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Full text of "Princes, records of our ancestors: containing a complete list of all persons by the name of Prince, who served in Lexington alarm, April, 1775, Revolutionary War, War of 1812, and the Civil War 1861-65"

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i:i:< OBDS (U 



Lexinorton Alarm, April, 177c, Revo- 

lutionary War. V of 1812, 

and Civil War, i86i-6> 









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}] v FRA \K A. PR INC E 

All rights reserved. 



When the weary traveler after a long journey has at 
length arrived at his destination, he lays down his burden 
for a while reflects upon the varying scenes through which he 
has just passed. Likewise the "Princes" are mindful of the 
privileges and privations of their forefathers, who were ever 
ready with a willing hand to preserve this nation from dan- 
ger, that it might enjoy prosperity and peat e. 

It is believed that this little volume will furnish inform- 
ation concerning the war record of the •• Princes " which ran 
be obtained in no other single publication extant, and in 
ing it before the public, we hope that no critic will be so unjust 
as to compare it with the vast and eloquent unwritten hisi 
of the " Princes. " While the author has spared no pains oj 
expense in order to obtain only that which is authentic and 
reliable, yet. perhaps, occasional errors of minor consequence 
may be found. Any one who may discover such will c 
a favor by sending any corrections or additions to the author 
ami publisher. We present this volume, however, with confi- 
dence, as we feel that records contained herein are thus pre- 
served which otherwise would be lost, and also rmnv 
••Princes" arc brought to notice who have hitherto been un- 

Deeds of daring, bravery and* devotion by "Ui forefi 
now ennoble the records of nearly every state, in which • 


descendant should feel r natural pride, and it cannot but be 
prized asarecord of ancestral sacrifice by the generations which 
are to follow, when grandchildren shall cluster around th>- 
chair of the gray-haired volunteer and listen while he I 
more how he carried the -old flag," or the musket, at Gi 
burg; and when the venerable dame .shall resort to the old 
bureau, fragrant with sacred memories, and gaze again th: 
the mist, as a tear drops from the moistened eye, on that cher- 
ished blue coat worn by one who wont to battle with her 
blessing, and died joyfully that the nation might have a s< 

That the rising generations of "Princes" may emulate 
the bravery, devotion and patriotism so characteristic of the 
lives of our forefathers, is the wish of 

The Author. 

Danielson, Conn., Jan. 1, 1898. 


Notes on the Service of 1775. 

April session of the Legislature, when the first regiments were 
called out, it was enacted that the enlisted men should be fur- 
nished with good firearms belonging to the colon}', if they 

were unable to furnish themselves; and. if they found theil 
own arms, to be paid ten shillings for the use of such arms, 
and in case more arms should be required they were to be im- 
pressed from householders not enrolled. Ten shillings was t<» 
be awarded to all who offered guns, bayonets and cartouch 
boxes to the soldiers. It was also resolved at the same time 
that three thousand stand of arms be procured for the colony, of 
the following dimensions, to wit : " the length of the barrel, three 
feet ten inches; the diameter of the bore, from inside to inside, 
three-quarters of an inch; the length of the blade of the bayon- 
et, fourteen inches; the length of the socket, four inches and 
a quarter; that the barrels be of suitable thickness, with iron 
ramrods and a spring in the lowest loop to secure the ramrod, 
a good, substantial lock, and a good stock, well mounted with 
brass and tuarke 1 with the name or initial Inters of the makers 
name." Colony Records, Vol. XIV, p. 420. Officers woie 
swords or *' hangers," as then commonly called. 

SOLDIERS' RATION'S. At the May session, the ra- 
tions for the troops were fixed as follows : Three-fourths ol a 
pouu I of pork or one pound of beef, cue pound o\' bread or tl >ur, 
and three pints of beer t> each man per day: beef t<> be fresh 
two days in a week; also a half-pint of rice 01 a pint of Ii 


meal, six ounces of butter and three pints of peas or beans 
each man per week. Soldiers on fatigue duty were to I 
lowed one gill of rum each per day, and at no other time. 
Milk, candles, soap, molasses, vinegar, coffee, chocolate, BUgar, 
tobacco, and vegetables in season, were to provided subji ct to 
the order of general and field officers. Afterthe troops became 
Continental, the rations as authorized by Congress were not as 
liberal, either in quantity or variety, as the Colony allowance. 


session the following was established as the pay per calendar 
month for officers and enlisted men. 

Major General, 

£ 20.0s 

Quarter Master. 


Brigadier " 








Lieut. Colonel, 


Surgeon's Mate, 























1775 were generally without uniforms. They marched in cit- 
izen's clothes, with blankets and knapsacks. A few exceptions 
are however noted, such as Captain Chester's Weathersfield 
Company, which was clothed -wholly in blue, turned up with 
red," and Captain Arnold's Company of Governor's Guards, 
New Haven, in Lexington Alarm. Individual officers provid- 
ed themselves with uniforms, but their rank was distinguis 
by different colored ribbons which they were directed to wear. 
Camp equipage consisted of tents or "marques" tor offi- 
cers, tents for soldiers, and tin and brass kettles, iron pots, fry- 
ing pans, wooden bowls, and quart cups for companj 
and ''messes." Each company was allowed one cart or \\ 


REGIMENTAL STANDARDS.— It was enacted by tbe 

Legislature that the eight regiments <>f '75 should be distin- 
guished by flags of different colors, as follows: 1st regiment 
yellow; 2nd regiment blue; 3rd regiment scarlet; 4th i 
ment crimson ; 5 th regiment white; 6th regiment azure: 7th 
regiment blue (?) ; 8th regiment orange. 


From the list of Men who marched from Connecticut 
towns "for the relief of Boston in the Lexington Alarm." April, 
1775, appear the following names. 


SAMUEL PRINCE, Private, number of days in service, seven. 
ROBERT PRINCE, Private, number of days in service, seven. 

WILLIAM PRINCE. Sergeant, number of days in service.eight. 

Xotk. — There also appears on the public records <>f Connecticut the 
following: (October, 177'.'.) ''This assembly do establish WILLIAM PR1N"< E 
to be Lieutenant of the loth Company or Trainband in the 3rd Regiment 
in this state 

The 3rd Regiment was composed of companies from New London and 

FORMATION OF 1777-1781. 

First Reg't Connecticut Line. 
Raised from and after January 1st, 1877, for the neu Con- 
tinental army, to continue during the war. Enlisted mainly in 
New London county ; rendezvous at New London. Took the 
field in Spring of '77 at Peekskill, N. Y.. and remained there 
in camp until ordered, under Gen. McDougall, to Washing 
army in Penn. September '77 engaged on the left flank at 


battle of Germantown, Oct. 4, and suffered some loss in killed, 
wounded, and prisoners; wintered at Valley Forge, in Hun- 
tington's Brigade, 77-78; present at the battle of Monro 
June 28, '78; in camp at White Plains in Huntington's second 

Brigade until ordered into Winter quarters with C i. division 

at Redding, '78-79; in '79 served on East side of Hudson and 
in repelling Tyron's invasion. Captain Seidell's Light Com- 
pany, detached to Meig's Light Regiment and present at the 
storming of Stony Point. July 15, "7 ( J. wintered at Morristown 
Huts, '79-80 ; served a] ong the Hudson through '80 and win- 
tered at camp "Connecticut Village," above Robinson house, 
and consolidated in new arrangement for '81-'83. 

Among the Privates of this *regiment arc the following: 

TIMOTHY PRINCE, was in Eldrige's Company, date i I 

listment, April 19, '77 ; term of service, one 
year. Discharged Jan 12, 1778. 

PHILIP PRINCE, was in Eldridge's Company, date of enlist- 
ment, April lii, "77 ; terra of service, one 
Discharged Jan 1 2, 1778. He again enl 
after his discharge, for a short term, in same R 
Date of second enlistment, Sept. 1, \ SI> , «li>- 
charged Dec 15, 17 s ". 

In Colonel Chapman's Regiment of Militia, service for 
1778, we find that in Aug.' 78, a body of militia under Brig 
Gen. John Tyler, served under Gen. Sullivan, and engaged in 
the attempt to dislodge the British at Newport. It was 
present at the battle of Rhode Island, Aug. 29, '78. In I 
Thos. Wheeler's company of this Regt. appeal's the nam 
TIMOTHY PRINCE. Entered service Aug. 8, dischn 
Sept. 12, 1778. 

This Regiment was composed <>t the Militarj companies from Hart 
(West Side), Windsor, Sunn Id and Wintonbury. 


*Third Reg't "Connecticut Line." Col. Samuel Wylly's of Hartford. 
Formation of 1777 and 17M. 

Raised for the New Army or "Continental Line," and re- 
cruited mainly in Hartford county and eastern part of the state; 
general rendezvous, Middletown. This Regiment, in part, 
sisted in repelling the enemy at Danbury, April ->'< 27 : went 
into camp at Peekskill in May *T7 and served in Parson's Firsl 
Brigade under Putnam along the Hudson until January 7^ 
when the Brigade took post at West Point and later began the 
construction of permanent works there ; Fort Wyllys at tha 
point doubtless named after the Colonel of the Regiment, f n 
the summer of 78 it encamped at White Plains with Washing- 
ton's main army ; wintered '78-79 at Bedding. During- 
ations of '79, served in General Heath's wing on East si 
the Hudson. Its Light Company, under Captain Champion, 
detached to Meig's Light Regiment and engaged in storming 
of Stony Point. July 15, '79; wintered '79- '80 at Morris town, 
N. J., and served on outposts with the main army on Hud.-:, 
during '80, and wintered '80-81 at camp "Connecticut Vil- 
lage," above Robinson house, the site selected being just 
of Constitution Island, opposite West Point, about one mile 
and a half from the river, and not far from the main road. It 
is described as lying between two high mountains and advanta- 
geously situuated. Here it was reorganized for the next form- 
ation of the Line. 

Among the privates who served iti this. Regiment C hampiou 
Company) appears the name oi 

ZUKKV PRINCE. Date of enlistment. May 22, '77 : term 
of service, ; remarks: Dead, February .". 

tSeventh Regiment. Colon.! Charles Webb, 1 7 7 5 • 

Raised bv order of the Assembly at the July session, 1 i \5 ; 

•Third Regiment composed <>f Companies from NVu London and I j 
tSeventh Regiment was composed of Companies from Sayhrook, Guil- 
ford, Killingworth and lladdam. 


recruited in Fairfield, Litchfield, and New Haven comities. 
Its companies were stationed at various points along the Sound 
until September 14, when on requisition from Washington, thr 
Regiment was ordered to the Boston Camps, where it was as- 
signed to Genera] Sullivan's Brigade on Winter Hill at the 
left of the besieging line, and remained until the exj (ration of 
term of service in December, '75 ; adopted as Continental and 
reorganized under Colonel Webb for service in '76. 

In the Seventh Company of this Regiment, commanded 
by captain Isaac Bostwick of New Milford, Conn., appears the 
name of 

E. HOWEL PRINCE, (Private.) Enlisted July 12; dis- 
charged December 21. 

Eighth Regiment. Huntington's. 1775. 

Raised by order of the Assembly at the July session, 1775: 
recruited mainly in New London, Hartford and Windham 
counties. This Regiment was stationed on the Sound until 
September 14, when on requisition from Washington it was 
ordered to the Boston Camps, and took post at Roxbury in 
General Spencer's Brigade. It remained here until expiration 
of term of Service in December. '75. when it was adopted as 
Continental and reorganized under Colonel Huntington for 
service in '76. 

In the First Company commanded by Captain Jedediah 
Huntington, who was also Colonel of the above Regiment, ap- 
pears the name of 

ISAAC PRINCE, (Private.) Enlisted July 17; disch 

December 1 6. 

Isaac Prince was a pensioner as appears on 
Pension Bureau in the roll oi Captain Jonathan 
Brewster's Company, Huntington's Regiment, 
1776. (17th Continental Reg't.) 


Eleventh Regiment of Militia. At New York in 1776 on their March 
to West Chester. 

This Regiment was composed of the companies from Wood 
Pomfret and Killingly. 

The company commanded by Lieutenant Paine Com 
contained the following, by name of Prince from Killingly. 


In company commanded by Captain Joseph Abbott, <>t 
Pomfret, the following: 


In company commanded by Lieutenant Stephen Tucker 
of Woodstock, (a return of the Sixth Company of the 11th 
Reg't in the state of Conn.) 


Men Who Served in the War of 1812. 

Connecticut Militia. 

ABEL PRINCE, Sergeant. Place of service, New Haven; 
commander, Caleb Thompson ; term of service, 

Sept. 8, 1814 to Nov. 5, 1814. 

AMASA PRINCE. Private. Place of service, New London: 
commander, Alpheus Corbin : term o( service, 
June 21, 1813 to .Line 28, 1813. 

AMOS PRINCE. Private. Plaee of Service not shown ; com- 
mander, James Wilson; term oi service, Sept. 
13, 1818 to Nov. 1, 1818. 



DANIEL PRINCE, Private. Place of Service, Kew Londoii; 
commander, Parley Whitmore ; term of - . 
June 21, 1813 to June 24, 1813. 

DANIEL PRINCE, Re-enlisted Private. Place rvice. 

New London; commander, Samuel Dresser; I 
of service-, June 25, 1813 to July 10, 1813. 

DAVID PRINCE, Private. Place of service, New Loi 
commander, Alpheus Corbin; term oi • 
June 21, 1813 to June 24, 1813. 

DAVIT) PRINCE, re-enlisted Private. Placeofj . N 

London; commander, Hadlock Perrin; term of 
service, .June 25, 1813 to July 15, 1813. 

DAVID PRINCE, Sergeant (probably re-enlisted). Pla 
service not shown; commander, James Wils 
term of service Sept. 13, 1813 to Nov. 1, IS 

♦EDWARD PRINCE, B. II. Corporal. Place of servic< 
shown; commander, John French; term >u 
vice, July 16, L813, to Aug. 11, 1813. 

EDWARD PRINCE, B. II. Sergeant (probably re-enlist< 
Place of service nol shown; commander, •' ! 
French: term of service, Aug. 9, 1 > 1 4 to Aug. 
26, 1814. 

FREDERICK PRINCE, Private. Place of service not shown; 
commander, John French ; Term of service, Aug. 
( .t. 1814 to Aug 2b*. 1814. 

LYMAN PRINCE (1st), Private. Place of service. New L . 
don; commander, Alpheus Corbin; term of - r- 
vice, June 21, 1813 to June 28, 1813. 

*Thiuk the Edward Prince here mentioned buouM !•«• Edward Pi 
Instead of Prince, [t is Riven as it appears in Conn Iti 
pears in one pi ice Prince, au ! in another l'i ime. 


LYMAN PRINCE (2nd), Private. Place of service, New 
London; commander, Alpheus Corbin ; term of 

service, June 21, 1813 to June 24, 1813. 

LYMAN PRINCE (2nd), Private, probably re-enlisted. Place 

of service, New London: commander, Hadlock 
Pen-in ; term of service, June 25, 1813 to July 

15, 1813. 

WILLARD PRINCE, Piivate. Place of service, New Lon- 
don ; commander, Samuel West : term of service, 
June 7, 1813 to July 14, 1813. 

WILLARD PRINCE, re-enlisted Private. Place of service, 
New London; commander, Parley Whitmore; 

term of service, June 21, 1813 to June 24. 1813. 

WILLARD PRINCE, re-enlisted Private. Place of service. 
New London; commander, Samuel Dresser; 
term of service, June 25, 1813 to July 15, 1 S L'>. 

Connecticut Men in the Regular Army. War of 1812. 

SANFORI) PRINCE, Piivate. Residence or place of enlist- 
ment, Thompson, Conn. ; date of enlistment, 
June 12, 1813; commander, Chauncey Ives, 
Captain 37th Reg't Infantry; discharged at ex- 
piration of term of service, June 12, 1814. 

Militia at Saratoga, 1777. 

Two Regiments of Militia composed of detachments from 
all Brigades were ordered to re-enforce Gen. Gates at Saratoga 
in the Summer of 1777, and we find in Colonel Jonathan Lat- 


imer's Regiment and in Captain Isaac Stone's Company, the 

name of 

SAMUEL PRINCE, from the town of Killingly. Comn 
ment of pay, Aug. 23, paid to Nov. 9. 

From the List of Revolutionary Pensioners 

of Connecticut. 

No general pension laws were passed by Congress until 
March 18, 1818, when it was provided that survivors of the 
Revolutionary War, who had served for nine months oi 

in the Continental Army or Navy, could, under the conditions 
of this Act, become pensioners of the government. Prior to 
that date relief had been given only to those who bad been dis- 
abled in the service, or to their widows and children. The 
following 1 names are taken from the list which represents the 
Connecticut pensioners of 1818. 

PHILIP PRINCE, Private, R. I. 
KIMBALL PRINCE, Sergeant. N. Y. 

The Census of Pensioners, 

For Revolutionary or Military services as returned under 
the Act for taking the sixth census in IS 10. coin.' ins the follow- 
ing from the town of Preston, Conn.: 

PHILIP PRINCE, age, BO years. 

Correction. On page 10, "Edward Prince, B. H." should bo F.»lu ml 
B. H. Prince, son of Kimball Prince, of New London, Conn., and note at 
bottom of page should be cancelled. 


In Revolutionary War. 


From that portion of New Enjrland which is now M line. The cnrlv bis! 
Maine has been piven in that of Massachusetts, of which it formed «" 
jiait, until, with the consent of the parent state, it became a 
member of the Union, Man;!; 16, 1820 


ABRAHAM PRINCE appears with rank of Private on mus- 
ter and pay-roll of Capt. (Lieut.) Robert Earle'e I 
in Col. John Hathaway's Reg't, for service at Rl 

Island on the Alarm of — . Time of enlistment, 

May 1, 1777: discharged May 13. 1777: term of ser- 
vice, 13 days. Soldiers from town of Dartmouth. 

AMOS PRINCE, appears among a list of men belonging to 

North Yarmouth, Cumberland County, raised to re-en- 
force the army, dated Dec. 3, 1776. 

AMOS PRINCE appears with grade of — ■ , having a war- 
rant to pay officers and crew of the sloop " Del- 
Captain's name not given ; service on Penobscot Exi 

AMOS PRINCE appears on a list of nine months' men. En- 
tered service July 10, 1770; discharged April 10, 1780. 

AMMI PRINCE appeal's with rank of Private on muster and 
pay-rolls of Capt. Peter Coombs' Co., Col. ( Lieut. Col. i 
Prime's Reg't. Time of enlistment, May 22, 1780; dis- 
charged Jan. '20, 1781 ; term of service, s months, 5 d ivs. 
Remarks: Commanded by Brig. Gen. Wadsworth, - - 
vice at the eastward. 

ASA PRINCE appears among a list of officers of Mass. Mil- 
itia, chosen by 2nd Co. as Captain in Col. Henrj Wet- 


rick's 8th Essex County Regt. !!».• also served 2 days 
as Captain in Lexington Alarm of April 19, IT"."*. 

ASA PRINCE served as Captain in Col. John M 

Reg't. Time of enlistment, April 25, L775 ; term of 
service, 3 months, 14 days. He was commissioned in 
this Reg't as Captain, May 27, 1775, and his namr ai*- 
pears on the returns of this Reg't dated Oct. 6, 1775. 
Soldiers from town of Dan vers, Mass. 

ASA PRINCE was Captain in Col. Timothy Pick. -ring's Reg't 
in service Dec, 1776. Return made by Brig. Michael 
Farley. Remarks: Marched through Providence to 
Danbury, Conn. Dated Ipswich, Dec. 24, 177'.: resi- 
dence, Danvers, Mass. 

ASA PRINCE asked the Council for a discharge from hi> 
commission as Captain of the 2nd Co.. in the 8th Reg't 
of Essex County, which he received Sept. 6, 177» 1 >. signed 
by himself and dated Danvers, May 4, 1778. 

ASA PRINCE was also Captain in Col. Danforth Keye's 1: 

Time of enlistment, June 27. 1777; discharged July 27. 
1777; term of service. 1 month. Also appears on pay 
abstract for service for month of December. 

« Asa Prince, sixth child by second wife of Dr. Jon- 
athan, was at Lexington, at Bunker Hill, at Lake Ge 
and sustained himself with courage and devotion to his 
country through most of the revolution. lie was pro- 
moted to the rank of Captain and manifested the ti ts 
which distinguished the patriot and the man. On the 
day of the battle of Bunker Hill, in attempting to ci — 
the neck, which was swept by cannon from a British 
frigate in the Charles River, he dislocated his ankh 
seating himself on the ground he pressed the hone I 
into the socket, got up ami renewed his tight.'* /" tract 
from J. W, Hanson's History of Danvers, .V />■.«., 1848. 


BENJAMIN PRINCE, Private in Capt. George I: . ■ _ 

Cumberland County Reg't. Time of enlistment, ; 

time of service, 6 days in Nov., ITTo. Remarks: De- 
tached by order of Col. Jonathan Mitchell to work on 
the fort at Falmouth. 

BENJAMIN PRINCE, Private in Capt. Watkins' Co., 
Col. Edmund Phinney's Reg't. Enlisted Dec. 1, 177".: 
time of service, 12 months, 7 days; dated in Garrison 
at Fort George, Dec. 8,1776. 

BRACKENBURY PRINCE, Private in Capt. Jonathan Pi 

ter's Co., Col. Jacob Gerrish's Reg't of Guards. Time of 
enlistment, Nov. 12, 1777 ; discharged Feb. 3, 1778 ; 
term of service, 2 months, 21 days, service at Charles- 

BRACKENBURY PRINCE re-enlisted. Private in Capt. 
Jonathan Procter's Co., Col. Jacob Gerrish's Reg't. 
Time of enlistment, Feb. 3, 1778; discharged April 3, 
1778; time of service, 2 months, 1 day, service at Cam- 

BRACKENBURY PRINCE was one of the officers and crew 
of the brigantine "Fanny," commanded by Herbert 

Woodbury, dated xVug. 22, 1780. 

CAESAR PRINCE, Private in Capt. Caleb Montague's Co.. 
Col. Williams' Reg't. Time of enlistment. July 11. 
1777; discharged Aug. 12, 1777; time of service, 1 
month, 9 days, travel included; town to which soldiers 
belonged not given. Remarks: Service performed in 
late expedition in northern department. 

CAESAR PRINCE, Private in Capt. Moses Montague's Co M 

Col. Israel Chapin's Reg't. Time of enlistment, Oct 

13, 1779; discharged Nov. 21, 1779: time of service, 1 

' month, 10 days, travel included ; town to which soldiers 


belonged not given. Remarks: Raised t" re-eni 
Continental army for 3 months, viz.: Ock—Dec, 11 . •'• 

CHARLES PRINCE appears among a list of men on board 
sloop "Providence," (Capt. H. Hacker, commanding) 

who have shares in the Mellish & Active ; g. 


CATO PRINCE appears in a return of men raised under re- 
solve of December 2, 17*0 ; when rai.-.-d. Aug. 20, 1781. 
Term of service not given; from Marblehead, I. 

CATO PRINCE, Private (7th Co.) in Capt. Edward or 
Ebenezer Smith's Co., 8th Mass. Reg't, Col. Michael 

Jackson commanding for April, 1783; dated May 24. 
1783. Term of service, 15 months, 4 days. 

CUSHING PRINCE was private in Capt. George Rogers* Co., 
in 2nd Cumberland County Reg't, service in Nov. 1775 : 
length of service, 6 days. Detached by order of Col. 
Jonathan Mitchell to work on the fort at Eal mouth. 

DANIEL PRINCE. From a descriptive list of enlisted men 
belonging to Hampshire County. Capt. Parke: V ( •>.. 
Col. Porter's Reg't. Age. lt'> years: stature, 4 feet. 10 
inches; complexion, sandy. Term of enlistment, 3 
months; mustered in by Maj. John Chester Williams ; 
raised by act of June. 1780; time of enlistment not 
given ; residence, Amherst. 

DANIEL PRINCE appears with rank of Private on a pay ab- 
stract of Capt. James Prentiss' i'o.. Col Samuel Brew- 
er's Reg't, from Saratoga h i 
Roll approved .Ian. 28, 1777. 

DANIEL PRINCE. Age. Jit* years : stature, •*> feet, 7 in - 1 
complexion, light : hair, sandy ; occupation, blacksmith ; 

time of enlistment, March 12, 1777 : term of enlistment 



during the war in Capt. Francis Green's Co. in 1st Reg't 
Remarks: Reported enlisted at Richmond by Lieut 
Williams ; residence and birthplace, New Canaan, Conn. 
From a Descriptive List of Enlisted Men. 

DANIEL PRINCE appears with rank of Private on Lexing- 
ton Alarm roll in Capt. John Putnam's Co., ( R< g't not 
given) which marched in the alarm of April 19, 177"-. 
from Danvers : length of service, 2 days.' Soldi 
town of Danvers. 

DANIEL PRINCE appears among a list of men. Residence, 
Boston. Enlisted for Wilmington. 

DAVID PRINCE appears with rank of Private in Capt Wil- 
liam Clark's Co., in Col. Benjamin Symond's Reg't. 
Time of enlistment, Oct. 13, 1760 : discharged Oct. 1". 
1780 ; term of service, G days. Marched from Windsor 
to Shaftsbury by order of Gen. Fellows. 

EBENEZER PRINCE appears in a descriptive list of men 
raised to re-enforce the Continental army for the term 
of 6 months, agreeable to resolve of June •">. 1780. Age, 

17 years; stature, o feet, 11 inches; complexion, Indian: 
residcnee, Dartmouth; time of arrival .it Springfield, 
July 13, 1780. Division marched to camp, July 14. 
1780, under command of Capt. Thomas Pritchard. 
Brig. Gen. Paterson states as having passed muster in a 
return dated Camp Toto way, Oct. 25, 1780. 

EBENEZER PRINCE appears in a descriptive List of enlist- 
ed men belonging to Dartmouth, Bristol County. A jr. 

18 years ; stature, 5 feet. 11 inches; complexion, black ; 
occupation, laborer; time of enlistment July 4. 1781 ; 
term of enlistment. 3 years. Joined Capt Co- 
raised by resolve of Dee. 2, 17 s ". 

ISAAC PRINCE appears as Private in Capt. Daniel S 


Co., Col. Joseph North's Reg*t. Time of enlistment, 
Sept. 10, 1777 ; discharged Sept. 12, 1777: term of 
vice, 2 days. Remarks : Service in defending and re- 
taking mastship in Sheepscot River. 
JAMES PRINCE appears with rank of 3rd Lieut, in Capt. 
Thomas Bumsted's Co. among a List of men detached by 
order of Council, May 7, 1777, from Boston. Reg't to 
do duty. under Maj. Gen. Heath for 5 weeks. 

JAMES PRINCE, Private in Capt. Benjamin Peabody'a < . 
Col. Wade's Reg't. Time of enlistment, July 5, 17- 
discharged Oct. 10, 1780; time of service, 3 months, 18 

days, 12 days travel included. Essex County R 
raised to re-enforce the Continental army by resolv< I 
June 22, 1780, for 3 months' service. 

JAMES PRINCE, Sergeant in Capt. Benjamin Parked I 

Col. Reg't. Time of enlistment. July 3, 1775 

to Dec. 31, 1775 ; term of service, months, 13 d tya ; 
stationed along seacoast in Cumberland County. R 
sworn to at North Yarmouth. 

JAMES PRINCE. Jr. Private in Lexington Alarm, roll of 
Capt. John Putnam's Co.. which marched on tin- alarm 
of April 19, 1775 from Danvers, town to which Bold 
belonged. Length of service, 2 days. 

JAMES PRINCE appears on an order dated North Yarmouth. 
Oct. l'i. 1775, for wages for 2 months' service in C 
Benjamin Parker's Co.. ^Sea Coast service, Cumberland 
County.) given by himself and others en Henry Gard- 
ener, payable to John Hayes, autograph signature. 

JEDEDIAH PRINCE appears among a list of men in Capt. 
Amasa Cranston's return. Roll endorsed in 1 . • »■■ 

JETHRO PRINCE, Private in Capt Wm. H. Ballard's Co.. 
Col. John Brooks' 7th *Reg't, pay-roll of Continental 


army for service from March 29, 1777 to Sept. 25, 1777. 
Residence, Westford. Reported as having died Sept. 
25, 1777. Enlisted for 3 years. 

JOHN PRINCE, Private in Capt. Benjamin Parker's I 

Col. Reg't. Time of enlistment, July 3, 177" 

to Dec. 31, 1775; time of service, 6 months, 13 days, 
stationed along seacoast in Cumberland Count v. Rolls 
sworn to at North Yarmouth. Also find an order for 2 
months' wages in Capt. Parker's Co., given by himself 
and others on Henry Gardner, payable to John Hayi i. 

JOHN PRINCE appears among a list of officers as First 
Lieutenant in Light Infantry Co., of the Boston Reer't 
of Mass. Militia. 

JOHN PRINCE, Private in Capt. Nathaniel Heath's Co., Col. 
Jonathan Reed's Reg't. Time of enlistment, April 14, 
1778; time of discharge, July -. 1778 : term of enlist- 
ment, 3 months from April 2, 177 s : time of service, 2 

months, 19 days. 1st Reg't of Guards serving at Cam- 

JOHN PRINCE appears on a list of men belonging to corps 
of invalids signed to an order for clothing, payable to 
Lieut. Ephraim Minot. Rank, Private. 

JOHN PRINCE. Grade, Mate on a warrant to pay officers 
and crew of the sloop "Britannia." Service on Penob- 
scot Expedition. 

JONATHAN PRINCE appears with rank of Private in Capt 
Benjamin Kimball's Co., Col. Mansfield's Reg't, dated 
Alio-. 1,1775. Time of enlistment, June 5, 1775; time 
of service, - months, 1 day: soldiers from town of 
Manchester. He also appears on a receipt for advance 
pay, given by the Company, dated Cambridge. July 1. 
1775, payable to himself and due on account of service in 


Capt. Kimball's Co., Col. Mansfield's Reg't. R. 
Autograph signature. His name also a 
turn of Capt. Kimball's Co., Col. Mansfield's Reg't, 
dated Winter Hill, Oct. 6, 1775. 

JONATHAN PRINCE appeals among signatures to an order 
for "Bounty Coat," or its equivalent in money, duo for 
the eight months' service in 1775 in Capt. Benj 
Kimball's Co., Col. Israel Hutchinson's 19th Reg't, 

dated Winter Hill, Dec. 30, 1775, payable to Capt Kim- 

JONATHAN PRINCE appears among a list of men enlisted 
by Capt. Richard Dodge to serve as Private in new army, 
dated Dec. 29, 1775. We also find where ho received 
advanced pay, etc., for Jan., 1770, also on a pay absti 
where he received pay for Feb., 1776, another for se: 
probably for March, 1776, another pay abstract fo; 
vice for April, 1776, still another for service rendered 
in May, 1776, also the same for June. 177»i. and his 
name again appears with a list of men in Col. Baldwin's 
26th Reg't who returned guns while at Trenton, I' 
31,1776. He also appears on a return list of < 
Richard Dodge's Co., Col. I.. Baldwin's 26th Reg't, in 
service during year 1776, for mileage and sulieistance. 
Remarks: Individual receipt found on roll. 

JOSEPH PRINCE appears among a list of field office] 

Mass. Militia as •• Major" of the 2nd York Co., 


JOSEPH PRINCE appears with grade of Seaman on mi 
and pay-rolls of the officers and crew oi the si 
"Tyrannicide," commanded by Capt. John Fish. I 
of enlistment. July 25, 1776; time of discharge, S 
30, 1776. Joseph Prince again appears among a Lis 
names signed to a receipt for advanced pay given 


Rev. Daniel Hopkins, dated Beverly, Sept. 25, 177"; 

service, guarding the seacoast. 

JOSEPH PRINCE appears as Second Lieutenant of Capt. 
Jonathan Stoddard's Co., in Thomas Crafts' Artillery 

Reg't. Time of service between May 8 and July s . 
1777; length of service, 7 days. Joseph Prince again 
appears with rank of 2nd Lieut, of Capt. Elias Park- 
man's Co., dated Boston, Oct. 5, 1778, for service from 
July 2, 1778 ; length of service 15 days. Remarks : De- 
tachment of guards. Joseph Prince again appeals with 
rank of 2nd Lieut, of Capt. Caleb Chainpney's Co., of 
Col. Gerrish's Mass. Reg't, drafted July 29, 177s and 
dated Boston, Aug. 14. 1778. Term of service, C weeks. 
Remarks: detachments of guards reported furloughed. 
Joseph Prince also appears in Mass. Militia as 2nd Lieut, 
in 5th Co. of Boston Reg't. In Vol. XXVIII, page 38 ■ : 
"Militia Officers," etc., Joseph Prince is spoken of as 
being commissioned to the rank of 2nd Lieut.. Aug. 11. 
1777. In -Muster and Pay-rolls," Vol. X L, page 164, be 
appears as 2nd Lieut, in Jabez Hatches' Regt. Joseph 
Prince also appears among a li.s t of officers in Col. Ed- 
ward Proctor's Boston Reg't, whose resignation was 
accepted by Council, May 13, 1780. Rank, Lieutenant. 

KIMBALL PRINCE appears with rank of Private on muster 
and pay-rolls of Capt. Ebenezer Washburn's Co.. Col. 
Thomas Lathrop's Reg't, in Col. Joseph Cushing's Brig- 
ade. Time of service, 17 days on alarm of 

Marched on alarm to Bristol. R. I. Roll dated Kil gs- 
ton. March 27, 1777, endorsed on back. Service in 
Dec. 177b\ 

MOSES PRINCE. Rank. Corporal on Lexington Alarm Roll 
of Capt. Asa Prince's Co.. (Reg't not given) which 
marched on the alarm of April 19, 1775. Town to which 


soldiers belonged, probably Danvers. He also apj 

as Lieutenant on a pay abstract of ('apt. Stephen Wil- 
kins' Co., Col. Wigglesworth's Reg't, for travel from 
Albany to his home, Danvers. Rolls sworn to Jan. 15. 

MOSES PRINCE appeals with grade of Steward on a des- 
criptive list, dated June 17, 1780, of the officers an. I 

crew of the "Eagle," commanded by William (n 
Stature, 5 feet, 10 inches; complexion light. 

NATHAN PRINCE appears on an order for advance pay, 
dated Cambridge, June 8, 1775, payable to himself and 
due on account of service in Capt. Addison Richard* 
Co., Col. Mansfield's Reg't. He again appears on a 
receipt dated Cambridge, Mar. 14, 1776, for -wages due 
to Aug. 1, 1775, — autograph signature. Nathan P: . 
also was Private in Capt. Addison Richardson's ('".. Col. 
John Mansfield's Reg't, dated Aug. 1. 1775. Tim 
enlistment, May 16, 1775; time of service, 2 moi 
20 days ; town to which soldiers belonged, Salem. His 
name appears on a return of Capt. Addison's Co., I 
Mansfield's Reg't, dated Oct. 6, 1775. Belonged to 

NATHAN PRINCE. Probably re-enlisted, as his signature 
is on an order for "Bounty Coat," or its equivalent in 
money, due for eight months' service in 1775 in Cap:. 
Addison Richardson's Co., Col. Israel Hutchins 
10th Reg't, dated Winter Hill. Oct. 27. 1775. payable 
to Capt. Richardson. Again his name appears on a re- 
ceipt dated Camp on Winter Hill, for pay from Sept. 1 
to Oct. 1, 1775, given by himself and others in ( 
A. Richardson's Co., Israel Hutchinson's 19th Reg't. 

NATHANIEL PRINCE. Rank, Private in Capt. Petei 
Coombs' Co., Col. (Lieut. Col.") Prime's Reg't. Time 


of enlistment, May 22, 1780; time of discharge, Jan. 26, 

1781; time of service, 8 months, 5 days. Service at 
the eastward. Remarks: Commanded by Brig. Gen. 

Wads worth. 

NOAH PRINCE appears with rank of Private in Capt. Igna- 
tius Loring's Co.. Col. ( Lieut. ( !ol.) Putnam's Plymouth 
County Reg't, raised for 3 months to i"e-enforee army 
under Gen. Washington. Time of enlistment, Sept. 4, 
1781; Time of discharge, Dec. 8, 1781 ; tic rvice, 

3 months. 17 days. 12 days travel included. He also 
appears as Private on a warrant to pay officers ami men 
on a roll bearing date of Nov. 17, 1783, Capt. Ignatius 
Loring's Co. 

NOAH PRINCE appears with grade of Landsman on a des- 
criptive list dated June 20, 1781, of the officers and 
crew of the brig "Prospect," commanded by Joseph 
Vessey. Age, 28 years ; stature, 5 feet, 6 inches ; com- 
plexion, light ; belonging to Boston. 

PAUL PRINCE. Rank, Private of Capt. George Roger's Co., 
2nd Cumberland Co. Reg't, detatched by order of Col. 

Jonathan Mitchell to work on the fort at Falmouth. 
Length of service, 6 days in Nov. 1775. 

PAUL PRINCE, Jr., appears among a list of men belonging 
to North Yarmouth. Cumberland ^o., raised t<» re-en- 
force the army, dated Dec. 3, 1776. 

PAUL PRINCE appears on a warrant to payofficers and cretv 
of the brigantine "Pallas." Capt. James Johnson. 

Service at Penobscot from July 3 to Aug. 20. 177:'. 

PETER PRINCE of Sheffield appears among a list of men 

raised for the six. months' service and returned by Brig. 
Gen. Paterson as having passed muster in a return <\.a^y{ 
Cam]) Totoway, Oct. 25, 1780. He also appears on a 


descriptive list, dated June 9, 1780, of the officers and 
crew of the ship "America," commanded by John Som< -. 

Age, 22 years; stature, 5 feet. 8 inches; complexion, 
light. From town of Portsmouth. 

PHILIP PRINCE. Hank, Private of Capt. Nathan Pi 

Co., Col. Timothy Danielson's Reg't, dated Aug. 1, 
1775. Time of enlistment, May 17, 177.") ; time of 
vice, 2 months, 22 days; town to which soldiers be- 
longed, Stoning ton, Conn. He appeals on an order for 
"Bounty Coat," or its equivalent in money, due for the 
eight months' service in 1775, in Capt. Nathan Pel 
Co., Col. Timothy Danielson's Reg't, dated Roxbury, 
Nov. 20, 1775, payable to Lieut. Seth Smith. Remarks : 
Autograph signature signed, — his mark. He also aj>- 
pears as Private in a return of this Reg't, dated Oct ' ; . 
1775,which states that he belonged to Norwich. ( • i .: . 

REUBEN PRINCE appears with grade of Private <m a return 
of Col. (Lieut. Col.) Nixon's 4th Reg't. in service Jan., 
1777 and dated Springfield, .Jan. 25. 1777. 

RICHARD PRINCE appears on a receipt dated Mt. Washing- 
ton, Sept 30. 177t>. in Capt. Wmship's 4th Co.. I 
Nixon's 4th Reg't, given by himself and others for mon- 
ey, etc., due before Jan. 1, 1776.. received of Benjamin 
Heywood, paymaster. He also appears with rank of 
Private in Capt. Ebenezer Winship's 4th Co., Col. 
Thomas Nixon's 4th Reg't. His name appears on a 
receipt dated Nov. 19, 1 7 7*», wages for Sept. On an- 
other dated Dec. 24, 1776, wages for Oct. and Nov. 
On another for service from Sept., 1776, to March 13, 
1777. His name again appears on a receipt in sen 
Sept. to Nov.. 1776, dated North Castle, Nov. '.'. 177' . 
a retnm of Capt. Winship's Co.. Col. Nixon's Reg't, 
and on still another receipt dated Feb. 1. 1777. forD 
1 7 7 * >, wages, . He also appears .1 list of 


men in Capt. Winship's Co., Col. Nixon's l!< u't. whore- 
turned their equipments used in 1770. dated Chat] 
Feb. 4, 1777. Town to whieh soldiers belonged, Salem. 
His name is again on a receipt dated March 13, 1777. 
for £> 7, 5s., signed by himself. 

RICHARD PRINCE appears on a return in Capt John Wil- 
liams' Co., Col. Rufus Putnam's 4th Reg't, ( tor gratuity. 
raised by lottery) dated April 22, 177'J. In another 
place he appears with grade of Corporal on a muster 
return of Capt. Williams' Co., Col. Rufus Putnam's 
Reg't, dated Albany, Feb. 0, 1778. Town to which sol- 
diers belonged, Salem ; enlisted for Salem ; mustered by 
John Cushing. His name again appears in a return of 
enlisted men of 1st Essex County Reg't. Enlisted for 
Salem, belonged to Salem ; time of enlistment, 3 years 
or during war; joined Capt. Winship's Co., Col. Put- 
nam's Reg't. He again appears with rank of Corporal, 
Col. Putnam's Reg't, for service from March 10, 1777. 
to Dec. 31, 1779, credited to town of Salem. Remarks : 
Reported as the Lieut. Colonel's Co. (no Captain given) 
for 27 months, 21 days as Corporal and six months as 
Sergeant. We find in Col. Putnam's 5th Continental 
Reg't a balance of wages due by account certified June 
26, 1780 ; term of enlistment. 3 years. On a depra ia- 
tion roll with grade of Corporal he again appears to 
make good the depreciation of wages for first years' 
service in Continental army, from 1777 to 1780. Ric- 
hard Prince again appeal's with rank of Sergeant in ( 
tinental army. Col. Putnam's Reg't. for service : 
Jan. 1, 1780, to March 10. 1780. [This makii \ 
years of service from March 10, 1777.— Ed.] 

SAMUEL PRINCE. Rank. Private of Capt. lle/ekiah 
Greene's Co., Col. Barnes' Reg't. Time of enlistment. 


Oct, 13, 1781 ; time of service, 11 days. '! 
which soldiers belonged, Windsor. Remarks, man 

to Saratoga on Alarm of . 

SAMUEL PRINCE. Rank, Private of Capt. Job Ah 

Co., Col. S. Murry'8 Hampshire County Reg't. Time 
of enlistment, July 13, 1780; time of discharge, Oct. 
10,1780: time of service, 3 months, 6 days. Raised 
to re-enforce the Continental army for 3 months. His 
name is signed to a receipt for bounty, paid him 
Capt. Parker (class 13) for the town of Amherst to - 
in Continental army for the term of 3 years. Receipt 
dated Amherst, April, 1781. Samuel Prine< 
a descriptive list of enlisted men belonging to Hamp- 
shire County. Age, In' years; stature. 5 feet; 
plexion, light; hair, light; occupation, farmer. Ti 
of enlistment, April 24, 1781 ; term of enlistment, dur- 
ing war; residence, Amherst. Enlisted to serve in 
Continental army as returned by Noah Goodman, S ; 
erintendent for Hampshire Count}'. 

SHUBEL PRINCE. Rank, Private of Capt. Samuel Ham- 
ant's Co., Col. Samuel Dewing's 2nd Reg't. Tim 
enlistment, Oct. 22, 177'.': time of discharge, N v. 23, 
177i» ; time of service, 1 month, 11 days, nine days' 
travel included. Raised for 3 months' service by re- 
solve of Oct. 9, 1779. 

STEPHEN PRINCE. Rank, Corporal on return of I 

Worthley's Co., Col. Edmund Phinney's Reg't. Town 
to which soldiers belonged, North Yarmouth, Maine. 
Reported enlisted May 8, 1775. 

STEPHEN PRINCE appears on a receipt dated Cambridge, 
Eel). 20, 1776, for pay for Nov. and Dec., 1775, signed 

by himself and others ; received of Lieut. Cri 


SYLVESTER PRINCE appears with rank of Private on mus- 
ter and pay-roll of C;ij»t. Thomas Starrett's Co., Col. 
Mason Wheaton's Reg't. Time of enlistment, June 28, 

1779; time of discharge, July 5, ITT! 1 ; time <>f service. 
8 days in Eastern Department at Camden, lie was also 
Private in Capt. Philip M. Timer's Co., Col. Cobb's 

Reg't. Time of enlistment, July 8, 177'.' : time of dis- 
charge, Sept. 24, 1779; time of service, 2 month-. 16 
days; service on Penobscot Expedition. He appears 
with rank of Private on muster and pay-roil of Capt. 
Archibald McAllster's Co., Col Prince's Reg't. Time of 
enlistment, April 21, 1780; time of discharge, Dec 22, 
1780; time of service, 8 months, 2 days. Remarks: 
Commanded by Brig. Gen. Wadsworth, roll dated 
Thomaston. He also appears with a warrant to pay 
officers and men bearing date of Oct. 18. 1 1 83, of C apt. 
Starrett's Co. He again appears with rank of Private 
in Capt. George Ulmer's Co., Col. James Humbert's 
Reg't, Time of enlistment, May 12, 17s2 ; discharged 
Nov. 20, 1782: time of service, 6 months. 8 days; ser- 
vice in Eastern Department under resolve of March .. 
1782. Again appears with a warrant to pay officers and 
men borne on a roll bearing date of Aug. 1'.'. 1783, of 
Capt. George Ulmer's Co. 

SANTEE PRINCE. Rank, " Matross" of Capt John Gill's 
6th Co., Col. Thomas Crafts' Artillery Reg't. Tim,- of 
enlistment, May 9, 177o" to Aug. 1. 1776 : time of ser- 
vice, 2 months, 24 days. Also in same Co. and Reg't 
from Aug 1, 177*1 : time of service, 8 months,— dated 
Nov. 12, 1776. His name also on pay abstract o\ above 
Co. and Reg't for advance pay, autograph signature. 
Rolls sworn to June 8, 177n ; residence, Wellfleet. 
Again from Feb. 1. 1777. to May S. 1777. Time ^( - :■ 
vice, 3 months, 7 days. Belonged to Wellfleet. 


THOMAS PRINCE appears with rank of Sergeant on muster 
and pay-rolls of Capt. Jonathan \V. Edes' 4th ' .. I 
Crafts' Reg't. Time of enlistment, May 12, ITT 
of disci large, Aug. 1, 1776 ; time of service, 2 months, 
24 days, 4 days' travel included. He also with 

rank of Sergeant on muster and pay-rolls of Capt. J 
athan W. Edes' 4th Co., Thomas Crafts 1 Artillery Reg 
from Aug- 1, 1 7 T • > to Nov. 1. 177»». Time of .- 
months. Also was Sergeant in J. W. Edes' 4th I . 
Crafts' Reg't of Artillery, from Keb. 1, 1TTT to -May B. 
1777. Time of service, o months, 7 days: tins, 
which soldiers belonged. Boston. Also find him Ol 
abstract for advanced pay. Pay received July 23, ITT . 
Residence. Wrentham. 

THOMAS PRINCE appears "with rank of Lieutenant in C 

John Gill"s Co.. Col. Thomas Crafts' Reg't, dated April 
10, 1777: service from Jan. 1, 1777. to Feb. 28, 17TT ; 
time of enlistment, 2 months. He appears among a list 
of officers of Mass. Militia as Second Lieutenant in 2nd 
Artillery Reg't commanded by Col. Thomas C i 
Lieut. Thomas Prince appears in Jonathan W. Edes' 
Co., Col. Crafts" Reg't, dated Aug. 7. 1777. Service 
from May 8, 1777, to Aug 1. 1777: time of service, - 
months. '24 days. Again he was 2nd Lieutenant in < 
J. W. YAvs Co.. Crafts" 2nd Artillery Reg't dated - 
23, 1777: service from July 31, 1777 to Oct, 1. ITT" ; 
time of service, 2 months. Was also Lieutenant in 
Col. Thomas Crafts' Artillery Reg't from May s. 1777. 
to Feb. 26, 177'.'. On a certificate showing that 
Lieut. Thomas Prince, late of Col. Crafts' Reg' 
Artillery is no longer indebted at this from this 

date, (War Office, April ID. 1779) ; was entitl 
clothing by resolve of April and Oct. 1778, dated 
Boston, Dec. 31, 1 77V*. Also on a certificate si 


that said Prince is no longer indebted to the Reg't of 

Thomas Crafts, for arms and accoutrements delivered 

to him, dated Boston, April 20, 1 779. Rank, Lieutenant. 

Note. It is probable this Thomas Prince and the 

one above, who was Sergeant, are "in.' and same person 
as the Sergeant's time expired May s . 1777. and 
tinned from that date to Feb. 26, 177'. 1 . as above stated, 
as they are mentioned in same Co. and Reg't. — Editor. 

THOMAS PRINCE appears with rank of Private in Capt. 
(Lieut.) Moses Bradstreet's detachment, in service for 
defence of Gloucester Harbor, 14 days. Residence, .Row- 
ley ; dated Rowley, Nov. 15, 177.7. 

THOMAS PRINCE appears among a list of men belonging to 
North Yarmouth. Cumberland County, raised to re-en- 
force the army, Col. J. Mitchell's Reg't, dated Dec. 3, 

THOMAS PRINCE appears with rank of Private on muster 
and pay-rolls of Capt. Jesse Sturtevant's Co.. Col. Tit- 
comb's Reg't. Time of service, 2 months, 5 days ; time 
of enlistment. April 28, 1777: service at R. 1. Roll 
dated Halifax. Sept 24,1777. Remarks: Marched to 
R. I. in April, 1777. 

Note. There are records of PRINCES which are i X- 

colored, one in Capt. Strong's Co. from' Pittsfleld, who marched 

to Fort Ann, June 30, 1777 : discharged, -Inly 26; service, 8 
weeks, o days. One from Amesbury, enlisted for Amesbury, 
dated Feb. 11. 1778; term. 3 years. On.' from County of 
York, town of York, enlisted for York. One in William Todd's 
Co., Col. Thomas Crafts' Reg't, dated Sept. 21, 1777. for service 
from July 31, 1777. to Oct. 1, 1777. Time of service, 2 months. 
Remarks: (6th Artillery Co.) He received bounty for 8 mi 
service, from April 30, 1777, to Dec. 80, 1777. One from 
Brookline marched on the Alarm of April 19, 177.". Length 


of service, 23 days, given on roll as Joshua Boylston's -l'- 
One, Scotipede Prince (Negro): No account given of this man 
excepting as belonging in Wellfleet. And another, 1"' I 
Prince, enlisted at the age of L6 from town of Stockbridgi 
six months. He served for 6 months at West Point in 1780 
and afterwards re-enlisted for 3 years in Col. John Crane" 
Reg't of Artillery. 


In Revolutionary War. 

Mr. F. A. Prince, Danlelson, Conn. 

Dear Hir.—I hereby certify that the records of this Offl 
the following in relation to service of Abel and Javu - /'< .' ■ . War. 

They arc the only men by name of I'HIXCE that our records contain from tl 

Very respectfully, 

A. D. A YLISd, AdjiUant • 

ABEL PRINCE appears on a list of Capt. Taylor's Com] 

of Militia which marched from Amherst, Dec. v . 1775, to 

join the Continental army on Winter Hill. Rank. 
Private. Abel Prince also appears as Private on a list 
of Capt Philip Putnam's Co.. Col. Xahum Baldwin's 
Reg't, raised in Sept., lTTtl, and sent into the si 
New York for purpose of re-enforcing the army tl 
This Reg't was in the battle of White Plains, Oct 28, 
1776, and was dismissed in Dec, ITT*'. Abel Prince 
again appears on a pay-roll of ('apt. Stephen P< 
Co., which Company marched from Amherst to 1 - 
cendcroga on the Alarm >>i June 80, IT. 7. Rank, 
Private; engaged, .June 80,1777; discharged -Inly 4, 
1777 ; time of service, •> days. 


JAMES PRINCE appears on a muster and pay-roll of men in 

Capt. Daniel Gordon's Co., Col. David Gilman's I 
raised to re-enforce the army in New York, Dec., 1776. 
Rank, Private. This Company was to remain until 
the first of March, 1777, to recruit the American a: 


In Revolutionary War. 

The following Records are taken from the Original papers which are preserved 
iu the Historical Society's Rooms, Providence, R. I. 

CHARLES PRINCE appears on Rev. Soldiers' pay-roll, Capt. 
Martin's Co.. for Sept.. 1776, for <£1, 9s.. 4d. Remarks : 
Deserted. He also appears on muster- roll of Capt. 
Simeon Martin's Co. with rank of Private. Enlisted 
Feb. 10 ; deserted Sept. 22, 1776. 

JONATHAN PRINCE appears on a pay abstract of the 5th 
division of Capt. Squire Willard's Co.. Col. Water- 
man's Reg't. from the 6th day of April to the 20th day 
of April, 1777. Days served, 12; wages per day, Is.. 
4d; bounty. 8s ; whole amount, £1, 4s. 

PHILIP PRINCE appears on a pay abstract of Capt. Lemuel 
Bailey's Co., Capt. Lippet's R<'g't. Wages per day, Is.. 
5 l-2d. Again on pay abstract of Capt. Bailey's < 
for 3 months' wages. Amount, .£7, 2s.. Bd. 

Peekskill, Jan. 2". 17 77. 
Sir: — Please to pay Lieut. Ruben Aewit the remain- 
ing part of our wages, together with travelling fees, and 
his receipt shall be your discharge. 

From your humble servant, 

Pnii.ii" Prince. 


Philip PriiK/,.; also appears on muster-roll of < 
Bailey's Co. with rank of Private. 

TIMOTHY PRINCE appears on muster-list of Capt. Chj 

pher Dyer's ('.,. as Private. Enlisted March 20, ITT.' ; 
time out, March 10, 1780; discharged, Dec. 21, ITT'.*. 

The following five names are taken from Original Records of Secretar> 
of 5tate, ProNidence, R. I. 

BRISTOL PRINCE appears on a return of men enlist 
Lieut. Henry Alexander in Col. Christophei S 

Reg't, raised for fifteen months. Time of enlistn 
Dec. 18, 1776. Received for bounty, £6; foi 
c£10, 9s., 4d., 1 pair shoes, 1 pair hose, 2 shirts; 
remained in Camp D. lie also appears on pay 
for wages due James Parker's Co.. Col. Crary's I 
from the last dav of Jan., 177b. to and inclu 
last day of Feb., 1778. Time of service, 1 m 
amount due, X'"2. lie also appeal's on a pay a! > 
above Company and Reg't, from last day of Feb., 177^. 
to and including March 16. Time of service, 16 d 
amount due, J61, Is., 4d. His name also apj its 
on a pay abstract of the subsistence money dn « 
.lames Parker's Co.. Col. Archibald Crary's Reg't, I 
June 16 to July 16, 1778. Rank, Private. Wi § - 
month, H'2: amount due, £2. Also find from May 
16 to June 16, 1778. Wages due, £2. Agaii 
on another pay abstract forwages from July 16 to A / 
1<>, 1778. Also another from Aug. 16 to Sept. 16, 
1778. Wages per month, €'_'. 

CHARLES P1MXCK appears with rank of Private on a 

roll of Capt. E. Flagg's Co. in the 1st Battalion, R. I 
troops, commanded by C. Green, Esq. Conn ^ment 


of service, Dee. 1 ; time of service, 1 month; v. 
month, c£G. Paid Jan. 1. 

TITUS PRINCE appears with rank of Private on pay-roll of 

Capt. E. Flagg's Co., in 1-4 Battalion of R. I. b 
commanded by C. Greene, Esq. Commencenu 
vice, Dec. 1, paid to Jan. 1. Term of a , 1 month. 

Wages per month, £2. 

»K)I> PRINCE appears with rank of Major on a return list of 
officers and soldiers of the Militia of the state <>f R. 1. 
commanded by Brig. Gen. Milton, dated March 21,178 i. 

TIMOTHY PRINCE appears on a return of tl • 

privates of Cant. Topham's Reg't. Term ex] ■ 

March 20. 


In Revolutionary War. 

Office of Adjutant Gen< 
Trenton, N. J. 
F. A. Prince, Esq., Danielson, Conn. 

Dear Sir : — Enclosed please find a complete list 
of the names and service of all soldiers of the name of Prince 
who served to the credit of New Jersey in the Revolutionary 
War, Pennsylvania Insurrection of 1794, War of 1812 and the 
Civil War. The roster of Jerseyraen in the Revolutionary 
War was printed in book form in 18T2. A Large amount of 
new data has been obtained since then and the book is by no 
means complete, h is out of print and there is gn at dill i ultj 
in obtaining a copy. Yours truly. 

William S. Strykek, 

Adjutant Gem i 


WILLIAM PRINCE served as a Private in the 1st Batl ilion, 

2nd Establishment; also as a Private in the 1st 1: 
also as a 1'rivat.- in Capt. Bateman Lloyd's < 
Reg't; also as a Private in the 2nd Reg't : N< i 
Continental line during the Revolutionary War. 

Pennsylvania Ins u met ion of 1794. 

The Name of Prince does not appear. 

War of 1812. 

The name of Prince does not appear. 


Commonwealth of Virginia. 

Office of Adjutant * 
Richmond, Va. 
Mr. F. A. Prince, Danielson, Conn. 

Dear Sir: — I regret very much the inability of 
this Office to send you the record of Bervice "t" ail pers »ns by 
the name of Prince who served in the Revolutionary 
All the records in the Adjutant General's Office, ; 
1865, were destroyed in the lire which partially burned th< 
on April 3rd of that year. 

If you will write to Dr. R. A. Brock, this city, he may 
possibly search the records in the Land Office, and ascertain it" 
the name appears on the list of those t<» whom land grants 
were made. Very respectfully, 

Charles J. Anderson, 

Adjutant Gen 



State Library of Pennsylvania. 

Harrisburg, Pa., April 21, 1897. 
Mr. F. A. Prince, Danielson, Conn. 

My dear Sir:— I do not find the name of "Prince" 
among the soldiers of the War of the Revolution. As to the 
records of the War of 1812 they are not indexed alphabetically, 
nor accessible. 

Yours with respect, 


State Librarian. 


Office of Adjutant General, 
Mr. F. A. Prince, Atlanta, Ga. 

Danielson, Conn. 

Sir:— I have the honor to acknowledge th< 
ceipt of your letter of the 8th inst. asking for the record of 
service of all persons named "Prince" who engaged in thesev- 
eral wars of this government. In moving from the old capitol 
to this one the war records of this office were badly mixed and 
have never been re-arranged but remain in the boxes in which 
they were brought from the old capitol and it would be a mat- 
ter of great labor to go through them ami get the information 
you desire. In fact, I doubt if there is but one man who could 
get the information you desire, as he is the only man at all 


familiar with the records. I refer to Mr. \V. E. Quillain, for- 
mer clerk in this office, who, by reason of his loi ; ... 
quite familiar with all records. You raighl >nd with 
him in regard to tin.- matter; his address is ' 5t, Atlan- 
ta, Ga. 

I regret very much that the limited clerical force <.f this 
office lenders it impossible to give you the information 
desire. Very respectfully, 

Oscar J. Bobsoox, 

Acting Adjutant General. 


In Revolutionary War. 

According to the most recent book issued of New York in 
the Revolution the following arc the distinctions as :• 
the regiments furnished by the State : 

1st. The Line: which regiments were in the United States 
service under General Washington. 

2d. The Levies ; which were drafts from the different 
militia regiments, and from the people direct as well, and v- 
could be called upon to serve outside the St.ite during their 
entire term. 

3d. The Militia ; which could only be called out of the 
State for three months at a time. 

Of the Line there were nine organizations, oi the I. 
there were seven organizations and of the Militia son 
eight organizations — in all some eighty-four orgai 

DAVID PRINCE appears with the rank of private in < 

Doty's company, Col. Van Woerts 1 Reg't; the 16th 

Reef t, Albany Co. Militia. Served from Aug. 13, 17' 

to Nov. 30, 1TS0. 


ISAAC PRINCE. Rank, Lieutenant in Capt. Gilraore'c I 
ltith Reg't, commanded by Col. Van Wot 

ISAAC PRINCE appears as Lieutenanl in Capt. Brown's 
Co., 10th Reg't, Albanv C«>. Militia, commanded bv 

Col. Van Woerts. 

JACOB PRINCE appears with the rank of Sergeant in I 

Gilmore's Co., 16th Albany Co. Militia, Col. Van 

Woerts commanding. 

JOB PRINCE appears as Sergeant in Capt. Doty's Co., 16tl 
Albany Co. Militia, Col. Van Woerts 1 Reg't. 

JOHN PRINCE appears as private in Capt Ephraim W 

worth's company, 13th Reg't, Lieut.-Col. Cornelius 

Van Vechten commanding. 

JONATHAN PRINCE. Private in Capt. Peter Van Woerts' 
Co., 13th Reg't, Saratoga division, Col. John McCrea, 

Lieut.-Col. Van Vechten. 

JOSEPH PRINCE appears on the roll of enlisted men of 
Colonel James Clinton's Regiment, 3d New York Line. 
Company and captain's name not given. 

KEMBLE PRINCE appears with rank of Sergeant in 

Co., Capt. Charles Graham, Col. Philip Van Cortlaudt's 
Reg't. Time of enlistment, June 19, 1777: ■'• ye rs; 
discharged May 30, 1780; time of service, ;> > years. 

KEMPLE PRINCE appears as Sergeant in Capt. Andrew 
Hermance's Co., Col. Morris Graham's Reg't, Dul 
Co. Militia, Gen. Clinton's Brigade. Was in actual 

service from the 2d of April to the 3d day "t" A 

KIMBELL PRINCE appears as private on the regimental 
roll of enlisted men, Col. William Malcolm's regiment 
of Levies. 


RICHARD PRINCE appears on the roll of Capt. li 

Dodge's Co., Col. Frederick Weissenfel 1 of 

Levies as a private; also on same company and 

mental roster as a Sergeant. 

■ PRINCE. Also on the roll of enlisted men of Col. 

Marrius Willett's regiment of Levies, which 

from the roster to have been the la:. • I 

Line, is found the name of Prince, negro (colored 



In Wur of iM3. 

Mr. F. A. Prince, Danielson, Conn. 

Replying to yours of recent date would ini 
you that the name of "Prince" does not appear on our mils a* 
having served in the War of 1812 for Vermont. 
Respectfully T. S. PECK, 

Adjutant and Inspector General. 


In War of 181a. 

Record and Pension Office. 

War Department, Washington, D. C 

Mr. F. A. Prince, January 28, L897. 

Danielson, Conn. 

The name "Prince" has not been found on 


rolls on file in tin's office of any New Hampshire militan 
ganizatioii in service during the Warof 1812. 

By authority of tin- Secretary of War. 


Col. U. S. Army, Chief 

The following table, derived from tin- report ' 
Knox to Congress in IT'."), in nhrdiemr to a call OD the War 
Department by the House of Representatives, shows the num- 
ber of regular soldiers f nrnislicd by each State to the War ■ f 
the Revolution. (See National Intelligencer, 0«;t. 7, 1 v ": 
also "Hist. Gonn.," Vol. II.) 

Xainc of State. Soldiers furnished. /'";■. 

New Hampshire 12,49? 141- 

Massachusetts, including Maine, .... »>7ji'.'7 475,25? 

Rhode Island 5,908 

Connecticut 31,959 - -.141 

New York 17,7-1 

New Jersey 10,720 IS1.139 

Pennsylvania 25,078 434.373 

Delaware 2,380 

Maryland 13,912 

Virginia 26,678 7J-. - 

North Carolina 7,263 

South Carolina '".4 17 


Total, 231,971 :.'.-- 

The preceeding pages contain the records of s< rvia 
persons by name of "Prince*' that is available at the present 
time (1897) who served in Lexington Alarm ami Revoluti 
War from the thirteen original states. 


The records of the War of 1812 are ; in War 

Department Record and Pension Office, Washingfa n,D. C, 
further, it is impossible to obtain them as the following will 
indicate. "Any person who will furnish the full names of not 
more than two of their ancestors who served in the early \\ 
indicating the organization in which th. . 
known, the states from which they entered service, such inform. 
ation in relation to them as the record of this office may afford 
will be cheerfully furnished, but anything otherwise will 
be entertained. Again to furnish the information to th< 
quests that have become so numerous the Secretary of W i 
has been compelled to establish a rule to the effect that the 
service records of not more than two ancestors in the earlv 
wars shall be furnished to any one applicant and that no re- 
quests for information for publication shall be entertained.'? 
F. C. Ainsworth, Col. I". S. Army, 
Chief, Record and Pension Office. 

Washington, I). < '. 

Note. We very much regret our inability to secui 
our readers this important list of 1812 men which is so essen- 
tial in the making of a. complete list Out of the < 
states which participated in the War of 1M2 we have 
able to give from Official authority only the foregoing s1 it< s 
Connecticut, Vermont and New Hampshire. 

Civil War. 

Records of the Princes who served in Civil War, 


Taken from Official Records,— Adjt. General's Report. 


ALBERT PRINCE. Residence, Bradford, Main.-: Age, 18 
years: entered service April 2.">, 1861. Mustered out 
with honorable discharge, June 9, 1863. He was torn 
in Bradford, Me., and was an original member, belong- 
ing to Co. F., 2nd Reg't Infantry. He was also a re- 
emit in Co. B, 1st Cavalry. Entered service Feb. 2 
18G4. Mustered out with honorable discharge Aug. 

1, 1865. Appointed Corporal . Enlisted in 1-t 

D. C. Cavalry. Transferred to Co. B, 1st Cavalry, 
Aug. 25, 1864. 

ALBERT F. PRINCE was born in Baltimore, Md. Resi- 
dence, North Yarmouth, Maine ; age, 18years; en1 
service Sept. 10, 1862. Mustered out with I I 
discharge. Term expired July 1". l s,;:; - Original 
member of Co. G, 25th Reg't Infantry. 

ALBION PRINCE served in U. S. Navy from Cumberland, 
Maine. Age, 24 years. 

ALFRED PRINCE of Portland, Maine, age, 80, served in 
U. S. Navy. All the record there is of UlOM in Navy 
from Adjt. General's Report, 1861-4. 


AUGUSTUS II. PRINCE was bora in Portland, Maine. Pr< - 
ent residence, 6-J Franklin street, Portland. Ent< 
service Aug. 26, 1862; age, IS years. Appoinl 
poral Sept. 29, 1862. Mustered out with li 
discharge. Term expired July 1", L803. Original 

CHARLES II. PRINCE was born in Buckfield, Maine. Pn - 
ent residence, Buckfield, Maine. Entered s< 
10,1862; age, 25 years. Commissioned Captain ' 
17, 1862. Mustered our with honorable disci 
Term expired July 15, 1863. Original member, ( 
C, 23rd Reg't Infantry. 

CHARLES M. PRINCE was born in Camden, Maine ; 

deuce, Camden. Present residence, Rockport, Maine. 
Entered service Dec. 14, 1863; age, 26 y< s. M is- 
tered out with honorable discharge June 16, 1805. 2nd 
Battery, 1st Reg't mounted Artillery recruit. 

CHARLES S. PRINCE was born in Cumberland, Maine; i - 
idence, Industry, .Maim-. Entered service Si t. 1". 
18(52; age, o4 years. Appointed Corporal Oct. 13, 
1862. Discharged for disability Dec. 23, 1862. Co. K, 
24th Reg't Infantry, original member. 

CHARLES M. PRINCE was born in North Yarmouth, M 

residence, Bath, Maine. Entered service Apr. 22, 1 v "l ; 
ace, 34 years. Discharged for disability De . 10, 1 S - 
Private and original member in ('<>. A. 3rd Reg't In- 
fantry. Re-enlisted Dec. 19, 1863 cindag; in dia 
for disability Nov. 1", 1 S, '>-L Original member, Co. I. 
30th Reg't Infantry. 

EDWARD M. PRINCE was born in New SI 

residence, New Sharon. Present residence, W< si Farm- 

ington, Maine. Entered service July 30, 1862; 

20 years. Reported sick in hospital, Washin .: a, D. C. 

IN THE CIVIL WAR, 1801-65. 

in 18(5^. Reported on detailed service in Wa bingt ... 
]). C, in L864. Mustered out with honorable disch 
at the disbanding of the army, .June ■">. 1865. Private 
and original member of ('<>. G, 16th Reg't Infantry. 

FREDERICK A. PRINCE was born in Portland, Mi 

idence, Portland. Entered service Aug. 23, L862; 
24 years. Appointed Corporal Sept. 29, 1862. I 
charged for disability Feb. 10, 1863. Original m< n 
Co. A., 25th Reg't Infantry. 

FREDERICK C. PRINCE was born in Cumberland, Maine; 
residence, Cumberland, Maine. Entered service Nov. 
10, 1863; age. 21 years. ( v >. M. Sergeant. Promoted 
to 1st Sergeant Aug. 1, 1864. Mustered out with hon- 
orable discharge Dec. 6, 1865. Original member Co. 
C, 2nd Reg't Cavalry. 

GEORGE PRINCE was born in Thomaston, Maine < Lincoln 

County) ; residence, Bath, Maine. Last known resi- 
dence, Boston, Mass. Entered service Sept. 25, 1861; 
age, 44 years. Commissioned Captain of Co. K. Jan. 
24, 1802 to rank from Nov. 2, 1861. Resigned and 
discharged for disability, Dec. 9, 1862. < !o. K, 1st R 
Cavalry. Original member. 

GEORGE PRINCE was born in Camden. Maine: residence, 
Camden. Entered service Sept 1". 1862; age 22 yrs. 
Mustered out with honorable discharge, Aug. IT. l£ 
Original member, Co. F, 26th Reg't Infantry. 

GEORGE II. PRINCE was born in Camden, Maine ; resi- 
dence, Camden. Age 23 years. Entered service Jan. 
22,18<»4; left service March 7. 1864. Hied in Hos- 
pital Camp Baker, Washington, I>. C. March 7. 1864. 
Co. — ,1st Reg't D. C. Cavalry. Original member. 
(See above Co. F. 26 Reg't Infantry.) 

BRIG. GEN. HENRY PRINCE was born in I rt, Maine, 


Jan. 19,1811. Me was graduated at West Point in 

1835, and appointed Brevet 2nd Lieutenant in the -lili 

Infantry, became 1st Lieutenant in 1838, ind I . 

dered to Mexico when the war begun, won : 

for gallant conduct in the battles of Contreras, ( hi 

busco and Molino del Key, in which la 

verely wounded. He was promoted to I iptain in 

1849, and appointed Paymaster, with the rank of M 

in 18.")."). On April 28, 1862, he was appointed !'•. 

dier General of Volunteers. He was assigned i" the 

army of Virginia under Maj. Gen. Pope, 

prisoner at the battle of < 'edar Mountain, Aug. '■'. 1 -• 2. 

and released on parole toward the end i f September. 

HENRY K. PRINCE was born in Brunswick, Maine; 

dence, Brunswick. Entered service Sept. 1". 18< - 
age 18 years. Mustered out with honorable disci 
at expiration of term, July 10, 1863. Private and 
inal member of ('<>. I), 25th Reg't Infantry. 

HENRY L. PRINCE was born in Boothbay, Maine ; i 

Bath, Maine. Entered service March .'■). l v ' : 

18 years. Transferred to ( '<». F, 1st U< g*t Vet. Infantry. 

Maine Volunteers, Sept. 1. 1 S '">1. Left servi (1 t. 

25. 1864, died from wounds received Oct. 19, 1864. 
Interred in London Park Cemetry, Baltimore, Md. He 
was a recruit in Co. F, 7th Reg't Infantry. 

HOWARD L. PRINCE was born in Cumberland, M 
residence, Cumberland. Age, 22 y< ire. 
vice July 24, \*Cr2 as Quarter Master S« rg< mt. < 
missioned 1st Lieutenant Co. A., Feb. 13, 1S64, wound- 
edMay8,1864. Commissioned as C in Co. A, 1 
1, 1864. Mustered <>nt with honorable discharj 

16. 1865, disbanding of the army. Co. A, 20th R 
Infantry, original member. 

ISAAC PRINCE was born in Portland, Maine: residence, 

IX THE CIVIL WAR, 1861-65. 45 

Belfast, Maine. Entered service Apr. 26,1801; 
48 years. Appointed principal Musician, June 15, 1801. 
Transferred to the non-commissioned staff from Co. K. 
Discharged for disability, Apr. 1863. Died in 1891. 
Original member Co. -, liii Reg'l Infantry. 

JESSE PRINCE was bom in Oxford, Maine; residence, Ox- 
ford. Entered service Nov. 14, 1861; age, 25 years. 
Left service Feb. I 1 .', 1862. Died on hoard of Trans- 
port. Private and original member of Co. G, 11'. 
Reg't Infantry. 

•JOHN PRINCE was born in France,— non resident. 
23 years. Served in LT. S. Navy. No further ri 

in .Adjutant General's report. 

LEVI M. PRINCE was born in Portland, Maine ; residence 
and present address. 1 97 Lincoln street, Portland, M line. 
Entered service April 27, 1861; age 10 years. Mus- 
tered out with honorable discharge at expiration of term, 
Aug. 5, 1861. Private and original member oi Co. < . 
1st Reg't Infantry. Ele again re-enlisted Sept. 10, 
1862 and was commissioned 1st Lieutenant, Oct. II. 
1862. Mustered out with honorable discharge, (term 
expired.) July 10, L863. Co. B, 25th Reg't Infantry. 
Again re-enlisted July 1". 1863 and was comiuiss 
Captain Dec. 18, 1863. Mustered out with !. 
discharge, Aug. 2". 1865. Captain Co. F, 30 1: 
Infantry. Served in 1st, 25th and 30th Regiments. 

SAMUEL A. PRINCE of Yarmouth, Maine, age, 43 } 

served in the 17. S. Navy. No other record of the Navj 
men from Maine. 

WILLIAM B. PRINCE was born in Portland, Maine ; 
dence, Cumberland, Maine. Entered service Ma;. 
1864; age, 18 years. Enlisted in 1st D. C. < ai 
original member. Transferred to Co. 1«. 1st \\ 
airy, Aug, 25V 1864. Left service iii 18G4. Dab 


place of death unknown. 

WILLIAM II. PRINCE was born in Auburn, M 

denue, Wayne Maine. Entered Bervi ". . 1801; 

age, 20 years. Appointed Corporal Dec. 1 i. 1861. 
Left service -Inly 30, L862. Did at Baton Rouge, La. 
Original member Co. II. 1 Lth lieg't Infantry. 


EDWARD B. PRINCE was bora in Portland, Maine: resi- 
dence, Portsmouth, credited to Portsmouth. Enlisted 
Sept. 13, 18<i2 ; age, 18 years. Mustered in as Prh 
Sept. 17, 1862. Appointed Corporal May I s . 1864. 
Severely wounded at Fair Oaks, Va., Oct. 27, IS 
Discharged for disability at Concord, May 20, 1865. 
Belonged to Co. G. P. 0. address, Portsmouth, N. II. 

JEROME PRINCE was bom in Woonsocket, R. I. ; i 

, Mass.. credited t.> I.\ inc. Enlisted < ». -t. 14.1- 

Age, '21 years. Mustered in as Private Oct. 14. 18( 3. 
Wounded May 18, 186-J a1 Bermuda Hundn i. V . 
Transferred to the 118th Co., 2nd Battalion V. R. C, 
Jan. 28, 1865. Discharged at Baltimore, Md., Nov. 2 , 
1865. Co. D. substitute. P. O. Address, Milf 

JOHN L. PRINCE was born at Andover; residence Salem, 
credited to Salem. Enlisted Sept. 12,1862; .I s 
years. Mustered in as Private <><t- 16, 1862. Mus- 
tered out Oct. 13, 1863. Belonged \>< Co. K. 

SEWELL B. PRINCE was born at Groy, M 

Chester; P. O. Address, Portsmouth, N. 11. i 

)X THE I 1V1I. W.\l.\ L80J 65. 47 

as Private Aug. 11, 1 863 . ,33 years. Transferred 
to Co. 1), '2nd Reg't X. II. Volunteers, June 21, 
Mustered out Dec. 19, 1865. Co. D, served as substi- 
tute in Co. I. 

New Hampshire "Colored Troops.'' 

SIDNEY PRINCE was born in Mansfield, Mass., credited to 

Rochester. Enlisted Sept. 17. 1864; ■■. 21 ■ 
Mustered in as Private Sept. 17, 1864. (Died.) Dis- 
charged at Jacksonville, Fla., Dec. 20, 1864. < o. II. 
3rd Infantry. 

LEVI PRINCE was born at Fairfax, Va., credited to D 
Enlisted as Private Sept. 13, l s, W: age, 25 •• 
Mustered out at Jacksonville, Fla., Oct. 31, l v n". Co. 
C, 3rd Infantry. 


DANIEL PRINCE. Residence, Rutland. Enlisted Dec. 10. 

1868, to serve three years or during the war. Musi 
into service as a Private l>tv. 19, 1863, si rvii [ 
emit in ('«•. A, 8th Reg't of Infantry, Vermont Volun- 
teers, lie was taken Prisoner Sept. I. 1864, [wiroled 
March 2, 1865 and mustered out of service Ma^ 16, l vi ». 

DANIEL PRINCE. Residence, St. Albans. M listen 
Jan. 22, 1864. Mustered out Aug. 20, l v,; ."». 

HENRY PRINCE. Residence, Elinesborough. Mustered in 
Aug. 14, 1868. Drafted Aug. 20, I860, 

ISAAC PRINCE. Residence, Charlotte. Mustered in A ig. 


14,1863. Wounded April 18, 1865. Di July 

16, 1865. 

ISAAC PRINCE. Residence, St. Albans. Mustered ii J 
22, 1864. Mustered oul An-. 20, 1865. 

ABEL PRINCE. Residence, West Windsor. Mustered in 
July 2o, 1863, (drafted). Term expired Vug. 20, 

CHARLES PRINCE. Residence, Bristol. MusteredinJ n. 
22, 1864. Term expired Aug. 20, 1865. 

Note. All there is by name of "Prince" on 01 
Records of Vermont, with the exception of Daniel Pj i 
of Rutland, Vt., were recruits for 54th Reg'l Mass. I 
See Muss., 54th Reg't. 


ABEL PRINCE. Residence, Si. Albans, Vt. ; mustered in 
service July 22, 1863 ; age, 35 years; enlisted E 

years: died at Charlestown, S. C, July s . 1865. ' 
K, 54 Reg't Infantry. 

ALBERT PRINCE. Residence, Oxford ; enlisted Julj 

1861 : age, 22 years. He was promoted 2d Li< ul 
Feb. 22, 1862 and again promoted t" office "t 1st L 
tenant Sept. L8, 1862. Mustered in service - I ; tain 
Nov. 14, 1862; expiration of service July 28, IS L; 
length of service, 3 years. 15 Reg't Infantry, M ss. 

ALBERT G. PRINCE. Residence, Boston ; musl 

IN THE CIVIL W.\l.\ 1861 65. 4'j 

vice Aug-. 24, 180] : age, 4 I years; terra i xpired Mar. 
5,1862: enlisted for 3 yeais t>u i was discharged for 
disability. Co. E., 18tli Reg't Infantry, Mass. Volun- 

AMASA T. PRINCE. Residence, Brighton; mustered in 
service Feb. 29, 1864; age, 30 years; terra expired 
March 3, 1864 ; length of service, '■'• years. 2d Battery 

Light Artillery, Mass. Volunteers. lit- was .t rej 
recruit and afterwards served in Conn. Ueg't. 

CHARLES PRINCE. Residence, Agawam; mustered in ser- 
vice Sept. 24, 1862; age, 32 years ; term expired June 
3,1863; length of service, 9 months. Co. I. IGtli i 
Infantry. Re-enlisted in 2d Heavy Artillery. 

CHARLES PRINCE. Residence, St. Albans, Vt. : mustered 
in service June 6, 1864; age, 26 years; term expired 
Aug. 20, 1865; enlisted for :'. years He was a recruit 
for 54th Reg't Infantry (Colored), < '<>. ( '. Mass. V 

CHARLES E. PRINCE. Residence, Cambridge; must 

in service Sept. 0, 1862; age, 18 years: term expired 
June 9, 1865; length of service, '■) years. 10th U i 

Light Artillery. 

CHARLES II. PRINCE. Residence, Newburj ; mustered in 

service Sept. 24, 1862; age. 19 years; term expired 
June 12, 1863; length of service, 9 months, re-enlisi 
Co. I), 48th Reg't Infantry. 

CHARLES H. PRINCE. Residence, Sewburyport ; mus- 
tered in service July 20, 1864; age 20 years; 
charged June 1, 1866. New Orleans Infantry. 
48th Mass. Ueg't, — 9 months' service, bounty 8679.33. 

DANIEL PRINCE. Residence, — . Mass.; mustered in 

service May 13, 1863 ; age, 19 years; term expired \ 
20, L865. Recruit for Co. IL. 54th Reg't Infantry, 


Mass. Volunteers; bounty, $50.00. 

DANIEL PRINCE. Residence, St. Albans, Vt.; muni 

in service Dec. IT. 1863; age, 21 yean ; ten expired 
Aug. 20, 1865; enlisted for 3 years. Recruit foi ">4tli 
Reg't Infantry, Mass. Volunteers, ( o. C. 

FRANKLIN S. PRINCE. Residence, Northampton ; mo 
ed in service Jan. 1-1. 1864; age, 20 years; ten 
pired June 29, 1865; enlisted foi 3 years. Co. I>. 1st 
Reg't Cavalry, Mass. Vols. Received as boui 

GEORGE PRINCE. Residence, Salem ; mustered in sei 

October 9, 1861 ; age, 40 years; died <>f wounds, June 
9, 1864 at Point Lookout, Md.; enlisted for 3 
Co. B, 23d Reg't Infantry. 

GEORGE C. PRINCE. Residence, North Andover; mus- 
tered in service Sept. 12,1862; age,20years; ten 

pired June 18. 1st::',; length (if service, 9 months. I 
J, -14th Re-g't Infantry. 

GEORGE \V. PRINCE. Residence, Beverly; mustered in 

service April 30, lsiil : age 23 years; terra 
Aug. 1, 1861 : length of service, :> > months. Massachu- 
setts Volunteer Militia, 8th Reg't [nfantry. 

HENRY PRINCE. Residence, Charlotte, Vt. : mi 
service Aug. 14, 1863; acre, -1 years; term 
Aug. 20, 1 v 'n"). 1I<- was a recruit for 54th Reg't In- 
fantry. Mass. Volunteers, Co. II. 

HEZEKIAH PRINCE. Residence, Boston ; mustei 

vice Ati'j,-. 9, L862 ; age, 28 years; discharged for dis- 
ability Aug. 27, L863; enlisted foi Co. D, 
13th Reg't Infantry. 

ISAAC PRINCE. Residence, St. Albans, Vt.; must 
service Dec. 17. 1863 ; age, I s years; terra • 
20, 1865; enlisted for 3 years. Recruit foi 54tli U 
Infantrw Mass. Volunteers, l'<>. C. 

IN THE CIVIL WAl:. 1861-65. 51 

ISAAC PRINCE. Residence, Charlotte, V:.: i 1 in 

service Aug II. 1863; age -1 years; discharged for 
disability July 16, 1865. Co. FI, 54th Reg't Infantry, 
Mass. Volunteers. 

JAMES PRINCE. Residence, VVhateley; mustered in 
vice June 30, 1864 ; age, 19 years; enlisted foi 
but his name was dropped from list June 12, 1- 
Co. (J, 20th Reg't Infantry, Mass. Voluntet 

JAMES PRINCE. Residence, Danvers; mustered in sei 

Oct. 28, 1 S *">1 ; age, 29 years; term expired Nov. IT. 
1801; enlisted for 3 years. Co. C, 17th Reg't Infai 

Mass. Volunteers. 

JAMES II. PRINCE. Residence, Cambridge; mustered in 

service May 2-1, 1861 : age, 28 years; discharged for 
disability Oct. 25, 1862; enlisted for ; '> years. ' I , 
1st Reg't Infantry, Mass. Volunteers. 

JASON PRINCE. Residence, Scituate ; mustered in service 
Auer. 25, 1863; aere, 24 years; enlisted for :'■ years l»ut 
was discharged for disability . I line 8, 1865. Co. G,54th 
Reg't Infantry, Mass. Volunteers. 

JEROME PRINCE. r>..n. in Woonsocket, 1!. I. ; enlisted in 
Co. H, loth Reg't Mass. Volunteers, May 25, 1861 ; 
aere, 19 years ; discharged Feb, 28, 1 v,; l'. Re-enlisted 
Sept 30, 1862 in ('... E, 42d Reg't Mass. Volunteers 
and was discharged Aug. 20, 1863, lie again en"., 
in Co. D, 3d Reg't N. 11. Volunteers (see New Hamp- 
shire), and served until the close '>t the W ar. 

JEROME PRINCE. Residence, Millbury; mustered insi 

Sept. 30, 1862 ; age 20 years; term expired Aug. 20, 
1863; length of service, 9 months. Co. K. 12d R g I 

Infantry, M. V. M. 

JOHN PRINCE. Residence, Roxbury; mustered in s 

Mar. 11, 186 1 ; age, 19 years; term expired June 27, 


180."); enlisted for 3 years. 1(5 Hal . jht Artil 
Bounty, $325. 

JOHN T. PRINCE, Jn. (APT. K< sidence, B 
tered in service Sept. 2, L8G1 ; _.-. _ 
for 3 years but resigned Jan. l v . 1863. 24th L'< 'i In- 
fantry, Mass. Volunteers. 

LEWIS S. PRINCE. Residence, Webster; mustered in « . 

Sept. 30, 18G2 ; age, li 4 years; term expired Jul} _T. 
1863; length of service, 9 months. Servedasi 
in 51st Reg't. 

OLIVER PRINCE. Residence, Foxborough; mustered in 

service Sept. 28, 1861 : age, 31 years; term ••-. 

Oct. 13, 1864; enlisted for 3 years. Co. K, 23 1 Reg't 

REUBEN B. PRINCE. Residence, Saugus ; mustered in 

vice Sept. 15, 1862; age -~ years; term expired 

7, 1863 ; length of service, 9 months. 8th Reg't M. 

V. M. Infantry, Co. I. 

THOMAS PRINCE. Residence, Boston ; muster* trice 

July 16, 1861; age, 19 years ; term expired Aug. 1. 

1804: enlisted tor 3 years. Co. D, 13 Reg't lufai 

THOMAS S. PRINCE. Residence, Springfield ; mustei 
service July l'». 1864; age, I s years; term 
Nov. 11, 1864; length of service, 1"" lays H 
ceived as bounty 877.33. Co. II.. -1 -J. I Reg't li 

THOMAS PRINCE. Residence, Kingston; Mustered i 
vice Sept. 23, 1862; age, 22 years; lerm expired ■. 
28,1863; Length of service, 9 months. Co. 1, 4th I; 
Infantry. Now of the firm of the Reed & Pri 
Co.. Worcester, Mass. Residence l""l Main 

WILLIAM W. PRINCE. Residence, Snlem ; mustered 
service Ma\ 26, 1862; age, 27 years ; term 
11, 1862; l>elonged to Salem Cadets aud raised by i 


di ( longress, •) uly 29, 18G1. 

ZELOTES PRINCE. Residence, Boston; mustered in 

vice Aug. I. 1862; age, 32 years ; discharged May 25, 


Note. The foregoing names are taken from 
Records of Massachusetts. 


The following "Roll Of Hoxob" are persons by name of t*iux< Ewbo 

served in the War of the Rebellion, 18C1 5, taken from Official 

Records prepared by ofder of the State Legislature. 

ALBERT PRINCE. Residence, Danbury ; mustered in ser- 
vice December 22, 1803 ; mustered out Oct. 24, 1805. 
Co. F, 27th Reg't Infantry. 

ALVIN PRINCE. Residence, Milford ; mustered in - 

Aug. 13, 18G2; died April 2, 18H5 al Annapolis, " 
Belonged to Co. D, loth Reg't Conneeti«:ut Vohn 

I n fa n try. 

AMASA T. PRINCE. Residence, Windsor; mustered in 
service March 16, 1864; discharged for disability al 
New Haven, June 12, L865. He was a recruit foi < 
A, 7th Reg't C. V. Infantry. 

CHARLES PRINCE. Residence, Seymour; mustered ins 
vice Ma v 22, 1 S, *>1 ; discharged a1 expiration "t" l 
May 21, 1864. Co. B, 1st Reg't Heavy Artillery. 

CHARLES P. PRINC E. Residence, East Haven; mnsi 


in service Aug. 18, L 862 as 2d Lieutenant and\i 
wards promoted to 1st Lieutenant, receiving ai 
able discharge July 27, L8G3. Co. 1". 27tl C. V. 


ENSIGN PRINCE. Residence, Norfolk ; musteredi 

Dec. 28, 1863; died in service. Co. <>. 29th Reg't In- 

GEORGE PRINCE. Residence, Milford; mustered in 

vice Aug 9, 1862; discharged for disability March l v . 
1803 at Fort Wood, N. V. Co. G, 15th Reg't Infantry. 

WILLIAM PRINCE. Residence, Winchester; mustered in 

service May 7, 1861 ; honorablv discharged An.-. T. 
1861. He served as Private in Co. D, 2d 1: 

Note. The 7th Reg't, recruited from Volu 
left New Haven for Washington, May 10, 1 S» > 1 . with 7^" men. 


In U. S. Navy. 

AMASA T. PRINCE. Navy "Landsman/ 1 Enlisted M 

22, 1 862 and served on ( )hio ( South Atlantic Squad] 
lie was discharged Nov. 6, 1863. -h will I 
that above named enlisted in Mass. in Feb., Li 
was discharged for disability in March oi 
when he then enlisted in Conn., Mar, 16, 18( ;. ind 
discharged June 12, 1865 after fifteen montlis' 

Note. Theabove name is all there is !>•• 
who served from Rhode Island, either in Arm\ orNa> ■. 

IX THIS CIVIL WAR, 1801-65. 

he found on the corrected, revised and republished Adjutant 
General's report for 1895. (See Conn. Soldi. 


ALDEN PRINCE. Age, 25 years. Enlisted at Newburg, 
N. Y., July 3, 1861 ; mustered in service July 31, 1861; 

term of service 3 years unless sooner discharged : rank. 
Private in Capt. Thomas S. Marvel, Jr.'s Comany in 
56th N. V. Reg't of Volunteers, called into servi 
order of Secretary of War and commanded by I 

Isaac Woods. 

BENJAMIN PRINCE. Age, 19 years. Enlisted at Bi 

lyn, N. Y., Aug. 23, 1861 ; mustered in service, Aug. 
26, 1861 ; term of service 3 years or during war. unless 
sooner discharged; raid;. Private in Capt. Authon 
mendorf's Co.> in 48th Reg't X. Y. Volunteers, called 
into service by the President and commanded l>. I 
James II. Perry. 

EDWARD R. PRINCE. Age, 24 wars. Enlisted at N 
York City, May 1. 1861 : mustered in service Jun< 
1861 ; term o\' service 3 years or during war. unh ss soon* 
er discharged; rank, 4th Corporal in Capt. Cieorge T. 
Lewis' Co., in the Anderson Zouave Reg't t Peek's Bri- 
gade) of l T . S. Volunteers of X. V.: enrolled b> Ja 
Duryee, commanded l>y Col. •'. Lafayette Rieker and 
was called into service by proclamation of the President. 

HENRY W. PRINCE. Age, 22 years. Enlisted at South- 
hold, X. V., Aug. 18, l s ii - J; mustered in service 
186:2; term of service 3 years unless soonei 

•"»<' RECOIIDS OF JM:l.\'< ];s WHO SKRVED 

rank, Private in Capl. Oliver E. Vail'* Co. in th I: 
Reg't of X. Y. State Volunteers, enrolled l»3 5. !. 
Woodford, was called into ■ !.\ tlie President, 

"commanded by Col. William Gurm 

JOHN ]•:. PRINCE. Age, 33 years. Enlisted at All 

X. Y., May 14, 1861; mustered in sen II. 

1801 ; term <>f m_t\ ice 2 years unless sooner discli irged : 
rank, Private in Co. B, Capt. Stephen \V. Fullcrton, 
in the 3d Ueg't of X. V. State Volunteers vvhicl 
called into service bj the President and commanded by 
Col. Frederick Townsend. 

JOHN H. PRINCE. Age, 21 years. Enlisted at Oxford, X. 

Y., Aug. '">, : mustered in service — term "f 

service ;> > years or during war. unless sooner dis I 
rank. Private in Co; A, Capt. Oscar H.Curtis, 11 
Reg't X. Y. foot Volunteers, called into service by tin 
President and commanded by Col. Elisha l'». Smith. 

JOHN W. PRINCE. Age, . Enlisted at Wallkill, X. 

Y., Jan. 2'k 186-1 : mustered in service Jan. 25, 1864 at 
Goshen, N. V.. by Capt. A. L, Nanny. He was pro 
ted to rank of Marshall in Capt. Wm. M. Di key's « . 
and was Marshall of the 15th Reg't of Heavy Artillery, 
X. V. Volunteers, U. S. Army, commanded b) ; 
Louis Schinner. 

LEONARD PRINCE. Age, 20 years. Enlisted at Collius, 
X'. Y., Jan. 4, 1864 : mustered in service Jan. 27, 1864: 
term of service :> > vears unless sooner discharged; rank 
Private in (apt. I lenrj Wells' Co., 2d Reg't of Mounted 
Rifles, Co. I). N. Y. State Volunteers, enn ' 

Stilhvagon, commanded by Col. John Fisk fti 
into service by the President. He 
^2.00, advanced bounty ^i'"'."' 1 . commutal 
and for 1 month's advanced salar) 913.00. 

PETER PRINCE. Age, 44 years. Knlisted at Li 


N. Y ., Sept. 30, 1863; mustered in servi Oct. 21, 
1863; term of service ; ) years unless sooner did 
rank, Private in ( 'apt. Jame .11. McLn ' 

Reg't, Co. C, of N. Y. State Artillery Vol un I tiled 

into service by the President and commanded 1»\ Col. J. 
J. Morrison. 

WILLIAM PRINCE. Age,19years. Enlisted at Brooklyn, 
N. V.. June 20, 1861 ; mustered in service J un - 
1861; term of service ;> > years <>:• during war, u 
sooner discharged ; rank. Private in Capt. G \V. 

Stilwell's Co., 1st Reg't, Co. B, of Long Island Volun- 
teers, enrolled by G. W. Stilwell, called into service by 
proclamation of the President and commanded by ' 
Julius W. Adams. 

WILLIAM PRINCE. Age. 27 years. Enlisted at X. V. 
City, May 27, 1861 : mustered in servii e May 27. 1 v >'. 1 ; 
term of service 3 years or during war. unless sooner dis- 
charged; rank. Private in Capt. Allan Uul 
in 83d Reg't N. V. State Volunteers. He also s< rved 
in the 9th Reg't, 3d Brigade of X. Y. State Militi . 
into service by the President and commanded !•• I 
J. W. Stiles. 

WILLIAM D. PRINCE. Age, 20 years. Enlisted i 

mira, N. Y., May 12. 1861 ; mustered in sen Maj 
2<>. 1861 ; term of service ;, > months unh - - • r dis- 
charged; rank, Private in Capt Henry M. G ?\o 
21st Rew't., Co. B, of X. Y. Volunteers, called hit 
vice by the President and commanded iy Col. W 
F. Rogers. 

WILLIAM E. PRINCE. Age, 25 years. Enlisted at Ox- 
ford, N. Y.. Aug. •), ■; mustered in 

term of service 3 years or during wnr, ui ner 

discharged; rank, Private in Capt. Oscai !l.< 

11-ltli Le-'t, Co. A, X. Y. foot Volunl rs, lied into 


service by the President and commanded \t\ ( ol. I 
B. Smith. 


(Kindness of William S. Stbykeb, Adjutant General.) 

ALFRED PRINCE; was enrolled as a Private in Co. K. 
Reg't Infantry, N. .J. Volunteers, Aug. 28, 1- 2, 
the period of nine months ; mustered in Sept. 13, 

1862,andwas discharged at United States Army Gen- 
eral Hospital. Philadelphia, Penn., for disability, 

DAVID PRINCE; enrolled as a Private in U. S. « 

Troops, unassigned, to the credit of New Jersey, 

11, 1864, for the period of three 

service Jan. 11. 1864; final record unknown. 

JOSEPH PRINCE; was enrolled as a Private io Co. B, 1st 
Reg't Infantry, New Jersey Volunteers, April 25, 1861, 
for the period of three years ; mustered in service 
•21, 1861 and was discharged June - :: . l v,; -J at Trent 
New Jersey, expiration of term ol - 

JOSEPH PRINCE; was enrolled as a Private in Co. K, 8? 
Re<*"'t Infantry. N. J. Volunteers, Si pt. 3, 1864, I 
period of one year : mustered in sen Sept. 

1864; Corporal Nov. 1, l s ' ; l; Private, Mai 1,1* 
discharged June 30, I860 . I < it} Point, Vi 
of the war. 

IN THE CIVIL WAB, 1801 85. 


ABRAHAM PRINTZ. Enlisted as private for 3 months' 

vice April 20, 1861; recruited al Morristown, Mont- 
gomery County. Pa. Co. 1. Capt. William Allabaugh, 
4thReg't, Col. John V. Hartranft. 

Vol. I, Pa. Sol m War, Page 49 

ALBERT PRINTZ. Private, mustered into service Jan. 25, 

1864, to serve •"> years; mustered cut with ('<». .Jul- 16, 
18(55. Member ('<>. A. Capt. -I. A. Mather, 46th Reg't, 
Col. Joseph F. Knipe. vol. i, Pa. soi. in ci«i war. Pa«« itaex 

ALBERT T. PRINCE. Appears as Private on mu 

28thReg't, Pa.. Col. John W. Geary, Co. P,Capt.^ 
ton S. Touiison; enlisted for 3 yi irs v - ;•;. 18, l v,; l ; 
died near Culpeper, Va., Aug. 9, 1 V| ''-. Co. P enlisted 

its men at Philadelphia. Vol.l, Pa. Sol. in Civil War, Pag 

ALEXANDER PRINCE. Mustered into service as Privati 

Sept. 11', 1861. member Co. 15. Capt. James Wren, ; ~ 
Reo-'t, Col. James Nannie; recruited in Schuyler County 
for 3 years' service; not on muster roll nut. 

Vol. I. Pa. Sol. in Civil War, Page 1210. 

EDWARD PRINCE. Enlisted in Co. D, Capt Hcnrj W. 

CJraeff; mustered in at Philadelphia, Pa., April 23, 
1861, for 3 months' service, 22nd R tg't, Col. Turner «• 
Morehead. Vo i (> Pa . 5o i. in cmi war. p.»ge 204. 

ELBRIDGE PRINCE. Enlisted as Private Sept. 19, L861, 
Co. B, Capt. James Wren, 48th R ..'. Col. Jtunes 
Nangle. Reg't recruited in Schuyler Count}*, Pa. 
3 years' service; not on muster roll out. 

Vol. I, Pa. Sol in C*. I War, P. 

ELBRIDGE PRINCE, Enlisted as Private Dec. 9, L v 

Battery E, Capt. Samuel Hazard, Jr., 152d Ueg'tPa. 
3rd Artillery, Col. Jos< ph llol> it ; trai 



Reg't Pa. \ r ol. April 18, L804. 

.'. Pa. SoL in C • Paga 720. 

ELBRIDGE PRINCE. Enlisted as Private De . 9, L* 
Co. 15. Capt. Harris J. Chilton, L88tli I: sg't, Pa, \ 

Col. .James ('. Brisco ; mustered oul with Co. I » . 1 !. 

li >■> : Neterail. VoLV, Pa. Sol. .nC.iwar. P*ga 261. 

FREDERICK PRINTZ. Private, Co. H, 97th Ki 

Charles Mellvaine, Col. Henry I!. Guss; enlist 
3 years Nov. 5, 1863 : drafted; mustered out I 

■rxug. _ . j •>. Vol. III. Pa. Sol. m C . War, Page 453. 

HENRY ('. PRINTZ. Enlisted as Private Sept. 24, 1801, 
for 3 years in Co. C, Capt. John II. Dysart, 79l R< 
Col. H. A. Hambright; died May 10, 1804, of 
received at Buzzard Gap, Ga. ; buried in National < 
etery. Chattanooga, Tenn., ■'<■'>-. 

Vol II, Pa. Sol. in Civil War. Page 1092 

JACOB PRINCE. Mustered into service as Prival Oct. 22, 
1863; substitute ; mustered out with Co. Nov. 10,18 
member of Co. II. Capt. Frank F. Newland, x ': I . S. 
Colored Reg't, Col. Charles \V. Fribl 

Vol. V. Pa. Sol. in C . i V. \- Page 985. 

JAMES L. PRINCE. Enlisted as Prh - _ ; . 1861, 

fori vrar. CO. A, Capt. G. Pennypaeker, '.'Tih i 
Col. Henry II. Guss; drafted; discharged '• G. O. 
June 28, 1865 : Co. recruited in Chest : County. 

Vol. III. Pa. S>. in I 

LEVI PRINCE. Enlisted as Prh - . 19, L8< 

stitute; Co. C, ( apt. Chas. M. R .1 L T . v . < 
ored Re^'t, Col. Fred'k W. Bardwell ; i 
with Co. > let. 31, 1805. Vo , v P- , s ,. .. .- 

NELSON 1». PRINCE. Enlisted as Private Jan. I. I.*i 

substitute; Co. H, Capt. Sherman Conant, 3rd 1 . S. 
Colored Reg't, Col. Bardwell; mustered out ! I 

()i>t. 31, 18bO. vol V. Pa. Sol in( 

SIDNEY PRINCE. Mustered into - .ice as IV. 

IN T1IK ( IVIL \\ Al.\ I8C1 86. Cl 

17. 180rl : died al Jacksonville, Fla., De . 20, 1 -«'.4 ; 
member of Co. G, Capt. Frank \V. Wei I ,H 

Colored lieg't, Col. B. ( '. Tilgli 

Vol. V, Pa. Sol. inC Paga 939. 

WILLIAM PRINCE. Enlisted as Private July 22, 1- 
for : '> years, Capt. Edward S. Wright, Co. F, 6 2d I; 
Col. Samuel W. Black ; discharged on snrg< 
cate June 20, 1862. voi.ii,,.w«,,P. B a473 

WILLIAM PRINCE. Enlisted as Prh 

service April 23, 1861 ; recruited at Pittsburg, P . 
member of Co. A., Capt. Maurice Wallai . Ttli Reg't, 

Col. William II. Irwin. Vol. I, Pa. Civ.l War. P«« 71. 

WILLIAM FLINT/. Private in Co. E, Capt. William U 
Andrews. 128th Reg't, Col. Samuel Croasdale; nius. 
tered into service Aug. 11. 1802; mustered out with 

CO. May 1 ( .», 1863. Vol. IV, Pa. Sol in Civil War, Page 17ft. 


The following records are taken from Roster of Ol - - Clrll War. i: 

Vols, (unindexed). Each name can ri idily be found in R 

Vol. and page is given oi each, i lie record ol sen \c ■ ol .ill by 
name of Prixcr is full and complete is con 

ABRAHAM PRINCE. Enlisted at the age »f IS is P 
in Co. K, Capt. Paul T. Kirby, 10th Ueg't, I 
Beatty ; time of enlistment from Feb. 9 th, i v, A 
years; discharged Jan. 27, 1 S,; A at Columbus, ( >. 
order of War Dep't. 

AMBROSE PRINCE. Enlisted a! the ige of J". V] 

1864, for 3 vears, in Co. I, Capt. Weslej L. Puttei 



60th Reg't, Col. James N. McEIroy; missing in 
before Petersburg, Yu.. June IV. 1804. So fun 
rec-oid found. 

ANDREW PRINCE. Enlisted as Private at the age of N 
for 100 days from May 2, L 864, in Co. B, Capt. M 

Wilson, 13 1 ill Ueg't, Col. .J. 11. Armstrong; m 

out with Co. Aug. 31, 186 I. 

\..i. viii.i 

AUGUST PRINCE. Served as Private in Co. ( . I 
S. Tallerday, 38th Ueg't I ). V. I.. Col. K. D. Bi 
enlisted for 3 years from Aug. 25, l v,; l ; age 26 ; 
Aug*. 5, 1864, ;it Chattanooga, Teun., of wounds re- 
ceived in action. Veteran. 

Vol. 1\ 

CHARLES E. PRINCE. Private in Co. A, Capt Henry S. 
Comraager, 67th Ueg't, Col. Otto Burstenbinde 
listed Nov. 12, 1864, for 1 year; 28; was drafted;, L8G5,al Richmond, Va., 
piration of time of service. 

CHARLES J. PRINCE. Enlisted at the age of 26, S< ; U 2, 
1861, for 3 years in Co. C, Capt. Jacob W. Bi ••■■.:.. I 
James B. Stedman; served as Private and must 
Sept. 12,1864, on expiration of time of service. 

Vol. II. 

DARWIN PRINCE. Enlisted as Private at tl I l v . 

Jan. 4, 1864, for :> > vears, in 3d Independent ! '■ 
O. V. L. A., Capt. William S. Williams; musi 

out with Battery Julv 31, 1 ^ ,; ~'. 

Vol. \. 1 

DAVID PRINCE. Corp. Co. E, Capt Lewis ray] r, < 
Benjamin Ruukle ; enlisted July 1 1. L862, 
of age; appointed Corp. July, 1868; died Oct LI, 
1863, at London, Tenn., of accidental wound i 
Oct 10, 1863. 

IN Till: CIVIL WAR, 1801 

DAVID X. PRINCE. 1st Lieut, in Co. B, Capt William H. 
Williams, Col. James A. Garfield ; enlisted at 3< 
of age. Sept 15, 18G1, for 3 years; promoted from 
Serg't Co. J, .June 5, L8G2, to Capt Co. I. Jan. 1, 1864. 

EDWARD O. PRINT/. Enlisted as Private in Co. F, Capt. 
Parshall, Col. Van Derveen, 35th Ueg't, at 32 
age, Sept. 5, 1861, for 3 years; discharged Maj 15, 
18G2, at Corinth, Miss. 

Vol. in. 

EDWIN PRINCE. Enlisted as Pri\ e 18, May 2,1864, 

for 100 (lavs in Co. I). Capt. G< irge P. Davis, i 
Reg't, Col. Ephraim Ball; mustered out with Co. S 
4, 1864. 

Vol. IX, Pa 

EDW1X PRINCE. Enlisted as Private, age 18, Jan. 27, 
1865, fori year in Co. b\, Capt. George P. Davis, 184th 
Reg't, Col. Henry S. Commager; mustered out with 

Co. Sept. 20, 1st''-",. 

Vol : - : 

GEORGE PRINCE. Appears with rank of Corporal in Co. 

D, 22d Reg't, O. V. I., Capt Jesse J. , Col. 

William E. Gilmore ; enlisted at 29 veal's of age; mus- 
tered in April --. 1861 ; appointed Corp. April 27, 
1861; mustered out with Co. Aug. 10, 1861. 

•■ r I i. \ . I , '. 

GEORGE W. PRINCE. Enlisted as Private Feb. 5, 1864, 
for 3 years, age 25, Co. B, Capt Wood, 22d Ueg't, ( ol. 
Wright; reduced from Serg't. 

\ :. Ill 

GEORGE PRINTZ. Enlisted as Private at 20 years I 
Sept 10, 1861, for three v< irs; wounded at Ba 
Chickamauga, Sept L9, L863 ; mustered out witli I 
Aug. 17, 1864. 

Vol. III. 

HENRY PRINCE. Served as 1th 11 .';.<». V. <\. 
Co, A, Capt Oliver P. Robie, Col. John Kenneth; en- 


listed Dec. 5, 1861, foj 3 years; 22 \--u- 
appointed Corp. July 1. 1865; mustered '.'it with ( 
July 15, 1865. Veteran. 

HENRY PRINCE. Enlisted as lirivate at tin 

May 2, 1864, for 100 days in Co. D.J ipt. G rge W. 
Gibbs, 143d Reg't, Col. William II. V 

out with Co. Sept. 13, 186 I. 

■ ■-. i 

HENRY PRINCE. Enlisted as Private, . " 

1864, for 100 days, iii Co. E, Capt. James L. M Kin- 
ney, 153d Reg't, Col. Israel Stough. No record su 
quent to muster in. 

\ : . I 

HEZEKIAH W. PRINCE. Enlisted as Private at tl 

of 40, May 2, 1864, in Co. C, Capt. Philip M. Evei 
hard, 138th Reg't, Col. Samuel S. Fisher; 
days: mustered out with Co. v «-j>t. 1, 1864. 

Vol. VIII, P 

JAMES PRINCE. Enlisted as Private, at th< 

Sept. 21, 1864, for 1 year and was mustered out - : 
24, 1865, at Nashville. Trim.: member of Co. I. ( 
x\cquilla Coonrod, 125th Reg't, O. V. I.. < 

Vol. Mil.) 

JAMES PRINCE. Enlisted as Private Dec. 10, 1861, 

3 veal's in Co. C, Capt. John H. Hyde. 5th O. V. C 
Col. VV II. 11. Taylor. " Was also borne on rolls as 



JAMES K. PRINCE. Enlisted as Private, age 20, D 

1863, for 3 years, in 17th Independent Batten*, O. V. 
L. A., Capt. Ambrose A. Blount; mus ut with 

Battery Aug. 16, 1865. 

JOHN PRINCE. Enlisted as Prn ite il tin 

12, 1861, for 3 years, in Co. V., < upt. J I 

IX THE CIVIL U.\l:. ISOJ '•■■■ 

32d Reg't, Col. Thomas II. Ford ; di .1 April 


Vol. Ill 

•JOHN W. PRINCE. Enlisted as farrier, age 34, Aug. 1". 
1861, for 3 years, in 2d Ri g't, SVesI Vi 
Co. K, Capt. Edwin S. Morgan, Col. Williaiu H. Pow- 
ell; mustered oul Dec. 2, 1864, on expiration of terni 
of .service. "The 2d Reg't, Wesl Virginia Cavalry, 
was recruited at Parkei"sburg, W. Va., and composed ol 
Ohio men, and was accredited t<i < Hiio. " 

Vol. Ml. P . 

JOSEPH PRINCE. Age41; Private in Co. I, Capt. J. F. 
Riker, 134th Reg't, Col. J. B. Armstrong; must 
out with Co. Aug. 31, 186 1. 

Vol. VIM. PBgB6M 

LORTON PRINCE. Served as Private in Co. F, 19tb O. V. 

I., Capt. George E. Pain.'. Col. Samuel Bi my: en- 
listed at the age of 18, April 24, 1861 ; mustered 
with Co. Aug. 30, 1861. Reg'tengaged al Rich Moun- 
tain, West Virginia. 

Vol. I. 

LORTON PRINCE. Enlisted as Private at tin- age of 23, 
Nov. 29, 1861, for 3 years, in Battery G, ('apt. Joseph 
Bartlett, 1st Reg't, 0. V. L. A.. Col. .1 in - 
discharged May 7. 1862, on surge »n's certificate of dis- 

Vol X.P 

NATHANIEL PRINCE. Private in Co. II. Capt, 

!35thReg't, Col. Andrew Legg; age 35; time c 
listment May 2, 1864; served 100 days : mustered out 
with Co. Sept. 1. L86 !. 

1 Vol. VIII. 1' 

PAUL PRINCE. Enlisted as Private at the aj 

14,1863, for 3 years, in Co. F, Capt. Alfred N. M 
128th Ri m. O. V. I., Col. Charles \V. Hill: mustered 
cut with Co. July 13, 1865. 

Vol MM. 1 


WAKE MAN W. PRINCE. Enlisted Aug. J". 1861, 

vate, for 3 years, at age <»t* 23, in 16th [ml l ■■■■■■ 
Batteiy, 0. V. L. [., Capt. James A. Mitchell; died 
Feb. 21, 1864, at rndianola, Tex 


WAKEMAN W. PRINCE. Private ; died Feb. 21, IS 
Indianola, Texas; mentioned in Roll of II 
Soldiers: member I6tli Independent O. V. I.. A. 

WILLARD PRINCE. Enlisted as Private al tl 

Jan. 2, 1864, for 3 years, in Battery C, Capt.Deni i. 
ny, Jr., 1st Reg't, < >. V. L. A.. Col. James Barnett; 
mustered out with Battery June 15, I860. 

Vd. J : 

WILLARD PRINCE. Private in Co. D, <',.: t. .1 •'. n M. I: 
die, 85th Reg't, Col. C. W. B.Allison; enlisted at 

ago of If', Jinn' :). IxiJ-J, fur 3 months; must) 
with Co. Sept. 23, 1862. 

Vol. VI. 1 

WILLIAM PRINCE. Enlisted at the age of 30, May 2, 

1864, for 100 days as Private in Co. 1. I apt. Will 

II. Wilson, 145th Reg't, Col. Henry C. Ashwill ; n 

tered out with Co. Aug. 24, I s *'!. 

Vol. i\, Pi 

WILLIAM PRINCE. Private in Co. C, 5th Reg't, U. - 
Colored Troops; enlisted at age of 36; mustered in 
June 22, L863, for 3 years; died at Wash i . N. C, 

March 12, 18U5, Capt. Gustavus Fahrion, Col. Jas. W. 


WILLIAM C. PRINCE. Enlisted Mu 2, 1864, 80 
of a^e, in Co. I, Capt. William II. Wilson, 145th H 
O. V. I., Col. Henry C. Ashwill; mustered out with 
Co. Aug. 2, L864. 

L\ , 1 

WILLIAM 11. PRINCE. Private in Co. II. ' \- H. 

Pease, list Reg't, Col. W. W. II 1 the 

IN THE CIVIL WAJ:. 1861-4 <n 

age of 35 years, Sept. 16, L861, foi 3 years; i 
ranks from Corp. ; discharged March 16, 1863, al ' 
Dennison, 0., <»n surgeon's certificate of disabil 


In the War of the Rebellion. From Adit. General*! Reports, |866. 

EDWARD PRINCE. Residence, Quincy ; enlisted S< 

18G1, as Lieut.-Col. ; promoted to Col.; mustered in 
Oct. 13, 1861 : was Col. of Till Reg'1 111. Vol's and 
the celebrated raid from La Orange, Tenn., to Baton 
Rouge, La., 800 miles in 27 days. 

EDWARD PRINCE. Residence, Quincy; enlisted June I, 
1862; mustered in Feb. 1, 1863; mustered Oct. 15, 
1864, as Col. 

Vol. vin. l 

EZRA M. PRINCE. Residence, Bloomington ; date of en- 
listment May 26, 1862; mustered in M.i\ 26, 1862; 
mustered out June 10, 1862; Private in < o. B, 
tary Guard at Camp Butler. 

Vol i. Pa 

HENRY M. PRINCE. Residence, Forestall ; enlisted Aug. 
15, 1862, as Private in Co. E, 92d Infantry; mustered 
in Sent. 1,1862; died al Danville. Ivy., Jan. 28, ; - 

JACOB PRINCE. Residence, Free i mrt ; enlisted Jan. 24, 
1865; mustered in Feb. 16, l v,; -~': mustered oul J n. 
20,1866; Private and recruit in Co. C, 16tl I fantry. 

Vol. Ill, I 

JAMES S. PRINCE. Residence, Springfield ; en 

12, 1865, as Private in Co. I, loOtli Infanirv, for I 


year; mustered in Feb. 12, 1865; rou ui Jan. 16 

1 866. 


JOHN PRINCE. Residence, Cumberland Counl 

Sept. 23, 1861, as Piivatein Co. 1, 5tb Cavalry; mus- 
tered in Nov. i s , 186] : mustered oul Nov. 7. 1864. 

v.. I. VII, I 

JOHN W. PRINCE. Residence, DeSoto; enlisted 

23,1864, as Private in Co. I>. 136th I: I ; mus- 

tered in June 1, 186-J : mustered out Oct 22, 1864. 

JOSEPH PRINCE. Residence, Tacusah ; enlisted Dec. 1". 
18G1 ; mustered in Feb. 16, 1862; re-enlisted .t> Vet- 

\. :. in, p»( 

JOSEPH PRINCE. Residence, Tacusah ; enlisted Dec. - . 
1863; mustered in Jan. 2, 1 s<*> t : mustered out Oct. 15, 

1SG5. as Corporal, Co. K. ">-ltli Infantry. 

JOSEPH C. PRINCE. Enlisted Sept. 25, 1862; must 

in Sept. 22,1862; deserted Nov. 29, 1862; Prn ite in 

Co. B, 87th Infantry. 

Vol. \ : 

SIMEON V. PRINCE. Residence, Chicago; enlisted 

July 16, 1861, in Battery B, 1st Artillery; mustered in 
July 16, 1861 ; mustered out July 23, l x,; !. as w ig >ner. 

Vol. \ ill, I 

WILLIAM PRINCE. Residence, Prairie City; enlist I 
Aucr. 1, l s, iJ. as Private in Co. 1. 123d Infantrj ; mus- 
tered in Sept. 6, 1862; mustered out June 28, It 5 

WILLIAM II. PRINCE. Residence, ( I 

July 16, 1861, as Corp. in Battel ) B, 1 - Vrtil 

mustered in July K>. 1861 ; mustered out Jul; 

1864 as Private. 

Vol. \ in. i 

WILLIAM P. PRINCE. Residence, Cum *> ainty; 

IN THE CIVIL WAR, 1861 06. 

enlisted Sept. 23, I861,as Private in Co. I. 5th Caval- 
ry; mustered in Nov. 8, 1861; discli 
Butler in 1861. 

Vol. VII. I 

WILLIAM P. PRINCE. Residence, Sangamon Comity; 

enlisted Sept. 28, 1861, as Private in Co. G, lOtli I 

airy; mustered in Nov. 25, 1861; discharged I 

of Adj't Gen., 111. 

vol. vui, r * 


Headquarters Ala. State Troops, Adj't General's 1 1 

Montgomery, 1 V '-'T. 
F. A. Prince, Esq. 

Dear Sir: — Replying to youra of re ent 
asking for record of service of all " Princes " that served in the 
war of '61-65 would respectfully inform you that this ol 
has no Union, and but verv few Confederate Uecoi 
and incomplete, of war, 1861—1865, and consequently cannot 
oblige with information desired. 

Ji. V. Ligon,Jr., 

Col. .ml Adj't. < Jen. 


BENJAMIN R. PRINCE. Ago. 39 years; mustered into 
service Aug. 13, 1862, 6th Reg't, Co." V ; must* 

70 I:ECoi;hs ui- i-i:i\< :> \vil<> SERVED 

Aug. 19, 1865 ; was promoted Corporal. 
CHARLES E. PRINCE. Age, 18 ye - : mustered in! 
vice June 30,1862, 6th Reg't, Co. C : promote I ' 
Sept. 1, 1864; died Feb. 15, I860, .a St. L^uis. 

I N D I A X A . 

The following reconls art laken from Adjutant < * Report f.. r 
Indiana in Cii il 

AMOS M. PRINCE. Residence, Ro : ;ster; date of muster 
Aug. 31, 1862; killed at Chickamaugn Sept. 1'.'. fg 
enlisted for 3 years' service in ('<>. <;. v 7th Reg. I 
try, I. V. 

Vol. VI, 1 

HEZEKIAH PRINCE. Residence, Jackson Co; 

musterAug. 15, L861 ; discharged for disability ; 1 - 
ber Co. I'.. 22d Reg't [nfantry. 

Vol. IV. 1 

HEZEKIAH PRINCE. Residence, Tampico ; -la.- of mus- 
ter Oct. 13, L86J : drafted ; mustered out June 4. 1 - 

member of Co. G, 2oth Reg*t Infantry, I. V. 


HEZEKIAH S. PRINCE. Residence, Tampi minis, 

sioned 1st Lieut. Tampico Guards, Aug. 22, 1863; en- 
tered L. s. sen ice. 

Vol. Ill, 1 

ISAM PRINCE. Residence, I Iarrodslmrg; mustered iu \ , 
23, L862 : died in Lawrence County, Nov. 21, 16 
enlisted for : '> years as Private iu Co. 1". {•od R< 
fantry, I. V. 

Vol. VI, P 


JOHN W. PRINCE. Residence, Randolph, Tenn. ; 
muster Jan. 12, 1 863, for three years ; d< serted I 
186-1 ; Private in Co. <L 52d Reg't, I. V. 

LIMAN PRINCE. Residence, Laporte; dateofmusl 

31,1862; enlisted for 3 years ; diedat Gallatin, T< 
Dec. 10, 1862; membei of Co. G, 87th Reg't, I. V. !. 

MARTIN PRINCE. Residence, Jackson County; 

muster May 26, 186-4; supposed mustered out 
term expired; enlisted for 100 da I o. D, 121 

Reg. Infantry, I. V. 

\ I. VII. 

THOMAS G. PRINCE. Residence no1 given; date ol mus- 
ter Auo'. 20, 1862; nothing said of time mustei 
enlisted for 3 years in Co. K. 67th Reg't lufantry, I. V. 

Vol \ 

TITUS PRINCE. Residence, Wayne County ; d I 

ter April l'A 1861 : mustered out Aug. 6, 1861 ; l 
expired; Private in Co. 11. v tii Reg't Infantry, I.Y, 

WASHINGTON PRINCE. Mustered in 5th I .lOtli 

Reg't, Nov. 5th, 1864 ; was unai i oi i 

WASHINGTON PRINCE. Residence not given ; n 
in June 11, 1863, numbered among the una--;. 
cruits belonging to 5th Cavalry, 00th R< /:. I. V. 

WILLIAM PRINCE. Residence, Laketon ; C< n Co. K, 

101st Reg. Infantry, 1. V.j enlisted foi ■'■ years; i 
tered in Aug. 16, 1862; mustered out June 24, 1^ 

WILLIAM PRINCE. Residence, Seymour; imisl 

Feb. 6, 1865 for 1 year; enlisted in Co. G, 1 loth R 

Infantry, I. V. ; mustered out Jan. 21, 1866. 


WILLIAM PRINCE. Resideuce, H n Isburg; 


muster Aug. 15, 18G2; mu Lered <>ut .July 15, 1" 

enlisted for o years; Piivate in Co. I '. '••'• I !>'• . ' I 

try, I. V. 

\ vi, \ 

WILLIAM C. PRINCE. Residence, R i I p. in 

Co. G, 87th Infantry, [nd. Keg.; date of musl 
31, 1802 ; died at Nashville, Tenn., March 15, 1- 

Vol. V I I 

WILLIAM F. PR1NTZ. Residence, Holdeu ; date 

terOct. 10, 1861 ; discharged Dec. 8, 1862, foi disabil- 
ity; member of Co. K, 6th I I<-_^*t Infantry. 

\ IV, Vi-. •_• 

WIMMER PRINCE. Residence, Decatur County ; 

muster in Sept. 13, 1861 ; died at Strasburg, Va.. April 
12, 1862, of disease ; member of Co.D, 7tb Reg'l h 
fan try. 


DAVID B. PRINCE. Residence, Beloit; enlisted Aug. 12, 

1802, Co. I, 22(1 Reg't; accidentally wounded May 
30, 1804: transferred to V. II. C. March 15, 18< 
mustered out June 30, L865. 

JOEL PRINCE. Residence, Llortonville; enlisted A 

1862, Co. D, 2ls1 Reg't; wounded at Chaplin I!. 

mustered out July 15th, l v 'i.>. 

SANFORD C. PRINCE. Residence, Prairie du Chien; 

drafted Nov. 18th, 1863, Co. H, 87th RegM ; 
• July 30, 1864, at Petersbug, Va; mustered 
27, 1865. 

IN' THE CIVIL WAR, 1801 : 

SANFORD C. PRINCE. Residence, Lynxvilh ; enlisted 
Dec. 6, 1861, Co. C, L8t1i Reg't; prisonei :it Shiloh ; 

discharged .Jan. 3, 1863, Cor disability. 


DAVID G. PRINCE. Enrolled June 12,1864 ; enlisted for 
6 months ; mustered out at Catlettsburg March 11, 1>! 

member of Co. L, Capt. 1 1 a I l'». Hutchinson, lsl 
Capita] Guards, Sandy Valley Battalion. p* 2 e77s. 

JAMES M. PRINCE. Enrolled and mustered inl 

at Louisa, Dec. 10, 1861, for 3 years' service; Prn 
in Capt. Walter O. Woods' Co., 1 Jth Reg't; disc ha r$ 
Sept. 11, 1862, at Camp Chase, Ohio. p* zt eis 

.JOHN W. PRINCE. Enrolled and mustered into servi 

Louisa, Oct. 10, 1861; enlisted for 3 years in < •■• B, 
Capt. Walter 0. Woods, 14th Reg't Inf., Col. Laban T. 
Moore; mustered out Jan. 31, 1865, at Louisa. Pjlge e75. 

MURPHY PRINCE. Private in Co. I. 123d Reg't, < 

Troops; mustered in March 21, 1865, at I. u sville. 

Appendix to Ad|t. Gen i R«| 

THOMAS PRINCE, Jr. Enrolled and mustered in Oct. 10, 
1861, at Louisa for : '- years; mustered out 
Jan. 31,1865; Private in Co. B, L4tb Ky. Vol. 
Cant. Walter O. Woods, ( ol. Laban T. Moore. 

1 Pjf.875. 

THOMAS PRINCE, Sr. Enrolled Oct 10, 1861 ; musl 
in Dec. 10, L861, at Louisa; enlisted for 8 ; 
Private in Co. B, 1 Ith Reg't, Ky. Inf.; died at 
ta, Ga., July 28, L864. R.portofAdjt. o«n. uic« *•• (W-.876. 



URIAS PRINCE. (Colored.) Private in ( o. E, UT; ; I 
ored Inf.; mustered in Aug. 27, 1804, it I ton. 

Appei 'i<i of A-^ r Gen.» Rtt - • 

VAN B. PRINCE. Enrolled a I'; , • Ma) 11. 1864 ; 
tered in at Frankfort : enlisted foi 6 months 
Capt. John Welsh, Sand) Valley Battalion, to 
Charles W. Quiggins, 1st Reg't Capital Guards; mus- 
tered out Sept. L2, L804. P, K e7?4. 

1 W A . 

From Adjt . General *s Report for low a,-- Poster of Soldier*. 

ALBERT PRINCE. Born in Maryland; served as 1':: 

in Co. K, 15th Inf. ; date of entering quarters Sept. '.'. 
1802; age 21. voi.i.Pa, 

ISAAC PRINTZ. Ago 21 ; residence, Marshall, Man 
County; born in Ohio; Private in Co. K. 11th 1 
went into quarters Sept. 11. L801 ; mustered int< s 
vice < >ct. 18, 1861. 

JOHN PRINTZ. Age 21 ; residence, Windham, J 
County; born in Ohio; Private in Co. <>. 
mustered into service -Inly l v . 1861. ^ . _ 

JOHN PRINTZ. Age at time of enlistment, 20 y< ire ; i 
dence, Marshall, Henrj Co. ; born in Ohio ; Privat< 
Co. K, 18th [own Inf.: 'lair of going into qu 
July 7, L862 ; mustered into service Aug. ,; . l v 

\ I. Pag 

JOHN L. PRINCE. Ago J-: residence Davis ( >rn in 

Indiana ; Private in "..1 Cavalry, ( o. E i 
lots Am?. 1.7, L 801 ; mustered into s< ■ S '^ 

IV THE CIVIL VVAlt, ]•<:>.. r.:. 

NEWTON PRINTZ. Age 19; residence, BnglUh Rivtr, 

Iowa County ; born in Ohio; Private in Co I'.. 11th 
Inf.; went into quarters Sept. 24, 1801; m us ten I 
service Oct. 1,1861. Vo , ,. P ^ t410 

WILLIAM PRINTZ. Age, 18 years ; residence, " 
Henry Co. ; born in Ohio; Private in Co. K. 1 
date of going into quartei July T. 1862; mu 
into service Aug. 6, L862. voi.i.p«g< 


We have carefully examined the Adjutant G< I' - 

ports of *Virginia, Delaware and California and fai 
the name of •• PuiM'i; " among those who served in I 



From Ro>ter of Soldiers,— Adjt. Qeneral'1 Report. 

ARTHUR C PRINCE. Promoted from 2d Lieut. I 
Lieut., afterwards promoted t>- Capt., Jan. 18, 1^« 
der command of Col. William B. M I . 21st K 

Inf. At the battle of Chiekamaugo thi «*as 

in the 1st Brigade, 2d Division, 4th l 

Annual R 
•See Page 31. 


JOHN PRINCE, Jr. Residence, Van Buren County ; ( «. 
4th Reg'1 Cavalry ; to red Aug. 1. I8l 

eran Reserve Corp-;. 

I Annual Report lor 18-: 

JOHN PRINCE. Enrolled as Private and suUti 
March 17, 1865, for 3 years, at Bowlin l ireen. 

Annual Report 'or 186! • 


LELAND F. PRINCE. Second Lieut, in Co. B, 10th R 
Missouri Militia, commissioned July •'!. 1 86 
from July 1, 1863; vacated March 12, 18 

Atljt. Gen's Report for Missouri, Vol. II, Paje 5-«-* 


In Confederate Service. 

From Roster of iNorth Carolina Troops in Civil War — Four Vols, 

ADOLPHUS PRINCE. Same appears enrolled as !' 

Co. C, 64th Reg't, Con. Inf. 


ANDREW PRINCE. Enlisted April 12, ISH2, ;• mi I 
bus County; Private in Co. G» 61st Ueg't, Con, 

Vol. III. I . . 

JOHN PRINCE. Enlisted Oct. 4, 1861, from Wake < 

discharged Oct. I. I s *' - -': Private in ('<•. 0. Slsl I; 
1 nfautry. 


JOHN PRINCE. Enlisted Nov. 16, L862,from Wake Coun- 
ty ; Private in Co. 1>. Capt. ( > cai R. R 
Con. Reg., Col. Zebulon B. Vana. 

Vol. :. 

JOHN PRINCE. Enlisted Feb. 1". 1863, from Chei 
County; Private in Co. E, 1st Battalion Ti 

Vol. i'- 

JOHN PRINCE. Enlisted Feb. 17th. 1863, fi n I 

County; detailed; Private in Co. II. 1st Battali . 
Con. Troops. 

Vol. IV, i . . 

JOSHUA PRINCE. Enlisted Feb. 22, 1862, from Duplin 
County; died Oct. 20, 18G2 ; Private in Co. < . « 
Gideon M. Roberts, 2d Reg't, Col. Charles C. 1 

Vol. I. P.:. 

MALACHI PRINCE. Enlisted Sept. -21. 1862, from < : 

County; Private in Co. I, 6th Battalion, An 


MARTIN V. PRINCE. Enlisted June IT. 1861, from I 

okee County; Private in Co. B, 29th Reg't, < on. Inf. 

Vol. II. f I 

M. V. PRINCE. Enlisted Nov. 1">. 1862, from ( 

County : Private in Co. K. 69th Reg't, State 1 ': 

MICHAEL PRINCE. Enlisted March 6, 1862, from Colum- 
bus County, in Co. D, 20th Reg't, Confederate State 

Troops. Vol. II. P»*t 155 

R. G. PRINCE. Enlisted May 25th, 1864; 

Private in Co. B, 70th Reg't, Con. Infantry. 

Vol. l\ . 1 ii « 

SOLOMON VV. PRINCE. Enlisted Feb. 2, 1868, f J n N 
Hanover Count} ; Private in Co. d. 5Ut R 



WILLIAM A. PRINCE. Firs! Lieut., Co. I. 31sl H 


commissioned Sept. 18, 1862; from H I 

resigned, March, 1862. 

WILLIAM A. PRINCE. Second Lieut., Co. I, from W 
County; commissioned Oct. 30, 1861 ; pi 

Vol. 1!. II 

W. R. PRINCE. Enlisted July 5th, 1862, fj 

County; died ; Private in Co. II. 61st 1 

Con. Inf. 

v.»i. in. i 

W. R. PRINCE. Enlisted June l,1864,fi »m Ne r Ha 
County; Private in Co. rl, 72d Reg't, Con. I 


In compiling the foregoing records of the Civil 
these being all that it is possible to obtain at the pres I 
it has been a matter of no small importance to go ovei 
fully, page by page, more than one hundred volun s, 
ing from eight hundred to twelve hundred ; ig - • i 
eather therefrom these records. Many of the si 
are in such a confused condition that it is imj make 

use of them, while other states are just preparing foi 
tion their roster of soldiers who served in the I 
Army. Such is the case in South Carolina at this 

Nevertheless, due diligence has 1 n ■ lercised 

the benefit of our readers and the rising generations i 
war records of our forefathers. 

The a 

IN J ill. CIVIL IVAK, UjOI 60 


i • 


RE< l >RJJS OF ITI V i .- v. Ilo -J 
R e 7V\ 7* rv i< S : 

I.N THE CIVIL v. ai.\ :■ 











RECORDS OP nil; \\< KS I l -I- 




Abet.— 9, 30, -K 
Abraham — 13, 59, • '■!. 


Albert— 41, 4S, 53, 59, 74. 
Albion— 41. 
Alden — 55. 
Alexander — 59. 
Alfbed— 41, 58. 
Alvin — 53. 
AMASA— 9, 4'.). 53, 54. 
Ambrose — 61. 
Amos— 9, 13, 70. 
Am.ui— ].). 
Andrew- 62, 76. 
Arthur — 75. 
Asa— 13, 14. 
August— 62. 
Augustus— 42. 

E. Howel 
Ensign— 54. 
Ezra— 67. 

Franklin — 50. 

FRl M rk k- 10, 

1 i. — 4:'.. 50, 

Henry— 43, 1 1. 17, 

Hk/:.kiaii — 50, 
How \i:d - l }. 

Benjamin— 15, 55, 69. 
Brackenbuby— 15. 
Bristol— 32. 

I- v v< -8, IT. 37, 44,47,45 H, 74 

Nam — 70. 

Cesar— 1-") •' u "'■ - '•". I ' ,; 7. 

Cato— 16. James— ; : 

Charles— 16, 31, 32, n\ IS, 19,53, Jason— 31. 

62, 70. Jedi di \a — :>. 

CrsuiNG— 10. •' , ROMl - 10, 51. 

.I| 8SE — !■".. 

JfcTHRO— 18. 

Daniel— 10, 16, L7, 47, 49, 50. j 0D 

Darwin— 62. Joel— 72. 

David— 9, 10, 17. 36, 58, 62,63, 72, j 0Uii ... lH 

7;J - 65, 88, 71, ".:. 1 

Jonathan ■ ' ■ 
Ebenezer— 17. Jos t: ru . - 

Edward — 10, 42, it">, 55, 59, 63, 67. .i-»-ni \— 77. 



Kemisi.k — 37. 
KEmple— 37. 

KlMBELL — 12, 21, 

Leland— 76. 
Leonard— 56. 
Levi — i->, it, 60. 
Lewis— 52. 

LlMAN— 71. 

Lyman— 10, 11. 

Samuel - '.. 0, 12 

S v XI OltD— I I. 72, 
Saxtee- L'7. 
Sewell— 16. 

Sill 1.1 l. 

Simeon- 68. 
Solomon— 77. 

.Si EI'HEN — 26. 

MicnAEL— 77. 
Malachi — 77. 
Martin— 71, 77. 
Moses— 21, 22. 
Murphy — 7 J. 
M. V. 77. 

THOM IS - 28, 29, 52, 71. 7:: 
Timothy— 6, 9, 32, :'.;. 
Titus- I, 71. 

[Jrias — 74. 

Nathan — 22. 
Nathaniel — 22. »;•' 
Nelson— 60. 
Newtok — 7"). 
Noah — 23. 

Van— 74. 

Oliver — 52. 

Paul— 23, 65. 
Peter— 23, 56. 
Philip— 6, 12, 24. 31. 

W u> 1 m vn— 66. « 
Washixoi >s 71» — 1 1, I 

William— 5, ;;i. r>. • 

CC>, 68, 69, 71, 72, 75, 77. 
WlMMI B -72. 

\Y. K. 18. 

Reuben— 24, 52. 
Richard— 24, 25, 3S. 
Robert — •">. 9. 
K. G. 77. 

7.1 lotes 

/l KRY- 7.