agiin, I will not fpare ; 

3 Since ye feek a proof of Chrift 
(peaking in me, which to you- 
ward is not weak, but is mighty 
in you. 4 For he was crucified 
through weaknefs, yet he liveth 
by the power of God : For we 
alfo are weak in him, but we 
mail live by the power of God 
toward you. 5 Examine your 
felves, whether ye be in the 
faith ; prove your own felves : 
know ye not your own felves, 



at Jefus Chrift is in you, ex- 
cept ye be reprobates ? 6 But I 
truft that ye fhall know that we 
are not reprobates. 7 Now I 
pray to God that ye do no evil ; 
not that we fhould appear ap 
proved, but that ye fhould do 
that which is honeft, though we 
be as reprobates. 8 For we can 
do nothing againft the truth, but 
for the truth. 9 For we are 
glad when we are weak, and ye 
are ftrong : and this allo we wifh, 
your perfection. 10 There ore 
I write thefe things being ablent, 

left being- prefenr, I fBould ufe 
iharpnefs, according to the power 
which the Lord hath given me to 
edification/and not to deltru&ion. 
il Finally, brethren, farewell: 
be perfeft, be of good comfort, 
be unanimous, live in peace ; 
and the God of love and peace 
(hall be with you. 12 Greet 
one another with an holy kifs. 

13 All the faints falure you. 

1 4 The grace of the Lord Jefus 
Chrift, and the love of God, and 
the communion of the Holy 
Ghoft, be with you all. Amen. 

The Epiftle of P A U L the Apoftle to the 


FA U L an apoftle, not of 
men, neither by man, but 
Jefus Chrift, and God the 
Father, who raifed him from the 
dead, 2 And all the brethren 
who are with me, unto the 
churches of Galatia: 3 Grace 
be to you, and peace from God 
the Father, and our Lord Jefus 
Chrift, 4 Who gave himfelf for 
our fins, that he might deliver 
us from this prefem evil world, 
according to the will of God, 
and our Father: 5 To whom 
be glory for ever and ever, 
Amen. 6 I marvel that ye are 
fo foon removed from me that 
called you into the grace of Jefus 
Chrift, unto another gofpel : 7 
Which is not another ; but there 
be fome that trouble you, and 
would pervert the gofpel of Chrilt. 
8 But though we, or an angel 
from heaven, preach any other 
gofpel unto you, than that which 
we have preached unto you, let 
him be accjrfcd. 9 A:- we faid 

before, fo fay I now again, if 
any one preach any other gofpel 
unto you, than that ye have re 
ceived, let him be accurfed. 10 
For do I now perfuade men, or 
God ? or do I feek to pleafe 
men ? If I yet pleafed men, I 
mould not be the fervant of Chrift. 
1 1 For I certify you, brethren, 
that the gofpel which was preach 
ed of me, is not after man. i z 
For I neither received it of raan. 
neither was I taught //, but by 
the revelation of Jefus Chrift. 
13 For ye have heard of my 
converfation in time paft, in the 
Jews religion, that beyond mea- 
fure I perfecuted the church of 
God, and wafted it: 14 And 
profited in the Jews religion 
above many my equals in mine 
own nation, being more ex 
ceedingly zealous of the traditions 
of my fathers. 1 5 But when it 
pleafed God, who feparated me 
from my mothers womb, and 
called me by his grace, 1 6 To 
reveal his Son in me, that I 


might preach him among th 
heathen ; immediately I cunfc- 
red not with fiefh and blood : i 
Neither went I up to Jerufalem 
to them who were apoltles beior 
me ; but I went into Arabia, anc 
returned again unto Damafcus 

1 8 Then after three years I wen 
up to Jerufalem, to fee Peter 
and abode with him fifteen days 

1 9 But other of the apoftles faw 
1 none, fave James the Lord 
brother. 20 Now the things whic 
I write unto you, behold, befor 
God, I lie not. zi Afterward 
I came into the regions of Syri 
and Cilicia: 22 And was un 
known by face unto the churche 
of Judea, which were in Chrift 

23 But they had heard only 
That he which perfecuted us in 
times paft, now preacheth the 
faith which once he deftroyed 

24 And they glorified God in me 
II. Then fourteen Years after, 

I went up again to Jerufalem, 
with Barnabas, and took Titiii 
with me alfo.. 2 And I went up 
by revelation, and communicated 
unto them that gofpel which I 
preach among the Gentiles, but 
privately to them who were of 
reputation, left by any means I 
fhould run, or had run in vain. 
3 But neither Titus, who was 
with me, being a Greek, was 
compelled to be circumcifed : 4 
And that becaufe of falfe brethren 
unawares brought in, who came 
in privily to fpy out our liberty, 
which we have in Chrift Jefus, 
that they might bring us into 
bondage : 5 We gave place by 
fubjedion, no not for an hour ; 
-that the v truth of the gofpel might 
continue with you. 6 Bat of 
thefe, who feemed to be fome- 
vvhat : whatfoever they were, it 
inaketh no matter to me ; God 
accepteth no man s perfon : for 
they who feerned to be fimtwbat, 

in conference added nothing to 
me. 7 But contrariwife, when 
tney faw that the gofpel of the 
uncircumciiion was committed 
unto me, as that of the circum- 
cifion was unto Peter ; 8 For he 
that wrought effectually in Peter 
to the apoitlefhip of the circum- 
cifion, the fame was mighty in 
me towards the Gentiles. 9 And 
when Peter, James, and John, 
who feemed to be pillars, per 
ceived the grace that was given 
unto me, they gave to me and 
Barnabas the right hands of fel- 
lowfhip ; that we /hould go unto 
the heathen, and they unto the 
circumcifion. 10 Only that we 
fhould remember the poor ; the 
fame which I alfo was forward 
to do. 1 1 But when Peter was 
come to Antioch, I withftood him 
to the face, becaufe he was to be 
blamed. 1 2 For before that cer 
tain came from James, he did eat 
with the Gentiles : but when they 
were come, he withdrew, and 
feparated himfelf, fearing them 
who were of the circumcifion. 
1 3 And the other Jews difiem- 
bied likewife with him ; info, 
much that Barnabas alfo was car 
ried away with their diffimula- 
tion. 14 But when I faw that 
they walked not uprightly, ac 
cording to the truth of the go 
fpel, 1 faid unto Peter before all, 
If thou, a Jew, liveft after the 
manner of Gentiles, and not as 
do the Jews. How compelled 
thou the Gentiles to live as do 
the Jews ? i 5 We Jews by na 
ture, and not finners of the Gen 
tiles ; 16 And knowing that a 
man is not juftified by the works . 
of the law, but by the faith of 
Jefus Chrift, even we have be- 
ieved in Jeius Chrift ; that we 
might be juftified by the faith of 
Chrift, and not by the works of 
he law : for by the works of 


the law (hall no flefh be juftified. 
1 7 Biu if while we leek to be 
juilified by Chrift, we oarfeives 
alfo are found finners, is then 
Chritt the minifter of fin ? By 
no means. 1 8 For if I build a- 
gain the things which I dellroyed, 
1 make myfeif a tranfgreffor. 1 9 
For I through the law am dead 
to the law, that I might live un 
to God. 20 I am crucified with 
Chrift : Neverthelefs I live ; yet 
not I, but Chriii liveth in me : 
and the life which I now live in 
the flefh, I live by the faith of 
the Son of God, who loved me, 
and gave himielf for me. 21 I 
do not frultrate the grace of God : 
for if righteoufnefs be by the law, 
then Chrift is dead in vain. 

III. O foolifh Galatians, who 
hath bewitched you ? before whofe 
eyes Jefus Chrift hath been evi 
dently fet forth, crucified among 
you. 2 This only would I learn 
of you, received ye the Spirit by 
the works of the law, or by the 
hearing of Faith ? 3 Are ye fo 
foolifh ? having begun in the 
Spirit, are ye now made perfect 
by the flefh ? 4 Have ye fuffer- 
ed fo many things in vain ? if // 
be yet in vain. 5 He therefore 
that miniibeth to you the Spirit, 
and worketh miracles among you, 
is it by the works of the law, or 
by the hearing of faith ? 6 Even 
as Abraham believed God, and 
it was accounted to him for righ 
teoufnefs. 7 Know ye therefore, 
that they which are of faith, the 
fame are the children of Abra 
ham. 8 And the fcripture fore- 
feeing that God would juftify the 
heathen through faith, preached 
before the gofpel unto Abraham, 
In thee fhall all nations be blef- 
fed. 9 So then, they who be of 
faith, are bleffed with faithful 
Abraham. 10 For as many as 
are of the works of the law, are 

under the curfe : for it is written, 
Cur fed is every one that conti- 
nueth not in all things which are 
written in the book of the law 
to do them. 1 1 But that no man 
is juilified by the law in the fight 
of God, is evident : For it is 
written, that The juft fnall live 
by faith. 12 And the law is 
not of faith : but, He that doth 
them, mall live in them. 13 
Chrift hath rede, med us from the 
curfe of the law, being made a 
curie for us : It is written, Curfed 
is every one that hangeth on a 
tree : 1 4 That the blefiing of 
Abraham might come on the Gen 
tiles through Jefus Chrift ; that 
we might receive the promiie of 
the Spirit through faith. 15 
Brethren, I fpeak after the man 
ner of men ; Though it be but 
a man s covenant, yet if it be 
confirmed, no man difannulleth, 
or addeth thereto. 16 Now to 
Abraham and his feed were the 
promifes made. He faith not, 
And to feeds, as of many ; but 
as of one, And to thy feed, who 
is Chrift. 17 And this I fay, 
The covenant that was confirmed 
before of God in Chrift, the law 
which was four hundred and 
thirty years after, cannot difan- 
nul, that it mould make the pro- 
mife of none effect. 1 8 For if 
the inheritance be of the law, // 
// no more of proraife : but God 
gave it to Abraham by promife. 
19 Wherefore then is the law ? 
It was added becaufe of tranfgref- 
fions, till the fted fhould come, 
to whom the promife was made ; 
ordained by angels in the hand 
of a mediator. 20 Now a me 
diator is not of one ; but God is 
one. 2 1 Is the law then againft 
the promifes of God ? God for 
bid : for if there had been a law 
given which could have given life, 
verily righteoufnefs {hould have 


been by the law, 22 But the 
fcripture hath concluded all un 
der fin, that the promife by faith 
6f Jefus Chri l might be given to 
them that believe. 23 But before 
faith came, we were kept under 
the law, fhut up unto the faith, 
which fhould afterwards be reveal 
ed. 24 Wherefore the law was 
our fchcol-m iller, unto Chrift 
Jefus, that we might be juftified 
by faith. 25 But after that faith 
as come, we are no longer under 
a fchool-mafter. 26 For ye are 
all the children of God by faith 
in Ciiiift Jeliis. 27 For as many 
of you as have been bap:ized into 
Chrift, have put on Chrift. 28 
There is neither Jew nor Greek, 
there is neither bond nor free, 
there is neither male nor female : 
for ye are all one in Chrift Jefus. 
29 And if ye be one in Chrift 
Jefus, then indeed are ye Abra 
ham s feed, and heirs according 
to the promife. 

IV. Now I fay, The heir as 
long as he is a child, differeth 
nothing from a fervant, though 
he be lord of all ; 2 But is un 
der tutors and governors, until 
the time appointed of the father. 
3 Even fo we, when we were 
children, were in bondage under 
the elements of the world : 4 
Bat when the fulnefs of the time 
was come, God fent forth his 
Son, made of a woman, made 
under the law, 5 To redeem 
them that were under the law, 
that we might receive the adop 
tion of fons. 6 And becaufe ye 
are fons, God hath fent forth the 
Spirit of his Son into your hearts, 
crying, Abba, Father. 7 Where 
fore thou art no more a fervant, 
but a fon ; and if a fon, then an 
heir of God through Chrift. 8 
Howbeit, then when ye knew 
not God, ye did fervice unto 
them who by nature are no gods. 

9 But now after that ye have 
known God, or rather are known 
of God, how turn ye again to 
the weak and beggarly elements, 
whereunto ye deiire again to be 
in bondage? 10 Ye obferve 
days, and months, and tiroes, 
and years. 1 1 I am afraid of 
you, left I have bellowed upon 
you labour in vain. 1 2 Bre*- 
thren, 1 befeech you, be as I 
am ; for I am as ye are : ye have 
not injured me at all. 13 Ye 
know how through infirmity of 
the flefh I preached the g--fpel 
un.o you formerly 14 A il my 
temptation which was in in; fb ih, 
ye deipifed not, nor r*j ii. d ; 
but received me as an angel of 
God, as Chrift Jefus. 15 What 
a bleifednefs yours was then ? for 
I bear you record, that ir poffi- 
ble, ye would have plucked out 
your own eyes, and have even 
given them to me. 16 Am I 
therefore become your enemy, 
becaufe I tell you the truth ? 1 7 
They zealoufly affeft you, not 
well ; yea, they would exclude 
you, that you might affec"l them : 
But be zealous for the better gifts. 
1 8 // is good to be zealcufly af 
fected always in a good thing, 
and not only when I am prefent 
with you. 19 My little children, 
of whom I travail in birth again 
until Chrift be formed in you, 
20 I defire to be prefent with 
you now, and to change my 
voice, for I ftand in doubt of 
you. 21 Tell me, ye that defire 
to be under the law, do ye not 
hear the law? 22 For it is 
written, that Abraham had two 
fons; the one by a bond -maid, 
the other by a free- woman. 23 
But he of the bond-woman, was 
born after the fkfli : but he of 
the free- woman by promife. 24 
Which things are allegorized : 
for thefe are two covenants ; the 


one from mount Sinai, which be- 
getteth children to bondage, which 
is Agar. 25 For this Agar is 
mount Sinai in Arabia, and an- 
fwereth to Jerufakm which now 
is, for {he is in bondage with her 
children. 26 But Jeru! Uem which 
is above, is free, which is our 
mother. 27 For it is written, 
Kejoice thou barren that beareit 
not ; break forth and cry, thou 
that travai eit not : for the defo- 
late hath many more children 
than {he who hath an hufbind. 
28 Now we, brethren, as Ifaac 
was, are the children of thepro- 
mife. 29 But as then he that 
was born afcer the flt-fli perfecut- 
ed him after the Spirit, even fo 
it is now. 30 Neverthelefs, 
what faith the fcripture ? (Jail 
out the bond-woman and her fon : 
for ihe Ion of the bond woman 
mall not be heir with my fon 1- 
Taac. 31 So, Brethren, we are 
not children of the bond-woman, 
but of the free. 

V. Stand faft therefore in the 
liberty wherewith Chrilt hath 
made us free, and be not en 
tangled again with the yoke of 
bondage. 2 Behold, I Paul fay 
unto you, that if ye be circam- 
ctfed, Chrilt mail profit you no 
thing. 3 For I teilify to every 
man that is circumcifed, that he 
is a debter to do the whole law. 
4 is become of no effeft 
unto you ; wholoever of you are 
jultihed by the law, ye are fallen 
from grace. 5 For we through 
the Spirit wait for the hope of 
righteoufnefs by faith. 6 For in 
Jefus Chriil, neither circumcifion 
availeth any thing, nor uncircum - 
cilion, but faith which worketh 
by love : 7 Ye did run well, 
who did hinder you, that ye 
fhould not obey the truth ? 8 
This perfuafion -j- is of me that 

called you. 9 A little leaven 
corrupteth the whole lump. 10 
I have confidence in you through 
the Lord, that you will be none 
otherwiie minded : but he thac 
troubkth you, mall bear bis judg 
ment, whofoever he be. 1 1 And 
I, brethren, if I pieach circum 
cifion, why do I yet futfer perfe- 
cution ? then is the oftence of the 
crofs ceafed. iz I would they 
were even cut off who trouble 
you. 1 3 For, brethren, ye have 
been called unto liberty ; only 
ufe not liberty for an occafion of 
the flcfh, but by love of the Spi 
rit ferye one another. 1 4 For 
all the law is fulfilled in you in 
one word, Thou malt love thy 
neighbour as thy lelf. 1 5 Bat 
if ye bite and devour one another, 
take heed that ye be not confu 
ted one of another. 1 6 I fay 
then, Walk in the Spirit, and 
ye fhall not fulfil the luft of the 
flefti. 17 For the flefh lufteih, 
againft the Spirit, and the Spirit 
againft the flelh : For thefe are 
contrary the one to the other ; fo 
that ye cannot do the things that 
ye would. 18 But if ye be led 
by the Spirit, ye are not under 
the law. 19 Now the works of 
the flefh are manifelr, which are> 
Adultery, fornication, unclean- 
nefs, lacivioufnefs, 20 Idolatry, 
witchcraft, hatred, variance, emu 
lations, wrath, llrife, feditions, 
herefies, 21 Envy ings, murders, 
drunkennefs, revellings, and iuch 
like : of the. which I tell you 
before, as I have alio told you in 
time palt, that they who do fuch 
things, {hall not inherit the king 
dom of God. 22 But the fruit 
of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, 
long-fuffering, gentlenefs, gocd- 
nefs, faith, 23 Meeknefs, tem 
perance, chaftity : againlt fuch 
there is no law* 2$. And they 
G that 

J-" Re^d, is not of me Catcalled you. 


that are Chriil s, have crucified 
the flefti, with the affe&ions and 
lulls. 25 If we live in the Spi 
rit, let us alfo walk in the Spirit. 
26 Let us not be defirous of vain 
glory, provoking one another, 
envyin g one another. 

VI. Brethren,, if a man be 
overtaken in a fault, ye which 
are fpirhual y reftore fuch an one 
in the fpirit of meeknefs ; confir 
derwg thy felf, left thy felf alfo 
be tempted. 2 Bear ye one ano 
ther s burdens, and fo fulfil the 
law of Chrift. y For if a man 
think himfelf to be fomething, 
when he is nothing, he deceiveth 
himfelf. 4 But let every man 
prove his own work, and then 
fhall he have rejoicing in himfelf 
alone, and not in another. 5 For 
every man {hall bear his own 
burden. 6 Let him that is taught 
in the word, communicate unto 
him that teacheth in all bit goods. 

7 Be not deceived ; God is not 
mocked : for whatfoever a man 
ioweth, that fhall he alfo reap. 

8 For he that foweth to his flelh, 
fhall of his rlefh reap corruption : 
but he that foweth from the Spi 
rit, (hall of the Spirit reap life 
Gverlailing. 9 And let us not be 
weary in well-doing : for in due 

feafon we mall reap, if we faint 
not. 10 As we have therefore 
opportunity, let us do good unto 
all men, efpecially unto them 
who are of the houmold of faith. 
1 1 Ye fee how large a letter 1 
have written unto you with mine 
own hand. 1 2 As many as de- 
fire to make a fair fhew in the 
flefti, they conftrain you to be 
circumcifed ; only left they mould 
fuffer perfecution for the crofs of 
Chrift. 13 For neither they them- 
felves who are circumcifed, keep 
the law ; but defire to have you 
circumcifed, that they may glory 
in your flem. 1 4 But God for 
bid that I mould glory fave in 
the crofs of our Lord Jefus Chrift, 
by whom the world is crucified 
unto me, and I unto the world. 
15 For in Chrift Jefus neither 
is circumcifion any thing, nor 
uncircumcifion, but a new crea 
ture. 1 6 And as many as walk 
according to this rule, peace Is 
on them, and mercy, and upon 
the Ifrael of God. 17 From 
henceforth let no man trouble 
me ; for I bear in my body the 
marks of the Lord Jefus Chrift. 
1 8 Brethren, the grace of our 
Lord Jefus Chrift be in your fpi- 
rir. Amen. 


The Epiftle of PAUL the Apoftle to the 

[*Read Laodiceans.^Col.IV. 16.] 

A U L an apoftle of Jefus 
Chrift, by the will of God, 
to the faints which are 

and t0 

Jefus : 2 Grace be to you, and 
.peace from God our Father, and 
the Lord Jefus Chrift. 3 Blefled 
be the Goti and Father of our 
Lord Jefus Chrift, who hath 
bleffed us with all fpiritual blef- 
fmgs in heavenly things in Chrift : 
4 According as he hath chofen 
us in him, before the foundation 
of the world, that we fliould be 
.holy, and without blame before 
him in love : 5 Having prede- 
ftinated us unto the adoption of 
children by Jefus Chrift to him- 
ielf, according to the good plea- 
fure of his will, 6 To the praife 
of the glory of his grace, where 
in he hath made us accepted in 
his beloved Son. 7 In whom 
we have redemption through his 
blood, the forgivenefs of fins, ac 
cording to the riches of his grace ; 
8 Wherein he hath abounded to 
ward us in all wifdom and pru 
dence, 9 Having made known 
unto us the myftery of his will, 
according to the good pleafure, 
which he hath purpofed in him- 
felf: 10 That in the difpenfa- 
tion of the fulnefs of times, he 
would gather together in one all 
things in Chrift, both which are 
in heaven,and which are on earth, 
in him : 1 1 In whom alfo we 
have been called ; being predefti- 
nated according to the purpofe of 
him who worketh all things af 
ter the counfel of his own will : 
a 2 That we fhould be to the 

praife of bis glory, who firft ho 
ped in Chrift. 1 3 In whom ye 
alfo did fb, after that ye heard the 
word of truth, the gofpel of your 
falvation : in whom after that ye 
believed, ye were fealed with that 
holy Spirit of promife, 1 4 Who 
is the earneft of our inheritance, 
until the redemption of the pur- 
chafed poffeflion, unto the praife 
of his glory. 15 Wherefore I 
alfo, after I have heard of your 
faith in the Lord Jefus Chrift, and 
love unto all the faints, 16 I 
will not ceafe to give thanks for 
you, making mention in my pray 
ers ; 17 That the God of our 
Lord Jefus Chrift, the Father of 
glory, may give unto you the 
fpirit of wifdom and revelation, 
in the knowledge of him : 1 8 
The eyes of your heart being en- 
lightned ; that ye may know 
what is the hope of his calling, 
what the riches of the glory of 
his inheritance in the faints, 1 9 
And what is the exceeding great- 
nefs of his power towards you 
who believe, according to the 
working of his mighty power ; 
2a Which he wrought in Chrift, 
when he raifed him from the 
dead, and fet him at his own 
right hand in the heavenly places, 

21 Far above all principality, 
and power, and might, and do 
minion, and every name that is 
named, not only in this age, but 
alfo in that which is to come : 

22 And hath put all things un 
der his feet, and gave him the 
head over all things to the church, 

23 Which is his body, the ful 
nefs of him that lilledi all in all. 

G 2 

II. An 


II. And you who were dead 
in your treipailes and iins, 2 
Wherein in time paft ye walked 
according to the courie of this 
world, according to the prince 
of the power of the air, the fpi- 
rit that now worketh in the chil 
dren of difobedience. 3 Among 
whom alfo we all had our con 
verfation in times paft, in the 
lults of our fiefti, fulfilling the 
defires of the fled, and of the 
mind ; and were by nature the 
children of wrath, even as others. 
4 But God, who is rich in mercy, 
for the great love wherewith he 
loved us, 5 Even when we were 
dead in fins, hath quickned us 
together with Chrirt, by vvhofe 
grace ye are faved. 6 And hath 
railed M up together, and made 
us fit together in heavenly places 
in Chriit Jefus. 7 That in the 
ages to come hs might Ihcw the 
exceeding riches of his grace, in 
kindnefs towards u?, through 
Chriit. 8 For by his grace are 
we faved, through faith ; and 
that not of our felves : // is the 
gift of God : 9 Not of works, 
leil any man mould boaft : 10 
For we are his workmanfhip, 
created in Chrift Jefus unto good 
works, which God hath before 
.ordained, that we fhould walk in 
them. 1 1 Wherefore remember 
that ye were in time palled Gen 
tiles in the flefh, who are called 
uncircumcifion by that which is 
Called the circumcifion in the 
fleih made by hands ; i z That 
at that time ye were without 
Chrill, being aliens from the 
commonwealth of li rael, and 
itrangers from the covenants of 
prcraife, having no hope, and 
without God in the world : i 3 
But now in Chrift Jefus, ye who 
fometimes were far off, are made 
jiigh by the blood of (Thrift. 1 4 
Fpr he is our peace, who hath 

made both one, and hath broken 
down the middle wall of parti 
tion between us ; 15 Having 
abolifhed in his ftefh the enmity, 
the law of commandments, in 
ordinances, /or to make in him- 
felf, of twain, one new man, 
making peace ; 16 And that 
he might reconcile both unto" 
God in one body by the crofs, 
having (lain the enmity thereby : 
17 And came, and preached 
peace to thofe who were afar off, 
and to thofe that were nigh. 18 
For through him we both have 
an accefs by one Spirit unto the 
Father. 19 Now therefore ye 
are no more itangers and foreign 
ers, but fellow-citizens with the 
faints, and of the houfhold of 
God ; 20 And are built upon 
the foundation of the apoltles and 
prophets, Jelus Chriit himfelf 
being the chief ccrner-flone ; 2 1 
In whom all the building fitly 
framed together, groweth unto 
an holy teinpJe in the Lord ; 22 
In whom you alfo are builded 
together for an habitation of God 
through the Spirit. , 

III. For this caufc, I Pau!, 
the prifoner of Chrift, am an 
ambafiador for you Gentiles j 
3 If ye have heard of the difpen- 
fation of the grace of God, which 
is given me to you-ward : 3 
How that by revejation he made 
known unto me the myftery, as 
I wroce afore in few words, 4 
Whereby when ye read, ye may 
underftand my knowledge in the 
mytfery of Chriit. 5 Which io, 
other ages was not made known 
unto thefons of men, as it is now. 
revealed unto his holy apoftles 
and prophets by the Holy Spi 
rit ; 6 That the Gentiles fhould 
be fellow- heirs, and of the fame 
body, and partakers of the pro- 
mife in Chrift, by the gofpe! ; 
7 Whereof I have been mad a 


miniiler, according to the gift of 
the grace of God given unto me, 
by the effectual working of his 
power. 8 Unto me, who am 
lefs than the leaft of all faints, 
is this grace given, that I mould 
preach among the Gentiles the 
unfearchable riches of Chrift. 9 
And to make all men fee, what 
is the fellowlhip of the myfterv, 
which from the beginning of the 
world, hath been hid in God, 
who crea:ed all things. 10 To 
the intent that now unto theprin- 
. .cipalities and powers in heavenly 
p/aces t might be known by the 
church the manifold wifdom of 
God, 1 1 According to the eter 
nal purpofe which he purpofed in 
Chrift Jefus our Lord: 12 In 
whom we have boldnefs and ac- 
cefs with confidence, by the faith 
of him. 13 Wherefore I defire 
{ that ye faint not at my tribula- 
tions for you, which is your 
glory. 14. For this caafe I bow 
my knees unto the Father of our 
Lord Jefus Chrirt, 15 Of whom 
the whole family in heaven and 
earth is named, 16 That he 
would grant you, according to 
the riches of his glory, to be 
ftrengthened with might, by his 
Spirit in the inner man ; 1 7 
That Chrifl may dwell in your 
hearts by faith; that ye being 
footed aijd grounded in Jove, i 8 
May be able to comprehend with 
all faints, what is the breadth, 
and length ? and height, and 
depth; 19 And to know the 
love of Chriit, which pafleth 
l^nowledge ; that ye might be 
filled with all the fulnefs of God. 

20 Now unto him that is able 
to perform exceeding abundantly 
all that we afk or think, according 
to the power that worketh in us, 

21 Unto him be glory in the 
ch f urch by Chrift Jefus, throughout 

allage?,world without end., Amen, 
1 V. I therefore the prifoner of 
the Lord, beieech you, that ye 
walk worthy of the vocation 
wherewith ye are called, 2 
With all lowlinefs and metknefs, 
with long-fufFcring, forbearing one 
another in love ; 3 Endeavour 
ing to keep the unicy of the Spi 
rit, in the bond of peace. 4 
One body, and one Spirit, even 
as ye are called in one hope of 
your calling; 5 One Lord, one 
faith, one baptifm, 6 One God 
and Father of all, who is a- 
bove all, and thrcugh all, and 
in you all. 7 But unto every 
one of us is given grace accord 
ing to the meafure of the gift of 
Chrift. 8 Wherefore he faith. 
When heafcendedup on high, he 
led a captivity captive, and gave 
gifts unto men. 9 Now that he 
afcended, what is it but that he 
alfo defcended into the lower 
parts of the earth ? i o He that 
defcended, is the fame alfo that 
afcended up far above all hea 
vens, that he might fill all things. 
1 1 And he hath given fome, 
apoftles : and fome, prophets : 
and fome, evangeliirs : and fome, 
paftors and teachers ; 12 For 
the perfecting of the faints, for 
the work of the miniftry, for 
the edify ing of the body of Chriit t 

1 3 Till we all come in the unity 
of the faith, and of the know 
ledge of the fon of God, unto a 

perfect man, unto the meafure cf 
rhe ilature of the fulnefs of Chriit : 

14 That we henceforth be no 
more children, toffed to and fro, 
and carried about with every wind 
of doctrine, by the Height of men, 
the cunning craftinefs, whereby 
they lie in wait to deceive : 1 j 
But fpeaking the truth in love, 
may grow up into him in all 
things, \yho is the head, Chrift : 

16 From 


16 From whom the whole body 
iitly joined together,and compact 
ed by that which every joint fup- 
plieth, according to the effe&ual 
working in the meafure of every 
part, maketh increafe of the body, 
unto the edifying of it.felf in love. 

1 7 This I fay therefore, and tefti- 
fy in the Lord, that ye hence 
forth walk not as the Gentiles 
walk, in the vanity of their, 
mind, 18 Having the under- 
itandingdarknedj being alienated 
from the life of God, through 
the ignorance that is in them, 
becauie of the blindnefs of their 
heart; 19 Who defpairing, have 
given themfelves over to lafcjvi- 
oufnefs, to work all uncleannels 
and greedinefs. 20 But ye have 
not Jo learned Chrift ; 21 If fo 
be that ye have heard him, and 
Jhave been taught by him, as the 
truth is in Jefus : 22 That ye 
put off concerning the former 
.converfatipn, the old man, who 
is corrupt according to the de 
ceitful luft : 23 And be renewed 
in the fpirit of your mind ; 24 
And that ye put on the new man, 
who after God is created in righ- 
teoufnefs, and holinefs, and truth. 
25 Wherefore putting axvay lying, 
fpeak every man truth with his 
neighbour : for we are members 
,one of another. 26 Be ye an 
gry, and fin not : let not the fun 
go down upon your wrath : 27 
^Neither give place to the devil. 
28 Let him that Hole, ileal no 
more : but rather let him labour; 
working with his own hands the 
thing which is good, that he may 
have to give to him that need- 
cth. 29 Let no corrupt com 
munication proceed oat of your 
:mouth, but that which is good 
to edification of faith : that 
it may minifter grace unto the 
hearers. 30 And grieve not 
the Holy Spirit of God, where 

by ye are fealed unto the day of 
redemption. 31 Let all bitter- 
nefs, and wrath, and anger, and 
clamour, and evii-fpeaking be 
put away from you, with all 
malice. 32 Be ye therefore kind 
one to another, tender-hearted, 
forgiving one another, even as 
God for Chr ill s fake hath for- 
given us. 

V. Be ye therefore followers 
of God, as dear children ; 2 
And walk in love, as Chrift alfo 
hath loved us, and hth given 
himfelf for us, an offering and a 
facrifice to God, for a fweet- 
fmelling favour. 3 But fornica 
tion, and all uncleannefs, or co- 
vetoufnefs, let it not be once 
named amongll you, as becometa 
faints. 4 Neither fijthinefs, nor 
foolilh talking, nor jelling, which 
are not convenient : but rather 
giving of thanks. 5 For this 
ye know, that no whoremonger, 
nor unclean perfon, nor covetous 
man, who is an idolater, hath 
any inheritance in the kingdom 
of Chrift, and of God. 9 Let 
no man deceive you with vain 
words : for becaufe of thefe things 
cometh the wrath of Ged upon 
the children of difobedience. 7 
Be not ye therefore partakers 
with them. 8 For ye were fome- 
times darknefs, but now light in 
the Lord : walk as children of 
light, 9 For the fruit of the 
light is in all goodnefs, and 
righteoufnefs, and truth. 10 
Proving what is acceptable unto 
God, ii And have no fellow- 
fhip with the unfruitful works of 
darknefs, but rather reprove 
them. 12 For it is a manie 
even to fpeak of thofe very 
things which are done of them 
in fecret. i 3 But all things that 
are reproved, are made manifeft 
by the light : for whatfoever doth 
make manifeft, is light. 14 


Wherefore he faith, Awake them 
that fleepeft, and arife from the 
dead, and thou ftult lay hold on 
Chriit. 15 See then that ye 
walk circurnfpedly, not as fools, 
but as wife, 16 Redeeming 
the time, becaufe the days are 
evil. 17 Wherefore be ye not 
unwife, but underllanding what 
the will of the Lord is. 1 8 And be 
ot drunken with wine, where 
in is excefs j but be filled with the 
Spirit : 19 Speaking to your 
felves in pfalms, and hymns, and 
fpiritual longs, finging and mak 
ing melody in your hearts to the 
Lord, 20 Giving thanks always 
for all things unto God the Fa 
ther, in the name of our Lord 
Jefus Chriit ; 21 Submitting your 
felves one to another in the fear 
of Chrift Jefus. 22 Wives, fub- 
jnit your felves unto, your own 
hufbands, as unto the Lord. 23 
-For the hufband is the head of the 
wife, even as Chrift is the head 
of the church : He is the Savi 
our of the body. 24 Therefore 
as the church is fubjeft unto the 
Lord, fo let the wives be to the 
hulbands in every thing. 25 
Hufband?, love your wives, even 
as Chrift alfo loved the church, 
and gave himfelf for it : 26 That 
he might fandify and cleanfe it 
with the warning of water, by the 
word, 27 That he might him 
felf prefent it a glorious church, 
not having fpot or wrinkle, or 
any fuch thing ; but that it 
fliould be holy and without 
blemifh. 28 So ought men to 
love their wives, as their own 
body : he that loveth his wife, 
loveth himfelf. 29 For no man 
ever yet hated his own flefh ; but 
nourimeth and cherilheth it, even 
as Chrift the church : 30 For 
we are members of his body, of 
hi^ flefti, and of his bones. 31 
For this caufc mail a man leave 

his father and mother, and fliafl 
je joined unto his wife, and they 
two (hall be one flefh. 32 This 
is a great myftery : but I fpeak 
concerning Chrift and the church. 
33 Neverthelefs, That every one 
of you in particular may love his 
wife even as himfelf; and that 
the wife reverence/^ hufband. 

VI. Children, obey your pa 
rents : for this is right, z Ho 
nour thy father and mother, 
which is the firft commandment, 
with promife, 3 That it may 
be well with thee, and thou mayil 
live long on the earth. 4 And 
ye fathers, provoke not your 
children to wrath : but bring 
them up in the nurture and ad 
monition of the Lord. 5 Ser 
vants, be obedient to them that 
are mailers according to the flefh, 
with fear and trembling, in fing}e- 
nefs of your heart, as unto 
Chrift : 6 Not with eye-fervice, 
as meri-pleaters, but the fervants 
of Chriit, doing the will of God 
from the heart ; 7 With good 
will doing fervice, as to the 
Lord, and not to men : 8 
Knowing that whatfoever good 
thing any man doth, the fame 
lhall he receive of the Lord, 
whether bond or free. 9 And 
ye mafters do the fame things 
unto them, forbearing threatning: 
knowing that their and your ma 
iler alfo is in heaven, neither is 
there refpeft of perfons with God. 
10 Finally, Be ftrong in the 
Lord, and in the power of his 
might, ii Put on the whole 
armour of God, that ye may be 
able to Hand againft the wiles of 
the devil. 12 For ye wreftle 
not againft fiefii and blood, 
but againft principalities, againft 
powers, againft the rulers of 
darknefs, againft fpiritual wicked- 
ednefs in high places, 13 Wheie> 
fore, take un:o you the whole 


armour of God, that ye may be 
able to withitand in the evil day ; 
and having done all, 14 Stand, 
having your loins girt about with 
truth, and having on the breaft- 
plateof righteouinefs ; 15 And 
your feet mod with the prepara 
tion of the gofpel of peace ; 16 
Above all, taking the ftiield of 
faith, wherewith ye are able to 
quench all the fiery darts of the 
wicked. 17 And the helmet of 
Talvation, and the fword of the 
Spirit, which is the word of 
God : 1 8 Praying always, with 
all prayer and fupplication in the 
.Spirit, and watching unto him, 
always in fupplication for all the 
faints; 19 And for me, that 
utterance may be given unto 

me, that I may open my mouth 
boldly, to make known the 
myftery of the gofpel : 20 
For which I am an ambaffador 
in bonds : that therein I may 
fpeak boldly, as I ought to fpeak. 
2i But that ye alfo may know 
my affairs, how I do, Tychicus 
a beloved brother and faithful 
minifter in the Lord, fhall make 
them known to you : 22 Whom 
1 have fent unto you for the fame 
purpofe, that ye might know our 
affairs, and that he might com 
fort your hearts. 23 Peace be 
to the brethren, and love with 
faith from God the Father, and 
the Lord Jefus Chrift. 24 Grace 
be with all them that love our Lord 
Jefus Chrift in fincerity. Amen. 

The Epiftle of PAUL the Apoffle, to the 

C H A P. I. 

PA U L an apoflle of Jefus 
Chrilt, by the will of God, 
and Timothy our brother, 2 To 
the faints and faithful brethren in 
Cbrift Jefus, who are at ColofTe : 
Grace be unto you, and peace 
from God our Father. 3 We 
give thanks to God the Father of 
our Lord Jefus Chrift, praying 
always for you : 4 Since we 
heard of your faith in Chrift 
Jefus, and of the love which ye 
have to all the faints ; 5 For the 
hope which is laid up for you in 
heaven, whereof ye have already 
heard in the Word of the truth 
of tl,ie goipel : 6 Which is come 
unto you, as // is in all the world, 
and bringeth forth fruit, and in- 
creafeth, as alto in you, fince the 
day ye heard */, and have ac 
knowledged the grace of Gcd in 
truth. 7 As ye learneiof pa- 

phras our dear fell ow-fer van t, 
who is for us a faithful minifter 
of Chrift ; 8 Who alfo hath de 
clared unto us your love in the Spi 
rit. 9 For this cauie we ahc, 
fince the day we heard it, do not 
ceafe to pray for you, and to de- 
fire that ye might be filled with 
the knowledge of his will, in all 
wifdom and fpiritual underiland- 
ing: 10 That ye might wa:k 
worthy of the Lord unto allplea- 
fmg, being fruitful in every good 
work, and inci eafing in the Know 
ledge of God ; 1 1 Strengthened 
with all might according to his 
glorious power, unto all patience 
and long-fuffering with joyfu 1 - 
nefs ; 12 Giving thanks unto 
the Father, who hath called us 
to be partakers of the inheritance 
of the faints in light : 13 Who 
hath delivered us from the pow 
er of darknefs, and hath tranf- 


lafed us into the kingdom of his 
dear Son : 14 Jn whom we have 
the redemption of fins, i 5 Who 
is the image of the invifible God, 
the firlt-born of the whole crea 
tion. 1 6 For by him were all 
things created that are in hea 
ven, and that are on earth, vifi- 
ble and invifible, whethefr thrones, 
or dominions, or principalicies, or 
powers : all things were created 
by him, and for him. 17 And 
he is before all things, and by 
him all things conliit. 1 8 And 
he is the head of the body, the 
church : who is the beginning, 
the firft born from- the dead ; that 
in all things he might harve the 
pre-eminence. 19 For in him 
all the fitfnefs was pleafed to 
dwell. 2cr And having made 
peace through his cfofs to recon 
cile all things unto himfelf, whe 
ther things upon earth or things 
in heaven, zi And you that 
Were ibmetime alienated, and 
enemies of his mind by wicked 
works, yet now hath he recon 
ciled, 22 In the body of his 
flefli through death, to prefent 
you holy and unblameable, and 
imreproveable in his fight : 2$ 
If ye continue in the faith 
grounded and fettled, and be not 
moved away from the hope of 
fhegofpel, which ye have heard, 
which was preached to all the 
Creation that is under heaven ; 
whereof I Paul am made a mini- 
fter. 24 Who novr rejoice in 
Bufferings for yon, and fill up 
that which is behind of the af 
flictions of Chrift in 1 my ftelh, for 
his body s fake, who is the 
church : 25 Whereof I am 
made a minifter according to the 
difpenfation of God, which is 
given to me for you, fully to 
preach the word of God ; 26 
The myftery which hath been 
hid from ages, and from genera 

tions, but now made manifeft to 
his faints : 27 To whom God 
would make known the riches 
of the glory of this myftery 
among the Gentiles ; which is 
Chriit in you, the hope of glory : 

28 Whom we preach; warning 
every man, and teaching them 
in all wifdom ; that we may pre 
fent every man perfect in Chrift. 

29 Whereunto 1 alfo labour, 
ftriving accoidingto his working; 
which worketh in me mightily. 

II. For I would that ye knew 
what great conflict 1 have for 
you," and them at Laodicea, and 
as many as have not feen mj? 
face in the flefh : 2 That 
their hearts might be comforted, 
they being knit together in love, 
unto all riches of the full affu- 
ranee of underftanding, to the 
acknowledgment of the myftery 
of God, and of the Father, 
and of Chriit ; 3 In whom are 
all the hidden treafures of wif 
dom and knowledge. 4 And 
this I fay, left any one mould be 
guile you with enticing words. 
For though I be abient in the 
flelh, yet am 1 with you in the 
fpirit, joying and beholding your 
order, and the ftedfaftnefs of yoUr 
faith in Chrift. 6 As ye have 
therefore received Chrift Jefus 
the Lord, walk ye in him : 7 
P.ooted and built up in him, and 
ftabliftied in the faith, as ye have 
alfo been taught, abounding in 
him with thankfgivirg. 8 Be 
ware left any man fpoil you 
through philofophy and vain 
deceit, after the tradition of 
men, after the rudiments of the 
world, and not after Chrift : 9 
For in him dwelieth all the 
fulnefs of the Godhead bodily. 
10 And ye are compleat in him; 
who is the head of the whoJe 
church, n In whom alfo ye 
are circumcifed with the cir- 


cumcilion made without hands, 
in putting off the body of the 
fiefh, by the circumcifion of 
Chrill : i 2 Buried with him in 
baptifm, wherein alfo ye are rifen 
with him through jhe faith of the 
operation of God, who hath 
raifed him from the dead. 13 
And you being dead in your 
fins, by the uncircumcifion of 
your fieih, hath he quickned, 
having forgiven us all our tref- 
paffes, 1 4 Blotting cut the hand 
writing of ordinances, that was 
againft us, that was contrary to 
u:, and took it out of the way, 
nailing it to his crofs : 1 5 And 
having fpoiled principalities and 
powers, he made a mew of them 
openly, triumphing over them 
in it. 16 Let no man therefore 
judge you in meat, or in drink, 
or in refpeft of an holy, day, or 
of the new moon, or of the fab- 
bath. 17 Which area madow 
of things to come ; but the body 
is of Chrift. 1 8 Let no man be 
guile you of your reward, in a 
voluntary humility, and worfhip- 
ping of angels, intruding into 

thofe things which he 
tttl hath ffeen vainly pufc 

up by his riemly mind ; 
19 And not holding the head 
Chrift, from whom all the body 
by joints and bands having nou- 
rimment miniftred, and knit to 
gether, increafeth with the in- 
creafe of God. 20 If ye be 
dead with Chrift from the rudi 
ments of the world ; why, as 
again living in the world, are ye 
fubjeft to ordinances, 2 1 Touch 
not, tafte not, handle not : 22 
Which all turn to corruption by 
the abufing of them after the 
commandments and do&rines of 
men ? 23 Which things have 
indeed a fhew of wifdom in will- 
worfliip and humility, and neg- 
lecling of the bcdy, not in any 

honour to the fatisfying of the 

1JI. If ye then be rifen with 
Chrift, feek thofe things which 
are above, where Chrift iit- 
tefh on the right hand of God, 

2 Set your affection on things 
above, not on things on the earth. 

3 For ye are dead, and your 
life is hid with Chrift in God. 

4 When Chrift your life mail 
appear, then mall ye alia appear 
with him in glory. 5 Mortify 
therefore your members which 
are upon the earth ; fornication, 
and uncleannefs, inordinate af- 
feclion, evil concupifcence, and 
covetoufnefs, which is idolatry : 
6 For which thing s fake, the 
wrath of God cometh on the 
children of difobedience. 7 In 
the which ye alfo walked ibme 
time when ye lived in them. 
8 But now you alfo put off all 
thefe ; anger, wrath, malice, 
blafphemy, filthy communication 
out of your mouth. 9 Lie not 
one to another, feeing that ye 
have put off the old man with 
his deeds ; 10 And have put on 
the new one, which is renewed 
in knowledge, after the image 
of him that created him.- n 
Where there is neither male nor 
female, Greek nor Jew, circum 
cifion nor uncircumcifion, barba 
rian and Scythian, bond and free : 
but Chrift is all, and in all. 12 
Put on therefore as the elect of 
God holy and beloved bowels of 
mercies, alfo kindnefs, humble- 
nefs of mind, meeknefs, long- 
fuffering ; 1 3 Forbearing one 
another, and forgiving one an 
ther, if any man have a quarrel 
againft any : even as the Lord 
forgave you, fo alfo do ye. 1 4 
And above all thefe things, put 
on charity, which is the bond of 
unity. 1 5 And let the peace of 
Chrift rule in your hearts, to the 



which alfo ye are called in one 
body; and be ye thankful. 16 
Let the word of Chrift dwell in 
you richly in all wifdom ; teach 
ing and admoniftiing one another 
in pfaims, hymns, Spiritual longs, 
finging with grace in your hearts 
to God. 1 7 Whatfoever ye do 
in word or deed, do all in the 
name of Jefus Chrift, giving 
thanks to God and the Father by 
him. 1 3 Wives, fubmit your 
felves unto your hufbands, as it 
is fit in the Lord, 19 Huibands, 
love your wives, and be not bit 
ter againft them. 20 Children, 
obey your parents in all things : 
for tftis is well-pleafing in the 
Lord. 2 1 Fathers, provoke not 
your children to anger, left they 
be difcouraged. 22 Servants, obey 
in all things your mafters accord 
ing to the flem ; not with eye- 
fervice, as men-pleafers, but in 
finglenefs of heart, fearing the 
Lord. 23 And whatfoever ye do, 
do it heartily, as to the Lord, 
and not unto men ; 24 Know 
ing, that of the Lord ye mail 
receive the reward of the inheri 
tance : ye ferve the Lord Chrift. 
35 For he that doeth wrong, mail 
receive for the wrong which he 
hath done : and there is no re - 
fpect of perfens. 

IV. Mailers, give unto ycur 
fcrvants that which is juft and 
eqffiil, knowing that ye alfo have 
a Mailer in heaven. 2 Continue 
in prayer, and watch in the 
fame. 3 Withal, praying alfo 
for us, that God would open unto 
us a door of utterance, to fpeak 
the myflery of Chrift, for which 
1 am alfo in bonds : 4 That I 
alfo may make it manifeft, as I 
ought to fpeak. 5 Walk in 
wildom toward them that are 
without, redeeming the time. 6 
Let your fpeech be alway with 
grace, feafoned with fait, that 

ye may knpw how ye ought to 
anfwer every man. 7 All my 
ftate mail Tychichus declare unto 
you, nubo is a beloved brother, 
and a faith fulminifter, and fellow- 
fervant in the Lord : 8 Whom 
I have fent unto you for the fame 
purpofe, that ye might know our 
eftate, and to comfort your 
hearts : 9 With Onefimus, a 
faithful and beloved brother, 
who is one of you, who {hall 
make known unto you all things 
which are here. 10 Ariftarchus 
my fellow-prifoner faluteth you, 
and Marcus fitters fon to Barna 
bas, touching whom ye received 
commandments j if he come unto 
you, receive him. 1 1 And Je 
fus, who is called Juftus, who 
are of the circumcifion. Thefe 
only are my fellow- workers unto 
the kingdom of God, who have 
been a comfort unto me. 12 
Epaphras, who is one of you, a 
fervant of Chrift, faluteth you ; 
always labouring fervently for 
you in prayers, that ye may 
ftand perfeft, and fully affured 
in all the will of Chrift. 13 
For I bear him record, that he is 
in great pain for you, and them 
that are in Laodicea, and them 
in Hierapolis. 1 4 Luke the be 
loved phyfician, and Demas greet 
you. 15 Salute the brethren 
which are in Laodicea, and 
Nymphas, and the church which 
is in his houfe. 16 And when 
this epiftle is read amongft you, 
caufe that it be read alfo in the 
church of the Laodiceans ; That 
ye likewife read the epiftle from 
Laodicea. 17 And fay to Ar- 
chippus, Take heed to the mini- 
ftry which thou haft received in 
the Lord, that thou fulfil it. 1 8 
The falutation by the hand of 
rne Paul. Remember my bonds, 
Grace be wich you. Amen. 

H 2 


The Epiftlc of P A U X, the Apoftlc to the 


PAUL and Timothy the 
fervants of Jefus Chrift, to 
ail the faints in Chrift Jefus, who 
are at Philippi, with the bifhops 
and deacons : 2 Grace be unto 
you and peace from God our Fa 
ther, and the Lord Jefus Chrift. 
3 I indeed thank our Lord upon 
every remembrance of you, 4 
Always in every prayer of mine 
for you all making requeft with 
joy : 5 For your fellowfliip in 
the gofpel from the firft day until 
now ; 6 Being confident of this 
very thing, that he who hath be 
gun a good work in you, will 
perform it until the day of Jefus 
Cnrift : 7 Even as it is meet 
for me to think this of you all, 
becaufe I have you in my heart, 
Inafmuch as both in my bonds, 
and in the defence and confirma 
tion of the gofpel, ye all are par 
takers of my grace. 8 For God 
is my record, how greatly I long 
after you all, in the bowels of 
Jefus Chrift. 9 And this I pray, 
that your love may abound yet 
more and more in knowledge, 
and all judgment ; 10 That ye 
may approve things that are ex 
cellent ; that yp may be fincere, 
and without offence till the day of 
Chrift ; 1 1 Being filled with the 
fruits of righteoufnefs, which are 
by Jefus Chrift unto the glory 
and praife of Chrift. [God.] 12 
JBut I would ye mould uhder- 
itand, brethren, that the things 
about me, have fallen out rather 
unto the furtherance of the Go- 
ipel ; 13 So that my bonds in 
Chriil are manifeft in all the pa 
lace, and in all other places ; 1 4 
And many of the brethren in the 
Xcrd waxing confident by my 

bonds, are much more bold to 
fpeak the word of God without 
fear. 15 Some indeed preacn, 
Chrift even of envy and ttrife ; 
and fome alfo of good will. 16 
But one preach Chrifl of love, 
knowing that I am let for the de 
fence ot the gofpel. 17 The 
other preach Chrift of contention, 
not fmcerely, fuppofmg to add 
affliction to my bonds : 1 8 What 
then ? notwithftanding every way, 
whether in pretence, or in truth, 
Chrift is preached ; and 1 thereiri 
do rejoice, yea, and will rejoice. 
19 For I know that this fhall 
turn to my falvation through your 
prayer, and the fupply of the 
bpirit of Jefus Chrift, 20 Ac 
cording to my earneft expectation 
and my hope, that in nothing I 
mail be afhamed, but with all 
boldnefs, as always, now alfo 
Chrift (hall be magnified in my 
body, whether by life or by death. 
21 For to me to live is Chrift, 
and to die is gain. 22 But whe 
ther I live in the fiefh, this is 
worth my while ; yet what I 
(hall choofe, I wot not. 23 But 
I am in a ftrait between two, ha 
ving a defire to depart, and to be 
with Chrift ; which is far better : 

24 Neverthelefs, to abide in the 
flem, is more needful for you. 

25 And having this confidence, 
I know that 1 lhall abide and 
continue with you all, for your 
furtherance and joy of faith : 26 
That your rejoicing may be more 
abundant in Jefus Chrift for me, 
by my coming to you again. 27 
Only let your converfation be as 
it becometh the gofpel of Chrift : 
that whether I come and fee you, 
or elfe be abfent, I may hear of 
your affairs, that ye (land faft in 



one fpirit, with one mind, itriv- 
ing together for the faith of the 
goipei ; 28 And in nothing ter 
rified by your adverfaries : which 
is to them an evident token of 
perdition, but to us of falvation, 
and that of God. 29 For unto 
you jt is given in ths behalf of 
Chrift, not only to believe on 
him, but alfo to fuffer for his 
fake ; 30 Having the fame con 
flict which ye both faw in me, 
and now hear to be in me. 

II. If there be therefore any 
confolation in Chrift, if any com 
fort of love, if any fellowfhip of 
the Spirit, if any bowels and 
mercies ; 2 Fulfil ye my joy, 
that ye be unanimous, having the 
fame love, of one accord, of one 
mind. 3 Do nothing through 
ftrife, or vain glory, but in low - 
linefs of mind let each eiteem 
others better than themfelves. 4 
Looking, not every man on his 
own things, but every man on 
the things of others. 5 Let this 
mind be in you, which was alfo 
in Chrift Jefus : 6 Who being 
in the form of a God, did not 
take upon him to be equal to a 
God : 7 But made himfelf of 
DO reputation, and took upon him 
the form of a fervant, and was 
made in the likenefs of men : 8 
jAnd being found in fafhion as a 
man, he humbled himfelf, and 
became obedient unto death, even 
the death of the crofs. 9 Where 
fore God alfo hath highly exalt 
ed him, and given him a name 
which is above every name ; 10 
That at the name of Jefus every 
knee mould bow, of things in hea 
ven, and on earth, and under the 
earth ; 1 1 And that every tongue 
fhould confefs, that Jefus Chrift 
is Lord, to the glory of God the 
Father. 1 2 Wherefore my be 
loved, as ye have always obeyed, 
BQt as in my prefence only, but 

now much more in my abfcnce 
work out your own falvation with 
fear and trembling. 13 For it 
is God who workeih in yog, both 
to will and to do of his good 
pleafure. 1 4 Do ail things with 
out murmurings and diiputings : 
1 5 That ye may be blamelefs and 
harmlefs, the fbns of God, with 
out rebuke, in the midft of a 
crooked and perverfe generation, 
among whom mine ye as lights 
in the world : 1 6 Holding forth 
the word of life ; that I may re 
joice in the day of Cflrift, that I 
have not run in vain, neither la 
boured in vain. 1 7 Yea, and if 
my blood be poured out upon the 
(acrifi.ce and fervice of your faith, 
I joy, and rejoice with you all. 
1 8 For the fame caufe alfo do 
ye joy, and rejoice wirji me. 19 
But 1 truft in Chrift Jefus, to fend 
Timothy fhortly unto you, that 
I alfo may be of good comfort, 
when I know your ftate. 20 For 
1 have no man like-minded, who 
will naturally care for your ftate. 

2 1 For all feek their own, not the 
things which are Jefus ChriiTs. 

22 But ye know the proof of 
him, that as a fon with the fa 
ther, he hath ferved with me in 
the Gofpel. 23 Him therefore 
I hope to fend prpfently, fo foon 
as 1 lhall fee how it will go with 
me. 24 But I truft in the Lord, 
that I alfo my Tel f (hall come 
fhortly. 25 Yet I fuppofed it 
neceflary to fend to you Epaphro- 
ditus, my brother, and fellow* 
foldier, but your mefTenger, and 
he that miniltred to my wants. 
26 For he longed to fee you fcll ? 
and was full of heavinefs, be* 
caufe that ye had hard that he 
had been fick. 27 For indeed he 
was lick nigh unto death : but 
God had mercy on him ; and 
not on him only, but on me alfo, 
left I fyould have forrow upojot 


forrow. 28 I have fent him 
therefore the more carefully, that 
when ye fee him again, ye may 
rejoice, and that 1 may be the 
lefs forrowful. 29 Receive him 
therefore in the Lord with all 
gladnefs, and hold fuch in repu 
tation : 30 Becaufe for the work 
of Chrift he was nigh unto death, 
expofing his life to danger to fup- 
ply your lack of fervice toward 

III. Finally, my brethren, re 
joice in the Lord. To write the 
fame things to you, to me indeed 
is not grievous, but for you // is 
fafe. 2 Beware of dogs, beware 
of evil workers, beware of the 
concifion. 3 For we are the 
circumcifion, which worfhip God 
in the fpirit, and rejoice in Chrift 
Jefus, and have no confidence in 
the flefh : 4 Though I might 
have confidence in the flefli. If 
any other man thinketh that he 
hath whereof he might truft in 
the flefh, I more : 5 Circumcifed 
the eighth day, of the ftock of 
Ifrael, of the tribe of Benjamin, 
an Hebrew of the Hebrews ; as 
touching the law, a Pharifee ; 6 
Concerning zeal, perfecting the 
church ; touching the righteouf- 
nefs which is in the law, blamelefs. 

7 But what things were gain to 
me, thofe I counted lofs for Chrift. 

8 Yea doubtlefs, and I count all 
things but lofs, for the excellency 
of the knowledge of Chrift Jefus 
my Lord : for whom I have fuf- 

fered the lofs of all things, and do 
count them but dung that I may 
win Chrift, 9 And be found in 
him, not having mine own righ- 
teoufnefs, which is of the law, 
but that which is through the 
faith of Chrift, the righteoumefs 
which is of God by faith : 10 
That I may know him, and the 
power of his refurre&km, and 
the fellowfh ; p of his fufferings, 

being made conformable unto his 
death ; 1 1 If by any means I 
might attain to that reiurre&ion 
which is of the dead : i 2 Not 
as though I had already attained, 
or am already juitified, either 
were already perfedl : but I fol 
low after, if that I may appre 
hend that for which I am appre 
hended of Chrift. 13 Brethren, 

1 count not my felf to have yet 
apprended : but one thing I do, 
forgetting thofe things which are 
behind, and reaching forth unto 
thofe things which are before, 

14 I prefs toward the mark, for 
the prize of the high calling of 
God in the Lord Jefus Chrift. 

15 Let us therefore, as many as 
be perfeft, be thus minded : and 
if in any thing ye be otherwife 
minded, God {hall reveal even 
this unto you. 16 Neverthelefs, 
whereto we have already attained, 
let us be unanimous : let us walk 
by the fame rule. 1 7 Brethren, 
be followers together of me, and 
mark them who walk fo, as ye 
have us for an enfample. 1 8 For 
many walk, of whom, we have 
faid to you often, and now tell 
you weeping, they are the ene 
mies of the crofs of Chrift : 19 
Whofe end is deft ruft ion, whole 
God is the belly : and glory is ia 
their fliame, who mind earthly 
things. 20 For our converfation 
is in heaven, from whence alio we 
look for the Saviour, the Lord Je 
fus Chrift : 21 Who (hall change 
our vile body, to be like unto his 
glorious body ; according to the 
working whereby he is able even 
to fubdue all things unto himfelf. 

IV. Therefore, my brethren, 
dearly beloved and longed for, 
my joy and crown, fo Hand faft 
in the Lord, my dearly beloved. 

2 I befeech Euodia, and befeech 
Syntyche, that they be of the 
fame miud in the Lord. 3 Nay, 

I entreat 


I entreat thee alfo, true yoke-fel 
low, help thoie women who la 
boured with me in the gofpel, 
with Clement, with other my 
fellow - labourers, whofe names 
are in the book of life. 4 Re 
joice in the Lord alway : again 
I lay, Rejoice. 5 Let your mo 
deration be known unto all men. 
The Lord is nigh. 6 Be careful 
for nothing : but in every thing 
by prayer and fupplication with 
thankfgiving, let your requefts be 
made known unto God. 7 And 
the peace of God which paffeth 
all undemanding, mail keep your 
hearts and minds through Chrift 
Jefus. 8 Finally, brethren, what- 
ibever things are true, whatfoever 
things honeft, whatfoever things 
juft, whatfoever things pure, what 
foever things lovely, whatfoever 
things of good report ; if there 
be any virtue, and if any praife 
of knowledge think on thefe 
things. 9 Thofe things which 
ye have both learned, and receiv 
ed, and heard, and feen in me, 
do : and the God of peace mall 
be with you. 10 But I rejoiced 
in the Lord greatly, that now at 
the lalt your care of me hath 
flourimed again, wherein ye were 
alfo careful, but ye lacked op 
portunity. II Not.that I fpeak 
in refpedt of want : for 1 have 
learned in whatfoever Hate I am, 
to be content. 1 2 And I know 

both to be abafed, and I know to 
abound : every where, and in all 
things I am inftruded, both to be 
full and to be hungry, both to 
abound and to fuffer need. 13 I 
can do all things through Chrift 
who ftrengthneth me. 14 Not- 
withftanding, ye have well done, 
that ye did communicate with my 
affli&ion. 1 5 Ye Philippians know 
alfo, that in the beginning of the 
gofpel, when I departed from 
Macedonia no church communi 
cated with me, as concerning giv 
ing and receiving, but ye only. 
16 For even in Theffalonica >e 
fent once and again unto my ne- 
ceffity. 17 Not becaufe I defire 
a gift : but I defire fruit that may 
abound to your account. 1 8 But 
I have all, and abound : I am 
full, having received of Epa- 
phroditus what was fent from 
you, an odour of a fweet fmell, 
a facrifice acceptable, well-plea- 
fing to God. 19 But my God 
mall fupply all your need accord 
ing to the riches in glory, by 
Chrift Jefus. 20 Now unto God 
and our Father be glory for ever 
and ever. Amen. 21 Salute 
every faint in Chrift Jefus. The 
brethren which are with me greet 
you. 22 All the faints laJute 
you, chiefly they that are of Ce- 
far s houmold. 23 The grace 
of our Lord Jefus Chrift be with 
your fpirit. Arnen. 


The Firft Epiftle of P A U L the Apoftle to tfo 


PA U LJ and Silvanus, arid 
Timothy, unto the church 
oi the Theffalonian?, in God the 
Father, and the Lord Jefus Chrift: 
Grace be unto you, and peace 
from God the Father, and the 
Lord Jefus Chrift. 2 We give 
thanks to God always for you 
all, making mention of you in 
our prayers, 3 Remernbring 
without ceafing the work of your 
faith, and labour of love, and 
patience of hope in our Lord 
Jefus Ghrift, in the fight of God, 
and our Father : 4 Knowing, 
brethren beloved,- your eleftion 
of God. 5 For our gofpel came 
not unto you in word only, but 
alfo in power, and in the Holy 
Ghoft, and in much aflarance ; 
as ye know what manner of men 
we were among you for your 
lake. 6 And ye became followers 
of us, and of the Lord ; having 
received the word in much afflic 
tion, with joy of the Holy Ghoft : 
7 So that ye are become enfam- 
ples to all that believe in Mace 
donia and in Achaia, 8 For 
from you founded out the word 
of the Lord, not only in Mace 
donia and in Auhaia, but in every 
place our faith to God-ward is 
fpread abroad, fo that we need 
not to fpeak any thing. 9 For 
they themfelves iliew of us, what 
manner of entring in we had 
unto you, and how ye turned to 
God from idols, to ierve the liv 
ing and true God, 10 And to 
wait for his Son from heaven, 
whom he raifed from the dead, 
Jefus, who delivereth us from the 
wrath that is coming. 

II. For your felves, brethren, 
knew oar fit trance in unto 

that it was not in vain. 2 But 
after that we had fuffered before, 
and were ihamefully entreated, 
as ye know, at Philippi, we were 
bold in our God to ipeak untor 
you the gofpel of God with much 
contention. 3 For our exhor 
tation was not of deceit, nor of 
uncleannefs, nor in guile : 4 
But as we were allowed of God 
to be put in truft with the gofpel, 
even fo we fpeak, not as pleating 
men, but God, who trieth our 
hearts. 5 For neither at any 
time ufed we flattering words, as 
ye know, nor a cloke of cove- 
toufnefs j God is witnefs. 6 Nor 
of men fought we glory, neithef 
of you, nor yet of others, when 
we might have been burdenfomy 
as the apoftles of Chrift. 7 But 
we were infants in the midft of 
you, even as a nurfe cherifheth 
her children : 8 So, being af- 
feclionately defirous of you, we 
were willing tb have imparted 
unto you, not the gofpel of God 
only, but alfo our own fouls, be- 
caufe ye were dear unto us. 9 
For ye remember, brethren, our 
labour and travail : labouring 
night and day, becaufe we would 
not be chargeable unto any of 
you, we preached unto you the 
gofpel of God. 10 Ye are wit- 
nefles, and God, how holily, and 
juftly, and unblameably we be 
haved our felves among you that 
believe : r r As you know, hcW 
we exhorted and comforted, and 
charged every one of you, as a 
father his children, 1 2 That ye 
would walk worthy of God, who 
hath called you unto his kingdom 
and glory. 13 For this caufe 
alfo thank we God without ceaf- 
ing, becaufe when ye received 


I. Theffalonians. 

the word of God which ye heaia 
of us, ye received // not as the 
word of men, but, as it is in 
truth, the word of God, which 
effectually worketh alfo in you 
that believe. 14 For ye, ore 
thren, became followers of the 
churches of God, which in Ju- 
dea are in Ghrift Jefus : for ye 
have fuffered like things of your 
own countrymen, even as they 
of the Jews : 15, Who both 
killed the Lord Jefus, and the 
prophets, and have persecuted us ; 
and pleafe not God, and are con 
trary to all men : 16 Forbid 
ding us to fpeak to the Gentiles, 
that they might be faved, to nil 
up their fins alway : for ; he wrath 
of God is come upon them to the 
uttermoft. 17 But we, brethren, 
being taken from you for a (hort 
time, in prefence, not in heart, 
endeavoured the more abundantly 
to fee your face with great defire. 

1 8 Wherefore we would have 
come unto you, even I Paul, once 
and again ; but Satan hindred us. 

19 For what is our hope, or joy, 
or crown of rejoicing ? are not 
even ye in the prefence of our 
Lord Jefus, at his coming ? 20 
For ye are our glory and joy. 

III. Wherefore when we could 
no longer forbear, we thought it 
good to be left at Athens alone : 
2 And fent Timothy our brother, 
and our fellow- worker wi;h God 
in the gofpel of Chrift, to efta- 
blifti you, and to comfort you 
concerning your faith ; 3 That 
no man ihould be moved by thefe 
afflictions : for your felves know 
that we are appointed thereunto. 

4 For verily when we were with 
you, we told you before, th?.t we 
ihould fuffer tribulation ; even as 
it came to pafs, and ye know. 

5 bor this caufe, when I could 
no longer fo:bear,I fent to know 
your iaith ; left by fome means 

the tempter have tempted you, 
and our labour be in vain. 6 But 
now when that Timothy is come 
from you unto us, and brought 
us good tidings of your faith and 
charity, and that ye have good 
remembrance of us always, de- 
firing greatly to fee us, as we al- 
o you : 7 Therefore, brethren, 
we are comforted over you in all 
our afrMion and diftrefs by your 
faith : 8 For now we live, if ye 
ftand faft in the Lord. 9 For 
what thanks can we render to 
God again for you, for all the 
joy wherewith we rejoiced for 
your fakes before our God, 10 
Night and day praying exceed 
ingly that we might fee your face, 
and might perfect that which is 
lacking in your faith ? 1 1 Now 
God himfelf and our Father, and 
our Lord Jefu?, direct our way 
unto you : 12 And the Lord 
Jefus make you to increafe and 
abound in love one rewards ano* 
ther, and towards all men, even 
as we do towards you : 1 3 To 
the end he may ftablifh your 
hearts unblameable in holinefs be 
fore God even our Father, at the 
coming of our Lord Jefus with 
all his faints. Amen. 

IV. Furthermore then we be- 
feech you, brethren, and exhort 
you by the Lord Jefus, that as ye 
have received of us how you 
ought to walk, and to pleafe 
God, as you do walk, fo ye would 
abound more and more. 2 For 
ye know what commandments 
we delivered to you, by our Lord 
Jefus. 3 For this is the will of 
God, your fanctincation, that ye 
mould abftain from fornication : 
4 That every one of you fliould 
know how to poflefs his veffel in 
fanctincation and honour ; 5 
Not in the luft of concupifcence, 
even as the Gentiles which know 
not the Lord. 6 That no one 

I fhould 

I. Theflalonians. 

mould overreach or defraud his 
brother in that matter : becaufe 
that the Lord is the avenger of 
all inch ; as we alfo have fore 
warned you, and teitined. 7 For 
God hath not called us unto un- 
-(Heannefs, but unto holinefs. 8 
He therefore that defpiieth, de- 
fpifeth not man, but God ; who 
hath alfo given unto you his ho 
ly Spirit. 9 But as touching bro 
therly love, we have no need to 
write unto you : for ve your felves 
are taught of God to love one 
another. 10 And indeed ye do 
it towards all :he brethren, which 
are in all Macedonfa : but we 
befeech you, Brethren, that ye 
increafe more and more ; 1 1 
And that ye ftudy to be quiet, 
and to do your own bufmels, ,and 
to work with your hands, as we 
commanded you. 12 That ye 
may walk honeftly toward them 
that are without, and may have 
lack of nothing. 13 But we 
would not have you to be igno 
rant, brethren, concerning them 
who are afleep,that ye forrow not, 
even ?.s others who have no hope. 
14 For if we believe that jefus 
died, and roie again, even fo them 
alfo which fleep in Jefus, will 
God bnng with him. 15 For 
this we fay unto you by the word 
of the Lord, that vve who are 
alive and remain unto the coming 
of the Lord, mall not prevent 
them who are a fleep. 16 For 
the Lord himfelf mall defcend 
from heaven with a fhout, with 
the voice of the archangel, and 
with the trumpet of God : and 
the dead in Chrift mail rife firll : 

17 Then we which are alive, and 
remain, fnall be caught up toge 
ther with them in the clouds, to 
meet the Lord in the air : and io 
ihall we ever be with the Lord. 

1 8 Wherefore, comfort one ano 
ther with thefe words. 

V. But of the times and the 
fealon?, brethren, ye have no need 
that I write unto you. 2 For 
your felves know perfectly that 
the day of the Lord fo cometh 
as a thief in the night. 3 And 
when they (hall fay, Peace and 
fafety ; then fudden deilruftion 
cometh npon them, as travail up 
on a woman with child ; and 
they mail not efcape. 4 But ye, 
brethren, are not in darknefs, 
that that day mould overtake you 
as a thief. , 5 For we are all the 
children of light, and the chil 
dren of the day : we are not of 
the night, nor of darknefs. 6 
Therefore let us not fleep, as do 
others ; but let us watch and be 
fober. 7 For they that fleep, 
fleep in the night ; arid they that 
be drunken, are drunken in the 
night. 8 But let us who are of 
the day, be fober, putting on the 
breaft-plate of faith, and love, 
and for an helmet, the hope of 
falvation. 9 .For God hath not 
appointed us to wrath ; but to 
obtain falvation by our Lord Je 
fus Chrift, io Who died for us, 
that whether we wake or fleep, 
we fhould live together with him. 
1 1 Wherefore comfort your felves 
together, and edify one another, 
even as alfo ye do. 12 And we 
befeech you, brethren, to know 
them who labour among you, and 
are over you in the Lord, and 
admoniih you ; 1 3 And to e- 
fleem them very highly in love 
for their works fake. Be at peace 
among them. 14 Now we ex 
hort you, brethren, warn them 
-that are unruly, comfort the 
feeble-minded, fupport the weak, 
be patient toward all men. 15 
See that none render evil for evil 
unto any man : but ever follow 
that which is good, among your 
felves, and to all men. 16 Re 
joice evermore. 17 Pray with- 


I. Theffalonians. 

put ceafing. I 8 In every thing 
give thanks : for this the will of 
God in Chrift Jefus concerning 
you. 19 Quench not the Spirit 
20 Defplfe not prophefyings. 21 
Prove all things : hold faft that 
which is good. 22 Abitain from 
all appearance :*f evil. 23 And 
the very Gou of peace fandlify 
you wholly : and may your whole 
fpirit and foul and body be pre- 

ferved blamelefs unto the coming 
of our Lord Jefus Chrift. 24 
Faithful is he that calleth you, 
who alfo will do it. 25 And 
brethren, pray for us. 26 Greet 
all the brethren with an holy 
kifs. 27 I adjure you by the 
Lord, that this epiftle be read un 
to all the brethren. 28 The 
grace of our Lord Jefus Chrift It 
with you. Amen. 

The Second Epiftle of PAUL the Apoftle to the 


PAUL, and Silvanus, and 
Timothy, unto the church 
of, the Thefialonians, in God 
our Father, and the Lord Jefus 
Chrift : 2 Grace unto you, and 
peace from God the Father, and 
the Lord Jefus Chrift. 3 We are 
bound to thank God always for 
you, brethren, as it is meet, be- 
caufe that your faith groweth ex 
ceedingly, and the charity of 
every one of you all towards 
each other aboundeth : 4 So 
that we our felves boaft of you 
in the churches of God, for 
your patience and faith in all 
your periecutions and tribula 
tion* that ye endure. 5 A 
manifeft token of the righteous 
judgment of God, that ye may 
be counted worthy of the king 
dom of God, for which ye alfo 
fuller : 6 Seeing it is a righ 
teous thing with God to recom- 
penfe tribulation to them that 
trouble you ; 7 And to you who 
are troubled, reft with us ; when 
the Lord Jefus {hall be revealed 
from heaven, with his mighty 
angels, 8 In a flame of fire, 
taking vengeance on them that 

know not God, and that obey 
not the gofpel of our Lord Jefus : 
9 Who fhall be punifhed with 
eternal deitruftion from the pre- 
fence of the Lord, and from the 
glory of his power : i o When 
he mail come to be glorified in 
his faints, and to be admired in 
all them that have believed, be- 
caufe our teftimony among you 
was believed in that day. n 
Wherefore alfo we pray always 
for you, that our God would 
count you worthy of this calling, 
and fulfil all the good pleafure of 
his goodnefs, and the work of 
faith with power : 1 2 That the 
name of our Lord Jefus may be 
glorified in you, and ye in him, 
according to the grace of God, 
and the Lord Jefus Chrift. 

II. Now we befeech you, bre 
thren, by the coming of our 
Lord Jefus Chrift, and our ga- 
thering together unto him, 2 
That ye be not foon fr.aken from 
your meaning, or be troubled, 
neither by fpirit, word, or letter, 
as by us, as that the day of the 
Lord is immediately at hand. 3 
Let no man deceive you by any 
means : for it will not be except 
I ^ there 

II. Theffalonians. 

there come an apoftacy firft, and 
that man of fin be revealed, the 
fon of percii ion : 4 Who op 
pofeth and cxalteth himfelf above 
all that is called God, or that is 
wo; fhipped ; fo that he fitteth in 
the temple of God, fhewing him 
felf that he is God. 5 Remem 
her ye nor, that when I was yet 
with you, 1 told you thefe thing- ? 
6 And now ye know what with 
holdeth, that hem ght be reveal 
ed in his time. 7 "For the my- 
ftery of iniquity doth already 
work : only he who now letteth, 
will do it, until he be taken out 
of the way. 8 And then mall 
that, wicked one be revealed, 
whom the Lord Je r us ihall flay 
with the fp;rit of his mouth, and 
fhall deflroy with the brightnefs 
of his coming : 9 Whole com 
ing is after the working of Satan, 
with all power, nnd figns, and 
wonders of a lie. 10 And with 
all deceivablenefs of unrighteoul- 
nefs, in them that perifih ; be 
caufe they received not the love 
of the truth of Chrift, that they 
might be faved. u For this 
caufe God fends them ftrong de 
lufion, that they fhall believe a 
lie : i 2 That they all might be 
judged who believed not the 
truth, but had pleafure in un- 
xighteoufnefs. 13 But we are 
bound to give thanks alway to 
God for you, brethren, beloved 
of God ; becaufe God hath from 
the beginning chofen us to falva 
tion, through fanclification of the 
Spirit, and belief of the truth : 
i 4 Whereunto he called you by 
our gofpel, to the obtaining of 
the glory of our Lord Jefus Chrift. 
1 5 Therefore, brethren, ftand faft, 
and hold our traditions which ye 
have been taught, whether by 
word, or our epiille. 16 Now 
our Lord Jefus Chrift himfelf, 
God the Father, who hath 

loved us, and hath given us ever- 
laftmg confolation, and good 
hope through grace, 17 Com 
fort your hearts, and ftablifh them 
in every good work and word. 

Ill Finally brethren, pray for 
us, that the word of the Lord 
may have its courfe, and be glo 
rified, even as it is with you ; 

2 And that we may be delivered 
fom unreafonable and wicked 
men : for all men have not faith. 

3 But God is faithful, who (hall 
itablim you, and keep you from 
evil. 4 And we have confidence 
in the Lord touching you, that 
ye both do and will do the things 
which we command ; And the 
Lord direct your hearts into the 
love of God, and into ti.e pa 
tient waiting for Chiifi. 6 Now 
we command you, brethren, in 
the name of the Lord Jefus Chrift, 
t;:at ye withdraw your felves from 
every brother that walketh dif- 
orderly, and not after the tradi 
tion which they received of us. 
7 For your felves know how ye 
ought to follow us : for we be 
haved not our felves diforderly 
among you, 8 Neither did we 
eat any man s bread for nought ; 
but wrought with labour and tra 
vel night and day, that we might 
not be chargeable to any o you : 
9 Not becau:e we have not pow 
er, but to make our felves an 
enfaznpl-.: unto you, to follow us. 
i o For even when we were with 
you, this we commanded you, 
that if any would not work, nei 
ther fhould he eat. 1 1 For we 
hear that there are fome who 
walk among you diforderly Cork 
ing not at all, but are bufy-bo- 
dies. 12 Now them that are 
fuch we command, and exhort 
by the Lord Jefus Chrift, that 
with quietnefs they work, and eat 
their own bread. 13 But ye, 
brethren, be not weary in well 

II. Theffalonians. 

doing. 14 And if any man obey 
not our word by rhis ephile, note 
that man, and to have no com 
pany with him, *hat he may be 
amamed. 15 Count him not a. 
ati enemy, but admon (h him as 
a brother. 16 Now the Lord of 
peace himfelf give you peace al 

ways, in every place. The Lord 
be with you all 1 7 The falu* 
ration of Paul with mine own 
hand, which is the token in eve* 
ry epiftle : fo I write ; 18 The 
grace of our Lord Jefus Chrift be 
wich you all. Amen. 

The Firft Epiftle of PAUL the Apoftle to 


PA U L an apoftle of Jefus 
Chrift, by the command 
ment of God our Saviour, and 
Jefus Chrift, who is our hope ; 
2 Unto Timothy, my own fon 
in the faith : grace, mercy, peace 
from God the Father, and Jefus 
Chrift our Lord. 3 As I be- 
fought thee to abide ftill at Ephe- 
fus when I went into Macedonia, 
that thou mighteft charge fome 
that they teach no other doftrine, 

4 Neither to give heed to fables, 
and endlefs genealogies, which 
minifter queftions, rather than 
godly edifying, which is in faith. 

5 Now the end of the command 
ment is charity, out of a pure 
heart, and a good confcience, 
and faith unfeigned : 6 From 
which forne having fwerved, have 
turned afide unto vain jangling ; 
7 Defiring to be teachers of the 
law, underftanding neither what 
they fay, nor whereof they af 
firm. 8 But we know that the 
law // good, if a man ufe it law 
fully ; 9 Knowing this, that the 
law is not made for a righteous 
man, but for the lawlefs and 
difobedient, and for the ungodly 
and for finners, for unholy and 
profane, for murderers of fa 
thers and murderers of mothers, 
for manflayers, 10 For whore 

mongers, for them that defile 
themfelves with mankind, for 
men-ftealers, for liars, for perju 
red perfons, and if there be any 
other thing that is contrary to 
found doctrine, n Which is 
according to the glorious goipel 
of the bleiTed God, that was com* 
mitted to my truft I 2 And I 
thank him who hath enabled me 
oy Chrift Jefus our Lord ; for 
that he counted me faithful, put 
ting me into the miniftry ; 15 
Who was before a blafphemer, 
and a perfecuter, and injurious. 
But 1 obtained mercy, for this 
caufe, that I did // ignorantly, in 
unbelief: 14 But the grace of 
our Lord was exceeding abun 
dant with faith, and love which 
is in Chrift Jelus. 1 5 This is a 
faithful faying, and worthy of all 
acceptation, that Chrift Jefus came 
into the world to fave finners ; of 
whom I am chief. 16 Howbeit, 
for this caufe I obtained mercy, 
^hat in me Jefus Chrift might 
(hew forth all his long-fuffering, 
for a pattern to them who mould 
hereafter believe on him to life 
everlafting. 17 Now unto the 
King of ages, immortal, invifi- 
ble, the only God, be honour 
and g ory, for ever and ever. 
Amen. 18 This charge I com 

I. Timothy. 

mit unto thee, fon Timothy, ac 
cording to the prophecies which 
went before on thee, that thou by 
them mighteft war a good war 
fare, 19 Holding faith, and a 
good confidence ; which lome 
having put away, concerning 
faith have made (hipwreck. 20 
Of whom is Hymeneus and A- 
lexander; whom J have delivered 
unto Satan, that they may learn 
not to blafpheme. 

II. Exhort therefore, that firft 
of all, (applications, prayers, in- 
tercefiions, and giving of thanks 
be made for all men : 2 For 
kings, and for all that are in fu- 
preme authority ; that we may 
Jead a quiet and peaceable life in 
godlineis and hcnefty. 3 For 
this is good and acceptable in the 
fight of God our Sav:cur : 4 
"Who will have all men to be fa- 
ved, and to conie unto the know 
ledge of the truth. 5 P or there 
is one God, and one Mediator 
between God and men, the man 
Chriit Jefus ; 6 Who gave him- 
felf a ranfom for all ; whofe te- 
liimony was given in his own 
times. 7 Where unto I am or 
dained a preacher, .and an apo- 
ftle, I fpeak the truth, 1 lie not, 
a teacher of the Gentiles in faith 
and verity. 8 I will therefore 
that men pray every where, lift 
ing up holy hands, without wrath 
and.difpuiings. 9 In like manner 
alfe, > that women adorn them- 
felves in modeft apparel, with 
{hamefacednefs and fobriety : not 
with broidered hair, and gold, or 
pearls, or coilly array ; 10 But, 
which becometh women profef- 
iing godlineis, with good em 
ployments. 1 1 Let the woman 
karn in jilence with all fubje&ion. 
1 2 But I fuffer not a woman to 
teach, nor to ufurp authority over 
the man, but to be in filence. 1 3 
For Adam was firft formed, then 

Eve. 14 And Adam was not 
deceived, but the woman being 
deceived was in the transgreflion. 
1 5 Not with (land ing me mail be. 
faved in child-bearing, if they, 
continue in faith and charity, and 
holinefs with fobriety. 

III. This is a human word, 
If a man deiire the office of a 
bifhop, he defireth a good work. 

2 A bifhop then mutt be blarne- 
lefs, the hufband of one wife, vi 
gilant, fober, of good behaviour, 
given to hofpitality, apt to teach ; 

3 Not given to wine, no ftriker, 
but patient, not a brawler, not 
covetous ; 4 One that ruleth 
well his own houfe, having his 
children in fubjeclion with all 
gravity ; 5 For if a man know 
not how to rule his own houfe, 
how fhall he take care of the 
church of God ? : 6 Not a novice, 
left being lifted up with pride, 
he fall into ihe judgment of the 
devil. 7 Moreover, he mutt have 
a good report of them who are 
without ; left he fall into reproach, 
and into the innre of the devil. 
8 Like wife let the deacons be 
grave, not double-tongued, not 
given to much wine, not greedy 
of filthy lucre, 9 Holding the 
myftery of the faith in a pure 
confcience. 10 And let thefe. 
alfo firft be proved ; and thus let 
them u(e the office of a deacon, 
being blameleis. 1.1 Even fo 
let the the wives be grave,, not 
flanderers, fober, faithful in all 
things. 12 Let the deacons be 
the hufbands of one wife, ruling 
their children, and their own 
houfes well, i; For they that 
have ufed the ofrice of a deacon 
well, purchafe to themfelves a 
good degree, and great boldnefa 
in the faith, which is in Chrift 
Jefus. 1 4 Thefe things write I 
unto thee, hoping to come unto 
theefhortly; 15 But if I tar 

long, that thou may ft know how 
thou oughteft to behave thy feif 
in the houfe of God, which is 
the church of the living God, 
the pillar and ground of the 
truth. 16 And without contro- 
verfy, great is the my- 
f of the er y .j. O f godlinefs : 
rdt who was manifeiled in 
the flefh, juilified in Spirit, feen 
of angels, preached among Gen 
tiles, believed on in the world, 
received up in glory. 

IV. Now the fpirit fpeaketh 
cxprefly, that in the lauer times 
fome {hall depart from the faith, 
giving heed to feducing fpirits, 
the doftrines of daemons ; 2 
Speaking lies in hypocrify, ha 
ving their own confcience feared 
with an hot iron ; 3 Forbidding 
to marry, commanding to abltam 
from meats, which God hath 
created to be received with thankf- 
giving of them who believe 
and know his truth. 4 For eve 
ry creature of God is good, and 
nothing to be refufed, if it be 
received with thankfgiving : 5 
For it is fanftihed by the word 
of God, and prayer. 6 If thou 
put the brethren in remembrance 
of thefe things, thcu (hak^be a 
good miniiter of Jews Chrift, 
nourifhed up in the words o 
. faith, and of good dcctrine,\vhere- 
unto thou hall attained, 7 But 
refule profane and old wives fa 
ble?, and exerciie thy feU unto 
godlinefs. 8- For bodily* exer- 
cife profheth little : godlinefs is 
profitable unto all things, having 
promife of the life that now is, 
and of that which is to come, c 
This it a faithful faying, anc 
worthy of all acceptation. 10 
For therefore we labour, and (of 
fer reproach, becaofe we truft in 
the living God, who is the Sa 
viour of all men, fpecially o 
thpfe that believe. 11 Thefe 

L Timothy. 

hings command and teach. I 2 
Let no man defpife thy youth, 
but be thou an example of the 
believers, in word, in converfa- 
ion, in chanty, in faith, in pu- 
ity. 13 Till I come, give at- 
endance to reading, to exhorta- 
ion, to doarine. 14 Neglect 
not the gift that is in thee, which 
vas given thee by Prophecy, 
with the laying on of the hands 
of the prefbytery. x 5 Meditate 
upon thefe things, give thy felf 
wholly to them ; that thy pro 
fiting may appear to all. 16 
Take heed unto thy felf, and 
unto thy doarine ; continue in 
hem : for in doing this thou 
{halt fave both thy felf, and them 
hat hear thee. 

V. Rebuke not an elder, but 
ntreat him as a father, the young 
er men as brethren ; the elder 
women as mothers, the younger 
as filters, with all purity. 3 Ho 
nour widows that are widows in 
deed. 4 But if any widow have 
children or grandchildren, let 
them learn firltto teach their own 
houfes piety, and to requite their 
parents : for that is acceptable 
before God. 5 Now (he that is 

widow indeed, and defolate, 
hath trufted in the Lord, and 
continued in fupplications and 
prayers night and day. 6 But 
{he that liveth in pleafure, is dead 
while me liveth. 7 And thefe 
things give in charge, that they 
may be blamelefs. 8 But if any 
provide not for his own, and fpe 
cially for thofe of his own houfe, 
he hath denied the faith, and is 
vvorfe than an infidel. 9 Let not 
a widow be taken into the num 
ber, under threefcore years old, 
having been the Wife of one 
hufband, 10 Well reported of 
for good works ; if fte have 
brought up children, if {he have 
lodged itrange.s, if fhe have 

1 Timothy. 

warned tke faints feet, if me have 
relieved the affli&ed, it fhe have 
diligently followed every good 
work. 1 1 But the younger wi 
dows refufe : for when they have 
begun to wax wanton againft 
Chriil, they will marry ; 1 2 
Having judgmenr, becaufe they 
have catt off tne firft promife. i 3 
And withal they learn to be idle, 
wandering about from houfe to 
houfe ; and not only iole, but 
tattler alfo, and buy-bodies, 
fpeakirg things which they ought 
not. 14 I will therefore tnai 
the younger women many, bear 
children, guide the houfe, give 
none occafion to the adverfaiy to 
^peak reproachfully. 15 For 
fome are already turned atide af 
ter Satan. 16 If any man or 
woman that believeth have wi 
dows, let them relieve them, and 
let not the church be charged ; 
that it may relieve them that are 
widows indeed. 17 Let the eld 
ers that rule well, be counted 
worthy of double maintenance, 
efpecially they who labour in the 
word and doftrine. 1 8 For the 
fcripture faith, Thou malt not 
muzzle the ox that treadeth out 
the corn : and, The labourer is 
worthy of his reward. 19 A- 
gainft an elder receive not an ac- 
cufation, unlefs it be upon two 
or three witnefles. 20 But them 
that fin rebuke before all, that 
others alfo may fear. 21 I charge 
thee before God and the Lord 
Jefus, and the eletl angels, that 
thou obferve thefe things without 
preferring one before another, 
doing nothing by partiality. 22 
Lay hands fuddenly on no man, 
neither be partaker of other mens 
fins : keep thy felt pure. 23 
Drink no longer water, but ufe a 
liitle wine for thy ftomachs fake, 
and thine often infirmities. 24 
Some mens fins are open before 

hand, going before to Judgment ; 
and fome mens they f How after. 
25 Likewif alfo the good works 
re manifeft beforeha d ; and thoiie 
that are otherwife canno be hid. 

VI. Let as many fervants as 
are under the yoke, count their 
own matters >. orthy of all ho 
nour ; that the name of the 
Lord, and the doftriue be not 
blafphemed. 2 And they that 
have believing matters, let them 
not d fpife them, becaufe they 
are brethren : but rather do them 
fervice, becaufe they are faithful 
and beloved, partakers of the 
benefit. Thefe things teach and 
exhort 3 If any man teach 
otherwife, and confent not to 
wholfome words, the words of 
our Lord Jefus Chrift, and to the 
doctrine which is according to 
godlinefs ; 4 He is proud, know 
ing nothing, but doting about 
queftions and ttrifes of words, 
whereof are begotten envyings, 
ftrifes, railings, evil furmifings, 
5 Perverfe difpurings of men of 
corrupt minds, and turning from 
the truth, fuppofing that gain 
is godlinefs : 6 But godlinefs, 
with contentment, is great gain. 
7 For we brought nothing into 
the world, and certainly we can 
ca-ry nothing out. 8 And ha 
ving food and raiment let us be 
therewith content. 9 But they 
that will be rich, fall into temp 
tation, and the fnare of the de 
vil, and many foolifh and hurt 
ful lufts, which drown men in 
deilruclion and perdition. 10 
For the love of money is the 
root of all evil : which while 
fome have coveted after, they 
have erred from the faith, and 
pierced themfelves through with 
many forrows. 1 1 But thou, O 
man of God, flee thefe things : 
and follow alter righteoufntfs, 
godlinefs, faith, love, patience, 

meeknefs. 12 Fight the good 
fight of faith, lay hold on eter 
nal life, w hereunto thou art cal 
led, and hail profefted a good 
profeffion before many witncffes. 
i 3 I give thee charge in the fight 
of God, who quickeneth all 
thing?, and Chrift Jelus, who be 
fore Pontius Pilate witneffed a 
good confcflion ; 14 That thou 
keep the commandment both 
without fpot, and unrebukable, 
until the appearing of our Lord 
Jefus Chrift : 1 5 Which in his 
times he (hall mew, who is the 
blefied and only Potentate, the 
King of kings, and Lord of 
lords ; 16 Who only hath im 
mortality, and dwelling in the 
light which no man can ap 
proach unto, whom no man hath 
ieen, nor can fee : to whom be 

II. Timothy. 

honour and eternal power. A* 
men. i 7 Charge them that are 
the rich of this prefenc age, that 
they be not high-minded, nor 
trull in uncertain riches, but in 
the living God, who giveth us 
richly all things to enjoy : 1 3 
That they do good, that they 
be rich in good works, ready to 
diftribute, willing to communi 
cate ; . 19 To lay up in ftore for 
themfelves a good foundation a- 
gainll the time to come, that they 
may lay hold on that li^e which 
is real. 20 O Timothy, keep 
that which is committed to thy 
t-uft, avoiding profane vain bab- 
lings, and oppofitions of fcience 
falfly (o called : 21 Which C.-me 
profeffing, have erred concerning 
the faith. Grace be with mee. 

The Second Epiftle of PAUL the Apoftle, to 


PA U L an apoftle of Chriil 
Jefus by the will cf God, 
according to the promife of life, 
which is in Chrift Jefus ; 2 To 
Timothy, my dearly beloved fon : 
Grace, mercy, peace from God 
the Father, and Chrift Jefus our 
Lord. 3 I thank my God, whom 
I ferve from my forefathers with 
pure confcience, that without 
ceafing I have remembrance of 
thee in my prayers night and 
day : 4 Greatly defiring to fee 
thee, being mindful of thy tears, 
that I may be filled with joy : 
5 When I call to remembrance 
the unfeigned faith that is in thee, 
which dwelt firft in thy grand 
mother Lois, and thy mother 
Eunice ; and I am perfuaded that 
in thee alfo. 6 Wherefore I put 

thee in remembrance, that thou 
ftir up the gift of God, which is 
in thee by the putting on of my 
hands. 7 For God hath not gi 
ven us the fpirit of fear ; but of 
power, and of love, and of a 
found mind. 8 Be not thou 
therefore aftiamed of the teftimo- 
ny of our Lord, nor of me his 
prifoner : but be thou partaker 
of the afHiftions of the gofpel, 
according to the power of God ; 

9 Who hath faved us, and call 
ed us with an holy calling, not 
according to our works, but ac 
cording to his own purpofe and 
grace which was given us in Chrift 
Jefus, before the world began, 

10 But is now made manifeft by 
the appearing of our Saviour Jefus 
Chrift, who hath abolimed death, 
and hath brought life and immor- 

K tality 

IL Timothy. 

tality to lighf, through the go- 
fpel : 1 1 Whereunto I am ap 
pointed a preacher, and an apo- 
ille, and a teacher of the Gen 
tiles. 1 2 For the which caufe 1 
alfo fuffer thefe things ; never- 
thelefs 1 am not afhamed : for I 
know whom I have believed, and 
I am perfuaded that he is able to 
keep that which I have commit 
ted unto him againit that day. 
1 3 Hold faft the form of found 
words, which thou hail heard of 
me, in faith and love which is 
in Chrift Jefus. 1 4 That good 
thing which was committed unto 
thee, keep, by the Holy Ghoft 
which dwelled* in us. 15 This 
thou knoweft, that all they who 
are in Afia be turned away from 
me ; of whom are Phygellus and 
Hermogenes. 16 The Lord give 
mercy unto the houfe of Onefi- 
phorus ; for he oft refrefhed me, 
and was not afiiamed of my 
chain. 17 But when he was in 
Rome, he fought me out dili 
gently, and found me. 1 8 The 
Lord grant unto him that he may 
find mercy of God in that day : 
And in how many things he mi- 
niftred unto me at Ephefus, thou 
knoweft very well. 

II. My fon, be ftrong in the 
grace that is in Chriil Jefus. 2 
And the things that thou haft 
heard of me among many wit- 
nefles, the fame commit thou to 
faithful men, who lha!l be able 
to teach others alfo. 3 Thou 
therefore endure hardnefs with 
them, as a good fellow-foldier of 
Jefus Chrift. 4 No man that 
warreth, entangleth himfelf with 
the affairs of life ; that he may 
pleafe him who hath chofen him 
to be a foldier. 5 And if a 
3nan alfo ftrive for mafteries, he 
is not crowned except he ftrive 
lawfully. 6 The hufbandman 
labouring firfl, muft be partaker 
Sf the fruits; 7 Mind what I 

fay ; and the Lord will give thee 
undemanding in all things. 8 
Remember that Jefus Chrift of 
the feed of David, was railed 
from the dead, according to my 
gofpel : 9 Wherein I fuffer trou 
ble an an evil-doer, unto bonds ; 
but the word of God is not bound. 
10 Therefore I endure all things 
for the clefts fakes, that they 
may alfo obtain the falvation 
which is in Chrift Jefus, with e- 
ternal glory. 1 1 // is a faithful 
faying. For if we be dead with 
him, we fball alfo live with him : 
i If we fuffer, we mail alfo 
reign with him : if we deny him, 
he alfo will deny us ; 13 If we 
believe not, he abideth faithful ; 
he cannot deny himfelf. 1 4 Of 
thefe things put them in remem 
brance, charging them before the 
Lord, that they ftrive not about 
words, to no profit, to the fub- 
verting of the hearers. 15 Study 
to ihew thy felf approved unto 
God, a workman that needeth 
not to be afhamed, rightly divi 
ding the word of truth. 1 6 But 
fhun profane and vain bablings ; 
for they will increafe unto more 
ungodlinefs. 1 7 And their word 
will eat as doth . canker : of 
whom is Hymeneus and Phile- 
tus ; 1 8 Who concerning the 
truth have erred, faying, that 
the refurreftion is paft already ; 
and overthrow the faith of fome. 

19 Neverthelefs, the foundation 
of God ftandeth fure, having 
this feal, The Lord knoweth 
them that are his. And, Let 
every one that nameth the name 
of the Lord depart from iniquity. 

20 But in a great houfe there are 
not only veifels of gold, and of 
filver, but alfo of wood, and of 
earth ; and fome to honour, and 
fome to dilhonour. 21 If a man 
therefore purge himfelf from 
thefe, he jhali be a veffel unto 


II. Timothy. 

honour, fan&ified, meet for the 
mailers ufe, prepared unto every 
good work. 22 Flee alfo youth 
ful lufts : but follow righteoufnefs, 
faith, chanty, peace, with them 
that call on the Lord out of a 
pure heart. 23 But foolifh and 
unlearned queilions avoid, know 
ing that they do gender ftrifes. 
24 And the fervant of the Lord 
mult not ftrive ; but be an infant 
unto all men, apt to teach, pa 
tient, 25 In meeknefs inftrocl:- 
ing thofe that oppofe themfelves ; 
if God peradventure will give 
them repentance to the acknow 
ledging of the truth ; 26 And 
that they may recover themfelves 
out of the mare of the devil, 
who are taken captive by him at 
his will. 

III. This know alfo, that in 
the laft days perilous times will 
come. 2 For men will be lovers 
of their own feives, covetous, 
boarters, proud, blafprtiemers, dif- 
obedient to parents, unthankful, 
unholy, 3 Without natural af 
fection, truce breakers, falfe-ac- 
cufers, incontinent, fierce, defpi- 
fers of thofe that are good, 4 
Treacherous, heady, high- mind 
ed, lovers of pleaiures more that 
lovers of God ; 5 Having a 
form of godlinefs, but denying 
the power thereof : from fuch 
turn away : 6 For of this fort 
are they who creep into houfes, 
and lead captive filly women la 
den with fins, led away with di 
vers lufts, 7 Ever learning, and 
never able to come to the know 
ledge of the truth. 8 Now as 
Jannes and Jambres withftood 
Mofes, fo do thefe alfo refift the 
truth : men of corrupt minds, 
reprobate concerning the faith. 

9 But they mall proceed no fur 
ther : for their folly fhall be ma- 
nifeft unto all, as theirs alfo was. 

10 But thou haft fully known 

my doclrine, manner of life, pur- 
pofe, faith, long-fuffering, cha 
rity, patience, 1 1 Perfections, 
afflictions which came unto me at 
Antioch, at Iconiun, at Lyftra ; 
what perfecutions I endured : bat 
out of them all God delivered 
me. 12 Yea, and all that will 
live gcdly in Chrift Jefus, will 
fuffer perfection. 13 But evil 
men and feducers will wax worfe 
and worfe, deceiving, and being 
deceived. 1 4 But continue thou 
in the things which thou haft 
learned, and haft been afiured of; 
knowing of whom thou haft 
learned ; 15 And that from a 
child thou haft known the holy 
fcriptures, which are able to make 
thee wife unto falvation, through 
faith which is in Chriit Jefus. 16 
All icripture is given by infpira- 
tion of God, and is profitable for 
doclrine, for reproof, for correc 
tion, for inftrudion in righteouf 
nefs : 1 7 That the man of God 
may be perfedl, throughly fur- 
nifhed unto all good works. 

IV. I charge tbee before God, 
and the Lord Jefus, who ihali 
judge the quick and the dead at 
his appearing alfo, and his king 
dom : 2 Preach the word, be 
inftant in feafon, out of feafon ; 
reprove, rebuke, exhort with all 
long-fuffering and doctrine. 3 
For the time will come when 
they will not endure found do- 
ftrine ; but for their own lufts 
will they heap to themfelves 
teachers, having itching ears. 4 
And they will turn away their 
ears from the truth, and will be 
turned unto fables. 5 But watch 
thou in all things, endure afflic 
tions, do the work of an evan- 
gelift, make full proof of thy 
minittry. 6 For I am now rea 
dy to be offered, and the time of 
my departure is at hand. 7 I 
have fought the good fight, I 
K. 2 have 


have finifhed my courfe, I have 

kept the faith. 8 Henceforth 

there is laid up for me a crown of 

righteoufnefs, which the Lord, 

the righteoir, judge, will give me 

at that day : and not to me only, 

but unto them alfo that love his 

appearing. 9 Do thy diligence 

to come fhortly unto me. 10 

For D?mas hath forfaken me, 

having loved this prefem world, 

and is departed unto Theflaloni- 

ca : Crefcens to Gaiatia, Tirus 

unto Daimatia. n Only Luke 

is with me. Take Mark, and 

bnng him with thee : for he is 

profitable to me foi the minitiry. 

12 And Tychicus have I lent to 

Ephefus. i 3 Bring the cloak 

that! left ajTroas with Carpus, 

when t vi ou comeit, and the books; 

but elprcialiy the parchments. 1 4 

Alexander the copperfmith hath 

done me much evil : the Lord 

will regard r, : m according to his 

works. 15 Of whom be thou 

ware aifo ; for he hath greatly 

withftoocJ our words. 16 At my 
firit Apology no man flood with 
me, but all men forfook me : 
may it not be laid to their charge. 
17 Notwithilanding, the Lord 
flood with me, and ftrengthned 
me ; that by me the preaching 
might be fully known, and all 
the Gentiles might hear : and I 
was delivered out of the mouth 
of the lion. 1 8 The Lord will 
deliver me from every evil \\ork, 
and will preferve me unto his 
heavenly kingdom ; to whom 
be glory for ever and ever. Amen. 
1 9 Salute rVifca and Aquila, and 
the houfliold of Onefiphorus. 20 
Eraftus abode at Corinth : but 
r l lophimus have I left at Mile 
tus fick. 21 Do thy diligence 
to come before winter. Eubulus 
greeted thee, and Pudens, and 
Linus, and Claudia, and all the 
brethren. 22 The Lord Jefus 
Chnit be with thy fpirit. Grace 
be with us : Farewel in peace : 

The Epiftle of PAUL to TITUS. 

A U L a fervant of God, 
ar d an apoftle of Jefus 
J)r.l!r, according to the faith of 
God s elecl, and the acknow 
ledging of the truth, which is 
after godlinefs : 2 In -hope of life, , which God, that 
Cars not lif, promiied before eter 
nal age: : 3 But hath in due 
times manifested his word through 
prenching, which is committed 
unto me, according to the com- 
jnanJ*.;-nt of God our Saviour : 
4 To Titus mine own ion after 
the common faith : Grace and 
peace from God the Father, and 
the Lord Jefus our Saviour. 5 
,Foi this caufe left I thee in Crete, 

that thou moulded fjt in order the 
things that are wanting, and or 
dain elders in every city, as I 
had appointed thee. 6 If any 
be blamelefs, the hufband of one 
wiie, having faithful children, 
not accufed of riot, or unruly. 
7 For a b mop mufl be blamelefs, 
as the He ward of God ; not felf- 
willed, not foon angry, not gi 
ven to wine, no ftriker, not gi 
ven to filthy lucre : 8 But a 
lover of hofpitality, a lover of 
good men, fober, juir, holy, with 
out paffion j 9 Holding fail the 
faithful word, as he hath been 
taught, that he may be able by 
found doclrine, both to exhort 
and to convince the gajn-fayer?. 
10 Fcr 


.10 For there are many unruly 
and vain talkers and deceivers, 
but efpecially they of the circum- 
cifion : 1 1 Whofe mouths mutt 
be Hopped, who fubvert whole 
houfes, teaching things which 
they ought not, for filthy lucre s 
fake. 1 2 One of themfelves, a 
prophet of their own, faid, The 
Cretians are alway liars, evil 
bealb, flow bellies. 13 This 
witnefs is true : wherefore rebuke 
them fharply, that they may be 
found in the faith ; 14 Not giv 
ing heed to Jewifth fables, and 
commandments of men, that turn 
from the truth. 15 Unto the 
pure all things art pure : but 
I unto them that are defiled, and 
unbelieving, is nothing pure ; but 
even their mind and confcience is 
defiled. 16 They profefs that 
they know God ; but in works 
they deny him, being abomina 
ble, and difobedient, and unto 
e\nery good work reprobate. 

II. But fpeak thou the things 
which become found dodlrine : 
2 That the aged men be fober, 
grave, temperate, found in faith, 
in charity, in patience : 3 The 
aged women likewise, that they 
be in behaviour as becometh ho- 
linef?, not falfe accufers, not gi 
ven to much wine, teachers of 
good things ; 4 That they may 
teach the young women to be fo 
ber, to love their hufbands, to 
Jove their children, 5 To be di- 
fcreet, chafte, keepers at home, 
good, obedient to their own huf 
bands, that the word of God be 
not blafphemed. 6 Young men 
likewife exhort to be fober-mind- 
ed. 7 In all things {hewing thy 
felf a pattern of good works : 
in doclrine, gravity, fincerity, 
8 Sound Speech that cannot be 
condemned ; that he that is of 
the contrary part, may be a- 
Jhamed, having no evil thing to 

fay of us. 9 Ye fervants be 
obedient unto your own matters, 
pleafe them well in all things; 
not anlwering again, 10 Is ei 
ther purloining, but mewing all 
good fidelity ; that they may a- 
dorn the dodlrine of God our Sa 
viour in all things. I c For the 
grace of God that bringeth falva- 
tion, hath appeared to all men: 
12 Teaching us, that deny 
ing ungodlinefs and worldly lufts, 
we mould live foberly, righte- 
oufly, and godly in this prefent 
world ; 1 3 Looking for that 
bleffed hope, and the glorious ap 
pearing of the great God, and 
our Saviour Jefus Chritt : * 14 
Who gave himfelf for us, that 
he might redeem us from all ini 
quity, and purify unto himfelf a 
peculiar people, zealous of good 
works. 15 Thefe things fpeak 
and exhort, and rebuke with all 
authority. Let no man defpife 

III. Put them in mind to be 
fubjecl to principalities and pow 
ers, to obey magiftrates, to be 
ready to every good work. 2 
To fpeak evil of no man, to be 
no brawlers, but gentle, ihewing 
all meekneis unto all men. 3 
For we our felves alfo were fome- 
times foolifti, difobedient, deceiv 
ed, ferving divers lufts and plea- 
fures, living in malice and envy, 
hateful, and hating one another. 
4 But after that the kindnefs 
and love of God our Saviour to 
ward man appeared, 5 Not by 
works of righteoufnefs, which we 
have done, but according to his 
mercy he faved us by the warn 
ing of regeneration, and renew 
ing by the Holy Ghoft ; 6 Which 
he (hed on us abundantly, through 
Jefus Chrift our Saviour: 7 
That being juftified by his grace, 
we mould be made heirs accord 
ing to the hope of eternal life. 
8 Wt 


8 This is a faithful faying, and 
thefe things I will that thou af 
firm conftantly, that they who 
have believed in God, may be 
careful to employ themfelves in 
Jioneft trades: thefe things are 
good and profitable unto men. 9 
But avoid foolifh queftions, and 
genealogies, and contention, and 
drivings about the law ; for they 
are unprofitable and vain. 10 A 
man that is an heretick, after one 
admonition, and two rejecl : 1 1 
Knowing that he that is fuch, is 
fubverted, and fmneth, being felf- 
condemned. 12 When 1 mall 

fend Artemas unto thee, or Ty- 
chicus, be diligent to come unto 
me to Nicopolis : for I have de 
termined there to winter. 13 
Bring Zenas the lawyer and A- 
pollos on their journey diligenly, 
that nothing be wanting unto 
them. 14 And let ours alfo 
learn to maintain good works for 
neceflary ufes, that they be not 
unfruitful. 14 AH that are with 
me falute thee. Greet them that 
love us in the faith. The Grace 
of the Lord be with you all. 

TheEpiflleof PAUL to PHILEMON. 

A U L an Apoftle of Jefus 
^ Chrift, and Timothy a 
brother, unto Philemon our be 
loved brother, and fellow-labou 
rer, 2 And to Apphia our be 
loved filter, and Archippus our 
fellow-foldier, and to the church 
in thy houfe : 3 Grace to you, 
and peace from God our Father 
arid the Lord Jefus Chrift. 4 I 
thank my God, making mention 
of thee always in my prayers, 
5 Hearing of thy faith and love, 
which thou haft toward the Lord 
Jefus Chrift, and toward all 
faints ; 6 That the commnnica- 
tion of thy faith may become ef 
fectual by the acknowledging of 
every good thing, which is in 
you in Chrift Jefus. 7 For we 
have had great joy and confolati- 
on in thy love, becaufe the bow 
els of the faints are refreftied by 
thee, Brother. 8 Wherefore 
though I might be much bold 
in Chrifl, to enjoyn thee that 
which is convenient, 9 Yet for 
loves fake I rather befeech thee, 
being fuch an one as Paul the 

aged, and now alfo a prifoner. 
10 I befeech thee for my (on O- 
nefimus, whom I have begotten 
in my bonds : 1 1 Who in time 
paft was to thee unprofitable, but 
now profitable to thee and to me: 
12 Whom 1 have fen t to thee: 
receive him, that is mine own 
bowels. !3 Whom I would 
have retained with me, that in 
thy ftead he might have miniilred 
unto me in the bonds of the gof- 
pel. 14 But without thy mind 
would I do nothing ; that thy 
benefit mould not be as it were of 
neceffity, but willingly. 1 5 For 
perhaps he therefore departed for 
a feafon, that thou mouldil re 
ceive him for ever; 16 Not 
now as a fervant, but above a 
fervant, a brother beloved, fpe- 
cially to me, but how much 
more unto thee, both in the flefh, 
and in the Lord ? 1 7 If thou 
count me therefore a partner, re 
ceive him as my felf. 18 If he 
hath wronged thee, or oweth 
ought, put that on mine account. 
19 I Paul have written // with 


mine own hand, I will repay it : 
albeit I do not fay to thee how 
thou oweil unto me even thine 
own felf befides in the Lord. 
20 Yea, Brother, let me have 
joy of thee in the Lord : refrelh 
my bowels in the Lord. 2*1 
Having confidence in thy obedi 
ence, 1 wrote unto thee, know 
ing that thou wilt alfo do more 
than 1 fay. 22 But withal pre 

pare me alfo a lodging : for I 
truit that through your prayers I 
{hall be given unto you. 25 
There falutes thee Epaphras, my 
fellow- prifoner in Chrift Jefus ; 
24 Marcus, Ariltarchus, Demas, 
Lucas, my fellow labourers. 2; 
The grace of our Lord Jefus 
Chrift be with your fpirit. 

The Epiftle of PAUL the Apoftle to the 


GO D, who at (undry times, 
and in divers manners, 
fpake in time paft unto the fa 
thers by the prophets, 2 Hath 
in thefe lait days fpoken unto us 
by his Son, whom he hath ap 
pointed heir of all things, by 
whom alfo he made the age?. 3 
Who being a beam of his glory, 
and the exprefs image of his fub- 
ftance, and upholding all things 
by the word of his power, when 
he had by him felf purged fins, 
fat down on the right hand of the 
Majefty on high : 4 Being made 
fo much better than the angels, 
as he hath by inheritance obtain 
ed a more excellent name than 
they. 5 For unto which of the 
angels faid he at any time, Thou 
art my Son, this day have I be 
gotten thee ? And again, I will 
be to him a Father, and he mall 
be to me a Son ? 6 And when 
he bringe:h in again the firft-be- 
gott^n into the world, he faith, 
And let all the angels of God 
worihip him. 7 And of the an- 
r -Is he faith, Who maketh his 
i-n^ei^ fpirits, and his minifters a 
Same of fire. 8 But unto the 
Son, Thy throne, O God, it for 

ever and ever ; and a fceptre of 
righteoufnefs the fceptre of thy 
kingdom : 9 Thou haft loved 
righteoufnefs, and hated iniquity j 
therefore God thy God hath aa- 
nointed thee with the oyl of glad- 
neis above thy fellows. 10 And, 
Thou Lord, in the beginning haft 
laid the foundation of the earth ; 
and the heavens are the works of 
thine hands. 1 1 They mall pe- 
rifh, but thou remained : and 
they all fhall wax old as doth a 
garment ; 12 And as a veilure 
(halt thou change them, and they 
(hall be changed as a garment : 
but thou art the fame, and thy 
years mall not fail. 1 3 But to 
which of the angels faid he at 
any time, Sit on my right hand, 
until I make thine enemies thy 
footftool ? 14 Are they not all 
miniilring fpirits, fent forth to 
minifter for them who mail be 
heirs of falvation ? 

II. Therefore we ought to 
give the more earneft heed to the 
things which we have heard, leifc 
at any time we (hould let them 
flip. 2 For if the word fpokea 
by angels was ftedfaft, and every 
tranfgreflion and difobedieflce re 
ceived a juft recompence of re 
ward -, 


ward ; 3 How (hall we efcap 
v if we negleft fo great falvation 
which at the fir it began to be ipo 
ken by the Lord, and was con 
firmed unto us by them that hear< 
him ; 4 God alfo bearing them 
vvitnefs, both with figns and won 
ders, and wifh divers miracles 
and gifts of the Holy Ghoft, ac 
cording to the will of God. < 
For unto the angels hath he no t 
put in fubjeclion the world to 
come, whereof we fpeak. 
But one in a certain place tefti- 
fied, faying, What is man that 
thou art mindful of him ? or the 
fon of man that thcu vifiteft him ? 
7 Thou madeft him for a little 
while lower than the angels ; 
thou crownedft him with glory 
and honour, and didft fet him 
over the works of thy hands : 8 
Thou haft put all things in fuh- 
jeclion under his feet. For in 
that he put all in fubjeclion under 
him, he left nothing not put un 
der him. But now we fee not 
yet all things put under him. 9 
But we fee Jefus, who was made 
for a little while lower than rhe 
angels, for the fufFeringof death, 
crowned with glory and honour ; 
that he by the grace of God 
fiiould tafte death for every man. 
10 For it became him, for whom 
are all things, and by whom are 
all things, in bringing many fons 
unto glory, to make the captain 
of their falvation perfeft through 
fufferings. 1 1 For both he that 
fanclifieth, and they who are 
fandified, are all of one : for 
which caufe he is not aihamed to 
call them Brethren, 1 2 Saying, 
I will declare thy name unto my 
brethren, in the midft of the 
Church will I fmg praife unto 
thee. 13 And again, I will put 
my truft in him. And again, 
Behold, I and the children whom 

God hath given me. 14 Foraf* 
much then as the children were 
partakers of blood and flefh, he 
alfo himfelf likewife took part 
of the fame (ufferings : that thro* 
death he might deitroy [death] 
that hath the power of death, thac 
i?, the devil ; 15 And deliver 
them who through fear of death* 
were all their life time fubject to 
bondage. 16 For verily he took 
not hold of angels -, but he took 
hold of the feed of Abraham. 
i 7 Wherefore in all things it be 
hoved him to be made like unto 
his brethren ; that he might be 
a merciful and faithful high prieft, 
in things pertaining to God, to 
make reconciliation for the fins 
of the people : 18 For in that 
he himfelf hath fuffered, being 
tempted, he is able to fuccour 
them that are tempted. 

Ill Wherefore, Holy Brethren, 
partakers of the heavenly calling, 
confider the Apoftle and high 
prieft of our profeffion, Cnrift 
Jefus ; 2 Who was faithful to 
him that made him, as alfo was 
Mofes in all his houfe. 3 For 
he was counted worthy of more 
;lory than Mofes, inafmuch as 
ie who hath builded the houfe, 
bath more honour than the houfe. : 
4 For every houfe is builded by 
fome one ; but he that built all 
things is God. 5 And Mofes 
verily was faithful U all his houfe 
as a fervant, for a teflimony of 
hofe things which were to be 
poken after ; 6 But Chrift as a 
Son over his own houfe ; which 
icufe are we, if we hold fail the 
onfidence, and the rejoicing of 
he hope firm unto the end. 7 
Wherefore, as the Holy Ghoft 
airh, To day if ye will hear his 
voice, 8 Harden not your hearts, 
s in the provocation, in rhe day 
of temptation in the wildernefs : 
9 When 


9 When your fathers tried and 
proved me in that trial, and Taw 
my wo>k. forty years loWhsre- 
fbre I w-is grieved -vi .h tiiis ge- 
nerauon, and f;;id, They do al- 
way err in heart ; and they have 
not know; my ways, i \ So I 
fvvare in my wrath, They (hall 
nor enter ;nto my reft. 1 2 Take 
heed, B ethren, left there be in 
any of you an evil heart of un 
belief, in departing trom the Jiv 
ing God. 13 But exhort one 
another daily, while it is called, 
To day ; left ar y of you be 
hardned through the deceit fulnefs 
of fin. 14 For we are made 
partakers of Chrift, if we hold 
the beginning of our confidence 
ftedfaft unto the end ; i 5 While 
it is faid, To-day if ye will hear 
his voice, harden not your hearts, 
as in the provocation. 16 For 
fome when they had heard, did 
provoke : howbeit not all that 
came out of Egypt by Mofes. 

17 But with whom was he griev 
ed forty years ? was if not with 
them that had linned, whole 
carcafes fell in the wildernefs ? 

1 8 And to whom fvvare he that 
they mould not enter into his 
reft, but to them that believed 
not ? 19 So we fee that they 
could not enter in becaufe of un 

IV. Let as therefore fear, left 
a promife being left of entering 
into his reft, any of you mould 
feem to come fhort of it. z For 
unto us was the gofpel preached, 
as well as unto them : but the 
word preached did not profit 
them, not being mixed with the 
faith of them that heard. 3 For 
we who have believed do enter 
into reft, as he faid, As I have 
{worn in my wrath, If they mail 
enter nro my reft : although the 
works were finifhed from the 
foundation of the world. 4 For 

he fpake in a certain place of the 
feventh day on this wife, And 
God did reft the le/enth day from 
all his work? . 5 And in this 
again, If they (hall enter into 
my reft. 6 Seeing therefore it 
rem-iineth that iome muft enter 
therein, and they to whom it 
was firll preached, entered not 
in becaufe of unbelief : 7 A- 
gain, he limueth a certain day, 
faying in David, To day, after 
fo long a time ; as it was faid 
beforehand, To- day if ye will 
hear his voice, harden not your 
hearts. 8 For if Joftiua had gi 
ven them reft, the.* would he not 
afterward have fpoken of another 
day. 9 Therefore this is ano* 
ther reft yet to come, for the 
people of God. 10 For he that 
is entered into his reft, he alfa 
hath cekfed from all his own 
work?, as God from his. IE 
Let us labour therefore, Brethren, 
to enter into that reft, left any 
man fall from the fame example 
of truth. 12 For the word of 
God is quick, a ad powerful, and 
fharper than a two*edged fword, 
piercing even to the dividing a- 
funder of foul and fpirit, and of 
the joints and marrow, and is a 
difc rner of the thoughts and in 
tents of the heart, i 3 Neither 
is there any creature that is not 
manifeft in his figh; : but all 
things are naked, and opened, 
unto the eyes of him of whom 
we fpeak. 1 4 Seeing then that 
we have a great high pried, that 
is palfed into the heavens, Jefus 
the Son of God, let us hold faft 
our profeffion. i 5 For we have 
not an high prieft who cannot be 
touched with the feeling of our 
infirmities ; but was in all points 
tempted like as we are, without 
fin. 1 6 Let us therefore came 
Doldly unto the throne of grace, 
that we may obtain mercy, and 
L find 


find grace for feafonable afiift- 

V For every high prieft ta 
ken from among men, is ordain 
ed for men in things pertaining 
to God, that he may offer both 
gifts and facrifices for fins : 2 
Who can have companion on the 
ignorant, and on them that are 
out of the way j for that he him- 
felf alfo is compafTed with infir 
mity : 3 And for that reafon 
he ought, as for the people, ib 
alfo for himfelf, to offer for fins. 

4 And no man taketh this ho 
nour unto himfelf, but he that is 
called of God, as was Aaron : 

5 So alfo, Chrift glorified not 
himfelf, to be made an high 
prieft ; but he that faid unto him, 
Thou art my Son, to-day have 
1 begotten thee., 6 As he faith 
alfo again in another place , Thou 
art a prieit for ever after the or 
der of Melchifedec. 7 Who in 
the da-s of his flefh, when he 
had offered up prayers and fup- 
plications, with ftrong crying 
and tears, unto him that was able 
to fave him from death, and was 
heard, in that he feared ; 8 
Though he were a Son, yet 
learned he obedience, by the 
things which he fuffered : 9 
.And being made perfect, he be 
came the author of eternal (al- 
vation unto all them that obey 
3iim 5 10 Called of God an 
high prieft after the order of Mel 
chifedec. ii Of whom alfo we 
have many things to fay, and 
hard to be uttered ; feeing ye 
are dull of hearing. 12 For 
when for the time ye ought to be 
teachers, ye have need that one 
teach you again which be the 
Jiril principles of the words of 
God ; and are become fuch as 
have reed of miik, and not of 
ifcrong meat. 13 For every one 

ufeth aiilk, is unikilfui in 

the word of righteoufnefs : for 
he is flill a babe. 1 4 But ftrong 
meat belongeth to them that are 
of full age, to thofe who by rea 
fon of ufe have the ir fenfes exer- 
cifed to difcern both good and 

VII Therefore leaving the 
principles of the doctrine of Chrift, 
let us go on unto perfection ; not 
laying again the foundation of 
repentance from dead works ; 
and of faith towards God ; 2 Of 
the do&rine of baptifms ; and of 
laying on of hands ; of refur- 
re&ion of the dead j and of e- 
ternal judgment. 3 And this will 
we do, if God permit. 4 For 
it is impoffible for thofe who 
were once enlightned, and have 
tailed of the heavenly gift, and 
were made partakers of the Ho 
ly Ghoft, 5 And have tafted 
the good word of God r and the 
powers 6f the world to come j 6 
And are fallen away, to renew 
them again unto repentance : fee 
ing they crucify to themfelves 
the Son of God, and put him to 
an open fhame. 7 For the earth 
which drinketh in the rain that 
cometh oft upon it, and bringeth 
forth herbs meet for them by 
whom it is drelfed, receiveth 
bleffing from God ; 8 But that 
which beareth thorns and brier?, 
r, rejected, and is nigh unto curf- 
ing ; whofe end is to be burned. 
9 But beloved, we are perfuaded 
better things of you, and things 
that accompany falvation, though 
we thus fpeak. ro For God is 
not unrighteous, to forget your 
work of love, which ye have 
mewed toward his name, in that 
ye have miniftred to the faints, 
and do minifter. ri And we 
defire that every one of you do 
< mew the fame diligence, to the 
. full affurance of hope unto the 

end : 12 That ye be not floth- 



ful 9 but followers of them, who 
through faith and patience inhe 
rit the promifes. 1 3 For when 
God made promife to Abraham, 
becaufe he could fwear by no 
greater, he fvvare by himfelf, 
14 Saying, Surely, bleffing, I 
will bleis thee, and multiplying, 

1 will multiply thee. 1 5 And 
fo, after he had patiently endured, 
he obtained the promife. 1 6 For 
men fwear by the greater : and 
an oath for confirmation is to them 
an end of all ftrife. 17 Where- 
.in God willing more abundantly 
to mew unto the heirs of promife 
the immutability of his counfel, 
confirmed it by an oath : 18 
That with two immutable things, 
in which it was impoffible for 
God to lie, we might have a 
ftrong confolation, who have fled 
for refuge to lay hold upon the 
hope fet before us : 19 Which 
we have as an anchor of the 
foul, both fure and ftedfaft, and 
which entereth into that within 
the vail, 20 Whither the forerun 
ner is for us entered, Jefus Chrift ; 
made an high prieft <or ever after 
the order of Melchifedec. 

VII. For this Melchifedec was 
king of Salem, and prieft of the 
molt high God, who met Abra 
ham returning from the {laughter 
of the Kings, and blefled him, 
and Abraham was blefled by him. 

2 To whom alfo Abraham gave 
a tenth part of all : firit being 
by interpretation, king of Righ 
teoufnefs, and after that alfo, 
king of Salem, which is, king 
of Peace ; 3 Without father, 
without mother, without genea 
logy, having neither beginning 
of days, nor end of life j but 
made like unto the Son of God, 
abideth a prieft continually. 4 
Now confider how great he was, 
unto whom even the patriarch 
Abraham gave the tenth of the 

fpoils. 5 And verily they that 
are of the fons of Levi, who re 
ceive the office of the priefthood, 
have a commandment to take 
tithes of the people according to 
the law, that is, of their bre 
thren, though they come out of 
the loins of Abraham : 6 But 
he whole defcent is not counted 
from them, received tithes of A- 
braham, and blefled him that 
had the promifes. 7 And with 
out all contradiction, the lefs is 
blefled of the better. 8 And 
here men that die receive tithes : 
but there he of whom it is wit- 
nefied that he liveth. 9 And as 
I may fo fay, Levi alfo who re- 
ceiveth tithes, payed tithes in 
Abraham, i o For he was yet 
in the loins of his father when 
Melchifedec met him. 1 1 If 
therefore perfection were by the 
Levitical priefthood, for under it 
the people received the law, what 
further need that another prieft 
mould rife after the order Mel 
chifedec, and not be called after 
the order of Aaron ? 12 For 
the priefthood being changed, 
there is made of neceflity a change 
alfo of the law. 1 3 For he of 
whom thefe things are fpoken, 
pertaineth to another tribe, of 
which no man gave attendance at 
the altar. 14 For it is evident 
that our Lord fprang out of Juda ; 
of which tribe Mofes fpake no 
thing concerning priefts. 1 5 And 
it is yet far more evident : for 
that after the fimiltude of Mel 
chifedec there arifeth another 
prieft, 1 6 Who is made, not 
after the law of a carnal com 
mandment, but after the power 
of an endlefs life. 17 For he 
teftifieth, Thou art a prieft for 
ever after the order of Melchife 
dec. 1 8 For there is verily a 
difanulling of the commandment 
that was introduced : for the 
L 2 weak- 


weaknefs and unprofitablenefs 
thereof. 19 For the law made 
nothing perfect, but the intro 
duction of a better hope did; by 
the which we draw nigh unto 
God. 20 And inafmach as // 
was not without an oath : For 
thofe prieils were made without 
an oath, 21 Bu: this with an 
oath, by him .hat faid unto 
him, The Lord fware and will 
not repent, Thou art a pridt 
for ever after the order of Mel- 
chifedcc. 22 By fo ^uch was 
Jeius made a furety of a better 
covenant. 23 And they truly 
were many priefts, becaufe they 
were not fuiFered to continue by 
reafon of death : 24 But he, 
becaufe he condnucth ever, hath 
an unchangeable priefihood. 25 
Wherefore he is able alio to fave 
them to the uttermoi, that come 
unto God by him, feeing he ever 
liveth to make interceffion for 
them. 26 For fuch an high 
prieft became us alfo, holy, harm- 
lefs, undented, fepa-a f e from din 
ners, and made higher than the 
heavens ; 27 Who needeth not 
daily, as the high prieft, to offer 
up ficiifice, firft for his own fins, 
and then for the peoples : for this 
he did once for alJ, when he of 
fered up himfelf. 28 For the 
law miketh men priefls which 
have infirmity ; but the word of 
the oath which was fince the 
law the Son, who is coniecrated 
for evermore. 

VIII. Now of the things 
which we have fpoken, this is 
the fum : We have fuch an high 
prifit, who is fet on the right 
hand of the throne of the M?je- 
fty in the heavers ; 2 A mini- j 
fter of the fancluary, of the true 
tabernacle vvich the Lord pitch 
ed, and not man. 3 For every 
high prieft is ordained to offer 
gifts and facrifices ; wh erefore if 

is of neceffity that this man have 
fomewhat alfo to offer. 4 If there 
fore he were on earth, he mould 
not be a prieft, feeing that there 
are that offer gifts according to 
the law : 5 Who ferve unto the 
example and fnadovv of heavenly 
things, as Mofes was admonifhed 
of Gcd when he was about to 
make the tabernacle. For fee, 
faith he, thoa make all things 
according to the pattern Chewed 
to thee in the mount, 6 But 
now hath he obtained a more ex 
cellent miniflry for thee, by how 
much he is the mediator of a bet 
ter covenant, which was efla- 
blifhed upon better promifes. 7 
For if that firft had b^cn faultlefs, 
then fhould no place have been 
fought for a fecond. 8 For find 
ing fault with them, he faith, 
Behold f h" days come, faiih the 
lord, when I will make a new 
covenant with the houfe of Ifrael, 
and the houfe of Judah : 9 Not 
according to the covenant that I 
made with their fathers in the 
day when I took them by the 
hand to lead them out of the 
land of Egypt ; becaufe they 
continued not in my covenant, 
and I regarded them not, faith 
the Lord. 10 For this is my 
covenant that I will make with 
the houfe of Ifrael after thofe 
days, faith the Lord ; I will put 
my laws into their mind, and 
write them in their hearts : and 
1 will be to them a God, and 
they fhail be to me a people. 1 1 
And they fhall not teach every 
man his fet/ow citizen, and eve 
ry man bis brother, faying, Know 
the Lord : for all ihali know me, 
from the leaft to the rreateir. 1 2 
For I will be merciful to their 
unrighteoufrefs, and their fins 
and their iniquities will I remem 
ber no more. 1.3 In that ha 
faith, A new (wenent, he hath 


made the firft old. Now that 
which decayeth and vvaxeth old, 
is ready to vanifti away. 

IX. Then verily the firft had 
alfo ordinances of divine fervice, 
and a worldly fandluary. 2 For 
there was a tabernacle made, the 
firft, wherein ivas the candle- 
flick, and the table, and the 
fhew bread ; which is called the 
Hoiy of Holies. 3 And after 
the fecond veil, the tabernacle 
which is called the holieft of all : 
4 Which had the golden cenfer, 
and the ark of the covenant o- 
verlaid round about with gold, 
wherein was the golden pot that 
had manna, and Aaron s rod that 
budded, and the tables of the 
covenant ; 5 And over it the 
cherubims of glory, fhadowing 
the mercy-feat : of which we 
cannot now fpeak particularly. 
6 Now when thefe things were 
thus ordained, the priefts go al 
ways into the firit tabernacle, 
accomplifning their fervice. 7- 
But into the frcond the high prieil 
alone once every yeir, not with 
out blood, which he offers for 
himfelf, and the errors of the 
people. 8 The Holy Ghoft this 
Signifying, that the way into the 
holieft of all, is not yet made 
manifeft, while as the firft taber 
nacle is yet ftanding : 9 Which 
is the firfl for the time now 
prefent, in which are offered 
both gifts and facrifices, that 
cannot make him that does the 
fervice perfect, as pertaining to 
the confcience, i o Being only in 
meats, and drinks, and divers 
wafhings, and carnal ordinances 
impofed until the time of refor 
mation. 1 1 But Chrift being 
Come an high prieft of good things 
to come, through a greater and 
more perfeft tabernacle, not made 
with hands, that is to fay, not of 
this building ; 1 2 Neither by 

the blood of goats and calves, but 
by his own blood he entered in 
once into the holy place, having 
obtained eternal redemption. 13 
For if the blood of goats, and of 
bulls, and the afhes of an heifer 
fprinkling the unclean, fanclifi- 
eth to the purifying of the flefh ; 

14 How much more mail the 
blood of Chrift do, who through 
the Holy Spirit, offered himfelf 
without fpot to God, who will 
purge our confcience from dead 
works to ferve the living God ; 

1 5 And for this caufe he is the 
Mediator of the new covenant, 
that by means of death, for the 
redemption of the tranfgreffions 
that were under the firil covenant, 
they who are called might re 
ceive the promife of eternal inhe 
ritance. 1 6 For where a tefta- 
ment is, there muft alfo of ne- 
ceffity be the death of the teftator. 
1 7 For a teilament is of force af 
ter men are dead : other wife it is 
of no ftrength at all whilft the 
teftator liveth. 18 Whereupon, 
the firft covenant was not dedica 
ted without blood. 19 For when 
Mofes had fpoken every precept 
to all the people according to 
the law, he took the blood of 
calves and of goats, with water 
and fcarlet wopll, and hyffop, 
and fprinkled both the book and 
all the people, 20 Saying, This 
is the blood of the covenant which 
God hath enjoined unto you. 21 
Moreover, he fprinkled likewifa 
with blood both the tabernacle, 
and all the veffels of the miniftry. 
22 And almoft all things are by 
the law purged with blood ; and 
without fhedding of blood is no 
remiffion. 23 // was therefore 
neceffary that the patterns of 
things in the heavens mould be 
purified with thefe ; but the hea 
venly things themfelves with bet 
ter facrifices than thefe. 24 For 



Chrift is not entered into the ho 
ly places made with hands^ the 
figures of the true ; but into hea 
ven it felf, now to appear in the 
prefence of God for us : 25 Nor 
yet that he fhould offer himfelf 
often, as the high prielt entereth 
into the holy place, every year 
with blood of others : 26 For 
then muli he often have fuffered 
fince the foundation of the world, 
but now once in the end of the 
world, hath he appeared to put 
away fins by the facrifice of him 
felf. 27 And as it is appointed 
unto men once to die, but after 
this the judgment : 28 So Chrift 
alfo was Once offered to bear the 
fins of many ; and unto them 
that look for him mall he appear 
the fecond time, without fin, un 
to falvation. 

X. For the law having a (ha- 
dow of good things to come, can 
never with thofe iacrifices which 
they offer year by year continual 
ly, purify the commers thereunto. 
2 For then would they not have 
ceafed to be offered ? becaufe that 
the worfliippers once purged, 
fhould have had no more con- 
fcience of fins. 3 But in thofe 
a remembrance / / made of fins 
every year. 4 For // iV not pof- 
fible that the blood of bulls and 
of goats, fhould take away fin?. 
5 Wherefore when he cometh 
into the world, he faith, Sacri 
fice and offering thou wouldeft 
not, but a body haft thou pre 
pared me : 6 In burnt-offering 
and offering for fin thou haft had 
no pleafure : 7 Then faid I, 
Lo, I come, For in the volume 
of the book it is written of me, 
to do thy will, O God. 8 A- 
bove, when he faid, Sacrifices, 
and offerings, and burnt- offerings, 
and offerings for fin thou wouldeft 
not, neither hadft pleafure, which 
are offered by the law ; 9 Then 
faid he, Lo, I come to do thy 

will. He taketh away the firft, 
that he may eitablifii the fecond. 
10 By the which will we have 
been landitied, through the of 
fering of the blood of Jetus Chrift 
once. 1 1 And ev^ry pneit itand- 
eth daily miniltering and offering 
oftentimes the lame facnnces 
which can never take away fins : 

12 But He, after he ha j offered 
one facrifice for fins, for ever fat 
down on ihe right hand of God ; 

1 3 From henceforth expecting till 
his enemies be made his root- 
ftool. 1 4 For by one offeiing he 
hath perfected for ever them that 
are fandified. 15 The Holy 
Ghoil alfo is a witnefs to us : for 
alter that he had faid, 16 This 
/ / the covenant that I will make 
With them after thofe days, faith 
the Lord ; I will put my laws 
into their hearts, and in their 
mind will 1 write them : 17 
And their fins and iniquities will 
I remember no more. 18 Now, 
where remifliofc of thefe *V, there 
is no more offering for fin. 19 
Having therefore, brethren, bold- 
nefs to enter into the holieft by 
the blood of Jefus, 20 By a new 
living way which he hath confe- 
crated for us, through the veil, 
that is to fay, through his fiefh ; 
21 And an high prieft over the 
houfe of God : 22 Let us draw 
near with a true heart, in full 
alfurance of faith, having our 
hearts fprinkled from an evil 
confcience, and our bodies wafh- 
ed with pure water. 23 Let us 
hold fait the profeffion of our 
faith without wavering, for he 
is faithful that promiled : 24 
And let us confider one another 
to provoke unto love, and to 
good works : 25 Not forfaking 
the afTembling of our felves to 
gether, as the manner of (bme 
is ; but exhorting : and fo much 
the more, as ye fee the day ap 


preaching. 26 For if we fin 
wilfully after that we have re 
ceived the knowledge of the 
truth, there is not another facri- 
fice left ilill ta be offered. 27 
But a certain fearful looking for 
of judgment, and fiery indigna 
tion, which {hall devour the ad 
verfaries. 28 He that defpi&d 
Mofes law, died without mercy 
and tears, under two or three 
witnefTes : 29 Of how much 
forer puniftiment, fuppofe ye, (hall 
he be thought worthy, who hath 
troden under foot the Son of God, 
and hath counted the blood of 
the covenant wherewith he was 
fenclified, an unholy thing, and 
hath done defpite unto the Spirit 
of grace ? 30 For we know 
him that hath faid, Vengeance 
belongetb unto me,. I will recom- 
pence And again, That the 
Lord (hall judge his people. 31 
// is a fearful thing to fall into 
the hands of the living God. 32 
But call to remembrance the for. 
mer days, in which, after ye 
were illuminated, ye endured a 

Preat figlr of afflictions : 33 
artly whilft ye were reproached, 
both by abufes and afflictions ; 
and partly whilft ye became com 
panions of them that were fo ufed. 

34 For ye had companion of 
thofe in bonds, and took joyfully 
the fpoiling of your goods, know 
ing in your felves thac ye have a 
better and an enduring fubftance. 

35 Call not away therefore your 
confidence, which hath great re- 
compence of reward 36 For 
ye have need of patience ; that 
after ye have done the will of 
God, ye may receive the pro- 
mre. 37 For yet a while, and 
he that (hall come will come, and 
Will not tarry. 38 Now th 
|uft mail live by my faith : but 
if he draw back, my foul fhall 
feave no pleafure in him. 39 But 

we are not of thenr who dravr 
back unto perdition ; but of 
them that believe, to the faving 
of the foul. 

XL Now faith is the afiurance 

of things hoped for, the evidence 

of things not feen. z For by it 

the elders obtained a good report. 

3 Through faith we understand 

that the ages were framed by the 

word of God, fo that what is 

feen was not made of things 

which do appear. 4 By faith 

Abel offered unto God a more 

excellent facrifice than Cain, by 

which he obtained witnefs, that 

he was righteous, God teftifying 

of his gifts : and by it he being 

dead, yet fpeaketh. 5 By faith 

Enoch was tranflated that he 

fhould not fee death ; and was 

not found, becaufe God had 

tranflated him : for before the 

tranflation he had this teftimony, 

that he pleafed God. 6 But 

without faith // is impoffible to 

pleafe kirn : for he that cometh 

to God, muft believe that he is, 

and is a rewarder of them that 

diligently feek him. 7 By faith 

Noah being warned of God of 

things not feen as yet, moved 

with fear, prepared an ark to 

the faving of his houfe ; by the 

which he condemned the world, 

and became heir of the righteouf- 

nefs which is by faith. 8 By 

faith Abraham, when he was 

called to go out into a place 

which he fhould after receive for 

an inheritance, obeyed ; and he 

went out, not knowing whither 

he went. 9 He fojourned in the 

land of promife, as in a ftrange 

country, dwelling in tabernacles 

with Ifaac and Jacob, the heirs 

with him of his promife. 10 

For he looked for a city which 

hath foundations, whofe builder 

and maker is God. 1 1 Through 

faith alfo the barren Sara her 



felf received ftrength to conceive 
a child, when {he was pait age ; 
because (he judged him faithful 
who had promifed. 12 There 
fore fprang there even of one, 
and him as good as dead, as the 
liars of the fky in multitude, and 
as the fand of the fea, innumera 
ble. 1 3 Thefe all died in faith, 
not having received the promiles, 
but having feen them afar off, 
and embraced them, and confef- 
fed that they were ftrangers and 
fojourners and pilgrims on the 
earth. 14 For they that fay 
fuch things, declare plainly that 
they feek a country. 15 And 
truly if they were mindful of 
that from whence they came out, 
they might have had opportunity 
to have returned: 16 But now 
they defiie a better, thai is, an 
heavenly : wherefore God is not 
afhamed to be called their God : 
for he hath prepared for them a 
city. 17 By faith Abraham 
\vhen he was tried, offered up 
Ifaac : and he that had received 
the promiles, offered up his only 
begotten : 18 Of whom it was 
faid, In Ifaac fhall thy feed be 
called : 19 Accounting that 
God was able to raife him up, 
even from the dead ; from whence 
alfo he received him in a figure. 
20 By faith Ifaac bleffed Jacob 
and-Eiau alfo concerning things 
to come. 21 By faith Jacob, 
when he was a dying, blefied 
both the fons of Jofeph ; and 
wormipped upon the top of his 
flafF. 22 By faith Jofeph, when 
he died, made mention of the 
departing of the children of If- 
rael ; and gave commandment 
concernir.g his bones. 23 By 
faith Mofes, when he was born, 

was hid three months by his pa- 
rents, becaufe they faw be was A 
beautiful child ; and they were 
* not afraid of the king s com 
mandment, -f- 24 By faith Mo 
fes, when he was come to years, 
relufed to be called the Ion of 
Pharaoh s daugh er ; 25 Choof- 
ing rather to fuffcr affliction with 
the people of God, than to en 
joy the pleafures of fin for a 
feafon ; 26 Efteeming the re 
proach of Chrill greater riches 
than the treafures of Egypt : for 
he had refpedl: unto the recom- 
penceof the reward. 2,7 By faith 
he forfook Egypt, not fearing the 
wrath of the king : for he en 
dured, as feeing him who is in- 
vifible. 28 Through faith he 
kept the pafibver, and the fprink- 
ling of blood, left he that deitroy- 
ed the fi:fl-born, mould touch 
them. 29 By faith they pafled 
through the Red fea, as by dry 
land : which the Egyptians af- 
faying to do, were drowned. 30 
By faith the walls of Jericho fell 
down, after they were compalTed 
about feven days. 31 By faith 
the harlot Rahab perifhed noc 
with them that believed not, 
when fhe had received the fpies 
with peace. 32 And what fhall 
1 fay ? for the time would fail 
me to tell of Gedeon, and of 
Barak, and of Samfon, and of 
Jephthae, of David alfo and Sa 
muel, and of the prophets : 33 
Who through faith fubdued king 
doms, wrought righteoufneff, ob 
tained promifes, flopped the 
mouths of lions, 34 Quenched 
the violence. of fire, efc-tped the 
edge of the fword, out of weak- 
nefs were made ftrong, waxed 
valiant in fight, turned to flight 


* Omit not. 

f By faith Mofes, when he was become great, flew the Egyptian; 
Confidering the depreflion of his brethren. 


the armies of the aKens. 35 Wo 
men received their dead railed to 
life again ; and others were tor 
tured, not accepting deliverance ; 
that they might obtain a better 
refurredtion. 36 And others had 
trial of mockings, and icouig- 
ings, yea moreover, of bonds, 
and imprifonment. 37 They 
were itoned, they were fawn a- 
funder, were tempted, were flain 
with the fword : they wandered 
about in fheep-fkins, and goat- 
ikins, being deftitute, aiflided, 
tormented : 38 Of whom the 
world was not worthy, they wan- 
dered in deferts, and mountains, 
and dens and caves of the earth. 
39 And thefe all having obtain 
ed a good report through faith, 
received not the promile : 40 
God having provided fome better 
thing for us, that they without 
us mould not be made perfeft. 

XII. Wherefore, feeing we 
alfo are compared about with lo 
great a cloud of witneile?, let us 
lay afide every weight, and the 
fin which doth fo eafily befet /, 
and let us run with patience the 
race which is fee be ore us, 2 
Looking unto Jefns the author 
and fimmer of the faith ; who 
for the joy that was let before 
him, endured the crofs, defpi- 
fmg the fhame, and is fet down 
at the right hand of the throne 
of God. 3 For consider him 
that endured fuch contradiction 
of finners againft himfelf, lelt 
ye be wearied and faint in your 
minds. 4 For ye have not yet 
refilled unto blood, ftrivir.g again!" 
fin. 5 And ye have forgotten 
the exhortation which fpeaketh 
unto you as unto children, My 
fon, defpKe not thou the chaften 
ing of the Lord, nor faint when 
thou art rebuked of him. 6 Fo 
whom the Lord loveth,he chaften 
eth,and fcourgeth every fon whom 

ie receiveth. 7 If ye endure 
haftening, God aealeth with you 
s with fons : for what ion is he 
vhom the father challeneth not ? 
But if ye be without chaitife- 
ment, whereof ail are partakers, 
Sen are ye baftards and not ions. 
Furthermore, we have had fa- 
liers of our flefh, who corrected 
us, and we gave them reverence : 
hall we not much rather be in 
ubje&ion unto the Father of fpi- 
its, and live ? 10 For they 
verily for a few days chaftned us, 
afcer their own pleafure ; but he 
for our profit, that we might be 
jartakers of his holinefc. 1 1 No 
chaftening for the prefent feem- 
eth to be joyous, but grievous : 
neverthelefs, afterward it yield- 
eth the peaceable fruit o f righ- 
teoufne s, unto them who are ex- 
ercifed thereby, i a Wherefore 
.ift up the hands which hang 
down, and the feeble knees. 13 
And make ftraight paths for your 
feet, left that which is lame be 
turned out of the way, but let 
it rather be healed. 14 Follow 
peace with all men, and holi* 
nefs, without which no man {hall 
fee the Lord : i 5 Looking di 
ligently, that no one fail of the 
grace of God ; lell any root of 
bitternefs fpring up, with gall, 
and thereby many be defiled : 
1 6 Left there he any rornicator, 
or profane perfon ; As Efau for 
one morfel of meat fold his birth 
right. 17 For ye know how 
that afterward when he would 
have inherited the blefling, he 
was rejected : for he found no 
place o c repentance, though he 
fought it carefully with tears. 18 
For ye are not come . , 

, , f Read not, 

unto the mount that kx*<1.x.\x. ia, 
might f be touched, 13, 23 and 
that burned with fire, her *> v - 10 * 
nor unto blacknefs, and darknefs, 
and tempeil, 19 And the found 
M of 


of a trumpet, and the voice of 
words, winch they that heard en 
treated ihat the word mould not 
be fpoken to them any more : 
20 For they could not endure 
that which was commanded, And 
if fo much as a beait touch the 
mountain, i il*all be itoned 21 
And fo terrible was the fight, 
that Mofes faid, I exceedingly 
fear and quake. 22 Bat ye are 
come unto mount Sion, unto the 
city of the living God, the hea 
venly Jerufalem, and to holy 
ten thou ands of angels, 23 To 
the genera! ajiembiy and cnurch 
O* -he firit-born who are written 
in heaven, and to God the judge 
of all, and to the ipirits of jult 
m n made perfeft, 24 And to 
Jeius the mediator of the new 
covenant, and to the blood of 
fprinkling, mat fpeaketh better 
th ngs than Abel 25 See that 
ye r fufe not him that fpeaketh 
to you : For if they efcaped not 
who r e fufed him that fpake on 
earth, much more we, if we turn 
away from him that is from the 
heavens : 26 Whofe voice then 
fhook the eanh : but now he 
hath promifeth, faying, Yet once 
more 1 (hake not the earth only, 
but alfo heaven 27 And this, 
Yet once more, fignifieth the re 
moving of thofe things that are 
fhakcn, as thofe thi gs that are 
made, that thofe things which 
cannot be fhaken may remain 

28 Where "ore we receiving a 
kingdom which cannot be mo 
ved, let us have grace, whereby 
we may ferve God acceptably, 
with reverence and godly tear. 

29 For our God is a con Turn ing 

XIII. Let brotherly love con- 
tinu". 2 Be not forgetful to en- 
ter ain ftra n gers : for thereby 
feme have erne; tanned angels un 
awares. 3 Remember them that 

are in bonds, as bound with them ; 
them which fuffer advenity, as 
being your felves alio in the body. 
4 Let marriage be honourable in 
all, and the bed undefiled : for 
whoremongers and adulterers 
God will judge 5 Let your con- 
verfation be without covetoufnefs ; 
Be content with iuch things as ye 
have : for he hath faid, I will 
never leave thee, nor ibriake thee. 
6 So that we may boldly fay, 
The Lord is my helper, and I 
will not fear what man mail do 
unto me. 7 Remember them 
who have the rule over you, who 
have fpokeo unto you the word 
of God . whofe faith follow, con- 
fidering the end of their conver- 
fatiom 8 Jefus Chrift, the fame 
yefterday, and to day, and for 
ever : Amen. 9 Be not carried 
about with divers and ftrange 
dodrines : for it is a good thing 
that the heart be eftablifhed with 
grace, not with meats, which 
have not profited them that walk 
therein. 10 We have an altar 
whereof they have no right to 
eat, who ferve the tabernacle. 
1 1 For the bodies of thofe beafts, 
whofe blood is brought into the 
fanftuary by the high priell for 
fin, are confumed without the 
camp, i 2 Wherefore Jefus alfo, 
that he might fanclify the people 
with his own blood, fuffered with 
out the gate. j 3 Let us go 
forth therefore unto him without 
the camp, bearing his reproach. 
1 4 F"or here have we no corti - 
nuing city, but we feek one to 
come. 1 5 By him let us offer 
the facrifke of praife to God con 
tinually, that is, the fruit the 
lip;, giving thanks to his name. 
1 6 But to do good, and to com 
municate, forget not : for with 
fuch facrifices God is well pleaf- 
ed, 17 Oby them that have 
the rule over you, and fubmit 


your felves : for they watch for 
your fouls, as they that muft give 
account concerning you : that 
the> may do it with joy, and not 
with grief : for that is unprofita 
ble for you. 18 Pray alfo for 
us : for we truft we have a good 
confcience, in all things willing 
to live honeilly. 19 But I be- 
feech you the rather to do this, 
that I may be . eftored to you the 
fboner. 20 Now the God oi 
peace that brought again from 
the dead our Lord Jefus Chrift, 
that great fhepherd of the fheep , 
through the blood of the ev rlaft 
ing covenant, 21 Make us per 

fect in every good work : that 
we m iy do his will ; wo king 
in us that which is weJi-plc*fuig 
in his fight, through Jelus Curift ; 
to whom be glory for ever : A- 
men. 22 Aud I beftech you, 
brethren, iuffrr the word of ex 
hortation ; for I have written a 
letter unto you in a few words. 
23 Know ye, that our b other 
Timothy is fet at liberty ; with 
whom, if he come fhortly, 1 will 
fee you. 24 Sa ; ute all them that 
have the rule over you ; and all 
the iaints. They of Italy lalute 
you. 25 Grace be with all the 
faints : Amen. 

M 2 



Seven Catholick Epiflles 

J U D E L 

To which is added, 


All according to the Greek Alexandrian MS. 
now almoft 1400 Years old, in the King s Library 
at St. James s. 

According to the Collations in Dr. Mills, corre&ed. 
Publifhed by Mr. WHIST ON. 

The modern Diftin6lions of CHAPTERS, and VERSES, 
and SENTENCES, and WORDS, are here alfo retain* 
ed, tho they be not in the Manufcript, 

The Catholick Epiftle of JAMES. 

CHAP. i. 

JAMES a fervant of God, 
and of the Lord Jefus Chrift, 
to the twelve tribes which 
are fcattered abroad, greeting. 
2 My Brethren, count it all joy 
when ye fail into divers tempta 
tions ; 3 Knowing this, that 
the trying of your faith work- 
eth patience. 4 Bur let pa 
tience have her perfect work, 
that ye may be perfect and en 
tire, wantii g nothing. 5 It 
any of you lack wifdom, let him 
alk of God, that giveth to all 
men liberally, and upbraideth 
not ; and it (hall be given him 
6 But let him afk in faith, 
nothing wavering for he that 
wavereth is like a wave of the 
4ea, driven with the wind, and 
toiled. 7 For let not that man 
think that he (hall receive any 
thing of the Lord. 8 A double- 
minded man is unftable in all 
his ways. 9 Let the brother of 
low degree rejoice in that he is 
exalted : 10 But the rich, in 
that he is made low : becaufe as 
the flower of the grafs he (hall 
pafs away. 1 1 For where the 
fun is rifen with a burning heat, 
it withereth the grafs, and the 
flower thereof falleth, and the 
grace of the fafhion of it perifh- 
eth : lo alfo mall the rich man 
fade away in his ways. 1 2 Blef 
fed is the man that endureth 
temptation : for when he is tried, 
he fhall receive the crown of life, 
which He hath promifed to them 
that love him. 13 Let no man 
fay when he is tempted, I am 
temp ed of God ; for God can 
not be tempted with evil, neither 

tempteth he any man. 14 But 
every man is tempted, when he 
is drawn away of nis own luft, 
and enticed. 15 Then when 
luft hath conceived, it bringeth 
forth fin : and fin when it is fi- 
nifhed, bringeth forth death. 16 
Do not therefore err, my belov 
ed brethren. 17 Every good 
gift, and every perfect gift is 
from ab ve, and cometh dowa 
from the Father of lights, with 
whom is no variableneis, neither 
fhadow of turning. 1 3 Of his 
own will begat he us with the 
word of truth, that we mould be 
a kind of firft- fruits of his crea 
tures. 19 Ye know //, rny be 
loved brethren. And let every 
man be fwift to hear, flow to 
fpeak, flow to wrath. 20 For 
the wrath of man worketh not 
the righteoufnefs of God. 21 
Wherefore lay apart all filthinefs, 
and fuperfluity of naughtinefs, 
and receive with meeknefs the 
engrafted word, which is able to 
fave your fouls. 22 But be ye 
doers of the word, and not hear 
ers only, deceiving your owa 
felves. 23 If any one be a hear 
er of the word, and not a doer, 
he is like unto a man beholding 
his natural face in a glafs : 24. 
For he beholdeth hiraielf, and 
goeth his way, and ftraightway 
torgetceth what manner of man 
he was. 25 But whofo looketh 
into the perfect law of liberty, 
and continueth in if, being not a 
forgetful hearer, but a doer of 
the work, this man fhall be blef- 
ied in his deed. 26 If any man 
feem to be religion?, and bridleth 
noc iiis tongue, but deceiveth his 


own heart, this man s religion is 
vain. 27 For pure religion and 
undefiied before God and the Fa 
ther, is this, To vifit the father- 
lefs and widows in their affliction, 
to keep hirafelf unfpotted from 
the world. 

II. My brethren, have not the 
faith of Jefas Chrill our Lord of 
glory, with refpeft of perfons. 
2 For if there come unto your 
afiembly a man with a gold ring, 
in goodly apparel, and there come 
in alio a poor man in vile rai 
ment ; 3 And ye have refpeft 
to him that weareth the gay 
clothing, and fay, Sit thou here 
in a good place j and fay to the 
poor, Stand thou there, or fit 
here under the foctftool of my 
feet. 4 Are ye not then partial 
in your (elves, and are become 
judges of evil thoughts ? 5 Hear 
ken, my beloved brethren, hath 
not God chofen the poor of the 
world, rich in faith, and heirs 
of the promife, which he hath 
promifed to them that love him ? 
6 But ye have defpifed the poor. 
Do not rich men opprefs you 
and draw you before the judg 
ment-feats ? 7 They alfo blaf- 
pheme that worthy name, by the 
which ye are called. 8 If ye 
fulfil the royal law, according to 
the fcripture, Thou (halt love 
thy neighbour as thy felf, ye do 
well. 9 But if ye have refpecl 
to perfons, ye commit fin, and 
are convinced of the law as tranf- 
greflbrs. i o For whofoever fhal! 
fulfil the whole law, and yet of 
fend in one /aw, he is guilty o 
all. 1 1 For he that faid, Do not 
commit adultery, faid alfo, Do 
not kill. Now if thou commi 
no adultery, yet if thou kill 
thou art become a tranfgreflbr o 
the law. 12 So fpeak ye, and 
fo do, as they that mall be judg 
ed by the law of liberty, i 

For he mail have judgment with, 
out mercy, that hath mewed no 
mercy ; and let mercy rejoice 
againft judgment. 14 What pro 
fit is it, my Brethren, though a 
man fay he hath faith, and have 
not works ? can faith fave him ? 

15 If a brother or fifter be na 
ked, or deflitute of daily food ; 

1 6 And one of you fay unto 
them, Depart in peace, be you 
warmed, and filled : notwith- 
ftanding ye give them not thole 
things which are needful to the 
body ; what p.ofit is it ? 17 
Even fo faith, if it hath not works, 
is dead, being alone. 18 Yea, 
a man may lay, Thou haft faith, 
and I have works : mew me thy 
faith without works, and I will 
{hew thee my faith by my works. 
19 Thou believeit that there is 
one God ; thou doeft well : the 
daemons alfo believe, and trem 
ble. 20 But wilt thou know, 
O vain man, that faith without 
works is dead ? 2 1 Was not A. 
braham our father juftified by 
works, when he had offered Ifaac 
his fon upon the altar ? 22 Seeft 
thou how faith co-operated with 
his works, and by works was 
faith made perfect ? 23 And 
the fcripture was fulfilled which 
faith, Abraham believed God, 
and it was imputed to him for 
righteoufnefs : and he was called 
the friend of God. 24 Ye fee 
that by works a man is juftified, 
and not by faith only. 25 Like- 
wife alfo, was not Rahab the inn 
keeper juftified by works, when 
me had received the meflengers, 
and had fent them out another 
way ? 26 For as the body with 
out the fpirit is dead, fo faith 
without works is dead alfo. 

III. My brethren, be not ma 
ny teachers, knowing that we 
{hall receive the greater condem 
nation, 2 For in many things 



v/e offend all. If any man of 
fend not in word, the fame is a 
perfect m;.n, and able alfo to 
bridie the whole body. 3 Be 
hold, we put bits in the horfes 
mouth, that they may obey us ; 
and we turn about their whole 
body. 4 Behold alfo the mips, 
which though they be fo great, 
and are driven of fierce inds, 
yet are they turned about wi.h a 
very fmall helm, whither bever, 
the governor lifteth. 5 In like 
manner alfo the tongue is a littie 
member,andboafleth great things. 
Behold how little a fire how great 
a matter it kindleth. 6 And the 
tongue is a fire ; a world of ini 
quity, fo is the tongue amongft 
our members, It defileth the whole 
body, and fetteth on fire the 
courfe of nature ; and t is fet on 
fire of gehenna. 7 For every 
kind of beafts, and of birds, of 
ferpents, and thirgs .n th fea, 
is tamed, and hath been tamed 
of mankind : 8 But the tongue 
can no man tame ; an unquiet 
evil, full of deadly poifon. 9 
Therewith blefs we the Lord and 
Father ; and therewith curfe we 
men, who are made after the fi- 
militude of God. 10 Out of 
the fame mouth proceedeth blef- 
fmg and curfing. My Brethren, 
thefe things ought not fo to be. 
1 i Doth a fountain fend forth 
at the fame place fweet and bit 
ter ? 1 2 Can the fig-tree, my 
brethren, bear olive-berries ? ei 
ther a vine, figs ? fo neither can 
fait water make frefh. 1 3 Who 
is a wife man and endued with 
knowledge amongft you ? let 
him (hew out of a good conver- 
fation his works with meeknefs 
of wifdom. 14 But if then ye 
have bitter envying and ftrife 
in. your hearts, glory not, and 
lie not againft the truth. 15 
This wifdom defcendeth not from 

above, but is earthly, fenfual, 
deviliih. 16 For wtiere envying 
and itrife is, there is alfo confu- . 
fion, and every evil wok. 17 
But the wifdom that is from a- 
bove is firft pure, then peaceable, 
gentle, eafy to be entreated, full 
of mercy and good fruits, with 
out wavering, without hypocriiy. 
18 And the fruit of righteoufnefs 
is fown in peace of them that 
make peace. 

IV. From whence are wars 
and whence fightings among you ? 
are they not hence, of your lulls, 
.that war in your members ? 2 
Ye luft, and have not : ye kill, 
and defire to have, and cannot 
obtain: ye fight and war, yet 
ye have not, becaufe ye afk not. 
3 Ye vfk, and receive not, be 
caufe ye aflc amifs, that ye may 
confume it upon your lufts. 4 
Ye adulterers and adulterefles, 
know ye not that the fnendmip 
of the world is enmity with God ? 
whofoever therefore will be a 
frie d of the world, l> the enemy 
of God. 5 Do ye think that 
the fcripture fai.h in vain, The 
fpirit that dwelleth in us lufteth 
to envy ? 6 But he giveth more 
grace : wherefore he faith, God 
refiileth the proud, but giveth 
grace unto the humble. 7 Sub 
mit your felves therefore to God ; 
but refift the devil, and he will 
flee from you : 8 Draw nigh to 
God, and he will draw nigh to 
you : clean fe the hands, ye fin- 
ners, and purify the hearts, ye 
double-minded. 9 Be afflicled,, 
and mourn, and weep : let your 
laughter be turned to mourning, 
and joy to heavinefs. 10 Hum 
ble your felves in the fight of the 
Lord, and he mail lift you up. 
1 1 Speak not evil one of another, 
my brethren. He that fpeaketh 
evil of a brother, or judgeth a 
brother, fpeaketh evil of the law, 

N and 


and judgeth the law : but if thou 
judge the law, thou art not a doer 
of the law, but a judge. 12 
There is one lawgiver and judge, 
who is able to fave, and to de- 
ftroy : who art thou that judgelt 
thy neighbour ? 13 Go to now, 
ye that fay, To day or to mor 
row let us go into fuch a city, 
and cor inue a year, and buy and 
fell ; and ve will get gain : 1 4 
Whereas vc know not what/W/ 
tf on the morrow : What is your 
life ? It will be even a vapour 
that appeareth for a litlle time, 
and then alfo vanifheth away. 1 5 
For that ye ought to fay, If the 
Lord will, w-- mall live, and do 
this, or that. 16 But now ye re 
joice in your boaiiings : all fuch 
rejoiciv.g is evil. 17 Therefore to 
him that knoweth to do good, 
and doeth it not, to him it is 

V. Go to now, ye rich men, 
weep and howl for your miferiss 
that fliall come upon you. 2 Your 
riches are corrupted, and your 
garments are moth-eaten. 3 Your 
gold and" filver is cankered ; and 
the ruft of them mail be a vvit- 
nefs againil you, and the ruft 
fhall eat your Sefh as fire ; ye 
have heaped treafure together in 
the lail days. 4 Behold the hire 
of the labourers, who have reap 
ed down your fields, which is of 
you kept back by fraud, crieth : 
and the cries of them who have 
reaped, are entered into the ears 
of the Lord of hofts. 5 Ye have 
Jived in pleafure on the earth, 
ye have been wanton ; ye have 
ncarimed your hearts in days of 
daughter. 6 Ye have condemn 
ed and killed the juft ; he doth 
not refift you. 7 Be patient 
therefore, brethren, unto the com 
ing of the Lord. Behold, the 
hufbandman waiteth for the pre 
cious fruit of the earth, and hath 

long patience for it, until he re 
ceive the former and latter rain. 
8 Be ye alfo patient ; ftablifh 
your hearts : for the coming of 
the Lord drr>weth nigh, 9 Grudge 
not one againft another, my bre 
thren, lett ye be judged ; behold, 
the judge ftandeth before the 
door. 10 Brethren, ye have the 
prophets, who have fpoken in 
the r-ame of the Lord, for an ex- 
ainpie o r fuffering affti&ion, and 
of patience, n Behold, we 
count them happy who have en 
dured. Ye have heard of the 
patience of Job, and have feen 
the end of the Lord : that the 
Lord is very pitiful, and of ten 
der mercy. 12 But above all 
things, my brethren, fwear nor, 
neither by heaven, neither by the 
earth, neither by any other oath : 
but let your yes be yes, and your 
no, no ; left ye fall under judg 
ment. 13 Is any among you 
afHided ? let him pray. Is any 
merry I let him fmg pfalms. 14 
Is any fick among you ? let him 
call for the elders of the church ; 
and let them pray over him, an 
ointing him with oil in the name 
of the Lord : 1 5 And the pray 
er of faith mall fave the fick, 
and the Lord mall raife him up ; 
and if he have committed fins, 
they mail be forgiven him. 16 
Confefs therefore your fins one to 
another, pr?y one for another, 
that ye may be healed : The ef- 
fe&ua 1 fervent prayer of a righ 
teous man availeth much. 17 
Elias was a man fubjeft to like 
pafSons as we are, and he prayed 
earneftly that it might not rain : 
and it rained not on the earth by 
the fpace of three years and fix 
months. 18 And he prayed a- 
gain, and the heaven gave rain 1 , 
and the earth brought forth her 
fruit. 19 My brethren, if any 
of you do err from the truth, and 

I. Peter. 

one convert him ; 20 Let him 
know, that he who converted! a 
fmner from the error of his way, 

{hall fave his foul from death, 

and fhtill hide a multitude of fms. 

The Epiftle of James. 

The Firft Catholick Epiftle of P E T E R. 


PETER an apoftle oi Jefus 
Chrift, to rhe eled iojourn- 
ing in the difperfion of Pontus, 
Galatia, Cappadocia, Afia, and 
Bithynia, 2 Eledt according to 
the foreknowledge of God the 
Father, through fandification of 
the Spirit unto obedience, and 
fprinkling of the blood of Jefus 
Chrift : Grace unto you and 
peace be multiplied. 3 Blefted 
be the God and Father of our 
Lord Jefus Chrift, who accord 
ing to his abundant mercy hath 
begotten us again unto a lively 
hope, by the refurreclion of Je 
fus Chrift from the dead, 4 To 
an inheritance incorruptible, and 
undefiled, and that fadeth not 
away, referred in heaven for you, 
5 Who are kept by the power 
of God through faith unto falva- 
tion, ready to be revealed in the 
laft time. 6 Wherein ye greatly 
rejoice, though now for a feafon, 
if need be, ye are in heavinefs 
through manifold temptations. 7 
That the trial of your faith be 
ing much more precious than of 
gold that perifheth, though it be 
tried with fire, might be found 
unto praife, and honour, and glo 
ry at the appearing of Jefus 
Chrift : 8 Whom having not 
feen, ye love ; in whom though 
now ye fee him not, yet believ 
ing, ye rejoice with joy unfpeak 
able, and full of glory : 9 Re 
ceiving the end of your faith, the 
falvation of pur fouls. 10 Of 
which falvation the prophets have 

enquired, and fearched diligently, 
who prophefied of i.he grace unto 
you ; it Searching what, or 
what manner of time the Spirit 
of Chrift which was in them did 
fignify, when it teftified before 
hand the fuf&rings for Chrift, 
and the glory that mould follow. 
1 2 Unto whom it was revealed, 
that not unto themfelves, but 
unto you they did minifter the 
things which are now reported 
unto you by them that have 
preached the gofpel unto you, by 
the Holy Ghoft, fent down from 
heaven ; which things the angels 
defire to look into. 1 3 Where 
fore gird up the loins of your 
mind, be fober, and hope to the 
end, for the grace that is to be 
brought unto you at the revela 
tion of Tefus Chrift ; 1 4 As obe 
dient children, not fafhioning 
your felves according to the for 
mer lulls, in your ignorance : 
1 5 But as he who hath called 
you is holy, fo be ye holy in all 
manner of ccnverfation ; 1 6 Be 
caufe it is written, Ye ftiall be 
holy, for I am holy. 17 And 
if ye call on the Father, who 
without refpeft of perfons judg- 
eth according to every man s 
work, pafs the time of your fo- 
journing here in fear : 1 8 For- 
afmuch as ye know that ye were 
not redeemed with corruptible 
things, filver and gold, from your 
vain converfation by tradition 
from your fathers ; 19 But with 
the precious blood of Chrift, as 
of a Lamb without bleiniih and 
N 2 without 

I. Peter. 

without fpot : 20 Who verily 
was fore -ordained before the foun 
dation of the world, but \vab ma- 
nifeit in this laft of times for 
us ; 21 Who by him are faith 
ful unto God that raifed him up 
from the dead, and gave him glo 
ry, that your faith and hope 
might be m God. 22 Seeing ye 
hive purified your fouls in obey 
ing the truth, unto unfeigned love 
of the brethren ; love one ano 
ther with the heart fervently : 
23, Being born again, not of 
corruptible feed, but of incor 
ruptible, by the word of God 
which iiveth and abideth. 24 
For all fl fh is grafs, and all its 
glory as the flower of grafs. 
The grafs withered), and the 
flower fallerh away : 25 But 
the word of the Lord endureth 
for ever. And this is what is 
pre ched unto you. 

II. Wherefore laying afide all 
malice, and all guile, and hypo- 
crifies, and envies, and evil- 
fpeaking 6 , 2 As new-born babes 
deli re the fin^ere milk of the 
word, that ye may grow thereby 
unto falvarion : 3 If ye have 
tailed that the Lord is gracious. 
4 To whom coming, a living 
ilone, disallowed indeed of men, 
but chofen of God, precious, 5 
Ye alto as lively itones, are built 
upon f hem a fpiritual houfe, un 
to an holy priefthood, to offer up 
fpiiicual facriiices, acceptable to 
God by Jefus Chrift. 6 Where 
fore alfo it is contained in the 
fcripturc, Behold, I lay in Sion 
a chief corner-fione, elect, pre 
cious : and he that belieyeth on 
him mail no be confounded, j 
Unto you therefore who believe 
be is precious : but unto .them 
who bt difobedient, the ftone 
which the builders difallowed, 
the fame is made the head of the 
8 And a Hone of ftum- 

bimg, and a rock of offence, who 
ftumble at the word, being dif- 
obedient, whereunto alfo they 
were appointed. 9 But ye are 
a chofen generation, a royal 
priellhood, an holy nation, a pe 
culiar people ; that ye mould 
fhew forth the virtues of him 
who hath called you out of dark- 
nef. into his marvellous light : 
10 Who in time palt ivet-e not a 
people, but are now the people 
of God : who had not obtained 
mercy, but now have obtained 
mercy. 1 1 Dearly beloved, I 
befeech you as ftrangrrs and pil 
grim-, abilain from flefliiy lulls, 
which war againit the foul ; 1 2 
Having your converfation honeft 
among the Gentiles : that where 
as they fpeak againft you as evil 
doers, they may by the good 
works which they mall behold, 
glorify God in the day of viiita- 
tion. 13 Submit your felves to 
every human creature for the 
Lord s fake : whether it be to 
the king, as fupreme ; 1 4 Or 
unto governors, as unto f them 
that are fent by him, for the pu- 
nifhment of evil-doers, and for 
the praiie of them that do well-. 
1 5 For fo is the will of God, 
that with well-doing ye may put 
to filence the ignorance of fooliih 
men : 16 As free, and not 
ufmg liberty for a cioke of wick- 
ednefs, but as the fervants of 
God. 17 Honour all men. Love 
the brotherhood. Fear God. 
Honour the king, i 8 Servants, 
be f bjed to mailers with ail fear, 
not only to the good and gentle, 
but alfo to the f reward. 19 For 
this is thank worthy, if a man 
for confcience toward God en 
dure grief, fuffering wrongfully. 
20 For what glory // z>, if when 
ye be buffeted for your faults, ye 
iliall take it patiently ? but if 
when ye. do well, and fufTer, ye 

I. Peter. 

take it patiently ; For this ac- 
cept.ble with God. 21 For 
even hereunto were ye called : 
becaufe Chrift fuf&red for you, 
leaving you an example, that ye 
fliould follow his iteps : 22 Who 
did no fin, neither was guile 
found in his mouch : 23 Who 
when he was reviled, reviled not 
again ; when he fuffered, he 
threatned not ; but committed 
himfelf to him that judge th righ- 
teoufly ; 24 Who his own felf 
bare our fins in his own body on 
the tree, that we being dead to 
our fins, mould live unto righ- 
teoufnefs : by whofe wound ye 
were healed. 25 For ye were 
as fneep going aftray ; but are 
now returned unto the Shepherd 
and Biftiop of your fouls. 

III. Like wife, ye wives, be 
in fubjeclion to your own huf- 
bands ; that if any obey not the 
word, they alfo may without the 
word be won by the conversation 
of the wives, 2 While they 
behold your chafte converfation, 
with fear. 3 Whofe adorning, 
let it not be that which is out 
ward, of plaiting the hair, and 
of wearing of gold, or of put 
ting on of apparel : 4 But the 
hidden man of the heart, in that 
which is not corruptible, of a 
meek and quiet fpirit, which is 
in the fight; of God of great 
price. 5 For after this manner 
in the old time, the holy women 
alfo who truiled in God adorned 
themfelves, being in fubjeftion 
unto their own hufoands ; 6 E- 
ven as Sara obeyed Abraham, 
calling him lord : whofe daugh 
ters ye are as long as ye do well, 
and are rot afraid with any a- 
mazement. 7 Likewife, ye huf- 
bands, dwell with them accord- 
ing to knowledge, giving honour 
unto the wife as unto the weaker 
veflel, and as being heirs toge- 

tner of the manifold grace of 
life ; that your prayers be not 
hindered. 8 Finally, be ye all 
unanimous, having compaffion 
one of another, love as brethren, 
pitiful, humble : 9 Not ren 
dering evil for evil, or railing 
for railing : but contrariwife, 
bleffing ; becaufe ye are there 
unto called, that ye mould in 
herit a bleffing. 10 For he that 
will love life, and fee good days, 
let him refrain his tongue from 
evil, and his lips that they fpcak 
no guile. 1 1 But let him efchew 
evil, and do good ; let him feek 
peace, and enfue it. 12 For 
the eyes of the Lord are over the 
righteous, and his ears are open 
un o their prayers : but the face 
of the Lord is againft them that 
do evil. 1 3 And who is he that 
will harm you, if you be zea 
lous of that which is good ? 14 
But and if ye fuffer for righteouf- 
nefs-fake, happy are ye : and be 
not afraid of their terror, neither 
be troubled ; 15 But fan&ify 
the Lord Chrift in your hearts : 
and be ready always to give an 
anfvver to every one that afketh 
you a reafon of the hope that is 
in you, but with meeknefs and 
fear : 16 Having a good con- 
icience ; that whereas they fpeak 
evil of you, as of evil-doers, 
they may be amamed that falfly 
accufe your good converfation in 
Chrift. 1 7. For if is better, if 
the will of God be fo, that ye 
fuffer for well-doing, than for evil- 
doing. 1 8 For Chrift alib hath 
once died for fins for us, the juft 
for the unjuft; that he might bring 
us to God, being put to death in 
the flefti, but quickned by the 
Spirit : 19 By which alfo he 
went and preached unto the fpirits 
in prifon ; which fometime were 
difobedient, when the long-fuf- 
fering of God waited in the days 


I. Peter. 

of Noah, while the ark was a 
preparing ; wherein few perions, 
that is, eight fouls, were faved 
by water. 21 The which figure 
baptiim doth alfo now fave you : 
not the putting away of the filth 
of the flefh, but the ftipulation 
of a good confcience towards 
God, by the refurre&ion of Je- 
fus Chrift : 22 Who is gone 
into heaven, and is on the right 
hand of God, angels, and au 
thorities, and powers, being made 
fubjeft unto him. 

IV. Forafmuch then as Chnft 
hath fafFered for us in tHe flefh, 
arm your felves likewifc with 
the fame mind : for he that hath 
fuffered in the flefh, hath ceafevi 
from fin ; 2 That he no longer 
Ihould live the reft of his time ;. 
the flefh, to the lufls of men, but 
to the will of God. 3 For the 
time paft may fuffice to have 
wrought the will of the Gentiles 
when we walked in lafcivioufnefs, 
lufts, excefs of wine, revellings, 
banquetings, and abominable idc- 
latrits : 4 Wherein they think 
it ttrange that you run not with 
them to the fame excefs of riot, 
fpeaking evil of you : 5 Who 
fhall give account to him that is 
jeady to judge the quick ..nd the 
dead. 6 For, for this caufe was 
the gofpel preached alfo to the 
dead, that they might be judged 
according to men in the flefh, 
but live according to God in the 
fpirit. 7 But the end of all 
things is at hand : be ye there- 
fore fober, and watch unto pray 
er. 8 And above all things 
have fervent cha ity among your 
felves : for charity covers a mul 
titude of fins. 9 Ufe hoipitali- 
ty one to another without grudg 
ing. 10 As every man hath re 
ceived the gift, minifter the fame 
ene to another, as good flewards 
of the manifold grace of God. 

1 1 If any man fpeak, as the o- 
racles of God ; if any man mi- 
nifter, as of the ability which 
God giveth : that God in all 
things may be glorified through 
Jefus Chrift ; to whom be praife 
and dominion for ever and ever. 
Amen. 1 2 Beloved, think it not 
ftrange concerning the h ery trial, 
which is to try you, as though 
fome ftrange thing happened un 
to you : 1 3 But rejoice, inaf- 
much as ye are partakers of 
Chriit*s fuffenngs ; that when 
his glory mail be revealed, ye 
may be glad alfo with exceeding 
joy 14 If ye be reproached 
for the name of Chrift, happy 
are ye ; for the fpirit of glory 
and power, and of God relleth 
upon you : on their part he is 
evil fpoken of, but on your part 
he is glorified. 15 But let none 
of you fuffer as a murderer, or 
as a thief, or as an evil doer, or 
as an overfeer in other mens 
matters. 16 Yet if // be as a 
Chriftinn, let him not be afham- 
ed ; but let him glorify God in 
this name. 1 7 For the time //, 
that judgment muft begin at the 
houfe of God : and if // firft 
begin at us, what mail the end 
be 9f them that obey not the go 
fpel of God ? 1 8 And if the 
righteous fcarcely be faved, where 
mall the ungodly and the finner 
appear ? 19 Wherefore let them 
that fuffer according to the will 
of God, commit the keeping of 
their fouls in well-doing unto a 
faithful Creator. 

V. The elders therefore who 
arc among you I exhort, who am 
a fellow elder, and a witnefs of 
the fufrerings of Chriil, and alfo 
a partaker of the glory that mail 
be revealed : 2 Feed the flock 
of God which is among you, 
taking the overfight not by con- 
raint, but willingly according to 

I. Peter, 

God, not for filthy lucre, but of 
a ready mind ; 3 Neither as be- 

, K: ing lords over the clergy ; but be 
ing enfamples to the flock. 4 
And when the chief Shepherd 
(hall appear, ye {hall receive a 
crown of glory that fadeth not 
away. 5 Likewife ye younger, 
fubmit your felves unto the elder : 
yea, and all one with another, be 
clothed with humility : for God 
refifteth the proud, and giveth 

r grace to the humble. 6 Hum 
ble your felves therefore under the 
mighty hand of God, that he 
may exalt you in the time of vi- 
fitation. 7 Cafting all your Care 
upon him, for he careth for you. 
8 Be fober, be vigilant ; Your 
adverfary the devil, as a roaring 
Jion,walketh about feeking whom 
he may devour. 9 Whom refift 

ftedfaft in the faith ; knowing 
that the fame afHi&ions are ac- 
complifhed in your brethren that 
are in the World. 10 But the 
God of all tirace, who hath 
called you unto his eternal glory 
by Chrift Jefus, after that ye have 
fuffered a while, will make you 
perfect, ftablifti, (Irengthen, fettle 
you. 1 1 To him be dominion 
for ever and ever. Amen. 12 
By Silvanus a faithful brother unto 
you, as I fuppofe, I have written 
briefly, exhorting, and teftifying, 
that this is the true grace of God 
wherein ye ftand. 1 3 She who 
is co-cleft in Babylon, faluteth 
you, and Marcus my fon. 14 
Greet ye one another with a kifs 
of charity. Peace be with you 
all that are in Chrift. 

The Second Catholick Epiftle of PE T E R. 


SYMEON Peter, a fervant 
and an apoftle of Jefus Chrift, 
to them that have obtained like 
precious faith with us, through 
the righteoufnefs of God, and 
our Saviour Jefus Chrift : 2 
Grace and peace be multiplied 
unto you through the knowledge 
of God, and of Jefus Chrift the 
Lord, 3 According as his divine 
power hath given unto us all 
things that pertain unto life and 
godlinefs, through the knowledge 
of him that hath called us by his 
own glory and virtue : 4 Where 
by are given unto you exceeding 
great and precious promifes ; that 
by thefe you might be partakers 
of a divine nature, having efcaped 
the Corruption that is in the 
world through luft. 5 And do 
ye give all diligence, add to your 

faith, virtue; and to virtue, 
knowledge; 6 And to know 
ledge, temperance ; and to tem 
pera, ce, patience; and to pa 
tience, godlinefs ; 7 And to god- 
linefs, brotherly kindnefs ; and to 
brotherly kindne.fs, charity. 8 
For if thefe things be prefent with 
you , and abound, they make 
you neither barren, nor unfruitful 
in the knowledge of our Lord 
Jefus Chrift. 9 But he that lack- 
eth thefe things, is blind, and 
cannot fee far off, and hath for 
gotten that he was purged from 
his old fins 10 Wherefore the 
rather, Brethren, give diligence 
that by your good works you may 
make your comfort and election 
fure : for if ye do thefe things, 
ye fhall not fall : 1 1 For fo an 
entrance (hall be miniftred unto 
you abundantly, into the ever- 

II. Peter. 

lading kingdom of our Lord and 
Saviour Jefus Chriit. 12 Where 
fore 1 will be ready to put you 
always in remembrance of thefe 
things, though ye know them, 
and be eflabhmed in the prefent 
truth. 13 Yea, I think it meet, 
as long as I am in this tabernacle, 
to itir you up, by patting you in 
remembrance : 1 4 Knowing that 
fhortly I mult put cff this my ta 
bernacle, even as our Lord Jefus 
Chi ill hath {hewed me. i 5 More 
over, I will endeavour, that you 
may be able after my deceafe, to 
have thefe things always in re 
membrance. 16 For we have 
not followed cunningly devifed 
fables, when we made known 
unto you the power and coming 
of our Lord Jefus Chrift, but 
were eye witnefles of his majelty. 
17 For he received from God the 
JFather, honour and glory, when 
there came fuch a voice to him 
from the excellent glory, This is 
my beloved Son, in whom I am 
well pleafed. 18 And this voice 
which came from heaven we 
heard, when we were with him 
in the holy mount. 19 We have 
alfo a more fure word of prophe 
cy ; whereunto ye do dwell that 
ye take heed, as unto alight that 
fhineth in a dark place, until the 
day dawn, and the day-ftar arife 
in your hearts: 20 Knowing 
this firft, that no prophecy of the 
fcripture is of any private inter 
pretation. 21 For the prophecy 
came not in old time by the will 
of man : but holy men of God 
fpake, being moved by the Holy 

II. But there were falfe pro 
phets alfo among the people, even 
as there will be falfe teachers a- 
mongyou, who privily will bring 
in deftruclive herefies, even de 
nying the Lord that bought them, 
and bring upon themfelves fwift 

deftruclion, 2 And many will 
follow their filthinefles, by reafon 
of whom the g ory ot truth will 
be evil f oken oh 3 And thiough 
covetcuinefswill they with leigned 
words make merchandife of you : 
whole judgment now of a long 
time lingreth not, and their de- 
itruclion flumbreth not. 4 For 
if God fpared not the angels that 
finned, but caft them down to 
Tartarus, and delivered them 
into chains and darknefles to be 
referved to be punifhed ; 5 And 
fpared not the old world, but 
faved Noah the eighth per/on, a 
preacher of righteoufhels, bring 
ing in the flood upon the world 
of the ungodly; 6 And turning 
the citiec of Sodom and Gomor- 
rha into allies, condemned them 
with an overthrow, making them 
an enfample unto thofe that after 
mould live ungodly ; 7 And de 
livered juft Lot, vexed with the 
h hhy conyerfation of the wicked : 
8 For that righteous man dwel 
ling among them, in feeing and 
hearing, vexed his righteous foul 
from day to day, with their un 
lawful Deeds 9 The Lord know- 
eth how to deliver the godly out 
of temptations, and to refet ve the 
unjuft unto the day of judgment 
to be puniftied : 10 But chiefly 
them that walk after the flefh, in 
the luit of unc eannefs, and de- 
fpife government : Prefumptuous 
are they, felf- willed, they are not 
afraid to fpeak evil of dignities : 

1 1 Whereas angels who are great 
er in power and might, bring not 
a railing accufation againft them. 

12 But thefe, as natural brute 
beafts, made to catch people and 
to corrupt them, fpeak evil of 
the things that they underftand 
not, and (hall perifli in their own 
corruption ; 1 3 And (hall re 
ceive the reward of unrighteouf- 
nefs, as they that count it plea- 


II. Peter, 

fure to riot in the day-time : fport- 
ing themfelves with their own 
fealts of charity while they re 
joice with you -, 14 Having ey is 
lull of adultery, and that cannot 
ceafe from fin ; beguiling unilable 
fouls: an heart they have exer 
cifed in covetous practices : curfed 
children ; 1 5 Who forfake the 
right way, and are gone aitray, 
following the way of Balaam the 
fan of Botbr, who loved* the wages 
of unrighteoufnefs; 1 6 But was 
rebuked for his iniquity : the 
dumb afs fpeaking with mans 
voice, forbad the madnefs of the 
prophet. 17 Thefe are wells 
without water, and mifts that are 
carried with a tempeft, to whom 
the blacknefs of darknefs is re- 
ferved for ever. 18 For when 
they fpeak great fwelling words 
of vanity, they allure through 
the lufts of the flefh, through 
much wantonnefs, thofe that m 
fome meafure efcape from them 
who live in error: 19 While 
they promife them liberty, they 
themielves are the fervants of cor 
ruption : for of whom a man is 
overcome, of the fame is he 
brought in bondage. 20 For if 
after they have efcaped the pollu 
tions of the world through the 
knowledge of our Lord and Sa 
viour Jeius Chriit, they are again 
entangled therein, and overcome ; 
the latter end is worfe with them 
than the beginning. 21 For it 
had been belter for them not to 
have known the way of righ- 
teoufnefs, than after they have 
known //, to return backward 
from the holy commandment de 
livered unto them. 22 It is hap 
pened unto them according to the 
true proverb, The dog is turned 
to his own vomit again ; and, 
The fow that was wafhed, to her 
wallowing in the mire. 

III. This fecond epiftle, Be- 

loved, I now write unto you ; 
in both which I ftir up your pure 
minds by way of remembrance : 
2 That ye may be mindful of the 
words which were fpoken before 
by the holy prophets, and of the 
commandment of us the apoftles 
of the Lord and Saviour : 3 
Knowing this firft, that there 
mall come in the laft days fcof- 
fers in fcoffing, walking after 
their own luits, 4 And faying, 
Where is the promife of his com 
ing ? for fince the fathers fell 
afleep, all things continue as they 
were from the beginning of the 
creation. 5 For this they wil 
lingly are ignorant of, that by 
the word of God the heavens 
were of old, and the earth Hand 
ing out of the water, and in the 
water. 6 Whereby the world 
that then was, being overflowed 
with water, perimed. 7 But 
the heavens and the earth which 
are now, by the fame word are 
kept in Itore, referved unto fire 
againft the day of judgment", and 
impiety of ungodly men. 8 But, 
beloved, be not ignorant of this 
one thing, that one day is with 
the Lord as a thcufand years, and 
a thoufand years as one day. 9 
The Lord is not flack concerning 
his promife, as feme men counn 
flacknefs, but is long-fufFering 
for your fakes, not willing that 
any ftiouJd perifh, but that all 
fhould come to repentance. 10 
But the day of the Lord will 
come as a thief; in the which 
the heavens fhall pafs away with 
a great noife, and the elements 
(hall melt with fervent heat ; the 
earth alfo and the works that are 
therein fhall be burnt up 1 1 
Seeing then that all thefe things 
fhall be diflblved, what manner 
of perfons ought ye to be in holy 
converfation and godlinefs, 12 
Looking for and hailening the 
O coming 

I. John. 

coming of the day of God, 
wherein the heavens being on fire 
mall be diflblved, and tiie ele 
ments fhall melt with fervent 
heat ? 13 Neverthelefs we look 
for new heavens and a new earth, 
and his promiies, wherein dweil- 
eth righteoufneis. 14 Where 
fore, Beloved, feeing that ye look 
for fuch things be diligent, that 
ye may be found of him in peace, 
without fpot, and blamelefs : i 5 
And account die long-fuffering of 
our Lord falvation ; even as our 
beloved brother Paul a Ifo, accord 
ing to the vvifdom given unto 
him, ha:h written unto you; 16 

As alfo in all bis epiilles, fpeak- 
ing in them of thefe things : in 
which are fome things hard to be 
underftood ; which they that are 
unlearned and unftable wreft, as 
alio the other fcriptures, unto 
their own deilrudion. 17 Ye 
therefore, beloved, feeing ye 
know it before, beware, leit ye 
alfo, being led away with the 
error of the wicked, fall from 
your own ftedfaitnefs. 18 But 
grow in grace, and /* the know 
ledge of our Lord and Saviour 
Jefus Chriit : To him be glory, 
both now and for ever. Amen. 

The firft Catholick Epiftle of JOHN. 


TH AT which was from 
the beginning, which we 
have- heard, which we have feen 
with our eyes, which we have 
looked upon, and our hands have 
handled of the word of life ; 2 
For the life was mani felted, and 
we have feen //, and bear wit- 
nefs, and (hew unto you alfo that 
eternal life which was with the 
Father, and was manifeiled unto 
us. 3 That which we have feen 
and heard, declare we unto you, 
that ye alib may have fellowiliip 
with us : and truly our fcllow- 
ihip is with the Father, and with 
his Son Jefus Cnrift. 4 And 
thefe things write we unto you, 
that your joy may be full. 5 
This then is the mefijge which 
we have heard of him, and de 
clare, unto you, that God is light, 
and in him is no darknefs at all. 
6 For if we fay that we have 
fellowship with him, and walk 
in darknefs, we lie, and do not 
the truth : 7 But if we walk 

in the light, as he is in the light, 
we have fellowfhip one with ano 
ther, and the blood of Jefus 
Chriit his Son cleanfeth us from 
all fin. 8 If we fay we have 
no fm, we deceive our felves, 
and the truth is not in us. 9 If 
we confefs our fins, he is faith 
ful and juft to forgive us our fins, 
and to cleanfe us from all un- 
righteoufnefs. 10 If we fay that 
we have not iinned, we make 
him a liar, and his word is not 
in us. - 

II. My little children, thefe 
things write I unto you, that ye 
fin not. And if any man fin, 
we have an advocate with the 
Father, Jefus Chriit the rjgh- 
teous : 2 And he is the propi 
tiation for our fins : and not for 
ours only, but alfo for tbofe of 
the whole world. 3 And hereby 
we know that we know him, if 
we keep his commandments. 4 
He that faith, J know him, and 
keepeth not his commandments, 
is a liar, the truth is not in 

him. 5 Bat whofo keepeth his 
word, in him verily is the love 
of God perfected : hereby know 
we that we are in him. 6 He 
that faith he abideth in him, ought 
himfeif alfo to walk, even as he 
walked. 7 Beloved, I write no 
new commandment unto you, but 
an old commandment which ye 
had from the beginning : the old 
commandment is the word which 
ye have heard. 8 Again, a new 
commandment I write unto you, 
which thing is true in him and in 
us : becaule the darknefs is pa ft, 
and the true light now fhineth. 
9 He that faith he is in the light, 
and hateth his brother, is in 
darknefs even until now. i o He 
that loveth his brother, abideth 
in the light, and there is rone 
occafion of (tumbling in him. 
1 1 But he that hateth his bro 
ther, is in darknefs, and walk- 
eth in darknefs, and knoweth 
not whither he goeth, becau r e 
that darknefs hath blinded his 
eyes. 12 1 write unto you, lit 
tle children, becaufe your fins 
are forgiven you for his name s 
fake. 13 I write unto you, fa 
thers, becaufe ye have known 
him that is from the beginning. 
I write unto you, young men, 
becaufe ye have overcome the 
wicked one. I have written un 
to you, little children, becaufe 
ye have known the Father. 14 
I have written unto you, fathers, 
becaufe ye have known him that 
is from the beginning. I have 
written unto you, young men, be 
caufe ye are ftrong, and the word 
of God abideth in you, and ye 
have overcome the wicked one. 
i 5 Love not the world, neither 
the things that are in the world, 
If any man love the world, the 
love of God is not in him, 16 
For all that is in the world, the 
hilt of the flefli, and the luft of the 

I. John. 

eyes, and the pride of life, is not 
of me Father, but is of the woild. 

17 And the world paiTeth away, 
and its lull : but he that dceth 
the will of God, abideth for ever. 

1 8 Little children, it is the laft 
hour ; and as ye have heard an- 
tichriit (hall come, even now are 
there many antichrilts ; wheieby 
we know that it is the iail hour. 

19 They went out from u?, but 
they were not of us : for if they 
had been of us, they wou d no 
doubt have continued with us ; 
but that they might be made ma- 
nifeft, that they were not all of 
us. 20 Rut ye have an unftion 
from the holy One, and ye knew 
all thing 6 . 21 I have r.ot writ 
ten unto you, becaufe ye know 
not the truth : but becaufe ye 
know it, and that no lie is of the 
truth, 22 Who is a liar but he 
that denieth that Jefus is the 
Chriit ? he is antlchriil, that de 
nieth the Father and the Son. 
23 Whofoever denieth the Son, 
the lame hath not the Father : 
He that acknowledged the Son, 
hath the Father alfo. 24 Let that 
abide in you, which ye have heard 
from the beginning. If that which 
ye have heard from the begin 
ning, (hall abide in you, ye alfo 
mail abide in the Son, and in the 
Father. 2 5 A nd this is the pro- 
mile that he hath promifed us, 
eternal life. 26 Thefe things 
have I written unto you, con 
cerning them that feduce you. 
27 But the anointing which ye 
have received of him, abideth 
in you : and ye need not that any 
man teach ycu : Bur, ;:s the 
fame anointing teacherh you con 
cerning all things, and is truth, 
and is no lie : as it hath taught 
you, ye mall abide in him. 28 
And now, little children, abide 
in him; that if he mall appear, 
we may have confidence and not 

Q z bq 

I. John, 

be aftiamed before him at his 
coming. 29 If ye know that 
he is righteous, ye know that 
every one alfo that doeth righ- 
teoufnefs, is born of him. 

III. Behold, what manner of 
Jove the Father hath bellowed 
upon us, that we mould be called 
and we are the Sons of God : 
therefore the world knoweih us 
not, becaufe it knew him not. 
2 Beloved, we are now the fons 
of God, and it doth not yet ap 
pear what we mall be : We know, 
that when he mall appear, we 
lhall be like him ; for we mail 
fee him as he is. 3 And every 
man that hath this hope in him, 
purifieth himfelf, even as he is 
pure, 4 Whofoever committeth 
fin, tranfgreiTeth alfo the law : 
for fin is the.tranfgreffion of the 
law. 5 And ye know that he 
was manifefted to take away fins ; 
and in him is no fin. 6 Who 
foever abideth in him, finneth 
not : whofoever finneth, hath not 
feen him, neither known him. 
7 Little children let not any one 
deceive you : He that doth righ- 
teoufnefs, is righteous, even as he 
is righteous : 8 But he that com- 
jnitteth fin, is of the devil ; for 
the devil finneth from the begin 
ning. For this purpofe the Son 
of God was manifefted, that he 
might deftroy the works of the 
devil. 9 Whofoever is born of 
God doth not commit Sin ; for 
his feed remaineth in him : and 
he cannot fin, becaufe he is born 
of God. 10 In this the children 
of God are manifeft, and the 
children of the devil : Whofoever 
doeth not righieoufnefs, is not of 
God, neither he that love:h not 
his brother. 1 1 For this is the 
meflage that ye heard from the 
beginning, that we (hould love 
one another. i 2 Not as Cain 
was of that wicked one, and flew 
his brother : And wherefore /lew 

he him ? Becaufe his own Works 
were evil, and his brothers righ 
teous. 13 Marvel not, Brethren, 
if the world hate you. 1 4 We 
know that we have patted from 
death unto life, becaufe we love 
the brethren : he that loveth them 
not abideth in death, i 5 Who 
foever hateth his brother, is a 
murderer : and ye know that no 
murderer hath eternal life abidirg 
in him. 16 Hereby perceive we 
the love of God, becaufe he laid 
down his life for us : and we 
ought to lay down our lives for 
the brethren, 1 7 But whofo hath 
this world s good, and feeth his 
brother have need, and (hutteth 
up his bowels from him, how 
dwelieth the love of God in him ? 
18 Little children, let us not 
love in word, neither in tongue, 
but in deed and in truth. 19 
Hereby we know that we are of 
the truth, and mail affure our 
hearts before him. 20 For if 
our heart condemn us, God is 
greater than our heart, and 
knoweth all things. 21 Beloved, 
if our heart condemn us not, we 
have confidence towards God. 22 
And whatfoever we aik, we re 
ceive of him, becaufe we keep 
his commandments, and do thofe 
things that are pleafing in his 
fight. 23 And this is his com 
mandment, that we believe on. 
the name of Jefus Chrift him Tel f, 
and love one another, as he gave 
us commandment. 24 And he 
that keepeth his commandments, 
dwelleth in him, and he in him ; 
and hereby we know that he 
abideth in us, by the fpirit which 
he hath given us. 

IV. Beloved, believe not every 
fpirit, but try the fpirits whether 
they are of God : becaufe many 
falfe prophets are gone out into 
the world. 2 Hereby know ye 
the Spirit of God : Every fpirit 

I. John. 

that confeffeth that Jefus Chriit is 
come in the flefh, is of God. 3 
And every fpirit that confefTeth 
it not, is not of God : and this 
js that fpirit of antichritt, where 
of you have heard that it fhould 
come, and even now already 
it is in the world. 4 Ye are 
of God, little children, and 
have overcome them : becaufe 
greater is he that is in you, than 
he that is in the world. 5 They 
are of the world : therefore fpeak 
they of the world, and the world 
heareth them, 6 We are of God : 
, he that knpweth God, heareth 
us ; Hereby know we the fpirit 
of truth, and the fpirit of error. 

7 Beloved, let us love one ano 
ther : for love is of God ; and 
every one that loveth God, is 
born of God, and knoweth God. 

8 He that loveth not, knoweth 
not God ; for God is love. 9 In 
this was manifeiled the love of 
God towards us, becaufe that 
God fent his only begotten Son 
into the world, that we might 
live through him. 10 Herein is 
love ; not that we loved God, 
but that he loved us, and fent his 
Son the propitiation for ou>r fins. 
1 1 Beloved, if God fo loved us, 
we ought alfo to love one another. 
i 2 No one hath feen God at any 
time. If we love one another, 
God dwelleth in us, and his love 
is perfected in us. 13 Hereby 
know we that we dwell in him, 
and he in us, becaufe he hath 
given us of his fpirit. 14 And 
we have feen, and do teftify,that 
the Father fent the Son, the Sa 
viour of the World. 15 Who- 
foever fhall confefs that Jefus is 
the Son of God, God dwelleth 
in him, and he in God. 16 
And we have known and believe 
the love that God hath to us. 
God is love ; and he that dwell 
eth in love, dwelleth in God, 
and God in him,, 1 7 Herein is o,u.r 

ove made perfect, that we may 
nave boldnefs in the day of judg 
ment : becaufe as he his, io are 
we in this world. 18 There is 
no fear in love ; but perfect love 
cafteth out fear : becauie fear hath 
torment : he that feareth, is not 
made perfect in love. 19 We 
therefore love God ; becaufe God 
firft loved us. 20 If a man fay, 
I love God, and hateth his bro 
ther, he is a liar : for he that 
loveth not his brother whom he 
hath feen, how can he Jove God 
whom he hath not feen ? 2 1 And 
this commandment have we from 
God, that he who loveth God, 
love his brother alfo. 

V. Whofoever believeth that 
Jefus is the Chrift, is born of 
God : and every one that loveth 
him that begat, loveth him alfo 
that is begotten of him. 2 By 
this we know that we 
f love the children of \* ead 
God, when we love 
God, and keep his command 
ments. 3 And his command T 
ments are not grievous. 4 For 
whatfoever is born of God, over- 
cometh the world : and this is the 
victory that overcometh the world, 
o.ur faith. 5 Who is he that 
overcometh the world, but he 
that believeth that Jefus is the 
Son of God ? 6 This is he that 
came by water, and blood, and 
the Spirir, Jefus Chrift ; not by 
water only, but by water and 
blood, and the Spirit : and it is 
the Spirit that beareth witnefs, 
becaufe the Spirit is truth. 7 For 
there are three that bear record. 
8 The fpirit, and the water, 
and the blood : and thefe three 
agree in one. 9 If we receive 
the witnefs of men, the witnefs 
of God is greater: for this is the 
witnefs of God, becaufe he hath 
teftifkd of his Son. io He that 
bdieveth on the Son of God, 

hath the record in himfelf: he 
that believeth not the Son hath 
made himfelf a liar, becaufe he 
believeth not the record that God 
gave of his Son. 1 1 And this 
is the record, that God 


given to us eternal life : and this 
life is in his Son. 12 He that 
hath the Son, hath life ; he that 
hath not the Son of God, hath 
not life, i 3 Thefe things have 
I written unto you that ye may 
know that you who believe on 
the name of the Son of God 
have eternal life ; and that ye 
may believe on the name of the 
Son of God. 14 And this is the 
confidence that we have in him, 
that if we afk according to his 
name, he heareth us. 15 And 
whatfosver we aflc, we know that 
we have the petitions that we 
deiired of him. 16 If any one 

II. John; 

fee his brother fin a fin not unto 
death, he lhall afk, and he {hall 
give him life for them that fin 
the fin not unto death. There is 
a fin unto death : I do not fay 
that he mail pray for it. 17 All 
unrighteoufnefs is fin : and there 

is a iin not unto death, i 8 We 
know that whofoever is born of 
God, iinneth not, but he that is 
begotten of God, keepeth him 
felf, and that wicked one touch- 
eth him not. 19 We know that 
we are of God, and the whole 
world lieth in the wicked one. 
20 And we know that the Son 
of God is come, and hath given 
us an undemanding that we may 
know the true God : and we are 
in him that is true, in his Son. 
This is the true God, and eter 
nal life. 21 Lictle children, 
keep your felves from idols. 

The fecond Catholick Epiftle of J O H N. 


TH E elder unto the elect 
lady, and her children, 
wiicm I love in the truth : Bat 
not 1 only, but alfo all they that 
have known the truth : 2 For 
the truths fake which dwelleth 
in us, and (hall be with us for 
ever : 3 Grace, mercy, peace 
from God the Father, and from 
Jefus Chriit, the Son of the Fa 
ther, in truth and love. 4 I re 
joiced greatly, that I found of 
thy children walking in truth, as 
we have received a command 
ment from the Father. 5 And 
now I be.eech thee, lady, not as 
though I wrote a new command- 
men: unto thee, but that which 
we have had from the beginning, 
that we love one another. 6 And 
th : s is love, that we walk after 

his commandm :nt?. This is the 
commandmen:, that as ye have 
heard from the beginning, ye 
mould walk in it. 7 For many 
deceivers are entered into the 
world, who confefs not tha: Je 
fus Chrift is come in the Hem. 
This is a deceiver and an anti- 
chrift. 8 Look to your ielves, that 
ye lofe not thofe things which ye 
have wrought, but that ye re 
ceive a full reward. f ^ tranf , 
9 Whoioever f go- grc ffcth. 
eth before, and a- 
bideth not in the doclrine of Chrift, 
hath not God : he that abideth 
in the doftrine, he hath both the 
Father and the Son. i o If there 
come any unto you, and bring 
not this do&rine, receive him not 
into your hcufe, neither bid him 
good fpeed. 1 1 For he that 

III. John. 

biddeth him good fpeed, is par 
taker of his evil deeds. 12 Hav 
ing many things to write unto 
you, I would not do it with pa 
per and ink ; but I hope to be 

with you, and fpeak mouth to 
mouth, that your joy may be 
full. 13 The children of thy 
eleft filter greet thee. 

The third Catholick Epiftle of JOHN. 

TH E elder unto the well- 
beloved Gaius whom I 
love in the truth. 2 Beloved, I 
wifh above all things that thou 
mayft profper, and be in health, 
even as thy foul proipereth. 3 
For I rejoiced greatly, when the 
brethren came and Jellified of the 
truth that is in thee, even as thou 
walkeit in the truth. 4 I have 
no greater joy than to hear that 
my children walk in truth. 
5 Beloved, thou doft faithfully 
whatfoevcr thou doll, and that to 
the brethren ; 6 Which have 
borne witnefs of thy charity be 
fore the church : whom if thou 
bring forward on their journey 
worthily of God, thou lhalt do 

well : 7 Becaufe 

for hh 

names fake they went forth, tak 
ing nothing of the Gentiles. 8 
We therefore ought to receive 
fuch, that we might be fellow - 
helpers to the church. 9 I wrote 
fomew hat unto the church: but 
Diotrephes, who loveth to have 

the pre-eminence among them, 
receiveth us not. 10 Wherefore 
if I come, I will remember his 
deeds which he doth, prating a- 
gainll us with wicked words : 
and not content therewith, nei 
ther doth he himfelf receive the 
brethren, and forbiddeth them 
that would, and caiteth them out 
of the church. n Beloved, 
follow not that which is evil, 
but that which is good> He that 
doeth good, is of God : He that 
doeth evil, hath not feen God. 
1 2 Demetrius hath good report 
of all men, and of the truth it- 
felf : yea, and we bear record, 
and thou knoweit that our record 
is true. 1 3 I had many things 
to write, but I would not with, 
ink and pen write unto thee: 14 
Bat I hope I mail fhortly fee thee, 
and we mall fpeak mouth to 
mouth, Peace be to thee. Our 
brethren falute thee. Greet the 
friends by name. 

The Catholick Epiftle of J U D E. 

JU D E the fervant of Jefus 
Chrift, and brother of James, 
10 them that are beloved by God 
the Father, the preferved and 
called in Jefus Chriir: 2 Mercy 
unto you, and peace, and love 
be multiplied. 3 Beloved, when 

I gave all diligence to write unto 
you of our common falvation, ic 
was needful for me to write unto 
you, and exhort. you, that ye 
mould earneftly contend for the 
faith which was once delivered 
unto the faints. 4 For there are 


certain men crept in unawares, 
who were of old defc-ibed as 
coming to this condemnation , 
ungodly men, turning the grace 
of our God into lafciviouihefs, and 
denying the only Lord, and our 
Lord Jefus Chrift. 5 I will 
thereh>reputyou in remembrance, 
who once knew all things, how 
that Jefus having fa ved the people 
out of the land of Egypt, after 
ward deftroyed them that believed 
not 6 But the angels who kept 
not their fir ft ettate, but left their 
own habitation, he hath rsferved 
in everlaiting chains under dark- 
ttefs, unto the jud-gment of the 
great day. j Even as Sodom 
and Gomorrah, and the cities 
about them, in like manner with 
thefe, giving themfelves over to 
fornication , and going after 
firange flefh, are fet forth for an 
example, fuffering the refem- 
blance of eternal fire. 8 Like- 
wi e alfo thefe filthy dreamers 
defile theflefti, defpife dominion, 
and fpeak evil of dignities. 9 
Yet Michael the archangel, when 
contending with the devil, hedif- 
pmed about the body of Mofe. c , 
durft not bring againil him a rail 
ing accufation, but faid, TheLord 
rebuke thee. 10 But thefe fpeak 
evil of thofe things which they 
know not : but what they know 
^naturally, as brute beaits ; in 
thofe things they corrupt ihem- 
felves. 1 1 Woe unto them ; for 
they have gone in the way of 
Cain, and ran greedily after the 
error of Balaam for reward, and 
periilied in the gainfaying of 
Core. 12 Thefe are thofe who 
are fpots in your feafts of charity, 
when they feaft with them, feed 
ing themfelves without fear ; 
clouds without water, carried a- 
bout of winds ; trees whofs fruit 
withered), without fruit, twice 
dead, plucked up by the roots \ 

13 Raging waves of the fea, 
foaming out their own fhamej 
wandering ftars 5 to whom is re- 
ferved the blacknefs of darknefs 
for ever 14 And Enoch a!fo, 
the feventh from Adam } prophe- 
fied of thefe, faying, Behoid, the 
Lord cometh with his holy ten 
thoufands, 15 To execute judg 
ment upon all, and to convince 
all that are ungodly, of all their 
ungodly deeds which they have 
ungodly committed, and of all 
their hard things which ungodly 
finners have fpoken againft him. 

1 6 Thefe are murmurers, com- 
plainers, walking after their own 
lufts; and their mouth fpeaketh 
great fwelling words ; refpeclers 
of perfons, becaufe of advantage. 

17 But beloved, remember ye 
the words which were fpoken be 
fore of the apoftles of our Lord 
Jefus Chrift : 18 That they told 
you there mould come mockers 
in thelaft time, who ihould walk 
after their own ungodly lufts. 19 
Thefe be they who feparate them 
felves, fenfual, having not the 
Spirit. 20 But ye , beloved, 
building up yourfelves in your 
moft holy faith, praying in the 
HolyGhoft, 21 Keep yourfelves 
in the love of God, looking for 
the mercy of our Lord Jefus 
Chrift unto eternal life. 22 And 
reprove thofe that differ: 23 And 
others fave, pulling them out of 
the fire ; but of fome have com- 
paflion with fear, hating even 
the garment fpotted by the flefh. 
24 Now unto him that is able to 
keep you from falling, and to 
prefent you faultlefs before the 
prefence of his glory with exceed 
ing joy, 25 To the only God our 
Saviour, by Jefus Chrift ourLord, 
be glory, majefty, dominion and 
power, before all ages, both now 
and ever. Amen. 


The Revelation of J O H N the Divine. 


TH E revelation of Jefus 
Chrift, which God gave 
unto him, to (hew unto his fer- 
vants things which muft ftiortly 
come to pafs ; and he fent and 
fignified it by his angel unto his 
fervant John : z Who bare re 
cord of the word of God, and 
of the teftimony of Jefus Chrilt, 
and of all things that he faw. 
3 BlefTed is he that readeth, and 
they that hear the words of this 
prophefy, and obferve thole 
things which are written therein j 
for the time is at hand. 4 John 
to the feven churches which are 
in Afia : grace be unto you, and 
peace from him who is, and who 
was, and who is to come ; and 
from the feven fpirits which are 
before his throne ; 5 And from 
Jefus, Chrift, the faithful witnefs, 
the firft-begotten of the dead, and 
the prince of the kings of the 
earth : Unto him that loved us, 
and loofed us from our fins in his 
own blood. 6 And hath made 
us a kingdom, and priefts unto 
God, and his father; to whom be 
glory and dominion for ever. 
Amen. 7 Behold, he cometh 
with clouds ; and every eye fhall 
fee him, and they which pierced 
him : and all kindreds of the 
earth fhall wail becaufe of him : 
even fo, Amen. 8 1 am Alpha 
and Omega, faith the Lord God, 
who is, and who was, and who 
is to come, the Almighty. 9 I 
John, who am your brother, and 
companion in tribulation, and 
in the kingdom and patience in 
Chrift, was in the ifle that is 
called Patmos, for the word of 
God, and for the teftimony of 
Jefus. 10 I was in the Spirit on 
che Lord s day, and heard behind 

me a great voice, as of a trumpet, 
1 1 Saying, what thou ieeft, 
write in a book, and fend unto 
the feven churches, unto Ephefus, 
and unto Smyrna, and ui to Per- 
gamus, and unto Thyatira, and 
unto Sardis, and unto Philadel 
phia, and unto Laodicea. 1 2 And 
I turned to fee the voice that 
fpake with me. And being tnrn- 
ed, I faw feven golden candle- 
flicks ; 1 3 And in the midft of 
the candlelUcks one like unto the 
(on of man, clothed with a gar 
ment down to the foot, and girt 
about the paps with a golden 
girdle. 14 His head and hairs 
white like wooll, as white as 
fnow ; and his eyes as a flame of 
fire. 1 5 And his feet like unto 
fine brafs, as burned in a furnace ; 
and his voice as the found of 
many waters. 16 And in his 
right hand feven ftars : and out 
of his mouth went a fharp two- 
edged fword : and his counte 
nance ac the fun fhineth in his 
ftrength, 1 7 And when I faw 
him, I fell at his feet as dead : 
and he laid his right hand upon 
me, faying, Fear not ; I am the 
firft begotten, and the laft : 
1 8 He that liveth, and was 
dead; and behold, I am alive 
for evermore ; and have the keys 
of hades and of death. 19 Write 
therefore the things which thou 
haft feen ; and the things which 
are ; and the things which ihall 
be hereafter j * 20 The myftery 
of the feven ftars which thou 
faweft in my right hand, and 
the feven golden candlefticks. 
The feven ftars are the angels of 
the feven churches : and the fe 
ven candlefticks, are the feten 

II. Unto the angel of the 
P church^ 


church, who is at Ephefus, write, 
Thefe things lakh he thatholdeth, 
the (even itars in- his right haid, 
who walketh in the midft of the 
ieven golden candleilicks ; 2 I 
know thy works, and labour, 
and thy patience, that thou canft 
not bear them that are evil : and 
thou haft tried them who fay they 
are themfelves a pottles, and are 
not ; and haft found them liars : 
3 And haft patience, and hall 
borne for my names fake, and halt 
not fainted. 4 Neverchelefs, 1 
have agairift thee, becaufe thou 
haft left thy firft love. 5 Re- 
fnember therefore from whence 
thou art fallen, and repent, and 
do the firft works ; or elfe I will 
come unto thee, and will remove 
thy candleftick ouc of his place, 
except thou repent. 6 But this 
thou haft, that thou hatelt the 
deeds of the Nicolaitans, which 
I alfo hate. 7 He that hath an 
ear, -let him hear, what the Spi 
rit faith unto the feven churches, 
To him that overcometh will I 
give to eat of the tree of life, 
which is in the paradife of God. 
8 And unto the angel who is at 
the church of Smyrna, write, 
Thefe things faith the firft begot 
ten, and the laft, who was dead, 
and is alive ; 9 I know thy tri 
bulation, and poverty, but thou 
art rich,, and the blaiphemy of 
them who fay they are Jews, and 
are not, but the fynagogue of 
Satan. 10 Fear not thofe things 
which thou fhalt fuffer : behold, 
the devil lhall caft fome of you 
JBto prifon, that ye may be 
tried ; and may have tribulation 
ten days : be thou faithful unto 
death, and I will give thee a 
crown of life. 1 1 He that hath 
an ear, let him hear what the 
Spirit faith unto the churches, He 
that overcometh, ihall not be 
iiaf; of the fecond death. n And 

to the angel of the church i 
gam us, write, Thefe things faith 
he, who hath the {harp fword with 
two edges. 13 I know where thou 
dvvelleir, where fatans feat is : 
and thou holdeft faft my name, 
and haft not denied my faith, 
even, in thofe days wherein An- 
tipas my faithful martyr was 
ilain among you, where fatan 
dwelleth. 14 But I have a few 
things againft thee, becaufe he 
hath there them that hold the 
dodrine of Bala-amy who taught 
Balac the king to caft a ftumb- 
ling-block before the children of 
Ifrae), to eat things facrificed 
nnto idols, and to commit forni 
cation. 15 So haft thou alfo 
them that hold the doctrine of 
the Nicolaitans, in like manner. 
1 6 Repent therefore; or elfe 
I will come unto thee quickly, 
and will fight againft them with 
the fword or my mouth. 17 He 
that hath an ear, let him hear 
what the Spirit faith unto the 
churches, To him that overcometh 
will I give of the hidden manna, 
and will give him a white ftone, 
and in the ftone a new name 
written, which no man knoweth, 
faving he that receiveth //. 1 8 
And unto the angel who is at 
Thyatira, write, Thefe things 
faith the Son of God, who hath 
eyes like unto a flame of fire, 
and feet like fine brafs. 19 I 
know thy works, and charity, 
and faith, and fervice, and thy 
patience, and thy works ; the 
laft more than the firft. 2b Not- 
withftanding, I have againil 
thee, becaufe thou fuffereft thy 
wife Jezabel, who calleth herfelf 
a prophetefs, and me teacheth 
and feduceth my fervants to com 
mit fornication, and to eat things 
facrificed unro idols. 21 And I 
gave her fpace to repent; and 
fhe would not repent of her for 


ffticatlon. 22 Behold, I will ca ft 
, her into pnfon, and them that 
: commit adultery with her into 
.great tribulation, except they 
-will repent of their deeds. 23 J 
will kill her children with 
.death ; and all the churches 
.fhall know that I am he 
who fearcheth the reins and 
hearts : and I will give unto 
.every one of you according 
to your works. 24 Bat unto 
you I fay, the reft in 1 hyatira, 
who have not this doctrine, who 
have not known the depths of 
.fatan, as they fpeak, I put upon 
you none other burden. 25 But 
that which ye have ; hold faft 
.till I come. 26 And he that 
-overcometh, and cbferveth my 
works unto the end, to him will 
I give power over the nations ; 
27 And he mall rule them with 
.a rod of iron : as theveffels of a 
potter {hall they be broken to 
fhivers, even as I received of my 
Father. 28 And I will give 
him the morning ftar. 29 He 
that hath an ear, let him hear 
what the fpirit faith unto the 

III. And unto the angel who 
is in Sardis, writ*, Thefe things 
faith he that hath the feven Spi 
rits of God, and the feven ftars; 
I know thy works, that thou 
haft a name that tho.u liveft, and 
art dead. 2 Be watchful, and 
ilrengthen the- things which re 
main, that were ready to die : 
for I have not found thy works 
perfect before my God. 3 Re 
member therefore how thou haft 
received, and heard, and hold 
faft, and repent. If therefore 
thou fhalt not watch, I will come 
as a thief, and thou {halt not 
know what hour I will come up 
on thee. 4 But thou haft a few 
names in Sardis, which have 
;30t defiled their garments ; and 

they mall walk with me in 
white : for they are .worthy. 

5 He that overcometh, the fame 
{hall be, clothed in white raiinent ; 
and I will not blot out his name 
out of the book of life, bat I 
will confefs his name before my 
Father, and before his angels. 

6 He that hath an ear, let him 
hear what the Spirit faith unto 
the churches. 7 And to the 
angel of the church in Philadel 
phia, write, Theie things faith he 
that is true, he that is holy, he 
that hath the key of David, he 
that openeth, and no one fliut- 
teth, and mutteth and o one 
openeth. 8 I know thy works ; 
behold, I have fet before thee an 
op. n door, which no one ca-n 
{hut : for thou haft a little 
ilrength, and haft kept my word, 
and haft not denied my name. 
9 Behold, I will make them of 
the fynagogue of Satan which 
fay they are Jews, and are nor, 
but do lie ; behold, 1 will caufe 
that they- fhall come, and {hall 
worfhip before thy feet, and 
know that 1 have loved thee. 

10 And thou haft kept the word 
of my patience, I alfo will keep 
thee from the hour of temptation, 
which {hall come upon all the 
world, to try them that dwell 
upon the earth. 1 1 I come 
quickly : hold that faft which 
thou haft, that no man take 
thy crown. 12 Him that o- 
vercometh, will I make a pil 
lar in the temple of my God, 
and he fhall go no more out: 
and J will write upon him the 
name of my God, and the name 
of the city of my God, the new 
Jerufalem, which cometh down 
out of heaven from my God : 
and my new name. 1 3 He that 
hath an ear, let him hear what 
the Spirit faith unto the churches. 
14 And unto the angel of the 
P 2 church 


church which is at Laodicea, 
write, Thefe things faith the A- 
men, the faithful and true wit- 
neis, the beginning of the crea 
tion of God ; 1 5 I know thy 
works, that thou art neither cold 
nor hot. 16 So then becaufe 
thou art luke-warm, and neither 
cold nor hot, I will fpue thee 
out of my mouth: 17 Becaule 
thou fayft, I am rich, and increaf- 
ed with goods, and have need of 
nothing; and knoweft not that 
thou art wretched, and mife- 
rable, and poor, and blind, 
and naked. 18 I counfel ihee 
to buy of me gold tried in 
the fire, that thou mayft be 
rich ; and white raiment, that 
thou mayft be clothed, and 
the (name of thy nakednefs 
may not appear; and anoint 
thine eyes with eye-falve, that 
thou mayft fee. 19 As many as 
I love, I rebuke and chaften : 
be zealous therefore, and repent. 

20 Behold, I ftand at the door, 
and knock : if any man hear my 
voice, and open the door, I will 
come in to him, and will fup 
with him, and he with me. 

21 To him that overcometh will 

1 grant to fit with me in my 
throne, even as I alfo overcame, 
and am fet down with my Fa 
ther in his throne. 22 He that 
hath an ear, le.t him hear what 
the Spirit faith unto the chur^- 

IV. After this I looked, and 
behold, a door opened in heaven : 
and the firft voice which 1 heard, 
as it were of a trumpet talking 
with me; faying, Come up 
hither, and I will mew thee the 
things which muft be hereafter. 

2 Immediately I was in the 
fpirit : and behold, a throne 
was fet in heaven, and one 
fat on the throne. 3 And he 

fat, was to look upon 

ike a jafper, and a fardine 
tone : and a rainbow <was round 
about the throne, in fight like 
unto an emerald. 4 And round 
about the throne were twenty- 
four thrones; and upon the 
thrones twenty -four elders fit 
ting, clothed in white raiment ; 
and on their heads crowns of 
gold. 5 And out of the throne 
proceeded lightnings, and voices, 
and thundrings : And {even lamps 
of fire burning before the throne, 
which are the feven Spirits of 
God. 6 And before the throne 
as a fea of glafs like unto cryftal : 
and in the midft of the throne, 
and round about the throne, 
four animals full of eyes before 
and behind. 7 And the firft a- 
nimal was like a lion, and the 
fecond animal like a calf, and 
the third animal had a face as of 
a man, and the fourth animal was 
like a flying eagle. 8 And the 
four animals had each of them fix 
wings about him, and they were 
full of eyes within ; and they reft 
not day and night, faying, Holy, 
holy, holy, Lord God /"mighty, 
who was, and is, and is to come. 
9 And when thofe animals give 
glory and honour, and thanks to 
him that fits on the throne, who 
liveth for ever and ever, i o The 
twenty-four elders will fall down 
before him that fits on the throne, 
and will worfhip him that liveth 
for ever and ever, and will caft 
their crowns before the throne, 
faying, n Thou art worthy, 
O our Lord and God, to receive 
glory, and honour, and power : 
for thou haft created all things, 
and for thy pleafure they 

V. And I faw in the right 
hand of him that fat on the 
throne, a book written within, 
and on the backfide, fealed wiih 
feven feals. z And I faw a 


ftrong angel proclaiming with a 
loud voice, Who is worthy to 
open the book, and to loofe the 
feals thereof ? 3 And no one 
in heaven, nor on earth, neither 
under the earth, was able to 
open the book, neither to look 
thereon. 4 And I wept much, 
becaufe no one was found worthy 
to open, and to read the book, 
neither to look thereon. 5 And 
one of the elders faith unto me, 
Weep not : behold, the Lion or 
the tribe of Juda, the root of 
David, hath prevailed to open 
the book, and the feven feals 
thereof. 6 And I beheld, and 
lo, in the midft alfo of the throne, 
and of the four animals, and in 
the midtt of the elders Hood 
Lamb as it had been flain, having 
feven horns, and feven eyes, 
which are the Spirits of God 
fent forth into all the earth. 7 
And he came and took the book 
out of the right hand of him that 
{at upon the throne. 8 And 
when he had taken the book, the 
four animals, and twenty-four 
elders fell down before the Lamb, 
having every one of them an 
harp, and golden vials full of o- 
dours, which are the prayers of 
the faints. 9 And they fmga new 
fong, faying, That thou art wor 
thy to take the book, and to o 
pen the feals thereof: for thpu 
waft flain, and haft redeemed 
them to God by thy blood, out 
of every kindred, and tongue, 
and people, and nation; jo A ad 
haft made them a kingdom and 
priefts : and they mall reign on 
the earth. 1 1 And I beheld, 
and I heard the voice of many 
angels round about the throne, 
and the animals, and the elders : 
and the number of them was 
ten thoufand times ten thoufand, 
and thoufands of thoufands ; 1 2 
Saying with a loud voi$e, Wor 

thy is the Lamb that was flain, 
to receive power, and riches, and 
wifdom, and itrength,and honour, 
and glory, and blefling. 13 And 
every creature which is in heaven, 
and on the earth, and fuch as are 
in the fea, and all that are in 
them, heard I, faying, Bleffing, 
and honour, and glory, and 
power be unto him that fitteth 
upon the throne, and unto the 
Lamb for ever and ever ! 1 4 And 
the four animals faid, Amen. 
And the elders fell down and 
wor (hipped. 

VI. And I faw when the 
Lamb opened one of the feven 
feals ; and I heard, as it were 
with the noife of thunder, one of 
the four animals, faying, Come. 
2 And I faw, and behold, a 
white horfe ; and he that fat on 
him had a bow, and a crown was 
given unto him, and the con 
queror went forth to conquer 
alfo. 3 And when he had open 
ed the fecond feal, I heard the 
fecond animal fay, Come. 4 
And there went out another 
horfe red : and it was given to 
him that fat on him, to take 
peace from the earth ; and 
they will kill one another : and 
there was given unto him a 
great fword. 5 And when he had 
opened the third feal, I heard 
the third animal fay, Come. 
And I beheld, and lo, a black 
horfe ; and he that fat on hin% 
had a pair of balances in his 
hand. 6 And I heard as a voice 
in the midft of the four animals 
fay, A chaenix of wheat for a 
denarius, and three chasnixes of 
barley for a denarius ; and be 
thou not unjuft in the oyl, and 
the wine. 7 And when he had 
opened the fourth feal, I heard 
the voice of the fourth animal 
fay, Come. 8 And I looked, 
and behold, a pale horfe ; and 



law -name that fat on him was 
Death, and Hades followed with 
him : and power was given unto 
them over the fourth part of the 
earth j to kill with Iword, and 
with hunger, and with death, 
and with the fourth part of the 
wild beads of the earth, 9 And 
when he had opened the fifth 
feal, I faw under the altar the 
fouls of them that were flain for 
the word of God, and the tefli- 
mony which they held. 10 And 
they cried with a loud voice, 
laying, How tong, O Lord, holy 
and true, doft thou not judge 
and avenge our blood on them 
lhat dwell on the earth ? 1 1 And 
a white robe was given unto eve 
ry one of them, and it was laid 
unto them, that they mould reft 
jet for a little feafon, until their 
fellow-fervants alfo, and their 
brethren that mould be killed as 
they *wer& 9 mould be fulfilled. 
12 And I beheld when he had 
opened the fixth feal, and lo, 
there was a great earthquake, 
and the fun became black as 
fackcloth of hair, and the whole 
moon became as blood i 1 3 And 
the ftars of God fell unto the 
earth, even as a fig-tree cafteth 
her untimely figs when (he is 
fhaken of a. mighty wind : 14 
the heaven departed as a fcroll 
when it is rolled together ; and 
every mountain and ifland were 
moved out of their places : 1 5 
And the kings of the earth, and 
the great men, and the chief 
captains, and the rich men, and 
the itrong men, and every bond 
man and free-man hid themfelves 
in the dens, and in the rocks of 
the mountains ; 16 And faid 
to the mountains and rocks, Fall 
on us, and hide us from the face 
of him that fitteth on the throne, 
and from the wrath of the Lamb : 
,17 For the great day of his 

wrath is come ; and who fliaH 
be able to ftand ? 

VII. After this, I faw four 
angels (landing on the four cor 
ners of the earth, holding the 
four winds of the earth, that the 
wind (hould not blow on the earth, 
nor on the fea, nor on the tree. 

2 And I faw another angel af- 
cending from the eaft, having the 
feal of the living God : and he 
cried with a loud voice to the 
four angels, to whom it was gi 
ven to hurt the earth and the fea, 

3 Saying, Hurt not the earth, 
neither the fea, nor the trees, till 
we mail have fealed the fervants 
of our God in their foreheads. 

4 Inhere were fealed, an hundred 
forty four thoufand, of all the 
tribes of Ifrael. 5 Of the tribe 
of Juda iu er e fealed twelve thou 
fand. -,Of the tribe of Reuben 
twelve thoufend. Of the tribe 
of Gad twelve thoufand. 6 Of 
the tribe of Afer twelve thou 
fand. Of the tribe of Neph- 
thalim twelve thoufand. Of the 
tribe of Manaffes twelve thou- 
land. -7 Of the tribe of Simeon 
twelve thoufand. Of the tribe 
of Levi twelve thoufand. Of 
the tribe of Ifachar twelve thou 
fand. 8 Of the tribe of Zabu- 
lon twelve thoufand. Of the 
tribe of Jcfeph twelve thoufand. 
Of the tribe of Benjamin twelve 
thoufand. .9 After this I beheld 
a great multitude, and no man 
could number them, of all na 
tions, and kindreds, and people, 
and tongues, Handing before the 
throne, and before the Lamb, 
cloathed with white robes, and 
palms in their hands ; 10 And 
they cry with a loud voice, fay 
ing, Salvation? to our God who 
fitteth upon the throne, and unto 
the Lamb. 1 1 And all the angels 
flood round about the throne, and 
the elders, and the four animals* 


Revelation 1 . 

and fell before the throne on their 
faces, and worfhipped God, 12 
Saying, Amen: Blefiing, and 
glory, and thankfgivmg, and 
honour, and power, and might 
te unto oar God for ever and 
ever. Amen. 13 And one of the 
elders anfwered, faying unto me, 
What are thefe which are arayed 
in white robes ? and whence came 
they ? 14 And I faid unto him, 
Sir, thou knowefl. And he (aid 
to me, Thefe are they who 
come out of great tribulation, 
and have warned their robes, and 
made them white in the blood of 
the Lamb. 1 5 Therefore are they 
before the throne of God, and 
ierve him day and night in his 
temple: and he that fitteth on 
the throne fhall dwell among 
them. 1 6 They fhall hunger 
no more, neither thirlt any more, 
neither mail the fun light on 
them, nor any heat. 17 For the 
Lamb that is in the midft of the 
throne, iliall feed them, and fhall 
lead them unto living fountains 
of waters of life : and God fhall 
wipe away ail tears from their 

VIII. And when he had open 
ed the feventh feal, there was fi- 
lence in heaven about the fpace 
of half an hour. 2 And I faw 
the feven angels who ilood before 
God ; and to them were given 
feven trumpets. 3 And another 
angel came and flood at the altar, 
having a golden cenfer; and 
there was given unto him much 
incenfe, that he fhould offer it 
with the prayers of all faints up 
on the golden altar which was 
before the throne. 4 And the 
(moke of the incenfe with the 
prayers of the faints, afcended 
up before God, out of the angels 
hand. 5 And the angel took the 
cenfer, and filled it with fire oi 
the altar, and caft it into the 

earth : and there were thundrings,, 
and lightnings, and voices, and 
an earthquake. 6 And the fe 
ven angels who had the feven 
trumpets, prepared themfelves to 
found. 7 And the firft founded, 
and there was hail and fireming-, 
led with blood, and they were 
caft upon the earth : and the 
third part of the earth was burnt 
up, and the third part of the 
trees, and all the green grafs was 
burnt up. 8 And the fecond angel 
founded, and as it were a great 
mountain burning with fire was 
caft into the fea ; and the third 
part of the fea became blood : 

9 And the third part of the 
creatures which were in the fea, 
and had life, died ; and the third 
part of the mips were deltroyed. 

10 And the third angel founded, 
and there fell a great ftar front 
heaven, burning as it were a lamp, 
and it fell upon the third part of 
the rivers. 1 1 And the name 
of the ftar is called wormwood r 
and the third part of the waters? 
became wormwood; and many 
men died of the waters becaufe 
they were made bitter, 1 2 And 
the fourth angel founded, and 
the third part of the ;un was 
fmitten, and the third part of the 
moon, and the third part of the 
ttars; fo as the third part of 
them was darkened, and the day 
fhone not for a fourth part of it, 
and the night likewife. 13 And 
I beheld, and heard an eagle 
flying through the midft of hea 
ven, faying with a! loud voice, 
Wo, wo, wo to the inhabiters of 
the earth, by reafon of the other 
voices of the trumpet of the 
three angels which are yet to 

IX. And the fifth angel found 
ed, and 1 faw a ftar fall from, 
heaven unto the earth : and to 
him was given the key of the 



pit of the abyfs. 2 And he 
opened the pic of the abyfs, and 
there arofe a fmoke out of the 
pit, the fmoke of a great fur- 
nace ; and the fun and the air 
were darkned, by reafon of the 
fmoke of the pit. 3 And there 
came out of the fmoke iocufts 
upon the earth ; and unto them 
was given power, as the fcorpi- 
ons of the earth have power. 4 
And it was commanded them 
that they fhould not hurt the 
grafs of the earth, neither any 
green thing, neither any tree; 
but thofe men who have not 
the feal of God upon their fore 
heads. 5 And it was given to 
them that they mould not kill 
them, but they mall be torment 
ed five months : and their tor 
ment was as the torment of a 
fcorpion, when he ftriketh a 
man. 6 And in thofe days mail 
men feek death, and by no means 
find it; and mail defire to die, 
and death (hall fly from them, 
f And the mapes of the locufts 
were like unto horfes prepared 
unto battle ; and on their heads 
as it were crowns like gold, and 
their faces as the faces of men. 
8 And they had hair as the hair 
of women, and their teeth were 
as thofe of lions. 9 And they 
had breaftplates, as it were 
breaftplates of iron ; and the 
found of their wings nvas as the 
found of chariots of many horfes 
running- to battle. 10 And they 
had fails like unto fcorp ons, and 
there were flings in their tails : 
and in their tails their power was 
to hurt men five months, u 
They had a king over them, the 
angel, the prince of the bottom- 
lefs pit, whole name in the He 
brew tongue is Ab::ddon, but in 
the Greek tongue hath bis name 
Apollyon: [The Deftroyer. ] 
1 2 One wo i? paft, behold there 

come two woes more hereafter. 
13 And the fixth angel founded, 
and I heard a voice from the 
horns of the golden altar, which 
is before God. 14 Saying to 
the angel who had the trumpet, 
loofe the four angels which are 
bound in the great river Eu 
phrates. 15 And the four an 
gels were loofed, which were 
prepared for an hour, and a day, 
and a month, and a year, for to 
flay the third part of men. 16 
And the number of the armies 
of the horfemen were two hun 
dred thoufand thoufand : I heard 
the number of them. 17 And 
thus I iavv the horfes in the vifi- 
on, and them that fat on them, 
having breaftplates of fire, and 
of jacinft, and brimftone : and 
the heads of the horfes as the 
heads of lions ; and our of their 
mouths ifiued fire, and fmoke, 
and brimftone. 18 By thefe 
three plagues was the third part 
of men killed, by the fire, and 
by the fmoke, and by the brim 
ftone, which iflued out of their 
mouths. 1 9 For the power of 
the ho ies is in their mouth, and 
in their tails : for their tails were 
like unto ferpents, and had heads, 
and with them they do hurt. 
20 And the reft of the men 
who were not killed by thefe 
plagues, yet repented not of the 
works of their hands, that they 
fiV uld not worfhip daemons, and 
idols of gold, and filver, and brafs, 
and ftone, and wood : which 
neither can fee, nor bear, nor 
walk: 21 Neither repented 
they of their murders, nor of 
their forceries, nor of their wick- 
ednefs, nor of their thefts, 

X. And I faw another mighty 
angel come down from heaven, 
clothed with a cloud, and a rain 
bow upon his head, and his face 
as it were the fun, and his feet as 


pillars of fire. 2 And hav ; v-g 
in his hand a little book: And 
he fet his right foot upon the fea, 
and left upon the earth, 3 Ai.>d 
cried with a loud voice, as a 
lion roreth : and when he had 
cried, ieven thunders uttered their 
voices. 4 And when the fevm 
thunders had uttered, I was abou: 
to write : and I heard a voice 
from heaven, faying, leal up 
thofe things which the ieven 
thunders uttered, and write them 
not. 5 And the angel which I 
faw (land upon the fea, and upon 
the earth, lifted up his hsnd to 
heaven, 6 And {ware by him 
that liveth for ever and ever, who 
created heaven and the things 
that are in them, that there 
ihould be no longer time. 7 But 
in the days of the voice of ^ the 
fevench angel, when he {hall be^ 
about to found, the myllery of 
God ij. finifhed, as he hath de 
clared to his fervams the pro 
phets. 8 And the voice which I 
heard from heaven fpake unto 
me again, and faid, Go, take the 
little book which is open in the 
hand of the angel which ilandeth 
upon the fea, and upon the e^rth. 
9 And I went unto the angel, 
and fpake unto him, to give me 
the little book. And he faid unto 
me, Take and eat it up ; and it 
(hall make thy f heart 
bitter, but it {hall be 
in thy mouth fweet 
as hony. 10 And I took the 
little book out of the angel s 
hand, and ate it up ; and it was 
in my mouth fweet as hony : and 
as foon as I had eaten it, my 
belly was bitter. , n And they 
fay unto me, thou muft prophefy 
again before many peoples, and 
nations, and tongues, and kings. 
XI. And there was given me 
a reed like unto a rod : faying, 
ifej, and meafure the temple ot 

God, and the altar, and them 
that wormlp therein. 2 -But the 
court which is without the tem 
ple call out, and meafure it not ; 
for ic is given unto the Genres : 
a id the holy cky mail they mea 
fure forty and two mouths 3 
And I will give unto my two 
witneffes, and they (hall pro 
phefy a thoufand two hundred 
f.hreeicore dijys clothed in fack- 
cloth. 4 Thefe are the two 
olive-trees, and the two candle- 
icicks {landing before the Lord cf 
the earth. $ And if any man 
will hurt them, fire proceeded! 
out of their mouth, and-devoureth 
their enemies: and if any man 
will hurt Jiem, he mull be killed. 
6 Thefe have the power to (hut 
heaven, that it rain not in the 
days of their prophefy : and 
have power over the waterb to 
lurn them to blood, and to fame 
the earth with every plague, as 
often as they will. 7 And 
when they mall be near rimming 
their teilimony, the fourth wild 
beail that afcendeth out of the 
abylle mail make war againit 
them, and mali overcome them, 
and kill them, 8 And tivir 
dead body/W/ be in the itreer of 
the great city, which fpiruunliy 
is called Sodom and Egypt, where 
alfo their Lord was crucified. 9 
And they of the people, and 
kindreds and tongues, and na 
tions, fee their ckad body three 
days and an half, and do not 
fuffer their dead body to be put 
in a grave. 10 And they that 
dwell upon the earth fha l re- 
juice ovt- r them, and make mer- 
rv, and mall {end gilts one to 
another ; becaufe thefejAVO pro 
phets tormented them that dwell 
on the earth. 1 1 Ard after 
three days and an half, the Spirit 
of life from God entred into 
them : and they flood upon their 


feet, and great fear fell upon 
them who faw them. 12 And 
they heard a great voice from 
heaven, faying, Come up hi 
ther. And they afcended up to 
heaven in a c!oud, and their ene 
mies beheld them. 13 And the 
fame hour was there a great 
earthquake, and the tenth part 
of the city fell, and in the earth 
quake were flain names of men 
ieven thoufand : and the remnant 
were affrighted, and gave glory 
to the God of heaven. 14 The 
fecond wo is paft , behold, the 
third wo cometh quickly. 1 5 
And the fevcnth angel founded, 
and there were great voices in 
heaven, faying, The kingdom 
of this world is become the 
kingdom of our Lord, and of his 
Chriit, and he mall reign for 
ever and ever. 16 And the 
twenty-four elders who fit before 
God on their feats, fell upon 
their fac^s, and worfhipped God, 
17 Saying, We give thee thanks, 
O Lord God almighty, who art, 
and wail ; b caufe thou haft 
taken to thee thy great power, 
and haft reigned 18 And r he 
nations were angry, and thy 
wrath is come, and the time of 
the dead that they mould be 
judged, and that thou fhouldeit 
give reward unto thy {ervants 
the prophets, and to the flints, 
and them that fear thy name, 
fmals and great, to deilroy them 
who dettroy the earth. 19 And 
the temple of God- was opened, 
which is in heaven, and there 
was feen in his temple the ark of 
his covenant : and there were 
lightnings, and voices, and thund- 
ring?, and an earthquake, and 
grent h iil. 

XII. And there appeared a 
great wonder in heaven, a woman 
clothed .wit.ii the fun, and the 
moon under her feet, and upon 

her hsad a crown oftwelve ftars : 
2 And fhe - being with child, 
cried, and travelling in birth, 
was pained to be delivered. 3 
And there appeared another won 
der in heaven, and behold, a 
great red dragon, having feven 
heads, and ten horns, and feven 
crowns were upon their head. 4 
And his tail drew the third pare 
of the ftars ofheaven,anddid caft 
them to the earth : and the dra 
gon ftood before the woman, who 
was ready to be delivered, for to 
devour her child affoon as it was 
born. 5 And me brought forth 
a man-child, who was to rule 
all rations with a rod of iron : 
and her child was caught up un 
to God, and unto his throne. 6 
And the woman fled into the 
wildernefs, where me hath a 
place there prepared of God, 
that they mould feed her there a 
thoufand two hundred threefcore 
days. 7 And there, was war in 
heaven ; and Michael and his 
angels fought with the dragon ; 
and the dragon fought and his 
angels : 8 And he pravailed not, 
neither was their place found any 
more in heaven. 9 And the 
great dragon was caft out, that 
old ferpent, called the devil and 
Satan, who deceiveth the whole 
world : he was caft out into the 
earth, and his angels were caft 
out with him. to And 1 heard 
a loud voice in heaven faying, 
Now is come falvation, and 
ftrength, and the kingdom of 
our God, and the power of his 
Chrift : for the accufer of our 
brethren is caft out, who accufed 
them before our God day and 
night. 11 And they overcame 
him by the blood of the Lamb, 
and by the word of their teftimo- 
ny ; and they loved not their 
lives unto the death. 1 2 There 
fore rejoice, ye heavens, and 



ye that dwell in them. Wo to 
the inhabkers of the earth, and 
of the tea : for the devil is come 
down unto you, having great 
wrath, becaufe he knoweth that 
he hath but a iliort time. 13 
And when the dragon faw that 
he was caft unto the earth, he 
perfecuted the woman which 
brought forth the man child. 14 
And to the woman were given 
the two wings of a great eagle, 
that me might fly into the wil- 
dernefs, into her place : where 
{he is nourimed for a time, and 
times, and half a time, from the 
face of the ferpenr. 15 And the 
ferpent call out of his mouth af 
ter the woman water as a flood, 
that he might caufe her to be 
earned away of the flood. 16 
And the earth helped the wo 
man, and the earth opened her 
mouth, and fwallowed up the 
water, which the dragon caft out 
of his mouth. 17 And the 
dragon was wroth with the wo 
man, and went to make war 
with the remnant of her feed, 
who keep the commandments 
of God, and have the teftimony 
of Jefus. 

XIII. And he Hood upon the 
fand of the fea, and faw a wild 
beaft rife up out of the fea, ha 
ving feven horns, and ten heads, 
and upon his horns ten crowns, 
and upon his heads names of 
blafphemy. 2 And the wild 
beait which I faw was like unto 
a leopard, and his feet were as 
thofe of a bear, and his mouth 
as the mouth of a lion : and the 
dragon gave him his power, and 
hi^ feat, and gave him great 
authority. 3 And one of his 
heads, was, as it were, wound 
ed to death ; and his deadly 
wound was healed : and all the 
world wondred after the wild 
beait. 4 And they worshipped 

the dragon, becaufe he gave 
power unto the wild beaft : and 
they vvorfhipped the wild bead, 
faying, Who is like unto the 
wild beaft ? and who is able to 
make war with him ? 5 And 
there was given unto him a 
mouth fpeaking great things, and 
blalphemies ; and power was 
given unto him to continue forty 
two months 6 And he opened 
his mouth in blafphemy againit 
God, to blafpheme his name, 
and his tabernacle, and them, 
that dwell in heaven. 7 And 
power was given him over every 
tribe and people, and tongue, 
and nation. 8 And all that 
dwell upon the earth mall wor- 
Ihip him, whofe name is not 
written in the book of life of the 
flain Lamb, from the foundation 
of the world. 9 If any man 
have an ear, let him hear. 10 
If any one leadetb into captivity, 
he goeth into captivity : he that 
kiileth with the tword, muft be 
killed with the fword. Here is 
the patience and the faith of the 
faints. 1 1 And I beheld ano 
ther wild beall coming up out of 
the earth, and he had two horns 
Yik&b lamb, and he fpake as a 
dragon. i 2 And he exercifeth 
all the power of the firit wild 
beaft before him, and caufeth 
the earth, and them who dwell 
therein, to worihip the h rft wild 
beaft. whofe deadly wound was 
healed. 13 And he doeth great 
wonder?, fo that he maketh fire 
come down from heaven on the 
earth, in the fight of men. 14 
And deceiveth them that dwell 
on the earth, by thofe miracles 
which he had power to do i.i the 
fight of the wild beaft, faying to 
them that dwell en the earth, 
that they fhould make an image 
to the wild beaft who had the 
wound by afwoid, and did live. 
Q_2 15 And 


1 5 And he had power to give 
life unto the image of the wild 
beaft, that the image of the wild 
beaft mould both fpsak, and 
caufe that as many as would not 
wormip the image of the wild 
beaft, mould be killed. 16 And 
he cauieth all, both frnall and 
great, rich and- poor, free and 
bond, that he may give them a 
mark in their righc handy or ,n 
the forehead : 17 And that no 
man might buy or fell fave he 
that had the mark, the name of 
the beait, or the number of his 
name. 18 Here is wifdoiri. 
Let him that hath underftanding 
count ! he number of the beaft ; 
for it is the number of a man ; 
and his number is 666. 

XIV. And I looked, and lo, 
a Lamb landing on the mount 
Sion, and with him an hundred 
for y four thoufand, having his 
name and his Father s name 
written upon their foreheads 2 
And I heard a voice from heaven, 
as the voice of many waters, and 
as the voice of a great thunder : 
and the voice which I heard was 
of harpers harping with their 
harps: 3 And they fang as it 
were a new {ong before the 
throne, and before the four ani 
mals, and the elders : and no 
man could learn that fong, but 
the hundred forty four thoufand, 
who were redeemed from the 
earth. 4 Thefe are not defiled 
with women; for they are vir 
gins : thefe are they that follow 
the lamb wimherfoever he goeth : 
thefe were redeemed from among 
men, firft- fruits unto God, and 
to the Lamb. 5 And in their 
mouth was found no lye. They 
are wirhout fault. 6 And I faw 
another angel flying in the midft 
of heaven, having the everlail- 
ing gofpel to preach unto them 
that dwell on the earth, and to 

every nation, and kindred^ and 
tongue, and people. 7 Saying 
with a loud voice, Fear God, 
and give glory to him, for the 
hour of his judgment is come 5 
and worfhip him that made hea 
ven, and earth, and the fcaand 
the fountains of waters. 8 And 
there followed a fecond angel, 
faying, Babylon the great is 
fallen, is fallen; who made all 
nations drink of the wine of the 
wrath of her fornication. 9 And 
another ihird angel followed 
him, faying with a loud voice, 
If any man wormip the wild 
beaft and hi.- image, and receive 
i^e mark in hi: forehead, or in 
hand, id The fame mall drink 
o; the wine of the wrath of God, 
which is without mixture, the 
indignation poured out of the 
cup, and they mall be tormented 
with fire and brimftone,> in the 
prefence of the angels, and in 
the prefence of the Lamb : 1 1 
And the fmoke of their torment 
afcendeth up forever and ever: and 
they have no reft day nor night, 
who worfljipped the wild beaft, 
and his image,and whofoever re 
ceive: h the mark of his name. 
12 Here is the patience of the 
faints, that keep the command 
ments of God, and the faith 
of Jefus. 1 3 And I heard a 
voice from heaven, frying, 
Write, Bleffed are the dead who 
die in the Lord, from hence 
forth : Yes, faith the Spirit, that 
they may reft from their la 
bours , for their works follow 
them. 14 And I looked, and 
behold a white cloud, and upon. 
the cloud one far, like unto the 
Son of man, having on his head 
a golden crown, and in his hand 
a (harp fickle. 1 5 And ano 
ther angel came out, crying out 
of the temple, with a loud voice 
to him that fat on the cloud, 


Thruft in thy fickle, and reap : 
for the hour is come to reap; for 
the haVveft of the earth is ripe. 
16 And he that fat on the cloud, 
thruft in his fickle on the earch ; 
and the earth was reaped. 17 
And another angel came out of 
the temple which is in heaven, 
he alfo having a (harp fickle. 1 8 
And another angel came out 
from the altar, who had power 
over fire : and cried with a loud 
cry to him that had the lharp 
fickle, faying, Thruft in thy 
fharp fickL-, and gather the 
clutters of the viiae of the earth ; 
for her grapes are fuily ripe. 
19 And the angel thruit in his 
fickle into the earth, and ga 
thered the vine of the earth, and 
caft it into the great wine-prefs 
of the wrath of God. 20 And the 
wine-prefs was troden without the 
city, and blood came out of the 
wine-prefs, even unto the horfe 
bridles, by the fpace of a thou- 
fand fix hundred furlongs. 

XV. And I faw another fign 
in heaven, great and marvellous, 
feven angels having the feven bit 
plagues, for in them is filled up 
the wrath of God. 2 And I faw 
as it were a fea of glafs, mingled 
with fire j and them that had 
gotten the viclory over the wild 
beaft, and over his image, and 
over the number of his name, 
ftand on the fea of glafs, having 
the harps of God. 3 And they 
ilng the fong of Mofes the fer- 
Vant of God, and the fong of 
the Lamb, faying, Great and 
marvellous are thy works, Lord 
God almighty ; juft and true are 
thy ways, thou King of nations. 
4 Who mail not fear thee, O 
Lord, and glorify thy name ? 
for thou only art holy : for all 
nations {hall come and wormip 
before thee ; for thy judgments 
afe made inanifeil. O Lord. 5 

And after that I looked, and the 
temple of the tabernacle of the . 
teitimony in heaven was opened : 
6 And the feven angels came out 
of the temple, who had the feven 
plagues, clothed in pure mining 
linen, and having their breatis 
girded with golden girdles, f 
And one of the four beafts gave 
unto the feven angels, feven gol 
den vials full or the wrath of 
God, who liveth for ever and 
ever. 3 And the Temple was 
filled with fmoke from the glory 
of God, and from his power? 
and no one was able to enter into 
the temple, till the feven plagues 
of the feven angels were ful 

XVI. And I heard a great 
voice out of the temple, faying 
to the feven angels, Go your 
ways, and pour out the feven 
vials of the wrath of God upon 
the earth. 2 And thefirit went, 
and poured out his vial upon the 
earth ; and there fell a noifoiri 
and wicked fore upon the men 
who had the mark of the beaft, 
and them who worlhipped his 
image. 3 And the fecond pour 
ed out his vial upon the fea ; 
and it became as the blood of a 
dead man : and every living 
foul died that was in the fea : 4 
And the third poured out his vial 
upon the rivers and fountains of 
waters ; and they became blood. 
5 And 1 heard the angel of the 
waters fay, Thou art righteous, 
who art, and wail, the Holy 
one, becaufe thoa haft judged 
thus : 6 For they have fhed the 
blood of faints and prophets, and 
thou haft given them blood to 
drink ; they are worthy. 7 And 
t heard another out of the altar 
fay, Even fo; Lord God al 
mighty, true and righteous are 
thy judgments. 8 And the 
fourth poured out his vial upon 



the fLa5 ; and power was give 
unto liim to icorch men with 
fire. 9 And men were fcorchec 
with great heat, and blafphemec 
before God, who had powe 
over thefe plagues : and tht 
repented not, :o give him glory 
10 And the fifth poured out hi 
vial upon tii-. 1 feat of the beaft 
and his kingdom was full o 
darknefs, and they gnawed their 
tongues for pain, n And 
blaiphemed the God of heaven, 
becaufe of their pains and their 
fores, and repented not of their 
deeds, 1 2 And the fixth pour 
ed out his vial upon the great 
river Euphrates, and the water 
thereof was dried up, that the 
way of the kings of the eaft 
might be prepared. 13 And I 
faw three unclean ipirits as frogs 
come out of the mouth of the 
dragon, and out of the mouth of 
the beaft, and out of the mouth of 
the falfe prophet. 14 For they 
are the fpirits of daemons work 
ing miracles, which go forth 
unto the kings of the whole 
world, to gather them to the 
battle of the great day of God 
almighty. 15 Behold, I come 
as a thief. Blefled is he that 
watcheth, and keepeth his gar 
ments, left he walk naked, and 
they fee his mame. 16 And he 
gathered them together unto a 
river, called in the Hebrew 
tongue, Armageddon. 17 And 
the feventh poured out his vial 
into the air ; and there came a 
voice out of the temple from the 
throne, faying, It is done. 18 
And there .were lightning?, 
voices, and thunders, and there 
was a great earchquake, fuch as 
was not lir.ce man was upon the 
ta th, lo mighty an earthquake, 
io great. 19 And the great 
city was divided into three parts, 
and the cities of the nations fell : 

and great Babylon came in re- 
mem b ; ice before God, to give 
unto he t . cup of the wine of 
the fierceneis or his wrath. 20 
And every iiland fled away, and 
the mountains were r.ot found. 
21 And there fell upon the men 
a great hail out of heaven, about 
the weight of a talent : and the 
men blaiphemed God becaufe of 
the plague of the hail ; for the 
plague thereof was exceeding 

XVII. And there came out 
one of the feven angels who had 
the feven vials, and talked with * 
me, faying, Come hither, I will 
mew unto thee the judgment of 
the great whore, that htteth up 
on many waters : 2 With, 
whom the kings of the earth 
have committed fornication, and 
the inhabiters of the earth have 
been made drunk with the wine 
of her fornication. 3 So he 
carried me away in the fpirit 
into the wildernefs : and I faw a 
woman lit upon a fcarlet coloured 
beaft, full of names of blafphe- 
my, having feven heads, and 
ten horns. 4 And the wo 
man was arrayed in purple, and 
fcarlet, and decked with gold, 
and precious Hone, and pearls, 
having a golden cup in her 
hand, full of abominations and 
filthinefs of her fornication. 5 
And upon her forehead was a 
name written, MYSTERY 
And I faw the woman drunken 
with the blood of the faints, and 
>vsth the blood of the martyrs 
of Jefus : and when I faw her, I 
wondered with great admiration. 
And the angel faid unto me, 
Wherefore didii thou marvel ? I 
will tell thee the my fiery of the 

woman, \ 


woman, and of the wild beall 
that carrieth her, which hath 
the feven heads and ten horns. 
8 The wild beaft that thou law- 
eft was, and is not; and flull 
afcend out of the abyfs, and 
goes into perdition : and they 
that dwell on the earth fhall 
wonder, whole names were not 
written in the book of life from 
the foundation of the world, 
when they behold the beaft that 
was, and is nor, and fhall come. 
Q And here is the mind which 
Lath wiidom. The feven heads 
are feven mountains, on which 
the woman fitterh. 10 And 
they are feven kings: five are 
fallen, one is, the other is not 
yet come; and when he cometh, 
he muft continue a fhort fpace. 
1 1 And the wild beaft that was. 
and is not, even he is the eighth, 
and is of the feven, and goeth 
into perdition. 12 And the ten 
horns which thou fawelr, are ten 
kings, which have received no 
kingdom as yet; but receive 
power as kings one hour with 
the wild beaft. 1 3 Thefe have 
one mind, and give their power 
and ftrength unto the wild beaft. 

14 Thefe fhall make war with 
the Lamb, and the Lamb fhall 
overcome them : for he is Lord 
of lords, and King of kings ; 
and they that are with him, are 
called, and chofen, and faithful. 

1 5 And he faith unto me, The 
waters which thou faweft, where 
the whore fitteth, are peoples, 
and multitudes, and nations, and 
tongues. 1 6 And the ten