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Full text of "Prince's select catalogue of the unrivaled collection of fruit & ornamental trees and shrubs, vines, creepers, p©onies, &c. : cultivated at the Linn©an Botanic Garden & Nurseries (founded 1732), Flushing, near New-York"

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1863 & 1864 







Vines, Creepeks, Peonies, &c, 


Linnsean Botanic Garden & Nurseries 

(FOUNDED 1732.) 

FLUSHING, Near New-York. 


/ i: A wood coeval with himself he sees, 

And loves his own cotemporary trees. 

X. B. — Orders should be addressed us at Flushing, and sent per Mail. 

Pkickd Catalogues, which are seat to purchasers of Trees, and to applicants who enclose stamps.— No. I, 
Descriptive Catalogue of Fruit ami Ornamental Trees, Shrubs and Plants. No. 2, Roses, Carnations, Chrysan- 
themums, Phlox, Iris, and all other Herbaceous Flowering Plants, &c. No. 3, Kxtra large Fruit Trees, Ever- 
greens, and other Ornamental Trees and Shrubs, suitable for immediate fruit-bearing and embellishment. 
No. 4, Wholesale Catalogue for Nurseries and Dealers, comprising Trees, Shrubs, Roses, Plants, Bulbous Flower 
Roots, Stocks for Engrafting, Pieonies, Dahlias, Ac. No. 5, Catalogue of Flower Seeds. No. 6, Descriptive 
Catalogue of our unrivaled Collection of S50 Select Varieties of Strawbeiries, with a Rejected List, and 
Directions for Culture. No. 7, Rare American Trees, Plants, and Seeds, suitable for sending to Europe, 
No. 9, Catalogue of Bullions Flowers of every class, together with Tree and Herbaceous Pseonies Dahlias, and 
other Rare Flowering Plants. No. 10, Catalogue of our unequalled collection of Tree and Herbaceous Paeonies, 
ver 350 varieties. No. 13, Catalogue of Greenhouse Plants. No. 14, Catalogue of Native and Foreign Grapes. 

Books. — Priuce's Treatise on the Vine, with Descriptions of Native and Foreign GrapeB, and Vineyard Culture, 
(new Edition in preparation,) $1. Treatise on Fruits, containing Descriptions of S00 Varieties of Fruits, 
$1 50. Prince's Manual of Roses, comprising Descriptions of 1,000 Varieties, '5 cts. 



In presenting the present Catalogue to the public, the Proprietors do not consider 
it necessary to say more to their old friends and patrons than that, in future, their bu- 
siness will be conducted in a manner worthy of the long-established reputation of the 
Linnsean Botanic Nurseries, and that no exertions will be spared to make every trans- 
action satisfactory, in all respects, to those with whom they may have dealings. 

Those unacquainted with this Establishment, we would refer to the fact that these 
Nurseries were established in 1732, and have continued uninterruptedly in the same vil- 
lage, and in the possession of the same family, since that time— a period of One Hun- 
dred and Thirty one years — longer, we believe, than any other business establishment, 
of any nature whatever, in this country, has existed under the same name ; that from 
this Establishment nearly all the great Iluropean Nurseries have obtained their collec- 
tions of American Trees and Plants, and that it has, at different times, supplied the Royal 
and Imperial Horticultural Establishments of Great Britain, Russia, Austria, Prussia, 
Egypt, Mexico, and numerous less important States. 

We believe that no establishment which does not combine enterprise and energy 
with perfect accuracy, could so long and successfully have retained its reputation and 
the confidence of the public. 

In arranging the present Catalogue, we have thought it unnecessary to add descrip- 
tions to the varieties of fruits, (with the exception of a few of the newer and less-known 
kinds.) as such information is now easily accessible to all at very small expense, either 
in Horticultural Periodicals, the Reports of Pomological Societies, or in Downing's 
Fruit Book, and other kindred works. 

AVe would refer also to the large Descriptive Catalogues which have baen gratui- 
tously disseminated from this Establishment, through all sections of the Union, at large 
expense for a long series of years. 

We need scarcely state' that our Catalogues are not made up from books only, but 
that we possess every article comprised in them. Much pains is taken in procuring 
new varieties, as soon as they are proved worthy of cultivation, at the same time that 
care is exercised not to offer to our customers varieties only known for their novelty 
before their qualities shall have been fully tested. 

Within a comparatively short time, a large addition has been made to the amount 
of land under cultivation in our Nurseries, by the purchase of an extensive plot of ex- 
cellent farm land, very favorably situated ; the trees grown on which are now offered 
for sale. 

The natural strength and fertility of the soil of this locality is such, that it ensures a most 
healthy and vigorous growth to the trees, which seem to become hardened and confirmed as 
they progress, and is devoid of that rank, stimulated, and unnatural exuberance which trees so 
generally exhibit when reared on lands that have never been subjected to previous culture. 
The Trees thus cultivated, after making at first a rapid development, are so sensitive to cold, 
that the winter easily alfects them, and they gradually pine away till they become feeble and 

The climate of Long Island being subject at all times to the boisterous winds of the 
Ocean and the Sound, seems to be particularly favorable to perfecting the hardihood of Trees. 
The vaccillation of alternate cold and mild periods during the winter, accompanied by the frequent 
freezings and thawinga to which trees are here subject throughout all stages, prepares them for 
the endurance of the utmost degree of cold and rigor incident to the most northern latitude ; 
it being found that trees, like men, become much more hardened in a changeable climate than 
in one regularly cold where the constitution is not subjected to trials. 

it is doubtless from this cause that the Long Island trees, with which New England has 
been generally supplied, and also those which have been sent to the coolest regions of the 
"V* est, have been found to better withstand the severest winters, than those which have been 
obtained from other laealilies. Indeed it can be readily realized that trees so robust and 
hardy, and yet so vigorous, must possess a great superiority over those grown in localities 
where the mercury sinks each year to 10° and 20° below zero during a very prolonged winter, 
thus retaining the trees in a frozen, torpid and death-like state for many months, freezing and 
bursting the inner vessels, affecting the sap, and weakening them to such a degree that they 
can never regain their original health and strength. Some lessons may be derived from the 
fatal experience of recent winters at the West, to which may be superadded the inconsiderate 
use by many nurseries of unsuitable stocks for budding and grafting, and especially of the 
comparatively tender Mazzard stock for Cherries, instead of the hardy Mahaleb, the latter 
being much better Buited to the North and West, 

All the Trees which we oiler arc in the most healthy and vigorous state, and will be sup- 
plied at the rates named in the present Catalogue; and it may be taken as a rule that we will 



Jfntii # Ornamental trees, SJriife, fa. 

PEINCE & CO., Flushing, L. I. 

«8~ For Preface and General Remarks see inside of Cover, 


Standard Trees of usual size for Orchards, 25 eents. 

of larger size, 4 to 5 years grafted, 37 cents, 
very large, 6 and 7 years grafted, 50 cts. 
N. B. — The two- last-named sizes are such as are seldom obtainable from Nurseries. 
Dwarf Trees, 35 cts., and extra size and a^e, 50 cts. 
The following varieties are a selection of the most estimable, and exclude a large 
number of comparatively worthless kinds still found in many catalogues. 


Benoni, very fine. 

Blinkbonny, very fine, 50 cts. 


Buffington Early. 

Corse's Favorite, fine, 50 cts. 

Early Harvest. 

Early Joe. 

Early Pennock. 

Early Red Margaret. 

Early Strawberry. 

Garretson's Early, very fine. 

Golden Sweet. 


Large Yellow Bough. 

Primate [true). 

Bed and Green Sweet (mon- Summer Russet. 

strous). Williams' Favorite. 

Red Astrachan. William Prince. (Lond. Hort 


Summer Bellflower. 
Summer Pearmain (Amer.) 
Summer Pippin — Sour Bough. 
Summer Queen. 
Summer Rose. 


Autumn Bough — Fall Bough. 


Cooper (Ohio). 

Doctor, or De Witt. 

Drap d'Or — Orange Pippin. 

Fall Pippin. 


Hawley — Dowse. 


Lyscom. Richard's Graft. 

Maiden's Blush. Scarlet Nonpareil. 

Mangum. St. Lawrence. 

Pomwater Sweet, finest baking. Sweet, Jersey. 

Dyer — Pomme royale. Sweet, Pumpkin — Lyinan'i 

Porter. Pound Sweet. 

Pumpkin Russet (Sweet R't.) Sweet, Superb. 

Rambo. Sweet, Wood's. 

Reinette Blanche d'Espagne. 


Bailey Sweet. 

Bellefleur, Yellow. 
Carthouse, Gilpin. 

Red Komanite, of Ohio. 

Cumberland Spice. 

Dutch Mignonne. 
Flower of Kent. 
Fort .Miami. 

< rooseberry, 50 cts. 
(iranite Beauty, new, $L 
Ilenriek Sweet — Sweet Pear- 
Hubbardston Nonsuch. 

King ('Jb»ipl:hts Covnty). 
Lady— Pomme d'Api. 
Limber Twig. 
Maclean's Favorite. 
Maiden's Favorite. 

Middle, or Mittle, esstra. 

Newark King. 


Northern Spy 

Oconee Greening. 

Ortley, Jersey Greening. 
While Relief ear. 

Pearmain, Herefordshire. 

Pearmain, Winter. 

Autumn Pearmain, Down- 

Peck's Pleasant, fine variety of 
Newtown Pippin. 

Pippin, American Golden. 

Pippin, Hubbardston. 

Pippin, Michael Henry. 

Pippin, Green Newtown. 

Pippin, Yellow Newtown. 

Pippin, Springhill,_/me variety 
of Newtown Pippin, 50 cts. 


Prince's Yellow Winter, 50 cts, 

Prior's Red. 

Rawle's Janet. 

Reinette de Caux, 50 cts. 

Rhode Island Greening. 

Roman Stem. 

Rome Beauty (Ohio). 

Russet, Boston or Roxbury. 

Russet, English (Downing). 

Russet, Golden. 

Seeknofurther, Green. 

Seeknofurthcr, Winter or Fall. 

Seeknofurther, Westfield. 

Smith's Cider. 

Smoke House. 

Spitzemberg, Esopus. 

Spitzemberg, Flusbii g, 

Spitzemberg, SpringhiU, new 

■ variety of Esopus Spitzem- 
berg, 50 cts. 



Sweet, Bienrick— Sweet Pear- 

Sweet, Ladies'. 

Sweet, Beaver. 

Sweet, Tallman. 

Tewksbury Blush. 

Turn of Lane — Winter Straw- 

Twenty Ounce. 


Victuals and Drink. 




Winter, Sweet Paradise. 


85 cts., except those noted. 

Blood Red Crab. Siberian Striped Crab. Chinese Double White Flower- 

Manning's Siberian Red Crab, Siberian large Yellow Crab. ing, 50 cts. 

50 cts. Transcendant Crab, finest of River's Double Flowerine,50 cts. 

Siberian Large Red Crab. all, 50 cts. Prince's Roseate Double Flow- 

Siberian Small Red Crab. Chiuese Double Red Flowering. ering, new, 50 cts. 

Rejected Apples. — The American Pomological Society have published a list of 125 
rejected varieties, many of which, notwithstanding - , are still offered for sale. Purchasers 
should look well to this important point. 


Note. — There is never any Pear Blight or Sup Blight, on Long Island, and the trees 
are never injured by the winter. 

The stock of Pears is the finest in the Union, and the prices low for the quality, 
and we can supply the leading and most esteemed varieties on both Pear and Quince. 
Such as do not succeed on the Pear we can supply on the Quince, and contrariwise. 
Standards on Seedling Pear stocks, 3 to 4 years budded. . . . 50 cts. 
Do. do. do. Secondary size 35 

Do. do. extra size, 4 to C years 75 cts to $L 50 

Do. do. largest size, 8 and 9 years bearing age, 2 00 

Pyramids and Dwarfs on Angers Quince, 3 years, . . . 50 

Do. do (1 >. 4 to 8 years, in full bearing. 75c. to 1 50 

according to age and size. 
fl@°* The Extra Large size Trees are suitable for prompt bearing, and seldom ob- 
tainable, and are usually sold at 33 to $5 each. 

The American varieties are denoted lay an asterisk. * 



Beau present d'Artoia 
'Beurre Giff'ard. 
•Bloodgood (stow growth.) 
•Oanandaigua (Catharine.) 
Glapp's Favorite, (new,) $3 to S 
*Dearborn'a Seedling (slow 

Doyenne d'ete. 

•Elizabeth (Manning.) 

.largoncllo, English. 




•Moofe's Pound (best of early 

Peats), $1. 
*0sl land's Summer 

' ( >tt. 

Poire d'Aout. 

•Queen of August (See Moore's 

Summer Bergamot. 
Suminer Fraucrcal. 
Windsor (Cooking.) 



Althrope Crassane. 

Ananas d'ete. 


Autumn Colmar. 

Belle Lucrative, see Fondante 

Bergamot, Gansell's. 
*Bergen, Extra. 
Beurre Bosc (slow growth.) 
Beurre, Brown. 
Beurre Capiemont. 
Beurre Clairgeau. 
Beurre d'Anjou. 
Beurre d'Amanlis. 
Beurre d'Amanlis panache. 
Beurre Diel. 
Beurre, Golden Bilboa. 
Beurre, Goubault. 
Beurre Hardy. 

Beurre Sterckmans. 
Beurre de Montgeron. 
Beurre Superfin. 
Beurre Van Marum. 
Bezi de Montigny. 
Bishop's Thumb. 
*Bleeker's Meadow. 

Large Seek' I. 

Colmar Neill. 

Colmar Van Mons. 

Surpasse Virgalieu. 

Oompte do Launy. 


Delices d'Hardempont d' An- 

Be Tongres. 


Doyenn6 Boussoch. 

Doyenne, Gray. 

Doyenne Sieulle. 

Doyenne, White. 


Duchesse d'Angoulemme, poor 
on Standard. 

Duchesse d'Orleans. 

Beurre St. Nicholas. 


-Early York. , 

Epine Dumas. 

Eigne de Naples. 

Flemish Beauty. 

Fondante d'Automne, very fine. 
Belle Lucrat ve. 

Frederic de Wurtemberg. 


*General Taylor. 

•Hageman, extra fine, $1. 



Henry IV. 

•Hovey, Dana's, $1. 




Jalousie de Fontenay. 


Long Green. 

Louise bonne of Jersey. 

Marie Louise. 

Nouveau Poiteau. 

•Onondaga — Swan's Orange. 

•Oswego Beurre. 

Paradise d'Automne. 



•Pinneo or Boston. 



•Seckel (slow growth.) 


St. Ghislain. 

St. Michael Archange. 

•Stansel. . 

•Stephen's Genesee. 



Swan's Egg. 

Urban iste. 

Van Mons Leon le Clerc. 




Beurre d'Aremberg, (unthrifty, Fort 

.stow groivth.) 
Beurre Ranee. 
Beurre Easter. 
Beurre gris d'hiver nouveau. 
Catillac (baking) 
Doyenne d'Alengon. 
l)ot;enne d'hiver noiwea 1 . 

Glout Morceau. 

Josephine de Malines. 
•Lawrence, extra fine. 
Passe Colmar. 

•Prince's Perpetual, $1. 


Soldat Laboureur. 

St. Germain, Prince's. 

St. Germain, Uvedale's, Pourd. 

Suzette de Bavay. 

Vicar of Winklield. 

Pound, see Uvedale's St. Ger- Wilkinson, 
mam. Winter Nelis. 

REJECTED PEARS.— The American Pomological Society have published a 
list of 451 Rejected Varieties, many of which are still offered for sale in Nursery Cata- 
logues. Purchasers should look well to this important point. 

C If E R R I E 3 , 


Standard Trees of large growth, 2 to 3 years, - - 35 to 50 eta. 
Pyramid and Dwarf Trees, of low growth, 2 an/1 3 years. 35 to 50 cts. 
Trees of both the above classes, 4 to 7 years old, iii a bear- 
ing state, 75 cts. to $1, and $1 50 

Dwarf standards on Mahaleb, 37 to 50 cts. 

Note. — The Cherries we cultivate for the North and Northwest are on the hardy Ma- 
haleb and Morello Stocks, as Trees on the Mazzard stock will scarcely survive the 
severest winters of those regions. The Duke, Kentish and Morello Varieties are much 
more hardy than the Heart and Bigarreau Varieties. 

Adam's Crown. 
American Amber. 
Bauman's May. 
Belle d'Orleana 
Black Eagle. 
Black Tartarian. 
Buttner's Yellow. 


Coe's Transparent. 

Columbia, new, $1. 


Cumberland, (syn. ?) 

Downer's Late. 


Early Purple Guigne. 

Golden Guigne. 


Knight's Early Black. 
Manning's Early Black. 
Manning's Mottled. 
Monstrueux de Jodoigne. 
Prince's Early Black Heart, 
Prince's Large Black Heart. 
Sparhawk's Honey. 
Turkine, or Turkish, 75 cts. 
Werder's Early Black. 


Bigarreau of Mezel. 

Monstrueux de Mezel. 
Black Bigarreau of Savoy. 
China Bigarreau. 
Elton — Elesh-colored Bigar- 
Graffion — Bigarreau. 

Yellow Spaidsh. 

Large Heart-shaped. Red Ox Heart. 

Gros (Jceuret. Reverchon, 75 cts. 

Large RedPkool, largest and Toupie de Henrard, splendid, 
finest of all Cherries, 75 cts. 75 cts. 
Great Bigarreau. Downing. Large Bleeding Heart. 

Late Black Bigarreau. Tradescant, Black. 

Maubec, rare, 75 cts. Mlkhorn. 

Napoleon. White Bigarreau. 

Holland. White Ox Heart. 


Belle Magnifique. 

Magnifique de Sceaux. 
Belle de Chater.ay. 
Belle de Choisy. 
De Planchoury. 

English, large, estimable. 

Reine Hortense. 

Monstruese de Bavay. 

Ltmercier — Louis 18. 
Vail's August Duke. 
Ynrenues,_/J«« late Kentish. 
Wliite Pearl, new, 75 cts. 

De Spa, or Donna Maria. 
Duchesse de Palluau. 
Kentish — Early Richmond. 
Imperatrice Eugenie, $1. 
Late Duke — June Duke 
May Duke. 
Loyal Duke, late, estimable. 


Imperial, late. Plumstone, large, very good. 


Kirtland's Mary. 

Late White Bigarreau. 

Kirtland's Mammoth. 

Ohio Beauty. 

Ohio Late Bigarreau. 



Weeping, $1 to $2. 
European Bird Cherry, beau- 

For Cornelian Cherries (Coraus Mascula,) see page 17. 


Carmine Stripe. 



Favorite (Elliott's.) 

Governor Wood. 


Dwarf Double Flowering 
Large Double Flowering 



Red Jacket. 


Shannon — Kirtland's Morello. 


American Bird Cherry, 25c. 

p E A C TI E S 


Our Collection of Plums is the largest in the Union, comprising nearly 100 varieties. 
3 to 4 years, usual size, 50 cents each ; smaller. 35 cts. Extra large trees, of bearing 
size, 4 to 7 years, $1 to $1 50. Dwarf trees, 37 to 50 cents, according to age. 

Angelina Burdett. 
Apricot (of Tours). 

Large Black Imperial. 
Buel's Favorite. 
Campbell's Seedling. 
Cathariue Schenectady. 
*0herry, Golden. 
♦Chickasaw, Red. 
*Chickasaw, Yellow. 
*Coe's Golden Drop. 
*Coes' Late Red. 

Red St. Martin. 
Columbia, very large. 
Cruger's Scarlet. 
Damson, Shropshire. 
Denniston's Superb. 
Diapree rouge. 

Double flowering, Large. 
Double flowerine, Dwarf or 

Tbe two last are Ornamental only. 

Drap d'Or. 

*Duane's Purple French. 


Gage, American Yellow. 

Gage, Autumn. 

*Gage, Bleecker's. 

Gage, Green. 

Gage, Hudson. 

*Gage, Imperial (Prince's). 

*Gage, Prince's Yellow. 

Gage, Schuyler. 

General Hand, largest of all. 

*Guthrie's Apricot. 

Guthrie's Aunt Anne. 

Guthrie's Topaz. 

Hawkes, Highlander. 

*Huling's Superb. 

Imperatrice, Downton. 

Imperatrice. Ickworth. 

"Imperial Ottoman. 

^Italian Damask. 


Late Black Orleans. 

Large Red Toulouse. 

Lawrence's Favorite. 


Long Scarlet — Scarlet Gage. 


"Magnum bonum, White 

WJiite Egg. 
*Magnum bonum, Yellow. 

Yellow Egg. 
Manning's Long Blue. 
Martin's Seedling. 
Mirabelle Tardive. 


"Orange, very large. 
"Orarige Egg very large. 
Orange Gage. 
Orleans, Smith's. 
*Peach Plum. 
Perdrigon violet haitif. 
Prune, Austrian. 
Prune, d'Agen, "I 
Prune, German, [ for 


Ouetehe. f 
"Prune, Italian, J 

Quetche d'llalie. 

*Red St. Martin. 

Cot's Late red. 
Reagles Ancient City. 
Reagles Gage. 
Reagles Union Purple. 
Reine Claude de Bavay. 
Royale native — Early Royal. 
St. Catharine. 
Sharpe's Emperor. 

Dennyer's Victoria. 
Surpasse Orleans. 

Plum Trees of the varieties designated by an asterisk are not subject to knots in 
the vicinity of New York, and are probably less so in any locality than others. 


Our collection of Peaches is altogether unrivalled, comprising over 150 fine' va- 
rieties, including many rare kinds of great merit not to be found in other collections. 

Price, 20 cts., except where otherwise noted. 

N. B. — Large quantities at very reduced prices. Trees suitable for Dwarfs or 
Espaliers can be supplied at 37 to 50 cts. Peaches on the Plum stock are valueless 
for Orchards. 


Admirable, Early. Bergen's Yellow. 

Belle de Vitry — Bon-Jard Bourdine — Royale. 
Belle de Paris. Brevoort (Morris.) 

Barney. Chevreuse hative. 

Baltimore Beauty. Chevreuse tardive. 

Barriugton. Bon Ouvrier. 

Belle B&usse,larger than Grosse Cole's Early Red. 

Mignonne. Columbia, or Pace. 

Bellegarde — Galandd. Cooledge's Favorite, 

Crawford's Early (Melacoton). 
Crawford's Late (Melacoton). 
Diana Freestone. 
Double Montagne. 
Druid Hill. 

Dulaney's Heath, 50 cts. 
Early Newington (Downing). 
Early Sweetwater, Prince. 
Earlv White Globe. 


Earlv York, Large — George 

II lines' Early red, Honest John, 

Walter's Early. 
Early York, Serrate. 
Early Tillotson, Mildew*. 
Eliza Sehmitz. 
Fay's Early. 
Fox's Seedling. 
George IV., see Early York. 
Gorgas 50 cts. 
Green Catharine. 
Grosse Mignonne {true). 
Harker's Seedling. 
Heath Freestone. 

Cole's White Melacotnn. 
Hill's Madeira. 
Howard's Pound. 
La Fayette. 
La Grange, snowwhite. 
Late White Free. 
Madeleine de Courson. 
died Magdalen. 

Magdalen, White. 


Miller's Early Anne. 

Morrissania Pound. 

Nivette — Orange Free. 


Noblesse Seedling. 

Nutmeg, White. 

Oldmixon Free. 

Orange Melacoton, extra 50 

Perry's Seedling. 

Petite Mignonne. 

Petit's Imperial. 


Prince's Paragon (true). 

Prince's Excelsior, 50 cts. 

Pucelle de Malines. 

Rareripe, Beer's Late Red. 

Rareripe, Borden's Late. 

Rareripe, Golden. 

Rareripe, Hastings. 

Rareripe, Red (Morris). 

Rareripe, White (Morris). 

Rareripe, Yellow. 
Rebold's Late Red. 
Red Cheek Melacoton. 
Reine des Vergers. 
Reeves' Favorite. 
Rose Hill Melacoton. 
Scott's Early Red. 
Scott's Nonpareil, 
Scott's Magnate (Rareripe), 
cts. 50 cts. 

Scott's Nectar (Rareripe), 50 

Scott's New White. 
Snow — White Flowers. 
Strawberry, or Rose. 
Stump the World. 
Van Zandt's Superb. 
Ward's Late Free. 
Waxen Mignonne. 
Well's Free. 
White Ball (Hovey). 
White Imperial. 


Large White. ' 



Orange, Prince. 

Pavie de Pompone, extra, 

50 cts. 

Monstrous Pompone. 

Two varieties in the above list, White Magdalen and Fortunatus, have never, so far 
as our information extends, been affected by the yellows, and we recommend them for 
trial in other sections on this account. 

Blood (preserves). 
Heath — Late Heath. 
Howard's Splendid, 50 cts. 
Howard's Superb, 50 cts. 

Admirable rouge tardive. 

Pavie tardive, Poiteau, 50c. 

October Scarlet. 
Prince's Fortunatus, 50 cts. 
Rodman's Red. 
Tippecanoe (Lemon.) 
Washington Cling. 


38 to 50 cents. 

Those marked thus * are French and Italian ; the others are mostly superior 
Southern varieties. 


Baldwin's Late. 

Baltimore Belle. 

Camak's Serrate. 


*Chauceliere a gros fruit. 

Columbus June. 

*D' Asee tres grosse, 7 5 cts. 

**De Colmar. 

*I)eese hative. 

*Deese grosse tardive. 

*De Pau, or D'ltalie. 

Callo vay. 
Clark's October. 
Cowan's Late. 
Demming's September. 
Dr. Cherry's November. 
Eaton's Golden. 
Eliza Thomas. 

Edward's Late White. 
*Egyptienne, 75 cts. 

*Grosse Mignonne hative. 
Honey (Chinese seed) $1 00 
♦Incomparable en beaute. 
Kentucky Favorite. 
Lady Parham. 
Large Crimson. 
"Madeleine rouge hative. 



Hull's Athenian. 

Late White English. 

Mammoth Cling. 

Monstrous Cling. 

Nix's Late White. 

October Orange, extra 75 cts. 


*Mignonne frise. 

*Mignonne tardive. 

*Monstrueuse de Douai. 

Montgomery's Late. 

Moore's June. 

Pride of Autumn. 

*Ray Mackers. 




*Pavie Alberge, ou Jaune. 

*Pavie de Polo. 

*Pavie tardif de Berne. 

Prince's Golden, extra 75,cts. 

*Sanguinolle la grosse. 





Double Red dr Rose. Dwarf Orleans, bears fruit, Chinese Double Crimson, 75 cts. 

Double Mignonne, red. unique. Chinese Double White, 75 ets. 

Chinese double Carnation, 75 cts. 


Price 38 cents except those noted. 1 year old trees at lower rates. 

C denotes Clingstones— (ill others are Freestones. 

N. B. — Trees of all the varieties suitable for Dwarfs or Espaliers, at 37 to 50 cts. 
Boston or Lewis. Elruge. New White, 

Cambridge. Golden, Prince's C, 50 cts. Stanwick. 

Despres, 50 cts. Hardwicke Seedling. Violette bative. — Early 

Due <iu Tellier. Hunt's Tawny. Violet. — Large Scarlet. 

Early Ncwington, C. Jaune lisse — Late Yellow. Violette sucre, 50 ets. 


38 to 50 cents except those noted. 1 year old trees at lower rates. 
N. B. — Trees of all varieties suitable for Dwarfs or Espaliers. 50 cts. 
Extra large Standards, bearing age, $1. 
Black or Purple, very hardy. Lafayette, largest fruit, $1. Roman. 
Breda or Holland. Large Early Red. Royal. 

Burlington. Moorpark. Turkey. 

Early Peach. Peach or De Nancy. 

REJECTED VARIETIES.— Brussels, Orange or Persian, Red Masculine, White Masculine. 


Those marked * are 35 cents, and the others 50 cents. 
*Sweet Hard Shell, most Princess or Sultana, Paper Shell, Great Fruited, Macrocarpa, 

hardy. for the South. hardj/. 

Ladies'" Thin Shell, for the Long Hard Shell, a gros fruit. 



Large double blush Corsican I Chinese dwarf double white, 75 cts. 

Dwarf double red, 25 cts. 


The " Orange " is at maturity in Sept. and Oct., and the others in Oct. and Nov. 
"Angers" will keep well till January. 

Price - Cts. 
Orange or Apple, very large, excel- 
lent for preserves, ver y product ■ ve 25 

Pear Shaped 25 

Portugal, very large and Jin". .... 35 

Anger's Orange, large 25 to 38 

Constantinople, very large, estima- 
ble ' 75 

Price — Cts, 
Mahon or Spanish, la rge, estimable, 50 

Pea's Seedling, very large, splen- 
did, most est //nable, superior to all 

others 50 to 75 

Chinese Pink Flowering, fine fol- 
iage, very large cblong fruit . . 50 to 75 

N. B. — Extra large Trees, in bearing state, $1 each. 

Japan Quinces. — Pyrus. Japonica. 

The different varieties of Japan Quince will be found under the head of Flowering 
Shrubs. The Fruit of the Common Scarlet, flowering variety, is not edible ; but that 
of the "Rosea " is large and fair, with an intense Quince flavor, superior to any other 
variety, and for stewing or preserving has no equal. This variety is very productive, 
and combines the beautiful flowers of Spring with the valuable fruit of Autumn and 
Winter. Pare. Price. $1 each. 



Black English or Chinese, very 

acid, tree tender 50 to 75 

Bed American excellent f nut 38 to 50 

Blk. Circassian, sweet fruit, hardy 50 

Downing- 's Everbearing, fine fruit, 75 to $1 
Hick's Everbearing, fine fruit, 

hardier than Downing & 50 

Multicaulis, good sweet fruit 

Alpine, or Moretti, black fruit. . . 

White Italian 

Paper Mulberry. (See Ornamen- 
tal Trees.) 





Madeira Nut, (English Walnut) . 35 

Madeira Nut, extra large size ... $1 00 

Madeira Xut. Prolific Dwarf $1 00 

Double Madeira Nut, or Noyer de 

Jauge $1 00 

Pecannut 25 to 50 

Shell-bark Hickory, or Kiskytom, 37 to 50 

Black Walnut, round 38 

Butternut, oblong 38 

American Chestnut 25 to 38 

Spanish or Lisbon Chestnut 35 

French Chestnut, very large, fine 

fruit 38 to 50 

Prolific Chestnut, or Maron 50 

Downton Chestnut 50 

Chinquapin, or Dwarf Chestnut. 50 


Prince's Hybrid Dwarf Chestnut, * 

large fruit $1 00 

Bed Filbert, red skin 25 

White do., white skin 25 

Spanish do. or Large Cobnut. . 25 

Barcelona, or Spanish Filbert, . . 25 

Prolific do. or Cobnut, 35 

Cosford do. thin shell. 38 

Frizzled do. or Cutleaved, 38 

Cobourg do 38 

Piedmont do 38 

Purple leaved do. ornamental 50 
Constantinople Filbert, a large 

tree 50 

American Haziest 15 

Cuckold do. (Eostrata) . . . 25 


Dutch Medlar 

Nottingham do. small fruit . 

Seedless do. 

Monstrous fruited Medlar 

Japan Medlar, or Loquat, splendid 
evergreen foliage, fruit in clus- 

Diospyros kaki, Chinese Medlar. 

American Persimon 

American Persimon, extra large 

European Date Plum, or Lotus . . 


50 Smooth Papaw, Custard Apple . . 50 to Ifrl 
50 Shepherdia Argentea — Buffalo 

50 berry 50 

50 , Nandina domestica (Chinese) ... 75 

Pistachia vera 75 

| Pistachia Chinese 

81 50 j Psidium Cattleyanum (Chinese 

1 50 | Guava) 

25 Aestomalus ferruginea (Japan) . . 
I Zizyphus Sativa — Jujube plum . . 
1 00 European Olive, 4 fine varieties. 


$1 00 

1 00 

$1 to $2 


The culture of this delicious fruit has recently become an object of particular at- 
tention, and the Trees require no more care or protection in winter than the delicate 
kinds of Grapes, and can be grown at Baltimore, and south of it, in any quantities for 
market ; and we may soon expect the markets of New-York, and other Northern cities, 
to be supplied from the more Southern localities. The Trees are exceedingly produc- 
tive, and produce two regular crops in a season. We have rejected a number of varie- 
ties, Rich as Cypre, Clementine, &c, which have been found the least worthy of culture. 

Those marked J, 35 cents. Those not marked are 75 cents. When a dozen are 
tnken of <I Varieties, 2 pach, the price will be $4 50. 

C B R Ft A N 

IBlack St. Micliacl. 

ifBourjasotte grise, or Early 

JBrown Malta, delicious. 

Early White St. Michael, or 
Early May, small, :> crops. 

Guignard, estimable. 

Jlschia, white or green, ex- 
cellent, hardy. 

JLate Black St. .Michael, large, 

tit:/ productive, excellent, 

produces :'» cropto, 
Longue Printaniere. 
Mezick's Favorite, yellow, 

JNapolitaiuc, or Naples, twice 

Pe tare lie* 
(Pregussata, excellent, whit'. 

Red fruited Bordeau . 
Kose Beyronne. 
^Turkey, Brown, gr. bo 

ii a nli/. 
Twice bearing Grecian. 
:jVerte grosse. 

Large Qreef. 
V< rte petit". 


This fruit requires in this latitude that the trees should be well bound with straw 
in winter, or have a temporary frame of boards over them. All produce fruit except 
the double flowering varieties. 

Fruit bearing $0 50 

Large Malta 1 00 

Spanish 1 50 

Desportes, or Hybrida 1 50 

Provence . 

Double Crimson 

Royal double Crimson (Regalis) 


White flowering and fruited. 

Double white flowering 

Yellow flowering do. with yellow fruit 

1 50 j Chinese double variegated scarlet and 

50 j white, large and splendid 1 50 

1 00 j Desfontaines, fine fruit 1 50 


Any number less than 6 will be charged at the retail price ; and any number be- 
tween G and 12 will be charged intermediate between the retail and the dozen prices. 
Extra large size bushes, 3 and 4 years old, can be supplied at a moderate advance in 

Currants are frequently offered at very low rates for 1 year plants. If these are 
wanted, we can supply them at reduced rates. The prices below are for plants 2 to 3 
years old. 

each. p. cloz. p. 100. [ each. p. doz. p. 100. 

[Missouri Yellow-fruited 38 3 50 
38 j Missouri Yellow-flower- 

10 75 3 50! ing... - 20 2 25 

I Missouri Golden-fruited 50 

1 00 4 00 ! Prince Albert 30 

Prince's Coral Cluster. 50 

2 50 'Red Dutch 10 

I Red Crape 20 

Attrocar, or attractor, 

white 38 

Black English 10 

Black Naples, or Og- 

den's Black 12 

Black Bangup, largest 

black 25 

Brown or Yellow-fruited 


Champagne, pale red.. . 
Cherry, largest of reds 

1 year 

Cherry, do. 3 years 
Dana's Transparent 

White : 

Fertile d 'Angers, very 

Fertile d'Palluau ' 

Gloiredes Sablons, white 
striped red, beautiful . 

Knight's Early Red . . . 

Knight's Large Red. . . 

Knight's Sweet Red. . . 

La Hative de Bertin.. . 

Long - bunched Red 

Magnum Bonum, red . . 


1 50 

1 00 5 50 


75 5 00 
1 50 10 00 


3 50 


1 50 10 00 

1 75 


4 50 
2 50 
2 00 
1 75 
1 50 10 00 



1 50 8 00 

1 00 G 00 

Red Goudoin 20 

Red Provence, earliest, 

fine 30 

Short - bunched Red 

Dutch 12 

Superb Grape 20 

Yariegated Leaved, red 25 
Versailles or Caucase, 

largest of reds 20 

Victoria, Goliath, or 

Houghton Castle. ... 12 
White Dutch, White 

Antwerp, or Clinton . 12 
White Grape or Trans- 
parent White 12 

White Gondoin 20 

White Pearl 15 

White Provence, largest 

of all, splendid 25 

4 50 
2 00 

5 00 
75 3 00 

2 00 10 00 
2 00 

2 50 

1 00 

2 25 

5 00 

2 00 12 00 

1 00 6 to 8 
1 00 5 to C 

1 25 6 to 8 

2 00 8 00 

1 50 

2 50 15 00 




All the varieties are red except those designated otherwise, and all mature their fruit 
in July except the Twice Bearing kinds, and they produce a second crop in September 
or October. In order to have an ample crop of autumnal fruit, it is necessary to prune 
off the old shoots entirely iu February or beginning of March, as the autumnal iruit is 
produced entirely ou the shoots of the same year. There are no Monthly Raspberries ; 
but only Twice Bearing ones. The leading varieties can be supplied by the thousand 
at reduced rates. N. B. — Any number less than a dozen will be charged higher. 
A single plant being charged at one-eighth of the price per doz. 

Allen's Bed, very hardy $0 25 

American Purple Cane, fine 

for market '. . . 1 00 

American Yellow Cap 1 50 

Black Cap, Improved 50 

p. ico. 
$1 00 

N. B. The three above 
make roots from ends of shoots. 
Bagley's Perpetual, autuiini- 

bearing 75 

Belle de Fontenay, autumn- 

bearing 75 

Brentford Red Antwerp, large, 

very ha rdij 1 50 

Brinkle's Orange 75 

Californian Salmon Berry ... 6 00 
Catawissa, autumn-bearing. . . 2 50 
Cope, light red, largest of all. . 2 50 
Coral Cluster, excellent, very 


Cretan Red. long in bearing.. 
Gushing, crimson, twice bear- 

Fastolf, very large 

Fillbasket, Northumberland . 
Franconia, large, crimson, 


French, twice bearing 

French (Brinckle), crimson.. . 
Globose Antwerp, very large, 

red, hardy 2 00 

6 00 
2 50 

3 00 
3 00 

10 00 
4 00 

15 00 

I 00 

1 00 

4 00 

1 00 


1 50 

5 00 
4 00 


1 50 

3 00 
2 00 
8 00 

10 00 

Hornet, large red $1 00 

Hudson River Red Antwerp, 

for market 50 

Imperiale, white 1 00 

Kirtland, red, very hardy. ... 75 
Knevett's Giant, large deep 

red 75 

Merveille Quatre Saisons, 

crimson, autumn-bearing.. . 75 
Merveille Quatre Saisous, yel- 
low, autumn-bearing G 00 

Miami Black Cap, late 75 

Ohio Twice Bearing, large 

black 1 50 

Red Antwerp, for market. ... 50 
Red American Cluster, very 

hardy . 75 

River's Large Monthly, 

autumn-bearing 75 

Souchette, French variety ... 1 50 

Thunderer 1 50 

Walker, large, deep red 1 50 

White Smooth Cane, almost 

spineless 2 00 

Wilder, pale buff 1 00 

Yellow Antwerp 75 

Yellow Magnum ~Bormm,fns 

favor 1 00 

p. 100. 

&5 00 

2 50 
5 00 

2 50 

3 00 

3 00 

4 00 

2 00 

3 00 
3 00 

12 00 
5 00 
2 00 

5 00 


£@°" The first four varieties named below are all of American origin, and are not 
subject to mildew ; they do not, however, compare with the English varieties in size, 
although, from their wonderful productiveness, they produce greater crops. 

In consequence of the almost universal difficulty from mildew experienced with the 
English Gooseberries, we have discontinued the culture of a great many varieties, and 
can only supply them in limited quantities. 

Per doz. Per 100. 1 For dot. Per 100. 

Houghton Seedling, red. .. §0 75 $4 to 5 J American Seedling, larger 

Houghton Seedling, larger < plants 1 25 7 

sized plants 125 6 (Foster's Seedling 2 00 

Houghton Purple and Mountain Seedling (Shaker) I 50 10 

< riinson 2 00 Finest English, Red, Yellow, Green and 

American Seedling 1 00 5 White, each 12 to 15 cents. Dozen, $1 50. 

Extra sized plants. 82 per dozen. 




Trailing Dewberry, sweet, 

large " $0 75 $3 00 

High Bush, or Standing, 

oval, late 1 00 G 00 

Whitish, or Buff, profuse 

bearer, very sweet 1 CO 4 00 

Dorchester (high bush)... 75 3 50 
New Rochelle, or Lawton, 

extra large, estimable..., 75 3 50 

Mulberry 1 00 

Crystal White, large, fine 

flavor .'. .. 3 00 

Price of single plant, one-eighth of price for dozen 

Parsley-leaved, or Late 
Prolific, large, sweet, aro- 
matic flavor, ripening 
after Lawton, vera pro- 
ductive, estimable, rare. . .$1 50 $10 00 

Kentucky White 3 00 

Alpine, climbing, in clusters. 3 00 

Orange, very large, dark 

brown, excellent 2 00 12 00 

Newman's Thornless. small 
berry, of little value 1 00 


Purple fruited and Purple leaved . . 

White, or Yellow do 

Sweet, or Dulcis do 

Chinese red fruited, and Hybrid . . . 



Whortleberry, or Huckleberry, 

Black, Blue, White, and others ..$0 20 

Ditto, per 100 10 00 

Red fruited Berberry 20 

Purple do 38 

N. B. — Por other Berberries, see Ornamental Shrubs. 

Bound Cranberry, for lowland, per 1.000 I Bugle or Bell Cranberry can be cultivated 

$5, 5,000 for $20. I on upland. Same price as preceding. 


A Special Priced Catalogue is published, comprising all the finest European and 
American Varieties. Our collection contains about 400 kinds, being a greater variety 
than is to be found in any other establishment. 


A Descriptive Catalogue is published, comprising Select Assortments of the most 
splendid and estimable Varieties, including all new ones of merit, both foreign and 
native, with a Rejected List, and Directions for Culture. Our collection of Straws- 
berries embraces some 300 kinds, and is now the most extensive either iu Europe or 
American. Descriptions of a large number of Varieties can be found in Patent 
Office Report for 18G2. 



To those not acquainted with the best Varieties, we offer to select for 810 ihe 
following : — 

GRAPES, one each of four fine varieties. 
RASPBERRIES, 100 assorted, of four 

fine varieties. 
CURRANTS, 30 of four fine varieties. 
GOOSEBERRIES, 12 of three fine varie- 

BLACKBERRIES, 12 Dorchester or 

New Rochelle. 

STRAWBERRIES, 200 of four fine varie- 

RHUBARB, eight Linnams or Victoria. 

J 2 



to 3 years old, per 100 75 cts. 

do. " do. per 1000, $5 to $6 

Eicb. Dozen. 


Asparagus. Giant and Large German, 

do do. do. do. 

Dozen. Hand. 

Artichoke, Jerusalem 38 2 00 

do. Green Globe 2 50 

Chinese Potato, or Yam (Di- 

oscorea) 3 00 

Dyer's Madder 2 00 8 00 

Ginseng 2 00 10 00 

Hop Tine 1 25 4 00 

Horse Radish 125 4 00 

Licorice 4 00 15 00 

Patience Dock, finest early 

greens, very valuable 1 00 4 00 

Sea Kale 2 50 

Tarragon, for spicing salads,.. 3 00 

WaterCress 50 2 00 

Large Quantities of the finest kinds for Market plantations at very low rates. 

Early Tobolsk 25 

1 50 

1 50 

2 00 

Wilmot's Early 20 

1 75 

Giant and Colossal 25 

2 00 

Magnum Borrum 38 

3 00 

Schofield's Prince Albert 30 

2 00 

Marshall's Early Scarlet 38 

3 00 

Prince of Wales (Sangster) 50 

3 00 

Scarlet Nonpareil 75 

5 00 

Hybrid Varieties, from Lin- 

naeus, Victoria, and Prince 

Albert, $150 per dozen; 358 

per 100. 


Buckthorn, or Rhamnus. . . 

Ditto, large size 


Honey Locust, as in size . .2 
Locust, Yellow, as in size.4 
Madura, or Osage Orange, 

1 to 3 years 

Amer. Arbor Vitn'.l to 1 '._. 

ft., 1 year transplanted . 
American Arbor Vita?, 

grown in Nursery 2 and 

3 years, transplanted, . . 

Do. Larger 

Chinese Arbor Vita?, 1',^ 

to 2 ft 

Chinese Arbor Vita;, 2 to 

1% ft 

♦Hemlock, Spruce, 1 to 2% 


Red Cedar, 1^ to 2 ft... 

PER 1C0. PER 1000. 

2 00 12 
5 00 30 00 
8 00 

to 4 5 to 15 00 

to 6 

2 00 6 to 10 

5 00 

40 00 

10 00 
12 00 

90 00 
30 00 

18 00 

20 00 

12 00 
6 00 

50 00 

PER 101. 

PER 1000. 

Red Cedar, 3 to 4 ft 

12 00 

80 00 

Privet, or Prim, Italian . . 

3 to 5 

17 to 24 

10 00 

Euonymus, or Strawbery 



Althea frutex, according 

5 to 10 
2 00 

Althea frutex, cuttings . . . 

Honeysuckle, Tartarian, 


3 00 

Do. English fly, straw 

colored, cuttings 

3 00 

Deutzia scabra, cuttings . . 

3 00 

Syringa, different kinds, 


2 00 

Red and Purple Lilac 


10 00 

Spiraeas, Assorted 

10 00 

Upright Honeysuckle 

9 00 

Norway Spruce 

12 to i 


Pyrus Japonica 

10 00 


Dwarf Box, cuttings or slip3, pre- 
pared 10 

Dwarf Box, rooted Plants, accord- 
ing to age and quantity 18 to 20 

Dwarf Box, rooted plants, 2 years 

old 25 

Dwarf Box, 3 and 4 years old. . . 38 

Thrift, or Sea Pink 50 

Moss Pink 50 

Fragrant and Tricolored Violet.. 60 

Cowslip, Red and Yellow . 70 

Vinca, Green and Variegated- 
leaved, $6 per 100 50 

Bush Alpine Strawberry, Red and 

White 50 



Scions of all kinds of Fruit Trees, suitable for grafting-, will be supplied when 40 or 
more kinds are ordered, more or less of each, as convenient to us, at 25 cents per 
parcel, or at 50 cents per dozen grafts of each variety where the price of a tree 
does not exceed that sum (50 cents); but where it does, the same price will be 
charged for the dozen scions, or for a parcel where the kind is very rare, as for a 
tree of the same kind. When a large number of scions are wanted, of the leading 
varieties, they will be supplied at $1 50 per 100 ; or at the following rates per 
1000, all correctly labelled : Apples, $5, Pears, $6, Cherries, $6, Plums, $10. 

Scions of Anger's Quince, for budding Pears on, $1 50 per 100, and $10 per 1000, and 
Scions of the plentiful kinds of Currants, Gooseberries, Raspberries, Berberries, 
Mulberries, Poplars, Willows, Altheas, Roses, and all other Trees and Shrubs that 
will grow from cuttings, $2 50 per 100 and $20 per 1000, and Figs and Pomegran- 
ates $5 to $8 per 100 ; but no quantity is sent amounting to less than the price of 
a Tree or Shrub of the same kind. Scions of the eight finest species of Osiers, 
most celebrated for baskets, &c, Si per 100 and $2 to $5 per 1000. It is better 
that such orders be sent in the fall or winter ; and the scions can be forwarded 
by express if so ordered. 

Scions of Grapes, of a number of the finest kinds, can be supplied if applied for in sea- 
son, at from $4 to $8 per 100, or in less quantities; but in no case will scions of 
any variety be sent to a less amount than the price of a vine ; and of the very 
rare varieties three eyes, and of others, six eyes of any one variety will be consid- 
ered equivalent in value to a vine. Scions of Isabella, Catawba, Clinton, and sev- 
eral other varieties $2 per 100, or $8 to $12 per 1000. 

GREEN-HOUSE TREES and PLANTS, can be supplied at reasonable rates. 


O R N A M EXT A I. T R E E S . 

(Dntaiiunhil g^pilimnl. 


The following comprise a Select Assortment of the most beautiful and estimable 
species, which our long experience lias ©babied us to arrange with precision. The in- 
ferior species we have omitted. 

We have divided them into four classes. The first class comprises those of ma- 
jestic growth, which attain great stature and ample development; the second class 
ihose which attain a medium size : the third class, those of low stature ; and the fourth 
class, such as are comparatively of slow growth, requiring a long period before they 
attain the size of a small tree, and which, therefore, it would be more appropriate, in 
ornamenting grounds, to rank among large Shrubs. 

The prices stated are for trees of fair size ; but where extra large-sized trees are 
desired for Streets, Avenues, Arc., in order to impart immediate ornament, such can be 
supplied at proportionate rates, varying in height from ten to twenty feet, of many of 
the most estimable species. 

For Amygdalus, Carya, Castarea, Diospyros, Juglans, Mespiius, Morus, Prunus, 
Pyrus. &c, see Fruit and Nut Trees. 

Eotiuu'al Nam ■. Common Name. Class. Price. 

Acer. Maple. 

Acer dasycarpum .... Silvery-leaved 

Ditto, "large, 12 to 14 feet 

Acer Platanoides Norway 

Acer rubrum Scarlet Flowering 

Acer saceharinum ^ u gar, Bard, or Rock , 

Acer Striatum Striped Bark 

Acer pseudoplatanus ». . .European Sycamore *. 

Acer argen, varieg: Striped-leaved do 


Aescuius flava Yellow-flowering 

Aesculus glabra Green do 

Aescuius hippocastanum White, or Variegated Floweriug 

Aesculus flore pleno Double Flowering, splendid and rare. . 

Aescuius pavia vel coccinea Scarlet do 

Aesculus rubicunda. . . . Coral-colored, very beautiful 

Aesculus pallida, dark glossy foliage. .Ohio Buckeye, holds foliage late 

Ailanthus glandulosa Aiianthus Chinese 

Alnus incana Alder, European Silvery 

Ainu* Eaciniata Aide.-, Cut-leaved, 

Aralia spinosa Prickly Ash, or Hercules' club 

Aralia japonica Japan do, unique and showy 

Uetula alba pendula Birch, Scotch drooping 

Betula laciniata Hirch, Cut-leaved 

Broussonetia papyrifera Paper Mulberry 

Catalpa syringrcfolia Catalpa, Variegated Dowers 

Catalpa ELempferii . Catalpa, Kempfer's Japan, new 

Cerasus Cherry, Double Flowering 

Census Mahaleb. Cherry Mahalcb, broad leaves 

padus Cherry, European Bird, beautiful 

- padus fructu sanr/iiixea do do scarlet fruit, new. 

Cercis canadensis Judas treo, American . ... 

Cercis siliquastrum Tudas tree, European 



35 to 50 


75 to 1 00 












1 00 






35 to 50 


1 50 


1 00 


1 00 












40 to 75 






30 to 50 




1 00 





•J. 00 






Botanical Name. Common Name. daw. Price. 

Garcia album rudas tree, White flowering 4 1 00 

Chionanthus virginica Fringe tree, White, broad-leaved. ... 3 38 to 1 00 

Chionanthue maritima Fringe tree, Carolina, narrow-leaved . . . 3 38 to 1 00 

Clethra arborea Tree Clethra 2 1 00 

Cornus florida Dogwood, White flowering 2 25 

Crataegus Hawthorn. (See Deciduous Shrubs.) 

Cytisus laburnum .Laburnum, or Golden Chain 3 25 to 50 

Cytisus alpinum. . . Laburnum, Scotch, large Flowering. ... 3 25 to 50 

JQJleagnus angustifoUus Silvery Bohemian Olive 2 1 00 

Fagus ferruginea Beech, American 1 50 

Fagus sylvatica .• Beech, European 2 25 

Fagus purpurea Beech, Purple-leaved 2 I 00 

Fagus hybrida, Seedling of purpurea 2 75 

Fraxinus atrovirens crispa Ash, Curl-leaved, curious 3 75 

Fraxinus Aurea Ash, Gold bark 2 75 

Fraxinus Excelsior. Ash, European, rapid growth, 1 25 to 50 

Fraxinus Viridis Ash, Green 3 7.~> 

Gleditschia triacanthos Honey Locust I 38 

Gleditschia sinensis Chinese do 2 50 

Gymnocladus canadensis Kentucky Coffee 2 50 

Kcelreuteria paniculata Xcelreuteria, Japan panicled 3 50 

Larix Europea Larch, European Drooping 1 50 

Larix Microcarpa Larch, American 2 40 

Laurus sassafras Sassafras 2 25 

Liquidamber styraeiflua Sweet Gum, Maple leaved 1 50 

Liriodendron tulipifera Tulip tree, or Whitewood 1 30 to 50 

Madura aurantiaca Osage Orar>ge, male and female 2 50 

Magnolia acuminata Magnolia, Blue flowering 1 50 

Magnolia auriculata Magnolia, Auriculate, white fragrant. . . 2 1 to 2 00 

Magnolia conspicua Magnolia, Chinese, splendid White. ... 3 2 00 

do large and splendid trees, 6 to 10 ft. 5 to 10 00 

Magnolia Alexandrina Crimson striped, twice blooming 3 150to300 

Magnolia amabilis Lovely, white fragrant 3 5 00 

Magnolia Norbertiana Magnolia, Norbert's, deep striped 3 2 to 3 00 

Magnolia Soulangiana Magnolia, Soulange's Pink stiiped 3 1 to 2 00 

Magnolia Speciosa or Striata Magnolia, Splendid Striped 3 2 00 

Magnolia Superba Magnolia, Superb striped 3 2 00 

Magnolia loiigifolia Long-leaved Glaucous 2 1 00 

iV". B. — The above five Magnolias are twice flowering. 

Magnolia Cordata biflora Magnolia, Yellow twice-flowering 2 2 00 

Magnolia glauca Magnolia, Glaucous Fragrant 3 30 to 50 

Magnolia macrophylla Magnolia, Largest flowered, white, 

crimson center, immense leaves, 2 1 to 2 00 

Do. do., splendid trees, 6 to 10 feet, 3 to 6 00 

Magnolia tripetela Magnolia, Umbrella-leaved 2 50 

N.B. For others see Shrubs and Evergreens. Extra large Magnolia trees at proportionate prices. 

Negundo fraxinifolia Negundo, Ash leaved 2 50 

Negundo violacea. Negundo, Californian Violet 2 50 

Ornus Europeus Ornus, or White fringe 2 50 

Ornus latifolia Ornus, Broad-leaved Fringe 2 1 00 

Ostrya virginica lioplree 2 50 

Faulownia imperialis , ... . Paulownia," Imperial 2 50 to 75 

Platanus occidentalis Buttonwood, or Sycamore, 1 40 

Platanus Orientalis Oriental Plane 1 50 

P pu ; ns auriplit Abele, Snowy Mapleleaved 1 50 

Populus balsamifera Poplar, Balsam, or Tacmahac 1 50 

Populus fastigiata Poplar, Lombardy 1 50 

Populus treraula Poplar, European Aspen 1 50 

Pyrus Americana Mountain Ash, American 2 50 

Pyrus aucuparia Mountain Ash, European 2 50 

Pyrus fructu aurea Mountain Ash, Golden fruited 2 50 

Pyrus Domestica Service Tree, or Sorb 2 50 

Quercus Cerris Oak, Turkey 2 50 


OR NAME N T A L S 11 B D 15 S 

Botanical Name. Common Name. Clas; 

Quercus Californica Oak, Californian Colossal 1 

Quercus Lucombeana Oak, Luconibe's , 3 

Quercus macrocarpa Oak, Mossy cup 1 

Quercus pbcllos < >ak, Willowleaved 1 

Quercus robur Oak, English Royal 1 

Khus cotinus Purple Fringe, or Smoke tree 3 

Robinia pseudacacia Yellow Locust 1 

Kobinia viscosa Acacia, Blush flowering 3 

Robinia spectabilis Acacia, White do 2 

Salisburia adiantifolia Japan Gingko tree, splendid, with 

very unique foliage, and of rapid 

growth 1 

Ditto, Extra Large, 4 to 12 feet 

Salix alba Willow, White or Huntingdon 

SaHx argentea Willow, Californian Silvery 

Salix Sacramentis Willow, Californian Broadleaved 

X. B. — For other Willows, see Osiers. 

Sophora japonica Sophora, Japan 

Taxodium distichum Cypress, American, beautiful foliage. 

Tilia Americana. Linden, American Basswood 

Tilia Argentea Linden, Silvery -leaved 

Tilia aurea Linden, Golden twigged , 

Tilia macrophylla Linden, Umbrella-leaved 

Tilia platypbyila Linden, European 

Tilia rubra Linden, Red -twigged 

Ulmus Americana Kim, American Weeping 

1 "Imus campestris Elm, English pyramid 

Ulmus ful va Elm, Red, or Slippery 

Ulmus montana Elm, Scotch, or Wych 

Ulmus suberosa Elm, Dutch Cork -barked 

Virgilia lutea Yellow-wooded Virgilia 














2 to 10 










75 to 1 















Ash, Weeping European $0 75 Larch, Pendulous $2 00 

Aspen, "Weeping 1 00 Linden, Silvery Weeping 1 50 

Beech, Weeping 1 50 Mountain Ash, Weeping 1 00 

Birch, Weeping 1 00 Peach, Weeping 60 

Sherry, Weeping, one of the most i Pear, Weeping. 15 

beautiful 75 to $2 Sophora, Weeping 2 00 

Cypress, Weeping $1 50 Willow, Weeping green 50 

Cytisus, Weeping, 2 species 1 00 , Weeping Ring leaved 75 

Elm, Weeping .* 1 00 —, Kilmarnock Weeping 1 00 

Larch, Scotch Drooping, best 1 50 ! Robinia, Weeping 1 00 


The following comprises a Select Assortment of the most beautiful and estimable 
species. The inferior species are omitted. X. B. — Extra large Shrubs of most of the 
kinds can be supplied at proportionate prices. 

Acacia Julibrissin Sensitive tree 

Althea frutex (See flibixcus.) 

Amelanchier botryapium Mespilus. Snowy flowered. 

Amelanchier arbutifolia Mespilus, Scarlet-berried . . . 

40 to 15 



M'>l..i ;il S;inw 

('i)mtnon Ni 

Amorpha fruticosa Indigo Shrub 25 

Amorpha oanescens [ndigo Shrub, Hoary 25 

Amygdalus Almond, Flowering. (Sec page 7.) 

Andromeda calyculata Andromeda, various leaved 50 

Andromeda paniculata Andromeda, panicled 1 oo 

Andromeda raceinosa Andromeda, Racemed 1 to 5 oo 

Azalea nudiflora.* Azalea, Pink colored BO 

Azalea viscosa Azalea, White fragrant BO 

Azalea Oalifornica Azalea, Californian 2 00 

Azalea aurantiaca Azalea, Orange-colored 100 

Azalea Belgica Azalea, Belgic, splendid varieties 75 to 1 0(t 

Azalea Pontica Azalea, Pontic Yellow 60 

Azalea do Azalea, Pontic, 6 fine varieties 75 

Baccharis halimifolia Snow-drift tree 50 

Berberis nepalensis Berberry, Nepal 25 

Berberis purpurea Berberry, purple foliage 50 

Berberis waLlichiana Berberry, Wallich's 25 

N. B. — See other Species, among Fruits and Evergreen Shrubs. 

Borya ligustrina Borya, Privet leaved 60 

Buddlea Lindleyana .Buddlea, Lindley's 25 

Callicarpa japonica Oallicarpa, Japan 50 

Calycanthus laevigatas Sweet-scented Shrub, purple 25 to 50 

Cal yean thus floridus Sweet-scented shrub, Downy-leaved Red 25 

Calycanthus Glaucus Glaucous-leaved Red 25 

Calycanthus pennsylvanicus , Pennsylvanian Purple 38 

Calycanthus praecox Earliest Flower of Spring 25 to 50 

Calycanthus semperflorens Frequent flowering 75 

Calycanthus viridiflorus Green Flowering. . 1 00 

Calycanthus macrophyllus Californian large, twice blooming 50 

Caragana arborescens Siberian Pea tree 50 

Caragana chamlagu Caragana, Chinese SO 

Caragana grandiflora Caragana, Great Flowered 25 

Ceanothus Americanus New Jersey tea 25 

Cephalanthus occidentalis White Globe flower 25 

Cercis japonica Judas tree, Japan, splendid 1 00 to 2 00 

Cercis variegata Judas tree, variegated leaved 2 00 

Chimonanthus fragrans Japan Alspice BOc. to 1 00 

Clerodendron Bungeana Clerodendron, Chinese, beautiful, new 

Clerodendron Kempferii Clerodendron, Japan, beautiful, new. . . 

Clethra alnifolia, Clethra, Fragrant 

Clethra acuminata Clethra, Acuminate leaved 

Colutea arborescens Bladder Senna, Yellow 

Colutea cruenta Bladder Senna, Oriental Red 

Corchorus, see Kerria » 

Coriaria myrtifolia Coriaria, Myrtle leaved, beautiful foliage 

Cornus sanguinea Dogwood, Red twig 

Cornus stricta, variegata Dogwood, Silver-striped 

Cornus mascula Cornelian Cherry, Scarlet 

Cornus fructu lutea Cornelian Cherry, Golden 

CoroniUa emerus Scorpion Senna 

Cotoneaster acuminata Cotoneaster, Acuminate 

Cotoneaster affinis Cotoneaster, Affinite 

Crataegus oxycantha Hawthorn, English 

Crataegus, alba pleno Hawthorn, Double white ♦ 

Crataegus, rubra pleno Hawthorn, Double crimson 

The two above are most beautiful. No garden should be without them. 

Crataegus, monogyna rosea Hawthorn, Fink 

Crataegus, punicea Hawthorn, Crimson 

Crataegus, variegata Hawthorn, Variegated leaved 

Cydonia (Pyrus) Japonica Quince, Japan scarlet flowering. . . 

Cydonia alba Quince, Japan white or blush 

Cydonia umbicillata rosea Quince, Japan roseate, many fruit . 

Cydonia atrosanguinea. Quince, Japan crimson 

1 00 

] 00 














50 to 75 


50 to 75 

50 to 75 


38 to 50 


1 00 

1 CO 



Botanical Name. 

Common Name. 

Cydonia aurantiaca Quince, Japan orange 

Cydonia rubra pleno Quince, Japan Double scarlet 

Cytisus capitatua .Cytisus, Cluster flowered 

Cytisus sessilifolius Cytisus, Sessile leaved 

Cytisus scoparius Scotch Broom 

Daphne mesereum Mezereon, Pink. % 

Daphne cneorum Mezereon, fragrant 

Deutzia corynibosa Deutzia, Corymbose 

Deutzia canescens. Deutzia, Hoary-leaved 

Deutzia crenata Deutzia, Crenate-leaved 

Deutzia virgata Deutzia, Twiggy 

Deutzia gracilis Deutzia, Graceful, neat 

Deutzia scabra Deutzia, Scabrous, beautiful 

Diervilla lutea .Honeysuckle, Acadian 

Dirca palustris Leatherwood 

Eleagnus Japonicus Japan Oleaster 

Euonymus Americanus Strawberry Tree, American Red. . . . 

Euonymus atropurpureus Strawberry Tree, Crimson fruited 

Euonymus Europeus Strawberry Tree, European Scarlet 

Euonymus ardens Strawberry Tree, Bright Scarlet 

Euonymus fructu albo Strawberry Tree, White fruited 

Euonymus atrorubens Strawberry Tree, Deep Red fruited 

Euonymus pallidua Strawberry Tree, Pink fruited 

Euonymus purpureus Strawberry Tree, Purple fruited 

Euonymus nanus Strawberry Tree, Dwarf, Red fruit 

Euonymus latifolius Strawberry Tree,Broad-leaved,large fruit 

Euonymus hamiltonius Strawberry Tree, Deep Crimson 

Euonymus linifolius Flax-leaved 

Euonymus sarmentosus .*. . . .Strawberry Tree, Dwarf trailing 

Euonymus verrucosus Strawberry Tree, Warted barked 

Euonymus pendula Strawberry Tre«, Weeping 

Porsythia viridissima Japan Golden Bell, or Trinket flower. . 

Forsythia suspensa Forsythia, Drooping Yellow. . . . , 

Fothergilla alnifolia Fothergilla, Fragrant 

Genista tiuctoria Broom, Dyer's 

Genista fore pleno Broom, Double Dyer's. 

Gordoiiia pobescens Frankiinia 

Halesia tetraptera Silver Bell, or Snowdrop Tree 

Helesia grandiflora Silver Bell, Great flowered 

Halesia parviflora Silver Bell, Small flowered 

Halesia rosea Silver Bell, Rose tinted 

Halesia diptcra Silver Bell, Two winged 

Helianthemum appeninum Helianthemum, Appeuine 

Hibiscus svriacus Althea frutex, or Roue of Sharon. . . 

Hibiscus, bi'color Althea frutex, Single \Vhite,crims.centre 

Hibiscus'«Z6us Althea frutex, Single, pure white 

NOTE. — The following are all double Flowering. 

Hibiscus albo pleno Althea frutex, White 

Hibiscus niveo pleno Althea frutex, Snowy white 

Hibiscus rubro pleno Althea frutex, Red 

Hibiscus ardens Althea frutex, Bright red 

Hibiscus rosea Althea frutex, Roseate 

Hibiscus ceruleseens.. „ Althea frutex, Blue 

Hibiscus ceruleo-compacta Althea frutex, Blue Anemone 

Hibiscus bicolor Althea frutex, Pleasant-eyed 

Hibiscus albo-varieg Althea frutex, White striped 

Hibiscus rosea-varieg Althea frutex, Roseate striped 

Hibiscus speciosa Althea frutex, Carnation striped 

Hibiscus atrorubens Althea frutex, Crimson shaded 

Hibiscus ceruleo purpureo. Althea frutex, Bluish purple 

nibiscus picta Althea frutex, Semi-double Painted Lady 

Hibiscus rubro fol. aureis Double red, gold striped leaves 

Hibiscus folio variegato Althea frutex, Variegated leaved 

If, B. — The above, with only four exceptions, will withstand the Northern 

1 50 




25 to 50 


50 to 1 00 



25 to 50 
















25 to 50 

1 00 

25 to 50 



] 00 






1 00 

25 to 50 

1 00 


1 00 

1 00 




25 to 50 


25 to 50 
















Botanical Name. Common Nam.'. Trice. 

Hippophae argentea Missouri Silver Leaf. 75 

Hippophae rhamnoides Sec Buckthoria 38 

Hydrangea arborescens Bydrangea, W 1 > i i « • 38 

Hydrangea hortensis Bydrangea, Blue and Pfnk 25 

Hydrangea variegatq Hydrangea, Striped leaved 50 

Hydrangea japonica Hydiangea, Japan blue 30 

Hydrangea quercifolia Bydrangea, < lak-leaved 50 

Hydrangea radiata Hydrangea, Ray flowered 26 

Hypericum Kalimantan St. John's wort, Kalmi's 26 

Ilex prinoides Deciduous Holly 75 

Itea virginica Virginian [tea 25 

Indigofera decora Indigo, JirUiiant r >(i 

Indigofera dosua Indigo, Dosua . . . 1 oo 

Jasminum fruticans Jasmin, Large leaved yellow 35 

Jasminum humile Jasmin, Italian small-leaved 35 

Kerria, or Corchorus Ccrchorus, Yellow 20 

Lagerstrcemia indica Crape Myrtle, Pink 50 

Lagerstroemia purpurea Crape Myrtle Purple 50 

Lagerstroernia corallina Crape Myrtle, Splendid Coral 150 

JLigustrum italicum Privet, Italian, sub-evergreen 25 

Ligustrum variegatum Privet, Striped-leaved 38 

Ligustrum japonicum Privet, Japan LaureHeaved 50 

Lycium Carolinianum Lycium, Carolina 1 00 

Lonicera alpigena Upright Honeysuckle 25 

Lonicera alpina Alpine black -berried 50 

Lonicera caucasia Oriental, or Caucasian white 50 

Lonicera cerulea Blue-berried 38 

Lonicera Ledebourii Californian yellow & red, very peculiar. 25 

Lonicera occidentale Occidental 60 

Lonicera Sibirica lutea Siberian yellow, very beautiful 75 

Lonicera tartarica Tartarian, early red 25 

Lonicera albiflora Tartarian early white 25 

Lonicera grandifiora Tartarian bright red, va'gated, splendid. 50 

Lonicera solonis American yellow 50 

Lonicera Xylosteum. English Ply 25 

Magnolia gracilis Magnolia, Japan purple, twice flovver- 

1 00 

Magnolia obovata Magnolia, Chinese purple and white 

blooms twice 75 

Magnolia Thompsoniana Magnolia, Thompson's large white 2 to 3 00 

Pceonia arborea, see Tree Pceonies, under distinct head. 

Pavia macrostachya Chestnut, Dwarf white 50 

Pavia JJorepleno Chestnut, Double flowering Dwarf. .... 2 00 

Philadelpnus coronarius Syringa, European fragrant 25 

Philadelphia multiplex Syringa, Double flowered 35 to ' 50 

Philadelphus Gordonianus Syringa, Gordon's Oregon *. 25 to 38 

Philadelphus grandiflorus Syringa, Garland, large flowers 25 

Philadelphus gracilis Syringa, slender branched 38 

Philadelphus nana Syringa, Dwarf 25 

Philadelphus Sartmanianus Syringa, Japan, new 50 

Philadelphus inodorus Syringa, Scentless 25 

PotentiUa fruticosa Cinquefoil, Shrubby 25 

Potentilla floribunda Cinquefoil, Profuse flowered 50 

Prinoa verticillatos Winterberry, Scarlet 25 

Primus nigra, pleno Sloe, Double flowering 50 

Ptelia trifoliata Hop Tree 35 

Pyrus Japonica, see Cyd'.nia 

Rhamnus catharticus Buckthorn, Purging 25 

Rhamnus Carolinus Buckthorn, Carolina, beautiful 1 00 

Ribes alpinum Currant, Alpine, scarlet fruited 50 

Ribes aureum Currant, Golden 25 

Ribes Gordonianum Currant, Gordon's orange and scarlet. . . 25 

Ribes sanguineum Currant, Scarlet flowering 25 


Botanical Xamo. Common Xame. Price . 

IVibes fore pleno Currant, Double flowering 1 00 

Kilos tonuifolium Currant, Yellow fruited 50 

X. B. — For other Species, see " Currants." 

Robinia hispida Acacia, Rose 26 

Rdbinia macrophyUa Acacia, Weeping rose 50 

Rubus cuneifolius Bramble, Cuneiform 50 

Rubus nootkanus Raspberry, Snowy 50 

Rabus odoratus Raspbeny, Purple flowered ' lt> 

Rubus rosaefolius Raspberry, Chinese Double white 38 

Rubus spectabilis Raspberry, Showy purple 50 

N. B. — For other Species, see Vines and Creepers. 

Salix, see Osiers Willow, see Osiers. 

Sambucus lasciniatus Elder, Cut-leaved 25 

Sambucus nigra Elder, Black 25 

Shepherdia argentea Shepherdia, Silvery 50 

Spartium, see Cytisus and Genista. 

Spiraea amssna Spiraea, Select cluster, white 50 

Spiraea arisefolia vel sinensis Sph-aa, Aria-leaved white 50 

Spiraea argentea Spiraea, Silvery-leaved 88 

Spiraea bella Spiraea, Chinese dwarf, pink 30 

Spiraa Billardieri Spiraa, Billard's bright rosy 1 00 

Spiraea callosa vel Fortunei Spiraea, Chinese pink panicled 30 to 50 

Spiraa candicans Spiraa, Hoary 50 

Spiraea cnanKedrifolia Spiraa, White Germander 25 

Spiraa corymbosa Spiraa, Corymbose white 20 

Spiraa crenata Spiraa, White crenate-leaved 25 

Spiraa daurica Spiraa, Daurian 50 

Spiraa Douglassii Spiraa, Douglass' fine red 25 to 38 

Spiraea eximia Spiraa, California pink, beautiful 75 

Spiraa flexuosa Spiraa, Flexile 50 

Spiraa Hookerii Spiraa, Hooker's new 1 00 

Spiraa hypericifolia Spiraa, Hypericum-leaved 25 

Spiraa laevigata Spiraa, Siberian dwarf white 50 

Spiraea Lindleyana Spiraa, Lindley's white 25 

Spiraa nikandertii Spiraa, Nikandert's white wreath 50 

Spiraa oblongifolia Spiraa, Long-leaved 60 

Spiraa opulifolia Spiraa, Guelder Rose 25 

Spiraa fol. luteis Spiraa, Guelder Rose, yellow leaves. . . 50 

Spiraa ovata Spiraa, Californian white 50 

Spiraa paniculate alba Spiraa, White, panicled 25 

Spiraea paniculate rosea Spiraa, Rose-panicled 25 

Spiraa prunifolia pleno Spiraa, Japan double white 25 

Spiraea Keevesiana Spiraea, Reeve's Chinese white, beautiful 25 

Spiraa Reevesiana pleno Spiraa, Reeve's Chinese double white. . 25 to 38 

Spiraea salicifolia alba Spiraa, Willow-leaved white 25 

Spiraa salicifolia rosea Spiraa, Wil. l'ved, deep pink, dense spike 25 

Spiraea salicifolia incarnata Spiraa, Blush pink 25 

Spiraea sorbifolia .* Spiraa, Sorb-leaved cluster 25 

Spiraea tomentosa Spiraa, Downy red spiked v . . 20 

Spiraea trilobate Spiraa, Three-lobe leaved BO 

Spiraea ulmifolia Spiraea, Fhn-leaved white 20 

Spiraea vaccinifolia Spiraa, Vaccinium-leaved 50 

Staphylea trifolia Bladdernut, Trinket flower 80 

Staphylea pinnate Bladdernut, Pinnated - 50 

Stuartia malacodendron Stewartia, Virginian 2 00 

Stuartia pentegynia Stewartia, Maryland 75 

Symphoria racemosa Snowberry 20 

Symphoria glauca Snowberry, Dwarf 50 

imerata Indian Currant 20 

ria variegate Indian Currant, Variegated 

Syringa vulgaris ceruleo Lilac, Purple or blue 

Syringa •purpurea pleno Lilac, Double purple 

S\ ringa rvbro Lilac, Marly Hybrid, or Purple 25 

Syringa alio Lilac, Large white 25 to 50 

Syringa Oaroli A Lilac, Charles X., fine large purple. ... 50 

1 00 


Botanical Name. Common Name. I'rice 

Syringa grand tflora Lilac, Large purple 25 

Syringa Persica Lilac, Persian purple 25 to 38 

Syringa albo-ccrulco vel bicolor Lilac, Persian Mush white, or Bicolor. . 50 

Syringa lasciniata Lilac, Persian cut-leaved 50 

Syringa Chinensis Lilac, Ofaineae bluish purple 25 

Syringa Emodii Lilac, Nepal 50 

Tamarix gallica Tamarisk, French 25 

Tamarix germanica Tamarisk, German 25 

Tamarix Africana Tamarisk, Algiers Red flowering 25 

Tamarix indica Tamarisk, India, Red flowering 50 

Viburnum opulus Snowball 25 to 50 

Viburnum lantana Wayfaring tree 25 

Viburnum oxycoccus Cranberry tree 25 

Viburnum prunifolium Viburnum, Snowy cluster 25 

Weigela rosea Weigela, Chinese rosy 25 

Weigela amabilis, or Corseensis Weigela, Chinese pink, twice flowering. 25 

Weigela splendens Weigela, Japan pale yellow 75 

Weigela lutea Weigela, Acadian yellow 50 

Weigela Middendorfiana Weigela, Middendorf 's splendid 1 00 

Weigela variegata Weigela, Variegated 1 00 

Xanthorhiza apiifolia Xanthorhiza, Parsley-leaved 25 

Xylofiteum — see Loniccra. 


Ampelopsis hederacea Virginia Creeper 25 

Ampelopsis bipinnata Bipinnate-leaved Creeper, delicate foliage 50 

Ampelopsis Roylei Royle's Creeper 75 

Ampelopsis tricolor Tricolor-leaved, beautiful, curious 50 

Apios (Glycine) tuberosa Purple Cluster Glycine (Herbaceous). . . 25 

Aristolochia sipho Dutchman's Pipe vine 50 

Aristolochia tomentosa (pubescens). . . Downy-leaved Pipe vine 50 

Asclepias nigra SwaUowwort, Black-flowered (Her- 
baceous) 38 

Atragene alpina Atragene, Alpine pale blue 1 00 

Atragene Americana , Atragene, American deep blue 50 

Berchemia vcl zizyphus volubilis. . .Berchemia, Twining, beautiful 1 00 

Bignonia radicans Trumpet-flower, Scarlet 20 

Bignonia coccinea vel prcecox Trumpet-flower, Red 30 

Bignonia flava speciosa Trumpet-flower, Golden or Superb scar- 
let 50 

Bignonia grandiflora Trumpet-flower, Chinese large Orange- 
colored 25 to 50 

Bignonia atrosanguinea vel -purpurea. Trumpet-flower, Chinese deep crimson . 50 

Bignonia aurantia ' Prince's Orange-colored hybrid 75 

Bignonia Princei Trumpet-flower, Prince's deep Scarlet 

Hybrid 75 

Bignonia alba Trumpet-flower, White-flowering 75 

Brachybotria rosea Glycine, Pale violet 1 00 

Celastrus scandens Bittersweet, American 20 

Calystegia pubescens Convolvulus, Rose and white striped. 50 

Calystegia pubescens pleno Convolvulus, Double Pink 25 

Clematis Azurea grandiflora Virgin's Bower, Japan large blue 50 

Clematis campaniflora Virgin's Bower, White bell-flowered. . . 50 

Clematis cerulea odorata .Virgin's Bower, Japan fragrant blue. . . 1 00 

Clematis flammula Virgin's Bower, Vanilla-scented Ever- 
green, very vigorous, exquisite odor. 25 to 50 

^Clematis Hartwegi, vel Ancmajflora Virgin's Bower, California large white, . 50 

*Clematis Hcndersoni Virgin's Bower, Henderson's large red. 50 

*Clematis Sieboltii bicolor Virgin's Bower, Siebolt's Japan bicolor. 75 

*Clematis viorna Virgin's Bower, Reflexed red 25 

*Clematis Viriniana .Virgin's Bower, Virginian white 25 

-Clematis vitalba Virgin's Bower, Traveller's Joy 38 

*Clematis viticella Virgin's Bower, Purple 30 



Botanical Name. Common Name. Price. 

*Cleniatis atrorubens Virgin's Bower, Dark red 50 

*Clematis cerulca Virgin's Bower, Blue 50 

*Clematis pulchella Virgin's Bower, Bright pink 50 

*Clematis rubra Virgin's Bower, Reel flowered SO 

The two following species are not Climbers. 

Clematis erecta Alpine Upright White 25 

Clematis integrifolia Hungarian Upright Blue '25 

Cocculus Carolinus Carolinian Cocculus 75 

Dioscorea Batatas. Chinese Potato ' 50 

Echites difformis Statutes, Twining 50 

Convolvulus panduratus Convolvulus, large white (herbaceous) 50 

Convolvulus /fore pleno Convolvulus, Double white " 15 

Convolvulus Europcus albus Convolvulus, European white " . 50 

Convolvulus dahuriea Convolvulus dahuriau, " . 50 

Glycine. (See "Wistaria.) 

Gonolobium laeve Twining Gonolobium, (herbaceous). ... 38 

Hedera. (See Evergreen Climbers.) Ivy. 

Humulus lupulus Hop vine 20 

Jasminum officinale Jasmine, White flowering Officinal. . . . 20 

Ditto, larger size 50 

Kadsura Japonica Kadsura, Japan yellow. . ." 50 

Kadsura reticulata Kadsura, Netted 1 50 

Lonicera, as follows Honeysuckle. 

Caprifolium rubrum Early blush Italian 25 

Caprifolium album Early white Italian 50 

Caprifolium sempervirens Italian Evergreen 50 

Periclymenum English Woodbine 25 

Periclymcnum quern t'oliuin Oak leaved white 50 

Canadensis Canada straw-colored 25 

Glauca Glaucous leaved. 1~> 

Belgicum Striped monthly. 35 

Flavuin Yellowish Woodbine 50 

Etrusca Etruscan, or Tuscany 50 

Bouglassii, blooms in June Douglass' straw-colored, ovate-leaved. . 50 

Sempervirens Scarlet trumpet monthly 25 

Brownii Superb bright scarlet 35 

Flava, vel Fraseri Yellow trumpet monthly 35 

Parvitiora Small dark yellow 30 

Pubescens Pubescent orange-colored 35 

Flexuosa vel sinensis Chinese Evergreen monthly, fragrant. . 35 

Japonica, Villossissima alba Japan Evergreen, pure white flowers.. . 50 

Fragrantissima Chinese Fragrant, new 1 00 

Magnevillei Magneville's Chin'se white, blooms Ap'l . 50 

Romana Roman 50 

Splendida vel splendens Brilliant Scarlet i 30 to 50 

Villossissima Velvet Tuscan, white 38 

Fortunei Fortune's Chinese 1 00 

Lycium barbatum Box Thorn or Blue Jessamine 20 

Lycium Europeum Box Thorn, European scarlet berried. . 50 

MandevHlei suaveoleors Fragrant 50 

Menispernum Canadense Moonseed, Canadian 38 to 50 

Passiflora incarnata Passion flower, hardy blush 38 

Passiflora incarnata alba Passion flower, white. 50 

Passiflora palmata Passion flower, Purple palmate 50 

Passiflora cerulca , Passion flower, Blue flowered 35 

Periploca graeca Grecian silk vine 20 to 38 

Rosa (see Special Catalogue.) 

Snulax, tamnoides Smilax, Carolina 38 

Smilax peduncularis Smilax, Peduncled 38 

Vinoa, see Evergreen Climbers. 

Vitis odoratissima Grape, Mignonette scented 50 

For other Grapes, see Special Catalogue of Grapes. 

Wistaiia frutescens (Glycine). Wistaria, American purple 30 


Botanical Name, Common Jfame. 

Wistaria frutescens nivca Wistaria, Am. Snow-white, twice flow'ug 

Wistaria magnifica Wistaria, Magnificent American 

Wistaria floribunda vel pnrpurascens. . Wistaria, Large spiked cerulean, beau- 
tiful, blooms twice, most vigorous. . 

Wistaria sinensis Wistaria, Chinese large blue 

Ditto, largest si/.e 

Wistaria sinensis alba Wistaria, ( "liinese large white 

Wistaria brachypoda Wistaria, liraehvpoda 

Wistaria violacea Wistaria, Violet col'd, blooms twice. . . 

Wistaria brachybotria rosea Wistaria, Pale violet, blooms twice 








40 to 











Akebia quiuata Chinese, shining leaves, neat flowers. . . 50 

Bignonia crucigera (capreolata) Orange-colored Trumpet-flower 3 5to 50 

Dioclea glycinoides Scarlet Dioclea, (like Glycine) 1 00 

Gelseminum nitidum. Jasmine, Carolina J-ellow 25 to 38 

Hedera helix Ivy, European Evergreen 25 

'Hedera variegata argentea Ivy, Variegated-leaved 50 

Hedera Hibernica vel Canariensis. . . .Ivy, Irish, large foliage 25 to 35 

Hedera Hibernica striata Ivy, striped-leaved Irish 50 

Hedera arborescens Ivy, Tree or shrubby 50 

Jasminum fruticans Jasmine, broad-leaved yellow, 25 to 35 

Jasminum pubigerum (Wallichianum) Jasmine, Nepal yellow 25 to 50 

Jasminum humile Jasmin, Italian small-leaved 35 

Jasminum revolution Jasmine, Revolute, large yellow 35 

Lonicera flexuosa Honeysuckle, Chinese fragrant blush. 35 

Lonicera Japonica alba. Honeysuckle, Japan white 50 

Rubus lasciniatus Parsley-leaved Blackberry 50 

Rubus inermis Bramble, Thornless 50 

Rubus fruticosus plena Bramble, Double White 38 

Rubus bellediflorus plena Bramble, Double pink daisy -flowered, . . 50 

Ruscus racemosus ".Classic Laurel 1 00 

Ryncospermum Jasminoides Jasmine-leaved Ryncospermum 50 

Smilax tamnoides Smilax, Carolina, 50 

Stauntonia latifolia. Stauntonia, Broad-leaved, rapid 

growth 50 to 75 

Vinca minor Periwinkle, or Running Myrtle, 

blue »S 

Vinca cerulea plena Periwinkle, Double blue 50 

Vinca albiflora /Periwinkle, White-flowered 25 

Vinca punicea Periwinkle, Purple-flowering 38 

Vinca punicea plena Periwinkle, Double purple 5C 

Vinca cerulea variegata Periwinkle, Gold-striped, blue flowers. . 25 

Vinca variegata, alba. Periwinkle, Gold-striped, white flowers 50 

Vinca major Periwinkle, Broad-leaved, large flowers 50 

Vinca Magnificia Splendid variegated, large leaved 1 00 

N. B. The Vinca is an almost indispensable plant in cemetery lots, and will be 
sold at a reduced rate in quantity. Flourishes in sun or shade. 


Plants, $2 per dozen, and $12 per 100. Scions, $1 per 100, and $4 to $5 per 
1.000 ; and Salix viminalis in quantities of 25,000 or more, $2 to $2 50 per 1,000. No 
less than $1 worth will be supplied of any kind. N. B.— Directions for culture there- 



Alba, Bedford, or Fence Wil- 

Alba fsemina. 

Alba rnascula. 



Babylonica nigra. 

Beveridge, for hedge (a syn- 


( Japrea. 

Caprea variegata. 






Helix faMnina. 



Longskin (a synonym.) 



Purpurea, (see Rubra.) 


Rubra, or Purpurea. 

Rubra, or Purpurea rnascula. 




Triandra fsemiaa. 

Triandra rnascula. 

Viminalis fa'mina. 

Viminalis mascula. 



Vitellina, or Aurea. 


Besides those enumerated in the following list, we can supply specimens of a large 

number of the newest and most rare Evergreens, of which, however, our stock is still 


The prices affixed below are for fair-sized trees,, l 

Of most of the varieties, however, we can furnish extra large trees for immediate 

ornament for Parks, Lawns or Cemeteries, at proportionate prices, thus saving several 

years to the purchaser. 

Abies Alba . Spruce, White American, a fine con- 
trast to dark evergeens 75 

Do. 4 to 10 feet, at proportionate rates. 

Abies Argentea Spruce, White European, very beautiful 

Abies Brunoniana Spruce, Alpine Silvery Dwarf 

Abies Canadensis Spruce, Hemlock or weeping 

Do. 5 to 10 feet, at proportionate rates. 

Abies, Douglasii Spruce, Douglass' Californian 

Abies Excelsa Spruce, Norway 

Do. G to 15 ft., at proportionate prices. 

Abies Menziesii Spruce, Menzies' Oregon 

Abies Morinda (Smitbiana) Spruce, Himalaya 

Abies nigra Black or Double 

Abies orientalis Spruce, Oriental * 

A I lies rubra Spruce, Red or Double 

Araucaria Imbricate Chili Pine 

Araucaria Lanceolata Chinese lance-leaved pine 

Biotia. See Thuya. 

Cedrus Africanus viridis Cedar, African green, beautiful, most 

hardy, rapid growth 2 00 

Do., extra size, 3 to 12 ft., $1 per ft. 

Cedrus Deodara Cedar, Deodar Silverv foliage (75 cents 

afoot) ". 1 00 

Cedrus Deodara robusta Cedar, Robust Deodar • J 00 

Cedrus Libani Cedar of Lebanon ($1 foot), . : 4 2 00 

Cedrus Libani argentea Mount Atlas Silvery Cedar ($1 foot). . . 2 00 

Cephalotaxua Fortunei Fortune's Chinese Yew 50 to 2 00 

Cerasus Caroliuiana Wild Orange (tender) 50 to 75 

Cryptomeria Japonica (50 cts. per ft)Japan Weeping Cypress, very graceful . 50 to 1 00 

Cunninghamia sinensis . < 'hiness lanceolate Cunninghamia 2 00 

Cupreasus Ericoides Cypress, Death-leaved 50 to 1 00 

< hipreasua Funebris Cypress, Chinese funebral 50 to 1 50 

Cupressufl Thuysefolia Cypress, Thuya-leaved 1 00 

Cupressus Lawsoniana Cypress, Lawson's Californian 1 00 

CupresBua Pyramidalis Cypress, Pyramidal, beautiful 50 to 1 00 

Cupressus Thuyoides ' American white cedar 50 

Cupressus Thuyoides variegata Gold variegated cedar 3 00 

Ilex Opaca American Holly 50 

1 00 

2 00 


1 50 to 2 00 


2 00 



1 00 


2 00 

2 to 5 00 


Botanical Narao. Common Name. Price. 

Juniperus Communis Jumper, English 50 

Juniperus Communis pcndula Juniper, Weeping English 60 

Juniperus Cracovia. Juniper, Cracow dark green 50 

Juniperus Echinoformis Juniper, Echinoform 75 

Juniperus Ilibernica Juniper, Irish spiral, beautiful, exceed- 
ingly hardy 75 

Ditto, 6 to 8 feet, 50 cts. per foot. 

Juniperus Prostrata Juniper, Trailing 75 

Juniperus Sabina European Savin 50 

Juniperus Sabina variegata Variegated Savin, beautiful 75 

Juniperus Squamata Juniper, Scaly, 50 

Juniperus Suecica Juniper, Swedish, beautiful, hardy. ... 75 

Juniperus Tamariscifolia Juniper, Tamarisk-leaved Savin 75 

Juniperus* Virginiana Juniper, Red Cedar 25 

Libocedrus Libocedrus 2 00 

Magnolia grandiflora Great flowered Magnolia 50 to 2 00 

Picea Balsamea Balsam Fir 50 

Picea Cephalonica Cephaloniaff Fir 1 to 2 00 

Picea Nordmaniana Fir, or Spruce, Nordman's 4 00 

Picea Pectinata Fir, or Spruce, European Silver 76 

Picea Pichta — Sibirica Fir, or Spruce, Siberian 2 00 

Picea Pinsapo Fir, or Spruce, Mount Atlas 1 50 to 2 00 

Picea Webbiana (Spectabilis) Fir, or Spruce, Nepal purple-coned. ... 2 00 

Pinus Austriaca Pine, Austrian Black 50 

Pinus Benthamiana Pine, Bentham's Californian, splendid.. 75 

Tinus Calabriensis Pine, Calabrian, splendid 1 to 2 00 

Pinus Cembra Pine, Siberian Cembran, grows slow. . . 1 00 

Pinus Excelsa Pine, Bhotan Lofty.*. 1 to 2 00 

Pinus Laricio .« Pine, Corsican 75 

Pinus Mitis Pine, American yellow 50 

Pinus Mughus, or Pumilio Pine, Dwarf Mountain 75 

Pinus Pineaster Pine, Cluster coned 75 to 1 00 

Pinus Strobus Pine, White or Weymouth 50 

Pinus Sylvestris Pine, Scotch pine or fir 50 

Podocarpus Japonica Japan Yew 1 50 

Podocarpus Macrophylla Japan Yew, Large-leaved 1 00 

Retinospora ericoides Retinospora, Heath-leaved 50 to 1 00 

Taxodium Horsfalliae Yew-leaved Cypress, Horsfall's 2 00 

Taxodium Sempervirens Californian red wood 50 to 1 00 

larger size $2. 

Taxus adpressa Yew, Japan dark green 1 00 

Taxus Baccata Yew, English, 3 to 6 feet, $1 per foot. 60 to 75 

Taxus Dovastonii pendula Yew, Weeping 1 00 

Taxus Elegantissima Yew, Gold striped 1 00 

Taxus Erecta, or Stricta Yew, Erect. 1 00 

Taxus Ericoides Yew, Heath-leaved. 1 00 

Taxus Hibernica fastigiata Yew, Irish spiral, 2 to 4 feet, $1 per ft. 50 to 76 

N. B. The darkness of its foliage and its slow growth render this the most valuable 
of all evergreens for cemeteries. 

Thuya Aurea Arbor Vitae, Gold-tipped, beautiful. ... 75 to 1 00 

Thuya Hybrida Arbor Vitae, Hybrid 100 

Thuya Nepalensis — Tartarica Arbor Vitae, Nepal, or Tartarian 60 to 75 

Thuya Occidentalis Arbor Vitae, American 50 

Ditto, extra large and fine, 5 to 10 ft. $1 to $3. 

Thuya Orientalis Arbor Vitae, Chinese 50 

Thuya Pendula filiformis Arbor Vitae, Weeping-thready. . , 1 00 

Thuya Plicata Arbor Vitae, Plaited-leaved 75 

Thuya Sibirica Arbor Vitae, Siberian compact, hardy. . 75 

Ditto, 4 to 7 feet 1 to 2 50 

Torreya Nucifera Torreya, Nut-bearing 2 00 

Torreya Taxifolia Torreya, Yew-leaved 1 00 

Washingtonia, or Sequoia Gigantea . Great California tree 2 00 



N. B. — Extra large Shrubs can be supplied of many kinds, at proportionate rates. 
jVote. — Those which require to be protected in this latitude during the winter, by a 
covering of.straw, are designated by an asterisk *. 

Botanical Name. Common Name. Prica* 

Andromeda Axillaris major Andromeda, Axillary flowered.... &1 00 

Andromeda Floribunda Andromeda, Profuse flowered 1 00 

♦Arbutus unedo Evergreen Strawberry Tree 75 

Ardisia Japonica, or Serrulata, hardy Ardisia, Japan ' 40 

Aucuba Japonica Japan Gold-dust tree (larger $1 to $1 50). 50 

Berberis Aruacensis Berberry, Aruacensis B 00 

Berberis Dulcis Sweet-fruited Berberry 30 

Buxus Angustifolia TreefSox, Narrow-leaved 50 to 1 00 

Buxus Latifolia Tree Box, Broad-leaved 60 to 1 00 

Buxus Myrtifolia Tree Box, Myrtle-leaved 1 00 

Buxus Argentea variegata Tree Box, Silver-striped 50 to 1 00 

Buxus Aurea marginata Tree Box, Gold-edged 1 00 

N. B. — Plants of the 5 above varieties, 2 to 6 feet, $1 to $8. 

Buxus Balearica Tree Box, Minorca 1 00 

Buxus Glauca Tree Box, Glaucous leaved 50 

Buxus Thymifolia Tree Box, Thyme-leaved 75 

Buxus Suffruticosa .' . . . Dwarf Box, for borders. See page 25 

Cerasus Laurocera3ua. English Laurel, w 50 

Cerasus Lusitanica Portugal Laurel 50- 

*Cleyera Japonica Japan Cleycra 1 50 

Ootoneaster Buxifolia Cotoneaster. Box-leaved 50 

Cotoneaster Rotundifolia Cotoneaster, Round-leaved 50 

Cotoneaster Microphylla and others. .Small-leaved Cotoneaster 50 

Crataegus Pyracantha Fiery Thorn 50 

*Daphne Indica Daphne, Chinese fragrant 50 

*Daphne Argentea Daphne, Silver-striped, red-flowered.. 75 

Daphne Cneorum Daphne, fragrant, hardy 50 to 1 00 

Eleagnus Crispa Oleaster, or Wild Olive, Curl -leaved... 1 00 

Eleagnus Argentea Oleaster, Silvery-leaved 50 

Erica Vulgaris, &c Scotch Heather, varieties 50 

Eriobotrya Japonica. Japan Medlar, splendid foliage 50 to 1 00 

Euonymus Japonicus Euonymus, Japan green 25 to 35 

Euonymus* Argentea Euonymus, Japan Silver-striped 25 to 35 

Euonymus Aurea Euonymus, Japan Gold-striped 50 

Euonymus Europeus nanus.. Euonymus, Dwarf. 50 

Hedera arborescens Tree Ivy 

Helianthemum apeninum Helianthemum, Alpine 50 

Ilex Aquifolium Holly, European 60 to 1 0q 

Ilex Argentea Holly, Silver-striped 1 00 

Ilex Aurea Holly, Gold-striped 1 00 

Ilex Balearica Holly, Minorca large leaved, beautiful. 1 00 to 1 50 

Ilex, other varieties ' 75 to 3 00 

*Illicium floridanum Aniseed Tree, Purple-flowered 1 00 

*Illicium Japonicum Aniseed Tree, Japan Yellow 1 00 

Juniperus Juniper, see Evergreen Trees 50 

Kalmia latifolia Laurel, American 60 

Kalmia latifolia Nivea Laurel, Snow white 2 00 

Kalmia angustifolia Laurel, Narrow-leaved 

*Laurus regalis Laurel, Californian Bay, fragrant 1 00 

*Laurus Nobilis Laurel, Sweet Bay, or Apollo's Laurel.. ?5 to 1 00 

Lavendula spica Lavendar 

Leycesteria formosa. Showy Leycesteria 60 

Ligustrum italicum (sempervirens).Privet, Evergreen 25 

*Ugustrum Japonicum Privet, Chinese 60 


N. B. — The following is a most beautiful and unique family of Evergreens, with 
profuse clusters of spring flowers. Extra size plants, $2 to $3. 

Botanical Name. Common Name. Price 

Mahonia Aquifolia Mahonia, Holly-leaved , 

Mahonia Diversifolia Mahonia, Diverse-leaved 

Mahonia Fascieularis. Mahonia, Californian Shining-leaved. . 

Mahonia Fortunei Mahonia, Fortune's Chinese 

Mahonia Intermedia Mahonia, Intermediate 

Mahonia Repens Mahonia, Creeping rooted 

Myrica cerifera Wax Myrtle, fragrant 

Olea fragrnns Olive, Chinese Fragrant 

Photinia Californica. . . „ Photinia, Californian Laurel-leaved. . 

Photinia dentata Photinia, Dentate-leaved 

Photinia Serrulata Photinia, Glossy dark leaved 

*Phillyrea angustifolia Phillyrea, Narrow-leaved 

*Phillyria Media Phillyrea, Intermediate 

*Pittosporum tobira Pittosporum, Chinese Fragrant 

*Pittosporum tobira variegata Pittosporum, Chinese striped 

Quercus Ilex Oak, English Evergreen 

Rhamnus Alaturnus Broad -leaved Alaturnus , 

Rhododendron Catawbiense Rose Bay,. C&tawba 

Rhododendron Maximum roseum Rose Bay, American , 

Rhododendron Pontieum Rose Bay, Pontic (varieties) 

Rosmarinus officinalis Rosemary 

Ruscus aculeatus Butcher's Broom, singular , 

Ruta graveolens Rue, herb 

Skimmia Japonica. , Japan Skimmia , 

Spartium scoparium Scotch Broom, (large 50 to $1) , 

Ulex Europeus, pleno Double Whin, or Furze 

*Viburnum tinus Laurustinus 

*Viburnum Japonicum Viburnum, Japan , 

*Viburnum Lucidum Viburnum, Shining-leaved , 

Yucca Angustifolia Adam's Needle, Narrow-leaved 

Yucca Filamentosa Adam's Needle, Thready-leaved 

Yucca Flaccida Adam's Needle, Profuse-flowered , 

Yucca Gloriosa Adam's Needle, Erect 

35 to 60 

1 00 

35 to 50 

1 00 

1 00 



38 to 1 00 

2 00 

1 00 

1 00 





1 00 

1 00 

1 00 

1 00 

1 00 




2 00 






1 00 

25 to 50 


50 to 1 0q 


A ppecial Descriptive Catalogue is published of our unrivalled collection of this 
magnificent class of Flowers, comprising about 125 varieties of Tree Paeonie3, and 250 
varieties of Herbaceous Pajonies. 


Of this class of Flowers, so indispensable to every garden, in order to impart 
beauty in the early spring, our collection is very large. Not only do we import largely 
every year, but the assortment of Bulbs grown in our own gardens is very extensive. 
A separate special Catalogue of Bulbs (No. 9) will be sent to applicants. All choice 
varieties of the following species can be supplied at very low rates :— Hyacinths, Tulips, 
Japan and all other Lilies of 70 species and varieties, Crown Imperials, Fritillaries, 
Bulbocodium, Jonquils, Polyanthus Narcissus, Double and Single Narcissus, Crocus, 
Gladiolus, Snowdrop, Snowflake, Iris, Ornithogalum, Scilla, Allium, Ranunculus, Ane- 
mone, Cyclamen, Amaryllis, Ixia, Lachenalia, Zephyranthes, Oxalis, Gladiolus, 
Antholyza, Alstrameria, Arum, Colchicum, Brunsvigia, Calochortus, Crinum, Dens 
Canis, Feraria, Haemanthus, Pancratium, Tuberose, &c, &c. Select Roots of Hya- 
cinths and other Bulbs, suitable for winter blooming in the house, can also be supplied. 



We have made this lovely Family of Flowers a speciality, and have concentrated 
above 150 named varieties from England, Frauce and Belgium, of which we will send 
a Written Catalogue of them to amateurs who may desire it. 


Of this class of plants our collection is very rich and extensive, and new acquisi- 
tions are frequent and numerous. Our present collection comprises not only all those 
usually found in other Catalogues, but many rare species and varieties which are not in 
any other American collection, all of which will be supplied at the lowest rates. The 
assortments of the following are very extensive : — Carnations, Picotees, Phlox, Iris, 
Chrysanthemum, Verbena, Hemerocallis, Double Hollyhock, Polyanthus, Primrose, 
Cowslip, Auricula, Daisies, Funkia, Lychnis, Pansies, Hibiscus, Ledum, &c. 


A very extensive and select assortment of the most rare and beautiful species, 
many of which are entirely new. 


Assortments of the Camellia Japonica, Chinese Azalea, Fuchsia, Geranium, Achi- 
menes, Nerium, Cineraria, Myrtle, Orange, Lemon, Citron, Acacia, Calceolaria, Passi- 
flora, Gloxinia, Gladiolus, Amaryllis, Cactus, Erica, and of all other desirable genera, 
will be supplied at the lowest rates. 


Apple, Pear, Peach, Cherry, Plum, Apricot, Quince, Grape and other Fruit Seeds, 
can be supplied in quantities. Also Seeds of Pines, Spruces and many other Ever- 
green Trees, and of many Deciduous Trees and Shrubs, and Flowering Plants. We have 
during the past year supplied the United States Department of Agriculture with a quantity 
of Tree Seeds, for the use of our Ministers and Consuls abroad. Orders for any of 
the3e should be given, if possible, in advance of the season for obtaining them. 


Collections of Seeds of American Forest Trees and Shrubs, and of rare and beau- 
tiful American Plants, will be supplied, suitable to send to Europe and other couutries. 

P R E V A K. ii 

at all times sell as low and many articles lower than they can be obtained elsewhere, of equal 
size and quah ty. ./ , e Eztra-Large sized Trees, which are in a bearing state, have required 
"'" } yea s to brin 6 l,,cm to t1 "'"- Pwaenl size, and «,v *„,./i „, can seldom be ohm;,, J els*- 
where, and an, worthy of the special attention of those who desire Fruit Trees for i ■ mediate 
VZ''1' J ' 5? n 7 man y y ears a™ gained in the planting of Orchards and Gardens. Tl, I 

Large sued Ornamental Trees and Shrubbery, including Large sized Evergreen are worthy 

She? Ground "Si** ° f %? Wh ° **» * * »^ ^eUis! their Lawns, RSSJ3 

other Grounds and ma ,v of them are especially adapted to Cemeteries. None ol the Apples 
Xtice lewlSe? U,t Tl ' CCS ' ai '° grafted °" 1 ' i " c " s of roots ' as hafl been »consideratel>the 
covc^o Z\!rY J iS CU8t ° ma 7 t a, i d necessary in the western Nurseries of our State, 

wo w ti o " i r ol i t ^°r ds / itb ^, ppIe Tn " s and other common Fi " i,s ; but » ^■ c ° rd - 

a ovMth the general demands of our Correspondents, we embrace an assortment very en- 

:t,T eiCI " ; "\ U W £! ""gently be seen that of Ornamental Trees and Flow- 

,7f v , ' l ;: , ' , '- , '. e " ns - Roaes, Climbers, Bulbous Flowers, and Herbaceous Flowering Plants 

somTd^r^ hl the FlushiD S Nurseries and 

^■Sw2lSfi?S^ i ir i > heW aU(l risin - Statea of the Xor,h a,ld West, should 
shoul 1 o , r° 6 d iTl ed by presentations emanating from interested sources, but 
perfect ™^^ Long Island Nurseries to iheir 

mnn Packi »s»»* SWpping.-All trees, &c, are labelled and packed in a superior 
manner, in matted bales or boxes, so that it is scarcely possible that any can be in- 
jured j and we charge for the packing barely the actual cost. We feel assured that we 
Sln^, era m °l e , than ten P er cetlt - b y our superior packing, by which even the 
smallest articles go safely. The cost of packing an ordinary bundle is 75 cents ; those 
ot extra size, or quite small, in proportion. We ship the packages, or send them by 
railroad I ransportation Lines, or Express, precisely as ordered ; but it is to be dis- 
WoS >r ?° d ' tbat a^r bei "g correctly labelled and shipped by us, they are at the 
risk of the purchaser, and the forwarders alone are to be held responsible therefor. Per- 
sons ordering are requested to give explicit directions as to the route by which they 
Zlt «?r g ° 0, J 3 forwarded i ™« ^ the place of their residence is not a Railroad or Ex- 
press btation, to name the nearest Station to them, and mention some person at such 
btation to whom the goods can be consigned. Remittances may be made by Check or 
JJralt ; but if United btates Notes are sent, they should be forwarded by Express, and 
the Agent s receipt therefor be sent to us. F 

„« °r d 1 e ff !°T Tr , ees » &c.-Orders should be sent direct to us, and it is particularly 
requested that they be sent as early ia the season as practicable, that the greater at- 
tention and care may be given to their execution. It is indispensable that every order 
be plainly and regularly made out, naming the edition of the Catalogue selected from, 
and also that plain directions, stating how the packages are to be marked and forwarded, 
should immediately follow the order, and that these be entirely distinct from the letter It 
is also necessary to state in the orders for Fruit Trees, whether Standards or Dwarfs are 
wanted, and on what stock each kind is preferred. When any variation is allowed as 
to the precise kinds, by substituting others equally good or better, or when the selec- 
tion ot all or part of the varieties is left to us, we will exercise our judgment for the 
interest ot the purchaser ; and we cultivate none but the choicest varieties. If an error 
one" 7 0CCU1 '' W<3 deS ' re t0 be P rom P t] y notified, that it may be rectified at 

Specimen Trees.-Whenever specimen Trees are ordered by any Nurseryman or 
other person, they will be charged at tho retail prices without discount, the extra time 
required to make such selections being important to us, and their accuracy of vital im- 
portance to the purchaser. In fact, many of the New and Rare A r arieties are worth 
nve times the price demanded, they having been obtained with great trouble and 


Term«.-For all amounts less than $50, Cash with the order, or to be collected by 
the Express on delivery. 

For amounts over $50, Cash, or a suitable reference in New-York. Liberal ar- 
rangements will be made with Nurserymen and Tenders, who are invited to call or to 
address us by mail. 

Visitors.— Visitors are at all times welcome to our grounds, in which something 
of interest is to be seen at almost any season. The village of Flushing is accessible 
ten or more times a day, by Steamboat and Railroad, from Fulton Market and James 
Slip, New- York, and by carriage from Hunter's Point, opposite 34th Street. One of 
the fcursenes adjoins the R. R. Depot, while another is next to the Steamboat Landing, 
and the third and largest is about a mile from the village, in a southerly direction. 


We annually ship large numbers of Trees, Plants, Bulbs, Seeds, «fcc, to 
Europe, California, Oregon and other distant parts of the world, and have such 
.experience in packing for long voyages that the articles arrive at their des- 
tination in the best of order. 

Persons desiring articles sent to foreign countries, therefore, need have no 
hesitation in ordering, as our perfect system of packing insures success. 

We subjoin a note received from the Director of the Prussian Garden at 
Potsdam, a short time since, to show the excellent condition in which our 
articles arrive abroad :— 

'• Potsdam, Ic 20 Jain, 1862. 
" Messieurs Prince et Cie, — 

"Messieurs: J'ai Vhonneur de vous annoncer, au nom de Monsieur Lenne, 
General Directeur des Jardins du Roi de Piusse,que les vignes expedites par 
vous, stmt bien arrivees a Potsdam. 

" M. Lenne fait vous dire les compliments les plus sincere* ; il est bien en- 
chante de cette riche collection — de ces beaux exemplaires, et il me fait vous dire 
quil ne tardera pas de vous dormer des commissions d'autres choses. * 

" Messieurs, fai Vhonneur de me signer, 

(i Voire serviteur, REUTER." 


'•Potsdam, June 20th, 1863. 
- Messrs. Prince & Co., — 

" Gentlemen : I have the honor to inform you, in the name of Mr. Lenne, 
General Director of the Gardens of the King of Prussia, that the vines for- 
warded by you have arrived in good order at Potsdam. 

' Mr. Lenne presents to you his most sincere compliments ; he is enchanted 
with this rich collection, with these splendid specimens, and he desires me to 
say that he will not delay in sending you orders for other articles. 

" I have the honor, gentlemen, of subscribing myself, 

" Tour obedient servant, REUTER/'